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Comment on How to Implement a Machine Learning Algorithm by Jason Brownlee I'm glad it helped. 2018_05_24 Comment on How to Setup a Python Environment for Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Anaconda by Jason Brownlee Perhaps check on stackoverflow? 2018_05_24 Comment on How To Compare the Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms in Weka by Jason Brownlee It is one approach, although it might be better to give each algorithm a good chance of performing well. 2018_05_24 Comment on Basics of Mathematical Notation for Machine Learning by Jason Brownlee Thanks. 2018_05_24 Comment on How To Compare Machine Learning Algorithms in Python with scikit-learn by Jason Brownlee Perhaps inspect the raw data to confirm the finding. 2018_05_24 Chatterbox launches marketing platform with influencers

MUMBAI: Today, brands are shooting in the dark when it comes to knowing which influencers to tap. Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing approach being favoured by brands, but a majority of brand budgets for it is not spent efficiently. There is a rising class of new influencers, from which there is very little past performance-data.

Indian influencer marketing company, Chatterbox, has launched a technology-backed solution with With advanced ML (machine learning), smart-data driven influencer-search, proprietary matching algorithms, gamified mission modules, real-time performance tracking and more, offers complete end-to-end solutions that make influencer marketing more automated, intelligent and cost effective for brands and agencies.

While the Chatterbox team helps brands craft their influencer strategy, the platform offers brands over 150K mega to micro influencers with deep data to make the right selection, enables push-campaigns and missions to relevant influencers to get their word out and get the biggest bang for their buck.

Chatterbox co-founder and CEO Pranay Swarup says, “While brands leverage the human intelligence and authentic chatter of social media influencers, leverages artificial intelligence at its very best to ensure brands find the right influencers first. With the rise of social media content consumption in India,'s access to 150,000+ influencers with a cumulative followers of 3.5 billion is all set to further elevate the emerging industry."

Influencer marketing is nothing but word of mouth 2.0 in our digitally advanced and ever-so-connected world. Today it's not just a celebrity, but a social media star, your college mates, colleagues and family members that you listen to the most. helps brands and agencies construct and optimise this very piece, and lets data validate gut-calls.

Chatterbox CTO Akhil Mordia notes that’s engine has analysed more than 24 million content pieces by top and emerging influencers, across categories and geographies. “For each content piece, our proprietary technology allocates a unique score basis its context and performance, generating every influencer's social media value. This helps identify the relevant influencers with the best ROI,” he adds.

Chatterbox has been set up by Roshan Abbas (MD Encompass), Gaurav Kapur (media personality), Rohit Raj and Varun Duggirala (founders of the Glitch, now part of WPP) and Pranay Swarup (previously, cofounder of, with this aim to combine the power of people and technology to build a data-led storytelling solution for brands. Chatterbox has already managed successful campaigns for 52 of India's top brands, such as P&G, Flipkart, Hike, Nokia, Godrej, OnePlus, Puma, and Reliance. 2018_05_24