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          Plačilo za lastno okupacijo      Cache   Translate Page      
Države, v katerih je stacionirana ameriška vojska, bodo morale plačevati zanjo. To je povzetek novice, ki je bila lansirana prejšnji teden. Trump je ukazal vladnim službam, naj pripravijo formalne zahteve, po katerih bodo morale Nemčija in Japonska...
          Donald Trump cries ‘presidential harassment’ as New York state investigators close in on him      Cache   Translate Page      

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to voice his paranoia about investigations swirling around him. Trump has been plagued with multiple scandals since he first took office. Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen sparked several investigations into the president after he t...

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          Kushners’ Harvard ‘donation’ just a legal version of celebrity college admissions-buying scam: reports      Cache   Translate Page      

Reports detailing the ways the rich and famous paid to have their children admitted to college reminded two national security experts of similar — yet legal — tactics allegedly used by Jared Kushner to get into Harvard. In November 2016, after Donald Trump was elected, ProPublica’s Daniel Gold...

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          Now is not the time to impeach Trump — but it could be coming soon: Constitutional law expert      Cache   Translate Page      

On Tuesday, Constitutional law expert Laurence Tribe explained to MSNBC’s Katy Tur that as of now there is not a reason to impeach President Donald Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed that she does not think President Donald Trump is “worth” the process of impeachment. Tribe...

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          INSTEX, une arme efficace pour sauver les accords sur le nucléaire iranien ?      Cache   Translate Page      

  Le 5 novembre 2018 marque un tournant au sein des relations internationales. De lourdes sanctions économiques sont mises en application 180 jours après l’annonce de Donald Trump du retrait des États-Unis des accords de Vienne sur le nucléaire iranien. Pourtant adoptés à l’unanimité par le Conseil de sécurité de l’Organisation des Nations Unies (ONU) dans sa résolution 2231 et signés en 2015 par l’Allemagne, la Chine, les États-Unis, la Fédération de Russie, la France et le Royaume-Uni, le plan...

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          Trump doesn’t have a functioning White House — and it’s Jared and Ivanka’s fault: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace      Cache   Translate Page      

The panel on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” with Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday explained how Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are harming Donald Trump’s White House — but can’t leave because Trump’s kids financially reply upon him. The host introduced the new bo...

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          Electric vehicle demand likely to drop if tax credit ends: U.S. official      Cache   Translate Page      
Electric vehicle demand is likely to drop if the United States eliminates a tax credit worth up to $7,500 as President Donald Trump has proposed, a senior U.S. Transportation Department official said on Tuesday.

          Venezuelan government targets Guaido over national blackout      Cache   Translate Page      

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is under investigation for alleged sabotage of the country’s power grid, the chief prosecutor has said. It came as the government sought to pressure an adversary who blames corruption and mismanagement for nearly a week of national blackouts. The announcement by attorney general Tarek William Saab escalated the confrontation between the government and Mr Guaido even as the US, a key backer of the opposition leader, said it was withdrawing its last diplomats in Caracas. The US has dismissed Venezuelan government accusations that it triggered the power crisis with a cyber attack. Mr Guaido is already under investigation for alleged instigation of violence, but authorities have not tried to detain the leader of the opposition-controlled National Assembly since he violated a travel ban and then returned a week ago from a tour of Latin American countries. Mr Saab said the case against Mr Guaido also involves messages allegedly inciting people to robbery and looting during power outages. Information minister Jorge Rodriguez appeared on national television to condemn “Guaido and his gang” for their alleged attempt to cut the power as a way of fomenting chaos and toppling President Nicolas Maduro. Mr Rodriguez said the power grid had been almost completely restored and water service was also returning. More neighbourhoods of Caracas had power on Tuesday morning, but anecdotal reports indicated continuing outages for many Venezuelans, who were already suffering from hyperinflation and shortages of food and medicine. On Tuesday, long queues converged at springs in the mountains of Caracas to collect water in bottles because water pumps have been failing during the power outages. Venezuelans usually use debit cards to pay for food and other necessities since hyperinflation has rendered the national currency, the bolivar, nearly worthless, but the cards have not worked because of the blackouts, forcing people to scrounge for scarce cash and search for the few shops that were open. Schools and many businesses remained closed on Tuesday, and there were widespread reports of looting in the city of Maracaibo. Adding to tension over Venezuela’s fate, the last US diplomats in Venezuela prepared to head home as relations between Washington and Mr Maduro deteriorated further. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said the US, which recognises Mr Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president, was withdrawing the remaining diplomats because their continued presence in Caracas had become a “constraint” on US policy as it campaigns to oust Mr Maduro. “We made the decision yesterday that it just was prudent to get these folks back,” Mr Pompeo added on Tuesday. “The situation there is deteriorating. The Maduro regime’s horrific leadership over the last years has just made life there so difficult, it began to make it more difficult for the United States to take the actions that it needed to do to support the Venezuelan people. So we concluded this was simply the right step to take and this was the right time to take it.” The Venezuelan government early on Tuesday disputed Mr Pompeo’s account, saying it had instructed the diplomats to leave within 72 hours. Their presence “entails risks for the peace, integrity and stability of the country”, foreign minister Jorge Arreaza said. “These are the same officials that have systematically lied to the world about Venezuela’s reality and personally have directed fake, flag-waving operations to justify an intervention,” he said. US President Donald Trump has said “all options are on the table” in his administration’s support for Mr Guaido, who says Mr Maduro is an illegitimate leader and must resign so Venezuela can hold elections. Mr Maduro accuses Mr Guaido and the US of plotting an invasion. The government cut ties with the US in January over its recognition of Mr Guaido as Venezuela’s rightful leader. US officials said Mr Maduro had no authority to take such a step. Venezuela later retreated and allowed a skeleton staff to remain at the hilltop US embassy in Caracas as the two countries attempted to negotiate an agreement to allow some sort of representation.  

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          North Korea rocket launch ‘would be catastrophe for diplomacy’      Cache   Translate Page      

North Korea using a possible rocket launch as leverage in negotiations with the US would be catastrophic for global diplomacy, a South Korean presidential adviser has said. US-based websites recently released satellite photographs indicating North Korea has restored structures at its long-range rocket launch facility that it dismantled last year at the start of diplomacy with the United States. Other satellite images show increased vehicle activities at a separate North Korean facility used to manufacture missiles, and rockets for satellite launches. Some experts say these suggest North Korea may be assembling a long-range rocket to carry out a banned satellite launch in the wake of last month’s North Korea-US summit in Hanoi that ended without any agreement. Moon Chung-in, a retired university professor who is now a special adviser to President Moon Jae-in, told a panel discussion that North Korea using a rocket launch or other nuclear activities as leverage in negotiations would be a “bad move”. Mr Moon said such a North Korean move could eventually cause a “catastrophic” consequence or a “big disaster” in the US-North Korea diplomacy. “I wonder if North Korea should avoid” such an action, Mr Moon said. He said both North Korea and the US must restrain themselves to keep diplomacy alive and start unofficial contacts to resume talks. He said the Hanoi summit showed how “difficult” and “painful” it would be to achieve de-nuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula. The Hanoi summit fell apart due to disputes over how many sanctions reliefs North Korea could win in return for limited nuclear disarmament steps. Washington and Pyongyang accuse each other of causing the summit’s breakdown, but both sides have avoided harsh criticism against each other and expressed hopes for future negotiations. No official meeting between the countries has yet to be publicly scheduled. The February 27-28 summit was the second summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump since they met for the first time in Singapore last June.

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          Flugkatastrophe einer Boeing 737 Max 8: Boeing-Chef telefoniert nach Absturz mit Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
Nach dem Absturz einer Boeing 737 Max 8 in Äthiopien hat Boeing-Chef Dennis Muilenberg US-Medienberichten zufolge mit US-Präsident Donald Trump telefoniert.
          Venezuela, blaming U.S. for six-day blackout, orders diplomats to leave      Cache   Translate Page      
Venezuela ordered American diplomats on Tuesday to leave within 72 hours after President Nicolas Maduro accused U.S. counterpart Donald Trump of cyber "sabotage" that plunged the South American country into its worst blackout on record.

          Democrats blast safety net cuts in Trump budget as 'malicious'      Cache   Translate Page      
Congressional Democrats attacked U.S. social safety net changes proposed by President Donald Trump in his 2020 budget plan, with a senior lawmaker on Tuesday saying Trump's cutbacks in programs such as Medicaid and food aid were "intended to do harm".

          U.S. immigration agency to close its overseas offices      Cache   Translate Page      

U.S. immigration agency to close its overseas officesThe move is the latest from an administration that has worked to limit both legal and illegal immigration since Trump took office in January 2017, including cuts to the U.S. refugee program and heightened vetting of U.S. visa applications. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Francis Cissna, in an email message to agency employees, announced plans for closure of the international field offices. The agency, part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, currently operates 23 offices overseas, scattered across Latin America, Europe and Asia, according to the agency's website.

          Summit Daily letters: Trump’s ‘diplomacy’ is pure wrecklessness      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump’s ‘diplomacy’ is pure recklessness Morgan Liddick’s March 5 column, “Trump shows he understands the art of diplomacy” doesn’t demonstrate anything of the kind. Whether Trump’s unconventional approach will ultimately “work” is unknowable, and it...
          Ο πολιτισμός του χάους. Όταν ΜΜΕ και κράτος μετατρέπονται σε trolls.       Cache   Translate Page      

Στην αγγλική γλώσσα υπάρχει μια πολύ εύστοχη έκφραση, σε δυο παραλλαγές, που αποτυπώνει μια πολύ διαδεδομένη τάση στη σύγχρονη μαζική επικοινωνία. “Attention seeker” ή “attention whore” (για να το πούμε βαρύτερα), νοείται το πρόσωπο που μπορεί να κάνει τα πάντα αρκεί να κερδίσει την προσοχή των άλλων.

Βέβαια το να κερδίσει κάποιος την προσοχή με θετικό τρόπο θέλει κόπο, ευφυΐα και αυταπάρνηση. Από την άλλη πλευρά, η επίδειξη των χειρότερων δυνατών ιδιοτήτων, πιθανότατα βοηθά να φτάσει κανείς στην εφήμερη διασημότητα μάλλον άκοπα. Είναι ο συντομότερος δρόμος για να εκπληρωθεί η προφητεία του Andy Warhol που ήδη από το 1968 είχε προβλέψει πως στο μέλλον όλοι θα είμαστε διάσημοι για 15 λεπτά.

Η αναζήτηση της προσοχής με κάθε μέσο, η επιθυμία κάποιου να έχει «κοινό» με κάθε κόστος δεν είναι κάτι καινούριο. Η γιγάντωση όμως του φαινομένου βοηθήθηκε από μια «κοινωνική ανάγκη» και προωθήθηκε από ένα «εργαλείο». Βοηθήθηκε από την ανάδειξη της ατομικότητας (και της όποιας ιδιαιτερότητας του καθενός μας) ως υπέρτατη αξία του μετανεωτερικού κόσμου και προωθήθηκε από τα νέα μέσα μαζικής επικοινωνίας. Τώρα, κάθε πληκτρολόγιο, κάθε site, κάθε προφίλ στα κοινωνικά δίκτυα, είναι το δυνητικό όχημα για αυτά τα 15 λεπτά διασημότητας.

Τα τελευταία χρόνια όμως, σαν από φάρσα της ιστορίας, τελέστηκε μια άκρως ενδιαφέρουσα, όσο και επικίνδυνη μεταστροφή. Εκεί που ο κάθε άνθρωπος επιχειρούσε να εισβάλει με κάθε παράδοξο τρόπο, βίαια στην καθημερινότητα της κοινωνίας, εκεί που είχαμε κάθε «περίεργο τύπο» να κάνει εσκεμμένα παλαβομάρες για να μας τραβήξει την προσοχή, πλέον έχουμε την υιοθέτηση της «attention whore τακτικής» από ένα ολόκληρο φάσμα οργανισμών.

Παραδοσιακά ΜΜΕ έως πολιτικά κόμματα ή και ολόκληρες κυβερνήσεις, αδιαφορώντας πλέον για το κοινωνικό αντίκτυπο, «χτυπούν» με σκοπό την προσοχή, σχεδόν πάντα συγκρουσιακά, ακόμα και αν αυτό αλλοιώνει πλήρως τη μέχρι τώρα φυσιογνωμία τους.

Ο σκοπός είναι προφανής· είτε από αφέλεια είτε από στοχευμένη προσπάθεια να πολώσουν το ακροατήριο τους, μετασχηματίζουν εαυτούς κάνοντάς χρήση του νέου “trend”. Σε αντίθεση με τους άγνωστους πρωταγωνιστές της μιας ημέρας, έχουμε να κάνουμε με αναγνωρίσιμες συλλογικότητες που δεν διστάζουν να τσαλακώσουν το δημόσιο πρόσωπο που είχαν παλιά με σκοπό την άμεση προβολή και ας έχει αυτό ως συνέπεια την μετέπειτα απαξίωση τους.

Η εκλογή του Donald Trump πριν μερικά χρόνια, πέραν των άλλων, σηματοδότησε την αναβάθμιση του attention seeking σε πολιτειακό θεσμό. Ο πρόεδρος πλέον, Trump, έχοντας κερδίσει πολύ περισσότερα από 15 λεπτά τις τελευταίες δεκαετίες, εισήγαγε τη δημόσια συγκρουσιακή ταυτότητα, σε νούμερο ένα προσόν!

Θα ήταν αφέλεια να πούμε πως ο συγκρουσιακός χαρακτήρας ενός ανθρώπου ή μιας συλλογικότητας είναι a priori «κάτι κακό». Η σύγκρουσή είναι πολλές φορές το μέσο για αλλαγές δομών όπου υπάρχει κοινωνική ανάγκη να αλλάξουν, αλλά η κοινωνία δεν έχει άλλο τρόπο να τις επιβάλει. Όταν όμως η σύγκρουση, από μέσο αλλαγών, γίνεται τρόπος διακυβέρνησης το αποτέλεσμα είναι το χάος, μιας που η κοινωνική πρόοδος είναι μια ιστορία συγκλήσεων και όχι αποκλεισμών.

Αν πάντως το θέμα είχε να κάνει μόνο με την εικόνα η ζημιά θα ήταν περιορισμένη. Η επιθετική πολιτική συγκρούσεων από ομάδες που έχουν εξουσία, μεταλλάσει την ίδια τη φύση της διακυβέρνησης. Εν πολύς, είναι πολύ διαφορετικό ένας περιθωριακός τύπος να φωνάζει και να βρίζει σε κάποιο trash τηλεοπτικό κανάλι προκαλώντας το γέλιο και την ψήφο μας ως αντίδραση σε μια διαστρεμμένη κανονικότητα και είναι άλλο όταν αυτός, τελικά, θα έρθει σε θέση εξουσίας.

Είναι δεδομένο πως αυτό το φαινόμενο, πέραν από παγκόσμιο, είναι και εγχώριο και διαβρώνει την πολιτισμική μας ταυτότητα. Είναι τραγικό να βλέπεις τα τελευταία χρόνια παραδοσιακά ΜΜΕ του τόπου να εκπροσωπούνται στη δημόσια σφαίρα μέσω ανθρώπων γοητευμένων από την τοξική αλληλεπίδραση που έχουν με το κοινό τους. Όπως επίσης είναι τραγικό το πολιτικό προσωπικό της χώρας, με ευθύνη των κομμάτων να έχουν για αιχμή της δημόσιας εικόνας τους διάφορους αυτόκλητους «πολεμιστές του άλλου». Από μαχητές ενός φαντασιακού σταλινισμού και εθνικούς πλειοδότες έως αντιεξουσιαστές στην εξουσία και κινηματικούς πολέμιους της παγκόσμιας αδικίας, αναδεικνύονται άνθρωποι που είναι σε θέση να αποφασίζουν για την κοινωνία με μόνο τους προσόν τη δημόσια αντιπαράθεση.

Θα ήταν αφέλεια να νομίσει κανείς πως πολλοί από τους ανθρώπους που βρίσκονταν σε θέση εξουσίας στο παρελθόν δεν ήταν ανάλογα επιδειξιομανείς, εγωκεντρικοί και συγκρουσιακοί. Είναι, όμως, πραγματικά σπάνιο που σε τόσο μεγάλη κλίμακα, άνθρωποι σε θέση ευθύνης σε όλο τον κόσμο, λειτουργούν με τέτοιο τρόπο και οι ιδιότητες τους όχι μόνο δεν αντιμετωπίζονται με σκεπτικισμό από τις μεγάλες μάζες αλλά επικροτούνται, ενώ είναι, ξεκάθαρα, απέναντι σε κάθε κοινωνική συνοχή.

Κάποιος θα μπορούσε να πει πως πάντα έτσι ήταν. Θα μπορούσε να πει πως η πραγματική ταυτότητα των ανθρώπων απλά φαίνεται περισσότερο τώρα και αυτό είναι ένα βήμα προς τη διαφάνεια. Δεν είμαι σίγουρος. Σε έναν κόσμο που τρέφεται από τη δημόσια σύγκρουση, χαμένος είναι ο ίδιος ο κόσμος.

Αυτό θέλουμε πραγματικά;

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President Donald Trump’s fiscal year 2020 budget calls for huge reductions in the Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Department spending in order to pay for wall construction on the U.S.-Mexico border. The Trump administration unveiled its 2020 budget proposal Monday, which calls for cuts in domestic spending while dramatically increasing infrastructure and defense spending. In […]
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It takes an act of Congress to change daylight saving time nationwide and there's a bill to do that, which President Donald Trump said Monday he supports. Minnesota can pass its own law, but it has to wait for Congress.
          Bericht: Neue US-Ermittlung zu Deutscher Bank wegen Trump-Geschäften      Cache   Translate Page      

deutsche bank

Die Deutsche Bank steht wegen ihrer Geschäfte zu US-Präsident Donald Trump laut einem Zeitungsbericht im Fokus einer neuen Ermittlung. Die New Yorker Staatsanwaltschaft habe Dokumente angefordert und die Bank formal vorladen lassen, schrieb die „New York Times“ am Dienstag unter Berufung auf eine eingeweihte Quelle.

Eine US-Sprecherin der Deutschen Bank betonte dazu auf Nachfrage lediglich, dass das Geldhaus sich weiter zur Kooperation bei berechtigten Ermittlungen verpflichtet sehe. Die Staatsanwaltschaft war zunächst nicht für ein Statement zu erreichen.

Dem Bericht zufolge hat die jüngste Kongressanhörung von Trumps Ex-Anwalt Michael Cohen die neuen Ermittlungen ausgelöst. Cohen hatte unter anderem einige Unterlagen zu Geschäftsverbindungen zwischen der Deutschen Bank und Trump vorgelegt.

Abgeordnete der Demokraten haben die Beziehungen zwischen Trump und dem größten deutschen Geldhaus schon länger im Blick. Sie wollen die Geschäfte zwischen Trump und der Deutschen Bank sowie mögliche Verbindungen nach Russland durchleuchten.

Die Deutsche Bank ist ins Visier der Untersuchungen geraten, da sie zeitweise als Trumps Hausbank galt und ihm vor seiner Präsidentschaft hohe Kredite gewährte. Dies soll zudem in einer Zeit geschehen sein, in der viele andere Geldhäuser mit dem durch mehrere Pleiten vorbelasteten Immobilien-Mogul nichts zu tun haben wollten.

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Roger Simon writes: Basically, our youth has suffered from a form of child abuse by their teachers and the media. They have been told, implicitly and explicitly, from earliest childhood that socialism is the preferable system because of “fairness.” The Continue reading →
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Scott Johnson writes: In her interview with Tim Alberta for “The Democrats’ dilemma,” Omar disparaged the sainted Barack Obama by asserting that in critical respects he was as bad as Trump is. She then denied the accuracy of the quote Continue reading →
          Europäische Luftfahrtbehörde verfügt Startverbot für Boeing 737 Max      Cache   Translate Page      

Darf nicht mehr in Deutschland fliegen: die Boeing 737 MAX 8.

Nach dem Absturz einer Boeing 737 Max 8 in Äthiopien gerät der US-Luftfahrtriese Boeing immer stärker unter Druck: In Europa, Australien und weiten Teilen Asiens erteilten Luftfahrtbehörden Flugverbote für alle baugleichen Maschinen. Zahlreiche Airlines legten die Flugzeuge am Dienstag wegen Zweifeln an der Sicherheit der Baureihe ebenfalls zunächst still. Damit ist gut die Hälfte der seit 2017 ausgelieferten rund 350 Flugzeuge aus dem Verkehr gezogen. Es drohen zahlreiche Flugausfälle.

Das stürzt Boeing nicht nur in eine tiefe Imagekrise: Die 737-Max-Serie ist der gefragteste Flugzeugtyp des Airbus-Rivalen. Bei andauernden Problemen bei dem Kassenschlager könnten auch massive Umrüstungskosten und Geschäftseinbußen drohen. Der Aktienkurs des Unternehmens sackte den zweiten Tag in Folge ab. Boeing beharrt indes auf der Sicherheit der nach zwei Abstürzen innerhalb eines halben Jahres stark in die Kritik geratenen Baureihe. „Wir haben volles Vertrauen in die Sicherheit“, teilte der Konzern am Dienstag mit.

Boeing verwies erneut darauf, dass die US-Luftfahrtbehörde FAA derzeit keine weiteren Maßnahmen fordere. In den kommenden Wochen will der Konzern jedoch ein wichtiges Software-Update für die Baureihe anbieten. Die Devise laute, „ein bereits sicheres Flugzeug noch sicherer machen“, versprach Boeing.

Beim Absturz einer Maschine der Fluggesellschaft Ethiopian Airlines in der Nähe der äthiopischen Hauptstadt Addis Abeba waren am Sonntag 157 Menschen ums Leben gekommen, darunter auch fünf Deutsche.

Der internationale Flugverkehr wird aus Furcht vor weiteren Zwischenfällen zunehmend in Mitleidenschaft gezogen. Nachdem am Dienstagnachmittag Deutschland, Großbritannien, Frankreich, Italien und weitere Staaten eine Sperrung ihres Luftraums für die Boeings angekündigt hatten, zog auch die europäische Luftfahrtbehörde EASA am Abend nach. Das Verbot gelte als „Vorsichtsmaßnahme“ für den ganzen europäischen Luftraum für die Typen Boeing 737 Max 8 und Boeing 737 Max 9, erklärte die EASA.

Die Sperre des deutschen Luftraums für das Boeing-Modell 737 Max gilt für drei Monate. Bis einschließlich 12. Juni dürfe kein Flugzeug des Typs Boeing 737 Max 8 und Max 9 über der Bundesrepublik fliegen, erklärte die Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) in Langen bei Frankfurt. Die Anordnung gelte ab 18.30 Uhr. Flugzeuge, die sich zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung noch im deutschen Luftraum befänden, dürfen den Flug bis zum Ausflug beziehungsweise zur Landung fortsetzen.

Bundesverkehrsminister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) sagte dem Sender n-tv: „Sicherheit geht absolut vor. Bis alle Zweifel ausgeräumt sind, habe ich veranlasst, dass der deutsche Luftraum für die Boeing 737 Max ab sofort gesperrt wird.“ Deutsche Fluggesellschaften nutzen dem Verkehrsministerium zufolge keine Boeing 737 Max 8. Das weitgehende Flugverbot hat nach Einschätzung des Verbandes ADV keine allzu großen Auswirkungen auf den Betrieb an den deutschen Flughäfen. „Bei uns herrscht keine Krisenstimmung wegen dieses Fliegers“, sagte ADV-Hauptgeschäftsführer Ralf Beisel.

Der weltgrößte Reisekonzern Tui legt infolge des Flugverbots in Großbritannien seine 15 Flugzeuge vom Typ Boeing 737 Max 8 vorübergehend still, Turkish Airlines zwölf Flieger. Auch Norwegian wird ihre 18 Maschinen des Typs vorerst außer Betrieb nehmen.

Viele Länder folgen diesmal nicht — wie üblich — der Linie der US-Luftfahrtbehörde FAA. „Diese Untersuchung hat gerade erst begonnen, und uns liegen bislang keine Daten vor, um Schlussfolgerungen zu ziehen oder Maßnahmen zu ergreifen“, teilte die FAA am Montag (Ortszeit) mit. Die US-Behörde kündigte jedoch an, sie werde „geeignete Maßnahmen ergreifen, wenn die Daten darauf hindeuten, dass dies erforderlich ist“.

Nach dem Absturz einer Boeing 737 Max 8 im Oktober in Indonesien mit 189 Todesopfern Jahr gab es der FAA zufolge bereits zahlreiche technische Prüfungen und Maßnahmen. Im Zentrum der Untersuchungen stand bislang ein umstrittenes System zur Flugkontrolle, das laut Unfallermittlern eine entscheidende Rolle beim Crash in Indonesien gespielt haben könnte. Boeing versprach nun eine Verbesserung der Steuerungssoftware, die in den kommenden Wochen bei sämtlichen 737-Max-Maschinen aufgespielt werde.

Die Piloten der in Äthiopien verunglückten Boeing hatten der Flugsicherung kurz vor dem Absturz von Problemen berichtet, die Maschine unter Kontrolle zu halten, sagte der Chef von Ethiopian Airlines, Tewolde GebreMariam, dem Nachrichtensender CNN.

US-Politiker forderten unterdessen Konsequenzen der Luftfahrtbehörde FAA. Spitzenvertreter beider großer Parteien sprachen sich am Dienstag für ein Startverbot des betroffenen Flugzeugtyps aus. Alle Flieger sollten am Boden bleiben, bis die Ursachen der jüngsten Abstürze und die Flugtauglichkeit geklärt seien, forderte etwa der frühere republikanische Präsidentschaftskandidat Mitt Romney.

US-Präsident Donald Trump sprach sich derweil gegen den Einsatz von zu viel Computertechnologie in der Luftfahrtbranche aus. „Flugzeuge werden viel zu kompliziert zum Fliegen“, schrieb Trump am Dienstag auf Twitter, ohne Boeing zu erwähnen. Statt Piloten brauche es heutzutage Computerspezialisten. Doch diese Komplexität berge Gefahren, so Trump. „Ich weiß nicht, wie es Euch geht, aber ich will keinen Albert Einstein als meinen Piloten. Ich will großartige Flugprofis, die einfach und schnell die Kontrolle über ein Flugzeug übernehmen dürfen“, schrieb er.

Die Boeing 737 ist das meistverkaufte Verkehrsflugzeug der Welt. Die 737-Max-Reihe ist die neueste Variante des Verkaufsschlagers. Der US-Hersteller hat bereits mehr als 350 Maschinen ausgeliefert und sitzt auf prall gefüllten Auftragsbüchern mit Tausenden Bestellungen.

An der Börse in New York sackte die Boeing-Aktie wieder ab. Am frühen Nachmittag stand sie mit sieben Prozent in Minus. Die Papiere des europäischen Erzrivalen Airbus profitierten hingegen leicht, hier näherte sich der Kurs mit einem Plus von gut einem Prozent dem Rekordhoch vom 1. März.

Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass Boeing-Maschinen wegen Sicherheitsrisiken in großem Stil nicht starten. Im Januar 2013 hatte die US-Luftfahrtbehörde FAA nach einer Reihe von Pannen ein Flugverbot für Boeings damaligen Vorzeigeflieger „Dreamliner“ verhängt. Vorausgegangen war eine Notlandung des Langstreckenjets in Japan, nachdem eine Batterie durchgeschmort war. Diesmal dürften die Folgen jedoch deutlich schwerwiegender sein, Boeing hatte damals lediglich 50 „Dreamliner“ ausgeliefert, die 737-Max-Jets sind wesentlich stärker verbreitet.

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          ABD li Müslüman Siyasetçilerden Trump a Suudi Arabistan ...      Cache   Translate Page      
ABD Temsilciler Meclisinin Müslüman üyeleri Rashida Tlaib ve Ilhan Omar, ABD yönetiminin, Suudi Arabistan'ın insan hakları ihlallerini görmezden gelerek bu ülkeye silah satmayı sürdürmesine tepkide bulundu.
          US-Experte: Die Entwicklungen an den Märkten erinnern an die letzten großen Börsencrashs      Cache   Translate Page      

Stock market

Wenn ihr euch derzeit zurücklehnt und den Aufschwung der Börse nach der Beinahe-Katastrophe im vergangenen Dezember genießt, begeht ihr vielleicht einen fatalen Fehler, den Investoren und Anleger in der Vergangenheit immer wieder begangen haben. 

Das ist jedenfalls eine Erkenntnis aus neuesten Untersuchungen von John Hussman, einem ehemaligen renommierten Wirtschaftsprofessor und dem heutigen Präsidenten des Hussman Investment Trust.

Hussman argumentiert, dass es sich bei der anhaltenden Erholung nur um den jüngsten plötzlichen Marktumschwung in der jüngeren Geschichte handelt — eine Situation, die in der Vergangenheit mehrfach dafür gesorgt hat, dass Anleger kurz vor einem Abschwung weiter investiert haben. 

Und wenn Investoren immer wieder in diese Rallyes investieren — was Hussman erwartet — argumentiert er, dass der Markt zunehmend auf eine Katastrophe zusteuert. 

In den kommenden Jahren werde es wahrscheinlich zu mehreren „Wasserfall-ähnlichen Abschwüngen“ kommen, warnt Hussman in einem vor kurzem veröffentlichten Blogbeitrag.

Hussmann weiter: „Investoren, die sich mit der Geschichte der Märkte auseinandersetzen, wird die Entwicklung bekannt vorkommen. Investoren, die sich gegen die Erkenntnis sperren, dass auf extreme Bewertungen immer ein Zusammenbruch der üblichen Bewertungsnormen folgte, erwartet eine schwierige Geschichstslehrstunde.“

Ein solcher 60-prozentiger Einbruch würde den S&P 500 wieder auf die 1.100er-Marke zurückbringen — eine Entwicklung, die seit dem ersten Halbjahr 2010 nicht mehr zu beobachten war, als sich die Märkte ein Jahr nach der Finanzkrise in der Erholungsphase befanden.

Hussman erklärt zudem, dass ihn die jüngste Erholung der Aktienmärkte an die Zeiten vor den vergangenen zwei Börsencrashs erinnere. Es sei wichtig, so Hussmann, die „Ähnlichkeiten der jüngsten Entwicklungen“ mit den Rallyes von Anfang 2001 und Anfang 2008 zu beobachten. „Die jüngsten Entwicklungen stehen für eine Bärenmarktrally, wobei starke Verluste über den gesamten Zyklus unvermeidlich sind.“

Die Rolle der Fed

Wie sind wir überhaupt in diese Situation geraten? Hussman sieht einen Teil der Schuld bei der US-Notenbank Federal Reserve (Fed), deren traditionell lockere Währungsbedingungen dazu beitragen haben, die US-Wirtschaft aus ihrer schlimmsten Rezession herauszuholen. Während das Handeln der Fed die beabsichtigte Wirkung zeigte, habe es jedoch gleichzeitig eine Spekulantenblase erschaffen.

„Was die Fed durch ihre Politik der quantitativen Lockerung gemacht hat, war, die Rendite-Suche zu fördern“, kritisiert Hussman. 

Hussman ergänzt: „Sie kaufte fest-verzinste Staatsanleihen und bezahlte sie, indem sie zinslose Bankreserven im Volumen von vier Billionen US-Dollar schuf. Die Bemühungen jedes einzelnen Instituts, dieses zinslose Geld loszuwerden, führten zu einem Spiel der „heißen Kartoffel“. Dadurch wurden auch andere Wertpapiere angeboten, bis die Nachfrage so hoch war, dass die langfristigen Renditewerwartungen gegen Null liefen. An diesem Punkt sind wir jetzt angelangt.“

Lest auch: Absturz der Facebook-Aktie ist das Anzeichen für schlimmeren Crash als im Jahr 2000, sagt ein Experte

Ihr werdet vielleicht überrascht sein, aber Hussman bewertet den Markt trotz dieser Punkte kurzfristig neutral. Er hat in den Krisen gelernt, dass auch übertriebene Bewertungen die Anleger nicht von weiteren Investments abhalten werden, bis die ersten technischen Signale in den negativen Bereich wechseln. Noch während sie sich dorthin bewegen, bleiben sie vorerst weiter positiv.

Aber lasst euch nicht täuschen: Langfristig ist Hussman pessimistisch eingestellt.

„Trotz meiner ziemlich neutralen Einschätzung auf kurzfristige Sicht, bleibt meine Meinung langfristig deutlich“, sagt Hussman. „Das ist ein massiv überbewerteter Markt.“

Hussmans richtige Prognosen

Hussman hat in der Vergangenheit wiederholt für Schlagzeilen gesorgt, indem er einen Börsenrückgang von mehr als 60 Prozent prognostizierte und ein ganzes Jahrzehnt mit negativen Aktienrenditen vorhergesagt hatte. Auch als die Börse weiter nach oben kletterte, hat er unbeirrt an seinen Prognosen festgehalten.

Doch bevor ihr Hussman als Dauer-Pessimisten bezeichnet, achtet auch auf seine richtigen Vorhersagen, die er in seinem Blog veröffentlicht hat. Hier sind die Argumente, die für ihn sprechen:

• Im März 2000 prognostizierte er, dass Technologiewerte um 83 Prozent fallen würden. Im Anschluss verlor der tech-lastige Nasdaq-100-Index im Zeitraum von 2000 bis 2002 „unwahrscheinlich präzise“ 83 Prozent.

• Im Jahr 2000 prognostizierte er, dass der US-Leitindex S&P 500 in den darauffolgenden zehn Jahren voraussichtlich negative Gesamtrenditen erzielen würde — was auch eintrat.

• Im April 2007 prognostizierte er, dass der S&P 500 40 Prozent verlieren könnte. Im Anschluss verlor er 55 Prozent inmitten des Zusammenbruchs von 2007 bis 2009.


Je mehr Beweise Hussman über die unhaltbaren Bedingungen an der Börse veröffentlicht, desto mehr Gedanken sollten Investoren sich machen. Sicherlich gibt es in diesem Marktzyklus noch Gewinne zu realisieren, aber ab wann wird das steigende Crashrisiko zu gefährlich?

Das ist eine Frage, die Investoren sich selbst beantworten müssen. Und eine, der Hussman in der Zwischenzeit weiter nachgehen wird.

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A heated debate has broken out among Democrats in Congress, one day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi all but ruled out pursing impeachment of the president. Nancy Cordes has the latest.

The post Democrats split after Pelosi says impeaching Trump “not worth it” appeared first on WCBI TV | Your News Leader.

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Trump cites debunked Greenpeace 'co-founder' to discredit 'the whole climate crisis'“The whole climate crisis is not only Fake News, it’s Fake Science,” Trump tweeted, attributing the quote to Patrick Moore, a climate change denier.

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Exclusive: Pompeo to meet oil executives, push U.S. crude exports, Iran policy - sourcesU.S. Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo will meet with top oil executives before he addresses a conference on Tuesday, seeking to get them to help the administration's effort to boost crude exports to Asia and to support its policy of isolating Iran, according to three people at two companies briefed on the agenda. The outreach represents a significant new effort to sway industry executives to the Trump Administration’s “energy dominance” agenda that seeks to advance diplomatic and policy objectives through rapidly expanding U.S. oil and gas exports. The effort has won success in convincing nations including China, Poland, Japan and South Korea to purchases more U.S. oil and natural gas.

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Trump Parrots Anti-Science Misinformation As He Readies Climate Change PanelHe dubbed the climate crisis as "fake news" and chalked up the catastrophicrise in global warming over the last few decades as simply "weather

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Shell urges Trump White House to tighten methane leak rulesRoyal Dutch Shell urged U.S. President Donald Trump's administration on Tuesday to tighten restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas production, instead of weakening them as planned. Breaking from a decades-old tradition of avoiding criticism of U.S. government policies, Shell's U.S. Country Chair Gretchen Watkins called on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to tighten rules to plug methane leaks, a potent greenhouse gas.

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The Trump administration's threats to withhold intelligence from Germany are rooted in the fact that Washington has no other means to bend Berlin to its will, Jude Woodward, author of "The US vs China: Asia's New Cold War?" tells Sputnik.
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          Comment on Littwin: Hick’s longshot argument — Colorado comity actually beats Washington dysfunction by Jay      Cache   Translate Page      
You need to lay off the Fox and put down the tinfoil. There have been indictments. Want some more? Wait until Friday. Trump has never enjoyed the support of the majority of there's no conspiracy at work here...just common sense. You don't get it. You're the authoritarian extremist tyranny of the minority that the country is worried about, not the other way around.
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President Trump's onetime campaign chairman Paul Manafort is due back in federal court on Wednesday for sentencing in his criminal case in Washington, D.C. The hearing in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia comes less than a week after Manafort was sentenced to just under four years in prison in a federal case in Virginia. Manafort's appearance for sentencing in D.C. on Wednesday could then close out his two-year fight with Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller. One question that continues to hang over this saga, though, is whether the president might neutralize whatever sentence Manafort receives by deciding to pardon him — a move that Trump himself has refused to rule out . NPR via / YouTube Tax and fraud case over. Onto conspiracy One front of Manafort's legal battle concluded last week in Virginia, where a federal judge sentenced him to 47 months in federal prison and ordered him to pay $25 million in restitution. A jury there convicted him last year of
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NPR reported over the weekend that the Trump administration’s budget would include increased spending on child care, a policy priority of Ivanka Trump. Quartz reported American families “with a child under five with no special needs, no public assistance, and who is in daycare for at least eight hours a week spends a median of $5.31 per hour and $8,320 per year” on child care, according to a 2018 study . Quartz also notes that some lower-income families have been priced out of child care altogether and that families in higher income brackets are willing to spend more on child care. But families, don’t budget for the Trump proposal yet. From NPR’s reporting. Presidential budgets are policy statements, frequently ignored by Congress, and this one is no different (It has already been declared a nonstarter by Democrats.) So in a way, this is Ivanka Trump and the White House signaling that they want in on a debate already underway in the business world and in politics about this ever
          NATO's Stoltenberg invited to address U.S. Congress April 3      Cache   Translate Page      

NATO's Stoltenberg invited to address U.S. Congress April 3House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited Stoltenberg to speak to a joint meeting of the House of Representatives and Senate on April 3, as the alliance celebrates its 70th anniversary. Trump has questioned the value to Washington of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and many lawmakers see honoring Stoltenberg as a chance to reaffirm the American commitment to the alliance. "During this critical time for the United States, NATO and the European Union, the U.S. Congress and the American people look forward to your message of friendship and partnership, as we work together to strengthen our critical alliance and advance a future of peace around the world," Pelosi said in a letter to Stoltenberg on Monday.

           Comment on March 12th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #782 by paulraven1       Cache   Translate Page      
Because she wants to implicate them in a chain of events to justify government takeover.
           Comment on March 12th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #782 by mashall       Cache   Translate Page      
She's attempting and failing to wing a script she didn't write. She was strategically chosen to appeal to and advocate for a Demographic (Mexican, South American, Hispanic Type) that is to Silence all that resist the Illegal Invasion from Mexico and South America. She's in place to Screech down any that are American First Patriotic and for Legality as Evil Racist and Anti - Immigrant.
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One of the most enjoyable parts of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for president was his ability to create nicknames that captured the weaknesses of his opponents. Although Trump may not need any help, I’d like to propose a few as the 2020 campaign starts in earnest. Elizabeth Warren can keep her well-earned moniker of Pocahontas—as … Continue reading The Power of Trump’s Nicknames
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Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday tore into a visibly uncomfortable John Legere, the chief executive of T-Mobile, over his decision to stay at President Donald Trump's hotel in Washington while his company seeks government approval...
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In the two-part interview, Lisa Page, who exchanged many anti-Trump texts with former FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok, said anti-Clinton bias was visible at the bureau as well, but neither affected investigations.
          Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are a case study in why nepotism is problematic      Cache   Translate Page      
A new book reports Trump has wanted to fire them but can't. This is among the many reasons people warn against nepotism in government.
          ‘You’re competing with a helicopter’: How Trump pits Marine One against the press      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump has replaced daily White House press briefings with pool sprays outside Marine One to control press access. But there is one problem: Often, he can’t hear what reporters are saying.
          Republicans are trying to make ‘Jexodus’ happen, but most Jews still vote Democratic      Cache   Translate Page      
Polling data and experts interviewed by The Washington Post do not show a Jewish exodus from the Republican Party in the Trump years.
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A new paper provides a framework for House Democrats to investigate the Trump administration but says the investigations must be of high quality and not designed just to block the president.
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The Democrat pushed back against Trump’s remarks in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this month.
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The president, who once launched a now-defunct shuttle company and has dubious views on air travel, said in the wake of Sunday’s Ethiopian Airlines crash that jetliners have become “too complex to fly.”
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The subpoenas also cover a loan that Trump sought to buy the NFL’s Buffalo Bills.
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Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) said that the Justice Department policy preventing the indictment of a sitting president was “wrong” because potential charges against Trump could expire if he is reelected, due to the statute of limitations.
          Comment on Are Western Secular Societies Under Threat? by Michael John Scott      Cache   Translate Page      
The US is loaded with the Fundie Fuckers, and they are enabled by the Trump administration. Trump himself, whose shadow never darkened the door of a church until he ran for president, is now wanting all schools to teach Bible studies. By the numbers, however, younger people are backing away from the Jesus crazy in the droves, and that isn't expected to change, except for the better in the years to come.
          Comment on Arizona: Woman in Pursuit of Selfie Attacked by Jaguar by Michael John Scott      Cache   Translate Page      
Yep! They are everywhere, and most of them are Trump supporters.
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"The View" aired a segment joking about an internet theory that first lady Melania Trump sometimes uses a body double. Trump's team is not happy.

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Trump administration preparing to close international immigration offices  The Washington PostTrump Administration Plans to Close Key Immigration Operations Abroad  The New York TimesView full coverage on Google News
          EEUU adelantó que vendrán "importantes" nuevas sanciones contra instituciones financieras vinculadas al régimen de Maduro      Cache   Translate Page      
Elliot Abrams, encargado del gobierno de Donald Trump para Venezuela, advirtió que también habrá "nuevas visas revocadas"
          Wenonah Hauter: Trump's Budget Serves Industry Profits at the Expense of Our Health - YubaNet      Cache   Translate Page      
Wenonah Hauter: Trump's Budget Serves Industry Profits at the Expense of Our Health  YubaNet

Washington, D.C. March 11, 2019 – Today the Trump administration released its proposed 2020 budget, with steep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency ...

          Pasca-Jatuhnya Ethiopian Airlines, AS Semakin Ditekan untuk Kandangkan Boeing 737 MAX      Cache   Translate Page, Washington DC - Boeing dan otoritas penerbangan Amerika Serikat (AS) semakin ditekan untuk kandangkan pesawat seri 737 MAX, di mana Uni Eropa dan banyak negara lain menghentikan operasional burung besi tersebut pasca-tragedi jatuhnya Ethiopian Airlines pada Minggu 10 Maret.

Regulator, maskapai penerbangan, dan pabrikan AS semakin terisolasi dalam menjaga agar pesawat itu aman. Pada hari Selasa, Boeing menegaskan kembali keyakinannya bahwa 737 MAX memiliki "kepercayaan penuh" pada keselamatannya, demikian sebagaimana dikutip dari The Guardian pada Rabu (13/3/2019).

Tetapi reaksi global terhadap kecelakaan fatal Ethiopian Airlines ET 302, yang menewaskan seluruh 157 orang di dalamnya, menambah tekanan pada Boeing dan Otoritas Penerbangan Federal AS (FAA) untuk bertindak.

Setidaknya 27 maskapai telah menerbangkan MAX, dan lebih dari setengah dari 350 pesawat yang beroperasi saat ini ditangguhkan sementara operasional.

Dalam sebuah pernyataan resmi, Boeing mengatakan: "Kami memahami bahwa badan pengawas dan pelanggan telah membuat keputusan yang mereka yakini paling tepat untuk pasar domestik mereka. Kami akan terus terlibat memastikan mereka memiliki informasi yang diperlukan, guna memiliki kepercayaan diri dalam mengoperasikan armada mereka."

Boeing berencana untuk memperbarui perangkat lunak MAX dan mengubah kontrol penerbangan serta panduan pelatihan.

Saat ini, tercatat hampir 40 persen dari total pemesanan 371 unit Boeing 737 MAX telah diterbangkan secara global, lapor publikasi industri Flightglobal, termasuk 97 pesawat di pasar terbesar di dunia, China.

Negeri Tirai Bambu sendiri menjadi negara pertama yang menghentikan sementara seluruh operasional Boeing 737 MAX, sehari setelah Ethiopian Airlines jatuh beberapa saat pasca-lepas landas dari Bandara Internasional Bole di Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Simak video pilihan berikut: 


Nilai Saham Boeing Anjlok

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 EI-DCL sedang mendarat di bandara Manchester saat badai Brian. (Sumber AIRLIVE)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Kekhawatiran meluas akibat jatuhnya Ethiopian Airlines membuat miliaran dolar AS hilang dari nilai pasar saham Boeing.

Saham pabrikan pesawat terbesar di dunia itu anjlok drastis pada hari Selasa, ketika banyak regulator internasional bergerak melawan 737 MAX.

Selain itu, intervensi Presiden AS Donald Trump di Twitter juga turut mempengaruhi jatuhnya nilai saham Boeing.

Trump mengetwit: "Produsen selalu berusaha untuk melangkah lebih jauh, ketika sering kali yang berusia tua dan sederhana jauh lebih baik. Dibutuhkan keputusan sepersekian detik, dan kerumitan menciptakan bahaya. Semua ini memakan biaya besar, namun sangat sedikit meraih keuntungan."

Presiden AS ke-45 itu menambahkan: "Saya tidak ingin Albert Einstein menjadi pilot saya. Saya ingin profesional penerbangan yang diizinkan untuk dengan mudah dan cepat mengendalikan pesawat!"

Setelah twit tersebut, Trump bertemu dengan kepala eksekutif Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg, dalam percakapan pertama yang diketahui di antara mereka sejak kecelakaan pesawat Ethiopian Airlines.

Sementara itu, maskapai yang mengoperasikan Boeing 737 MAX 8 telah dibanjiri pertanyaan dari penumpang yang khawatir pasca-jatuhnya Ethiopian Airlines pada hari Minggu, di mana banyak yang menuntut untuk mengetahui jenis pesawat yang akan mereka naiki, dan hak mereka untuk membatalkan berdasarkan hal tersebut.

          Massachusetts: Highest ACA exchange enrollment AND effectuation in history; cites Individual mandate + navigator/outreach program!      Cache   Translate Page      

This press release is mostly of interest because it came from the Governor's office, not the MA Health Connector itself:

Baker-Polito Administration Announces Health Connector Completes Successful Open Enrollment with Highest-Ever Membership, Covering 282,000 People with Health Insurance

Governor Baker announced today that the Massachusetts Health Connector completed Open Enrollment with the highest membership in the 13-year history of the state’s health insurance exchange, covering 282,000 people with health insurance.

Heh. "13-year history" took a moment to register...but of course Massachusetts has had a health insurance exchange website since 2006, when "RomneyCare" went into effect.

“The Health Connector just completed its most successful Open Enrollment since the start of the Affordable Care Act, signing up more than 65,000 new people with health insurance coverage,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “Massachusetts leads the way with the best insured rate in the country, with over 97 percent of our residents covered due in part to the Health Connector’s strong efforts to create a culture of coverage in the Commonwealth.”

“The Health Connector plays an important role in ensuring communities across the Commonwealth have access to affordable, high-quality health care,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “Over the last four years, the Connector has worked tirelessly to transform the exchange into a functional and reliable service as is evident by its current milestone enrollment figures.”

The Health Connector held Open Enrollment from Nov. 1-Jan. 23, twice as long as the federal government’s Nov. 1-Dec. 15 open period, to ensure Massachusetts residents had as much time as possible to shop for affordable coverage. Throughout Open Enrollment, Massachusetts residents were encouraged to get covered or stay covered, to provide security for their health and financial well-being, and comply with the state’s individual mandate. Assistance was available through community based health Navigators around the state.

“Massachusetts shines as a model for the rest of the nation when it comes to getting people enrolled in health insurance–and maintaining coverage,” saidHealth and Human Services Secretary and Connector Board Chair Marylou Sudders. “That success is built off outreach and education efforts that effectively and efficiently target the state’s under-insured communities and get more people covered. This year the Connector made inroads in these tough-to-reach uninsured groups.”

As of March 1, 282,114 people were enrolled in health insurance, including 209,973 people in the ConnectorCare program. Through the state’s innovative affordability program, ConnectorCare, state subsidies are made available on top of federal tax credits, resulting in lower premium costs for members – including $0 premiums for the lowest-income enrollees – while also offering zero dollar or low co-pays and no deductibles. Overall, Health Connector membership rose 13 percent, compared to a 4 percent enrollment decrease through the federal platform. In addition, 18,000 individuals receive dental insurance through the Connector.

It's important to distinguish the 282,114 effectuated enrollee figure as of March 1st from the 300,085 people who selected QHPs by the end of the 2019 Open Enrollment Period. That's a net attrition rate of just 6% as of March, which means well over 94% of those who selected policies ended up paying for the first 1, 2 or 3 months (most started in January, some in February or March), which is extremely impressive.

“With stable operations and a clear message to get covered and stay covered, this was our most successful Open Enrollment to date, with high retention rates and strong new enrollment,” said Louis Gutierrez, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Health Connector. “We are going to keep working to ensure that everyone in Massachusetts is covered.”

Open Enrollment for Individuals

The Health Connector placed extra focus on outreach and public education about affordable coverage options in communities with higher rates of uninsurance and worked to raise public awareness about coverage generally. At the close of Open Enrollment, the Health Connector had enrolled more than 65,000 people who did not have Health Connector coverage at the start of Open Enrollment, about 22 percent more than last year. Nearly half of the new enrollments came from 21 communities targeted as under-insured through a data-driven strategy that included grassroots and creative enrollment and public awareness raising activities.

In a survey of more than 2,000 new members, more members who had been uninsured for significant periods signed up for 2019 coverage. In 2017, 20.2 percent of respondents said they were uninsured for six months or longer, and in 2019, 21.8 percent said they were uninsured at least six months.

This underscores the importance of the ACA navigator program, which offers personalized outreach, education and hand-holding throughout the process of enrolling in both exchange policies as well as Medicaid/CHIP, answering questions about how to use the insurance policy, how deductibles and co-pays work and so forth. The Trump Administration slashed both the marketing and outreach/navigator funding for the federal exchange by 90% and around 85% respectively, but exchanges like Massachusetts went the opposite way, with positive results.

The Health Connector finished Open Enrollment with a retention rate of 89.7 percent, about 2.7 percent higher than last year’s retention rate. Throughout Open Enrollment, the Health Connector engaged in a public social media campaign encouraging residents to #StayCovered, highlighting the continuing requirement that residents have health coverage that meets state standards, even as the federal individual mandate penalties end for 2019.

This proves my point from back in December, when I stressed that reinstating the individual coverage mandate penalty will only be effective if everyone KNOWS that there's a mandate penalty.

With stable premiums for 2019 (building off the Health Connector’s success of having the lowest exchange rates in the country in 2018, according to data from the federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services), fewer renewing members switched plans in 2019, resulting in a stable membership experience moving into the new year.

Health Connector for Business

In response to the increasing costs of insurance for small businesses, the Health Connector reshaped its small-business platform last year to offer highly competitive, high quality and low cost health insurance coverage for companies with less than 50 employees. The Health Connector for Business currently helps 1,300 small businesses save money on premiums by offering health plan and coverage options to their employees. Currently nine health plans and more than 50 plan options are available for April coverage. Small businesses can compare premiums and save on average 20 percent than they might otherwise pay.

Additionally, small businesses can earn a rebate through the Connector’s new ConnectWell program,an online-based wellness program. The program offers employers a chance to save money while their employees improve their health and wellness. Employers can save up to 15% on the amount they contribute toward employees’ health insurance premiums if one-third of their employees’ successfully complete one of the program’s qualifying wellness activities. The average ConnectWell rebate for a business is $4,880. Employees enrolled in their group’s health plan will also have the chance to earn a $100 reward when they complete a qualifying wellness activity.

The Health Connector currently serves more than 1,300 business and 300,000 individuals and small-employer members with health and dental insurance. Access to affordable health coverage for individuals and small businesses can be found at the Health Connector’s website,

This last part about the "Health Connector for Business" is interesting. This refers to MA's "SHOP" program which, as I've noted before, has mostly languished nationally. Both California and New York have overhauled their SHOP program over the past few years, with impressive results, so perhaps there's hope for it after all. The PR doesn't break out MA's SHOP enrollment...282,000 indy medical enrollees + 18,000 dental plan enrollees adds up to 300K even. Assuming those 18K with dental coverage are already included with the 282K medical plan population, that means perhaps 18,000 SHOP enrollees as well, or roughly 14 employees/family members per business enrolled.

          WATCH LIVE: House Judiciary On Sprint T-Mobile Merger       Cache   Translate Page      
WATCH LIVE:  House Judiciary On Sprint T-Mobile Merger

Maybe we should break up the big telecom companies. Just saying.

And file this tweet under, YA THINK?

I wonder if there will be any questions about the room service at the Trump International Hotel.

          Trump's Budget: Huge Cuts To Medicare And Medicaid      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump's Budget: Huge Cuts To Medicare And Medicaid

Right about now is when Prznint Stupid is going to be releasing his budget proposal for the year; it’s been delayed because of the gubmint shutdown, but you know, no one is mentioning that.

We should note for the record that budget proposals from the White House are not based in reality, and they usually arrive moribund. The prznint’s budget proposal is more about showing where Hair Füror’s priorities are than anything else, and boy-howdy, what low priorities does he have:

The president’s plan seeks deep cuts from agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services, the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department. At the same time it would spend $8.6 billion on a border wall with Mexico and boost defense spending to $750 billion, both items sure to raise intense opposition from Democrats.

Calling for a total of $2.7 trillion in reductions over 10 years, the Trump administration is also taking aim at safety net programs, including hundreds of billions in cuts to Medicare and a request to drum up savings by imposing new restrictions on food stamps, housing assistance and aid to families that don’t make enough money to provide for their children.

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          Another Fox Host Calls Ilhan Omar 'Anti-American'      Cache   Translate Page      
Another Fox Host Calls Ilhan Omar 'Anti-American'

Fox News "reprimanded" Jeanine Pirro for questioning freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's loyalty to the United States.

And almost immediately Fox Business Network's Trish Regan attacks the Congresswoman as "seemingly anti-American."

It never stops with these Trump surrogates.

The Fox brigade is driving a wedge of insanity into the national conversation, with horrendous attacks on newly elected Democratic politicians because their policies are too popular for Fox's liking.

Discussing a NY Times article that contradicts reports from the US government that Venezuela's President Maduro had torched a convoy of humanitarian aid to help his suffering people, FBN's Trish Reagan used this tragedy to attack Fox News' two favorite targets: freshman Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

After playing video of Venezuela protestors gathered outside the NY Times, Trish Reagan began her monologue.

She attacked Maduro for refusing "the entry of so much needed humanitarian aid."

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          Donald Trump: Airplanes Are Too Complicated To Fly      Cache   Translate Page      
Donald Trump: Airplanes Are Too Complicated To Fly

Trump, the nation's foremost aviation expert tweeted that he wants simple airplanes to be flown again from simpler times.

He must be opining on this topic after the terrible crash in Ethiopia of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. And he may also be panicked, CNN reports, as he just oversaw the sale of 100 of these planes while in Hanoi for a summit with Kim Jong Un.

          Fox & Friends Lies About Greenpeace And Of Course Trump Tweets It      Cache   Translate Page      
Fox & Friends Lies About Greenpeace And Of Course Trump Tweets It

We have a so-called president whose only morning duty is to watch Fox and Friends and tweet about it. But you knew that.

Tuesday the stupidest "news" program on television hosted a person they claimed was a "Greenpeace Founder" to spout opposition to the Green New Deal. It's a typical "Hey even this liberal agrees" segment, and Greenpeace was quick to point out the lie.

          John Brennan: 'I Don't Have Any Doubt' About Trump Pardoning Manafort      Cache   Translate Page      

Chris Jansing brought up something former CIA director John Brennan said yesterday.

"Tomorrow a U.S. district judge who has been entrenched in the Mueller case for more than a year is going to decide the fate of Paul Manafort," Jansing said.

"How long the former trump campaign chief will spend in prison? She could tack up to ten years on to the 47-month sentence that he got in a Virginia court last week, or could decide that he'll serve out both sentences at the same time. But former CIA director John Brennan is throwing another possibility into the equation."

BRENNAN: Firstly, I don't have any doubt that Mr. Trump is going to pardon Paul Manafort at some point. The question is when. But then if he is also convicted of state charges, Donald Trump is not going to be able to pardon him for that.

"Joining me now is former federal prosecutor Doug Burns, and you also represented three White House employees during Clinton scandals. Doug, what do you think? Do you think there is a chance that a pardon is on the table?" Jansing said.

"Well, I mean, that was an aggressive prediction," Burns said.

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          Vos' "no tax" blockade on Wisconsin's future.       Cache   Translate Page      
The message has been mindlessly simple for years; cut taxes, cut spending, it's our money not the governments...etc! The conservative vision of government never made any real world sense.

What Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans have been pushing is another version of The Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). It's meant to create a crippling effect, an arbitrary spending limit, so Republicans can put the state economy into fiscal paralysis for years. What ever happened to "spending money to make money?" Reinvesting it in our economy, paying down debt, and upgrading a crumbling infrastructure is not their thing. 

The GOP's ratcheting down effect starts with the idea that extra budget revenue is excess, and has to be sent back, what Republicans claim "is your money, not the governments." That's what happened when George W. Bush, who was lucky enough to have inherited a balanced budget from Bill Clinton, took "surpluses as far as the eye could see" and passed them out as tax cuts instead of paying down the nation debt...which approaching $20 trillion. 

And the Trump tax cut? We now know that none of the following predictions panned out:
The most substantial tax overhaul since the Reagan years has sparked ... at least 285 companies announcing wage increases, bonuses, and higher 401(k) matches for 3 million workers. Utility companies are reducing rates in response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
Nope. Here's a thought that makes so much sense...:
Reductions in taxes deepen the amount of government debt and increase the leverage of the wealthy over any nations politics. Such tax cuts also straight-jacket government, reducing its ability to deliver the expected goods to popular majorities. Moreover, hikes in taxes and fees paid by the working classes are used to make up for tax reductions on the wealthy. Therefore, the more many Americans pay, the less they seem to get in return, fueling their increasing distrust and disgruntlement about the role of government in their lives. 
The GOP's Far Right Freeloader Class is Proud of their "Pay Later" Policies: Assembly leader Robin Vos continues to deny the voters changing priorities. In this video clip from Upfront, Vos' "no tax" obsession defies common sense and debate, straitjacketing the state's ability to move forward. But it does preserves the GOP's political ideology in amber, just like those pesky prehistoric insects.

There's an answer to "there's not enough money in the checkbook;" stop cutting taxes and reinvest now. While some are discussing a "basic income" for future generations that will be paid less and lack benefits, Vos is blissfully unaware of these concerns, all the while strapping our kids with even higher taxes. But then it's not his problem:

Note: Vos claims "I would prefer tax cut for everyone who pays taxes." Well, Gov. Evers' proposal to cut just the middle class tax bracket would also go to the wealthy, so Vos Republicans continue to mislead their constituents playing them for suckers. Remember when we found out rich Mitt Romney paid an effective tax rate of 14 percent tax.

I think someone can't get over his party losing the governors race. Wisconsinites now want to try it Evers' way. 

          Donald Trump Jr. Tries, Fails to Mock Actresses Arrested in Fraud Scheme      Cache   Translate Page      
The president's oldest son tosses some stones from inside his glass house.
          Fox’s Harris Faulkner Grills Sarah Sanders: Is Trump Saying Only Rich Immigrants Can Come To America?      Cache   Translate Page      
“And if they come to this country with a merit-based system, are you saying they have to be rich when they get here?”
          Trump Biographer on CNN Slams Jared Kushner and Ivanka as ‘Privileged,’ ‘Strikingly Unqualified’      Cache   Translate Page      
Michael D'Antonio considers their employment in the White House an "abuse of government."
          Nancy Pelosi, Presidenta de la Cámara de Representantes de EEUU, no está de acuerdo en impulsar un impeachment contra Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
Pelosi: impeachment contra Donald Trump “no vale la pena” La líder demócrata considera al presidente incapaz de liderar el país, pero no está a favor de su eventual destitución. Posible juicio político despierta dudas. La presidenta de la Cámara de Representantes de Estados Unidos, Nancy Pelosi, dijo este lunes (11.03.2019) que no está a favor […]
          Trump Convinced by Fake Greenpeace Co-Founder That Climate Change Is #FakeNews      Cache   Translate Page      
The world's most powerful man could get expert advice from anywhere. Naturally, he chooses to listen to Fox & Friends about this existential crisis.
          Twitter Collectively Shakes Its Head Over Trump Saying He Doesn’t Want Albert Einstein as a Pilot      Cache   Translate Page      
Reacting to the latest Boeing 737 crash, the president groused online that planes were now becoming too complicated to fly and need to be simplified
          Re: T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Trump Unbound      Cache   Translate Page      
The media? CNN is being sued for $250M.
Posted by Paul T
          Would President Trump make a good comedian?      Cache   Translate Page      
Two comedians rate the president's humour after he accused the media of not appreciating his jokes.
          Asbestos has been found in Claire's eye shadow, highlighting a disturbing 'black hole' in beauty-product safety      Cache   Translate Page      

dangers of putting on makeup

  • The US Food and Drug Administration barely regulates the cosmetics industry: just 11 ingredients are forbidden in cosmetic products in the US. In Europe, more than 1,300 compounds are barred. 
  • The retail chain Claire's came under fire last week after asbestos, a known cancer causer, was found in eye shadow and foundation sold there. 
  • But experts say the Claire's discovery is part a larger issue: the US beauty industry is not subject to many rules, and some of the ingredients makeup-makers use could make people sick. 

Dr. Shruthi Mahalingaiah used to love shopping at Sephora. She bought so much makeup, she said, that she even got "little random gifts" with her purchases.

"I had drawers full of makeup, all sorts of makeup," Mahalingaiah told Business Insider.

But today, she no longer sets foot in the store. Ever since she started studying the health effects that chemicals in cosmetics can have on people, Mahalingaiah — a gynecologist at Boston Medical Center — has paired her former beauty routine way down. 

"Cosmetic molecules used in the shine or luminescence are often derivatives of PFAS and PFOAs," Mahalingaiah said. 

These chemicals are endocrine disruptors, which mans they can subtly change how our bodies work by shifting the way our hormones operate. Such hormone disruptors have been linked to metabolism issues, low sperm counts in men, and early menopause in women. They can also do long-term damage to a developing fetus, subtly reducing a baby's brain power and upping the odds of a premature birth.

PFAS chemicals are not the only problematic ingredients in makeup: Asbestos, a known cancer-causer, was found in Claire's eye shadows and face powder last week.

"It wasn't surprising to me, because there's no regulation," Mahalingaiah said. 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to use the three Claire's products that tested positive for asbestos, but the agency has said it "does not have authority to mandate a recall."

On Tuesday, however, outgoing FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced that Claire's is complying with the FDA's voluntary recall request.

claire's voluntary recall

But Leo Trasande, a public-health expert from NYU's Langone Health network, thinks the FDA could do a lot more to communicate the health risks of cosmetics to the public and test for dangerous compounds in makeup products.

"This is quite late in the game for FDA to rush out and insist that this is a problem," Trasande, who recently wrote a book on endocrine-disrupting chemicals, told Business Insider.  "They've known that this is a problem for some time. There is no level of asbestos that is safe." 

The US hasn't enacted new cosmetics regulation in over 80 years

The US law that regulates cosmetics — the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act — hasn't changed since it was enacted in 1938. While Europe has banned over 1,300 chemicals from the products for sale there, the US forbids just 11. Congress wrote drafts of new cosmetic rules in 2011 and 2018, but neither set was enacted.

Today, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are once again discussing the potential health risks from products we're putting on our lips, eyes, and bodies. 

"Cosmetics have largely fallen into a regulatory black hole," Scott Faber, the senior vice president of government affairs at the Environmental Working Group, said in sworn testimony before the House Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy on Tuesday. "Cosmetics manufacturers do not have to register with FDA, do not have to report ingredients, do not have to report adverse events."

This is different from how the FDA treats drugs, medical devices, and food. 

beauty products dangerous chemicals

The lack of regulation essentially means that manufacturers of makeup, shampoo, lotion, and other personal-care products in the US can put almost anything they want into those items, including compounds known to raise cancer risk, like coal tar, formaldehyde, and lead

To make matters murkier, producers are permitted to label their products with ingredients like "fragrance" or "parfum" instead of disclosing the specific chemicals that make up those elements of a product, since those formulations are considered trade secrets. So fragranced beauty products could easily contain a toxic compound without consumers ever knowing. 

How much toxin is too much?

chemicals in makeup

Because cosmetics are designed to make people attractive to others, they often mimic one of nature's best-known phenomena: the glow women get when pregnant.

"Thick eyelashes, thick eyebrows, flushed cheeks, big lips, all of this happens under the effects of estrogen," Mahalingaiah said, adding, "it might be the effect a person putting on the makeup might want, but through a pathway that's maybe not the healthiest." 

Scientists know that exposure to asbestos raises a person's cancer risk, but the effects of the hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be found in makeup aren't as clear. Researchers are still trying to figure out, for example, how compounds in anti-aging products bind to the estrogen receptors in our bodies. But there are signs that women who use more cosmetics may see health consequences like early menopause, more hot flashes, painful cases of endometriosis, and long-term damage to their DNA, which can lead to cancer

"Why do we always need to look fertile and pregnant?" Mahalingaiah asked. 

Beyonce Pregnant

Research on endocrine disruptors also suggests that the chemicals could subtly slow down people's metabolisms and contribute to chronic health issues like obesity and infertility, even in small doses. This is true for people of all ages and sexes, including unborn babies.

Take phthalates, for example: the ingredients that keep products like shampoo fresh.

"Phthalates disrupt the function of the male sex hormone," Mahalingaiah said.

Studies show that men exposed to high concentrations of those chemicals in the womb can have lower testicular volume, less semen, and lower semen quality than other men. 

The best solution may be to simply use fewer products

Mahalingaiah said she recently performed an at-home urine test on herself, and found elevated concentrations of parabens (one of the most common estrogen-influencing ingredients in beauty products) in her body. She also found the sunscreen ingredient benzophenone-3 (BP-3), which can mess with the way hormones typically function.  

To the dismay of her three young daughters, Mahalingaiah said she threw away her 100-shade eyeshadow palettes, since PFAS chemicals are often used to make those cosmetics shimmer.

Mahalingaiah now recommends that any step in a person's beauty routine that isn't obviously beneficial to their health (like putting on sunscreen) should probably be re-examined. 

"My piece of advice would be thinking about why [people] think they need a lot of makeup," she said. "People are using makeup primers, and then base coats, and then these other coats, and then the spray that locks it all in."

sparkily makeup chemicals are dangers to health

Each additional product a person uses could raise the risk that their endocrine system gets disrupted, she said. Even so-called "natural" beauty products, which purport to have fewer fragrances and plasticizers than others, can still masquerade as a healthier alternative with largely the same ingredients.

"How much science do you need, when there are known carcinogens or toxicants, to make a choice to reduce exposure?" Mahalingaiah asked. "How much data do you need?" 

Still, she admits that she still falls for the shimmering, radiant formulations chemists have come up with on occasion.

"I haven't thrown everything out," Mahalingaiah said. "I just reduce the frequency of use." 

Trasande said he, too, has made changes in his home because of his research findings — he has thrown out etched and scratched kitchen plastics, and he tries to circulate more fresh air through his home to clear out toxins.

Trasande suggests consumers vet their own personal care products through a database like EWG's Skin Deep

Once you stop using endocrine-disrupting chemicals, studies suggest concentrations of them in your body can diminish quickly. A 2016 study of 100 14- to 18-year-old girls showed that when they stopped using personal-care products with ingredients like phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and BP-3, their urine concentrations of those chemicals dropped 27–45% in just three days.

Mahalingaiah said it's important for consumers to think about how to reduce their exposure: "What do you really need? Can you do with less?" she asked.

Making do with fewer products, of course, will also save you some cash.

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NOW WATCH: Johnny Depp removing his Donald Trump makeup is straight out of a horror movie

          Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell: The '60 Minutes' interview      Cache   Translate Page      
Jerome Powell tells Scott Pelley if the Fed will raise interest rates again, gives his view on whether or not President Trump can fire him and outlines the current risks to the U.S. economy.
          US will not accept 'incremental' disarmament, insists envoy to North Korea      Cache   Translate Page      

US will not accept 'incremental' disarmament, insists envoy to North KoreaStephen Biegun, the United States envoy to Pyongyang has stressed that Washington will not settle for the incremental disarmament of North Korea and that it is aiming for complete denuclearisation by the end of US President Donald Trump’s first term in 2021.  “We are not going to do denuclearisation incrementally,” Mr Biegun told a conference in Washington hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, in his first comments since the failed summit between Mr Trump and Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, Vietnam, last month.  Mr Biegun insisted that sanctions would not be lifted unless Pyongyang completely eliminated its nuclear weapons, stressing that it was Washington’s goal to achieve this within the current administration.  "We stand by the expectation that if we fully mobilise our resources ... we could align ourselves in a manner sufficient to achieve this in something approaching a year," he said. His statements marked a reversal from previous pronouncements emerging from the White House, with analysts warning that the hardening of the US position is an unrealistic strategy that will end in further stalemate with Pyongyang.  Stephen Biegun, the US envoy to North Korea Credit: Ed Jones/AFP Ahead of the Hanoi meeting, Mr Trump had declared that he had “no pressing schedule” on denuclearisation. “As long as there is no [missile] testing, I’m in no rush,” he said.  Mr Biegun, meanwhile, had indicated in an speech at Stanford University at the end of January that the US was willing to take a more stage by stage approach to the issue – a policy favoured by Pyongyang.  “We have communicated to our North Korean counterparts that we are prepared to pursue – simultaneously and in parallel – all of the commitments our two leaders made in their joint statement at Singapore last summer,” he said, referring to the two leaders’ first meeting in the city-state last June.  Their second summit in Hanoi in late February ended abruptly without any kind of deal.  The Hanoi summit started out well but ended abruptly with no deal Credit: Evan Vucci/AP Mr Trump said that Kim had insisted all economic sanctions were lifted before he agreed to give up his entire nuclear arsenal – a position he could not accept. “Sometimes you just have to walk,” he said. However, Ri Yong Ho, the North Korean foreign minister, countered that Pyongyang had only requested “partial relief” on sanctions enacted between 2016 and 2017, and had offered a “realistic proposal” to dismantle uranium enrichment facilities in return.   The talks ended on friendly terms, but North Korea has since shown frustration at the collapse of the summit, with the state-run Rodong Sinmun commenting that the public “are feeling regretful, blaming the US for the summit that ended without an agreement.” In a more alarming development, experts at California’s Middlebury Institute of International Studies, said last week that satellite images suggested that Pyongyang could be preparing to launch a missile or space rocket.  In response to questions about what the signs of activity at rocket launch facilities meant, Mr Biegun replied: “The short answer is: we don’t know.” He added that “the door remains open” for further negotiations. “Nothing can be agreed until everything’s agreed,” he said.  Nuclear and North Korea analysts expressed scepticism about his statements.  “Biegun: “Nothing can be agreed until everything can be agreed.” – a losing strategy,” tweeted Jenny Town, a Korea specialist at the Stimson Centre, a Washington think tank.  Others commented that the insistence on full denuclearisation before the lifting of any sanctions would create a bottleneck with Pyongyang, which has consistently argued for reciprocal concessions.  “If we don’t move off this position, we have nowhere to go,” Vipin Narang, a MIT nuclear expert, told Vox. “There’s no zone of agreement if we insist on everything — I mean everything, complete surrender — up front.”

          President Trump spoke to Boeing CEO      Cache   Translate Page      
CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports from Chicago on President Trump's conversation with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg.
          Politicians speak out in wake of Boeing crash      Cache   Translate Page      
CNBC's Eamon Javers reports on recent tweets from President Donald Trump weighing in on the latest Boeing news.
          New Trump Accuser Says Her Goal Is To Get ‘Justice For The Other 20 Plus Women’      Cache   Translate Page      
The president has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least 21 other women.
          Schiff: Trump’s Top Reason For Wanting A Second Term Might Be To Avoid Prison      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump could escape prosecution if he wins re-election, under DOJ guidelines that preclude indicting a sitting president.
          Senate Advances Trump Court Pick Who Blamed Women For Date Rape      Cache   Translate Page      
Neomi Rao, up for a lifetime fed court seat, also has a record of weakening protections for sexual assault survivors.
          Trump Parrots Anti-Science Misinformation As He Readies Climate Change Panel      Cache   Translate Page      
The president shared Patrick Moore's anti-science theories on global warming with his more than 58 million followers.
          3/12/2019: Middle East: Rouhani makes first official visit to Iraq      Cache   Translate Page      

■ Iran is looking for Iraq’s continued support as it faces a maximalist pressure campaign by President Donald Trump after his decision to withdraw America from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers. Rouhani, who is accompanied on the three-day visit...
          U.S. lawmakers at T-Mobile, Sprint hearing spar over stay at Trump hotel      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. lawmakers questioning the chief executives of T-Mobile US Inc and Sprint Corp over their planned merger sparred with each other on Tuesday over T-Mobile's executives staying at President Donald Trump's hotel where they spent $195,000 while in Washington.

          Trump tweets on airplanes, speaks to Boeing CEO in wake of 737 MAX crash      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump, concerned about the deadly crash of a Boeing 737 MAX passenger plane in Ethiopia, spoke to Boeing Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg on Tuesday and received assurances that the aircraft was safe, two people briefed on the call said.

          Taking Care: The Cost Of Child Care In 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
NPR reported over the weekend that the Trump administration’s budget would include increased spending on child care, a policy priority of Ivanka Trump. Quartz reported American families “with a child under five with no special needs, no public assistance, and who is in daycare for at least eight hours a week spends a median of $5.31 per hour and $8,320 per year” on child care, according to a 2018 study . Quartz also notes that some lower-income families have been priced out of child care altogether and that families in higher income brackets are willing to spend more on child care. But families, don’t budget for the Trump proposal yet. From NPR’s reporting. Presidential budgets are policy statements, frequently ignored by Congress, and this one is no different (It has already been declared a nonstarter by Democrats.) So in a way, this is Ivanka Trump and the White House signaling that they want in on a debate already underway in the business world and in politics about this ever
          'Times' Deputy Counsel On Fighting For Press Freedom In The Trump Era       Cache   Translate Page      
TERRY GROSS, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. You probably know my guest, the New York Times deputy general counsel David McCraw, from a letter he wrote that went viral. It was in response to a letter from Donald Trump's lawyer threatening to sue the Times for libel. McCraw will read that letter in a minute. As the Times' newsroom lawyer, McCraw has defended the Times against libel suits in the U.S. and from abroad. He's dealt with legal issues surrounding the publication of sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein and the threat of a libel suit that followed. McCraw has filed dozens of lawsuits seeking information that was withheld by the government in spite of the Freedom of Information Act. He's worked for the release of journalists who were kidnapped by extremists or detained by hostile governments. During the Trump era, he says, the fight about press freedom is about the very nature of truth and whether we, as a nation, believe that a free press counts for
          Lankford to back Trump on border emergency      Cache   Translate Page      

By Chris Casteel

U.S. Sen. James Lankford said Monday that he would oppose the resolution to reverse President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration on border security.

“I am not going to support the disapproval resolution,” Lankford, R-Oklahoma City, said during a telephone town hall meeting.

Lankford had been undecided on the resolution, which is expected to come up for a vote this week in the Senate.


          US to pull all remaining diplomatic staff from Venezuela      Cache   Translate Page      

US to pull all remaining diplomatic staff from VenezuelaThe United States will withdraw all remaining diplomatic personnel from its embassy in Caracas as the crisis in Venezuela deepens, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said late Monday. The move worsens already tattered relations, with President Donald Trump having said he rules out no options including military intervention to oust President Nicolas Maduro as Washington monitors rapidly unfolding events in the oil-rich but crippled South American nation supported by Russia and China. The US has already imposed sanctions designed to choke off Venezuelan oil sales, the lifeblood of the leftist government in Caracas.

          Nancy Pelosi’s Threat to Free Speech      Cache   Translate Page      

Nancy Pelosi’s Threat to Free SpeechThe same Democrats outraged by Donald Trump’s alleged offenses against the First Amendment passed, as their first priority, a speech-restricting bill opposed by the American Civil Liberties Union.Trump shouldn’t call the media “the enemy of the people” or inveigh against Jeff Bezos for owning the Washington Post, but Nancy Pelosi’s H.R. 1, which passed the House last week, is the true affront to the Constitution.The wide-ranging legislation purports to reform campaign finance with a series of vague, sweeping measures that will act to chill speech when they don’t actively regulate or squelch it. H.R. 1 is called the For the People Act but would be more aptly titled the Be Careful What You Say, It Might Be Illegal Act.Progressives can’t abide the notion that people in this country get together to spend money on advocacy outside the purview of the government — in other words, freely promote their favored causes as befits a free people living in a free country.H.R. 1 cracks the whip. As the Institute for Free Speech points out, the current campaign-finance rules limit expenditures that expressly advocate for the election or defeat of a candidate, or refer to a candidate in public advertising shortly before an election. The idea is to have clear rules so groups can promote their views without fear of running afoul of federal regulations.H.R. 1 blows this regime up. It seeks to regulate any speech at any time that “promotes or supports the candidate, or attacks or opposes an opponent of the candidate,” a fuzzy standard that could catch up all manner of nonelectoral messages (e.g., “Trump’s tariffs are a mistake,” or “Support Trump’s wall”).H.R. 1 also widens the definition of coordination between a group and a candidate to encompass almost any communication. It’d still be permissible to discuss a candidate’s position on an issue, so long as there is no talk “regarding the candidate’s or committee’s campaign advertising, message, strategy, policy, polling, allocation of resources, fundraising, or other campaign activities.”Even if a group doesn’t coordinate with a candidate under this loose standard, it could still be deemed to have coordinated if it were founded by someone who goes on to become a candidate; relies on the professional services of someone who also did work for a candidate; or is run by someone who had conversations about a campaign with the relative of a candidate.On top of all this, H.R. 1 goes after the privacy of donors to advocacy organizations. It mandates the disclosure of the names and addresses of donors giving more than $10,000 to groups that engage in “campaign-related disbursements.” Given our toxic political environment, this would potentially subject the donors to harassment and abuse, and they might not even be aware of or support the communications in question.Supporters of H.R. 1 say it is necessary to rein in super PACs, the frightening-sounding organizations that aren’t as unregulated as everyone believes (the Federal Election Commission gets reports of their expenditures and contributions). But, as the Institute for Free Speech notes, the bill affects a much broader array of “trade associations, unions, business groups, and advocacy organizations, such as Planned Parenthood and the National Right to Life Committee.”Love them or hate them, these groups are part of the warp and woof of American public life, and they shouldn’t have to think twice before engaging in acts of persuasion that enrich and enliven our democracy, not corrupt it.The Supreme Court has long put an emphasis on bright lines in its campaign-finance jurisprudence exactly to avoid a chilling effect on advocacy. It has said that laws must be “both easily understood and objectively determinable.” The campaign-finance provisions of H.R. 1 are neither.What H.R. 1 makes abundantly clear is that the foremost threat to the First Amendment are the people who believe that there is something untoward about unregulated political speech and seek to bring it under control.© 2019 by King Features Syndicate

          What Pelosi Meant When She Said, of Impeaching Trump, “He’s Just Not Worth It”      Cache   Translate Page      
Amy Davidson Sorkin writes about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments to the Washington Post that she believes the effort to impeach President Donald Trump is “just not worth it.”
          Health Highlights: March 12, 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
228 U.S. Measles Cases Already in 2019: CDC Trump Targets Medicaid, Medicare in Budget Over 12,000 Cases of Pillsbury Flour Recalled for Salmonella Concerns Chef Boyardee Chicken and Rice Products Recalled Import Alert on Genetically Engineered Salmon Lifted by FDA
          Trump Administration Seeks To Close International Immigration Offices      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is in "preliminary discussions" to shutter 23 field offices around the world to save millions. Critics say it will exacerbate a processing bottleneck.
          Stormy Daniels and lawyer Michael Avenatti part ways      Cache   Translate Page      

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels in two unsuccessful lawsuits against President Trump, is no longer representing the pornographic film actress.

Daniels, who is under court order to pay Trump $293,000 in legal fees and sanctions for one of the dismissed lawsuits, said she has retained...

          Trump administration moves to close offices for international asylum and refugee cases      Cache   Translate Page      

The Trump administration took another step Tuesday to cut back services to people seeking to legally enter the U.S. and focus instead on a ballooning backlog of immigration cases, announcing that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services would close all its international offices.

The agency’s foreign...

          Here’s how Trump could be prosecuted just like mobster Al Capone      Cache   Translate Page      

A New York attorney is proposing that Donald Trump should be prosecuted via his taxes — just like the infamous mobster Al Capone. David Dorsen, a former Senate lawyer during the Watergate scandal, told MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Monday night that the Southern District of New York “may be sitt...

The post Here’s how Trump could be prosecuted just like mobster Al Capone appeared first on Raw Story.

          EEUU denuncia presencia de fuerzas militares cubanas en Venezuela       Cache   Translate Page      

Cuba rechaza acusaciones de EEUU sobre presencia de militares de la isla en Venezuela

El canciller de Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, refutó las acusaciones de EEUU de que La Habana interviene en los asuntos internos de Venezuela y que participa en operaciones militares en esa nación sudamericana.

"Cuba no interviene en los asuntos internos de Venezuela, como Venezuela no interviene en los de Cuba. Es totalmente falso que Cuba esté participando en operaciones de la FANB (Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana) o los servicios de seguridad. Es una calumnia del gobierno de EEUU con agresivos fines políticos", escribió el jefe de la diplomacia cubana en su cuenta de Twitter.

El pasado 8 de marzo, el enviado especial de EEUU para Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, aseguró en una entrevista que en ese país "hay miles de agentes cubanos a su alrededor, literalmente, físicamente. Son asesores clave de (presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás) Maduro".

​En otro mensaje en Twitter, Rodríguez Parrilla enfatizó que "Cuba rechaza de manera categórica la mentira difundida por el gobierno de EEUU de que Cuba tiene "entre 20 y 25 mil efectivos militares en Venezuela" y toda insinuación de que existe algún grado de subordinación política de Venezuela a Cuba o de Cuba a Venezuela".

En un discurso ofrecido en la Universidad Internacional de Florida (FIU), el pasado 18 de febrero, el presidente estadounidense Donald Trump acusó a Cuba de "mantener un ejército privado en Venezuela", tesis que también sostienen el asesor de Seguridad Nacional de la Casa Blanca, John Bolton, y el senador cubanoamericano Marco Rubio.

​A su vez, Bolton y Rubio han sido acusados por las autoridades de la isla como los principales instigadores de un plan para derrocar al gobierno de Venezuela.

En una declaración oficial emitida el 11 de marzo, Cuba calificó a John Bolton "como un mentiroso reconocido, con credenciales de larga data".

Este funcionario —expresa el documento— acusó a Cuba en el año 2002 de poseer un programa de desarrollo de armas biológicas, "falacia desmentida públicamente por quien era entonces su jefe, el ex secretario de Estado Colin Powell, y por el ex presidente James Carter".

También acusa a Bolton de estar entre los promotores de la mentira de que el gobierno de Iraq poseía armas de destrucción masiva y un programa para desarrollarlas, lo que sirvió de pretexto para la agresión y ocupación militar de ese país del Medio Oriente por parte de los EEUU, a un precio de cerca de un millón de muertos y millones de desplazados iraquíes.

La declaración oficial del gobierno cubano reiteró además que las relaciones con Venezuela "se basan en el respeto mutuo, en la verdadera solidaridad, en el común compromiso bolivariano y martiano, fidelista y chavista, con la integración de "Nuestra América", independiente y soberana".

Añade que en los proyectos del Convenio Integral de Cooperación, suscritos entre La Habana y Caracas, participan poco más de 20 mil cubanos, la mayoría mujeres, 96% de los cuales están dedicados a la prestación de servicios de salud a la población, y otros que laboran en sectores como educación, cultura, deporte y agroalimentario.

El impacto acumulado en Venezuela de esa cooperación ayudó a salvar 1.473.117 vidas, a realizar 717.029.310 exámenes de diagnóstico médico, a dar atención oftalmológica a 62.031.309 de personas, a administrar 12.915.648 de vacunas contra el sarampión y la tuberculosis, a lo que se puede sumar 3.095.546 de alfabetizados, consigna el documento.

Es totalmente falso que Cuba esté participando en operaciones de la Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana o los servicios de seguridad, "a diferencia de EEUU que tiene unas ochenta bases militares en América Latina y el Caribe, incluida la que usurpa territorio cubano en Guantánamo, y unas ochocientas en el planeta que disponen de más de 250 mil soldados", subraya la declaración del gobierno cubano.

"Cuba no tiene ninguna en país alguno, ni especialistas en tortura y represión policial, ni cárceles secretas, ni fuerzas navales o aéreas merodeando las costas y el espacio aéreo inmediato de Estados soberanos ni satélites observando cada detalle", enfatiza la nota.

También recordó que con el uso de mentiras EEUU promovió el sangriento golpe de estado de Augusto Pinochet en Chile (en 1973), asesinó a más de diez mil ciudadanos indefensos en la invasión militar a Panamá de diciembre de 1989, y provocó la agresión militar y la desestabilización de Libia, además de ayudar y mantener al oprobioso régimen del apartheid en Sudáfrica.

          Venezuela, blaming U.S. for six-day blackout, orders diplomats to leave      Cache   Translate Page      
Venezuela ordered American diplomats on Tuesday to leave within 72 hours after President Nicolas Maduro accused U.S. counterpart Donald Trump of cyber "sabotage" that plunged the South American country into its worst blackout on record.

          Deadspin Russell Westbrook To Heckling Jazz Fans: “I’ll Fuck You Up.       Cache   Translate Page      

Deadspin Russell Westbrook To Heckling Jazz Fans: “I’ll Fuck You Up. You And Your Wife.” [Update] | Splinter New York’s Attorney General Is Coming for Trump | The Slot And Here We Have a Story About Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Scamming Their Way onto Air Force Planes | The Root Columbus Police Officer Kidnapped…


          Trump Administration Seeks To Close International Immigration Offices      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is in "preliminary discussions" to shutter 23 field offices around the world to save millions. Critics say it will exacerbate a processing bottleneck.
          Donald Trump Says He Called Cook “Tim Apple” To Save Time And Words      Cache   Translate Page      
You probably remember the news last week that saw U.S. President Donald Trump call Apple CEO Tim Cook by the mildly amusing name of “Tim Apple.” As was wholly predictable, the President has taken to Twitter to claim that he, in fact, was simply trying to save time.

[ Continue reading this over at ]

           The Latest: Trump says NY among 'PRESIDENTIAL HARASSERS'       Cache   Translate Page      
The Latest: Trump says NY among 'PRESIDENTIAL HARASSERS'
          Flugvélar orðnar „alltof flóknar“      Cache   Translate Page      
„Ég veit ekki með ykkur, en ég vil ekki að Albert Einstein sé flugstjórinn minn.“ Afdrif Boeing 737 MAX 8-þotu Ethiopian Airlines hafa valdið miklu fjaðrafoki um allan heim og kemst fátt annað að í fréttum dagsins en lönd og flugfélög sem hafa kyrrsett þotur af þessari sömu gerð. Donald Trump Bandaríkjaforseti lætur sínar hugleiðingar um málið að sjálfsögðu ekki eftir liggja.
          FLORES – Will Trump Veto? U.S Congress Drafts Bill Banning Recognition Of Russia’s Crimea      Cache   Translate Page      

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States has, after a long time in committee, approved a bill banning the US government from recognizing Crimea as a Russian region.

The decision was made unanimously on March 7th, according to the website of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The text of the “Law on the non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea” was submitted to Congress on January 16th and was only now sent to the House of Representatives for consideration. If the bill is supported by both houses of Congress, it will be sent to president Trump for final ratification or veto.

At this point in time, it appears likely that the bill will pass both houses, given the political climate. The question remains as to whether Trump will veto the bill or not. Also at his disposal is the line-item veto – parts of the bill can be struck out by Trump, and then ratified.

          "Not If But When": Top Dem on CNN Says Trump Impeachment 'Inevitable' [VIDEO]       Cache   Translate Page      

Dem congressman John Yarmuth of Kentucky, who is the one and only Democrat from Kentucky in Congress, breaks with Pelosi on Impeachment. The lib congressman tells CNN that it's only a matter of time until articles of impeachment are brought against Donald Trump.

I fully understand where speaker Pelosi is coming from. She makes valid points," Yarmuth said on CNN's "New Day."
"In my opinion if impeachment is to mean anything, and it’s in the Constitution for a reason, it's because when we see evidence of impeachable offenses we need to start the process to remove the president from office,"

"I don't think right now there’s any way that we could 218 votes on the floor of the House for an impeachment resolution, but I think that’s not a matter of whether it’s a matter of when"
Watch Yarmuth here: All in on Impeachment

          Trump Budget: Non-Defense Discretionary Cuts Almost Twice as Big as the Budget Says      Cache   Translate Page      

The President’s budget proposes to cut 2020 funding for non-defense discretionary (NDD) programs — a broad category that includes everything from education to veterans’ medical care, housing assistance, international affairs, and environmental protection — by 9 percent, or nearly twice as much as the 5 percent that the Administration says (as we explain below). The cuts are 11 percent in inflation-adjusted terms.

          Trump Budget: Non-Defense Discretionary Cuts Almost Twice as Big as the Budget Says      Cache   Translate Page      

The President’s budget proposes to cut 2020 funding for non-defense discretionary (NDD) programs — a broad category that includes everything from education to veterans’ medical care, housing assistance, international affairs, and environmental protection — by 9 percent, or nearly twice as much as the 5 percent that the Administration says (as we explain below). The cuts are 11 percent in inflation-adjusted terms.

          Trump Budget Would Take Medicaid Away From People, Nationwide, Who Don’t Meet Work Requirements      Cache   Translate Page      

President Trump’s new budget would take Medicaid coverage away from adults nationwide if they don’t meet a work requirement, which the Kaiser Family Foundation’s prior estimates show could cost 1.4 million to 4 million people, if not more, their coverage.

          Trump Budget Would Take Medicaid Away From People, Nationwide, Who Don’t Meet Work Requirements      Cache   Translate Page      

President Trump’s new budget would take Medicaid coverage away from adults nationwide if they don’t meet a work requirement, which the Kaiser Family Foundation’s prior estimates show could cost 1.4 million to 4 million people, if not more, their coverage.

          Nancy Pelosi: 'I'm not for impeachment,' slams Trump as 'not worth it'      Cache   Translate Page      
Impeaching Trump Is ‘Not Worth It,’ Nancy Pelosi SaysHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not currently support impeaching President Donald Trump despite thinking that he's unfit for the country's highest office, according to a Washington Post magazine interview published Monday.
          Trump proposes record spending, trillion-dollar deficit      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump_Border_Wall_78508President Donald Trump proposed a record $4.7 trillion budget on Monday, pushing the federal deficit past $1 trillion but counting on optimistic growth, accounting shuffles and steep domestic cuts to bring future spending into balance in 15 years.
          Democrats: Milwaukee convention choice shows party values      Cache   Translate Page      
Democratic_Convention_Milwaukee_20490Milwaukee will host the 2020 Democratic National Convention, party leaders announced Monday, highlighting the battleground state of Wisconsin that helped elect President Donald Trump and now will launch an opponent who could oust him.
          Powell says Trump's attacks played no role in rate pause      Cache   Translate Page      
Federal_Reserve_Powell_13858Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says political attacks by President Donald Trump played no role in the Fed's decision in January to signal that it planned to take a pause in hiking interest rates. He also said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he can't be fired by the president and that he intends to serve out his full four-year term.
          Llega la app que recomienda restaurantes a los seguidores de Trump donde puedan comer "seguros" (y llevar armas)      Cache   Translate Page      

Llega la app que recomienda restaurantes a los seguidores de Trump donde puedan comer

La líneas políticas del gobierno de Donald Trump no destacan precisamente por su carácter abierto y liberal, pero sus seguidores dicen sentirse cada vez más acosados e incluso atacados en público. Esto ha motivado a unos desarrolladores a crear una app para que los conservadores puedan encontrar dónde comer "con total seguridad", sin miedo a supuestas represalias.

La aplicación, lanzada este mes, se define como una red social al estilo de Yelp o Tripadvisor en la que los seguidores de Trump pueden evaluar restaurantes y otros locales para encontrar aquellos que no discriminan a los conservadores. Su creador, Scott Wallace, asegura que su objetivo es separar la política de los negocios, a pesar de que el sistema también avisa de los restaurantes en los que no se permite acceder con armas.


La aplicación '63red Safe' pretende crear una suerte de guía de confianza para que ningún conservador, republicano o pro-Trump pueda temer discriminaciones o incluso que se le expulse del local en cuestión. Es un tema polémico cada vez más de actualidad, ya que en los últimos meses se han dado casos de miembros del equipo del presidente siendo acosados al ser vistos en público.

Los seguidores más fieles de Trump denuncian ser objeto de discriminación cuando exhiben símbolos conservadores, sobre todo mediante el famoso lema 'Make America Great Again' o, MAGA. Sean verídicos o no, se habla ya de "MAGAphobia" y el propio Wallace prevé un aumento de los ataques de radicales liberales o, como él mismo los llama, "escuadrones de matones socialistas".


Los usuarios que descarguen la aplicación podrán calificar cada local como "seguro" o "inseguro" en base a cuatro preguntas: ¿Sirve a personas de cualquier creencia política?"; "¿Protegerá a sus clientes si son atacados por razones políticas?"; "¿Se pueden llevar armas de uso legítimo?"; y "¿Evita la política en sus promociones y redes sociales?".

Por mucho que su creador insista en sus buenas intenciones, alejadas de querer encontrar restaurantes pro-Trump, la app ya está siendo muy cuestionada por lo discriminatoria que es en sí misma. Y es una presa fácil de manipular por los extremistas, algo que parece estar ya ocurriendo con calificaciones de locales como inseguros sin aparente fundamento.

Augurando más ataques extremistas anti-Trump en los próximos meses, esta aplicación quiere ser una guía "amistosa" y "no política" de restaurantes donde sentirse seguros sin esconder la orientación política. Con vistas a las elecciones del próximo año 2020, resume su función comparándola con un extintor de incendios; no sabes cuándo lo vas a necesitar, pero realmente querrás tenerlo cuando lo necesites. O quizá ha creado una supuesta necesidad donde no la había antes.

Fotos | Gage Skidmore - Michael Vadon - kivoton


José Andrés vuelve a plantarle cara a Trump: abre un restaurante para dar de comer a los funcionarios al lado de la Casa Blanca

Gasolina, diésel, híbrido… Cómo acertar con la propulsión

La aplicación de Directo al Paladar y Nestlé Cocina llega al asistente de Google con más de 800 recetas

- Llega la app que recomienda restaurantes a los seguidores de Trump donde puedan comer "seguros" (y llevar armas) por Liliana Fuchs .

          EPA Chief Urges The World To Buy U.S. Fossil Fuels      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. oil, natural gas, and coal are being produced in a more environmentally conscious manner than anywhere else on the planet, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a keynote speech at CERAWeek in Houston, urging the world to buy American fossil fuels. Praising the Trump Administration’s efforts to lessen burdensome federal regulations, Wheeler said that the current Administration proved that such federal regulations “are not necessary to drive environmental progress.” “What the…
          Congress Probing Whether Trump ‘Dangled’ Pardons      Cache   Translate Page      
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) tweeted that Congress is currently probing reports that President Trump “privately dangled” presidential pardons in an alleged attempt to obstruct investigations into his conduct. Schiff did not specify when the pardons were allegedly privately offered, or whom they concerned. But he said: “Yesterday, the White House refused to […]
          Trump Insider Says GOP Not Ready for Investigations      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump adviser David Bossie told ABC News that a growing realization is taking hold of Republican Washington that the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign will only be the start of investigatory pressures on the White House. There will be need, he said, to address the inquiries […]
          Pelosi Revokes Pence’s House Office Space      Cache   Translate Page      
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has reclaimed office space her predecessor, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) awarded to Vice President Pence, NPR reports. “Republicans gave Pence, a former House member, a first-floor bonus office in the U.S. Capitol shortly after President Trump was inaugurated in 2017. The vice president rarely used the space, but it was […]
          GOP Lawmaker Claims Vote Against Trump Emergency      Cache   Translate Page      
“In letters sent to around 30 constituents on Monday, Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) incorrectly claimed he voted last month to block President Trump’s declaration of emergency,” TPM reports. “In fact, Riggleman joined the vast majority of his House Republican colleagues in supporting Trump’s declaration, which the President used to secure more border wall money than […]
          Trump Will Close International Immigration Offices      Cache   Translate Page      
“The Trump administration is preparing to shutter all 21 international offices of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a move that could slow the processing of family visa applications, foreign adoptions and citizenship petitions from members of the military,” the Washington Post reports.
          Comment on Jury selection scheduled at NY slain runner retrial by Free Speech Forum      Cache   Translate Page      
Doesn't look like Trump plans to restore the Bill of Rights.
          Trump promotes model's fringe 'Jexodus' campaign encouraging Jews to leave Democratic Party      Cache   Translate Page      

Trump promotes model's fringe 'Jexodus' campaign encouraging Jews to leave Democratic PartyPresident Trump used his massive Twitter platform to promote comments of Elizabeth Pipko, a model-turned-activist and former Trump campaign staffer who is encouraging Jews to leave the Democratic party.

          'He's Not Worth It.' Pelosi Says She Opposes Impeaching President Trump Because It Would Divide the Country      Cache   Translate Page      

'He's Not Worth It.' Pelosi Says She Opposes Impeaching President Trump Because It Would Divide the CountryHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi said impeaching President Trump is "not worth it," and that considering it would divide the country.

          Iowa Poll: Registered Republicans like Trump but 40 percent want a GOP challenger      Cache   Translate Page      

Iowa Poll: Registered Republicans like Trump but 40 percent want a GOP challengerThe Iowa Poll finds 90 percent of registered Republicans want Trump to run a positive campaign. Just 4 percent want him to focus on his opponents.

          Comment on Pelosi: Impeachment ‘Not Worth it’ by the Q      Cache   Translate Page      
Pelosi 1952, "I think separate but equal is settled law and it would just be too divisive to make southerners all drink out of the same fountains, swim in the same pools and dine at the same restaurants." Pelosi 1964 "Geez, I think the Negro should realize the tremendous progress he has made in getting rid of Jim Crow and integrating colleges, but this Voting Rights Act is just too divisive and non partisan so I told LBJ to table the legislation which he did." Pelosi, 1994"I recommended to DA Garcetti that, since it maybe a mainly black jury, he needs to plea bargain down to involuntary manslaughter because we don't want another King style riot and its just too divisive if OJ is put on trial." Talk about a "Profile in Courage" Sticking up for the Constitution even if it means losing AN election is the duty of the politicians, not getting elected. This same bullschite thinking got Trump elected by going with the "safe" HRC. And look how that turned out. Trump obstructed justice by firing Comey then telling Lester Holt and the Russian Secretary that he fired Comey over the Russian investigation. That's one of the charges of impeachment against Nixon, calling off the FBI investigation under the guise of "national security"
          Comment on I Agree with Trump by Kathy      Cache   Translate Page      
@<a href="#comment-2391714" rel="nofollow">DrDaveT</a>: I think the question is something like "Do you speak Antarctican?" And the second part is some sort of spaceship? ;) But, no, I don't speak Esperanto. Just English, Spanish.
          Comment on It Sure Looks Like Beto O’Rourke Is Running For President by Kylopod      Cache   Translate Page      
@<a href="#comment-2391764" rel="nofollow">Tony W</a>:<blockquote>There is a whole lot of United States out there beyond OTB commenters. My neighbors think it’s cool to “own the libs” and they don’t see how it’s them getting ‘owned’. I think we liberals give our fellow Americans way too much credit.</blockquote> I didn't base my analysis on what OTB commenters think. I based it on his favorability ratings. According to CNN's exit polls, on Election Day he had a rating among voters of 38% favorable, 60% unfavorable. Even within the crucial states that gave him his EC victory, his numbers were in the toilet (42/56 in PA, 39/59 in MI, and 35/64 in WI). Those are not winning numbers. Sure, a core of Americans love Trump and love the way he "owns the libs," but they do not form anything close to a majority of the public, or even an electoral majority. He could not possibly have won without a substantial number of Americans who voted for him while holding their nose, because they believed that as bad as he was, Hillary was worse. This is very clear from the exit polls, not just nationally, but within the most important states.
          Comment on I Agree with Trump by Gromitt Gunn      Cache   Translate Page      
Personally, my body functions better in a DST world versus a Standard Time world. Getting up when it is dark doesn't bother me, and I function better when there is more evening light to work with. I also find that I am getting less and less resilient when the time shifts happen as I age. I am fortunate that my College times Spring Break to the start of DST so I have an entire week to adapt. In the Fall, when my afternoon classes turn into night classes literally overnight, it is just plain brutal on me.
          Trump's new budget resurrects controversial 'harvest box' proposal for food stamps as part of broader welfare reform      Cache   Translate Page      
(WASHINGTON) -- The Trump administration's newly released budget proposal revives a widely panned idea that some food stamp benefits could be sent in a delivery box, one of many changes that advocates say would undermine...
          What Trump’s tepid response to Romney reveals      Cache   Translate Page      
In an op-ed in the Washington Post, incoming Sen. Mitt Romney says Trump lacks the "honesty and integrity" needed to be President. But the President’s response was measured. Jonathan Capehart and David Frum join Lawrence to discuss.
          Trump said he’d ‘look foolish’ to take deal he previously accepted      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump reportedly told Chuck Schumer that he'd "look foolish" to accept the deal that he had previously accepted to avert a government shutdown. But has that already happened in the eyes of many American people? Lawrence discusses the shutdown...
          Trump's shutdown drags into 2019 with no end in sight      Cache   Translate Page      
It's a dawn of a new era for Donald Trump with Democrats officially taking control of the House as the shutdown over border wall funding rolls on. Robert Costa, A.B. Stoddard, & Nancy Cook join to discuss.
          Lindsey Graham: If Trump caves, it's the end of his presidency      Cache   Translate Page      
Sounding the alarm on the president's negotiation with Democrats on the Hill over border wall funding, Republican Lindsey Graham painted a dire situation for Trump's White House. A.B. Stoddard reacts.
          Chicago Police Conduct Wellness Check at R. Kelly's Apartment After Alleged "Suicide Pact" Call      Cache   Translate Page      

Chicago Police have responded to a call allegedly made at R. Kelly's apartment at Trump Tower.

The Chicago Police Department said in a statement obtained by E! News they received the call from the 400 block of North Wabash street at around 5:18 p.m. CPD's statement said, "Police received a call from an out of state anonymous caller stating that people at the location were going to carry out a suicide pact. Police on scene conducting a wellness check and it is not a bonafide incident."

Trump Tower Chicago is located at 401 N. Wabash Street.

Anthony GuglielmiCPD's Chief Communications Officer, tweeted, "18th district officers responded and this call is unfounded."

Guglielmi's tweet was in response to an account called Spot News, which first wrote about the call. "Trump Tower: a call of person threatening suicide. be advised, this call involves @rkelly," Spot News wrote.

8 Bombshells From R. Kelly's First Interview Since Sexual Abuse Charges

Another Twitter user posted a recording from the police dispatch asking officers to check in at Trump Tower. The dispatch officer said a call came in from the National Trafficking Hotline and that it was "victims of R. Kelly" who were "planning to carry out a suicide pact."

In 2017, BuzzFeed News reported that Kelly was allegedly holding women in a "cult"-like atmosphere. These stories were magnified once again in large part to the Lifetime docu-series Surviving R. Kelly.

The "Ignition" rapper has been embroiled in a slew of legal problems and scandals as of late.

Kelly was arrested on March 6 after failing to pay $161,000 in back child support to his ex-wife Andrea "Drea" Kelly. They have three children together and he reportedly had not paid the required $20,000 a month payments since last year. He was released on March 9 after posting a $161,663 bond. A Cook County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman did not specify who made the payment.

Kelly's attorney Steven Greenberg defended his client after Kelly's release and spoke about the musician's future. 

"Of course he's concerned about his career—wouldn't you be concerned about your career? But he's going to go on, he's going to continue to make music, and he's going to perform if he can," Greenberg said. "That's going to be up to the judge. Does he think his career is over? No, absolutely not."

Before leaving the jail, Kelly reportedly said, "We are gonna straighten all this stuff out."

On Feb. 22, just weeks before the child support case, the 52-year-old singer was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Nine of his counts allegedly involved victims between the ages of 13 and 16. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti reportedly obtained a sex tape allegedly involving the artist and a 14-year-old girl and gave it to authorities. Gloria Allred said at a press conference on Sunday that her client found another sex tape that allegedly has Kelly in it and they have reportedly turned it over to the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York. 

Kelly turned himself into police on the night of Feb. 22. He was subsequently issued a $1 million bond and released on Feb. 25 after posting a $100,000 bail.

He recently sat down with Gayle King for an emotional interview where he insisted the stories and allegations against him were "not true."

Chicago Police Conduct Wellness Check at R. Kelly's Apartment After Alleged "Suicide Pact" Call originally appeared on
          Son Dakika: ABD bu kareyi konuşuyor! Melenia Trump dublör mü kullanıyor?      Cache   Translate Page      
Son Dakika: ABD bu kareyi konuşuyor! Melenia Trump dublör mü kullanıyor?
ABD Başkanı Donald Trump geçtiğimiz günlerde sel felaketinin yaşandığı Alabama eş Melenia Trump ile birlikte bir ziyaret gerçekleştirmiş ve bu ziyaret ABD medyasından dünyaya son dakika kodu ile duyurulmuştu....Devamı için tıklayınız
          Spiritual Direction in the Current Christian Climate      Cache   Translate Page      
Increasingly, people “done with Christianity” are showing up in spiritual direction. White evangelical Christian support for Donald Trump through a troubled presidency is causing some young adults to “break up with their church” and others to avoid church altogether.i I saw the statistics and heard lots of commentary on this, but it was a gut-punch […]
          Never, Ever, Bow Before the Liberal Rage Mob”       Cache   Translate Page      
Joe FreedomLover RetweetedDan Bongino@dbongino·1hToday’s podcast is “Never, Ever, Bow Before the Liberal Rage Mob” Don’t miss it here Ep. 934 Never, Ever, Bow Before the Liberal Rage Mob – Dan BonginoSubscribe: iTunes | iHeartRADIO | Stitcher | Android | RSS | SoundCloud | Spotify In this episode I address Tucker Carlson’s response to the liberal rage mob’s attacks bongino.com474621.6K WWG1WGA likedMelissa_Strategic@Melis_Strategic·49sNunes and Grassley are , and have been all along, even before Trump got elected. Thorough and precise patriotic steps of action paving the way. #QAnon12

[Summary, click link above for rest of the story]

          New York attorney general subpoenas Deutsche Bank for records related to 3 Trump properties      Cache   Translate Page      

The New York attorney general has subpoenaed records from Deutsche Bank related to three large loans the bank extended to President Donald Trump's company in recent years - and a fourth loan that Trump sought to buy the NFL's Buffalo Bills, according to two sources familiar with the subpoenas.

          Winners, losers and other takeaways from Trump's 2020 budget      Cache   Translate Page      

President Donald Trump unveiled his 2020 budget Monday that basically has no chance of getting enacted. Even Republicans balk at some of Trump's proposed cuts.

But the 150-page budget reveals a lot about Trump's top priorities as his reelection campaign gets into full swing, and he looks to make...

          Trump proposes big cuts to health programs for poor, elderly and disabled      Cache   Translate Page      

The Trump administration is proposing a sharp slowdown in Medicaid spending as part of a broad reduction in the government's investment in health care, calling for the public insurance for the poor to morph from an entitlement program to state block grants even after a Republican Congress rejected...

          Nancy Pelosi says she's 'not for impeachment' of Trump: Would be 'divisive' and 'he's just not worth it'      Cache   Translate Page      

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in an interview that she opposes moving to impeach President Donald Trump even though she believes he is "unfit" for office - her first definitive statement on the subject and one that stands to alienate members of her own Democratic Party who are intent on ousting...

          Afraid to wear your MAGA hat? New app aims to help conservatives find 'safe' spaces to wear Trump gear.      Cache   Translate Page      

Are you a conservative who is wary of dining out while wearing your red "Make America Great Again" hat? Do you wish you knew where you could freely sport a "Trump 2020" shirt while running errands?

There's an app for that.

Earlier this month, an Oklahoma developer launched "63red Safe," described...

          Trump’tan uçak kazalarına ilişkin açıklama      Cache   Translate Page      

Etiyopya’da gerçekleşen uçak kazasının ardından kazaya karışan Boeing 737 Max tipi uçakların uçuşunu durduran ülkeler kervanına Almanya, Fransa, İngiltere ve Hollanda da katıldı. ABD Başkanı Donald Trump ise uçak kazalarını karmaşıklaşan uçak teknolojisine bağladı <> Etiyopya’da gerçekleşen ve 157 kişinin ölümüyle sonuçlanan uçak kazasının ardından gözler son 5 ayda iki uçağı düşen Boeing firmasına ve […]

The post Trump’tan uçak kazalarına ilişkin açıklama appeared first on ABC Gazetesi.

          President Trump: Making daylight saving time permanent is 'OK with me'      Cache   Translate Page      

President Donald Trump thinks it's a good idea if daylight saving time becomes permanent.

A federal law specifies that daylight time applies from 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of March until 2 a.m. on the first Sunday of November in areas that do not specifically exempt themselves. More than two...

          Trump seeks cuts for cleanup of Great Lakes, other waterways      Cache   Translate Page      

President Donald Trump is making another attempt to slash federal funding that goes toward cleaning up major U.S. waterways including the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay, even though Congress has thwarted his previous attempts, according to budget documents released Monday.

Trump's 2020 spending...

          Sarah Sanders declines to say whether Trump thinks Democrats 'hate Jewish people'      Cache   Translate Page      

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders declined to say Monday whether President Donald Trump believes Democrats "hate Jewish people," arguing that reporters should pose that question to Democratic lawmakers.

According to an attendee, Trump said Friday at a Republican National Committee fundraiser...

          Democrats pick Milwaukee for 2020 convention — with an assist from Scott Walker      Cache   Translate Page      

Democrats picked Milwaukee on Monday to host their 2020 national convention, setting up the party's standard-bearer to accept the presidential nomination in the heart of the old industrial belt that delivered Donald Trump to the White House.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez chose...

          U.S. lawmakers at T-Mobile, Sprint hearing spar over stay at Trump hotel      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. lawmakers questioning the chief executives of T-Mobile US Inc and Sprint Corp over their planned merger sparred with each other on Tuesday over T-Mobile's executives staying at President Donald Trump's hotel where they spent $195,000 while in Washington.

          Federal lands bill creates National Heritage Area from Seattle to Ellensburg      Cache   Translate Page      

The wide-ranging, bipartisan bill that President Donald Trump signed into law Tuesday authorizes the Mountains to Sound Greenway as a National Heritage Area.
           Comment on Trump: ‘I would win 98% of the vote if I ran in the Israeli elections’ by mary in TX       Cache   Translate Page      
well of course...with trump it's 'Israel first'
           Comment on It’s not just Medicare: Trump budget eyes Social Security cuts, too by mary in TX       Cache   Translate Page      
take back the 38 billion going to israel
          Comment on Top Ten Reasons Climate Change is a Hoax by R. Kooi      Cache   Translate Page      
Trumpanzees controlled BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS AND TRUMP was in the White House....nice try pinning blame on the CHUCK n NANCY.... HAHAHA.....what happened? You miss his election???
          U.S. hospitals and insurers might be forced to reveal the true prices they negotiate      Cache   Translate Page      
A little-noticed Trump administration proposal would require hospitals, doctors and insurers to post the true, negotiated price for a medical procedure or service, as opposed to the "list" price.
          The Media's 6 Biggest Lies About North Korea      Cache   Translate Page      
The Trump delegation surprised Kim with a take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum that included the "elimination of the DPRK's "chemical and biological weapons, "their ballistic missile program" along with complete denuclearization.
          How US Sanctions are Hurting Iran: A Firsthand Report      Cache   Translate Page      
In May 2018, President Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement, followed by an imposition of draconian sanctions that not only prohibit U.S. companies from doing business in Iran, but threaten all foreign companies and international banks that trade with Iran. The sanctions also severely limit Iran's ability to sell its major sour ce of revenue: oil.
          Police: School Bus Aide Yanked MAGA Hat Off Student’s Head      Cache   Translate Page      
A Florida bus aide who allegedly yelled at a middle school student to take off a Trump hat, and then grabbed it off of his head, may face criminal charges, according to officials.
          North Korea Could Be Preparing New Missile Launch Just Weeks After Failed Trump Summit, Satellite Images Show      Cache   Translate Page      

Kim Jong-un with North Korean military leaders.

North Korea appears to be planning the new launch of a missile or satellite just weeks after a summit with Donald Trump about denuclearization came to an abrupt end with no deal in sight.

As the BBC reported, satellite images of a facility near the North Korean capital of Pyongyang shows activity that suggest preparations for a launch from a site known as Sanumdong. This report comes just days after another suggested that North Korea had rebuilt another main rocket launch site at Sohae.

Donald Trump had been pushing for North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons operation and cease all weapons testing, at times bragging that North Korea had done both of these things. But on Friday, Trump struck a more uncertain tone as he expressed hope that North Korea would not go back to weapons testing.

Click here to continue and

          Başsavcılıktan Trump'ın iş anlaşmalarına soruşturma      Cache   Translate Page      
New York Başsavcılığı, bankalardan kredi almak için "mal varlığını abarttığı" iddiaları üzerine ABD Başkanı Trump hakkında soruşturma başlattı.
          Once Again, The Trump Administration Takes The Ax To Science Funding      Cache   Translate Page      
It’s a day that ends with “-y”, so you know the Trump Administration will propose something horrible. Today, it’s massive cuts in the discretionary budget–which includes science (boldface mine): The deficit would also persist despite the administration’s plans for steep … Continue reading
          Department of the Navy Releases Fiscal Year 2020 Budget      Cache   Translate Page      
The Department of the Navy (DON) submitted its fiscal year 2020 budget request to Congress March 12. The $205.6 billion Base, and Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) request is part of the $718 billion (Base and OCO) defense budget, which President Donald Trump submitted to Congress March 11.
          Mapping City Climate Action      Cache   Translate Page      
<iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″> In 2017, President Trump removed the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. In response, many local jurisdictions who often deal with the brunt of the weather related impacts of climate change stood up and declared that they were going to “stay in” the agreement. 1000 Friends of Iowa agrees and believes … Continue reading Mapping City Climate Action
          U.S. minorities consume less but suffer more from pollution: study      Cache   Translate Page      

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. air pollution is disproportionately caused by white consumers, while African-Americans and Hispanics are burdened most by the emissions, a peer-reviewed study showed on Monday.

On average, African-Americans are exposed to about 56 percent more fine particulate matter pollution than is caused by their consumption of goods and services, said the study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Hispanics, on average, bear a burden of 63 percent excess exposure, it said.

Whites, on the other hand, experience a "pollution advantage," meaning they are exposed to 17 percent less pollution than is caused by their consumption.

"What surprised me the most was the magnitude of the discrepancy," said Jason Hill, a biosytems engineering professor at the University of Minnesota and co-author of the study. "It's surprisingly large."

The study was the first to quantify what it called "pollution inequity" and to track it over time.

Particulate matter pollution has a wide variety of sources including coal-fired power plants, agriculture, road dust and industry. Blacks and Hispanics bear a higher proportion of the pollution because of where most of them live, compared with where most white people live, said the study, which tapped census data.

The problem occurs across the country, not just in industrial areas alongside major cities like Houston and New York, it said.

The study was paid for in part by a five-year grant that included money from federal agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency and was launched when Barack Obama was president. The grant has continued to be funded by the administration of President Donald Trump.

Both racial minorities and whites have benefited from clean air regulations, the study found, with fine particulate pollution falling about 50 percent on average between 2003 and 2015.

But the pollution inequity remains stubborn, it said. Public-health advocates and environmentalists say the Trump administration's push to unravel regulations on power plants, industry and vehicles while pursuing increased drilling and mining will make air pollution worse.

The study found that fine particulate pollution from domestic sources caused about 102,000 premature U.S. deaths a year from heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer and other diseases.

Julian Marshall, an engineering professor at the University of Washington and co-author of the study, said its approach could be extended to other pollutants.

"When it comes to determining who causes air pollution, and who breathes that pollution, this research is just the beginning."


(Reporting by Timothy Gardner; Editing by Peter Cooney)

          Trump breaks campaign promise, proposes federal budget that would cut Medicare by $845 billion and Medicaid by $241 billion      Cache   Translate Page      
During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly promised that, if elected president, he would cut neither Medicare nor Medicaid. [See video below.] Today, however, his administration proposed a federal budget that would cut Medicare by $845 billion, and Medicaid by $241 billion, while giving the Pentagon more than requested, and allocating $8.6 billion for the […]
          David Horowitz Exposes the Left's Dark Agenda      Cache   Translate Page      

This article was originally posted at American Thinker

To order David Horowitz's new book, "Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America," CLICK HERE.

David Horowitz has always been a writer whose work I've appreciated since his compelling political biography, Radical Son, which related the author's break from his communist upbringing after Black Panther associates murdered his bookkeeper friend Betty Van Patter.  But brevity and crisp linkage of multiple intellectual threads were never characteristic of Horowitz's brilliant, often voluminous, exposés of leftist thought and practice.  By contrast, Dark Agenda is a concise, chilling book brimming with evidence that links numerous cultural depredations to one overriding theme:  The left's attack on Christian America's founding in the name of "cultural Marxism." 

"Christian America" is the novel component in Horowitz's analysis, a term that acknowledges the historical fact that America, at its founding, was 98 percent Protestant.  Protestantism, in turn, was intimately linked to the doctrine of "the priesthood of all believers" and to the more broadly Christian idea that all people are created by God.  In view of these beliefs and the fact that Protestant groups were living side by side, it followed that in America there would be no institutional or governmental mediator between the individual and God.  It also meant that each individual's rights were endowed solely by their Creator and that freedom of conscience and speech would be hallmarks of the new republic. 

"Cultural Marxism," by contrast, represents the application of its "oppressor versus oppressed" vision of society to various victim groups:  blacks, "people of color," women, native Americans, homosexuals, transsexuals, and any other group claiming victimhood.  For Marxists what stands between these oppressed groups and a world in which "social justice" and equality is fully realized are the oppressors, those who supposedly establish the laws and mores that keep them in power.  Thus, failure or success isn't the result of individual choices but the inevitable outcome of a system designed to unfairly help one group (white, Christian, males) and harm the others.  Accordingly, what matters politically is destroying the patriarchal Christian system itself with its emphasis on individual moral and economic choices and replacing it with a group-focused system that, in my own words, oppresses the oppressors.  Put quite simply, "Christian doctrines were foundational to the American Republic, which the left despises."

After reading the last two paragraphs, one might think Dark Agenda is highly philosophical and abstract.  This impression couldn't be further from the truth, as these core ideas are given clear expression and development via an array of examples, many of which are doubtless unknown to even the most politically-astute readers.  Who knew, for example, that the $621 million U.S. Capitol Visitor Center that opened in 2008 "is less a monument to the nation's founding and institutions than it is to the antireligious left's vision for America.  When it opened, all references to God and faith had been carefully, deliberately edited out of its photos and historical displays."  For example, the national motto was said to be "E Pluribus Unum" when, in fact, it is "In God We Trust."  Among other historical travesties, a large "image of the Constitution was photoshopped to remove the worlds 'in the Year of our Lord' above the signatures of the signers." Similarly, the "table on which President Lincoln placed his Bible during his second inauguration is on display — just the table, not the Bible."

These examples are picayune compared to the spiteful governmental coercion that's been employed to force The Little Sisters of the Poor, among others, to violate their consciences thanks to Obamacare abortion provisions.  The Supreme Court has been the giant secular lever employed by leftists to fundamentally transform "Christian America" into a state hostile even to a school-girl who joined hands with classmates to give thanks for her food. These politically-motivated  "lawyers," as Horowitz contemptuously labels the high court, began their anti-Christian, anti-Constitutional mission with the expulsion of prayer from public schools in 1962 (Engel v. Vitale).  That assault on the free exercise of religion now extends beyond commencement ceremonies and football fields to a bakery that was  embroiled in legal battles for years for refusing to provide a celebratory cake for a gay ceremony billed as a wedding — a "crime" made possible by Court rulings against the Defense of Marriage Act and in favor of redefining marriage.  

The case of Roe v. Wade (1972), which awakened religious conservatives to the fundamental attack on Christian America, is cogently dissected in Dark Agenda, both from a constitutional perspective as well as through the eyes of Norma McCorvey, the anonymous "Jane Roe" who was intentionally deceived and reduced to a legal prop to secure the Supreme Court's "right to privacy" abortion ruling.  (As Horowitz notes, in Marxist thought it's the grand arc of history and oppressed groups that matter, not mere individuals.)  That ruling officially brought about the cultural civil war that for the anti-Christian left involves not simply a virulent hatred of President Trump but also hatred directed toward his supporters who are regularly vilified as Nazis, sexists, racists, homophobes, and "deplorables" who are rightly denied freedom of speech and conscience.  Trump's Oval Office predecessor did his best to stoke these emotions as Horowitz's litany of anti-Christian comments and actions by President Obama illustrate — from avoiding religious references during a traditional Thanksgiving ceremony to pursuit of a foreign policy that led to the annihilation of the ancient Christian community in Syria.

Among the sidebars accompanying Horowitz's central narrative are insights into the abusive and mendacious character of atheist Madelyn Murray.  For example, in 1960 Murray "set out with her two sons . . . intending to renounce her American citizenship and defect to the Soviet Union." Her repeated attempts at emigration were rebuffed by the Soviets who were probably aware of her emotional instability and violent outbursts.  Murray's revolutionary predecessor, Margaret Sanger, was also a communist sympathizer and racist.  A 1930 article in The New Yorker about Ms. Sanger noted that her monthly newspaper, Woman Rebel, "mixed its birth-control propaganda with a good deal of red-flag-waving, and perorations of the 'Workers of the World, Arise!' variety." The author also observed that she "composed an editorial declaring: 'Even if dynamite were to serve no other purpose than to call forth the spirit of revolutionary solidarity and loyalty, it would prove its great value.'"  

Horowitz ends Dark Agenda with this chilling paragraph reminiscent of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address: "A nation divided by such fundamental ideas — individual freedom on one side and group identity on the other — cannot long endure, any more than could a nation that was half slave and half free.  The urgency that drew the religious right into politics fifty years ago is now an urgency of the nation itself."  Even individuals well aware of the cultural Civil War that now rages in America would do well do arm themselves with the insights in this book — insights that both explain the ideological roots of the conflict and document a host of grievous wounds that "Christian America" has already suffered.  Horowitz, an honest agnostic, is doing his best to prevent those wounds from becoming mortal.

Richard Kirk is a freelance writer living in Southern California whose book Moral Illiteracy: "Who's to Say?" is available on Kindle.

Photo from U.S. Capitol from Wikimedia Commons

          Campus Anti-Semitism Comes to Congress      Cache   Translate Page      

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar both graduated from college in 2011.  In less than a decade, campus anti-Semitism had made the great leap from campus to Congress.

2011 was a banner year for campus anti-Semitism in alliance with its progressive leftist allies.

Last year, the Trump administration reopened an investigation into campus anti-Semitism at Rutgers University in 2011 that had been shut down by Obama officials back in 2014. The shutdown of the investigation, like the similar shutdowns of terrorism investigations, were part of a pattern.  

The investigation was reopened by Kenneth Marcus, the new Assistant Education Secretary for Civil Rights, a Jewish civil rights leader whose appointment Senate Democrats had stalled for 8 months, and whose confirmation every single Senate Democrat voted against.  

“We don't care about anti-Semitism in this office." The Marcus confirmation battle had become infamous for a senior aide to Senator Patty Murray declaring. "We care about transgenders, we care about blacks, we care about Hispanics, we care about gays, we care about lesbians.”

The intersectional values of campus politics were being used to block the fight against anti-Semitism.

Murray and Senator Elizabeth Warren took the lead in attacking Marcus. Warren would make her own headlines, defending Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism by accusing Jews of faking anti-Semitism.

"Branding criticism of Israel as automatically anti-Semitic has a chilling effect on our public discourse," Warren ranted.

Even as the Democrats tried to change the topic, Marcus’ nomination was a referendum on campus anti-Semitism. Reopening the Rutgers investigation was exactly what Senate Dems had tried to block.

The years in which Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar were on campus saw the mass normalization of campus anti-Semitism led by hate groups like the Muslim Students Association.

Omar served as MSA president at North Dakota State University.

Boston University, Cortez’s alma mater, had become notorious for its anti-Israel campus activism.

Omar’s congressional anti-Semitism mirrors traditional MSA and other campus hate group tactics of provoking Jewish students with anti-Semitic harassment and then riding the backlash by claiming to be “people of color” who have fallen victim to a pro-Israel lobby trying to silence criticism of Israel.

Omar’s anti-Semitism brought campus politics to congress.

The House debate mirrored previous campus debates about anti-Semitism with a coalition of leftist and identity politics groups, the Congressional Black Caucus and the Progressive Caucus, defending anti-Semitism, and leaving Speaker Pelosi cast in the role of the hapless college administrator. Like so many college administrators, Pelosi inevitably dismissed Jewish complaints and bowed to the radicals.

The precedent for these tactics had been set on college campuses. Cortez and Omar just exported campus pressure tactics to congress. And, from her very first protest against Pelosi, a sit-in at the Speaker’s office, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made it abundantly clear that her playbook came from the college campus, not the adult world of politics. And Pelosi had the same vulnerability as college administrators, a fear that radical protests would cut her off from her billionaire leftist backers.

Speaker Pelosi, like college administrators, has chosen to pick her battles with the socialist selfie club. That means defending her priorities, her office and the agendas of her special interests, not Jews. The average college administrator won’t pick a fight that might force him out of his cushy job over anti-Semitism. Neither will Speaker Pelosi who wants to move on to the big issues. Not anti-Semitism.

Faced with a coordinated assault by the Congressional Black Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, and anti-Israel leftists across the media, she did what so many administrators have done, offer a generic condemnation of bigotry without focusing on the specific anti-Semitism or naming names.

The 2020 candidates, at best split the difference, and at worst, like Warren, attacked the Jews.

In less than a decade, campus anti-Semitism had made the great leap from congress to campus. In a year, it might make the leap from campus BDS groups all the way to the White House.

Why did Senator Elizabeth Warren turn to anti-Semitism? 2020 Democrat primary demographics break down into three groups: minorities, elderly lefties, young lefties. Warren performs decently with elderly lefties, abysmally with minorities and poorly with young lefties. Her main competition is Bernie Sanders who had formerly been the most anti-Israel voice in the 2020 race. And he had quickly defended Omar.

Warren doesn’t seriously expect to make any headway with minorities. Black people don’t like either Bernie or Warren. There are already African-American candidates in the race. And the only white candidate who might make inroads with the minority vote is Joe Biden. Warren’s only play was going after the campus radicals who love Bernie. And she did it by allying with anti-Semites.

Campus politics are not only transforming the House, but they’re paving the way to the White House.

No Democrat candidate for the White House has been willing to express clear support for Israel. They, like Pelosi, have become subservient to an anti-Semitic campus lobby whose backing they want.

Conservatives and pro-Israel activists have been concerned about campus anti-Semitism, but they have spent too long thinking of it as a campus problem. The campus is the incubator for tomorrow’s leaders. And, for anyone who dismissed campus crybullies and their narcissistic safe space tantrums, Cortez and Omar are warning signs that campus politics is well on its way to defining our national politics.

 If we lose the battle for the college campus, we will be fighting the same battles in Washington D.C.

The college campus is where most of tomorrow’s elected officials get their first taste of politics. It’s where they learn what works and what doesn’t. Previous generations had leaders who were forged in the molten crucible of war. The closest thing that most of today’s Democrats have to a conflict is student politics. It sets the pattern of their views and their tactics as they climb the ranks of our political system.

Jewish Democrats who failed to confront campus anti-Semitism in the previous decade now find that they are losing to it in the Senate, the House of Representatives, and, eventually, the White House.

The same organizations that spoke out against the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s aggressive campaigns against campus anti-Semitism now wring their hands helplessly over Rep. Omar. Their statements indicate that they have absolutely failed to understand the lessons of the last decade.

The alliance of the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine, the coalition of Islamists and leftists that defined so much of campus life for Jewish students, is defining national politics. Jewish organizations that failed to stand up to either one are now losing out to both.

The SJP-MSA coalition had claimed that its anti-Semitic tactics, everything from disrupting Holocaust memorials to harassing Jewish students and spreading anti-Semitic materials, was just criticism of Israel. And that any effort to oppose it was really a conspiracy to muzzle any criticism of Israel.

Rep. Omar and her political allies have deployed that same argument nationally. And the Jewish Democrats did in the House exactly what they had done on campus, they offered some token protests. And then they folded, accepted a meaningless gesture from the boss, and learned their lesson.

Rep. Omar was able to get away with the anti-Semitic bullying of other House members in the same way that Jewish representatives and candidates were bullied out of student government. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s next target will be Rep. Elliot Engel and assorted other Jewish elected officials.

When Rep. Ilhan Omar ran for office, her donors included Hatem Bazian, the co-founder of Students for Justice in Palestine. Bazian, who has a long history of anti-Semitism, had started out allegedly harassing Jewish students at San Francisco State University: including blocking a Jewish student from a spot on the Student Judicial Council. Bazian’s hateful politics have now gone national via Omar’s anti-Semitism.

The launch of Jexodus has occasioned sneers and smears from establishment organizations. But Jewish Democrats may want to consider what their future in a party defined by BDS supporters and anti-Semites who play the identity politics card while trafficking in anti-Semitism, looks like.

We are all on campus now.

          Netanyahu: May Be Down - But Certainly Not Out      Cache   Translate Page      

The major media outlets both in Israel and the U.S. have already made the determination that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is about to go down and should resign. That comes following intense pressure put on Israel’s Attorney General, Avichai Mandelblit to issue an indictment less than 100 days before the general elections scheduled for April 9, 2019. Mandelblit issued a recommendation to summon PM Netanyahu for a pre-indictment hearing due to alleged corruption. 

Days before Mandelblit was to announce his intention to file corruption charges against PM Netanyahu, Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, a lifelong liberal democrat, wrote an open letter to Mandelblit warning that if he (Mandelblit) were to proceed with the charges, he would “endanger democracy and freedom of the press” in Israel. Dershowitz pointed out that “Voters, not the police or the courts, should decide Netanyahu’s future.”

In his open letter to Mandelblit, Dershowitz argued:

“According to press reports, you are about to charge the Prime Minister with charges related to his relationship with the media. In my view, any such charges would, as I pointed out in the attached article, endanger democracy and freedom of the press… Such charges would open the Pandora’s box out of which would flow a parade of horribles: every government official - legislators , judges, prosecutors, police officers, administrators - who sought positive coverage with the media, and did anything that helped the media, would have to be investigated.”

Dershowitz went on to say:

“In the case of the Yediot Ahronot matter, more than 40 Knesset and cabinet members voted in favor of the newspaper, while PM Netanyahu effectively killed the bill and went into elections. Many of these Knesset members then received positive coverage in Yediot Ahronot. Yet they were not investigated. Only the PM (Netanyahu), who killed the bill, is being persecuted. This disparity illustrates the enormous discretion prosecutors have in selectively prosecuting alleged violators of this open-ended prosecutorial tool…Any such charge would give law enforcement far too much power to dictate to the media and to the officials they cover how they relate to each other. In a democracy, criticism of the relationship between media and government should be left to voters, not prosecutors. I urge you to consider the dangerous implications for democracy and the freedom of the press if you go forward with these charges against the PM.”

In the Yediot Ahronot case, Netanyahu was alleged to have worked out a deal with the paper’s publisher, Arnon Mozes, for favorable coverage in exchange for a bill that would weaken the pro-Netanyahu newspaper, Israel Hayom. In another case, the police had alleged that Netanyahu and his family received cigars, champagne, and jewelry from Hollywood mogul Arnon Milchan. In exchange, Netanyahu has allegedly pushed for the so-called Milchan Law, which would exempt returned Israelis (from abroad) from paying taxes for 10 years. There is also the Bezeq case. The police “suspect” that PM Netanyahu took bribes and acted in a conflict of interest in intervening in a regulatory decision that favored Shaul Elovitch, the controlling shareholder of Bezeq, Israel’s major telecommunications company. Netanyahu vowed to refute all the allegations, which he described as “blood libel.” He dismissed the police recommendations as having “no legal status.” In his emotional speech Netanyahu said that “the Left knows that it cannot win in the ballot box, therefore it put tremendous pressure on the attorney general who is only human.” Netanyahu promised, “This house of cards will collapse.”

On March 4, 2019, Netanyahu launched the Likud election campaign by first shaking hands with his chief rival within the Likud, Gideon Saar, in a show of unity within the party. Addressing the nation, Netanyahu said that (translated from Hebrew) “our strength comes from our people, and from you, the best team in Israel. You’re not some team made up by an advertising firm, you’re an experienced and capable team, democratically elected by tens of thousands of dues paying party members.”

He pointed out that an annual report published recently (March 3, 2019) in the U.S., rating the strongest nations in the world, placed Israel as the 8th strongest nation in the world. The report highlighted Israel’s global influence. This is a direct result of the policies we’re leading. It is a direct result of the international connections I have cultivated consistently over the years.

Netanyahu confronted the Center-Left bloc, led by Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz of the new Blue and White (Kahol-Lavan) Party, in particular. “The left”, Netanyahu said, “has recommended a path of surrender, concessions, and weakness. We, on the other hand, chose a path of national pride, strength, and honor. The results are for all to see except for the media. In Warsaw (last month) I was together with six Arab foreign ministers, all in the open, not hidden from the world.” Netanyahu added: “when I meet with my friend, President Trump or my friend President Putin, or any other world leaders in Beijing or Tokyo or Chad, I am filled with pride as the representative of the citizens of Israel. We need to continue this successful way.”

The Israeli media has certainly pandered to the new Blue and White party led by the former chief-of staff, Gen. Benny Gantz. Known as the party of the Generals (the leadership includes former chief-of-staffs Moshe Yaalon and Gabi Ashkenazi), it has been careful in its pronouncements, hoping to win some votes from the majority of Israeli voters who are leaning right-of-center.  

Notwithstanding the backwind Kahol-Lavan is receiving from the media, the most recent poll by Israel Hayom and i24 NEWS-TV through Maagar Mohot polling service, Kahol-Lavan leads the Likud by 9 mandates (seats) with 38 mandates to the Likud 29. However, the Right bloc is far larger, and would garner 62 mandates. According to the poll, the Right Unity Parties will get 9 mandates, the New Right 8, Torah Judaism 6, and Shas (the Sephardic Orthodox party) 6, Moshe Kahlon’s (current Finance Minister) Kulanu party will get 4 for a total of 62 mandates in the Knesset 120 seats. The Center-Left with Kahol-Lavan’s 38 mandates, Labor 7, and Meretz 6, brings that bloc a total of 51 seats. Should it include the 7 mandates of the Arab Ta’al party of Ahmed Tibi as a voting bloc, it would still not have enough votes to form a governing coalition. In this case, under the best possible scenario, Kahlon’s Kulanu party would join the Kahol-Lavan coalition, thus giving it 55 seats, not enough to form a stable coalition government, since the Arab party is likely to bolt on key decisions. In recent days, Gantz has made overtures to the orthodox parties, knowing full well that without them he won’t be able to form a stable governing coalition. 

Asked in the same poll, who is more suitable to serve as prime minister - Netanyahu or Gantz, 43% of respondents said Netanyahu, 36% said Gantz. Netanyahu may be down, be he certainly is not out.

          "Trump, kızının ve damadının Beyaz Saray'dan uzaklaştırılmasını istedi"      Cache   Translate Page      
ABD Başkanı Donald Trump'ın, kızı Ivanka Trump ve damadı Jared Kushner'in Beyaz Saray'dan uzaklaştırılması için eski Özel Kalem Müdürü John Kelly'e talimat verdiği iddia edildi. Amerikan New York Times'ın... Devamı için tıklayınız
          Trump Administration Seeks To Close International Immigration Offices      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is in "preliminary discussions" to shutter 23 field offices around the world to save millions. Critics say it will exacerbate a processing bottleneck.
          'Remain In Mexico' Immigration Policy Expands, But Slowly       Cache   Translate Page      
The Trump administration is expanding a hard-line immigration policy that forces asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico for their day in immigration court. But the program itself faces a legal challenge.
          Democrats heed Nancy Pelosi’s call to back off impeachment — for now      Cache   Translate Page      

Months after taking control of the House on a promise to hold President Trump accountable, Democrats are signaling that they’re unlikely to pursue impeachment, lowering expectations that the special counsel’s report will spur an immediate attempt to unseat the president.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi...

          Stormy Daniels and lawyer Michael Avenatti part ways      Cache   Translate Page      

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels in two unsuccessful lawsuits against President Trump, is no longer representing the pornographic film actress.

Daniels, who is under court order to pay Trump $293,000 in legal fees and sanctions for one of the dismissed lawsuits, said she has retained...

          Trump administration moves to close offices for international asylum and refugee cases      Cache   Translate Page      

The Trump administration took another step Tuesday to cut back services to people seeking to legally enter the U.S. and focus instead on a ballooning backlog of immigration cases, announcing that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services would close all its international offices.

The agency’s foreign...

          Tish James subpoenas Deutsche Bank, opens investigation into Trump projects      Cache   Translate Page      
The fallout from Michael Cohen’s congressional hearing continues. Two weeks after President Trump’s former “fixer” told lawmakers that his boss inflated the value of his assets to secure loans, the New York attorney general’s office issued subpoenas on Monday to two lenders, Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank, the New York Times reported. Last week, the New York State Department of Financial Services issued a subpoena to insurance broker Aon, also on the basis of Cohen’s […]
          Trump arra jutott, hogy a sok fejlesztés csak veszélyesebbé teszi repülést      Cache   Translate Page      

Nem jó, ha a gépek már annyira bonyolultak, hogy még ő sem érti őket.

          Demolishing Erik Prince: One TV interview shows how to deal with Trump's allies      Cache   Translate Page      
Mehdi Hasan of Al Jazeera English took Trump pal Erik Prince apart in two minutes. American media: Watch and learn
          How the Trump administration continues to reveal its bigotry toward immigrants      Cache   Translate Page      
One of the biggest lies told by many opponents of immigration is that they only stand against “illegal” immigration
          Book alleges Donald Trump ordered John Kelly to fire Ivanka and Jared: “Get rid of my kids!"      Cache   Translate Page      
The pair have since outlasted Kelly and have remained in the White House months after he resigned last December
          How Scott Walker’s defeat in Wisconsin could pave the way for Democrats to defeat Trump in 2020      Cache   Translate Page      
A city has already been chosen for the 2020 Democratic National Convention: Milwaukee
          Former House Speaker Paul Ryan explains how President Donald Trump could be defeated in 2020      Cache   Translate Page      
Ryan said Democrats could unseat Trump if his presidential campaign relies on his personality instead of policy
          Former CIA director: "I don’t have any doubt that Mr. Trump is going to pardon Paul Manafort"      Cache   Translate Page      
“That’s a significant statement,” MSNBC host Katy Tur told John Brennan. “That you have no doubt"
          Trump finds a way to designate Mexicans as terrorists to justify his hardline immigration policies      Cache   Translate Page      
“Mexico, unfortunately, has lost control of the cartels,” President Donald Trump says
          Department of Justice ensures Mueller probe can have funding through the next fiscal year: report      Cache   Translate Page      
"The Trump administration has set aside $10 million for Special Counsel Robert Mueller during the next fiscal year"
          Pelosi is right: Dems can't impeach Trump. She should explain that honestly      Cache   Translate Page      
Nancy Pelosi is correct on the math: It's impossible to impeach Trump now. But her ethical argument is lacking
          Trump's $4.7 trillion budget would slash Medicare — and, yes, build (some of) the wall      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump proposed budget has deep cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and EPA, but he wants $8.6 billion for the wall
          Police: School Bus Aide Yanked MAGA Hat Off Student’s Head      Cache   Translate Page      
A Florida bus aide who allegedly yelled at a middle school student to take off a Trump hat, and then grabbed it off of his head, may face criminal charges, according to officials.
          Three Budget Items Likely to Spur Debate in Washington      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump sent his fiscal 2020 budget proposal to Congress on Monday. And while Congress is not expected to accept the plan, there are a few items in the budget that are likely to lead to debate. WSJ's Gerald F. Seib explains. Photo: Getty

          Texas Republican opposes Trump plan to fund border wall with U.S. defense funds      Cache   Translate Page      
The top Republican on the U.S. House Armed Services Committee said on Tuesday he opposed President Donald Trump's plan to use $7 billion from the military budget to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

          EPA rules on issue pitting oil producers, corn farmers      Cache   Translate Page      
The Trump administration is proposing to allow year-round sales of gasoline mixed with 15 percent ethanol, seeking to calm a dispute that has riled two politically important blocs -- the oil industry and corn farmers.
          Trump seeks $75.3M for work on new Great Lakes shipping lock      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump's newly released budget calls for spending $75.3 million toward construction of a new Great Lakes shipping lock in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
          Adam Schiff: Evidence available already shows that Trump should be indicted      Cache   Translate Page      
The chairman of the House intelligence committee says he supports House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's high bar for impeachment but also argued there's already a strong case against the president.
          Conversations About the Future with Elizabeth Warren and Kevin McCarthy      Cache   Translate Page      
Some of the biggest names in politics joined in the conversation about America’s future over two days at the ACL Theater. The lineup was stacked with Democratic hopefuls for 2020, some anti-Trump Republicans, and one ardent Trump defender. Partnered with the Texas Tribune, these interviews at SXSW focused on where America is headed. One of […]
          Federal lands bill creates National Heritage Area from Seattle to Ellensburg      Cache   Translate Page      

The wide-ranging, bipartisan bill that President Donald Trump signed into law Tuesday authorizes the Mountains to Sound Greenway as a National Heritage Area.
          USA : Federal workers would pay more toward retirement with Trump budget      Cache   Translate Page      
Source: Washington Post
          Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal Of Defamation Lawsuit Against Actor James Woods      Cache   Translate Page      

James Woods -- saved from a defamation lawsuit by a question mark -- has just had his dismissal affirmed by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Whatever schadenfreude there was to be enjoyed by seeing Woods hoisted on his own litigious petard was swiftly dispelled by the ridiculousness of the lawsuit, which posited that Woods' careless question tying the plaintiff to [gasp!] Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign rose to the level of actual defamation. All we can hope is Woods handles this victory with a bit of grace, rather than gloating over his opponent's death, should she unfortunately precede him to the Great Beyond.

The lower court did take a couple of shots at Woods during its dismissal of the suit, pointing out he was as uncooperative as possible when the plaintiff, Portia Boulger, tried to serve him. Boulger was offended by Woods' tweet that portrayed her as a Bernie plant trying to sabotage Trump's impeccable reputation by flinging Nazi salutes during one of his rallies. Here's a quick summary of the supposed defamation, taken from the appeals court decision [PDF]:

On March 12, 2016, Twitter user @voxday posted the Nazi salute photograph, together with a photograph of Portia Boulger and a caption identifying Boulger as an “Organizer (Women for Bernie).” (Def. Mot. for J. on the Pleadings, R. 7, PageID 61.) The two photographs and caption were accompanied by the (false) statement, “The ‘Trump Nazi’ is Portia Boulger, who runs the Women for Bernie Sanders Twitter account. It’s another media plant.” (Id.) Shortly thereafter, Woods tweeted the same two pictures, along with a short biography of Boulger, and added: “So-called #Trump ‘Nazi’ is a #BernieSanders agitator/operative?” (Comp., R. 1, PageID 3.) At the time, Woods had more than 350,000 followers on Twitter.

After being notified by Boulger's lawyer that she was seeking to sue him, Woods issued a retraction and an apology. Boulger argued the damage had already been done. She had been the recipient of several unpleasant communications from Woods' followers, which apparently included death threats.

The Appeals Court also takes a shot at Woods for dodging service from Boulger, pointing out the ridiculousness of him attempting to dismiss a lawsuit he claimed he hadn't been properly served with yet.

As the district court noted, although Woods raised the defenses of insufficient service of process and lack of personal jurisdiction in his answer, he immediately filed a motion for judgment on the pleadings in which the defenses were not included. The motion for judgment on the pleadings was filed several months early—because Woods had not yet been served—and necessarily sought a decision on the merits. Woods’s motion was thus “inconsistent with the idea that the district court lacked personal jurisdiction over the defendant[].”


The filing of the motion for judgment on the pleadings therefore created a reasonable expectation that Woods would defend the suit on the merits. Any other holding would create a perverse outcome. One can imagine a litigant asking the court to proceed on the merits, and then, only if the court’s decision is unfavorable, seeking to re-assert jurisdictional defenses.

The decision then spends several pages diving into the thick weeds of Ohio defamation law. There's a four-prong test applied at the state level to determine whether or not a question is a "statement of fact." After a lot of discussion, the court finally gets to the point: the question mark -- coupled with the actor's opinionated Twitter feed -- makes it clear Woods was asking followers to make that call themselves, rather than directing them to arrive at a foregone conclusion. That many of them skipped the whole "decide for yourself" stage isn't Woods' fault, nor does it turn a question into a libelous statement of fact.

Here, the tweet at issue is reasonably susceptible to both a defamatory meaning—that Woods was asserting Boulger was the woman giving the Nazi salute—and an innocent meaning—that Woods was merely asking his followers a question. Because Woods’s tweet could reasonably be read to have an innocent meaning, under the innocent construction rule the tweet, as a matter of law, is not actionable.

There's also the matter of context. As the court sees it, the opinionated Woods could get away with posing a question like this. The New York Times perhaps not so much.

A review of Wood’s Twitter feed from March 12, 2016, shows that although he posted news articles, his tweets were frequently accompanied by his own colorful commentary. [...] These tweets illustrate that a reasonable reader of Woods’s tweets on March 12, 2016, likely knew that he made frequent use of sarcasm, exaggeration, and hyperbole—characteristics more likely seen in an opinion, rather than a statement of fact. See Scott, 496 N.E.2d at 708. Thus, the general context could lead a reasonable reader to believe the tweet at issue was not a statement of fact.


Twitter is a medium for users to express both opinions and disseminate news. For example, a Twitter user who tweets his or her thoughts on various celebrities is an account that is more analogous to an editorial section of a newspaper. Cf. Vail, 649 N.E.2d at 185–86 (finding that a column that appeared on the Forum page of the newspaper and titled “Commentary” gave a reader the message that the column would convey the personal opinion of the writer, as distinguished from a news story). But the Twitter account of an online news source, such as the New York Times, is not meaningfully distinguishable from a hard copy news story. Consequently, it is clear that Twitter can be used to disseminate both factual accounts and assertions, as well as commentary and opinion.

This breakdown of Twitter seems elementary and even a bit unnecessary, but the court is reminding readers (and plaintiffs) that context matters. It always does. Unfortunately, many plaintiffs in defamation lawsuits want the court to strip commentary of its context to make it easier for them to secure a victory. Fortunately, our courts have generally been very protective of speech and extremely hesitant to hand down rulings that could restrict the free exchange of commentary and opinion. It's unfortunate Woods' followers decided his somewhat disingenuous question granted them permission to harass and threaten Boulger. But those disgusting responses are the responsibility of the disgusting people making them. The court made the right call, ensuring Twitter in all its greatness and awfulness remains a freewheeling, often-horrifying marketplace of ideas.

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          U.S. Expands Program Making Asylum Seekers Wait in Mexico Beyond San Diego Port of Entry      Cache   Translate Page      
The U.S. government said Tuesday it has expanded a program requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases proceed through immigration court. Officials also reported that 240 migrants seeking asylum have been returned to Mexico under the program. Homeland Security officials said the program is now also at the Calexico port of entry, about 120 miles east of the San Ysidro port in San Diego, where it began in late January. The Trump administration’s program is a major […]
          Trump Taps Climate Denier to Lead a Secret White House Climate Panel      Cache   Translate Page      
          Trump Signs Decade’s Biggest Public Lands Bill, Expanding Wilderness Protections in SoCal Deserts      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump signed a wide-ranging public lands bill Tuesday that creates five new national monuments and expands several national parks. The new law also adds 1.3 million acres of new wilderness and permanently reauthorizes the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which supports conservation and outdoor recreation projects nationwide. It’s the largest public lands bill Congress has considered in a decade, and it won large bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate. More than 100 land and water conservation bills were combined […]
          Trump proposes $4.7 tn budget for 2020, to balance by 2034      Cache   Translate Page      

Washington: US President Donald Trump presented to the Congress a budget proposal for fiscal year 2020 that contained stiff spending cuts across non-defence federal agencies, and a hike in defence money.

According to the USD 4.7 trillion budget proposal, the Trump administration plans to cut domestic spending by 5 percent over the next year, or a nearly USD 30-billion-dollar, involving programs on education, health care and environment protection, among others, Xinhua news agency reported.

The budget blueprint proposes a USD 2.7 trillion spending cuts over the next decade, including USD 1.9 trillion in cuts to mandatory programmes, a senior administration official told a briefing on Monday. The official said the budget "will have more reductions in spending than any president in history has even proposed."

The budget plan foresees a USD 1.1 trillion deficit in 2019, 2020 and 2021, and a 1-trillion-dollar deficit in 2022. The administration predicts that the United States will return to budget balance in 2034.

The budget roadmap, designed for fiscal year 2020 that starts on Oct. 1, would increase defence spending by nearly 5 percent to USD 750 billion from USD 716 billion in fiscal year 2019.

It also seeks USD 8.6 billion for constructing additional sections of a wall along the US border with Mexico -- USD 5 billion in funding for the Department of Homeland Security and USD 3.6 billion for the Department of Defense's military construction fund.

          Ep. 3132019 - The Jiggy Jaguar Show      Cache   Translate Page      
CHARLOTTE, N.C., FEBRUARY 26, 2019 – The Trump Prophecy is the amazing story of how one man’s message from God sparked a prayer movement that swept the country leading up to the 2016 election. A primary message of the film is “prayer over politics,” suggesting that the country come together in prayer for all of those who lead the country. Incredibly successful during it’s limited theatrical release last fall, The Trump Prophecy will be available to a wide audience, via an limited-time exclusive agreement, in Walmart across the country starting March 5th. The film is also currently available for pre-sale on Amazon and via download on iTunes. The film’s Producer, Rick Eldridge, head of Reelworks Studios based in Charlotte, N.C., has embarked on a media tour to share the story behind the film. Struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder following his retirement from firefighting, Mark Taylor received what he believed to be a message from God in 2011 while watching an interview with Donald Trump. That led to a book in 2015 based on prophecies he received, co-authored with Mary Colbert, the wife of his doctor, Dr. Don Colbert. Moved by Mark’s prophecies about the intertwined relationship of America and Israel, Mary felt called to start a prayer movement that gained momentum across the country in 2016. As a coda to the movie, we hear from retired military, spiritual leaders and government insiders about the importance of the relationship between America and Israel, and how a vibrant American economy helps strengthen our allies around the world. “We knew we had a great story to tell in the film,” said Producer Rick Eldridge. “What we weren’t anticipating was the far reaching impact it would have, helping so many Americans discover a renewed sense of spirituality. What I hope people will get from the film is three things -- to be inspired by Mark’s story and what he experienced, to have a better sense of what we can do to support the leadership of our country, and a sense of pride as Americans that we continue to benefit from the sacrifices of those who have come before us.” Eldridge welcomes opportunities to discuss The Trump Prophecy with broadcast, print and digital media by phone, Skype or in-person interview. About ReelWorks Studios ReelWorks Studios, LLC was founded by Rick Eldridge in August of 2009 as a production services and distribution management company. Business offices
          U.S. Senate to vote Wednesday on Saudi Yemen war resolution      Cache   Translate Page      

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate will vote on Wednesday on a resolution to end Washington's support for the Saudi Arabia-led military campaign in Yemen, as lawmakers push President Donald Trump to toughen his policy toward the kingdom. Announcing the vote on Tuesday, Senator Bernie Sanders called the war "a humanitarian and strategic disaster." Sanders, an independent who is running for president as a Democrat, is a lead co-sponsor of the resolution along with Republican Senator Mike Lee

The post U.S. Senate to vote Wednesday on Saudi Yemen war resolution appeared first on Firstpost.

          Venezuela, blaming U.S. for six-day blackout, orders diplomats to leave      Cache   Translate Page      

By Vivian Sequera and Deisy Buitrago CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela ordered American diplomats on Tuesday to leave within 72 hours after President Nicolas Maduro accused U.S. counterpart Donald Trump of cyber "sabotage" that plunged the South American country into its worst blackout on record. "The presence on Venezuelan soil of these officials represents a risk for the peace, unity and stability of the country," the government said in a statement, after talks broke down over maintaining diplomatic ties between the two countries.

The post Venezuela, blaming U.S. for six-day blackout, orders diplomats to leave appeared first on Firstpost.

          Electric vehicle demand likely to drop if tax credit ends: U.S. official      Cache   Translate Page      
Electric vehicle demand is likely to drop if the United States eliminates a tax credit worth up to $7,500 as President Donald Trump has proposed, a senior U.S. Transportation Department official said on Tuesday.

          Video: Media Asks Are The Wheels Coming Off The Trump Train?      Cache   Translate Page      
The walls are closing in and now the wheels are coming off. — David Rutz (@DavidRutz) March 12, 2019 The answer is a resounding “no”. The “unbiased” media has been chanting this false mantra ever since President Trump announced his candidacy in 2015. HT: Free Beacon
          CNS Unemployment Coverage Distortion Watch      Cache   Translate Page      

When President Obama was in office,'s editorial mission was to spin employment numbers by focusing on irrelevant metrics like labor force participation rate while downplaying how millions of jobs were created, with the goal of making Obama look as bad as possible. Under President Trump, it's the opposite: CNS gushes over Trump no matter how dubious the employment news.

So it is with February's employment numbers. Only 20,000 jobs were created, which is a dismal number. Susan Jones' main story did acknowledge that in her opening paragraph, then spins it away:

The economy added a meager 20,000 jobs in February, well below the 180,000 that analysts were expecting, and among the lowest job-creation numbers of the Trump administration.

But the number of employed Americans grew by 255,000 in February to a record 156,949,000, the 18th record-breaker of the Trump era.

The unemployment rate dropped to 3.8 percent from last month's 4.0 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday.

And the labor force participation rate stayed at last month's 63.2 percent, also a Trump-era high.

Needless to say, CNS didn't put that bad job-creation number in the headline, though it would have unquestionably done so if the president was a Democrat. Instead, the headline blared: "156,949,000: Number of Employed Americans Sets 18th Record of Trump Era."

CNS also served up its full complement of sidebars: Terry Jeffrey touting higher manufacturing jobs (though only a mere 4,000 were created) and lower government jobs (though tere was no drop at the federal level), and Craig Bannister highlighting lower Hispanic unemployment (since Hispanics are more politically exploitable for conservatives than blacks).

          Budget Committee Chairman: Trump Budget Proposal ‘Not Responsible or Even Usable’      Cache   Translate Page      
House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) on Tuesday called President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget proposal irresponsible and unusable, complaining that it “relies on a patchwork of gimmicks, fantasy projections and extreme cuts that forfeit any responsibility for the well-being of the American people and our nation.”
          Much Is Needed in Trump Budget If US Is Going to Stave Off Future Meltdown      Cache   Translate Page      
Budget season is officially upon us.
          CBS’s Gayle King Speculates on ‘Secret’ GOP Candidate to Oppose Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
[See NewsBusters for more.] CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King on Tuesday speculated on a “secret” Republican candidate who might oppose Donald Trump in a 2020 GOP primary.
          Rep. Seth Moulton: $1.9 Trillion Added to Deficit Because of Tax Cut Law Could Pay for 220 Entire Border Walls      Cache   Translate Page      
Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.), vice chairman of the House Budget Committee, said Tuesday that the $1.9 trillion that President Donald Trump has added to the budget deficit through the tax cut law is enough to pay for 220 border walls.
          Mika Brzezinski Cheers ‘Fantastic’ Nancy Pelosi for ‘Driving’ Trump ‘Nuts’      Cache   Translate Page      
          CBS’s Gayle King Speculates on ‘Secret’ GOP Candidate to Oppose Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
[See NewsBusters for more.] CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King on Tuesday speculated on a “secret” Republican candidate who might oppose Donald Trump in a 2020 GOP primary.
          Rep. Omar Compares Presidents Trump and Obama: 'One Is Human, the Other Really Is Not'      Cache   Translate Page      
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Min..) (Sreenshot) The difference between President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama is that “one is human” and the other isn’t, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) declared Monday.
          Rep. Omar Compares Trump and Obama: 'One is Human and the Other is Really Not'      Cache   Translate Page
          Pompeo: U.S. Pulling All Embassy Workers Out of Venezuela; Slams Cuba for Crisis      Cache   Translate Page      
As the death toll linked to Venezuela’s national power outage edged higher, the Trump administration on Monday stepped up its criticism of Cuba’s support for the Maduro regime, while Havana insinuated that the United States was behind what it called “terrorist sabotage” of its ally’s power grid.
           Trump’s Proposed Foreign Ops Budget Again Targets UN Funding      Cache   Translate Page      
For the third consecutive year, the Trump administration has proposed a budget that cuts spending on foreign affairs, including funding for the United Nations – but congressional Democrats are unimpressed.
          THE YUGE REPUBLICAN LIE ABOUT THE DEFICITWhen asked...      Cache   Translate Page      


When asked about America’s soaring debt and deficits, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell lamented  “It’s disappointing, but it’s not a Republican problem,” and he blames Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Rubbish. It’s not social spending that’s causing the federal deficit to soar. It’s Republican tax cuts, especially on corporations and the wealthy. 

Look at the evidence. Of all 35 advanced economies, America’s spending on social programs like Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid is among the lowest, as you can see.

Also, Americans pay into Social Security and Medicare throughout their entire working lives. 

The biggest reason America has the highest deficit relative to our total economy among all 35 advanced economies is because of a shortage of tax revenue. Of all these countries, we’re bringing in the fifth-lowest total revenue as a share of GDP.

And why is that? Mainly because of Republican tax cuts on corporations and the wealthy. The big Trump Republican tax cut is already breaking the bank. It will cost us 1.9 trillion dollars over the next decade. Let me repeat that: 1.9 trillion dollars. 

Remember, Trump and Republicans in Congress claimed that their tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations would pay for themselves by boosting economic growth. It’s the same trickle-down fairy tale they’ve been telling for decades. But according to the Congressional Budget Office, they haven’t paid for themselves, and the deficit continues to balloon. 

If there’s one area where America spends too much, it’s the military. Since taking office, Trump has increased military spending by more than $200 billion a year, straining the federal budget even further. The United States already spends more on the military than the next 10 nations combined. 

Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, and other Republicans in Washington want to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. That’s been the Republican goal for decades. And they want to use the deficit to justify these cuts.

They also argue that we can’t afford a comprehensive healthcare system that the rest of the advanced world has figured out how to afford. 

Baloney. If the rich and corporations pay their fair share and we rein in defense spending, America can afford what we need. 

Know the truth. Spread the truth about the deficit.

          Trump Budget Includes Crop Insurance Cuts      Cache   Translate Page      
The fiscal year 2020 budget submitted by President Donald Trump includes a couple of points sure to ignite debate in the budgetary process. The proposal includes imposing work requirements on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients. The Hagstrom Report says the proposed budget also imposes work requirements on recipients of Medicare and federal housing benefits. The work requirements will likely reduce program participation. That’s part of an administration plan to reduce federal mandatory and discretionary spending. A senior administration official says these are the biggest proposed cuts made by any president in history. However, Congress generally doesn’t follow presidential budgets when they write appropriation bills. The budget proposal is typically seen more as a statement of administration priorities. The proposed budget will also cut back on farm subsidies paid out to farmers in the highest income brackets. It would also reduce the average premium crop insurance subsidy from 62 percent to 48 percent. It would also limit commodity, conservation, and crop insurance subsidies to producers that have an adjusted gross income of $500,000 or less...MORE
          DOJ seeks $72M to hire more than 100 immigration judges, attorneys to help clear massive asylum backlog      Cache   Translate Page      
In its budget request for the upcoming fiscal year, the Justice Department said it needs over $72 million to fund the “stronger enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws,” according to materials released Monday, in an aggressive move intended to reduce the nation's backlog of asylum cases dramatically.
As part of his fiscal year 2020 budget plan totaling $4.7 trillion, which was unveiled Monday and faced immediate pushback in Congress, President Trump is also seeking billions more in funding for a border wall and controversial work requirements for Americans collecting a variety of welfare benefits.
The DOJ, for its part, said it's aimed to hire more than 100 new immigration judges and support staff, including hundreds of, “attorneys, judicial law clerks, legal assistants and administrative support staff, including interpreters.”
The goal would be to have 659 immigration judges in place by sometime in 2020, officials said in the budget request. There are currently 412 immigration judges...MORE
          Lands Bill Signing      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump at 1:45 p.m. today will participate in a signing ceremony at the White House of S. 47, The John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act. The public lands packaged passed by Congress earlier this year would permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund and increase access to federal lands for hunting and fishing. POLITICO
          Trump releases budget calling for 5 percent cuts in domestic spending, $8.6 billion for wall      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump on Monday unveiled his 2020 budget proposal, calling for domestic spending cuts of 5 percent across the federal government. The White House, in Trump's latest budget, would turbo-charge defense spending while providing $8.6 billion to fund his proposed southern border wall. The proposal would raise overall defense spending to $750 billion, up from $716 billion in 2019, while slashing nondefense programs to $567 billion, down from the $597 billion allocated in 2019. The proposed nondefense spending level is aligned with the cap set in the Budget Control Act, a 2011 law that was meant to force Democrats and Republicans to compromise by setting draconian limits on both defense and nondefense spending. Democrats argue that the nondefense cut amounts to 9 percent, given that the legal cap will drop to $543 billion, with most of the difference accounted for by emergency disaster relief and wildfire suppression efforts that do not count toward budgetary ceilings approved under the Budget Control Act...MORE
          3/13/2019: NEWS OPINION: Our view: Both parties pretend that deficits don't matter      Cache   Translate Page      
Amid all of the outrages of the Trump administration and Congress, the fact that the federal budget deficit surged by 77 percent above the same period last year somehow got lost. Issues that don’t involve paying off porn stars, debasing law...
          Top U.S. Universities Shun Cash From Huawei Under Trump Pressure      Cache   Translate Page      

Top U.S. Universities Shun Cash From Huawei Under Trump PressurePrinceton University, Stanford University, Ohio State University and the University of California at Berkeley all say they are cutting or reducing ties to Huawei. The company gave $10.6 million in gifts and contracts to nine U.S. schools for technology and communications programs from 2012 to 2018, according to the Education Department.

           Comment on Nicaraguans Try Talking: Venezuela, Not So Much by Paul Haeder       Cache   Translate Page      
James Petras: Conclusion Washington has succeeded in securing non-reciprocal agreements with weak countries. This was the case in post-war Europe, post-Gorbachev Russia and among Latin America’s current colonized regimes. In contrast, Washington’s rejection of reciprocal agreements with Russia, China, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela has been a failure. US trade wars with China have led to the loss of markets and allowed China to pursue global agreements through its massive billion-dollar ‘Belt and Road’ infrastructure projects. US one-sided hostile policies toward Russia have increased ties between the Kremlin and Beijing. Washington has lost opportunities to work with neo-liberal oligarchs in Russia in order to undermine President Putin. Washington has failed to negotiate reciprocal ties with North Korea which would ‘de-nuclearize’ the peninsula in exchange for lifting economic sanctions and opening the door for a capitalist restoration. Demanding unilateral concession and submission has led to uniform failures; whereas negotiated compromises could have led to greater market opportunities and long-term political advances. President Trump and his top policy makers and negotiators have failed to secure any agreements. The Democratic Congress has been as ineffective and even more bellicose – demanding greater military pressures on Russia, expanded trade wars with China and fewer negotiations with North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. In a word, failed negotiations and non-reciprocal diplomacy has become the hallmark of US foreign policy.
           Comment on Nicaraguans Try Talking: Venezuela, Not So Much by Paul Haeder       Cache   Translate Page      
Amazing writer here on the lo down: US-Venezuela: Non-Negotiations a Formula for Defeat Over the past half-decade (2015-2019) Washington has succeeded in restoring client regimes in Latin America, by military coups, political intervention and economic pressure. As a consequence, the White House has successfully ‘negotiated’ one-sided political, economic, social and diplomatic outcomes in the region … with the exception of Cuba and Venezuela. President Trump has broken negotiated agreements with Cuba to no advantage; US threats have led to Cuba securing greater ties with Europe, China, Russia and elsewhere without affecting Cuba’s tourism business. The Trump regime has escalated its political and economic propaganda and social war against Venezuela. Multiple overt coup efforts have backfired beginning in April 2002 and continuing to February 2019. While the US succeeded in the rest of Latin America in consolidating hemispheric hegemony, in the case of Venezuela, Washington has suffered diplomatic defeats and the growth of greater popular resistance. US interventionist and sanctions policies have sharply reduced the presence of its middle- and lower-middle-class supporters who have fled abroad. US propaganda has failed to secure the support of the Venezuelan military which has become more ‘nationalist’ with very few desertions. The White House appointment of the convicted felon Elliott Abrams, known as the ‘butcher of Central America’, has certainly undermined any prospect of a favorable diplomatic settlement. US sanction of political and military leaders precludes efforts to co-opt and recruit leaders. The US appointed as its ‘interim ruler’ one Juan Guaidó who has little domestic support – widely seen domestically as an imperial stooge.
          U.S. lawmakers at T-Mobile, Sprint hearing spar over stay at Trump hotel      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. lawmakers questioning the chief executives of T-Mobile US Inc and Sprint Corp over their planned merger sparred with each other on Tuesday over T-Mobile's executives staying at President Donald Trump's hotel where they spent $195,000 while in Washington.

          Ticking clock may save Trump from impeachment in U.S. Congress      Cache   Translate Page      
A momentous question hanging over Washington is whether investigations into President Donald Trump will prompt the U.S. Congress to try to remove him from office through the impeachment process set out in the U.S. Constitution.

          2020 Trump budget would pull plug on electric vehicle tax credit      Cache   Translate Page      
Mother-daughter team installs battery packs in Chevrolet Volt electric carsIn his budget aimed at cutting $126 billion or 5 percent from non-defense federal spending, President Trump proposes to eliminate the plug-in vehicle tax credit that gives electric-car buyers up to $7,500 back on their federal taxes. Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow says he expects ending the tax credit to save the government $2.5 billion over...
          Democrats split after Pelosi says impeaching Trump "not worth it"      Cache   Translate Page      
A heated debate has broken out among Democrats in Congress, one day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi all but ruled out pursing impeachment of the president. Nancy Cordes has the latest.

          NY AG subpoenas Deutsche Bank over Trump business dealings      Cache   Translate Page      
The New York attorney general has opened an inquiry into Trump real estate projects including the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

          In photos: The week of March 11, 2019 in Washington       Cache   Translate Page      
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks to the International Association of Fire Fighters Legislative Conference as he weighs joining the Democratic presidential primary and President Donald Trump releases his 2020 fiscal year budget the week of March 11, 2019 in Washington, D.C.
          How to speak cat      Cache   Translate Page      
Many people find cats aloof and mysterious, so much so that a small academic/journalistic industry has sprung up to explain the animals to their owners. Given the time and money people lavish on their pets, it’s remarkable how little they appear to understand them. Recently at the dog park, for example, I watched a woman with an enormous Great Dane puppy doing everything in her power to turn him into a fear-biter.

Fortunately, she appeared to be failing. The problem was her total inability to speak “dog.” Another large young fellow — a collie/Great Pyrenees mix fond of playing chase — kept inviting her dog to join the game, and she kept misinterpreting his playful feints as threats.

So she’d pull her dog close and call out for help, confusing to the Great Dane, who was a bit shy to begin with. Evidently, it was his first visit to the dog park. Hers too. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan persuaded her to turn him loose. The dogs quickly sorted things out, and a good time was had by all.

No harm, no foul.

In my experience, however, cats are more commonly misunderstood. Many people find them aloof and mysterious, so much so that a small academic/journalistic industry has sprung up to explain the animals to their owners.

“Why We Think Cats are Psychopaths” is the title of a recent effort in The Atlantic. We do? As one with some experience of the human variety — I wrote a book entitled “Widow’s Web” that featured a couple, plus a bunch of columns about Donald Trump — I certainly never have. Author Sarah Zhang assures us, however, that “anyone who has looked into the curiously blank face of a catloaf knows exactly what that means.”

I had to look it up: a “catloaf,” so-called, is a housecat sitting with all four feet tucked underneath, hence resembling a loaf of bread. A cat expressing, in other words, comfort, contentment and trust. An uneasy cat would never adopt so defenseless a position — unsuitable for fight or flight.

However, anybody expecting even the most affectionate kitty to gaze longingly into their eyes like a cocker spaniel should probably stick to geraniums.

The problem, of course, isn’t cats but people. As Zhang points out, to the imaginatively impaired, “when we look at a cat staring at us impassively, it looks like a psychopath who cannot feel or show emotion. But that’s just its face.”

Cats’ faces, she points out, lack the muscle structure to change expressions like a human or a dog. That’s not how the animals communicate. Rather, they speak through body language and vocalization — mainly posture. A cat that approaches you with its tail hoisted straight in the air, for example, is saying as clearly as it knows how: “Hello friend, it’s good to see you.”

Dogs that live with cats understand perfectly; humans not so much.

Yes, cats are stealthy predators. That’s how they came to live among us. With the invention of agriculture came grain-stealing, disease-carrying rodents. Just behind them came cats, independent rodent control contractors spread around the world from their Middle Eastern origins by sailing ships.

People inclined to see cats as pitiless and cruel, I’d suggest, have watched too many cartoons with singing mice.

Take my orange tabby tomcat Albert. Descended from a distinguished line of Arkansas barn cats, Albert exterminated mice from our place and then began commuting a half mile daily to the neighbor’s hay barn. Yet after I fell off a horse and broke several ribs, he changed his life. From being a 90 percent outdoor cat, Albert became an indoorsman. He’d spend hours perched on the arm of my chair in the catloaf position watching Red Sox games and purring.

After I healed, Albert returned to rodent patrol. He did that because he could tell I was hurting and wanted to comfort me. There’s no other explanation. His younger friend Martin, another orange tabby the dogs and I found in the woods where somebody had dumped him, had no need to alter his routine. Snuggling and purring have always been his main priorities. Possibly he’s a killer too, but you couldn’t prove it by me.

In my experience, cats rescued from what must have been a terrifying situation — Martin was roughly 12 weeks old, a tiny kitten abandoned a half-mile from the nearest house — never, ever forget. He and his littermate Gigi, who lives on a friend’s cattle farm, remain almost absurdly affectionate. If Gigi can’t find a human to pet her, she will rub-a-dub and sniff noses with her cow friends.

You see, they’re all individuals, cats. Their personalities differ from one another quite as much as dogs, human beings, and every other species of mammal I know anything about.

So never mind the Sphinx-like expression. Or the lack of obedience. You don’t train cats; cats train you. Albert gives me orders all day. Fortunately, his needs are simple: in, out, feed me, pet me.

For the love he gives back, it’s not much to ask.
          Arkansas's Medicaid work rule on the grill in Congress today      Cache   Translate Page      
The Arkansas Medicaid work rule — an unvarnished success in pushing thousands off Medicaid coverage — will be the subject of a court hearing Thursday in Washington, but the Trump administration got roughed up on its plans to expand the experiment in a congressional hearing today.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar didn't have much comeback for Rep. Joe Kennedy's questions shown here.

Azar is the lead defendant in the lawsuit that goes to court Thursday. The National Health Law Center, Legal Aid of Arkansas and Southern Poverty Law Center are representing Arkansas people harmed by the work rule. The suit challenges a requirement that Medicaid is conditioned on work as well as a computer reporting requirement that has since been altered somewhat because it proved so unworkable. Some 18,000 people lost coverage in the first five months of the program.

From a release:

Legal Aid of Arkansas Attorney Kevin De Liban said, “The approved amendment undermines – instead of bolsters - access to Medicaid services. Medicaid helps people stay healthy enough to work. So, it doesn’t make any sense to make people jump through needless and costly hoops when they are often already working or trying to take care of family members."

          NY attorney general probing Trump business deals      Cache   Translate Page      
Attorney General Letitia James issued subpoenas Monday to Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank seeking records related to four Trump real estate projects and his failed bid to buy the Buffalo Bills.
          Trump Seeks to Slash Medicare and Medicaid Funding, Which He Promised Not to Do      Cache   Translate Page      
    John Cassidy of The New Yorker describes the most important broken promise in the Trump budget proposal. We should all fall to our knees and thank whatever deity we choose that the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives last fall. It is doubtful that even his own party would want to […]
          Trump Budget Would Cut Education Programs by 10%, While Expanding $$ for Vouchers, Charters      Cache   Translate Page      
Education Week describes Trump’s proposed cuts for programs in the U.S. Department of Education. Trump proposes eliminating 29 federal education programs while maintaining level funding for Title 1 and Special Education. The key quote in this article is the one from Secretary DeVos, who says the budget is about “education freedom,” by which she means, […]
          Ann Coulter Bashes Trump As A ‘Shallow, Narcissistic Conman’       Cache   Translate Page      
Ann Coulter Bashes Trump As A ‘Shallow, Narcissistic Conman’

Poor Ann Coulter. She told the Palm Forum Club of the Palm Beaches luncheon that not only is she at at odds with the left and Republican Never-Trumpers, but also her true fans.

Grab her a tiny violin, please.

Coulter was responding to Trump's Twitter tirade against her.

          In Medicare retirement-age debate, remember who really keeps our country going      Cache   Translate Page      

In his column “The West’s rejection of aging,” Hugh Hewitt cites examples of well-known people who have or are working well beyond retirement age — President Donald Trump (of course), former vice president Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney, to name […]
          'Times' Deputy Counsel On Fighting For Press Freedom In The Trump Era       Cache   Translate Page      
David McCraw of The New York Times talks about legal issues he's faced on the job — from the president's lawyer threatening to sue for libel to the decision to publish WikiLeaks documents.
          Streaming 2003's Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: I am a padawan      Cache   Translate Page      

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most beloved video games of all time.

Ride along as I miserably stumble my way through an award-winning game 16 years after its release.

There is some great Star Wars backstory left forgotten by all but the most knowing fans! We can uncover it, or just read the faq.

I have never played all the way through this game, and only recently realized it had both been "Enhanced" with updated graphics for the Xbox One X in 2018. The Darth Revan story is famous tho. Star Wars fans can bring it up as a trump card in any discussion. Now I will be able to say "Yeah, I played through on the Xbox enhanced!" This should quiet all but the folks who have played the numerous mods.

I will be able to join their ranks. I'm usually auto-leveling my characters, and I keep forgetting to be "dark" but I really do mean ill.

Tonight I am about to close out the first major level, and leave the planet Taris... once I steal a ship and escape the Sith. Then it isoff to Dantooine where I train as a padawan.

I'm sure I'll make a great padawan. The best.

The RPG from 2003 is surprisingly fun to play. I did not enjoy the most modern hit RPG Red Dead Redemption 2, but I am very happy to play through this game and looking forward to the enhanced version of KOTOR 2. Read the rest

          Johnstone: Pelosi Tacitly Admits That Russiagate Is Bullshit      Cache   Translate Page      

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,

In an interview with the Washington Post yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she opposed the impeachment of President Trump. This comes shortly before Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia collusion is expected to wrap up.

“I’m not for impeachment,” Pelosi told the Post.

“This is news. I’m going to give you some news right now because I haven’t said this to any press person before. But since you asked, and I’ve been thinking about this: Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it.

The response to Pelosi’s remarks has been swift and strong.

“Wrong!” exclaimed MSNBC’s Russiagate con man Malcolm Nance via Twitter. “What the hell is wrong with the @SpeakerPelosi Congress that they absolve themselves of their duty! Nothing is criminal anymore?! Trump can do and say like a dictator as he pleases? All of his crimes are OK even if you see them? This requires a public outcry. #Disgraceful”

“I like Speaker Pelosi but this is NOT the right approach,” tweeted Michael Avenatti of Stormy Daniels fame. “If Trump has committed impeachable offenses, he must be charged and he must face a trial in the Senate. Would the Repubs take this approach? Hell no! And this is why we get outplayed.”

“Sorry, Madam Speaker,” tweeted Esquire’s Charles P Pierce. “If you really believe the president* is an unprecedented threat to the Constitution, your oath demands that you begin the process to remove him. It’s your job.”

The House’s most virulent Russiagater, however, sang a different tune.

“If the evidence isn’t sufficient to win bipartisan support for this, putting the country through a failed impeachment isn’t a good idea,” said Congressman Adam Schiff told CNN yesterday.

As you might expect, those voices in alternative media who’ve been voicing skepticism of the Russiagate narrative since the beginning have been having a ball with this one.

“BREAKING: The Democrats’ Congressional leadership is realizing that their two-year Russia conspiracy theory is not going to pan out,” tweeted journalist Aaron Maté, who has been in my opinion the single most lucid Russiagate critic for a long time now.

“If Trump is literally controlled by Putin to the point where Trump is forced to act in the best interests of Russia *at the expense of the US*  -  which has been the prevailing claim not of Dem fringes but its mainstream  -  how can it be morally justified not to impeach him???” tweeted journalist Glenn Greenwald in response to Pelosi’s comments.

How indeed? Pelosi’s comments go completely against the narrative that mainstream Democrats have been selling America for over two years now, and this close to the Mueller report amount to a rejection of that narrative. Her statement is a tacit admission that she knows Russiagate is bullshit, has always been bullshit, and will continue to be bullshit.

“Is it possible that Putin has something on Pelosi?” Greenwald joked.

Or perhaps Democratic politicians and their media allies have been knowingly feeding the party base and cable viewers unadulterated, deranged, unhinged bullshit that they now can’t carry through on with the power in their hands because it was all self-serving, manipulative dreck? Anyone who has ever believed Trump is controlled and blackmailed by Putin to the point that Putin makes Trump treasonously sacrifice America’s interests for Russia’s — and there are a lot of you — should be marching in fury in the streets over Pelosi’s refusal to impeach Trump.”

But, of course, they will not. There will be no protest against Pelosi’s opposition to impeachment because those who would lead it know there will never be any evidence that could possibly lead to a bipartisan willingness in the Senate to remove him from office.

Anyone who’s paid close and intellectually honest attention to the Russiagate circus has known since the beginning that Trump was never going to be impeached for a treasonous conspiracy with the Russian government, despite the endless fantasies inflicted upon the blinkered Maddow muppets day after day after day for over two years now. Back in 2017 I said that “Mueller will continue finding evidence of corruption throughout his investigation, since corruption is to DC insiders as water is to fish, but he will not find evidence of collusion to win the 2016 election that will lead to Trump’s impeachment,” because it was obvious to anyone who knew anything. And that has proven to be the case with uninterrupted consistency.

If those who have been driving the Russiagate conspiracy theory really believed what they’ve been pushing, they would be up in arms at Pelosi’s remarks. Instead, we see responses like Russiagate grifter Bill Palmer publishing a hilarious article titled “Nancy Pelosi is playing rope-a-dope with Donald Trump on impeachment”, explaining that her remarks were actually a brilliant 57-D chess maneuver designed to “play this Trump fool like fiddle.”

“Instead, by answering the question in this manner, Pelosi accomplishes two things,” says the Palmer Report, where sitting US senators and top Harvard law professors go for the important updates they need to continue fueling Russia hysteria in America.

“First, she manages to put off the question until she and her allies have managed to carve Donald Trump up. Second, she’s messing with him. She just insulted him by saying he’s not worth the trouble of impeachment. Pelosi is looking to bait Trump into publicly feuding with her over the question of impeachment. That way it’ll be Trump introducing the concept, not her. And that’ll serve to help put the impeachment process on the right track. Just don’t call it ‘impeachment’ quite yet.”

So that tells you a bit about where the Russiagaters are at today.

This all comes out, by the way, at the same time as a new Wall Street Journalreport that Trump once attempted to personally cajole German Chancellor Angela Merkel into ceasing to buy gas from Russia out of fear that “it will make Europe’s largest economy excessively reliant on Russian energy.” Hardly the behavior you’d expect from a Putin puppet, but then neither are the rest of the many, many other actions that this administration has taken against the interests of Moscow.

It is right and appropriate that those few voices on the left who’ve been sharply critical of Russiagate from the beginning are now taking some time to gloat at and mock its peddlers with increasing scorn. The centrists who chose to spend more than two years forcing everyone’s energy into this blatant psyop which escalated a cold war against a nuclear superpower were wrong, and the leftists who objected to it were right. Trump’s term is more than halfway over, and Russiagaters chose to suck all the oxygen out of the room for this brainless, fruitless, worthless endeavor instead of allowing space for progressive reform and for criticism of Trump’s actual pernicious policies from the left. And they did it on purpose.

Mock the Russiagaters. Mock them ruthlessly, and never, ever let them forget the horrible thing that they did. Never stop making fun of them and reminding them how stupid and crazy they acted during this humiliating period of American history. And never stop using it as a weapon against them. They were wrong, so they should not be leading the way on what passes for America’s political left today. Skepticism was the only appropriate response to Russiagate in a post-Iraq invasion world, and those on the left who made that appropriate response should be treated with infinitely more respect and deference than those who did not.

They were wrong, we were right, and now even Nancy Pelosi is all but admitting it. Never let them forget it.

*  *  *

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          Facebook Reverses Zero Hedge Ban, Says It Made A "Mistake"      Cache   Translate Page      

It has been a strange 24 hours.

On Monday, we first learned that for the previous two days, Facebook had banned all Zero Hedge content across its various mediums, as it went against Facebook's "Community Standards" (which to the best of our knowledge, neither we not anyone else has any idea what they are), a decision which - as we noted yesterday - surprised us for two reasons: not only do we not have an official Facebook account, but Facebook did not approach us even once with a warning or even notification.

While we were in the dark about what had triggered Facebook, or what was the company's motive, we were humbled and delighted not only with the media coverage this event received, but far more so with the outpouring of support we received from readers and across social media, where Zero Hedge had not been yet banned, like Twitter, where figures from various industries and across the political spectrum voiced support and came to our defense, with many condemning what we felt was an arbitrary decision.

Among those who spoke up were President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., Nigel Farage, Peter Thiel's liberal foil at Thiel Capital, Eric Weinstein, Infowars' Paul Joseph Watson and many others.

To them, and to everyone else who reached out - either to us or to Facebook, or "said something" in private or on the Interweb - our sincerest gratitude.

And then on Tuesday morning, everything had suddenly returned to normal, and whether due to the unexpectedly widespread support we received, or because Facebook had made a sincere error, the ban was reversed.

While Facebook has yet to contact us directly, they did comment with a Facebook spokesman saying that "This was a mistake with our automation to detect spam and we worked to fix it yesterday." He added that "we use a combination of human review and automation to enforce our policies around spam and in this case, our automation incorrectly blocked this link. As soon as we identified the issue, we worked quickly to fix it."

We still have no insight into which article(s) Facebook decided was sufficiently "spammy" to block everyone's access to our content, or on what basis Facebook's "automation and human review" had made the decision to quarantine our small website from the rest of Facebook's 2.3 billion monthly users.

But we are heartened by this development, not so much because it means a rebound in our traffic - as we observed yesterday, we are lucky in that Facebook represents a tiny source of our inbound referral traffic - but because it means nothing changes: we can and will continue as before, with zero adjustments to our writing style, and we will certainly continue with our highly critical coverage of all things Facebook. And best of all: it will be read on Facebook, allowing users of the world's biggest media company to escape an informational echo chamber, and be presented with contrasting opinions, which even if wrong, will allow countless readers to make more informed opinions than if served with preapproved, uniform, and ideologically palatable content.

And since some may read this as a quasi-official press release, we leave the "about us" part to the money-losing media venture of billionaire Mike Bloomberg's business empire (funded since day one by the procyclical $25,000/year Bloomberg terminal business), which yesterday described our little adventure as follows: "Since being founded in the depths of the financial crisis, Zero Hedge has built a dedicated following by serving up a mix of hardcore financial analysis and populist political commentary. Both the ‘Tyler Durden’ name and the site’s tagline -- "On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero” -- are borrowed from the anarchic cult classic ’Fight Club.’

          Dick Cheney Argues Foreign Policy With Mike Pence At Leaked "Off the Record" GOP Gathering      Cache   Translate Page      

What was supposed to be a relaxed conversation between Vice President Pence and former Vice President Dick Cheney quickly turned into a argument over President Donald Trump’s foreign policy at a private gathering last weekend, according to a report from LMTOnline

The gathering was a closed-door retreat hosted by the American Enterprise Institute on March 9 in Sea Island, Georgia. At the meeting, Cheney "respectfully but repeatedly" pressed Pence on concerns like President Trump taking a hard line towards NATO and deciding to withdraw troops from Syria "during the middle of a phone call".

Cheney also said to Pence, "we're getting into a situation when our friends and allies around the world that we depend upon are going to lack confidence in us," according to a Washington Post transcript.

The comments from the gathering were supposed to be "off the record", but a transcript leaked from a person who was "not authorized to share material" from the event. 

"I worry that the bottom line of that kind of an approach is we have an administration that looks a lot more like Barack Obama than Ronald Reagan," the former Vice President continued.

The critique of Pence from former VP Cheney highlights one of the many debates currently ongoing in the GOP party. Many former GOP "hawks", like Cheney have been at odds with Trump's engagement of autocrats like Kim Jong Un and his non-interventionist style in the middle easy. 

Pence reportedly "shrugged off most of Cheney's anxieties" and praised Trump as a "candid and transformational leader."

What was supposed to be a chat at AEI's annual world forum between Pence and Cheney turned into a nearly full blown "academic exercise" with Cheney questioning Pence while the current VP did his best to retort with force. The conversation surprised the conference attendees and caused murmurs in the room throughout the talk. 

After pleasantries were exchanged, Cheney immediately went after Trump, expressing concern about reports that he "supposedly doesn't spend that much time with the intel people, or doesn't agree with them, frequently." He also immediately expressed concern with suspending military activities with South Korea and Trump's handling of North Korea. 

"I don't know, that sounded like a New York State real estate deal to me," Cheney said of Trump's pursuit of a policy to have the Germans, the Japanese, and the South Koreans pay total cost for U.S. deployments there, plus 50 percent on top of that.

"It's a lot more complicated than just, 'Here's the bottom line. Write the check,'" Cheney continued. 

Pence retorted:

"We're going to continue [to] train. We're going to continue to work closely with South Korea. We have a tremendous alliance there. I think there is a tendency by critics of the president and our administration to conflate the demand that our allies live up to their word and their commitments and an erosion in our commitment to the post-World War II order."

The current VP continued, "But we think it's possible to demand that your allies do more to provide for the common defense of all of our nations and, at the same time, reaffirm our strong commitment - whether it be to the trans-Atlantic Alliance or to our allies across the Indo-Pacific."

Cheney again took exception to lack of troop deployments in certain areas and VP Pence finished by assuring the former VP that the Trump administration shared their devotion to defending the country. 

"When the American people elected this president, they elected a president who expressed concern about American deployments around the world," Pence stated. "And they knew this was going to be a president that came and asked the fundamental questions about - you know, where are we deployed and do we really need to be asking men and women in uniform to be deployed in that part of the world? But, you know, it should come as no surprise to anyone: This President is skeptical of foreign deployments, and only wants American forces where they need to be."

Pence concluded: "But you can be confident, as one of my favorite hawks, we're going to continue to stand strong for a strong national defense with President Trump in the White House."

          Pence Brokering Deal With GOP To Defeat Democrats On Border Wall      Cache   Translate Page      

Vice President Mike Pence is in discussions with a group of GOP senators on a deal that could lead to the defeat of a Democratic resolution to overturn President Trump's emergency declaration to build a wall on the southern US border, according to The Hill.  

The deal? If the GOP defeats the Democratic legislation, Trump will formally agree to rein in his power to declare future national emergencies. 

Killing the resolution on the Republican-controlled Senate floor would spare the president a major embarrassment and avoid him having to issue the first veto of his presidency. 

But there is some skepticism among GOP senators whether Trump will actually go through with it. And the plan is hurt by the fact that a bill to curb the president’s power to declare national emergencies won’t come to the Senate floor until after the March recess. -The Hill

On Thursday, Pence and a group of Republicans met to discuss the legislation to curb Trump's power. In attendance were Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) - who is sponsoring the proposed legislation, Sens. Thom Tillis (R-NC), Pat Toomey (R-PA), Rob Portman (R-OH) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN). 

According to Lee's measure, national emergency declarations would require a Congressional vote to extend beyond 30 days. In order for it to work, Senate Republicans say Trump would have to make a scout's honor promise to sign Lee's bill - something the president has yet to agree to do. 

Meanwhile, at least two Republicans say they will continue to support the Democratic resolution to reject the National Emergency; constitutionalist Senator Rand Paul and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. 

"No, I think Congress should allocate the money and that’s a very strong belief. It’s also in the Constitution," said Paul. 

Among the half-dozen or so other Republicans who are thought to support the Democratic resolution are Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Mitt Romney (R-UT) - both of whom say they've made up their minds but have yet to announce their decisions. 

"Other potential defectors include Portman, Toomey, Alexander and Sens. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) and Todd Young (R-Ind.)," according to The Hill

Tillis, on the other hand, told colleagues during a Tuesday lunch that while he thought Trump was within his power to declare a national emergency for $3.6 billion in additional wall funding, and he disagrees with the use of that power, he might be willing to change his mind and support the Pence proposal if Trump offers assurances that he would support future reform of the National Emergencies Act of 1976. 

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) plans to vote against the Democratic disapproval resolution - and has predicted that it will get between 50 and 60 votes, which is enough to pass with a simple majority. 

"It will probably get over 50 but less than 60, I think," said Graham. 

Republicans control 53 seats so the disapproval resolution will pass if four or more Republicans vote for it. All Democrats are expected to support it.  

Paul, who has announced his support for the resolution, said the White House and GOP leaders are stepping up their pressure effort to keep Republicans in line. 

“They’re being beaten upright, so if you see anybody that’s got blood dripping out of their ear, they may be changing,” Paul joked. 

He said there is still “a significant number” of Republicans willing to vote for the disapproval resolution but added “there are a lot of people being bruised and beleaguered. We’ll see.” -The Hill

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Democratic disapproval resolution is the only matter expected to go to vote on Thursday. 

"Right now, that’s the only thing that’s going to be voted on," said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) after a lunchtime meeting with colleagues. 

Because Lee wouldn't be able to get his bill to the floor before the March recess - scheduled to begin Friday, any plan to trade votes on Thursday's resolution will need to wait a few weeks. 

          President Trump spoke to Boeing CEO      Cache   Translate Page      
CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports from Chicago on President Trump's conversation with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg.
          Politicians speak out in wake of Boeing crash      Cache   Translate Page      
CNBC's Eamon Javers reports on recent tweets from President Donald Trump weighing in on the latest Boeing news.
          Trump spoke to Boeing CEO after tweets about airplane safety -source      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump spoke to Boeing Co's chief executive, Dennis Muilenburg, on Tuesday, a source familiar with the matter said, after Trump posted comments on Twitter questioning whether airplanes have become too complex to fly safely. Additional details were not immediately available. Senators Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren called on the Federal...
          Boeing CEO Said to Assure Trump of 737 Safety in Call       Cache   Translate Page      
Boeing's CEO Dennis Muilenburg reportedly had a talk with President Trump following the recent crash of a 737 Max 8 in Ethiopia.
          Federal lands bill creates National Heritage Area from Seattle to Ellensburg      Cache   Translate Page      

The wide-ranging, bipartisan bill that President Donald Trump signed into law Tuesday authorizes the Mountains to Sound Greenway as a National Heritage Area.
          Democratic lawmakers rip into T-Mobile CEO over Trump hotel stays      Cache   Translate Page      

The issue of the hotel stays flared up almost immediately at a congressional hearing reviewing the Bellevue's company's proposed merger with Sprint.
          Venezuela, blaming U.S. for six-day blackout, orders diplomats to leave      Cache   Translate Page      
Venezuela ordered American diplomats on Tuesday to leave within 72 hours after President Nicolas Maduro accused U.S. counterpart Donald Trump of cyber "sabotage" that plunged the South American country into its worst blackout on record.
          U.S. Senate to vote Wednesday on Saudi Yemen war resolution      Cache   Translate Page      
The U.S. Senate will vote on Wednesday on a resolution to end Washington's support for the Saudi Arabia-led military campaign in Yemen, as lawmakers push President Donald Trump to toughen his policy toward the kingdom.
          Fact Checkers Crucify Ocasio-Cortez      Cache   Translate Page      

The following article, Fact Checkers Crucify Ocasio-Cortez, was first published on The Black Sphere.

With all the scandals surrounding AOC’s short-lived political career, one would think she’d take the time to do a little research before she opens her mouth. Of course, she’s not quite that intelligent. Thus, it’s no surprise fact-checkers crucified her latest tweet. Now, AOC insinuated Trump hasn’t addressed the very crisis he’s made a priority. […]

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          Trump Strategy: Democrats BURNING CASH on Flock of Losers      Cache   Translate Page      

The following article, Trump Strategy: Democrats BURNING CASH on Flock of Losers, was first published on The Black Sphere.

It’s fun watching Utopia burn. I hope Democrats can live on their fraudulent win in the House for the remainder of the year. Because 2019 won’t get any prettier for Leftists To say Democrats have had a bad week one must ignore all the other weeks in 2019…so far. And it’s about to get worse. […]

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          Now We Know Why Trump Fired General John Kelly      Cache   Translate Page      

The following article, Now We Know Why Trump Fired General John Kelly, was first published on The Black Sphere.

If President Trump has any faults, one manifests in his trust in Leftists. As we all know, Trump is not a dyed-in-the-wool Republican. That’s proven to be a good thing, given what the Republican Party now represents. Nevertheless, at its core, republicanism is what built America. And that “republican” defines President Trump. Republicans freed the […]

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          Sieben Gründe, die für eine Wiederwahl Donald Trumps sprechen      Cache   Translate Page      
Das Kartenhaus von Donald Trump wackele bedrohlich, schrieb eine deutsche Nachrichtenagentur am Wochenende über den US-Präsidenten. Und resümierte: ...
          U.S., Taliban peace talks produce draft deal on 2 issues, Trump envoy says      Cache   Translate Page      
          Trump hits New York Gov. Cuomo over state's probe into family business      Cache   Translate Page      
          Trump administration preparing to close international immigration offices      Cache   Translate Page      
          Trump tweets on airplanes, speaks to Boeing CEO in wake of 737 MAX crash      Cache   Translate Page      
          Shell warns Trump EPA against weakening Obama-era methane pollution rules      Cache   Translate Page      
          Trump administration requests no taxpayer assistance to West Bank, Gaza      Cache   Translate Page      
           Comment on Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want To Impeach Trump: He’s ‘Not Worth It’ by Joseph       Cache   Translate Page      
The reason why impeaching Trump "is not worth it," is because the explanation of impeachment would expose America to the lies perpetrated by the Mueller investigation. That and the complicity of the media with these lies could destroy Americans' faith in ABC, NBC and CBS. I leave out CNN because the Communist News Network has already self immolated over the Covington Boys Scandal.
           Comment on Schiff Acknowledges Mueller May Never Get Trump To Testify by Victim of Perfidious Albion       Cache   Translate Page      
For "National Security EMERGENCY" Trump could just jail Mueller in Guantanamo; along with all the other crooked lib intellectual-chimps..?
           Comment on Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want To Impeach Trump: He’s ‘Not Worth It’ by Michael Todaro       Cache   Translate Page      
          Trump cries 'presidential harassment' as New York state investigators close in on him      Cache   Translate Page      
          Trump Refuses To Commit Executive Order To Prevent Big Tech Censorship      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump won election because his supporters were able to use social media to help him, but Trump doesn't seem driven to protect freedom of speech online. Paul Joseph Watson discusses how those in power sometimes break their commitments.
          Chicago Police Conduct Wellness Check at R. Kelly's Apartment After Alleged "Suicide Pact" Call      Cache   Translate Page      
R. KellyChicago Police have responded to a call allegedly made at R. Kelly's apartment at Trump Tower. The Chicago Police Department said in a statement obtained by E! News they received the...

          A new book claims that Trump wanted Jared and Ivanka fired      Cache   Translate Page      
According to excerpts from the forthcoming book "Kushner Inc." obtained by New York Times, President Trump told former Chief of Staff John Kelly he wanted Ivanka and Jared Kushner gone. The White House is denying these reports, calling the book "completely false."

          Jake Tapper presses lawmaker on impeachment claims      Cache   Translate Page      
Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) argues with CNN's Jake Tapper that President Trump met the "legal standard" for impeachment long ago.

           Comment on Inquiries, investigations, and registries: It’s complicated by Tom       Cache   Translate Page      
This is definitely a tricky issue and I would like to address the issue around "credible reports/accusations" and convictions. It seems as though there are some commenters who are making a hard distinction between the two. We need to remember that a conviction requires multiple steps - an allegation, investigation, a District Attorney deciding to prosecute, a grand jury indicting, a trial and finally a jury convicting the offender. But just because there is no conviction does not mean an offense did not occur. I spent many years working in Child Protective Services (CPS) and investigated countless cases of sexual abuse where we made a determination of "substantiated" - which meant the preponderance of the evidence was that abuse occurred but these cases never went to trial. I distinctly remember an assistant district attorney once telling me that the victims "looked too old and a jury will never believe they were victims" or a prosecutor saying it would be a waste of time to prosecute because of the offender's political connections. I say all that to say that we cannot simply say we should only be worried about convicted offenders and not accusations (I realize William is not saying this either, I am addressing this to others who are making that distinction). That said, it is a legal minefield for a denomination or church to track or database accused but non-convicted offenders. BUT still something must be done and we need sharp minds and lots of prayer about how to handle this. I do think that we need some fearless honesty on the part of pastors and churches when they are contacted for references on past staff who were accused of abuse. I have heard all the arguments about liability, etc but I do not think a pastor worthy of his salt should allow concerns for liability to trump the protection of another flocks most vulnerable sheep.
          Tish James subpoenas Deutsche Bank, opens investigation into Trump projects      Cache   Translate Page      
The fallout from Michael Cohen’s congressional hearing continues. Two weeks after President Trump’s former “fixer” told lawmakers that his boss inflated the value of his assets to secure loans, the New York attorney general’s office issued subpoenas on Monday to two lenders, Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank, the New York Times reported. Last week, the New York State Department of Financial Services issued a subpoena to insurance broker Aon, also on the basis of Cohen’s ... [more]
          Gobierno mexicano contacta a EEUU y Centroamérica por migrantes desaparecidos      Cache   Translate Page      

La Prensa

Ciudad de México.

El presidente de México, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, dijo este martes que se ha contactado a Gobiernos de Centroamérica y al de Estados Unidos para investigar el caso de los 22 migrantes presuntamente secuestrados cuando viajaban en autobús por el norteño estado de Tamaulipas.

"Estamos pidiendo información a gobiernos centroamericanos y al Gobierno estadounidense, estamos haciendo la investigación", dijo el mandatario mexicano en su rueda de prensa matutina.

Desde Palacio Nacional, indicó que "no hay indicios" de que el autobús estuviera custodiado por la Policía Federal, tal y como habían apuntado algunas informaciones.

"Lo que queremos es seguir investigando porque no queremos que se repitan casos lamentables u horrendos como los de San Fernando.

Tenemos que cuidar a los migrantes y no dejarlos sin protección", agregó.

Lea más: Trump pide a republicanos lealtad ante “emergencia”En esta zona del país tuvo lugar la muerte de 72 migrantes centroamericanos en el municipio de San Fernando, una matanza atribuida el cártel de los Zetas, en 2010.

A pregunta expresa, confirmó este martes que los desaparecidos eran migrantes, y por ello no ha habido denuncias por desaparición por parte de familiares.

Sin descartar que se tratara de un secuestro, apuntó que también podría ser una manera de entrar en territorio estadounidense.

Y afirmó que, durante su mandato que arrancó el 1 de diciembre, se han dado otros dos casos parecidos.

"Estamos revisando (el caso), pero no tenemos indicios de que haya desaparecidos", puntualizó.

Lea más: España ofrece ayuda a Venezuela para solventar gigantesco apagónLos hechos ocurrieron el jueves 7 de marzo cuando el autobús de la compañía Transpaís circulaba de sur a norte sobre la carretera 53 (Tampico-Reynosa), a la altura del municipio de San Fernando, donde en los últimos años se registraron muertes y desapariciones de migrantes.

El domingo, el Gobierno estatal informó que al menos 19 pasajeros habían sido presuntamente secuestrados tres días antes de un autobús que cubría la ruta de Tampico a Reynosa.

El autobús salió de Tampico con 42 pasajeros y mientras se encontraba en su recorrido fue detenido por hombres armados que circulaban en al menos cuatro vehículos.

Tras abordar el autobús obligaron a descender a los pasajeros del sexo masculino para subirlos en sus vehículos con los que llegaron al lugar y darse después a la fuga con rumbo desconocido.

El conductor del autobús decidió continuar su recorrido hasta su destino final en Reynosa, ciudad en la frontera de México con Estados Unidos, donde hizo la denuncia ante las autoridades.


          US Citizenship and Immigration Services Moves To Close All Field Offices - NPR      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. US Citizenship and Immigration Services Moves To Close All Field Offices  NPR
  2. Trump administration preparing to close international immigration offices  The Washington Post
  3. Trump admin to shutter international immigration offices | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Trump Administration Plans to Close Key Immigration Operations Abroad  The New York Times
  5. U.S. immigration agency to close its overseas offices  Reuters
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          Senate set to rebuke Trump on support for Saudi Arabia | TheHill - The Hill      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Senate set to rebuke Trump on support for Saudi Arabia | TheHill  The Hill
  2. Senate set to again admonish Trump over Yemen on Wednesday  POLITICO
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          2 Weeks of U.S.-Taliban Talks End With ‘Progress’ but No Breakthrough - The New York Times      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. 2 Weeks of U.S.-Taliban Talks End With ‘Progress’ but No Breakthrough  The New York Times
  2. No breakthrough but US, Taliban hail progress in Doha talks
  3. U.S., Taliban peace talks produce draft deal on 2 issues, Trump envoy says  NBC News
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          Boeing 737 MAX - Trump heeft telefonisch onderhoud met CEO van Boeing      Cache   Translate Page      
De Amerikaanse president Donald Trump en Dennis Muilenburg, de CEO van Boeing, hebben een telefoongesprek gehad over de crisis waar de vliegtuigbouwer nu in zit. Dat meldt een bron uit de sector aan AFP. Verschillende landen houden hun Boeing 737 MAX-vliegtuigen aan de grond nadat er zondag bij een ongeval met een toestel van Ethiopian Airlines 157 mensen omkwamen.
          Boeing 737, Donald Trump: "Gli aerei di oggi sono troppo complessi. Non voglio che a guidarli sia Einstein, ma un pilota"      Cache   Translate Page      


Dopo la tragedia del Boeing 737 Max 8 precipitato in Etiopia, Donald Trump interviene sulla questione della sicurezza degli aerei. In un post su Twitter scrive: "Gli aeroplani stanno diventando fin troppo complessi da far volare", una "complessità che crea pericolo".

"Non sono più necessari i piloti ma piuttosto gli informatici del Mit. Non voglio che Albert Einstein sia il mio pilota. Io voglio che a grandi professionisti del volo sia consentito di prendere il controllo dell'aereo facilmente e rapidamente!", aggiunge invocando "le cose vecchie e semplici".

          L'Italia e l'Europa di fronte alla guerra commerciale di Trump      Cache   Translate Page      

(A cura di Paolo Guerrieri, economista, per Europea. Parlano i fatti)

L'integrazione commerciale a sostegno della crescita e dell'occupazione

Il commercio internazionale dal secondo dopoguerra in poi è stato uno strumento fondamentale per sostenere la crescita e aumentare il reddito pro capite dei maggiori paesi. L'Italia ne ha grandemente beneficiato. In Europa siamo un grande paese esportatore con il secondo surplus commerciale manifatturiero dopo la Germania. La nostra crescita e occupazione dipendono in modo fondamentale dalle esportazioni. E con l'introduzione dell'euro, l'integrazione commerciale e produttiva dell'Italia in Europa si è ulteriormente rafforzata, anche grazie ai più bassi tassi di interesse e costi di transazione assicurati dalla moneta unica europea. Per non parlare delle attività economiche legate agli investimenti internazionali che l'Italia effettua verso e riceve dal resto del mondo.

Il rischio di una guerra commerciale per le politiche di Trump

Questa integrazione economica e commerciale corre oggi seri rischi. Lo straordinario sviluppo del commercio si è fondato in questi decenni su un insieme di regole condivise tra paesi e Istituzioni multilaterali (World Trade Organization), che hanno favorito la riduzione delle barriere e l'ordinato svolgimento degli scambi commerciali. Un sistema di accordi e impegni reciproci tra paesi, certo bisognoso oggi di alcune riforme e aggiornamenti, ma che l'Amministrazione statunitense vuole addirittura smantellare.

Il presidente Donald Trump in nome dello slogan "America first"(prima l'America) ha rimesso in discussione in questi due anni pressoché tutti gli accordi commerciali esistenti, imponendo nuove barriere tariffarie nei confronti della Cina e di molti altri, tra cui i paesi europei. Le misure protezionistiche sono state introdotte adducendo motivi pretestuosi di sicurezza nazionale, con una decisione davvero "singolare" da parte di Trump, soprattutto perché presa contro dei tradizionali alleati come i paesi europei.

C'è il forte rischio di una deriva protezionistica che possa spingere verso la frammentazione dei mercati e una guerra commerciale di tutti contro tutti. È già avvenuto in passato, negli anni '30 per esempio, con esiti a dir poco disastrosi.

In un mondo di grandi poli solo la scala europea è efficace

Gli effetti sarebbero rovinosi per l'Italia e gli altri paesi europei, vista l'importanza della loro apertura commerciale. Abbiamo dunque interesse a contrastare le politiche americane. Naturalmente, l'influenza che in materia può esercitare il nostro paese se agisse da solo è davvero limitata. In un'area così importante come quella degli scambi e investimenti internazionali è del tutto illusorio per l'Italia pensare di muoversi come singolo paese, sventolando la bandiera del sovranismo.

Basti ricordare che le quote sul PIL mondiale di Stati Uniti, Cina e Europa sono tutte sopra il 15-16%, mentre quella dell'Italia non arriva al 2%. In questo mondo di grandi poli, l'Unione europea è l'unica dimensione in grado di assicurare una vera ed efficace capacità d'intervento e difesa. Per contrastare il protezionismo di Trump è un bene che la politica commerciale europea sia gestita a livello dell'UE.

L'Ue si è mossa e ha bene difeso gli interessi nostri e degli altri paesi europei

E l'Unione europea ha finora risposto prontamente e con efficacia. Innanzi tutto, in risposta ai dazi di Trump ha utilizzato una serie di strumenti a difesa delle produzioni italiane e europee come previsto dalle regole multilaterali della WTO. Ma ha evitato una risposta di mera rappresaglia e ha assunto iniziative in difesa di un sistema commerciale aperto, che resta vitale per gli interessi dell'Italia e dell'Europa.

Sono stati così stipulati dall'Ue nuovi e avanzati accordi commerciali, sul piano dei contenuti, con una serie di paesi (Canada, Giappone, Vietnam, Sud Corea). Allo stesso tempo l'Ue ha avviato una procedura legale d'infrazione in ambito multilaterale (WTO), insieme agli Stati Uniti e al Giappone, nei confronti della Cina e delle sue politiche che in molti ambiti restano discriminatorie verso le imprese e i prodotti europei. E vanno profondamente modificate, ancorché non sarà facile.

L'Europa è più necessaria che mai

La complessa e articolata strategia commerciale dell'Ue è stata portata avanti in una prospettiva di forte coesione e unità tra tutti i paesi membri. Certamente restano aperte molte sfide, all'interno e verso il resto del mondo, per l'Europa. Ma è innegabile che è nell'interesse dell'Italia, quale grande paese esportatore, sostenere le politiche commerciali dell'Unione.

Solo attraverso un efficace gioco di squadra europeo si può sperare di contrastare i dazi e il protezionismo di Trump, salvaguardando i risultati che abbiamo fin qui ottenuto grazie a decenni di progressiva integrazione commerciale.

          Trump claims Jews are leaving the Democrats, but that might be fake news      Cache   Translate Page      
Despite his strong support of Israel, US president remains deeply unpopular among many American Jews, while his close ties with Netanyahu could be more of a liability than an asset
          Chicago Police Conduct Wellness Check at R. Kelly's Apartment After Alleged "Suicide Pact" Call      Cache   Translate Page      
R. KellyChicago Police have responded to a call allegedly made at R. Kelly's apartment at Trump Tower. The Chicago Police Department said in a statement obtained by E! News they received the...

          ¿Por qué las visas a los Estados Unidos son negadas con mayor frecuencia?      Cache   Translate Page      
Un número creciente de solicitudes de visas de familia, de trabajo y de estudiante están siendo denegadas, lo que indica que el esfuerzo de la Administración Trump por limitar la inmigración no se limita solo a la frontera sur de Estados Unidos. Entre el año fiscal 2017 y el año fiscal 2018, el rechazo de […]
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GuestThe new season of the Celebrity Apprentice premiered March 14th, and in a new twist this season, Trump brought back the KODAK MOMENT. Kodak VP of Brand Marketing, Leslie Dance, starred as a guest judge alongside Trump to decide what celebrity team best launches this seasons Kodak Challenge. This is the third consecutive year that Kodak executives have starred as guest judges on the Celebrity Apprentice. Leslie will give the run down on past seasons celebs and how this seasons newbies hold up.
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The pedants who require <a href="" rel="nofollow">the ONI</a> to be at or above +0.5 for five consecutive months for an El Niño to be called may be interested to learn that the next ONI reading will be JFM based on the January value +0.5, February +0.5 and March which has averaged +1.05 over its first two weeks. So unless the NINO3.4 temperature anomaly suddenly plummets into negative territory, the ONI reading for JFM will be above +0.5 and ONI values back to October will become coloured red to indicate an El Niño had been occurring since October. Of course, <a href="" rel="nofollow">MEI (still stalled with the Dec 2018 reading since the Trump shut-down)</a> was showing values very close to El Niño conditions four months before that again.
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The founder and CEO of the nation's largest provider of facilities used to detain migrant children on behalf of the Trump administration is stepping down after months of criticism.
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La Nasa aura 21 milliards de dollars à sa disposition en 2020, soit un budget équivalent à celui dont elle disposait à la fin du programme Apollo.
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An investigation in search of a crime

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"We're not here to be better people, we're here to have a good laugh."

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The Trump administration announced its budget proposal for 2020 and tax credits for electric vehicles is on the chopping block, according to Reuters. The White House is proposing eliminating the subsi ... - Fuente:
          'Mula', Clint Eastwood y la muerte del héroe estadounidense anónimo      Cache   Translate Page      

'Mula', Clint Eastwood y la muerte del héroe estadounidense anónimo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Hemos empezado el año, por tercera vez consecutiva, con una nueva película de Clint Eastwood. No obstante, esta vez se ve acompañada de una importancia especial: es el primer film dirigido por el veterano estadounidense desde el divorcio oficial con la crítica que experimentó el año pasado, a raíz de la debacle que fue '15:17 Tren a París' ('The 15:17 To Paris').

Puede que la consecuencia más clara de este divorcio sea que su nueva propuesta —estrenada a finales de 2018 en EE.UU.— haya pasado completamente desapercibida para la Academia de Hollywood, cuando recientemente ésta se revelara incapaz de soslayar el fenómeno que supuso 'El francotirador' ('American Sniper') y le concediera hasta 6 nominaciones al Oscar. Una película, retrato de la vida del marine Chris Kyle, acaso tan incómoda estos días como a buen seguro sea 'Mula' ('The Mule') pero parece que, en apenas tres años, las cosas han cambiado mucho.

Tras los pasos de 'Gran Torino'

La importancia de 'Mula', en cualquier caso, va más allá de lo ilustrativa que pueda ser su digestión en el estómago de Hollywood a la hora de definir los tiempos que corren. También llama la atención que sea la primera vez que se dirige a sí mismo en diez años, desde el estreno de 'Gran Torino', y que además haya vuelto a recurrir al mismo guionista de aquélla para darle forma, algo que este director californiano ha hecho en muy pocas ocasiones a lo largo de su carrera.

Ese escritor es Nick Schenke, y en 'Mula' —inspirándose en la historia real de Leo Sharp— ha vuelto a diseñar a un protagonista anciano amargado y de vuelta de todo, que en el crepúsculo de su vida encuentra la oportunidad de una redención: una que debe consumar en sus propios e intransferibles términos.

Y sí, ésta podría ser también la definición de William Munny, Frankie Dunn o el mismo Walter Kowalski, protagonista de 'Gran Torino', de modo que no nos ha de extrañar que este director, a sus 88 años, haya querido volver a ponerse delante de las cámaras.

Sin embargo, puede que este personaje, por nombre Earl Stone, tenga muchos más motivos para estar cabreado de los que tenía el amigo Kowalski hace una década. Y entre estos motivos, el desdén de una Academia acaso demasiado concienciada con términos como "inclusión" o "diversidad" como para volver a ensalzarle como uno de los grandes cineastas de nuestro tiempo es casi lo de menos, aunque desde luego sirva como la cara más visible de este cambio de paradigma.

Un cambio que Clint observa desde su porche, furioso y lanzando escupitajos, mientras su barrio se va llenando de jóvenes y extranjeros que no le tienen ningún respeto, y que piensan que ya no tiene nada que decir. Que su cine se ha quedado viejo.

Y Clint responde de la única forma que sabe.

El individualismo como última respuesta

Earl Stone odia a su familia, odia aquello en lo que se ha convertido su vida y, sobre todo, odia a los narcotraficantes mexicanos que se convierten en sus jefes una vez los problemas económicos le obligan a pasar droga a través de la frontera, desafiando su autoridad con los mismos epítetos racistas que tanto nos divertían en 'Gran Torino'.

Earl Stone trata de apañárselas en un mundo hostil donde no hay sitio para él, y lo hace siguiendo su propio código. Stone es un forajido, como tantos que pueblan la filmografía de Eastwood como director, y que proviene directamente de ese western que le catapultó a la fama en los años 60, primero como Rowdy Yates en la serie 'Cuero crudo' ('Rawhide') y luego como el Hombre sin Nombre en la Trilogía del Dólar de Sergio Leone.

Su figura es tan universal, sin embargo, que hace tiempo que traspasó las barreras de ese género, y el propio Eastwood siguió acaparando sus rasgos fuera de él. Ya sea como Harry Callahan, Frank Lee Morris en 'Fuga en Alcatraz', o el sargento Highway, el código de los forajidos pronto dejó de ser exclusivo a una forma de acercarse al western para dar pie a un individualismo feroz y transversal a toda su carrera y los demás géneros que ha querido cultivar.

Desarrollada bien a raíz de un mundo cambiante que amenaza con pasarlo por encima, o bien desde la desconfianza hacia los demás y especialmente aquellos que detentan el poder, este apego al individuo, que adquiere limpiamente los rasgos de un liberalismo cómodo y consecuente, es la verdadera clave para entender la ideología de Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood

Esto ha derivado, por un lado, en auténticos problemas a aquéllos que tratan de anticiparse a quién votaría el cineasta, aun cuando éste lo dejara muy claro en 1974 aduciendo que era "demasiado individualista para considerarse de derechas". Pero sobre todo, y más allá de psicoanálisis de baratillo, ha permitido que su cine desconcierte y se haya mantenido actual durante casi cinco décadas sin sufrir evoluciones significativas.

Pues, ¿cómo era posible que una persona tan obviamente machista dirigiera 'Million Dollar Baby' o 'El intercambio' ('The Changeling')? ¿Cómo explicábamos que alguien tan supuestamente racista se marcara un 'Gran Torino' o, sobre todo, un 'Cartas desde Iwo Jima' que se esforzaba en tratar el punto de vista de los enemigos de EE.UU. con toda la empatía que pudiera llegar a albergar?

La razón podría ser que, desde luego, Clint Eastwood no es el facha descerebrado que creemos que es pero, sobre todo, la razón lógica es que para este hombre, más allá de géneros o banderas, sólo existe el individuo.


Este credo liberal permite automáticamente que, si el planteamiento es lo suficientemente inmersivo, sea tan confuso catalogar de forma directa a 'El francotirador' como un panfleto militarista, como hacer lo propio con 'Gran Torino' afirmando que es todo un ejemplo de concienciación racial. Hay tal sumisión al personaje concreto, a la anécdota, que lo único 100% claro es que lo que se encuentra más allá de ellos es un asco que te cagas, y que es lógico que estos protagonistas se rebelen contra ello del modo en que lo hacen.

Podría tratarse de un planteamiento nihilista, sino se diera el caso de que Clint Eastwood tiene muy claro que hay que apoyar a estos protagonistas, así como arremeter contra todos los obstáculos con los que se deban enfrentar.

Escupiendo hacia arriba

"El individuo es la base de la democracia", insistía el protagonista de 'J. Edgar' hacia el final del biopic que dirigió Eastwood en 2011. Una frase que fácilmente podría suscribir el mismo realizador, pero que se quedaba en un ideal malogrado una vez sopesábamos la trayectoria de quien fuera el director del FBI, corrompido por el ego y el ansia de control, de poder sobre ese mismo individuo.

Eastwood lo tiene claro. El mal absoluto no viene de fuera, no tiene por qué estar representado a través de un colectivo o un país concreto, sino que el mal nos acompaña y está con nosotros desde el mismo momento en que la sociedad precisa de una organización y una cadena de mando, y entonces se dan cita los peores instintos del ser humano. Por eso pudo permitirse la carambola de, en un mismo año, dirigir 'Banderas de nuestros padres' y 'Cartas desde Iwo Jima'.

En la primera, el director le arrebataba toda la épica de la que se revestía la famosa foto de "Alzando la bandera en Iwo Jima" no sólo mostrando su cínica utilización en EE.UU. para recaudar bonos de guerra, sino a través de los integrantes de la imagen. Esos individuos eran llamados héroes por sus compatriotas pero no se sentían como tal: lo único que hacían era volver cada noche a esa isla, y recordar con culpabilidad a aquellos compañeros que no habían sobrevivido.

Este contraste entre el individuo heroico pero roto y el estado deshumanizador que lo manipula llegaba a momentos culmen de ignominia en la biografía de Ira Hayes (Adam Beach), pero también encontraba una suerte de compensación a través del hilo conductor de la trama: el hijo de uno de esos soldados que trataba de entender a su padre, y abrigaba la conclusión de que "los héroes son sólo algo que creamos para tratar de entender por qué alguien se sacrifica por nosotros, aunque esa gente en realidad sólo lo hiciera por sus amigos, y no por su país".

Si 'Banderas de nuestros padres' descarta cualquier patriotismo ajeno a la propia persona para exaltar a esta última, en 'Cartas desde Iwo Jima' sólo hay dolor y rabia hacia quienes la empujan a una muerte tan irracional. Además, como para Clint Japón es un país obviamente peor que EE.UU. —tampoco nos volvamos locos tratando de limpiar su nombre— este dolor es subrayado por unos superiores enajenados que obligan a suicidarse a sus acólitos una vez no han conseguido cumplir el insensato cometido que diseñaron para ellos.

Es llamativo, no obstante, que 'Cartas desde Iwo Jima' se esfuerce en darle gran parte del protagonismo a un representante de esta misma cadena de mando que prefiere asesinar a sus hombres antes que asimilar la derrota: el general Kuribayashi (Ken Watanabe), cuyo retrato es tan ambivalente como toda la película en sí, pero que no hace sino redundar en ese árido pacifismo y la barbarie que es cualquier guerra. Y pocas escenas ilustran esto mejor que cuando desertores nipones tratan de rendirse, y a continuación son asesinados a sangre fría por los mismos que podían haber protagonizado perfectamente 'Banderas de nuestros padres'.

En efecto, este díptico está compuesto por las que puede que sean las dos últimas películas verdaderamente logradas de Clint Eastwood, pero eso no significa que el cineasta no haya querido volver a incidir en el carácter falsario de las instituciones y organismos de poder. Porque, en realidad, no ha hecho otra cosa desde entonces, y la única diferencia es que estos nuevos héroes nunca llegaron a salir en ninguna foto.

El heroísmo reside en cualquiera de nosotros

Chris Kyle. Chesley Sullenberger. Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler y Alek Skarlatos. El quijotesco empeño de Clint en reivindicar héroes atípicos, cuya valentía es transmitida en oposición directa al agreste escenario del que proceden, ha ido paralelo al distanciamiento con la crítica y el público, que pudo llegar a hacer de 'El francotirador' todo un taquillazo, pero que no se pudo comer ni 'Sully' ni, desde luego, '15:17 Tren a París'.

'El francotirador' ahondaba de forma mucho más torpe —y aburrida, sobre todo aburrida— en las mismas neuras que trataba 'Banderas de nuestros padres': la culpabilidad del superviviente, la guerra sin sentido, la instrumentalización del amor a la patria. Y no obstante, aquí se alcanzaba un punto de inflexión sorprendente, pero también inevitable dada la progresiva vejez y misantropía del cineasta: si el mundo es cada vez peor, lo más lógico es que los héroes también lo sean.

Por eso Chris Kyle es un tipejo totalmente enamorado de las armas cuya llamada al deber se produce minutos después de descubrir a su novia poniéndole los cuernos en su propia caravana: si los personajes de 'Banderas de nuestros padres' son ciudadanos normales, jóvenes con inquietudes, el protagonista de 'El francotirador' ha de ser por fuerza un redneck imbécil cuyas proezas no se resumen en levantar banderas, sino en asesinar niños y mujeres desde la distancia.

En 'Sully' esta fatalista localización del héroe no tiene lugar, pues astutamente Eastwood prefiere escoger a Tom Hanks, A.K.A. novio de América, para enfrentarlo de nuevo a instituciones que sudan fuerte de su integridad y sólo quieren justificar el coste del avión destrozado, pero volvemos a toparnos con ella en '15:17 Tren a París'. Que sí, es una de las peores películas de Eastwood, pero también interesante como la que más.

Es muy loco lo de '15:17 Tren a París'. El retrato de este héroe final, último retazo de un mundo que ha perdido tanto el norte que ni siquiera puede evitar hacer partícipe de su miseria a este paladín, es tan crudo y directo como sólo podría serlo si cogía a los protagonistas de la historia real y los ponía a interpretarse a sí mismos, que, como sabréis, es justo lo que hizo. El campeón.

En '15:17 Tren a París', por tanto, no hay falsificación alguna de la historia norteamericana. Eso nunca le ha interesado a este director. En su lugar, lo que hay es un retrato tan visceral que, obviamente, conduce a que todo lo que no sea la escena donde estos tres jóvenes resultaron ser héroes se revele tedioso y aburrido, y dado que la escena susodicha apenas dura cinco minutos, imaginaos el percal.

Stone, Sadler y Skarlatos son, al igual que en la vida real, malos estudiantes, ignorantes supinos, y tan cuñados como sólo podrían serlo quienes aprovechan su visita del Coliseo romano para recitar diálogos de 'Gladiator', y esto lo reproduce '15:17 Tren a París' con absoluta fidelidad.

15: 17 Tren a París

Porque por muy palurdos que sean estos chavales, Clint está convencido, son la única esperanza de nuestro mundo. La única esperanza que le queda frente a, y ya iba siendo hora de que pasáramos por aquí, esa generación de nenazas que lo está estropeando todo.

Clint Eastwood contra la generación de nenazas

El director, en efecto, no está nada contento con cómo se han desarrollado las cosas en los últimos años, ya sea por algo consustancial a la vejez o porque, y esto es lo verdaderamente significativo, su afán individualista haya ido perdiendo convicción paulatinamente, para acabar refugiándose con desesperación en una forma de entender la masculinidad directamente heredada, también, del western, y que es directamente responsable de que haya quien quiera despojar a sus películas del derecho a envejecer con dignidad.

En 'Mystic River' —sin lugar a dudas, su última obra maestra—, Clint se permitía hacer un comentario amargo sobre esta masculinidad, atendiendo a sus formas más tóxicas y a una problemática tan desgarradora que no sólo provocaba el injusto asesinato del que fuera el mejor amigo de Jimmy Markum (Sean Penn), sino también servía de marco a la total alienación de su mujer Annabeth (Laura Linney) al asegurarle que hizo lo que tenía que hacer, porque "Papi es el rey, y el rey sabe siempre lo que tiene que hacer".

Como en la antológica 'Sin perdón', la masculinidad arrojaba a sus personajes a un abismo moral del que ni los discursos liberales más luminosos podían apartar, pero esta tendencia llegó a un abrupto final en 'Gran Torino', convirtiéndose en un catálogo de principios y buenas prácticas con los que hacer frente a otros problemas más acuciantes, como esos malditos y hambrientos espacios de poder de los que Walter Kowalski se apartaba conscientemente.

En la película que hace poco cumplía 10 años de su estreno en nuestro país, Eastwood aceptaba su estatus de icono de la masculinidad para no sólo mantenerse firme y resistente ante lo complicado que se estaba volviendo todo, sino también para salvar a un pobre chico Hmong y demostrarle cómo ser un hombre. Su relación con él y los miembros de su clan, que además pasaba por defenderlos frente a otros inmigrantes y llegar a sacrificarse para salvarles la vida, se quiso vender en su momento como un intento de concienciación racial, y no cabe duda de que el propio Clint también quiso verlo así.

El problema es que ya no cuela. 'Gran Torino', esgrimiendo con tanto orgullo la narrativa de salvador blanco que ya se ha estudiado sobradamente —y que, aunque fuera teledirigida, también empleó en 'Invictus'—, utilizando la violación de una mujer como estímulo de la hombría floreciente del pobre Thao, y abogando por erigir a un hombre blanco heterosexual armado con un rifle como única forma legítima de justicia, está bastante superada ya. Como la generación de nenazas no ha dejado de hacérselo notar a Clint Eastwood en los últimos años.

Gran Torino

La generación de nenazas está aterrada ante el auge del fascismo y ante ese Donald Trump al que Eastwood no le importó votar "aunque dijera algunas estupideces"; la generación de nenazas no puede evitar diagnosticar la forzosa irrelevancia de este director, ni escupir sobre su legado ni, en el mejor de los casos, tomárselo como un chiste... porque no puede hacer mucho más.

Y es que tampoco pasa nada. 'Mula' ha tenido unas críticas excelentes, con numerosas voces lamentando que la corrección política haya evitado que figure entre las nominadas al Óscar de Mejor Película y, ya que hablamos de estos premios, su última ganadora ha sido 'Green Book', cuya narrativa de salvador blanco se ofrece aún más trasnochada que la de 'Gran Torino'.

Pareciera, por tanto, que la generación de nenazas lleva las de perder. Pero, mientras Walter Kowalski nos siga dirigiendo miradas cabreadas desde su porche, aterrorizado porque siente que el tiempo se le acaba, nosotros seguiremos teniendo el consuelo de poder devolverle la mirada, desafiantes.


Estrenos de cine: superheroínas noventeras, traficantes octogenarios y atracos perfectos

Emocionante tráiler de 'Mula', el esperado regreso de Clint Eastwood como actor

Gasolina, diésel, híbrido… Cómo acertar con la propulsión

- 'Mula', Clint Eastwood y la muerte del héroe estadounidense anónimo por Alberto Corona .

          3/12/2019: FINANCIAL POST: TRUMP UNRELIABLE ON CHINA ‘ABSURD,’ WHITE HOUSE SAYS      Cache   Translate Page      

The White House said on Monday it was “absurd” to suggest that President Donald Trump was an unreliable negotiator as China reportedly balks at a summit with President Xi Jinping over concerns Trump would walk away from a trade deal. Negotiations...
          Call to Action: Sign Myron Ebell’s Letter to President Trump Urging the Creation of a President’s Commision on Climate Security      Cache   Translate Page      
Dear Cooler Heads and Allies, You are invited to sign the joint letter pasted below to President Trump urging him to appoint a President’s Commission on Climate Security.  The details are explained in the letter.  The deadline for signing is Thursday, 14th March by 12 noon EDT. You may sign as an organization or as an […]
          'Billions' and 'The Good Fight' tackle Trump era in contrasting ways      Cache   Translate Page      
Situated in worlds of politics and privilege, power and corruption, "Billions" and "The Good Fight" each play to top-of-mind liberal concerns in the Trump era. Yet the Showtime series feels more compelling by tangentially making its case, whereas the CBS All Access drama loses something by leaning directly into an anti-Trump stance, to the point of bashing the viewer over the head with it.

          LaHood Applauds the EPA’s Announced Proposal to Allow the Sale of E15 Year-Round      Cache   Translate Page      

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Congressman Darin LaHood released the following statement after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed today a regulatory change to allow gasoline blended with up to 15 percent ethanol (E15) to be sold year-round:

“This announced rule change by the EPA to allow the year-round sale of E15 is welcome news for our agriculture producers in central and west-central Illinois. Ethanol sales help drive demand for corn in Illinois and the announcement today is an important step towards broadening opportunities for our farmers in Illinois’ 18th District,” stated Rep. LaHood. “I appreciate the efforts of President Trump and Administrator Wheeler to making E15 accessible to consumers nationwide and year-round. I will continue to work with both leaders to promote more cost-effective choices that reduce gas emissions and expand opportunities for our agriculture community.”


Rep. LaHood Applauds President Trump’s E15 Announcement

House members advocate for strong RFS, year-round E15 sales

          Spectacular Stacey Abrams Says She May Run For President! Also Beto Might Too      Cache   Translate Page      

Stacey Abrams and Beto O'Rourke each have a very important decision to make, and that decision could change the trajectory of their lives, reform the Democratic Party, and perhaps even affect the future of this nation for generations to come. Here we are, a year out from the Democratic primary, we have a bajillion candidates running, and The Great Unpleasantness of 2016 still looms painfully and bitterly large (on social media, not in real life, okay?) in our beautiful minds. We literally have a full plate, an over abundance, a smorgasbord of candidates, really it's the makings of a Brokered Convention*, so isn't the most logical and reasonable plan to cajole Beto and Stacey Abrams into joining the fray? Of course it is.

Besides, what else do you do when you are a strong black woman who was robbed of a governorship by a feckless fumplepunt of a Secretary of State who was literally rigging the race he was running in, as the nation watched in horror? How about if you are a soulful emo white guy who galvanized Texas, only to be defeated by The Zodiac Killer in a Senate race? If you are a Democrat from a Red State who almost dick punched the GOP to death, you remind yourself that Trump didn't actually "win" either, and you prepare yourself to try to take his job. Fuck it.

*I don't mind this.


Abrams spent some time recently at South by Southwest, and she spoke of a spreadsheet she had been keeping for years mapping out her future, and according to it, she would not be ready to run for president.

"In the spreadsheet with all the jobs I wanted to do, 2028 would be the earliest I would be ready to stand for president because I would have done the work I thought necessary to be effective at that job," Abrams said.

When people saw this interview they cried and cried and cried because it would be eight more empty years without Abrams to help lead us back from whatever fresh hell this is where the president is so mercenary, evil, stupid, and vile, it allows you to see how altruistic the fucking Kardashian sisters can be. Legit, be nice to Kim. She gets shit done.


"My task is to make certain that a Democrat is elected not only to the White House but that we have a Democratic majority in the Senate and a Democratic majority in Congress," Abrams told South by Southwest.

I always feel so positively inspired when Abrams speaks, the clarity of perspective and forward thinking she dishes out always feels like a call to action, a directive, and lessons on how to be better and do better are ever present and uplifting.

Abrams, who has built a national following, also said she thinks President Donald Trump is "racist," "xenophobic," and "homophobic," but said Democrats should not focus too much on him.

"I think beating Donald Trump is the wrong mission. When you're focused on your enemy, then you are ignoring your allies," she said.

From Essence:

"I need women of color, particularly Black women, to understand that our achievements should not be diminished," Abrams told NYT. She added, "I'm not saying I would be the best candidate, but I'm not going to dismiss it out of hand the way others do."

That spreadsheet didn't know shit, and it is not the boss of Stacey Abrams. IT IS A SPREADSHEET. That's not even a robot. It doesn't get to tell you what to do, IT CAN'T TALK.

Let's check on Beto and see what he's been up to on his "Tour" thingy.


Former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke is making his first trip to Iowa of the 2020 campaign, visiting the state that kicks off presidential voting amid intense speculation that he'll enter the race for the White House.

O'Rourke had previously failed to answer invitations to visit Democrats in Iowa, New Hampshire and other early nominating states and hasn't yet made major staffing moves in those places.

He says he's decided on 2020 but has provided no further details except that he'll make his plans known soon.

Wow. Thanks, Your Majesty, for thinking about telling us when you'll grace us with your presence. Is he playing hard to get? Unlike many people, I never got Beto, he's emo, I'm emo, there would just be an Abraham-Mary Todd melancholia meltdown if we stood too close to each other at a party. Let's see how his "Tour" has been going, that ought to be cheerful.


"Maybe I'd been hoping for some kind of connection that day and hadn't found it," he wrote in one of those diary posts, from Ulysses, Kan. "I called Amy. Kids were in the car, she was a little distracted, we didn't connect either. Maybe you could meet people at a bar she said as we hung up."

The Beto Diaries. Again.

Okay, BETO, you and your oversharing of melancholic self searching emo crises of connectivity are making me impatient. Pretty fucking sure I'm reading that your wife was busy taking care of everything while you sat around Holden Caulfielding and being super emo. (This is my opinion.) [It is also the editrix's opinion. -- Editrix]

"Maybe you could meet people at a bar…" Fuck it. Not our business.

What is our business is the fact that if any of the women campaigning wrote the stuff Beto writes and behaved as he does, they would not be running for president for long. Harris gets slammed for eating hot sauce, Klobuchar is a meanyface bad boss lady, Warren got a self owning DNA test, and Gillibrand is a reverse Elsa from Frozen and loves open border MS-13 Caravan Murderers. What if Beto ate hot sauce while taking a DNA test, yelling at his assistant Chad, and trying to abolish ICE? Nobody would give a shit or report on it unless it was to possibly congratulate him, or hold a parade in his honor ... because he's a white man. Okay, and "Kennedyesque."

Is Beto taking advantage of his privilege? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It seems that there are some women besides us who believe that Beto needs to do better.


Female Democratic strategists have grown increasingly frustrated as they've watched Mr. O'Rourke jump on his single-speed bike, read his emotional posts from his road trip and seen him slip into the premiere of a documentary about his Senate campaign.

Imagine, they say, if Beto were Betsy. What would the reception have been if a female candidate left her three small children home and spent several weeks traveling the country, posting stream-of-consciousness diary entries? Or if she chose to forgo a Senate race that would provide a greater opportunity for victory?

While we love all of our Dems EQUALLY, because we are UNBIASED, we are a bit concerned that perhaps one of our future presidential hopefuls may not be quite as ready for the challenge of a presidential campaign. But what the hell do we know? He might be the Bruce Wayne of politics, and this was just him being Christian Bale about life. When it comes to other hopeful, it seem to be a case of she is just too fucking awesome and should be Queen of Running America Right Now. If she wants to.

[ NBCNews/Axios/NYT/AP]

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          Is It Time To LOCK HER UP Roger Stone Yet? Maybe Almost!      Cache   Translate Page      

When we last left Roger Stone, he was trying to convince federal judge Amy Berman Jackson to put him in jail in advance of his trial, or at least he seemed to be trying to do that.

Berman Jackson gag ordered Stone in February after he accidentally oopsie allowed one of his interns to post a picture of the judge with a crosshairs next to her face, after which he behaved like an adult for approximately eight seconds before "remembering" that accidentally oopsie the new version of his Gateway Pundit Guest Blogger book, The Myth Of Russian Collusion: The Inside Story Of How Donald Trump REALLY Won, had just come out, right in the middle of this era of Roger Stone being ball-gagged, we mean gag ordered! The book itself is not new, but Stone wrote a new introduction about how Robert Mueller is a hunter of witches and blah blah Deep State blah blah blah blah blah blah, which definitely would violate a gag order in the case of Mueller v. This Latest Shitmouthed Witch, now wouldn't it?

So Stone and his lawyers decided to let Berman Jackson know about the book's "imminent release" (finally) on March 1 -- the date Stone had called the "publishing date" on Instagram -- over a week after she issued her gag order on February 21, and nine days after the new version became available on Amazon, on February 19. (That is not the definition of "imminent release," we don't think?)

Berman Jackson noted last week that Stone and his lawyers could have told the Court about this little "upcoming" (by which we mean "right now") book re-release approximately eleventy times, and that it sure seemed like he was doing this whole song-and-dance with the Court in order to drum up publicity for his stupid book, and she was NOT PLEASED WITH THAT.

So last night, Stone's lawyers dropped their response, in advance of a status hearing on Thursday where Berman Jackson might finally decide to put Stone in a fucking jail cell where he belongs. (She also may set a trial date!) Their response, mostly, was "Nuh uh! We weren't trying to hide this book thing from you! NO PUBLICITY! NO PUBLICITY! YOU ARE THE PUBLICITY!" Also they are very sorry, and say that "Having been scolded, we seek only to defend Mr. Stone and move ahead without further ado." So ... no harm, no foul, right?

Stone's lawyer Bruce Rogow says it didn't even cross his mind until after Berman Jackson issued the gag order that Stone's new introduction to the re-release of his book might be an issue, but Politico notes that if you dig into the emails they submitted, you see Roger Stone freaking out before the gag order was imposed that the book release might cause problems:

"Recognize that the judge may issue a gag order any day now and while we will appeal it, that could take a while," Stone wrote to Skyhorse Publishing editor Michael Campbell on Feb. 15. "I also have to be wary of media outlets I want to interview me but don't really want to talk about the book. These are weird times."


And the Washington Post quotes other communications submitted by Stone's lawyers, because do you really think Wonkette felt like reading all this shit ourselves?

On Feb. 21, after the order was entered, attorney Grant Smith wrote Rogow that the book "will be published march 1. See date below. Need to see if this breaks the order."

Smith followed up with Tony Lyons at Skyhorse Publishing on Feb. 26. "The mere publication of the new portions of the book could land Roger in jail for contempt of the judge's order."


You'll remember that Amy Berman Jackson is the same judge who did LOCK HER UPS to Paul Manafort before his trial, because he just couldn't stop committing crimes while he was on pre-trial release. (She also sentences Manafort tomorrow morning bright and early!) So let's just all say a prayer that she is fuckin' through with Roger Stone's shit now, and will put him in jail where he belongs ASAP.

Make it so, Judge!

[Stone lawyers' response / Politico / Washington Post]

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          Donald Trump Proclaimed Greatest Golfer Ever, By Donald Trump      Cache   Translate Page      

Just in case anyone was wondering, Donald Trump is one excellent golfer, even though he promised he'd give up golf so he wouldn't be like that lazybones golf addict Barack Obama, NO WAY. But since Trump nevertheless finds a little bit of time to golf -- always while conducting the nation's business, mind you -- it should be no surprise he managed to win his own golf resort's 2018 Champion Best Golfer award for bestness. Golf magazine explains how this wonder came to be: Trump cheated. Wait, we are giving away the secret surprise ending, naughty Dok Zoom, bad Dok Zoom, that is not how a "teaser" works!

Here, enjoy Golf's not-at-all skeptical recounting of the Great Man's golf prowess:

The president's official USGA handicap index is listed as 2.8, though he seldom posts scores. Any visitor to the ornate men's locker room at his club here , Trump International Golf Club [in West Palm Beach, since every Trump resort is Trump International Fuckadoody -- Dok], can see small rectangular brass plaques on his locker, recognizing him as the 1999, 2001 and 2009 club champion, and the 2012 and 2013 senior champion.

And now there's a new plaque on his locker, screwed into its stained wood with two small Phillips head screws, to commemorate his latest title. It reads:


They even have a picture!

We're looking forward to the follow-up story when Trump orders the execution, by anti-aircraft gun, of whoever got that little brass plaque on there unevenly. And of course, Sean Hannity's insistence that the malefactor got off too easy.

Donald Trump's achievement -- best golfer of 2018, while being "president" even! -- easily outshines the golf greatness of his nearest rival, Kim Jong Il, who scored 11 holes-in-one the first time he ever golfed. No one would be so foolish as to question it, since it's right there, with plenty of brass.

And yet, those lying fake news enemies of the people at Golf do exactly that, explaining that technically, the 2018 club champion at the Trump International Golf And Pimp-Access Parlor was a dude named

Ted Virtue, the 58-year-old CEO of a New York investment firm called MidOcean Partners, [who] had the 2018 club championship title all to himself.

Virtue got the title after winning a "series of matches" at the club, which is how people generally win that sort of thing. For all Trump's love of golf, he didn't play often enough to actually win the club championship outright. But you see, Virtue was not able to have his own reward:

After Virtue won the championship, Trump ran into him at the club, according to multiple sources who recounted the story. Having some fun with him, Trump said something like, "The only reason you won is because I couldn't play." The president cited the demands of his job, although he was able to make 20 visits to the club in 2018, according to Trump then proposed a nine-hole challenge match to Virtue, winner-takes-the-title.

And wouldn't you know it, Trump WON! At least Virtue and Trump both say he did, fair and square:

They played match play (each hole as its own contest) and straight up (no shots were given). As in nearly all amateur golf rounds, no rules official was on hand. Golf's tradition calls for players to police themselves and, if necessary, one another.

Surely no one questions this gentlemanly agreement to play fair. And since Trump beat the champion, that made HIM the 2018 champion, although he very generously told Virtue something akin to "This isn't fair — we'll be co-champions." Which is how the 2018 club championship is

reportedly listed on a large club-championship plaque on a clubhouse wall, as co-champions. That would mean Trump's name is now on that plaque four times. Or five, if you include the appearance of his surname on the gold crest at its top.

Those Golf guys, such kidders! They add there was "no immediate word on the president's plans, if any, to defend the championship he co-owns." Well of course he will. And he has already won, just ask him!

We can hardly wait for Sarah Sanders to be asked about this, assuming she ever holds a press briefing again.

[Golf / ESPN]

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          Trump Budget Dude: THANKS OBAMA      Cache   Translate Page      

Yesterday's great big dipshit presser was the actual press briefing in more than 40 days, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders got most of the attention for saying you'll have to ask Democrats whether Donald Trump thinks Dems hate Jews. (Answer from a Democrat, me: He definitely thinks so if it gets applause.) But the presser started off with a pitch by Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell Vought, proclaiming that Donald Trump had met all his campaign promises by submitting a budget that, if enacted by Congress, will make the federal budget disappear eventually by slashing everything but the military. So please, nobody mention the debt-'sploding Big Fat Tax Cuts for Rich Fuckwads, OK -- they would pay for themselves, but Barack Obama and Congress -- controlled up to two months ago by Republicans -- eated all the money.

Here's the whole gory mess. We like Vought's big grin at "Happy Budget Day," since it may someday be the illustrative photo for "Death's-Head Rictus."

Live: White House Press Briefing - 3/11

But wait, Mr. Vought, what about Donald Trump's promise to eliminate the debt in eight years, not that anyone but idiots believed him?

As Salon notes, there's a bit of an economics problem with the accusation that Obama "doubled the national debt." Deficit spending was necessary to get us out of the Great Recession and keep the economy from going into a full-blown depression. Oh yes, and Vought is doing a little sleight of the Invisible Hand when he says Trump's first budget would have "balanced the budget" within 10 years (through massive cuts to everything except the military and giveaways to the rich). That would mean an end to the annual budget deficit, not the debt. And just a reminder: Republicans only pretend to give a shit about debt when they want to cut social programs. When the debt balloons because of tax cuts or military spending, it's wonderful!

Hell, Vought even defends deficit spending himself in the clip, except of course it's good and necessary when Trump does it, but it was terrible when Obama did. When the reporter notes the tax cuts and increased military spending added $2 trillion-with-a-t to the debt, Vought patiently explains that, for a few seconds at least, he's a Keynesian:

[Trump] also came into office and had an economic recovery that was needed, to put people back to work and get the economy going, and to rebuild the military, and had historic levels of military...

Why, yes, that is all a lie. Dude is literally claiming there was a recession when Trump took office -- that's the only thing that a "recovery" follows. We also like all that Congress-blaming, because damn that spendy Republican Congress, huh?

Then another reporter asked Vought how he could say "promises made, promises kept" when Trump's budget slashes Medicare by 10 percent (not that Congress will do that anyway). Surprise, just as we predicted, there are NO "CUTS" to Medicare in this budget, merely reductions in "waste, fraud, and abuse," and also magically lower prescription drug costs. OK, and cuts to the rates paid to hospitals, which aren't cuts, they're efficiencies, you know.

And going back to that bit about the need to stimulate the economy: Hey, if the economy is roaring along under Trump, why did he need to kick-start it with tax cuts that didn't decrease the deficit, and also didn't result in a bejillion new jobs? WHAR MASSIVE GROWTH? Well duh, of course the trickle-down magic only works if Congress slashes spending on anything that's not loved by Republicans, and next year we'll go through this whole stupid supply-side kindergarten pageant again.

[Salon / CBSN on Youtube / Aaron Rupar on Twitter]

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          Sarah Huckabee Sanders Graces Our Presence, Mostly Lies About Jews      Cache   Translate Page      

Sarah Huckabee Sanders did a White House press briefing for the first time in 42 days, everybody! It was so worthless, it's as if it never happened. And shockingly, it was full of exactly the type of debased motherfuckin' asshole lies we've come to expect from that debased motherfuckin' asshole.

In other words, she made her daddy proud, we bet.

After a BS presentation about Trump's BS budget, Sanders took the mic so she could fail to answer questions and spew Republican talking points about everything from Jews to abortion ... OK, actually, it was mostly just Jews and abortion. That's kind of their thing these days. DEMOCRATS HATE JEWS! (Actually, most American Jews are Democrats and that's not likely to change anytime soon, or ever.) DEMOCRATS KILL BABIES WHAT GOT JUST BORNED! (You know, we could debunk it again, but we will simply say this is one of the most evil lies conservatives have ever told about the Left, and if there is a just God, it will land them in hell.)

Let's start with Jews! (Our transcript is mostly fake, but captures the spirit.)

REPORTER: Hey, Shuckafucks, glad to see you doing your job this one time. Does Trump really think Democrats hate Jews, like he keeps tweeting?

SHUCKAFUCKS: The Democrats should be more like Republicans when they found out for the first time ever that Steve King is a Nazi and kick Ilhan Omar off her committees for saying things that aren't one iota of one percent as bad as everything that comes out of Steve King's mouth every day.

REPORTER: Hey, remember that time President "Good Nazis On Both Sides" condemned Steve King? Me neither!

SHUCK: Next question.

Let's try again!

REPORTER: No wait, seriously, remember that time Trump condemned Steve King? Me neither!

LIAR: He tells me mean things about Steve King when we're alone!

Let's try again, once more!

REPORTER: Does Trump really believe that shit about Jews, though?

SHUCK: I answered the question twice.

REPORTER: No you didn't.

SHUCK: Ask the Democrats! Ask the Democrats if they hate the Jews! Because they totally do!

Let's try another subject.

REPORTER: Hey, Shithead, is Trump going to pardon Paul Manafort?

SHITHEAD: "The president has made his position on that clear, and he'll make a decision when he's ready." (Actual quote.) In other words, mayyyyyyyybe.

First of all, it's fucked that we've even talking bout this, because this is not how pardons are supposed to work, but this generally says that yes, Trump is thinking about it. Of course, if he does do it -- perhaps because Paul Manafort's constant whining about his gout and his NO COLLUSION really hits the president's G-spot -- we invite Trump to enjoy a world where Pardoned Paul Manafort's Fifth Amendment rights have been forfeited and he can be called to testify against the president from the state prison where he ended up anyway, because they got him on state charges Trump is powerless to snap his tiny fingers and disappear.

Let's have SHS talk shit about the Jews again, and then suddenly change the subject to Democrats eating babies!

JIM ACOSTA, HERE TO HURT YOUR FEELINGS: Isn't Trump's rhetoric on Jews beneath everybody? (Yes! He literally said "beneath everybody," about the president of the United State's shitmouth, which is indeed beneath everyone.)

SHITCLOWN: I am literally going to say things about Democrats "ripping babies from their mother's womb or killing a baby after birth" for no reason right now, because A) despite the fact that I attended a high quality PUBLIC high school in Little Rock, Arkansas, my mama and daddy raised me to be real stupid, and B) I am also a lying motherfucker asshole.

ACOSTA: You are actually full of shit.

SHITCLOWN: I am saying talking points!

ACOSTA: Hey, remember Charlottesville? Trump? "Good people on both sides"?

SHITCLOWN: Ilhan Omar sucks!

And finally, let's talk about Donald Trump's crimes!

REPORTER: Donald Trump spent 2017 making monthly payments to reimburse Michael Cohen for the illegal porn payoff of Stormy Daniels, a conspiracy Trump directed in order to keep that information from coming out during the election, which is therefore an unlawful contribution to his campaign, by which we mean he is a criminal. Any comment?

THE ASSHOLE: The president has stated very clearly that if the president does it, it's not a crime. Shit up in here is like Nixon times infinity, y'all!

And then it was over, and a good time was had by no one.

We swear to Christ, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is such a worthless liar at this point that they really might as well hand her job over to Diamond and Silk. At least it would be funny. And they would do musical numbers!

Anyway, Sanders needs to go fuck herself, as usual.

[videos via Aaron Rupar & Josh Marshall]

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          Nancy Pelosi Punches Trump In Face For Entire Length Of Washington Post Interview      Cache   Translate Page      

There's been a lot of fuss over Monday's Washington Post interview with Nancy Pelosi. Although a metric ton of Democrats want to impeach Donald Trump, the House Speaker officially declared it a waste of time.

PELOSI: Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don't think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he's just not worth it.

"He's just not worth it" is such delicious shade it should appear on a t-shirt or a mug. People are misinterpreting this as Pelosi going soft and promoting foolish bipartisan harmony. No, she just has a brain in her head. The eyes in her head have also witnessed Republicans shamelessly cover for Trump and protect him even when his former personal lawyer testified to what a sleaze he is. Robert Mueller's final report probably won't change the world. It's not a new Harry Potter novel.

Pelosi is being practical. Yes, Democrats currently can "impeach the motherfucker" in the House on a party-line vote. Then they can look disappointed when walking snot rag Mitch McConnell gives them the full Merrick Garland and doesn't even hold a trial in the Senate. No one's suggesting that we let Trump play-act as president for the rest of our lives. There's another election coming up. Why else are there more Democrats in Iowa than Iowans? We can get rid of both Trump and Pence next year. Why waste time over something that will ultimately fail or, in the "best-case" scenario, end with the old mother lover himself, Mike Pence, as president? Impeachment won't make your conservative relatives finally accept that Trump is a criminal. Nancy can't save your holiday gatherings.

Many Democrats and liberal pundits disagree, of course. [Your editrix is one of them.] They think impeachment should be based on the "evidence," but we have all the evidence we need that Republicans are corrupt and will never vote to impeach Trump. Rep. Jamie Raskin argues impeachment isn't about whether Trump himself is "worth it" but if the "republic" itself is "worth it." This is all very moving, but it's unclear how the republic is served if Trump is seemingly publicly exonerated. The GOP Senate will flat-out not vote to remove him.

RASKIN: We can't get so frustrated with Donald Trump that we impeach him just for being Donald Trump, but we can't get so frustrated with Donald Trump that we don't impeach him because he's Donald Trump.

You don't have the votes. If any plan you have involves Republicans, especially McConnell, exhibiting basic decency and respect for the rule of law, you need to tear up the plan. Rep. Elijah Cummings is more connected to political realities.

CUMMINGS: Keep in mind, impeachment is a political process. ... Right now when you've got 40 something percent of the country pleased, I guess, with what the president's doing. I think Pelosi realizes this.

Majority Whip Jim Clyburn also rightly points out that we can drag down Trump's poll numbers and otherwise torment him through ongoing House probes.

CLYBURN: Impeachment is a political question. I don't care what we may feel — if the public isn't there, we can't go there. And I think the committee hearings and various things going on are what's needed in order for the public to get where they need to be.

The rest of the Washington Post interview is worth a read beyond the impeachment statement. Pelosi has some badass quotes.

For 2020, your goal is to keep control of the House and have a Democrat elected president.

And the Senate, the whole thing.

Yes, she's coming for everything. If we can just chill out and not chase impeachment fantasies, we can have Congress and the White House gift-wrapped and under the tree for Christmas 2020. Pelosi makes compelling arguments for why Democrats should run the show. She also slits the Republicans' throats with a smile.

PELOSI: I was born into a family that was devoutly Catholic, fiercely patriotic, proud of our Italian American heritage and staunchly Democrat. And we saw that connection between church and Democrats as the Gospel of Matthew. When I was hungry, when I was thirsty, when I was naked, when I was homeless, when I was in prison. And that was how we were raised, that we had a responsibility to other people. And that was our motivation. So that's why sometimes it's hard for me to understand — I have to admit this, that we were raised to say there's a spark of divinity in every person. That we're all God's children. And yet I see people of faith go down paths that so contradict what they say. For example, on the issue of immigration, so many people of faith, I guess they just don't think that there's a spark of divinity or that we're all God's children. How disrespectful they are.

Pelosi believes her caucus represent a wide range of ideas, but they remain united through core values. The centrists and progressives are "all of one mind" to truly work for American families and show "respect for every person in our society." She has true affection for the Democratic Party and its members.

The speaker does not at any point in the interview say the name "Donald Trump." She refers to him either factually as "the president" or with icy dismissiveness as "the person in the White House." It's clear that she considers him utterly beneath contempt. She straight-up says Trump is "ethically unfit, intellectually unfit, curiosity-wise unfit." He's just a big, dumb criminal is what she's saying. It is glorious.

PELOSI: No, I don't think he's fit to be president of the United States. And that's up to us to make the contrast to show that this president — while he may be appealing to you on your insecurity and therefore your xenophobia, whether it's globalization or immigrants — is fighting clean air for your children to breathe, clean water for them to drink, food safety, every good thing...

OMG, she just called Trump supporters insecure bigots too stupid to realize he's destroying the world. She's just cutting fools down with a Hattori Hanzo sword.

PELOSI: I don't usually talk about him this much. This is the most I've probably talked about him. I hardly ever talk about him. You know, it's not about him.

She really knows how to hurt "the person in the White House." Who needs impeachment? She will belittle Trump to death, and we are here for it.

[Washington Post / Politico]

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          Bye Bye Love. Wonkagenda For Tues., March 12, 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

There's so much fuckery in Trump's $4.75 trillion budget, we don't have nearly enough time to go through everything. Politico has a list of some of the winners and losers, the former being his golf buddies and Betsy DeVos, and the latter being poor people, the sick, and the elderly (thanks to massive cuts in Medicare and Medicaid previously sold as TrumpCare). WaPo notes that the administration is living in a complete fantasy believing that the economy is doing fine, counter to the analysis from every math geek who's ever used an abacus. Yesterday, OMB Director Russ Vought told reporters that it wasn't actually the Trump tax cuts (for the super rich) that ballooned the national debt, it was Obama. Earlier in the day, Vought appeared on CNBC to bitch and moan about the Mexican-Muslim taco truck invasion of the southern border, arguing that WALL was more important than sick, old, and/or poor people, and stated, "We're tired of being right." US TOO, BUDDY. Meanwhile, the GOP revolt over Trump's border wall has flipped Congress on its head as members consider measures ranging from overriding Trump's national emergency declaration, to limiting the presidential power to declare national emergencies.

In a bigass profile in WaPo, Nancy Pelosi finally said what's been hinted at for two years -- that she doesn't want to impeach Trump "unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan ... because it divides the country. And he's just not worth it." Some Democrats pushed back strongly on Pelosi's remarks, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez noting Trump met "the Lindsey Graham standard" for impeachment "multiple times." In speaking with Politico, House Oversight Chair Elijah Cummings called impeachment a "political process," and added, "You've got to have bipartisanship. Right now you've got 40 something percent of the country pleased, I guess, with what the president's doing. I think Pelosi realizes this."

Dick Cheney ripped Mike Pence a new asshole at a private meeting in Georgia over the weekend at a forum for a conservative think tank, according to a leaked transcript of the event. The war hawk criticized the Trump administration's foreign policy as being more limpwristed than Obama, complaining that Trump's idea to demand protection money from allies "sounded like a new York state real estate deal." Pence responded by reportedly asking, "Who wrote these softball questions?"

In a rare showing of bipartisan rebuke of the Trump administration, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have invited the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to Washington to address a joint session of Congress later this spring. The invite comes as Trump moves to charge US allies protection money to the tune of "cost plus 50."

Massachusetts Democratic Senator and 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren suddenly found her ads calling for Facebook to be broken up taken down by Facebook. Facebook issued a statement saying the ads violated their policy of using its logos in advertising. Though the ads were later restored, they kind of proved Warren's point that Facebook is too goddamn big. Politico is stirring the pot this morning with a story about Warren taking money from Silicon Valley employees and selling her books on Amazon ... over the last decade.

Senators Ed Markey and Josh Hawley say they plan introduce a bill to amend the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The bill would reportedly extend protections of children up to 15-years-old, and bar platforms from targeting ads at kids under 13. Roll Call notes it's unlikely to become a law even though multiple states and the EU have already moved forward with strict data privacy regulations aimed at keeping companies from fiddling with kids' heads. Here's an example of COPPA laws in action.

Democrats have chosen Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for their 2020 nominating convention. In a tweet, the party stated Milwaukee was "more than equipped."

Wayne's World (8/10) Movie CLIP - Alice's History Lesson (1992) HD

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says her office was "thorough and professional" when it "thoroughly and appropriately" investigated sexual harassment allegations from a female staffer against Gillibrand's longtime driver and military adviser. In a brief scrum with reporters, Gillibrand said she has full confidence about the "professional and thorough" investigation that was now "thorough and complete." He must be a good man, and thorough.

Former Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke is headed to Iowa to help state Senate candidate Eric Giddens in a special election while simultaneously reaching out to former Obama people and courting activists. Beto hasn't announced #HesRunning (yet), but political wizards think it's just a matter of time.

Former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams clarified remarks she made at SXSW stating she hadn't decided if #ShesRunning in 2020, and said the possibility was "on the table." Abrams's initial remarks were that she kept a spreadsheet with gigs she wanted, and 2028 would have been the earliest she would run for president.

According to court records, a Roy Moore supporter pleaded the Fifth 65 TIMES when asked if he had tried to bribe the lawyer representing one of Moore's accusers to drop the client and issue a damning statement to Breitbart. What initially started as a defamation suit has grown to engulf Steve Bannon's rightwing shit rag. SCANDAL!

Those rascally radicals in antifa have dug up racist and anti-Semitic chat logs from from Bennet Bressman, the statewide field director for Nebraska's uber rich Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts. The 22-year-old Bressman says the logs, which date back to last year, were from a long time ago and no longer reflect who he is as a person, though screenshots of Bressman's social media accounts show him teaching people about "chad nationalism," joking about running down Black Lives Matter activists with his white car, dropping n-bombs and racial stereotypes, as well as old fashioned gay-hatin'. [Logs]

Current Florida man and former Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage started cold calling radio shows (again) to say those damn dirty Democrats get all their money from the JEEWWZZ, and that Rep. Ilhan Omar "completely vindicated" his long history of hate mongering. [Audio]

As British Prime Minister Theresa May faces the rapidly approaching zero for a "no-deal" Brexit scenario, the EU and UK agreed to a changes over the Irish backstop and permanent customs union. HOWEVER, the EU signaled the changes are by no means an end to negotiations just as a number of British MPs sounded off about their reluctance to support May's deal. If you're confused, don't worry, so is everyone else.

A new UN report says North Korea is cleverly avoiding oil, coal, and weapons sanctions, and hacking foreign banks to make some quick cash -- and that's on top of all the shady weapons testing programs they've quietly started back up. The report even includes photos of North Korean ships disguised as trading vessels illegally transferring energy and materials on the high seas, as well as the regime's smuggling of weapons to Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, possible gold-mining in the Republic of Congo, and supplying Uganda with military training and weapons.

Lawyers for Roger Stone say they "clumsily" tried to tell the court about Roger Stone's book, and that they'd like to "move ahead without further ado," HOWEVER emails from Stone to his publisher show Stone bitching about a gag order interfering with his book sales, arguing for more money, and demanding fewer copies of the book be printed.

The Senate Intel Committee met with Simona Mangiante, the wife of George Papadopoulos, to ask about her old boss, ALLEGED Russian spy Joseph Mifsud. Mangiante told WaPo that she was "happy to provide information," emphatically adding, "Definitely not because I am a Russian spy." [No, she said that!]

Tucker Carlson refused to apologize for sexist and misogynist comments made to a shock jock's radio show unearthed by Media Matters. Tucker likened the campaign to have him and Jeanine Pirro "You're Fired" to a "mob" in a defiant monologue, and stated he planned to "fight it" while crying on the shoulder of Sean Hannity. Media Matters later released MORE damning audio of Tucker where he claims "white men" were responsible for "creating civilization," waxes philosophical about THE BLACKNESS of the Obamas, and whines that Iraqi people aren't "human beings" because they "don't use toilet paper or forks," and that they're actually, "semiliterate primitive monkeys," Shortly after Tucker's monologue, Fox News host Brit Hume tweeted, "Doing well is the best revenge," and linked to Tucker's TV ratings. Meanwhile, Variety's Brian Steinberg noted Tucker didn't have many ads during his show, and that's not a good sign (for him).

Two of the most prominent NRA board members tell the New York Times that NRATV's hard-right turn into fear mongering of apocalyptic race riots, ALLEGED grift, and shady Russian fuckery has forced them to reconsider what the hell they're all doing. Apparently Dana Loesch putting Thomas the Tank in a KKK hood was a little too much, even for gun fetishists chumming red meat.

After the Westboro Baptist Church decided to take a field trip to the Virginia state capitol and protest the state's first and only openly transgender lawmaker, Del. Danica Roem, the lead singer of heavy metal band Lamb of God organized a counter-protest with free kazoos. Several hundred people turned out in support of Roem, who herself fronts a local heavy metal band, and chased out the hate group out within 30 minutes.

And here's your morning Nice Time! A KIWI CHICK!

Second Kiwi Chick of 2019 Hatches at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

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          Comment on Can Gun Owners Expect Constitutional Carry From Bill Lee? by Kevin      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump has done a lot to support the 2A. You must just be another one of those whiny liberal snowflakes
          Comment on Election Projection by tomcat      Cache   Translate Page      
Just another one of their scare the public tactics. They got the number one ambulance chaser in the country to say stupid things for them. He did not get put on the hook for supporting Trump or for any funny business for Trump to win the presidency. He got nailed for being a crooked lawyer who was not smart enough to defend himself to Mueller's staff Bye, bye crooked Cohen I hope you and Bubba get along well in your cosy cell.
          Comment on Some Republicans Now Want Gun Confiscation by The Revelator      Cache   Translate Page      
@The Green Watch Dog You support violations against the Constitution along with the NRA... Big Surprise. As has been pointed out elsewhere trump is not "Pro 2a" while he is violating the second amendment and Article 1 Section 1 of the Constitution. You are not a Second Amendment Supporter plain and Simple, because ERPO's are a Violation of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th amendments. This has been pointed out to you time after time since December. The moment you support ERPO's/Red Flag laws, you are Anti 2A by definition. GWD. Still a lying, cowardly Cur.
          Comment on Trumps: Winfinity War ~ VIDEO by The Revelator      Cache   Translate Page      
@Wild Bill and Walter Goddard What trump stated he would Veto was the House bill, not the Senate bill Please remember, it hasn't been bad advice given to him. The incident where he jumped in and said "Take the Guns First" was one of his spur of the moment decisions made in a press conference. We also have the video of him publicly owning that he himself "Ordered through executive action" the formation of a ban on bumpstocks. I can show the video again, its not someone else saying it for him, its his own lips moving and speaking the words. Go to the 2:55 minute mark. You will hear him mention the unconstitutional action he took on bumpstocks AND "Common Sense Security Measures" referencing Red Flag laws. As far as the NRA "Blasting it", I still have the video of Chris Cox saying the NRA is behind9supporting) Red Flag laws. Anytime the nonsense of dismissing his actions as "Bad Advice" or worse, idiots claiming "He's playing 4 dimensional chess against the left! Its part of a grand plan!" you guys should be hotfooting it for the hills. He has got to be raked over the coals and held accountable for every thing he says and be made to know he will be punished by losing support in 2020. When it comes down to a full blown civil war or revolution because of the governments violation of the bill of rights and attempt to implement socialism, I would rather see a villain in the white house who we know everyone on the center to the right will unite against than a clown who will split the right just because he claims to be a republican. Yes the house hearings were the Democrat looneys we expected, the Senate bill is from the GOP.. Don't forget that. Again, please please remember that Chuck Schumer will vote for a small bite now. Who can we count on in the senate? Cruz probably, Mike Lee and Rand, and Ben Sasse. Those are the only ones I can say for sure will absolutely stand their ground. We know Collins, Cornyn, McConnel, Graham, and Rubio wont. They will dive headlong into it and side with the left to trash the constitution Gang-of-Ocho 2.0 style.
          Farmers slam Trump 2020 budget plan that includes deep cuts to subsidies      Cache   Translate Page      
The White House's 2020 budget plan to slash federal funding for farm subsidies and other safety net programs for agricultural producers is getting criticized by farmers who say they are already struggling.
          Tweet Containing Question Mark Isn’t Defamatory–Boulger v. Woods      Cache   Translate Page      
In 2016, the Chicago Tribune published a photo of a woman giving a Nazi salute at a Trump rally. Twitter user @voxday wrongly identified the plaintiff as that woman. Shortly afterwards, actor James Woods, who then had 350,000 twitter users, tweeted the Nazi salute photograph along with a photo of plaintiff (Portia Boulger), saying “So called #Trump “Nazi” is a #BernieSanders agitator/operative?” Woods later deleted the tweet but did not, as requested by Boulger’s counsel, issue a formal retraction and apology. In the 11 days that the tweet was online, Boulger alleged she received hundreds of “obscene and threatening messages, including death threats.” She sued for defamation and invasion of privacy. The district court dismissed because at least some of readers of Woods’s Twitter account would view the tweet as a legitimate question. (Blog post on the district court ruling here: “Twitter Defamation Claim Defeated by a…
          Democrats heed Nancy Pelosi’s call to back off impeachment — for now      Cache   Translate Page      

Months after taking control of the House on a promise to hold President Trump accountable, Democrats are signaling that they’re unlikely to pursue impeachment, lowering expectations that the special counsel’s report will spur an immediate attempt to unseat the president.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi...

          Stormy Daniels and lawyer Michael Avenatti part ways      Cache   Translate Page      

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels in two unsuccessful lawsuits against President Trump, is no longer representing the pornographic film actress.

Daniels, who is under court order to pay Trump $293,000 in legal fees and sanctions for one of the dismissed lawsuits, said she has retained...

          Trump administration moves to close offices for international asylum and refugee cases      Cache   Translate Page      

The Trump administration took another step Tuesday to cut back services to people seeking to legally enter the U.S. and focus instead on a ballooning backlog of immigration cases, announcing that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services would close all its international offices.

The agency’s foreign...

          Pelosi: "Trump ni primeren za predsednika, a odpoklica ni vreden"      Cache   Translate Page      
Po mnenju Nancy Pelosi, predsednice predstavniškega doma, Donald Trump ni primeren za predsednika ZDA, a kljub temu ne podpira njegovega odpoklica, "saj tega ni vreden".
          Demand Wanes for Higher Defense Spending      Cache   Translate Page      
As President Donald Trump proposes a nearly 5% increase in defense spending, 43% of Americans say current spending levels are about right; 29% say too much is spent; and 25% believe spending is too low.
          Huggy Lowdown: ‘How Much Can America Take Of This Fake Make America Great’      Cache   Translate Page      
Nancy Pelosi stirred up some controversy when she said that she doesn’t want to impeach Trump. Her reason was that doing so would divide the country and Trump is “not worth it.” But, Huggy thinks Trump is absolutely worth it! And he also believes Pence should be kicked out of the White House too; like […]
          Former Trump adviser Flynn asks for further sentencing delay      Cache   Translate Page      
Lawyers for former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn say he doesn't want to be sentenced yet because he has more cooperation to offer. Flynn is expected to be … Click to Continue »
          Donald Trump says planes are 'far too complex' to fly after deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash       Cache   Translate Page      
US President Donald Trump says complexities in modern aircraft are creating danger, in the wake of the horror Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 157 people on Sunday.
          The Trump Administration is continuously adding restrictions to legal immigration      Cache   Translate Page      
More than six months later, I am still updating this post on a regular basis.

          PELOSI THROWS COLD WATER ON IMPEACHMENT -- Republican leaders clash over anti-Semitism vote -- HOUSE DEMS WANT TO SKIP BUDGET VOTE -- Senate GOP scrambles to avoid rebuking Trump on border      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on What Fresh Horror Is This? Gucci Fall 2019! by tabitha      Cache   Translate Page      
The Horror, is right! I love fashion but I hate this. Trump Derangement Syndrome carry over to Fashion industry. Repulsive offering.
          Venezuela: Mỹ phải rút hết nhân viên ngoại giao trong 3 ngày      Cache   Translate Page      
Venezuela ngày 12/3 ra lệnh cho các nhà ngoại giao Mỹ phải rời khỏi đất nước họ trong vòng 72 giờ, sau khi Tổng thống Nicolas Maduro cáo buộc Tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump “phá hoại” mạng khiến quốc gia OPEC này rơi vào tình trạng mất điện nghiêm trọng nhất từng được ghi nhận. […]
          President to Honor Bozeman Graduate With Medal of Honor      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald J. Trump announced today that he will award the Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant and Bozeman High School graduate Travis W. Atkins. Continue reading…
          President Trump Signs Yellowstone Protections Into Law      Cache   Translate Page      
On Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump signed the John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act into law. Continue reading…
          Howard Kurtz: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows one thing—impeaching Trump would backfire      Cache   Translate Page      

Howard Kurtz: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows one thing—impeaching Trump would backfire'MediaBuzz' host Howard Kurtz weighs in on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying it wouldn't be worth impeaching President Trump.

          3/13/2019: IDÉES & DÉBATS: Le déficit, la maladie infantile des démocraties      Cache   Translate Page      

• Le déficit budgétaire des Etats-Unis pourrait atteindre les 900 milliards de dollars en 2019, et dépasser les 1.000 milliards en 2022, soit plus de 4,4 % du PIB dans les années à venir. En 2017 le président Donald Trump avait décidé, avec l’appui du...
          3/13/2019: INDUSTRIE &SERVICES: À NOTER      Cache   Translate Page      
Donald Trump a déploré que les avions soient devenus « beaucoup trop complexes à piloter ». « Il n’y a plus besoin de pilotes, mais plutôt d’informaticiens du MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) ».
          No Trump visit to Australia any time soon      Cache   Translate Page      
Donald Trump won't be visiting Australia any time soon.Washington's new man in Canberra has dampened expectations the US president is planning a trip down...
          Reporter Caught on Tape Trashing Trump Supporters      Cache   Translate Page      
Not Exactly Objective
          Life in “Mueller Time”      Cache   Translate Page      

From Crimethinc

The Politics of Waiting and the Spectacle of Investigation

For almost two years now, faithful Democrats have waited for special counsel Robert Mueller to file his report about collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian attempts to interfere in the US election, not to mention Trump’s involvement in obstruction of justice. Whenever Trump’s activity provokes them or a subterranean rumbling within the Justice Department emboldens them, the faithful take to the streets and social media with hand-held cardboard signs and internet memes to proclaim that Mueller Time is close at hand. Yet even if the Mueller investigation concludes with Trump’s impeachment, the spectacle of the investigation has served to immobilize millions who have a stake in systemic social change, ensuring that what comes next in the United States will be politics as usual—not liberation.

When you’ve fallen on the highway
And you’re lying in the rain,
And they ask you how you’re doing
Of course you’ll say you can’t complain
If you’re squeezed for information,
That’s when you’ve got to play it dumb
You just say you’re out there waiting
For the miracle, for the miracle to come

-The 20th century’s greatest messianic thinker, Leonard Cohen

Within weeks of the beginning of the investigation, there were already think pieces and t-shirts proclaiming “It’s Mueller Time.” Let’s take the t-shirts at their word: maybe it’s been Mueller Time all along. Maybe Mueller Time is not a specific date that is about to arrive, but the era we’ve been experiencing these past two years.

In that case, Mueller Time is not an hour on the clock, but a way of experiencing time, a kind of time—like crunch time or quality time or go time, but the opposite of all of them. It is not a scale of time, like geologic time, or a time zone, like Eastern Standard Time—Mueller Time is more like the End Times, perpetually anticipated.

To be precise, Mueller Time is the political suspended animation in which the Democrats have waited for a repeatedly deferred deus ex machina to deliver them from this unbearable pres(id)ent. This condition of waiting, itself, rather than any of the grievous injustices that have taken place during it, is the very essence of hell.

Dante, the Marco Polo of the Abyss, located Limbo, the residence of those who wait, in Inferno, not in Purgatory. Waiting is not transformative or redemptive—it is the sort of sin for which the punishment is the crime. “Limbo” shares a Latin root with liminal—it is homeland of those who tarry on the threshold, those who are on the fence.

If you can get people used to waiting, you can get them used to anything.

To understand Mueller Time better, we can begin with its namesake. “Miller time” is a time to take a load off, to ease our pain by drugging ourselves into oblivion. It’s a profound expression of despair—“I can only relax in this world by deadening my senses”—disguised not just as relief but as celebration. What is the glee with which Democrats invoke Mueller Time if not an admission of their own abject powerlessness and dependence? “Rejoice,” says the Democrat, “Justice will be done! And thank goodness, as usual, the FBI will take care of everything.”

Miller Time and Mueller Time are both chronotopes, to use the term popularized by literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin: they are specific relationships to time. You cannot understand a group of people without understanding how they experience the passing of time. Peering between chronotopes produces strange refractions, like looking through a glass of water. How different the world appears to a person whose activism consists chiefly of waiting, in contrast to how it appears to those for whom waiting and acting are opposites! It is the difference between spectator and athlete, between the consumer and the inventor, between those who suffer history as if it were weather and those who make history as a side effect of understanding themselves as the protagonists of their time.

And Miller Time and Mueller Time are both marketed chronotopes. Miller Time is the “5 o’clock somewhere” that unites wage labor and intoxication in a mutually reinforcing false opposition—but even more importantly, it is the branded colonization of that time. Likewise, Mueller Time is not just the “he’ll get his” which all people of conscience wish for Trump, but a particular deferral of responsibility. Both are successful advertising campaigns that concentrate capital in certain hands precisely by inducing people not to take their problems into their own hands.

“The politicians’ stubborn faith in progress, their confidence in their ‘mass basis,’ and, finally, their servile integration in an uncontrollable apparatus have been three aspects of the same thing.”

-Walter Benjamin on how Social Democrats permitted the Third Reich to come to power in Germany

All this is familiar to those who were raised as Adventists, believing that the outrageous sinfulness of the prevailing world order indicates the imminence of the Resurrection and the necessity of repentance before authority. Mueller Time is the redemption, the arrival of the Millennium, when the legitimate authorities will reassert their dominion and the obedient will be rewarded for their patience. Good Christians have awaited this for two thousand years; they have made a religion out of waiting. You’ll get pie in the sky when you die.

To keep people waiting for salvation indefinitely, it helps to shift every once in a while from one source of dramatic tension to another. Some hoped Trump would run the country “like a business.” Now that the signature forms of evil associated with capitalism—nepotism, profiteering, corruption, race baiting, sexual harassment, misinformation—characterize the presidency, Democrats are proposing to return to the good-old-fashioned signature forms of evil previously associated with government: bureaucracy, clientelism, experts deciding the fates of millions behind closed doors. All the things that helped Trump come to office.

For the purposes of relegitimizing government, it is ideal that Robert Mueller is not just a “good” authority figure, but specifically, a white male Republican—an FBI director who first made a name for himself overseeing the killing of Vietnamese people. He is everything the average Democrat would oppose if Trump had not moved the goal posts by pursuing the same Republican agenda by potentially extra-legal means. Mueller represents the same FBI that attempted to make Martin Luther King, Jr. commit suicide, that set out to destroy the Occupy movement. Under Mueller’s leadership, the FBI determined that the number one domestic terror threat in the United States was environmental activism.

Mueller Time is a way of inhabiting the eternally renewed amnesia that is America. This is the real “deep state”—the part of each Democrat’s heart that will accept any amount of senseless violence and murder and oppression, as long as it adheres to the letter of the law.

“Definitions of basic historical concepts: Catastrophe—to have missed the opportunity. Critical moment—the status quo threatens to preserve itself. Progress—the first revolutionary measure taken.”

-Walter Benjamin

What will be the fruits of Mueller’s labors?

Rank-and-file Democrats still don’t understand how power works. Crime is not the violation of the rules, but the stigma attached to those who break rules without the power to make them. (As they say, steal $25, go to jail; steal $25 million, go to Congress.) At the height of Genghis Khan’s reign, it would have been pointless to accuse the famous tyrant of breaking the laws of the Mongol Empire; as long as Trump has enough of Washington behind him, the same goes for him. Laws don’t exist in some transcendent realm. They are simply the product of power struggles among the elite—not to mention the passivity of the governed—and they are enforced according to the prevailing balance of power. To fetishize the law is to accept that might makes right. It means abdicating the responsibility to do what is ethical regardless of what the laws happen to be.

In the struggle to control the law-making and law-enforcing apparatus of the US government, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have secured a solid majority. They remain at an impasse. The most likely explanation for Mueller’s delays is that he has been biding his time, waiting to see if the balance of power in the US government would shift enough that there could be some consequences to his report.

The wait
The wait
The wait
The wait

The wait
The wait
The wait
The wait

-Killing Joke, “The Wait”

Ironically, the only thing that could guarantee that Mueller’s report will have an effect would be if this impasse were disturbed by forces outside the halls of power—for example, by a real social movement utilizing direct action. If millions of people were in the streets preventing the Trump administration from accomplishing its agenda, then the power brokers in Washington would consider sacrificing Donald Trump to preserve business as usual.

In standing back and waiting, affirming the authority of the FBI and Congress to take care of matters, Mueller’s fans make it less likely that his investigation will pose a serious threat to the administration. The rank and file Democrats are left gazing at their screens, watching the bureaucratic equivalent of the spinning wheel of death.

In this case, the more you clap your hands, the less Tinkerbell exists.

I’m in the waiting room
I don’t want the news—I cannot use it
I don’t want the news—I won’t live by it

But I don’t sit idly by
I’m planning a big surprise
I’m gonna fight for what I wanna be
And I won’t make the same mistakes
Because I know how much time that wastes

-Fugazi “Waiting Room”

The arc of history is long, but it curves towards—death. There is no excuse to delay. Tomorrow will use you the way we use today.

What would it mean to stop waiting?

It would mean to stop looking to others to solve our problems, no longer permitting a series of presidents, Speakers of the House, FBI directors, presidential candidates, and other bullies and hucksters to play good cop/bad cop with us.

It would mean figuring out how to deal with the catastrophes that Trump’s presidency is causing directly, rather than through the mediation of other authority figures. It would mean building up social movements powerful enough to block the construction of a border wall, to liberate children from migrant detention facilities and reunite them with their families, to feed the hungry and care for the sick without waiting for legislators to give us permission to make use of the resources that we and others like us maintain on a daily basis.

Remember when we shut down the airports immediately after Trump took office? It would mean doing more of that, and less sitting around waiting on politicians and bureaucrats. That was our proudest moment. Since then, we have only grown weaker, distracted by the array of champions competing to represent us—the various media outlets and Democratic presidential candidates—all surrogates for our own agency.

Let’s stop killing time. Or rather—let’s stop permitting it to kill us.

“We live the whole of our lives provisionally,” he said. “We think that for the time being things are bad, that for the time being we must make the best of them and adapt or humiliate ourselves, but that it’s all only provisional and that one day real life will begin. We prepare for death complaining that we have never lived. Of all the people I know, not one lives in the present. No one gets any pleasure from what he does every day. No one is in a condition to say On that day, at that moment, my life began. Believe me, even those who have power and take advantage of it are plagued with anxieties and disgusted at the dominant stupidity. They too live provisionally and spend their whole lives waiting.”

“Those who flee the country also spend their lives waiting,” Pietro said. “That’s the trouble. But one mustn’t wait, one must act. One must say Enough, from this very day.”

“But if you do not have the freedom to act?” Nunzio said.

“Freedom is not a thing you can receive as a gift,” Pietro said. “You can be free even under a dictatorship on the simple condition that you struggle against it. A person who thinks with his own mind and remains uncorrupted is free. A person who struggles for what she believes to be right is free. You might live in the most democratic country in the world, but if you are lazy, callous, and servile, you are not free—in spite of the absence of violence and coercion, you are a slave. Freedom is not a thing that can be begged from others. You must take it for yourself, in whatever share you can.”

-Ignazio Silone, Bread and Wine

          Bill would give "Dreamers" a path to citizenship      Cache   Translate Page      
Colorado has more than 17,000 "Dreamers" — people who entered the country illegally as children — who've received temporary protection from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program since it was implemented in 2012 through an executive order by President Barack Obama.

They account for about 1.9 percent of the country's Dreamers with DACA status, all of whom have been left in limbo since then.

While several court injunctions remain in place to require the federal government to keep processing DACA renewals — necessary every two years — the administration of President Donald Trump halted new applications in September of 2017, and sought to terminate the program altogether.

A piece of legislation championed by House Democrats would provide Dreamers with a pathway to citizenship, though it has almost zero possibility of passing in the Republican-controlled Senate or of being signed into law by Trump.

The Dream and Promise Act of 2019, introduced March 12, would provide up to 10 years of conditional permanent residence status for Dreamers who met certain criteria. It would also grant lawful permanent residence to people with Temporary Protected Status (2,900 in Colorado alone, according to the Immigration Hub) and Deferred Enforced Departure designations, meaning they cannot return to their countries due to unsafe conditions.

Among the bill's other objectives, according to a fact sheet from the Immigration Hub, an advocacy organization:

• Cancel deportation proceedings for Dreamers who meet certain requirements and background checks.
• Grant lawful permanent residence to Dreamers who pursue higher education, join the military or meet employment requirements.
• Allow Dreamers to receive federal financial aid, as well as professional, commercial and business licenses.
• Allow certain Dreamers deported under the Trump administration to apply for relief from abroad.
• Cancel deportation proceedings for people with TPS and DED status who have been in the U.S. at least three years, for people who had TPS or were eligible on Sept. 25, 2016, and for people who had DED status on Sept. 28, 2016.

If this bill has no chance of becoming law, why is it important?…
          Kellyanne Conway posts harsh tweet attacking 2 Hollywood actresses accused of paying bribes to get their kids into elite colleges      Cache   Translate Page      

Kellyanne Conway

  • White House adviser Kellyanne Conway tweeted out a harsh message insulting actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, calling them "stupid." 
  • Loughlin and Huffman were two of nearly 50 people indicted on Tuesday as part of a nationwide college-admissions scam.
  • Huffman was indicted on charges of mail fraud and conspiring to commit honest services mail fraud, and Loughlin and her husband were charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. 

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway tweeted out a harsh message insulting actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, who were indicted on Tuesday on charges they took part in an elaborate nationwide college-admissions scam. 

"Lori Loughlin & Felicity Huffman indicted for lying and buying spots in college. They worried their daughters are as stupid as their mothers," Conway wrote.

Loughlin and Huffman were two of at least 40 people indicted on Tuesday on charges of participating in a complex criminal scheme to ensure their children were accepted into elite universities including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, Wake Forest, and the University of Southern California.

Prosecutors said parents made payments disguised as charitable donations to a firm called Key Worldwide Foundation (KWF), which posed as a charity and is accused of serving as a front that facilitated $25 million in payments over the course of the scheme. 

According to the charging documents, KWF used two schemes to help kids gain access to the colleges: arranging for the children's test scores to be falsified and laundering bribes to athletic coaches at universities to fraudulently get clients' children recruited as athletes.

Read more: Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin among dozens charged by FBI with participating in a scheme to get students into elite colleges

Federal prosecutors charged Huffman with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud, alleging in court documents filed on Tuesday that Huffman paid $15,000 to KWF to pay for her daughter to take the SAT proctored by a person retained by KWF who would correct her answers after she took the test. 

A fraudulent thank-you letter sent from KWF to Huffman said the payment would “allow us to move forward with our plans to provide educational and self-enrichment programs to disadvantaged youth,” according to charging documents.

Authorities indicted the "Full House" actress Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, on charges of mail and wire fraud.

Read more: Here's how Lori Loughlin got her 2 influencer daughters with millions of followers into USC through an admissions scam, according to investigators.

Prosecutors alleged the Giannullis paid out a total of $500,000 in bribes to Donna Heinel, USC's senior women's associate athletic director, and KWF for their two daughters, Isabella and Olivia Jade Giannulli, to be accepted as recruits to the school's crew team, even though they were not active rowers.

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NOW WATCH: 'He is a racist. He is a conman.' Michael Cohen's most explosive claims about Trump in his blockbuster hearing

          Two 'Star' Proud Boys Hit With Felony Assault Charges for Portland Attack      Cache   Translate Page      
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

Two prominent members of the far-right Proud Boys men’s group have been charged with felony assault over a 2018 attack on a critic in Portland, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

Police have already arrested one of the Proud Boys, Donovon Flippo. The other Proud Boy wanted in the case, Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, posted recently on Facebook that he’s in American Samoa, although he said he will return to Portland to face his legal charges.

The arrests mark another blow to the Proud Boys, a pro-Trump men’s group created by conservative provocateur Gavin McInnes that requires its members to abide by various rules and initiation requirements, including a restriction on masturbating. Other members of the group were arrested last year after an attack in New York, and McInnes himself quit the group shortly after that.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

          One America News Host: Criminal-Justice Reform Is ‘Fascist Left’ Plot      Cache   Translate Page      

Because we watch Trumpland TV so you don't have to, today we learned that the First Step Act—the bipartisan bill lauded by Donald Trump in his State of the Union address as one of his major accomplishments—is actually part of a “fascist left” scheme to destroy civil society, according to One America News host Graham Ledger.

Ledger also pooh-poohed criticism of this nation’s health-care system—the status quo of which Trump has declared a “nightmare”—in the closing segment of his eponymous television program:

What, exactly, is a “human assault vehicle”?

Read more at The Daily Beast.

          Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti Break Up On Twitter      Cache   Translate Page      
Ethan Miller

Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti have parted ways—days after a federal judge tossed her hush-money lawsuit against President Trump and his former fixer, Michael Cohen.

The porn star and Avenatti, her ex-lawyer, announced their split in a pair of tweets on Tuesday afternoon. “I have retained Clark Brewster as my personal lawyer and have asked him and his firm to review all legal matters involving me,” Daniels wrote at 1:12 p.m. “Upon completion of Mr. Brewster's review and further consultation with me, I anticipate Mr. Brewster will serve as my primary counsel on all legal issues.”

Avenatti, who is now representing women accusing R. Kelly of sexual assault, responded with a statement of his own 11 minutes later.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

          Fox Anchor Grills Sarah Sanders: Is Trump Saying Only Rich Immigrants Can Move Here?      Cache   Translate Page      

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders found herself in the surprising position on Tuesday of being pressed hard by a Fox News host when Harris Faulkner took her to task over President Trump’s recent immigration comments to far-right media outlet Breitbart.

During a Breitbart interview, Trump asserted that most immigrants are a drain on America’s social safety net, asserting that he does not “want people that need welfare.”

“I don’t like the idea of people coming in and going on welfare for 50 years, and that’s what they want to be able to do—and it’s no good,” Trump added, further claiming that Democrats want increased immigration simply to “get votes.”

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          Nancy Pelosi's Impeachment Blunder: It's Not About Bipartisanship      Cache   Translate Page      

No sooner did Nancy Pelosi, in an interview with The Washington Post that ran online on Monday afternoon, pour cold water on the idea of impeaching the president than people set to somberly examining what she might actually mean.

In fact, she essentially poured from the same pitcher that she has before, but not so overtly: she says -- as she has said on background, or her allies have said -- that she simply doesn’t think that it’s wise for the Democrats to pursue impeachment of Donald Trump in such an intensely partisan atmosphere, and with the high degree of unlikelihood of the Senate mustering the required two-thirds vote to remove Trump from office, and without bipartisan support.

On the face of it, the Speaker of the House was making sound points. At the time of Richard Nixon’s in-effect impeachment, the degree of partisanship was mild compared to now and the process ended with a significant amount of bipartisan support. Like Trump, Nixon threatened the constitutional order. Unlike Trump, Nixon—a lawyer and a former House member, senator, and vice president (for eight years)—was a creature of the political system.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

          Trump Quoted Saying 'Democrats Hate Jewish People'      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump reportedly told a room full of Republican donors on Friday night that “the Democrats hate Jewish people.”
          Rep. Chip Roy Introduces Bill to Declare Specific Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Orgs      Cache   Translate Page      
Two congressmen filed a bill in the House to direct the U.S. State Department to designate specific Mexican cartel factions as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs). The bill follows a letter from lawmakers to Secretary Mike Pompeo calling for the designations. President Donald Trump said he is considering the matter in an Oval Office interview on Monday.
          Fashion Notes: Melania Trump's Winter Essentials Include Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry Coats      Cache   Translate Page      
First Lady Melania Trump wore a pair of luxury coats this weekend that are style essentials for the drawn-out winter season that doesn’t seem to be warming up anytime soon. Mrs. Trump is always one to throw a coat on, so it came as no surprise that she chose two hip-length and traditional designs this past weekend. On a trip to Alabama, Mrs. Trump wore a sold-out Tommy Hilfiger navy double-breasted peacoat with gold buttons, uniform-style red patch along one sleeve, and knit cuffs for the classic patriotic chic, military-esque essential. Mrs. Trump’s burgundy sateen J Brand skinny jeans, which retail for less than $100, matched the patch on the Hilfiger sleeve — of course! — as well as the stripes on her $142 Adidas sneakers. Mrs. Trump’s favorite pair of Saint Laurent sunglasses kept her eyes out of the sunlight for the day. While arriving back at the White House this weekend, Mrs. Trump kept it traditional in a classic Burberry “Kensington” short trench coat, similar to that of the one she wore last year arriving in Belgium — another essential for winter. Like her previous Burberry look, Mrs. Trump made sure this ensemble was all about the classic trench,
          Delingpole: Trump Is Right, the Greenies Are Lying - Patrick Moore Did Co-Found Greenpeace      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump has tweeted in support of Greenpeace co-founder turned arch climate skeptic Patrick Moore.
          EPA pushes forward plan to increase ethanol mix in gasoline      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump on Tuesday advanced a plan that would expand the use of ethanol in gasoline across the U.S., a move pushed by corn farmers but expected to draw ire from the oil and gas industry. The latest step pushes forward a proposal that would allow the year-round sale of gasoline blended with up to 15 percent ethanol, known as E15. Previously, E15 was restricted under air pollution requirements between June 1 and Sept. 15, as science shows burning ethanol in warmer temperature leads to heightened ground-level ozone pollution and smog. The new plan will effectively lift those sales barriers....
          Which restaurants are safe for Trump supporters? There’s an app for that      Cache   Translate Page      
Which restaurants are safe for Trump supporters? There’s an app for that by Allison Steele, Updated: March 11, 2019 A new app promises to act as “Yelp for conservatives,” guiding supporters of President Donald Trump to eating establishments where they will be safe from being discriminated against or harassed for their political beliefs. Creator Scott Wallace told Fox & Friends that the 63red Safe app was created in response to reports of Trump administration officials being confronted in public, such as a June incident in which press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant. It is...
          Trump administration announces plan to put more ethanol in gasoline      Cache   Translate Page      
The Environmental Protection Agency rolled out a plan to allow more ethanol in the nation's gasoline supply Tuesday, after a long wait that had Cabinet officials sparring over the timing of the plan. “Consistent with President Trump’s direction, EPA is working to propose and finalize these changes by the summer driving season,” said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. The proposed regulations would allow 15-percent ethanol fuels to be sold year-round, including in the summer. The high-ethanol fuel is currently banned by the EPA for sale during the summer driving season, which begins June 1, because of its high fuel volatility rating,...
          Senate rejection of Trump border emergency no longer certain      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON – The White House and Republican senators sought compromise Tuesday on limiting future presidents' powers to unilaterally declare national emergencies, as chances improved that President Donald Trump might avoid a long-expected rejection by Congress of his effort to divert billions more for building barriers along the Mexican border. As a Thursday showdown vote in the Senate neared, GOP Sens. Mike Lee of Utah, Thom Tillis of North Carolina and others were talking with the White House about related legislation that would curb the ability of future presidents to declare national emergencies. If Trump would commit to signing a bill...
          Delingpole: Trump Is Right, the Greenies Are Lying – Patrick Moore Did Co-Found Greenpeace      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump has tweeted in support of Greenpeace co-founder turned arch climate skeptic Patrick Moore. So naturally, the Climate Industrial Complex has responded as only it knows how. Not, of course, by trying to refute Moore’s arguments. (That would be tricky: the truth is that there is no climate crisis and the great global warming scare is Fake Science)… …but by trying to airbrush Moore out of Greenpeace’s history by claiming that he was not one of the founders of the organization.
          President Trump Mocks Never Trumpers, Slams ‘Almost Deranged’ ‘Poor Bastard’ George Will      Cache   Translate Page      
Shortened title. Full title: Exclusive — President Trump Mocks ‘Amazing Breed’ of Never Trumpers, Slams ‘Almost Deranged’ ‘Poor Bastard’ George Will President Donald Trump mocked Never Trumpers in an exclusive, more-than-40-minute interview with Breitbart News in the Oval Office on Monday afternoon, calling them a nearly dead, “amazing breed” of political figures. Trump added, however, the ones who are left are still “slightly dangerous.” “The Never Trumpers, that’s an amazing breed. First of all, they’re on mouth-to-mouth resuscitation now,” Trump said in response to a question from Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow on his thoughts on Never Trumpers. “There aren’t...
          Vil ikke stille Trump for riksrett      Cache   Translate Page      
Uten støtte fra republikanerne. Det får hun neppe.
          Bericht: Neue US-Ermittlung zu Deutscher Bank wegen Trump-Geschäften      Cache   Translate Page      
Die Deutsche Bank steht wegen ihrer Geschäfte zu US-Präsident Donald Trump laut einem Zeitungsbericht im Fokus einer neuen Ermittlung. Die New Yorker Staatsanwaltschaft habe Dokumente angefordert und die Bank formal ...
          Trump Administration To Close International Offices For Refugee Cases      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services confirmed plans to close its offices abroad.
          NZD received a boost Friday after broad based declines in the USD; NZD continues to improve on the AUD; GBP recovered off last week low of 0.5230 against the NZD      Cache   Translate Page      

By Neven Fisher*:

Major Announcements last week:

  • RBA leave rates unchanged at 1.50% - statement was dovish
  • Australian quarterly GDP prints down at 0.2% from 0.5% expected
  • Canadian Trade Balance comes in much lower than markets expect at -4.6B from -2.4B
  • Bank of Canada leave the overnight cash rate unchanged at 1.75%
  • Australian m/m Retail Sales print 0.1% from 0.3% expected
  • ECB leave the overnight rate unchanged and introduce new bank loans to improve liquidity and growth
  • US Non-Farm Payroll prints at 20,000 from 180,000 expected
  • US Unemployment drops to 3.8% from 3.9%


The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) received a boost Friday after broad based declines in the US Dollar (USD) took the kiwi off the low of 0.6744 to close at 0.6800. This week the theme has continued with a mix of “risk on” sentiment based on Brexit positiveness before tomorrow’s vote and big dollar sellers. Fed chairman Powell said the Fed was in no hurry to change interest rates again and will watch how the slowing economy progresses. Brexit headlines will hold market focus over the remaining week, we suspect sentiment will change tomorrow and take the kiwi back below 0.6800.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD/USD 0.6831 0.6745 0.6900 0.6745- 0.6839


The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) continues to improve on the Australian Dollar (AUD) picking up 54 points last week to 0.9660 (1.0350) where it currently trades Tuesday lunch. Last week’s poor Aussie data continues to weigh on the currency in a week with no economic data printing. Financial markets are locked in a “risk on” mood as hopes of a Brexit deal improve heading into tonight’s parliamentary vote. The kiwi benefiting as investors start thinking about parity parties all over again. We can’t see the cross going below 0.9600 (1.0420) this week.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD / AUD 0.9672 0.9615 0.9680 0.9582- 0.9679
AUD / NZD 1.0335 1.0330 1.0400 1.0332- 1.0436


The British Pound (GBP) recovered off last week low of 0.5230 (1.9115) to push back to 0.5155 (1.9400) against the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). A last minute pre 12 March parliament vote is on the cards as Theresa May tries one more time. May is on route to meet European Commission President Juncker in Strasbourg. Analysts are suggesting negotiations have reached a point where there might be an agreement. Certainly with the Pound spiking overnight the sentiment barometer is high. UK m/m GDP prints tonight along with Manufacturing Production. News just in: PM May has supposedly secured legally binding changes to her Brexit deal that will strengthen and possibly improve her withdrawal agreement.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD / GBP 0.5164 0.5120 0.5200 0.5135- 0.5257
GBP / NZD 1.9365 1.9220 1.9540 1.9023- 1.9474


The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) continued last week rally against the Canadian Dollar (CAD) extending to 0.9155 as risk improved. Equity markets are up on the day as well as Crude Oil to 56.86 but the NZD was preferred. The Bank of Canada downgraded earlier predictions that cash rates would track higher suggesting further uncertainty. Recent Canadian economic data releases have been poor. We expect price to track higher towards 0.9250 the 12 month high.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD / CAD 0.9151 0.9110 0.9250 0.9030- 0.9163


Optimism towards a Brexit deal being done has lifted risk sentiment in the markets with the Euro (EUR), New Zealand Dollar (NZD) cross continuing last week’s push from the open to 0.6080 (1.6450). Risk currencies have benefited, US equities have closed over 1% higher and the US Dollar was sold off further from Friday’s NFP figure. Also assisting the kiwi is the ECB’s downgraded inflation and growth forecast which could really bite. Long term we are heading towards resistance around 0.6130 (1.6320) of December 2018, any upside moves through this area and we are well into multi year highs. This pair has no scheduled data this week to release, direction will be guided by risk sentiment.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD/EUR 0.6065 0.5980 0.6100 0.5980- 0.6084
EUR/NZD 1.6488 1.6400 1.6720 1.6436- 1.6723


Monday saw the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) recover off last week low of 75.00 to regain losses against the Japanese Yen (JPY) back to 76.00 Tuesday. This week’s focus is the Bank of Japan (BoJ) interest rate statement. Comments around ramping up stimulus will be key in relation to achieving their 2.0% inflation target, Kuroda could signal more easing due to lower inflation and growth forecasts. The kiwi is still trading in th 2019 bullish channel and looks to retest 76.50 this week if risk continues.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD / YEN 76.05 75.00 76.50 75.01- 76.30


The Australian Dollar (AUD) closed the week on a high at 0.7040 against the US Dollar (USD), reversing off the weekly low of 0.7002 after risk sentiment improved. Risk markets continued into Monday with US equities posting gains of over 1.0% as the cross got through to 0.7080 Tuesday. The hangover from last week’s abysmal Non-Farm Payroll figure also continues to pressure the greenback along with Powell making comment that the Fed would try to influence the US Dollar lower through trade policy. The 50% retracement of the low of 0.7002 and high of 0.7200 could influence price towards 0.7100 before turning lower.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
AUD / USD 0.7062 0.7000 0.7130 0.7003- 0.7092


The Australian Dollar (AUD) has given back most of last week’s gains versus the British Pound returning to 0.5370 (1.8620) as hopes improve a Brexit deal can be negotiated. Last minute EU concessions have pushed buyers into the Pound as Theresa May travels to Strasbourg to meet with EU President Juncker. The aim of the trip is to finalise an agreement prior to the parliamentary vote tonight. Anything positive from the EU would be bullish for the Pound and push the currency higher. UK m/m GDP and Manufacturing data prints tonight.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
AUD / GBP 0.5338 0.5290 0.5430 0.5325- 0.5438
GBP / AUD 1.8733 1.8420 1.8900 1.8393- 1.8779


Risk sentiment improved overnight Tuesday after hopes a last minute concession on Brexit from the EU would allow the UK parliament to vote into law a EU-UK deal. The Australian Dollar (AUD) improved to 0.6285 (1.5910) against the Euro (EUR) from the open of 0.6265 (1.5950) extending last week’s gains and looks to 0.6320 (1.5820) early February resistance levels. All eyes this week will be firmly focused on a Brexit outcome which is lucky because the calendar is dry this week. Last week’s dovish ECB outlook should give the Aussie further fuel to appreciate further.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
AUD/EUR 0.6269 0.6240 0.6290 0.6203- 0.6291
EUR/AUD 1.5951 1.5900 1.6020 1.5896- 1.6121


The Australian Dollar (AUD) has recovered off last weeks low of 77.72 against the Japanese Yen (JPY) as risk improved in markets with price pushing back to 78.70. Later this week in focus is the Bank of Japan (BoJ) interest rate statement. Comments around ramping up stimulus will be key in relation to achieving their 2.0% inflation target. The BoJ have said recently they would weigh the benefits and costs with further policy easing. If Kuroda signals more easing due to lower growth and inflation expectations, we could see a devalued JPY.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
AUD/YEN 78.64 78.00 79.50 77.73- 79.33


The Australian Dollar (AUD) surged back towards the five week high of 0.9483 Tuesday against the Canadian Dollar. Risk markets preferring the slightly more stable AUD after comments from last week out of the Bank of Canada (BoC) meeting highlighted they would not be looking to raise rates based on uncertainty and a deteriorating economic outlook. It’s a quiet week of data for the pair with just RBA assistant governor Debelle speaking today and Canadian Manufacturing figures Friday.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
AUD / CAD 0.9462 0.9400 0.9520 0.9389- 0.9482


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The RBA left rates unchanged at 1.50% with governor Lowe suggesting rates are consistent with GDP growth and inflation forecasts. Inflation remains low but stable and should pick up over the coming years. With all aspects of the economy showing weakening data the RBA seem to be upbeat that wage growth and low unemployment should improve in the coming months. Quarterly GDP released lower than expectations adding fuel to the depreciating AUD with Retail Sales also printing down at 0.1%. Trade Balance has surprised markets when figures showed an increase of nearly 2B to 4.55B after 2.85B was forecast. The only reason the Aussie has bounced off 0.7000 against the greenback is the buoyant Trade figure. Analysts are predicting a pick up in the Aussie towards the end of April based on seasonal import/export figures and solid iron ore values, I’m not so sure? It’s a quiet week on the calendar this week with only RBA assistant governor Debelle speaking today.

New Zealand

The New Zealand Dollar followed the Australian Dollar lower in the early stages of last week bottoming out against the US Dollar at 0.6744 before things changed. US (NFP) Non-Farm Payroll jobs data showed only a further 20,000 people were added to the workforce - the figure significantly down on the expected 180,000 number. Unemployment came in better than expected at 3.8% from 3.9% but the US Dollar traded softer allowing the kiwi to regain early week losses. Global Auction Milk prices have again posted another positive result of 3.3%, this is the seventh increase in prices since November 20th with farmgate prices set to improve over time. Another quiets week for data for the local currency suggesting outside influences will impact for the second week running.

United States

Larry Kudlow has made the suggestion that the ongoing Trump/China trade talks are making "headway" as mixed reports suggested the two parties were miles away from agreeing on a deal. China has suggested a compromise to the US Govt that would allow them to impose an enforcement provision if conditions were not met. Currently the US, based on the current deal conditions, have all the rights to charge China reimposed tariffs if they failed to meet with structural changes to its economy. China have highlighted this as unfair and wish to even the playing field with their own set of what if's penalties as they seek an equal rights trade deal. Erin Ennis senior vice president of the US/China business council has said "we could definitely see ourselves in yet another period of uncertainty" the longer differences continue. Trump is to set to demand another 8.6 Billion in wall funding to build additional sections of the wall along the Mexico/US border in a new set of new battles with congress. The US Dollar retreated late Friday after Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) printed down on expectations of 180,000 at 20,000 as markets sold the Dollar. US unemployment is still low coming in down at 3.8% from 3.9% as well as Average hourly earnings also printing positive at 0.4% from 0.3%. Equity markets closed lower but the kiwi and Aussie pushed up slightly off recent lows as news broke.


The ECB left the overnight rate unchanged and will look at stimulating the economy’s growth through 2019-2020 with a product called (TLTROs) Targeted Longer-Term Refinancing Operations as a potential method to inject liquidity to boost growth. The ECB cut its inflation and growth forecast and delayed any shift to rate hikes by at least three months with the current rate on hold until at least the end of this year. They have also introduced a bunch of cheapish long term loans (TLTRO) in the hope of loosening liquidity conditions later in 2019. Draghi said that the likelihood of a recession was low and the Eurozone growth outlook was still swayed to the downside. It’s a quiet week for tier one data with only less significant economic releases to print.

United Kingdom

The British Pound depreciated further heading into the weekly close and opened Monday on the defensive. Against the US Dollar it traded from around 1.3070 down to 1.2965 based on the EU rejecting May's latest offer. The EU made a fresh offer of letting Britain exit the backstop but keeping Northern Ireland in it which was not acceptable to May. The parliament vote which takes place on Tuesday 12th March (Wednesday morning in NZT) is expected to be dreadful for May. Several members of cabinet have discussed whether May's time is coming to an end if the vote is a "no" Tuesday. The EU are in the driver's seat as they can either deny the UK an extension and ask them to leave or demand an increase of the "divorce payment" as a trade off for offering an extension of time for article 50. One possible scenario which could play out if support grows for the UK to not leave the EU if the current deal is scrapped, the EU could offer an extension and the UK have another referendum which would turn out "no leave". This week the Pound will be by far the most volatile currency, expect wild swings as news hits the wires. In breaking news, the Pound outperformed Tuesday morning travelling to 1.3280 on hopes a last gasp deal on Brexit can be agreed. Theresa May is on her way to Strasbourg where she will meet European Commission President Juncker.


The Japanese Yen closed the week outperforming its rivals on the main currency board after risk aversion drove market sentiment and rallied the JPY. Turning a corner after five weeks of losses against the US Dollar the Yen remained in control. Bouncing from 112.13 the pair closed the week around 110.90 as the ECB's decision to launch another round of TLTRO's sent markets in search of safety. Chinese trade figures were also a risk factor with Chinese exports falling more than 20% in February. The trade surplus m/m came to 4.12B much weaker than the 26.3B markets were expecting. Japan's GDP grew by more than 1.90% for the last quarter of 2018 coming in ahead of predictions of 1.80%. The economic watchers survey also supported the Yen releasing at 47.5 for the month of February after 45.6 was expected. This weeks (BoJ) Bank of Japan policy rate is announced on Friday and will remain unchanged.


Overnight Canada entered DST (daylight saving time) with clocks moved forward 1 hour. The Bank of Canada maintained its 1.75% rate last week saying the global slowdown has been worse than predicted and widespread than the bank had forecast especially in the fourth quarter of 2018. Inflation is forecast to be a little less than 2.0% for most of 2019 but given the pressures on lower Oil prices CPI has eased to 1.4% in January. The BoC are uncertain about future timing of rate increases and will watch developments in Oil markets, household spending and US trade policy. The Canadian Dollar sank across the board and travelled to a yearly low against the greenback. The US Non-Farm Payroll figure Friday was not as rosy as predicted putting the US Dollar under pressure and taking the CAD off its lows. A quiet week for Canadian data on the docket with only Manufacturing Sales to print.

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          The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Tuesday, March 12, 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

By the XE Corporate team

The NZDUSD opens higher at 0.6821 this morning.

The NZDUSD was pushed back above the 0.6800 level overnight after mixed US retail sales data hurt the USD.

US retail sale for January rose 0.2%, comfortably beating expectations of 0.0%, however, December’s figures were revised 0.4% lower to -1.6%, damaging any positive USD sentiment.

The GBP rose for the first time in eight sessions amid optimism Brexit could be delayed and that Prime Minister Theresa May was preparing to offer an amended version of her Brexit deal ahead of a trio of crucial votes in Parliament.

US President Trump released his fiscal 2020 budget blueprint overnight. He is seeking the largest-ever cuts to domestic discretionary spending (including the Environment Protection Agency, departments of State, Energy, Transportation and Agriculture), boosts to defence spending, plus USD$8.6 billion for his beloved wall. The blueprint also forecasts annual deficits beyond the next 10 years and rising national debt, which already exceed USD$16 trillion.

There is no data scheduled on the NZ calendar today.

Business confidence figures from Australia hit the wires this afternoon, followed by US inflation data overnight.

Global equity markets were higher on the day - Dow +0.6%, S&P 500 +1.3%, FTSE +0.4%, DAX +0.8%, CAC +0.7%, Nikkei +0.5%, Shanghai +1.9%.

Gold prices fell 0.5% to USD$1,292 an ounce, while WTI Crude Oil prices jumped 1.1% to US$56.74 per barrel.

Current indicative rates:

NZDUSD 0.6821 0.4%
NZDEUR  0.6068 0.4%
NZDGBP 0.5195 -0.7%
NZDJPY 75.88 0.5%
NZDAUD 0.9666 0.1%
NZDCAD 0.9151 0.4%
GBPNZD 1.9249 0.7%

Upcoming Data releases (NZST):

  • No local data today
  • 1:30pm - AUD - NAB Business Confidence
  • 1:30pm - AUD - Home Loan data



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