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          After India, Bhutan too may give China BRI meet a miss      Comment   Translate Page      
While India has rejected China's invite for Belt and Road Forum meet, most of its neighbours including the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh have confirmed participation in the event. Diplomatic sources here said Bhutan is unlikely to attend the BRI Forum meet.
          We are landlocked but our minds are open: Bhutan's Prime Minister      Comment   Translate Page      
 The state visit to Bangladesh was a homecoming of sort for Bhutan's Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering, who spent 10 years in two medical colleges ther
          AFRIQUE/MALAWI – Expression de la solidarité de l’Episcopat aux victimes des inondations      Comment   Translate Page      
Lilongwe – « Nous sommes ici pour porter notre solidarité et pour faire face aux responsabilités qui sont les nôtres en ce qui concerne l’aide aux personnes qui sont dans le besoin » a déclaré S.Exc. Mgr Thomas Luke Msusa, Archevêque de Blantyre et Président de la Conférence épiscopale du Malawi , au cours de … Continua la lettura di AFRIQUE/MALAWI – Expression de la solidarité de l’Episcopat aux victimes des inondations
          CEK FAKTA: Klaim Jokowi Soal Ekspor Kereta Api ke Bangladesh      Comment   Translate Page      
Menurut PT Inka, 80 persen bahannya dari dalam negeri.
  was reported accessible in China       Comment   Translate Page      
Title: ClickBD - The Largest E-commerce Site in Bangladesh - Buy online, Save money, Lowest prices
Report Date: Apr 13, 2019 6:33:42 PM
Reporter Country: China
Reporter ISP:
Comments: Accessible in China according to

          well, here it is again... damn...       Comment   Translate Page      
Saturday yowls and roars, most beloved and beautiful KitKats... yes, the world appears to still be spinning... whatever ... this Big Cat is experiencing a flashback... at fifteen she walked out of high school, as she's explained before... well, with the recent EXPOSE' of congress, the sheer monumental stupidity this Big Cat [kindergartners are smarter] is witnessing everyday by most of the congressional establishment critters -- as exampled by the AG Barr CIRCUS CIRCUS dumber-than-dumb questioning display... Barr, who actually has some real brain power, ran proverbial circles around these idiot-tards ... PLUS, the endless, stomach-turning, hell-level corruption ... the fact that most in congress could care less about WE REAL AMERICANS ... yeah, the Kougar wants to walk out again -- just given the complete insult to her intelligence, which high school was... and given the absolute oppression-suppression, the LACK OF FREEDOM, the stay-in-the-box YOU HAVE TO THINK/BELIEVE THIS WAY .... well, here it is again... damn... 



SHATTERED: Mount Vernon Exposes Politico’s Very Fake News Story About Trump’s Visit To George Washington’s Estate


Ecuadorian Government Websites Hacked and Taken Offline Over Julian Assange Arrest

Ecuadorian Government Websites Hacked and Taken Offline Over Julian Assange Arrest

Mapping Armaggedon: Earth's looming tsunamis and mega-quakes...


Further, the horror perpetrated against Native American children... the sheer persecution-brutality against the Bundy family and the good patriots involved in helping them ... may the perpetrators get what's coming to them... now! 



Prior to the removal of the page, Correa lambasted his successor in a series of posts

Facebook has unpublished the page of Ecuador’s former president, Rafael Correa, the social media giant confirmed on Thursday, claiming that the popular leftist leader violated the company’s security policies. 

"...Since 2015, Correa—who lives with his family in Brussels, Belgium—had used the social platform to great effect, using strongly-worded posts, video interviews, and live-streams as a platform amid the Ecuadorean media’s de facto blackout of the former leader, who remains reviled by the center-right former opposition and sections of the country’s left.
Former President Correa minced no words in his assessment of Moreno, denouncing him in an English-language tweet as “the greatest traitor in Ecuadorian and Latin American history … Moreno is a corrupt man, but what he has done is a crime that humanity will never forget.” ...


Trump Fires Off Late Night Tweet – Calls Democrats’ Open Border Policies “TREASONOUS”

President Trump fired off a late night tweet Wednesday, calling the actions taken by Democrats to keep the borders wide open, “TREASONOUS.”

Thank you, President Trump for calling it what it is!
“I think what the Democrats are doing with the Border is TREASONOUS. Their Open Border mindset is putting our Country at risk. Will not let this happen!” Trump said in a tweet.

There is a huge crisis at the US-Mexico border with record number of illegal aliens flooding into the United States.
Asylum seekers are being released into communities because of dangerous “catch and release” policies and Congress refuses to act.
No doubt these caravans of illegals are being funded by open border zealots looking to destroy US sovereignty.
Multiple caravans full of military-aged Central Americans and other migrants from all over the world are currently marching to the US border where they will seek asylum then be released into the US.

Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch said that in his sector alone, border agents have captured people trying to enter the country illegally from more than 50 different countries, including Turkey, China, Bangladesh, Egypt and Romania. “People are traveling across hemispheres to attempt to illegally enter the U.S., using the same pathways as the Central Americans,” he told lawmakers.
“Karisch noted that Border Patrol has apprehended more families illegally crossing the border in the first five months of fiscal 2019 than during all of fiscal 2018,” Fox News reported. “Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended more than 76,000 migrants across the border in February and said it was on track to apprehend more than 100,000 in March. In the Rio Grande Valley alone, Karisch said that at current pace, they would have more than 260,000 apprehensions in his sector by the end of fiscal 2019. There were 162,000 in RGV last year. He also said that his agents apprehend, on average, 1,000 people a day.”
President Trump declared a national emergency in February to secure funding for a border wall, however, the insanely dangerous asylum laws are causing the biggest surge of illegal aliens flooding over the border.
Despite nearly 100,000 illegal invaders being apprehended by border patrol in the month of March alone, Democrats continue to give comfort and aid to the invaders by refusing to stop the border surge.
Judge Richard Seeborg on Monday blocked President Trump’s policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico as they wait their turn for an immigration judge to hear their cases.
Judge Seeborg, an Obama appointee in San Francisco, granted a request by a civil liberties group that sued the Trump Administration on behalf of 11 asylum seekers from Central America.
Trump is right — what the Democrats are doing with the border is treasonous.


WIKILEAKS claims 'extortion' over leaked Assange footage... 


Breaking the internet: New regulations imperil global network... 


Veritas Logo

Dear Savannah, 

You can’t make this up.
Yesterday I went to the Attorney General’s Office in New Hampshire to give them proof of voter fraud.  An admission from an Atkinson man who voted twice in the same election in two different states.

You can view the video HERE.
How did they respond?
They handed me and my executive producer a grand jury subpoena.  
Did the summons mention anything about voter fraud or double voting?  Of course not. 
We are now ordered to appear before a grand jury in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire for an investigation.

Our journalists found a man who admitted to double voting.  Breaking the law!
Now, the response of the AG’s office isn’t to investigate the double voter, but instead our operations.
I will not budge.  I will not capitulate.  And I will not cave to this political pressure.
I will keep releasing voter fraud videos in New Hampshire and I will not be not be intimidated by the misguided use of the grand jury process to try and prevent our lawful investigative journalism.
I'm not asking for your money, I'm asking for your help.
Please help me put pressure on the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office to investigate this voter fraud case right now.  
Please call their investigator Robert J. Sullivan at:603-271-1182
Or you can email him
Tell him the following:
Please investigate Robert A. Bell for admitting to voting twice.  Why did you subpoena James O'Keefe, the journalist, instead of subpoenaing the person who voted twice? 
Be Brave!
James O’Keefe



Chinese cops send people to ‘concentration camps’ if they’re found with Facebook on phones during random stop and searches

Western social media is banned in China’s Xinjiang region where police are accused of seizing phones and installing spyware

"...Offenders are said to be sent to "re-education" camps to clamp down on social media use.
Mandatory spyware is downloaded onto citizen’s phones to restrict what citizens can access.
And police check mobiles for evidence of foreign social media apps like Twitter or WhatsApp.
Xinjiang is home to 11 million Uighurs - one of China’s fifty-five ethnic minorities who have their own language and mainly practice Islam.
The Chinese government is accused of routinely targeting citizens of the region with “counter-terror” measures and brutal policing.
Kasim, who claims to be a Xinjiang native, shared what he says are secretly taken pictures inside the secretive region, which the Chinese government restricts access to by outsiders.
He says he used special software to bypass the government's censors and post the images on Twitter.
And he said living in China is “like Nazi Germany” and likened the Chinese Communist Party to ISIS..."


Your car is watching you. Who owns the data?

Computers on wheels raise thorny questions about data privacy

If you’re driving a late model car or truck, chances are that the vehicle is mostly computers on wheels, collecting and wirelessly transmitting vast quantities of data to the car manufacturer not just on vehicle performance but personal information, too, such as your weight, the restaurants you visit, your music tastes and places you go.
A car can generate about 25 gigabytes of data every hour and as much as 4,000 gigabytes a day, according to some estimates. The data trove in the hands of car makers could be worth as much as $750 billion by 2030, the consulting firm McKinsey has estimated. But consumer groups, aftermarket repair shops and privacy advocates say the data belongs to the car’s owners and the information should be subject to data privacy laws.
Yet Congress has yet to pass comprehensive federal data privacy legislation. And although Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi, chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, has said he would like to see federal privacy legislation passed by the end of the year, it is unclear if that goal can be met.
Financial technology is changing how we do business, and regulators are trying to catch up


Ex-FBI Lawyer James Baker Refuses to Answer Rep. Meadows When Asked if Multiple Trump Associates Were Targeted With FISA Warrants

Ex-FBI Lawyer James Baker Refuses to Answer Rep. Meadows When Asked if Multiple Trump Associates Were Targeted With FISA Warrants


VIDEO: WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Warns Other Journalists About the Serious Precedent Being Set if Julian Assange is Extradited

VIDEO: WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Warns Other Journalists About the Serious Precedent Being Set if Julian Assange is Extradited


KA-CHING! Socialist Bernie Sanders, Who Owns Three Houses, Admits He’s a Millionaire

KA-CHING! Socialist Bernie Sanders, Who Owns Three Houses, Admits He’s a Millionaire

          2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #15      Comment   Translate Page      
A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week, i.e., Sun, Apr 7 through Sat, Apr 13, 2019

Editor's Pick

The world could transition entirely to cheap, safe renewable energy before 2050: Finnish study

Solar Panels

A study from the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and the Energy Watch Group (EWG) from Germany says a global transition to the exclusive use of renewable energy is possible before 2050. (iStock) 

A global transition to the exclusive use of renewable energy sources is not only possible but also cheaper and safer than reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear energy, according to a new study from the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and the Energy Watch Group (EWG) from Germany.

The study claims that the rapid development of renewable energy sources and energy storage technology will likely make it possible for the entire planet to reduce its CO2 emissions to zero even earlier than the current 2050 deadline.

The report is the first of its kind to suggest a cost-effective, all-inclusive, global roadmap to keep average global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius. It is also the first planet-wide climate change resistance plan that suggests not using carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) techniques to mechanically remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

According to the model, in 2050 some 69 percent of the world’s energy would come from solar panels, 18 percent from wind power, 3 percent from hydropower systems and 6 percent from bioenergy.

Fossil fuels and nuclear power would not be needed at all. Cars, planes and ships would run on carbon-neutral synthetic fuels produced from hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

The world could transition entirely to cheap, safe renewable energy before 2050: Finnish study, Yle News (Finland), Apr 12, 2019 

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Sat Apr 13, 2019

          US warns citizens to ‘reconsider travelling to Nigeria’      Comment   Translate Page      

The US department of state has cautioned its citizens to “reconsider travel to Nigeria because violent crime, such as armed robbery, assault, carjacking, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, rape and piracy, is common throughout the country.”

In a travel advisory recently released on its website, which contains information on the safety and security of US travellers, Nigeria was listed among 35 countries with a “K” indicator that indicates where its citizens could be at risk of getting kidnapped or taken hostage.

“The new “K” indicator is part of our ongoing commitment to provide clear and comprehensive travel safety information to U.S. citizens so they can make informed travel decisions,” the department said.

“The Travel Advisories for 35 countries have been updated to include a “K” indicator for the risk of kidnapping and/or hostage taking: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russian Federation, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine (in Russian-controlled eastern Ukraine), Venezuela, and Yemen.”

While Nigeria was placed on level 3, the US department of state issued a level 4 travel alert for Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states.

“The security situation in northeast Nigeria is fluid and unpredictable, particularly in Borno and Yobe States and northern Adamawa State,” the department said.

“Terrorist groups based in the Northeast target churches, schools, mosques, government installations, educational institutions, and entertainment venues. Approximately two million of Nigerians have been displaced as a result of the violence in northeast Nigeria.”

The 35 countries were placed in four levels of travel with respect to their safety and security risk.
          Stage for DU Baishakhi concert set on fire - The Daily Star      Comment   Translate Page      
Stage for DU Baishakhi concert set on fire  The Daily Star

Some activists of a faction of Bangladesh Chhatra League allegedly set fire to a stage made for a concert to celebrate Pahela Baishakh on Dhaka University ...

          Happy Bengali New Year!      Comment   Translate Page      
Purabi Khisa Tandra wrote from Bangladesh about the Bengali New Year… “Our 3 day-long biggest social festival ‘Bijhu’ starts on April 12th with ‘Phool Bijhu’ (decorating homes with flowers) followed by ‘Mool Bijhu’ (the feast) and ‘Nuo Bojhor’ (the Bengali New Year 1426). ‘Bijhu’ is the biggest social festival of the Chakma indigenous community in […]
          4/14/2019: Pakistan: Minister asks UK to return Koh-i-Noor diamond      Comment   Translate Page      
India and Bangladesh for the Bengal famine and the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, in which British forces led by Brigadier General Reginald Dyer opened fire on thousands of unarmed and peaceful protesters, including women and children, killing scores of...
          Anjan Dutt to perform in Dhaka      Comment   Translate Page      
Culture Desk Widely popular singer, actor and director in Bangladesh and India, Anjan Dutt is going to bring his recent theatre production ‘Salesman-er Shongshar’ in Dhaka in July. A production of Anjan Dutt Productions, the play will be staged on July 9. Salesman-er Shongshar, an adaptation of Arthur Miller’s famous play ‘Death of a Salesman’, [...]
          Executive - Export - Wacker - Kolkata, West Bengal      Comment   Translate Page      
Ltd, an Indo German Joint Venture having its presence in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangladesh. Our world needs ideas!...
From Wacker - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 01:04:27 GMT - View all Kolkata, West Bengal jobs
          Executive - Credit Control - Wacker - Kolkata, West Bengal      Comment   Translate Page      
Ltd, an Indo German Joint Venture having its presence in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangladesh. Our world needs ideas!...
From Wacker - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 01:04:26 GMT - View all Kolkata, West Bengal jobs
          USTM signs MoU with UGC Bangladesh      Comment   Translate Page      
9TH MILE (RI-BHOI), April 13 - University of Science and Technology Meghalaya (USTM) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh at Sylhet recently. The MoU was signed by Prof Abdul Mannan, Chairman, UGC Bangladesh and Mahbubul Hoque, USTM Chancellor, a press release said.
          Pohela Boishakh, 14 Apr 2019      Comment   Translate Page      

14 Apr 2019 - Community at Town Hall

(suitable for under 18s)


Join members of Birmingham’s Bangladeshi community in a colourful celebration of Pohela Boishakh, the Bangla New Year. There will be traditional food, music and fun for everyone in this family event.

          Aung San Suu Kyi Faces Mounting Criticism Abroad Over Rohingya Crisis      Comment   Translate Page      
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit DAVID GREENE, HOST: All right. So how could a Nobel Peace laureate be a leader in a country that the United Nations says may have committed acts of genocide? That is the question raised by the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, one of the worst humanitarian disasters today. The U.N. says that Myanmar's military may have committed ethnic cleansing against Rohingya Muslims, driving nearly a million of them into Bangladesh. As NPR's Anthony Kuhn reports from Yangon, Myanmar's de facto leader, a former political prisoner and pro-democracy icon, has taken much of the blame. ANTHONY KUHN, BYLINE: Aung San Suu Kyi has insisted to the outside world that her government is on the same page as the international community, they're sympathetic to human suffering, and they're determined to find a solution to the Rohingya crisis in western Myanmar's Rakhine state. She outlined this in a speech to foreign diplomats last September. (SOUNDBITE OF SPEECH) STATE COUNSELLOR
          Concern Is High Over Facebook's Role In Fanning Violence In Myanmar      Comment   Translate Page      
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: We've been chasing down the story behind a question to Mark Zuckerberg. The founder of Facebook was questioned by Congress this spring. Most attention focused on Facebook sharing personal data and Facebook being used to spread disinformation. Less-noticed was a question about Facebook's role in violence in Myanmar. Zuckerberg's answer led NPR's Anthony Kuhn to visit Myanmar in search of a fuller answer. ANTHONY KUHN, BYLINE: At a Senate hearing in April, Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about Myanmar. (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING) PATRICK LEAHY: Recently, U.N. investigators blamed Facebook for playing a role in inciting possible genocide in Myanmar, and there has been genocide there. KUHN: Ethnic conflict and military anti-insurgent operations have sent an estimated 700,000 Rohingya Muslims fleeing into Bangladesh. Leahy was referring to accusations that Facebook helped fan the flames by
          Purchase of Duplexer Tuner.      Comment   Translate Page      

Telecommunications equipment and supplies; Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment and apparatus;Wireless telecommunications system;Telecommunications cable and equipment;Satellite-related communications equipment;Switchboards;Telephone equipment;Fibre-optic materials;Communications equipment;Data equipment
Ministry : Ministry of Home Affairs Division :
Organization : Bangladesh Police Procuring Entity Name : Logistics Section,Telecom & Information Management,Rajarbag, Dhaka
Procuring Entity Code : 00057 Procuring Entity District : Dhaka
Procurement Nature : Goods Procurement Type : NCT
Event Type : TENDER Invitation for : Tender - Single Lot
Invitation Reference No. : 44.01.0000. Tender/Proposal Status :
App ID : 132767 Tender/Proposal ID : 299474

Eligibility of Tenderer :

As Per TDS.

Brief Description of Goods and Related Service :

Purchase of Duplexer Tuner.

Evaluation Type : Lot wise
Document Available : Package wise
Document Fees : Package wise
Tender/Proposal Document Price (In BDT) : 1000
Mode of Payment :
Tender/Proposal Security Valid Up to : 21-Aug-2019
Tender/Proposal Valid Up to : 24-Jul-2019
Lot No. Identification of Lot Location Tender/Proposal security
(Amount in BDT)
Start Date Completion Date
Lot1 Purchase of Duplexer Tuner. PE Office 100000 02-May-2019 20-Jun-2019

           Comment on THE REIGN OF MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA Part 6 by aloy       Comment   Translate Page      
Lots of valuable info here. Looks like MR had a vision on high tech things and established the Technological Campus under SLT at Padukka. I hope international level graduates who can go to any part of the world and work confidently would come out from this. Likewise he had given funds to Moratuwa uni to start an Advanced Electronics Design Center with necessary software to do computer aided designs of circuit boards etc. Have they made use of this facility?. The first sentence in fourth para saying that Moratuwa has produced very good engineers is wrong. I have come across some of them and found that they are not serious people at all. I haven't seen or heard any significant thing done by the IT section there except flying some drones. Our country depends on IT companies to produce to earn foreign exchange.I believe it is the fourth largest foreign exchange earner. I was watching a Derana 360 program where one professor from Colombo uni described our IT professional like garment workers who are earning an elevated wages. I fully agree with him. One does not need any special skills to do coding as long as he knows one of the high level programming languages which are all English like. Our niche market in garments have been taken over by countries like Bangladesh, Kenya, Vietnam etc as our production cost are high. In time to come same thing will happen to software development industry also unless we follow the new developments taking place in countries like US & UK. A paradigm shift is taking place in this field with the use of Digital Logic Level (or hardware level) also for the development of software. I give a link to a video that explains the whole thing. In addition we should start manufacturing the equipment that are used in the garment industry by making use of the facilities that have been made available by the previous government. This would help us to reduce the cost of production and who knows we could even be able to export them. ''
          Politiek geweld houdt Bangladesh in de greep      Comment   Translate Page      
          Concert at DU cancelled after arson, vandalism - The Daily Star      Comment   Translate Page      
Concert at DU cancelled after arson, vandalism  The Daily Star

A concert to celebrate Pahela Baishakh and Chaitra Sankranti on Dhaka University campus was postponed yesterday, after a faction of Bangladesh Chhatra ...

          Repairing of water Line Leakage at Doyagonj Kazi Abdur Rouf Road Rokanpur Nondolal data Lane Lalmohon Sha street Narinda Vojohori Sha Street Nasiruddin Sarder Lane Hazi Abdur Majid Lane & Kolta bazar area Under MODS Zone-1 Dhaka WASA.      Comment   Translate Page      

Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work; Construction work;Building construction work;Engineering works and construction works;Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways; flatwork;Construction work for water projects;Construction works for plants, mining and manufacturing and for buildings relating to the oil and gas industry;Roof works and other special trade construction works
Ministry : Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives Division : Local Government Division
Organization : Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) Procuring Entity Name : Office of the EE, MODS Zone-1, Dhaka WASA
Procuring Entity Code : 404 Procuring Entity District : Dhaka
Procurement Nature : Works Procurement Type : NCT
Event Type : TENDER Invitation for : Tender - Single Lot
Invitation Reference No. : 46.113.404.00.00.A-28/Z-1/19/e-IFT-15 Tender/Proposal Status :
App ID : 149639 Tender/Proposal ID : 297349

Eligibility of Tenderer :

Any competent tenderer of Bangladesh who is able to fulfill the qualification criteria along with other document ask to submit as specified in the Tender Document is eligible to apply. N.B.: Latest amendments of PPA-2006 and PPR-2008 will be followed.

Brief Description of Works :

Repairing of water Line Leakage at Doyagonj Kazi Abdur Rouf Road Rokanpur Nondolal data Lane Lalmohon Sha street Narinda Vojohori Sha Street Nasiruddin Sarder Lane Hazi Abdur Majid Lane & Kolta bazar area Under MODS Zone-1 Dhaka WASA.

Evaluation Type : Lot wise
Document Available : Package wise
Document Fees : Package wise
Tender/Proposal Document Price (In BDT) : 1000
Mode of Payment :
Tender/Proposal Security Valid Up to : 13-Sep-2019
Tender/Proposal Valid Up to : 16-Aug-2019
Lot No. Identification of Lot Location Tender/Proposal security
(Amount in BDT)
Start Date Completion Date
single Repairing of water Line Leakage at Doyagonj, Kazi Abdur Rouf Road, Rokanpur, Nondolal data Lane, Lalmohon Sha street, Narinda, Vojohori Sha Street, Nasiruddin Sarder Lane, Hazi Abdur Majid Lane & Kolta bazar area Under MODS Zone-1, Dhaka WASA. Dhaka 10000 25-Apr-2019 12-Jun-2019

          "Little News" - MarkZ Q&A Update 4-13-19      Comment   Translate Page      
Saturday MarkZ Update : Highlights by PDK-Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: there was very little news overnight.. other then package positioning and expectation of things happening this afternoon .

I got one very excited call..he’s the attorney who helped set up my SKR…He said our funding is in place…..CMKX in position.. he said they can see the numbers..

I am still excited but had been hoping we would be doing cartwheels already this morning

Mr C. has not been paid as of 30 mins ago...he is part of the dollar refunding project

Pkgs today and tomorrow.. Omega expected today as well…..Omegas are part of the PP's…part of the St. Germaine Trust. ….. expectation: some delivery this afternoon...there has been bank pinging today..

nflemingjr: Part of the problem on CMKX is that they have to be paid in the new currency

Member: Destiny, Alpha, Farm Claims, Bergavin etc.

MZ: If package deliveries are in force tonight ….I expect 800 numbers tonight or tomorrow.

MZ: No holdup…. just logistics as they position for release.

MZ: Paymasters: they are being made liquid so we can go ...It is going to be a shotgun start

MZ: Saturday info tends to come out late in the afternoon


MZ: "Could" have a stream this afternoon or tonight...will send out a tweet if I do so...

Q: when do you guess 800#?

MZ: I am told 800# Sunday evening or before is the target for us is so that appointment's can start on Monday morning ..this just makes logistical sense…

nflemingjr: Anytime the 800 numbers will be out

nflemingjr: The final rates were locked in last night after the banks in Hawaii and have been put on the screen as of yet as of last night. Paymasters are reporting that they can see the funds in their accounts.

MZ: yes I have also been told that… ..they report they can physically see them and it positioned for a shotgun release,…..Just so you all know…….Fleming is very connected and he has very good information

Q: @nflemingjr are they still just doing tests today ?

nflemingjr: I am waiting for the rates now. Yes they are doing testing today

MZ: I am being told same thing...there is a lot of testing and a lot of pinging…there is a whole lot to watch today.

Member: The PING that went around the WORLD!!!

Member: Last I heard from Hong Kong Source - 800#s go out Monday Night (USA), th.April 15

Q: Morning Mark. Wondered if we would still be able to get a certain number of cashier's checks written at the exchange? (That used to be one of the things we were told)

MZ: Yes I am hear up to 7 cashier checks at the first apt…..make a list and bring it with you….I also hear we will have instant access to our wealth manager….our new minion at a local branch.

Q: Is the Afgan currency is the first basket?

MZ: I hear its in the second basket and if it is….I’m buying some

Q: Are the PTB's not up for giving us an NDA prep? Sure seems to me it would grease the skids, but what do I know?

MZ: I have asked a number of bankers and none are willing to bite yet.

Q: : Are packages being delivered by USPS and do they have a debit card in them?

MZ: I am told all delivered will be by USPS …. And inside is a 100k debit card with instant access as soon as we call and activate it

Q: NFLEMINJR-Can you confirm They Did or Did Not post on screens last night

Q: @nflemingjr can you post those rates now that they are locked in?

nflemingjr: I am waiting for the rates now…..

Q: Any rate updates on the ZIM and DONG ???

Nflemingjr: I don't have the new dong rate

nflemingjr: There are some things that I can say and there are somethings I cannot say because I will get chewed out

nflemingjr: They waited for the banks to close in Hawaii before posting

Member: : So do you think the time between ring on your doorbell with CMKX and release of 800s to you will be within hours?

MZ: Yes within hours...It will be a shotgun start

MZ: I am told we are all done in Iraq …just waiting for the CBI to announce it,,,..Ministers do not need to be announced in Iraq...

nflemingjr: The CBI in Iraq is an independent agency from the government and does not need the permission from their government to RI

MZ: In case we are still under old tax laws don't use any word but "exchange"... do not say “cash in”


MZ: I am still saying 99.9%.. We are so stinking close!

Member: somebody in Canada reported going into a bank and then telling them come back on the 15th will be ready for you do exchange currency and ZIM


nflemingjr: I think it is very funny that Zorra is now saying the the GCR/RV is about to happen

Q: Will we the general public get prosperity pkgs?

MZ: I hear we will get a form of Prosperity package from our own strawman accounts….

MZ: I really need to give a lot more background on our investments…….i need to do an entire stream on the Reagan, Wanta Mitterand accords, Mr. Cottrell……A lot of NESARA stuff is truth ...some disinformation...whole lot of good information..debt forgiveness mortgage relief …I will try to schedule that next week…hopefully after the RV

MZ: I beleive there will be some kind of debt forgiveness,,,

Member: good link to Mr Germain

MZ: Chris Story was a true patriot and a good friend of Mr. Cottrell.

MZ: :

Member: If people really want the background story to the PP's, Google Christopher Story. He had the goods on all of them.

Q: Wasn't Chris Story murdered?

Member: Yes . Chris Story was murdered...poisoned..

Q: Any news on the super petchelli bonds Mark?

MZ: I have not heard anything on Peticelli bonds yet but I have heard Mexican gold bonds are ready to process by Monday am…this is very exciting.

Member: : friend got text yesterday saying from Wellsfargo. checked with WF branch and was a scam. Be diligent!

MZ : I have been told by a representative for the WF Group …For security and so you know its 100% from them… will get a letter from WF on their official WF LETTER HEAD...

Q: will the center at the 800 numbers be fully staffed?

MZ: Absolutely yes…

Q: Mark will the exchange center take all denomination of zim example 5 billion . 200 or 500 million zimbobway notes in first basket 2008-2009 year?

Member: : ZEROS - Trillion notes - Six zeros, Billion Notes - Three zeros. NO ZEROS - Million notes. THESE ZEROS WILL BE IN FRONT OF THE RATE AMOUNT NOT OFF THE BONDS!!! EX: .00000033

Member: As of the moment No zeros in front of rate offered

Member: The Zero Issue on the Zim still goes back to the Zimbabwe Law concerning changing the denomination value on it's currency. Even though it has NOW been deemed the 2008 AA/AB series are BOND NOTES because of the paper the paper Germany printed that series on is why the zeros can not be removed from the bonds but placed before the rate. ONLY two adjustments are allowed per year.

Member: One more time on the 2nd basket:Second Currency Basket: Mongolia South African Indonesia Bangladesh South Korea Pakistani West African CFA FRANC Iranian Rial if it doesn't go in 1st basket

Member: The more you weigh the harder you are to kidnap. Stay Safe - Eat cake.

Member: If you want info on our banking system read creature of jackal island by G. Edward Griffin



Note: Please listen to replay for all the details…there was a lot of good information today.

Replay is


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          'Dhoni did it in the heat of the moment just like me'      Comment   Translate Page      
Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan could relate to Mahendra Singh Dhoni's recent outburst at the umpire during ab Indian Premier League match as he was in former India captain's shoes exactly 13 months back.
          4/14/2019: OPINION: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR      Comment   Translate Page      
Bangladesh attack demands thorough investigation I write in reference to your article Bangladeshi factory workers at Dutch sweet maker attacked after opening union (April 13): Shafi Musaddique’s piece explaining the recent attack on workers in a Dutch...
          ভোটে নিশ্চ‌ুপ সীমান্তের গ্রাম      Comment   Translate Page      
ফুলবাড়ি বাজারে রাজনৈতিক দলের পোস্টার, ফেস্টুন যেখানে ছেয়ে রয়েছে সেখানে বাংলাদেশ সীমান্তের গ্রামগুলির দিকে এগোলে আর কিছুই মিলবে না। জটিয়াখালি মোড় থেকে প্রায় ১০ কিলোমিটার দূরে লালবাড়ি স্কুল মোড়ের সামনে দেখা গেল তৃণমূল প্রার্থীর একটি দেওয়াল লিখন।ফুলবাড়ি বাজারে রাজনৈতিক দলের পোস্টার, ফেস্টুন যেখানে ছেয়ে রয়েছে সেখানে বাংলাদেশ সীমান্তের গ্রামগুলির দিকে এগোলে আর কিছুই মিলবে না। জটিয়াখালি মোড় থেকে প্রায় ১০ কিলোমিটার দূরে লালবাড়ি স্কুল মোড়ের সামনে দেখা গেল তৃণমূল প্রার্থীর একটি দেওয়াল লিখন।
          20 Taka POF Lottery Result 2019 Bangladesh | Cancer Hospital Lottery Draw      Comment   Translate Page      

POF Lottery Result 2019 Bangladesh! POF Foundation Cancer Hospital Lottery Draw Result.  Professor Dr. Obaidullah-Ferdous Foundation Foundation Cancer Hospital and Research Center has started selling lottery for 20 million Taka for the purpose of funding cancer. ক্যান্সার নিরাময় হাসপাতাল লটারি ২০১৯ | প্রফেসর ডাঃ ওবায়েদুল্লাহ-ফেরদৌসী ফাউন্ডেশন কান্সার হসপিটাল Professor (Dr.) Obaidullah-Ferdousi Foundation Cancer Hospital and […]

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          Barisal Board SSC Result 2019 |      Comment   Translate Page      

Hello dears, If you are here for Barisal Board SSC Result 2019, you are requested to Read this Article carefully. SSC Exam Result 2019 Bangladesh Education Board has been publishing on 5th May 2019. In this year same time Barisal Board SSC Result 2019 publish on Official website of Bangladesh Education Board. In this article […]

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          95th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 Bangladesh Bank      Comment   Translate Page      

95th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 of Bangladesh Bank . Bangladesh Bank 95th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 will be declared on 31st January 2019. Bangladesh Bank 95th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 will be publicized in Bangladesh Bank official website at & we also announce this result in our website. Bangladesh Bank 95th […]

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          OK, so we can tell this idiot to bugger off then      Comment   Translate Page      
Growing Wealth Inequality in the United States and China That is all only in the United States; some other countries have in much worse. Bangladesh, for example, has an extremely high rate of poverty, and a federal minimum wage equal … read more
          Pahela Baishakh being celebrated across Bangladesh Sunday      Comment   Translate Page      
Dhaka, Apr 14 – Pahela Baishakh, the first day of Bangla calendar, is being celebrated across Bangladesh on Sunday amid traditional festivities and enthusiasm. The festivities began at dawn with the artistes from Chhayanaut welcoming the day with Tagore’s famous song ‘Esho hey Baishakh, esho, esho (come O Baishakh, come)’ under the banyan tree at [...]
          4/14/2019: TIMES NATION: After India, Bhutan too may give China BRI meet a miss      Comment   Translate Page      

New Delhi: While India has rejected China’s invite for Belt and Road Forum meet, most of its neighbours, including the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh have confirmed participation in the event. In fact, in a 2017 rerun, Bhutan is the only...
           Kommentarer till Agendadrivet av Ivar L       Comment   Translate Page      
Apropå agenda. Idag har SvD en stort uppslagen artikel över flera helsidor om hur bengaler (alltså människor med bakgrund från regionen Bangladesh) diskrimineras i Assam i Indien. Dessa är till större del än övriga indier muslimer och Bangladesh är som bekant också muslimskt. Visserligen är artikeln intressant men hur kan det komma sig att jag aldrig någonsin hittat liknande artiklar om förtrycket av kristna, något som pågår mycket närmare Europa än förtrycket av t.ex. bengaler eller rohingyer i Burma? Varför denna omsorg om förtryckta folk långt bort men totalt ointresse för likartade fenomen i vår närhet? Svaret är förstås att islam är den förtryckande faktorn i de fall som förtigs. Ingenting får kasta en skugga över islam. Jag tror många kommer att få skämmas över detta tigande i framtiden. I bästa fall.
          West Indies leave out IPL stars for tri-series in Ireland      Comment   Translate Page      
West Indies leave out IPL stars for tri-series in Ireland The likes of Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, Alzarri Joseph and Shimron Hetmyer have all been excluded from the West Indies team for the upcoming tri-series in Ireland that will also include Bangladesh
          Abul Khair Tobacco Ltd Job Circular 2019 –      Comment   Translate Page      
Abul Khair Tobacco Ltd Job Circular noticed new job circular at Today New Job circular Offer Vacancy in Bangladesh. Abul Khair Tobacco Ltd Career updates like Educational Qualification, Job Experience , Age Limit update by . Read below this short Information about company jobs and then Apply if you are Qualified. You must have to apply […]
          Dr M: “Fourth force” and more will come if locals turn down jobs      Comment   Translate Page      
Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that Bangladeshis will be a “Fourth force” in the country if Malaysians continue to refuse jobs in sectors dominated by them. When responding to a question raised during the Youth Ask Tun Answers on Sunday, the Premier also gave example that during the British occupation, workers from China […]
          Nepal: Trei morţi şi trei răniţi într-o coliziune pe un aeroport în apropierea Muntelui Everest      Comment   Translate Page      
Trei persoane şi-au pierdut viaţa şi trei au fost rănite într-o coliziune între un elicopter şi un avion de mici dimensiuni, produsă duminică pe un aeroport din Nepal, nu departe de Muntele Everest, au comunicat autorităţile locale, transmite dpa. Un avion al companiei Simrik Air care decola de pe aeroportul Tenzing-Hillary din Lukla, poarta de acces spre Everest, a lovit un elicopter al Manang Air aflat pe un heliport, a declarat purtătorul de cuvânt al poliţiei, Uttam Raj Subedi. 'Co-pilotul şi un poliţist au murit la locul prăbuşirii. Un alt poliţist a decedat într-un spital din Kathmandu', a precizat purtătorul de cuvânt. Pilotul avionului, cel al elicopterului şi un angajat al Manang Air au fost răniţi, fiind ulterior transportaţi la Kathmandu pentru îngrijiri medicale. Patru pasageri aflaţi în avion au scăpat nevătămaţi. Poliţiştii făceau parte dintr-o forţă de poliţie turistică desfăşurată în zonă. Atât persoanele decedate, cât şi cele rănite sunt cetăţeni nepalezi. Sute de alpinişti străini se îndreaptă spre această regiune muntoasă în aprilie pentru a încerca să escaladeze Everestul în timpul sezonului de expediţii comerciale, care durează până în mai. Aeroportul din Lukla este situat la o altitudine de 2.843 metri şi este considerat unul din cele mai periculoase din lume. Luna trecută, şapte persoane, printre care ministrul nepalez al turismului, au murit după ce un elicopter s-a prăbuşit în estul ţării. În martie 2018, 50 de oameni, printre care 23 de cetăţeni din Bangladesh, şi-au pierdut viaţa după ce avionul lor s-a prăbuşit şi a luat foc la aterizarea pe aeroportul din Kathmandu.AGERPRES/(AS - autor: Irina Cristea, editor online: Ady Ivaşcu)
          (BGD-Dhaka) Assistant Credit Manager      Comment   Translate Page      
**Job Number** 190013SA **Job Category** Finance and Accounting **Location** Le Méridien Dhaka, 79/A Commercial Area, Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh VIEW ON MAP **Brand** Le Méridien **Schedule** Full-time **Relocation?** No **Position Type** Management **Start Your Journey With Us** At Le Méridien, we believe in helping guests unlock the unexpected and engaging experiences each destination has to offer. Our guests are curious and creative, cosmopolitan, culture seekers that appreciate sophisticated, timeless service. We provide original, chic and memorable service and experiences that inspire guests to unlock the destination. We’re looking for curious, creative and well-informed people to join our team. If you appreciate connecting with like-minded guests and have a deep desire to create unexpected experiences, we invite you to explore career opportunities with Le Méridien. **JOB SUMMARY** Manages the day-to-day operations of accounts receivables, ensuring that invoices being sent out are correct and dispersed in a timely manner. Follows up on any delinquent accounts. Researches and decides upon credit authorization for incoming customers. **CANDIDATE PROFILE** **Education and Experience** • 4-year bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting or related major; no work experience required. **CORE WORK ACTIVITIES** **Managing Work, Projects, and Policies** • Generates and provides accurate and timely results in the form of reports, presentations, etc. • Compiles, codes, categorizes, calculates, tabulates, audits, or verifies information or data. • Completes accounts receivable period end closing functions and procedures; credit and period end reporting. • Upholds the policies and procedures outlined in the credit policy. • Interacts with sales and catering staff for timely credit decisions on incoming customers. **Demonstrating and Applying Accounting Knowledge to Credit Management Issues** • Demonstrates knowledge of job-relevant issues, products, systems, and processes. • Uses computers and computer systems (including hardware and software) to program, write software, set up functions, enter data, or process information. • Uses relevant information and individual judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with laws, regulations, or standards. • Keeps up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge to your job. • Stays knowledgeable of accounts receivable system. **Leading Credit Management Team** • Utilizes interpersonal and communication skills to lead, influence, and encourage others; advocates sound financial/business decision making; demonstrates honesty/integrity; leads by example. • Staffs, manages and develops all billing and accounts receivable employees. **Maintaining Finance and Accounting Goals** • Submits reports in a timely manner, ensuring delivery deadlines. • Ensures profits and losses are documented accurately. • Achieves and exceeds goals including performance goals, budget goals, team goals, etc. • Develops specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish your work. • Monitors all taxes that apply, ensuring that taxes are current, collected and/or accrued. • Ensures property billings are sent error free and in a timely manner. • Monitors receivables for timely collections and follows up with appropriate collection correspondence. **Additional Responsibilities** • Provides information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person. • Provide direction and assistance to other organizational units regarding accounting and budgeting policies and procedures, and efficient control and utilization of financial resources. • Analyzes information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems. • Informs and/or updates the executives, the peers and the subordinates on relevant information in a timely manner. • Maintains positive working relations with customers and department managers. _Marriott International is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture. Marriott International does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws._
          'murica...      Comment   Translate Page      
Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder and national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, told Breitbart News that the rallies were inspired by President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, where he pledged, “America will never be a socialist country … ever.”

“That inspired us to do this,” Martin said.

But, Martin said, the event is about more than opposing the left’s agenda.

“The people taking part in the rallies are not just standing against socialism, but are also standing up for liberty and freedom,” 

More here.


So many 'Patriots' are so utterly clueless about the topic upon which they bloviate.

'Patriots' do not accept welfare from The State.  

'Patriots' do not work in professions that impose violations of Rightful Liberty upon their countrymen.

And the absurdity of the Tea Party holding 'rallies' on 'Tax Day' to protest 'Socialism' and oppressive government is beyond my ability to properly articulate.  The stunning failure to understand the reality in front of them is mind-boggling.

Socialism is not the problem.  Communism is not the problem.  Anarchy is not the problem.  Fascism is not the problem.  Racism is not the problem.

The problem is now and has always been with the -ist, not the -ism.

Social-ists are the problem.  Commun-ists are the problem.  Anarch-ists are the problem.

Don't fight the -ism - that is folly.

Extirpate the -ists - reduce the gene pool of the garbage.

No man or woman has ever died from an -ism.

Death is always at the hands of the -ists...

Back to the dim-wits currently struggling with knotted panties over 'Socialism' - here's a list of all the countries in the world with LOWER personal income tax rates than 'murica.  

Range %
39.6 : 35
47 : 38
47.5 : 38.52
38 : 38
44 : 38
37.5 : 35
37 : 37
36 : 0
36 : 20
56.1 : 36
35.88 : 30
35 : 25
35 : 28
35 : 30
35 : 35
35 : 35
35 : 35
35 : 35
35 : 35
35 : 35
35 : 35
37 : 35
40 : 30
40 : 35
40 : 35
40 : 35
50 : 35
34 : 34
35 : 33.5
33 : 29
33 : 33
33 : 33
38.5 : 33
39 : 33
32 : 32
35 : 32
45 : 32
30 : 25
30 : 30
30 : 30
30 : 30
30 : 30
30 : 30
30 : 30
30 : 30
30 : 30
35 : 25
35 : 30
35 : 30
35 : 30
28 : 25
27.5 : 27.5
27 : 27
25 : 20
25 : 25
25 : 25
25 : 25
25 : 25
30 : 25
33 : 25
Ada yang datang langsung dan dikirim via pos.
          Bangladesh häätää rohingyat kouluistaan      Comment   Translate Page      
Bangladesh on kieltänyt Myanmarista tulleiden rohingya-muslimien koulunkäynnin pakolaisleirien ulkopuolella. Kielto koskee pääasiassa 1990-luvulla maahan tulleiden pakolaisten lapsia, jotka ovat käyneet koulua Cox Bazarin alueella. Näitä pakolaisia on rekisteröity 34 000 Teknafin ja Ukhiyan leireillä. Valtaosalla maassa syntyneistä rohingya-lapsista ei ole pakolaisasemaa eikä oikeutta koulutukseen. Saadakseen lapsensa kouluun rohingyat ovat maksaneet suuria summia syntymätodistuksista. Eräs koululainen valehteli […]
          Executive - Export - Wacker - Kolkata, West Bengal      Comment   Translate Page      
Ltd, an Indo German Joint Venture having its presence in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangladesh. Our world needs ideas!...
From Wacker - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 01:04:27 GMT - View all Kolkata, West Bengal jobs
          Executive - Credit Control - Wacker - Kolkata, West Bengal      Comment   Translate Page      
Ltd, an Indo German Joint Venture having its presence in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangladesh. Our world needs ideas!...
From Wacker - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 01:04:26 GMT - View all Kolkata, West Bengal jobs
          Congress ill-treated minorities who came from Pakistan, Bangladesh      Comment   Translate Page      
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Thursday while addressing a rally in Assam’s Silchar that Bharatiya Janata Party was committed to amending of Citizenship Act. He accused the Congress party for ill-treating Bangladeshi and Pakistani religious minorities who came due to religious persecution in their countries. Modi added that Congress always encouraged infiltration in India with […]
          Executive - Export - Wacker - Kolkata, West Bengal      Comment   Translate Page      
Ltd, an Indo German Joint Venture having its presence in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangladesh. Our world needs ideas!...
From Wacker - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 01:04:27 GMT - View all Kolkata, West Bengal jobs
          Executive - Credit Control - Wacker - Kolkata, West Bengal      Comment   Translate Page      
Ltd, an Indo German Joint Venture having its presence in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangladesh. Our world needs ideas!...
From Wacker - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 01:04:26 GMT - View all Kolkata, West Bengal jobs
          Bangladesh marks the start of the Bengali New Year      Comment   Translate Page      
Bangladeshis took to the streets on Sunday (April 14) to celebrate the first day of the Bengali New Year. Rough cut (no reporter narration)

          Tutor for HSC student from Sylhet Bangladesh      Comment   Translate Page      
I am looking for a female tutor who is currently living in Sylhet Bangladesh, preferably a current student from SUST. Her job is to teach Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English. Contract duration 10 months... (Budget: $2 - $8 USD, Jobs: Chemical Engineering, Education & Tutoring, English (US), Mathematics, Physics)
          Comment on Bangladesh: A Life Changing Internship by Said      Comment   Translate Page      
It's really that Bangladesh isn't not a developed country, but there are many attractive places across the country.
          Supply of Local Sand (FM=1.40-1.50) for 10 storied Administration Building at karidabad      Comment   Translate Page      
Bangladesh Army University of Science and Technology has invited tenders for " Supply of Local Sand (FM=1.40-1.50) for 10 storied Administration Building at karidabad" Ref No:BAUET/Project/Tender notice/2019/-29 Quantity:5000 cft Please check attached bidding documents for more details.
          Microfinance and women's empowerment in Bangladesh: unpacking the untold narratives / Faraha Nawaz      Comment   Translate Page      
Online Resource
          Offer - AwayTake - USA      Comment   Translate Page      
AwayTake is the IOS & Android app that lets you compare restaurant foods around according to price, distance & food specific rating and navigate to the selected food by car, on foot, transit and bike. AwayTake is the first global app to enable food price comparison and navigation.1. Share your location, text the food name (i.e. Hamburger, lahmacun, burrito, cheesecake, pizza etc.)2. Compare the hamburgers around you according to price, distance & rating either via list or map view.3. Select a hamburger & Navigate by car, transit, bike, on foot.4. Enjoy eating the hamburger that suits you best in terms of price, distance & food specific rating!in following countries:USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Israel, South Africa, Vietnam, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Bulgaria, Romania, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay.Website:
          Namur va accueillir le premier salon wallon de la mode durable      Comment   Translate Page      
 « Slow Fashion Project », le premier salon wallon de la mode durable, aura lieu à Namur le 5 mai, ont annoncé la commune et la Maison de l’Ecologie namuroise. Baptisé « Slow Fashion Project » et organisé conjointement avec la Ressourcerie Namuroise, l’événement se veut aussi être un hommage aux victimes de l’effondrement du Rana Plaza au Bangladesh […]

L’article Namur va accueillir le premier salon wallon de la mode durable est apparu en premier sur Metro.

          Les Etendues imaginaires (A Land Imagined) (2019) de Siew Hua Yeo      Comment   Translate Page      


Un film Netflix sur petit écran est non seulement forcément meilleur qu'un film de Lelouch sur grand écran mais il peut aussi se révéler franchement palpitant. Rêve dans le rêve dans le rêve dans le rêve, ce singulier polar singapourien pourrait faire penser (au niveau de l'atmosphère et non du scénario, précisa-t-il) au tout autant singulier Insomniac, les couleurs chaudes, ici, en plus. Un ouvrier étranger a disparu dans cet étrange "no-man's land de terre-pleins" ? Qui franchement pourrait en avoir quelque chose à foutre de ces ouvriers, du Bangladesh, du Pakistan, de la Chine, semblant n'avoir pas plus de valeur qu'un grain de sable - pour ne pas dire moins d'ailleurs... Et pourtant un étrange commissaire se lance sur les traces de ce Wang, un ouvrier aux oubliés absents depuis quelques jours ; bizarre, bizarre, qui pourrait-il sincèrement intéresser dans cette entreprise où l'on broie de l'ouvrier comme des cailloux ?... Ce commissaire ne serait-il pas tout simplement une sorte "d'émanation" de l'esprit de ce Wang, personnage totalement perdu, sans repère sur ces fameuses terres, qui aimerait à penser que l'on se soucierait de lui comme de n'importe quel être humain ? Pour corser l'affaire, le Commissaire est lui-même porté aux songes et parvient au cours de ses rêves à traquer la réalité : il se met donc à imaginer la vie de Wang... Ouh là, vous allez me dire, tout cela a l'air bien complexe, bien plus qu'un Lelouch à la con... Pas de panique, une fois que l'on a décidé de laisser de côté ce "concept" plutôt malin (qui rêve de qui, finalement peu importe), tout devient clair comme de l'eau de roche : ces ouvriers, personne ne s'en soucie vraiment et seul un personnage "inventé" comme ce fameux commissaire pourrait tenter de leur rendre justice, de s'intéresser réellement à leur existence... s’il existait…



Le film se déroule dans une atmosphère délicieusement ouaté, entourant d'un halo de mystère chacun des personnages... Que recherche cette jeune femme qui tient ce cyber café ? Allumeuse ? Allumée ? Bouée?  Phare ? Simple femme fatale ou femme virtuelle elle-même perdue en ce territoire ? Où est passé l'ami de Wang, Ajit, ce Paki qui lui tenait lieu d'ami ? Assassiné, évanoui dans la nature, rentré chez lui ? Toutes les pièces du puzzle se mettent peu à peu en place et mettent en relief l'état avancé de perdition de chacun de ses êtres... et surtout de Wang ; ce dernier, de ce que l'on sait, tente tant bien que mal de s'ancrer sur ce territoire : en sortant avec cette chtite du cyber, en se liant avec ce Paki mais apparemment rien n'y fait ; cette terre que l'on va chercher sous terre, cette terre qui vient des pays alentours pour agrandir Singapour, a finalement, dirait-on, plus de consistance, plus de valeur (on y revient), que ces ouvriers venus de nulle part que l'on traite comme des pouilleux, comme des moins que rien... Sur un sujet pour le moins tendu, dramatique, pour ne pas dire tragique (rien de plus facile que de faire disparaître un ouvrier dont on garde soigneusement le passeport pour ne pas qu'il s'enfuit : une petite pelletée de sable et hop, plus besoin de le payer), Siew Hua Yeo (dont c'est seulement le second long-métrage) signe un film à la fois délicieusement poétique (cet air éternellement rêveur de Wang lui-même perdu dans ses rêves), étrangement romantique (cette curieuse histoire d'amour non dite entre Wang et cette jeune fille qui semble sortir tout droit d'un film de Wong Kar-wai s'il existait encore) et totalement fascinant (qu'il s'agisse des rebondissements inattendus de l'enquête ou encore de cette façon de filmer métaphoriquement ce sable à la fois sacré (cette façon qu'ont les tracteurs de le soulever vers le ciel) et à l’aspect funèbre (cette pelletée de terre (photogramme ci-dessus dessus) fait curieusement penser à une tombe que l'on creuse). Une nouvelle œuvre cinématographique de ce territoire imaginaire qu'est l'Asie absolument troublante et dans laquelle on prend un plaisir absolu à se perdre (commence à faire chier Netflix avec leur vista... Il pourrait pas faire tourner Lelouch pour que l'on se marre une dernière fois ? (ok, c'est gratuit et mal advenu))


          Quatro perguntas e respostas para conhecer o Hinduísmo      Comment   Translate Page      
O deus Ganesha, cultuado entre os hindus (Foto: Pixabay)

Chamada por seus praticamente de Sanātana Dharma, que em sânscrito significa “a eterna lei”, a tradição religiosa é a terceira maior do mundo. No Hinduísmo, não há um sistema único de crenças, com conceitos abrangentes e diversos, que não preveem a existência de um único Deus — pode-se dizer que é a maior religião politeísta do mundo.

Algumas das divindades mais importantes são Brahma, que representa a força criadora do Universo; Ganesha, deus da sabedoria e da sorte; Matsya, que salvou a espécie humana da destruição; Sarasvati, deusa das artes e da música; Shiva, deus supremo, criador da Ioga; e Vishnu, responsável pela manutenção do universo.

Como, quando, onde e por quem foi fundada?
Estima-se que o Hinduísmo existe há pelo menos cinco mil anos e surgiu na região do vale do rio Indo, o mais longo e importante do Paquistão, que atravessa o norte da Índia — o país, aliás, recebeu este nome por causa do rio. A religião não foi fundada por uma só pessoa e não tem um único livro que guie as práticas, e sim vários. A coleção compõe os Vedas, textos considerados sagrados para o Hinduísmo.

Quais os principais preceitos?
Há quatro principais preceitos da religião, que distinguem as metas para a vida de um hinduísta: o dharma, que significa viver de maneira correta de acordo com a casta; artha, almejar ganhos materiais por meios legais; kama, buscar o prazer físico por meio dos sentidos; e moksha, alcançar a iluminação e se libertar da reencarnação.

Leia também:
+ Budismo: quatro perguntas e respostas para conhecer a religião

Quantos seguidores a religião tem atualmente e onde estão?
Atualmente, existem cerca de 1 bilhão de hinduístas, a maior parte deles na Índia e no Nepal. Mas Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Paquistão, Malásia, Singapura, Ilhas Maurício, Fiji, Suriname, Guiana, Trinidad e Tobago, Reino Unido, Canadá e Estados Unidos também têm representatividade de seguidores da religião.

Qual a maior curiosidade sobre o Hinduísmo?
Um dos princípios mais marcantes do Hinduísmo é o da não violência, que guiou os indianos para a liberdade nos séculos 19 e 20. Mahatma Gandhi, líder do movimento pela independência do país, apostou no princípio do Satyagraha, que quer dizer “força da verdade” e segundo o qual as pessoas deveria se recusar a se submeter à injustiça. O auge da desobediência foi com a Marcha do Sal, quando Gandhi estimulou a população a desobedecer a lei que proibia o povo hindu de fazer seu próprio sal.

Curte o conteúdo da GALILEU? Tem mais de onde ele veio: baixe o app Globo Mais para ler reportagens exclusivas e ficar por dentro de todas as publicações da Editora Globo. Você também pode assinar a revista, a partir de R$ 4,90, e ter acesso às nossas edições.



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Ltd, an Indo German Joint Venture having its presence in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangladesh. Our world needs ideas!...
From Wacker - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 01:04:27 GMT - View all Kolkata, West Bengal jobs
          Executive - Credit Control - Wacker - Kolkata, West Bengal      Comment   Translate Page      
Ltd, an Indo German Joint Venture having its presence in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangladesh. Our world needs ideas!...
From Wacker - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 01:04:26 GMT - View all Kolkata, West Bengal jobs
          Fallecer por muertes evitables      Comment   Translate Page      

Las polarizaciones son consustanciales al ser humano. Conductas aprendidas en casa y escuela, retos sociales, bretes éticos y posiciones frente a la vida, dividen a la población. Morir por comer poco y mal, o en exceso y mal, para luego fenecer por hambre o complicaciones del sobrepeso son dos extremos que abrasan a la condición humana desde hace décadas. Bretes políticos y societarios han incrementado la visibilidad del mal comer. Bretes infinitos y complejos: de las personas obesas que pululan en centros comerciales a las fotos de los infantes desnutridos en Yemen o Bangladesh el punto de comunión entre ambos extremos es el ser humano.

Morir y enfermar por excesos alimenticios o fenecer por carencias de nutrientes es paradoja y realidad del ya caminado Siglo XXI. De acuerdo a la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura el número de personas subalimentadas en el mundo ha aumentado: mientras que en 2016 eran alrededor de 804 millones, en 2017 la cifra rondó los 821, i.e., 11% de la población mundial.

El incremento no es azaroso. Destacan conflictos armados, desaceleración económica y el imparable daño secundario por cambios climáticos. Hace pocos días la prensa advertía sobre los trágicos sucesos en Bangladesh: el éxodo obligado de la comunidad rohinyá de Myanmar hacia Bangaldesh devino deforestación, desaparición de colinas verdes y de campos de cultivo de arroz. Los rohynyá instalaron sus campamentos en esas áreas. Amén de la desaparición de sembradíos y bosques, la quema de madera, sumada a la deforestación, empeoró la calidad del aire. El número de desastres relacionados con el cambio climático, que incluyen temperaturas extremas, sequías, inundaciones y tormentas, se ha duplicado desde principios de la década de 1990.

Salvo por los trumpianos de Trump, imposible negar las consecuencias devastadoras del cambio climático sobre la Tierra. Vivimos en el Antropoceno, i.e., el impacto global de las actividades humanas sobre los ecosistemas terrestres -pérdida de áreas de cultivo, disminución de la producción de alimentos-. Comparto, entre una miríada de datos alarmantes, una cita de Learning to die in the Anthropocene. Reflections on the end of a Civilization -"Aprendiendo a morir en el Antropoceno. Reflexiones sobre el final de una civilización"-, de Roy Scranton. Los datos son demoledores: "Cambios extremos en el clima producirán inundaciones, aumento de la temperatura y sequías, fenómenos que disminuirán la producción de alimentos y debilitarán la estabilidad de algunos países con el consiguiente incremento en el número de migraciones, en la desobediencia civil y en el vandalismo".

La inseguridad alimentaria ha aumentado. A los números señalados en el segundo párrafo, agrego otros ejemplos: Subalimentación en el mundo 14%, en África 21%, en América Latina y Caribe 9%; el número de niños con retraso en el crecimiento, a pesar de haber disminuido de 165 millones en 2012 a 150 millones en 2017, es grosero; una de cada tres mujeres en edad reproductiva padece anemia; 7% de los niños en el mundo sufren emaciación -peso bajo para la estatura-, fenómeno asociado con aumento en la mortalidad: en 2013 murieron 875,000 niños por este motivo; niños obesos en 2017: 6% de la población. Adultos obesos en el mismo año: 13%; el 5% de niños menores de 5 años tienen sobrepeso (50 millones); 13% de la población en países en desarrollo presenta desnutrición; la nutrición deficiente es la causa de casi la mitad (45%) de las muertes en niños menores de cinco -fallecen 13 millones cada año-; 66 millones de niños en edad escolar primaria asisten a clases con hambre... y. y…

Los costos de la inseguridad alimentaria son enormes: aumenta el estrés, la ansiedad y la depresión. Quienes tienen unas monedas, consumen, para saciar el hambre, alimentos hipercalóricos por ser más económicos -o menos caros-. Ese fenómeno ha generado un nuevo problema, la coexistencia de subalimentación y sobrepeso, una suerte de "doble carga", creo, imposible de sortear.

Mucho se ha escrito sobre la alimentación como derecho humano. Los expertos también han mostrado que el mundo cuenta con suficientes alimentos para nutrir, por ahora, a toda la población -falta saber las consecuencias del Antropoceno-.

Las dietas inadecuadas, por su pobre contenido o por su exceso son causas de millones de muertes. Eso lo explica una investigación reciente publicada en "The Lancet", revista médica británica. Sobre ese embrollo escribiré la próxima semana.


Más información en El Siglo de Torreón

          Online Marketplace In Bangladesh U      Comment   Translate Page,-camcorders-and-accessories/mini-spy-camera-wifi-hidden-wireless-a9-hd-1080pagsdrfgb

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          Elle accouche deux fois en un mois!      Comment   Translate Page      
Au Bangladesh, une femme a donné naissance à un garçon et une fille 26 jours après la naissance de son premier fils. Les médecins ont découvert que la jeune mère de 20 ans avait deux utérus...
          Bangladesh I: climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation in developing countries / edited by Md. Nazrul Islam, Andre van Amstel      Comment   Translate Page      
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