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           Comment on ‘Us’: Jordan Peele Breaks Down the Political Message Behind His New Film by Estell frankie raben       Comment   Translate Page      
US presents a warning to us rich folk white and black that we need to be aware that good fortune comes off the back of others. We must provide a society that serves everyone or eventually the others will have their revenge
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What they are saying are those teams traded draft capital to get vets to play with LeBron because he can not play with youth. Not the end of the world to admit that hole in LeBrons game. He’s nkt perfect. And be fair Wade had won a ring in Miami before the super team. Bron gets credit for Cleveland, but it’s not like he built a dynasty there. He did not leave them better than he found them. Honestly when Kyrie asked out LeBron should have requested a trade to LA, but the Clippers. He could have joined Paul and Jordan. The Cavs could have got Griffin and a 1st. Along with the Kyrie trade and Love Cleveland would be better off, Bron would have been in LA on a contender
          Luna Star: Hot Latina      Comment   Translate Page      
Luna Star: Hot Latina
Release Year: 2019
Cast: Luna Star, Jordan Ash, Lexington Steele
Genres: All Sex, Big Boobs, Compilation, Latin
Video language: English

Check out Luna's dark eyes and hair framing that sexy pout; note the smooth, tan skin and hyper-curvy tits and ass. But those qualities are almost subtle next to her raging, desperate libido: Director Jonni Darkko presents this Latina angel's soaking poolside fuck with heavily hung Jordan Ash. Filmmaker/stud Mick Blue«s big toys tease Luna»s ass, and his big boner porks her pussy. Spanish pornographer Toni Ribas' POV camera captures Luna up close and personally, till she swallows his semen. And Luna goes interracial with legendary director/performer Lexington Steele's super-sized big black cock. Red Label by Evil Angel presents top-shelf hardcore action compiled according to specific sexual themes -- body types, dirty acts, favorite stars and/or kinky porn niches.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:56:47
Video: 720x406, AVC (H.264), 1288kbps
Audio: 154kbps

Luna Star: Hot Latina Luna Star: Hot Latina
Luna Star: Hot Latina Luna Star: Hot Latina

Luna Star: Hot Latina
File size: 1.8 GB

Luna Star: Hot Latina

Luna Star: Hot Latina
          A Hottie Finds Her Happiest Days At The Ranch      Comment   Translate Page      
A Hottie Finds Her Happiest Days At The Ranch
Release Year: 2010
Cast: Madison Scott and Jordan Ash
Genres: Anal, Blonde, Sex Toys, Oil, Creampie, Blowjob (Pov), Big Tits, Ass Worship, First Anal
Video language: English

Madison Scott finds her happiest days at the ranch where she has a way of making milk taste the perfect blend.

In this cream filled scene, we learn Madison can not only take a cock up her asshole but her asshole can suck in a load of cum in any amount.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 41:01
Video: 1920x1080, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile
Audio: 125kbps

A Hottie Finds Her Happiest Days At The Ranch A Hottie Finds Her Happiest Days At The Ranch
A Hottie Finds Her Happiest Days At The Ranch A Hottie Finds Her Happiest Days At The Ranch

A Hottie Finds Her Happiest Days At The Ranch
File size: 3.2 GB

A Hottie Finds Her Happiest Days At The Ranch

A Hottie Finds Her Happiest Days At The Ranch
          Idaho State Police confirm no injuries in five car accident on US95      Comment   Translate Page      
Idaho State Police confirmed that no injuries have resulted from a five car accident on US 95 on Friday.

The accident took place going southbound on US 95 near Dalton Ave. in Coeur d'Alene.

Idaho State Police shared this information in a tweet Friday.

UPDATE on the crash at US95 & Dalton: 2 people have been transported and 5 vehicles were involved. The road is set to reopen by 5:15pm.

-- Idaho State Police (@ispdistrict1) April 13, 2019

Police say that Jared R. Storlie, 30, of Athol, was driving a gray 2005 Ford F150 truck when he collided with four other cars, which were stopped at a red light.

Larraine M. Jordan, 74, of Post Falls, was transported to Kootenai Health to be treated. No other drivers were injured.

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          Original Content podcast: Making sense of the surreal terrors in Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’      Comment   Translate Page      
Jordan Peele fans who go to his latest film “Us” hoping to find another “Get Out” may be disappointed: Where Peele’s directorial debut lent itself to straightforward political allegory, the follow-up feels murkier and stranger. “Us” is a nightmarish journey into a world invaded by sinister doppelgangers. The film does, eventually, offer a rationale for […]
          This Scot of mine by Jordan, Sophie.      Comment   Translate Page      
"Desperate to escape her vile fiancé, Lady Clara devises a bold lie--that she's pregnant with another man's child. With her reputation in tatters, Clara flees to Scotland to live out her days in disgrace, resigned to her fate as a spinster...until she claps eyes on the powerful and wickedly handsome Laird Hunt MacLarin." -- Back cover.
          Chúng ta - Us (Phim 2019)      Comment   Translate Page      
Chúng ta - Us (Phim 2019)

Chúng ta - Us (2019): Us, một tác phẩm đến từ hãng phim Monkeypaw, lấy bối cảnh tại một bờ biển mang tính biểu tượng phía Bắc California trong thời điểm hiện tại, người đã trở lại căn nhà bên bờ biển mà cô sống thời ấu thơ cùng người chồng Gabe và hai người con trong kì nghỉ hè. Bị ám ảnh bởi một chấn thương không thể giải thích trong quá khứ, kết hợp với một chuỗi các sự việc trùng hợp kỳ lạ, Adelaide cảm thấy sự hoang tưởng của bản thân đang tăng ở mức cảnh giác cao độ khi cô ngày càng chắc chắn rằng một điều gì đó tồi tệ sẽ xảy đến với gia đình mình.

Sau một ngày vui chơi trên biển cùng một gia đình khác, nhà Tylers , Adelaide và gia đình cô chở về ngôi nhà của mình. Khi màn đêm buông xuống, nhà Wilsons bỗng thấy bóng của một gia đình 4 người đang nắm tay nhau đứng trên đường cao tốc. Us đẩy một gia đình Mỹ phải chống lại một đối thủ ghê rợn và kỳ lạ: những bản sao thực thể ma quái của chính họ.

Trailer phim:

Chúng ta - Us (2019)

Tên phim: Chúng ta - Us (2019)
Đạo diễn:Jordan Peele,
Quốc gia:Mỹ,
Ngày ra rạp:20/3/2019
Thời lượng:N/A
Chất lượng:Bản đẹp
Độ phân giải:HD 720p
Ngôn ngữ:Phụ đề Việt
Thể loại:Phim kinh dị, Phim hồi hộp-Gây cấn, Phim chiếu rạp, Trailer phim mới, Phim lẻ
Công ty SX:Monkeypaw Productions, QC Entertainment, Universal Pictures
          Thợ Săn Đầu Người - The Head Hunter (Phim 2019)      Comment   Translate Page      
Thợ Săn Đầu Người - The Head Hunter (Phim 2019)

Thợ Săn Đầu Người - The Head Hunter (Phim 2019): Động phim, vuviphim, bilutv, banhtv, vtv16, ... Thợ Săn Đầu Người (The Head Hunter) một chiến binh trên lưng ngựa, theo đuổi con quái vật đã sát hại con gái mình. Khát khao trả thù của anh là động lực của một bộ phim được xây dựng với rất ít yếu tố, tối giản và sử thi cùng một lúc, trong đó tưởng tượng và kinh dị tìm thấy những hiện thân vật lý và đẫm máu hơn.

Xem trailer:

Thợ Săn Đầu Người - The Head Hunter (Phim 2019)

Tên phim: Thợ Săn Đầu Người - The Head Hunter (Phim 2019)
Đạo diễn:Jordan Downey,
Diễn viên: Christopher Rygh, Cora Kaufman
Quốc gia:Mỹ,
Ngày phát hành:5/4/2019
Thời lượng:72 phút
Chất lượng:Bản đẹp
Độ phân giải:HD 720p
Ngôn ngữ:Phụ đề Việt
Thể loại:Phim viễn tưởng, Phim kinh dị, Trailer phim mới, Phim lẻ
Công ty SX:Brayne Studios, Detention Films
          Inside the Lebanese campaign to stop a World Bank-funded dam project      Comment   Translate Page      
The dam poses numerous threats and protesters won't be silenced Armed forces enter the Bisri valley to counter protesters on March 24, 2019. Photo by “Save the Bisri Valley”. Used with permission. A group of activists and protestors calling themselves the Save the Bisri Valley campaign have been organizing and standing against the construction of … Continua la lettura di Inside the Lebanese campaign to stop a World Bank-funded dam project
          ASIEN/INDONESIEN – Vorsitzender der Bischofskonferenz zur Wahl: "Wir brauchen gute Politik”      Comment   Translate Page      
Jakarta – “Man muss zwischen guter Politik im besten Sinne und Wahlkampf unterscheiden. In Indonesien ist die gute Politik aufgrund der grassierenden Korruption unter Politikern und Beamten und bei Regierungsbehörden beeinträchtigt. Da das moralische Gewissen verloren ging hat die Bevölkerung das Vertrauen verloren”, so der Vorsitzende der Indonesischen Bischofskonferenz, Bischof Ignatius Suharyo von Jakarta am … Continua la lettura di ASIEN/INDONESIEN – Vorsitzender der Bischofskonferenz zur Wahl: "Wir brauchen gute Politik”
          【5月4日発売】Air Jordan 4 “Bred”【エアジョーダン4】      Comment   Translate Page      
2019年、ヒールのロゴがナイキ・エアで復刻を果たすエアジョーダン4・ブレッドの公式画像が公開された。 エアジョーダン4・ブラック・セメント...
          UPDATE 1-SNB's Jordan sees room for more intervention if needed      Comment   Translate Page      
Swiss monetary policy is appropriate for now, but policymakers still have room to lower already negative interest rates further or use other policies if necessary, Swiss National Bank Chairman Thomas Jordan said on Saturday.

          Basketball meme time      Comment   Translate Page      
LoganJordan123 / 1 page
Basketball memes for the boring old off season
          Ohio Republicans just made it legal for men to rape their drunk wives & force them to give birth. Seriously.      Comment   Translate Page      

The tagline for is "healthcare policy data, analysis & snark", so naturally many of my blog posts have tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic headlines.

This is not one of those times. The headline above is absolutely, sickeningly true.

On a couple of days ago, both houses of the Ohio state legislature--the House and Senate alike--voted to ban abortion outright six weeks after conception. There's no exception for rape. There's no exception for incest. There is an exception for the life of the mother (not her health, mind you...just her actual ability to keep breathing)...but that's it. Yesterday this bill was signed into law by GOP Governor Mike DeWine.

The six-week abortion ban known as the "heartbeat bill" is now law in Ohio. That makes Ohio the sixth state in the nation to attempt to outlaw abortions at the point a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Gov. Mike DeWine signed the bill Thursday afternoon, just one day after it passed the Republican-led General Assembly. The law is slated to take effect in 90 days, unless blocked by a federal judge.

Now known as the "Human Rights Protection Act," SB 23 outlaws abortions as early as five or six weeks into a pregnancy, before many women know they're pregnant. It is one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.

The bill does include an exception to save the life of the woman, but no exceptions for cases of rape or incest.

...DeWine's signature will set off a lengthy legal fight. The ACLU of Ohio announced it will sue to stop the law, which the group says "virtually bans all abortion care."

"This legislation is blatantly unconstitutional and we will fight to the bitter end to ensure that this bill is permanently blocked," said ACLU of Ohio legal director Freda Levenson in a statement.

As horrific as this is already, it gets worse...far worse. You see,

During House session yesterday, @RepGalonski had an amendment to make it illegal to rape your wife. (It's legal in Ohio if she's drunk or incapacitated. Seriously.)

These are the 58 Republicans who rejected making spousal rape illegal:

— Gabriel Mann (@OhioGabe) April 12, 2019

I decided to look it up, and sure enough, if you take a look at pages 314 - 341 of the Ohio House Session Journal for Wednesday, April 10th, 2019, you'll see this section (actually starting on page 321), which deals with amendments to the "fetal heartbeat" bill:

Sec. 2907.02. (A)(1) No person shall engage in sexual conduct with another who is not the spouse of the offender or who is the spouse of the offender but is living separate and apart from the offender, when any of the following applies:

(a) For the purpose of preventing resistance, the offender substantially impairs the other person's judgment or control by administering any drug, intoxicant, or controlled substance to the other person surreptitiously or by force, threat of force, or deception.

(b) The other person is less than thirteen years of age, whether or not the offender knows the age of the other person.

(c) The other person's ability to resist or consent is substantially impaired because of a mental or physical condition or because of advanced age, and the offender knows or has reasonable cause to believe that the other person's ability to resist or consent is substantially impaired because of a mental or physical condition or because of advanced age.

Sec. 2907.03. (A) No person shall engage in sexual conduct with another, not the spouse of the offender, when any of the following apply:

(1) The offender knowingly coerces the other person to submit by any means that would prevent resistance by a person of ordinary resolution.

(2) The offender knows that the other person's ability to appraise the nature of or control the other person's own conduct is substantially impaired.

(3) The offender knows that the other person submits because the other person is unaware that the act is being committed.

(4) The offender knows that the other person submits because the other person mistakenly identifies the offender as the other person's spouse.

Sec. 2907.05. (A) No person shall have sexual contact with another, not the spouse of the offender; cause another, not the spouse of the offender, to have sexual contact with the offender; or cause two or more other persons to have sexual contact when any of the following applies:

(1) The offender purposely compels the other person, or one of the other persons, to submit by force or threat of force.

(2) For the purpose of preventing resistance, the offender substantially impairs the judgment or control of the other person or of one of the other persons by administering any drug, intoxicant, or controlled substance to the other person surreptitiously or by force, threat of force, or deception.

(3) The offender knows that the judgment or control of the other person or of one of the other persons is substantially impaired as a result of the influence of any drug or intoxicant administered to the other person with the other person's consent for the purpose of any kind of medical or dental examination, treatment, or surgery.

(4) The other person, or one of the other persons, is less than thirteen years of age, whether or not the offender knows the age of that person.

(5) The ability of the other person to resist or consent or the ability of one of the other persons to resist or consent is substantially impaired because of a mental or physical condition or because of advanced age, and the offender knows or has reasonable cause to believe that the ability to resist or consent of the other person or of one of the other persons is substantially impaired because of a mental or physical condition or because of advanced age.

...and so on and so forth. In all the "not the spouse of the offender" exception to rape is mentioned 25 times.

It's important to stress that it was ALREADY legal for men to rape their unconscious, drugged, drunk or mentally impaired wives in Ohio, because the world is a sick and repulsive place.

On Wednesday, the Ohio state legislature had an opportunity to at the very least correct this sickening and misogynistic legal exception at the same time they were imposing an equally misogynistic one...and yet, as noted by Gabriel Mann, here was the vote on tabling the amendment...which is to say, shooting the amendment down:

The question being, “Shall the motion to amend be agreed to?”

Representative Seitz moved that the motion be laid on the table.

The question being, "Shall the motion to amend be laid on the table?"

The yeas and nays were taken and resulted – yeas 58, nays 38, as follows:

Those who voted in the affirmative were: Representatives

Antani Arndt Baldridge Becker Blessing Brinkman Butler Callender Carfagna Carruthers Cross Cupp Dean DeVitis Edwards Ghanbari Ginter Green Greenspan Hambley Hillyer Holmes, A. Hood Hoops Jones Jordan Keller Kick Koehler Lanese Lang Lipps Manchester Manning, D. McClain Merrin Oelslager Perales Plummer Powell Reineke Richardson Riedel Roemer Romanchuk Ryan Schaffer Scherer Seitz Smith, R. Smith, T. Stein Stoltzfus Vitale Wiggam Wilkin Zeltwanger Householder-58

Those who voted in the negative were: Representatives

Boggs Boyd Brent Brown Cera Clites Crawley Crossman Denson Galonski Hicks-Hudson Holmes, G. Howse Ingram Kelly Kent LaTourette Leland Lepore-Hagan Lightbody Liston Manning, G. Miller, A. Miller, J. Miranda O'Brien Patterson Rogers Russo Sheehy Skindell Smith, K. Sobecki Strahorn Sweeney Sykes Upchurch West-38

The motion to amend was laid on the table.

Let me reiterate:

  • It was already legal in Ohio for men to rape their wife if she's drunk, drugged, unconscious or mentally incapacitated.
  • It's no illegal in Ohio for a woman to have an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected...which is often before she even knows she's pregnant.
  • This means that as of today, in Ohio, a married man can legally drug his wife, rape her and impregnate her...and if she doesn't happen to discover she's pregnant and have an abortion within the next six weeks, she's legally required to carry her rapist's fetus to term and give birth.

Most mind-boggling of all? Six of the Republicans who voted to keep allowing men to rape their wives are women.

Here's the full list of the 58 "Yes" votes, with their districts (two Republican women voted No, and it looks like one Republican man didn't vote at all):

I have nothing snarky to add to this.

          Jordan Banjo jokes he might 'end up with 13 kids' before he marries girlfriend Naomi Courts      Comment   Translate Page      
The Diversity star, 26, said he was ready to get hitched before the couple found out they were expecting their son Cassius.
          Belgium-Brussels: ENI - Water and Environment Support Mechanism (WES)      Comment   Translate Page      
BE-Brussels: ENI - Water and Environment Support Mechanism (WES) Location — ENI Southern region: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel(1), Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine(2), Tunisia and Syria(3) Service Prior Information Notice 1. Publication reference EuropeAid/140231/DH/SER/MULTI 2. Procedure Restricted 3. Programme title EU for Green MED III and sustainable transport 4. Financing European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) 5. Contracting Authority European Union , represented by the European Commission, on behalf of and for the account of the partner countries Brussels , BELGIUM 6. Nature of contract Fee-based 7. Contract description In the framework of transport cooperation within the Union for the Mediterranean and the implementation of the related Regional Transport Action Plan this project will support activities in the area of Logistics of Motorways of the Sea connections. It will as such follow-up on the LogisMed Training Activities project and previous EuroMed Motorways of the Sea projects (MedaMOS). Activities will include, amongst others, technical assistance, capacity building, awareness rising and support to demonstration projects. 8. Indicative budget 3 000 000 EUR 9. Intended timing of publication of the contract notice 30.4.2019 10. Additional information N/a 11. Legal basis(4) Regulation (EU) No 236/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11.3.2014 laying down common rules and procedures for the implementation of the Union's instruments for financing external action and Regulation (EU) No 232/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11.3.2014 establishing a European Neighborhood Instrument. Please be aware that after the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the EU, the rules of access to EU procurement procedures of economic operators established in third countries will apply to candidates or tenderers from the United Kingdom depending on the outcome of negotiations. In case such access is not provided by legal provisions in force at the time of contract award, candidates or tenderers from the United Kingdom could be rejected from the procurement procedure. Remarks: There must be a minimum period of 30 calendar days between the publication of this prior information notice and the publication of the corresponding Contract Notice. No applications or requests for information should be sent at this stage. (1) See Guidelines on the eligibility of Israeli entities and their activities in the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967 for grants, prizes and financial instruments funded by the EU from 2014 onwards on: (2) This designation shall not be construed as recognition of a state of Palestine and is without prejudice to the individual positions of the Member States on this issue. (3) Cooperation with Syria is temporary suspended until notice from the European Commission. (4) Please state any specificity that might have an impact on rules on participation (such as geographic or thematic or long/short term).
          Registered Nurse - Outpatient Clinic - Southwest Behavioral Health Services - West Jordan, UT      Comment   Translate Page      
Southwest Behavioral & Health Services is a large and growing, non-profit community-based provider of behavioral health services with locations throughout the...
From Southwest Behavioral Health Services - Sat, 06 Apr 2019 05:13:35 GMT - View all West Jordan, UT jobs
          Issa Rae: Marsai Martin Outshined Me In Karaoke While Filming ‘Little’      Comment   Translate Page      
Here’s one thing that’s not up for debate. The comedy Little is the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic. The hilarious comedy starring Regina Hall, Issa Rae and executive producer Marsai Martin, centers on on a insufferable tech mogul, Jordan Sanders, who wakes up as the 13-year-old version of herself. Martin plays a young Sanders while Hall is […]
          Lily Jordan - Stick To What Youre Good At (2019/FullHD)      Comment   Translate Page      
Name Videos: Stick To What Youre Good At Starring: Lily Jordan Genre: Teens, Hardcore Year: 2019
          Alice Ripley and More Will Lead Reading of PETE(HER) PAN      Comment   Translate Page      

Tony Award-winner Alice Ripley will star as Captain Hook in Cleveland Musical Theatre's NYC reading of Pete(HER)Pan: A New Neverland on Friday, April 26th, 2019.

Directed by CMT Artistic Director Miles J. Sternfeld, the cast will also feature Nathan Salstone (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) as Peter Pan, Tiffany Mann (Be More Chill) as Tiger Lily, Crystal Kellog (Finding Neverland) as Wendy, Chelsea Cree Groen (Fiorello!) as Tinkerbell, Jordan De Leon (Here Lies Love) as Tootles, Alexis Floyd (The Bold Type) as Twin 1, PJ Adzima (Book of Mormon) as Smee, Chase Ramsey (Book of Mormon) as John, Christopher Flaim (Mary Poppins) as Michael, and Serena Parrish (WPPAC's Fun Home) as Jane.

Written by Polkadots award-winning writing team Douglas Lyons (music/lyrics) and Melvin Tunstall III (book), with music by Michael Thurber, Pete(HER)Pan will receive two industry presentations on April 26th at Pearl Studios in NYC. This contemporary take on the J.M. Barrie classic places Wendy's precocious daughter Jane at the center of her own adventure; letting her be her own hero. With a completely original score fusing pop, Caribbean, and hip-hop, Pete(HER)Pan is a thrill for the whole family.

Additional creatives include Musical Supervision by Ted Arthur (The Prom), Musical Direction by Adam Kaufman, Stage Management by John Atherlay, and Casting by Jamibeth Margolis, CSA. With previous development at New York Theatre Barn and Pace New Musicals, the world premiere production of Pete(HER)Pan will debut this winter at CMT!

Cleveland Musical Theatre, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, exists to create musical theatre for the next generation through exceptional newly developed, revised & reimagined productions. By collaborating with world-class artists (both Broadway & Cleveland-based), CMT builds a bridge between Cleveland and NYC, providing an artistic voice for emerging talent through professional and educational opportunities.

Theatre professionals who wish to attend the 4/26 presentations should contact: for more information.

          Judíos instan a Trump a impedir anexión de Cisjordania por Israel      Comment   Translate Page      
El presidente de EE.UU., Donald Trump, en la Casa Blanca, 12 de abril de 2019. (Foto: AFP) Los principales grupos judíos instan al...
          NBA playoffs 2019: Warriors look to equal three-peat of Jordan's Bulls and Kobe's Lakers      Comment   Translate Page      
Sporting News - Michael Jordan's Bulls did it, and so did Kobe Bryant's Lakers. Can Stephen Curry and the Warriors be three-peat NBA champions...
          Cup of Coffee: Bats fall silent as Padron impresses in relief      Comment   Translate Page      
4/13 Cup of Coffee: It was a very quiet Friday night on the farm, as nobody in the system recorded an extra-base hit. Part of the reason, however, was due to a rainout in Salem and a suspended game between Trenton and Portland. Trevor Kelley and Angel Padron (pictured) each turned in impressive relief outings, combining for nine strikeouts and no walks in six innings.


Syracuse Mets (NYM) 3, Pawtucket Red Sox 1
The Pawtucket bats were silent against Syracuse, scattering just seven singles. Josh Ockimey reached twice with a walk and a single and scored the lone run. Mike Miller also walked and singled, driving in Ockimey. Chandler Shepherd didn't feature his best control, walking five in 5 1/3 innings, but he was able to limit the damage to two runs. Trevor Kelley punched out four without a walk in 1 2/3 innings and Bobby Poyner tossed a scoreless ninth.


Trenton Thunder (NYY) 2, Portland Sea Dogs 0 (suspended)
The Sea Dogs and Thunder had their game suspended in the bottom of the third inning due to rain. The Thunder scored a pair of runs off Portland starter Dedgar Jimenez before the tarps were pulled. The game will resume today at 1:00 pm. A seven-inning affair will follow the conclusion of the suspended game.


Frederick Keys (BAL) @ Salem Red Sox, PPD (inclement weather)
Salem had their game postponed due to rain. They will have a doubleheader today beginning at 5:05 pm.


Rome Braves (ATL) 5, Greenville Drive 0
Like the PawSox, the Drive bats were very quiet against Rome, as they recorded just four hits, all singles. Triston Casas and Jordan Wren each went 1 for 3 with a stolen base. Yasel Santana allowed five runs in just 3 2/3 innings, but only one run was earned. Angel Padron pitched the final 4 1/3 innings and dazzled with five strikeouts, no walks, no runs, and just one hit allowed.


Player of the Night: Angel Padron had his second consecutive impressive outing for Greenville. The 21-year-old left-hander, an international free agent signing in 2014, has thrown 8 1/3 innings this season with a 1.08 ERA. He has come out of the bullpen twice in 2019 and gone at least four innings both times. He made 29 appearances last year with Greenville, nine of them starts.

Photo Credit: Angel Padron by Kelly O'Connor

 より      Comment   Translate Page      
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          Twitter Erupts as AI Algorithm Makes Jordan Peterson Rap Like Eminem      Comment   Translate Page      
Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson once revealed that he doesn’t like pop music, which sounds like “bad 1970s disco” to him, and admitted that, in fact, he really enjoyed listening to Eminem.
          Texana 4/9/2019      Comment   Translate Page      
Last of the Doolittle Raiders dies in San Antonio 2018 Barbara Jordan Media Awards Winners Announced Texas police posing with bluebonnets Anniversary Of The 1964 Wichita Falls F5 Tornado 55 years later: Remembering the 1964 tornado in Wichita Falls Creepy, scary UFO sightings reported in Texas in 2019 77th Annual ABC Pro Rodeo’s ‘Last Ride’ […]
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First time guest Jordan Roy-Byrne joins Metals & Markets this week to discuss interest rates, the renewal of gold’s bull market, and a whole lot more… Jordan Roy-Byrne of The […]

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Feito para ser usado em diferentes tipos de treinos, o JORDAN TRUNNER já está no mercado há algum tempo, para a alegria daqueles que gostam de ostentar o Jumpman em um ambiente diferente das quadras. Tinker Hatfield, que deve ser um dos principais responsáveis pelo desenvolvimento do novo modelo, foi o primeiro a ser visto […]

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Qualification : > Arab nationality. Preferably ( Syrian / Jordan / Palestinian / Yemeni / Sudan ) > Possess strong character and personality. > must have... AED6,000 - AED8,000 a month
From Indeed - Sun, 07 Apr 2019 13:00:04 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
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TALENTS SOLUTION - India - Kingdom of Jordan - Production Merchandiser, Merchandiser, Planning, Coordination with Designer, Coordination...
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TALENTS SOLUTION - India - Kingdom of Jordan - Production Merchandiser, Merchandiser, Planning, Coordination with Designer, Coordination...
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Old Testament: Deuteronomy 31–32

Deuteronomy 31–32 (Listen)

Joshua to Succeed Moses

31 So Moses continued to speak these words to all Israel. And he said to them, “I am 120 years old today. I am no longer able to go out and come in. The LORD has said to me, ‘You shall not go over this Jordan.’ The LORD your God himself will go over before you. He will destroy these nations before you, so that you shall dispossess them, and Joshua will go over at your head, as the LORD has spoken. And the LORD will do to them as he did to Sihon and Og, the kings of the Amorites, and to their land, when he destroyed them. And the LORD will give them over to you, and you shall do to them according to the whole commandment that I have commanded you. Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

Then Moses summoned Joshua and said to him in the sight of all Israel, “Be strong and courageous, for you shall go with this people into the land that the LORD has sworn to their fathers to give them, and you shall put them in possession of it. It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

The Reading of the Law

Then Moses wrote this law and gave it to the priests, the sons of Levi, who carried the ark of the covenant of the LORD, and to all the elders of Israel. 10 And Moses commanded them, “At the end of every seven years, at the set time in the year of release, at the Feast of Booths, 11 when all Israel comes to appear before the LORD your God at the place that he will choose, you shall read this law before all Israel in their hearing. 12 Assemble the people, men, women, and little ones, and the sojourner within your towns, that they may hear and learn to fear the LORD your God, and be careful to do all the words of this law, 13 and that their children, who have not known it, may hear and learn to fear the LORD your God, as long as you live in the land that you are going over the Jordan to possess.”

Joshua Commissioned to Lead Israel

14 And the LORD said to Moses, “Behold, the days approach when you must die. Call Joshua and present yourselves in the tent of meeting, that I may commission him.” And Moses and Joshua went and presented themselves in the tent of meeting. 15 And the LORD appeared in the tent in a pillar of cloud. And the pillar of cloud stood over the entrance of the tent.

16 And the LORD said to Moses, “Behold, you are about to lie down with your fathers. Then this people will rise and whore after the foreign gods among them in the land that they are entering, and they will forsake me and break my covenant that I have made with them. 17 Then my anger will be kindled against them in that day, and I will forsake them and hide my face from them, and they will be devoured. And many evils and troubles will come upon them, so that they will say in that day, ‘Have not these evils come upon us because our God is not among us?’ 18 And I will surely hide my face in that day because of all the evil that they have done, because they have turned to other gods.

19 “Now therefore write this song and teach it to the people of Israel. Put it in their mouths, that this song may be a witness for me against the people of Israel. 20 For when I have brought them into the land flowing with milk and honey, which I swore to give to their fathers, and they have eaten and are full and grown fat, they will turn to other gods and serve them, and despise me and break my covenant. 21 And when many evils and troubles have come upon them, this song shall confront them as a witness (for it will live unforgotten in the mouths of their offspring). For I know what they are inclined to do even today, before I have brought them into the land that I swore to give.” 22 So Moses wrote this song the same day and taught it to the people of Israel.

23 And the LORD1 commissioned Joshua the son of Nun and said, “Be strong and courageous, for you shall bring the people of Israel into the land that I swore to give them. I will be with you.”

24 When Moses had finished writing the words of this law in a book to the very end, 25 Moses commanded the Levites who carried the ark of the covenant of the LORD, 26 “Take this Book of the Law and put it by the side of the ark of the covenant of the LORD your God, that it may be there for a witness against you. 27 For I know how rebellious and stubborn you are. Behold, even today while I am yet alive with you, you have been rebellious against the LORD. How much more after my death! 28 Assemble to me all the elders of your tribes and your officers, that I may speak these words in their ears and call heaven and earth to witness against them. 29 For I know that after my death you will surely act corruptly and turn aside from the way that I have commanded you. And in the days to come evil will befall you, because you will do what is evil in the sight of the LORD, provoking him to anger through the work of your hands.”

The Song of Moses

30 Then Moses spoke the words of this song until they were finished, in the ears of all the assembly of Israel:

32   “Give ear, O heavens, and I will speak,
    and let the earth hear the words of my mouth.
  May my teaching drop as the rain,
    my speech distill as the dew,
  like gentle rain upon the tender grass,
    and like showers upon the herb.
  For I will proclaim the name of the LORD;
    ascribe greatness to our God!
  “The Rock, his work is perfect,
    for all his ways are justice.
  A God of faithfulness and without iniquity,
    just and upright is he.
  They have dealt corruptly with him;
    they are no longer his children because they are blemished;
    they are a crooked and twisted generation.
  Do you thus repay the LORD,
    you foolish and senseless people?
  Is not he your father, who created you,
    who made you and established you?
  Remember the days of old;
    consider the years of many generations;
  ask your father, and he will show you,
    your elders, and they will tell you.
  When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance,
    when he divided mankind,
  he fixed the borders2 of the peoples
    according to the number of the sons of God.3
  But the LORD's portion is his people,
    Jacob his allotted heritage.
10   “He found him in a desert land,
    and in the howling waste of the wilderness;
  he encircled him, he cared for him,
    he kept him as the apple of his eye.
11   Like an eagle that stirs up its nest,
    that flutters over its young,
  spreading out its wings, catching them,
    bearing them on its pinions,
12   the LORD alone guided him,
    no foreign god was with him.
13   He made him ride on the high places of the land,
    and he ate the produce of the field,
  and he suckled him with honey out of the rock,
    and oil out of the flinty rock.
14   Curds from the herd, and milk from the flock,
    with fat4 of lambs,
  rams of Bashan and goats,
    with the very finest5 of the wheat—
    and you drank foaming wine made from the blood of the grape.
15   “But Jeshurun grew fat, and kicked;
    you grew fat, stout, and sleek;
  then he forsook God who made him
    and scoffed at the Rock of his salvation.
16   They stirred him to jealousy with strange gods;
    with abominations they provoked him to anger.
17   They sacrificed to demons that were no gods,
    to gods they had never known,
  to new gods that had come recently,
    whom your fathers had never dreaded.
18   You were unmindful of the Rock that bore6 you,
    and you forgot the God who gave you birth.
19   “The LORD saw it and spurned them,
    because of the provocation of his sons and his daughters.
20   And he said, ‘I will hide my face from them;
    I will see what their end will be,
  for they are a perverse generation,
    children in whom is no faithfulness.
21   They have made me jealous with what is no god;
    they have provoked me to anger with their idols.
  So I will make them jealous with those who are no people;
    I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation.
22   For a fire is kindled by my anger,
    and it burns to the depths of Sheol,
  devours the earth and its increase,
    and sets on fire the foundations of the mountains.
23   “‘And I will heap disasters upon them;
    I will spend my arrows on them;
24   they shall be wasted with hunger,
    and devoured by plague
    and poisonous pestilence;
  I will send the teeth of beasts against them,
    with the venom of things that crawl in the dust.
25   Outdoors the sword shall bereave,
    and indoors terror,
  for young man and woman alike,
    the nursing child with the man of gray hairs.
26   I would have said, “I will cut them to pieces;
    I will wipe them from human memory,”
27   had I not feared provocation by the enemy,
    lest their adversaries should misunderstand,
  lest they should say, “Our hand is triumphant,
    it was not the LORD who did all this.”’
28   “For they are a nation void of counsel,
    and there is no understanding in them.
29   If they were wise, they would understand this;
    they would discern their latter end!
30   How could one have chased a thousand,
    and two have put ten thousand to flight,
  unless their Rock had sold them,
    and the LORD had given them up?
31   For their rock is not as our Rock;
    our enemies are by themselves.
32   For their vine comes from the vine of Sodom
    and from the fields of Gomorrah;
  their grapes are grapes of poison;
    their clusters are bitter;
33   their wine is the poison of serpents
    and the cruel venom of asps.
34   “‘Is not this laid up in store with me,
    sealed up in my treasuries?
35   Vengeance is mine, and recompense,7
    for the time when their foot shall slip;
  for the day of their calamity is at hand,
    and their doom comes swiftly.’
36   For the LORD will vindicate8 his people
    and have compassion on his servants,
  when he sees that their power is gone
    and there is none remaining, bond or free.
37   Then he will say, ‘Where are their gods,
    the rock in which they took refuge,
38   who ate the fat of their sacrifices
    and drank the wine of their drink offering?
  Let them rise up and help you;
    let them be your protection!
39   “‘See now that I, even I, am he,
    and there is no god beside me;
  I kill and I make alive;
    I wound and I heal;
    and there is none that can deliver out of my hand.
40   For I lift up my hand to heaven
    and swear, As I live forever,
41   if I sharpen my flashing sword9
    and my hand takes hold on judgment,
  I will take vengeance on my adversaries
    and will repay those who hate me.
42   I will make my arrows drunk with blood,
    and my sword shall devour flesh—
  with the blood of the slain and the captives,
    from the long-haired heads of the enemy.’
43   “Rejoice with him, O heavens;10
    bow down to him, all gods,11
  for he avenges the blood of his children12
    and takes vengeance on his adversaries.
  He repays those who hate him13
    and cleanses14 his people's land.”15

44 Moses came and recited all the words of this song in the hearing of the people, he and Joshua16 the son of Nun. 45 And when Moses had finished speaking all these words to all Israel, 46 he said to them, “Take to heart all the words by which I am warning you today, that you may command them to your children, that they may be careful to do all the words of this law. 47 For it is no empty word for you, but your very life, and by this word you shall live long in the land that you are going over the Jordan to possess.”

Moses' Death Foretold

48 That very day the LORD spoke to Moses, 49 “Go up this mountain of the Abarim, Mount Nebo, which is in the land of Moab, opposite Jericho, and view the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the people of Israel for a possession. 50 And die on the mountain which you go up, and be gathered to your people, as Aaron your brother died in Mount Hor and was gathered to his people, 51 because you broke faith with me in the midst of the people of Israel at the waters of Meribah-kadesh, in the wilderness of Zin, and because you did not treat me as holy in the midst of the people of Israel. 52 For you shall see the land before you, but you shall not go there, into the land that I am giving to the people of Israel.”


[1] 31:23 Hebrew he
[2] 32:8 Or territories
[3] 32:8 Compare Dead Sea Scroll, Septuagint; Masoretic Text sons of Israel
[4] 32:14 That is, with the best
[5] 32:14 Hebrew with the kidney fat
[6] 32:18 Or fathered
[7] 32:35 Septuagint and I will repay
[8] 32:36 Septuagint judge
[9] 32:41 Hebrew the lightning of my sword
[10] 32:43 Dead Sea Scroll, Septuagint; Masoretic Text Rejoice his people, O nations
[11] 32:43 Masoretic Text lacks bow down to him, all gods
[12] 32:43 Dead Sea Scroll, Septuagint; Masoretic Text servants
[13] 32:43 Dead Sea Scroll, Septuagint; Masoretic Text lacks He repays those who hate him
[14] 32:43 Or atones for
[15] 32:43 Septuagint, Vulgate; Hebrew his land his people
[16] 32:44 Septuagint, Syriac, Vulgate; Hebrew Hoshea


Psalm: Psalm 95

Psalm 95 (Listen)

Let Us Sing Songs of Praise

95   Oh come, let us sing to the LORD;
    let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!
  Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving;
    let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!
  For the LORD is a great God,
    and a great King above all gods.
  In his hand are the depths of the earth;
    the heights of the mountains are his also.
  The sea is his, for he made it,
    and his hands formed the dry land.
  Oh come, let us worship and bow down;
    let us kneel before the LORD, our Maker!
  For he is our God,
    and we are the people of his pasture,
    and the sheep of his hand.
  Today, if you hear his voice,
    do not harden your hearts, as at Meribah,
    as on the day at Massah in the wilderness,
  when your fathers put me to the test
    and put me to the proof, though they had seen my work.
10   For forty years I loathed that generation
    and said, “They are a people who go astray in their heart,
    and they have not known my ways.”
11   Therefore I swore in my wrath,
    “They shall not enter my rest.”


New Testament: Acts 19

Acts 19 (Listen)

Paul in Ephesus

19 And it happened that while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul passed through the inland1 country and came to Ephesus. There he found some disciples. And he said to them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” And they said, “No, we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.” And he said, “Into what then were you baptized?” They said, “Into John's baptism.” And Paul said, “John baptized with the baptism of repentance, telling the people to believe in the one who was to come after him, that is, Jesus.” On hearing this, they were baptized in2 the name of the Lord Jesus. And when Paul had laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they began speaking in tongues and prophesying. There were about twelve men in all.

And he entered the synagogue and for three months spoke boldly, reasoning and persuading them about the kingdom of God. But when some became stubborn and continued in unbelief, speaking evil of the Way before the congregation, he withdrew from them and took the disciples with him, reasoning daily in the hall of Tyrannus.3 10 This continued for two years, so that all the residents of Asia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks.

The Sons of Sceva

11 And God was doing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, 12 so that even handkerchiefs or aprons that had touched his skin were carried away to the sick, and their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them. 13 Then some of the itinerant Jewish exorcists undertook to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits, saying, “I adjure you by the Jesus whom Paul proclaims.” 14 Seven sons of a Jewish high priest named Sceva were doing this. 15 But the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I recognize, but who are you?” 16 And the man in whom was the evil spirit leaped on them, mastered all4 of them and overpowered them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. 17 And this became known to all the residents of Ephesus, both Jews and Greeks. And fear fell upon them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was extolled. 18 Also many of those who were now believers came, confessing and divulging their practices. 19 And a number of those who had practiced magic arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted the value of them and found it came to fifty thousand pieces of silver. 20 So the word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily.

A Riot at Ephesus

21 Now after these events Paul resolved in the Spirit to pass through Macedonia and Achaia and go to Jerusalem, saying, “After I have been there, I must also see Rome.” 22 And having sent into Macedonia two of his helpers, Timothy and Erastus, he himself stayed in Asia for a while.

23 About that time there arose no little disturbance concerning the Way. 24 For a man named Demetrius, a silversmith, who made silver shrines of Artemis, brought no little business to the craftsmen. 25 These he gathered together, with the workmen in similar trades, and said, “Men, you know that from this business we have our wealth. 26 And you see and hear that not only in Ephesus but in almost all of Asia this Paul has persuaded and turned away a great many people, saying that gods made with hands are not gods. 27 And there is danger not only that this trade of ours may come into disrepute but also that the temple of the great goddess Artemis may be counted as nothing, and that she may even be deposed from her magnificence, she whom all Asia and the world worship.”

28 When they heard this they were enraged and were crying out, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” 29 So the city was filled with the confusion, and they rushed together into the theater, dragging with them Gaius and Aristarchus, Macedonians who were Paul's companions in travel. 30 But when Paul wished to go in among the crowd, the disciples would not let him. 31 And even some of the Asiarchs,5 who were friends of his, sent to him and were urging him not to venture into the theater. 32 Now some cried out one thing, some another, for the assembly was in confusion, and most of them did not know why they had come together. 33 Some of the crowd prompted Alexander, whom the Jews had put forward. And Alexander, motioning with his hand, wanted to make a defense to the crowd. 34 But when they recognized that he was a Jew, for about two hours they all cried out with one voice, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!”

35 And when the town clerk had quieted the crowd, he said, “Men of Ephesus, who is there who does not know that the city of the Ephesians is temple keeper of the great Artemis, and of the sacred stone that fell from the sky?6 36 Seeing then that these things cannot be denied, you ought to be quiet and do nothing rash. 37 For you have brought these men here who are neither sacrilegious nor blasphemers of our goddess. 38 If therefore Demetrius and the craftsmen with him have a complaint against anyone, the courts are open, and there are proconsuls. Let them bring charges against one another. 39 But if you seek anything further,7 it shall be settled in the regular assembly. 40 For we really are in danger of being charged with rioting today, since there is no cause that we can give to justify this commotion.” 41 And when he had said these things, he dismissed the assembly.


[1] 19:1 Greek upper (that is, highland)
[2] 19:5 Or into
[3] 19:9 Some manuscripts add from the fifth hour to the tenth (that is, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
[4] 19:16 Or both
[5] 19:31 That is, high-ranking officers of the province of Asia
[6] 19:35 The meaning of the Greek is uncertain
[7] 19:39 Some manuscripts seek about other matters


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Blonde stud Jordan is sunning on the beach when he spots sexy Latin stud, Enzo, undressing for a dip and a surf. Enzo's smooth, toned body is exactly what Jordan likes and he can't resist chatting him up. Their connection is immediate as the horny men ...
          Plant-based diets are linked to lower obesity among Hispanic Adventists      Comment   Translate Page      

Original Research ARTICLE 

Front. Nutr., 09 April 2019 |

Plant-Based Diets Are Associated With Lower Adiposity Levels Among Hispanic/Latino Adults in the Adventist Multi-Ethnic Nutrition (AMEN) Study

Pramil N. Singh1,2*, Karen Jaceldo-Siegl1, Wendy Shih2, Nancy Collado2, Lap T. Le2, Krystal Silguero2, Dennys Estevez2, Michael Jordan3, Hector Flores4, David E. Hayes-Bautista5 and William J. McCarthy6

  • 1Center for Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyles and Disease Prevention, School of Public Health, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA, United States
  • 2Center for Health Research, School of Public Health, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA, United States
  • 3Center for Hispanic Health, White Memorial Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • 4Department of Family Medicine, White Memorial Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • 5Center for Study of Latino Health and Culture, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • 6Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health, UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Background: The Hispanic/Latino population in the US is experiencing high rates of obesity and cardio-metabolic disease that may be attributable to a nutrition transition away from traditional diets emphasizing whole plant foods. In the US, plant-based diets have been shown to be effective in preventing and controlling obesity and cardio-metabolic disease in large samples of primarily non-Hispanic subjects. Studying this association in US Hispanic/Latinos could inform culturally tailored interventions.

Objective: To examine whether the plant-based diet pattern that is frequently followed by Hispanic/Latino Seventh-day Adventists is associated with lower levels of adiposity and adiposity-related biomarkers.

Methods: The Adventist Multiethnic Nutrition Study (AMEN) enrolled 74 Seventh-day Adventists from five Hispanic/Latino churches within a 20 mile radius of Loma Linda, CA into a cross-sectional study of diet (24 h recalls, surveys) and health (anthropometrics and biomarkers).

Results: Vegetarian diet patterns (Vegan, Lacto-ovo vegetarian, Pesco-vegetarian) were associated with significantly lower BMI (24.5 kg/m2 vs. 27.9 kg/m2, p = 0.006), waist circumference (34.8 cm vs. 37.5 cm, p = 0.01), and fat mass (18.3 kg vs. 23.9 kg, p = 0.007), as compared to non-vegetarians. Adiposity was positively associated with pro-inflammatory cytokines (Interleukin-6) in this sample, but adjusting for this effect did not alter the associations with vegetarian diet.

Conclusions: Plant-based eating as practiced by US-based Hispanic/Latino Seventh-day Adventists is associated with BMI in the recommended range. Further work is needed to characterize this type of diet for use in obesity-related interventions among Hispanic/Latinos in the US.


The rates of obesity and diabetes have sharply increased in the last decade among Hispanics/Latinos in North America (14). Currently, diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death in Hispanics/Latinos, and the trend represents a health disparity whereby rates are 60% higher among Hispanics/Latinos as compared to non-Hispanic Whites and increasing faster than in other major ethnic groups (3, 5). In a large sample of Hispanic/Latino adults in four regions of United States (n = 16,400), the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos found that about 1 in 3 individuals had pre-diabetes, and that only about half of individuals with type 2 diabetes (T2D) had it under control (6).

One potential contributor to this burden of obesity and diabetes is the occurrence of a “nutrition transition” occurring in most people of Mexican origin but accelerated in US Hispanic/Latinos as they acculturate to consuming higher intake of meats and processed foods, and lower intake of whole plant foods commonly found in the traditional diet (i.e., squash, maize, beans) (79). For example, the analysis of a nationally representative sample of US Mexican adults found higher rates of overweight/obesity in those who had “transitioned” from traditional eating patterns emphasizing maize to patterns emphasizing red meat, processed meat, and processed foods (1012). These emerging data support that a plant-based dietary intervention could be effective in primary and secondary prevention of obesity and obesity-related diabetes in the Hispanic/Latino population.

Overall, in a systematic review of 15 intervention studies (17 intervention groups among them) in multi-ethnic samples, Barnard et al. has shown that interventions with the vegetarian diet contributed to an average of more than 3 kg of weight loss (13). For diabetics, a similar systematic review of vegetarian diet interventions indicated significant improvement in glycemic control (14).

A recent pilot study at Loma Linda University has shown that a 5-week plant-based, culturally-tailored diet intervention implemented through community clinics and a church significantly improved hemoglobin A1C levels over a 6 month follow-up in 32 Latino diabetics living in a medically underserved area. At Loma Linda University, more than 60 years of NIH-funded prospective cohort studies [1960 Adventist Mortality Study (15), 1976 Adventist Health Study-1 (16), 2002 Adventist Health Study-2 (17)] have shown that the vegetarian diet was associated with lower risk of weight gain (18, 19), stroke (20), and diabetes (21, 22), and on this causal pathway, a longer life expectancy. These cohorts enrolled Seventh-day Adventists (most recently a nationwide cohort of 96,000 multi-ethnic adults in AHS-2) who provide a unique insight into diet since, due to faith-based recommendations, about 50% are vegetarian, and virtually all avoid smoking and alcohol (23). Faith-based counsels on diet also encourage the consumption of specific plant foods (i.e., legumes, nuts) in place of animal products (19). Hypotheses generated from these cohorts have been tested in landmark intervention trials.

The Adventist Multi-ethnic Nutrition (AMEN) Study is a new pilot study from Loma Linda University involving Hispanic/Latino Seventh-day Adventist adults for the purpose of studying the association between their cultural tailoring of a plant-based diet and selected health outcomes. To date, we have observed beneficial associations between health outcomes and culturally-tailored plant-based diet choices in Black Adventists (24, 25) and in Asian Adventists (20), respectively. The aim of this report is to test the hypothesis that the culturally-tailored plant-based dietary pattern practiced by Hispanic/Latino Seventh-day Adventists is associated with lower levels of adiposity and adiposity-related biomarkers. Findings from this work can potentially inform the cultural tailoring of plant-based diet choices for dietary interventions in the broader population of US Hispanic/Latinos.
Study Population

The AMEN study is a cross-sectional investigation of diet and cardio-metabolic markers conducted during 2013–2016 in churches within a 20 mile radius of Loma Linda University. Our target congregations were predominantly of Hispanic/Latino background. The inclusion criteria included: (1) age 18 years or older, (2) baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church, (3) self-identify as Hispanic, and (4) no self-report of dementia, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

Recruitment efforts were initiated by assembling a community advisory board of influential individuals from the Hispanic and Asian Adventist churches in Southern California. Based on the advice of this board, we selected five Hispanic congregations. An additional criterion was that the congregations be meeting in facilities that could accommodate a weekend health clinic. Recruitment from these congregations was done by: (1) linking recruitment to informative health and lifestyle presentations done by Loma Linda University lifestyle medicine faculty, (2) linking recruitment to health and wellness clinics done on the church premises over a weekend, and (3) notices on church bulletin boards, social media, and through e-mail campaigns.

Through these efforts, we recruited 141 subjects from the five congregations that had been invited to participate, of whom 101 subjects were eligible for enrollment. Due to missing data for pertinent diet and anthropometric variables, our analytic sample consisted of 74 subjects. All data collection forms were translated into English and Spanish, and a bi-lingual translator was available for assistance.
Outcome Measures

Eligible subjects were enrolled if they attended a health assessment clinic that occurred either as part of a health fair at their church or by appointment at Loma Linda University. A 12 h fasting blood sample drawn by a certified phlebotomist and first void urine sample were collected from each participant. For this analysis, biospecimens were analyzed for a comprehensive metabolic panel, and also tests of inflammatory markers (interleukin-6, C reactive protein) using a previously described protocol by Jaceldo-Siegl et al. (26). Briefly, collection of blood was done after an overnight fast, and serum was separated from the cells within 30 min of collection, placed on wet ice, and then shipped or transported to the central study laboratory at Loma Linda, CA for further processing. Blood was aliquoted to 0.5 mL samples and immediately stored in liquid nitrogen until analysis. Concentrations of CRP and IL-6 were measured in duplicate samples using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits from R & D Systems (Minneapolis, MN, USA) for IL-6, Thermo Fisher Scientific (Waltham, MA, USA), and Assaypro (St. Charles, MO, USA) for CRP. For IL-6, the detectable limit was 0.039 pg/mL, and intra- and inter-assay CV were 6.9 and 7.2%; and for CRP, these were 100 pg/mL, 5.5 and 7.6%, respectively.

Blood pressure (BP), weight, height, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference (WC), and body composition were assessed on-site. Height was measured to the nearest quarter inch (0.64 cm) using the Seca 214 Portable Height Rod (Seca Corp, Hamburg, Germany). Weight (measured to the nearest half pound or 0.23 kg) and body composition were assessed using a body composition analyzer (Tanita, Model TBF-300A, Arlington Heights, IL, USA). Waist circumference was obtained using an anthropometric tape placed around the waist just above the hipbone.

Blood pressure and resting pulse were assessed each as the average of three measurements using the OMRON Digital Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7471C (Omron Healthcare Inc., Vernon Hills, IL, USA). All subjects were subject to a standard protocol, including a 5 min quiet relaxation period prior to the first reading of BP and resting pulse, and 1 min rest between consecutive measurements.
Classification of Vegetarian Diet

Dietary intake was assessed using two methods: (1) A single 24 h recall using standard methodology that has been discussed previously (27), (2) Survey items adapted from EPIC Oxford where subjects were also asked about their consumption (in the past 30 days) of four animal-based products (meat, fish, dairy, and eggs). Using the latter method to survey usual intake, participants were classified as non-vegetarian if they currently eat meat; pescatarian if they eat no meat but eat fish; lacto-ovo vegetarian if they eat dairy and eggs but not meat or fish; and strict vegetarian if they do not consume meat, eggs, fish and dairy. Due to the limited sample size, strict vegetarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians, and pescatarians were considered as following a plant-based diet and collapsed into a “vegetarian” group. Survey items measuring meat intake among Seventh-day Adventists have been validated against multiple 24 h recalls with correlations that exceed 0.80 (27).
Assessment of Demographic, Religiosity, and Culture-Specific Data

We obtained demographic, spoken language, nativity and religiosity data by questionnaire. Religiosity was assessed by asking the question, “How religious are you?” where we defined “religious” as having “to do with a personal experience and not just a behavior, like going to church.” Responses were elicited using a 10-point semantic differential scale where 1 represents not religious at all and 10 the most religious.

Descriptive analyses comparing vegetarians and non-vegetarians on selected subject characteristics were conducted using t-tests for continuous, and χ2 or Fisher test for categorical variables. Continuous outcome variables (anthropometric, body composition, pulse, and blood pressure measures) were compared in vegetarians and non-vegetarians using generalized linear models adjusted for age, sex, and education. Ninety-five percent confidence intervals for the difference between these adjusted means were computed using the standard errors of the regression coefficients in the models.

In Table 1, we examined demographics characteristics of Hispanic/Latino subjects in the AMEN study. We found that vegetarians tended to be older (p = 0.006) and more educated (p = 0.02) as compared to non-vegetarians (Table 1). There was no significant difference in religiosity between the vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


Table 1. Selected characteristics among Hispanic/Latino vegetarians and non-vegetarians in the Adventist Multi-ethnic Nutrition (AMEN) Study.

Vegetarian Diet and Adiposity

In linear regression models (Table 2), we tested the association between measures of adiposity (BMI, waist circumference (WC), fat mass, and percent body fat) as outcomes and vegetarian diet status as a main exposure. We found that BMI was lower among the vegetarians than the non-vegetarians (24.5 kg/m2 vs. 27.9 kg/m2, p = 0.006) after adjusting for age, sex, and education. Vegetarians also had significantly lower waist circumference (34.8 cm vs. 37.5 cm), fat mass (18.3 kg vs. 23.9 kg), and percent body fat (28.4% vs. 32%) as compared to non-vegetarians. Pulse rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure values among vegetarians were not significantly different from those of non-vegetarians.


Table 2. Comparison of obesity measures, body composition, pulse, and blood pressure in vegetarians and non-vegetarians in the AMEN Study.

Vegetarian Diet, Adiposity, and Inflammatory Markers

We found that log-transformed interleukin-6 (IL-6) was positively associated with the following adiposity outcomes: BMI (β = 1.64, p = 0.04), waist circumference (β = 1.32, p = 0.08), fat mass (β = 1.32, p = 0.05), and fat percent (β = 4.22, p = 0.004). Adding the main exposure for vegetarian status to the model did not appreciably reduce these associations. For log transformed C-reactive protein (CRP), positive associations were found for fat mass (β = 2.38, p = 0.03) and fat percent (β = 3.13, p = 0.004). Similarly, adding the main exposure did not change CRP associations with measures of adiposity. We note that the power to detect mediation was low, making type 1 errors more likely.

There were no significant differences between vegetarians and non-vegetarians for log-transformed CRP (β = −0.06562, p = 0.78) or log-transformed IL-6 (β = −0.19132, p = 0.29).

In the AMEN study, we found that in a sample of Seventh-day Adventist Hispanic/Latino adults, those following a vegetarian dietary pattern had a BMI that was lower (24.5 kg/m2 vs. 27.9 kg/m2, p = 0.006) and within federally-recommended limits as compared to non-vegetarians. These findings were confirmed by similar decreases in other measures of adiposity [fat mass (18.3 kg vs. 23.9 kg), and percent body fat (28.4% vs. 32%)] and abdominal adiposity [waist circumference (34.8 cm vs. 37.5cm)].

These findings are concordant with findings from non-Hispanic white Adventists (18, 19, 22), Black/African American Adventists (22, 25), and Asian Adventists (20). For Black Adventists, Akbar et al. has reported a “cultural tailoring” of the vegetarian diet chosen whereby Southern and Caribbean influenced dietary patterns introduced a wide range of plant foods into the diet (24). In US-based Asian Indian Adventists, Singh reported the predominance of nuts as a major source of protein in vegetarians who were at lower BMI (20).

Our next step in the AMEN study was to investigate how the protective patterns of plant-based eating in Hispanic/Latino adults were influenced by cultural preference for specific plant foods. These data can potentially inform culturally-tailored plant-based dietary interventions for the broader population of US Hispanic/Latinos who have been experiencing a nutrition transition away from simpler, more traditional diets rich in whole plant foods.
Plant-Based Eating in US Hispanic/Latinos

Our data indicates that more plant-based eating in US-based Hispanic/Latino Adventist adults was associated on average with adiposity indices falling within the federally-recommended limits. If this association holds true also for non-Adventist Hispanics/Latinos, how feasible and scalable is it to have Adventist and non-Adventist Hispanics/Latinos increase their plant-based dietary choices as a means of preventing the obesity and cardiometabolic diseases that are disproportionately prevalent in their community?

When considering this question it is noteworthy that data from Latin America indicate a rich cultural tradition of eating and preparing a diverse range of regional plant foods. For example, the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico traditionally adhered to a diet consisting of beans, corn, and squash and very little meat, and this pattern has been associated with lower risk of cardiometabolic disease (28) and can be significantly compromised by plying the Tarahumara with a typical U.S. diet (29). Studies from South America report that vegan and semi-vegetarian Peruvian and Brazilian subjects (following traditional cultural choices involving plant foods) do have lower rates of hypertension, dyslipidemia, and obesity as compared to omnivores (30). These small studies provide clues that increasing plant-based diet choices based on long-held cultural traditions of eating whole plant foods can potentially be an attractive target for high impact interventions. When designing dietary interventions we note that the strict vegetarian diet pattern is not commonly practiced by US Hispanic/Latinos (31), and further research is needed in this community to examine whether increasing plant food intake to the point of semi-vegetarian or pescatarian pattern can improve health outcomes.
Plant-Based Eating, Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines, and Obesity in Hispanic/Latinos

Among the Hispanic/Latino adults of the AMEN study, we did find that measures of adiposity were associated with pro-inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin-6. Compared to non-vegetarian dietary patterns, vegetarian dietary patterns generate increased microbially-generated short chain fatty acids, which reduce systemic inflammation (e.g., IL-6), increase hormonal satiety-signaling (e.g., glucagon-like peptide-1) and reduce insulin resistance (32, 33). Among Hispanic/Latino subjects, recent studies suggest that IL-6 may be elevated from a young age, and the link across the lifespan to higher rates of cardiometabolic disease may be due to specific IL-6 polymorphisms in Latino youth (34). Interestingly, adding IL-6 to our models examining association with vegetarian diet exposure did not alter the protective effect of the diet on obesity.

The AMEN study has important limitations. The cross-sectional and observational design precludes inferring a causal effect from the association of diet with obesity and obesity-related disease. The purpose of our pilot study was to generate culturally-specific hypotheses for testing this association in longitudinal and experimental designs with novel culturally-tailored interventions.

The relatively small sample size limited our statistical power to test more complex food and nutrient models, and for testing interaction and mediation. We note, however, the significant and cross-validating associations between plant-based eating and measures of adiposity that persist despite the limited power to detect these associations.

Religiosity could also be a factor since we are studying a faith-based group. It is noteworthy, however, that we observed no difference in religiosity between the vegetarians and non-vegetarians we studied. Measurement error in dietary assessment is always present in observational work, but we note a decades-long track record by our research group validating diet and vegetarian diet survey measures in Adventists (16, 17, 35).

Our findings from Hispanic/Latino Seventh-day Adventists indicate that plant-based diet patterns were associated with adiposity in the recommended range, and effects were consistent across multiple measures of adiposity and obesity-related inflammatory markers. Further studies of how Hispanics/Latinos have culturally tailored the Adventist plant-based eating pattern could potentially inform interventions for the broader population of Hispanics/Latinos.
Ethics Statement

The study protocol was approved by the institutional review board of Loma Linda University and performed in accordance with the ethical standards as laid down in the 1975 Declaration of Helsinki as revised in 2000. All participants provided signed informed consent.
Author Contributions

PS: designed the study, supervised data collection and analysis, wrote the final version of the manuscript and obtained funding; KJ-S: designed the study, supervised data collection and analysis, wrote a draft of the manuscript; NC: analyzed data; WS: analyzed data and edited manuscript; LL: data collection coordinator and preliminary analysis; KS: analyzed data and edited manuscript; DE: analyzed data; MJ, HF, DH-B, and WM: edited manuscript.

This study was supported by a grant from the Center for Hispanic Health of the White Memorial Medical Center Foundation (PS).
Conflict of Interest Statement

The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

We thank the church staff, student volunteers, and our participants for their contributions to this study.

AMEN, Adventist Multi-ethnic Nutrition Study; US, United States; T2D, Type 2 Diabetes; HbA1c, Hemoglobin A1c; WC, Waist circumference; BMI, Body mass index; BP, blood pressure; AHS-2, Adventist Health Study 2; Veg, Vegetarian; Non-veg, Non-vegetarian.

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Keywords: Hispanic/Latino, plant-based diet, vegetarian, obesity, Seventh-day Adventist

Citation: Singh PN, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Shih W, Collado N, Le LT, Silguero K, Estevez D, Jordan M, Flores H, Hayes-Bautista DE and McCarthy WJ (2019) Plant-Based Diets Are Associated With Lower Adiposity Levels Among Hispanic/Latino Adults in the Adventist Multi-Ethnic Nutrition (AMEN) Study. Front. Nutr. 6:34. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2019.00034

Received: 13 November 2018; Accepted: 11 March 2019;
Published: 09 April 2019.

Edited by:Hana Kahleova, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, United States

Reviewed by:Sharon Ross, National Cancer Institute (NCI), United States
Iolanda Cioffi, Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Federico II, Italy

Copyright © 2019 Singh, Jaceldo-Siegl, Shih, Collado, Le, Silguero, Estevez, Jordan, Flores, Hayes-Bautista and McCarthy. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author(s) and the copyright owner(s) are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms.

*Correspondence: Pramil N. Singh,

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Sarah Pemberton, Outstanding Senior in Accounting, from Alvaton, Ky.

Kyla Scanlon, Outstanding Senior in Economics and Financial Management, Delta Sigma Pi Golden Key Award, and Robert W. Jefferson Outstanding Graduating Senior from Louisville

Connor Sturgill, Outstanding Junior in Accounting, from Shelbyville, Ky.

Benjamin Wright, Outstanding Senior in Mathematical Economics, from Auburn, Ky.


Student Ambassadors for the GFCB were also recognized:
Kaley Allen, Casey Child, Gabe Hitz, Alex Houlton, Seth Newby, Lejla Nuhanovic, Adabella Nunez, Owen Posey, Kyla Scanlon, Lyn Dawsyn Steenbergen, Paul Sumner, and Frank Zheng.


The Dean’s Student Advisory Council was also recognized for its service this academic year:
Kaley Allen, Payton Carter, Jamal Davis, Sydney Engle, Ryan Hendricks, Zach Hensley, Maria Hernandez, Katie Hightchew, James Hill, Chair; Anne Holden, Jacob Jones, Whitney King, Lejla Nuhanovic, Owen Posey, Josh Rickert, Kyla Scanlon, and Katie Smith.


The following faculty and staff were recognized at the event:

Gordon & Glenda Ford Award for Faculty Excellence: Dr. Mark Ciampa, Information Systems

Vitale Award for Initiative, Innovation, & Leadership: Dr. Ron Rhoades, Finance

Public Service Award: Dr. Dana Cosby, Management

Research & Creativity Award: Dr. Johnny Chan, Finance

Student Advisement Award: Ms. Sheri Henson, Accounting

Teaching Award: Dr. Stacy Bibelhauser, Accounting

Part-Time Teaching Award: Ms. Alice Simpson, GFCB

Lou Prida Student Service Award: Dr. Pat Jordan, Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator

Anne & Dan Greenwell Staff Award: Ms. Stacey Gish, Communication Coordinator

MBA Teaching Award: Dr. Bob Hatfield, Management


GFCB Alumni were also honored:

Stephanie Carter, Marketing Data Manager with A.O. Smith Corporation in Nashville, received the Recent Alumni Award.

Ryan Meredith, Vice President of Asset Management with Ryman Hospitality Properties, received the GFCB Alumni Award.

          Printmaking on display in 'Flora and Fauna' installation at Kentucky Museum      Comment   Translate Page      

Flora and Fauna, a group installation project created in Assistant Professor Marilee Salvator’s printmaking courses, is on display through June 15 at the Kentucky Museum.

This large-scale installation was created with students enrolled in Salvator’s multi-level Printmaking: Screenprinting and Printmaking: Relief classes in the Department of Art. The project questions the notions of traditional printmaking by using the multiple in non-traditional ways. In traditional printmaking, an image is created on a matrix (in relief printmaking it would be a piece of wood or linoleum; in screenprinting a transparency that is exposed to a screen) then the artist would print multiple impressions of the image and create a printed edition (a group of prints that are identical). Salvator is more interested in using the print in unique ways such as installation. Each student in the two classes were asked to print and cut out 30 impressions of their image on a special paper made out of Kozo fibers.

Salvator works in printmaking installation in her own work, creating large-scale, long-term works that have hundreds or thousands of individual elements. Two years ago, she got the idea that it would be interesting to have her classes work collaboratively and make a large group installation project. All of these group projects have been a huge success and a valuable learning opportunity for the students. The project teaches the students the importance of working collaboratively and gives them alternative ways of looking at art display and the medium of printmaking. Working in a group makes creating a large-scale work far less intimidating and often encourages her more advanced students to go on and create their own large-scale installation.

Salvator’s Printmaking: Relief class in Fall 2017 created a beautiful bird installation on the second floor of FAC. Kentucky Museum Artist-in-Residence Lynne Ferguson asked Salvator if she was interested in having her class create an even larger scale project at the Kentucky Museum this semester.

In Spring 2018, Salvator’s Printmaking: Relief class worked on another group project that was installed on the second floor of the Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center. This work was a combination of plants, animals and bugs.

The current work at the Kentucky Museum includes select elements from both of the previous works as well as new works created by students this semester. Salvator and her students spent approximately eight hours over two days installing the exhibition. The work is hung with a process called wall chine colle, a non-damaging, water reversible gluing process.

A reception will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. April 23.

Students who installed the work and created elements from this semester:

Screenprinting -- Bailey J. Jordan, Ethan T. Justice, Carly T. Lagrange, Nicole M. Ogorek, Hallie E. Pennington, Shelby R. Riley, Heather M. Bensinger, Sara D. Jones, Fengyan Liu, Rachel C. Rummage, Autumn Minor, Marlee Jones, Bronwyn Liddle, Zach Preston, Madeline Rafferty, Daniel Nausa, Paige Miller

Relief Printmaking -- Zoe Caswell, JoyBeth Heberly, Trey Kessler, Tara Shade, Autumn Walters, Xueyan Wu, Sutton Doyle, Christina M Ligibel, Olivia Short, Emily Geiman, Bronwyn Liddle, Paige Miller

Students from previous semesters who have work included in the installation: Bronwyn Liddle, Marlee Jones, Paige Miller, Emily Geiman, Aislynn Barnes, Daniel Nausa, Rachel Walker, Sam Johnson, Hanna Gribbins, Trent James, Mel Lively, McKenna Vierstra, Ellie Allen, Heather Bensinger, Meredith Bush, Lydia Farmer, Amber Lewis, Rachel Rummage, Jalen Garner, Zach Preston, Sunny Shepherd, Bryson Lacasse

Contact: Marilee Salvator, (270) 745-3944

          Raiders second to no one at state meet      Comment   Translate Page      
One point put the exclamation point on Navarre’s first boys state weightlifting championship in program history. Behind two state champions (Josh Carter and Jordan Jefferson), as well as three other medal winners, the Raiders edged reigning champ Spruce Creek by the slimmest of margins. Noah Melendez placed fourth, and the three points he received for […]
          Spring Football Bits Needs Beard Work      Comment   Translate Page      
Spring Football Bits Needs Beard Work Seth April 12th, 2019 at 3:10 PM
Oh like your facial hair is any better Brad! [Patrick Barron]

Last trip down the bits until fall, as the spring game will get its own coverage next week and then it's just cold, dark offseason punctuated by Hello posts and HTTV work.

Defensive Tackle


Rest that, man. We're gonna need you. [Marc-Grégor Campredon]

What we want to hear: Jeter comp to Hurst or something. Somebody else stepping up at DT. Dwumfour back soon.

What we're hearing: Since last week there was a whole kerfluffle started when Harbaugh said this in his presser:

Just to follow up on Donovan and Dwumfour, are they injuries that could keep them out of the season? When you say serious, what does that mean exactly?

“It could. I’ve always been kind of just… as a coach but also when I played, I put a lot of stock in what a player, how their body feels, how they respond. So that’s the feedback. All indication we’re getting is that they really can’t do much at all. You always hope for the best.”

Are they injuries that require surgery?

“No, no. Donovan’s has been a soft-tissue injury, a groin injury. And Michael had a torn plantar fascia right before the bowl game. You start to worry when injuries linger longer than previously thought or longer than the time it usually takes, but I think nobody knows their body better than the actual person or athlete.”

And Dwumfour got word of some winds and responded on twitter (I'm choosing not to link a player's tweets since I don't want to add fuel to internet dumb). I mentioned all this with DPJ, along with my take:

"I put a lot of stock in what a player thinks" is Harbaughspeak for "It annoys me when players aren't practicing because they're healing even though I've been told it shouldn't." I gather from comments inside the program and from Dwumfour's response on Twitter that both are going to be fine. If Harbaugh's football coach instinct to expect players with minor injuries to practice has been reduced to howling at the moon about it, that too is fine.

Dwumfour was on the field but not practicing.

Rivals' young contributor Andrew Hussey shared that Mazi Smith's name comes up a lot when they talk to coaches and players.

Harbaugh also clarified what he sees in Jeter and what position they're playing:

Donovan Jeter’s our starting 3-tech right now. He continues to be an ascending player. He’s just…he appears hellbent on being the starting defensive tackle…And Carlo Kemp, talked about him before, extremely strong. He’s our starting nose.

Marich dropped a practice buzz($) yesterday that was mostly offense, but we got a few bits on D:

Jeter and Hutch looked very good in one on ones vs OL.

Rivals published some competition drills. Not much you can glean from watching them except Paea was much faster than Mazi Smith in the 58 vs. 58 battle. There wasn't much else to take away from practice, really.

What it means: We finally made it through a week this spring when the Ben Mason talk wasn't being jammed down our throats. That's the best sign yet that we might survive Defensive Tacklegeddon—Mason is a character but also not a guy who's going to last at 3-tech at 260 pounds after moving from fullback. Hey—it'll be fun, don't get me wrong—but you want them comfortable with the guy.

Moving Kemp to nose is…well his pass rush is not going to be as much of a problem as it was at tackle as long as he can stand up—that's a thing to watch in spring. It also gives the easier job to Jeter—whether that translates to better pass rush is The thing to watch. We'll have to watch it all over again in fall to see how Dwumfour fits.


[After the JUMP: Depth charts and scant explanation]


Defensive End


Now with more tight end action. [Patrick Barron]

What we want to hear: Big breakout from one of 2017 dudes. Some hype to go with the impressively-sized hominid wearing the Ojabo jersey. Love for Kwity and Aidan. Probably too much to ask that any of these guys can play DT.

What we're hearing: Aidan. Balas dropped an ITF last week($) that was heavy on football recruiting and basketball departures. There was only one bit on the football defense and it seems to be mostly about Aidan Hutchinson:

Some of the best news to emerge starts on the defensive line, where several young players have stepped up. They still need depth (and we told you in the last ITF they would be looking at DT grad transfers after the spring), but Luiji Vilain, Donovan Jeter and Aidan Hutchinson have really answered the call this spring. Hutchinson is the guy many expected to take a huge leap, and he has. He’s much bigger than his father, All-American Chris Hutchinson (early 1990s), but is very similar in one respect: He is relentless, and he never takes a play off. He is bigger and stronger than last year, and many believe he’s got the potential for an All-Big Ten season as a sophomore.

That tracks with Harbaugh's presser:

“Can really say that about the defensive line as well. Aidan Hutchinson is having a great spring. He’s becoming a dominant player. He’s elevated his game. Played in all 13 games as a true freshman and he’s just doing an incredible job.

The presser noted Vilain has "come on" at End, and "Julius Welschof's made a move." Everyone got named, but Ron Johnson's was in context of a soft-tissue injury. When Harbaugh got to Ojabo he riffed:

And David Ojabo, all signs are that, all indications that once he really learns the game and understands that part of it, he’s going to be a tremendous player. Exceptional in terms of heavy hands and being able to knock back an offensive lineman and also has real speed. He was a 100-meter guy in high school. When it all comes together—he’s only had seven practices. Was limited as a football player as a youngster and in high school. Really played one full season in high school but played four other sports during his high school career. I have good things to say about him.

What it means: All systems go for the next generation, sometimes literally. Don Brown has an incredible track record at defensive end—his Boston College recruits are still going to the NFL—and the athletes they brought in, barring injury, all appear to be working out. Hutchinson was pretty good (also pretty freshman) last year, and while there's reason to hype him up this year—he's replacing Rashan Gary—there's also good reason to believe it.

Vilain already second on the depth chart doesn't say anything about his health—he'll be fine or he won't—but probably also means that Welschof/Upshaw aren't yet ready for a lot of snaps. Vilain has to be an "End"—the Winovich position—so if he's backing up Kwity I think that means Kwity Paye is the new weakside guy after playing mostly anchor last year when Gary was out (Hutchinson played End until everyone was out vs. Florida). That's a good sign. Kwity was undersized for Anchor, and Hutchinson was meant to grow into one. I expect when Danna arrives that they'll both be at Anchor, with Kwity and Vilain also at end.

I think they've got something in Ojabo, and wouldn't be surprised if we see him this year in the role Hutchinson played. Newburg is a guy you unpack in a few years, and Upshaw still looks a year of muscle away from competing. One good note on Welschof suggests they've maybe got another player coming on. All that said, Mike Danna arrives in fall, and he, Aidan, and Kwity are probably getting the overwhelming majority of snaps, with Uche and whatnot cutting into what's left. I think we've heard the last of Ron Johnson.

Depth chart:

Anchor End
Aidan Hutchinson Kwity Paye
Julius Welschof Luiji Vilain
Taylor Upshaw David Ojabo
Ron Johnson Gabe Newburg




The McGrone photo one more time before our photographers get like a zillion shots of him in spring [Patrick Barron]

What we want to hear: McGrooooooone! And Anthony! Please!

What we're hearing: Very little; Devin Gil missed some practices with illness, and Josh Ross (hamstring strain) and Cam McGrone both sat out the open practice. Harbaugh's linebacker bits:

Now it’s Jordan Anthony along with Cam McGrone. They’re all interchangeable at that Mike/Will position. And Jordan Glasgow, he plays Viper, he plays Mike, he plays Will, he plays ‘em all in there.

Hudson has been fabulous all spring. Khaleke Hudson, having an excellent spring. So is Josh Uche, and Michael Barrett’s doing a really good job as a Viper and a Sam. I’d put him behind Glasgow right now in those areas, but really probably the backup Sam backer right now to Josh Uche. And he’s also, as I said, playing Viper.

They see SAM as a different position from Viper, by the way.

Josh Uche spent the majority of the open practice with the linebackers but joined the defensive line later for some competition drills. I noted at 4:00 in that video that Uche started from a two-point (standing up) stance, whereas all the other DL began from a three-point stance, with the exception of Gabe Newburg in one twist blitz drill.

In Michigan's defense the Viper is the guy usually matched on tight ends, so the pool managed to get a question about the competition in when TE coach Sherrone Moore took the stage:

You mentioned a few guys on defense. What players on that side of the ball have jumped out to you as you’ve been watching things?

“Uche as usual. Khaleke, because we always have to deal with Khaleke. He’s always harassing us, holding [and] grabbing us as we say, but he’s such a physical, fast player. Michael Barrett has done some really good things. Obviously Brad [Hawkins] and Josh [Metellus] and those guys are always solid players, really good players for us. For us in our room, we always have to deal with Khaleke, we always have to deal with Glasgow, so those are the guys that really jump out for us.”

Jordan Glasgow got to talk to the media, and wore his work shirt. The interesting part was holistic: they're fine and aggressive against the run but have to play better when the offense is trying to mess with them.

What it means: I guess everyone's coming along as they can. I would like to have heard more about McGrone and Anthony—they'll be a thing to watch in the spring game tomorrow. Ross and Hudson are starters; Uche is going to have the Uche role, and it seems they're serious about Michael Barrett, who's heir apparent by default at viper for now.

Depth chart:

Viper Mike Will Sam
Khaleke Hudson Josh Ross Devin Gil Josh Uche
Jordan Glasgow Cameron McGrone Jordan Anthony Michael Barrett




Nickel is a separate thing. Starter at nickel ain't no. [Barron]

What we want to hear: Skip Metellus unless he's going to be the best safety in the country or something. Tell me about the other starter, and what our plan might be if the true freshman isn't immediately the best safety in the country or something.

What we're hearing: We FINALLY got a defensive backs coach in front of the media this year. So?

[opening formalities]

So after J-

[question about a punt returner]

And safety?

I mean, Josh is playing at an elite level right now. His leadership qualities are unbelievable…sky’s the limit for him. I think he could be one of the best safeties in the country this year. That’s what we’re shooting for.

And after Josh?

[11(!!!) questions about the kickers]
[2 more questions about returners]
[how do you feel about all the coaching changes?]

Hey we saw J'Marick Woods in the bowl game…

"He's controlling his body. I mean, we saw it in December before the bowl game. He's come into this spring ball and he's been lights out to where he had to develop a little bit. We're excited about him. As I said, he's becoming a man, he's taking a stronghold (of the position), he's understanding the defense, he's seeing formations and he's taking to coaching. It's really been awesome."

The other players like it when ol' J'Marick Woods lays the proverbial J'Marick Wood. Jordan Glasgow:

"He can hit harder than I've really ever seen anyone (hit before). He can really put his body out there and lay it all on the line.

Partridge also gave us an update/explanation-type-substance on Brad Hawkins:

“The other guy, too, is Brad Hawkins. Brad played last year because of injuries or whatnot but Brad was a receiver his entire life, so he’s literally going into his third year of ever playing defense, so the sky is the limit and he is shooting for it right now.

they’re all just getting to where they could be and they could still go more but this has been really good for those guys this spring and for our defense to say ‘Wow, Brad has gotten so much better.’ Well, yeah, because he’s going into his third year playing defense so just seeing formations, understanding calls and all that stuff. He’s gonna continue to get better.”

The rest of the interview went back to how he feels about good people who switch sides to evil.

The Marich update added a line that is as precise as it's concise($):

DBs were very physical. Woods made some plays. Dax will compete immediately with safeties for starting spot.

There's also this from the much thicker offense paragraph($):

Sainristil will make instant impact next year - electrifying with the ball and great route runner. Caught slot fade vs Hawkins for a TD and scored on a crossing route where he outran everyone.

Woods was playing free safety with the ones in the Ruiz stiffarm video

And Harbaugh gave us a depth chart:

The nickel position, Brad Hawkins is the starter there. He’s doing an excellent job. He’s also backing up at both safety positions, both the Rover and the Free. Right now Josh Metellus and J’Marick Woods are the two starting safeties. Louis Grodman is backing up Brad and so is Sammy Faustin. Gemon Green, Tyler Cochran are also in the mix along with Quinn Rothman. That’s also been another position of good health for us.”

What it means: First: check on the Metellus hype. Thank you.

Second: the deck is cleared for Daxton Hill.

This is not ideal. Woods is your leader for the other safety. Woods makes some plays but in case you don't know our take on safeties, we'll go for a boring guy who doesn't make mistakes over the assassin every time. Hawkins you could hope for a leap in development since he moved from receiver and then spent a year at Viper. Partridge came around to saying what you want to hear there, but if Hawkins is the dude who's going to let Dax gently slide onto the field with an eye toward a sophomore breakout, I'm rather certain we'd be hearing more.

As much as I'm in the bag for Sweetness Sainristil, he's not the only speedy slot bug in the league even with Ohio State buying up every Parris Campbell-like object in the Midwest. One of those guys busting huge out of a crossing route 1) is the very last thing a Michigan fan wants to be reminded of, and 2) must include a biff by a safety. Also you know how much Michigan went out of its way last year to kill slot fades. It'd be nice if Sweetness was literally the only guy capable of beating Hawkins on a slot fade given how the defense aligns; he probably is not.

Meanwhile, dead silence on the redshirt freshmen. German Green? Sammy Faustin? Bueller? The only thing we've gotten is Jaylen Kelly-Powell's move to cornerback, discussed below.

It's not so dire as defensive tackle. I think you've got a B+ guy in Metellus and some guys in Hawkins and Woods you can play against most opponents but can't get away with versus the elite ones—they both worked in last year so we're not basing this on nothing. It takes awhile to pick up all a safety has to do in this defense, but the rover position (Metellus's last year) can be simplified for a guy with elite athleticism, and that feels like the play, if not for the opener by Big Ten season.

Depth Chart:

Rover Free Safety Nickel
Josh Metellus J'Marick Woods Brad Hawkins
Brad Hawkins Jaylen Kelly-Powell
Luis Grodman Sammy Faustin Quinn Rothman
German Green Tyler Cochran  



What we want to hear: Ambry is all grown up. Tell us why you like Gray?

What we're hearing: Ambry Thomas got the "Yep, you're ready to talk to the media" treatment reserved for position group leaders and locked in starters:

"It's just recognizing formations, what route you're gonna see, on the boundary [snaps]. Yeah it's a whole different thing—everyone talks about this mind change, like slow your mind down, like I really see it now."

He also doesn't mind telling you he's one of the fastest guys in NCAA.

Harbaugh reiterated what we all already know about Gray and what I've been trying to tell you about Hunter Reynolds since he got one of the spring scholarships made available by Michigan's NFL departures:

“Yeah, so the corner, it’s been a healthy position for us this spring. With Lavert rehabbing, Vince Gray starting at left corner right now and Ambry Thomas starting at right corner. Hunter Reynolds is backing up along with Jaylen Kelly-Powell. Jaylen Kelly-Powell’s also backing up at the nickel. Myles Sims, Gemon Green have also been in the mix and they’re coming along good so far this spring, so that’s been a good, healthy position for us. Jalen Perry has also worked in and he’s on the depth chart along with Jared Davis and then John Baty, who is a student tryout that’s done a nice job. All indications are that he’s making the football team, so it’s been a good position.

I cheekily read too much into Myles Sims switching to the #46 jersey (Michael Barrett and Josh Uche are both wearing #6 on defense) in my "let's read too much into the roster" article, and then an insider has to go and make that sound actually serious:


So…that's a thing to keep an eye on. He's still as thin as a spider—one of the few guys whose Herbertization wasn't clearly evident on the field last Saturday. But also keep this in mind: EVERY player thinks of transferring. Every one I've asked about it at least, and I ask that often. Marlin Jackson was out the door when Carr wouldn't believe him about the fake bottle-throwing incident. Jeremy Gallon didn't bother to come to practice. Bennie Joppru sold his tapes collection to get a bus ticket home. Todd Howard was fed up with the fans always dogging him for not being Charles Woodson. Brandon Williams was fed up with being behind Todd Howard. Jack Weisenberger saw Bump Elliott and Bob Chappuis return from WWII and told Fritz Crisler he's gonna focus on baseball since they obviously don't need another back.

What it means: Ambry seems to have crossed that threshold from talented guy they want to get on the field to star player who uses his ability for incredible feats. On the other hand, he is still clearly far too young and inexperienced to be trusted with facial hair:


I've been there, and it's nothing that can't be fixed with a razor blade and time. JKP's move to cornerback is a sign that he won't grow into a safety, and that removes his highest ceiling. I'm very anxious to see if Gray is Brandon Watson 2.0 or just an incredible find. Ditto Hunter Reynolds. Let's see those guys against Tarik before we gauge whether the next generation is a problem. This season still has Lavert and Ambry so it's not a dire immediate thing. It does irk that there isn't a Jourdan/Lavert/David/Ambry after Ambry.

Depth chart:

Left Cornerback Right Cornerback
Lavert Hill Ambry Thomas
Vincent Gray Hunter Reynolds
Jaylen Kelly-Powell German Green
Jalen Perry Myles Sims
Jared Davis John Baty

Saludo a los v…

April 12th, 2019 at 3:45 PM ^

Defensive Tackle is obviously a huge concern because there is no depth and a lot of unknowns, but the rest of the front seven will probably be fine. I think everyone is so spoiled from how good the defense has been the last few years. Paye is a good to great player, and Hutchinson could be in line for a huge leap forward. As for linebacker/viper, Hudson could be an All-American, Ross should be excellent, and I expect we will see the talent of Anthony and McGrone shine through.

Honestly the thing that scares me the most besides DT is what happens if Hill doesnt stay healthy. Corner could be a real weak spot, especially if they do no have a great pass rush.

Joined: 04/14/2011

MGoPoints: 386


April 12th, 2019 at 4:20 PM ^

Is "fine" good enough to beat OSU, PSU, MSU, ND, UW and two CFP opponents? If so great but I have my doubts. I would have thought at this point in Harbaugh's tenure there would be more depth and talent on the roster. That there isn't suggests player development or recruiting isn't good enough, or perhaps both. Guess we'll find out this fall, but my patience as a fan is starting to wear thin after the last two decades.

Joined: 04/12/2019

MGoPoints: 0


April 12th, 2019 at 5:04 PM ^

Pretty sure we had a lot of the same fears about the defense heading into the 2017 season. A lot of “who the hell is this guy,” after we lost 10 of our 11 starters, and our only returning starter was a pretty weak link (McCray, tough in the hole but slowwwww).

I don’t think you can really say much about the talent or depth of this defense yet. We haven’t really seen them play to this point and the guys you HAVE seen, have had an entire offseason of improvement. 

Joined: 01/11/2015

MGoPoints: 9224


April 13th, 2019 at 1:22 PM ^

I don't see a lot of similarities to 2017 to be honest. In 2017 guys like Winovich, Gary, and Hurst had already played a lot of snaps and all had high 2016 PFF grades. In the secondary Hill and Long were top 100 recruits (and played like it) while Kinnel and Metellus pretty much played like their ranking suggested they would, which everyone agreed was the weak spot of the defense. The only other question mark was at LB but Hudson and Bush answered those in spades at the spring game. In fact I think the general consensus was that Bush was going to be an upgrade from Gedeon and Hudson might be more suited for Viper than Peppers. I hope our defense will be great this year, but the talent down the middle of the defense is flat out average and nowhere near what it was the past few years. 

Joined: 04/12/2019

MGoPoints: 0


April 12th, 2019 at 6:23 PM ^

Exactly.  Can we please ban the phrase "we'll be fine"?  "Fine" is 9-3 with a loss to Ohio State and a Citrus/Outback/Alamo Bowl bid.  "Fine" is an off-season filled with excuses and rationalizations and blaming officials.  "Fine" is no division championship, no Big Ten championship and no playoff.  "Fine" is "wait 'til next year".

Joined: 03/08/2018

MGoPoints: 465


April 12th, 2019 at 4:13 PM ^

It sucks typing this but there isn't a lot to get excited about as a whole. Call it a hangover from last year's whole "Revenge Tour" mantra that unceremoniously ended after the 1st quarter of the OSU game but for the first time in Don Brown's tenure at UM, I think we take a small step back on D. Maybe two if the DL and LB groups need time to find some leadership.

Hope they prove me wrong.

Joined: 01/23/2014

MGoPoints: 11058


April 12th, 2019 at 8:00 PM ^

I'm not quite as down on the front 7 as most seem to be.

DE-With Paye, Vilain, Hutchinson, Danna, and Uche I believe the play from DE will remain good to great.

DT- staying healthy is obviously the key..Jeter, Kemp and Dwumfor should be solid.. if we can get legitimate depth out of Mazi, Hinton and Mason this group should be good. I have little hope this will be a position of strength, but I don't think it will be the liability people think. How we hold up against truly elite teams will concern me until my eyes are proven wrong though. 

LB- Hudson, and Ross have 1st team all conference and a chance at All American potential, I feel Mcgrone and Anthony will have very good seasons, and if we can get an improved version of Gill, this group has the potential to be the strength of the defense. Added depth from Glasgow, Barrett, and Uche is key. 

However I am much more concerned with the back of the defense. The OSU/Bama/Clemsons of the world have transitioned to being able to line up 4-5 WR sets with elite speed and talent, until Michigan can line up 4-5 DB's that can match that type of skillset I will be concerned with our ability to truly be elite. Zordich has done an excellent job with our secondary, and we haven't heard much from him yet this spring.. but the depth this year is alarming.

CB- We have who exactly? Hill had an excellent year last year, and Thomas was good in limited action, but we have yet to see him in an extended role. I'm not counting anyone out, but after that we have JKP/Gray/Reynolds/Green brothers? and maybe Sims? Really hoping Zordich drops the ol reverse jinx and comes out and tells us everyone's terrible.

S- I like Metellus's game, he plays fast and seems to always be around the ball. If he cuts down on mistakes and has truly taken the next step I feel good about that position. After that the depth is again shaky at best. Hawkins and Woods have the potential to be good players. I understand how the "boring safety" has worked for us over the years, but taking the step from good (boring) to great safety play might just be what takes this defense over the top. Hopefully that is where Hill comes in, but it is tough to get too excited until we get to see him in game action.   


In my eyes the toughest thing to replace this season will be leadership. With Winovich, Gary, Bush, and Long we had legitimate leaders at all levels of the defense. When the going gets tough it is critical to have those leaders to lean on...who will be the guys to fill those type of roles remains to be seen. 


Joined: 09/28/2015

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April 13th, 2019 at 9:04 AM ^

i actually think leadership is easier to replace. 

bush allowed brown to do so much and leaves as one of their all time greats while the other 3 guys mentioned were productive, big time players on D.

if youre talking about your very best players being great leaders and guys able to take over games, that may be a different story.  but guys like kemp, metellus, uche, ross, hudson, etc, possess some of the traits youre looking for and have experienced enough to help lead the D.

they have some holes at DL and RB which may prove problematic but the biggest issue could be  lack of all american, gameplan altering type players.  they had hurst followed by bush which helped strengthen the D thru the middle and provide every down impact thats tough to account for...i dont see anyone at that level right now.  patterson, collins, people jones could be those game changing types on O...remains to be seen if any emerge on D.  they can still be good without those types, it just never hurts to have them.

every team is different however leadership should be fine.  DL depth, lack of 1st round beasts, etc would be higher on the list of issues.  if they remain healthy brown should still field a fairly tough D though

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          Orange Beats Blue at 2019 Auburn Spring Game as Bo Nix, Joey Gatewood Shine      Comment   Translate Page      
The process of replacing quarterback Jarrett Stidham began in earnest Saturday, as the Orange team defeated the Blue team 28-10 in the Auburn A-Day spring game at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, Alabama...
          GR-Michael Boston & Seth Santoro      Comment   Translate Page      
Video language: English This week brings you a brand new model, Jordan Long a a 25 year old cutie from Portand . He’s a natural in front of the camera, a bottom with one of the cutest smiles I’ve seen in a long time! Hopefully soon we’ll see his bottoming power in action with and [...]
          Justin Fields and Matthew Baldwin Combine For Four Touchdowns, Jahsen Wint Intercepts Two Passes As Gray Defeats Scarlet, 35-17, in 2019 Ohio State Spring Game      Comment   Translate Page      
Saturday's spring game started out slow on the scoreboard, but it was followed by a flurry of points in the second quarter.

Neither team scored in the first quarter of the game, but that changed quickly after Amir Riep intercepted a pass from Matthew Baldwin on the second play of the second quarter. Baldwin, who spent most of the game with Scarlet and the second-team offense, threw a pass slightly behind Jaelen Gill and Riep tipped the ball to himself before returning the ball to the 20-yard line.

  1 2 3 4 F
SCARLET 0 10 7 0 17
GRAY 0 28 7 0 35

Three plays later, Master Teague ran the ball into the end zone from one yard out to score the game's first touchdown for Gray.

Baldwin bounced back on the next drive with some help from his former Lake Travis High School teammate Garrett Wilson, who leaped up over Sevyn Banks to catch a 50/50 ball from Baldwin for an 18-yard touchdown reception.

Justin Fields – who played exclusively for the Gray team, which featured the first-team offense – responded by leading a touchdown drive of his own, capped off by a 5-yard run, to put Gray back in front, 14-7.

Baldwin threw his second interception of the game on Scarlet's next possession. He attempted to complete a deep pass against double coverage, but Jahsen Wint picked it off at the 2-yard line. 

Three plays later, Fields completed a deep ball to Binjimen Victor, who leaped up for a catch against walk-on cornerback Lloyd McFarquhar, leaving him with nothing but green grass in front of him to run for a 98-yard touchdown, extending the Gray lead to 21-7.

Wint followed up by making his second interception in as many plays on the very next play, picking off another deep ball thrown into double coverage, this time by Chris Chugunov.

Baldwin entered the game for Gray on the subsequent series, and led a six-play, 52-yard touchdown drive capped off by an 8-yard scoring pass to C.J. Saunders.

Following a 59-yard catch-and-run by Ellijah Gardiner on a pass from Chugunov, Blake Haubeil capped the first half with a 23-yard field goal, cutting Gray's lead to 28-10 entering halftime.

Both teams scored on their opening possessions of the second half, with early enrollee running back Marcus Crowley capping Scarlet's first possession with a 2-yard touchdown run, and Teague breaking free for a 22-yard touchdown run on Gray's first third-quarter drive. Those would be the final scoring plays of the game.

Fields finished the game with four completions on 13 passes for 131 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions, and added 38 rushing yards and a touchdown on eight carries. Baldwin completed 20 of 36 passes for 246 yards and two touchdowns with two interceptions, with a net loss of two yards on four rushing attempts (including sacks).

Game Notes

  • Dozens of former Ohio State players attended Saturday's game, including, among many others: Dwayne Haskins, Braxton Miller, Ezekiel Elliott, Mike Weber, Ted Ginn Jr., Michael Thomas, Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin, Johnnie Dixon, Jamarco Jones, Malcolm Pridgeon, Michael Jordan, Demetrius Knox, Isaiah Prince, Pat Elflein, Tyquan Lewis, Jalyn Holmes, Sam Hubbard, Dre'Mont Jones, Darron Lee, Denzel Ward, Malik Hooker and Sean Nuernberger.
  • Tuf Borland (who did not play due to injury) and Jonathon Cooper represented the Scarlet team (which had the first-team defense) as captains, while K.J. Hill and Luke Farrell were the captains for team Gray and the first-team offense. 1995 Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George was the honorary captain for Saturday's game.
  • Drue Chrisman proposed to his girlfriend at halftime. She said yes.
  • 61,102 people attended Saturday's game.

          Colleges announce commencement speakers      Comment   Translate Page      
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          Daniel Galán alcanza semifinales del ATP 250 de Houston - AS Colombia      Comment   Translate Page      
Daniel Galán alcanza semifinales del ATP 250 de Houston  AS Colombia

El tenista colombiano Daniel Galán, sigue imparable en el ATP 250 de Houston, tras avanzar a semifinales del torneo. Venció a Jordan Thompson.

          Circuito por Jordania // Ammán, Mar Muerto, Madaba, Petra y Wadi Rum: 8 días con hoteles con Media Pensión, visitas y vuelos // sólo 798,-€      Comment   Translate Page      

Parece que este país está a la orden del día… Por eso os traigo un circuito por Jordania que he encontrado en y que me parece de lo más completo. Incluye 8 días de tour, con 7 noches de alojamiento, 4 de ellas en Amman y 3 en Petra, en hoteles de categoría A que […]

Der Beitrag Circuito por Jordania // Ammán, Mar Muerto, Madaba, Petra y Wadi Rum: 8 días con hoteles con Media Pensión, visitas y vuelos // sólo 798,-€ erschien zuerst auf

          Mysterious bowls of mashed potatoes confuse Mississippians      Comment   Translate Page      

(WKRG) Residents of a neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, are confused by the bowls of mashed potatoes they’re finding on their cars, porches and mailboxes. Resident Jordan Lewis described the Belhaven neighborhood as a quirky one, with residents decorating road signs and putting Christmas trees in potholes. “So we don’t know if someone is just playing […]

The post Mysterious bowls of mashed potatoes confuse Mississippians appeared first on WND.

          14 kwietnia, święto chrztu?... ale czego albo kogo?      Comment   Translate Page      
Jednym z najnowszych polskich świąt państwowych jest, święto Chrztu Polski obchodzone 14 kwietnia. Przy wprowadzeniu tego święta odbyła się dyskusja w kręgach historyków, przypomnijmy tę dyskusję i jej ustalenia Można by się zastanowić dlaczego okrągłe rocznice danych wydarzeń tak bardzo skupiają uwagę ludzi, bo czym jest gorsza 999 rocznica od rocznicy 1000, czy 1050? Możliwe, że to wpływ polityków, którzy zwykle lubią się „ogrzewać” przy symbolach narodowych, przy wydarzeniach historycznych. Jest taką naszą wadą narodową, że o ile inne nacje święują zwycięstwa o klęskach szybko zapominając my jakoś lubujemy się w klęskach, jednak to święto można traktować w kategoriach pozytywnych, choć nie wszyscy tak to traktują.. Przy tym wydarzeniu postanowili „ogrzać” się zarówno rządy PRL, gdy w roku 1966 ogłosili święto „1000-lecia Państwa Polskiego”. Świętowano, budowano szkoły. W tym czasie Kościół pod wodzą kardynała Wyszyńskiego głosił święto „Chrztu Polski”. Był w tym święcie pewien sprzeciw Polaków względem ówczesnej władzy. Bo mimo spędów ludzi list jakoś zawsze słuchających kardynała Wyszyńskiego było więcej niż słuchaczy przemówień władz. Do tego święta sięgnął też obecny rząd lubujący się w symbolach narodowo-chrześcijańskich ogłaszając święto narodowe, Święto Chrztu Polski, tyle, że bez dnia wolnego od pracy.   Co na to historycy? Tekst ten oparłem o wykład znanego archeologa specjalisty od czasów wczesnego średniowiecza prof. Przemysława Urbańczyka oraz prof. Karola Olejnika. Profesor Urbańczyk jest znany jako głosiciel teorii, przyznam, iż wnosząc z moich kontaktów z archeologami, mocno w tym środowisku rozpowszechnionej, iż Piastowie byli poboczną linią władców państwa Wielkomorawskiego, Mojmirowiców, którzy po rozbiciu tego państwa przez lud stepowy Madziarów (902-907) w Wielkopolsce próbowali znaleźć swoje nowe schronienie, zakładając państwo Piastów. Ale wróćmy do naszego święta: Kiedy odbył się chrzest Mieszka?14 kwietnia 966, jak głosił poseł sprawozdawca przedstawiający w sejmie ustawę, to najbardziej prawdopodobna data tego wydarzenia. Czy aby panie pośle?. Co mamy na poparcie tej teorii? O ile wydarzenie chrztu innych okolicznych władców tego okresu, czy to Włodzimierza, księcia Rusi, rok 988, czy też Hararda Sinozębnego, króla Danii, rok 965 zostało odnotowane w kronikach, o chrzcie Mieszka kroniki milczą. O chrzcie wspomina dopiero żyjący w czasach Chrobrego kronikarz Thietmar z Messenburga. Swe kroniki pisał ok. 50 lat po wydarzeniach i z jego zapisów można wysnuć dwie możliwe daty wydarzenia, 966 i 968, późniejsze kroniki z końca XI w wspominają rok 960, gdzieś tam przewija się data 965. Można wybrać sobie dowolny rok między 960 a 968, każda z tych dat będzie równie prawdopodobna. Co więcej Thietmar nie podaje konkretnego roku a tylko zapisał informację, że Dobrawa dla wyższego celu czyli uzyskania możliwości wpływu na decyzje Mieszka zrezygnowała z powstrzymywania się od jedzenia mięsa w czasie postów, przez rok albo trzy, stąd te dwie daty. Co według tego kronikarza było karygodne, ale usprawiedliwione korzyściami jakie dla chrześcijaństwa osiągnęła. Data 966 jest datą politycznie wygodną, bo wtedy urodzony w 967 roku Bolesław Chrobry byłby synem chrześcijanina a nie jakiegoś „książątka pogańskiego” co dopiero później stał się chrześcijaninem. Tak więc nie tylko dzień 14.04, bo o dacie dniowej nikt nie wspomina, a tylko całkowicie bezpodstawnie przyjęto iż tak wielkie wydarzenie musiało odbyć się w święta Wielkiej Nocy, ale również rok jest niepewny, co więcej sam chrzest jest niepewny, bo niby wielkie wydarzenie, a nikt nie był zaproszony, nikt tego nie odnotował? Prof. Urbańczyk wysuwa wniosek iż nie był to chrzest, bo Mojmirowicze byli chrześcijanami, co prawda, chrztu udzielał im Metody w obrządku słowiańskim, ale do schizmy wschodniej dochodzi dopiero w roku 1054, choć już przed chrztu Mieszka biskupi niemieccy mocno zwalczali „herezję* słowiańską”, pomimo iż tłumaczenia Pism dokonane przez Cyryla i Metodego miały potwierdzenie biskupa Rzymu. Wydarzenie to mogło być potwierdzeniem chrztu i wcale nie chrztu z wody, bo chrzest z wody dokonany w dowolnym odłamie chrześcijaństwa jest uznawany przez pozostałe. Biorąc chrzest katolicki, przechodząc do prawosławia nie muszę się jeszcze raz przyjąć sakramentu chrztu. Mogło być to bierzmowanie Mieszka lub ponowienie chrztu poprzez potwierdzenie go przez biskupa. Pewne ciekawe światło na to rzuca znaleziona belka progowa w fundamentach kościoła w Poznaniu w miejscu w którym dziś stoi gotycki kościółek Najświętszej Maryi Panny. Tę dębową belkę metodami dendrochronologicznymi datowano na rok ok. 941. Około, bo należy dodać słoje usunięte w czasie obróbki i dodać czas na budowę kościoła, a takie budowle budowano ok. 10 lat. Pytanie, który władca pogański budował świątynię chrześcijańską? Zabytek ten każe nam uznać iż już w latach 30, X. w Poznaniu byli chrześcijanie, których wspierał ówczesny władca z rodu Piastów.  Misy chrzcielneW ramach szału poszukiwania miejsca chrztu archeolodzy poszukiwali mis chrzcielnych, bo w tych czasach chrzest odbywał się przez zanurzenie. Znaleziono taką misę w Wiślicy, gdzie wedle Żywotów św. Metodego mógłby chrzest przyjąć „książę pogański, silny bardzo siedzący na Wiśle..”, (rok ok. 880) Po dokładniejszym badaniu misa ta okazała się naturalnym zjawiskiem geologicznym, kolejną misę znaleziono w Poznaniu, ale tę dziś większość historyków uznaje za szeroko stosowany przez budowniczych świątyni dołem do masowego wyrabiania zaprawy. Dopiero później zauważono iż wizerunki z tych czasów wskazują, że do zanurzenia stosowano naczynia przypominające duże beczki, taką beczkę chrzcielną widać na drzwiach Gnieźnieńskich. Tak więc kolejna droga wskazania miejsca chrztu Mieszka upadła.  Również istnieje teoria, iż Mieszko ochrzcił się na dworze Cesarza Niemiec. W jednej z niemieckich kronik zapisano iż Mieszko był przyjacielem Cesarza. To może wskazywać iż się spotkali. A do zwyczajów tamtych czasów należało iż chrztu władcy mógł udzielić cesarz clbo biskup w obecności cesarza. Tyle, że o takim wydarzeniu kroniki milczą. Sięgnijmy więc, do kolejnego historycznego naciągnięcia jakim jest określenie „Chrzest Polski”. Gdybyśmy zapytali Mieszka, czy jest księciem Polski, popatrzyłby na nas jak na idiotów. O Polsce możemy mówić dopiero za Chrobrego najwcześniej od roku 1008. Postawmy więc ratunkową tezę, chrzest ziem Mieszka. I znów teza ta archeologicznie obronić się nie da. Główną różnicą, z archeologicznego punktu widzenia, między pogaństwem a chrześcijaństwem jest różnica w pochówku. Słowiańscy poganie stosowali pochówek ciałopalny, chrześcijanin musiał być pochowany w grobie szkieletowym. Pierwsze odnajdowane pochówki szkieletowe poddanych Piastów datowane są dopiero na rządy Chrobrego. Również to Chrobry a nie Mieszko zaczyna budować w większej ilości kościoły chrześcijańskie. O początkach chrystianizacji Polski można mówić dopiero wtedy, gdy zaczęła powstawać sieć kościołów parafialnych, a to dopiero po soborze laterańskim, XIII w. Z czyich rąk Mieszko otrzymał chrzest? Odpowiedź na to pytanie większości z nas wydaje się  oczywista, z czeskich, bo nie chciał wejść pod wpływy niemieckie. Ale gdy tak głębiej sięgniemy do historii to odpowiedź ta przestaje być oczywista. Bo w tym okresie Czechy nie miały biskupstwa, podlegały pod Ratyzbonę. Zakładamy, że chrztu udzielił przybyły z Dobrawą, Jordan. On nie wywodził się z Czech za jego miejsce narodzin różni naukowcy wskazują Włochy, Francję, Lotaryngię, Był biskupem pomocniczym diecezji ratyzbońskiej, co więcej roczniki Czeskie i Polskie jako datę jego ordynacji wskazują na rok 968, przekazy magdeburskie wskazują iż był on obecny na intronizacji metropolity Magdeburga Adalberta w roku 968. Tak więc teoria obowiązująca w podręcznikach szkolnych wydaje się być mocno niepewna. Popatrzmy na to z psychologicznego punktu widzenia. Wyobraźmy sobie, że nagle któryś z naszych prezydentów, przywódców ogłasza iż Polska przyjmuje islam. Potwierdza to sejm, wpisują to do konstytucji, siłowo państwo zaczyna niszczyć kościoły stawiając w ich miejsce meczety. Jaka byłaby reakcja społeczna? Nasi przodkowie identycznie zareagowali na nową religię, czego dobitnym przykładem była reakcja pogańska jaka wybuchła po roku 1030.  Tak więc święto chrztu Polski jest typowym zagraniem polityczno PR-owskim ogromnym nadużyciem względem powagi naszej historii. Co oczywiście w żaden sposób nie wpływa na ocenę wagi tego wydarzenia w historii naszego kraju, z politycznego punktu widzenia. Zadajmy sobie pytanie, co by było, gdyby chrztu Mieszka nie było? Polska mogłaby podzielić los ziem takich jak Prusowie, Jadźwingowie, albo chrzest przyjęlibyśmy z rąk ruskich, bylibyśmy chrześcijanami prawosławnymi. A wtedy wiele późniejszych wydarzeń historycznych zupełnie inaczej by się rozegrało.  *      Herezją określa się wszelkie odstępstwo od głównej linii chrześcijaństwa (ogólnie przyjętego poglądu) do czasu póki to odstępstwo pozostaje w głównym nurcie, nie staje się niezależną religią, jak stało się prawosławie.
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          Skilled Christian Musician - Jordan Station United Church - Jordan Station, ON      Comment   Translate Page      
Jordan Station United Church is seeking a skilled musician to develop and lead our Praise Team. Jordan Station United Church is a friendly, vibrant Church... $15 - $25 an hour
From Indeed - Wed, 10 Apr 2019 20:24:57 GMT - View all Jordan Station, ON jobs
          Kevin Durant Doesn’t Compare Himself To Other NBA Stars Because ‘Comparison Is A Need For Joy’      Comment   Translate Page      
“It takes a long time for you to realize that as an NBA player," Durant said, explaining why he doesn't compare himself to LeBron or Jordan.
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          FACILITY OPERATIONS - Bryce Jordan Center - University Park, PA      Comment   Translate Page      
Follow all policies/procedures, risk management, safety precautions, rules, regulations, and emergency procedures established at the facility....
From Bryce Jordan Center - Fri, 21 Dec 2018 20:13:11 GMT - View all University Park, PA jobs
          Real Estate Supervisor - Al Burj Holding - Dubai      Comment   Translate Page      
Qualification : > Arab nationality. Preferably ( Syrian / Jordan / Palestinian / Yemeni / Sudan ) > Possess strong character and personality. > must have... AED6,000 - AED8,000 a month
From Indeed - Sun, 07 Apr 2019 13:00:04 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          Toy Story 4 (2019)      Comment   Translate Page      
Cast: Jordan Peele, Patricia Arquette, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks, Joan Cusack, Annie Potts, Keegan-Michael Key, Timothy Dalton, Kristen Schaal, Wallace Shawn, Bonnie Hunt, Tony Hale, Tim Allen und Laurie Metcalf.
           Comment on Jordan Taylor signs with Vikings by sgrvn329       Comment   Translate Page      
The Vikings need to find a real QB!! Captain Choke not winning more than 8 games...
           Comment on Jordan Taylor signs with Vikings by skcrooged       Comment   Translate Page      
We are a "team" team, so it is a good signing. Something GB knows nothing about.
           Comment on Jordan Taylor signs with Vikings by bigdogsolec       Comment   Translate Page      
arealisticpackerfan says: April 13, 2019 at 6:22 pm The deep get deeper. Another year of watching Rodgers three hop WR screen passes to Adams again this year, I guess. and the pack fans cause a stir bye saying "US VIKE FANS" hogg there territory . and they run RAMPANT ON OURS , it's not even football season yetand we are already getting this "MY DAD CAN BEAT UP YOUR DAD CRAP". PERSONALLY , i'd worry about the BEARS/BROWNS/N.E this season. I'M A VIKES FAN , BUT A FOOTBALL FAN FIRST
           Comment on Jordan Taylor signs with Vikings by broncoschick       Comment   Translate Page      
Good luck and best wishes 'Sunshine'! Always hoped you would make it here (Denver) but wishing you all the best as a Viking! (Know Peyton does too).
          Skomentuj Typy Dnia – 14 kwietnia (niedziela), którego autorem jest Jordan Weronika      Comment   Translate Page      
GODZINA: 15:00 DYSCYPLINA: Piłka nożna MECZ: Sassuolo - Parma TYP: Parma over 0.5 gola KURS: 1.65 BUKMACHER: Etoto ANALIZA: Jako drugi meczyk na dziś przygotowałam dla was spotkanie z włoskiego Serie A. 11 w tabeli Sassuolo zmierzy się dziś z 14 Parmą. Te drużyny dzielą między sobą zaledwie dwa punkty w lidze. Jak na moje, te spotkanie będzie bardziej wyrównane niż zakładają bukmacherzy. Faworyzują oni bowiem gospodarzy. Ja obstawiam dziś, że goście strzela chociaż tego jednego gola. Obie druzyny prezentują mniej więcej podobną formę. Ciekawostką jest, że w historii Sassuolo z Parmą spotkała się tylko 7 razy. Za każdym razem Parmie (niezależnie od tego, gdzie grali) udało się zdobyć chociaż 1 gola. Dziś stawiam na over 0.5 dla Parmy i życzę Wam powodzonka.
          Skomentuj Typy Dnia – 14 kwietnia (niedziela), którego autorem jest Jordan Weronika      Comment   Translate Page      
GODZINA: 13:00 DYSCYPLINA: Piłka nożna MECZ: Wigan - Norwich TYP: X2 i under 4.5 gola KURS: 1.52 BUKMACHER: Etoto ANALIZA: Do niedzielnego obiadku mam dla was meczyk z Championship. Wczoraj dwa meczyki siadły idealnie, to może czas przedłużyć dobrą passę. 21 w tabeli Wigan zmierzy się dziś z liderem tabeli - Norwich. Moim zdaniem zdecydowanym faworytem jest tutaj właśnie Norwich i nie podlega to żadnej dyskusji. Chłopaki mają za sobą znakomity sezon. By awansować jednak do Premier League, muszą zdobywać teraz dużo punktów, by powiększyć przewagę na czele. Norwich jest również w świetnej formie. Wygrali aż 8 na 9 ostatnich spotkań. To kolejny argument przemawiający za nimi. Na wyjazdach idzie im również świetnie. Od 4 spotkań wyjazdowych ciągle tylko wygrywają. W bezpośrednich starciach między Wigan a Norwich od 9 spotkań pada under 4.5. Dodany więc został przeze mnie do typu ten under. Zabezpieczam się również remisem, bo Norwich ostatni mecz zremisował, ale to tak tylko dla pewności. Można stawiać czysto na Norwich, bo kurs wynosi prawie 2. Powodzenia.
          Challenger Anning: Il Main Draw. C’è Matteo Viola      Comment   Translate Page      
Challenger Anning CH | Terra | $162.480 – Parte Alta (1) Thompson, Jordan vs Bye Wu, Di vs Purcell, Max (WC) Gao, Xin vs Viola, Matteo Bye vs (14) Clarke, Jay (9) Duckworth, James vs Bye Qualifier vs (WC) He, Yecong Ochi, Makoto vs (WC) Li, Yuanfeng Bye vs (8) Kubler, Jason (4) Jung, Jason […]
          5 Criterion Collection Blu-rays für je 8,99£ + VSK [Zoom]      Comment   Translate Page      
10,38€ -
Aktuell gibt es 5 verschiedene Filme aus der sonst sehr hochpreisigen Criterion Collection für je 8,99£ + 1,99£ Versandkosten. Nach aktuellem Umrechnungskurs macht das also je 10,38€ + 2,30€ Versand. Versand zahlt man nur einmal also lohnt sich natürlich ein Kauf von mehreren Blu-rays gleichzeitig. Denkt dran den oben genannten Gutscheincode im Bestellvorgang zu benutzen!

Die Criterion Collection ist DAS Edellabel für Filmliebhaber und Cineasten. Beste Bild- und Tonqualität gepaart mit viel Bonusmaterial machen die Criterion Collection zu einem Must-Have.

Die folgenden Filme haben meines Wissens nach auch nie einen deutschen Release erhalten.

Achtung: Nur Originalton!

Folgende Filme sind dabei:

- Black Orpheus
- Overlord
- The In-Laws
- Here Comes Mr Jordan
- Burroughs: The Movie
          Bilingual Retail Store Associate-Mirabel Store - NIKE INC - Mirabel, QC      Comment   Translate Page      
Along the way, Nike has established a strong Brand Portfolio with several wholly-owned subsidiaries including CONVERSE, HURLEY, JORDAN BRAND and NIKE GOLF....
From Nike - Sat, 20 Oct 2018 15:08:34 GMT - View all Mirabel, QC jobs
          Assistant Retail Store Manager- Vaughan Mills Store - NIKE INC - Vaughan, ON      Comment   Translate Page      
Along the way, Nike has established a strong Brand Portfolio with several wholly-owned subsidiaries including CONVERSE, HURLEY, JORDAN BRAND and NIKE GOLF....
From Nike - Tue, 20 Nov 2018 16:08:47 GMT - View all Vaughan, ON jobs
          Account Service Representative (6 Month Contract) - NIKE INC - Scarborough, ON      Comment   Translate Page      
Along the way, Nike has established a strong Brand Portfolio with several wholly-owned subsidiaries including CONVERSE, HURLEY, JORDAN BRAND and NIKE GOLF....
From Nike - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 15:12:08 GMT - View all Scarborough, ON jobs
          Trio é pego pela polícia tentando roubar carro de motorista de aplicativo em Nilópolis      Comment   Translate Page      

Um homem e uma mulher foram presos e um menor apreendido suspeitos de tentar roubar o carro de um motorista de transporte por aplicativo, em Nilópolis, na Baixada Fluminense, neste sábado (13). De acordo com policiais militares da 20°BPM (Mesquita), os agentes decidiram abordar um veículo com três acusados, na Rua Mirandela. 

Após checar com os suspeitos, os PMs constatam que o trio estava tentando roubar o veículo Fox, que presta serviço para o aplicativo Uber. Ainda de acordo com a polícia, um deles portava uma faca. Diante do flagrante, Jordana Silva de Oliveira, de 24 anos, que já possui 10 anotações criminais, Douglas Ribeira do Nascimento, de 24 anos e o menor, foram encaminhados para 54°DP (Belford Roxo), onde o caso foi registrado.


Por Redação Jornal Destaque Baixada
Compartilhe nas redes sociais e WhatsApp

          Noi      Comment   Translate Page      
Il secondo lavoro per un regista che con una "sorpresa" è stato un exploit, è una prova piuttosto difficile da superare...come è andata per Jordan Peele? restate con me e lo saprete.

Scappa - Get Out, si è portato a casa un oscar per la migliore sceneggiature originale, film che ha sorpreso e conquistato tutti quanti, sia amanti dell'horror che compresa, primo film antitrumpiano uscito ben due anni or sono...ultimamente ho comprato il blu ray e l'ho rivisto.
Noi invece è un film assai più difficile del predecessore, quindi le aspettative erano piuttosto alte, e devo dire che  sono state soddisfatte, anzi di più...questo film almeno per la sottoscritta, è stata una conferma e un altra sorpresa.
Forse è prematuro dire che Jordan Peele sia un fottuto genio, ma una cosa è certa, fino ad ora non ha sbagliato film, cosa assai difficile per chi diviene famoso  con una sorpresa, di solito le aspettative vengono deluse da chi si aspetta un altra sorpresa.
Con Noi invece la cosa è ben diversa.
Qui non abbiamo bianchi che vogliono il corpo di neri per metterci il loro cervello, qui abbiamo un film che mette in scena un apocalisse, ben rappresentata dai doppelgangher, o i loro doppi, che vogliono prendere il posto degli umani vivi.
Un altra notte dei morti viventi? Non esageriamo, ma ci siamo decisamente vicini.
Jordan Peele non è pessimista come Romero, ma anzi, riesce a mettere in scena l'orrore dei protagonisti, che devono combattere contro loro stessi per salvarsi l'anima.
E vogliamo parlare anche del colpo di scena finale? Quello che non ti aspetteresti mai?
Non anticipo nulla per non rovinarvi la sorpresa, se lo direi vi rovinerei praticamente la visione, voglio che guardiate Noi a mente fresca, con le mani ben piantate nei gomiti della poltrona.
Non ne uscirete indenni ve lo assicuro io.
Per me Noi conferma il talento di Jordan Peele, che è stato capace di regalarci un altro film sorpresa, che sicuramente farà discutere molto di se, di questo ne sono più che sicura.
Per me è un altro piccolo ma grande film, che merita la visione, o al cinema o in blu ray originale, appena esce vi assicuro che lo acquisterò.
Jordan Peele è decisamente un regista da tenere d'occhio, perché è capace di girare film sorprendenti e che fanno discutere, perché sono molto politici.
Sa regalare inoltre, anche spunti di riflessione sulla natura umana, sia con Noi, che con il suo precedente lavoro, cosa rara di questi tempi.
Per me questo film è decisamente uno dei migliori dell'anno.

          The Cool Kids - Episode 1.20 - Indecent Proposal - Promo + Press Release      Comment   Translate Page      


Press Release


In an attempt to date a guy way out of her league, Margaret pretends to be someone she's not. When Hank doesn't hear back from his doctor about a questionable mole, he's convinced his days are numbered, so Charlie helps him get his test results. Meanwhile, Sid avoids John, who has a very important question to ask him in the all-new "Indecent Proposal" episode of THE COOL KIDS airing Friday, April 19 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (CK-122) (TV-14 D, L)

Cast: David Alan Grier as Hank, Martin Mull as Charlie, Leslie Jordan as Sid and Vicki Lawrence as Margaret.

Guest Cast: Jackée Harry as Lorraine, Tony Rock as Tony, Rick Fox as Reggie, Michael Naughton as Manager, Trevi Williams as Ranada, Shaw Jones as Dealer, Sydney Steinberg as Waitress, Robert Catrini as Tommy Two Tux, Michael Javier Villar as Security Guard, Troy Hines II as Male Stripper


          The fifth dimension has never felt more empty      Comment   Translate Page      
By RYAN LEFORT Ron Sterling’s revolutionary anthology series “The Twilight Zone” is once again breathing life. The show that captivated the minds of 1960s television watchers is back on CBS’s streaming service CBS All Access. The revamp of the original sci-fi television series comes to us from comedian turned Oscar-winning writer and director Jordan Peele. […]
          4/14/2019: ‘VETERAN SOLDIER’      Comment   Translate Page      

General Abdul Fattah Al Burhan is a “veteran soldier” largely unknown outside the army. Born in 1960 in the village of Gandatu, north of Khartoum, Burhan studied in a Sudanese army college and later in Egypt and Jordan. He was commander of ground...
          Adopt JORDAN a Orange or Red Tabby Domestic Shorthair / Mixed (short coat) cat (      Comment   Translate Page      
Adopt JORDAN a Orange or Red Tabby Domestic Short hair / Mixed (short coat) cat in Naples, FL (25015497)

          Why Socialism ? Yes we need more Einstein's not psuedo intellectuals like Jordan Peterson      Comment   Translate Page      
          Systems Administrator - Merit Medical Systems Inc. - South Jordan, UT      Comment   Translate Page      
SUMMARY OF DUTIES Installation, management and maintenance of corporate local and wide area data networks. Management, maintenance, and monitoring of...
From Merit Medical Systems Inc. - Fri, 28 Dec 2018 23:48:35 GMT - View all South Jordan, UT jobs
          Sekali Tampil, Uya Kuya Bisa Kenakan Busana dan Aksesori Bernilai Rp 1 Miliar      Comment   Translate Page, Jakarta - Selama ini, Uya Kuya memang dikenal sebagai selebriti yang kerap mengenakan busana dengan harga fantastis. Busana, celana, jam tangan, tas, hingga sepatu, memiliki harga yang masuk dalam kategori barang mewah.

Seperti saat ia diwawancarai oleh youtuber Yoshiolo (Yoshi Setiawan). Dalam cahannel youtube-nya, Yoshiolo bertanya satu persatu busana dan aksesori yang dikenakan oleh Uya Kuya. Secara mengejutkan, jumlah semua benda yang dipakai ayah dua anak itu, harganya mencapai Rp1 miliar.

"Oke gue lagi bersama bapak Uya Kuya. Boleh enggak nih gue tanya oufit lo dari atas sampai bawah," tanya Yoshiolo dalam videonya, Sabtu (13/4/2019).

"Harga ya, lo bisa tidak lo yang prediksi sendiri," jawab Uya Kuya tersenyum.

Pertama, Yoshiolo memprediksi sweater putih yang dikenakan Uya Kuya mencapai Rp15 juta rupiah.

"Ini Gucci Coco Capitan gue prediksi di harga 15," kata dia.

"Iya iya sekitar segitu lah," jawab Uya Kuya.

Jam Tangan 1 M

Uya Kuya dan youtuber Yoshi Setiawan alias Yoshiolo. (YouTube)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F2019_04_14%2F328677

Kemudian Yoshiolo terlihat begitu kagum dengan jam tangan yang dikenakan oleh Uya Kuya. Tak tanggung-tanggung, harga jam tangan Patek Phillipe The Rose Gold Nautilus Chronograph tersebut mencapai Rp 1 miliar.

"Habis itu kita lihat ke jamnya wah itu Patek Phillipe itu harganya satu miliaran pasti, 1,5," kata dia.

"Harganya naik terus," jawab Uya Kuya.

"Terus Gucci Logo Belt Bag lo ini gue perkirain 17 juta," kata Yoshiolo.

Uya Kuya pun membenarkan harga yang disebutkan Yoshiolo. " Iya, tepat," jawab Uya lagi.

Celana dan Sepatu

Uya Kuya bersama kucing (Instagram/king_uyakuya)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F2019_04_14%2F328677

Lalu Yoshiolo beralih ke celana dan sepatu Uya Kuya. Dia menyebut harga celana Gucci tersebut mencapai Rp20 juta.

Celana Uya Jeans dengan bordir motif naga, berwarna biru. Sedangkan untuk sepatu Union x Air Jordan 1 Black Toe ditaksir harganya mencapai Rp11 juta.

"Terus celana lo gucci retail 20 pasti nih. Habis itu yang terakhir Union Black Toe Rp11 juta. Jadi totalnya Rp 1,113 miliar. Thank you banget bos, sukses terus," tutup Yoshiolo.

Reporter : Amrikh Palupi/

          NIKE Jordan kapucnis felső XXL - Jelenlegi ára: 11 000 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      

NIKE Jordan kapucnis felső XXL
Jelenlegi ára: 11 000 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 02:27
          NIKE Jordan kapucnis cipzáros felső XXXL - Jelenlegi ára: 12 000 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      

NIKE Jordan kapucnis cipzáros felső XXXL
Jelenlegi ára: 12 000 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 02:27
          Thompson stopped by Galan in Houston quarters      Comment   Translate Page      
Jordan Thompson (Getty Images)
In a tightly-contested quarterfinal, Colombia's Daniel Elahi Galan got the better of Australian No.7 seed Jordan Thompson at…
          Mignolet: Klopp’s Liverpool completely different from 2014 side      Comment   Translate Page      
Simon Mignolet insists Liverpools multi-faceted threat this season mean comparisons with the 2014 title stumble at home to Chelsea are pointless.Sundays visit of Chelsea, almost exactly five years since Jose Mourinhos team derailed the Reds title bid with a 2-0 win at Anfield, has resulted in parallels being drawn with the last time the Merseysiders were in contention for the Premier League.But Mignolet, in goal for that game and one of only three Reds survivors along with Jordan Henderson and Daniel Sturridge, stressed the circumstances are entirely different.Liverpool saw their title hopes suffer a devastating blow when they were beaten 2-0 at home by Chelsea in 2014 (Peter Byrne/PA)The way we play now, after six years at the club, is completely different to what it was then, said the Belgium international, who will watch this weekends game from the substitutes bench having been deposed by Alisson Becker this season,We had a big chance but we were relying on the quality of Luis Suarezs goalscoring, whereas now we are more together.We dont concede many goals, and the threat comes from different angles rather than just one player.Mignolet, left, is one of only three remaining Liverpool players from that defeat five years ago ( Peter Byrne/PA)In that sense we are more solid than when we were back then when we were relying on individual quality and individual players.We are confident of course, especially when we play at home as we have not lost here for a long time (37 matches: 27 wins and 10 draws) and havent conceded many goals.We are a lot more solid than we were back then so in that sense everyone is a lot more confident in getting the job done unlike back in the day against Chelsea.HUGE matches incoming#PL Premier League (@premierleague) April 12, 2019However, Liverpools record against Chelsea at Anfield is not the best, having not beaten them at home in the league since May 2012.The Reds have not won any of the last eight encounters with the capital club in front of their own fans and the last three league meetings have all been 1-1 draws.It is something Chelsea are acutely aware of as it was pointed out to Mignolet by his compatriot and Blues playmaker Eden Hazard recently.Liverpool have not beaten Chelsea in their last eight meetings at Anfield (Peter Byrne/PA)I spoke to Eden when we were with the national team and he spoke about that (2014) game, not so much about his form and the way he played, but he said Chelsea at Anfield have always done well, added the goalkeeper.It is down to us to stop that.Despite Chelsea being off the pace in the Premier League as they battle just for a top-four place, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is well aware of the threat they and Hazard pose. Eden Hazard on his day he can be the worlds best immediately. He had a brilliant career, and its not over. He has a lot of things I like in football, his joy, his cheek, strong, quick, hes a good player, said the Reds boss.But like all good players, he has to play against us, and we try everything to deny at least a couple of his skills and that would help us. Maybe we will take 13 players and two will play only against Eden!The best way to try to make sure that he cannot shine is to avoid passes to him. React a little bit better than other teams did.Liverpool are well aware of the threat posed by Chelsea playmaker Eden Hazard (Martin Rickett/PA)Its not easy, because when he has the ball its already too late. You try to read the game, read the passes, but in the end, in a one versus one situation you cannot defend him. You need help from somewhere else.I like footballers like this. If he plays his best game, we have to deal with that.But, come on, we are in good shape as well. Its Anfield and I said it a few times, we have to create the power of Anfield and use it again.(function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-72310761-1', 'auto', {'name': 'pacontentapi'}); ga('pacontentapi.set', 'referrer', location.origin); ga('pacontentapi.set', 'dimension1', 'By Carl Markham, Press Association Sport'); ga('pacontentapi.set', 'dimension2', '3b58bc56-778f-424d-a0f1-b12201008468'); ga('pacontentapi.set', 'dimension3', 'paservice:sport,paservice:sport:club-news,paservice:sport:football,paservice:sport:uk,paservice:sport:world'); ga('pacontentapi.set', 'dimension6', 'story'); ga('pacontentapi.set', 'dimension7', 'composite'); ga('pacontentapi.set', 'dimension8', null); ga('pacontentapi.set', 'dimension9', 'sport:football'); ga('pacontentapi.send', 'pageview', { 'location': location.href, 'page': (location.pathname + + location.hash), 'title': 'Mignolet: Klopp\u2019s Liverpool completely different from 2014 side'});
          4/13/2019: DOEN! TV: ZES      Comment   Translate Page      
6.00 NRJ Weekend (9.00) 9.20 Green Lantern. Fantasyfilm van Martin Campbell (VS 2011). Met Ryan Reynolds (Hal Jordan/Green Lantern), Blake Lively (Carol Ferris). 11.05 2 Broke Girls 11.25 2 Broke Girls 11.50 2 Broke Girls 12.10 2 Broke Girls 12.30...
           Commenti su Noi: recensione del film che consacra Jordan Peele di Claid1o       Comment   Translate Page      
È uno dei film più brutti k abbia mai visto, a parte k nn fa paura, ma nn ha proprioun senso nn fa capire niente e gli attori a tratti un po pessimi se dovessi dare un voto sarebbe 1/10
          4月12日(金)のつぶやき      Comment   Translate Page      

City Hunter - Want your love

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 08:12

森口博子 / 星より先に見つけてあげる - Music Clip Full Ver.

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 09:12

Babymetal - Catch me if you can (HD Live in Berlin) - YouTube…

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 10:12

Overlord OP 'Clattanoia' [Fingerstyle Guitar Cover by Eddie van der Meer...…

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 11:12


— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 12:12

The Trashmen - Surfin Bird - Bird is the Word 1963 (RE-MASTERED) (ALT End Video) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 13:12

Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage Acapella

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 14:12

【PV】Vacancy【Kylee】【亡念のザムド】【Xam'd Lost Memories】…

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 15:12

Amazing seven year old sings Fly Me To The Moon (Angelina Jordan) on Senkveld "The Late Show" - YouTube

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 16:12

Zelda A Link to the Past - Overworld Theme Acapella

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 17:12


— 今日の癒し動画 (@kyono_iyashi) 2019年4月12日 - 12:54


— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 18:12

amazarashi 『季節は次々死んでいく』 ”Seasons die one after another” “東京喰種トーキョーグール√A”ED

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 19:12

@funafuna1603 @seiya_ZB いや、それでは今プレイ出来ているAndroid勢がぼろもうけですよ。ただ、今ログインできていない人を個別に洗い出すことは難しいでしょうから、結局泣きを見るのは不満を持ちながらもこのサ……

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 19:53


— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 20:12


— ケーダ (@keeeeeeeda) 2019年4月12日 - 12:46


— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 21:12


— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 22:12





— じゅん@おぐべー㌨斬りちくわ魔王 (@J_buriburi) 2019年4月11日 - 19:01


— みねっと (@MinetteYoutube) 2019年4月6日 - 19:32

平安バカップル Peeping Life-World History- #01

— Hitori Japan (@hitori_japan) 2019年4月12日 - 23:12
          UPDATE 1-SNB's Jordan sees room for more intervention if needed      Comment   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON, April 13- Swiss monetary policy is appropriate for now, but policymakers still have room to lower already negative interest rates further or use other policies if necessary, Swiss National Bank Chairman Thomas Jordan said on Saturday. "There is no reason to change monetary policy," given the bank's dropping inflation forecasts and no risk of the...
          Paul Robeson: A Watched Man      Comment   Translate Page      
Jordan Goodman / Novels / 2013
          Anal Boot Camp      Comment   Translate Page      

Release Year: 2015
Cast: Jules Jordan, Steve Holmes, Manuel Ferrara, Tory Lane, Chris Strokes, Phoenix Marie, Skin Diamond, Bonnie Rotten, Adriana Chechik, Jillian Janson, Kota Sky, Abella
Genres: Anal, Gonzo, Threesomes
Video language: English

Anal recruits earn their stripes in hot three-ways and balls-to-the-wall anal glory!! This is one boot camp you won't want to miss!!

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:36:05
Video: 720x406, AVC (H.264), 2046kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 2.4 GB

          Vortex Concerts, inmersión no planetario [Ciencia e Cinema]      Comment   Translate Page      
Coñecemos os míticos "Vortex Concerts" en planetarios de Jordan Belson da man de Martin Pawley en "Ciencia e Cinema"
          Efer 429 (11-3-18): O futuro dos océanos      Comment   Translate Page      
A única Starting Grant do Consello Europeo de Investigación (ERC) que recaeu sobre unha investigadora galega pertence a Elena Ojea. Visitamos o seu "Future Oceans Lab" na Universidade de Vigo onde estudan como adaptar os sistemas mariños aos impactos previstos do Cambio Climático. Conversamos con Elena Ojea e os membros do seu equipo Alba Aguión e Diego Salgueiro. Joana Magalhaes fálanos da política de xénero "Human Brain Porject" da Unión Europea. En "Cambio de Fase" Daniel Pizarro preséntanos o comic "El misterio del mundo cuántico". Coñecemos os míticos "Vortex Concerts" en planetarios de Jordan Belson da man de Martin Pawley en "Ciencia e Cinema"
          Fancy's festivals      Comment   Translate Page      
Jordan, Thomas,. Cambridge [eng.] : Proquest LLC 1994
          Sekali Tampil, Uya Kuya Bisa Kenakan Busana dan Aksesori Bernilai Rp 1 Miliar      Comment   Translate Page, Jakarta - Selama ini, Uya Kuya memang dikenal sebagai selebriti yang kerap mengenakan busana dengan harga fantastis. Busana, celana, jam tangan, tas, hingga sepatu, memiliki harga yang masuk dalam kategori barang mewah.

Seperti saat ia diwawancarai oleh youtuber Yoshiolo (Yoshi Setiawan). Dalam cahannel youtube-nya, Yoshiolo bertanya satu persatu busana dan aksesori yang dikenakan oleh Uya Kuya. Secara mengejutkan, jumlah semua benda yang dipakai ayah dua anak itu, harganya mencapai Rp1 miliar.

"Oke gue lagi bersama bapak Uya Kuya. Boleh enggak nih gue tanya oufit lo dari atas sampai bawah," tanya Yoshiolo dalam videonya, Sabtu (13/4/2019).

"Harga ya, lo bisa tidak lo yang prediksi sendiri," jawab Uya Kuya tersenyum.

Pertama, Yoshiolo memprediksi sweater putih yang dikenakan Uya Kuya mencapai Rp15 juta rupiah.

"Ini Gucci Coco Capitan gue prediksi di harga 15," kata dia.

"Iya iya sekitar segitu lah," jawab Uya Kuya.

Jam Tangan 1 M

Uya Kuya dan youtuber Yoshi Setiawan alias Yoshiolo. (YouTube)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F2019_04_14%2F351843

Kemudian Yoshiolo terlihat begitu kagum dengan jam tangan yang dikenakan oleh Uya Kuya. Tak tanggung-tanggung, harga jam tangan Patek Phillipe The Rose Gold Nautilus Chronograph tersebut mencapai Rp 1 miliar.

"Habis itu kita lihat ke jamnya wah itu Patek Phillipe itu harganya satu miliaran pasti, 1,5," kata dia.

"Harganya naik terus," jawab Uya Kuya.

"Terus Gucci Logo Belt Bag lo ini gue perkirain 17 juta," kata Yoshiolo.

Uya Kuya pun membenarkan harga yang disebutkan Yoshiolo. " Iya, tepat," jawab Uya lagi.

Celana dan Sepatu

Uya Kuya bersama kucing (Instagram/king_uyakuya)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F2019_04_14%2F351843

Lalu Yoshiolo beralih ke celana dan sepatu Uya Kuya. Dia menyebut harga celana Gucci tersebut mencapai Rp20 juta.

Celana Uya Jeans dengan bordir motif naga, berwarna biru. Sedangkan untuk sepatu Union x Air Jordan 1 Black Toe ditaksir harganya mencapai Rp11 juta.

"Terus celana lo gucci retail 20 pasti nih. Habis itu yang terakhir Union Black Toe Rp11 juta. Jadi totalnya Rp 1,113 miliar. Thank you banget bos, sukses terus," tutup Yoshiolo.

Reporter : Amrikh Palupi/

          'El Chapo' Guzman is awaiting his fate in a US jail, but the Sinaloa cartel already has its next fight lined up      Comment   Translate Page      

El Chapo Guzman home townREUTERS/Roberto Armenta

  • Sinaloa cartel chief Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, convicted in New York in February, is awaiting what will almost certainly be a life sentence.
  • In Mexico, cartel violence churns on as cartels jockey to fill the void, and recent incidents suggest the organization he helped build is pursuing its next target.
  • Visit for more stories.

Former Sinaloa cartel kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is in a Manhattan jail awaiting what will almost certainly be a life sentence in one of the US's most secure prisons.

Since his capture in early 2016, Mexico's criminal groups have fought on, and the cartel he founded and its rivals now appear to be opening a new phase in their battle for dominance.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

NOW WATCH: The wives of El Chapo's henchmen reveal how they hid and spent $2 billion

See Also:

SEE ALSO: The son of one of Mexico's most powerful kingpins describes growing up in the narco underworld — 'in a golden cage'

          23 examples of Tiger Woods' extraordinary competitiveness      Comment   Translate Page      

tiger woods 2018Andrew Redington/Getty

Tiger Woods is one of the most fiercely competitive golfers in the world.

From his cold demeanor on the course, relentless work ethic, and desire to do nothing else but win, there are endless stories about Woods' insane competitiveness.

Woods is back competing at a high level and competing for major championships. Relive some of the greatest examples of Woods' competitiveness below:

When Woods was 14 he said he could be the Michael Jordan of golf.



He has practiced before and after competitive rounds: He was spotted playing in the dark at the 2011 PGA Championship.

Nike Golf

Source: Nike Golf

He used to have a crazy, non-stop daily routine.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Woods recently revealed what his daily routine was when he was younger:

"I used to get up in the morning, run four miles. Then I'd go to the gym, do my lift. Then I'd hit balls for two to three hours, I'd go play, come back, work on my short game, I'd go run another four more miles, and then if anyone wanted to play basketball or tennis, I would go play basketball or tennis. That was a daily routine. I'm not doing any of that now."

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          What the NBA's biggest stars looked like when their careers began      Comment   Translate Page      

giannis antetokounmpo 2013Morry Gash/AP

  • Many of the NBA's biggest stars have grown up right before our eyes.
  • It is easy to forget just how young they were and looked when they entered the NBA.
  • We gathered some then-and-now photos for many of the NBA's biggest stars. 

It's easy to forget how far some of the league's biggest stars have come.

LeBron James has dominated the NBA  for 16 years now and is 34, quite different than when he entered the NBA straight out of high school. Stephen Curry, once an undersized, baby-faced guard, is now 31, a seasoned veteran for the Warriors. James Harden once wasn't so...beard-y.

Take a look at photos of the NBA's biggest stars when their careers began and today.

LeBron James in 2004 (19).

Mark Duncan/AP

James today (34).

Harry How/Getty

James Harden in 2009 (20).

David Zalubowski/AP

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          Fisher-Price has recalled its Rock 'n Play product after more than 30 children died, and it raises concerns about all restraint-based incline sleepers      Comment   Translate Page      

fisher price360b/

Fisher-Price is recalling 5 million infant sleepers after the deaths of more than 30 babies were linked to their use.

The New York Times reported that in most cases, the babies suffocated after rolling over onto their stomach or side from their back.

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          Here are the 41 best photos from the Masters so far      Comment   Translate Page      

Masters Best Pictures 2019David J. Phillip/AP

The Masters is the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, and it is also one of the most beautiful events in sports.

The beauty of the Masters is one of many things that make it so special, and the talented photographers at the Associated Press and Reuters capture that artistry in their work. 

Read more: 36 things that make the Masters one of the quirkiest events in sports

We've collected the best photos so far. Take a look below.

Jack Nicklaus hits a ceremonial tee shot to start the tournament.

Mike Segar/Reuters

The patrons celebrate a Justin Thomas birdie.

Charlie Riedel/AP

Jason Day chips with the iconic Masters scoreboard in the background.

Mike Segar/Reuters

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          Trump labeled Iran's most powerful military branch a terrorist group, and it's ready to strike back      Comment   Translate Page      

iran revolutionary guardAP Photo/IRNA, Mostafa Qotbi

  • The Trump administration has designed Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard's as a foreign terrorist organization.
  • The potential for a clash between the US and Iran is already on the rise, and the designation only adds to the risk, argue Colin P. Clarke and Ariane Tabatabai.
  • Visit for more stories.

On Monday, in an unprecedented move, US President Donald Trump’s administration designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organization.

The decision wasn’t entirely unjustified: The IRGC creates, trains, funds, arms, and deploys forces with thousands of fighters beyond Iran’s borders. These include local insurgents but also terrorist groups, such as Hezbollah. IRGC-backed forces are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US service members.

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NOW WATCH: A historian of Islam explains how Trump and his team’s rhetoric could fuel radicalization

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SEE ALSO: Trump has labeled Iran's Revolutionary Guard as terrorists — here's what you need to know about the shadowy group's long reach

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WATCH: After Netanyahu’s victory, will Israel annex towns in Judea and Samaria? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to annex Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria if he won reelection, but with the elections over, will he be able to fulfill this campaign promise?

Benjamin Netanyahu's re-election may doom the two-state solution Analysis: "Israeli sovereignty over all the Israeli settlements would make it impossible to create a Palestinian state," one expert said.

Pompeo denies Netanyahu's promise to annex West Bank will hurt ‘peace plan’ US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said he doesn’t think Benjamin Netanyahu's election vow to annex the West Bank will have a negative impact on a two-state peace plan, despite the removal of a large part of one state.

For Palestinians the two-state solution was dead long before Netanyahu win Analysts say the prospect of establishing an independent Palestinian state was consistently frustrated by Israel while the solution failed to address key grievances.

Trump warns Putin of US umbrella over Israeli strikes on Iranian targets in Syria Tehran had no reason to expect Russian Pantsir, S-300 or S-400 air defense missiles to begin knocking out the Israeli aircraft targeting Iranian military sites in Syria.

'Death to Israel' shouted as Iranians protest IRGC blacklist Thousands chant “death to America” and “death to Israel” as they protest US decision to blacklist Revolutionary Guards.

An Arab NATO in the making Saudi Arabia plays host to high-level officials from US, Gulf states and Jordan as it prepares to launch Middle East Strategic Alliance - a new body designed to counter Iran's influence in the region.

What is next for Turkey after the local elections? The economy, the Syrian crisis and air defence will be among the top priorities of the Erdogan administration.

Shame, sadness in UK as Brexit reveals Parliament's flaws The hidden flaws in Britain's political system have been laid bare and even televised worldwide since voters chose to leave the European Union three years ago.

How Iran can solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Iran has openly stated its goal of eliminating Israel.

          Paul Pierce e i playoff Nba senza LeBron James: «Difficile avvicinarsi a Michael Jordan»      Comment   Translate Page      

Abbiamo incontrato l’ex bandiera dei Celtics alla PokerStars Caribbean Adventure e abbiamo parlato (anche) di basket, in vista della post-season dove dopo 14 anni è rimasto escluso The King: «Nel frattempo Gallinari e Belinelli...»
          Paul Pierce e i playoff Nba senza LeBron James: «Difficile avvicinarsi a Michael Jordan»      Comment   Translate Page      
Abbiamo incontrato l’ex bandiera dei Celtics alla PokerStars Caribbean Adventure e abbiamo parlato (anche) di basket, in vista della post-season dove dopo 14 anni è rimasto escluso The King: «Nel frat ... - Fonte:
          Butler, Gators walk off to take series over South Carolina      Comment   Translate Page      
Jordan Butler's walk off home run gave the Gators a much needed win.
          Do You Feel Anger? - The Dangers of Running with the Herd      Comment   Translate Page      

Reviewed by Judd Hollander

Trying to see things from another's point of view can be an admirable trait. But when one sacrifices their own principles in the process, even if they believe it's for the right reasons, tragedy can result. This is the idea at the heart of Mara Nelson-Greenberg’s satire "Do You Feel Anger?", now having its New York premiere at the Vineyard Theatre.

Sofia (Tiffany Villarin), is a so-called "empathy instructor". Someone companies hire to help their workers better understand the feelings of their customers; and through that process, hopefully develop insights into their own behavior. Sofia’s latest assignment is at a debt collection agency. One which has been the target of multiple lawsuits. At least some of which stem from the employees’ attitudes toward those they contact.

It quickly becomes clear that the company in question is a misogynistic breeding ground for condescension. The employees' overall attitudes being basically that of immature high schoolers, with sexual innuendos and other crude comments the order of the day. Management, as personified by Jon (Greg Keller), being no better. They basically preferring a “hands-off” approach to the entire matter. Sofia's only ally is Eva (Megan Hill), one of the few apparent female members of the company, who offers her several veiled warnings on how to navigate the obstacles she will soon be face.

(L-R) Tiffany Villain, Justin Long and Ugo Chukwu in "Do You Feel Anger?" At the Vineyard Theatre. Photo Credit: Rosegg

Initially hitting a brick wall in her attempts to connect with the workers - via a series of visual and verbal exercises - Sofia decides to come at the problem from a different angle. She suddenly seeming to go along with their attitudes. Such as laughing at their obscene jokes and lewd drawings of women. Sofia then using these new-found bonds of familiarity to push her own agenda.

Surprisingly, the men quickly respond to her new approach. This leading to some rather humorous moments as they begin to open up emotionally and try to realize the people on the other end of the phone are often more than simply financial deadbeats.

At the same time Sofia is becoming “one of the boys” so to speak, she is just as quickly alienating Eva. Someone who, until now, has simply gone along with the attitudes of the rest of the office. Now however, thanks to Sofia’s presence, she is beginning to stand up for herself. Sofia’s subsequent actions being seen by Eva as a complete betrayal at a time she needs her support the most.

This viewpoint shift is also visible in the clothes Sofia and Eva wear during the course of the play. When Sofia first arrives at the company, she is wearing a formal suit – only to be told that she should probably wear a dress. Sofia does appear in such attire soon after, with her outfits becoming ever more casual and loose fitting (i.e. a sweatshirt) as time goes on. Eva on the other hand, begins to wear garments that are more professional and austere during the course of the story. She and Sofia moving in opposite directions in terms of attitude and permissiveness. 

(L-R)  Ugo Chukwu, Megan Hill and Justin Lord in "Do You Feel Anger?" At the Vineyard Theatre. Photo Credit: Rosegg

Nelson-Greenberg has come up with a fascinating idea here. The work showing, despite how far we think we may have come in terms of equality and basic decency, that we still have so much further to go. The piece also pointing out the importance of standing one’s ground when it comes to these issues, and not simply excusing them for the sake of expediency. No matter what the underlying reason for doing so may be.

While we do get a good picture of the various employees, most of whom are stereotypical caricatures, we never get a clear idea of Sofia is, or what drives her. Without such insight, the audience is unable to see where she's coming from, and thus can't truly understand her. Which is rather ironic, as doing just that is the basis for the work Sofia does. The only thing we do know about Sofia is that her parents have just split up. She apparently either taking her father's side in the conflict, or simply refusing to deal with the matter at all. Though we only know this via a series of one-sided phone calls she receives from her increasingly distraught mother (Jeanne Sakata). Sofia choosing, for whatever reason, not to respond.

Another misstep occurs when, after laying out the basic scenario of the story, the playwright takes things in a completely new direction for the final scenes, pretty much upending everything that has gone before. The show going from a not-so-gentle poke at some serious issues, to a much harsher atmosphere; with no real explanation for the shift. Including the changing attitudes of some of the characters. The last scene in particular, meant to offer a moment of clarity by moving things completely into the metaphysical, feels more like a tacked-on afterthought. One which pretty much falls flat.

The various performers all acquit themselves well. Justin Long stands out with a strong performance as a sexual objectifier, who changes from being from simply offensive to outright threatening at the drop of a hat. Also quite effective is Sakata, who delivers some rather heartfelt monologues as Sofia's Mother as she continually tries to plead her case.

Margot Bordelon’s direction works nicely, but it's stymied by a weak script. Emilio Sosa does an excellent job with the costumes, particularly the different outfits Sofia and Eva wear. Laura Jellinek’s sets are good, with the final scenic effect being especially striking. Marie Yokoyama's lighting design works fine.

Do You Feel Anger? is definitely a show with something important to say, but the final product is too disjointed - logistically and emotionally - to leave a lasting impression.

Featuring: Jeanne Sakata (Sofia's Mother), Tiffany Villarin (Sofia), Megan Hill (Eva), Greg Keller (Jon), Justin Long (Howie), Ugo Chukwu (Jordan), Tom Aulino (Old Man)

Do You Feel Anger?

by Maria Nelson-Greenberg
Scenic Design: Laura Jellinek
Costume Design: Emilio Sosa
Lighting Design: Marie Yokoyama
Original Music& Sound Design: Palmer Hefferan
Wig, Hair& Makeup Design: J. Jared Janas
Casting: Henry Russell Bergstein, CSA
Production Stage Manager: Megan Schwartz Dickert
Production Supervisor: Adrian White
Production Manager: Conor McCarthy
Press Representative: Sam Rudy Media Relations
General Management: DR Theatrical Management

Directed by Margot Bordelon

Presented by the Vineyard Theatre
108 East 15th Street
Tickets: 212-353-0303 or

Running Time: 1 Hour, 35 Minutes, no intermission
Closes: April 27, 2019

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Major cities served are Salt Lake City, Sandy, Midvale, Murray, Cottonwood Heights, West Jordan, South Jordan, Riverton, Herriman, Bluffdale, Draper, and...
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West Jordan, South Jordan, Riverton, Bluffdale, Draper and within 30 minutes from Sandy, Saratoga Springs, and Eagle Mountain.... $12 an hour
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South Jordan, Riverton, Saratoga Springs, Springville, Spanish Fork, Payson. We are looking for a General Merchandiser to join our team!...
From Indeed - Fri, 22 Mar 2019 03:24:54 GMT - View all Riverton, UT jobs
          Jordan Gale: It Is What It Is      Comment   Translate Page      
Inside_Cover_DesignIn 2017, we featured the work of Jordan Gale as one of the Honorable Mention nods for the Lenscratch Student Award. I was moved by his work and it has stayed with me over the past two years. Jordan has an innate ability to tell stories, in particular his own–of family, poverty, and drug abuse.
          Warriors news: Draymond Green knows that Golden State's run is bound to end at some point      Comment   Translate Page      
All things must come to an end. As amazing as their run has been over the past five seasons, this Golden State Warriors dynasty will have its inevitable final course. The Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls of the 1990's eventually saw their dynasty falter after the 1998 title, and the
 SiteRip      Comment   Translate Page      
82 Videos | 23.57 GB Get an PREMIUM ACCOUNT for Faster & Unlimited download, with NO waiting time !! Filesonic Download: […]
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Do you want to work on projects that make a positive difference in people’s lives? Are you looking for actual, front-line experience to build your portfolio... $10 an hour
From InsideOut Development - Fri, 15 Mar 2019 22:33:19 GMT - View all South Jordan, UT jobs
          The House on the Rock      Comment   Translate Page      

The first time I heard about the House on the Rock, I thought it wasn’t a real place. In Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods, it fits right in along the other fantastical locations described there, like the land of the dead, the otherworldly dimension called “Backstage,” and Chicago. I read about this ultimate roadside attraction, sprawled around a remote portion of Wisconsin and filled with musical automatons, collections of curiosities and the largest carousel in the world that no one is allowed to ride—the place where the gods, old and new, congregate because it represents the uniquely American fascination with oddities that sprung from the vacuum of a more profound mythology and is therefore a strange kind of sacred—and I just assumed, reasonably, that someone made it all up.

Someone did make the House on the Rock up, but it wasn’t Neil Gaiman. It was mostly a man named Alex Jordan—although I’m not entirely convinced that Jordan didn’t just plant the right seed or conjure the right spell and from there the House grew on its own. But it does exist, just outside of the town of Spring Green, Wisconsin, not far from the state capital of Madison. From a personal residence Jordan started building in the mid-1940s, it has expanded to an inexplicable museum of things and experiences that steady crowds of people come to year in and year out.

The first time I went to the House on the Rock, I still thought it might not be a real place. Much of the journey through it is dim, twisty and unlabeled. It lives in some liminal space that’s not entirely like the place you came from but not entirely detached from it either. It doesn’t explain or contextualize itself. When you enter it, you, like Alice down the rabbit hole, are necessarily subject to another world’s set of logic and rules—a set which is defined by the conviction that a practical purpose doesn’t matter as much as a genuine experience.

The House on the Rock’s true nature is as the result of one creative individual’s interests and obsessions given free rein, manifested from his untrained designs into brick and mortar and cogs and wheels. There is no editing, no second guessing, no guidance dictated by market value or trends. Jordan did adjust parts of his attraction if he thought they didn’t inspire the reaction in guests that he wanted. But, mostly, he just made what he wanted. Sometimes it’s creepy and sometimes it’s beautiful. It’s thoroughly weird. It works as a whole because it just doesn’t care what anyone else thinks it should be. It just is what it is. Creepily, beautifully and weirdly.

I’ve now been to the House on the Rock several times. I visit on average twice a year. It never bores me and it always reminds me that there are strange things that exist for no particular reason at all but to experience them.

          Generous support from Saudi Arabia begins to implement large-scale maintenance projects: UNRWA      Comment   Translate Page      
Sat, 2019-04-13 23:39

JEDDAH: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), with the support of Saudi Arabia through the Saudi Fund for Development, has embarked on a number of extensive maintenance projects, involving 268 schools and health centers in Syria, Jordan, Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.
In a statement, UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl praised the support from the Kingdom, noting that many of the agency’s buildings needed maintenance.
“Saudi Arabia is currently the third largest donor to UNRWA. It has donated $800 million since 1994, which is a clear signal of support for Palestinian refugees and their dignity and well-being,” he said.
Regular maintenance and upgrading of UNRWA facilities are key to the health and safety of children, men and women attending schools and health centers, he added.

Main category: 
UNRWA concerned over plan to shut its East Jerusalem operationPalestinian president Mahmoud Abbas swears in new government
          Ministry: More than 5.7 million Umrah visas issued so far      Comment   Translate Page      
Sat, 2019-04-13 23:42

RIYADH: The number of Umrah visas issued this year has reached 5,730,842, of which 5,273,075 pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom, according to data provided by the Hajj Ministry.
There are 472,043 pilgrims still in the Kingdom, with 330,560 in Makkah and 141,483 in Madinah, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
Most pilgrims — 4,706,764 — came to the Kingdom by air, while 504,116 entered by land and 62,195 arrived by sea.
The largest number of pilgrims are from Pakistan (1,222,459) followed by Indonesia (808,698), India (513,031), Egypt (31,604), Turkey (250,713), Yemen (246,992), Malaysia (243,793), Algeria (226,538), Iraq (185,051) and Jordan (148,041).
The weekly data also included the number of Saudi staff within Umrah companies and institutions. There are 10,481 Saudis including 8,674 males and 1,807 females.
The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has intensified its services around the clock, including cleaning, maintenance and operation works in the mataf, the Masa’a, the vault, King Fahd’s Expansion, and all the mosque’s levels and compounds.
A guidance service educates pilgrims and visitors on religious matters, and guides them in the proper performance of their rituals.
Developing Hajj and Umrah organizations and services in the Kingdom is among the top priorities of the Saudi government.
The Vision 2030 reform plan aims to attract more than 30 million Umrah pilgrims, and provide them with excellent services and an outstanding experience.

Main category: 
Shoura studies Umra visa extension proposalSaudi Arabia issues more than 4.1 million Umrah visas
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          From Mount Sinai to the Red Sea Crossing, This Man Searches for the Bible's 'Lost' Sites      Comment   Translate Page      

When Bob Cornuke first got involved in searching for lost locations in the Bible, he met a man named Jim Erwin who was the eighth man to walk on the moon.

"He was the first one to drive a car on the Moon," Cornuke told Peter Wooding, European Bureau Chief for ASSIST News at the recent NRB Convention in Anaheim, CA.

"He said, 'Bob, how'd you like to do something really fun? Let's look for Noah's Ark! It'd be the greatest discovery of all time!'"

Cornuke thought, "OK, how can you pass up on that?"

Cornuke had been involved with a career in law enforcement, got involved in a very bad shooting, moved to Colorado—and that's when he met Jim Erwin.

"So that started this cascading life of adventure and fun and risk and peril and books and video, TV and all that kind of fun things—and it was all because of meeting a man who walked on the moon that started it for me."

What have been some of the standout moments?

"It's hard to say that we've 'discovered' anything because God will reveal things in His time, for His purpose and His glory. But the standout things that we think we have been allowed to be a part of that God's revealed to us is the Mount Sinai story.

"Where is the real Mount Sinai? Tradition puts it, of course, and everybody believes that it's in the Sinai Peninsula. But the Bible says in Galatians 4:25 that Mount Sinai is in Arabia. That's a red flag for me, and as a former FBI trained homicide investigator, I had to check that out, because the Bible is shooting a flaming arrow right into Arabia as to where the real Mount Sinai is.

"So I went there, I met with a man named Larry Williams—we found this peak that's black on top and all these things around it. There [were] pillars and altars and writings and a lot of people were saying, 'Yes, that is the real Mount Sinai' now as late as Josephus Demetrius and Philo, historians from as far back as 250 B.C. have said that's the place, in the ancient land of Midian. So we think the real Mount Sinai has been discovered in the ancient land of Midian. And believe it or not, they're doing a Hollywood movie on it now, and of course, I'm not going to be in the movie, but it's a big Hollywood production that we're actually in the process of production as we speak."

Cornuke said the movie will be called The Mountain of Fire.

"It's really fun because we're talking big Hollywood types—I can't reveal a lot of the names that we're involved with now because they're contract negotiations—but Dean River is going to be producing it. One of the co-producers is Charles Seeger, who did National Treasure 1 and National Treasure 2. And I'm going over in a few weeks, doing some site locations in Jordan, where they filmed Lawrence of Arabia, and I'll be with the film commission over there, doing site locations for the movie. I've never had a movie done about me, so it's all new, but it's very fun and exciting."

Cornuke has 11 books and the most recent just came out, called Explorer—My Life Searching for Lost Locations in the Bible, that chronicles all his searches.

"I've been involved with 72 expeditions, been arrested five times in the Middle East for carrying a Bible, believed to be a spy—so they arrest you because you've a Bible in the Middle East. I don't want to ruin the book, but I do live. I survive!

The book is about Cornuke's nine searches and expeditions looking for Noah's Ark.

"I've looked for the real Mount Sinai that we just talked about. I've looked for the crossing site of the Red Sea where the fleeing Hebrews went being chased by Pharaoh went through the Red Sea. I've searched for the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia on 22 trips looking for it. I've actually been on the search looking for Paul's shipwreck—we think we've found the four anchors or God's revealed the four anchors of where Paul's shipwreck would be, and that's off the coast of Malta. We have four lead first-century Alexandrian freighter anchors that have been located over there by divers. And then we more recently have been involved searching where the real Solomon's temple and Herod's temple are located. We're looking for where Christ was crucified, and that's where Golgotha is, of course. I don't think people are going to be too believing of where we say, because tradition is such a strong thing, so you have to get past that big rock in the road that's called 'tradition' to find these locations. You take what the Bible says, and you bump into these roadblocks of tradition. So we try to go around these traditions and follow God's words as a roadmap and as a compass and as a guide."

How much have these travels helped Cornuke's faith to actually see the Bible come to life?

"I don't care who we are you know the Bible is a very difficult thing to believe you see—well, there's the Red Sea parting, and you see the world being flooded, and you see animals aboard the ark, and you start saying 'Well, that's a little farfetched,' and then you say 'Wait a second; God put that in the Bible.'

"The Bible is God's revelation of Himself to man. God's the author. Salvation's the end, and truth without any mixture of error is the content. The Bible is and shall be the supreme standard by which we should live. We should stop saying, 'Wait a second; we're second-guessing God,' because that's impossible. If the first line in the Bible is 'In the beginning God created ...' anything is possible. God can create. He can allow, he can provide things such as the flood to teach a disbelieving world about Himself and His nature and what He's intended. For instance, Noah's ark—if you're on that ark, you're saved. If you're off that ark, you perish. So there's no 'spiritual Switzerland' when you're on the ark of Christ today—you're saved. If you're off the ark of Christ today, you perish. The ark was a forerunner of Jesus and a perfect illustration of salvation."

Cornuke continued: "But the world wants to make everything complex, and they want to say, 'I want to have all these answers.' We don't have all the answers. God says 'I don't want you to have all the answers. I want you to have a childlike faith.' Matthew 11:25 says: 'Oh Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank You for hiding the truth from those who think themselves so wise and clever and for revealing it to the childlike.' Not the childish, the childlike. We have too many intellectuals today. People these days just puffed up with all this intellect that they can't see the truth past the scales in their eyes and the plugs that are in their ears. The Bible says, 'Thank you for hiding the truth from those that think themselves so wise and clever.'

"The whole university system is designed to gut God out of the divine and say these things didn't happen. The Red Sea parted from a strong wind. No, God parted the Red Sea with His mighty hand! The Bible says, 'I will show you these things that you should know that I'm the Lord your God.' He didn't do it because he was a cosmic show-off. He showed the people because He wanted them to know there was no other way of salvation except through Me. That's what God's done with his Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins, gruesome death; He paid the price for our sins. It just pains God's heart to see a world today that's totally disbelieving, that's caught up in following man instead of what God is saying."

What's next for Cornuke — are there more adventures, or will he ever hang up his boots?

"For some people, they stop. And so why do I look for these things? Because I try to show people the physical evidence that's in the Bible. People say, 'Well, you just need to have faith.' Well, faith is a great thing, but people say, 'Well, you just need to have faith. Why do you need to find things?' Well, how did Jesus teach when He encountered the doubting Thomas? He said, 'Look at the holes in my hands and my side.' And what did Thomas do? He fell down and said, 'My Lord and my God!'

"I try to show people the evidence, the physical evidence that these ancient historical events are real and true; and if we rely on the Bible—every word of the Bible from start to finish—we can rely on the Bible; and if we do so, we have the faith of a child ,and the world will change, and you can move mountains with that kind of faith. So the world today is doubting—and who blames them, because they're getting fed nothing but this nonsense from a secular world that says they have the answers when they don't even know what the question is, let alone have the answers."

More information about Cornuke and his work can be found online at {eoa}

This article originally appeared on Assist News Service. Reprinted with permission.

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          Ministerial Strategic Dialogue on UNRWA      Comment   Translate Page      
Bethlehem/PNN/ Foreign Ministers H.E Margot Wallström of Sweden and H.E Ayman Safadi of Jordan hosted a ministerial strategic dialogue in Stockholm today to discuss sustainable ways to support the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Participants included representatives from Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, Kuwait, Norway, United Kingdom, …
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WATCH LIVE Late Night With Seth Meyers Actor Jordan Peele; actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge; rapper Action Bronson. Fry made all 14 field goals he attempted for the AAF's Orlando Apollos last season Published Apr 12, 2019 at 5:51 PM NEWSLETTERS Receive the latest local updates in your inbox The Chicago Bears have added another kicker to their roster on Friday, agreeing to terms with Elliott Fry on a three-year pact.
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The Israeli Labour Party Slumps to a Record Low and the Arabs Save Meretz from Oblivion!

Cast your mind back, if you can, to 1949, when the State of Israel held its first elections. A mere year after the Nakba, when ¾ million Palestinians had been expelled thus allowing Israel the ability to call itself both democratic and Jewish.
How a Labour Kibbutz shifted its votes since the 2015 general election
In that election Mapai, the Israeli Labour Party, gained 46 out of 120 seats in the Knesset. In second place was Mapam, the United Workers Party, then in an alliance with Ahdut Ha’avodah, a militaristic left-Zionist party with 19 seats giving the parties of Labour Zionism an absolute majority.  20 years later the leadership of Ahdut, Israel Galili, Yitzhak Tabenkin and Yigal Allon, would form the basis of the Greater Israel movement Gush Emunim and abandon Labour Zionism for messianic colonisalism.
However the leader of Mapai, David Ben Gurion preferred to form a coalition with the religious parties since the definition of Jewish could not be a secular one and had to be in the hands of the Orthodox.
Avi Gabbay of Israel's Labor Party and Yair Lapid of the 'centrist' Yesh Atid
In the 1951 elections Mapai and Mapam lost 5 seats but they still had exactly half the seats in the Knesset and in practice, with client Arab parties, an overall majority. In 1955, after Ahdut had split with Mapam, the parties of Labour Zionism had lost a further seat. In 1959 the Labour Zionist parties gained 63 seats giving them an overall majority again.  In 1961 the Labour Zionist parties achieved 59 seats and in 1965 the three Labour Zionist parties, which now included Rafi, Ben Gurion’s right-wing breakaway from Mapai, totalled 63 seats. In 1969 the Israeli Labour Alignment, a merger of all the Labour Zionist parties gained 56 seats, the highest number any party has ever achieved in an Israeli election.
In 1973 the Labour Alignment gained 51 seats to Likud’s 39 seats but in 1977, in the wake of the Yom Kippur war, when Israel was taken by surprise by the joint attack of Egypt and Syria, Likud gained 43 seats to Labour’s 32 and Menachem Begin formed the first Likud government. Since then the Israeli Labour Party has only twice formed a government on its own.
The first such time was in 1992 when Yitzhak Rabin became Prime Minister. The Israeli Labour Party gained 44 seats and Meretz (which included Mapam and other parties) gained 12 seats. The government rested on the tacit backing of the Arab parties.
Contrast this with the recent election. The Israeli Labour Party gained just 6 seats in the recent elections in comparison to the 24 seats it held as the Zionist Union (with Tzipi Livini’s Hatnuah) in the 2015 Knesset. Meretz declined from 5 to four seats. 
The morning after - shell shocked Israeli Labor Party leaders gather
So from a high point of 65 seats in 1949, the parties of Labour Zionism have now slumped to just 10 seats between them. What makes this even worse is that although Meretz is a Zionist party, it relied heavily on Arab votes, about a quarter of its total, in order to retain any seats in the Knesset. Meretz lost significant support to Benjamin Gantz’s Kahol Lavan (Blue and White) Party. A Zionist party that relies on Arab votes does not have a healthy or promising future
If it had not been for a very significant increase in votes from Israel’s Druze population in particular, which previously voted for Likud and parties of the Zionist Right, Meretz would not have gained any seats. This switch to Meretz was a consequence of Netanyahu’s decision to introduce the Jewish Nation State Law last summer. In Kafr Qasem, the site of a famous massacrein 1956, Meretz gained 39% of the vote.
It wasn't  Herut/Likud militias who perpetrated this massacre but those of the Labour Zionist militias
Even members of the Kibbutzim, the last reservoir of support for Labour Zionism in Israel voted predominantly for Kahol Lavan on the basis of wanting to see Netanyahu removed. Ideologically there is little or nothing now to distinguish Labour Zionism from its centrist rivals.
What is the explanation for this collapse in support for Labour Zionist parties? I suggest it is a culmination of a series of factors. The Labour Zionist parties were never socialist or even left-wing in the sense that is understood in the West.  Meretz is, at best, a party of civil liberties but it doesn’t challenge the Zionist basis of the Israeli state. It doesn’t like its more overt racist character but it signs up to Israel as a Jewish state.
The Israeli Labour Party today has no social base. Where once the major organisation of Labour Zionism, Histadrut, a trade union which was also Israel’s second largest employer, provided a comprehensive series of services such as a national health service, today it is merely a conglomeration of individual unions.  It’s industry has long been privatised.
The lack of any socialist or left-wing ideology and any economic or social base has left it rudderless, without a purpose. The ILP is not seen to stand for anything.  This was one reason that in 2017 it elected as its new leader, Avi Gabbay, the ex-CEO of Bezeq, Israel’s largest telecommunications firm and a former Minister in Netanyahu’s government! Gabbay had only joined the ILP three months before.
Gabbay’s strategy was simple.  To move the ILP further to the right in order to compete with Likud.  He even took advice on this from Tony Blair! Gabbay announced that he was opposedto dismantling any settlements in the Occupied Territories and he supportedNetanyahu’s attempts to deport Israel’s 40,000 Black African refugees because they constituted a ‘threat’to Israel’s national identity, not being Jewish.
This strategy has failed dismally. Netanyahu has demonstrated that when it comes to staking out a position on the Right no one can beat him.  Netanyahu was even responsiblefor the election merger of Jewish Home and Otzma Yehudit, an openly racist party of the late Meir Kahane, into the United Right party. This gave secular Israelis even less reason to vote for the ILP, especially since Gabbay had toldhis own party that the Left had forgotten what it is to be Jewish!
Gantz’s Blue and White Party, led by former generals and Yair Lapid, leader of the ‘centrist’ Yesh Atid (in practice firmly on the right), was held together by only one thing – opposition to Netanyahu.  I predict that it will not be long before this wholly artificial and unprincipled alliance will haemorrhage members.
Avi Gabbay will no doubt be despatched back to Bezeq but for the Israeli Labour Party the problem still remain. What exactly does the Israeli Labour Party stand for? As Israel moves further to the nationalist Right with a pluralityof Israeli Jews wanting to see Israel’s Arab citizens expelled, a sentiment shared by Likud’s partners, Yisrael Beteinu and the United Right Party of Bezalel Smotrich and Rafi Peretz, the old Labour Zionist ideals, which represented collective colonialism, are now only of interest to historians.
Meretz also faces a dilemma.  A Zionist party relying on the support of Israel’s Palestinians is a living contradiction!  Meretz has never been a party of left activism and it has never, for example supported Israel’s teenage refuseniks who refuse to serve in the Occupied Territories. Merertz should consider the votes it received in this election as being on loan only.
What Meretz, which is committed to a two state solution will not face up to is that Israel is now one state, from the Jordan to the sea. With nearly 5 million Palestinians living under occupation it is an apartheid state. In these elections we had the obscenity of 400 settlers in Hebron having the right to vote whilst the 200,000 Palestinians in Hebron had no vote.  Meretz has no answer to this or the fact that two legal systems operate in the same area of land.
Meretz’s problem stems from its desire to see a non-racist Zionism. A democratic Jewish state.  These are impossible contradictions.
As Israel races to the nationalist right its defenders in the West, from Donald Trump in the United States to Theresa May and Tom Watson in Britain’s Labour Party have only one answer – to accuse Israel’s critics of ‘anti-Semitism’.
Tony Greenstein

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I simply had to thank you very much again. I do not know what I could possibly have taken care of in the absence of the type of concepts contributed by you regarding my theme. It had become a very traumatic concern in my position, however , spending time with a specialised mode you dealt with that took me to weep with delight. I am just thankful for the assistance and thus believe you comprehend what an amazing job you are doing educating others through the use of your webblog. Most likely you have never encountered any of us.
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It's episode 18 of Season 12. On this week's show we have tales about the darkness found in art, science, and nature.

"The Red Harvest" written by Mandy McHugh (Story starts around 00:02:25)

Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Narrator – Peter Lewis, Mother – Erin Lillis

"The Ghost Men Project" written by Sean O. Wilkins (Story starts around 00:24:45)

Produced by: Jesse Cornett

Cast: Dr. Jordan Zavos – Mike DelGaudio, Special Investigator Bryant – Jesse Cornett, Guard – Atticus Jackson, PFC Grazer – Dan Zappulla, Command Operator – Nikolle Doolin

"Victoria’s Road" written by Blair Daniels (Story starts around 01:02:15)

Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Hannah – Jessica McEvoy, Mira – Addison Peacock, Hannah's father – Mike DelGaudio, Woman in purple dress – Nikolle Doolin

"The Girl on the Porch" written by R.J. Clark (Story starts around 01:20:35)

Produced by: Jeff Clement

Cast: Narrator – Jeff Clement, Shelly – Sarah Thomas, Girl – Addison Peacock, Announcer – Nikolle Doolin

"Witch of the Woods" written by Brad Tucker (Story starts around 01:42:42)

Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Narrator – Atticus Jackson, Nan & Beast – Erika Sanderson, Mom – Sarah Thomas

Please visit for full show notes and links to learn more about our authors, voice actors, and producers.

Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

"The Ghost Men Project" illustration courtesy of Naomi Ronke

Audio program ©2018-2019 - Creative Reason Media Inc. - All Rights Reserved - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

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Mark Scheifele feeds Blake Wheeler in front of the net who beats Jordan Binnington to tie the game for the Jets.

The post DeRozan leads Spurs to win over Nuggets in Game 1 appeared first on

          Eberle puts Islanders up late with filthy backhand goal      Comment   Translate Page      

New York Islanders’ Jordan Eberle scores a clutch goal. After receiving a pass from Matt Barzal, he dekes to the backhand and beats Matt Murray to make it 2-1 in the third.

The post DeRozan leads Spurs to win over Nuggets in Game 1 appeared first on

          Islanders reaping benefits of Barzal, Eberle duo at right time      Comment   Translate Page      

Mathew Barzal spoke after the New York Islanders beat the Pittsburgh Penguins to take a two-game lead in the series. He talked about shutting down some of the best players in the game and the chemistry he’s acquired playing alongside Jordan Eberle.

The post DeRozan leads Spurs to win over Nuggets in Game 1 appeared first on

          السعودية تعلن بدء العمل بمشروع "نيوم" العملاق خلال أشهر قليلة      Comment   Translate Page      

أكد نظمي النصر، الرئيس التنفيذي لمشروع مدينة نيوم السعودي العملاق، أن أشهر قليلة، تفصل فريق عمل مشروع "نيوم"، عن الانتقال لموقع المشروع، والبدء بوضع أولى لبناته الإنشائية، مضيفا "نيوم رحلة طويلة تحتاج إلى التخطيط الدقيق والعمل الدؤوب".

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Video: Any Given Beercap
Watch This Video!
Studio: Chase B. Productions
Who is Bo Jordan? Bo Jordan became the messiah of the beercap league when he defeated ex - champion Corky Rose for the beercap league hangover 2007 Championship! And as been selling out stadiums ever since ... He's the most talked about "Athlete" well, since O.J killed his wife ...

Stars: Brian Chasey, Elijah Austin, Uma Chasey

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Little (PG, 109 mins) Directed by Tina Gordon Reviewed by I★★★1⁄2 f you think your boss is bad, meet Jordan Sanders (Regina King). While those outside her innovation company know her as Atlanta’s tech empress, her employees have less-kind...
          Report: Vikings add former Broncos wide receiver to 2019 roster      Comment   Translate Page      

On Saturday, it was revealed that the Minnesota Vikings and free agent wide receiver Jordan Taylor reportedly agreed to a one-year contract. At training camp this summer, the Minnesota Vikings will now have even more competition in their wide receiver room after a report came out on Saturday that the team has added another pass […]

Report: Vikings add former Broncos wide receiver to 2019 roster - The Viking Age - The Viking Age - A Minnesota Vikings Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

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Vernacular "soft sculpin" for taxon Psychrolutes sigalutes (Jordan & Starks, 1895) has been added by db_admin via the MS Access interface on 2012-01-04T14:40:55+00:00
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Vernacular "chabot velouté" for taxon Psychrolutes sigalutes (Jordan & Starks, 1895) has been added by db_admin via the MS Access interface on 2012-01-04T14:40:55+00:00
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GP G A PTS Nicklas Backstrom, WAS 2 3 1 4 Jordan Eberle, NYI 2 2 2 4 Matt Duchene, CLS 2 1 3 4 Max Pacioretty, VEG 2 1 3 4 Erik Karlsson, SJ…
          "No Going Back" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA      Comment   Translate Page      

DELTA » April 13th, 2019

Trade signed a joint document with the Kurdistan region to complete the files of Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization

The Ministry of Commerce signed a joint memorandum with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the Kurdistan region during a workshop in Erbil on the files to be completed for Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as the need to continue to communicate to resolve any problems that occur between the Center and the region.

The representative of the delegation of the central government, Assistant Director General of the Department of Private Sector Development Musab Osama at the opening of the workshop, that "Iraq is a federal state and Iraq's economic interest is one interest, there is no difference between Baghdad and Erbil and Basra," adding that the organization of business and standardization of views on the files of the WTO The world will have a great impact on everyone without a difference. "

The workshop, which was held in Arbil under the auspices of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the region in the framework of the Ministry of Commerce seeks to organize and unify the views on the files of Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The workshop included a full presentation on the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the files that Iraq must complete to be a WTO member followed by bilateral meetings between representatives of ministries in the Government of the Center and their counterparts in the Government of the Region.

GodsServant » April 13th, 2019

Thanks delta this is needed and a requirement of the baby being born or as you say about to be born.............

DELTA » April 13th, 2019

(thumbs up)

Frank26 » April 13th, 2019

(big smile)

Rommy » April 13th, 2019

W = Welcome
T = To the
O = Otherside

Edna » April 13th, 2019

Not being Negative, but it seems like these clowns are back to their old "stalling games again" I pray i'm wrong.

7-FA » April 13th, 2019

IMO I believe that they are now at the point of no return and they is no going back.....IMO

KBC123 » April 13th, 2019

I haven't heard one thing about "canceling the project to delete the zeroes" this year. That alone is encouraging to me!

Frank26 » April 13th, 2019





Don961 » April 13th, 2019

Mohammed al-Halbusi to (Tigris): Washington is waiting for Iraq to rely on itself on the economic side

13-04-2019 10:36 PM


Speedracer » April 13th, 2019


KBC123 » April 13th, 2019

YES!!!!! GO Iraq! Take those training wheels off!!

Frank26 » April 13th, 2019

KONA ......... REALIZE .......,............ RELY !!!

MilitiaMan » April 13th, 2019

Him stating that Washington is awaiting to rely on Iraq economically is stating to me that to rely on it's own new currency, along with energy.. imo How about you? ~ MM

Clare » April 13th, 2019


Mark » April 13th, 2019


MilitiaMan » April 13th, 2019

One of the main things these folks have in common is trade with Iraq. That requires mechanisms to be in place. What are mechanisms? Well they are tools for exchange purposes. As in a medium of exchange with currencies.

Just like we see between the UAE and Korea. Those two are doing Currency Swaps between themselves again apparently. Well the UAE is as Iraq is part of the GCC. The common denominator is going to be trade in goods and services and among many other things of importance.

All the tourists will need to exchange say Won when arriving into Dinar, just as those in Jordan, China, Japan, USA, GB, Canada, etc.. Iraq will need to make change in and out of the conversion process.

Therefor having mechanisms in place now is very important.

Especially when the exchange rate changes. They'll have plenty of the medium that is necessary to satisfy the trading, etc. imo That is for local trade, however, it is more in depth than that. They'll need another mechanism for the larger players electronically and that imo would be the FX.

Now we see that the USA is calling for Iraq to rely on herself. Well to do that they'll need to rely on the new strength that goes with internationalism.

Internationalism is at a true rate with hardy fundamentals, not a forced program rate from the past. Looks to me they were told time is up. So, I would then think that they are about to use the tools they have to finally do it.

On another note. I noticed a very interesting and lengthy theme on corruption on the last thread. A large amount for one day. Even where Tamimi was replaced, she being a Finance Minister. Go figure, Iran and or Maliki connection?

The fascinating thing is also that we here in the USA just witnessed where there were approximately 8 more indictments handed down on (effectively) corruption at high levels in our Gov.

I don't imagine that Washington telling Iraq it is time to rely on yourself, doesn't have anything to do with, "We did what we needed to do and we now have things in place, so it is time for you too, Iraq. " ~ MM Thus, all the files on corruption and even Tamimi going down imo is by no coincidence. imo Time will tell. ~ MM

Foreign Minister leaves for Jordan for a four-way meeting

13th April, 2019 Extra article on previous posted

Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday, leaving its minister Mohammed al - Hakim to Jordan to participate in the Quartet meeting.

"Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim left the country for Amman, Jordan, accompanied by the head of the Investment Authority," the ministry's spokesman Ahmad al-Sahaf said in a statement received by al-Sumerian News.

"The aim of the visit is to participate in the quadripartite meeting between Iraq, Jordan, Greece and Cyprus at the level of foreign ministers; to discuss the mechanisms of new commercial and tourism investments."

"To achieve investment flows towards the Mediterranean countries within the framework of the government's tendency to diversify Iraq's commercial resources, establish economic partnerships that will achieve development, and promote reconstruction efforts."

"This meeting coincides with the aspiration of the Iraqi government to turn into a regional investment center, in which the regional economic forces converge, in light of its investment and commercial assets and promising opportunities. LINK
Iraqi-Gulf meeting is the first in more than 30 years

Economy News _ Baghdad

A high-level Iraqi Gulf meeting was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which resulted in an Iraqi-Gulf plan of action starting from Riyadh as the fruit of the first high-level meeting between Iraq and the GCC Secretariat for more than 30 years. For the launch of an investment conference in Baghdad soon, to receive Gulf investments in Iraq.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted Iraqi Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Qahtan Al-Janabi as saying that "Riyadh yesterday witnessed the launch of a strategic joint action plan between Iraq and the GCC General Secretariat, which included the signing of memorandums aimed at enhancing cooperation between the two sides in five vital sectors "He said.

Al-Janabi said that "a meeting was held yesterday in the Saudi capital Riyadh between an Iraqi delegation led by Nizar al-Khairallah, the senior agent of the Foreign Ministry and the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, headed by Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Negotiations, Joint between Iraq and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, "revealing an" investment conference, will be arranged soon in Baghdad during this year. "

"This plan was approved yesterday by the Iraqi Council of Ministers and the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which is now ready and will be worked on by both parties with a view to activating its details and forming a joint Iraqi-GCC committee."

According to Ambassador Janabi, under the plan, memoranda of understanding will soon be signed between the two parties "to strengthen cooperation and partnership in the political, security and military sectors to coordinate political positions and consultations on regional and international issues, as well as military coordination and training, to enhance security in the region and combat terrorism, the organization".

"The second sector in this plan of cooperation is the commercial and economic investment sector to explore and exploit the great opportunities in Iraq by the GCC countries and to facilitate the movement of goods between Iraq and the GCC countries by signing memorandums of understanding to facilitate the movement of goods, With the standards and customs, "pointing out that" the third sector is education, to exchange experiences and provide scholarships and cooperation and coordination of positions and twinning of universities, while the fourth sector includes health and the environment, through the adoption of health programs and the exchange of training and expertise in the medical and health. "

"The GCC countries are keen to create consensus and agreement with Iraq on the environment and its health as a vital area, especially as Iraq is an important part of the region, in the presence of other countries, to develop a strategy to protect the environment and Iraq is ready to sign and implement what is agreed upon "He said.

The Iraqi ambassador stressed that "the fifth sector in this plan is the sports sector and youth," adding that "the two sides stressed the importance of activating Iraq's membership in the GCC system in this sector specifically, and work to integrate various types of sports in Iraq with their counterparts in the GCC countries , As well as to promote youth outreach on both sides. "

A statement issued on the joint meeting between the General Secretariat of the Council of Cooperation and Iraq yesterday, and that the meeting came from linking the GCC States in Iraq, the bonds of fraternity and neighborliness, and their common interests and destiny, and lofty goals, achieving the welfare and development of peoples. The two sides agreed to form a joint committee to follow up and continue coordination and consultation between the two parties, "he said.

The two sides discussed ways to strengthen the existing relations between GCC states and Iraq in the economic, political, security, cultural, media, education, health and sports fields in the light of the joint work plan for the period from 2019 to 2024, agreed upon by the two sides.
The two sides agreed to strengthen strategic political coordination between the two sides to enhance security and stability in the region, combat terrorism and promote economic plan in the fields of trade, industry, investment, oil, energy, agriculture and the private sector.

South Korea and UAE renew deal to swap currencies more than $ 5 billion for 3 years

13th April, 2019

South Korea's central bank said it had agreed to renew a currency swap agreement with the UAE to boost financial stability for both countries.

The $ 5.4 billion currency swap, first signed in 2013 and completed in October 2016, will be put into effect by April 2022, the Bank of Korea said in a statement, adding that talks to extend the deal had been postponed due to disagreements on regulatory issues.

South Korea has currency swap agreements totaling more than $ 132.8 billion with more than seven countries, including China, Canada and Switzerland. LINK

btw South Korea built a huge housing Project outside of Baghdad, don't think they don't have Dinars. Also, the IMF is talking about a new SDR currency. Now think about that. All those big names in the SDR baseket now most likely are holding Dinar.

If so, they are all going to get a big shot in the arm supporting their respective values of their currencies, just as the UAE may by being a part of the AMF basket, just as Iraq is..imo ~ MM

Source: Dinar Recaps

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Challenger Anning CH | Terra | $162.480 – Parte Alta (1) Thompson, Jordan vs Bye Wu, Di vs Purcell, Max (WC) Gao, Xin vs Viola, Matteo Bye vs (14) Clarke, Jay (9) Duckworth, James vs Bye Qualifier vs (WC) He, Yecong Ochi, Makoto vs (WC) Li, Yuanfeng Bye vs (8) Kubler, Jason (4) Jung, Jason […]
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​He’s a former advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He’s also the New York Times bestselling author of 13 novels and five nonfiction books. Joel Rosenberg is our guest this week on The Land and the Book. He’ll take us on a tour of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Iran and Turkey—looking at “Trends to Watch for in the Middle East.” So join us for The Land and the Book.  
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          CoL be careful what you wish for…      Comment   Translate Page      
The ‘woke’ supporters of hate speech legislation reckon that the primary reason for the legislation against ‘hate speech’ is “to send a strong message of tolerance and equality to all of society”. They also want to virtue-signal to the UN. They want a strong message sent, particularly to liberal-conservative and reasoned debaters like Jordan Peterson. […] The post CoL be careful what you wish for… appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.
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David Kadouch, piano Quatuor Arod Jordan Victoria, Alexandre Vu, violons Tanguy Parisot, alto Samy Rachid, violoncelle Camille Saint-Saëns/  César Franck
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174,95 €
inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten

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Michael Jordan's Bulls did it, and so did Kobe Bryant's Lakers. Can Stephen Curry and the Warriors be three-peat NBA champions, too? The Warriors start their NBA playoffs campaign looking to join an elite group of teams by winning their third successive title. Golden State is the heavy favorites to lift the Larry O'Brien Trophy […]

The post NBA playoffs 2019: Warriors look to equal three-peat of Jordan’s Bulls and Kobe’s Lakers appeared first on 188bet.

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Does anyone know what network the Jordan Brand Classic is on next Saturday? Usually it’s on ESPN but don’t see it this time. GO BIG BLUE!!!!
           Comment on Steven Nekhaila running for Libertarian Party of Florida chair by Root's Teeth Are Awesome       Comment   Translate Page      
dl: <i>Europe has a war refugee problem, not an immigration one. Given Nato’s role in destabilizing Northern Africa and Western Asia, Europe is hardly blameless in the matter. Accepting refugees would be a form of restitution as a complicit actor in causing the war refugees flows in the first place.</i> Europe is "hardly blameless"? Europe owes "restitution"? Israel is the biggest destabalizer in the Mideast. A week rarely goes by that Israel doesn't bomb Syria. Israel also funds the ISIS groups fighting Assad. Destabalizing the Arab/Muslim world has been a decades long policy of Israel's. Israel funded Hamas in the 1980s, so it would act as a counterweight to the PLO, and thus create a split among Palestinians. Israel funds guerilla groups fighting Assad to keep Syria weak, and thus ensure Israel's hold on the Golan Heights. Israel also pressures the U.S. (which in turn pressures NATO), to further destabilize the Mideast and North Africa. Israel, more than any other Western nation, is responsible for any flow of war refugees. Of course, Israel is off the hook in taking them in. As Netanyahu said, Israel lacks the "demographic depth" and geographic depth to absorb refugees: Israel is also constructing a border fence: <i>Also on Sunday, Netanyahu announced the start of the construction of a fence along Israel’s border with Jordan. The proposed fence will connect existing ones along the Egyptian and Golan Heights borders. “To the extent that it is possible, we will encompass Israel’s borders with a security fence and barriers that will allow us to control our borders,” Netanyahu said. “We will not allow Israel to be flooded with illegal migrants and terrorists.”</i> You can't expect Israel to take the problem it created. So Israel passed the buck (yet again) to the West, which has been subsidizing Israel in so many ways, for so long. And while the media and political establishments demonize attempts by the U.S. or Europe to control their borders, Israel receives only praise from the establishment, all critics being demonized as "extreme."
          VIDEO + PHOTOS: Prom Project Hamilton enters its “biggest year so far”      Comment   Translate Page      
Jordanna Hale applies makeup to Grade 10 student Mary Pickford.

Students descended on Delta High School in east Hamilton Saturday in search of the perfect outfit for prom or graduation, part of Prom Project.

          Clean up your cat litter      Comment   Translate Page      

the real story why Ecuador threw out Assnage: He didn't clean up the cat litter.

so what happened to the cat?

NPR report on Assange's cat.

Moreno explained that Assange treated his hosts disrespectfully; late last year the embassy implemented a series of rules for Assange, including a requirement to be responsible for the "well-being, food, hygiene and proper care of your pet." If Assange didn't, the embassy threatened to put the cat in a shelter. In other words, it is likely that Assange didn't effectively clean up after his cat's own wiki-leaks.
apparently he gave it to his family after the embassy threatened to take it away and put it in a pound.

If I find all of this absurd, it is because boys of all ages are notorious for being messy, so hiring a part time maid to clean up after him wouldn't cost a fortune, so why is the embassy making such a big thing about it? Or maybe buy a self cleaning litter box?

Because of course this is not about being messy: they were pressuring him to leave and a lot of his messiness was about protesting this.

On the other hand, I guess he hasn't read Jordan Peterson:


I find it is ironic that he spent years isolated in an embassy for embarassing Hillary, but Chelsey Manning not only got a pardon but a free sex change operation for releasing information that endangered soldiers in Iraq.

          NBA playoffs 2019: Warriors look to equal three-peat of Jordan's Bulls and Kobe's Lakers      Comment   Translate Page      

Michael Jordan's Bulls did it, and so did Kobe Bryant's Lakers. Can Stephen Curry and the Warriors be three-peat NBA champions, too?

          Jimmy Butler Jordan Supreme Elevation      Comment   Translate Page      
Nikenews featuredfootwear jordansupremeelevation 4.11.19 1649 hd 1600The mysterious pair of kicks has been worn by the Philadelphia guard throughout the 2018-19 season.
          Stephen Byrne: Full Show 130419      Comment   Translate Page      
Stephen chats to Irish singer Brendan Murray about X Factor and his new single, If I'm Honest, gives the lo-down on exciting Star Wars news and talks to Irish director Neil Jordan about his new film, Greta!
          Jordan Thomas Tops Jaden Bentley 720p      Comment   Translate Page      
Release Year: 2018 Video language: English These 2 stylish know what to do with it is weenies as they their bolts ... Format: mp4 Duration: 19:58 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2428kbps Audio: 153kbps [...]
          Jordan Thomas Tops Jamie Delrey 720p      Comment   Translate Page      
Release Year: 2018 Video language: English Why hotties have sex when u can own kind in the a-hole .. Format: mp4 Duration: 20:24 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2430kbps Audio: 153kbps [...]
          Wonderfuzz – 'Get There' Exclusive Video Premiere      Comment   Translate Page      

It’s not terribly often that a cover band begins releasing original content, but if Wonderfuzz’s new album is any indication, perhaps more of them should. 

If you think of all the musical ground they’ve covered together over the past seven years, it makes perfect sense. You may recognize the core members — guitarist Josh Johnson, bassist Jordan Smith and drummer Sam Hoskins — from their original indie rock project, The Slowdown. But as Wonderfuzz, the band regularly performs six decades worth of hits from James Brown to the Foo Fighters, entertaining audiences at private parties, corporate events, weddings, bars and the like. 

“Being in a cover band provided us with hours and hours of practicing different styles and grooves in front of audiences,” Johnson said. “We realized we were never really playing the songs like the originals, and we started to build up a lot of creative energy around ‘fuzzing it up.’ It was only natural to start putting ideas together.”

Smith, Wonderfuzz’s lead singer, came up with many of the ideas for their original material. 

“Once [Jordan] started finding the spiritual energy to explore those ideas, we thought it was too many band names to market,” Johnson said. “Instead of starting a new band, we just decided to keep it under the same umbrella. The collaborative writing just kinda happened after that.”

The result is an eight-track album that glides through rock ’n’ roll tunes steeped in glam, blue-eyed soul and funk, and highlights Smith’s exuberant falsetto. Its title track also serves as the group’s debut video, a musical performance directed by Shawn Gormley.

Here is The Bridge’s premiere of “Get There,” by Wonderfuzz:

Pick up a CD copy of “Get There” and a limited-edition poster at the release party on Thursday, April 18 at The Riot Room. Wonderfuzz will perform songs from the new album, with support from Rubeo and Grim Repeater. Tickets are available

—Michelle Bacon

          Toy Story 4 (2019)      Comment   Translate Page      
Cast: Jordan Peele, Patricia Arquette, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks, Joan Cusack, Annie Potts, Keegan-Michael Key, Timothy Dalton, Kristen Schaal, Wallace Shawn, Bonnie Hunt, Tony Hale, Tim Allen e Laurie Metcalf.
          Zimmermann, Tigers to face Berrios, Twins      Comment   Translate Page      
Detroit Tigers (8-6, third in the AL Central) vs. Minnesota Twins (7-4, first in the AL Central) Minneapolis; Sunday, 2 p.m. EDT PITCHING PROBABLES: Tigers: Jordan Zimmermann (0-1, 2.50 ERA) … Click to Continue »
          No Way Out      Comment   Translate Page      
Video: No Way Out
Watch This Video!
Studio: Falcon Studios
When you cross paths with these gorgeous muscled hunks, there's no way out…and with bodies and big cocks this perfect, who would want to? Billy Brandt and Jeff Palmer leads this jaw-dropping cast, with FIVE explosive scenes of rimming, blowjobs, hardcore pounding and wild orgies!

Stars: Anthony Lafont, Billy Brandt, Cameron Fox, Colby Taylor, Jeff Palmer, Jeremy Jordan, Karl Tenner, Kevin Pearce, Matt Skyler, Michel Mattel, Sebastian Gronoff, Travis Wade

          Girl Leads Him Into Her House To Show How Dirty She Is      Comment   Translate Page      

Release Year: 2010
Cast: Angelica Heart and Jordan Ash
Genres: Anal, Brunette, Blowjob (Pov), Big Tits, Big Tits Worship
Video language: English

Officer Ash catches Angelica speeding through a residential area. She begs him to look the other way, since she's right in front of her house.

She's been in such a hurry that she forgot her license and registration as well.

Ash pulls her out of the car and pats her down to see if she's clean, in turn she pulls him into her home to show him how dirty she is.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 29:39
Video: 1920x1080, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 2.5 GB

          The new-old globalisation      Comment   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - Jordan Times) By Harold James PRINCETON ? Once upon a time, everyone assumed that there was a single phenomenon called globalisation, whereby cross-border flows of financ...
          Friday evening's a bit chilly,       Comment   Translate Page      
what with that front having come through.  So here's some data to review while you're staying warm

          Jordan Thomas Tops Brody Hamilton 720p      Comment   Translate Page      

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

When you have been horny all day long and you got a monster cock always eager for hungry asses, you’ll probably keep early hours until you find some bottom guy to invite at home.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:54
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2437kbps
Audio: 153kbps

File size: 378.7 MB

          UPDATE 3-English County Championship Division Two Scoreboard      Comment   Translate Page      
Apr 13 (OPTA) - Scoreboard at stumps on the third day of between Durham and Sussex on Saturday at Chester-le-Street, England Sussex need 68 runs to win Durham 1st innings Cameron Steel b Ollie Robinson 3 Alex Lees b Mir Hamza 12 Cameron Bancroft c Chris Jordan b David Wiese 33 Gareth Harte b Ollie Robinson 18 Jack Burnham lbw Ollie Robinson 0 Ned

          "Baseball Immortal: Derek Jeter" with Danny Peary      Comment   Translate Page      
“Passion is the genesis of genius.”  -Galileo

Baseball Immortal: Derek Jeter takes you on a remarkable forty-year journey, letting you step inside the great Yankee shortstop’s life and career through his own words and those of the people who have known him best personally and in the sports community.  The result is an incredible, insightful look at what made him not only an amazing ballplayer, but also an intriguing and complex personality.

The book is packed with quotes by Jeter’s parents, friends, teachers and mentors, coaches, scouts, teammates, opposing players, his fans and critics, celebrities, elite athletes like Michael Jordan, writers and broadcasters, managers, George Steinbrenner and even two presidents. The big surprise comes from the revealing quotes from Derek Jeter himself, who, during his career, constantly frustrated journalists by keeping his thoughts to himself.

Danny Peary is a sports and film historian who has published 24 books.  He collaborated on the biographies of Roger Maris and Gil Hodges, the autobiographies of Ralph Kiner and Shannon Miller, and three books with Tim McCarver.  Peary is the writer-researcher of The Tim McCarver Show.

Listen in to our conversation with Danny Peary on a warm December evening in the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse...

          "Summers at Shea" with Ira Berkow      Comment   Translate Page      
Opening Day for the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse Spring 2013 Event Calendar... with a Pulitzer Prize winner throwing out the first pitch! "My job as a columnist and feature writer, primarily -- as opposed to a beat writer covering the game itself -- was to give a sense, a feel of being there, to write about elements of the on-field participants that the spectator is not aware of, and cannot be aware of from his vantage in the grandstands, or on a couch in front of his television set." -Ira Berkow Former New York Times columnist Ira Berkow captures the spirit of the New York Mets in this unforgettable collection of opinions, stories, and observations.  On this night in the Clubhouse, memories and reflections about Casey Stengel, Tom Seaver, Gil Hodges, Yogi Berra, Art Shamsky, Ron Darling -- and even Michael Jordan & Abba Eban. Ira Berkow, a sports columnist and feature writer for The New York Times for more than 25 years, won the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting in 2001 and was a finalist for the Pulitzer for commentary in 1988.  He is the author of 20 books, including the bestsellers Red: A Biography of Red Smith and Maxwell Street: Survival in a Bazaar. On March 14th, we had a standing-room-only crowd in the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse -- and an hour's worth of stories from a Pulitzer Prize winner.  Listen in... (This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Audrey McGinn)
          Új Jordan CP3.IX kosárlabda cipő eladó! - Jelenlegi ára: 19 900 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      
Eladó a képeken látható Jordan kosaras cipő!  
Mérete: 45-ös, UK10, belső talphossz: 29 cm.
Személyes átvétel Egerben és Felsőtárkányban lehetséges. Postázom is!

Új Jordan CP3.IX kosárlabda cipő eladó!
Jelenlegi ára: 19 900 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 10:16
          Supply Chain Management - El-Safwa Training Center , Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, Muscat, Kuwait City, Cairo, Amman, Beirut,Dubai       Comment   Translate Page      

Course Objectives

  • Describe the objectives and functions of materials and supply chain management (stock control, purchasing, stores, and physical distribution) and explain how they relate to each other
  • Categorize stock items based on the ABC classification model
  • Calculate future demand for different stock items
  • Identify Reorder Points (ROP), Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Safety Stocks (SS) for different stock items
  • Apply the basic purchasing processes and use Incoterms appropriately
  • Identify best practices in warehouses to maintain accurate inventory records
  • List the various transportation functions and costs

Cost: 3600 USD

Duration: 5 Days

          The Successful Buyer & Procurement Management - El-Safwa Training Center , Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, Muscat, Kuwait City, Cairo, Amman, Beirut,Dubai       Comment   Translate Page      
Course Objectives
  • Apply the modern principles of the purchasing function
  • Utilize the best practices in purchasing strategies and processes
  • Use all the skills required to be a successful buyer
  • Improve the efficiency of buying goods and services
  • Describe how best to select suppliers
  • Determine transportation and packaging requirements
  • Explain how to shorten total lead time to speed up the purchasing cycle
Course Outline
  • Modern purchasing
  • Buyer roles and responsibilities
  • Purchasing methods and strategies
  • The purchasing process
  • Optimizing the communication cycle
  • Partnership and negotiation

Cost: 4000 USD

Duration: 5 Days

          Air Jordan szilikon karkötő új,akció AZONNAL - Jelenlegi ára: 1 990 Ft      Comment   Translate Page      
AIR JORDAN szilikon karkötők többféle színben!!!! A termék vadonatúj, bontatlan csomagolásban, kiváló minőségben!!!!
Egy csomagban 3 db karkötőt találsz, a karkötők mindegyikén AIR JORDAN 23 felirattal, és természetesen az elmaradhatatlan JUMPMAN logóval!!!!
Kosarasoknak, focistáknak, sportolóknak..... mindenkinek ajánlom!!!! A következő színkombinációkban elérhetőek: (KÉRLEK A MEGJEGYZÉS ROVATBAN TÜNTESD FEL, HOGY MELYIKET SZERETNÉD!!! )
4. SÁRGA-RIKíTÓZÖLD-RIKÍTÓSÁRGA (vagy ilyesmi, nem vagyok annyira benne a színekben, de a képen láthatod: )))

Air Jordan szilikon karkötő új,akció AZONNAL
Jelenlegi ára: 1 990 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-14 11:36
          Egypt reduces its gas exports to Jordan to 300m scd/day in April      Comment   Translate Page      

Jordan’s gas imports changes according to needs of electricity plants

The post Egypt reduces its gas exports to Jordan to 300m scd/day in April appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

          Issa Rae: Marsai Martin Outshined Me In Karaoke While Filming ‘Little’      Comment   Translate Page      
Here’s one thing that’s not up for debate. The comedy Little is the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic. The hilarious comedy starring Regina Hall, Issa Rae and executive producer Marsai Martin, centers on on a insufferable tech mogul, Jordan Sanders, who wakes up as the 13-year-old version of herself. Martin plays a young Sanders while Hall is […]
           Gay journalist reveals chilling account of meeting Jordanian honour killing family       Comment   Translate Page      
Lene Wold watched in silent horror as the woman in front of her removed her niqab, the scarf covering her face. Amina, from Jordan, had deep, livid scars, stretching over her nose and cheek.
          Garín vence a Querrey y jugará su primera final profesional      Comment   Translate Page      

El chileno Christian Garín, 73 del mundo, venció este sábado por 7-6 (2) y 6-2 al estadounidense Sam Querrey, octavo cabeza de serie, y logró el pase a la final del torneo de Houston que se disputa sobre superficie de arcilla.

Garín vence a Querrey y jugará su primera final profesional

Garín, de 22 años, disputará su primera final de un torneo del circuito de ATP Series 250 y lo hará contra el ganador de la semifinal que esta tarde van a jugar el colombiano Daniel Galán, quien entró al cuadro a través de la fase de clasificación, contra el noruego Casper Ruud.

Galán concluyó este sábado por la mañana su partido de cuartos de final que la pasada noche fue suspendido por la lluvia y ganó 6-1, 4-6 y 6-4 al australiano Jordan Thompson, séptimo cabeza de serie.

El chileno apenas necesitó una hora y 23 minutos para conseguir su victoria más importante como profesional, en el primer duelo que tenía contra Querrey, dos veces finalista en Houston.

La brillante actuación de Garín en el torneo le asegura, al margen de lo que pueda conseguir en la final, subir 20 puntos en la clasificación mundial.

El partido estuvo sólo igualado en la primera manga cuando ambos tenistas se hicieron un "break" y lo llevaron al desempate, donde Garín impuso la consistencia de su saque y buen resto para ponerse con parcial de 6-0 y asegurarla.

La perdida del set desmoralizó por completo a Querrey que ya no tuvo capacidad de reacción, mientras que Garín se aclimataba mejor a las condiciones de la pista, pesada, porque había llovido por la mañana, y viento.

Garín hizo el primer "break" del segundo set en el cuarto juego para el parcial de 3-1 y ahí se acabó el partido para el tenista estadounidense de 31 años.

Mientras que Garín se convertía en el primer chileno que accede a la final del torneo desde que Fernando González logró el título en el 2000, que fue la última edición jugada en Orlando, Florida.

González venció a su compatriota Nicolás Massú en aquella final.

Garín acabó el partido frente a Querrey con cinco "aces" y apenas una doble falta por 7 y 7, respectivamente, del tenista estadounidense.

El nuevo finalista del torneo de Houston, único de la temporada en Estados Unidos que se disputa sobre superficie de arcilla, ganó 80 puntos, incluidos 42 con su saque y 38 en el intercambio de golpes por 43 y 17, respectivamente, de Querrey, que nunca pudo superar el mejor juego de Garín desde el fondo de la pista. EFE



          2-2. Deportivo Lara cerca de octavos y Emelec queda con vida artificial      Comment   Translate Page      

Deportivo Lara, de Venezuela, logró hoy un valioso empate por 2-2 y se aproximó más a octavos de final, mientras que Emelec quedó con vida artificial fruto de tres empates y una derrota en el Grupo B de Copa Libertadores.

2-2. Deportivo Lara cerca de octavos y Emelec queda con vida artificial

El paraguayo Lorenzo Frutos, a los 50 minutos, y Freddy Vargas a los 84, lograron los tantos que lo mantienen con la mejor opción para seguir en Copa, mientras que el goleador Bryan Angulo que convirtió a los 66 y 76 minutos, marcó los goles del cuadro ecuatoriano.

Emelec tuvo la gran oportunidad para salir victorioso pero no supo defender el 2-1, y así prácticamente quedó eliminado del torneo, con solo tres puntos, contra los cinco del cuadro venezolano.

Emelec salió con la urgencia de ganar pero dejó espacios en su defensa que intentó aprovechar Deportivo Lara con punzantes contraataques, que terminaron en manos de un siempre atento portero argentino naturalizado ecuatoriano Esteban Dreer.

Los atacantes visitantes, el paraguayo Lorenzo Frutos y Jaime Moreno, fueron los que más disfrutaron de oportunidades, pero terminaron superados por Dreer, que les quitó sendas ocasiones para anotar.

Emelec también generó posibilidades para convertir, a pesar de la nutrida defensa que presentó el técnico visitante Leonardo González, con ataques rápidos por el costado derecho donde se juntaron Romario Caicedo y Billy Arce.

El atacante Bryan Angulo logró escaparse en dos ocasiones de la presión de los defensas contrarios, uno de sus remates pasó por el costado derecho del arco, cuando el portero quedaba fuera de acción, y otro remate fue rechazado con gran acción por el portero Carlos Salazar.

Lara salió con más decisión a buscar la victoria y a los 50 minutos se puso en ventaja mediante un tiro penalti que cambió por gol el paraguayo Frutos.

El tanto otorgó confianza y seguridad al visitante para hacer suyo el control de las acciones, con buena distribución de balón entre el medio campo y la delantera.

Emelec reaccionó, presionó más y alcanzó el empate, tras el violento remate del defensa argentino Leandro Vega, dio un rebote el portero Salazar, y Angulo remató al andar para derrotar al portero, en el minuto 66.

Emelec insistió y viró el marcador, en el minuto 74, con el segundo tanto del goleador Angulo, controló el balón y enfiló un disparo a un costado del portero, después se puso una máscara azul en tributo al goleador que tuvo Emelec hace varios años, Otilino Tenorio, que murió tras un accidente de tráfico hace varios años.

Jairo Otero, que reemplazó a Jesús Bueno, enfiló un violento remate, que respondió en gran acción el portero Dreer, para evitar el empate.

La sorpresa de la noche guayaquileña la dio el atacante Vargas, que aprovechó un contraataque y con un violento remate derrotó a Dreer, en el minuto 88.

Ficha técnica:
2. Emelec: Esteban Dreer; Romario Caicedo, Jordan Jaime, Leandro Vega (m.78, Marlon Mejía), Gorman Estacio; Pedro Quiñónez (m.60, Gabriel Cortes), Nicolás Queiroz, Joel López (m.82, Wilmer Godoy), Bryan Cabezas; Billy Arce y Bryan Angulo.

Director técnico: Mariano Soso.

2. Deportivo Lara: Carlos Salazar; Jefre Vargas, Ignacio Anzola, Giacomo Di Giorgi, Leonardo Aponte; Jorge Yriarte, Jesús Bueno (m.78, Jairo Otero), David Centeno, Gonzalo Di Renzo (m.83, Freddy Vargas); Lorenzo Frutos (m.68, Juan Carlos Medina) y Jaime Moreno.

Director técnico: Leonardo González.

Goles: 0-1, m.50: Lorenzo Frutos; 1-1, m.66: Bryan Angulo; 2-1, m.76; 2-2,m.88: Freddy Vargas.
Árbitro: Esteban Ostojich, de Uruguay, asistido por sus compatriotas Nicolás Tarán y Martín Soppi, amonestó a Moreno, Jaime, Bueno, López, Angulo, Arce, Centeno.
Incidencias: Partido por la cuarta fecha del Grupo B disputado hoy en el estadio "George Capwell", de propiedad de Emelec.



          Truth be told, the idea that “Netanyahu has killed the two-state solution” is silly - by Victor Rosenthal      Comment   Translate Page      
...PM Netanyahu’s decision to extend Israeli law to the settlements in Area C would not have any effect whatever on Palestinians living under the control of the Palestinian authority, and it does not change the status of the territories in which they are located. Israel will never abandon Judea and Samaria entirely, although it is possible that some part of them could become an autonomous Palestinian entity. But – for security, if for no other reason – Israel could never agree to a sovereign Arab state west of the Jordan, nor could it agree to the kind of massive withdrawal and dismantling of settlements that was envisioned in the Obama period.

Victor Rosenthal..
Abu Yehuda..
12 April '19..

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Judea and Samaria referred to as “occupied Palestinian territories,” and Jewish settlements there called “illegal under international law.” But the territories are not “Palestinian,” they are not “occupied,” Jewish communities there are not illegal, and Israel is not oppressing millions of Palestinians who also live there.

PM Netanyahu’s promise to extend Israeli sovereignty to the settlements – and not, by the way, “to annex the West Bank” as so many headlines have it – has re-ignited debate about these issues. But nothing’s changed. Here are some popular but false statements about Judea/Samaria and the Jewish communities that have been established there:

1. The “West Bank” is “Palestinian land” which Israel is occupying

Judea and Samaria, like the rest of Israel and Jordan, were part of the Ottoman Empire from the 16th Century until the end of WWI. After the war, the League of Nations agreed to set aside this portion of the former Ottoman territory to be held in trust by Britain to become a national home for the Jewish people. Britain gave the eastern portion to Abdullah bin Hussein as a reward for his help and that of his father, Sharif Hussein of Hejaz, in the war; this would ultimately become Jordan. The land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, including what would become the State of Israel and Judea/Samaria and Gaza became the Mandate for Palestine.

The Arabs living in the Mandate were strongly opposed to Jewish sovereignty, and the British, from a combination of the desire to appease the Arabs to reduce their violence (which expressed itself against both Jews and the British rulers), the desire to keep “Palestine” under their control for strategic purposes, and sheer antisemitism, abandoned their responsibility to the Jewish people and tried to throttle Jewish immigration, while allowing Arabs from surrounding areas to enter.

In November 1947, the UN – which had assumed the obligations of the League of Nations – passed a resolution (UNGA 181) recommending the partition of the Mandate into a Jewish and Arab state. The Palestinian Jews were prepared to accept a truncated state (it would be the second truncation of the land originally set aside for the Jews), but the Palestinian Arabs and the Arab nations wanted all the territory to be under Arab sovereignty, and rejected the resolution.

It is important to note two things: first, the resolution, because it was passed by the General Assembly and not by the Security Council under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, was advisory, not mandatory. And second, because the recommendations were never implemented, they became moot.

The British, exhausted after WWII and tired of the attacks against their occupation forces by both Jews and Arabs, ended the Mandate in May, 1948, and went home. The Jews, who had used the Mandate period to build all the institutions required for a state – an army, an educational system, a labor federation, various state enterprises, and more – declared the State of Israel in the area assigned to them by the partition resolution. The Arabs, who could have done the same, did not do so. They redoubled their violent attacks on Jews. At the same time, the armies of five Arab nations invaded the area, intending to destroy the new state of Israel and take the land for themselves (and not to establish a state for the Palestinian Arabs!)

The war that followed ended with a cease-fire in 1949. The Arab nations would not agree to make a permanent peace or recognize the Jewish state, but they signed cease-fire agreements that demarcated the positions of their troops. These agreements explicitly stipulated that the cease-fire lines were not national borders. The areas of Judea/Samaria and Gaza were occupied by Jordan and Egypt respectively, and in 1950 Jordan formally annexed the territory it had occupied and named it the “West Bank.” This is the first time that name was used to refer to what had previously been called “Judea and Samaria.”

The Arab invasion clearly violated the UN Charter, being a “use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence” of the State of Israel, and therefore the annexation of Judea and Samaria was also illegal. Only Britain (and possibly Pakistan) recognized it. During the war and afterwards, Jordan regularly committed war crimes, violating the Geneva Conventions by ethnically cleansing the Jewish population from the territories they occupied, destroying Jewish synagogues and cemeteries, and not allowing access to Jewish and Christian holy sites during the entire 19-year occupation.

In 1967 the Arabs again planned to destroy Israel, and some Arab leaders even made genocidal statements. Although it is true that Israel fired the first shots, it is generally accepted that this was a case of legitimate military preemption of an imminent attack, and that Israel’s actions were justified self-defense. The war ended with Israel in possession of Judea and Samaria, as well as Gaza.

The argument is made that the UN charter forbids acquisition of territory by force. That is not correct. It says that

All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations. (Art. 2, Sec. 4)

But it also says that

Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. … (Art. 51)

If Israel’s actions in 1967 were legal, what is the status of Judea and Samaria? Many people say that it is a “belligerent occupation.” If so, it would still be entirely legal, just as the allied occupation of Germany after WWII was legal. But if it is an occupation, whose territory is being occupied? Not Jordan’s, whose possession of it was illegal from the start!

The last entity in legitimate possession of Judea/Samaria was the British Mandate, which no longer exists. But the only national entity that could reasonably have been considered the inheritor of the Mandate’s boundaries is the State of Israel. Given also that the Mandate was intended for the purpose of establishing a national home for the Jewish people, and considering the well-documented claim of the Jewish people to be the aboriginal inhabitants of the land, it is reasonable to see the events of 1967 as the liberation of territory that was illegally occupied, and its return to the legitimate owner, Israel.

In 1988, King Hussein of Jordan relinquished his claim to Judea and Samaria, in favor of the PLO. But since Jordan had no legitimate rights to the territory to begin with, the gesture was meaningless.

It is true that the Palestinian Arabs wish to possess Judea and Samaria (not to mention Haifa and Tel Aviv), and there are numerous members of the UN that agree with them for religious, cultural, economic, and yes – antisemitic – reasons. But wishing will not make the 1949 armistice lines a border, and wishing will not make Palestinian Arabs the legitimate heirs of the British Mandate, nor – despite their creative approach to history – the aboriginal inhabitants of the Land of Israel.

2. Settlements are illegal under international law

This is a favorite of many news media and European governments, who feel a compulsion to add “which are illegal under international law” after any mention of Israeli settlements. But even if you accept (as I do not) that Israel’s possession of Judea and Samaria constitutes belligerent occupation, the usual argument that settlements constitute a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention provision against population transfer into an occupied territory is very weak. This protocol was established after WWII with the intent of criminalizing actions such as Germany’s deportation of its Jewish residents to occupied Poland, and not to prohibit voluntary settlement on public lands (a more complete treatment of this subject is here). It should be noted that there have been additions made (e.g., the 1977 “Additional Protocol I”) to the Geneva convention specifically aimed at Israeli policy, but Israel and other nations, including the US, have not ratified them.

3. Israel is oppressing millions of Palestinians in Judea and Samaria

When Israel and the PLO signed the Oslo Accords in 1993-5, they agreed to divide Judea and Samaria into Areas A, B and C. Area A was under Palestinian security control and civil control, Area B (much smaller) under Palestinian civil control and Israeli security control, and Area C under full Israeli control. Area C contains all Jewish settlements. More than 95% of the Palestinian population lives in areas A and B, where they are governed by the Palestinian Authority (PA). While it is true that Israel’s security forces reserve the right to enter area A to arrest wanted terrorists, Palestinians have civil and political rights granted by the Palestinian Authority to vote and hold political office. There are Palestinian courts and Palestinian police, Palestinian ministries of health, finance, labor, etc. It’s hardly fair to blame Israel for the fact that the PA is corrupt and dictatorial, and hasn’t held an election for years.


PM Netanyahu’s decision to extend Israeli law to the settlements in Area C would not have any effect whatever on Palestinians living under the control of the Palestinian authority, and it does not change the status of the territories in which they are located. Israel will never abandon Judea and Samaria entirely, although it is possible that some part of them could become an autonomous Palestinian entity. But – for security, if for no other reason – Israel could never agree to a sovereign Arab state west of the Jordan, nor could it agree to the kind of massive withdrawal and dismantling of settlements that was envisioned in the Obama period. So the idea that “Netanyahu has killed the two-state solution” is silly. The two-state solution was never alive because of simple geostrategic facts.

Isn’t it nice that international law agrees.
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