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          Documentário e novo álbum da THOR, será lançado em Abril de 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

Jimmy Kay, do The Metal Voice do Canadá, falou com a pioneira banda canadense de Heavy Metal THOR, capitaneada por Thor (nome verdadeiro Jon Mikl).

Thor falou sobre seu novo documentário “Return Of The Thunderhawk”, e o novo álbum “Hammer Of Justice”, e como Manowar e Mötley Crüe copiou sua imagem. A Deadline Records lançará o novo álbum da Thor em CD/DVD, assim como o documentário “Return of the Thunderhawk” em 26 de Abril de 2019.

Thor Comenta: “Estávamos dez anos à frente da Manowar. Há muitas coisas que a Manowar implementou em seu show como o punho da Cruz de Ferro, é a maneira que você segura seu punho, eu fiz esse caminho de volta, apenas olhe para o clipe da Thor “Sleeping Giant”. Eu respeito muito a Manowar e eles têm um show incrível, mas estão longe de ser originais. Eu tenho feito todo o conceito de guerreiro / gladiador antes da Manowar sair. Eu estava bem à frente deles. Também Vince Neil do Mötley Crüe, tirou minha foto do meu álbum “Keep the Dogs”, e usou no álbum do Mötley Crüe, “Shout At The Devil”. Estávamos à frente do tempo, que ninguém estava fazendo coisas como o que estávamos fazendo em 1973.”

Thor começou sua carreira pública como um fisiculturista profissional, conquistando mais de 40 títulos em todo o mundo antes de dirigir sua força e paixão pela música no início dos anos 70. Suas apresentações no palco rapidamente se tornaram lendárias e muitas vezes, incluíam demonstrações de força como dobrar barras de ferro com os dentes, e soprar garrafas de água quente até que explodissem. Agora este veterano guerreiro do Metal, está explodindo em todo o mundo para uma nova geração de fãs.

Mais novidades serão reveladas em breve.

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          Romance Is a Bonus Book: Episode 13      Cache   Translate Page      

The law of the universe dictates that what goes up, must then come down. Sadly, our heroine is learning that the hard way as her time at Gyeoroo threatens to come to an end.Dan-yi has trudged an unfair path from the get-go, but at least this time, she doesn’t have to face it alone.   …

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Dream League Soccer 2018 Hack- How to get Unlimited Coins for Free Android iOS Tool. Link in the comments below. # Hello Youtube players. Today I am gonna show you how to hack game Dream League Soccer 2018. It is another game from this universe but today I will show you, how to get Coins • Read More »

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          Tom DeLonge will try to prove the existence of aliens on new History show      Cache   Translate Page      

The sheer number of stars in our galaxy—let alone the universe at large—is so huge that the idea that we are alone, that this is the only planet among billions of potential planets that experienced the proper conditions to create life over the unknowable vastness of space and time, is one of humanity’s more conceited…


          Hey, Clone Club: The Orphan Black universe may be expanding with a new AMC series      Cache   Translate Page      

The Orphan Black televised universe could be expanding, even if it no longer involves Tatiana Maslany reminding us of her bottomless talent with each clone.


          Joey DeFrancesco à l'ombre du pharaon      Cache   Translate Page      
Dans ses nouvelles aventures chez Mack Avenue, “In The Key Of The Universe”, le maître organiste Joey DeFrancesco tourne son attention musicale vers son côté spirituel, puisant dans un jazz métaphysique qui a titillé les chercheurs sonores pendant plus d'un demi-siècle.
          Vain | Inside the Universe      Cache   Translate Page      
lokisintellect / 214 pages
"I adore you, even more so with your hands around my neck." | A LOKI/MCU FANFIC | MATURE CONTENT WARNING- Violence, Angst, Smut, and Strong Language! Manipulated plots of Avengers: Assemble, Thor: The Dark World, Captian America: The Winter Sol...
          Black Lightning S:2 The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha E:15 Review      Cache   Translate Page      

 We finally get to see Jen in her suit, Tobias releases the remainder of the criminals in the pods, and Odell is getting increasingly creepy. Check out @lanisha914, @okayDrew, and @ZuriChellece for this week’s Black Lightning episode! CW and Greg Berlanti expand the footprint of their DC Comics universe with this exploration of the intersection […]

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          A personal computer could grow your food in the future      Cache   Translate Page      
Our scientific understanding of the universe is advancing at an unprecedented rate. New breakthroughs, new technology, new ways of looking at the world. Join Focal Point as we discover and share new, in-depth science stories that matter, today.
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London blogging:
Essay 2 of 10 on
ten artifacts 
that I saw 
while on vacation
in London 
in summer 2015.

Drawing by Everard Home for the Royal Society depicting the
Icthyosaurus skull found by Mary and Joseph Anning in 1811.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Mary Anning (1799-1847).
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

There aren’t many testaments to the achievements of 19th century women in the British Museum.  In those days, the British Royal Society and its offshoots acted as gatekeepers for recognizing scientific achievement, with their memberships strictly closed to women and lower-class riff-raff.  Science and exploration were activities reserved for gentlemen.

So who let Mary Anning in?

In gender-suppressing, class-conscious early 19th century England, Mary Anning forced her way into the museums and science books by sheer genius of observation.  Better-educated men trolled the countryside for fossils, but lower-class, under-educated Mary ran circles around them.  She was so good they eventually had to take notice.

The Mary Anning display case
at the British Museum.
While preparing for our London vacation, a friend had advised me to check out the rather drably titled Enlightenment Gallery at the British Museum.  It’s where the museum displays many of the original collections gathered during its early years, imposingly displayed in the King’s Library (which really WAS home to the King’s Library, being George III’s collection donated to the British Museum by George IV).  Row after row of display cases stand as silent testimony to England’s greatest scientists and explorers when the Empire was at its peak.

I settled in to pay my respects at the Mary Anning display case.  Raised in a poor family that earned a little extra cash each summer by selling fossils to tourists visiting Lyme Regis, Mary was just 12 years old when she and her brother Joseph made their first great discovery—a remarkably intact fossilized icthyosaur skeleton from the long-ago Jurassic world.  At a time when would-be amateur geologists and paleontologists were scouring England for prize specimens, Mary Anning nurtured a talent for finding the very finest pieces.  Although lacking formal education, she intuitively grasped the biology of the strange animals that she discovered along the limestone and shale cliffs that lined the Lyme Regis coast.

The Blue Lias cliffs at Lyme Regis where Mary Anning
made her great discoveries.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

On long-time loan from the Natural History Museum, London, the little sampling of icthyosaur bones in the British Museum display cabinet came from a later 1821 discovery, when Anning was slowly gaining a reputation for being uncommonly knowledgeable and talented.  As the label in the display cabinet describes:  “Her knowledge and expertise were sought by the most important geologists of the day.”

Mary Anning tribute at the
Natural History Museum, London.
Several days later at the Natural History Museum, I enjoyed seeing fossils associated with prominent and respected Victorian scientists such as Gideon Mantell, William Buckland, and Sir Richard Owen, but their antique fossil discoveries didn’t thrill me a tenth as much as stumbling upon more Mary Anning tributes, including a complete Plesiosaurus skeleton discovered by Anning when she was 25.

If, as Martin Luther King Jr. observed, the arc of the moral universe is long but bends toward justice, then Mary Anning is now justly receiving her due in 21st century British museums.

History vindicates.  Mary Anning rules.

The Mary Anning plaque at the Natural History Museum, London,
with one of her discoveries: a Rhomaleosaurus.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Remarkable Creatures
by Tracy Chevalier.
After we returned home and shared pictures of our trip on Facebook, a friend of my wife’s inquired if we knew about Remarkable Creatures, a recent novel by Tracy Chevalier, best-selling author of Girl With a Pearl Earring.  Well, I’ve been reading about Mary Anning all my life, starting with my earliest dinosaur picture books, so I couldn’t resist.  Remarkable Creatures is a fine addition to the Mary Anning legend and a fitting tribute to one of the 19th century’s most remarkable pioneers, who fearlessly ventured back into time along the rocky ledges of her little tourist town.

© 2015 Lee Price

          Venus Wars rilasciati in streaming i primi dieci minuti dell’edizione rimasterizzata in Blu Ray      Cache   Translate Page      

E’ stato aperto il sito ufficiale dedicato al trentesimo anniversario del film animato Venus Wars ( 1989) è stato aperto oggi proponendo in streaming i primi dieci minuti della speciale edizione limitata HD Blu-ray box che sarà pubblicato il 26 luglio 2019.

La nuova edizione conterrà anche un booklet di 32 pagine, e la ristampa di un altro booklet. Il prezzo annunciato è di 8.242 yen (circa 76 US). la cover del box sarà disegnata personalmente dal regista Yoshikazu

Leggi tutto...

          3/12/2019: Now Showing: Captain Marvel      Cache   Translate Page      

Starring: Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson, Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn and Lashana Lynch The story follows Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.
          The Mute Gods – Atheists & Believers (2019)      Cache   Translate Page      

Artist: The Mute Gods Album: Atheists And Believers Released: 2019 Style: Progressive Rock Format: MP3 192Kbps Size: 78 Mb

Tracklist: 01 – Atheists & Believers 02 – One Day 03 – Knucklehed 04 – Envy the Dead 05 – Sonic Boom 06 – Old Men 07 – The House Where Love Once Lived 08 – Iridium Heart 09 – Twisted World Godless Universe 10 – I Think of You DOWNLOAD [...]

          Three Films Make A Post: The lucky ones freeze to death.      Cache   Translate Page      
Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011): One of the many fascinating aspects of Sean Durkin’s film about a woman, Martha, (Elizabeth Olsen) who has freshly escaped from a cult to the home of her sister Lucy (Sarah Paulson) and Lucy’s husband Ted (Hugh Dancy) is how it manages to be enigmatic and precise at the same time. But then, it uses its precision exactly to (re)create the imprecision of memory, inducing in its audience the same confusing floating sense of reality, identity and memory its titular character is existing in. There’s great clarity to Durkin’s portrayal of things not being clear at all, so to speak.

Beetlejuice (1988): Ah, remember the time when Tim Burton was young, his aesthetic still fresh to the audience’s eyes, and critics weren’t complaining this auteur was exactly doing what auteur theory asks of him? This is very much prime Burton, in the weirdness of his preoccupations as well as in the sweetness of said preoccupations (Burton always being the nicest weirdo in any given room), as it is in the accomplished and peculiar way the director presents them here. Sometimes, I do believe that his falling out of critical favour has less to do with his films as with their general lack of cynicism. These are films made by a guy who loves the macabre, but who also wants the characters in his movies to end up happy (as a rule).

If we just forget about Ed Wood for a second, Beetlejuice may very well be the director’s best film, with nary a second on screen that isn’t meant to still pop eyes and open minds, or turn the viewer into a child again.

Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018): Speaking of sweetness, Peyton Reed’s lovely bit of Marvel superhero comedy is a prime example of how far a film can get on a mix of likeableness and technical accomplishment. Very much directly into my heart, that is.

There’s nothing at all world-changing about this entry into the Marvel universe, but the chemistry between the actors, the light touch of the script (and if you’re a comics nerd like me, also the clever way it uses elements from actual comics), and the general joyfulness and imagination of the film’s shrinking and growing business come together into the perfect shape of a popcorn movie that may theoretically only be made to take your money, but is really working very very hard to make you smile.
          SONY Has Big Film & TV Plans for Its 'Universe of MARVEL Characters'      Cache   Translate Page      
The next big superhero cinematic universe emerges.
          COMET IS COMING, The - Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery (Impulse) CD      Cache   Translate Page      
Title: Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery
Label: Impulse
Format: CD
Monday Shipping

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Because The End Is Really The Beginning
MP3 Sample Birth Of Creation
MP3 Sample Summon The Fire
MP3 Sample Blood Of The Past (feat Kate Tempest)
MP3 Sample Super Zodiac
MP3 Sample Astral Flying
MP3 Sample Timewave Zero
MP3 Sample Unity
MP3 Sample The Universe Wakes Up

          Halo: The Master Chief Collection Headed to PC and Steam, Halo: Reach Being Added      Cache   Translate Page      

Microsoft Game Studios announced Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to Windows PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam. Also announced is Halo: Reach will be added to the collection.

Read the announcement post below:

Today we’re extremely excited to share two big announcements that deliver on what are easily the most frequently requested asks from our community over the last few years: First, Halo: Reach is being added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) and second, the entire collection is coming to PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam! This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us to bring the Halo Universe and Master Chief’s story to a new audience and to offer PC gamers a chance to step into the franchise on the PC platform of their choice.
For the team at 343 Industries, the most important and critical element of this project is ensuring that Halo: The Master Chief Collection delivers a true “first class” experience on PC. We’re embarking on a journey with our community to build a PC experience that delivers on PC gamer expectations. The team is passionately committed to ensuring that all of the features, bells, and whistles expected in a modern PC title are included with MCC.

The Master Chief’s arrival on PC will happen in stages with each title releasing one by one over time -– giving the development teams the ability to ensure each one is right, while giving players a chance to jump in right away, rather than having to wait for the entire suite of games to be completed. Our current plan is for this journey to begin with the launch of Halo: Reach – the fictional beginnings of Master Chief’s saga – with the rest of the titles following in chronological order thereafter. Halo: ReachHalo: Combat EvolvedHalo 2Halo 3Halo 3: ODST (Campaign), and Halo 4 will each be available for individual purchase within MCC as they become available. And each game will evolve and grow over time with community input.

Along with “bring Halo: The Master Chief Collection to PC!”, the next loudest refrain from Halo fans has been to “add Halo: Reach to Halo: The Master Chief Collection!” and we’re excited to make good on both requests later this year. Halo: Reach in Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One looks better than ever in stunning 4K/HDR on compatible hardware and plays better than ever at a silky smooth 60FPS.

On Xbox One specifically, Halo: Reach’s multiplayer content (which includes Forge and the Theater) will be automatically included for everyone who owns Halo: The Master Chief Collection while Halo: Reach’s Campaign and Firefight experiences will be offered together as a premium digital add-on. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have access to the entirety of Halo: Reach within MCC as part of their subscription. Halo: Reach will look and play just as great when it lands on the Microsoft Store and Steam with Campaign, Multiplayer, and Firefight available for purchase as the first step in this PC journey.

We know many of you will have questions, so stay tuned to Halo Waypoint – we’ll have plenty more to say, share, and show on the road to release. The team at 343 Industries, along with our partners at Splash Damage and Ruffian, are already hard at work and we can’t wait to bring the community along on this journey.

On behalf of the entire 343 Industries team, thank you to everyone who’s continued to play and support Halo and Halo: The Master Chief Collection and for not giving up on the dream of one day enjoying these great experiences on a PC.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

Full Article -

          Beitrag: Fotothread "Die Dampfe die sich gerade in eurer Hand befindet" von LoQ      Cache   Translate Page      
Zitat von WatchWinder im Beitrag #11045...wahrscheinlich zu viel davon Paranormal .... der Wolf dampft doch schon lange in anderen (Parallel)Universen [[File:20170328_224523.jpg|none|auto]][[File:20170329_013837.jpg|none|auto]]Heute mal wieder den Gille in der Mache ;-))
          109位:【SALE/20%OFF】nano・universe レザーノーカラーブルゾン ナノユニバース コート/ジャケット【RBA_S】【RBA_E】【送料無料】      Cache   Translate Page      
【SALE/20%OFF】nano・universe レザーノーカラーブルゾン ナノユニバース コート/ジャケット【RBA_S】【RBA_E】【送料無料】



          Comment on Why is the Philippines Poor? by Wilhelm      Cache   Translate Page      
@Cesar K Yes Filipinos are still indios. I worked their for total of 2 years (on/off from 2011 to 2018) and Philippines is really backward country. Very dependent country cant produce sufficient rice for feed the nation. I can't imagine there is IRRI laboratory in Philipines so rice technology is there! But Filipinos don't use modern farming. Vietnam export better quality rice that are cheaper than Philippines produce. And Vietnam war ended only in 1975 but they surpass Philippines. Filipinos are too much pride but proud of what? Look around you everything are created in other countries. Your food are from Spanish or Chinese or Italian or American. adobo, frito, guisado, pancit, siapao, lechon, spaghetti, pizza, hamburger. hotdog, maybe 90% of Philipinnes food are creation from other countries. There are many Japanese and Chinese restaurant in many cities in Philippines, but are there many Filipino restaurants in China and Japan for Filipino food? I don't like local Filipino food, paksiw or sinigang they are terrible, I survived there eating mostly Chinese food or hamburgers or pizza. Your technology are from other countries, internet, electricity, smartphone, computer, automobiles, medicine, everything. Your education are from other countries, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, everything you learn from other countries. Filipinos you are not unique. Your names are from Spanish and American. Why, you don't like Filipino names? They are ugly names? Your language are also from Spanish and American. Why are so proud? Why are you think Filipinos are famous in the whole world? You think miss universe has got meaning for other countries? you think Manny Pacquio is famous in Scandinavia? or in Africa? I wonder who told Filipinos are famous but I don't wonder why Filipinos believe. Wake up Filipino! The things you shout pride don't have any value to other nations. They are Nothing. In Europe and Middle East filipina is language for housemaid.
          Comment on Why is the Philippines Poor? by Wilhelm      Cache   Translate Page      
@Cesar K Yes Filipinos are still indios. I worked their for total of 2 years (on/off from 2011 to 2018) and Philippines is really backward country. Very dependent country cant produce sufficient rice for feed the nation. I can't imagine there is IRRI laboratory in Philipines so rice technology is there! But Filipinos don't use modern farming. Vietnam export better quality rice that are cheaper than Philippines produce. And Vietnam war ended only in 1975 but they surpass Philippines. Filipinos are too much pride but proud of what? Look around you everything are created in other countries. Your food are from Spanish or Chinese or Italian or American. adobo, frito, guisado, pancit, siapao, lechon, spaghetti, pizza, hamburger. hotdog, maybe 90% of Philipinnes food are creation from other countries. There are many Japanese and Chinese restaurant in many cities in Philippines, but are there many Filipino restaurants in China and Japan for Filipino food? I don't like local Filipino food, paksiw or sinigang they are terrible, I survived there eating mostly Chinese food or hamburgers or pizza. Your technology are from other countries, internet, electricity, smartphone, computer, automobiles, medicine, everything. Your education are from other countries, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, everything you learn from other countries. Filipinos are not unique. Your names are from Spanish and American. Why, you don't like Filipino names? Ugly names? Your language are also from Spanish and American, Why are so proud? Why are you think Filipinos are famous in the whole world? You think miss universe has got meaning for other countries? you think Manny Pacquio is famous in Scandinavia? or in Africa? I wonder who told Filipinos are famous but I don't wonder why Filipinos believe. Wake up Filipino! The things you make pride don't have any value to many nations. They are Nothing. In Europe and Middle East filipina is language for housemaid.
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So a few things...
My sister and her husband are away on their honeymoon. Since my sister works for my dad and there is no one to cover for her, I had to or else she couldn't really go at this time. I am also watching her house and puppy. My boyfriend moved in with me there for the 2 weeks and together we now have 4 dogs... kill me!! We have my Minpin, my sisters Yorkie, his yellow lab and his big black dog. I am working about 60 hours this week and next week, my sisters job and mine. It has been fun playing house but I realize that when we are both working so much, we are not going to have much time to spend together even if we live together. Some nights he finished working and came to bed at like 5 in the morning when I was already sleeping for hours. And then I left at 8 am while he remained sleeping.
I got very irritated with my ex. He called me to tell me about his business idea. He decided to quit his job in Europe a year early. The same job that he told me he couldn't quit because he was on contract with them for 3 years and I would have to move there to be with him until his contract was up. Then he tell me that he knows of a place about an hour from where I live where he thinks we can start a camp type wilderness program for teens. An hour from where I live!!!! A year ago I would have begged him on my hands and knees to quit his job and move here!!! Now that I am with someone else and happy, he does everything that I had wanted him to do a year ago. The real kick in the ass was when he told me that if it had felt more right then he would convert. I was wanting him to say that there was some hope of conversion for the entire time we were together and now he says it?!?!?
Anyway, I listened to his idea about the camp and then told him that besides the fact that I would need to see numbers to see if it actually made sense.... How would I explain to my bf that I am going to be spending three weeks every other month alone in the forest with my ex.
The next day I got a message saying "My mom says to just tell him that I am not Jewish". WOAH!!!! Passive agressive much?? Why dont you tell me how your mom really feels??? I was so angry and upset that he would say that to me. Like what a stab for no reason. Just tell him I am not Jewish and then he wont worry about us hanging out... as if he is telling me that I think he is dirt or less then or I view myself as above him. And as if my bf gives a crap about his religion and would want me alone in the woods with any guy, period. It was an ignorant comment and there was no reason to go there and bring up Judaism again. I felt very attacked and was surprised that he went there. These little things that he is doing just helps me realize that i have made the right decision. And that the issue of Judaism would have eventually come up with his family and they would resent me if he ever converted or even if I wanted to raise my children Jewsih.

I also have been having a pretty sad week. I'm not sure if everyone heard the news but last friday in Israel there was a crazy fire. They lost millions of trees and had to evacuate thousands of people. And there was a bus with about 40 students studying to be Generals in the police that were going to help evacuate a prison. The bus caught on fire and my cousin was one of the students that was literally burned alive on the bus. She is the one that i just spent the summer with. She was newly married and planned to have a baby next year. She just wanted to finsih this course and then wanted to start her family. Our hearts are all broken from this loss. We have decided to plant a forest in Israel in her memory. My dad is going to buy the first 180 trees and friends and family will donate to buy the other 820 trees to compleate the forest in her memory. I spoke to her husband. He is broken. She was his universe. He really loved her so much. I watched them interat when I stayed with them this summer and he was crazy about her. After talking to him and crying with him. I realized two things. One is that I need to be as in love as they were with the person I marry and second, I am way too scared to love another person that much because what if they are taken from you or leave. I have been having all kinds of crazy thoughts and bad dreams this week and I hope she is in a better place cause we all miss her terribly.

I am getting ready to go to Florida with my bf. He has a house there and will be staying there for most of the winter. We are driving down so that he can have his car and dogs there and then both our moms are flying down to meet us a few days later. I think the plan is that they will babysit thedogs so that we can get away for a few days on a crusie or something :)
Although I am starting to learn some of his flaws and see that he is not perfect, I really like him and I am happy with him. We have tons of fun together and laugh like crazy. And he sometimes really surprises me with how sweet and romantic he can be! For Hannukah he got me a beautiful black pearl necklace and he is always thinking of me with flowers and chocolates and sweetness. I am a lucky girl.
          You will enjoy taking your place amongst the stars that is your true home and destiny      Cache   Translate Page      
Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self for 1 March 2019 

If you ever doubted that big changes were ahead, you only have to look at the unusual weather patterns. Add to this a distinct change in the wishes of the people who now desire to have a much bigger say in the affairs of the Earth. For too long they have been subjected to wishes of the few who have led humanity along a path to near destruction of the whole Earth. Fortunately, although small in numbers, sufficient of them have raised their vibrations to carry humanity past the marker of 2012. 

The consequence is that instead of gloom and doom, you have entered a period of great hope and potential that is now with you. Because it is supporting the changes for the better, to say the least some discomfort and upset is inevitable, but in the long term will be welcomed. Whilst all this is going on, the vibrations have continued to lift and are fast tracking humanity to the higher levels which will bring you nearer to Ascension. You have much progress to make after having been held back for so long, but we know that you will persevere to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Be assured it is an occasion that you would not like to miss at any cost. You who are present will enjoy taking your place amongst the stars that is your true home and destiny. 


When a civilization passes the marker, you cannot return. You are going to be here for a long time, and you do not have to rebirth in order to feel what the children are feeling. If you are willing, if you understand, if you put out your hand metaphorically, we can change your template and the worthiness that you have been lacking, due to the Akashic record of thousands of lifetimes. It is an old energy that will begin to change. As the self-worth changes in a Human Being, did you know it was related to the better you feel about yourself and your place on the planet and in the galaxy, the taller you stand, and the longer you are going to live, because the cells in your body know it and speak with the consciousness that is you saying “I deserve to be here, I have what I never used to have”. Confident spiritually in my place here looking forward to the Light that is now here battling the old energy, that is a love affair I have with you, spirit has with you, the gift of the century. It took a long time for life to start on the planet. 

The love that we have was manifest literally in the physics of creation. Evolution was controlled so completely and so put off to the last moment to allow humans to grow and be the only planet of free choice at this time in the Galaxy. Loved beyond measure with souls collected from all over to start a test that was beautiful, that is love. Your relationship as human to spirit is changing, it is beginning to evolve and morph into something which is complex and we have seen it over and over, and this morphing and this complexity is going to bring you into a sweeter place, where you know who you are because God loves you enough to start putting these things into the family in a way you have never seen before. You are going to feel this and you are going to know we are here. This is human evolution and the old soul is at the forefront of this. We are actually changing the system of how you operate in an esoteric way. The profundity of the Akash is starting to change. You are being connected to things which you would never be connected to in a survival energy. Dear Ones, when you are running from the Bengal Tiger, we are not going to tell you the intricacies of the Akash, does this make sense to you. 

You are beginning to ask “Who am I”, what do I need to know, what is next, what should I do and the answers are going to come because you are not alone. The karmic system of the planet was only for low consciousness. This is a love story of the Creative Source of the Human Being. You are going to wake up and discover your spiritual parents have always been with you in the form of the Creative Source. Compassionate action changes the planet, and your relation to the things around you will no longer be feared. There is nothing you have not seen in thousands of lifetimes as a Human Being, you have had everything happen. That is the evolution of the new Human Being. 


I feel sure that many souls are surprised to learn that they have had multiple incarnations over an extremely long period. Logically you will realize that you will have gone through many different stages of evolution, in many different forms all of which have added to your experiences and made you into a highly developed soul. Understand that your vibrations were dropped to enable you to be tested to the full in your current cycle, and even so you were expected to overcome the challenge to find your way back to the Light. Many souls have made such an achievement and through their example are helping others follow their path. The object as always is to further your evolution, until you are of a sufficiently high vibration to ascend. It is the path that lies ahead of all souls regardless of how long it takes. At all stages you are helped, no matter how many times you fail to make the grade. So, do not worry if you know you are not yet ready, as another cycle will offer you the opportunity to make real progress. In fact, each time you discuss your intended life plan, there are always highly evolved beings to guide you onto the best path that will bring you results. 

Dear Ones, you stand at the gateway to a wonderful future that is very difficult to describe, as you have not had experiences to fall back on that will have addressed the subject in such a way that you can fully understand what it entails. The dross and continual negativity that you have had to meet has dulled your senses. Although the Light has always been present, it has been a great challenge to change your way of thinking and embrace the idea of how different life can be in the higher vibrations. The drudgery and pain will no longer be part of your experiences and instead you will be in good health, have your full faculties working and able to bring into being anything you needed through your power of thought. You would be able to easily leave your physical body for ventures into the Cosmos and return to it at your leisure. Alternatively, you could of course use the option of traveling with your physical body, in one of the many advanced craft that can leave the solar system for deep space. 

As time progresses, you will be given much information about the future, so that you are mentally prepared for a new life among the Stars. You will truly have become a Cosmic Being with all of the attributes necessary to travel the Universe. 

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self. 

In Love and Light. 

Mike Quinsey. 

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

          A Trip Through Time, Space, And Rehab.      Cache   Translate Page      
Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut
2001, USA
Richard Kelly

The most impressive thing about this newly minted cult classic about time travel and schizophrenia is that the film itself is a portal through time. By watching Donnie Darko, I was catapulted 2 hours and 9 minutes into the future, where boredom reigns supreme, and simultaneously launched back to a time where taking Ketamine was cool. Sadly, even by watching the film in reverse, there is no way to get your 2 hours back, but at least when the lights go back on, you don't feel quite so much like you're on a couple bumps of disassociative anesthetic.

One of the special features on the DVD.

The original cut of Donnie Darko is a dreamy, unsettling, masterpiece of poetic science fiction. The director's cut, on the other hand, is long. That's probably the only thing I can say about it. If you've got enough drugs running through your system, or at least drifting about in the fluid of your spinal column, this movie will be the greatest thing since the stash can and the coke spoon. If, however, you're like me, and have about as much patience for indulgent club-kid trip-outs as you do for waiting on hold to the best of Aqua, this film will be about as palatable as Go, except much, much slower. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Darko, a mental disturbed teen who narrowly escapes death and then becomes convinced he's living in a parallel universe, a blip in the space-time continuum. In order to set things right and save Jena Malone's life, he must hallucinate a lot of those water things from The Abyss, pose his head like Pyle from Full Metal Jacket, and kill a guy in bunny suit. Don't worry, this all makes sense if you've gone retarded from chemicals, and it's way better than reading a book. It joins the ranks of other important films in drug culture, and shines as one of the jewels of the paper Burger King crown of trashy cinema.

1) Trainspotting. A fantastic film, exhilarating and fresh, that suffers only slightly from the fact that its only purpose seems to be to get ravers hooked on smack.

2) Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. Children's movies + LSD = annoying Marilyn Manson fans.

3) Spun. Fuck you. I could cut a single frame from a bunch of NFB documentaries and shake them in a bag full of splicing tape and make a better movie than this piece of shit seizure. Sure, it's directed by one of the old percussionists from Bathory, but he edits like drummers do blast beats, and makes drug use look like watching music videos on fast forward.

4) Requiem For A Dream. This is like the Reefer Madness for the 90s, teaching the viewer that if you do drugs, your arm will fall off, or you'll get fucked in the ass with a dildo while the entire board of directors for Nortel watches.

5) Dazed and Confused. A great film ruined by a retarded audience. I shudder to think of the nuances of Richard Linklater's drowsy film lost in a haze of pot smoke in rep theatres, the sound lost in the crackling of burning Royal Blunt papers and the snitching of bugs crawling through matted dreadlocks. It's like playing Mozart at an after-hours club, or reading Dante to women.

Still, Donnie Darko is a great film. Or rather, was a great film, until Richard Kelly got his hands on it again. The morning after watching the director's cut, all I'm left with is a bad headache, a 2-hour chunk of missing time. And I didn’t even get to take any Ketamine.

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Snarky Geeks Episode 336 - Dysfunctional Families!...!

Hosts Franky DeJesus 

This episode this snark shares his experience at the Big Apple Con, King Kong Bundy, Pet Sematary, then ramble on about the Doom Patrol show on DC Universe and the Umbrella Academy on Netflix,   ...
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          AMC developing show in 'Orphan Black' universe      Cache   Translate Page      
A new series set in the sci-fi universe of "Orphan Black" is in the early stages of development at AMC, which the original production company on board.
          Camisetas de Liga de la Justicia      Cache   Translate Page      
¡Tras mucho hype ha llegado por fin la hora de la Liga de la Justicia! La película más ambiciosa de DCEU (DC Extended Universe) ha tenido un recibimiento muy desigual, y es que aunque las críticas son bastante buenas la taquilla no dice lo mismo. Algo que no deja de sorprender después del éxito que ...
          New 'Orphan Black' series in development at AMC      Cache   Translate Page      
A new series set in the sci-fi universe of Orphan Black is in the early stages of development at AMC, which the original production company on board.
          Todos los juegos de PS4 disponibles en PlayStation Now España      Cache   Translate Page      
Todos los juegos de PS4 disponibles en PlayStation Now España#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\

PlayStation Now, el servicio de videojuegos a la carta de Sony acaba de lanzarse oficialmente en España junto con otros países europeos. PS Now ha sido una de las peticiones más recurrentes de los usuarios en tanto permite acceder a 650 juegos por una cuota mensual de 14,99 euros (99 euros el año completo). Lo interesante del asunto es que funciona tanto en PC como en la propia PS4, por lo que por primera vez podemos jugar a juegos de PlayStation en el PC.

Además, PlayStation Now incluye un catálogo de juegos tanto de PS2, PS3 y PS4, y los de la segunda y cuarta generación de Sony podremos descargarlos para jugarlos sin conexión, siendo imposible hacer esto para los juegos de PS3, que solo estarán disponible mediante streaming. Sea como sea, el catálogo de es bastante extenso y cada mes se va subiendo nuevos juegos, por lo que se trata de una plataforma muy interesante para aquellos que quieran jugar de forma ilimitada.

El catálogo de juegos de PS4 disponible a día de hoy en PlayStation Now España es el siguiente, a los que habría que usar los de PS3 y PS2, no incluidos en esta lista:

  • A Boy And His Blob
  • Abzû
  • Aces Of The Luftwaffe
  • Act It Out! A Game Of Charades
  • Action Henk
  • Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion
  • Agatha Christie: The Abc Murders
  • Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition
  • Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers
  • Alchemic Jousts
  • Alienation
  • Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space
  • Anomaly 2
  • Ape Escape 2 (Ps2 Classics)
  • Aragami
  • Atari Flashback Classics Vol 1
  • Assault Suit Leynos
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Back To Bed
  • Baja: Edge Of Control Hd
  • Baseball Riot
  • Batman - The Telltale Series - Episode 1: Realm Of Shadows
  • Battalion Commander
  • Battleborn
  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  • Battlefield Hardline
  • Battle Worlds Kronos
  • Ben 10
  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • Binaries
  • Black Mirror
  • Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend
  • Bloodborne
  • Blood Bowl 2
  • Bokosuka Wars II
  • Bound
  • Broken Age
  • Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons
  • The Bug Butcher
  • Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back
  • Carmageddon: Max Damage
  • Castle Invasion: Throne Out
  • Castlestorm Definitive Edition
  • Chess Ultra
  • Crimsonland
  • Clouds & Sheep 2
  • Croixluer Sigma
  • Dandara
  • Darksiders
  • Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition
  • Darksiders: Warmastered Edition
  • Day Of The Tentacle Remastered
  • Dead Nation Apocalypse
  • Dead Island: Definitive Edition
  • Dead Island: Retro Revenge
  • Deadlight: Director’s Cut
  • Defense Grid 2
  • Destroy All Humans!
  • Dirt 4
  • Dirt Rally
  • Disagaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance
  • Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition
  • Doki-Doki Universe
  • Don't Die, Mr. Robot!
  • Dungeons 2
  • Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow Of New Despair
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
  • Electronic Super Joy
  • Entwined
  • Escape Plan
  • Eve: Valkyrie - Warzone
  • Eventide: Slavic Fable
  • Everybody's Gone To The Rapture
  • Evolve
  • Exile's End
  • Exist Archive: The Other Side Of The Sky
  • Extreme Exorcism
  • Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force
  • Farming Simulator 17
  • Fat Princess Adventures
  • F1 2015
  • F1 2016
  • F1 2017
  • For Honor
  • Fluster Cluck
  • Garou: Mark Of The Wolves
  • Gem Smashers
  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut
  • God Of War 3: Remastered
  • Grand Ages: Medieval
  • Gravity Rush Remastered
  • Grim Fandango
  • Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-
  • Hardware: Rivals
  • Heavy Rain
  • Helldivers
  • Hohokum
  • Hotel Transylvania 3 Monsters Overboard
  • In Space We Brawl
  • Ironcast
  • Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
  • Kickbeat Special Edition
  • Killzone Shadow Fall
  • Kingdom: New Lands
  • King Oddball
  • Knack
  • Krinkle Krusher
  • Kromaia Omega
  • Legend Of Kay Anniversary
  • Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
  • Leo's Fortune
  • Limbo
  • Lock's Quest
  • Locoroco Remastered
  • Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut
  • Lords Of The Fallen
  • Lost Sea
  • Lovely Planet
  • Mafia III
  • Magicka 2
  • Mantis Burn Racing
  • Mastercube
  • Megadimension Neptunia Vii
  • Metal Gear Solid Hd Collection
  • Metal Slug 3
  • Metro 2033 Redux
  • Metro: Last Light Redux
  • Minutes
  • Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae
  • Momonga Pinball Adventures
  • Mordheim: City Of The Damned
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Mount & Blade: Warband
  • Mousecraft
  • Mxgp2 - The Official Motocross Videogame
  • Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics
  • Nba 2k18
  • N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure
  • Natural Doctrine
  • Nba 2k16
  • Need For Speed Rivals
  • Neon Chrome
  • Neurovoider
  • Nidhogg
  • Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart
  • Nom Nom Galaxy
  • No Time To Explain
  • Nova-111
  • Obliteracers
  • Olliolli
  • Olliolli2: Welcome To Olliwood
  • Omega Quintet
  • Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil
  • Pang Adventures
  • Payday 2
  • Pharaonic
  • Pillars Of Eternity: Complete Edition
  • Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic
  • Pixel Piracy
  • Plague Road
  • Poncho
  • Prey
  • Pumped Bmx +
  • Pure Chess
  • Pure Hold'em World Poker Championship
  • Pure Pool
  • Q*Bert: Rebooted
  • Costume Quest 2
  • Raiden V: Director's Cut
  • Rebel Galaxy
  • Red Faction
  • Resogun
  • Reus
  • Risen 3: Titan Lords - Enhanced Edition
  • Saint’s Row Iv Re-Elected
  • Saint’s Row: Gat Out Of Hell
  • Seasons After Fall
  • Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo
  • Shadow Of The Beast
  • Shadwen
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter
  • Sine Mora Ex
  • Skyscrappers
  • Slime-San: Superslime Edition
  • Soul Axiom
  • Sound Shapes
  • Space Hulk
  • Sparkle 2
  • Sparkle Unleashed
  • Square Heroes
  • Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax
  • Stealth Inc Ultimate Edition
  • Stealth Inc 2: A Game Of Clones
  • Steep
  • Steredenn: Binary Stars
  • Styx: Master Of Shadows
  • Styx: Shards Of Darkness
  • Stick It To The Man
  • Strider
  • Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut
  • Super Exploding Zoo!
  • Super Mega Baseball
  • Super Stardust Ultra
  • Super Star Wars
  • Super Toy Cars
  • Tearaway Unfolded
  • Tennis In The Face
  • Terraria
  • Teslagrad
  • The Dwarves
  • The Keeper Of 4 Elements
  • The Last Tinker: City Of Colors
  • The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor
  • The Spectrum Retreat
  • The Swapper
  • The Swindle
  • The Town Of Light
  • The Treausres Of Montezuma 4
  • This War Of Mine: The Little Ones
  • Thomas Was Alone
  • Tiny Brains
  • Tiny Troopers Joint Ops
  • Toki Tori 2+
  • Tokyo Xanadu Ex+
  • Torment: Tides Of Numenera
  • Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity
  • Tour De France 2017
  • Tricky Towers
  • Tron Run/R
  • Tropico 5
  • Unfinished Swan
  • Ultratron
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV
  • Valentino Rossi The Game
  • Vegas Party
  • Velocibox
  • Velocity 2x
  • Victor Vran Overkill Edition
  • Vikings: Wolves Of Midgard
  • Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide
  • Wasteland 2: Director's Cut
  • Whispering Willows
  • World To The West
  • Wwe 2k16
  • Wwe 2k18
  • X, Y, Z
  • Xcom 2
  • Yesterday Origins
  • Ziggurat
  • Zombie Vikings
  • 100ft Robot Golf

          Every Time Idaho Was Referenced In The Marvel Universe      Cache   Translate Page      
Ok, when you think of the Marvel Universe, you tend to think of the east coast. After all, one of the biggest fight scenes against Loki was in New York. But, believe it or not, Idaho has a few references in the cinematic universe. Continue reading…
          Washington State Lawmaker Calls Adversity "A Gift" For Students      Cache   Translate Page      
“I think we often forget the value of adversity and how important it is," said Sen. Wagoner in front of other human beings. by Rich Smith
“I think we often forget the value of adversity and how important it is, said Sen. Wagoner in front of other human beings.
“I think we often forget the value of adversity and how important it is," said Sen. Wagoner in front of other human beings. Courtesy of Washington State Legislature

On Saturday, the State Senate passed a bill, sponsored by Sen. Guy Palumbo, that guarantees free college and trade school for students from the poorest families in Washington. In order for students to access and retain that scholarship money, according to the bill, they'll need to maintain "satisfactory academic progress" toward graduation, which institutions generally interpret as a 2.0 GPA, i.e. a "C."

But that provision wasn't good enough for Washington state Republicans, who offered an amendment requiring students to maintain a 2.5 GPA (i.e. a "C+") in order to retain the scholarship. The amendment was voted down, but, in defending their case, Republicans revealed yet again the barbarism at the heart of their party's value system. No one embodied that value more than Sen. Keith Wagoner, who stood up on the Senate floor and championed the virtue of making the lives of his constituents more miserable because, basically, he thinks misery will make them work harder.

“I think we often forget the value of adversity and how important it is," Sen. Wagoner said in front of other human beings after telling his story about working his way through college. "When you give something to people, there’s no adversity. If we knock down Mount Everest so that everyone can get to the top, it wouldn’t have any meaning.”

Here we have a lawmaker openly admitting that he thinks it's his job to maintain—and in this case construct—obstacles in order to make life harder for his own constituents.

But it's difficult to focus on the absurdity of this claim because all I can hear when I listen to Wagoner's little speech is a Baby Boomer patting himself on the back for working his way through school in the early 1980s. Every time that happens, I have to fight an uncontrollable urge to scream the comparative cost of credit hours from 2017 and 1979 at them until they stop.

To indulge his line of reasoning: Just as the point of Mount Everest isn't to climb Mount Everest, the point of going to college isn't to learn how to balance the stress of working a minimum wage job with the responsibilities of attending class, completing homework, and in some cases choosing between finding a babysitter and going to a study group. The point of going to college is to learn how to think so that you don't wind up making stupid arguments like Wagoner over here, and also to expand the universe of things you can think about.

The fact is that kids today are facing adversity by working their way through college. The problem is the work doesn’t cover the cost of tuition—let alone living expenses—so they’re only working to keep their heads above water.

Unfortunately, lots of students from low-income households end up dropping out of college because, no matter how hard they work, they can't seem to earn enough money to pay for college.

That's the issue Palumbo's bill is trying to fix (in its limited little way). Due to intense financial pressures, low-income students have a harder time getting into college in the first place, and they have a harder time staying in once they get there. Guaranteeing free college for the poorest Washingtonians—meaning students from families living below 110 percent of the federal poverty line, e.g. a family of four making just under $28,000 per year—will help ease the financial burden these students bear, which will give them a fairer shot at succeeding in college.

Maintaining a C average during that process—rather than a C+ average—shouldn't discount those students from receiving that aid. A few Republican U.S. presidents, after all, only did about as well. And as Democratic senator Jannie Darneille pointed out on the floor, it's harder to raise your GPA than it is to watch it fall dramatically for one reason or another. These grades are averages—you could get two As and two Fs one semester and be paying for it for the next four years. For that reason, GPA isn't the best indicator of completion rates in college. Financial stress, however, is.

Passing this law isn't just a nice thing to do for students. From Washington's upside-down tax code to its inability to adequately fund K-12 education to its history of slashing public funding for higher education, this state has made climbing out of poverty a near impossibility for hundreds of thousands of people. Washington owes it to these families to do something, and guaranteeing scholarships to its poorest households is THE LEAST lawmakers can do.

Anyhow, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a Republican like Wagoner would so baldly praise the "gift" of adversity. That's the value the Washington state GOP has always stood for. They value putting up barriers to education. They value immiserating the population. They're political sadists. Which, if nothing else, makes their stern opposition to sadism all the more confusing.

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          'Orphan Black': New Series In the Works at AMC - TVLine      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. 'Orphan Black': New Series In the Works at AMC  TVLine
  2. New ‘Orphan Black’ Series in Development at AMC (EXCLUSIVE)  Variety
  3. A Brand New Orphan Black Series Could Be Happening...on AMC  Gizmodo
  4. New ‘Orphan Black’ Series In Works At AMC  Deadline
  5. Hey, Clone Club: The Orphan Black universe may be expanding with a new AMC series  The A.V. Club
  6. View full coverage on Google News

          Energy Reflections and Manifesting      Cache   Translate Page      
Episode As Above… So Below… is all about energy reflections and manifesting. Your energy is continually emitting a frequency signal out to the world. Are you aware of what your energy field is transmitting? In this episode, your host Jenn Royster shares insights on how our energy field holds a frequency of who we are and how this communicates to the universe what we manifest.
          - In the Hands of Alchemy with guest Jerry Wennstrom      Cache   Translate Page      
GuestTrusting the deep intelligence of the Universe, artist Jerry Wennstrom shocked the New York art community in 1979 when he destroyed his paintings at the pinnacle of his illustrious career. Guided by courage and an inner passion, Jerry gave away his possessions and began a journey based on complete surrender to life experience. Join us as we learn about Jerry's book, The Inspired Heart, as he shares his compelling personal story about trusting in the inherent goodness in life. As Jerry says, ...
          Ban x Reader      Cache   Translate Page      
Anime_Potato_ / 5 pages
The Tiger Sin of Honesty, Y/n L/n. She is something that is indescribable. She isn't human, isn't mortal. She's not a demon, nor an angel. She isn't a fairy or a goddess. What she is, is far more superior than any being in the entire universe. She...
          My morning prayer this month      Cache   Translate Page      
The Breastplate of St. Patrick -- a morning prayer

The original of this is a kind of rhymed or half rhymed utterance. The language of the poem is very old Gaelic. (This is one of three of Patrick’s writings that we still have – this, his Confession, and a letter requesting the release of a slave.) It is called the “Lorica” and also “The Deer’s Cry.” According to tradition, St. Patrick uttered it while on his way to Tara, where he was for the first time to confront the power of the Pagan High-King of Ireland. Assassins were in wait for him and his companions, but as he chanted the hymn it seemed to the hidden band that a herd of deer went by.
stanzas I-X are Gaelic; XI Latin

I bind to myself today
The strong power of an invocation of the Trinity
the faith of the Trinity in Unity
the Creator of the universe

I bind to my self today
the might of the incarnation of Christ with that of his baptism
the might of his crucifixion with that of his burial
the might of his resurrection with that of his ascension
the might of his coming on the judgement day

I bind to myself today
the power in the love of the seraphim
in the obedience of the angels
in the ministration of the archangels
in the hope of the resurrection unto reward
in the prayers of the patriarchs
in the predictions of the prophets
in the preaching of the apostles
in the faith of the confessors
in the deeds of righteous men

I bind to myself today
the power of heaven
the brightness of the sun
the whiteness of the snow
the splendor of fire
the speed of lightning
the swiftness of wind
the depth of the sea
the stability of the earth
the firmness of rocks

I bind to myself today
God's power to pilot me
God's might to uphold me
God's wisdom to teach me
God's eye to watch over me
God's ear to hear me
God's word to give me speech
God's hand to guide me
God's way to lie before me
God's shield to shelter me
God's host to secure me
against the snares of demons
against the seductions of vices
against the lusts of nature
against everyone who meditates injury to me
whether far or near
whether few or with many

I invoke today all these virtues
against every hostile merciless power
which may assail my body and my soul
against the incantations of false prophets
against the black laws of heathenism
against the false laws of heresy
against the deceits of idolatry
against the spells of women and smiths and druids every power of the enemy
against every knowledge that blinds the soul of man

Christ protect me today
against poison, against burning
against drowning against wounding
that I may receive abundant reward

Christ with me, Christ before me
Christ behind me, Christ within me
Christ under me, Christ above me
Christ at my right, Christ at my left
Christ in lying down, Christ in sitting
Christ in rising up

Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me
Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks to me
Christ in every eye that sees me
Christ in every ear that hears me

I bind to myself today
the strong power of an invocation of the Trinity
the faith of the Trinity in Unity
the creator of the universe

Salvation is of the Lord
Salvation is of the Lord
Salvation is of Christ
May Thy salvation, O Lord, be with us forever.

Domini est salus, domini est salus, Christi est salus ;
salus tua, domine, sit semper nobiscum.

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A new TV series set in the “Orphan Black” universe is in development, with Temple Street Productions, the producer of the original series, set to produce the new series, Variety reports. The project is reportedly in the early development stages...
          Lost In Brazzers Episode 3 Aletta Ocean      Cache   Translate Page      

Lost In Brazzers Episode 3 Aletta Ocean Danny D was Brazzers’ biggest fan until a freak electrical storm sucked him into his computer. Now he’s trapped inside the Brazzers Universe, hopping from site to site! Can he fuck his way through the entire network before the evil Head of Brazzers has him deleted from the […]

The post Lost In Brazzers Episode 3 Aletta Ocean appeared first on Watch XXX Free in HD.

           Comment on The Day the Universe Exploded My Head: Confessions of a Reluctant Reader by allanwolf100       Cache   Translate Page      
You're welcome Jennifer. Slow readers unite!
           Comment on The Day the Universe Exploded My Head: Confessions of a Reluctant Reader by allanwolf100       Cache   Translate Page      
Thanks Carol. I hope you like reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it!
           Comment on The Day the Universe Exploded My Head: Confessions of a Reluctant Reader by allanwolf100       Cache   Translate Page      
I feel you Margaret. Sometimes the writer part of me feels like an imposter too! Sorry to miss you in Louisiana.
          Lovely Books and Things - 3.9.19      Cache   Translate Page      
Lovely Books and Things
My Weekly Books and Films Update

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1. Sun breaking through rainy days even for just 10 minutes

2. Bundaberg Ginger Beer when feeling fizzy

3. Illustrations from Seoul’s Jee-ook Choi (here)



The Gilded Wolves
by Roshani Chokshi
-Fantasy, YA | Goodreads

PARIS was the attraction for getting this one.

Author event:

The Bindery in the Haight hosted a conversation and Q&A with Shoba Rao and Ingrid Rojas Contreras (author of Fruit of the Drunken Tree ).

Girls Burn Brighter
by Shobha Rao
-Literary, Feminism, India | Goodreads

A searing, electrifying debut novel set in India and America, about a once-in-a-lifetime friendship between two girls who are driven apart but never stop trying to find one another again.

When Poornima first meets Savitha, she feels something she thought she lost for good when her mother died: hope. Poornima's father hires Savitha to work one of their sari looms, and the two girls are quickly drawn to one another. Savitha is even more impoverished than Poornima, but she is full of passion and energy. She shows Poornima how to find beauty in a bolt of indigo cloth, a bowl of yogurt rice and bananas, the warmth of friendship. Suddenly their Indian village doesn't feel quite so claustrophobic, and Poornima begins to imagine a life beyond the arranged marriage her father is desperate to lock down for her. But when a devastating act of cruelty drives Savitha away, Poornima leaves behind everything she has ever known to find her friend again. Her journey takes her into the darkest corners of India's underworld, on a harrowing cross-continental journey, and eventually to an apartment complex in Seattle. Alternating between the girls’ perspectives as they face relentless obstacles, Girls Burn Brighter introduces two heroines who never lose the hope that burns within them.

In breathtaking prose, Shobha Rao tackles the most urgent issues facing women today: domestic abuse, human trafficking, immigration, and feminism. At once a propulsive page-turner and a heart-wrenching meditation on friendship, Rao's debut novel is a literary tour de force.

AND watched: in theatre

To Dust (2018)
Director/Writer: Shawn Snyder
Writer: Jason Begue
Stars: Géza Röhrig, Matthew Broderick
-Drama, Jewish | imdb | my rating: 5

Shmuel, a Hasidic cantor in Upstate New York, distraught by the untimely death of his wife, struggles to find religious solace, while secretly obsessing over how her body will decay. As a clandestine partnership develops with Albert, a local community college biology professor, the two embark on a darkly comic and increasingly literal undertaking into the underworld.

AH grief and its ways.

AND watched: on DVD

The Lego Movie (2014)
Directors/Screenplay/Story by: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Story by: Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman
Based on LEGO Construction Toys created by: Ole Kirk Christiansen, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, Jens Nygaard Knudsen
Characters created by: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Peter Laird, Kevin Eastman
Stars: Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks
-Animation, Action, Adventure | imdb | my rating: 5

An ordinary LEGO construction worker, thought to be the prophesied as "special", is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the LEGO universe into eternal stasis.

WATCHED this to prepare for watching the sequel. It is a clever and fun play on things lego.

AND watched: in theatre - nominated for the Oscar's 2019

Free Solo (2018)
Directors: Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
Stars: Tommy Caldwell, Jimmy Chin, Alex Honnold
-Documentary | imdb | my rating: 5

Follow Alex Honnold as he becomes the first person to ever free solo climb Yosemite's 3,000ft high El Capitan Wall. With no ropes or safety gear, he completed arguably the greatest feat in rock climbing history.

BREATHTAKING views with nail-biter scenes.


* comment and TELL me what you have acquired for your shelves recently

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          Dead Cells "Rise Of The Giant" DLC Announced For PC      Cache   Translate Page      

After being released to high acclaim, Motion Twin's Dead Cells has received recent patches that include extra gameplay features and a much-needed re-optimization of the game's Nintendo Switch port. But the additions aren't stopping there. 

Click here to watch embedded media

Motion Twin has announced a "Rise of the Giant" DLC package for the PC version of Dead Cells. With a plethora of content that introduces 50 new outfits, 10 extra enemy types, and a secret level, players will find themselves navigating the dangerous corridors of the Dead Cells universe once again. 

Rise of the Giant drops for PC on March 28. If you're a Dead Cells diehard check out our interview with Sébastien Bénard, one of the game's designers; he details the development process and even hints toward a sequel!

          Disney Plus Adds Marvel’s ‘What If?’ Series To Their Slate      Cache   Translate Page      

What If Marvel

Almost every Marvel fan has had a "What if?" crossover thought run through their mind. This reached its peak during the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when X-Men and Fantastic Four were over at Fox, and Spider-Man was at Sony. The latter did find its way over eventually; and with Disney acquiring Fox, the former has become a reality. But even with most of the Marvel characters - Sony still has the rights to Spider-Man supporting characters and villains - under one umbrella, some characters have yet to interact with each other.

That's where What If? comes in. For those who have been wondering what if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four, or what if Captain America did not disappear during World War II, then your questions will be answered in a new animated TV series set to stream on Disney+ based on those comic book titles. More on the report below [...]

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          Captain Marvel’s Monica Rambeau could become a major part of the MCU      Cache   Translate Page      
Warning: spoilers ahead for Captain Marvel Captain Marvel does a nice job of exploring the origin of Carol Danvers while introducing her as a powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As we saw in the mid-credits scene, her arrival back on Earth could turn the tide in a post-Decimation world. Here's what happens in Captain Marvel's post-credits scenes Carol isn't the only hero who could play a massive role in the future of the MCU. Marvel might also bring back Monica Rambeau (Akira Akbar), who was the daughter of Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch). In the comics, Maria actually took over the mantle of Captain Marvel long before Carol ever did. Who is Monica Rambeau? When we meet Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel, she's a precocious 11-year-old who is key to helping Carol remember her past life on Earth. But she might also prove to be a key part of the overall MCU, if she does indeed evolve into the hero she is in the comics. Be sure to read our Captain Marvel review Introdu...
          Perhaps Under Stars That Would Stretch Forever (an Idiot Explains The Universe      Cache   Translate Page      
With a Best Show nomination already under his belt from Perth Comedy Festival earlier this year, this is JOEY PAGE's most impressive hour to date. A 3rd-person omniscient narrator of space, Joey takes you on a journey to make sense of the entire universe in 59 minutes. In this utterly imaginative hour, you will question the uncheckable facts of what is up there, what's the point of all this? Are there parallel universes?You'll learn everything you've ever needed to know. This absurdist show adds a new dimension to Joey's catalogue of work. Joey Page is 1 of the top surreal comics in the country, with his own new, alternative, psychedelic music show on Fubar Radio every Wednesday afternoon, he's appeared on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, BBC 3 comedy Presents and Noel Fielding's Luxury comedy as well as having Supported Tony Law, Josie Long and The Mighty Boosh. Joey writes and stars in his hugely popular YouTube series, Intergalactic Sausage, which is an on-line futuristic comedy. **** EdFest Mag
          RaiseTheBarn Update      Cache   Translate Page      
It has been a long year since the barn collapsed December 26th, 2013. The love and support we have received by everyone has been deeply appreciated and kept me strong to move forward.  At the moment we had have work group parties during the summer months. Many people came out in the hot weather to help with the continuous clean up. Thank you Everyone.                       November 2014 we had to make a decision….it seemed like the universe was not cooperating, and the crunch was on to get the animals back home. There has been many blips along the way, and disappointments though I … Continue reading
          Episode 07 - "I love Rock 'n' Roll" de Joan Jett and The Blackhearts      Cache   Translate Page      

Pour ce 7ème numéro, je parle de "I love Rock 'n' Roll" de Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

Les liens vers les différentes versions :

La version originale de " The Arrows" en 1975

La version que tout le Monde connait de "Joan Jett and The Blackhearts" en 1981

La 1ère version de Joan Jett avec les anciens Sex Pistols en 1979

Le remix d'Alex Gaudino et Jason Rooney de 2008

La version Country de Hayseed Dixie en 2011

La version Hip Hop de "Moccasin Creek feat Megan Rüger" de 2016

Le Live de 1983

En Bonus pour ceux qui lisent les notes, la version 8 bit de "8bit Universe"

Merci à tous ceux qui me font des retours, qui partagent, qui me donnent des précisons, c'est toujours bon d'échanger!

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Crédit du Générique : Boogie Belgique - Once Have I de l'album Blueberry Hill

          Episode 05 - "Come Out and Play" de The Offspring      Cache   Translate Page      

Pour ce 5ème épisode je vous parle de "Come out and play" de The Offspring

Les liens vers les différentes versions de ce numéro :

Le nom de la thèse : "Identification of Human MicroRNA-Like Sequences Embedded within the Protein-Encoding Genes of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus"

Un lien si vous voulez la lire! ( c'est en Anglais )

Version originale de 1994 sur l'album "Smash"

La version de Hyades en 2009

Version Jazz de Richard Cheese de 2000

Version UkulelebOboys de 2016

Version "retro-gaming" de 8 Bit Universe en 2015

La version Live acoustique de fin d'épisode, en 2012 sur Oui Fm

Bande Annonce du film "The Warriors"

Et l'extrait utilisé

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Crédit du Générique : Boogie Belgique - Once Have I de l'album Blueberry Hill

           Comment on Don Cheadle wears ‘Protect Trans Kids’ message on SNL | Feb 16th, 2019 by Earnest       Cache   Translate Page      
Today my friend, Tito, told me, “To be or never to be? It doesn’t make much difference.” Is he right? From a perspective that considers the whole universe, the destruction of our whole solar system wouldn't make very much difference. From the perspective of the very most recent Heisman trophy recipient, the destruction of his hip and legs might make a significant massive difference. Your friend could be considered right, just as... present more depends upon everything you view mainly because "making a difference"
          Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Ultra HD Blu-ray Review      Cache   Translate Page      

Ralph Potts reviews the Ultra HD Blu-ray release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature, that offers viewers a fresh vision of the Spider-Man universe with a groundbreaking visual style that’s the first of its kind. The Review at a Glance: (max score: 5 ) Film: Extras: Audio/UHD Video … Continue reading Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

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          Marvel Comics Universe & Age Of X-Man Apocalypse & The X-Tracts #1 Spoilers: Post Uncanny X-Men Disassembled X-Events Continue! Preview!      Cache   Translate Page      
          DC Comics Universe & Hawkman #10 Spoilers: THIS IS IT! The Big Promised Battle Is Here! How Will It All Shake-Out? Preview!      Cache   Translate Page      
          Marvel Comics Universe & Amazing Spider-Man #17 Spoilers: Kraven The Hunter Is Back As Hunted Begins & Spider-Man Will Never Be The Same Again?! Preview!      Cache   Translate Page      
          DC Comics Universe & Superman #9 Spoilers: Jon Kent Superboy Is Back? As Are The Crime Syndicate & Zod! WTF Is Up? Preview!      Cache   Translate Page      
Lots of action!
          Marvel Comics Universe & Avengers No Road Home #5 Spoilers: Nyx Captures Voyager, Hercules & The Avengers! So, What’s Next? Preview!      Cache   Translate Page      
          DC Comics Universe & The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1 Spoilers: Gun-Toting Batman Gets Special With 13 Variant Covers By Top Artists With Harley Quinn Sightings! Preview!      Cache   Translate Page      
          SONY Has Big Film & TV Plans for Its 'Universe of MARVEL Characters'      Cache   Translate Page      
The next big superhero cinematic universe emerges.
          Annabell P. Lee Is The Artist Making Polly Pocket-Inspired Wearables      Cache   Translate Page      
Stepping into the studio of Los Angeles-based artist Annabell P. Lee is like entering a mix between a museum and a playground. In fact, the rising creative likes to draw a comparison between herself and the 1990s toy universe of Polly Pocket. Littered with colored buttons, mini fabric swatches, childlike doodles, and all kinds of […]


          1000 Tage Techno Podcast Trailer      Cache   Translate Page      
Techno feiert Geburtstag! Vor 30 Jahren wurden u.a. die Love Parade und Frontpage, Deutschlands erste Technozeitschrift, gegründet. Jürgen Laarmann, Mitveranstalter der Love Parade, Gründer der Mayday und Herausgeber des Frontpage Magazins, nimmt dies zum Anlass, diese letzte große universelle Jugendkultur - mit eigener Musik, Design, Mode und Kunst - vorzustellen und zu ergründen. Dafür spricht er mit Protagonisten der Technobewegung und den Leuten, die diese bis heute größte Kulturbewegung entscheidend geprägt haben. Mit dabei sind nicht nur die großen Namen der Musikschaffenden sondern auch Veranstalter, Autoren und Vertreter der neuen Generation, mit denen diskutiert und gestritten wird. Die neue Podcast-Reihe "Tausend Tage Techno" von Jürgen Laarmann: ab August und alle 2 Wochen mit einer neuen Folge. Now it can be told!
          [Software] Cloanto Amiga Forever 8 0 5 0 Plus Edition + Crack Incl.| 619.75 MB      Cache   Translate Page      

[Software] Cloanto Amiga Forever 8 0 5 0 Plus Edition + Crack Incl.| 619.75 MB Easier and more powerful than ever, Amiga Forever closes the circle between gaming, productivity and preservation of digital culture while adding new features and providing easier access to a universe of free and legal downloads. New features in Amiga Forever […]

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          Spells, Salt, & Steel by Gail Z. Martin and Larry N. Martin Book Tour & Giveaway       Cache   Translate Page      

Spells, Salt, & Steel
Season One
by Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin
Genre: Comedic Horror

When all else fails, the ass end of a carp makes a damn fine weapon.”

Your new favorite monster hunter has arrived! Bubba the Monster Hunter has some competition in this horror comedy collection from best-selling author duo Gail Z. & Larry N. Martin!
By day, Mark Wojcik can be found elbow-deep in engine grease, making cars and trucks safe for the highway. By night, he can be found traipsing through the wilds of Pennsylvania, making the world safe for humans. He’s more than just a mechanic, he’s a New Templar Knight. He travels the backroads and byways fighting weresquonks, ningen, selkies, ghosts, and…gnomes? Is that gnome…naked? (sigh).

Season One collects the first four novellas in the Spells, Salt, & Steel series –
Spells, Salt, & Steel
Open Season
Deep Trouble
Close Encounters

Goodreads* Amazon 

Gail Z. Martindiscovered her passion for science fiction, fantasy and ghost stories in elementary school. The first story she wrote at age five was about a vampire. Her favorite TV show as a preschooler was Dark Shadows. At age 14, she decided to become a writer. She enjoys attending science fiction/fantasy conventions, Renaissance fairs and living history sites.

Larry N. Martinis the author of the new sci-fi adventure novel Salvage Rat. He is the co-author (with Gail Z. Martin) of the Spells, Salt, and Steel/New Templars series; the Steampunk series Iron & Blood; and a collection of short stories and novellas: The Storm & Fury Adventures set in the Iron & Blood universe. He is also the co-author of the upcoming Wasteland Marshals series and the Joe Mack Cauldron/Secret Council series.
The Martins have three children, a Maltese, and a Golden Retriever.

Website* Newsletter* Facebook* Pinterest *
Twitter* Twitter * Goodreads* Goodreads* Amazon

Follow the tour HEREfor exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

          Science events planned at the Discovery Centre      Cache   Translate Page      
THE maths behind music, a tour of the universe and time travel will be explored at a special event at Basingstoke Discovery Centre on Thursday, 14 March.
          Sony Planning Spider-Man Universe TV Shows Within Next Decade      Cache   Translate Page      
Sony is developing multiple Spider-Man related properties for the future, including TV shows. While Disney and Marvel Studios are about...
          I haven't worn foundation in months — these are the products that helped clear my skin      Cache   Translate Page      

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.


  • I've worn foundation regularly for six years, partly out of habit and largely because it covered up the sins of temperamental skin.
  • But I was sick of spending money and time to willfully clog my pores each day, sticking myself in an endless loop of relying on makeup.
  • Gradually, I phased in products that helped me get my skin to a healthy equilibrium and even tone. At this point, I haven't worn foundation in months — and my skin has been more consistently clear and smooth than ever.
  • Below, I detail what products I used and why. You can also find what I learned when I had a celebrity dermatologist audit my skin-care routine here.

For a pale and easily scarred teen going through their first bout of serious breakouts, foundation was a miracle — like some divine being descended from another realm and gave cavemen a lit torch in the Pleistocene epoch. You mean I can cover this up and it will still look like skin, kind of? Using it in high school helped buoy my confidence, and that alone was worth the time, expense, and (comparatively) minor protests from my skin. It was even worth avoiding hugging people wearing white lest they look like a screen print of Forrest Gump's smiley face shirt afterward. 

In adulthood, though, I got more comfortable with the idea of imperfection. It no longer seemed like something to so actively avoid. But over the course of the last six years, foundation had become both a habit and a safety blanket. I was still almost unconsciously relying on it to cover up the aftermath of past breakouts, and said dependency wasn't helping other concerns like my skin texture or clogged pores.

In other words, once you start using foundation, it's hard to stop. But, about six months ago, I did. Rather than the expense or even skin clarity, it was the argument of time that finally got me to give it up. Instead of the 180 hours I would cumulatively spend every year just putting on makeup in the morning, would I perhaps be happier — both in the moment and with my priorities in general — if I could devote that time to enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a newspaper in the morning instead?

I understand that the simple decision of how you get to spend your time in the morning can be an immense luxury — especially for women, on whom the public passes judgment about appearance with all the nuance of an executioner. If someone had told me what I just told you during one of my severe breakouts, I would have felt anger and frustration at the sheer misconception and injustice of it all: you don't think I want to spend my mornings doing something else, too? Years later, though, I've been fortunate enough to age out of those breakouts, and my focus has shifted instead to the aftermath of discoloration and small flare-ups. That's why I can point to something like "time" and have the considerable privilege of that alone being enough of a reason to stop. 

To transition out of wearing foundation, I began actively addressing my underlying skin concerns and building a more sustainable skin-care regime while phasing heavy makeup out. Before, my skin care had been reactionary. Now, it needed to be proactive — and tenable as well. For that, I used my collective experience as a commerce reporter, resources like renowned dermatologists, and plenty of research and self-testing to find the products that worked for me: clinical grade dark spot correctors, gentle but intense cleansers, cult-favorite clay face masks, and a prescription-strength retinoid treatment to name a few. 

As of today, I haven't worn foundation for about five months — and I haven't needed or wanted to. I use a dab of my Holy Grail concealer and a brush to cover up any surprise blemishes, and I swipe on some mascara and head out the door in as little as ten minutes. 

Altogether, my skin is the clearest, smoothest, and most evenly toned it's been in years. I've figured out how to maintain that actively with products, instead of more or less assuming it would always be at the whim of the universe. I've also started using skin care as makeup, rather than makeup that mimics skin care — and it looks better overall. I've added sunscreen since I used to rely on foundations to supply SPF, and, when I do wear makeup, I have more fun applying it. 

Below, I run through the products I used to give up foundation and why each one works for my specific skin concerns. Skin care is notoriously subjective, and what works for me may not work for you, but they may be worth checking out if you're looking to do the same. 

Below are the nine products I used to get my skin to a healthy state:

A micellar water that preps skin for face wash and respects the skin's natural barrier


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, available at Amazon and Dermstore, from $14.15

First, I wanted to get my skin to a place where going without foundation would feel comfortable — this meant at least partially addressing my main concerns, like clarity, hydration, and tone. 

As I've heard echoed everywhere from the famed 10-step Korean skin-care routine to celebrity dermatologists, double-cleansing is a good idea. The first cleanser, such as a micellar water, removes the day's cream, makeup, and dirt gently, clearing the way for the next cleanser to reach deeper inside the skin and draw out sebum and bacteria. 

I've tried others, but I've preferred this cult-favorite French pharmacy micellar water since discovering it while living in Paris — and I'm not the only one. The company estimates that a bottle is sold every two seconds, and it's firmly seated on Amazon's best-selling skin-care products

It's gentle enough to wipe away the day's grime without irritating my sensitive skin, and hydrating enough to make dual-cleansing viable for my dry skin. Equally important, micellar water respects the skin's hydro-lipid film (no micro-scratches working like chinks in the armor) which helps get your complexion on a sustainable, self-managed clarity track. 

A non-soapy face wash that uses acids to gently exfoliate the skin


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Pore Perfecting Cleansing Gel, available at Sephora, $38

For even tone, texture, and clarity that doesn't strip the skin of moisture, I swear by Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta facial cleanser. 

Simply put, it's the best cleanser I've ever used — and you'd hope it would be after it took Dr. Gross four years to perfect. It's not a foam and wasn't formulated with soap, so it doesn't leave the skin feeling uncomfortably dry or tight. But, having said that, it's also a more intense clean. It works into a rich lather, and the alpha and beta hydroxy acids work diligently (on multiple levels of the skin) to slough away dead, tired cells and facilitate healthy turnover to even tone and texture. Altogether, it's formulated to treat skin concerns while maintaining the skin's integrity and pH balance.

After using it, my skin looks brighter and tighter, and dark spots faded at a faster rate thanks to frequent exfoliation. This worked for the no-foundation project twofold: I didn't feel the need to cover up my skin's imperfections because there were fewer of them, and I didn't want to cover it up because my skin actually looked better au naturel than it did covered in foundation.

I definitely still get the occasional blemish, but the texture and overall tone of my skin is so consistently even now that I typically just dab concealer on the spot, blend it into the surrounding skin with a brush, and head out the door. 

A clinical-grade dark spot correcting serum

Dr. Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Clinical Grade IPL Dark Spot Correcting Serum, available at Sephora, $92

This was the high-impact, clinical-grade serum I turned to for treating dark spots quickly and efficiently. It has 10% L-ascorbic acid (which is another way of saying concentrated vitamin C) and Kojic acid, which is great for brightening dark spots, as well as lactic acid, a gentle exfoliator. 

Within a few weeks (the company notes two to eight weeks depending on severity), I noticed my skin looking brighter and its tone evening out considerably. After four, it was even enough to skip foundation. That's because the IPL exfoliates your skin in its current state and prevents any additional lower pigment from surfacing. It also helps protect skin from environmental aggressors like free radicals. 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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          ‘Victor And Valentino’ Sets Supernatural Cartoon Premiere On Cartoon Network      Cache   Translate Page      

Photo Courtesy of Cartoon Network

The new animated series Victor and Valentino is set to make its debut on the Cartoon Network in the United States and Latin America. The supernatural adventure will premiere simultaneously in the two countries with four episodes March 30 at 9:30 am (ET/PT). For those of you who aren’t in the U.S. or Latin America, don’t fret! The series will debut regions around the world soon.

Created by Diego Molano (The Powerpuff Girls, Adult Swim’s Black Dynamite) Victor and Valentino follows two half-brothers learning to appreciate each other’s quirks and differences while exploring Monte Macabre, a small and mysterious town, where the myths and legends of Mesoamerican folklore come to life.

The inclusive series brings authentic storytelling and is inspired by Molano’s fascination with mythology. While spending the summer with their Grandma Chata, the rambunctious Victor and his more cautious half-brother Valentino soon realize there’s more than meets the eye in their new town. Based on the trailer above, it is giving some fun-filled Rick and Morty and Steven Universe vibes as we follow the adventures of this mischievous pair and their run-ins with other worldly beings, curious creatures from forgotten folklore and places only described in myths.


          PBF TOSCO CONNECTION      Cache   Translate Page      
By Dave Lincoln


      The long and twisted history of how Exxon  
      and other refiners unload their worst assets.

From:  PBF Energy

Thomas D. O'Malley

Thomas D. O’Malley has served as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of PBF Energy since its formation in November 2011, served as Executive Chairman of PBF LLC and its predecessors from March 2008 to February 2013 and was our Chief Executive Officer from inception until June 2010. Mr. O’Malley has more than 30 years experience in the refining industry. He served as Chairman of the Board of Petroplus Holdings A.G., listed on the Swiss Exchange, from May 2006 until February 2011, and was Chief Executive Officer from May 2006 until September 2007. Mr. O’Malley was Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Premcor, a domestic oil refiner and Fortune 250 company listed on the NYSE, from February 2002 until December 2004, and continued as Chairman until its sale to Valero in August 2005. Before joining Premcor, Mr. O’Malley was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tosco Corporation. This Fortune 100 company, listed on the NYSE, was the largest independent oil refiner and marketer of oil products in the United States, with annualized revenues of approximately $25.0 billion when it  [TOSCO]   was sold to Philips Petroleum Company in September 2001. Mr. O’Malley’s extensive experience in and knowledge of the refining industry, as well as his proven leadership skills and management experience provides the board with valuable leadership, and for these reasons we believe Mr. O’Malley is qualified to serve as Chairman of our board of directors.

PBF                     CONOCOPHILLIPS
Thomas Nimbley
Mr. Nimbley has served as PBF's Chief Executive Officer since June of 2010 and was appointed to the board of directors in October of 2014. Prior thereto, he served as a Principal for Nimbley Consultants LLC from June 2005 to March 2010, where he provided consulting services and assisted on the acquisition of two refineries. He previously served as Senior Vice President and Head of Refining for Phillips Petroleum Company and subsequently Senior Vice President and head of Refining for ConocoPhillips' domestic refining system (13 locations) following the merger of Phillips and Conoco. Before joining Phillips at the time of its acquisition of Tosco in September 2001, Mr. Nimbley served in various positions with Tosco Corporation and its subsidiaries starting in April 1993.
Spencer Abraham
Spencer Abraham has served as a director of PBF Energy since October 2012. Mr. Abraham is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the international strategic consulting firm The Abraham Group, which he founded in 2005. Prior to starting The Abraham Group, Mr. Abraham served as Secretary of Energy under President George W. Bush from 2001 through January 2005 and was a U.S. Senator for the State of Michigan from 1995 to 2001. Prior to serving as a U.S. Senator, Mr. Abraham held various other public and private sector positions in the public policy arena. Mr. Abraham serves as a director of Occidental Petroleum Corporation and GenOn Energy, Inc. and as Chairman of the Advisory Board of Lynx Global Realty Asset Fund Onshore LLC. He was previously a director of ICx Technologies and non-executive Chairman of Areva Inc. Mr. Abraham also serves on the boards or advisory committees of several private companies, including Deepwater Wind, LLC, Green Rock Energy, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources and C3. Mr. Abraham’s extensive political and financial experience in the energy sector, including as the Secretary of Energy of the United States, as a U.S. Senator and as a board member of various public companies in the oil and gas sector, provides him with unique and valuable insights into the industry in which we operate and the markets that we serve, and for these reasons we believe that Mr. Abraham is a valuable member of our board of directors.
Jefferson F. Allen
Jefferson F. Allen has served as a director of PBF Energy since its formation in November 2011 and has been a director of the Board of Directors of PBF LLC since March 2011. Mr. Allen serves as chairman of our audit committee for PBF. Mr. Allen has over 35 years experience in the oil industry. Before his retirement in 2005, Mr. Allen most recently served as the Chief Executive Officer of Premcor at the time of its sale to Valero in 2005. In addition, from 2002 until 2005 Mr. Allen served on Premcor’s Board of Directors and from 2002 until 2004 was Chairman of its Audit Committee. Prior to his service with Premcor, Mr. Allen was the Chief Financial Officer and a director of Tosco Corporation from 1990, and served as its President from 1995, until its merger with Phillips Petroleum Company in September 2001. Before joining Tosco, his previous energy industry experience was in the international exploration and production business for 14 years. Mr. Allen’s industry specific experience as a financial expert and board member of a public company, provides our board with a unique perspective and insight, and for these reason we believe Mr. Allen is a valuable member of our board of directors.
Wayne A. Budd
Wayne A. Budd has over 40 years of legal experience in the public and private sectors, and since 2004 is a Senior Counsel of Goodwin Procter LLP. Prior to that, he served as a Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel and a Director of John Hancock Financial Services Inc. from 2000 to 2004. Mr. Budd served as Group President, New England, of Bell Atlantic Corporation (now Verizon Communications Inc.) from 1996 to 2000. He served as a Senior Partner of Goodwin Procter LLP from 1993 to 1996. Mr. Budd also served on the U.S. Sentencing Commission from 1994 to 1997, which he was appointed to by President Bill Clinton. From 1992 to 1993, Mr. Budd served as an Associate Attorney General of the United States, overseeing the Civil Rights, Environmental, Tax, Civil and Anti-Trust Divisions at the Department of Justice, as well as the Bureau of Prisons. From 1989 to 1992, he was the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. He previously served as a director of Tosco Corp. and Premcor Inc. He currently serves as a director at McKesson Corporation. Mr. Budd is the past Chairman of the National Board of the American Automobile Association and currently serves as a director of the American Automobile Association of Southern New England. Mr. Budd’s extensive legal experience and as a board member of public entities, including in the refining sector, provides our board with a beneficial perspective and insight, and for these reasons we believe Mr. Budd is a valuable member of our board of directors.
Gene Edwards
Gene Edwards has over 35 years of experience in the energy and refining sectors. Most recently he retired from Valero in April of 2014 where he was Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer. Mr. Edwards began his career with Valero as an Analyst in Planning and Economics in 1982 and then served as Director of Business Development; Director of Petrochemical Products; Vice President of Planning and Business Development; Senior Vice President of Supply, Marketing & Transportation; Senior Vice President of Planning, Business Development and Risk Management and as Senior Vice President of Product Supply and Trading. Prior to joining Valero, he was an energy analyst with Pace Consultants and a refinery process engineer with Citgo. He previously served as a director of CST Brands, a spin-off of Valero, from May to October 2013. Mr. Edwards has served as a director of Green Plains Energy since June 2014. Mr. Edwards’ decades of experience in all aspects of the refining sector provides our board with additional industry-specific knowledge from an individual deeply connected with the independent refining sector.
William Hantke
Mr. Hantke has served as a director of PBF Energy since February of 2016. He brings to PBF significant experience as a financial expert and board member of public entities, including those in the refining sector. From 2002 to 2005, Mr. Hantke served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Premcor, Inc. Prior to his tenure at Premcor, Mr. Hantke served as the Corporate Vice President of Development of Tosco Corporation from 1999 to 2001. From 1993 to 1999, Mr. Hantke served as the Corporate Controller of Tosco, and from 1990 to 1993, he served as the Chief Financial Officer of Seminole Fertilizer Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tosco. Mr. Hantke has served as a director of NRG Energy since 2006 and is currently the chair of its audit committee and a member of its compensation committee. He has previously served as a director of Texas Genco, LLC, Process Energy Solutions (where he was non-executive chairman) and a director and vice-chairman of NTR Acquisition Co., a petroleum refining acquisition vehicle.
Dennis M. Houston
Dennis M. Houston has served as a director of PBF Energy since its formation in November 2011 and has been a director of the Board of Directors of PBF LLC since June 2011. Mr. Houston has approximately 40 years experience in the oil and gas industry, including over 35 years with ExxonMobil and its related companies. At the time of his retirement from ExxonMobil in May 2010, Mr. Houston held the positions of Executive Vice President Refining & Supply, Chairman and President of ExxonMobil Sales & Supply LLC and Chairman of Standard Tankers Bahamas Limited. Mr. Houston’s experience also includes engineering and management positions in Exxon’s refining organization and positions in Lubes and Supply. Mr. Houston’s extensive operational experience in the oil and gas industry, including as a manager of a global refining organization, provides him with valuable insight into the markets in which we operate and provides a unique perspective to our board, and for these reasons we believe that Mr. Houston is qualified to serve on our board.
Edward F. Kosnik
Edward F. Kosnik has served as a director of PBF Energy since February 20, 2013. Mr. Kosnik serves on our audit committee. For almost 30 years he worked in various fields including banking, insurance, real estate, technology, manufacturing and energy, holding positions that included Chairman, President and CEO, and CFO. Before his retirement in 2001, he most recently served in positions including President and Chief Executive Officer of Berwind Corporation, a diversified, industrial real estate and financial services company, from 1997 until 2001. Previously he served as Executive Vice President and CFO of Alexander and Alexander Inc. from 1994 to 1997 and as Chairman, President and CEO of JWP Inc. from 1992 to 1994. In addition, Mr. Kosnik has served on the boards and audit committees of Steelpath MLP Funds Trust from January 2010 to December 2012, Semgroup Energy Partners LP from July 2008 to November 2009, Premcor Inc. from November 2004 to September 2005, and Buckeye Partners LP from December 1986 to September 2007. Mr. Kosnik also served on Marquette University’s Board of Trustees and its audit committee from September 2006 to September 2009. Mr. Kosnik’s experience as a financial expert and board member of public entities including in the refining and logistics sectors, provides our board with a beneficial perspective and insight, and for these reason we believe Mr. Kosnik is a valuable member of our board of directors.
Robert J. Lavinia
Mr. Lavinia has served as a director of PBF Energy since February 2016. He brings to PBF industry-specific experience as an executive and board member of a public refining company. He began his career at the Gulf Oil Corporation and Phibro Energy Corporation. In 1985, he took over as President and Chief Executive Officer of Hill Petroleum Company, Phibro’s refining division. In 1992, he joined Tosco Corporation, where he served as a Senior Vice President and the President of Tosco Marketing with over 6,000 gas and convenience stores in 32 states with more than 20,000 employees. From 2002 to 2006, he served on the board of Transcor SA, a Belgium-based company with trading operations around the world, and from 2005-2006, he served as Chairman of Pasadena Refining, a Transcor subsidiary. In 2007, he joined Petroplus Holdings AG, the largest European independent refining and wholesale marketing company and he became the CEO in March 2008. In September 2009, he retired from Petroplus and remained a board member until 2012. Mr. Lavinia was formerly a director at Big West Oil.
Eija Malmivirta
Eija Malmivirta has over 40 years of experience in the energy sector. Ms. Malmivirta served in various positions at Neste Oy from 1969 to 1996, most recently as an Executive Vice President, Head of Neste International Oil Trading and Supply. She served as the Chairman and principal owner of Merei Energy Oy Ltd., an oil trading company, from 1996 to 2002. Ms. Malmivirta served as a member of the Board of Directors of Kemira Oyj, a chemical company from 1997 to 2008, VR Group Ltd. (Finnish Railways) from 1993 to 2006, National Emergency Supply Agency from 1997 to 2009, all located in Helsinki, Finland. She was also a board member for Tosco Corporation from 1997 to 2001, Premcor from 2002 to 2004 and Petroplus from 2006 to 2011. Ms. Malmivirta’s extensive oil industry expertise and public entity board member experience, including in the refining sector, provides our board with added depth and strategic insight.

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Thomas D. O'Malley 


Fire erupts at Delaware City oil refinery

A fire ripped through part of a refinery in Delaware City on Friday afternoon.

From:  YAHOO

1. History of Tosco Corporation – FundingUniverse
        by David Lincoln 

Template Tosco was founded in 1955 under the name Oil Shale Corporation. The company was incorporated under the laws of the state of Nevada, but made its headquarters in the Los Angeles area.  The project won some early support from the U.S. government, but interest from other sources was meager and the initiative soon died out.

 in 1965 when it joined West Coast oil giant Atlantic Richfield in forming the Colony Shale Oil Project..  It sold part of its interest in Colony Shale Oil to Atlantic Richfield for $8 million, staggered some observers in the investment community by leveraging itself to the hilt, and then went on a buying spree. In 1970 it acquired the Signal Oil & Gas refinery in Bakersfield, California, for $22.5 million. In 1976 it acquired $222 million of Phillips Petroleum's West Coast property, including the giant Avon Refinery in Concord, California. These moves gave the company a refining capacity of more than 200,000 barrels per day, making it the third-largest independent refiner in the United States and the largest supplier of gasoline to independent marketers on the West Coast.  Morton Winston, a lawyer who became a full-time executive with the company in 1964, was named president in 1971 . Morton Winston was an anomaly in an industry in which most top managers had backgrounds in geology, engineering, or finance. As a graduate student in the early 1950s, he aspired to become a literary scholar and chairman of a college English department. Later, after a stint in the Coast Guard, he entered Harvard Law School. After graduating from Harvard in 1958, Winston spent a year clerking for Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, then joined a New York law firm that specialized in advising small, entrepreneurial companies. He made his first contacts with Oil Shale Corporation in 1961 and joined the company shortly thereafter.

As chief executive officer of Tosco, Winston made no effort to hide his unusual background in the humanities. He composed poetry in his spare time and encouraged his executives to memorize Bartlett's Quotations. Associates said that he conducted meetings not unlike a soft-spoken college professor conducting a class. But all the points that Winston earned on style would have gone for naught if the company had not fared well during his tenure. Despite his admission that Tosco had moved into the refining business rather later than it should have, the company nonetheless showed a tenfold increase in earnings between 1975 and 1980.

In 1980 the Atlantic Richfield Company sold its 60 percent share in Colony to Exxon Corporation for $300 million. Construction began at last on a processing plant that was scheduled to be completed in 1986 or 1987. Questions about the plant, however, soon presented themselves. Rising capital costs (from 1980 to 1982, Exxon and Tosco spent $400 million between them on Colony) and a levelling off in the price of crude oil raised doubts about the economic feasibility of the project. 

For its part, Tosco received $380 million worth of compensation from Exxon for its share of Colony. The initial agreement between the two companies had stipulated that Exxon would have to buy out its stake in the venture if it ever pulled out, and Tosco exercised that clause in the contract.

This attempt to recover from the Colony disaster was insufficient to forestall a major reorganization. With Tosco reeling from a first quarter loss of nearly $77 million and still saddled with more than $700 million in bank debt, Morton Winston stepped down as CEO in June 1983 and was replaced by Matthew Talbot. One of Talbot's first acts was to announce the layoffs of 15 top executives and the consolidation of Tosco's seven divisions into two.
The reorganization did little to ease Tosco's difficulties. Sagging crude oil and gasoline prices made things difficult for a company that suddenly found refining to be its sole source of support. Tosco lost over $677 million between 1983 and 1986, and, after buying out dissident shareholders inspired by Good, found itself so deeply in debt that its creditors decreed that it should hire investment banker Bear Stearns to help arrange a takeover. There were, however, no takers. The company's stock fell to $2.75 per share, down from its high of $45 in 1980. Feeling that a change of leadership was necessary, Tosco's directors forced Talbot to resign in June of 1986 and replaced him two months later with company chairman Clarence Frame. In the meantime, Tosco sold its Bakersfield refinery to Texaco for $22 million.
The next year 1988, Argus Energy, a Connecticut-based investment partnership, announced that it had acquired a 40-percent interest in Tosco. In 1989 the company acquired Seminole Fertilizer, but this did not stop the widespread takeover speculation and uncertainty over Tosco's status. Later that year, Argus Energy head man Thomas O'Malley, by now a Tosco director, succeeded Clarence Frame as chief executive officer.
One of the company's first actions under O'Malley was to announce that it was entertaining takeover bids. Tosco claimed that at least three multinational corporations made offers, but refused to announce the identity of the suitors. Informed speculation had it that one suitor was British Petroleum, which was said to be interested in establishing a presence on the West Coast through Tosco's Avon refinery. Neither party ever confirmed that this was so, however.
Tosco declared in 1991 that none of the offers it had received were satisfactory, and that it would remain independent. The company then declared that it would consolidate operations and cut administrative costs by closing down its headquarters in Santa Monica, California. Initially, Tosco declared that it would find a headquarters site in northern California, closer to the Avon refinery. But it ultimately wound up moving to Stamford, Connecticut, the home of Argus Energy.
Indeed, the move may have signalled that Tosco intended to shift geographical direction and develop a presence on the East Coast as significant as its presence on the West Coast. In December 1992 the company acquired Exxon's Bayway refinery[BUILT IN 1909], located in Linden, New Jersey, for $175 million. The acquisition made it the second-largest independent refiner in the United States.
Principal Subsidiaries: AZL Resources, Inc.; Diablo Service Corp.; Seminole Fertilizer Corp.; The Lion Group, Ltd.; The Oil Shale Corp.; Tosco Corp.; Tosco International Finance; Toscopetro Corp.; Tosco Trading, Transportation & Supply, Inc.; Western Hemisphere Corp.
Source: International Directory of Company Histories, Vol. 7. St. James Press, 1993.

Over time the project was developed by a consortium of different companies until it was terminated by Exxon on 2 May 1982 a day which is known amongst locals as "Black Sunday".[1]

In 1969 Atlantic Richfield Company joined the project acquiring part of Tosco's stake.[5]

In 1974 Ashland Oil and Shell Oil Company joined the project.[7][9] In the late 1970s Standard Oil of Ohio, Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company, Shell and Ashaland Oil sold their shares to Atlantic Richfield Company.[7][10][11] As a result of these transactions Tosco owned 40% of shares and Atlantic Richfield Company owned 60% of shares in the project.
In 1980 Atlantic Richfield Company sold its share to Exxon for $300 million.[6] In 1981 the Colony Development started a construction of the commercial scale shale oil plant.[3] On 2 May 1982 Exxon announced the termination of the project because of low oil-prices and increased expenses laying off more than 2,000 workers resulting in the date becoming known among locals as "Black Sunday".[1][2][3] According to the shareholders agreement in a case of project termination Exxon had an obligation to buy out Tosco's shares. It paid $380 million worth of compensation.[6]

During its existence the project produced 270 thousand barrels (43×103 m3) of shale oil.[4][ WORTH ABOUT 5.4 MILLION AT $20 barrel]
At the moment of cancellation the estimated costs would exceed $5.5 billion in then-year dollars or about $10 billion in 2005 dollars.[3]

1. History of Tosco Corporation – FundingUniverse
Tosco Corporation is one of the largest independent refiners of petroleum products in the United States. Once a major player in American efforts to develop  ...

2. Tosco Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tosco (The Oil Shale COrporation) was an independent US based petroleum refining and marketing corporation. It was founded in 1955 in Santa Monica, ...

 leaving Tosco unable to keep the venture viable in spite of a $1.1 million loan guarantee from the U.S. government. Exxon claimed the project's projected $6 billion price tag made the project no longer feasible, but Exxon was required to purchase Tosco's 40% share in the project as a result of their withdrawal.[2]

In 1996, Tosco acquired the Circle K chain of convenience stores. In 1997, Tosco bought the rights to the Union 76brand of gas stations and the western United States refining and marketing operations from Unocal.[4]
Tosco merged with Phillips Petroleum in 2001. [5] Phillips merged with Conoco in 2002 to become ConocoPhillips, who spun off the Circle K stores to Canadian-based Alimentation Couche-Tard.
1999 refinery accident[edit]
On February 23, 1999, four workers at the Avon Refinery in Concord were burned to death after they tried to replace a leaky oil pipe. The San Francisco Chronicle reported [6] that one Tosco employee, Anthony Creggett, claimed shortly after the fire that plant managers had refused a request by four workers to shut down the high-temperature distillation tower during the repairs on the pipe.

3. Oil Merger: Phillips Buys Tosco for $7B - ABC News
With its $7 billion stock purchase of Tosco Corp., Phillips Petroleum Co. added considerable heft to its refining operations at a time when the oil industry is ...

4. Phillips Petroleum Agrees to Buy Tosco - latimes
Feb 5, 2001 ... Phillips Petroleum Co. said Sunday that it will acquire Tosco Corp. for $7 ... Combining with Tosco, Phillips would have a refining capacity of 1.7 ...

Tosco, already the No. 3 refiner with eight facilities, has two gasoline refineries in California--one in Wilmington, the other east of San Francisco--that turn out an average of 240,000 barrels a day, or about 21% of the state's output. Tosco is based in Stamford, Conn.
It also accounts for about 17% of gasoline sales in the state through its 2,100 stations under the "76" brand. Overall, it operates 6,400 gas stations in 32 states.

5. Tosco Refining California | Mesothelioma and Asbestos Jobsites
Tosco Refining California, an oil refinery with a location in Wilmington, California employed oil refinery workers that may have been exposed to asbestos and ...

Since the 1980s, however, the company has backed off those efforts and now focuses solely on standard petroleum-based fuels and phosphate-based fertilizers.
Tosco operates large refineries in Wilmington and Martinez, California (near Los Angeles).
Oil Shale Corporation in 1955. It was headquartered in Los Angeles. Over time, Oil Shale made some strategic alliances that allowed it to grow, including joining with Atlantic Richfield in 1965 and acquiring the Signal Oil and Gas refinery in Bakersfield in 1970

In the News
In February of 1999, Tosco's Martinez refinery was the site of an explosion in which four workers died. In November of that year, Tosco's Wilmington refinery was the site of a fire in a holding tank. No injuries were reported, and the blaze was contained.
Tiny particles of asbestos enter into the atmosphere, however, as asbestos-containing transite ages and becomes prone to crumbling. Asbestos when it is in this state is called friable, which is defined as easy to pulverize. In addition, industrial kilns often contained friable asbestos in insulation linings.
The Problem with Friable Asbestos
Asbestos fibers, when friable, can be readily dispersed into the environment. Medical conditions like asbestosis and cancer can result from the inhalation of asbestos. Another uncommon, and generally fatal, disease linked to asbestos is mesothelioma. The pleural variety of mesothelioma, one which affects the tissue that lies between the lungs and the pleural cavity, is the most common. When the airborne particles settle on food or drinks and are subsequently swallowed, pericardial or peritoneal mesothelioma can result, although they are less common than pleural mesothelioma.
Increased pressure from the press, medical scientists and citizen groups forced the creation of rules controlling how to use asbestos. The use of asbestos was more prevalent, however, when places like Tosco Corporation were built. Any asbestos that remains from then may still pose a health hazard if care is not taken during remodeling projects.
The Lurking Hazard of Asbestos
Asbestos-related diseases, unlike most work-related injuries, which are readily observed and known about soon after the incident, can take many, many years to develop. When a former employee starts showing symptoms such as breathlessness, pain in the chest or abdomen and chronic coughing, his or her physician might not immediately recognize asbestos exposure as a cause, leading to a delay in diagnosis. Men and women who were employed by or lived near oil refineries like Tosco Corporation's California facilities therefore should ask their doctors for mesothelioma information. Furthermore, spouses of these people are also in danger, as unless strict decontamination protocols, including the use of workplace-only clothing and on-site showers, were enforced, it was all too common for personnel to bring particles of asbestos on their skin, in their hair, or on their clothes. Mesothelioma surgery is available to some patients and can improve the quality of life.

Read more:

6. Ownership of U.S. petroleum refineries has changed significantly ...
Jan 29, 2014 ... The ownership of refineries today reflects multiple changes since 2000. For example, in January 2000 Tosco (5th-largest U.S. refiner), Conoco ...

 the number of refineries and companies both declined over the same period, as the concentration of refining capacity among the top five companies increased from 38% in 2000 to 44% in 2013.


7. Tosco Avon Refinery Petroleum Naphtha Fire - Investigations | the ...
On February 23, 1999, a fire occurred in the crude unit at Tosco Corporation. Avon oil refinery in Martinez, California. Workers were attempting to replace piping ...
Mar 28, 2001
Federal Investigation of Tosco Refinery Fire Finds Flawed Management Supervision

(Washington, DC - March 28, 2001) A fire at Tosco's Avon refinery in Martinez, California, could have been prevented by better management supervision of safety, according to the final report of the U.S. Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board (CSB). The report culminates an exhaustive two-year investigation of the 1999 petroleum fire that claimed the lives of four workers. The Avon refinery was acquired by UDS Corporation last year.
According to Board Member Irv Rosenthal, "Better management of job planning and execution could have prevented this tragedy. Our investigation uncovered two root causes of the accident. First, Avon refinery management did not have an effective process for assessing the dangers of maintenance operations and implementing needed safeguards. Second, neither the parent Tosco Corporation nor the facility management had investigated or corrected a pattern of serious unsafe practices at the Avon refinery."
The incident occurred on February 23, 1999, two years after an explosion at the refinery killed one and injured 46 others. Management deficiencies were also a significant factor in that incident, according to a federal report.
The 1999 incident occurred as workers attempted to remove and replace a leaky petroleum pipe which was attached to an operating oil distillation tower, known as a fractionator. Over a 13-day period prior to the accident, workers had repeatedly tried to isolate and drain the pipe, but leaking and corroded shut-off valves hampered their efforts. At the time of the incident, the pipe still contained a significant volume of pressurized naphtha, a highly flammable petroleum mixture similar to gasoline. While workers were in the process of replacing the pipe, the naphtha was released and burst into flame, killing the four workers. At the time of the fire, workers were p
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I recently received another sighting of a large winged biped in Woodstock, Illinois on Thursday, March 7th, 2019:

My daughter just saw this on Rose Farm Rd in Woodstock, IL while driving home. It ran in front of her car. She is extremely freaked out right now. She described it as a extremely tall with fur and large wings. She said when she saw it she had a overwhelming sense of dread. I hope this helps with your investigation. KS

The witness has been reluctant to comment beyond the initial report...mostly out of fear. The local media has also been causing some unwanted excitement in the community as well. Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research has refused to cooperate with the local media because of this.

We are continuing to stay in touch with this witness in the hope that further details will be offered.

The previous report can be found at Large Winged Biped Encountered in Woodstock, Illinois

Have you had a sighting of a flying humanoid or huge bat-like creature? Please feel free to contact me at - your anonymity is guaranteed. Our investigative group is conducting a serious examination of his phenomenon. We are merely seeking the truth and wish to determine what eyewitnesses have been encountering. Your cooperation is truly appreciated. You can call me directly at 410-241-5974 as well. Thanks...Lon Strickler #ChicagoMothman #ChicagoPhantom

This report will be included on the Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters Interactive Map


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Controversial alt-right author Jack Posobiec has used social media to share his views in the past, but his most recent post about the status of the <a href="">Marvel Cinematic Universe</a> didn't get the kind of response he was probably hoping for.
          Batman Vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Teases Deadly Alliances      Cache   Translate Page      
<em>Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles</em> packs in quite a cast of characters in the new trailer for the animated feature. This adaptation of the 2015 DC Comics and IDW Publishing collaboration -- <a href=""><em>Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles</em></a> -- features a high percentage of the signature characters from both universes.
          10 Things The Flash Does Better Than Arrow      Cache   Translate Page      
<a href=""><em>Arrow</em></a> came out in 2012 swinging; it took what many assumed was a goofy Robin Hood knock-off and infused it successfully with a gritty Nolan-esque aesthetic. It was the first TV show to really get superheroes right on the small screen in the modern age, with it greatly responsible for starting the endless fad of comic book shows we're still in the midst of. More importantly, it also created the connected CW DC Universe known as the Arrowverse.
          The 10 Best Arrowverse Collectibles      Cache   Translate Page      
The <a href="">Arrowverse </a>is huge on the CW right now. With four separate shows airing on different days of the week all taking place in the same universe and having <a href="">massive crossovers</a>, it was guaranteed to garner a slew of new fans. While the shows can range in quality, it's easy to get sucked into the Arrowverse and become a fan.
          Seth Rollins Warns Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman and More in WWE Roundup      Cache   Translate Page      
Bleacher Report catches you up on the latest news from the WWE Universe. Rollins Calls out Lesnar for Monday's Raw Paul Heyman announced Monday that Brock Lesnar ...
          The Unique Way This Orthodox Jew Is Connecting Christians and Jews      Cache   Translate Page      

An Orthodox Jew, Jonathan Feldstein has dedicated his life as a bridge builder between Jews and Christians. As a nonrunner, little did he know that work would involve a marathon.

Through his Genesis 123 Foundation and his project, Run for Zion, Feldstein has devised a unique way to connect Jews and Christians and provide them with the spiritual experience of a lifetime—running through the historic streets of Jerusalem as part of the 2019 Jerusalem Marathon. But runners don't have to be professional. They can either run in 5K or 10K events or simply walk through the ancient roads of the Old City where Jesus walked.

Run for Zion's motto is, "Blessing Israel with Every Step."

"I'm building this up as a Christian experience because if you are a Christian and a runner, this is the most powerful, the most meaningful place you'll ever run," Feldstein said on a recent episode of "Charisma Connection" on the Charisma Podcast Network. "The Bible says that God will bless those who bless Israel, and participating in this event will be a huge blessing.

"As Christians and Jews, we all have in common that we worship the Creator of the universe—the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In my lifetime, I have seen way too much division between Jews and Christians. Connecting Jews and Christians, especially in these perilous times, is vital."

To learn more about Run for Zion, listen to the podcast below.

          17 Fantasy Books That Everyone Should Read at Least Once      Cache   Translate Page      

The best fantasy books are totally immersive. They take the reader to worlds that should be impossible, and yet somehow they feel fully realized and often heartbreakingly real. As a genre, fantasy is also incredibly adaptable - it can be all high stakes and drama or a hilarious, warped reflection of reality. Whether the stories are set in a world not so unlike our own or one that transports you to another universe entirely, there truly is no other genre quite like it, especially in the hands of writers like George R.R. Martin, J.K. Rowling, or Patrick Rothfuss. From timeless classics to new favorites destined to sit alongside the greats, the books on this list include some of the best titles that the fantasy genre has to offer. And each and every one holds the distinction of being a must read for anyone looking to get lost in stories full of magic, dragons, and unforgettable characters.

          Amazon: Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Game Only $49.37 Shipped & More      Cache   Translate Page      
Embark on an adventure that spans the Disney universe with Kingdom Heart III: Travel across Disney and Pixar worlds to protect them in this fun game.
          The Birth of Bacchus      Cache   Translate Page      
Of all the Olympian deities at the head of the Classical Pantheon, one was something of an enigma among the rest. Dionysus, or Bacchus as the Romans knew him, had a curious pedigree. His mother was no grand spirit of the forest nor thundering deity, but an otherwise ordinary mortal woman. His father, on the other hand, was none other than Zeus the Thunderer, King of the Gods and son of the Titan Kronos. From this peculiar union came a peculiar child, brought forth in a most peculiar birth...

Jupiter and Semele
Painting by Sebastiano Ricci
Daughter of Cadmus, founder of the great city of Thebes and sower of the Dragon's Teeth, and Harmonia his wife, Semele lived a relatively ordinary life in the Boeotian countryside as a priestess of Zeus. That was, although, until the day came when after a sacrifice, she swam in the river Asopus. Far overhead, an eagle soared. Regal though the imperial bird was, its feathered form within concealed the true Emperor of the Sky. For no eagle it was in truth, but Zeus himself, come to collect his offering. But the eyes of an eagle are keen indeed, and from on high the Thunderer spotted the one from whom this offering had come. Under the gentle, glassy surface of the Asopus his baleful gaze pierced, and there his priestess he saw. Not for the first time nor the last did the Son of Kronos become ensnared by a mortal woman. Down to the earthly plain the thunderous monarch descended, and so began the affair that would spell her doom. No mortal yet had resisted the charms of Zeus, and hapless Semele would not be the first. The deed done, back to Olympus he retreated, assured of secrecy. Or so he thought.

Hera alone, Queen of the gods, ever watchful of the infidelities of her husband, scoured the earthly plain. Her feud with Semele's kin ran deep, for she "joy'd to see the race of Cadmus bleed; for still she kept Europa in her mind". A nameless spy in her league brought word to her that Semele, daughter of Cadmus was rich with the seed of a god, and carried in her womb a future god. Her paranoia and suspicions flared, and to terrible fury was she roused. "Are my reproaches of so small a force? 'Tis time I then pursue another course: It is decreed the guilty wretch shall die, if I'm indeed the mistress of the Sky". In the Classical World, the dark powers had no fury like a Hera scorned, and she concocted a vile stratagem in her vengeful mind, and vowed that Semele would die, and her slayer would be none other than Zeus himself.

In a golden cloud she descended to the Earth, coming to the gates of Semele's lodge. But no divine form did she take, but the wrinkled visage of Beroe, Semele's nurse. "In her trembling gait she totters on, and learns to tattle in the nurse's tone". Greeting oblivious Semele as only the special bond between nurse and child can, she was welcomed warmly into the daughter's house. Veiling her rage, Hera beguiled Semele with softly spoken stories and fables of old. Semele confided in her nurse the affair, and that she indeed bore the seed of Jove. If her veins of ichor thundered with anger, the goddess buried it deep within. She sowed doubt in Semele's mind, and asked how she could know that this man was indeed the Lord of Olympus. To test the veracity of her suspicion, the nurse proposed a simple test:

                  " Bid him, when next he courts the rites of your affection,
                    Descend triumphant from th' ethereal sky,
                    In all the pomp of his divinity,
                    Encompass'd round by those celestial charms... "
                         - HERA'S RUSE

The Birth of Bacchus
Painting by Nicolas Poussin
The unwary girl, snared on Hera's trap, was racked with doubt at what she said. Who was in truth the father of her as yet unborn child? She had to know, and would not rest until she knew. So when Zeus the father of gods and men came once more to the maiden's fold, Semele confronted him, though hid her ruse. She asked the Son of Kronos if she could have but one thing. Zeus replied "Whate'er you ask, may Styx confirm my voice, choose what you will, and you shall have your choice". Powerful indeed are the winds of Fate, for though mighty indeed was the ruler of Olympus, even he to Fate must bow, and to renege on a promise would be to overturn the cosmos in fire. He dare not refuse her request now. "Then", said Semele, "when next you seek my arms, may you descend in those celestial charms...". Zeus immediately felt a pang of dread, for no mortal could bear to look upon a god in his full glory, too fiery to behold to mortal eyes. He longed to defeat her call, but he had given his word and dare not refuse.

Bacchus Enthroned
Painting by Rubens
So resigned to his beloved's fate, Zeus the Thunderer rose to Olympus. "To keep his promise he ascends, and shrouds his awful brow in whirlwinds and in clouds; whilst all around, in terrible array, his thunders rattle, and his light'nings play". The Son of Kronos to him summoned all ethereal powers of the Heavens, the very essence of a god, the powers which wove the Universe together, the power to rend it asunder, the power to level mountains and the power to induce love and hate, the power to shatter pride and citadel alike, the power to melt the Earth and freeze the Sea, the power to give rise to live and the power to obliterate it all. To him now he called these things, there to show the true power of no mere god, but the god of gods himself. Worked up to holy fire and divine conflagration, radiating with power, "the illustrious god, descending from his height, came rushing on her in a storm of light". As the mightiest tidal wave summoned from Poseidon's depths crashes upon the lowliest shell upon the beach, the power of Zeus fell upon mortal Semele now. To feeble her frame, to weak her sight, even with eyes closed, in face of ageless omnipotence and thunder's fury, amidst all the wonders she desired Semele was consumed, her mortal form blasted asunder as Hera knew it would be. So her vile schemes bore the accursed fruit, for her rival had been undone by the adulterer himself.

Torn with grief, a tear dropped from the eye of Zeus, until through saddened sight he saw one ray of hope. A child, where once Semele stood, lonely and alive amid the destruction screaming lay. Spared his poor mother's fate, for within his veins flowed the life force of the father, Bacchus drew his first breath. Yet the boy was not yet fully formed. Nine cycles of the moon had not yet come to pass since his conception:

                 " But, to preserve his offspring from the tomb,
                   Jove took him smoking from the blasted womb:
                   and, of on ancient tales we may rely,
                   Inclos'd th' abortive infant in his thigh... "
                         - ZEUS TAKES THE INFANT BACCHUS

So the Thunderer took his son under his alas omnipotent wing. Months passed and Zeus felt a pain in his leg. Knowing the time had come, to the land of the Niseans he came, and from the thigh of Zeus was Bacchus born again, complete at last. To the care of their people the Thunderer placed the babe, where in peace and serenity he would be raised nurtured on Nisean milk. But the adventures of Bacchus had all but begun, and the rage of Hera was far from quenched...

United Kingdom

Penguin Classics
Metamorphoses: A New Verse Translation (Penguin Classics)
(A version which favours ease of understanding than high poetry)

Oxford World's Classics
Metamorphoses (Oxford World's Classics)
(A version which favours ease of understanding than high poetry)

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Penguin Classics
Metamorphoses (Penguin Classics)
(A version which favours ease of understanding than high poetry)

Oxford World's Classics
Metamorphoses (Oxford World's Classics)
(A version which favours ease of understanding than high poetry)

          The Trident and the Spear      Cache   Translate Page      
Every city which rises to greatness does so from humble beginnings. So high can a nation rise that so mythic can her origins seem. Every great thing, be it a nation, a person, even an idea, has to start somewhere. To our ancestors of old, greatness was a sure sign of favour from on high. For the hand of a god must surely have been at work when one of the most influential cities in human history, for better or worse, was born.

2nd century AD Roman bust  from Velletri
The Olympians had fought a terrible fight for mastery of the Cosmos. Their forefathers and creators of the Universe, the Titans had not yielded their divine grip easily. After so great a struggle, the harmony of the World was worth more than anything to the gods, even to Zeus the Thunderer, King of the gods and Lord of the Sky. Now fidelity was one thing that Zeus the Thunderer knew not, and many a hero of the ancient world owed his existence to the philandering adventures of the god of gods. It was little surprise therefore, when Zeus undertook a clandestine affair with the beautiful Titaness Metis. However, when the Fates prophesied that the child of Metis would be mightier in spirit and wiser in understanding than its father, Zeus the father of gods and men was convulsed with fear. Long ago, his father Kronos had heard similar words, with dire consequences. The Heavens had groaned under the Titanomachy, and could ill afford so ruinous a war for a second time. So Zeus the Thunderer decided on a little evil for a greater good. Weaving his divine powers of transfiguration, the shape of Metis he shifted to that of a common fly, and the god swallowed her whole, so that she may never give birth to this legendary child.

Time passed, but troubles did not for the Lord of Olympus. As the days grew late, a terrible pain struck the god inside. What began as an ache inside his royal head, soon swelled to a pounding agony that would not die. Time soon came when even the Thunder himself, conqueror of Typhon and Heaven could bear the torment no more, and summoned to his side Hephaestus, the god of the forge and weaver of fire. "Take up thy hammer and rend asunder this head that pains me so, lest this torture afflict me for all the ages to come", said Zeus. The lame god of the smith stood dumbstruck by this command - split open the head of Zeus? But the father of gods and men was inexorable, and irresistible. So Hephaestus took up his hammer and tongs, and with a mighty strike, he breached the Divine Crown. A roar of thunder and a flash of light rolled over the skies. Then, in a blur of speed an apparition appeared. From the fissures in the skull of Zeus there leapt a figure, strongly built yet distinctly feminine, agile yet fully armed, wise yet ready for war, a new goddess entered the cosmos. Athena, goddess of wisdom, mistress of stratagem, lady of the spear and patron of heroes.

Around this time, far below on the mortal plain, the tribes of Attica came together under their King, Cecrops. Born of Mother Earth herself, Cecrops taught the Atticans the still young arts of reading and writing, of literature, of burial and brought the institution of marriage to the tribesmen. Civilisation as we know it, was being born. Soon, however, the simple villages of Attica groaned under the advance of the people, and a new home was needed. Under the leadership of their vibrant King, the Atticans set off through the harsh landscape of Attica, where open plains give way to beaten rock. After a time they came to a place in the West, largely flat yet punctuated by towering pinnacles of rock. The sea lay yonder, yet wise Cecrops knew that to build their new city on the shore itself was too dangerous in an era of rampant piracy on the high seas. Away from the shore then, yet near enough for trade, the people set foot upon a mount with a commanding position over the plain and the sea. Here would be founded their new city, and grandiose would it be. But every new city needed a patron god, but who?

The Artemision Bronze
Word reached Olympus of the gathering under Cecrops upon the Mount. Just then,  the Fates declared that the city that would be founded upon that place would rise to a greatness rivalling the best of all Greece. Glory and honour would walk hand in hand to whomsoever should become her patron. A frenzy gripped Mount Olympus, and the all the divine array wondered. Two among them immediately took the floor. Athena, ever ready with sharpened word and thought, leapt to her newborn feet. But Poseidon, god of the sea, shaker of the earth and lord of horses, bowed to few. Even Zeus himself, King of all gods kept a close eye on his ambitious younger brother, for most vexed was Poseidon when he lost the Heavens in the division of the cosmos. Torn between loyalty to his brother, however unruly, and care for his daughter, despite the danger she posed as his successor, Zeus decreed that the people should decide the patron of their city. Immediately, the two deities spirited down from Olympus and made landfall upon the mountain. With a blinding flash and a roar of thunder, the people cowered at the sight of the divine array. Fearful lest they choose one over the other, the people knew not what to do. Cecrops their King, however, decided. Turning to his gods, he declared that the patronage of the new city would belong to the one who presented the greatest gift to it. Poseidon and Athena, uncle and niece, eyed each other, and readied their contest.

The Sea of Olives, Delphi
Photograph taken by the author
Both god and goddess, stood aside the towering pinnacles of the Acropolis, poised for the prize of glory. Poseidon, shaker of the Earth, took the first move. Raising his mighty Trident high into the air, with a rush of godly strength he plunged the three blades into the mountain side. A deafening rumble rippled across the Earth, and the people were thrown to the ground, terrified. There, where the central prong penetrated the summit (a place today commemorated by the Erechtheion), the wounded rock spat forth a spring of water thick with brine. The Emperor of all Oceans granted to the people the gift of the sea itself, and the assurance that one day they would master it. A fabulous gift indeed. Next the virgin goddess stepped forth. The eyes of Athena looked into the souls of all mortals present, and she senses their hopes and fears. Confident, and unyielding, the daughter of Zeus took up her spear and flung it into the mount. The people watched, entranced, for before their eyes the lance began to shift. The wooden shaft lengthened and broadened, from the blade branches sprang forth, rich with the bounty of its dark fruit. To the people Athena gave the gift of the humble olive tree. Poseidon looked on, bemused and anxious.

Athens at her height
Painting by Leo von Klenze
The primordial Athenians looked on the lowly sprig with wonder and amazement, as the goddess instilled some of her divine wisdom in their minds. Cecrops beckoned his people round to cast their vote. Poseidon's gift was mighty indeed, as was his promise. Mastery of the Ocean? 'Tis the dream of empires! A great destiny had been given to them. But that all looked a long way off to the primitive people, as they looked to and fro, and saw naught but barren rock. One citizen splashed some of the water over his face, and recoiled at its salty taste. The people turned to the sapling, Athena's gift. One fellow took a blackened grape from its boughs, and crushed it in his hands, and oil splashed across his palm. Into his mouth he tossed the olive and pleasing was its taste. Seeing the thick and robust trunk too, he saw the greatness of Athena's gift. Poseidon had given them a taste of great nations, but Athena had given them a source of food, of wood and oil, and something they could trade with others. The people sank to their knees with joy, and hurled themselves at the foot of Athena, daughter of Zeus and maiden of Olympus. Poseidon, god of the seas, was infuriated, but his niece had won the day. Cecrops declared Athena the one true patron of their new city. He declared that this place, the Acropolis, would ever be sacred to her. He declared too, that in her honour the city would be named. To the roar of approval from the first Athenians, he named the city. Athens, the glory of Athena...

United Kingdom

The Library of Mythology:
Library of Mythology
(A vast collection of the myths of old Greece, written in ancient times, and a great intro)

United States

The Library of Mythology:
Library of Mythology
(A vast collection of the myths of old Greece, written in ancient times, and a great intro)

          Gigantomachia      Cache   Translate Page      
The story of the ascension of the Olympian Gods to mastery over the Heavens is an epic one indeed. After a cosmic struggle which endured for ten years, the Titans, the elder race of gods, were cast down into the depths of infernal Tartarus (for the story please click here). The young gods were victorious, and a new age of peace was at hand. The Earth was made, and mankind created. Heroes rose and fell, kingdoms and peoples too. Yet an ancient vengeance ever lay in the shadows, with cataclysmic forebodings...

The Giants Rise
Painting by Giulio Romano,
Sala dei Giganti, Palazzo del Te, Mantua
There came a time, many long ages of men after Zeus the Thunderer was crowned upon the throne of Olympus, when a poison ran through the Earth. For Gaia, matriarch of all things and Mother Earth herself, was roused to anger. Mother to the Titans, she could bear the suffering of her children no more. How could the Olympians rest sound and safe, knowing their own fathers and mothers, her sons and daughters, were cruelly bound in the depths of the Earth, far from the touch of the Sun's rays? As the Olympians rejoiced in peace and made merry on the golden plains of the Earth, Gaia's anger was building. In a fit of rage, Mother Earth gave birth once more. But it was no god or fair creature that her womb bore now. Her form bursting with her monstrous brood, at the Plains of Phlegra they at last burst forth, with a roar of thunder which caused the stars to shake. From the tear in her side they came. Towering high over all other beings on the Earth, the Gigantes breathed their first. Malevolant spirits like no other, some walked in the shapes of men, other twisted and contorted into grotesque shapes, writhing with serpents and strong beyond belief. The Giants sprang from Gaia's womb clad in the vestments of war, hate their first thought, to the skies their first gaze. A dark shadow spread across the Earth. Stars grew pale. The Great Bear fled below the Ocean, and the creatures of the Ocean frantically dived to the root of the World in fear. The Giants grew swiftly, nine inches every month, until soon their might could scarcely be supported by the vaults of matter. The Gods high on Olympus were in grave consternation. Who were these creatures, and what was their purpose? The anger of a scorned mother terrible to behold, Gaia spoke to her brood, and roused them to her fury;

           " Children, ye shall conquer Heaven: All that ye see is the prize of victory;
             win, and the Universe is yours. At last the son of Kronos shall feel the weight
             of my wrath; he shall recognise Earth's power... Why has Earth no honour?
             There hangs luckless Prometheus in yonder Scythian vale, the vulture feeding
             upon his breast; yonder, Atlas supports the weight of the starry Heavens upon
             his head, and his grey hair freezes solid with cruel cold. Arise, my avengers,
             the hour is come at last, shatter the chains of the Titans; rally to the aid of thy
             mother... Go forth and conquer; throw Heaven into disarray, tear down the towers
             of the Sky! "
                        - GAIA ROUSES THE GIGANTES TO WAR

The words of Earth are as the first trickles of a thundering waterfall, as the Giants bellow to the skies. The injustice of millennia, and endless age of hate, every injury of a lifetime is bound into the moment. In their minds, each already feels the victory. They imagine Poseidon bound in chains, dragged threw the oceans that once he ruled. Ares lies vanquished upon the mortal plain, Venus defiled and Athena conquered. With dreadful din, the Giants charge, eyes burning. The greatest among them, Alcyoneus, leads the path to war, the glory of invulnerability his, whilst favoured by the Earth - and far, far below, tremors in the Earth herald the revolution deep in Tartarus, as the Titans awake.

Chaos on Olympus
Painting by Francisco Bayeu
Watching from on high, Iris, the the herald of Olympus, frantically calls to the Gods. Soaring through the skies astride the rainbow that was her steed. Spirits far and wide answered her call, the nymphs and naiads and dryads, all rallied to Heaven's defence. Even Hades, lord of the Underworld, for whom the affairs of the Overworld were so often so trivial, readied his brazen chariot and prepared once again to stand side by side with his brothers. From the wide Oceans, Poseidon came, royal fingers gripping his shining trident. There seated in all his glory, lightning blazing before his glistening throne, was Zeus the Thunderer, Son of Kronos and King of the Gods. To his kin and faithful few, the Son of Kronos called now to steady their nerve:

          " Deathless host, whose dwelling place is, and ever must be, the sky, ye whom
            no adverse fortune can ever harm, mark ye how Earth with her new children
            conspires against our kingdom and undismayed has given birth to another brood?
            Wherefore, for all the sons she bore, let us give back to their mother as many
            dead; let her mourning last through the ages as she weeps by as many graves
            as she now has children. "
                      - ZEUS RALLIES THE GODS

The fire of hope sparked in the divine ranks, "the clouds echo the blast of Heaven's trumpets", as the might of Heaven and Earth entered the field of War. From the peak of Olympus the Gods marched forth in blinding array, from fiery Phlegra the Giants stormed upon the roots of the mountain, spirits burning with the fire of vengeance. The very surface of Mother Earth is thrown into chaos. Islands abandon the seas, mountains are thrown to the deep, the rivers thunder through the land, as Gaia's anger flares, and the sinews of her offspring  swell with radiating power. Alyconeus and Porphyrion, the mightiest of the brood, lead the charge, their wrath bent upon the highest crags of the mountain. Far behind, a giant tears up Athos the towering mountain, and hurls it upon the Olympian host, who scatter in fear. Oeta claims Pangaeus and sends it soaring through the sky. A terrible din rends the air, as the two lines clash, bloodthirsty Ares leading the Olympian charge. "Brighter than flame shines his golden shield, high towers the crest of his gleaming helm". Into the fray he hurls his mighty form, the battle rage rising in him, as he hurls his sword into the chest of the Giant Pelorus. The serpents which writhed in place of legs hissed their defiance, and in that moment a deathly silence fell. The first had fallen, and the Gigantes saw the broken body of their brother. The words of Gaia were words no more, and their rage was terrible to behold. The Giant Mimas seized the island of Lemnos and hurled it at the lord of war, meaning to shatter his divine skull. Within an inch of ruin the war god came, had not his javelin found its unfortunate mark. Chaos enveloped the world, as the cosmos erupted in all out war.

The Gigantomachia
Image taken from a 5th - 4th century Attic Amphora,
Musée du Louvre

Spurred on by their wounds, not weaker did the hideous brood of Gaia grow, but stronger still. Porphyrion, rippling with power, fell upon the gods as a tidal wave upon the broken coast. The immortal gods were thrown to the ground, and the march of the Giants was relentless. Then came the blasphemy greatest of all. Otus and Ephialtes, their stature beyond compare, fixed their gaze upon the crest of Olympus. Together, they raised Mount Ossa high into the air, and with all their might, cast it upon the summit of Pelion. The way was open now. Together the brothers stormed Olympus, the summit of their vile construction aiding their climb. As the foot of the Giants fell yonder upon the Hall of the Gods, that Artemis, the keen eyed archer saw their wicked scheme. All too well had poor Actaeon known the wrath of the huntress, that spirit now turned upon the defiling Giants. But it was with great shock that spread through the gods, for it was not enough this time. The Lady of the Hunt was relentless, but Otus and Ephialtes were greater still. The accursed Apostates moved in, victory near at hand. Far, far below, impious Tartarus shuddered as the bonds of the Titans began to weaken. It was in this moment, that Apollo, brother to Artemis, saw his sister in her plight. His mind racing, his aim with the bow was unparalleled, yet he had not time to slay them both. In desperation he sent a deer between the two. In the confusion, Artemis took flight, and the brothers, bellowing their frustration of their missed chance, hurled their spears at the deer. Yet their aim was not that of their tormentor, and in their folly each transfixed the other. With a terrific din, their vast bodies fell from Olympus, crashing to the Earth far below, and Gaia's fury grew stronger yet.

Far below, the Olympians were distraught. No foe had ever set foot on sacred Olympus, their omnipotence shattered forever it seemed. In their hour of darkness, an Oracle was heard in the vaults of Olympus, a prophecy. The arcane verse spoke of a ray of hope, and Zeus listened. The Gigantes were fearsome indeed, and no immortal hand would stay their destruction. When Gaia heard of this, she sought out a herb that would render her brood immune, sensing danger. But the Thunderer, lord of the skies, commanded Dawn, the Moon and Sun to rise upon his command only, and in the darkness Mother Earth could not find the herb. No immortal hands could harm her brood, the prophecy had said. So to the mightiest of mortals the Olympians turned, their last hope. In a dream Athena, lady of wisdom and mistress of stratagems, came to Heracles, slayer of beasts and sacker of citadels. The time had come for him to prove his rightful place as the son of Zeus, and aid his father in his darkest hour. Seizing his bow, the mighty hero heard her call, and made haste with all speed to the plain of Phlegra.

Where Alyconeus and Porphyrion marched, devastation fell in their wake. Not one among the Olympians could stand before them, so terrible was their power. It was to them that Heracles raced now. His fingers feeling for the feathers of an arrow, the son of Zeus loosed a deadly shaft at Alyconeus. With a roar the Giant fell from the Mountain, a strike fatal to all other beings. But this was not all other beings. With a deafening crash his body struck Mother Earth. From the moment his flesh touched that of Gaia, his wounds began to heal. The voice of Athena sounded in Heracles' ear - Alyconeus could not be killed whilst he fought in the land in which he was born. So mighty Heracles dragged the bellowing Giant from the plains of Pallene, there to die. The fury of the Giants reached its apex, as one among them made forward to crush Ares. Athena, spying the danger, rushed forward and raised her deadly Aegis, upon the face of which was emblazoned the face of the Gorgon. Wise Athena knew that she needed not the deadly point of any spear, the dreadful visage of her shield was enough. The Giant, seeing her, let out a cry and charged. "When, at a distance from his foe, without a wound, he found himself rooted to the ground, and felt the murderous glare turn him, little by little, to stone, he called out 'What is happening to me? What is this ice that creeps o'er my limbs? What is this numbness that holds me prisoner in these marble fetters?'". Fear flooding him for the first time, he felt the cold chill of death envelop him, as his powerful flesh became unyielding stone. Echion, nearby, sensing his brother's doom, snarled and charged the wise goddess. Valiant was his duty to his kin, but audacious his assault. His blade cut the very air as it hurtled towards her crown, and victory would have been his, had not he glimpsed the Gorgon's stare in the corner of his eye. Athena's spear pierced his side, as the other froze in rock.

The Fall of the Giants
Painting by Guiliano Romano
Sala dei Giganti, Palazzo del Te, Mantua
Panic swept through the Gigantes, as hope rekindled the spirits of the gods. Yet nothing would dent the fury that spurred on every inch of impious Porphyrion's gargantuan form. The roaring serpents that formed his legs bore him into the heart of the Ocean, as he grasped the island of Delos in his crushing grip. The Aegean trembled with terror, Thetis and her kin fled from the depths, the Palace of Poseidon, the pride of the deep, lay abandoned now. High on Mount Cynthus, the peaks rang to the cries of the nymphs upon it, the spirits that had once taught young Apollo to shoot the wild beasts, in cold dread now. Now they called out in desperation, the people of Delos, a plea for help. As the mighty Giant turned on Heracles and Zeus together, Cupid loosed an arrow at him, filling him with untimely desire. As his eyes saw Hera standing near, he was filled with irresistible desire. Releasing Delos, Porphryion charged after her, and the cosmos shuddered. Spirits and gods fled in fear before his warpath, none stood in his way. He laid his hand upon the daughter of Kronos, and she screamed out in fear. Seizing the weapon forged for him and him alone, Zeus the father of gods and men hurled a thunderbolt at the defiling giant. In the breast the bolt struck him, and the Apostate was thrown to the ground. Down but unvanquished, Porphyrion rose once more, and his eyes were as the pits of Tartarus, burning as glowing coals. Seizing their chance, Heracles and Apollo rushed to Zeus's aid. Taking an arrow each, they fired. The dart of Heracles struck true into the Giant's right eye, Apollo's his left, and at last the bane of Olympus fell cold to the ground. Hope spread through the gods, and they fell upon the dismayed brood. Dionysus conquered Eurytus, Hecate slew Clytius and with molten iron did Hephaestus immolate Mimas. Encelados turned to flee, but Athena crushed him beneath Mount Vesuvius, there bound forever in torment. Ever after has the mountain spat forth fire and quaked the Earth. Polybotes charged through the Ocean, and wrought terrible carnage, before Poseidon, the son of Kronos, smote him with the island of Nisyrus. Hermes, invisible to all other eyes, for he bore the helm of Hades, conquered Hippolytus, and Artemis, rejoining the fray, brought down Aigaion. The Three Fates laid low Agrios and Thoon, and Zeus the Thunderer hurled his flaming darts to and fro, the anger of the king of the gods unstoppable, the fury at the desecration of his holy places. In his wake strode his son, Heracles, saviour of the gods. The blood of the Giants soaked the Thracian lands, and ever after her people were a hostile and savage nation. The War was ended, and the greatest threat to Olympus had been cowed, as the Titans fell back to their slumber, dormant once again...

The importance the Ancient Greeks placed on the myth of the War of the Giants, or Gigantomachia, cannot be overstressed. There is scarcely a temple in the Greek world which does not bear an image of it, including the Parthenon itself, and the Great Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Now at last, the peaceful rule of the Olympian Gods was assured. Ever after the titanic struggle between the gods and the Giants served as inspiration to the Greeks when under attack from foreign foes, especially one that lay just across the Ocean...

United Kingdom

Metamorphoses (Oxford World's Classics)
(The grand poem of the Gigantomachia, in archaic glory)

United States

Metamorphoses (Oxford World's Classics)
(The grand poem of the Gigantomachia, in archaic glory)

          Webinar Video – What’s happened so far in 2018 and how solution providers can get involved?      Cache   Translate Page      
Sandy reports on all the exciting developments from the 3DRC universe in 2018, and has an important update for the solution providers looking to add their piece to the puzzle.
          Hideo Kojima’s Behind-Closed-Doors Death Stranding Presentations Continue!      Cache   Translate Page      
Another dev team was able to see Hideo Kojima's next game.Hideo Kojima’s Behind-Closed-Doors Death Stranding Presentations Continue! Another dev team was able to see Hideo Kojima’s next game. We really have no idea why Hideo Kojima, who previously created the Metal Gear universe, is so secretive with his next game, Death Stranding. Of course, we do not expect this question to be answered. (We’d rather like to hear a release date, which was slightly pushed back – we wrote about it recently.) This time, a few lucky Ubisoft people from Massive Entertainment could see the PlayStation 4-exclusive game. It was confirmed by Julian Gerighty’s tweet. The creative director wrote the following: „Over the course of making The Division 2, we did many many awesome things and received support from many other developers. Hugely thankful to…


          GEEZER BUTLER Says DEADLAND RITUAL Will Perform BLACK SABBATH, VELVET REVOLVER And BILLY IDOL Songs      Cache   Translate Page      
DEADLAND RITUAL, the new band featuring bassist Geezer Butler (BLACK SABBATH), guitarist Steve Stevens (BILLY IDOL, VINCE NEIL), drummer Matt Sorum (GUNS N' ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER) and singer Franky Perez (APOCALYPTICA), will perform several songs from BLACK SABBATH, VELVET REVOLVER and Billy Idol on its upcoming tour. Asked by Billboard in a new interview what tracks will fill out DEADLAND RITUAL's live set when the group hits the road in late May, Butler said: "We're thinking about doing seven original songs, which we've done up to now, unless we write more between now and May. Probably three or four SABBATH songs. 'N.I.B.', because that's what I'm associated with particularly; the bass intro and all that kind of stuff. And some stuff that SABBATH didn't do, like 'Symptom Of the Universe'. Steve loves that one. And Franky likes 'Heaven And Hell' and we might do one or two others; see which ones work out best in rehearsals. But more obscure SABBATH songs, rather than 'Iron Man' or 'Paranoid', that's been done a million times. A couple VELVET REVOLVER. 'Slither' definitely, I'm not sure bout the second one, and I think we're going to do 'Rebel Yell', Billy Idol! [Laughs] I have to learn them all between now and May." Butler went on to say that there is no long-term plan for DEADLAND RITUAL at the moment. "We're just going to see how it goes," he said. "We've written seven songs up to now, so we have to get those recorded. We've got quite a few record companies interested. But at first, it was 'have a jam, and let's do some festivals.' But it seems to have gone beyond that, people are taking it more seriously now. So if things work out with the gigs that we do we'll carry on. I'm excited about it. I really like the music we're doing, not restricted to any kind of formula. And as I say, each track stands on its own, different in its own way. I'm really looking forward looking to it." DEADLAND RITUAL will make its U.S. live debut on May 28 at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California. A European tour will follow in June. DEADLAND RITUAL recently released its first song, "Down In Flames". The track, which was produced by Greg Fidelman (METALLICA, SLIPKNOT), was made available via Sonik Riot Records/AWAL powered by Kobalt.

          Guy Sorman: «Les «gilets jaunes» ont raison de manifester»      Cache   Translate Page      
Le mouvement social français est révélateur d’un blocage de la mobilité sociale, estime l’essayiste libéral français. Estimant que tout se joue avant l’âge de 1 an chez l’enfant, Guy Sorman milite pour un revenu minimum universel
          It's Apparently Easy To Pretend To Be A Cop, Grab Location Data From Cellular Carriers      Cache   Translate Page      

While Facebook tends to get the lion's share of (deserved) criticism, the telecom sector continues to make its case for being the absolute worst when it comes to protecting your private data. Scandal after scandal have highlighted how wireless carriers routinely collect and store your daily location data, then sell that data to a universe of shady middlemen with little to no oversight as to how the data is used. Users sign one overlong privacy policy with their wireless carrier, and that policy is being read to mean consumers sign off on the practice, which they certainly haven't.

This week journalist Joseph Cox again highlighted the problems on the location data front, reporting how many stalkers and debt collectors are able to get access to this data without paying for it. How? By pretending to be law enforcement officers:

"...bounty hunters and people with histories of domestic violence have managed to trick telecommunications companies into providing real-time location data by simply impersonating US officials over the phone and email, according to court records and multiple sources familiar with the technique. In some cases, these people abuse telecom company policies created to give law enforcement real-time location data without a court order in “exigent circumstances,” such as when there is the imminent threat of physical harm to a victim.

In addition to cellular tower location data, carriers were also recently busted selling A-GPS data, which is supposed to be protected by FCC data rules. Despite significant reporting on this subject and carrier promises to stop collecting and selling this data, this practice is still ongoing. Like Facebook, these are companies that are staring down the barrel of looming regulation -- and still somehow can't seem to find the motivation to behave. Regulators at the Ajit Pai FCC have also sat on their hands and have yet to issue so much as a warning to cellular carriers.

At least one skiptracer told Motherboard that wireless carriers remain several steps behind in trying to crack down on the practice:

"So many people are doing that and the telcos have been very stupid about it. They have not done due diligence and called the police [departments] directly to verify the case or vet the identity of the person calling,” Valerie McGilvrey, a skiptracer who said she has bought phone location data from those who obtained access to it, told Motherboard. A skiptracer is someone tasked with finding out where people, typically fugitives on the run or those who owe a debt, are located."

In many instances the third parties are exploiting telecom company procedures for "exigent circumstances," allowing them to request and receive real-time location data by fabricating law enforcement data request documents telecom operators aren't properly verifying. Of course as the New York Times noted more than a year ago, law enforcement officers have also been busted abusing this system to spy on judges and other law enforcement officers.

Like so many sectors, wireless carriers were so excited by the billions to be made selling your daily habits, they forgot to actually protect that data. As reporters like Cox continue to dig deeper, you have to think that many cellular carriers are scrambling hard to clean up their mess as inevitable class action lawsuits and regulatory investigations wait in the wings. This scandal is getting so ugly, even the carrier-cozy Trump FCC may, at some point, be forced to actually do something about it.

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          Review: Captain Marvel      Cache   Translate Page      
There have been 20 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 19 of them have centered on a male lead. One of them (released last year, no less…) at least had a female character listed in the title. The 21st movie in the MCU, and the first one that features a woman as the lead and …
          fringe: macbeth in space! (and two other locations...)      Cache   Translate Page      
adelaide fringe: macbeth in space! (and two other locations....)
As I've said on multiple occasions, Macbeth and I go way back. We have a connection. I can't explain it, not entirely sure I want to.

But it's one of the first shows I look for at the Fringe. And I've seen a variety of versions at this point.

Full text versions, classical productions, modern political retellings, Australian gangsters, World War 2... the works.

What I've never seen is Macbeth played as a comedy. And it absolutely should not work. At all.

But somehow, some way, the Scrambled Prince Theatre Company (a touring youth theatre company based at Eltham High School in Melbourne), managed to do it.

And so we have the very literally titled: Macbeth in space! (and two other locations...).

This is Macbeth as a Star Trek episode, Macbeth as film noir story, Macbeth as a western.

It's also at it's heart an ensemble piece, where different actors play the required characters during the different locations. Space Macbeth is a pompous Zapp Brannigan/Kirk hybrid, Noir Macbeth is a slightly stupid New York mafia boss and Western Macbeth is a very trigger happy black clad bandito.

And this is, somehow strangely, the only interpretation of Macbeth I can really think of where the play is going out of it's way to tell you that Macbeth is a bad guy. I mean I know he does horrible things, but often times there is more than a little part of me what wants him not to fall all the way down the rabbit hole of the latter part of the play, and remain the Macbeth from the first two acts.

But here, he's no hero, not even an anti-hero... in all three parts of this production, he's straight up the villain (and often also a thundering moron) in each setting.

Most of the story gets told across the three segments, although a lot of the details are left by the wayside... which normally I would find problematic, but I didn't mind here since this was more interpretation rather than recitation.

I also think that you can judge a lot about a Macbeth production not just by it's titular lord and lady, but by the interpretation of the witches. And here we get, in order, a hive mind, a trio of beat poets and three poncho wearing singers. With the exception of the hive mind, the same three actors play the witches (technically I guess the same three take part in all the versions, since the hive mind uses the voices of everybody who isn't a main character at that point), and do so very well.

I do need to specifically call out the young woman who played both Space Banquo at the start, as well as the western version of Young Siward (I'm blanking on the character's in-universe name)... she was great as the Kif to Space Macbeth's Brannigan, but she was AH-MAH-ZING as Kid Siward... right from the opening of that section with her tiny cowboy hat, tiny guns and repeated ridiculous expressions she had me in stitches.

In fact the list of people who impressed me or at least made me laugh is fairly extensive. From Space Duncan to Space Lady Macbeth... Noir Gumshoe (again, the character name escapes me) to Noir Fleance to Noir Lady Macbeth... Western Malcolm to Western Lady MacDuff... in fact almost everyone who stepped up into a speaking role did remarkably well.

And the whole thing was actually funny. I think, beyond the performances, it was tying all of the tropes from the three different scenarios to Macbeth that managed to bring out the humour.

Staging was minimal, confined to a few black stools, but each genre change came with a complete, on-stage costume change for the entire cast (all twenty-something of them)... and often the ensemble actually became the staging.

The other thing that shouldn't have worked was putting music in... but there it was, and work it did. The singer, who also doubles as Noir Lady Macbeth, did a fantastic job both with the singing and the acting... although given the aforementioned laughter at Western Siward, I did feel a little guilty that all my attention was focus over there and not on her beautiful rendition of Desperado.

My hat goes off to every one involved in this production, they did a great job and I had an amazing time.

yani's rating: 5 bouncy chairs out of 5
          BWW Review: THE TWILIGHT ZONE, Ambassadors Theatre      Cache   Translate Page      

Before Black Mirror, there was The Twilight Zone. First aired in 1959, the series was presented by Rod Serling, who had risen to prominence as a writer of television dramas alongside being a commentator of the medium.

The characters in his new show found themselves forced to deal with singular and disturbing issues. The standalone episodes introduced the general public to science fiction and fantasy tropes - therefore establishing the well-known "twilight zone". Now, the popular franchise is landing in the West End after a sell-out run at the Almeida Theatre last year.

Adapted by Anne Washburn, it takes the soul of the original material and translates it for the stage with plenty of tricks and curious tales. Even those less familiar with the obscure references will recognise nods to early stories which have become embedded in pop culture - like the 1960 episode "Eye of the Beholder" and a special appearance by a Kanamit, an alien race with quite a large and recognisable forehead first introduced in the third season.

Director Richard Jones intertwines the array of tales and keeps them going at a rhythmic pace. He creates a compelling collection, however it has the tendency to run in circles and feels too long as a result. Besides the natural outcome of putting on stage an assortment of plots, his direction is precise and aesthetically pleasing.

In this last element lies the real strength of the piece. Its visuals are unquestionably enthralling: from the black box that with hundreds of stars that hosts the action to the greyscale attires, Paul Steinberg and Nicky Gillibrand (set and costumes respectively) transport the audience to an entirely different universe made of ambiguity and mistrust.

The cast become a multitude of unique characters, with Natasha J. Barnes soaring to deliver an exquisite performance as Ethel. They toy with reality and tone as they look straight out of Sixties television programmes, with slightly declamatory twangs that fit in perfectly with the vibe built by Jones.

It's certainly a show that needs to be met halfway, as well as not taken too seriously. Even if it does tackle social issues and ingrained human fears, the aesthetic elements of the play take over in a delightful display of theatrical artifice. Once the magic tricks start rolling and the slight silliness of it all is accepted at face value, The Twilight Zone is as enticing as it is captivating.

The Twilight Zone runs at Ambassadors Theatre until 1 June

Photo credit: Marc Brenner

          Harley Quinn : la série animée dévoile le look de son Joker      Cache   Translate Page      
Découvrez le premier aperçu du clown psychopathe Joker dans la série animée centrée sur Harley Quinn qui est en préparation pour la plateforme DC Universe.

>> Lire l'article | sur AlloCiné - mardi 12 mars 2019

          Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Has Arrived — Experience New Content First on PS4      Cache   Translate Page      
Black Ops 4 features the most tactical, team-based Multiplayer experience in the series, the biggest Day One Zombies offering with three different adventures, and of course Blackout, the all-new battle royale mode that brings the Black Ops universe to life with fan-favorite characters, iconic locations, and the biggest map in Call of Duty history. In fact, it’s so big that it includes land, sea and air vehicles!
          Disney+ Bringing Marvel’s ‘What If?’ To New Animated Series      Cache   Translate Page      
As a kid, one of my favorite monthly comics was What If? It took the biggest and the most impactful stories from the Marvel Universe and asked: 'What if this happened instead?'

(Read more...)

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Diet Doctor bjuder in till en halvdag med föreläsningar, utställare och kaffemingel. Eventet LCHF2019 går av stapeln lördag 6 april och vi hoppas att du dyker upp. Vi kommer att hålla till på Lilla scenen på Cirkus på Djurgården i Stockholm. Missa inte det här!

Förutom vår egen kostdoktor Andreas Eenfeldt (Vem har rätt om LCHF?) kommer du att i tur och ordning får lyssna till Fredrik Nyström (Fet forskning visar fördelar med fet mat) och Jonas Colting (Prestera mera med LCHF). Dagen avslutas av Erik Hörstadius, vinnare av Biggest Loser VIP 2018, som ger dig en glimt av vad som hände bakom kulisserna på TV-slottet. Hälsoinspiratören Louise Hafdell är vår moderator och guidar dig genom dagen.

Biljetten kostar 599 kronor – och för dig som är medlem (eller tar en gratis provmånad) är det förmånliga priset 399 kronor!

Vi har också en rad spännande utställare på plats. Förutom Team Diet Doctor kommer du att få träffa bland andra Kostfonden, Low Carb Universe, Ketonix och LCHF-events i Säffle. Fler kommer till.

All information om föreläsare, utställare, program och biljettköp hittar du på eventsidan LCHF2019.

Du som är medlem har alltså kraftigt rabatterat pris på biljetten och det gäller även dig som tar en gratis provmånad. Som inloggad medlem aktiverar du din rabatt genom att klicka på knappen nedan eller knappen på sajtens förstasida. Du måste alltså vara inloggad för att få det rabatterade priset. Varmt välkommen till LCHF2019!

Allt om LCHF2019

Frågor och funderingar? Kommentera nedan för snabbast svar!


Ska du kryssa med LCHF-magasinet? Vi har ordnat en specialbeställd buss till Silja-terminalen i god tid före avgång.

Inlägget Ses vi på Cirkus? dök först upp på Diet Doctor.

          Putting Him First      Cache   Translate Page      
Once again I'm linking up with Five Minute Friday. This week's prompt is First.

My Bible study for the past several/many months has been To Live is Christ by Beth Moore which is a study of the Apostle Paul.

I've enjoyed so many elements of this study and learned more than I thought possible after spending my entire life studying and teaching Bible stories. 

The last video lesson was from the book of Philippians and one section focused on the verse: 

Philippians 3:12
....I press on to make it [Christ's righteousness] my own, because Christ Jesus has made me His own.

Beth marveled how amazing it is that God chose her first, and me first, and you first. Before even the earth was created God chose me and He chose you to have a specific purpose in life. 

And in honor of this privilege of being chosen first by the Creator of the Universe, God wants us to put him first above all else. When we do that, amazingly it creates room for the things that are important to us because our priorities are first focused on making Him and others happy and that makes all other elements fall into place. 

We love Him because He first loved us. Amazing Love!

I hope you know how much He loves you. 

Exactly Three Years Ago: A New Experience
(Almost) Exactly Four Years Ago: Garden Glories
Exactly Five Years Ago: The Three Stooges
Almost Exactly Six Years Ago: Fab Friday Foto—Vol. IX

          Devil May Cry: Dante’s Vertical Slice      Cache   Translate Page      
Last year, Capcom and Ninja Theory revealed their re-imagining of Devil May Cry (now known as "DmC") at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. The response to Dante’s makeover and new look to the universe was split between adoration and outright confusion, with fans questioning the new look and fighting style of protagonist Dante. Heading into gamescom, I received word that Creative Director Tameem Antoniades wanted to discuss DmC’s progress and indulge me in Dante’s new found love for aerial combat. After being reunited with Tameem and Dante, I'm left crying for more.
          La popularité de sports de neige d’augmenter l’offre de site-sweets parade      Cache   Translate Page      
La popularité de sports de neige augmente de site d’alimentation (à la première édition) journaliste: sports d’hiver de principes à suivre?Pour une Zhidan: universel, l’optimisation de l’Ascension.Axée sur les jeunes, afin de guider le mouvement de participation populaire de la neige et de la glace, de la neige et de la glace de projets de […]
          4 billion 500 million light-years away in the lens galaxy outside the existence of wandering black h      Cache   Translate Page      
4 billion 500 million light-years away outside the lens Galaxy "wandering black hole" black holes in the universe how much as shown in the figure, this is the Harbert space telescope lens Galaxy XJ1417+52, astronomers discovered that distant galaxies have a black hole wandering outside. According to the science news website, astronomers have discovered that […]
          Scientists say the first batch of stars in the universe was born or later (video) ravbin      Cache   Translate Page      
Scientists say that the first batch of stars in the universe was born at a later time or later, and the results suggest that the ionization began in the millions of years after the birth of the universe. There are a lot of problems with this conclusion, because there is no evidence that the star […]
          Дефицит внешней торговли, послесловие      Cache   Translate Page      

В продолжение этого.

Мне кажется, может быть не все даже интересующиеся политикой и оппозиционно настроенные по отношению к Трампу американцы вполне осознают весь тот вред, который нынешняя администрация наносит американской экономике. В конце концов, рынок в целом растет, безработица падает, несмотря на некоторые признаки замедления полномасштабной рецессии на горизонте пока не видно.

Но это обманчивая картина, и трагикомическая ситуация с торговым дефицитом это довольно наглядно иллюстрирует. В самом деле, мало кто конечно воспринимал серьезно заклинания Трампа типа “they’ve taken advantage of us on trade. They’ve taken our money. They’ve taken our jobs. And we’re stopping that” и тому подобное. И все-таки: Трамп установил множество новых пошлин, создав препятствия для дешевого импорта; разве не должен был при этом торговый дефицит уменьшиться, хоть немного? А он вместо этого растет больше чем на 10% в год! Что, вообще, происходит и как это возможно?

На самом деле, конечно, здесь нет абсолютно ничего удивительного; странно было бы ожидать чего-то другого.

Пол Кругман поясняет очевидное:

As many people have pointed out to no avail, Trump is all wrong about what trade deficits do. True, at times of high unemployment deficits can cost us jobs. But in normal times they don’t reduce overall employment, nor do they make us poorer.

On the contrary, other countries are sending us valuable goods and services, which we’re paying for with pieces of paper — paper that pays very low interest rates. Who’s winning, again?

Beyond that, however, Trump is completely wrong about what causes trade deficits in the first place. In fact, his own policies have provided an object lesson in the falsity of his vision.

In the Trumpian universe, trade deficits happen because we made bad deals — we let foreigners sell their stuff here, but they won’t let us sell our stuff there. So the solution is to throw up barriers to foreign products. “I am a Tariff Man,” he proudly proclaimed.

The reality, however, is that trade deficits have almost nothing to do with tariffs or other restrictions on trade. The overall trade deficit is always equal to the difference between domestic investment spending and domestic saving (both private and public). That’s just accounting.

The reason America runs persistent trade deficits isn’t that we’ve given away too much in trade deals, it’s that we have low savings compared with other countries.

Tariffs can, of course, reduce imports of the goods subject to the tariff, and hence reduce the trade deficit in that particular industry. But it’s like pushing on a balloon: You can squeeze it in one place, but it will just inflate by the same amount somewhere else. The process through which this conservation of deficits takes place can vary, although a stronger dollar, which hurts exports, is usually one major channel. But the basic result, that tariffs don’t actually reduce the overall trade deficit, is clear.

Sure enough, the Trump tariffs of 2018 did, in fact, lead to a sharp fall in imports of the goods subjected to tariffs. But imports of other goods rose, while exports performed poorly. And the overall trade deficit went up substantially, which is exactly what you should have expected. After all, that big tax cut for the wealthy reduced national savings.

And the supposed cause of the deficit isn’t the only thing Trump gets wrong about trade policy. He also keeps insisting that foreigners are paying his tariffs. In reality, prices received by foreign exporters haven’t gone down. Prices paid by U.S. consumers have gone up, instead.

Итак, что собственно произошло: Трамп с подельниками, резко снизив налоги на корпорации, обрушили на экономику огромное количество совершенно ненужных ей, экономике, в данный момент денег. В результате, как и следовало ожидать, мы получили (а) триллионный бюджетный дефицит (б) рост курса доллара и соответственно снижение конкурентоспособности (в) ФРС был вынужден резко повысить ставку для предотвращения перегрева экономики (г) значительное количество дополнительных заимствованных денег ушло на импорт, а экспорт пострадал из-за сильного доллара, в итоге имеем рекордный за всю историю дефицит внешней торговли (по товарам без учета услуг, и рекордный за последние 10 лет в сумме с услугами).

Это даже не просто lose-lose, это уже lose-lose-lose-lose.

Ах да, налоги же снизили.

Вот замечательный тред на rusam’e, посвященный новым налогам. Ничего вроде особенного: у кого-то налоги повысились, у кого-то понизились.

Но вот что любопытно: почти все комментаторы, указывая на свою ситуацию, отмечают: «при примерно тех же доходах, что и в прошлом году».

А интересно, как так получилось? Ведь, ещё раз, помимо некоторого снижения (далеко не всем, но многим) индивидуального налога, радикально снизили налоги корпорациям. Куда ушли эти деньги? Почему мы не стали заметно больше зарабатывать? Вы не задавали себе этот вопрос?

И возвращаясь к торговле…

В ближайшее время, надо полагать, трамписты объявят о крупнейшей победе: предполагаемом соглашении о торговле с Китаем, по которому Китай обязуется покупать какое-то количество американских товаров. Вот уж это точно поможет дефициту!

Да нет, конечно. Даже если Китай станет больше закупать американских товаров — что не факт — ну значит кто-то другой станет покупать меньше, только и всего.

Предоставляю читателям решить самостоятельно, не то здесь дело в вопиющей некомпетентности экономической команды Трампа, не то они просто и спокойно решают собственные задачи, свои и своих спонсоров.

See copy at dreamwidth for more comments; currently it has comment count unavailable.
          ¿Cuál fue la primera escena poscréditos del cine y cómo se popularizaron?      Cache   Translate Page      
¿Cuál fue la primera escena poscréditos del cine y cómo se popularizaron?#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\

Repasamos cuándo aparecieron las escenas poscréditos, quién las popularizó y por qué son tan importantes en las películas de Marvel.

El Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel está unido, sin duda, a las escenas poscréditos. Para cualquier fan de estas cintas es obligatorio permanecer en el cine hasta que aparezca el último cuadro de metraje, y es que este tipo de escenas ya son una verdadera tradición, tanto así que cuando una película no las tiene se debe a un propósito creativo específico. Aunque eso sí, Marvel no las inventó, su historia comienza varias décadas atrás.

Así como las secuencias de títulos iniciales se han convertido en todo un arte, las escenas poscréditos también han tenido su propia evolución. Con esto en mente podemos remontarnos al final de la cinta Ocean's 11 de 1960, cuando, mientras aparecen los créditos, el grupo de veteranos de guerra, luego banda de ladrones, camina por una avenida de Las Vegas. Claro que esta no es del tipo de escena poscréditos a las que estamos acostumbrados en la época actual, pero sí que marcó el inicio de utilizar este recurso narrativo para dar contexto o continuidad a los largometrajes más allá de la historia principal.

Un referente obligado en la historia de las escenas poscréditos es la franquicia de James Bond de los años sesenta. En dichas cintas se acostumbraba poner al final un anuncio de la próxima aventura del famoso agente secreto creado por Ian Fleming. Curiosamente esto inspiró a la confección de la parodia que aparece como escena poscréditos en la película de The Silencers, dirigida por Phil Karlson, protagonizada por Dean Martin y basada en las novelas de Donald Hamilton. La historia cómica del agente secreto Matt Helm termina con el propio Matt rodeado de varias chicas anunciando su nueva aventura.

Luego de esa pequeñísima escena poscréditos debemos ubicarnos años después, en 1979, cuando en The Muppet Movie se despliega toda una secuencia muy divertida mientras aparecen los créditos: los muppets están en una sala de cine luego de haberse proyectado su propia cinta y felicitan al orgulloso director (Kermit) y este a su vez lo hace a sus colaboradores. Al final aparece Animal y, rompiendo la cuarta pared, dice a la cámara: "Go home! Bye, bye".

Después de The Muppet Movie las escenas poscréditos comenzaron a aparecer en muchas otras producciones. Como en Airplane!, de 1980, en la que el pasajero del taxi que está esperando desde el inicio de la película dice que va a "darle otros 20 minutos, pero no más". Otro ejemplo muy simpático que, por cierto, fue parodiado por el propio Deadpool, es lo que ocurre en Ferris Bueller's Day Off, de 1986, cuando Matthew Broderick como el propio Ferris, rompiendo la cuarta pared, le habla al público y le dice que se vaya a su casa.

Como decíamos, en Deadpool pudimos ver la parodia de Ferris Bueller's Day Off, en donde además se burla de las escenas poscrédito del UCM y dice: "¿Qué esperaban, ver a Sam Jackson con su parche?", para luego agregar que sí habrá una secuela y que el villano de Deadpool 2 será Cable, pero que ni lo pensemos, la producción no tiene tanto presupuesto para presentar una escena sobre ella o ya no digamos, un tráiler.

Así, poco a poco las escenas poscréditos fueron apareciendo en otros largometrajes, como en Young Sherlock Holmes de 1985, en donde se reveló que Moriarty, el villano más icónico del detective, estaba por arribar, sin embargo, no hubo segunda parte de esta cinta dirigida por Barry Levinson. Algo parecido ocurrió con Masters of the Universe de 1987, en donde las escenas poscréditos aparece Skeletor diciendo: "I'll be back", aunque, tal vez por fortuna, no hubo secuela.

"The Avengers Initiative"

Iron Man (2008) no sólo dio inicio a la primera fase del Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel —fase que culmina con The Avengers 4: Endgame—, sino que también incluyó una escena poscréditos reveladora para los fans sobre el futuro del UCM: en donde Tony Stark conoce a Nick Fury y este le quiere hablar sobre "The Avengers Initiative".

A partir de entonces las escenas poscréditos en las películas de Marvel se han vuelto una tradición. Algunas son muy divertidas, otras contienen claves y huevos de pascua; eso sí, todas son muy esperadas por los seguidores de este universo. En Capitán América (2011) el formato de estas escenas cambió un poco y fue presentado un teaser de The Avengers, algo muy similar a lo que habían hecho las hermanas Wachowski en Matrix Reloaded, en donde al final de la misma presentaron el tráiler de Matrix Revolutions, la última entrega de la franquicia.

Debemos recordar que la primera cinta de la franquicia de Matrix fue estrenada en 1999, mientras que las últimas dos en 2003 (una en mayo y la siguiente en noviembre), así que con razón podemos decir que se trata del antecedente inmediato de las escenas poscréditos de Marvel. Sin duda dieron pie a la popularización de las mismas a inicios del siglo XXI y luego de esto ya no no hubo marcha atrás, la expectativa por estas escenas es bastante alta en la actualidad.

Parece ser que el propósito de Kevin Feige, presidente de Marvel Studios, se ha cumplido con creces. Y es que en 2012 dijo en entrevista que esperaba darle una recompensa al público que permaneciera en la sala y hacer de esto una práctica común. Pero además quería que las escenas poscréditos tendieran conexiones entre las películas de la franquicia y, claro, generar expectativa por el siguiente —o siguientes— largometrajes. Una muestra más de esto son las dos escenas poscréditos que tiene Capitana Marvel y su conexión con la historia de Avengers: Endgame.

Por último, cabe decir que de las escenas poscréditos no solo se ha creado una comunidad alrededor, sino que son tema de discusión y análisis. Sin duda se han convertido en un elemento importante —aunque no exclusivo— del cine comercial y de las películas de superhéroes.

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Eighty percent of the women in this world, deal with what they can see, feel, touch, move, and fix.  They view the world with only one eye opened.

Franciscan Father, Richard Rhor believes we need to stop and smell more than the roses.  Do we have the power to discover all that awaits us in the universe and explain what we see?

--> Are both eyes enough?

Our full goal of all seeing and all knowing is best revealed by cultivating our third, or middle eye.

If we fail to develop our total capacity to live, breath and thrive on earth, then we are wasting our time here.  In my new novel, The Middle Eye, heroine Penny Larkin learns to develop her third eye to save a little girl's life.

Like, Penny, we can make a difference in the lives of those around us, but only if we choose to make a change. It all begins with your attitude. Do you want to expand your 140 character Tweet, or do you want to live life in short bursts, burning out your lungs and your heart on comments and actions that won't matter tomorrow?

The Middle Eye has a list of protocols for beginning your journey inward and onward.   You can pre-order the book by clicking on the link.  Here's to a better view.
          Morbius Set Video Has Tyrese Doing Backflips as He Signs 3 Movie Deal      Cache   Translate Page      
Tyrese has shared the first set video from the set of his new Sony Marvel Universe movie Morbius The Living Vampire.

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          VITAMINES MINERAUX ADULTES 950 CAPSULE      Cache   Translate Page      
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Citation :fabien2004 a écrit:Au risque de me faire rembarrer par les bien-pensants de ce forum qui ne comprennent pas qu'on puisse avoir un avis différent du leur (suite à mon intervention sur un autre sujet), voici le fond de ma pensée, qui n'est pas une vérité universelle.[...]Je ne nie pas l'existence de personnes pour qui Windows 10 n'a pas posé de problème, mais je considère que ces personnes sont tout bonnement chanceuses car de ma propre expérience et dans mon entourage, je constate des tas de problèmes divers et variés.Juste comme ça: à l'époque de Vista, je n'ai rencontré aucun des divers problèmes qu'on lui reprochait à son époque.J'approuve à 100 % la position de fabien2004. Pour ma part je resterai sous Seven même après janvier 2020. Un pc bien protégé et utilisé en réfléchissant avant de cliquer ça devrait le faire.
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Ice Universe, tài khoản Twitter đưa ra nhiều dự đoán chính xác về smartphone chưa ra mắt, đăng hình ảnh bộ ba ốp lưng được cho là của Galaxy S thế hệ mới. Trên bề mặt phụ kiện này xuất …
          Mars : stories by Bakić, Asja, 1982- author.      Cache   Translate Page      
Mars showcases a series of unique and twisted universes, where every character is tasked with making sense of their strange reality. One woman will be freed from purgatory once she writes the perfect book; another abides in a world devoid of physical contact. With wry prose and skewed humor, an emerging feminist writer explores twenty-first century promises of knowledge, freedom, and power.
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Ice Universe, tài khoản Twitter từng đưa ra nhiều thông tin chính xác về điện thoại Samsung, tiếp tục chia sẻ video về hai ốp lưng được cho là của Galaxy S10+. Video thực tế ốp lưng được cho là …
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One of the great things about writing science fiction is you can ask the most marvellous 'what if' questions and explore ideas that don't exist on planet Earth, but may well be extensions or exaggerations of something that is found here.

That's what I did with my Morgan Selwood series.

As a result of a spaceship malfunction, Morgan finds herself in a distant part of the galaxy where very human aliens have created their own society. The people there are closely related to humans but they have been genetically modified. The most important modification is that each of them belongs to a particular class, as follows:
  • Mirka - These people are the leaders. Military command officers, presidents and senior politicians will be found in their ranks, as well as police.
  • Vesha - Vesha form the business class. Merchants, traders, layers, accountants and the like. Some of them are very wealthy.
  • Hasta - These are the technical people. Engineers, technicians, chemists, scientists, doctors.
  • Shuba - The working class. Laborers, foot soldiers, farmers.
Genetic engineering has made it impossible for people from the four classes to create offspring with a member of another class. Manesai culture is heavily based on the Indian caste system. But even if it wasn’t, point a finger at any part of the world and you’ll find classes, castes, restrictions on marriage and the like. The daughters of merchants would marry the sons of other merchants. Princes married princesses. Common serving men didn’t bother lusting after the daughter of the house. Although, in male dominated societies, men in authority thought nothing of having a bit on the side with the serving wench. Marriages were (and still are) very often arranged by the families.

And folks, this is still, by and large, true. I have simply taken one small step further in my science fiction and had idealistic genetic scientists make matches between classes childless. A place for everyone and everyone in their place. That’s sure to make for a peaceful society. </sarcasm>
Since humans are essentially tribal and we love to belong to groups, each class has developed sub-classes. Shuba are the foot soldiers, but one group was deliberately modified to make them bigger, stronger, more fearless than the rest. They are the Fleet's elite troopers who also fill civilian roles as security police and body guards. Admiral Ravindra is a member of the Darya sub-class within the Mirka. It is an elite group which produces most Manesai admirals. And the children of admirals (of course) tend to marry the children of admirals.