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Then, in a state of incredulity, she then launched into talking over Barnes' refererence to the "deep state" Washington Post? The paper that went to print on a leak from Richard Armitage about Valerie Plame - putting her life in danger - because her husband was publicly contradicting the "US government" line on Saddam and his WMDs - causing them no end of embarrassment, shown in their iniquity? An attempt to shut her husband up : to tow the official Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Rumsfeld-Perle-Feith White House/(Blair-Howard-Murdoch) Coalition of the Willing line, along with Powell and the CIA over "Reasons we should invade Iraq"?.
          Assange Arrested, Deep State, Dems and MSM Panic, Gold Shining      Comment   Translate Page      
          Democrats Meltdown Over Barr’s Deep State Comments      Comment   Translate Page      
The very same congressional Democrats who promoted the idea that Russian collusion was a real thing
          My Email to the Sleazy, Backstabbing POS in the WH, Zion Don.      Comment   Translate Page      
Click your shoes together and keep repeating "Israel is our friend and ally, Israel is our ..."

Thought it was time to vent my frustrations with the WORST president in US history, the Israeli ass-kissing backstabbing greedy, worthless POS, 'Zion Don,' AKA Donald Trump.
That Tubby the Grifter was a lying, thieving con artist I knew before he ran for president. Didn't realize how much of an Israeli ass-kissing backstabbing greedy, worthless POS Donny Drump was and still is.

He's broken nearly all every campaign promise to America, violating his oath of office numerous times to Americans, but doing every thing he can for Israel;
Here's the email sent this past week to the WH:
Mr. Trump:

You'll notice that I didn't use the traditional, honorific title of Mr. President, since the word president should only be consigned to someone honorable, loyal, dedicated to America and a decent man, qualities which you DON'T have.

You ran on the slickly designed 'MAGA' platform, giving hope to desperate Americans who are watching their nation's infrastructure fall down around their ears, since not nearly enough money has been dedicated to maintaining that infrastructure. Why? Because every president, at least since JFK was assassinated by Deep State types, has been shoveling tons of money and tons of free weaponry to Israel, including a bottom-feeding POS like you.

That you were a con artist I knew before you ran, but not many did, and now they're paying a terrible price for voting for a Israeli ass-kissing clown like you.

So I have 2 questions: After a long, arduous day of kissing Israeli ass, your lips must be chapped and sore, so what kind of lip motion do you use to get your lips nice and smooth, so they'll be ready for the next day of Israeli ass-kissing? I'm sure your boss, Bibi, demands that your lips stay soft and pliable so that when you plant a big, wet smoochie on his stinking ass, it will fell like his ass is being touched by angel wings.

Question #2: You're allegedly the author of the "The Art of the Deal." So please tell me what kind of deal is an art when you act like Israel's real estate agent and give away what you have NO right to, like Jerusalem and the stolen Golan Heights? My guess is that either the Mossad has some very nasty tapes of you on Epstein's Orgy Island and you're being blackmailed, but more likely, you know if you keep kissing Israeli ass, when you leave the WH, your multi-billion dollar fortune will have at least doubled.

So I'll end this by telling you the truth: You're nothing more than a back-stabbing, Israeli ass-kissing traitor who doesn't give a rat's ass about the Americans you took an oath to protect and help.

I don't know if there is a Hell, but if there is, after you leave this plane of existence, I know where you'll reside.


Greg Bacon

'Zion Don' is a crafty con artist, but the obvious fact that you or your shell companies went bankrupt SIX--magical Kabbalah number--times as a multi-billionaire reeks of foulness.

One doesn't operate in NYC with Wall Street (((banksters))) unless they're playing the long con and now the chits are due and you're servicing your Israeli and American Jew Masters terrifically, while you ignore that America's infrastructure is falling down around our ears, like the recent Missouri River dam that burst and wiped out farmers in Nebraska and Iowa, mainly due to lack of maintenance.

Or maybe of those Mossad CCTV recordings, made while you visited your Buddy Jeff Epstein on what would become to known as 'Orgy Island' are so disgusting and filthy that you'd do ANYTHING to keep that out of the (((MSM)))?

Or maybe your religion is Mammonism and you'd do ANYTHING to increase your wealth, and a heartless, soulless, murderous POS traitor like you, should be no problem how many Americans--who you swore to protect--get fucked big time, anything for your Israeli/American Jew buddies, right?

Any comment Zion Don, or is your mouth too busy smooching some multi-billionaire like Sheldon Adelson?

Or maybe you're just a total dumbass, who brags about the "The Art of the Deal," who gives away stolen land to Israel, land that he has not

Remember what your Mother taught you, never speak while you have a mouth full of food, in this case, Kosher approved cock, Donny Drumpf.

P.S. If I go offline suddenly, you'll now why.

          Assange Bound, by Israel Shamir      Comment   Translate Page      
Like Prometheus to whom he was compared, Julian Assange did not escape the wrath of the self-proclaimed gods of Deep State. After seven years of captivity in the walls of Ecuadorean Embassy, the man who gave us an understanding of international politics was shifted to a new and worse jail, the “British Gitmo”, Belmarsh, waiting...
          Mike Adams: Deep State Behind Assange Arrest In Last Ditch Effort To Frame Trump With ‘Forced Confessions’      Comment   Translate Page      

Mike says the Deep State is in total panic, and they are pulling out all the stops to try to frame Trump. Here are the details… by Mike Adams of […]

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          Is Assange a key piece in Trump’s 4D chess game?      Comment   Translate Page      

Was wikileaks set up as a CIA front by a faction of that agency that split off from the deep state and is battling the rest of the CIA? And is Assange a CIA operative (of that faction)? All this … Continue reading

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          Wikileaks releases massive file dump after arrest of Julian Assange.      Comment   Translate Page      
Good Lord what a hoard of information released. My guess is this was a plan Assange had lined up in case the inevitable happened to him. This is his way of getting the Deep State back by exposing...
          Nowy sezon "Deep State: Tajny układ" i "Dowód niewinności" w maju na antenie FOX      Comment   Translate Page      
Atmosferę majowych premier serialowych kanału FOX rozgrzeje drugi sezon "Deep State: Tajny układ". Z kolei razem z "Dowodem niewinności" antenę FOX odwiedzi prawniczka Madeline Scott, która będzie walczyć o sprawiedliwość dla bezprawnie skazanych.
          Ray McGovern: Unaccountable media is faced with dilemma in next phase of Deep State-gate      Comment   Translate Page      
Now that the media has been exposed for wrongly siding with the intelligence agencies, how will it handle Devin Nunes's criminal referrals in Deep State-gate?, asks Ray McGovern. Readers of The Washington Post on Monday were treated to more of the same from editorial page chief Fred Hiatt. Hiatt, who won his spurs by promoting misleading "intelligence" about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and suffered no consequences, is at it again. This time he is trying to adjust to the fading prospect of a Deus ex Mueller to lessen Hiatt's disgrace for being among the most shameless in promoting the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. He is not giving up. When you are confident you will not lose your job so long as you adhere to the agenda of the growing Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think-Tank complex (MICIMATT if you will), you need not worry about being a vanguard for the corporate media. It is almost as though Hiatt is a tenured professor in an endowed...
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. . . TRUMP'S EVIL HEART … he will consume himself … JUSTICE . . Pamela Anderson Goes Off In Furious Tweet Storm, Trump Responds to Assange Arrest . DAHBOO777 Published on 11 Apr 2019 Longtime Assange fangirl and rumored ex-girlfriend Pamela Anderson lashed out at the Deep State and accused the Trump Administration of cowardice for orchestrating the arrest of the Wikileaks founder on Thursday, after UK police entered the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where Assange had been granted asylum for nearly seven years, and dragged him out in cuffs. . .
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Tja, mal abwarten, die weitere Geschichte wird uns vielleicht mehr klar machen. Bisher sehe ich kein fixes Narrativ. Und Verhaftungen zum Schein sind nicht gerade eine Seltenheit im Bereich der Geheimdienste oder des deep state oder wie auch immer man das Spiel nennen will. Da wäre ja zum Beispiel die vermeintliche Bubak-Attentäterin zu nennen, Verena Becker? Auch so ein Geheimdienst-Asset, das man irgendwie schnell in einem Prozess gesteckt hat, keine Sau weiß, wo die gesessen hat und sie hat eine Begnadigung de luxe bekommen, so früh wie sonst keiner. Also neu wäre das nicht. Aber es ist auch alles andere denkbar. Wir wissen gar nichts.
          Kommentar zu Können diese Bilder echt sein? von D1      Comment   Translate Page      
Grundsätzlich muss doch erst einmal überlegt werden, welche Fraktion der USA diese Auslieferung betreiben. Ist es die Clinton/Obama-Fraktion, die ihn kaltstellen will oder sind es die Kräfte ("Drain the swamp"), die die Wahrheit herausfinden (oder diese Quelle gegen Clinton einsetzen) wollen. Wenn Assange der Clinton-Fraktion in die Finger gerät, wird er um sein Leben fürchten müssen, weil die noch jede Gefahr zu eliminieren wussten. Oder kommt es zu einem Verfahren, in dem Assange offen berichten kann? Was könnte denn den truthern Besseres geschehen, als dass Assange in einem öffentlichen Verfahren in den USA gegen Clinton und den DNC aussagt? Was, wenn er bestätigt, wer für den Tod von z.B. Seth Rich verantwortlich ist? Was ist mit der Clinton-Stiftung, child trafficking oder dem Lolita Express? Pizza...war da was? Er, der die Podestamails geleakt hat, könnte doch darlegen, was es damit auf sich hat und das Thema wäre in die Öffentlichkeit gezerrt und würde nicht vor sich hin verrotten, was auch Dank der Feigheit der ach so Alternativen, die sich nicht an dieses heiße Eisen trauen, zu befürchten ist. Warum hält sich Trump so auffällig zurück? Vielleicht ist Assange sein Kronzeuge gegen den deep state oder zumindest seinen politischen Gegner, den auch ich verachte? Die versiegelten Anklagen bekämen doch mit einem hochrangigen Kronzeugen eine neue Brisanz. Ich würde nicht ausschließen, dass man ihn als wichtigen Kronzeugen herausgeholt hat. Wäre ich in den USA Teil des tiefen Staates, würde ich gerade sehr kalte Füße haben, weil ein Freak in einer Botschaft nichts ist, aber ein Angeklagter in den USA dagegen ganz anderes Gewicht bekommt. Es geht doch nur um die Anklage, dem Manning das Passwort gegeben zu haben. Und ich wage mich mal soweit vor, dass dies kaum nachzuweisen sein dürfte! Der Vorwurf ist konstruiert. Und als Kronzeuge hat er eine gute Verhandlungssituation.
           Comment on Sorcha Faal’s Hopeful Assessment: Trump Checkmates “Deep State” With “Assange Gambit”—Hillary Now Knows It’s “Not If, But When” by Anonymous       Comment   Translate Page      
           Comment on Sorcha Faal’s Hopeful Assessment: Trump Checkmates “Deep State” With “Assange Gambit”—Hillary Now Knows It’s “Not If, But When” by Anonymous       Comment   Translate Page      
          I’m Jumping Off the Trump Train: Assange Was the Last Straw      Comment   Translate Page      

I’m Jumping Off the Trump Train: Assange Was the Last Straw

I’m Jumping Off the Trump Train: Assange Was the Last Straw

On March 6, 2016, this Deplorable issued a statement formally endorsing Donald J. Trump for the presidency of the United State.
I now hereby withdraw that endorsement.
No doubt this declaration from your Working Boy will be greeted with the same deafening indifference as my earlier less than earth-shattering announcement of support.
Keep calm. The planet will continue to spin on its axis at a 23.44 degree tilt.
As I tweeted on April 4, when it appeared that Ecuadorian President Lenín [sic] Moreno was going to cough up Julian Assange:
“If this comes to pass & #JulianAssange is brought to #US in chains like a Gaulish chieftain in a Roman triumph can we definitively declare that any possible #Trump revolution is over & the #DeepState won?”
A quick perusal of social media since Assange’s arrest shows that many others have reached a similar conclusion.
But why? To be sure, there have been other betrayals. The two strikes on Syria on phony chemical warfare accusations come immediately to mind. Or Trump’s failure to build the Mexican wall, coupled with repeated humiliating defeats in Congress with the predictability of Charlie Brown’s getting suckered by Lucy into trying to kick the football.
At the same time there were excuses. On Syria, maybe the President was fed false intelligence. Or maybe Ivanka was upsetDaaaddyyy, you have to dooo something! Or maybe Trump knew the CW accusations against Damascus were fake but felt he had to act (an ominous sign in itself) to deflect charges of being Putin’s puppet, hence what could be deemed deliberately pinprick pro forma strikes. On the wall, well you can’t trust lawyers’ advice, he just doesn’t understand his legal authority well enough, or maybe he…
But the Assange arrest and his upcoming renditi– – oops! – extradition to the United States are different.  There’s no nuance. No excuse. No false intel report. No poor legal advice.
It’s plain and simple. The same entities (Deep State, permanent government, the oligarchy, the Borg, whatever term you like) that targeted Trump with the phony Russia collusion narrative  want Assange’s scalp nailed to the wall. It’s one thing for favored outlets like the Washington Post and CNN to disseminate classified information that favors the Deep State, quite another to reveal information contrary to its interests. As the premier dispenser of embarrassing secrets that facilitates online dissidence from the established narrative (also under attack by governments and their tech giant accomplices) an example must be made of Assange pour encourager les autres. He can count on being sentenced to rotting for decades in a nasty Office Space federal prison (the US will gladly waive the death penalty to spare the Brits’ prissy Euro-consciences) but may very well die soon enough of natural causes, perhaps like Slobodan Milošević.
An essential role in Assange’s betrayal by Moreno was played by Trump’s Veep Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Former President Rafael Correa says a direct condition of Moreno’s getting a $4.2 billion IMF loan was Assange’s head on a platter. That’s a lot more plausible than establishment media reports that Assange was ejected for transgressing the Ecuadorians’ fastidious hygiene standards, which (whether based in fact or not) are just cynical defamations to justify his upcoming lynching.
It’s irrelevant whether Trump – who theoretically is the boss of all US agency operatives working with their Brit colleagues to get their mitts on Assange – let the nab go forward because he was unwilling to order his minions to stand down or was powerless to do so. In that regard, it’s similar to pointlessly asking why he has the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad national security team he does. Is it because of “Javanka”? Is it because he’s beholden to a gaggle of oligarchs? (Supposedly his being a self-financed billionaire made him immune from such influences.)  Is it areflection of a personality disorder?
In the end it doesn’t matter why, all that matters is what is. With Assange’s arrest Trump is now exposed as the wholly owned subsidiary of the Swamp he ran against.  He’s now just a wheel fixed to an axle. All he can do now is it spin.
In my 2016 endorsement I asked the questions – only questions, not predictions – of what Trump might hopefully accomplish:
‘Can we trust Trump? Will he build his wall and secure our borders? Renovate our deteriorating infrastructure? Restore our manufacturing base? Audit the Federal Reserve and defenestrate the banksters? Restore the GOP’s long-lost reputation (now hardly remembered by anyone) as the “Peace Party” that got us out of wars the Democrats started? Sign a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, as long as they continue to perform abortions (which they will)? Exclude actual or potential Islamic terroristsDump our freeloading so-called “allies”? Cease the PC trashing of every tradition in which Americans once took pride? Reunite a nation sundered by Barack Obama and the GOP mandarins, with their divide et impera Punch and Judy show of class and racial discord?
‘Can Trump really “Make America Great Again”? Or at least slow our decline and give our country another chance?
‘I don’t know.  But I do know that none of the more mannerly politicians served up by the oligarchy will.
“Trust not in princes…” (Ps. 146:3) Neither Trump nor any other politician should be accepted on blind faith. Who really can say if Trump can win or if he does how he would govern. Who can say what’s really in his mind and heart or if, in God’s eyes, he’s a good man or a bad one. But given the dire warning from the likes of Mitt Romney, I like the odds with Trump better than with any of the available alternatives. When the character of his enemies is considered – particularly Warfare State neoconservatives (some of whom at least have the honesty to defect openly to Hillary) – my willingness to gamble on him only increases.’
Even in retrospect it was then a gamble worth taking, indeed the only responsible choice given the horrifying alternative. More, given what Trump promised that departed from the usual nonsense served up by the GOP, the fact that Trump got the nomination instead of the NPCs on the shelf was itself perhaps a sign of that the historic American nation still had a fighting chance.
As for what we hoped he might deliver to “Make America Great Again,” we can see now that the answers to all of the above questions are and will remain an emphatic No. Sure, we got a marginally better tax bill passed, something that any Republican White House and Congress would have done. He may have made minor progress on trade.  If we are really lucky, he’ll get another Supreme Court pick and Roe v. Wade will be overturned – marvelous to be sure, but it won’t same this country.
Trump has utterly failed to control the border, much less deal with related issues like remittances, birthright citizenship, and aliens illegally voting. As retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor observes: “Surely, Trump should have concluded by now that without an Executive Order that commits the U.S. Army to the defense of the southern border and limits cross-border traffic to legitimate commercial activity, mass illegal immigration will not stop… In a word, Trump refuses to take command and match rhetoric with action, then he will join the pantheon of failed presidents that promised the world only, this time, the American Republic’s existence hangs in the balance.”
Unfortunately, Trump’s appointees – uniformly neoconservatives, Bush-era warmongers, and GOP apparatchiki – have better things for our military to do than defending our own country, to which they are at best indifferent. We can be thankful that Trump hasn’t started any new wars, yet, but his underlings’ dogged commitment to regime change in Venezuela and Iran may change that. His outreach to North Korea hangs by a thread in the face of blatant attempts to sabotage it.
One hopes that at least some animal-level gut instinct will preclude Trump’s crossing that dark river and ruining what’s left of his presidency as George W. Bush did in Iraq. If his lunatics are reckless enough to stumble us into a war with Russia, Trump’s reelection will be the least of anyone’s concerns.
Even without a war his remaining time in office will not be the revival of America that he promised. Let’s keep in mind that for many decades now transformative Democratic presidents have not left this country the same way they found it: FDR, LBJ, Clinton, Obama. By contrast, Republican presidents’ tenures have been at best plateaus along our decline (Eisenhower, Reagan) or positively contributed (Nixon, the two Bushes) to the march of what the Left regards as “Progress” toward their abolition of the historic America and birth of a dystopian Cultural Marxist dictatorship of victims: a borderless, multiethnic, multilingual, multireligious, multisexual, ahistorical, fake country.
Perhaps the saddest thing is that even if he survives in office until the 2020 vote (and he might not) Trump still will almost certainly be the lesser of two evils, in the manner to which we have become accustomed. Despite his no longer representing a threat to the Swamp, the critters will continue to hate him anyway as an avatar of the America they seek to destroy: European ethnicity, Christian (culturally if not spiritually or morally), English-speaking, toxically masculine. He might even win, given the Wall Street and Democratic Socialist Democrats’ ripping each others’ guts out and the solid 35 to 40 percent of the folks who think from Trump’s tweets and stump speeches he’s actually delivering on his promises.
Either way, though, the outcome will be the same. The man who had what is almost certainly to have been the last peaceful, political chance save what’s left of the American republic will thrash around for a few more years, having become little more than a catalyst for our nation’s demise and perhaps its dissolution.
This is not to say that there is no hope. Maybe tomorrow Trump will pardon Assange. Maybe he’ll decide to militarize the Mexican border. Maybe he’ll fire his whole national security team and, for good measure, pull us out of Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq – and NATO. Maybe Barr really will hold the FISA miscreants to account. Maybe…
…maybe there will be an outpouring of miracles that match the one that occurred when Trump improbably was elected in the first place. But as is the case with miracles, the odds are not good.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

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Trump knows his base. People who want to be sold that they are smarter, and more patriotic, and/or superior. This reminds me of the Flat-Earthers in a sense. We are dealing with people, including Trump, who are willing to ignore anything and all evidence to the fact that Trump is not flat. They will only accept any and all evidence/opinions supporting themselves. And proclaim “Deep State” or “Fake News” on anything else. These are the people willing to go vote Trump into a second term. What I am trying to get at is every motherf**ker of voting age who does not fall in the above category....VOTE. It doesn’t matter what BS Trump is contradicting himself on ten times a day on the campaign trail. His base is his base regardless! Vote.
           Comment on Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons by I’m Jumping Off the Trump Train: Assange Was the Last Straw. Trump now a full Deep State member, the exact opposite of what he promised to be. It doesn’t matter why-James George Jatras, Strategic Culture…(Mr. Trump, the least you could do i       Comment   Translate Page      
[…] be a “financial weapon” to be used in “unconventional warfare” scenarios. As MintPress News recently noted, the manual states that the U.S.’ “persuasive influence” over the IMF can be used by the U.S. […]
           Comment on With Ecuador’s Cooperation Bought by IMF Loans, Washington Waxes Optimistic on Assange Extradition by I’m Jumping Off the Trump Train: Assange Was the Last Straw. Trump now a full Deep State member, the exact opposite of what he promised to be. It doesn’t matter why-James George Jatras, Strategic Culture…(Mr. Trump, the least you could do i       Comment   Translate Page      
[…] essential role in Assange’s betrayal by Moreno was played by Trump’s Veep Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Former President Rafael Correa says a direct condition of […]
          CNN WILL NEVER, EVER TELL YOU THIS!      Comment   Translate Page      

from SGTreport: This is the absolute 100% true story of how the deep state tried to topple Donald J. Trump, and it’s exactly WHY Attorney General William Barr recently said “I think spying did occur” on the Trump campaign. These are the FACTS that CNN will never ever tell their viewers. This 100% FACT BASED […]

The post CNN WILL NEVER, EVER TELL YOU THIS! appeared first on SGT Report.

          TIME FOR THE DEEP STATE CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS      Comment   Translate Page      

from SGTreport: Devin Nunes has laid it all out for the American people: The REAL story of the attempted coup against President Donald Trump and the REAL story of collusion. The only thing left now is criminal referrals and then indictments of the deep state co-conspirators.


          History in the making      Comment   Translate Page      
In the American Spectator, George Parry asserts that the day of reckoning is at hand.
As we now know, in sworn testimony given in the United Kingdom, not even Christopher Steele would vouch for the dossier’s accuracy. And equally damaging, in testimony before Congress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page stated that, contrary to standard FBI procedure in counterintelligence operations, the Trump campaign, purportedly the target of Russian infiltration, had not been warned of the Kremlin’s nefarious efforts because the FBI did not deem the Steele dossier reliable enough to compel such a warning.

Page’s testimony sets up an irresistible line of inquiry. If the dossier was not reliable enough to justify a warning to Trump’s campaign about the Kremlin’s plot, how could it even remotely serve as the basis for obtaining FISA warrants to spy on the campaign? By her benighted testimony, Page has framed the issue nicely and invited a full vetting of who, what, where, when, why, and how the dossier was used to dupe the FISA court.

Barr also made clear that, beyond the FBI and Justice Department, the investigation will also be looking at “intelligence agencies.” This makes sense given that low-level Trump campaign associates such as George Papadopoulos and Sam Clovis were approached by foreign operatives with CIA ties in an effort to plant the seeds of the Trump-Russia collusion illusion. As for the FBI, Barr made clear that, while he does not think that there is an “endemic” problem at that agency, he thinks that “there was probably a failure among a group of leaders there, at the upper echelon.”

No kidding.

And, of course, any investigation into the spying must logically and inexorably lead to the clandestine state-sponsored plot to unwind the 2016 election and remove President Trump from office. In short, the subject matter of any proper investigation will necessarily encompass the first attempted coup d’état in our nation’s history.

So here we are. After suffering through Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ comatose stewardship of the Justice Department, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s underhanded machinations, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s protracted rearguard action to protect the anti-Trump deep state conspirators, the day of reckoning is at hand. Attorney General Barr’s testimony portends a long overdue cleansing of the government temple the likes of which has never before happened in this country. This will be history in the making.
Read more here.
George Parry is a former federal and state prosecutor who practices law in Philadelphia. He is a regular contributor to the Philadelphia Inquirer and blogs at He may be reached by email
           Comment on Human Nature Reveals Itself Daily! by Glen       Comment   Translate Page      
This is the reason that the bankers and others of the deep state bought up nearly all of the media. Things will never get reported because the criminals own the media that should be reporting. They are now moving to also control the internet. When the masses realize that the "news" is just deep state agenda then the world will have a chance.
          Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 14, 2019      Comment   Translate Page      


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

The Earth Alliance is covertly smoking out all Cabal/Deep State operatives embedded within the US Government.

The entire Cabal/Deep State criminal syndicate is being dismantled from within.

Brexit was an operation aimed at dismantling Cabal shadow banking via the City of London.

The operation was a success after the UK legally exited from the EU as of March 29.

Therefore, shadow banking is now being dismantled.

The current purpose of Brexit now is to make a deal that will affect the future of the UK and the EU.

Both Julian Assange (JA) and Edward Snowden are expected to start dropping truth bombs in a timely manner.

The Deep State is currently battling with the Earth Alliance to have JA extradited to Sweden in order to stop him from testifying.

Edward Snowden is about to reveal how the CIA, MI6, and Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State.

Deep State corruption is about to be exposed.

We are now at a crucial point in time where the transition is about to begin in full scale.

The RV is the beginning of the transition.

Source: Operation Disclosure


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           Comment on Tom Friedman Just Noticed that the UK “Has Gone Mad” (Part 2) by Newton Finn       Comment   Translate Page      
You've nailed it, Kiers. Even profitability itself, the driving force of capitalism, has been subordinated in today's MSM to the even more essential purpose of deep state public mind control--both in terms of what we talk about--the permissible subjects--and how we are to "think" about them. All the more reason to seek out alternative sources of information and opinion, the best of which I've found so far, on the purely popular level, being Jimmy Dore and his frequent YouTube broadcasts. Right now, I believe he's at something like 600,000 subscribers and growing fast. Here's a recent interview of Jimmy, which may be a little too straight down the pipe right now for some, but won't be soon if present economic and political trends continue.
          Science updates!      Comment   Translate Page      

It's hard to evade politics, even in a weekend science update. for example when a top Republican factotum declares: “Science is a Democrat thing.” 

Um. They say it proudly! Yes, science, but also every single fact-based profession. Including medicine, law, teaching, journalism and those "deep state" enemies -- the Intel/FBI/military officer corps -- who know that fact and science and climate change are real.

== Long ago at least they had an excuse for ignorance... ==

As we re-examine our distant past...

We’re finding numerous past eras when the male population in a region was winnowed to a narrow gene pool or else replaced by newcomers. One massive swing happened about 12,000 years ago, about the same time that two technologies might have exacerbated male death rates: agricultural kingdoms and the availability of plentiful beer. (This is actually my own theory, based upon traveller reports from Polynesia and other places that told of kings ordering the instant death of offending louts. It would help explain human resistance to addiction, which though terribly imperfect is greater than in most species.)

Now comes evidence that a mass migration of males transformed the genetic make-up of people in Spain during the Bronze Age. It remains unclear whether there was a violent invasion or whether a male-centric social structure played an important role.” Interesting article!  And yet, in my “contrarian gadfly” role, I must point out that while dominance by top king-chief-patriarchs seems the most likely explanation, there IS another way that a Y chromosome winnowing could have occurred. 

Female dominance. There have been a few cases of matriarchy in which women councils exerted strong control over which males were allowed to breed. It is quite conceivable (get it?) for such councils to enforce hypergamy – preference to share those males who meet strict standards, rather than “settle” for average. 

A mild version of this practice was seen among the Cherokee and Iroquois, for example.  Yes, our sad litany of nasty and oppressive patriarchies was far more common. But it’s wrong simply to assume that Y chromosome winnowing happened because of inter-male strife. It might have been female selection, which is actually the great driver of evolution in many non-human species.

== More evidence from the past ==

And the Denisovan story gets even more complicated and strange: our Denisovan cousins may have mated with modern humans as recently as 15,000 years ago.

A fossil discovery in North Dakota is strongly believed to be a fish that was blasted and killed precisely the very day that the Cretaceous ended with the Chicxulub meteorite impact, 66 million years ago, the most incredible (and precise) paleontological discovery of the century, so far. If this story is even 5% Just wow.

Meanwhile a new fossil trove in China - the Qingjiang biota - has yielded thousands of Cambrian period specimens, with dozens of new species, yet to be named.

Gabonionta are the earliest multicellular macroscopic organisms discovered so far, vastly older –by almost 4x ! – than previous evidence for complex life. Known only from their fossilized mucous trails in black shale from Gabon. Likely something like colonial amoebae or slime molds, they seem to have appeared almost right after Earth finally got appreciable oxygen in its atmosphere. Good science reporting.

My old Caltech housemate Joe Kirschvink has done it again, proving (with colleagues) that humans have a small but verified sensitivity to magnetic fields. 

== Tech updates ==

Via Peter Diamandis: Researchers at Boston University have mathematically designed a 3D acoustic metamaterial that can block up to 94 percent of noise flowing through it. Most dramatically, however, the 3D-printed structure reflects noise-producing vibrations without impeding the passage of light or airflow itself.

GauGAN, from NVIDIA, may be the “MS Paint for the AI age.” Using a generative adversarial network (GAN) trained on 1 million Flickr images, GauGAN can create photorealistic images from just a few lines drawn by a user. As an example, a user could click on “tree,” draw a line, and GauGAN will create an image of a tree trunk.

And “Google has successfully shrunk its speech algorithm storage demands down to 80MB, rendering its speech recognizer small enough to fit on your smartphone, and work offline.”

A world game-changer would be to wean billions off cattle or other inefficient and eco-damaging meats, either with vegetable substitutes like the (yummy) Beyond Burger or else real-meat by tissue culture. Latest: “Memphis Meats, for example, recently filed a patent describing a method to create real chicken and beef tissue using CRISPR.”

Goodyear unveiled its new concept Aero tire, designed to run on roads and double as a propulsion system for flying vehicles.  Yes, the tires become rotors capable of downward thrust and lift. Yipe. Amazing tech.

Optical interferometry has long promised to help us parse distant planets from their hugely brighter nearby stars. Now a group claims to have done it. But then, a few weeks later, we got that image of a real black hole(!) via a method very similar.

 == short takes ==

Methane is so good at trapping heat that one ton of the gas causes 32 times as much warming as one ton of CO2. And Methane is spiking. The possible sources are worrisome. The GOP blocked Obama efforts to fund more inspectors to prevent venting from oil fields. But Trump savagely cut them further and progress toward an international treaty have foundered. 

Even worse are signs that methane is bubbling forth from permafrost and undersea hydrate ices, threatening the “blurp” cascade that would truly make it all deadly, making Earth an almost literal hell. These people are outright enemies of your children.

Slime molds’ ability to reconfigure their volume while fleeing from spots of light has enabled scientists to use these biological computers to solve complex mathematical  conundrums like the Traveling Salesman Problem.

Our opportunity to save ourselves includes ideas like the “Circular Economy.” Watch the video. Then re-read Earth?

An article on Vox discusses the latest silly-wrongheaded attempt by zealots to shout “messages” into the cosmos without ever doing risk analysis or talking it over with the rest of humanity, or allowing their assumptions to be examined. The saddest part is their dislike of science fiction, since SF explores a wide horizon of possibilities, and their religious fanaticism allows for only one.

Wallace’s bee, the size of your thumb and thought extinct, rediscovered!

Evidence that the huge Deccan Traps volcanic eruptions started just before the Yucatan asteroid impact, and hence may have severely weakened the dinosaurs and other species… but then got even worse after the impact, possibly tightening the noose. “The researchers' dates are also consistent with a major shift in the properties of the erupted rock occurring at the same time as the impact. This supports the idea that the impact's seismic effects reached across the entire planet.”

Wired ran a story on Valentine’s Day about OpenAI, the nonprofit institute founded by Elon Musk and Y Combinator founder Sam Altman, which has apparently designed a system that can learn natural language patterns better than any previous attempt so far after feeding it eight million web pages to train it. What is newsworthy to me about this is what they did next: they stopped to consider the implications.  “It could be that someone who has malicious intent would be able to generate high-quality fake news,” an OAI vice president told Wired.

We are a glorious, scientific civilization. Pictures of black holes! SpaceX triple landings! New disease cures! Meat substitutes! And if the enemies of all this want to make this partisan, then let's go.

          The Untold Facts of John Brennan’s Career of Treachery      Comment   Translate Page      

from Russia Insider: Brennan’s fingerprints are all over the RussiaHoax. Expect major attacks like this one against ‘Mr. Deep State’ himself, the man who epitomizes the out-of-control US security state. Let’s get something clear from the start. In 1976, in his 20s, John Brennan was a card carrying communist who supported the then Soviet Union, […]

The post The Untold Facts of John Brennan’s Career of Treachery appeared first on SGT Report.

          Trump Bump, No Recession, Rate Cuts Coming – Gerald Celente      Comment   Translate Page      
By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Top trends researcher Gerald Celente said last year the global economy was headed for a big crash—not anymore. Celente explains, “Here’s what changed our forecast. . . . Jerome Powell, the Fed Chair, said on January 4th 2019, the Fed was going to be “patient” in raising interest […]
          Propaganda in pursuit of power: How the media has undermined America      Comment   Translate Page      

American citizens need to exercise their right to pursue the truth with as much zeal as the MSM, Mr. Mueller, and the Deep State Domestic Enemy pursue lies.

The post Propaganda in pursuit of power: How the media has undermined America appeared first on Communities Digital News.

          SGT REPORT: CNN Will Never, Ever Tell You This!      Comment   Translate Page      
This is the absolute 100% true story of how the deep state tried to topple Donald J. Trump, and it’s exactly WHY Attorney General William Barr recently said “I think ... Read more
          Trump Is Leaving the Deep State with No Options-THE FINAL SOLUTION | The Common Sense Show – Dave Hodges      Comment   Translate Page      
He has obliterated, or severely limited the impact of free trade agreements and their negative impact on the working American public. The loss of profit to the Multi-national corporations is enormous. Trump is a danger to form a alliance with Putin from which to challenge the New World Order (ie the Rothschilds). Trump has awakened […]
           Comment on The Deep State is Crumbling While Trump Keeps Winning by Jim Clayton       Comment   Translate Page      
Thank you for your well thought out so truthful comment to my article nailed it perfectly and I hate seeing what is happening to our once beloved country. Trump is trying his damnedest to get us back to normal,but I think it is virtually impossible. It is like a canoe going against Niagara Falls.
           Comment on The Deep State is Crumbling While Trump Keeps Winning by Al Pambuena       Comment   Translate Page      
The Democrat party have been acting like domestic terrorist...especially over the past 50 years...they have ruined every city that they have controlled..Chicago..Detroit..San Francisco..Seattle..and have enslaved blacks and Hispanics into being victims with false promises just to get their votes..and the Democrats have become anti christain..anti Jewish..anti abortion borders zealots..while defacing the Constitution..and turning the United States into a 3rd world of political corruption...selling the American people down the drain where sanctuary cities and free education for illegals have become more important than the needs of the American people and where political left wing indoctrination of our schools have taken over our schools where the need to push transgenderism and Islam onto our children has replaced the pledge of alliengence and American history where our children gave been dumbed down where the children of China will soon be out smarting the rest of the world in science and technology and overtake the United States as the world's foremost super power....all because of the Democrat party and it's support of a new world order.
           Comment on The Deep State is Crumbling While Trump Keeps Winning by Derrell       Comment   Translate Page      
You need to grow up, Randy. The Deep State is 3 tiered. The Deep State is foundationally "International". They are individuals so "Giant" that they could be called Niphilim (giants in the land). George Soros is a minor example; the biggies are unknown to us. The next level is the Council on Foreign Relation made up of leftist New World Order global Communist who have been at work destroying our Sovereignty since 1921! Think NOT? Then note how happy Hillary Clinton was when they opened up an office in D.C. so she could just "walk down the Street" to get her marching orders instead of going to NYC. The CFR OWNS all of the main stream media (owners such as Rupert Murdock - FoxNews) are hard line "progressives". Note how all of the M.S.M. tells the same lies at the same time - even Fox News that keeps conservatives in the "game" by being the lone voice of opposition - "controlled" opposition - as a tool to further divide us! And then there is the Deep State Jim is talking about. This is the battalion - the actual on the ground Unit that carries out the orders! No Deep State? Grow up! Or prove I'm wrong...
           Comment on The Deep State is Crumbling While Trump Keeps Winning by Joe Aro       Comment   Translate Page      
Some call me cynic for believing people do what they can get away with. There is something loathsome about politics We have many men and women of high integrity serving at all levels of government. I've visited the DC offices of all (at the time) persons representing citizens of the Los Angeles 5-county region. Some of those elected were intelligent, others inept morons. I believe those persons in the intelligence community spying (yes, spying) on Trump and people close to him did not do so without some political cover.
           Comment on The Deep State is Crumbling While Trump Keeps Winning by Randy Janssen       Comment   Translate Page      
There is no Deep State. Just some conciencious members of the intelligence community were saw trump was surrounding himself with people on the Russian payroll, while Russia was helping get trump elected. Then trump praised Putin while attacking the media. Sort of acting like Putin's had something on him.
           Reactie op Betaalt Equador het IMF Assange-losgeld..? door Sub Rosa       Comment   Translate Page      
Als gevolg op de reacties van Arend, die mij in snelheid heeft gepakt, in het andere item over Julian Assange, wil in dit item toch wat dieper ingaan over de mogelijke achtergronden van de tussenkomst van het IMF via een "lening" (sic). Zoals in Venezuela speelt in Ecuador de "olie" ook een belangrijke rol met geopolitieke aspecten. Er is de invloed van China : met citaat : "November 26, 2013 9:10 AM EST China’s aggressive quest for foreign oil has reached a new milestone, according to records reviewed by Reuters: near monopoly control of crude exports from an OPEC nation, Ecuador. Last November, Marco Calvopiña, the general manager of Ecuador’s state oil company PetroEcuador, was dispatched to China to help secure $2 billion in financing for his government. Negotiations, which included committing to sell millions of barrels of Ecuador’s oil to Chinese state-run firms through 2020, dragged on for days. Calvopiña grew anxious and threatened to leave. “If the Phase III transaction documents are not signed in the coming days, then I cannot remain in Beijing,” he wrote in a confidential letter to China Development Bank (CDB), reviewed by Reuters.In reality, Calvopiña had little choice but to wait. Shunned by most lenders since a $3.2 billion debt default in 2008, Ecuador now relies heavily on Chinese funds, which are expected to cover 61 percent of the government’s $6.2 billion in financing needs this year. In return, China can claim as much as 90 percent of Ecuador’s oil shipments in coming years, a rare feat in today’s diversified oil market. "(=einde citaat). De voormelde toestand, zal dan ook in de USA niet in goede aarde gevallen zijn. Vervolgens poogde Ecuador de schade te beperken : met citaat : October 24, 2017 "QUITO, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Ecuador is seeking to renegotiate oil deals with Chinese firms to get higher prices for its crude exports and reduce the amount it has to send the Asian giant, the head of state-owned Petroecuador, Byron Ojeda, said on Tuesday. OPEC member Ecuador has shipped around half of its oil to Chinese firms after a rash of oil-for-loans deals signed under former President Rafael Correa, who touted the deals as a triumph of trade between close allies. "(=einde citaat). Intussen zijn de USA petroleum maatschappijen weer aan de zet, en belangrijker is de nieuwe militaire aanwezigheid van de USA in Ecuador : met citaat : "Under the “cooperation agreement” signed by the government of President Lenin Moreno with the U.S. earlier this year, a Lockheed P-3 Orion maritime surveillance aircraft from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency will now monitor Ecuador’s coast for three to four days every month to “fight against drug trafficking, organized crime, human trafficking, illegal fishing, and contraband.”Such an arrangement is hardly new. An almost identical program operated from the coastal city of Manta, Ecuador from 1999-2009, until then-President Rafael Correa decided not to renew the lease. Under Correa, the Ecuadorian government championed a new constitution that declared Ecuador as “a territory of peace.” That appears to be changing. (=einde citaat). Een ander aspect dat een mogelijke invloed heeft gehad op de IMF lening is het conflict tussen Ecuador en Chevron dat uiteindelijk beslist werd in het nadeel van Ecuador : met citaat : "An international tribunal in The Hague has ruled in favour of the US oil company, Chevron, in an environmental dispute with the government of Ecuador. Chevron had been ordered to pay $9.5bn (£7.4bn) compensation to thousands of residents in Ecuador's Amazon region.They accused the company of dumping toxic waste in local lakes and rivers of the Lago Agrio region for decades.The court said that the 2011 Ecuador Supreme Court ruling had been obtained through fraud, bribery and corruption.The oil giant now stands to be awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in costs by The Hague's Permanent Court of Arbitration. (=einde citaat). Uit het voormelde kan ik dan ook afleiden dat Ecuador het mes op de keel heeft, en een lening van het IMF, leidt dan uiteindelijk tot de strop rond de nek. Nog een andere bron : met citaat : "Moreno’s recent statements continue to add to the speculation that Ecuador will soon give in to those U.S. demands, particularly given the increasing pressure the Trump administration has placed on Ecuador regarding Assange’s situation. According to some reports, the U.S. has threatened to block an International Monetary Fund loan to Ecuador over the Assange case. In addition, over the last two weeks, the U.S. has imported a record amount of Ecuadorian oil, leading to speculation that a deal or pay-off may have been made to ensure Moreno’s cooperation with Washington’s long-standing efforts to have Assange arrested and extradited. (=einde citaat). De vraag die ik hierbij stel : gaat het om Trump of de "Deep state..." die de uitlevering van Assange wil. Desgevallend als wapen tegen Trump !! Momenteel is de toestand verre van duidelijk, en lopen er m.i. geopolitieke - & olie - en zakelijke belangen door elkaar.
          The Case for Trump -- Minus "America First"?      Comment   Translate Page      

This is not a review of Victor Hanson's book, The Case for TrumpRather, it is a passing comment on the treatment of "America First" in Hanson's case for Trump. 

In discussing Trump's counter-revolutionary (my term) "America First" vision, Hanson writes:

Yes, Trump's America First vision triggered "the charge of isolationism" (not to mention apoplexy) from the Left, the Republican Establishment, sundry "progressives" and new world order types. All of the above had varyingly dominated American politics in the decades since World War II, pushing the country ever farther off of its foundations as a nation-state into the global system, whose institutional bases were, after all, established by a pair of Soviet agents, Alger Hiss (United Nations) and Harry Dexter White (IMF). Certainly, to these same globalists, it is safe to say that "the charge of isolationism," as Hanson writes, "only cemented the slur against Trump," which was spawned by vague but distasteful notions of "sullied" Lindbergh, as Hanson writes, and the America First Committee. It's notable that Hanson, the Trump case-maker, seems to share this outlook.

Indeed, he repeats their standard smears of Lindbergh and, by extension, the America First Committee. Why was Lindbergh "sullied"? Lindbergh, Hanson tells the reader, was "at best" silent as Hitler and Mussolini rose. "At worst," he was a conspiracy theorist who blamed "international Jewry" and "British monarchists" for our entry into World War II.

This is the rote interpretation of Lindbergh, as repeated by the Left, the Republican Establishment, sundry "progressives" and new world order types. A return to the record, however, shows this is unfair. It is unfair to dismiss the hero-aviator as "silent" in the 1930s when he made multiple trips into Nazi Germany at the behest of the US government to gain intelligence on the Nazi aviation industry. It is unfair to characterize Lindbergh as a conspiracy theorist about "international Jewry" and the rest. Doing so in ahistorical shorthand, however, is a quick way to ensure that America First retains its discredited and also disreputable aura. Hanson's Trump "challenge," then, would seem to be to distance Trump from it.      

He accomplishes this some pages later.

Here, America First has been downgraded to merely that "supplementary" slogan of "the Trump team" -- not even attributed to Trump himself. And thank goodness, since the America First slogan, Hanson reminds us, "only provided further ammunition to critics" -- and we mustn't have that. After all, America First, Hanson tells us again, was "the isolationist, anti-war, noninterventionist and often anti-Semitic movement of Charles Lindbergh..." 

In my view, the resurrection of "America First" was not only what made Trump's candidacy unique in presidential history; it was not only the key to Trump's success with the Deplorable Vote; it was also, and equally as important, a catalyst for the chain reaction that resulted in his Marxist enemies in and around the Deep State going nuclear on him and attempting a coup against his presidency. Why?

Here is the short answer from The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy:

Marxism is a common driver of revolutions and coups, successful and failed, over the past 170 years (and before that it was called something else). Throughout the 20th century, Moscow was the main instigator and enabler of these same aggressions, and especially so within the United States. Many people still recognize this as the “boring from within” cancer of international communism and socialism, even as they assume it all vanished when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. Enter Donald Trump, a quarter century later, single-handedly reviving the greatest weapon never deployed against international communism and its globalist descendants: America First.

Whether anyone recognizes it (including Trump himself), Donald Trump is America’s most anti-Communist president ever, bar none. Not even Ronald Reagan’s anti-communism exceeds Trump’s, tempered as it was by Reagan’s “internationalism” and commitment to “free trade,” both of which are positions that have been easily subverted by communism to undermine the national interests of the USA.

The restoration of the nation-state was the organizing basis of Trump’s successful presidential candidacy. The profundity of this “America First” principle cannot be overestimated: A strong nation-state is a bulwark against international socialism and its “One World” framework, which for generations has been pressed upon Americans in different guises, up to and including “globalism.” 

Trump without America First isn't Trump.


Back in 2016, I had occasion to research the America First Committee and present my thoughts about it in relation to Donald Trump's presidential campaign in an address called "America First, 1940-2016." (See the video presentation here.) What follows is an excerpt from the address, which was publlshed in 2017 in the Journal of Strategy and Politics:

...This latest chapter in the annals of America First probably began as a set up, when a New York Times reporter asked Donald Trump if it was correct to say that what Trump was describing was “if not isolationist, then at least something of ‘America First’?” Trump replied that he was not “isolationist,” but he was “America First.” “So I like the expression,” Trump said. “I’m ‘America First.’”

Thus, a thousand screeching headlines were born: stories about “noxious,” “isolationist,” “defeatist,” “anti-Semitic,” “pro-Nazi,” “America First.” Herbert Hoover, Robert Taft, Norman Thomas, and the rest? This doesn’t parse. Even Trump-friendly Breitbart News ran a story called: “Trump Risks Charles Lindbergh Label with America First.” “America First,” the story says, “soon became associated with isolationism, anti-Semitism, and short-sightedness ….”

But even the Lindbergh story of America First and antiSemitism doesn’t hold up under scrutiny—certainly not on delving into the details of the organized smear campaign against the famous aviator. What is important to note is that these recent debate-stopping buzz words are the same ones that dogged “America First” back at the beginning.

Reading into the documents and speeches and letters of the America First Committee and wider movement, however, I see none of these poisons driving the principals. They did see an officially neutral America as having separate interests from the rest of world – and very likely, they would relate to Trump’s border wall and Muslim immigration moratorium, but would fail utterly to understand how we ever came to need them – but their concerns, agree with them or not, were not to appease Hitler and advance anti-semitism, as we are incessantly told.

They discussed constitutional matters; American liberties and their loss during a state of “war socialism” and regimentation; Congress’s war powers, which they saw being seized by a usurping chief executive. They also discussed their sons’ lives, which they did not want to see lost by the ten thousand. After Germany attacked the Soviet Union in June 1941, they were also gravely concerned about an American alliance with one totalitarian monster, Stalin, to defeat Hitler, another totalitarian monster. Better to let them fight each other, some said.

Certainly, as former President Hoover pointed out in his one of many speeches, for Uncle Sam to go to war allied with the dictator Stalin “makes the whole argument of our joining the war to bring the four freedoms to mankind a gargantuan jest”—particularly, as he would also point out, since the Communist Party, and also Stalin’s secret agents, were already conspiring in a dirty, covert intelligence war against the United States, as partly revealed in prewar investigations by the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. (In my book, American Betrayal,

I ponder the impact on US policy-making and war-making that this same Soviet intelligence army of over 500 confirmed agents inside our government and related institutions might have had. It was considerable. It was also cataclysmic.) As for the charge of shortsightedness, Sen. Robert Taft sounds not a little clairvoyant when in 1941 he asked: “Will that part of the world which Stalin conquers with our airplanes and tanks be consecrated to freedom [of speech and religion and the rest]? Or, after a Russian victory with our aid, must we step in with our armies to impose the four freedoms on 200,000,000 people 10,000 miles away…?” At the very least, the namecalling is not the full story, then or now; nonetheless, it always ends the discussion.

This pattern is typical. It begins with buzz words and the strictest platitudes. For example, one is “Islamophobic” if one rejects the statement, “Islam is a religion of peace”; one is a “Red-Baiter” or “McCarthy on Steroids” if one demonstrates that the “Red Scare” was no “scare” at all but rather a Red Reality subverting our republic. Just so, one is a Nazi or a “nativist” (whatever that is), if one is for America first. Chilling effect follows. But not for Donald Trump.

Trump’s course of action was to double down on “America First,” trumpeting the slogan at campaign rallies. A few weeks later, in his first formal foreign policy address, he announced that “America First” would be his guiding policy as president. Here’s what he said:

My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people and American security above all else. It has to be first. Has to be. That will be the foundation of every single decision that I will make. America First will be the major and overriding theme of my administration.

More poison protest headlines followed. But consider for a moment what it means when the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States makes waves by declaring he will put America first in formulating his policies; and, further, has to explain what it means to do so; and, then, on the whole, is met with derision, outrage and fear on the part of commentators and politicians and academics and the like – no matter where on the political spectrum they may have located themselves.

I submit this as proof of how extremely far along on the continuum between nation-state and global system the United States of America really is. This tells me that the most revolutionary thing Donald Trump said in this same address is the following. He said:

We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false gods of globalism. The nation-state remains the true foundation of for happiness and harmony. I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring American down and will never enter [them].

This is nothing less than a declaration of war on globalism—on the New World Order, on One-Worldism, internationalism, and multilateral this and that. It seems to echo some long lost chord of anti-Communism, too, and even buck unseen Marxist currents. At least so it strikes me. But we don’t talk about such things anymore. What Trump has done is revive an old struggle in American politics. It is a struggle the adherents  of America First have always lost. Trump’s completely unexpected political success to date, however, tells us this is not an idea whose time is indisputably past—as we have all been so forcefully taught.

          Julian Assange: Gagged And Headed For Gitmo      Comment   Translate Page      

What lies in store for Julian Assange once the Trump administration has him caged in one of their gulags? Solitary confinement with high-decibel torture music?  Chemical castration? Waterboarding round the clock? Is this the price courageous whistleblowers must pay for  exposing the war crimes of the Anglo-American Deep State?   By JONATHAN COOK The Unz Review […]

The post Julian Assange: Gagged And Headed For Gitmo appeared first on Darkmoon.

          The Origins Of The Deep State: Lucifer's Evil Empire      Comment   Translate Page      

The closest analogy, I could come to "Lucifer's Evil Empire" is "Palpatine's Empire" in Star Wars. I tried to lay this out as best I could in my blog "Confronting and Handling Evil on Planet Earth".

Lucifer's major evil plan occurred about 500,000 years ago when his Empire tried to conquer the Galaxy Federation(The Forces of God). It didn't end well for the Empire and ever since then, they've been plotting another takeover bid of the Galaxy. The Nazi/Reptilian Alliance were suppose to assist in this war, but they were thwarted again.  

Soon after the fall, The Empire found allies in 22 genetic farmer groups (aliens) who were seeking human DNA and the memories that were contained in the DNA. The Empire would allow them access to DNA as long as they consented to holodeck rebilitation programs. This was a BIG TRAP!  The programs were implants. The whole idea was to make mankind and the aliens obsessive over heavenhellgamblingwar, sex genetic superioritymoney, and vacations.

It was one of the most successful recruiting drives in history until Jesus came along. 

Lucifer/Palpatine is an incredible manipulator. Check out this scene from "Revenge of the Sith"

The desire for revenge was/is strong in Lucifer and his followers because of the "Burn in Hell Forever Judgement" that was placed on them. I and "The Brotherhood of Christ "disagreed with this judgement.  Christ kept the door open to even the worst sinner with his "Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do" while on the cross. 

With Full Disclosure leading to the 1000 year Millennium, all of this material will be communicated fully and accurately to the human population.  


          Seven years of lies about Julian Assange won't stop now      Comment   Translate Page      
For seven years, from the moment Julian Assange first sought refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, they have been telling us we were wrong, that we were paranoid conspiracy theorists. We were told there was no real threat of Assange's extradition to the United States, that it was all in our fevered imaginations. For seven years, we have had to listen to a chorus of journalists, politicians and "experts" telling us that Assange was nothing more than a fugitive from justice, and that the British and Swedish legal systems could be relied on to handle his case in full accordance with the law. Barely a "mainstream" voice was raised in his defence in all that time. From the moment he sought asylum, Assange was cast as an outlaw. His work as the founder of Wikileaks - a digital platform that for the first time in history gave ordinary people a glimpse into the darkest recesses of the most secure vaults in the deepest of Deep States - was erased from the record.

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Site Map 2018_02_26
Site Map 2018_02_27
Site Map 2018_02_28
Site Map 2018_03_01
Site Map 2018_03_02
Site Map 2018_03_03
Site Map 2018_03_04
Site Map 2018_03_05
Site Map 2018_03_06
Site Map 2018_03_07
Site Map 2018_03_08
Site Map 2018_03_09
Site Map 2018_03_10
Site Map 2018_03_11
Site Map 2018_03_12
Site Map 2018_03_13
Site Map 2018_03_14
Site Map 2018_03_15
Site Map 2018_03_16
Site Map 2018_03_17
Site Map 2018_03_18
Site Map 2018_03_19
Site Map 2018_03_20
Site Map 2018_03_21
Site Map 2018_03_22
Site Map 2018_03_23
Site Map 2018_03_24
Site Map 2018_03_25
Site Map 2018_03_26
Site Map 2018_03_27
Site Map 2018_03_28
Site Map 2018_03_29
Site Map 2018_03_30
Site Map 2018_03_31
Site Map 2018_04_01
Site Map 2018_04_02
Site Map 2018_04_03
Site Map 2018_04_04
Site Map 2018_04_05
Site Map 2018_04_06
Site Map 2018_04_07
Site Map 2018_04_08
Site Map 2018_04_09
Site Map 2018_04_10
Site Map 2018_04_11
Site Map 2018_04_12
Site Map 2018_04_13
Site Map 2018_04_14
Site Map 2018_04_15
Site Map 2018_04_16
Site Map 2018_04_17
Site Map 2018_04_18
Site Map 2018_04_19
Site Map 2018_04_20
Site Map 2018_04_21
Site Map 2018_04_22
Site Map 2018_04_23
Site Map 2018_04_24
Site Map 2018_04_25
Site Map 2018_04_26
Site Map 2018_04_27
Site Map 2018_04_28
Site Map 2018_04_29
Site Map 2018_04_30
Site Map 2018_05_01
Site Map 2018_05_02
Site Map 2018_05_03
Site Map 2018_05_04
Site Map 2018_05_05
Site Map 2018_05_06
Site Map 2018_05_07
Site Map 2018_05_08
Site Map 2018_05_09
Site Map 2018_05_15
Site Map 2018_05_16
Site Map 2018_05_17
Site Map 2018_05_18
Site Map 2018_05_19
Site Map 2018_05_20
Site Map 2018_05_21
Site Map 2018_05_22
Site Map 2018_05_23
Site Map 2018_05_24
Site Map 2018_05_25
Site Map 2018_05_26
Site Map 2018_05_27
Site Map 2018_05_28
Site Map 2018_05_29
Site Map 2018_05_30
Site Map 2018_05_31
Site Map 2018_06_01
Site Map 2018_06_02
Site Map 2018_06_03
Site Map 2018_06_04
Site Map 2018_06_05
Site Map 2018_06_06
Site Map 2018_06_07
Site Map 2018_06_08
Site Map 2018_06_09
Site Map 2018_06_10
Site Map 2018_06_11
Site Map 2018_06_12
Site Map 2018_06_13
Site Map 2018_06_14
Site Map 2018_06_15
Site Map 2018_06_16
Site Map 2018_06_17
Site Map 2018_06_18
Site Map 2018_06_19
Site Map 2018_06_20
Site Map 2018_06_21
Site Map 2018_06_22
Site Map 2018_06_23
Site Map 2018_06_24
Site Map 2018_06_25
Site Map 2018_06_26
Site Map 2018_06_27
Site Map 2018_06_28
Site Map 2018_06_29
Site Map 2018_06_30
Site Map 2018_07_01
Site Map 2018_07_02
Site Map 2018_07_03
Site Map 2018_07_04
Site Map 2018_07_05
Site Map 2018_07_06
Site Map 2018_07_07
Site Map 2018_07_08
Site Map 2018_07_09
Site Map 2018_07_10
Site Map 2018_07_11
Site Map 2018_07_12
Site Map 2018_07_13
Site Map 2018_07_14
Site Map 2018_07_15
Site Map 2018_07_16
Site Map 2018_07_17
Site Map 2018_07_18
Site Map 2018_07_19
Site Map 2018_07_20
Site Map 2018_07_21
Site Map 2018_07_22
Site Map 2018_07_23
Site Map 2018_07_24
Site Map 2018_07_25
Site Map 2018_07_26
Site Map 2018_07_27
Site Map 2018_07_28
Site Map 2018_07_29
Site Map 2018_07_30
Site Map 2018_07_31
Site Map 2018_08_01
Site Map 2018_08_02
Site Map 2018_08_03
Site Map 2018_08_04
Site Map 2018_08_05
Site Map 2018_08_06
Site Map 2018_08_07
Site Map 2018_08_08
Site Map 2018_08_09
Site Map 2018_08_10
Site Map 2018_08_11
Site Map 2018_08_12
Site Map 2018_08_13
Site Map 2018_08_15
Site Map 2018_08_16
Site Map 2018_08_17
Site Map 2018_08_18
Site Map 2018_08_19
Site Map 2018_08_20
Site Map 2018_08_21
Site Map 2018_08_22
Site Map 2018_08_23
Site Map 2018_08_24
Site Map 2018_08_25
Site Map 2018_08_26
Site Map 2018_08_27
Site Map 2018_08_28
Site Map 2018_08_29
Site Map 2018_08_30
Site Map 2018_08_31
Site Map 2018_09_01
Site Map 2018_09_02
Site Map 2018_09_03
Site Map 2018_09_04
Site Map 2018_09_05
Site Map 2018_09_06
Site Map 2018_09_07
Site Map 2018_09_08
Site Map 2018_09_09
Site Map 2018_09_10
Site Map 2018_09_11
Site Map 2018_09_12
Site Map 2018_09_13
Site Map 2018_09_14
Site Map 2018_09_15
Site Map 2018_09_16
Site Map 2018_09_17
Site Map 2018_09_18
Site Map 2018_09_19
Site Map 2018_09_20
Site Map 2018_09_21
Site Map 2018_09_23
Site Map 2018_09_24
Site Map 2018_09_25
Site Map 2018_09_26
Site Map 2018_09_27
Site Map 2018_09_28
Site Map 2018_09_29
Site Map 2018_09_30
Site Map 2018_10_01
Site Map 2018_10_02
Site Map 2018_10_03
Site Map 2018_10_04
Site Map 2018_10_05
Site Map 2018_10_06
Site Map 2018_10_07
Site Map 2018_10_08
Site Map 2018_10_09
Site Map 2018_10_10
Site Map 2018_10_11
Site Map 2018_10_12
Site Map 2018_10_13
Site Map 2018_10_14
Site Map 2018_10_15
Site Map 2018_10_16
Site Map 2018_10_17
Site Map 2018_10_18
Site Map 2018_10_19
Site Map 2018_10_20
Site Map 2018_10_21
Site Map 2018_10_22
Site Map 2018_10_23
Site Map 2018_10_24
Site Map 2018_10_25
Site Map 2018_10_26
Site Map 2018_10_27
Site Map 2018_10_28
Site Map 2018_10_29
Site Map 2018_10_30
Site Map 2018_10_31
Site Map 2018_11_01
Site Map 2018_11_02
Site Map 2018_11_03
Site Map 2018_11_04
Site Map 2018_11_05
Site Map 2018_11_06
Site Map 2018_11_07
Site Map 2018_11_08
Site Map 2018_11_09
Site Map 2018_11_10
Site Map 2018_11_11
Site Map 2018_11_12
Site Map 2018_11_13
Site Map 2018_11_14
Site Map 2018_11_15
Site Map 2018_11_16
Site Map 2018_11_17
Site Map 2018_11_18
Site Map 2018_11_19
Site Map 2018_11_20
Site Map 2018_11_21
Site Map 2018_11_22
Site Map 2018_11_23
Site Map 2018_11_24
Site Map 2018_11_25
Site Map 2018_11_26
Site Map 2018_11_27
Site Map 2018_11_28
Site Map 2018_11_29
Site Map 2018_11_30
Site Map 2018_12_01
Site Map 2018_12_02
Site Map 2018_12_03
Site Map 2018_12_04
Site Map 2018_12_05
Site Map 2018_12_06
Site Map 2018_12_07
Site Map 2018_12_08
Site Map 2018_12_09
Site Map 2018_12_10
Site Map 2018_12_11
Site Map 2018_12_12
Site Map 2018_12_13
Site Map 2018_12_14
Site Map 2018_12_15
Site Map 2018_12_16
Site Map 2018_12_17
Site Map 2018_12_18
Site Map 2018_12_19
Site Map 2018_12_20
Site Map 2018_12_21
Site Map 2018_12_22
Site Map 2018_12_23
Site Map 2018_12_24
Site Map 2018_12_25
Site Map 2018_12_26
Site Map 2018_12_27
Site Map 2018_12_28
Site Map 2018_12_29
Site Map 2018_12_30
Site Map 2018_12_31
Site Map 2019_01_01
Site Map 2019_01_02
Site Map 2019_01_03
Site Map 2019_01_04
Site Map 2019_01_06
Site Map 2019_01_07
Site Map 2019_01_08
Site Map 2019_01_09
Site Map 2019_01_11
Site Map 2019_01_12
Site Map 2019_01_13
Site Map 2019_01_14
Site Map 2019_01_15
Site Map 2019_01_16
Site Map 2019_01_17
Site Map 2019_01_18
Site Map 2019_01_19
Site Map 2019_01_20
Site Map 2019_01_21
Site Map 2019_01_22
Site Map 2019_01_23
Site Map 2019_01_24
Site Map 2019_01_25
Site Map 2019_01_26
Site Map 2019_01_27
Site Map 2019_01_28
Site Map 2019_01_29
Site Map 2019_01_30
Site Map 2019_01_31
Site Map 2019_02_01
Site Map 2019_02_02
Site Map 2019_02_03
Site Map 2019_02_04
Site Map 2019_02_05
Site Map 2019_02_06
Site Map 2019_02_07
Site Map 2019_02_08
Site Map 2019_02_09
Site Map 2019_02_10
Site Map 2019_02_11
Site Map 2019_02_12
Site Map 2019_02_13
Site Map 2019_02_14
Site Map 2019_02_15
Site Map 2019_02_16
Site Map 2019_02_17
Site Map 2019_02_18
Site Map 2019_02_19
Site Map 2019_02_20
Site Map 2019_02_21
Site Map 2019_02_22
Site Map 2019_02_23
Site Map 2019_02_24
Site Map 2019_02_25
Site Map 2019_02_26
Site Map 2019_02_27
Site Map 2019_02_28
Site Map 2019_03_01
Site Map 2019_03_02
Site Map 2019_03_03
Site Map 2019_03_04
Site Map 2019_03_05
Site Map 2019_03_06
Site Map 2019_03_07
Site Map 2019_03_08
Site Map 2019_03_09
Site Map 2019_03_10
Site Map 2019_03_11
Site Map 2019_03_12
Site Map 2019_03_13
Site Map 2019_03_14
Site Map 2019_03_15
Site Map 2019_03_16
Site Map 2019_03_17
Site Map 2019_03_18
Site Map 2019_03_19
Site Map 2019_03_20
Site Map 2019_03_21
Site Map 2019_03_22
Site Map 2019_03_23
Site Map 2019_03_24
Site Map 2019_03_25
Site Map 2019_03_26
Site Map 2019_03_27
Site Map 2019_03_28
Site Map 2019_03_29
Site Map 2019_03_30
Site Map 2019_03_31
Site Map 2019_04_01
Site Map 2019_04_02
Site Map 2019_04_03
Site Map 2019_04_04
Site Map 2019_04_05
Site Map 2019_04_06
Site Map 2019_04_07
Site Map 2019_04_08
Site Map 2019_04_09
Site Map 2019_04_10
Site Map 2019_04_11
Site Map 2019_04_12
Site Map 2019_04_13
Site Map 2019_04_14