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From: Winding Road Theater Ensemble <>
Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2019 10:38 AM
Subject: Eight 10s in Tucson: a new 10 minute play festival


One evening, eight 10 minute plays, selected from more than 300 script submissions: 


Eight 10s in Tucson

A New Play Festival

April 25th-May 5th, 2019


Winding Road is pleased to announce this new venture, modeled on the wildly successful 8 Tens @ 8 10-minute play festival in Santa Cruz, California. Eight scripts, submitted by playwrights from around the country, selected and combined to create a unique evening of entertainment - full of comedy, drama, and everything in between.

In The Parrots of Heaven by Evan Guilford-Blake, two young men test the boundaries of friendship in this tender play exploring the beauty of acceptance. 

Evan Guilford-Blake writes plays, prose, and poetry for adults and children. His work has appeared in about 100 journals and anthologies, winning 27 awards. His scripts have won 46 competitions, including the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival contest twice (he is the only playwright to have done so). Thirty-eight of his plays are published. His long-form prose includes the novels Animation, for adults, and The Bluebird Prince for middle-grade girls (and their parents), as well as the award-winning story collection American Blues. His new collection, Love and Loss and Love, will be issued in July. He and his wife (and inspiration) Roxanna, a talented jewelry designer and business writer, live in the southeastern US. More information is available on his Amazon page.

Eight 10s in Tucson plays TWO WEEKS ONLY, with performances Thursday through Sunday, including Saturday matinees.
Thursday April 25 at 7:30pm Preview
Friday April 26 at 7:30pm Opening Night Gala
Thurs-Sat at 7:30pm 
Sat and Sun at 2pm
Through May 5th
General admission $28 
Discounts for Seniors, Military, Students 

Cabaret Theatre at the Temple for Music and Art
330 S Scott Ave in Tucson




(520) 401-3626




Buy Tickets to Eight 10s in Tucson



Tucson Theatre Announcement List for subscription information



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Sent: Friday, April 12, 2019 2:09 PM
Subject: 20th CENTURY BLUES Concludes IT's 48th Season

"It was the '70s. You were no one 
if you didn't spend a night in jail."

Invisible Theatre

Two Weeks Only!
April 23* - May 5, 2009
All Performances $35
(*Preview Tuesday, April 23rd at 7:30 $20)
Group Discounts Available

Invisible Theatre concludes its 48th Anniversary Season with the Southwest Premiere of 20TH CENTURY BLUES by Susan Miller. This sharply funny and evocative new play features an all-star cast: Molly McKasson, Susan Baker, ToReeNee Wolf, Geri Hooper Wharam, P.J. Peavy, and Cole Potwardowski and is directed by Susan Claassen with Fred Rodriguez. A reunion. An Argument. A Ted Talk. Emotional mutiny. And a bond that connects four women who meet once a year for a photo shoot, chronicling their changing (and aging) selves as they navigate through love, careers, children, and major world events. But, when these private photographs have the potential to go public in a retrospective at MoMA, their relationships are tested, forcing the women to confront who they are, what they've become, and how they'll deal with whatever lies ahead. 

"Heartfelt and genuine!"
   - The New York Times

"Clever and wise. A brilliant new play." 
-Curves Magazine 

 "20TH CENTURY BLUES...breaks the mold when it comes to the female ensemble dramedy...With poignant but still laugh-out-loud social commentary on the process of aging in America, razor sharp one-liners and thought-provoking questions about older generations adjusting to the younger world, 20TH CENTURY BLUES takes a tried and true comedic premise and adds a uniquely modern twist."


Phone Reservations (520) 882-9721

Grab 10 or more of your BFFs and get a special group rate!
Call Alayna (520) 884-0672 

1400 N. First Avenue at Drachman 
Tucson, AZ 85719 
Box Office - (520) 882-9721 
Administration - (520) 884-0672 
Fax - (520) 884-5410 
Tucson Theatre Announcement List for subscription information

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By the way people, there is a real crisis at the border. If you have any doubts, take a drive around town and find out for yourselves,
Posted by Dave D
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A Tucson man just convicted of murder in the stabbing death of his girlfriend waited until jurors left the courtroom before turning and punching one of his defense lawyers in the side of the head.
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A GRIP ON SPORTS • Awards are always quite interesting, from who wins them to what they represent. But there was an interesting twist to Rui Hachimura’s winning the Julius Erving Award last night. Read on.


• Holding a ceremony to hand out college basketball awards is a recent phenomenon, something that has grown out of the proliferation of awards and ESPN’s desire to televise them.

Each position on a basketball team now how its own named award, from the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award for the best center to the Bob Cousy Award for best point guard.

College basketball glitterati gather in Los Angeles and hold a mini-version of the Academy Awards, complete with the red carpet. And the acceptance speeches.

The award for best small forward, a position that can be manned by someone who is cat-quick, a lethal shooter and often draws the opponent’s best player while defending, was named for Dr. J, Julius Erving, whose college career consisted of two years at U Mass – back when that was an unusual occurrence.

But we all remember his swooping drives and his impressive dunks from his NBA days.

This year’s winner: The Zags’ Hachimura.

The award is, at the same time, well-deserved and out of place. Or should we say out of position?

Hachimura deserved one of college hoops’ awards this season. He was the offensive engine of the best offense in college basketball. He led the Zags in scoring, averaging 19.7 points per game, though he was north of 20 for most of the season. He was also the guy they looked to when needing a key hoop and he delivered much of the year.

A consensus All-American, he was the best offensive player on one of the most successful Gonzaga teams ever. Winning a national award seems appropriate.

But should it have been this one?

Hachimura played less than one full game, combined, at the small forward position for the Bulldogs. That wasn’t his spot. He was Gonzaga’s power forward, a “4” in modern parlance. A big who roamed out to the 3-point line on occasion, but was a post – either high or low – in most offensive possessions.

The Zags had plans to play Hachimura more at the “3” spot, or small forward, but Killian Tillie’s injuries submarined those ideas. Instead, Hachimura started the season inside, Corey Kispert, an excellent outside shooter, became the “3” and the offense took off.

When Tillie returned from his two injury stints, Hachimura, Brandon Clarke and Tillie did appear on the court together off and on. But never for long stretches and for less than an entire game, combined. And yet the nice people who decide on college basketball’s awards decided Hachimura was the best at the position.

He may not have been the best small forward in the nation, but he was one of the best players and deserved to be recognized as such. He was.


WSU: New basketball coach Kyle Smith has added an assistant coach, one who used to be on the bench at Washington. … The baseball team has still not won a conference game, falling 21-3 at home to Oregon yesterday. … Mike Leach talked on a Portland radio station yesterday. … Elsewhere in the Pac-12, there is football news from Washington, Colorado and Utah and basketball news, in the shape of players leaving for the pro ranks, from USC, Washington, Oregon and Arizona.

Gonzaga: For more on Hachimura’s award, we can point you to Jim Meehan’s story. Josh Perkin was also up for the Cousy Award for the nation’s top point guard, but did not win. … Larry Weir takes a look at the transfer market in college basketball in the latest Press Box pod.

Idaho: Chris Tormey has spent a half-century or so coaching football. He did it well enough in Moscow to be headed to Idaho’s Hall of Fame. Peter Harriman talked with Chris and has this story. … Peter also has a feature on two walk-ons who are contributing mightily to the Vandals cause this spring.

Chiefs: Facing elimination, Everett scored early and went on to a 4-1 win over Spokane in the Arena. Kevin Dudley was there and has this game story. Colin Mulvany has the photo report.

Preps: In a typical busy Friday in April, we can pass along roundups from soccer, softball and baseball.

Mariners: The winning streak is over, done in by all things a bunch of home runs. Well, two Houston grand slams. … Starter Wade LeBlanc left with an injury and the bullpen, which is constantly going to be rebuilt, couldn’t do the job. Help for the rotation may arrive soon. … The M’s did hit another home run to extend their record streak. … Gene Warnick has the usual Out of Right Field summary.

Seahawks: Seattle made a couple minor roster moves yesterday.

Sounders: Seattle and Toronto are once again the MLS' two best teams.


• We probably won’t be here tomorrow. Need a day off. But we might, if we wake up early enough and feel we can get this feature done before we have to be out and about. We’ll send out a tweet if we do. If not, see you Monday, when maybe, we’ll be chatting about Tiger Woods’ 15th major title. Until later …

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A GRIP ON SPORTS • Most professional football players don’t look like average folks. Neither do professional basketball players. Or, even, folks in the major leagues. But pro golfers. Now that’s an eclectic group. Read on.


• Golf once was the purview of the rich and, well, rich. Still is, for the most part, though the non-country-club crowd has taken over the sport in the play-for-fun ranks.

It’s at the top level where egalitarianism has really taken over, though. At least outwardly.

The thought expressed above hit me yesterday afternoon as I watched the final hours of the Masters’ first day.

The guys on top were a diverse-looking group. Oh sure, white Americans still dominate, even decades after Tiger Woods changed the face of golf, but we’re talking body types here. Just about any boy (or girl, for that matter) can become a successful golfer. You don’t have to be 6-foot-4 or really fast or really well built. All athletic builds, all body types, all everything are welcome.

Not everyone can look like Brooks Koepka, sure. He seems more suited to playing outside linebacker for the Jets than hitting a wedge shot to 3-feet, but his physique, as admirable as it is, is not the only one needed to be atop the leaderboard.

(As an aside, Koepka, who went to bed tied atop the leaderboard after shooting a 66, has won three of the last six majors he’s been physically capable of playing. That’s Tiger-like, for sure, but don’t give me this baloney about being underappreciated. He’s so “underappreciated,” Jim Nantz spent a half-hour or so talking about how no one ever talks about him.)

Bryson DeChambeau is tied with Koepka and he doesn’t look as if he could be the Jets’ ticket guy, let alone play pro football. He actually looks – and talks – like a guy the Dodgers would hire to figure out the co-efficiency of spin rate and how it relates to left-handed hitters. And his swing looks like the one Uncle George used to use when playing back in 1966. It’s just a bit more successful.

Phil Mickelson is also near the top of the leaderboard and though his swing is smoother, he just looks like Uncle George, if Uncle George was related to one of the Walt Disney cartoon characters. C’mon, admit it. Phil has always sort of reminded you of Goofy, but in a nice way. He seems like a fun guy who would say “aw, shucks” a lot.

Appearances, as they say, can be deceiving. Phil is known as a gambler’s gambler – as well as having a competitive streak as wide as the second fairway. He may not look all that athletic – outwardly he seems best suited to run the Jets’ P.R. department – but he is.

However, there was one player near the lead yesterday that reflected my build more than any other.

Kiradech Aphibarnrat is 5-foot-8. He weighs, well, more than he probably should. (Who among us doesn’t feel that way ?) And he hits the golf ball a long ways. And accurately. He’s from Thailand, but he seems a lot like the guy you played with last weekend at Downriver. Except, you know, he actually hits greens and makes putts.

He’s won four European tournaments in his career. He’s been a fixture in majors recently. And he shot a 3-under 69 at Augusta yesterday. All the while looking more like Engelberg from The Bad News Bears than, well, Brooks Koepka.

And that’s what so impressive about golf at the highest level.

Koepka is a chiseled 6-foot, 190 pounds. Mickelson is a softer 6-3. DeChambeau fits in somewhere between. But size really doesn’t matter on the course. Francesco Molinari, who won the British Open last year, is 5-8 and less than 160, but he can shoot under par as easily as a guy who towers over him.

When I was young, my dad watched me run and told me, if I ever wanted to be a professional baseball player, I would have to be a catcher. That’s the only spot someone as slow as I was could have a chance.

He was wrong. There was no position that I was suited to play. Golf, on the other hand, doesn’t care if you can run a sub-5 40. Or can lift a Ponderosa pine over your head. It’s about making a little round ball go where you want it to, consistently. Just about anyone, of any build, can work hard enough to be successful at it.

The leaderboard yesterday at Augusta drove that point home like one of Koepka’s 5-irons.


WSU: After a few days of quiet in Pullman (except for the weather), it poured news Thursday. Theo has stories ranging from basketball – one of Ernie Kent’s recruits decided he didn’t want to play for Kyle Smith – to football recruiting – an Arizona high school offensive lineman committed – to spring football practice – the Rush linebacker spot seems to have been claimed. … He also has videos from after practice, from Mike Leach to Eric Mele, from players Ron Stone Jr. to Kassidy Woods. … Elsewhere in the Pac-12 football, Washington has quite a few openings to fill in its secondary. … Arizona seemingly has filled a spot there. … Oregon’s newest receiver has a lot of experience. … UCLA’s spring game looms after 11 practices. … A grad transfer should help Utah’s defense. … Colorado's kicking game should be fine. … The conference’s basketball prospects will have to overcome the loss of Stanford’s best player to the pro ranks. … Utah is losing an assistant coach. … Arizona will too, but because it wants to. … Not only is Bobby Hurley probably not leaving for St. John’s, he may sign an extension. … Mick Cronin is learning his way around UCLA. … Washington should still be a contender next season.

Gonzaga: The Zags are in the transfer market again and are one of seven schools under consideration for shooting guard David Jenkins Jr. Jim Meehan has more in this story. … Zykera Rice has been invited to the Seattle Storm’s training camp. … Around the WCC, not only is new BYU coach Mark Pope looking at his former assistants, he may pick up a transfer from his old school.

Idaho: There were a lot of women who played sports collegiately before Title IX tried to even the playing field (my older sister pitched at UCLA in the mid-1960s, when the Bruins played junior colleges more often than not). John Blanchette has the story of one swimmer, Nancy Monroe, who came to Moscow not knowing what she was getting into but left a Hall of Famer. Or will be soon.

CCS: The Sasquatch have a pitcher who will be a trailblazer for Boise State. Ryan Collingwood has more on Reed Harrington in this college baseball notebook.

Chiefs: Eli Zummack has been on fire for Spokane. Dan Thompson introduces you to the 18-year-old who has helped the Chiefs win one series and lead 3-0 in the next.

Preps: Another busy day in the high school sports world, with roundups from softball, tennis, baseball and soccer. … Dave Nichols chats with Larry Weir for the Press Box pod.

Mariners: The M's have homered in all 15 games this season, a Major League record. They are 13-2, which is unexpected, just like yesterday's 7-6 win at Kansas City. And they seem to be having fun. … Gene Warnick has his Out of Right Field summary of the victory.


• Golf isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. It’s hard for an inner-city kid to be introduced to the sport let alone find a place to practice. But once on the course, it’s pretty simple. If you are better at it than your peers, you play and you win. The golf ball doesn’t know who hit it. Doesn’t care. That’s one of the beauties of the sport. Until later …

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NAIA World Series

At Harris Field, Lewiston

Tuesday’s Results

Spring Arbor (Mich.) 8, Union (Ken.) 7

Oklahoma City 11, Embry-Riddle (Fla.) 6

Lee (Tenn.) 5, Lewis-Clark State 2

Today’s Games


Lewis-Clark State vs. Spring Arbor, 3 p.m.

Lee vs. Oklahoma City, 7 p.m.

Lee University 5, Lewis-Clark State 2

Lewis-Clark State000011000253

Sims, Lopez (7) and Dubon; Woods, Stabelfeld (7) and Ward. W—Sims. L—Woods. Sv—Lopez.

HITS: Lee—Hutslar 3, Harr2, Warters 2, Dubon, Guy. Lewis-Clark State—Ward 3, Ashenbrenner, Benton. 2B—Harrelson Bistagne; Ward 2, Benton. HR—Warters (19).

American Legion

Tuesday’s Results

Coeur d’Alene Lakers 16, West Valley 2

Today’s Games

State feeder game 1, 3:30 p.m.; at AK Jackson field

State feeder game 2, 5:30 p.m.; at AK Jackson field

Coeur d’Alene Lakers 16, West Valley 2

West Valley10100-234
Coeur d’Alene Lakers4471x-16110

Davis, Terharr (3) and Terharr, Davis (3); Swain, Albertson (3) and Klepfer. W-Swain. L-Daivs.

HITS: West Valley-Frye 2, Wells. Coeur d’Alene-Mort, Pattis 2, Piziamo, Klatt 2, Burnside, Woodall 2, Koupal, Cummings. 2B-Frye; Klatt 2, Koupal, Cummings. 3B-Mort.



All Times PDT



Tuesday’s Result

L.A. Lakers 93, San Antonio 91, L.A. Lakers lead series 3-1

Today’s Game

Detroit at Boston, 5:30 p.m.

Thursday’ Game

San Antonio at L.A. Lakers, 6 p.m.

Friday’s Game

Boston at Detroit, 5:30 p.m.

Saturday’s Game

L.A. Lakers at San Antonio, 5:30 p.m., if necessary

Sunday’s Game

Detroit at Boston, 5:30 p.m., if necessary

Monday’ Game

San Antonio at L.A. Lakers, 6 p.m., if necessary

Lakers 93, Spurs 91

L.A. Lakers (93)—Radmanovic 5-8 0-0 11, Odom 4-9 8-9 16, Gasol 4-7 2-4 10, Fisher 4-7 0-0 9, Bryant 14-29 0-0 28, Walton 4-10 1-3 9, Vujacic 1-6 1-1 4, Farmar 1-6 0-0 2, Turiaf 1-3 2-2 4, Ariza 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 38-85 14-19 93.

San Antonio (91)—Bowen 3-6 0-0 7, Duncan 10-26 9-11 29, Oberto 0-0 0-0 0, Parker 8-17 7-7 23, Finley 0-2 0-0 0, Ginobili 2-8 2-2 7, Horry 0-2 2-2 2, Barry 7-14 4-4 23, Udoka 0-0 0-0 0, Thomas 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 30-75 24-26 91.

L.A. Lakers2825241693
San Antonio2324232191

3-Point Goals—L.A. Lakers 3-14 (Fisher 1-1, Radmanovic 1-4, Vujacic 1-4, Bryant 0-1, Walton 0-2, Farmar 0-2), San Antonio 7-24 (Barry 5-12, Bowen 1-3, Ginobili 1-4, Finley 0-1, Horry 0-2, Parker 0-2). Fouled Out—None. Rebounds—L.A. Lakers 56 (Bryant, Gasol 10), San Antonio 43 (Duncan 17). Assists—L.A. Lakers 17 (Gasol 6), San Antonio 22 (Parker 9). Total Fouls—L.A. Lakers 24, San Antonio 21. A—18,797 (18,797).


All Times PDT


Conn.31.750 1/2
Wash.22.5001 1/2
Chicago11.5001 1/2
New York12.3332
Atlanta04.0003 1/2


S.A.21.667 1/2
Houston03.0002 1/2
Phoenix03.0002 1/2

Tuesday’s Results

Washington 80, Atlanta 74

Indiana 75, Connecticut 46

Minnesota 98, Houston 92, OT

Thursday’s Games

Los Angeles at Indiana, 4 p.m.

Minnesota at Chicago, 5 p.m.

Fever 75, Sun 46

Indiana (75)—Douglas 9-17 2-3 23, Hoffman 4-10 0-0 8, Sutton-Brown 3-8 1-4 7, White 7-19 0-0 15, Bevilaqua 1-3 2-2 5, Feaster 2-5 0-0 4, Bond 4-7 0-0 8, Bales 2-3 0-0 4, Whittington 0-1 1-2 1, Ngoyisa 0-0 0-0 0, Baker 0-0 0-2 0. Totals 32-73 6-13 75.

Connecticut (46)—Jones 2-5 0-0 4, Gardin 1-4 0-0 2, Whitmore 2-9 0-0 4, Holt 3-8 0-0 7, Whalen 4-12 5-6 13, Anderson 2-8 0-0 4, Turner 3-9 1-2 9, Raymond 0-0 1-4 1, Carey 0-1 0-0 0, Swanier 0-1 0-0 0, Gruda 1-5 0-0 2. Totals 18-62 7-12 46.


3-Point Goals—Indiana 5-22 (Douglas 3-11, Bevilaqua 1-2, White 1-4, Hoffman 0-1, Bond 0-2, Feaster 0-2), Connecticut 3-22 (Turner 2-5, Holt 1-4, Carey 0-1, Gardin 0-1, Whitmore 0-3, Whalen 0-3, Anderson 0-5). Fouled Out—None. Rebounds—Indiana 54 (Hoffman 13), Connecticut 43 (Jones 7). Assists—Indiana 22 (Hoffman, Douglas 5), Connecticut 11 (Whalen 5). Total Fouls—Indiana 17, Connecticut 19. Technicals—Whittington, Raymond. A—5,245 (10,000).

Lynx 98, Comets 92

Minnesota (98)—Augustus 9-18 5-6 25, Ohlde 1-7 3-4 5, Anosike 6-9 8-10 20, DeForge 7-14 4-4 19, Quinn 2-6 0-0 4, Rasmussen 4-6 0-0 8, Wiggins 4-7 0-1 9, Moore 0-2 1-2 1, Houston 0-2 0-0 0, Hayden 1-3 0-0 2, Zoll 1-1 2-2 5. Totals 35-75 23-29 98.

Houston (92)—Mabika 4-11 2-2 14, Thompson 5-15 7-8 20, Snow 4-6 0-0 8, Dixon 4-13 4-6 12, Johnson 4-6 0-1 8, Ajavon 3-7 2-2 8, Lyttle 7-11 0-0 14, Maiga 0-1 0-0 0, White 1-3 4-4 6, Williams 1-1 0-0 2. Totals 33-74 19-23 92.


3-Point Goals—Minnesota 5-12 (Augustus 2-4, Zoll 1-1, Wiggins 1-2, DeForge 1-3, Quinn 0-2), Houston 7-18 (Mabika 4-9, Thompson 3-7, Ajavon 0-1, Dixon 0-1). Fouled Out—Wiggins, Lyttle. Rebounds—Minnesota 45 (Augustus 9), Houston 46 (Thompson 9). Assists—Minnesota 17 (DeForge, Augustus 4), Houston 21 (White 5). Total Fouls—Minnesota 21, Houston 27. A—7,261 (5,800).

Mystics 80, Dream 74

Atlanta (74)—Castro Marques 4-10 1-1 11, Desouza 6-8 0-1 12, Lovelace-Tolbert 2-6 0-0 5, Latta 4-9 0-0 10, Lennox 10-17 3-4 29, Young 2-4 0-0 4, Feenstra 1-2 1-2 3, Nnamaka 0-0 0-0 0, Haynie 0-2 0-0 0, Little 0-3 0-0 0, Lacy 0-1 0-0 0. Totals 29-62 5-8 74.

Washington (80)—Currie 4-10 6-7 14, McWilliams-Franklin 7-12 5-6 19, Sanford 4-7 3-6 11, Beard 7-15 10-12 25, Jacobs 0-1 0-0 0, Langhorne 1-1 0-1 2, Vaughn 1-2 0-0 2, Miller 3-8 0-0 7, Gardner-Combs 0-1 0-0 0. Totals 27-57 24-32 80.


3-Point Goals—Atlanta 11-22 (Lennox 6-7, Latta 2-5, Castro Marques 2-5, Lovelace-Tolbert 1-2, Haynie 0-1, Little 0-1, Young 0-1), Washington 2-9 (Miller 1-2, Beard 1-5, Jacobs 0-1, Vaughn 0-1). Fouled Out—None. Rebounds—Atlanta 24 (Lennox, Lovelace-Tolbert, Desouza, Little 3), Washington 50 (McWilliams-Franklin 9). Assists—Atlanta 18 (Latta 6), Washington 15 (Beard 5). Total Fouls—Atlanta 23, Washington 13. A—6,231 (19,487).



All Times PDT


(Best of Seven)

Today’s Game

Detroit at Pittsburgh, 5 p.m.

Saturday’s Game

Detroit at Pittsburgh, 5 p.m.

Monday’s Game

Pittsburgh at Detroit, 5 p.m., if necessary

Wednesday’s Game

Detroit at Pittsburgh, 5 p.m., if necessary

Saturday, June 7

Pittsburgh at Detroit, 5 p.m., if necessary



DOWNRIVER GC – Scott Burr, No. 12, 218 yards, utility 3-wood.

DEER PARK GC– Derry “Swede” Ulven, No. 8, 108 yards, 8-iron.

MANITO CC— Joey Garrison, No. 5, 141 yards.


French Open

At Stade Roland Garros, Paris.


Men, First Round

Nikolay Davydenko (4), Russia, def. Thomas Johansson, Sweden, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3.

Stanislas Wawrinka (9), Switzerland, def. Philipp Kohlschreiber, Germany, 6-3, 6-4, 6-3.

Robin Soderling, Sweden, def. Juan Monaco (13), Argentina, 6-2, 6-3, 6-1.

Mario Ancic, Croatia, def. Andreas Seppi (31), Italy, 6-2, 7-6 (1), 6-2.

Women, First Round

Svetlana Kuznetsova (4), Russia, def. Aiko Nakamura, Japan, 6-2, 6-3.

Dinara Safina (13), Russia, def. Kateryna Bondarenko, Ukraine, 6-1, 6-3.

Agnieszka Radwanska (14), Poland, def. Mariya Koryttseva, Ukraine, 6-4, 6-3.

Amelie Mauresmo (22), France, def. Olga Savchuk, Ukraine, 7-5, 4-6, 6-1.

Ai Sugiyama (31), Japan, def. Alla Kudryavtseva, Russia, 6-1, 2-6, 6-3.

Track & Field


Area Leaders

Inland Northwest college and open (non-high school) outdoor track and field leaders, through meets of May 25 (w-wind aided, h-hand time):


100 meters–Woods (WSU) 10.61, Murray (WSU) 10.67, Moody (WSU) 10.81, James (WSU) 10.86, Schmidt (I) 10.94. Non-D-I: Vetter (CCS) 11.00 and Holley (CCS) 11.00w.

200–Woods (WSU) 21.21, Murray (WSU) 21.40, Schmidt (I) 21.97, Butorac (EWU) 21.97w, James (WSU) 21.98. Non-D-I: Vetter (CCS) 22.09.

400–Anderson (WSU) 46.54, Follett (WSU) 47.40, Butorac (EWU) 47.66, Ulrey (EWU) 49.33, Lattin (EWU) 49.37. Non-D-I: Bofa (Whit) 49.66.

800–Tardy (I) 1:50.11, Bofa (Whit) 1:50.74, Howell (Whit) 1:51.75, Lemenager (WSU) 1:51.88, Barquero (I) 1:52.38.

1,500–Suver (EWU) 3:50.93, Concha (WSU) 3:53.38, C. Williams (WSU) 3:53.70, Smargiassi (WSU) 3:54.73, Limpf (EWU) 3:54.84. Non-D-I: Caseria (Whit) 4:01.05. Open: Roberts (unat) 3:59.07.

3,000 steeplechase–Grant (WSU) 8:51.24, Ahlbeck (WSU) 8:55.26, Blanshan (WSU) 9:28.89, Concha (WSU) 9:30.09, Potratz (I) 9:35.00. Non-D-I: Caseria (Whit) 9:36.3h. Open: Coyle (unat) 9:15.54.

5,000–Limpf (EWU) 14:09.32, Smargiassi (WSU) 14:19.39, C. Williams (WSU) 14:23.97, Geib (WSU) 14:24.27, Suver (EWU) 14:25.78. Non-D-I: Moeller (CCS) 14:48.48.

10,000–Limpf (EWU) 29:57.13, Polley (WSU) 30:12.72, Geib (WSU) 30:18.10, Moeller (CCS) 30:28.14, C. Williams (WSU) 30:41.22.

110 hurdles–R. Williams (WSU) 13.92, Dittmer (I) 13.98, J. Anderson (WSU) 14.08, Shaw (I) 14.32, E. Williams (I) 14.38. Non-D-I: Walden (CCS) 14.81.

400 hurdles–Anderson (WSU) 49.55, Leavitt (WSU) 50.82, R. Williams (WSU) 52.87, Spaun (Whit) 54.43, Walden (CCS) 54.55.

4x100 relay–Washington State 40.12, Idaho 41.56, Eastern Washington 41.93, CC Spokane 42.52, Whitworth 43.94.

4x400 relay–Washington State 3:07.47, Eastern Washington 3:15.02, Whitworth 3:18.13, Idaho 3:19.43, CC Spokane 3:22.80.

High jump–Arrivey (WSU) 7-21/2, Stelzer (Whit) 6-111/2, Edwards (CCS) 6-93/4, Praast (EWU) 6-9, Deese (WSU) 6-83/4.

Pole vault–Carpenter (I) 17-1, L. Pope (I) 16-83/4, Uhlenkott (EWU) 15-7, Grant (CCS), Brown (WSU) and Chavez (EWU) 15-1. Open: Taylor (unat) 15-1.

Long jump–E. Williams (I) 26-3/4, Moody (WSU) 24-9, Penrod (EWU) 23-21/2, Hopkins (EWU) 22-91/4w, Edwards (CCS) 22-8.

Triple jump–Holmon (I) 51-1, Zapata (WSU) 50-6w, E. Williams (I) 49-3/4, Brady (I) 48-13/4, Moore (EWU) 47-91/4w. Non-D-I: K. Williams (CCS) 46-91/2.

Shot put–Winger (I) 68-51/4, Howard (CCS) 55-81/2, Whitney (I) 53-113/4, Kintner (Whit) 53-11, MacArthur (WSU) 52-1.

Discus–Winger (I) 199-6, Whitney (I) 170-4, Howard (CCS) 164-9, Rogan (I) 161-5, Wauters (I) 160-10. Open: Lamb (unat) 204-0, Ulrick (unat) 194-9, Dixon (Bigfoot TC) 169-3.

Hammer–Mattox (I) 211-7, Wauters (I) 210-0, Rogan (I) 203-2, MacArthur (WSU) 202-10, Winger (I) 202-3. Non-D-I: J. Smith (CCS) 178-10. Open: Ruud (unat) 194-1.

Javelin–Jeffreys (WSU) 237-4, Bache (WSU) 213-5, Mettler (EWU) 207-9, Clevenger (EWU) 207-8, Kemp (Whit) 206-1. Open: Murray (Bigfoot TC) 238-8, Weidman (Bigfoot TC) 234-3, McCormick (Bigfoot TC) 228-4.

Decathlon–Moody (WSU) 7,787, Schauble (WSU) 6,785, Spaun (Whit) 6,641, Armstrong (CCS) 5,929, Lattin (EWU) 5,819.


100 meters–Griffey (WSU) 11.72w, James (CCS) 11.82w, Deyo (EWU) 12.18, Porter-Red (WSU) 12.25, Jensen (WSU) 12.42.

200–Griffey (WSU) 23.90w, Porter-Red (WSU) 24.16, James (CCS) 24.63w, Long (EWU) 24.87, Goodman (I) 24.94w. Open: D. Pickler (Asics) 24.49.

400–King (WSU) 55.48, Griffey (WSU) 55.96, Porter-Red (WSU) 56.00, Layman (WSU) 56.12, Rey (I) 56.65. Non-D-I: Mattila (Whit) 58.98.

800–Layman (WSU) 2:04.87, Egami (WSU) 2:11.74, DeMartini (WSU) 2:13.36, Gonzalez (WSU) 2:14.08, Paul (WSU) 2:17.68. Non-D-I: Eckstein (CCS) 2:18.29.

1,500–Egami (WSU) 4:27.45, Trane (WSU) 4:30.30, Moseley (EWU) 4:30.33, DeMartini (WSU) 4:30.71, Bridgmon (EWU) 4:32.21. Non-D-I: Eckstein (CCS) 4:37.50.

3,000 steeplechase–Leonard (WSU) 10:16.36, Trane (WSU) 10:16.75, Lawrence (WSU) 10:25.27, Lee-Painter (I) 10:37.24, Andrews (WSU) 10:49.08. Non-D-I: K. Williams (Whit) 11:31.4h.

5,000–Bridgmon (EWU) 16:33.60, Gonzalez (WSU) 16:42.91, Moseley (EWU) 16:44.09, Macalister (I) 17:32.61, VanDeBrake (WSU) 18:00.22. Non-D-I: Mayer (Whit) 18:24.54.

10,000–Bridgmon (EWU) 36:58.52, McFadden (I) 37:49.39, Mayer (Whit) 38:05.9h, Macalister (I) 39:33.23, Nickelson (EWU) 39:33.49.

100 hurdles–Gordon (I) 13.76, Bergland (I) 13.93, Jensen (WSU) 14.23, J. Williams (WSU) 14.45, Draser (I) 14.51. Non-D-I: Mattila (Whit) 15.41. Open: D. Pickler (Asics) 13.27.

400 hurdles–King (WSU) 58.39, Elseroad-Wall (WSU) 1:00.17, Frey (EWU) 1:01.71, Burt (I) 1:02.14, Mattila (Whit) 1:02.37.

4x100 relay–Washington State 45.91, Eastern Washington 46.93, CC Spokane 47.24, Idaho 47.38, Whitworth 50.62.

4x400 relay–Washington State 3:39.17, Idaho 3:51.89, Eastern Washington 3:55.35, CC Spokane 4:00.60, Whitworth 4:06.02.

High jump–Jungmark (WSU) 5-111/4, Hanson (WSU) 5-83/4, Chadez (I) 5-7, Collins (I) 5-51/4, Draser (I) 5-41/4. Non-D-I: Moss (CCS) 5-31/4. Open: D. Pickler (Asics) 5-111/2.

Pole vault–Owen (I) 14-51/4, Dahlgren (I) 13-33/4, Mays (WSU) and Huestis (WSU) and Friese (EWU) 12-11/2. Non-D-I: Harless (CCS) 11-13/4. Open: Moore (unat) 11-13/4.

Long jump–Draser (I) 19-93/4, Missouri (WSU) 19-31/4w, James (CCS) and Schuetzle (WSU) 19-2, Burt (I) and Deyo (EWU) 18-21/4. Open: D. Pickler (Asics) 20-101/2.

Triple jump–Schuetzle (WSU) 40-11/2w, Burns (WSU) 40-11/4, Missouri (WSU) 40-0w, Davis (EWU) 38-3/4, Dormaier (Whit) 37-91/2w.

Shot put–Bothum (I) 52-0, Zita (WSU) 49-1, Garberg (WSU) 47-9, Hale (I) 45-81/2, C. Hutchinson (CCS) 45-3. Open: Chaney (unat) 48-81/4.

Discus–Garberg (WSU) 175-10, C. Hutchinson (CCS) 159-10, Millard (EWU) 154-8, Bothum (I) 149-6, Hale (I) 142-6. Open: Chaney (unat) 157-5.

Hammer–Garberg (WSU) 204-9, Midles (I) 181-11, Luckenbach (EWU) 179-6, Kirley-Price (EWU) 179-1, Garcia (CCS) 160-7.

Javelin–Braun (CCS) 164-11, Tschida (WSU) 161-8, Peterson (EWU) 154-5, McCormack (WSU) 143-4, Barnett (I) 142-10.

Heptathlon–Collins (I) 4,951, Burt (I) 4,842, Draser (I) 4,768, Goodman (I) 4,686, J. Williams (WSU) 4,538. Non-D-I: Dormaier (Whit) 4,313. Open: D. Pickler (Asics) 6,190.

Regional qualifiers

Athletes from Inland Northwest colleges and area athletes from other schools who have met the qualifying standards and declared to compete in the NCAA regional competition May 30-31. Conference champions (CC) earn entry without meeting the standards. The 10,000 meters, decathlon and heptathlon are not contested at the regional level, but are filled with athletes who meet either the automatic or provisional qualifying standards. Top-five finishers in individual events and top three relay teams from regionals advance to the NCAA championships. A select number of at-large athletes who didn’t achieve those finishes will fill the national fields, based on the national descending order of performance lists.

West Regional

At Northridge, Calif.



200–Justin Woods (WSU) 21.21.

800–Bastien Tardy (I) 1:50.11.

1,500–Laef Barnes (UCLA/Mead) 3:41.76c.

3,000 steeplechase–Alex Grant (WSU) 8:51.24, Sam Ahlbeck (WSU) 8:55.26, Rich Nelson (BYU/Shadle) 8:58.08, Justin Houck (Portland/Ferris) 9:02.82.

5,000–Paul Limpf (EWU) 14:09.32.

110 hurdles–Robert Williams (WSU) 13.92, Paul Dittmer (I) 13.98.

400 hurdles–Jeshua Anderson (WSU) 49.55, Barry Leavitt (WSU) 50.82.

4x100 relay–Washington State (Andre Jennings, Justin Woods, Jeshua Anderson, Marlon Murray) 40.12.

4x400 relay–Washington State (Barry Leavitt, Jeshua Anderson, Reny Follett, Justin Woods) 3:07.47.

High jump–Trent Arrivey (WSU) 7-21/2.

Pole vault–Mike Carpenter (I) 17-1, Lucas Pope (I/Lake City) 16-83/4.

Long jump–Elvie Williams (I) 26-3/4, Rickey Moody (WSU) 24-9.

Triple jump–David Holmon (I) 51-1, Morena Zapata (WSU) 50-6w, Cameron Moore (EWU/Ferris) 47-91/4w (CC).

Shot put–Russ Winger (I) 68-51/4, Craig Kent (Cal/CV) 58-8.

Discus–Russ Winger (I) 199-6, Craig Kent (Cal/CV) 178-10, Beau Whitney (I) 170-4.

Hammer–Marcus Mattox (I) 211-7, Matt Wauters (I) 210-0, James Rogan (I) 203-2, Phil MacArthur (WSU/Selkirk) 202-10, Jake Boling (I) 190-4.

Javelin–Jon Jeffreys (WSU/WV) 237-4, Nathan Bache (WSU) 213-5, Aaron Mettler (EWU) 207-9, John Clevenger (EWU) 207-8, Kyle Hook (I) 206-0.


800–Anna Layman (WSU/CV) 2:04.87, Nikki Codd (NAU/Mead) 2:09.01.

1,500–Lisa Egami (WSU) 4:27.45.

3,000 steeplechase–Megan Leonard (WSU) 10:16.36, Sara Trane (WSU) 10:16.75, Collier Lawrence (WSU) 10:25.27, Allix Lee-Painter (I/Moscow) 10:37.24, Amanda Andrews (WSU) 10:49.08.

5,000–Maddie Bridgmon (EWU) 16:33.60, Isley Gonzalez (WSU) 16:42.91, Camille Moseley (EWU) 16:44.09.

100 hurdles–Christie Gordon (I) 13.76.

400 hurdles–Lorraine King (WSU) 58.39., Veronica Elseroad-Wall (WSU) 1:00.17.

High jump–Ebba Jungmark (WSU) 5-111/4, McKinnon Hanson (WSU) 5-83/4.

Pole vault–Melinda Owen (I) 14-51/4, K.C. Dahlgren (I) 13-33/4.

Long jump–Alice Draser (I) 19-93/4, Erin Bell (ISU/Lakeland) 19-43/4 (CC)

Shot put–Mykael Bothum (I) 52-0, Jessica Zita (WSU) 49-1.

Discus–Kate Hutchinson (USC/Pullman) 178-1, McKenzie Garberg (WSU) 175-10, Bonnie Millard (EWU/Priest River) 154-8 (CC).

Hammer–McKenzie Garberg (WSU) 204-9, Gabby Midles (I) 181-11, Nicole Luckenbach (EWU) 179-6, Erica Kirley-Price (EWU) 179-1.

Javelin–Marissa Tschida (WSU) 161-8, Amanda Peterson (EWU) 154-5, Jasmine McCormack (WSU) 143-4, Anne Barnett (I) 142-10.

Midwest Regional

At Lincoln, Neb.



Shot put–David Lissy (Air Force/Sandpoint) 56-4.

Discus–David Lissy (Air Force/Sandpoint) 173-1.

Fish counts

The upstream movement of Chinook, steelhead and shad at Columbia and Snake River Dams on 10/4 and year-to-date totals:

Year totals119076390339729
The Dalles74923527
Year totals8842013935456
John Day63816n/a
Year totals744743235n/a
Year totals5764224568
Priest Rapids
Year totals80651090
Year totals520124n/a
Ice Harbor
Year totals3803231720
Year totals3443940270
Little Goose15641n/a
Year totals291912654n/a
Lower Granite184620
Year totals2471377460



American League

DETROIT TIGERS—Placed OF Gary Sheffield on the 15-day DL. Recalled 1B Jeff Larish from Toledo (IL).

NEW YORK YANKEES—Signed 1B Ben Broussard to a minor league contract.

TORONTO BLUE JAYS—Activated SS David Eckstein from the 15-day DL. Optioned INF Hector Luna to Syracuse (IL).

National League

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS—Placed OF Eric Byrnes on the 15-day DL. Recalled OF Alex Romero from Tucson (PCL).

CINCINNATI REDS—Purchased the contract of OF Jay Bruce from Louisville (IL). Designated 1B Scott Hatteberg for assignment.

MILWAUKEE BREWERS—Agreed to terms with RHP Julian Tavarez. Optioned LHP Zach Jackson to Nashville (PCL).

PITTSBURGH PIRATES—Activated SS Jack Wilson from the 15-day DL. Optioned SS Brian Bixler to Indianapolis (IL).

American Association

FORT WORTH CATS—Released LHP Kelly Shearer and RHP Wayne Hedden.



National Football League

CAROLINA PANTHERS—Re-signed CB Curtis Deloatch.

DENVER BRONCOS—Agreed to terms with RB Michael Pittman.

GREEN BAY PACKERS—Named Reggie McKenzie director of football operations, Eliot Wolf and Tim Terry assistant directors of pro personnel, Richmond Williams college scout and Jon-Eric Sullivan area scout.

MINNESOTA VIKINGS—Signed LB Brannon Carter and WR Daniel Davis.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS—Signed LB Chris Graham, LB William Kershaw and DB Tuff Harris.

NEW YORK JETS—Signed RB Musa Smith.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS—Waived LB Ezra Butler.

WASHINGTON REDSKINS—Acquired DE Erasmus James from Minnesota for a conditional seventh-round draft pick. Released DE Dorian Smith.

Canadian Football League

MONTREAL ALOUETTES—Signed WR Peter Warrick, DB Paul Woldu and OF Julius Orieukwu

WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS—Signed OL Bruce McCaleb, DB Willie Amos, CB Josh Lay, WR Kerry Johnson and DB Steven Holness.

Arena Football League

ARIZONA RATTLERS—Released DB Terrance Joseph.


KANSAS CITY BRIGADE—Signed QB Quincy Carter. Waived QB Matt Kohn.


TAMPA BAY STORM—Signed WR Henry Douglas.


STOCKTON LIGHTNING—Fired Doug Murray, coach. Named Chad Carlson interim coach.


National Hockey League

COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS—Acquired D Jonathan Sigalet from Boston for the rights to LW Matt Marquardt.

WASHINGTON CAPITALS—Re-signed RW Matt Bradley to a three-year contract.


NCAA—Named Brian Gordon swimming and diving secretary-rules editor.

ALBRIGHT—Named Dave Walberg sports information director.

BATES—Named Pat Cosquer men’s and women’s squash coach.

BIRMINGHAM-SOUTHERN—Named Stephanie VanBrakle softball coach.

COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY—Announced the retirement of Joe Camillone, athletic trainer.

EVANSVILLE—Named Misty Murphy women’s basketball coach.

FLORIDA ATLANTIC—Named Mike Jarvis men’s basketball coach.

GEORGETOWN—Announced basketball G Jeremiah Rivers will transfer to Indiana.

HAMILTON—Named Erin Reding women’s volleyball coach.

IDAHO STATE—Named Seton Sobolewski women’s basketball coach

MEMPHIS—Named Danielle O’Banion women’s assistant basketball coach.

MINNESOTA—Dismissed sophomore KR Harold Howell from the football team for academic reasons.

NOTRE DAME—Named Anthony Solomon men’s assistant basketball coach.

MASSACHUSETTS-LOWELL—Named Shawn McEachern assistant hockey coach.

MONTANA—Named Gina Schmidt and Kandice Kelly women’s volleyball assistants.

ST. CLOUD STATE—Named Ian Shoemaker co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

TEXAS STATE—Promoted Patrick Henry from women’s assistant basketball coach to associate head coach.

Today’s Odds

America’s Line

NBA playoffs

FavoritePts (O/U)Underdog
CELTICS5.5 (172)Pistons

Home team in capital letters.

          Capitiva Sport disputará mercado com Tucson e Honda CRV      Comment   Translate Page      
A GM anunciou que vai importar o carro do méxico e que ele deve custar em torno de 100 mil reais. O Motor será de 240cv.

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          Game #68 Preview: Tucson vs. San Diego      Comment   Translate Page      
Game #68 - Tucson (34-25-5-3) vs. San Diego (35-24-5-3)7:05 PM MST, Tucson Arena, Tucson, ArizonaReferees: #49 Reid Anderson, #9 Anthony Tappe... - AHL Tucson Roadrunners
          Eagles fall to San Jose, set up all-important season finale      Comment   Translate Page      
The past two weeks have been anything but a cakewalk for the Colorado Eagles. After splitting their final series with the Tucson Roadrunners, both teams are battling for the final playoff spot in the division. The Eagles found themselves on the road again, this time battling the Western Conference-leading Chicago Wolves. Colorado split that series […]
          Re: Claytoon of the Day: Dirty Jobs      Comment   Translate Page      
Like I've stated in the past, I was a long time democrat, than I became an Independent . My main concern is with the newest version of the party. At one time, we believed in securing our borders.
Posted by Dave D
          Tucson Roadrunners offering free streetcar rides for Friday’s game      Comment   Translate Page      
          Historic landmark becomes senior-living facility      Comment   Translate Page      
          SNHU Operations Center set to bring 350 jobs to Tucson      Comment   Translate Page      
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          Pothole      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: 41021 S Irving Ave Tucson, AZ 85711, USA
Rating: 1


          Overgrown Weeds & Vegetation      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: 910–998 W 26th St Tucson 85713, United States
Rating: 1

          Litter      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: 950 W 26th St Tucson 85713, United States
Rating: 1

Illegal dumping

          Pothole      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: 10007 E Arizona Sunset Dr Tucson, AZ, 85747, USA
Rating: 3

Arizona Sunset HOA is Located off of Rita Ranch Road and Rankin Loop. This entire community has major road issues with cracks all the way up to pot holes. The HOA is requesting that the entire community be repaved or repaired as this has been an ongoing issue since before 2008. One homeowner stated that she does not believe that they have been repaved in the last 20 years. The plat map has been attached.

          Graffiti      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: 899 W 24th St Tucson 85713, United States
Rating: 1

Graffiti on park table

          Pothole      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: S Church Ave Tucson 85701, United States
Rating: 1

Utility access door in sidewalk at SW corner of Church/Cushing is open

          Litter      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: 3068 N Cherry Ave Tucson 85719 United States
Rating: 2

Mattresses, box springs & TV left at curb

          Pothole      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: 1457–1499 S Olympic Club Dr Tucson 85710, United States
Rating: 1

Pothole in my neighborhood!

          Pothole      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: South Kroeger Lane Tucson, AZ
Rating: 1

requesting if City of Tucson, District 1 can repave all of koreger ln from 22nd kstreet to 18th Street. Needs a lot of reapir. Recently COT did fix potholes but jstreet definetly needs all paving to be redone. Most edges of the street on both sides need shoulder repair. repave please

          Post to Neighbors      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: Tucson AZ
Rating: 2

On Kroeger Ln and 19th Street there is an empty dirt lot, someone peeled out and now Kroeger Ln is full of dirt, small graveled rocks. Requesting to please street sweep from 21st street to 18th Street on Kroeger Ln, please place mag water

          An adorable DIY dog wash and boutique just opened in Oro Valley - Arizona Daily Star      Comment   Translate Page      
An adorable DIY dog wash and boutique just opened in Oro Valley  Arizona Daily Star

Rosie's Barkét is where you go to pamper your pup.

          Eagles fall to San Jose, set up all-important season finale      Comment   Translate Page      
The past two weeks have been anything but a cakewalk for the Colorado Eagles. After splitting their final series with the Tucson Roadrunners, both teams are battling for the final playoff spot in the division. The Eagles found themselves on […]
          Kavod Blue Is Judaic Artist, Marlene Burns Newest Paint      Comment   Translate Page      
Tucson, AZ - Judaic artist, Marlene Burns, is pleased to present her newest painting in her "Dvarim" series of paintings, using Hebrew words. Kavod Blue is offered as a fine art print as well as a giclee on stretched canvas, enhanced with paint. M...
          New Affordable Product For Judaic Art By Marlene Burns      Comment   Translate Page      
Tucson, AZ - Judaic Artist, Marlene Burns, is pleased to announce her new Jewel Collection of small, giclees on stretched canvas, enhanced with metallic paints. These tiny jewels are replications of the 25 original paintings in the 'Sacred Intention...
          BACKMAN, Bryce Joseph "Master Chief"      Comment   Translate Page      
BACKMAN, Bryce Joseph "Master Chief" Bryce Joseph Backman, 83, of Tucson, AZ. (Marysville, WA.), born in Saskatchewan, Canada, May 14, 1935, passed...
          BARROW, Sandy      Comment   Translate Page      
BARROW, Sandy born on August 14, 1943 passed away peacefully surrounded by her family on April 8, 2019. She is survived by her husband, Terry;...
          COLE, John Robert "Jack"      Comment   Translate Page      
COLE, John "Jack" Robert A very kind, gentle man, loving husband and father passed away at the age of 90, at home surrounded by his family on...
          DUPONT Jr., Joseph      Comment   Translate Page      
DUPONT, Joseph Jr. L/Col Joseph DuPont Jr., USAF (Ret) passed away April 6, 2019, at Casa de la Luz, Tucson. He was a quiet and generous man who,...
          EBERT, Joan Ella (Brown)      Comment   Translate Page      
EBERT, Joan Ella (Brown) 87 passed away April 6, 2019 surrounded by her family. She is survived by her husband, Dick and her three daughters,...
          FELDSIEN, Thomas Joseph      Comment   Translate Page      
FELDSIEN, Thomas Joseph 78, passed away from this earthly life on March 29, 2019. He was born in Redfield, South Dakota to Ted and Mary Anne...
          FISCHELLA, Ray      Comment   Translate Page      
FISCHELLA, Ray 95, passed away April 6, 2019. He is survived by his children, Bob (Chris), Tom (Janet) and Lynn (Craig); six grandchildren and four...
          HINDERAKER, Laura Dixon      Comment   Translate Page      
HINDERAKER, Laura Dixon passed away on April 8, 2019. Laura was fond of saying she lived a wonderful life. She did indeed. Born August 13, 1928 in...
          HRABOSKY, Arvona      Comment   Translate Page      
HRABOSKY, Arvona April 15, 1927 – March 29, 2019 Arvona passed away peacefully on March 29, 2019 with her daughters by her side in Stanwood,...
          KUHR M.D., Bernard M.      Comment   Translate Page      
KUHR, Bernard M., M.D. 92, passed away in Oro Valley, AZ on February 20, 2019. Born in Dayton, OH to immigrant parents, Dr. Kuhr had an illustrious...
          PARKER, Deborah Watson and Jim      Comment   Translate Page      
PARKER, Deborah Watson and Jim Deborah, 68, a world traveler, took her final journey on April 8, 2019 to join the love of her life, Jim Parker....
          REED, Leonard D. "Shaky" (Maj., Ret)      Comment   Translate Page      
REED, Leonard "Shaky" D. (Maj., Ret) He ran with the Wild Weasels, flew the heavens, traveled the world and golfed Scotland's finest, all while...
          SIAS, Diana VanPelt Newell      Comment   Translate Page      
SIAS, Diana VanPelt Newell 9/30/1943 - 4/1/2019 born in Richmond, VA. Diana passed away peacefully in Tucson on April 2, 2019. She was 75 years old....
          SIMON, Seymour      Comment   Translate Page      
SIMON, Seymour 100, passed peacefully on April 10, 2019 among family. Born in Brooklyn, NY on January 18, 1919, he earned his BA at CCNY, law degree...
          SPALDING, Irene Leslie "Leslie"      Comment   Translate Page      
SPALDING, Irene Leslie "Leslie" of Tucson passed away March 25, 2019 at the age of 75. She was preceded in death by her son, Chadwick Spalding; her...
          SWIFT, Carmen Atermisa Pimienta      Comment   Translate Page      
SWIFT, Carmen Atermisa Pimienta passed peacefully on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. She was born on January 21, 1927, in Nogales Sonora, Mexico to...
          SWIFT, Robert William "Bob"      Comment   Translate Page      
SWIFT, Robert William "Bob" Bob was born on May 8, 1924 in Tucson and passed away peacefully in his sleep on April 4, 2019. He lived his entire life...
          WADE, James C.      Comment   Translate Page      
WADE, James C. Jim peacefully left this world on March 23, 2019 at the age of 91, joining his wife of 63 years, Audrey, who preceded him in death in...
          Man punches attorney in head after being convicted of murder      Comment   Translate Page      
A Tucson man just convicted of murder in the stabbing death of his girlfriend waited until jurors left the courtroom before turning and punching one of his defense lawyers in the side of the head.
          Gulls Win Finale, Get Ready for Playoffs      Comment   Translate Page      

San Diego tops Tucson to secure 3rd seed and 1st round series against San Jose
          Payroll / HR Administrator      Comment   Translate Page      
AZ-Tucson, Nesco is currently seeking an Human Reasources Adminstrator to work full time in Tucson Arizona. HR Administrator must have the ability to support HR reporting and administration tasks as well as Payroll experience for manufacturing facility. Excellent spreadsheet and organizational skills required. Collaborates with HR management and Tucson team to support Timekeeping & Payroll Duties: Enroll new
          2009 Hyundai Tucson Limited - $CALL      Comment   Translate Page      

Grey, 178,523 KM, 4-door, Peterborough, ON

Used 2009 Hyundai Tucson Limited for sale in Peterborough, ON

          Cable Assembler - Beacon Group - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
Ability to become and maintain IPC-620 Certification with in-house training. Ability to assemble cables per drawings and technical documentation....
From Beacon Group - Wed, 05 Dec 2018 00:37:17 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          FIELD SALES PROFESSIONAL - HOME DEPOT PRO - The Home Depot - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
Personal vehicle, valid drivers license and insurance, required. 40%- Manage existing accounts on a daily basis making on-site customer calls to uncover need....
From The Home Depot - Wed, 10 Apr 2019 02:52:51 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          Sales Associate      Comment   Translate Page      
AZ-Tucson, GROW With US! For 30 years Hudson Group has led the way and prides itself in knowing what matters in travel retail. As airports and transportation terminals have evolved, so has Hudson Group, striving to bring sophistication and convenience to today's traveler. PURPOSE: Provide excellent customer service and maximize sales by assisting in the daily operation of the stores. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Ac
          San Diego Preps for Playoffs with 4-3 Victory over Tucson      Comment   Translate Page      
San Diego concluded its 2018-19 regular-season schedule with a 4-3 win over the Tucson Roadrunners to clinch third place in the Pacific Division to se... - AHL San Diego Gulls
          ELECTRIC BIKE, 2012 FUJI OUTLANDER 3.0, 1600W tucson      Comment   Translate Page      

          DK Mini Cruiser NW Tucson      Comment   Translate Page      
 Sweet little DK Nemesis mini big wheel! Bought it trying to get my kid into racing but it just wasnt his thing

          Girls 24 Mountain Bike Tucson      Comment   Translate Page      
 Roadmaster 24 Granite Peak Girl's Mountain Bike Purple Great remaining tire wear Bike in terrific shape Bought at Walmart on sale for 100 Not long ago ATTRACTIVE DEAL 1/2 PRICE

          Fuji Tahoe comp 29er bike Tucson      Comment   Translate Page      
 Like new condition recent service with New tubes Delivery available No fair offer refused

          Two bikes! Evo Palmetto single speed bike cruiser bicycles set Tucson near Reid      Comment   Translate Page      
 Red EVO, Palmetto 1-Speed CB Cruiser bike, Nice bike, tuned up, tires good, mechanically sound! 170 Evo Palmetto Ladies Coaster Brake Cruiser Blue - 2016 Nice bike, tuned up, tires good, mechanically sound! 180 Easygoing upright riding position

          EBERT, Joan Ella (Brown)      Comment   Translate Page      
EBERT, Joan Ella (Brown) 87 passed away April 6, 2019 surrounded by her family. She is survived by her husband, Dick and her three daughters,...
          SIMON, Seymour      Comment   Translate Page      
SIMON, Seymour 100, passed peacefully on April 10, 2019 among family. Born in Brooklyn, NY on January 18, 1919, he earned his BA at CCNY, law degree...
          WADE, James C.      Comment   Translate Page      
WADE, James C. Jim peacefully left this world on March 23, 2019 at the age of 91, joining his wife of 63 years, Audrey, who preceded him in death in...
          Re: Claytoon of the Day: A Trumpian Hole      Comment   Translate Page      
Yes there is Dave. And progressives will have a lot to answer for.
Posted by Grant Cooper
          Man, 28, punches his attorney in head after a jury convicts him of murder      Comment   Translate Page      
A Tucson man attacked one of his attorneys after the jury found him guilty of first-degree murder and kidnapping. 28-year-old Chet Jack Wadsworth Maley killed his girlfriend 29-year-old Roxanne Ortiz
          Sugar Skulls, Rattlers go at it again      Comment   Translate Page      
TUCSON, ARIZONA - The Tucson Sugar Skulls\' first meeting with the Arizona Rattlers last month was both an awakening and a measure for the new franchi... - IFL Tucson Sugar Skulls
          Care Manager I (Social Work      Comment   Translate Page      
Cenpatico - Tucson, AZ - Care Manager I (Social Work) USA-Arizona-Tempe, USA-Arizona-Tucson Position Purpose... of Behavioral Health Examiners Education/Experience: Bachelor s degree in Social Work. 2+ years...
          Desert Creosote Gift Set...Desert Rain Creosote Salve and Creosote packaged. by SENNAandSAGE      Comment   Translate Page      

16.99 USD

So so many customers order both my oil and salve that I decided to add a gift set including both amazing desert rain products. Know someone from the desert that misses it? The scent of creosote will being a million memories back. You will receive one ounce of the creosote-infused oil, which is great for

Fading dark spots on the skin.
Topical analgesic
Facial night oil

and one 4 ounce tin of the salve. The salve/balm can be used anywhere on your body but what I love it for (and I discovered completely by chance) is my face. I know. Crazy. I had super dry hands so I dipped my hand in some store-bought salve and I got way too much so I just wiped the excess on the backs of my arms. The next morning I could not believe how smooth my arms were. They had been a little bumpy....not sure what those little bumps are that you get on the back of your arms but whatever...they were gone! So the next night I tried it on my face....I felt that my face could use a little smoothing out....Oh my. Amazing! I used up that little tin of salve and checked out the ingredients and made up my own. Here it is. Try it. Use a Clarisonic, Oil of Olay Pro X or heck, just a facial brush to scrub the dead skin off and slather this on before bed and wake up to a new face!

This balm is made with wild harvested creosote from my property here in Tucson, AZ (see photos in listing). Creosote is that amazing desert rain smell that people talk about. If you've been here during monsoon season, you know what I'm talking about. I also sell creosote-infused oil and fresh creosote bundles to hang on your shower and experience 'desert rain' for yourself, no matter your geography. Check out my other listings for these wonderful, desert items.

          2014 Hyundai Tucson GLS AC GR ELECT - $14,695      Comment   Translate Page      

Argent, 76,975 KM, 5-door, St-Léonard, QC

Used 2014 Hyundai Tucson GLS AC GR ELECT for sale in St-Léonard, QC

          2014 Hyundai Tucson GLS A/C GR ELECT - $15,495      Comment   Translate Page      

Blanc, 65,547 KM, 5-door, St-Léonard, QC

Used 2014 Hyundai Tucson GLS A/C GR ELECT for sale in St-Léonard, QC

          Tucson's largest school district strikes sexist language from dress code - Arizona Daily Star      Comment   Translate Page      
Tucson's largest school district strikes sexist language from dress code  Arizona Daily Star

TUSD is updating its dress code with "gender-neutral" language.

          Re: In Which I Disagree With Mark Stegeman (And Not, I Should Add, Respectfully)      Comment   Translate Page      
Nice response, but almost as superficial as Stegeman's original response. Please accept a transfer to Johnson or Lawrence :) (bring some counselors and additional full-time teachers with you) and explore and write about the disparities that exist in resources and outcomes for Native American students.
Posted by Alfred Urbina
          Re: Claytoon of the Day: Putin Summary      Comment   Translate Page      
Kenneth, you can't have a good laugh, unless you'er willing to listen to the entire joke and than comes the punch line. I promise you'er in for the surprise of your life.
Posted by Dave D
          Re: Claytoon of the Day: A Trumpian Hole      Comment   Translate Page      
Yes, here I am. I'm witnessing a growing number of homeless south american s walking around our neighborhood, Tucson already had a problem with the homeless, prior to the influx of illegal immigrates coming into Pima County.
Posted by Dave D
          Re: Southern Accents: Two Boots BBQ      Comment   Translate Page      
I would love to eat there.One day
Posted by Lynette Carter
          (Tucson) 930 mossberg semiautomatic - Offer      Comment   Translate Page      
I have a nice semiautomatic mossberg just paint and has top of the line new parts can send parts list
          Public Schedule: Public Schedule: April 12, 2019      Comment   Translate Page      
April 12, 2019


APRIL 12, 2019


Secretary Pompeo is on travel to Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Colombia from April 11-15.  Please click here for more information.

11:00 a.m. LOCAL Secretary Pompeo meets with Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, in Santiago, Chile.

11:45 a.m. LOCAL Secretary Pompeo meets with Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero, in Santiago, Chile.

12:00 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Pompeo attends a working lunch with Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero, in Santiago, Chile.

1:10 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Pompeo holds a joint press availability with Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero, in Santiago, Chile.

2:30 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Pompeo delivers remarks on U.S. Latin American Policy, in Santiago, Chile.

3:20 p.m. LOCAL Secretary Pompeo meets with staff and families of U.S. Embassy Santiago, in Santiago, Chile.


Deputy Secretary Sullivan is on travel to Miami, Florida from April 11-12. Please click here for more information.


9:00 a.m. Administrator Green meets with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

9:45 a.m. Administrator Green meets with Sweden Minister for International Development and Cooperation Peter Eriksson at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

11:30 a.m. Administrator Green meets with Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Executive Director Peter Sands at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

1:00 p.m. Administrator Green meets with German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Müller at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

2:30 p.m. Administrator Green meets with OECD Development Assistance Committee Chair Ambassador Susanna Moorehead at the U.S. Agency for International Development.


11:00 a.m. Under Secretary Hale meets with Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre, at the Department of State. 

2:30 p.m.  Under Secretary Hale meets with United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, at the Department of State. 


Under Secretary Thompson will attend meetings and briefings at the Department of State.


10:30 a.m. Acting Under Secretary Singh visits MIT Innovation Labs: MIT – The Engine, MIT – D-Lab, MIT – Media Lab at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

3:00 p.m. Acting Under Secretary Singh meets with Babson College Executive Director, Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, in Wellesley, Massachusetts.


Assistant Secretary Nagy is on travel to Houston, Texas from April 9-12.  Please click here for more information.


Assistant Secretary Breier accompanies Secretary Pompeo on travel to Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Colombia from April 11-15.


Assistant Secretary Moley is on travel to Switzerland and Italy from April 8-12. Please click here for more information.


Assistant Secretary Risch is on travel to Tucson, Arizona, and Nogales, Mexico from April 11–12.  Please click here for more information.


12:00 p.m.  Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Murphy attends a lunch in honor of Laotian Ambassador Khamphan Anlavan, in Washington D.C. 

The Office of Website Management, Bureau of Public Affairs, manages this site as a portal for information from the U.S. State Department.
External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.

          Hello from Portland, Oregon      Comment   Translate Page      
It’s a good city for riding but all things considered, I think Tucson is better.
          Behind Horn's strong start, California takes series against Arizona with 7-3 win - Arizona Daily Star      Comment   Translate Page      
Behind Horn's strong start, California takes series against Arizona with 7-3 win  Arizona Daily Star

California pitcher Jared Horn jumped the third-base line and threw a massive fist pump, screaming in the direction of his dugout.

          California cornerback Khary Crump commits to Arizona Wildcats - Arizona Daily Star      Comment   Translate Page      
California cornerback Khary Crump commits to Arizona Wildcats  Arizona Daily Star

Just moments before Arizona's annual spring football game Saturday afternoon, the Wildcats landed their second commit for the 2020 recruiting class with ...

          PM COCKTAIL SERVER - PART-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
At Hyatt, we believe our guests select Hyatt because of our caring and attentive associates who are focused on providing efficient service and meaningful...
From Hyatt - Fri, 12 Apr 2019 15:43:05 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          PM SERVER ASSISTANT - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
The Food Server Assistant is responsible primarily for assisting the Food Server in serving the guest. This person must have good communication skills as well...
From Hyatt - Fri, 12 Apr 2019 15:42:07 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          EXPERIENCE PLANNER - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
Make authentic connections with Miraval guests. To attend all training classes of Miraval information to stay current on all aspects of Miraval procedures,...
From Hyatt - Tue, 09 Apr 2019 15:52:19 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          PM COOK - LEAD LINE - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
This culinary position requires good communication skills as well as at least two years of previous line and fine dining experience. A Culinary degree or...
From Hyatt - Mon, 08 Apr 2019 18:32:07 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          AM PREP COOK - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
At Hyatt, we believe our guests select Hyatt because of our caring and attentive associates who are focused on providing efficient service and meaningful...
From Hyatt - Mon, 08 Apr 2019 18:32:00 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          PM SERVER - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
Knowledge of and compliance with all items covered in the Miraval Employee Manual. Knowledge of and adherence to all aspects of service standards and business...
From Hyatt - Thu, 04 Apr 2019 09:05:29 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          TURNDOWN ATTENDANT - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
The Turndown Attendant is responsible for cleaning, turning down guest beds, and delivering any other needs of the guest. This person must have good...
From Hyatt - Thu, 04 Apr 2019 09:05:24 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          PM HOST - PART-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
Knowledge of and compliance with all items covered in the Miraval Employee Manual. Knowledge of and adherence to all aspects of service standards and business...
From Hyatt - Thu, 04 Apr 2019 09:04:42 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          PM HOST - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
Knowledge of and compliance with all items covered in the Miraval Employee Manual. Knowledge of and adherence to all aspects of service standards and business...
From Hyatt - Thu, 04 Apr 2019 09:04:11 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          CHEF DE CUISINE - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
Ability to effectively communicate with members of the media and relate the Miraval experience in an authentic and personal manner....
From Hyatt - Tue, 02 Apr 2019 16:27:33 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          OUTDOOR ADVENTURE GUIDE - ON-CALL - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
The primary goal of this position is to facilitate safe, meaningful and fun outdoor experiences. The guide should be competent in leading hikes ranging in...
From Hyatt - Mon, 18 Mar 2019 17:41:56 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          NIGHT AUDIT - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
The Night Auditor is responsible for ensuring all of the revenue outlets daily accounting records have been processed and accurate; compiling information for...
From Hyatt - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 18:10:05 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          GOLF CART MECHANIC - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
This position performs all service, preventative maintenance and repair to mechanical and cosmetic parts of the resorts golf cart fleets. Maintain monthly...
From Hyatt - Tue, 12 Mar 2019 18:13:09 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          PBX OPERATOR - PART-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
At Hyatt, we believe our guests select Hyatt because of our caring and attentive associates who are focused on providing efficient service and meaningful...
From Hyatt - Sat, 09 Mar 2019 18:47:24 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          DRIVER/BELL STAFF - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
Participate in Miraval programming as time allows. Bell Staff are responsible for ensuring all arriving and departing guests receive an exceptional greeting and...
From Hyatt - Wed, 27 Feb 2019 19:17:52 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          YOGA/MEDITATION INSTRUCTOR - ON-CALL - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
Ensure a high quality guest experience at Miraval. Assist in training new team members with all aspects of teaching Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness offerings at...
From Hyatt - Fri, 08 Feb 2019 20:52:06 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          LOBBY EXPERIENCE PLANNER - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
Make authentic connections with Miraval guests. To attend all training classes of Miraval information to stay current on all aspects of Miraval procedures,...
From Hyatt - Sat, 26 Jan 2019 22:00:15 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          SPA RETAIL ASSOCIATE - ON-CALL - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
At Hyatt, we believe our guests select Hyatt because of our caring and attentive associates who are focused on providing efficient service and meaningful...
From Hyatt - Tue, 22 Jan 2019 22:18:03 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          F&B STOREROOM ATTENDANT - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
The storeroom attendant is responsible for logging, releasing and inventorying items in the storeroom area. This person must be able to lift a moderate to...
From Hyatt - Thu, 17 Jan 2019 22:43:28 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          PM GUEST ROOM ENGINEER - FULL-TIME - Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa - Tucson, AZ      Comment   Translate Page      
A General Maintenance will be responsible primarily for general maintenance and repairs in guest rooms, meeting space, and front of the house areas. Guest...
From Hyatt - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 23:16:43 GMT - View all Tucson, AZ jobs
          (Tucson) Remington 1100 Tactical - $ 695      Comment   Translate Page      
This is a true 1100 Tactical ( not a standard 1100 made into a tactical), 22 inch Vent ribbed and threaded barrel for Rem chokes, holds 8 plus 1. Years ago I purchased a shorter spring and tube cap ( so it converts a great quail gun w/o the tube extension on it), VERY reliable, shoots 2.75 shells. $695 or trades listed below,
          Tucson man develops dangerous obsession with Rebecca Schaeffer: Part 3      Comment   Translate Page      

In the summer of 1987, Robert Bardo went to Burbank, California, to try to see the “My Sister Sam” actress at the studio. He was stopped by a security guard and sent away.

The post Tucson man develops dangerous obsession with Rebecca Schaeffer: Part 3 appeared first on 1StopSite.

          Commercial Recruiter      Comment   Translate Page      
AZ-Tucson, Commercial Recruiter Connect great people with great opportunity. Looking for a job that keeps you moving? Where no two days are the same, but every day is a chance to make an impact? As a Commercial Recruiter with Nesco, you'll work daily to bridge the gap between talented, hardworking people and great employers ready to welcome them. A day in the life: Source resumes to establish candidate pools
          Remembering Dick Cole, Who Risked His Life In WWII Doolittle Raid       Comment   Translate Page      

World War II pilot Dick Cole, the last surviving member of the Doolittle Raid, died last week at age 103.

Cole was renowned aviation pioneer Jimmy Doolittle's co-pilot in April 1942 on what was regarded as a suicide mission – the first counterattack against the Japanese mainland after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. The raid caused Japan to contract its forces and start a battle with the United States over Midway Atoll, a small ring shaped island between North America and Asia. This battle, which the U.S. won, shifted the tide of the war into America's favor.

A memorial service for Cole will be held at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph in Texas on April, 18 — exactly 77 years after the raid occurred.

Laura Hillenbrand, the author of Seabiscuit and Unbroken, knew Cole and wanted to write a book about him.

"[the pilots] were very likely to die ... and everyone had the opportunity to back out. Not a single man did," including Cole, Hillenbrand told NPR's Scott Simon for Weekend Edition.

Interview Highlights

On why the mission was so dangerous

The United States was really knocked back by Pearl Harbor. And after that, the Japanese were just on a winning streak. And the United States could do nothing about it because they had no land base from which to launch bombers and go after Japan. And they had what I think is kind of an insane idea, which is they were going to take 16 B-25s, which are medium-sized bombers. They were going to hoist them onto the carrier Hornet, sail it out off the Japanese coast and launch them ... They had a plan that was going to take the planes over Japan, bomb Japan and then head on to friendly bases in China. And Japanese boats spotted their task force way early. They had to launch right at that moment. And they did. And the men knew they did not have enough fuel to make it.

On what happened to Lt. Col. Dick Cole during the mission

They flew over Japan, and they looked down. Cole remembered seeing people waving up and smiling at them as they flew over. They thought they were friendly planes ... They headed out over the China Sea, and they started to run out of fuel. And a tail wind caught them and carried them over the Chinese coast. And then their fuel ran out in the darkness in a wild thunderstorm over the mountains of China. And Cole had to jump out of the plane. He had never even practiced parachuting. He'd had no training at all. And he just dove out of the plane headfirst.

He walked for a day, and he found a building with a nationalist Chinese flag hanging over it. And a soldier was there — a Chinese soldier — and invited him in. And, the man took him to a dark room, and there was Jimmy Doolittle ... And from then, it was a race to get out of where they were because the Japanese were hunting them.

On why the mission was a success

The Japanese were so confident that they were spreading out over the globe and not concentrating their forces. And when this raid happened, that terrified them. And they contracted their forces. And they decided to take aim for Midway Atoll, which, if they could claim it, would give them a land base, making America more vulnerable and making themselves safer. And essentially, the raid lured them into that. We had the Battle of Midway. The United States won it triumphantly. And it turned the course of the war. So these guys - these 80 men on 16 planes - turned the course of history with that little raid.

On Cole's life after the war

He was a - kind of an institution at the Doolittle Raider reunions that were held every year. And they had a tradition there. The city of Tucson had made up 80 silver goblets inscribed with the names of the 80 men from the raid. And the names were written on one side right-side up and another side upside down. And each year, the men would privately gather and drink brandy in a toast to whoever had passed away the previous year. And then that man's goblet would be turned upside down. And there was one goblet that was still upright. And it actually still is now. But there's going to be a ceremony to turn over the very last one because they're all gone now.

Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit

          'We Were Blindsided:' Crab Fishing Closure Could Mean Millions in Losses      Comment   Translate Page      
At the April 9 Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting, the security check-in station resembled a metropolitan airport with a long line of people stretched out the courthouse doors and halfway down the stairs to Fifth Street. All seats in the chamber were filled, the space between the chairs and the wall was filled with people standing, and others waited outside the door for a chance to speak.

The source of the commotion was a sudden and unexpected closure of the Dungeness crab fishery. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife had ordered all crab fishermen throughout the state to remove their gear from the ocean by April 15.

The supervisors had prepared a resolution of support for the crab fishermen, which was supposed to appear on the consent calendar, where routine or non-controversial matters are collectively approved with a single vote and without discussion. However, Supervisor Rex Bohn removed the resolution from the consent calendar and opened it for conversation, giving an opportunity for members of the audience to speak.

For the next hour, an array of commercial fishermen and their supporters, ranging in age from grizzled old-timers to fresh-faced teenagers, told the supervisors how they had suddenly and without warning lost their sole means of support.

The underlying issue was the fact that whales in some parts of the Pacific, occasionally get entangled in crab gear. Nearly all the entanglements have occurred hundreds of miles south of Humboldt County, but the broad hand of the state does not appear to be sensitive to geography.

In 2017, the Center for Biological Diversity, a group based in Tucson, Arizona, filed a lawsuit against the Department of Fish and Wildlife, which supervises the statewide commercial Dungeness crab fishery, for failing to take adequate steps to protect humpback whales, blue whales and Pacific leatherback sea turtles.

The issue went through the courts for a couple of years and the parties finally reached a settlement agreement March 26 in the US. District Court for the Northern District of California. Under the terms of the agreement, the state must apply for a "take permit" from the federal government. Until that occurs, Fish and Wildlife determined that the 2019 Dungeness crab season would end April 15, only a few weeks after crabbers had set their pots in the ocean. Local fishermen were given…
          Pothole Patching      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: 12919-12923 E Colossal Cave Rd Tucson, AZ, 85747, USA
Rating: 1

There are two potholes in the northbound lane. One is approximately 50 yards north of the cross street Dawn. The second is approximately 150 yards north of the cross street Dawn.

          Pothole      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: 1501 E Fort Lowell Rd Tucson, AZ 85719, USA
Rating: 4

large pothole going west

          Litter      Comment   Translate Page      
Address: 1220 E Alta Vista St Tucson 85719, United States
Rating: 2

East side of 1220 Alta vista street. Actually on mountain ave. Big pile of probably recyclable brown paper.

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Site Map 2018_04_28
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Site Map 2018_04_30
Site Map 2018_05_01
Site Map 2018_05_02
Site Map 2018_05_03
Site Map 2018_05_04
Site Map 2018_05_05
Site Map 2018_05_06
Site Map 2018_05_07
Site Map 2018_05_08
Site Map 2018_05_09
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Site Map 2018_05_18
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Site Map 2018_05_20
Site Map 2018_05_21
Site Map 2018_05_22
Site Map 2018_05_23
Site Map 2018_05_24
Site Map 2018_05_25
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Site Map 2018_05_28
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Site Map 2018_05_30
Site Map 2018_05_31
Site Map 2018_06_01
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Site Map 2018_06_04
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Site Map 2018_06_11
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Site Map 2018_06_18
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Site Map 2018_06_21
Site Map 2018_06_22
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Site Map 2018_07_06
Site Map 2018_07_07
Site Map 2018_07_08
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Site Map 2018_07_12
Site Map 2018_07_13
Site Map 2018_07_14
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Site Map 2018_07_18
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Site Map 2018_07_20
Site Map 2018_07_21
Site Map 2018_07_22
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Site Map 2018_07_28
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Site Map 2018_07_31
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Site Map 2018_08_12
Site Map 2018_08_13
Site Map 2018_08_15
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Site Map 2018_08_18
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Site Map 2018_08_20
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Site Map 2018_08_23
Site Map 2018_08_24
Site Map 2018_08_25
Site Map 2018_08_26
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Site Map 2018_08_30
Site Map 2018_08_31
Site Map 2018_09_01
Site Map 2018_09_02
Site Map 2018_09_03
Site Map 2018_09_04
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Site Map 2018_09_06
Site Map 2018_09_07
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Site Map 2018_09_09
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Site Map 2018_09_13
Site Map 2018_09_14
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Site Map 2018_09_18
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Site Map 2018_09_24
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Site Map 2018_09_26
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Site Map 2018_09_29
Site Map 2018_09_30
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Site Map 2018_10_02
Site Map 2018_10_03
Site Map 2018_10_04
Site Map 2018_10_05
Site Map 2018_10_06
Site Map 2018_10_07
Site Map 2018_10_08
Site Map 2018_10_09
Site Map 2018_10_10
Site Map 2018_10_11
Site Map 2018_10_12
Site Map 2018_10_13
Site Map 2018_10_14
Site Map 2018_10_15
Site Map 2018_10_16
Site Map 2018_10_17
Site Map 2018_10_18
Site Map 2018_10_19
Site Map 2018_10_20
Site Map 2018_10_21
Site Map 2018_10_22
Site Map 2018_10_23
Site Map 2018_10_24
Site Map 2018_10_25
Site Map 2018_10_26
Site Map 2018_10_27
Site Map 2018_10_28
Site Map 2018_10_29
Site Map 2018_10_30
Site Map 2018_10_31
Site Map 2018_11_01
Site Map 2018_11_02
Site Map 2018_11_03
Site Map 2018_11_04
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Site Map 2018_11_06
Site Map 2018_11_07
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Site Map 2018_11_09
Site Map 2018_11_10
Site Map 2018_11_11
Site Map 2018_11_12
Site Map 2018_11_13
Site Map 2018_11_14
Site Map 2018_11_15
Site Map 2018_11_16
Site Map 2018_11_17
Site Map 2018_11_18
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Site Map 2018_11_20
Site Map 2018_11_21
Site Map 2018_11_22
Site Map 2018_11_23
Site Map 2018_11_24
Site Map 2018_11_25
Site Map 2018_11_26
Site Map 2018_11_27
Site Map 2018_11_28
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Site Map 2018_11_30
Site Map 2018_12_01
Site Map 2018_12_02
Site Map 2018_12_03
Site Map 2018_12_04
Site Map 2018_12_05
Site Map 2018_12_06
Site Map 2018_12_07
Site Map 2018_12_08
Site Map 2018_12_09
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Site Map 2018_12_11
Site Map 2018_12_12
Site Map 2018_12_13
Site Map 2018_12_14
Site Map 2018_12_15
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Site Map 2018_12_18
Site Map 2018_12_19
Site Map 2018_12_20
Site Map 2018_12_21
Site Map 2018_12_22
Site Map 2018_12_23
Site Map 2018_12_24
Site Map 2018_12_25
Site Map 2018_12_26
Site Map 2018_12_27
Site Map 2018_12_28
Site Map 2018_12_29
Site Map 2018_12_30
Site Map 2018_12_31
Site Map 2019_01_01
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Site Map 2019_01_03
Site Map 2019_01_04
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Site Map 2019_01_12
Site Map 2019_01_13
Site Map 2019_01_14
Site Map 2019_01_15
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Site Map 2019_01_18
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Site Map 2019_01_20
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Site Map 2019_01_22
Site Map 2019_01_23
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Site Map 2019_01_25
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Site Map 2019_02_14
Site Map 2019_02_15
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Site Map 2019_02_18
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Site Map 2019_02_20
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Site Map 2019_02_22
Site Map 2019_02_23
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Site Map 2019_03_14
Site Map 2019_03_15
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Site Map 2019_03_18
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Site Map 2019_03_20
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Site Map 2019_03_22
Site Map 2019_03_23
Site Map 2019_03_24
Site Map 2019_03_25
Site Map 2019_03_26
Site Map 2019_03_27
Site Map 2019_03_28
Site Map 2019_03_29
Site Map 2019_03_30
Site Map 2019_03_31
Site Map 2019_04_01
Site Map 2019_04_02
Site Map 2019_04_03
Site Map 2019_04_04
Site Map 2019_04_05
Site Map 2019_04_06
Site Map 2019_04_07
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Site Map 2019_04_09
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