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          Pemain Asing Persib Senilai Rp1 Miliar Mengaku Dikira Striker      Comment   Translate Page      

INDOSPORT.COMSrdjan Lopicic yang membela klub sepak bola Indonesia Persib Bandung mengaku dikira sebagai seorang striker oleh sejumlah orang.

Lopicic menegaskan, ia sebenarnya berposisi sebagai gelandang. Pemain berusia 35 tahun asal Montenegro ini kerap dimainkan sebagai gelandang bertahan atau menyerang.

Lihat lebih lengkap...

          The Great Illyrian Revolt      Comment   Translate Page      
A year before three Roman legions were famously destroyed in the Teutoburg Forest, a three-year rebellion in the Balkans came to an end. The Great Illyrian Revolt took 15 Roman legions more than three years to conclude, at a considerable cost in men and resources. This book by Jason Abdale is the first to cover this forgotten conflict.

The author starts with a detailed discussion about the Illyrians. While many modern Albanians claim they are descended from them, they were, in fact, a large group of around sixty tribes living in the countries that made up the former Yugoslavia, as well as Albania. The Greeks and Romans would have described them as barbarians, but that only meant they were foreigners or outsiders. They lived in towns and cities, traded across the Mediterranean, had a thriving culture, and their armies were well organised with modern warships that dominated the Dalmatian coast.

Their weakness, like most of Rome’s opponents, was that they never united as a nation. The individual tribes were culturally distinct, and their practices reflected the geography of the region. Those closest to Greece had become largely Hellenised, while the rest broadly split between the Dalmatians in the mountains of modern-day Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro – and the Pannonians who lived in the more open plains of northern Serbia and eastern Croatia, including parts of modern Hungary.

The little we know about the Illyrians was written by outsiders and is undoubtedly biased. This is supplemented by archaeology, but the story of the Great Revolt is based mainly on Roman sources. The author makes several suggestions and suppositions, which may, or may not, be justified.

The Romans first came into contact with the Illyrians early in their expansion across Italy. However, they took a serious interest because of the actions of Illyrian pirates as the Romans moved into Greece. The Republic fought several wars against Illyrian tribes before creating the Province of Illyricum in 59BC. This controlled much of the coast and some of the internal trade routes. Mineral deposits, including gold and silver, were an important resource that the Romans wanted to secure. 

Illyrian towns were usually built on hilltops like Shkodra in Albania. This is my photo from the later castle. 
The Roman civil wars were fought over part of these territories, and Caesar Augustus extended Roman control into Pannonia after a tough campaign that ended in 9BC. The so-called ‘Pax Romana' followed, and while there was plenty of conflict across the empire, Illyricum was relatively peaceful. 

This changed in 6AD when Augustus recruited Illyrian troops for a planned campaign in Germany, led by Tiberius. This also denuded the province of regular soldiers. Burdensome Roman rule had increased dissatisfaction, and when it became apparent that they outnumbered the Romans, rebellion broke out. It was led by Bato of the Daesidate tribe. We know little about him, but he succeeded in uniting many of the tribes and defeating local Roman units.

There followed three years of warfare in which the Illyrians defeated the Romans several times. The conflict sucked in ever larger numbers of Roman troops and their allies, including the Thracians. However, as ever, Roman persistence and numbers triumphed. The fifteen legions deployed is about 75,000 men, plus auxiliaries, allies and support units. Fortunately for the Romans, Arminius’s revolt in Germany started just after Bato had surrendered. The Empire would have struggled to contain two rebellions of this size. 

The author does his best with limited sources. His educated guesses of names and places are explained so the reader can make up their own minds. He has an informal writing style, which may irritate some readers, but it doesn't detract from the book's readability. My only criticism would be the use of modern and historical analogies, which are sometimes tenuous, overlong, and add little to our understanding of the period. 

Overall, this is a very welcome book, which opens up an interesting and little explored period of Balkan history.  

I have a small DBA Illyrian army in 15mm, which is looking a bit dated. Warlord and Relic Miniatures do some light infantry types, which fought with Alexander the Great. These look fine for the Hellenised southern tribes, but the further north you go, Celtic influences would be more apparent. This is reflected in the Magister Militum range in 15mm. A bit of mix and match with some conversions looks like the only realistic approach.

Romans are not a problem. Either from the Republic for the earlier wars or the Imperial Romans for the Great Revolt. This was a period when the equipment of the legionarius was evolving, but probably not as far as the Lorica Segmentata as depicted on the book cover. The dished oval shield would also be more common than the squared edged version, which only started to be adopted in the early 1st Century.

Reading the book inspired me to paint the 28mm Roman tent I purchased at the Varpartnak show from Magister Militum. A lovely model that paints up well.

          Nikolaj Jacobsen: Det har været en lorteuge indtil i dag      Comment   Translate Page      
Danmark fik lørdag revanche mod Montenegro i EM-kvalifikationen, og det skyldtes især et solidt forsvar.
          An upcoming Brontë Mistress      Comment   Translate Page      
Publishers Weekly reports a new and upcoming Brontë-related novel:
PW is first to report that, five days after receiving the manuscript, Atria’s Daniella Wexler preempted a debut historical novel, Brontë’s Mistress by Finola Austin, based on the true, heretofore untold story of Lydia Robinson and her affair with Branwell Brontë. According to the publisher, “the novel gives voice to the courageous, flawed, complex woman slandered in Elizabeth Gaskell’s The Life of Charlotte Brontë as the ‘wicked’ elder seductress who corrupted the young Brontë brother, driving him to an early grave and bringing on the downfall of the entire Brontë family.” Danielle Egan-Miller at Browne & Miller negotiated the deal for world English and audio rights. (Liz Hartman)
Keighley News reports Easter activities at the Parsonage: 
We're really enjoying the spring sunshine at the moment, as are some early Easter visitors to the museum.
Some schools have already broken up for the Easter holidays, and as such the museum is bustling with visitors.
We’ve got free talks and walks through the holiday period so visitors can enjoy 20-minute talks at 2pm every day, on a range of subjects, depending on the specialist interest of our wonderful and knowledgeable museum assistants and volunteers.
You might get to hear about life and death in Haworth, learn about the Bronte servants, or the early years of the Brontë siblings. Each talk is unique!
On Wednesday April 24 instead of the talks we will be leading a guided walk up onto Penistone Hill (weather permitting!) to get a sense of the landscape which was so inspirational to the Bronte family.
And also on holiday Wednesdays we have our popular Wild Wednesday drop-in workshops. In the first workshop you’ll be able to make Easter bunny cards, and the second workshop continues the Easter theme with the opportunity to make beautiful Paper Easter Eggs – much healthier than chocolate ones!
All these activities are free with admission to the museum.
Spring also brings the return of our Late Night Thursdays, where you get to experience the museum after hours. These late nights occur on the third Thursday of every month, so our first this year is April 18 – just a few days before Charlotte Brontë’s 203rd birthday!
Visiting the Parsonage that evening will be characters who knew Charlotte well – Tabby, the Brontës’ faithful and long-serving housekeeper, and John Brown, the sexton and Branwell’s drinking partner – and they’ll be sharing their knowledge about life in the Parsonage with Charlotte and her sisters.
After 5.30pm admission is free to visitors who live in the BD22, BD21, and BD20 postcode areas and Thornton, birthplace of the Brontës. Last admission is 7pm.
Spring is also a fantastic time to experience our new audio experience, which features the poems of Emily Brontë set to music by The Unthanks.
The experience is free with admission to the museum – you simply pick up the audio equipment from the shop desk, where you’ll be given an easy-to-follow map, and then you head out in Emily’s footsteps up to Penistone Hill. You can book ahead via the website if you want to guarantee a particular time.
The reviews have been overwhelming positive, with plenty of visitors tweeting lovely comments, whilst The Guardian reviewer described it as ‘quite incredible’. High praise indeed!
And finally, we were all very excited last week when Frank Cottrell Boyce paid us a visit to discuss plans for the work he’ll be doing with us in the second half of the year. (Diane Fare)
The Guardian reviews the reality show Just One Night: The human heart has hidden treasures
In secret kept, in silence sealed;
The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures,
Whose charms were broken if revealed.
Charlotte Brontë, Evening Solace

Blond, good set of boobs, blue eyes, good figure, good personality.
Stevie, 23, Just One Night (BBC Three)

Some human hearts are simpler than others. And a good thing too: living in a world full of Brontës would be exhausting. (Lucy Mangan)
It's undoubtedly a tough genre to get right. Todd uses two literate protagonists, the mostly chaste Tessa (Josephine Langford) and the brooding, tattooed Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin), as stand-ins for the uneasy lovers of classic literature found in such novels as "Wuthering Heights," "Jane Eyre" and "The Great Gatsby."
The Irish Times and grand Irish homes:
Tarbert House in Kerry has been in the Leslie family since 1690. Ursula Leslie, a founder of the America-Ireland fund that she says “has put a lot of money into Ireland,” returned here with her late husband John in 1970. A retired barrister, she used the tax relief to help put the ancestral roof in order as well as repairing 13 of the house’s many windows – through which in 1854 the newly-married Charlotte Brontë must have gazed over the wooded parkland. (Mary Leland)
The Daily Mail publishes a story of how Julian Assange hid on Kathy Lette's attic before seeking asylum in Ecuador's embassy:
She described her frustration with his refusal to read women's literature, adding: 'When he was in Wandsworth prison I sent him in a big box of books by Jane Austen, the Brontë's, all my favourite female authors and said "now that you're a captive audienceread these books." (Joe Middleton & Ross Ibbetson)
A passing Brontë reference in the Financial Times
I known as the Mistral roars down the village's narrow streets; it made me feel as if she and I were two characters in a Brontë novel with a Mediterranean setting. (...)
It was the time of year when the fierce wind known as the Mistral roars down the village's narrow streets; it made me feel as if she and I were two characters in a Brontë novel with a Mediterranean setting.
More After (the film) reviews:
Pero al igual que la historia no acaba de convencernos, tenemos que remarcar que en varias escenas de la película, los protagonistas citan y conversan sobre las novelas ‘Cumbres borrascosas
It's undoubtedly a tough genre to get right. Todd uses two literate protagonists, the mostly chaste Tessa (Josephine Langford) and the brooding, tattooed Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin), as stand-ins for the uneasy lovers of classic literature found in such novels as "Wuthering Heights," "Jane Eyre" and "The Great Gatsby."’, de Emily Brontë, y ‘Orgullo y prejuicio’, de Jane Austen. Dos clásicos de la literatura que por el guión podemos entender que fueron modelos para la historia de amor entre Hardin y Tessa Y es cierto que no solemos tener diálogos de este tipo, en este estilo de películas. (Clara Herrador on HappyFM) (Kurt Russell) (Translation)
It's undoubtedly a tough genre to get right. Todd uses two literate protagonists, the mostly chaste Tessa (Josephine Langford) and the brooding, tattooed Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin), as stand-ins for the uneasy lovers of classic literature found in such novels as "Wuthering Heights," "Jane Eyre" and "The Great Gatsby." (Caroline Seadman, Catholic News Service).
Inspired by “punk edits” of Styles on the internet (fan edits where celebrities are photoshopped and covered with tattoos and piercings), Todd wrote a fanfiction where Styles wasn’t in a boy band but was a college bad boy who seduces—and eventually falls in love with—Tessa, an innocent freshman who lives in his dorm. She called the story After. “It was more along the lines of a modern-day Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights than anything to do with the actual Harry Styles,” she says. (Jason Pham in StyleCaster)
Not that he's your typical bad boy, though, since he seems to have very literary tastes. Spotting a book on Tessa's shelf, he comments, "The Great Gatsby, that's a good book." He's also able to quote from Wuthering Heights and engage in a spirited classroom argument with Tessa, about Pride and Prejudice, in which the subtext is inescapable. (Frank Scheck in The Hollywood Reporter)
After,” which wasn’t screened in advance for critics, also falls into that desperately referential category of love story that name-checks Austen and the Brontes as if that automatically places itself in the same lineage of swoon-worthy classics. (Robert Abele in The Wrap)
Dessuten er han selvoppnevnt ekspert på trøblete romanhelter i britisk litteratur; Mr. Darcy fra «Stolthet og fordom» (Jane Austen) og Heathcliff fra «Stormfulle høyder» (Emily Brontë) og dessuten er han alltid iført en Ramones-T-sjorte. På spørsmål om hvem han elsker høyest i verden svarer han selvsagt «meg selv». En sånn fyr må man jo bare falle for. I bøker. Og på film. (Inger Betzrud in Dagbladet) (Translation)
Il tutto citando principalmente due libri: Cime tempestose (Ah, quanto ci manca il simpatico, vecchio Heathcliff!) e Orgoglio e pregiudizio. Emily Brontë e Jane Austen. Attrazione per l’eccesso e salutare equilibrio. Senza mai scegliere fino in fondo… (Rosa Baldocci in Amica) (Translation)
More mentions in (in Spanish), El Palomitrón (Spanish), Clarín (Argentina), Vigevano24 (Italy), Everyeye (Italy), Glamour (Germany) ...

BookRiot lists some 'must-read' literary biographies:
The Brontë Myth by Lucasta Miller
Okay, I’d rather read about the Wollstonecrafts/Shelleys, or the Peabodys, because I think the Brontës are a bit overrated…but like the Plath biography, which was a biography of her biographies, this book tries to demystify the myth that surrounds the Brontës. (Sarah Ullery)
Cherwell reviews Madeline Miller's Circe :
The narrative thrust of the novel is essentially that of a Bildungsroman, and within that tradition Circe seems a Grecian equivalent of Jane Eyre. (Jenny Scoones)
L'Est Republicain (France) reports how the upcoming rehearsals for the Bernard Herrmann opera Wuthering Heights in Nancy will be open and free.  The Telegraph & Argus explains how the cameras installed on the Black Bull have been reported. Tea Time Ruminations posts about Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre's Library shows a Russian translation of the novel. Vijesti (Montenegro) reviews the performances of Wuthering Heights in Cetinje.
          Férfi kézi Eb-sel.: alaposan visszavágtak a dánok Montenegrónak      Comment   Translate Page      
Alaposan visszavágott az olimpiai és világbajnok dán férfi kézilabda-válogatott a szerdai egygólos vereségért Montenegrónak, Nikolaj Jacobsen csapata 37–26-ra győzött, és visszavette a vezetést a 8-as csoportban.
          La Libertad ocupa el quinto lugar por casos de violencia familiar      Comment   Translate Page      
Regionales - Trujillo en Línea.- La Libertad ocupa el quinto puesto con más casos de violencia familiar a nivel nacional. Esto fue confirmado por la ministra de la Mujer y Poblaciones Vulnerables, Gloria Montenegro.La funcionaria de Estado reveló que en los dos primeros...
          Almacén En alquiler      Comment   Translate Page      
POLÍGONO INDUSTRIAL FRANCISCO MONTENEGRO,amplia nave en la zona el puerto, totalmente terminada, con todas las instalaciones, unos 10 metros de altura, con oficina, almacén, vestuarios, ect. preparado para taller, magnifica salida a la autovía y...
650 m² 2 EUR/m²
Thu, 11 Apr 2019 11:23:56 -0400
          Entrevista a Javier Montenegro: Atravesar a membrana      Comment   Translate Page      
Somos quen de percibir uns 10.000 olores diferentes. Mesmo aínda que non saibamos como se chamar. Foi curioso descubrir que toda esta tonalidade de cheiros a podemos recoñecer empregando unicamente uns 300 receptores dentro do noso nariz. Isto significa que cada cheiro ten un patrón característico: un tanto por cento do receptor 1, outro tanto do 2, … e así ata completar un código de barras de 300 números. Entrar e saír da célula non é fácil. Cómpre atravesar a membrana celular, e para iso as substancias teñen que ter os papeis en regra. O complicado que polo de agora non sabemos moi ben en que consiste. Por exemplo, os péptidos poden ser moi útiles para transportar substancias no interior da célula. Sabemos sintetizalos pero non predicir se van ser quen de atravesar a membrana. Javier Montenegro investigador Ramón y Cajal do CIQUS vén de gañar un prestixiosa bolsa Starting Grant do European Research Council. Montenegro vai sintetizar novos péptidos coa fin de coñecer os diferentes patróns químicos que deben incorporar estas moléculas para poder penetrar na célula. A idea é empregar un modelo olfactivo para integrar todo o coñecemento que se adquira ao longo destes 5 anos cun 1,5 millóns de euros de financiamento. E deste xeito poder construír modelos predictivos que sabendo a estrutura dun péptido “cheiren” se van poder pasar o control de pasaportes de entrada á célula.
          Efer 339 (24-01-16): Un contrasinal oloroso para entrar na célula      Comment   Translate Page      
O investigador do @CIQUSUSC Javier Montenegro vén de gañar unha prestixiosa bolsa Starting Grant do ERC. Van crear un modelo olfactivo para predicir que substancias poden atravesar a membrana celular. Conversamos con Jesus Silva e Daniel Fernández de @qubio para coñecer IQ-Brain. Acabouse iso de analizar os escáneres cerebrais a ollo. Gaspar Broullón e David Ballesteros cóntannos o hai atrás da cámara do @ECHE_asi. A compañía Artello presenta "Non me toques os meus círculos"
          Tobson's Big ESC 2019 review, part 1      Comment   Translate Page      
It is a bit quiet around this blog most of the year but suddenly spring is in the air and 40-something new Eurovision entries call my name and demand to be reviewed. Who am I to say no? Here we go with this year's 41 entries spread over seven blog posts.

Bulgaria and Ukraine are taking a year off (a particularly stupid move in Ukraine's case but let's get back to that, perhaps). This is how the first semi will begin!

Tamta / Replay

Cyprus got closer to victory than ever before in 2018 and many words have been used by people wishing to declare how this year's Cypriot offering is nothing but a copy of last year's effort. Since they asked the same team for a new song it is pretty obvious they wanted to stay in the same area and in my book this is the better song of the two. Lively and updated but hardly alone in its genre this time.

Absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt. A bit unexpected to kick off the first semi with a song as strong as this but the final is all the matters anyway.

My grade: 4/5

D-Mol / Heaven

If there is any sort of consensus about anything this year, then it is how chanceless poor Montenegro is. So chanceless that it is, indeed, a bit cruel to underline this fact by giving them the real death slot in the running order. The six happy youngsters in D-Mol make me think of Aarzemnieki - Latvia's hopefuls in Copenhagen 2014 that made for pleasant company during three minutes but never really stood any chance of qualifying. I thoroughly enjoy this despite all its flaws - or perhaps even because of them - but if this one makes it to the final it would be a surprise big enough to stop time.

Nope. Never in a million years.

My grade: 2/5

Darude feat Sebastian Rejman / Look Away

Sending Darude to Eurovision seemed like quite a nifty idea at first. "Sandstorm" might be his only major hit but it is fondly remembered by many people around the globe. People who could possibly be overwhelmed by nostalgia and vote for him. Unfortunately this entry is more Sebastian Rejman feat Darude than the other way around and the old hit-DJ finds himself relegated to being a mere special effect in his own entry, dancing around in the background like an embarrassing parent at a school disco. The song starts out pretty well only to turn almost shockingly dull before the chorus.

Most unlikely. It really would be time for Finland to ditch the UMK concept that clearly isn't working and try to replace it with something more worthwhile.

My grade: 1/5

Tulia / Fire of Love (Pali się)

This is the point where many a western european viewer might splutter out the drink they allowed themselves on a Tuesday night. White voice - a very special vocal technique reminiscent of a controlled scream - is a common feature in eastern folklore but will sound very exotic and unexpected to many others. Add a song that is remarkably similar to "I Am The Walrus" and suddenly you find yourself with a package that works and the initial shock is likely to turn into something else before three minutes have passed.

Yes, I think so. This entry has the personality and originality that so many of the songs in the lineup desperately lack.

My grade: 3/5

Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl / Sebi

Every year there is a song that really shouldn't do well based on what viewers usually like and yet defies all logic and scores well. This year, that surprise song should be this soft little whisper in Slovenian. A lovely and endearing little entry and the musical equivalent of a long, warm hug on a chilly day. Introverted but inviting at the same time.

Yes. It must be or I will be terribly disappointed in everyone and everything.

My grade: 4/5

Lake Malawi / Friend Of A Friend

For the second year running, the Czech republic sends in a light, dance-friendly pop song performed by a cute guy who is potentially a bit of a douche, at least judging from the lyrics. This is far from universally acclaimed by the ESC fandom but what many of its detractors seem to forget is that this is one of few entries on offer this year that is light-hearted and effortless-sounding. Like a bunch of guys in a student band having the time of their lives. In a good way, not in a Manel Navarro sort of way.

Yes. No need to worry about that.

My grade: 4/5

Quite a good start to the first semi, n'est-ce pas? If you want to agree or disagree with me, please leave a comment or send me a tweet. All the preview clips can be seen here.

          1996 Campeonato Abierto Capital Federal      Comment   Translate Page      
. . . . . . 1996 Campeonato Abierto Capital Federal. Dia 14 De Septiembre - Fiscalizado Por AFCA. Resultados Generales. Cadetes. 1 Guido Hoistein (Los Cedros-Cba). Juveniles. 1 Pablo Altamirano (Athletic 2000-Amaf). 2 Mauricio Bohn (Muscle Factory-Cba). Promocional Liviana. 1 Alejandro Kim (Athletic 2000-Amaf). 2 Daniel Toro (Top Gym-Cba). 3 Anibal Moreyra (Athletic 2000-Amaf). 4 Jorge Magallanes (Cultura Fisica-Amaf). Promocional Pesada. 1 Pablo Chirinian (Cultura Fisica-Amaf). 2 Raul Aguirre (Athletic 2000-Amaf). 3 Carlos Jannaire (Club Baradero-Cba). Primera Hasta 70 Kgs.. 1 Marcelo Segatore (Athletic 2000-Amaf). 2 Miguel Sandoval (Athletic 2000-Amaf). Primera Mas De 70 Kgs.. 1 Mauricio Mattone (Muscle Factory-Cba). 2 Dario Fontaiña (Calabozo Gym-Cba). Fitness Femenino. 1 Diana Montenegro (Athletic 2000-Amaf). Overall. 1 Pablo Altamirano (Athletic 2000-Amaf).
          LucioSaints – Abraham Montenegro And Lucio Saints 1080p      Comment   Translate Page      
Studio: LucioSaints Cast: Abraham Montenegro, Lucio Saints Genres: anal, homo, fucking, irrumation, porn, sex, engulfing Watch Abraham Montenegro on his 1st bottom scene, the act begin after a short interview with some wicked kisses, there's a great quemistry betwixt those 2, Lucio sucks Abraham's thick dong [...]
          4/13/2019: TRAVEL: TWO WHEELS, FOUR PAWS      Comment   Translate Page      

Dean Nicholson was pedalling up a hill in Bosnia, near the border of Montenegro, when he heard a plaintive meow. He looked over his shoulder. In the lambent December light, he saw a grey-and-white kitten chasing him up the incline. The burly and...
          How Montenegro became a favorite spot for billionaires      Comment   Translate Page      
A tiny Balkan country is emerging as the preferred destination for the world’s richest people. Montenegro is one of the most popular travel destinations among billionaires this year and also home to a growing population of the ultra wealthy, according to a recent report by Business Insider. The country has a total population of 620,000 and is approximately the size of Connecticut, but it also has a 182-mile coastline on the Adriatic Sea, which makes ... [more]
          4/13/2019: TRAVEL: TWO WHEELS, FOUR PAWS      Comment   Translate Page      

Dean Nicholson was pedalling up a hill in Bosnia, near the border of Montenegro, when he heard a plaintive meow. He looked over his shoulder. In the lambent December light, he saw a kitten chasing him up the incline. The burly and bearded 31-yearold...
          James Bond 007 - Casino Royale | So 21.04. 22:15 RTL      Comment   Translate Page      
So 21.04 22:15 Uhr - James Bond 007 - Casino Royale
Ende 00:55 Uhr | Laufzeit: 160 Minuten
Thriller ; Action
James Bond (Daniel Craig) wird auf den berüchtigten Finanzhai „Le Chiffre“ (Mads Mikkelsen) angesetzt, der Terroristen nicht nur bei der Geldwäsche, sondern auch bei hochkarätigen Spekulationen behilflich ist. Als sich eines dieser Finanzgeschäfte platzt, muss Le Chiffre so schnell wie möglich mehrere Millionen auftreiben, um seine skrupellosen Geschäftskunden auszahlen zu können. Er meldet sich bei einem zwielichtigen Pokerturnier in Montenegro an, bei dem um einen Gewinn von mehreren Millionen gespielt werden soll. Auch James Bond wird in die Pokerrunde eingeschleust: Er reist zusammen mit der attraktiven Geldbotin Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) an, in die sich der Agent prompt verliebt ...Der 21. Bond-Film läutete nach dem Abdanken von Pierce Brosnan eine neue Ära ein: Daniel Craig präsentiert in dem als Prequel angelegten Action-Knaller eine deutlich rauere, ungeschliffenere Seite des Geheimagenten, die vom Publikum begeistert aufgenommen wurde ...
Regie: Martin Campbell
Mit: Eva Green (Vesper Lynd), Judi Dench (M), Jeffrey Wright (Felix Leiter), Caterina Murino (Solange), Daniel Craig (James Bond), Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chiffre), Giancarlo Giannini (Rene Mathis)

          44Cup Porto Montenegro overall      Comment   Translate Page      
The Bay of Tivat came good for the final day of the 44Cup Porto Montenegro with three races held and a most worthy winner in Igor Lah's Team CEEREF. The Slovenian team led this first event of the 2019 44 Cup from the outset.
          Gelandang Asing Persib Tak Punya Target Pribadi di Liga 1 2019      Comment   Translate Page      
Bandung – Winger Persib Bandung, Srdjan Lopicic, mengaku tidak punya sasaran individu apa pun ketika kompetisi Liga 1 2019 resmi bergulir pada bulan Mei ini. Tinggal hitungan minggu kompetisi kasta teratas Indonesia ini rencananya berguling, tetapi sebutir amunisi tidak punya keinginan tinggi-tinggi terkait kompetisi Liga 1 2019. Pilar asal Montenegro itu menuturkan, dirinya tidak mempunyai ...
O juiz Bruno Montenegro, integrante do Grupo de Apoio às Metas do Conselho Nacional de Justiça, determinou ao Hospital Monsenhor Walfredo Gurgel que se abstenha reter macas das ambulâncias do Hospital Dr. Percílio Alves, de Ceará-Mirim, sob pena de multa diária de R$ 1 mil por cada maca retida. A determinação atende a uma Ação Civil Pública de autoria do Ministério Público Estadual.
O juiz considera que o fato de o Walfredo Gurgel encontrar-se superlotado não legitima a retenção de macas dos hospitais que realizam o transporte de pacientes necessitados de um atendimento de média ou alta complexidade. “Ao contrário: a lei que rege a Saúde Pública é peremptória ao consignar que o Estado deve dar suporte aos municípios, e não, como vem fazendo o Hospital Walfredo Gurgel, comprometer a assistência à saúde prestada por esses entes”.
O caso
Segundo o MP, a gestão do Hospital Dr. Percílio Alves relatou que as macas da ambulância do Hospital que conduziam os pacientes em atendimento estavam ficando retidas no Hospital Walfredo Gurgel, impossibilitando o transporte de outros pacientes que também necessitassem do aparato. Um ano após tentativa de conciliação, o problema persistia, ocorrendo a judicialização da questão.
Na ação, o Ministério Público requereu a determinação para que o Estado se abstenha de realizar novas retenções das macas de Ceará-Mirim, devendo ser liberadas após a classificação de risco e admissão do paciente.
Em sua contestação, o Estado do RN alegou que não tem responsabilidade pela não devolução das referidas macas, uma vez que não apresentam nenhum sinal de identificação.
Ao analisar o processo, o juiz Bruno Montenegro considerou o artigo 196 da Constituição Federal, o qual eleva o direito à saúde como direito público subjetivo, constitucionalmente tutelado e indissociável do direito à vida, determinando que a sua efetivação constitui dever do Estado. Referiu-se também a Lei Orgânica da Saúde (Lei n° 8.080/90), que instituiu uma descentralização político-administrativa como princípio básico do sistema de saúde, de modo a proporcionar, a todos os indivíduos, acesso universal e igualitário às ações e programas que envolvem esse direito, objetivando, especialmente, o atendimento ao cidadão em local mais próximo de seu ambiente.
Ao se deter sobre a competência dos entes públicos na garantia do exercício do direito à saúde, o magistrado constatou que o Município de Ceará-Mirim “envida esforças para cumprir com suas atribuições – a qual inclui o transporte de pacientes -, mas encontra-se impedido por um comportamento que pode ser atribuído ao Hospital Monsenhor Walfredo Gurgel - que deveria auxiliá-lo na prestação do serviço à saúde dos cidadãos – chegando a reter todas as macas daquele município e obstando que novos pacientes recebam o transporte adequado”.
O juiz Bruno Montenegro destaco ainda resolução do Conselho Federal de Medicina, de 2014, que regulamentou o serviço pré-hospitalar móvel de urgência e emergência, proibindo a retenção dos equipamentos da ambulância pela unidade de saúde receptora.
“Não remanescem dúvidas acerca da retenção de macas das ambulâncias do Hospital Dr. Percílio Alves pelo Hospital Walfredo Gurgel. Isto porque, em audiência de conciliação realizada perante a 3ª Promotoria de Ceará-Mirim, ratificada em audiência de instrução e julgamento, a Diretora do Walfredo Gurgel é categórica ao afirmar que, em virtude da superlotação do nosocômio, não raras vezes a maca do hospital regulante acaba ficando para acomodar o próprio paciente”, aponta o julgador.
Bruno Montenegro ressalta que se o HWG possui um acervo insuficiente de macas para atender a demanda, cabe à administração respectiva proceder com a adoção de medidas alternativas, e não comprometer o serviço prestado pelo hospital municipal.
O julgador anota ainda que é obrigação do Hospital Walfredo Gurgel proceder com a devolução das macas logo após a classificação de risco do paciente; e que é dever do hospital regulante identificar todas as suas macas, até mesmo como forma de viabilizar a devolução respectiva.

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          Trujillo: MIMP amplía servicios para que víctimas denuncien al primer indicio de violencia      Comment   Translate Page      
Inauguración de CEM Comisaría se suma a los 100 servicios especializados que funcionan en las instalaciones de la PNP a nivel nacional. La ministra de la Mujer y Poblaciones Vulnerables (MIMP), Gloria Montenegro Figueroa, llegó hasta la ciudad de Trujillo, para inaugurar el Centro Emergencia Mujer (CEM) en Comisaría Laredo ubicado en el distrito del mismo nombre, el cuál brindará asistencia psicológica, social y legal a las víctimas de violencia, las 24 horas, los siete días de la semana. “Con la inauguración de este Centro Emergencia Mujer en Comisaría, contribuimos a la protección, recuperación y acceso a la justicia de
          Denmark strike back; Ukraine take lucky victory      Comment   Translate Page      
QUALIFIERS REVIEW 2: The world champions have an easy-going 60 minutes against Montenegro in an evening that saw the premiere of two qualification matches in a row in the same venue
          Word Jam Montenegro Answers      Comment   Translate Page      
Here are the answers to the levels of Word Jam Montenegro under Discoverer Category Word Jam Montenegro Level 1 – Safe, Sale, Leaf, Self, Safely, Leafy, Seal, Flea, Easy, False, Slay Word Jam Montenegro Level 2 – Scent, Sine, Insects, Nest, Inset, Cent, Sect, Ties, Since, Ness, Insect, Cite, Nice, Site, Sent Word Jam Montenegro ...

Continue reading ‘Word Jam Montenegro Answers’ »

          Cel Montenegro - Exército Gerencia a Maior Crise de Imagem Desde a Chegada das Redes Sociais      Comment   Translate Page      
          24. HAPS i 40 godina od zemljotresa: EarthQuake Montenegro ili iskušavanje sjećanja      Comment   Translate Page      
Predstavom „Crna kutija“ Nikšićkog pozorišta, u režiji Gorana Bulajića, sjutra veče u  Dvorana PARK, od 20:30h počeće 24. izdanje Hercegnovskih apriliskih pozorišnih svečanosti (HAPS). Organizatori, Hercegnovsko pozorište i Herceg fest su, s obzirom da se početak HAPS-a podudara sa 40. godišnjicom od razornog  zemljotresa posvetili tome  jedan segment  programa. Autor i producent interaktivne izložbe je Vuk Vuković – Iskušavanje sjećanja kao da […]
          Comment on 24. HAPS i 40 godina od zemljotresa: EarthQuake Montenegro ili iskušavanje sjećanja by Zelenika      Comment   Translate Page      
Konfuzan tekst Nisam uspjela izdvojiti koje su predstave djecije Toliko informacija izmjesanih
          Cel Montenegro - Exército Gerencia a Maior Crise de Imagem Desde a Chegada das Redes Sociais      Comment   Translate Page      
          Vai de bicicleta de Almeirim ao Nepal      Comment   Translate Page      

Parte de Almeirim e segue pelo sul de Portugal para Espanha. Pedro Bento, 40 anos, vai de bicicleta sozinho até ao Nepal. Partiu no sábado do quartel dos bombeiros de Almeirim rumo a Katmandu, capital do Nepal. Passará por França, Itália, Eslovénia, Croácia, Montenegro, Albânia, Bulgária, Turquia, Irão. Neste último país, Pedro Bento vai apanhar […]

O conteúdo Vai de bicicleta de Almeirim ao Nepal aparece primeiro em BOM DIA.

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