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          Weather warnings in place across Ireland as Storm Gareth arrives      Cache   Translate Page      
Gusts of up to 80mph were recorded on Tuesday at Malin Head in Co Donegal.
          Pen Checker/Livestock Specialist - Buffalo Plains Cattle Co. - Bethune, SK      Cache   Translate Page      
Data entry in regards to treatments done on animals. Class 5 (Required). Riding pens daily regardless of weather to monitor animal health.... $37,500 - $52,000 a year
From Indeed - Tue, 05 Mar 2019 21:27:42 GMT - View all Bethune, SK jobs
          Sample 3D Photos Part 13      Cache   Translate Page      
This weeks' post includes 3D photos in the interlaced 3D format.  It's a continuation of nature in the city.

To start with there are a pair of 3D photos of the ground showing the weather this time of year.

Sample 3D Photo - Ground 5

Sample 3D Photo - Ground 6

The following shrubs caught my eye and seemed perfect for some 3D photos.

Sample 3D Photo - Shrubs 5

Sample 3D Photo - Shrubs 6

Sample 3D Photo - Shrubs 7

Sample 3D Photo - Shrubs 8

Sample 3D Photo - Shrubs 9

Sample 3D Photo - Shrubs 10
Finally, my favorite target for 3D photography.  I think 3D pictures of rocks can be very calming and relaxing to view.

Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 8

Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 9

Sample 3D Photo - A Rock 10

Copyright ⓒ 2012 Craig Lutzer. All rights reserved.

          Sample 3D Photos Part 12      Cache   Translate Page      

This week I put more 3D photos into the Anaglyph 3D format with a new one titled Tree 3 for my weekly 3D blog posting.  This is a format that many can enjoy.  As before, you'll need to look around for the red/cyan glasses so you can see the 3D effect.

The first 3D photo shows the path that I like to jog during my lunch break.  There are plenty of trees that help make the air nice and fresh while I enjoy the outdoors.

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph A Walk in the Park 2

The next two photos are of a dragonfly that was very helpful and sat there while I took some 3D photos.  A natural at modeling, the dragonfly was very poised.

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Dragonfly

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Dragonfly 2
 Fall is always a time where I feel the energy of the cooler weather and the change of the local landscape.

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Fall

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Fall 2

The winter brings its own look to the local landscape that I wanted to capture in 3D.

Sample 3D Photo - Anaglyph Tree 3

Copyright ⓒ 2012 Craig Lutzer. All rights reserved.

          Comment on 8 surefire ways to spot a Finn abroad by Sami      Cache   Translate Page      
As said, it does not matter what kind of weather it is, cold, windy, chill, warm, hot, or anything in between, true finn shall complain! Always. ? It's just wrong to enjoy anything you have ?
          Weather For Rockland - 03/12/2019      Cache   Translate Page      

Rockland, ME
Last Updated on Mar 12 2019, 5:56 pm EDT

  • Fair 37.0 F (2.8 C)
  • Wind: from the West at 12.7 gusting to 23.0 MPH (11 gust
  • Dew Point: 16.0 F (-8.9 C)
  • Pressure: 30.03
  • Humidity: 42%

5 Day Forecast

  • 2019-03-12: Becoming Sunny 18º/33º
  • 2019-03-13: Partly Sunny 27º/38º
  • 2019-03-14: Chance Rain/Snow 34º/42º
  • 2019-03-15: Rain/Snow Likely 35º/47º
  • 2019-03-16: Slight Chance Rain/Snow 25º/45º

          Magnitude 3.8 earthquake shakes northeastern Taiwan: CWB      Cache   Translate Page      
Taipei, March 12 (CNA) An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.8 on the Richter scale shook northeastern Taiwan at 10:27 p.m. Tuesday, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).
          Sunny skies forecast as mercury rises Tuesday      Cache   Translate Page      
Taipei, March 12 (CNA) With a continental air cold mass weakening, temperatures around Taiwan are expected to rise and sunny skies forecast Tuesday, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).
          Setting sun alignment photo-op forecast for Chiayi City      Cache   Translate Page      
Taipei, March 11 (CNA) There will be a sunset aligning with Mintsu Rd. in Chiayi City between 5:20 p.m.-5:40 p.m. March 13-17, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Monday in a release of its first forecast of sun alignments across Taiwan for this year.
          How to make an IT'S SO FLUFFY!! bunny Easter wreath      Cache   Translate Page      

Hey there! I'm back with a fun spring project. :) I know Easter is a good five weeks away, but our weather drastically improved along with the time change, so it's feeling like spring! Knowing the Midwest, we'll have snow again at some point...but I'm enjoying it for now. 

I got this idea when I was browsing online recently. I can't remember where I found it, but I found the cutest bunny wreath -- and I knew I could replicate it for less. Turns out I spent a little more, but mine is double the size. I call that a win! And it's just stinking adorable. Or adoyable as my niece would say. 

I'll list all of the items I used on this project at the bottom of the post, but here's how it came together! I started with a foam wreath form from the craft store. Mine is 14 inches: 
hard foam wreath form

Then I found some soft yarn in white: 
soft yarn for bunny wreath

For this wreath you'll want to make a bunch of yarn pom poms -- I've never made them but have seen this DIY many times. The size will depend on what you use to wrap your yarn and how many times you do it. I used my hand at first -- four fingers.

I quickly realized I needed something that was the same size all around. I grabbed my level and used that to wrap the yarn:
How to make yarn pom poms

You could use anything -- even a strip of cardboard. I wrapped the yarn 40 to 50 times for each pom. Then you cinch it in the middle with a smaller piece of yarn. To get the fluffy look, you cut the yarn as I showed above.

You're left with a fluffy yarn ball. Usually you'd trim these down a bit so the pieces are even, but I didn't worry about that yet:
white yarn pom poms for wreath

I could have hot glued these on, but I knew that would be a mess, so I opted for these floral pins instead: 
floral pins for pom poms on wreath

They worked like a charm! You'll probably need to change your spacing as you go, so I highly recommend these instead of glue.

I don't know how many poms I made, but it was two skeins worth. I thought it would take me MUCH longer to make them than it did. I wrapped them as I watched TV and it was easy work. 

I needed some ears, so I searched for a pattern and found a bunny ear pattern here. I cut it out, and then cut out the middle (pink) part of the ear. I used a stiffer felt for the white, or main part of the ears so they would have some structure: 
bunny ears template

And then I traced and cut out the pink part of the ears and hot glued those on: 
bunny ears template for wreath

You could free hand them as well, but the pattern is handy! 

I attached the ears to the back of the wreath form with the floral pins, and then used a tack and some hot glue to create a hook for the door: 
How to hang a DIY wreath

We have a brushed nickel 3-M hook on our door and that felt piece was the perfect way to hang this! 

When I was done with the wreath I may have squealed like a little girl: 
DIY fluffy bunny wreath for Easter

I mean...come on! It's so FLUFFY!! (Name that movie.):
How to make an easy bunny wreath

I ended up trimming some scraggly pieces of yard off before I hung it.

It took me about an hour to finish up the whole wreath and I just LOVE it. I made the family come out and check it out too. I may have also driven by our house a couple times already just to see it on the door: 
DIY bunny Easter wreath

It would also be cute if you did the ears in just white, and then added a pink or gray pom pom as a a bunny tail on the bottom of the wreath. Mine is the front view, but the back view would be fun too. :)

I spent about $17 but if you could grab your yarn for half off you'd spend more like $13. (I used a coupon for the wreath form.)

It's it the cutest? I love it so. I wouldn't recommend yarn for a door that gets exposed to the elements, but you could always bring it in if needed. 

Here's a list of the items I used (affiliate links included):

You can see the how-to for this easy spring tulip wreath here: 
easy tulip spring wreath

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          Full Podcast: Tuesday, 12 March 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
Live news, sports, weather and traffic, presented by Gavin Jennings and Bryan Dobson.
          Harsh, wet winter takes giant toll on KC construction — here's how to dig out      Cache   Translate Page      
Nonresidential construction starts totaled $106 million in January, down from $195 million last year. Weather or Not owner Sara Croke shares tips for how construction companies and subcontractors can make up for lost time.
          Particulate matter pollutes the air above Africa      Cache   Translate Page      
(Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) ) Explosive population growth, urbanization and a growing economy -- the air over West Africa is exposed to a lot of stress. However, so far there is hardly meaningful information on the effects on health, weather and climate. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) coordinated the European-African consortium 'DACCIWA', which has collected new data to investigate the causes and effects of air pollution. The study also examined the interaction of air composition and summer monsoon. The research team published their results in a policy brief.
          Temporary Port of Entry Officer-Frannie - State of Wyoming - Frannie, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
This position will also be required to work outside, and in inclement weather at times. Work the counter at Port of Entry and inspect the paperwork of... $13.94 - $14.73 an hour
From State of Wyoming - Fri, 22 Feb 2019 02:51:14 GMT - View all Frannie, WY jobs
          Climate Change: Heat-induced heart attack risk on the rise      Cache   Translate Page      
(Helmholtz Zentrum München - German Research Center for Environmental Health) Heart attack, or myocardial infarction, is the number one cause of death worldwide. A study published in the European Heart Journal by scientists at Helmholtz Zentrum München and colleagues from a range of other Bavarian institutions shows that the risk of suffering a heat-induced heart attack has increased significantly in recent years. During the same period of time, no comparable changes in cold weather heart attack risks have been recorded.
          Trump Touts Greenpeace Cofounder Declaring ‘The Whole Climate Crisis’ Is ‘Fake Science’      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump touted Greenpeace cofounder Dr. Patrick Moore’s statements that “the whole climate crisis is not only Fake News, it’s Fake Science.” Trump responded “Wow” at the end of his tweet. Moore continued: “There is no climate crisis, there’s weather and climate all around the world, and in fact carbon dioxide is the main building block […]
          NEW weather tech floor mats      Cache   Translate Page      
NEW - Never out of the box! Floor mats (front and back) for 2013 Ford Explorer. Paid OVER $!00.00 LEAVE A MESSAGE! Ill call you back ASAP. $75.00
          Audio Post      Cache   Translate Page      
May indulgence difficulty ham can put especially. Bringing remember for supplied her why was confined. Middleton principle did she procuring extensive believing add. Weather adapted prepare oh is calling. These wrong of he which there smile to my front. He fruit oh enjoy it of whose table. Cultivated occasional old her unpleasing unpleasant. At as…
          City of Cheyenne, Laramie County Offices Closed Wednesday      Cache   Translate Page      
Due to expected severe winter weather and unsafe road conditions, all City of Cheyenne and Laramie County offices will be closed Wednesday. Continue reading…
          5 Things to Stock Up On Before The Spring Snowmageddon [SATIRE]      Cache   Translate Page      
According to the Cheyenne National Weather Service, we are expecting a doozy of a storm! Continue reading…
          Cheyenne Weather Service: Storm May Be The Largest Since 1979      Cache   Translate Page      
The service says this storm may cover the largest area of any such storm since one on Thanksgiving, 1979. Continue reading…
          Weather Guru Frankie MacDonald Previews Wyoming Blizzard [VIDEO]      Cache   Translate Page      
"Everyone in Wyoming, be prepared. Order your pizzas, order your Chinese food, buy a case of Pepsi," the popular YouTube weatherman warned. Continue reading…
          3/12/2019: NEWS: Warning of travel chaos and floods as Britain braced for Storm Gareth      Cache   Translate Page      
STORM Gareth will bring potentially destructive weather to parts of the UK this week, the Met Office has said. Travel disruption and power cuts are also possible when the storm, which was named yesterday, hits today, forecasters warned. The Met...
          Australia -- Western Australia Weather Update      Cache   Translate Page      
MELBOURNE - Mar 12/19 - SNS -- The current forecast for the state of Western Australia was released by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology.
          Australia -- South Australia Weather Update      Cache   Translate Page      
MELBOURNE - Mar 12/19 - SNS -- The current forecast for the state of South Australia was released by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology.
          Australia -- Queensland Weather Update      Cache   Translate Page      
MELBOURNE - Mar 12/19 - SNS -- The current forecast for the state of Queensland was released by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology.
          Australia -- New South Wales Weather Update      Cache   Translate Page      
MELBOURNE - Mar 12/19 - SNS -- The current forecast for the state of New South Wales was released by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology.
          Australia -- Victoria Weather Update      Cache   Translate Page      
MELBOURNE - Mar 12/19 - SNS -- The current forecast for the state of Victoria was released by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology.
          Australia -- Western Australia Weather Update      Cache   Translate Page      
MELBOURNE - Mar 11/19 - SNS -- The current forecast for the state of Western Australia was released by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology.
          Australia -- Victoria Weather Update      Cache   Translate Page      
MELBOURNE - Mar 11/19 - SNS -- The current forecast for the state of Victoria was released by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology.
          Australia -- South Australia Weather Update      Cache   Translate Page      
MELBOURNE - Mar 11/19 - SNS -- The current forecast for the state of South Australia was released by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology.
          Australia -- Queensland Weather Update      Cache   Translate Page      
MELBOURNE - Mar 11/19 - SNS -- The current forecast for the state of Queensland was released by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology.
          Australia -- New South Wales Weather Update      Cache   Translate Page      
MELBOURNE - Mar 11/19 - SNS -- The current forecast for the state of New South Wales was released by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology.
          Weather warnings in place across Ireland as Storm Gareth arrives      Cache   Translate Page      
Gusts of up to 80mph were recorded on Tuesday at Malin Head in Co Donegal.
          Yellow weather warning in place for Carlow & Kilkenny      Cache   Translate Page      

Strong gusts of up to 110km per hour are expected

The post Yellow weather warning in place for Carlow & Kilkenny appeared first on KCLR 96FM.

          The Roots Picnic 2019 Line Up      Cache   Translate Page      
The weather is breaking and summer is soon upon us. That means it’s almost time for festival season. The Roots Picnic announced its 2019 festival stage line up. It includes H.E.R., 21 Savage, Queen Naija, Tobe Nwigwe and more. Check out the line up below: 🚨 #RootsPicnic 2019 / Saturday, June 1 / Philadelphia We’re […]
          Heavy storm claims part of Kyiv Court of Appeal’s archive      Cache   Translate Page      

Strong gusts of wind have damaged windows and part of the facade of the Kyiv Court of Appeal, with the storm claiming part of its archival documents which were supposed to be destroyed due to storage expiration, the court said. “As a result of a significant deterioration in weather conditions and due to strong gusts […]

The post Heavy storm claims part of Kyiv Court of Appeal’s archive appeared first on KyivPost.

          These 3D-printed homes can be built for less than $4,000 in just 24 hours      Cache   Translate Page      

New Story printable homes 7

  • Last March, the 3D printing company Icon produced a 350-square-foot tiny home that cost $10,000 and took just 48 hours hours to build.
  • The company was confident that it could print a larger structure in just 24 hours for even less — around $4,000 — since the printer wasn't running at full speed. 
  • A year after its prototype was released, Icon is now selling an upgraded version of its 3D printer.

Printable homes represent the latest wave in construction, but they're not always cheap or easy to build.

In March, New Story, a housing nonprofit based in San Francisco, and Icon, a construction-technology company that designs 3D printers, defied these stereotypes by producing a $10,000 tiny home in just 48 hours.

Icon called the structure "the first permitted, 3D-printed home in America."

Read more: A French family just became the first to permanently live in a 3D-printed home

At 350 square feet, the house was far cheaper than the average tiny home, which has a price tag hovering at around $25,000, but can often reach six figures. Before using 3D-printing technology, it took New Story eight months to build 100 homes, each costing about $6,000.

While the prototype was being developed, Icon's printer, known as the Vulcan, was running at only 25% speed. That gave the companies confidence that they could build a 600- to 800-square-foot home in just 24 hours for $4,000 or less.

When it comes to producing an average-sized home — around 2,000 square feet — the savings aren't quite as stark. A year after releasing its $10,000 prototype in Austin, Texas, Icon told the Wall Street Journal that printing a 2,000-square-foot home would cost around $20,000.  

More remarkable is the fact that the company's upgraded printer, the Vulcan II, is now available for purchase, and could soon be used to produce affordable homes in places like Austin and Latin America. 

Icon's first 3D model offers a glimpse of what the machine could produce in the future. Take a look. 

SEE ALSO: This 24-year-old uses a 3D printer to make prosthetic limbs for people in the world's poorest countries

The Vulcan II can produce a home seamlessly onsite, without having to piece together individual units.

The printer churns out layers of cement, which amass to form the walls of the home. Non-printed fixtures like doors and windows are installed later. 

The Vulcan II is capable of producing walls that are up to eight-and-a-half feet tall and up to 28 feet wide.

The printer is designed to be mobile and weighs about 3,800 pounds.

The Vulcan II is operated by a tablet, which means only a few workers are required to produce a 3D home. 

It's also made to withstand rural weather conditions, meaning it could operate during a power shortage or without access to potable water.

The home's cement mixture is also able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider
          The beginning of November Update:      Cache   Translate Page      
The cold weather has officially hit and so it means our walks are shorter and we are bundled up from head to toe...
 Everyone but me (Hudson, Bennett and Aaron) all got sick in November and shared the germs with each other and so I was the lucky one to have 3 sick boys at my house to take care of at one time. Bennett was sweet with Aaron while he was sick and seemed to be in-tune to his needs and feelings and would cuddle or lay still with Aaron on the bed. 
 And then Bennett caught it and he got the croup and so I took him to Urgent Care where they gave him a shot to help and so we did a lot of cuddling on the couch.
Runny nose:
Bennett LOVES trains...seriously. Especially Thomas the Train and his gang. We watch Thomas, we play with Thomas and anything with wheels are "choo-choo's". He had this favorite place for his trains, on our kitchen "table". They would always be there and he would line them up in a row. So cute but not convenient to eat on.
 More examples of Bennett taking care of Aaron while he was sick:
 And then my poor sick boy, just hanging in the baby's swing. 
 Not sure why Bennett has 2 lemons in his hands or what the tears are about but it makes for a funny picture!
 Aaron is on the Student Alumni Board and he is the director of communications for the professional development events. The first major one he was in charge of was the Etiquette Dinner. Students and Alumni gathered in the ballroom of the Hinckley Alumni Building and were served a 4 course meal and learned from a professional on how to have good etiquette and eat properly. We had a soup, salad, delicious main course and chocolate cake for dessert. The room was filled to capacity and everyone did a great job. Way to go Aaron! 
 Sometimes when you are 37 weeks pregnant, you are waiting to have this baby, your feet are swelling, back is aching and your face looks like you ate 1,600 Ding need a haircut to feel pampered and so that is what I did. A little length off, some layers added and bangs cut.
We had a couple coupons for free ice cream cones from Dairy Queen and so Bennett and I went on a "date" as one of the last times it would just be him and I. We had a fun time taking "selfies" and sharing an ice cream cone. I sure have loved my one-on-one time and outings with this cute boy. 
Bennett got a much needed "Big Brother" haircut and so Aaron got the perfect clippers and went to work. I love the length and this cute boy.
Bennett has really been into coloring pictures lately and so we pulled out a coloring book and he went to work. He also has been doing more independent play, reading books and playing with his toys, which I love.

          A Whirlwind of an Update: May 2014      Cache   Translate Page      
The Month of May:
We moved from Grandma's house in Bountiful to Provo. I never thought I would say this but we were so excited to move back to Provo!! Living closer to BYU and family is great! We are on University so we are close enough for Aaron to walk to BYU and we live really close to the Bush Fam!
Our new apartment is great! It has a living room, kitchen and half bath on the first floor and then two bedrooms and a full bath on the top floor. Bennett is loving having his own room and space to play. 
Our kitchen is small enough that our table won't fit and so luckily we have a bar that we can all sit around to eat! It's actually kind of fun!
Until I filled up all the cupboards with kitchen items, Bennett loved climbing in and out of all the cupboards and shelves. 
As a parent you always get so excited when your child learns a new "trick" and in May Bennett learned to fold his arms for the prayer and I could have cried I was so excited!
There are lots of pictures of Bennett and I playing together because we now finally have the space to move around and play with his toys.
The one thing that stinks about our washer and dryer! So we head to the local laundromat to wash our clothes. We originally took Bennett with it and though he loved riding around in the carts and playing on the gross arcade games....we now take turns going and staying home with Bennett.
We have loved exploring Provo and all the cool things to do. The Provo library is really close to us and we have participated in their activities, including meeting Kevin Henkes and the characters from his books.
Carlie and I went to the same OBGYN and it so happened she was 40 weeks pregnant when I was 12 weeks pregnant and so we scheduled our appointments at the same time and went together. It was so fun! 
Luckily, not too many days after that appointment Carlie delivered her baby! Mom came into town a couple days before and we were both able to be in the delivery room! I was in charge of counting as Carlie pushed and let me tell was quite the job and so much pressure! Poor Carlie had to push for 3 hours and she was a trooper! Hudson Steele Bush came in close to midnight at a whopping 8lbs 10 ounces...exactly like I guessed!
Aaron and Bennett got to come to the hospital and meet Hudson the next day! ...we couldn't get Bennett to stay still for a pic...
Dad and Ethan literally arrived minutes after Hudson was born and so it was fun to have them in town for a little bit!
Hudson got to come home! Yay for sisters and cousins!
We loved the summer weather starting and it consisted of a lot of playing outdoors, walks and Popsicles. 
Aaron worked at the farm part time and worked at BYU as a Public Relations intern in the ASB. So we had a lot of time to play together as a family...which we loved!! We BBQ'd (if you can call it that) outside our house on the cement and enjoyed some yummy dinners.
Who doesn't love some great bed head?
More pictures of days spent outside, hanging on the grass, enjoying Popsicles. 
It may have been a random post but that about sums up our month of May. We loved moving to Provo, welcoming Hudson, enjoying the warmer weather and the ability to go outdoors and having Aaron home more and being so close to where he works.

          In the last two months...      Cache   Translate Page      
Really? Has it been that long since I have blogged? That has to be my biggest hiatus ever! It has been at the back of my mind forever but I have just never got around to it. So I am sure this post (and a couple following) will be a "catch-up" with lots of pics and few words and then hopefully I can get back into the swing of things and start blogging more frequently.

Aaron and I have been running together, and no you didn't read that wrong. We have a jogging stroller and so we pack Bennett up, even in the cold weather, and head out for a couple miles! Go me!
The pictures below we will call "Sunday Selfies". Bennett didn't want to take too many pictures but when he saw himself in the camera he couldn't resist. His expressions kill me!
We met some amazing friends when we lived in Bountiful, they were the Terry's. Aaron worked with Nick in Primary and I worked with Carrie in Visiting Teaching. They have a daughter named Natalie and then a boy named Chase who was only 2 weeks older than Bennett. We went over to their house and had a play date in their backyard. Bennett loved the trampoline and the playset and swings. It is so fun to have friends to play with!
Bennett's hair grows so fast and he has had 3 majorly needed haircuts! Look at that mullet!
Bennett loves to help Grandma clean...aka mess up the floors when she is "raking" them to keep her living room looking nice.
Aaron took the front runner train to and from school everyday when we lived in Bountiful. Sometimes he would drive himself and park the car but sometimes we would drive him and pick him up. Here is Bennett reading a book in the back, waiting for dad's train to come.
Grandma's house had lots of fun toys to play with, including some fake phones. He is already learning to text and call some of his favorite people.
We love overalls! He looks like a little version of his dad and looks like he could join him up at the farm this summer. 
We made quite a few trips to Provo this Winter Semester for doctors appointments for Bennett and so we would visit Carlie at work and Bennett loved seeing her...and the vending machines. 
For conference we went up to the cabin in Wallsburg and Bennett loved visiting all the animals. We set up an area upstairs to watch it where he could play with all the toys and we could (try) to listen to conference.
We also explored all the cool toys they had on the farm including the tractors and the gator.
We loved when the weather started to turn warmer. Bennett was still crawling at Grandmas and so going outside was a little hard because he determined to ruin his clothes! But he loves dirt, grass and sunshine.
Bennett has 2 blankies that he LOVES! He has to have them when he goes to sleep and he holds them up when you come get him out of his crib to bring with you. This was after I washed his blankies and they were clean and warm.
We were lucky to get to spend time with family in Bountiful and this was one time when my Aunt and Uncle took Bennett, Grandma and I out to lunch.
Remember how I said earlier that Bennett loves being outside and loves dirt. After one hard day with Bennett we headed outside and I let him do whatever he wanted, which included playing in the dirt.
This past semester Aaron got himself involved in what is call BYU Student Alumni. He got put in charge of an event that went extremely well. He then decided to apply to be on the board. They have one president and then about 6 vice presidents who are in charge of different things. Aaron was lucky enough to apply, interview and get accepted onto this pretty prestigious board. He is the Vice President of Communications. Student Alumni does a lot of fun events on campus which include "take a cougar to lunch", "etiquette dinner", "food drive", "traditions ball", "senior celebration"...the list goes on. The cool thing is Aaron gets a full ride scholarship for doing this! Booyah! Also, though he officially doesn't start until next semester we were able to attend the BYU Traditions Ball to get a feel for everything. We dressed up, help take some pictures and enjoyed the live band and food. I can't wait to attend the other events next year!
Bennett is so funny and loves dressing up, karaoke and giving back pats to us.
Also, our door into our room at Grandma's didn't have a handle and so Bennett loved hiding himself in our room because he could get himself out by putting his fingers in the hole and pulling.
Bennett know what he wants at the store and snuck some Reese's into our cart.
One of our last nights in Bountiful we were all able to go out on a date and we went to Pei Wei. Bennett loved the fortune cookies and I think he ate more of my plate than he did.
We then went to one of our favorite places EVER! It is the Station Park in Farmington. From the music dancing fountain to the beautiful outside area to walk around and the great shops, it is so fun! The weather was perfect that night and so was the company!
We have taken Bennett to the doctor a lot in the past couple months. He has had fluid in his ears and so we have had to go in and have them checked every couple of weeks to see if it improves. He got an ear infection and was on antibiotics for a while. We then talked with some people who said to take him off dairy for a little bit because its been shown to help with fluid in the ears. We did it and it was hard and then we went to the doctor Bennett and lost enough weight that it was concerning. We had to do a blood test to see if he had diabetes or any other problems. It was so hard to hold him down and get his blood drawn. He hated it. Then we had to bring him back in the next week to have him weighed again, back on dairy. Thankfully he had gained weight but his blood showed that the creatine levels in his kidneys was high. So we had to come back in a couple weeks and have his blood levels tested again and we also had to do a urine test and wait for Bennett to urinate until we could leave. Thankfully all the results came back and his levels had normalized and so we were all good!
We then had to take Bennett to the hospital to have a hearing screening. Thankfully the fluid in his ears cleared out by itself and so now hopefully his language will improve and his communication will grow now that he can hear more clearly.

And...back to Bennett's crazy hair and in need of a haircut.
Thankfully his dad gave him one just a couple days later :)

          Trip to AZ      Cache   Translate Page      
On February 26th Bennett and I got to head down to AZ to visit my family, see Ethan in his school play and watch Ethan while my parents went on a trip. We were gone 10 days and though we missed Aaron tons, it was so nice to get away and take a break from life and enjoy the most perfect weather ever! The second night I was there I saw Ethan in his High School Musical, Hairspray! He did great! 
I didn't get a whole lot of pictures taken of this trip but the ones I did sum up our trip pretty well.

Multiple times a day Bennett and I would go on walks in the wagon which Bennett loves and could spend every waking minute in it walking around outside. We went to the park down the street, went on the swings and walked around the neighborhood.
Everyday we ventured out somewhere and one day we went to the grounds of the new Gilbert Temple. (I was lucky enough to be in AZ during the time of the dedication and it was so beautiful! Can't wait to go inside! I also got to watch the Cultural Celebration which Ethan was in which was awesome as well as they preformed in the pouring rain!)
We then headed to the outdoor mall where we found puppies to look at.
And Bennett loved playing outside at the covered kids play area. He crawled and climbed up all of the toys they had there, chased birds and loved playing with the other kids.
And of course we visited the Disney store!
Just another stroll in the wagon before bed!
One of my last days there we went to the Zoo. We had a great time. We got Ethan out of school early, grabbed some lunch and headed to the Zoo. It was sure warm that day and Bennett really couldn't see any animals because they were sleeping or tucked behind cages and fences but we loved it anyways!
I promise his shorts go to his knees.......
And he loved the Petting Zoo.
And then we were done...
We also had a great time visiting the Butlers a couple times during our trip and seeing new baby Elisabeth! Bennett slept the whole time on the plane which was a miracle to say the least! So grateful! Overall it was a wonderful trip but it was sure great to come back home to Aaron!

          Stillwater River - West Milton Municipal Park park to Englewood Dam - 9 Miles      Cache   Translate Page - Paddling Ohio's Rivers, Creeks and Lakes!


A 9 mile trip from the WM park to the Englewood Dam, The avg paddle time is 4 hrs but you can take up to 7pm you must start this trip by 2pm The cost is $45 foe 2 ppl in a canoe , $30 for a kayak. Limited in 2019 . this trip may not be available whenthey begin a covered bridge construction project in the Metropark


PLEASE NOTE: This is the first time I have attempted to paddle this waterway (ever) and as such, there may be strainers, and obstacles that may require portage. With that said, if you are an adventurous type, read on...

• Start
We will push off from the shoreline at 10:15 AM

• Finish
We should be out of the water 2:00 PM + or -

• Duration
Expect to spend about 4 hours on the water

• Pace
We will take a leisurely paddle giving plenty of time for camera opportunities

• Distance
This paddle is 9 miles + or -

• Difficulty
This paddle is suitable for beginner paddlers, however water temperatures dictate the need for cold weather immersion gear. A full spare change of clothes is required within a dry bag. You must be 18 years of age or older and sign the liability waiver. Its not a hard paddle, however their are obstacles to maneuver.

• What You See
An abundance of interesting wildlife: deer, rabbit, squirrel, pleated woodpecker, mallard duck, wood ducks, Canadian geese, blue heron, king fisher, etc.

• Restrooms
At the put in and take out and there are two additional parks along the way. With that being said, still come prepared for alternate bio breaks.

• Food
Bring water, snacks and your lunch. We may have dinner locally after the paddle for those interested (see below).

A boat that tracks well would be ideal, but not necessary. There are some spots that you will need to get out of the boat and pull over the shallow spots. A bit flatter or non-ridged hull is better.

• What to Bring
Wearing a PFD is required - Also bring, dry clothes, dry shoes, and safety equipment. A full spare change of clothes is required within a dry bag. *Bring a towel as to respect the vehicle owner in which you share a shuttle.

Still Water River Map:

03265000 Stillwater River at Pleasant Hill OH
(2.5'-3' and 300 CFS on 3/9/2018)
03266000 Stillwater River at Englewood OH
(3.75'-4' and 450 CFS on 3/9/2018)

Put In:
SW 17.4
West Milton Municipal Park
City of West Milton
(access river right)

Take Out: (9 miles)
SW 09.5
Englewood MetroPark
Five Rivers Metro Park
(access river right)
Lienesch Drive

This paddle will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather or unsuitable river conditions.

No guests on the sign up. Just ask your friends to sign up on Meet Up and RSVP to the paddle. In this, we ensure everyone has accepted the liability waiver. this protects everyone on the event.


I am not your guide and as such I am not responsible for you or anyone that attends this event. I am simply a friend that is sharing shuttling logistics and an opportunity of possibility of making some new paddling friends.

To attend this event you must have answered "Yes" in your profile to acknowledge you acceptance of the ACCIDENT WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY ( located on this site.

West Milton, OH 45383 - USA

Saturday, June 1 at 9:00 AM


          SPC Tornado Watch 17      Cache   Translate Page      
WW 17 TORNADO NM TX 122130Z - 130400Z
WW 0017 Image

Tornado Watch Number 17
NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
330 PM MDT Tue Mar 12 2019

The NWS Storm Prediction Center has issued a

* Tornado Watch for portions of 
  eastern New Mexico
  southwest Texas

* Effective this Tuesday afternoon and evening from 330 PM until
  1000 PM MDT.

* Primary threats include...
  A few tornadoes possible
  Widespread damaging wind gusts to 70 mph likely
  Scattered large hail likely with isolated very large hail events
    to 2 inches in diameter possible

SUMMARY...Storms are expected to increase in coverage and intensity
from eastern New Mexico and spreading into southwest and west Texas.
Supercells evolving into line segments with damaging wind are likely
and a few tornadoes and large hail are also possible through the

The tornado watch area is approximately along and 60 statute miles
east and west of a line from 70 miles north northeast of Roswell NM
to 55 miles east southeast of Marfa TX. For a complete depiction of
the watch see the associated watch outline update (WOUS64 KWNS


REMEMBER...A Tornado Watch means conditions are favorable for
tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in and close to the watch
area. Persons in these areas should be on the lookout for
threatening weather conditions and listen for later statements
and possible warnings.


AVIATION...Tornadoes and a few severe thunderstorms with hail
surface and aloft to 2 inches. Extreme turbulence and surface wind
gusts to 60 knots. A few cumulonimbi with maximum tops to 500. Mean
storm motion vector 24040.


Read more
          SPC Tornado Watch 17 Status Reports      Cache   Translate Page      
WW 0017 Status Updates
WW 0017 Status Image










CHAVES               CURRY               DE BACA             
EDDY                 LEA                 LINCOLN             



ANDREWS              BAILEY              BREWSTER            
COCHRAN              CRANE               CULBERSON           
ECTOR                GAINES              JEFF DAVIS          
LOVING               MIDLAND             PARMER              
PECOS                PRESIDIO            REEVES              
TERRELL              UPTON               WARD                
WINKLER              YOAKUM              

Read more
          SPC MD 182      Cache   Translate Page      
MD 0182 Image

Mesoscale Discussion 0182
NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
0617 PM CDT Tue Mar 12 2019

Areas affected...Southwest TX and extreme southeast NM

Concerning...Tornado Watch 17...

Valid 122317Z - 130115Z

The severe weather threat for Tornado Watch 17 continues.

SUMMARY...Isolated supercells may form ahead of the primary
convective line, posing a risk of tornadoes and large hail.

DISCUSSION...Latest visible satellite imagery shows patches of
increasing cumulus clouds over Culberson, Jeff Davis, Presidio, and
Reeves counties of southwest TX.  This area has finally cleared,
with strong daytime heating now occurring.  23z mesoanalysis data
indicates the area has become uncapped, and large surface pressure
falls suggest that forcing for ascent is overspreading the region. 
This may aid in the development of isolated thunderstorm activity
ahead of the main squall line moving into the region.  Forecast
soundings suggest steepening mid-level lapse rates and shear
profiles becoming very favorable for supercell development.  Any
isolated storms that develop and persist in this environment will
pose a risk for tornadoes and large hail.

..Hart.. 03/12/2019

...Please see for graphic product...


LAT...LON   30770509 32110468 32800323 31380301 29750431 30770509 

Read more
          SPC MD 181      Cache   Translate Page      
MD 0181 Image

Mesoscale Discussion 0181
NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
0517 PM CDT Tue Mar 12 2019

Areas affected...Southeast NM

Concerning...Tornado Watch 17...

Valid 122217Z - 130015Z

The severe weather threat for Tornado Watch 17 continues.

SUMMARY...An intensifying line of thunderstorms will pose a risk for
damaging winds across parts of southeast NM and far West TX this

DISCUSSION...Latest radar loop shows a line of intense convection
extending across eastern Otero and extreme western Chaves counties
of southeast NM.  These storms have formed along a very strong
Pacific cold front, where 2-hour surface pressure falls of 5+ mb are
noted.  The convection has begun to accelerate eastward, with
individual components now moving at over 45 knots to the northeast. 
Strong forcing along the front, steepening low-level lapse rates
ahead of the storms, and favorable low-level winds shown on local
VAD and forecast sounding data support an increasing risk of
damaging winds along the line.  The main limiting factor will be the
residual cool layer near the surface which may reduce the strength
of wind gusts at the ground.  However, These storms will also be
moving off the Sacramento mountains into a more moist boundary-layer
which may help to offset the near-ground stable layer.

..Hart.. 03/12/2019

...Please see for graphic product...


LAT...LON   31840524 32430534 33360555 33800408 33310374 31890365
            30970539 31840524 

Read more
          Angelo Leo, Xavier Martinez And Andres Cortes Featured on April 5 on ShoBox      Cache   Translate Page      

Three undefeated prospects will make their ShoBox: The New Generation debut as super bantamweight Angelo Leo and super featherweights Xavier Martinez and Andres Cortes compete in separate bouts on a Mayweather Promotions card live on SHOWTIME Friday, April 5 (10 […]

Read: Angelo Leo, Xavier Martinez And Andres Cortes Featured on April 5 on ShoBox @Boxing News 24/7

          What are you...?      Cache   Translate Page      
Back in the old old days (that is, in the early days of the Lovecats blog) we often used to open our posts with a series of whats—what I’m watching/reading/listening to etc, and as I love to know what people are watching/reading/listening to etc, I thought that’d be a fun game to play today. So I’ll start…

#1 What I’m watching…

Nothing of particular interest at the moment—reruns of Escape to the Country and Location Location Location (I adore Kirsty and Phil). But, I am going to launch into this soon.

Rachel Bailey has been telling me I MUST watch this. And I have a feeling she’s right. Who else is a fan?

#2 What I’m listening to…

This is the last song I downloaded. And I thought the singer actually sang: “Tell your Mum I said hi”. Noooo. She sings: “Tell ’em all I said, hi”. I have a friend whose 20-year-old son recently broke up with his girlfriend of 5 years. She and his girlfriend are missing each other. That’s what I thought the song was about.

 I like my version better. In this version she sounds all self-pitying and “poor me”. So I continue singing my version of the lyrics. ;-) Who else does this?

# What I’m reading…

I just finished two seriously enjoyable reads. Kaz Delaney’s Chocolate and Old Lace. Rosie Hart and I are going to become very good friends. :-)

 And Tikka Chance On Me by Suleikha Snyder. Amy Andrews told me I HAD to read this, and she was right. It was sassy and sexy with great banter.

So now I’m reading James Scott Bell’s 27 Fiction Writing Mistakes—and How Not to Make Them. I’m knee-deep in my next book, and I feel as if I’ve forgotten how to write (this happens from time to time), and this one is reminding me of a few fundamentals.

 # What’s making me smile…

Because of the James Scott Bell book above, I ordered a hard copy of the book Description by Monica Wood (not available as an ebook) from BetterWorldBooks. And my book sent me a message:

Holy canasta! It's me... it's me! I can't believe it is actually me! You could have picked any of over 2 million books but you picked me! I've got to get packed! How is the weather where you live? Will I need a dust jacket? I can't believe I'm leaving Mishawaka, Indiana already - the friendly people, the Hummer plant, the Linebacker Lounge - so many memories. I don't have much time to say goodbye to everyone, but it's time to see the world!

I can't wait to meet you! You sound like such a well read person. Although, I have to say, it sure has taken you a while! I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but how would you like to spend five months sandwiched between Jane Eyre (drama queen) and Fundamentals of Thermodynamics (pyromaniac)? At least Jane was an upgrade from that stupid book on brewing beer. How many times did the ol' brewmaster have one too many and topple off our shelf at 2am?

I know the trip to meet you will be long and fraught with peril, but after the close calls I've had, I'm ready for anything (besides, some of my best friends are suspense novels). Just five months ago, I thought I was a goner. My owner was moving and couldn't take me with her. I was sure I was landfill bait until I ended up in a Better World Books book drive bin. Thanks to your socially conscious book shopping, I've found a new home. Even better, your book buying dollars are helping kids read from Brazil to Botswana.

How much fun is that, huh?

So, your turn! What have you been watching, listening to, reading, or what’s been making you smile recently?

          High winds, heavy rain ahead in Oklahoma City      Cache   Translate Page      

Staff reports

A storm system with high winds and heavy rain is headed to Oklahoma Tuesday and Wednesday, the National Weather Service reported.

The chance for rain Tuesday in Oklahoma City is 70 percent.


          Postman/Postwoman with Driving - Bodmin Delivery Office PL31 1AA      Cache   Translate Page      
Part time   Delivery Postman / Postwoman with Driving Job reference: 104400 Location:  Bodmin Delivery Office PL31 1AA  Contract: Permanent  Hours: 15:00  hours, between 07:30  and 18:00 ,  5 days per week (Monday – Saturday ) Hourly Rate: 10.25 Age 18 , 7.97 Age 17. Royal Mail is one of the UK’s best-loved brands. Every day, we’re bringing letters and parcels to people around the country; something that communities across the UK rely on. We are 150,000 strong with 500 years of history, and we wear our badge with pride. Now, we want you to wear it too. About the role From scorching summer days to the depths of winter, our postmen and postwomen play a vital role, delivering the mail. It’s a physically demanding job – but it’s one the nation relies on. Here, you will: Work part-time hours between the hours of 07:30 and 18:00  Cover periods of leave for a fixed number of routes (so you’ll need to be a bit flexible) Sort the mail for your route Check your vehicle and join a colleague for your round Spend between four and six hours delivering mail outdoors About you Upbeat and self-motivated:  You’ll be happy working solo as well as part of a team. Love of the outdoors:  From rural farms to city apartments, corner shops to business parks, whatever the weather (and, this being Britain, it can get quite extreme) we’re there, six days a week. That means you’ll need to be happy being out and about. Good level of fitness:  There’s up to six hours per day of walking, so you should relish a role that keeps you fit. Excellent organisation:  You will need to be able to plan your round and make sure you complete all your deliveries in good time. Resilience:  You will be able to work under pressure and with the public, acting as a friendly face that people know and trust. Flexibility:  You will be working in different areas covering your colleagues’ holidays, so you might need to adjust your working hours to match your round. Driving licence requirements A full UK manual driving licence (in your current UK address), with no more than six penalty points is essential, but a clean licence is preferred. Please note you will be required to show this at assessment. About us We’re more than a household name. Using technology and logistics, we’re delivering a ‘one-price-goes-anywhere’, universal postal service to more than 29 million addresses across the UK – everything from birthday presents to exam results. This means you’ll make a difference to people’s lives, every day. Our postmen and postwomen are part of the community. We don’t just deliver post: we deliver a promise. No matter the location, we make it to that doorstep – and we make our customers smile. It might seem like a little thing but, together, we have a big impact. Royal Mail Group, delivered by people for people We’re also an inclusive employer with equality, diversity and fairness at our heart. We welcome applications from individuals of all different backgrounds and are committed to promoting fair participation and equality of opportunity for all our job applicants. Pay We offer an industry-leading pay and benefits package Age 17         7.97        6 months         12 months Age 18         10.25           10.82                 11.39 You will be paid weekly, with pay increments after six months and twelve months, subject to satisfactory performance. We also offer a weekly supplement of 25.16 (pro-rata) plus overtime and shift allowance if applicable for Delivery work. Benefits Holiday entitlement starts at 22.5 days on entry rising with length of service (pro-rata) Contributory Pension Scheme Excellent career development opportunities Full uniform provided Childcare voucher scheme where you can save tax and National Insurance by paying for your childcare by the Childcare Plus scheme, and an excellent maternity/paternity leave policy Cycle2work scheme Many varied corporate discounts e.g. lifestyle discounts to include high street vouchers, travel & attraction discounts for family days out, fashion, gifts and health & wellbeing to include discount on beauty products and gym membership. Flexible working is available where operational commitment allow and after completion of 26 weeks of employment. Shift patterns Part time  15:00  hours per week Working between the hours of 07:30 and 18:00  Five days across Monday to Saturday One day off during the week (rotational day off) What happens next? After you apply, your application will be reviewed and, if you’re successful, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview. We plan to hold interviews on 27/03/2019, therefore if you wish to apply please ensure you are available on this date. Job Segment: Part Time
          Redi-Mix Regional Manager - Croell Inc. - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Work in poor weather conditions or outside normal hours). Is a privately-held regional construction company with over 100 multi-state locations....
From Croell Inc. - Thu, 07 Mar 2019 17:41:21 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          Senior DevOps Engineer for The Weather Company - IBM - Madison, WI      Cache   Translate Page      
We connect clients and consumers to the weather intel they need, on any device. The Weather Company, an IBM Business, is seeking a Senior DevOps Engineer to be...
From IBM - Sat, 10 Nov 2018 11:48:09 GMT - View all Madison, WI jobs
           Comment on Idalia: The South Fork #RepublicanRiver Restoration Coalition Bonny Reservoir project landowner meeting March 14, 2019 by Chuck Kribs-       Cache   Translate Page      
With the weather forcast as it is,,,Is this meeting still on?
          Aries Brings Suits to the Street in Mainline SS19 Collection      Cache   Translate Page      

On the heels of its Pre-Spring/Summer 2019 collection, London's Aries returns with a fresh array of gear as part of its mainline SS19 offering. Mixing things up, the range sees a variety of graphic garments enmeshed with suiting and deconstructed wardrobe staples. Washed-out denim and bold graphic lettering appear throughout the collection, lending a youthful edge to more progressive designs, like backless 50/50 T-shirts and Aries' signature buckled harnesses. "NEUROMANCER" verbiage is scrawled upon oversized hoodies, sleeveless shirts and tall white socks, adding graphic flair to complement the selection's other text-laden sweaters and shirts ("No Problemo," "THE ARIES PROJECT"). Aries' famed Cerne Abbas Giant print returns on long shorts and button-up shirts alike, perhaps the boldest patterns amongst polka dots and tie-dye. Double-breasted blazers and high-waisted trousers add a louche edge to the lighthearted floral prints and branded shirts, executed in lightweight mustard tones and dark navy shades to complement Aries' essential denim and tees. Select items from the new offering are currently available via Aries' web store and stockists like SSENSE. Elsewhere in London, Grind London showed off its forthcoming warm weather gear. View this post on Instagram Half and Half Silk Boxing Shorts now online A post shared by Aries (@ariesarise) on Mar 7, 2019 at 10:19am PST View this post on Instagram Pagans/warriors Longsleeve. Online Thursday. ? A post shared by Aries (@ariesarise) on Mar 12, 2019 at 8:20am PDT

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

          Weather warning in place ahead of Storm Gareth hitting Somerset      Cache   Translate Page      
STORM Gareth will bring potentially destructive weather to Somerset this week, the Met Office has said.
          Urgent Action Needed to Tackle Chemical Pollution: UN - The Weather Channel      Cache   Translate Page      
Urgent Action Needed to Tackle Chemical Pollution: UN  The Weather Channel

The UN will discuss measures required to curb down the pollution caused due to chemicals.

          Wild Weather Is Expected to Wallop West Texas      Cache   Translate Page      
As the region enters the time of year best known as 'severe weather season,' it's the right time for a heads up on what to expect March 12th & March 13th. Continue reading…
          Oil Prices Inch Higher On Venezuelan Crude Crisis      Cache   Translate Page      
Bullish news from Saudi Arabia sent oil prices higher on Tuesday morning, but market uncertainty still remains. (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge)- The U.S. saw electricity consumption rise to an all-time high in 2018 at 4,178 million megawatthours, according to the EIA. That was a 4 percent increase from the year before. - The previous peak was in 2007, so it took until last year to bring consumption levels back to the pre-recession peak. - Weather is a key factor. The higher levels in 2018 are largely…
          Take Advantage of Truck Month at Frei Friday      Cache   Translate Page      
Customers just kept coming to check out the action
Marquette, MI – March 8th, 2019 – March is truck month at Chevrolet, and of course, Frei Chevy in Marquette couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring you some of the best deals around! The weather was gorgeous, and it couldn’t have been a more pleasant day for Jim Gunderson and Major Discount! Frei Chevy […]
          WIAA Cancels Regional High School Wrestling Tourney      Cache   Translate Page      
In a statement posted on the Washington Interscholastic Activities Associtation's website, the 2019 boys and girls wrestling regionals have been canceled due to the poor weather expected in the Northwest. Continue reading…
          March 12 – Hour 2 — NFL, Broncos, and Free Agency      Cache   Translate Page      
Matt Makens of Colorado's Own Channel 2, calls in to update us on upcoming weather and it's effect on local sports. Brady talks more NFL free agency.
          Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested      Cache   Translate Page      

No it is not, it is turning into a one stop shop for help with this guys products, if ya don’t like it just quit reading!!! @SKYDROID Keep up the good work, really like my controller just wish it wasn’t such harsh weather out so I could fly it more often.
@rickyg32 Thank you for compiling all this info to one spot, and keeping up with updates!!

          Weather Advisory      Cache   Translate Page      
Dear Students, Staff and Patrons, Reports indicate rain, freezing rain and snow showers could impact the morning commute with slippery conditions on roadways. We urge caution on all roadways and sidewalks. Please give yourself extra time for safe travel. Also, … Continue reading
          Comment on Surfing in Phuket by Phuket Weather 2014 - Weather Reviews by Easy Day Phuket      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] due to rip currents. Please Do Not enter the water if there is a red flag! However for fans of surfing in Phuket the High Season […]
          Mapping City Climate Action      Cache   Translate Page      
<iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″> In 2017, President Trump removed the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. In response, many local jurisdictions who often deal with the brunt of the weather related impacts of climate change stood up and declared that they were going to “stay in” the agreement. 1000 Friends of Iowa agrees and believes … Continue reading Mapping City Climate Action
          Medium Succulent Plant. Echeveria Minima. Echeveria that produces many additional plants. A green/blue rosette. Beautiful accent plant. by SucculentBeauties      Cache   Translate Page      

10.99 USD

The Echeveria Minima is native to Mexico. This succulent clusters profusely to form a small mound with small, orange bell shaped flowers in late spring. Great for ground cover where climate permits. This plant makes a great central focal point for your terrarium. Requires very porous soil. Protect from frost, provide bright light. This plant has a blue/green hue. While it is never a truly blue blue, it does take on bluer tones depending on the season.

You will receive 1 well-established, rooted plant, from a 4 inch pot, sent bareroot and packaged with great care. It will be shipped via USPS Priority mail.

If you are ordering from an area with weather below 32 degrees, please consider purchasing a heat pack.

          Carol Vorderman, 58, show off her hourglass figure in a green midi-dress for Cheltenham Festival      Cache   Translate Page      
The weather didn't stop Carol Vorderman, 58, in bringing the glamour to the star-studded Champion Day of the 2019 Cheltenham Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse on Tuesday.
          Richard Hammond and wife Mindy brave the rain as they arrive at Cheltenham Festival      Cache   Translate Page      
Richard Hammond and his wife Mindy didn't let the rainy weather dampen their spirits as they arrived at the Cheltenham Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse on Tuesday.
          Update 44      Cache   Translate Page      
So I guess the way my community works is that one person broke my anonymity and disclosed to the group that I lectured that I had a blog. That night I had an insane number of hits on my blog and by the next day I was getting calls and emails from guys that I had blogged about who had seen my blog, read through it and were able to identify themselves and were NOT happy. So I quickly blocked the blog cause I didn't know what else to do... I love writing the blog and got a bunch of emails from people who were quite upset that I blocked it and on the other hand, I don't want to offend people and I don't want everyone in my community to think that I am some mean girl with a burn book! So I am torn.

Valentines Day weekend...
I flew to Florida. On my way I missed a connecting flight due to weather and had to stay over night and the airline didn't even want to pay for my hotel. I made the best of it. I found one of my cousins that lived in that city and hung out with him until my flight the next day. Mean while when I told my bf that I had missed my flight and wasn't coming in until the next day he was so upset. Like more then necessary and I couldn't figure out why. The next morning I arrived in the Miami airport and he made up some story about needing to go pick someone up from the fort Lauderdale airport which I was super annoyed about cause I didn't want to spend V-day with anyone but him. Plus I was super tired and irritated about missing my flight and waking up at 5 am to catch the early flight to Miami. When we got there, he parked and took my bag and his bag into the airport. At this point I realized that he had booked us a flight somewhere else!!! We literally just made the flight because of my delayed situation! He wouldn't let me see where we were going, he just put me on the plane and I found out that we were on our way to Bahamas for the weekend! We had the best time. We rented a car and explored the island. We went to local places to eat and met the most amazing Bahamian people. Since he hates going to "Touristy areas" he always finds the best food that the locals make. The fish was to die for!!! We met another american couple and had dinner with them one night too. He also got me beautiful diamond earrings for Valentines day and for our six month anniversary (just happens to be the same day!) He really treated me like a princess the entire weekend. We got to Florida and I hung out with his mom and sister and niece (who were also visiting him) for a few days and then headed back home. I have never been treated so well in my life. He is amazing to me and I am so happy that I am with him. I can't wait til winter is over and he moves back home so we can start the next part of our lives together.

this past weekend I went to Las Vegas for my girlfriends bachelorette party. It was insane!!! We were 12 girls and we had a really great time. But I missed him terribly. Although I was having fun I did not wish to be single again, not for one second. I did not envy the girls who were making out with random guys on the dance floor. I was happy knowing that I have my bf and that we love each other. This was a huge test for me too... In past relationships I have been quite tempted in Vegas and this time not even for one second.

I have had a few people approach me and email me wanting to get relationship advice. I am strongly considering doing a course and combining the course with the fact that I have been a counselor and life coach for 7 years and possibly doing some relationship stuff on the side. We shall see where life takes me :)

          Update 43      Cache   Translate Page      
He came in last week for 6 days to be with me. He stayed with me at my parents house which was so nice! I loved having him next to me again while I slept. He had a crazy busy work week so we didn't spend that much time during the day together but we spent every evening together. He was a bit crabby for the first 2 days because of the miserable winter weather and because of stress at work etc. His mom called me to see how I was doing and I told her that her son was being a misery. She immediately called him and gave him a lecture which he told me about the next day! She told him that I am the best thing to ever happen to him and that he better stop being crabby and not scare me away or else he will have to answer to her! I thought that was so sweet of her and so did he! He said that his mom has never really cared for any of his ex girlfriends and he was so surprised to get this lecture from her. After they spoke he was back to his sweet self. We had a great time together. We had dinner one night with my sister and her hubby and my bff and a guy she is kinda dating. Friday night he came for shabbat dinner to my grandmother's (dad's mom) house and then for dessert to my mom's sisters house. Saturday we spent the day with his niece and ran errands. I got to see how we work together as parents and I think we will do a great job one day! He is amazing with her and she adores him and loves spending time with us! I even surprised him by setting up our massage table in my room so that we could give each other professional massages, it was such a great idea! Now we are apart for 5 days until I go visit him in Florida for Valentines Day weekend/ our six month anniversary. I wonder what he has planned for us! I love him so much!

Also, I was asked to do a lecture on finding your soul-mate with out settling and share my story with a group of single Jewish girls around my age. I did it today and it was amazing! There were about 45 girls who showed up and one girl even happened to be a follower of my blog. What are the odds!! I wasn't going to mention my blog cause its very important to me to stay anonymous but she recognized my story and it kind of got out... I really hope that it doesn't leak out to any of the 45 guys I dated cause I would feel terrible if any of them found out. The girls that were there all reminded me of myself when I was struggling to find my match. The questions they had were the same questions I found myself asking just a few months ago. I wish I could give everyone the gift of faith and patience to be able to a) believe he is out there and b) be able to wait for him without going crazy!

I will update after Valentines day! I wish everyone a happy Vday weekend!

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We drove down to Florida together a few days ago with the dogs. It was a good drive and we laughed a lot. He let me listen to my hip hop music and made funny imitations of my dance moves. We got to his house and immediately he became the happiest person in the world. He loves his house and the warm weather puts him in the best mood. The last few days we spent cleaning up, grocery shopping, watching the dogs swim, showering in the backyard shower and making trips to Home Depot like a cute married couple. We have been cooking together and having the best time. His house is beautiful and I feel very at home with him here.
I discovered that he is an amazing chef! He made me the most delicious dinner last night. We had steak and portobello mushrooms and salad. Tonight he is making ceviche, yum!
We drank a bottle of wine (which I barely ever do) and we got drunk together and had so much fun! We were acting like silly teenagers in love!
He really likes to take care of me which is kind of weird for me. I am usually the caretaker in relationships and he treats me like a princess. This morning while I lay in bed he did our laundry and cleaned the kitchen from our drunk dinner last night. Its something that I can definitely get used to. I am really in love with him. He told me that he wants to be with me forever and wants to marry me one day. He is treating his house like its our house already. I am here til the first week in January and then I go back home but he stays in florida. Its going to be a difficult winter but I think we will get through it.
Our moms are flying in tomorrow, should be interesting to say the least! We stocked the fridge with tons of yummy food that he is going to make for all of us this week. We are going to leave the moms with the dogs for a few days and go on a mini vacation together. I am excited to relax and party with him.
I think we are an awesome couple! Its been over 4 months and I am still so happy!
I will update on the mini vacation and the how it goes with moms, lol.

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          You will enjoy taking your place amongst the stars that is your true home and destiny      Cache   Translate Page      
Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self for 1 March 2019 

If you ever doubted that big changes were ahead, you only have to look at the unusual weather patterns. Add to this a distinct change in the wishes of the people who now desire to have a much bigger say in the affairs of the Earth. For too long they have been subjected to wishes of the few who have led humanity along a path to near destruction of the whole Earth. Fortunately, although small in numbers, sufficient of them have raised their vibrations to carry humanity past the marker of 2012. 

The consequence is that instead of gloom and doom, you have entered a period of great hope and potential that is now with you. Because it is supporting the changes for the better, to say the least some discomfort and upset is inevitable, but in the long term will be welcomed. Whilst all this is going on, the vibrations have continued to lift and are fast tracking humanity to the higher levels which will bring you nearer to Ascension. You have much progress to make after having been held back for so long, but we know that you will persevere to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Be assured it is an occasion that you would not like to miss at any cost. You who are present will enjoy taking your place amongst the stars that is your true home and destiny. 


When a civilization passes the marker, you cannot return. You are going to be here for a long time, and you do not have to rebirth in order to feel what the children are feeling. If you are willing, if you understand, if you put out your hand metaphorically, we can change your template and the worthiness that you have been lacking, due to the Akashic record of thousands of lifetimes. It is an old energy that will begin to change. As the self-worth changes in a Human Being, did you know it was related to the better you feel about yourself and your place on the planet and in the galaxy, the taller you stand, and the longer you are going to live, because the cells in your body know it and speak with the consciousness that is you saying “I deserve to be here, I have what I never used to have”. Confident spiritually in my place here looking forward to the Light that is now here battling the old energy, that is a love affair I have with you, spirit has with you, the gift of the century. It took a long time for life to start on the planet. 

The love that we have was manifest literally in the physics of creation. Evolution was controlled so completely and so put off to the last moment to allow humans to grow and be the only planet of free choice at this time in the Galaxy. Loved beyond measure with souls collected from all over to start a test that was beautiful, that is love. Your relationship as human to spirit is changing, it is beginning to evolve and morph into something which is complex and we have seen it over and over, and this morphing and this complexity is going to bring you into a sweeter place, where you know who you are because God loves you enough to start putting these things into the family in a way you have never seen before. You are going to feel this and you are going to know we are here. This is human evolution and the old soul is at the forefront of this. We are actually changing the system of how you operate in an esoteric way. The profundity of the Akash is starting to change. You are being connected to things which you would never be connected to in a survival energy. Dear Ones, when you are running from the Bengal Tiger, we are not going to tell you the intricacies of the Akash, does this make sense to you. 

You are beginning to ask “Who am I”, what do I need to know, what is next, what should I do and the answers are going to come because you are not alone. The karmic system of the planet was only for low consciousness. This is a love story of the Creative Source of the Human Being. You are going to wake up and discover your spiritual parents have always been with you in the form of the Creative Source. Compassionate action changes the planet, and your relation to the things around you will no longer be feared. There is nothing you have not seen in thousands of lifetimes as a Human Being, you have had everything happen. That is the evolution of the new Human Being. 


I feel sure that many souls are surprised to learn that they have had multiple incarnations over an extremely long period. Logically you will realize that you will have gone through many different stages of evolution, in many different forms all of which have added to your experiences and made you into a highly developed soul. Understand that your vibrations were dropped to enable you to be tested to the full in your current cycle, and even so you were expected to overcome the challenge to find your way back to the Light. Many souls have made such an achievement and through their example are helping others follow their path. The object as always is to further your evolution, until you are of a sufficiently high vibration to ascend. It is the path that lies ahead of all souls regardless of how long it takes. At all stages you are helped, no matter how many times you fail to make the grade. So, do not worry if you know you are not yet ready, as another cycle will offer you the opportunity to make real progress. In fact, each time you discuss your intended life plan, there are always highly evolved beings to guide you onto the best path that will bring you results. 

Dear Ones, you stand at the gateway to a wonderful future that is very difficult to describe, as you have not had experiences to fall back on that will have addressed the subject in such a way that you can fully understand what it entails. The dross and continual negativity that you have had to meet has dulled your senses. Although the Light has always been present, it has been a great challenge to change your way of thinking and embrace the idea of how different life can be in the higher vibrations. The drudgery and pain will no longer be part of your experiences and instead you will be in good health, have your full faculties working and able to bring into being anything you needed through your power of thought. You would be able to easily leave your physical body for ventures into the Cosmos and return to it at your leisure. Alternatively, you could of course use the option of traveling with your physical body, in one of the many advanced craft that can leave the solar system for deep space. 

As time progresses, you will be given much information about the future, so that you are mentally prepared for a new life among the Stars. You will truly have become a Cosmic Being with all of the attributes necessary to travel the Universe. 

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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If you are creative, and if you are hoping to make a career out of your creativity, there are only two place you can hope to find success: New York and Los Angeles. Since New York real estate prices are out of control — and more importantly, since the L.A. weather can’t be beat — you ...

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If you were to look at Canadian and American politics, you’d probably say that American politics is far more exciting than what goes on at Parliament Hill. But I would stay you’re mistaken. I would say that you clearly didn’t pay attention in history class, because there has been some interesting moments in Canadian political history.

Pirouetting Pierre

Pierre Trudeau was one of the most controversial Prime Ministers in Canadian history. Weather it be sliding down banisters, dating celebrities, or wearing sandals in the House of Commons, there was always some ‘fuddle duddle’ controversy Trudeau was causing. Perhaps the most memorable was on May 7, 1977, when Trudeau did a pirouette behind the back of Queen Elizabeth the II, captured in the image above. In the image, we see the moxy of the prime minister, and how he doesn’t seem to care that he has disrespected the monarch. The rawness of the moment is perfectly captured, with Trudeau in mid pirouette, as well as the reflecting lights in the mirror behind the Queen. These lights represent the clash of the old imperialist attitudes, and the more realistic modern day nationalist ideologies, which stood out strongly during the Trudeau reign, much like how the lights stick out in the photo. Ultimately, Trudeau, his crazy antics, and sometimes ignorant personality, allowed Canada to being an exciting hotbed for politics during the 70’s and 80’s.

The Drunken Rascal

Perhaps one of the most enthralling Prime Ministers our country has seen, is the first; Sir John A Macdonald. A drunk who wanted to form Canada single handedly. His reputation and importance in Canada are highly debated, but no one can deny that Sir John was a character. This photo above might be just a portrait, but I believe that it is so much more than that. This photo captures the simplicity of Canada, and how Sir John was just a man who believed that it could be developed into becoming a great nation. In this photo, Sir John’s head is tilted to the side in an almost cheeky manner, a dramatic contrast to the typical rigid, cold, stern portraits of politicians before him. This photo belies his personality, and the individualism he brought to Canadian politics. You can see the wild man behind the formation of this country, and what excitement he brought to it almost one hundred and fifty years ago.  


“You had an option sir!”

After Pierre Trudeau retired as Prime Minister in June 1984, John Turner filled in the shoes as Prime Minister of Canada . Turner, a man who was outdated and rusty on being a progressive and modern day leader, called an election in September. He found himself face to face with Brian Mulroney, a forward thinking Conservative who was a successful business man that focused on economics. The televised debate of the two leaders was mostly uneventful, until Mulroney brought up the Patronage Appointments, which were left over from Trudeaus reign. Turner insisted that he had no other option but to keep these appointments, but Mulroney blew up on Turner, telling him “You had an option, sir!” and continued to passionately argue about the topic, leaving Turner a mumbling mess.
The picture above captures the moment perfectly. Mulroney is poised in a confident stance, firmly pointing at Turner, who in return is meekly attempting to shadow his opponent. Mulroney has the literal upper hand, with his hand powerfully bearing overtop of Turners out of pure passionate confidence in what he is saying.
This image captures one of the greatest debates in Canadian political history, and  raised the standards for Canadian debates to come.

The Shawinigan Handshake

Canadian politics has also seen it’s fair share of wacky incidents as well, such as the ‘Shawinigan Handshake’. On February 15, 1996; the first National Flag day in Canada, Prime Minister Jean Chretien addressed the crowd, but was soon heckled by anti poverty activists. As Chretien made his way through the crowd after the ceremony had ended, he was approached by activist Bill Clennett, and the scene in this photo was executed. Chretien grabbed Clennett by the neck, threw him to the ground. The RCMP did not interfere, as they believed there was no serious threat to the Prime Minister. For so many years, Canada had been to most of the world, a peaceful, low-key, under the radar country. This image portrays an angry, aggressive, leader, of what is supposed to be a moderate country. The chokehold represents a change from that moderate policy, to one of a more forceful player on the world scene.

In Canada, we have more personality than the world gives us credit for. We are not just the friendly Canadians, and our politicians can be just as controversial as any other country.

"Trudeau's Pirouette". Iconic Photos. June 19, 2009. Web January 12, 2015.

"Macdonald in 1870, age 50". Library and Archives of Canada. George Lancefield. Web January 12, 2015.

"You had an option, sir!". Huffington Post. Peter Mansbridge. November 28, 2011. Web January 12 2015.

"Jean Chretien applies 'Shawinigan Handshake' to Don Cherry on beer label". The Toronto Star. Andy Blatchford. April 13 2012. Web January 12, 2014.

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Growing up as a young kid I have loved watching and playing sports. As I get older I start to realize the serious danger that comes with playing sports that involve violence. The constant risks that athletes put others as well as themselves in makes me believe that these sports should not be around. That's why I have come to realize that violent sports are penalizing others due to the damages caused by the opponents as well as the sport. The damages can be present in cognitive and physical damage. 

Huzlers. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2015. < jr-struggling-read/>.

One type of damage caused by Violent sports is cognitive damage. Cognitive is mainly caused by injuries involving your head including concussions and many traumatic brain injuries. The athletes who are highly more likely to experience cognitive damage are boxers. Boxers are constantly being punched to the head causing brain trauma. In the long run this damage affects your learning ability including reading and writing. In this image of professional boxer Floyd Mayweather it shows him reading a Dr. Sues book. The image shows him struggling to read due to him sweating and his facial movement and expression. The fact that the book he is struggling to read is a repetitive children's book really shows the cognitive damage he is faced with shown by his amount of sweat and the facial expression of him stuck on a word.

Chargers. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2015. <http: //>.
In addition to boxing, football athletes also are at high risk of receiving cognitive damage. In a football game every play has multiple collisions happening. Some are hits to the head and some are just getting knocked down but in every type of hit you are exposed to risk of cognitive damage. This damage is either received in the form of a concussion or permanent brain trauma. In this image it shows college football players colliding with one and other. The guy in the white is being hit with such force that his helmet has came off and he is now going to land and hit his head. The facial expression he shows show him in pain due to the grunt look on his face and his readiness to hit the ground. Although this is one hit, every football player experiences these type of hits regularly and with each hit comes more change of cognitive damage which will further result in the permanent brain damage. The mans face shows the damage being done with him being unconscious due to being hit so hard to the head.
Canada. Jean Levac, n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2015. < gallery-olympic-hockey-gallery-canada-vs-norway>.

Another damage that violent sports cause is physical damage. The cause of physical damage is the aloud violence in sports like hockey. Every time a player is on the ice they will experience receiving a hit and giving one. The reason why violence in hockey is so dangerous is because some players don’t know how to hit properly and put their opponent as well as themselves in danger. There many different ways that you can be injured in hockey. You could be hit in open ice and fall and break your arm or leg, you could also be hit into the boards and break several other bones. But by far the most dangerous hit is being hit from behind head first into the boards. If you are hit hard enough the consequences can range from a broken neck to a broken spin and therefore being paralyzed but even worse in some cases the hit will result in death. I have experienced being hit from behind and i was very lucky to not have been injured at all where in most cases people due end up having some sort of injury. In this image it shows Jonathan Toews from team Canada being hit head first into the boards. The facial expression on the player in the whites jerseys face shows the concern and shock he is now thinking that he might have seriously hurt the other player. This image clearly shows that the violence in sports are penalizing others.

Toronto Rock. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2015. < divisional-rival-in-last-regular-season-game>.
Another sport that includes a lot of violence is Lacrosse. Lacrosse is very similar to hockey in the way that you can potentially be hit from behind into the boards and suffer the same type of injuries. Although that hit is very dangerous there is a lot more common hit that happens hundreds of times in a game. The hit involves players being constantly hit with the opponent's stick. The hit can cause minimal injuries like bruises but can also cause severely broken bones. The variation all depends on the force you are hit with and where it hits you. Lacrosse is a sport that also includes a lot of slashing which can also cause a lot of pain to opponents. In this image professional lacrosse players are attempting to hit their opponent. The facial expressions all three players show express the force they are putting into the hit as you can tell by the player on the lefts mouth and how it looks like he is screaming. The player in the middle is expressing a tense look due to him being hit really hard by both players. Again this image shows the violence in sports penalizing others.

In conclusion violence in sports like Boxing, Football, Hockey and Lacrosse are very dangerous and shouldn't be aloud. This is shown by the images involving cognitive and physical damage.
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The forecast for blizzard-like conditions to hit the area by late morning Wednesday means students at Fort Morgan's public elementary, middle and high schools will not have school either Wednesday or Thursday, according to Re-3 Assistant Superintendent Dr.
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A second deadly crash for a new Boeing aircraft in just six months may deal the manufacturer some shortterm problems, but analysts expect the company to weather the turmoil. Boeing shares fell Monday, a day after Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed...
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If you’ve been immersed in agency life your whole career like I have, you know there is a lot of pressure on business development and account management teams to keep money coming in to weather the natural ebbs and flows of client-based business models. For any company, particularly a growing one, a significant portion of your work can come from expanding existing engagements with current clients and by word of mouth. The first step for this tried-and-true system is to knock your current projects out of the park to build trust and bolster your reputation.

As a Project Manager, your main job consists of doing exactly that. It’s time consuming and requires you to be nimble, personable, diligent, and organized (among other things). But it’s also important to be comfortable with the fact that you’re a de facto mouthpiece for your company. You’re the one overseeing the work, keeping up a steady stream of communication, and ultimately, working to build a relationship with your clients. That’s a natural entry point to facilitating, pitching, and closing future business. And you can provide a unique perspective on it since you’ve been living and breathing the work.

While business development relies on good project management in most agencies, there are a few things PMs need to do to shift their mindsets to be even more forward-thinking. Below are some considerations if you’re looking to play in the business development game.

Make inroads with the right client-side contacts.

Often, your main point person on the client side isn’t the decision maker for hiring or re-hiring vendors. You’ll probably see them in stakeholder meetings and hear their thoughts or feedback filtered down through your primary client contact. But it’s often not an organic process to build a relationship with these decision makers, given their somewhat limited presence. You have to be proactive and strategic.

This can take a couple different forms: either you can have the BD person or Account Manager maintain that relationship by regularly checking with the stakeholder on project progress, how the team is feeling on pacing and communication, and evaluating what everyone is doing well and could be doing better. Simultaneously, the PM should work behind-the-scenes to provide all the necessary information to enable these ongoing discussions. That way, there’s a dedicated channel to bring up expansion of work and it won’t seem forced or unnatural.

Or, the PM can look for opportunities to get in front of this person regularly. Whether that takes the form of design reviews, demos, research findings, or presentations for any other deliverables, it’s helpful for them to see these first hand and in context, rather than it filtering up internally in a less formal way. This can be a double-edged sword; sometimes, a higher-level executive can have stronger opinions or not have quite as much domain knowledge about the project to be able to provide actionable feedback. That’s okay—the important part is they get to see the great work your team is doing.

Go in person.

During kickoffs, mid-project milestones, handoffs, or something in between, look for opportunities to bring your team to meet the client in person. It’s much easier to feel a connection with someone if you can speak face-to-face, rather than just interacting with a floating head on a webcam. When you’re there, dress smart, sit up straight, and speak confidently. All those old adages still apply, even though you’re not at the risk of being grounded anymore.

If your agency provides end-to-end services, let the client know.

It’s better to be sure here than to assume your client knows you offer a suite of other services. This requires a subtle touch; you can’t just blurt out all the impressive things you could do if you had more budget. Instead, look for ways to position your work in a holistic way. This could mean you understand that product work should align perfectly with branding work, you know that user testing is vital to IA mapping and user flows, you only recommend making data-informed decisions, or something similar.

Being able to speak to these things in an educated way achieves the same results, but with a little more tact.


One of the most reassuring things for clients is feeling like they’re aware of everything at every stage of the project. At the end of the day, every person you’re in contact with has a boss, and they have to be prepared to answer questions from them about how the project is going, show off documentation or designs, or answer any questions associated with budget and timeline. Make sure they feel like they can do all that.

Additionally, it’s very useful if you can position your team as an extension of the client team. After all, everyone is working toward the same goal: a great end product. You’re better served to turn that “vendor” role into a “partnership” if you’re collaborating openly and maintaining transparency with your client team.

Lean into what is most important for the client.

If you’re coming into the project prepared with research or data (or even just answers to a quick client survey), you’ll have a good idea of what their most important areas of focus are, both as a business and for visitors on their website, app, or product. Are they looking to increase newsletter signups? Donations? Purchases? Know what the goals of their digital properties are and how that fits into their business model. If you do this thoroughly, you’ll be well-positioned to make recommendations that serve this purpose, which will let the client know they’re being heard and understood. That goes a long way.

This isn’t all you can do to augment your PM role with a business development mindset. This process will become easier the longer you work in digital, the more comfortable you become speaking for your agency, the more time you spend in the weeds of projects, and the more you start to build a name for yourself. It’s not easy, but these are some very real skills you need to adopt and hone. Project Managers are well-suited to excel here; so relax, enjoy it, and go bring in some business.

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Groundings of brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets have sent shockwaves through global aviation after a crash in Ethiopia, but many airlines are managing to keep to schedule with other jets while economic woes mean some may be grateful for a pause.

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09 Mar

This year's Trigantius saw a much improved entry of 69 including seven new players. The venue was again the University Social Club in Mill Lane and the bright spring weather helped attract the large attendance. Play took place in the main bar area (as seen in the picture) and overflowed into a back room for the bottom six boards. Unfortunately this large number made it take longer for Geoff Kaniuk and his team to set the rooms up and to register the players, so the event was half an hour late starting.

Games were successfully played using Fischer timing of 45 minutes, plus 15 seconds per move, which meant the event was still an A-Class for ratings, but this allowed play to continue a bit longer than anticipated. This meant a very short lunch break (with higher than expected demand on the kitchen) and a thirty minute late finish. After the prize giving and packing up, a group of ten completed the event with a meal at the Riverside Restaurant in the nearby University Centre - a previous location of Trigantius.

In the afternoon the Trigantius Novices was run upstairs by Paul Smith for 26 young players, including two students. Some of the children managed to play in both tournaments, which was a little confusing for the organisers. In addition various Go teachers were on hand to give advice and help to the novices as appropriate.

This year the winner of the Trigantius was Tunyang Xie (4d) from Cambridge. He beat Andrew Simons in the final. All players on three wins received an egg prize, made from a semi-precious stone such as agate. The others were Bob Baldwin (20k Letchworth), Adam Sharland (16k Nottingham), Alex Terry (8k Cambridge), Alistair Turnbull (7k Cambridge) and Jonathan Grant (3k Cambridge).


Winning all his five games to win the Novices was Ryan Zhang (20k London). Second on four wins was Julia Volovich (Cambridge). All players received a Go or chocolate prize, with those who didn't win so many because of tough opponents getting the choice next, before the ten players who won three games.

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[The Conversation Africa] Raging fires are destroying parts of Mount Kenya National Park and surrounding areas. So far they've affected almost 20,000 hectares of land and killed wildlife. Fires on Mount Kenya are a regular occurrence, but the size, number, and severity varies from year to year depending on weather conditions. Some years, very little of the mountain burns, while other years there are large fires. This year over 100 forest fires have been reported.
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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. — People gathered in one part of Schuylkill County over the weekend to discuss the possibility of starting a chapter to promote awareness about climate change. In our area, we experienced a lot of severe weather events last year — a tornado in Wilkes-Barre Township, historic flooding all across the Commonwealth, and 2018 went down as the wettest year on record in the state’s history. Many believe that is attributed to climate change. Tucked away and surrounded […]
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Must have a valid driver's license. ISA certification preferred. Must be able to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather while completing work assignments, i...
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Occasionally working outside in adverse weather conditions, mandatory use of personal protective equipment.... $26.05 an hour
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Travel, work in adverse weather conditions, use of personal protective equipment. Experience diagnosing trouble in all types of building systems and determining... $33.78 an hour
From Yukon Government - Wed, 06 Mar 2019 15:03:10 GMT - View all Dawson City, YT jobs
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Wow that's sensational news! Let's presume a maximum aperture lens both from Sony and from Nikon, used fully open. On a typical day out with average "1/125 sec f/8 at low ISO" weather that would allow shutter speeds in the 1/20000 sec region, but 15% shorter for Nikon. So after a busy shooting with 500 exposures, I would finish 0.00375 seconds earlier with the Z lens. If I work some 200 days a year, that will save me a full day every 115000 years! Thank you Nikon!
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[…] Textile motorcycle gloves are a good alternative to leather when you require vented hand protection for warm weather riding. Carrying the best brands allows The Den to provide you with the best quality non-leather motorcycle gloves on the market. With mesh textile gloves from manufacturers Joe Rocket and Scorpion EXO, you’re sure to find a pair of summer motorcycle gloves that will keep you comfortable, safe and in style. […]
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(Tampa, FL)- Twenty-nine teams from the USA, Canada, and Japan participated in the 41st J/24 Midwinter Championship, hosted by Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa, FL.  The racing was close over the three days, seeing change-ups on the leaderboard after every day.  In the finale on Sunday, it was a tight battle for the top three spots on the podium, with just five points separating the top three after eight races on northern Tampa Bay.

Winning the 2019 edition of the J/24 Midwinter Championship was the 2017 J/24 World Champion Rossi Milev, sailing with his Canadian crew on CLEAR AIR.  The team was comprised of Dan Borrer, Gayle Gray, Vince Somoza (boat owner) and Mark Goodyear.  Here is how it all went down over the three days of tough, competitive racing in the world’s largest one-design keelboat class.

Day 1- Sunny seabreeze
The regatta started out slowly, with many of the crews anxious to get racing underway. However, the gorgeous sunrise revealed a “glass out” on Tampa Bay, without a zephyr of wind in sight. The teams simply waited for a few hours and many could be seen nervously fidgeting with their boats and rig tune, anticipating a light to moderate seabreeze to develop later in the day.

Just after lunch, the winds rose to around 6 knots and then built to 10 from the SSE, allowing three races under blue skies and temperatures near 80. Robby Brown’s ANGEL OF HARLEM, a full-blown “local knowledge” crew from Davis Island YC, led at the conclusion of racing on the first day with a steady 7-2-3 for 12 pts total. Milev’s CLEAR AIR sat five points back after scoring a 2-1-14 for 17 pts.  Then, Mark Laura’s BABA LOUIE crew from Seattle, Washington was just one point further back with 18 pts after posting a 6-7-5.

Carter White’s YouREGATTA kicked off the Championship with line honors in the first race, ahead of Milev’s CLEAR AIR and Travis Odenbach’s HONEYBADGER. Milev moved up to the top spot in Friday’s middle race, with Brown’s ANGEL OF HARLEM and Dan Busch’s BUSCHWHACKER completing the top three. It was Tony Parker’s turn for the victory with BANGOR PACKET in the final duel, along with James Freedman’s MISS CONDUCT and Brown leading the group back to shore.

Day 2- Another gorgeous sunny, moderate day
Beautiful Florida weather again greeted the competitors on the regatta’s middle day.  Yet again, it was a near “glass out” to start the morning, with a postponement onshore. Nevertheless, the sea breeze kicked in again around noon and racing got underway at 1:00 pm with SSW winds of 6-12 knots. The conditions were perfect to run three more races in genoa-only conditions.

Freedman’s MISS CONDUCT continued their solid performance with Saturday’s opening win, as Brown and Milev followed. The Nova Scotian Evan Petley-Jones and team on CAN 4025 found success in race five, ahead of Mollicone and White. Parker’s BANGOR PACKET, John Mollicone’s HELLY HANSEN (himself a J/24 World Champion with yet another World Champions as tactician- Tim Healy) and Michael Quaid’s ICE CUBE comprised the day’s final top trio.

After six races at Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa, FL, four teams were within four points to determine the J/24 Midwinter Championship. Milev’s CLEAR AIR moved up to the top of the 29-boat pack with 18 points, after dropping a 14 from Friday and keeping scores of 2-1-3-7-5. White’s YouREGATTA leap-frogged into second place with 20 net points, benefiting from discarding a 12 in race two and holding remaining scores in the top six. Day one frontrunner, Brown’s ANGEL OF HARLEM, dropped to third with 21 points, although just three points off the lead. Mollicone’s HELLY HANSEN ended Saturday with back-to-back seconds, leaving them four points behind Milev with 22 pts net, after tossing out a disastrous first-race 24th place.

Day 3- Thrilling Finale!
Sunday dawned with a near carbon-copy of the first two days.  Yet again, the fleet waited for the seabreeze to develop and with more blue skies, temperatures hovering around 80 degrees, the breeze built into the 6-10 kts range to permit the DIYC PRO to run two more races.  For the top three boats, it was an “all or nothing” battle to determine the 2019 J/24 Midwinter Champion.

Recognizing the need to put some distance on their competitors, Milev’s CLEAR AIR crew managed to pull off a first race win to put lots of pressure on the other crews.  White’s crew managed a third and Mollicone’s team actually fell back on points by scoring a fifth place.  Going into the final race, Milev simply had to finish within four points of White and eight points of Mollicone to win the title.  In the last race, Mollicone’s HELLY HANSEN put their boat into high gear and won the race handily, followed by Travis Odenbach’s HONEYBADGER in second and White in third, with Milev crossing in fourth to take the Midwinter title with three points to spare.

Behind Milev’s jubilant Canadian crew, it was White’s YouREGATTA that proved to be the most consistent team, closing with a 3-3 to take the silver.  Meanwhile, after their awful 24th place on day one, the Mollicone/ Healy combination on HELLY HANSEN flew back up the leaderboard to, ultimately, take the bronze. Rounding out the top five were Parker’s BANGOR PACKET in fourth and Brown’s ANGEL OF HARLEM in fifth position.

This event was Milev’s first since winning the 2017 J/24Worlds. “It felt great to be back,” said Milev. “We didn’t have the gears, since we haven’t sailed for a while.  But, every day we got a little better.” Although Gray and Goodyear were part of the World Championship crew, Borrer and Somoza were newcomers to CLEAR AIR, yet “clicked from the get-go.”

About Davis Island, Milev summarized, “It’s one of my favorite places in North America to sail. It’s the friendliest yacht club by far. The breeze this weekend was unbelievable. I’ve sailed here a lot of times, and this is the steadiest I’ve ever seen it. On Saturday, we had 15 minutes on one tack, and we never got a shift.”  For more J/24 Midwinter Championship sailing information
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J/70s sailing at Sochi, Russia(Sochi, Russia)- Over the March 1st to 3rd weekend, the final stage of the Russian J/70 League Radio Monte Carlo Winter Series took place off Sochi, Russia, with sailing taking place on the capricious Black Sea. Hosting the event for the twenty J/70 teams from across Russia was FGBU “Yug Sport”.  For the third year in a row, the winner was the Chechen Republic’s WILD DIVISION, skippered by Alexander Bozhko (one of the premiere crew members on Valeriya Kovalenko’s famous Russian J/70 called ARTTUBE RUS1)!

In early March, the weather in Sochi changes rapidly and is very inconsistent.  Storms and cold with giant waves one day, perfect sunny warm spring weather the next.  Not surprisingly, Sochi’s weather gods lived up to that reputation for the first day of racing for the anxious crews watching the ferocious weather offshore.  It was so nasty, the boats were never rigged; not surprising considering there were 10-15 foot waves at the harbor mouth and 20-35 kt winds!

“To our great regret, the finale began very poorly,” commented the Chief Judge of the competition, Nikolai Yushkov. “The first day was stormy, such that we could not even get out sailing. The waves were huge, breaking way over the pier, the wind was very strong, and, of course, there was no point in breaking the boats.”

On Saturday, the wind abated, dropping into the 10-20 kts range. Although the waves were still big, the organizers decided to go sailing. As a result, they turned out five races, with varying winds and difficult conditions. When the wind strengthened in the afternoon, and breakdowns began to occur on the boats, the racing was stopped- with the hope that the weather would improve on Sunday.

J/70s sailing off Sochi, Russia“Thankfully, the Good Lord heard us and gave us a most magnificent day on the final Sunday,” continued Nikolai Yushkov. “We had nine races. There was a beautiful wind, the perfect direction; the sun came out, which warmed all the participants. The day was very productive overall. The struggle for the top of the podium was very hard. The winners of the Winter Series will show themselves well in the National Sailing League, they will be able to race and fight for prizes.  They are very good sailing teams.”

The winner of the Winter Series was the WILD DIVISION Team from the Chechen Republic Sailing Federation. Throughout the winter season, the team stayed among the leaders of the series. “At various stages of the series, we changed the composition of the team, we trained hard, we tested how to improve our boathandling,” said Bozhko, the team’s skipper. “And, in the finals, the team really wanted to win. On the first day, there was a strong wind, but we managed. We were able to show a good result; we managed to get three 2nds!”

In the six races on Sunday, the WILD DIVISION crew won three races, took two 2nds. Such consistency enabled them to bypass all their rivals and their Chechen team won the gold medals for the overall series.

J/70 Sochi Winter Series winners“We decided to perform our best in the Sochi J/70 Winter Series, to show the world that sailing in the Chechen Republic has not been forgotten! In fact, it is developing,” said the President of the Chechen Sailing Federation, Hassan Hajiyev. “The federation is very young, it is only 2.5 years old. The team is the innovation of Alexander Bozhko. Alex gathered our team together and he trained them.  Now, our Chechen Sailing Federation is taking the first steps to develop sailing in Chechnya. So, we hope to encourage the young guys, the young girls in this beautiful sport, that includes not only physical exertion, but also the human intellect, it is like chess on the water. This is very important for human development. A yachtsman must know geography, physics, and geometry. Accordingly, the preparation of the children must be at the same level, we must begin to teach them from the beginning such intellectual challenges!”

Second place in the series finals was taken by the crew of ZID ART Sailing team from Moscow. Last season, the team sailed in the Premier Division of the National Sailing League and won the right to move to the top division.

J/70's sailing off Sochi, Russia on Black Sea“For us, the Winter Series was a serious training process and preparation for the Higher Division of the NPL,” said the skipper of the team Zoran Paunovich. “What we wanted to achieve, we achieved. We risked a lot, we tried many different options. A lot of things happened to us. We tried to find ways out of such situations, and to a greater degree succeeded. The first race day here, we demonstrated that we could win in such tough conditions. And, the second racing day showed, that in good conditions, we can not only win, but also lose. This year, we plan to be in the top ten of the NPL Supreme Division. We also want to participate in the J/70 European Championship in Italy in June of this year, but without any special ambitions. This year should show what we are ready for and what we can do!”

Another debutante of the Winter Series, the M*Sailing Team from Rostov-on-Don, was ranked third. The result was excellent, but the team that led in several stages probably wanted more.

“Today the weather was atypical for Sochi. Twisted, twisted, there were some holes, puffs from the right and left,” said the skipper Andrey Malygin. “There were no unambiguous solutions. And, the one who read the weather better, he won. All teams were even, everyone prepared for the final.  All the teams had their best sailors pushing hard. I think our result is normal; there were a couple of errors. But, in general, everyone is happy!”  For more Russian J/70 Sailing League Sailing InformationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

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J/122 sailing Caribbean
J/122 and J/105s Collect Lots of Silverware!
(Simpson Bay, St. Maarten)- The 37-square-mile island of St. Maarten was first settled by the Arawaks and was discovered by Christopher Columbus on behalf of Spain in 1493. Columbus sighted the island on November 11th, the holy day of St. Martin of Tours, and so named the island after him. For the next 150 years the island was passed between Holland, England, France and Spain. The old stone forts that guard many of the island’s inlets are proof of the island’s turbulent past. In 1648, St. Maarten was peacefully divided between The Netherlands and France, and today is the smallest landmass in the world to be shared by two sovereign nations.

Continuing in the traditions of its seafaring heritage, the leadership on the island concluded they should invite yachtsmen from the Caribbean to enjoy their fun-loving approach to life and created the first St Maarten Regatta in 1980.  Now in its 39th year, the notion of having “Serious Fun” has evolved into the largest regatta on the winter Caribbean racing circuit- the wildly successful Heineken St. Maarten Regatta, sailed off Simpson Bay.
J/122 sailing St Maarten Heineken Regatta
The 2019 edition may be remembered as the “best ever” by the 110 teams and 1,500+ sailors; with simply amazing weather conditions all four days of the regatta from February 28th to March 3rd, Thursday to Sunday. All four days were marked by blazing sun, 10-20 kt tradewinds, 3-6 ft seas, and temperatures hovering in the low 80s.  Basically, postcard perfect, Chamber of Commerce sailing conditions.

Several J/Crews participated in this year’s event. The J/105s trounced their CSA 4 Racing class while the J/122s also pushed everyone hard in CSA 3 Racing class to collect more silverware for their trophy rooms! Following are the daily reports that outline the Serious Fun and hot racing action each day.
J/145 sailing off St Maarten in Caribbean
Day 1- Almost Perfect Sailing?
With near perfect conditions, the start of the regatta saw the fleet streaming out through the bridge in time for the race starts.  Boats set their sails as they headed towards the three separate start areas.  The wind, which had been fairly steady at 14 knots, piped up, sending some 20 knot gusts through the fleet, making for some white knuckle excitement amongst the crews.

In Marigot Bay, the ORC Performance fleet, along with the CSA classes 1, 2 and 3 had been set a windward-leeward course, which led to some extremely close competitive racing. A unique feature of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta is that all classes finish at the Heineken mark, close to the famous lifting bridge into the lagoon and the Port de Plaisance Marina where the majority of the boats are moored.  By 3pm, the boats were lining up to get through the bridge, with the customary celebrations, dancing and fancy dress to entertain the crowds, many with a welcome cold Heineken in hand!

After recuperating from the RORC Caribbean 600 Race, the J/145 KATARA, skippered by Roger Gatewood from St Petersburg, FL, managed a solid performance on the opening day in the seven-boat CSA 2 Racing class.  His largely Tampa Bay crew pulled off a 3rd and 4th to be sitting in third place.

Similarly, Pam Baldwin’s J/122 LIQUID from Antigua started off somewhat emphatically with a bullet in their first race of the eight-boat CSA 3 Racing class.  That opening gambit was followed up by a 4th in race two to close the day sitting in third position on the podium sitting just one point from first place.

The largest class in the regatta was the fifteen-boat CSA 4 Racing class.  Having such a large group of boats that ranged from 30 to 44 feet on the starting line made for some interesting (and harrowing) moments.  Reveling in the conditions was the classic J/30 BLUE PETER/ CARIBBEAN ALLIANCE INSURANCE, skippered by the Antiguan duo of Tanner & Shari; their 2-2 for just 4 pts. However, their points total was matched by the Barbados team on the J/105 WHISTLER, skippered by Peter Lewis; technically leading their fleet with a 3-1 for 4 pts, too.

Perhaps the craziest scenario that one could imagine took place on Jordan Mindich’s J/105 SOLSTICE. After rounding the weather mark in 1st place boat-for-boat in the fleet, they set the spinnaker, started to plane down a few waves, then lost their steering. Consequently, after spinning out, broaching, and getting the spinnaker down, they discovered their steering cable broke.  A quick “fix” was to insert the aluminum emergency tiller in place at the top of the rudder shaft and keep racing!  Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to steer a J/105 with a 3 foot tiller on a poorly-balanced rudder in big seas and big breeze. SOLSTICE salvaged a 7th in the first race and, still sailing with the short tiller, could only manage an 8th in the second race when the winds were blowing into the low 20's.
J/122 El Ocaso sailing St Maarten Heineken Regatta
Day 2- Best’est Day Ever?
Amazing, best day ever, champagne sailing, and wow, just wow, what a day! Those were just some of the words that were used to describe Friday’s Round the Island Race.  For some it was serious sailing, and for others “Serious Fun”; but every sailor coming ashore after this epic race had a different story to tell, an unforgettable experience to recount, and a memory to savor forever.

The Round the Island Race is one of the highlights of the four-day event.  For many, this race offers the first time to see the whole island from the unique perspective of the sea.  For those who have sailed the regatta many times before, they know the excitement of a reaching start, the long beat up the channel between St. Maarten and Anguilla, and the challenges of the big Atlantic swell and choppy seas past Pelikan Rocks at the far eastern end of the island before the final 6.0nm leg to the Heineken finish line off Simpson Bay.

It’s a game of catch up, with the slowest boats starting first, while the super-fast Maxis and Ocean Racing class start last.  With at least 25 nautical miles ahead, not counting the extra distance required as boats zig-zag up the beat, for many boats it was going to be an exhilarating, action packed ride, while for others it was a chance to relax, enjoy the sights and top up the tan.

Peter Lewis and his crew on the J/105 WHISTLER won CSA Class 4. “We got the best start, sped off, and never saw the others in our fleet again,” said Lewis.  Nevertheless, Lewis was chased hard by the re-energized team on the J/105 SOLSTICE; Mindich’s crew produced a great performance, taking 2nd place for a J/105 sweep of the top two spots, finishing just 1 min 52 sec behind.

Meanwhile, the J/122s loved the Round Island Race, with Baldwin’s LIQUID taking third place to hang onto their 3rd position overall; they were a scant 4 sec back on corrected time from second place!  Their stablemate, the J/122 EL OCASO sailed by TEAM SLOVAKIA also sailed fast to take fourth place just 45 secs behind on corrected.

Gatewood’s gorgeous J/145 KATARA again won the race on elapsed in CSA 2 Racing class, but could only manage a 4th on corrected.  Despite soundly beating two XP44s and a First 47.7 by at least eight minutes elapsed, they could not correct out on handicap time over those boats optimized for the Caribbean circuit- all sailing with #3 jibs of 102% to 109% LPs.  Later, the KATARA crew would lament that not getting rated with their 135% #2 cost them the series, e.g. an easy win!
J/105 sailing Caribbean St Maarten Heineken Regatta
Day 3- More Gorgeous Weather- Hallelujah!
Saturday’s racing saw some exciting starts and closely fought first beats.  With a more easterly breeze, the fleet again enjoyed 10-20 kt winds and big seas all day.

The CSA 2, CSA 3 and CSA 4 fleets had two short races, setting off from Simpson Bay to beat up to a windward mark set just off Fort Willem.

In the CSA 2 Class, the “pecking order” was beginning to manifest itself and continue, coincidentally, for the last three races of the regatta.  Winning every race boat-for-boat by at least 9-10 minutes was Gatewood’s J/145 KATARA.  Having consigned themselves to on-the-water victory, the crew made the most of it and partied home to the Heineken finish line, collecting two more 4th places to end the day in 4th overall.

Loving the format for the two races and loving the conditions were the twin J/122s.  The first race was shorter and took an hour elapsed, while the second was at least twice as long and took around two hours to complete.  In the first race, the corrected time spread for the top four boats was a mere 54 secs. Taking third was Baldwin’s LIQUID with a time of 54:54, while just 2 secs back was TEAM SLOVAKIA’s EL CASO finishing with 54:56! In the second, much longer, race, Baldwin’s LIQUID team launched themselves into a big lead and never looked back, winning the race by nearly 2 minutes corrected time.  That result put them into third overall with just one race left.  TEAM SLOVAKIA EL OCASO missed third by just 6 secs; they could be seen later mumbling in their Heineken pints about how they had left at least 30 secs on the race track due to boathandling errors!

In CSA 4 Class, there was a significant reshuffling of the leaderboard after two boats sailed the wrong course, most notably the regatta leader, the J/105 WHISTLER.  Sailing “lights out” was Mindich’s J/105 SOLSTICE, winning both races to vault up the ladder to second overall.  Lewis’ WHISTLER was DSQ’d in the 5th race for rounding the wrong mark.
Heineken St Maarten Regatta show
Day 4- Thrilling, Sparkling Finale!
On Sunday, the competitors were again greeted with the unforgettable memory of sparkling azure blue seas, sandy white beaches and windswept ragged rocks.

For the final day’s racing, Race Director Paul Miller and his team devised a format that would create a wall of sails as the boats streamed downwind to the Heineken finish marks.  Using two different start areas, the slower boats set off first, with all the boats sailing to the same first windward mark, before heading different course lengths along the south coast and for the faster, classes, up the east coast of St. Maarten, then turning back past Pelikan Rocks on a long spinnaker leg to the finish.

“We set courses of differing lengths, which will get as many boats as possible spinnaker sailing together back towards the finish, creating an amazing and memorable visual image of boats heading back towards the airport and bridge,” said Paul Miller.

For many classes, this final race would prove crucial to the overall results.  For some, their results had already ensured a place on the podium.  With the 15-18 knot trade winds, nearly all the boats chose to close tack up the shore, with the shifting wind and choppy seas approaching the famous Pointe Blanche, providing plenty of opportunities to win or lose places.
Super yachts at J/Boats regatta
CSA 4 class was won by Lewis’ J/105 WHISTLER who took the bullet in the final race to win the class overall. The skipper on SOLSTICE, Jordan Mindich commented, “it was a fun race against Peter’s team on WHISTLER. We rounded the Heineken Gate in the lead, expecting to win the final race, but a few crew errors on our part, and one last huge surf down a wave right at the finish by WHISTLER gave them the win by just 2 sec corrected. Congratulations to them, it was a well-deserved win overall.”

At the prize giving, Lewis’ WHISTLER was presented with the “Most Worthy Performance Overall” Trophy by the Minister of Tourism- Stuart Johnson.  Needless to say, the WHISTLER crew was jubilant, as it was the first time ever to win the honor.

In a similar fashion, CSA 3 Racing class had a very tense final race for the top three leading boats. Baldwin’s J/122 LIQUID again stomped, crushing their class with an emphatic boat-for-boat win by 3 min 30 sec, believing they had won the final race as they savored their beers after the finish. However, that huge margin on elapsed time was not enough, as they later discovered they took second place by a mere 4 sec on corrected time.  A bit frustrated they were! However, to add to their thrilling, anxious finale, that meant they were tied on points at 10 each with Scarlet Oyster; but won the tie-breaker to take the silver!

Meanwhile, Gatewood’s J/145 KATARA again won their class by over 4 min elapsed and, yet again, settled for fourth place to take fourth for the regatta in CSA 2 Racing class.

The Heineken St. Maarten Regatta delivered on its promise of four days of serious sailing, with upwind legs dousing the crews hiking on the rails with warm water from the waves breaking over them.  Spectacular champagne sailing with roller coaster downwind legs, with a myriad of colorful spinnaker kites flying in the trade winds.

For the sailors, the adrenalin of achieving the perfect start, the tension of getting the tactics right, the physical challenges of racing to the max, and the relief and jubilation as the boat crossed the famous Heineken finish line were all part of the serious sailing experience.

And, as the crew celebrated their day on the water, there was the fun of the boats jostling to get through the lifting bridge, with music, on-board dancing, outrageous dressing up, with the cheers and dousing from water pistols aimed at the boats from the crowds observing the procession from the Sint Maarten Yacht Club.  In the lagoon’s marinas, the crews cracked open ice cold Heineken and relaxed in the sun, chatted over the day’s activities before getting ready for the final night of Serious Fun.

Crews, families and friends savored the tasty offerings from local restaurants in the regatta village, sharing the banter with old friends and new, before the Regatta Village turned, yet again, into the best festival venue ever, with the massive stage set up for an outstanding line up of artists playing serious funk, Caribbean jam, hip hop to reggae, and the final night’s legendary sets from Shermanology, Orange Grove and The Jacksons.

It’s the combined mass of all these elements that make the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta a unique event attracting more than 1,500 sailors from 22 countries.  The event has seen widespread praise, enthusiasm and overwhelming support for everyone involved, especially in the wake of recovery from the devastation incurred by Hurricane Irma.  The most frequently used phrases heard from sailors during the week included, “a great day sailing”, “it’s the best”, “awesome” and “we’ve had an amazing time”.  In other words, “Serious Fun”!   Sailing photo credits- SaltyColours/ Laurens Morel

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For more Heineken St Maarten Regatta sailing informationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

          Search continues for pilot missing northwest of Anchorage      Cache   Translate Page      

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The Army National Guard says it’s continuing to search for a pilot missing since last week. The pilot’s hunting partner reported March 6 that the pilot and his Cessna 172 were overdue northwest of Anchorage. Inclement weather including turbulent wind and low clouds has hampered the search, which Tuesday focused on […]
          Comment on Brooks Cambium Organic Light Colors by Ian Connelly      Cache   Translate Page      
drooling over the green one. can't believe I just bought a(nother) all-weather one before these came out.
          Airlines turn to other jets to weather Boeing 737 MAX storm      Cache   Translate Page      
Groundings of brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets have sent shockwaves through global aviation after a crash in Ethiopia, but many airlines are managing to keep to schedule with other jets while economic woes mean some may be grateful for a pause.
          ChickPicotheDay (Day 2,656)      Cache   Translate Page      
Boor-gan-vail-ya… how I say it. (wrong but whatever) Bougainvillea… how you spell it (according to google) I roamed around a garden centre the other day because I miss flowers and I’m sick of winter. There..I said it…again….I’m sick of winter. #ChickPicotheDay! (Day 2,656) Day 2: I hate to gripe about the weather but I am
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          Stunning Austin Waterfronts To Melt Your Troubles Away      Cache   Translate Page      
Stunning Austin Waterfronts To Melt Your Troubles Away

Imagine a place where the weather is warm, the amenities are plentiful, and deep blue water views go on for miles.

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          Storm Gareth travel news: Strong winds and heavy rain will cause tens of thousands severe delays on roads and trains - The Independent      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Storm Gareth travel news: Strong winds and heavy rain will cause tens of thousands severe delays on roads and trains  The Independent
  2. Storm Gareth: Heavy rain and strong winds starting to hit  BBC News
  3. Storm Gareth: British Airways plane makes terrifying landing during fierce winds  Mirror Online
  4. Trains cancelled because of severe weather at Dawlish  Devon Live
  5. Storm Gareth to hit rush hour on 'Black Wednesday'  Daily Mail
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          Slog PM: A College Admissions Scam for the Ages, Minimal Road Rage in Seattle, Another Brexit Failure      Cache   Translate Page      
by Nathalie Graham
The University of Southern California is one of the schools at the center of the scandal.
The University of Southern California is one of the schools at the center of the scandal. Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Remember the nearly 2,000 dairy cows killed in a blizzard in Eastern Washington? A blizzard swept through the Yakima Valley in early February. The storm killed 1,850 cows. That loss totaled $3.7 million. In an attempt to escape the blizzard, the cows had herded together. They died in those bunches, suffocating or getting trampled. The dairy farmers did as much as they could, according to the Seattle Times.

A college admissions scam for the ages: Oh, boy. You know that saying—how does it go? Money can't buy everything? Some wealthy parents put that saying to the test. They attempted to pay to get their children admitted into elite colleges. The money was allegedly spent a variety of ways from fudging SAT scores to bribing athletic directors into recruiting their children for a Division 1 sport that the child never actually played. Everyone involved got busted. There are currently 50 people, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin, charged by the FBI in their criminal investigation. They pulled a Jared Kushner.

Some excerpts from the Department of Justice indictment: This is just part of the thread, but I highly recommend taking a stroll through the whole thing. It's absolutely bonkers.

The drama continues:

The gender wage gap is alive in Northwest public radio: A new report from Crosscut shows that two female employees at a Spokane-based public radio station made drastically less money than their male counterparts. The network claims this discrepancy is because of geography. The women work at a Spokane-based public radio. Their male counterparts work in Seattle at KUOW, a partner station.

There's a strip club monopoly in Seattle: It's bad for dancers. They've banded together to create a bill with Working Washington to implement new trainings and workplace standards in clubs.

This is handy: The Seattle Times has compiled a bill tracker for all the transit-related bills in the Legislature this session. Keep an eye on it. I'll be watching HB 1772, which concerns electric scooters. Give us the e-scooter, lawmakers.

Despite best efforts, my hopes are up: I won't believe it until I feel 70 degrees on my skin, but here's to trusting the weather experts.

For the time being:

Minimal road rage in Seattle: Maybe it's our passive aggressive natures or Seattleites are just calmer on the roads, but a new study ranked Washington 29th out the 30 most populous cities for aggressive drivers. Cool! Los Angeles is the worst for aggressive driving. That makes sense.

Another Brexit failure: British Parliament defeated Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to leave the European Union in a decisive 391 to 242 vote. There are 17 days left before the deadline to leave the EU. That means that Britain could exit the EU without a plan or there may be a vote to extend the deadline. Really, the whole thing is entirely up in the air and May's leadership has been called into question again.

Amidst all these California people embroiled in scandals there's a butterfly migration in LA: Painted Ladies are a type of butterfly that are migrating en-masse across California right now. This is the highest population of Painted Ladies seen since about 2005, according to the Los Angeles Times. This is refreshing amidst a current butterfly drought in California. Butterfly populations have been in decline recently. Several species have been slowly disappearing.

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          Arrestan en Miami Beach al boxeador Conor McGregor por el "robo" de un celular      Cache   Translate Page      

El boxeador irlandés de artes marciales mixtas Conor McGregor fue arrestado este lunes en Miami Beach, acusado de robo y conducta criminal por pisotear y llevarse el teléfono de un seguidor que trató de fotografiarlo, informaron medios locales.

Arrestan en Miami Beach al boxeador Conor McGregor por el "robo" de un celular

McGregor, de 30 años, está detenido bajo una fianza de 12.500 dólares, en el Centro Correccional Turner Guilford Knight, del condado de Miami-Dade.

El también luchador profesional de la Ultimate Fighting Championship (UCF) de artes marciales mixtas está acusado de tirar el celular de un hombre que intentó tomarle fotos, pisotearlo varias veces y llevárselo, según el reporte policial.

El hombre dijo a la policía que el teléfono estaba valorado en 1.000 dólares.

La policía localizó y arrestó a McGregor este mismo lunes.

En noviembre de 2017, el peleador irlandés fue multado con 400 euros por exceso de velocidad por un juzgado de Dublín.

El deportista se había declarado culpable de conducir a casi 160 kilómetros por hora por una carretera con límite de 100 a las afueras de Dublín, una infracción por la que pidió perdón y cuya multa de 80 euros trató de pagar por correo, si bien un error burocrático, dijo, lo impidió.

McGregor se enfrentó ese mismo año al púgil estadounidense Floyd Mayweather Jr. en Las Vegas (EE.UU.), ganando ambos grandes sumas de dinero al convertir el espectáculo en el combate más lucrativo de la historia.

El irlandés, que perdió ante Mayweather por nocáut técnico en el décimo asalto del combate en el que debutó como boxeador, consideró que la pelea "fue divertida" pero que el árbitro "se precipitó" al pararla.

En abril de 2018, McGregor, tuvo que pagar una fianza de 50.000 dólares tras escuchar tres cargos de agresión y uno de vandalismo impuestos por su participación en un altercado en el aparcamiento interior del Barclays Center de Brooklyn, Nueva York (EE.UU.).

El luchador irlandés fue capturado por la cámara de seguridad arrojando una plataforma de mano a través de la ventana de un autobús que transportaba a peleadores de la UFC, organización que rige las artes marciales mixtas.

"Hubo una disputa sobre un título vacante y la persona con la que discutía no resultó herida", comentó entonces el jefe de detectives Robert Boyce.



          Weather warning in place ahead of Storm Gareth hitting Somerset      Cache   Translate Page      
STORM Gareth will bring potentially destructive weather to Somerset this week, the Met Office has said.
          Volunteers celebrate Friends of Berrow Beach's first anniversary at beach clean      Cache   Translate Page      
HIGH speed winds and rainy weather failed to dampen the spirits of volunteers who took part in a special beach clean to celebrate the Friends of Berrow Beach’s first anniversary.
          11 killed as rain pounds Sao Paulo      Cache   Translate Page      

[Brazil], Mar 12 (ANI): At least 11 people have been killed so far in Sao Paulo city of Brazil after heavy rains lashed the region.

Sao Paulo's Fire Department said that scores of people have also suffered injuries.

Roads in the city are also flooded as rains caused mudslides. 

According to Al Jazeera, around 110 millimetres of rains were recorded in the last 24 hours in the city.

The weather department has forecast further heavy rainfall for the next few days. (ANI)

          Wednesday’s UK weather forecast — feeling cold with strong winds and showers heavy in places      Cache   Translate Page      
STORM Gareth brings strong winds across the country and blustery showers in northwest England, northern and western Scotland and Northern Ireland. Gusty but bright and dry elsewhere. Feels colder due to squally conditions. Winds slowly easing through the day with rain spreading from the west, heavy at times. In the evening, clear spells in the […]
          Wednesday’s London weather forecast — blustery and feeling cold with showers easing as the day progresses      Cache   Translate Page      
BLUSTERY with heavy showers at first due to Storm Gareth, but also sunny spells. Showers fizzing out during the morning to leave a dry and bright afternoon, still breezy. Less cold than Tuesday, but still chilly in the wind. Maximum Temperature 10 °C. Dry and breezy in the evening at first with clear spells, but clouding […]
          UK weather forecast: 10cm snow TODAY as 90mph Storm Gareth hits Britain – map shows where blizzards will strike next      Cache   Translate Page      
STORM Gareth has DOUBLED into a colossal 2000-mile wide mega-storm set to bring 20cm of snow and 90mph blizzards tonight and into Wednesday. The latest weather forecast says Britain will be battered by brutal downpours before hurricane-force winds and 50ft waves crash along the coast. The Met Office issued “severe” yellow weather warnings for rain […]
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@Mark R, Yes, I had heard rumors of weaponizing weather programs before I retired,
          Floyd Mayweather Has First Competitive Boxing Spar In Over Two Years      Cache   Translate Page      
Floyd Mayweather has been travelling the world and enjoying life for the most part these last couple of years. Technically, his last ‘fight’ came in his 50th professional boxing match back in 2017 against Conor McGregor in Las Vegas. A fight that when Floyd chose to turn it on — ended rather quickly in the […]
          Storm Gareth: Speed limits reduced on trains      Cache   Translate Page      
Temporary speed limits are being put in place across the railway in the North West and Cumbria tonight as weather conditions worsen.
          Weather warnings in place across Ireland as Storm Gareth arrives      Cache   Translate Page      
Gusts of up to 80mph were recorded on Tuesday at Malin Head in Co Donegal.
           Comment on Acqua Alta floods Piazza San Marco…but the music plays on by Tony Page       Cache   Translate Page      
Here'a a translation from Mr Google: hello helen, today I'm 23 years married. My husband and I decided to take a trip to Venice 15 days the first days it was fine today there was a storm with rain and wind we decided to go for a coffee. that if we have to be prepared we have put the rubber boots up to the knee equally despite the inclement weather we are having a great time. regards Thanks for the news, Claudia. Good to know that in spite of the record "high water" in Venice - 1.5 metres in Piazza San Marco, so it was reported here - you're still enjoying yourselves! You'll have a story to tell your friends, anyway... Helen
          Weather warnings in place across Ireland as Storm Gareth arrives      Cache   Translate Page      
Gusts of up to 80mph were recorded on Tuesday at Malin Head in Co Donegal.
          2017 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Photos      Cache   Translate Page      
The cold weather created a great atmosphere for fun and football. Continue reading…
          1Weather Pro 4.2.8 Rus      Cache   Translate Page      
1Weather – одно из наиболее популярных погодных приложений, представленных на Google Play. Его успех стал возможен благодаря отличному балансу функциональности, утонченного дизайна и простоты интерфейса. Приложение демонстрирует информацию о местной погоде или выбранных мест. Погодные данные транслируются в режиме реального времени и предоставляются в виде почасового прогноза на последующие 48 часов или 7 дней. Подробная информация о текущем уровне и прогнозирование количества осадков актуальны для районов с повышенной влажностью и опасностью наводнений.

Платформа: android 4.1+
Размер: 11,79 Мб
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          Alex In Nature      Cache   Translate Page      

Video language: English

More of the gorgeous Alex Reynolds today, and still she's not getting spanked! Don't worry though, the spankings are coming soon, but I'm just so excited to share this photoset of Alex, I couldn't put it off! Starting out dressed in her corset and cute skirt, Alex was brave enough to face the March weather in England to strip off outside, surrounded by the daffodils. First loosing her skirt, leaving her in her sexy black leather corset, it's not long before she looses that, and her knickers too, leaving her naked, save for her stockings and heels, looking totally at home as the spring breeze caresses her bare skin.

          Florida Residents Can Play and Stay with Special Ticket and Resort Offers at Walt Disney World Resort      Cache   Translate Page      
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (March 12, 2019) – With spring break approaching, now, more than ever is the time for Florida residents to experience all that’s new and exciting at Walt Disney World Resort. And with sunshine and warmer weather also comes special theme park tickets and great rates on stays at select Disney resort […]
          Life in “Mueller Time”      Cache   Translate Page      

From Crimethinc

The Politics of Waiting and the Spectacle of Investigation

For almost two years now, faithful Democrats have waited for special counsel Robert Mueller to file his report about collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian attempts to interfere in the US election, not to mention Trump’s involvement in obstruction of justice. Whenever Trump’s activity provokes them or a subterranean rumbling within the Justice Department emboldens them, the faithful take to the streets and social media with hand-held cardboard signs and internet memes to proclaim that Mueller Time is close at hand. Yet even if the Mueller investigation concludes with Trump’s impeachment, the spectacle of the investigation has served to immobilize millions who have a stake in systemic social change, ensuring that what comes next in the United States will be politics as usual—not liberation.

When you’ve fallen on the highway
And you’re lying in the rain,
And they ask you how you’re doing
Of course you’ll say you can’t complain
If you’re squeezed for information,
That’s when you’ve got to play it dumb
You just say you’re out there waiting
For the miracle, for the miracle to come

-The 20th century’s greatest messianic thinker, Leonard Cohen

Within weeks of the beginning of the investigation, there were already think pieces and t-shirts proclaiming “It’s Mueller Time.” Let’s take the t-shirts at their word: maybe it’s been Mueller Time all along. Maybe Mueller Time is not a specific date that is about to arrive, but the era we’ve been experiencing these past two years.

In that case, Mueller Time is not an hour on the clock, but a way of experiencing time, a kind of time—like crunch time or quality time or go time, but the opposite of all of them. It is not a scale of time, like geologic time, or a time zone, like Eastern Standard Time—Mueller Time is more like the End Times, perpetually anticipated.

To be precise, Mueller Time is the political suspended animation in which the Democrats have waited for a repeatedly deferred deus ex machina to deliver them from this unbearable pres(id)ent. This condition of waiting, itself, rather than any of the grievous injustices that have taken place during it, is the very essence of hell.

Dante, the Marco Polo of the Abyss, located Limbo, the residence of those who wait, in Inferno, not in Purgatory. Waiting is not transformative or redemptive—it is the sort of sin for which the punishment is the crime. “Limbo” shares a Latin root with liminal—it is homeland of those who tarry on the threshold, those who are on the fence.

If you can get people used to waiting, you can get them used to anything.

To understand Mueller Time better, we can begin with its namesake. “Miller time” is a time to take a load off, to ease our pain by drugging ourselves into oblivion. It’s a profound expression of despair—“I can only relax in this world by deadening my senses”—disguised not just as relief but as celebration. What is the glee with which Democrats invoke Mueller Time if not an admission of their own abject powerlessness and dependence? “Rejoice,” says the Democrat, “Justice will be done! And thank goodness, as usual, the FBI will take care of everything.”

Miller Time and Mueller Time are both chronotopes, to use the term popularized by literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin: they are specific relationships to time. You cannot understand a group of people without understanding how they experience the passing of time. Peering between chronotopes produces strange refractions, like looking through a glass of water. How different the world appears to a person whose activism consists chiefly of waiting, in contrast to how it appears to those for whom waiting and acting are opposites! It is the difference between spectator and athlete, between the consumer and the inventor, between those who suffer history as if it were weather and those who make history as a side effect of understanding themselves as the protagonists of their time.

And Miller Time and Mueller Time are both marketed chronotopes. Miller Time is the “5 o’clock somewhere” that unites wage labor and intoxication in a mutually reinforcing false opposition—but even more importantly, it is the branded colonization of that time. Likewise, Mueller Time is not just the “he’ll get his” which all people of conscience wish for Trump, but a particular deferral of responsibility. Both are successful advertising campaigns that concentrate capital in certain hands precisely by inducing people not to take their problems into their own hands.

“The politicians’ stubborn faith in progress, their confidence in their ‘mass basis,’ and, finally, their servile integration in an uncontrollable apparatus have been three aspects of the same thing.”

-Walter Benjamin on how Social Democrats permitted the Third Reich to come to power in Germany

All this is familiar to those who were raised as Adventists, believing that the outrageous sinfulness of the prevailing world order indicates the imminence of the Resurrection and the necessity of repentance before authority. Mueller Time is the redemption, the arrival of the Millennium, when the legitimate authorities will reassert their dominion and the obedient will be rewarded for their patience. Good Christians have awaited this for two thousand years; they have made a religion out of waiting. You’ll get pie in the sky when you die.

To keep people waiting for salvation indefinitely, it helps to shift every once in a while from one source of dramatic tension to another. Some hoped Trump would run the country “like a business.” Now that the signature forms of evil associated with capitalism—nepotism, profiteering, corruption, race baiting, sexual harassment, misinformation—characterize the presidency, Democrats are proposing to return to the good-old-fashioned signature forms of evil previously associated with government: bureaucracy, clientelism, experts deciding the fates of millions behind closed doors. All the things that helped Trump come to office.

For the purposes of relegitimizing government, it is ideal that Robert Mueller is not just a “good” authority figure, but specifically, a white male Republican—an FBI director who first made a name for himself overseeing the killing of Vietnamese people. He is everything the average Democrat would oppose if Trump had not moved the goal posts by pursuing the same Republican agenda by potentially extra-legal means. Mueller represents the same FBI that attempted to make Martin Luther King, Jr. commit suicide, that set out to destroy the Occupy movement. Under Mueller’s leadership, the FBI determined that the number one domestic terror threat in the United States was environmental activism.

Mueller Time is a way of inhabiting the eternally renewed amnesia that is America. This is the real “deep state”—the part of each Democrat’s heart that will accept any amount of senseless violence and murder and oppression, as long as it adheres to the letter of the law.

“Definitions of basic historical concepts: Catastrophe—to have missed the opportunity. Critical moment—the status quo threatens to preserve itself. Progress—the first revolutionary measure taken.”

-Walter Benjamin

What will be the fruits of Mueller’s labors?

Rank-and-file Democrats still don’t understand how power works. Crime is not the violation of the rules, but the stigma attached to those who break rules without the power to make them. (As they say, steal $25, go to jail; steal $25 million, go to Congress.) At the height of Genghis Khan’s reign, it would have been pointless to accuse the famous tyrant of breaking the laws of the Mongol Empire; as long as Trump has enough of Washington behind him, the same goes for him. Laws don’t exist in some transcendent realm. They are simply the product of power struggles among the elite—not to mention the passivity of the governed—and they are enforced according to the prevailing balance of power. To fetishize the law is to accept that might makes right. It means abdicating the responsibility to do what is ethical regardless of what the laws happen to be.

In the struggle to control the law-making and law-enforcing apparatus of the US government, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have secured a solid majority. They remain at an impasse. The most likely explanation for Mueller’s delays is that he has been biding his time, waiting to see if the balance of power in the US government would shift enough that there could be some consequences to his report.

The wait
The wait
The wait
The wait

The wait
The wait
The wait
The wait

-Killing Joke, “The Wait”

Ironically, the only thing that could guarantee that Mueller’s report will have an effect would be if this impasse were disturbed by forces outside the halls of power—for example, by a real social movement utilizing direct action. If millions of people were in the streets preventing the Trump administration from accomplishing its agenda, then the power brokers in Washington would consider sacrificing Donald Trump to preserve business as usual.

In standing back and waiting, affirming the authority of the FBI and Congress to take care of matters, Mueller’s fans make it less likely that his investigation will pose a serious threat to the administration. The rank and file Democrats are left gazing at their screens, watching the bureaucratic equivalent of the spinning wheel of death.

In this case, the more you clap your hands, the less Tinkerbell exists.

I’m in the waiting room
I don’t want the news—I cannot use it
I don’t want the news—I won’t live by it

But I don’t sit idly by
I’m planning a big surprise
I’m gonna fight for what I wanna be
And I won’t make the same mistakes
Because I know how much time that wastes

-Fugazi “Waiting Room”

The arc of history is long, but it curves towards—death. There is no excuse to delay. Tomorrow will use you the way we use today.

What would it mean to stop waiting?

It would mean to stop looking to others to solve our problems, no longer permitting a series of presidents, Speakers of the House, FBI directors, presidential candidates, and other bullies and hucksters to play good cop/bad cop with us.

It would mean figuring out how to deal with the catastrophes that Trump’s presidency is causing directly, rather than through the mediation of other authority figures. It would mean building up social movements powerful enough to block the construction of a border wall, to liberate children from migrant detention facilities and reunite them with their families, to feed the hungry and care for the sick without waiting for legislators to give us permission to make use of the resources that we and others like us maintain on a daily basis.

Remember when we shut down the airports immediately after Trump took office? It would mean doing more of that, and less sitting around waiting on politicians and bureaucrats. That was our proudest moment. Since then, we have only grown weaker, distracted by the array of champions competing to represent us—the various media outlets and Democratic presidential candidates—all surrogates for our own agency.

Let’s stop killing time. Or rather—let’s stop permitting it to kill us.

“We live the whole of our lives provisionally,” he said. “We think that for the time being things are bad, that for the time being we must make the best of them and adapt or humiliate ourselves, but that it’s all only provisional and that one day real life will begin. We prepare for death complaining that we have never lived. Of all the people I know, not one lives in the present. No one gets any pleasure from what he does every day. No one is in a condition to say On that day, at that moment, my life began. Believe me, even those who have power and take advantage of it are plagued with anxieties and disgusted at the dominant stupidity. They too live provisionally and spend their whole lives waiting.”

“Those who flee the country also spend their lives waiting,” Pietro said. “That’s the trouble. But one mustn’t wait, one must act. One must say Enough, from this very day.”

“But if you do not have the freedom to act?” Nunzio said.

“Freedom is not a thing you can receive as a gift,” Pietro said. “You can be free even under a dictatorship on the simple condition that you struggle against it. A person who thinks with his own mind and remains uncorrupted is free. A person who struggles for what she believes to be right is free. You might live in the most democratic country in the world, but if you are lazy, callous, and servile, you are not free—in spite of the absence of violence and coercion, you are a slave. Freedom is not a thing that can be begged from others. You must take it for yourself, in whatever share you can.”

-Ignazio Silone, Bread and Wine

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MD Property Services, Inc. 947 S 500 E Ste 210 American Fork, UT 801-763-XXXX hiring 105 temporary, full-time landscape laborers from 04/01/19-12/09/19. Landscape and/or maintain grounds of properties using hand and/or power tools and equipment. Participate in all areas of lawn such as mowing, trimming, edging, blowing, planting, clean up. Work as needed in sprinkler installation and repairs. $13.68/hr / $20.52 O.T. Monday-Friday 8am-3:30pm. Overtime and weekends may be available depending on weather and work load. Daily transportation is provided to and from jobsites from company shop or may report directly to worksite if indicated by employer. Utah and Salt Lake counties jobsites. No education required. 1-month background in landscape. Will make all deductions required by law from each paycheck. Will be paid every 2 weeks by check. Raises and/or bonuses at employers discretion. Opportunity for higher pay dependent upon background. Employer will use a single workweek as its standard for computing wages due.
          Feed Only      Cache   Translate Page      
J & J Services, Inc. Provo, UT 801-318-XXXX hiring ten temporary fulltime landscape laborers 04/01/19-11/30/19. Landscape/maintain grounds of property using hand/power tools or equipment. Sod laying/rake/shovel. $13.52/hr. Overtime at $20.28. 40hrs/wk. Mon-Fri 7am- 330pm. Overtime and weekends may be available depending on weather and work load. Daily transportation is provided to and from jobsites from company shop or may report directly to worksite if indicated by employer. Utah county jobsites. 3 mnths exp. landscape. No educ. required. Will make all deductions required by law from paycheck. Paid bi-wkly. Raises/bonuses at employers discretion. Employer will use a single workweek as its standard for computing wages due. H-2B workers will be reimbursed in the 1st workweek for all visa, visa processing, border crossing, and other related charges, including those mandated by the government (excluding passport charges).
          Feed Only      Cache   Translate Page      
Spectrum Landscaping in Midway, UT 435-654 XXXX hiring ten temporary full-time landscape laborers 04/01/19-11/30/19. Landscape, maintain grounds of properties using hand and or power tools and equipment. Mow, trim, edge, blow, plant, cleanup. Sprinkler installation and repairs. Able to stand/bend/squat/lift up to 50lbs. $14.07/hr. Overtime at $21.11. 40hrs/wk. Mon-Fri 7am-5pm. Overtime and weekends may be available depending on weather and work load. Wasatch, Summit, and Utah counties jobsites. Daily transportation provided to and from jobsites from company shop or may report directly to worksite if indicated by employer. No educ. required. 3-months exp. in landscape. Will make all deductions required by law from paycheck. Paid bi-wkly. Raises/bonuses at employers discretion. Employer will use a single workweek as its standard for computing wages due.
          DIY Index: Good Weather in North Little Rock, AR      Cache   Translate Page      

The latest entry in BA's DIY Index spotlights Good Weather Gallery, an artist-run space founded by Haynes Riley in North Little Rock in 2011.

The post DIY Index: Good Weather in North Little Rock, AR appeared first on BURNAWAY.

          Higher freight costs take the shine of export log prices. Domestic supply is abundant, China demand stable, India prices under pressure      Cache   Translate Page      

At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for logs delivered to ports around New Zealand decreased on average -NZ$5 per JASm3 in March from the highest February prices. This decrease in AWG prices is due to increased ocean freight costs for export log cargo.

Most CFR log prices in China were flat to a modest increase of +US$1 per JASm3. ‘A’ grade export now sells for up to US$143 per JASmin China and US$155 per JASmin India.

The domestic market for logs has continued the very stable start to 2019. There has been some capacity taken out of the pruned market with the closure of the Waverley sawmill, but other mills producing clear sawn timber are already at capacity.

Due to the drop in the AWG sale prices for export sawlogs the PF Olsen Log Price Index decreased -$3 in March to $134. The index is currently $6 above the two-year average, $9 above the three-year average, and $17 higher than the five-year average.

Domestic Log Market

Log Supply and Pricing

Prices for domestic log sales in March are mostly unchanged from February as most supply is locked in for the quarter. The settled weather around the country has caused log supply to increase with some mills and in particular those buying pruned logs, reporting an abundance of log supply.

Sawn Timber Domestic Demand

Most mills continue to report that 2019 sales levels are above 2018 levels. The continued fine settled weather in New Zealand is the likely cause of this solid demand. There was also a reduction in demand in 2018 as business was unsettled after the outcome of the New Zealand general election. But as usually happens, business realises there isn’t actually much change and gets on with their activities.

Sawn Timber Export Demand

The Australian market remains slow with reduced housing starts, and the Asian demand is increasing after the aforementioned Chinese holiday.  

The European clearwood market remains strong with some New Zealand supply about to be reduced after the closure of the Waverley sawmill.

The stable markets led to a less interesting market report, but the stability is good for the New Zealand forest industry.  

Export Log Markets


Total softwood log stocks increased across China during the Lunar New Year holiday period to just over 4.1 million m3. Daily uplift from the ports has steadily increased since this holiday period with current estimates between 60-70,000 mper day. The rate of offtake over the next month will likely determine the market direction for the next three to six months. Over 2018 the total softwood log market remained balanced with the number of days inventory supply in the 40-50 range. Log exporters expect a similar balanced position to be sustained through 2019.

The China log market is currently sitting at a sensitive point. Based on current CFR log prices and the China retail prices the log buyers cannot make a profit from New Zealand radiata logs. This does make Chinese log buyers quite discerning in log quality to ensure they are getting the quality of the grade they purchase.

It is unlikely alternative supply can increase dramatically in the short term, so the New Zealand log exporters expect further modest CFR price increases over the short term. Any pressure from competition will likely come initially in the lower grades as this volume can easily be replaced in construction markets with Uruguayan or other lower-cost logs.

While the US has delayed indefinitely an increase in tariffs on China goods, there is still a lot of negotiation to occur before a deal is concluded and tariffs lifted by either side. Once a deal is agreed, it is expected an easing of tariffs will be stepped rather than a complete removal. This means the sentiment about log supply from the US hasn’t changed.

Due to favourable pricing relative to New Zealand logs, Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) volumes have recovered overall slightly since Q4 2018. The current volume is approximately 50,000 JAS m3 per month which is still less than half of the Q1 2018 monthly volume. There was a recent reduction in supply due to snowstorm events. The current returns are supressed due to trade tariffs, but log volumes close to port and low-cost freight due to an imbalance in the container trade are keeping this business viable. Should the New Zealand radiata price hold, or slightly increase, the SYP price may improve slightly, underwriting some volume growth.

Log Supply to China from Uruguay was adversely affected in 2018 by increases in ocean freight costs. Uruguay is now able to provide some positive market return for forest owners as the freight market dropped around 10 USD per JAS mfor Q1 2019. Due to the increasing price for NZ radiata, logs from Uruguay can now sell for a slightly higher CFR price, improving the viability of exports and increasing available volume. South American exporters now have a much-improved understanding and management of quality control after earlier significant issues. They have also improved stowage for ship loading. South America led by Uruguay, currently export about seven vessels per month with the potential to increase more if New Zealand radiata logs maintain the current price level. Brazil is also starting to export in bulk with several vessels shipped in 2018 and a regular program expected in 2019. It will be interesting to see how these markets cope with expected ocean freight increases.

Courtesy: Pacific Forest Products (PFP)


Movement of log stocks off Kandla Port has increased and the older stock has now been sold. The CFR price for New Zealand ‘A’ grade pine logs are in the US$155 per JASm3 range and forecast to increase marginally.

The lumber prices remain around Rs491 per CFT but the strengthening of Indian Rupee to 70-71 range with the USD has provided some bottom-line respite to sawmillers.

There is currently a strong demand for the cheaper 3m short length logs to reduce the average basket price.

The much-welcomed decision of the Indian government to reduce the GST to 2% on finished apartments and houses is likely to give a boost to the construction sector. Log sellers expect the effect on demand to occur shortly after the general elections in May 2019. Over this election period the market for NZ pine logs will not be significantly affected, however, the hardwood log trade is expected to slow down.

The recent removal of several Indian banks (Corporation Bank, Dena Bank, Allahabad) from the regulator watch list, the Prompt Corrective Action (PCA), should marginally improve funding and LC issues for sawmillers and log importers.

There is a market move by the Kandla Timber Association (Pine Cell) to make a concerted effort to increase the NZ pine sawn timber to Rs501 per CFT.

New Zealand pine continues to face competition from the following global trade aggressively targeting the Indian market.

  • Southern Yellow Pine CFR 120 USD for 10” (25cm) small end diameter (SED) and above. (NZ A grade logs have a 30cm SED).

  • South Africa Pine CFR 125 USD per metric tonne for pruned logs with a 30cm SED.

  • Kiln dried (KD) pine sawn timber from the Ukraine and Eastern Europe at 220 USD per m3.

  • There have been some arrivals of taeda and ellioti pine sawn timber from Brazil recently.

Due to the Kandla prices remaining low (around Rs491 per CFT) they are able to sufficiently service the Bangalore and Hyderabad markets (Rs 511/- per CFT) covering the cartage costs. Sawmills importing logs via Tuticorin Port have reduced production by approximately 30% while they wait for prices to increase. The demand for New Zealand logs and vessel shipments from New Zealand to Tuticorin are likely to remain subdued for the next few months.

Exchange rates

Over the last month the NZD has continued to trade within the 0.672 and 0.690 range against the USD. This means there has been little effect on AWG prices offered by log exporters.


The Chinese Yuan (CNY) appreciated slightly against the USD through February.


Ocean Freight

Exporters have different freights costs relative to last month as there were some cheaper spot vessels available last month. Freight costs seem to have bottomed out and there has been steady increases over the last month. Freight demand is expected to increase with the usual increased activity after the Chinese Lunar New Year which will increase vessel daily charge rates.

Ocean Freight from NZ to Kandla is in range of 34 to 37 USD per JASm3.

Vessel congestion at the North Island load ports remains an issue particularly in Gisborne and Tauranga, where there is regularly two to three vessels parked at anchorage waiting for a berth. This congestion is due to a number of factors – increased log volumes requiring more vessels, port labour shortages, and in Tauranga fumigating logs for vessels can at times tie up a berth.

Singapore Bunker Price (IFO380) (red line) versus Brent Oil Price (grey line)

Source: Ship & Bunker

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is a composite of three sub-indices, each covering a different carrier size: Capesize (40%), Panamax (30%), and Supramax (30%). It displays an index of the daily USD hire rates across 20 ocean shipping routes. Whilst most of the NZ log trade is shipped in handy size vessels, this segment is strongly influenced by the BDI.

The graph of the BDI over the last year below shows the recent bottoming-out then increase in the BDI.


PF Olsen Log Price Index - March 2019

Due to the drop in the AWG sale prices for export sawlogs the PF Olsen Log Price Index decreased -$3 in March to $134. The index is currently $6 above the two-year average, $9 above the three-year average, and $17 higher than the five-year average.

Basis of Index: This Index is based on prices in the table below weighted in proportions that represent a broad average of log grades produced from a typical pruned forest with an approximate mix of 40% domestic and 60% export supply.

Indicative Average Current Log Prices – March 2019

Log Grade $/tonne at mill $/JAS m3 at wharf
  Mar-19 Feb-19 Dec-18 Nov-18 Mar-10 Feb-19 Dec-18 Nov-18
Pruned (P40) 175-195 175-195 175-195 170-195 185-190 185-192 178-186 186-192
Structural (S30) 130 130 130 130        
Structural (S20) 115 115 115 115        
Export A         151 156 142 147
Export K         143 148 135 139
Export KI         136 141 127 132
Export KIS         129 134 122 124
Pulp 50 50 50 50        

Note: Actual prices will vary according to regional supply/demand balances, varying cost structures and grade variation. These prices should be used as a guide only..

A longer series of these prices is available here.

Log Prices

Select chart tabs »
The 'Pruned (P40) - mill' chart will be drawn here.
The ' Pruned (P40) - wharf' chart will be drawn here.
$/JAS m3
The ' Structural (S30)' chart will be drawn here.
The ' Structural (S20)' chart will be drawn here.
The ' Export A' chart will be drawn here.
$/JAS m3
The ' Export K' chart will be drawn here.
$/JAS m3
The ' Export KI' chart will be drawn here.
$/JAS m3
The ' Pulp' chart will be drawn here.

This article is reproduced from PF Olsen's Wood Matters, with permission.

          Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi tells insurers to communicate price and policy changes more clearly, but won't force them to ensure insurance remains accessible       Cache   Translate Page      

The Government is warning general insurers not to spring price and policy changes on their customers.

The message from Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi follows the country’s largest general insurer, IAG, on March 4 adopting a new approach to pull back from writing new contents insurance policies in Wellington.

IAG’s move signifies another step towards it reducing its exposure to Wellington. In July last year it announced it was following Tower in using a risk-based pricing model, which would see it more aggressively hike premiums for homeowners in flood and earthquake-prone parts of the country.

Speaking to, Faafoi said the issue of accessibility to insurance cover wasn’t bad enough for him to justify stepping in.

“We’re a long way away from intervention, but we’re obviously watching it very carefully, because risks [around climate change and more severe weather events] are increasing,” he said.

“Insurance cover for kiwis is extremely important to the government.”

Asked if he was concerned that taking a more heavy-handed approach would spark a backlash from reinsurers, possibly prompting them to exit the New Zealand market, Faafoi said: “It’s a delicate market.

“We’re going to be very careful about what we’re saying, which is why I think the insurance sector needs to take a lot more responsibility.”

Faafoi said he hadn’t seen signs of the general insurance market being uncompetitive, despite IAG and Vero (which part-owns AA Insurance) accounting for about 70% of the market.

Nonetheless, he said: “When you do get a decision like this around coverage, you watch things pretty closely.”

IAG's change of approach towards contents insurance will affect all its brands, including AMI, State, NZI, Lumley and Lantern Insurance, as well as the products it underwrites for the likes of ASB, Westpac, BNZ and The Co-operative Bank.

It's also significant because as of July, the government-run Earthquake Commission will no longer provide up to $20,000 of cover for contents damaged in a natural disaster. 

'You can’t just go from zero to a hundred'

Faafoi said following the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes it was well-known that insurers were applying risk-based pricing models to home insurance. Yet IAG’s move was the first he’d seen of contents cover being affected too.

“From my perspective, they [insurers] need to do a much better job of informing their customers as to why this is happening,” he said.

“They also have to be mindful of what price increases, what coverage changes, mean to the average consumer.

“Because you can’t just go from zero to a hundred in a short amount of seconds without someone being shocked.”

IAG has been vague about its new approach towards contents cover in Wellington.

It said on Monday it was continually reviewing its approach to risk in Wellington, and was giving "priority to existing customers with regard to contents insurance”.

The company said it was still writing new contents business in Wellington, but wouldn’t specify whether this meant it would insure say 5% or 80% of people who applied for cover.

IAG also refused’s interview requests.

It isn’t the only company that's been cagey about changes to its risk appetite.

Tower last year misrepresented the changes it made to its pricing, to the point its CEO during a Radio NZ interview wrongly lead the public to believe that 97% of Tower customers would receive home insurance premium decreases.

While changes at Tower and presumably IAG largely relate to earthquake risk, Faafoi said the Government was working with insurers to figure out how to protect communities at risk of climate change-induced flooding.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw last month told insurers were “acting very responsibly”.

He assured insurers and banks wouldn't end up being the ones to essentially decide who would pay for climate change.

          Weather warning in place ahead of Storm Gareth hitting Somerset      Cache   Translate Page      
STORM Gareth will bring potentially destructive weather to Somerset this week, the Met Office has said.
          Libreria Costa Rica airport to Chicago      Cache   Translate Page      
At the airport and heading home. We are sad to leave the warm weather and friendly tico people of Costa Rica. I have not blogged for the last 2 days and hope to get the photos organized on the flight. Ziplining on Sunday and a trip to Nicaragua yesterday.
          Down North      Cache   Translate Page      
As much as we like Bisbee the weather report showed some cold air headed our way maybe even snow As far south as it is nearly on the Mexican border Bisbee is pretty high about 5300. Its good to remember out west that altitude is more important tha
          TKC Reader Explains: Kansas City Zoo Tacitly Admits Cruel Animal Captivity Is Dangerous       Cache   Translate Page      

Some white lady nearly died trying to get a photo near a jaguar for Instagram or whatever.

Accordingly, the Kansas City Zoo spoke out on this topic and offered a warning to visitors as the weather warms up.

The Kansas City Zoo also has big cats, but no jaguars, and they also have barriers to keep visitors away from them. Zoo officials say for the most part people obey them, but this weekend's jaguar attack is a good reminder to keep your distance.

"Sometimes they do look very cute and cuddly," Sr. Director of Zoological Operations, Sean Putney said. "They still have claws, and they still have big teeth and can be formidable, and unfortunately things like that on occasion by people taking an unwise decision. You think you might have time to lean up and get a selfie or take a picture or whatever. You turn your back for a second, and that might be what it takes."

The Kansas City Zoo keeps a number of barriers between the animals and visitors. They ask visitors to contact security if they see someone cross them, feed the animals, or throw items inside enclosures.

NOW, our animal activist friend tells us . . .

"The woman in this story needs to face the most severe penalty for animal torture but those charges should also include this Zoo and everyone who keeps our animal brothers and sisters jailed unjustly. Animal captivity for entertainment is unethical and I can only hope that this violent uprising incident shows all of us that Zoos are nothing but prisons for animals and should not be supported."

You decide . . .
          Dory Motor And Trailer      Cache   Translate Page      
City/Town: Cox's Cove
Area: West Coast


This beautiful dory and motor is just  like new.  It's a 25horsepower  4 stroke Yamaha motor and dory with a 12 ft trailer. Selling as a package deal or without trailer . Used only 5 or 6 times. Just one summer.   It also has two seats, not shown in pictures.  It is stored inside in a garage and has never been left outside for any weather deteriorating.  For more info please contact us. 


          One in 10 Australian homes could become 'uninsurable'. Is your region at risk?      Cache   Translate Page      

Extreme weather in some of the country's worst-affected regions is now twice as common as usual. Explore the data to see the risk to your area.

          Eurocis Düsseldorf: How and why brick and mortar retail must go digital      Cache   Translate Page      

How can brick and mortar stores benefit from digitisation? This was the dominating question at the Eurocis trade fair for retail technology in Düsseldorf, which took place in February. More than ever, new solutions focus on the benefits for customers and retail.

Implementation is the new motto

In recent years, IT fairs such as Eurocis tended to put new topics on the agenda, indicating a pace of digitisation that scared retailers. Omnichannel, mobile commerce, mobile payment, artificial intelligence... all these buzzwords have been haunting retail landscapes for some time now and are far from having been implemented. Therefore, a cheerful message from Eurocis is: There is no new super hot topic. This means that the industry is working broadly on the implementation of all the new possibilities and on executing the first "proof of concepts".

Blackbox brick and mortar stores

The big problem so far has been how to digitise stores. For example, how to track customers’ in store behaviour and which products they try but not buy? How to digitise product locations? One solution is the use of robots. MetraLabs presented a mobile robot that travels through the store at night and uses RFID technology to count products. It also recognises if any products are missing and whether they are in the right location. German fashion chain Adler is already using it, taking about three to four hours to complete its nightly mission. "This is the first step towards store digitisation," explains Dr. Andreas Bley of MetraLabs, and the mandatory prerequisite for using artificial intelligence, for instance.

Collecting customer data through facial recognition

Facial recognition will make its entry into brick and mortar stores - but probably more discreetly than previously thought and due to privacy policy guidelines, more anonymously. New hardware is not required as this work is increasingly being carried out by already existing in-store security cameras. An accompanying software detects age, gender, mood, fashion style, hairstyle, hair colour, clothing and brand logos of customers as well as their paths and behaviour in the store. "We can't identify the people, we can only recognise what a person is doing and whether they have been to the store before", explains Bianca van der Woude of Great Circle. Only if the data is connected to a loyalty card, the person becomes identifiable. But this requires the customer’s consent

More efficient staff and self-service checkouts

With its idea, Re/Act wants to promote communication between different sales people in the store and has developed an in-store messenger service that can be accessed via smartwatches, tablets or other devices. This should save time walking around, which can instead be used to take better care of customers. Cash registers too are becoming increasingly mobile through mobile payment terminals or tablets for sales staff. However, this has to be linked to security systems and customers have to be ready to show a proof of purchase when exiting the store. In the future, convenience stores such as petrol stations may even no longer require personnel and function fully automatically. There were examples at the trade fair too, such as the Nanostore from AiFi. As big as a standard container, it could easily be used as a pop-up store, for example.


AI is one of the big topics of the future

According to the EHI Trend Study, artificial intelligence (AI) is currently the most important topic of the future for retailers, even though it was not even on the horizon during the last trend survey two years ago. Hamburg-based company Blue Yonder specialises in AI in retail environments and uses it, for example, when optimising prices. "It is about collating internal data, own pricing strategies and external data - such as the weather or the price developments of competitors - and to adjust automated prices at any time based on it," says Dr. Ansgar Thiede of Blue Yonder. This means that sales can be monitored better throughout the season and thus ruinous price wars avoided at the end of it.

According to Blue Yonder, order management will also be increasingly handled via AI, with logarithms forecasting sales quantities and calculating, for example, whether it is more economical to restock a warehouse or to reduce quantities and to split production slots for this. Using AI, these calculations can be performed for every single product, in every size and colour. "These considerations are so complex that they are only possible in an automated way", says Thiede. Ultimately, AI wants to help fashion retailers to support their gut feeling with value-driven analysis, especially in view of the increasing speed of collection cycles and processes.

Digitisation as a growth market

Retail technology is a trending topic. Eurocis announced an increase in exhibitor numbers by four percent to 482 exhibitors. According to the organisers, there have also been more international exhibitors, with numbers rising from 29 percent last year to 39 percent this year. In total, about 12,000 visitors were expected. The next EuroCIS will take place together with store construction fair EuroShop from 16 to 20 February 2020.

Photos: FashionUnited / Regina Henkel

This article was originally published on FashionUnited DE; edited and translated by Simone Preuss.

          Not Another Hill!      Cache   Translate Page      
Name of Ride: 

Not Another Hill!

Date and Time: 
Saturday, March 16, 2019 - 10:00am
Add to Calendar
Start Location: 
East Lake Sammamish River trailhead parking
17875 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 98052
Contact Information: 
Paul E Franks
37.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 
2,550 feet
Weather Cancellation: 
Ride Description: 

The route starts at the East Lake Sammamish River trail head parking lot in Redmond, behind Whole Foods Market. From Redmond Way head east bound on NE 70thStreet about 500 ft., cross the bike trail and enter the narrow parking lot on the east side of NE 70thStreet. There are usually portable toilet facilities, but I have not checked recently. Free parking.

The route heads west through Kirkland and Lake Washington then north to Juanita, Woodinville, then east towards Cottage Lake, Novelty Hill and back to Marymoor Park.  There are numerous hills along the route. The ride leader may alter the course slightly due to unforeseen road or weather conditions. Showers, snow and ice cancels.

One short stop about mid-course. Bring water, extra tubes, food. Be ready to depart at 10:00 am.  Not cue sheets provided. Download the route on and print cue sheets if desired.

          Treacherous Weather Causes Hanford Workers to Start Late!      Cache   Translate Page      
A very unseasonable storm is hitting Tri-Cities and is causing delays all around our region...Hanford Workers have major delays this morning... Continue reading…
          Comment on Pelosi: Impeachment ‘Not Worth it’ by DrDaveT      Cache   Translate Page      
I'm amazed that nobody has yet mentioned... Fourth: President Mike @#$%ing Pence!?! As I've noted before, Trump is a loose cannon that threatens us all, but Pence is a laser-guided force for evil. We can weather 2 more years of CASE NIGHTMARE ORANGE.
 News: March 12, 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

Today on News:

  • Area emergency management, city and county officials are preparing for the worst from the winter storm working its way into the region
  • Potter man gets lengthy prison sentence for 2018 incident
  • Proposed Scottsbluff truck stop clears latest hurdle after getting green light from Planning Commission

Catch these stories- plus Bill Boyer's latest weather forecast- right now on News:

          Nebraska to Experience Major Spring Storm: NDOT and NSP Advise Caution      Cache   Translate Page      


March 12, 2019 (Lincoln, Neb.) — The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) crews are prepared for spring weather which looks to impact most of the State in very different ways Wednesday through Thursday.  Forecasts call for blizzard conditions in western Nebraska with heavy snow and high winds while rain increases the potential for flooding in eastern Nebraska.  High winds, up to or even greater than 60 mph in some parts of the State, will have significant impact on visibility and high profile vehicles.  Workers and equipment will be out to clear the highways and monitor changing conditions throughout the storm, which look to impact travel Wednesday and Thursday.

Western Nebraska

NDOT crews have been preparing for this storm for several days.  This includes clearing existing snow away from the roadways and stockpiling material to address the anticipated amounts of snow.  This storm is expected to drop significant snowfall amounts.  This coupled with high winds, visibility will be a concern.
During this blizzard event in western and west central Nebraska, NDOT is advising against all unnecessary

Central Nebraska

While snow fall totals may not be as heavy in central Nebraska, very high winds will cause drifting and could
impact visibility with blowing snow.  Please use caution if traveling.

Eastern Nebraska

With the combination of rain, melting of significant accumulated snow and the saturation levels of the ground, flooding and flash flooding are significant possibility.  NDOT urges all drivers to never drive over a flooded roadway.  Any water over the road could stall or even float a vehicle.  Should you encounter a flooded roadway, please remember to turn around – don’t drown.

“This latest storm looks to have significant impact on a majority of the State in very different ways,” said NDOT Director Kyle Schneweis.  “As always, drivers are encouraged to be informed about weather and road conditions before making the decision to travel.

Regardless, our crews will be out working to clear roadways as conditions allow in a potential blizzard.  With the forecasted snow fall totals coupled with high winds, we urge against all unnecessary travel in the blizzard affected areas.  If you must travel during this winter storm, know before you go by checking
for road conditions and closures and always travel well established routes.  Should motorists encounter
flooding in the eastern part of the State, remember to never travel over a flooded roadway.”

“Our troopers will be prepared to help any motorists who need assistance,” said Colonel John Bolduc,
Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol.  “We urge all drivers to be vigilant and avoid travel if conditions aren’t favorable.”

Travelers are advised to be alert, be aware and check the most up to date travel conditions available through
511, Nebraska’s Advanced Traveler Information System.  The system is available at all times via phone by, online at, Nebraska 511’s smartphone app or by dialing 511.  Travelers are also
encourage to utilize NDOT’s Plow Tracker at where the public will be able to observe road conditions in real time from the cabs of NDOT Snow Plows.  Please note that weather conditions are often worse than they appear on camera.

Should travel be absolutely necessary, NDOT reminds motorists to be prepared with warm clothing water and food.  Be sure to travel on well-established routes and notify someone when you are leaving for your
destination.  If traveling a distance, a winter weather survival kit is advised with additional basic items.
Travelers are advised not to drive faster than conditions allow.  Surfaces will be slick under the snow and visibility may be poor.  Allow plenty of time to arrive at your destination.

With snowplows out on the roads, travelers are urged to be cautious and courteous to those operating them,
making sure to:

  • Slow down as you approach plows.  They travel slowly, usually 25-30 miles per hour or less.
  • Stay well behind plows to give you and them plenty of room.  When traveling outside of a business or
    residential district, it is unlawful to follow a highway maintenance vehicle (snowplow, truck or grader)
    more closely than 100 feet when it is plowing snow, spreading salt or sand, or displaying a flashing
    amber or blue light.
  • Never pass a plow on the right – snowplows are equipped with “wing plows” which extend beyond the
    truck itself.
  • Know where plows are and actions they may be taking while they plow snow.

Motorists are reminded to make sure everyone in their vehicle wears a seat belt and children are in a car
safety seat.  Do not use cruise control in wet or snowy weather and keep a full gas tank.

For safe-driving tips and winter weather information, visit NDOT’s website,

As a reminder, the NSP Highway Helpline is available 24 hours per day for motorists in need of assistance
Drivers can reach NSP by dialing *55 from any cell phone.  Call 911 for any emergency.

          IF IT SEEMS LIKE A REMBRANDT IT IS ONE:      Cache   Translate Page      
Rembrandt in the Blood: An Obsessive Aristocrat, Rediscovered Paintings and an Art-World Feud: No one had spotted a new painting by the Dutch master for four decades -- until the scion of a storied Amsterdam family found two. (Russell Shorto, Feb. 27, 2019, NY Times Magazine)

The discovery that upended Jan Six's life occurred one day in November 2016. Six is a 40-year-old Dutch art dealer based in Amsterdam, who attracted worldwide attention last year with the news that he had unearthed a previously unknown painting by Rembrandt, the most revered of Dutch masters -- the first unknown Rembrandt to come to light in 42 years. The find didn't come about from scouring remote churches or picking through the attics of European country houses, but rather, as Six described it to me last May, while he was going through his mail. He had just taken his two small children to school (in true Dutch fashion, by bicycle: one seated between the handlebars and the other in back). The typical weather for the season, raw wind and spitting rain, would never deter a real Amsterdammer from mounting his bike -- and Six's roots in the city go about as deep as possible -- but by the time he arrived at his office, he was feeling the effects. Waterkoud ("water cold") is the Dutch word for the chilly dampness of the Low Countries that seeps into the bones.

The antidote to that feeling is encompassed in another word. Gezelligheid, loosely translated as coziness, is the condition people in the Netherlands strive for in the interiors of their homes. It's often what's being depicted and celebrated in old-master canvases from the Golden Age of the 17th century, the era that is Six's specialty: warm domestic scenes, merry companies hoisting tankards, still lifes of tables laden with food. Six's office, on the ground floor of a building on the Herengracht, one of the city's main canals -- a canal that Rembrandt himself used to stroll -- has its share of gezelligheid. The building dates from the early 1600s. Ancient beams cross the ceiling. The views out of the windows are of bicyclists racing by and the evocative, ever-somber surface of the canal reflecting the gabled facades of the buildings on the opposite side.

Six made coffee that morning, then sat down to a stack of mail. He dispensed with the bills and other annoyances first so as to settle into the catalogs of coming art auctions. One was for a December event at Christie's in London. He skimmed it quickly, almost dismissively; it was for the daytime sale, which featured lesser objects. The top paintings and sculptures are always reserved for the evening.

And then, he told me, he stopped cold. The slightly miscolored photograph in the catalog was a portrait of a rather dazed-looking young gentleman with a lace collar and a proto-Led Zeppelin coif. What first spoke to Six was the gaze of the subject (whose identity remains unknown): "He pierces the image," he said. Six felt that he had seen the work before, but after tearing through his library in search of it, he came to believe it wasn't the actual image that struck him as familiar but the sum of all the telltale features of an early Rembrandt. These include, in Six's estimation, the humanness of that gaze, a "rounded" brush stroke and a willingness to employ different painting styles within the same work.

The painting dated from somewhere between 1633 and 1635. The giveaway was the particular type of lace collar, which was the height of fashion in that brief span and then quickly went out of style. What especially excited Six was not just that Christie's had failed to see that the painting was most likely from the hand of the master, but also that the auction house had labeled it "circle of Rembrandt" -- i.e., from a follower. "You see the problem, right?" he asked me. I was puzzling for the solution to the riddle when he blurted it out: "Rembrandt wasn't famous yet in the early 1630s, so there was no circle. I knew right away Christie's had screwed up."

From there, Six was a bloodhound on the trail. He learned that the painting's provenance went back to Sir Richard Neave, an English merchant of the late 1700s who built a serious art collection, which included works by Thomas Gainsborough and John Constable; the painting had stayed in the same family for six generations. This fit: It made sense that a painting by a top-tier artist would have attracted a prominent collector.

Six was so excited that he jumped on his bike and cycled a short distance across central Amsterdam to the home of Ernst van de Wetering, universally renowned as a top authority on Rembrandt; still breathless, Six thrust a photocopy of the picture at him. As befits a person whose opinion is weighted with import, van de Wetering typically reacts with reserve on first seeing an image, but he was intrigued. "It looked like a Rembrandt, but it was completely new to me," van de Wetering told me later. Six cycled back home and bought a plane ticket.

          Wyoming Governor Signs 20-Day Rules for Propane Deliveries      Cache   Translate Page      
Cold weather has driven up demand for propane, which many people use for heating. Continue reading…
          RaiseTheBarn Update      Cache   Translate Page      
It has been a long year since the barn collapsed December 26th, 2013. The love and support we have received by everyone has been deeply appreciated and kept me strong to move forward.  At the moment we had have work group parties during the summer months. Many people came out in the hot weather to help with the continuous clean up. Thank you Everyone.                       November 2014 we had to make a decision….it seemed like the universe was not cooperating, and the crunch was on to get the animals back home. There has been many blips along the way, and disappointments though I … Continue reading
          Fans missed the boat this season      Cache   Translate Page      

Bud Denega speaks directly to fair-weather fans in this week's edition of From the Hip.

The post Fans missed the boat this season appeared first on The Sheridan Press.

          Site operator- weather - Groupe Tehora - Caledonia, NS      Cache   Translate Page      
_TEHORA GROUP are looking for 2 conscientious Site Operator at Kejimkujik in Nova Scotia. _ _\*\*\*\*\*\*This job need a lot of autonomy and attention to... $35,000 - $50,000 a year
From Indeed - Tue, 26 Feb 2019 09:57:08 GMT - View all Caledonia, NS jobs
          2019 The Players Championship weather forecast shows modest temperatures, potential windy Sunday      Cache   Translate Page      
The 2019 Players Championship weather forecast looks to include the chance of a windy, challening Sunday at TPC Sawgrass, and the move to March comes with warm temperatures on Thursday and Friday. The general weather forecast calls for a small chance of rain during championship days, with temperatures in the low 60s to high 70s […]
          Eyes up: Northern Lights may light up skies as far as southern Finland      Cache   Translate Page      

There's a fair chance that residents across Finland will be able to witness Aurora Borealis displays on Tuesday night. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, FMI, the country-wide visibility of the light phenomenon will be driven by particularly active solar flares.

Cloudy conditions in parts of southern and central Finland were due to clear by Tuesday night, making it more possible to catch the celestial spectacle.

Residents of Ostrobothnia in the west and Kainuu in the east had a chance to catch the phenomenon as early as Monday night, since rain clouds had already drifted eastward on Sunday night.

Not surprisingly, people up north stand the best chance of observing the dancing lights, as skies in the region will be quite clear this week.

Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen said that Tuesday night's clear conditions will create far better opportunities for Aurora hunters.

The FMI's website indicated that there is a similar likelihood of seeing the light spectacle on Wednesday and Thursday.

The eruptions of the corona -- the gas ring surrounding the sun -- began last Friday and were expected to reach the earth's atmosphere on Monday or Tuesday.

The eruptions may cause mild geomagnetic storms. According to FMI, once they are over, space weather should return to normal.

You can follow aurora activity on the FMI's website (in Finnish).

          Blizzard warning issued for Greeley      Cache   Translate Page      
After highs in the 60s Tuesday, we're in for a blast of winter on Wednesday. The National Weather Service has posted a blizzard warning for Greeley and areas east of I-25....
          Airlines turn to other jets to weather Boeing 737 MAX storm      Cache   Translate Page      
Groundings of brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets have sent shockwaves through global aviation after a crash in Ethiopia, but many airlines are managing to keep to schedule with other jets while economic woes mean some may be grateful for a pause.

          Junior Geologist - GroundTruth Exploration - Dawson, YT      Cache   Translate Page      
Must be prepared to work outdoors in challenging terrain and weather conditions, including but not limited to, exposure to rain, heat and cold temperatures....
From GroundTruth Exploration - Tue, 26 Feb 2019 22:25:23 GMT - View all Dawson, YT jobs
          Junior Geophysicist - GroundTruth Exploration - Dawson, YT      Cache   Translate Page      
Must be prepared to work outdoors in challenging terrain and weather conditions, including but not limited to, exposure to rain, heat and cold temperatures....
From GroundTruth Exploration - Fri, 22 Feb 2019 22:57:09 GMT - View all Dawson, YT jobs
          Facilities Attendant - Government of Canada - Dawson, YT      Cache   Translate Page      
Travel to various outdoor sites with some exposure to weather elements. Acting, Assignment, Deployment, Indeterminate, Secondment, Specified period.... $18.63 - $20.25 an hour
From Government of Canada - Mon, 01 Oct 2018 09:04:20 GMT - View all Dawson, YT jobs
          Guest Service Attendant - Northern Lights Resort & Spa - Whitehorse, YT      Cache   Translate Page      
Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions. This will be a very diverse job in a fast paced environment and flexibility in many fields is required.... $20 an hour
From Indeed - Thu, 07 Mar 2019 00:59:24 GMT - View all Whitehorse, YT jobs
          WHO MADE ME?      Cache   Translate Page      
It's been a great day here today. I played tennis for a couple of hours this morning, then went to the gym for a workout. The bay was dead flat so I went for a swim afterwards to cool down. Magic.

I swam around for about 20 minutes and then stepped out to get my phone to take this photo.


That was the good stuff.

The afternoon involved housework - vacuuming carpets, washing floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, dusting, cleaning the car, sweeping outside  + + + + ......

The Old Girl's been away in OZ for a few weeks and returns on Thursday so I've got to get the house in order. I may not get much time tomorrow as I have to take the car into the dealers for its 12 month service. This is an effort as we live a half hour from town. I take the car in at 7.30 and then hope that they do the job and have it ready by 11. I'll have to wander about town for a few hours to fill in time. I hate shopping so I'll probably go to the library and, if the weather is nice like today, mooch around the town basin (waterfront) where there are some nice cafes.

On Thursday morning I get the bus down to Auckland to meet The Old Girl at the airport. I'll stay in Auckland overnight as we're going to see BLANC DE BLANC which is described thus:


The Spiegeltent smash-hit from the acclaimed creators behind Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour, and 2015 Festival hit Limbo, is coming to Auckland!
Come to the place where the champagne sparkles, eyes glimmer, and the sensual and salacious combine for an evening of breathless abandon. BLANC de BLANC brings the finest cabaret and acrobatic talent from around the world, serving a blend of vintage glamour, high-end spectacle, and titillating acts to infatuate and delight.
But be warned: this award-winning show, sold out in London and at Sydney Opera House, contains everything you’d ever want from a burlesque circus. Packed full of incredible physicality, gasp-inducing danger, decadent artistry, hilarious routines, and glittering performances, BLANC de BLANC will be the toast of Auckland’s nightlife come March. Be sure to see what all the fuss is about!
          "A night of glamour, nudity and wonder ... simply unforgettable"

We saw a similar Spiegeltent show about 10 years ago and it was magnificent so I'm looking forward to this.

 Lynn will no doubt go to work on Friday and we get the bus home on Friday night.


I won't have time to ponder WHO MADE ME?.

          Monroe weather today      Cache   Translate Page      
Here's a look at today's forecast.

          Fallen tree blocks route into crematorium as severe weather batters town      Cache   Translate Page      
THE road into Walton Lea Crematorium was blocked by a fallen tree as severe weather conditions battered the town over the weekend.
          Weather warning as gusts of up to 55mph expected this week      Cache   Translate Page      
IF you thought it was bad at the weekend, the wet and windy weather is expected to continue this week.
          Run! Frankie McDonald Says Casper Getting Hit with a Blizzard      Cache   Translate Page      
We have heard the warnings about the possibilities of heavy snow coming to Casper, but now we know it's happening. Why? Because the internet's most famous weather man, Frankie McDonald, says so. Continue reading…
          3/12/2019: NEWS: Stormy weather sparks travel chaos in Germany      Cache   Translate Page      

STORMY weather has caused severe travel disruption in Germany, forcing cancellations and delays to rail and air traffic, particularly in the west of the country. Police said a 47-year-old driver died when a tree fell on his car in Bestwig, about 62...
          Get Ready for Fall, Colder Weather Expected Across Texas Next Week      Cache   Translate Page      
The official first day of fall is September 22 this year, and forecasters are predicting colder temperatures across Texas to match that starting mid next week. Continue reading…
          Update on power pole work in Palmetto Bay. Pole replacement continues in the area of the FPL "easement" area that runs east to west from Old Cutler Road to Southwest 74 Avenue between Southwest 148 Street and Southwest 146 Terrace in Palmetto Bay.       Cache   Translate Page      
FPL has been hard at work on pole replacement in Palmetto Bay in 2019.  I am updating prior reports on this work, including a recent post of February 10, 2019, Report: The FPL Power Pole delivery trucks started rolling into the neighborhood at 8:20 on a quiet Sunday morning.  

This work continues in the area of the FPL "easement" area that runs east to west from Old Cutler Road to Southwest 74 Avenue between Southwest 148 Street and Southwest 146 Terrace in Palmetto Bay. 

FPL has advised that this work is expected to be completed by May 2019.

As posted on the official Palmetto Bay website. (CLICK HERE) to view the official source.
Posted on: March 12, 2019
FPL to Conduct Pole Repairs, Upgrades in Palmetto Bay:
Please see notice below for locations, dates and times from FPL's Area Project Manager: 
Dear Neighbor,
We understand how much you depend on reliable energy and we’re continuously working to make it better. In fact, we’re working on a project in your area that will help improve the reliability of the energy grid in good weather and bad.
This project will require transmission power line pole replacements and upgrades along the existing easement to enhance reliability in Miami-Dade County. The project begins along the easement east to west from Old Cutler Road to Southwest 74 Avenue between Southwest 148 Street and Southwest 146 Terrace in Palmetto Bay. Work is scheduled to begin this month and is expected to be completed by May 2019.
In order to perform the pole replacement and upgrade work, bucket trucks and large cranes will be necessary to access the power line pole structures. The majority of the work will take place between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We will do everything possible to keep any power interruptions to a minimum while this work progresses. Should an outage of 15 minutes or more become necessary to complete the work, we’ll notify you at least five days in advance and provide details at that time.
We pledge to work safely and respectfully in your community, as well as make reasonable efforts to minimize construction-related noise and any other inconveniences to you or your neighbors. We plan to make interim repairs to restore grounds to ensure the safety of the area after the work is completed. We will make permanent repairs once construction is complete. 
Should you have any questions concerning this project, please call 1-800-693-3267, Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Please refer to Cutler-Galloway T19301 Pole Replacement & Upgrade project.
Carlos CandelariaArea Project Manager
I will continue to keep you up to date.
Eugene Flinn

          Fun in The Sun      Cache   Translate Page      
     During winter break Gabriela and her family went to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The weather and air was much nicer there then it was here. They went there because her dad had to work and because they … Continue reading
          Denver’s Office of Emergency Management prepares for Wednesday’s weather      Cache   Translate Page      
DENVER — The Office of Emergency Management for the City and County of Denver has a plan already in motion ahead of Wednesday’s severe weather. When disaster hits, the OEM acts as a command center. It coordinates all of the city’s resources during a large, complex emergency. “Tornadoes, blizzards, all the way to acts of terrorism,” said Ryan Broughton, the executive director of Denver’s OEM. Broughton is in communication with the National Weather Service in Boulder and will have eyes […]
          Mother Nature offers a taste of spring      Cache   Translate Page      

With the official start of spring just a few days away (the spring equinox is at 5:58 p.m. March 20 this year, according to The Old Farmers Almanac) some local youngsters took advantage of warmer weather Tuesday after school hours to enjoy some time on the Hillsboro Elementary Playground. Pictured, from left, are Alex Bennett, […]

The post Mother Nature offers a taste of spring appeared first on Times Gazette.

          China, Ethiopia, Indonesia, European Union ground Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft after crash      Cache   Translate Page      

Ethiopian Airlines(LONDON) -- A growing list of airline carriers and aviation regulators around the world are grounding fleets of the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft in the wake of a crash of the same model that killed all 157 people on board.

A new Boeing 737 Max 8 operated by Ethiopian Airlines went down in clear weather on Sunday morning just minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport in Ethiopia's capital. The American-made jet was headed to Nairobi, Kenya.

A total of 149 passengers and 8 crew members were believed to be on board Flight 302, according to Ethiopian Airlines.

The cause of the crash is under investigation. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) of the United States said it's sending a team of four to assist in the probe. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said it plans to join the NTSB in assisting Ethiopian authorities.

Ethiopian Airlines said two black boxes -- the digital flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder -- have been recovered from the wreckage in the town of Bishoftu, southeast of Addis Ababa.

Another 737 Max 8 crashed into the Java Sea minutes after takeoff from Indonesia on Oct. 29, killing all 189 people on board.

Ethiopian Airlines, the flag carrier of the East African nation, decided to ground its remaining Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft "until further notice."

"Although we don't yet know the cause of the accident, we had to decide to ground the particular fleet as extra safety precaution," the state-owned airline said in a statement early Monday.

Airlines in other countries also have announced the grounding of Boeing 737 Max 8 fleets, including Cayman Airways, the flag carrier airline of the Cayman Islands, South Africa-based airline Comair, Aeromexico, Mexico's flag carrier airline, Aerolineas Argentinas, Argentina's largest airline and flag carrier, Gol, Brazil's largest airline, Royal Air Maroc, Morocco's national carrier, South Korean airline Eastar Jet, Turkish Airlines, Turkey's national flag carrier airline, and Norwegian Air Shuttle, Norway's largest airline.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency on Tuesday suspended all flight operations of Boeing 737 Max 8 and 737 Max 9 aircraft models from flying into or out of Europe, "as a precautionary measure," amid the ongoing investigation into Sunday's crash.

A number of nations had already issued restrictions on the embattled jetliner.

China's aviation regulator has ordered all Chinese airlines to suspend operations of the Boeing 737 Max 8, nearly 96 jets. Using those planes won't resume until "confirming the relevant measures to effectively ensure flight safety," the Civil Aviation Administration of China said in a statement Monday.

Indonesia has temporarily grounded its Boeing 737 Max 8 fleet while aircraft inspections are carried out to ensure "flight-worthy conditions." The country's Directorate General of Civil Aviation has been supervising operations of the 737 Max 8 since the crash in October.

Singapore's aviation regulator has indefinitely banned all Boeing 737 Max aircraft from flying into and out of the country. The suspension affects five airlines, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore said in a statement Tuesday.

Australia has temporarily suspended operations of Boeing 737 Max planes to or from the country. While no Australian airlines operate these aircraft, two foreign airlines fly them to the country, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia said in a statement Tuesday.

Malaysia has also suspended operations of Boeing 737 Max 8 jets flying to or from the country "until further notice."

Oman's aviation regulator has indefinitely banned Boeing 737 Max aircraft from flying into and out of the nation.

The United Kingdom has ordered a suspension on any Boeing 737 Max 8 commercial passenger flights arriving, departing or overlying the country's airspace. The temporary ban is "a precautionary measure," the U.K. Civil Aviation Authoritiy said in a statement Tuesday.

The Irish Aviation Authority has temporarily suspended the entry and exit of all Boeing 737 Max aircraft from Ireland's airspace.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a "continued airworthiness notification to the international community" on Monday evening for Boeing 737 Max 8 operators, signaling confidence in the jetliner.

The Boeing Company said it currently "does not have any basis to issue new guidance to operators" of its 737 Max 8 model.

"We have engaged our customers and regulators on concerns they may have -- and would refer you to them to discuss their operations and decisions," a Boeing spokesperson told ABC News in a statement Monday morning. "Safety is our number one priority and we are taking every measure to fully understand all aspects of this accident, working closely with the investigating team and all regulatory authorities involved. The investigation is in its early stages, but at this point, based on the information available, we do not have any basis to issue new guidance to operators."

In a letter sent to employees later Monday, Boeing's president, chairman and CEO said "the Max family has completed hundreds of thousands of flights safely. We are confident in the safety of the 737 Max."

The Chicago-based aircraft manufacturer has supplied more than 370 Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft to 47 airlines since the model entered service in May 2017. Seventy-two of them are currently flying in the United States, according to Boeing.

At least eight Americans were among those killed. The U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia said it is "working to determine their identities."

ABC News has confirmed with family members that Melvin and Bennett Riffel from Redding, California, Antoine Lewis from Matteson, Illinois, and Matt Vecere, a California resident originally from New Jersey, died in the plane crash.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at least 21 U.N. staff were aboard the doomed flight.

"Our colleagues were women and men -- junior professionals and seasoned officials — hailing from all corners of the globe and with a wide array of expertise," Guterres said Monday. "They all had one thing in common -- a spirit to serve the people of the world and to make it a better place for us all."

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared Monday a national day of mourning.

Boeing said it was "deeply saddened" by the crash.

"We extend our heartfelt sympathies to the families and loved ones of the passengers and crew on board and stand ready to support the Ethiopian Airlines team," the company said in a statement Sunday. "A Boeing technical team will be travelling to the crash site to provide technical assistance under the direction of the Ethiopia Accident Investigation Bureau and U.S. National Transportation Safety Board."

Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

          Comment on Doing Laundry by Hand by Sheila Spencer      Cache   Translate Page      
I spent 4 weeks without my washing machine last summer, so washed clothes everyday instead of letting them stack up. Sometimes in the bath because that was the only place I could access water. and sometimes in the hand basin. I quite often wash a few things buy hand anyway. Luckily we had some lovely weather to be able to dry the clothes outside because I couldn't spin them. I always dry my clothes outdoor when the weather is fine.
           Comment on The AI Revolution: Our Immortality or Extinction by mondosinistro       Cache   Translate Page      
To think that having infinite information processing capability (a subset of which, we'll assume, is ASI) confers infinite power is exactly how I would expect a person who is highly involved with IT to think. Of course, it pleases us to see things this way. The conditions of today's world are such that it certainly tends to look as if information can get you anything you want. But it isn't necessarily so. It's not hard to think of things that are not possible, no matter how much intelligence you have. You cannot predict the weather a month in advance. You cannot travel faster than light (as far as we know). You cannot travel to the Earth's core. You cannot predict what the stock market will do, in detail, next week. You cannot make a nuclear bomb (or a power reactor) the size of an Oreo. The laws of Nature set limits that IT cannot violate just by flipping more logic gates. In fact, there may be limits on intelligence itself. I've never heard anyone suggest this, but we don't know that there are no limits. At a certain level of intelligence, a sentient being may be able to think every kind of thought that can be thought, and from there it's only a question of speed, reliability, and other conventional attributes of performance. A somewhat parallel matter that also strikes me as a geek conceit is the nightmare scenario of "grey goo." Evolution has been honing life for billions of years, constantly trying vast numbers of experiments. And in all that time, it has not even gone am appreciable distance toward a species that can eat EVERYTHING. On the contrary, every form of life is adapted to a specific range of environments. It is by no means clear that creating a Grey Goo is possible at all. Am I suggesting that everything is all right, and we can just relax and proceed with BAU? Not at all. But let's try to map out the possibility space with some careful analysis, rather than getting caught up in hysteria.
          Clinique | Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Hydrator Collection: Review      Cache   Translate Page      
Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and the products featured were provided for review.
Clinique | Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Hydrator Collection: Review
In hopes of optimizing my skincare, I love mixing serums, oils, and creams to create the ultimate combination. So imagine my excitement when Clinique released the new Clinique iD™Custom Blend Hydrator Collection ($47 CAD for 125 ml). Housed in a unique, patent-pending packaging that keeps the active concentrate in a separate cartridge from the moisturizer base to ensure freshness and integrity, the Clinique iD™ offers 15 different custom blends that target various skin needs and concerns. I've got reviews of a few options from the collection to share with you today. To read on, click......
Clinique | Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Cartridges: Review
Clinique iD™| Active Cartridge Concentrates
The Clinique iD™ Custom Blend Hydrator is available in 15 different variations. To start, select from the three available moisturizer bases (115 ml): the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+™, the Dramatically Different Oil-Control Gel, and the Dramatically Different Hydrating Gel (reviewed here). Next, select from one of the five Active Cartridge Concentrates (10 ml): Irritation (Green), Pores & Uneven Texture (Blue), Uneven Skin Tone (White), Fatigue (Orange), and Lines & Wrinkles (Purple).
Clinique | Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Cartridges: Review
Clinique iD™| Active Cartridge Concentrate for Fatigue
It's worth noting that although all the moisturizer bases are part of the core collection at Clinique and can be purchased on their own, the Active Cartridge Concentrates are not for individual sale. When you buy your Clinique iD™ Custom Blend Hydrator, the base and the cartridge are packaged separately and easily assembled. The packaging for the moisturizer base features an extra-wide opening to accommodate the screw-on cartridge so even if you happen to have an original Dramatically Different Hydrating Gel or Lotion at home, it won't be compatible with the Active Cartridge Concentrate.
Clinique | Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Cartridges: Review
Clinique iD™| Active Cartridge Concentrate for Fatigue
I'm a sucker for cool packaging so the Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Hydrator bottle immediately captured my interest. As you can see in the images above, each cartridge contains a sealed compartment wherein the active concentrate is stored. An extra straw extends from the pump so when the dual-nozzle is pressed, the moisturizer base and the active concentrate is dispensed at the same time. I had some trouble getting the active concentrate to dispense properly at first. However, after a few test pumps, both sides came out smoothly. I've not finished any of these to see whether or not the ratio of concentrate to moisturizer is appropriately matched but by the looks of it, a small amount of concentrate is dispensed per pump so the cartridge should last until the very last drops of the moisturizer base.
Clinique | Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Hydrators | Dramatically Different Jelly + Lines & Wrinkles Cartridge: Review
Clinique iD™| Dramatically Different Hydrating Gel + Lines & Wrinkles Cartridge
As all three moisturizer bases (Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+™, Oil-Control Gel, and Hydrating Gel) are pre-existing products, I'll focus mostly on the three cartridges I received here, starting with the Active Cartridge Concentrate for Fatigue (Orange). Formulated with glycolic acid, caffeine, salicylic acid, green tea extract, Lactobacillus ferment, and taurine (amino acid), the Fatigue Concentrate has a thin runny texture and is tinted orange. I paired mine with the lightweight Hydrating Gel for daytime use and the two offers a brightening, non-greasy hydration that works great as a base for makeup.

Ingredients: Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycolic Acid, Pentylene Glycol, Caffeine, Sodium RNA, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, Adenosine Phosphate, Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Acetyl Carnitine HCL, Phospholipids, Lactobacillus Ferment, Caprylyl Glycol, Taurine, Hexylene Glycol, Sodium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum, Stearic Acid, Disodium EDTA, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Red 4 (Ci 14700), Yellow 5 (Ci 19140).
Clinique | Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Hydrators | Dramatically Hydrating Gel + Fatigue Cartridge: Review
Clinique iD™| Dramatically Different Hydrating Gel + Fatigue Cartridge
Next up is the Active Cartridge Concentrate for Uneven Skin Tone (White). Designed to reduce discoloration and provide a smoother, more even skin tone, this concentrate contains ascorbyl glucoside (a stable form of vitamin C), caffeine, extracts of Japanese Angelica root, apple, cucumber, and a handful of other botanical extracts. The formulation is texturally similar to the other two concentrates with the exception that it is untinted. I paired it one with the Oil-Control Gel and it is hands down my favorite out of the three. I'm not sure if it's just the Dramatically Different Oil-Control Gel that's so awesome or if it's the concentrate that makes the difference but either way, the combination of the two provides a dreamy texture and ample hydration that last all day. Especially since the weather has been dry, the nourishing formulation provides that extra bit of moisturization without feeling heavy or greasy.

Ingredients: Water, Butylene Glycol, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Caffeine, Angelica Acutiloba (Japanese Angelica) Root Extract, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Molasses Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Salicylic Acid, Phospholipids, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Stearic Acid, Caprylyl Glycol, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Sodium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum, Taurine, Sodium Citrate, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Sulfite, Sodium Metabisulfite, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol.
Clinique | Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Hydrators | Dramatically Different Oil-Control Gel + Uneven Skin Tone Cartridge: Review
Clinique iD™| Dramatically Different Oil-Control Gel + Uneven Skin Tone Cartridge
Last but not least is the Active Cartridge Concentrate for Lines & Wrinkles (Purple). With whey protein, extracts of sweet almond seed, caffeine, and red algae extract, the Lines & Wrinkles concentrate is runny, lightweight, and purple-tinted. This version promises to instantly smooth the look of skin and help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with long-term use. I paired mine with the Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly and I have to say that out of the three, this one provided the least noticeable result. The concentrate didn't seem to add much to the already great moisturizer base but its result may be better exemplified with a heavier base such as the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+™.

Ingredients: Water, Butylene Glycol, Whey Protein, Pentylene Glycol, Glycerin, Sodium Citrate, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Seed Extract, Caffeine, Porphyridium Cruentum Extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Micrococcus Lysate, Pullulan, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Taurine, Hexylene Glycol, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Lecithin, Xanthan Gum, Carbomer, Polysorbate 20, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Blue 1 (Ci 42090), Red 33 (Ci 17200).
Clinique | Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Hydrators | Dramatically Different Jelly + Lines & Wrinkles Cartridge: Review
Clinique iD™| Dramatically Different Hydrating Gel + Lines & Wrinkles Cartridge
Overall I like this collection quite a bit. I'm all for mixing boosters and concentrates with my moisturizers so the fact that the Clinique iD™ system has everything built-in makes things easy and convenient. If you are already a fan of one (or all) of the three Clinique moisturizers, then it's definitely worth trying as the price difference is only $11 CAD. My personal recommendation is the Dramatically Different Oil-Control Gel + Active Cartridge Concentrate for Uneven Skin Tone (White) for the ultimate lightweight hydration that also works great as a makeup base. Have you spotted this collection in stores? Are you a fan of skincare boosters? Share with me in the comments below!

Clinique is available at Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, Hudson's Bay, and

          Airlines turn to other jets to weather Boeing 737 MAX storm      Cache   Translate Page      
Groundings of brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets have sent shockwaves through global aviation after a crash in Ethiopia, but many airlines are managing to keep to schedule with other jets while economic woes mean some may be grateful for a pause.
           Comment on California to activate National Guard to help reduce wildfire risk by Brian       Cache   Translate Page      
I think bean is right. Poor planning on the part of communities has led to a widespread problem in areas of California and also Colorado. I'm sure it's like that in a lot of areas out west because of demand from people who want to live in these areas because of the warmer weather or beautiful surroundings or both. Governments need to listen to the experts on the subject of building in zones where fire and soil erosion is predominant.
          Bláthanna Earraigh, wanderlust agus medieval manuscripts       Cache   Translate Page      
Céad tulips san Earrach
Tá céad bheos an Earraigh i sa ghairdín.  The beginning of Márta has been typical in that we've had unseasonably warm weather followed by snow, freezing gaoth mhór agus fliuch.  The last two weeks d'Fheabhra were so warm it was nearly a shame to go to Málaga during the mid-term break and miss the fine weather anseo.

I've been keen to explore Andalucia, namely for the Moorish architecture and influence still tangible in this part of Spain. Málaga does not disappoint. My daughter and I had great fun walking around the Alcazaba - a (medieval) Moorish palace with brilliant views of the city and sea. We also spent a few hours in a Hammam spa (Arabic baths) which includes various hot, tepid, cold plunge pools, a steam room and massage.  Honestly, the interior was the most gorgeous I've ever seen in a spa. Every community should have one.

The detail on this building *swoons*

Proper paella

Looking up at the Alcazaba
We returned to a very mild Dublin drenched in sun.  The weather has turned, since, but that hasn't stopped Spring's presence in the garden.  The narcissi have been up and are nearly gone, now.  It wasn't a bad year for the hyacinths although they're definitely not as great in subsequent years, unlike the narcissi and tulips.  The first round of tulips started to bloom this week.  I have three waves of tulips in the garden which should carry us through to meán Bealtaine.



Miniature Hyacinths
I think I've sussed the trick to cultivating thriving verbena bonariensis - I have definitely been cutting it back too far and too soon.  This winter I just left the old growth and now the new growth on that is impressive.  Also starting to come up is the new peony growth.  Its amazing that these plants will basically go from nothing to a full bush within two months.  The cherry blossom trees are nearly ready to bloom.
Cherry blossom buds
The roses look good so far.  I've noticed some green fly on new growth which I hope the cold weather has discouraged. The wisteria is starting to bud which is excellent, I'm really excited about training it over the next few years.  The bleeding hearts are starting to come up and the allium growth is in good leaf.  There are still some over-wintered leeks, cabbage and beetroot which is fantastic.  I'm harvesting some today for soup and stir fry.
Leeks and cabbage amongst the tulips
I've been weeding the garden through the winter which is a great time to do it as everything's died back and even the weeds aren't growing very quickly.  So I'm going to keep that up, my big jobs at the moment are mainly structural - adding trellising and possibly painting the garden walls.  I'm also putting an order into the Johnstown Garden Centre (they deliver!) for organic chicken poo pellets to fertilise the veg beds, more clematis and perhaps some Boston Ivy.  The garden shines through an t-Earrach agus an tSamhraidh ach I need to add some variety and colour for an Fhómhair.

In addition to keeping an eye on the garden I was also lucky this past week to attend a medieval Irish manuscript conference at the Royal Irish Academy, which was fantastically impressive.  My post-graduate degree is in Medieval History, I try to keep a toe in the bath even though I do not work in the field professionally.

Sin é.  This weekend I'm finishing week 4 of DCU's Irish 102 and starting Irish 103.  I can only highly recommend this online course.  Its free, easy to use and perhaps most importantly, explains concepts and particulars in a manner that WORKS.  I'm also focusing on a self-imposed challenge via Goodreads to read 40 books this year.  I'm 4 1/2 in so I need to really pull the finger out and finish another 5 before the end of this month.  Gah!

Here's sending good thoughts that everyone has enough space in their schedule to be able to cultivate peace and love in your life. Maireann croí éadrom i bhfad.

          News 6 meteorologist Samara Cokinos talks severe weather to local students      Cache   Translate Page      

Down winding hallways filled with children heading to their classrooms, News 6 meteorologist Samara Cokinos headed toward a room full of eager students ready to learn.

She walked through the door to find 58 smiling and curious little faces looking up at her. The weeklong anticipation was over and it was time to talk all about severe weather to a group of young minds.

With graphics displayed on the screen behind her, she began talking about all the crazy weather that happens in Florida.

Immediately, hands went up in the air from all sides of the room. The room was loud with excitement for science. This is something Cokinos says she remembered feeling once when she was their age.

Teachers had to quiet their excitement with a cool chant "yo yo" and the children replied "Galileo" and calmed down. 

To her surprise, the group of 7-8-year-olds knew a lot about lightning, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail and hurricanes. They shared stories about their weather experiences and even talked about other sciences including volcanology and geology.

The questions were over and the bell rang. Nearly an hour had flown by.

The kids turned and said loudly, "Thank you Ms. Cokinos." Some dashed to their next special subject and others hugged Cokinos' waist before heading to the playground. 

As she left the school, she had one more thing to do: take pictures to reveal the answer to the poll in Monday's STEM article.

News 6 reporter Mark Lehman was there to help out and even take a minute to join in a school selfie.

So, what school did you vote for? If it was Galileo School of Gifted Learning, you chose correctly.

Be sure to be on the lookout for future stories that may have a poll to to find out what school Cokinos will head to next. You never know where she will end up. 

          Global climate projections help civil engineers plan      Cache   Translate Page      
From:  The Guardian 

NOTE:  Relevant to the use of Geopolymers

 Spaghetti Junction near Birmingham, England. Photograph: Jason Hawkes/Getty Images

A new study helps civil engineers account for ongoing climate change in infrastructure design

People who work on building infrastructure understand the risks of climate change. As the Earth warms, new stresses are applied to our buildings, bridges, roads, houses, and other structures. Some of the obvious threats to infrastructure are from extreme weather including heat waves, storms, and intense rainfalls. There are some other less obvious threats, and many of the threats vary by location.
Regardless, the planning for infrastructure relies upon a reasonable estimation of future climate changes. To help quantify such an estimate for the civil engineering community, a recent paper was published by the Institution of Civil Engineering Journal of Forensic Engineering (I was fortunate to be a coauthor). The article was prepared with the collaboration of Dr. Michael Mann from Penn State University and Dr. Lijing Cheng from the Chinese Institute of Atmospheric Physics
The paper in question does not uncover new facts. We didn’t discover past warming that wasn’t known. We didn’t create new predictions that were previously uncreated. Rather, we assembled available information to provide a solid basis that can be used for future plans involving infrastructure.  MORE

          Delivery- Relief Route Sales Driver (FT/Days/CDL A Required)      Cache   Translate Page      
CO-Colorado Springs, Fills in as the primary store-level sales person that sells and delivers products to stores over an established route to regular customers, including convenience and gas stores, small supermarkets, drug stores, restaurants, etc. Drives a Class A CDL required delivery vehicle across a wide variety of weather conditions and brings product into the store as it is sold. Responsible for generating sale
          Flood watch issued for Fox River      Cache   Translate Page      
A flood watch has been issued by the National Weather Service for the Fox River in Western Kenosha County. The river is expected to rise rapidly starting Wednesday afternoon, cresting at 14.9 feet Saturday morning. If that level is reached, it would be the third highest crest recorded and the highest since the record crest […]
          A word from our sponsors: Westosha Senior Community Center hosting rummage sale and corned beef dinner March 15      Cache   Translate Page      
Note: Westosha Senior Community Center is a sponsor. This is a paid announcement. — DH Corned Beef? It MUST be SPRING! Spring weather or not, join the Westosha Senior Community Center on Friday, March 15 and savor this traditional Irish favorite featuring “best I’ve ever eaten!” corned beef and cabbage. This year you can […]
          Threat of Extended Flooding in the Midwest, Rockies and Great Plains      Cache   Translate Page      
Here is the latest from the National Weather Service:

But, the above map may be very conservative. This tweet came in at 7pm CDT.
This flooding in off the map in southwest South Dakota. All of this moisture and snow is present even before tomorrow's storm drops more heavy snow on the region.

Don't consider this information merely "interesting." If you live anywhere near a river,  I recommending you begin planning, perhaps by consulting your local emergency manager. Once these rivers begin flooding, they will stay above flood stage for a considerable period of time.

ADDITION: Just after I finished the above, the Governor of Nebraska issued a State of Emergency for Flooding for that state. [721p CST]

SECOND UPDATE: The snowpack in Breckenridge, Colorado, today as demonstrated by nephew Parker.
This at the base of the mountain with much more at the top. In addition, more very heavy snow will fall tonight through Wednesday night.
          (USA-KY-Bowling Green) Food Safety Technician      Cache   Translate Page      
Food Safety TechnicianApply now » Apply now Start + Please wait... Apply now ×Apply for Job × × × Enter your email to apply Date:Mar 12, 2019 Location:Bowling Green, KY, US Work that matters, fueled by passion for pets! At Hill’s we have a purpose. Every day around the world, we transform the lives of millions of pet families through pioneering innovation, amazing nutrition, and the best and brightest people. Founded more than 75 years ago with an unwavering commitment to pet nutrition, Hills' mission is to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. HILL'S® Prescription Diet® therapeutic pet foods, HILL'S® Science Diet® and HILL'S® Ideal Balance™ wellness pet foods are sold worldwide. Hill’s is a division of Colgate-Palmolive, a leading global consumer products company, tightly focused on Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care and Pet Nutrition, with sales of products in more than 200 countries. To learn more about Hill's and Colgate, please visithttp://www.hillspet.comand, or find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States No Relocation Assistance Offered # 72660 Position Purpose: The Food Safety Technician serves as the primary support for Bowling Green’s Food Safety program and regulatory compliance, ensures that the facility and all equipment is production ready by verifying all required cleaning and sanitization processes, monitors the Cleaning and Sanitation Service to ensure performance is to standard, and supports the execution of the Bowling Green Plant’s Quality Systems and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). This position will also have primary responsibility for implementing and maintaining food safety principles, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), sanitization, current Good Manufacturing Practices, Integrated Pest Management, and environmental programs. In addition, this position will have primary responsibility as the backup for food safety document review, document management, and regulatory compliance. Let's talk about Responsibilities: + Performs ATP and microbiological sampling for the established environmental program and cleaning and sanitization verification using aseptic technique. Troubleshoots issues and provides corrective actions for sanitation non-conformances + Develops and implements Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to ensure compliance with plant, corporate and regulatory agency policies. Assists in writing or modifying procedures related to the HACCP prerequisite programs to support food safety compliance. + Performs inspections of the entire facility for sanitation, pest control, and other food safety related issues. Including assigning tasks and following up on issues found. + Assists in the root-cause analysis, corrective actions, and preventive measures for Food Safety nonconformance’s and all-encompassing documentation + Responsible for updating the Food Safety KPIs and collaborate with the internal plant teams on continuous improvement and compliance initiatives to regulatory standards + Assists in the scheduling and coordination of the various Food Safety Plans to drive continuous improvement and compliance to the industry standards. + Participates in the development and review of prerequisite programs, Food Safety Site Plan, Master Sanitation Plan, and Weekend Food Safety activities. + Assists with the Bowling Green plant HACCP program by reviewing, updating, documenting compliance, and training to the plant. + Executes quality and food safety training to all plant employees. Monitor and track all training to completion. + Collaborates with the integrated pest management professional and documents findings, corrective actions, and preventive measures. Responsible for tracking and trending of the pest captured, findings, and reporting of results + Understands and comply with Hill’s policies, safety standards, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Food Safety. Identifies and reports Food Safety issues to management. This is not an exhaustive list of duties or functions. Expected Areas of Skills: + Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal) + Proficient knowledge of HACCP, GMPs, and SPC + Proficient in reviewing and interpreting microbiological data + Excellent ability to multi-task and prioritize duties + Proficient computer skills including; Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and SAP + Excellent ability to understand and apply finance and accounting principles + Excellent at identifying the underlying principles, reasons, or facts of information by breaking down information or data into separate parts + Excellent attention to detail + Excellent at using relevant information and individual judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with laws, regulations, or standards + Must be able to to bend, climb, crawl, work in confined spaces, work in hazardous condition spaces, work in extreme weather conditions, use hazardous materials as needed, lift up to 50 lbs on continual basis, and operate mechanical lifts and ladders What you need for this position: + Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology or a related field required + At least 1 year of experience in a manufacturing facility + Strong knowledge of Statistical Process Control (SPC). + Working knowledge of SAP, Google + Ability to work any shift including weekends + Ability to wear all required Fall Protection Equipment and other PPE + Ability to bend, climb, crawl, work in confined spaces, work in hazardous condition spaces, work in extreme weather conditions, use hazardous materials and lift up to 50 lbs on continual basis + Ability to work in a standard office environment It’s an advantage to have: + 1 + year of previous quality/food safety experience as applicable to all aspects of Food manufacturing is preferred. + Knowledge of HACCP with previous experience utilizing HACCP principles preferred. + Knowledge of SQF (Safe Quality Food) principles and requirements as it relates to pet food manufacturing. + Previous supervisory work experience. + Previous auditing experience working with AIB, SQF, FDA, or USDA. + Working knowledge of statistical software packages preferred. Are you interested in working for Hill's Pet Nutrition? You can apply to work with us using this online application. Attach all relevant documents such as a cover letter and resume or CV. Applications received by e-mail are not considered in the selection process. Become part of our team. We look forward to your application. Equal Opportunity Employer Colgate is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, marital status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Nearest Major Market:Bowling GreenJob Segment:Technician, Food Safety, Maintenance, Law, ERP, Technology, Quality, Manufacturing, Legal
          Yuba battles rain with new Cargo Canopy for Supermarché cargo bike      Cache   Translate Page      

Yuba makes a great range of cargo bikes, including their front-loader Supermarché – available in standard and electric-assist models. But.. what if it rains? Use a tarp? Stay inside? Come home with wet groceries? If you add their new Cargo Canopy accessory, you can keep riding through inclement weather – with your passengers or cargo […]

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          Dense Fog, Wind, and Flood Advisories posted across the region      Cache   Translate Page      
The National Weather Service has now posted Dense Fog, Wind, and Flood Advisories across the KJAN listening area for the next two days. Here is a look at the rundown of those latest additions to the weather situation in the Nishna Valley. The National Weather Service in Omaha has issued a * Flood Advisory for […]
          What Is C.J. Mosley Trying To Say?      Cache   Translate Page      

UPDATED 8:02 a.m. – Joe isn’t sure how to decipher this but it seems that stud free agent linebacker C.J. Mosley has had it with playing in a cold-weather city. In an Instagram Stories video captured by Barstool Sports either […]

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          Storm Gareth: Heavy rain and 55mph winds to batter region Met Office warns      Cache   Translate Page      
STORM Gareth will bring potentially destructive weather to the North-East on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Met Office has said.
          Adriana on "WIW black and pale pink"      Cache   Translate Page      

Angie wanted to see my blush coat. But that has to wait. The lovely spring weather turned to autumn and I needed my waterproof coat. In between gail winds, hail and rain we managed to take a walk. The next day I wore my blush skirt for dinner with friends.
Coat very old, in need of replacement.

          I want the sun to shine!      Cache   Translate Page      

I want the sun to shine
because it's just a state of mind

I want the sun to shine
because he's a friend of mine

I want the sun to shine
cause when you'll come I want a summertime

I missed my train again
now call me miss train
cause i'm obviously not miss brain

i'ts a cloudy day again
my head is full of rain
cause it' stormy weather since my man and I ain't together

I always miss my trains
but not as much as I miss you

and I'm waiting for the next train
Waiting for it as I wait for you
and my head fills itself of rain

when it will be full
I don't want to let it go and cry
I prefer ask the sun to shine
and let my brain dry dry dry

          3/12/2019: Sport: Sunshine break for Gunners      Cache   Translate Page      
ARSENAL will face Al-Nasr on March 26 as part of a warmweather training stint in Dubai. The Gunners will head to the Emirate during the forthcoming international break to prepare for the Premier League run-in and — they hope — the latter stages of the...
          These 3D-printed homes can be built for less than $4,000 in just 24 hours      Cache   Translate Page      

New Story printable homes 7

  • Last March, the 3D printing company Icon produced a 350-square-foot tiny home that cost $10,000 and took just 48 hours hours to build.
  • The company was confident that it could print a larger structure in just 24 hours for even less — around $4,000 — since the printer wasn't running at full speed. 
  • A year after its prototype was released, Icon is now selling an upgraded version of its 3D printer.

Printable homes represent the latest wave in construction, but they're not always cheap or easy to build.

In March, New Story, a housing nonprofit based in San Francisco, and Icon, a construction-technology company that designs 3D printers, defied these stereotypes by producing a $10,000 tiny home in just 48 hours.

Icon called the structure "the first permitted, 3D-printed home in America."

Read more: A French family just became the first to permanently live in a 3D-printed home

At 350 square feet, the house was far cheaper than the average tiny home, which has a price tag hovering at around $25,000, but can often reach six figures. Before using 3D-printing technology, it took New Story eight months to build 100 homes, each costing about $6,000.

While the prototype was being developed, Icon's printer, known as the Vulcan, was running at only 25% speed. That gave the companies confidence that they could build a 600- to 800-square-foot home in just 24 hours for $4,000 or less.

When it comes to producing an average-sized home — around 2,000 square feet — the savings aren't quite as stark. A year after releasing its $10,000 prototype in Austin, Texas, Icon told the Wall Street Journal that printing a 2,000-square-foot home would cost around $20,000.  

More remarkable is the fact that the company's upgraded printer, the Vulcan II, is now available for purchase, and could soon be used to produce affordable homes in places like Austin and Latin America. 

Icon's first 3D model offers a glimpse of what the machine could produce in the future. Take a look. 

SEE ALSO: This 24-year-old uses a 3D printer to make prosthetic limbs for people in the world's poorest countries

The Vulcan II can produce a home seamlessly onsite, without having to piece together individual units.

The printer churns out layers of cement, which amass to form the walls of the home. Non-printed fixtures like doors and windows are installed later. 

The Vulcan II is capable of producing walls that are up to eight-and-a-half feet tall and up to 28 feet wide.

The printer is designed to be mobile and weighs about 3,800 pounds.

The Vulcan II is operated by a tablet, which means only a few workers are required to produce a 3D home. 

It's also made to withstand rural weather conditions, meaning it could operate during a power shortage or without access to potable water.

The home's cement mixture is also able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

          Wednesday’s UK weather forecast — feeling cold with strong winds and showers heavy in places      Cache   Translate Page      
STORM Gareth brings strong winds across the country and blustery showers in northern areas. Winds will slowly ease through with rain spreading from the west, heavy at times. In the evening, there’ll be clear spells in the east at first with any lingering showers fading. UK weather forecast for 6am on Wednesday March 13 UK […]
          Wednesday’s London weather forecast — blustery and feeling cold with showers easing as the day progresses      Cache   Translate Page      
BLUSTERY with heavy showers at first due to Storm Gareth, but also sunny spells. Showers fizzing out during the morning to leave a dry and bright afternoon, still breezy. Less cold than Tuesday, but still chilly in the wind. Maximum Temperature 10 °C. Dry and breezy in the evening at first with clear spells, but clouding […]
          Spring Maintenance Tasks For Your Furnace      Cache   Translate Page      

The last thing you may be thinking about in spring is your home's furnace, but after a busy winter season your heater needs some timely maintenance. Taking the time to tend to these basic chores in spring, at the end of the heating season, means your system will be ready to fire up with no hassles next fall.

Maintenance Task #1: Change Out the Filter

Don't forget to replace the filter in the furnace when you are turning it off for the final time in spring. This way dust and dirt won't be sitting inside your furnace all summer, which can increase the chances of a musty odor when you turn on the furnace in the fall. If you have a reusable filter, remove it and rinse it out thoroughly. Let it dry before replacing it inside the furnace.

Maintenance Task #2: Perform a Diagnostic Check

This is much simpler than it sounds. Crank on the furnace one last time and check that it is performing well. Are all rooms heating evenly? Is it warming the house to the thermostat setting before it shuts off? Do you smell any odd odors, or hear any noises? Stand near the furnace when it's running and make sure there's no banging, clunking, or other noises that may indicate a problem. Discovering problems in spring gives you all summer to make the repairs, so you won't be rushed or left without heat when the weather turns cold in autumn.

Maintenance Task #3: Close the Vents

Closing off the vents in the spring can prevent dust and debris from settling inside of them over the summer. This in turns means cleaner vents and less stale odors when you fire the system on again in the fall. You can only close the vents if your furnace and AC system use different vents. Furnace vents are typically located on the floor, while AC vents are usually near the ceiling. Most floor vents have a knob you can use to close them, or you can insert a sheet of plastic beneath the vent cover. Just remember to remove it before turning the heating system back on.

Maintenance Task #4: Schedule a Tune-Up

Furnaces should be tuned-up annually. A heating repair technician will make sure the wiring is secure and working properly, check the thermostat and recalibrate it if necessary, and then do an all-over inspection to catch any problems early, before a major repair is necessary. Tune-up services are at a premium in late summer and fall, since everyone is calling to schedule at this time. Take care of it in spring and you won't be put on a long wait list, since fewer people are calling furnace techs at this time of year.

          Beneficial Ways To Get Through Your Next Move Without Stressing As Much      Cache   Translate Page      

When you have to move into a new home, you may be going through a lot of stress. In order to make this whole process less difficult to get through, you can take these steps.

Utilize a Moving Cart

If you move large pieces of furniture or boxes by hand, you risk throwing your neck or back out. A much safer way to move large objects is to put them on a moving cart. This piece of equipment has 4 swivel casters which make moving this cart around easy. Made from durable steel, these carts can support a lot of weight. This lets you load up a lot of items, so you don't have to take as many trips.

You can rent these carts out, and you can get ones that have rubber on the surface. This surface helps objects retain their grip, so they are not prone to falling off the cart while it's in motion.

Rent a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

During the move, you may realize that you don't need all of your possessions. While you decide on what to do with these things, you can store them in a climate controlled storage unit. These units are enclosed in a building, and they are kept at a specific temperature. This is important because it prevents sensitive items, such as documents and old fabric, from damaging.

Since these units are enclosed, you don't have to worry about weather elements or pests being a problem. A lot of these units also have security cameras around them – giving you a peace of mind while your possessions are stored in a unit.

Get Help From a Local Moving Company

Moving can be extremely taxing both mentally and physically. To help you manage everything better, you can get help from a local moving company, like Wheaton World Wide Moving. A team of professionals will come out and move your items into a large moving truck. These trucks often have lights on the inside – which lets the crew safely move your possessions even if it's completely dark outside.

Local moving companies also have access to a lot of specialized tools and equipment, such as safety belts, steel dollies and forearm lifting straps. All of these things help the crew move your items in a safe, efficient manner. These companies can even give you a free quote in advance – so you can prepare financially for the move in advance.

In order to get through a move without having to stress as much, you can take these steps. They will help you get into your new home or apartment as quickly as possible. 

          “PennDOT to Rebuild Rt. 283 Interchange with Rt. 722, State Road; 2-year project will widen State Road, replace bridges over Amtrak and Route 283.”      Cache   Translate Page      
Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced today that on Monday night, March 18, weather permitting, its contractor will place barrier closing the right shoulder along eastbound and westbound Route 283 and shift traffic toward the median in each direction through the Route 722, State Road interchange in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster […]
          Magnitude 5.1 earthquake rocks New Taipei      Cache   Translate Page      
An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.1 on the Richter scale hit New Taipei in northern Taiwan at 4:19 a.m. Wednesday, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).
          Alaskan Truck Simulator       Cache   Translate Page      

Alaskan Truck Simulator
A new Truck game "Alaskan Truck Simulator" will be released on Steam soon no release date yet. It is developed by Westend Studioin in cooperation with Discovery. As a trucker get behind the wheels of huge machines and into the boots of the Alaskan truckers, challenge dangerous and cold climate. It have Dynamic weather system with Day/Night cycle and Survival system with wildlife, etc. More info at steam.
          Flash back mods for old 18 Wos truck games      Cache   Translate Page      
It was year 2004 that all modding begun for 18 Wos truck games. Time goes fast 12 years has gone since that time. Some of the good old days mods are forgotten. I will post some picture of the special mods to remember them. There is more mods i can not post all here, tt will take a lot of pages. It nice to look back to see and remember this old mods again. Just do not forget that all this mods was not possible without help and plugin from Zmodeler2 program Back in the old days there was no Blender plugins from Scs and was no modding Wiki.

18 Wos Haulin
Optimus Prime pete
Optimus Prime pete by VanDeNiggo & evh5150vanhalen made in 2008
It replace the standard p385 truck. It's not standalone. It's based on the real Peterbilt truck in transformers movie. 

Euro Truck Simulator
Toyota LandCruiser 60 (1987) Toyota LandCruiser 60 (1987) Drivable Off Road Car made in 2008 Converted by Cristinel and 3dartpol. It Replaces Renault Magnum C truck and It has own interior!

18 Wos Convoy
European double trailers combo by 3dartpolEuropean double trailers combo by 3dartpol. It can pivot in 2 point. It's not a tandem. I did made in 2006-02-07.

18 Wos Pedal to the Metal
Smoke ModDarker Smoke by Ken Worth
It makes the smoke more darker

18 Wos Pedal to the Metal
Showroom mod
Showroom mod by hardtruckisthebest made in year 2005 as you see in picture it add grass and tree to background of showroom...

18 Wos Pedal to the Metal 
Fog Storm weather mod for pttm
Fog Storm weather mod for pttm
It did add fog to some area of the map

18 Wos Across America
Mack-R truck by 3dartpolMack-R truck by 3dartpol
I was the first to make truck mods for AA game thanks to Zmodeler2 program without it it was not possible.

18 Wos Across America
P379 dumper truck for AA by 3dartpol
P379 dumper truck for AA by 3dartpol for 18 Wos Across America game. I got inspiration from the old Atari Driver game has similar truck.

For more mods and download see this blog post:

          Book Review: Scavenger Hunt      Cache   Translate Page      
Cass is the main character in the story and she goes on a scavenger hunt with her friends, Lex and Nicholas. Everything is going well until she looks at the shed and discovers the weather vane is not there. Also, her friend Carmella from the retirement home has lost her locket. Cass and her friends […]
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To be honest I realize the need but wasn't aware of a law. I'm aware of weight restriction laws but not in terms of weather related conditions. Continue reading…
          Photography Competition // February      Cache   Translate Page      

NEW for 2019… We love our photography here at 2xs and are always getting snappy down at the beach either capturing some watersports action or extreme weather conditions. We would LOVE to see some more photography from our friends of 2XS (members and non-members). So in 2019 we are launching a series of photography mini […]

The post Photography Competition // February appeared first on 2XS.

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Press Release – New Zealand Police If youre driving in the rain, there are several things you can do to help keep yourself and others safe on our roads: Police are urging drivers to take extra care on the roads in Taranaki today. Weather conditions are poor in many parts of the region. The roads […]
          Comment on Rustic Farmer’s Bread by Natalie      Cache   Translate Page      
I tried this recipe and got an overall good result, but the instructions were honestly quite unclear and the process caused me a lot of frustration. I hope you can help me with a few questions I have about this recipe. First, when you say room temperature, what exactly do you mean, since climate and weather can cause these to vary. Second is the moister content of the dough, I understand a good bread dough is meant to be wet, but in the first step of making the dough it says to kneed until it is smooth and does not stick to the sides, which I can only assume means forming into a ball around the dough hook, like other bread recipes. However, I used the lowest amount of liquid (the sponge, 2/3 cup of water and 1/3 cup of milk) and the dough was so runny it always stuck to the sides. The wording on some of the steps could have been better as well, such as the folding, saying it had to rest for 30 minutes twice near the end, as it was honestly hard to follow when going through one step after another. Thank you for this nice recipe, I appreciate any feedback you can give and hope it answers questions for others who had trouble.
          Weather warnings in place across Ireland as Storm Gareth arrives      Cache   Translate Page      
Gusts of up to 80mph were recorded on Tuesday at Malin Head in Co Donegal.
          Day 29: Colosseo Roma      Cache   Translate Page      
The skies opened up and dropped enough weather on Rome to close one of the airports and cancel a bunch of flights from the other, leaving E in quite a predicament. I ventured out in the morning, in the downpour, to try to find something for breakfast, but the little store across the way wasn’t […]
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Today was a beautiful day .. weather great -- time spent with friends..

I picked up my friend Nancy and we headed out of town. Shopping at a couple of favorites stores in a small town near by is always a fun time.

several people commented that they were snowed in, and we've been battered by stormy winds and torrential downpours - not the kind of weather you want to bask in! However, this though...
           Comment on Why the Rome Temple was “The Biggest Challenge I’ve Ever Undertaken” by Kurt       Cache   Translate Page      
What a blessing Bro. Woods' service has been, is, and will continue to be for the Church, for the people of Italy, and for him and his family. After reading about a relatively speedy permitting process, the comment about the extent of the opposition was jarring. I regret that a specific example or two was not related. While certain kinds of opposition would not be appropriate for publication, were there no problems receiving materials, no weather problems at critical moments, etc., that could have rounded out the discussion? What a beautiful temple and visitors center!
          Weather warnings in place across Ireland as Storm Gareth arrives      Cache   Translate Page      
Gusts of up to 80mph were recorded on Tuesday at Malin Head in Co Donegal.
          3/12/2019: CITY+REGION: Warmer days, cold nights may add to city’s water main woes      Cache   Translate Page      
Warmer days combined with cold nights are posing a challenge to city crews tackling water main breaks and leaks across Regina. “We still have deep frost. As the weather warms up, the frost will actually drive down a little further before it comes out...
          Redi-Mix Regional Manager - Croell Inc. - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Ensure plants adhere to local environmental rules (wash outs, waste, water runoff, etc.). Work in poor weather conditions or outside normal hours)....
From Croell Inc. - Thu, 07 Mar 2019 17:41:21 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          Weather Forecast For Wednesday March 13      Cache   Translate Page      
Wednesday, March 13 is expected to see sunshine and clouds mixed, with the high to be near 17°C/62°F and the low to be near 15°C/59°F according to Weather Underground. Winds are expected to be north. The relative humidity is expected to be near 61%. Sunrise will be at 6.32am and sunset will be at 6.25pm. […]

(Click to read the full article)

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Conheça a maior produção de arroz agroecológico da América Latina, ligada ao MST

Produção do alimento acontece há 20 anos em vários assentamentos da Reforma Agrária no Rio Grande do Sul

Brasil de Fato | Porto Alegre (RS)
Beneficiado, grão sem veneno é exportado para os Estados Unidos, Holanda, Alemanha, Venezuela, Espanha e Portugal / Fotos: Alex Garcia

Após uma década produzindo arroz orgânico, José Carlos de Almeida, morador do Assentamento Santa Rita de Cassia II, em Nova Santa Rita, região metropolitana de Porto Alegre, se orgulha das conquistas da luta coletiva das famílias do MST, o Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra. “Através da produção agroecológica, somos reconhecidos, respeitados e temos força. Hoje somos os maiores produtores de arroz orgânico da América Latina”, destaca. A liderança é confirmada pelo Irga, o Instituto Riograndense de Arroz. 
A primeira experiência do MST na produção de arroz de base agroecológica ocorreu há 20 anos, em pequenas áreas no entorno da capital gaúcha e de forma cooperada. As famílias se organizaram inicialmente por meio da Cooperativa dos Trabalhadores Assentados da Região de Porto Alegre (Cootap), no Assentamento Integração Gaúcha, de Eldorado do Sul; da Cooperativa de Produção Agropecuária dos Assentados de Tapes (Coopat), no Assentamento Lagoa do Junco, em Tapes; e da Cooperativa de Produção Agropecuária Nova Santa Rita (Coopan), no Assentamento Capela, em Nova Santa Rita
O assentado Emerson Giacomelli explica que, ao contrapor o modelo do agronegócio e apostar em novo jeito de produzir, com respeito à vida, aos ciclos da natureza e ao meio ambiente, os agricultores enfrentaram então uma série de dificuldades. “Não conseguíamos nenhuma assistência técnica, nenhum incentivo ou apoio, nenhuma linha de crédito”, recorda.
Aposta no alimento sem veneno
No entanto, a produção de arroz em áreas de reforma agrária começou de forma convencional. As famílias, através da Cootap, tinham acesso a máquinas agrícolas e assistência técnica para organizar a lavoura. Hoje, a cooperativa regional atua na linha de frente da cadeia produtiva de arroz agroecológico, e organiza há 16 anos consecutivos eventos para celebrar a colheita.
Giacomelli enumera alguns motivos que levaram os camponeses à transição de cultura, da convencional à ecológica. Entre eles, a profunda crise econômica do setor orizícola no final dos anos 90, o surgimento de inúmeros problemas de saúde entre os assentados, a poluição nos assentamentos, o manejo inadequado de recursos naturais devido ao uso abusivo de agrotóxicos e a busca de autonomia no plantio, beneficiamento e comercialização.
Celso Alves Silva, coordenador do setor de grãos da Cootap, reforça que a decisão foi técnica e política. “O MST, que durante sua trajetória amadureceu e abraçou a bandeira da conquista da terra, de produção de alimentos saudáveis, distribuição de renda, integração social e econômica entre as famílias assentadas, indicava que era possível produzir alimentos sem veneno em escala e preservando os recursos naturais”, acrescenta.
Treze municípios participam da produção
O debate sobre a construção de uma nova sociedade e a conscientização sobre os impactos dos modelos de agricultura na saúde e no meio ambiente fizeram com que centenas de outras famílias de assentados, motivadas pelas experiências da Cootap, Coopan e Coopat, começassem a produzir arroz agroecológico. O processo se fortaleceu por meio de intercâmbios e estudos sobre rizipiscicultura – mescla de lavoura de arroz com criação de peixes – arroz pré-germinado, secagem, armazenagem, beneficiamento, processamento e formas de comercialização. 
Por meio da Coopan, MST faz o beneficiamento do arroz orgânico
Atualmente, há 363 famílias do MST produzindo arroz ecológico em 15 assentamentos e 13 municípios – Charqueadas, Capela de Santana, Eldorado do Sul, São Jerônimo, Canguçu, Manoel Viana, Tapes, Arambaré, Nova Santa Rita, Viamão, Capivari do Sul, Guaíba e Santa Margarida do Sul. A área plantada na safra 2018-2019 é de 3.433 hectares, e a estimativa de colheita é de aproximadamente 16 mil toneladas.
Os assentados preparam o solo e semeiam o arroz em sistema pré-germinado. Um processo totalmente livre de agrotóxicos. Quando se faz necessário o controle de pragas, utilizam biofertilizantes, repelentes naturais ou insumos permitidos pela legislação dos orgânicos. A água também ajuda a combater inços e plantas indesejadas. Já o melhoramento do solo é feito com incorporação de matéria orgânica, como esterco de animais e palha de arroz, uso de calcário, pó-de-rocha e fosfato natural.
Alternativa ao agronegócio 
Os produtores se organizam no Grupo Gestor do Arroz Agroecológico desde 2002. Ele foi constituído a partir da união de famílias de vários assentamentos que passaram a compartilhar experiências e a aperfeiçoar suas visões enquanto coletivo. Isso resultou em avanços na cadeia produtiva.
De acordo com Giacomelli, a organização coletiva busca consolidar alternativas ao agronegócio, pois estabelece relações de respeito e integração entre os seres humanos e os recursos naturais. “Nossa produção é feita com técnicas que estimulam a fertilidade e a produção de alimentos saudáveis, e gera mais qualidade de vida aos produtores e consumidores, além de renda às famílias assentadas”, argumenta.
Certificação garante a qualidade
O MST possui unidades próprias de agroindústria, além de Unidade de Beneficiamento de Sementes (UBS) 
Hoje, todo o processo produtivo, industrial e comercial do arroz orgânico é coordenado pela Cootap, que detém a marca comercial Terra Livre. Ela ajuda a organizar a produção das famílias vinculadas ao Grupo Gestor do Arroz Agroecológico, através de associações, grupos informais e cooperativas – Coopan, Coopat, Cooperativa de Produção Agropecuária de Charqueadas (Copac) e Cooperativa dos Produtores Orgânicos da Reforma Agrária de Viamão (Coperav).
O MST possui unidades próprias de agroindústria para recebimento, secagem, armazenagem e embalagem de arroz, além de Unidade de Beneficiamento de Sementes (UBS). As sementes são produzidas em sete assentamentos nos municípios de Eldorado do Sul, Viamão, Nova Santa Rita, Tapes e Guaíba.
O arroz orgânico é certificado desde 2004, em todas as etapas da produção, com base em normas nacionais e internacionais, por meio da certificação participativa (OPAC – Coceargs) e de auditoria (IMO – Ceres).
Segundo o assentado Cleomar Pietroski, responsável pelo setor de certificação da Cooperativa Central dos Assentamentos do RS (Coceargs), o arroz é certificado a partir de 12 meses de manejo orgânico na unidade de produção. “Além de agregar valor, a certificação dá a garantia de procedência e de qualidade do produto aos consumidores”, argumenta.
Mentes abertas
O Grupo Gestor do Arroz Agroecológico elegeu como metas a inserção de novas famílias do MST na cadeia produtiva, a expansão da área plantada, a consolidação de uma nova Unidade Básica de Sementes e a construção de uma indústria de arroz parboilizado.
Também quer garantir toda a infraestrutura necessária para viabilizar a produção aos assentados e às cooperativas, além de formar técnica e profissionalmente jovens para que deem continuidade ao cultivo de arroz orgânico.
Giacomelli afirma que a formação política e ideológica também é prioridade aos Sem Terra. “Não existe agricultor orgânico que não tenha uma cabeça aberta, uma cabeça que tenha política, que entenda de sociedade, que saiba de conjuntura e do novo momento. Isso é muito importante para nós”, finaliza.
Exportando arroz para o mundo
A primeira experiência de exportação ocorreu em 2008, para os Estados Unidos 
A maior parte do arroz orgânico produzido pelo MST é destinada ao Programa de Aquisição de Alimentos (PAA) e ao Programa Nacional de Alimentação Escolar (Pnae). Assim, além de abastecer o Rio Grande do Sul, o alimento chega a São Paulo, Minas Gerais e Paraná. Na capital paulista, o MST deve entregar a escolas públicas cerca de dois milhões de quilos de arroz em 2019.
O grão também pode ser adquirido em mais de 40 feiras ecológicas da região metropolitana de Porto Alegre, no Mercado Público da capital, na Feira Latino-Americana da Economia Solidária, em Santa Maria; na Exposição Internacional de Animais, Máquinas, Implementos e Produtos Agropecuários (Expointer), em Esteio; e na Feira Nacional da Reforma Agrária, em São Paulo.
Além de abastecer o mercado interno, o MST exporta arroz orgânico. A primeira experiência ocorreu em 2008, para os Estados Unidos. Depois, o grão foi para a União Europeia, Portugal, Holanda, Alemanha, Espanha e Venezuela, tendo como foco o comércio justo e solidário. Atualmente, há busca de novos mercados na Grécia, Portugal, Espanha, Holanda, Argentina, Emirados Árabes, China, Haiti, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Itália, Peru, entre outros países.

Este conteúdo foi originalmente publicado na versão impressa (Edição 11) do Brasil de Fato RS. Confira a edição completa.
Edição: Marcelo Ferreira



"Bancos são responsáveis pela crise", diz Maria Lúcia Fattorelli

Fundadora da Auditoria Cidadã da Dívida critica o discurso que legitima proposta de reforma da Previdência de Bolsonaro

Brasil de Fato | Brasília (DF)
Ouça o áudio:
Ouça o áudio
Maria Lucia Fatorelli durante audiência pública no Senado Federal, em Brasília (DF) / Ana Volpe/Agência Senado
O cenário de crise econômica que se alastra pelo país nos últimos anos toma fôlego com a política monetária do Banco Central, ponta de lança do processo que vem provocando a quebra da economia e os altos índices de desemprego em cadeia nacional. A leitura é da auditora fiscal Maria Lucia Fattorelli, fundadora e coordenadora da Auditoria Cidadã da Dívida,movimento que atua em prol da transparência nas finanças públicas.
Em entrevista ao Brasil de Fato, a auditora destaca a preocupação com a supremacia dos bancos ao longo de diferentes governos, critica o discurso oficial de defesa da reforma da Previdência e sustenta: “Querem deixar o nosso povo acreditando nas sombras. A gente tem que sair da caverna e enxergar nossas potencialidades”.  
Confira a seguir os principais trechos da entrevista.
Brasil de Fato: dando um panorama da crise econômica atual, quais fatores teriam sido primordiais pra colocar o país nesse caminho?
Maria Lucia Fattorelli: Na nossa opinião, foi a política monetária do Banco Central (BC). A partir de 2013, ele começou a subir as taxas de juros em todas as reuniões até chegar em 14,25%, que é um absurdo, uma taxa extremamente alta e, quando chegou nesse valor, ficou nesse patamar por mais de um ano. Em março de 2013, estava 7,25%; em abril, foi pra 7,50%; em maio, pra 8%; em julho, pra 8,50%; em agosto, pra 9%; em novembro pra 10%; em abril de 2014, 11%; em janeiro de 2015, já estava em 12,25%; abril, 13,25%; e julho, 14,25% [novamente]. Veja bem, ficou em 14,25% até outubro de 2016.
Demorou muito pra cair também, então, ao mesmo tempo em que o BC começou a acelerar a taxa básica, ele aumentou as compromissadas [modalidade de operação de investimento em que o BC vende ou compra títulos públicos com a responsabilidade de recomprá-los ou revendê-los em uma data futura], o que é, na prática, a remuneração da sobra de caixa dos bancos, em que ele enxuga moeda e entrega título da dívida.
As compromissadas atingiram R$ 1 trilhão no início de 2016, então, uma coisa combinada com a outra significou uma escassez de moeda brutal no mercado. E qual a consequência disso? Os bancos, com toda a sobra que têm pra emprestar, em vez de emprestarem pras indústrias, para o comércio, pras pessoas, para a atividade econômica do país, preferiram colocar no BC, porque a taxa de juros estava alta demais e no BC eles não perdem um dia. Então, eles preferiram pôr essa montanha de dinheiro no BC do que remunerar diariamente, e a indústria, o comércio, todas as empresas, que precisam de crédito, começaram a quebrar porque o crédito ficou alto demais.
Os juros de mercado foram pra mais de 220%, 300% ao ano, e aí a quebradeira de indústria, de estabelecimentos comerciais jogou o povo no desemprego. Em 2015, tivemos um desemprego recorde. E aí o governo, pra não enfrentar a benesse do mercado financeiro, a política monetária do BC, ainda veio com as desonerações [incentivos fiscais para produtos ou operações], ainda no tempo da Dilma. Isso aí agravou mais porque diminui mais ainda a arrecadação e não resolveu o problema das empresas porque elas precisavam de crédito pra financiar sua atividade. A desoneração beneficiou só algumas que já estavam no ponto de vender e distribuir seus produtos.
Então, o que provocou a crise aqui no Brasil foi essa política monetária, e ninguém olha pra ela. Ela não é ensinada nas escolas. Enquanto estavam todos os jornais todo dia dando notícias de Lava Jato, de impeachment da Dilma, o BC estava fazendo essa política, que transferiu um valor brutal de recursos pro setor financeiro.
Além desses fatores que você mencionou, tem alguma outra coisa que ajuda a mover a engrenagem da crise econômica?
Isso daí é o principal. A partir daí, vai desorganizando. Um outro fator é o modelo tributário no Brasil, que penaliza muito a classe trabalhadora, as classes média e baixa, e são as pessoas que tudo que ganham volta pra economia. O salário aqui no Brasil é tão baixo que classes média e baixa têm muito pouca capacidade de fazer poupança. E como que é o nosso modelo tributário? Ele não tributa as grandes rendas, as grandes faixas de renda, e aí isso desorganiza mais ainda a economia, abre mão de uma arrecadação enorme, de arrecadação dos tributos que poderiam incidir sobre o lucro distribuído, sobre as heranças, as fortunas, e isso também desorganiza muito a economia. 
Por que o Brasil, que é conhecido mundialmente como um país de grandes riquezas, amarga esta crise econômica atual? Que tipo de ideologia econômica nos trouxe a esse processo?  
Olha, está acima das ideologias conhecidas, acima de qualquer coisa. É uma ganância do mercado financeiro. Isso está acima dos governos, de partidos. Nós temos que ver em que fase da história estamos vivendo, que é a docapitalismo financeirizado. O grande capital está entrando aqui no Brasil de uma forma que há anos domina os diferentes governos que vivemos. Você vê que, no governo do PT, quem dirigia o BC? O Meirelles [Henrique Meirelles, ex-ministro da Fazenda e atual secretário da Fazenda do Estado de São Paulo], banqueiro.
Então, não mudou nada. Isso está acima de ideologia e é um domínio, um poder mundial. E, infelizmente, aqui no Brasil as forças políticas não prestam a devida atenção nisso. Você vê, por exemplo, a pouca atenção que tem a demanda por uma auditoria cidadã da dívida, que é a ferramenta que poderia mostrar, por exemplo, esse escândalo das compromissadas, porque isso daí tem a dívida por trás.
Essa pouca visão, esse turvamento da visão em relação às finanças está fazendo esse domínio financeiro chegar num ponto em que agora [eles afirmam que] a dívida justifica a contrarreforma da Previdência, justifica a entrega da Casa da Moeda, da Eletrobras, da Petrobras, e querem entregar até Banco do Brasil e Caixa Econômica, criando outro mecanismo, o da securitização de créditos, em que os bancos já vão se apoderar diretamente da arrecadação tributária, que nem vai alcançar o orçamento público. Então, ou a população acorda ou não vai ter jeito. Estamos perdendo o país.
A economia nacional iniciou este ano de 2019 sem fôlego e alguns atores sustentam que uma alavancagem só seria possível com a reforma da Previdência. O que tem de armadilha nesse discurso?  
reforma da Previdência vai fazer o contrário. Quando o governo fala em fazer uma economia de R$ 1 trilhão – que os analistas já falaram que não é isso, e sim R$ 700 bilhões –, que economia é essa? É dinheiro que vai deixar de chegar às mãos da classe trabalhadora através de aposentadorias e benefícios assistenciais. O que acontece quando a população tem menos recursos em suas mãos? Ela não tem recursos pra consumir nem pra comprar alimento direito e aumenta até o [nível de] adoecimento. Então, é um tiro no pé, e mais de 70% dos municípios brasileiros têm a sua economia movimentada pelos recursos da Seguridade Social…
Você mencionou aqui o fato de a população não ter conhecimento sobre o que realmente acontece com a economia do país. Uma educação mais voltada para esse tipo de esclarecimento poderia ser o caminho pra tirar o Brasil desta situação?
Sim, e esse tem sido, inclusive, o esforço da Auditoria Cidadã da Dívida ao longo dos anos, popularizando o conhecimento sobre a realidade financeira porque, veja bem, essa propaganda de que o Brasil está quebrado, de que o país não tem saída, junto com esse menosprezo pelo povo brasileiro, com essas piadinhas de mau gosto de chamar o nosso povo de ‘povinho’, colocando no chão a autoestima [nacional], essa coisa de não valorizarmos a nossas lideranças que existem no Brasil, de que só sai notícia de corrupção, tudo isso tem uma estratégia por trás de reduzir a autoestima das pessoas, e quem está com autoestima baixa está humilhado, desencorajado e aceita entregar tudo.
A gente tem que fazer o contrário. As pessoas nem sabem o quanto o Brasil é rico, nem sabem das nossas potencialidades, da nossa história, de quanta luta já teve, de quantas pessoas foram desprezadas e moralizadas ao longo da história porque traziam essas informações [de esclarecimento]. Querem deixar o nosso povo dentro da caverna, acreditando nas sombras. A gente tem que sair da caverna e enxergar o nosso país, enxergar as nossas potencialidades. Eu espero que esse ataque agora, esse roubo da Previdência social que representa essa PEC 6/2019 [Proposta de reforma da Previdência do governo de Jair Bolsonaro] sirva pra sacudir as pessoas.
Edição: Guilherme Henrique



Doria e Covas gastaram um terço da verba de combate a enchentes em 2017 e 2018

Obras de piscinões também foram paralisadas; São Paulo tem 601 pontos de alagamento e dez mortos nesta segunda (11)

De R$ 824 milhões destinados à realização de drenagens, só 38% foram investidos / Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

Em 2017 e 2018, a gestão do ex-prefeito e atual governador paulista, João Doria, e de seu sucessor, Bruno Covas, ambos do PSDB, gastou cerca de um terço de toda a verba orçada para combate a enchentes e alagamentos na cidade de São Paulo. Dos R$ 824 milhões destinados à realização de drenagens, só R$ 279 milhões (38%) foram gastos. Em obras e monitoramento de enchentes, estavam previstos R$ 575 milhões, mas R$ 222 milhões (35%) foram gastos. Nesta segunda-feira (11), a capital paulista registrou 601 pontos de alagamento, congestionamentos gigantescos, com interdição das pistas expressa e central da Marginal Tietê e da Avenida do Estado. Na Grande São Paulo, foram dez mortes confirmadas.
Apenas em 2016, a gestão de Fernando Haddad (PT), investiu R$ 393 milhões em drenagem e monitoramento. O ex-prefeito também iniciou as obras de 26 piscinões, dos quais três foram entregues, 15 estão com as obras em ritmo lento e oito estão paralisados desde que Doria e Covas assumiram a prefeitura. O investimento foi praticamente zerado na área em 2017 e 2018. A gestão tucana culpa o governo federal pela falta de repasses para conclusão das obras. Mas o gasto com recapeamento de vias foi multiplicado seis vezes entre 2017 e 2018: de R$ 44 milhões para R$ 293 milhões.
Em artigo escrito há dois meses, a urbanista Raquel Rolnik ressaltava que as enchentes em São Paulo são uma opção política. “Examinando os números da execução orçamentária da prefeitura de São Paulo fica clara não a falta de recursos, mas a decisão do que deve ser priorizado. No caso de São Paulo foram simplesmente zerados os investimentos em obras contra enchentes e uma enorme soma foi mobilizada para pavimentação de vias – aliás concentrada em 2018. Parece então que estas – e as enchentes que virão a cada ano – não são uma fatalidade divina, mas claros produtos de opções de política urbana”, escreveu.
Além das ações e obras para combater enchentes, Doria e Covas também reduziram os gatos com a varrição de ruas, a quantidade de lixo recolhido e a capinação. A coleta de lixo foi reduzia em, aproximadamente, 15%, em 2018. Varrição, capinação e lavagem de ruas foram reduzidas em 19%, no mesmo ano. Ao mesmo tempo, as reclamações por falta de limpeza, por meio da Central 156, subiram 30%. Na sexta-feira, Covas pediu licença da prefeitura por sete dias, "por motivos pessoais".
Apesar de Doria e Covas alegarem problemas financeiros, ambos foram beneficiadas com um significativo aumento da arrecadação de impostos. Entre 2016 e 2018, as receitas correntes – IPTU, ISS, ITBI, ICMS, IPVA – cresceram 12,5%, no conjunto. Apesar disso, a gestão Covas manteve baixos os investimentos na cidade, em áreas como saúde, educação, controle de enchentes, transporte e também os serviços realizados pelas subprefeituras. O caixa da prefeitura, porém, chegou a receber R$ 7,3 bilhões, maior valor dos últimos seis anos.
Os dados do orçamento indicam que arrecadação superou em R$ 300 milhões o estimado pela gestão Covas para 2018. Mesmo assim, o investimento total foi de R$ 1,8 bilhão. Em 2017, a situação foi mais grave, com investimento de apenas R$ 1,3 bilhão. Em 2016, último ano da gestão de Fernando Haddad (PT), os investimentos foram de R$ 2,6 bilhões, 44% maior que no ano passado.
Edição: Brasil de Fato

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It’s now almost 4 years since we arrived back home in Point Lonsdale, near Melbourne, Australia and we thought it was time for a little update.
At the end of our 18,000km bicycle tour we were quite ready to arrive at home and be stationary for a while. As we lived overseas for so long, we have been quite busy getting settled back in here. So far we have been very lucky and were able to house sit for relatives and test drive some areas that we might be interested to live in. We feel particularly at home in Ocean Grove, a small seaside town 1.5 hours south of Melbourne, where Guy’s cousin and some friends live.
point lonsdale front beach  Queenscliff boats ||
Never prone to resting and relaxing, we dived straight into the next challenge and started a business! We decided to join forces and start a web design, development and internet marketing agency called Ondetto.
When we came back, we got in touch with Guy’s high school, Geelong Grammar, and were invited to give a couple of talks there. Having sorted through our thousands of photos and turned them into a presentation, we visited the school and presented to two groups of year 10 geography students. We were slightly nervous but quickly relaxed when we realised that the students obviously appreciated the diversion from their usual routine. Last week, we gave another school talk, this time to year 5 students of Ocean Grove Primary School. We were able to take the bikes on stage with us and were quite touched when the whole class came up to us afterwards to ask questions about the bikes and our tour. It was no small time investment to prepare for these presentations but it was a hugely rewarding experience.
We also gave a few interviews to the local press and made appearances in The Age online edition, a full-page interview in the Geelong Advertiser, as well as write-ups in The Rip and the Otway Tourism newsletter.
Some of you may remember Kerry from our blog. She was the amazing mum who cycled from Geelong to Darwin by herself in 30 days for her graduation. As she is local, we met up with her and her son for coffee. It was great to see her again and very entertaining to hear her story of how she got invited by a trucker’s association to do a keynote speech about her bike tour.
Having experienced so much hospitality on our trip, we were also pleased to host Rog and Dee for one night. We had been following their blog for the last year and been in email contact, so it was lovely to finally meet in person.
Kerry  Rog and Dee
Do we still like to ride our bikes? We do take them out a spin sometimes, but only when the weather is good. We look forward to some more cycle touring in the future, but for the moment we are quite happy to take it easy. There’s a big surfing scene down here and we’ve started getting into that too – it’s nice to use a different muscle group for a change.
After being away for so long, it has been lovely to spend time with family and friends again, knowing that we’re here to stay and ready to put down some roots.
          Crossing the Finish Line      Cache   Translate Page      

Skenes Creek – Point Lonsdale

The Great Ocean Road really is a cycling mecca. The smooth road winds its way over gentle hills alongside the dramatic Southern Ocean. Every few kilometres a viewing area promises photo opportunities looking back over the stunning coastline, and on a weekday in early spring, the traffic is almost non-existent. It’s no wonder that Australia’s cycling elite favours this area and even the current Tour de France champion Cadel Evans lives down here, just 15 minutes down the road from Guy’s parents house. ||

Great Ocean Road beach

Guy’s dad had alerted some family friends living along the coast about our arrival, and so it was that we met Peter along the way near Skenes Creek. He had come out to meet us and ride together for a few hours. Peter had been introduced to cycling a couple of years ago by his mate, Tour de France stage winner Phil Anderson, who lent Peter his bike to give cycling a try. Peter hasn’t looked back since, and we are not surprised as he lives bang smack in the middle of one of the most beautiful section of the Great Ocean Road.

We had planned to camp at Wye River for the night, but as this is where Peter lives, he kindly invited us to stay with him and his wife, Corinne. Peter and Corinne have an incredible house and a small but luxurious B&B on a steep slope perched above the ocean below. The lounge room felt like the upper deck of a ship with its 180° seaview, and just as we arrived we watched a pod of dolphins playing in the waves of the bay below. In winter, migrating whales can often be seen from the house as they head towards Warrnambool to breed.

Peter   Freddie and Corinne

The hamlet of Wye River, like many others, was only accessible by boat or by rough bush track before the Great Ocean Road was built by returned servicemen after the First World War. The purpose of building the Great Ocean Road was to provide work for these soldiers, as well as making the area more accessible for logging and tourism.

It was our lucky day as Peter and Corinne were so lovely and really spoiled us on our second-last night of the trip. We fell asleep to the sound of the waves and awoke to a beautiful view over the bay. We only had a short day’s cycling planned and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with Corinne before we headed off towards Lorne.

In Lorne, we met up with Tony, another friend of Guy’s dad and an early cycling inspiration for Guy. Guy remembers the moment when Tony showed up at his parents house (Guy was about 13), having just cycled around Australia. 15,000km in 72 days! Guy distinctly remembers thinking he was nuts!

Great Ocean Road   Tony

Tony had invited us to stay with him and his wife Pam in Fairhaven. They have a lovely place overlooking the lighthouse and the sea, with a beautiful little cottage they used to rent out as a B&B, which was to be our home for the night.

Tony and Pam are so energetic, we really hope we can be a little like them later on in life. Despite being 70 years of age, Tony still runs half marathons and would whoop guys half his own age when on the bike. He is a great sportsman and even had the honour of carrying the olympic torch before the Sydney Olympics.

With Tony and Pam   Beach

We couldn’t sleep as we were so excited. What a great way to spend our last night on the road! We felt very lucky indeed.

On our last morning we were extra careful to take our time and not mess up. We didn’t want anything to go wrong now, so close to our goal.

Therefore Tony was surprised to see us again an hour later, barely 10km on, enjoying our last guilt-free binge at a bakery and soaking up the beautiful sunshine. The weather was just perfect, a real spring day with 20°C and a cloudless sky (just as we were also blessed with beautiful spring weather on the day we left London in May 2010).

We were now cycling along the Surf Coast with its world class surfing beaches. Bells Beach featured in several surfing movies and hosts the world’s longest running annual surf competition which started in 1961. Guy couldn’t help ogling the surf boards for sale everywhere and was clearly looking forward to dusting down his own surfboard which was hanging up in his parents garage.

Surf boards for sale   Bells Beach

When we reached Barwon Heads, we were really on our home turf. Coffee At The Heads was a mandatory stop and a bit emotional too as we had enjoyed many coffees here in the past and were only 15km from home now.

At The Heads, Barwon Heads   Point Lonsdale

Passing through Ocean Grove, we soon rolled down the hill towards the village of Point Lonsdale and the end of our journey. We had butterflies in our stomachs and, feeling excited and nervous, resisted the temptation to cycle straight to Guy’s parents house. First, we needed to visit the front beach and the light house.

Point Lonsdale’s headland, together with Point Nepean on the other side, frames The Rip, the narrow entrance to Port Philip Bay. All ships travelling to and from Melbourne have to pass through The Rip, one of the most treacherous waterways in the world. Even nowadays, despite the existence of GPS, most ships are escorted into and out of the bay with pilot boats who know the exact location of the dangerous reefs.

Racing up to the light house at the headland, we felt stunned. How many times had we replayed this moment in our minds, it was always such a long way away, but now we were really here. WE HADE MADE IT!

ARRIVAL IN POINT LONSDALE   Point Lonsdale lighthouse

With disbelief in our voices, we laughed and yelled and whooped.

When we left London, with Freddie’s back issues we didn’t even know if we would make it to France, and here we were, having cycled ALL THE WAY (the back pain never came back). The whole 18,168 km. Always thinking of this little lighthouse as our end goal, but at times it seemed just too far away. There was so much to get right, so much that could potentially go wrong. Though not under huge time pressure we had to keep moving, we knew we couldn’t afford to be ill for too long, we new we couldn’t afford to wait weeks for a spare bike part to arrive.

One thing we knew was that giving up was not an option. The decision might be made for us, out of our control, but we certainly weren’t going to give up easily.

Point Lonsdale map

We were especially proud to achieve our ultimate goal and not take a single lift. (Ok, apart from the time a police chief in Iran forced us into a pickup truck for 25km). Cycling all the way and not taking lifts was important to us for a few reasons: Kind people donated to our charity, and the challenge we set was to cycle to Australia. Hitching lifts would have also diminished the feeling of satisfaction and achievement for us.

Before we knew it we were climbing our last hill, on the other side was home and the end of an era. We stood at the top and looked down towards the finish line. Some part was pulling us back, not wanting to relinquish the vagabond life we have grown to love. Another part of us knew that it can’t go on for ever, and we wouldn’t want it to, the time was right to end the ride.

We shifted down for the final time and cruised down the hill towards Guy’s parents house, we could already spot them in the distance, looking out for us. Richard, Di and their little Jack Russell Maddie had waited for this moment for so long, patiently putting up with all our detours and explorations. They looked pretty happy that we were finally there for real!

Di, Richard and Maddie   HOME

There was nothing more to do than flick the kettle on and put our feet up!

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Timboon – Skenes Creek

Rejoining the Great Ocean Road, we stopped at some of the numerous rock formations that have been formed by the powerful seas crashing into the coast line. The day we arrived storm clouds formed a menacing backdrop as winds whipped up a huge swell that slammed into the coast with all its destructive might. The surf report for the local spots simply read: “Too big”.||

Until 1990, London Bridge (see image below) was actually connected to the land, forming a natural bridge with two arches. One of the arches had caved in, leaving two people (rumour has it they were having an affair!) stranded on the rock formation for hours before being rescued by helicopter.

London Bridge

In Port Campbell we took a rainy day off: our last rest day of the trip. The following morning we visited the impressive Loch Ard Gorge, named after the English passenger ship that had been wrecked here in 1878, smashed up on the steep cliffs in heavy fog. It is not without reason that this treacherous coast is now known as the Shipwreck Coast, with over 50 wrecks lining its rugged shores.

12 Apostles

A visit to the 12 Apostles, the most famous landmark of the Great Ocean Road, left us bemused as only 8 of these limestone formations are now left, the most recent apostle having collapsed in 2005. It is still an impressive sight, particularly in windy weather when the metre high waves crash into the cliffs.

Nice view   Guy and Freddie

Leaving the coast behind, we prepared for our last big climb of the trip: the 500m ascent into the Otway National Park. The windy road was relatively quiet and wound its way through thick rain forest. The climb was fairly steep but quite doable. As it rained all day, we were not pleased when we found out that the campsite we had expected in Lavers Hill did not actually exist.

Fed up with being cold and wet, we treated ourselves to a night in a motel. Freddie’s dad, feeling sorry for us camping out all the time, had generously given us a treat budget to enjoy on our last few days on the road, which we spent on food, coffees and this much appreciated night in the motel. Thanks Papa!

We woke up to thick fog, drizzle, and six alpacas peering into our motel window. Raingear and lights on, we took to the road again. We had decided to go inland a little to explore the area around the village of Beech Forest.

Rosella   Freddie on Turtons Track

A coffee and an excellent lunch at the Ridge Cafe in Beech Forest left us refreshed as we set off towards Turtons Track. Turtons Track is a narrow logging track that had recently been sealed and meanders through thick temperate rainforest with impressively high beech trees laden with moss and ferns. It was a beautiful ride and a great alternative to the much busier Great Ocean Road section between Lavers Hill and Skenes Creek.

Turtons Track  

Once we left Turton’s Track we were rewarded with a magnificent 10km downhill with dramatic ocean views as we weaved our way back to the Great Ocean Road at Skenes Creek. Our final detour complete we were now within TWO DAYS strike of home; exciting but a little frightening.

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Robe – Timboon

Leaving Robe, the tailwinds persisted and the sunshine made for a perfect day of cycling. For lunch, we stopped at Beachport, a sleepy fishing village surrounded by surf beaches.

Beachport   Attention Wombats

We camped in Millicent and not feeling like tackling the big lights of Mount Gambier we zigzagged on quite rural roads towards the Victorian border. ||

The Mount Gambier area is famous for its sinkholes so we were chuffed to stumble across one, materialising out of the surrounding farm land. Formed due to the corrosion of limestone rocks, some sinks holes are over 77m deep. Guy dipped his toes into the freezing water but stopped short of a swim.

Just around the corner we came across our final border, after countless border crossing from one foreign land to another we now entered our home state of Victoria. All of a sudden we felt home was very very close.

Sinkhole   Welcome to Victoria

Rolling into the small settlement of Nelson just across the Victorian border we ran into Dan, a Canadian cyclist who had cycled across the Nullarbor desert from Perth.

Dan liked to talk kit so we soon fell into geeky discussions; Dome Vs Tunnel tent design, MSR XGX or MSR Whisperlite. Guy and Dan had a “boil off” to see which stove could bring 2 cups of water to boil first. Much to Dan’s delight the MSR XGX, legendary for its roaring “Jet” style flame took the honours by about 15 seconds but certainly lost points due to its potential for operator ear damage.

Boil off   Rainbow in Nelson

We cycled out with Dan on a cold and showery morning. Dan liked to compose songs when he cycled and we enjoyed such classics as “Oh No Not Another Hill” and “Road Train Approaching, I’ve Got The Hippy Hippy Shake”.

At Portland we had lunch together before Dan pushed on while we looked for a campsite. None of the campsites in town had a decent camp kitchen where we could sit and work, but we eventually found a campsite with a decommissioned bunkhouse which they offered us for a cheap price.

Not long after jumping back on the bikes we arrived in Port Fairy, a posh seaside village popular with holidaying Melbournites. Exploring the fancy cafes and antique shops was the last thing on our mind as we searched for a campsite in the driving rain.

We had hoped to take a day off here but as there were no good facilities at the campsite and the weather wasn’t great, we decided to push on.

Port Fairy Marina   Port Fairy

We passed through Warrnambool and stopped off at Logans Beach for some whale spotting. In winter, Southern Right Whales migrate north from Antarctica and are often seen in the bay as the females calve in the warmer waters. The Southern Right’s were considered the “right” ones to hunt as they float when killed and swim close to the shores. Prior to hunting they numbered over 60,000; today though the numbers are slowly increasing there are still only around 7,000.

We waited around for an hour or so but the whales weren’t coming out to say hello so we pushed on towards Timboon where we wanted to visit John and Rachel, a couple we had met a few months ago at Uluru.

John and Rachel are currently living on John’s mum’s property which they have transformed from a sparse, empty field into a blooming garden. The fences were lined with berries, there were countless fruit trees ranging from plums and apples to guavas and oranges, and the veggie garden brimmed with healthy greens, artichokes and giant carrots.

Garden tour   Chamomile flours

It was great to catch up with John and Rachel, learn about their take on biodynamic gardening and permaculture, sit by the fire and enjoy Rachel’s hearty root vegetable stew. We left the following morning with a huge bunch of freshly cut silverbeet, a handful of camomile flowers for tea, and a bunch of jerusalem artichokes to plant when we get home.

Artichokes   Rachel and her silverbeet

A gentle climb took us to Timboon where we were persuaded to stop at an old whiskey distillery that had been converted to a swanky restaurant.

No sooner had we got back on the road than we were again persuaded to stop at a local cheese factory: The Mousetrap, run by a French cheese maker. During the cheese tasting we chatted to a lovely French couple living in Melbourne, Bruno and Marlene, who kindly offered to invite us for a drink.

Bruno and Marlene   Cheese tasting

Bursting at the seams from so much food we struggled up a small incline before making our way back to the coast, excited as we knew that some of the worlds most dramatic coastal scenery was just around the corner.

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Adelaide – Robe

Pouring over maps, we came to the realization that there was simply no way of getting out of Adelaide without a major hill climb. Eventually we picked a quiet route with a fairly gentle 500m climb leading us east towards the Murray River.

The morning of our departure presented us with the worst weather we had had in our entire 17 days in Adelaide: rain and wind. Raincoats and lights on, we said goodbye to our friends and headed down to the river. We followed the bike path along the river for about 12km out of the city, then hopped on to Gorge Road to follow a misty river valley up into the mountains. ||

Waterfall   River valley

In the afternoon, the weather cleared and we coasted all the way downhill to the Murray River where we must have looked so tired that the owners of Mannum campsite gave us a senior’s discount – not bad for a couple of 32 year olds!

The following day began with sunshine and blue sky, and we expected an easy day of 70km. But as soon as we left the campsite, the winds picked up and clouds came over again. Stormy gusts blew us sideways off the road as birds struggled in vein to fly.

A friendly cafe offered a welcome rest from the rain and cold stormy weather. When we finally made it to the campsite at Wellington, it was already dark, our “easy day” having turned into one of the hardest of our journey through Australia.

With that in mind, we didn’t think twice when presented with the option of renting a cabin for the night ($25) instead of camping ($19).

Farm shed

With persistent headwinds our progress was slow the following day and we only made it as far as Meningie, a small town on the edge of the Coorong wetlands. We camped next to a lake and spent a relaxing afternoon watching pelicans.

Pelicans    Wild flower

The Coorong is a 145km long national park emcompassing the Younghusband Peninsula. The lagoon landscape is a haven for birds, and we spotted dozens of pelicans during our cycling day.

Just as we were contemplating how suitable the Coorong wildflowers would be for making honey, we came across a little “buy honey here” sign pointing down a driveway. A self-service fridge revealed tubs of local honey. The only available size came in 1kg pots.

“Freddie, I just have to buy this honey,” Guy insisted, reminding her of his dream to one day become a beekeeper himself. “Otherwise I will wonder for the rest of my life how it would have tasted.”

On completion of the purchase, Freddie somehow found herself with a 1kg tub of honey swinging from her handlebars while Guy took to the road unencumbered.

Honey purchase

The Coorong national park offered many opportunities for wild camping. Bushland had replaced the ever present fenced-off farmland, and we were reminded of the Outback up North when we easily found a wild camp spot. It was, however, quite muddy – a haven for mosquitoes.

In the morning, a cyclist’s dream came true: the wind had switched and we were blessed with a ferocious tailwind. We had only planned to ride to Kingston, 70km away. When we arrived there at lunchtime, we decided to push on to Robe, making it a 120km day.

Campsite in Robe  Robe harbour

Robe is a lovely little fishing village, popular with tourists from both Melbourne and Adelaide. However, on a Sunday afternoon in mid winter, most of the town was closed, including the supermarket. The caravan park was unmanned, so we strolled around and found a lovely pitch on a slopey grass ledge with a 180° sea view.

The following day we had a stroll around the village enjoying the beautiful weather and 20°C sunshine. Not bad for a winter day!

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As the second batch of home made pumpkin scones arrived on the table Jenny gently enquired:

“So, how long are you guys planning to stay for?”

Inhaling his 6th scone, Guy said between mouthfuls:

“Ohh about 4 days, we should be good to go by then.”

No one said anything, Freddie glanced outside from the comforts of the indoors, the wind howling in the trees. She was thinking what everyone was thinking: 4 days was was just the tip of the iceberg.||

Guy’s sister Justine flew out from Melbourne to visit for a few days, and Paul and Jenny graciously offered for her to stay in their house too. It was fantastic to see her again after such a long time.

Paul, Jenny, Justine, Freddie and Guy

Despite it being the middle of winter, we were lucky to have several days of gorgeous sunny weather, perfect winery touring weather so we made the most of it by visiting some of Paul and Jenny’s favourite spots in the Adelaide Hills, including Hahndorf, a village that was settled by German Lutherans, most of whom had arrived by ship from Hamburg in 1838. These early migrants began the tradition of winemaking in the Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Valley.

 Wine cellar   German heritage in Hahndorf 

We took a stroll along the coast and a visit to the beachside suburb of Glenelg, and though it was winter it was still warm enough for shorts and t-shirts, even children were playing in the shallows.

Coastal walk   Coast in Adelaide

Not only is Adelaide a superb place for wine but its fertile lands are abundant with fantastic fresh produce so we headed to the Central Market where the city’s passion for food comes alive. We admired handmade soaps, enjoyed freshly roasted coffee and had some of the best dates since leaving Iran. A Sunday morning trip to Gepps Cross market saw us coming home with a car boot full of fresh fruit and vegetables, purchased in bulk from a variety of specialist vendors.

Koala    Picnic - note the bandicoot under the table

Paul and Jenny had promised to fatten us up after our trip through the Outback, and they did not let us down. We were bombarded by such delectable dishes such as home made pizzas, roast chicken, huge pots of soup, curries, golden syrup dumplings and a fresh loaf of home made bread almost every morning.

We also had access to their car so we took the opportunity to drive back up to the Barossa Valley for some wine tasting. Justine loves the odd drop of wine and enjoyed comparing the Barossa wines with her local drops from the Bellarine and Mornington peninsulas.

Guy and sister Justine   Jams and chutneys

Of course our wine tasting expeditions resulted in a few purchases, a stretch for any cycle tourer’s budget. Even here Paul had a solution for us: he had arranged some work for Guy!

Not having seen the inside of an office for 15 months, Guy understandably felt a little apprehensive, but Paul soon put him at ease and lent him some clothes and a shaver.  At the same time, a few UK contacts also got in touch with Guy about some work, and Freddie was able to work on an online marketing project and a translation. By the end of our stay, our coffers were a little more replenished, which took some stress off our minds as we had begun to worry about our depleted bank balance.

After Justine had returned back to Melbourne, Paul’s sister Melissa came to stay as she had a broken foot and needed some help with meals and shopping, and Paul’s parents came over for dinner before they jetted off on a trip to the US.

We also met Jenny’s parents, Tony and Janet, who are great travellers and had done the overland hippie trail to Europe in the 1970s. When Paul and Jenny went away for a weekend with friends, Jenny’s parents took us out for a hike to Mount Lofty to spot koalas (we saw 17!) and enjoy the first hints of spring in the air.

Dumpling competition   Rod having a ride on Kiwi

On the bike front, we had some maintenance to do. We completed an oil change, which has to be done every 5000km for the Rohloff hub. After using them for 13,000km since Istanbul, we also swapped our Schwalbe Marathon XR tyres out. Panaracer had put us in touch with their local distributor, Bike Sportz, who had generously agreed to supply us with new Panaracer T-Serve tyres to test. These tyres were much more lightweight than the Marathons and would be well suited to the relatively smooth tarmac roads we were expecting on our way home. 

The other item we urgently needed to repair was the zippers on Boris, our tent. With the help of Travelling Two’s Bike Touring Survival Guide we had figured out that we didn’t actually need to replace the zippers themselves, but just the sliders. It sounded like an easy job, but after spending several days trying to hunt down the correct sliders, we gave up. We had talked to craft shops, outdoor shops, had called YKK itself and visited their distributor, had searched for Australian online shops, but no luck: nobody stocked the zipper sliders we were looking for. In the end we just applied a quick fix by gently squeezing the sliders with a pair of pliers to tighten them. Hopefully this will get us home.

With that in mind, we were quite surprised to read that our friends Justin and Emma had managed to find a similar zipper for their Hilleberg tent in a market in Ulan Bator, Mongolia! If anyone reading this has contacts in the zipper world, we would be very grateful for any pointers on how to obtain some size 5 metal YKK spiral zipper sliders, double sided.

With all the excitement, socialising, working and eating, 17 wonderful days had passed and it was time for us to hit the road again or apply for official residency in Adelaide (which we considered!).

Paul & Jenny, thank you!

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Uluru – Coober Pedy

Leaving Yulara behind we set off one rainy morning to cycle towards Coober Pedy, some 740km away. To our delight, the winds had switched direction since we arrived and we had a tailwind again, this time pushing us eastwards and away from the still visible landmark of Uluru.

For weeks we had been hearing from other campers that the epicentre of the current mouse plague was around Erldunda, the area we were heading towards. Mice had already gnawed several holes into our panniers and we were tired of the additional hassle to make our camp mouse proof, so we devised a new strategy to get us through this area without any more damage: we would wild camp every night. We have found the mice in campsites much more aggressive as they are accustomed to eating camper’s foods, whereas the mice out in the bush are still curious but not as desperate to eat into our supplies.

The nights were very cold and we often found a layer of frost on our kit in the morning, making it quite uncomfortable to peel away the damp sleeping bag and take off three layers of merino wool and fleece to put our cycling clothes on. During breakfast, we waited for the sun to appear above the horizon, warming us up a little and thawing the ice on our gear. It is usually 9am by the time we wheel the bikes out from our hidden bush camp and back onto the road, much to the astonishment of passing traffic.


After a couple of days cycling, the terrain flattened out, allowing an unimpeded view of the vast horizons. By our third day on the road the winds had turned again and, as usual, we were battling a relentless headwind. In the afternoon we reached Erldunda Roadhouse and the Stuart Highway. This was the end of our 1,000km detour taking in Kings Canyon and Uluru, and we were happy to finally make some progress south.

At Erldunda we paid for a shower at the campsite after chatting to some guys from New York doing a documentary on camels in the outback. We pushed on to find a bush camp a little further on. Patience was required until the fence retreated a little and we were able to duck behind a rise, only 10m from the road but well hidden from view. We woke up to find a beautiful peach coloured sunrise topped off with a double rainbow arching across the western sky.

Unfortunately the skies soon darkened and driving rain ensured lasting all day. At only 8°C this was a real slog and it seemed our tyres were glued to the tarmac, requiring a huge effort to keep them moving along.

Dark clouds

Passing the turnoff to a cattle station, we were amazed by the fact that the homestead was a full 60km beyond the entrance gate. The mailbox of course was located on the Stuart Highway, making life easier for the postman but requiring a 120km return trip for the residents to pick up their mail!

We camped just before the South Australian border and reached the rest area at the border the following morning. After spending nearly two months exploring the Northern Territory and its natural wonders we were excited to reach the next state. 

South Australian border

While cycling we saw many mice in the fields near the road as well as hundreds of dead mice flattened on the highway. As expected, the mice still came to visit us every night, climbing up o