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FiftyThree has always been an inspiration of mine—their dedication to craft is admirable. When they asked me to work with them on the product page for their first piece of hardware, Pencil, I jumped at the opportunity.

The project started out with a meeting at the FiftyThree office—a beautiful loft in Tribeca. KJ Chun walked me through the design he prepared for the page and Ian Curry showed me a few interaction prototypes for the fancier sections. I wore the serious professional face, but on the inside, I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve, and Santa was giving me a sneak peek at all my presents.

The Pencil product page was my first foray into scrolling effects—no pressure. I’ve never been a fan of scrolling effects, mainly because most implementations hijack the scrollbar. With that in mind, I coded it in a way that would maintain the integrity of the scroll, while still surprising the viewer. I wanted the parts to reveal themselves as if you could feel them sliding out. The animation works when resizing the window as well, so if you drag from the bottom, you can actually pull the pencil apart.

The “Inspired Form” section was originally designed to rotate the pencil with the horizontal tracking of the cursor, but it felt unnatural. If someone were to scroll the entirety of the page, they might miss it, as it required them to stop and move their cursor perpendicular to the scroll. As an alternative, I experimented with scrolling to rotate the pencil, so everyone would discover it. The pencil starts by facing left and rotates a full 180 degrees, exposing the front of the pencil half-way through. Luckily, this accomplished the natural feel I’m always aiming for in my work.

The page is fully responsive—even the scrolling effects. The FiftyThree team was open to suggestions on how to reflow the content across each breakpoint. I took a few cues from their existing product pages for consistency, but also tried a couple new directions of my own.

After a long week, I handed the code off to Tara Feener and Scott Olson, who prepared it for production. Not knowing when it would launch, I continued with my other work, but kept an eye on the site. A few Twitter mentions started to roll in and I knew it was live. I couldn’t be happier with the end result, as well as the response. It was an absolute privilege working with the FiftyThree team and tagging along for a small part of their adventure.

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On Tuesday, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to voice his paranoia about investigations swirling around him. Trump has been plagued with multiple scandals since he first took office. Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen sparked several investigations into the president after he t...

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          Elon Musk's defense of his Tesla tweet will get SEC response      Cache   Translate Page      
The top U.S. securities regulator received permission from a federal judge on Tuesday to respond to Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk's arguments that his Twitter post about the electric vehicle maker’s production volume did not violate his recent fraud settlement.

          Η Βενεζουέλα δίνει προθεσμία 72 ωρών σε Αμερικάνους διπλωμάτες για αποχώρηση      Cache   Translate Page      
Ο υπουργός Εξωτερικών της Βενεζουέλας Χόρχε Αρεάσα.

Η κυβέρνηση της Βενεζουέλας έδωσε σήμερα διορία σε Αμερικανούς διπλωμάτες να εγκαταλείψουν τη χώρα σε διάστημα 72 ωρών, το αργότερο έως τα μεσάνυχτα της Πέμπτης, αφού ο πρόεδρος Νικολάς Μαδούρο κατηγόρησε τον Αμερικανό ομόλογό του Ντόναλντ Τραμπ για τη διάπραξη σαμποτάζ στον κυβερνοχώρο, που είχε ως αποτέλεσμα να βρεθεί αντιμέτωπη η χώρα με το χειρότερο μπλακάουτ στην ιστορία της.

Ο υπουργός Εξωτερικών Χόρχε Αρεάσα είπε ότι οι Αμερικανοί διπλωμάτες που βρίσκονται στο έδαφος της Βενεζουέλας πρέπει να φύγουν εντός 3 ημερών, μετά την κατάρρευση των συνομιλιών σχετικά με τους επιτετραμμένους των δύο χωρών.

«Η παρουσία στο έδαφος της Βενεζουέλας αυτών των αξιωματούχων αποτελεί κίνδυνο για την ειρήνη, την ενότητα και τη σταθερότητα στη χώρα» τονίζει το Καράκας σε μια ανακοίνωση που εξέδωσε.

Το αμερικανικό Στέιτ Ντιπάρτμεντ ανακοίνωσε χθες ότι θα αποσύρει το προσωπικό του από τη Βενεζουέλα αυτήν την εβδομάδα, υπογραμμίζοντας ότι η παρουσία τους αποτελεί «περιορισμό της αμερικανικής πολιτικής».

Την ώρα που η χώρα παραμένει βυθισμένη στο σκοτάδι για έκτη ημέρα, τα νοσοκομεία δίνουν μάχη για να λειτουργήσουν ομαλά, τα τρόφιμα σαπίζουν λόγω ζέστης και οι εξαγωγές από τον κυριότερο πετρελαϊκό σταθμό της χώρας έχουν σταματήσει.

Σήμερα, το ρεύμα έχει επανέλθει σε πολλά τμήματα της χώρας, μεταξύ αυτών και περιοχές που δεν είχαν ηλεκτρικό ρεύμα από την περασμένη Πέμπτη, σύμφωνα με αυτόπτες μάρτυρες και χρήστες των μέσων κοινωνικής δικτύωσης.

Όμως, η κατάσταση δεν έχει αλλάξει σε περιοχές της πρωτεύουσας Καράκας και του δυτικού τμήματος της χώρας, κοντά στα σύνορα με την Κολομβία.

Ο Χούλιο Κάστρο, της μη κυβερνητικής οργάνωσης Doctors for Health, ανέφερε χθες στο Twitter ότι 24 άνθρωποι έχουν χάσει τη ζωή τους σε δημόσια νοσοκομεία μετά το μπλακάουτ.

 «Ο Τραμπ φέρει τη μεγαλύτερη ευθύνη»

 Ο πρόεδρος της Βενεζουέλας Νικολάς Μαδούρο κατηγόρησε την Ουάσιγκτον ότι οργάνωσε, αυτό που αποκάλεσε, μια εξελιγμένη κυβερνοεπίθεση εναντίον του δικτύου υδροηλεκτρικής ενέργειας της Βενεζουέλας.

«Ο Ντόναλντ Τραμπ φέρει τη μεγαλύτερη ευθύνη για την κυβερνοεπίθεση στο σύστημα ηλεκτρικής ενέργειας της Βενεζουέλας» είπε ο Μαδούρο από το προεδρικό μέγαρο Μιραφλόρες χθες το βράδυ.

«Είναι μια τεχνολογία που μονάχα η κυβέρνηση των ΗΠΑ διαθέτει».

Πηγή: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ, Reuters


          Δια βίου αποκλεισμός από το γήπεδο σε φίλαθλο της Μπέρμινχαμ Σίτι      Cache   Translate Page      
Ο Πολ Μίτσελ μεταφέρεται εκτός αγωνιστικού χώρου.

Πρωτοφανές σκηνικό διαδραματίστηκε σε ποδοσφαιρικό αγώνα στην Αγγλία το Σάββατο 10 Μαρτίου.

Πιο συγκεκριμένα, ο Πολ Μίτσελ, φίλαθλος της τοπικής ομάδας Μπέρμινχαμ Σίτι, εισέβαλε στον αγωνιστικό χώρο του Σεντ Αντριους του Μπέρμινχαμ δέκα λεπτά μετά την έναρξη του τοπικού ντέρμπι και γρονθοκόπησε τον ποδοσφαιριστή Τζακ Γκρίλις της αντιπάλου ομάδας - Αστον Βίλλα.

Η επέμβαση της ασφάλειας του γηπέδου ήταν άμεση και ο εικοσιεφτάχρονος απομακρύνθηκε, συνελήφθη από την αστυνομία και την επομένη οδηγήθηκε ενώπιον της δικαιοσύνης.

Κατά την ακροαματική διαδικασία, ο κατηγορούμενος, πατέρας ενός παιδιού δύο ετών, παραδέχτηκε την πράξη του, ζητώντας δημόσια συγγνώμη τόσο από τον ποδοσφαιριστή της Αστον Βίλλα, όσο και από την ίδια του την ομάδα. Παράλληλα εξήγησε πως δεν είχε σκοπό να προβεί σε αυτή την ενέργεια παρά μόνο να δώσει ψυχολογική ώθηση στους οπαδούς της αγαπημένης του Μπέρμινχαμ.

Η δικαστής, Αλισον Φίσερ, επέβαλε στον δράστη, ποινή φυλάκισης 14 εβδομάδων καθώς και χρηματικό πρόστιμο 100 λιρών, ποσό που πρέπει να καταβάλει άμεσα στο θύμα.

Την ίδια στιγμή, η ποδοσφαιρική ομάδα Μπέρμιχαμ Σίτι, εξέδωσε ανακοίνωση, η οποία και αναρτήθηκε στην επίσημη ιστοσελίδα της ομάδας, σύμφωνα με την οποία, ο Πολ Μίτσελ αποβάλλεται δια βίου από τους «κόλπους» της ομάδας καθώς δεν θα έχει καμία πρόσβαση σε οποιαδήποτε δραστηριότητα που αφορά το κλάμπ.

Παράλληλα απαγορεύτηκε δια βίου η είσοδος και ενασχόληση με τα δρώμενα της ομάδας και σε φίλαθλο που έστελνε μέσω Twitter προσβλητικά μηνύματα στον Πολ Μίτσελ και την οικογένειά του, καθώς η διοίκηση της Μπέρμινχαμ Σίτι δήλωσε, πως δεν θα δείξει ανοχή σε αντικοινωνικές συμπεριφορές.

Πηγή: HuffPost UK, The Daily TelegraphBirmingham City Football Club 


          «Δεν υπάρχει σπαγγέτι μπολονέζ»! Ο Δήμαρχος της Μπολόνια καταγγέλλει fake news      Cache   Translate Page      

Η ιταλική κουζίνα είναι από τις πιο δημοφιλείς ανά τον κόσμο και εκπροσωπείται σε πολλά εστιατόρια ανά τον κόσμο με πολλά διάσημα πιάτα. Αυτό βέβαια, όπως διαπιστώνουν όσοι έχουν ταξιδέψει αρκετά στην Ιταλία, δεν σημαίνει πως είμαστε και πραγματικά εξοικειωμένοι με την αυθεντική ιταλική κουζίνα αφού οι διαφορές που εντοπίζουμε στον τρόπο παρασκευής είναι πολλές όπως και οι παρανοήσεις. Γι αυτό και συχνά εκδηλώνονται και επικές μάχες μεταξύ Ιταλών και food bloggers οι οποίοι έχουν μια τάση να διαιωνίζουν αυτές τις παρανοήσεις και να παρουσιάζουν λάθος συνταγές. 

Αυτή τη φορά στο επίκεντρο βρίσκεται η φημισμένη σπαγγέτι μπολονέζ- όπως γράφεται στα μενού πολλών εστιατορίων ανά τον κόσμο- ή όπως συνηθίζουμε να την αποκαλούμε στην Ελλάδα, τα μακαρόνια με κιμά. Και αυτός που φαίνεται ότι ανέλαβε να δώσει ένα τέλος στις παρεξηγήσεις γύρω από το συγκεκριμένο πιάτο είναι ο (πολύ οργισμένος όπως φαίνεται) δήμαρχος της Μπολόνια.


Όσοι έχετε ήδη επισκεφθεί την Μπολόνια και έχετε παραγγείλει σπαγγέτι μπολονέζ ίσως να έχετε προσέξει ότι ο σερβιτόρος δεν φαίνεται και πολύ ευχαριστημένος. Ένας λόγος είναι, όπως εξηγεί ο δήμαρχος της πόλης Βιρτίνιο Μερόλα είναι πως οι τουρίστες έχουν την εντύπωση πως πρόκειται για ένα τοπικό πιάτο. Μπολόνια-μπολονέζ, ποιος μπορεί να μας αδικήσει.

Όπως όμως δήλωσε σε μια εκπομπή στην ιταλική τηλεόραση RAI αλλά και έγραψε στο twitter ήρθε επιτέλους η στιγμή να σταματήσει αυτός ο αστικός μύθος: η Μπολονέζ δεν έχει καμία σχέση με τη Μπολόνια.


Τα πράγματα όμως δεν είναι τόσο απλά αφού ο δήμαρχος έχει να δώσει και άλλες γαστρονομικές διευκρινίσεις αφού όπως εξηγεί η μπολονέζ δεν υπάρχει! «Η σπαγγέτι μπολονέζ στην πραγματικότητα δεν υπάρχει αν και ναι είναι διάσημη σε όλο τον κόσμο. Αυτό για το οποίο εμείς προτιμούμε να είμαστε διάσημοι είναι για το ότι στην Μπολόνια εφευρέθηκαν οι ταλιατέλες, τα τορτελίνι και τα λαζάνια».

To αυθεντικό ιταλικό πιάτο που μπορεί να θεωρηθεί πως πλησιάζει κάπως τη μπολονέζ είναι το tagliatelle al ragù  δηλαδή ταλιατέλες ραγού. Δηλαδή ταλιατέλες, παραδοσιακές παρασκευασμένες με αυγό, που σερβίρονται με κοκκινιστό μοσχαρίσιο κιμά που μαγειρεύεται με λαχανικά, ντομάτες και κρασί.

Η συνταγή προέρχεται από την περιοχή Εμίλια-Ρομάνια της οποίας η Μπολόνια είναι η πρωτεύουσα. Τα σπαγγέτι όμως δεν «κατάγονται» από εκεί.

Σε κάθε περίπτωση ο δήμαρχος Μαρόλα κάνει λόγο για fake news που αφορούν τη «μπολονέζ» και ξεκίνησε μια καμπάνια μέσω των social media προς αποκατάσταση της αλήθειας.


«Αγαπητέ κάτοικε, συλλέγω φωτογραφίες από σπαγγέτι μπολονέζ από όλο τον κόσμο (μιας και μιλάμε για fake news). Αυτή εδώ είναι από το Λονδίνο, παρακαλώ στείλτε μου και τις δικές σας», γράφει στο Twitter.

Και φυσικά από τότε έχει λάβει πάρα πολλές γι′ αυτό αν και ο αγώνας του έχει ξεκινήσει εδώ και μέρες, τώρα φαίνεται πως γίνεται όλο και πιο γνωστός. 












          САД и талибаните договориле повлекување на американските трупи од Авганистан      Cache   Translate Page      
Преговарачите на САД и на радикалното исламистичко движење Талибан разработиле проект за договор за повлекување на американските трупи од Авганистан и борба против тероризмот, објави на Twitter во вторникот специјалниот американски претставник за Авганистан, Задмај Калилзад. „Штотуку заврши маратонската рунда од преговорите со (претставниците на движењето) Талибан во Доха. Условите за мир се подобрија. Јасно […]
          التلميح عن الإعلان عن Borderlands 3 في PAX East 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
إستوديو Gearbox Software نشر اليوم صورة جديدة على حسابه الرسمي على موقع Twitter مشوقاً فيها اللاعبين حول إعلان جديد في 28 مارس.

منذ فترة كان قد أعلن إستوديو Gearbox عن تواجده في حدث PAX East 2019 في 28 مارس وقد أكد أنه سيقوم بالإعلان عن مفاجئات كثيرة جديدة لم نراها من قبل ، من الواضح أن أولى تلك المفاجئات ستكون الجزء الجديد من سلسلة Borderlands على حسب هذا التشويق الجديد ( الذي سأتركه لكم فى الأسفل ).

منذ أن تم إصدار Borderlands 2 في 2012 والكل يريد جزء جديد من تلك السلسلة الرائعة ، خلال عام 2017 أعلن إستوديو Gearbox أنه يعمل على الجزء الجديد من السلسلة ولكننا منذ وقتها لم نتعرف على المزيد من التفاصيل ، من الواضح أن هذا الواقع سيتغير خلال الأسابيع القادمة حيث سيتم الإعلان عن Borderlands 3 خلال فعاليات حدث PAX East 2019 مع إمكانية الإعلان عن جزء جديد من Brothers In Arms.

من المتوقع أن يتم إطلاق Borderlands 3 علي الحاسب الشخصي و PlayStation 4 و Xbox One خلال عام 2019.

الصورة التى تم نشرها :

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These new twitter integration tools, do you use them or even like them?
          Генсек ОПЕК назвал твиты Трампа новым фактором нестабильности на рынке      Cache   Translate Page      
Генеральный секретарь ОПЕК Мохаммед Баркиндо охарактеризовал сообщения президента США Дональда Трампа в Twitter как «один из новых пунктов в списке неопределенностей», с которыми сталкиваются страны-производители и рынок нефтепродуктов в целом. «Президент США никого не уведомляет о том, что напишет в Twitter»,— цитирует господина Баркиндо Financial Times.Члены ОПЕК, как отметил генсек организации, постоянно сталкиваются с растущим числом проблем на рынке нефти — от беспорядков в Ливии и последствий санкций США в отношении Ирана и Венесуэлы до ускорения производства нефти в Соединенных Штатах. За последний год Дональд Трамп усилил риторику против ОПЕК, призвав группу производителей разрешить больше поставок на рынок, чтобы сдерживать рост цен на нефть. Так, 25 февраля президент США написал: «Цены на нефть становятся слишком высокими. ОПЕК, пожалуйста, расслабьтесь и не усердствуйте. Мир не может вынести такой резкий скачок цен, он хрупок!». Напомним, в конце 2016 года Россия и страны ОПЕК заключили…
          Cité de l’Opera: Barrie, Merlijn en Robert      Cache   Translate Page      
Het grote operanieuws leest u dagelijks op Place de l’Opera. Naast dat nieuws is er een voortdurende stroom van berichten via Twitter en andere sociale media. Vaak relevant, soms alleen amusant, maar meestal de moeite waard om er kennis van te nemen. Cité de l’Opera houdt het allemaal voor u bij. Deze week aflevering 183.
          3/12/2019: NEWS: Wood tells of self harm      Cache   Translate Page      
EVAN Rachel Wood has shared a photo of selfinflicted wounds on her arm, telling fans she was once in an abusive relationship and used to self-harm. The Westworld star, 31, posted the image on Twitter with the hashtag #Iamnotok, which raises awareness...
          'Aunt Becky' memes flood Twitter following criminal charges against actress Lori Loughlin      Cache   Translate Page      
The 54-year-old actress is caught up in a massive college admissions cheating scandal.

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softiekinks / 2 pages
@Luke5SOS is now following you! Luke Hemmings liked your tweet! Book 1 of Social media series.
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In unserer zweiten Sendung geht es direkt um den neuesten Streich aus dem MCU, denn zusammen mit Eric von den Kulturpessimist*innen reden wir über Captain Marvel. Dabei gehen wir einerseits auf die Bedeutung des Films für das Superheld*innen-Filmgenre und suchen nach Gründen für die doch sehr gemischte Rezeption des Films.

Weiterführende Links:
- NerdNerdNerd: NNN069 Diskussion: Superheld*innenkino Quo Vadis?
- Kulturpessimist*innen: KS020 Refreshing Multiverses
- Femgeeks: Höher, weiter, feministischer – Captain Marvel
- Comic Tropes: The Kree-Skrull War & Its Effect on Marvel's Event Comics

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Twitter Podcast: @NNN_Podcast
Twitter Steffen: @NerdNerdNerd_de
Twitter Kati: @CatchKati
          Is income inequality fair?      Cache   Translate Page      

Some Americans have much higher income and wealth than others. Former President Barack Obama explained, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” An adviser to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who has a Twitter account called “Every Billionaire Is A Policy Failure” tweeted, “My goal for this year is to get a moderator […]

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          Nicolas Chéron – Binck Hebdo du Mardi 12 Mars 2019: “Buybacks historiques en soutien”      Cache   Translate Page      

 Diplômé de l’EDHEC Lille, Responsable de la Recherche Marchés pour, membre des Econoclastes et intervenant sur BFM Business, Nicolas Cheron tient un rendez-vous hebdomadaire tous les mardis à 11H sur où il passe en revue l’actualité économique et fait un point sur les différents indices.Sommaire détaillé : 02:34 Avertissement 05:07 Actualités des indices internationaux et matières premières 18:21 Ralentissement, buybacks et Guerre Commerciale 27:14 Boeing, Genfit, Visiomed 31:47 Chiffres économiques internationaux 35:15 Top/Flop 43:21 Indices internationaux et matières premières 01:07:41 Valeurs françaises et internationales (ordre alphabétique) Jim Rogers: « Nous sommes à la veille du pire krach boursier qu’on n’ait jamais connu » Egon Von Greyerz: « Croyez moi si vous le voulez, mais un krach gigantesque est imminent. » Suivre Nicolas Chéron Suivre Nicolas Chéron sur les Econoclastes Suivre Nicolas Chéron sur binck-tv Suivre Nicolas Chéron sur Twitter Suivre Nicolas Chéron sur Linkedin Source: binck-tv – Voir les précédentes interventions de Nicolas Chéron A l’attention des lecteurs du site BusinessBourse Nous sommes à la veille d’un tournant majeur dans l’économie mondiale. Le moment est venu d’acheter de l’Or avant qu’il ne soit trop tard. Pour les très rares personnes qui ont des actifs à protéger, le moment [...]

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          Convocatoria Colegio Bilingüe      Cache   Translate Page      
Colegio bilingüe internacional requiere docentes de lenguaje para bachillerato, docentes de tecnología para primaria, docentes de química y terapeutas ocupacionales. Las vacantes son las siguientes: – Docentes de lenguaje bachillerato

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          Dinamizador Red de Egresados y Estudiantes de las Escuelas de Formación para la Democracia      Cache   Translate Page      
El Instituto Holandés para la Democracia Multipartidaria requiere dinamizador para la red de egresados y estudiantes de las escuelas de formación para la democracia. Perfil: Profesionales en ciencia sociales, humanas

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          Sfsic – Appel à communication – Revue I2D – #RGPD @adbsfr      Cache   Translate Page      
Sfsic – Appel à communication – Revue I2D – #RGPD @adbsfr — Stēphane Cottin (@cottinstef) March 12, 2019 from Twitter March 12, 2019 at 02:13PM via IFTTT
          Sfsic – Appel à communication – Revue I2D – #RGPD @adbsfr      Cache   Translate Page      
Sfsic – Appel à communication – Revue I2D – #RGPD @adbsfr — Stēphane Cottin (@cottinstef) March 12, 2019 from Twitter March 12, 2019 at 02:13PM via IFTTT
          Web archives as a data resource for digital scholars. Vlassenroot, E., Chambers, S., Di Pretoro, E. et al. Int J Digit Humanities (2019).      Cache   Translate Page      
Web archives as a data resource for digital scholars. Vlassenroot, E., Chambers, S., Di Pretoro, E. et al. Int J Digit Humanities (2019). — Stēphane Cottin (@cottinstef) March 12, 2019 from Twitter March 12, 2019 at 02:08PM via IFTTT
          Le VPN – Protéger et sécuriser son entreprise contre la cybercriminalité      Cache   Translate Page      
Le VPN – Protéger et sécuriser son entreprise contre la cybercriminalité — Stēphane Cottin (@cottinstef) March 12, 2019 from Twitter March 12, 2019 at 02:06PM via IFTTT
          G-suggest, à la fois influenceur et influencé : Google Suggest      Cache   Translate Page      
G-suggest, à la fois influenceur et influencé : Google Suggest — Stēphane Cottin (@cottinstef) March 12, 2019 from Twitter March 12, 2019 at 02:06PM via IFTTT
          Traiter un fichier qu’on ne peut ni effacer ni déplacer chez @ballajack      Cache   Translate Page      
Traiter un fichier qu'on ne peut ni effacer ni déplacer chez @ballajack — Stēphane Cottin (@cottinstef) March 12, 2019 from Twitter March 12, 2019 at 02:05PM via IFTTT
          Traiter un fichier qu’on ne peut ni effacer ni déplacer chez @ballajack      Cache   Translate Page      
Traiter un fichier qu'on ne peut ni effacer ni déplacer chez @ballajack — Stēphane Cottin (@cottinstef) March 12, 2019 from Twitter March 12, 2019 at 02:05PM via IFTTT
          Ouvrir la Science – Le Plan S et le libre accès en Amérique latine : entretien avec Dominique Babini      Cache   Translate Page      
Ouvrir la Science – Le Plan S et le libre accès en Amérique latine : entretien avec Dominique Babini — Stēphane Cottin (@cottinstef) March 12, 2019 from Twitter March 12, 2019 at 02:04PM via IFTTT
          The Importance of Data Literacy      Cache   Translate Page      
The Importance of Data Literacy — Stēphane Cottin (@cottinstef) March 12, 2019 from Twitter March 12, 2019 at 02:02PM via IFTTT
          Les 30 ans du Web en une infographie      Cache   Translate Page      
Les 30 ans du Web en une infographie — Stēphane Cottin (@cottinstef) March 12, 2019 from Twitter March 12, 2019 at 02:02PM via IFTTT
          Plastic Straws and Socialism as 2020's Straw Man - OB Rag      Cache   Translate Page      
Plastic Straws and Socialism as 2020's Straw Man  OB Rag

By Doug Porter / Words & Deeds California Congressman Devin Nunes (Ru-CA 22) took to Twitter on Saturday complaining about a waitress asking his table if ...

          TENDREMOS NUEVO DISCO DE TOOL EN ABRIL      Cache   Translate Page      

Maynard James Keenan, líder de Tool, publicó mediante su cuenta oficial de Twitter el proceso del nuevo disco. En otro tweet dejó claro que su quinto disco de

La entrada TENDREMOS NUEVO DISCO DE TOOL EN ABRIL se publicó primero en Revista Yaconic.

          Pasca-Jatuhnya Ethiopian Airlines, AS Semakin Ditekan untuk Kandangkan Boeing 737 MAX      Cache   Translate Page, Washington DC - Boeing dan otoritas penerbangan Amerika Serikat (AS) semakin ditekan untuk kandangkan pesawat seri 737 MAX, di mana Uni Eropa dan banyak negara lain menghentikan operasional burung besi tersebut pasca-tragedi jatuhnya Ethiopian Airlines pada Minggu 10 Maret.

Regulator, maskapai penerbangan, dan pabrikan AS semakin terisolasi dalam menjaga agar pesawat itu aman. Pada hari Selasa, Boeing menegaskan kembali keyakinannya bahwa 737 MAX memiliki "kepercayaan penuh" pada keselamatannya, demikian sebagaimana dikutip dari The Guardian pada Rabu (13/3/2019).

Tetapi reaksi global terhadap kecelakaan fatal Ethiopian Airlines ET 302, yang menewaskan seluruh 157 orang di dalamnya, menambah tekanan pada Boeing dan Otoritas Penerbangan Federal AS (FAA) untuk bertindak.

Setidaknya 27 maskapai telah menerbangkan MAX, dan lebih dari setengah dari 350 pesawat yang beroperasi saat ini ditangguhkan sementara operasional.

Dalam sebuah pernyataan resmi, Boeing mengatakan: "Kami memahami bahwa badan pengawas dan pelanggan telah membuat keputusan yang mereka yakini paling tepat untuk pasar domestik mereka. Kami akan terus terlibat memastikan mereka memiliki informasi yang diperlukan, guna memiliki kepercayaan diri dalam mengoperasikan armada mereka."

Boeing berencana untuk memperbarui perangkat lunak MAX dan mengubah kontrol penerbangan serta panduan pelatihan.

Saat ini, tercatat hampir 40 persen dari total pemesanan 371 unit Boeing 737 MAX telah diterbangkan secara global, lapor publikasi industri Flightglobal, termasuk 97 pesawat di pasar terbesar di dunia, China.

Negeri Tirai Bambu sendiri menjadi negara pertama yang menghentikan sementara seluruh operasional Boeing 737 MAX, sehari setelah Ethiopian Airlines jatuh beberapa saat pasca-lepas landas dari Bandara Internasional Bole di Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Simak video pilihan berikut: 


Nilai Saham Boeing Anjlok

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 EI-DCL sedang mendarat di bandara Manchester saat badai Brian. (Sumber AIRLIVE)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Kekhawatiran meluas akibat jatuhnya Ethiopian Airlines membuat miliaran dolar AS hilang dari nilai pasar saham Boeing.

Saham pabrikan pesawat terbesar di dunia itu anjlok drastis pada hari Selasa, ketika banyak regulator internasional bergerak melawan 737 MAX.

Selain itu, intervensi Presiden AS Donald Trump di Twitter juga turut mempengaruhi jatuhnya nilai saham Boeing.

Trump mengetwit: "Produsen selalu berusaha untuk melangkah lebih jauh, ketika sering kali yang berusia tua dan sederhana jauh lebih baik. Dibutuhkan keputusan sepersekian detik, dan kerumitan menciptakan bahaya. Semua ini memakan biaya besar, namun sangat sedikit meraih keuntungan."

Presiden AS ke-45 itu menambahkan: "Saya tidak ingin Albert Einstein menjadi pilot saya. Saya ingin profesional penerbangan yang diizinkan untuk dengan mudah dan cepat mengendalikan pesawat!"

Setelah twit tersebut, Trump bertemu dengan kepala eksekutif Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg, dalam percakapan pertama yang diketahui di antara mereka sejak kecelakaan pesawat Ethiopian Airlines.

Sementara itu, maskapai yang mengoperasikan Boeing 737 MAX 8 telah dibanjiri pertanyaan dari penumpang yang khawatir pasca-jatuhnya Ethiopian Airlines pada hari Minggu, di mana banyak yang menuntut untuk mengetahui jenis pesawat yang akan mereka naiki, dan hak mereka untuk membatalkan berdasarkan hal tersebut.

          Portugal. The Man acusa a Jonas Brothers de copiar ‘Feel It Still’ en ‘Sucker’      Cache   Translate Page      
El comeback de Jonas Brothers con 'Sucker' está siendo todo un éxito, aunque parece que el ritmo de esta canción podría estar "inspirada" en otro éxito de hace un par de años, 'Feel It Still' de Portugal. The Man. Esto lo piensa hasta la propia banda, que así lo ha afirmado en Twitter e incluso ha compartido algunos memes de otros usuarios riéndose del tema.
          Ocasio-Cortez says she isn't putting moderate Democrats in a tough spot. They disagree      Cache   Translate Page      

Ocasio-Cortez says she isn't putting moderate Democrats in a tough spot. They disagreeDemocrats are irritated over Ocasio-Cortez’s willingness to use her platform – nearly 3.5 million followers on Twitter – to go after her own party.

          Verizon outage: Texting down for service users on East Coast      Cache   Translate Page      

Verizon outage: Texting down for service users on East CoastThe communication provider’s customer support service confirmed the situation on Twitter. “We have confirmed there is a texting outage on the East coast,” the service said in response to a customer’s tweet around 8am. Several customers shared screenshots of their phones on Twitter to demonstrate their failed attempts at sending text messages.

          Rey de Jordania recibió cartas credenciales del Embajador de Venezuela      Cache   Translate Page      

Como parte del proceso de acreditación, el nuevo Embajador de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela ante el Reino Hachemita de Jordania, Omar Vielma Osuna, entregó este miércoles, sus cartas credenciales a su majestad el Rey Abdala II. La ceremonia se dio a conocer, a través de la cuenta oficial en la red social Twitter de […]

La entrada Rey de Jordania recibió cartas credenciales del Embajador de Venezuela se publicó primero en MippCI.

          Twitter Collectively Shakes Its Head Over Trump Saying He Doesn’t Want Albert Einstein as a Pilot      Cache   Translate Page      
Reacting to the latest Boeing 737 crash, the president groused online that planes were now becoming too complicated to fly and need to be simplified
          Presidente Nicolás Maduro anunció reactivación de la empresa CVG Bauxilum      Cache   Translate Page      

El Presidente de la República, Nicolás Maduro, anunció la reactivación de la empresa de aluminios CVG Bauxilum C.A., como parte del Programa de Recuperación, Crecimiento y Prosperidad Económica. A través de su cuenta en Twitter @NicolasMaduro, el Primer Mandatario venezolano, indicó que la renovación de la empresa, que opera en el estado Bolívar, arrancará el próximo […]

La entrada Presidente Nicolás Maduro anunció reactivación de la empresa CVG Bauxilum se publicó primero en MippCI.

          Vjen reagimi i BE’së pas dështimit të marrëveshjes së May’it për Brexit      Cache   Translate Page      

Bashkimi Evropian bëri gjithçka mundi për të ndihmuar në miratimin e marrëveshjes së Brexit, vlerësoi kryenegociatori i BE-së për Brexit, Michel Barnier. “Ngërçi mund të tejkalohet vetëm nga Britania e Madhe”, shkruan në Twitter Michel Barnier. “Përgatitjet e BE-së për një ndarje pa marrëveshje tani janë më të rëndësishme se kurrë”, shtoi ai.

The post Vjen reagimi i BE’së pas dështimit të marrëveshjes së May’it për Brexit appeared first on Periskopi.

          Vice: Venezuela’s Government Is So Corrupt It Basically Has Its Own Cartel      Cache   Translate Page      
Deborah Bonello for Vice, March 12 2019 — When the former head of Venezuela’s intelligence service released a videodenouncing President Nicolás Maduro last month, the world listened. In a series of filmed statements circulated on Twitter and comments to the press, Hugo Carvajal Barrios, 58, accused the current government of the troubled South American nation of drug trafficking, […]
          best twitter plugin      Cache   Translate Page      

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this app is awesome. works better than any twitter app ive tried – i use it on ALL my clients sites. easy to customize and implement, Thanks

          Twitter’s application from another account      Cache   Translate Page      

Replies: 0


Thank you for this great plugin.

Unfortunately, my Twitter developer account application was not approved. But I have another old Twitter account where there is an approved application. I managed to connect this application to the plugin and it works. But the problem is that new tweets are placed in my old account, and I need them to be placed in a new one.

Is there any way to use the old account application to post tweets to the new account?

          St. Martin Catholic School Job Postings - Superior North Catholic District School Board - Terrace Bay, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Skip to Main Navigation Skip to Main Content Facebook Twitter Youtube School Phone Numbers Holy Angels 1-807-824-2553 Holy Saviour 1-807-229-1121 Our Lady of...
From Superior North Catholic District School Board - Tue, 15 Jan 2019 08:26:24 GMT - View all Terrace Bay, ON jobs
          Our Lady of Fatima Job Postings - Superior North Catholic District School Board - Terrace Bay, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Skip to Main Navigation Skip to Main Content Facebook Twitter Youtube School Phone Numbers Holy Angels 1-807-824-2553 Holy Saviour 1-807-229-1121 Our Lady of...
From Superior North Catholic District School Board - Tue, 15 Jan 2019 08:26:23 GMT - View all Terrace Bay, ON jobs
          St. Edward Casual Job Postings - Superior North Catholic District School Board - Terrace Bay, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Skip to Main Navigation Skip to Main Content Facebook Twitter Youtube School Phone Numbers Holy Angels 1-807-824-2553 Holy Saviour 1-807-229-1121 Our Lady of...
From Superior North Catholic District School Board - Sat, 12 Jan 2019 08:26:23 GMT - View all Terrace Bay, ON jobs
          Occasional-Supply-Positions-St. Joseph - Superior North Catholic District School Board - Terrace Bay, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Skip to Main Navigation Skip to Main Content Facebook Twitter Youtube School Phone Numbers Holy Angels 1-807-824-2553 Holy Saviour 1-807-229-1121 Our Lady of...
From Superior North Catholic District School Board - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 08:26:54 GMT - View all Terrace Bay, ON jobs
          Our Lady of Lourdes Occasional Supply Positions - Superior North Catholic District School Board - Terrace Bay, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Skip to Main Navigation Skip to Main Content Facebook Twitter Youtube School Phone Numbers Holy Angels 1-807-824-2553 Holy Saviour 1-807-229-1121 Our Lady of...
From Superior North Catholic District School Board - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 08:26:41 GMT - View all Terrace Bay, ON jobs
          1.0 FTE LTO French as a Second Language Teacher - Superior North Catholic District School Board - Terrace Bay, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Skip to Main Navigation Skip to Main Content Facebook Twitter Youtube School Phone Numbers Holy Angels 1-807-824-2553 Holy Saviour 1-807-229-1121 Our Lady of...
From Superior North Catholic District School Board - Tue, 20 Nov 2018 20:26:23 GMT - View all Terrace Bay, ON jobs
          1.0 FTE Permanent FSL Teacher - Superior North Catholic District School Board - Terrace Bay, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Skip to Main Navigation Skip to Main Content Facebook Twitter Youtube School Phone Numbers Holy Angels 1-807-824-2553 Holy Saviour 1-807-229-1121 Our Lady of...
From Superior North Catholic District School Board - Fri, 26 Oct 2018 20:27:17 GMT - View all Terrace Bay, ON jobs
          St. Brigid Occasional Supply Positions - Superior North Catholic District School Board - Terrace Bay, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Skip to Main Navigation Skip to Main Content Facebook Twitter Youtube School Phone Numbers Holy Angels 1-807-824-2553 Holy Saviour 1-807-229-1121 Our Lady of...
From Superior North Catholic District School Board - Wed, 24 Oct 2018 20:30:25 GMT - View all Terrace Bay, ON jobs
          Now, India grounds Boeing 737-MAX aircraft      Cache   Translate Page      

New Delhi/Mumbai, March 13 (IANS) India's civil aviation regulator late on Tuesday suspended the operations of Boeing 737-800 MAX aircraft, after several other countries restrained their airlines from operating the aircraft type.

In a late night development, the Ministry of Civil Aviation tweeted: "DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) has taken the decision to ground the Boeing 737-MAX planes immediately. These planes will be grounded till appropriate modifications and safety measures are undertaken to ensure their safe operations."

"As always, passenger safety remains our top priority. We continue to consult closely with regulators around the world, airlines and aircraft manufacturers to ensure passenger safety."

Further, Commerce and Industry and Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu took to Twitter to direct officials to prepare a contingency plan to avoid inconvenience to passengers.

"While passenger safety is a zero tolerance issue, efforts are already on to minimise the impact on passenger movement as their convenience is important," he tweeted.

Globally many countries have banned the operations of the aircraft after an Ethiopian Airlines' Boeing 737-800 MAX flight crashed on Sunday killing all 157 people on board.

On Tuesday, the UK joined Singapore, Australia and a number of other countries in banning Boeing 737 Max planes from operating in or over its airspace.

In India, SpiceJet and Jet Airways operate 17 Boeing 737-800 MAX aircraft. While SpiceJet has 12 aircraft, Jet has five planes of this type.

Earlier in the day, SpiceJet in a statement said: "The Boeing 737 MAX is a highly sophisticated aircraft. It has flown hundreds of thousands of hours globally and some of the world's largest airlines are flying this aircraft."

"We are actively engaged with both Boeing and the DGCA and will continue to put safety first, as always. We have already implemented all additional precautionary measures as directed by the DGCA yesterday (Monday)."

On its part, Boeing said: "Safety is Boeing's number one priority and we have full confidence in the safety of MAX. We understand that regulatory agencies and customers have made decisions that they believe are most appropriate for their home markets. We'll continue to engage with all of them to ensure they have the information they need to have confidence in operating their fleets or returning them to service.

"It is also important to note that the Federal Aviation Administration is not mandating any further action at this time, and based on the information currently available, we do not have any basis to issue new guidance to operators."

On Monday, India's civil aviation regulator had issued fresh safety directives for operations of this make of aircraft in the country.

"The issue has been reviewed in DGCA today (Monday) along with the Indian operators covering all reported snags or defects of significant nature along with rectification action(s) taken on these aircraft," the regulator said in a statement on Monday.

"Compliance of an earlier advisory issued by DGCA post Lion Air accident on December 3, 2018 was also reviewed. During the review, it was observed that the 'Daily Defect' and 'Daily Incident' reports contained defects of routine nature and no significant concerns were observed."

Accordingly, the directive deals with the technical aspect and operational.



          February Newsletter      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazing ABCurry Club Returns 28th February @The Business Clinic Campaign URL Copy Facebook 0 likes Twitter 0 tweets Google +1 Subscribe Past Issues RSS Translate English العربية Afrikaans беларуская мова български català 中文(简体) 中文(繁體) Hrvatski Česky Dansk eesti keel Nederlands Suomi Français Deutsch Ελληνική हिन्दी Magyar Gaeilge Indonesia íslenska Italiano 日本語 ភាសាខ្មែរ 한국어 македонски јазик بهاس ملايو […]
          Can You Really Target a Twitter Ad at Just President Trump?      Cache   Translate Page      
In theory, it makes sense: He really does like Twitter.
          Cover Reveal for Marcus by Kelsie Rae      Cache   Translate Page      

Marcus by Kelsie Rae arrives April 2, 2019!
Pre-Order Now on Amazon:

Marcus Moving in with my little sister's best friend isn't the brightest thing I've ever done. In fact, I'm pretty sure you can have me committed for accepting the offer. I've been in love with her for as long as I can remember, and I've been able to keep my hands to myself for all these years. But now? Now, she’s moving on without me and I’m scrambling to keep up without letting her slip through my fingers. Why does it feel like she’s always been just out of reach? Natalie The guy I've been in love with since I was a little girl is officially shacking up in my spare bedroom. Pretty sure I'm breaking every rule in the book by having him sleep under my roof, but it doesn't matter anymore. Not when I've already let go of my silly crush to pursue other dreams that don't involve sexy guys who have only ever seen me as his little sister's shadow. No, it's time to let him go and move on. I just hope I can.

Add Marcus to your TBR:

About Kelsie
Kelsie is a sucker for a love story with all the feels. When she's not chasing words for her next book, you will probably find her reading or, more likely, playing with her "monsters".
She adores chocolate, photography, baking, and chick flicks. And now that she's actively pursuing her writing dreams, she's set her sights on someday finding the self-discipline to not eat an entire batch of cookies in one sitting.

Follow Kelsie Online!

          Elon Musk's defense of his Tesla tweet will get SEC response      Cache   Translate Page      
The top U.S. securities regulator received permission from a federal judge on Tuesday to respond to Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk's arguments that his Twitter post about the electric vehicle maker’s production volume did not violate his recent fraud settlement.

          Τα «γύρισε» ο Μητσοτάκης – «Πόρτα» στην πρόκληση Βέμπερ να κόψει τη γραβάτα του      Cache   Translate Page      
Μπορεί αρχικά να αποδέχθηκε δημοσίως την πρόκληση του Μάνφρεντ Βέμπερ να κόψει τη γραβάτα του, ωστόσο ο Κυριάκος Μητσοτάκης φαίνεται πως άλλαξε γνώμη ή απλά έτσι τον συμβούλεψαν οι επικοινωνιολόγοι του. Υπενθυμίζεται ότι την Παγκόσμια Ημέρα της Γυναίκας, ο υποψήφιος του ΕΛΚ για την προεδρία της Κομισιόν Μάνφρεντ Βέμπερ, ανάρτησε ένα βίντεο στο Twitter στο οποίο κόβει με ψαλίδι τη […]
          A Tale Of Two Dollar Stores      Cache   Translate Page      
Dollar stores — they sell everything from holiday decorations to groceries to Skittles-scented candles. The business proposition: a grab bag of items for a dollar (or around a dollar). These stores thrived during the financial crisis, but their success in the post-Recession era has been a mixed bag. Dollar General and Family Dollar (now owned by Dollar Tree), two of the dollar store titans, have been at the center of this. These companies each took a bet: whether they could grow their businesses by keeping everything priced at $1, or by leaving the dollar behind. Music by Drop Electric . Find us: Twitter / Facebook . Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts , PocketCasts and NPR One . Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit
          March Madness: Britain Leaving The EU      Cache   Translate Page      
Britain's official deadline to leave the EU is on March 29. Tomorrow, there's another vote on Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to leave the EU. But if that doesn't pass, that puts the UK on a path for a "hard Brexit," where Britain leaves the EU with no special deal in place. In that case, Britain and the EU's trade would go back to the World Trade Organization's default rules governing all trade, without special agreements. Leaving the EU is unprecedented, but leaving a large trading bloc is not. Today on The Indicator, we look at what Brexit and the former state of Czechoslovakia have (or had) in common. Music by Drop Electric . Find us: Twitter / Facebook . Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts , PocketCasts and NPR One . Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit
           Comment on Saying Goodbye to Breaking Bad, Walter White and Hopefully Twitter Hype by social media networks 2016       Cache   Translate Page      
<strong>social media networks 2016</strong> [...]The facts talked about within the post are several of the most effective accessible [...]
          Resources for laid off journalists      Cache   Translate Page      

It was a brutal 24 hours in journalism around the nation, and yet Eleanor Goldberg made a simple vow.

One of her Jan. 24 Twitter posts read: “While reporting today about federal workers who can’t afford tampons, I was laid

          Commentaires sur Le RDV Tech 287 – La 5G dans l’espace par Jerome      Cache   Translate Page      
Patrick, Le problème reste entier dans les deux cas, que le filtre s'exerce avant publication ou qu'il s'exerce à travers une censure après la publication, le résultat est le même pour celui ou celle qui souhaite exprimer une idée. Dans les deux cas, il est une obligation pour les GAFAMs de gérer les cas douteux et de mener une action en fonction de certains critères qui leurs sont propres, et donc forcément subjectifs. Faire le choix d'agir à posteriori est dangereux. Si une publication est problématique, la laisser être diffusée, même quelques instants seulement sur Facebook ou Youtube, fait qu'elle pourra être reprise par d'autres acteurs sans contrôle et faire le tour de l'internet ad vitam aeternam. Le mal est déjà fait ... Ces sociétés sont amenées à faire des choix éthiques qui décevront, heurteront, voire choqueront une partie du monde. C'est inéluctable. Je suis d'accord avec ta dernière phrase, c'est un constat clair : il n'y a pas de solution évidente qui fera que tout le monde sera content. Faut-il ne rien changer pour autant et laisser libres ces acteurs de mener des actions contradictoires sur le plan éthique en fonction de la région du monde dans lequel ils exercent avec comme seul critère de respecter "plus ou moins" les lois en vigueur ? Ce sont des sujets bien compliqués et je ne doute pas que ces sociétés essaient de faire au mieux, mais pour autant il subsistent encore de nombreux travers aux usages actuels. Laisse moi à mon tour poser la question au jeune père de famille que tu es : Autoriseras-tu à ton enfant lorsqu'il aura 12 ans l'utilisation d'une application comme Twitter dans laquelle la majorité écrasante des commentaires utilisateurs ne sont qu'insultes, comme le moteur de recherche Google grâce auquel il est possible de trouver en un clique l'ensemble du catalogue pornographique d'internet sans contrainte d'âge (en dehors de contrôle parental, non fourni par Google, que tu auras installé sur les PC de ta famille), comme Facebook sur lequel des commentaires ou photos dégradants de ou sur ton enfant pourront être publiés quelques minutes par n'importe qui en espérant que Facebook réagisse vite pour les supprimer ? J'en suis pour ma part très bientôt à cette étape et cette réflexion, mon fils aîné à 11 ans :-) Et je t'assure que, pour ma part, toute solution susceptible de ne pas l'exposer à ce genre de travers serait bonne à discuter, à débattre. Evidemment, il convient à chacun de faire son devoir de parent et d'éduquer ses enfants aux bonnes pratiques sur ces outils, leur expliquer les risques et les règles d'éthiques à respecter, s'assurer qu'ils se protègent et qu'ils protègent les autres d'excès ou d'abus potentiels. Cependant les adolescents se réfugient naturellement toujours vers des plateformes ou des supports qui échappent à leurs parents, on ne peut donc pas tout contrôler et comprendre en tant que parent. C'est pour cela que la responsabilité première revient aux diffuseurs de contenu surtout quand ils sont aussi facilement accessibles et populaires que les services des GAFAMs. Il ne faut pas relâcher la pression qui pèse sur ces acteurs, leur pouvoir et responsabilité sont immenses et ne cessent encore de croître.
          Commentaires sur Le RDV Tech 287 – La 5G dans l’espace par Jerome      Cache   Translate Page      
Comme tu le dis, elles se conforment "tant bien que mal" et on laisse passer quelques instants des contenus infâmes qui sont relayés par d'autres acteurs avant que ce ne soit retiré de Facebook, Twitter ou YouTube. Au final, c'est disponible sur Internet mais la porte d'entrée (gigantesque puisque ouverte sur le monde entier) aura été un service d'une grande société mondiale qui préfère filtrer a posteriori plutôt qu'avant la publication. Tu comprends bien que tout ce qui passe par ce genre de services, même si retiré rapidement, se voit offrir une caisse de résonance immense et une diffusion possible immédiate dans le monde entier. Quant à ta dernière phrase, je te répondrai que je me pose personnellement, et je suis sûr que tu en fais de même, bien plus de limites dans mon quotidien que les limites qui me sont contraintes par la loi. C'est ce qui différencie l'éthique du simple respect de la loi. Par ailleurs, lorsque Google autorise sur son store en Arabie Saoudite une application, il en fait de fait la publicité et porte à la connaissance de tous cette application qui est par ailleurs téléchargeable et installable sur son système d'exploitation par n'importe quel utilisateur partout dans le monde. Tu n'y vois pas un problème éthique au-delà du respect stricte de la loi ?
          "alivio"      Cache   Translate Page      


          Donald Trump Says He Called Cook “Tim Apple” To Save Time And Words      Cache   Translate Page      
You probably remember the news last week that saw U.S. President Donald Trump call Apple CEO Tim Cook by the mildly amusing name of “Tim Apple.” As was wholly predictable, the President has taken to Twitter to claim that he, in fact, was simply trying to save time.

[ Continue reading this over at ]

          Hands-on with Twitter's new prototype app twttr, its color-coded replies, hidden engagements, and more, with comparisons to Twitter's public iOS app (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)      Cache   Translate Page      

Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
Hands-on with Twitter's new prototype app twttr, its color-coded replies, hidden engagements, and more, with comparisons to Twitter's public iOS app  —  Yesterday, Twitter rolled out its much-anticipated prototype application to the first group of testers.  We've now gotten our hands …

          Here's What We Know About Google's Upcoming "Future of Gaming" Announcement      Cache   Translate Page      

Following the release of a patent showcasing Google-developer console controllers, the company has announced the "future of gaming" will arrive at this month's Game Developers Conference. The event was previously announced last month and now Google's Twitter handle showcases a graphic of various environment that harkens to typical video game locales, like dungeons and sci-fi settings. Although currently the teaser doesn't reveal much, many speculate the company will announce a game streaming service that builds off its Project Stream tests with Assassin's Creed: Odyssey last year. It allows high-end titles to be played directly from the Google Chrome browser. Many also believe the tech will incorporate NVidia's GeForce Now, which was on display during CES 2018. Google’s GDC keynote will take place March 19 at 1 p.m. EST via livestream, available above. We will update this post as information is revealed. In other gaming news, Fortnite debuted the new "Baller" vehicle and changes to matchmaking in new season 8 update. Gather around as we unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming at #GDC19. Join us live 3/19 at 10 a.m. PT → — Google (@Google) March 12, 2019

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          This Twitter Account Tells You Which Dogs You Can Pet in Games      Cache   Translate Page      
This new Twitter account will be essential in making your future video game purchasing decisions.
          Lori Loughlin Deletes All Social Media in Wake of Impending Arrest, Bribary Scheme      Cache   Translate Page      
Lori Loughlin has gone radio silent. And also Twitter silent. And Instagram and Snapchat silent as well. The veteran actress, who will forever be known as Aunt Becky to fans of Full House and...
          All Things Greta      Cache   Translate Page      
Photo from
Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who speaks truth to power, has been named "Women of the Year" by Expressen ("The Express"), one of two nationwide evening newspapers in Sweden. She has an interesting back story (perhaps required nowadays for this kind of celebrity), such as major depression starting when she was five, Asperger's and OCD. (She can also talk backwards.) From their interview of her (via Google's translation, which isn't perfect):
When I was five, I went into depression. I felt very bad, cried every rest of the toiletand [sic] went home and finally there was no point at all going to school because I would still have to go home. I also stopped talking and eating. One big reason I was depressed was that I was worried about the climate and the environment. I felt that there was no point in everything when the system was so wrong and I didn't see that I could do anything about it.
Wow, these are very unfair thoughts for any child to have, let alone a 5-year old. Aren't kids being scared unnecessarily? A while back I saw someone on Twitter write that his 9-year old was looking up his life expectancy, and in the process came across some climate catastrophism and started crying. This (false) "we have 12 years to stop climate change" stuff isn't helping.

She also said:
I really do not like attention and being at the center, but one must take that if that is what is required for the media to start reporting on the climate and people should get their eyes up. Then it's a shame to complain. I myself have put myself in this situation. 
I predict his girl is either going to become Secretary-General of the United Nations or a shark of a hedge fund manager.
          Game industry vet Jade Raymond signs on as a Google VP      Cache   Translate Page      

After leaving EA last year, game industry veteran Jade Raymond took to Twitter today to announce she's taken a VP position at Google -- though it's yet unclear what she'll be doing there. ...

          Trump promotes model's fringe 'Jexodus' campaign encouraging Jews to leave Democratic Party      Cache   Translate Page      

Trump promotes model's fringe 'Jexodus' campaign encouraging Jews to leave Democratic PartyPresident Trump used his massive Twitter platform to promote comments of Elizabeth Pipko, a model-turned-activist and former Trump campaign staffer who is encouraging Jews to leave the Democratic party.

          Have A Listen To Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Epic English Theme Song      Cache   Translate Page      

Give us this game right now.

Nintendo has shared a first listen of the theme tune (well, the English version of it anyway) set to appear in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and now we're desperately fighting the urge to charge into its headquarters to demand a copy of the game immediately.

The track has been shared on Nintendo's official Twitter accounts; as mentioned right there in the tweet, this song will be featured on the Sound Selection USB stick included with the Limited Edition. You can check out that Limited Edition in all its glory here if you missed it.

Read the full article on

          Twitter lance Twttr, une nouvelle application en version bêta      Cache   Translate Page      
Twitter a lancé une nouvelle application en version bêta baptisée « Twtter », désormais disponible uniquement pour les utilisateurs sélectionnés.
          MVULANA KENYA ATUNUKIWA NA MESUT OZIL      Cache   Translate Page      

Picha ya kijana mdogo akichunga ng'ombe akiwa amevaa jezi au fulana aliyoiandika jina la Mesut Ozil na chapa ya number ya mchezaji huyo imewavutia wengi katika mitandao ya kijamii akiwemo nyota mwenyewe wa soka.

Mchezaji wa kiungo cha kati wa Arsenal Mesut Ozil amemnyooshea mkono mvulana mdogo kutoka nchini Kenya, Lawrence ambaye picha yake akiwa amevaa jezi bandia ilitumwa katika ujumbe wa twitter kwenye akaunti ya Ozil mwaka jana.

Picha ya Lawrence akiwa amevaa jezi halisi iliyotiwa saini na nyota huyo, mojawapo kati ya tano alizotumiwa kama zawadi, imesambazwa katika mitandao ya kijamii na kupendwa na kupongezwa na wengi.

Akizungumza na BBC, Eric Njiru mwandishi nchini Kenya aliyempiga picha mvulana huyo mwaka jana, anasema anahisi furaha sana kwa kuwa amefanikiwa kumuunganisha mchezaji wa kimataifa, wa timu ya taifa Ujerumani, aliyeshinda kombe la dunia, na kijana ambaye anatoka maeneo ya Nairobi.

'Sio watu wengi wanaoweza kupata fursa ya kuongea na mchezaji wa Uingereza, wacha hata ligu ya juu, hata kwa ligi za chini, sisi wenyewe wakenya hatujapata fursa ya kuongea na mchezaji kama Origi ambaye babake ni Mkenya', amesema Njiru akielezea fursa hiyo adimu.

Ameeleza huenda Lawrence ni mdogo kwa sasa kutambua thamani ya fursa hiyo lakini anaamini akiwa mkubwa na akitazama nyuma, atatambua ukubwa wa hatua hiyo.

Njiru aliituma picha hiyo mwishoni mwa mwaka jana kama ujumbe kwenye akaunti ya twitter ya Ozil.


          Fue un fracaso      Cache   Translate Page      

Organizaciones tuiteras piteras, bórrense

Evidentemente fue un fracaso la primera protesta nacional contra López Obrador, que fue promovida en las Redes Sociales con el HT #10MarzoProtestaNacional. Acudió más gente -veinte veces más- a la marcha que se llevó a cabo en noviembre en la Ciudad de México en contra de la cancelación del NAIM, que no fue convocada por nadie en particular. Aquella vez se invitó a través de las mismas RS pero no lo hizo ninguna organización, sino que todos invitaron a todos y el resultado fue que acudieron unas 15 mil personas.

Quizás esa fue la diferencia. Que en aquella ocasión no invitó nadie en particular, que nadie se iba a llevar las palmas y el reconocimiento; y la protesta de este domingo la convocó ChalecosAmarillosMX, la organización que hizo el papel del cangrejo que encabeza el esfuerzo para salir de la cubeta, mientras los demás, que están abajo, lo jalan hacia abajo para que no salga. Dicen que así somos los mexicanos, si alguno quiere salir del hoyo los demás lo jalamos hacia abajo para impedírselo.

Porque a mí no me parece mal que haya convocado @ChalecosMx, por el contrario, me parece loable y mientras veía ayer los resultados de la convocatoria, me preguntaba dónde estaban #YoSoyLibre #MexicoLibre #NoSoyBot #100DiasdeMentiras #DespiertaMexico #SociedadCivilMexico #TenemosOtrosDatos #AsiNoLopez #CPT #GobiernoReprobado #YoTambien #SoyFifí @Mex_Libertario #AmloYoTeRepruebo #YoSoyChalecoAnarillo #HijasDeLaMx #ReaccionCiudadana #MexicoReflexivo #FrenteNacionalMx #PorElBienDeMexico #COTTONHEAD #MentirasDelAborto y tantos y tantos hashtageros más que son tan bravos en el Twitter y que se la pasan día y noche criticando, reprobando y condenando las acciones y estupideces de López Obrador.

Llegué a la conclusión de que son una de dos: o guerrilleros de internet, guerreros virtuales que son muy valientes para pelear desde su celular en la comodidad de su hogar, de su oficina, de su negocio o desde donde lo hagan; o que sólo buscan el protagonismo, “si convoca otro yo no voy”, o sea los cangrejos que están en el fondo de la cubeta, que los van a arrojar al agua hirviendo para que se vayan poniendo coloraditos mientras se cuecen para comérselos, y que jalan hacia abajo al que hace un esfuerzo para escapar de tan terrible final. ¿Dónde estaban los hashtageros tan combativos en Twitter al mediodía del domingo 10 de marzo? Mucho me temo que estaban en la comodidad de su hogar esperando que estuviera lista la carne asada mientras bebían cerveza y consultaban su Twitter o buscaban alguna noticia esperando ver que había fracasado #10MarzoProtesta Nacional.

Si fuera atinada la primera de las conclusiones a las que llegamos (dije que una de dos), no hay nada que hacer. Seguirán siendo guerreros virtuales, guerrilleros de internet, hasta que le colmen la paciencia a López Obrador y ordene éste cerrarles sus cuentas a todos y para siempre, es decir, hasta que les dure el juguetito de las Redes Sociales que es el único campo de batallas donde combaten con gran valor. Si fue lo segundo, sí fue sólo el protagonismo lo que (tal vez inconscientemente) les impidió salir a manifestarse, todavía tiene remedio, se puede corregir, bastará con que renunciemos a que cada quien tenga su hashtag, que nos olvidemos de crear organizaciones tuiteras piteras que no sirven para nada, y que sigamos señalando lo que está mal hecho en este gobierno de la 4T, pero como individuos, sin agregarnos a ninguna de esas organizaciones.

Que impulsemos todos, eso sí, algún HT con un fin muy específico, para protestar en contra de algo muy concreto, para presionar contra alguna medida en particular. Hay varios ejemplos ya de que el Viejito y su gobierno han tenido que recular en alguna medida, gracias a la presión de las RS. Sirven éstas, por supuesto que sirven, pero siempre y cuando las consideremos como algo útil para el bien de todo el país, no para que cada quién lleve agua al molino de su estúpida organización que llegado el momento no sirve para nada en realidad, como no sea para sabotear el esfuerzo de otros en su lucha contra la dictadura.

Y que el día en que se considere necesario, pertinente, o hasta urgente otra manifestación de protesta, la convoquemos todos y asistamos todos, sin protagonismos, si que nadie lleve agua a su molino. Eso, claro, mientras no surja algún liderazgo fuerte opositor, tan popular como el de López Obrador. Sin un líder debemos convocar todos y participar todos. Cero organizaciones de membrete que sólo combaten en las redes.

Esa es mi humilde, atenta y respetuosa propuesta: Organizaciones tuiteras piteras bórrense. Si no ayudan no estorben. En estos momentos, por causa de esas organizaciones que no apoyaron, todos los tuiteros antipeje somos la burla y el hazmerreír de la chairiza por el fracaso de la protesta nacional, lo cual no debe desanimarnos, la lucha continúa, pero que nos sirva de experiencia la división que provocaron tantos hashtageros que no participaron en una iniciativa noble, auténtica y de buena fe. Organizaciones tuiteras piteras, bórrense.

          Chicago Police Conduct Wellness Check at R. Kelly's Apartment After Alleged "Suicide Pact" Call      Cache   Translate Page      

Chicago Police have responded to a call allegedly made at R. Kelly's apartment at Trump Tower.

The Chicago Police Department said in a statement obtained by E! News they received the call from the 400 block of North Wabash street at around 5:18 p.m. CPD's statement said, "Police received a call from an out of state anonymous caller stating that people at the location were going to carry out a suicide pact. Police on scene conducting a wellness check and it is not a bonafide incident."

Trump Tower Chicago is located at 401 N. Wabash Street.

Anthony GuglielmiCPD's Chief Communications Officer, tweeted, "18th district officers responded and this call is unfounded."

Guglielmi's tweet was in response to an account called Spot News, which first wrote about the call. "Trump Tower: a call of person threatening suicide. be advised, this call involves @rkelly," Spot News wrote.

8 Bombshells From R. Kelly's First Interview Since Sexual Abuse Charges

Another Twitter user posted a recording from the police dispatch asking officers to check in at Trump Tower. The dispatch officer said a call came in from the National Trafficking Hotline and that it was "victims of R. Kelly" who were "planning to carry out a suicide pact."

In 2017, BuzzFeed News reported that Kelly was allegedly holding women in a "cult"-like atmosphere. These stories were magnified once again in large part to the Lifetime docu-series Surviving R. Kelly.

The "Ignition" rapper has been embroiled in a slew of legal problems and scandals as of late.

Kelly was arrested on March 6 after failing to pay $161,000 in back child support to his ex-wife Andrea "Drea" Kelly. They have three children together and he reportedly had not paid the required $20,000 a month payments since last year. He was released on March 9 after posting a $161,663 bond. A Cook County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman did not specify who made the payment.

Kelly's attorney Steven Greenberg defended his client after Kelly's release and spoke about the musician's future. 

"Of course he's concerned about his career—wouldn't you be concerned about your career? But he's going to go on, he's going to continue to make music, and he's going to perform if he can," Greenberg said. "That's going to be up to the judge. Does he think his career is over? No, absolutely not."

Before leaving the jail, Kelly reportedly said, "We are gonna straighten all this stuff out."

On Feb. 22, just weeks before the child support case, the 52-year-old singer was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Nine of his counts allegedly involved victims between the ages of 13 and 16. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti reportedly obtained a sex tape allegedly involving the artist and a 14-year-old girl and gave it to authorities. Gloria Allred said at a press conference on Sunday that her client found another sex tape that allegedly has Kelly in it and they have reportedly turned it over to the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York. 

Kelly turned himself into police on the night of Feb. 22. He was subsequently issued a $1 million bond and released on Feb. 25 after posting a $100,000 bail.

He recently sat down with Gayle King for an emotional interview where he insisted the stories and allegations against him were "not true."

Chicago Police Conduct Wellness Check at R. Kelly's Apartment After Alleged "Suicide Pact" Call originally appeared on
          Rob Lowe Throws Shade at Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman      Cache   Translate Page      

If there was a class in throwing shade, Rob Lowe would have passed.

Earlier today, news broke that Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among the 40 individuals who have been charged in connection with an alleged college entrance exam scheme.

Court documents obtained by E! News show that both actresses have been charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

While both parties are staying quiet on the allegations, Rob's son John Owen Lowe spoke out on social media.

"I studied for MONTHS for the SAT. Twice, sometimes three times a week. Tons of practice tests. Ended up taking the SAT multiple times as well. College apps were no joke... the amount of stress kids put into that to potentially lose a spot to someone unfairly is horrible," the Stanford University grad shared on Twitter. "And let me say: I'm incredibly grateful that I had the privilege and opportunity to have a tutor and to afford practice test programs. A lot of kids don't. And to think of them losing their chance at their dream school to someone undeserving is really, really gross."

Felicity Huffman Arrested, Lori Loughlin Charged in College Admission Scandal

"Still proud of this achievement," he wrote with a photo from graduation day. "Happy for everyone out there who earned their accomplishments...and really sad for those who were never allowed the opportunity."

When Rob saw his son's messages, he decided to RT one message with an added caption. "Very proud of my honest, hardworking sons," the actor wrote.

Ultimately, the Parks and Recreation star isn't the only famous parent sounding off on today's scandal.

Bethenny Frankel was outspoken on Twitter and said she was "confused all around."      

"The kids know. If a kid isn't smart enough to know their leg isn't broken or they don't take crew or that it's not their bar mitzvah that day, they should be applying to bubblegum University," the Skinnygirl CEO shared. "Rich parents further protecting the kids. Ok I'll stop... maybe."

U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts told E! News Tuesday morning that Lori has not been arrested. She is currently out of the country but is scheduled to surrender to federal officials in Los Angeles.

As for Felicity, she was one of 13 defendants taken into custody this morning in the Los Angeles area. She is expected in court later today. 

Rob Lowe Throws Shade at Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman originally appeared on
          Kylie Jenner Says She's ''Proud'' of Her ''Little Stomach'' More than a Year After Giving Birth      Cache   Translate Page      

Kylie Jenner is showing off her post-baby body over a year after giving birth to daughter Stormi Webster.

The makeup mogul is enjoying the fruits of her labor by flaunting her petite figure on her Instagram Story. Clad in black leggings and a crop top, the 21-year-old parades around in her home to show off her sleek tummy for the camera. While the flattering post needs no caption, she writes, "I'm proud of my little stomach."

Over the course of the past year, the star has dished on nearly everything about her pregnancy, including her 40-lb. weight gain. In a Twitter Q&A from early last year, Kylie revealed that she gained almost 40-lbs. during her pregnancy, most of which was due to her craving for Eggo waffles. She laughed, "I never liked them before i was pregnant & haven't had one since i had her. so strange!"

She also had a craving for In n Out and donuts, which fans noticed in her cute video "To Our Daughter."

Kylie Jenner's Best Looks

Despite her desire to lose 20 pounds, the new mom never deprived herself of foods, instead indulging in savory treats like freshly baked rolls. 

Although there were some moments when Kylie felt insecure about her post-baby body, like at the Calvin Klein shoot just weeks after giving birth. While her sisters were in awe over how her body snapped back into shape following giving birth, Kylie still felt there was room for improvement. "This is gonna be kind of my first photo shoot after Stormi and doing like my first few fittings and getting back into it, it's kind of hard and discouraging," Kylie admitted in a Keeping Up With the Kardashians confessional.

Her worries were for nothing since she looked great then and she looks great now!

Kylie Jenner Says She's ''Proud'' of Her ''Little Stomach'' More than a Year After Giving Birth originally appeared on
          Nicki Minaj Just Referred to Her Boyfriend Kenneth Petty as Her Husband      Cache   Translate Page      

Has this rap Queen found her forever king?

Nicki Minaj made some startling revelations during her newest episode of her Beats1 show Queen Radio on Apple Music. Minaj recorded the episode from London ahead of her March 14 concert in Birmingham and talked about why she loves the city as well as her current relationship with her beau Kenneth Petty.

As the 36-year-old rapper is wont to do, she left no detail behind while describing some of their physical interactions. "Every night when I get out of the shower, my husband takes this really good lotion that we just bought and he massages my feet and rubs them. He rubs each toe individually, and the heel and the ball of my foot—he does it all," she explained on the show.

While it's possible to gloss over some of the details in this description, there's one word in particular that truly stands out from the rest: husband.

Are we missing something? Or could this just be a case similar to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott who lovingly refer to each other as "wifey" and "hubby" and spark engagement rumors left and right? 

Nicki Minaj's Epic Concert Costumes

Minaj and Petty—who she refers to as her "bae" on social media—became Instagram official back in December right around the time of her birthday. In that photo, she wrapped her legs around him and he looked lovingly at her. "Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happens?'s no secret…that both of us…are running out of time…," she captioned the photo.

Since then, he's had a very active presence on her Instagram account and many of their pictures and videos could be considered a tad NSFW.

Just like Petty "rubs each toe individually" with her new lotion, he did something relatively similar in a video that she posted in January where he kissed all of her toes while they canoodled in a hot tub.

Another photo that the "Anaconda" rapper uploaded in December made a reference to potential nuptials. "He want me to be his wife- his MISSIS like SIPPI NOW," she described a photo of them laughing together at what was presumably her birthday party. The caption also happens to be an allusion to her song "Majesty."

Minaj has been very transparent about her relationship with her boyfriend (husband?) since the start. In January, she told her 20 million Twitter followers just how many times she and Petty have sex each night. One fan guessed it to be around six times, but she clarified and said, "3-4 on average."

The same day she described her sex life, she also described other parts of their relationship, including their past and future. The two of them happen go way, way back. Plus, Minaj said she and Petty "already chose" some baby names.

"He's like the male version of my bff TT. They both can make me calm with one look, hug, word. I tell them both all the time," she tweeted on Jan. 5. "My peace. Cuz they knew me since I was a kid so they understand me in a diff way I guess."

Their PDA and steamy make out sessions are nothing new, either. She wrote in another tweet that day, "We were like this about each other since we were very young kids in the hood. He was on my body b4 the big ol' ghetto booty. B4 the fame & fortune. Fought my bf cuz I wouldn't be his girl. He was always a lil brazy. But anyway, timing is everything."

While Minaj makes some rated-R comments about Petty, the affection is hardly a one-way street. On Dec. 21, the "Barbie Dreams" rapper posted a video of Petty's new massive neck tattoo that spelled out her first name: Onika. When their relationship first became more public, information about him resurfaced that concerned some of her fans.  

The 40-year-old is a registered sex offender in New York and was convicted of attempted rape in the first degree in April 1995. He reportedly served four years in New York state prison. He served 10 months in prison in 2006, too, after pleading guilty to first-degree manslaughter.

Minaj, however, doesn't care about any of the criticism he received. She replied to one negative comment, "But go awf Internet. y'all can't run my life. Y'all can't even run y'all own life. Thank you boo."

Nicki Minaj Just Referred to Her Boyfriend Kenneth Petty as Her Husband originally appeared on
          Comment on The thing about gears by Tweets that mention The thing about gears « 8-Bit Hack --      Cache   Translate Page      
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Bre Pettis, Chris Holloway. Chris Holloway said: My wooden clock is coming along swimmingly! [...]
          Great Pyramids - The Pleiades were one of the Constellations that could be clearly viewed from a certain place at a very specific time.      Cache   Translate Page      
Kabamur@kabamur_taygeta#NEIOH on Pleiadians & Egypt: 1. The Pleiades were one of the Constellations that could be clearly viewed from a certain place at a very specific time. This is because We chose to come and assist in the building of the Great Pyramids.2:37 PM · Mar 11, 2019 · Twitter Web Client26Retweets132LikesKabamur@kabamur_taygeta·7hReplying to @kabamur_taygeta2. Our people are superb with Magic and with great Architecture. This is well known even now. We arrived and set up many meetings to plan a place where all Civilizations from the Galaxies could come and communicate in a peaceful manner.11696Kabamur@kabamur_taygeta·7h3. We set up huge round Crystals that remain there until this day. We moved them by Intention. Not by muscle. We knew these would be great Transmitters to the Crafts that entered the space above. Much like you might think of an Airport today. This was the Place!41598Kabamur@kabamur_taygeta·7h4. We crafted the Pyramids as well as the Sphinx. There are many Temples that remain and some have crumbled. Some were destroyed by water. This can be seen on many ancient rocks and boulders.51491Kabamur@kabamur_taygeta·7h5. Humans have always wondered how the massive structures were made. It is not possible for the human understanding to comprehend. So We use Magic as a word that you do understand. We think into existence what We wish to have.21996Kabamur@kabamur_taygeta·7h6. Many boats and ships came from faraway to experience our Technology. To marvel at our columns from solid Granite. Some of the great Temples and the Great Pyramids contain Chambers of Harmonics.21294

[Summary, click link above for rest of the story]

          Seçim ziyareti diye paylaştı, kendi evi çıktı!      Cache   Translate Page      

Cumhurbaşkanı Başdanışmanı, 23. ve 24. Dönem AKP Konya Milletvekili Ayşe Türkmenoğlu’nun, seçim çalışmaları kapsamında ‘ev ziyareti’ diye kendi evine gitmesi sosyal medyada geniş yankı uyandırdı. Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’ın başdanışmanı Türkmenoğlu, dün attığı bir tweet ile sosyal medyanın gündemine oturdu. Türkmenoğlu, Erdoğan’ın ve Saray’ın Twitter hesaplarını etiketlediği mesajında, seçim çalışmalarını ev ziyaretleriyle devam ettirdiklerini bildirdi. […]

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          ABD’den videolu ‘İstiklal Marşı’ mesajı!      Cache   Translate Page      

ABD Büyükelçiliği, İstiklal Marşı’nın kabulünün 98’inci yılı dolayısıyla bir mesaj yayınladı. Adana Konsolosluğu’nda görevli Jakob Curatola-Wozniak, marşı seslendirdi. ABD Büyükelçiliği’nin Twitter hesabından paylaşılan mesajda, “İstiklal Marşı’ının kabulünün 98. yılında, ABD’nin Adana Konsolosluğu’ndan Jakob Curatola-Wozniak, bugünün onuruna İstiklal Marşı’nı seslendirdi. 12 Mart 1921’de kabul edilen İstiklâl Marşı’nın yazarı Mehmet Akif Ersoy’u saygıyla anıyoruz” denildi. Marşın bir […]

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          Ketika SSH Dianggap Illegal…      Cache   Translate Page      
Beberapa hari terakhir, ada kegaduhan di Twitter terkait dengan pernyataan salah satu ISP terbesar di Indonesia yang menyatakan bahwa SSH itu ilegal. Untuk percakapan detailnya, coba Anda tengok langsung disini. SSH memang sering disalahartikan oleh masyarakat awam, sebagai tindakan yang …
          Borderlands 3 Possibly Getting Announced at PAX East Later This Month      Cache   Translate Page      

Gearbox Software has been teasing Borderlands 3 for well over a year and it appears it has been teased once more.

The official Twitter account for Gearbox has posted an image that has an art style similar to the Borderlands franchise. The image features a highway exit sign with "Exit 3" as the exit number and "March 28 Boston MA" as the name of the exit.


PAX East 2019 takes place in Boston, MA from March 28 to 31.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

Full Article -

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Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, İstiklal Marşı'nın kabulünün 98. yıl dönümü dolayısıyla Ordu Gölköy Anadolu Lisesi öğrencilerince hazırlanan ve Furkan Gündüz isimli öğrencinin yayınladığı videoyu resmi Twitter hesabından paylaştı.
          Bakan Albayrak, Ankara'da gençlerle buluştu      Cache   Translate Page      
Hazine ve Maliye Bakanı Berat Albayrak, Ankara'da gençlerle bir araya geldi. Albayrak, buluşma sonrası Twitter hesabından yaptığı açıklamada "Gençlerle buluşmalarımız devam ediyor. Ankara'da TÜGVA'nın... Devamı için tıklayınız
          Venezuela'dan yeni açıklama: 72 saat süre verdi      Cache   Translate Page      
Arreaza, Twitter hesabından yaptığı açıklamada, ABD'nin diplomatik personeline, ülkeden ayrılmaları için 72 saat süre tanındığını ifade etti. ABD diplomatik personelinin ülkenin istikrarını ve bütünlüğünü... Devamı için tıklayınız
          Streit mit US-Börsenaufsicht: Tesla-Chef holt zur Gegenattacke aus      Cache   Translate Page      
Elon Musk hat im Streit mit der US-Börsenaufsicht SEC sein Verhalten bei Twitter verteidigt und einen Gegenangriff gestartet.
          Британскому универмагу Harrods пришлось изъять из продажи женские толстовки с...      Cache   Translate Page      
Британскому универмагу Harrods пришлось изъять из продажи женские толстовки с нецензурными надписями на русском языке. Большое количество покупателей пожаловались на худи с принтом «Иди на ***». Изначально предметом одежды за 680 фунтов стерлингов (примерно 60 тысяч рублей) возмутился журналист Макс Седдон. В Twitter он объяснил пользователем значение этой фразы. “Harrods продает худи за 680 фунтов и заявляет, что на нем напечатаны „грузинские слова, выражающие особое мировоззрение, не требующее оправданий“. На самом деле там написано „Иди на *** по-русски“, — сообщил он. ------------------------------------------------- Проста вот интиресна. Почом они могут продавать свалкомайки нопремер. Фунтов стерленгов.
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Rudolf Virchow, a pioneering physician of the 1800s, once wrote that “politics is nothing but medicine on a large scale”. Over a century later, this nexus is as apparent as ever, and many doctors engage as practitioners of both. Twitter erupted this past fall with photos of soiled scrubs, resuscitation room floors and surgically-removed bullets […]

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          “2 vite kam abuzuar me veten”- Aktorja e famshme publikon pamjet ku lëndon veten      Cache   Translate Page      
Aktorja e famshme Evan Rachel Wood po kalon në një periudhë të vështirë të jetës së saj. Aktorja ka shpërndarë me ndjekësit e saj në Twitter një foto në të
          How Ruuude: Folks Reevaluate ‘Full House’ Episodes After “Aunt Becky” Is Caught In College Bribery Scandal      Cache   Translate Page      
Twitter has hilarious and insightful reactions to Lori Loughlin's conspiracy charges.
          THE WALKING DEAD      Cache   Translate Page      
ZOMBIECAST.NET EPISODE 321 -The Walking Dead last 2 eps -Flat Earth Society -Devil May Cry 5 Twitter @ZombieCastWorld is @ZombieResearch Facebook search ZombieCastWorld and ZombieResearchSociety PLEASE Leave us a REVIEW on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, DownCast and where all Podcast FEEDS can be heard--- only pay we have is reviews and FEEDBACK from all you Zombies!
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Tiger Woods gets set to tee-off tomorrow in his first official rounds of the 2017 PGA Tour season at Torrey Pines with new equipment in his bag and a new sponsorship along with it. After 20 years with Nike clubs in his bag, Woods officially announced today on his Twitter account that he's chosen TaylorMade clubs as his new equipment sponsor... Continue reading…
          MotoGP: Côte fissurée pour Lorenzo après sa cabriole à Doha      Cache   Translate Page      
Paris - Le pilote de MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo souffre d'une côte fissurée après sa cabriole lors des essais du GP de moto à Doha samedi, a annoncé son écurie Honda sur twitter mardi.
          Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal Of Defamation Lawsuit Against Actor James Woods      Cache   Translate Page      

James Woods -- saved from a defamation lawsuit by a question mark -- has just had his dismissal affirmed by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Whatever schadenfreude there was to be enjoyed by seeing Woods hoisted on his own litigious petard was swiftly dispelled by the ridiculousness of the lawsuit, which posited that Woods' careless question tying the plaintiff to [gasp!] Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign rose to the level of actual defamation. All we can hope is Woods handles this victory with a bit of grace, rather than gloating over his opponent's death, should she unfortunately precede him to the Great Beyond.

The lower court did take a couple of shots at Woods during its dismissal of the suit, pointing out he was as uncooperative as possible when the plaintiff, Portia Boulger, tried to serve him. Boulger was offended by Woods' tweet that portrayed her as a Bernie plant trying to sabotage Trump's impeccable reputation by flinging Nazi salutes during one of his rallies. Here's a quick summary of the supposed defamation, taken from the appeals court decision [PDF]:

On March 12, 2016, Twitter user @voxday posted the Nazi salute photograph, together with a photograph of Portia Boulger and a caption identifying Boulger as an “Organizer (Women for Bernie).” (Def. Mot. for J. on the Pleadings, R. 7, PageID 61.) The two photographs and caption were accompanied by the (false) statement, “The ‘Trump Nazi’ is Portia Boulger, who runs the Women for Bernie Sanders Twitter account. It’s another media plant.” (Id.) Shortly thereafter, Woods tweeted the same two pictures, along with a short biography of Boulger, and added: “So-called #Trump ‘Nazi’ is a #BernieSanders agitator/operative?” (Comp., R. 1, PageID 3.) At the time, Woods had more than 350,000 followers on Twitter.

After being notified by Boulger's lawyer that she was seeking to sue him, Woods issued a retraction and an apology. Boulger argued the damage had already been done. She had been the recipient of several unpleasant communications from Woods' followers, which apparently included death threats.

The Appeals Court also takes a shot at Woods for dodging service from Boulger, pointing out the ridiculousness of him attempting to dismiss a lawsuit he claimed he hadn't been properly served with yet.

As the district court noted, although Woods raised the defenses of insufficient service of process and lack of personal jurisdiction in his answer, he immediately filed a motion for judgment on the pleadings in which the defenses were not included. The motion for judgment on the pleadings was filed several months early—because Woods had not yet been served—and necessarily sought a decision on the merits. Woods’s motion was thus “inconsistent with the idea that the district court lacked personal jurisdiction over the defendant[].”


The filing of the motion for judgment on the pleadings therefore created a reasonable expectation that Woods would defend the suit on the merits. Any other holding would create a perverse outcome. One can imagine a litigant asking the court to proceed on the merits, and then, only if the court’s decision is unfavorable, seeking to re-assert jurisdictional defenses.

The decision then spends several pages diving into the thick weeds of Ohio defamation law. There's a four-prong test applied at the state level to determine whether or not a question is a "statement of fact." After a lot of discussion, the court finally gets to the point: the question mark -- coupled with the actor's opinionated Twitter feed -- makes it clear Woods was asking followers to make that call themselves, rather than directing them to arrive at a foregone conclusion. That many of them skipped the whole "decide for yourself" stage isn't Woods' fault, nor does it turn a question into a libelous statement of fact.

Here, the tweet at issue is reasonably susceptible to both a defamatory meaning—that Woods was asserting Boulger was the woman giving the Nazi salute—and an innocent meaning—that Woods was merely asking his followers a question. Because Woods’s tweet could reasonably be read to have an innocent meaning, under the innocent construction rule the tweet, as a matter of law, is not actionable.

There's also the matter of context. As the court sees it, the opinionated Woods could get away with posing a question like this. The New York Times perhaps not so much.

A review of Wood’s Twitter feed from March 12, 2016, shows that although he posted news articles, his tweets were frequently accompanied by his own colorful commentary. [...] These tweets illustrate that a reasonable reader of Woods’s tweets on March 12, 2016, likely knew that he made frequent use of sarcasm, exaggeration, and hyperbole—characteristics more likely seen in an opinion, rather than a statement of fact. See Scott, 496 N.E.2d at 708. Thus, the general context could lead a reasonable reader to believe the tweet at issue was not a statement of fact.


Twitter is a medium for users to express both opinions and disseminate news. For example, a Twitter user who tweets his or her thoughts on various celebrities is an account that is more analogous to an editorial section of a newspaper. Cf. Vail, 649 N.E.2d at 185–86 (finding that a column that appeared on the Forum page of the newspaper and titled “Commentary” gave a reader the message that the column would convey the personal opinion of the writer, as distinguished from a news story). But the Twitter account of an online news source, such as the New York Times, is not meaningfully distinguishable from a hard copy news story. Consequently, it is clear that Twitter can be used to disseminate both factual accounts and assertions, as well as commentary and opinion.

This breakdown of Twitter seems elementary and even a bit unnecessary, but the court is reminding readers (and plaintiffs) that context matters. It always does. Unfortunately, many plaintiffs in defamation lawsuits want the court to strip commentary of its context to make it easier for them to secure a victory. Fortunately, our courts have generally been very protective of speech and extremely hesitant to hand down rulings that could restrict the free exchange of commentary and opinion. It's unfortunate Woods' followers decided his somewhat disingenuous question granted them permission to harass and threaten Boulger. But those disgusting responses are the responsibility of the disgusting people making them. The court made the right call, ensuring Twitter in all its greatness and awfulness remains a freewheeling, often-horrifying marketplace of ideas.

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          170 Years Of German Publishers Demanding Special Copyrights For The Press Because Of New Technology      Cache   Translate Page      

While much of the focus on the debate over the EU Copyright Directive has focused on the upload filters of Article 13, we should be equally worried about the snippet taxes of Article 11, which journalists have already made clear will be used to enrich publishers at the expense of actual journalism (that is, if it leads to any money at all -- since attempts to pass basically the same law in both Germany and Spain failed to produce the expected revenue windfall).

Former Icelandic Parliament member Asta Helgadottir recently put together quite an amazing Twitter thread detailing 170 years of German news publishers demanding special extra copyrights just for their industry -- each time insisting that without it, new technologies would kill journalism. You can also read the whole thing on a single page at Threader, but here's a (lightly edited) snippet:

1850: German Press publishers want #copyright of news because the newly arrived technology of the telegram is ruining their business model. It is rejected.

1886: German Press Publishers want news to be covered by copyright in the Berne convention. It is rejected, and copyright exception for news is established.

1908: German Press Publishers want to limit the possibility of reproduction of news by #copyright in the Berlin meeting for the Berne convention. It is rejected, as copyright is intended for inherently creative production.

1908: The Berlin conference thus reiterates their 1886 distinction of creative production and non-creative information and news with regards to #copyright protection.

1925: The conference of industrial property in the Hague rejects a proposal to make news industrial property, citing the decision of the Berne convention.

Seventy-five years of trying to make some intellectual property protection of news had failed. Trying to cover news by #copyright seemed to be hopeless.

1920s: The wireless technology threatens the established German Press Publishers. The fact that any owner of a wireless could listen to the news! Blasphemy.

1920s: "News Theft" explodes in Germany. The big press publishers are astonished by the fact that people are not willing to pay a hefty fee to buy their printed material.

1927: The Germans lobby for a resolution within League of Nations giving unpublished news #copyright protection, governmental news in the public domain, but published news were up to each national authority.

1928: The German ministry propose a law to protect news of the day and miscellaneous information with intellectual property at home. "vermischte Nachrichten tatsächlichen Inhalts und Tagesneuigkeiten"

1928: The emergence of the radio was one of the biggest reasons in the German's new News law as it undermined the news industry.

1928-1933: The debate of the new German press law continues but is never realized because the ascension of the Nazi government and new press control laws made it redundant.

It goes on from there into modern times, and the story is always the same. German publishers demanding special extra copyrights on factual reporting, and whining over and over again about new technology upsetting its business model and threatening the "future of journalism" or whatever. And every single time they were wrong. They didn't get the special copyrights and journalism survived (and in some cases thrived).

Given this background, why is it that EU bureaucrats are now suddenly taking those very same German publishers at their word when they insist that the internet is destroying their business, and they need these special copyrights (with the friendly name of "neighboring rights") that serve no purpose other than as a wealth transfer from internet companies to legacy publishers who have failed to innovate?

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It seems Fisker will provide additional info about its ~$40,000 battery-electric vehicle on March 18. It comes as no surprise that there’s another teaser and an upcoming announcement from Fisker. This latest tease came from the designer Henrik Fisker via his Twitter page. The image doesn’t expose much, but the tweet says the car will […]
          Various Celebs – Weekly Instagram/Twitter Roundup      Cache   Translate Page      
          Elon Musk shoots down U.S. regulator's complaint about his Tesla tweet      Cache   Translate Page      

Elon Musk shoots down U.S. regulator's complaint about his Tesla tweetTesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk shot back against U.S. securities regulators on Monday, arguing in a filing that his recent tweet about the electric vehicle maker's production volume did not violate his fraud settlement and he cannot be held in contempt. Musk's "single, immaterial" tweet to his more than 24 million Twitter followers claiming the electric vehicle-maker would produce around 500,000 cars in 2019 also complied with company's communication policy for senior executives, a condition of the settlement, lawyers for the Tesla chief wrote in a filing in federal court in Manhattan. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had asked the court to hold Musk in contempt, saying his Feb. 19 tweet violated a September fraud settlement barring him from sharing material information about Tesla on social media without the company's pre-approval.

          Elon Musk's defense of his Tesla tweet will get SEC response      Cache   Translate Page      
The top U.S. securities regulator received permission from a federal judge on Tuesday to respond to Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk's arguments that his Twitter post about the electric vehicle maker’s production volume did not violate his recent fraud settlement.

          The "Clean" Meaning of The Name "Becky" In African American Culture (March 2019 Version]      Cache   Translate Page      
Edited by Azizi Powell

[This is an updated version of a pancocojams post that was published in April 26, 2016.]

Online references to the lyrics "Becky with the good hair" from Beyonce's song "Sorry" in her April 2016 visual album Lemonade* sparked my interest in the vernacular meaning of the female name "Becky" in African American culture.

For the record, I believe that it's wrong to use the name "Becky" or any other name or any other term to stereotype any individual or any group of people. But as a self-described cultural folklorist, I'm interested in sussing out where, when, and how "Becky" got the meaning that Beyonce gives it in her song- and any other meanings that are currently given to that name.

I already knew what the term "good hair" meant. Read comments about that term in this post's Addendum #1 below.

The name "Becky" has been used in online comments in the last few years as a referent for White women. But until I did some research last night, I didn't know that there was a "dirty" meaning as well as a clean meaning for the vernacular term "Becky". I would blame this on my old age, but I know that there are people older than me who are far more "hip to the jive" than I am.

The sexual meaning of "Becky" was popularized by Plies' June 2009 Hip Hop record entitled "Becky"., but that meaning was probably used in the 'hood before that record. Nevertheless, I think that the clean meaning of "Becky" was used before the sexual meaning (what I call "the dirty meaning") of that term.

Read an excerpt from an online post about "Becky" in Beyonce's song in Addendum #2 below.
Note: In the original version of this post I wrote that the name "Becky" as a referent for White females may have something to do with "Betty" and "Black Betty" as referents for Black females. I no longer believe that is true. Nevertheless, here's the link to a pancocojams post on "Black Betty": for the somewhat related pancocojams post "What "Black Betty" & "Brown Bess" REALLY Mean".

WHAT "BECKY" MEANS (the "clean" definition)
The "clean" vernacular meaning of "Becky" is "a White female", especially a young White woman".

The term "Miss Ann" is a much older African American referent for "White women"*. However, it seems to me that "Miss Ann" denotes (denoted) a more proper, more mature White women that "Becky" refers to. While "Miss Ann" carries negative connotations of women who are stiff, prudish, and respectable, "Becky" carries at least mildly negative connotations of White women who are "un-hip", "airheads", "ditzy", meaning "clueless" about the "real world", particularly the world of the urban streets. In other words, the non-sexualized meaning of the term "Becky" is an African American created stereotype for White women or a certain sub-set of White women (young White women, and (in the 1990s), especially "valley girl" type young White women.

[Update: March 12, 2019]
On March 12, 2019, the actress who portrayed "Aunt Becky" on the long running American television sitcom Full House was indicted as one of more than 40 defendants in a bribery scheme to get their kids into elite colleges. That arrest added another layer to connotations for "Becky" as a referent for White females. Click
"Aunt Becky’ Jokes Abound Over Lori Loughlin College Admission Scheme Indictment"
By Jenna Amatulli; 03/12/2019]
It just so happened that the character in the Full House television series was named "Becky" (and also referred to as "Aunt Becky" by her nieces in that series. What makes this indictment so ironical (and thus the subject of jokes for those who are so inclined) is that in the television series "Becky" ("Aunt Becky") was scripted as an ideal mother/mother figure who would do anything for her children and nieces.

Even before March 2019, African American twitter and other Black social media, used the name "Becky" and other "White" female names along with alliterative descriptors as negative referents for White women. The October 2018 newspaper article "BBQ Becky, Permit Patty and Cornerstore Caroline: Too ‘cutesy’ for those white women calling police on black people?". is an example of this custom. While the earlier usage of "Becky" were for young, Valley girl acting White females, "BBQ Becky" is an older woman who shares two additional characteristics with the other alliterative examples cited: they are White and they call the police on Black (or Brown) people for frivolous reasons.

Here's one of many YouTube videos of the woman who received the nickname "BBQ Becky": "Woman calls cops on men for grilling with charcoal"

-end of March 12, 2019 update-

I'm not sure when the term "Becky" was first used as a referent for a White female, and especially for a young White woman. Perhaps that term didn't "become a thing" until Hip Hop artist Sir-Mix-A-Lot happened to use that name for one of the White woman in the introduction to his now classic 1992 record "Baby Got Back". That introduction's first line is "Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt."

Although at least one online article indicates that Sir Mix-A- Lot popularized the name "Becky" as a referent for White woman*, I haven't found any documentation of that term's use before that record was released. If "Becky" as a slang reference for "a White women" started (immediately?) after Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" record, maybe the name "Becky" was selected as the name for that woman because of its alliteration with the word "butt".

If "Becky" was used as a clean referent for White women immediately after Sir Mix-A-Lot's 1992 Hip Hop record, it's interesting that I've not been able to find any online documentation of that usage from the 1990s or even from the early 2000s before the hoopla about Beyonce's Lemonade album? Perhaps I'm not looking in the Am I not looking in the right places.

Read information below about Sir-Mix-A-Lot's record "Baby Got Back".

Also, click for a post that provides information about the terms "Mister Charlie and Miss Ann" that were (or are still) used by [fifty years old and older] African Americans as generic referents for White men and White women.

And click Style
"Becky" Is Not a Racial Slur — So You Should Stop Calling Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Racist,, April 27, 2016: "Sir Mix-a-Lot popularized the Becky reference in the early '90s in the intro to his critical hit "Baby Got Back," in which two disapproving women can be heard critiquing another woman's figure and style."

1. Two Syllable Nicknames & Names With "y" Or "ie" Endings & The Name "Becky" Rarely Being Given As A Nickname For Black Females
I don't know why the name "Becky" was selected to serve as a referent for White women instead of any other so-called "White name or nickname".But I'm not surprised that the referent for a young White woman ends with a "y" since prior to about the 1980s almost every personal name in the United States had a diminutive (nickname) that ended with "y" and "ie". Two syllable nicknames and personal names ending with "y" if not "ie" are still rather common in the United States, particularly among non-Black children, teens, and adults.

For example, consider the names of some of the White members of the fictitious teen cheerleading movie series Bring It On: Courtney", "Whitney", "Kasey" and "Darcy" are some of the names of the White members of the suburban cheerleading squad in the first movie in that Bring It On cheerleading movie series (2000) And the lead White character and another important White character in the 2006 movie in that series Bring It On All Or Nothing were named Britney and "Winnie". Either of those names -or the name "Brandi" or "Ashley" or any other "y" or "ie" two syllable name - could have been selected by African Americans instead of "Becky" as the generic referent for young White women. That "Becky" was chosen instead of any of those names might have been a fluke.

One contributing factor for the selection of the name "Becky" as a referent for White females instead of any of those other "y" or "ie" ending names is that "Rebecca" (or other spellings of that name) doesn't appear to be given that often to Black American females, and (according to online articles that I've read), Black Americans with the name "Rebecca" aren't usually given the nickname "Becky". Anecdotally, I know one African American woman who is forty years old named "Rebekha" who doesn't have a nickname that I'm aware of. I also know one Ango-American female in late teens named "Bekka". I think that is her real name and not a shortened form of "Rebekha".

Here's one article that I came across about the name "Becky" in the United States:
From "AN APOLOGY TO EVERY (WHITE) GIRL NAMED BECKY", Posted on October 23, 2013 by d. tafakari
..."First of all, let me say the unstated obvious. There are such things as black names and there are traditionally European names. There are indeed black girls named Rebecca. But anecdata suggests that black families generally do not nickname their daughters Becky. That’s a “white name.”
This post also comments about the sexual vernacular meaning of "Becky".

Here's another online page about the name "Becky":
"Why are white women referred to as 'Becky' by black people......?
On every black website I have visited like Bossip, black authors and commentators refer to white women as 'Becky'.... they make comments like...''he is going out with a Becky....., ''that is what black men get from marring Becks''....Becky this, Becky that. I'm from England and this is all new and somewhat funny to me, but why?
Update: @Elizabeth....your link to the Urban dictionary has helped to confirm what some of the answers have tried to explain....Thanks you ALL for your answers....Now I know why white women are called"
The link refers to what I call the dirty meaning/s of "Becky".

Here are two responses to this query that refer to the non-sexual meaning of "Becky". Both of these responses were submitted by Black women (as indicated by their screen icons of a Black woman].
"haha its the cliche'd 90's name for the white girl out of the valley. I'm assuming there was a lot of people named so at some time, so people just began using it. And it usually doesn't go both ways. How many black girls do you know named Becky?? Same reason whites refer to black women as Shaniqua or Lakeesha."
-bajasa1, 2009
"Out of the valley" probably means "a Valley girl". "Valley Girls" was a relatively widely used referent in the 1980s-1990s for a sub-set of young White women:
"The label originally referred to a swell of upper-middle class girls living in the early 1980s Los Angeles commuter towns of the San Fernando Valley, but in time the term became more broadly applied to any woman or girl—primarily in the United States and Canada—who engendered the associated affects of ditziness, airheadedness, and/or greater interest in conspicuous consumption than intellectual or personal accomplishment.

A sociolect associated with valley girls termed "Valleyspeak" arose in the San Fernando valley in the 1980s. Qualifiers such as "like", "whatever", "way", "as if!", "super", "totally" and "tubular" (a surfing term) are interjected in the middle of phrases and sentences as emphasizers"...
The two women featured in the introduction to Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back" song and official video were portrayed as Valley Girls. More information about Sir Mix A Lot's song is found later in this post.

"I never call white girls "Becky", but I'm assuming that Rebekah/Rebecca was a very common name when it popped up."
-Lady, 2009

2. The only fictitious character named "Becky" that I'm familiar with is the name of the girl in Mark Twain's novel Tom Sawyer. But I'm not sure that has anything to do with the use of "Becky" as a referent for young White women except that that character could have been considered a "template" for a young White girl.

If Sir-Mix-A-Lot's hit 1992 Hip Hop record "Baby Got Back" didn't directly lead to the use of the name "Becky" as a referent for White woman (or a certain type of White woman), there's no doubt that that vernacular use of the name Becky was popularized by that song. The first words in that song are voiced by a young White Valley Girl who stands with her silent White friend Becky staring at a Black woman in the distance. Using Valley Girl lingo and pronunciation, the unnamed White women criticizes that Black woman's big butt.

Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt.
It is so big. [scoff]
She looks like one of those rap guys' girlfriends.
But, you know, who understands those rap guys? [scoff]
They only talk to her, because, she looks like a total prostitute, 'kay?
I mean, her butt, is just so big.
I can't believe it's just so round, it's like, out there, I mean— gross. Look!
She's just so... black!"

Source: [for the full lyrics]
The line "Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt" has since become a rather widely known meme.

In 2009 another Hip Hop record Plies "Becky" documented and popularized a sexual meaning for that female name.
"According to Plies, "Becky" is referring to the act of fellatio. Plies terms the act "Becky" because of the widely held notion and/or stereotype that Caucasian women are somewhat more sexually liberal in terms of frequency of encounters, random partnering, and overall lasciviousness. With "Becky" being a popular name given to females at birth in the White society, one can assume that Plies simply chose this name because of its unique association to "Whiteness", particularly where the female is concerned.
Give me that becky!
by Lovely Leo October 13, 2009

Warning- This video contains sexually suggestive lyrics and visual but no profanity and no explicit sex. As is the case with many YouTube comment threads, a great deal of profanity and sexually explicit language is found in this video's discussion thread.

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back

SirMixALotVEVO, Published on Mar 1, 2019

Music video by Sir Mix-A-Lot performing Baby Got Back. © 1992 American Recordings, LLC
"Back" here means "booty" (butt). "Baby got back" praises Black women who have big butts.

It's important to note that in the introduction to this song "Becky" is used as a nickname for the young White woman being addressed. That nickname has no sexual innuendos or cultural connotations.

Click for a pancocojams post that focuses on the socio-cultural influence of Sir Mix A Lot's 1992 "Baby God Back" record. Selected comments from that video's discussion thread about the term "Becky" and other aspects of the song are included in that post along with this video.

"good hair
A popular* term in the African-American community, used to describe an black person's hair that closely resembles the hair of a typical white person (i.e. soft, managable, long, as opposed to "nappy" or "bad" hair). The closer your hair is to a white person's, the "better" your hair is. See: "bad hair".

Note: Most people who use this term would never admit the inferiority complex from which it came.
Ignorant Aunt Zykeshia: "Lord-Jeezus! Girl, you gots dat good hair! It long, curly and booootiful!"
-by Little Lauren May 17, 2005
I think that "widely used" fits better than the word "popular".

Beyoncé's "Becky" Lyric Has Racial Undertones That We All Need to Understand
April 25, 2016 by LAUREN LEVINSON
..."Some people believe there is a bigger issue* surrounding [Beyonce's] lyrics "Becky [with the good hair]." Rather than trying to figure out if Becky is or isn't Rachel, they point out that there are racial undertones to Beyoncé's lyrics. The inference is that "Becky" has desirable, sleek hair, while Beyoncé has a naturally curly texture under the wigs and without hot tools. It sheds light on an overall picture when it comes to how black coarse hair is perceived, since the former is "good" and the latter is assumed to be the opposite.

"The fact that people are trying to figure out who Becky is defeats the purpose of this lyric — and the whole performance to me," said POPSUGAR social media editor Larissa Green, who is biracial**. "Being pushed aside because our hair is coarse and doesn't follow a straight and narrow is something very real to me. I think her lyric means: if you can't handle it, then that's no one's problem but your own."
The phrase "Becky with the good hair" is found in Beyonce's song "Sorry". That song is track four of her April 2016 album "Lemonade". At this time, audio of the songs from that album aren't available on YouTube.

The word/s given in brackets in that quote are added by me to explain what is meant by the word after that bracket.

"Biracial" here means of mixed racial ancestry. In the United States that word usually means Black/non-Black.

Note that "Becky with the good hair" isn't a phrase that was used (or at least wasn't widely used) by African Americans before Beyonce's song. That may be because if a female is a Becky (in the non-sexual use of that term -meaning a White female), it's assumed that she would have "good hair" (in the African American meaning of that term- hair that is straight, sleek, non-coarse, non-tightly curled like most Black people's hair.) Actually, that's not true, but moving right along from that point, the woman who social media has rightly or wrongly identified as the "Becky with good hair" in Beyonce's song is a woman of mixed White/East Indian [the nation of India] ancestry. Therefore, she might not be considered "White" by some White people in the United States and by White people elsewhere. The article that is excerpted above mentions who social media thinks is the Becky in Beyonce's song.

Excerpt from Love's Racialized Failure in "Lemonade" By PurposelyPolemical, 2016/04/26 ·
..."By now we’ve all seen, or at least read about, Beyonce’s latest project Lemonade. Reviews of this visual album have been mostly positive; but what has fixated most public attention is the question of infidelity in Beyonce’s high profile marriage to Jay-Z. But aside from vocalizing what could be some very real angst about marital strife, Lemonade is a broader commentary on love and race.

At first glance connecting love and race may seem counter-intuitive—one is emotional and one is political; but, in true feminist fashion Beyonce demonstrates on Lemonade how the personal is political. If we approach the album as less about the inter-personal dynamics between Beyonce and Jay-Z and see it instead as a metaphor for the way society, as a whole, doesn’t love black folks—then Lemonade’s deeper meaning—and broader political contribution—becomes clear. The fact that the album hinges, at its center, on the question of black murder at the hands of police and non-black vigilantes isn’t just an “add on” to a narrative mostly about a shaky marriage; it’s actually related to the broader critique of the piece.

In Lemonade Beyonce not only calls out Jay-Z’s cheating, she frames that cheating as being about race when she sings, “Better call Becky with the good hair.” The term “Becky” in African American lingua franca marks whiteness; and good hair suggests someone who is mixed or not quite black. In this way, Jay’s betrayal is not just a betrayal of the heart, it’s a betrayal of her as a black woman. It’s very clear from Lemonade that the “character” of Jay Z is cheating largely because he is interested in a lighter woman with straighter her, a less black woman. This is a vital part of understanding the symbolic logic of this masterwork....

Beyonce contextualizes Jay Z’s failure to love her in the context of a national epidemic of black anti-love. This may seem trivial until you consider the devastating consequences of black anti-love—both in terms of our larger society and also in terms of “black love,” and black women’s commitment to it"...

This isn’t the say that interracial love is anathema to the black nation; and Lemonade seems eager to rebut any such assumption with a montage of couples at the happy ending of the visual album. Many of those couples are interracial couples. But an infidelity fueled by a partner’s colorist addiction is another thing altogether.
Here's a comment exchange from that post's discussion thread:
terrypinder Apr 26 · 07:55:35 PM
"Why does everyone assume Becky is white?

Does no one watch Empire?"

PurposelyPolemical terrypinder Apr 26 · 07:57:42 PM
"I watch Empire...but I’m at a loss. Who is the black Becky on there? Remind? lol"

terrypinder PurposelyPolemical Apr 26 · 08:13:34 PM
"Gabourey Sidibe’s character :)"
Pancocojams editor's note:
terrypinder is obviously joking with that comment as Gabourey Sidibe is a dark skinned Black actress.
The character on the television series Empire who might be considered a Black Becky is "Anika", portrayed by African American actress Grace Gealey since Grace Gealey is a light skinned Black female who acts pretentious.

The content of this post is presented for socio-cultural, etymological, and entertainment purposes.

All content remains with their owners.

Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to Sir Mix A Lot for the significant and perhaps unexpectedly positive impact that "Baby Got Back" has made in the United States and elsewhere.

Thanks for visiting pancocojams.

Visitor comments are welcome.
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かぐや様は告らせたい〜天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦〜』(かぐやさまはこくらせたい てんさいたちのれんあいずのうせん)は、赤坂アカによる日本の漫画作品。『ミラクルジャンプ』(集英社)にて、2015年6月号から2016年2月号まで連載された。その後掲載誌を『週刊ヤングジャンプ』(集英社)に移し、同年17号より
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【アニメイトタイムズ】コミックス発行部数累計400万部突破の赤坂アカ先生によるラブコメ作品『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』(集英社「週刊ヤング ...

かぐや様は告らせたい〜天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦〜』(かぐやさまはこくらせたい てんさいたちのれんあいずのうせん)は、赤坂アカによる日本の漫画作品。『ミラクルジャンプ』(集英社)にて、2015年6月号から2016年2月号まで連載された。その後掲載誌を『週刊ヤングジャンプ』(集英社)に移し、同年17号より
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かぐや様は告らせたい〜天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦〜』(かぐやさまはこくらせたい てんさいたちのれんあいずのうせん)は、赤坂アカによる日本の漫画作品。『ミラクルジャンプ』(集英社)にて、2015年6月号から2016年2月号まで連載された。その後掲載誌を『週刊ヤングジャンプ』(集英社)に移し、同年17号より
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かぐや様は告らせたい天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦〜』(かぐやさまはこくらせたい てんさいたちのれんあいずのうせん)は、赤坂アカによる日本の漫画作品。『ミラクルジャンプ』(集英社)にて、2015年6月号から2016年2月号まで連載された。その後掲載誌を『週刊ヤングジャンプ』(集英社)に移し、同年17号よ
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1: 名無しんぼ@お腹いっぱい (デーンチッT Sae2-Z5OM []) 2018/12/12(水) 13:46:08.06 ID:LCwcKPTia1212
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アニメスレ かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~☆2
【赤坂アカ】かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~ ☆127
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TVアニメ『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』第1弾PV公開!アニメ映像&追加キャスト情報解禁!藤原千花 ...
TVアニメ『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』第1弾PV公開!アニメ映像&追加キャスト情報解禁!藤原千花 ...  PR TIMES (プレスリリース)
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かぐや様は告らせたい〜天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦〜』(かぐやさまはこくらせたい てんさいたちのれんあいずのうせん)は、赤坂アカによる日本の漫画作品。『ミラクルジャンプ』(集英社)にて、2015年6月号から2016年2月号まで連載された。その後掲載誌を『週刊ヤングジャンプ』(集英社)に移し、同年17号より
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アニメスレ かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~☆2
【赤坂アカ】かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~ ☆124 VIPQ2_EXTDAT: default:vvvvvv:1000:512:----: EXT was configured
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TVアニメ『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』のダブル主人公に古賀葵さん、古川慎さんが決定! キャラクター ...
TVアニメ『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』のダブル主人公に古賀葵さん、古川慎さんが決定! キャラクター ...  アニメイトタイムズ

かぐや様は告らせたい〜天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦〜』(かぐやさまはこくらせたい てんさいたちのれんあいずのうせん)は、赤坂アカによる日本の漫画作品。『ミラクルジャンプ』(集英社)にて、2015年6月号から2016年2月号まで連載された。その後掲載誌を『週刊ヤングジャンプ』(集英社)に移し、同年17号より
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アニメスレ かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~☆2
【赤坂アカ】かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~ ☆122
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アニメスレ かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~

【赤坂アカ】かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~ ☆105
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          【赤坂アカ】かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~ ☆106      Cache   Translate Page      


1: ななし&じぇー 2018/06/16(土) 19:49:40.96 ID:/dOuRCnM0

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アニメスレ かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~

【赤坂アカ】かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~ ☆105

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          Bucs Monday Mailbag: Bye DJax, Bucs Trades And Scheme Fit      Cache   Translate Page      

The PR Bucs Monday Mailbag is where’s Mark Cook answers your questions from our Twitter account. You can submit your question each week via Twitter using the hashtag #PRMailbag. Below are the questions we chose for this week’s edition of the PR Bucs Monday Mailbag. Question: When does DeSean Jackson go? Answer: He just […]

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          Celebran en Twitter la probable liberación de Luis Carlos Díaz      Cache   Translate Page      

Jhoan Meléndez / 12 mar 2019.- Luego de que el Colegio Nacional de Periodistas (CNP) informara la probable pronta liberación del periodista Luis Carlos Díaz, personalidades mostraron su euforia en Twitter por este hecho. “Gracias a Dios. Jamás un inocente lo fue tanto, ni los esbirros tan psicopáticos”, escribió el sociólogo y profesor de la UCAB, Luis […]

La entrada Celebran en Twitter la probable liberación de Luis Carlos Díaz se publicó primero en Noticiero Digital.

          Conselho do MP pune procuradora que criticou Supremo no Twitter      Cache   Translate Page      

O Conselho Nacional do Ministério Público (CNMP) decidiu hoje (12), por maioria de votos, aplicar duas penas de censura pública à procuradora do Ministério Público de Minas Gerais Camila Fátima Teixeira, por ofensas publicadas no Twitter contra ministros do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF). 

A pena de censura consiste na crítica pública feita por um órgão sobre a conduta de um servidor público. A punição pode atrasar promoções e benefícios na carreira. 

Na decisão, ao julgar o processo administrativo aberto contra a procuradora, os conselheiros entenderam que Camila descumpriu deveres funcionais previstos na Lei Orgânica do Ministério Público, como instigar a desordem pública e usar palavras chulas para ofender a honra de integrantes do STF. 

Nas mensagens publicadas no ano passado, a procuradora usou as expressões "Que venha a intervenção militar e exploda o STF e o Congresso de vez" e "Generais, saiam do Twitter e posicionem seus homens no entorno do STF, até que Gilmar Mendes, Lewandowski entreguem suas togas."

Cabe recurso da decisão. Caso a penalidade seja mantida, a censura pública deverá ser aplicada pessoalmente pelo procurador-geral de Justiça, durante sessão pública do Conselho Superior do MP. 

No processo disciplinar, a procuradora admitiu que se excedeu, pediu desculpas a quem tenha se sentido ofendido com as postagens e sustentou que não houve infração disciplinar. Segundo a defesa, a Constituição garante liberdade de expressão, e os membros do MP não perdem sua cidadania ao assumir os cargos.

          Habitantes de Vargas sobre supuesto saboteo: “Tacoa no funciona desde hace tiempo”      Cache   Translate Page      

Oscar Morales / 12 mar 2019.- Mediante la red social Twitter varguenses aseguraron que la planta de energía eléctrica ubicada en el pueblo de Tacoa se encuentra fuera de sus funciones desde al menos un año, desmintiendo las acusaciones de presunto sabotaje que realizaron Jorge Rodríguez y Tarek William Saab al presidente encargado de la […]

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          Multi select dropdown      Cache   Translate Page      

@bsgtesting77 wrote:

hello. im trying to get multi select dropdown on my site, i tried 2 plugin but only one worked and the one that worked doesnt work on mobile and would like some help/suggestions

i have website where user can enter multiple item categories through drop down. this drop down is very janky on mobile, so i looked for different one

this is the one with janky dropdown on mobile. it keeps opening and closing rapidly, and needs user to kinda hold down to keep it open. It’s just bad UX in general but the functionality actually works.

its using this plugin i believe. i tried searching for similar issue like mine with this plugin but havent found any

this si the piece of code for the plugin

<div class="form-item" id="edit-products-wrapper">
						 <!-- Initialize the plugin: -->
                        <script type="text/javascript">
                            $(document).ready(function() {


					<label>Please select the products your store offers: <span class='required'>*</span></label>
					<select name="cat_id" class="form-select" id="cat_id" multiple="multiple">
					 <?php if(!empty($cats)): ?>
						<?php foreach($cats as $k=>$v): ?>
						<option value="<?php echo $v['id']; ?>"><?php echo $v['cat_name']; ?></option>
						<?php endforeach; ?>
						<?php endif; ?>

so i decided to try different plugin and came across select2
this one works great on both desktop and mobile and very simple to install except the database isn’t displaying product categories that user have chosen. i made 2nd instance of the program with that plugin in this url

i call the plugin source up top with

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src=""></script>

and then make the dropdown like so

<div class="form-item" id="edit-products-wrapper">

<!-- Initialize the plugin: -->
                         <script type="text/javascript">
                            $(document).ready(function() {

					<label>Please select the products your store offers: <span class='required'>*</span></label>
					<select name="products" class="cat-selector2" multiple="multiple">
						 <?php if(!empty($cats)): ?>
							<?php foreach($cats as $k=>$v): ?>
							<option value="<?php echo $v['id']; ?>"><?php echo $v['cat_name']; ?></option>
							<?php endforeach; ?>
							<?php endif; ?>

Is there something wrong i did with implementation for the select2 plugin? any other recommendations for multiselect dropdown plugin?
please try it out and maybe see what i did wrong. ill be on the backend approving stores so you guys can see the result in the front end if youd like

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          Future Fiat 500e, Sono Sion solar, Twitter poll: Today's Car News      Cache   Translate Page      
Image from 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric-car ad by Ourisman Chevrolet, Rockville, MarylandTesla opened its reservation bank for the quick and giant Semi. Sono revealed the production version of its Sion solar-assisted electric cars. A Fiat Chrysler executive confirmed that the company will offer a longer-range replacement for the Fiat 500e electric car next year. And our latest Twitter poll asks whether Tesla stores still matter to...
          Do Tesla stores still matter? Take our Twitter poll      Cache   Translate Page      
2017 Tesla Model XLast week, Tesla announced it would close all its stores. This week, it said it would keep most of them open. Lots of people have speculated about the causes and effects of both moves, from rent owed, to state statutes, to the logistics of test drives. Our question is, what do potential electric-car buyers think? DON'T MISS: Tesla will raise...
          Mitt Romney's unusual technique for blowing out birthday candles is puzzling the internet      Cache   Translate Page      

Mitt Romney's unusual technique for blowing out birthday candles is puzzling the internetIt's Mitt Romney's party, and he can blow out his candles however he wants to. Senator Mitt Romney posted a video on Twitter showing his staffers surprising him with a cake for his birthday on Tuesday made out of his favorite snacks, Twinkies. Now, we're not going to unpack Romney's favorite food opinions, but the rest of the video seems like a fairly normal birthday surprise. They sing "Happy Birthday," he jokes about eating the whole cake, and then things get, uh, interesting. > My team surprised me with a cake made out of my favorite snack--twinkies! Looking forward to all this year has in store.> > -- Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) March 12, 2019SEE ALSO: Barack Obama tweets inspiring thread to celebrate International Women's DayRomney displays an unusual technique to blowing out the candles. Instead of just blowing them out in one go, he plucks them off the cake and proceeds to blow them out individually, one by one. The whole process takes an only slightly awkward 30 seconds. Just like the candles on the cake, Twitter was ablaze with opinions. > Basement office. Drop ceiling. No art on the walls. "Cake" really just Stonehenged Twinkies. Is he being held hostage? Is this some role-playing thing that got out of hand?> > -- jeff (@fittedsweats) March 12, 2019> He's holding 11 candles, upright, at the same time!!> > -- Bradford Pearson (@BradfordPearson) March 12, 2019>> > -- Blame Truth (@RealBlameTruth) March 12, 2019> In a movie this is how you'd learn that the person you thought was your friend was actually an alien who'd invaded your friend's body.> > -- Bradford Pearson (@BradfordPearson) March 12, 2019> Everyone else in the room> > -- Mike Gragg (@mdgrogg32) March 12, 2019> the footages of mitt romney "blowing" "out" "his" "candles"> > -- hunter harris (@hunteryharris) March 12, 2019> I wish there had been like, 20 more candles on that cake.> > -- Zack Harold (@ZackHarold) March 12, 2019Although some on Twitter soon jumped to his defense, arguing that he was going for the more sanitary route. > Gotta say, though. I admire avoiding the whole "spit all over the cake" technique.> > -- The Rude Pundit (@rudepundit) March 12, 2019> Dude it's still flu season. Respect for Mitt's odd candle technique... sorry but I gotta defend here.> > -- Susie Felber (@susiefelber) March 12, 2019> I'd be the first to knock Romney, but it's flu season and blowing out candles is basically sneezing on the cake.> > -- Joey Pittsburgh (@joey_pittsburgh) March 12, 2019And they may have a point -- scientifically speaking, blowing out birthday candles may actually increase cake bacteria by up to 1,400 percent. Yum.UPDATE: March 12, 2019, 4:57 p.m. EDT TMZ caught up with Mitt Romney and asked him about his candle-blowing technique -- he ultimately confirmed Twitter's theory, stating "I have a bit of a cold and I didn't want to spray my germs all over the twinkies for everybody else to eat!" Mystery solved!  WATCH: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is giving Twitter classes to fellow Democrats

          Comment on Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi: The Poet of the Tunisia and Egyptian Revolution by Tweets that mention Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi: The Poet of the Tunisia and Egyptian Revolution | --      Cache   Translate Page      
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Fitzroy Morrissey and dalibjewi, Aasil. Aasil said: Poet of the revolution, Sidi el-Chebbi, #egypt #jan25 #tunisia #elsewhere [...]
          [Freelancer] Data Collection and Labeling      Cache   Translate Page      
From Freelancer // Extract the social network data of about 2Million Datapoints each. Comments two social networks like Twitter and Facebook and two online discussion forums Reddit, Digg, and Quora. Label the data either as sarcastic or not for all the datasets...
          Ann Coulter Bashes Trump As A ‘Shallow, Narcissistic Conman’       Cache   Translate Page      
Ann Coulter Bashes Trump As A ‘Shallow, Narcissistic Conman’

Poor Ann Coulter. She told the Palm Forum Club of the Palm Beaches luncheon that not only is she at at odds with the left and Republican Never-Trumpers, but also her true fans.

Grab her a tiny violin, please.

Coulter was responding to Trump's Twitter tirade against her.

          Venezuela da 72 horas a personal diplomático estadounidense para salir del país      Cache   Translate Page      
El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, anunció en Twitter el martes por la mañana que todos los funcionarios diplomáticos de los Estados Unidos tienen 72 horas para salir del país.
          Man tweets that his dad's new donut shop has no customers, response is overwhelmimg      Cache   Translate Page      

"My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop 😭," tweeted the son of the proprietor of Billy's Donuts in Missouri City, Texas. The brilliant marketing move resulted in a sell-out of donuts and kolaches.

From Houstonia:

By Sunday afternoon his tweet was retweeted more than 150,000 times. By Monday morning? More than 260,000 times. To put that in perspective, the 30th most retweeted tweet in Twitter history (by South Korean boy band BTS) has about 630,000 retweets.


On Monday morning, Billy was being interviewed by other local news stations and working on a potential CNN spot, while representatives from Twitter were on hand greeting customers. Yes, Twitter. They bought out the store for the morning, meaning everyone’s order was on them. (Representatives wouldn’t comment on the record about their presence at the shop.) And while Billy played gracious host, Satharith kept busy in the back, and an aunt worked the cash register. It all seemed surreal that within 48 hours, this family-owned Cambodian donut shop in Missouri City had become something of an epicenter of social media

Image: Twitter Read the rest

          What ephemeral messaging is good for      Cache   Translate Page      

A few years ago, a friend of mine, Nico Sell (who runs the Defcon kids' programming track r00tz) asked me to join the advisory board for her startup, Wickr, which does "ephemeral messaging," a subject that is greatly in the news with Facebook's recent announcement of a new kind of "ephemeral messaging" option.

I was very skeptical when Nico asked me to join Wickr's advisory because I thought that it wouldn't work: if I don't trust you and I send you a message, even a disappearing message, you might screenshot it or just take a picture of it with a camera before it disappears.

But Nico set me straight: Wickr is for people who trust each other's good intention, but not each other's ability to perfectly remember to delete stuff after they're done with it. This is a real problem for lots of us: I always assume that when I cross a border that anything on my phone might be liable to search and seizure, and since I have people who send me stuff in confidence (journalistic sources and even just friends discussing personal matters) I always go through all the different messaging systems I use and delete that stuff in advance.

Ephemeral messaging systems relieve people of that burden. I sometimes realize -- after crossing a border -- that I forgot to delete my Twitter DMs or some other obscure kind of message on my phone. I would love it if all the services I used let me set a default delete-by date of, say, one week. Read the rest

          Father Of The World Wide Web Warns "Perverse Incentives" Have Made The Internet "Dysfunctional"      Cache   Translate Page      

British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee - known as the inventor of the World Wide Web, says that the internet has become a cesspool of "clickbait and the viral spread of misinformation," which needs to be "changed for the better," reports CNBC

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Image via Wikimedia Commons

In a Monday letter marking 30 years since he created a blueprint for the WWW in March 1989, the 63-year-old Oxford/MIT professor outlined three "sources of dysfunction" affecting the internet today; malicious behavior such as state-sponsored hacking and online harassment, "perverse" incentives driving misinformation, and unintended negative consequences such as polarizing, unhealthy conversations. 

"Governments must translate laws and regulations for the digital age," said Berners-Lee. "They must ensure markets remain competitive, innovative and open."

Berners-Lee singled out Google and Facebook for rewarding clickbait and misinformation. He has previously knocked the tech giants for exploiting people's personal data. 

"Companies must do more to ensure their pursuit of short-term profit is not at the expense of human rights, democracy, scientific fact or public safety," reads the Monday letter. 

Last October, Berners-Lee's World Wide Web foundation released a new blueprint in order to help put the web back on its original course. Known as the "Contract for the Web," the plan calls for governments to ensure that everyone can connect to the internet - which is kept "available, all of the time," and respects people's "fundamental right to privacy." It also calls on businesses to make the internet affordable to everyone as well as respect data privacy rights. 

One pillar of the contract is treating the web as a basic right for everyone, an idea that is far from reality today. The World Bank estimates roughly half of the world's population still does not have access to the internet. In a report published Monday, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) found more than four in 10 rural households in OECD countries don't have access to the fast fixed broadband needed to support the Internet of Things, whereas nearly nine in 10 households in urban areas have fast connections. -CNBC

Berners-Lee told Vanity Fair last year that he was "devastated" over what the web had become, and had launched a new online platform and company, Inrupt - described as a "personal online data store," or pod, where everything from messages, music, contacts or other personal data will be stored in one place overseen by the user instead of an array of platforms and apps run by corporations seeking to profit off personal information. The project seeks “personal empowerment through data” and aims to "take back" the web, according to company statements. 

At MIT Berners-Lee has for years led a team on designing and building a decentralized web platform called 'Solid' — which will underlie the Inrupt platform. The Inrupt venture will serve as users' first access to the new Solid decentralized web:

If all goes as planned, Inrupt will be to Solid what Netscape once was for many first-time users of the web: an easy way in. And like with Netscape, Berners-Lee hopes Inrupt will be just the first of many companies to emerge from Solid.

“I have been imagining this for a very long time,” says Berners-Lee.

As described on the Solid and Inrupt websites the new platform will allow users to have complete control over their information 'pods' (an acronym for "personal online data store") — it is only they who will decide whether outside apps and sites will be granted access to it, and to what extent. 

In short, unlike Facebook or Twitter where all user information ultimately resides in centralized data centers and servers under control of the companies, applications on Inrupt will compete for users based on the services they can offer, and only the users can grant these apps "views" into their data, making personal data instantly portable between similar applications.

"The main enhancement is that the web becomes a collaborative read-write space, passing control from owners of a server, to the users of that system. The Solid specification provides this functionality," reads the website. 

Asked whether his plans could impact billion-dollar business models that profit off of controlling user data, Berners-Lee shot back: 

"We are not talking to Facebook and Google about whether or not to introduce a complete change where all their business models are completely upended overnight. We are not asking their permission." 

          La canciller hondureña recibe copias de estilo del nuevo embajador de Venezuela      Cache   Translate Page      

La Prensa

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

La canciller hondureña, María Dolores Agüero, recibió este lunes las copias de estilo del nuevo embajador designado de Venezuela por el autoproclamado presidente interino de ese país, Juan Guiadó, ante Honduras, Claudio Sandoval.

La ceremonia se celebró en la sede de la Cancillería con la participación, además, de la subsecretaria para Asuntos Consulares y Migratorios, Nelly Jerez; la subsecretaria para Asuntos de Cooperación y Promoción Internacional, Norma Cerrato, y la directora de Política Bilateral, Aracely Banegas.

Lea: Juan Guaidó, el discípulo de Leopoldo López que sorprende a VenezuelaEl Gobierno de Honduras otorgó el 31 de enero el beneplácito a Sandoval como representante diplomático del Gobierno del autoproclamado presidente interino de Venezuela, Juan Guaidó.

La ceremonia de ayer es previa a la presentación de cartas credenciales de Sandoval como nuevo embajador de Venezuela en Tegucigalpa al presidente hondureño, Juan Orlando Hernández.

Además: Desesperación y caos en Venezuela: miles están sin agua y sin energíaSandoval es abogado por la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello de Caracas y posee un postgrado en Derecho Internacional Público y Relaciones Internacionales en la Universidad de Leiden, Holanda.

&lt;amp-twitter width="375" height="472" layout="responsive" data-tweetid="1105225394519707650"&gt;&lt;/amp-twitter&gt;Además tiene una maestría en Derecho de la Georgia State University de los Estados Unidos, y ha sido consultor del Banco Mundial en proyectos de reforma judicial, estado de derecho y justicia en América Latina.

Ha escrito libros y ensayos especializados en materia jurídica y política, y dictado conferencias internacionales en materia de liderazgo emergente, democracia y derechos humanos, según señala un comunicado de la Cancillería hondureña.

Sandoval sustituye en el cargo a Filinto Durán, quien el 5 de febrero regresó a su país tras cumplirse los cinco días que el Gobierno de Honduras le dio para que lo abandonara.

El día de su regreso a Venezuela, el exembajador Durán dijo a periodistas en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Toncontín que la Embajada de su país queda al frente del ministro consejero y el primer secretario.

Agregó que ya se había "adaptado a este pueblo hermoso que es el pueblo hondureño" y que fue "el Gobierno hondureño quien decidió que saliera yo de Honduras".

Durán, quien ejerció como embajador de Venezuela durante cuatro años, enfatizó que no reconocía a Claudio Sandoval como su sucesor, designado por el autoproclamado presidente interino de Venezuela.

"Ese ciudadano no ha sido nombrado por nadie (.



), por un supuesto presidente que no sabemos", expresó Durán en alusión a Sandoval.

          Twitter Users Photoshop Matt Brickman Picture After Request From Jason DeRusha      Cache   Translate Page      
A simple tweet from WCCO Anchor Jason DeRusha yielded fantastic results Tuesday: "Feel free to Photoshop whatever you like behind Matt Brickman."
          Trump spoke to Boeing CEO after tweets about airplane safety -source      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump spoke to Boeing Co's chief executive, Dennis Muilenburg, on Tuesday, a source familiar with the matter said, after Trump posted comments on Twitter questioning whether airplanes have become too complex to fly safely. Additional details were not immediately available. Senators Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren called on the Federal...
          Spectacular Heineken St Maarten Regatta      Cache   Translate Page      
J/122 sailing Caribbean
J/122 and J/105s Collect Lots of Silverware!
(Simpson Bay, St. Maarten)- The 37-square-mile island of St. Maarten was first settled by the Arawaks and was discovered by Christopher Columbus on behalf of Spain in 1493. Columbus sighted the island on November 11th, the holy day of St. Martin of Tours, and so named the island after him. For the next 150 years the island was passed between Holland, England, France and Spain. The old stone forts that guard many of the island’s inlets are proof of the island’s turbulent past. In 1648, St. Maarten was peacefully divided between The Netherlands and France, and today is the smallest landmass in the world to be shared by two sovereign nations.

Continuing in the traditions of its seafaring heritage, the leadership on the island concluded they should invite yachtsmen from the Caribbean to enjoy their fun-loving approach to life and created the first St Maarten Regatta in 1980.  Now in its 39th year, the notion of having “Serious Fun” has evolved into the largest regatta on the winter Caribbean racing circuit- the wildly successful Heineken St. Maarten Regatta, sailed off Simpson Bay.
J/122 sailing St Maarten Heineken Regatta
The 2019 edition may be remembered as the “best ever” by the 110 teams and 1,500+ sailors; with simply amazing weather conditions all four days of the regatta from February 28th to March 3rd, Thursday to Sunday. All four days were marked by blazing sun, 10-20 kt tradewinds, 3-6 ft seas, and temperatures hovering in the low 80s.  Basically, postcard perfect, Chamber of Commerce sailing conditions.

Several J/Crews participated in this year’s event. The J/105s trounced their CSA 4 Racing class while the J/122s also pushed everyone hard in CSA 3 Racing class to collect more silverware for their trophy rooms! Following are the daily reports that outline the Serious Fun and hot racing action each day.
J/145 sailing off St Maarten in Caribbean
Day 1- Almost Perfect Sailing?
With near perfect conditions, the start of the regatta saw the fleet streaming out through the bridge in time for the race starts.  Boats set their sails as they headed towards the three separate start areas.  The wind, which had been fairly steady at 14 knots, piped up, sending some 20 knot gusts through the fleet, making for some white knuckle excitement amongst the crews.

In Marigot Bay, the ORC Performance fleet, along with the CSA classes 1, 2 and 3 had been set a windward-leeward course, which led to some extremely close competitive racing. A unique feature of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta is that all classes finish at the Heineken mark, close to the famous lifting bridge into the lagoon and the Port de Plaisance Marina where the majority of the boats are moored.  By 3pm, the boats were lining up to get through the bridge, with the customary celebrations, dancing and fancy dress to entertain the crowds, many with a welcome cold Heineken in hand!

After recuperating from the RORC Caribbean 600 Race, the J/145 KATARA, skippered by Roger Gatewood from St Petersburg, FL, managed a solid performance on the opening day in the seven-boat CSA 2 Racing class.  His largely Tampa Bay crew pulled off a 3rd and 4th to be sitting in third place.

Similarly, Pam Baldwin’s J/122 LIQUID from Antigua started off somewhat emphatically with a bullet in their first race of the eight-boat CSA 3 Racing class.  That opening gambit was followed up by a 4th in race two to close the day sitting in third position on the podium sitting just one point from first place.

The largest class in the regatta was the fifteen-boat CSA 4 Racing class.  Having such a large group of boats that ranged from 30 to 44 feet on the starting line made for some interesting (and harrowing) moments.  Reveling in the conditions was the classic J/30 BLUE PETER/ CARIBBEAN ALLIANCE INSURANCE, skippered by the Antiguan duo of Tanner & Shari; their 2-2 for just 4 pts. However, their points total was matched by the Barbados team on the J/105 WHISTLER, skippered by Peter Lewis; technically leading their fleet with a 3-1 for 4 pts, too.

Perhaps the craziest scenario that one could imagine took place on Jordan Mindich’s J/105 SOLSTICE. After rounding the weather mark in 1st place boat-for-boat in the fleet, they set the spinnaker, started to plane down a few waves, then lost their steering. Consequently, after spinning out, broaching, and getting the spinnaker down, they discovered their steering cable broke.  A quick “fix” was to insert the aluminum emergency tiller in place at the top of the rudder shaft and keep racing!  Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to steer a J/105 with a 3 foot tiller on a poorly-balanced rudder in big seas and big breeze. SOLSTICE salvaged a 7th in the first race and, still sailing with the short tiller, could only manage an 8th in the second race when the winds were blowing into the low 20's.
J/122 El Ocaso sailing St Maarten Heineken Regatta
Day 2- Best’est Day Ever?
Amazing, best day ever, champagne sailing, and wow, just wow, what a day! Those were just some of the words that were used to describe Friday’s Round the Island Race.  For some it was serious sailing, and for others “Serious Fun”; but every sailor coming ashore after this epic race had a different story to tell, an unforgettable experience to recount, and a memory to savor forever.

The Round the Island Race is one of the highlights of the four-day event.  For many, this race offers the first time to see the whole island from the unique perspective of the sea.  For those who have sailed the regatta many times before, they know the excitement of a reaching start, the long beat up the channel between St. Maarten and Anguilla, and the challenges of the big Atlantic swell and choppy seas past Pelikan Rocks at the far eastern end of the island before the final 6.0nm leg to the Heineken finish line off Simpson Bay.

It’s a game of catch up, with the slowest boats starting first, while the super-fast Maxis and Ocean Racing class start last.  With at least 25 nautical miles ahead, not counting the extra distance required as boats zig-zag up the beat, for many boats it was going to be an exhilarating, action packed ride, while for others it was a chance to relax, enjoy the sights and top up the tan.

Peter Lewis and his crew on the J/105 WHISTLER won CSA Class 4. “We got the best start, sped off, and never saw the others in our fleet again,” said Lewis.  Nevertheless, Lewis was chased hard by the re-energized team on the J/105 SOLSTICE; Mindich’s crew produced a great performance, taking 2nd place for a J/105 sweep of the top two spots, finishing just 1 min 52 sec behind.

Meanwhile, the J/122s loved the Round Island Race, with Baldwin’s LIQUID taking third place to hang onto their 3rd position overall; they were a scant 4 sec back on corrected time from second place!  Their stablemate, the J/122 EL OCASO sailed by TEAM SLOVAKIA also sailed fast to take fourth place just 45 secs behind on corrected.

Gatewood’s gorgeous J/145 KATARA again won the race on elapsed in CSA 2 Racing class, but could only manage a 4th on corrected.  Despite soundly beating two XP44s and a First 47.7 by at least eight minutes elapsed, they could not correct out on handicap time over those boats optimized for the Caribbean circuit- all sailing with #3 jibs of 102% to 109% LPs.  Later, the KATARA crew would lament that not getting rated with their 135% #2 cost them the series, e.g. an easy win!
J/105 sailing Caribbean St Maarten Heineken Regatta
Day 3- More Gorgeous Weather- Hallelujah!
Saturday’s racing saw some exciting starts and closely fought first beats.  With a more easterly breeze, the fleet again enjoyed 10-20 kt winds and big seas all day.

The CSA 2, CSA 3 and CSA 4 fleets had two short races, setting off from Simpson Bay to beat up to a windward mark set just off Fort Willem.

In the CSA 2 Class, the “pecking order” was beginning to manifest itself and continue, coincidentally, for the last three races of the regatta.  Winning every race boat-for-boat by at least 9-10 minutes was Gatewood’s J/145 KATARA.  Having consigned themselves to on-the-water victory, the crew made the most of it and partied home to the Heineken finish line, collecting two more 4th places to end the day in 4th overall.

Loving the format for the two races and loving the conditions were the twin J/122s.  The first race was shorter and took an hour elapsed, while the second was at least twice as long and took around two hours to complete.  In the first race, the corrected time spread for the top four boats was a mere 54 secs. Taking third was Baldwin’s LIQUID with a time of 54:54, while just 2 secs back was TEAM SLOVAKIA’s EL CASO finishing with 54:56! In the second, much longer, race, Baldwin’s LIQUID team launched themselves into a big lead and never looked back, winning the race by nearly 2 minutes corrected time.  That result put them into third overall with just one race left.  TEAM SLOVAKIA EL OCASO missed third by just 6 secs; they could be seen later mumbling in their Heineken pints about how they had left at least 30 secs on the race track due to boathandling errors!

In CSA 4 Class, there was a significant reshuffling of the leaderboard after two boats sailed the wrong course, most notably the regatta leader, the J/105 WHISTLER.  Sailing “lights out” was Mindich’s J/105 SOLSTICE, winning both races to vault up the ladder to second overall.  Lewis’ WHISTLER was DSQ’d in the 5th race for rounding the wrong mark.
Heineken St Maarten Regatta show
Day 4- Thrilling, Sparkling Finale!
On Sunday, the competitors were again greeted with the unforgettable memory of sparkling azure blue seas, sandy white beaches and windswept ragged rocks.

For the final day’s racing, Race Director Paul Miller and his team devised a format that would create a wall of sails as the boats streamed downwind to the Heineken finish marks.  Using two different start areas, the slower boats set off first, with all the boats sailing to the same first windward mark, before heading different course lengths along the south coast and for the faster, classes, up the east coast of St. Maarten, then turning back past Pelikan Rocks on a long spinnaker leg to the finish.

“We set courses of differing lengths, which will get as many boats as possible spinnaker sailing together back towards the finish, creating an amazing and memorable visual image of boats heading back towards the airport and bridge,” said Paul Miller.

For many classes, this final race would prove crucial to the overall results.  For some, their results had already ensured a place on the podium.  With the 15-18 knot trade winds, nearly all the boats chose to close tack up the shore, with the shifting wind and choppy seas approaching the famous Pointe Blanche, providing plenty of opportunities to win or lose places.
Super yachts at J/Boats regatta
CSA 4 class was won by Lewis’ J/105 WHISTLER who took the bullet in the final race to win the class overall. The skipper on SOLSTICE, Jordan Mindich commented, “it was a fun race against Peter’s team on WHISTLER. We rounded the Heineken Gate in the lead, expecting to win the final race, but a few crew errors on our part, and one last huge surf down a wave right at the finish by WHISTLER gave them the win by just 2 sec corrected. Congratulations to them, it was a well-deserved win overall.”

At the prize giving, Lewis’ WHISTLER was presented with the “Most Worthy Performance Overall” Trophy by the Minister of Tourism- Stuart Johnson.  Needless to say, the WHISTLER crew was jubilant, as it was the first time ever to win the honor.

In a similar fashion, CSA 3 Racing class had a very tense final race for the top three leading boats. Baldwin’s J/122 LIQUID again stomped, crushing their class with an emphatic boat-for-boat win by 3 min 30 sec, believing they had won the final race as they savored their beers after the finish. However, that huge margin on elapsed time was not enough, as they later discovered they took second place by a mere 4 sec on corrected time.  A bit frustrated they were! However, to add to their thrilling, anxious finale, that meant they were tied on points at 10 each with Scarlet Oyster; but won the tie-breaker to take the silver!

Meanwhile, Gatewood’s J/145 KATARA again won their class by over 4 min elapsed and, yet again, settled for fourth place to take fourth for the regatta in CSA 2 Racing class.

The Heineken St. Maarten Regatta delivered on its promise of four days of serious sailing, with upwind legs dousing the crews hiking on the rails with warm water from the waves breaking over them.  Spectacular champagne sailing with roller coaster downwind legs, with a myriad of colorful spinnaker kites flying in the trade winds.

For the sailors, the adrenalin of achieving the perfect start, the tension of getting the tactics right, the physical challenges of racing to the max, and the relief and jubilation as the boat crossed the famous Heineken finish line were all part of the serious sailing experience.

And, as the crew celebrated their day on the water, there was the fun of the boats jostling to get through the lifting bridge, with music, on-board dancing, outrageous dressing up, with the cheers and dousing from water pistols aimed at the boats from the crowds observing the procession from the Sint Maarten Yacht Club.  In the lagoon’s marinas, the crews cracked open ice cold Heineken and relaxed in the sun, chatted over the day’s activities before getting ready for the final night of Serious Fun.

Crews, families and friends savored the tasty offerings from local restaurants in the regatta village, sharing the banter with old friends and new, before the Regatta Village turned, yet again, into the best festival venue ever, with the massive stage set up for an outstanding line up of artists playing serious funk, Caribbean jam, hip hop to reggae, and the final night’s legendary sets from Shermanology, Orange Grove and The Jacksons.

It’s the combined mass of all these elements that make the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta a unique event attracting more than 1,500 sailors from 22 countries.  The event has seen widespread praise, enthusiasm and overwhelming support for everyone involved, especially in the wake of recovery from the devastation incurred by Hurricane Irma.  The most frequently used phrases heard from sailors during the week included, “a great day sailing”, “it’s the best”, “awesome” and “we’ve had an amazing time”.  In other words, “Serious Fun”!   Sailing photo credits- SaltyColours/ Laurens Morel

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Tuesday’s Odell Beckham Jr. trade sent the star receiver from the Giants to the Browns, and the reaction was swift. On Twitter, the deal quickly took over seven of the top 10 trending topics, with players, fans and pundits all chiming in. Here’s the reaction the explosive deal garnered on social media: a mix of...
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 06:00

மன்னார் குறூப் நிருபர்

மடு வலய மட்ட பாடசாலைகளுக்கிடையிலான தடகளப்போட்டியின் இறுதி நிகழ்வு கடந்த ஞாயிற்றுக்கிழமை(10) மாலை அடம்பன் மத்திய மகா வித்தியாலய பாடசாலை மைதானத்தில் இடம்பெற்றது.

மடு வலயக்கல்விப்பணிப்பாளர் கே.சத்தியபாலன் தலைமையில் இடம் பெற்றது.

கடந்த 07 ஆம் திகதி ஆராம்பமான போட்டியின் இறுதி நிழ்வில் விருந்தினர்களாக வவுனியா கல்வியல் கல்லூரியின் பீடாதிபதி கே.சுவர்ணராஜா,வடமாகாண உதவி கல்விப்பணிப்பாளர் ஆர்.ராஜசீலன் ஆகியோர் கலந்து கொண்டிருந்தனர்.

மடு வலயக்கல்வி பணிமனைக்குற்பட்ட 51 பாடசாலைகளைச் சேர்ந்த மாணவர்கள் குறித்த போட்டியில் கலந்துகொண்டிருந்தனர்.

வெற்றி பெற்ற மாணவர்களுக்கு சான்றிதழ், வெற்றிக் கேடையங்கள் விருந்தினர்களினால் வழங்கி கௌரவிக்கப்பட்டமை குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 01:00

சாய்ந்தமருது பிரதேச விளையாட்டுச் சங்கத்தின் தலைவராக சமுர்த்தி உதவி முகாமையாளர் றியாத் ஏ. மஜீத் தெரிவானார்.

சமுர்த்தி அபிவிருத்தி திணைக்களம் கிராமமட்ட விளையாட்டு அபிவிருத்தியை இலக்காக வைத்து சமுர்த்தி முகாமையாளர்கள் மற்றும் சமுர்த்தி அபிவிருத்தி உத்தியோகத்தர்களை உள்ளடக்கியதாக நாடளாவிய ரீதியில் பிரதேச செயலகங்கள் தோறும் பிரதேச விளையாட்டுச் சங்கங்களை அமைக்கும் வேலைத்திட்டத்தினை ஆரம்பித்துள்ளது.

சாய்ந்தமருது பிரதேச செயலக பிரதேச விளையாட்டுச் சங்க அங்குரார்ப்பன கூட்டமும் நிர்வாகத் தெரிவும் திங்கட்கிழமை (05) சாய்ந்தமருது பிரதேச செயலக கேட்போர் கூடத்தில் இடம்பெற்றது.

சாய்ந்தமருது பிரதேச செயலக சமுர்த்தி தலைமையக சிரேஷ்ட முகாமையாளர் ஏ.ஆர்.எம்.சாலிஹ் தலைமையில் இடம்பெற்ற இந்நிகழ்வில் சமுர்த்தி மகாசங்க முகாமைத்துவப் பணிப்பாளர் ஏ.எல்.யூ.ஜூனைதா, சமுர்த்தி திட்ட முகாமையாளர் ஏ.எம்.அப்துல் கபூர், சமுர்த்தி வங்கி முகாமையாளர் எம்.எஸ்.எம்.மனாஸ், சமுர்த்தி வலய உதவி முகாமையாளர் றியாத் ஏ.மஜீத், திட்ட உதவியாளர் எம்.எம்.எம்.முபாறக் உள்ளிட்ட சமுர்த்தி அபிவிருத்தி உத்தியோகத்தர்கள் என பலரும் கலந்து கொண்டனர்.

செயலாளராக சமுர்த்தி அபிவிருத்தி உத்தியோகத்தர் ஏ.எம்.நளீம், பொருளாளராக சமுர்த்தி வங்கி முகாமையாளர் எம்.எஸ்.எம்.மனாஸ், பிரதித் தலைவராக சமுர்த்தி அபிவிருத்தி உத்தியோகத்தர் யூ.எல்.ஜஃபர், உதவிச் செயலாளராக சமுர்த்தி அபிவிருத்தி உத்தியோகத்தர் எம்.எம்.ஜாபீர் ஆகியோர் தெரிவாகினர்.

பிரதேச விளையாட்டுச் சங்கத்தின் ஆலோசகர்களாக பிரதேச செயலாளர் ஐ.எம்.றிகாஸ் மற்றும் சமுர்த்தி தலைமையக சிரேஷ்ட முகாமையாளர் ஏ.ஆர்.எம்.சாலிஹ் ஆகியோர் செயற்படுவர்.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 01:00

உலகின் முன்னணி கால்பந்து அணிகளில் ஒன்றான ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணியின் புதிய பயிற்சியாளராக மீண்டும் சினேடின் சிடேன் நியமிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளார்.

10 மாதங்களுக்கு முன்னதாக அணியின் பயிற்சியாளர் பொறுப்பை துறந்த, 46 வயதான சினேடின் சிடேன், தற்போது அணியின் நிலையை கருத்திற் கொண்டு அணியை மீள கட்டியெழுப்புவதற்காக பயிற்சியாளர் பொறுப்பை ஏற்றுள்ளார். இதற்கமைய சினேடின் சிடேன், எதிர்வரும் 2022ஆம் ஆண்டு வரை தனது பயிற்சியாளர் பதவியை தொடர ஒப்பந்தம் செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளார்.

மீண்டும் அணியின் பொறுப்பினை ஏற்றதனை எண்ணி மிகவும் மகிழ்ச்சியடைவதாக, சினேடின் சிடேன், இதன்போது கூறியுள்ளார்.

தற்போது அணியின் பயிற்சியாளர் பொறுப்பை ஏற்றுள்ள சினேடின் சிடேன், இதற்கு முன்னதாக 3 ஆண்டுகளாக ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணியின் பயிற்சியாளராக செயற்பட்டுள்ளார்.

இவர் பயிற்சியாளராக இருந்த காலகட்டத்தில், ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணி, யு.இ.எப்.ஏ. சாம்பியன் லீக் கிண்ணத்தை மூன்று முறையும், பீபா கழக உலகக் கிண்ணத்தை இரண்டு முறையும், யு.இ.எப்.ஏ. சுப்பர் கிண்ணத்தை இரண்டு முறையும், லா லீகா கிண்ணத்தை ஒரு முறையும், சுப்பர் கோப்பா கிண்ணத்தை ஒரு முறையும் வென்றது.

சம்பியன் கிண்ணத்தை வென்றுக்கொடுத்த கையோடு கடந்த ஆண்டு மே மாதம் சினேடின் சிடேன், ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணியிலிருந்து விடைபெற்றுச் செல்ல, ஸ்பெயினின் ஜூலன் லோபெட்டிகுய், பயிற்சியாராக நியமிக்கப்பட்டார்.

எனினும் அவரது பயிற்சியில் திருப்தி இல்லாத ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணி நிர்வாகம், அவரின் ஒப்பந்தத்தை இரத்து செய்து, ஆர்ஜன்டீனாவின் முன்னாள் வீரரான சன்டியாகோ சொலாரியை பயிற்சியாளராக நியமித்தது.

அதன்பிறகு சற்று எழுச்சிக்கண்ட ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணி, சில வெற்றிகளை பதிவு செய்தாலும், பல அணிகளிடம் அவமான தோல்வியை சந்தித்தது.

குறிப்பாக அண்மையில் நடைபெற்ற அஜாக்ஸ் அணியுடனான சம்பியன்ஸ் லீக் இரண்டாவது லெக் போட்டியில், ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணி, 1-4 என்ற கோல்கள் கணக்கில் அவமான தோல்வியை சந்தித்து தொடரிலிருந்து வெளியேறியது.

அத்தோடு லா லிகாக கால்பந்து தொடரில், பரம எதிரியான பார்சிலோனா அணியுடனான தோல்வி, கோபா டெல் ரே தொடரிலிருந்து வெளியேற்றம் என ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணி படுதோல்வியை சந்தித்தது.

இதற்கிடையில், அதாவது சினேடின் சிடேனின் விலகலின் பின்னர், ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணி கழகங்களுக்கிடையிலான உலகக்கிண்ணத்தை மட்டுமே வென்றது.

இத்தனை தோல்விகளை கடந்து வந்தாலும், இறுதியாக நடைபெற்ற அஜாக்ஸ் அணியுடனான தோல்வி, அணி நிர்வாகத்தை மட்டுமல்ல இரசிகர்களையும் கடும் அதிருப்திக்குள்ளாக்கியது.

இதனால், அணியை மீள கட்டியெழுப்ப வேண்டுமென்ற நோக்கோடு, தற்போது சினேடின் சிடேனை மீண்டும் பயிற்சியாளராக ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணி நியமித்துள்ளது. ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணியின் சொந்த கால்பந்து தொடராக பார்க்கப்படும் லா லிகா கால்பந்து தொடரில், ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணி, 51 புள்ளிகளுடன் மூன்றாவது இடத்தில் உள்ளது.

ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணியிலிருந்து நட்சத்திர வீரரான கிறிஸ்டீயானோ ரொனால்டோ விலகி சென்றாலும், கேரத் பேல், செர்ஜியோ ரமோஸ், பென்சிமா உள்ளிட்ட பல நட்சத்திர வீரர்கள் அணியில் உள்ளனர்.

ஆகவே சினேடின் சிடேன், இவர்களை சரியாக வழிநடத்தி, மீண்டும் ரியல் மெட்ரிட் அணியை மீள கட்டியெழுப்புவார் என அணிக நிர்வாகம் மற்றும் இரசிகர்கள் என பலரும் நம்பிக்கை வெளியிட்டுள்ளனர்.

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          பங்களாதேஷ் அணிக்கு எதிரான டெஸ்ட் தொடரில் நியூசிலாந்து 2-0 முன்னிலை      Cache   Translate Page      
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 01:00

பங்களாதேஷ் மற்றும் நியூசிலாந்து அணிகளுக்கு இடையிலான இரண்டாவது டெஸ்ட் கிரிக்கெட் போட்டியில் நியூசிலாந்து அணி இன்னிங்ஸ் மற்றும் 12 ஓட்டங்களால் வெற்றி பெற்று மூன்று போட்டிகள் கொண்ட தொடரை 2--0 என கைப்பற்றியுள்ளது.

கடந்த 8ஆம் திகதி ஆரம்பமாகிய இப்போட்டி மழை காரணமாக முதல் இரண்டு நாட்களும் முழுமையாக கைவிடப்பட்டிருந்தது. போட்டியின் மூன்றாம் நாளான 10ஆம் திகதி நாணயச் சுழற்சியில் வெற்றி பெற்று பந்து வீசத் தீர்மானித்த நியூசிலாந்து அணி பங்களாதேஷ் அணியை 211 ஓட்டங்களுக்கு கட்டுப்படுத்தியிருந்தது.

தமது முதல் இன்னிங்ஸிற்காக பங்களாதேஷ் அணியின் துடுப்பாட்டத்தில் ஆரம்பத் துடுப்பாட்ட வீரர் தமீம் இக்பால் 74 ஓட்டங்களை பெற்றுக் கொடுத்திருந்ததுடன் ஏனைய வீரர்கள் குறைந்த ஓட்டங்களுடன் ஆட்டமிழந்தனர். பந்து வீச்சில் நீல் வெங்னர் நான்கு விக்கெட்டுகள் மற்றும் ட்ரென்ட் போல்ட் மூன்று விக்கெட்டுகள் என வீழ்த்தியிருந்தனர்.

பதிலுக்கு தமது முதல் இன்னிங்ஸில் துடுப்பெடுத்தாடக் களமிறமிறங்கிய நியூசிலாந்து அணியின் முதல் இரண்டு விக்கெட்டுகளையும் 8 ஓட்டங்களுக்குள் கைப்பற்றியிருந்தனர் பங்களாதேஷ் பந்துவீச்சாளர்கள். எனினும், மூன்றாவது விக்கெட்டுகாக அணித்தலைவர் கேன் வில்லியம்சன் மற்றும் ரோஸ் டைய்லர் ஆகியோர் இணைந்தனர். அணியின் ஓட்ட எண்ணிக்கை 38 ஆக இருந்த போது மீண்டும் மழை குறுக்கிட மூன்றாம் நாள் ஆட்டம் நிறைவுக்கு வந்தது.

நான்காவது நாளில் தமது இன்னிங்ஸை தொடர்ந்த நியூசிலாந்து மூன்றாவது விக்கெட் இணைப்பாட்டமாக 172 ஓட்டங்கள் பெற்றிருந்த போது கேன் வில்லியம்சன் 74 ஓட்டங்களுடன் வெளியேறினார். தொடர்ந்து சிறப்பாக விளையாடிய டைய்லர் தனது 18 ஆவது டெஸ்ட் சதத்தை பூர்த்தி செய்துடன் நான்காவது விக்கெட்டுக்காக டைய்லர் மற்றும் ஹென்ரி நிக்கலோஸ் ஆகியோர் இணைந்து 216 ஓட்டங்களை பகிர்ந்திருந்தனர்.

நிக்கலோஸ் 107 ஓட்டங்களுடனும் தனது மூன்றாவது இரட்டை சதத்தை பூர்த்தி செய்த டைய்லர் 200 ஓட்டங்களுடனும் ஆட்டமிழந்தனர். தொடர்ந்து நியூசிலாந்து அணி 221 ஓட்டங்களால் முன்னிலை பெற்று 432 ஓட்டங்கள் பெற்றிருந்த நிலையில் அணியின் 6 விக்கெட்டாக வொட்லிங்கின் ஆட்டமிழப்புடன் தமது இன்னிங்ஸை நிறுத்திக் கொண்டது.

பந்து வீச்சில் அபூ ஜாயித் மூன்று விக்கெட்டுகள் மற்றும் தைஜுல் இஸ்லாம் இரண்டு விக்கெட்டுகள் என கைப்பற்றியிருந்தனர்.

221 ஓட்டங்கள் பின்தங்கிய நிலையில் தமது இரண்டாவது இன்னிங்ஸிற்காக துடுப்பெடுத்தாடிய பங்களாதேஷ் அணி நான்காம் நாள் ஆட்ட நிறைவில் 3 விக்கெட்டுகளை இழந்து 80 ஓட்டங்கள் பெற்றிருந்தது.

மேலும் 141 ஓட்டங்கள் பின்தங்கிய நிலையில் நேற்று (12) ஐந்தாவது நாள் ஆட்டத்தில் தமது இரண்டாவது இன்னிங்ஸை தொடர்ந்த பங்களாதேஷ் அணி நியூசிலாந்து வேகப்பந்து வீச்சுக்கு ஈடுகொடுக்க முடியாமல் 209 ஓட்டங்களுக்கு சகல விக்கெட்டுகளையும் இழந்து இன்னிங்ஸ் மற்றும் 12 ஓட்டங்களால் தோல்வியை தழுவியது.

துடுப்பாட்டத்தில் அணித்தலைவர் மஹ்மதுல்லாஹ் 67 ஓட்டங்களையும் மொஹமட் மித்துன் 47 ஓட்டங்களையும் பெற்றுக் கொடுத்தனர். பந்து வீச்சில் வெங்னர் மற்றும் போல்ட் ஆகியோர் இணைந்து 9 விக்கெட்டுகளை கைப்பற்றியிருந்தது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

இவ்வெற்றியின் மூலம் ஏற்கனவே முதலாவது போட்டியில் இன்னிங்ஸ் மற்றும் 52 ஓட்டங்களால் வெற்றியீட்டியிருந்த நியூசிலாந்து அணி மூன்று போட்டிகள் கொண்ட தொடரில் 2-0 என முன்னிலை பெற்று தொடரை கைப்பற்றியுள்ளது. போட்டியின் ஆட்ட நாயகனாக இரட்டை சதம் விளாசிய ரோஸ் டைய்லர் தெரிவு செய்யப்பட்டார்.

இரு அணிகளுக்கும் இடையிலான தொடரின் மூன்றாவது போட்டி எதிர்வரும் சனிக்கிழமை (16) ஆரம்பமாகவுள்ளது.

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          அக்கரைப்பற்று கிங்ஸ்போ கழக வீரர்கள் கௌரவிப்பு      Cache   Translate Page      
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 06:00

அக்கரைப்பற்று கிங்ஸ்போ விளையாட்டுக் கழகத்தின் ஏற்பாட்டில் திறமைகாட்டிய வீரர்கள் கௌரவிப்பு நிகழ்வு கழகத்தலைவர் எம்.எம்.சஜீர் தலைமையில் அக்கரைப்பற்று கடற்கரை சலீம் வரவேற்பு மண்டபத்தில் நடைபெற்றது.

சுகாதார இராஜாங்க அமைச்சரின் இணைப்புச் செயலாளர் ஏ.எல்.தவத்தின் ஏற்பாட்டில் நடைபெற்ற இந்நிகழ்வில் முஸ்லிம் காங்கிரஸ் தலைவர் அமைச்சர் ரவூப் ஹக்கீம் பிரதம அதிதியாகவும்,நகர அபிவிருத்தி நீர்வழங்கல் மற்றும் உயர் கல்வி அமைச்சரின் ஒருங்கிணைப்புப் பாராளுமன்ற உறுப்பினர் ஏ.எல்.எம்.நஸீர் கௌரவ அதிதியாகவும் கலந்து கொண்டனர்.

இக்கழகத்தின் வளர்ச்சிக்காக அர்ப்பணிப்புகளுடன் செயற்பட்டுவரும் வீரா்கள் இதன்போது வருகை தந்த அதிதிகளினால் பதக்கம் அணிவிக்கப்பட்டு பாராட்டப்பட்டனர்.

கழகத்தின் செயற்பாடுகளுக்காக அமைச்சர் றவூப் ஹக்கீமின் சொந்த நிதி ஒரு இலட்சம் ரூபாவை கழகத்தலைவரிடம் வழங்கி வைத்தார். இந்நிகழ்வில் நகர அபிவிருத்தி நீர்வழங்கல் மற்றும் உயர் கல்வி அமைச்சரின் இணைப்புச் செயலாளர் றஹ்மத் மன்சூர், பிரதேச சபைன் உறுப்பினர் தமீம் ஆப்தீன்,கிங்ஸ்போ விளையாட்டுக் கழகத்தின் ஆலோசகர் என்.ரீ.முகம்மட் அஸ்மத் உட்பட பலர் கலந்து கொண்டனர்.

(ஒலுவில் கிழக்கு தினகரன் நிருபர்)

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          நெஸ்லே அனுசரணையில் அகில இலங்கை பாடசாலைகளுக்கிடையிலான சிறுவர் மெய்வல்லுனர் போட்டி      Cache   Translate Page      
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 06:00

215 அணிகள் பங்கேற்பு

நெஸ்லே அனுசரணையில் அகில இலங்கை பாடசாலைகளுக்கிடையிலான சிறுவர் மெய்வல்லுனர் போட்டி அண்மையில் கண்டி போகம்பறை மைதானத்தில் இடம்பெற்றது. இந்த போட்டிகளில் தரம் 3 மாணவர்கள் பங்கேற்றனர்.2544 மாணவர்களில் 215 அணிகள் பங்கேற்றன.இப் போட்டிக்கு பிரதம அதிதியாக மத்திய மாகாண கல்விப் பணிப்பாளர் திலக் ஏக்கநாயக்க கலந்து கொண்டார்.

ஆண்களுக்கான போட்டியில் முதலிடத்தை கினிகத்தேன்ன ஆரம்ப பாடசாலையும் இரண்டாம் இடத்தை ஜயவர்தனபுர குணசேர வித்தியாலயமும் மூன்றாமிடத்தை மாத்தறை ராகுல வித்தியாலயமும் தெரிவானது.

பெண்களுக்கான போட்டியில் முதலிடத்தை ஹோமாகம மஹகாக்க ஆரம்ப பாடசாலையும் இரண்டாமிடத்தை கண்டி பெண்கள் உயர்தர பாடசாலையும் மூன்றாமிடத்தை கேகாலை கலிகமுவ ஆரம்ப பாடசாலையும் தெரிவானது.

கலப்பு முறையில் இடம்பெற்ற போட்டிகளில் முதலிடத்தை ஹற்றன் அல்பியன் தமிழ் வித்தியாலயமும் இரண்டாமிடத்தை கொத்மலை ஆனந்த திஸாநாயக்க வித்தியாலயமும் மூன்றாமிடத்தை ஹற்றன் செலிவேட்டோ தமிழ் வித்தியாலயமும் தெரிவானது.

ஏ.ஆர். பரீத்

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          கல்முனை உவெஸ்லி- காரைதீவு விபுலாநந்தா அணிகள் இன்று மோதல்      Cache   Translate Page      
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 06:00

'கிழக்கு கரையோரச்சமர்' என வர்ணிக்கப்படும் காரைதீவு விபுலாநந்தா மத்திய கல்லூரிக்கும் கல்முனை உவெஸ்லி உயர்தர கல்லூரிக்குமிடையிலான மாபெரும் கிரிக்கெட் போட்டி இன்று 12ஆம் திகதி செவ்வாய்க்கிழமை காரைதீவு விபுலாநந்தா மைதானத்தில் நடைபெறவுள்ளது.

வரலாற்றில் டெலிகொம் நிறுவன அனுசரணையுடன் நடைபெறும் முதலாவது கன்னிப்போட்டியாக இது அமைகிறது.

காலை 9 மணிக்கு காரைதீவு விபுலாநந்தா மைதானத்தில் இடம்பெறும் போட்டியை பிரதம அதிதி பாராளுமன்ற உறுப்பினர் க. கோடீஸ்வரன் அங்குரார்ப்பணம் செய்துவைக்கவிருக்கிறார்.

இருபாடசாலைகளின் அதிபர்களான தி.வித்யாராஜன், வ.பிரபாகரன் ஆகியோர் தலைமையில் அங்குரார்ப் பண வைபவம் நடைபெறவிருக்கிறது.

காரைதீவு விபுலாநந்தா அணியில் எம்.சஞ்சீவ்(தலைவர்) எ.தேவசாகர்(உபதலைவர்) எஸ்.அஜித்குமார் எஸ்.ஜனோஜ் கே.திலக்ஷன் ஜி.விதுசன்ன் எஸ்.சோபிதாஸ் எஸ்.புவேந்திரா ஜெ.ஜதுஷாகர் ஆர்.பிரபாதாசன் ஆர்.டிசாந் யு.சனுஷாந் ரி.சிருஸ்காந் எஸ்.கஜானந் எஸ்.கோசிகன் ஆகியோர் இடம்பெற்றுள்ளனர்.

கல்முனை உவெஸ்லி அணியில் ஜி.வினோஜித்(தலைவர்) என்.நிரோஸ்காந்(உப -தலைவர்) எஸ்.நிப்ராஸ் யு.எல்.எம்.பர்சாத் எம்.சதுஸன் எம்.நப்றிஸ் ரி.சுகேஸ் ரி.பிரவீன் கே.எம்.ஆசாத் எ.ஹரிசன் ஐ.டிசார்கன் ஜி.சன்ஜித் ரி.ஹரிஸ் எஸ்.மேஷாக் பி.தஷாஞ்ஜன் ஆகியோர் இடம்பெற்றுள்ளனர்.

முத்தமிழ்வித்தகர் சுவாமி விபுலாநந்த அடிகளார் பிறந்த மற்றும் கல்விபயின்ற இடங்கள் என்ற அடிப்படையில் காரைதீவு, கல்முனை அணிகள் தெரிவுசெய்யப்பட்டன என்று அனுசரணையாளர்களான டெலிகொம் நிறுவன பிராந்திய முகாமையாளர் பொறியியலாளர் பிரான்சிஸ் நியூட்டன் நிசாந்த் தெரிவித்தார்.

கௌரவ அதிதிகளாக கல்முனை வலயக் கல்விப் பணிப்பாளர் எம்.எஸ்.அப்துல்ஜலீல், பிரதேச செயலாளர்களான ஜே.அதிசயராஜ், வி.ஜெகதீசன், காரைதீவு பிரதேசசபைத் தவிசாளர் கே.ஜெயசிறில், ரெலிகொம் நிறுவனத்தின் வட-கிழக்குப்பிராந்திய பொதுமுகாமையாளர் பொறியியலாளர் எ.கிருபாகரன், பிரதிப்பொது முகாமையாளர் பொறியியலாளர் வை.கோபிநாத், சந்தைப்படுத்தல் பிரதிப்பொதுமுகாமையாளர் பொறியியலாளர் அனுருத்தசூரியாராய்ச்சி, பிராந்திய முகாமையாளர் பொறியியலாளர் நியுட்டன் நிசாந்த் , சந்தைப்படுத்தல் பொறியிலாளர் டி.எஸ்.பி.மாபா ஆகியோர் கலந்துசிறப்பிக்கவிருக்கின்றனர்.

சிறப்பு அதிதிகளாக கல்முனை பொலிஸ்நிலையப்பொறுப்பதிகாரி எஸ்.கே.ஜெயநித்தி, சம்மாந்துறை பொலிஸ் நிலையப் பொறுப்பதிகாரி எம்.கே. இப்னுஅசார், கல்முனை வலய பிரதிக்கல்விப்பணிப்பாளர் எஸ்.புவனேந்திரன், உதவிக்கல்விப்பணிப்பாளர் யு.எல்.மொகமட் சாஜித், ஆசிரிய ஆலோசகர் ஜ.எல்.எம்.இப்றாகிம், பாடசாலை அபிவிருத்திச்சங்க செயலாளர்களான ஜே.பத்தலோமியஸ், எம்.சிதம்பரநாதன் பழைய மாணவர் சங்கச் செயலாளர்களான டாக்டர்.என்.ரமேஸ், வி.விஜயசாந்தன், கிழக்கு மாகாண கிரிக்கெட் ஒன்றிய செயலாளர் சிதத்லியனாராய்ச்சி ஆகியோர் கலந்து கொள்வார்கள்.

வரலாற்றில் முதற்றடவையாக நடைபெறவிருக்கும் இப்பெருஞ்சமர் பார்வையாளர்களுக்கு விருந்துபடைக்குமென எதிர்பார்க்கலாம்.

காரைதீவு குறூப் நிருபர்

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          ரோஸ் டெய்லர் இரட்டை சதம்; நியூசிலாந்து 432 ஓட்டங்கள்      Cache   Translate Page      
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 06:00

பங்களாதேஷ் அணிக்கு எதிராக 2-வது டெஸ்ட் போட்டியில் ரோஸ் டெய்லரின் இரட்டை சதத்தால் நியூசிலாந்து அணி 432 ஓட்டங்களை பெற்றது.

நியூசிலாந்து- பங்களாதேஷ் அணிகள் மோதும் 2-வது மற்றும் கடைசி டெஸ்ட் போட்டி வெலிங்டனில் நடைபெற்று வருகிறது.

முதல் 2 நாள் ஆட்டமும் மழையால் ரத்து செய்யப்பட்டது. பங்களாதேஷ் முதல் இன்னிங்சில் 211 ஓட்டங்கள் எடுத்தது. பின்னர் முதல் இன்னிங்சை ஆடிய நியூசிலாந்து 3-வது நாள் ஆட்டத்தின் முடிவில் 2 விக்கெட் இழப்புக்கு 38 ஓட்டங்கள் எடுத்து இருந்தது. நேற்று 4-வது நாள் ஆட்டம் நடந்தது. தொடர்ந்து விளையாடிய நியூசிலாந்து 6 விக்கெட் இழப்புக்கு 432 ஓட்டங்கள் குவித்து ஆட்டத்தை இடைநிறுத்தியது.

முன்னாள் தலைவர் ரோஸ் டெய்லர் அபாரமாக விளையாடி இரட்டை சதம் அடித்தார். அவர் 212 பந்துகளில் 200 ஓட்டங்கள் குவித்தார். அவரது 3-வது இரட்டை சதமாகும். நிக்கோலஸ் சதம் அடித்தார். அவர் 107 ஓட்டங்களும், தலைவர் வில்லியம்சன் 74 ஓட்டங்கள் எடுத்தனர். 221 ஓட்டங்கள் பின்தங்கிய நிலையில் 2-வது இன்னிங்சை ஆடிய பங்களாஷே அணி 4-வது நாள் ஆட்ட நேர முடிவில் 80 ஓட்டங்களில் 3 விக்கெட் இழந்தது.

இன்று போட்டியின் இறுதி நாளாகும்.

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Samsung lanzaría una versión más barata del Galaxy S10e#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\

Samsung estaría pensando en una versión todavía más barata del Galaxy S10e, con prestaciones recortadas pero manteniendo el potente procesador.

Con la serie Galaxy S10 ya en el mercado, algunos se preguntan cuál será el siguiente paso de Samsung. Al parecer el fabricante estaría trabajando en una versión más económica del Galaxy S10. El rumor viene de Twitter y ha sido reportado por 91Mobiles, quien dice que este terminal sería todavía más barato que el Galaxy S10e.

Samsung usaría el procesador Snapdragon 855 presente en el S10e, pero reduciría las prestaciones del móvil lo más posible. Los cambios evidentes se verían en el cambio de pantalla, menor cantidad de RAM, almacenamiento y los acabados del smartphone. De ser cierto estaríamos ante el modelo más económico de la serie S10, aunque honestamente no sabemos si esto podría materializarse.

Actualmente el Galaxy S10e es el terminal más básico de esta familia. Samsung lo ha definido como un smartphone de gama alta para aquellos que buscan características esenciales. Si bien los ajustes en el tamaño, la cámara y el sensor de huellas son evidentes. Por dentro cuenta con prestaciones de un gama alta que lo hacen un digno integrante de la serie S10.

Una versión más económica de este terminal lo dejaría como puente entre el S10 y la gama media. Tal vez pueda ser una versión pensada para mercados asiáticos para comercializarse como un potente teléfono con precio asequible.

Recordemos que Samsung tiende a hacer ajustes de procesador en diversos mercados (Exynos y Snapdragon) y un S10 con Snapdragon 855 no suena nada mal, sobre todo si pensamos que es el chip que impulsa a la gama alta del fabricante: desde el S10e hasta el S10 5G.

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Filtradas diez nuevas leyendas de ‘Apex Legends’#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\

La comunidad de Reddit ha filtrado los nombres e imágenes de 10 nuevas leyendas que llegarán próximamente a 'Apex Legends'

Apex Legends es un fenómeno de los videojuegos actualmente, por lo que no debería causar sorpresa que algunos curiosos se mantengan buscando los contenidos que se agregarán próximamente al juego. Probablemente la mayor sorpresa que guardaba Respawn Entertainment eran las nuevas leyendas, pero una filtración reciente ha expuesto una decena de personajes que hasta el momento no han sido presentados oficialmente.

Usuarios de Reddit han inspeccionado los archivos y el código del juego en su versión de PC, encontrando los nombres e imágenes de 10 nuevas leyendas que llegarán al battle royale con el paso de los meses:

  • Crypto
  • Husaria
  • Jericho
  • Nomad
  • Octane
  • Prophet
  • Rampart
  • Rosie
  • Skunner
  • Wattson

Dos de ellas, Octane y Wattson, ya se habían revelado con anterioridad, pero del resto no se tenía dato alguno. El usuario de Twitter @frozenfroh editó el material para agregarlo a la pantalla de selección de personajes:

No se sabe en qué momento aterrizarán en el título, aunque los rumores apuntan a que el primer Pase de Temporada podría ofrecer acceso al menos a un par de ellos. El resto seguramente formarán parte de las siguientes temporadas que llegarán en el presente año. En las últimas horas ha circulado el rumor de que el primero Season Pass tendrá un precio de 10 dólares, ideal para mantener activos a los millones de jugadores.

La semana anterior, Apex Legends recibió una de sus actualizaciones más importantes hasta la fecha. Se realizaron ajustes a personajes y armas, además de resolver diversos fallos reportados por la comunidad. Respawn tomó en cuenta los comentarios de los usuarios, mostrando su compromiso con escuchar a las personas que disfrutan el Free to Play.

          Twitter sicher nutzen – Die Datenschutzeinstellungen ausführlich erklärt      Cache   Translate Page      

In Sachen Daten kann Twitter fast genauso neugierig sein wie Facebook und möchte sogar wissen, welche anderen Apps genutzt werden. Man kann jedoch die Datenschutzeinstellungen umfangreich einstellen, wie „Checked4You“ erklärt. Diese Einstellungen kann man sowohl auf dem Smartphone als auch am Desktop vornehmen. Wo finde ich die Einstellungen? Dazu tippt ihr auf dem Smartphone einfach […]

Dieser Artikel Twitter sicher nutzen – Die Datenschutzeinstellungen ausführlich erklärt, verfasst von Ralf Nowotny, erschien zuerst auf mimikama.

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O Conselho Nacional do Ministério Público (CNMP) decidiu hoje (12), por maioria de votos, aplicar duas penas de censura pública à procuradora do Ministério Público de Minas Gerais Camila Fátima Teixeira, por ofensas publicadas no Twitter contra ministros do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF). A pena de censura consiste na crítica pública feita por um órgão sobre […]

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          Twitter executives could face 7-year jail term      Cache   Translate Page      
The warning from the government, which follows 'clearance from the top echelons' within the government, comes just as the global micro-blogging giant faced the heat from a parliamentary standing committee over perceived biases in blocking accounts ahead of the general election.
           Comment on Feminist Writer Sues Twitter Over Ban For Transgender Tweets by Kevinpat       Cache   Translate Page      
Senuke Tng Reviews-Can Senuke Tng Make Your Affiliate Marketing:
          CNP dice Luis Carlos está por ser liberado pero SNTP asegura que no está confirmado      Cache   Translate Page      

El Colegio Nacional de Periodistas (CNP) anunció a través de su cuenta Twitter que el periodista Luis Carlos Díaz, desaparecido por el Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia (Sebin) este lunes a las 5:30 p.m., fue liberado la tarde de este martes. Poco después detallaron por la misma vía que se encuentra en trámites su liberación.
El periodista [...]

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          EastEnders star assures fans she's "fine" after reports of attack -      Cache   Translate Page      
EastEnders star assures fans she's "fine" after reports of attack

EastEnders star Katie Jarvis has assured her Twitter followers that she's "absolutely fine" after reportedly being involved in a pub altercation over the weekend.

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Family sexual abuse and the lessons of Leaving Neverland. by Dan Savage

My grandfather was a pillar of the community and beloved by his family. He was also sexually abusive. He died when I was a child. I remember only one incident happening to me—during a cuddle session, he encouraged me to put my mouth on his penis, and then told me to let it be our little secret. I heard rumors as an adult that he molested other kids in the neighborhood. He also had a sexual relationship with my mother. She says nothing happened as a child. But as an adult, he started telling her he loved her in a romantic way. He told her he wanted to take nude Polaroids of her, and she let him. And she loved him—she and her sisters all pretty much idolized him. My one aunt knew (she said nothing happened to her), and I asked her how she reconciled that. She said she compartmentalized it—she thought he was a wonderful father and didn't really think about the other stuff. I did lots of therapy in the late 1980s and early '90s. I read books, I journaled, I talked to my mom and tried to understand what she experienced. And I moved on as much as anyone could. So now it's 2019 and I'm almost 50. My mom just moved into a nursing home, and while cleaning out her drawers, I found the Polaroids my grandfather took of her. I know it was him because he is in some of them, taken into a mirror as she goes down on him. They were taken over a period of years. She had led me to believe he never really did anything sexual with her besides taking photos. But he did. And here's the thing, Dan: In the photos, she looks happy. I know she was probably acting, because that's what he wanted from her. But it just makes me question my assumptions. Was it terrible abuse or forbidden love? Both? What am I looking at? What would I prefer—that she enjoyed it or that she didn't? She kept the photos. Were they fond memories? I know she loved him. She kind of fell apart when he died. Was he a fucking manipulator who had a gift for making his victims feel loved and special as he exploited them for his own selfish needs? I don't know if I'm going to bring this up with my mom. She's old and sick, and I dragged her through these types of conversations in my 20s. So I'm writing you. This is so far out of most people's experience, and I want someone who has heard more sexual secrets than probably anyone else in the world to tell me what he thinks.

Whirlwind Of Emotions

I think you should sit down and watch all four hours of Leaving Neverland, the new HBO documentary by British filmmaker Dan Reed. It focuses on the experiences of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, two now-adult men who were sexually abused by pop star Michael Jackson when they were boys. Allegedly. It's an important film to watch, WOE, but it's not an easy one to watch, as it includes graphic descriptions of the sexual abuse both men claim to have suffered as boys.

The second most disturbing part of the film after the graphic descriptions of child rape—or the third most disturbing part after the credulity/culpability of Robson's and Safechuck's parents—may be what the men have to say about Jackson. Both describe their abuser in romantic terms. They both say they loved Jackson. And they both remain deeply conflicted about their feelings for Jackson then and their feelings for him now. It was their affection for Jackson—their desire to protect him and to safeguard what Jackson convinced both of them was a secret and a bond they shared—that led both men to lie to law-enforcement officials when Jackson was accused of sexually abusing different boys.

You should also listen to Reed's interview on The Gist, Mike Pesca's terrific daily podcast. Reading your letter the morning after I watched Leaving Neverland reminded me of something Reed said to Pesca: "What the film is about is the reckoning. It's two families coming to terms with what happened to their sons. And a big part of understanding that, you know—so why the silence? Why did the sons keep silent for so long? Why did they keep the secret? And the key really is to be able to explain why Wade gave false witness and perjured himself on the witness stand. And the reason for that, of course, has to do with how survivors of sexual abuse experience that. And how they keep a secret and how they sometimes form deep attachments with the abuser and how that attachment persists into adult life."

Your mother, like Robson and Safechuck, lied to protect her abuser, a man who abused her and abused you and probably many others. She may have held on to those photos for the same reason Robson and Safechuck say they defended Jackson: She loved her father, and she was so damaged by what he did to her—she had been so expertly groomed by her abuser—that she felt "loved" and "special" in the same way that Jackson's alleged abuse once made Robson and Safechuck feel loved and special. So as horrifying as it is to contemplate, WOE, your mother may have held on to those photos because they do represent what are, for her, "fond memories." And while it would be a comfort to think she held on to those photos as proof for family members who doubted her story if she ever decided to tell the truth, her past defenses of her father work against that explanation.

Leaving Neverland demonstrates that sexual abuse plants a ticking time bomb inside a person—shit, sorry, no passive language. Leaving Neverland demonstrates that sexual predators like your grandfather and like Jackson—fucking manipulators with a gift for making their victims feel loved and special—plant ticking time bombs in their victims. Even if a victim doesn't initially experience their abuse as a violation and as violence, WOE, a reckoning almost inevitably comes. One day, the full horror of what was done to them snaps into focus. These reckonings can shatter lives, relationships, and souls.

It doesn't sound like your mother ever had her reckoning—that day never came for her—and so she never came to grips with what was done to her and, tragically, what was done to you. And your aunt wasn't the only member of your family who "didn't really think about the other stuff." Just as denial and compartmentalization enabled Jackson and facilitated his crimes (and allowed the world to enjoy Jackson's music despite what was staring us all in the face), denial and compartmentalization allowed your "pillar of the community" grandfather to rape his daughter, his granddaughter, and scores of other children. Like Robson and Safechuck, WOE, you have a right to be angry with the adults in your family who failed to protect you from a known predator. That some of them were also his victims provides context, but it does not exonerate them.

I'm glad your grandfather died when you were young. It's tempting to wish he'd never been born, WOE, but then you would never have been born, and I'm glad you're here. I'm particularly glad you're there, right now, embedded in your damaged and damaging family. By telling the truth, you're shattering the silence that allowed an abuser to groom and prey on children across multiple generations of your family. Your grandfather can't victimize anyone else, WOE, but by speaking up—by refusing to look the other way—you've made it harder for other predators to get away with what your grandfather did.

P.S. There's a moment in the credits for Leaving Neverland that I think you might want to replicate. It involves some things one of Jackson's alleged victims saved and a fire pit. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

On the Lovecast: Yikes! It's the trigger show. Listen at

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          Obrador y Bukele discuten estrategias para frenar migración      Cache   Translate Page      

La Prensa

Ciudad de México.

Las migraciones forzadas de Centroamérica protagonizaron el encuentro privado que mantuvieron este martes el presidente mexicano, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, y el mandatario electo de El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, en el Palacio Nacional de Ciudad de México.

"Platicamos con el presidente electo de El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, sobre la cooperación para el desarrollo como opción para atemperar el fenómeno migratorio", publicó en Twitter el mandatario mexicano al terminar el encuentro que tuvo lugar en la sede del Ejecutivo mexicano.

El mensaje estuvo acompañado de una fotografía de ambos líderes políticos sonrientes y estrechándose la mano en un encuentro en que el presidente mexicano iba vestido con un clásico traje con corbata mientras que el político salvadoreño vestía una camisa blanca abierta con un pañuelo morado en el bolsillo del abrigo.

&lt;amp-twitter width="375" height="472" layout="responsive" data-tweetid="1105604397634150404"&gt;&lt;/amp-twitter&gt;A su salida del Palacio Nacional, situado en la céntrica plaza del Zócalo de la capital mexicana, Bukele declaró brevemente ante la prensa que apoya el plan de desarrollo de Centroamérica que promueve López Obrador para frenar la migración forzada.

Previamente, el salvadoreño había publicado en Twitter que en la reunión "fortaleceremos las relaciones con nuestro país hermano y les propondremos diseñar juntos una política que reduzca la migración forzada, generando seguridad y más oportunidades".

Desde octubre del año pasado, varias caravanas de migrantes, formadas por personas de Honduras, El Salvador y Guatemala que huían de la violencia y la pobreza, entraron en México para dirigirse a Estados Unidos.

El Gobierno estadounidense, liderado por Donald Trump, optó por bloquear la frontera con México y aumentar las restricciones para la entrada de los migrantes, que se fueron acumulando en la fronteriza ciudad mexicana de Tijuana junto con grupos de otras caravanas llegadas meses antes.

Este lunes, en su informe sobre sus primeros 100 días de mandato, López Obrador sostuvo que su Gobierno "no está a favor del uso de la fuerza para contener la migración" sino que busca "atender las causas que la originan" como la violencia y la falta de empleo.

Por ello, aseveró que su Ejecutivo quiere cooperar con el Gobierno estadounidense, que tiene el "compromiso" de invertir al menos 2,500 millones de dólares en los países centroamericanos y 4,800 millones en México para impulsar el desarrollo económico.

"Esta política se enmarca en la propuesta de crear una cortina de desarrollo para convertir la migración en voluntaria, no en un acto forzado por la carencia y la inseguridad", dijo.

Vea: Demócratan presentan ley para legalizar a inmigrantes con TPSEsta fue la primera visita de Bukele, de la derechista Gran Alianza por la Unidad Nacional (GANA), a México tras su victoria en las pasadas elecciones presidenciales del 3 de febrero.

A pesar de sus diferencias ideológicas, el ganador de las elecciones presidenciales de El Salvador comparte con el presidente mexicano un férreo discurso contra la corrupción que puede ayudar a estrechar los lazos entre ambos países, según expertos.

Además ambos comparten una imagen de líderes antisistema a pesar de haber protagonizado largas carreras políticas.

López Obrador gobernó Ciudad de México entre 2000 y 2006 y Bukele fue alcalde de Nuevo Cuscatlán de 2012 a 2015 y de San Salvador de 2015 a 2018.

Y la persistencia también une a López Obrador y a Bukele, quienes orquestaron escisiones dentro de sus partidos para poder concurrir en las presidenciales.

          Piden investigar muerte de turista británica en Guatemala      Cache   Translate Page      

La Prensa

Ciudad de Guatemala.

Diferentes organizaciones de turismo de Guatemala pidieron este martes a las autoridades investigar y dar con los responsables de la muerte de la turista británica Catherine Shaw, de 23 años.

"Hacemos un llamado a las autoridades, especialmente a la Fiscalía de delitos Contra Turistas del Ministerio Público (MP), Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Forenses (Inacif), Ministerio de Gobernación y a la Dirección General de la Policía Nacional Civil a fin de realizar a la brevedad las investigaciones necesarias para establecer la causa de su muerte", aseguraron.

&lt;amp-twitter width="375" height="472" layout="responsive" data-tweetid="1105375372076445697"&gt;&lt;/amp-twitter&gt;El comunicado está firmado por el Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (estatal), la Cámara de Turismo de Guatemala, sus gremiales y filiales; la Asociación de Exportadores de Guatemala, el Buró de Convenciones y la Fundación para la Promoción de la Ciudad de Guatemala, quienes enviaron además el pésame y sus condolencias a la familia.

Shaw, quien había estado viajando durante tres meses y previo a llegar a Guatemala había estado en la ciudad de México, desapareció el pasado lunes en el poblado de San Juan La Laguna y, según la Policía, fue hasta el jueves 7 de marzo cuando su compañera de viaje activó la alerta Isabel Claudina (para mujeres desaparecidas) "luego de no localizarla en el hotel donde se hospedaba".

El cadáver fue encontrado en un área montañosa del mirador llamado "Nariz del Indio" de San Juan La Laguna, con vista hacia el lago de Atitlán, en el departamento occidental de Sololá.

Vea: Hallan cuerpo de Catherine Shaw, la turista británica desaparecida en GuatemalaLas autoridades trabajan para esclarecer la causa de la muerte y las organizaciones del sector turístico, que solicitan mayor vigilancia en las áreas de "afluencia turística", han pedido que, de comprobarse que fue un asesinato, "aprehendan, juzguen y condenen a los responsables en el menor tiempo posible".

Según informes de ONUMujeres, de la Procuraduría de los Derechos Humanos, del Observatorio de Acoso Callejero y del Ministerio Público, en 2018 fueron asesinadas 794 mujeres en Guatemala, es decir: 2,17 al día.

Además, cada 60 minutos se denuncia una violación (casi 24 en un día) y solo el año pasado se registraron 8.

694 denuncias.

En la capital del país, casi la totalidad de las mujeres han sufrido algún tipo de acoso sexual durante su vida y el 87 por ciento asegura que los comentarios de connotación sexual sobre sus cuerpos "no son un halago".


          Algeria, l'ultima mossa di Bouteflika non convince la piazza: "Una vittoria parziale"      Cache   Translate Page      

La piazza non smobilita. La piazza non si fida. "Una vittoria parziale "," una vittoria persa ". La dichiarazione di Bouteflika secondo cui non sarebbe candidato alla rielezione e che le prossime elezioni presidenziali in Algeria il 18 aprile saranno rinviate ad una data ancora sconosciuta, ha suscitato sentimenti contrastanti. Una parte del movimento di protesta lo hanno salutato come una vittoria, ma altri hanno espresso il timore che il ritardo del voto possa essere un tentativo di Bouteflika e del sistema di potere che lo sorregge di prolungare la sua presidenza prolungando il suo mandato. La presidenza algerina ha affermato che verrà fissata una nuova data per l'elezione durante una convention nazionale. Fino ad allora, Bouteflika dovrebbe rimanere al potere ben oltre il 28 aprile, quando il suo mandato terminerà. Si prevede anche che una nuova costituzione sia presentata al pubblico per un referendum.

"Gli algerini sono scettici, stanno aspettando di digerire queste informazioni", afferma Meriem Amellal, nota giornalista franco-algerina di France 24. "Da un lato è una vittoria, perché c'era una risposta del governo, e la rinuncia a un quinto mandato era una delle richieste del movimento. Ma queste richieste si sono evolute e ora la gente chiede una revisione del sistema". Ma questa prospettiva sembra altamente improbabile. E la piazza reagisce. Non si placano le proteste iniziate il 22 febbraio scorso. Sotto accusa c'è il "messaggio alla Nazione" con il quale l'anziano presidente, al potere dal 1999, ha annunciato di rinunciare alla quinta candidatura presidenziale e di sospendere le elezioni. Una sorta di proroga sine die che non ha placato la protesta. Anzi, ha avuto l'effetto opposto. Secondo il portale di notizie Tsa è in corso una "importante marcia" a Bejaia e una manifestazione "festosa" a Constantina, con la partecipazione di tanti studenti e anche dell'artista Kamel Bouda. Testimoni citati dall'agenzia Dpa riferiscono di manifestazioni a Orano, Skikda e Bordj Bou. "No al mandato 4.75" recitano i cartelli dei manifestanti nel centro della capitale Algeri, intendendo che la proposta del presidente uscente punterebbe ad aprirgli la strada a un quinto mandato "parziale".

L'idea del presidente lascia molte domande aperte: non ha indicato nessuna data alternativa alle elezioni presidenziali e, promettendo un rimpasto di governo, fa sorgere il dubbio che non intenda lasciare l'autorevole carica. Dopo il suo annuncio a sorpresa, Bouteflika ha varato un nuovo gabinetto con il ministro dell'Interno Noureddine Bedoui che sostituisce Ahmed Ouyahia come nuovo primo ministro algerino. Nel frattempo, l'ex ministro degli Esteri Ramtane Lamamra è stato nominato nuovo vice primo ministro. "Una gigantesca manipolazione": così alcuni dei leader dell'opposizione hanno respinto il rimpasto del governo , giudicandolo come un modo per mantenere lo status quo. "Noureddine Bedoui fa parte del sistema da anni. È diventato amico intimo del fratello del presidente, Nacer Bouteflika, mentre era al governo tra il 2014 e il 2015 ", dice ad HuffPost Samir Yahiaoui, uno dei leader del movimento Ibtykar pro-democrazia. "La famiglia Bouteflika sta manovrando per l'ennesima volta. Ci dicono che è una rinuncia, ma è un prolungamento ... La famiglia del presidente vuole un altro anno per mettere al potere uno dei suoi ", ha aggiunto. agli occhi delle opposizioni e del popolo sceso in piazza nelle ultime settimane per protestare contro il presidente e l'esercito che lo ha sostenuto negli ultimi 20 anni, il passo indietro di Bouteflika è piuttosto un passo di lato. Perché le elezioni in programma nel 2019, come spiegato dallo stesso presidente, si terranno "nel prolungamento" di una Conferenza nazionale per la riforma politica e costituzionale, che dovrebbe terminare i lavori entro la fine dell'anno.

"Il nuovo presidente sarà liberamente eletto, la Conferenza stabilirà la data delle nuove elezioni e io non sarò candidato", ha affermato Bouteflika in un messaggio al Paese, sottolineando che il "progetto di Costituzione sarà sottoposto a referendum popolare". A convincere il rais a farsi da parte è stato lo stesso esercito. Parlando agli studenti delle scuole militari, il capo di Stato maggiore delle forze armate - e viceministro della Difesa - Ahmed Ghaid Salah ha detto di condividere "le stesse aspirazioni e valori del popolo per una visione comune del futuro" del Paese. Dopo un mese di manifestazioni, insomma, le decine di migliaia di algerini scese in piazza per chiedere un cambiamento possono esultare. Ma le opposizioni sono spaccate. Subito dopo l'annuncio di Bouteflika di rinunciare al quinto mandato e rinviare all'anno prossimo le elezioni presidenziali, il leader del partito islamico dell'Unione per la giustizia e la costruzione, Hassan Aribi, ha parlato di "una vittoria per la nazione". Meno entusiasta Djilali Djadid, presidente del partito Djilid: "È la prima vittoria del popolo". Ma non basta. Il popolo algerino, secondo Djadid, deve "occupare le strade e uscire il prossimo venerdì, al fine di raggiungere gli obiettivi del movimento popolare". Ovvero la destituzione di Bouteflika e del gruppo di potere che lo appoggia ormai dal 1999. La strada è ancora in salita. Difficilmente l'apparato al potere, definito dagli algerini "le Pouvoir", o le "Systeme", rinuncerà a mantenere le redini del Paese. I "gattopardi di Algeri" faranno in modo che tutto cambi affinché nulla cambi.

Ora tutti si attendono le contromosse del "Sistema". Questa ristretta cerchia, di cui l'esercito è parte imprescindibile, da dietro le quinte tiene le redini del Paese da almeno 20 anni, controllando la ricchissima industria degli idrocarburi. Al suo vertice vi sono ancora gli eroi – oggi ottuagenari - della guerra di liberazione contro la Francia (1945-1962) costata la vita a un milione di algerini. Bouteflika stesso ma anche il capo di stato maggiore delle forze armate, il generale Gaia Salah. Lui non ci ha pensato due volte. Davanti a queste manifestazioni di massa non aveva esitato ad agitare lo spettro della guerra al terrorismo. Uno spettro finora capace di paralizzare una popolazione non ancora guarita da un violentissimo trauma collettivo. Non questa volta. Negativo il giudizio del Raggruppamento della cultura e della democrazia (Rcd): "Bouteflika viola la Costituzione per un'altra volta, perché il mandato del presidente può essere esteso solo in un caso: lo stato di guerra", ha scritto il deputato Atmane Mazouz sulla sua pagina Facebook. Reazioni che non hanno intaccato l'ottimismo che filtra dalle parole dei nuovi membri dell'esecutivo fresco di rimpasto.

"Credo che insieme costruiremo il futuro", ha detto il neo vicepremier Ramtane Lamamra, anche lui nominato da Bouteflika. Parlando con Radio France Internationale, Lamamra ha promesso che le prossime elezioni saranno "assolutamente libere. È la prima vera svolta dall'indipendenza del 1962. Mettiamoci in testa a questa responsabilità storica". "Siamo pronti a far votare un'amnistia che consenta a Bouteflika di uscire dalla porta, ma non accetteremo compromessi al ribasso", ribadisce l'oppositore Rachid Nekkaz. Critiche anche dall'ex premier algerino e leader del partito Talaie El Hurriyet, Ali Benflis: "L'Algeria – denuncia Benflis - ha conosciuto e vive un'aggressione contro la Costituzione attraverso l'annuncio di una proroga del quarto mandato che è stato il mandato delle forze non costituzionali. Queste forze non costituzionali continueranno a dominare le decisioni politiche senza l'autorizzazione del popolo". Oggi, il principale quotidiano algerino, El Watan, ha pubblicato una prima pagina dal titolo "L'ultimo trucco di Bouteflika", interpretando la frustrazione provata da così tante persone nel Paese. Ali Dilem, uno dei vignettisti più famosi e corrosivi di Algeria, ha pubblicato un post bruciante su Twitter sulla situazione. Sotto il titolo "Bouteflika rinuncia a un quinto mandato quinquennale", un disegno dell'anziano e malato leader dice: "Invece, farò un quarto di dieci anni".

Tuttavia, sono state sollevate domande sulla costituzionalità dell'estensione del mandato presidenziale di Bouteflika."Secondo diversi avvocati algerini, questa mossa è illegale. Non possiamo emendare la costituzione senza una ragione ", rimarca Amellal. Molti algerini hanno risposto all'annuncio di Bouteflika chiedendo un quarto venerdì consecutivo di proteste questa settimana. "No, non puoi ingannare la gente. Ci vediamo il 15 marzo", si legge in un messaggio che circola sui social media da lunedì sera. "In Algeria – osserva Bernard Guetta su Internazionale- nessuno ha ancora vinto o perduto. Sottoposto a una pressione popolare contro cui non poteva granché, il governo ha fatto qualche concessione rinunciando alla farsa di un'elezione la cui falsità era sempre più insopportabile. Non si tratta di una piccola concessione e segna un cambiamento nei rapporti di forze favorevole alla piazza, ma nel frattempo è evidente che i dirigenti algerini non hanno alcuna intenzione di rinunciare alla loro rendita e cercano di guadagnare tempo. I manifestanti hanno segnato un punto a loro favore ma il potere arretra solo per consolidare meglio le proprie posizioni.

Non è la fine della partita, ma solo l'inizio. In ogni modo complimenti a questo popolo per essere riuscito a imporsi con la sua maturità politica e complimenti agli uomini al potere per aver scelto di prendere tempo anziché sparare". "Sono ottimista, si intravedono all'orizzonte le premesse per una nuova era costruttiva che porti soluzioni ai nostri problemi" ha dichiarato stamattina alle tv locali l'ex ministro degli Esteri e inviato dell'Onu Lakhdar Brahimi, ricevuto ieri sera dal presidente Bouteflika e, secondo indiscrezioni, proposto "per la guida della commissione che dovrà preparare una conferenza nazionale". Ma l'ottimismo è atteso dalla verifica dei fatti. La "primavera algerina" non è sfiorita.

          Boeing 737, Donald Trump: "Gli aerei di oggi sono troppo complessi. Non voglio che a guidarli sia Einstein, ma un pilota"      Cache   Translate Page      


Dopo la tragedia del Boeing 737 Max 8 precipitato in Etiopia, Donald Trump interviene sulla questione della sicurezza degli aerei. In un post su Twitter scrive: "Gli aeroplani stanno diventando fin troppo complessi da far volare", una "complessità che crea pericolo".

"Non sono più necessari i piloti ma piuttosto gli informatici del Mit. Non voglio che Albert Einstein sia il mio pilota. Io voglio che a grandi professionisti del volo sia consentito di prendere il controllo dell'aereo facilmente e rapidamente!", aggiunge invocando "le cose vecchie e semplici".

          Brexit, seconda pesante sconfitta per la May      Cache   Translate Page      

Seconda pesante sconfitta per Theresa May. La Camera dei Comuni britannica ha bocciato infatti l'accordo sulla Brexit patrocinato dal governo Tory della premier. I deputati a favore sono stati 242, quelli contrari 391. Lo scarto è stato di 149 voti, inferiore rispetto ai meno 230 del primo tentativo andato a vuoto a gennaio con la peggiore sconfitta mai subita da un governo di Sua Maestà nella storia moderna del Regno Unito.

"MI spiace profondamente, domani si voterà sull'uscita del Regno Unito dall'Europa senza accordo". Così la May, subito dopo la sonora sconfitta del suo piano di uscita dall'Ue. La premier ha lasciato libertà di coscienza ai Tory, ma ha ricordato che la questione è di "fondamentale importanza".

"Da parte dell'Ue è stato fatto tutto il possibile per aiutare la premier britannica ad ottenere l'accordo. Date le rassicurazioni date a dicembre, gennaio e ieri, non c'è altro che possiamo fare. Se c'è una soluzione all'attuale impasse può solo essere trovata a Londra". Così un portavoce della Commissione Ue, aggiungendo: "Ci rammarichiamo per il risultato del voto" a Westminster e "siamo delusi perché il governo britannico non è stato in grado di garantire una maggioranza a sostegno dell'Accordo di divorzio".

Già in giornata si era capito che sarebbe stata dura per May, con la posizione di otto deputati Tory, che avevano confermato il loro no all'accordo. A loro si erano aggiunti gli alleati unionisti nordirlandesi del Dup. Le intese raggiunte a Strasburgo dalla premier con i vertici Ue sul backstop "non soddisfano l'impegno preso dal governo alla Camera dei Comuni di ottenere cambiamenti legalmente vincolanti nell'accordo di recesso", hanno scritto gli 8, fra cui l'ex ministro conservatore per la Brexit, Dominic Raab, e il capogruppo del Dup, Nigel Dodds.

May (senza voce) ai Comuni: "Senza l'accordo c'è il rischio che la Brexit vada perduta"

La premier cerca di recuperare terreno. Si rivolge ai Comuni quasi senza voce e lancia un ultimatum: l'alternativa, avverte, è fra "questo accordo" e il rischio che "la Brexit vada perduta". L'intesa, ha continuato, "è stato migliorato" e offre garanzie "legalmente vincolanti" sul backstop. "Oggi è il giorno" della decisione, ha continuato la premier, "oggi è il tempo" di attuare ciò "che il popolo, non questa Camera ha stabilito".

Il parere di Cox: "Il rischio che il backstop sia una trappola è stato ridotto ma non eliminato"

Il procuratore Cox non mette in dubbio che le conclusioni negoziate tra May e Juncker abbiano un valore legale. "Riducono il rischio che il Regno Unito possa essere trattenuto indefinitamente e involontariamente" nel meccanismo del backstop, ha spiegato Cox nel suo parere. Lo riducono, ma non lo eliminano del tutto. Il pericolo che la Gran Bretagna non riesca a svincolarsi dal backstop resta invariato nell'ipotesi che "differenze inconciliabili" nei negoziati futuri.

Tory euroscettici: "Rinviamo il voto"

Alcuni loro colleghi hanno già annunciato il loro "no" all'accordo. I deputati Tory euroscettici, invece, dopo il parere di Cox, hanno chiesto alla premier britannica di rinviare il voto di stasera. Il Financial Times riporta le parole di uno di loro, Iain Duncan Smith: "Meglio sapere quello che stiamo per votare che essere precipitosi e poi pentircene". In riferimento alle ultime frasi del parere di Cox - in cui il procuratore, in sostanza, afferma che il rischio legale ai danni della Gran Bretagna sul backstop resta uguale a prima - l'ex ministro Tory John Whittingdale ha affermato: "Il paragrafo finale sembra piuttosto estremo".

Johnson: "Accordo con l'Ue è un'umiliazione. No deal unica strada possibile"

L'accordo sulla Brexit di Theresa May è condannato, nelle aspettative del suo ex ministro degli Esteri brexiteer Boris Johnson, che conferma ai Comuni il suo "no" a quella che definisce "un'umiliazione" dell'Ue. Johnson invita il Regno Unito a reagire "come un grande Paese e non timorosamente" al rifiuto di Bruxelles di concedere le garanzie minime che lui si sarebbe aspettato sul backstop irlandese e a scegliere la strada del no deal. "Una strada più difficile all'inizio", ammette, ma ormai "l'unica strada possibile".

Il Labour: "La strategia del governo è ormai in brandelli"

Il Labour, intanto, coglie l'occasione per sferzare un altro attacco al governo May: "La strategia del governo è ormai in brandelli", ha scritto su Twitter il ministro ombra per la Brexit.

L'Ue: "Senza l'accordo hard Brexit più probabile che mai"

La situazione per May si complica, e il rischio che l'accordo salti diventa ora dopo ora più concreto, a soli 17 giorni dalla data fissata per il 'divorzio'. Le preoccupazioni sono condivise anche dai vertici di Bruxelles: "Teniamo le mani sul volante e allacciamo le cintura di sicurezza- ha detto Jyrki Katainen - vicepresidente della Commissione europea - Dopo l'accordo di ieri sera tra Juncker e May tutto dipende ora dal voto alla camera dei comuni, ma in caso di esito negativo una hard Brexit sarà più probabile che mai".

          "Cieli chiusi ai Boeing 737-8 Max in tutta Europa", la decisione dell'Easa      Cache   Translate Page      

L'Agenzia per la sicurezza del trasporto aereo dell'Unione europea (Easa) sospende tutti i voli del Boeing 737-8 Max e 737-9 Max in Europa a partire dalle 19, come misura precauzionale, a seguito al disastro aereo di domenica in Etiopia. Si legge in una nota pubblicata sul profilo Twitter dell'Agenzia.

"È una misura presa in via precauzionale - si legge sul sito dell'agenzia - l'Easa sta analizzando tutti gli elementi disponibili. Le indagini sull'incidente sono ancora in corso ed è troppo presto per trarre qualsiasi conclusione sulle relative cause".

Prima che arrivasse la comunicazione dell'agenzia Italia, Gran Bretagna, Francia e Germania avevano già sospeso le operazioni degli aerei Boeing 737 MAX 8, il modello coinvolto nello schianto dell'Ethiopian Airlines. L'Enac, secondo quanto si apprende, ha disposto lo stop operativo dei B737 dalle 21 di stasera. L'unica azienda che in Italia utilizza i Boeing 737 Max 8 è Air Italy. In un comunicato la compagnia ha specificato di essersi adeguata alla decisione dell'Enac: "Per Air Italy la sicurezza dei propri passeggeri e degli equipaggi è la principale priorità. - si legge in una nota. L'azienda tiene a ricordare che "tutti gli aeromobili presenti nella nostra flotta sono sempre pienamente conformi con le istruzioni delle autorità di regolamentazione e con le procedure operative della casa costruttrice".

Alla lunga lista che contava già Etiopia, Cina, Indonesia e Mongolia si aggiungono inoltre Argentina, Singapore, Australia e Corea del Sud. Intanto dal paese del Corno d'Africa fanno sapere che saranno necessari almeno cinque giorni per rilasciare ai familiari i corpi delle vittime.

In Europa, Gran Bretagna e Germania hanno deciso di bandire il volo dei 737 MAX dal proprio spazio aereo. Stesso discorso per la Norwegian Air Shuttle che lascerà a terra i suoi 18 mezzi dello stesso modello. Allungano la lista Austria e Islanda. Secondo quanto riporta Bloomberg l'agenzia europea per la sicurezza aerea (Easa) sarebbe pronta a seguire la linea della Gran Bretagna, primo paese europeo a prendere la decisione di tenere a terra gli aerei.

Da Singapore spiegano "l'Authority per l'Aviazione civile sospende temporaneamente l'operatività di tutte le varianti di aeromobili Boeing 737 Max da e per Singapore, alla luce dei due incidenti letali che hanno coinvolto questi aeromobili in meno di cinque mesi". L'Authority di Singapore si dice in contatto con gli enti per l'Aviazione civile degli Stati Uniti e di altri Paesi e con la stessa Boeing. Tra le compagnie più colpite da questa decisione c'è la locale SilkAir. La stessa decisione è stata presa dalle autorità della Corea del Sud. Si legge in una nota: "Abbiamo suggerito a Eastar Jet, l'unica compagnia aerea sudcoreana proprietaria del B737-8 (due velivoli) a lasciarli a terra". Anche la compagnia indiana Jet Airways ha deciso di fermare i voli dei suoi cinque Boeing 737 e dalla società fanno sapere che "nessuno dei mezzi in questo momento è impiegato nei voli". Anche l'Oman ha sospeso le partenze e gli arrivi nei suoi aeroporti dei 737 Max. La Oman Air ha 5 apparecchi di quel tipo. Il paese è il primo tra le nazioni del Golfo ad applicare questa misura in seguito al disastro aereo.

Dal Asia all'Oceania. L'aviazione australiana pone il suo divieto alla circolazione dei 737 nel suo spazio aereo e quindi anche i velivoli di altre compagnie non potranno entrare in Australia. Virgin Australia, la seconda aerolinea australiana dopo la Qantas, però mantiene l'impegno a ricevere la consegna di 30 Boeing 737 MAX 8 quest'anno. La Virgin, che non ha ancora nessuno di tali modelli nella sua flotta, ha ordinato 30 mezzi di quello specifico modello, per un totale stimato pari a più di 3 miliardi di euro, oltre a 10 Boeing 737MAX 10. Il primo 737 MAX 8 è atteso in novembre e sarà usato per rotte domestiche. Il comandante John Lyons, presidente dell'associazione di categoria della compagnia, ha parlato a nome dei suoi colleghi dicendo di "avere massima fiducia nel Boeing 737 e nel rigoroso addestramento che Virgin Australia assicura ai suoi piloti".

In Sud America, La compagnia di bandiera di Buenos Aires, Aerolineas Argentinas ha disposto un "riposo obbligato" per i suoi cinque Boeing 737 Max 8. In un comunicato la compagnia ha precisato che "il fermo degli aerei permetterà una loro ispezione e successivamente, secondo quanto comunicherà il costruttore Boeing, si deciderà se torneranno a volare". La decisione "è stata presa dopo l'analisi congiunta condotta con l'Anac, l'autorità del settore aereo nel Paese", si legge in una dichiarazione della compagnia. Motivando il blocco, dalla compagnia ripetono come un mantra: "Per Aerolineas Argentinas, il valore più importante è la sicurezza".

          People Have a LOT to Say on Twitter About the College Admissions Scam      Cache   Translate Page      
          El truco matemático para hacer cálculos más fácil y que nadie nos enseñó en la escuela      Cache   Translate Page      
¿Tú también sales corriendo a por la calculadora cada vez que tienes que calcular un porcentaje? Pues el redactor publicitario Ben Stephens publicó en Twitter un truco que desearás haber conocido toda la vida. Fascinating little life hack, for doing percentages: x% of y = y% of x So, for example, if you needed to […]
          Venezuela: Singular protesta de dos equipos de fútbol por el apagón (VIDEO)      Cache   Translate Page      

Los jugadores del Zulia y el Caracas boicotearon un partido del Torneo Apertura-2019 del fútbol de Venezuela, negándose a jugar en protesta por la decisión de la Liga de disputar la jornada pese al apagón que golpea al país desde el último jueves.

Al sonar el pitazo inicial del compromiso, pautado en el estadio 'Pachencho' Romero de la ciudad de Maracaibo, ambos clubs de primera división tomaron una medida insólita, pero comprensible: se quedaron parados y dejaron que corran los minutos en un juego correspondiente a la séptima fecha del Torneo Apertura.

Después se limitaron a mover la pelota de lado a lado sin atacar a sus rivales e incluso tomaron tiempo para conversar entre ellos. Así pasaron los 90 minutos.

El club Caracas también tuvo serias dificultades para poder arribar al partido. Con cinco horas de demora desde el Aeropuerto Internacional La Chinita, se presentaron al Estadio José Encarnación Romero de Zulia que no lucía con la preparación adecuada.

Caracas estuvo demorado cinco horas en el Aeropuerto Internacional La Chinita (Crédito: @Thomascl25)

"(Quiero) pedir disculpas y a la vez agradecer el enorme esfuerzo que hicieron las personas que llegaron a la cancha a ver un partido donde no hay condiciones para que haya fútbol", escribió en Twitter el mediocampista Evelio Hernández, uno de los principales referentes del Zulia.

El petrolero estado Zulia, cuya capital es Maracaibo, es una de las regiones más afectadas por las recurrentes fallas eléctricas que ocurren en Venezuela.

Así lucieron los camarinos previo al encuentro entre Zulia y Caracas por la séptima fecha del Torneo Apertura (Crédito: @Thomascl25)

En los camerinos del 'Pachencho' Romero no había ni luz ni agua. Varios jugadores habían mostrado descontento por la decisión de la Liga venezolana de mantener la fecha del fin de semana en medio de los cortes de luz que afectan a Caracas y a 23 de los 24 estados del país.

Richard Blanco, estrella de Mineros de Guayana, difundió en redes sociales un video del plantel llegando a oscuras al estadio Hermanos Ghersi de Maracay, con el mensaje "Venezuela sin Luz". Su equipo perdió 2-0 ante Aragua.


          Fab Wives Unfiltered: "Dealing with In-Laws"      Cache   Translate Page      
The "Fab Wives Unfiltered" podcast brings together four dynamic wives (Lady E., Rhea, DeLauren, and Tish) who engage in real and unfiltered discussions surrounding various topics related to marriage and life as a wife! Visit their website at and connect with them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram and Twitter @fabwives (None of the Fab Wives are married to any man on the "Married Men Don't Talk Show". The women are just friends of the show)
          College Scam Movie About Felicity Huffman Should Star a Trans Woman, Says Twitter      Cache   Translate Page      
Felicity Huffman

Huffman was charged with being part of an elite college entrance scheme, and Twitter began casting trans women to play her since she did transface for Transamerica.  

          Mitt Romney Bad At Birthday Cake      Cache   Translate Page      

Mitt Romney is normal human man.

Mitt Romney love 12th day of month of March, because like all people who are normal human man, Mitt Romney has birthday, and all his birthdays are on the 12th day of the month of March.

Mitt Romney is 72-many years old today!

Mitt Romney staff bring him normal human birthday cake, but not made of human, don't worry! Made of Twinkie.

Mitt Romney knows what humans do to birthday cake made of Twinkie, and it is blow out candles.

Mitt Romney qualified to do that, as junior senator of Utah!

Mitt Romney select first candle to blow out, because Mitt Romney knows normal human man should always blow out candles one at a time.

While Mitt Romney blow out first candle, Mitt Romney select second candle, because it is very important to have a Candle Plan.

This is not Mitt Romney's first birthday, obviously!

Mitt Romney would like you to watch entire normal birthday video now.

Mitt Romney pleased with birthday cake made of Twinkie!

Mitt Romney even make joke about what everybody else is going to eat! Because Mitt Romney will eat every section of birthday cake!

One time Mitt Romney had birthday on the 12th day of March, but it did not feature birthday cake consisting of elegantly arranged Twinkie, he had fluffernutter cupcake instead.

Mitt Romney also like hot dog.

Mitt Romney say hot dog is most likely to succeed of all members of the meat family, but that is only because it is not competing with fluffernutter cupcake.

Mitt Romney very clear about fact that hot dog is best meat, whereas hamburger is second best meat.

If hot dog and hamburger were in Mitt Romney's Olympics of Meats, the national anthem for "hot dog" would be playing the whole time, while "hamburger" would just be honored to have made it this far.

Mitt Romney likes to partake of hot dog on normal family road trip, with dog strapped in cage on top of car. Even if it is just normal family road trip up and down car elevator!

Cage on top of car for dog does not feature hot dog meat bites.

Mitt Romney's mouth features hot dog meat bites!

Perhaps Mitt Romney does not blow out all the birthday candles at the same time, because too much hot dog would escape Mitt Romney's mouth if he did that.

Egg Romney does not like it when Mitt Romney fills the room with lightly masticated hot dog.

If Mitt Romney had one wish, he would wish for infinity wishes, and he would mostly use infinity wishes for fill his mouth with cake that is also hot dog.

Mitt Romney does not have infinity wishes, though, so hot dog cake will not get in Mitt Romney's belly tonight.

It is OK, though! Mitt Romney will have regular birthday tradition food! It is called EGG ROMNEY'S MEATLOAF CAKE, and it is just like hot dog cake in that it is both CAKE and MEAT! At the same time!

Sometimes Mitt Romney also enjoys Pancake:

Embed from Getty Images

The end.

Mitt Romney now say it is OPEN THREAD.

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          Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin Cast As Indictees In Gross College Bribe Scam      Cache   Translate Page      

Federal prosecutors charged 50 people today in a nationwide college admissions bribery and cheating scam. This includes Felicity Huffman from "Desperate Housewives" and Aunt Becky from "Full House." That's probably the specific reason we care.

The suspects allegedly paid bribes of up to $6 million to get their kids into elite colleges, including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and USC.

Those are some prestigious, elite institutions ... and USC. It's not that hard to get into USC. You just pay them.

In most cases, the students did not know their admission was contingent on a bribe.

Dumb, rich kids are probably arrogant enough to think they are New Haven material. You can't help but feel sorry for the ones who applied to USC. They probably thought their grades and test scores were decent enough for them to get in without their parents breaking federal law.

U.S. Attorney Andrew E. Lelling called the case the "largest college admissions scandal" the Justice Department ever prosecuted. He seemed really proud of this, as if the case was a big dorado he just caught. How did the scam work? Prosecutors claim that rich parents paid a "for-profit college admissions program" (i.e. "bribery ring") to help their kids cheat on college entrance exams and pay off coaches.

LELLING: For every student admitted through fraud, an honest and genuinely talented student was rejected.

This is also the sort of complex logic problem that the involved students probably needed a little "extra help" answering on their entrance exams.

You could appreciate when Forrest Gump's mother traded sexual favors so he could receive a decent education. The kid had limited options. But these parents are rich. It's a bummer to realize you're too stupid to go to college, but having a trust fund makes it sting less. Just bum around Europe and put "The world is my classroom" in your Twitter bio.

Yeah, that also seems kind of fraud-like.

Here's what we find especially annoying. Back in the day, normal non-WASPy kids were doing so well on entrance exams that elite institutions started prioritizing expensive, intentionally exclusive extra curricular activities to give rich snots who weren't already Bush Family "legacies" an edge. This scam used those activities as a path to admission even if the rich kids weren't actual participants. Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli bribed their daughter's way into USC as a crew coxswain. The kid didn't even row competitively but they're pretending she's steering the damn boat. When you're paying $500,000, you aim high. This also bolsters our own pet conspiracy theory that crew and lacrosse are not real activities.

Loughlin might do hard time be temporarily inconvenienced, and one of her spoiled brat daughters didn't even appreciate college. Last year, Olivia Jade whined about the challenge of balancing college with her well-developed lifestyle as an otherwise useless person. This is shaping up to be the sort of movie no one would cast Loughlin in because it's too good.

"I don't know how much of school I'm gonna attend," [Jade] shared with her nearly 2 million [YouTube] subscribers, after explaining her extensive work schedule. "But I'm gonna go in and talk to my deans and everyone, and hope that I can try and balance it all. But I do want the experience of like game days, partying…I don't really care about school, as you guys all know."

LOL. She's going to talk to all the deans and come to an arrangement on how much school she can fit into her burgeoning career of talking about herself on camera. Really, she's just there for the "experience" of puking in the sorority house bathroom. She doesn't have time for all the stuff with the books. She later apologized in another rambling YouTube video.

JADE: I said something super ignorant and stupid, basically. And it totally came across that I'm ungrateful for college — I'm going to a really nice school. I'm just gonna be successful at YouTube and not have to worry about school.

Good luck with that.

Huffman and her husband, fellow actor William H. Macy, faked a $15,000 "charitable contribution" so their eldest daughter could participate in the rigged entrance exam scheme. They almost double-dipped in duplicity for their younger daughter, but Huffman reportedly changed her mind or ran out of bribery money. Loughlin and Huffman were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud. That's a lot of fraud. It's unclear why Macy wasn't named in the indictment. Maybe he picked up a few tricks from working with David Mamet.

Federal agents had a "cooperating witness" who helped them record phone calls with the crooked parents. The witness also claims Macy was present and agreed to the scam when it was explained to them. The feds also obtained emails from Loughlin that incriminated her up, down, and sideways. We're not trying to help you commit fraud but just as a heads-up, don't use Gmail to communicate with your accomplices.

FBI agent Joseph R. Bonavolonta looked directly into the metaphorical camera and accused those involved of promoting a "culture of corruption and greed."

"You can't lie and cheat to get ahead because you will get caught," he warned.

Bonavolonta's statement sounds like the moralizing tag scenes at the end of He-Man episodes. This is terrible and all, but can we at least agree this isn't so awful a crime that streaming services have to pull "Desperate Housewives" from their rotation? And are Macy's films now compromised? We already lost Michael Jackson. This could be tough year.

[ABC News / NYTimes]

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          Is It Time To LOCK HER UP Roger Stone Yet? Maybe Almost!      Cache   Translate Page      

When we last left Roger Stone, he was trying to convince federal judge Amy Berman Jackson to put him in jail in advance of his trial, or at least he seemed to be trying to do that.

Berman Jackson gag ordered Stone in February after he accidentally oopsie allowed one of his interns to post a picture of the judge with a crosshairs next to her face, after which he behaved like an adult for approximately eight seconds before "remembering" that accidentally oopsie the new version of his Gateway Pundit Guest Blogger book, The Myth Of Russian Collusion: The Inside Story Of How Donald Trump REALLY Won, had just come out, right in the middle of this era of Roger Stone being ball-gagged, we mean gag ordered! The book itself is not new, but Stone wrote a new introduction about how Robert Mueller is a hunter of witches and blah blah Deep State blah blah blah blah blah blah, which definitely would violate a gag order in the case of Mueller v. This Latest Shitmouthed Witch, now wouldn't it?

So Stone and his lawyers decided to let Berman Jackson know about the book's "imminent release" (finally) on March 1 -- the date Stone had called the "publishing date" on Instagram -- over a week after she issued her gag order on February 21, and nine days after the new version became available on Amazon, on February 19. (That is not the definition of "imminent release," we don't think?)

Berman Jackson noted last week that Stone and his lawyers could have told the Court about this little "upcoming" (by which we mean "right now") book re-release approximately eleventy times, and that it sure seemed like he was doing this whole song-and-dance with the Court in order to drum up publicity for his stupid book, and she was NOT PLEASED WITH THAT.

So last night, Stone's lawyers dropped their response, in advance of a status hearing on Thursday where Berman Jackson might finally decide to put Stone in a fucking jail cell where he belongs. (She also may set a trial date!) Their response, mostly, was "Nuh uh! We weren't trying to hide this book thing from you! NO PUBLICITY! NO PUBLICITY! YOU ARE THE PUBLICITY!" Also they are very sorry, and say that "Having been scolded, we seek only to defend Mr. Stone and move ahead without further ado." So ... no harm, no foul, right?

Stone's lawyer Bruce Rogow says it didn't even cross his mind until after Berman Jackson issued the gag order that Stone's new introduction to the re-release of his book might be an issue, but Politico notes that if you dig into the emails they submitted, you see Roger Stone freaking out before the gag order was imposed that the book release might cause problems:

"Recognize that the judge may issue a gag order any day now and while we will appeal it, that could take a while," Stone wrote to Skyhorse Publishing editor Michael Campbell on Feb. 15. "I also have to be wary of media outlets I want to interview me but don't really want to talk about the book. These are weird times."


And the Washington Post quotes other communications submitted by Stone's lawyers, because do you really think Wonkette felt like reading all this shit ourselves?

On Feb. 21, after the order was entered, attorney Grant Smith wrote Rogow that the book "will be published march 1. See date below. Need to see if this breaks the order."

Smith followed up with Tony Lyons at Skyhorse Publishing on Feb. 26. "The mere publication of the new portions of the book could land Roger in jail for contempt of the judge's order."


You'll remember that Amy Berman Jackson is the same judge who did LOCK HER UPS to Paul Manafort before his trial, because he just couldn't stop committing crimes while he was on pre-trial release. (She also sentences Manafort tomorrow morning bright and early!) So let's just all say a prayer that she is fuckin' through with Roger Stone's shit now, and will put him in jail where he belongs ASAP.

Make it so, Judge!

[Stone lawyers' response / Politico / Washington Post]

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          Sarah Huckabee Sanders Graces Our Presence, Mostly Lies About Jews      Cache   Translate Page      

Sarah Huckabee Sanders did a White House press briefing for the first time in 42 days, everybody! It was so worthless, it's as if it never happened. And shockingly, it was full of exactly the type of debased motherfuckin' asshole lies we've come to expect from that debased motherfuckin' asshole.

In other words, she made her daddy proud, we bet.

After a BS presentation about Trump's BS budget, Sanders took the mic so she could fail to answer questions and spew Republican talking points about everything from Jews to abortion ... OK, actually, it was mostly just Jews and abortion. That's kind of their thing these days. DEMOCRATS HATE JEWS! (Actually, most American Jews are Democrats and that's not likely to change anytime soon, or ever.) DEMOCRATS KILL BABIES WHAT GOT JUST BORNED! (You know, we could debunk it again, but we will simply say this is one of the most evil lies conservatives have ever told about the Left, and if there is a just God, it will land them in hell.)

Let's start with Jews! (Our transcript is mostly fake, but captures the spirit.)

REPORTER: Hey, Shuckafucks, glad to see you doing your job this one time. Does Trump really think Democrats hate Jews, like he keeps tweeting?

SHUCKAFUCKS: The Democrats should be more like Republicans when they found out for the first time ever that Steve King is a Nazi and kick Ilhan Omar off her committees for saying things that aren't one iota of one percent as bad as everything that comes out of Steve King's mouth every day.

REPORTER: Hey, remember that time President "Good Nazis On Both Sides" condemned Steve King? Me neither!

SHUCK: Next question.

Let's try again!

REPORTER: No wait, seriously, remember that time Trump condemned Steve King? Me neither!

LIAR: He tells me mean things about Steve King when we're alone!

Let's try again, once more!

REPORTER: Does Trump really believe that shit about Jews, though?

SHUCK: I answered the question twice.

REPORTER: No you didn't.

SHUCK: Ask the Democrats! Ask the Democrats if they hate the Jews! Because they totally do!

Let's try another subject.

REPORTER: Hey, Shithead, is Trump going to pardon Paul Manafort?

SHITHEAD: "The president has made his position on that clear, and he'll make a decision when he's ready." (Actual quote.) In other words, mayyyyyyyybe.

First of all, it's fucked that we've even talking bout this, because this is not how pardons are supposed to work, but this generally says that yes, Trump is thinking about it. Of course, if he does do it -- perhaps because Paul Manafort's constant whining about his gout and his NO COLLUSION really hits the president's G-spot -- we invite Trump to enjoy a world where Pardoned Paul Manafort's Fifth Amendment rights have been forfeited and he can be called to testify against the president from the state prison where he ended up anyway, because they got him on state charges Trump is powerless to snap his tiny fingers and disappear.

Let's have SHS talk shit about the Jews again, and then suddenly change the subject to Democrats eating babies!

JIM ACOSTA, HERE TO HURT YOUR FEELINGS: Isn't Trump's rhetoric on Jews beneath everybody? (Yes! He literally said "beneath everybody," about the president of the United State's shitmouth, which is indeed beneath everyone.)

SHITCLOWN: I am literally going to say things about Democrats "ripping babies from their mother's womb or killing a baby after birth" for no reason right now, because A) despite the fact that I attended a high quality PUBLIC high school in Little Rock, Arkansas, my mama and daddy raised me to be real stupid, and B) I am also a lying motherfucker asshole.

ACOSTA: You are actually full of shit.

SHITCLOWN: I am saying talking points!

ACOSTA: Hey, remember Charlottesville? Trump? "Good people on both sides"?

SHITCLOWN: Ilhan Omar sucks!

And finally, let's talk about Donald Trump's crimes!

REPORTER: Donald Trump spent 2017 making monthly payments to reimburse Michael Cohen for the illegal porn payoff of Stormy Daniels, a conspiracy Trump directed in order to keep that information from coming out during the election, which is therefore an unlawful contribution to his campaign, by which we mean he is a criminal. Any comment?

THE ASSHOLE: The president has stated very clearly that if the president does it, it's not a crime. Shit up in here is like Nixon times infinity, y'all!

And then it was over, and a good time was had by no one.

We swear to Christ, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is such a worthless liar at this point that they really might as well hand her job over to Diamond and Silk. At least it would be funny. And they would do musical numbers!

Anyway, Sanders needs to go fuck herself, as usual.

[videos via Aaron Rupar & Josh Marshall]

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          Schalke’s oddball tweet claims even PM May would struggle to control Sane as Man City hit seven      Cache   Translate Page      
SHELL-SHOCKED Schalke claimed even Theresa May would fail to control Manchester City hero Leroy Sane  – as the Germans and PM both took a European battering. After ex-Schalke star Sane destroyed his countrymen in City’s 7-0 win, the Bundesliga club tweeted: “I’d like to see Theresa May try and defend against @LeroySane19″. Twitter revelled in […]
          Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri sends Twitter mad with stunning piece of skill      Cache   Translate Page      
JUVENTUS boss Massimiliano Allegri sent Twitter into meltdown after showing off a sensational piece of skill. The Italian, 51, nonchalantly flicked the ball to Giorgio Chiellini after it flew out for a throw-in and fans were left stunned. Allegri rolled back the years with a beautiful touch, with Juve fans claiming it’s better than Romelu […]
          EastEnders star Katie Jarvis ‘glassed in horrifying attack on night out’      Cache   Translate Page      
EASTENDERS star Katie Jarvis has been glassed on a night out. The actress – who plays Hayley Slater in the BBC soap – needed hospital treatment after she was attacked on Friday evening in London. She took to Twitter to claim a man had attacked her, tweeting the Metropolitan Police with the allegations. She later […]
          Shameless star Tina Malone facing High Court contempt hearing tomorrow ‘for re-tweeting alleged picture of James Bulger’s killer Jon Venables’      Cache   Translate Page      
SHAMELESS star Tina Malone faces a High Court contempt hearing tomorrow for allegedly re-tweeting pictures of James Bulger’s killer Jon Venables. The 55-year-old actress previously posted a message of Facebook saying she had received a High Court summons and asked for help to find a lawyer. She allegedly shared the picture on Twitter last year […]
          Twitter Erupts as Odell Beckham Joins Baker Mayfield, Browns in Reported Trade      Cache   Translate Page      
The Cleveland Browns won zero games during the 2017 season and may be the AFC North favorites in 2019. Cleveland's turnaround continued Tuesday when Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reported they traded for wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr...
          Tweet Containing Question Mark Isn’t Defamatory–Boulger v. Woods      Cache   Translate Page      
In 2016, the Chicago Tribune published a photo of a woman giving a Nazi salute at a Trump rally. Twitter user @voxday wrongly identified the plaintiff as that woman. Shortly afterwards, actor James Woods, who then had 350,000 twitter users, tweeted the Nazi salute photograph along with a photo of plaintiff (Portia Boulger), saying “So called #Trump “Nazi” is a #BernieSanders agitator/operative?” Woods later deleted the tweet but did not, as requested by Boulger’s counsel, issue a formal retraction and apology. In the 11 days that the tweet was online, Boulger alleged she received hundreds of “obscene and threatening messages, including death threats.” She sued for defamation and invasion of privacy. The district court dismissed because at least some of readers of Woods’s Twitter account would view the tweet as a legitimate question. (Blog post on the district court ruling here: “Twitter Defamation Claim Defeated by a…
          The nanny state blob      Cache   Translate Page      
Taxpayer funding of ‘nanny state’ groups has not declined in recent years but it has evolved. In the debate about food, tobacco and alcohol, there are relatively few dedicated activist groups directly funded by central government. Alcohol Concern has lost its state funding and has now merged with Alcohol Research UK to become Alcohol Change UK. Its counter-part in tobacco control, the English branch of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), has been funded by the Department of Health since its inception in 1971 and received a DH grant of £159,999 in 2016/17. ASH insists that this money is not used for advocacy or lobbying but is used to ‘support the Tobacco Control Plan for England’. It is not clear what this means in practice and its grant applications in the past have explicitly listed ‘media advocacy and lobbying’ as a deliverable. Like Alcohol Concern, ASH has never provided health, cessation or rehabilitation services.

The records appear to reveal no other pressure group focused solely on food, tobacco or alcohol that receives funding from Whitehall, although there are several state-funded organisations with a broader ‘public health’ remit which lobby for lifestyle regulation. The UK Health Forum received £216,306 from the Department of Health in 2016/17 in addition to £680,000 from Public Health England and an unrestricted grant of £371,660 from the European Commission. Of a total budget of £1,597,619, state funding amounted to £1,470,626 (92 per cent). It lobbied for a familiar assortment of paternalistic anti-market interventions in lifestyle choices - tax rises, bans, advertising restrictions, minimum pricing, mandatory food reformulation, etc. - before closing down after government funding was withdrawn last year.

Public Health England
Public Health England (PHE) is the new critical dynamic in the politics of the nanny state. Created in 2013, PHE has changed the face of state-funded activism in the field of lifestyle regulation in two ways. Firstly, it has a colossal budget of £4.5 billion, most of which is distributed to local authorities where dozens of Directors of Public Health lobby councillors for policies which restrict personal freedom and disrupt the market, such as outdoor smoking bans and tighter licensing restrictions for bars and off licences. As a semi-autonomous quango with a large pot of money, Public Health England can also grant funds to third parties without ministerial sign-off. For example, when the CEOs of several ‘public health’ organisations decided that they needed to create another umbrella group for their profession, Public Health England handed them £57,200 to create the UK Public Health Network. It has recently started funding ASH, with grants totalling £108,000 in the last quarter of 2018.

Secondly, PHE is itself effectively a pressure group. Through its publications and public pronouncements it has lobbied for such policies as minimum pricing for alcohol, outdoor smoking bans, plain packaging and bans on ‘junk food’ advertising. Every other ‘sock puppet’ group is a minnow by comparison. Public Health England has not made the smaller groups obsolete - the ‘swarm effect’ requires different voices to demand the same policies - but it is now the mothership around which the activist groups orbit. It is also the citadel to which several activists have departed. Martin Dockrell, formerly of ASH, is now the Tobacco Control Programme Lead at PHE, and various prominent anti-alcohol campaigners, including Ian Gilmore of the Alcohol Health Alliance, have been appointed to PHE’s Alcohol Leadership Board.

Public Health England is a more overtly political entity than the public health organisations, such as the Health Education Council, which preceded it. A similar drift towards activism can be seen in other state-funded ‘public health’ groups, up to and including the World Health Organisation. Even organisations that were not set up to preach lifestyle change have got involved, including the Local Government Association, the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland. Some of the activities of the latter, which received £15.8 million from the Scottish Government in 2017/18, are indistinguishable from those of Obesity Action Scotland as it campaigns for smaller food portions and congratulates the government on its obesity strategy. In 2018, one of its advisors even suggested that the government should put graphic warnings on red meat.


Other sources of taxpayers’ money are available to activist-academics in the nanny state blob via the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Although higher educational institutes are exempt from the anti-sockpuppet rules, the gap between research and advocacy can be narrow to the point of invisibility.  The UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies (UKCTAS), which has academics from fourteen British universities, says that it is not a ‘lobbying group, but we do have close links with advocacy organisations and will assist them where appropriate.’

Between 2013 and 2017 it attracted £45 million in grant income from public and private sources, including the Scottish Government, Public Health England, the Medical Research Council, NICE, the NHS, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, the European Commission, NIHR, ESRC, the Department of Health and the EU’s Smoke Free Partnership.

As a result of UKCTAS’s ‘meaningful and sustained collaborative relationships with advocacy organisations’, it is able to list the following political victories:

‘We performed new analyses for the Scottish Government on the comparative effectiveness of Minimum Unit Pricing and alcohol taxation, and this work formed a key part of their successful defence of Minimum Unit Pricing in the Scottish courts'
'Academics from UKCTAS worked with Scottish groups including Alcohol Focus Scotland and Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems to advocate for a reduction in the ‘drink-drive limit’ in Scotland'

'Legislation prohibiting smoking in cars carrying children in England and Wales came into force in October 2015. UKCTAS played a leading role in bringing this legislation into place'

'Legislation to introduce standardised packaging for tobacco was passed in the UK parliament in the spring of 2015 and will be fully implemented from May 2017. This covers all parts of the UK. UKCTAS research played a key role in this decision.’ 

Similar advocacy-oriented academic organisations have emerged in recent years, including the Tobacco Control Research Group, whose funders include NIHR, ESCR, the NHS, the European Council and the Department of Health. In 2017, the ESCR - which is funded to the tune of £212 million by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - announced the creation of the UK Prevention Research Partnership, a £50 million project aimed at developing ‘robust new knowledge which contributes to demonstrable changes in policy and practice’ by ‘working closely with policy makers’. The same year saw the Department of Health announce that it would be setting up a new Obesity Policy Research Unit with £5 million of taxpayers’ money.

The Obesity Policy Research Unit will be run by Russell Viner, the president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, who has been a regular fixture in the newspapers for years making emotive calls for sugar taxes, advertising bans and restrictions on fast food outlets. He accuses fast food chains of ‘enticing young people and their pocket money' and claims that only by banning advertisements for food that is high in fat, salt or sugar ‘can children reclaim their childhood’. It seems unlikely that the £5 million unit will produce any research that challenges these prior beliefs.

Clearly there is no shortage of money available to activist-academics who wish to tax and ban in the name of ‘public health’, but what is most striking is the extent of their activism and the narrowness of the clique to which they belong. Anna Gilmore, for example, was a board member of Action on Smoking and Health before joining UKCTAS and becoming the director of the Tobacco Control Research Group. She also sat on the Steering Committee and Programme Board of Smokefree Southwest until it closed in 2016. During this period, Smokefree Southwest granted £135,000 to Gilmore’s Tobacco Control Research Group and NHS Southwest gave the Tobacco Control Research Group £165,284 for ‘research and evaluation support’ for Smokefree Southwest.

Linda Bauld is the Deputy Director of UKCTAS and is on Public Health England’s tobacco control implementation board. She has also ‘been closely involved in the development of the UKPRP and is a member of the steering group for this new initiative’. Meanwhile, ASH Scotland’s CEO Sheila Duffy is on the Scottish Government's Ministerial Working Group on Tobacco Control and, more surprisingly for an anti-smoking campaigner, also on the steering committee of Obesity Action Scotland.

The EU and local government

Direct sock puppet funding continues to flourish in local authorities and devolved governments, and is endemic at the EU level. EU-funded organisations lobbying for lifestyle regulation include the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (€314,039: 52 per cent of income), the Smoke Free Partnership (€400,749: 60 per cent of income), the TackSHS Project (€620,050: 100 per cent of income), EuroHealthNet (€901,000: 80 per cent of income), the World Obesity Federation (€444,672: 33 per cent of income), the European Public Health Alliance (€623,368: 80 per cent of income), Active – Sobriety, Friendship and Peace (€145,188: 63 per cent) and the European Public Health Association (€53,571: 19 per cent). Several likeminded pressure groups, such as the International Order of Good Templars and the Norwegian Policy Network on Alcohol and Drugs, are not EU-funded but are active in EU policy debates thanks to large grants from national governments.

In the regions, a variety of anti-smoking groups funded by local authorities come and go. In the northeast, Fresh continues to be funded through local public health grants, but similar organisations in the northwest and southwest have been wound down since the campaign for plain packaging was won. Smokefree Southwest broadened its remit in 2015 by changing its name to Public Health Action but lost its funding in June 2016 and is now little more than a Twitter account. Smokefree Northwest attempted a similar transformation by becoming Healthier Futures in 2016 but ceased trading in March 2017. Various local ‘Tobacco Control Alliances’ exist in such places as Rotherham, Camden and Durham but are now mainly focused on helping smokers to quit with cessation services and e-cigarettes rather than campaigning for legislative change. A new project called History Makers in Greater Manchester, funded by northwest local authorities, has expressed interest in such policies as banning smoking outdoors, licensing tobacco retailers and banning smoking on TV, but has not yet begun active campaigning.

The lack of overt political activity by these groups since plain packaging was introduced in 2016 probably reflects a dearth of new policies to lobby for and the government’s stated intention not to pass further anti-smoking legislation in this Parliament. The same cannot be said for Balance Northeast, an anti-alcohol group which shares an office with Fresh and, like Fresh, is 100 per cent funded by twelve local authorities. It has been campaigning for minimum unit pricing, warning labels on alcoholic drinks and advertising restrictions for nearly a decade. Its campaign for higher taxes is always more intense before the Budget.

Local authorities also fund pressure groups involved in food and soft drink regulation. Sustain for Life received £45,000 from the Greater London Authority and Royal Borough of Greenwich in 2016/17 in addition to lottery funding of £85,068 and £146,647 from the European Commission. This organisation funds the Children’s Food Campaign and runs SugarSmart, both of which were heavily involved in the campaign for the sugar tax and now lobby for a ban on ‘junk food marketing’. Sustain also set up and funded the Children’s Health Fund (with the help of Jamie Oliver) in 2015 to lobby for the sugar tax but this group was wound down once the tax was introduced in April 2018, with the group announcing that it was ‘passing the baton on to Government’.

The Birmingham Food Council, created in 2014 and funded by grants from Birmingham City Council, claims that sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are ‘psychoactive substances’ and that even sparkling water causes ‘dental decay and contributes to other health problems’. These dubious scientific claims accompanied a briefing paper urging Birmingham City Council to reject partnerships with Coca-Cola and to ‘avoid future commercial relationships with food and drinks companies whose products carry standard rate VAT’. This came in the wake of Coca-Cola giving £20 million to three local authorities to fund free activities in public parks, such as karate, Zumba and yoga. The Birmingham Food Council describes Coca-Cola as a ‘“food drug” corporation’ and calls for the sugar tax to be extended to all fizzy drinks even if they do not contain sugar. Its pronouncements on social media include ‘Shame we can’t ban sugar in public places’.

Scotland and Wales  

The Scottish Government continues to be the primary funder of Alcohol Focus Scotland, with an unrestricted grant of £472,000 in 2017/18. Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems which, like Alcohol Focus Scotland, campaigns to limit the marketing, availability and affordability of alcohol, depended on government funding for 100 per cent of its €200,000 budget in 2015/16, according to the EU Transparency Register. Both organisations lobbied heavily for one of the Scottish National Party’s flagship policies - minimum unit pricing for alcohol - which was introduced in May 2018. When Alcohol Focus Scotland co-hosted the Global Alcohol Policy Conference in Edinburgh in 2015 - an event sponsored by the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland - SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon gave the opening speech and the organisers paid tribute to her ‘political courage’.

A similar arrangement developed in the Republic of Ireland where Alcohol Action Ireland, which relied on the state for 97.5 per cent of its income in 2015, not only lobbied for minimum pricing but set up another group, the Alcohol Health Alliance, specifically ‘to support the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill’ of which minimum pricing was the cornerstone. In addition to writing submissions to government as ‘an independent voice for advocacy and policy change’ and promoting the legislation in the media, Alcohol Action Ireland set up a webpage which enabled its supporters to lobby their parliamentary representative with a standardised e-mail (‘I urge you to please support the implementation of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, in full’ etc.). In 2016, Ireland’s Department of Health gave Alcohol Action Ireland an additional €75,000 ‘to engage with the EU to build support for the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill’ (Tighe 2016). The law was passed in October 2018.

State-funded lobbying does not get much more blatant than this, although the similarly named Obesity Action Scotland comes close. Founded in 2015 and wholly funded by a grant from the Scottish Government, it campaigns for a 9pm watershed on advertising for food that is high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS), bans on price promotions such as buy-one-get-one-free and ‘regulations to control portion size’. It says that all this - plus food reformulation and the sugar tax - ‘will only be the start’ of restrictions on the free market in the name of obesity prevention. All of these policies were included in a consultation document put forward by the Scottish Government in October 2017. Obesity Action Scotland publicly welcomed the proposals and drafted an encouraging consultation response (its only complaint was that some of the measures did not go far enough). In July 2018, Scotland’s Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan was published with all of Obesity Action Scotland’s demands met.

This kind of activity is relatively new in the area of food, but has long been practised in the field of tobacco. Today, both the Scottish and Welsh governments fund their branches of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) more heavily than Whitehall funds the English branch. ASH Scotland received £604,798 directly from the Scottish Government in 2016/17 (77 per cent of its total income) while receiving just £3,126 in voluntary donations. ASH Wales received £207,872 from the Welsh Government in 2016/17 in addition to £136,247 from the EU’s Erasmus+ project. In total, ASH Wales depended on government grants for 69 per cent of its income, with just £3,570 coming from individual donations and legacies.

Taken from Still Hand in Glove? A re-examination of state-funded activism.
          Section 230 Preempts Unfair Competition Law Claim–Taylor v. Twitter      Cache   Translate Page      
This is an extraordinary opinion. I can’t recall another opinion where the judge so candidly admits that he made both procedural and substantive mistakes. As troubling as those mistakes were, it actually gives me great confidence to see a judge correct his mistakes so forthrightly! Taylor, a suspended Twitter user, sued Twitter for blocking his white supremacist content. To me, these cases are easy defense wins. The First Amendment generally protects white supremacist content, but it equally protects a publisher’s decision not to publish it. So if Twitter wants to ditch the white supremacists, great. Those folks can go use Gab. Section 230 also dictates Twitter’s freedom to decide. Last year, the superior court judge, Judge Kahn, dismissed much of this case on Section 230 grounds, but held that Section 230 did not preempt the unfair competition (UCL) claim. In an unusual twist, Twitter sought an “alternative writ of mandate” from the appeals court…
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El diputado ante la Asamblea Nacional, José Manuel Olivares, informó a través de su cuenta en Twitter @joseolivaresm que hasta la fecha se contabilizan 26 personas fallecidas en los hospitales debido al apagón general prolongado en Venezuela.

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El régimen de Nicolás Maduro ha sido despiadado con el trabajo de los periodistas en Venezuela. El Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Prensa de Venezuela (SNTP) informó a través de su cuenta en Twitter @sntpvenezuela que en lo que va de 2019, 40 periodistas y trabajadores de la prensa han sido ilegalmente privados de libertad.

La entrada 40 periodistas y trabajadores de la prensa han sido ilegalmente privados de libertad #12Mar se publicó primero en El Impulso.

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La Comisión de Ética Judicial del CGPJ ha publicado recientemente un Dictámen en el que orienta a los jueces sobre el uso de las redes sociales, no como ciudadanos particulares, sino como titulares del Poder Judicial. El Dictamen les permite opinar sin pseudónimos, pero recomienda prudencia y extremo cuidado a la hora de expresar sus opiniones.

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          Schalke poke fun at Theresa May and Brexit failures during Man City thrashing      Cache   Translate Page      
Schalke's crushing 7-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester City suggested the team were not clicking in the Champions League on Tuesday, but on Twitter they were in fine form.
          A first look at Twitter’s new prototype app, twttr      Cache   Translate Page      
Yesterday, Twitter rolled out its much-anticipated prototype application to the first group of testers. We’ve now gotten our hands on the app and can see how the current version differs from the build Twitter introduced to the world back in January. While the original version and today’s prototype share many of the same features, there […]
          Chiellini : « Le meilleur moyen de fêter les 500 matches avec la Juventus »      Cache   Translate Page      

Le capitaine de la Juventus s’est exprimé sur son profil Twitter après son match stratosphérique […]

L’article Chiellini : « Le meilleur moyen de fêter les 500 matches avec la Juventus » est apparu en premier sur Calciomio.

          James Van Der Beek, Lena Dunham and Other Stars React to College Admissions Scandal      Cache   Translate Page      
Celebrities took to Twitter on Tuesday to weigh in on the college admissions scandal dominating headlines, after the FBI found that parents allegedly spent as much as millions of dollars in bribes to help admit their children into elite universities. Dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues,” the investigation has implicated 50 parents in the scheme, including actresses […]
          José Blanco dice que Rivera está "descocado" y Toni Cantó lo zarandea en Twitter      Cache   Translate Page      
Rifirrafe en Twitter entre el exministro de Fomento y el diputado de Cs por la entrevista a Rivera en TVE.
          Twitter lança seu primeiro podcast com foco em publicidade na plataforma      Cache   Translate Page      

O Twitter lançou hoje sua primeira série de podcasts que trazem um olhar sobre a publicidade na própria plataforma. Chamado “Character Count”, o programa já tem 5 episódios produzidos, com um tempo estimado entre 25 e 30 minutos de duração. Segundo a empresa, esses primeiros episódios servirão como teste para conferir a recepção do público ...

O post Twitter lança seu primeiro podcast com foco em publicidade na plataforma apareceu primeiro em B9.

          Day reacts to 'creepy' pic, Twitter storm      Cache   Translate Page      
Jason Day has hit back at an ugly episode that occurred on social media last week after he withdrew injured from the Arnold Palmer Invitational in...
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L'attrice Camryn Manheim (The Practice) è entrata nel cast di Stumptown dell'adattamento televisivo targato ABC dell’omonimo graphic novel della Oni Press, che vedrà protagonista Cobie Smulders. Il progetto è realizzato da Jason Richman, Ruben Fleischer e ABC Studios. La serie a fumetti segue le vicende di Dex Parios, una veterana dell’esercito che lavora come investigatore privato a Portland. Con una complicata storia personale alle spalle e solo se stessa su cui fare affidamento, risolve i pasticci degli altri evitando però di fare i ...

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          Captain Marvel oltrepassa i 500 milioni di dollari al Box Office      Cache   Translate Page      
La pellicola con protagonista Brie Larson, primo film incentrato su una supereroina Marvel, ha oltrepassato la soglia dei 500 milioni di dollari di incasso, ad appena una settimana dall'uscita nelle sale di tutto il mondo. A questo ritmo, la pellicola diretta da Anna Boden e Ryan Fleck potrebbe toccare la cifra di un miliardo in pochi giorni. Dopo un impressionante debutto negli USA, con 153 milioni di dollari nei primi tre giorni di programmazione, Captain Marvel ha continuato la sua cavalcata al ...

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L’autore britannico Dave McKean fa ritorno al Comicon grazie alla collaborazione di  che per l’occasione presenterà il volume BLACK DOG: The Dreams of Paul Nash. Un lavoro di grande potenza espressiva, parte del vasto progetto sul centenario della Grande Guerra 14-18, in cui il fumettista e illustratore racconta la biografia di Paul Nash, pittore surrealista che durante la Prima guerra mondiale esplorò le reazioni psicologiche dei soldati e i paesaggi in cui si riflettevano le sensazioni del clima bellico. Ispirandosi ai dipinti di Nash, impressionanti ...

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          Cristiano Cucina immagina “Lo Spazio Bianco”      Cache   Translate Page      
Quale concetto migliore per esaltare l’inventiva di un artista? Quale tema più liberamente interpretabile dello spazio bianco può esistere, a parte forse il suo opposto, l’oscurità? Per questo abbiamo dato vita a uno spazio dove gli autori possano dare forma alle proprie idee e interpretazioni e, allo stesso tempo, a una piccola celebrazione del nostro sito, che intorno al concetto di “spazio bianco” è nato e che vedeva nel contorno vuoto delle vignette un non-luogo “dove i fumetti sono tutti uguali”. Ospite ...

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          BAO pubblica “Kids With Guns vol. 2: Tribe” di Capitan Artiglio. Leggi l’anteprima      Cache   Translate Page      
  BAO Publishing annuncia l'uscita di Kids With Guns vol. 2 - Tribe di Capitan Artiglio, dopo il successo del primo volume, esaurito e ristampato a pochi mesi dall'uscita. La bambina senza nome si sente sola e riparte alla volta del suo destino, finendo per diventare il capo di una banda di ragazzini sperduti. Nel frattempo il famigerato gruppo di criminali Il Mucchio Selvaggio, capeggiato da Bill "La Morte" Doolin, padre dei fratelli fuorilegge, mette sotto assedio Thunderat Town. I Teschi di ...

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Trumpolino contro tutti, il fumetto creato da Fumeddy ed edito da Manfont, racconta attraverso un approccio comico le vicende di un dispotico governante che incarna l'ignoranza suprema, risultando come una sorta di unione di vari protagonisti della politica nazionale e internazionale contemporanea, spaziando da Salvini a Trump, uniti a uno dei personaggi Disney più amati (ma anche parodiati), di sempre: Topolino. L'opera parte con il piede giusto, grazie a una buona gestione del ritmo in cui vediamo alternarsi sequenze nel presente ...

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Sabato 16 marzo 2019, dalle 14 in poi, il centro sociale Spazio autogestito Grizzly di Fano, in occasione dell’inaugurazione della sua Libreria indipendente Colonna 130, ospita la prima edizione di Fan-Fare, festival di autoproduzioni e microeditoria. Il piatto forte del festival, a ingresso simbolico di 1€, sarà una mostra mercato che vedrà partecipare più di una dozzina di espositori, provenienti dal vivace panorama italiano delle autoproduzioni. Con fumetti, albi illustrati, stampe, poster e t-shirt, a Fano saranno presenti artisti come Guido ...

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Dopo due episodi collegati al ciclo della meteora quasi esclusivamente nelle pagine introduttive e finali, La caduta degli dei si inserisce maggiormente nella continuity introdotta con Che regni il caos!. Paola Barbato delinea l'intero scenario in funzione degli sconvolgimenti legati all'imminente e incombente impatto della meteora, con una trattazione che riprende concetti introdotti dal filosofo Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, le cui teorie scientifiche evoluzionistiche si integrano con riflessioni religiose in maniera non antitetica. La sceneggiatrice riprende qui la sua attitudine a porre ...

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          “Frank King. Un secolo di Gasoline Alley” in mostra a Bologna      Cache   Translate Page      
FRANK KING. UN SECOLO DI GASOLINE ALLEY IL CAPOLAVORO RITROVATO CHE HA ANTICIPATO IL GRAPHIC NOVEL IN MOSTRA A PALAZZO FAVA Dal 15 marzo al 7 aprile 2019, in parallelo alla grande retrospettiva su Bonvi Sturmtruppen 50  Una mostra per riscoprire un grande classico del fumetto delle origini, oggi considerato il precursore del moderno graphic novel. Dal 24 novembre 1918, data di uscita del primo episodio sul Chicago Tribune, la striscia Gasoline Alley ha attraversato cent’anni di storia, raccontando con poesia e umorismo ...

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          Una dolce nostalgia: gli anni ’80 nella Taiwan di Sean Cheung      Cache   Translate Page      
Gli anni ’80 hanno rappresentato in ogni parte del mondo un’epoca importante, con l’inizio del fenomeno che avrebbe portato alla globalizzazione come la conosciamo oggi e con grandi cambiamenti di usi e costumi. La presidenza Reagan e la caduta del comunismo, lo scandalo della Loggia P2 e la fine della dittatura in Argentina. Il boom dei film d’azione statunitensi e delle avventure (horror o meno) con protagonisti ragazzi adolescenti, il synthpop e la New Wave, i robottoni giapponesi, i Master ...

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          Netflix stipula accordo con tre società giapponesi che producono Anime      Cache   Translate Page      
Il network di streaming Netflix ha chiuso un accordo con Anima, Sublimation, e David Production, tre società di produzione giapponesi specializzate nella realizzazione di anime, che si occuperanno della lavorazione di nuove serie. Anima produrrà Altered Carbon: Resleeved, uno spin-off della serie live-action che ha debuttato lo scorso anno, e di cui è attualmente in lavorazione la seconda stagione. Sublimation lavorerà invece a Dragon's Dogma, una serie originale basato sul videogioco della Capcom, che narrerà le avventure di un uomo sfidato da ...

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          Massimo Mattioli ospite di Comicon      Cache   Translate Page      
Massimo Mattioli, fumettista italiano, fondatore insieme a Stefano Tamburini della rivista Cannibale, noto per i suoi lavori sulle riviste Frigidaire, Vogue, Vanity, Corto Maltese e per aver creato personaggi come Joe Galaxy e serie quali Squeak the Mouse, sarà ospite di COMICON (Napoli, 25 - 28 aprile), dove presenterà Bazooly Gazooly, antologia che celebra la sua straordinaria carriera artistica. BAZOOLY GAZOOLY Bazooly Gazooly è la più ricca antologia di fumetti e illustrazioni di Massimo Mattioli mai pubblicata, dedicata alla sua produzione per le storiche riviste d’avanguardia Cannibale e Frigidaire negli anni Settanta e Ottanta. Un folle florilegio ...

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          Proud Boys Cite Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Attack Antifa      Cache   Translate Page      
Drew Angerer/Getty

A recent interview by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey inspired far-right group the Proud Boys in a Twitter campaign to ban anti-fascists, according to chat logs reviewed by The Daily Beast.

In a group in the messenger app Telegram, leader Enrique Tarrio encouraged his group to report anti-fascist Twitter accounts, some of which identified members of extremist groups. Tarrio accused some of the anti-fascists of “doxxing,” a loose term for revealing personal information. But in the same chat, Tarrio encouraged doxxing “commies” and announced a new campaign in which Proud Boys would allegedly collect information about undocumented immigrants and release it in response to tweets and articles they dislike.

Tarrio cited a recent Dorsey interview as supposed evidence Twitter would be sympathetic to their cause.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

          Fisker Teases $40,000 Pure Electric Car      Cache   Translate Page      
It seems Fisker will provide additional info about its ~$40,000 battery-electric vehicle on March 18. It comes as no surprise that there’s another teaser and an upcoming announcement from Fisker. This latest tease came from the designer Henrik Fisker via his Twitter page. The image doesn’t expose much, but the tweet says the car will […]
          Doom makers distance themselves from Doom: Annihilation movie      Cache   Translate Page      

Doom creators id Software are not involved with the upcoming Doom: Annihilation movie in any capacity. On Twitter id Software revealed in a very short, and to the point, tweet it’s not involved in the Doom: Annihilation film. In April 2018, it was announced a new Doom film was in the works at Universal Studios. News […]

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          The Culture of Fake Outrage Comes for Tucker Carlson      Cache   Translate Page      
Ideological search-and-destroy missions are worse for America than shock-jock interviews. Media Matters is at it again. Its diligent efforts to find bad things said by conservatives has paid off. It found years-old recordings of Tucker Carlson saying terrible things to radio shock-jock Bubba the Love Sponge. Twitter, of course, lit up. And yes, the hashtags #BoycottTuckerCarlson and #FireTuckerCarlson are — at the moment I write this piece — trending items one and two on my Twitter feed. I don’t like what Tucker said, but here’s what is far, far worse for our nation and our culture than a pundit saying...
          Twitter tar av etter NSBs navneskifte      Cache   Translate Page      
- Ski-VM ringte fra 1982. De vil ha tilbake logoen sin.
          Topos en Telegram y expulsiones por sospechas: así es como justifica Q12 sus expulsiones de jugadores      Cache   Translate Page      

Topos en Telegram y expulsiones por sospechas: así es como justifica Q12 sus expulsiones de jugadores#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Las quejas sobre Q12 han volado en redes y foros durante los últimos meses. El pasado enero se publicaba un artículo en Menéame llamado "La estafa de Q12". En él se hablaba de cómo varias personas que han ganado de forma sostenida eran baneadas sin ningún tipo de explicación por parte de la plataforma.

Si no conocías el juego, Q12 es una app en la que desde tu móvil puedes jugar en directo respondiendo doce preguntas en menos de diez segundos cada una, como si se tratara de un programa de televisión. Si consigues responder todas correctamente el premio es de 500 euros (2.000 los domingos), a repartir entre todos los ganadores de ese día.

Algunas voces en redes y foros aseguran que son expulsadas del juego en cuanto ganan, o en cuanto ganan más de una vez. Visitamos las oficinas de Q12 para que su fundador nos dé su versión.

Ganador múltiple = sospechoso

El artículo de Menéame al que nos referíamos no es la única queja pública que ha recibido Q12. Podemos encontrar desde hilos en Forocoches hasta tuits dirigidos a la cuenta de Twitter del juego.

La respuesta que suele dar Q12 (cuando da una respuesta) es que el bloqueo se produce porque sospechan que han cometido irregularidades. Nos hemos puesto en contacto con algunos de los usuarios que han protestado públicamente para que nos cuenten qué versión les dio la plataforma sobre su expulsión.

Uno de ellos nos explica que fue uno de las eliminados junto a otros usuarios en diciembre: "Tardaron mucho en responderme, pusimos mensajes en público en Facebook y Twitter... y finalmente nos escribieron a todos los afectados un 'copiapega' donde nos decían que sospechaban que hacíamos trampas".

Algunos usuarios han sido expulsados de la plataforma porque desde Q12 se ha detectado que participan organizados en grupos de Telegram o Discord, que tienen monitorizados

"No he llegado a saber en qué consistía mi supuesta trampa, aunque parece claro que se refiere a gente que ha ganado varias veces. Habré ganado como mucho diez veces, quizás menos, tras cinco meses jugando casi todos los días, ni siquiera era tan buena. Aunque estaba en el Top 9 porque un día gané 333,33 euros".

Otro jugador, baneado en septiembre, nos explica que sí recibió una llamada por parte del responsable de comunicación de Q12, cuya grabación nos ha facilitado. En ella le comunicaron su expulsión porque habían detectado que jugaba simultáneamente con dos móviles distintos. Él les respondió: "La otra cuenta es de mi madre, que juega conmigo en la misma habitación, hay gente que juega con varias cuentas y les habéis dicho que no pasa nada mientras sean cuentas de PayPal distintas".

El emisor de la llamada le respondió que "usted ha dicho públicamente que juega con dos móviles, [...] no solo es una clara ventaja respecto a otros usuarios, sino que usted es usuario activo de varios foros junto a cientos de personas, y esta forma de actuar va en contra de los principios de Q12. Esta llamada es simplemente para comunicarle, no para discutir, porque es una decisión que está tomada y era para avisarle que está vetado del juego, que tenga buenas tardes".

Con lo de los "foros junto a cientos de personas" se refiere a plataformas que usan algunos jugadores de Q12 para organizarse de cara a acertar más respuestas. En este caso, se refería a un un grupo de Discord en el que este usuario hablaba con otros jugadores y en el que mencionó que jugaba con dos móviles a la vez. Alguien de Q12 también estaba allí y así fue detectado: el juego tiene monitorizados los canales y grupos de Discord o Telegram en los que se organizan algunos jugadores.


"Si revisando nuestros datos vemos a alguien se sale de la media y sospechamos que hace trampas, lo baneamos"

Hasta ahora Q12 no ha monetizado su aplicación -razón por la que hay usuarios, como hemos visto antes, que sospechaban que los baneos se producían para ahorrar una parte del dinero de los premios-, pero Carlos nos explica que actualmente tienen "varias campañas cerradas con empresas de distintas índoles". Así que la llegada de ingresos de Q12 está al caer.

"Analizamos constantemente nuestra base de datos, vemos quién gana y quién no", nos cuenta Carlos cuando le preguntamos por los baneos dentro de Q12, "tenemos muchos datos para analizar y gracias a ello podemos detectar a los jugadores que se salen del patrón".

"Si en promedio los usuarios suelen ganar una vez, si acaso, ¿cómo es posible que alguien gane en cinco ocasiones? No hacemos preguntas imposibles, pero la mayoría son preguntas blindadas, que no pueden ser detectadas por sistemas automatizados, es sospechoso", dice Carlos. Su base de datos registra cualquier movimiento en la plataforma: si un usuario tiene un sistema automatizado, scripts, bots, patrones de conexión, tiempo de respuesta, un determinado porcentaje de respuestas correctas e incorrectas… Todo son factores que influyen para determinar si un usuario está incumpliendo las normas.

"Si revisando estas tablas alguien se sale de la media, lo revisamos. Si sospechamos y creemos de buena fe que esta persona tiene algo que le proporciona alguna ventaja según nuestro punto de vista, la baneamos", afirma.

Su sistema se encarga de destacar a este tipo de usuarios. Luego el equipo revisa el caso, y "si creemos de buena fe que tiene algo que le proporciona alguna ventaja según nuestro punto de vista, la baneamos" dice Carlos. Si Q12 tiene la sospecha de que un usuario hace trampas, le expulsarán del juego sin que pueda replicar.

Definición de "trampa"


"Si cumples ciertos patrones, el sistema te saca y luego hace el baneo", explica Carlos. "El sistema se puede equivocar, pero es porque le ponemos unos pesos a ciertos patrones: cuántas veces has ganado, cuántas has respondido bien, ratios... Es imposible que el 90% de las preguntas las hayas respondido correctamente". Incluso aunque el usuario no gane en el juego, automáticamente el patrón lo puede destacar como sospechoso si cumple ciertos parámetros como los antes mencionados.

"Estamos regalando dinero, es normal que nos encontremos con gente que intenta tomarnos el pelo, y por eso lo tenemos monitorizado, y si ganas dos veces ya te vamos a flaguear"

Aparte de eso, tienen monitorizados los grupos de chat sobre Q12 para evitar que haya usuarios que jueguen "de forma fraudulenta", grupos en los que puede haber cientos de usuarios organizados durante cada sesión de juego. "Evidentemente hay personas que usan sistemas automatizados, porque curiosamente siempre ganan los de Telegram", dice el fundador del juego.

Nos explica también que los términos y condiciones de uso se van a actualizar pronto para "añadir restricciones a los grupos de chats, rechazando los grupos de más de un número determinado de personas a la hora de jugar Q12". Norma no figuraba originalmente en el juego.

"Esto es nuestro día a día, pero ocurre con un porcentaje muy bajo de usuarios, del millón y pico de las personas que se han descargado la aplicación habremos baneado a unas doscientas; la cuestión es que estamos regalando dinero, es normal que nos encontremos con gente que intenta tomarnos el pelo, por eso lo tenemos monitorizado. Y si ganas dos veces ya te vamos a flaguear. Es poca gente haciendo mucho ruido".

Términos que podrían considerarse abusivos

Carlos nos explica que al igual que un local privado se reserva su derecho de admisión, ellos también: "Esto es una aplicación privada, has incumplido nuestras normas, ¿por qué? Porque nosotros lo sospechamos, lo vemos claramente, por lo tanto estás baneado, nos reservamos nuestro derecho de acceso".

Este tipo de términos, "aunque sea en un juego gratuito, han de ser claros y transparentes con el usuario, no pudiendo contener cláusulas que puedan considerarse abusivas", según nos explica Joaquín Muñoz, abogado especializado en juego y nuevas tecnologías, que nos cuenta también que a este concurso no le corresponde ser regulado por la Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego, el ente que regula juegos de azar como casinos o bingos, ya que el usuario no realiza un desembolso económico para jugar.

Q12 no entra dentro del ámbito de aplicación de la Ley de Regulación del Juego, ya que la participación se realiza de forma gratuita, y no se le considera concurso como tal

Por ello, Q12 no entra dentro del ámbito de aplicación de la Ley de Regulación del Juego, ya que la participación es gratuita, no está regulada como concurso, aunque haya un premio monetario final. Q12 argumenta esa gratuidad para justificar que "no puede haber lugar a queja por parte de los usuarios".

Joaquín lo ve de otra forma: "Un usuario puede ser también un cliente o consumidor aunque no haga un desembolso como tal. La cuestión es que Q12 no está sujeto a ninguna administración, pero eso no significa que no se le pueda denunciar o reclamar como consumidor".

Este juego está inspirado por la estadounidense HQ, quien también tiene estas cláusulas de no responsabilidad, las cuales se replican aquí. No obstante, "en España no funciona así, porque aunque el patrocinador indica en las cláusulas que el premio no está garantizado, se puede considerar publicidad engañosa a la hora de promocionar el juego", nos explica el abogado.

"Aunque el patrocinador en las cláusulas indica que el premio no está garantizado se puede considerar publicidad engañosa"

Sin embargo, Carlos Alcántara cree que "los usuarios no tienen sustancia legal para denunciarnos, es un juego gratuito donde nos reservamos el derecho de admisión, al registrarse en la aplicación uno firma estar de acuerdo con que tenemos el derecho de banear a alguien que no cumple las reglas o del que sospechamos de buena fe".

También afirma que ellos sí que tienen la potestad de denunciar a usuarios que usen métodos fraudulentos si lo saben a ciencia cierta: "Lo hemos pensado, pero sin llegar a hacerlo. Los americanos lo han hecho muchas veces. Cuando HQ llegó a su pico viral salieron muchos bots, plataformas de voz, etc. Y los abogados de HQ les mandaron una carta de cese y desista. De no hacerlo, se iban a emprender acciones legales, porque es un delito, y todos pararon de inmediato".

En cambio, Joaquín afirma que "por mucho que el usuario haya leído ese término, se puede considerar abusivo contra los derechos del mismo". Aconseja que a la hora de reclamar el baneo, o en caso de denunciarlo, lo mejor es presentar pruebas claras de que uno no ha hecho trampas a la hora de ganar.


Windows Lite es el rival ligero y minimalista que Microsoft plantea a Chrome OS

Gasolina, diésel, híbrido… Cómo acertar con la propulsión

La nueva aplicación de Office para Windows 10 nos recuerda que Office online se puede usar gratis

- Topos en Telegram y expulsiones por sospechas: así es como justifica Q12 sus expulsiones de jugadores por Alesya MO .

          Marvella Star Villas could explain extra      Cache   Translate Page      
Marvella Star Villas social activity complete the record boost on the perfect level to possible on demand draft to take over the action state which connected the loyal alternative to find out enormous accurate board but the level would be mine on the button phase so simply accurate power would be available but the sizes of land and confirmation letter will allow the contribution step might be recorded but the profession side encourage the royal red power dress would be complete on the silver state to follow the dream luxury power as comfort action time to below on contribution single corporation would exclude on the writing stage mixer the right twitter front so given the picture search clicked by loyalty pronounce the resort sorry frame will appear the regulation social profit as button. Images and contact info on Advertigo website.
          Trump trao đổi với Tổng GĐ Boeing sau khi chỉ trích kỹ thuật phi cơ tân tiến      Cache   Translate Page      

Tổng thống Mỹ và Tổng Giám đốc hãng Boeing Dennis Muilenburg có cuộc điện đàm vào hôm thứ Ba, sau khi ông Trump lên Twitter đăng ý kiến về việc điều khiển phi cơ ngày nay trở nên quá phức tạp như thế nào.

The post Trump trao đổi với Tổng GĐ Boeing sau khi chỉ trích kỹ thuật phi cơ tân tiến appeared first on Nhật Báo Calitoday.

          Remote San Diego Padres Content Manager      Cache   Translate Page      
A digital media distribution company has an open position for a Remote Gaslamp Ball Manager. Candidates will be responsible for the following: Making sure that the site is publishing every day Managing the site's Facebook and Twitter accounts Recruiting, training and managing a staff of contributors Applicants must meet the following qualifications: Understand how to use popular social media networks Be able to produce and edit clean copy Have a passion for the Padres
          THE rIGHT SUPPORT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST...:      Cache   Translate Page      
Tucker Carlson Cries About 'Twitter Mob' Just as New Clip Surfaces With Him Calling Iraqis 'Monkeys' and Worse (Justin Baragona, 03.11.19 , Daily Beast)

In one new clip from 2006, he said it wasn't worth invading Iraq because it's "a crappy place filled with a bunch of, you know, semiliterate primitive monkeys." Carlson also noted that Afghanistan is "never going to be a civilized country because the people aren't civilized."

Later that same year, he said "I just have zero sympathy for them or their culture. A culture where people just don't use toilet paper or forks." He continued: "They can just shut the f[***] up and obey, is my view."

...for exactly as long as it involves killing Muslims, then turns against it.

          Forget Pilots, ‘Computer Scientists From MIT’ Needed, Says Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
Though Washington has yet to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8, US President Donald Trump did take to Twitter to express his own view concerning the recent fatal crashes by the aircraft.
          Inicia en Acteal Festival Cultural, XXI Aniversario de la Masacre de Acteal.      Cache   Translate Page      
compañeras y compañeros, ha iniciado el Festival Cultural de Las Abejas de Acteal
(Yak'el xkuxetel o'ontonal)

Les recordamos también revisar el programa de este 21 y mañana 22 de diciembre e informarles que nuestro comunicado será publicado mañana durante la conmemoración de la Masacre de Acteal, primero  en esta página y luego serán linkeadas a nuestro Twitter @AbejasDeActeal y en página de facebook:

Hoy en la noche subiremos más fotos de las actividades de dicho festival.

Para los habitantes del municipio de Chenalhó, pueden escuchar nuestra transmisión en vivo a través de 98.9 FM "Radio Almantal Yu'un Lekilal" (Mensajeros de la Paz).

          Hors-série - Formule 1      Cache   Translate Page      

C'est pas encore le retour de 82BPM mais pour "fêter" le retour de la Formule 1 ce week-end, je vous propose une petite émission spéciale que j'avais faite il ya quelques mois pour les amis de [@lachicompany] (

Attention à vos oreilles ^^

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Merci Milou!


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Titre: Once Have I
Auteur: Boogie Belgique
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          Episode 12 - "Smells like teen spirit" de Nirvana      Cache   Translate Page      

Pour ce 12ème numéro je vous parle de "Smells like teen spirit" de Nirvana

Les liens vers les morceaux:

Version Originale

Version Piano pour le film Sigarett par Brynjolfur á Heygum

Version Jazz du Sweet Hot Jazz Band

Version Live Japonaise de H ZETTRIO × Bamboo Flute Orchestra

Version Metal de Dancefloor Disaster

Le Live en Norvège

Pour ceux qui lisent les notes, Une vidéo rare très interessante sur la naissance du groupe...

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Titre: Once Have I
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          Episode 11 - " Purple Haze " de The Jimi Hendrix Experience      Cache   Translate Page      

Dans ce 11ème épisode je vous parle de " Purple haze " du Jimi Hendrix Experience

Les liens vers les morceaux:
La version originale

La version de Frank Zappa de 1991

La version Ozzy Osbourne / Zakk Wylde

La version instrumentale de Marcus Miller et David Sanborn en 1998

La version Francophone de Haunted en 1969

La version Live de 1967

En bonus pour ceux qui lisent les notes, le Live de l'Hymne Américain à Woodstock en 1969

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Coucou Milou!^^


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Titre: Once Have I
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          Episode 10 - " Loser " de Beck      Cache   Translate Page      

Pour ce 10ème épisode, je vous parle de " Loser " de Beck

Les liens vers les morceaux:

La version originale de Beck avec le clip officiel
Le site officiel :

La reprise de " The Cleverlys"
Leurs site officiel :

Version "Xara Fiasco"
Son site :

Version " Asian Kung Fu Generation "
Leurs site :

Le live de Beck à Reading en 2003

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          Episode 09 - "Black Hole Sun" de Soundgarden      Cache   Translate Page      

Dans ce 9ème numéro je vous parle de "Black Hole Sun" de Soundgarden

Les liens vers les chansons évoquées :

La version originale de 1994, ce clip est fou^^

La version Live de Paul Anka en 2005, au Festival de Jazz de Montreal

La version de Cibo Matto en 1995

La version Chorale du Stockholm City Voices et Sweet Adelines

La Version de Towny en 2015

Le Live Unplugged en Suède de Chris Cornell en 2006
Il vaut vraiment le coup d'être écouté en entier, Chris Cornell a une sacré voix et là, en acoustique, c'est superbe! ( Sa reprise de Billie Jean est extra! )

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Titre: Once Have I
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          Episode 08 - "Rock the Casbah" de The Clash      Cache   Translate Page      

Dans ce 8ème numéro je vous parle de "Rock the Casbah" de The Clash

Les liens évoqués:
La version Single

La version longue originale

La reprise de Taryn Szpilman façon bossa nova

La reprise reggae de Cocornalo

La reprise de Hell Spet

Le Live de Rachid Taha avec Mick Jones

Et le Live des Clash d'Octobre 1982 au Shea Stadium de New York

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Titre: Once Have I
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          Affaire Benalla: la vidéo obtenue illégalement diffusée par un salarié LREM sous pseudo?      Cache   Translate Page      
Un salarié de La République en marche (LREM), Pierre Le Texier, a raconté, cité par Le Monde, la façon dont il s'était procuré les images de vidéosurveillance qu'il a diffusées sur Twitter en vue de minimiser les violences commises par Alexandre Benalla le 1er mai. Toutefois, il ignorait qu'elles avaient été obtenues illégalement.
          Episode - "Hors Série de Noël"      Cache   Translate Page      


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Crédit du Générique : Boogie Belgique - Once Have I de l'album Blueberry Hill

          Episode 07 - "I love Rock 'n' Roll" de Joan Jett and The Blackhearts      Cache   Translate Page      

Pour ce 7ème numéro, je parle de "I love Rock 'n' Roll" de Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

Les liens vers les différentes versions :

La version originale de " The Arrows" en 1975

La version que tout le Monde connait de "Joan Jett and The Blackhearts" en 1981

La 1ère version de Joan Jett avec les anciens Sex Pistols en 1979

Le remix d'Alex Gaudino et Jason Rooney de 2008

La version Country de Hayseed Dixie en 2011

La version Hip Hop de "Moccasin Creek feat Megan Rüger" de 2016

Le Live de 1983

En Bonus pour ceux qui lisent les notes, la version 8 bit de "8bit Universe"

Merci à tous ceux qui me font des retours, qui partagent, qui me donnent des précisons, c'est toujours bon d'échanger!

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          Deze kapper geeft gratis condooms, maar begaat serieuze blunder      Cache   Translate Page      
Deze kapper had wel een heel special cadeautje voor zijn klanten. De 23-jarige man, Jake Gamez, heeft een foto gepost van condooms die hij aan klanten gaf. Probleem: hij niette er ook een businesskaartje aan vast, waardoor de condooms meteen onbruikbaar worden. Over dat vastnieten heeft hij duidelijk niet lang over nagedacht. De bedoeling was om […]

Het bericht Deze kapper geeft gratis condooms, maar begaat serieuze blunder verscheen eerst op Metro.

          Episode 06 - "Sunday bloody Sunday" de U2      Cache   Translate Page      

Dans ce 6ème numéro de 82BPM je vous parle de "Sunday bloody Sunday" de U2

Les liens vers les différentes versions de ce numéro :

La version original de U2 en Live

La version Live AIDS de 1985

La version Live de Sarajevo en 1997 par The Edge

La reprise de Sambô en 2012

Et celle de Katie Melua en acoustique

Et pour ceux qui sont allés jusqu'à la fin fin^^

Un très grand MERCI à tous pour les retours, les partages, les conseils etc...

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Crédit du Générique : Boogie Belgique - Once Have I de l'album Blueberry Hill

          Episode 05 - "Come Out and Play" de The Offspring      Cache   Translate Page      

Pour ce 5ème épisode je vous parle de "Come out and play" de The Offspring

Les liens vers les différentes versions de ce numéro :

Le nom de la thèse : "Identification of Human MicroRNA-Like Sequences Embedded within the Protein-Encoding Genes of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus"

Un lien si vous voulez la lire! ( c'est en Anglais )

Version originale de 1994 sur l'album "Smash"

La version de Hyades en 2009

Version Jazz de Richard Cheese de 2000

Version UkulelebOboys de 2016

Version "retro-gaming" de 8 Bit Universe en 2015

La version Live acoustique de fin d'épisode, en 2012 sur Oui Fm

Bande Annonce du film "The Warriors"

Et l'extrait utilisé

Toujours un très grand MERCI à tous pour les retours, les partages, les conseils etc...

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Crédit du Générique : Boogie Belgique - Once Have I de l'album Blueberry Hill

          Episode 04 - "Sweet home Alabama" de Lynyrd Skynyrd      Cache   Translate Page      

Dans ce 4ème épisode je vous parle de "Sweet home Alabama" de Lynyrd Skynyrd

Les liens vers les différentes versions évoquées dans ce numéro :

La version originale de 1974

Une version Live en 1977

Version Johnny Hallyday de 1982 (celle utilisée dans ce numéro)

Et une version Live avec Eddy Mitchell de 1982 aussi, quelle belle année...

La version du groupe Espagnol Siniestro Total "Miña terra galega" de 1984

"The Four Horsemen" de Metallica en 1983, (la reprise de Sweet home Alabama commence à 3min27)

L'impro de Nirvana en 1994

A la toute fin de l'épisode c'est un extrait du film Con Air avec Nicolas Cage et c'est Steve Buscemi qui parle ("Define irony. Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.")

Un bonus pour ceux qui lisent ces notes d'émission! C'est un groupe Finlandais, les Leningrad Boys, accompagnés des Choeurs de l'Armée Rouge, improbable^^

Un très grand MERCI à tous pour les retours, les partages, les conseils!

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Crédit du Générique : Boogie Belgique - Once Have I de l'album Blueberry Hill

          Episode 03 - Seven Nation Army des White Stripes      Cache   Translate Page      

Dans ce 3ème épisode je vous parle de "Seven Nation Army" des White Stripes

Les liens vers les différentes versions évoquées dans ce numéro :

La version originale des White Stripes

Version Ben l'Oncle Soul de 2010

Version des Pretty Reckless, Live de 2012

Version de The Hives

Version Flaming Lips en Live de 2007

Version Musik for The Kitchen de 2009

Version Damien Rice de 2011

Là, Jack White explique à Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) et The Edge (U2) comment jouer Seven Nation Army
Le documentaire en entier est absolument génial, il s'appelle: It might get loud

Merci à tous pour les retours, les partages, les conseils c'est très sympa!

Vous pouvez me contacter sur Twitter @yannickdoc et @82bpmpodcast
(je me suis trompé dans le podcast; je dis juste @82bpm...)
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Crédit du Générique : Boogie Belgique - Once Have I de l'album Blueberry Hill

          Episode 02 - "The Passenger" d'Iggy Pop      Cache   Translate Page      

Dans ce 2ème épisode, je vous parle de "The Passenger" d'Iggy Pop

Les liens vers les différentes versions évoquées dans ce numéro :

Version Originale d'Iggy Pop

Version Soiuxsie and The Banshees

Version Polonaise de Pidżama porno

Version Brésilienne de Capital Inicial

DJ Gollum Remix

Une Version Polonaise assez improbable!

Version Kid Loco

Version Los Colorados

Version Reggae par The Jolly Boys

Version live Allemande de Cro

Le recueil de poèmes "The Lords" de Jim Morrison, voir #22

Tous les commentaires et conseils sont les bienvenus et n'hésitez pas à vous abonner!

Mille Mercis à tous ceux qui ont écouté le 1er épisode, qui ont retweeté, qui m'ont envoyé des messages, c'est super gentil!

Vous pouvez me contacter sur Twitter @yannickdocet @82bpmpodcast
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Crédit du Générique : Boogie Belgique - Once Have I de l'album Blueberry Hill

          Yeni partiden olay paylaşım! Bir süre sonra sildi      Cache   Translate Page      
Abdullah Gül, Ahmet Davutoğlu ve Ali Babacan'ın kuracağı iddia edilen yeni partinin Twitter hesabından dikkati çeken bir paylaşım geldi.
          Lady Gaga, ¿embarazada?      Cache   Translate Page      
Para anunciar su nuevo proyecto, Lady Gaga bromeó en Twitter que está embarazada y en espera de dar a luz su sexto álbum de estudio.
          Cool & Stylish Profile Pictures      Cache   Translate Page      
Get awesome profile picture for Facebook, tumbler, Google Plus , twitter and all other social networks. Make your profile awesome with these amazing collection of profile pictures. There is variety of profile pictures for girls, boys and for couples. Explore following profile picture albums to get your awesome profile pics.

          Președinția română a Consiliului UE, reacție după votul privind Brexit: ”Este nevoie mai mult ca niciodată de voința politică reînnoită de la Londra pentru o soluție mai bună decât ieșirea dezordonată”      Cache   Translate Page      

Președinția română a Consiliului UE va continua să lucreze la planul de contingență privind Brexit, a transmis George Ciamba, ministrul delegat pentru afaceri europene, într-o reacție publicată pe Twitter la votul din Parlamentul britanic, care a respins marți, din nou, acordul privind ieșirea Marii Britanii din Uniunea Europeană. ”Rezultat nepotrivit pentru votul privind acordul de […]

The post Președinția română a Consiliului UE, reacție după votul privind Brexit: ”Este nevoie mai mult ca niciodată de voința politică reînnoită de la Londra pentru o soluție mai bună decât ieșirea dezordonată” appeared first on

          Uncle Kumar 4D Power Master wins special/starter hit prize in Singapore 4D Lottery Singapore Pools SGP prize with Super 4D forecast,winning tips.      Cache   Translate Page      
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