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          R. Kelly Slammed & Clowned At 2019 NAACP Image Awards Nominees Luncheon + Young, Black Hollywood Is Super Woke      Cache   Translate Page      


The NAACP isn't here for R. Kelly and his recent sexual assault allegations or his interview with Gayle King. Find out what was said about Kelly and peep the red carpet flicks from the 2019 NAAP Image Awards Nominees Luncheon inside...

It's a woke a-- celebration!

Youngings and veterans in the game were honored and recognized at the 2019 NAACP Image Awards Nominees Luncheon held at Loews Hollywood Hotel ahead of the 50th Annual NAACP Image Awards. The event is usually held in January, however, this year they moved it to March to "extend Black History Month," according to host Sheryl Lee Ralph.


Black Excellence was celebrated and foolish activity was put on blast.

The organizations president and CEO Derrick Johnson (above, alongside his wife Tamika Johnson) put R. Kelly on blast, following his insane interview with "CBS This Morning" co-anchor Gayle King and his recent indictment.

“We cannot celebrate inclusion as long as we look at the foolishness on television, whether it’s R. Kelly or other unfortunate incidents,” Johnson said. “We must continue to uphold and uplift all of our creativity because it’s through our creative power that we will continue to lead the nation.”

We agree.

Sheryl Lee Ralph and Major, who nabbed three NAACP Image nominations, co-hosted the event and they joked about Kelly's interview during the introduction.

“I thought Jesus was recovering after that Gayle King interview,” Ralph joked. That promoted Major to mock Kelly during the interview, “‘I didn’t do it!’ Major shouted. “While the cameras were on, ‘I didn’t do it!'”


Young, Black Hollywood was in the building! 

"black-ish" actor/nominee Marcus Scribner and "This Is Us"a ctor Niles Fitch stopped for a photo-op.

Niles, who plays teenage Randal on the hit drama series, said he's looking forward to seeing more dark-skinned lead actors and actresses.

“I would like to see more dark-skinned leading men and just movies in general where their skin color isn't a part of their character,” Niles told THR. “And not only that, but romantic films where black man is loved and not just by somebody of a different race, but another dark woman. I'm just interested in seeing more black men as leading men, so it can be normalized.”


YAS! We stan his thoughts on black love being put on display for the masses.

His co-star/nominee Lyric Ross also dropped some gems during the event.

“Black people are making noise right now,” she told Variety. “Especially young people — they’re speaking out and telling you what you need to hear, and that’s what we need right now.”

"Dear White People" star/nominee Logan Browning said she wants to see more perfectly, imperfect women tell real stories we can relate to.

“I’m interested in continuing to tell stories about women who are not perfect, who like stripping that from them,” said Browning. “And that's kind of something we take on as black women. If we mess up and we're failures and they push us to the side. But being OK with that as a young woman who was exploring her world — those are the stories I want to see.”

Same. The world could use more #BlackGirlMagic in entertainment.

"Marlon" star Essence Atkins struck a pose on the carpet in a cute school-girl inspired 'fit. She's nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series cateogry.

"Insecure" star Domonique Perry made her way on the scene and snapped it up with other attendees:


Our auntie in our head Loretta Devine stepped out to celebrate her nomination in the Outstanding Guest Performance in a Comedy or Drama Series category for her epic scene in "Love Is_"

Nominee Salli Richardson-Whitfield was all smiles with her daughter, Parker Richardson-Whitfield, at the event. She was nominated for her directing skills in the Outstanding Directing in a Dramatic Series for Marvel's Luke Cage - "I Get Physical" episode.


"Greenleaf" actress Lynn Whitfield was on the scene after she was nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Lady Mae in OWN's "Greenleaf."

By the way, none of the NAACP members made comments about embattled "Empire" star Jussie Smollett - who's nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - following his recent indictment.

The 50th NAACP Image Awards will air live from Dolby Theatre on March 30th on TVOne.

Photos: Getty/MEGA/Startraks

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I smile to let u all know i am happy...
but y u all don't understand at all?
Now i will just show my sad face...
when i am happy too?
I really don't wanna to like that...
Please let me be happy...MyEm0.Com
          Scuba diving and snorkeling      Cache   Translate Page      
The gas are damn heavy. MyEm0.Com Snorkeling,I can see many fish but i became a dark people already MyEm0.Com but nevermind next year I want go again MyEm0.Com
          I'm back      Cache   Translate Page      
MyEm0.ComI,m back but i miss snorkeling and scuba driving..It so fun... MyEm0.Com
          Trip      Cache   Translate Page      
I will go trips for 4 days~MyEm0.Com
          Dropzone Commander 1500 point Battle Report - UCM Vs PHR - Tournament Practice      Cache   Translate Page      
With my first Dropzone Commander tournament fast approaching I decided to get some much needed practice on one of the scenarios in the tournament pack. Spud and Aaron were happy to oblige.

As there was quite helpfully 10 scenarios in the Hawk Wargames 2015 tournament pack we decided to just roll a d10 and see which one fate chose. So we rolled up the "Search" scenario, which has a deployment map that looks like it has the measles. 

Although after discovering that we only had 20 possible objective markers and the scenario required us to mark some as real we decided to go for the 5 out of 20 to be real. No we could have mixed them up and placed them our selves to be really tactical... but we decided to be lazy and get Aaron to place them for us.

We also filmed a battle report of this game:

So I don't spoil the results of the battle report I'll put my closing thoughts below:
So after that game what have I learnt? getting the initiative is vital, and I am going to try using a higher level commander in the next test game. This should also provide me with more useful command cards (having a bigger hand of cards).

The Athena (fast mover) didn't quite have the impact I expected, now this could be down to bad luck. Especially as it failed to turn up on its first attack run. So I might take it out the list.

More Apollos are needed, I don't think I can get enough of this unit with its ability to get where I need it and not really needing a transport (thus saving much needed points).

Stealth Missiles are not an upgrade worth the points, unless I have nothing else to spend the points on.

Finally I think I might try taking a second unit of Sirens as they are only 28 points more than a unit of immortals (after transports etc.)

Thanks for reading/watching

Dan (DeathBringa) Cain

          Ringkasan AGM MARES 2008      Cache   Translate Page      
Tahniah pada MARES dan semua AJK yang bertungkus-lumus menjayakan AGM 2008 pada 29 MAC 2009 lalu bertempat di Rumah Kelab Mares Petaling Jaya.
Alhamdulillah AGM yang berlangsung berjalan dengan lancar sekali di samping menikmati hidangan Nasi Beriyani Gam setelah selesai pada jam 12:20 tghari. AGM kali ini tidak mengubah sebarang lantikan baru terhadap AJK tetapi adalah tertumpu kepada penyata kewangan MARES bagi unjuran tahun 2008. Apa yang membanggakan ahli-ahlinya adalah, kita mempunyai sahabat serta rakan yang sentiasa tidak jemu memberikan khidmat terhadap segala aktiviti yang dianjurkan. Aktiviti yang dijalankan juga lebih fokus terhadap kegiatan Radio Amatur serta secara tidak langsung memberikan khidmat kepada masyarakat umumnya.
Tertarik kepada nasihat dari 9W2ABL bahawa kekuatan kelab atau sesuatu organisasi itu bukanlah terletak kepada Presiden atau Naibnya tetapi adalah kerana kekuatan ahlinya sendiri. Kita yang perlu menentukan sendiri hala tuju sesebuah kelab dan sumbangan kita samaada secara terang atau tidak bukan menjadi sebarang pertikaian. Memang sukar melakukan kerja tanpa dibayar melalui wang ringgit akan tetapi kepuasan melakukannya untuk kebaikan bersama sudah memadai...itulah gambaran kepada mereka yang membangunkan MARES sehingga berjaya mengekalkan entitinya sebagai sebuah kelab yang memberikan bantuan kecemasan dari skop komunikasi di Malaysia. Sebagai ahli kita sepatutnya berasa bangga dan tidak cukup dengan itu, kita di saran agar mengambil sebarang aktiviti yang dianjurkan MARES walaupun hanya sempat sekali setahun tetapi cukup memberikan makna terhadap sumbangan anda.
Hasil pemerhatian saya juga mempamerkan petanda yang baik terhadap peminat Radio Amatur kerana aktiviti tahun ini dijangka akan dipelbagaikan agar semua ahlinya sedar bahawa bukan sekadar QSO sahaja menjadi aktiviti kita malahan lebih dari itu.
Untuk gambar, sila klik pautan dibawah yang disediakan oleh 9W2REJ semasa AGM tersebut.

          Favorite Baby Items up to 9 Months      Cache   Translate Page      
Throughout this journey of motherhood, I've relied heavily upon my friends advice on which baby items to spend a little extra on and which ones it doesn't matter. So I thought I would pass on my list of favorites that have worked really well for our family over the past 9 months, especially now that Cole is getting more into the toddler phase.

1) Invest in a nice highchair. I originally purchased a wooden high chair that was supposed to grow with your child and be oh so useful... wrong. It was so difficult to get him in and out of and the fact that it was fabric meant I had to wash it FREQUENTLY. Because lets be honest, what baby doesn't get their crackers, food, and juice all over the place at least once a day? So needless to say, we quickly invested in a more logically high chair. The BEST decision! I wish I would have had this chair when he was only months old so that he could have sat at the table with us and reclined while we ate. Although it comes with a steep price tag, I HIGHLY recommend saving up for the Peg Perego Siesta. I can't even think of one complaint. Definitely a keeper!

Peg Perego Siesta

2) Baby Einstein Activity Jumper! This toy keeps Cole occupied in the mornings when he first wakes up. Now that he's mobile he's not interested in staying in one spot for very long, but it has been a life saver up until this point. He's played so long in his Einstein that he's literally crashed. Sweet baby!

3) Itzy Ritzy Grocery Cart Cover. I received this as a shower gift and am just now able to use it. I LOVE it. And so does Cole! It has places to attach a few toys so when I'm grocery shopping, he can still be playing; yet, I'm not in fear that his toys are getting thrown at the lady behind me or all over the floor.  It has padding which makes those hard carts more comfortable for your babe and you don't have to worry about what germs he may be picking up while you're in there. PLUS, it can be used on restaurant high chairs as well. Bonus! 

4) Summer Sharp Sight HD Baby Monitor. I originally thought I wanted a different monitor, but this monitor has exceeded my expectations. After having to send my original monitor in for a 6-8 week repair, I snatched this one up at my local BuyBuyBaby so that I could sleep knowing I could still monitor my babe from across the house. This monitor has spectacular imaging! During the daytime I would definitely categorize it as "HD." The night vision is not as detailed, but still much easier to see things than my original Levana monitor. I have yet to find something I don't like about this monitor. Definitely one I would recommend to someone who is looking.  

5) This was listed under my favorites list before, and I'll mention it again. I LOVE my stroller!!! Click here to read more about it. I love my stroller even more now after experiencing it through airports, big cities and small towns. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my stroller!

6) Beaba Baby Spoons! I received some of these as part of a gift, and they are by far Cole's favorite spoons. I'm not sure why he prefers them over others, but every time I use these to feed him he always eats more and is less irritated about the process. He also loves to chew on them after he finishes eating. I think the silicone shape feels good on his teething gums. Needless to say, we wash these spoons frequently. 

7) VonBon Feather Blanket. I have loved VonBon since the day Cole was born. They make great products, but I especially love their feather blankets. The extra thought and care that is put into their products is evident during the day to day use. Cole and I both love the feel, durability, and versatility of these blankets. They are the first ones I grab out of the drawer. I even used them when we were in Chicago as a changing pad when I had to change his diaper on the floor (Chicago is NOT baby friendly. I found ONE place that had changing tables. Thankfully I always carried these blankets with me so little guy didn't have to lay down on the dirty ground just to get a clean bum.) I wish they came in more colors and designs, but the black and grey feathers are perfect for any gender. So cute and practical. I also love how they are slightly oversized. Perfect for the baby/toddler transition.

8) Kickee Pants Jammies. Again, a staple in our home. Cole seems to get heat rashes easily and the Kickee Pant Jammies allow his skin to breathe enough that no rashes have ever occurred. They are so incredibly soft and their patterns are fun. We love Kickee Pants in this house! The perfect baby gift idea!

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          8 Months Old      Cache   Translate Page      
Little Cole is 8 months old! The joy and excitement he brings to our whole family is unmatchable. You always smile, no matter how you feel or what's happening. You love life! 

Cole LOVES peas. And peaches. He has a little left on his chin here. Ha!

The "please stop taking pictures now, mama" look.
I finally got a picture of him sneezing. He is adorable when he sneezes, but until now I've never been quick enough to capture it. Oh those fists. Too cute!

Who knew Walmart could be so fun?! 

Crackers. Cole loves crackers!

"Master Cole" got his first package in the mail from Uncle Jason and Aunt Chelsea! They sent him Mickey goodies all the way from Disney World. He was pretty excited!

Someones up to no good in Daddy's office. That face just screams ornery!

Bath time shenanigans!

Cole got his first cold this month. Poor baby got it BAD. His Daddy and I were trading off sleeping so one of us could hold him two nights in a row bc he was gasping for air. Talk about scary. It's hard to see your baby be sick. Thankful it's over and his little smile is back!
Cole's favorite thing to do is visit Daddy and the football players. If we get there in time, Cole goes out with Daddy during the stretch lines and gets to encourage the football boys before they start practice. [He literally cries when we make him leave... little does he know this will be his life for YEARS]

An example of his crying fit as I'm leaving practice. Whomp Whomp. Good news, I finally got a picture of his new little tooth!! 
Mr. Ornery has figured out how to open the shutters. I'm. In. Trouble.
A boy and his dog doing a little front porch sittin'

After his first wreck... Yes, you read that correctly. I was rear-ended heading to the grocery store. It wasn't bad, and little Cole behaved himself very well! All the excitement wore him out...

He plays so hard in his Baby Einstein that he literally falls asleep. Sweet baby!
 [Yes, he's eating puffs on the floor. No, he doesn't to that regularly. Some days you just have to do what you have to do to get dinner made]
Snuggling with momma during nap time. Momma's favorite! =)

8 Month Measurements

Height: 28 inches (ish- doing this at home is not for the faint of heart)  
Weight: 22.5 lbs 
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: Light Brown

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          Frozen Baby Snacks      Cache   Translate Page      
Ever since Cole started teething, I've had a difficult time getting him to eat solid foods. He seems to lose interest quickly and some days only desires his bottle. After talking with a fellow momma, she recommended I try freezing small bite size amounts of his baby food. So I got to work.

I pulled out a cookie sheet, some wax paper, zip-lock baggie (or icing bag would work as well) and his baby food (gerber or homemade would work).  I put his food in the baggie and then cut off the corner and started dropping little bit size amounts on the waxed paper. Once my cookie sheet was full, I popped it in the freezer. A few hours later, my snack bites were ready to eat!
Left: Peas // Right: Spinach Raspberry Yogurt

Cole devoured his frozen bites!

A fun and easy snack for mom, yet a healthy and nutrious snack for baby boy. If you all have teething babes, I highly recommend trying this.

[Note: be careful about the size you freeze and give your child-- no one wants choking babes]

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          7 Months Old      Cache   Translate Page      
Cole is 7 months old! How fast time is flying by. This month was especially CRAZY around our house. Cole had many "firsts" this month too. He attended his first football event on the turf with his Daddy. 

He was able to hang out with Uncle Jason for a few weeks before he moved to Mississippi. [If that face doesn't say it all... He LOVES his Uncle Jason]
Cole learned to crawl.... backwards. Still working on the forward progress. 

He listened to his Daddy sing and play guitar. 

Cole got his first cowboy hat and boots with his Papaw! Stud muffin. 
Cole rode his first airline flight! Yippee!! It was a breeze with this little man. He didn't cry or fuss a bit on any of the flights. He became a little traveler this month. We spent two weeks flying from city to city for back to back weddings. First, his cousin got married in downtown Chicago. So we stayed a few extra days to explore the city and relax a bit. 

He got his first life-size Mickey Mouse!!! Obviously, a big deal. I mean can you see that look on his face?! 

He rode his first marry-go-round while we were in Chicago.
And he slept through Pizza Date night with Mom and Dad. [We greatly appreciated your thoughtfulness, sweet son]
He slept through our family Italian dinner. Uncle Jason to the rescue! =)
He walked the Magnificent Mile!  
And giggled his way through downtown Chicago. He was so much fun and such a trooper! He was passed around a LOT... yet he smiled and went to anyone that snatched him up. [Which this momma was very grateful for lots of family around, as I was in the ER up until hours before our first flight took off with bursitis. NO fun!]
Up up and away! Off to Mississippi we go for Uncle Jason and Aunt Chelsea's wedding!!
Cole got his first piano lesson from his Aunt Chelsea's second momma, Mrs Tricia. Obviously, he loved, loved Mrs Tricia! [And for the record, she can play the piano better than ANYONE I've ever heard. Such a sweet heart she has as well. We loved being guests in her home for the evening.]
Cole and Daddy at Uncle Jason's rehearsal dinner. I personally am crazy about his Mickey Mouse bow tie and red suspenders. 
 Cole was an honorary ring bearer in his Uncle Jason and Aunt Chelsea's wedding. His little tux was precious. [Still waiting for wedding pictures to get back... once I do I'll upload more of the wedding]
And even after sleeping in hotel cribs for two weeks, he was still all smiles as we drove to New Orleans to fly back home. Oh sweet baby, never lose your positive outlook on life. You bring so much joy to everyone you meet. 
We love you, little Cole!!

7 Month Measurements

Height: [Sadly, I didn't get measurements this month.. whomp whomp] 
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: Light Brown

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          6 Months Old      Cache   Translate Page      
Cole is officially a half of a year old! Where has the time gone?! I can't believe he is getting so big. Time slow down!!

Cole, you are the sweetest little boy. You make me smile all day, every day. You love to be with your mommy, but you are already so much of a daddy's boy! You want to be with mommy most of the time, except when you wanna play. Play time seems to be best enjoyed with your Daddy. You love jumping and being thrown in the air. You could do it for hours on end! You love talking and jibber jabbering about anything and everything. You are sleeping like a champ! You have started to be able to keep solids down (hallelujah!) yet you prefer fresh foods over gerber. Don't blame you there! So mommy has been making all your baby food for the most part. You are an awesome traveler!! This month you took your first road trip. We went down to Mississippi for your soon to be Aunt Chelsea's bridal shower. Although you were ready to be out of your car seat by the end of the 10 hours, you did INCREDIBLY well! I was so proud of you!! You adjust and adapt so well to everything we throw at you lately. Your daddy and I couldn't ask for a better baby. We love you SO much sweet one!!! 

6 Month Measurements
Height: 2'2.5" (26.5 inches) 
Weight: 19.3 lbs
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: Light

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          Cole's Birth Story      Cache   Translate Page      
On the cold morning of December 27, 2014, Lee and I headed into the hospital to meet our little baby boy, Cole.

We arrived at the hospital at 5:30am.

We signed in and got settled. I was being induced so the petocin drip started at 6:30am. Dr Wood came in at 8:40am and broke my water. The labor process was officially in full force. 

Cole wasn't very cooperative for the first 9 hours. Every time I had a strong contraction, his heart rate dropped. The nurses became concerned and kept calling Dr Wood frequently. He kept having them move me regularly and came in to check on me about every hour. Our nurse kept talking to me about emergency c-sections and what all was involved. I could tell she thought I would end up needing an emergency c-section, but I was determined to have Cole naturally. 

Finally, at 8PM Cole had moved down far enough for me to start pushing. It was the LONGEST two hours of my life. Finally after 14 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing, our precious little boy was here! Cole Anthony was born at 10:02PM. He barely cried when he came out, which scared this momma, but he was perfectly fine! Just a tough little guy from the beginning. 

After he was all cleaned up the grandparents came in to meet our little guy. 

We are so grateful for a healthy baby boy!  Praise the Lord!

And after two nights, it was time to head home! Cole was smiling as we packed our bags and got him ready to leave.

After Lee pulled my car up to the hospital door, my battery died. Of course. So thankfully Cole's Nana and Papa switched us cars and got ours up and working while we drove our little man home in their car. Thanks Nana and Papa! We love you!!

Cole's 4 day doctors appointment came quickly. He obviously remembered that his pediatrician was the same man who had circumcised him two days earlier because he decided to poop not only on their scale as he was being weighed, but also popped on their exam table. Oh little Cole, you always keep us guessing. 

His appointment went well and we headed back to Nana and Papa's house to spend more time with family over the holidays. 

The week following Cole's arrival was the fastest week of our lives. Although Lee & I were both completely sleep deprived, we somehow managed to keep waking up and taking care of our little man at the jump of a hat. 

We love you, little Cole! 
The Lord blessed us beyond words the day He gave you to us.

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          One Month Old      Cache   Translate Page      
I can't believe an entire month has past since Cole arrived; yet, part of me feels like he's been a part of our lives forever.

Our lives have changed in so many ways over the past 4 weeks. We may not be getting much sleep, or always have a clean house, or even be able to eat a meal at one sitting... But we wouldn't trade any of that for the world now that we have our little Cole. He has brightened our lives in ways we never knew he could. Even the saddest days, are brightened by our little man. The Lord has blessed us so deeply when He gave Cole to us. 

I love hearing his little grunts, groans and cries. We have officially turned in to "those parents" as we will do almost anything to get this sweet baby to smile (and I'm quite certain he enjoys watching us make fools of ourselves in the process). He may not like to sleep in his little bassinet, but that's ok... This mommy loves snuggling with him all night long (however, some sleep in your crib would be nice too, little guy). 

Time is quickly passing and he is growing oh so fast. I love watching him grow, but wish he will stay my little snuggle buddy forever. 

We love you little Cole, more than you will ever know! 

One Month Milestones

Height: 23 inches [95%]

Weight: 11lbs 4oz [90%]

Eye Color: Blue

Clothing: You switched from newborn to 3month clothing at 3 weeks old.

Nicknames: I like to call you "Little Bit," your daddy calls you "Buddy," and your Nana calls you her "Little Monkey."

Sleep: We have had many struggling nights of sleep with you, little one. You like to be held ALL the time. Especially when you sleep. We are just now getting to the point where you will sleep in your crib some nights. We haven't made a pattern of it yet, but it's progress! 

You Love: Snuggles, your MamaRoo (this Momma's saving grace!), to play with your Daddy when he gets home from work, to dirty a diaper INMEDIATELY following a diaper change.. every.time. You love to ride in the car (until it stops moving and then all bets are off). You love  to look around and see what's going on. You can hold your head up and look all around. You love to watch the ceiling fan turn round and round, and most importantly you LOVE to eat! (And I love to hear your little moans while you eat... Although it makes it hard to inconspicuously feed you). After you're finished eating you put both your arms up and wait for me to lift you and burp you. It's too cute! You love your momma and I love you, my sweet baby.

Snuggling with Mommy

MamaRoo Love

Sleeping in his MamaRoo

Naps all around

Watching Football with Daddy

Watching the Bible App for Kids with Daddy

Loves looking around when riding in the car

You Hate: Burpies! Light in your eyes (it makes you so angry!), to be hot, the hiccups (which you get regularly), to be put down before you're in a solid sleep, when your mommy leaves you for a few hours... You let me know about it when I return and then are clingy for at least a day until you know I'm not leaving again. You hate to be covered with a blanket when you're eating... Making it impossible to feed you in public. When you get angry, your face turns bright red and you hold your breath until you can't stand it anymore. You are super strong! I have a hard time holding you when you're throwing a mad fit, you try and jump out of my arms and sometimes you're pretty successful! 

Sun, go away!

About to start a mad fit

Cole's First Bath

First Bath

First Bath Aftermath

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          Newborn Pictures      Cache   Translate Page      
While we were still home over the holidays, we had Cole's newborn pictures taken. He was such a trooper and took the 4 hour photo session like a champ (with several milk breaks in between). He is a very happy baby as long as he's not hungry!

At first we thought he was just a little angry while getting his pictures taken... However, after a couple weeks we realized it's the sun that was bothering him, not the pictures. This little guy does NOT like light shining in his eyes. He gets what we call his "mean-muggin" face on when the sun hits him. He's my little hermit. 

A big thank you to Wendy White for capturing our little boy perfectly!
We love him to pieces!!

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          Introducing Our Little Boy      Cache   Translate Page      


Born December 27, 2014 at 10:02PM
7lbs 10oz
19 inches long

We are thrilled to have this precious little bundle finally in our arms. Blessed beyond words! You are loved more than we could ever express, little Cole! 

Newborn pictures and birth story to come! 

*Photography by Wendy White*

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          Cole's Black & White Nursery      Cache   Translate Page      

I am finally about finished with Cole's Nursery. I am so pleased with how it turned out. It's become a mixture of Lee and I both. Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to do a black and white nursery. Once we found out it was a boy, we took off running with the idea and here's what we came up with... 
Cole's Nursery

Elephant Toy Chest

A sweet gift handmade gift from a dear friend, Melissa.

Lee's first football helmet had to make it to Cole's bookshelf

Whitetail Antler Chandelier: Cabelas
Bedding: Custom order through Bratt Decor
Glider and Ottoman: Blessed Baby Boutique
Throw Blanket: Pottery Barn
Horse Art Work: Drysdales
Changing Table: Bratt Decor
Mirror: Hobby Lobby
Changing Pad Cover: Mommy Moxie
Elephant Toy Chest: Bannor Toys

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          A Little Glimpse at Cole      Cache   Translate Page      
We finally have a little glimpse at what Mr. Cole will look like! I was so excited when I showed up for my ultrasound and found out they were doing 3D imaging. Lee and I are still debating on who he looks more like... Lee and our friends think that he looks like me; I however, see a lot of Lee in him. Time will tell! =)

See you in January, little guy! =)
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          Another District Title in the Books      Cache   Translate Page      
Last night, my husband's football team captured another District Championship and brought the title back to our town for 2014! I am so very proud of all the hard work that each player and coach have put in since the spring to get the team to this point. I'm especially proud of this guy... =)

Lee and I after the big win! [Cole made this district title picture =)]

Three years ago, my husband captured his very first district title as a head coach...

And last night we were able to recreate the same picture with our dear friends and fellow coaching family. I'm so very thankful to have such good friends to share in the crazy, wild ride of our football life. Here's to many more recreated pictures!!

My husband and I on the left, our offensive coordinator and his wife on the right.
Playoffs here we come! Cole baby, stay put... We have 5 more weeks of football to finish.

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A few weeks ago, dear friends of mine back home threw Lee and I a baby shower for our little Cole. I was grateful that it was on a weekend that Lee could come back home with me. It was such a fun and relaxing time. It's always nice to go back home!

I am doing Cole's nursery in a black and white theme (post to come once it's finished), so Nikki continued the theme along into the shower. I love how it turned out. Every detail was perfect. Thank you, Mrs. Waggoner and Nikki for all of your thoughtfulness and generosity. Cole is one blessed little boy!

The entry table

One of my favorite things about the shower was the mixture of floral centerpieces and baby books! I'm so excited to read each and every book to Cole. 

My mother-in-law gave me Lee's baby blanket at the shower =)

And what shower would be complete without my mom's famous sugar cookies?! So grateful for a sweet "Nana" for our little Cole. I'm sure she will be making him many more cookies in the years to come.

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This past weekend, my mom and I threw a bridal shower for a childhood friend of mine. We had so much fun planning her shower that I had to share with you all how it turned out. We decided to use the theme "Meant to Bee" and added touches here and there to help express our theme. 

Entry table as the guests walked in to the Country Club
Guest tables

I just loved the little heart confetti made out of pages from books. It definitely added a lovely touch to our centerpieces. 
Advice cards for each guest to fill out for the soon-to-be bride 
This table was our advice and well wishes table. We had a bowl for the guests to leave their advice cards in the for the bride and also a bowl for the guests to leave their favorite recipe for Lauren to start her own recipe book. We sent the recipe cards out in the invitations so that the guests had plenty of time to decide on a recipe and fill out their card.

Going along with our "Meant to Bee" theme, we chose customizable honey jars as our favors to send home with each guest.


Advice bowl on the left

Recipe card bowl behind Lauren's new recipe book
One of our favorite things was our dessert table! I mean, who doesn't love desserts?

In the back you will see chocolate covered oreos that my mom made herself with rose petals on the top. I am so sad I didn't get an unclose picture of the oreos. They were ADORABLE! And equally as delicious!

We served cake, cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels, petit fours, macarons, and jelly beans on the dessert table. 

 The food table consisted of tea sandwiches, fruit, mint tea punch, and lemonade. 

The gift table before the shower began
Even though mom and I had so much fun planning this shower for the past few months, we were equally as excited to see it all come together. 

Lauren and her sweet Momma

Well wishes to the "bride-to-bee!"

[Details of where we purchased everything to come]

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You know those days when everything seems to be going wrong, until all of a sudden God steps in and makes it very clear that the little things in life don't always matter? Well I had one of those days this past week.

Everything from waking up sick with a nasty cold (which is the worst when your pregnant), to the gas pump at the gas station not working and a long line of people inside (all the while it's the one morning I can't spare a minute), to finally being a coach's wife on a CRAZY morning trying to get a quick picture to send in for a magazine article AND still make it to my doctors appointment on time. All to do before the clock struck noon. I thought for sure if the morning was this bad, that my afternoon had little hope of getting better. 

I literally walked into my doctors office with 30 seconds to spare. Phew! Thank you, Lord! And that's when my day suddenly was put back into perspective. 

This was the day we would have our big ultrasound and test results to find out if our baby boy was healthy or if there may be something to dig deeper into. Of course, this has any momma-to-be on her toes. I was thankful that my sweet momma went with me to my appointment, as Lee couldn't break free from work that afternoon as we had a football scrimmage that evening (I told you, crazy day). 

It wasn't until our little sweet boy popped up on the ultrasound screen that the day seemed to slow wayyy down and get so much brighter!

Baby Cole signaling a touchdown! Making his Daddy proud. =)

He was moving all around the entire time (again, like his father) and scored perfectly on all his measurements and tests. My doctor told me that he must have read the textbook, as he is right on schedule with his development. Oh this momma was HAPPY to hear! 

Thank you, Lord!!! 

Let me know in the comments below how you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year! Then, enter to win a Saint Patrick's Day FeastKit! Which includes: 1- Bamboo Cheese Board with slide out drawer 4 - Stainless steel cutting and serving knife to help you get your St. Patrick's Day feast on!
The giveaway is open to residents of the US, 13+ and will run through 3/27. Winner will have 24 hours to respond to winning email before a new winner is selected. No PO Boxes accepted. One win permitted across all blog giveaways. If you win on this blog, you will not be eligible to win again on another blog. Please enter on the giveaway widget below.

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All were in attendance for Mountain Dew's Green Label Art show. This event showcases artist rendered, collectible and rare bottles of Mountain Dew. The bottles are available for 8 weeksat select retailers. This time they enlisted the help of Pushead, Claw Money, UPSo and more. This event is held at the Etnies showroom at 29 Greene St bet Canal&Grand NYC 12-7PM. Check out the rest of the pix here 
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Oh, what a few days it has been! You, my dear reader, already know that Easter is my fave holiday. Let me just TELL you about my days of wonderfulness! Since there is so much the post would go on forever, I have decided to make you a list!

Wonderful things from the past few days:
1) I had the weekend off and got to spend entire DAYS with my family.
2) Mama brought the boys into the children's room at church so I got to listen to the entire Easter mass with minimal interruption (except from my sister!)
3) Buddy, my sister, and I watched part of Jesus of Nazareth Saturday night until everyone was just about asleep (this is one of my all-time favorite movies!)
4) I got to go to Elaina's, and we got our buns! Buddy's is Johnny, a French angora, and mine is Madchen (pronounced maid-chen) a small German angora hybrid.
5) We saw day-old lambs with their mama.
6) Mama made a praline French toast casserole that was awesome.
7) I got to spend hours in Great Yarns while hubby got his new truck. I had a GREAT time.
8) I knit my first whole sock, and it wasn't that hard!
9) I made one of Kate Gilbert's bunnies, and Baba loves it!
10) We saw my FIL and his wife and had a great visit, as well as a great lunch! Hubby and I split a piece of Carnegie's cheesecake with fresh blueberries and it was the best cheesecake ever!
11) Baba had his first Easter basket and had lots of fun!

So, about Great Yarns.... I just had a wonderful time there. They have lots to look at, and look I did! I was told to stick to a budget, so I had to choose very carefully. So, I purchased: for more Kate Gilbert bunnies, 3 balls of Berocco Plush. These are to make a hot pink papa for buddy, and a light blue mama for baba. Next, some Twisted Sisters Jazz handpainted yarn. I love the Twisted Sister's Sock workbook, so when I saw this I *had* to buy it. I also bought ANOTHER set of size six DPNs so that I could start my socks right away!
Lastly, I bought the yarn to make Pippa. Mine will be light pink, with a dark blue edging. I had planned on getting the Calmer to make Elspeth, but they just didn't have enough of the pink I wanted. I will have to get that later. I really like Pippa, too, though, so this was a good choice for me.
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SO, what did my son tell me recently when we were watching Gilmore Girls? He wishes I would dress like Lorelai, because "she's a cool mom". Funny, I didn't think my son would want me dressing so *funky*! But, Lorelai wears a lot of shrugs and cardis and stuff, so hey, my knitting would work with that!!
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First I want to wish everyone a very happy Easter. THis is my favorite holiday all year. I have the whole weekend off and I get to go to church, so I am way excited. Tommorrow I am going to Elaina's to pick up buddy's french angora for 4-h, and hopefully a companion of the german hybrid kind for me!
My husband has been so wonderfully supportive of me. I just can't believe I am so blessed to have him. He helped me get the cages all scrubbed and ready, and built me a little platform so the German bun won't be on the ground. This photo shows the home for the German. The French's cage will be on top of that, it has already been removed to use in rabbit transport!
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I finally took a look at my FBS and found where the extra stitch came in. Instead of frogging it back, I just knit it together with another stitch in the next row, and voila I am back on track again. I have decided to try to put this one to the forefront of my knitting right now. I screwed something up on one of my charts for Elsie and I am going to have to frog back several inches. That's not a big deal to me, but I hate to think of all the time I put into it. But I want to frog it so that it will look perfect, and anyways now I have the chart figured out so it should go easier.

I needed some mindless knitting to do for TV watching and knit night, so I started the heirloom bag in the new Rowan (37). I finished one side and started the gusset. I will need some help with the crocheting, but I have several friends who crochet so I am not too worried about that. I am knitting this bag from stash yarn, so it's being made with Lion Brands Microspun yarn, a microfiber. I like the feel of this yarn, but I think it would be even better in something lacy. It's just plain old boring stocking stitch for the bag.
Image hosted by
This fabric is a reproduction from a 1943 print. I found it at Jo-ann's on their clearance rack for only $4. yd. I am going to make a wrap skirt similar to the one I made for Easter, but the shorter version. Unfortunately I can't show you the Easter skirt yet, as it is packed in the car and ready to go! I'll show you some Easter shots though.
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OK, it has been crazy around here the past week. I hate craziness. I like calm and quiet. That, it has not been.

Let's see: the good:

1) I got a package from Sicily!!! Wendy sent me the most AMAZING yarn stash! There is "a whole animal's worth" of a great beige yarn (as my friend Elizabeth said). It is enough to make a cardi or pullover. I am still deciding which to make. This yarn just has the greatest texture to it!
Next, 2 skeins of Grignasco soft kid in beige. What a nice soft yarn this is. Maybe good for a fuzzy collar on cardi? HMMM....
Then there was three skeins of a beautiful dark blue lambswool angora. It is not quite navy and feels great. This need to be made into something that I will wear right against my skin!! Wendy also sent a package of beads which are not shown. They will make pretty stitch markers, just trust me on that one. I put them somewhere baba couldn't get them. Unfortunately a lot of times my "safe" spots are even safe for me because I can't remember where they are!
Image hosted by
2) I arranged a swap with Chelsea, my former SP3! She had gotten the Rowan 37 and did not like it. I wanted to get it, so I asked if she would like some handmade cards and stationery to swap. She said yes, and I rec'd the Rowan book already! There are some beautiful things in this one- I want to make a lot of them! I have made Chelsea a bunch of cards, I am sending them out today or if I can get hubbie to send via UPS tommorrow, so they can get there quicker. I didn't do the stationery yet, because I want to make a few different designs and let her pick one. It is fun making stationery for another person! Oh, I don't actually make the paper, I just do the designs. You'd be surprised how much you can do, though, with some stamps and ink, fibers and markers.....

3) Since buddy moved downstairs, I now have a sewing room! His twin bed is still in there, and it makes a perfect place to put my blocking board, and gives me a place to lay out pattern pieces. Right now I am working on my skirt and blouse for Easter. I found Amy Butler fabrics and patterns thanks to Brynne and SWIM. I am in love! A friend from work really likes the designs too, and I am going to make her one of the handbags. She likes the Chelsea, and I like the Madison.
Image hosted by

Today I downloaded patterns for the first time- what fun! I ordered the plain knit bucket hat from Bonne Marie Burns, and the Bunny! from Kate Gilbert. What fun it was to order patterns from a designer, knowing all of the money goes directly to them! I thought the bucket hat in child's size would be great for spring in a cotton. And I had to order the bunnies once I saw them! I think Kate Gilbert is an awesome designer, and I love her sense of color.

There are signs of spring popping up. Today it is about 70 degrees and sunny. I love warm sunny weather, but I don't actually consider it warm until we break 80 degrees. But we are getting there! My pear tree is blooming, and so are my lenten roses. I am going to get the soil and assorted amendments to plant my beautiful valentine's roses this week. I am so excited that it is getting nicer out!
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I also had fun yesterday, while at work, we had a little slow time between emergent/urgent surgeries, so I taught my friend RUSS how to knit!! He was so excited, he is making a garter stitch scarf to start out with. I gave him big wool and big needles so that it would be a good "quick" project. Let him get some instant gratification, so he'll be hooked. He was so stoked when he had knit about 4 rows and could see progress!

Click this link for a funny bunny Easter Greeting:
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After reading Margene post about the Dulaan project, I thought what a great idea, to knit up some hats for children who are not as fortunate as my own. I dug through my stash and found threee balls of "Luxury Cashmere" purchased at A.C. Moore which I thought would be great for hats. Now, the name is a little misleading, it is only 6%cashmere, but the yarn DOES feel wonderful. I have knit up two hats and have one on the sticks. One of the bears is modeling since Baba is down for his nap right now.
Image hosted by
The bear is wearing Baba's Easter vest. I am really happy with the way it turned out; It looks great on Baba and he loves to wear it! Since it is made of nylon, it is machine washable, but it really feels nice.

I have worked on Elsie. We had our knitting night last night but I forgot to bring my camera. It was a real shame because we had 3 dogs there! Penny is Melissa's dog, and she has a new housemate who has two dachsunds. I was in heaven sitting on Melissa's couch, with Penny curled up between Stephanie and me, and then Linus on my lap, and daisy on the top of the couch behind my head. It was wonderful to be surrounded by the doggies and have lots of lovin!
Image hosted by
Anyways, about Elsie, she is coming along. Rather slowly lately, because I was just too sad to want to knit much. But last night I cast of for one of the fronts, so that I could just chat while knitting. Here is what I did:Image hosted by
Obviously, not much knitting going in! We were too busy eating, admiring Melissa's newly re-upholstered chair (she did a great job, with some help from Stephanie), trying to re-arrange her decorating on her..... We always have such a wonderful time. Our group is just a great bunch of ladies who all get along so well, and there is always fun and interesting conversation. Oh, and I am getting to know a lot about the historic Wilmington area, and who owns which house, and when they were built and for who, and so on. But the conversation goes something like this "you know, the white house down the street, gay Phil lives there...."
"no, not that gay phil, gay phil that lives with mike..."
"oh, THAT gay phil....."
Am I getting to know too much about their neighbors?
Oh, btw, the fabric under the progress on Elsie- I am going to make Stephanie a knitting bag. She came to knitting night with her stuff in a plastic "patient belongings bag." I told her that was skank and I was going to make her a knitting bag!
On the rabbit front: I talked with the vet, and Georgie had a rising E. Caniculi titer. E. Caniculi is a parasitic infection that may or may not have caused his demise. The only way to know for sure would be to do a necropsy, and I just couldn't bear the thought of that. You can read about the infection here. Anyways, I told you that when we got George there was a very nice French angora there that Buddy liked. We are going the day before Easter to pick him up from Elaina. I am going to see if she has any of George's relatives available. The rabbits will have new digs, in metal cages in my garage. I know that sounds bad but it isn't, really. I will be able to check on them very frequently, they will be protected from the wind, rain, and sun. I am going to attempt litter box training so they can be inside more. Georgie could only be inside while he was in my lap, which was actually a lot. I loved having him in after dinner and combing his hair. The french angora that Buddy is getting is beautiful, and he will be able to show him for 4-h since he is a purebred.

I have a little decorating to do. We let buddy move from his upstairs bedroom down to the guest room, so I bought him a couple posters to hang on the wall (A chopper from West Coast Choppers, and one of Lindsay Lohan) so that the place will feel more like his own room. But now that he will be downstairs, I can move my craft table upstairs to his room, which will be the guest room. I am going to put my sewing machine up there, and I am so excited because I have a lot of projects that I have been putting off because I dreaded sewing in my closet! I can even set the table up to have the view of the pond while I sew. I am so excited about that! I will have to show you "my" room when I am done!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is one of the projects I am excited about getting done- a sheer blouse to wear over a cami. I think it will look so chic!!

Oh- one last thing- are you having trouble reading my text? It shows black to me but I have been told it is blue. Is it readable?
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I am so sorry to say that my beloved big bunny George W. has passed away. He got sick last week, and even with expert nursing care, he succumbed to whatever it was that made him sick. I am still waiting to get the results from George's blood tests to see if we can find out what made him so sick. The wonderful Dr. Jaffe did all that he could, and he told me that he knew I did everything possible to save him.

George was sick for a week, and I knew Monday night that he would not make it. I brought him to bed with me and just laid him on my chest and petted him and loved him. Buddy was with us too. George knew that he was loved.

We buried him yesterday, in the garden. I am going to get a bunny garden statue to place at his grave and will probably plant a real nice flower there too.

Buddy seems OK, but I feel so sad. George was the nicest bunny. He was so sweet and loving.

I haven't done much knitting, with all of this going on. I am almost done with Baba's Easter vest. Elsie has just sat around, resting in the knitting basket with FBS.

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Well, I set out today to break out some new springy digs for my blog. I thought I was doing everything right- I read blogger knowledge, printed out my color charts, and there I went. Put in a million different colors. Every single time- nothing. GRRR!!!

We had knitting night last night. No pics because I rushed home to care for George. He's sick :( I had a long talk with my breeder, and we are pretty sure he does not have wool block. I have been hand feeding and watering him since yesterday afternoon. He was very weak but seems to have more pep now. Although he is still definitely not himself. Please, if you are the praying kind, pray for him to get well soon! He is living inside now, and will be until it gets warm out. Which hopefully will be soon, I can't stand much more of winter!

While sitting by Georgie's side, I did manage to get a little knitting done. I started Elsie, and I decided to add 1" to her ribbing, to fit me a little more comfortably. I finished the ribbing for the back this AM, and can start on the cabling and moss stitch (seed stitch). I love moss stitch and I love cabling. Oh, by the way, I used a new cast on technique, too! I have only used long-tail cast on so far, but yesterday I broke out one of my reference books and used a knitted cast on. I like it!

I am also going to be making a vest for Baba to wear to church on Easter. I already told you how important Easter is to me- I want him to wear something special! This is another stash busting project, I bought the yarn for this about 6 months ago. It is nylon but it feels great- kinda suede-y. And should be very washable! I can't show you the pattern because I am sort of making it up from the "style your own kid's knits" book.

I also decided to get *serious* about the flower basket shawl. I broke it out yesterday and found there's a mistake in it. I need to pin it up to my nice blocking board and look it over stitch by stitch to find out where I added one! But I think I will be able to do that, with these great $1 magnifying glasses I got at Tar-get!

Here is a pic of Baba wearing the handed-down lederhosen. His daddy is swiss, so when we had Buddy, we got these as a gift. They will be cherished forever! This was the first time baba wore them, he liked the little bell.
He may be wearing them for a wedding- my little sister is going to get married. I am not jumping for joy. But hopefully Goober (her boyfriend) will straighten out (he has a habit of stiffing her & being untruthful).

Be sure to keep an eye on Elann. My friend got their newsletter with yarn samples and they are going to have some great yarns soon! Also, the Jaeger luxury tweed I am using to make elsie is on sale at JimmyBeans!
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Recognize that quote? It's Julia Roberts in Something to Talk About. I always loved that line!

Just in time for the end of February, and for Alison's fix-it February, I present to you, my dear reader:

This is another knit to love! I am going to try to put a single crochet edge on the neckline and armholes. I am going to ask my friend Elizabeth to help me do this. She has helped me to try to learn crochet, and even gave me that learn to crochet book for Valentine's. But I want help on hand, I don't want to ruin my loverly vest!!!

Oh, did you happen to notice the bag I am holding? Why, yes, it is a Sophie! I made her up in no time at all!! This is a beautiful bag and one that I am sure I will make again! Here is a pic of her pre-felting.

In the last few days, I have also finished two hats. The first is NOT a good hat. It started out as a hat for a friend. I think it looks horrible even on a cutie babe!

I did much better with the second one. THis is a LATE Christmas present for my friend Aaron. He will be going to med School in PA next year so this should help keep him warm!

Not much else going on here in my knitting basket. I have been so stressed lately, and knitting=stress reduction, which is why so much has gotten done. But now I think I will try to check out FBS again and see if I can get her to behave for me. SOMEone should behave, right?

Have a great day and check out the new Magknits!
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Here she is in her fixed up glory!

I may actually take out the bound off edge of the neck and make it a wee bit longer. But even now, I LOVE her. I felt so great to be able to say "I made it" when she made her debut at work Tuesday! She is just a wee bit itchy (the mohair in my yarn) but I absolutely loved wearing her. And she is WARM. So I won't get to wear her much longer this year. But that's OK!!

The Geste is making great progress. Here is the beginning of the front:

See that little "sock" over the ribbon yarn? It is so slippery I didn't want my ball to unravel. So I put some stockinette over it, it's the kind that you can use to put bandages on joints like a scraped knee. It works perfectly!

Next up after Gesta will be my cardi from Jaeger (see previous posts about it). I am really looking forward to making this one. It has a shawl collar and some cables, as well as buttonholes, so it will be a learning experience for me. I also need to work on my FBS. I purposely took a break from that one. I just got tired of knitting the same rows and ripping them. I figured a break would give me a fresh look at it.

Speaking of future projects, did everyone get their Interweave Knits? I am in love with the vintage cardigan and I will probably try to make that too. It is SO pretty.

OK, just a shortie little post today, I have some vegetable chowder to make for tonight's dinner (recipe given to me by the wonderful Knitster Mellissa!) That girl can cook!
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OK, so it is technically finished. Here is simply Marilyn, in all her finished glory:

So, this is why she is sort-of finished- I don't like the neck. Although you do decrease after you pick up stitches, the neckline is just way too wide for me. I am going to rip back the neck and add another round of decreases. I think I am also going to shorten the collar, it is just too big for me, even when folded over, which is how I will wear it all the time. So, I guess this is another one for Alison's Fix-it February!

I think I could also enter the car into the february fix it. 2 weeks ago, I spent $1,200 dollars because the turbo on it blew. This weekend, family was on the way home from my son's basketball game, and the car "blew up" again. GRR! I bought a Saab because Daddy has driven a couple of them over 200,000 miles, with no major problems. I, on the other hand, am starting to feel like Job.

So, for the fix it, I was also supposed to fix Klaralund. Well, after browsing the book, I decided I wanted this instead:

I started knitting her up, with two strands of yarn- the yarn from Klara, and a ribbon yarn from Fiesta Yarns I had originally intended on making a shawl with. After trying to knit that ribbon by itself, I gave up because it was too slippery. Well, when knitting with the ribbon and silk garden together, they are a joy to work with, and they look AWESOME together! I think this is going to end up being my fave finished product ever! I have already finished the back. Here she is:

This is a closeup so you can see how beautiful the yarns look together:

I am just so thrilled how this is working up. I am going to sew a white blouse, hopefully with a shawl collar, and I am hoping to find a nice blue batik fabric to make a matching skirt. That will then be my Easter outfit. I LOVE Easter, it is my favorite holiday. It will be nice to have something special to wear.

Last week we had the knit night at my house, since our "leader" and usual hostess Nancy was off to NY to do some wheeling and dealing in the art world. We had a great time. My mom was visiting, so she got to join us, and a new member, Rita came. Then there were the regulars, Melissa, Stephanie, and Brooke. I LOVE these girls!! Stephanie is always so helpful and entertaining; this time she was helping Melissa cast on/ figure out gauge/etc, for her very first sweater!! She taught Melissa a nice knitted cast on so that the sweater will have a nice edge. Brooke worked on a scarf that is just plain knit/ purl, but becuase she is using two yarns, it looks cabled. It is so pretty!! Rita helped my mom remember how to cast on. And I sewed up Marilyn. We had a great time.

Another thing I did this past week: make my own blocking board! It was pretty easy.

My husband's company sells insulation, and so he got me a 1" thick piece of styrofoam (2' x 4'). I just covered it with a piece of gingham, 1) to protect the styrofoam from my sons 2) to make it look better, but most importantly 3) I can use the lines in the gingham as guides for pinning straight! Now between my chibi and blocking board, I can feel SO professional!!
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Haha, that typo was intentional! That is what I said to my hubbie when we went to bed Monday. Why? Buddy is driving us nuts! It seems like he is trying to be a teenager before his time....

Actually, it was a pretty nice V.Day for me. I woke up to a very sweet card on the counter, leaning against these:

These are the two first roses for my garden! I had a Princess Diana at the old house, but I ended up not bringing her because she seemed not so hardy and I don't think she would have made the transplant. So now I have a very hardy looking one, along with a new rose- Ronald Reagan. It looks very pretty so I will be anxious to see how it does in my garden.

Phil's valentine is tommorrow- I am taking him out for dinner to our favorite Italian restaurant, Luigi's. It is owned by a man who moved here from italy and the food reminds me of my family's cooking. It is SO good.

I have made lots of progress on Marilyn- see?

I finished the front last night, up to the seaming and knitting the neck. I am hoping I can wear her to our dinner! Then, I need to knit up Klaralund. I am hoping to finish it rather quickly, since it is an easy knit. My next sweater after that is one from Jaeger, Elsie, which is gorgeous. I got luxury tweed in a beautiful pink and I can't wait to start her! Here is a pic of her:

Here is George enjoying his Valentine gift

I hope everyone out in blogland had a good Valentine's day. It seems more and more people are getting hit with the flu. I did find out this helpful piece of info, even if it was too late for me. If you think you have the flu, your doctor can do a nasal swab to test for it. They can give you Tamiflu to treat it and it will make you feel much better within about a day. Hopefully though, you will not need to use this info!! Lynne is starting to feel sick( I am hoping it's not the flu) so stop by and wish her well!
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I was up late last night- a little stress induced insomnia- so I finished my loving thoughts shawl! I love it, it is incredibly wonderful to wrap myself in it. It is just acrylic, but at least I know it won't get accidentally felted! I was thinking I would show you a pic but somehow I cannot pull it up in photobucket... maybe I'll try again later.

Well, the last week has been a bummer. I had the flu and thought I was feeling better yesterday. Buddy was home from school sick and I took both the boys to run a few errands, which unfortunately did not include dropping off the RAOKs I made while not feeling great. Anyways, last stop was the grocery store. I left the boys in the car with the car running (buddy is 10 and KNOWS not to do anything with the car. He locks the doors and holds my cell phone. and I was in the store long enough to pick up cheese and mushrooms). So, I get back to the car, and when I put it into drive, there was this horrible knocking/ banging noise, a burning smell, and huge puffs of white smoke from the muffler. THANK GOD we were only 1 mile from home. I borrowed (with permission!) a shopping cart and pushed the baby home in that. UGH! So, it turns out it was the turbo on my car. GRR!

Last night I was lying in bed, worrying about the car becuase I don't handle these kinds of things so well. I was trying so hard not to worry, but I couldn't stop. So I got up and knit and read blogs. Some of you girls just really lift me up when I am feeling down, with little funny thoughts or pics. How nice!!

Anyways, after I finished my shawl, I finished my friend Mike's hat, even with a little I-cord and tassle. I'll tell you, once I got my Chibi,

I don't mind finishing so much! And, I am soon going to have my own homemade blocking board! My husband sells styrofoam board that is used for insulation, so he ordered me a piece that is 1" thick and large enough to block at least the front and back of a sweater. I just need to get some checked fabric to cover it with; I am thinking gingham.

Well, Wednesday began Lent, and I gave up chocolate. I am craving already!!! But I am really good at keeping my Lenten promises. And it helps me lose weight!! Buddy also gave up chocolate, this is a big year for him because it is his first time giving anything up. I was proud of him today because he wanted some so bad and took a piece and unwrapped it and then just threw it back in the basket and said "I want it so bad!" I told him about the Sunday rule so he will be eating some on Sunday.

I also wanted to update on George W. He is doing so well, he has gotten used to his new hutch. He drinks about a quart of water a day, and he likes his timothy but he LOVES his pellets. He pushes the bowl to you when he sees you coming with his food. The fence has been finished too, so he has been able to get out a couple of times and hop around the yard for a while. The allergy thing doesn't seem to be too much of a problem either, I guess it must just be when he has a lot of fur!

I want to thank everyone who sent well wishes. I was thinking how horrible it must be to have fibrtomyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis and ache like that ALL of the time. My grandmother had horrible RA and I remeber how painful little tasks were for her. Now I can sympathise with my patients with joint or muscle pain better. See- for everything there is a reason!!
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I have completed step 1 for the February Fix, Alison's move to get us all loving our knits again! I was not real happy with the fit of my Klaralund, I am going to re-knit her in a smaller size, and probably make the body a little longer. Between the yarn loss I had when I first knit her up (one really bad skein) and some breakage while reclaiming the yarn, I figure I might buy 2 more balls and use it to knit the back panel. That way, with the back part of the sleeves knit vertically, the color difference shouldn't show too much!

I have set aside my WIPs to knit a loving thoughts shawl. You have heard of prayer shawls, right? Well, someone did something horribly hurtful to me recently. I was feeling really bad and I decided that I would knit this shawl and while working on it, I thought of all the people who love me. I am almost done with it and will post pics once finished. Anyways, it was incredibly helpful to think of all my loved ones and know that they love me. And when I am finished I can wrap myself in their love when I feel down!

Speaking of people who love me, I was REALLY sick this weekend (I think I have the flu) and my wonderful husband took care of George all weekend for me. He is so great!

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Yes, I am feeling much much better! Thanks to those who sent well wishes my way.

So, while I was feeling under the weather, I did get a few things done. One day last week, I just laid in bed and made some stuff for RAOK. I also finished my afghan! It is the Outer Banks throw, from Knitter's stash. I knit it with colinette mohair, zanziba, skye, and isis. I ran out of the zanziba before I was finished and I subbed some Lion Brand homespun and it blends right in- I think it subbed well.

I don't have pics, but I made a pair of wristwarmers for myself.

I finished my Re-KAL purse. This was made with the accidentally felted poncho. I lined it and embroidered wheat sheaves on the flap.

I worked some on my Marilyn for the Marilyn knitalong. I had put this away for a while when I had to frog an entire sleeve. But I am happy with her again.

I made some SLOW progress on the flower basket shawl. As of this AM, I have finished my second repeat on the lower flower basket. I started on the third but had to frog what I did. UGH!

And, last but not least, I finished shearing George last week and made him his own little bunny sweatshirt. He is doing just wonderfully. He is such a sweet rabbit, and he is eating and drinking well. Hopefully the cold snap we have been in will end soon, so he can enjoy some sunshine!

I am bringing him in tonight to brush him, so maybe I will have a couple more pics of him. He really is just so cute!!

In other blog news, Wendy had a great post about the Wannassee conference several days ago. It really made me think a lot. Also, margene posted about why do we knit- for process or progress? Made me feel a lot better about my SLOW progress I am making on my FBS. I enjoy it, even though it is hard....

Also, I got my first spindle! Now, I just need to learn how to use the durn thing....

I got a prettu good start on a hat for my friend Mike.

This is the first sweater I ever made, 10 years ago. It fits little Baba perfectly right now. Part of the reason I feel better is because he was so sweet and slept until 10 this morning! I kept sleeping too, and it really did me some good.

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He's here, he's here!!! Today I got my bun, and he is now named George W!
we picked him up today from the wonderful Elaina's Avillion Farm. She raises shetland sheep, angora goats, angora rabbits (french and German) as well as chickens, and she even has a peacock! I was so excited, I forgot to take very many pictures. I did remember to take a pic of the angora goats though.

George is so friendly. He just lets you pick him up, snuggle and love him. He is so wonderfully soft and he has the cutest face! He is due for his shearing, so we are going to take him to rabbit club, and Melinda is going to help me shear him. I don't think he will be much trouble because he is so sweet.
So, while we were there, we got to see ALL of Elaina's rabbits. She had about 30 rabbits, french angora, german angora, and German hybrids. We actually talked to her about saving another buck, this one french, when she is done breeding him, which will be in a month or two. And, speaking of breeding, guess what George did before we left? Yup, she wanted to get one last litter out of him, so buddy got a little lesson on breeding rabbits! Did you know, you can tell when the male has been successful because he falls off the female! I did not know that.

George is so fluffy, but I was still a little nervous about putting him outside in his hutch. He has a great big bed of pine shavings to snuggle in. THey will all stick in his coat I am sure, but I want him to be warm!! I have already been outside once to check on him. Just to be sure he is OK.

So, since we had a bit of a drive, I got in some car knitting. I decided to make myself a pair of fingerless mitts before I make my son and his friend their second pair. I started out thinking I would reduce my stash, but I ended up making my mitt longer and now I need to buy a second skein to finish the second mitt. It will just be a little break from my self imposed yarn diet, as was the skein of HOT PINK wool ease chunky my son and his buddy requested for their mitts. Yes, they have both admitted that they like hot pink. But if a stranger asked, buddy would tell them his favorite color is orange!

This is another pic of George with Buddy. He just loves this rabbit! He is actually the one who wanted the french angora. His name is francois, and I think he will keep that name. Until then, I am sure buddy will get his fill of bunny love with George!

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Yesterday was just such a wonderful day!! Baba was in a great mood and we just played together and had a good time. I tried to do chores while he was up, so that I could knit while he was sleeping. That worked out!! I finally got throught my problems with the FBS, I have finished the first repeat of the lower flower basket. Here is what it looks like: never mind- I screwed up my pic in photobucket and now it is the size of a pencil eraser!! I'll have to take a pic after the next repeat.Can you see those little pink strings? (no, obviously you can't. Just imagine) Ha- I am getting smart! I put in a lifeline after the upper flower basket, and one after the first lower flower basket. I will continue this way until I am done!! Because, knowing me, I will continue to make mistakes, and then confuse myself when I try to fix them.

Next, I am coming along on the outer banks throw. A shot of my progress, and a closer shot so you can see the colors.

I have also been working on something for the re-kal. This used to be the "central park poncho" (remember, DH accidentally felted it).

This is the pattern that I am going to embroider onto it:

I also got a great sweater from goodwill to frog for the yarn. It is wool, angora, and I think a bit of nylon. I took a pic of it but DH deleted that. So, maybe next post?

About the RAOK ring: I recently found out that my info got deleted from the database. I re-entered it and am finding that I have lots more people visiting my blog! Thank you for your kind comments, and all the lace-knitting tips. Also, yesterday, when I went to pick up my son from the bus stop, I found this wedged between my door!

This came to me from Nyxxie, a very generous RAOKer! I want to make a sweater for the baby from it. The sweater is in Debbie Bliss' Junior Knits. I tried to find a pic online, but they don't even have a pic of it on the DB site.

OK, here is a question for anyone who reads this and feels like helping a computer-illiterate! I tried to save buttons for some KALs, and from blogs I read. I saved them into my Kodak, them tried to import them into photobucket so I could generate HTML and put them in my sidebar. But, photobucket says they are in the wrong format. Any ideas for what I should do? Also, could someone tell me how to put pics next to each other in a post, or make my text wrap around? Thank you!!!

Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend everyone!

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A new bunny! Actually, she is 3 years old. Her name is cinnamon, but I call her cinnamon bun! She is a mini rex, and she is Buddy's rabbit. We just got her a few days ago, and she is getting used to us, and us to her. She is a really sweet bunny. She likes to be petted, especially around her ears. She grunts when you feed her (I think it is her way of saying thanks!)

Here she is having her breakfast:

What else is new? Not much. I have been thinking about getting my hair cut. But as soon as you start thinking that, your hair starts behaving, doesn't it? THat's what mine always does. So here is what I woke up to this morning:

I probably couldn't have made it look better. Also, notice the little flush to my cheeks? That is what happens after working 12 hr shifts. The masks I use in the OR sort of glue to your cheeks and bridge of your nose. By the end of a shift, my skin gets a little irritated. But the next day, I look like I have a very natural blush going!

I can't bore you with my knitting today. I am STUCK on my FBS, I have to keep frogging and re-knitting. I think I am missing something around the 18th row and my stitch count gets a bit screwed up. I started unknitting row by row last night to try to find my problem. Wish me luck because I am getting tired of knitting the same thing over and over again without any progress!!

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Ha, that's what I think when I have spare time to knit. Do I do the FBS, slow because I have to concentrate; or should I work on the easy afghan? What about the re-KAL to make something out of my felted-on-accident poncho?
Well, if you are like me, you just don't decide and you juggle all three. I just don't want to ignore anything, which I am sure is not the best way to work!

Amanda helped me figure out what I was doing wrong. So, here is the FBS yesterday morning:

Yes, a pile of yarn. What you don't see is the work I did and then frogged. But Amanda cleared up my YO problem and here is where I am this morning:

This is through row 20 of the first chart.

Next, I decided to do something with the poncho that my DH felted. One of the women at our knitting group suggested a bag, and since I couldn't think of anything else to do with it, here is what I have done so far:

I wanted it to be wider at the top. I think I would like the flap to be assymetrical. I'll put a big button on it (probably silver) and I have to make an I-cord strap. Better than what I was going to do with it, which was toss it.

A little while back, my not so secret SP3 had a contest on her blog and I won! I rec'd the package a few days ago (Thanks so much, Chelsea!) but I didn't get a chance to blog. Look at what she sent:

Isn't this little guy the cutest? He is so curly! I think my older son may kidnap him! Also, Chelsea made me my very own stitch markers! My son noticed that they are small, medium, and large. I think they are beautiful. And last, but certainly not least, look at what she sent the boys:

A whole family of rubber ducks! The little guys even have floating rings! Jacob loves to play with these guys and *yell* quack!quack!

So, with all these projects, you would think I would have enough to do, right? No, not me. I looked up Deb to see what I could send her as a thank you for playing postmistress for Wendy and I, and saw that she made felted soap. I tried it out. My first results were not so stellar. here they are:

But, I bought 4 bard of Ivory last night and I am going to try again. I want to make a bar for my meetup organizer's daughter, because she is away at college and very homesick!

OK, enough blogging. I have work to do!!

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Hooray! I have had the time to do lots of knitting this past week! Mostly, while laying in bed before going to sleep, but what a great way to end the day!
First of all, I finished the airy scarf for my sister.

Pattern: Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: 100% alpaca from alpacaamore (Ebay)
needles: 10 bamboos

I really enjoyed knitting this scarf. The alpaca just feels like a cloud and the pattern is VERY easy. My sister will really enjoy this scarf. And I think I might just have to make one for myself!

I also knit her a simple little stocking stitch scarf, just a little one to tie around the neck, in Moda Dea dream yarn. This is a totally manmade fiber but it really feels wonderful! I spared you the pics- how exciting can a stocking stitch scarf be?

Next- I have been collecting my colinette yarns to make the Outer Banks Throw from knitter's stash. Now that we are in the house, I am so excited to knit this one! The yarns- zanziba, skye, mohair, and isis, all just feel so wonderful! This is yet another stocking stitch project, but I have to show you how beautiful it is working up.

here is some stitch detail:

I also joined (gulp) the flower basket redux. I think the shawl is beautiful but I am afraid I am getting in over my head (right now I feel like the only knit-along I have the right to join is a garter stitch scarf along!) Anyways I told Amanda that I would post pics. so what have I done so far?

What is it, do you ask? Why, it is a lowly little crochet chain. Yes, that is all I have gotten done. I was going to work on it last night, but started getting a bad migraine at work, so in my drugged state I didn't want to attempt it!

I was also very productive at catching up on my mail! I sent out: The Sniper Cozy (I thought hubby sent it, but it has been sitting in his truck!). I mailed out my package to Chelsea, who was my SP3 (sorry so late Chelsea!). I sent some stitch markers to Kim, of The Woolen Rabbit. Now, I just have a package to send out to Wendy. I promised her that when I moved and found my SECOND copy of Stitch n Bitch, it was hers. So, I got some loverly roving to pack it in!

Kim's stitch markers:

One last thing. I am currently reading Misunderestimated: The President Battles Terrorism, John Kerry, and the Bush Haters.
This book is REALLY interesting. In the second chapter, it outlines what a threat Saddam really was. Now, I knew lots about Saddam, but finding out even more horrible things he did just sickens me. I really believe he is Satan incarnate! Anyways, something I didn't know, which appalled me:
"The Frenchman, whose devotion to Baghdad had earned him the nickname "Jacques Iraq" (Chirac), agreed to sell Saddam several nuclear reactors that would be capable of turning uranium into weapons grade plutonium. France was the only Western nation not to challenge the laughable claim by Iraq- a nation sitting on a sea of oil - that it needed nuclear reactors to produce electricity. Not even Saddam pretended that was true.
"In fact, when the $3 billion deal was inked in late 1975- after Saddam and Chirac had visited each other in their respective capitals- the Iraqi dictator told a Lebanese magazine: "The agreement with France is the first concrete step toward production of the Arab atomic bomb." The Franco-Iraqi Nuclear Co-operation Treaty was bad for Jews in more ways than one. The agreement stipulated that "all persons of Jewish race" be excluded from the deal, both in Iraq and France. Paris had no compunction about signing an obviously anti-Semitic treaty, because in addition to the nuclear reactors France was given cotracts to build massive public works projects in Iraq, includung a new airport and subway."

All I can say is, WTF? I just can't believe it.

Have a great, beautiful week! Hopefully, I will next be able to show more progress on the FBS!

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Hello, just thought I would share a recent finish of mine!

Here is Baby Caterpillar

I'm working on another one too!
Til then!

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Here to share with you my Page 1 finish on Golden Promises!

Glad to be done with all that white!
Happy Stitching Everyone!

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Hello, its me again!  I wanted to show you my lovely lady!

I am happy with her progress.  I love the feel of soft gently sway of her hair!
Happy Stitching!
My Stitching Blog

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Hello, My name is Vani and I recently joined all you lovely stitchers here. This past week I have been working on two pieces.  Both are HAED pieces.  One is called QS Terra Fairy Sprite,  and I am working on the second page.