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          Democrats Once Again Nominate Corrupt Pelosi as Speaker of House      Cache   Translate Page      
I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall… Pelosi Nominated as Speaker by House Democrats: My Commentary: If you’re surprised, you’re not paying attention…
          Oct 16, 19 - Oct 31, 19: Intercontinental Annual Congress on Cardiology (ROME,ITALY)      Cache   Translate Page      
Ascend Meetings is organizing international healthcare conferences in 2019 on cardiology on 28-29 October in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Please visit the website and register to attend the conference, believe us it would definitely be a great experience atten...
          Democrats blast safety net cuts in Trump budget as 'malicious'      Cache   Translate Page      
Congressional Democrats attacked U.S. social safety net changes proposed by President Donald Trump in his 2020 budget plan, with a senior lawmaker on Tuesday saying Trump's cutbacks in programs such as Medicaid and food aid were "intended to do harm".

          UPDATE 4-Wells Fargo CEO avoids major stumble at heated congressional hearing      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON, March 12- Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Tuesday pressed Wells Fargo& Co Chief Executive Tim Sloan for proof the bank has put a string of consumer abuse scandals behind it at a tense congressional hearing that saw Sloan firmly on the defensive. Sloan was the first bank executive to be grilled by the House Financial Services Committee since...
          UPDATE 3-Wells Fargo CEO avoids major stumble at heated Congressional hearing      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON, March 12- Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Tuesday pressed Wells Fargo& Co Chief Executive Tim Sloan for proof the bank has put a string of consumer abuse scandals behind it at a tense Congressional hearing that saw Sloan firmly on the defensive. Sloan was the first bank executive to be grilled by the House Financial Services Committee since...
          The Future of Work, 3 Calls for papers Sociology of arts and culture, SSA-congress 10-12 September 2019 (-> APRIL 20!)      Cache   Translate Page      
Please find attached 3 calls for papers for the congress of the Swiss Sociological Association (SSA) of September 10-12, 2019 at the University of Neuchâtel on “The Future of Work”. The calls are labelled Foko-KUKUSO / RC-SAC Research Committee Sociology … Continue reading
          U.S. defense budget favors Navy shipbuilding, fewer Boeing tanker jets      Cache   Translate Page      

U.S. defense budget favors Navy shipbuilding, fewer Boeing tanker jetsU.S. President Donald Trump's $750-billion defense budget includes more money to build ships, fulfilling a campaign promise to strengthen the Navy, but also cuts the number of Boeing Co KC-46 tanker jets, the Pentagon said on Tuesday. The defense spending request to Congress is the largest ever in dollar terms, but not after being adjusted for inflation, and is meant to counter the growing strength of the Chinese and Russian militaries. The Navy saw an increase of 5 percent, or $9.9 billion, in top-line funding to kick off a quicker pace of ship construction, including aircraft carriers made by Huntington Ingalls Industries, and Virginia and Columbia class nuclear submarines made by Huntington and General Dynamics.

          U.S. lawmakers express support for Taiwan on 40th anniversary of TRA      Cache   Translate Page      
Taipei, March 11 (CNA) Several heavyweight members of the United States Congress from different political parties have appeared in a congratulatory video clip to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA).
          Trump’s national monument changes return to spotlight      Cache   Translate Page      

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — As Democrats in Congress prepare to scrutinize President Donald Trump’s review of 27 national monuments, most of the recommendations made by ex-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke remain unfinished as other matters consume the White House. Trump acted quickly in December 2017 on Zinke’s recommendations to shrink two sprawling Utah monuments that […]
          Trump's national monument changes return to spotlight      Cache   Translate Page      
As Democrats in Congress prepare to scrutinize President Donald Trump's review of 27 national monuments, most of the recommendations made by ex-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke remain unfinished, seemingly stuck on the backburner as other matters consume the White House. Trump acted quickly in ...
          Brazil pension reform chief sticks to savings target and May vote      Cache   Translate Page      
BRASILIA, March 12- Brazil's government is sticking to its goal of having its pension reform bill, with promised public savings of more than 1 trillion reais over the next decade, ready for a vote in the lower house of Congress by the end of May. In an interview with Reuters in Brasilia on Tuesday, Rogerio Marinho, secretary of social security and labor at the Economy...
          UPDATE 2-Wells Fargo CEO draws bipartisan ire in U.S. Congress hearing      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON, March 12- Democratic and Republican lawmakers pressed Wells Fargo& Co Chief Executive Tim Sloan for proof that the bank has moved past a string of customer abuse scandals at a tense hearing in Congress on Tuesday. A nervous Wall Street is keen to see how hostile the panel will be towards the industry. Fellow rookie Katie Porter likewise built her...
          Minnesota Lawmaker Pushes For Year-Round Daylight Saving Time      Cache   Translate Page      
It takes an act of Congress to change daylight saving time nationwide and there's a bill to do that, which President Donald Trump said Monday he supports. Minnesota can pass its own law, but it has to wait for Congress.
          Democrats split after Pelosi says impeaching Trump “not worth it”      Cache   Translate Page      

A heated debate has broken out among Democrats in Congress, one day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi all but ruled out pursing impeachment of the president. Nancy Cordes has the latest.

The post Democrats split after Pelosi says impeaching Trump “not worth it” appeared first on WCBI TV | Your News Leader.

          Wells Fargo CEO grilled by legislators during hearing      Cache   Translate Page      

Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan told Congress the nation’s fourth-largest bank has cleaned up its act after years of scandals. But members of both parties weren’t buying it. Anna Werner reports.

The post Wells Fargo CEO grilled by legislators during hearing appeared first on WCBI TV | Your News Leader.

          Venezuela, blaming U.S. for six-day blackout, orders diplomats to leave      Cache   Translate Page      

Venezuela, blaming U.S. for six-day blackout, orders diplomats to leave"The presence on Venezuelan soil of these officials represents a risk for the peace, unity and stability of the country," the government said in a statement, after talks broke down over maintaining diplomatic ties between the two countries. Chief Prosecutor Tarek Saab said on Tuesday he was asking Venezuela's pro-Maduro Supreme Court to open an investigation into opposition leader Juan Guaido for participating in the alleged "sabotage." Washington has taken the lead in recognizing Guaido as Venezuela's rightful president after the 35-year-old congress chief declared himself interim president in January, calling Maduro's 2018 re-election a fraud. The United States has implemented a raft of sanctions to put pressure on Maduro, and the U.S. special envoy on Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, said on Tuesday that Washington was prepared to impose "very significant" additional sanctions in the coming days against financial institutions deemed to be supporting Maduro's government.

          U.S. plans 'very significant' additional Venezuela sanctions: official      Cache   Translate Page      

U.S. plans 'very significant' additional Venezuela sanctions: officialAbrams did not elaborate on the fresh measures but his warning came a day after the U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions on Russian bank Evrofinance Mosnarbank for helping Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA evade U.S. financial restrictions. Abrams said Washington was also preparing to withdraw more U.S. visas from Venezuelans with close ties to President Nicolas Maduro. Washington has taken the lead in recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela's rightful president after the 35-year-old Congress chief declared Maduro's 2018 re-election a fraud and announced an interim presidency in January.

          US Congress Commerce Committee to Probe Boeing 737 Max Deadly Incidents      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The Senate Commerce Committee will begin an investigation of two deadly crashes of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in the past five months, Senator Ted Cruz announced on Tuesday.
          Langevin, Thompson Introduce Bill to Strengthen Cybersecurity Education in CTE Programs      Cache   Translate Page      

Congressmen Jim Langevin (D-RI) and Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (R-PA), co-chairs of the Congressional Career and Technical Education (CTE) Caucus, introduced the Cybersecurity Skills Integration Act, which will jumpstart the development of CTE curricula that incorporate cybersecurity skills training.

          Comment on Electoral College protest movement: Colorado’s role, and how reform would change the way we pick presidents by Jay      Cache   Translate Page      
What the states are doing isn't "deception and skullduggery". On the contrary, they are doing the hard work that Republicans in Congress continue to refuse to do because they'll lose elections. It's legal and way past time. "Infanticide" is still illegal by the way. Not sure who led you to believe otherwise....speaking of useful idiots.
           Passive tuned loudspeakers as absorbers for room acoustics       Cache   Translate Page      
Oldfield, RG and Cox, TJ ORCID: 2007, 'Passive tuned loudspeakers as absorbers for room acoustics' , in: 19th International Congress on Acoustics : acoustics for the 21st century : Madrid, Spain, 2-7 September 2007 , Spanish Acoustical Society, Madrid, Spain.
          Black Congress - Meeting      Cache   Translate Page      
Tuesday, Mar 12
(6 p.m. - 8 p.m.)

Black Congress general body meeting.


          Black Congress - Meeting      Cache   Translate Page      
Tuesday, Mar 12
(6 p.m. - 8 p.m.)

Black Congress general body meeting.


          Top Democrat calls DOJ officials' claims on Mueller report 'absolutely insupportable'      Cache   Translate Page      

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. is blasting two DOJ officials for saying the department could ultimately refuse to grant Congress access to documents from Mueller's probe.

The post <a href= target=_blank >Top Democrat calls DOJ officials' claims on Mueller report 'absolutely insupportable'</a> appeared first on Wide World of Work.

           Comment on State’s proposed take over of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport misguided by William James Brotherton       Cache   Translate Page      
Wow, what a fascinating article and the replies are just as good! I grew up in Atlanta when it was a small town and watched as the Hartsfield Airport grew and grew as Atlanta morphed into a city. Somehow, Atlanta has avoided becoming another Detroit or Baltimore, thank goodness, but it has always been an open secret that once Maynard Jackson and his cronies took office that the corruption doors were flung wide open. Just what is wrong with an airport authority operated by the state. Indeed, the comments about the Georgia Ports Authority and the World Congress Center being well-run would seem to support that it's time for the state to do something similar with the Atlanta airport.
          Taking Care: The Cost Of Child Care In 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
NPR reported over the weekend that the Trump administration’s budget would include increased spending on child care, a policy priority of Ivanka Trump. Quartz reported American families “with a child under five with no special needs, no public assistance, and who is in daycare for at least eight hours a week spends a median of $5.31 per hour and $8,320 per year” on child care, according to a 2018 study . Quartz also notes that some lower-income families have been priced out of child care altogether and that families in higher income brackets are willing to spend more on child care. But families, don’t budget for the Trump proposal yet. From NPR’s reporting. Presidential budgets are policy statements, frequently ignored by Congress, and this one is no different (It has already been declared a nonstarter by Democrats.) So in a way, this is Ivanka Trump and the White House signaling that they want in on a debate already underway in the business world and in politics about this ever
          NATO's Stoltenberg invited to address U.S. Congress April 3      Cache   Translate Page      

NATO's Stoltenberg invited to address U.S. Congress April 3House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited Stoltenberg to speak to a joint meeting of the House of Representatives and Senate on April 3, as the alliance celebrates its 70th anniversary. Trump has questioned the value to Washington of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and many lawmakers see honoring Stoltenberg as a chance to reaffirm the American commitment to the alliance. "During this critical time for the United States, NATO and the European Union, the U.S. Congress and the American people look forward to your message of friendship and partnership, as we work together to strengthen our critical alliance and advance a future of peace around the world," Pelosi said in a letter to Stoltenberg on Monday.

           Comment on Representative Doug Collins Releases Transcript of Lisa Page Congressional Testimony… by sarasotosfan       Cache   Translate Page      
Page's opinion on why Hillary Clinton was not charged with gross negligence in the handling of classified materials, p 149: "It is my belief that the Justice Department did not believe that gross negligence was an available statute because they regarded it as unconstitutionally vague." <b>WOW</b>
           Comment on Representative Doug Collins Releases Transcript of Lisa Page Congressional Testimony… by Mike       Cache   Translate Page      
After reading both the Page and Ohr transcripts, the contradictions between them are many and serious. One such example is when Page said that the FBI did not receive the Steele dossier until September 2016 while Ohr indicates it was much earlier. I would also note the revelation that Page had worked for Ohr for five years.
           Comment on Representative Doug Collins Releases Transcript of Lisa Page Congressional Testimony… by 1stgoblyn       Cache   Translate Page      
And every time one of the texts involving Soetoro, the questioning was shut down and redactions galore.
          Congressional Effort Underway to Keep Increasing Black Franchise Owners      Cache   Translate Page      

Black entrepreneurs have long turned to franchising as a way to launch businesses, build assets, and create jobs where they operate. In recent years, Black franchise owners have used the prototype business model to become owners of franchises including 7-Eleven, Smoothie King, Amago Cleaning Systems, FastSigns, Midas, and the UPS Store to name a few. U.S Census Bureau […]

The post Congressional Effort Underway to Keep Increasing Black Franchise Owners appeared first on Black Enterprise.

          Sabato 16 Marzo - Conversazioni di Oriente-Occidente      Cache   Translate Page      
ricorda l'inizio del ciclo di conversazioni
"Dio, Patria, Famiglia", 2019 - 2a annualità
Sabato 16 marzo : "Perché il culturalismo non è amore per la varietà della vita ma avversione per Colui che l'ha creata varia". Ne tratterà il prof. Roberto De Mattei, storico, saggista, scrittore, presidente della 'Fondazione Lepanto', Roma.
L'incontro si svolgerà ad Ancona, con inizio alle ore 17:15 presso il Centro Ancona Congressi, Largo Fiera della Pesca, 2 - Zona Mandracchio - Porto Peschereccio 
Ingresso libero - ampio parcheggio
          Calls from Congress to ban Boeing 737 Max from U.S. airspace begin to grow      Cache   Translate Page      
Republican Sens. Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz joined several Democratic colleagues in response to the Ethiopian Airlines crash.
          White House, GOP senators negotiating a deal to avert defeat on emergency order      Cache   Translate Page      
Legislation to regain emergency powers for Congress could avert a looming loss in Senate.
          O’Rourke and Biden, signaling presidential bids, would infuse centrism into a left-leaning Democratic field      Cache   Translate Page      
The ex-congressman and the former vice president have many stylistic differences, but their shared political identities could put them in direct competition for moderate voters.
          Plastic Straws and Socialism as 2020's Straw Man - OB Rag      Cache   Translate Page      
Plastic Straws and Socialism as 2020's Straw Man  OB Rag

By Doug Porter / Words & Deeds California Congressman Devin Nunes (Ru-CA 22) took to Twitter on Saturday complaining about a waitress asking his table if ...

          Press Release: Energy Innovators Meet with Members of Congress      Cache   Translate Page      
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 12, 2019 CONTACT: Andy Barnes, 202-785-0507 Energy Innovators Meet with Members of Congress to Discuss Future of Clean Energy Economy and Development Twelve small and midsize clean energy businesses meet with lawmakers in Washington D.C. regarding federal funding for clean energy research WASHINGTON, D.C. – Small business..

Click headline for full article
          Risks of Higher Emissions, Community Impacts Add Complexity to Green New Deal      Cache   Translate Page      
With Congressional Democrats planning to “go on offence” on climate change in hopes of mobilizing younger voters, the Green New Deal unveiled last month by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) is coming in for some thoughtful criticism from analysts who support its direction but worry about its unintended consequences. Last week, the University of..

Click headline for full article
          Another Fox Host Calls Ilhan Omar 'Anti-American'      Cache   Translate Page      
Another Fox Host Calls Ilhan Omar 'Anti-American'

Fox News "reprimanded" Jeanine Pirro for questioning freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's loyalty to the United States.

And almost immediately Fox Business Network's Trish Regan attacks the Congresswoman as "seemingly anti-American."

It never stops with these Trump surrogates.

The Fox brigade is driving a wedge of insanity into the national conversation, with horrendous attacks on newly elected Democratic politicians because their policies are too popular for Fox's liking.

Discussing a NY Times article that contradicts reports from the US government that Venezuela's President Maduro had torched a convoy of humanitarian aid to help his suffering people, FBN's Trish Reagan used this tragedy to attack Fox News' two favorite targets: freshman Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

After playing video of Venezuela protestors gathered outside the NY Times, Trish Reagan began her monologue.

She attacked Maduro for refusing "the entry of so much needed humanitarian aid."

read more

          Wells Fargo CEO says scandal-ridden bank is stronger, congressional committee pushes back      Cache   Translate Page      
Tim Sloan was grilled by lawmakers about the scandals and about how the San Francisco bank planned to make amends and be a more consumer-friendly bank.
          Democratic Congressman: Impeachment Is Not A Matter Of Whether, But A Matter Of When      Cache   Translate Page      
"We are gathering evidence of many of the possible impeachable offenses"
          Presidents of War (Michael Beschloss)      Cache   Translate Page      
In case you forgot your Constitutional history, the power to officially declare war resides within Congress. In Presidents of War, author Michael Beschloss has chronicled the history of war and the US Presidency. This book focuses on the increasing source of power within the Presidency to execute war (or actions of war) while Congress has steadily become less and less engaged over the course of American history.

Beschloss starts with the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair, which occurred in 1807, and featured Thomas Jefferson’s reaction as a precursor to the first declared war since independence in the War of 1812. The two events set the stage for a gradual evolution in the power of the Presidency from merely executing war upon approval of Congress to actively engaging in it as we did in Vietnam, even without the official declaration. All throughout the book, the reader will see the evolution of power...and the conniving, scheming and occasional dishonesty and civil liberties infringements that went along for the ride. Beschloss relates that one can appreciate the thought that if the Founding Fathers were to appear today they’d be surprised at how far the Presidency has come in its scope of power.

This is a very sound, well-researched book that shows the story of leadership and human nature through the eyes of several Presidents and their supporting cast. It is essential reading, regardless of which party or whoever is in the office.


          Asbestos has been found in Claire's eye shadow, highlighting a disturbing 'black hole' in beauty-product safety      Cache   Translate Page      

dangers of putting on makeup

  • The US Food and Drug Administration barely regulates the cosmetics industry: just 11 ingredients are forbidden in cosmetic products in the US. In Europe, more than 1,300 compounds are barred. 
  • The retail chain Claire's came under fire last week after asbestos, a known cancer causer, was found in eye shadow and foundation sold there. 
  • But experts say the Claire's discovery is part a larger issue: the US beauty industry is not subject to many rules, and some of the ingredients makeup-makers use could make people sick. 

Dr. Shruthi Mahalingaiah used to love shopping at Sephora. She bought so much makeup, she said, that she even got "little random gifts" with her purchases.

"I had drawers full of makeup, all sorts of makeup," Mahalingaiah told Business Insider.

But today, she no longer sets foot in the store. Ever since she started studying the health effects that chemicals in cosmetics can have on people, Mahalingaiah — a gynecologist at Boston Medical Center — has paired her former beauty routine way down. 

"Cosmetic molecules used in the shine or luminescence are often derivatives of PFAS and PFOAs," Mahalingaiah said. 

These chemicals are endocrine disruptors, which mans they can subtly change how our bodies work by shifting the way our hormones operate. Such hormone disruptors have been linked to metabolism issues, low sperm counts in men, and early menopause in women. They can also do long-term damage to a developing fetus, subtly reducing a baby's brain power and upping the odds of a premature birth.

PFAS chemicals are not the only problematic ingredients in makeup: Asbestos, a known cancer-causer, was found in Claire's eye shadows and face powder last week.

"It wasn't surprising to me, because there's no regulation," Mahalingaiah said. 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to use the three Claire's products that tested positive for asbestos, but the agency has said it "does not have authority to mandate a recall."

On Tuesday, however, outgoing FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced that Claire's is complying with the FDA's voluntary recall request.

claire's voluntary recall

But Leo Trasande, a public-health expert from NYU's Langone Health network, thinks the FDA could do a lot more to communicate the health risks of cosmetics to the public and test for dangerous compounds in makeup products.

"This is quite late in the game for FDA to rush out and insist that this is a problem," Trasande, who recently wrote a book on endocrine-disrupting chemicals, told Business Insider.  "They've known that this is a problem for some time. There is no level of asbestos that is safe." 

The US hasn't enacted new cosmetics regulation in over 80 years

The US law that regulates cosmetics — the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act — hasn't changed since it was enacted in 1938. While Europe has banned over 1,300 chemicals from the products for sale there, the US forbids just 11. Congress wrote drafts of new cosmetic rules in 2011 and 2018, but neither set was enacted.

Today, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are once again discussing the potential health risks from products we're putting on our lips, eyes, and bodies. 

"Cosmetics have largely fallen into a regulatory black hole," Scott Faber, the senior vice president of government affairs at the Environmental Working Group, said in sworn testimony before the House Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy on Tuesday. "Cosmetics manufacturers do not have to register with FDA, do not have to report ingredients, do not have to report adverse events."

This is different from how the FDA treats drugs, medical devices, and food. 

beauty products dangerous chemicals

The lack of regulation essentially means that manufacturers of makeup, shampoo, lotion, and other personal-care products in the US can put almost anything they want into those items, including compounds known to raise cancer risk, like coal tar, formaldehyde, and lead

To make matters murkier, producers are permitted to label their products with ingredients like "fragrance" or "parfum" instead of disclosing the specific chemicals that make up those elements of a product, since those formulations are considered trade secrets. So fragranced beauty products could easily contain a toxic compound without consumers ever knowing. 

How much toxin is too much?

chemicals in makeup

Because cosmetics are designed to make people attractive to others, they often mimic one of nature's best-known phenomena: the glow women get when pregnant.

"Thick eyelashes, thick eyebrows, flushed cheeks, big lips, all of this happens under the effects of estrogen," Mahalingaiah said, adding, "it might be the effect a person putting on the makeup might want, but through a pathway that's maybe not the healthiest." 

Scientists know that exposure to asbestos raises a person's cancer risk, but the effects of the hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be found in makeup aren't as clear. Researchers are still trying to figure out, for example, how compounds in anti-aging products bind to the estrogen receptors in our bodies. But there are signs that women who use more cosmetics may see health consequences like early menopause, more hot flashes, painful cases of endometriosis, and long-term damage to their DNA, which can lead to cancer

"Why do we always need to look fertile and pregnant?" Mahalingaiah asked. 

Beyonce Pregnant

Research on endocrine disruptors also suggests that the chemicals could subtly slow down people's metabolisms and contribute to chronic health issues like obesity and infertility, even in small doses. This is true for people of all ages and sexes, including unborn babies.

Take phthalates, for example: the ingredients that keep products like shampoo fresh.

"Phthalates disrupt the function of the male sex hormone," Mahalingaiah said.

Studies show that men exposed to high concentrations of those chemicals in the womb can have lower testicular volume, less semen, and lower semen quality than other men. 

The best solution may be to simply use fewer products

Mahalingaiah said she recently performed an at-home urine test on herself, and found elevated concentrations of parabens (one of the most common estrogen-influencing ingredients in beauty products) in her body. She also found the sunscreen ingredient benzophenone-3 (BP-3), which can mess with the way hormones typically function.  

To the dismay of her three young daughters, Mahalingaiah said she threw away her 100-shade eyeshadow palettes, since PFAS chemicals are often used to make those cosmetics shimmer.

Mahalingaiah now recommends that any step in a person's beauty routine that isn't obviously beneficial to their health (like putting on sunscreen) should probably be re-examined. 

"My piece of advice would be thinking about why [people] think they need a lot of makeup," she said. "People are using makeup primers, and then base coats, and then these other coats, and then the spray that locks it all in."

sparkily makeup chemicals are dangers to health

Each additional product a person uses could raise the risk that their endocrine system gets disrupted, she said. Even so-called "natural" beauty products, which purport to have fewer fragrances and plasticizers than others, can still masquerade as a healthier alternative with largely the same ingredients.

"How much science do you need, when there are known carcinogens or toxicants, to make a choice to reduce exposure?" Mahalingaiah asked. "How much data do you need?" 

Still, she admits that she still falls for the shimmering, radiant formulations chemists have come up with on occasion.

"I haven't thrown everything out," Mahalingaiah said. "I just reduce the frequency of use." 

Trasande said he, too, has made changes in his home because of his research findings — he has thrown out etched and scratched kitchen plastics, and he tries to circulate more fresh air through his home to clear out toxins.

Trasande suggests consumers vet their own personal care products through a database like EWG's Skin Deep

Once you stop using endocrine-disrupting chemicals, studies suggest concentrations of them in your body can diminish quickly. A 2016 study of 100 14- to 18-year-old girls showed that when they stopped using personal-care products with ingredients like phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and BP-3, their urine concentrations of those chemicals dropped 27–45% in just three days.

Mahalingaiah said it's important for consumers to think about how to reduce their exposure: "What do you really need? Can you do with less?" she asked.

Making do with fewer products, of course, will also save you some cash.

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          Wells Fargo CEO says bank has changed, but Congress isn't so sure      Cache   Translate Page      
Tim Sloan will face skeptical lawmakers when he testifies in front of the House Financial Services Committee Tuesday.
          India holds world’s largest poll      Cache   Translate Page      
April 11 - May 19, 2019 -- #IndiaElections2019 #Indiavotes India’s general election pits Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling BJP against a raft of opposition parties under the Indian National Congress banner. Around 900 million people will vote at nearly one million polling stations over five weeks. Graphic shows map of India with election timeline and key parties
          Priyanka makes first tweets, recalls words of Gandhi      Cache   Translate Page      

New Delhi, March 13 (IANS) Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who made her debut speech on Tuesday in Gandhinagar after becoming a party general secretary, also made her first tweets hours later.

The tweets related to her first visit to Mahatma Gandhi's Sabarmati Ashram.

"In the simple dignity of Sabarmati, the truth lives on," she said.

She also tweeted words of Mahatama Gandhi along with a picture of some of his belongings including his charkha (spinning wheel).

"'I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent' Mahatma Gandhi," she said in another tweet.

Priyanka, in her speech at the rally after a meeting of Congress Working Committee in Ahmedabad, had said she had come to Gujarat and to the Sabarmati Ashram for the first time and sought to touch an emotional chord with the audience as she narrated how the visit to the Ashram had reminded her of the freedom fighters.



          Unkept promises may spoil BJP's chances in Gurugram      Cache   Translate Page      

Gurugram, March 12 (IANS) While the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is striving to return to power at the Centre, it could not be that easy for it in Haryana as majority of poll promises, say political pundits, have not been kept in the state.

The voters of the Gurugram parliamentary constituency, which borders the national capital, express similar sentiments. The constituency is spread across three districts of Gurugram, Rewari and Nuh, with 23 lakh eligible voters.

This may allow the opposition Congress regain the political ground it lost in the 2014 elections.

"The Gurugram constituency, spread across three districts, could be a good example of this, where the minority-dominant Nuh district in the Mewat region tells a tale of neglect by the government," said Captain Ajay Singh Yadav of the Congress, former Power Minister and seven-time MLA from Rewari district.

"During 2014 election, BJP candidate and present Union Minister of State Rao Inderjit Singh had garnered votes of the minority community by making a tall promise of a rail link and canal to Haryana's most backward state Mewat (Nuh). But the Manohar Lal Khattar-led state government and BJP's central leadership recently proposed a plan to connect Asawati railway station in Palwal with Rewari via Manesar, Sohna and Ballabhgarh skirting the Nuh district," he said.

"The reason of this was the presence of the Muslim community, which they consider not their vote bank. The water crisis continues in Mewat with 70 per cent of villagers of sub-town Punhana, Ferojpur Jhirka, Hodal and even Nuh going without easy access to drinking water," the Congress leader said.

Southern Haryana's districts of Gurugram and Rewari fall in the Ahirwal belt. Both Rao Inderjit Singh and Yadav, belong to the same community, and may contest against each other on the BJP and the Congress tickets, respectively.

Captain Yadav recently organised an impressive show in Pataudi with over one lakh people turning out to listen to him. The region is considered stronghold of Singh.

"Such a large turnout indicates anti-incumbency for the ruling party. Also, demonetisation, implementation of GST, price rise of commodities, unemployment and hike in electricity bills are some of the policies that hurt the common people in the last 5 years," Yadav said.

When contacted, Singh said: "Our government has completed many infrastructure projects such as three under-passes in Gurugram at Rajiv Chowk, Signature Chowk and Hero Honda Chowk. Besides, removing hurdles in the way of Dwarka expressway and KMP expressway are also our achievements.

"There is no anti-incumbency factor here. We will make an impressive show on May 12, the poll day," he said.

Meanwhile, relations between other parties like the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Dushyant Chautala-led Jannayak Janta Party (JJP), which are in seat-sharing talks, are not so smooth in the southern districts of Haryana. And that may also reflect in the voter turnout as well as the poll outcome.



          Wells Fargo in a 'no win' situation, says expert      Cache   Translate Page      
Ed Groshans, analyst at Height Analytics, and Ken Leon, analyst at CFRA, join "Closing Bell" to discuss Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan's testimony before Congress on Tuesday.
          Wells Fargo Lawyers: Our CEO Is Full Of ‘Corporate Puffery’      Cache   Translate Page      
CEO Timothy Sloan just told Congress that the massive, scandal-plagued bank "does well by doing right."
          3/12/2019: India: Akhilesh: Too late for UP alliance with Congress      Cache   Translate Page      

Akey opposition party leader in India has firmly shut the door on the Congress party in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, which sends the largest number of elected lawmakers to parliament. Akhilesh Yadav, the leader of the Samajwadi Party...
          3/12/2019: India: Owaisi has faith in Congress      Cache   Translate Page      
All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) President Asaduddin Owaisi has said that if Congress party wins 120 seats in Lok Sabha elections, it will seriously be in the game of government formation along with other parties. Participating in a Town...
          Country safe under Prime Minister Modi: Jaitley      Cache   Translate Page      

NEW DELHI, Mar 12: Asserting that the country is safe under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Tuesday accused the Congress of weakening the fight against Jehadi terrorists, and wondered if the party could be trusted by voters in the upcoming general elections. In a blog, Jaitley said the Congress party is one […]

The post Country safe under Prime Minister Modi: Jaitley appeared first on Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism | Breaking News J&K.

          Wells Fargo CEO avoids major stumble at heated congressional hearing      Cache   Translate Page      
Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Tuesday pressed Wells Fargo & Co Chief Executive Tim Sloan for proof the bank has put a string of consumer abuse scandals behind it at a tense congressional hearing that saw Sloan firmly on the defensive.

          AP sources: O’Rourke to make multiple stops in leadoff Iowa      Cache   Translate Page      
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke is planning a series of stops in Iowa beginning Thursday as he nears an announcement on a 2020 White House bid. O’Rourke, a former congressman, is…
          CE mourns Peter Wong      Cache   Translate Page      

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today expressed sorrow over the death of Peter Wong, a Hong Kong deputy to the National People’s Congress (NPC).


Mrs Lam said Mr Wong was a patriotic entrepreneur who actively invested in the Mainland since the beginning of the country’s reform and opening up.


She said he contributed to the nation’s development and promoted the expansion of Hong Kong’s commerce and trade in the Mainland.


He took up the NPC role in 1993 and was actively involved in the preparatory work for Hong Kong’s return to the motherland.


Mr Wong was also enthusiastic in serving the community and made significant contributions to education, youth development and cultural exchanges between the Mainland and Hong Kong, she added.


He was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star in 2003.


“I was grieved to learn of his sudden passing. On behalf of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to his family,” Mrs Lam said.

          Taking Care: The Cost Of Child Care In 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
NPR reported over the weekend that the Trump administration’s budget would include increased spending on child care, a policy priority of Ivanka Trump. Quartz reported American families “with a child under five with no special needs, no public assistance, and who is in daycare for at least eight hours a week spends a median of $5.31 per hour and $8,320 per year” on child care, according to a 2018 study . Quartz also notes that some lower-income families have been priced out of child care altogether and that families in higher income brackets are willing to spend more on child care. But families, don’t budget for the Trump proposal yet. From NPR’s reporting. Presidential budgets are policy statements, frequently ignored by Congress, and this one is no different (It has already been declared a nonstarter by Democrats.) So in a way, this is Ivanka Trump and the White House signaling that they want in on a debate already underway in the business world and in politics about this ever
          Congressman slams payments to tollway consultants and calls on governor to ensure proper oversight      Cache   Translate Page      

Rep. Mike Levin, a vocal opponent of plans to extend the 241 toll road through south Orange County, has called on the governor’s office to ensure proper oversight of the local tollway authority after a Times article revealed questionable payments to the agency’s public outreach consultants.


          The Affordable Care Act’s “Penalty”: If You Don’t Buy Health Insurance in 2014, How Much Will You Pay?      Cache   Translate Page      
Note to readers; a longer version of this post originally appeared on, along with a penallty calculator. Despite the hullabaloo about the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that nearly everyone puchase heath insurance in 2014–or pay a penalty–the Congressional Budget … Continue reading
          Senadores batem boca sobre o caso Marielle Franco em plena comissão do Congresso      Cache   Translate Page      

A senadora Eliziane Gama, do PPS do Maranhão, recebeu uma "lição de moral" do presidente da CAE - Comissão de Assuntos Econômicos -, Omar Aziz, do PSD de Amazonas, após mencionar o caso de Marielle Franco. Aziz questionou por que a parlamentar não concedeu o mesmo destaque à violência praticada não apenas contra outras mulheres, como também contra todos os cidadãos brasileiros. Irada, Gama passou a exigir que Aziz fizesse uma retratação. Neste contexto, o senador Major Olímpio expôs a posição dos policias militares sobre o tema. Assista ao vídeo.
Mais informações »
          FLORES – Will Trump Veto? U.S Congress Drafts Bill Banning Recognition Of Russia’s Crimea      Cache   Translate Page      

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States has, after a long time in committee, approved a bill banning the US government from recognizing Crimea as a Russian region.

The decision was made unanimously on March 7th, according to the website of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The text of the “Law on the non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea” was submitted to Congress on January 16th and was only now sent to the House of Representatives for consideration. If the bill is supported by both houses of Congress, it will be sent to president Trump for final ratification or veto.

At this point in time, it appears likely that the bill will pass both houses, given the political climate. The question remains as to whether Trump will veto the bill or not. Also at his disposal is the line-item veto – parts of the bill can be struck out by Trump, and then ratified.

          "Not If But When": Top Dem on CNN Says Trump Impeachment 'Inevitable' [VIDEO]       Cache   Translate Page      

Dem congressman John Yarmuth of Kentucky, who is the one and only Democrat from Kentucky in Congress, breaks with Pelosi on Impeachment. The lib congressman tells CNN that it's only a matter of time until articles of impeachment are brought against Donald Trump.

I fully understand where speaker Pelosi is coming from. She makes valid points," Yarmuth said on CNN's "New Day."
"In my opinion if impeachment is to mean anything, and it’s in the Constitution for a reason, it's because when we see evidence of impeachable offenses we need to start the process to remove the president from office,"

"I don't think right now there’s any way that we could 218 votes on the floor of the House for an impeachment resolution, but I think that’s not a matter of whether it’s a matter of when"
Watch Yarmuth here: All in on Impeachment

          Policymakers Shouldn’t Repeal or Further Delay “Cadillac Tax”      Cache   Translate Page      

Congress is facing renewed calls to repeal or further delay the “Cadillac tax” — the excise tax on high-cost health plans. That would be unwise for two reasons: it would lose needed revenue and would set back efforts to slow the growth of health care costs.

          Policymakers Shouldn’t Repeal or Further Delay “Cadillac Tax”      Cache   Translate Page      

Congress is facing renewed calls to repeal or further delay the “Cadillac tax” — the excise tax on high-cost health plans. That would be unwise for two reasons: it would lose needed revenue and would set back efforts to slow the growth of health care costs.

          Opinion | Lok Sabha elections 2019: In Rahul Gandhi's Amethi, it'll be a battle of emotions - Hindustan Times      Cache   Translate Page      
Opinion | Lok Sabha elections 2019: In Rahul Gandhi's Amethi, it'll be a battle of emotions  Hindustan Times

The BJP's main target was Amethi, a constituency created in 1967, represented by the Congress for 44 years and by the Gandhis for 28 years.

          Dale Center Research Award Program Recognizes Scholarly and Professional Activity of Students, Faculty, Staff       Cache   Translate Page      

Three members of The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) academic community are recipients of the inaugural Dale Center for the Study of War and Society Research Awards, which are designed to support faculty, staff, and students in the study of historical and contemporary wars across disciplinary and institutional boundaries.

Dale Center Research Awards may be used for expenses related to scholarly research or creative activity, including travel; travel expenses to a conference, performance, or other event where original scholarship or creative activity is being presented; and relevant professional development activities.

After a committee review of applications, grants of up to $1,000 were awarded during the 2018-2019 academic year. Students (graduate or undergraduate) receive priority for at least one of the awards; faculty and graduate students with an existing Dale Center affiliation are not eligible.

Award recipients for the current academic year include:

*Keltoum Rowland, instructor of French, School of Social Science and Global Studies. Rowland’s award funded a trip to France for the ceremony honoring the contributions of Hattiesburg-born WWII airman, Sam B. Dale (no relation to Dale Center’s namesake). The French village of Le Mesnil-Fuguet honored Dale, who was shot down near the village in 1944, as part of its ceremonies on Veteran’s Day 2018. Rowland accompanied two of Dale’s nieces to the event in order to serve as interpreter and guide.

*Dr. Nicolle Jordan, associate professor of English, School of Humanities. Dr. Jordan will use her award to fund a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland for the Congress of the International Society for 18th-Century Studies (ISECS) in July. At the conference, Dr. Jordan will present a paper entitled “Maria Graham’s Chilean Landscape of Independence,” which explores literary texts associated with the Chilean War of Independence.

*Lauren Lassabe, Ph.D. candidate, School of Education. Lassabe’s award will fund a research trip to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California, where she will conduct archival research for her dissertation project on anticommunist student activism during the Cold War.

“The Dale Center is pleased to support the wide variety of scholarly research, creative work, and professional activity connected with the study of war and society across the university,” said USM Associate Professor of History Dr. Allison Abra, a Dale Center Fellow and coordinator of the awards program. “One of the best parts about creating the awards has been learning about the fascinating work being pursued by our colleagues and students in other disciplines, and being able to foster connections and potentially even future collaborations with them.”

Based within the USM School of Humanities’ History program, the Dale Center serves as a local, national, and international resource for the study of the history of warfare and its influence on both soldiers and civilians. For more information about this awards program, contact Dr. Abra at For more information about the Dale Center, visit

          Congress Probing Whether Trump ‘Dangled’ Pardons      Cache   Translate Page      
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) tweeted that Congress is currently probing reports that President Trump “privately dangled” presidential pardons in an alleged attempt to obstruct investigations into his conduct. Schiff did not specify when the pardons were allegedly privately offered, or whom they concerned. But he said: “Yesterday, the White House refused to […]
          Your Vote Is A Weapon: Priyanka Gandhi At Gujarat Rally      Cache   Translate Page      
Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi made her debut public speech in Gujarat today, after formally joining the Congress party in January(...)

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          Comment on Congressman: Abolish Filibuster and Electoral College by Teve      Cache   Translate Page      
<blockquote>A recent New York Magazine article sums up why: “At present, the 26 smallest states are home to roughly 17 percent of the U.S. population. Which is to say: The filibuster allows lawmakers elected by less than 17 percent of voters to exercise veto power over any and all laws. This is a monstrously anti-democratic institution with no parallel in any other advanced democracy.”</blockquote> Shit, hypothetically it's way worse than that. You need 41 senators to veto anything, and you can get that with: Iowa, Utah, Nevada, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia, Idaho, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, Wyoming. ...and they combine for <strong>11.15</strong>% of the population. The filibuster has to go.
          Comment on Congressman: Abolish Filibuster and Electoral College by Kathy      Cache   Translate Page      
I'm not sure about getting rid of the Senate filibuster. It does prevent a slim majority, which may not represent a majority of the citizenry, from imposing its will. Besides, what would Mr. Smith think? (I have to see that movie someday). What I would do is change Senate and House rules so that the Majority Leader and Speaker, respectively, have to schedule a vote for a) any bill passed by the other house, and b) any nomination submitted by the president (no more hanging Garlands). As it is, pretty much both these people wield a veto power they shouldn't have. Hmm.. I'd add a provision that all laws must be scheduled for a vote within a reasonable time. Sure, either party could slow-walk the other part's pet initiatives. But they'd also be prevented from rushing their pet initiatives through. 24 hours for legislators to evaluate a 500+ page monster is not reasonable.
          Comment on Congressman: Abolish Filibuster and Electoral College by Teve      Cache   Translate Page      
Alkali is being very basic
          Comment on Congressman: Abolish Filibuster and Electoral College by James Joyner      Cache   Translate Page      
@<a href="#comment-2391763" rel="nofollow">alkali</a>: That's rather silly.
          Top Democrat calls DOJ officials' statements on Mueller report 'absolutely insupportable'      Cache   Translate Page      
(WASHINGTON) -- The Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is blasting two Justice Department officials for saying the department could ultimately refuse to grant Congress access to documents from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe,...
           Comment on Five Silicon Valley companies fought release of employment data, and won by Why Companies Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Treat Their Diversity Numbers as Trade Secrets – translatesystem       Cache   Translate Page      
[…] the past 10 years, various stakeholders, including local and national media outlets, members of Congress, diversity advocates, and social justice […]
          Calls from Congress to ban Boeing 737 Max from U.S. airspace begin to grow      Cache   Translate Page      

Calls from members of Congress to ban the Boeing 737 Max from U.S. airspace increased Tuesday, with Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, joining several Democratic lawmakers in advocating for restrictions similar to those imposed by a growing list of other nations.

In a tweet, Romney said the Federal Aviation...

          Trump proposes big cuts to health programs for poor, elderly and disabled      Cache   Translate Page      

The Trump administration is proposing a sharp slowdown in Medicaid spending as part of a broad reduction in the government's investment in health care, calling for the public insurance for the poor to morph from an entitlement program to state block grants even after a Republican Congress rejected...

          Trump seeks cuts for cleanup of Great Lakes, other waterways      Cache   Translate Page      

President Donald Trump is making another attempt to slash federal funding that goes toward cleaning up major U.S. waterways including the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay, even though Congress has thwarted his previous attempts, according to budget documents released Monday.

Trump's 2020 spending...

          Comment on Top Ten Reasons Climate Change is a Hoax by R. Kooi      Cache   Translate Page      
Trumpanzees controlled BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS AND TRUMP was in the White House....nice try pinning blame on the CHUCK n NANCY.... HAHAHA.....what happened? You miss his election???
          U.S. Navy Requests $205.6B in 2020      Cache   Translate Page      
According to a blog by Rear Admiral Randy Crites posted on the Navy Live, the official blog site of the U.S. Navy, the Department of the Navy Fiscal Year 20 Budget request submitted to Congress is $205.6 billion, a 4.8% increase from the FY19 enacted budget.
          Department of the Navy Releases Fiscal Year 2020 Budget      Cache   Translate Page      
The Department of the Navy (DON) submitted its fiscal year 2020 budget request to Congress March 12. The $205.6 billion Base, and Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) request is part of the $718 billion (Base and OCO) defense budget, which President Donald Trump submitted to Congress March 11.
          Campus Anti-Semitism Comes to Congress      Cache   Translate Page      

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar both graduated from college in 2011.  In less than a decade, campus anti-Semitism had made the great leap from campus to Congress.

2011 was a banner year for campus anti-Semitism in alliance with its progressive leftist allies.

Last year, the Trump administration reopened an investigation into campus anti-Semitism at Rutgers University in 2011 that had been shut down by Obama officials back in 2014. The shutdown of the investigation, like the similar shutdowns of terrorism investigations, were part of a pattern.  

The investigation was reopened by Kenneth Marcus, the new Assistant Education Secretary for Civil Rights, a Jewish civil rights leader whose appointment Senate Democrats had stalled for 8 months, and whose confirmation every single Senate Democrat voted against.  

“We don't care about anti-Semitism in this office." The Marcus confirmation battle had become infamous for a senior aide to Senator Patty Murray declaring. "We care about transgenders, we care about blacks, we care about Hispanics, we care about gays, we care about lesbians.”

The intersectional values of campus politics were being used to block the fight against anti-Semitism.

Murray and Senator Elizabeth Warren took the lead in attacking Marcus. Warren would make her own headlines, defending Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism by accusing Jews of faking anti-Semitism.

"Branding criticism of Israel as automatically anti-Semitic has a chilling effect on our public discourse," Warren ranted.

Even as the Democrats tried to change the topic, Marcus’ nomination was a referendum on campus anti-Semitism. Reopening the Rutgers investigation was exactly what Senate Dems had tried to block.

The years in which Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar were on campus saw the mass normalization of campus anti-Semitism led by hate groups like the Muslim Students Association.

Omar served as MSA president at North Dakota State University.

Boston University, Cortez’s alma mater, had become notorious for its anti-Israel campus activism.

Omar’s congressional anti-Semitism mirrors traditional MSA and other campus hate group tactics of provoking Jewish students with anti-Semitic harassment and then riding the backlash by claiming to be “people of color” who have fallen victim to a pro-Israel lobby trying to silence criticism of Israel.

Omar’s anti-Semitism brought campus politics to congress.

The House debate mirrored previous campus debates about anti-Semitism with a coalition of leftist and identity politics groups, the Congressional Black Caucus and the Progressive Caucus, defending anti-Semitism, and leaving Speaker Pelosi cast in the role of the hapless college administrator. Like so many college administrators, Pelosi inevitably dismissed Jewish complaints and bowed to the radicals.

The precedent for these tactics had been set on college campuses. Cortez and Omar just exported campus pressure tactics to congress. And, from her very first protest against Pelosi, a sit-in at the Speaker’s office, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made it abundantly clear that her playbook came from the college campus, not the adult world of politics. And Pelosi had the same vulnerability as college administrators, a fear that radical protests would cut her off from her billionaire leftist backers.

Speaker Pelosi, like college administrators, has chosen to pick her battles with the socialist selfie club. That means defending her priorities, her office and the agendas of her special interests, not Jews. The average college administrator won’t pick a fight that might force him out of his cushy job over anti-Semitism. Neither will Speaker Pelosi who wants to move on to the big issues. Not anti-Semitism.

Faced with a coordinated assault by the Congressional Black Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, and anti-Israel leftists across the media, she did what so many administrators have done, offer a generic condemnation of bigotry without focusing on the specific anti-Semitism or naming names.

The 2020 candidates, at best split the difference, and at worst, like Warren, attacked the Jews.

In less than a decade, campus anti-Semitism had made the great leap from congress to campus. In a year, it might make the leap from campus BDS groups all the way to the White House.

Why did Senator Elizabeth Warren turn to anti-Semitism? 2020 Democrat primary demographics break down into three groups: minorities, elderly lefties, young lefties. Warren performs decently with elderly lefties, abysmally with minorities and poorly with young lefties. Her main competition is Bernie Sanders who had formerly been the most anti-Israel voice in the 2020 race. And he had quickly defended Omar.

Warren doesn’t seriously expect to make any headway with minorities. Black people don’t like either Bernie or Warren. There are already African-American candidates in the race. And the only white candidate who might make inroads with the minority vote is Joe Biden. Warren’s only play was going after the campus radicals who love Bernie. And she did it by allying with anti-Semites.

Campus politics are not only transforming the House, but they’re paving the way to the White House.

No Democrat candidate for the White House has been willing to express clear support for Israel. They, like Pelosi, have become subservient to an anti-Semitic campus lobby whose backing they want.

Conservatives and pro-Israel activists have been concerned about campus anti-Semitism, but they have spent too long thinking of it as a campus problem. The campus is the incubator for tomorrow’s leaders. And, for anyone who dismissed campus crybullies and their narcissistic safe space tantrums, Cortez and Omar are warning signs that campus politics is well on its way to defining our national politics.

 If we lose the battle for the college campus, we will be fighting the same battles in Washington D.C.

The college campus is where most of tomorrow’s elected officials get their first taste of politics. It’s where they learn what works and what doesn’t. Previous generations had leaders who were forged in the molten crucible of war. The closest thing that most of today’s Democrats have to a conflict is student politics. It sets the pattern of their views and their tactics as they climb the ranks of our political system.

Jewish Democrats who failed to confront campus anti-Semitism in the previous decade now find that they are losing to it in the Senate, the House of Representatives, and, eventually, the White House.

The same organizations that spoke out against the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s aggressive campaigns against campus anti-Semitism now wring their hands helplessly over Rep. Omar. Their statements indicate that they have absolutely failed to understand the lessons of the last decade.

The alliance of the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine, the coalition of Islamists and leftists that defined so much of campus life for Jewish students, is defining national politics. Jewish organizations that failed to stand up to either one are now losing out to both.

The SJP-MSA coalition had claimed that its anti-Semitic tactics, everything from disrupting Holocaust memorials to harassing Jewish students and spreading anti-Semitic materials, was just criticism of Israel. And that any effort to oppose it was really a conspiracy to muzzle any criticism of Israel.

Rep. Omar and her political allies have deployed that same argument nationally. And the Jewish Democrats did in the House exactly what they had done on campus, they offered some token protests. And then they folded, accepted a meaningless gesture from the boss, and learned their lesson.

Rep. Omar was able to get away with the anti-Semitic bullying of other House members in the same way that Jewish representatives and candidates were bullied out of student government. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s next target will be Rep. Elliot Engel and assorted other Jewish elected officials.

When Rep. Ilhan Omar ran for office, her donors included Hatem Bazian, the co-founder of Students for Justice in Palestine. Bazian, who has a long history of anti-Semitism, had started out allegedly harassing Jewish students at San Francisco State University: including blocking a Jewish student from a spot on the Student Judicial Council. Bazian’s hateful politics have now gone national via Omar’s anti-Semitism.

The launch of Jexodus has occasioned sneers and smears from establishment organizations. But Jewish Democrats may want to consider what their future in a party defined by BDS supporters and anti-Semites who play the identity politics card while trafficking in anti-Semitism, looks like.

We are all on campus now.

          Dem House Passes Anti-Democratic Election Overhaul      Cache   Translate Page      

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed an outrageous legislative assault on fair elections and the First Amendment last week that would drive up the occurrence of the voter fraud Democrats increasingly rely on to win elections.

The House approved H.R. 1, dubbed the proposed “For the People Act,” on a strict party line vote of 234 to 193 on March 8. Conservatives quite correctly denounced the measure as a “voter fraud and election theft” wish list.

Even the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) trashed the bill, saying it would “unconstitutionally infringe on the speech and associational rights of many public interest organizations and American citizens.”

In a tweet, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) described H.R. 1 as the “Democrat Politician Protection Act,” after previously saying the measure was “a massive power grab.”

“What is the problem that we’re trying to solve here? We had the highest turnout last year since 1966 in an off-year election,” McConnell reportedly said March 6. “People are flooding to the polls … because they’re animated. They’re interested. This is a solution in search of a problem. What it really is, is designed to make it more likely that Democrats win more often.”

On the day the House passed the bill, McConnell repeated his vow never to allow the bill to move to the Senate floor for a vote. This means H.R. 1 will likely become a big issue for both parties on the campaign trail in 2020.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) tweeted: “Democrats did not design #HR1 to protect your vote. They designed it to put a thumb on the scale of every election in America and keep the Swamp swampy.”

At a leftist pep rally, Democrat lawmakers lied about the nation’s voting system, whining about how difficult it is for their poor bumbling voters to produce valid identification at the polls, even though presenting ID is now a requirement in our society to do virtually anything worth doing.

"For months, for years, really for decades, millions of Americans have been looking at Washington and feeling like they've been left behind," said the principal author of the bill, Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.). "Too many Americans have faced this challenge where getting to the ballot box every two years is like getting through an obstacle course."

“H.R. 1 restores the people’s faith that government works for the public interest, the people’s interests, not the special interests,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Friday in a rare moment of coherence.

We’ve been down this pothole-riddled road before.

Democrats used their newly won House majority to approve H.R. 1 with minimal public discussion of the measure, just as the newly inaugurated Bill Clinton rammed a massive overhaul of the electoral system through Congress a short time after taking office. Clinton acted at a time when voter participation was rising and there was no popularly expressed demand for reform. Clinton and Democratic lawmakers sandbagged the Republican opposition before lawmakers had much of a chance even to digest the sweeping legislation.

The so-called Motor Voter law Congress passed 26 years ago opened up new frontiers for voter fraud.

As John Fund wrote in his book, Stealing Elections:

Perhaps no piece of legislation in the last generation better captures the 'incentivizing' of fraud... than the 1993 National Voter Registration Act[.] ... Examiners were under orders not to ask anyone for identification or proof of citizenship. States also had to permit mail-in voter registrations, which allowed anyone to register without any personal contact with a registrar or election official. Finally, states were limited in pruning 'dead wood' - people who had died, moved or been convicted of crimes - from their rolls. ... Since its implementation, Motor Voter has worked in one sense: it has fueled an explosion of phantom voters.

And who pushed Motor Voter?

Small-c communists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven spearheaded the drive to pass the law. They believed that poor people and radical agitators had every moral right to game the electoral system in order to bring about change. Cloward didn't worry about fraud, either. "It's better to have a little bit of fraud than to leave people off the rolls who belong there," he said. President Clinton gave a shout-out to Cloward and Piven at the bill-signing ceremony in 1993 that both attended.

Sentient Republicans knew the bill was an atrocity. On final passage, the Senate vote was 62 to 36, with only seven Republicans voting "yea." The House vote was 259 to 164, with only 20 Republicans voting "yea."

"Between 1994 and 1998, nearly 26 million names were added to the voter rolls nationwide, almost a 20 percent increase," according to Fund.  Motor Voter has "been registering illegal aliens, since anyone who receives a government benefit [including welfare] may also register to vote with no questions asked."

H.R. 1 is even more ambitious than Motor Voter, according to a summary of the bill’s provisions in The Epoch Times.

It would make Election Day a federal holiday (actually, that’s not a terrible idea), mandate automatic voter registration and same-day voter registration, strip state legislatures of redistricting responsibilities and give those powers to independent commissions, forbid federal lawmakers from serving on corporate boards, and force U.S. presidents –wink, wink, President Trump— to release their tax returns.

“H.R. 1 expands access to voting in a number of ways, including forcing states to implement early voting, online voter registration, and ‘no-fault’ absentee balloting, or the issuance of absentee ballots without requiring a reason for their request,” according to the summary.

Christian Adams, a former Department of Justice civil rights attorney and president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, told lawmakers earlier this year that H.R. 1 is bound to boost fraud.

“The voter rolls are currently full of ineligible voters who have died or moved out of the jurisdiction where they are registered,” Adams said.

“H.R.1 would make the problem worse by stripping the power of states to manage their own voter rolls to keep them clean using well-established best practices, such as postal mailings and recurring inactivity of registrants in elections. H.R.1’s mandate that states stop using these tools is just bad public policy.”

According to the summary, “[t]he measure also requires eligible voters to be registered automatically through state driver’s license offices and welfare departments unless they affirmatively decline. Felons would be automatically registered upon release from prison, and prospective voters would be able to both register and vote on the same day, including on Election Day.”

The bill also “mandates federal funding to match small-dollar donations and would deposit the funding into campaign bank accounts. It further requires the disclosure of donors who give more than $10,000 to tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, such as 501(c)4 groups.”

Current tax law permits such so-called “dark money” donors to remain anonymous to shield them from political reprisals. The Supreme Court ruled in 1958 in NAACP v.

Alabama ex rel. Patterson that Alabama could not force the National Association for the

Advancement of Colored People to hand over the names and addresses of all its members in that state.

But the Left is salivating at the prospect of using social media to hound conservative donors for daring to contribute to conservative causes.

Because terrorizing their adversaries is what leftists do.


          Congressman slams payments to tollway consultants and calls on governor to ensure proper oversight      Cache   Translate Page      

Rep. Mike Levin, a vocal opponent of plans to extend the 241 toll road through south Orange County, has called on the governor’s office to ensure proper oversight of the local tollway authority after a Times article revealed questionable payments to the agency’s public outreach consultants.


          Tish James subpoenas Deutsche Bank, opens investigation into Trump projects      Cache   Translate Page      
The fallout from Michael Cohen’s congressional hearing continues. Two weeks after President Trump’s former “fixer” told lawmakers that his boss inflated the value of his assets to secure loans, the New York attorney general’s office issued subpoenas on Monday to two lenders, Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank, the New York Times reported. Last week, the New York State Department of Financial Services issued a subpoena to insurance broker Aon, also on the basis of Cohen’s […]
          Three Budget Items Likely to Spur Debate in Washington      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump sent his fiscal 2020 budget proposal to Congress on Monday. And while Congress is not expected to accept the plan, there are a few items in the budget that are likely to lead to debate. WSJ's Gerald F. Seib explains. Photo: Getty

          Kano supplementary poll: Ganduje and Yusuf engage in a war of words      Cache   Translate Page      

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and that of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) counterpart in Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje and Abba Yusuf, have engaged each other in a war of words over the final outcome of the poll in the state. PoliticsNGR reports that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had declared […]

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          Buhari meets Osinbajo, APC governors in Aso Rock [PHOTOS]      Cache   Translate Page      

President Muhammadu Buhari is in a meeting with the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo and some governors under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the state house, Abuja on Tuesday. The governors sighted in the house are Ekiti governor, Kayode Fayemi, Yahaya Bello of Kogi, Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi,  Nasir El-Rufa’i of Kaduna, […]

The post Buhari meets Osinbajo, APC governors in Aso Rock [PHOTOS] appeared first on Politics Nigeria.

          Appeals Court Doesn't Buy Government's National Security Assertions; Says Lawsuit Against FBI Can Continue      Cache   Translate Page      

A lawsuit against the FBI for pervasive, unconstitutional surveillance of Muslims can continue after receiving a very key determination from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. At the center of the case are three Muslims who claim the FBI's continuous surveillance -- assisted by an FBI informant -- violated a number of Constitutional protections.

The key victory here is the court's overturning of the lower court's ruling on the national security assertions raised by the government in hopes of avoiding having to litigate the alleged violations at all. The lower court granted the government's motion to dismiss, saying the government's secrecy matters far more than an unviolated Constitution. The appeals court reverses that, noting stating that the government can't dodge litigation simply by claiming the subject of the lawsuit is too sensitive to discuss in court. From the decision [PDF]:

Plaintiffs asserted eleven claims, which fell into two categories: claims alleging unconstitutional searches, and claims alleging unlawful religious discrimination. The district court dismissed all but one of plaintiffs’ claims on the basis of the state secrets privilege, and allowed only the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”) claim against the FBI Agent Defendants to proceed.

The panel held that some of the claims the district court dismissed on state secret grounds should not have been dismissed outright. The panel further held that the district court should have reviewed any state secrets evidence necessary for a determination of whether the alleged surveillance was unlawful following the secrecy-protective procedure set forth in FISA.

The lower court showed too much deference to the state secrets assertions. It must now reexamine the claims made by the government, as well as their application to the alleged harms. This is very helpful precedent -- one that forces lower courts to pay a lot more attention to the government's natsec hand-waving, rather than simply conclude the government knows best when it comes to state secrets.

There's more good stuff in the panel's opinion. Two FBI agents will have to defend themselves against claims of unlawful surveillance, like the following:

Plaintiffs offer sufficient well-pleaded facts to substantiate their allegation that some of the Agent Defendants—Allen and Armstrong—were responsible for planting devices in AbdelRahim’s house. Specifically, the complaint details one occasion on which Allen and Armstrong asked [FBI informant] Monteilh about something that had happened in AbdelRahim’s house that Monteilh had not yet communicated to them, and explained that they knew about it because they had audio surveillance in the house.

Plaintiffs also allege sufficient facts with regard to those two Agent Defendants in support of their allegation of electronic surveillance of Fazaga’s office in the OCIF mosque in Mission Viejo: Allen and Armstrong told Monteilh that electronic surveillance was “spread indiscriminately” across “at least eight area mosques including ICOI, and mosques in Tustin, Mission Viejo, Culver City, Lomita, West Covina, and Upland,” and that “they could get in a lot of trouble if people found out what surveillance they had in the mosques.”

The defenses raised by the sued agents forms part of the Ninth Circuit's state secrets decision. It was the agents that raised this defense, not the agency they worked for (which was also sued). As the court notes, the agents cannot possibly hope to prevail by raising a defense the government determined didn't apply to the situation.

The Agent Defendants—officials sued in their individual capacities—are not the protectors of the state secrets evidence; the Government is. Accordingly, and because the Agent Defendants have not identified a reason they specifically require dismissal to protect against the harmful disclosure of state secrets where the Government does not, we decline to accept their argument that the Government’s dismissal defense must be expanded beyond the religion claims.

What the government did do is invoke FISA's protections against open discussion of counter-terrorist surveillance programs. The court reminds the government that the law was created in response to abusive surveillance programs deployed by the government -- abuses much like those central to this case. While it did eventually lend its name to more surveillance abuses following the 9/11 attacks, it was actually more of a reform effort in its original state. Since the government appears to have forgotten FISA's original aim, the appeals court delivers this reminder.

The inference drawn from the text of § 1806 is bolstered by § 1810, which specifically creates a private right of action for an individual subjected to electronic surveillance in violation of FISA. FISA prohibits, for example, electronic surveillance of a U.S. person “solely upon the basis of activities protected by the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States.” 50 U.S.C. § 1805(a)(2)(A). Here, Plaintiffs allege they were surveilled solely on account of their religion. If true, such surveillance was necessarily unauthorized by FISA, and § 1810 subjects any persons who intentionally engaged in such surveillance to civil liability. It would make no sense for Congress to pass a comprehensive law concerning foreign intelligence surveillance, expressly enable aggrieved persons to sue for damages when that surveillance is unauthorized, see id. § 1810, and provide procedures deemed adequate for the review of national security-related evidence, see id. § 1806(f), but not intend for those very procedures to be used when an aggrieved person sues for damages under FISA’s civil enforcement mechanism. Permitting a § 1810 claim to be dismissed on the basis of the state secrets privilege because the § 1806(f) procedures are unavailable would dramatically undercut the utility of § 1810 in deterring FISA violations. Such a dismissal also would undermine the overarching goal of FISA more broadly—“curb[ing] the practice by which the Executive Branch may conduct warrantless electronic surveillance on its own unilateral determination that national security justifies it.”

To sum up, the appeals court isn't willing to let the government (or its agents) claim this apparently-illegal surveillance is too sensitive to discuss in open court. The government will still get to submit evidence and arguments to the court in ex parte hearings if it wants to argue certain elements of the case cannot be discussed publicly, but it will not be granted a blanket exception it can use to dodge the litigation in its entirety. The court ends its decision by noting the government can't have this much power if it's not willing to accept the responsibility that comes with it.

In holding, for the reasons stated, that the Government’s assertion of the state secrets privilege does not warrant dismissal of this litigation in its entirety, we, too, have recognized the need for balance, but also have heeded the conclusion at the heart of Congress’s enactment of FISA: the fundamental principles of liberty include devising means of forwarding accountability while assuring national security.

Which is exactly how it should be. Unfortunately, too many courts take the district court's path and give the government all the secrecy it asks for.

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          Trump Signs Decade’s Biggest Public Lands Bill, Expanding Wilderness Protections in SoCal Deserts      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump signed a wide-ranging public lands bill Tuesday that creates five new national monuments and expands several national parks. The new law also adds 1.3 million acres of new wilderness and permanently reauthorizes the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which supports conservation and outdoor recreation projects nationwide. It’s the largest public lands bill Congress has considered in a decade, and it won large bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate. More than 100 land and water conservation bills were combined […]
          Trump proposes $4.7 tn budget for 2020, to balance by 2034      Cache   Translate Page      

Washington: US President Donald Trump presented to the Congress a budget proposal for fiscal year 2020 that contained stiff spending cuts across non-defence federal agencies, and a hike in defence money.

According to the USD 4.7 trillion budget proposal, the Trump administration plans to cut domestic spending by 5 percent over the next year, or a nearly USD 30-billion-dollar, involving programs on education, health care and environment protection, among others, Xinhua news agency reported.

The budget blueprint proposes a USD 2.7 trillion spending cuts over the next decade, including USD 1.9 trillion in cuts to mandatory programmes, a senior administration official told a briefing on Monday. The official said the budget "will have more reductions in spending than any president in history has even proposed."

The budget plan foresees a USD 1.1 trillion deficit in 2019, 2020 and 2021, and a 1-trillion-dollar deficit in 2022. The administration predicts that the United States will return to budget balance in 2034.

The budget roadmap, designed for fiscal year 2020 that starts on Oct. 1, would increase defence spending by nearly 5 percent to USD 750 billion from USD 716 billion in fiscal year 2019.

It also seeks USD 8.6 billion for constructing additional sections of a wall along the US border with Mexico -- USD 5 billion in funding for the Department of Homeland Security and USD 3.6 billion for the Department of Defense's military construction fund.

          Not REALLY about the 142nd...The Hon. Alexander H. Coffroth      Cache   Translate Page      
A few months back I went to see Steven Spielberg's film "Lincoln". I know I'm going to write some things that sound contrary to this, but I had a great time and really enjoyed the film. I loved the feel, the look, and the tone of it.

None of the historical inaccuracies throughout are particularly important to the central theme of the film. My biggest complaint about the movie is not important to that theme of determination and justice either. My complaint is simply that of a "homer" who doesn't want to see any of Somerset County, PA's native sons shown in an unflattering light.

The day after I watched the film, in a fit of righteous indignation, I wrote a short essay defending US Rep. Alexander H. Coffroth from what I considered to be an incorrect attack on his reputation. I clicked "save" and said, "There, I feel better now." Realizing that no one else would read it, I filed it and went on with my life. I found it today cleaning off my desktop, and decided that even though Alexander Coffroth was not a member of the 142nd PA Infantry, three companies in that regiment shared the same county home with him, and that I would post it here.

Thanks for reading!

Alexander Hamilton Coffroth (May 18, 1828 – September 2, 1906)

Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site estimates that as of 2012, over 15,000 different books have been written about Abraham Lincoln. That is an average of almost 150 books a year written about our 16th President. Since his death in 1865, President Lincoln has been portrayed in book, film, and stage; by reenactor, and  as a wax figurine. Despite this market saturation, a book entitled “Team of Rivals” by renowned historian and author Doris Kearns Goodwin has recently captured the minds and  imagination of America. Published in 2006, Steven Spielberg has recently brought the book to life in the movie “Lincoln”.
The book and movie both focus a lot of time and attention on the arduous task Lincoln had in creating the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery in the United States. The world of 1865 was much more nuanced than many popular historians would like us to believe. Just because someone would fight for the preservation of their country did not always translate into that person being an abolitionist. This made the task at hand far more difficult than it would originally seem.
The journey to ratify the 13th Amendment would take the work of the President, his advisors, and both houses of Congress. It would take political gamesmanship as well as some soul-searching for politicians. “Lincoln” has its own take on this process, and one of the politicians the movie portrays that would be absolutely essential in making slavery illegal was Somerset, PA native Alexander Hamilton Coffroth.
Jeremiah S. Black
Alexander Coffroth was a Somerset Democrat who was born there in 1828. The son of John and Mary Coffroth, Alexander went to the Somerset public schools, as well as the Somerset Academy. After he was finished with school, Coffroth was the editor of the Somerset Visitor, the Democratic newspaper of the town, before turning his attention to law. He was admitted to the bar in 1851, having studied in the offices of another famous Somerset County native, Jeremiah S. Black. Black became the Attorney-General, and then Secretary of State, under President James Buchanan. 

Alexander lived and practiced law in Somerset, and in 1854 married Nora Kimmel, with whom he would have four children.
It was during the trying times of civil war that Coffroth decided to get into politics. He was a delegate to the famous 1860 Democratic National Convention in Charleston, SC that saw the Party split in two along slave and free state lines. The split caused both sides to nominate different Presidential candidates, which made it easier for Abraham Lincoln to be elected.
In 1862, Somerset County was part of Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District, which also included Bedford, Franklin, Fulton, and Adams Counties. Coffroth squeaked out a victory by defeating incumbent Edward McPherson to become the youngest member of the House of Representatives. 

US Capitol Building under construction in 1861
President Lincoln began lobbying for a Constitutional amendment abolishing slavery during the first half of 1864. The Senate passed the bill, but it lost momentum in the House. Alexander Coffroth was one of the many Democrats opposed to this bill. In a speech to the House of Representatives on June 14, 1864, Coffroth stated:
“If slavery is to be abolished, allow it to be done according to the principles of common justice. Allow the people in each State the inalienable right through their legally constituted authorities to control their own domestic institutions in their own way.”
A few months later, President Lincoln was reelected and he again pushed ahead for a Constitutional amendment to abolish slavery. But it was also during this election cycle that Coffroth found his political life in limbo.
When the votes were tallied in October of 1864, Coffroth had beaten his opponent, William H. Koontz by a few votes. Koontz thought that it was a little too close and contested it. The race was in fact so close that Pennsylvania Governor Andrew Curtin would not certify the results. Finally, in July 1866, Koontz won the recount and took his seat in Congress. 

[I recently ran across a blog called "Battlefield Back Stories" that digs in way deeper and does much more justice to the issue of Coffroth vs. Koontz than I did here. Please check those articles out HERE and HERE ]

This period of uncertainty was when Alexander Coffroth changed his mind on the question of amending the Constitution to outlaw slavery. During the January 31, 1865 debate on the subject, Coffroth told the House:
“Mr. Speaker, I desire above all things that the Democratic party be again placed in power. The condition of the country needs the wise counsel of the Democracy. The peace and prosperity of this once powerful and happy nation require it to be placed under Democratic rule. The history of the past demonstrates this. The question of slavery has been a fruitful theme for the opponents of the Democracy. It has breathed into existence fanaticism, and feeds it with such meat as to make it ponderous in growth. It must soon be strangled or the nation is lost. I propose to do this by removing from the political arena that which has given it life and strength.”
The movie Lincoln tells the story (incorrectly, I believe) that Alexander Coffroth was bullied into changing his position and that he felt compelled to change parties to save his political life, but there is absolutely no evidence that this ever happened. He was a Democrat before he took office. He was a Democrat in Congress. He was Democrat when he was finished in office.
It does seem, though, that he was prepared for his Democratic colleagues and his constituents to be unhappy with his decision.
“Many of the honorable gentlemen of this House with whom I am politically associated may condemn me for my action to-day. I assure them I do that only which my conscience sanctions and my sense of duty to my country demands…If by my actions to-day I dig my political grave, I will descend into it without a murmur, knowing that I am justified in my action by a conscientious belief I am doing what will ultimately prove to be a service to my country…”
Coffroth’s vote, along with the few other Democrats that crossed party lines, helped pass the 13th Amendment by a count of 119-56, a mere seven votes above the necessary two-thirds majority. His vote garnered the attention of many. After the assassination of President Lincoln in April 1865, Coffroth was chosen from among all the Pennsylvania Congressmen to be the President’s honorary pallbearer.
After his removal from office in 1866, Alexander Coffrorth moved back to Somerset and returned to practice law until he was again elected to Congress for one term in 1878, still as a Democrat.
His most famous post-political job was as defense for the Nicely Brothers in their 1889 murder trial. This trial gathered national attention and had such a monopoly on the local newspapers that the great Johnstown Flood of that same year played second fiddle to it. The Nicely brothers, David and Joseph, were later hanged in Somerset for the murder of Herman Umberger. Coffroth teamed up with his 1864 political rival, William H. Koontz for this high profile job.
At the time of his death at the Markleton Sanitarium on September 2, 1906, Alexander Coffroth was the last living pallbearer from Abraham Lincoln’s funeral. His is a uniquely American story. From his birth in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania, to studying law under the Attorney General, to amending the United States Constitution so that no one in America again suffered the indignity of slavery, Alexander Coffroth took advantage of his opportunities and lived life with a purpose greater than himself. But he always remembered his home.  His burial in Somerset’s Union Cemetery ended the story of one of the most interesting, important, and forgotten public servants in Somerset County’s rich history. 

 Works Cited: The Indiana Democrat (Indiana, Pennsylvania) [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2006.
Original data: The Indiana Democrat. Indiana, PA, USA. Database created from microfilm copies of the newspaper.
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Doncaster, Jr, William Trall. Legends from the Frosty Sons of Thunder. White Stone, VA, Brandylane Publishers, Inc: 1999, pp. 63, 65-67.

          Fort Stevens, Washington, D.C.      Cache   Translate Page      

Photo Credit: Library of Congress
Once the 142nd left Camp Curtin in Pennsylvania, the regiment was immediately sent to Ft. Massachusetts, later named Ft. Stevens, just outside of Washington, D.C. This fort was one of many structures surrounding D.C., making it one of the most fortified cities on earth. By the end of the war, there were 68 forts, 93 gun batteries, 20 miles of rifle pits, and 32 miles of military roads around the Capital.

  The regiment was sent to this location, along what was then 7th Street Pike, to help secure the main artery into the city from the North. Their time here did not consist of much drilling. Mostly, they dug rifle pits and cleared trees.

Lt. Col. Alfred B. McCalmont
Photo Credit: Dickinson College

In a letter to his brother John, dated Sept. 9, 1862, Lt. Col. Alfred McCalmont wrote, "Our men are all detailed to cut down the woods in front of the fort, and to work on the fortifications."

Capt. Albert Heffley
Photo Credit: Berlin, PA Historical Society

Capt. Albert Heffley of Co. F records the same in his diary: "After breakfast I detailed 50 men from the company to chop trees down about a mile from the Fort, so as to prevent the enemy from planting batteries. I had a great time with the boys. About one half worked exceedingly well, while the other half scarcely earned their salt."

It's difficult to imagine the need for cutting down trees around Fort Stevens if you see its 21st Century location. Due to years of urban sprawl, Ft. Stevens is now located in the middle of Washington, DC, completely encroached by development on all sides. In fact, the Civil War Trust, the nation's leader in battlefield preservation, named Fort Stevens as among the most endangered Civil War battlefields in 2010.

Photo Credit: Civil War Trust

After a few weeks in the Nation's Capital, the 142nd left Ft. Stevens and moved to Maryland to help with the sick and wounded from the battles of Antietam and South Mountain.

Two years later, Fort Stevens would gain fame as being the only location where a sitting President of the United States ever came under direct enemy fire. In July 1864, Confederate General Jubal Early moved northward through Virginia and Maryland, and on July 11 arrived near Silver Spring, MD, just outside of Washington. He sent out skirmishers to test the city's surrounding fortifications. On July 12, President and Mrs. Lincoln came to Fort Stevens to see the action for themselves. After Confederate snipers took a few shots in his direction, the President quickly left for a safer venue.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Works Cited:

United States Departmentt of the Interior brochure.

National Park Service Battle Summaries.

Civil War Trust.
          150th Anniversary of the 142nd PA Volunteer Infantry      Cache   Translate Page      
This week marks the sesquicentennial of the formation of 142nd PA Volunteers.

During the summer of 1862, Union victory in the War Between the States was anything but assured. In fact, until this point it was the Confederate forces who were racking up victory after victory on the battlefield. Federal losses during the Peninsular Campaign in Eastern Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley in West-Central Virginia, and New Orleans and Shiloh in the Western Theater shed a dark shadow across the White House and the Governor's mansions of the Northern states during that spring and summer.

In response to the military losses suffered by the Federal Army, the Commander in Chief, Abraham Lincoln, made a call for 150,000 additional troops.

To the Governors of the several States:
The capture of New Orleans, Norfolk, and Corinth by the national forces has enabled the insurgents to concentrate a large force at and about Richmond, which place we must take with the least possible delay; in fact, there will soon be no formidable insurgent force except at Richmond. With so large an army there, the enemy can threaten us on the Potomac and elsewhere. Until we have reestablished the national authority, all these places must be held, and we must keep a respectable force in front of Washington. But this, from the diminished strength of our Army, by sickness and casualties, renders an addition to it necessary in order to close the struggle which has been prosecuted for the last three months with energy and success. Rather than hazard the misapprehension of our military condition and of groundless alarm by a call for troops by proclamation, I have deemed it best to address you in this form. To accomplish the object stated we require without delay 150,000 men, including those recently called for by the Secretary of War. Thus reenforced our gallant Army will be enabled to realize the hopes and expectations of the Government and the people.

The 142nd PA was among the hundreds of new regiments that formed across the Union in the summer of 1862 at the urging of the President.

Pennsylvania's Governor, Andrew Curtin, was among the Union Governors who replied back to President Lincoln:

Andrew Gregg Curtin
(Photo: Camp Curtin Historical Society)

The undersigned, governors of States of the Union, impressed with the belief that the citizens of the States which they respectively represent are of one accord in the hearty desire that the recent successes of the Federal arms may be followed up by measures which must insure the speedy restoration of the Union, and believing that, in view of the present state of the important military movements now in progress and the reduced condition of our effective forces in the field, resulting from the usual and unavoidable casualties in the service, the time has arrived for prompt and vigorous measures to be adopted by the people in support of the great interests committed to your charge, respectfully request, if it meets with your entire approval, that you at once call upon the several States for such number of men as may be required to fill up all military organizations now in the field, and add to the armies heretofore organized such additional number of men as may, in your judgment, be necessary to garrison and hold all the numerous cities and military positions that have been captured by our armies, and to speedily crush the rebellion that still exists in several of the Southern States, thus practically restoring to the civilized world our great and good Government. All believe that the decisive moment is near at hand, and to that end the people of the United States are desirous to aid promptly in furnishing all reenforcements that you may deem needful to sustain our Government.

Andrew Gregg Curtin was the wartime Governor of Pennsylvania, serving as Republican from 1861-1867. The Bellefonte, PA native became an ally of President Linoln's in the war effort and was excellent at being able to secure funding and troops to protect his state from the Confederate troops sneaking back and forth across his southern border.
Statue of Gov. Curtin on one of the corners of the Pennsylvania State Monument at Gettysburg National Military Park
Photo Credit:

Curtin came from a political family and was a lawyer before entering the political arena himself. After the war, he became Minister to Russia, a Democratic US Congressman, and was a member of the Committee on Foriegn Affairs and the Committee on Banking and Currency.

After his time in Congress, Curtin resumed his law practiced until his death in 1894. He is buried in Union Cemetery in his hometown of Bellefonte.


The men of the 142nd were mustered into service at Camp Curtin, an army camp near Harrisburg, PA. Camp Curtin was established soon after Ft. Sumter was fired upon, when men throughout Pennsylvania converged on the state capital to volunteer their services. At that time, Governor Curtin ordered his state militia commander to seize the grounds of the Dauphin County Agricultural Society. Although it was supposed to be named "Camp Union", when the Camp was opened on April 18, 1861, Maj. Joseph Knipe changed the name to honor the State's Governor. Over the course of the War, over 300,000 troops passed through Camp Curtin, making it the largest Federal camp.  

Even though the camp trained such large numbers of soldiers, at least two Somerset County men from Co. F were less than impressed with their short stay. 

In his Saturday, August 23, 1862 diary entry, 1st Sgt Jacob Zorn wrote that "Camp Curtin (on as windy as day as this) is one of the dirtiest and dustiest places Ive ever Been theres no end to dust" (sic)

The next day's entry is no better: "Gov. CURTIN passed through Camp today and plenty of women visiting. but most of them are in my opinion doubtful characters" (sic)

Capt. Albert Heffley only briefly mentions Camp Curtin in passing, after the regiment has already been moved to Washington, DC. "Camp Curtin is a very dirty place. The boys did not like it there a bit."

Though they might not have enjoyed their time at Camp Curtin, it was the launching pad for the 142nd PVI. It is where they came together, elected officers, and received their gear to get them through the next four years of bloody and dirty conflict. This would be the most peaceful time of their military service. In only a few shorts months, bullets and cannonballs would do what they do in all wars: steal young men from their friends and family far too early.

Works Cited:

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Camp Curtin Historical Society and Civil War Roundtable. History of Camp Curtin.

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"Curtin, Andrew Gregg." Online by Tara L. Belcher and Lindley Homol, Pennsylvania Center for the Book.

          The Equality Act: Affirmative Action for the Sexually Confused?      Cache   Translate Page      
The Equality Act has been around for decades, under various names, but it always fails. It will again this year, even if it clears the House; Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, has said the legislation is a priority for the new Congress. If most Americans knew what it is really about, they would not support it.
          ‘Absolutely Stunning’: Politico’s Sherman Marvels at Iowa Dems Backing Green New Deal      Cache   Translate Page      
Read the full article on the MRC's NewsBusters blog. Reacting to a new poll showing 65% of Iowa Democratic caucus-goers support the Green New Deal, on MSNBC Monday afternoon, Politico’s Jake Sherman found it “absolutely stunning” that the policy proposal from left-wing Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was enjoying so much support among the party’s liberal base.
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Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday criticized a banker for failing to do what Congress also has failed to do. She made her opinion clear -- that gun control is a corporate responsibility.
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Acting White House Budget Director Russell Vought defended President Donald Trump’s failure to eliminate the national debt within eight years like he promised during his presidential campaign. Read Full Story
           Trump’s Proposed Foreign Ops Budget Again Targets UN Funding      Cache   Translate Page      
For the third consecutive year, the Trump administration has proposed a budget that cuts spending on foreign affairs, including funding for the United Nations – but congressional Democrats are unimpressed.
          THE YUGE REPUBLICAN LIE ABOUT THE DEFICITWhen asked...      Cache   Translate Page      


When asked about America’s soaring debt and deficits, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell lamented  “It’s disappointing, but it’s not a Republican problem,” and he blames Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Rubbish. It’s not social spending that’s causing the federal deficit to soar. It’s Republican tax cuts, especially on corporations and the wealthy. 

Look at the evidence. Of all 35 advanced economies, America’s spending on social programs like Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid is among the lowest, as you can see.

Also, Americans pay into Social Security and Medicare throughout their entire working lives. 

The biggest reason America has the highest deficit relative to our total economy among all 35 advanced economies is because of a shortage of tax revenue. Of all these countries, we’re bringing in the fifth-lowest total revenue as a share of GDP.

And why is that? Mainly because of Republican tax cuts on corporations and the wealthy. The big Trump Republican tax cut is already breaking the bank. It will cost us 1.9 trillion dollars over the next decade. Let me repeat that: 1.9 trillion dollars. 

Remember, Trump and Republicans in Congress claimed that their tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations would pay for themselves by boosting economic growth. It’s the same trickle-down fairy tale they’ve been telling for decades. But according to the Congressional Budget Office, they haven’t paid for themselves, and the deficit continues to balloon. 

If there’s one area where America spends too much, it’s the military. Since taking office, Trump has increased military spending by more than $200 billion a year, straining the federal budget even further. The United States already spends more on the military than the next 10 nations combined. 

Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, and other Republicans in Washington want to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. That’s been the Republican goal for decades. And they want to use the deficit to justify these cuts.

They also argue that we can’t afford a comprehensive healthcare system that the rest of the advanced world has figured out how to afford. 

Baloney. If the rich and corporations pay their fair share and we rein in defense spending, America can afford what we need. 

Know the truth. Spread the truth about the deficit.

          New architecture of 5G is a big opportunity for IT-focused companies      Cache   Translate Page      

For 5G, HPE focused on enabling virtualization, edge services While 5G certainly led most conversations during the recent Mobile World Congress, next in line were supporting technology sets like virtualization and edge computing. At a high level, to successfully build out 5G, operators will need to take a more IT-centric approach using general purpose compute [...]

The post New architecture of 5G is a big opportunity for IT-focused companies appeared first on RCR Wireless News.

          Trump Budget Includes Crop Insurance Cuts      Cache   Translate Page      
The fiscal year 2020 budget submitted by President Donald Trump includes a couple of points sure to ignite debate in the budgetary process. The proposal includes imposing work requirements on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients. The Hagstrom Report says the proposed budget also imposes work requirements on recipients of Medicare and federal housing benefits. The work requirements will likely reduce program participation. That’s part of an administration plan to reduce federal mandatory and discretionary spending. A senior administration official says these are the biggest proposed cuts made by any president in history. However, Congress generally doesn’t follow presidential budgets when they write appropriation bills. The budget proposal is typically seen more as a statement of administration priorities. The proposed budget will also cut back on farm subsidies paid out to farmers in the highest income brackets. It would also reduce the average premium crop insurance subsidy from 62 percent to 48 percent. It would also limit commodity, conservation, and crop insurance subsidies to producers that have an adjusted gross income of $500,000 or less...MORE
          DOJ seeks $72M to hire more than 100 immigration judges, attorneys to help clear massive asylum backlog      Cache   Translate Page      
In its budget request for the upcoming fiscal year, the Justice Department said it needs over $72 million to fund the “stronger enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws,” according to materials released Monday, in an aggressive move intended to reduce the nation's backlog of asylum cases dramatically.
As part of his fiscal year 2020 budget plan totaling $4.7 trillion, which was unveiled Monday and faced immediate pushback in Congress, President Trump is also seeking billions more in funding for a border wall and controversial work requirements for Americans collecting a variety of welfare benefits.
The DOJ, for its part, said it's aimed to hire more than 100 new immigration judges and support staff, including hundreds of, “attorneys, judicial law clerks, legal assistants and administrative support staff, including interpreters.”
The goal would be to have 659 immigration judges in place by sometime in 2020, officials said in the budget request. There are currently 412 immigration judges...MORE
          Lands Bill Signing      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump at 1:45 p.m. today will participate in a signing ceremony at the White House of S. 47, The John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act. The public lands packaged passed by Congress earlier this year would permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund and increase access to federal lands for hunting and fishing. POLITICO
          More than 2,000 people in ICE custody quarantined      Cache   Translate Page      
More than 2,000 people in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody are being quarantined amid an outbreak of mumps and other diseases. The numbers of immigrants in custody with a contagious diseases has spiked in the past year. For the previous two years, the agency has not encountered a single case of mumps among its detainees. "As of March 7, 2019, there was a total of 2,287 detainees cohorted for exposure to a detainee with a contagious condition," said ICE spokesperson Brendan Raedy in a statement. In the past 12 months, there have been health investigations at 51 ICE detention facilities for mumps, chickenpox and influenza, according to Raedy. There have been 236 reported cases of mumps, with another 16 suspected cases during this time period. Last year, there were 423 people documented with influenza and 461 people with chickenpox in ICE custody, according to the agency. But from January 2016 to February 2018, there were zero notifications of mumps, and only 73 of chickenpox and 34 of influenza. Last week, Texas officials announced that nearly 200 people at immigration detention facilities across the state had contracted mumps since October. The 186 patients ranged from 13 to 66 years old, the Texas Department of State Health Services said Tuesday. "They should be in isolation," said Dr. David Persse, of Houston's public health authority last week. Persse urged ICE start isolating people who show mumps symptoms and quarantine people who may have been infected. "To some degree, this is foreseeable, because you're bringing a lot of people and housing them in tight spaces for long periods," Persse said. US officials have been warning of the perils of diseases for migrants arriving in the US, increasingly in large numbers of families and children. "Migrants travel north from countries where poverty and disease are rampant, and their health can be aggravated by the physical toll of the journey. Many individuals we encounter may have never seen a doctor, received immunizations, or lived in sanitary conditions. Close quarters on trains and buses can hasten the spread of communicable diseases," said US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan during congressional testimony last week...MORE
          3/13/2019: NEWS OPINION: Our view: Both parties pretend that deficits don't matter      Cache   Translate Page      
Amid all of the outrages of the Trump administration and Congress, the fact that the federal budget deficit surged by 77 percent above the same period last year somehow got lost. Issues that don’t involve paying off porn stars, debasing law...
           Comment on Nicaraguans Try Talking: Venezuela, Not So Much by Paul Haeder       Cache   Translate Page      
James Petras: Conclusion Washington has succeeded in securing non-reciprocal agreements with weak countries. This was the case in post-war Europe, post-Gorbachev Russia and among Latin America’s current colonized regimes. In contrast, Washington’s rejection of reciprocal agreements with Russia, China, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela has been a failure. US trade wars with China have led to the loss of markets and allowed China to pursue global agreements through its massive billion-dollar ‘Belt and Road’ infrastructure projects. US one-sided hostile policies toward Russia have increased ties between the Kremlin and Beijing. Washington has lost opportunities to work with neo-liberal oligarchs in Russia in order to undermine President Putin. Washington has failed to negotiate reciprocal ties with North Korea which would ‘de-nuclearize’ the peninsula in exchange for lifting economic sanctions and opening the door for a capitalist restoration. Demanding unilateral concession and submission has led to uniform failures; whereas negotiated compromises could have led to greater market opportunities and long-term political advances. President Trump and his top policy makers and negotiators have failed to secure any agreements. The Democratic Congress has been as ineffective and even more bellicose – demanding greater military pressures on Russia, expanded trade wars with China and fewer negotiations with North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. In a word, failed negotiations and non-reciprocal diplomacy has become the hallmark of US foreign policy.
          Conselho do MP pune procuradora que criticou Supremo no Twitter      Cache   Translate Page      

O Conselho Nacional do Ministério Público (CNMP) decidiu hoje (12), por maioria de votos, aplicar duas penas de censura pública à procuradora do Ministério Público de Minas Gerais Camila Fátima Teixeira, por ofensas publicadas no Twitter contra ministros do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF). 

A pena de censura consiste na crítica pública feita por um órgão sobre a conduta de um servidor público. A punição pode atrasar promoções e benefícios na carreira. 

Na decisão, ao julgar o processo administrativo aberto contra a procuradora, os conselheiros entenderam que Camila descumpriu deveres funcionais previstos na Lei Orgânica do Ministério Público, como instigar a desordem pública e usar palavras chulas para ofender a honra de integrantes do STF. 

Nas mensagens publicadas no ano passado, a procuradora usou as expressões "Que venha a intervenção militar e exploda o STF e o Congresso de vez" e "Generais, saiam do Twitter e posicionem seus homens no entorno do STF, até que Gilmar Mendes, Lewandowski entreguem suas togas."

Cabe recurso da decisão. Caso a penalidade seja mantida, a censura pública deverá ser aplicada pessoalmente pelo procurador-geral de Justiça, durante sessão pública do Conselho Superior do MP. 

No processo disciplinar, a procuradora admitiu que se excedeu, pediu desculpas a quem tenha se sentido ofendido com as postagens e sustentou que não houve infração disciplinar. Segundo a defesa, a Constituição garante liberdade de expressão, e os membros do MP não perdem sua cidadania ao assumir os cargos.

          Venezuela's Guaido readies to open up oil industry after years of nationalization      Cache   Translate Page      
Venezuelan congress head Juan Guaido is preparing a groundbreaking reversal of late President Hugo Chavez's energy industry nationalization, allowing private companies a bigger role in its oilfields and shrinking state-run PDVSA, according to opposition advisers and a draft seen by Reuters.

          Ticking clock may save Trump from impeachment in U.S. Congress      Cache   Translate Page      
A momentous question hanging over Washington is whether investigations into President Donald Trump will prompt the U.S. Congress to try to remove him from office through the impeachment process set out in the U.S. Constitution.

          Congress party pivots back to jobs after Modi gets boost on security issues      Cache   Translate Page      
India's main opposition Congress party switched its campaign focus back to economic and social issues such as jobs on Tuesday as pollsters said Prime Minister Narendra Modi's re-election bid has been boosted by hostilities with neighbouring Pakistan.

          Democrats split after Pelosi says impeaching Trump "not worth it"      Cache   Translate Page      
A heated debate has broken out among Democrats in Congress, one day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi all but ruled out pursing impeachment of the president. Nancy Cordes has the latest.

          The Monitor :: Khama/Moitoi Dominate Delegates As Maele Sweeps Stakes At Tswapong Branch Congress - Mmegi Online      Cache   Translate Page      
The Monitor :: Khama/Moitoi Dominate Delegates As Maele Sweeps Stakes At Tswapong Branch Congress  Mmegi Online

Maele will be leading eight councilors, and a further eight delegates that were voted at the weekend's Congress tat Maunatlala to add to Khama's proxy, Venson ...

          Weekend Life - The Law and the People - WeekendPost      Cache   Translate Page      
Weekend Life - The Law and the People  WeekendPost

Publishing Date : 12 March, 2019. Author : MAXWELL MOTHAPELARURI MOATHUDI While we are grappling with illegal gunmen who gate-crush congresses, ...

          Arkansas's Medicaid work rule on the grill in Congress today      Cache   Translate Page      
The Arkansas Medicaid work rule — an unvarnished success in pushing thousands off Medicaid coverage — will be the subject of a court hearing Thursday in Washington, but the Trump administration got roughed up on its plans to expand the experiment in a congressional hearing today.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar didn't have much comeback for Rep. Joe Kennedy's questions shown here.

Azar is the lead defendant in the lawsuit that goes to court Thursday. The National Health Law Center, Legal Aid of Arkansas and Southern Poverty Law Center are representing Arkansas people harmed by the work rule. The suit challenges a requirement that Medicaid is conditioned on work as well as a computer reporting requirement that has since been altered somewhat because it proved so unworkable. Some 18,000 people lost coverage in the first five months of the program.

From a release:

Legal Aid of Arkansas Attorney Kevin De Liban said, “The approved amendment undermines – instead of bolsters - access to Medicaid services. Medicaid helps people stay healthy enough to work. So, it doesn’t make any sense to make people jump through needless and costly hoops when they are often already working or trying to take care of family members."

          Poll finds strong support for tenant protection law      Cache   Translate Page      
Sponsors will try again in committee tomorrow to pass legislation that would provide a guarantee of habitability in rental housing. Arkansas is the only state without such protection and the bill failed in its first outing on account of continuing opposition from the Arkansas Realtors and other landlords. If the people mattered, it should be a slam dunk, based on a recent poll.

The Arkansas Public Policy Panel, a grassroots lobby, commissioned a poll on legislative topics including the landlord-tenant bill. The results on this one were overwhelming: Every congressional district, every age group, men, women, Democrats and Republicans: All answered the posed question strongly in favor of the proposal.

We already know by its actions that the legislature doesn't think much of voters. It wants to limit popular initiatives. Many want to roll back the minimum wage increase approved by voters. It couldn't wait to carve gaping loopholes in an ethics amendment. It favors permissive gun laws and more restrictive abortion laws despite polling that suggests a difference in majority opinion.

Nonetheless, here's the polling report.

From a Policy Panel release:

A poll conducted this week on behalf of the Arkansas Public Policy Panel and the Arkansas Citizens First Congress showed that nearly 91 percent of likely Arkansas voters would favor the enactment of a law that would create minimum housing standards for renters.

House Bill 1410, filed by Rep. Jimmy Gazaway (R-Paragould) requires minimum standards for health and safety in rental properties, allows tenants to either terminate their lease or sue for repairs if they are not made, and prevents landlords from retaliating against
tenants who seek repairs. Arkansas is the only state that does not offer these protections to renters. ...

Bill Kopsky, executive director of the Arkansas Public Policy Panel. "It's time for Arkansas to protect our families from being forced to pay for unsafe living conditions by passing House Bill 1410."

          Lobbying for Vets      Cache   Translate Page      

submitted photo

Curt Norenberg of Roseville, left, shown Feb. 24 with Minnesota American Legion Commander Darrel Redepenning, recently lobbied Minnesota’s Congressional delegation on veterans issues.

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          Streamline and support college financial-aid process      Cache   Translate Page      

Congress should simplify the federal financial aid form to make sure students don's miss out on college opportunities.
          'It's up to Congress to assert leadership': House bills target Putin      Cache   Translate Page      
The legislation demands accountability for the slaying of a Russian opposition leader and calls for investigations of Russian President's finances
          Trump's national monument changes return to spotlight      Cache   Translate Page      
FILE - In this May 9, 2017, file photo, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke rides a horse in the new Bears Ears National Monument near Blanding, Utah. As Democrats in Congress prepare to scrutinize President Donald Trump's review of 27 national monuments, most of the recommendations made by ex-Interior Zinke remain unfinished, seemingly stuck on the backburner as other matters consume the White House. (Scott G Winterton/The Deseret News via AP, File)

Trump's national monument changes return to spotlight

          Johnstone: Pelosi Tacitly Admits That Russiagate Is Bullshit      Cache   Translate Page      

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,

In an interview with the Washington Post yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she opposed the impeachment of President Trump. This comes shortly before Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia collusion is expected to wrap up.

“I’m not for impeachment,” Pelosi told the Post.

“This is news. I’m going to give you some news right now because I haven’t said this to any press person before. But since you asked, and I’ve been thinking about this: Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it.

The response to Pelosi’s remarks has been swift and strong.

“Wrong!” exclaimed MSNBC’s Russiagate con man Malcolm Nance via Twitter. “What the hell is wrong with the @SpeakerPelosi Congress that they absolve themselves of their duty! Nothing is criminal anymore?! Trump can do and say like a dictator as he pleases? All of his crimes are OK even if you see them? This requires a public outcry. #Disgraceful”

“I like Speaker Pelosi but this is NOT the right approach,” tweeted Michael Avenatti of Stormy Daniels fame. “If Trump has committed impeachable offenses, he must be charged and he must face a trial in the Senate. Would the Repubs take this approach? Hell no! And this is why we get outplayed.”

“Sorry, Madam Speaker,” tweeted Esquire’s Charles P Pierce. “If you really believe the president* is an unprecedented threat to the Constitution, your oath demands that you begin the process to remove him. It’s your job.”

The House’s most virulent Russiagater, however, sang a different tune.

“If the evidence isn’t sufficient to win bipartisan support for this, putting the country through a failed impeachment isn’t a good idea,” said Congressman Adam Schiff told CNN yesterday.

As you might expect, those voices in alternative media who’ve been voicing skepticism of the Russiagate narrative since the beginning have been having a ball with this one.

“BREAKING: The Democrats’ Congressional leadership is realizing that their two-year Russia conspiracy theory is not going to pan out,” tweeted journalist Aaron Maté, who has been in my opinion the single most lucid Russiagate critic for a long time now.

“If Trump is literally controlled by Putin to the point where Trump is forced to act in the best interests of Russia *at the expense of the US*  -  which has been the prevailing claim not of Dem fringes but its mainstream  -  how can it be morally justified not to impeach him???” tweeted journalist Glenn Greenwald in response to Pelosi’s comments.

How indeed? Pelosi’s comments go completely against the narrative that mainstream Democrats have been selling America for over two years now, and this close to the Mueller report amount to a rejection of that narrative. Her statement is a tacit admission that she knows Russiagate is bullshit, has always been bullshit, and will continue to be bullshit.

“Is it possible that Putin has something on Pelosi?” Greenwald joked.

Or perhaps Democratic politicians and their media allies have been knowingly feeding the party base and cable viewers unadulterated, deranged, unhinged bullshit that they now can’t carry through on with the power in their hands because it was all self-serving, manipulative dreck? Anyone who has ever believed Trump is controlled and blackmailed by Putin to the point that Putin makes Trump treasonously sacrifice America’s interests for Russia’s — and there are a lot of you — should be marching in fury in the streets over Pelosi’s refusal to impeach Trump.”

But, of course, they will not. There will be no protest against Pelosi’s opposition to impeachment because those who would lead it know there will never be any evidence that could possibly lead to a bipartisan willingness in the Senate to remove him from office.

Anyone who’s paid close and intellectually honest attention to the Russiagate circus has known since the beginning that Trump was never going to be impeached for a treasonous conspiracy with the Russian government, despite the endless fantasies inflicted upon the blinkered Maddow muppets day after day after day for over two years now. Back in 2017 I said that “Mueller will continue finding evidence of corruption throughout his investigation, since corruption is to DC insiders as water is to fish, but he will not find evidence of collusion to win the 2016 election that will lead to Trump’s impeachment,” because it was obvious to anyone who knew anything. And that has proven to be the case with uninterrupted consistency.

If those who have been driving the Russiagate conspiracy theory really believed what they’ve been pushing, they would be up in arms at Pelosi’s remarks. Instead, we see responses like Russiagate grifter Bill Palmer publishing a hilarious article titled “Nancy Pelosi is playing rope-a-dope with Donald Trump on impeachment”, explaining that her remarks were actually a brilliant 57-D chess maneuver designed to “play this Trump fool like fiddle.”

“Instead, by answering the question in this manner, Pelosi accomplishes two things,” says the Palmer Report, where sitting US senators and top Harvard law professors go for the important updates they need to continue fueling Russia hysteria in America.

“First, she manages to put off the question until she and her allies have managed to carve Donald Trump up. Second, she’s messing with him. She just insulted him by saying he’s not worth the trouble of impeachment. Pelosi is looking to bait Trump into publicly feuding with her over the question of impeachment. That way it’ll be Trump introducing the concept, not her. And that’ll serve to help put the impeachment process on the right track. Just don’t call it ‘impeachment’ quite yet.”

So that tells you a bit about where the Russiagaters are at today.

This all comes out, by the way, at the same time as a new Wall Street Journalreport that Trump once attempted to personally cajole German Chancellor Angela Merkel into ceasing to buy gas from Russia out of fear that “it will make Europe’s largest economy excessively reliant on Russian energy.” Hardly the behavior you’d expect from a Putin puppet, but then neither are the rest of the many, many other actions that this administration has taken against the interests of Moscow.

It is right and appropriate that those few voices on the left who’ve been sharply critical of Russiagate from the beginning are now taking some time to gloat at and mock its peddlers with increasing scorn. The centrists who chose to spend more than two years forcing everyone’s energy into this blatant psyop which escalated a cold war against a nuclear superpower were wrong, and the leftists who objected to it were right. Trump’s term is more than halfway over, and Russiagaters chose to suck all the oxygen out of the room for this brainless, fruitless, worthless endeavor instead of allowing space for progressive reform and for criticism of Trump’s actual pernicious policies from the left. And they did it on purpose.

Mock the Russiagaters. Mock them ruthlessly, and never, ever let them forget the horrible thing that they did. Never stop making fun of them and reminding them how stupid and crazy they acted during this humiliating period of American history. And never stop using it as a weapon against them. They were wrong, so they should not be leading the way on what passes for America’s political left today. Skepticism was the only appropriate response to Russiagate in a post-Iraq invasion world, and those on the left who made that appropriate response should be treated with infinitely more respect and deference than those who did not.

They were wrong, we were right, and now even Nancy Pelosi is all but admitting it. Never let them forget it.

*  *  *

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          Pence Brokering Deal With GOP To Defeat Democrats On Border Wall      Cache   Translate Page      

Vice President Mike Pence is in discussions with a group of GOP senators on a deal that could lead to the defeat of a Democratic resolution to overturn President Trump's emergency declaration to build a wall on the southern US border, according to The Hill.  

The deal? If the GOP defeats the Democratic legislation, Trump will formally agree to rein in his power to declare future national emergencies. 

Killing the resolution on the Republican-controlled Senate floor would spare the president a major embarrassment and avoid him having to issue the first veto of his presidency. 

But there is some skepticism among GOP senators whether Trump will actually go through with it. And the plan is hurt by the fact that a bill to curb the president’s power to declare national emergencies won’t come to the Senate floor until after the March recess. -The Hill

On Thursday, Pence and a group of Republicans met to discuss the legislation to curb Trump's power. In attendance were Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) - who is sponsoring the proposed legislation, Sens. Thom Tillis (R-NC), Pat Toomey (R-PA), Rob Portman (R-OH) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN). 

According to Lee's measure, national emergency declarations would require a Congressional vote to extend beyond 30 days. In order for it to work, Senate Republicans say Trump would have to make a scout's honor promise to sign Lee's bill - something the president has yet to agree to do. 

Meanwhile, at least two Republicans say they will continue to support the Democratic resolution to reject the National Emergency; constitutionalist Senator Rand Paul and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. 

"No, I think Congress should allocate the money and that’s a very strong belief. It’s also in the Constitution," said Paul. 

Among the half-dozen or so other Republicans who are thought to support the Democratic resolution are Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Mitt Romney (R-UT) - both of whom say they've made up their minds but have yet to announce their decisions. 

"Other potential defectors include Portman, Toomey, Alexander and Sens. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) and Todd Young (R-Ind.)," according to The Hill

Tillis, on the other hand, told colleagues during a Tuesday lunch that while he thought Trump was within his power to declare a national emergency for $3.6 billion in additional wall funding, and he disagrees with the use of that power, he might be willing to change his mind and support the Pence proposal if Trump offers assurances that he would support future reform of the National Emergencies Act of 1976. 

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) plans to vote against the Democratic disapproval resolution - and has predicted that it will get between 50 and 60 votes, which is enough to pass with a simple majority. 

"It will probably get over 50 but less than 60, I think," said Graham. 

Republicans control 53 seats so the disapproval resolution will pass if four or more Republicans vote for it. All Democrats are expected to support it.  

Paul, who has announced his support for the resolution, said the White House and GOP leaders are stepping up their pressure effort to keep Republicans in line. 

“They’re being beaten upright, so if you see anybody that’s got blood dripping out of their ear, they may be changing,” Paul joked. 

He said there is still “a significant number” of Republicans willing to vote for the disapproval resolution but added “there are a lot of people being bruised and beleaguered. We’ll see.” -The Hill

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Democratic disapproval resolution is the only matter expected to go to vote on Thursday. 

"Right now, that’s the only thing that’s going to be voted on," said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) after a lunchtime meeting with colleagues. 

Because Lee wouldn't be able to get his bill to the floor before the March recess - scheduled to begin Friday, any plan to trade votes on Thursday's resolution will need to wait a few weeks. 

          3 New Jobs Kilimanjaro SAR Limited Tanzania      Cache   Translate Page      
Position: Enrolled Nurses (3 Posts)Company OverviewIn its first year of operations Kilimanjaro SAR Limited has been recognised as the Best Medium Size Organisation in Tanzania in 2018 by the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE). Kilimanjaro SAR has also scooped Africa Leadership Awards through Employer Branding Institute; World HRD Congress and Stars of the Industry Group in 2018 …
          Democratic lawmakers rip into T-Mobile CEO over Trump hotel stays      Cache   Translate Page      

The issue of the hotel stays flared up almost immediately at a congressional hearing reviewing the Bellevue's company's proposed merger with Sprint.
          Una imagen del Oppo Reno sugiere un zoom 10x sin pérdida de calidad      Cache   Translate Page      
Una imagen del Oppo Reno sugiere un zoom 10x sin pérdida de calidad#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\

Una imagen filtrada de Oppo Reno muestra que la tercera de sus tres cámaras traseras es cuadrada, por lo que podría tener un zoom 10x.

Las filtraciones no se han hecho esperar desde que el vicepresidente de Oppo anunció ayer una nueva familia de teléfonos llamada Reno a través de la red social china Weibo.

Además de un breve teaser que no revela mucho, se ha filtrado una imagen que deja entrever más detalles sobre las tres cámaras traseras y sus posibles especificaciones.

Específicamente, en el render se alcanza a distinguir que la tercera de las cámaras es cuadrada, lo que podría significar que tiene un zoom 10x sin pérdida de calidad, tal como la marca demostró en el Mobile World Congress.


Además de su cámara trasera triple, la última familia de smartphones de Oppo tendrán Snapdragon 855, SuperVOOC -la carga rápida de 50 W de la marca- y mantendrán el conector de auriculares de 3.5 milímetros.

Otra de las especificaciones que se han filtrado es que tendrá un display Full HD+ de 6.4 pulgadas.

También se sabe que habrá al menos un millón de unidades en su lanzamiento, el cual se espera que ocurra el próximo mes de abril, posiblemente el día 10.

          Venezuela's Guaido readies to open up oil industry after years of nationalization      Cache   Translate Page      
Venezuelan congress head Juan Guaido is preparing a groundbreaking reversal of late President Hugo Chavez's energy industry nationalization, allowing private companies a bigger role in its oilfields and shrinking state-run PDVSA, according to opposition advisers and a draft seen by Reuters.
          SOLVED: The Mystery of AOC’s Rise to Power      Cache   Translate Page      

The following article, SOLVED: The Mystery of AOC’s Rise to Power, was first published on The Black Sphere.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ rise in the Democrat Party is bizarre, to say the least. I’ve scratched my head, repeatedly, wondering how this bartender is suddenly a New York Congresswoman. Now, the mystery is solved. She’s not a congresswoman. She’s an actress. First, let me say there’s nothing wrong with being a bartender. But to jump from […]

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          Gandhis sound poll bugle from Modi’s home turf      Cache   Translate Page      
Following the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting in Ahmedabad — 58 years after it was last held in Bhavnagar in Gujarat — the party leadership attacked Modi’s “politics of hatred” at a mammoth rally organised in the PM’s home state.
          We arrested Masood Azhar, but BJP freed him: Cong      Cache   Translate Page      
Congress cited extracts from an interview to claim NSA Ajit Doval “blamed” the BJP-led government for Azhar’s release in the Kandahar swap following the hijack of Indian Airlines flight IC-814. The attack came a day after BJP latched on to Rahul’s reference to the JeM chief as “Masood Azhar ji”.
          Why LS election is among world's most expensive      Cache   Translate Page      
This time the polling exercise, due to start on April 11 and be completed by May 19, will cost an unprecedented 500 billion rupees ($7 billion), according to the New Delhi-based Centre for Media Studies. About $6.5 billion was spent during the US presidential and congressional races in 2016. Most of the jump in spending will come in use of social media, travel and advertising.
          ಅನಂತ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ ಹೆಗಡೆ ಹಿಂದೂ ಎನ್ನುವುದಕ್ಕೆ ಸಾಕ್ಷಿ ಕೊಡಿ: ಕಾಂಗ್ರೆಸ್ ಸಚಿವ      Cache   Translate Page      
ಕೇಂದ್ರ ಸಚಿವ ಹೆಗಡೆ ಅವರ ತಂದೆ-ತಾಯಿಯ ಡಿಎನ್‌ಎ ಮಾದರಿ ತಂದು ಕೊಡಲಿ. ಡಿಎನ್‌ಎ ಪರೀಕ್ಷಿಸಿ ಹೆಗಡೆ ಜಾತಿ ಯಾವುದು ಎನ್ನುವುದನ್ನು ಪತ್ತೆ ಮಾಡೋಣ.
           Comment on A Democrat, Radical, Muslim Woman Makes A Racist Comment, And White Males Get The Blame by Michael Todaro       Cache   Translate Page      
          Shiv Sena's Offer To Maharashtra Opposition Leader After Son Joins BJP      Cache   Translate Page      
Hours after his son Sujay joined the ruling BJP Tuesday, senior Congress leader Radhakrishna Vikhe Patel got an offer from the Shiv Sena to join it. R...
          DeVos opens door to taxpayers funding religious orgs by stopping enforcement of church-state separation rule      Cache   Translate Page      
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has announced she will no longer enforce the provision of federal law that bans religious organizations from being funded with taxpayer dollars for secular projects. DeVos is citing a 2017 Supreme Court decision that ruled a Missouri Lutheran church-run school could not be barred from having taxpayers pay for repaving its playground under a local ordinance that made it ineligible solely due to separation of church and state policies. The Education Secretary, in an official notice to Congress, now appears to be turning that ruling on its head. "The law calls for students in public and private schools to receive 'equitable services,' such as special education, tutoring or mentoring and allows districts to hire contractors to deliver those services," The New York Times explains.
          Jake Tapper presses lawmaker on impeachment claims      Cache   Translate Page      
Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) argues with CNN's Jake Tapper that President Trump met the "legal standard" for impeachment long ago.

          Talc cancer concerns get their day in Congress      Cache   Translate Page      
The son of a woman who was a "true fan" of Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder, who made it a "necessary part of our hygienic routine," testified before lawmakers on Tuesday, asking for help for women like his mother, who died of ovarian cancer after regularly using talc-based powder.

          Tish James subpoenas Deutsche Bank, opens investigation into Trump projects      Cache   Translate Page      
The fallout from Michael Cohen’s congressional hearing continues. Two weeks after President Trump’s former “fixer” told lawmakers that his boss inflated the value of his assets to secure loans, the New York attorney general’s office issued subpoenas on Monday to two lenders, Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank, the New York Times reported. Last week, the New York State Department of Financial Services issued a subpoena to insurance broker Aon, also on the basis of Cohen’s ... [more]
          Ocasio-Cortez accuses stunned Wells Fargo CEO of financing the 'caging' of children - Fox News      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Ocasio-Cortez accuses stunned Wells Fargo CEO of financing the 'caging' of children  Fox News
  2. Wells Fargo Lawyers: Our CEO Is Full Of 'Corporate Puffery'  HuffPost
  3. WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Tries To Grill Wells Fargo's CEO. He Destroys Her.  The Daily Wire
  4. Three big questions as Wells Fargo's CEO heads to Capitol Hill  American Banker
  5. Regulator Slams Wells Fargo After CEO Testifies to Congress  The Wall Street Journal
  6. View full coverage on Google News

          В Международном аэропорту Гейдар Алиев будут внедрены новые технологии организации воздушного движения      Cache   Translate Page      

В рамках World ATM Congress 2019 в Мадриде состоялась встреча между директором УВД «Азераэронвигация» (AZANS) Фарханом Гулиевым и Стефаном Эгли, вице-президентом SITA — ведущей компанией в области коммуникационных и информационных технологий в авиации. По итогам встречи был подписан документ «Техническое решение по внедрению цифровых технологий […]

The post В Международном аэропорту Гейдар Алиев будут внедрены новые технологии организации воздушного движения appeared first on InfoCity.

          Federal Grand Jury Issues Subpoenas in North Carolina      Cache   Translate Page      
“A federal grand jury is examining allegations of ballot fraud in a North Carolina congressional race, issuing subpoenas this month that represent the first public evidence that U.S. prosecutors are investigating the matter,” the Washington Post reports. “Officials with the North Carolina State Board of Elections and a lawyer for former Republican congressional candidate Mark […]
          LaHood Applauds the EPA’s Announced Proposal to Allow the Sale of E15 Year-Round      Cache   Translate Page      

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Congressman Darin LaHood released the following statement after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed today a regulatory change to allow gasoline blended with up to 15 percent ethanol (E15) to be sold year-round:

“This announced rule change by the EPA to allow the year-round sale of E15 is welcome news for our agriculture producers in central and west-central Illinois. Ethanol sales help drive demand for corn in Illinois and the announcement today is an important step towards broadening opportunities for our farmers in Illinois’ 18th District,” stated Rep. LaHood. “I appreciate the efforts of President Trump and Administrator Wheeler to making E15 accessible to consumers nationwide and year-round. I will continue to work with both leaders to promote more cost-effective choices that reduce gas emissions and expand opportunities for our agriculture community.”


Rep. LaHood Applauds President Trump’s E15 Announcement

House members advocate for strong RFS, year-round E15 sales

          Spectacular Stacey Abrams Says She May Run For President! Also Beto Might Too      Cache   Translate Page      

Stacey Abrams and Beto O'Rourke each have a very important decision to make, and that decision could change the trajectory of their lives, reform the Democratic Party, and perhaps even affect the future of this nation for generations to come. Here we are, a year out from the Democratic primary, we have a bajillion candidates running, and The Great Unpleasantness of 2016 still looms painfully and bitterly large (on social media, not in real life, okay?) in our beautiful minds. We literally have a full plate, an over abundance, a smorgasbord of candidates, really it's the makings of a Brokered Convention*, so isn't the most logical and reasonable plan to cajole Beto and Stacey Abrams into joining the fray? Of course it is.

Besides, what else do you do when you are a strong black woman who was robbed of a governorship by a feckless fumplepunt of a Secretary of State who was literally rigging the race he was running in, as the nation watched in horror? How about if you are a soulful emo white guy who galvanized Texas, only to be defeated by The Zodiac Killer in a Senate race? If you are a Democrat from a Red State who almost dick punched the GOP to death, you remind yourself that Trump didn't actually "win" either, and you prepare yourself to try to take his job. Fuck it.

*I don't mind this.


Abrams spent some time recently at South by Southwest, and she spoke of a spreadsheet she had been keeping for years mapping out her future, and according to it, she would not be ready to run for president.

"In the spreadsheet with all the jobs I wanted to do, 2028 would be the earliest I would be ready to stand for president because I would have done the work I thought necessary to be effective at that job," Abrams said.

When people saw this interview they cried and cried and cried because it would be eight more empty years without Abrams to help lead us back from whatever fresh hell this is where the president is so mercenary, evil, stupid, and vile, it allows you to see how altruistic the fucking Kardashian sisters can be. Legit, be nice to Kim. She gets shit done.


"My task is to make certain that a Democrat is elected not only to the White House but that we have a Democratic majority in the Senate and a Democratic majority in Congress," Abrams told South by Southwest.

I always feel so positively inspired when Abrams speaks, the clarity of perspective and forward thinking she dishes out always feels like a call to action, a directive, and lessons on how to be better and do better are ever present and uplifting.

Abrams, who has built a national following, also said she thinks President Donald Trump is "racist," "xenophobic," and "homophobic," but said Democrats should not focus too much on him.

"I think beating Donald Trump is the wrong mission. When you're focused on your enemy, then you are ignoring your allies," she said.

From Essence:

"I need women of color, particularly Black women, to understand that our achievements should not be diminished," Abrams told NYT. She added, "I'm not saying I would be the best candidate, but I'm not going to dismiss it out of hand the way others do."

That spreadsheet didn't know shit, and it is not the boss of Stacey Abrams. IT IS A SPREADSHEET. That's not even a robot. It doesn't get to tell you what to do, IT CAN'T TALK.

Let's check on Beto and see what he's been up to on his "Tour" thingy.


Former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke is making his first trip to Iowa of the 2020 campaign, visiting the state that kicks off presidential voting amid intense speculation that he'll enter the race for the White House.

O'Rourke had previously failed to answer invitations to visit Democrats in Iowa, New Hampshire and other early nominating states and hasn't yet made major staffing moves in those places.

He says he's decided on 2020 but has provided no further details except that he'll make his plans known soon.

Wow. Thanks, Your Majesty, for thinking about telling us when you'll grace us with your presence. Is he playing hard to get? Unlike many people, I never got Beto, he's emo, I'm emo, there would just be an Abraham-Mary Todd melancholia meltdown if we stood too close to each other at a party. Let's see how his "Tour" has been going, that ought to be cheerful.


"Maybe I'd been hoping for some kind of connection that day and hadn't found it," he wrote in one of those diary posts, from Ulysses, Kan. "I called Amy. Kids were in the car, she was a little distracted, we didn't connect either. Maybe you could meet people at a bar she said as we hung up."

The Beto Diaries. Again.

Okay, BETO, you and your oversharing of melancholic self searching emo crises of connectivity are making me impatient. Pretty fucking sure I'm reading that your wife was busy taking care of everything while you sat around Holden Caulfielding and being super emo. (This is my opinion.) [It is also the editrix's opinion. -- Editrix]

"Maybe you could meet people at a bar…" Fuck it. Not our business.

What is our business is the fact that if any of the women campaigning wrote the stuff Beto writes and behaved as he does, they would not be running for president for long. Harris gets slammed for eating hot sauce, Klobuchar is a meanyface bad boss lady, Warren got a self owning DNA test, and Gillibrand is a reverse Elsa from Frozen and loves open border MS-13 Caravan Murderers. What if Beto ate hot sauce while taking a DNA test, yelling at his assistant Chad, and trying to abolish ICE? Nobody would give a shit or report on it unless it was to possibly congratulate him, or hold a parade in his honor ... because he's a white man. Okay, and "Kennedyesque."

Is Beto taking advantage of his privilege? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It seems that there are some women besides us who believe that Beto needs to do better.


Female Democratic strategists have grown increasingly frustrated as they've watched Mr. O'Rourke jump on his single-speed bike, read his emotional posts from his road trip and seen him slip into the premiere of a documentary about his Senate campaign.

Imagine, they say, if Beto were Betsy. What would the reception have been if a female candidate left her three small children home and spent several weeks traveling the country, posting stream-of-consciousness diary entries? Or if she chose to forgo a Senate race that would provide a greater opportunity for victory?

While we love all of our Dems EQUALLY, because we are UNBIASED, we are a bit concerned that perhaps one of our future presidential hopefuls may not be quite as ready for the challenge of a presidential campaign. But what the hell do we know? He might be the Bruce Wayne of politics, and this was just him being Christian Bale about life. When it comes to other hopeful, it seem to be a case of she is just too fucking awesome and should be Queen of Running America Right Now. If she wants to.

[ NBCNews/Axios/NYT/AP]

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          Trump Budget Dude: THANKS OBAMA      Cache   Translate Page      

Yesterday's great big dipshit presser was the actual press briefing in more than 40 days, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders got most of the attention for saying you'll have to ask Democrats whether Donald Trump thinks Dems hate Jews. (Answer from a Democrat, me: He definitely thinks so if it gets applause.) But the presser started off with a pitch by Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell Vought, proclaiming that Donald Trump had met all his campaign promises by submitting a budget that, if enacted by Congress, will make the federal budget disappear eventually by slashing everything but the military. So please, nobody mention the debt-'sploding Big Fat Tax Cuts for Rich Fuckwads, OK -- they would pay for themselves, but Barack Obama and Congress -- controlled up to two months ago by Republicans -- eated all the money.

Here's the whole gory mess. We like Vought's big grin at "Happy Budget Day," since it may someday be the illustrative photo for "Death's-Head Rictus."

Live: White House Press Briefing - 3/11

But wait, Mr. Vought, what about Donald Trump's promise to eliminate the debt in eight years, not that anyone but idiots believed him?

As Salon notes, there's a bit of an economics problem with the accusation that Obama "doubled the national debt." Deficit spending was necessary to get us out of the Great Recession and keep the economy from going into a full-blown depression. Oh yes, and Vought is doing a little sleight of the Invisible Hand when he says Trump's first budget would have "balanced the budget" within 10 years (through massive cuts to everything except the military and giveaways to the rich). That would mean an end to the annual budget deficit, not the debt. And just a reminder: Republicans only pretend to give a shit about debt when they want to cut social programs. When the debt balloons because of tax cuts or military spending, it's wonderful!

Hell, Vought even defends deficit spending himself in the clip, except of course it's good and necessary when Trump does it, but it was terrible when Obama did. When the reporter notes the tax cuts and increased military spending added $2 trillion-with-a-t to the debt, Vought patiently explains that, for a few seconds at least, he's a Keynesian:

[Trump] also came into office and had an economic recovery that was needed, to put people back to work and get the economy going, and to rebuild the military, and had historic levels of military...

Why, yes, that is all a lie. Dude is literally claiming there was a recession when Trump took office -- that's the only thing that a "recovery" follows. We also like all that Congress-blaming, because damn that spendy Republican Congress, huh?

Then another reporter asked Vought how he could say "promises made, promises kept" when Trump's budget slashes Medicare by 10 percent (not that Congress will do that anyway). Surprise, just as we predicted, there are NO "CUTS" to Medicare in this budget, merely reductions in "waste, fraud, and abuse," and also magically lower prescription drug costs. OK, and cuts to the rates paid to hospitals, which aren't cuts, they're efficiencies, you know.

And going back to that bit about the need to stimulate the economy: Hey, if the economy is roaring along under Trump, why did he need to kick-start it with tax cuts that didn't decrease the deficit, and also didn't result in a bejillion new jobs? WHAR MASSIVE GROWTH? Well duh, of course the trickle-down magic only works if Congress slashes spending on anything that's not loved by Republicans, and next year we'll go through this whole stupid supply-side kindergarten pageant again.

[Salon / CBSN on Youtube / Aaron Rupar on Twitter]

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          Child Rape Apologist Tucker Carlson Also Said Some Racist Sh*t. In Other News, Sky Blue.      Cache   Translate Page      

On Monday night, Media Matters released a second set of recordings from Tucker Carlson's appearances on the Bubba the Love Sponge show, all of which were incredibly racist and would be very shocking, had they been said by almost anyone who wasn't Tucker Carlson. (The child-rape defenses were covered the day before.) There is a reason why all the neo-Nazis swoon over Tucker Carlson, and it's not because of his fashion sense. It is because he says the exact same things they do, every weeknight on national television.

In this second set of recordings, Carlson shared his feelings on a variety of subjects. On immigration, he said that all immigrants should be required to be "hot" or "smart," because "picking lettuce" won't help us build a stronger country years from now. Tucker Carlson, of course, would not be shit if it hadn't been for people working on farms -- he owes everything to the fact that his stepmommy was the Swanson frozen dinners heiress.

He also noted that white men "created civilization," a popular white supremacist talking point (and lie), called Iraqis "semiliterate primitive monkeys" whom he does not care about because they don't use "toilet paper" or "forks," claimed that the Congressional Black Caucus exists to unfairly "blame the white man" for everything, and shared a variety of incredibly racist thoughts about Barack and Michelle Obama.

Let's go to the tape, shall we?

Tucker Carlson makes racist statements in unearthed audio

As these new recordings were being released last night, Carlson was busy giving a little speech on air about how he won't be apologizing for anything he's said, that Fox News is standing by him, and that together, they will never "bow to the mob."

"Since the day we went on the air, they've been working hard to kill this show. We haven't said much about it in public. It seemed too self-referential. The point of this show has never been us. But now it's obvious to everybody. There's no pretending that it's not happening. It is happening. And so going forward, we'll be covering their efforts to make us be quiet," Carlson explained on Monday night, in a bizarre monologue in which he suggested that he is the true victim here. After all, what kind of monsters would quote someone verbatim in order to highlight their actual views on things? It's just so cruel.

"Fox News is behind us, as they have been since the very first day. But we will never bow to the mob. Ever. No matter what," he added, because hey -- if you're going to defend a child rapist and lie about said child rapist never raping a child on the radio, where people can hear you, that's something you want to stand by, forever.

And many others are standing by Carlson as well, particularly the white supremacists in the comments on the most recent Media Matters video excitedly referring to him as "/our guy/" -- their special term for people they believe share their worldview. And, as Ben "Facts Only Care About My Feelings" Shapiro pointed out yesterday, the people who are appalled by Carlson's statements are not his nightly viewers. Because, duh, they probably agree with all of the things he said, and also think Warren Jeffs is a political prisoner of some kind.

Of course, advertisers may not be so eager to stand by Carlson after this. Pacific Life left his ass after he said that immigrants were making the country "poorer" and "dirtier." It is not hard to imagine that other advertisers may not want to be associated with America's #1 Warren Jeffs Superfan. I know I won't be buying any dish soap that is A-OK with child rape.

But hey! They've always got the MyPillow guy -- and at this rate, I'm sure Carlson's show will catch the eye of some bedsheet manufacturers as well.

[Media Matters]

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          Nancy Pelosi Punches Trump In Face For Entire Length Of Washington Post Interview      Cache   Translate Page      

There's been a lot of fuss over Monday's Washington Post interview with Nancy Pelosi. Although a metric ton of Democrats want to impeach Donald Trump, the House Speaker officially declared it a waste of time.

PELOSI: Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don't think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he's just not worth it.

"He's just not worth it" is such delicious shade it should appear on a t-shirt or a mug. People are misinterpreting this as Pelosi going soft and promoting foolish bipartisan harmony. No, she just has a brain in her head. The eyes in her head have also witnessed Republicans shamelessly cover for Trump and protect him even when his former personal lawyer testified to what a sleaze he is. Robert Mueller's final report probably won't change the world. It's not a new Harry Potter novel.

Pelosi is being practical. Yes, Democrats currently can "impeach the motherfucker" in the House on a party-line vote. Then they can look disappointed when walking snot rag Mitch McConnell gives them the full Merrick Garland and doesn't even hold a trial in the Senate. No one's suggesting that we let Trump play-act as president for the rest of our lives. There's another election coming up. Why else are there more Democrats in Iowa than Iowans? We can get rid of both Trump and Pence next year. Why waste time over something that will ultimately fail or, in the "best-case" scenario, end with the old mother lover himself, Mike Pence, as president? Impeachment won't make your conservative relatives finally accept that Trump is a criminal. Nancy can't save your holiday gatherings.

Many Democrats and liberal pundits disagree, of course. [Your editrix is one of them.] They think impeachment should be based on the "evidence," but we have all the evidence we need that Republicans are corrupt and will never vote to impeach Trump. Rep. Jamie Raskin argues impeachment isn't about whether Trump himself is "worth it" but if the "republic" itself is "worth it." This is all very moving, but it's unclear how the republic is served if Trump is seemingly publicly exonerated. The GOP Senate will flat-out not vote to remove him.

RASKIN: We can't get so frustrated with Donald Trump that we impeach him just for being Donald Trump, but we can't get so frustrated with Donald Trump that we don't impeach him because he's Donald Trump.

You don't have the votes. If any plan you have involves Republicans, especially McConnell, exhibiting basic decency and respect for the rule of law, you need to tear up the plan. Rep. Elijah Cummings is more connected to political realities.

CUMMINGS: Keep in mind, impeachment is a political process. ... Right now when you've got 40 something percent of the country pleased, I guess, with what the president's doing. I think Pelosi realizes this.

Majority Whip Jim Clyburn also rightly points out that we can drag down Trump's poll numbers and otherwise torment him through ongoing House probes.

CLYBURN: Impeachment is a political question. I don't care what we may feel — if the public isn't there, we can't go there. And I think the committee hearings and various things going on are what's needed in order for the public to get where they need to be.

The rest of the Washington Post interview is worth a read beyond the impeachment statement. Pelosi has some badass quotes.

For 2020, your goal is to keep control of the House and have a Democrat elected president.

And the Senate, the whole thing.

Yes, she's coming for everything. If we can just chill out and not chase impeachment fantasies, we can have Congress and the White House gift-wrapped and under the tree for Christmas 2020. Pelosi makes compelling arguments for why Democrats should run the show. She also slits the Republicans' throats with a smile.

PELOSI: I was born into a family that was devoutly Catholic, fiercely patriotic, proud of our Italian American heritage and staunchly Democrat. And we saw that connection between church and Democrats as the Gospel of Matthew. When I was hungry, when I was thirsty, when I was naked, when I was homeless, when I was in prison. And that was how we were raised, that we had a responsibility to other people. And that was our motivation. So that's why sometimes it's hard for me to understand — I have to admit this, that we were raised to say there's a spark of divinity in every person. That we're all God's children. And yet I see people of faith go down paths that so contradict what they say. For example, on the issue of immigration, so many people of faith, I guess they just don't think that there's a spark of divinity or that we're all God's children. How disrespectful they are.

Pelosi believes her caucus represent a wide range of ideas, but they remain united through core values. The centrists and progressives are "all of one mind" to truly work for American families and show "respect for every person in our society." She has true affection for the Democratic Party and its members.

The speaker does not at any point in the interview say the name "Donald Trump." She refers to him either factually as "the president" or with icy dismissiveness as "the person in the White House." It's clear that she considers him utterly beneath contempt. She straight-up says Trump is "ethically unfit, intellectually unfit, curiosity-wise unfit." He's just a big, dumb criminal is what she's saying. It is glorious.

PELOSI: No, I don't think he's fit to be president of the United States. And that's up to us to make the contrast to show that this president — while he may be appealing to you on your insecurity and therefore your xenophobia, whether it's globalization or immigrants — is fighting clean air for your children to breathe, clean water for them to drink, food safety, every good thing...

OMG, she just called Trump supporters insecure bigots too stupid to realize he's destroying the world. She's just cutting fools down with a Hattori Hanzo sword.

PELOSI: I don't usually talk about him this much. This is the most I've probably talked about him. I hardly ever talk about him. You know, it's not about him.

She really knows how to hurt "the person in the White House." Who needs impeachment? She will belittle Trump to death, and we are here for it.

[Washington Post / Politico]

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          Bye Bye Love. Wonkagenda For Tues., March 12, 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

There's so much fuckery in Trump's $4.75 trillion budget, we don't have nearly enough time to go through everything. Politico has a list of some of the winners and losers, the former being his golf buddies and Betsy DeVos, and the latter being poor people, the sick, and the elderly (thanks to massive cuts in Medicare and Medicaid previously sold as TrumpCare). WaPo notes that the administration is living in a complete fantasy believing that the economy is doing fine, counter to the analysis from every math geek who's ever used an abacus. Yesterday, OMB Director Russ Vought told reporters that it wasn't actually the Trump tax cuts (for the super rich) that ballooned the national debt, it was Obama. Earlier in the day, Vought appeared on CNBC to bitch and moan about the Mexican-Muslim taco truck invasion of the southern border, arguing that WALL was more important than sick, old, and/or poor people, and stated, "We're tired of being right." US TOO, BUDDY. Meanwhile, the GOP revolt over Trump's border wall has flipped Congress on its head as members consider measures ranging from overriding Trump's national emergency declaration, to limiting the presidential power to declare national emergencies.

In a bigass profile in WaPo, Nancy Pelosi finally said what's been hinted at for two years -- that she doesn't want to impeach Trump "unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan ... because it divides the country. And he's just not worth it." Some Democrats pushed back strongly on Pelosi's remarks, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez noting Trump met "the Lindsey Graham standard" for impeachment "multiple times." In speaking with Politico, House Oversight Chair Elijah Cummings called impeachment a "political process," and added, "You've got to have bipartisanship. Right now you've got 40 something percent of the country pleased, I guess, with what the president's doing. I think Pelosi realizes this."

Dick Cheney ripped Mike Pence a new asshole at a private meeting in Georgia over the weekend at a forum for a conservative think tank, according to a leaked transcript of the event. The war hawk criticized the Trump administration's foreign policy as being more limpwristed than Obama, complaining that Trump's idea to demand protection money from allies "sounded like a new York state real estate deal." Pence responded by reportedly asking, "Who wrote these softball questions?"

In a rare showing of bipartisan rebuke of the Trump administration, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have invited the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to Washington to address a joint session of Congress later this spring. The invite comes as Trump moves to charge US allies protection money to the tune of "cost plus 50."

Massachusetts Democratic Senator and 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren suddenly found her ads calling for Facebook to be broken up taken down by Facebook. Facebook issued a statement saying the ads violated their policy of using its logos in advertising. Though the ads were later restored, they kind of proved Warren's point that Facebook is too goddamn big. Politico is stirring the pot this morning with a story about Warren taking money from Silicon Valley employees and selling her books on Amazon ... over the last decade.

Senators Ed Markey and Josh Hawley say they plan introduce a bill to amend the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The bill would reportedly extend protections of children up to 15-years-old, and bar platforms from targeting ads at kids under 13. Roll Call notes it's unlikely to become a law even though multiple states and the EU have already moved forward with strict data privacy regulations aimed at keeping companies from fiddling with kids' heads. Here's an example of COPPA laws in action.

Democrats have chosen Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for their 2020 nominating convention. In a tweet, the party stated Milwaukee was "more than equipped."

Wayne's World (8/10) Movie CLIP - Alice's History Lesson (1992) HD

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says her office was "thorough and professional" when it "thoroughly and appropriately" investigated sexual harassment allegations from a female staffer against Gillibrand's longtime driver and military adviser. In a brief scrum with reporters, Gillibrand said she has full confidence about the "professional and thorough" investigation that was now "thorough and complete." He must be a good man, and thorough.

Former Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke is headed to Iowa to help state Senate candidate Eric Giddens in a special election while simultaneously reaching out to former Obama people and courting activists. Beto hasn't announced #HesRunning (yet), but political wizards think it's just a matter of time.

Former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams clarified remarks she made at SXSW stating she hadn't decided if #ShesRunning in 2020, and said the possibility was "on the table." Abrams's initial remarks were that she kept a spreadsheet with gigs she wanted, and 2028 would have been the earliest she would run for president.

According to court records, a Roy Moore supporter pleaded the Fifth 65 TIMES when asked if he had tried to bribe the lawyer representing one of Moore's accusers to drop the client and issue a damning statement to Breitbart. What initially started as a defamation suit has grown to engulf Steve Bannon's rightwing shit rag. SCANDAL!

Those rascally radicals in antifa have dug up racist and anti-Semitic chat logs from from Bennet Bressman, the statewide field director for Nebraska's uber rich Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts. The 22-year-old Bressman says the logs, which date back to last year, were from a long time ago and no longer reflect who he is as a person, though screenshots of Bressman's social media accounts show him teaching people about "chad nationalism," joking about running down Black Lives Matter activists with his white car, dropping n-bombs and racial stereotypes, as well as old fashioned gay-hatin'. [Logs]

Current Florida man and former Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage started cold calling radio shows (again) to say those damn dirty Democrats get all their money from the JEEWWZZ, and that Rep. Ilhan Omar "completely vindicated" his long history of hate mongering. [Audio]

As British Prime Minister Theresa May faces the rapidly approaching zero for a "no-deal" Brexit scenario, the EU and UK agreed to a changes over the Irish backstop and permanent customs union. HOWEVER, the EU signaled the changes are by no means an end to negotiations just as a number of British MPs sounded off about their reluctance to support May's deal. If you're confused, don't worry, so is everyone else.

A new UN report says North Korea is cleverly avoiding oil, coal, and weapons sanctions, and hacking foreign banks to make some quick cash -- and that's on top of all the shady weapons testing programs they've quietly started back up. The report even includes photos of North Korean ships disguised as trading vessels illegally transferring energy and materials on the high seas, as well as the regime's smuggling of weapons to Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, possible gold-mining in the Republic of Congo, and supplying Uganda with military training and weapons.

Lawyers for Roger Stone say they "clumsily" tried to tell the court about Roger Stone's book, and that they'd like to "move ahead without further ado," HOWEVER emails from Stone to his publisher show Stone bitching about a gag order interfering with his book sales, arguing for more money, and demanding fewer copies of the book be printed.

The Senate Intel Committee met with Simona Mangiante, the wife of George Papadopoulos, to ask about her old boss, ALLEGED Russian spy Joseph Mifsud. Mangiante told WaPo that she was "happy to provide information," emphatically adding, "Definitely not because I am a Russian spy." [No, she said that!]

Tucker Carlson refused to apologize for sexist and misogynist comments made to a shock jock's radio show unearthed by Media Matters. Tucker likened the campaign to have him and Jeanine Pirro "You're Fired" to a "mob" in a defiant monologue, and stated he planned to "fight it" while crying on the shoulder of Sean Hannity. Media Matters later released MORE damning audio of Tucker where he claims "white men" were responsible for "creating civilization," waxes philosophical about THE BLACKNESS of the Obamas, and whines that Iraqi people aren't "human beings" because they "don't use toilet paper or forks," and that they're actually, "semiliterate primitive monkeys," Shortly after Tucker's monologue, Fox News host Brit Hume tweeted, "Doing well is the best revenge," and linked to Tucker's TV ratings. Meanwhile, Variety's Brian Steinberg noted Tucker didn't have many ads during his show, and that's not a good sign (for him).

Two of the most prominent NRA board members tell the New York Times that NRATV's hard-right turn into fear mongering of apocalyptic race riots, ALLEGED grift, and shady Russian fuckery has forced them to reconsider what the hell they're all doing. Apparently Dana Loesch putting Thomas the Tank in a KKK hood was a little too much, even for gun fetishists chumming red meat.

After the Westboro Baptist Church decided to take a field trip to the Virginia state capitol and protest the state's first and only openly transgender lawmaker, Del. Danica Roem, the lead singer of heavy metal band Lamb of God organized a counter-protest with free kazoos. Several hundred people turned out in support of Roem, who herself fronts a local heavy metal band, and chased out the hate group out within 30 minutes.

And here's your morning Nice Time! A KIWI CHICK!

Second Kiwi Chick of 2019 Hatches at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

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          Texas Loses the Sunshine in Its Open Meetings Law      Cache   Translate Page      
Open meetings laws are often referred to as “sunshine laws.” These laws require that meetings, decisions and records, with some exceptions, of state and federal agencies and regulatory bodies be open and readily available to the public.   The public right to open meetings and an individual right to access to state or federal agency decisions are statutory in nature, not constitutional. The Framers did not incorporate these rights in either the First Amendment or enshrined them in the Bill of Rights.   Writing in The First Amendment Encyclopedia, Alex Aichinger pointed out that sessions of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention were conducted in secret. But Aichinger added:   “The freedoms of speech, the press, and the right to petition the government in the First Amendment all presuppose a ‘right to access.’ To criticize or support a government policy effectively, citizens must be informed of the reasons for that…
          Equitable Remedies for Ex-Spouses Who Lost Their Share of a Military Pension Due to the Military Spouse’s Receipt of Disability Benefits      Cache   Translate Page      
Divorces involving a spouse in the military generally involve unique issues.  In the recently published decision of Fattore v. Fattore, the Appellate Division held that the trial court cannot replace, “dollar for dollar”, an ex-spouse’s benefit from a military pension that was lost after the military spouse elected to receive disability benefits.  Doing so is against Congress’ intent to omit such disability benefits from veteran retirement pay that is otherwise subject to equitable distribution.  However, the trial court may treat the lost pension benefits as a change in circumstances warranting alimony and/or an alimony modification for the spouse who lost his/her share of their ex-spouses military pension.  This is true even when there is an alimony waiver as part of the parties’ divorce, which is what the parties had in Fattore.  After all, the family court is a court of equity and so we should expect, and hope…
          The Week That Will Be      Cache   Translate Page      
 Event Announcements (More details on the Events Calendar) Tuesday, Mar. 12 at 2:00 p.m.: The Brookings Institution will hold an event entitled How China and the U.S. are advancing artificial intelligence. Speakers include Nicol Turner Lee, Ryan Hass, Robb Gordon and moderator Darrell M. West. Register to attend. Wednesday, Mar. 13 at 12:00 p.m.: The Brookings Institution will hold an event on improving cybersecurity career and technical education, featuring Lawfare’s Executive Editor Susan Hennessey, and co-chairs of the Congressional Career and Technical Education Caucus Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) and Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-P.a.). Register to attend. Wednesday, Mar. 13 at 3:00 p.m.: The Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute will host a book launch on Secret Wars: Covert Conflict in International Politics. Author Austin Carson of the University of Chicago will discuss his new work. Register to attend. Thursday, Mar. 14 at 9:30 a.m.: The Center for Strategic and…
          'It's up to Congress to assert leadership': House bills target Putin      Cache   Translate Page      
The legislation demands accountability for the slaying of a Russian opposition leader and calls for investigations of Russian President's finances
          Five Things to Know for March 12 in Montgomery County      Cache   Translate Page      

Today is Tuesday, March 12. Here are five things to know in Montgomery County. 1. Council in Session: The Montgomery County Council is meeting today at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Hearing Room in Rockville. Check out the agenda for today’s meeting. 2. Redistricting Maps Meeting: Governor Larry Hogan’s Emergency Commission on Sixth Congressional District Gerrymandering has approved a […]

The post Five Things to Know for March 12 in Montgomery County appeared first on Montgomery Community Media.

          Congressman slams payments to tollway consultants and calls on governor to ensure proper oversight      Cache   Translate Page      

Rep. Mike Levin, a vocal opponent of plans to extend the 241 toll road through south Orange County, has called on the governor’s office to ensure proper oversight of the local tollway authority after a Times article revealed questionable payments to the agency’s public outreach consultants.


          Section Of Polk Street To Close On Tuesday      Cache   Translate Page      
Polk Street between E. Congress Street and W. Garfield Street will be closed from 8 AM to 6 PM on Tuesday (March 12). Continue reading…
          NUM to march on Luthuli House on March 30 to protest Eskom unbundling      Cache   Translate Page      
The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) announced on Tuesday that it would march on the African National Congress’ (ANC's) Luthuli House head office, in Johannesburg, March 30 to voice its opposition to the unbundling of Eskom. It would also use the protest action to call for the resignation of the Eskom board and the cancellation of power purchase agreements with independent power producers.
          AP sources: O’Rourke to make multiple stops in leadoff Iowa      Cache   Translate Page      
Texas Democrat Beto O'Rourke is planning a series of stops in Iowa beginning Thursday as he nears an announcement on a 2020 White House bid. O'Rourke, a former congressman, is … Click to Continue »
          Life in “Mueller Time”      Cache   Translate Page      

From Crimethinc

The Politics of Waiting and the Spectacle of Investigation

For almost two years now, faithful Democrats have waited for special counsel Robert Mueller to file his report about collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian attempts to interfere in the US election, not to mention Trump’s involvement in obstruction of justice. Whenever Trump’s activity provokes them or a subterranean rumbling within the Justice Department emboldens them, the faithful take to the streets and social media with hand-held cardboard signs and internet memes to proclaim that Mueller Time is close at hand. Yet even if the Mueller investigation concludes with Trump’s impeachment, the spectacle of the investigation has served to immobilize millions who have a stake in systemic social change, ensuring that what comes next in the United States will be politics as usual—not liberation.

When you’ve fallen on the highway
And you’re lying in the rain,
And they ask you how you’re doing
Of course you’ll say you can’t complain
If you’re squeezed for information,
That’s when you’ve got to play it dumb
You just say you’re out there waiting
For the miracle, for the miracle to come

-The 20th century’s greatest messianic thinker, Leonard Cohen

Within weeks of the beginning of the investigation, there were already think pieces and t-shirts proclaiming “It’s Mueller Time.” Let’s take the t-shirts at their word: maybe it’s been Mueller Time all along. Maybe Mueller Time is not a specific date that is about to arrive, but the era we’ve been experiencing these past two years.

In that case, Mueller Time is not an hour on the clock, but a way of experiencing time, a kind of time—like crunch time or quality time or go time, but the opposite of all of them. It is not a scale of time, like geologic time, or a time zone, like Eastern Standard Time—Mueller Time is more like the End Times, perpetually anticipated.

To be precise, Mueller Time is the political suspended animation in which the Democrats have waited for a repeatedly deferred deus ex machina to deliver them from this unbearable pres(id)ent. This condition of waiting, itself, rather than any of the grievous injustices that have taken place during it, is the very essence of hell.

Dante, the Marco Polo of the Abyss, located Limbo, the residence of those who wait, in Inferno, not in Purgatory. Waiting is not transformative or redemptive—it is the sort of sin for which the punishment is the crime. “Limbo” shares a Latin root with liminal—it is homeland of those who tarry on the threshold, those who are on the fence.

If you can get people used to waiting, you can get them used to anything.

To understand Mueller Time better, we can begin with its namesake. “Miller time” is a time to take a load off, to ease our pain by drugging ourselves into oblivion. It’s a profound expression of despair—“I can only relax in this world by deadening my senses”—disguised not just as relief but as celebration. What is the glee with which Democrats invoke Mueller Time if not an admission of their own abject powerlessness and dependence? “Rejoice,” says the Democrat, “Justice will be done! And thank goodness, as usual, the FBI will take care of everything.”

Miller Time and Mueller Time are both chronotopes, to use the term popularized by literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin: they are specific relationships to time. You cannot understand a group of people without understanding how they experience the passing of time. Peering between chronotopes produces strange refractions, like looking through a glass of water. How different the world appears to a person whose activism consists chiefly of waiting, in contrast to how it appears to those for whom waiting and acting are opposites! It is the difference between spectator and athlete, between the consumer and the inventor, between those who suffer history as if it were weather and those who make history as a side effect of understanding themselves as the protagonists of their time.

And Miller Time and Mueller Time are both marketed chronotopes. Miller Time is the “5 o’clock somewhere” that unites wage labor and intoxication in a mutually reinforcing false opposition—but even more importantly, it is the branded colonization of that time. Likewise, Mueller Time is not just the “he’ll get his” which all people of conscience wish for Trump, but a particular deferral of responsibility. Both are successful advertising campaigns that concentrate capital in certain hands precisely by inducing people not to take their problems into their own hands.

“The politicians’ stubborn faith in progress, their confidence in their ‘mass basis,’ and, finally, their servile integration in an uncontrollable apparatus have been three aspects of the same thing.”

-Walter Benjamin on how Social Democrats permitted the Third Reich to come to power in Germany

All this is familiar to those who were raised as Adventists, believing that the outrageous sinfulness of the prevailing world order indicates the imminence of the Resurrection and the necessity of repentance before authority. Mueller Time is the redemption, the arrival of the Millennium, when the legitimate authorities will reassert their dominion and the obedient will be rewarded for their patience. Good Christians have awaited this for two thousand years; they have made a religion out of waiting. You’ll get pie in the sky when you die.

To keep people waiting for salvation indefinitely, it helps to shift every once in a while from one source of dramatic tension to another. Some hoped Trump would run the country “like a business.” Now that the signature forms of evil associated with capitalism—nepotism, profiteering, corruption, race baiting, sexual harassment, misinformation—characterize the presidency, Democrats are proposing to return to the good-old-fashioned signature forms of evil previously associated with government: bureaucracy, clientelism, experts deciding the fates of millions behind closed doors. All the things that helped Trump come to office.

For the purposes of relegitimizing government, it is ideal that Robert Mueller is not just a “good” authority figure, but specifically, a white male Republican—an FBI director who first made a name for himself overseeing the killing of Vietnamese people. He is everything the average Democrat would oppose if Trump had not moved the goal posts by pursuing the same Republican agenda by potentially extra-legal means. Mueller represents the same FBI that attempted to make Martin Luther King, Jr. commit suicide, that set out to destroy the Occupy movement. Under Mueller’s leadership, the FBI determined that the number one domestic terror threat in the United States was environmental activism.

Mueller Time is a way of inhabiting the eternally renewed amnesia that is America. This is the real “deep state”—the part of each Democrat’s heart that will accept any amount of senseless violence and murder and oppression, as long as it adheres to the letter of the law.

“Definitions of basic historical concepts: Catastrophe—to have missed the opportunity. Critical moment—the status quo threatens to preserve itself. Progress—the first revolutionary measure taken.”

-Walter Benjamin

What will be the fruits of Mueller’s labors?

Rank-and-file Democrats still don’t understand how power works. Crime is not the violation of the rules, but the stigma attached to those who break rules without the power to make them. (As they say, steal $25, go to jail; steal $25 million, go to Congress.) At the height of Genghis Khan’s reign, it would have been pointless to accuse the famous tyrant of breaking the laws of the Mongol Empire; as long as Trump has enough of Washington behind him, the same goes for him. Laws don’t exist in some transcendent realm. They are simply the product of power struggles among the elite—not to mention the passivity of the governed—and they are enforced according to the prevailing balance of power. To fetishize the law is to accept that might makes right. It means abdicating the responsibility to do what is ethical regardless of what the laws happen to be.

In the struggle to control the law-making and law-enforcing apparatus of the US government, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have secured a solid majority. They remain at an impasse. The most likely explanation for Mueller’s delays is that he has been biding his time, waiting to see if the balance of power in the US government would shift enough that there could be some consequences to his report.

The wait
The wait
The wait
The wait

The wait
The wait
The wait
The wait

-Killing Joke, “The Wait”

Ironically, the only thing that could guarantee that Mueller’s report will have an effect would be if this impasse were disturbed by forces outside the halls of power—for example, by a real social movement utilizing direct action. If millions of people were in the streets preventing the Trump administration from accomplishing its agenda, then the power brokers in Washington would consider sacrificing Donald Trump to preserve business as usual.

In standing back and waiting, affirming the authority of the FBI and Congress to take care of matters, Mueller’s fans make it less likely that his investigation will pose a serious threat to the administration. The rank and file Democrats are left gazing at their screens, watching the bureaucratic equivalent of the spinning wheel of death.

In this case, the more you clap your hands, the less Tinkerbell exists.

I’m in the waiting room
I don’t want the news—I cannot use it
I don’t want the news—I won’t live by it

But I don’t sit idly by
I’m planning a big surprise
I’m gonna fight for what I wanna be
And I won’t make the same mistakes
Because I know how much time that wastes

-Fugazi “Waiting Room”

The arc of history is long, but it curves towards—death. There is no excuse to delay. Tomorrow will use you the way we use today.

What would it mean to stop waiting?

It would mean to stop looking to others to solve our problems, no longer permitting a series of presidents, Speakers of the House, FBI directors, presidential candidates, and other bullies and hucksters to play good cop/bad cop with us.

It would mean figuring out how to deal with the catastrophes that Trump’s presidency is causing directly, rather than through the mediation of other authority figures. It would mean building up social movements powerful enough to block the construction of a border wall, to liberate children from migrant detention facilities and reunite them with their families, to feed the hungry and care for the sick without waiting for legislators to give us permission to make use of the resources that we and others like us maintain on a daily basis.

Remember when we shut down the airports immediately after Trump took office? It would mean doing more of that, and less sitting around waiting on politicians and bureaucrats. That was our proudest moment. Since then, we have only grown weaker, distracted by the array of champions competing to represent us—the various media outlets and Democratic presidential candidates—all surrogates for our own agency.

Let’s stop killing time. Or rather—let’s stop permitting it to kill us.

“We live the whole of our lives provisionally,” he said. “We think that for the time being things are bad, that for the time being we must make the best of them and adapt or humiliate ourselves, but that it’s all only provisional and that one day real life will begin. We prepare for death complaining that we have never lived. Of all the people I know, not one lives in the present. No one gets any pleasure from what he does every day. No one is in a condition to say On that day, at that moment, my life began. Believe me, even those who have power and take advantage of it are plagued with anxieties and disgusted at the dominant stupidity. They too live provisionally and spend their whole lives waiting.”

“Those who flee the country also spend their lives waiting,” Pietro said. “That’s the trouble. But one mustn’t wait, one must act. One must say Enough, from this very day.”

“But if you do not have the freedom to act?” Nunzio said.

“Freedom is not a thing you can receive as a gift,” Pietro said. “You can be free even under a dictatorship on the simple condition that you struggle against it. A person who thinks with his own mind and remains uncorrupted is free. A person who struggles for what she believes to be right is free. You might live in the most democratic country in the world, but if you are lazy, callous, and servile, you are not free—in spite of the absence of violence and coercion, you are a slave. Freedom is not a thing that can be begged from others. You must take it for yourself, in whatever share you can.”

-Ignazio Silone, Bread and Wine

          Rep. Chip Roy Introduces Bill to Declare Specific Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Orgs      Cache   Translate Page      
Two congressmen filed a bill in the House to direct the U.S. State Department to designate specific Mexican cartel factions as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs). The bill follows a letter from lawmakers to Secretary Mike Pompeo calling for the designations. President Donald Trump said he is considering the matter in an Oval Office interview on Monday.
          Senate rejection of Trump border emergency no longer certain      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON – The White House and Republican senators sought compromise Tuesday on limiting future presidents' powers to unilaterally declare national emergencies, as chances improved that President Donald Trump might avoid a long-expected rejection by Congress of his effort to divert billions more for building barriers along the Mexican border. As a Thursday showdown vote in the Senate neared, GOP Sens. Mike Lee of Utah, Thom Tillis of North Carolina and others were talking with the White House about related legislation that would curb the ability of future presidents to declare national emergencies. If Trump would commit to signing a bill...
           Ilhan Omar is throwback to days of segregation, when racists openly roamed halls of Congress      Cache   Translate Page      
Yes, hatred is hatred, but no form of bigotry is as pervasive in as many places as antisemitism. The Democrats leading the House of Representatives could not bring themselves to make a simple declaration condemning Rep. Ilan Omar (D-Minnesota) for her repeated antisemitic remarks, in which she suggested that Israel is mesmerizing members of Congress, that members are being bribed by Jews, that Jews are concerned only with money, and that they have dual loyalty to the US and Israel. Instead, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) wilted under pressure from her far-left colleagues and not only refused to explicitly condemn Omar,...
          Nuclear Conflict and Political Scandal Eclipse Climate Change as Existential Threat      Cache   Translate Page      
Despite their incessant drumbeat about global warming, mainstream media knows climate doomsday is not imminent and are probably uncomfortable when doomsayers like Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) say, “The world will end in 12 years” unless we do something, drastic, now.But they are well aware that political catastrophes could cause much greater harm to humanity—not in the far distant future, but within months, weeks, or even a single day.That’s why climate change and the “Green New Deal” finally disappeared from headlines this week, trumped by news of more immediate threats.The Return of Nuclear War as an Imminent ThreatWith the end of...
          GOP senators introduce bill to rein in president's emergency powers      Cache   Translate Page      
More than a dozen Republican senators introduced legislation on Tuesday that would make it easier for Congress to terminate future national emergency declarations, days before the chamber will vote on President Trump's. The legislation, spearheaded by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), would require that Congress pass a resolution extending an emergency declaration after 30 days for it to continue, otherwise it would be terminated. “If Congress is troubled by recent emergency declarations made pursuant to the National Emergencies Act, they only have themselves to blame. Congress gave these legislative powers away in 1976 and it is far past time that we...
          NZD received a boost Friday after broad based declines in the USD; NZD continues to improve on the AUD; GBP recovered off last week low of 0.5230 against the NZD      Cache   Translate Page      

By Neven Fisher*:

Major Announcements last week:

  • RBA leave rates unchanged at 1.50% - statement was dovish
  • Australian quarterly GDP prints down at 0.2% from 0.5% expected
  • Canadian Trade Balance comes in much lower than markets expect at -4.6B from -2.4B
  • Bank of Canada leave the overnight cash rate unchanged at 1.75%
  • Australian m/m Retail Sales print 0.1% from 0.3% expected
  • ECB leave the overnight rate unchanged and introduce new bank loans to improve liquidity and growth
  • US Non-Farm Payroll prints at 20,000 from 180,000 expected
  • US Unemployment drops to 3.8% from 3.9%


The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) received a boost Friday after broad based declines in the US Dollar (USD) took the kiwi off the low of 0.6744 to close at 0.6800. This week the theme has continued with a mix of “risk on” sentiment based on Brexit positiveness before tomorrow’s vote and big dollar sellers. Fed chairman Powell said the Fed was in no hurry to change interest rates again and will watch how the slowing economy progresses. Brexit headlines will hold market focus over the remaining week, we suspect sentiment will change tomorrow and take the kiwi back below 0.6800.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD/USD 0.6831 0.6745 0.6900 0.6745- 0.6839


The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) continues to improve on the Australian Dollar (AUD) picking up 54 points last week to 0.9660 (1.0350) where it currently trades Tuesday lunch. Last week’s poor Aussie data continues to weigh on the currency in a week with no economic data printing. Financial markets are locked in a “risk on” mood as hopes of a Brexit deal improve heading into tonight’s parliamentary vote. The kiwi benefiting as investors start thinking about parity parties all over again. We can’t see the cross going below 0.9600 (1.0420) this week.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD / AUD 0.9672 0.9615 0.9680 0.9582- 0.9679
AUD / NZD 1.0335 1.0330 1.0400 1.0332- 1.0436


The British Pound (GBP) recovered off last week low of 0.5230 (1.9115) to push back to 0.5155 (1.9400) against the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). A last minute pre 12 March parliament vote is on the cards as Theresa May tries one more time. May is on route to meet European Commission President Juncker in Strasbourg. Analysts are suggesting negotiations have reached a point where there might be an agreement. Certainly with the Pound spiking overnight the sentiment barometer is high. UK m/m GDP prints tonight along with Manufacturing Production. News just in: PM May has supposedly secured legally binding changes to her Brexit deal that will strengthen and possibly improve her withdrawal agreement.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD / GBP 0.5164 0.5120 0.5200 0.5135- 0.5257
GBP / NZD 1.9365 1.9220 1.9540 1.9023- 1.9474


The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) continued last week rally against the Canadian Dollar (CAD) extending to 0.9155 as risk improved. Equity markets are up on the day as well as Crude Oil to 56.86 but the NZD was preferred. The Bank of Canada downgraded earlier predictions that cash rates would track higher suggesting further uncertainty. Recent Canadian economic data releases have been poor. We expect price to track higher towards 0.9250 the 12 month high.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD / CAD 0.9151 0.9110 0.9250 0.9030- 0.9163


Optimism towards a Brexit deal being done has lifted risk sentiment in the markets with the Euro (EUR), New Zealand Dollar (NZD) cross continuing last week’s push from the open to 0.6080 (1.6450). Risk currencies have benefited, US equities have closed over 1% higher and the US Dollar was sold off further from Friday’s NFP figure. Also assisting the kiwi is the ECB’s downgraded inflation and growth forecast which could really bite. Long term we are heading towards resistance around 0.6130 (1.6320) of December 2018, any upside moves through this area and we are well into multi year highs. This pair has no scheduled data this week to release, direction will be guided by risk sentiment.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD/EUR 0.6065 0.5980 0.6100 0.5980- 0.6084
EUR/NZD 1.6488 1.6400 1.6720 1.6436- 1.6723


Monday saw the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) recover off last week low of 75.00 to regain losses against the Japanese Yen (JPY) back to 76.00 Tuesday. This week’s focus is the Bank of Japan (BoJ) interest rate statement. Comments around ramping up stimulus will be key in relation to achieving their 2.0% inflation target, Kuroda could signal more easing due to lower inflation and growth forecasts. The kiwi is still trading in th 2019 bullish channel and looks to retest 76.50 this week if risk continues.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
NZD / YEN 76.05 75.00 76.50 75.01- 76.30


The Australian Dollar (AUD) closed the week on a high at 0.7040 against the US Dollar (USD), reversing off the weekly low of 0.7002 after risk sentiment improved. Risk markets continued into Monday with US equities posting gains of over 1.0% as the cross got through to 0.7080 Tuesday. The hangover from last week’s abysmal Non-Farm Payroll figure also continues to pressure the greenback along with Powell making comment that the Fed would try to influence the US Dollar lower through trade policy. The 50% retracement of the low of 0.7002 and high of 0.7200 could influence price towards 0.7100 before turning lower.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
AUD / USD 0.7062 0.7000 0.7130 0.7003- 0.7092


The Australian Dollar (AUD) has given back most of last week’s gains versus the British Pound returning to 0.5370 (1.8620) as hopes improve a Brexit deal can be negotiated. Last minute EU concessions have pushed buyers into the Pound as Theresa May travels to Strasbourg to meet with EU President Juncker. The aim of the trip is to finalise an agreement prior to the parliamentary vote tonight. Anything positive from the EU would be bullish for the Pound and push the currency higher. UK m/m GDP and Manufacturing data prints tonight.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
AUD / GBP 0.5338 0.5290 0.5430 0.5325- 0.5438
GBP / AUD 1.8733 1.8420 1.8900 1.8393- 1.8779


Risk sentiment improved overnight Tuesday after hopes a last minute concession on Brexit from the EU would allow the UK parliament to vote into law a EU-UK deal. The Australian Dollar (AUD) improved to 0.6285 (1.5910) against the Euro (EUR) from the open of 0.6265 (1.5950) extending last week’s gains and looks to 0.6320 (1.5820) early February resistance levels. All eyes this week will be firmly focused on a Brexit outcome which is lucky because the calendar is dry this week. Last week’s dovish ECB outlook should give the Aussie further fuel to appreciate further.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
AUD/EUR 0.6269 0.6240 0.6290 0.6203- 0.6291
EUR/AUD 1.5951 1.5900 1.6020 1.5896- 1.6121


The Australian Dollar (AUD) has recovered off last weeks low of 77.72 against the Japanese Yen (JPY) as risk improved in markets with price pushing back to 78.70. Later this week in focus is the Bank of Japan (BoJ) interest rate statement. Comments around ramping up stimulus will be key in relation to achieving their 2.0% inflation target. The BoJ have said recently they would weigh the benefits and costs with further policy easing. If Kuroda signals more easing due to lower growth and inflation expectations, we could see a devalued JPY.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
AUD/YEN 78.64 78.00 79.50 77.73- 79.33


The Australian Dollar (AUD) surged back towards the five week high of 0.9483 Tuesday against the Canadian Dollar. Risk markets preferring the slightly more stable AUD after comments from last week out of the Bank of Canada (BoC) meeting highlighted they would not be looking to raise rates based on uncertainty and a deteriorating economic outlook. It’s a quiet week of data for the pair with just RBA assistant governor Debelle speaking today and Canadian Manufacturing figures Friday.

DIRECT FX Current level Support Resistance Last wk range
AUD / CAD 0.9462 0.9400 0.9520 0.9389- 0.9482


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The RBA left rates unchanged at 1.50% with governor Lowe suggesting rates are consistent with GDP growth and inflation forecasts. Inflation remains low but stable and should pick up over the coming years. With all aspects of the economy showing weakening data the RBA seem to be upbeat that wage growth and low unemployment should improve in the coming months. Quarterly GDP released lower than expectations adding fuel to the depreciating AUD with Retail Sales also printing down at 0.1%. Trade Balance has surprised markets when figures showed an increase of nearly 2B to 4.55B after 2.85B was forecast. The only reason the Aussie has bounced off 0.7000 against the greenback is the buoyant Trade figure. Analysts are predicting a pick up in the Aussie towards the end of April based on seasonal import/export figures and solid iron ore values, I’m not so sure? It’s a quiet week on the calendar this week with only RBA assistant governor Debelle speaking today.

New Zealand

The New Zealand Dollar followed the Australian Dollar lower in the early stages of last week bottoming out against the US Dollar at 0.6744 before things changed. US (NFP) Non-Farm Payroll jobs data showed only a further 20,000 people were added to the workforce - the figure significantly down on the expected 180,000 number. Unemployment came in better than expected at 3.8% from 3.9% but the US Dollar traded softer allowing the kiwi to regain early week losses. Global Auction Milk prices have again posted another positive result of 3.3%, this is the seventh increase in prices since November 20th with farmgate prices set to improve over time. Another quiets week for data for the local currency suggesting outside influences will impact for the second week running.

United States

Larry Kudlow has made the suggestion that the ongoing Trump/China trade talks are making "headway" as mixed reports suggested the two parties were miles away from agreeing on a deal. China has suggested a compromise to the US Govt that would allow them to impose an enforcement provision if conditions were not met. Currently the US, based on the current deal conditions, have all the rights to charge China reimposed tariffs if they failed to meet with structural changes to its economy. China have highlighted this as unfair and wish to even the playing field with their own set of what if's penalties as they seek an equal rights trade deal. Erin Ennis senior vice president of the US/China business council has said "we could definitely see ourselves in yet another period of uncertainty" the longer differences continue. Trump is to set to demand another 8.6 Billion in wall funding to build additional sections of the wall along the Mexico/US border in a new set of new battles with congress. The US Dollar retreated late Friday after Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) printed down on expectations of 180,000 at 20,000 as markets sold the Dollar. US unemployment is still low coming in down at 3.8% from 3.9% as well as Average hourly earnings also printing positive at 0.4% from 0.3%. Equity markets closed lower but the kiwi and Aussie pushed up slightly off recent lows as news broke.


The ECB left the overnight rate unchanged and will look at stimulating the economy’s growth through 2019-2020 with a product called (TLTROs) Targeted Longer-Term Refinancing Operations as a potential method to inject liquidity to boost growth. The ECB cut its inflation and growth forecast and delayed any shift to rate hikes by at least three months with the current rate on hold until at least the end of this year. They have also introduced a bunch of cheapish long term loans (TLTRO) in the hope of loosening liquidity conditions later in 2019. Draghi said that the likelihood of a recession was low and the Eurozone growth outlook was still swayed to the downside. It’s a quiet week for tier one data with only less significant economic releases to print.

United Kingdom

The British Pound depreciated further heading into the weekly close and opened Monday on the defensive. Against the US Dollar it traded from around 1.3070 down to 1.2965 based on the EU rejecting May's latest offer. The EU made a fresh offer of letting Britain exit the backstop but keeping Northern Ireland in it which was not acceptable to May. The parliament vote which takes place on Tuesday 12th March (Wednesday morning in NZT) is expected to be dreadful for May. Several members of cabinet have discussed whether May's time is coming to an end if the vote is a "no" Tuesday. The EU are in the driver's seat as they can either deny the UK an extension and ask them to leave or demand an increase of the "divorce payment" as a trade off for offering an extension of time for article 50. One possible scenario which could play out if support grows for the UK to not leave the EU if the current deal is scrapped, the EU could offer an extension and the UK have another referendum which would turn out "no leave". This week the Pound will be by far the most volatile currency, expect wild swings as news hits the wires. In breaking news, the Pound outperformed Tuesday morning travelling to 1.3280 on hopes a last gasp deal on Brexit can be agreed. Theresa May is on her way to Strasbourg where she will meet European Commission President Juncker.


The Japanese Yen closed the week outperforming its rivals on the main currency board after risk aversion drove market sentiment and rallied the JPY. Turning a corner after five weeks of losses against the US Dollar the Yen remained in control. Bouncing from 112.13 the pair closed the week around 110.90 as the ECB's decision to launch another round of TLTRO's sent markets in search of safety. Chinese trade figures were also a risk factor with Chinese exports falling more than 20% in February. The trade surplus m/m came to 4.12B much weaker than the 26.3B markets were expecting. Japan's GDP grew by more than 1.90% for the last quarter of 2018 coming in ahead of predictions of 1.80%. The economic watchers survey also supported the Yen releasing at 47.5 for the month of February after 45.6 was expected. This weeks (BoJ) Bank of Japan policy rate is announced on Friday and will remain unchanged.


Overnight Canada entered DST (daylight saving time) with clocks moved forward 1 hour. The Bank of Canada maintained its 1.75% rate last week saying the global slowdown has been worse than predicted and widespread than the bank had forecast especially in the fourth quarter of 2018. Inflation is forecast to be a little less than 2.0% for most of 2019 but given the pressures on lower Oil prices CPI has eased to 1.4% in January. The BoC are uncertain about future timing of rate increases and will watch developments in Oil markets, household spending and US trade policy. The Canadian Dollar sank across the board and travelled to a yearly low against the greenback. The US Non-Farm Payroll figure Friday was not as rosy as predicted putting the US Dollar under pressure and taking the CAD off its lows. A quiet week for Canadian data on the docket with only Manufacturing Sales to print.

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Tonight we remind our beloved and faithful reader community that money and allocations are the true source of so much political divisiveness despite culture war distractions. And so we offer this glimpse of Kansas City's top ranking elected official sharing this SCATHING INDICTMENT of the new budget proposed by Prez Trump.


Congressman Cleaver Releases Statement on President Trump’s Budget Request for FY2020

President Trump’s budget request is short-sided and lacking in values

March 12, 2019

(Washington, D.C.) – Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II released the following statement regarding President Trump’s Budget Request for FY 2020.

“President Trump’s slashing of crucial healthcare funds and assistance for farmers and working families is a true reflection of his values. The budget demonstrates a severe lack of empathy or understanding of how these cuts will hurt the people of this country…and to add insult to injury, his budget requests, take away healthcare funding, housing initiatives and environmental safety, all while adding a trillion dollars to the nation’s deficit annually.

President Trump is proposing one of the largest ever cuts to domestic spending at nine percent. His proposals call for cutting Medicare by $845 billion over 10 years and slashing Medicaid by $241 billion over 10 years. In addition, he and the GOP’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, threatens Americans in need of health insurance and those seeking coverage with pre-existing conditions.

The President’s proposed budget would also slash funding to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Cutting funding to HUD by 16 percent would eliminate vital programs to repair public housing for low-income families and programs such as the Housing Trust Fund, which serves households with the lowest incomes, and the HOME Investment Partnership Program that helps local governments and states address housing challenges.

This budget request will hurt farmers and rural residents who are already struggling with a crisis because of the President’s trade tariffs and depressed commodity prices. The United States Department of Agriculture, (USDA) would face cuts of almost 15 percent, impacting programs across the board. Crop insurance, which many farmers depend on as a safety net, would be cut by $26 billion over 10 years. Families in rural areas depending upon food assistance programs such as SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, to keep food on the table, will struggle to feed their loved ones.

Lastly, this budget fails to protect Americans’ public health and clean air and water by slashing funding by 31 percent to the Environmental Protection Agency. The President is putting Americans at risk.

The President would rather reduce funding for low-income families so that he can dramatically increase the defense budget to $750 billion next year. Thankfully, these are not my values or those of the Democratic House of Representatives, and I am confident that Congress will enact a budget that is true to our principles and to our constituents.”

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II


Further reading that we tried to compile from both sides of the aisle:

Fox News: President Trump seeks $8.6 billion for his border wall, setting up budget battle with Democrats

CNBC: Education Dept. faces 10% funding cut under Trump's 2020 budget proposal

Daily Caller: Trump’s Budget Aims To Finish Border Wall, Cut Spending

Vox: Trump’s budget request slashes retirement benefits for 2 million federal workers

CNBC: Trump’s budget could open up this tax-free savings account to people on Medicare

LA Times: Trump’s budget would eviscerate the social safety net but provide welfare for the rich

Wired: Trump's Budget Guts Science Agencies—But Favors the Moon

You decide . . .
          ‘Absolutely Stunning’: Politico’s Sherman Marvels at Iowa Dems Backing Green New Deal      Cache   Translate Page      
Reacting to a new poll showing 65% of Iowa Democratic caucus-goers support the Green New Deal, on MSNBC Monday afternoon, Politico’s Jake Sherman found it “absolutely stunning” that the policy proposal from left-wing Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was enjoying so much support among the party’s liberal base.
          Acting WH Budget Director: Congress Has Been Ignoring Trump’s Spending Reductions for the Last 2 Years      Cache   Translate Page      
Acting White House Budget Director Russell Vought defended President Donald Trump’s failure to eliminate the national debt within eight years like he promised during his presidential campaign.
          Lacson’s obsession with GMA bad for his and Congress’ prestige      Cache   Translate Page      

SEN. Panfilo Lacson just can’t stop his unhealthy obsession with former President, now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He is damaging not only his prestige and credibility as the senator…READ

The post Lacson’s obsession with GMA bad for his and Congress’ prestige appeared first on The Manila Times Online.

          Comment on Congressman: Abolish Filibuster and Electoral College by Kathy      Cache   Translate Page      
@<a href="#comment-2391791" rel="nofollow">Steven L. Taylor</a>: Let one Democrat win the EC and lose the popular vote by a very small margin, and then the EC will be an abomination inf the eyes of God and the GOP. In 92, as I believe I've said before, lots of Republican voters were incensed that Clinton was awarded the presidency, although he had failed to win a majority of the popular vote. Granted that, too, is not exactly a fair result, but at least Clinton won more votes than either Bush or Perot.
          Comment on Congressman: Abolish Filibuster and Electoral College by Steven L. Taylor      Cache   Translate Page      
<blockquote> It’s simply inconceivable to me that the smaller and more rural states advantaged by the current system would vote to give away the enormous power they now wield in favor of a system where the interests of major metropolitan areas reigned supreme.</blockquote> BTW--I don't even think it would be a small state issue, per se. The issue would be that the GOP sees the EC as and advantage, and therefore would in no way support a change.
          Portland police searching for driver in hit-and-run      Cache   Translate Page      
A pedestrian was struck on Congress Street in Portland on Sunday night and the driver then fled the scene, according to police.
          Sujay Vikhe-Patil joins BJP, leaves Congress, NCP red faced      Cache   Translate Page      
          Common thread in LDF campaign: Congress is no different from BJP      Cache   Translate Page      
          Congress, RJD trade barbs ahead of Bihar poll pact      Cache   Translate Page      
          Mayawati makes it clear: No alliance with Congress in any state      Cache   Translate Page      
          Will send workers to check on state of healthcare: Delhi Congress      Cache   Translate Page      
          Congress caught Masood Azhar but BJP released him, says Rahul Gandhi      Cache   Translate Page      
          Karnataka: As Gowda plans debut of grandsons, Congress leaders fight for spotlight      Cache   Translate Page      
          Senator Sanders Seeks Backing for Measure Forcing US Pullout From Yemen Conflict      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Congress needs to end US backing for the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen’s conflict during a historic vote on Wednesday because American participation has never received congressional approval, Senator Bernie Sanders said in a press release.
          Congress leader Nitin Raut dismisses rumour around Nana Patole      Cache   Translate Page      
          Ocasio-Cortez Makes False Claim About Ethics Complaints Against Her      Cache   Translate Page      

By Peter Hasson -

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez botched the facts Monday night in a series of tweets attempting to discredit ethics complaints that watchdog groups that have filed against her. Ocasio-Cortez has already racked up three ethics complaints since taking office in January: two for allegedly misusing congressional resources, and one ...

Ocasio-Cortez Makes False Claim About Ethics Complaints Against Her is original content from Conservative Daily News - Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust - Conservative News Website for U.S. News, Political Cartoons and more.

          Nancy Pelosi Sees Herself In Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Ilhan Omar      Cache   Translate Page      

By Molly Prince -

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi revealed on Monday that she sees herself in the female freshman Democratic lawmakers such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. “Here’s what I see myself in them as: When I came to Congress I had no intention of ...

Nancy Pelosi Sees Herself In Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Ilhan Omar is original content from Conservative Daily News - Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust - Conservative News Website for U.S. News, Political Cartoons and more.

          ICE Officers Growing Frustrated With Trump Over Border      Cache   Translate Page      

ICE officers who supported President Trump during the 2016 election are growing frustrated with the lack of follow through on border-related promises, reports the Washington Times' Stephen Dinan. 

In particular, Trump's promise to end the practice of arresting migrants, giving them court dates and then letting them go free (known as "catch-and-release") has not only failed to pan out - it's gone into "overdrive" according to the Times

Instead of rounding up criminals who are in the United States illegally, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers say they are being underutilized for mundane tasks - such as "opening the doors on vans to release immigrants already caught by Border Patrol agents." Agents with the Border Patrol - a separate law enforcement agency from ICE - reportedly don't fill out their own paperwork to open the doors because "the agency's leaders don't want to be part of catch-and-release.

"Hundreds of man hours are wasted each day at a time of crisis on the border," reads a Monday letter to President Trump from the National ICE Council - the union which represents ICE officers.

The letter was sent just hours before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted to approve Mr. Trump’s pick, Ronald D. Vitiello, to be the new director of ICE.

Committee Chairman Ron Johnson waved a copy of the ICE Council’s letter during the vote and called the accusations “troubling.”

“We’re going to get to the bottom of this,” he told reporters afterward.

In the letter, the ICE Council said its president, Chris Crane, personally told Mr. Trump about the situation in a January meeting, and the council was disappointed nothing has been done. -Washington Times

"You frequently speak publicly of the great public safety work ICE is doing under your leadership. To be direct Mr. President — the rhetoric doesn’t match reality and we hope that this letter shows you the complete and total nonsense that is really taking place under the Trump Administration on the southern border," reads the letter - which comes after some 160,000 migrant children and families have been intercepted at the border over the last five months alone.  

While most of them have been arrested by the Border Patrol, around 10-15 percent of those detained are encountered by Customs and Border Protection officers. 

Homeland Security responds

Responding to the National ICE Council, the Department of Homeland Security said: "We have repeatedly sounded the alarm with Congress as resources are being stretched across DHS as agencies work to contain this historic surge," adding "ICE and CBP are fully engaged on a coordinated response and continue to update Congress on the challenges faced by our agents and officers at the border."

ICE officers countered that while Congress could change some of the big policies, the “utter nonsense” decision to make ICE come along for the van rides is something Homeland Security could stop on its own.

The ICE Council said officers are being taken from terrorism task forces, fugitive operations and the Criminal Alien Program to do paperwork and van-opening.

One field team reported being moments from arresting felons, only to be told to back off. That wasn’t as high a priority as opening the van doors, or filling out the Border Patrol’s paperwork, the letter says.

Mr. Crane said one ICE office in Texas spends perhaps a third of its manpower facilitating CBP’s catch-and-release.

The ICE officers blamed both Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Mr. Vitiello, a former Border Patrol agent who’s been serving since last June as acting director at ICE. -Washington Times

Meanwhile, Vitiello was approved by the Homeland Security Committee to become a full director in a 7-5 vote on Monday evening, however he still must pass through the Judiciary Committee for an eventual floor vote. 

          Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi on home turf with GST, Masood Azhar swipes      Cache   Translate Page      
Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi on home turf with GST, Masood Azhar swipes Gandhi was speaking at a rally in Adalaj village of Gandhinagar district, held after the Congress Working Committee meeting.
          Trump cuts leave Israel military aid untouched      Cache   Translate Page      
The 2020 budget proposal that the White House sent to Congress includes the full $3.3 billion aid in the MOU signed by President Obama.
          Pressure grows in US for grounding of Boeing 737 Max      Cache   Translate Page      
Politicians plan congressional hearings as FAA insists plane is safe to fly
          Democrats split after Pelosi says impeaching Trump "not worth it"      Cache   Translate Page      
A heated debate has broken out among Democrats in Congress, one day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi all but ruled out pursing impeachment of the president. Nancy Cordes has the latest.
          Wells Fargo "too big to manage," lawmaker tells CEO      Cache   Translate Page      
Bank chief Tim Sloan grilled in congressional hearing to examine his company's record of consumer abuses
          AirMap And Honeywell Develop Cost-Effective Tracking Solution For Drones      Cache   Translate Page      
MADRID, March 12, 2019 — (PRNewswire) —  World ATM Congress -- Today, AirMap, the leading global airspace management platform …
          Trump says permanent daylight-saving time "OK with me"      Cache   Translate Page      

Trump says permanent daylight-saving time "OK with me"

DF-Xinhua Report

U.S. President Donald Trump said Monday that he would be fine with a permanent daylight saving time, ending an annual ritual of changing clocks twice a year.

   The U.S. clocks leap forward by an hour from 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March and back an hour on the first Sunday in November, stipulated by the federal law called Uniform Time Act of 1966.

   The clock change caused confusion and opposition among some people, and they are campaigning for leaving the clocks on summer schedule permanently.

   Trump wrote on his Twitter account that "Making Daylight Saving Time permanent is O.K. with me," joining those who supported the end of clock changes.

   The Florida state legislature passed bills to stay in summer schedule, but it required the Congressional approval to take effect.

   Two American senators including Marco Rubio of Florida have filed bills to Congress to make daylight saving time permanent across the country.

   Rubio's office argued that more sunlight at night in the daylight saving time would reduce the risk for cardiac issues, strokes and seasonal depression.

   But those supporting the clock changes cited the risks that would be caused by more darkness in the winter morning to school-goers if the summer schedule applies the whole year.

© DAILY FINLAND Developed by : orangebd
          Rep. Chip Roy Introduces Bill to Declare Specific Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Orgs      Cache   Translate Page      
by BOB PRICE BREITBART.COM 12 Mar 2019 Two congressmen filed a bill in the House to direct the U.S. State Department to designate specific Mexican cartel factions as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs). The bill follows a letter from lawmakers to Secretary Mike Pompeo calling for the designations. President Donald Trump said he is considering the […]
          Beto O'Rourke heads to Iowa as 2020 speculation reaches fever pitch      Cache   Translate Page      
(WASHINGTON) -- Former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke will make his first trip to Iowa as a potential presidential candidate this weekend, a move that fuels the near-constant speculation that he is days away from entering...
          Rochas Okorocha's In-law, Uche Nwosu Blows Hot After Losing Imo Governorship Election      Cache   Translate Page      
Rochas Okorocha's In-law, Uche Nwosu Blows Hot After Losing Imo Governorship Election

 The governorship candidate of the Action Alliance, Uche Nwosu, has said he will challenge the election result declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission in court.
He rejected the outcome of the election which was announced by the (INEC) declaring the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Emeka Ihedioha winner of the governorship election.
He said, "It is a robbery of Action Alliance mandate and I believe the judiciary will take its course”.
Mr. Ihedioha emerged governor-elect of the state after polling 273,404 votes to defeat Uche Nwosu of the Action Alliance (AA) and Senator Hope Uzodinma of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
Nwosu, who was backed by Governor Rochas Okorocha, finished second with 190,364 votes; followed by Senator Uzodinma who got 96,458 votes.

          U.S. Congress invites pharmacy benefit managers to third drug pricing hearing      Cache   Translate Page      
The U.S. Senate Finance Committee has invited executives from five pharmacy benefit managers to testify on April 3 on the rising costs of prescription medicines, in Congress's latest effort to question industry officials directly over an issue voters consistently cite as a top concern.

          Congressman: Abolish Filibuster and Electoral College      Cache   Translate Page      
Massachusetts Democrat Seth Moulton makes an argument familiar to OTB readers.
          NUM to march on Luthuli House on March 30 to protest Eskom unbundling      Cache   Translate Page      
The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) announced on Tuesday that it would march on the African National Congress’ (ANC's) Luthuli House head office, in Johannesburg, March 30 to voice its opposition to the unbundling of Eskom. It would also use the protest action to call for the resignation of the Eskom board and the cancellation of power purchase agreements with independent power producers.
          CERAWEEK-Venezuelan opposition leaders look to energy future without Maduro - []      Cache   Translate Page      

Venezuelan opposition leaders said on Tuesday that the opposition-controlled congress was preparing to consider new energy legislation that would allow faltering oil production to recover with outside help. Δείτε περισσότερα:

          UPDATE 1-Venezuela's Guaido readies to open up oil industry after years of nationalization - []      Cache   Translate Page      

Venezuelan congress head Juan Guaido is preparing a groundbreaking reversal of late President Hugo Chavez's energy industry nationalization, allowing private companies a bigger role in its oilfields and shrinking state-run PDVSA, according to opposition advisers and a draft seen by Reuters. Δείτε...

          UPDATE 6-Wells Fargo CEO avoids major stumble at heated congressional hearing - []      Cache   Translate Page      

Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Tuesday pressed Wells Fargo & Co Chief Executive Tim Sloan for proof the bank has put a string of consumer abuse scandals behind it at a tense congressional hearing that saw Sloan firmly on the defensive. Δείτε περισσότερα:

          kakula: 13 марта родились...       Cache   Translate Page      
Leontyev_Ivan_Sergeevich (612x700, 482Kb)
Иван Сергеевич Леонтьев
генерал-майор русской императорской армии, участник наполеоновских войн. Дед М.М.Леонтьева. Родился в семье ярославского помещика Сергея Ивановича Леонтьева, одного из сыновей генерал-поручика И.П.Леонтьева (умер в 1783), в честь которого и был назван. Иван Леонтьев 10 февраля 1799 года из камер-пажей был записан на воинскую службу поручиком Преображенский лейб-гвардии полк Русской императорской армии. Участвовал в войне третьей коалиции, где за отвагу в баталии при Аустерлице и полученное в ней ранение Леонтьев был пожалован золотой шпагой с надписью «За храбрость». В 1807 году И.С.Леонтьев сражался в войне четвёртой антинаполеоновской коалиции и его доблесть в боях с французами была в декабре отмечена командованием погонами полковника. В 1809 году получил перевод в Конный лейб-гвардии полк с которым, в составе гвардейской кирасирской бригады 1-й кирасирской дивизии входящей в 5-й резервный (гвардейский) корпус 1-й Западной армии, встретил Отечественную войну 1812 года. За отличия проявленные в ходе Бородинского сражения полковник Леонтьев был 21 ноября 1812 года удостоен ордена Святого Георгия 4-го класса «В воздаяние ревностной службы и отличия, оказанного в сражении против французских войск 1812 года августа 26 при селе Бородине, где, приняв в командование лейб-гвардии Конный полк, после раненого генерал-майора Арсеньева, собрал оный под картечными выстрелами и с примерным мужеством напал на неприятеля и опрокинул онаго.» 29 декабря 1812 года Леонтьев был произведён в генерал-майоры и получил должность шефа Глуховского кирасирского полка, с которым принял участие в заграничном походе русской армии 1813 года; вновь был ранен. 15 февраля 1823 года генерал Леонтьев был назначен начальником 2-й гусарской дивизии (до этого на протяжении четырёх лет исполнял данные обязанности). Иван Сергеевич Леонтьев скоропостижно скончался 10 августа 1824 года во время проведения манёвров в Пензе и погребён на кладбище Спасо-Преображенского мужского монастыря. Могила не сохранилась. Награды и премии: ордена СвятойАнны 1-й степени с алмазами, Владимира 3-й степени, Георгия 4-го класса, почетный кавалер Иоанна Иерусалимского; прусский Красного Орла 2-й степени, баварский Военный Максимилиана Иосифа; две золотые шпаги «за храбрость» (одна с алмазами), Кульмский крест. Супруга: Любовь Николаевна (25 февраля 1802 — 22 ноября 1894) — дочь графа Н.А.Зубова, внучка А.В.Суворова. Венчание состоялось в июне 1823 года. Сын: Михаил Иванович (1824—1885) — тайный советник, шталмейстер Двора Его Императорского Величества. Владелец усадьбы Воронино в Ростовском уезде. Внук: Михаил Михайлович Леонтьев (1853—1901) — предводитель дворянства Владимирской губернии, действительный статский советник, егермейстер.

Карл Фридрих Вильгельм Валльрот (немецкое имя - Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Wallroth)
немецкий ботаник. Фридрих Вильгельм Валльрот родился в небольшой деревне Брайтенштайн к северо-западу от Штольберга, в семье священника. В 1800 году семья Валльрота переехала в деревню Брайтунген. С 1805 года Валльрот учился в гимназии в Рослебене, где заинтересовался ботаникой. Через некоторое время в Рослебене стал преподавать ботаник Курт Шпренгель. Шпренгель водил Валльрота на ботанические экскурсии, определял для своего ученика образцы растений. В 1810 году Валльрот отправился учиться в Университет Галле. В 1812 году Валльрот по рекомендации Шпренгеля стал членом Общества естествознания Галле. Во время Наполеоновских войн Валльрот жил у своих родителей, в 1813 году написал книгу по ботанике Annus botanicus, изданную лишь в 1815 году. Затем Фридрих Вильгельм стал учиться медицине и ботанике в Гёттингенском университете. В 1815 году Валльрот под руководством Блуменбаха стал доктором медицины Гёттингенского университета. Некоторое время Валльрот работал врачом ганноверской армии в Голландии, однако после окончания войны Карл Фридрих Вильгельм вернулся на родину. С 1816 года Валльрот работал в Шварцбург-Рудольштадте. Он собирал гербарные образцы растений в районе Галле, в 1821 году была опубликована работа Schedulae criticae, в которой обобщались его наблюдения. Однако некоторые группы растений в этой работе были описаны хуже других. В 1825 году Валльрот издал дополнение к этой книге, в котором более подробно рассматривался род Заразиха. Затем Валльрот заинтересовался изучением лишайников. С 1825 года Валльрот жил и работал врачом в Нордхаузене, продолжал изучать ботанику. В 1855 году Валльрот ушёл на пенсию. Осенью 1856 года во время ботанической экскурсии Валльрот внезапно потерял сознание. Весной, 22 марта 1857 года, Карл Фридрих Вильгельм Валльрот скончался. Некоторые работы: Wallroth, F.W. (1812). Geschichte des Obstes der Alten. 142 p; Wallroth, F.G. (1815). Annus botanicus. 200 p; Wallroth, F.G. (1821). Schedulae criticae. 516 p; Wallroth, F.W. (1825—1827). Naturgeschichte der Flechten. 722 + 518 p; Wallroth, F.G. (1825). Orobanches generis diaskene. 80 p; Wallroth, F.G. (1828). Rosae plantarum generis historia. 311 p; Wallroth, F.W. (1828). Naturgeschichte der Säulchen-Flechten. 198 p; Wallroth, F.G. (1831—1833). Flora cryptogamica Germaniae. 654 + 953 p; Wallroth, F.W. (1840—1841). Erster Beitrag zur Flora hercynica. 334 p; Wallroth, F.W. (1842—1844). Beiträge zur Botanik. 252 p. Роды, названные в честь К.Ф.В.Валльрота: Wallrothia Spreng., 1815 [syn. Carum L., 1753]; Wallrothia Roth, 1821, nom. illeg. [syn. Vitex L., 1753]; Wallrothiella Sacc., 1882. Литература: Irmisch, Th. (1857). «Zur Erinnerung an C. Fr. W. Wallroth». Botanische Zeitung 15: 545—552.

Джозеф Уильям Нобл (Joseph William Noble)
английский врач и политик. Родился в Лестершире. Принимал активное участие в жизни Лейчестера, был избран мэром города. Умер во время эпидемии холеры в Малаге 6 января 1861 года, находясь в Испании на лечении. Похоронен на Английском кладбище. В соответствии с волей отца его дочери Эллен Энн и Маргарет основали в Малаге госпиталь Нобла, который обслуживал как местное население, так и прибывавших в Малагский порт иностранных моряков.

Charles_de_Rémusat (527x700, 310Kb)
Франсуа Мари Шарль де Ремюза (французское имя - Charles de Rémusat)
французский политический деятель и писатель. Родилсяв Париже. Сын Огюста Лорена де Ремюза (Auguste Laurent de Rémusat) и Клары де Верженн (Claire Élisabeth de Vergennes). Воспитанный в идеях либерального доктринерства, представители которого собирались в салоне его матери, он дебютировал в литературе небольшими трудами («De la procédure par jurés en matière criminelle», 1820; «Sur la responsabilité des ministres», 1820; «Sur les amendements à la loi d’élections»), где следовал направлению Гизо. Писал также критические статьи в «Lycée français», перевел драмы Гёте и «De legibus» Цицерона. В качестве сотрудника «Globe» он был одним из подписавших протест против июльских ордонансов. Во время июльской монархии он заседал в палате депутатов, сначала примыкая к умеренным консерваторам и подавая голос за ограничение права ассоциаций и свободы печати (сентябрьские законы 1835 г.); позже он сблизился с левым центром и занял должность министра внутренних дел во втором кабинете Тьера (март-октябрь 1840). В этой должности он сделал палате предложение перевезти прах Наполеона в Париж. Во время последней парламентской борьбы, предшествовавшей февральскому перевороту, Ремюза также шел рука об руку с Тьером и был намечен им как член министерства, образовать которое Тьер взялся в ночь на 24 февраля. В собраниях учредительном и законодательном Ремюза голосовал с приверженцами старого порядка. После переворота 1851 г. Ремюза подписал, вместе с другими депутатами, декрет о возбуждении судебного преследования против Людовика-Наполеона и был вынужден, в силу декрета 9 января 1852 г., покинуть родину. До падения империи он не принимал участия в политической жизни страны, хотя возвратился во Францию довольно скоро. Лишь в 1869 г., чувствуя поворот в общественном мнении, он основал в Тулузе оппозиционную газету «Le progrès liberal». Во время президентства Тьера Ремюза занимал (после Ж. Фавра) должность министра иностранных дел. Умер в Париже 6 июня 1875 года. Главные труды Ремюза: «Essai de philosophie», «Abélard» (1845); «De la philosophie allemande» (1846); «Critiques et études littéraires» (1847); «Saint Anselme de Canterbury» (1853); «L’Angleterre au XVIII s.» (1856); «Bacon» (1857), «Channing» (1857); «Politique libérale» (1860); «Philosophie religieuse» (1864); «John Wesley et le méthodisme» (1870); «Lord Herbert de Cherbury» (1874); «Casimir Périer» (1874); «Histoire de la philosophie de l’Angleterre» (1875). После его смерти изданы «La Saint-Barthélemy» (1878) и его переписка (1883—1886).

Шарль Демулен (французское имя - Charles Des Moulins; полное имя - Шарль Робер Александр де Го Демулен, Charles Robert Alexandre de Gaux Des Moulins)
французский ботаник и малаколог. Шарль Демулен родился в Саутгемптоне. Отец Шарля, будучи противником Французской революции, эмигрировал в Англию в 1790 году. В 1815 году семья Демулен, сопровождавшая герцога Ангулемского Людовика, переехала в Испанию. Шарль первоначальное образование получал от своего отца, затем, вернувшись во Францию, учился в Университете Франции. В 1825 году Демулен был избран членом Линнеевского общества Бордо, в следующем году он стал его президентом. К этому времени Шарль уже начал терять слух. Шарль Демулен несколько раз путешествовал по району горы Миди-де-Бигор, издал несколько публикаций по флоре и фауне этих мест. Шарль Робер Александр Демулен скончался 23 декабря 1875 года. Основной гербарий растений, собранных Демуленом, разделён между Музеем естественной истории в Отёне (AUT) и Ботаническим гербарием Бордо (BORD). Некоторые научные публикации: Des Moulins, C. (1829). Essai sur les Sphérulites. 156 p; Des Moulins, C. (1840). Catalogue raisonné des plantes de la Dordogne. 165 p; Des Moulins, C. (1844). État de la végétation sur le Pic du Midi de Bigorre. 112 p; Des Moulins, C. (1849). Catalogue raisonné des phanérogames de la Dordogne; Additions. 178 p; Des Moulins, C. (1859). Catalogue raisonné des phanérogames de la Dordogne; Supplement final. 453 p. Роды, названные в честь Ш. Демулена: Demoulia Gray, 1838; Moulinsia Cambess., 1829 [= Lepisanthes Blume, 1825]; Moulinsia Raf., 1830 [= Aristida L., 1753]; Moulinsia L. Agassiz, 1841 [= Encope L. Agassiz, 1840]; Moulinsia Blume, 1849 [= Erioglossum Blume, 1825]. Литература: Castelnau d'Essenault (1876). «Éloge de M. Charles Des Moulins». Actes de l'Académie nationale des sciences, belles-lettres et arts de Bordeaux, ser. 3 38: 538—584. ISSN 0242-6978; Stafleu, F.A.; Cowan, R.S. Taxonomic Literature. — Ed. 2. — Utrecht, 1976. — Vol. I: A—G. — P. 632—633. — 1136 p. — ISBN 90-313-0225-2.

Otto-Andreas von Lieven (700x700, 269Kb)
Андрей (Отто-Андреас) Карлович Ливен (Ливен 1-й; немецкое имя - Otto-Andreas von Lieven)
российский военный деятель, генерал-майор. Из лифляндского дворянского рода Ливен, старший сын генерала от инфантерии Карла(-Кристофа) Андреевича Ливена и его первой жены Вильгельмины Петровны фон дер Остен-Сакен (1778—1818), внук Ш.К.Ливен. От рождения носил титул барона, с 5 марта 1799 года — граф, с 3 сентября 1826-го — князь, а с 28 декабря того же года — светлейший князь. В службу вступил в 1816 году юнкером в гвардейскую артиллерию, затем перевёлся в лейб-гвардии Преображенский полк, позднее — в лейб-гвардии Конный полк. Во время восстания 1825 года — конногвардейский поручик. Попал в поле зрения Следственного комитета по делу декабристов: «Александр Бестужев между прочим показал о слышанном от князя Одоевского [также служившего в лейб-гвардии Конном полку], что Ливен принадлежал к обществу, но Одоевский на вопрос о сём отозвался отрицательно. Сам же Ливен, спрошенный по высочайшему повелению генерал-адъютантом Бенкендорфом, отвечал, что Одоевский несколько раз заводил с ним либеральный разговор, но когда Ливен дал ему почувствовать несовместимость оного, с тех пор ничего подобного не слыхал от него. По докладу государю императору показание сие было оставлено без внимания, но высочайше повелено было допросить другого Ливена.» — Алфавит членам бывших злоумышленных тайных обществ… В 1826 году произведён в ротмистры, 11 марта 1828 — пожалован во флигель-адъютанты, в 1830 — зачислен в Свиту Его императорского Величества. 21 апреля 1832 года за отличие произведён в полковники, 18 декабря назначен командиром Оренбургского уланского полка. С 11 сентября 1839 года — генерал-майор, командир лейб-гвардии Уланского полка. 18 ноября 1841 года уволен в отставку «по домашним обстоятельствам». 23 декабря 1840 года был награждён орденом Святого Георгия 4-й степени (№ 6188). Умер в мызе Блиден (Курляндская губерния) 19 марта 1856 года. Награды: Орден Святого Владимира 4-й степени с бантом (1831); Знак ордена За военное достоинство 4-й степени (1831); Орден Святого Станислава 2-й степени (1833); Орден Святой Анны 2-й степени (1836); Орден Святого Георгия 4-й степени (1840). В 1843 году женился на своей племяннице — светлейшей княжне Шарлотте Карловне Ливен (1827—1905), дочери Карла(-Генриха) Карловича Ливена (1799—1881) и Элизы фон Липхарт (Elise/Elisabeth von Liphart; 1803—1881). Дети: Георг (Georg Karl Otto; 1846—1909), жена (1896) Валери фон дер Рекке (1862—1938); Лео (Leon Otto Karl Alexander Theodor; 1847—1902), жена (1884) графиня Амалия фон Кайзерлинг (1857—1888); Михаэль (Michael Karl Nikolai; 1850—1909), холост; Ольга (Olga Wilhelmine Elise Charlotte; 1851—1930), муж (1881) Эдгар фон Гейкинг (1852—1922); Анна (Anna Marie Charlotte; 1853—1929), муж (1873): граф Артур фон Кайзерлинг (1847—1930); Мария (Marie Elise Charlotte; 1856—1930), не замужем.

Abigail_Fillmore (669x700, 340Kb)
Абигейл Пауэрс Филлмор (Abigail Powers Fillmore)
жена 13-го президента США Милларда Филлмора и Первая леди США с 1850 по 1853 год. Филлмор родилась в округе Саратога, Нью-Йорк. Её отец был баптистским священником, умерший вскоре после того как она родилась. Её мать вскоре переехала на запад. В 1819 году Эбигейл была принята в новую академию в Нью-Хопе, где обучался 19-летний Миллард Филлмор. Он отметил её знания и постепенно между ними росла романтическая привязанность. После долгого ухаживания Миллард, 26 лет, и Эбигейл, 27 лет, поженились 5 февраля 1826 года.
13 марта 1798 года родилась — Абигейл Пауэрс Филлморpost-13108-129997488891 (700x350, 288Kb)
Свадьба состоялась в доме брата невесты. Не проводя медовый месяц, пара поселилась в Буффало, Нью-Йорк. Филлмор продолжала преподавать в школе до рождения своего первого сына, и до конца жизни проявляла интерес к образованию. У Филлморов были сын и дочь: Миллард Пауэрс Филлмор (1828—1889) Мэри Эбигейл Филлмор (1832—1854) Когда в 1847 году Филлмор был избран представителем сената Нью-Йорка, семья временно переехала в Олбани, Нью-Йорк. Первая леди США: В 1849 году Миллард Филлмор был избран вице-президентом и вместе с женой переехал в Вашингтон.
Abigail_Fillmore_(Library_of_Congress) (437x700, 204Kb)
После смерти президента Закари Тейлора Филлмор стал президентом, и они стали жить в Белом доме. Однако уже к этому времени здоровье Первой леди стало ухудшаться, и свои обязанности она передала дочери. Сама же она по нескольку часов проводила в библиотеке Белого дома, выбирая книги и раскладывая их в Овальном кабинете, где находились её фортепиано, арфа и гитара. Смерть: На инаугурации президента Франклина Пирса в 1853 году Эбигейл простудилась и заболела пневмонией. Через 26 дней, 30 марта 1853 года, она скончалась в отеле Уиллар, Вашингтон. Похоронена на кладбище Форест Лоун в Буффало, Нью-Йорк.

Petr_Petrovich_Lanskoy (645x700, 315Kb)
Пётр Петрович Ланской
русский генерал от кавалерии, с 1844 года был женат на Наталье Николаевне Гончаровой, вдове А.С.Пушкина. Сын Петра Сергеевича Ланского и Елизаветы Романовны, урождённой Лепарской (сестры С.Р.Лепарского). Получил домашнее образование, начал военную службу с 1818 года в Кавалергардском полку. Послужной путь П.П.Ланского выгладел следующим образом. 25 июня 1818 года – из эстандарт-юнкеров Кавалергардского полка. 24 ноября 1820 года – произведен в поручики. 6 апреля 1824 года – произведен в штабс-ротмистры. 1826 год – пожалован бриллиантовый перстень. 8 ноября 1827 года – произведен в ротмистры. 1833 год – награжден Орденом Святого Станислава 2 степени. 6 января 1834 года – произведен в полковники. 23 апреля 1834 года – назначен флигель-адъютантом к Его Императорскому Величеству. 1835 год – награжден Орденом Святой Анны 2 степени. 1835 год – награжден Прусским Орденом Святого Иоанна Иерусалимского. 1839 год – Императорская корона к ордену Святой Анны 2 степени. 1840 год – Знак отличия за XX лет беспорочной службы. 1841 год – награжден Орденом Святого Владимира 3 степени. 10 октября 1843 года произведён в генерал-майоры с назначением состоять при гв. кирасирской дивизии, через полгода был назначен командиром лейб-гвардии Конного полка. В 1853 году произведён в генерал-лейтенанты. Во время Крымской войны формировал ополчение Вятской губернии. 26 августа 1856 года был назначен начальником 1-й гвардейской кавалерийской дивизии. В 1864 году перешёл на гражданскую службу, назначался начальником различных комиссий и комитетов, в 1865 году исполнял обязанности Петербургского генерал-губернатора. В 1866 году произведён в генералы от кавалерии. Генерал-майор (с 10 октября 1843 г.) Ланской, числившийся в Кавалергардском полку и состоявший в свите Его Величества, взял длительный отпуск и, по предписанию врачей, отправился в Баден-Баден.Петербургская знать поправляла на этом немецком курорте расшатанную нервную систему. В Германии Ланской познакомился с братом Натальи Николаевны, Иваном Николаевичем Гончаровым и его первой женой Марией Ивановной, также лечившихся на водах. В Петербург Ланской возвращался раньше них и его попросили передать посылку и письмо для Пушкиной. Так кавалергард получил приглашение бывать у неё в доме. В начале зимы 1844 году Пётр Петрович познакомился с Натальей Николаевной Пушкиной, вдовой великого поэта. К моменту его знакомства с Натальей Николаевной ему было почти 45 лет, и он еще не был женат. В мае 1844 года он сделал предложение, на которое она ответила согласием. По сообщению А.П.Араповой, император Николай выражал желание стать посаженным отцом невесты, чтобы благословить её на новую жизнь. Но Наталья Николаевна, пожелала, чтобы свадьба прошла в семейном кругу, и «уклонилась от этой чести». Венчание состоялось 16 июля 1844 года. Медовый месяц Ланских прошел на казенной даче командира Конногвардейского полка в Стрельне. В конце 1844 года семья неожиданно пополнилась сразу тремя детьми. 20 ноября скончался младший брат Петра Петровича Александр. Его жена умерла еще раньше. Заботу о круглых сиротах взяла на себя Наталья Николаевна. В семье, где еще не было своих общих детей — они родятся позднее — насчитывалось семеро ребятишек. В браке с Натальей Николаевной Ланской имел трёх дочерей: Александра (1845—1919) — фрейлина, супруга Ивана Андреевича Арапова. Автор мемуаров; Софья (1846—1918) — супруга генерал-лейтенанта Николая Николаевича Шипова (1846—1911); Елизавета (1848—1903) — в первом браке супруга полковника Николая Андреевича Арапова (1847—1883), во втором, после 1883 года — генерал-лейтенанта Сергея Ильича Бибикова (1851—1903). Пётр Ланской заботился не только о своих детях, но и о детях Натальи Николаевны от первого брака с А.С.Пушкиным. После смерти жены взял на себя заботу и о двух старших детях падчерицы, Натальи Александровны Дубельт, уехавшей из России в 1862 году. Судя по самым разным источникам, отношения между супругами были теплыми. Вот как их характеризует сама Наталья Николаевна в одном из писем к мужу, которое она написала летом 1849 года: "Ко мне у тебя чувство, которое соответствует нашим летам; сохраняя оттенок любви, оно, однако, не является страстью, и именно поэтому это чувство более прочно, и мы закончим наши дни так, что эта связь не ослабнет". Петр Петрович Ланской пережил жену на 14 лет. Умер 6 мая 1877 года. Похоронен в Александро-Невской лавре в одной могиле с женой. Награды: Брильянтовый перстень (1826); Орден Святого Станислава 2-й степени (1833); Орден Святой Анны 2-й степени (1835); Императорская корона к ордену Святой Анны 2-й степени (1839); Знак отличия за XX лет беспорочной службы (1840); Орден Святого Владимира 3-й степени (1841); Орден Святого Георгия 4-1 степени за 25 лет службы (1847); Орден Святого Станислава 1-й степени (1848); Орден Святой Анны 1-й степени (1851); Знак отличия за XXX лет беспорочной службы (1851); Орден Святого Владимира 2-й степени (1855); Орден Белого орла (1857); Знак отличия за XXXV лет беспорочной службы (1858); Табакерка с портретом Его Величества (1859); Орден Святого Александра Невского (1865); Алмазные знаки к ордену Святого Александра Невского (1868); Орден Святого Владимира 1-й степени (1871); Прусский Орден Святого Иоанна Иерусалимского (1835); Вюртембергский Орден Короны 1-й степени (1872). Литература: Старк В. Наталья Гончарова. — Москва: Молодая гвардия, 2009. — 535 страниц — ISBN 978-5-235-03252-1.

Mustafa_reshid_pasha (533x700, 174Kb)
Мустафа Решид-Паша (османское имя - رستم پاشا‎; турецкое имя - Damat Rüstem Paşa)
турецкий дипломат и государственный деятель, один из главных архитекторов социально-политических реформ эпохи Танзимата. Родился в Стамбуле. Будучи в 1834-1837 гг. послом в Париже и Лондоне, стал поборником европейской цивилизации. В 1837-1845 гг. неоднократно занимал пост министра иностранных дел, в 1846-1858 гг. шесть раз был великим везиром. Пытался осуществить в Турции принципы европейского государственного устройства, провести реформы в области финансов, просвещения и прочие, не затрагивавшие, однако, феодальных отношений. Автор изданного в 1839 г. султанского указа (хатти шерифа Гюльхане), положившего начало т. н. эпохе реформ в Турции. По его мнению, эти реформы должны были спасти Османскую империю от вмешательства европейских держав. Возвышение Решид-паши способствовало карьерному росту других реформаторов, таких как Фуад-паша и Мехмед Эмин Али-паша. Его деятельность встречала упорное сопротивление реакции, особенно мусульманского духовенства и высшего чиновничества (неоднократно смещался с высших постов и высылался из Стамбула). Умер на острове Крит 7 января 1858 года. Литература.: Новичев А.Д., История Турции, том 3, часть 2, Ленинград, 1973 (литература).

Friedrich_Georg_Bunge_(ohne_Rand) (465x700, 175Kb)
Фёдор Андреевич (Фридрих-Георг) Бунге (немецкое имя - Friedrich Georg von Bunge)
русский юрист и историк, исследователь права Прибалтики. Происходил из семьи киевских аптекарей, брат Александра Андреевича Бунге. Получил юридическое образование в Дерптском университете. Там же определен был приват-доцентом в 1823 г., в 1831 — экстраординарным, а вслед за тем и ординарным профессором. Положил начало научному изучению остзейского права. В 1826 г. Бунге получил в Гейдельбергском университете звание доктора за работу «Ueber den Sachsenspiegel als Quelle des mittleren und umgearbeiteten livlandischen Ritterrechts» (Рига, 1827). В 1831 г. избран профессором. В 1843 г. переехал в Ревель, где был избран городским синдиком и вскоре бургомистром. В 1856 г. Бунге было поручено II Отделением Собственной Его Императорского Величества Канцелярии составление свода местных гражданских законов. Обширный проект был окончен Бунге в 1862 г.; исправленный текст Высочайше утверждён 12 ноября 1864 г. и вступил в действие с 1 июля 1865 г. Этот свод гражданских законов действовал в Латвии до 1937 г., а в Эстонии до 1945 г. В 1865 г. Бунге переселился в Готу, а затем в Висбаден. Там он продолжал свои работы по изданию памятников и разработке разнообразных исторических вопросов. Ему не только удалось собрать и издать почти все сколько-нибудь замечательные источники, сделав их, благодаря этому, доступными для исследования; он сумел заново создать как связное изложение истории местного права почти во всем её объёме, так и выяснить оставшиеся в силе результаты многовекового и сложного его развития. Его работы сделали возможной кодификацию местного гражданского права. Труды его немногословны, всегда очень точны и полны фактического обоснования; он воздерживался от рискованных предположений и гипотез. Умер в Висбадене 9 апреля 1897 года. Литература: Бунге, Фридрих-Георг // Энциклопедический словарь Брокгауза и Ефрона: в 86 томах (82 тома и 4 дополнительных) — Санкт-Петербург, 1890—1907; Бунге, Фёдор Андреевич в словаре Baltisches Biographisches Lexikon digital; Stackelberg, Otto Magnus von. Genealogisches Handbuch der estlandischen Ritterschaft. — Gorlitz, 1930. — Т. 3. — P. 57.

 (466x699, 96Kb)
Александр Игнаций Велёпольский, маркиз Гонзаго-Мышковский (польское имя - Aleksander Ignacy Wielopolski)
польский государственный деятель. Родился в Сендзеёвице, в семье Иосифа (Юзефа) Станислава Велёпольского и Элеоноры Дембиньской. Изучал право и философию в Варшаве, Париже и Геттингене. В 1830 был избран в польский сейм от консерваторов. Во время польского восстания 1830 года был послан правительством повстанцев в Лондон с целью добиться помощи или посредничества, но не достиг каких-то значительных результатов. Опубликовал в 1831 брошюру о своей миссии Menzoire presente a Lord Palmerston. Занимался хозяйством в своих поместьях и литературной деятельностью. В 1845 после восстания крестьян в австрийской Галиции, во время которого были перерезаны сотни польских помещиков и которое считалось результатом махинаций австрийского правительства написал памфлет Lettre d'un gentilhomme polonais au prince de Metternich (Письмо польского дворянина князю Меттерниху), изданный в Брюсселе в 1846. В 1861 Велёпольский был назначен председателем комиссии духовных дел и народного просвещения. В ноябре 1861 посетил Санкт-Петербург и смог добиться поддержки двора, в результате чего был назначен помощником наместника Константина Николаевича по гражданской части и вице-председателем государственного совета. 26 июля и 3 августа 1862 на Велёпольского было совершено два покушения. Таким образом польская радикальная партия стремилась сорвать готовившиеся им либеральные реформы. Провёл ряд либеральных реформ — замену барщины чиншем (оброком), равноправие евреев, преобразования в школе. Основал Варшавскую главную школу. С другой стороны, для того, чтобы изолировать молодёжь и ликвидировать кадры повстанческой организации, он выступил инициатором рекрутского набора в начале января 1863. С целью изолировать опасные элементы в списки было включено 12 тысяч человек, участвовавших в манифестациях и подозреваемых к принадлежности к заговорщикам. Это послужило толчком к началу Польского восстания 1863 года. 4(16) июля оставил Варшаву, испросив отпуск и уехал за границу. В конце августа уволен от всех занимаемых им должностей. Жил в Дрездене, где и умер 30 декабря 1877 года.

LewisWalkerMongredien (685x700, 142Kb)
Джордж Уокер (George Walker)
английский шахматист, шахматный организатор, теоретик и литератор. Редактор первого постоянного шахматного отдела в журнале «Беллс лайф» (1832—1873) и первого шахматного английского журнала «Филидориен» (The Philidorian; 1837—1838; вышло 6 номеров). Основал Вестминстерский шахматный клуб 1831, где состоялся матч Лабурдонне — Мак-Доннелл (1834). Автор ряда шахматных книг. Перевёл на английский язык работу К.Яниша «новые анализы начал шахматной игры». Ряд анализов Уокера имеет значение для теории эндшпиля. Умер в Лондоне 23 апреля 1879 года. Книги: A new treatise on chess. London, 1832. (Новый трактат о шахматной игре); A selection of games at chess, actually played by Philidor and his contemporaries. London, 1835. (Избранные партии, игранные Филидором и его современниками); Chess and chess-players. London, 1850. (Шахматы и шахматисты). Литература: Шахматный словарь / главный редактор Л.Я.Абрамов; составитель Г.М.Гейлер. — Москва: Физкультура и спорт, 1964. — Страницы 360—361. — 120 000 экземпляров; Шахматы : энциклопедический словарь / главный редактор А.Е.Карпов. — Москва: Советская энциклопедия, 1990. — Страница 418. — 624 страницы — 100 000 экземпляров — ISBN 5-85270-005-3.

Рейнгольд Клоц (немецкое имя - Reinhold Klotz)
немецкий филолог. Родился в Штольберге (Рудные горы). Был профессором в Лейпциге. Ему принадлежат критические издания Лукиана, Климента Александрийского (Лейпциг, 1831—1832), трагедий Еврипида, Цицерона (1851—1856; 2 изд., 1863—1874), Катона Старшего и др. Написал оставшееся незаконченным «Handbuch der lat10 августа 1870,. Litteraturgeschichte» (1846) и «Handbuch der lat. Stitistik» (Лейпциг, 1874), опубликовал латинский словарь (Брауншвейг, 1833—1857). Умер в Кляйнцшохере (ныне в черте Лейпцига) 10 августа 1870 года. Источники: Клоц, Рейнгольд // Энциклопедический словарь Брокгауза и Ефрона: в 86 томах (82 тома и 4 дополнительных) — Санкт-Петербург, 1890—1907.

Ким Саккат (псевдоним; настоящее имя Ким Бен Ен, литературное имя - Нанго)
корейский поэт-сатирик. Странствуя в камышовой шляпе (саккат) по Корее, Ким Саккат слагал короткие шуточные и сатирические стихи, в которых клеймил власть имущих. Писал преимущественно на ханмуне (см. Корея, раздел Литература). Характерные черты его поэзии - гуманизм и оптимизм. Многие стихи Ким Саккат бытуют в народе. Умер в селе Тонбок, провинции Чолладо 29 марта 1864 года. Сочинения; Ким Саккат сонджип, Пхеньян, 1956; в русском переводе, в книге: Корейские лирики, Алма-Ата, 1958. Литература: Пак Ир П.А., Просветительные идеи поэта-сатирика Ким Сакади, "Учёные записки Казахского гос. университета. Философия", 1957, том 32, выпуск 1.

Samuel_H._Smith (612x700, 181Kb)
Сэмюэль Харрисон Смит (Samuel Harrison Smith)
младший брат Джозефа Смита, один из лидеров движения мормонов на начальном этапе. Входит в число восеми свидетелей, подтвердивших, что видели золотые листы Книги Мормона. Родился в Танбридже, Ориндж, штат Вермонт, США. Первоначально работал на семейной ферме. После того, как его брат объявил себя пророком, стал адептом нового учения и был в числе шести первых членов нового движения и одним из первых старейшин мормонов. Занимался миссионерской деятельностью в штате Нью-Йорк. Там он дал копию книги Джону Грину, который познакомил с текстом своего шурина Бригама Янга. Позже Сэмюэль Смит проповедовал в других восточных штатах США. В 1838 году вместе с другими мормонами Смит переехал в Фар-Уэст (штат Миссури), а затем в Наву (штат Иллинойс). Принимал участие в вооружённых столкновениях мормонов с местными жителям. После убийства толпой Джозефа и Хайрама Смитов отправился в тюрьму за телами братьев. Рассматривался как потенциальный преемник Джозефа на посту президента церкви, однако через месяц заболел и умер в Наву (Хэнкок, штат Иллинойс, США) 30 июля 1844 года. Единственный оставшийся в живых брат Джозефа Уильям считал, что Сэмюэль был отравлен Бригамом Янгом, однако не смог предоставить доказательств этого. Источники: LaRene Porter Gaunt and Robert A. Smith, "Samuel H. Smith: Faithful Brother of Joseph and Hyrum, " Ensign, Aug. 2008, pp. 44-51; Smith, Alison Moore. "Samuel Harrison Smith: His Legacy (недоступная ссылка с 11-05-2013 [1765 дней]), " Samuel Harrison Smith. Samuel Harrison Smith Foundation; Jenson, Andrew (1901), Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia, vol. 1, Salt Lake City: Andrew Jenson History Company, сс. 278–82.

Troschke,_Theodor_von_(1810-1876) (436x700, 316Kb)
Карл Вильгельм Август Теодор фон Трошке (немецкое имя - Theodor von Troschke)
барон, прусский военачальник, генерал-лейтенант, военный писатель. Родился в Берлине. Представитель прусской аристократической семьи Трошке. Сын генерал-майора Эрнста фон Трошке (1741—1809). Военную карьеру начал в 1820 году курсантом военного училища в Потсдаме, затем — в Берлине. В 1827 получил чин подпоручика артиллерийской бригады. В 1836 окончил Прусскую военную академию. С 1837 по 1839 служил в топографическом управлении. С 1842 — капитан Генерального штаба. Служил в III армейском корпусе Германской имперской армии. В 1846 — майор I-го армейского прусского корпуса. В 1854 назначен командиром 1-го артиллерийского полка в чине подполковника. После этого получил звание полковника, а в 1858 году — генерал-майора и бригадира. В 1857 году стал руководителем объединенных артиллерийских и инженерных школ. В отставку вышел в чине генерал-лейтенанта. Умер в родном городе 11 февраля 1876 года. Награды: Орден Красного орла 2 класса с дубовыми листьями (1861); Рыцарь-командор Королевского Гвельфского ордена; Орден Заслуг герцога Петра-Фридриха-Людвига. Избранные труды: «Beziehungen Friedrichs des Gr. zu seiner Artillerie» (Берлин, 1865); «Die Militärlitteratur 1820—1870» (Берлин, 1870); «Der preuss. Feldzug m Holland 1787» (Берлин, 1875). Переработал и дополнил 3-м томом 2-е издание труда генерала Гардегга: «Vorlesungen über Kriegsgeschichte».

James_Curtis_Hepburn (560x700, 149Kb)
Джеймс Кёртис Хэпбёрн (James Curtis Hepburn)
американский миссионер, популяризатор одной из форм романизации японского языка — системы Хэпбёрна, основатель «Школы Хэпбёрна». Джеймс Кёртис Хэпбёрн родился в Милтоне, Пенсильвания, США. Закончил Принстонский и Пенсильванский университеты и получил степень доктора. Он решил ехать в Сиам (позднее сменив его на Китай) как медицинский миссионер, но вынужден был задержаться в Сингапуре на два года, так как Опиумная война была в разгаре и китайские порты были закрыты для иностранцев. После пяти лет миссионерства он вернулся в США в 1845 году и открыл медицинскую практику в Нью-Йорке. В 1859 году он решил ехать медицинским миссионером в Японию, где открыл клинику в городе Канагава, а позднее «Школу Хэпбёрна», из которой возник нынешний Университет Мэйдзи Гакуин (明治学院大学). Он также начал составлять японско-английский словарь, который был впервые опубликован в 1867 году. Третье издание его словаря, опубликованное в 1887 году, использовало пересмотренную форму романизации японского языка, выработанную обществом энтузиастов записи японского языка латинским алфавитом. Эта форма романизации сейчас известна как система Хэпбёрна, и часто ошибочно говорят, что Хэпбёрн изобрёл её; тем не менее, ему принадлежит наибольшая заслуга в её популяризации. Также он внёс вклад в перевод Библии на японский язык. Хэпбёрн вернулся в США в 1892 году и умер в Ист-Ориндже (штат Нью-Джерси, США) 11 июня 1911 года. В число известных японских учеников Хэпбёрна входят Фуруя Сакудзаэмон и Нума Морикадзу.

Samuel_Benjamin_Sofer (513x700, 135Kb)
Рав Авраам Шмуэль Биньямин Сойфер (имя на иврите - ‏הרב אברהם שמואל בנימין סופר; немецкое имя - Abraham Samuel Benjamin Schreiber)
один из ведущих ортодоксальных раввинов Венгрии во второй половине XIX века и Рош-ешива (глава) знаменитой ешивы Пресбурга, известный своим главным трудом, книгой «Ксав Сойфер». Шмуэль Биньямин родился в Прессбурге (ныне Братислава, Словакия). Его отец, знаменитый Хатам Сойфер, раввин Пресбурга, был религиозным лидером венгерских евреев и одним из ведущих европейских раввинов. Его мать Сара (1790—1832) была дочерью раввина Акивы Эгера, раввина Познани, одного из самых больших знатоков Талмуда того времени. Когда ему было шесть лет, сразу несколько членов его семьи заболели, и среди них маленький Шмуэль Вольф, как его тогда называли. Врачи уже отказались от него. В качестве сгулы они добавили «Авраам» к своему имени, но безрезультатно. Они уже вызвали Хевру Кадишу и зажгли свечи по обычаю того времени будучи в полной уверенности, что Шмуэль умрёт. Врачи сказали отцу Шмуэля, Хатаму Сойферу: «Мы знаем, что вы Божественный и святой человек, и если вашими молитвами вы не можете помочь вашему сыну, с нашей стороны, все надежды потеряны». Услышав это, Хатам Сойфер отошёл в угол, где хранились все его рукописи и произнёс короткую молитву. В это время больной ребенок Авраам Шмуэль Биньямин уже почти в агонии начал кричать молитву «Шма», но их молитвы были услышаны, и состояние Шмуэля Биньямина стало улучшаться. Врачи с недоумением сказали Хатаму Сойферу, что действительно убедились в том, что он необыкновенный человек, на что он отвечал что ещё не потерял надежду ни на секунду. Один из учеников Хатама Софера позже свидетельствовал, что Хатам Сойфер заявил тогда, что «умолял сохранить сына хоть для одного Юбилея». Шмуэль Биньямин прожил ещё ровно пятьдесят лет и умер в возрасте пятидесяти шести лет. Его первым учителем был сойфер Мордехай Эфраим Фишель. Позднее Шмуэль поступил в ешиву своего отца и стал одним из его выдающихся учеников. В восемнадцать лет в 1833 году он женился на Ребецн Хаве Лее, которая была дочерью цадика Раввин Ицхока Вайса из Гёрлица, который дал за ней приданое и пообещал оказывать им поддержку в течение шести лет. Свадьба состоялась в городе Камарене, затем они поселились в Братиславе, где он продолжил свои исследования и помогал отцу в ешиве. 3 октября 1839 умер его отец, Хатам Сойфер, и пост раввина Пресбурга перешёл к Шмуэлю Биньямину. Когда Хатам Сойфер был на смертном одре он благословил своего сына очень длинным благословением, в котором он отметил каждое благословение найденное в Танахе. Все присутствующие были потрясены и смотрели с благоговением видя, как он корчился от боли и в то же вр
          CNMP pune com censura procuradora de Justiça que ofendeu ministros do STF      Cache   Translate Page      
CNMP; estagiários; corte de gastos'Camila Moro' usou rede social para defender intervenção militar, além de explosão do Supremo e do Congresso
          Trump Derangement Syndrome is now fastest growing disorder in America – are you a sufferer? — RT USA News      Cache   Translate Page      

If anyone you know is suffering from symptoms below, offer emotional support now. 2020 may be too late. If in the presence of Alyssa Milano or CNN staff, don’t mention the word “collusion,” speak no Russian, don’t carry an orange. The following scientific taxonomy simply identifies those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Congress is […]

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          Adam Schiff: Evidence Available Already Shows That Trump Should Be Indicted      Cache   Translate Page      
Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chairman of the House intelligence committee, argues there's already sufficient evidence in public to support an indictment of President Trump.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chairman of the House intelligence committee, argues there's already sufficient evidence in public to support an indictment of President Trump.; Credit: J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Tim Mak | NPR

There's already sufficient evidence to support an indictment of President Trump even before the conclusion of the special counsel investigation, California Rep. Adam Schiff said Tuesday.

The chairman of the House intelligence committee pointed to the case of Michael Cohen, the president's former personal lawyer, in which the government described how "Individual 1" directed and coordinated a campaign fraud scheme.

"Individual 1" is Trump, and Cohen is set to begin a three-year prison sentence in part because of those crimes.

"It's very difficult to make the argument that the person who was directed and was coordinated should go to jail but the person who did the directing and did the coordinating should not," Schiff told reporters at a breakfast on Tuesday organized by the Christian Science Monitor.

The evidence therefore already in place argues "very strongly in favor of indicting the president when he is out of office," he said.

Trump says he never directed Cohen to violate the law and that the actions in Cohen's case don't even amount to wrongdoing.

Trump and the White House also argue that Cohen's track record of lying means he can't be believed — that he'll say anything to save his image and try to get a lighter punishment for other crimes he's admitted to.

Current Justice Department guidelines prohibit indicting a sitting president. But Schiff believes that the department should reconsider this position, or indict Trump if he loses re-election in 2020.

"The Justice Department policy against indictment is the wrong policy, particularly when there is any risk that the statute of limitations may allow a president to escape justice," the chairman said.

Schiff stopped short of saying he thought Congress should impeach Trump and remove him from office in order to prosecute what he called these offenses.

The chairman echoed the position of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from her interview on Monday and said that without buy-in from congressional Republicans — who control the Senate — embarking upon the process today would be "doomed for failure."

"I see little to be gained by putting the country through that kind of wrenching experience as I've often remarked in the past," he told reporters. "The only thing worse than putting the country through the trauma of an impeachment is putting the country through the trauma of a failed impeachment."

Democrats have been careful not to close the door entirely, however. Pelosi and others argue that Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller or other investigators could uncover evidence of wrongdoing by Trump so egregious that it may compel a bipartisan case for impeachment.

Committee priorities

As for the House intelligence committee investigation that he is leading, Schiff said he will seek new documents relating to an alleged conversation between Trump and his longtime confidant Roger Stone.

"We are going to be looking at any documentary evidence," he said, when asked by NPR whether he would be seeking phone records that could back up Cohen's allegation that Trump had a speakerphone conversation with Stone about a coming WikiLeaks dump that would be damaging to the Clinton campaign.

"That could take a number of forms, from phone records, to social media records, to other documentary evidence."

Schiff has placed great store in the past on the revelations that he said could be gleaned from phone records in the Russia investigation. He vowed to obtain phone records of Donald Trump Jr. because Democrats suspected they might entangle the elder Trump, but that did not prove to be so.

Ultimately, the length of Schiff's investigation could depend on the Mueller investigation, and whether the Justice Department releases the underlying evidence that the Mueller team has gathered.

"If the Justice Department either attempts to conceal the Mueller report or the underlying evidence, then requiring Mueller to testify may very well be necessary," Schiff said. "A lot will be impacted ... by the degree to which the Justice Department makes us investigate everything Bob Mueller did all over again ... that will have the most direct impact on the length of our investigation."

Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit

This content is from Southern California Public Radio. View the original story at

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Image: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo US モバイルに関するものならなんでもこいの、世界最大のトレードショーMWCは一週間で盛りだくさん。 今年2019年のMobile World Congress(モバイル・ワールド・コングレス、通称MWC)はSamsung(サムスン)がGalaxy S10 をローンチしたのを皮切りに、以前のMWCよりもずっとスペシャルに感じましたよ。本イベントが始まる前の関連イベントからワクワク感がいっぱいで、力強いエネルギーが感じられました。新しい 全文
ギズモード・ジャパン 03月12日 23時00分

          U.S. Congress invites pharmacy benefit managers to third drug pricing hearing      Cache   Translate Page      
The U.S. Senate Finance Committee has invited executives from five pharmacy benefit managers to testify on April 3 on the rising costs of prescription medicines, in Congress's latest effort to question industry officials directly over an issue voters consistently cite as a top concern.

          We Resist: Day 782      Cache   Translate Page      
a black bar with the word RESIST in white text

One of the difficulties in resisting the Trump administration, the Republican Congressional majority, and Republican state legislatures (plus the occasional non-Republican who obliges us to resist their nonsense, too, like we don't have enough to worry about) is keeping on top of the sheer number of horrors, indignities, and normalization of the aggressively abnormal that they unleash every single day.

So here is a daily thread for all of us to share all the things that are going on, thus crowdsourcing a daily compendium of the onslaught of conservative erosion of our rights and our very democracy.

Stay engaged. Stay vigilant. Resist.

* * *

Earlier today by me: What the F#@k Is Even Happening and Nancy Pelosi: "I'm Not for Impeachment." and Bernie Sanders, Where Are Your Taxes?

Here are some more things in the news today...

Let's start out with some good news. Rebekah Entralgo at ThinkProgress: Democrats Introduce Latest Version of DREAM Act, Offering Protection to More Young Immigrants.
Eighteen years after the original Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act, was introduced, House Democrats formally unveiled their new-and-improved version Tuesday.

While previous iterations of the bill focused narrowly on providing a path to citizenship only for undocumented youth brought to the United States as children, the new version does this in addition to expanding it to include immigrants with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED). With the inclusion of TPS and DED recipients, the DREAM Act has rebranded to the Dream and Promise Act of 2019, to reflect the government's longtime goal to make good on its promise of providing permanent solutions to legal immigrants who have been living at the whims of the federal government for decades.

Like the DREAM Acts that came before it, the Dream and Promise Act would grant undocumented immigrant youth — known as "Dreamers" — conditional permanent resident status for 10 years and cancel any removal proceedings so long as they: have been continuously physically present in the United States for four years preceding the date of the enactment of the bill, were 17 years or younger when they first arrived in United States, pass a background check, have a clean criminal record, and graduate from high school or an academic equivalent.

...The bones of the DREAM Act have largely remained the same since 2001, when the bill was first introduced in the House by former Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) and in the Senate by Sens. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT). What makes the Dream and Promise Act different, however, is that it for the first time includes protections for TPS and DED holders.

There's an unprecedented level of urgency with this version of the DREAM Act because the Trump administration has pulled the legal rug out from under thousands of immigrant families.
I know I'm the brokenest of broken records, but I'll say once more: Regardless of the chances of this legislation becoming law during the Trump administration, this is worth doing, because it's the right and necessary thing to do.

Donald Trump may reject this legislation, because of his vile nativist agenda, but that very agenda is what obligates the attempt.

Speaking of which...

Travis Gettys at Raw Story: Trump Administration 'Very Seriously' Considering Plan to Designate Some Mexicans as Terrorists. "The president told Breitbart News that his administration was 'very seriously' considering a policy change that would label Mexican drug cartels or some of their factions as Foreign Terrorist Organizations. 'We are, we are,' Trump told the website. 'We're thinking about doing it very seriously. In fact, we've been thinking about it for a long time.' The president appeared to admit the change was intended to gin up fear of Mexican immigrants to justify his proposed border wall and other controversial anti-immigration policies. 'It's psychological, but it's also economic,' Trump said. 'As terrorists — as terrorist organizations, the answer is yes. They are.' Trump then cited an inflated statistic to justify his fear-mongering about gang violence across the border."

Absolutely chilling.

Fabiola Sanchez and Scott Smith at the AP: U.S. Pulling Last Diplomats from Venezuela Amid Power Crisis.
The U.S. said late Monday that it is pulling its last remaining diplomats from Venezuela, saying their continued presence at the country's embassy in Caracas had become a "constraint" on U.S. policy as the Trump administration aggressively looks to oust socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

The announcement came from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a tweet shortly before midnight comes as Venezuela struggles to restore electricity following four days of blackouts around the country.

...Pompeo said the remaining diplomats would be out of Venezuela by the end of the week but gave no indication of future policy steps despite past warnings that "all options" — including the use of military force — are on the table for removing Maduro.
Fucking hell. Unless I'm somehow misreading this, it sounds like the Secretary of State is ordering the removal of diplomats because they are trying to stop the administration from taking extreme measures, including the possibility of military force, in pursuit of regime change. That blows my mind. The Trump Regime is truly out of fucking control.

To wit:


William Booth and Karla Adam at the Washington Post: Ahead of Crucial Brexit Vote, Key Lawmakers Won't Support Theresa May's Plan. "Prime Minister Theresa May presented a Brexit deal with some new add-on language to a skeptical Parliament for a landmark vote on Tuesday. But the British leader faced strong headwinds, as crucial blocs of lawmakers signaled they will not support her withdrawal agreement. Before May rose to speak, Britain's attorney general told lawmakers that May's hard-fought changes might not go far enough — an assessment that increased the odds that her Brexit deal will fail again and that the nation won't depart on schedule on March 29."

Nicholas Nehamas and Lily Dobrovolskaya at the Miami Herald: Wanted in Russia, He Partied at Mar-a-Lago — and Invested in Cheap South Florida Homes.
Last year, [Donald] Trump's private Mar-a-Lago club hosted a black-tie 'Safari Night' fundraiser for a favorite charity of one of his older sisters. The event included Chinese dancers, a silent art auction, and one unusual guest: Sergey Danilochkin, a Russian real estate investor who had settled in South Florida after authorities in his home country accused him of taking part in a massive tax fraud linked to the most contentious corruption case of the 21st century.

Party-goers had no idea they were rubbing shoulders with a wanted man. While the guests sipped cocktails and studied photos of African wildlife, Danilochkin, who is also an aspiring journalist, filmed the bustling ballroom on a smartphone and posted the footage on YouTube. Holding a flute of champagne and wearing a dark suit, the Russian émigré addressed the camera in his native tongue, alluding to the uncanny way Russians seem to turn up in the president’s orbit.

"The most interesting thing," Danilochkin said, "is that we met a lot of people here who speak Russian."
* * *

[Content Note: White supremacy] Madeline Peltz at MediaMatters: Unearthed Audio Shows Tucker Carlson Using White Nationalist Rhetoric and Making Racist Remarks. I'm sure we're all shocked that a toxic chauvinist is also a white supremacist.

[CN: Abduction; sexual assault] Melanie Eversley at the Grio: Ohio Police Officer Indicted for Sexually Assaulting Women. "Andrew Mitchell, 55, a 31-year-veteran of the police force in Ohio's state capital, is charged with holding two women against their will and demanding sexual favors in exchange for their freedom, the Columbus Dispatch reported. Mitchell is charged with three counts of deprivation of rights while using his police authority — with two of those counts involving one woman — two counts of witness tampering, and one count each of obstruction of justice, as well as making false statements, the Dispatch reports."

Ryan Mac at BuzzFeed: Facebook Removed Elizabeth Warren's Ads Calling for Its Breakup; Then It Put Them Back Up. "Facebook briefly removed and then restored four ads on Monday from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, which advocated for the breaking up big technology companies, for violating its terms of service. On Monday, the social networking company confirmed that it had removed the ads, all of which featured a video with a thumbnail image incorporating Facebook's logo. 'We removed the ads because they violated our policies against use of our corporate logo,' a Facebook spokesperson said. 'In the interest of allowing robust debate, we are restoring the ads.'" Shady.

What have you been reading that we need to resist today?
          Cong, ZPM form alliance in Mizoram      Cache   Translate Page      
AIZAWL, March 12 - The Opposition Zoram People's Movement (ZPM) in Mizoram and the Congress have forged an alliance to contest the Lok Sabha election and an Assembly by-poll, Congress sources said today.
          Democratic lawmakers rip into T-Mobile CEO over Trump hotel stays      Cache   Translate Page      

The issue of the hotel stays flared up almost immediately at a congressional hearing reviewing the Bellevue's company's proposed merger with Sprint.
          UnitedHealthcare will expand a drug discount program aimed at lowering consumer costs      Cache   Translate Page      

Pharmaceutical companies and insurers have come under scrutiny by the Trump administration and members of Congress, and have struggled to show that they are doing something to address high drug prices.
          Carper releases statement on Trump's proposed fiscal 2020 budget      Cache   Translate Page      
Sen. Tom Carper released a statement March 11 regarding President Donald Trump’s budget request for fiscal 2020."Every president is entitled to lay out his or her priorities for the coming year and request that Congress fund those priorities. However, in a democracy such as ours, an executive’s budget request is just that: a request. Ultimately, members on both sides of the aisle in Congress must work together to find agreement on which priorities will be funded and at [...]
          Federation of Cuban Women’s Congress Put into Context      Cache   Translate Page      
With it recently being International Women’s Day (March 8th) and the Federation of Cuban Women holding their 10th Congress, it’s worth asking ourselves what this body actually does.It’s just that I live here in Cuba and I haven’t picked up on the FMC’s activism in decades.
          Congress re-introduces bill to enhance IoT cybersecurity      Cache   Translate Page      

IoT - Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives unveiled legislation March 11 to set baseline cybersecurity standards for connected devices the federal government uses. 1. The Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act would add security regulation recommendations from the National Institute of Standards and Technology for the federal government to follow. 2. There [...]

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          A Plea for Paid Family Leave      Cache   Translate Page      
Elizabethe Schroeder

A few weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my two-year-old wailing. She was afraid and uncomfortable, having vomited in her bed and woken herself up. She reached for me, her sweet face looking pitiful and streaked with tears. As soon as she was bathed and comforted and sheets were changed, I fired off an email to my boss: “Won’t be in today—sick kid. See you tomorrow.” As I hit send, an ugly, uncharitable thought crept its way into my brain: this is one less day I’ll have at home with the new baby.

Though I hadn’t told anyone yet, I was newly pregnant with our second child. For weeks, since the day I saw that little blue plus sign appear, I had been working and reworking some complicated math problems in my head; ones that are recognizable to too many working families. If I don’t take any vacation days, and if I don’t get sick more than twice, I can probably get to twelve weeks.  What if Isla gets sick? What if there are complications with my pregnancy? How much unpaid time could I take, if I needed to?

I would venture a guess that my family’s financial situation is familiar to many of you. We can always pay our bills on time and put food on the table. We can treat ourselves to the occasional movie or dinner out. Most months, but not all, we put a modest amount in savings. And yet, we take none of this for granted. The loss of a single paycheck would have a real and immediate impact on our lives. Like so many families, taking more than a few days off without pay simply isn’t an option.

The truth is, we are luckier than most. We have two incomes and generous sick leave and vacation packages. My short term disability plan will provide a too-small portion of my salary for a few weeks. We have good credit and could take out a loan. We can get by and make it work, even if it’s hard.

But why, in one of the wealthiest nations in the world, should we settle for simply scraping by? And why, because some of us will be fine, should we turn our backs on those who won’t? Single mothers, low-wage earners, and those caring for ill or aging family members are being left behind at staggering fates.

We are a nation that proclaims to value children and families. And yet, we continue to fail catastrophically at putting our money where our mouth is. Most of us have heard the jarring fact that the U.S. is the only industrialized country with no national paid family leave. It’s alarming to hear; it’s different to live, particularly for those who don’t have the privilege or resources that families like mine do. For enormous numbers of our fellow citizens, lack of paid leave isn’t just an inconvenience. It’s harmful in dire and lasting ways. By refusing to recognize federal paid leave as an urgent need, here’s what we’re really doing.


One in four mothers are forced to return to work less than 10 days after giving birth, a statistic that has major implications for maternal and infant health. While the U.S. has the world’s largest economy, we also have among the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the industrialized world. Black mothers and infants are even worse off, with mortality rates 2.4 and 3 times higher, respectively. It doesn’t have to be this way. According to economist Christopher Ruhm, 10 weeks of paid leave could reduce infant mortality by as much as 10 percent. Additional research links longer maternity leave with lower rates of maternal depression, higher rates of immunizations, and longer periods of breastfeeding.


Women are largely underrepresented in leadership positions, and are still paid less than their male counterparts. Equal and accessible paid family leave has been proven to increase women’s participation in the workplace and close the pay gap. It also allows women who choose to, to stay in the workplace. When Google increased paid parental leave, the number of new mothers who resigned was cut in half.


Parents who are forced to return to work soon after giving birth are also forced to make another gut-wrenching decision—to place their children in inadequate, poorly staffed, and unlicensed childcare facilities. In the first months of life, infants’ brains grow at an astounding pace, and responsive, nurturing caregivers are crucial. Research shows that young children denied stable, positive relationships with caregivers are more likely to experience behavioral problems that can persist into adulthood.

So what can we do about this? We’re on the cusp of a major shift in how we view family leave. Once seen as a women’s issue, 84 percent of Americans now believe that paid family leave matters.

Political leaders from both sides of the aisle have also expressed support for a federal paid leave program in some form. Last week, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-Connecticut) reintroduced the Family Act, which would provide workers up to 12 weeks of paid leave at 66 percent of their salary. The Family Act would be funded by employee and employer payroll contributions of two cents per $10. In other words, we could fund partially-paid family leave for full-time workers at a cost of only $2 a week. While the act is unlikely to pass in its current form, voicing our support for it is critical. Telling your Senator of member of Congress that paid leave is important to you is one of the simplest, most important actions we can take.

(Find Your Represenative Here)

Even without a federal paid leave program, employers have the opportunity to help close the gap. If your workplace is one of the majority that does not offer paid family leave, ask why! Advocacy group PL+US offers free, helpful resources for approaching the conversation with your organization’s HR department or senior leadership. People nationwide are pushing back on outdated workplace policies, and it’s working. In 2018, 20 companies introduced new paid leave policies.

My daughter’s stomach bug was, fortunately, short-lived. Within a couple of days, she was back to her happy, energetic self, playing with her friends at preschool. My husband and I were back at work.

But still, I continue to worry every single day. I worry about our own family—after all, one medical emergency could wipe out our paid sick leave for the year. Mostly, though, I worry about the country as a whole, and the damage we are continuing to inflict by neglecting this moral and economic emergency.

We don’t have to accept too-short, cobbled-together leave, economic anxiety, and compromised health as the status quo. Like all significant policy change, it will be slow and difficult, but the well-being of our children and families is worth it.

Written by Elizabeth Schroeder

Elizabeth spends her days working in the marketing department of a sustainability-focused nonprofit. Outside of work, she is a dessert lover, bookworm, sometimes yogi, and recovering coffee addict. Currently, Elizabeth is a member of the Emerge Wisconsin class of 2019. Most importantly, she is a mom to a sweet and stubborn two-year-old daughter. Elizabeth was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, where she still lives happily, despite all the snow.


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          Top #5Actions of the Past Week: March 8, 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

It's been another busy week, and we're ready for the weekend. But first: can you make sure to check off of our most urgent actions from this past week? From telling the Senate to stop Trump's power grab, to sharing your story about the importance of quality and affordable childcare, your voice is needed. And our top #5Actions list makes it easy for you to be heard! Just scroll down, take any actions you missed this week, and head into the weekend feeling like the star you are. (Be a super shining star by sharing this list with friends and family, too!)  

Here are the top #5Actions from the past week => 

1. Call Your U.S. Senator NOW: The U.S. Senate is about to vote this week on whether to stop President Trump’s power grab

BACKGROUND: The U.S. Senate will vote any day on whether to stop President Trump’s misuse of national emergency powers to secure funding for his harmful wall. This unconstitutional power grab is a step toward unchecked authoritarianism and we need EVERYONE to speak outHere's a reminder of what's going on: In a nonsensical tantrum, President Trump declared a fake national emergency in order to secure funding for his harmful wall after he failed to pressure Congress to give it to him. Our nation’s moms will not sit by as the President recklessly misuses emergency powers to waste our tax dollars and undermine our democracy. What’s the best way to stop a tantrum? Call in the MOMS!

Bonus action: Make sure you've signed our petition, too! 


2. Tell Congress: Protect Pregnant Women!

BACKGROUND: The United States should be a country that values families and the lives of pregnant women. Yet between December 2017 and April 2018, ICE has detained more than 500 pregnant women under policy directives from the Trump administration that removes protections for pregnant women in immigration detention. Last week, the Washington Post reported that a pregnant woman went into premature labor and delivered a stillborn baby while she was in custody at an ICE facility in Texas. This is inhumane and unacceptable! Demand Congress protect the basic human rights of women and children and ensure all immigrants are treated with compassion, dignity and respect!


3. Write a Letter to the Editor to Demand High-Quality, Affordable Childcare!

BACKGROUND: Families can’t afford to pay any more for childcare than they already do while early childhood professionals are already paid impossibly low wages. As a nation we can (and must) do better. Join us in writing a letter to the editor of your local paper to urge elected leaders to take BIG steps to ensuring all families have access to affordable, high-quality childcare by supporting the Child Care for Working Families Act! Members of Congress and their staff pay close attention to letters to the editor in local newspapers as a way to gauge the opinions of constituents. Your voice is needed to let your elected leaders know that families back in their home state are standing up, taking notice, and are expecting them to put an end to the childcare crisis by co-sponsoring the Child Care for Working Families Act – a comprehensive solution that would expand access to affordable, high-quality childcare for families while improving compensation and training for the childcare workforce


4. Tell Congress to Support Working Family Tax Credits!

BACKGROUND: The U.S. Congress needs to reject the Trump-GOP Tax Plan and pass policies that we know work. We need tax policies that boost working families, instead of mega-corporations. Lucky for us, leaders in Congress are starting to put together proposals that will help our families and even the playing field in our upside-down, only-benefiting-the 1% tax code. Strengthening and improving the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit is the type of tax policies our working families need NOW! *SIGN our letter to the U.S. Congress telling them to strengthen tax credits for working families, like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit, and repeal the Trump-GOP Tax Scam!


5. Help MomsRising Take our #GunSafety Fight to the U.S. Senate

BACKGROUND: Earlier this month, on the 25th anniversary of the landmark Brady Bill requiring background checks on some handgun sales, the U.S. House finally passed H.R. 8, legislation that would require background checks on virtually all gun sales. Recently, the House also voted to close the Charleston loophole, tightening existing background checks. But we still have a long way to go - these bills still need to make it through the rest of Congress. Can you chip in $5 to help us take this fight for gun safety to the U.S. Senate? Thank you!  


MomsRising member Jessica traveled to DC from Pennsylvania (while 8 months pregnant!) to speak at the American Family Act introduction. This important piece of legislation would make key improvements to the Child Tax Credit helping more working families, especially those with young children under 6. Thank you Senator Michael Bennet, Senator Sherrod Brown, Representative Rosa DeLauro and Congresswoman Suzan DelBene for introducing this bill. And THANK YOU Jessica for sharing your story and being a super mom! Be sure to sign our letter calling on Congress to pass improvements to the Child Tax Credit!

Have a great weekend, and thank you for all you do! 


          CRS, humanitarian agencies urge Congress to protect international aid      Cache   Translate Page      
A senior Catholic Relief Services official urged Congress to modestly increase the U.S. international affairs budget in a time of mass displacement and crises that cause hunger and inadequate health care.
          Boeing a major lobbying player on Capitol Hill      Cache   Translate Page      
Boeing, one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers, also is one of the biggest players in the Washington influence game -- spending millions to lobby Congress and the executive branch each year.

          'It's up to Congress to assert leadership': House bills target Putin      Cache   Translate Page      

The legislation demands accountability for the slaying of a Russian opposition leader and calls for investigations of Russian President's finances
          HQs e Memes que circulam no Facebook sobre a Reforma da Previdência no Brasil      Cache   Translate Page      

Abaixo destacamos algumas (dentre inúmeras) HQs e Memes que circulam no Facebook (principalmente) a respeito da Reforma da Previdência que, obviamente, se aprovada pelo Congresso, dificultará a aposentadoria do trabalhador brasileiro, extinguindo direitos e perspectivas. Ao passo que mantém intocável os privilégios dos membros das forças armadas, dos políticos e dos componentes do sistema de justiça.

Além da questão da Reforma da Previdência, diversos outros temas "edificam" o governo federal, tais como o esquema de políticos laranjas envolvendo o partido do presidente; as fake news predominam tal qual na campanha; a incompetência de gestão do próprio presidente e de uma meia dúzia (ou mais) de ministros; o pacote "anticrime" de Moro, aliviando na cara de pau, o caixa 2 dos seus comparsas; o envolvimento nefasto dos filhos do presidente, nos mais diversos assuntos; dentre outros temas... O que não se tem no governo até o momento, são propostas para a melhoria da situação do povo brasileiro, em seus diversos aspectos: educação, saúde, segurança, transporte, transparência, ciência e tecnologia, agronegócio etc.


E já para antecipar a nossa próxima proposta de postagem, que tal falarmos somente do laranjal, em Memes e HQs divertidas?

* Meme: são imagens, vídeos e GIFs (Meme de Internet);
* HQs: Histórias em Quadrinhos.

          Medicare For All      Cache   Translate Page      
The top 5 drug manufacturers made more $50 billion in profits in just one year. Meanwhile, 1 in 5 Americans can't afford their prescription medicines. It's time we rein in the greed of the pharmaceutical manufacturers. It's time for Medicare for All.

Health Care Service Corp. made $4.1 billion in profits last year.

They paid $0 in federal income taxes and instead got a $1.7 billion tax refund.

Our job: institute a health care system designed to keep people well, not to make health insurance companies rich.

  1. The people who say that Medicare for All is too expensive should talk to the 42 percent of new cancer patients who’ve lost their entire life savings within two years due to the cost of treatment.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for Tuesday:

Tuesday, March 12, 2019.  The Iraq War continues -- and Tulsi Gabbard brings some reality to late night TV.

  1. At debut rally, Priyanka attacks government on PM Modi's home turf  Times of India
  2. CWC meet in PM’s turf to set alliance strategy  The Hindu
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  4. "Ajit Doval's 'Clean Chit' To Masood Azhar": Congress Digs Out Interview  NDTV News
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          Mamata Reserves 41% Lok Sabha Seats For Women; Drops Hints of Campaigning Against Modi in Varanasi - News18      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Mamata Reserves 41% Lok Sabha Seats For Women; Drops Hints of Campaigning Against Modi in Varanasi  News18
  2. Expelled Trinamool Lawmaker Joins BJP As Mamata Banerjee Names Her 42  NDTV News
  3. Lok Sabha polls 2019: Mamata springs surprises, fields leading Tollywood actress for Jadavpur  Times of India
  4. Opinion | The poll schedule is bad news for Mamata Banerjee
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          AAP in Talks With Breakaway SAD Outfit for Alliance in Punjab, Says Arvind Kejriwal - News18      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. AAP in Talks With Breakaway SAD Outfit for Alliance in Punjab, Says Arvind Kejriwal  News18
  2. People expected ‘lafda’ from BJP, either mandir or India-Pakistan, says Kejriwal  The Indian Express
  3. Call Centre Employees Hired To Inform About Voter Deletion Harassed: AAP  NDTV News
  4. Election Tracker LIVE: Where are the 2 Crore Jobs, Asks Priyanka Gandhi in Maiden Rally After Joining Politics  News18
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          Manmohan Singh not contesting from Amritsar, no Congress-AAP alliance in Punjab: Amarinder - Hindustan Times      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Manmohan Singh not contesting from Amritsar, no Congress-AAP alliance in Punjab: Amarinder  Hindustan Times
  2. Manmohan not contesting from Amritsar, no Congress-AAP alliance in Punjab: Amarinder  Times of India
  3. Former PM Manmohan Singh Won't Contest Lok Sabha Polls: Amarinder Singh  NDTV News
  4. Capt wrests nationalism narrative, BJP in dilemma  The Tribune India
  5. Manmohan Singh Was Never Interested in Contesting LS Elections From Punjab: Amarinder Singh  News18
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          Mayawati Brings Curtain Down on Mahagathbandhan, Says No Alliance With Congress in Any State - News18      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Mayawati Brings Curtain Down on Mahagathbandhan, Says No Alliance With Congress in Any State  News18
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          Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan Faces An Angry Congress      Cache   Translate Page      
Wells Fargo and Company CEO Timothy Sloan testifies before the House Financial Services Committee in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill March 12, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)CEO Tim Sloan's contentious hearing in front of the House Financial Services committee indicates that Wells Fargo isn't out of the dog house yet.
          U.S. Congress invites pharmacy benefit managers to third drug pricing hearing      Cache   Translate Page      
The U.S. Senate Finance Committee has invited executives from five pharmacy benefit managers to testify on April 3 on the rising costs of prescription medicines, in Congress's latest effort to question industry officials directly over an issue voters consistently cite as a top concern.

          Report: Justice Department Probing North Carolina Election Fraud      Cache   Translate Page      

The troubles are not yet over for Republicans in North Carolina’s 9th District, where state election officials nullified the 2018 midterm results and called for a new election after finding evidence that the GOP congressional candidate’s campaign engaged in rampant election fraud. In fact, the problems for those North Carolina Republicans may just be getting started — because […]

The post Report: Justice Department Probing North Carolina Election Fraud appeared first on The National Memo.

          Senate Committee Advocates FAFSA Reforms      Cache   Translate Page      
Sen. Lamar Alexander plans to once again push his colleagues in Congress to simplify the FAFSA process as part of the Higher Education Act reauthorization.
          Guatemalan General Election Brings Two Gay Men Fighting For LGBT Rights      Cache   Translate Page      

Two gay men are running for Congress in the country of Guatemala.

General elections are happening in Guatemala this year, and the political race is rampant with conversation about corruption in the executive branch. In addition, rampant poverty has forced several citizens to emigrate out of the country.

Plus, a new bill called Initiative 5272 was introduced to the country’s Congress in an attempt to “protect the institution of marriage between a man and a woman, freedom of conscience and expression and the right of parents to guide their children in the area of sexuality.” 

In midst of all this, two gay men are running for open seatw in Congress, according to the Washington Blade.

Aldo Dávila is the executive director of a Guatemala City-based HIV/AIDS Service group called Asociación Gente Positiva. Now, he’s running for Congress as a member of the Winaq Movement, which is a leftist party made by Nobel Peace prize winner Rigoberta Menchú.

Joining him in the race is Otto René Félix who's a member of the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG) party. The party was first a guerilla movement that then became an official political party in 1998.

With the general election on the way, both men have expressed their desire to fight Initiative 5272 and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric in the legislative branch.

“There are many laws at this moment that are violating our rights,” Dávila said to the Washington Blade.

“There is a lot of social inequality in Guatemala,” Félix added.

Felix shares that there’s many LGBTQ citizens who have no access to health care or employment because of bias and discrimination based on sexual orientation. But the two men want to create change within their country.

“I think it is important that we begin to start to be in places where we can make decisions,” said Dávila.

h/t: The Washington Blade

          Anxiety Is Growing In Congress Over How Much Power A President Can Wield      Cache   Translate Page      
Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit

          Comment on support the wall? by morganB      Cache   Translate Page      
The Trump beat goes on. His minions are quick to defend his position by saying Trump is for "border security" when he continually focuses on the wall and not technology. He just turned over his budget to the congress that has a projection of $4 Trillion. The contingency is that the economy will grow. If it does not Medicare will be plundered.
          Datagate: Europarlamento, se Washington ci spia niente trattato di libero commercio       Cache   Translate Page      

    di  .  Scritto  il  14 marzo 2014  alle  6:00.

STRASBURGO – Niente trattato di libero commercio fra Unione europea e Stati Uniti se gli americani non la smetteranno di spiare illegalmente gli alleati europei. E da subito, sospensione degli accordi esistenti sul trasferimento dei dati dei cittadini Ue agli Stati Uniti, finché Washington non avrà dimostrato coi fatti che la Nsa non intercetta più qualsiasi comunicazione in Europa, con la scusa della lotta al terrorismo.germaniamerkel
Il Parlamento europeo mercoledì 12 marzo a Strasburgo ha lanciato un segnale durissimo contro le cattive abitudini americane in fatti di spionaggio, rivelate dalla “talpa” Edward Snowden. Con 544 voti a favore, 78 contrari e 60 astenuti, l’assemblea ha approvato una risoluzione che chiede in sostanza il blocco dei trattati esistenti con gli Usa in materia di trasferimento dei dati e lo stop della trattativa per l’accordo di libero scambio fra le due sponde dell’Oceano (Ttip).
Il voto è arrivato al termine di una indagine di sei mesi sulle attività della Nsa in Europa condotta dalla Commissione dell’europarlamento sulle libertà civili. La risoluzione approvata da un’assemblea in scadenza è un atto simbolico, rivolto soprattutto al parlamento che verrà. Ma lancia anche un segnale chiaro agli alleati americani: l’Europa è pronta a mettere ostacoli al negoziato per l’accordo di libero scambio, se Washington non si darà un freno in materia di intelligence.
“Le rivelazioni di Snowden ci hanno dato la possibilità di reagire – ha detto il relatore Claude Moraes, britannico del gruppo socialista -. Spero che trasformeremo quelle reazioni in qualcosa di positivo e duraturo nel prossimo mandato del Parlamento, in una legislazione sulla protezione dei dati di cui tutti possiamo essere orgogliosi. Neanche il Congresso degli Stati Uniti ha condotto un’inchiesta”.
Nella risoluzione approvata a Strasburgo, si legge che il consenso del Parlamento all’accordo finale sul commercio e gli investimenti (Ttip) con gli Stati Uniti “potrebbe essere minacciato fino a quando la coltre delle attività della sorveglianza di massa, le intercettazioni delle comunicazioni nelle istituzioni dell’Ue e le rappresentanze diplomatiche non saranno completamente fermate”. Il Parlamento dovrebbe rifiutare il suo consenso all’accordo Ttip finché non siano pienamente rispettati i diritti fondamentali Ue. La protezione dei dati inoltre dovrebbe essere esclusa dai negoziati commerciali.
I deputati hanno chiesto “l’immediata sospensione” dei principi sulla privacy del Safe Harbour (norme volontarie di protezione dei dati per aziende extra Ue sul trasferimento di dati personali di cittadini europei negli Stati Uniti). Questi principi “non provvedono a un’adeguata protezione dei cittadini europei”, affermano i deputati. Agli Stati Uniti viene chiesto di “proporre nuove regole per il trasferimento dei dati personali che soddisfino i requisiti Ue”.guardiansnowden
Secondo la risoluzione approvata, anche il programma finanziario di controllo del terrorismo (Tftp), ovvero il trasferimento agli Usa di informazioni bancarie sui cittadini europei, dovrebbe essere sospeso finché le accuse nei confronti delle autorità statunitensi di accesso a dati bancari dei cittadini europei fuori dal contratto siano chiarite.
La risoluzione chiede un “Programma europeo di protezione informatori”, che tuteli i “pentiti” come Snowden che rischiano la vita o pene pesantissime per rivelare gli abusi. I deputati invitano gli Stati membri a esaminare la possibilità di concedere agli informatori (“whistleblowers”) protezione internazionale.
Infine, la risoluzione chiede “un nuovo corso digitale” nella Ue e auspica che l’Europa sviluppi una propria cloud e soluzioni IT, includendo tecnologie di sicurezza informatica e crittografia per assicurare un alto livello di protezione dei dati.
          CEO Says Wells Fargo Has Transformed After Scandals; Lawmakers Are Skeptical       Cache   Translate Page      

Wells Fargo has undergone a radical transformation since it was mired in scandals that resulted in billions of dollars in penalties and fines, the bank's CEO, Tim Sloan, told lawmakers Tuesday.

But House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters, D-Calif., did not appear to believe him. She called Wells Fargo "a recidivist financial institution."

"Wells Fargo's ongoing lawlessness and failure to right the ship suggests the bank — with approximately $1.9 trillion in assets and serving one in three U.S. households is simply too big to manage," Waters said.

Sloan faced hours of aggressive questioning from both Republicans and Democrats. They cast doubt on his claim that the bank had reformed since being caught opening fraudulent accounts and overcharging for mortgage and auto loans. They also pressed Sloan to account for a recent report that unethical practices persist with the bank's debt collection and mortgage origination.

In his opening remarks, Sloan said his company has done away with high-pressure product sales targets that encouraged workers to open unauthorized accounts. The bank has also shaken up its board of directors and improved wages and benefits for its workers, Sloan said. He thanked lawmakers for letting him discuss "the progress we are making as we work to become the most customer-focused, efficient and innovative Wells Fargo ever."

Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., asked the executive how many federal consent orders exist against the company: 14.

"Each time a new scandal breaks, Wells Fargo promises to get to the bottom of it," McHenry said. "It promises to make sure it doesn't happen again. But then a few months later, we hear about another case of dishonest sales practices or gross mismanagement."

It's been nearly three years since the unauthorized accounts scandal broke, when NPR and other outlets reported bankers had created deposit and credit card accounts for customers without their knowledge. Sloan said Tuesday that an audit revealed as many as 3.5 million unauthorized accounts had been opened.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ordered Wells Fargo to pay $185 million in penalties and fines in 2016 for creating those unwanted accounts.

Sloan said the bank has made amends. He said it had made contact with some 40 million customers and had paid tens of millions of dollars in restitution.

California Democrat Brad Sherman had a specific question for Sloan regarding that process:

"Are you going to use your clever arbitration provisions, applicable to an account they never signed up for, in order to keep them out of court, if that's what they decide they want?" Sherman asked.

"Congressman, our remediation for customers who were impacted by retail sales practices is extensive and comprehensive," Sloan answered.

"And you refuse to let people go to court," Sherman countered.

In another case, last year, the CFPB imposed a $1 billion fine against Wells Fargo for overcharging customers for mortgages and auto loans.

In August 2018, Wells Fargo agreed to pay a $2 billion civil penalty to settle allegations the bank originated and sold mortgage loans that included false information in the years leading up to the financial crisis.

As Sloan spoke, screens mounted on the committee walls projected excerpts from an article published Saturday in The New York Times; it revealed that debt collectors working for Wells Fargo in Des Moines, Iowa, were tasked with making 33 calls an hour and recouping some $40,000 in unpaid debts over the course of a month. Workers told reporters the goals were unattainable, similar to the ambitious sales targets that had driven Wells Fargo workers to open unauthorized accounts in the past.

"The sales incentives have changed, not disappeared," the Times wrote, citing current and former employees.

Asked about the report, Sloan said it was "inaccurate."

Sloan spoke as his bank remains under an unusual Federal Reserve measure imposed last year to restrict its growth. The Fed said at the time that the company will be barred from expanding beyond its asset size in 2017, "until the firm makes sufficient improvements."

The broad, bipartisan censure may provide a clue about future hearings by the House Financial Services Committee planned for other bank CEOs. Waters, who took control of the committee after Democrats won the House in the 2018 midterms, has pledged to more closely examine large banks. Sloan is expected to return to the committee to testify in April, as are heads of JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, according to The Wall Street Journal. Waters' office did not confirm the report.

On Tuesday, Sloan claimed Wells Fargo customers and workers were responding well to changes in the bank.

"Our customer experience and loyalty survey results are now at their highest levels in the past 2 1/2 years," he said.

Stephen Beck, founder of the CG42 management consulting firm that advises banks among other industries, said a study conducted by his company belies that claim. The firm surveyed U.S. banking customers in late 2018. Beck said Wells Fargo customers were the most likely to abandon their bank.

"Their vulnerability is profound," Beck said of Wells Fargo customers. "One of the many critical frustrations ... is the dishonest, unethical and illegal practices they've engaged in."

Still, Beck doubted the House hearing would lead to more drastic penalties on Wells Fargo, like breaking up the bank.

"You could say it was a rough day for Mr. Sloan," Beck said. "But when you think about the wide range of issues they've had over the course of the last few years, and when you think about the relatively modest penalties they've received and the relatively modest changes they've made in light of those challenges. ... At the end of the day, these are just words."

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          Anxiety Is Growing In Congress Over How Much Power A President Can Wield       Cache   Translate Page      
Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit

          Wells Fargo "too big to manage," lawmaker tells CEO      Cache   Translate Page      
Bank chief Tim Sloan grilled in congressional hearing to examine his company's record of consumer abuses

          Members of Congress renew call to combat maternal mortality with "Momma Act"      Cache   Translate Page      
Members of Congress are renewing their efforts to prevent women from dying during pregnancies and childbirth. Rep. Robin Kelly (D-IL), who introduced the "Momma Act" Tuesday, as well as Dr. Lisa Hollier, the president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, join "Red & Blue" to discuss

          Democrats debate Pelosi's comments that she is against impeaching Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
Democrats Tuesday were forced to pick sides after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was against impeaching President Trump. CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes joins CBSN to discuss the Democrats' dilemma.

          Dems split on impeachment      Cache   Translate Page      
A heated debate has broken out among Democrats in Congress, one day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi all but ruled out pursing impeachment of the president. Nancy Cordes has the latest.

          Wells Fargo CEO grilled by legislators during hearing      Cache   Translate Page      
Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan told Congress the nation's fourth-largest bank has cleaned up its act after years of scandals. But members of both parties weren't buying it. Anna Werner reports.

          Fox News Condemns Host’s Comments About Ilhan Omar      Cache   Translate Page      
Host Jeannine Pirro said Omar may not support the US Constitution because she wears a hijab. (MEE) — Fox News has condemned recent comments by host Jeannine Pirro about US Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, which prompted accusations of racism and Islamophobia, as well as calls for Pirro to resign, over the weekend. Pirro, host of the Fox News show […]
          'An incoherent document': Trump proposes record budget      Cache   Translate Page      
On Monday, the president sent Congress a $4.75T budget plan calling for increased military spending and sharp cuts to domestic programs like education and environmental protection for the 2020 fiscal year. Reuters Jeff Mason joins Morning Joe to discuss.
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The U.S. Senate Finance Committee has invited executives from five pharmacy benefit managers to testify on April 3 on the rising costs of prescription medicines, in Congress's latest effort to question industry officials directly over an issue voters c...
          Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is better-known by Americans than the highest-ranking House Republican and some of Trump's most important cabinet members      Cache   Translate Page      

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.Jim Bennett/Getty Images

  • New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is better-known than most of the highest-ranking lawmakers and most powerful cabinet secretaries in Washington, according to a new INSIDER poll. 
  • After just over two months in office, Ocasio-Cortez is more than 15 times as well-known as the longest-serving congressional Republican, Rep. Don Young. 
  • Among top lawmakers in Washington polled by INSIDER, just three — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — are more well-known than Ocasio-Cortez. 

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is better-known than some of the highest-ranking lawmakers and most powerful cabinet secretaries in Washington, according to a new INSIDER poll conducted on SurveyMonkey audience this past weekend.

Nearly 53% of Americans said they're familiar with the 29-year-old democratic socialist — more than twice the number who are familiar with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the top-ranking House Republican. 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

NOW WATCH: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being praised for her line of questioning at Michael Cohen's hearing — watch it here

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          Roman Shorthand: Tironian Notes      Cache   Translate Page      
I have accepted that I must simply work at improving my reading knowledge of German. This shouldn't be impossible since I once studied German and spent one summer with a family near Tübingen. However, no polished German translations are about to turn up here under my authourship.

This is the first 20 words of Psalm 12:6-7 * in Tironian notes. The best resource that I have found so far on Tironian notes is Boge's Griechische Tachygraphie and this site with images of a manuscript by Karl Eberhard Henke. This will keep me busy for a while.

Tironian Notes are attributed to Tiro, who worked for Cicero. The National Court Reporters Assocation has a great article on The History of Shorthand By Anita Kreitzman. Here is the section on Roman shorthand.

"Shorthand in ancient Rome seems to have appeared as early as 200 B.C. with the poet Quintas Ennius, who devised a system of 1,100 signs. But it was not until Plutarch in 63 B.C. that definite and indisputable evidence of the use of shorthand is recorded. He writes of the debate on the Catilinian conspiracy that was recorded in shorthand in the Roman Senate as the famous orator Cicero expounded his views.

It is interesting that Cicero was indirectly responsible for the method of shorthand devised by Tiro. Tiro was a slave of Rome and had been granted his freedom by Marcus Tullius Cicero. Upon becoming a freedman he adopted the first two names of his master and thereafter was known as Marcus Tullius Tiro. Highly educated, "he then became Cicero's secretary and confidant," and as such had the opportunity and fortunately the intelligence and skill to invent a system of shorthand that was to be used in the Roman Senate and as a basis for future shorthand systems. Initially, his system involved abbreviations of the more popular words with the remainder of the text filled in from memory using context clues. Not a very accurate method, but Tiro continued to improve on his system by devising further abbreviations for common sentences and phrases used by the orators of the day. He is also credited with inventing the ampersand, which is still in use today.

In the Curia, as many as 40 shorthand writers were stationed in the different areas. They recorded what they could and their transcripts were then compared and compiled in order to record the complete orations of such greats as Cicero and Julius Caesar. Today, in our own Congress, a similar system is used except that the reporters work in relays.

Famous writers such as Horace, Livy, Ovid, Martial, Pliny, Facitus and Suetonius make mention of shorthand in ancient Rome. Julius Caesar, himself, was proficient in shorthand. And to be proficient in shorthand was not an easy task.

The ancient Roman scribe did not have paper, pen, pencil or ink. How, then, did they record the events? The medium was a tablet with raised edges covered with a wax layer. As many as 20 such tablets could be fastened together to form a book. A stylus, similar to a pencil, was used for the actual writing. The point was ivory or steel, the other end flat in order to easily smooth the wax when the notes were no longer needed and a new tablet required. Ironically, it was with such instruments that Caesar was stabbed to death. Had Caesar the foresight to see his fate, perhaps he would not have pursued his interest in shorthand.

Others who demonstrated an avid interest in shorthand writing included Titus Vespasian Caesar, who was so skilled at shorthand that he participated in "contests for wagers and personally taught the art to his stepson," and Augustus Octavianus, an expert shorthand writer who "appointed three classes of stenographers for the imperial government." He considered the skill so important that he taught it to his grandchildren. And even Seneca, the great orator and philosopher, who became so fascinated with shorthand that he improved Tiro's system by adding several thousand abbreviations of his own."

Somehow I could not abreviate this article and extract the interesting parts - it is all too fascinating. I am off to study Karl Eberhard Henke.


Image is from "Du Charactère Sténographique de Toute Écriture." Yves Duhoux. Studia Minora Facultatis Philosophicae Universitatis Brunensis N 6-7, 2001-2002. Unfortunately Duhoux does not give the location for the Latin manuscript but it was also mentioned in M. Proux. 1910. Manuel de paléographie latine et française. Album. Paris.

Karl Eberhard Henke:Tironische Noten. MGH-Bibliothek Hs. B 16. Digitale Ed. [Manuskript ca. 1954] / Konzeption u. Bildbearbeitung: Arno Mentzel-Reuters

Boge, Hebert. Griechische Tachygraphie und Tironische Noten. 1973. Akademie Verlag. Berlin.
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Crowded is an understatement. Twenty-six candidates from four political parties lined up to seek the vacant 3rd U.S. Congressional District seat in a July 9 special election
( Published Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 @ 10:07 pm )

          Time Line - Healing from Unjust War      Cache   Translate Page      

They wanted war and lied to have it – The Mother Jones Time Line

January 20, 2001  - George W. Bush is Inagurated as President of the United States. We now know he was not legally elected.
February 3, 2001 - National Security Council (NSC) directed NSC staff to cooperate fully with the Energy Task Force as it considered the “melding” of two seemingly unrelated areas of policy:

The review of operational policies towards rogue states,” such as Iraq, and “actions regarding the capture of new and existing oil and gas fields”.
It is confirmed that these oil companies attending the meeting.  Officials from Exxon Mobil Corp., Conoco (before its merger with Phillips), Shell Oil Co. and BP America Inc. From:  Washingtons Blog and Washington Post.

Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts  Part One – Judicial Watch
Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts Part Two –  Judicial Watch

CNN interviews former Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neill, who says, "From the very beginning, there was a conviction that Saddam Hussein was a bad person and that he needed to go," O'Neill told CBS, according to excerpts released Saturday by the network. "For me, the notion of pre-emption, that the U.S. has the unilateral right to do whatever we decide to do, is a really huge leap."

September 11, 2001 – The World Trade Center in NY and the Pentagon are hit, sending shock waves around the Globe.  The world reaches out to American in sympathy. 

Published: Wednesday May 2, 2007

September 28, 2001 – Osama ben Laden catagorically denies having any part of the attack on NY and the Pentagon in an interview published in Ummat, a Pakistani daily published in Karachi on September 28, 2001. The interview was translated into English by the BBC World Monitoring Service and made public on September 29, 2001. 

During the interview ben Laden said, “I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people.  From: Global Research

Such a practice is forbidden ever in the course of a battle. It is the United States, which is perpetrating every maltreatment on women, children, and common people of other faiths, particularly the followers of Islam. All that is going on in Palestine for the last 11 months is sufficient to call the wrath of God upon the United States and Israel.”

October 7, 2001- The United States and a coalition force launch Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.   which, under Taliban control, had provided a safe haven for Osama bin Laden while he and other al-Qaeda leaders plotted attacks against the Western world. President Bush declares a war on terrorism and vows to hold states responsible for harboring terrorist organizations.4

October 8, 2001 - The Office of Homeland Security, later to become the Department of Homeland Security, is established.

October 9, 2001 - Letters containing anthrax were sent to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. 1   Both senators had been attempting to slow the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act. Just seven days before the incident, Leahy accused the Bush administration of reneging on an agreement on the bill. 2   9/11 Research   

October 26, 2001 – Patriot Act - President Bush signs into law the USA Patriot Act, which greatly expands domestic law enforcement capacity to conduct surveillance and wiretaps, increases presidential powers during a terrorist attack and tightens federal oversight of financial activities. Concerns soon arise over restriction of civil liberties.

November 8, 2001 - The New York Times and the PBS program “Frontline” report that an Iraqi defector, an army general, claims that the Iraqi military trained Arab fighters to hijack airplanes. These claims could not be substantiated and one of the defectors is later exposed by Mother Jones to be using a false identity. 

December 3, 2001 – Bush denounces Saddam Hussein as evil.

December 5, 2001 - Interim government placed in Afghanistan

December 9, 2001 The city of Kandaharis surrendered by the Taliban.  Osama ben Laden is traced to the Tora Bora caves. Al-Qaeda leaders continue hiding in the mountains, 
April 4, 2002 - “I made up my mind that Saddam needs to go.” - Bush
April 18, 2002 - Democratically elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is removed from power in a military coup. The Bush Administration blames Chavez for his own downfall and recognizes the interim government of businessman Pedro Carmona. Officials from the Organization of American States tell the London Observer that the United States sanctioned the coup and that Carmona and his fellow plotters had been received at the White House by Bush's key Latin America policy maker. Carmona dissolves the Venezuelan congress and suspends the constitution. Governments across the Western Hemisphere condemn the coup. Chavez is reinstalled 48 hours later. Mother Jones Time Line

August 26, 2002 -  Dick Cheney publicly states, “Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.”
September 16, 2002 - Iraq agrees unconditionally to the return of inspectors. CNN

September 19, 2002 - Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri delivers a letter to the United Nations from Saddam Hussein stating that Iraq has no chemical, nuclear or biological weapons. CNN

October 1, 2002 - The United Nations and Iraq agree on terms they say are consistent with existing U.N. resolutions. The United States threatens to veto unless a U.S. resolution is approved that would allow military action for non-compliance by Iraq. CNN

November 1, 2002 - High-level CIA operatives stationed in the Middle East gather in London for a secret meeting. They are told war is inevitable, and just a few months away, according to James Risen's book, "State of War." Lie by Lie: The Mother Jones Iraq War Timeline

November 8, 2002 - The U.N. Security Council passes Resolution 1441. CNN

November 9, 2002 – An ordinary American becomes aware of events which point to a conspiracy for invasion.  “Articles appeared from NBCNewsthrough Associated Press, in the Daily Mail, and Washington Post,  reporting offers from Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq before the invasion began either weeks before the date of the invasion or within days of the beginning of hostilities. This is followed by a demand issued by George Bush that Saddam and his sons leave within 48 hours before the scheduled invasion. A letter to this effect was issued from the White House and remains online today.
If Saddam was willing to leave and be paid to do so we should have let him or just left him alone.  One Billion dollars is much less than we are in the hole for today. 
War is expensive in every way imaginable. Paying Saddam to leave struck me as the better choice. Then no war would be necessary and we could return to focusing on our own country and the many problems confronting us. Then,  I trusted the good judgement of those in government to see this. 
Saddam Hussein would leave, being paid as he exited. But I also expected an announcement which never came. This was an investigation of Bill and Hillary Clinton for entering into a dialog with Saddam the previous November and telling him no invasion was seriously planned. It was clear we were getting ready for war – why would the Clintons lie?
I saw the correspondence between Saddam and the Clintons only partially, but these included one or two of the ongoing emails between traveling from Sidney Blumenthal, to his son Max, and then to Uday Hussein. I was told by the person who had hacked Blumenthal's computer the previous summer that Saddam was negotiating through this backdoor so he could leave Iraq and be paid for doing so. The hacker was my daughter.  I found out when she forwarded me a draft chapter of the book Blumenthal was then writing.  I advised her to stop - but she felt justified because Blumenthal had done the same to her earlier.  To told her to stop sending me his correspondence and the draft chapters of Sidney's book, "Clinton's War."
As for Saddam, leaving sounded like his best option.  But why would the Clintons tell him no invasion was imminent? You could tell it was going to happen.
As soon as I had realized what was happening, that shocking day in November, 2002, I informed someone well known to me at the CIA expecting any necessary action would be taken. The Clintons with Blumenthal, I believed, were acting without the knowledge of the White House.
Now, it appeared I had been very mistaken in trusting anyone within the U.S. Government.
It now appears this unexpected breech in a confidential back door had revealed information already well known to the Bush Administration. The assurances delivered by the Clinton via the Blumenthals, father and son, were orchestrated to lull Saddam into believing a deal had been cut, apparently. The only problem was the existence of a few people who had blundered into the scene playing out. That would be myself, the hacker-daughter, and two other people we had trusted with the information.
Now, we know the Bushes and Clintons were friendly after the end of the Clinton Administration. Hillary was receiving generous donations from Bush's 'Associates,'   If Saddam thought they had the power to negotiate he probably had reasons for believing this was authorized.
The stories about Saddam leaving and being paid were cover to stall any statement by Saddam, inconvenient to the Bush Administration and overwhelm any possible action on his part before the invasion began.
This is why these four additional names are included.  If they helped Bush they are also guilty.” 

November 13, 2002 - Iraq delivers a letter to U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, accepting the terms set forth in resolution 1441. CNN

November 27, 2002 - Inspections resume in Iraq. CNN

December 7, 2002 - Iraq submits a 12,000 page report on its WMD programs. CNN

January 16, 2003 - Inspectors discover 12 chemical warheads, 11 of them empty, at the Ukhaider ammunition storage area. CNN

January 20, 2003 - After two days of negotiation, Hans Blix, Mohamed ElBaradei, and Iraqi officials reach an agreement about Iraqi cooperation and concessions regarding the inspections. CNN

February 5, 2003 - Secretary of State Colin Powell briefs the U.N. Security Council on inspections. He presents evidence that the United States says proves Iraq has misled inspectors and hid proscribed weapons and equipment. CNN

February 14, 2003 - Blix and ElBaradei brief the U.N. Security Council. Blix reports that the inspectors have not yet found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Blix also reports that Iraq is in violation of U.N. resolutions concerning its al Samoud 2 missile program. CNN

February 19, 2003 - Inspectors visit the Ibn al Haytham factory northwest of Baghdad and tag 32 al Samoud II missiles. CNN

February 27, 2003 - Iraq agrees to destroy the country's al Samoud II missile stock. However, the letter doesn't specify a date that the missile destruction will begin.

March 10, 2003 - It is revealed that Iraq possesses drone aircraft that could have been used to launch a chemical or biological attack against other countries. The plane has a wingspan of 24 feet five inches, which suggests that it could fly further than 150km/93 miles, which is the limit imposed by U.N. resolutions.

March 16, 2003 – Dick Cheney publicly states,  “And we believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons.”  Statement made just three days before the invasion.
March 18, 2003 - Inspectors withdraw from Iraq.

March 20, 2003 – Bush announces the start of a war against Iraq. Allied forces begin the campaign with strikes on military targets, including an attempt to kill Saddam Hussein.

April 9, 2003 - Saddam Hussein's rule collapses in a matter of hours as much of Baghdad comes under American control. Across much of the capital, Iraqis take to the streets to topple statues of Mr. Hussein, loot government ministries and interrogation centers, and give a cheering, often tearful welcome to advancing American troops. 

Published: Wednesday May 2, 2007
“According to NBC's chief Pentagon correspondent, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said that his "interest is to hit Saddam Hussein" just hours after the attacks on September 11, 2001, "even though all indications pointed at al-Qaida as the guilty party," a Rhode Island newspaper reports.
At the annual Business Expo at the Rhode Island Convention Center Tuesday, NBC's Jim Miklaszewski "advanced a theme garnering attention since former CIA director George J. Tenet made his public revelations last week," writes Tom Mooney for the Providence Journal.
"Some things are right on the mark, when he says the Bush administration appeared predisposed to attack Iraq," Miklaszewski says of Tenet's book At the Center of the Storm.”

Quote from Dick Cheney from RightWeb  - “During the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, for example, he said that there was “no doubt” that the Saddam Hussein regime had “weapons of mass destruction” and predicted that Iraqis would greet U.S. troops as “liberators.” In 2005, Cheney insisted that the Iraqi insurgency was in its final stages. Faced with criticism for his mistaken views, Cheney has been unrepentant, arguing in July 2014: “I look back on it now, [the invasion of Iraq] was absolutely the right thing to do.”[1]

Letter from Washington   February 16, 2004 Issue

What did the Vice-President do for Halliburton?
By Jane Mayer
The list of cronies and how they used war for their own benefit is frightening.  The asserted, self-serving meme that America is, according to daughter, Elizabeth Cheney, “We know that America is the exceptional nation, and that there is no substitute for American leadership around the world.”[4]  is a chilling reminder of the  constructed reality these people have built, which allows them to ignore the swimming pools of blood draining from their victims. 

As the Invasion forces from America left, for what proved to be a temporary hiatus, the oil companies who had signed on with Cheney before 9/11 remained to steal the natural resource of this devestated nation.  Aljezeera - Western oil firms remain as US exits Iraq

          Huge Win in Senate: Oil and Gas Industry's Attempt to Gut Methane Rules Fails      Cache   Translate Page      
From:  EcoWatch

by EarthJustice 

In a win Wednesday for oil and gas-patch communities and taxpayers, a procedural vote failed in the Senate, preventing a Congressional Review Act resolution from nullifying the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Methane Waste Rule. The vote to proceed to debate on the resolution failed, 49–51. This rule is a common sense standard to limit wasteful methane pollution from oil and gas operations on public lands.
The Congressional Review Act is a controversial and anti-democratic tactic that anti-environmental extremists in Congress attempted to use to push this pro-polluter agenda item forward.
"Just when we thought all hope was lost, common sense prevailed today in the United States Congress," Jessica Ennis, Earthjustice senior legislative representative, said.
"By preserving this win-win rule that protects public health and saves taxpayers money at the same time, Congress is managing to slowly rebuild its credibility as an institution that can serve as a check against powerful corporate interests."  MORE

          Regulation Freedom Update      Cache   Translate Page      
By a 2-1 Margin of 27-13 the Kansas Senate on March 30 passed Majority Leader Jim Denning's Resolution, HCR 5003, urging Congress to propose the Regulation Freedom Amendment to require that Congress approve major new federal regulations.

The Resolution's support includes:

Kansas Chamber..United for Business
Kansas Automobile Dealers Association
Kansas Bankers Association
Kansas Building Industry Association
Kansas Farm Bureau (KGFA))
Kansas Grain and Feed Association
Kansas Cooperative Council (KCC)
Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association (KARA)

The KS House voted 93-29 on Feb. 15 for the same Resolution sponsored by Rep. Steven Johnson.

23 Legislative Chambers have now passed Resolutions urging Congress to propose the Regulation Freedom Amendment.

Just as states helped force Congress to propose the Bill of Rights, pressure from the states could help force Congress to permanently curb federal regulators and preserve the regulatory reforms of the current Administration.

As we search for issues that can unite supporters of limited government, the cause of permanently ending "regulation without representation" could be one of the decisive issues of 2018.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more, please contact me.

Roman Buhler
The Madison Coalition
202 255 5000

          这个英国小哥自拍了一段萌萌哒视频解读两会      Cache   Translate Page      

It is known among Chinese people as “Liǎnghuì”, which means the “two sessions”, the National People’s Congress (or NPC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).
          Should House Impeach Trump If He Launches Unconstitutional Wars?      Cache   Translate Page      

by Andrew Kreig

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 02:26 AM PST

U.S. House members should pledge to impeach the incoming President Trump if he starts any new wars in office without first comply with the U.S. Constitution’s requirement of a congressional declaration of war, according a non-partisan civic group that announced its plan last week.

Charles W. "Chas" Freeman