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In September, I decided that it was time to take a break from client work. I would focus 100% of my time on my freelancing app, Cushion, and hopefully reach a point where I could live off its income.

One week later, however, I received an email from Gabe Flateman, CTO and co-founder of Casper. If you live in New York, you’re probably well aware of Casper because their subway ads are everywhere. In short, Casper is a mattress startup with emphasis on quality, affordability, and customer support.

Casper subway ads by Red Antler & Tomi Um

Typically, I would’ve stuck to the plan of going clientless, but Casper is an enticing client—I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to at least chat. If anything, this would allow me to work full-time on Cushion for even longer.

I met with Gabe and he filled me in on their plan to start offering pillows and sheets along with their signature mattress (not my typical client). To announce their new products, they needed a fancy new homepage.

I’ve worked on a few animated websites in the past, and that’s exactly how Gabe found me. These websites are fun because they give me the chance to experiment. I also do my best work under the pressure of their challenges and countless unknowns, like whether the website is even possible.

“Dream Sandwich” sketch from Alex Malkin, Digital Experience Director at Red Antler

Gabe told me about their “Dream Sandwich” concept, designed by the creative studio, JaegerSloan. The bed would separate in mid-air and each product would float up the page as the user scrolls. Then, the products would float back down and land as a complete bed.

We discussed possible approaches, like scrubbing through a video or swapping out still images. Video is easy, but sacrifices quality and control. Stills are more flexible and higher quality, but at the cost of file size. Regardless of the direction we took, it was clear that this would be a real challenge.

I had experience animating with still images from my work on the FiftyThree Pencil page, where a hand holding a Pencil rotates as the user scrolls. That, however, was only a small section of the page using only a dozen images. The Casper website, on the other hand, would potentially be hundreds of hi-res images spanning the entire window.

FiftyThree Pencil website

The countless challenges raced through my mind as Gabe and I chatted—file size, performance, file size, image quality, file size, deadline. I could’ve walked away, but after brainstorming and talking through all the obstacles, I felt invested in the website—I wanted to be the one to make this special.

I accepted the gig.

I need to constantly remind myself of how fortunate I am to attract this caliber of client, and more importantly, that building websites even counts as a profession—let alone a valuable one. At any time, tides could shift and the industry could take a nosedive. It sounds far-fetched, but I was once a skilled Flash developer.

Gabe sent me a CodePen prototype they made for scrubbing a video with the scrollbar. CodePen and other web-based IDEs were completely foreign to me, so this was a first. I forked Casper’s prototype and added friction to make the scrubbing smoother. I was blown away by how easy it was to set up and share iterations. So much, in fact, that I decided to use it for the rest of the project.

Iterations in CodePen

These websites tend to go through dozens of iterations, so CodePen was the perfect tool for me to quickly make changes and get instant feedback from Casper. Whenever we decided to go in a different direction, I would simply fork the latest prototype and move on. This left me with shareable save points that I could easily link to.

After considering all of the potential issues with video, like aspect ratio and browser compatibility, we decided to ditch that approach. This was definitely for the best because if we were to discover a deal-breaker after shooting the video, we would be in a really sticky situation. By using still images, we would at least have some outs if anything went south.

The Gazelle camera crane photographing the Casper mattress

JaegerSloan was smart and shot each product individually—this gave us more control over scaling and positioning. They used a Gazelle camera crane on a green screen, which provided us with a smooth series of angles that we could select from. If I learned anything throughout this project, it’s that Casper does not mess around when it comes to big ideas.

With a tight deadline and no readily available assets, I had to make the most of my time. While JaegerSloan worked on touching up the images, I started coding a prototype using colored blocks as placeholders. This allowed me to focus on the timing, positioning, and feel of the animation before even thinking about actual images.

A prototype using colored blocks as placeholders

A few days later, JaegerSloan provided us with draft images for picking which frames we would need for the final animation. Because of the tight deadline, we didn’t have the luxury of touching up every single image from the photoshoot. And because of the concern with file size, we needed to know the frame rate that would require the fewest number of images while still feeling smooth.

With the FiftyThree page, I was able to keep it simple by loading a dozen images individually. With Casper, however, I’m dealing with hundreds of images, so the number of requests became a big concern as well.

Instead of loading images one-by-one, we needed to use sprite sheets—combining every frame of a product as one image. If we have 5 products on the page, the browser would only need to load 5 images with 100 frames versus 500 single-frame images. The file size would also be much lower because the images within the sprite sheet could share colors.

A sprite sheet of Casper sheets

I wrote a script that takes a folder of images, compiles them into a sprite sheet, and optimizes the sheet to save even more on file size. The result is a single image and a CSS file of the background positions of the frames within the sprite sheet. In the Javscript, I simply change the class name of an element to display the correct frame.

The code I used to control the positioning and timing of the animation is step-based, similar to the system I wrote for Dropbox’s Carousel website. Each step has a duration and an array of items to animate. And each item has start/end values for each property (x, y, etc). The current step is detected based on the scroll position. The items then animate based on the scroll position within the current step. Everything is based on relative percentages, so if a specific step needs to be shortened or lengthened, I can increase the duration of that step and the animation will adjust itself.

A prototype using draft images

Now that we were using draft images instead of colored blocks, I was able to get a much better sense of the animation’s feel. It was exciting to see everything coming together—even as a draft. I tweaked the timing and positioning to smooth out the rough spots and shared the new prototype with Casper.

When we received the final images from JaegerSloan, it felt like Christmas. I had been working with the draft images for so long that I forgot that they were drafts—my brain learned to ignore their rough edges and color. Once I swapped out the drafts for the retouched images, everything instantly felt like a real webpage—no longer a prototype.

A prototype using final images

While I worked on the website, the Casper QA team performed user tests with each major iteration I sent them, rather than launching and hoping for the best. With the final images in place, they were able to discover a few difficult truths.

  • Users weren’t connecting with the room
  • Users didn’t realize that Casper was announcing pillows and sheets
  • Users thought Casper was introducing pajamas

With two weeks remaining before launch, these results were hard to swallow. We had to make some big changes, but fortunately, not all was lost. To make the room feel more relatable, Casper brought back the hero image with one of their lifestyle photos. This provided a more realistic image of a bedroom with more emphasis on the announcement copy. Instead of distracting the user with an animation right off-the-bat, the still image would give them time to digest the copy and realize that Casper now has sheets and pillows.

The rest of the page, including the animation, was more up-in-the-air at this point. Casper’s Director of Design, Huy Vu, and Senior Designer, Jarrod Barretto, focused on a new design. It would reuse the elements of the animation, but ditch the idea of the step-based animation.

A sketch of the new direction

After the hero, the user would see the separated “Dream Sandwich” with buttons linking to each product. They would then scroll through the individual products before hitting the rest of the page. As the products move up the page, they would “rotate” with the scroll to create the illusion of 3D perspective.

I started on the new prototype and was blown away by how much code I was able to remove. I treated each section of the page as a self-contained block with its own scroll percentage. The items would move up the page like normal HTML elements, but the “rotation” would be determined by their independent position on the page. This approach cut the code to roughly 30 lines, down from over 600.

The final iteration

The final design immediately felt more like a webpage than any of the previous iterations, and I find the design much more effective than a complex animation—it doesn’t hijack the scroll or move elements against the grain of the page. If the user scrolls quickly from top to bottom, they might not even notice the rotating products, but once they do, it will wow them even more.

I spent the last week before launch moving the code from Codepen into Casper’s repo. Joseph Cortwabi, one of Casper’s front-end engineers, worked closely with Jarrod to fine-tune the hero across screen resolutions and orientations while Kei Sato, another front-end engineer, helped with the shop modules at the bottom of the page.

In the final hours, Betty Liao, Casper’s Digital Project Manager, tested a gnarly iOS7 bug for me while I attempted to blindly fix it (without the device). A few stressful minutes later, I merged my final pull request and called it a night. Casper launched the next day.

In the end, I’m thrilled with how everything turned out. The homepage fits that perfect balance between subtle and special without going overboard with animations. I had a blast working with the team and witnessing them build the rest of the website around my small contribution. I look forward to watching Casper grow, and I hope to hear from them again when they inevitably launch pajamas.

You can see the Casper homepage here.

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Some of the key responsibilities include the capability to serve as a project engineer, address HVAC design, commercial plumbing design, pump systems, piping...
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson became the network’s star after Bill O’Reilly fell from grace as sexual harassment and misconduct allegations emerged (and re-emerged) against him. But now, after Media Matters uncovered a slew of disturbing comments from Carlson made in the last decade or ...

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Decent Devil - Disturbing Movies (5 movies items)

          Live streaming Atlanta - LA Lakers tv watch      Cache   Translate Page      

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          Cast of Idris Elba’s DJ show partied during Ibiza filming, says Angela Griffin      Cache   Translate Page      
The Luther actor took the cast and crew out clubbing during their time on the White Isle.
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Responds to inquiries and processing incoming calls and orders. Receives, processes and verifies the accuracy of orders from customers....
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In the Sensex pack, Bharti Airtel was the top performer, surging 4.61%. Other gainers included ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, L & T, Sun Pharma, RIL, HDFC duo, Tata Motors and M & M -- climbing up to 3.69%.
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          Look: Lil Pump Turns Up W/ Disturbing Drug Addict Chain, Lean & Blunt Pic      Cache   Translate Page      
Lil Pump

Florida rapper Lil Pump is sending out some ill messages – literally. The hip-hop star hit up Instagram Tuesday to flex his riches with an iced-out “Drug Addict” chain, Nike sneakers and more. Wait – so it's cool to be a drug addict? Huh? What? Come again? smh… @lilpump #SOHHNews — SOHH (@sohh) March […]

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          Cast of Idris Elba’s DJ show partied during Ibiza filming, says Angela Griffin      Cache   Translate Page      
The Luther actor took the cast and crew out clubbing during their time on the White Isle.
          Bing Ads brings 3D ads to Search with Samsung      Cache   Translate Page      
Users can interact with the desktop ad format to inspect product features and details.

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

          Global Residential Construction Industry Guide 2013-2022 Market Report; Launched via      Cache   Translate Page has announced the addition of “Residential Construction Global Industry Guide 2013-2022” research report to their website

Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2019 -- Global Residential Construction industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: sector size (value 2013-17, and forecast to 2022). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the sector.

Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the global residential construction sector. Includes sector size data, textual and graphical analysis of sector growth trends and leading companies.

key Highlights
- The residential construction market is defined as the value of work put in place annually for residential buildings. This includes apartments, houses, and similar buildings, but not hotels etc. Market value includes new build and also renovations and repair; it includes construction of buildings and also preparatory work and completion (demolition, site preparation, electrical and plumbing installation, etc).
- All currency conversions were carried out at constant average annual 2017 exchange rates.
- The global residential construction sector had total revenues of $3,175.1bn in 2017, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% between 2013 and 2017.
- The Asia-Pacific region made up 57% of global revenues in 2017, followed by Europe with 21.3% and the US with 16.7%. Strong growth in the US has driven the performance of the global sector.
- Construction activities in the Asia-Pacific region - which accounted for more than half of the global industry - have boosted the value of global construction.

- Save time carrying out entry-level research by identifying the size, growth, and leading players in the global residential construction sector
- Use the Five Forces analysis to determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of the global residential construction sector
- Leading company profiles reveal details of key residential construction sector players' global operations and financial performance
- Add weight to presentations and pitches by understanding the future growth prospects of the global residential construction sector with five year forecasts

Reasons to buy
- What was the size of the global residential construction sector by value in 2017?
- What will be the size of the global residential construction sector in 2022?
- What factors are affecting the strength of competition in the global residential construction sector?
- How has the sector performed over the last five years?
- How large is the global residential construction sector in relation to its regional counterparts?

Spanning over 337 pages "Residential Construction Global Industry Guide 2013-2022" report covers Executive Summary, Introduction, Market value forecast, Category segmentation, Geography segmentation, Global Residential Construction, Market Overview, Market Segmentation, Five forces analysis, Market outlook, Company Profiles, Appendix.

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          The gripping, numbing Combat Obscura detonates fantasies of military heroism      Cache   Translate Page      

Miles Lagoze, a former combat cameraman for the U.S. Marine Corps, opens his war documentary Combat Obscura with a revealing statement of method: “We filmed what they wanted, but then we kept shooting.” As the official videographer of the 6th Marine Regiment’s 1st Battalion in Afghanistan, he was responsible for…


          Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin arrested in largest-ever college admissions cheating scam      Cache   Translate Page      
The alleged scheme involved parents bribing coaches and administrators in order to secure their children's entrance into elite universities.
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          Boeing Grounded: Tracking Global Response to 737 Max Crash      Cache   Translate Page      
The number of countries and airlines grounding the 737 Max is climbing steadily following the second deadly accident in five months, even as U.S. regulators and several prominent carriers stand by the embattled Boeing Co. aircraft.
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plumbing san joseIt is constantly feasible for us to confront plumbing related issues in our home so the main inquiry we have to know is the manner by which to gain the administrations of a decent talented handyman. As we probably am aware a Plumber is the individual that can settle the majority of the issues which can emerge in your day by day life yet there are a few things that you have to know before procuring the administrations of a talented handyman. Here are some pipes related actualities which you have to know so you can locate a decent Licensed … Read More

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Kilkenny woman Margaret O’Brien spoke to KCLR Live about how her husband, Simon, was stabbed in an unprovoked attack at Market Cross in the city in 2016. The man who attacked Margaret’s husband was found not guilty by reason of insanity… she explains how Ger Dowling had walked into the Dept of Psychiatry in St …

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          Cast of Idris Elba’s DJ show partied during Ibiza filming, says Angela Griffin      Cache   Translate Page      
The Luther actor took the cast and crew out clubbing during their time on the White Isle.
          Tenet Healthcare Corp (THC) VMA Climbing Over Past 7 Bars - Richland Standard      Cache   Translate Page      
Tenet Healthcare Corp (THC) VMA Climbing Over Past 7 Bars  Richland Standard

Tenet Healthcare Corp (THC) shares have been sparking interest of late as the volume moving average (VMA) has climbed steadily over the past seven bars.

          Pernah Jadi Lokasi Syuting Film, Ini Spot Instagenic di Pantai Punaga Takalar      Cache   Translate Page      
Berdiri di tebing alaminya akan membuat pengunjung merasa seperti Zainuddin yang menatap cakrawala sebelum merantau ke tanah Minang.
          The US plans to restrict sales of candy-flavored e-cigs at convenience stores before the top FDA leader leaves office      Cache   Translate Page      


  • The US Food and Drug Administration will soon announce broad restrictions on where flavored e-cigarettes are sold.
  • FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told Business Insider he is "100% certain" that it will be settled before he leaves the job in a few weeks. Gottlieb gave notice this month that he's resigning to spend more time with his family. 
  • The change "will effectively mean that they're not going to be sold in convenience stores in the way they're being sold right now," Gottlieb said. 

The US Food and Drug Administration will soon announce broad restrictions on where flavored e-cigarettes are sold, in an effort to prevent young people from taking up vaping.

The crackdown is intended to combat the surge in popularity of vaping devices like Juul among the under-18 crowd, and will be finalized before FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb steps down in the next few weeks, he told Business Insider during an interview about his departure from the post. He also hinted at "some other changes" aimed at curbing youth vaping. 

The change "will effectively mean that they're not going to be sold in convenience stores in the way they're being sold right now," Gottlieb told Business Insider. He didn't provide additional details on the plan.

"It's something that I will get settled before I leave the position," Gottlieb said. "I'm 100% certain that I'll get this settled before I leave."

The idea was first proposed in mid-November of last year, and Bloomberg News previously reported that the FDA would officially propose limits on sales of some flavored e-cigarettes this week. The original proposal would not affect flavors like tobacco, mint or menthol, in an effort to keep them available for adult smokers who may be trying to quit. 

Juul, an e-cigarette startup that is now partially owned by Marlboro maker Altria, banned retail sales of its fruit, creme, and mango flavors last fall, just before the FDA announced its intention to crack down on flavored e-cigarettes. The flavors are still available online, where customers have to verify that they are 21 or over.

In November, FDA also proposed the idea of banning menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars, which research suggests can also be a common on-ramp to smoking.

Gottlieb, who is a father of three, announced his resignation last week, saying he wanted to spend more time with his young family. He gave a month's notice. 

Advocates worried that Gottlieb's departure could undo progress on public health issues like youth vaping. E-cigarettes are seen as a way that young people get addicted to nicotine.

But Gottlieb told Business Insider on Tuesday that he was "very confident" that restriction on where e-cigarettes are sold would get out. 

He said he was also "very confident we’re going to be making some other changes to address the youth epidemic of e-cigarettes."

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          Cast of Idris Elba’s DJ show partied during Ibiza filming, says Angela Griffin      Cache   Translate Page      
The Luther actor took the cast and crew out clubbing during their time on the White Isle.
          Asbestos has been found in Claire's eye shadow, highlighting a disturbing 'black hole' in beauty-product safety      Cache   Translate Page      

dangers of putting on makeup

  • The US Food and Drug Administration barely regulates the cosmetics industry: just 11 ingredients are forbidden in cosmetic products in the US. In Europe, more than 1,300 compounds are barred. 
  • The retail chain Claire's came under fire last week after asbestos, a known cancer causer, was found in eye shadow and foundation sold there. 
  • But experts say the Claire's discovery is part a larger issue: the US beauty industry is not subject to many rules, and some of the ingredients makeup-makers use could make people sick. 

Dr. Shruthi Mahalingaiah used to love shopping at Sephora. She bought so much makeup, she said, that she even got "little random gifts" with her purchases.

"I had drawers full of makeup, all sorts of makeup," Mahalingaiah told Business Insider.

But today, she no longer sets foot in the store. Ever since she started studying the health effects that chemicals in cosmetics can have on people, Mahalingaiah — a gynecologist at Boston Medical Center — has paired her former beauty routine way down. 

"Cosmetic molecules used in the shine or luminescence are often derivatives of PFAS and PFOAs," Mahalingaiah said. 

These chemicals are endocrine disruptors, which mans they can subtly change how our bodies work by shifting the way our hormones operate. Such hormone disruptors have been linked to metabolism issues, low sperm counts in men, and early menopause in women. They can also do long-term damage to a developing fetus, subtly reducing a baby's brain power and upping the odds of a premature birth.

PFAS chemicals are not the only problematic ingredients in makeup: Asbestos, a known cancer-causer, was found in Claire's eye shadows and face powder last week.

"It wasn't surprising to me, because there's no regulation," Mahalingaiah said. 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to use the three Claire's products that tested positive for asbestos, but the agency has said it "does not have authority to mandate a recall."

On Tuesday, however, outgoing FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced that Claire's is complying with the FDA's voluntary recall request.

claire's voluntary recall

But Leo Trasande, a public-health expert from NYU's Langone Health network, thinks the FDA could do a lot more to communicate the health risks of cosmetics to the public and test for dangerous compounds in makeup products.

"This is quite late in the game for FDA to rush out and insist that this is a problem," Trasande, who recently wrote a book on endocrine-disrupting chemicals, told Business Insider.  "They've known that this is a problem for some time. There is no level of asbestos that is safe." 

The US hasn't enacted new cosmetics regulation in over 80 years

The US law that regulates cosmetics — the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act — hasn't changed since it was enacted in 1938. While Europe has banned over 1,300 chemicals from the products for sale there, the US forbids just 11. Congress wrote drafts of new cosmetic rules in 2011 and 2018, but neither set was enacted.

Today, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are once again discussing the potential health risks from products we're putting on our lips, eyes, and bodies. 

"Cosmetics have largely fallen into a regulatory black hole," Scott Faber, the senior vice president of government affairs at the Environmental Working Group, said in sworn testimony before the House Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy on Tuesday. "Cosmetics manufacturers do not have to register with FDA, do not have to report ingredients, do not have to report adverse events."

This is different from how the FDA treats drugs, medical devices, and food. 

beauty products dangerous chemicals

The lack of regulation essentially means that manufacturers of makeup, shampoo, lotion, and other personal-care products in the US can put almost anything they want into those items, including compounds known to raise cancer risk, like coal tar, formaldehyde, and lead

To make matters murkier, producers are permitted to label their products with ingredients like "fragrance" or "parfum" instead of disclosing the specific chemicals that make up those elements of a product, since those formulations are considered trade secrets. So fragranced beauty products could easily contain a toxic compound without consumers ever knowing. 

How much toxin is too much?

chemicals in makeup

Because cosmetics are designed to make people attractive to others, they often mimic one of nature's best-known phenomena: the glow women get when pregnant.

"Thick eyelashes, thick eyebrows, flushed cheeks, big lips, all of this happens under the effects of estrogen," Mahalingaiah said, adding, "it might be the effect a person putting on the makeup might want, but through a pathway that's maybe not the healthiest." 

Scientists know that exposure to asbestos raises a person's cancer risk, but the effects of the hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be found in makeup aren't as clear. Researchers are still trying to figure out, for example, how compounds in anti-aging products bind to the estrogen receptors in our bodies. But there are signs that women who use more cosmetics may see health consequences like early menopause, more hot flashes, painful cases of endometriosis, and long-term damage to their DNA, which can lead to cancer

"Why do we always need to look fertile and pregnant?" Mahalingaiah asked. 

Beyonce Pregnant

Research on endocrine disruptors also suggests that the chemicals could subtly slow down people's metabolisms and contribute to chronic health issues like obesity and infertility, even in small doses. This is true for people of all ages and sexes, including unborn babies.

Take phthalates, for example: the ingredients that keep products like shampoo fresh.

"Phthalates disrupt the function of the male sex hormone," Mahalingaiah said.

Studies show that men exposed to high concentrations of those chemicals in the womb can have lower testicular volume, less semen, and lower semen quality than other men. 

The best solution may be to simply use fewer products

Mahalingaiah said she recently performed an at-home urine test on herself, and found elevated concentrations of parabens (one of the most common estrogen-influencing ingredients in beauty products) in her body. She also found the sunscreen ingredient benzophenone-3 (BP-3), which can mess with the way hormones typically function.  

To the dismay of her three young daughters, Mahalingaiah said she threw away her 100-shade eyeshadow palettes, since PFAS chemicals are often used to make those cosmetics shimmer.

Mahalingaiah now recommends that any step in a person's beauty routine that isn't obviously beneficial to their health (like putting on sunscreen) should probably be re-examined. 

"My piece of advice would be thinking about why [people] think they need a lot of makeup," she said. "People are using makeup primers, and then base coats, and then these other coats, and then the spray that locks it all in."

sparkily makeup chemicals are dangers to health

Each additional product a person uses could raise the risk that their endocrine system gets disrupted, she said. Even so-called "natural" beauty products, which purport to have fewer fragrances and plasticizers than others, can still masquerade as a healthier alternative with largely the same ingredients.

"How much science do you need, when there are known carcinogens or toxicants, to make a choice to reduce exposure?" Mahalingaiah asked. "How much data do you need?" 

Still, she admits that she still falls for the shimmering, radiant formulations chemists have come up with on occasion.

"I haven't thrown everything out," Mahalingaiah said. "I just reduce the frequency of use." 

Trasande said he, too, has made changes in his home because of his research findings — he has thrown out etched and scratched kitchen plastics, and he tries to circulate more fresh air through his home to clear out toxins.

Trasande suggests consumers vet their own personal care products through a database like EWG's Skin Deep

Once you stop using endocrine-disrupting chemicals, studies suggest concentrations of them in your body can diminish quickly. A 2016 study of 100 14- to 18-year-old girls showed that when they stopped using personal-care products with ingredients like phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and BP-3, their urine concentrations of those chemicals dropped 27–45% in just three days.

Mahalingaiah said it's important for consumers to think about how to reduce their exposure: "What do you really need? Can you do with less?" she asked.

Making do with fewer products, of course, will also save you some cash.

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          Drug-price-comparison site GoodRx has quietly started listing startups that prescribe and ship pills alongside CVS and Walmart      Cache   Translate Page      


  • GoodRx, a website that helps consumers shop around for lower cash prices for their prescription drugs, quietly started offering online pharmacy options in its price comparisons.
  • GoodRx shows prices for your prescriptions at stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. Now, users might also see options to get their prescription through online healthcare startups like Hims or Roman, which can prescribe and ship medication to your door. 
  • The company is still experimenting with the model, but GoodRx CEO Doug Hirsh told Business Insider that the move has been popular so far. 

GoodRx, one of the oldest websites that lets people compare prices for prescription drugs, is adding in online upstarts to its list of prices. 

Alongside options to pick up prescriptions at pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart, people shopping around for lower cash prices for their medications via GoodRx may have started to see an option to get their prescription delivered by mail.

GoodRx CEO Doug Hirsch told Business Insider that the reason it added online options is to help consumer get a better picture of all the ways they can get their medicine.

"We spend a lot of time trying to decrease the cost of healthcare," Hirsch said. "But if someone can make available more convenient and affordable ways to get prescriptions, that’s music to our ears."

GoodRx is best known for its work pulling together cash prices for medications at different pharmacies so those who don't have insurance or have to pay high prices out of pocket can have a cheaper alternative. Three years ago, it started reaching out to some of the startups that are prescribing medications online to see if they could work together. As more startups have entered the market, the number of partnerships has grown. 

GoodRx's move to include online, mail-order pharmacies happening at a time when consumers are getting more and more used to shopping online for everyday items like groceries and clothes. In 2018, Amazon acquired online pharmacy PillPack, cementing itself in the market. At the same time, seemingly overnight a crop of companies have sprung up that can prescribe and mail you medications like birth control and Viagra, creating a market for people looking to get a particular medication without going to an in-person doctor's visit.

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Displayed alongside retail pharmacy prices, GoodRx users might see "mail order" options. For instance, a search for the generic form of Viagra in New York turns up three options at different price points, denoting which services can connect users to a doctor for a prescription. The idea is to present options side by side in a marketplace so consumers can make their own choices.

Screen Shot 2019 03 11 at 1.43.55 PM

Hirsch said GoodRx has been working with companies like Lemonaid, Nurx, Hims, Roman, HealthWarehouse,, and Truepill.

Read more: Meet the pharmacy quietly powering hot startups like Hims and Nurx that ship Viagra and birth control pills straight to your door

In some cases, the outside companies are able to prescribe medications by connecting patients to doctors, while in the cases of Truepill and, a prescription from an outside doctor is required. Truepill is the pharmacy that also powers many of the on-demand healthcare startups like Hims and Nurx.

While the program is still in the experimental phase, Hirsch said it's been catching on. 

"It's been very popular," Hirsch said. "We're driving traffic to each of these players now."

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          Meet the pharmacy quietly powering hot startups like Hims and Nurx that ship Viagra and birth-control pills straight to your door      Cache   Translate Page      

Truepill cofounders Umar Afridi and Sid Viswanathan

  • Meet Truepill, the pharmacy startup that has been quietly powering companies that prescribe and ship Viagra and birth control to customers' doors.
  • The startup, which describes itself as a "pharmacy API and fulfillment service," works with companies like Hims, Nurx, and Lemonaid by filling prescriptions and sending them out around the US.
  • With $14 million in funding from investors led by Alexis Ohanian's Initialized Capital, Truepill is plotting its international expansion.

Seemingly overnight, a crop of companies have sprung up that can prescribe and mail you medications like birth control and Viagra.

Each company has its own brand, its own website, and contracted doctors. But for many — including Lemonaid, the dermatology company YoDerm, Kick Health, Hims, and Nurx — there's a common thread: Their online pharmacies are powered by a little-known company called Truepill.

Founded by the pharmacist Umar Afridi and Sid Viswanathan, Truepill has quietly been gathering up pharmacy licenses across the US and amassing clients who have racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. Since getting its start in 2016, Truepill has filled 1 million prescriptions.

Last year, Truepill raised $14 million from investors led by Alexis Ohanian's Initialized Capital. On Tuesday the company is formally announcing the funding, saying it'll use the money to expand internationally with plans to add facilities in New York, the UK, Australia, and Canada in addition to its center in San Mateo, California.

Read more: Investors are betting $660 million that companies that ship Viagra and hair-loss pills to your door is the future of medicine — but some doctors are worried

Afridi, Truepill's CEO, spent a decade working in retail pharmacies. Along the way, he started keeping track of some of the inefficiencies he saw as he filled prescriptions. In some instances, he'd have to use a fax machine to get a prescription from a particular doctor, with it difficult to get that doctor on the phone to check and see whether patients could use a lower-cost alternative.

The experience got Afridi interested in figuring out whether he could build an on-demand pharmacy. Eventually, the idea led him to start working on Truepill with Viswanathan, who serves as the company's president. While still doing shifts at CVS, Afridi was studying to become licensed in states across the US and started filling his first prescriptions in October 2016, shipping to homes in California for startups like Nurx and YoDerm.

TruePill Facility

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Then in 2017, Afridi and Viswanathan joined the summer class of Y Combinator. Eventually, Afridi became licensed in more states and Truepill added more customers. The pharmacy is now licensed in 50 states.

A new kind of pharmacy

Viswanathan and Afridi don't consider Truepill an online pharmacy like PillPack, which Amazon acquired last year. Instead, they've coined the term "pharmacy API and fulfillment service." Truepill isn't trying to directly compete against retail pharmacies or other online pharmacies. Instead, it's the layer behind the scenes powering startups that are going the direct-to-consumer route by treating particular health conditions.

A company that uses Truepill can connect its website or app directly to Truepill's service. That way, when a patient is prescribed a medication like generic Viagra through the company's platform, the prescription gets sent over to Truepill. When a prescription comes in, Truepill fulfills it and ships it out that same day, Viswanathan said. The company can choose the speed of delivery based on how much it's willing to spend on shipping.

Read more: Trendy startup Hims wants to shake up men's health by prescribing generic Viagra online and is nearing a $1 billion valuation. But a move to relax guidelines has raised concerns among some of its doctor partners.

That company — which is charging the patient directly through its own site — pays Truepill for the cost of the prescription, the shipping, and then a service fee that's negotiated on top of that.

For startups looking to go directly to consumers by offering online doctor's visits and prescriptions that get sent to your door, Truepill isn't the only pharmacy option. Some startups have opted to build their own pharmacies, while others work with pharmacies similar to Truepill that have licenses to ship medication over the US.

The plan for Truepill's API and fulfillment service is to be as indispensable as Amazon Web Services is to companies. Because Truepill is focused on the pharmacy piece, the idea is that it might be able to get better rates for drugs based on volume and better shipping costs.

Eric Woersching, a general partner at Initialized, said that in addition to the size of the pharmacy industry (billions of prescriptions are written in the US every year), the firm was drawn to Truepill's API approach to pharmacy. 

"As engineers and hackers ourselves, we understand how powerful the APIs can be," Woersching said. He pointed to financial technology companies like Stripe and Plaid that have cemented themselves in the payments field, with successful companies built on top of their APIs. 

TruePill 16

The changing way Americans get prescriptions

The healthcare industry as a whole has been jockeying to stay competitive as companies realize that patients, used to the consumer experience they're getting from Amazon and Netflix, have higher expectations for their doctor's visit.

That's been a driving force behind megadeals like Amazon's acquisition of PillPack and CVS Health's merger with Aetna. On-demand, convenient healthcare options like urgent care and free-standing emergency rooms have gained in popularity too, as have same-day pharmacy delivery services like Capsule and Alto.

Read more: We got an exclusive look at the 2019 plans for Capsule, a pharmacy startup that could be Amazon's next takeover target and has plans to go national

Mailing out prescriptions isn't a particularly new phenomenon. Pharmacy benefit managers such as CVS Caremark and the Cigna-owned Express Scripts have been shipping medication to patients for years as an alternative to monthly visits to a pharmacy.

For now, Truepill is focused on pharmacy fulfillment for startups like Hims or Nurx that are going directly to consumers. Eventually, Afridi said, the plan is to enter other lines of business as well, potentially working with PBMs to serve as their online, mail-order service or by tapping into the $140 billion specialty pharmacy market.

Viswanathan said the conversations with PBMs had surprised both the incumbents and the Truepill team.

"It's shocking to think about this, but something as trivial as being able to provide a shipping-tracking URL is something breakthrough in the space," Viswanathan told Business Insider.

They're not the only piece of the pharma supply chain to be surprised by Truepill's model. Afridi said he provided a wholesaler an estimate of what volume of medication Truepill expected to dispense. But when Truepill hit that estimate, the wholesaler stopped supplying the pharmacy, convinced that Truepill couldn't possibly have filled that many prescriptions.

"We tend to very quickly outpace the volume of what our stage of pharmacy can do," Viswanathan said.

Truepill now works directly with drugmakers as well as the wholesaler to get its medications. Because Truepill is working with clients that are focused in specific disease areas, the pharmacy's volumes for drugs like generic Viagra or birth control can be much higher than a typical pharmacy would dispense.

As more and more prescriptions go online via a direct-to-consumer delivery model, Viswanathan said he's excited to be powering that with Truepill.

"There are so many things that can and will happen in telemedicine," Viswanathan said.

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          Ray Harryhausen Goes to Heaven      Cache   Translate Page      
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Selenite-blogging, essay 5 of 5 blog entries

on First Men in the Moon (1964)

Ray Harryhausen Goes to Heaven

Joseph Cavor (Lionel Jeffries) approaches the lunar staircase
in First Men in the Moon (1964).

“I had always intended the meeting with the Grand Lunar to be a spectacular scene and decided that a huge, almost never-ending staircase would give the scene a grandeur that would only be rivaled by A Matter of Life and Death (1946) in the history of film.”
Ray Harryhausen
An Animated Life

The celestial staircase in A Matter
of Life and Death
As the praise from Harryhausen would indicate, the production design of A Matter of Life and Death—particularly the celestial staircase—is sublime.  In A Matter of Life and Death, the moving staircase is the connecting link between the worlds of life and death.  It is a vast escalator in constant stately motion, lined by the statues of famous men.  In the film’s design, where the afterlife is black-and-white and the earthly scenes are in Technicolor, the stairs are black-and-white when ascending and color when descending.  Thus, this Jacob’s Ladder exists on the cusp of life and death.

Harryhausen’s challenge to himself was to create a lunar staircase for First Men in the Moon to rival the grand design that legendary producers Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger brought to A Matter of Life and Death.  The result is formidable—Harryhausen’s lunar staircase is not as ethereal as the Life and Death staircase but entirely appropriate for an alien monarchy.  Lined by impressive lunar crystals, the moons staircase proceeds upward in a series of four flights, cleverly combining miniatures and tricks of perspective to make the scale look enormous.

Lionel Jeffries as the brilliant Victorian scientist Joseph Cavor ascends the stairs alone, his character so delightfully delineated by the actor that he completely anchors the scene.  From beginning to end, Jeffries’ performance is witty and unpredictable.  His phrasing is deliciously staccato, swinging wildly between loveable insecurity and manic explosions.  And it’s not just a verbal performance but a physical one, too, that allows Jeffries to use the awkwardness of his gangly frame to eccentric advantage.

Cavor (Lionel Jeffries) inside the sphere in First Men in the Moon.

As the movie proceeds, it gradually becomes apparent that Cavor is our real hero.  He’s the heart and soul of the movie.

Above: Lionel Jeffries as
Joseph Cavor in First Men in the
.  Below: Ray Harryhausen.
So let’s look at him.  His bald head disguises his real age, which is surprisingly young—Jeffries was 38 in 1964, two years younger than Martha Hyer who was playing the heroine.  His smiles and guffaws are contagious, his delight expressed in unsuppressable childlike glee.  He radiates eccentric amiability, quirky and British to the core.

Did it occur to anyone during casting that this prematurely balding actor looks a bit like Ray Harryhausen?  They share the long forehead, the narrow face, and the intense gaze of the consummate professional practicing his craft.  And there’s something childlike about both of them, too, as if they’ve somehow managed to retain the enthusiasm of their youths.  Why, Jeffries is the British doppelganger of the beloved animator!

When Cavor ascends the staircase in First Men in the Moon, he is surrounded by one of the richest of Harryhausen’s dream landscapes, a Neverland of the artist’s imagination fueled by memories of the staircase to heaven in A Matter of Life and Death.  Now squint at the screen, look sideways, out of the corner of your eye, and discreetly replace Cavor with Harryhausen, ascending to sublimity surrounded by an awe-inspiring world of his imagination.

The look on Cavor’s face, dazzled and humbled and awestruck, reminds me of the recurring looks of wonderment in the movies of Steven Spielberg that filmmaker and critic Kevin B. Lee celebrated in his video essay The Spielberg Face.

In the video, the Spielberg Face is described as:

“Eyes open, staring in wordless wonder, in a moment where time stands still, but above all a childlike surrender in the act of watching, both theirs and ours.”
Kevin Lee
The Spielberg Face

When you’re climbing the staircase of unfettered imagination, it is the only appropriate face.  The Spielberg Face is the Cavor Face is the Harryhausen Face.

The moment exceeds every expectation.  Freeze frame on the Harryhausen Face.

Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and
Lionel Jeffries in First Men in the Moon.


Picture Ray on the grand staircase, ascending higher and higher, until he at last arrives at the celestial courtroom where he will be judged by a jury of his peers, among them Georges Melies, Wladyslaw Starewicz, John P. Fulton, Les Bowie, George Pal, Carlo Rambaldi, Stan Winston, Peter Ellenshaw, and Marcel Delgado.  As he enters, the deafening applause washes across heaven like waves as his friends and fans stand to welcome him.  Ray Bradbury smiles.  And his old friend and mentor Willis O’Brien, animator of King Kong, rushes forward to greet him.

The courtroom travels to earth via the celestial
staircase in A Matter of Life and Death.

Reference Sources
Into the Unknown: The Fantastic Life of Nigel Kneale by Andy Murray
Film Fantasy Scrapbook by Ray Harryhausen
Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life by Ray Harryhausen and Tony Dalton

... and a special thank you to the hosts of For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon: Ferdy on FilmsThis Island Rod, and Wonders in the Dark.


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          Thomas Merton and a Hedgehog on the Hero's Journey      Cache   Translate Page      

Trappist Blogging
in Honor of Thomas Merton's
100th Birthday:
Essay 5 of 6 on
"Fire Watch, July 4, 1952,"
the epilogue of 
The Sign of Jonas

Part One:  Fear of the Dark
In Yuri Norstein's enchanting animated short
Hedgehog in the Fog (1975), our hero ventures
into the fog drawn by a beautiful vision.  It is
a classic hero story, where the hero embarks
on a quest that leads to deeper self-knowledge.
Hedgehog in the Fog shares much in common
with Thomas Merton's "Fire Watch," where
Merton's solitary trek through the monastery
 leads to revelation.

Defying traditional expectations, Thomas Merton depicts the dark as spiritually good.  This is in the nature of a paradigm shift—and it’s not easy to cause a shift in anything as hidebound as a 2,000- year-old religion anchored to a set of ancient sacred texts.

In the very first paragraph of “Fire Watch, July 4, 1952,” Merton writes:

“You (God) have seen the morning and the night, and the night was better.”

Merton’s God blesses the darkness.  This is a concept that would seem to fly in the face of much scripture:

The hero's journey continues.
Top frame: The hedgehog sees a beautiful
vision of a white horse in the fog.  Middle
frame:  Unseen by the hedgehog, the horse
sniffs a leaf that that the hedgehog has
dropped.  Bottom frame:  Safely home, the
hedgehog is haunted by the vision of
the horse.  In "Fire Watch," Merton
pursues an unattainable intimacy,
yearning to receive answers from God
to his existential questions.
“And God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light.  And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.”  (Note:  Light good, dark bad.)
Genesis 1:3-4

“So Moses stretched out his hand toward heaven, and there was thick darkness in all the landof Egypt three days… but all the people of Israelhad light where they dwelt.”  (Note:  Light good, dark bad.)
Exodus 10:22-23

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.”  (Note:  Light good, dark bad.)
Isaiah 9:2

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”  (Note:  Light good, dark bad.)
John 1:5

“Let us then cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.”  (Note:  Light good, dark bad.)
Romans 13:12

While positive passages about darkness exist in the Bible, they are few and far between.  Negative views of darkness overwhelmingly predominate.

The hero's journey continues.
Wandering lost in the fog, hoping to see the
horse again, the hedgehog is frightened by
mysterious beasts of the night:  an owl, a
bat, and an elephant, dimly seen.  As he
wanders through the monastery at night,
Merton evokes a haunted house:  "Shadows
move everywhere... There are faint sounds
in the darkness, the empty choirstalls creak
and hidden boards mysteriously sigh."
But Merton saw through this darkness surrounding darkness to realize that the light-dark dichotomy was always intended as metaphor, and that sometimes metaphors must change with the times.  Darkness served as a favorite image in ancient times because it was universally known and feared.  Our contemporary fears of darkness are much milder by comparison.  If fear begins to seize us, we can simply flick on a light switch, performing our own, “Let there be light.”

When the books of the Bible were written, intense anxieties about the night, the darkness, and the wilderness were very real and reasonable. Communities banded close together to protect themselves from the dangers that lurked outside.  Assurances of safety dissolved when the sun sank below the horizon. The civilized space contracted.  People gathered together within known, familiar spaces... and they barred the doors.  The wilderness outside the city walls, home to dangerous animals and bandits, advanced closer in the darkness.  Any venture out into the dark carried considerable risk.  Better to wait inside for the night to pass and a new day to dawn.

A twentieth century man living in the first full century of electric illumination, Thomas Merton was open to finding new metaphors to express the old truths.  For him, the night was simply an unexplored space—like the terra incognita at the edge of an old map.  With less to fear, he was more aware that God was fully present in the dark, blessing the night just as he blessed the day.

At the close of “Fire Watch,” Merton prophetically speaks for God:

The Voice of God is heard in Paradise:
“What was vile has become precious.  What is now precious was never vile.  I have always known the vile as precious for what is vile I know not at all.”
“Fire Watch, July 4, 1952”
Thomas Merton

In the new metaphor, there’s nothing to fear in the dark.  The night assumes a new dignity, now recognized as precious before God.

The hero's journey continues.
Despite his fears, the hedgehog ultimately finds only kindness and
compassion in the fog.  Left: A dog (with very scary jaws) returns the
hedgehog's lost bag to him.  Right: When the hedgehog falls into a
stream, a fish offers him a ride back to safety.  In "Fire Watch,"
Merton writes that the animals in the wilderness outside the monastery
are misunderstood.  "That is why some people act as if the night and the
forest and the heat and the animals had in them something of contagion,
whereas the heat is holy and the animals are the children of God..."

The hero's journey at its most sublime.
Perhaps the most beautiful of all the images in Hedgehog in the Fog,
the hedgehog uses a firefly to light his way as he moves forward
through a cathedral of trees.  The world appears sacred.  In "Fire Watch,"
Thomas Merton writes:  "Now the huge chorus of living beings rises up
out of the world beneath my feet:  life singing in the watercourses,
throbbing in the creeks and the fields and the trees, choirs of millions
and millions of jumping and flying and creeping things.  And far above
me the cool sky opens upon the frozen distance of the stars."

Watch Hedgehog in the Fog...
Purchase the The Complete Works of Yuri Norstein DVD at Amazon or other vendor.
Purchase Masters of Russian Animation 2 DVD at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
Rent Masters of Russian Animation 2 at Netflix or other rental service.

Reference Source
The Sign of Jonas by Thomas Merton

Click here for the entire six-part Fire Watch series.

© 2015 Lee Price

          Thomas Merton and Vincent van Gogh Under the Stars      Cache   Translate Page      

Trappist Blogging
in Honor of Thomas Merton's
100th Birthday:
Essay 4 of 6 on
"Fire Watch, July 4, 1952,"
the epilogue of 
The Sign of Jonas

Thomas Merton’s spiritual embrace of the night sky in “Fire Watch, July 4, 1952,” the epilogue to his book The Sign of Jonas, puts me in mind of Vincent van Gogh’s celebrations of the night.

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells his disciples that the Kingdom of God is in their midst.  I like to think that when Thomas Merton and Vincent van Gogh looked up at the night sky, they saw the Kingdom in their midst, encompassing and challenging them.

Starry Night Over the Rhone, 1888,
by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890),
oil on canvas.
Musee d'Orsay.

Lane of Poplars at Sunset, 1884,
by Vincent van Gogh,
oil on canvas.
Kroller-Muller Museum.

The Old Tower at Dusk (1884)
by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890),
oil on canvas.
Private Collection.

Country Road in Provence by Night (1890)
by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890),
oil on canvas.
Kroller-Muller Museum.

Landscape with Wheat Sheaves and Rising Moon (1889)
by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890),
oil on canvas.
Kroller-Muller Museum.

Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum (1888)
by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890),
oil on canvas.
Kroller-Muller Museum.
Vincent van Gogh ran into a problem when he decided he wanted to paint the night sky, so much more visible in the town of Arles than it had been in well-lit Paris.  His subject turned out to be uncooperative.  Desiring to paint Impressionist-style, en plein air, Van Gogh set up his easel on a sidewalk, positioning himself under a gas light so he could see his paints.  But, naturally, the artificial light masked a thousand stars above, defeating his intention.  As a result, his first great nocturnal scene from Arles, Café Terrace on the Place du Forum, does a fine job of capturing the personality of the cafe but left him unsatisfied with its depiction of a starry night.

He kept trying, driven by love of art, nature, and a spiritual impulse that he couldn’t deny.  He wrote, “I have a terrible need of—shall I say the word?—religion.  Then I go out at night to paint the stars.”

Van Gogh wanted to capture the colors of the night in a new way that would shatter conventional depictions of a black sky with pinprick white stars.  He wrote to his brother Theo, describing the sky as he saw it during a nighttime walk along the seashore:

“The deep blue sky was flecked with clouds of a blue deeper than the fundamental blue of intense cobalt, and others of a clearer blue, like the blue whiteness of the Milky Way.  In the blue depth the stars were sparkling, greenish, yellow, white, pink, more brilliant, more emeralds, lapis lazuli, rubies, sapphires.”

I think Thomas Merton and Vincent van Gogh were kindred spirits.  Both were seized by strong religious yearnings while young and felt themselves called to a religious life.  Although personally dedicated to the Trappist traditions, Merton found that he continued to need artistic outlets, expressing his insights through prose and poetry.  He viewed his religion through the eyes of an artist.  In contrast, Van Gogh never found a religious base to call home.  Rejected in his ministerial calling, Van Gogh sublimated his essential religious nature into his art.

Thomas Merton embraced the night in “Fire Watch, July 4, 1952,” praising it as a gift of freedom:  “You have seen the morning and the night, and the night was better.”

Vincent van Gogh marveled at the night sky, witnessed a vision of vibrant cosmic creativity that he felt compelled to share, and he painted Starry Night.

Starry Night (1889)
by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890),
oil on canvas.
The Museum of Modern Art.

Reference Sources

Van Gogh: The Life by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith
The Sign of Jonas by Thomas Merton

Click here for the entire six-part Fire Watch series.

© 2015 Lee Price

          Thomas Merton and I Share a Fire Watch      Cache   Translate Page      

Trappist Blogging
in Honor of Thomas Merton's
100th Birthday:
Essay 1 of 6 on
"Fire Watch, July 4, 1952,"
the epilogue of 
The Sign of Jonas

Part One:  Thomas Merton, Writer

Thomas Merton would have turned 100 this coming Saturday (January 31, 2015).  I’d like to think he would have celebrated it in silence at his beloved monastery Gethsemane near Bardstown, Kentucky.  Maybe he would have ascended Gethsemane’s tower to look out again upon the world, as he described in this passage from the “Fire Watch” epilogue to his book The Sign of Jonas:

And now my whole being breathes the wind which blows through the belfry, and my hand is on the door through which I see the heavens.  The door swings out upon a vast sea of darkness and of prayer.  Will it come like this, the moment of my death?  Will You open a door upon the great forest and set my feet upon a ladder under the moon, and take me out among the stars?
“Fire Watch, July 4, 1952”
Thomas Merton

Unexpectedly, the door swung open for Merton just 16 years after he wrote “Fire Watch,” accidentally electrocuted while attending an interfaith conference in Bangkok, Thailand in 1968.

Two decades after his death, I began a slow yet steady exploration of his vast legacy of writings.  Most nights, there’s a Merton book by my bed.  In my better moments, I attempt to model my life on him.

Not that I’ve taken vows or adopted a habit of silence!  Celibacy’s not for me and I generally prefer to rise after the sun, not at 4 a.m. for prayers and hymns.  I don’t wear a robe to work.

Eadmer of Canterbury Writing,
Unknown, Flemish, Belgium,
about 1140-1150, tempera colors
gold paint, and ink on parchment,
7 x 4 1/2 in.,
Ms. Ludwig XI 6, fol. 44v
The J. Paul Getty Museum
But after more than twenty-five years of intermittent immersion in Merton’s often profound writings, I’ve become convinced that his central vocation was not being a monk, but being a writer.  He cultivated a writer’s curiosity, always probing and questioning and looking for deeper levels.  While initial spiritual experiences may have taken place while on his knees in monastic prayer (or on his knees in monastic housekeeping), his insights became clarified in recollection afterward, as he religiously wrote in his journal or pecked away on his typewriter.  He sought for a difficult balance, striving to be simultaneously fully awake to the material world while remaining ever conscious of a spiritual dimension behind the veil.  He valued both.  This is the Merton that I hope, in my better moments, to emulate.

I don’t remember why I picked up a biography of Merton in 1986, eighteen years after his tragic accidental death.  I must have heard something that nudged me in his direction.  In any case, I read the biography and it didn’t impress me much.

I don’t remember why I persevered, moving on to The Seven Storey Mountain, Merton’s best-selling autobiographical account of his spiritual awakening, but I do remember the jolt I felt when Merton suddenly connected with me.  Despite all the biographies, reminiscences, critical analyses, and blog entries written about him, an understanding of Merton is inseparable from wrestling with his own words.  He probably wasn’t a saint, but he was an extraordinary writer.

This is why Merton’s experience on the fire watch—a solitary walk through his monastery one night in 1952—opens out onto the universal.  Merton the artist consciously and intentionally shaped a short prose masterpiece out of an experience which is ultimately beyond words.  Through his artistry, “Fire Watch” is a spiritual journey that’s not restricted to Trappist monks on vows of poverty, but accessible to people everywhere.

Part Two:  My Fire Watch, January 24, 2015

The Crescent Moon, detail, by Samuel Palmer (1805-1881),
pen and sepia ink and graphite on wove paper,
Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection.

My attempt at a fire watch:

I rise after everyone is asleep.  That’s no easy task as my wife’s a night owl…  It’s much, much later than Merton’s fire watch rounds which began with the monk’s 8 p.m. bedtime.  My wife typically stays up until 2:30 (as, somewhere in Kentucky, the monks are entering their last hour of sleep before their first prayers and hymns of the morning!).

As with Merton’s rounds, a fire watch in my house naturally begins in the basement.  Given our situation, it’s therefore initially more of a water watch than a fire watch.  Opening the basement door, my biggest fear is to see a rising tide of water at the bottom of the stairs (unfortunately, this is an anxiety stemming from experience).  Even with Merton, the term fire watch only captures part of his responsibility.  Fires were frequent in that part of Kentuckyso they were the greatest concern, but the watchman is really called to be on alert for signs of all manner of disaster.  If Merton found a flood in the basement, he’d have to raise the alarm.  He’s the watchman, after all.

So I furtively turn on the basement lights and, with relief, see only dust and shadows below.  I descend the stairs, then check the furnace and the outlets.  I check for any signs of water pooling near the walls.  Nothing to report.

Moonlit Landscape
with Bridge
, detail,
by Aert van der Neer
(1603/1604 - 1677),
probably 1648/1650,
oil on panel.
National Gallery
of Art
I return back up the stairs, entering the kitchen.  I check the oven and the coffee maker, then sniff the air for smoke.  Everything’s off.  Everything’s safe.  I cross into the dining room and notice I should change the table cloth.  But that’s not a fire watch job; it can wait.  And so it goes as I move along a sort of oval path through our living room, the foyer, the family room (passing the curious dog), the laundry room, the powder room, and back to the kitchen.  The watchman sees no cause for alarm.

At this point in his duties, Merton enters into the silence and contemplates the deeper call of his work.  The silent nighttime patrol isn’t really about safety at all:

The fire watch is an examination of conscience in which your task as watchman suddenly appears in its true light:  a pretext devised by God to isolate you, and to search your soul with lamps and questions, in the heart of darkness.
“Fire Watch, July 4, 1952”
Thomas Merton

Alone on the first floor, with my wife and daughter asleep above me on the second, I pause to think.  My outward responsibility as watchman is to protect.  But, according to Merton, my equally important inward task is to embrace this opportunity to be with God in the darkness, “in the house that will one day perish.”  So I settle into the silence.

The furnace rattles on.  The dog looks up.  I feel distracted.

The next stage of the fire watch beckons.  I ascend the stairs to the second floor, flashlight in hand.  Everything looks as it should.  As with Merton, “the flashlight creates a little alert tennis ball upon the walls and floors.”  I shouldn’t wake them.  We watchmen must keep our vows of silence.

I have a wife and a daughter living at home, and a son away at college in Maine.  I feel my job should be to protect them all.  The watchman must be ever vigilant.  But in the silence and darkness, knowing my Merton-assigned task is to simply be with God, it becomes obvious that this house’s watchman is helpless.  My wife is wrapped in a solitary silence.  My daughter is sound asleep.  Six hundred miles away, my son is alone in his dorm room.  And the watchman is alone in the hall, solitary and powerless to keep anyone truly safe.

Moonlight (Mondschein), 1895
by Edvard Munch (1863-1944),
etching and Aquatint.
National Gallery of Art
In our shared helplessness, I share something in common with Thomas Merton, on July 4, 1952, wandering alone through the monastery, enduring an examination of conscience, isolated in the heart of darkness.

Between the silence of God and the silence of my own soul, stands the silence of the souls entrusted to me.  Immersed in these three silences, I realize that the questions I ask myself about them are perhaps no more than a surmise.  And perhaps the most urgent and practical renunciation is the renunciation of all questions.
“Fire Watch, July 4, 1952”
Thomas Merton

There’s little I can do—of practical value anyway—so I head back to bed.  

In Kentucky, in a monastery near Bardstown, Merton’s brothers are waking up as I fall back to sleep.

Reference Source
The Sign of Jonas by Thomas Merton

Click here for the entire six-part Fire Watch series.

© 2015 Lee Price

          A Whirlwind of an Update: June 2014      Cache   Translate Page      
Another catch-up post: June 2014.

Bennett has discovered Macey's and their ice cream cones and he is a big fan (and it makes shopping a little bit easier...and messier!)
We watched Hudson as Carlie went back to school and took care of him for a couple hours during the week. Bennett didn't like sharing the attention but did a good job with Hudson and occasionally showed him some love.
He even sometimes tried to share his blankies with him.
This summer we were all about the Popsicles and so lots of pictures of Bennett eating them.,, 
For National Donut Day Bennett and I joined Carlie, Aaron and Hudson and went to Krispy Kreme. Though the line was crazy and the drive probably cost more than the free donut, Bennett loved having a sprinkled chocolate donut of his own to eat.
The Bean Museum at BYU reopened and so we went to see it on opening day. Bennett prefers live animals to these stuffed dead ones but overall it was pretty cool.
Well...really he just tried to climb and crawl underneath all of the ropes and try to touch the animals. 
We stopped by and got some shaved ice afterwards and it was huge!
Though he was only 17 months old, Bennett was able to go to Nursery to get adjusted and used to it. He did really well his first time and it was so crazy to see him all grown-up and playing with the other kids and participating in the activities. 
He even folded his arms during the prayer and lesson on prayer! Score!
With being a 1 year old, tantrums come along with that wonderful stage and we got some good ones from Bennett. He had a hard time leaving fun situations (who doesn't???) and so we occasionally got some angry faces, screams and kicks (but...he is doing SO much better now! It's amazing!)
I tried to keep Bennett busy all summer with different activities and one of these was attending the Dinosaur Museum at BYU. It is tiny but kind of fun for a minute (and to cool off from our apartment that has no air conditioning).
The library was also a place we frequented. Bennett is still working on figuring out how to share and wait for the other kids who are playing on the computer and with toys. He is just so interested and curious as to what they are doing. He really is a sweet natured, kind boy.
Funny story: Bennett has 2 "blankies" that he has for every nap, bedtime and occasionally go places with us. One day we took them to the library and I realized once we got there that one was missing. I searched the place high and low, checked lost and found but couldn't find it. We eventually headed back home and to my surprise we found the blankie sitting on the grass where Bennett had probably dropped it as we were waiting to cross the street.
More donuts from Krispy Kreme...I think this one was for Father's Day because we donated an ugly tie. Definitely worth it! (Though with my "pregnancy brain" I left them on top of the car and almost drove away, until a sweet old lady stopped me and reminded me).
Another place we liked to go is the duck pond at BYU. Bennett likes chasing and disturbing the peace with the ducks, especially when we would go early in the morning and they were still sleeping on the grass. Poor ducks!
So....Aaron and I ran a half marathon. Just Kidding, well, kind of. Aaron and I signed up to run a half marathon last October and actually started kind of training. We didn't know we would be pregnant when the race rolled around in June and unfortunately (but fortunately...) I was 16 weeks pregnant at the time and so I wasn't able to run in it. The race actually went right along past our house and so Aaron and I went and picked up our running bibs and shirts the night before and then ran across the street from our house and joined the runners for the last 1/2 mile of the race or so. We crossed the finish line, got meals and drank chocolate milk along with the rest of the runners who actually completed the whole race. I was so glad I was able to do that because I was quite sad that we couldn't do it. Hopefully I can do an actual one in the future. 

More chasing of ducks...
And more pictures of Popsicles on the grass.
To help Bennett get adjusted to the nursery activities (and to help him not eat the play-doh and crayons) we worked on some of them at home. I made some homemade play dough for Bennett to play with and though it took a while, I think we are finally starting to eat it less.
Bennett finally got a much needed haircut and we decided to just buzz it and start fresh. It was hard with me to part with all that hair but it was a great decision!
Another summer activity was playing at the park. Bennett loves being outdoors, running and exploring. He is truly all boy!
Bennett and I attended the Stake Carnival Activity this summer while Aaron was busy with school stuff. We enjoyed burgers, chips, balloons and of course cotton candy!
Aaron is on the Student Alumni board and has been busy with this job on campus. Bennett and I went to visit him while he helped man a booth to tell incoming Freshman about how to get involved. Bennett was his wiggly self though and so it was  a brief visit.
He even got a chance to play the piano in the Wilk that everyone plays...all the time.
We also occasionally played in the sprinklers on the street and as we would go on walks. This particular time Bennett got soaked!!
Trying on glasses at Walmart:
Because Bennett walks on his toes we were told to get some good shoes with hard soles, that tie and velcro so they stay on. We found these awesome ones at Walmart and haven't looked back! He likes wearing them and I think they are really helping!
Gardening in the "backyard" with makeshift gardening tools.
More duck pond excursions:
Well, that probably sums up June. Aaron worked at the farm and did the PR internship on campus so he was gone most days until 5 and so everyday consisted just of little excursions Bennett and I would go on to keep him busy and outside the house. 
One other thing random that I remembered: Aaron and I got the church calling of teaching the "Marriage and Family Relations" class in our ward. We feel a little inexperienced since we have only been married 3 years but compared to everyone else in our ward, we are old timers! Haha. 

          A Whirlwind of an Update: May 2014      Cache   Translate Page      
The Month of May:
We moved from Grandma's house in Bountiful to Provo. I never thought I would say this but we were so excited to move back to Provo!! Living closer to BYU and family is great! We are on University so we are close enough for Aaron to walk to BYU and we live really close to the Bush Fam!
Our new apartment is great! It has a living room, kitchen and half bath on the first floor and then two bedrooms and a full bath on the top floor. Bennett is loving having his own room and space to play. 
Our kitchen is small enough that our table won't fit and so luckily we have a bar that we can all sit around to eat! It's actually kind of fun!
Until I filled up all the cupboards with kitchen items, Bennett loved climbing in and out of all the cupboards and shelves. 
As a parent you always get so excited when your child learns a new "trick" and in May Bennett learned to fold his arms for the prayer and I could have cried I was so excited!
There are lots of pictures of Bennett and I playing together because we now finally have the space to move around and play with his toys.
The one thing that stinks about our washer and dryer! So we head to the local laundromat to wash our clothes. We originally took Bennett with it and though he loved riding around in the carts and playing on the gross arcade games....we now take turns going and staying home with Bennett.
We have loved exploring Provo and all the cool things to do. The Provo library is really close to us and we have participated in their activities, including meeting Kevin Henkes and the characters from his books.
Carlie and I went to the same OBGYN and it so happened she was 40 weeks pregnant when I was 12 weeks pregnant and so we scheduled our appointments at the same time and went together. It was so fun! 
Luckily, not too many days after that appointment Carlie delivered her baby! Mom came into town a couple days before and we were both able to be in the delivery room! I was in charge of counting as Carlie pushed and let me tell was quite the job and so much pressure! Poor Carlie had to push for 3 hours and she was a trooper! Hudson Steele Bush came in close to midnight at a whopping 8lbs 10 ounces...exactly like I guessed!
Aaron and Bennett got to come to the hospital and meet Hudson the next day! ...we couldn't get Bennett to stay still for a pic...
Dad and Ethan literally arrived minutes after Hudson was born and so it was fun to have them in town for a little bit!
Hudson got to come home! Yay for sisters and cousins!
We loved the summer weather starting and it consisted of a lot of playing outdoors, walks and Popsicles. 
Aaron worked at the farm part time and worked at BYU as a Public Relations intern in the ASB. So we had a lot of time to play together as a family...which we loved!! We BBQ'd (if you can call it that) outside our house on the cement and enjoyed some yummy dinners.
Who doesn't love some great bed head?
More pictures of days spent outside, hanging on the grass, enjoying Popsicles. 
It may have been a random post but that about sums up our month of May. We loved moving to Provo, welcoming Hudson, enjoying the warmer weather and the ability to go outdoors and having Aaron home more and being so close to where he works.

          Bennett Update      Cache   Translate Page      
Bennett is currently 14 months old and as busy as can be. At his last appointment, about 4 weeks ago, he weighed 23 pounds (down .5 pounds from his last check up).
We found out Bennett has fluid in his ears at his year appointment, which we were led to find out because of his low communication skills. He babbles 24/7 and will ask you questions and respond, but it is just jabber. We think that though we try to get him to say words like "ball" all he can hear is "sjdhadhnaskjdkb". Confusing, huh! We have been going in every 4-6 weeks to check his ears. Our next appointment is tomorrow but at our last appointment they did a hearing test and the sound  wave was supposed to go in his ears and then come back out like a bell curve...his was just a straight line. The fluid in his ears also affects his balance, hence the no walking yet. He is an absolute pro at standing up to things and climbing (he can get himself up on the couch, bed, really on anything he wants), and always walks along things while holding on. We are trying no dairy right now to see if that helps to naturally get rid of the fluid but if not, then probably in a few months he will have to go in for surgery and get tubes in his ears and then he should catch up to where he needs to be communication wise.
Other things about Bennett: 
-We are really trying to feed him healthy foods and thankfully he LOVES them! Seriously, his favorite foods are: broccoli, zucchini, sweet potato and squash. We are trying to find fruit for him to eat because we have found some (bananas) set off the Eczema on his legs and arms but he loves grapes and strawberries. 
-Bennett is a very busy boy and most days I just spend chasing him around so he doesn't harm himself or get into things he shouldn't. 
-Bennett loves to be outside, go on walks and play in the grass.
-Bennett sleeps through the night every night, usually from 7:30-8:00 pm to 7:00-8:00am. And he still takes 2 naps, ranging from anywhere from 1-2 hours each.
-He has 4 teeth on the top and two teeth on the bottom and I think the others are coming soon.
-He is currently wearing 12-18 month clothes, right on track! And he wears size 4 diapers.
-He hates wearing socks and shoes and always manages to pull them off.
-He loves books and can be found "reading" to himself or flipping through pages.
-He also loves playing the piano and when you sing a note he tries to match it.
-Bennett claps after anyone sings a song and so in church, whenever a song is done, he claps. 
-Bennett is a great jumper and could spend a long time in his crib just jumping up and down while holding onto the rail and seeing how high he can jump.

I am sure I am missing some things but we sure do love our little guy and feel so blessed to have him in our lives.

          A Bennett Post      Cache   Translate Page      
Well....since nothing exciting is going on in our lives AND because my phone is dumb and says it is "full" (though it most definitely is not!) and it won't let me take pictures anymore and so I downloaded what I had and they were all of Bennett (surprise, surprise). So here is a post about our cute growing boy.

He rarely sits still to snuggle (unless I am rocking him to sleep) and so this must of been on a "sick" day where he actually sat next to me and cuddled. Heaven, I tell you!
 We are still living in Grandma's house and still occasionally give him baths in the bath that he is way too small for!
 Grandma has a book with pictures of the family members and Bennett loves looking through it.
 Oh, ya know, just a Bennett and Mom "selfie" while making dinner.
 We went shopping the other weekend at Station Park and Bennett was being super helpful by organizing the clothes at Old Navy.
 Just catching up on his reading while at the DI.
 Sleepy boy.
 Haha, these pictures make me laugh! I love that his hands are up in the air and he is zoned out.
 Bennett loves listening to Grandmas recorded voice on this book she gave him.
 Waiting to pick up dad from the Frontrunner Train Station. Bennett loves driving the car and kept honking at the people walking past.
 Breakfast time, especially when dad is home, is the best!
 And lunch time is pretty good too.
 I call these....Bennett Selfies.
Looking at the book again. He loves his Grandma and Grandpa Hansen.
 We woke up one morning to find Bennett with one arm out of his sleeve. How he did that I have no idea because it is fully zipped and buttoned at the top! Ha! He never ceases to amaze me!
 Man, we take lots of pictures at meal time!
Bennett loves to get into and on top of anything (especially things he isn't supposed to) and here he is in Grandma's office, climbing on her printer, to get to the keyboard. He must be finishing an assignment or something ;) AND....for the record...Dad dressed him this day ;)
There you go, you have now had your Bennett fill for the day!

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“I wasn’t really a Coltrane fan, but when I heard Kind Of Blue I was like, ‘Hell, as long as it’s got soul.’” For sacred-steel specialist Robert Randolph, it’s all about soul. After absorbing the philosophy of his church and using his talent to create a hybrid of uplifting secular music, Randolph has just released, ...
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Plumbing Service Technician@ Alco Air. Continuously improve knowledge of construction in general, and how Alco Air operates to benefit the customer....
From Alco Air - Tue, 19 Feb 2019 08:47:57 GMT - View all Longview, TX jobs
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aghdad’s main commercial district has seen more bombings than its residents can count. Death visited almost daily during times of war — most horrifically, a 2015 suicide bombing that ripped through two shopping malls, killing over 300 people. But...
          3/12/2019: Society: On tiger trail, Indian women roar ahead      Cache   Translate Page      

Bobbing along a dirt track in a central Indian tiger reserve, Varsha Hinge surveyed the landscape for pawprints and listened out for deer calls warning of tigers before holding up a finger for silence — as a tigress appeared in front of her...
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September is already nearly halfway over!  Where HAS the time gone?  Well the last few weeks I've been very busy with my new baby...kitten that is. 
This is Orion - 4 months old here and only a day with me.  I caught him mid bath and you can see his tiny tongue sticking out if you look close.  Awww...try and resist the cuteness!

He bonded with me so thoroughly that his favorite place is to sit on my chest and knead my...well he's a boob man, shall we say - and also my throat, which is not so fun as he gets bigger.  LOL  He'll be too big for that behavior for long, but for now I find it adorable.  He then passes out draped along my neck like a scarf.  It's what all the Paris catwalks will be having this Fall - kitten scarves. 

BUT I have no photo to share of that particular habit.  I'm too shy to post pics of myself (you may have noticed LOL) - but I do have plenty of pics to share...

Here is one of his first pictures.  Such a sweetie - got him from the animal shelter - he just won my heart.  They said he likes climbing shoulders (yep), and he purrs the most.  Say no more! 

He has the funniest coloring - he's black and white in front, but then there is a definite line where it turns gray all over his back (dare I say - a belt between?) and his face and tail are quite fluffy and long haired, but the middle is kind of fluffy, but short.  And his ears!!  Cameras don't quite catch the goofiness of his long white tufts in each ear - they remind me of Yoda at times.

Here he is 'just chillin' with my older cat Smokey (or Loki as I call him - he's a crafty one).  They get along somewhat, but the age difference is a bit much.  Smokey is very calm and zen (most of the time) and despite appearances in the pictures, Orion is a Mischief Maker.  His nickname is M&M.  ;)

And now we hear from Orion...
Orion:  Who me?  Mischief??
I just sleep and sleep and charge up while mommy updates her shop...
And I like to cuddle...and am possessive...
And Miracle of miracles...I get mommy to allow a rare picture of herself - because she's totally besotted in me.  We are best of buds - we love all things British, too.
And I may be planning to jump back on her shoulders and purr my heart out again.  Because I'm just that loveable...  If you want a kitty or pup in your life go to your local shelter and pick one of us out - we all need homes and we fill your hearts with love in return.  XOXO
And there you have it.  I lost my two cats over the last few years and our dog, too from old age and illness.  It's been very quiet with just Smokey and while he was happy being Top Cat and enjoying all our love and attention...he kept yoddeling at night in the hall - very much seeming to be calling for the missing pets.  Something he didn't do until they were all gone.  It hurt to hear and I do believe he was lonely.  He may get annoyed with a energized kitten in the house, but I do think they are bonding a bit. His days are certainly not boring anymore. 
Orion is making everyone happy.  Here's a pic of my dad who now works from home during the day...
Orion: Work?  Boring - PLAY with me!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!
P.S.  I named him Orion just because I wanted a cool name and he's quite the little hunter (and hey - it's Greek, like me), but then I realized...Men in Black!!  Orion's Belt...  LOL  Oh well.  Guess I wasn't being original.

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I have just finished watching all 6 videos of the Sandra Bussin information meeting, which took place a few evenings ago. Here is the link, just in case you haven’t seen the whole thing…

It’s important to see it all, not just the snippet available on Open File.

Ms. Bussin conducted herself in the only way one with class could conduct oneself. She exercised a great deal of patience. She was faced with a group that resembled a lynch mob, and remained calm, cool and collected. The hostile, rude bullying tactics used by Teehan and his followers only served to undermine any rational discussion.

The Teehans, et al will not accept that one can feel compassion and sympathy for their situation, while at the same time wanting to preserve a house that characterizes a particular neighbourhood. Instead, they have distorted the issue, suggesting that those against the demolition are disgusting, selfish, insensitive, despicable human beings. Oh, and let’s not forget fascists and sad sociopaths.

These are just a few of the choice comments that were sent to this blog a few weeks ago.

Interesting that the very people at whom these accusations have been hurled, have never in the slightest displayed such a disturbing mentality as is present in their accusers.
With the exception of one unfortunate quote (born of anger) by Ms. Brown, we remain non aggressive, quietly focused on the real issue, with the hopes that a solution will be found through use of the proper channels. Perhaps this is too passive.

No question Teehan is a master of marketing and an “award winning web designer”, and he deserves every bit of success in his business. However, it is unsettling and distasteful, how he’s managed to manipulate people and the situation to his advantage through his expert use of the social media.

I once again encourage those who are in support of finding a reasonable solution without the razing of 204 Beech to, without fear of intimidation, make their voices heard in the right places.
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A shocking and disturbing video is being passed around on social media, as an attempt to stop the horrific events showing dogs being treated inhumanely. The footage comes from inside a Michigan laboratory, revealing the brutal methods that are being

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At GDC 2019 Google will reveal something new, something they’re describing now as “the future of gaming.” The announcements will begin on March 19th, 2019, at 10AM PDT. You’ll be able to watch the announcements here on SlashGear live via this article in the YouTube live video embed below. We might see a brand new streaming gaming service from Google, … Continue reading
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We are recruiting for our Kalispell, MT location. We pay our techs for the quality of their work, not by how many hours they are in a home....
From Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Fri, 22 Feb 2019 12:24:51 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
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We are recruiting for our Kalispell, MT location. Ability to work extended hours if the demand is there in this service business; HVAC Service Technician....
From Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Wed, 28 Nov 2018 14:52:33 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
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kidney stone prevention diet: If in the event of encountering throbbing pain on the part of your joints, you might immediately think of it as arthritis. Yet studies now declared a condition that has long been related to arthritis which is known as gout. On the whole, gout occurs... Uric Acid Crystals Joints
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Supermarket chain Asda has announced that it will stop selling single kitchen knives by the end of April as the UK finds itself in the midst of a knife-crime epidemic, particularly involving young people. It’s already illegal to sell the blades to under-18s but the deadly weapons are one of the most frequently shoplifted items […]

The post Supermarket to stop selling single knives as stabbing scourge grips UK appeared first on The European Union Times - World News, Breaking News.

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A conflict over two of the city’s historic African-American cemeteries threatens to undermine restoration efforts.

For Veronica Davis, the nonprofit acquisition of two historic African-American cemeteries was the realization of a dream she'd nurtured for 20 years.

Davis, a Hampton resident, is a historian who first came to Evergreen Cemetery in Richmond's East End in 1999, when she was president of the Maggie Walker Foundation. Shocked by signs of neglect and dense overgrowth at the burial site of the banking and civic leader, Davis began clearing brush, leading cemetery tours and seeking allies to help restore historic African-American cemeteries across the state. Her hope all along has been to see the sites take on a national role similar to that of Arlington National Cemetery, becoming destinations for visitors and a place of comfort to descendants of the thousands buried there.

Davis says the Enrichmond Foundation, the nonprofit that bought Evergreen from Isaiah Entzminger in 2017 and is set to acquire the adjacent East End Cemetery, is the right steward for this sacred land. Although personal problems and health issues sidelined Davis from active work several years ago, she says Enrichmond reached out to her early in the process, even sending someone down to visit her in Hampton. When she finally met John Sydnor, the executive director of Enrichmond, after weeks talking over the phone, she says, "I gave him a hug, and I have to be honest with you, in that moment I started crying, because here is a dream that is being realized."

Although Davis and others welcome the acquisition, it hasn't been without controversy.

These segregated cemeteries are the final resting places of such prominent Richmonders as Walker, journalist John Mitchell Jr., the Rev. John Andrew Bowler and tens of thousands of everyday people. Under Jim Crow and the disenfranchisement of African-Americans following Reconstruction, [many of African-American cemeteries] were defunded and abandoned while tax dollars flowed into Confederate memorials and burial grounds like Hollywood Cemetery, segregated in Richmond until 1970.

Over the decades, regular maintenance fell to family members and volunteer groups. The history behind these restoration efforts is as twisted and gnarled as the tree roots snaking between graves. That twisted history may help explain some of the controversy that's arisen.

From the perspective of Brian Palmer, a journalist who moved to Richmond while working on a documentary about his own hidden family roots, the acquisition was a behind-closed-doors deal between the Commonwealth of Virginia and a private entity, and he worries that it's a repeat of the institutional failures that first left these sites in disarray.

"We have the actual giving away of a historic and sacred black site," Palmer says, asking how Enrichmond can guarantee that it will maintain the site in perpetuity. He describes a recent grant of $400,000 through the Virginia Outdoors Foundation as a cash transfer to a nonprofit he thinks is too small and too inexperienced to handle the work.

"Couldn't the state have done something different in the 21st century?" he asks.

Although he says the funding is a smaller issue, Palmer is concerned that the sites are being "treated as commodities, not community assets."

Due to legislation passed in 2017, each cemetery receives state funding similar to the funding Confederate gravesites have long received. The bill provides $5 per grave of any African-American who lived between 1800 and 1900. As reported in the Richmond Free Press in February 2017, there are 6,975 such graves in East End and Evergreen, bringing the total annual funding to $34,875. According to a Freedom of Information Act request Palmer filed with the Department of Historic Resources, Enrichmond has already received $10,500 through this.

Palmer's a newer arrival to Richmond, but he has deep ties to the cemetery and the region. While researching his family, he discovered they'd lived in Magruder, a historic African-American community that was displaced by the U.S. Army. That led him to the grave of his great-grandfather, Matthew Palmer, who was buried in East End. With his wife, Erin Holloway Palmer, and volunteers of the Friends of East End group, he's cleared nearly half the 12 or 13 acres suitable for burial on the site. They've logged graves, documented headstones and connected descendants with their family, many for the first time in decades.

Even as he continues the hard work of restoration, Palmer has gone to court hearings with the Friends to ask for "a direct and substantive role in planning and decision-making" for the families of people buried in East End cemetery, which is considered abandoned and has no current owner. Those hearings ended with no rules imposed on Enrichmond, which is on the cusp of acquiring the site after it pays any outstanding back taxes and liens on the land.

Although the cemetery restoration is a volunteer effort, Palmer's professional work is focused to similar ends. He's been a journalist for some 30 years with long stints overseas. He worked in Beijing as the bureau chief of U.S. News & World Report and in Iraq for CNN, and later directed "Full Disclosure," his award-winning documentary about embedding with the Marine Corps in Iraq. After going freelance, though, Palmer shifted his focus to domestic conflicts, reporting on the legacy of the Confederacy and the people who still defend it. That effort has included a series for Colorlines, titled "Race Trips," and a more recent piece, "The Costs of the Confederacy," the subject of a talk he gave at Chop Suey Books recently.

Published in Smithsonian magazine, the piece is the end result of a year spent visiting Confederate sites across the South. Palmer and his co-author, Seth Freed Wessler, write that at these sites, what's known as the Lost Cause narrative — which minimizes the evils of slavery and distorts the Civil War — is being funded by public money to the tune of $40 million over the last decade alone. This is just part of a long history of public money being used to uphold the Confederacy, says Palmer, who worries that we're repeating the mistakes of the past by letting historic African-American cemeteries go into private ownership.

While Sydnor praises Palmer's work and intentions, he disputes both his description of Enrichmond and his interpretation of the grant. He stresses that Enrichmond is a 28-year-old organization originally founded by the city to support public spaces, such as Belle Isle, which was in danger of private acquisition before Enrichmond bought it and established a permanent easement.

In terms of size and experience, he says the organization has grown to eight permanent employees, including Ted Maris-Wolf, a historian and specialist in African-American genealogy, employed as the caretaker of Evergreen Cemetery. It also took in $900,025 with expenses more than $1 million according to a 2017 tax filing, all prior to receiving any funds from the Virginia Outdoors Foundation.

"We purchased Evergreen with our own money," Sydnor adds, describing years of negotiations with the owners, in accordance with a plan the previous director of Enrichmond drafted eight years ago. Those long negotiations to buy Evergreen from Entzminger began in 2012. "I had to earn their trust and we knew that," Sydnor says. "I was meeting with them, having breakfast with Mr. Entzminger, working burials with them."

He says it was important to learn what was needed to maintain the cemetery, and as the only employee of Enrichmond at the time, he started volunteering and helping Entzminger, who was struggling to keep up with the work despite age and illness. When the purchase went through, it cost $140,000, mostly to pay back federal and state taxes the property had accrued.

Sydnor's supporters say they're encouraged by what they've seen since Enrichmond purchased Evergreen: The nonprofit will bring in AmeriCorps volunteers, has expanded the genealogy work on the site, hired a full-time caretaker, and has made important site improvements at Evergreen, such as opening road access and adding interpretation and maps.

Palmer questions the legality or at least the ethics of the process that began before Enrichmond purchased the land. He asks if grass-roots groups couldn't have been considered as the preservation partner, noting that if money is what was needed, the current volunteers, family members and other community stakeholders would have been able to use the grant that went to Enrichmond. For an alternative model, he points to the Preservers of the Daughters of Zion Cemetery group, which worked with Preservation Virginia to protect a smaller African-American cemetery in Charlottesville.

Brett Glymph, executive director of the Virginia Outdoors Foundation, echoes Sydnor in her praise for Palmer and the Friends, but firmly denies any illegal or unethical behavior. Although Palmer says he was blindsided by the money flowing to Enrichmond, Glymph says it was always the plan, and she says she doesn't know why there is any confusion.

"Our statutes control that. In order to give the grant, we have to receive a real estate interest, which can only be conveyed by the owner. That's not some contrivance, that's the way a real estate foundation works," she says. Because Enrichmond was already planning to buy the land, it was the obvious partner, she says.

As to the fitness of Enrichmond, Glymph says a thorough vetting process that included checking with the City of Richmond and reviewing the group's long-standing easement on Belle Isle convinced her it was the right partner.

"[The city said] they created this foundation to do these sorts of things," Glymph says. "They get an ongoing appropriation from the city, so they're city supported, with a 28-year track record."

Ryan Smith, a history professor at Virginia Commonwealth University who researches the cemeteries and coordinates the Richmond Cemeteries project, disagrees that the process was thorough.

"They reached the most expedient solution but not the best one," he says, noting that a single partner was proposed and accepted, without considering other nonprofits or groups. He thinks the process wasn't fair to the Friends, who, he says, "have the best interest of that site in mind and the proof is in their actions. They've cleared two-thirds of the site on their own."

Both Glymph and Sydnor praised the restoration work done so far, and despite the breach, say they'd like to work with the Friends going forward.

"It's unfortunate that things have soured," Glymph says.

She hopes that Palmer will come back to the partnership and even join the expert advisory committee established to provide oversight. The committee, which includes former state legislator and Richmond City Councilor Viola Baskerville and John Mitchell, a descendant and namesake of the famous newspaper editor, holds regular public meetings and is working with Enrichmond and others to draft long-term plans for the sites.

Palmer says he won't join unless the expert committee can be an equal partner with binding authority, pointing to language in the charter that allows for the dissolution of the board under Enrichmond.

Sydnor acknowledges that language, but denies any underhanded motives. "That's legalese," he says. "Contracts are written by lawyers to deal with worst-case scenarios."

At the end of the day, he says Enrichmond is liable for anything that happens on its property, and by law, can't give volunteer groups the level of control that Palmer is asking for. He notes that John Shuck, the volunteer coordinator for the Friends, is a member of the expert board, and reiterated that Palmer would be a welcome addition.

He says he's sympathetic to concerns around access, but he hopes the 28-year history Enrichmond has with other volunteer groups could provide some reassurance.

"We're new to their sacred space, where they've given a lot of time and effort," he says, describing discussions he's had with members of the Friends. "I think they're worried that we're going to block access, and what we've tried to convey is that Enrichmond, for 28 years, has achieved success through supporting volunteer efforts. Why would we take away a dedicated group of people who are reclaiming graves in a historic African-American grave site?"

In addition to their reputation, Sydnor says they face legal oversight, such as the regulations mandated by the state Department of Historic Resources, and have worked with groups such as the Elegba Folklore Society, the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society of Richmond and the Black History Museum of Richmond, all of which support the acquisition. He hopes that volunteers remain committed, and says Enrichmond just wants to provide protection for the land on which their work happens.

Baskerville, who helped negotiate the deal as a member of the Virginia Outdoors Foundation and has ancestors in both sites, says she too hopes that all the volunteers will remain involved. "They're the heartbeat," she says. "This project is at this stage because the volunteers always kept the faith."

She suggests that the conflict comes from confusion around what ownership means, pointing to the permanent easement over the land as its legal protection.

"Enrichmond is not trying to control us," she says. "If you take the 60,000-foot view of this project, it is the people that are in control of what this project looks like, what the space will look like. It is the people that hold this sacred memory and the vision for the future. Enrichmond is just the legal owner and the steward of the property. I think if people can separate those two, that will help defuse a lot of this tension."

Palmer says he can't separate the issues, especially after a process that he characterizes as misleading and manipulative. Glymph says that wasn't her intention, but she regrets that there were misunderstandings or miscommunications.

"This is the first time we've done something like this," though, she says. While it didn't go perfectly, she thinks it went as well as it could have, but she's worried now that the conflict will overshadow the work.

"We have this one group that is critical, but I don't think that should detract from all the support, good will, and good work that has been done to date," she says. "Those roads into Evergreen, which have been opened for the first time in many, many years, have allowed so many families to come in and find their family plots, or at least give them the confidence that they can be found."

"If I could go back and do it again, I would," she says about the grant, even despite the risk and the misunderstandings. In the maps and aerial views, she says, "You could visibly see Jim Crow. It was a moral imperative that something be done, and we did it, and I'm hoping it will set an example for people to do something across the whole Commonwealth."

Descendant John Mitchell says that while everybody may not agree on how to do things, he believes they agree on the overall goal.

"I don't see anything wrong with dissension. I think even though we disagree, we can get things done," says Mitchell. "Everybody agrees we need to clear it, and that's what we're doing. And I'm glad to see it's a very multicultural thing. … it's a beautiful opportunity. Twenty years from now, I want them to see that the citizens did this."

Asked about next steps in their fight against the acquisition, Palmer says the group operates democratically, and any decision will come out of a consensus established during its weekly phone call.

He's certain about one thing, though: "We're going to keep doing what we do. We're going to show up every Saturday and continue the work of restoring this sacred site, just as we've done since the middle of June 2013."

Clarification from the author: Due to legislation passed in 2017, the owner of each cemetery can receive state funding similar to the funding Confederate gravesites have long received, though it is just starting. Also, a sentence has been changed to reflect that, while the two Richmond cemeteries were not "defunded" during Jim Crow, many similar cemeteries of the period were. Style regrets any error or confusion.

          Customer Service Manager - Walmart Canada - Whitehorse, YT      Cache   Translate Page      
Basic Reading/Writing Skills • Ability to understand the meaning of written or printed matter and to record information by inscribing characters or symbols....
From Walmart Canada - Mon, 11 Mar 2019 13:52:21 GMT - View all Whitehorse, YT jobs
          Bing 100 pierwszych słów      Cache   Translate Page      

          212: Mattias Ribbing – Smart Föräldraskap      Cache   Translate Page      

Bättre för både dig och ditt barn! Vi kommer in på allt ifrån lek och lärande till evolutionen och mat. Vi pratar straff, konsekvenser och belöningar. Vi pratar iPad, datorspel och skärmtid. Det handlar om föräldraskap under evolutionen jämfört med i dagens samhälle.

Hur gynnar du ditt barns lärande och utveckling medan du får det lite lugnare själv? Vi får tips kring hur man hanterar konflikter, om det dåliga samvetet … läs mer

          Machine Electrical Technician - Assembler.      Cache   Translate Page      
OH-Cleveland, A large manufacturing company is seeking a Machine Electrical Technician - Assembler for a first shift position working Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Job Responsibilities: Work in a team setting to fabricate and assemble custom engineered foundry production equipment Participate in metal fabrication processes Build machines per assembly drawings Hydraulic tubing and piping per hyd
          Rosalía and Billie Eilish Have a Collaboration on the Way      Cache   Translate Page      

Rosalía tweeted out a photo of herself and Billie Eilish together, confirming that she and the 17-year-old popstar are collaborating on a song. “Can’t wait to finish our song," Rosalía tweeted. "Seeing you perform inspired me sooo much.” Eilish performed in Barcelona for the first time over the weekend, she previously told BBC’s Annie Mac about her collaboration with the 25-year-old Catalan singer, describing Rosalía as someone “who actually knows what she wants.” She added that Rosalía “sang some notes I had never even thought about.” The Don't Smile at Me singer will be hitting the road in the United States and Canada in May and June, which is a part of a world tour. The talented singer will make her feature film debut in a highly-anticipated film premiering March 22. Can’t wait to finish our song ? compartir contigo en el estudio o verte ayer actuar me inspira sooo much, love you B — R O S A L Í A (@rosaliavt) March 10, 2019

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

          Årets populäraste 2017 – guldmjölk, syra-basbalans (pH), effektivitet vs stress, histamin, att äta som ett barn (sockerchock), hjärnans biokemi mm. Och så gäster som Anders Lönedal, Bitten Jonsson, Cecilia Fürst, Michael Ash och Mattias Ribbing      Cache   Translate Page      

Blogginlägg 2017
Här är de inlägg som publicerats under året och som varit mest lästa

  1. Antiinflammatoriska recept, bl.a. på guldmjölk
  2. Om histaminintolerans. Får bli mer på detta ämne 2018 hoppas jag. Det är ju inte en sjukdom i sig, utan ett symtom/följd på annnat
  3. Mattias Ribbing inledde året med att dela med sig av hur du kan bli effektivare och samtidigt(!) få mindre stress
  4. Syra-basbalans och
läs mer
          The Division 2: The first 20 minutes from the Italian version      Cache   Translate Page      
Ubisoft has just started the early access of the Division 2 for the owners of the Ultimate and Gold editions of the game, and our editor Mirko "Thor" Rossi is actively working on the title review; Waiting to let us know what you think, we propose a video of the first 20 minutes of the game (intro excluded) on Xbox One X , where you can start to evaluate graphics, gameplay and Italian dubbing of the title.

          Competition Is Bad for Education: Admission Bribery Scandal Edition      Cache   Translate Page      

It is hard to know where to begin with the big story of cheating and bribery in order to gain admission to elite universities.

There are the rubbernecking aspects, actresses and business leaders ensnared by the indictment, including Lori Loughlin who with her designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain admission for their daughter to the University of Southern California, a daughter who was less than indifferent about the educational aspects of college to begin with.  

There are the stories of parents faking learning disabilities for their children to gain access to accommodations that would allow for the cheating to happen. The saddest story may be the parents who went to great lengths to hide the fact of the cheating from their own child, arranging for him to take a fake test.

Or another one, about non-athlete children having their faces photoshopped onto the bodies of actual athletes as proof they belonged in a pool of applicants deserving special consideration. 

We could talk about the greed, venality, corruption, and cluelessness that abounds in the details shared in the charging document. The bribes were even couched as charitable donations which allowed the parents to deduct them on their taxes. It’s simply gross. 

My jaw dropped a little deeper with each page, but it is important to distinguish between shock and surprise. I was shocked that we are finding out about these schemes, while being entirely unsurprised that something like this was going on. 

This is merely the illegal version of the rather common practices wealthy, almost universally white parents use to stack the elite admissions deck for their offspring. William Singer, the chief perpetrator of the fraud pitched the scheme as a “side door” to admission, an alternative to the “back door” of institutional advancement (meaning above board donations) that can’t offer a “guarantee” and are usually more costly.[1]

SAT tutors, admissions consultants, private schooling from the cradle, legacy admissions, crew, field hockey, grandpa’s name on a building. This is how the so-called meritocracy is supposed to perpetuate itself, not bribery and side doors.

U.S. attorney for the District of Massachusetts, Andrew Lelling, said, “The real victims in this case are the hardworking students,” who were presumably denied admission to these elite universities because of the fraud.

True enough, but not the whole truth. The full list of victims would include the following: Everybody.

As is my tendency, I immediately try to see these things through a systemic lens. Yes, the perpetrators are wrong and gross. Yes, they deserve whatever punishments are coming their way, but to truly understand the roots of this harm and fully appreciate the scope of those who are harmed, we have to go deeper.

Competition is bad for education, bad for learning, bad for students, bad, ultimately, for educational institutions as well. 

Competition is wasteful and inefficient, and leads institutions to engage in deliberately obstructive practices to hide the trust cost of attendance to students

Competition has squeezed poorer students not just out of admission at elite private universities, but public flagships as well, as demonstrated by a report from New America Education. 

Students competing for scarce slots in magnet schools or college feeders experience increased stress and anxiety. Even the “winners” are losing

I’m thinking about an even larger class of those who are harmed. How about black and brown children who are subjected to emotionally abusive practices at so-called “no excuses” charter schools so they may fare better in an admissions competition that will always be stacked against them?

Recall the story of T.M. Landry College Prep of Louisiana, which was faking transcripts in order to get their minority students into elite schools. This is a consequence of the same dysfunctional system that begat Aunt Becky bribing a dude to get her YouTube star daughter into USC. The difference is that those minority students were subjected to “a culture of fear with physical and emotional abuse, students and teachers saidStudents were forced to kneel on rice, rocks and hot pavement, and were choked, yelled at and berated,” while the daughter of the star of Garage Sale Mysteries had to experience the challenge of working around not being able to remove any of the standard issue USC dorm furniture, while still creating an Instagramable space.[2]

How about the harm done to public institutions which are required to compete for prestige in order to be deemed worthy of support, all while doing more with less, year after year.

I am grateful for the news of this scandal because it is a window into how messed up the system truly is, but it would be a shame if we fail to use this to look at these problems at a systemic level. 

Some initial thoughts on the implications of this news:[3]

1. Let’s just end using the SAT and ACT as admissions criteria. They’re biased, students who can afford coaching get an unfair advantage, they have little correlation to college success, and now they’ve proved central to a fraud. How much more do we need to act?

2. All schools should immediately cease to cooperate with the U.S. News & World Report rankings. Coincidentally, this year’s data was released the same day as the scandal broke. Everyone in education knows the data is largely meaningless as a reflection of the on-the-ground quality of education, so let’s just stop with the nonsense. Sure, this is more symptom than disease, but every little bit helps.

3. Let’s have a good, hard talk about whether or not public money in any form should be going to these elite private institutions. As of 2015, Stanford, whose sailing coach was implicated in the indictment, receives a taxpayer subsidy equivalent to $63,000 per student. Compare this to UC-Berkeley, which receives only $10,500 of taxpayer subsidy per student.

These subsidies are often hidden in tax breaks and other schemes.

4. Let’s invest in public education.[4]I will use a specific example that applies more broadly. You can get a great education at College of Charleston, my most recent employer. It is a fine school with great students and wonderful faculty. It is not without faults – no place is – but it is an example of a public institution trying its best to provide educational opportunities to their students.

The amount of money spent on the admissions cheating and bribery scheme ($25 million) is 50% more than the annual contribution of the state of South Carolina to CofC’s bottom line. 

Seventy-five percent of applicants to CofC are admitted. The opportunity is not particularly scarce, but the resources to support the students in our non-elite public institutions sure are.

There are thousands of institutions like this across the country, including our community colleges which are providing educational access for many students who are the least resourced. We should be working to make the path much smoother for those folks, and if it means taking elite privates down a peg or two in the process, consider it past due payment for services already rendered. 

They’ve been sponging off the rest of us for long enough.


[1]Page 78 of the indictment. If you haven’t read it, you really should see it for yourself. I cannot do it justice.

[2]Solution: “I covered a lot of stuff with blankets, like my chair. I used the marble tapestry to cover the large bulletin board on my wall that we were not allowed to remove.”

[3]If people have other things we should be considering, please add them in the comments.

[4]And tax the rich to do it, rather than having billionaires like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who claim to care about education launder their money through quasi-philanthropic giving.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019
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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

          Dozens Charged With Conspiracy In College Admission Bribery Scheme      Cache   Translate Page      
The scheme included cheating on standardized college admissions exams and bribing coaches to accept students and pretend those students were recruited athletes.
          Show Your Creativity with These Graduation Invitations      Cache   Translate Page      
Students everywhere are looking forward to graduation, and now is the time to be thinking about invitations. As I read through this, I couldn't help but think that it sounds like a great option for creating some personalized invitations you're sure to love:
One of the most wonderful things we can do in life is to be creative. Connecting to our creative sides helps us reconnect with our inner child and can help us feel renewed. Creating and designing is exciting and fulfilling. Our minds are stimulated and engaged. When we have finished designing something, we feel ready to turn our attention to our less creative and inspiring to-do lists again.

It can be difficult to find time to be creative, however. A few weeks ago, I had to help a friend start preparing for her college graduation. It was a very stressful time for both of us. I had graduated the semester before and was frantically looking for a job to pay the bills. My friend had finals and projects to work on. She also really wanted to send out graduation invitations. Initially, I didn’t think this would be a good idea. We were both stressed to the max, and I didn’t think we could find the time to take photos and design invitations.

My friend was adamant, however, and we found a way. One of our friends is majoring in photography, and she agreed to take pictures of my friend for free. It was great going out and shooting the photos. We both felt a huge rush of relief being outside and just having fun.

Then we had to find a stationery company to print our cards. We looked at dozens of websites, but we finally settled on Basic Invite. My friend and I really liked their simple graduation invitations. They are pretty and elegant, and they match my friend’s personality really well. Searching through all of Basic Invite’s graduation announcements was another great way for my friend and me to relax.

Once we chose the invite (the Gemstone Grad Graduation Announcements, above, for those of you who were wondering) we got to the fun part. Basic Invite lets you customize your invitations. You can choose the colors you want your invites to be, from blue to red to yellow, and anything in between. Many of their invitations even have foil options. All of their foil is available in either gold, silver, or rose gold. You can also choose if you want your foil to be raised or not.

Designing the invitations was a joy. It felt great to let our imaginations run wild and come up with the craziest color combos. We had trouble deciding between a couple different color combinations, so we decided to have Basic Invite print out a few samples to help us come to a decision. The samples arrived in the mail a few days later, and we were able to decide which one looked better IRL and chose the paper quality we liked best.

Once we settled on the color scheme, we went to print our order. Basic Invite has over 40 different envelope colors to choose from, and we were able to choose envelopes that matched my friend’s invites perfectly. We also took advantage of their address capturing service. My friend shared a link to her Facebook and Instagram profiles and had all her friends and family input their addresses. Their info was saved on my friend’s Basic Invite account. We selected the option to upload the addresses to the envelopes, and just like that, the hardest part of sending out announcements was finished. And, the envelopes are peel and seal, so we didn’t have to worry about eating gross envelope glue when we mailed the invites out.

If simple grad invites aren’t your thing, you might take a look at some rustic graduation invitations or these Hollywood graduation invitations. Our photography major friend can’t wait to use those when she graduates next year!


For anyone who needs invitations printed out, but doesn’t feel like they have the time, I really recommend Basic Invite. I think taking the time out of your day to do something both productive and creative will be a big help to you emotionally. You’ll feel better after creating something unique and beautiful, and if you need to get invites anyway, you might as well kill two birds with one stone, right? I hope you can reconnect with yourself and knock something off your to-do list by grabbing a few invitations from Basic Invite. You won’t regret it.

Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51

          Algoritma Sorting      Cache   Translate Page      
Algoritma Sorting
ada beberapa Algoritma Sorting, yaitu :
1.Insertion Sort
Salah satu algoritma sorting yang paling sederhana adalah insertion sort. Ide dari algoritma ini dapat dianalogikan seperti mengurutkan kartu. Penjelasan berikut ini menerangkan bagaimana algoritma insertion sort bekerja dalam pengurutan kartu.
Anggaplah anda ingin mengurutkan satu set kartu dari kartu yang bernilai paling
kecil hingga yang paling besar. Seluruh kartu diletakkan pada meja,sebutlah meja
ini sebagai meja pertama, disusun dari kiri ke kanan dan atas ke bawah. Kemudian
kita mempunyai meja yang lain,meja kedua, dimana kartu yang diurutkan akan diletakkan.Ambil kartu pertama yang terletak pada pojok kiri atas meja pertama
dan letakkan pada meja kedua. Ambil kartu kedua dari meja pertama, bandingkan
dengan kartu yang berada pada meja kedua, kemudian letakkan pada urutan yang
sesuai setelah perbandingan. Proses tersebut akan berlangsung hingga seluruh kartu
pada meja pertama telah diletakkan berurutan pada meja kedua.
Algoritma insertion sort pada dasarnya memilah data yang akan diurutkan menjadi
dua bagian, yang belum diurutkan (meja pertama) dan yang sudah diurutkan (meja
kedua). Elemen pertama diambil dari bagian array yang belum diurutkan dan
kemudian diletakkan sesuai posisinya pada bagian lain dari array yang telah
diurutkan. Langkah ini dilakukan secara berulang hingga tidak ada lagi elemen yang
tersisa pada bagian array yang belum diurutkan.

2.Selection Sort
Jika anda diminta untuk membuat algoritma sorting tersendiri, anda mungkin akan
menemukan sebuah algoritma yang mirip dengan selection sort. Layaknya insertion
sort, algoritma ini sangat rapat dan mudah untuk diimplementasikan. Mari kita kembali menelusuri bagaimana algoritma ini berfungsi terhadap satu paket kartu. Asumsikan bahwa kartu tersebut akan diurutkan secara ascending. Pada awalnya, kartu tersebut akan disusun secara linier pada sebuah meja dari kiri ke kanan, dan dari atas ke bawah. Pilih nilai kartu yang paling rendah, kemudian tukarkan posisi kartu ini dengan kartu yang terletak pada pojok kiri atas meja. Lalu cari kartu dengan nilai paling rendah diantara sisa kartu yang tersedia. Tukarkan kartu yang baru saja terpilih dengan kartu pada posisi kedua. Ulangi langkah–langkah tersebut hingga posisi kedua sebelum posisi terakhir dibandingkan dan dapat digeser dengan kartu yang bernilai lebih rendah.Ide utama dari algoritma selection sort adalah memilih elemen dengan nilai paling rendah dan menukar elemen yang terpilih dengan elemen ke-i. Nilai dari i dimulai dari 1 ke n, dimana n adalah jumlah total elemen dikurangi

3.Merge Sort
Sebelum mendalami algoritma merge sort, mari kita mengetahui garis besar dari
konsep divide and conquer karena merge sort mengadaptasi pola tersebut.
Pola Divide and Conquer
Beberapa algoritma mengimplementasikan konsep rekursi untuk menyelesaikan
permasalahan. Permasalahan utama kemudian dipecah menjadi sub-masalah,
kemudian solusi dari sub-masalah akan membimbing menuju solusi permasalahan
Pada setiap tingkatan rekursi, pola tersebut terdiri atas 3 langkah.
- Divide
Memilah masalah menjadi sub masalah
- Conquer
Selesaikan sub masalah tersebut secara rekursif. Jika sub-masalah tersebut
cukup ringkas dan sederhana, pendekatan penyelesaian secara langsung akan
lebih efektif
- Kombinasi
Mengkombinasikan solusi dari sub-masalah, yang akan membimbing menuju
penyelesaian atas permasalahan utama

Quicksort ditemukan oleh C.A.R Hoare. Seperti pada merge sort, algoritma ini juga
berdasar pada pola divide-and-conquer. Berbeda dengan merge sort, algoritma ini
hanya mengikuti langkah – langkah sebagai berikut :
1. Divide
Memilah rangkaian data menjadi dua sub-rangkaian A[p…q-1] dan A[q+1…r]
dimana setiap elemen A[p…q-1] adalah kurang dari atau sama dengan A[q]
dan setiap elemen pada A[q+1…r] adalah lebih besar atau sama dengan
elemen pada A[q]. A[q] disebut sebagai elemen pivot. Perhitungan pada
elemen q merupakan salah satu bagian dari prosedur pemisahan.
2. Conquer
Mengurutkan elemen pada sub-rangkaian secara rekursif
Pada algoritma quicksort, langkah ”kombinasi” tidak di lakukan karena telah terjadi
pengurutan elemen – elemen pada sub-array

berikut contoh algoritmanya :


int data[100],data2[100];
int n;

void tukar(int a,int b)
int t;
t = data[b];
data[b] = data[a];
data[a] = t;

void bubble_sort()
for(int i=1;i{
for(int j=n-1;j>=i;j–)
cout<<”bubble sort selesai!”<}

void exchange_sort()
for (int i=0; i{
for(int j = (i+1); j{
if (data [i] > data[j]) tukar(i,j);
cout<<”exchange sort selesai!”<}

void selection_sort()
int pos,i,j;
pos = i;
for(j = i+1;j{
if(data[j] < data[pos]) pos = j;
if(pos != i) tukar(pos,i);
cout<<”selection sort selesai!”<}

void insertion_sort()
int temp,i,j;
temp = data[i];
j = i -1;
while(data[j]>temp && j>=0)
data[j+1] = data[j];
data[j+1] = temp;
cout<<”insertion sort selesai!”<}

void QuickSort(int L, int R) //the best sort i’ve ever had
int i, j;
int mid;

i = L;
j = R;
mid = data[(L+R) / 2];

while (data[i] < mid) i++;
while (data[j] > mid) j–;

if (i <= j)
} while (i < j);

if (L < j) QuickSort(L, j);
if (i < R) QuickSort(i, R);

void Input()
cout<<”Masukkan jumlah data = “; cin>>n;
for(int i=0;i{
cout<<”Masukkan data ke-”<<(i+1)<<” = “; cin>>data[i];
data2[i] = data[i];

void Tampil()
cout<<”Data : “<for(int i=0;i{

void AcakLagi()
for(int i=0;i{
data[i] = data2[i];
cout<<”Data sudah teracak!”<}

void main()
int pil;
cout<<”Program Sorting Komplit!!!”<cout<<”*********************************************”<cout<<” 1. Input Data”<cout<<” 2. Bubble Sort”<cout<<” 3. Exchange Sort”<cout<<” 4. Selection Sort”<cout<<” 5. Insertion Sort”<cout<<” 6. Quick Sort”<cout<<” 7. Tampilkan Data”<cout<<” 8. Acak Data”<cout<<” 9. Exit”<cout<<” Pilihan Anda = “; cin>>pil;
case 1:Input(); break;
case 2:bubble_sort(); break;
case 3:exchange_sort(); break;
case 4:selection_sort(); break;
case 5:insertion_sort(); break;
case 6:QuickSort(0,n-1);
cout<<”quick sort selesai!”<break;
case 7:Tampil(); break;
case 8:AcakLagi(); break;

          126: Mattias Ribbing – 2017, så blir du effektivare med mindre stress      Cache   Translate Page      

Mindre stress och samtidigt mer gjort – går det? Ja!! Här kommer superkonkreta tips från Mattias Ribbing som kommer att göra ditt år produktivt, OCH mindre stressigt! 🙂

Mattias listar sina topplistor både för att minska stress och för att öka effektiviteten. Det här får du inte missa! Enkla, konkreta verktyg och råd som du kan applicera i din vardag direkt – idag!

En av förra årets absolut populäraste gäster … läs mer

          Ancient Star Trek mystery about who played the human form of Isis the cat in the season 2 Finale finally uncovered. Cool tag subbing for missing Fascinating tab [Cool]      Cache   Translate Page      
Cool [link] [29 comments]

          97: Mattias Ribbing – Hjärnan, stress, dåliga vanor och biohacking      Cache   Translate Page      

Trefaldiga svenska mästaren i minne, Mattias Ribbing, delar med sig av sina tips och erfarenheter – allt från hur du minns och lär dig saker effektivt, till hjärnstress, utmattning, och kost relaterat till mental prestation.

Ett riktigt spännande avsnitt som jag är övertygad om att du kommer att uppskatta mycket – så lyssna nu och sprid! Sprid särskilt till den som arbetar inom skolans värld, den som är stressad, utmattad, … läs mer

          Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin Arrested and Indicted on Massive Bribery Scam Involving Elite College Admissions      Cache   Translate Page      
I don’t think ANYONE saw this coming. News today broke that Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have been arrested and charged along with 48 others in a massive bribery scam involving some of the most elite colleges in the country. Apparently wealthy parents had been bribing college coaches and insiders at college testing centers to help […]
          Congress Probing Whether Trump ‘Dangled’ Pardons      Cache   Translate Page      
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) tweeted that Congress is currently probing reports that President Trump “privately dangled” presidential pardons in an alleged attempt to obstruct investigations into his conduct. Schiff did not specify when the pardons were allegedly privately offered, or whom they concerned. But he said: “Yesterday, the White House refused to […]
           Comment on French Dip Sandwiches by kate jones       Cache   Translate Page      
Top and bottom round roasts are both a good compromise between the fatty chuck roasts and lean eye of round. You can always add 1-2 tablespoons of butter, which sounds kinda weird, but it’s still not nearly as fatty as a chuck roast. Also, subbing about 1/2 cup of the water with dry red wine will boost the flavor.
          Ferrari debut set to be a ‘special race’ for Leclerc      Cache   Translate Page      
Charles Leclerc makes his Ferrari debut at this weekend's Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, describing it as a "unique" occasion.
          Car has no road tax, already reported to untaxed vehicle's .registration number is BJ05 PPV, 12th March      Cache   Translate Page      
This is in car park in front of the flats in the left as you come into Tilton court .
Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 57 Tilton Court, Peterborough
Report on FixMyStreet
          There is untaxed car, I have reported already to untaxed vehicles,registration number is EX02 WTJ, 12th March      Cache   Translate Page      
This car is parked in car park in Tilton Court. In front of the flats .
Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 1 Tilton Court, Peterborough
Report on FixMyStreet
          Fly tipped item., 12th March      Cache   Translate Page      
Fly tipped item outside number on the grass near the house with the white van in the front garden.

Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 21 Pratt Avenue, Paston
Report on FixMyStreet
          Flooding, 12th March      Cache   Translate Page      
Once again the underpass is flooded! Same problem as end of last year and really could do with a proper solution being implemented i.e. a better grate for the gutter, to prevent future blockage?

Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Werrington Parkway, Werrington
Report on FixMyStreet
          2 lights out, 11th March      Cache   Translate Page      
Lights PCC27 and PCC28 have been out for a while. PCC27 covers a communal car park and is very dark at night as there are no other lights close by.
Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 46 Stagsden, Orton Goldhay
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          Fly tipped items., 11th March      Cache   Translate Page      
Some fly tipped item near the wall just before you go into the garages.

Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 20 Lethbridge Road, Paston
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          Fly tipped sofa, 11th March      Cache   Translate Page      
Fly tipped sofa in garages.

Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 28 Holmes Way, Paston
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          Smashed glass on Delves Way, 11th March      Cache   Translate Page      
Smashed glass on the road in Delves Way

Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 2 Delves Way, Hampton Centre
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          Chrome is Testing “KV Storage” a “Built-in Module”      Cache   Translate Page      

This post is from Chrome Story - Chrome OS Made Simple!


I have launched a new YouTube channel with Chrome OS "How To" videos. Review and consider subscribing if you find my videos useful:

          You Can Now Send Links From Chrome to Chrome (Your Own Devices)      Cache   Translate Page      

This post is from Chrome Story - Chrome OS Made Simple!


I have launched a new YouTube channel with Chrome OS "How To" videos. Review and consider subscribing if you find my videos useful:

          Just Makin' It Cute - Heart's Delight      Cache   Translate Page      

It's time for the Makin' It Cute - Heart's Delight Remix with Fat Quarter Shop! 

Have you seen the cute Makin' It Cute templates by Me and My Sister's Design - Heart's Delight, Petal Pack, Butterfly Bliss, and Smitten for Mittens. The reusable plastic shaped templates  are perfect to embellish quilts, bags, scrapbooking projects, even headbands and apparel. They are great to use individually or layered together. 

I chose to use the three smallest templates from Makin' It Cute - Heart's Delight with Badda Bing fabric to sew my daughter a cross-body bag.


How I made it:
Read more »
          Nicki Minaj Just Referred to Her Boyfriend Kenneth Petty as Her Husband      Cache   Translate Page      

Has this rap Queen found her forever king?

Nicki Minaj made some startling revelations during her newest episode of her Beats1 show Queen Radio on Apple Music. Minaj recorded the episode from London ahead of her March 14 concert in Birmingham and talked about why she loves the city as well as her current relationship with her beau Kenneth Petty.

As the 36-year-old rapper is wont to do, she left no detail behind while describing some of their physical interactions. "Every night when I get out of the shower, my husband takes this really good lotion that we just bought and he massages my feet and rubs them. He rubs each toe individually, and the heel and the ball of my foot—he does it all," she explained on the show.

While it's possible to gloss over some of the details in this description, there's one word in particular that truly stands out from the rest: husband.

Are we missing something? Or could this just be a case similar to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott who lovingly refer to each other as "wifey" and "hubby" and spark engagement rumors left and right? 

Nicki Minaj's Epic Concert Costumes

Minaj and Petty—who she refers to as her "bae" on social media—became Instagram official back in December right around the time of her birthday. In that photo, she wrapped her legs around him and he looked lovingly at her. "Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happens?'s no secret…that both of us…are running out of time…," she captioned the photo.

Since then, he's had a very active presence on her Instagram account and many of their pictures and videos could be considered a tad NSFW.

Just like Petty "rubs each toe individually" with her new lotion, he did something relatively similar in a video that she posted in January where he kissed all of her toes while they canoodled in a hot tub.

Another photo that the "Anaconda" rapper uploaded in December made a reference to potential nuptials. "He want me to be his wife- his MISSIS like SIPPI NOW," she described a photo of them laughing together at what was presumably her birthday party. The caption also happens to be an allusion to her song "Majesty."

Minaj has been very transparent about her relationship with her boyfriend (husband?) since the start. In January, she told her 20 million Twitter followers just how many times she and Petty have sex each night. One fan guessed it to be around six times, but she clarified and said, "3-4 on average."

The same day she described her sex life, she also described other parts of their relationship, including their past and future. The two of them happen go way, way back. Plus, Minaj said she and Petty "already chose" some baby names.

"He's like the male version of my bff TT. They both can make me calm with one look, hug, word. I tell them both all the time," she tweeted on Jan. 5. "My peace. Cuz they knew me since I was a kid so they understand me in a diff way I guess."

Their PDA and steamy make out sessions are nothing new, either. She wrote in another tweet that day, "We were like this about each other since we were very young kids in the hood. He was on my body b4 the big ol' ghetto booty. B4 the fame & fortune. Fought my bf cuz I wouldn't be his girl. He was always a lil brazy. But anyway, timing is everything."

While Minaj makes some rated-R comments about Petty, the affection is hardly a one-way street. On Dec. 21, the "Barbie Dreams" rapper posted a video of Petty's new massive neck tattoo that spelled out her first name: Onika. When their relationship first became more public, information about him resurfaced that concerned some of her fans.  

The 40-year-old is a registered sex offender in New York and was convicted of attempted rape in the first degree in April 1995. He reportedly served four years in New York state prison. He served 10 months in prison in 2006, too, after pleading guilty to first-degree manslaughter.

Minaj, however, doesn't care about any of the criticism he received. She replied to one negative comment, "But go awf Internet. y'all can't run my life. Y'all can't even run y'all own life. Thank you boo."

Nicki Minaj Just Referred to Her Boyfriend Kenneth Petty as Her Husband originally appeared on
          How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Science      Cache   Translate Page      
The latest AI algorithms are probing the evolution of galaxies, calculating quantum wave functions, discovering new chemical compounds and more. Is there anything that scientists do that can't be automated?
          A relatively painless guide to cutting plastics in your life      Cache   Translate Page      
Last year may have been the beginning of the end for plastic. It may have taken a while for the average person to wake up to its dangers, but many were shaken into action by the images and videos of plastic’s impact on the natural world that flooded the media in 2018.
Elizabeth Segran writes in Fast Company

A viral video showed a turtle with a straw stuck up its nose. Stories about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch revealed how island-sized trash mounds had collected in the ocean between Hawaii and California. And then there was that National Geographic cover of a plastic bag floating in the water, beneath the scrawled words “Planet or Plastic?” The issue publicized a remarkable statistic: Despite the world’s efforts to recycle, 91% ends up in the trash.
You may already be part of the growing number of people who are trying to ditch plastic. I’ve tried to faithfully bring my reusable Baggubags ($12) to the grocery store, and carry my own metal straw ($4 for three) with me when I go out to restaurants. I use S’well and BKR bottles ($25 and $45) instead of plastic water bottles. I like to congratulate myself for these small steps, but something weird happened once I began cutting down. I suddenly saw how much other plastic filled my kitchen, bathroom, and closet. I saw it in my toddler’s sippy cups and toys, in the cling film enveloping the meat and produce at the grocery store, and in the contents of my medicine cabinet. How could I ever hope to curb plastic, given that it’s woven into every part of my life?
As I’ve begun to explore more ways to cut down, I’ve realized that the task ahead is not as painful as it might seem. This is partly thanks to a flock of new startups coming up with alternatives to everyday plastic products. I’ve researched many of these brands and tested many of their products to give you a totally achievable, relatively painless, and very convenient guide to get started curbing your plastic use.

[Photo: Stasher] 

Let’s tackle the hardest part first: your kitchen. If you look around, you’ll see that most food comes in plastic. It’s the cheapest material on the market, so brands use it to package food and families often use Ziploc bags, Saran wrap, and Tupperware to store it. But there are ways around it.

Buy in bulk: 
You don’t need to buy prepackaged food. Many grocery stores sell rice, pasta, beans, nuts, flour, and many other ingredients in bulk. And skip the plastic bags offered in-store. You can bring your own containers. Some people like to bring glass or stainless steel jars, but I find them heavy and inconvenient. You also need to figure out how much the jars weigh so that you can correctly tally the weight of the bulk food you’re buying.
Personally, I prefer carrying some lightweight silicone Stasher (starting at $10) bags with me, then store my food in jars when I get home. The company is launching a large, flat-bottomed bag on March 12 that is ideal for bulk buying.

No more packaged fruit: There’s no reason for produce to be packaged in plastic. (I’m looking at you, Trader Joe’s.) Most groceries sell their fruit and vegetables by weight, so just buy your items piecemeal if you can. When you get home, you can give your produce a wash when you’re preparing it. Eco-friendly brand Full Circle has a very handy veggie scrubber ($5) I keep by the sink.
Stock up on reusable containers and wraps: Clear out your Ziploc and Saran wrap drawer, and fill it with reusable versions. I now pack my daughter’s snacks in reusable Lunchskin bags (starting at $5) or paper sandwich bags ($4). They come in cute patterns, which is an extra perk for the toddler set.

          Comment on Disclosure Policy by arlenekaliyah      Cache   Translate Page      
One of the many plumbing services we provide is water heater service in Texas . Every home has a water heater. However, it can be easy to forget it’s there. Though it is quiet, this machine is responsible for constantly providing your home with hot water. It is important to make sure it is properly maintained. If you are interested in purchasing a water heater, there are many options. The traditional tank heater is great for homes with larger families who will be consuming a lot of water. These tanks are able to constantly heat water without needing a recharge time. Getting a tankless heater is another popular option. These units will need to refresh depending on how much you use it, but they use very little energy. Also, they are small units. This means you get to save a lot of room in your garage.
          Plumbing Supervisor - Tamimi Engineering - Dubai      Cache   Translate Page      
ITI/12th Pass with 6-10 years experience in MEP Fit-Out jobs. Industry: Engineering Salary: AED 2501-3000 Experience of 7 - 10 years A strong aptitude for...
From Jobspoint - Tue, 12 Mar 2019 20:27:52 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          PLC (Industrial Automation) Training For Electrical & Electronics Engineers - AIT - Dubai      Cache   Translate Page      
ARABIAN INFO-TECH is an authorized training center and offers comprehensive training programs in different engineering courses like, Plumbing Design, Fire...
From Indeed - Tue, 12 Mar 2019 18:50:31 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          Plumber - Rawafed Services - Abu Dhabi      Cache   Translate Page      
Install, repair and maintain plumbing systems and components. Install, repair and maintain plumbing fixtures, appliances and trim....
From Rawafed Services - Thu, 03 Jan 2019 11:38:31 GMT - View all Abu Dhabi jobs
          MEP DESIGN / MECHANICAL ENGINEER - Rawafed Services - Abu Dhabi      Cache   Translate Page      
Experienced in the design of MEP systems including HVAC, Plumbing and Piping for Industrial or commercial projects. MEP DESIGN / MECHANICAL ENGINEER....
From Rawafed Services - Thu, 22 Nov 2018 07:49:31 GMT - View all Abu Dhabi jobs
          MEP Technician - Rawafed Services - Abu Dhabi      Cache   Translate Page      
Maintain heating and plumbing systems to ensure functionality. Civil and Construction....
From Rawafed Services - Fri, 18 Jan 2019 11:40:02 GMT - View all Abu Dhabi jobs
          Plumbers - A Rotelli - Abu Dhabi      Cache   Translate Page      
They should have the ability to handle plumbing tools and equipment (pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, plungers etc.). Plumbers Job Opportunity in Abu Dhabi....
From Revi Jobs UAE - Tue, 12 Mar 2019 15:23:56 GMT - View all Abu Dhabi jobs
          Plumbers - Al Tamimi Engineering Services LLC - Dubai      Cache   Translate Page      
Should have the ability to handle plumbing tools and equipment (pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, plungers etc.). Plumbers Job Opportunity in Dubai....
From Revi Jobs UAE - Tue, 12 Mar 2019 15:23:49 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          Electrical Maintenance Man - Emperos - Dubai      Cache   Translate Page      
Demonstrated experience in plumbing and A/C Maintenance. Looking for experienced and talented Electrical Maintenance Man in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)....
From Joblinks UAE - Tue, 12 Mar 2019 15:22:54 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          Plumber - Matlen Engineering Consultants - Abu Dhabi      Cache   Translate Page      
Perform planned maintenance duties of all plumbing services and fixtures. Determine materials ie spare to be used for plumbing services and new works....
From Joblinks UAE - Tue, 12 Mar 2019 15:22:54 GMT - View all Abu Dhabi jobs
          Plumber - Mora General Trading - Dubai      Cache   Translate Page      
Ideal candidates should have ability to handle plumbing tools and equipment like pipe wrenches,pipe cutters and plungers....
From Gulf Scout - Tue, 12 Feb 2019 08:27:20 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          Plumber - Emarat Global Resourcing - Dubai      Cache   Translate Page      
Should have the capacity to handle plumbing tools and equipment like pipe wrenches, pipe cutters and many others....
From Gulf Scout - Wed, 13 Feb 2019 08:24:46 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          MEP Engineer - F S E Middle East - Ras al-Khaimah      Cache   Translate Page      
Should have the capacity to read and interpret mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawing so as to carry out work according to specifications....
From Gulf Scout - Thu, 14 Feb 2019 08:24:42 GMT - View all Ras al-Khaimah jobs
          HVAC Engineer - F S E Middle East - Ras al-Khaimah      Cache   Translate Page      
The candidate should be able to read and understand electrical and plumbing drawings. HVAC Engineer vacancy in Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates....
From Gulf Scout - Thu, 14 Feb 2019 08:24:17 GMT - View all Ras al-Khaimah jobs
          The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard saga continues - Bitneni      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard saga continues  Bitneni
  2. Alice Cooper defends Johnny Depp ahead of Hollywood Vampires tour: '99 per cent was just bull'  The Independent
  3. Alice Cooper speaks out in defence of Johnny Depp again before they hit the road together  NME Live
  4. Alice Cooper defends Johnny Depp over abuse and addiction claims
  5. Vanessa Paradis channels spring in floral jacket while grabbing groceries in Los Angeles  Daily Mail
  6. View full coverage on Google News

           Comment on About that Kurt Russell / Turning Point USA / “political correctness” meme by rawgod       Cache   Translate Page      
I don't know anout Russell or TPUSA, but I do know language, and the right are trying to create a language where being an SJW, or social justice warrior, is a bad thing. They want to paint everyone left of right with one brush, and turn liberal thought into communism and socialism, both words which Americans have been taught to be afraid of. Why? First, bevause true Zmeficans are capitalists, and believe it is okay to let those capitalists hoard all the money they can, while leabing less and less around for the other classes, even though there are "no classes" in American society. They have turned We the People into individualists who don't want to shafe what they have with people less fortunate than they. U ions are the enemy. People are the enemy. Everything that combines rather than divides is the enemy. and calling all social justice warriors by the idiom SJWs or even DEMs is trying to create enemies where there need not be any--where there are no enemies! It is all in the language. If you join with others, you are not a true American! Divide and conquer! Take all those old worn-out phrases and repurpose them. Give them derogatory meanings. Are you going to let them succeed?
          Qi4j == Magritte + Traits + OODB + Newspeak      Cache   Translate Page      
I recently came across the opensource Qi4j project which has Rickard Öberg co-founder of JBoss as one of its core developers. Now I haven't gone into a large amount of detail, but I have read the tutorial and some examples and although I see the benefit, I feel Java as the implementation language was definitely the wrong choice.

If you are going to try predict the future and the best way is to invent it then why cripple it with Java? Ok so thats a little harsh but look at the examples and tell me if you can see the domain code easily, Java is just not expressive/malleable enough to make it read well and Qi4j's meta-descriptions (as annotations) are not extensible or dynamic. In my opinion this limits its power.

Qi4j == Magritte + Traits + OODB + Newspeak

Magritte a meta-description framework, describing domain classes and their respective attributes, relationships and constraints.
With Magritte you can describe your domain model similar to what Qi4j is doing. A major difference is that Magritte is self-describing and the meta-model is modifiable at runtime. So since you can describe your domain you can do things like object persistency, indexing, reports and views etc. and having this meta-model would allow one to create an optimised OODB (ROE?, Gemstone) persistence facility or a relational database mapping scheme (GLORP).

The mixin and behaviour separation constructs in Qi4j remind me of traits which arguably is a better form of behaviour composition.

The Qi4j application 'assembly' steps remind me of Newspeak's nested classes and module system.

I appreciate the ideas that Qi4j is trying to achieve but believe they are most likely wasting lots of developer 'cycles' trying to wrangle Java rather than coming up with some innovative ideas. A dynamic, fully reflective OO lanaguage (like Smalltalk :)) would be better suited to their needs as it would allow them to focus on their 'domain' which is building a DDD enabling framework.
          Plumbing Technician (Service) - Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
We are at the north end of Flathead lake, which is both a great recreation area and a world class fishery. Plumbing Technician (service) Master/Journeyman....
From Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Fri, 22 Feb 2019 12:24:51 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          HVAC Service Technician - Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
We are at the north end of Flathead lake, which is both a great recreation area and a world class fishery. HVAC Service Technician....
From Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Wed, 28 Nov 2018 14:52:33 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          Climbing Arborist Crew Leader - The Davey Tree Expert Company - Winfield, WV      Cache   Translate Page      
Davey Tree Expert Company has opportunities in the field of Urban Forestry, as Tree Care Foreman. Davey is a leader in the Residential-Commercial tree care,...
From Davey Tree - Fri, 08 Mar 2019 03:21:39 GMT - View all Winfield, WV jobs
          Climbing Arborist Foreman - The Davey Tree Expert Company - Winfield, WV      Cache   Translate Page      
Davey Tree Expert Company has opportunities in the field of Urban Forestry, as Tree Care Foreman. Davey is a leader in the Residential-Commercial tree care,...
From Davey Tree - Thu, 31 Jan 2019 15:21:12 GMT - View all Winfield, WV jobs
          How does radiation therapy work? A radiation oncologist explains.      Cache   Translate Page      

Most patients have an idea of how surgery and chemotherapy work.  It’s not difficult to picture a surgeon cutting out a cancer or a medical oncologist prescribing chemotherapy.  But how does radiation therapy work?  For the vast majority of patients, and a good number of physicians, radiation therapy is a completely foreign concept. In my […]

Find jobs at Careers by KevinMD.comSearch thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.

          Mizuno Irons      Cache   Translate Page      
So how about a little iron talk. If I were to buy a new set of irons right now, I would be leaning towards these two: MP32 and MP30. What I am looking for is a forged blade look and a forged blade feel with just a enough forgiveness to help out this weekend warrior. The MP30 is by far the most forgiving of the two. However, the MP32 is something to be desired for the shotmaker in me. And from what I read online, it is quite forgiving for a blade too. Here is some quotes from the Mizuno Golf website describing these two amazing sets of forged carbon steel:

(Mizuno Golf) The new MP-32™ iron with Cut Muscle™ design technology is the player's club for the modern game of golf. Through intensive research, the Mizuno Design team evaluated the evolution of the game of golf and, in turn, created the new MP-32™ iron to maximize performance for today’s more aggressive game. Utilizing our patented Grain Flow Forging™ technology and the breakthrough Cut Muscle™ design, Mizuno engineers were able to strategically re-distribute weight to create a consistent sweet spot location, with a deeper center of gravity, while maintaining the maximum amount of solid feel throughout the set. These features deliver an extremely controllable and predictable ball flight, producing a mid-high trajectory in long irons and a mid trajectory in the scoring irons. Breakthrough Cut Muscle™ design delivers an extremely controllable and predictable ball flight.

The MP-30™ feature a classic head design for players seeking a cavity for playability and the workability of a forged muscle back. The MP-30™ offers golfers a clean look at address with a traditional top line, cambered sole, and cosmetics emblematic of Mizuno's legendary MP line of irons. Making an impact on the PGA Tour, the MP-30™ is an instant classic. Progessive cavity/muscle back design maintains solid feel while offering more playability in the long irons and more workability in the short irons. Grain Flow Forged™, 1025 select mild carbon steel provides outstanding feel. Durable double nickel chrome plated with mirror finish. Modified U-Grooves produce the ideal spin rate, for maximum playability in all conditions. Rolled leading edge, camered mid-sole, and beveled trailing edge deliver consistent striking ability from all types of lies.

          Abdul Mahdi confirms the entry of drugs from Argentina and describes the relationship with Iran uniq      Cache   Translate Page      
[rtl]Abdul Mahdi confirms the entry of drugs from Argentina and describes the relationship with Iran unique in the world {expanded}[/rtl] [rtl][size=10]Editorial Date: 2019/3/12 22:07 • 147 times read[/rtl][/size] [rtl] Baghdad: Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the entry of drugs from Argentina, while describing the relationship with Iran "unique in the world." "The government intends to complete the land distribution project to the poor of Iraq free of charge," Abdul-Mahdi ...
          Massive College Admissions Bribery Scheme - 50 People Arrested in Sweep....      Cache   Translate Page      
Operation Varsity Blues - Many wealthy leftist people were arrested today for participating in a massive bribery scheme to gain college admission for their families. The Justice Department charged 50 people (Press Release Here) including two TV stars with being part of a long-running bribery scheme to get privileged children into big-name colleges and universities. {{embed|t=CR5Xj_1552416819}} ***BOSTON DOJ - Dozens of individuals involved in a nationwide conspiracy that facilitated cheating on college entrance exams and the admission of students to elite universities as purported athletic recruits were arrested by federal agents in multiple states this morning and charged in federal court in Boston. Athletic coaches from Yale, Stanford, USC, Wake Forest and Georgetown, among others, are implicated, as well as parents and exam administrators. {{file|t=k5DJK_1552416864}} William "Rick" Singer, (D) 58, of Newport Beach, Calif., was charged with racketeering conspiracy, money laundering conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Singer owned and operated the Edge College & Career Network LLC ("The Key") - a for-profit college counseling and preparation business - and served as the CEO of the Key Worldwide Foundation (KWF) - a non-profit corporation that he established as a purported charity. Between approximately 2011 and February 2019, Singer allegedly conspired with dozens of parents, athletic coaches, a university athletics administrator, and others, to use bribery and other forms of fraud to secure the admission of students to colleges and universities including Yale University, Georgetown University, Stanford University, the University of Southern California, and Wake Forest University, among others. Also charged for their involvement in the scheme are 33 parents and 13 coaches and associates of Singer's businesses, including two SAT and ACT test administrators. Also charged is John Vandemoer, the head sailing coach at Stanford University, Rudolph "Rudy" Meredith, the former head soccer coach at Yale University, and Mark Riddell, a counselor at a private school in Bradenton, Fla. The conspiracy involved 1) bribing SAT and ACT exam administrators to allow a test taker, typically Riddell, to secretly take college entrance exams in place of students or to correct the students' answers after they had taken the exam; 2) bribing university athletic coaches and administrators-including coaches at Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, the University of Southern California, and the University of Texas-to facilitate the admission of students to elite universities under the guise of being recruited as athletes; and (3) using the facade of Singer's charitable organization to conceal the nature and source of the bribes. (read more) {{embed|t=9AXja_1552418462}} . FIRST NATIVE AMERICAN TO ATTEND HARVARD: {{file|t=u4sAS_1552417697}} . HECHO IN INDONESIA: {{file|t=CfJWU_1552419946}} . ECONOMICS MAJOR NYU: {{file|t=s6Ixk_1552417974}} .
           Comment on Is Socialism on the Winning Side of History? by nedlandp       Cache   Translate Page      
Our current safety-net is a mess, our tax code is a mess. Since less than 50% actually pay taxes, with the bulk paid on the high end; there is political support to raise the safety-net and increase tax rates. Call it what you will, but it opens the door to socialism. I agree with Dan, that the answer is a flat tax. The main reason is that the tax rate, if raised is raised for everyone. However, it's a political loser, because it negatively affects that lower 50%. I believe the answer is a UBI with a flat tax, paid for out of the money we are currently spending through safety-net programs, tax deductions, and corporate subsidies. Before you poo-poo this, consider what I'm saying; we will eliminate government's heavy hand in deciding who winners are, in addition we will eliminate federal welfare, and reduce the influence of other safety-net programs. A side benefit is that we cut government employment in half and cut the time required to comply with taxes by more than half, for a 1 3/4% boost in GDP. By reallocating money to a UBI, we make effective tax rates progressive without disturbing the marginal rate. Everyone faces the same tax code (adjusted for family size). We can end the nanny state, by letting individuals become financially responsible. Yes, there is the possibility that a UBI could be raised by that politically powerful 50%, but the budget consequences would be clear. Are we saying that the current system of Entitlements is not now spiraling out of control?
          Vanessa Paradis channels spring in floral jacket while grabbing groceries in Los Angeles      Cache   Translate Page      
Vanessa Paradis was sporting spring vibes in a floral coat as she ran errands in Los Angeles this week.
          VIDEO: Oxford stabbing - victim was 'with a child'      Cache   Translate Page      
POLICE have tonight revealed that a woman in her 20s was the victim of a stabbing today.
          Oxford stabbing - what we know so far      Cache   Translate Page      
There's a major incident in Headington this evening. Here's what we know so far:
          CO-OP STABBING: Pictures and videos from the scene      Cache   Translate Page      
A STABBING in Headington has prompted a major police presence and a manhunt for the attacker.
          heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) mechanic - Bishop Plumbing Heating and Refrigeration - Dawson, YT      Cache   Translate Page      
Registered Apprenticeship certificate. Salary$$25 to $40HOUR hourly for 30 to 40 hours per week.... $25 - $40 an hour
From Canadian Job Bank - Fri, 08 Mar 2019 00:01:30 GMT - View all Dawson, YT jobs
          HVAC Service Technician - Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Lay out and connect electrical wiring between the controls and equipment according to the wiring diagram, using an electrician s hand tools....
From Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Wed, 28 Nov 2018 14:52:33 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          HVAC Service Technician - Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Gillette, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Lay out and connect electrical wiring between the controls and equipment according to the wiring diagram, using an electrician s hand tools....
From Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Fri, 22 Feb 2019 12:25:14 GMT - View all Gillette, WY jobs
          HVAC Service Technician - Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Casper, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Lay out and connect electrical wiring between the controls and equipment according to the wiring diagram, using an electrician s hand tools....
From Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Fri, 22 Feb 2019 12:25:14 GMT - View all Casper, WY jobs
          스피드, 힘, 그리고 지구력(Speed, Strength and Endurance 번역)가 작성한 업힐을 위한 전략들(CLIMBING STRATEGIES 번역)의 댓글      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] 자전거 동호인 문화에 대한 상념 + 벨로마노 라이딩 클럽 사진전 […]
          초급자를 위한 자전거 업힐 팁!(Beginner Climbing Tips 번역)가 작성한 업힐을 위한 전략들(CLIMBING STRATEGIES 번역)의 댓글      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] 자전거 동호인 문화에 대한 상념 + 벨로마노 라이딩 클럽 사진전 […]
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Dozens of people, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, face racketeering charges over allegedly facilitating cheating on tests and bribing college coaches, according to a federal indictment.

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(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 13, 2019 ) The Qualitative research study accompanied by ORBIS RESEARCH titled on “Global Animal Nutrition Market describing about the Product / Business Scope and elaborates market outlook and status to 2023” provides primary data, studies, scope of the product and vendor briefings....
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(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 13, 2019 ) The Qualitative research study accompanied by ORBIS RESEARCH titled on “Global Softgel Manufacturing Equipment Market describing about the Product / Business Scope and elaborates market outlook and status to 2023” provides primary data, studies, scope of the product...
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(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 13, 2019 ) The Qualitative research study accompanied by ORBIS RESEARCH titled on “Global Dairy Analyzer Market describing about the Product / Business Scope and elaborates market outlook and status to 2023” provides primary data, studies, scope of the product and vendor briefings....
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I just built myself a really nice gaming laptop and I am about to build my wife’s new laptop which is an nearly equivalent build (in addition to the graphics card and laborious drive, it is the same construct). This might lead to a horrifying scenario wherein all the matter on the earth is transformed right into a uniform goo made up purely of nanobots. The tutorial workers contains six members of the Chinese language Academy of Sciences for Engineering. As a result of this development putting in totally different applications on a single computer may led to completely different compatibility points at any time when the machine require updating. It is hoped that this technology will turn into low cost and portable enough to assist home-sure sufferers.

Firstly utilizing blue-tooth or related wi-fi expertise for pure wi-fi connection of ALL external hardware, mouse, keyboard, monitor, multifunction printer, network gadget, broadband modem, but have all of it ‘just-work-straight-out-of-the-box’. This World Lab will grow to be often called the place for danger taking, breaking the mold, inventing the long run, and tackling the key issues facing the world. I think in senior colleges we cannot remove expertise but as an alternative want to coach & assist pupils in learn how to use it appropriately.

There’s a price for technology, we are our personal selves to be blamed if we screw on the benefits of know-how. It’s a really attention-grabbing video that reveals the complete results of how assistive expertise can help students. Computer producers aren’t very good at explaining why it is advisable purchase a new laptop. Expertise permits space travel which may save us from the extinction of the human race. Pc scientists are the electricians, plumbers and set up specialists who put lights, working water and home equipment in the house.

To do this, the management unit of a pc should be able to directing the program communicated to him without any human intervention is required to conduct this system. Whether or not it’s Linux, Solaris or Windows operating system, or it’s a complex technology like virtualization, you need to have a transparent understanding of every emerging expertise. Poverty doesn’t afflict so many individuals as a result of expertise has developed so rapidly. But it have to be realized that as new business technology will result in more productivity, it would additionally create more competition.

Broadband is a sort of communications technology whereby a single wire can carry a couple of type of sign at once; for example, audio and video. It’s troublesome for a contemporary laptop user to think about a world with out the mouse, such is the ever present and usefulness of this machine. With a degree in Laptop Science, graduates have a diverse number of career paths at their fingertips. When you’ve got too many packages operating in the background, it might actually slow down your Windows 7 pc.…

          Newport Beach Consultant Who Led College Admissions Scheme Sought Out the Most Privileged Students: Prosecutors      Cache   Translate Page      
Stunning claims of a college admissions scam that could send actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman to prison focus on a CEO and company with far less name recognition: William “Rick” Singer and The Key. Newport Beach resident Singer and his company, The Key, allegedly helped wealthy students score better on the ACTs or SATs by helping them cheat on the exams. Singer is also accused of bribing college coaches and athletic officials to say a prospective student should be […]
          Man Who Stabbed Girlfriend More Than 30 Times on Neighbor’s Lawn in Temple City Sentenced to Prison      Cache   Translate Page      
A man convicted of attempted murder for repeatedly stabbing his teen girlfriend on her neighbor’s lawn in Temple City in 2017 could spend the rest of his life behind bars, authorities announced Tuesday. Matthew Fay Echauri, 25, of Arcadia, was sentenced to 10 years plus life in state prison with the possibility of parole, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. The judge also imposed a 10-year criminal protective order for the victim, who was 18 at the […]
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(NewsUSA) - It should come as no surprise that Florida remains a hot spot for summer travel - especially Orlando, home to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.While it's true that families tend to flock to these familiar venues, (the city has been named one of Travelocity's "Coolest Places to Go in 2018 for Families" and AAA's "Top Domestic Summer Destination"), it is also so much more than the sum of these two theme parks.So if you're considering a trip to Orlando, read on about how to score the best deals and some sights to see with the fam that you may not have known even existed. Attraction Tips & Deals The destination's only official visitor center, operated by Visit Orlando, offers deals, discounted tickets, unbiased expert advice and Insta-worthy photo ops for guests. Movies & Fantasy Worlds Come to Life Universal Studios Florida will put guests right in the middle of the action with the new Fast & Furious - Supercharged ride, based on the popular film franchise, where an after-race party turns into a high-speed race to escape a criminal cartel.Disney's Hollywood Studios opens Toy Story Land on June 30, featuring two new attractions. The rides, Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Sauchers, will take visitors right into Andy's imagination as they join beloved characters on their adventures.Madame Tussauds Orlando's "Justice League: A Call for Heroes," will give guests the "sidekick" experience to Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, and Ben Affleck's Batman.Legoland Florida Resort found its niche when it debuted "The Great Lego Race," on March 23.This thrill ride is the first virtual reality roller coaster experience designed for kids and features Lego minifigures, a rocket-powered surfboard, and an espresso-fueled scooter. Outdoor Adventures and Record-Setting Thrills SeaWorld Orlando debuts Infinity Falls this summer, a whitewater rapid-adventure raft ride through a lost jungle. The journey will send guests through fountains and waterfalls before dropping 40 feet - a world record for a river raft ride - into churning whitewater.The Orlando Starflyer is the world's tallest swing ride, and opens on June 1. At 450-feet tall, the ride offers open-air views of the city for up to 24 guests at once, swinging them through the air at up to 60 miles an hour.Just in time for their 20th Anniversary, Fun Spot America opened HeadRush 360, a spinning and swinging new attraction that takes riders 40 feet in the air - upside down.And Orlando Watersports Complex is home to Central Florida's first Aquapark, which features a modular series of inflatable, interlocking climbing obstacles, pathways and slides for hours of fun.For more information, visit
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When you are legitimate years older, in enjoy and insatiable about orgy like these super-naughty youthful libertines nothing stops you from doing your own personal home vid. Having your uber-sexy gf deepthroat your rock-hard pulsating schlong and plumbing her taut saluting muff any way you want in front of the camera - what else can a fellow dream for? Incredible nubile fuckfest as it is!

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When it comes to balsa parts, you can simply use T-Pins to hold them in place while the glue dries, but this is more difficult for lite ply and plywood parts. Here’s a great way to clamp them in place. Cut a couple of lengths of silicone fuel tubing and stick your pins though them, […]

The post Clamping for Hardwoods appeared first on Model Airplane News.

          Lori Loughlin’s Daughter, Who Is A Youtube Star, Previously Admitted She Didn’t Care About School      Cache   Translate Page      
Lori Loughlin’s kid on her YouTube channel talking about not caring about college. Mom & dad are now getting arrested accused of bribing her way into school. Doesn’t seem worth it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ — deena centofanti (@fox2deena) March 12, 2019 Imagine getting busted for getting your kid into college, shelling out half a million and […]
          Fear of the Black.      Cache   Translate Page      
2006, USA
Bill Condon

If there were enough sun to tan where I lived, I would be a redneck. As it stands, the frigid northern climes have left me more of an intolerant, bug-eyed cavefish. I've got the same amount of guns and prejudices as rednecks, but I just don't look the part. But despite the particular shade of white trash my skin happens to me, I still approached Dreamgirls, the story of the birth of the Supremes, sort of, with as much trepidation as a trucker at a 50 Cent show. Every other guy gets to complain that they don’t like musicals because they’re gay, so I’m going to bitch about Dreamgirls because it’s got black people in it. But it turns out, the fact that the film is comprised off an all-negro cast wasn't as off-putting as I'd imagined. Rather, what's distancing about the film is that they break out in song as abruptly and suddenly as a drunk girl throws up at a party.

My film school was a drive-in.

It's not that I'm inherently against musicals. Sure, they're gayer than lesions and swollen lymph nodes, but I'm tolerant enough for that. But there needs to be some sort of motivation to the musical numbers, other than an attempt to win a Golden Globe in a category that's easier to dominate than Best Drama. In a film like Chicago, all of the numbers were clearly established as fantasy sequences; in Rent, hallucinogenic reactions to anti-virals. However, in Dreamgirls, while many of the musical bits are diegetic, in that they take place within the context of the film, as performances or whatnot, there are about 3 or 4 scenes that are just characters bursting into song seemingly at random. As this occurs only a limited number of times, as opposed to consistently throughout the film, it always seems jarring, confusing, and uncalled for, like someone spitting in your face during sex after whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

So, Dreamgirls is weirdly incoherent and full of black people, so I probably should hate it. But I don't. Firstly, I'm not convinced that Beyonce is black. I think she's a Barbie-based robot covered in chocolate, the ultimate product for pre-teen girls and middle-aged men with early stage jungle fever. Plus, while the story is clichéd and as predictable as the last minute of a porn film, there are some great performances and some well-written roles. Every character is flawed, realistically, believably, and in some cases dramatically. Except, of course, for the chocolate robot, because the multi-national cybernetics conglomerate won't allow her to sully her image, and therefore impede Skynet's plan to become self-aware. Eddie Murphy's rising and falling soul singer is both well written and well played, and the numerous accolades Jennifer Hudson is receiving as the brassy, self-destructively arrogant yet supremely talented Effie are fully deserved. The music, if you're into that sort of that thing, is loud and ebullient, full of wildly ululating tones and jaws flapping like a marionette with a cut string. The costumes are glittery, the hair is big, and the set design and theatrical staging is enough to straighten even the limpest wrist in to a clapping position. Except for mine, because I'm busy grabbing my gun.

Underage? Read a PG-13 review at The Comic Book Bin. Then come over to my house and let me watch you touch yourself. Girls and effeminate boys only need apply.

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If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber located in the U.S. you can now get Hulu for free. This applies to both new and existing users, who can get Spotify Premium and Hulu (ad-supported plan) for just $9.99/month. The same price as a Spotify Premium subscription. Spotify and Hulu first teamed up in 2017, offering students both services for just $4.99/month. Then, in 2018, Spotify Premium subscribers were offered Hulu’s Limited Commercials plan for an extra $3/month. And now, the price is dropping even further. Spotify Premium + Hulu (Ad-Supported Plan) From today (March 12), anyone subscribing to Spotify Premium can...

Read the full article: Spotify Users Can Now Get Hulu for Free

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      Since the beginning of time, war has been present in all civilizations. There are many different reasons for war like; food, land, power, money, and since the 20th century, oil. The results of these wars have been catastrophic to say the least. Many soldiers and civilians from both sides have been caught in the cross fire. The 9/11 attack started a chain of events that still cripple this nation and the world today.

Bombs fell into the industrial 
neighborhood of Al-Zafaraiya 
in southern Baghdad, caused by U.S forces. The war in Iraq went on for an unnecessary amount of time and costed an unnecessary amount of money and resources. In this image you can see the locals of Baghdad carrying out a victim of the bombing. The war was getting out of hand when civilians were being killed because they were either in the way or they were potential threats. Also, many soldiers were killed in the line of duty. This war was only the start of what will become multiple terrorist attacks around the globe that will cost the lives of many innocent people that had no part in the events of the wars.

Scenes from the OneRun

      This is a photo taken at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. Mostly everyone will remember this cause of the terrorist bombing that occurred at the finish line costing the lives of a few people and the injury of many more (In the hundreds). Two terrorists whom had some ties to middle eastern terror organizations set off the attack with 2 pressure cooker bombs. After a 4 day manhunt one suspect was shot and killed while the other was captured in Watertown, Massachusetts. The United States was under attack because of the war against terror. It traumatized everyone that a person would hurt so many innocent people.

This screen grab taken on 25 September 2013 from a video distributed through an intermediary to local reporters and seen by AFP, shows a man claiming to be the leader of Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau, flanked by armed men.
      Last year the world found out who Boko Haram was. This terrorist group was responsible for kidnapping hundreds of school girls because of the fact they were girls and they were in school, The terror organization is a group with Islamic beliefs. It took months before the United States and Canada decided to go into the country officially. There was word of Special Forces in the country within the first week of the kidnapping but that was never confirmed. The girls were eventually either sold or killed by the terrorist group. Many people have lost their lives to this terrorist group and no one has done anything about it. Our country as well as the U.S but still hardly anything has been done.

      This photo was taken in Paris during the terrorist attack a short while ago. The attack on the newspaper cost the lives of 12 people and 11 others were injures. The suspect have known ties to Al-Qaeda. The two suspects split up after the attack and 2 days later, both at different locations, took hostages. French special forces raided both locations and deescalated the situation. some of the hostages lost their lives because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, Because of the war on terror and the back and forth fighting, the Terrorists are starting to fight back hard all around the world and the fighting is just escalating to a point where so many people forget why they're fighting. So many people died of the past decade to the point where people realize that no one will win, many more will just die and the war will always go on.
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People come across challenges on a daily basis, due to the decisions one makes, or the effect of decisions made by others. In order for people to cope with these challenges, different tools have been created or used in order for one to escape reality. The tools that I will be discussing today are: the invention of the CBC radio, Jake Sully's avatar linking process from the movie Avatar, and alcohol.

CBC Radio:

A family gathered around a radio. Boston Live Theater Project. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Dec. 2014.

The first example of a distraction tool is invention of the CBC radio in Canada, during the 1930’s, or in other words the great depression. The great depression began shortly after the “roaring 20’s”, in 1929, during the crash of the Wall street market, leaving many Canadians unemployed and miserable. There was a need for occupying citizens time, thus the birth of the CBC radio occurred, serving a purpose of distraction and hope during a time of desperation. The image of a family gathered around a radio displays this message, as the composition of the way each family member is sitting closely together, both father and mother holding young children close, on their laps. This shows how listening to the radio is sacred family time, as the radio is a force that brings the family together. The family is also huddled around to what seems to be the corner of the room, staring at the radio, eagerly awaiting to hear of a saving grace to end another grueling day. 
Another detail that sticks out is the man who appears to be the father, holding his two sons. The father is covered in dirt on his hands and face, as he may have just come home from work, to come and spend this sacred family time together, sitting around the radio. Because along with the depression came job loss, the father looks as if he is working hard at keeping his job in a coal mine, so that he would be able to somewhat support his family. The radio serves a purpose of helping the man become distracted from the difficult work lifestyle he faces everyday. Through the seating composition of the family, and the hard working father, this demonstrates how he uses the radio as a tool to escape the challenging realities of the depression.


“Hell’s Gate.” Avatar Wiki. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2015. <’s_Gate>.

Secondly, the character Jake Sully from the movie Avatar, demonstrates how he feels the need to live outside a body of his own. As he is in a wheelchair, he is paralyzed from the hip below, due to being hit by a grenade on his mission while serving as a marine. In the first image, Jake is surrounded by other members in the army, heavy machinery, vehicles etc… By him being restricted to a wheelchair, he cannot do much compared to his other team members. In this scene, Jake is looking around through all the busyness, to search for something he could help with or be a part of.

“Best moments of 2009.” mtv. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2015. <>.

After Jake's identical twin brother (Tom) dies, he finds a purpose in his new work as two RDA (Resource Development Administration) agents ask him to work on an expensive project his brother was working on before he died. Since they had the same DNA, Jake accepted this fate, as he was required to take control of a new, fully functional, avatar in another world. In the second picture, Jake has woken up from from the linking process to his avatar, his face shocked and amazed at the sight of working, healthy legs and feet. This is shown through the overall expression of his face, as his mouth hangs open, eyes fixated on his new feet, and how he spreads his legs far apart. When the linking process is done and Jake returns to his human body, he craves for more time with working legs and feet, so he, makes multiple trips hooking up to his avatar, until he makes the decision one day to stay as an avatar for the rest of his life. Through this process of Jake hooking up to his avatar, it shows how he uses the avatar to escape the challenging life of a handicapped person, knowing that he will never return as a fully functioning human again.


“Haymitch Abernathy.” The Hunger Games Wiki. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2015. <>.

Lastly, the character Haymitch Abernathy demonstrates how alcohol is another escapism tool, as his character is identified by his severe drinking problem. Haymitch was crowned victor of the 50th Hunger Games, and is now Katniss and Peeta’s mentor, two individuals chosen to fight in the Games. As Haymitch, Katniss, and Peeta leave their home (in District 12) by train, for training in the Capitol city of Panem,  Haymitch is found drinking several times throughout the day. This scene is during the train ride where he is describing the Games to Katniss and Peeta. Haymitch has a blank, expressionless face when looking at his drink, holding his glass up in the air, showing an implicit message of the alcoholic drink having a greater, controlling power over him. He is surrendering to the alcohol, as it became a coping mechanism for him over the years. Since facing the deathtrap arena at the Games, he now lives with the traumatic nightmares and thoughts of killing others, and watching others brutally attacked and killed, in order for him to spare his own life. As he is provoking this patch in his mind that he does not want to enter, he stares at his glass and awaits for the moment when he can drown his sorrows again. You might all be asking, why is he still so upset after he won the Games?  Well, as the winner of the Hunger Games, you DO become untouchable. It is like winning the lottery, as you're  given a new house in the higher end of town, an endless food supply, money etc… Yet despite this new luxurious lifestyle, the trauma it not far trailing behind, as Haymitch tells Katniss before she faces her own battles in the arena: “ you never really win”, as life after the games only puts you in misery, as you're constantly haunted for the rest of your life. Thus, alcohol helps mute the pain and trauma Haymitch has been dealing with over the years,  a tool of escaping the reality he wished he never lived, just like the working father in the first image. Haymitch relies on the tool of drinking because he knows he will never be the same, also like Jake Sully from the previous image.

In conclusion, challenges approach people everyday, whether 80 years ago, or today. The way that people cope with these challenges vary to how different ones circumstance is, and to what tools they are available to them. Escaping from reality can be either good or bad, depending on whether or not the tool you use is for a “quick fix” like Haymitch’s alcoholism, or a tool that will help benefit a person for a lifetime, like the Jake Sully’s new body, or family bonding moments of the working father’s family.

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(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 13, 2019 ) The Qualitative research study accompanied by ORBIS RESEARCH titled on “Global Enameled Wire Market describing about the Product / Business Scope and elaborates market outlook and status to 2023” provides primary data, studies, scope of the product and vendor briefings....
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(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 13, 2019 ) The Qualitative research study accompanied by ORBIS RESEARCH titled on “Global Peptide Synthesizer Market describing about the Product / Business Scope and elaborates market outlook and status to 2023” provides primary data, studies, scope of the product and vendor...
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(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 13, 2019 ) The Qualitative research study accompanied by ORBIS RESEARCH titled on “Global Power Quality Analyzer Market describing about the Product / Business Scope and elaborates market outlook and status to 2023” provides primary data, studies, scope of the product and vendor...
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It's a sad but inescapable fact; some of science’s greatest advances have come from humanity's darkest moments. But this is not science's fault. Science and technology are not good or bad: it depends on how humanity chooses to use it.

"Baby Bomb Victim." Democracy Web. Democracy Web, 28 Aug. 2013. Web. 10 Dec. 
     2014. <> 
For example  nuclear technology; which has it's roots in the Manhattan project. The Manhattan project was a research and development project that made the first atomic bombs during world war two. These bombs were dropped in Japan and had catastrophic impacts. This is an image of a young child that was killed by one of these bombs. (The black on the kid is skin that was completely burnt by the bomb.) This bomb in total murdered 60 000 to 80 000 people. It is considered the world’s worst and most powerful weapon. It took 2 billion dollars (roughly 25.8 billion of today's dollars) and the world’s greatest minds to research and develop the technology behind them. But we used this technology to murder people, even innocent children. The child represents all of the innocent lives that were lost because of the bombs. The science itself did not choose to kill people, humans did.

cancer picture.jpg

A woman undergoing a nuclear medical examination to scan for cancer and metastases.

"Breast Cancer – Diagnostics – Localization of Metastases." Health Care.
    Siemens, 2011. Web. 10 Dec. 2014. <
In contrast, we have nuclear technology to thank for the entire field of nuclear medicine, which is used in medical imaging, diagnosis and treatments of conditions like cancer. The left side of the image shows the scan from the patient showing they have cancer. This side of the image is black and red, the red indicating the growths.  The scan gives off the feeling of death and sickness because of its overall darkness. The right side of the image portrays a patient undergoing nuclear medical imaging to check for metastases or cancer. The image is mostly white, with very little dark colours. The image gives off a feeling liveliness  and health because of how bright it is. The image goes from the right dark image to the light left image, so death to life: sickness to health; meaning this technology is being used to save lives. Again the technology did not chose to do this, humans did. Humans decided to use the same technology that was used to kill, to cure people. So, this proves that the science and technology behind some of the world’s worst weapons is not bad by itself, its how humanity has chosen to use these discoveries.   

Until early 1945, Dresden was the only major German city largely spared by Allied air attacks. At the time of the attack, it was no longer of any great military or strategic importance; rather, it served chiefly as a reception point for Silesian refugees.  

"Dresden in the Aftermath of Allied Bombing (February 13-14, 1945)." German
    History Documents. German History docs, n.d. Web. 8 Jan. 2015.
Secondly, we have the technology behind Fritz Haber's ammonia synthesizers which is used for fertilizers and in making explosives such as TNT and Amatol. Amatol explosives were extensively used during the world wars in aerial bombs, depth charges, shells, and naval mines(Wikipedia). In this picture here we see the aftermath of the allied bombing of Dresden, Germany. Dresden was no longer of any a great military or strategic importance at the time of its bombing, and the majority of people who were in the city were innocent refugees.  The image portrays a city in ruins, with death and rubble shown everywhere in the picture by the tattered buildings, bodies, and a dark, dusty sky. This disaster was able to happen because of Haber’s ammonia synthesizing technology, which was used to create the ammonium nitrate in the bomb. This dark imagery supports the notion that all this destruction and death happened because of this technology, but this is not the case. The science behind this did not choose to be used to kill and destroy cities, humans did.

"Green Fields Wisconsin, Lush Rich Rural Farm Crop, Spring Agriculture."

    IStockphoto. iStockphoto LP, n.d. Web. 12 Jan. 2015.

On the other hand, Haber’s ammonia synthesizing technology helped revolutionize agriculture by enabling the creation of ammonia fertilizers. Today, nitrogen fertilizers are responsible for feeding 48% of the worlds population(International Nitrogen Initiative). In this picture we see a lush farm with steadily growing plants. This picture is opposite to the last, it portrays life with vegetation growing everywhere in the picture. There are upright buildings and the sky is rich with colour with no clouds. This imagery supports the belief that this technology is good because it is used to help grow food. The science and technology did not choose to be used for this purpose, humans did. The bombs and agriculture show two uses for the same technology, it was humans who decided how to use this technology. We used it to kill and feed people. This proves that science and technology are not good or bad, it depends on how humanity chooses to use it.

Ultimately, humans can use science and technology for good and bad purposes, but the science itself is not good or bad: its neutral.

Works Cited
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"Green Fields Wisconsin, Lush Rich Rural Farm Crop, Spring Agriculture." 
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Theobald, Mark, trans. "Ammonia, The Substance That Changed The World." 
     International Nitrogen Initiative. N.p., n.d. Web. 8 Jan. 2015. 

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(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 13, 2019 ) The Qualitative research study accompanied by ORBIS RESEARCH titled on “Global Automotive HVAC Market describing about the Product / Business Scope and elaborates market outlook and status to 2023” provides primary data, studies, scope of the product and vendor briefings....
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The failure of the American Dream. For many years this has been at the back of many peoples minds and was reflected in various media. Since the recent events in america this has once again been brought to my attention. Here is some proof that many people believe that the American dream has failed.

At first glance the first thing that you will realize that this cartoon is describing the American dream and you can see how many people are trying to work towards it. The next thing that I noticed was that the staircase the people are using is starting to fall apart. This is representing the continued deterioration of the American dream. Furthermore, if you look at the characters depicted there are only a few that actually notice that the staircase is starting to fall apart. This is showing that few people choose to acknowledge that the American dream is falling apart. The main idea of this picture is that the american dream is crumbling and the artist uses a staircase to give a representation of how unaware the majority of the populace is.

This next photo is a shift to reality. This was taken during the great depression but, still has context since the events in Ferguson and New York. In this photo you can see that the only people in this line are black and they are likely in line for so sort of assistance because, many of them are holding bags or pales. Furthermore, in the background you can see the advertisement showing a white family in a car happily driving with the slogans "Worlds Highest Standard Of Living" and "There's no way like that American way". This shows the difference between the perceived american dream and what the majority of citizens are going through are almost on two different worlds. Also, in the advertisement the family depicted is white compared to the black people waiting in line, this shows that the american dream had already started to fail because, the populations idea of the American dream only involves white people. The main idea of this photo is that the american dream does not apply to everyone so it is starting to crumble.

This next cartoon is one that i feel reflects with many people that are around our age. In this comic it shows two friends, the first one got stuck in a part time job after high school and never went to college or university. The other girl went to college and got a degree, this has lead her now where so she is going to apply for a part time job just like the other girl. this is showing that the traditional American dream of getting a degree and then getting a well paying job is no longer the reality. Furthermore, the girl that did not go to college is probably better off because, she won't have to pay student loans and she already has a job. Also, in the attitude of the girl that went to college changes and by the end of the conversation she is slouching and has stopped smiling. This shows that she had no idea that she would be looking for a part time job after. Which demonstrates the ignorance that people have and think that the American dream is still strong but in reality it is crumbling. The main idea of this comic is that the traditional symbols of success no long lead to the American dream.

This image is showing the typical american family checking out of a hotel or as they say "the American dream". The person at the desk says that they have given everything the own back but they still own more money. This is representing how no matter how much debt you try to pay off their will always be more and the more debt that you have the further the American dream seems. Furthermore, the family is in cheap clothes and look saddened by having to "sign out". You can clearly see this by the look on the little girls face and the fact that she has a tear streaking down her face. The main idea of this picture is that it is almost impossible to reach the American dream because, of the massive amounts of debt that the majority of families have.

In conclusion, all of these photos share the same idea of the American dream. This would be that the American dream has failed and people are to ignorant to realize this or they are to poor to ever hope of achieving it. 


Suich, Alexandra The American Dream, RIP? Hand Drawn

Bourke-White, Margaret Highest Standard of living Photograph

Sullivan, Nate The American Dream? Hand Drawn The "New Normal" American Dream Hand Drawn

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Philip Hammond to promise action on plan to tackle Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple

A fresh bid to curb the market power of US tech giants will be signalled by Philip Hammond on Wednesday when he welcomes the findings of an independent review calling for government action to ensure companies including Google, Facebook and Apple face stiffer competition.

The chancellor will use his annual spring statement to promise action after a review conducted for the Treasury by Jason Furman, Barack Obama’s chief economic adviser, concluded that the dominance of the big digital players was curbing innovation and reducing consumer choice.

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Is anyone aware of a way to probe a wire of a class built as a packed project library (PPL), to be able to see the private data of the class, other than creating a custom probe for the class? The generic probe only displays the actual data type of the PPL class, but nothing more.


If the custom probe is the only way out, would I have to create custom probes for each descendant of a parent class that already includes a custom probe, in order to see the data stored in the parent?





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Attorney General Letitia James issued subpoenas Monday to Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank seeking records related to four Trump real estate projects and his failed bid to buy the Buffalo Bills.
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29.95 USD

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The Beautiful Food Safe Butcher Block Cutting Board is 16” wide x 13” deep x 3/4” high is made from solid Hardwood with Oak accents and pad feet.
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Keep your wooden cutting board clean by occasionally scrubbing it with a paste made from 1 tablespoon each baking soda, salt, and water. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and dry before storage.
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The pieces were compression glued, planed and fine sanded to bring out the beautiful colors and grain structure created by the butcher block multiple board pattern. Each piece was surface treated and hand rubbed with multiple coats of pure natural Tung oil.

Keep your wooden cutting board clean by occasionally scrubbing it with a paste made from 1 tablespoon each baking soda, salt, and water. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and dry before storage.
Tip: If you choose to moisturize, protect the surfaces and maintain the beauty of the piece, food grade mineral oil can be applied to the surfaces and the excess removed.

Shipping and insurance costs are estimated for delivery to the West Coast (See Shipping & Policies). If less, a refund is provided when shipped.

mr² Woodworking also creates custom indoor and outdoor furniture, benches, cabinets and specialty wood items available thru ETSY. Please do not hesitate to contact us for special request, colors or designs.

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New Item-One of a Kind!
The Beautiful Food Safe Butcher Block Cutting Board is 17 1/2” wide x 13" deep x 1" high is made from solid Hardwood with Oak and Cherry accents and pad feet.
The pieces were compression glued, planed and fine sanded to bring out the beautiful colors and grain structure created by the butcher block multiple board pattern. Each piece was surface treated and hand rubbed with multiple coats of pure natural Tung oil.

Keep your wooden cutting board clean by occasionally scrubbing it with a paste made from 1 tablespoon each baking soda, salt, and water. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and dry before storage.
Tip: If you choose to moisturize, protect the surfaces and maintain the beauty of the piece, food grade mineral oil can be applied to the surfaces and the excess removed.

Shipping and insurance costs are estimated for delivery to the West Coast (See Shipping & Policies). If less, a refund is provided when shipped.

mr² Woodworking also creates custom indoor and outdoor furniture, benches, cabinets and specialty wood items available thru ETSY. Please do not hesitate to contact us for special request, colors or designs.

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The Luther actor took the cast and crew out clubbing during their time on the White Isle.
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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Adam Jones had been climbing Camelback Mountain and hitting at Grand Canyon University for the past two weeks, waiting for a major league team to give him a job. On Tuesday, he officially joined the Arizona Diamondbacks, the only team that Jones says showed any real interest in the 33-year-old outfielder. […]
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cover image"She's never even seen the ocean before, but Eva Cassidy has her reasons for making the crossing to Hawaii, and they run a lot deeper than escaping a harsh Michigan winter. Newly enlisted as an Army Corps nurse, Eva is stunned by the splendor she experiences aboard the steamship SS Lurline; even more so by Lt. Clark Spencer, a man she is drawn to but who clearly has secrets of his own. But Eva's past--and the future she's trying to create--means that she's not free to follow her heart. Clark is a navy intelligence officer, and he warns her that the United States won't be able to hold off joining the war for long, but nothing can prepare them for the surprise attack that will change the world they know. In the wake of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Eva and her fellow nurses band together for the immense duty of keeping the American wounded alive. And the danger that finds Eva threatens everything she holds dear. Amid the chaos and heartbreak, Eva will have to decide whom to trust and how far she will go to protect those she loves"-- Provided by publisher.
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          Assessing Causality from Observational Data using Pearl’s Structural Causal Models      Cache   Translate Page      
Causality In 20th century statistics classes, it was common to hear the statement: “You can never prove causality.” As a result, researchers published results saying “x is associated with y” as a way of circumventing the issue of causality yet implicitly suggesting that the association is causal. As an example from my former discipline, political science, there was an interest in determining how representative democracy works. Do politicians respond to voters, or do voters just update their policy beliefs to line up with the party they’ve always preferred? It turns out that this is a very difficult question to answer, so political scientists interested in publishing choose their language carefully and pronounce that policy “congruence” exists between voters and politicians. The upshot is that there now exists a scholarly literature on “voter-party congruence,” which tells you exactly nothing about how democracy works but allows democracy researchers to get their papers past peer review. 21st century understandings of causality, however, have evolved away from 20th century fatalism to reframe the question as: What assumptions need to be met in order to state that an association is causal? Under what conditions are those assumptions met? Can these assumptions be met even when we can’t perform randomization? There are two conceptually different approaches to the problem: Donald Rubin’s (elaboration on Jerzy Neyman’s) potential outcomes framework. Judea Pearl’s (elaboration on Sewall Wright’s) structural causal models (SCMs). The former is the dominant approach in applied statistics, but the latter approach can sometimes highlight unexpected results that inform the proper analysis of observational data. Before describing the SCM framework, the next section reviews the potential outcomes framework. Potential Outcomes Take a binary treatment \(D_i \in \{0, 1\}\). Represent the outcome received by subject i as \(Y_{iD}\). Then \(Y_{i0}\) and \(Y_{i1}\) are the potential outcomes. A subject is either \(Y_{i0}\) or \(Y_{i1}\), we don’t observe both. Yet we want to determine: \(Y_{i1} - Y_{i0}\) which is the causal effect of the intervention. Although subjects receive either 0 or 1, but not the other, we may be able to identify the Average Treatment Effect (ATE). \(\text{ATE} = \mathbb{E}\left[Y_{i1} - Y_{i0}\right]\) To derive appropriate estimators for the ATE we need to make a few assumptions. Particularly important is that the treatment is independent of potential outcomes, written as: \(Y_{i0}, Y_{i1} \perp\!\!\!\perp D_i\) Finding ways to make \(D_i\) independent is at the heart of the potential outcomes framework. This leads to a few methodologies now commonplace in applied statistics: Randomized experiments by definition make \(D_i\) independent. Propensity score matching or weighting make the treated and controls look the same on possible confounders so that the only differences must be random error. Regression discontinuity designs where a cut-off on a continuous variable separates treated and control units. Instrumental variables, where compliance is non-random but treatment assignment is random. Longitudinal designs that use fixed effects or first differences to remove unit-level confounders affecting the treatment. The key assumption is \(Y_{i0}, Y_{i1} \perp\!\!\!\perp D_i\), termed ignorability. Judea Pearl has criticized how unintuitive the potential outcomes framework makes this assumption. He writes in The Book of Why (2018, pg. 279-280): “Unfortunately, I have yet to find a single person who can explain what ignorability means in a language spoken by those who need to make this assumption or assess its plausibility in a given problem…If you think this sounds circular, I agree with you!” Instead, Pearl has spent the last twenty years developing a different orientation that builds off his work in the 1990s on Bayesian networks. (It’s not necessary to know how Bayesian networks work to understand this post, but it does help clarify how his thinking on the problem of causality evolved over several decades.) This orientation is known as structural causal models (SCMs). Structural Causal Models SCMs are graphs with nodes, directed edges, and functions mapping exogenous variables to endogenous ones. Denote \(U\) as the set of exogenous variables, \(V\) as the set of endogenous variables, and \(F\) as the set of functions mapping \(U\) to \(V\). A concrete example is: \(U = \{X, Y\}\) \(V = \{Z\}\) \(F = \{f_z\}\) where \(f_z\) is the function mapping \(X\) and \(Y\) onto \(Z\). This definition implies the following graph: The arrows represent a generic causal relationship only, the actual function mapping \(X\) and \(Y\) onto \(Z\) can be anything we like. These types of figures should be familiar to anybody who has previously encountered structural equation models (SEMs) in applied statistics. The primary difference is that SEMs are parametric, typically assuming a linear relationship: \(Z = b_0 + b_1X + b_2Y\) but SCMs are defined without committing to a particular functional form. We get around functional forms by talking about the variables in terms of joint probability functions and taking advantage of well-known rules for converting between joint, conditional, and marginal probabilities. Take the following graph: Any (acyclic) graph has a joint distribution that is defined by multiplying all conditional probabilities, where conditioning is performed on the direct parent. For example, the joint distribution for the variables in the model is \(P(X, Y, Z) = P(X)P(Y \vert X)P(Z \vert Y)\) Understanding the conditional probabilities implied by a model will enable us to generate some rules for determining how causal effects can be identified from observational data. These rules provide surprising and important perspectives on how statistical modeling should be approached. Backdoor Paths and Colliders “You should control for everything you can. That is, after all, why we do regression.” - One of my methodology professors in the early 2000s. No, you should not control for everything. In fact, depending on the causal model, some variables should explicitly not be controlled for. We’ll start out with when you should control for a non-treatment variable. Take the following graph: We wish to know the effect of \(X\) on \(Z\), but \(Y\) is a common cause. Let’s say we could intervene in the world to set \(X\) at a given value. By doing so, we’d be removing the effect of \(Y\) on \(X\) and would be left with: We can identify the causal effect by comparing the world in which we have control with the world in which we do not. In both scenarios, the probability that \(Z\) takes on a value is conditioned only on \(Y\) and \(X\), \(P(Z = z \mid Y, X)\), and the probability that \(Y\) takes on a given value is not conditional on anything. We want to know the effect of \(X\) on \(Z\) if we could intervene on \(X\) and set its value. Pearl introduces the \(do(\cdot)\) operator to signify setting a variable \(X\) to a specific value \(x\). \(P(Z = z \mid do(X = x))\) Based on the intervention SCM, \(P(Z = z \mid do(X = x)) = \sum_z P(Z = z \mid Y = y, X = x)P(Y = y)\) This is true because \(P(Z = z \mid do(X = x))\) is what we get after integrating out \(Y\). But we know from comparing the graphs that \(P(Z = z \mid Y = y, X = x)\) and \(P(Y = y)\) are the same in both worlds. Thus, we have all the information we need to calculate a causal effect such as \(P(Z = z \mid do(X = 1)) - P(Z = z \mid do(X = 0))\) Take a slightly more complicated model: There are now two paths from \(X\) to \(Z\): \(X \rightarrow Z\) \(X \leftarrow W \rightarrow Y \rightarrow Z\) These are read from left to right regardless of the direction of the arrows. However, the arrows identify the second path as a backdoor path because there is an arrow leading into \(X\). Backdoor paths are essential for identifying causal effects because they represent spurious associations. Pearl shows that causal effects can be identified if we can block the backdoor path. We do this by conditioning on any of the variables that lay on the backdoor path, meaning the conditioning set can be any of the following: \(\{W\}\) \(\{Y\}\) \(\{W, Y\}\) We don’t necessarily have to control for both, though we can. The key is that, by blocking a backdoor path, we remove the spurious association between the outcome and \(X\). After blocking, we do not necessarily need to control for subsequent variables on the backdoor path. Now let’s flip the top arrows. This fundamentally changes the conditioning set, which now only contains \(Y\). This occurs because \(W\) is a collider variable, which is defined as a variable that lies along a backdoor path with arrows pointing into it from multiple directions. We would write this backdoor path as \(X \rightarrow W \leftarrow Y \rightarrow Z\). When we write out the path in this manner, we can immediately identify collider variables as those with arrows pointing to the node from both directions. A collider variable blocks a backdoor path. The counter-intuitive result is that conditioning on a collider opens the backdoor path. To identify the causal effect we need to block all backdoor paths from \(X\) to \(Z\). The backdoor criterion can be defined as (Pearl, Glymour, & Powell, 2016, p. 61): Given an ordered pair of variables \((X,Z)\) in a directed acyclic graph \(G\), a set of variables \(V\) satisfies the backdoor criterion relative to \((X,Z)\) if no node in \(V\) is a descendant of \(X\), and \(V\) blocks every path between \(X\) and \(Z\) that contains an arrow into \(X\). That is, we identify a set of nodes in \(\{V\}\) to condition on such that: We block all spurious paths from \(X\) to \(Z\). We leave all directed paths from \(X\) to \(Z\) unperturbed. We do not inadvertantly create new spurious paths via conditioning on colliders or their descendants. Mediation Another example is mediation, as in the following figure: We can get the direct effect of \(X\) on \(Z\) if we average over levels of \(M\), which is the standard approach to mediation. But what if we add a variable as follows?: Now \(M\) is a collider, and we know that conditioning on a collider causes problems. Conditioning on \(M\) opens the path \(X \rightarrow M \leftarrow W \rightarrow Z\), allowing an indirect effect to interfere with the direct effect. But not conditioning on \(M\) leaves the indirect path \(X \rightarrow M \rightarrow Z\) open. How do we deal with this in a manner that allows us to recover the direct effect of \(X\) on \(Z\)? The answer is that we now intervene on both \(X\) and \(M\). \(P(Z=z \mid do(X = x), do(M = m))\). Intervening and conditioning are not the same thing. Conditioning averages over values of \(M\), intervening sets its value such that there are no longer the arrows \(X \rightarrow M\) and \(W \rightarrow M\). The conditional direct effect is \(CDE = P(Z=z \mid do(X = x), do(M = m)) - P(Z=z \mid do(X = x^{\prime}), do(M = m))\) The conditional refers to the fact that the direct effect \(X \rightarrow Z\) may differ depending on the value to which the mediator is set. The \(do(\cdot)\) operator is equivalent to removing an arrow from a graph. Reiterating the model: There is no path to \(X\), so \(do(X) = x\), and the CDE is \(CDE = P(Z=z \mid X = x, do(M = m)) - P(Z=z \mid X = x^{\prime}, do(M = m))\). The last step is to rewrite the \(do(M = m)\) in terms of the observed world. To block the backdoor path \(M \leftarrow W \rightarrow Z\) we need to condition on \(W\). We are left with: \[\begin{eqnarray} CDE = \sum_i \left[P(Z=z \mid X = x, M = m, W = w) - \\ P(Z=z \mid X = x^{\prime}, M = m, W = w)\right]P(W = w) \end{eqnarray}\] There is a general result behind this (Pearl, Glymour, & Jewell, 2016, pg. 77): The CDE of \(X\) on \(Z\) can be identified when a mediation variable \(M\) is present given: There exists a set \(V_1\) of variables that blocks all backdoor paths from \(M\) to \(Z\). There exists a set \(V_2\) of variables that blocks all backdoor paths from \(X\) to \(Z\) after deleting all arrows entering \(M\). The second of these was met automatically given the lack of parents for \(X\). These general rules make it possible to identify direct causal effects in contexts that were previously intractable, even if the researchers did not realize they were dealing with an intractable problem. The daggity R Package These models are all very simple, but graphs can be far more complex. Consider the following (adapted from Morgan & Winship, 2015, pg. 135): A general approach to modeling these diagrams is to employ a tool called d-separation, defined as follows (Pearl, Glymour, & Powell, 2016, p. 47): A path \(p\) is blocked by a set of nodes \(N\) iif: \(p\) contains a chain of nodes \(A \rightarrow B \rightarrow C\) or fork \(A \leftarrow B \rightarrow C\) such that the middle node \(B\) is conditioned on, or \(p\) contains a collider \(A \rightarrow B \leftarrow C\) such that the collision node \(B\) is not conditioned on, nor are any descendents of \(B\) conditioned on. Fortunately, there is software that can help us algorithmically determine which variables are d-separated. The software (and R package) is called dagitty. To use the package, we start by declaring the SCM: g % head(15) ## { S, V } ## { S, T, V } ## { S, U, V } ## { T, U, V } ## { S, T, U, V } ## { S, V, W } ## { S, T, V, W } ## { U, V, W } ## { S, U, V, W } ## { T, U, V, W } ## { S, T, U, V, W } ## { S, V, Y } ## { T, V, Y } ## { S, T, V, Y } ## { S, U, V, Y } Notice that \(T\) is in some of these sets. If we unblock the path \(X \leftarrow S \rightarrow T \leftarrow U \rightarrow Y \rightarrow Z\), we need to reblock it by conditioning on another variable such as \(U\) or \(Y\). This is a lot of options. Can we get something simpler? adjustmentSets(g, "X", "Z", type = "minimal") ## { V, W, Y } ## { T, V, Y } ## { U, V, W } ## { T, U, V } ## { S, V } Note two important points. We don’t have to condition on all possible causes of \(Y\). There are some combinations of variables we should not use as adjustors. We’ll illustrate by generating some data consistent with the model. The SEM package lavaan makes generating data for simultaneous equations relatively easy. lavaan_model % tidy() ## # A tibble: 5 x 5 ## term estimate std.error statistic p.value ## ## 1 (Intercept) 0.0227 0.0322 0.704 4.81e- 1 ## 2 X 0.801 0.0278 28.8 3.81e-133 ## 3 V 0.602 0.0322 18.7 4.64e- 67 ## 4 W 0.574 0.0298 19.3 1.25e- 70 ## 5 Y 0.582 0.0298 19.5 5.87e- 72 Model 3: lm(Z ~ X + U + V + W, data = g_tbl) %__% tidy() ## # A tibble: 5 x 5 ## term estimate std.error statistic p.value ## ## 1 (Intercept) 0.0568 0.0364 1.56 1.19e- 1 ## 2 X 0.800 0.0316 25.3 1.49e-109 ## 3 U 0.337 0.0384 8.77 7.37e- 18 ## 4 V 0.585 0.0371 15.8 3.62e- 50 ## 5 W 0.557 0.0344 16.2 1.67e- 52 Model 4: lm(Z ~ X + T + U + V, data = g_tbl) %__% tidy() ## # A tibble: 5 x 5 ## term estimate std.error statistic p.value ## ## 1 (Intercept) 0.0657 0.0403 1.63 1.03e- 1 ## 2 X 0.820 0.0356 23.0 1.63e-94 ## 3 T 0.248 0.0427 5.80 9.10e- 9 ## 4 U 0.384 0.0442 8.68 1.60e-17 ## 5 V 0.580 0.0430 13.5 3.48e-38 We get much closer to the true causal effect estimate whenever we use the conditioning sets suggested by daggity. Unobservable or Unmeasurable Variables Once again, take our model: Let’s say that we can’t actually observe \(W\) or \(Y\). An old-school regressionista would say we are SOL. A modern causal-aware practitioner would not. We can tell dagitty that these variables are unobserved, or latent. g_unobs % mutate_if(is.numeric, funs(round(., 3))) ## Warning: funs() is soft deprecated as of dplyr 0.8.0 ## please use list() instead ## ## # Before: ## funs(name = f(.) ## ## # After: ## list(name = ~f(.)) ## This warning is displayed once per session. ## # A tibble: 2 x 5 ## term estimate std.error statistic p.value ## ## 1 (Intercept) 0.017 0.035 0.485 0.628 ## 2 V 0.258 0.029 8.81 0 If our model is correct, controlling for \(T\) should render this association statistically indistinguishable from zero. Does it? lm(W ~ V + T, data = g_tbl) %__% tidy() %__% mutate_if(is.numeric, funs(round(., 3))) ## # A tibble: 3 x 5 ## term estimate std.error statistic p.value ## ## 1 (Intercept) 0.016 0.031 0.522 0.602 ## 2 V 0.009 0.03 0.288 0.774 ## 3 T 0.485 0.03 16.2 0 In fact, we can get all conditional independencies implied by the model. impliedConditionalIndependencies(g) %__% head(20) ## S _||_ U ## S _||_ V | T ## S _||_ W | T ## S _||_ Y ## S _||_ Z | V, W, X, Y ## S _||_ Z | T, V, X, Y ## S _||_ Z | U, V, W, X ## S _||_ Z | T, U, V, X ## T _||_ X | S, V ## T _||_ Y | U ## T _||_ Z | V, W, X, Y ## T _||_ Z | U, V, W, X ## T _||_ Z | S, V, W, Y ## T _||_ Z | S, U, V, W ## U _||_ V | T ## U _||_ W | T ## U _||_ X | S, V ## U _||_ X | S, T ## U _||_ Z | V, W, X, Y ## U _||_ Z | S, V, W, Y We generated our data to intentionally be consistent with the model, so testing these conditional independencies will confirm them. When we don’t know if the model is correct, however, we can generate the conditional independencies and check each of them. If they are not correct, our model is wrong. When \(\{V\}\) is large, the possible set of connections may not all be clearly dictated by theory, and the number of possible combinations of arrows is too large to test via a grid-search. Familiarity with Pearl’s earlier work on Bayesian networks is helpful here, since it led to algorithms for more efficient search rules. These algorithms are nonetheless still very computationally intensive, and there has been very little work testing out their utility in the social sciences. Counterfactuals Pearl also argues that SCMs, and their implied probabilities, can be used to address seemingly intractable questions. Specifically, they can address unit-specific counterfactuals. Whereas interventions, and determining ATEs, can be performed by averaging across a group of cases, specific counterfactuals relate to an individual case. At first, counterfactuals seem unidentifiable. Think of a court case where there is an assertion that taking a drug caused a person’s death. There are two (potential) outcomes: \(Z_0\), the outcome when the person did not take the drug, i.e. \(X = 0\). \(Z_1\), the outcome when the person did take the drug, i.e. \(X = 1\). The person took the drug and died, so we know \(Z_1 = 1\) (\(1\) = death, \(0\) = no death). The defense would like to know \(P(Z_0 \mid X = 1, Y = 1)\). But this seems like nonesense. We want to know the probability of an event under one hypothetical world while conditioning on another world, the one we observed. The solution relies on establishing an SCM that explicitly includes error terms. Each of the \(U \in \{UX, UY, UZ\}\) is an individual-specific value. After fitting the model using the observed data, we can get these values for a specific person. We then alter the graph by setting the value of \(X\) or \(Y\) to the counterfactual value and solve for \(Z\) using the error term value identified by the full regression. In the most simplistic case, we are assuming that each person’s error term is determined exactly by the equations. Pearl’s texts also discuss working with stochastic errors to come up with bounds on possible counterfactuals. SCMs and ML Pearl (2018) makes the audacious claim that current machine learning models cannot ever assert causality because they cannot deal with interventions, let alone counterfactuals. A machine learning model takes a set of features \(V = \{v_1, v_2, \ldots, v_k\}\) and finds a function \(f_z\) mapping this set onto an outcome \(Z\). Using variations on statistical modeling, this amounts to modeling the joint distribution of all variables. However, using Pearl’s \(do(\cdot)\) operator, a joint distribution changes when we intervene on a variable. For example, if we are given a data set without knowing where it came from, we can fit a regression model using the joint distribution. Yet nothing about the join distribution tells us whether \(X\) is randomized or not. Causality requires knowing which conditional probabilities are invariant to changes in the structural model. ML is blind to this. ML as currently practiced throws a bunch of stuff into a blender and sees what comes out, akin to 20th century regression modeling that taught us to “control for everything.” This may not matter when we want to predict the presence of a dog, cat, or hot dog in a picture. It will matter if we want to: Tell policymakers whether or not to increase the minimum wage. Determine if admissions criteria at a university are racially biased. Find a defendant guilty in a criminal trial. Determine a counterfactual for an individual for whom existing data are not representative. ML models are akin to the underwear gnome problem: Features. \(\dots\) Prediction! The black box hides the answer we need if we want to develop effective rules that lead to socially desirable outcomes. Limitations of the Pearlian Weltanschauung At the same time, Pearl’s dismissal of non-SCM approaches to modeling (potential outcomes, ML) are based on finding specific cases where these approaches fail, but he does not give a sense as to how often they fail. Take, for example, our apparently complicated model: We can identify the canonical set of adjuster variables, which will be valid if any valid set exists. adjustmentSets(g, "X", "Z", type = "canonical") ## { S, T, U, V, W, Y } We see that we can in fact “control for everything”. lm(Z ~ ., data = g_tbl) %__% tidy ## # A tibble: 8 x 5 ## term estimate std.error statistic p.value ## ## 1 (Intercept) 0.0236 0.0322 0.732 4.64e- 1 ## 2 X 0.815 0.0314 26.0 4.54e-114 ## 3 Y 0.562 0.0332 16.9 1.39e- 56 ## 4 V 0.604 0.0349 17.3 7.55e- 59 ## 5 W 0.583 0.0332 17.5 4.11e- 60 ## 6 T -0.0466 0.0395 -1.18 2.38e- 1 ## 7 S -0.0106 0.0398 -0.266 7.90e- 1 ## 8 U 0.0692 0.0395 1.75 8.05e- 2 We didn’t do too bad. The problem, of course, is that there are SCMs that do not have all IVs or features as a proper adjustment set. How bad our conclusions are will depend on how well our representation of reality is. Indeed, reading Pearl’s (co-authored) introductory textbook Causality: a Primer, one can’t help but be struck by how many of the estimators look just like the types of formulas that Rubin and colleagues have developed using the potential frameworks approach. Is a complete re-orientation of applied statistics really going to result in different (and, presumably better) estimators? The jury is still out. Finally, not all SCMs are identified, especially when stepping away from the world of linearity. Reverse causation plagues observational studies of social behavior, and unless you are satisfied with declaring “congruence”, not even SCMs may save you. At best, given complicated nonlinear and nonrecursive systems of equations, checking the model-implied conditional probability will rule out some models, but certainly not all candidates.
          How the alleged college admission scheme worked      Cache   Translate Page      
Dozens of people, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, face racketeering charges over allegedly facilitating cheating on tests and bribing college coaches, according to a federal indictment.

          Savage Love      Cache   Translate Page      
Family sexual abuse and the lessons of Leaving Neverland. by Dan Savage

My grandfather was a pillar of the community and beloved by his family. He was also sexually abusive. He died when I was a child. I remember only one incident happening to me—during a cuddle session, he encouraged me to put my mouth on his penis, and then told me to let it be our little secret. I heard rumors as an adult that he molested other kids in the neighborhood. He also had a sexual relationship with my mother. She says nothing happened as a child. But as an adult, he started telling her he loved her in a romantic way. He told her he wanted to take nude Polaroids of her, and she let him. And she loved him—she and her sisters all pretty much idolized him. My one aunt knew (she said nothing happened to her), and I asked her how she reconciled that. She said she compartmentalized it—she thought he was a wonderful father and didn't really think about the other stuff. I did lots of therapy in the late 1980s and early '90s. I read books, I journaled, I talked to my mom and tried to understand what she experienced. And I moved on as much as anyone could. So now it's 2019 and I'm almost 50. My mom just moved into a nursing home, and while cleaning out her drawers, I found the Polaroids my grandfather took of her. I know it was him because he is in some of them, taken into a mirror as she goes down on him. They were taken over a period of years. She had led me to believe he never really did anything sexual with her besides taking photos. But he did. And here's the thing, Dan: In the photos, she looks happy. I know she was probably acting, because that's what he wanted from her. But it just makes me question my assumptions. Was it terrible abuse or forbidden love? Both? What am I looking at? What would I prefer—that she enjoyed it or that she didn't? She kept the photos. Were they fond memories? I know she loved him. She kind of fell apart when he died. Was he a fucking manipulator who had a gift for making his victims feel loved and special as he exploited them for his own selfish needs? I don't know if I'm going to bring this up with my mom. She's old and sick, and I dragged her through these types of conversations in my 20s. So I'm writing you. This is so far out of most people's experience, and I want someone who has heard more sexual secrets than probably anyone else in the world to tell me what he thinks.

Whirlwind Of Emotions

I think you should sit down and watch all four hours of Leaving Neverland, the new HBO documentary by British filmmaker Dan Reed. It focuses on the experiences of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, two now-adult men who were sexually abused by pop star Michael Jackson when they were boys. Allegedly. It's an important film to watch, WOE, but it's not an easy one to watch, as it includes graphic descriptions of the sexual abuse both men claim to have suffered as boys.

The second most disturbing part of the film after the graphic descriptions of child rape—or the third most disturbing part after the credulity/culpability of Robson's and Safechuck's parents—may be what the men have to say about Jackson. Both describe their abuser in romantic terms. They both say they loved Jackson. And they both remain deeply conflicted about their feelings for Jackson then and their feelings for him now. It was their affection for Jackson—their desire to protect him and to safeguard what Jackson convinced both of them was a secret and a bond they shared—that led both men to lie to law-enforcement officials when Jackson was accused of sexually abusing different boys.

You should also listen to Reed's interview on The Gist, Mike Pesca's terrific daily podcast. Reading your letter the morning after I watched Leaving Neverland reminded me of something Reed said to Pesca: "What the film is about is the reckoning. It's two families coming to terms with what happened to their sons. And a big part of understanding that, you know—so why the silence? Why did the sons keep silent for so long? Why did they keep the secret? And the key really is to be able to explain why Wade gave false witness and perjured himself on the witness stand. And the reason for that, of course, has to do with how survivors of sexual abuse experience that. And how they keep a secret and how they sometimes form deep attachments with the abuser and how that attachment persists into adult life."

Your mother, like Robson and Safechuck, lied to protect her abuser, a man who abused her and abused you and probably many others. She may have held on to those photos for the same reason Robson and Safechuck say they defended Jackson: She loved her father, and she was so damaged by what he did to her—she had been so expertly groomed by her abuser—that she felt "loved" and "special" in the same way that Jackson's alleged abuse once made Robson and Safechuck feel loved and special. So as horrifying as it is to contemplate, WOE, your mother may have held on to those photos because they do represent what are, for her, "fond memories." And while it would be a comfort to think she held on to those photos as proof for family members who doubted her story if she ever decided to tell the truth, her past defenses of her father work against that explanation.

Leaving Neverland demonstrates that sexual abuse plants a ticking time bomb inside a person—shit, sorry, no passive language. Leaving Neverland demonstrates that sexual predators like your grandfather and like Jackson—fucking manipulators with a gift for making their victims feel loved and special—plant ticking time bombs in their victims. Even if a victim doesn't initially experience their abuse as a violation and as violence, WOE, a reckoning almost inevitably comes. One day, the full horror of what was done to them snaps into focus. These reckonings can shatter lives, relationships, and souls.

It doesn't sound like your mother ever had her reckoning—that day never came for her—and so she never came to grips with what was done to her and, tragically, what was done to you. And your aunt wasn't the only member of your family who "didn't really think about the other stuff." Just as denial and compartmentalization enabled Jackson and facilitated his crimes (and allowed the world to enjoy Jackson's music despite what was staring us all in the face), denial and compartmentalization allowed your "pillar of the community" grandfather to rape his daughter, his granddaughter, and scores of other children. Like Robson and Safechuck, WOE, you have a right to be angry with the adults in your family who failed to protect you from a known predator. That some of them were also his victims provides context, but it does not exonerate them.

I'm glad your grandfather died when you were young. It's tempting to wish he'd never been born, WOE, but then you would never have been born, and I'm glad you're here. I'm particularly glad you're there, right now, embedded in your damaged and damaging family. By telling the truth, you're shattering the silence that allowed an abuser to groom and prey on children across multiple generations of your family. Your grandfather can't victimize anyone else, WOE, but by speaking up—by refusing to look the other way—you've made it harder for other predators to get away with what your grandfather did.

P.S. There's a moment in the credits for Leaving Neverland that I think you might want to replicate. It involves some things one of Jackson's alleged victims saved and a fire pit. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

On the Lovecast: Yikes! It's the trigger show. Listen at

Follow Dan on Twitter @fakedansavage

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          Slog PM: A College Admissions Scam for the Ages, Minimal Road Rage in Seattle, Another Brexit Failure      Cache   Translate Page      
by Nathalie Graham
The University of Southern California is one of the schools at the center of the scandal.
The University of Southern California is one of the schools at the center of the scandal. Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Remember the nearly 2,000 dairy cows killed in a blizzard in Eastern Washington? A blizzard swept through the Yakima Valley in early February. The storm killed 1,850 cows. That loss totaled $3.7 million. In an attempt to escape the blizzard, the cows had herded together. They died in those bunches, suffocating or getting trampled. The dairy farmers did as much as they could, according to the Seattle Times.

A college admissions scam for the ages: Oh, boy. You know that saying—how does it go? Money can't buy everything? Some wealthy parents put that saying to the test. They attempted to pay to get their children admitted into elite colleges. The money was allegedly spent a variety of ways from fudging SAT scores to bribing athletic directors into recruiting their children for a Division 1 sport that the child never actually played. Everyone involved got busted. There are currently 50 people, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin, charged by the FBI in their criminal investigation. They pulled a Jared Kushner.

Some excerpts from the Department of Justice indictment: This is just part of the thread, but I highly recommend taking a stroll through the whole thing. It's absolutely bonkers.

The drama continues:

The gender wage gap is alive in Northwest public radio: A new report from Crosscut shows that two female employees at a Spokane-based public radio station made drastically less money than their male counterparts. The network claims this discrepancy is because of geography. The women work at a Spokane-based public radio. Their male counterparts work in Seattle at KUOW, a partner station.

There's a strip club monopoly in Seattle: It's bad for dancers. They've banded together to create a bill with Working Washington to implement new trainings and workplace standards in clubs.

This is handy: The Seattle Times has compiled a bill tracker for all the transit-related bills in the Legislature this session. Keep an eye on it. I'll be watching HB 1772, which concerns electric scooters. Give us the e-scooter, lawmakers.

Despite best efforts, my hopes are up: I won't believe it until I feel 70 degrees on my skin, but here's to trusting the weather experts.

For the time being:

Minimal road rage in Seattle: Maybe it's our passive aggressive natures or Seattleites are just calmer on the roads, but a new study ranked Washington 29th out the 30 most populous cities for aggressive drivers. Cool! Los Angeles is the worst for aggressive driving. That makes sense.

Another Brexit failure: British Parliament defeated Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to leave the European Union in a decisive 391 to 242 vote. There are 17 days left before the deadline to leave the EU. That means that Britain could exit the EU without a plan or there may be a vote to extend the deadline. Really, the whole thing is entirely up in the air and May's leadership has been called into question again.

Amidst all these California people embroiled in scandals there's a butterfly migration in LA: Painted Ladies are a type of butterfly that are migrating en-masse across California right now. This is the highest population of Painted Ladies seen since about 2005, according to the Los Angeles Times. This is refreshing amidst a current butterfly drought in California. Butterfly populations have been in decline recently. Several species have been slowly disappearing.

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          Washington State Lawmaker Calls Adversity "A Gift" For Students      Cache   Translate Page      
“I think we often forget the value of adversity and how important it is," said Sen. Wagoner in front of other human beings. by Rich Smith
“I think we often forget the value of adversity and how important it is, said Sen. Wagoner in front of other human beings.
“I think we often forget the value of adversity and how important it is," said Sen. Wagoner in front of other human beings. Courtesy of Washington State Legislature

On Saturday, the State Senate passed a bill, sponsored by Sen. Guy Palumbo, that guarantees free college and trade school for students from the poorest families in Washington. In order for students to access and retain that scholarship money, according to the bill, they'll need to maintain "satisfactory academic progress" toward graduation, which institutions generally interpret as a 2.0 GPA, i.e. a "C."

But that provision wasn't good enough for Washington state Republicans, who offered an amendment requiring students to maintain a 2.5 GPA (i.e. a "C+") in order to retain the scholarship. The amendment was voted down, but, in defending their case, Republicans revealed yet again the barbarism at the heart of their party's value system. No one embodied that value more than Sen. Keith Wagoner, who stood up on the Senate floor and championed the virtue of making the lives of his constituents more miserable because, basically, he thinks misery will make them work harder.

“I think we often forget the value of adversity and how important it is," Sen. Wagoner said in front of other human beings after telling his story about working his way through college. "When you give something to people, there’s no adversity. If we knock down Mount Everest so that everyone can get to the top, it wouldn’t have any meaning.”

Here we have a lawmaker openly admitting that he thinks it's his job to maintain—and in this case construct—obstacles in order to make life harder for his own constituents.

But it's difficult to focus on the absurdity of this claim because all I can hear when I listen to Wagoner's little speech is a Baby Boomer patting himself on the back for working his way through school in the early 1980s. Every time that happens, I have to fight an uncontrollable urge to scream the comparative cost of credit hours from 2017 and 1979 at them until they stop.

To indulge his line of reasoning: Just as the point of Mount Everest isn't to climb Mount Everest, the point of going to college isn't to learn how to balance the stress of working a minimum wage job with the responsibilities of attending class, completing homework, and in some cases choosing between finding a babysitter and going to a study group. The point of going to college is to learn how to think so that you don't wind up making stupid arguments like Wagoner over here, and also to expand the universe of things you can think about.

The fact is that kids today are facing adversity by working their way through college. The problem is the work doesn’t cover the cost of tuition—let alone living expenses—so they’re only working to keep their heads above water.

Unfortunately, lots of students from low-income households end up dropping out of college because, no matter how hard they work, they can't seem to earn enough money to pay for college.

That's the issue Palumbo's bill is trying to fix (in its limited little way). Due to intense financial pressures, low-income students have a harder time getting into college in the first place, and they have a harder time staying in once they get there. Guaranteeing free college for the poorest Washingtonians—meaning students from families living below 110 percent of the federal poverty line, e.g. a family of four making just under $28,000 per year—will help ease the financial burden these students bear, which will give them a fairer shot at succeeding in college.

Maintaining a C average during that process—rather than a C+ average—shouldn't discount those students from receiving that aid. A few Republican U.S. presidents, after all, only did about as well. And as Democratic senator Jannie Darneille pointed out on the floor, it's harder to raise your GPA than it is to watch it fall dramatically for one reason or another. These grades are averages—you could get two As and two Fs one semester and be paying for it for the next four years. For that reason, GPA isn't the best indicator of completion rates in college. Financial stress, however, is.

Passing this law isn't just a nice thing to do for students. From Washington's upside-down tax code to its inability to adequately fund K-12 education to its history of slashing public funding for higher education, this state has made climbing out of poverty a near impossibility for hundreds of thousands of people. Washington owes it to these families to do something, and guaranteeing scholarships to its poorest households is THE LEAST lawmakers can do.

Anyhow, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a Republican like Wagoner would so baldly praise the "gift" of adversity. That's the value the Washington state GOP has always stood for. They value putting up barriers to education. They value immiserating the population. They're political sadists. Which, if nothing else, makes their stern opposition to sadism all the more confusing.

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          Journeyman Plumber - Jim Cornell Plumbing - De Pere, WI      Cache   Translate Page      
We have an immediate need for a journeyman plumber. Excellent work environment and competitive pay. Job Type: Full-time Benefits offered: * Health insurance ...
From Indeed - Thu, 21 Feb 2019 16:08:32 GMT - View all De Pere, WI jobs
          New Purify O3 Ozone Sanitizer Features a Compact and Lightweight Design with a Rechargeable ...      Cache   Translate Page      
Utilizes ozone technology to disinfect CPAP and BiPAP equipment including masks, tubing or humidification chambers in 35 minutes Sanitation cycle is quick and whisper&nbsp;quiet, killing 99.99% of bacteria and germs Provides disinfection solution for patients who travel or are short on space

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          Jack Ralph trial: Man 'murdered neighbours in blind rage'      Cache   Translate Page      
Jack Ralph told police he was "in full regret" after stabbing an elderly couple and their daughter.
          VIDEO: Oxford stabbing - victim was 'with a child'      Cache   Translate Page      
POLICE have tonight revealed that a woman in her 20s was the victim of a stabbing today.
          Oxford stabbing - what we know so far      Cache   Translate Page      
There's a major incident in Headington this evening. Here's what we know so far:
          CO-OP STABBING: Pictures and videos from the scene      Cache   Translate Page      
A STABBING in Headington has prompted a major police presence and a manhunt for the attacker.
          Singer/Songwriter Ricky Cook Takes Country Radio By Storm      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - PRLog) Ricky Cook's top 50 single climbing high on Country Music Radio Charts across the Country. 1 2 Ricky Cook Ricky Cook-Ernest Tubb NASHVILLE, Tenn. - March 12...
          Drainage Engineer - TT Drainage & Plumbing Services Ltd - Rhyl      Cache   Translate Page      
Hand writing / maths skills are required as the completion of invoices, job sheets and other paper work. Permanant experienced Drainage Engineer*.... £26,000 - £30,000 a year
From Indeed - Fri, 23 Nov 2018 10:22:13 GMT - View all Rhyl jobs
          3/12/2019: FINANCIAL POST: FRENCH PROSECUTORS PROBING GHOSN’S WEDDING COSTS      Cache   Translate Page      

French prosecutors have opened a preliminary inquiry into how former Renault chief Carlos Ghosn financed his 2016 wedding, the Figaro newspaper and Agence France-Presse said on Monday. The French carmaker said last month it had found evidence,...
          Drainage Engineer - TT Drainage & Plumbing Services Ltd - Rhyl      Cache   Translate Page      
Hours of work are*– Monday to Friday, 7.45am – 5pm on a rota system, (plus on call which includes some weekends). Permanant experienced Drainage Engineer*.... £26,000 - £30,000 a year
From Indeed - Fri, 23 Nov 2018 10:22:13 GMT - View all Rhyl jobs
          AWS Consulting - Upwork      Cache   Translate Page      
We'd like help with two problems:

a. We'd like to be able to fire up a bastion host on demand to access resources under another AWS Account. This basically involves VPC Peering and Cross-Account Access. On the other end we'll only access ECR, EKS and DynamoDB. Probably some console usage as well

For this, we'd like cloudformation config files and a runbook describing the steps required to provision this machine on demand

b. We've got a process which needs to be periodically launched. We'd like to use Fargate. Given a baseline config (such as a Dockerfile), help us modify this so this could be easily adapted to ECS/Fargate

Deliverable is a runbook outlining the steps to troubleshoot. We'll help with the configuration and logging (to Cloudwatch)

Let us know how long you think it should take, and if you've got previous experience, let us know as well :)

Budget: $500
Posted On: March 13, 2019 01:11 UTC
ID: 215726418
Category: IT & Networking > Other - IT & Networking
Skills: AWS CloudFormation, AWS ECS, AWS Fargate, Docker, Network Engineering, Network Security
Country: Colombia
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          Odell Beckham Jr., Baker Mayfield's Fantasy Stock After Reported Trade to Browns      Cache   Translate Page      
Odell Beckham Jr. was already a must-start in any fantasy football format, and his value may be climbing even higher in 2019 with his newest change of scenery...
          Comment on Trumps: Winfinity War ~ VIDEO by The Revelator      Cache   Translate Page      
@The Green Watch Dog Pay attention you're about to get royally spanked... Publicly. Stating "You Do Not Lie" is a lie in and of itself because, Yes, you have lied. You are a habitual liar. Lets go back over your biggest lie. "I, Green Watch Dog, am Pro 2A" Now why is this a lie? Because as you admit in your reply, you support unconstitutional Infringements on the Second Amendment, namely ERPO's or red flag confiscation orders which violate 1. The 2nd Amendment (Keep and Bear Arms) 2. The 4th Amendment (Security of personal belongings against seizure) 3. The 5th Amendment (Right to know your accuser, and due process) 4. The 6th Amendment (Right to act in your own defense, and have your case heard promptly) 5. The 7th Amendment (Right to trial by jury) 6. The 8th Amendment (No Excessive punishments~IE losing your rights without committing a crime) 7. The 9th Amendment (Individual rights may not be infringed upon just because they are not listed in exact detail at any level of Government) Now, that is what the constitution says. Having pointed that out to you yet again I may now point out your other lie you made in your reply. "You are bending what else I have written on Ammoland." There is no bending or twisting. I took exactly what you have said previously and highlighted it, then contrast it to most of the other things you have said. I also kept track of when you would lose arguments and disappear from an article, only to show up on a different article a few days later trying to push the same idea you lost an argument with days before, I.E. pushing a lie.. You want to talk about the constitution? LMAOROTF Do you remember your response to Wild Bill after he and I got on your case about how Red Flag laws(ERPOs) violate the constitution on January 7th, 2019 at 9:33PM Eastern time? I DO... And I Quote.... Green Watch Dog Jan 7th 2019 @ 9:33PM -5GMT EST "My allegiance to Christ trumps my allegiance to this country and its founding documents." You Were quoting a journal at the time as your reply to a constitutional argument made by Wild Bill and Myself. It was at this time that you lost the first of the two scriptural arguments you tried to engage me in. I can only call them arguments loosely however because once I started citing scripture you ran away with your tail between your legs both times because you had no way to refute it. If you tried, you would have been denying the bible which would have only highlighted even more that your idea of Christianity is not what Jesus preached, but your own opinion which you want to use Christianity as an excuse to implement and silence others who try to point out facts showing your lies and hypocrisy. Would you like both scriptural arguments reposted here? I can do so as soon as I see your reply if you ask. I have both saved and ready to go. :) :) :) (Yes Tomcat, I can and have cited his own comments against him and do so gladly.) You are a habitual LIAR, a hypocrite, a panty-waisted coward who knows zilch about the Constitution. We know you for exactly what you are, and the name Green Watch Dog is always going to be associated as the name of a lying Cur that is of no redeeming value here on ammoland. So you try and splinter my door if you want. I'd wager a hundred bucks here that if my door is ever splintered it wont be you coming through because you know exactly what I will do to anyone breaking down my door. Nobody else here out of the old-timers who have been here for years would take that bet even as "Even Money". But that's the difference between the old timers here, We don't threaten to go out and Harm people, while you on the other hand make a habit out of stating your desire to make sure it happens to those who have told you to take your opinions and shove them up your sphincter, and you have stated you want ERPO's in place to do it even describing your position as being "At war" with those of us who are Constitutionalists and wont comply with your nonsense.
          HVAC Service Technician - Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Work on natural gas, propane or oil fired heating systems. We are at the north end of Flathead lake, which is both a great recreation area and a world class...
From Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Wed, 28 Nov 2018 14:52:33 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          Offer - Singapore Water Heater Installation - Heng Plumbing - SINGAPORE      Cache   Translate Page      
Heng Plumbing offers quality Water heater installation and repair services in Singapore at affordable prices which ensures no need of repairs for a long time. Call Heng Plumbing or Visit Website for worry free installation of water heater in your house.
          CVS: $1.09 Lysol, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles and Palmolive Products!      Cache   Translate Page      
We have some more nice deals for you over at CVS. Check below for all the scenarios: BUY TWO Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners, on sale $2.79 B1G1 50% OFF BUY TWO Lysol Wipes 35 ct., on sale $4.09 B1G1 50% off BUY TWO Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Gels, $3.09 each or sale price 2/$6 BUY TWO […]
          Beauty Find - Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist      Cache   Translate Page      

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist 
At this point it's pretty much guaranteed I'm going to fall in love with a Glow Recipe product packaging.  But in the case of the newest skincare product in the Watermelon lineGlow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist  it's not just pretty to look at (and yummy to smell).

Purchase Here: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist 

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist 

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist is a bi-phase mist made with  Watermelon extract, Hyaluroic acid and Hibiscus Flower AHA which deliver moisture, essential vitamins and amino acids, and smooths skin.  

Also Try: Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser 

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist  is meant to be shaken.  Then it creates a cloudy appearance in the bottle, (hence it also referred to in Korean skincare lingo as a "Cloud Mist"), before spraying.  The shaking  blends the nourishing oil layer with the water based extracts.  It gives a beautiful glow to the skin and also serves to set makeup without disturbing it at all.

Purchase Here: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist 

The Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist bottle fit perfectly in my hand and the nozzle delivered the finest, softest and most accurate spritz I've ever experienced with a facial mist.  As a matter of fact, just one pump of the spray is all I needed for my entire face.  There was no uneven distribution of product, lumps or wasted liquid that missed my face.  It felt lightweight and smelled amazing, with a soft, natural watermelon scent similar to the other Glow Recipe Watermelon products. Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist never left my skin feeling sticky or oily, and dried down quickly.  It was perfect for refreshing makeup in the afternoon, giving me a plump, hydrated, glowy (but not oily!) look.   

Purchase Here: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist 

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist 
With my combination skin, Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist  gave me the perfect amount of moisture for my drier areas, without making my t zone look or feel more oily.   I also liked using Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist in the morning for a quick refreshing before applying makeup, as well as after rinsing off face masks to prep for my other serums and creams. 

Purchase Here: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist 

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist has the perfect formula, the perfect distribution of the spray and of course super cute and travel-friendly packaging, Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist  is a exactly what you need in a facial mist, and product you're going to always want one on hand.  

I already have a back up for my travel bag! - RLB

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          Cardinal George Pell to spend nearly four years in jail for child sexual assault      Cache   Translate Page      

Chief judge calls Pell’s crimes ‘breathtakingly arrogant’ as he sentences Pell to six years in jail, with non-parole period of three years and eight months

George Pell sentenced to six years in jail – live updates

Cardinal George Pell may spend at least three years and eight months in jail after being convicted of sexually abusing two 13-year-old choirboys in 1996, with the judge describing his offending as “brazen and forceful” and “breathtakingly arrogant” because he believed the victims would never complain.

The 77-year-old was sentenced to six years, with a non-parole period of three years and eight months.

Related: George Pell sentenced to six years in prison for child sexual assault – live

(February 25, 1941) 

Related: George Pell's jailing defies the might of Rome but his fall is too appalling for celebration | David Marr

Blue Knot Foundation – 1300 657 380
Support for survivors of childhood trauma.

Continue reading...
          Report: Patriots tender Josh Gordon      Cache   Translate Page      

Josh Gordon received a signal of commitment from the New England Patriots. According to reports, the rehabbing and suspended wide receiver was given a second-round restricted free agent tender by the Patriots, who would receive a draft pick in that round if another team signs Gordon. Gordon thanked the Patriots in an Instagram post that […]

The post Report: Patriots tender Josh Gordon appeared first on Japan Times of News.

          HVAC Service Technician - Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Inspect and test systems to verify compliance with plans and specifications and to detect and locate malfunctions. HVAC Service Technician....
From Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Wed, 28 Nov 2018 14:52:33 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          Lovely Books and Things - 3.9.19      Cache   Translate Page      
Lovely Books and Things
My Weekly Books and Films Update

Linking up with:
Stacking the Shelves (details)
Sunday Post (details)
Mailbox Monday (details)



1. Sun breaking through rainy days even for just 10 minutes

2. Bundaberg Ginger Beer when feeling fizzy

3. Illustrations from Seoul’s Jee-ook Choi (here)



The Gilded Wolves
by Roshani Chokshi
-Fantasy, YA | Goodreads

PARIS was the attraction for getting this one.

Author event:

The Bindery in the Haight hosted a conversation and Q&A with Shoba Rao and Ingrid Rojas Contreras (author of Fruit of the Drunken Tree ).

Girls Burn Brighter
by Shobha Rao
-Literary, Feminism, India | Goodreads

A searing, electrifying debut novel set in India and America, about a once-in-a-lifetime friendship between two girls who are driven apart but never stop trying to find one another again.

When Poornima first meets Savitha, she feels something she thought she lost for good when her mother died: hope. Poornima's father hires Savitha to work one of their sari looms, and the two girls are quickly drawn to one another. Savitha is even more impoverished than Poornima, but she is full of passion and energy. She shows Poornima how to find beauty in a bolt of indigo cloth, a bowl of yogurt rice and bananas, the warmth of friendship. Suddenly their Indian village doesn't feel quite so claustrophobic, and Poornima begins to imagine a life beyond the arranged marriage her father is desperate to lock down for her. But when a devastating act of cruelty drives Savitha away, Poornima leaves behind everything she has ever known to find her friend again. Her journey takes her into the darkest corners of India's underworld, on a harrowing cross-continental journey, and eventually to an apartment complex in Seattle. Alternating between the girls’ perspectives as they face relentless obstacles, Girls Burn Brighter introduces two heroines who never lose the hope that burns within them.

In breathtaking prose, Shobha Rao tackles the most urgent issues facing women today: domestic abuse, human trafficking, immigration, and feminism. At once a propulsive page-turner and a heart-wrenching meditation on friendship, Rao's debut novel is a literary tour de force.

AND watched: in theatre

To Dust (2018)
Director/Writer: Shawn Snyder
Writer: Jason Begue
Stars: Géza Röhrig, Matthew Broderick
-Drama, Jewish | imdb | my rating: 5

Shmuel, a Hasidic cantor in Upstate New York, distraught by the untimely death of his wife, struggles to find religious solace, while secretly obsessing over how her body will decay. As a clandestine partnership develops with Albert, a local community college biology professor, the two embark on a darkly comic and increasingly literal undertaking into the underworld.

AH grief and its ways.

AND watched: on DVD

The Lego Movie (2014)
Directors/Screenplay/Story by: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Story by: Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman
Based on LEGO Construction Toys created by: Ole Kirk Christiansen, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, Jens Nygaard Knudsen
Characters created by: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Peter Laird, Kevin Eastman
Stars: Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks
-Animation, Action, Adventure | imdb | my rating: 5

An ordinary LEGO construction worker, thought to be the prophesied as "special", is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the LEGO universe into eternal stasis.

WATCHED this to prepare for watching the sequel. It is a clever and fun play on things lego.

AND watched: in theatre - nominated for the Oscar's 2019

Free Solo (2018)
Directors: Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
Stars: Tommy Caldwell, Jimmy Chin, Alex Honnold
-Documentary | imdb | my rating: 5

Follow Alex Honnold as he becomes the first person to ever free solo climb Yosemite's 3,000ft high El Capitan Wall. With no ropes or safety gear, he completed arguably the greatest feat in rock climbing history.

BREATHTAKING views with nail-biter scenes.


* comment and TELL me what you have acquired for your shelves recently

Thanks for stopping by :-)
          Maggots in man's head at NSW aged facility      Cache   Translate Page      
An elderly resident in an increasingly substandard NSW aged care facility has been hospitalised after maggots were found in his head.The disturbing discovery...
          Water Meter Installer - UWS, Inc. - Elk City, OK      Cache   Translate Page      
Must have own truck, drivers license, and own tools. Pay will be $11.50 per meter install. Water Meter Installer needed. Must have some plumbing experience....
From Indeed - Sun, 17 Feb 2019 18:15:40 GMT - View all Elk City, OK jobs
          Young ts debutante tugging throbbing cock      Cache   Translate Page      
Smalltitted trap spreads her legs and strokes her swollen wang
From: ladyboyxxx
Views: 83
0 ratings
Time: 06:08

          Plumbing Technician (Service) - Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Applicants must have a current driver license and a good driving record as they will be driving company vehicle to customer's homes and businesses....
From Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical - Fri, 22 Feb 2019 12:24:51 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          FXBTG Financial chases its dream 'indomitably' from NZ's Financial Service Providers' Register as at least 3 overseas regulators issue warnings      Cache   Translate Page      
10 McGregor Street, Mt Roskill. Photo: Ray White.

By Gareth Vaughan

A company registered in New Zealand to provide financial adviser services, broking and custodial services and trade foreign exchange on behalf of others with a Cayman Islands parent company operating from a residential address in Auckland's Mt Roskill.

That may all sound a bit unusual. But in reality it's just another entity registered on New Zealand's problematic Financial Service Providers' Register (FSPR). 

This one's called FXBTG Financial Ltd, whose website says; "We chase our dream indomitably."

Registered as a New Zealand company as well as being registered on the FSPR, FXBTG Financial was brought to's attention last week by a reader.

The reader had previously contacted the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) to draw the regulator's attention to FXBTG Financial, suggesting its website - plus clone websites in Hong Kong and China - in Chinese - are "full of false and misleading information." 

A response from the FMA to the reader said; "We have now assessed the information provided and advise that in this case we will not be taking any further action at this point. However, we will use the information you have provided as part of our on-going monitoring of the financial services sector."

The FMA has powers to direct the Registrar of the FSPR at the Companies Office to deregister and/or prevent businesses and individuals from registering on the FSPR. The FMA can do this if it believes a company is creating a false or misleading impression to investors that the business provides financial services in NZ and is regulated under NZ law. The law also provides for deregistration if registration has, will have, or is likely to have the effect of damaging the integrity or reputation of NZ’s financial markets or NZ’s law or regulatory arrangements.

At least 3 warnings from overseas regulators has found three warnings from overseas regulators about FXBTG Financial. It has featured on the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission's (SFC) "alert" list since November 2017. The alert list features entities that have come to the attention of the SFC because they are unlicensed in Hong Kong and are believed to be, or to have been, targeting Hong Kong investors or claim to have an association with Hong Kong.

 In October last year the Central Bank of Ireland issued a press release about FXBTG Financial, describing it as an unauthorised investment firm that's "not authorised by the Central Bank as an investment firm, investment business firm, or to provide investment advice."

"It is a criminal offence for an unauthorised firm/person to provide financial services in Ireland that would require an authorisation under the relevant legislation which the Central Bank is the responsible body for enforcing. Consumers should be aware, that if they deal with a firm/person who is not authorised, they are not eligible for compensation from the Investor Compensation Scheme," the Central Bank of Ireland said.

Additionally Denmark's Financial Supervisory Authority has FXBTG Financial on a list of warnings issued by financial supervisory authorities in European Union countries.

Companies Office records list Garci Capital of the Cayman Islands as FXBTG Financial's shareholder. It's director is listed as Li Xiaomin, who property records also list as the owner of FXBTG Financial's registered office and address for service. This is 10 McGregor Street, Mt Roskill (pictured above, right), over which property records also show ASB holds a mortgage.

'A New Zealand government accredited financial services provider' called FXBTG Financial's phone number three times on Friday. Each time the phone rang and rang until eventually going dead. The same thing happened when we called on Monday morning. However, a fifth call on Monday afternoon was answered. The man who answered, speaking limited English, said the manager, "Alice," was out and he did not work for FXBTG Financial. He took a message and said he'd have the manager call. She is yet to do so.

One FXBTG Financial Chinese language website here notes, in an English translation, that FXBTG Financial is "a New Zealand government accredited financial services provider." As trading products it lists foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, shares, and digital currency. It also carries a warning that contracts for difference, or CFDs, are high risk products.

A Google search for Garci Capital only brought up the confusing blurb below.

FMA 'engaging with' FXBTG Financial's director

FSPR records show FXBTG Financial first registered on November 11, 2013 and reregistered on November 21, 2018. So what happened?

A Companies Office spokeswoman told that, after visits to FXBTG Financial's business address and subsequent correspondence, Registrar of Financial Service Providers Ross van der Schyff was satisfied FXBTG Financial was not in the business of providing financial services and thus should be deregistered.

"During the objection period, an objection to the deregistration was lodged, however, sufficient evidence was not provided during the objection period to show that FXBTG was in the business of providing financial services. The Registrar remained satisfied that deregistration was appropriate and the financial service provider was deregistered under section 18(1)(b) of the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008 on 19 October 2018," the Companies Office spokeswoman said.

"FXBTG commenced proceedings to appeal the deregistration initiated by the Registrar. Information provided with the appeal documents were sufficient to show that the financial service provider was in the business of providing financial services at the time it was deregistered. The Registrar therefore reregistered FXBTG on the grounds that the Registrar was satisfied that FXBTG was still in the business of providing a financial service at the time of deregistration (Section 22 of the Act). FXBTG was reregistered on the FSPR on 21 November 2018. As a result of the reregistration, FXBTG ceased proceedings."

The Companies Office is under the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) umbrella.

An FMA spokesman said the FMA has received complaints about FXBTG Financial.

"At the time those complaints were received, MBIE were going through the process of de-registering FXBTG from the FSPR. With FXBTG being re-registered, the FMA is currently engaging with the director of FXBTG," the FMA spokesman said.

Problems with the FSPR

The FSPR is like a phone directory for the financial services sector. A company being registered on it doesn't mean it's actually regulated or licensed in NZ.

Anyone providing a financial service such as insurers, banks, fund managers and financial advisers, must be registered on the FSPR, which is operated by MBIE's Companies Office. The FSPR records the name, address and financial dispute resolution service membership of the provider, along with the services it's registered to provide and any licences it may have.

Trouble is the FSPR is open to exploitation by overseas based people with nefarious intentions. That’s because a company can register on the FSPR if it has a place of business in NZ, regardless of where in the world its financial services are targeted or provided. This means entities can, and have, set up superficial operations in NZ through virtual offices, or by leasing an office and perhaps employing a person to provide back-office services.

These firms typically register to provide financial services that don't require licensing in NZ, such as foreign exchange, or forex, services. There's no pre-vetting by a NZ regulator, and they usually don't tend to offer financial services within NZ. These entities can, however, use their NZ registration overseas to give a false impression that they are actually regulated in NZ and trade off this country's good name.

In 2017 the FMA told it had received enquiries about NZ financial service providers from 83 countries, with 340 misconduct reports received from overseas about companies registered on the FSPR. The FMA now publishes online resources about the FSPR in Chinese, Malay and Arabic as these languages reflect the regions of the world representing the biggest number of complaints received from overseas by the FMA.

The Government is planning reforms to the FSPR through the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill currently working its way through Parliament. 

“Some mainly offshore-controlled entities have been 'free-riding' off New Zealand’s reputation for sound financial markets regulation by using their registration to imply that they are actively regulated in New Zealand when that is not the case," Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi said when the Government issued a consultation paper in April last year. (My dissection of the Government's plan is here).

The image and text below are from FXBTG Financial's website.

*This article was first published in our email for paying subscribers early on Tuesday morning. See here for more details and how to subscribe.

          Sales rates ranged from 10% to 56% at Barfoot & Thompson's auctions last week      Cache   Translate Page      

The overall sales rate at Barfoot & Thompson's auctions eased back to 28% last week compared to 34% the week before.

The number of properties marketed for sale by auction was almost unchanged at 187 last week compared to 190 the week before, but the number of properties sold dropped to 53 compared to 65 the previous week.

Most of the unsold properties were passed in, which opened them up to conditional offers and sale by negotiation, while a few had their auction dates postponed or were withdrawn from sale.

The sales rates varied widely between the various auctions, with on-site auctions recording the highest sales rate of 56% and the Pukekohe auction the lowest sales rate of 10% (see table below).

However, the most surprising result came from the auction at the agency's head office auction rooms in Shortland St on March 6, which was a big auction with 47 properties on the Order of Sale.

Most were from Auckland's upmarket central suburbs such as Glendowie, Orakei, Mt Eden, St Heliers, Remuera, Ponsonby and Herne Bay but Barfoot's published results show that sales were achieved on just five of them, giving an overall sales clearance rate of just 11%.

That compares with a sales rate of 39% at Barfoot's big Manukau auction and 33% on the North Shore auction last week.

The results for individual properties auctioned last week are available on our Residential Auction Results page.

You can receive all of our property articles automatically by subscribing to our free email Property Newsletter. This will deliver all of our property-related articles, including auction results and interest rate updates, directly to your in-box 3-5 times a week. We don't share your details with third parties and you can unsubscribe at any time. To subscribe just click on this link, scroll down to "Property email newsletter" and enter your email address.

Barfoot & Thompson Auction Results 4-10 March 2019
Date Venue Sold Not sold Total % Sold
4-10 March On-site 5 4 9 56%
5 March Manukau 16 25 41 39%
5 March Shortland St, CBD. 4 7 11 36%
6 March Shortland St, CBD. 5 42 47 11%
6 March  Whangarei 2 2 4 50%
6 March Pukekohe 1 9 10 10%
7 March North Shore 10 20 30 33%
7 March Shortland St, CBD. 5 10 15 33%
8 March Shortland St, CBD. 5 15 20 25%
Total All venues 53 134 187 28%


          A whistlestop tour of Ouaga      Cache   Translate Page      
Burkina Faso. Not an obvious destination. Not a country that ever hits the headlines good or bad. Neighbouring Ghana gets the goodnews stories the headlinegrabbing presidential and royal visits the glowing reviews as easy Africa. Ghana speaks En
          Walmart Unadvertised Deals and Coupon Matchups: Week of 03/10      Cache   Translate Page      
Walmart Unadvertised Deals & Coupon MatchupsWalmart Unadvertised Deals and Coupon Matchups: Week of 03/10

Walmart Unadvertised Deals and Coupon Matchups: Week of 03/10

Here are the Walmart Deals & Coupon Matchups for the week of  03/10.

You can see the entire Walmart Coupon Policy here. Walmart prices can vary by location, so please double check your prices before you shop. If you are new to FTM Coupon match ups, check out the How to Understand Coupon Matchups here.


  • Command Basic Hook, ea - $0.97$1.00/1 Command Brand Hook 
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    $2.00/1 Schar Product 
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    UNDER $1.00

  • Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, 8 oz - $0.48$0.50/2 Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Products
    Final Price: $0.23 each wyb 2
  • Earth's Best Pouches, 4.2 oz - $1.18$1.00/3 Earth's Best Organic Jars or Pouches; Must Sign Up For Newsletter; Coupon is Emailed
    Final Price: $0.85 each wyb 3
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    $2.00/20 Purina Fancy Feast Medleys - 1-20-19 RMN; Includes 3 oz Cans Only (exp 04/20/19)
    Final Price: $0.62 each wyb 20
  • Fancy Feast, 3 oz - $0.54$1.50/30 Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Cans; Includes 3 oz Only
    $1.50/30 Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Wet Cat Food - 1-20-19 RMN; Includes 30 Single Cans or (1) Variety Pack, 30 ct (exp 04/20/19)
    Final Price: $0.49 each wyb 30
  • Meow Mix Simply Servings, 2 pk - $0.78$1.00/4 Meow Mix Simple Servings or Wet Cat Food Variety Pack or Wet Single Cups - 2-10-19 RMN; Inclues (4) Simple Servings, 2 pk Only; (1) Meow Mix Variety Pack; or (6) Wet Food Singles (exp 04/07/19)
    Final Price: $0.53 each wyb 4
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  • V05 Shampoos or Conditioners - $0.78$0.50/2 Alberto VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner; Includes 12.5 oz 
    Final Price: $0.53 each wyb 2
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  • 1850 Coffee, 12 oz - $6.48$1.50/1 1850 Brand Coffee; Excludes Iced Coffee
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  • Bridgford Monkey Bread, 16 oz - $2.98$0.55/1 Bridgford Frozen Rolls, Bread Dough or Monkey Bread
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  • Celestial Seasonings Tea, 20 ct - $2.24$1.00/2 Celestial Seasonings Tea - 02-10-19 SS; Excludes K-Cup Pod Boxes Only (exp 05/13/19)
    Final Price: $1.74 each wyb 2
  • Cooked Perfect Meatballs, 32 oz - $5.96$1.00/1 Cooked Perfect Frozen Meatballs Bag - 1-27-19 SS (exp 03/24/19)
    Final Price: $4.96
  • Dole Canned Pineapple, 20 oz - $1.00$0.75/2 Dole Canned Fruit
    $1.00/3 Dole Pineapple - 1-13-19 SS (exp 03/31/19)
    $0.50/2 Dole Pineapple Cans - 1-13-19 SS
    Final Price: $0.62 each wyb 2
  • Fisher Sliced Almonds, 16 oz - $8.48$2.00/1 Fisherrecipe nut item of any variety, 16 oz or larger
    Final Price: $6.48
  • Florida's Natural Orange Juice, 59 oz - $2.98$1.00/2 Florida's Natural Orange Juice; Includes 52 oz or Larger Only
    $1.00/2 Florida Natural NFC Orange Juice - 2-10-19 SS; Includes 52 oz or Larger Only (exp 04/06/19)
    Final Price: $2.48 each wyb 2
  • Frigo String Cheese, 12 ct - $2.98$1.00/1 Frigo Cheese Product
    Final Price: $1.98
  • Giovanni Rana Sauce, 7 oz - $3.44$1.00/1 Giovanni Rana Refrigerated Sauce - 2-24-19 SS (exp 05/05/19)
    Final Price: $2.44
  • Hidden Valley Ranch Dip, 10 oz - $2.98$0.75/1 Hidden Valley Ranch Dip; Includes 10 oz Only
    Final Price: $2.23
  • Hormel Natural Choice Lunchmeat, 8 oz - $2.98$0.50/1 Hormel Natural Choice Deli Meat
    $0.50/1 Hormel Natural Choice Deli Meat - 3-10-19 SS; Includes 4 oz or Larger Only (exp 05/06/19)
    Final Price: $2.48
  • Innovasian Cuisine Sticky White Rice, 18 oz - $3.98$2.50/2 InnovAsian Cuisine Entrees or Rice Sides; Includes 16 - 18 oz Only
    $2.00/2 InnovAsian Cuisine Single Serve Bowls; Includes 9 oz Only
    $2.50/2 InnovAsian Frozen Entree, Side Dish, Appetizer or Meal - 2-24-19 SS (exp 03/31/19)
    $1.00/1 InnovAsian Frozen Entree, Side Dish, Appetizer or Meal - 2-24-19 SS; Includes 9 oz or Larger Only (exp 03/31/19)
    Final Price: $2.73 each wyb 2
  • Lean Cuisine Entrees - $1.98$4.00/4 Ibotta Rebate
    Final Price: $0.98 each wyb 4
  • Mama Mary's Original Pizza Crusts, 3 ct - $2.48$1.00/1 Mama Mary's Pizza Crust 
    Final Price: $1.48
  • Perdue Chicken Nuggets, 29 oz - $4.38$1.00/1 Perdue Fully Cooked Chicken (NC ZIp 27520)
    Final Price: $3.38
  • Ragu Simply Pasta Sauce, 24 oz - $1.77$1.00/2 Ragu Pasta Sauces - 3-3-19 RMN; Includes 24 oz Only; Limit (2) Like Coupons (exp 03/31/19)
    $0.75/2 Ragu Pasta Sauces - 3-3-19 RMN; Includes 24 oz Only (exp 03/31/19)
    $0.60/2 Ragu Pasta Sauces - 3-3-19 SS; Includes 24 oz Only; Limit of 2 IdetnicalsCoupons Allowed In Same Shopping Trip (exp 03/31/19)
    Final Price: $1.27 each wyb 2
  • Sargento Balanced Breaks - $3.28$1.00/1 Sargento Balanced Breaks - 1-6-19 SS (exp 03/31/19)
    $1.00/1 Sargento Sweet Balanced Breaks - 1-6-19 SS (exp 03/31/19)
    $0.50/1 Sargento Balanced Breaks - 1-6-19 SS (exp 03/31/19)
    $0.50/1 Sargento Sweet Balanced Breaks - 1-6-19 SS (exp 03/31/19)
    Final Price: $2.28
  • Sargento Shredded Cheese, 7.5 oz - $2.26$1.00/2 Sargento Shredded Natural Cheese - 1-27-19 SS (exp 03/24/19)
    $0.60/2 Sargento Shredded Natural Cheese - 3-3-19 SS (exp 04/26/19)
    $0.50/2 Sargento Shredded Natural Cheese - 1-27-19 SS (exp 03/24/19)
    $0.40/2 Sargento Shredded Natural Cheese - 1-27-19 SS (exp 03/24/19)
    $0.60/2 Sargento Shredded Natural Cheese - 1-27-19 RMN (exp 03/24/19)
    Final Price: $1.76 each wyb 2
  • Silk Almond Milk, 96 oz - $3.97$1.00/1 Silk Almondmilk; Includes 96 oz Only
    Final Price: $2.97
  • Smart Ones Entrees - $1.67B5G1 Smart Ones Entrees - 1-20-19 SS; Maximum Value $2.50 (exp 03/17/19) Stack With $0.50/2 Ibotta Rebate
    Final Price: $1.30 each wyb 6
  • Splenda, 50 ct - $2.25$1.00/1 Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Product
    Final Price: $1.25
  • Tai Pei, 10 oz - $2.08$0.75/1 Tai Pei Entree or Appetizer; Includes 7.9 oz or Larger Only
    Final Price: $1.83

  • Bounce Sheets, 34 ct - $1.97$1.00/1 Downy Fabric Conditioner, Bounce/Downy Sheets, or In Wash Scent Boosters; Includes Conditioner, 40 ld or Smaller Only; Sheets, 60 ct or Smaller, or In Wash Boosters, 4.9 oz or Smaller Only; Excludes Trial and Travel Size; Limit of 1 Like Coupon Per Household Per Day (exp 03/30/19)
    Final Price: $0.97
  • Clorox Scentiva Bathroom Aerosol Foam Cleaner, 20 oz - $3.48$0.50/1 Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Bathroom Foam Cleaner Product; Includes Aerosol or Spray
    Final Price: $2.98
  • Tide Pods, 16 ct - $4.94$2.00/1 Tide PODS - 2-24-19 PG; Excludes Tide Liquid/Powder, Simply Varieties, Pods, 9 ct or Below; Excludes Trial and Travel Size; Limit of 1 Like Coupon Per Household Per Day (exp 03/30/19)
    Final Price: $2.94
  • Windex - $2.97$0.50/2 Pledge Furniture, Windex products or Scrubbing Bubbles products
    $1.50/2 Windex or Pledge Products - 3-3-19 SS; Limit of 2 Identical Coupons In Same Shopping Transaction (exp 04/13/19)
    Final Price: $2.23 each wyb 2
  • Ziploc Zipper Sandwich Bags, 40 ct - $2.38$1.00/2 Ziploc Brand Products

    Final Price: $1.88 each wyb 2

  • Almay Mascara - $4.87$3.00/1 Almay Product - 2-24-19 SS (exp 03/24/19)
    Final Price: $1.87
  • Band-Aid Flexible Adhesive Bandages, 30 ct - $2.38$1.00/1 Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandage Product; Excludes Trial and Travel Size
    $0.75/1 Band-Aid Brand Bandages or Neosporin - 2-3-19 RMN (exp 03/31/19)
    Final Price: $1.38
  • Dial Body Wash, 21 oz - $3.98$1.00/1 Dial or Tone Body Wash item (12 oz or larger, excluding trial & travel size) or Dial Complete 2in1 Bars (6bar+)
    $1.00/1 Dial Body Wash, Complete 2in1 Bar Soap or Tone - 3-10-19 RMN; Includes Body Wash 11.75 oz or Large or Bar 6 ct or Larger Only; Limit (1) Like Coupon
    Final Price: $2.98
  • Dial Foaming Hand Wash, 7.5 oz - $1.84$1.00 / 2 Dial Complete Foaming Hand Wash, Dial Liquid Hand Soap Refills, or Dial Complete 2in1 Bars
    Final Price: $1.09 each wyb 2
  • Eucerin Lotion, 8 oz - $9.87$3.00/1 Eucerin Body Lotion or Cream Product or Baby Product; Includes 8 oz or Larger Only; Excludes Trial Sizes
    $3.00/1 Eucerin Body Lotion or Cream Product or Eucerin Baby Product - 3-10-19 SS; Includes 8 oz or Larger Only; Excludes Trial and Travel Size (exp 03/23/19)
    Final Price: $6.87
  • Garnier Fructis Hair Care, 12 oz - $2.97$1.00/1 Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner, treatment or styling product (excluding 1oz, 2oz, 2.9oz, 3oz sizes)
    $3.00/2 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment or Styling Items - 3-3-19 RMN; Excludes 1 - 3 oz Only; Limit (1) Like Coupon (exp 03/30/19)
    Final Price: $1.47 each wyb 2
  • Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick - $5.94$2.00/1 Maybelline Color Sensational Lip product
    Final Price: $3.94
  • Nivea In-Shower Lotion, 13.5 oz - $5.48$2.00/1 NIVEA In-Shower Lotion Product *Excludes trial sizes
    $4.00/2 Nivea Body Lotion, In-Shower Body Lotion or Creme Product - 3-10-19 SS; Excludes Trial and Travel Size (exp 03/23/19)
    $1.50/1 Nivea Body Lotion, In-Shower Body Lotion or Creme Product - 3-10-19 SS; Excludes Trial and Travel Size (exp 03/23/19)
    Final Price: $3.48
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation - $9.98$3.00/1 Revlon Foundation
    $3.00/1 Revlon Face Product - 2-24-19 SS (exp 03/24/19) 
    Final Price: $6.98
  • Revlon Kiss Lip Balm - $3.74$2.00/1 Revlon Lip Product
    $2.00/1 Revlon Lip Product - 2-24-19 SS (exp 03/24/19)
    Final Price: $1.74
  • Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Razor, 1 ct - $8.97$3.00/1 Schick Hydro5 Razor or Refill (excludes Schick Disposables and Women's Razor or Refill)
    Final Price: $5.97
  • U by Kotex Curves Pantliners, 40 ct - $2.97$1.00/1 U By Kotex Liners - 2-10-19 SS; Excludes Liners, 14 - 22 ct and Trial Size (exp 03/16/19)

    Final Price: $1.97
  • U by Kotex Security Tampons, 18 ct - $2.86$1.00/1 U by Kotex Tampons - 2-10-19 SS; Excludes Trial and Travel Size (exp 03/16/19)

    Final Price: $1.86

  • A+D Ointment, 1.5 oz - $3.24$1.00/1 A + D Product; Limit 4 Exact Same Coupons Per Household Per Day
    Final Price: $2.24
  • Boogie Mist, 3.1 oz - $5.96$2.00/1 Ibotta Rebate
    Final Price: $3.96
  • Boogie Wipes, 30 ct - $3.54$0.50/1 Boogie Wipes Product
    Stack With $0.75/1 Ibotta
    Final Price: $2.29
  • Gerber Pouches - $1.25$1.00/4 Gerber Pouches or Glass Jars
    Final Price: $1.00 each wyb 4
  • Gerber Probiotic Colic Drops, 0.34 oz - $27.84$5.00/1 Gerber Probiotic Drops
    Final Price: $22.84
  • Gerber Tubs, 2 ct - $1.23$1.00/6 Gerber Puree Tubs; Includes 2 pk tubs
    Final Price: $1.06 each wyb 6
  • Huggies Diapers - $8.96$2.00/1 Package of HUGGIES Diapers (Not valid on 9 ct.

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