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          supermarket Android app like ASDA APP      Cache   Translate Page      
I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Online Super Market Application for Android Smartphones app I want online super Market Application for Android phones and tablets which is... (Budget: £10 - £20 GBP, Jobs: Android, Google Maps API, Mobile App Development)
          asignar conductor más cercano en app tipo uber android      Cache   Translate Page      
Es una aplicación tipo uber, lo que necesito es que haga la funcionalidad de asignar al conductor más cercano en un radio de 500 metros, actualmente muestra a los conductores pero tienes que dar tap en... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Android, Google Maps API, Java)
          3 recursos do Google Maps para mantê-lo seguro no mundo real      Cache   Translate Page      

Além de auxiliar os usuários a chegar nos destinos com rotas e informações úteis, o Google Maps também foi construído para oferecer segurança aos usuários e ajudá-los em suas movimentações diárias. “Com o Google Maps, você pode usar ferramentas on-line para ajudar os dados em tempo real mais seguro, esteja você trabalhando, saindo ou qualquer […]

O post 3 recursos do Google Maps para mantê-lo seguro no mundo real apareceu primeiro em Google Discovery.

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Today we’re going to use the googleway R package, which allows their user to do requests to the GoogleMaps Places API. The goal is to create maps of specific places (restaurants, museums, etc.) with information from Google Maps rankings (number of stars given by other people). I already discussed this in french here to rank … Continue reading Ranking places with Google to create maps
          Suomen kansallismaisemat ja muut arvokkaat maisema-alueet      Cache   Translate Page      
Muut maisema-artikkelit: Maisemia: Karttapaikka ja Google Maps Maisemia: Kuva kartalla Maisemia: AllTrails- retkiä Tietoja:  Wikipedia; Suomen kansallismaisemat Ympäristö.fi; Suomen kansallismaisemat Ympäristö.fi; Valtakunnallisesti arvokkaat maisema-alueet – Sieltä löytyvät nämä: Kartta valtakunnallisesti arvokkaista maisema-alueista (pdf) – Alla Valtakunnallisesti arvokkaiden maisema-alueiden aluekuvaukset (julkaisu: Arvokkaat maisema-alueet : maisema-aluetyöryhmän mietintö II) Tutustu maisemien muuttumiseen:  Muuttuva maalaismaisema | SYKE   Suomen maisemamaakunnat …

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          A Canadian in Australia thirty days. Day 12. Wreck Beach Gables Lookout and Twelve Apostlesa revisit      Cache   Translate Page      
Had a relatively quiet day today. On my initial drive to Port Campbell I missed Wreck Beach no signage so today with the help of Google Maps I retraced my steps about 40 km so I could visit it. The access road was long narrow and gravel so not a fun d
          Prostitution Arrests Continue on 14th Street      Cache   Translate Page      
via google maps From MPD: “Members of the Narcotics and Special Investigations Division conducted a prostitution operation last night in PSA 408. Six adult males were arrested in the 3600...
           Comment on What I Did to Prep This Week – Week 34 – Mar 3rd – Mar 9th 2019 by The Ohio Prepper       Cache   Translate Page      
Thor1 & all, To answer the question in the video: <strong>“Are you prepared for the blackout”</strong> I would say “yes”. We could provide our own power for months at full operation and longer than that in austerity mode, which has already been tested numerous times. The only things left to accomplish would be some blackout curtains or materials for covering some of the windows and to bring some firewood into the house in cold weather; but, the later can be accomplished this upcoming summer. The answer to your question: <strong>“Is this a trial run by the dark state for the USA ???”</strong> is an emphatic NO. The “Dark State” or “Deep State” will not tear down the infrastructure that we all count on, including them, when they can simply loot the treasury and line their pockets. The blackouts in Venezuela are not the diavolical USA cutting their power to steal their oil and minerals; but, simply the result of poor maintenance of the infrastructure by the socialist dictatorship, which historically is always the end point of those regimes. North Korea & Cuba are perfect examples, as were / are large portions of the USSR / Russia. I find it interesting that the video narrator calls Juan Guaidó a puppet, even though he has been recognized as the interim president of Venezuela by dozens of countries including the United States and European Union member states, and including numerous Central and South American countries in the OAS (Organization of American States) who border that once wealthy socialist wasteland. He also makes the assertion that our defense infrastructure cannot operate without the internet; but, fails to understand the “other” internet, known as MILNET and then makes the assertion that in Middle America, “The conversation has ceased and people are no longer willing to talk to each other” and has become a hostile environment. His research has determined that after 8 hours of no power, we will see aggressive looting and fires. If I recall, some on this forum have mentioned having their power out for days, and they got along with no looting. How can this be? To the narrator, the assertion that Marco Rubio tweeted about the grid down in Venezuela before the Venezuelan officials knew about it, is somehow proof of a conspiracy, or could it be proof that our surveillance and communications infrastructure is fast and efficient. While not real-time like the Keyholes and Aquacades (previously called Rhyolite), any of us can look at a rather interesting birds eye view of our property on Google or with Google maps and street view. I had to laugh out loud when he mentioned the “The Pyramid of Preparedness”, like It was something he created. FEMA has used this phrase for a long time, and there is a good guides here: I went through the steps to get his pdf & it’s quite honestly not as good as the one above from FEMA. Just the typical list of Food, Water, Shelter, Defense and power; but, at least at first glance, it doesn’t appear to be trying to sell me something. Since I had to supply an email address that could of course come later, LOL. He does BTW mention “fear’ numerous times in his presentation, to get the point across that we should all be scared into prepping and if that doesn’t work, there is that time tested bogy man, <strong>“The illuminati”</strong> who of course orchestrated “9/11”. I have worked with GPS systems since the early days, and this idiot also thinks that taking down the internet stops the GPS system from operating; but, I suspect the uneducated will believe I also have to wonder if Christopher Greene is the narrators real name, since Christopher was an American legislator and soldier who is best known for leading the spirited defense of Fort Mercer in the 1777 Battle of Red Bank, and for leading the African American 1st Rhode
          Signage With Backlight on Google Maps #signshop      Cache   Translate Page      
Signage With Backlight #AnaheimSigns on Google Maps #signshop
          5 Tips for Buying Custom Vinyl Decals Online When it describ… on Google Maps #signshop      Cache   Translate Page      
5 Tips for Buying Custom Vinyl Decals Online When it describ… #AnaheimSigns
          Google Maps cleared by Russia in dispute over Crimean peninsula annexed from Ukraine      Cache   Translate Page      

Google was let off the hook by a top Russian official Tuesday over a spat involving how Crimea is displayed to Google Maps users in Russia.

Vasily Piskaryov, a leading member of the lower house of the Russian legislature, the State Duma, said Google has complied with Moscow's demand that ...

          Gmail và Google Drive đang bị sập mạng trên phạm vi toàn cầu      Cache   Translate Page      

Một loạt dịch vụ của Google đã gặp sự cố ngừng hoạt động trên phạm vi toàn cầu vào sáng thứ Tư 13/3, với việc người dùng báo cáo sự cố với Gmail, Google Drive và Google Maps.

Các trang web khác nhau theo dõi các sự cố và ngừng hoạt động của Gmail, cho thấy người dùng báo cáo sự cố với dịch vụ email từ khoảng 9 giờ sáng - giờ Việt Nam.

Trong một tuyên bố trên trang web dịch vụ của mình, Google cho biết hãng đang điều tra các báo cáo không truy cập được Gmail.

"Chúng tôi sẽ cung cấp thêm thông tin trong thời gian ngắn. Người dùng bị ảnh hưởng có thể truy cập Gmail nhưng thấy thông báo lỗi, độ trễ cao hoặc các hoạt động không mong muốn khác." Google cho biết trong một thông báo.

Google cũng xác nhận Google Drive cũng bị ảnh hưởng khi người dùng thấy thông báo lỗi, độ trễ cao và không thể tải về các tập tin.

Google Maps dường như cũng đang gặp sự cố, với những người dùng đã thử sử dụng chế độ Street View để xem đường phố nhưng chỉ hiện màn hình đen. Vấn đề này không được Google xác nhận trên G Suite.

Google chưa xác nhận nguyên nhân ngừng hoạt động của các dịch vụ và việc khắc phục sự cố sẽ kéo dài bao lâu.

Sự cố sập mạng dịch vụ Google ảnh hưởng đến người dùng trên toàn cầu, với những ghi nhận ở Mỹ, châu Âu, châu Á, Australia và Nam Mỹ.

Tại Việt Nam, rất nhiều người sử dụng Gmail cho biết họ không thể tải về các tệp đính kèm trong hòm thư.

Theo ghi nhận, khi người dùng muốn tải về các tệp đính kèm trong Gmail đều nhận được thông báo “Trình quét virus của Gmail tạm thời không sử dụng được. Các tệp đính kèm chưa được quét virus. Bạn vui lòng tự chịu rủi ro khi tải các tệp này xuống,” đồng thời, nút Tải xuống bị vô hiệu hóa hoàn toàn.

Anh Hoàng Anh, một người dùng cho biết: “Sáng nay mình cần tải về một số tệp hình ảnh đính kèm ở Gmail nhưng không làm, cách nào được. Không biết đang xảy ra vấn đề gì?”

Cho đến thời điểm 10 giờ 30 sáng nay, 13/3, lỗi này vẫn chưa được khắc phục./.

          Apple Watch và Google Maps cứu sống cô gái bị lật xe      Cache   Translate Page      
Khoảng 4h ngày 1/1, Amanda Antonio sống ở bang Florida (Mỹ) đã gặp sự cố khi lái xe. Theo Foxnews, một chiếc xe khác đi lấn làn làm cô gái 20 tuổi này mất kiểm soát. Xe của cô lao …
          📌 Ngawi, 13, Mar 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
Info Jadwal Kajian Salaf Terbaru Ngawi, 13, Mar 2019
<Info> بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Agenda Kajian Ngawi Kota RABU

إن شاءالله تعالى

Ba'da Maghrib :

Materi : Kitab Aljadiid Syarh Kitaabit Tauhid karya Syaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdil 'Aziz Assulaimaan Al Qor'awii رحمه الله.

Ba'da 'Isya :
Materi : muroja'ah hafalan AlQur'an.
Pemateri : Al-ustadz Abu Ibrohim Yaasir حفظه الله تعالى.

Tempat : Musholla Nur Hudaa, Besaran, Karangasri, Ngawi.

Contact Person :
Bapak Abdulloh Kisworo : 085101657553.

Tautan Google Maps Lokasi :

Terbuka untuk umum putra dan putri.
Dimohon mempersiapkan diri dengan membawa alat tulis untuk mencatat pelajaran.
Memarkirkan kendaraan dengan rapi dan helm dibawa masuk.

Agar Ikhwah sekalian menasehati dan menjaga putra putri masing masing hingga tidak berlebihan dalam bermain atau berbuat keramaian yang mengganggu selama pelajaran berlangsung.

※※※"Barang siapa menempuh suatu jalan untuk menuntut 'ilmu, maka dengan itu Alloh akan mudahkan baginya jalan menuju surga." (Hadits Riwayat Muslim)"※※※

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          3/13/2019: ARTS: Dancers pass the screen test      Cache   Translate Page      

Many elements went into the creation of The Botchan Retreat, a 22minute dance film that screens at Melbourne’s Dance Massive this week. In its development, codirector, co-writer and choreographer Nathan Smith drew on everything from Google Maps to game...
          Как железнодорожник стал одним из лучших фотографов Google Maps в мире      Cache   Translate Page      
Организаторы международной программы Google «Местные эксперты» объявили список лучших фотографов приложения — профессионалов и любителей, которые сохраняют в кадрах мир вокруг себя и делятся снимками с другими пользователями. В топе оказался амурчанин Михаил Мархинин. Он рассказал DV о своём давнем увлечении фотографией, которое принесло ему
          Apple Watch và Google Maps cứu sống cô gái bị lật xe      Cache   Translate Page      
Khoảng 4h ngày 1/1, Amanda Antonio sống ở bang Florida (Mỹ) đã gặp sự cố khi lái xe. Theo Foxnews, một chiếc xe khác đi lấn làn làm cô gái 20 tuổi này mất kiểm soát. Xe của cô lao …
          Android 8.0 GPS Radio DVD player Navigation System for 2007-2013 FIAT 500 with CANBUS OBD2 Bluetooth HD 1024*600 Touch Screen DVR Rearview camera TV Video WIFI Steering Wheel Control USB SD Mirror link       Cache   Translate Page      
{{translate text="Product Highlight"}}
  • {{translate text="This unit is plug and play, easy to upgrade and install, your car’s steering wheel control still work after installation, so you can use hands-free calls and music streaming with buttons of steering wheel. It comes with a big HD touch screen for better visual experience, you can also mirror link your phone. And more importantly, you will have the latest 3D map navigation system for your trip."}}

{{translate text="Features Overview"}}
  • {{translate text="Built-in: 4G/WIFI/App download/3D GPS Navigation/FM&AM Radio/Bluetooth/Dual Zone/File Management/HD 1080P/Steering Wheel Control/Mirror Link/MP3/AUX/USB."}}
  • {{translate text="Opt:OBD2/DVR/Backup Camera/TPMS/Digital TV"}}

{{translate text="Advanced Configurations"}}
  • {{translate text="OS: Intelligent pure Android 8.0 system"}}
  • {{translate text="CPU: High-quality 8 - Core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 processor with more efficient computing capability"}}
  • {{translate text="GPU: with Mali-600MP2 GPU, It supports dual-screen display for the highest resolution of 2048*1536."}}
  • {{translate text="Hard Disk: 32GB Inland Flash"}}
  • {{translate text="RAM: 2GB DDR3 RAM memory"}}
  • {{translate text="UI: Fresh unique user interface with dynamic graphics"}}
  • {{translate text="Screen: Smart HD multi-touch screen with smooth operation, high sensitivity and abundant interaction for the better view of your road ahead."}}
  • {{translate text="2 USB Ports: It comes with 2 USB Ports to meet your different needs of external devices, more choices for both practical and entertainment service, you also can connect a USB Hub for more USB ports. And USB OTG is also supported."}}

{{translate text="Unique Features"}}
  • {{translate text="Latest Android System: Loaded with the most advanced Android operation system, it offers the fastest and smoothest operation you've never enjoyed before."}}
  • {{translate text="Prompt Response: Adopted 8 - Core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 CPU and high-speed iNAND MLC hard disk, this unit can start up within just 1 sec. And it only takes less than 2 seconds for sound, 3 seconds for rearview and 16 seconds for operation."}}
  • {{translate text="High-speed 4G/WIFI Network: It comes with built-in WIFI network and can support the most up-to-date 4G module, allowing you to easily get access to internet for online music listening, online videos watching, online games watching, e-mail checking, etc as long as you reach a WIFI hotspot or connect it to a 4G/module."}}
  • {{translate text="App download: It replaces your factory radio with android based system of great utility and extendibility. You can download any applications in the android market for access to games, Skype, MSN, YouTube, twitter, E-Book, Gmail etc. This system also supports installation or removal of apps on RAM or SD optionally."}}
  • {{translate text="HD Touch-Screen Display: It greatly simplifies the operation with a digital multi-touch screen which can support multi-resolution, making it clearer than resolution 800*480 with the same interface."}}
  • {{translate text="3D GPS Navigation: With 3D maps(maps in iNAND ), the best way to your desired destination is just in your reach within seconds. All the navigation information is available, such as the current location, speed, mileage, landmark building display,3D street view, destination search and turn-by-turn voice directions, etc. You can also download the latest Google maps app. And it supports Auto Google, SYGIC etc. With dual zone function, the music from radio/AV/TV etc can be played behind the scene under GPS mode and it will switch to the GPS voice automatically."}}
  • {{translate text="Radio Tuner: Built-in with strong digital FM/AM radio tuner, this car A/V system features searching radio channels automatically, manually and storing them in the process. RDS is also supported."}}
  • {{translate text="Bluetooth: It upgrades your car with BC6 Bluetooth module for hands-free calls and music streaming. With ringtones and voice coming out from the car speakers, you can dial, receive, reject and mute calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Its phonebook function enables you to search for contacts directly on the big screen of the head unit. The capability to stream your favorite music from the Smartphone wirelessly is also desirable. Besides, this powerful Bluetooth function supports CID as well."}}
  • {{translate text="Office Tools: You can read and edit office files formats such as DOC/XLS/PPT/PDF/TXT on it as your tablet."}}
  • {{translate text="File Management: With file browser, you can open files with the corresponding applications, search files and manage them."}}
  • {{translate text="AUX: This function is for audio, video input and output from external devices. "}}
  • {{translate text="Steering wheel control: Your original car’s steering wheel controls will still work after installation. There are built-in dozens of car model setting for steering-wheel function setting."}}
  • {{translate text="USB/SD Connection: Support Double SD card/Multi-Media card/GPS card. The maximum capacity is up to 64G. This unit allows for audio and video play, photo view, E-book Reading etc from SD or USB. A wide range of audio and video formats are compatible with this unit, including MP3,WMA,WAV,APE,FLAC, MP4,H.264,WMV,AVI,RM/RMVB,VOB,etc. Besides, JPG/BMP/JEPG/GIF/PNG picture are supported."}}
  • {{translate text="Headrest Function: This unit can support headrest function."}}
  • {{translate text="Built-in Amplifier: Equipped with TCB001 Amplifier IC, 4 channel output 4*45W Amplifier is embedded into this car audio system."}}
  • {{translate text="Mirror link: It synchronizes your mobile phone with this DVD player trough WiFi or USB. This technology enables you to gain access to your Smartphone’s applications on the unit to play music and videos etc. It currently supports android phones and iPhone."}}

{{translate text="Options"}}
  • {{translate text="HD Digital TV: DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB-T HD TV Tuner can be provided for receiving digital TV channels."}}
  • {{translate text="Car DVR: The DVR function is used for recording the whole process of traffic accidents, taking photos for front of vehicles and storing the video in real-time while driving."}}
  • {{translate text="4G module: With this 4g module, you can connect to 4g internet by inserting an SIM card to it."}}
  • {{translate text="Backup Camera: It adds a backup camera for automatically switching to the parking image while reversing. This option includes a waterproof and night vision backup camera which will be mounted to the position of your car’s license plate lights and the cables for its connection. The default rearview camera is wired. If you need the wireless one, please send a note us after placing order."}}
  • {{translate text="OBDII: With this OBDII Scanner, you can connect it to your car’s DLC port and open the unit’s Bluetooth for monitoring the car’s fuel consumption, water temperature, revolving speed, environment temperature, intake pressure, throttle position, air flow, computer load, car speed etc in the OBD interface."}}
  • {{translate text="DAB+: Short for digital audio broadcasting, DAB+ as an advanced digital radio technology for broadcasting radio stations integrates a number of features to reduce interference problems and signal noise. With high-quality sound, it offers more radio programs over a specific spectrum than analogue FM radio. Besides, DAB+ can not only automatically tune to all the available stations, offering a list for you to select from, but also provide real-time information such as song titles, music type and news or traffic updates. It’s the best choice for radio lovers and music enthusiasts."}}
  • {{translate text="TPMS: Perfectly connected with this head unit with simple installation, the TPMS reports real-time tire-pressure information via a pictogram display or a simple low-pressure warning light to help you save fuel consumption, extend the tire life, decrease downtime and maintenance and increase environmental efficiency. The early recognition of the malfunction of tires provided by TPMS can avoid traffic accidents to improve safety in the whole process of driving."}}

Price: US$825.00 Special Price: US$579.00

          Jadwal Abadi Terupdate Bioskop Kota Malang      Cache   Translate Page      
Postingan ini kami khususkan untuk kalian yang sedang ingin menonton film di Bioskop Kota Malang. Di mana di Kota Malang ini terdapat 7 lokasi bioksop. Yakni, di Mall Dinoyo City (selatan pas UNISMA), Sarinah Mall (utara Pas Alun-alun), Malang City Point (baratnya Dieng Plaza/Cyber Mall), Plaza Araya, Dieng Plaza/Cyber Mall, Mandala, Transmart MX Mall, dan Malang Town Square (Matos).

Baca juga:

Sebagai spesialis pengulas film bergenre aksi dan fiksi ilmiah saya sudah pernah mengunjungi seluruh studio bioskop di Kota Malang. Sebelum berangkat menonton seringkali saya juga mengecek film apa yang sedang tayang dan pukul berapa tayangnya. Namun sayang, fasitilas untuk mengecek jadwal bioskop khusus kota Malang di internet belum banyak. Bilapun ada masih belum komplit isinya.

Dengan mengetahui jadwal tayang secara detail saya dapat memperkirakan harus sudah datang jam berapa di studio. Dengan begitu saya tidak akan terlalu menunggu lama di depan studio. Sebaliknya saya juga tidak akan ketinggalan tayangan film yang sedang ditonton. Sebab bagi saya sungguh sangat disayangkan bila akhirnya film terpotong meski hanya 1 menit sekalipun.

Ilustrasi studio bioskop (sumber gambar)

Berangkat dari itu saya ingin membagikan sebuah postingan ini pada kalian pecinta film bioskop. Supaya kalian bisa mempersiapkan diri dengan benar sebelum menonton. Harapannya saat di perjalanan hingga tiba di bioskop semuanya berjalan dengan nyaman dan aman. Tanpa harus tergesa-gesa maupun diliputi rasa khawatir.  Oleh sebab itu, sebelum kalian menonton lihatlah dulu postingan ini.

Postingan ini akan selalu diupdate setiap hari. Dengan jadwal pengapdatetan terjadi antara pukul 04.00 WIB hingga 09.00 WIB. Kami akan memastikan bahwa jadwal yang kami rilis tanpa cela kesalahan sedikitpun. Sebab sumber informasi tentang jadwal didapat secara realtime di website resmi Cinemaxx dan Movimax serta aplikasi Cinema 21. Dengan itu, harapannya kalian akan merasa terbantu dengan adanya postingan ini. 

Postingan ini terakhir diupdate pada:  
Pukul 05.05 WIB Hari RABU
Tanggal 13 Maret 2019.

1. Movimax Dinoyo (Mall Dinoyo City)

a. Jadwal Film

Tayang Hari ini


Studio 1 Deluxe: [12:45 WIB ] | [15:20 WIB] | [17:55 WIB] | [20:30 WIB]
Studio 2 Deluxe:[18:45 WIB ] | [21:20 WIB]
Studio 3 Grande: [13:15 WIB ] | [15:50 WIB] | [18:25 WIB] | [21:00 WIB]


Studio 2 Deluxe: [12:45 WIB ] | [14:45 WIB] | [16:45 WIB]

3) DILAN 1991

Studio 4 Deluxe: [13:15 WIB ] | [15:45 WIB] | [18:15 WIB] | [20:45 WIB]

b. Harga tiket

Normal: Rp. 25.000,- (dua puluh lima ribu)

Hari Sabtu, Ahad, dan Tanggal Merah: Rp. 30.000,- (tiga puluh ribu)

c. Lokasi

Movimax Dinoyo terletak di Mall Dinoyo City lantai 4 (empat) Jln. M.T. Haryono No. 195 Kelurahan Dinoyo, Kecamatan Lowokwaru Kota Malang. Tepat di sebelah selatannya Universitas Islam Malang (UNISMA). Untuk lebih lengkapnya silakan anda buka Google Maps lokasi Movimax Dinoyo di sini.

d. Ulasan singkat

Movimax Dinoyo merupakan pengelola bioskop yang tarifnya paling terjangkau di Kota Malang. Terutama bagi mahasiswa dan kalangan remaja. Meski demikian, fasilitas dan pelayanan yang diberikan tidak kalah memuaskan dengan pengola studio bioskop lainnya di Kota Malang. 

Secara pribadi berdasarkan pengalaman saya beberapa kali di sana fasilitas yang diberikan cukup memadai. Seperti tempat duduk untuk menunggu. Masjid untuk sholat harian maupun sholat Jum'at. Dikelilingi beberapa cafe dan objek wisata kuliner lainnya.

Berikut ini beberapa foto di Movimax Dinoyo:

(mohon maaf foto belum tersedia)

2. Movimax Sarinah (Sarinah Mall)

a. Jadwal Film

Tayang Hari ini


Studio 1 Executive: [12:45 WIB ] | [15:20 WIB] | [17:55 WIB] | [20:30 WIB]
Studio 2 Executive: [18:45 WIB ] | [21:20 WIB]

Studio 3 Deluxe: [20:45 WIB]


Studio 2 Executive: [12:45 WIB ] | [14:45 WIB] | [16:45 WIB]

3) DILAN 1991

Studio 3 Deluxe: [13:15 WIB] | [15:45 WIB] | [18:15 WIB]

b. Harga tiket

1. Studio Deluxe 

Senin - Kamis: Rp. 25.000,- (dua puluh lima ribu)

Jum'at: Rp. 30.000,- (tiga puluh ribu

Hari Sabtu, Ahad, dan Tanggal Merah: Rp. 35.000,- (tiga puluh lima ribu)

2. Studio Executive

Senin - Jum'at: Rp. 40.000,- (empat puluh ribu)

Hari Sabtu, Ahad, dan Tanggal Merah: Rp. 50.000,- (lima puluh ribu)

c. Lokasi

Movimax Sarinah terletak di Sarinah Plaza lantai 3 (tiga) Jln. Basuki Rachmat No. 2A Kelurahan Kiduldalem, Kecamatan Klojen Kota Malang. Tepat di sebelah utaranya Alun-alun Kota Malang. Untuk lebih lengkapnya silakan anda buka Google Maps lokasi Movimax Sarinah di sini.

d. Ulasan singkat

Movimax Sarinah merupakan pengelola bioskop yang tarifnya paling beragam di Kota Malang. Mulai kelas bawah hingga kelas atas. Meski demikian, fasilitas dan pelayanan yang diberikan tidak terlalu jauh beda antara studio satu dengan yang lainnya. 

Secara pribadi berdasarkan pengalaman saya dua kali ke sana fasilitas yang diberikan bisa dikatakan cukup. Namun, untuk akses ke Mushola cukup sulit. Serta lokasinya tepat di tengah ramainya lalu lintas. Di mana banyak lalu lalang kendaraan umum maupun pribadi.

Berikut ini beberapa foto di Movimax Sarinah:

(mohon maaf foto belum tersedia)

3. Movimax Aurora/Aurora Cinemas (Malang City Point)

a. Jadwal Film

Tayang Hari ini


Studio 1 Executive: [12:45 WIB ] | [15:20 WIB] | [17:55 WIB] | [20:30 WIB]

Studio 3 Deluxe: [13:15 WIB ] | [15:50 WIB] | [18:25 WIB] | [21:00 WIB]


Studio 2 Deluxe: [12:15 WIB ] | [14:15 WIB]
3) DILAN 1991

Studio 2 Deluxe: [16:15 WIB ] | [18:45 WIB] | [14:15 WIB]

b. Harga tiket

1. Studio Deluxe 

Senin - Kamis: Rp. 25.000,- (dua puluh lima ribu)

Jum'at: Rp. 30.000,- (tiga puluh ribu

Hari Sabtu, Ahad, dan Tanggal Merah: Rp. 35.000,- (tiga puluh lima ribu)

2. Studio Executive

Senin - Jum'at: Rp. 40.000,- (empat puluh ribu)

Hari Sabtu, Ahad, dan Tanggal Merah: Rp. 50.000,- (lima puluh ribu)

c. Lokasi

Movimax Aurora/Aurora Cinemas terletak di Malang City Point Mall lantai 3 (tiga) Jln. Terusan Dieng No. 32 Kelurahan Pisang Candi, Kecamatan Sukun Kota Malang. Tepat di sebelah baratnya Cyber Mall/Dieng Plaza. Untuk lebih lengkapnya silakan anda buka Google Maps lokasi Movimax Aurora di sini.

d. Ulasan singkat

Movimax Aurora merupakan pengelola bioskop yang tarifnya beragam di Kota Malang. Hal itu sama seperti halnya Movimax Sarinah. Mulai kelas bawah hingga kelas atas semuanya tersedia. Meski demikian, fasilitas dan pelayanan yang diberikan tidak terlalu jauh beda antara studio satu dengan yang lainnya.

Secara pribadi berdasarkan pengalaman saya tiga kali ke sana fasilitas yang diberikan bisa dikatakan cukup memadai. Akses ke Mushola cukup dekat. Meski mushola terletak di parkiran. Bagi anda pengguna sepeda motor maupun mobil tidak akan kesulitan memarkirkan sebab parkirnya cukup longgar.

Berikut ini beberapa foto di Movimax Aurora:

(mohon maaf foto belum tersedia)

4. Araya XXI (Plaza Araya)

a. Jadwal Film

Tayang Hari ini


[12:00 WIB ] | [12:30 WIB] | [13:00 WIB] | [14:35 WIB] |  

[15:05 WIB] | [15:35 WIB] | [17:10 WIB] | [17:40 WIB ] |  

[18:10 WIB] | [19:45 WIB] | [20:15 WIB] | [20:45 WIB]


[12:30 WIB] | [14:30 WIB] | [16:30 WIB] |  

[18:30 WIB] | [20:30 WIB] |

          Twilio Flex with Geolocation      Cache   Translate Page      

When you run a contact center, sometimes you need to know exactly where in the world your caller is. Perhaps they’re in an emergency situation, maybe their car has broken down, or you might need to deliver something to them. Typically, these calls end up going something like a game of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”

The caller attempts to poorly describe where they are. They might know a street name or nearby landmark, such as “the McDonald’s in front of the big church.” The agent is then left frantically searching different databases or Google Maps in an attempt to locate the caller. This could go back and forth for minutes, frustrating both caller and agent, and potentially extending the time a person is stuck in a dangerous situation.

The Current Reality

In a recent meeting with a contact centre manager, she advised me that the process of locating a customer took, on average, about two minutes. That two minutes equates to something in the ballpark of £7 ($10) per call for the average contact centre. The go-to topics at this point in the conversation are usually chatbots or call deflection to reduce handle times and free up agents for more meaningful tasks.  

While there is definitely merit in those tools for some contact centres, I know that if I was stranded on the side of the road, the thought of having to rely on HAL 900, Pumpkin Spice Latte, or whatever your cute chatbot is called would make me feel like setting fire to the car and walking home.

The other option is providing an in-app experience. Certainly you could implement some click-to-call functionality and provide coordinates from the app to the agent. The problem is: how many of your customers actually have your app installed? And how many of those customers are looking to use your app when they’re in trouble?

Most are probably reaching for the phone icon in this situation. They know the interface, they are familiar with the experience of making a phone call, and don’t need to install anything. Navigating an unfamiliar app only serves to add to the stress they are already facing.

The Potential Solution

What if your contact centre could provide an omnichannel experience that sent an SMS to a customer while they were on the phone, linked them to a webpage that could determine their location, and then displayed that location to the agent when they answered the call? The GIF below demonstrates this experience in action. The right hand side is the customer’s phone, the left is a contact centre agent using Twilio Flex.

Why did I choose this approach? As you can see, I’ve used the phone, SMS app, and browser: all apps that have been in every smartphone for more than ten years. Customers know how to use them intuitively. Developers can use the React architecture adopted by Flex to create components with ease that provide necessary information to an agent. It’s not necessary to have a specialised skill set in a particular contact centre vendor interface.

As a business, I can use my internal teams to own my product roadmap, make changes to my contact centre as quickly as I make changes to my corporate website, and I don’t need to invest in huge professional services engagements or just hope that a vendor will implement the features I need.

Finally, but crucially, as an agent, I’m armed with knowledge. Now I can focus on getting this customer somewhere safe and send a patrol on its way faster than ever.

Let’s step through the call flow now.

Call Flow in Twilio Flex

1. Caller dials a Twilio number and is directed to a Studio flow which connects them to an IVR.(Studio is Twilio’s visual drag and drop editor that allows developers to get their ideas up and running without having to write a lot of code for the things they do every day on Twilio.)

2. The IVR requests permission to send an SMS to the caller. If accepted, the caller is placed in a queue and is advised to stay on the phone, click the link in the SMS, confirm their location, and then return to the call.

3. Caller stays on the phone, receives an SMS, and taps the link in the SMS.This opens the native browser. The caller is prompted by the browser to allow the website to know their location. The caller accepts and is presented a Google Maps view of their current location using the coordinates of the device.

4. Caller confirms location through mobile browser. The caller taps the confirm location button and is advised to return to the call.

5. Location is written to a Twilio Sync document, identifiable by the caller's phone number.

Twilio Sync is a State Management API. It persists state in the cloud and synchronises across devices. It also uses mobile and web SDKs for easy access from your own applications.

6. A task is created with the caller’s latitude and longitude; the caller is enqueued to Twilio Flex.

The location server is instructed to dequeue the call. During this process, it searches for the Sync document associated with this call. It reads the coordinate values in the Sync document and appends them to the attributes of the task.

7. Agent accepts the task and is connected to the caller.

8. Flex plugin replaces the CRM container with a Google Maps view showing the caller's location. A simple search is carried out using the latitude and longitude as parameters in the Google Maps URL.

A detailed view of this call flow is below.

How can I get this in my Contact Centre?

You may be wondering where the location server has come from and if Twilio only works with Google Maps?

First, the location server. It’s responsible for being the go between for your customer and your agent to provide the location information. It communicates with a map API (Google in my case), Twilio, and provides the front end template to the customer to confirm their location. This sits within your own infrastructure; it is not provided by Twilio. It may be something you already have running, or if you don’t have one, you can deploy my code from Github with a single click to Heroku here. Here you will find instructions to create a Twilio Flex instance, provision the IVR in Studio with a simple JSON import, and to create the Flex plugin. That gets you all the necessary Twilio pieces.

The final piece is the one-click deployment to Heroku to get you well on your way to demonstrating your own proof of concept. I’ve created a location server using Flask (a Python web framework) that makes the necessary API requests out to Twilio and Google to provide the functionality. It also serves up the necessary HTML/Javascript to display the location confirmation workflow to the caller.

DISCLAIMER! This code is far from production ready and does not come with any support, so please don’t deploy it in to your live environment! It’s there to help you along in understanding a true omnichannel experience and assist with your own PoC.

As with all things Twilio, if you have your own location server, have a different map provider of choice, or wrongly feel that Python isn’t amazing, you can absolutely swap in your choices and build out a similar experience for your customers.

Why stop there?

Of course, the possibilities don’t end there. You could use all that Sync information to create a dashboard showing where all your customers are calling from and start making some real-time decisions. Do you need to move patrols closer to certain locations where there is an obvious problem?

You could also surface weather information for those coordinates to an agent. With this information, an agent can display empathy, such as advise the customer to remain in the car with the heater on or seek shelter at a nearby service station. This information can be sent directly to patrols as well, who will now be able to pinpoint exactly where the caller is located.

Maybe you even want to go as far as to provide a Twilio number to the caller that they can reach the patrol on? Through the use of Twilio Proxy, you could establish a session for each job, the caller and patrol numbers remain anonymous, you can record the calls, and you can provide analytics. As you can see, the possibilities are plentiful.

I can’t wait to see what you build! I’d love to hear your ideas or help out where I can.

Twitter: @stuartlogan82

           Mais de 80 vagas de emprego são ofertadas nesta quarta (12), em Manaus       Cache   Translate Page      
Manaus - A Secretaria de Estado do Trabalho (Setrab) oferta 58 oportunidades de emprego nesta quarta-feira (13). Há vagas para consultor de vendas imobiliário, mecânico, motociclista, além de estágio em Direito. Os interessados devem comparecer, na sede da Setrab, localizada na Galeria +, na avenida Djalma Batista, nº 1018,(entre o Amazonas Shopping e o Manaus Plaza Shopping). A distribuição das senhas começa às 7h, e o atendimento é das 8h às 17h. Os candidatos precisam estar com os documentos originais e cópia do RG, CPF, PIS, CTPS, comprovantes de residência e escolaridade.   Veja as oportunidades:    (2) VAGAS: TÉCNICO DE MANUTENÇÃO ELÉTRICA     Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Experiência e conhecimento em CLP, robótica e programação de JIGS. Curso técnico de manutenção elétrica.  (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos).   (1) VAGA: SOLDADOR Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Operação com máquina de solda elétrica, maçarico e confecção de esquadrias de ferro. (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos).   (6) VAGAS: ESTÁGIO DE DIREITO Escolaridade: Ensino Superior cursando. Obs.: Cursando do 3° ao 7° período. (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos).   (1) VAGA: VENDEDOR DE LIVRARIA Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Conhecimento em livros didáticos. (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos).   (1) VAGA: DESENHISTA DE FOTO ESTAMPARIA   Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.:  Com informática avançada, conhecimento em CorelDraw e estamparia. (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos).   (5) VAGAS: MOTOCICLISTA Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Habilitação categoria “A” (categoria “B” adicional), obrigatório ter celular com Google Maps e Whatsapp. (Documentação completa). (5) VAGAS: CONSULTOR DE VENDAS IMOBILIÁRIO AUTÔNOMO Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Proativo, comunicativo, experiência na área comercial (vendas, atendimento ao público e telemarketing). (Documentação completa). (1) VAGA: NUTRICIONISTA Escolaridade: Ensino Superior completo (Nutrição). Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Experiência em cozinha industrial em carteira, pós-graduação em vigilância sanitária será um diferencial. (Documentação completa). (1) VAGA: JARDINEIRO Escolaridade: Ensino Fundamental completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Experiência em roçadeira ou certificado do curso (jardinagem). (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos).   (1) VAGA: TÉCNICO DE SEGURANÇA DO TRABALHO Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Experiência na área.  (Documentação completa).   (1) VAGA: AUXILIAR DE MANUTENÇÃO Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Experiência na área de manutenção elétrica, manutenção de máquina e manutenção predial. (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos)   (1) VAGA: MECÂNICO DE MANUTENÇÃO  Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Curso técnico em mecânica e nr35.  (documentação completa e currículo em mãos).   (2) VAGAS: AJUDANTE DE COZINHA Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Experiência com limpeza de cozinha, guarnições, chapa e manipulação de alimentos em geral. (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos).   (1) VAGA: AUXILIAR DE COZINHA Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Experiência em guarnições, chapa e manipulação de alimentos em geral. (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos).                                     (2) VAGAS: OPERADOR DE LOJA (PCD) Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: Com ou sem experiência. Obs.: Que tenha trabalhado com vendas. (Documentação completa, laudo médico atualizado e currículo em mãos). (Físico leve).   (1) VAGA: AJUDANTE DE OBRAS (PCD) Escolaridade: Ensino Fundamental completo. Experiência: Com ou sem experiência. Obs.: Para trabalhar no canteiro de obras, suporte para pedreiros, pintor, encanador, eletricista e carpinteiro e com disponibilidade de horário. (Documentação completa, laudo médico atualizado e currículo em mãos). (Físico, auditivo e visual leve).     (5) VAGAS: AUXILIAR DE OPERAÇÕES (PCD) Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.:  Experiência como ajudante de caminhão. (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos). (Visual e físico leve).   (10) VAGAS: AUXILIAR DE ESTOQUE (PCD) Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Documentação completa, laudo atualizado e curriculum em mãos. (Físico leve).   (10) VAGAS: TÉCNICO DE ENFERMAGEM (PCD) Escolaridade: Ensino Médio completo. (Com curso técnico de enfermagem). Experiência: 6 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Registro no Coren, curso na área. (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos). (Físico leve).   (1) VAGA: COMPRADOR SÊNIOR Escolaridade: Ensino Superior completo (em Administração, Engenharia ou Ciência Contábeis) Experiência: 06 meses em CTPS. Obs.: Para atuar no setor de compras, negociação de parceiros, inglês fluente e com disponibilidade de horário. (Documentação completa e currículo em mãos). Postos do Sine Manaus ofertam 29 vagas de empregos nesta quarta-feira, 13   A Prefeitura de Manaus, por meio do Sine Manaus, disponibiliza nesta quarta-feira, 13/3, 29 vagas de emprego nos postos da avenida Constantino Nery, São Geraldo, zona Sul,; e do Shopping Phellipe Daou, na avenida Camapuã, Jorge Teixeira, zona Leste, a partir das 8h. Os candidatos interessados nas vagas oferecidas devem comparecer a um dos postos portando documentos básicos, como: RG, CPF, PIS, Carteira de Trabalho, comprovante de escolaridade, comprovante de residência e certificado de reservista (para homens). Se a vaga exigir habilidades específicas é necessário apresentar comprovação, como certificados, ou outros documentos.   Confira as vagas e o posto onde estão sendo oferecidas:   POSTO CONSTANTINO NERY Avenida Constantino Nery, 1272, São Geraldo (próximo à Sorveteria Glacial)   1 VAGA: NUTRICIONISTA CLÍNICA ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Superior Completo em Nutrição; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência mínima de 6 meses comprovada em CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter experiência em dietas para UTI Adulto e Neonatal, Nutrição Parenteral. Ter qualificação em Terapia Nutricional, Nutrição Clínica e Gestão de UPR.   1 VAGA: AUXILIAR TÉCNICO ELETRÔNICO ESCOLARIDADE: Técnico em eletrônica, mecatrônica ou áreas afins; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência mínima de 6 meses comprovada em CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter experiência com equipamentos hospitalares.   2 VAGAS: TÉCNICO EM SEGURANÇA DO TRABALHO ESCOLARIDADE: Técnico em Segurança do Trabalho; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência mínima de 6 meses comprovada em CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter experiência na área hospitalar. Ter registro ativo no MTE. Conhecimento em PPRA, PCMSO, LTCAT, APR, PCMSO, CAT, PPP, CIPA, EPI, B.I, nas Normas Regulamentadoras Aplicáveis, Pacote Office e conhecimento em ISO 9001, ISO 14001.   1 VAGA: ASSISTENTE FINANCEIRO ESCOLARIDADE: Cursando Ensino Superior em áreas afins; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência mínima de 6 meses comprovada em CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter experiência em cobranças de clientes, contas a receber, prestação de contas com motoristas e cobradores. Indispensável ter conhecimento com o sistema WINTHOR.   1 VAGAS: GERENTE DE LOJA ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Superior Completo em Administração ou áreas afins; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência mínima de 6 meses comprovada em CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter experiência no segmento de confecções.   2 VAGAS: SUBGERENTE DE LOJA ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Superior Completo em Administração ou áreas afins; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência mínima de 6 meses comprovada em CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter experiência no segmento de confecções.   3 VAGAS: CONSULTOR COMERCIAL ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Médio Completo; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência mínima de 6 meses comprovada em CTPS, contrato ou carta de recomendação. REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter CNH "B", informática básica e experiência em vendas nas áreas: telefonia móvel, plano de saúde ou funerário, serviços de telecomunicações, internet ou vendas externas com telemarketing e visita ao cliente. Ter disponibilidade de horário e fins de semana.   5 VAGAS: VENDEDOR EXTERNO ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Médio Completo; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência mínima de 6 meses comprovada em CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter experiência com vendas no ramo alimentício e visitas de clientes. O candidato deverá ter CNH categoria "A", possuir moto própria.   1 VAGA: VENDEDOR INTERNO (VAGA EXCLUSIVA PARA PESSOAS COM DEFICIÊNCIA – PCD) ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Médio Completo; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência mínima de 6 meses comprovada em CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter experiência com vendas de produtos alimentícios ou descartáveis. Ter domínio do pacote office e disponibilidade de horário.   POSTO SHOPPING PHELIPPE DAOU Avenida Camapuã, 2985, Jorge Teixeira, no Shopping Phelippe Daou, em frente ao T4.   1 VAGA: LÍDER DE LOJA ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Médio Completo; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência de 6 meses na CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter experiência com liderança de equipes em lojas de cama, mesa e banho.   1 VAGA: MECÂNICO SÊNIOR ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Médio Completo; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência de 6 meses na CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter curso técnico de mecânica e motores a diesel. Desejável curso em Eletrônica. Possuir experiência em manutenção de motores caterpillar.   1 VAGA: ELETRICISTA JÚNIOR ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Médio Completo; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência de 6 meses na CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter curso de NR 10; SEP- Sistema Elétrico de Potência e comandos elétricos. Possuir experiência com rebobinamento de motores/geradores elétricos (trifásicos e monofásicos).   1 VAGA: ARTE FINALISTA ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Médio Completo; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência na CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: ter experiência com artes gráficas.   2 VAGAS: SUPERVISOR DE RESTAURANTE ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Superior Completo ou cursando; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência de 6 meses na CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: o candidato deverá ter disponibilidade para trabalhar em shopping.   1 VAGA: ELETRICISTA DE INSTALAÇÕES DE VEÍCULOS AUTOMOTORES ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Médio Completo; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência na CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: o candidato deverá possuir experiência com instalações e reparos na parte elétrica de veículos multimarcas (kombi, micro-ônibus, vans, dentre outros), diagnóstico, reparos de injeção eletrônica e sistema elétrico em geral.   2 VAGAS: VENDEDOR INTERNO ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Médio Completo; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência de 6 meses na CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: o candidato deverá possuir experiência em ferramentas e materiais de segurança.   2 VAGAS: VENDEDOR/REPRESENTANTE COMERCIAL ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Médio Completo; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência de 6 meses na CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: o candidato deverá possuir experiência com visitas a clientes já efetivados, bem como ir em busca de novos clientes para a venda do produto da empresa.   1 VAGA: CHEFE DE MANUTENÇÃO PREDIAL ESCOLARIDADE: Ensino Superior Completo em Engenharia Elétrica ou áreas afins; EXPERIÊNCIA: experiência na CTPS; REQUISITOS OBRIGATÓRIOS: o candidato deverá possuir experiência na função.*Com informações da assessoria.Leia mais:Está procurando emprego? Veja 77 vagas disponíveis nesta quarta (06)Sine Manaus tem 14 vagas de emprego nessa quarta (6)Está desempregado? Setrab tem 57 vagas nesta terça-feira (5)
          Google probing Gmail, Maps global outages      Cache   Translate Page      

San Francisco: Several Google users on Wednesday reported problems with accessing Gmail and other services in large parts of the world. The company said it was investigating the problem.

Many users in Australia, the US, Europe and Asia reported outages with Gmail, Google Maps and Google Drive, The Guardian reported.

In a statement, Google said it was investigating reports of an issue with Gmail.

"We will provide more information shortly. The affected users are able to access Gmail, but are seeing error messages, high latency, and/or other unexpected behaviour," the company posted on its service website.

Unable to send emails, several users received an error message: "Message could not be sent. Check your network and try again".

Google Maps and Drive also experienced issues.

          On Settling Down Somewhere      Cache   Translate Page      

For a long time, I really dreaded settling down. I loved the heady rush of landing somewhere new, and the sudden sensory assault from all directions–new smells, new sights, new sounds, new tastes; even the feel of the wind different on my skin. I have moving down to an art, even if it still stresses me out every time. I’ve rented quite a few houses sight-unseen from the other side of the world. I can look on Google maps street view and figure out all sorts of things, from where the nearest fruit/vegetable stand is to what kind of green space is available for kids to play nearby, as well as necessities like public transport and commute to work and school.… Read more

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L'application Google officielle vient d'entrer dans le club le plus exclusif du Play Store, celui qui n'accueille que des milliardaires. Évidemment, nous ne parlons pas de dollars, mais de téléchargements par les utilisateurs: l'application Google a atteint et dépassé 5 milliards de téléchargements depuis le magasin, devenant l'une des applications les plus téléchargées à ce jour. À l'heure actuelle, le cercle très limité de 5 milliards de téléchargements ne comprend que quatre composants: l'application Google, YouTube , Google Maps et Google Play Services, mentionnés ci-dessus - pas une vraie application, mais un ensemble d'outils pré-installés sur Android. Comme vous pouvez le constater, il s'agit de quatre services Google répandus et utilisés par tous les utilisateurs d'Android, presque tous pré-installés directement par les fabricants de smartphones et de tablettes sur leurs appareils. Ce facteur n'enlève rien à l'application Google, qui constitue l'un des outils fondamentaux de l'expérience utilisateur sur tous les produits Android, notamment grâce aux mises à niveau arrivées ces dernières années, qui en font un véritable hub de services. (Lire la suite)
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Date: June 7, 2019

Take our signature tour, and let Central Park Conservancy guides give you an insider's look at some of the most iconic features of the world's greatest urban park. Learn how rocky, swampy land was built into the living work of art that is Central Park today. Highlights of this tour include the Dairy, Sheep Meadow, Cherry Hill, The Lake, Bow Bridge, Bethesda Terrace, The Mall, and Literary Walk.

Audio enhancement equipment will be used for this tour. A limited number of hearing loops are available and can be requested with ticket purchase.


Meet: Dairy Visitor Center & Gift Shop (mid-Park between 64th and 65th Streets). Enter the Park at 60th Street and Fifth Avenue, and follow the path adjacent to the drive (road) north; the Dairy will be on your left. Please note Google Maps does not recognize this location. Map of the start location

Terrain: A few inclines and some stairs.

Length of Tour: Approximately 90 minutes

Cost: Tickets $15 (Members $10). Purchase tickets online!

For weather cancellation and other ticket policies, please review our Tours Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Groups of seven or more must schedule a group tour three weeks in advance at

Start time: 10:00 am

End time: 11:30 am

Contact phone: (212) 310-6600

Location: Dairy Visitor Center & Gift Shop (in Central Park)

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Date: June 7, 2019

Take our signature tour, and let Central Park Conservancy guides give you an insider's look at some of the most iconic features of the world's greatest urban park. Learn how rocky, swampy land was built into the living work of art that is Central Park today. Highlights of this tour include the Dairy, Sheep Meadow, Cherry Hill, The Lake, Bow Bridge, Bethesda Terrace, The Mall, and Literary Walk.

Audio enhancement equipment will be used for this tour. A limited number of hearing loops are available and can be requested with ticket purchase.


Meet: Dairy Visitor Center & Gift Shop (mid-Park between 64th and 65th Streets). Enter the Park at 60th Street and Fifth Avenue, and follow the path adjacent to the drive (road) north; the Dairy will be on your left. Please note Google Maps does not recognize this location. Map of the start location

Terrain: A few inclines and some stairs.

Length of Tour: Approximately 90 minutes

Cost: Tickets $15 (Members $10). Purchase tickets online!

For weather cancellation and other ticket policies, please review our Tours Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Groups of seven or more must schedule a group tour three weeks in advance at

Start time: 2:00 pm

End time: 3:30 pm

Contact phone: (212) 310-6600

Location: Dairy Visitor Center & Gift Shop (in Central Park)

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Date: June 8, 2019

Take our signature tour, and let Central Park Conservancy guides give you an insider's look at some of the most iconic features of the world's greatest urban park. Learn how rocky, swampy land was built into the living work of art that is Central Park today. Highlights of this tour include the Dairy, Sheep Meadow, Cherry Hill, The Lake, Bow Bridge, Bethesda Terrace, The Mall, and Literary Walk.

Audio enhancement equipment will be used for this tour. A limited number of hearing loops are available and can be requested with ticket purchase.


Meet: Dairy Visitor Center & Gift Shop (mid-Park between 64th and 65th Streets). Enter the Park at 60th Street and Fifth Avenue, and follow the path adjacent to the drive (road) north; the Dairy will be on your left. Please note Google Maps does not recognize this location. Map of the start location

Terrain: A few inclines and some stairs.

Length of Tour: Approximately 90 minutes

Cost: Tickets $15 (Members $10). Purchase tickets online!

For weather cancellation and other ticket policies, please review our Tours Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Groups of seven or more must schedule a group tour three weeks in advance at

Start time: 10:00 am

End time: 11:30 am

Contact phone: (212) 310-6600

Location: Dairy Visitor Center & Gift Shop (in Central Park)

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Avusturalya, ABD, Avrupa ve Asya’da kullanıcılar Google’a bağlı Gmail, Google Maps ve Google Drive uygulamalarına erişim sorunu yaşadı.

Avusturalya, ABD, Avrupa ve Asya’da kullanıcılar Google’a bağlı Gmail, Google Maps ve Google Drive uygulamalarına erişim sorunu yaşadı.

Google’ın Gmail, Drive ve Maps uygulamalarında erişim sorunu haberi ilk olarak Sonsöz Gazetesi • Son Dakika • Güncel Haberler • Ankara Yerel Gazete'de Editör tarafından yayınlanmıştır!

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I think my e-file hits some e-traffic, but google maps helped it find an alternate route to the IRS.

My returns were accepted by IRS and state gov within 24 hours, got electronic confirmation not only of receipt but that

they are in good order from at least a basic level of acceptability of data format.
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Qué teléfono móvil regalar en el día del padre: las mejores alternativas en función del tipo de usuario#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

El día del padre está a la vuelta de la esquina y muchos nos encontramos pensando en el regalo perfecto para nuestro progenitor. La tecnología suele ser un un buen recurso a la hora de regalar y, si buscamos algo práctico, un smartphone es sin lugar a dudas un regalo para papá muy interesante. Pero igual que hay una gran variedad de teléfonos en el mercado, también existen varios tipos de usuarios. En esta guía de compra proponemos varios modelos en función de qué tipo de usuario sea tu padre.

Hemos dividido las categorías en las siguientes:

  • Usuarios básicos con dificultades a la hora de manejar un terminal
  • Smartphones sencillos para usuarios que emplean su smartphone para llamadas, WhatsApp y poco más
  • Teléfonos compactos
  • Teléfonos con pantallas grandes
  • Terminales que destacan por su batería
  • Modelos todoterreno para usuarios versátiles
  • Teléfonos con buena relación calidad precio
  • Smartphones premium orientados a la productividad

Con este punto de partida, hemos listado algunos de los modelos más interesantes del mercado actual. No están todos los que son, pero sí que son todos los que están. Obviamente, algunos de los modelos listados en una categoría podrían aparecer en otra.

Ni siquiera necesita un smartphone

Si la tecnología no es el punto fuerte de tu padre y simplemente busca algo sencillo para tareas básicas como llamar, en el mercado encontramos modelos interesantes.

En este sentido, existen terminales que destacan por lo robusto de su construcción, un sistema de introducción de texto más sencillo que lo táctil como puede ser un teclado con teclas grandes y software cómodo y accesible. Incluso hay modelos que sustituyen el clásico cargador por una base de carga. Se trata de terminales diseñados para personas mayores.



Este sencillo móvil de la marca Thompson ofrece espacio para más de 200 contactos, conectividad bluetooth y 2G para conectarse a internet. El menú es simple y está en español. Robustez y una pequeña pantalla de 1,7 pulgadas que quizás es algo pequeña si tiene problemas de vista, pero será muy fácil de utilizar en caso contrario. Desde 11,99 euros

Archos Senior Phone


El fabricante francés Archos cuenta en su catálogo con un terminal ligero y con un diseño muy compacto. Es dualSIM y tiene aplicaciones básicas como una calculadora, la radio, la agenda, el calendario o la de llamada de emergencia. Además, para cargarlo dispone de una base para que sea más sencillo. Por 32,79 euros.

Alcatel 2008G

Alcatel 2008g

Un teléfono muy cómodo y robusto con una batería enorme es este Alcatel 2008G. Eso sí, solo sirve para realizar y recibir llamadas y SMS y para hacer fotos. En Amazon por 35,75 euros.

Si todavía crees que necesitará teclas físicas para pulsar los números, el Alcatel 2008G nos ofrece un móvil muy ligero, batería de 1400 mAh y funciones como la radioFM para escuchar la cadena que más nos interese. Un dispositivo económico muy similar a los móviles que no eran smartphones. Disponible para comprar por 39,95 euros.

Emporia PURE


El Emporia PURE es un teléfono simple y claro diseñado para personas mayores. Con una pantalla con iconos grandes y con letras cuyo tamaño puede ajustarse. El teclado es grande con accesos rápidos en los laterales, además para facilitar el uso se restringe cada tecla a una sola función.

Con funciones de llamadas de emergencia (con GPS) y linterna a mano, su uso se limita a llamadas y mensajes y carga mediante una base de carga para facilitar que esté siempre a punto. En Amazon por 55,57 euros.



El CAT B30 es un teléfono sencillo a prueba de golpes fabricado por la popular firma de materiales de construcción. Además tiene linterna, es resistente al agua y polvo y soporta caídas de hasta 2 metros. En Amazon por 79 euros.

Doro 8035


Este terminal fue presentado en el MWC del año pasado y dispone de pantalla táctil, pero a cambio integra un software con iconos grandes y sencillos de pulsar.

Es un dispositivo resistente y con un volumen claro y fuerte para que no haya problemas de escuchar. Está basado en Android, por lo que tenemos acceso a aplicaciones como Google Maps o WhatsApp. Dispone de 16GB de almacenamiento 2 GB de RAM. Por 186,99 euros

Smartphones sencillos

Teniendo en cuenta que la eclosión y popularización de internet y los smartphones han sido hechos de las últimas décadas, es normal que mientras las generaciones más jóvenes estén habituados a los smartphones, la alfabetización digital de la población disminuya con la edad.

En este sentido, el uso de usuarios de cierta edad prácticamente se restringe a las llamadas, el uso de WhatsApp y algunas aplicaciones puntuales como las de pagar la OTA.

Así, un terminal de gama baja con una pantalla cómoda, una cámara aceptable para instantáneas puntuales y buena autonomía son buenas opciones para muchos padres.

Alcatel 3V


A pesar de enmarcarse en la gama de entrada (algo notorio por lo ajustado de su hardware), este Alcatel 3V ofrece características interesantes como la doble cámara trasera y reconocimiento facial. Un modelo interesante por su pantalla de 6 pulgadas nítida de alta resolución y su buena autonomía. Por 105,99 euros

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

Mi A2 Lite

El Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (141,49 euros) es uno de los mejores terminales que podemos encontrar dentro de los presupuestos más ajustados. De este modelo destaca su batería de 4.000 mAh que proporciona una gran autonomía, la fluidez de Android One y una pantalla que ofrece buena experiencia visual.

Nokia 5.1


Con el clásico diseño robusto con bordes de Nokia, el Nokia 5.1 tiene entre sus puntos fuertes una pantalla de 5,5 pulgadas con resolución FullHD+ y Android One como sistema operativo, un entorno más puro y libre de capas adicionales. Por 149,90 euros

BQ Aquaris C


La española BQ cuenta en su catálogo con el BQ Aquaris C, un gama de entrada con un diseño compacto, sobrio y resistente cuyos puntos fuertes son la carga rápida, muy buena conectividad (radio FM, WiFi ac, NFC y USB tipo C) y una pantalla muy lograda en este rango, que entrega colores vivos y un brillo aceptable. Por 149,90 euros.

Motorola One

El Moto One (189 euros) es uno de los terminales más interesantes por debajo de los 200 euros por la sencillez Android Puro, su cámara dual, carga rápida y una conectividad amplia.

Teléfonos compactos

Aunque las pantallas grandes son muy atractivas para el consumo multimedia y la navegación y, desde un punto más generalista, ver el contenido, son muchos los que prefieren un terminal compacto que puedan guardar en el bolsillo con comodidad.

En este sentido, no es solo una cuestión de dimensiones, sino también del aprovechamiento de estas, una tendencia al alza con la llegada de elementos como el notch o los agujeros.

Aunque no son los únicos (de hecho dentro de este mismo artículo encontramos terminales con diseños y tamaños compactos en otras categorías), estos son algunos de los terminales compactos más interesantes.

Alcatel 1

Alcatel 1

El Alcatel 1 (59 euros) es uno de lo smartphones más asequibles que integran Android 8 Go, un software optimizado para terminales de gama baja.

Con una pantalla de 5 pulgadas con resolución FWVGA, ratio de 18:9 y un hardware muy modesto, el Alcatel 1 es un teléfono sencillo para aquellos que usen WhatsApp y poco más.

Wiko Sunny 3

Sunny 3

El Wiko Sunny 3 (59,90 euros) es otra alternativa al anterior que comparte sus mismas bazas: data de 2018, es muy asequible y cuenta con Android Go para aprovechar al máximo su corto hardware. Con una pantalla de 5 pulgadas con resolución FWVGA, diseño con bordes y un escaso almacenamiento de 8 GB, el Sunny 3 es una opción válida solo para uso muy ligero.


Lg K9

En la gama de entrada encontramos el LG K9 (97,99 euros), un terminal con un panel HD de 5 pulgadas lanzado el pasado año cuya principal baza es que su batería de 2.5000 mAh es extraíble. Por lo demás, hardware algo justito, pantalla HD, una cámara trasera de 8MP, radio FM y un software se quedó en Nougat. Solo para usuarios que busquen algo compacto y básico.

Xiaomi Redmi 5A


Aunque en el extenso catálogo de Xiaomi abundan los terminales con pantallas grandes, también encontramos alguna excepción como el Xiaomi Redmi 5A (105,99 euros), un modesto gama baja con un diseño clásico a pesar de haber sido lanzado en 2018.

Tras nuestro análisis, nos quedamos con la calidad de su pantalla, su buen sonido y una cámara sorprendente, tres puntos destacables la gama donde se enmarca.

Moto G5

Moto G5

En 2018 Motorola lanzaba el Moto G5 (179 euros), un gama media con carcasa de aluminio robusta y panel Full HD que destaca por ofrecer un buen equilibrio entre hardware y software y su lector de huellas.

Sony Xperia XA1

En la gama media de Sony encontramos el Sony Xperia XA1 (188 euros), un teléfono con un diseño elegante y robusto, buen sonido y un rendimiento aceptable si no exigimos demasiado.

iPhone SE

Iphone Se

El iPhone SE es uno de los modelos más veteranos de esta lista de smartphones para el día del padre e incluso en Applesfera han escrito sobre las ventajas y desventajas de comprarlo en 2019.

Con un diseño apartado de lo actual, este terminal de 2016 sigue siendo una buena opción para aquellos que busquen un modelo compacto sin exigirle demasiado. Con buenos acabados, la posibilidad de pagar con él y una cámara aceptable que graba vídeo a 4K. El modelo de 128 GB cuesta 349,90 euros en El Corte Inglés.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

El Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact (439 euros) es un modelo compacto y potente. De su análisis destacamos la calidad de su pantalla y su óptica.

Teléfonos con pantalla grande

Como en el punto anterior, el tamaño de una pantalla no solo depende de las dimensiones del terminal sino también del aprovechamiento de estas. Y si nos decantamos por un modelo con una pantalla grande, prestar atención a la densidad de píxeles y al ratio.

La tendencia hacia modelos con pantallas cada vez más grandes hace que sea habitual encontrarse con teléfonos que rondan las 6", pero si buscas algo más, en esta sección encontrarás algunos smartphones que superan las 6 pulgadas.

No son los únicos, si bien hay otros como el Xiaomi Mi Max 3 ya mencionado que podría aparecer también aquí.

Honor Note 10

Note 10

El Honor Note 10 (343,90 euros) roza las 7 pulgadas con un panel AMOLED FullHD+ y hardware de gama alta para ver vídeos y jugar, lo que hace de este smartphone un modelo óptimo para consumo multimedia pero también para juegos. Su batería también es digna de mención, con 4.900 mAh de capacidad. Eso sí, es algo pesado.

Honor View 20


El Honor View 20 (549 euros) es el primer Honor en sustituir el notch por un agujero. Este modelo de 6,4 pulgadas también destaca por su rendimiento gracias a un hardware potente, una batería de 4.000 mAh y una lente de 48 MP que emplea inteligencia artificial.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3


El Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (440 euros) ofrece un origianl diseño con frontal todo pantalla donde la cámara frontal se oculta tras un sistema desplegable, lo que permite aprovechar al máximo sus dimensiones.

Con un panel AMOLED FullHD+, configuración hardware potente que nos permite alcanzar hasta los 10 GB de RAM y doble lente, lo más limitado de este terminal es su batería de 3.200 mAh.

Huawei Mate 20X


La gama Mate 20 terminaba con este Huawei Mate 20X (703 euros), una vuelta de tuerca más con un terminal que repite diseño y la triple cámara pero integra un panel OLED que supera las 7 pulgadas. Otro aspecto muy atractivo es su batería de 5.000 mAh. Un teléfono muy interesante para el consumo multimedia.

iPhone XS Max

Xs Max

El iPhone XS Max (1079 euros) es el teléfono más potente, con más pantalla, mejor cámara y también el precio más alto de Apple, un terminal orientado a los padres más exigentes que vayan a sacar partido de él.

Integra una pantalla de 6,5 pulgadas OLED Super Retina HD cuya calidad se evidencia tanto en interiores como en exteriores, de acuerdo con nuestra experiencia de uso.

Una buena batería

El Energizer Power Max P18K Pop logró ser una de las estrellas del MWC 2019 gracias a su brutal batería de 18.000 mAh, eso sí, su ligereza era otra historia. En el mercado lo habitual es encontrar baterías menores por un lógico compromiso entre peso y capacidad.

No obstante, no solo es cuestión de miliamperios, sino también del consumo de los componentes y la optimización del hardware. Aunque en otras categorías del artículo hay modelos con baterías destacables, estos son algunos muy interesantes

Wiko View 2 Go


El Wiko View 2 Go (119 euros) es un modelo muy interesante en la gama de entrada de la firma francesa que destaca no solo por su batería de 4.000 mAh, sino también por su diseño actual y el desbloqueo facial.

Moto G6 Play

Con el diseño diferencial de Motorola, muy buenos acabados y características no esperadas en un modelo de la gama de entrada como el NFC, el Moto G6 Play (139 euros) sorprende por su batería y su sonido.

Moto E4 Plus

Moto E4 Plus

El Moto E4 Plus es un gama baja cuyos puntos fuertes son cuerpo metálico y una batería con carga rápida que supera los 5.000 mAh. Un terminal para los que buscan un modelo sencillo pero con buena autonomía. Su precio es de 197,18 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3


El Xiaomi Mi Max 3 (226,70 euros) es un modelo para aquellos que busquen una gran batería, pero también una gran pantalla, ya que la capacidad es de 5.300 mAh pero la diagonal del panel alcanza las 6,9 pulgadas. Un phablet de gama media por hardware con carga rápida y cámara dual trasera.

Modelos todoterreno para usuarios versátiles

Subimos un escalón en cuanto a requerimientos y nos encontramos en la gama media, una zona donde las mejoras se dejan notar especialmente en apartados como el hardware y las cámaras. Estamos ante modelos versátiles que pueden satisfacer tanto a padres cuyo uso va a ser mayoritariamente básico (redes sociales, correo, mensajería, llamadas) como a otros que exijan más de su terminal, como puede ser la carga rápida o el NFC para realizar pagos. Una buena franja para apostar si no tenemos muy claro el uso.

Huawei P Smart 2019


Recién lanzado al mercado, el Huawei P Smart 2019 (190 euros) es un candidato a best seller de este 2019. Entre sus bazas, el acierto y comodidad de su diseño, la lectura de huellas, el reconocimiento facial y un panel que supera las 6 pulgadas.

Nokia 6.1


El Nokia 6.1 (199 euros) es un terminal con el clásico diseño robusto de Nokia, hardware de gama media, una sola cámara trasera y detalles atractivos como el NFC para realizar pagos, Android One como sistema operativo para más sencillez y buena autonomía.

Huawei Mate 20 Lite


El Huawei Mate 20 Lite (239 euros) es uno de los superventas de la marca china por el equilibrio que ofrece. Con hardware de gama media, una autonomía que supera el día y cuatro cámaras, es una de las propuestas más versátiles para un usuario medio.

Sony Xperia XA2


Sony apuesta por mantener su diseño con bordes gruesos con el Xperia XA2 (279 euros). Tras probarlo, destacamos su equilibrio, con un rendimiento que cumple dentro de los escenarios propios de la gama media, una pantalla compacta de 5 pulgadas con muy buenos resultados y buena autonomía.

Samsung Galaxy A9

En la gama media encontramos el Samsung Galaxy A9 (modelo de finales de 2018) (399 euros), un terminal que sorprende por la calidad y tamaño de su pantalla, Super AMOLED con resolución FullHD+ y 6,3 pulgadas. Además es el primer modelo de los coreanos en contar con cuatro cámaras. Además ofrece buen diseño y rendimiento.

Buena relación calidad precio

La línea que separa la gama media y la gama alta se difumina con modelos que toman ciertas características de los modelos más premium y las integran en terminales que ofrecen prestaciones de gama alta pero a precios considerablemente más asequibles.

Asimismo, también podemos disfrutar de terminales de gama alta cuyo precio ha ido devaluándose progresivamente con el tiempo hasta costar lo mismo que un gama media.

Si tu padre es un usuario que exige a su terminal, son una buena opción sin gastarse como en un gama alta.

Honor 10


Con configuración de gama alta de Huawei, carga rápida, NFC y reconocimiento facial nos encontramos con el Honor 10 (285 euros), un terminal que obtuvo un sobresaliente en nuestro análisis en apartados como el diseño y el rendimiento.

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro

El Huawei P20 Pro (528 euros) es un gama alta con todas las letras al que el paso del tiempo ha ido recortando su precio hasta situarse en torno a los 500 euros.

Con pantalla OLED de 6,1 pulgadas, desempeño propio de gama alta, una triple cámara que ofrece grandes resultados en la mayoría de situaciones y una batería de más de 4.000 mAh con carga rápida, el Huawei P20 Pro es una compra muy inteligente si buscamos un gama alta a buen precio.

Xiaomi Mi 9


Recien salido del horno, el Xiaomi Mi 9 es la candidatura de la firma asiática por hacerse con el modelo con mejor calidad precio de la gama alta.

Un terminal potente con pantalla AMOLED de 6,39 pulgadas, carga rápida y una cámara dual trasera donde encontramos una lente de 48 MP. Diseño, pantalla y rendimiento sobresalientes según nuestro análisis para un teléfono que no ha bajado su precio, ya de por sí muy atractivo: 449 euros

OnePlus 6T

El segundo y último buque insignia de OnePlus lanzado en 2018 fue el OnePlus 6T, un teléfono con panel AMOLED, el chip más potente de Qualcomm, cámara dual y sensor de huellas bajo la pantalla.

Con el OnePlus 6T el notch se ha reducido a la mínima expresión, logrando un diseño atractivo y equilibrado. Tras probarlo nos gustó su buen rendimiento y la calidad de la pantalla, así como su destacable autonomía. Entre sus puntos débiles, la cámara y el sonido.

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CoStar LandVision Google Maps Ability to understand the commercial real estate industry Ability to understand commercial real estate terms and standards...
From Kidder Matthews - Thu, 28 Feb 2019 01:59:48 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
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Bombeiros e equipes do Samu estão no local. O helicóptero da PM sobrevoa a escola. Foto: Reprodução/Google Maps Dois adolescentes encapuzados mataram 6 pessoas dentro da Escola Estadual Raul Brasil, de Suzano (SP), e cometeram suicídio em seguida, sendo a polícia. Cinco das vítimas eram estudantes, outra era funcionário da escola. Ainda não há informação […]

The post URGENTE: Tiroteio em escola deixa ao menos cinco crianças mortas appeared first on 98FM Curitiba - Sintonize 98,9.

          Google lanza Lookout, su nueva aplicación que ayudará a personas ciegas a descubrir lo que les rodea      Cache   Translate Page      

Google lanza Lookout, su nueva aplicación que ayudará a personas ciegas a descubrir lo que les rodea#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Google lanza una nueva aplicación de accesibilidad para Android. Presentada el año pasado durante el Google I/O 2018, la aplicación Lookout llega al Play Store pero con una disponibilidad muy limitada.

Google Lookout es una herramienta que quiere ayudar a las personas ciegas o con problemas de visión a descubrir lo que les rodea a través de su dispositivo móvil gracias al reconocimiento de imágenes y a la Inteligencia Artificial. En el mundo hay casi 253 millones de personas con ceguera total, parcial o importantes problemas en la vista.

Así funciona Google Lookout

Lookout usa la cámara y sensores de nuestro dispositivo mòvil para reconocer los objetos y textos al estilo de Google Lens, pero con la diferencia de que leerán en todo momento lo que han reconocido diciendo además en qué posición están, por ejemplo, diciendo que ha detectado un perro a las 12 en punto. Tu móvil también podrá ser tus ojos.

Lookout Android

La aplicación cuenta con tres modos de uso. Un modo para explorar el mundo real, un modo para hacer la compra específico para leer los códigos de barra y dinero, y otro modo para leer textos. La aplicación se puede usar con gestos junto a los otros modos de accesibilidad de Android.

De momento solo para los Pixel de Estados Unidos

Google ha lanzado Lookout en inglés y exclusiva para sus dispositivos Pixel de Estados Unidos. Eso sí, anuncia que en el futuro su aplicación estará disponible en más dispositivos y más países. Como Lookout en Google Play no está disponible en todo el mundo tendremos que recurrir a APK Mirror para poder descargar la aplicación desde el resto del mundo y desde cualquier dispositivo Android con procesador de 64 bits.

Vía | Google


Google Voice Access ya soporta el español para controlar por voz tu móvil Android

Gasolina, diésel, híbrido… Cómo acertar con la propulsión

Así es como Google Maps usará la cámara de tu móvil para mejorar la ubicación

- Google lanza Lookout, su nueva aplicación que ayudará a personas ciegas a descubrir lo que les rodea por Cosmos .

          Global Outages Hit Gmail, YouTube And Many Google Services      Cache   Translate Page      

Several Google services sustained a massive outage affecting users around the world today, but the services were restored a few hours later. Affected services included Gmail, Drive, Google Music, Hangouts, Google Maps and YouTube. Here’s what you need to know […]

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           Comment on Android Google Maps Current Location, Night Mode Features by Milad       Cache   Translate Page      
Hi guy Thank you very much for your useful project. i used '' in my project and that worked very good and without any problem!
          Google Maps und Array.prototype.indexOf      Cache   Translate Page      
Google Maps zusammen mit einer eigenen Implementierung von Array.prototype.indexOf (der IE
          Grandma Nitti's Kitchen (it's back)      Cache   Translate Page      

Yeah, the old place was a wee bit too doggo-friendly for me.
I was always thinking in the back of me mind “One of these brunches they’re goin to run out of bacon and then…:eek:#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

          5 Milliarden Android-Downloads: Google Maps bricht Schallmauer      Cache   Translate Page      
Bisher gibt es nur eine kurze Liste an Android-Apps, die über eine Milliarde Downloads erreicht haben. Vier Apps haben mittlerweile allerdings einen noch beeindruckenderen Rekord aufgestellt und die 5-Milliarden-Marke geknackt; darunter nun auch Google Maps.
          Rodellar is NOT Rodellar!      Cache   Translate Page      

After a total absence from any input to the blog whatsoever, Nomad has decided to contribute to the absolute nonsense with a few paragraphs. We still haven't managed to get him to help with the making of the movies, editing of the photos and blog upload process yet. Which we must say is an extremely tedious and painful process that drives us to the point of insanity sometimes. We are done with computers and ready to go outside and live our lives.
Anyway, this is what the Nomad had to say:

"After flying from Mallorca, Steve and Chris picked up a brand new car courtesy of a French Government arrangment with auto manufacturers which afforded us a shiny Peugeot Tepee with only 5km on the clock. Very cheap too. We have planned to drive this around all of europe for the next three months. It is considerably smaller than the Van we had in the USA, but this is necessary to navigate the ancient streets and parking spaces here.

The two intended on navigating to Rodellar in Northern Spain but actually navigated to another town called Rodellar, far from the rich land of limestone. This was due to incorrect research and the simple fact that I wasn't there. After 9 hours on the road they finally found the place which was the real Rodellar.

For those who aren't familiar, Rodellar is a small gorge filled with limestone features. Its no where near the amount we have seen elsewhere, but still enough to keep you amused for a month or two. We stayed at a great place called Kalandraka, a climber-orientated Refuge right at the edge of the gorge complete with a 'kitchen' (really just a food storage room with a sink), a restaurant (comes recommended from The Beric) and coin-operated showers.

Whilst we were there we met a nice American couple from Tuscon who were climbing at Rodellar and climbing hard! Meghan and Luis were very friendly and we ended up spending the majority of our time with them. They have been around the world climbing and have done everything from cragging to Big Wall first ascents so they had some experience!

Crimping Champion Meghan :)

King Luis (the VIII)

One of the highlights at Rodellar is El Delphin, an arch and open cave structure that would make any Sport bunny go hopping mad. Fixed Draws!! Chalked holds!! Lower-offs!! Obnoxious children knocking rocks into the gorge! Massive cheering crowds of European climbing teams!! What more could a certain individual ask for?

On the third day Steve rested, so Chris and I accompanied Meghan and Luis to El Dephin. Spectacular! We tried our luck on the arch a pedestrian (for locals) 7c+ (grade 29 in Australia). It was a great photo route in an amazing position with some good moves. We spent a good two days in this area and it comes highly recommended.

Beric Cranking the glorious Arch

Nomad on the Arete of the Arch (6c)

Steve killing the Arch

Rodellar also includes numerous caves which we spent the majority of our time in. We also met a kick ass American guy called Jason who provided us beta and a few belays. Some good times were had! The rock was super solid and not overly polished so get on out there!"

Thanks Nomad.. Now, lets get some things straight. Firstly Rodellar certainly wasn't Rodellar. According to Google maps there is one Rodellar, and According to our GPS there is another one 100km north of the real one. Unfortunetly these are separated by 3 hours worth of switchback mountainess road. And foolishly we trusted our GPS.. Rookie error.

And another thing, Nomad claims that we got lost due to "the simple fact that he wasn't there to help". But let me tell you, Nomad not being there had nothing to do with us going to the wrong Rodellar. To put things nicely poor old Nomad contributes very little to the navigation planning and accommodation booking so his presence would have been of no use. 

Speaking of which, Nomads presence was absent for the start of the Rodellar trip due to him still being on Mallorca island with the mysterious Norwegian girl. Unfortunetly he missed his plane flight as he was doing his duties at the Palma Hospital. Actually, we have lost Nomad again at this very moment. He went spookeye and dissapeared a few days ago with the mysterious Norway girl again. We think they went to Italy and we will possibly rendezvous with the Nomad in Greece in a few weeks. But you can never be sure.

We found one town that we were certain was Rodellar, Steve pulled over on the narrow mountain road for Beric to take a photo of it as we were so excited. Still wasn't Rodellar.

 Not Rodellar

 Not Rodellar

 Not Rodellar

The Real Rodellar:

One highlight we must add about Rodellar is the discovery of the Italian Men. There were these Italian men that were far superior to any other we have encountered.  I'm telling you, these men were machines:

This is the Alpha Italian man, MARIO:

This one is Nomad in 5 years:
He was highly skeptical of us:

This one was in his 70's and still had better abs than us and was climbing way harder. He sent this overhanging 7b project of Steves. And spent like 25 minutes hanging on the route resting out on crap holds. He had some sort of OLD MAN endurance. We had heard rumour's about OLD MAN endurance from Lee. It seriously exists. Something for us to look forward to!

We have decided that we shall now dedicated the rest of our lives to becoming more like these Italian men. As soon as we get away from all the glorious food that Beric's family is feeding us in Croatia we will become Italian men. It is hard right now as we are living like kings with consistent divine 3 course meals everyday. You see to be an Italian man, you need to have absolutely no body fat whatsoever. Beric befriendedall of the Italian men. Especially the Alpha Italian man, Mario. and after much time and trust Mario told Beric the secret to being an Italian man. 

" ....errr.. Coffee... and.. Cigarettes.. thats all "

Turns out Beric has an awesome cousin in Bosnia called Mario also. And Mario is already an Italian man at the age of 16!!

For the record, on paper Beric is actually an Italian man. He comes complete with Dual Italian and Australian Citezenship thanks to his Nonno. Any extremly attractive girls that can rock climb hard and are looking for a husband please keep in mind that a European passport is veeeerry handy. Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Cuts out all that visa crap if you want live or work in Europe.

Which one is Steve??!

Enough with all the words, lets let a Movie do the rest of the talking:

Rodellar Climbing minus the Fluff from 3 Lost Monkeys on Vimeo.

          Islande : des élus en guerre contre la neige de Google Maps      Cache   Translate Page      
VIDEO. Deux villes se plaignent du service de Google Maps qui donnerait l'impression qu'elles sont recouvertes perpetuellement de neige, explique la BBC.
          Google Maps and Array.prototype.indexOf      Cache   Translate Page      
Google Maps together with an own implementation of Array.prototype.indexOf (IE
          Google Earth: Neues kultiges Spiel ‚Jagd auf Google Earth – wo in aller Welt ist CARMEN SANDIEGO?‘      Cache   Translate Page      
Mit Google Maps und Google Earth kann jeder Nutzer die Welt entdecken und sehr viele Orte auch mit der 3D-Ansicht besuchen. In losen Abständen wird das immer wieder mal mit Spielen oder Aktivitäten demonstriert – und ab sofort ist es wieder soweit. In Google Earth kann man nun auf die Jagd nach Carmen Sandiego gehen […]

Google Earth: Neues kultiges Spiel ‚Jagd auf Google Earth – wo in aller Welt ist CARMEN SANDIEGO?‘GoogleWatchBlog
Wir auf Google+ Wir auf Facebook 

          Radar de Murcia de AEMET      Cache   Translate Page      
1011 ideas ha desarrollado una página web en la que visualizar de forma diferente el radar de Murcia de AEMET:

Permite hacer zoom selectivo por zonas, así como variar el grado de transparencia de la imagen que muestra las reflectividades del radar. Y lo mejor: a pantalla completa.

La imagen anterior es una captura de pantalla de esta página del radar de Murcia, en el momento en el que el pasado sábado una fuerte tormenta arrasó los cultivos de Mula y puede verse en:
Tiene la base cartográfica de Google Maps e inicialmente se presenta con la capa Relieve y 70 % de transparencia de la imagen del radar de AEMET.
Se ha optimizado para su visualización en un monitor widescreen de 19 pulgadas, con resolución de 1440 x 900 píxeles, a pantalla completa (F11).

La aplicación desarrollada funciona perfectamente en Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox y Google Chrome (recomendado), así como en el navegador nativo de BlackBerry OS 6.


          Tutti a 90      Cache   Translate Page      
06/04/2019 - La festa più bella.... INGRESSO: 2€ PER TUTTI entro l'una, dopo 10€ con drink Apertura ore 23,30 HIT ANNI '90, ROCK '90, DANCE, TRASH, CARTOON, SKA PUNK, HARD ROCK '90 & GLAM, HARD & HEAVY...and More! 4 SALE ANNI '90 - Main room: (Dance,Trash) - Black room : (Rock&Punk) - Skull room : (Metal&Glam,Metalcore) - Garden room : (Reggaeton&Afro) La Festa ANNI '90 : una FIGATA di serata. Info 335.7578007.006 COME ARRIVARE : AUTO : Autostrada A14 Bologna-Ancona. Uscita Cesena (no Cesena Nord). Una volta usciti dal casello girare a destra ed immettersi in via Cervese, proseguire quindi verso la S.S.16 direzione Cervia (direzione mare). Alla rotonda con la S.S. proseguire nel sottopassaggio direzione Pinarella. alla seconda rotonda a sinistra sino a Viale Tritone, a sinistra c'è il locale. GOOGLE MAPS :,12.3597843,17z/data!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x132cb6ba2fdf59c5:0x98fb4400e31f427d!8m2!3d44.240983!4d12.361973 TRENO : Prendere il treno per '' Cervia Milano Marittima ''. Il locale dista, dalla stazione, circa 1,5 km. TAXI CERVIA : 0544 973737 Info 335.7578007/006
          Islande : des élus en guerre contre la neige de Google Maps      Cache   Translate Page      
Deux villes se plaignent du Service de Google Maps qui donnerait l'impression qu'elles sont recouvertes perpetuellement de neige, explique la BBC.

          The 17 Best Concerts to See in Portland: March 14-27      Cache   Translate Page      
Low! Graveyard! Better Oblivion Community Center! by Mercury Things to Do Staff


Sun of Goldfinger, Teton
Sun of Goldfinger brings together three of the most adventurous players in jazz—guitarist David Torn, saxophonist Tim Berne, and drummer Ches Smith—to make the kind of untethered racket that will leave your internal organs humming for hours. The debut album from this trio, released earlier this month on ECM Records, features three 20-minute songs that feel like a Jackson Pollock-esque sonic painting being created in real time, with smears of sound loops and electronic splashing and guitar squealing providing the delirious, almost maniacal latticework. (Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 8 pm, $15) ROBERT HAM


Music Millennium’s 50th Anniversary: The Crazy 8s, Jon Koonce and the Lost Cause, The Dandy Warhols
Read our story on Music Millennium’s 50th anniversary. (Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Milwaukie, 7:30 pm, $25, all ages)

Supercrush, Alien Boy, Mo Troper, Gardener
As frontman of Seattle’s Supercrush, Mark Palm—who has got a history of playing in hardcore, punk, and metal bands—writes sugary power-pop songs bearing clear influences from the genre’s forbearers, like Big Star, Redd Kross, and Teenage Fanclub. Later this month, Supercrush will release Never Let You Drift Away, a collection of bonus tracks and previously released singles, including the ultra-catchy standout, “I Don’t Want to Be Sad Anymore.” It’s a masterpiece of a song built from deceptively simple parts, like layered guitar riffs, perpetually crashing drums, and anthemic lyrics about extricating yourself from bummer situations. (Valentines, 232 SW Ankeny, 8:30 pm, $5) CIARA DOLAN



CRITIC'S PICK: Better Oblivion Community Center, Sloppy Jane, Christian Lee Hutson

Earlier this year, beloved singer/songwriters Phoebe Bridgers and Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst shocked and delighted fans with the surprise release of Better Oblivion Community Center, the duo’s first collaborative LP. The album is named after an imagined wellness center where residents are blindfolded, as depicted in the music video for “Dylan Thomas,” and they’re billing concerts on their nearly sold-out tour as Better Oblivion Community Center “meetings” where attendees will be invited “to celebrate the common path toward ultimate relaxation.” In an interview with NME, they say “Dylan Thomas” was inspired by a ludicrous right-wing conspiracy theory that Trump is a “maniacal super-genius.” However, the album is never explicitly political; it plays like a series of character studies of how people are coping (or not coping) with the overwhelming amount of pain in the world today. Lyrics revolve around this moment in history’s particular strain of hopelessness, the desire to tune out the news and your own thoughts with white noise, and the resultant guilt for doing so (as captured in self-deprecating lines like “I’ve really never done anything for anyone” from the song “Didn’t Know What I Was in For,” which could’ve alternately been titled “I Didn’t Ask to Be Born”). Even if the way they’re promoting the project is a little gimmicky, and even if it’s a little unclear what the point is, Better Oblivion Community Center is a solid album of confessional, emo-tinged folk-rock that finds Bridgers and Oberst harmonizing their despair and finding solidarity within the proverbial dumpster fire. (Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 9 pm, sold out) CIARA DOLAN


The Suffers, Etta’s World
Portland’s shoegaze tunes got you down? Show up and get down to the Suffers at Mississippi Studios this month. The Houston soul band, guided by the powerful vocal chords of Kam Franklin, blends Gulf Coast jazz with funk, reggae, and a little Tejano rhythm—the kind of soulful cocktail to keep you jumping and shaking and twisting the night away. No looking at your shoes. (Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, 9 pm, $20) ALEX ZIELINSKI



Baroness, Deafheaven, Zeal and Ardor
On 2012’s Yellow & Green, Savannah, Georgia, heavy metal band Baroness toned down the sludge of their previous records and explored their sharp instinct for melody. A year later, Bay Area howlers Deafheaven scored big with their album Sunbather, a beautiful collision of black metal and shoegaze. And in 2016, it was Zeal and Ardor’s turn to attract fans with their fusion of blues, soul, metal, and Black spirituals. All three bands have made good records since their breakthroughs, and now they’re on tour together. Cynics might call this “hipster metal,” but you can call it one of the best heavy tours to hit Portland this year. (Roseland, 8 NW 6th, 7:30 pm, $27.50-30, all ages) BEN SALMON

The wintry slowcore pioneered by Low on their first few albums is pristine and singular, and although no sounds are inviolate, the Minnesota trio’s turn-of-the-century reveries are so fragile that one feels the need to whisper in their presence. But the band itself hasn’t been at all precious about its trademark sound. Since 2001’s Things We Lost in the Fire, Low’s meditative practice has also been a regenerative process, a sometimes noisy and disorienting journey that frustrates expectations and builds to new revelations. 2018’s fractured Double Negative is a career-capping deconstruction that sounds like a goodbye, but Low will keep coming back, bolder and better. (Star Theater, 13 NW 6th, 9 pm, sold out) CHRIS STAMM


Amyl and the Sniffers, Mr. Wrong, B.R.U.C.E.
The latest great band to come out of Melbourne, Australia, is Amyl and the Sniffers, a quartet that brings a ton of ’70s swagger to its sound without coming off as a bad pastiche. The centerpiece is frontwoman Amy Taylor, who sing-shouts the ultra-catchy songs with a sharp, staccato style and a charming snarl. Her band rips, too, hovering somewhere between the chunky rock riffs of AC/DC and the buzzy punk of the Ramones. Amyl and the Sniffers don’t even have a full-length album out yet, but you absolutely have to see their live show. (Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, 9 pm, $12-14) BEN SALMON

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Graveyard, Demob Happy
When Graveyard called it quits in 2016, it felt like the death knell of riff-heavy hard rock. Up until that point, the Swedish band had been the arbiters of blues-based metal à la early Black Sabbath and Soundgarden, with a loyal following throughout the US and Europe attending their blistering live shows. Luckily, the band regrouped and released their fantastic LP Peace in 2018. It’s likely their most nuanced collection of songs to date; Joakim Nilsson’s gravelly vocals tear and crack in all the right places, leaving ample room for a tsunami of fist-pumping rock. Prepare for a hellish bangover. (Roseland, 8 NW 6th, 7 pm, $25-30) RYAN J. PRADO

{{image:1, align:right, width:250}}


Amenta Abioto, Kokio, ThomasHenry, Emcee Dimension, DJ Tita
Calling all beat-heads! For A Beat Happening’s 14th installment, they’re showcasing the endless talents of singer/songwriter Amenta Abioto, who’s known for her intimate, mesmerizing performances where she uses a loop machine to weave together her powerful voice with stories and African sounds. Many tracks, like her latest single “Plant It,” were created through improvisation. Buckle up for Abioto’s soul-powered performance of the aptly named “Revolution,” and expect beat sets from 17-year-old producer Kokio, Nashville transplant ThomasHenry, and hip-hop beatmaker McDimension, along with an appearance from DJ Tita of Noche Libre. (Future Shock, 1914 E Burnside, 6 pm, FREE, all ages) JENNI MOORE

Maren Morris, Cassadee Pope
Fun fact about Maren Morris: The Nashville country star was selected to sing “The Middle”—her 2018 mega-hit with EDM producer Zedd—after more than a dozen other vocalists auditioned, including pop queens Carly Rae Jepsen and Demi Lovato. It’s one hell of a song, with Morris pleading for compromise over a tick-tockin’ beat until her she’s literally hoarse. I’ve listened to it about 500 times and will listen at least 500 times more. (PS: Her debut LP, 2016’s Hero, is definitely worth revisiting, too.) (Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, 8 pm, sold out, all ages) CIARA DOLAN

Yves Tumor
The protean work of Yves Tumor soars over categories. It is an invisible city with porous borders and a million overlapping plateaus. On last year’s breathtaking Safe in the Hands of Love, the Tennessee-raised shapeshifter weaves through a transcendent dimension in which the club, the basement noise show, and the bedroom studio share a single heart. It is a world of bliss and catastrophe, machines and animals, words and whatever exists beyond words. It is our world but it is not our world, a place where familiar forms morph and melt into unreal shapes, and you need only drop the compass and get lost. (Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 9 pm, $20-23) CHRIS STAMM


Wet and Kilo Kish, Helena Deland
If deadpan, electro-tinged pop music is up your alley, head to the Wonder Ballroom for a bill that’ll get your head nodding and your eyelids drooping. Co-headliners Wet and Kilo Kish are a good match, given the former’s deeply chilled take on funk and soul and the latter’s hazy brand of hip-hop-influenced alternative R&B. But don’t be late and miss Montreal singer/songwriter Helena Deland, whose icy cool fuzz-folk tunes are more interesting than both of the acts playing after her. (Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell, 9 pm, $25-27, all ages) BEN SALMON



Naked Giants, The Black Tones, Anemone
The Black Tones have steadily gained traction over the past year as one of the buzziest bands in the Pacific Northwest—a feat, considering the Seattle trio only has few songs available to stream. But the blues- and funk-infused tracks they’ve released online are captivating: “Mr. Mines” is a deep dive into the catchiness of frontwoman Eva Walker’s talented wah-wah effects, and the sprawling “The Key of Black (They Want Us Dead)” tackles America’s racial tensions, backed by a staunch bassline and powerful lyrics. (Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 9 pm, $10-12) ANNA KAPLAN

Mike Baggetta/Mike Watt/Stephen Hodges, Dan Phelps, Mike Gamble
As an elder statesman of punk rock, Mike Watt has never shied away from experimentation. His recent collaborations have explored jazz, improvisational funk, wild punk freak-outs, and everything in between. For his stop in Portland, Watts’ chameleonic bass playing will be accompanied by noted percussionist Stephen Hodges, who’s worked with Mavis Staples and Tom Waits, as well as virtuosic jazz guitarist Mike Baggetta. (Turn! Turn! Turn!, 8 NE Killingsworth, 8 pm, $15) RYAN J. PRADO

Vince Staples, JPEGMAFIA, Channel Tres
After dropping 2017’s well received album Big Fish Theory, landing his single “Bagbak” on the Black Panther soundtrack, and “Home” on the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack, Vince Staples’ reach as an artist has only continued to expand. In November he released his third full-length, FM!, as well as a mesmerizing music video for “Fun,” which is edited to look like we’re watching Staples’ neighborhood activities via a Google maps street view. He’s even voicing Vinz in the anime film MFKZ, which is set in a dystopian LA-inspired metropolis and sees its main characters discover their superpowers and fight crime. Judging by the last of couple times Staples came to Portland, these two shows will not disappoint. (Roseland, 8 NW 6th, 9 pm, $30-130, all ages) JENNI MOORE


Delicate Steve, Thick Paint
New Jersey-based guitar hero Steve Marion has been invited to record with the likes of Paul Simon, Yeasayer, and Kanye West, but even the heftiest of name drops couldn’t drown out the electrifying, guitar-centric instrumental music he releases under the moniker Delicate Steve. Marion’s new album Till I Burn Up ditches the fun, outsized “Cartoon Rock” of his last record, 2017’s This Is Steve, in favor of super-moody, futuristic synth-pop that’s less exciting than his previous stuff, but gleams on standout tracks like “Selfie of a Man”—the catchiest song on the album—and the thrumming, cataclysmic “Madness.” (Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, 8 pm, $15) CIARA DOLAN



Cass McCombs, Sam Evian
You can learn a lot about singer/songwriter Cass McCombs from the stories he weaves into his wistful, lovely songs. His latest album, Tip of the Sphere, is tinged with weirdness; one of its best tracks recounts a rambling, Melville-esque mystery about a robbery, an explosion, and a whaling ship. McCombs doesn’t let listeners get too romantic, though—later he sings drolly about an “American canyon/Where trucks and homes are bigger/And the cops are mostly white/And they have a recycling center.” Rock might be dead, but McCombs has found a way to reanimate it. (Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Milwaukie, 8 pm, $18.50-20, all ages) ISABEL LYNDON

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