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          'Depeche Mode: The Fans' documentary coming to Netflix      Comment   Translate Page      

This documentary will tell the stories of life-long Depeche Mode fans from Mongolia, France, Columbia, America, Berlin, and Romania. They eventually meet up in Berlin and go see a Depeche Mode concert.

No release date yet.


Bless Netflix for this.

          [커뮤니티] Mongolian Metal      Comment   Translate Page      

Mongolian Metal 


마왕 음악에도 이런 비슷한 장르? 느낌의 곡들이 종종 있었는데 


옴~~~ ~!  


그때 아마 테크닉, 실험적인건 다 나온듯하네요... 국악에 일렉에 댄스 메탈까지  


독특한 장르 볼때마다 마왕이 얼마나 앞서갔는가를 다시 생각하게 만드는...


서태지가 샘플CD 시절 사용방법을 마왕한테 배웠다고 하네요

          [커뮤니티] Mongolian Metal      Comment   Translate Page      

Mongolian Metal 


마왕 음악에도 이런 비슷한 장르? 느낌의 곡들이 종종 있었는데 


옴~~~ ~!  


그때 아마 테크닉, 실험적인건 다 나온듯하네요... 국악에 일렉에 댄스 메탈까지  


독특한 장르 볼때마다 마왕이 얼마나 앞서갔는가를 다시 생각하게 만드는...


서태지가 샘플CD 시절 사용방법을 마왕한테 배웠다고 하네요

          Are We Seeing A Late Combustion Age Collapse?      Comment   Translate Page      
Humans have a habit of dividing history up into periods. On smaller scales, we have our own lifetimes. On the largest scales, we have geologic time and the various epochs in the age of the universe. What nearly always marks the beginning of a new period is a disruptive event that changes a significant portion of the topic in question
          Chef Tom – Escarole with Italian Sausage and Mongolian Heavy Metal      Comment   Translate Page      
Escarole is a lovely green from the endive family, slightly bitter with hearty leaves that can stand up to cooking. Although it’s available year round, it can be hard to find in regular grocery stores. Peak season is the spring and summer months. It’s especially popular with Italians, who love their bitter vegetables (think rapinni, […]
          As Supply Exceeds Demand, Mining Price War Ignites in Sichuan      Comment   Translate Page      

This article was originally published by 8btc and written by Chloe Jiang.

The former director of Bitmain’s mining farm, a leading bitcoin mining operation, once said the wet season may not be as much of a boon for miners as many thought. As he expected, mining farms in Sichuan currently report that the supply of slots for mining equipment has far exceeded the demand.

The wet season in Sichuan usually begins in April and ends in October every year. During this time, the cost of electricity can be as low as 0.25 yuan for a Sichuan mining farm, which should be very attractive for miners. The price of electricity is around 0.35 yuan in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia.

Some industry insiders speculated that 80 percent of the mining farm operators in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia would move to Sichuan and Guizhou due to this price difference. It was also reported that many farm operators started their migration even before the Chinese Lunar New Year in February because they couldn’t wait to make a profit during the drawn out “crypto winter.”

So, it comes as a surprise that there are more miners available than there is demand.

According to the founder of Tiantian Ming Farm, mining farm operators have added 500,000 slots compared to the same period last year but haven’t sold much of them yet. The balance of supply and demand has been broken.

In addition, there is more bad news for mining farms: the standard market price of electricity in Sichuan is 0.25 yuan, but many mining farm operators cut this electricity price under the table in order to sell their mining slots faster.

Bitdeer appears to be the first firm to initiate a price war around these low costs. The firm launched a “Wet Season Combo” with an extremely low electricity cost of 0.22 yuan on March 30, 2019.

It seems that the majority of crypto miners have now learned to evaluate and investigate before impulse investing. Perhaps the market is becoming more rational.

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

          Small Bomb Detonated Near U.S. Embassy In Beijing      Comment   Translate Page      
Updated at 5:45 a.m. ET An explosive device was detonated near the U.S. Embassy in Beijing on Thursday, but there were no immediate reports of injuries other than the man suspected in the blast, according to Chinese and U.S. Embassy officials. Witnesses described white smoke rising from the street, as paramilitary police guarding the embassy rushed to the scene of the explosion. Chinese police quoted by The South China Morning Post said a small, homemade device described as similar to a firework was detonated by a 26-year-old man who injured his hand in the explosion. Authorities identified the suspect by his surname, Jiang, and said he is from Tongliao in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia. A U.S. Embassy spokesman confirmed : "There was an explosion at approximately 1 pm today on the street outside the South East corner of the Embassy compound. According to the Embassy's Regional Security Officer, there was one individual who detonated a bomb. Other than the bomber, no other people
           Wembley Park to host world-famous, Colourscape      Comment   Translate Page      
To celebrate May Bank Holiday on 4th- 6th May, as part of its cultural and community programming, Wembley Park - the world-famous location, fast becoming the North West London’s live, work and play hotspot - will host Colourscape the immersive weekend of music, dance and colour for all the family. Colourscape, the labyrinth of colour and light (free entrance) will be situated on Wembley Park Boulevard (next to the London Designer Outlet) between 11am - 4:30pm. Originally created by artist Peter Jones in the early 70s, Colourscape is a huge walk-in structure of many interlinked chambers. Step into this psychedelic maze of light and explore for a while to discover a large Silver Dome and live musicians playing instruments from Tibet, China and Mongolia while dancers lead you on a journey of colour. Eye Music Trust is bringing Colourscape to Wembley
          "Little News" - MarkZ Q&A Update 4-13-19      Comment   Translate Page      
Saturday MarkZ Update : Highlights by PDK-Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: there was very little news overnight.. other then package positioning and expectation of things happening this afternoon .

I got one very excited call..he’s the attorney who helped set up my SKR…He said our funding is in place…..CMKX in position.. he said they can see the numbers..

I am still excited but had been hoping we would be doing cartwheels already this morning

Mr C. has not been paid as of 30 mins ago...he is part of the dollar refunding project

Pkgs today and tomorrow.. Omega expected today as well…..Omegas are part of the PP's…part of the St. Germaine Trust. ….. expectation: some delivery this afternoon...there has been bank pinging today..

nflemingjr: Part of the problem on CMKX is that they have to be paid in the new currency

Member: Destiny, Alpha, Farm Claims, Bergavin etc.

MZ: If package deliveries are in force tonight ….I expect 800 numbers tonight or tomorrow.

MZ: No holdup…. just logistics as they position for release.

MZ: Paymasters: they are being made liquid so we can go ...It is going to be a shotgun start

MZ: Saturday info tends to come out late in the afternoon


MZ: "Could" have a stream this afternoon or tonight...will send out a tweet if I do so...

Q: when do you guess 800#?

MZ: I am told 800# Sunday evening or before is the target for us is so that appointment's can start on Monday morning ..this just makes logistical sense…

nflemingjr: Anytime the 800 numbers will be out

nflemingjr: The final rates were locked in last night after the banks in Hawaii and have been put on the screen as of yet as of last night. Paymasters are reporting that they can see the funds in their accounts.

MZ: yes I have also been told that… ..they report they can physically see them and it positioned for a shotgun release,…..Just so you all know…….Fleming is very connected and he has very good information

Q: @nflemingjr are they still just doing tests today ?

nflemingjr: I am waiting for the rates now. Yes they are doing testing today

MZ: I am being told same thing...there is a lot of testing and a lot of pinging…there is a whole lot to watch today.

Member: The PING that went around the WORLD!!!

Member: Last I heard from Hong Kong Source - 800#s go out Monday Night (USA), th.April 15

Q: Morning Mark. Wondered if we would still be able to get a certain number of cashier's checks written at the exchange? (That used to be one of the things we were told)

MZ: Yes I am hear up to 7 cashier checks at the first apt…..make a list and bring it with you….I also hear we will have instant access to our wealth manager….our new minion at a local branch.

Q: Is the Afgan currency is the first basket?

MZ: I hear its in the second basket and if it is….I’m buying some

Q: Are the PTB's not up for giving us an NDA prep? Sure seems to me it would grease the skids, but what do I know?

MZ: I have asked a number of bankers and none are willing to bite yet.

Q: : Are packages being delivered by USPS and do they have a debit card in them?

MZ: I am told all delivered will be by USPS …. And inside is a 100k debit card with instant access as soon as we call and activate it

Q: NFLEMINJR-Can you confirm They Did or Did Not post on screens last night

Q: @nflemingjr can you post those rates now that they are locked in?

nflemingjr: I am waiting for the rates now…..

Q: Any rate updates on the ZIM and DONG ???

Nflemingjr: I don't have the new dong rate

nflemingjr: There are some things that I can say and there are somethings I cannot say because I will get chewed out

nflemingjr: They waited for the banks to close in Hawaii before posting

Member: : So do you think the time between ring on your doorbell with CMKX and release of 800s to you will be within hours?

MZ: Yes within hours...It will be a shotgun start

MZ: I am told we are all done in Iraq …just waiting for the CBI to announce it,,,..Ministers do not need to be announced in Iraq...

nflemingjr: The CBI in Iraq is an independent agency from the government and does not need the permission from their government to RI

MZ: In case we are still under old tax laws don't use any word but "exchange"... do not say “cash in”


MZ: I am still saying 99.9%.. We are so stinking close!

Member: somebody in Canada reported going into a bank and then telling them come back on the 15th will be ready for you do exchange currency and ZIM


nflemingjr: I think it is very funny that Zorra is now saying the the GCR/RV is about to happen

Q: Will we the general public get prosperity pkgs?

MZ: I hear we will get a form of Prosperity package from our own strawman accounts….

MZ: I really need to give a lot more background on our investments…….i need to do an entire stream on the Reagan, Wanta Mitterand accords, Mr. Cottrell……A lot of NESARA stuff is truth ...some disinformation...whole lot of good information..debt forgiveness mortgage relief …I will try to schedule that next week…hopefully after the RV

MZ: I beleive there will be some kind of debt forgiveness,,,

Member: good link to Mr Germain

MZ: Chris Story was a true patriot and a good friend of Mr. Cottrell.

MZ: :

Member: If people really want the background story to the PP's, Google Christopher Story. He had the goods on all of them.

Q: Wasn't Chris Story murdered?

Member: Yes . Chris Story was murdered...poisoned..

Q: Any news on the super petchelli bonds Mark?

MZ: I have not heard anything on Peticelli bonds yet but I have heard Mexican gold bonds are ready to process by Monday am…this is very exciting.

Member: : friend got text yesterday saying from Wellsfargo. checked with WF branch and was a scam. Be diligent!

MZ : I have been told by a representative for the WF Group …For security and so you know its 100% from them… will get a letter from WF on their official WF LETTER HEAD...

Q: will the center at the 800 numbers be fully staffed?

MZ: Absolutely yes…

Q: Mark will the exchange center take all denomination of zim example 5 billion . 200 or 500 million zimbobway notes in first basket 2008-2009 year?

Member: : ZEROS - Trillion notes - Six zeros, Billion Notes - Three zeros. NO ZEROS - Million notes. THESE ZEROS WILL BE IN FRONT OF THE RATE AMOUNT NOT OFF THE BONDS!!! EX: .00000033

Member: As of the moment No zeros in front of rate offered

Member: The Zero Issue on the Zim still goes back to the Zimbabwe Law concerning changing the denomination value on it's currency. Even though it has NOW been deemed the 2008 AA/AB series are BOND NOTES because of the paper the paper Germany printed that series on is why the zeros can not be removed from the bonds but placed before the rate. ONLY two adjustments are allowed per year.

Member: One more time on the 2nd basket:Second Currency Basket: Mongolia South African Indonesia Bangladesh South Korea Pakistani West African CFA FRANC Iranian Rial if it doesn't go in 1st basket

Member: The more you weigh the harder you are to kidnap. Stay Safe - Eat cake.

Member: If you want info on our banking system read creature of jackal island by G. Edward Griffin



Note: Please listen to replay for all the details…there was a lot of good information today.

Replay is


Source: Dinar Recaps

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Mongólia - pecsételt bélyeg 
Mi. 1506
lásd kép...
Mongólia - pecsételt bélyeg
Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 11:37
          Mongólia - pecsételt bélyegek - Jelenlegi ára: 35 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      

Mongólia - pecsételt bélyegek
Jelenlegi ára: 35 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 14:12
          Mongólia - pecsételt bélyeg - Jelenlegi ára: 10 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      

Mongólia - pecsételt bélyeg
Jelenlegi ára: 10 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 14:14
          Mongólia - pecsételt bélyeg - Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      

Mongólia - pecsételt bélyeg
Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 14:15
          Mongólia - pecsételt bélyegek - Jelenlegi ára: 40 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      

Mongólia - pecsételt bélyegek
Jelenlegi ára: 40 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 14:19
          Mongólia - pecsételt bélyegek - Jelenlegi ára: 35 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      

Mongólia - pecsételt bélyegek
Jelenlegi ára: 35 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 14:20
          Mongólia - pecsételt bélyegek - Jelenlegi ára: 10 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      

Mongólia - pecsételt bélyegek
Jelenlegi ára: 10 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 14:22
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Mongólia - pecsételt bélyeg
Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 14:23
          #R [A012] Mongólia Maszkok - Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      

#R [A012] Mongólia Maszkok
Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 16:14
          #R [A013] Mongólia Maszkok II - Jelenlegi ára: 27 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      

#R [A013] Mongólia Maszkok II
Jelenlegi ára: 27 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 16:15
          #R [A015] Mongólia Műtárgyak: Szobrok - Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      

#R [A015] Mongólia Műtárgyak: Szobrok
Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 16:17
          Espiados y vigilados      Comment   Translate Page      

por Lisandro Martínez*

Jeremy Bentham economista y filósofo, ideó el Panopticón en 1787, una arquitectura carcelaria que permitía vigilar a los presos desde una sola torre de control y además establecía entre los prisioneros la idea persecutoria de que estaban permanentemente vigilados. Como la idea del infierno ésta fue un salto de calidad ya que se castigaba el cuerpo de los que habían delinquido mediante torturas o quitándoles la libertad por años. Pero además lo que se pretendía era vigilar y disciplinar a los revoltosos. El filósofo Michel Foucault escribió sobre el nacimiento de la prisión y pintó al panoptismo como moldeador social impuesto por el naciente capitalismo necesitado de vigilar, castigar e imponer conductas que sirvieran a la explotación masiva que en el siglo XXI está vigente.
    El hurgar en la intimidad ajena es una conducta descalificadora más cuando la aberración la desenvuelven partidos, gobiernos y estados. Estamos frente al intento de establecer castigos a quienes elaboren ideas distintas, por lo tanto se impone el delito de opinión garantizando la supremacía de la idea única. El formato impide que el soberano reclame a los déspotas la rendición de cuentas estableciendo que quien cruce la raya será castigado con el rigor que los dueños de “la verdad” entiendan corresponde. En la época de la cibernética espiar la vida de los demás por gobiernos, patronales e instituciones es una de actividad en boga que ha derivado en una industria del ciber espionaje que se adecua a distintos presupuestos.
     El software Pegasus lo infiltran en teléfonos inteligentes y otros aparatos para monitorear detalles de la vida diaria robando llamadas, whatssap y correos. Al celular del fiscal Nisman la justicia comprobó que le virilizaron el Pegasus. La impunidad impidió conocer de qué lado de “la grieta” se vigilaba al muerto. ( //2015). El régimen Saudí que estranguló y desmembró a Jamal Khashoggi, compró a los sionistas de NSO Group de Omri Lavie y Shaley Hulio, el Pegasusque infiltró al celu del periodista (The New York Times
    “En 2013 el gobierno yanqui intervino 9 servidores de internet, entre ellos Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, AOKL, Facebook, Skype, Youtube, Apple, para extraer audios, videos, fotografías, correos, documentos que sirven para que analistas sigan los movimientos del usuario y sus contactos” ("Eduard Snowden”).
En 2014 Wikileaks dio a conocer el programa utilizado "por agencias de inteligencia para espiar periodistas, disidentes políticos, etc". La denuncia sacó a la luz la responsabilidad de la empresa alemana FinFisher que "produce y vende sistemas de software y de monitoreo capaces de interceptar comunicaciones e información", tanto de computadores (Windows, OS X y Linux) como móviles (Android, BlackBerry, Symbian y Windows Mobile). Wikileaks publicó copias del programa para interceptar y almacenar datos de comunicaciones, correos, llamadas de Skype. ( 5/9/2014).
"FinFisher sigue operando desde Alemania, vendiendo “malware” de vigilancia como arma a los regímenes más opresivos del mundo.
Estos sistemas son comercializados a estados, gobiernos de todo el mundo, partidos políticos, empresarios y particulares por la industria de “seguridad” sionista. El ex espía Rolando “Rolo” Barreiro, en la “causa Stornelli”, declaró que el abogado trucho D’Alessio le ofreció servicios de espionaje al senador Carlos Espínola, a través de una empresa vínculada con el servicio secreto Mossad. “El ofrecimiento se hizo al senador y a dos asesores. Luego llegó Dov Kilinsky, dueño la empresa tecnológica de seguridad e inteligencia Security Team Network” ( 3/4/19).
   Mientras se utilizan dispositivos para “encaminar la política oficialista” en todo el mundo desde EEUU, Europa, América Latina y medio Oriente, la novedad es que la alcahuetería para reprimir y disciplinar a disidentes políticos, tambien se aplica a los conflictos interfamiliares. Remember “Fino” Palacios que “batía” al cuñado de Mauricio. Con lo que se puede decir que hay dispositivos electrónicos, o para todos los problemas y presupuestos. Tambien están los programas para ganar elecciones como el que el que Putin le proporcionó a Trump, vía campaña de descrédito a Hillary Clinton.
Yahoo, Google y Facebook además de intoxicar a todo el mundo capitalista vendieron a las repúblicas “socialistas” Cuba, China, Vietnam sus programas de búsqueda censurados. “Google negocia con el gobierno su sitio de búsquedas, pero ajustando resultados y eliminando contenidos que los países “socialistas” desean ocultar ( Esta lista incluye Mongolia, Pakistán, Italia, la policía australiana, etc. ( 15/9/2014).
Lo que venden Yahoo!, Google o Facebook no son programas que propician la libertad de expresión para incorporar nuevos conocimientos sino herramientas que espían al usuario y lo desinforman adecuándose a las necesidades represivas de cada régimen político.
Panóptico carcelario y panóptico digital
El espionaje se practica desde que el mundo es mundo, pero las características que involucran a los servicios de cada país o facción indican la crisis abismal. Los episodios vividos a uno y otro lado de “la grieta” argenta explican la caducidad del régimen de punteros que enfrentados entre si responden al FMI y no a las necesidades de trabajadores.
Expertos en tecnología de Amnistía Internacional señalaron “tenemos pruebas que este “malware” es utilizado para hostigar a activistas políticos del mundo entero” ( 21/11/2018).
El desbarranque político de vigilar incluso a militantes considerados propios, conocer sus movimientos y sus amistades para revisar lealtades cuestiona las libertades y garantiza que las direcciones no rindan cuentas.
En 2018 el sitio “The Intercept” reveló que Google negocia con China colocar su buscador de censura previa y filtros adecuados a una app para teléfonos Android, con que la mayoría china accede a la Red. ( 2/8/18)
Está regimentación es un revulsivo por izquierda en China, Cuba y donde los estalinistas en su faz degenerativa controlan la fidelidad política de sus militantes revisando: Facebook, correos electrónicos, contactos telefónicos. Este mamarracho de las jerarquías que trabajan por reinstalar el capitalismo se ha vuelto una bomba social de mecha corta que preanuncia insurrecciones contra la regimentación política.

   (*) Del Partido Obrero
          Mongolian Metal is as Metal as it Gets      Comment   Translate Page      
Barbaric! Feel like getting on his horse and do some invading! Mongolians are known for their throat singing and taking over the world. This music video is some pretty metal sh*t.
          Gomez settles for draw      Comment   Translate Page      
Grandmaster John Paul Gomez suffered a blow to his World Cup bid after slipping for the share of seventh place after seven rounds in the Eastern Asian Zonal 3.3 Chess Championships in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

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Site Map 2018_06_30
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Site Map 2018_07_04
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Site Map 2018_07_06
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Site Map 2018_07_08
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Site Map 2018_07_22
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Site Map 2018_09_30
Site Map 2018_10_01
Site Map 2018_10_02
Site Map 2018_10_03
Site Map 2018_10_04
Site Map 2018_10_05
Site Map 2018_10_06
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Site Map 2018_10_09
Site Map 2018_10_10
Site Map 2018_10_11
Site Map 2018_10_12
Site Map 2018_10_13
Site Map 2018_10_14
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Site Map 2018_10_18
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Site Map 2018_10_20
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Site Map 2018_10_22
Site Map 2018_10_23
Site Map 2018_10_24
Site Map 2018_10_25
Site Map 2018_10_26
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Site Map 2018_10_28
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Site Map 2018_10_30
Site Map 2018_10_31
Site Map 2018_11_01
Site Map 2018_11_02
Site Map 2018_11_03
Site Map 2018_11_04
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Site Map 2018_11_06
Site Map 2018_11_07
Site Map 2018_11_08
Site Map 2018_11_09
Site Map 2018_11_10
Site Map 2018_11_11
Site Map 2018_11_12
Site Map 2018_11_13
Site Map 2018_11_14
Site Map 2018_11_15
Site Map 2018_11_16
Site Map 2018_11_17
Site Map 2018_11_18
Site Map 2018_11_19
Site Map 2018_11_20
Site Map 2018_11_21
Site Map 2018_11_22
Site Map 2018_11_23
Site Map 2018_11_24
Site Map 2018_11_25
Site Map 2018_11_26
Site Map 2018_11_27
Site Map 2018_11_28
Site Map 2018_11_29
Site Map 2018_11_30
Site Map 2018_12_01
Site Map 2018_12_02
Site Map 2018_12_03
Site Map 2018_12_04
Site Map 2018_12_05
Site Map 2018_12_06
Site Map 2018_12_07
Site Map 2018_12_08
Site Map 2018_12_09
Site Map 2018_12_10
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Site Map 2018_12_12
Site Map 2018_12_13
Site Map 2018_12_14
Site Map 2018_12_15
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Site Map 2018_12_17
Site Map 2018_12_18
Site Map 2018_12_19
Site Map 2018_12_20
Site Map 2018_12_21
Site Map 2018_12_22
Site Map 2018_12_23
Site Map 2018_12_24
Site Map 2018_12_25
Site Map 2018_12_26
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Site Map 2018_12_28
Site Map 2018_12_29
Site Map 2018_12_30
Site Map 2018_12_31
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Site Map 2019_01_18
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Site Map 2019_01_22
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Site Map 2019_01_26
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