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Photo by Justin Dickey on Unsplash
So Bill and Jeff are sitting around the fireplace at Bill's place one evening, sipping wine and chatting about this and that. Jeff is impressed that Bill has a 50-car garage, and a house full of windows. Bill is impressed by the valuation of Jeff's company stock.

The conversation bounces from theme to theme until finally Bill asks, "What are you doing to save the world?"

Jeff reflects on his childhood and recalls a game he used to play with a balloon in which he would keep tapping it upward toward the ceiling so as to keep it from touching the ground. If it hit the ground the world would blow up. In other words, it was a game with high stakes.

Of course high stakes is what made the game exhilarating.  Bill listens quietly as Jeff relates this childhood experience.

"Everything will end at one time or another," Bill says. "I just don't want to be there when it happens."

"Me neither," Jeff said. "That's why I called you tonight. I've had a really hot idea.. It's going to take some capital, but you know how it is. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Jeff shared his idea, and Bill liked it.

"Nuclear fusion," Bill said, pondering the sound of the words as he repeated the phrase. "I like it."

Will nuclear fusion be the energy of the future?

EdNote: Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have thrown a few million tokens into the pot with a handful of others to invest in a startup called General Fusion. The goal is to provide energy for the one billion people in the world who do not yet have energy.

"Can you imagine? If we pull this off, your original dream for Microsoft can actually happen. Every home in the world will be able to have a personal computer."

"Yes," Bill added, "And Amazon will have one billion more potential customers."

"I'll drink to that," Jeff said, lifting his glass.

"Wait. I should fetch a bottle of Chateau Petrus 2015 red," Bill interrupted.

"Just a sec," Jeff said, setting his glass on an oak end table. "What about Heaven's Door? You wouldn't--"

"I do," said Bill. "Do you prefer the Tennessee Bourbon or the Double Barrel Whiskey?"

Jeff laughs. "I like the Straight Rye."

"Rye not," Bill says, chuckling at his wry humor.

There's no record of how the rest of the evening went.... for what it's worth, here's the rest of the story.

* * * *
Follow the link below to see what it's really all about.
Will Nuclear Fusion Be the Energy of the Future?

EdNote: Other than the links, this blog post is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to what really happened is purely coincidence.
* * * *
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          Σοκολάτα ή χταπόδι για πρωινό; Οι πιο περίεργες διατροφικές συνήθειες των διάσημων δισεκατομμυριούχων      Cache   Translate Page      

Το γεγονός πως οι δισεκατομμυριούχοι έχουν τα χρήματα για να πληρώσουν τον προσωπικό τους σεφ ή για υγιεινά τρόφιμα εξαιρετικής ποιότητας δεν σημαίνει πως ακολουθούν πάντα και τις δίαιτες που τους ταιριάζουν. Μάλιστα μερικοί από τους ιδιοκτήτες των μεγαλύτερων τεχνολογικών κολοσσών φημίζονται για τις -κατά γενική ομολογία- περίεργες διατροφικές τους συνήθειες.

Κι ενώ κάποιοι πειραματίζονται με υγιεινά τιπς που θέτουν ως προτεραιότητα τα φρούτα και τα λαχανικά, άλλοι καταναλώνουν μεγάλες ποσότητες σοκολάτας για πρωινό ή δεν τρώνε καν κάποιο γεύμα το πρωί για μέρες.

Έτσι ακόμα κι αν κάποιες φορές τους ζηλεύετε για τη δυνατότητά τους να πληρώνουν για καλύτερη διατροφή, να θυμάστε πως πολλοί όχι μόνο δεν την υιοθετούν στην καθημερινότητά τους, αλλά αντιθέτως προτιμούν τροφές που δεν φημίζονται για τα θρεπτικά συστατικά που προσφέρουν στον οργανισμό.

Το Business Insider παραθέτει μερικές από τις διατροφικές συνήθειες κάποιων από τους γνωστότερους δισεκατομμυριούχους. Στη συνέχεια τις παρουσιάζουμε κι εμείς.


Ρίτσαρντ Μπράνσον, ιδρυτής της Virgin Group

Ο Ρίτσαρντ Μπράνσον έχει πολλάκις τονίσει πως καταναλώνει όχι ένα, ούτε δύο, αλλά είκοσι ολόκληρα φλυτζάνια τσάι την ημέρα. Μάλιστα το 2016 είχε δηλώσει μιλώντας στην Daily Mail πως δεν ξέρει πώς θα μπορούσε να επιβιώσει χωρίς το αγγλικό τσάι. Ο ίδιος το 2010 είχε επίσης υπογραμμίσει πως κάθε πρωί τρώει μια φρουτοσαλάτα με μούσλι, όπως επίσης και καπνιστή ρέγγα.Ο Μπράνσον ζει στο ιδιωτικό του νησί στην Καραϊβική, ενώ κάθε μέρα γυμνάζεται. Για βραδινό προτιμά να γευματίζει μαζί με άλλους ώστε όλοι να κάνουν διάλογο και να επικοινωνούν.


Τζεφ Μπέζος, ιδρυτής Amazon

Ο γνωστός σε όλους μας, Τζεφ Μπέζος, λέει πως προσπαθεί να αποφεύγει την πραγματοποίηση συσκέψεων το πρωί, ώστε πάντα να καταφέρνει να τρώει υγιεινό πρωινό χωρίς ιδιαίτερα παχυντικές τροφές. Το δημοσίευμα του Business Insider στη συνέχεια αναφέρει πως ο CEO της Amazon είχε κάποια στιγμή παραγγείλει για πρωινό ένα μεσογειακό χταπόδι με πατάτες, μπέικον, τζατζίκι και ένα αυγό. Ο Μπέζος ειδικότερα επέλεξε το συγκεκριμένο γεύμα έχοντας σαν στόχο να αναδείξει την στρατηγική της Amazon. «Είστε το χταπόδι που παίρνω για πρωινό. Όταν κοιτώ το μενού, είστε η επιλογή που δεν καταλαβαίνω, αυτή που ποτέ δεν είχα. Γι′ αυτό πρέπει να σας δοκιμάσω», έχει πει.


Μαρκ Κούμπαν, επενδυτής

Ο Μαρκ Κούμπαν σε συνέντευξη που είχε παραχωρήσει το 2014 είχε πει πως το πρωινό του περιλαμβάνει μια κούπα καφέ και δύο μπισκότα από μια εταιρεία που λέγεται Alyssa’s Cookies. Τα μπισκότα έχουν υψηλή περιεκτικότητα πρωτεϊνης και όχι υδατανθράκων.


Μπιλ Γκέιτς, ιδρυτής Microsoft

O ιδρυτής της Microsoft έχει στο παρελθόν δηλώσει πως λατρεύει τη γεύση της κόκα κόλα διαίτης. Μάλιστα, μπορεί να πιει τρία με τέσσερα μπουκαλάκια την ημέρα. Γενικότερα όμως οι διατροφικές συνήθειες του Γκέιτς δεν είναι οι καλύτερες. Εκείνος λέει ότι πίνει κακάο για πρωινό, η σύζυγός του ωστόσο ομολογεί πως ο άνδρας της παραλείπει τελείως το πιο σημαντικό γεύμα της μέρας. Ο ιδρυτής της Microsoft αγαπά επίσης τα cheeseburgers. Ο Τζο Κέρελ, διευθύνων σύμβουλος του Ιδρύματος Γκέιτς έχει πει πως πολύ συχνά θα δει κανείς τον Γκέιτς να επισκέπτεται τα McDonald’s.


Στιβ Τζομπς, ιδρυτής Apple

Πρόκειται για έναν άνθρωπο που όσο ζούσε φημίζονταν για τις περίεργες διατροφικές του συνήθειες. Ο ίδιος συνήθιζε να τρώει μόνο μία, ή δύο τροφές ολόκληρη την εβδομάδα. Κάποια στιγμή η διατροφή του απαρτίζονταν αποκλειστικά από καρότα και μήλα. Κάποια άλλη εποχή, ο Τζομπς ακολουθούσε μια δίαιτα η οποία του επέτρεπε να καταναλώνει μόνο φρούτα, λαχανικά, καρύδια και ξηρούς καρπούς.


Μαρκ Ζάκερμπεργκ, ιδρυτής Facebook

Για τον Μαρκ Ζάκερμπεργκ το πρωινό δεν είναι μια καθορισμένη συνήθεια. Θα φάει μόνο όταν έχει όρεξη και οι επιλογές του ποικίλουν. Είναι χαρακτηριστικό πως το 2011 υπήρξε περίοδος που είχε επιλέξει να τρώει μόνο ότι ο ίδιος σκότωνε. Μάλιστα προέτρεπε κι άλλους να κάνουν το ίδιο. Η διατροφή του τότε περιελάμβανε κοτόπουλα, αστακούς και χοιρινό.


Έλον Μασκ, ιδρυτής Τesla

Ο ιδρυτής της Tesla που εργάζεται πυρετωδώς και δεν κουράζεται ποτέ έχει πει πως συχνά δεν τρώει πρωινό αλλά όταν το κάνει θα προτιμήσει μια σοκολάτα Mars. Μάλιστα έχει παραδεχτεί πως καλό θα ήταν να μειώσει τα γλυκά, κάτι όμως που του είναι δύσκολο. Ο Μασκ έχει επίσης δηλώσει πως έχει αδυναμία στη γαλλική κουζίνα και το μπάρμπεκιου. Ο ίδιος εξηγεί πως δίνει ιδιαίτερη σημασία στο βραδινό ώστε να κλείσει η μέρα ευχάριστα.


Τζακ Ντόρσεϊ, δημιουργός Twitter

O Tζακ Ντόρσεϊ το 2012 είχε αποκαλύψει πως το πρωινό του περιλαμβάνει δύο βραστά αυγά που συνοδεύονται από σάλτσα σόγιας. Ο ίδιος τον Ιανουάριο τουίταρε πως πολλές φορές ξεχνά να φάει τελείως. Στο παρελθόν υπήρξε βίγκαν.

          Αυτός είναι ο πλουσιότερος άνθρωπος όλων των εποχών      Cache   Translate Page      

Ο Τζεφ Μπέζος, ο ιδρυτής της Amazon είναι ο πλουσιότερος άνθρωπος στον κόσμο σύμφωνα με την τελευταία λίστα του Forbes. Η περιουσία του εκτιμάται στα 131 δισ. δολάρια και είναι ο πλουσιότερος στη σύγχρονη ιστορία. 

Όμως δεν είναι ούτε κατά διάνοια ο πλουσιότερος άνθρωπος όλων των εποχών. Αντίθετα, ο άνθρωπος που έχει καταγραφεί στην ιστορία ως ο πλουσιότερος άνθρωπος όλων των εποχών, έχει περιουσία που κανένας δεν έχει καταφέρει να υπολογίσει. 

Ο εν λόγω τίτλος ανήκει στον Μάνσα Μούσα, τον αυτοκράτορα του Μάλι.

Γεννημένος το 1280, κύριος της αυτοκρατορίας του Μάλι η οποία περιλάμβανε τη σύγχρονη Γκάνα, το Τιμπουκτού και το Μάλι της Δυτικής Αφρικής 

Το βασίλειο του Μούσα ήταν ο μεγαλύτερος παραγωγός χρυσού του κόσμου σε μια εποχή που ο χρυσός ήταν σε ιδιαίτερα υψηλή ζήτηση. Επίσης η χώρα του κάλυπτε περισσότερες από τις μισές ανάγκες ολόκληρου του κόσμου σε αλάτι. Χρησιμοποίησε την προσωπική του περιουσία για να χτίσει μεγαλοπρεπή τζαμιά που στέκουν περήφανα μέχρι σήμερα. Πόσο πλούσιος ήταν δηλαδή; Κανείς δεν μπορεί να περιγράψει τον πλούτο του. Τα αρχεία είναι τρομακτικά και οι πηγές περιγράφουν τα πλούτη του βασιλιά ως απίθανα. Μια συγκριτική μελέτη των πλουσιότερων ανθρώπων των τελευταίων 1.000 ετών μιλάει για περισσότερα από 400 δισ. δολάρια σε σημερινές τιμές.

Στην ιστορία έχει μείνει ένα προσκύνημά του στη Μέκκα. Κατά τη διάρκεια του ταξιδιού, οι δαπάνες του ήταν τόσο πλούσιες που προκάλεσε νομισματική κρίση στην Αιγύπτου. Είχε μαζί του δεκάδες καμήλες με την κάθε μια να μεταφέρει εκατοντάδες κιλά χρυσού. Η συνοδεία του αποτελείτο από 60.000 άνδρες και 12.000 σκλάβους. 

Οι 10 πιο πλούσιοι άνθρωποι της Ιστορίας 

  • Μάνσα Μούσα (1280-1337, Βασιλιάς της αυτοκρατορίας του Μάλι) αξία περιουσίας ανυπολόγιστη.
  • Καίσαρ Αύγουστος (63 π. Χ. - 14 π. Χ.), Ρωμαίος αυτοκράτορας, 4,6 τρισ. δολάρια. 
  • Zhao Xu (1048-1085), αυτοκράτορας Σεντζονγκ στην Κίνα, πλούτος ανυπολόγιστος
  • Ακμπάρ ο Μέγας (1542-1605), Αυτοκράτορας των Μογγόλων, πλούτος ανυπολόγιστος.
  • Άντριου Καρνέγκι (1835-1919), Σκοτσέζος μετανάστης στην Αμερική, Χαλυβουργία 372 δισ. δολάρια. 
  • Τζον Ρόκφελερ (1839-1937) βιομηχανία πετρελαίου, 341 δισ. δολάρια
  • Νικολάι Αλεξάντροβιτς Ρομανόφ (1868-1918), Τσάρος της Ρωσίας, 300 δισ. δολάρια.
  • Οσμάν Άλι Χαν (1886-1967), μαχαραγιάς, 230 δισ. δολάρια.
  • Γουίλιαμ ο Κατακτητής (1028-1087), Νορμανδός Βασιλιάς, 229.5 δισ. δολάρια.
  • Μουαμάρ Καντάφι (1942-2011), δικτάτορας της Λιβύης 200 δισ. δολάρια.

Πηγή:, Celebrity Net Worth, BBC

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Amazon Just Made Online Shopping More Competitive

Facing intensifying criticism from politicians and sellers on Amazon's aggressive policies quite for a while, the company finally decided to let third-party sellers offer lower prices on other sites.

Amazon Just Made Online Shopping More Competitive

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Amazon has completed its acquisition of Eero, and to mark the occasion it has slashed $100 off the price of the home WiFi mesh networking system. News of the acquisition broke back in February, with Amazon adding the multi-router system to its growing list of hardware brands it owns. Eero was at the front of the domestic mesh router wave. … Continue reading
          【祝ハンターハンター連載再開】実生活で役立つ念能力ランキングトップ10      Cache   Translate Page      







































第10位 記憶弾(メモリーボム)




















第9位 分身(ダブル)
















第8位 180分間の恋奴隷(インスタントラヴァー)


















第7位 導く薬指の鎖(ダウジングチェーン)
















第6位 紫煙拳・紫煙機兵隊(ディープパープル)
















第5位 不思議で便利な大風呂敷(ファンファンクロス) 
















第4位 神の不在証明(パーフェクトプラン)
















































第3位 携帯する他人の運命(ブラックボイス)















第2位 天使の自動筆記(ラブリーゴーストライター













第1位 4次元マンション(ハイドアンドシーク)






































          Millennials sind so gut ausgebildet, dass sie einen ganzen Karriereschritt ausradieren könnten      Cache   Translate Page      

frau computer cafe laptop arbeiten lernen

In Vorstellungsgesprächen und auf Networking-Partys beweichräuchern sich die meisten Menschen bekanntlich selbst. Und dann erwähnen sie auch gerne einmal, dass sie lernhungrig sind und sich immer wieder gerne neue Sachen aneignen. Gerade als Berufseinsteiger.

Aber jeder Berufseinsteiger würde wahrscheinlich auch ehrlich zugeben, dass er sich nach 13 Schuljahren, einem freiwilligen sozialen Jahr, zehn Semestern im Studium und diversen Praktika darauf freut, endlich Geld zu verdienen. Aber nicht so voreilig. Denn wenn ihr euch bei den großen deutschen Unternehmen bewerbt, bekommt ihr oft nur eine Trainee-Stelle angeboten. Also eine Ausbildung nach der Ausbildung. Die ist natürlich oft schlechter vergütet als andere Einstiegsjobs, aber ihr lernt ja dabei auch etwas.

Was viele als eine tolle Herausforderung sehen, ist für andere ein notwendiges Übel, um dem Traumjob ein Stück näher zu kommen. Aber kann man in Zeiten von Fachkräftemangel und dem „War for Talents“, dem Krieg um Talente, von potenziellen Mitarbeitern überhaupt noch verlangen, dass sie für weniger Gehalt und ein bisschen Ausbildung arbeiten?

Die Arbeitsmarktsituation stärkt Berufseinsteiger

Demnächst steigen auch die ersten Vertreter der Generation Z auf dem Arbeitsmarkt ein — also jene  Generation, die nach 1997 geboren wurde. Und sie findet eine völlig andere Situation vor als noch vor zehn Jahren. Denn damals war noch die Finanzkrise aus dem Jahr 2008 zu spüren. Es war eine Zeit, die von Einstellungsstopps, Kurzarbeit und Unsicherheit geprägt war. Mit anderen Worten: Kein guter Zeitpunkt, um in den Beruf einzusteigen. Nicht umsonst sprach man von „Generation Praktikum“. Viele Berufseinsteiger mussten sich von Projekt zu Projekt hangeln, befristete Arbeitsverträge in Kauf nehmen oder viele teils unbezahlte Praktika absolvieren.

Jetzt sieht die Situation für Berufseinsteiger völlig anders aus: Die Arbeitslosenquote in Deutschland liegt bei 5,3 Prozent - der niedrigste Stand seit der Wiedervereinigung. Wer in Zeiten der Automatisierung und Digitalisierung noch dazu eine Qualifikation im technischen Bereich mitbringt, ist extrem gefragt. Warum also sollte jemand noch auf Tausende Euro an Gehalt verzichten wollen, um zwei Jahre ein Trainee-Programm zu absolvieren?

„Der Arbeitsmarkt ist für die meisten Berufsgruppen besser geworden, dadurch ist auch das Selbstbewusstsein der Absolventen gestiegen“, sagt Karriereberaterin Ute Bölke im Gespräch mit Business Insider. „Deshalb entscheiden sich viele auch für einen Direkteinstieg.“ Bölke berät bis zu 90 Absolventen pro Jahr und sagt, dass sich von ihren Klienten nur etwa fünf Prozent entscheiden würden, in ein Trainee-Programm zu gehen.

Dennoch würde sie niemandem grundsätzlich davon abraten: „Die meisten Trainees sind mittlerweile gut bezahlt. Gerade für jene, die noch nicht sicher wissen, in welchen Bereich sie wollen, bietet ein Trainee die Chance, einen guten Überblick über ein Unternehmen und die Branche zu bekommen.“ Zudem würden einige Firmen keinen Einstieg ohne Trainee ermöglichen.

Wer jedoch am Ende seines Studiums genau wüsste, wo er hinwolle, der würde auch ohne diesen Karriereschritt auskommen, sagt Bölke.

Sogar Dax-Unternehmen verzeichnen Bewerberrückgang bei Trainees

Der Konsumgüter-Konzern Beiersdorf mit Sitz in Hamburg berichtet, in den vergangenen Jahren einen Rückgang der Bewerbungen auf Trainee-Stellen verzeichnet zu haben. Das geht aus einer Anfrage von Business Insider an die Dax-Unternehmen hervor. Eine Sprecherin von Beiersdorf sagte, dass das Unternehmen den Rückgang auf „die gestiegene Attraktivität von großen Internetkonzernen wie beispielsweise Google oder Amazon sowie von Startups“ zurückführt.

Der Sportartikelhersteller Adidas hat ebenfalls einen Rückgang von Bewerbungen auf Trainee-Stellen verzeichnet — man hätte diesen aber bewusst in Kauf genommen. „Seit dem vergangenen Jahr haben wir die Anforderungen verändert und das Anschreiben durch ein 90-sekündiges Video ersetzt, das die Motivation des Bewerbers für die Stelle verdeutlichen soll. Dadurch haben wir die Anzahl der Bewerbungen reduziert, die Qualität der Bewerbungen aber gesteigert“, sagte eine Sprecherin von Adidas.

Der Autozulieferer Continental gab unterdessen an, dass die Zahl der Bewerbungen nicht rückläufig sei, aber in wichtigen Bereichen wie Software und IT die Bewerber fehlen würden.

Andere deutsche Unternehmen wie SAP, die Merck Group, die Lufthansa oder Bayer verzeichneten wiederum ein gleichbleibendes Interesse oder sogar einen leichten Anstieg der Bewerbungen auf Trainee-Postionen.

Die Medienbranche hat ein Nachwuchsproblem

In der Medienbranche zeichnet sich unterdessen ein klareres, aber keineswegs besseres Bild ab. So haben gerade Lokalzeitungen mit einem akuten Mangel an Volontariatsbewerbern zu kämpfen. Volontariat ist der etwas ungelenke Begriff für eine Trainee-Stelle im Journalismus (anders als der Name vermuten lässt, ist die Stelle nämlich bezahlt). Die Zahl der Bewerbungen bei der Bielefelder Regionalzeitung „Neue Westfälische“ haben sich etwa halbiert, sagt der stellvertretende Chefredakteur Carsten Heil im Gespräch mit dem Deutschlandfunk. Sogar der öffentlich-rechtliche Rundfunk bewarb zuletzt vermehrt seine Volontariate — aus gutem Grund, in manchen Rundfunkanstalten sollen die Bewerbungen ebenfalls um 50 Prozent zurückgegangen sein, munkelt man in der Medienbranche. 

Gerade Volontariate sind — im Gegensatz zu Trainees in technischen oder wirtschaftlichen Bereichen — meistens schlechter bezahlt. Oftmals gibt es nicht einmal das Tarifgehalt für Volontäre, das je nach Gattung — also Printmedium, Privatfernsehen, öffentlich-rechtlicher Rundfunk oder Zeitschriften — unterschiedlich hoch ist, im zweiten Jahr aber steigen sollte. Die Unternehmen müssen sich nicht an den Tarifvertrag halten.

„Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass viele junge Menschen diesen langen Weg nicht mehr gehen wollen“, sagt Karriereberaterin Bölke.

Berufserfahrung schlägt Ausbildung

Zudem sei gerade für die spätere Karriere die Berufserfahrung oft wichtiger als die Ausbildung. „Wenn man sich Jahre später auf eine Stelle im mittleren Management bewirbt, fragt vermutlich niemand mehr nach dem Trainee“, sagt Bölke. Die Liste an erfolgreichen Managern, die ihre Ausbildung abbrachen, um gleich zu arbeiten, ist bekanntermaßen lang: Facebook-Gründer Mark Zuckerberg, Apple-Mastermind Steve Jobs oder Microsoft-Gründer Bill Gates gehören etwa dazu.

Der klassische Weg, möglichst schnell zu studieren, dann ein schlecht bezahltes Praktikum zu machen und zu hoffen, danach in ein Traineeprogramm aufgenommen zu werden, ist aus der Mode gekommen. „Viele junge Menschen nehmen eine Werkstudenten-Stelle an, studieren im Ausland oder unterbrechen ihr Studium, um eine Weile zu arbeiten. Dadurch bringen sie schon Berufserfahrung mit, wenn sie sich auf ihre erste Stelle bewerben“, sagt Bölke.

Auch Bernd Schmitz, Leiter des Personalmarketings bei Bayer, sagte kürzlich im Gespräch mit Business Insider, dass die praktische Erfahrung das schnelle Studium schlägt.

Der Bertelsmann-Personalvorstand Immanuel Hermreck wies im Interview mit dem Business Insider auf die außergewöhnlichen Lebensläufe der jungen Menschen hin: „Das hat es früher in der Form sicher nicht gegeben und sagt viel über die Persönlichkeit heutiger Bewerber aus.“

Aus diesem Grund haben viele junge Menschen nicht zu unrecht das Selbstbewusstsein, auch ohne Trainee-Programm in den Job einzusteigen. Aber sollte man das Trainee kategorisch ausschließen? Eher nicht — gerade weil ihr mit Mitte 20 nicht unbedingt schon wissen müsst, wo ihr wirklich arbeiten wollt.


 Bewerbung: So erklärt ihr am schlausten, warum ihr gerade arbeitslos seid, sagt ein Karrierecoach

 Bewerbung bei Adidas, Daimler und Co.: Bereitet euch auf diese Fragen vor, wenn ihr bei den größten deutschen Firmen arbeiten wollt

 Hört auf, Auszubildende wie Asoziale zu behandeln

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          Afghan Horse      Cache   Translate Page      

In the mid-1980s, the Iran–Contra affair was a United States political scandal that happened during the Reagan administration. Senior Reagan administration officials, aided by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, the proceeds of which were intended to fund the Nicaraguan Contras, in defiance of the Boland Amendment which prohibited the funding of Nicaraguan government rebels. At the time, Iran was under an arms embargo by the U.S., but officials hoped that the illegal arms sales would secure the release of American hostages being held in Iran, while at the same time, allow the CIA to fund the Nicaraguan Contras surreptitiously.

To pull off this clandestine feat, the CIA conspired with the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, to sell cocaine in the United States, especially southern California. The money raised was used to covertly buy the illegal arms for the Iranian sale. One man, an investigative reporter named Gary Webb, discovered evidence of the plot and began to report on the existence of the operation in the mid-1990s. In 2004, he was found dead with two bullet holes in his skull which the coroner declared a suicide. Gary Webb apparently offed himself by shooting himself in the head… twice. Or so the coroner’s report ruled.

In 2003, the United States invaded Afghanistan, purportedly in pursuit of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 911 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. At the time of the American invasion, most of the poppy fields in Afghanistan had been destroyed by the Afghan government and the Taliban. But over a decade and a half later, Afghanistan, today, exports nearly 80 percent of the world’s heroin and opium, and poppy fields again litter the country’s landscape, guarded by U.S. troops overseen by the Central Intelligence Agency. These are facts, not fiction, and their truth is undisputed.

With this backdrop, our fictional story begins in 2016, in Tampa, Florida, where the younger brother of a U.S. Senator has overdosed on heroin. The tragic and untimely death of his brother motivates Senator Gavin Manson to write legislation to reform the antiquated drug laws in the U.S. and put an end to what he sees as the dangerous and destructive War on Drugs begun during the Nixon Administration. To that end, he hires a brilliant and beautiful researcher named Alexandra Katsaros. 

Together, Gavin and Alex begin to collect data on every facet of the drug world from big pharma to drug cartels to the heroin crisis in America. But when Alex uncovers a secret government plot to smuggle heroin into the United States from Afghanistan, a modern-day Iran-Contra operation, everything changes. Like Gary Webb, they now know too much, and the directors of the CIA’s black operation deem it imperative to silence them, forever.

If you are a fan of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum or Dan Brown, this novel is right up your alley. The journey is a fast-paced ride halfway around the world as Gavin and Alex do their best to stay one step ahead of their determined pursuers. The novel’s seamless blend of fact and fiction will have you guessing what is real and what is made up. And all the while you’ll wonder, could this really happen? Could it actually be happening? The answer you will eventually be forced to admit is… yes. It is absolutely possible. Sometimes conspiracy theory isn’t theory at all. 

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Il presentatore dello show di Prime Video The Grand Tour è pronto ad imbarcarsi in un viaggio alla scoperta di una fantastica nazione in questa nuovissima serie Prime Original disponibile in esclusiva su Amazon Prime Video
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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 696. Apple said to be too ‘involved’ in original content. New AirPods may charge fast. Consumers put Amazon above Apple on Privacy. Apple acquires Lighthouse patents. Foldable glass may be in iPhone’s future. Melbourne tells Apple they don’t want their store. Apple updates iPhone repair policies. Siri’s accent may be improving. New art on Apple Music Playlists. Change Keychain Password Suggestions. How to do folder encryption. BootCamp in a Apple CPU world. Shortcuts directories. Thing of the Moment: iDevices Dimmer Switch

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Last month we reported that Amazon was in talks to acquire mesh WiFi router startup Eero. The small company had been struggling laying off about 20 percent of its employees in 2018. Today the two companies have closed the deal.

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<Werbung mit Amazon Partnerlinks> Fußmassage? Oh ja. Bitte. Sofort. Jetzt muss ich hier mal ganz dreist Werbung machen. Ich sitze auf dem Sofa. Der Lütte…

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          Aufräumen, Ranzen packen, Hausaufgaben machen – so kann es klappen      Cache   Translate Page      

Wie ein Plan mit Routinen den Alltag mit Kindern und auch für Kinder erleichtern kann (–> mit Printable) <Werbung mit Amazon Partnerlinks> „Ich lege mich…

Der Beitrag Aufräumen, Ranzen packen, Hausaufgaben machen – so kann es klappen erschien zuerst auf ab3istallesegal.

          Vor-Vorweihnachtszeit, Krabbelkind und ein nahender Umzug      Cache   Translate Page      

<Werbung mit Amazon Partnerlinks> Der bummelig 830km-Umzug naht. Vier Wochen noch. Zusätzlich noch Vor-Vorweihnachtszeit. Das bestimmt aktuell die Familiensituation und wir versuchen einigermaßen geordnet Bayern…

Der Beitrag Vor-Vorweihnachtszeit, Krabbelkind und ein nahender Umzug erschien zuerst auf ab3istallesegal.

          Jeff Bezos hasn't returned Gwyneth Paltrow's email yet — but here's what she would ask him      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sent Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow an email, but when she responded "'I would die for the opportunity to sit down and ask you a bunch of questions' . . . he never wrote me back."
          Amazon lifts restriction on sellers criticized as anti-competitive -source      Cache   Translate Page      
March 11- has decided to stop telling third-party sellers on its platform that they cannot offer lower prices on competing websites, a source said on Monday. The decision comes in the wake of a letter from Senator Richard Blumenthal arguing that the practice would "stifle market competition and artificially inflate prices." The letter is dated Dec....
          Amazon domain battle rages on as internet overseer postpones decision      Cache   Translate Page      
BRASILIA, March 11- Brazil on Monday thanked the global body that oversees Internet addresses for extending until April a deadline for Amazon basin nations to reach a deal with Inc in their seven-year battle over the. amazon domain name. Amazon basin countries Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname have fought the...
          Descartes Interview: e-commerce challenges in air cargo sector      Cache   Translate Page      
The “Amazon Effect” has had two definite impacts on the air cargo industry – increased package volumes and changing customer expectations.
          Anker’in kablosuz kulaklığı Amazon Türkiye’de      Cache   Translate Page      
Anker, kablosuz kulaklığı AnkerSoundcoreLibertyAir’ı, Amazon üzerinden Türkiye'de satışa sunduğunu açıkladı.

Anker, kablosuz kulaklığı AnkerSoundcoreLibertyAir’ı, Amazon üzerinden Türkiye'de satışa sunduğunu açıkladı.

Anker’in kablosuz kulaklığı Amazon Türkiye’de haberi ilk olarak Sonsöz Gazetesi • Son Dakika • Güncel Haberler • Ankara Yerel Gazete'de Editör tarafından yayınlanmıştır!

          Países da Amazônia e Amazon brigam por domínio      Cache   Translate Page      

Brasil é contra a exclusividade concedida à gigante do varejo [...]

O post Países da Amazônia e Amazon brigam por domínio apareceu primeiro em Forbes Brasil.

          Drug-price-comparison site GoodRx has quietly started listing startups that prescribe and ship pills alongside CVS and Walmart      Cache   Translate Page      


  • GoodRx, a website that helps consumers shop around for lower cash prices for their prescription drugs, quietly started offering online pharmacy options in its price comparisons.
  • GoodRx shows prices for your prescriptions at stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. Now, users might also see options to get their prescription through online healthcare startups like Hims or Roman, which can prescribe and ship medication to your door. 
  • The company is still experimenting with the model, but GoodRx CEO Doug Hirsh told Business Insider that the move has been popular so far. 

GoodRx, one of the oldest websites that lets people compare prices for prescription drugs, is adding in online upstarts to its list of prices. 

Alongside options to pick up prescriptions at pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart, people shopping around for lower cash prices for their medications via GoodRx may have started to see an option to get their prescription delivered by mail.

GoodRx CEO Doug Hirsch told Business Insider that the reason it added online options is to help consumer get a better picture of all the ways they can get their medicine.

"We spend a lot of time trying to decrease the cost of healthcare," Hirsch said. "But if someone can make available more convenient and affordable ways to get prescriptions, that’s music to our ears."

GoodRx is best known for its work pulling together cash prices for medications at different pharmacies so those who don't have insurance or have to pay high prices out of pocket can have a cheaper alternative. Three years ago, it started reaching out to some of the startups that are prescribing medications online to see if they could work together. As more startups have entered the market, the number of partnerships has grown. 

GoodRx's move to include online, mail-order pharmacies happening at a time when consumers are getting more and more used to shopping online for everyday items like groceries and clothes. In 2018, Amazon acquired online pharmacy PillPack, cementing itself in the market. At the same time, seemingly overnight a crop of companies have sprung up that can prescribe and mail you medications like birth control and Viagra, creating a market for people looking to get a particular medication without going to an in-person doctor's visit.

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Displayed alongside retail pharmacy prices, GoodRx users might see "mail order" options. For instance, a search for the generic form of Viagra in New York turns up three options at different price points, denoting which services can connect users to a doctor for a prescription. The idea is to present options side by side in a marketplace so consumers can make their own choices.

Screen Shot 2019 03 11 at 1.43.55 PM

Hirsch said GoodRx has been working with companies like Lemonaid, Nurx, Hims, Roman, HealthWarehouse,, and Truepill.

Read more: Meet the pharmacy quietly powering hot startups like Hims and Nurx that ship Viagra and birth control pills straight to your door

In some cases, the outside companies are able to prescribe medications by connecting patients to doctors, while in the cases of Truepill and, a prescription from an outside doctor is required. Truepill is the pharmacy that also powers many of the on-demand healthcare startups like Hims and Nurx.

While the program is still in the experimental phase, Hirsch said it's been catching on. 

"It's been very popular," Hirsch said. "We're driving traffic to each of these players now."

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          Meet the pharmacy quietly powering hot startups like Hims and Nurx that ship Viagra and birth-control pills straight to your door      Cache   Translate Page      

Truepill cofounders Umar Afridi and Sid Viswanathan

  • Meet Truepill, the pharmacy startup that has been quietly powering companies that prescribe and ship Viagra and birth control to customers' doors.
  • The startup, which describes itself as a "pharmacy API and fulfillment service," works with companies like Hims, Nurx, and Lemonaid by filling prescriptions and sending them out around the US.
  • With $14 million in funding from investors led by Alexis Ohanian's Initialized Capital, Truepill is plotting its international expansion.

Seemingly overnight, a crop of companies have sprung up that can prescribe and mail you medications like birth control and Viagra.

Each company has its own brand, its own website, and contracted doctors. But for many — including Lemonaid, the dermatology company YoDerm, Kick Health, Hims, and Nurx — there's a common thread: Their online pharmacies are powered by a little-known company called Truepill.

Founded by the pharmacist Umar Afridi and Sid Viswanathan, Truepill has quietly been gathering up pharmacy licenses across the US and amassing clients who have racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. Since getting its start in 2016, Truepill has filled 1 million prescriptions.

Last year, Truepill raised $14 million from investors led by Alexis Ohanian's Initialized Capital. On Tuesday the company is formally announcing the funding, saying it'll use the money to expand internationally with plans to add facilities in New York, the UK, Australia, and Canada in addition to its center in San Mateo, California.

Read more: Investors are betting $660 million that companies that ship Viagra and hair-loss pills to your door is the future of medicine — but some doctors are worried

Afridi, Truepill's CEO, spent a decade working in retail pharmacies. Along the way, he started keeping track of some of the inefficiencies he saw as he filled prescriptions. In some instances, he'd have to use a fax machine to get a prescription from a particular doctor, with it difficult to get that doctor on the phone to check and see whether patients could use a lower-cost alternative.

The experience got Afridi interested in figuring out whether he could build an on-demand pharmacy. Eventually, the idea led him to start working on Truepill with Viswanathan, who serves as the company's president. While still doing shifts at CVS, Afridi was studying to become licensed in states across the US and started filling his first prescriptions in October 2016, shipping to homes in California for startups like Nurx and YoDerm.

TruePill Facility

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Then in 2017, Afridi and Viswanathan joined the summer class of Y Combinator. Eventually, Afridi became licensed in more states and Truepill added more customers. The pharmacy is now licensed in 50 states.

A new kind of pharmacy

Viswanathan and Afridi don't consider Truepill an online pharmacy like PillPack, which Amazon acquired last year. Instead, they've coined the term "pharmacy API and fulfillment service." Truepill isn't trying to directly compete against retail pharmacies or other online pharmacies. Instead, it's the layer behind the scenes powering startups that are going the direct-to-consumer route by treating particular health conditions.

A company that uses Truepill can connect its website or app directly to Truepill's service. That way, when a patient is prescribed a medication like generic Viagra through the company's platform, the prescription gets sent over to Truepill. When a prescription comes in, Truepill fulfills it and ships it out that same day, Viswanathan said. The company can choose the speed of delivery based on how much it's willing to spend on shipping.

Read more: Trendy startup Hims wants to shake up men's health by prescribing generic Viagra online and is nearing a $1 billion valuation. But a move to relax guidelines has raised concerns among some of its doctor partners.

That company — which is charging the patient directly through its own site — pays Truepill for the cost of the prescription, the shipping, and then a service fee that's negotiated on top of that.

For startups looking to go directly to consumers by offering online doctor's visits and prescriptions that get sent to your door, Truepill isn't the only pharmacy option. Some startups have opted to build their own pharmacies, while others work with pharmacies similar to Truepill that have licenses to ship medication over the US.

The plan for Truepill's API and fulfillment service is to be as indispensable as Amazon Web Services is to companies. Because Truepill is focused on the pharmacy piece, the idea is that it might be able to get better rates for drugs based on volume and better shipping costs.

Eric Woersching, a general partner at Initialized, said that in addition to the size of the pharmacy industry (billions of prescriptions are written in the US every year), the firm was drawn to Truepill's API approach to pharmacy. 

"As engineers and hackers ourselves, we understand how powerful the APIs can be," Woersching said. He pointed to financial technology companies like Stripe and Plaid that have cemented themselves in the payments field, with successful companies built on top of their APIs. 

TruePill 16

The changing way Americans get prescriptions

The healthcare industry as a whole has been jockeying to stay competitive as companies realize that patients, used to the consumer experience they're getting from Amazon and Netflix, have higher expectations for their doctor's visit.

That's been a driving force behind megadeals like Amazon's acquisition of PillPack and CVS Health's merger with Aetna. On-demand, convenient healthcare options like urgent care and free-standing emergency rooms have gained in popularity too, as have same-day pharmacy delivery services like Capsule and Alto.

Read more: We got an exclusive look at the 2019 plans for Capsule, a pharmacy startup that could be Amazon's next takeover target and has plans to go national

Mailing out prescriptions isn't a particularly new phenomenon. Pharmacy benefit managers such as CVS Caremark and the Cigna-owned Express Scripts have been shipping medication to patients for years as an alternative to monthly visits to a pharmacy.

For now, Truepill is focused on pharmacy fulfillment for startups like Hims or Nurx that are going directly to consumers. Eventually, Afridi said, the plan is to enter other lines of business as well, potentially working with PBMs to serve as their online, mail-order service or by tapping into the $140 billion specialty pharmacy market.

Viswanathan said the conversations with PBMs had surprised both the incumbents and the Truepill team.

"It's shocking to think about this, but something as trivial as being able to provide a shipping-tracking URL is something breakthrough in the space," Viswanathan told Business Insider.

They're not the only piece of the pharma supply chain to be surprised by Truepill's model. Afridi said he provided a wholesaler an estimate of what volume of medication Truepill expected to dispense. But when Truepill hit that estimate, the wholesaler stopped supplying the pharmacy, convinced that Truepill couldn't possibly have filled that many prescriptions.

"We tend to very quickly outpace the volume of what our stage of pharmacy can do," Viswanathan said.

Truepill now works directly with drugmakers as well as the wholesaler to get its medications. Because Truepill is working with clients that are focused in specific disease areas, the pharmacy's volumes for drugs like generic Viagra or birth control can be much higher than a typical pharmacy would dispense.

As more and more prescriptions go online via a direct-to-consumer delivery model, Viswanathan said he's excited to be powering that with Truepill.

"There are so many things that can and will happen in telemedicine," Viswanathan said.

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NOW WATCH: Scientists completed one of the most detailed explorations inside the Great Blue Hole. Here's what they found at the bottom of the giant, mysterious sinkhole.

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Primary Comp & : Cloud Technologies - Amazon Web Services-Cloud platform Skill Percentage - 100 Skill Version - 1 Proficiency - Intermediate(>2 & <=5yrs)...
From Mphasis - Thu, 07 Mar 2019 06:33:54 GMT - View all Bengaluru, Karnataka jobs
          Apple to unveil its video streaming service on March 25      Cache   Translate Page      

[USA], Mar 12 (ANI): If Netflix and Amazon were not enough for you, Apple is set to join the league of video streaming services. If the latest reports are anything to go by, we might be able to get a peek into the long-rumoured service on March 25.

Apple’s spring event will happen on March 25 at the Steve Jobs theater on the company’s Cupertino campus. As Engadget reports, the invite hints at the possibility of Apple announcing its video service.

The purported service is expected to combine some original programming with content from existing content providers.

In addition to the anticipated video service, the event will witness the traditional unveiling of new iPads. This year, Apple is expected to unveil the iPad (7th-generation) that will retain the conventional headphone jack and Touch ID. (ANI)

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release blitz banner.jpg
The Kristen Proby Crossover Collection features a new novel by Kristen Proby and by six of her favorite writers!
Soaring With Fallon by Kristen Proby
Wicked Force by Sawyer Bennett
Crazy Imperfect Love by K. L. Grayson
Worth Fighting For by Laura Kaye
Nothing Without You by Monica Murphy
All Stars Fall by Rachel Van Dyken
Hold On by Samantha Young
KP CC - AN.jpg
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Check out the Kristen Proby Crossover Collection Spotify Playlist!
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The Playlist includes:Soaring With Fallon by Kristen Proby: “Glitter in the Air” Pink“Girls Like You” Maroon 5“I Need You” Faith Hill and Tim McGraw“The Fighter” Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood Worth Fighting For by Laura Kaye:“Chances” Backstreet Boys "Locked Out Of Heaven” Bruno Mars "As Time Goes By" Dooley Wilson/Casablanca soundtrackMonica Murphy:"I Like Me Better" Lauv“comethru” Jeremy ZuckerAll Stars Fall by Rachel Van Dyken:"Little Did You Know" Alex and Sierra“Wow" Post Malone"Lie to Me" 5 Seconds of Summer"Let Me Down" Slowly Alec Benjamin"In My Head” Peter ManosHold On by Samantha Young:“Hold On “ Chord Overstreet“A Closeness” Dermot Kennedy“Grace” Lewis Capaldi“Next To Me” Emeli Sande“Feel Alive” Katie Herzog“I’ll Be These” Jess Glynne“The Story” Brandi Carlile“My Silver Lining” First Aid Kit“Flames” David Guetta and Sia“Renegades” X Ambassadors“You’re the Storm” The Cardigans“Halo” Beyonce“The Power of Love” Gabrielle Aplin

All Stars Fall by Rachel Van Dyken

I love cross over series and All Stars Fall did not disappoint it was everything I expect from this author and a cross over read.
Penelope left Cunningham Falls, Montana to start over because she needed a fresh start but the last thing she expected was to meet a rock star that she crushed over in her youth. After a chance meeting Penny seemed to fall into the job as part time nanny for rocker Trevor Wood and his adorable children and as she settles in at Seaside she realises there is no place else she would rather be.
Trevor Wood’s is getting over a messy divorce and he is trying to bring his twin 6 year old boys and his 4 year old little girl as normal as is possible when you have a rock star as a father could Penny be the perfect mix for his family or will lines be crossed and ruin it all........
I loved this book, I loved the characters, the wonderful and adorable kids as well as the swoon worthy rockers all had me sighing for different reasons. This story stole a piece of my heart and I’m really not sure I will ever get it back, what a fantastic read All Stars Fall was and you need to read it......

Soaring for Fallon by Kristen Proby

Fallon was happy moving from place to place she has never has a reason to stay in one place well that was until she arrived in Cunningham Falls and she started making friends. Noah runs the local animal sanctuary and when Fallon comes across an injured eagle it’s Noah who turns up to take care of the bird. Two people not looking for anything become friends and friendship soon turns into so much more, have Fallon and Noah found a match made in heaven could the two people not looking for a relationship found one with each other guess you need to read the book to find out.....
Soaring with Fallon is a beautifully written love story with wonderful characters who you can’t help falling in love with. I loved the honesty in this book, the friendships and the love the residents of Cunningham Falls have for each other. Can’t wait for more in the Big Sky Series.

Wicked Force by Saywer Bennett

I was so excited for this Crossover Collection and Wicked Force was exactly what I was expecting, this book from Sawyer Bennett was the perfect tie-in between Wicked Horse Vegas and Big Sky and it was great to be in Cunningham Falls with characters I loved. It’s hard to write a review without spoilers and I really don’t want to ruin it for any readers so I’m just going to tell you how this intense forbidden love story made me feel. I loved the sizzling chemistry and I loved watching Kynan and Joselyn grow as they tried to fight the attraction they had for each other, I swooned and I sighed and I was so happy to see this couple get the HEA they so deserved. Another great read from this very talented author and I can’t wait to see where she takes us next. 

All Stars Fall by Rachel Van Dyken

After his ex-wife leaves them, rockstar Trevor Wood uproots his life and his children moving to Seaside, Oregon. 

A chance meeting with Penelope in a coffee shop has Trevor convincing her to interview to be his childrens’ part time nanny. 

After the NDA is signed, Penny realises that she may have signed up for more than she can handle.  

Penny is great with the children and they are just too cute. The characters were easy to relate to and totally likeable. Trevor is an awesome single dad and the relationship he has with his children was heart warming.  

The chemistry between Trevor and Penny is intense and I loved how it blossomed into so much more.    

All Stars Fall is well written and kept me engaged from the first to the last chapter. 

Wicked Force by Sawyer Bennett

I have read the previous books in the Wicked Horse Vegas series and Wicked Force has all the passion and fire that we have come to expect.
I have been intrigued by British Kynan since he was first mentioned in the series. Now the 26 year old alpha male has taken an assignment as a bodyguard protecting rising singer Joslyn.
This book was well written and exciting to read, emotional and at times intense as Kynan McGrath and Joslyn Meyers struggle to ignore their feelings and chemistry.
I really loved these characters and was intrigued as Sawyer Bennett delved into their characters. I was glued to the book from start to finish and I didn’t want it to end. 
Wicked Force gives us an insight into Kynan and Joslyn’s story and I cannot wait for their story to continue in Code Name: Genesis (Jameson Force Security #1) to see how Ms. Bennett concludes their story.

Learn more about the Kristen Proby Crossover Collection authors!
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Kristen Proby:
Sawyer Bennett:
K.L. Grayson:
Laura Kaye:
Monica Murphy:
Rachel Van Dyken:
Samantha Young:
          RELEASE BLITZ - MALUM PART 1 by AMO JONES      Cache   Translate Page      

Malum Part One (The Elite King's Club book 4), an all new dark romance by Amo Jones is NOW LIVE!

“Love is savage, love is blind, love is something they may not find…” Once upon a time, there was a young girl who lived in a battered trailer, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. One day, she fell down The Elite Kings’ rabbit hole. Sucked into a dark vortex of lies, hate, and deceit, and spat out by money, glitz, and power. There were things this little girl didn’t know, things she was about to find out and secrets that have been kept from her. Those secrets were guarded by the boys that were about to smash her world open and tear it all apart… He may be a Malum, but she is a Stuprum, born into this world but neglected by the choice of her mother. Her eyes may not glisten with stars, but they roar with fire, and when she finally reaches her peak, it’s that same fire that will burn. Them. All. Down. My name is Tillie Stuprum, and my story is not like the rest. Everything she thought she knew is a fabricated version of the truth. I’m Nate Riverside-Malum, the one your girl whispers about to her friends and whose initials are scratched down your back. Her story is not like the rest of them, because her story is dead.

Grab your copy Today!

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Wow! Holy shit! OMG! I am still wrapping my head around this book. 
Malum is a fast moving story filled with twists and turns, heartbreak and tragedy with many players all shifting around in the world of the Kings. It is a perfect combination of intrigue and a complex storyline with a definite dark edge that will definitely keep you on your toes! 
Nate is one of the most complicated characters that I have ever read. He is brutal, harsh is a product of the world he lives in and showing weakness is not acceptable and secrets must be kept. 
Tillie has been kept in the dark about so many things. She is a major player in this complicated world and has power that she doesn’t even know about or understand and at the same time she has been unraveling a mystery that she doesn’t even know existed, but she now may know too much and everything is not what it seemed. 
I am so ready for the next book! Many players have now made their move in the game and I can’t wait to see how this game plays out. 

About Amo Jones
Amo Jones is a small country girl totally winging this author thing (she's probably doing it all wrong). She likes cake, loves wine, and her religion is magic. She's a profound work-a-holic, but when she's not writing, you can find her chilling with her kids & partner at the nearest beach, with a cocktail in her hand.
New Zealand is not a state of Australia and rugby is the best sport ever played.
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Instagram: thatcrazykiwiauthor

          RELEASE BLITZ - Surprise, Baby! by Lex Martin & Leslie McAdam      Cache   Translate Page      

Title: Surprise, Baby!
Standalone Companion Novel to All About the D
Authors: Lex Martin & Leslie McAdam
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Adult Contemporary
Release Date: March 12, 2019


There’s a fine line between lust and hate.

I don’t care that Drew Merritt spent the last year transforming himself from grungy slob to sexy playboy. With messy, dirty blond hair and gorgeous eyes, his looks aren’t the problem.

His mouth is.

And the stupid things that come out of it.

But after an emergency strands us together, and he does his damnedest to take care of me… 

Let’s just say there’s one thing we don’t clash on.

And it doesn’t involve talking.

I’ve despised Drew since I met him years ago. One weekend can’t change us that much, can it?

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.

Except he left me a little keepsake.

And in nine months, I’ll have a surprise for Portland’s most notorious player.

Purchase Links


Also Available


Omg why have I not read Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam’s co written books before now, after reading the brilliant Surprise Baby I can’t believe they haven’t crossed my radar up until now. 
Im not  going to write a review that’s full of spoilers because I believe you need to pick this book up with no expectations you need to read the antics of Drew and Kendall first hand like I did and I know you will love this must read witty, funny, romantic package. 
An independent business woman and a reformed party animal with friends who know them better than they know themselves leads to all sorts surprises, this book has all the feels you want and need in a great read. I laughed, I swooned and at times I sighed but most importantly I loved watching these characters grow as their story unfolds, I loved the loyalty that this group of friends share and what about the sizzling chemistry wow that was seriously off the charts. All in all a great read that I would recommend to any romance lover. Can’t wait to read more from this very talented duo.

Why have I not Lex Martin Or Leslie McAdams before because I have to say that there was  nothing that I did not love about this book? If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading these two authors writing together, then do yourself a favour and check them out. I love frenemies to lovers stories and Surprise Baby ticked all the boxes for me. This was a fun, flirty, seriously romantic story that engaged me from the start. It also had it’s serious moments and Lex Martin and Leslie McAdams handle both the fun and the serious with equal amounts of skill.Drew is a reformed party boy, who literally had no choice but to drastically change his lifestyle overnight or suffer the consequences. Whilst Kendall is an accomplished business woman with her own company. They both rub each other up the wrong way constantly; all the while being secretly attracted to each other. When circumstances bring these two together you just know that sparks are going to explode and there may well be fireworks.This is a book that you need to read for yourselves, I’m not going to say anymore for fear of spoiling your enjoyment. All I will say is that the writing was exceptional and I loved this book.

Surprise, Baby is a fun, sweet romantic comedy and I enjoyed every minute of it! 
The characters are fun, the writing is fantastic and the circumstances they find themselves in keep the story entertaining! 
The history between Kendall and Drew has been complicated for sure, in that ‘I don’t really like you’ kind of way, but there is a fine line between love and hate as they will soon discover. Kendall sees Drew as an immature man whore and he sees her as a bit stuck up. People do change, however and sometimes perceptions are wrong, but life is unpredictable and is full of surprises for Kendall and Drew. They are definitely in for an interesting ride! 

Lex Martin

Lex writes contemporary romance, the sexy kind with lotsa angst, a whole lotta kissing, and the hot happily ever afters. When she's not writing, she lives a parallel life as an English teacher.

She loves printing black and white photos, listening to music on vinyl, and getting lost in a great book. Bitten by wanderlust, she's  lived all over the country but currently resides in the City of Angels with her husband and twin daughters.

Lex is represented by Kimberly Brower of Brower Literary & Management.


Leslie McAdam

Leslie McAdam is a California girl who loves romance, Little Dude, and well-defined abs. She lives in a drafty old farmhouse on a small orange tree farm in Southern California with her husband and two small children. Leslie always encourages her kids to be themselves - even if it means letting her daughter wear leopard print from head to toe. An avid reader from a young age, she will always trade watching TV for reading a book, unless it's Top Gear. Or football. Leslie is employed by day but spends her nights writing about the men you fantasize about. She's unapologetically sarcastic and notoriously terrible at comma placement.

Always up for a laugh, Leslie tries to see humor in all things. When she's not in the writing cave you'll find her fangirling over Beck, camping with her family, or mixing up oil paints to depict her love of outdoors on canvas.



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          Cover Reveal for Marcus by Kelsie Rae      Cache   Translate Page      

Marcus by Kelsie Rae arrives April 2, 2019!
Pre-Order Now on Amazon:

Marcus Moving in with my little sister's best friend isn't the brightest thing I've ever done. In fact, I'm pretty sure you can have me committed for accepting the offer. I've been in love with her for as long as I can remember, and I've been able to keep my hands to myself for all these years. But now? Now, she’s moving on without me and I’m scrambling to keep up without letting her slip through my fingers. Why does it feel like she’s always been just out of reach? Natalie The guy I've been in love with since I was a little girl is officially shacking up in my spare bedroom. Pretty sure I'm breaking every rule in the book by having him sleep under my roof, but it doesn't matter anymore. Not when I've already let go of my silly crush to pursue other dreams that don't involve sexy guys who have only ever seen me as his little sister's shadow. No, it's time to let him go and move on. I just hope I can.

Add Marcus to your TBR:

About Kelsie
Kelsie is a sucker for a love story with all the feels. When she's not chasing words for her next book, you will probably find her reading or, more likely, playing with her "monsters".
She adores chocolate, photography, baking, and chick flicks. And now that she's actively pursuing her writing dreams, she's set her sights on someday finding the self-discipline to not eat an entire batch of cookies in one sitting.

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          Laura N. Andrews's blog tour for Healing Him.      Cache   Translate Page      

Title: Healing Him
Author: Laura N. Andrews
Series: Bromley Brothers, Book 2
Genre: Gay Romance
Release Date: February 16, 2019
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
 Add to TBR

 Available now! 
Amazon US:
All other links:
Henry Bromley wants to find not only the perfect submissive, but he’s also searching for love. When he meets Ryan Scott, a man who seems to take control, Henry is conflicted.

However, when passion and lust ignite a spark and their flame is lit, Henry discovers there’s no turning back. He wants Ryan.

Ryan Scott has fought hard to protect himself and his desires. With his wounds freshly opened, Ryan has to make a choice: submit to Henry and allow himself to heal or continue to live the lie he’s created for himself.

Will this Dom help his sub fly? And if trust is broken, can it truly ever be healed?

 Available now! 

“I’ve got apple and pear.”

I clear my throat. “Actually, I’ll have a Coroner.”

“Cool, me too.” Ryan collects two beers and unscrews the caps. “We can just put all the food on my coffee table and eat on the couch.” He leads the way into the spacious living area. The furniture looks comfortable. Between the couch and the large flat screen is the coffee table. “Wow,” I praise. “This is an awesome setup. Must be great for watching sports and movies.”

“Thanks. Yeah, it’s cool.” A shy smile teases his lips.

He’s cute when he’s nervous.

We sit next to each other, and I moan at how comfy the couch is. “Nice.” Figuring I’d start off with the easy questions, I ask, “So what movies are you into?”

Ryan rests one ankle on the opposite knee and moves his hand in a see-saw motion. “Pretty much anything. I like comedy, horror, thriller, drama, sci-fi, you name it.”

I pick up a slice of pizza. “Same. Do you like Marvel movies?”

“Of course! X-men, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy. I like DC too.”

“Well, we like the same movies then.” I give him a wink. “Favourite music?”

“Again, anything really.”

My eyes find his and I give him a flirty smile. “It sounds like you’re easy to please.”

Ryan smirks self-deprecatingly and it almost undoes me. “I think so.” The man puts on such a confident, intimidating front. He’s truly trying to hide his submissiveness in order to save himself from being hurt again.

When it becomes too much, I stop watching him eat. It’s too torturous. The way his mouth widens and how his teeth bite down, the tease of his tongue as it slides over his lips. All he has to do is eat pizza, actually probably anything, and it has me hot under the collar. His throat as he swallows is too enticing. The desire to lick his Adam’s apple is there again. We eat and drink as we watch the game, and the whole time, I’m fully aware of the man beside me. Ryan’s trying to seem calm and relaxed, but as time goes by and as close as we are, he’s giving off a lot of tension. Every time I move, he tenses and holds his breath. The physical awareness is distracting him. So much so, he jumps when I holler at the screen, “What the hell? That was a mark!”

He focuses on the game as they show a replay. Ryan moans in agreement. “Aw, shit! Now the other team’s gonna get a goal!” We watch as his assumption proves correct. With the game taking his attention, his passion is endearing and entertaining.

When he groans with a curse, I place my hand on his knee. “It’s all good. There’s only another ten minutes, and they’re thirty points behind. We’re going to win.”

Other than dropping his gaze to his knee, Ryan doesn’t react. Finally, he shakes his head seriously. “They could catch up. It’s unlikely, but they could.”

I frown. “They’d have to get at least five goals. It’s not going to happen.”

He grunts, and I can’t help but smile at him. “What?” he asks.

“Nothing.” I shrug and face the TV, pulling my hand back.

Ryan sighs and places his bottle down on the table. We’re on our third round of drinks. “You got something to say, Bromley, say it.”

The words make me grin. “It’s endearing how passionate you are, and you’re cute when you’re frustrated.”

His jaw drops before he mutters “cute” in a huff. It doesn’t seem like he’s going to say anything else, but he does. “Maybe I am frustrated.” We both know what he means, and it has nothing to do with the game. The way he said it and his body language. Sexual frustration. Since he brought it up, maybe I can acknowledge my interest again.

“I could help you with that, you know. All you’d have to do is ask.” Not wanting to make things uncomfortable, I finish my drink and place it on the table before leaning back into the couch. A few minutes go by with my eyes on the game, when I holler, “That’s it, Kennedy, yes!” I clap as our team gets another goal. I turn to Ryan with a grin, and he’s already looking at me. “See? Now they’d have to get six—”

Bromley Brothers, book 1

Trusting Him

Canadian born Laura N. Andrews moved to Australia when she was three years old. When she finished high school, she successfully completed her studies in law enforcement. Since then, she's been working for over five years as a pharmacy assistant. When she's not working or spending time with family and friends, you can find her either curled up with a book or writing one of her own.

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          READ PDF Online PDF Captain Raptor and the Perilous Planet Read Online      Cache   Translate Page      

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          Mommyhood Chronicles: $200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway      Cache   Translate Page      
Enter to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card.
          3/12/2019: On The Cover: Don’t miss it!      Cache   Translate Page      
Made in Heaven is streaming now on Amazon Prime and Gully Boy is currently out in the UAE.
          Treat your wrist to an Apple Watch Series 3 at Black Friday pricing      Cache   Translate Page      
Save by going for Apple’s previous-gen model with $80 off. You can save $80 on an Apple Watch Series 3 at Amazon right now. The white/silver […] Read the original post by Adam Oram
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Remember that pricing on Amazon is subject to change at any time. Amazon just dropped the price on this Round Storage Ottoman to under $37.15, which is by far the lowest price it's ever been at! It has excellent reviews, and ships free with Amazon Prime or Free Super Saver Shipping. Go HERE to check it […]

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          Amazon Hiring Event      Cache   Translate Page      

Amazon is having a hiring event in March for internship and full-time employment opportunities.

For more information, click Amazon Hiring Event

Contact Information

Glenda Jones
Email :

          Eero Mesh WiFi System Discounted By $100 Today, Multiple Options Available For Greater Coverage      Cache   Translate Page      
If one good thing is going to come out of the fact that Amazon has acquired Eero, then it's likely going to be the fact that the online behemoth is now able to offer price reductions to push Eero's hardware. And that is exactly what is happening with this stunning deal on Eero's home WiFi system.

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Amazon is currently offering exceptional savings on this gorgeous 60-inch Sony 4K UHD television set as part of its Gold Box Deals. If sitting in front of the TV is your thing, then you can pick up this stunning set right now for less than $800.

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Auf die klassischen Amazon Blitzangebote haben wir euch bereits hingewiesen. Darüberhinaus hat uns Anker verschiedene Gutscheine zur Verfügung, mit denen ihr bis zu 20 Prozent Rabatt auf USB- und Qi-Ladegeräte erhaltet. Neue Anker Gutschein sind da Anker hat uns verschiedene Gutscheine zur Verfügung gestellt, mit denen ihr beim Kauf von USB- und Qi-Ladegeräten bares Geld […]
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Der heutige Dienstag bringt neue Amazon Blitzangebote. Der Online Händler bedient sich nahezu am gesamten Produktsortiment und reduziert unter anderem Artikel aus dem Bereich Elektronik & Technik, Heimwerken, Kinder, Freizeit, Sport und mehr. Das Motto lautet „Entdecken Sie Blitzangebote, Angebote des Tages, Schnäppchen, Deals und Coupons. Angebote gelten solange wie angegeben bzw. solange der Vorrat […]
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If you want to recover the first two episodes of the cult adventure of SEGA and Yu Suzuki Shenmue, we inform you that the collection remaster HD Shenmue I & II is on offer on Amazon Italy for the price of 18.67 euros, with a discount Of 47% on the list price. An excellent opportunity to recover two of the most influential and important works in the history of video games!

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Amazon es una de las tiendas online más fiables a la hora de comprar todo tipo de productos. Entre los artículos más buscados en la tienda están los videojuegos, no obstante, hasta ahora solo podíamos encontrarlos en formato físico. Buenas noticias, Amazon España ha comenzado a vender software y videojuegos en formato digital. A partir de […]

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• Under this Offer, a customer who is an Amazon Prime member will be eligible to purchase the Device on Amazon during the Offer Period for a special price of Rs. 3199 for the Fire TV Stick and Rs. 4799 for the Fire TV Stick 4K. • If a non-Amazon Prime customer, purchases or subscribes […]
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Tesla, Inc., won’t be closing all its retail stores, but the game will continue to change for the electric automaker and its competitors. While Tesla is backing off its plan to close its stores and sell all its electric vehicles online, up to 30 percent of its retail stores will be closing. Tesla is joining several major global companies feeling pressure to close retail stores as shareholders put more pressure on management to increase performance and profits. Stores may not be worth the cost as companies such as Amazon lead the revolution…
          Comment on Deal of the day: Vi Vante camera straps and bags on sale at Amazon by RONIT      Cache   Translate Page      
I like the color, the choice of material etc, for me the straps are too thick and showy, Just like the M I want a strap that is vintage looking and hand made just as it would have been in the 30s. I also bought vintage conrad leather brown camera bag that has the top open up like a doctors bag, For $90 from Japan, it was a good price. Good condition and all, these are hard to find and I love the look and design, put an insert in and you are good to go! I also carry a compact hard case from NANUK, to carry and store my Leica M body and lenses, a must have as it is airtight and shock proof.
          Amazon’s Underbelly 1.0: Bolstering the Surveillance State with Rekognition      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon cloud storage, Rekognition, Amazon Web Services, facial recognition software, face collection, surveillance state, surveillance tools, FBI monitoring, dragnet

The potential abuse of this software for surveillance and data harvesting purposes is so troubling that some of Amazon’s shareholders have pleaded with the company to forgo selling its facial recognition technology to the government.

          James May in Japan for Amazon Prime      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon Prime announces six part series with James may uncovering all things unique to Japan.
          🔥Promos : Casque Bose, Coque SLIM MESH iPhone, Chargeur Qi et bien plus      Cache   Translate Page      
Ce soir, nous vous proposons une nouvelle liste de promotions provenant d'Amazon et iPhoShop où il y a 10% de remise supplémentaire à valoir sur toute la boutique.
          Patty's Checklist, Please      Cache   Translate Page      

Right, bakers, let's go over the checklist for this week:


Amorphous Purse Dress?



Yellow Pool Float?

Checkity check.


Bewildered broccoli?

Exxxxxcellent. Better make extras of those.


Plastic Pilgrims?

Remember, if anyone asks, their names are Molly and Seamus.


And last but not least, Oogie Boogie's Money Bag*.

(*Please note this is NOT a euphemism)



Well, wreckerators, looks like everything's in order! Now let's get out there and write "St. Patty's" on everything to tick off the pedants:


Unless the customer asks for a shamrock.



Thanks to Ida, Melissa S., Cyndi C., Liza L., Ann G., Shannon K., & Megan H. for making us all feel extra lucky this week.


Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.

And from my other blog, Epbot:

          Bonus Starling Pillow with AGF Color Master -Vibrant Violet Box      Cache   Translate Page      

Hello! I'm excited to share my "bonus pillow" made from all SCRAPS from my Starling Quilt! I love being able to sew a matching pillow to my quilt! Plus this pillow is made only from the left over fabric...whoo hoo!!!

In case you forgot - here is what my Starling Quilt looks like - blog post here

My Quilt Ingredients -I made larger borders and scrappy backing!

Ready to start sewing your matching pillow 18" x 18" 

  1. Don't toss those left over triangles while cutting/piecing the Single Half-Square Triangle Blocks (top of page 2 of pattern) AND  Left Corner Unit (bottom of page 2 of pattern) AND Double Corner Unit (top of page 3 of pattern) AND Right Corner Unit (bottom of page 4 of pattern). You will have (24) background triangles and (24) print triangles. Sew together (1) background triangle to (1) print triangle to make (1) half-square triangle. Repeat until you have (24) half-square triangles.
  2. Cut (6) 4.5" squares from background fabric - you should have extra fabric after cutting for original quilt. Cut in half on the diagonal to create (12) triangles.
  3. Cut (6) 4.5" squares from print fabric. Cut in half on the diagonal to create (12) triangles.
  4.  Sew together  (From Step 2 and 3) - (1) background triangle to (1) print triangle to make (1) half-square triangle. 
  5. You should now have (36) half -square triangles.
  6. Trim to 3.5" squares. I used this Bloc-loc ruler - it makes it soooo easy.
  7. Layout blocks in desired  6 x 6 layout and sew together. I chose to randomly flip my all different directions randomly.

 8. Quilt pillow top as desired. I chose straight-line quilting with Aurifil Lavender Thread.
9.  With remaining fabric from fat quarters - make pillow backing with preferred method. I like using zippers - I buy these ones at Amazon and trim to size needed!

10. Enjoy your pillow!!! 

Have a great day and happy sewing! 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @ABitofScrapStuff  and here on my A Bit of Scrap Stuff Blog for more sewing fun!


Fat Quarter Shop Quilting Fabric, Kits, Notions and Patterns
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          Woodland Wander Chain of Stars Quilt      Cache   Translate Page      

I'm sooooo excited to share my Chain of Stars Quilt with Woodland Wander by Clothworks and AMB Solids fabrics! I loooove this quilt so much!!! This quilt has it all - Stars, Fussy Cut blocks with the cutest woodland animals, and purple!!! 

Just look at the cute little woodland critters.

Plus these easy Star Blocks will always have points so you don't have to worry about loosing them when sewing the blocks together...yay!

Let's chat more about my newest pattern - Chain of Stars!

Chain of Stars is beginner friendly that uses a full Layer Cake...yes all (42) 10" squares! Yay for using ALL the fabric! Or you can use larger cuts of fabric and fussy cut your center blocks OR make it totally scrappy! All fabric pieces are labeled to make assembly super easy!

Chain of Stars is lap size quilt that finishes 54.5" x 63.5". But you can easily make it larger or smaller by making more or less blocks!!!

Quilt Supplies

Woodland Wander is designed by Rebecca Jones for Clothworks. I love Rebecca's illustrations! The fabrics in Woodland Wander are adorable - full of  bunnies, squirrels, hedgehogs, frogs, fireflies, birds, and textured solid prints. 

I used American Made Brand Fabric solid white for my quilt background and LOVE it! Know what is super cool....American Made Brand Fabric is MADE in the USA. American Made Brand 100% cotton fabric is grown, spun, woven and dyed in America!!! So awesome!!! It is available in 75 colors and can be purchased at fabric shops including Fat Quarter Shop! I think I need to make an AMB solid quilt very soon!!!

I looooove the fabric I chose for the's seriously the cutest with all the animals! It would make the most adorable whole cloth quilt too!!! Since the fabric is directional - you will need 4 yards of fabric for this quilt if you want those cute animals standing upright on your quilt back ;). 

For the binding, I chose the sweet lilac and mint floral print -- it's gorgeous!!!

I just looooved sewing with Woodland Wander fabric - it just made me feel so happy. Since I wanted to keep sewing with the Woodland Wander fabric,  I already started my Layered Cake Quilt pattern with the coordinating panel...I can't wait to finish it and share! 

Don't forget- you can purchase your Chain of Stars Pattern here for $5.00.

I'm so excited to see your Chain of Stars Quilts!!! Be sure to tag me so I don't miss them!!! #ChainofStarsQuilt #ABitofScrapStuffPattern

Have a great day and happy sewing! 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @ABitofScrapStuff  and here on my A Bit of Scrap Stuff Blog for more sewing fun!


Fat Quarter Shop Quilting Fabrics and Supplies

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          Pineapple and Floral Zipper Pouch Fun - ADORNit fabrics      Cache   Translate Page      

So if you follow me on Instagram - you may have noticed I LOVE making zipper pouches!!!! Both of these pouches are my own pattern, which means I made up the dimensions as I sewed ;).

First up is the Pineapple Zipper Pouch. 
Happy colored pineapple fabric is just what is needed during winter time!!!

I always like using a bright zipper for my happy! Plus the added tassel...yes!!! The pineapple fabric was also a must for the lining.

Supplies for Pineapple Zipper Pouch - (links below)

Chica Blooms iPad Mini Case

The Chica Blooms ADORNit fabric is one of my most favorite fabrics---those gorgeous florals!!! It also matches perfect with the Jumbo Stripe and Burnish!

Plus I had enough Chica Blooms fabric for the lining too!

Supplies for Chica Blooms Zipper Pouch - (links below)

I've already gifted both of these pouches on Christmas. looks like I will have to make more :)

Have a great day and happy sewing! 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @ABitofScrapStuff  and here on my A Bit of Scrap Stuff Blog for more sewing fun!


NOT a sponsored post, but this post contains affiliate links to ADORNit and Amazon. Thank you for supporting A Bit of Scrap Stuff.

          Quand les robots sucent le cerveau des auteurs      Cache   Translate Page      

Pendant longtemps, « Don’t be evil » (qu’on pourrait traduire par « Ne faites pas le mal ») a été le mantra de Google – sa devise informelle. Remplacée en 2018 par « Do the right Thing » (« Faites ce qui est bien »), elle synthétise pourtant l’époque d’une manière aussi clairvoyante que concise : chaque innovation pourra être utilisée à bon ou à mauvais escient.

Par Julien Simon
de EPUBNerd

Love Robot
Alex Guibord, CC BY ND 2.0


On passera sur les implications philosophiques desdites devises – qu’est-ce que le Mal dans le domaine de l’ingénierie, d’ailleurs qu’est-ce que le Mal tout court ? – pour se concentrer sur l’ambivalence permanente dans laquelle nous flottons : la plupart des technologies que nous utilisons de façon quotidienne peuvent aussi bien être utilisée à notre avantage qu’en notre défaveur.

Prenons un exemple : une enceinte connectée type Alexa (Amazon) est capable, d’un simple ordre vocal, de lancer la lecture d’une playlist, d’allumer la lumière ou de lire une histoire à votre enfant. Mais cette même enceinte peut aussi poser de graves problèmes de sécurité (en étant hackée) ou de confidentialité (vous avez laissé Amazon poser un micro dans votre salon, tout de même).

Le cas du livre numérique

De la même manière, l’émergence du livre numérique et des plateformes d’autopublication a permis à des millions d’auteurs de diffuser leurs créations à grande échelle, de façon dématérialisée mais aussi imprimée (grâce à l’impression à la demande). Certains d’entre eux ont bâti de véritables notoriétés, et sans aller jusqu’à parler de fortune, à gagner plus d’argent que ne leur aurait permis un contrat d’édition « classique ».

Mais cette disponibilité a un coût, autant financier que moral : celui des infrastructures qui mettent ces livres à disposition. Aujourd’hui, Amazon et Google (Apple et Kobo également, dans une moindre mesure) assurent l’essentiel de ce trafic. Ces entreprises s’assurent que les livres dont vous leur confiez les fichiers soient disponibles à tout moment : vous bénéficiez de la puissance de leur infrastructure. En échange, ces distributeurs ponctionnent leur part sur chaque transaction effectuée – les petits ruisseaux faisant les grandes rivières.

Mais est-ce bien tout ce qu’ils ponctionnent ?

Car tout le monde pourrait être content… si Amazon, Google et consorts ne mettaient pas autant d’énergie à développer des programmes d’intelligence artificielle basés sur le machine learning. Et ils ne sont pas les seuls : il y a quelques semaines, la plateforme d'autopublication Wattpad présentait son algorithme destiné à aider sa future maison d’édition à dénicher les bestsellers.

Comme Amazon et Google (pourquoi croyez-vous d’ailleurs que Google se soit lancé dans un programme de numérisation massive des fonds de bibliothèques américaines), Wattpad est dans une position idéale pour cela, puisqu’elle dispose d’un grand nombre de manuscrits publiés sur sa plateforme gratuite et que le machine learning nécessite justement l’analyse d’un très grand nombre de documents afin d’y repérer des schémas.

En bref : les plateformes auxquelles les auteurs confient leurs précieux manuscrits sont aussi celles qui sont les plus actives dans le domaine de l’intelligence artificielle et du machine learning. Vous voyez où je veux en venir ?


Les algorithmes au clavier


Aujourd’hui, en salle de presse, il n’est plus tabou de parler d’algorithme rédacteur de contenu. Ainsi, le Los Angeles Times a conçu un quake-bot qui rédige et publie automatiquement un article à chaque tremblement de terre. D’autres quotidiens, papier et web, utilisent l’intelligence artificielle pour mettre en avant les résultats sportifs ou les bulletins météo. La France n’est pas en reste : en 2015, Le Monde utilisait déjà un programme chargé de publier une page web pour chacune des 36.000 municipalités afin d’afficher le résultat des élections (source : Le Devoir).

Et il n’y a pas que la presse à être touchée : en 2016, le programme Benjamin écrivait le scénario d’un court-métrage de science-fiction. Et même si le résultat était un peu… étonnant, il n’en demeurait pas moins impressionnant.


Le remplacement des auteurs n’est plus du domaine de la science-fiction


L’intelligence artificielle brûle de raconter des histoires. Et de là à toucher, d’ici à quelques années, aux domaines de la littérature, il n’y a qu’un pas. Mais pour cela, il faudra bien entendu que les machines s’entraînent. Et il leur faudra lire beaucoup, beaucoup, d’histoires, beaucoup, beaucoup, de manuscrits, analyser leurs ressorts narratifs, mais aussi étudier ce qui fonctionne ou pas, quel texte remporte les faveurs des utilisateurs, à quel moment la lectrice A cesse sa lecture et à quel moment le lecteur B l’interrompt, afin d’en dégager des « patterns » .

Et pour cela, le meilleur moyen est encore de posséder toutes les infrastructures d’une librairie en ligne et d’un service de lecture numérique.

On aboutit alors à une situation paradoxale qui, avouons-le, ne manque pas de piquant : ce sont les écrivains et les éditeurs d’aujourd’hui qui, en publiant leurs textes sur ces plateformes, nourrissent les machines qui, à terme, apprendront à les remplacer. Car plus on publiera sur Amazon, Google, Wattpad, etc, meilleurs deviendront leurs algorithmes, et plus vite on accélèrera l’avènement d’un tel futur.

Et pourtant, si l’on veut s’autopublier – et si l’on veut même simplement vendre des livres numériques, en tant qu’indépendant ou industriel –, ces plateformes demeurent les plus performantes. Elles sont aussi et surtout les plus riches du point de vue de la masse d’utilisateurs déjà captifs de leur écosystème. D’où le dilemme. Car dans les conditions d’utilisation de Kindle Direct Publishing, rien n’explicite clairement qu’un tel usage pourra être fait de nos histoires… mais rien ne l’interdit non plus (voir paragraphe 5.5 : Concession de droits).

Don’t be evil, do the right thing… Finalement tout cela dépend de nos propres notions de bien et de mal, et de notre propre tolérance à la servitude volontaire. Cela dépend aussi des calculs stratégiques que nous effectuons à l’échelle de l’industrie.

En attendant, les machines apprennent.

Dossier : L'intelligence artificielle au service du livre et de la lecture

          ICANN Postpones Amazon Domain Decision, Crusade Continues Between Amazon Nations and Amazon Inc.      Cache   Translate Page      

ICANN on Monday extended the deadline to April for Amazon basin nations to reach a deal with the tech giant Amazon Inc in their seven-year battle over the .amazon domain name. Reuters reports: "[ICANN] meeting this week in Kobe, Japan, decided to put off a decision that was expected to favor use of the domain by the world's largest online retailer. Amazon basin countries Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname have fought the domain request since it was made in 2012, arguing that the name refers to their geographic region and thus belongs to them."

Amazon nations remain "firmly opposed" to Amazon Inc gaining exclusive control of the domain name, says Brazil's foreign ministry. He adds: "Brazil and its seven Amazon partners will continue to negotiate in good faith with to try to reach a 'mutually acceptable solution' to the domain dispute."

Supporting .Amazon domain strengthens global internet cooperation, says Christian Dawson of i2Coalition: "Though we should all be sympathetic to the position of the governments of Brazil and Peru, we should also be impressed with the extensive efforts that Amazon has undertaken in order to assuage as many of those concerns as possible. They have made formal signed commitments to not use the TLDs in a confusing manner. They have promised to support future gTLD applications to represent the region using the geographic terms of the regions, including .AMAZONIA, .AMAZONICA or .AMAZONAS. They also offered to reserve for the relevant governments certain domain names that could cause confusion or touch on national sensitivities.

          Einführung von Digitalsteuer in Europa gescheitert      Cache   Translate Page      
Digitalkonzerne wie Google oder Amazon zahlen in Europa deutlich weniger Steuern als klassische Industriebetriebe.
          Datanauts 127: Found On The Internet Series 4      Cache   Translate Page      

The Datanauts crack open our cabinet of curiosities to explore a variety of ideas found on the Internet including SREs, AWS vs. Amazon for a cloud career, the ups and downs of industry certifications & more.

The post Datanauts 127: Found On The Internet Series 4 appeared first on Packet Pushers.

           Comment on 911 Flooded With Calls About Suicidal Amazon Warehouse Employees by # 1 NWO Hatr       Cache   Translate Page      
That's what happens when you hire ex-postal workers.
          Datanauts 106: Controlling AWS Costs      Cache   Translate Page      

The Datanauts explore how to control cloud costs with guest Corey Quinn, a consultant and Amazon observer who shares his insights and experience on understanding and managing your cloud spend.

The post Datanauts 106: Controlling AWS Costs appeared first on Packet Pushers.

          Comment on BabyGanics Organic Baby Wipes: $5 for 400 ct. at Babies R Us/Toys R Us by Onam Sharma      Cache   Translate Page      
I am not able to find these on Amazon Please help
          Some analysts think Apple’s Netflix rival will top 100M subscribers within a few years      Cache   Translate Page      
At this point, there are still tons of unknowns surrounding the streaming video service Apple is reportedly going to unveil at an event March 25, during which we will hopefully get to see, among other things, the first actual clips from shows that will be part of Apple's forthcoming Netflix rival. The event, which is set for 10 a.m. local time at the Steve Jobs Theater, is momentous for a few reasons. There's the announcement itself, which will take the iPhone maker into territory dominated by rivals like Netflix and HBO -- streaming giants that have been at this for a long time and know better than anyone how difficult it is to pick creators and shows that generate buzz, viewership and the prestige that creatives team in any field covet. The forthcoming event will also be the first time Apple has used the venue for something other than an iPhone announcement. "It's show time," Apple's official media announcement for the event declares, and two analysts for the investment firm Wedbush certainly think that's the case for multiple reasons. For starters, based on a new commentary about Apple's plans that the analysts distributed to clients today, 100 million subscribers for Apple's forthcoming Netflix rival appears to be a "realistic medium-term goal," the note reads. "If Apple executes with minimal speed bumps and aggressively acquires content given the company’s massive installed base and unmatched brand loyalty," the analysts write, then reaching 100 million subs for this new service in the 3-to-5-year timeframe seems a realistic target. One that could add as much as $10 billion in additional revenue to Apple's coffers -- and serve as one more Apple product that keeps customers tied in to the company's ecosystem. The note is one more indication that a much-anticipated reveal of what Apple has been working toward in terms of original shows is what attendees March 25 will most be looking forward to. We may also get a sense of Apple's rumored Apple News-related subscription offering around things like newspapers and magazines, assuming the company has been able to smooth over disagreements with publishers that have apparently threatened to delay that announcement. The streaming TV service, though, is the big gamble -- an attempt to try something much more difficult than it looks and which is also generating competition at an exponential rate these days. Disney, AT&T, NBC and so many other deep-pocketed brands are likewise jumping into the crowded streaming waters. There's a legitimate question about how much quality content can actually exist out there, and how much subscribers will want to sign up to pay for, which makes offerings like Apple's all the more risky -- and potentially lucrative if the company is able to successfully pull this off. Interestingly, the Wedbush note paints Apple's March 25 announcement as merely "the drumroll" to something much bigger -- a major "transformative" content acquisition sometime this year that immediately vaults Apple into the top tier of contenders in the streaming arm's race. "We (and many others) are finally getting what we hoped for and predicted as the company is set to announce its inaugural streaming video content service that will be a linchpin in further expanding its services wings into areas such as video content and potentially gaming over the next decade," the note reads. The new streaming service will likely launch this fall, the note continues, "and will include a host of content partners (e.g. HBO remains the biggest X variable) as well as original content from Apple with the company currently in production deals with Oprah, Reese Witherspoon/Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg, and a handful of other projects as the company is spending roughly $1 billion on original content this year." Of course, companies like Amazon and Netflix are spending much more than that on content through the end of the year, which is why the Wedbush analysts think "the clock has struck midnight for Cupertino" to executive a major content acquisition of some sort. And to do it this year, with possible M&A deals including team-ups with studios like a24, Lionsgate, Sony and even Netflix.
          Amazon is hiring 3,000 remote workers in 18 states. The catch is you have to live in the middle of nowhere or Texas to be considered [Murica]      Cache   Translate Page      
Murica [link] [12 comments]

          Eero Mesh WiFi System Discounted By $100 Today, Multiple Options Available For Greater Coverage      Cache   Translate Page      
If one good thing is going to come out of the fact that Amazon has acquired Eero, then it’s likely going to be the fact that the online behemoth is now able to offer price reductions to push Eero’s hardware. And that is exactly what is happening with this stunning deal on Eero’s home WiFi system. […]
          ICANN Postpones Amazon Domain Decision, Crusade Continues Between Amazon Nations and Amazon Inc.      Cache   Translate Page      

CircleID CircleID: ICANN on Monday extended the deadline to April for Amazon basin nations to reach a deal with the tech giant Amazon Inc in their seven-year battle over the .amazon domain name. Reuters reports: "[ICANN] meeting this week in Kobe, Japan, decided to put o...

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          USA : ‘Colony of Hell': 911 Calls From Inside Amazon Warehouses      Cache   Translate Page      
Source: Daily Beast
          USA : Suicide attempts and mental breakdowns: 911 calls from Amazon warehouses reveal that some workers are struggling      Cache   Translate Page      
Source: vox
          USA : Group of East African AmazonWorkers walk off job at Amazon in Shakopee      Cache   Translate Page      
Source: Shakopee Valley News
          Customer Feedback Is Our North Star      Cache   Translate Page      
Five words or less(NewsUSA) - "The customer always comes first" should be every company's mantra. However, a lot of companies say it, but don't act on it. So, how do we make sure we're living up to that mindset? The answer is simple -- just ask. On any given night, half of the guests in our hotels are members of the Hilton Honors loyalty program and their feedback is what helps us make our program so esteemed. We listen, learn, anticipate and evolve Our members most recently told us they want more flexibility with the Points they earn from stays with us AND the ability to use them faster. In response, we've added new perks to Hilton Honors that are inspired by and created based on member feedback. Slide into Free Stays Later this month, we'll roll out a flexible Points & Money slider, giving Hilton Honors members the ability to book a stay using nearly any combination of their Points and money. So, why does this matter? It gives more options to people who travel frequently. It also gives those who don't typically have enough Points for a free stay the ability to start using their Points much more quickly. A New Way to Pool Our research shows that 40 percent -- nearly half -- of travelers take trips with three or more family and friends. This can include anything from family reunions to bachelorette parties and everything in between. So, starting this spring, Hilton Honors members can "pool" their Points with up to ten other members. Ours is the only program in the industry that allows this many people (11 total) to share their Points and to do so for free. Amazon Shop with Points: Diapers, Canoes and Shoes, Too Members tell us they want to use their Points in as many ways as possible. So we set out to give them a way to do just that. Starting this summer, Hilton Honors members will be able to use their Points on just about anything available on -- from diapers to shoes, or even canoes. When Life Puts a Pause on Travel We know how important elite status in our program can be to our most frequent guests. We also know that life can throw some occasional curveballs that take you off the road -- anything from a new job to a new addition to the family. We also know that life doesn't follow a re-qualification schedule, so we've guaranteed that our Diamond members can extend their status for up to a year in the event they have to take a travel hiatus, adding some stability amidst schedule (and life) changes. This isn't the first time we've used feedback from our members to evolve our program, and it certainly won't be the last. Member feedback enables us to evaluate what we've done and how we could do it better. These new perks are just another stop on our journey to make Hilton Honors the most customer-centric loyalty program in hospitality. We'll keep asking the questions, and we hope you'll keep sharing your thoughts with us. So the next time someone asks you, "what matters to you most?"-- make sure to share your honest feedback because your two cents could be the next industry game changer, likely brought to you by Hilton Honors. -- Mark Weinstein, senior vice president and global head, customer engagement, loyalty and partnerships, Hilton
          Ep. 3132019 - The Jiggy Jaguar Show      Cache   Translate Page      
CHARLOTTE, N.C., FEBRUARY 26, 2019 – The Trump Prophecy is the amazing story of how one man’s message from God sparked a prayer movement that swept the country leading up to the 2016 election. A primary message of the film is “prayer over politics,” suggesting that the country come together in prayer for all of those who lead the country. Incredibly successful during it’s limited theatrical release last fall, The Trump Prophecy will be available to a wide audience, via an limited-time exclusive agreement, in Walmart across the country starting March 5th. The film is also currently available for pre-sale on Amazon and via download on iTunes. The film’s Producer, Rick Eldridge, head of Reelworks Studios based in Charlotte, N.C., has embarked on a media tour to share the story behind the film. Struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder following his retirement from firefighting, Mark Taylor received what he believed to be a message from God in 2011 while watching an interview with Donald Trump. That led to a book in 2015 based on prophecies he received, co-authored with Mary Colbert, the wife of his doctor, Dr. Don Colbert. Moved by Mark’s prophecies about the intertwined relationship of America and Israel, Mary felt called to start a prayer movement that gained momentum across the country in 2016. As a coda to the movie, we hear from retired military, spiritual leaders and government insiders about the importance of the relationship between America and Israel, and how a vibrant American economy helps strengthen our allies around the world. “We knew we had a great story to tell in the film,” said Producer Rick Eldridge. “What we weren’t anticipating was the far reaching impact it would have, helping so many Americans discover a renewed sense of spirituality. What I hope people will get from the film is three things -- to be inspired by Mark’s story and what he experienced, to have a better sense of what we can do to support the leadership of our country, and a sense of pride as Americans that we continue to benefit from the sacrifices of those who have come before us.” Eldridge welcomes opportunities to discuss The Trump Prophecy with broadcast, print and digital media by phone, Skype or in-person interview. About ReelWorks Studios ReelWorks Studios, LLC was founded by Rick Eldridge in August of 2009 as a production services and distribution management company. Business offices
          How to CANCEL Subscriptions on iOS, Mac, and Apple TV      Cache   Translate Page      
SPONSOR: Go to and sign up for free. First 200 people get 20% off the premium course! Apple News Premium is coming. Apple Video is coming. Maybe Apple Gaming as well. And that’s just the Apple stuff. Netflix. Amazon Prime. Hulu. Crave. Spotify. Adobe Creative Cloud. And more and more services and apps every day. It can be a lot. Especially to pay for. And the only way to stop yourself from paying a lot it to aggressively end anything you no longer find value in paying for. Here's how to review and cancel all the subscriptions you no longer want or need on iPhone, iPad, iTunes for Mac or Windows, and Apple TV. SUBSCRIBE: LINKS: Step by step instructions: MORE: Gear: Web: Podcast: Twitter: Instagram: === Original video: Downloaded by on Tue, 12 Mar 2019 16:37:27 GMT Available for 30 days after download
          第98位:童貞が性戦士になるテストステロンの科学      Cache   Translate Page      


童貞が性戦士になるテストステロンの科学▼男性ホルモン「テストステロン」をみなぎらせて性なる力を手に入れれば、収入もアップする上にモテるようになる▼テストステロンが上がる車種と女性が興奮してしまうエンジン音とは▼オナ禁の嘘、溜めるほどおたまじゃくしは劣化するは、遺伝子は断片化するわで無意味どころか有害※参考文献岡田 弘 の 男を維持する「精子力」 を Amazon でチェック!※放送日程や内容は予告なく変更される場合がよくあります※リサーチ協力:パレオな男こと「Yu Suzuki」

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Koogeek e dodocool propongono 13 prodotti di diverse categorie in sconto via coupon con Amazon. Ecco la lista, i coupon, e tutto quello che c'è da sapere
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Head over to Amazon and get  this Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection for just $6.04 (regularly $26.99)! Features 6 unique confetti-themed colors Each color is sprinkled with colorful confetti Great for open-ended creativity Includes 2 cutters Includes 1 butterfly cutter, 1 star cutter, and 6 cans of Play-Doh Confetti Compound.

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Amazon is offering a sale on this 63 Piece 24mm Magnetic Sticks & Balls. Develop your patience and improve your intelligence, imagination and creativity! Just $6.99 when you use the code N4TVSNRO at checkout! Long-lasting Magnet Force: Three layers of coating, very wear-resistant, not easy to fade.With a magnetic force of up to 5000 Gauss. Lightweight and coming...

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These look awesome!  Head over to Amazon today where you can get this 6 Pack Silicone Reusable Lids for a low price with coupon code ROEUCBHI. Non-toxic, BPA Free, made of Food Grade Silicone, FDA (USA) and SGS(Australian) approved materials. Without worrying about yours and your family’s health. 6 pieces, a total of 6 sizes (2.6″, 3.8″, 4.5″,...

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Head to Amazon and score this 20-Pack of esonmus Multi-Use Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges for just $6.99 when you use the promo code BJ7UBLIU at checkout! esonmus Multi-Use Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges 20 Count $9.99 Use promo code BJ7UBLIU Final cost $6.99!

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Amazon is offering  504-count Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes are currently marked down. Normally priced at $14.64, it’s now only $13.91. But if you clip a $1 Extra Savings Coupon and opt to Subscribe & Save, you can get it for ONLY $12.91 + FREE Shipping!   Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes (504ct) $13.91 Clip the $1 Extra Savings Coupon Opt...

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Head over to Amazon and grab this Tie-Dye Crayola Special Effects Sidewalk Chalk for $4.99! This is an add-on item, which means it ships for FREE with an order of $25 or more. About the Tie-Dye Crayola Special Effects Sidewalk Chalk: Give your sidewalk art a dose of crazy creativity with Crayola Special Effects Tie-Dye Sidewalk Chalk. With its...

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Head to Amazon and score these Pepperidge Farm, Goldfish for your little one’s snacks, these individually snack packs are perfect for them to bring to school! 8 snack packs of Goldfish Cheddar, 1 ounce each, baked with real cheese 7 snack packs of Goldfish Pretzel, 1 ounce each 5 snack packs of Goldfish Baked with Whole Grain...

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          An exiled coke dealing terrorist sees an opportunity to redeem himself in this action packed thriller set in the Florida Keys: Wood’s Reef by Steven Becker      Cache   Translate Page      
Don’t miss today’s Thriller of the Day Wood’s Reef: Action and Adventure in the Florida Keys (Mac Travis Adventures Book 1) by Steven Becker 4.0 stars – 187 reviews Kindle Price: 99 cents Everyday Price: $2.99 Currently FREE for Amazon Prime Members FREE with – Learn More Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled Available on Audible See […]
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          Revenge of the English Majors      Cache   Translate Page      
I don't think the English language is robust or thorough enough for me to convey my hatred, despisement, and loathing of English majors.  They are first and foremost lazy people who decide to major in a language they're already fluent in by the age of 4.  They are intellectual inferiors who think studying a subject to the point of atomic levels of anal retentive detail is a legitimate endeavor.  And worst of all they are fascist tyrants who lord their technical, but impractical, knowledge of petty rules and laws of a "language" over the rest of us who use the language to live our lives, not make it our lives, because we have lives...unlike English majors.

I cannot overstate how inferior English majors are or how much I hate their loathesome and laughably inferior selves.

But they are getting their revenge.  And in a way most of you have no clue about.

Normally and in the past English majors got their revenge upon society by torturing young children in the public schools.  Completely unemployable and worthless elsewhere, America's English majors taught "English" to 100% conversant and fluent English speaking kids.  Having no real value they focused on technicalities like the difference between adverbs and adjectives (I, as a professional author, still don't know the difference) and would likely masturbate themselves as they awarded C's and D's to young 10 year old children who were smarter and superior to them but still couldn't identify "dangling participles" or other truly irrelevant and pointless shit nobody ever cared about.  Most of these teachers were females and spinsters because to be something of worth in society takes effort, and ergo it's no shock the majority of English teachers were fat, bloated, middled aged women because to be comely and attractive takes effort.  But still, they got their retaliatory pound of flesh by essentially abusing the children of those who managed to breed, grating their skin over the pointless minutiae of the rules of English.

It wasn't fair, but these (predominantly) women ended up paying for their laziness and sloth.  They were fat.  They were miserable.  No man loved them.  No man wanted them.  All students hated them.  And truly, what society appreciates a nag, constantly pointing out your technical incorrectnesses?  These women died lonely, alone, and unloved, and I cannot think of a better prison sentence than that.  But do not think just because the last baby boomer English teacher spinster may be breathing her last breath at an unvisited government funded nursing home that the scourge of English majors has left us.  They are coming back in force.  And in an area you, I, and everybody else never asked for.

Social media.

I was first tipped off to the return of the English majors when nearly every book I wrote was flagged as having "errors" when KDP (aka "Kindle") was merged with Createspace (AKA "Amazon").  Never mind some of these books have been published for over a decade.  Thoroughly and adequately gone over by my wonderful staff of editors and friends.  And never mind nobody who purchased the books had an actual complaint.  No, some nitwit got a burr in their saddle and decided to go over ALL of my books and point out, via constant e-mail reminder, that there was a missing word, a missing comma, an errant "the" in my books.  And so I had to waste precious amounts of my time going online and correcting these minor typos that nobody ever complained about except Amazon.

But then it dawned on me.  It wasn't Amazon per se.  It certainly wasn't my readers.  But the anal retentive details, the complaining and nagging had the distinct genetic mark of my most loathed and detested enemy - english teachers.  It hasn't been for 30 years I got so much lecturing, nagging, and sermoning that it dawned on me a horrific reality that Amazon is hiring English majors to go over every nook and cranny, every sentence and word, every punctuation mark and hyphen of my decade-and-change worth of literary work all to catch a mere fucking typo.  And this, sadly, is an English major's wet dream come true.

Because if every book I've ever written is now getting the 3rd degree, where will it end?  It's already well known that social media companies like Facebook and YouTube use "censors" to edit and audit nearly ALL social media posts (which I think is a pointless endeavor).  Amazon is obviously hiring people to go over every word I've published with a fine comb.  But my main concern is the caliber and type of people who they're employing and I'm afraid I have my answer. Because it isn't cool libertarian economics majors letting authors be to write what they want when they want.  It isn't engineering majors who don't care about the details as long as the logic, message, and purpose of the book is right.  It's the worst, most vile, most evil, and tyrannical group of anti-thinking people you could even put in charge of a Department of Censorship

English Majors.

And heaven help us.

Much as I appreciate Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media giants being private companies, I also am aware of the damaging effects of monopolies.  And while I'm quite libertarian in allowing them to ban, prohibited or do pretty much whatever they want with their platforms, the concept of employing CENSORS is appalling and I think gives right to the government to break them up.  But when you make those censors NOT freedom-loving-libertarians who value disagreement over accord, who are usually prone to letting people say what they want to say, but put the veritable antithesis of "social-nazis" in the form of English Majors as your censors, then go straight to hell.  Because that is where your platform and company are going - straight to hell.

I would have liked to have seen nearly all English majors get what they deserve - unemployment.  Miserable unemployment while working at a cafe or bar.  Egomanics who are lazy on top of it deserve no better.  But now there is an entire industry that will gainfully employ English majors and that is the social media "Censor Industry."  The modern day STASI.  The modern day Gestapo.  You have a bunch of lazy ego maniacs who are now going to burden the rest of us productive adults, who are trying to convey concepts, ideas, thoughts, and visions, with their pointless technical knowledge of linguistic law.  Us real adults who are producing real thoughts and production now have to be burdened and bothered with our adjectives, adverbs, dangling participles and "wrong-think."  And what was once the truly great and truly open environment of the internet, self-publishing, authoring, and social media NOW we have to contend with a gestapo agent in our midst lest we have a minor typo in our book or speak something that is wrong-think and caused some precious snowflake to be "offended."

I hated my English teachers before in my K-12 education. They were truly evil women whose evil was only outdone by their worthlessness.  I'm glad most of them are dead and I'm glad most of them were never happy.  But you fucking English majoring nazis who are nothing more than modern day STASI are not only worthless, but evil on a whole new level.  At best you put your English-majoring-egos ahead of ideas and value nitpicking irrelevant typos in true genuises' works.  At worst you're anti-free speech nazis who comb over people's posts and comments on social media, eliminating them because you lack the intelligence to merely disagree with another person's opinion.  In the end though that's all you'll ever be - English majors.

Worthless, lazy, pieces of shit who could never write a book, never come up with an original idea, and can only get off by pointing out the irrelevant mistakes of others.
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          Your Genetics Betray You      Cache   Translate Page      
 I am not much of one to believe in fateism, destiny, or prescribed futures.  I believe in the individual.  I believe in choice.  I believe that a man is more or less in control of his own destiny as long as you don't live under tyranny.

However, this doesn't mean I don't believe in the environment, genetics, predisposition, or epigenetics.  I acknowledge our environment, our parents, and our genetic lineage set some hard rules, parameters and boundaries within our lives that we all must abide by simply because we have no choice.  I will most likely die from cancer.  My theoretical future children would be short.  But at the same time they would also be spectacularly brilliant as yours truly.  These external realities are simply the rules we must abide by and the sooner you realize, accept, and acknowledge that, the better you'll do in life over all.

But there is an interesting grey area that arises for every man out there (and perhaps women too, but I cannot testify to that).  And that is where your genetic lineage and history has sculpted into your hard-wired psyche that there is the "perfect woman."  A "true love."  Where a girl of a particular affliction, demeanor, candor, and character waltzes is, strikes you dumb, and you are all but helpless to fall for her.

So let me explain my theory as to why your genetics betray you.

I have no scientific proof. This is merely a theory.  But you, me, and everybody else is a product of millions of years of evolution, but more importantly, individual experiences of our thousands of forefathers.  Thousands of our forefathers saw saber tooth tigers and developed and honed the INCREDIBLE AND IMMEDIATE response to go into a defense mode, an attack mode, and do all that is within our ability to avoid getting killed by saber toothed tigers.  And just as those experiences repeated over time has resulted in an auto-matic genetic instinct that goes so fast we don't have the ability to understand it as it happens, so to do I argue somewhere in your lineage a great great great great grandfather of yours fell head over heels in love with some quaint, darling, dainty dame who was so beautiful, so perfect, so wonderful, your forefather had no choice to fall for her completely.

Normally, this is the point in time that we explain where the girl betrayed him.  Pulled the rug out from underneath him.  Pulled the ball out from Charlie Brown.  And thus your fore father learned his lesson.

But that didn't happen.

Somewhere, along your genetic lineage was a man who fell in true spectacular love with a woman, and even if it was a one off event, it was so powerful, so amazing, so true, that his experiences were thoroughly and forever scorched into your genetic lineage and psyche.  And if you think about the statistics and math of this nearly every single male has the genetic code of a forefather who found a true and wonderfully amazing woman.  And so powerful was that experience, 200, 500, 3,000 years later this genetic experience is now part of your psyche.  And not only part of your psyche today, but I would argue (as men are the eternal optimists) we now have part of our genetic code to go and find such a girl as they are so rare, but so valuable, we'll blow multiple generations of men to find merely one in a score of generations.

Every man reading this right now knows precisely what I'm talking about.

For example there was a redhead at a bar in St. Paul who, within the first 5 seconds of seeing her, an uncontrollable response came from my entire being saying "I need to have her." You no doubt have walked about the normal course of your day, minding your own business, when FLASH, BAAMM! ALAKAZAM! some girl who you hadn't even uttered a single word to commanded a psychological, physical, and uncontrollable emotional response from you.  And perhaps it wasn't coincidence, but a tortured circumstance where you were working with, studying next to, or otherwise placed near a girl that fired your up by her mere presence.  Not a single word needs be said. She has the traits, characteristics, and similarities to the woman your great great great forefather fell fore, and when you see said traits, his genetics fire up because that was the most enjoyable, lively, and purposed point of existence in ALL of your genetic lineage.

There's just one problem.  Your genetics betray you.

The red head I met in St. Paul no doubt had the characteristics and mannerisms that at one time fired the passions of a great great grandfather of mine somewhere in the past.  But she wasn't that amazing woman that forever scribed part of my genetic code.  She was another hipster, St. Paul "artist" who was dating a tatted up, unemployed loser who could only afford a bike in Minnesota for transportation.  She was a loser and constantly needed money from her elder sister.

The brunette you fell hard for, for reasons you can't understand, is also a single mom of three different fathers, loaded with student debt and an attitude that makes her insufferable today.  Yes, perhaps she walks the way the woman from 500 years ago walked that enthralled your great great great great great great grandfather, but that is not the same woman.

And yes, that latina goddess has the same eyes and demeanor as some woman who long ago in your genetic past made a forefather of yours slay a thousand men and truly made him happy.  But that is her eyes and demeanor.  Not her communist voting, her love for the state, or her adherence to feminism.  Like Afro-Samurai's dad, that is not your father.  That is something else.

It is a guarantee that, like me, you will meet more than one woman who shares some kind of genetic similarities to a truly amazing and wonderful woman that made a man's life in your genetic lineage one of the best lives ever.  The trick is to have your frontal cortex override your genetics and entire hindbrain and realize there is no such thing as "chemistry."  That woman that you "must have" is NOT the genetic angel and goddess from many generations past in your life, but a symbiant, a doppleganger, and nothing close.

Men today need to have the intelligence and independent thought to not let their genetics betray them.  YOu need to realize that the majority of women today are more concerned about their careers, educations, politics and themselves than you that it is nearly impossible to find the 1-in-a-million woman some past relative of yours had which prompts an idealistic epigenetic gene in you today.  The key is to immediately check yourself once you undescribably start falling for a girl when you haven't even spoken one word to her.  I'm not saying don't take the chance, but realize that what's happening is your forefathers genetics are speaking.  Not the girl.  Because once she does, you'll quickly find out she's not the goddess your genetics are screaming she is.

The trick is to be smarter than your genetics and assess her cooly and accurately.  Not emotionally.  And not genetically.
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Abstract:  This talk will focus on the development and use of formal verification tools within Amazon Web Services (AWS) to increase the security assurance of its cloud infrastructure and to help customers secure themselves. The talk will also touch on some remaining challenges that could inspire future research in the community. Bio:  Byron Cook is […]

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          SDE - Core Video Delivery Technologies - Amazon US Services LLC - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Degree in Computer Science or related field · 3+ years of product development experience in consumer-focused companies · 3+ years of technical experience as...
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You will be part of a culture of innovation where you’ll use AWS services to help our customers rapidly get products and services to market through continuous...
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· Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/Math or related field · 5 + years TPM experience · Experience managing server software Amazon Simple Storage Service ...
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From Upwork // We are looking for a freelancer to help create optimized content for our Amazon listings.

Posted On: March 12, 2019 22:02 UTC
Category: Writing > Copywriting
Skills: Administrative Support, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Webstore, Article Writing, Blog Writing, Content Writing, Copywriting, Creative Writing, Data Entry, eBay Listing/Writing, English Grammar, Internet Research, Microsoft Excel, On-Page Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Backlinking, SEO Keyword Research, SEO Writing, Virtual Assistant, Writing
Country: United States
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· 10 years experience in software design and development, including technical program leadership in a distributed systems space · Experience coordinating...
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EBS is the hard-drive for the Internet, storing exabytes of data for millions of AWS customers. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field (or 5+...
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          [Upwork] Procurement &amp; logistic specialist (RU/EN)      Cache   Translate Page      
From Upwork // Hi, everybody!
Our company is an experienced Amazon seller and now we are looking for Procurement and Logistic specialist. It's not that important where you live (job is remote), but you should speak Russian as well as English.

• PO processing according requested terms from the internal customer (International procurement operations – the main regions are Europe 20%, China 80%)
• Material management (taking part in a process of stocks optimization processes)
• Supplier management of existed suppliers
• Price negotiation and continuous optimisation
• Supply forecasting of purchased products and monitoring of delivery database for internal customer
• Document support of transaction (The Invoice, customs documents, PO, transportation documents)
• Document management of deliveries (documents for financial department and treasury: supply contracts, РО, the Invoices)
• The communication with departments responsible for transaction support (F&amp;A) and with internal customer (sales department and stakeholders)

Mandatory knowledges &amp; experience (MUST HAVE):
● Higher education
● Knowledge of Incoterms and international supply stages;
● International procurement experience;
● Negotiation skills (oral and writing)
● Experienced PC user (MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat);
● English language (oral and written) – Upper Intermediate and higher.

Additional requirements (GOOD TO HAVE):
Electronic goods procurement
Knowledge of Chinese language
Knowledge of basics of Chinese market operations

Personal qualities:
● Initiative, self-organization, independence in work;
● Active life position, desire to develop;
● Responsibility and focus on results
● Team player

We offer:
● 100% Remote job
● Full day (discussable)
● Salary +/- $1000 (discussable)

Posted On: March 12, 2019 22:02 UTC
Category: Admin Support > Other - Admin Support
Skills: Logistics & Shipping, Procurement, Supply Chain Management
Country: Germany
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EBS is the hard-drive for the Internet, storing exabytes of data for millions of AWS customers. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field (or 5+...
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<blockquote>There are several non Sony brand XQD adapters available. Some of them are as cheap as $29.99.</blockquote> Yes, and most of them are garbage - just check the reviews on Amazon and see how many people received readers that their computers couldn't detect (I was among them). Nonetheless, all of the bitching and moaning about paying an extra $20 or $40 for a superior memory card format in a $2000-$3000 camera is absurd. Plus, the coming CFExpress compatibility will be a nice bonus.
          Amazon to offer easy Wi-Fi set-up for connected device purchases after Eero takeover      Cache   Translate Page      
(Telecompaper) Amazon has completed its acquisition of Eero, the home mesh Wi-Fi network specialist...
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Listen to Classic Rock 96-1 on your Alexa device.
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For under $25 the X-Wing Fighter and Turbo Laser LEGO set is getting snapped together soon!

With Luke, R2 and Storm Trooper minifigs, this new smaller Star Wars kit is one of many I'll be picking up this year under the guise of "gift for my daughter."

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Trench Run 75235 4+ Building Kit , New 2019 (132 Pieces) via Amazon Read the rest

           矢代 より 福島原発被災後の生涯に渡る放射能汚染と健康影響【論文】 へのコメント       Cache   Translate Page      
衝撃事実拡散 最近異常気象が目立ちますど、台風も地震も大雨も、米国がHAARP(高周波活性オーロラ調査プログラム)で作り出したもんです。「HAARP、地震」 「HAARP、台風」等で検索してもらえば出ます この世の痛み、病気、自殺、殺人、墜落事故、交通事故、火災等、この世のほぼ全ての災いを【人工知能】を使って秘密裏に作り出してる組織がNSAで、総括してるのが【米国防総省】です。この犯罪は、クソ米国がやってる国家犯罪です この犯罪の主犯各は、米国の諜報機関(スパイ、政府機関)のNSAです。CIA(スパイ、政府機関)が創価を日本統治に利用してるってのもあって、NSAが創価の悪事に便乗して、創価になりすまし、創価を利用してやってる犯罪です 人工知能を活用したレジ不要のコンビニ、米アマゾンの「Amazon Go」このコンビニは、人の動作、音声、商品棚の重さ等を【人工知能】が細かくチェックして、お客が商品を持って出ると、ケータイで自動精算されるので、レジが必用無いわけです このシステムからわかる事は、人工知能は、多くの人の行動を1度に管理出来るし、多くの人の一挙手一投足を、見逃さずに監視出来るって事です この人工知能の技術を米国が悪用して、人工衛星を使い、地球上の全ての人を、24時間体制で監視盗聴して、悪さをした人や創価に逆らった人を病気にしたり、事故らせたりして災いを与えます こんなに大規模な犯罪なのに、あまり世間に浸透してないのは、人工知能が遠隔から各個人の生活スタイルを24時間体制で見て、生活に沿った病気や痛みを与えて来たからです。重い物を持ったら腕に痛みを与えたり、ツラい事があったら鬱にしたり等。相手に覚られず、任務を遂行するスパイ組織が主犯各なんで、私生活に便乗して、違和感を持たせずにやります 青森県三沢基地には、 NSAの電波傍受(盗聴)施設がありますし、世界中に通信傍受施設を配備してるので、地球上のどの地点にいても、ケータイやPC等の通信機を介して盗聴します この犯罪は、GPS (全地球測位システム)を使ってやるので、地球上のどの地点にいようと、どんな建物の中に入ろうと、継続的に、監視追跡出来ますし、どこに居てもピンポイントで、痛みやカユミや病気を作れます そもそもGPSは、米国防総省が軍事目的で開発したもので、管理運用も国防総省がしてます。NSAは【国防総省】の管轄で、CIAが大統領の直轄です。台風や地震を作り出すHAARPも、米国防総省主導によるプロジェクトです。つまり、この地球規模犯罪を総括してる組織は、米国防総省って事です ノイズキャンペーン(騒音の嫌がらせ)に至っては、救急車のサイレンで嫌がらせする為に、人工知能が重篤な患者を作り出しますし、パトカーが付きまといをする集団ストーカーは、警察に通報させないように、人工知能が警官を操って、いかにも警察が嫌がらせしてるように、工作します。警官は、自分が操られてる事に気付いてません。これらは全国でやってますから、警察関係者は知らぬ間に、多くの人に恨みをかってるって事です。警察の内部事情は全て筒抜けで、パトロールに行く時間も全て人工知能が把握してますから、それに便乗する形で警官を操り、定規で測ったかのような、神懸かった抜群のタイミングで集ストします 行く所行く所で周りの人が咳払いしたり、くしゃみをしたりする集団ストーカーは、人工知能が被害者の周りの人に波動を当てて、咳払いやくしゃみをさせてるだけです。いかにも集団でストーカーしてると思わせて、心理的負担をかけてるだけです 咳をした時の周波数と同じ周波の波動を当てると、人為的に咳を出させる事が出来ます。例えば、TBSラジオ90.5MHz、ニッポン放送93.0MHzに周波数を合わせると、これらのラジオを聴けます。これと同じように、食欲が湧かない時の周波数、眠れない時の周波数って具合に、それぞれの周波数と同じ周波を当てると、ラジオが切り替わるように、その状態に切り替わって、意識操作や精神疾患を作り出せます 生態の周波数コードを読み取って、脳波パルス信号に、同じ周波数を送ると、波動が共鳴して、その状態に切り替わります。例えば、人が右に曲がる時の周波数コードを読み取って、その周波数と同じ周波を送ると、いとも簡単に右に行かせる事が出来ます。これを利用すれば、警官を操って、パトカーに集ストさせる事も、たわいないです。好き嫌いの感情、食欲等を操る事なんか、造作もないです 例えば、蛍光灯に虫が集まるのは、ある決まった周波数の紫外線に、吸い寄せられてるからです。逆にいうと虫ですら、周波数で操作が可能って事です。昆虫類は、それぞれが違った周波数の光に誘引される性質があるんで、どんな虫でも周波数を変えると、自在に操作が可能って事です 創価が仏敵によくヤる、家の中に害虫を呼び込んだり、カラスを屋根の上に集めて暴れさせたり鳴かせたり、犬を吠えさせる嫌がらせも、人工知能が軍事技術を用いてヤってます ちなみに、27~38Hzで不眠に、48~55Hzで喘息に、88Hzで片頭痛が引き起こされます。それぞれの病気が、それぞれ決まった周波数を持ってます。これらの周波数と同じ周波を当てれば、どんな病気でも作り出せるって事です CHAGE&ASKAのASKA氏が釈放されてすぐに、新潟県糸魚川市で大規模火災発生 ASKA氏が、集団ストーカーの事を記した700番て本を、2月17日に発売してますけど、この本が発売される1日前の2月16日に、通販会社のASK UL (アスクル)の倉庫が、1週間近くに渡って燃え続ける火災発生。創価の本尊を燃やすと、その家が火事になるんですけど、これらは全て人工知能が工作してやったもんです 特に創価の活動家には、頻繁に災難が降りかかるんですけど、信者は皆、魔(仏罰、現証、非科学的な原始的発想)にヤられてると思ってます。災難が続くと、信者は仏にすがって、学会活動や選挙活動に精を出すようになるので、定期的に科学技術で災いを与えます。モチベーションを上げさせる為の、起爆剤みたいなもんです 犯罪組織を特定して、拡散していく事でこの犯罪は減って行きますから、盲滅法にバラまいて、世間に浸透させてます
          CANON MF5950DW DRIVER      Cache   Translate Page      

I hope this helps. Nor does this warranty extend to any Toner or Drum on which the original lot numbers or dating have been defaced, removed, or altered. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Wireless is finicky, oftentimes doesn’t work from both windows and mac desktops and laptops and has been a great source […]

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          Amazonが業者に「最安値」を強制する条項を削除、大統領候補からは「Amazonは解体すべき」との声も      Cache   Translate Page      
by Scott LewisAmazonが、「eBayやアリババといった他のプラットフォームでAmazonと同等の値段で製品を販売しない」という、販売業者にAmazonでの最安値販売を強制する「最恵待遇(MFN)条項」をアメリカでも廃止したと報じられています。世界的にも批判が強かったMFN条項がついに本国アメリカでも廃止されたのは、アメリカ国内で独占禁止法の強化と巨大企業の解体を求める声が高まっているからだとThe Vergeが主張しています。Amazon silently ends controversial pricing agreements w 全文
GIGAZINE(ギガジン) 03月12日 14時00分

          La tv macina 1 miliardo di produzioni private      Cache   Translate Page      

Il calendario riflette le priorità. Si inizia prima dai contenuti che valgono di più in termini di introiti, in un mercato ampio, dove la concorrenza è forte e la torta da spartire più che gustosa. Questo mercato, secondo i dati resi noti dall'Associazione produttori audiovisivi, ha toccato il valore di 1 miliardo, trainato dalla fiction ma anche da intrattenimento, documentari e animazione. Il treno passa e nessuno vuole perdere la corsa. Anche la Rai. È in questo ragionamento che va inquadrato l'annuncio dell'amministratore delegato Fabrizio Salini: "entro l'estate" partiranno le prime due delle nuove dieci direzioni create con il piano industriale e queste due direzioni saranno, appunto non a caso, quelle dei documentari e dei nuovi formati. È il mercato, bellezza, a dettare il timing delle scelte.

Come è strutturato questo mercato e come i diversi player - da quelli tradizionali come Rai e Mediaset alla nuova frontiera di Netflix e Amazon - stanno giocando lo spiega il primo rapporto sulla produzione audiovisiva nazionale curato dall'Apa, che ingloba nella sua denominazione il cambio di passo (era fino ad oggi Atp, cioè Associazione produttori televisivi). Tra i dati dello studio dell'associazione guidata da Giancarlo Leone si scovano tendenze, evoluzioni ma anche rischi. Perché una delle dinamiche che emerge è quella di un maggior ricorso alla produzione esterna nelle cosiddette fasce pregiate. Basta guardare alle fasce pre serale, access e primetime dell'intrattenimento: chi produce i contenuti che finiscono nella tv e non solo sono esterni. Pesano, rispettivamente, per il 75%, il 59% e il 61 per cento. È una dinamica che interessa anche la fiction, il primo settore in termini di fatturato con 360-380 milioni sul miliardo totale.

Produzione audovisiva nazionale. Produzione esterna nell'intrattenimento

Altra cartina al tornasole di questa situazione. Il mercato italiano registra sì la tendenza all'aggregazione tra imprese nazionali, ma anche l'ingresso di gruppi esteri che mirano a un presidio più esteso e sempre più globale. Prendendo in considerazione il periodo 2015-2018, l'accelerazione è evidente. Si scopre così che l'ingresso di Itv studios in Cattleya ha portato un valore aggiunto del 51% così come l'arrivo di Mediawan dentro Palomar del 72 per cento. Fino a dove arriverà questo "contagio" dell'esterno sull'interno è la grande questione che si apre. Toccherà anche l'informazione, in particolare quella di approfondimento? Che il tema sia aperto e che impatti su tutti i settori lo conferma lo stesso Salini quando spiega che le due direzioni in partenza non dovranno fare solo una ricognizione dei prodotti che arrivano dall'estero, ma "creare internamente".

Fino a che punto un'azienda come la Rai, che riceve un lauto contributo dai cittadini attraverso il canone, può esternalizzare la sua produzione? Un tema, questo, che apre a un altro più ampio e cioè quello della privatizzazione di fatto, non dell'azienda ma delle risorse.

Produzione audiovisiva nazionale. L'ingresso dei gruppi esteri

Il quadro è fluido e i player che devono fare da recipiente ai contenuti creati dalle imprese dell'audiovisivo, generando a loro volta profitti, stanno mettendo a punto le strategie. Così Salini spinge perché la Rai recuperi il gap con il pubblico più giovane, puntando sulla fiction ancora di più di quanto stia facendo oggi (il 75% delle ore programmate nel 2018 come primi passaggi è in capo a viale Mazzini). E sulla fiction punta anche Mediaset, attestando che l'interesse si concentra lì dove i profitti sono maggiori.

Guardando nella pancia del business della produzione audiovisiva si scopre che la tv monopolizza il 71-72% dell'intero fatturato da 1 miliardo, appunto tra fiction (38%) e il comparto intrattenimento, documentari e animazione (33-34%). Si affacciano - e in prospettiva il loro peso è stimato in crescita - le Ott, cioè le imprese che forniscono servizi e contenuti attraverso Internet: valgono oggi il 2% del paniere, pari a 17 milioni. Film e sale cinematografiche completano il quadro con un valore di 263 milioni, pari al 26-28% del totale.

La produzione audiovisiva nazionale ha raggiunto un valore vicino a 1 miliardo

Chi anima questo enorme carrozzone produttivo sono 7.247 imprese, principalmente nel Lazio e in Lombardia. Numeri che spiegano bene la forza di un settore insieme alle stime sull'occupazione: almeno 70mila lavoratori occupati a cui si aggiungono 30mila dell'indotto. Un motore che gira già a pieni cavalli.

          Idee regalo compleanno 30 anni      Cache   Translate Page      

I giornalisti di L'Huffpost, scelgono e raccomandano in maniera indipendente prodotti e servizi che si possono acquistare online. Ogni volta che viene fatto un acquisto attraverso uno dei link presenti nel testo, L'Huffpost riceve una commissione senza alcuna variazione del prezzo finale

Una stampante da tenere in tasca, una macchina fotografica piccola ma super professionale. L'ultimo device Amazon da abbinare ad Alexa o il super collaudato Fire Stick per trasformare il vecchio televisore in una smart tv. Per i 30 anni, ma non solo, ci sono tanti piccoli e grandi regali che vi aspettano su Amazon, tanti poi sono in questo momento in super offerta. Abbiamo preparato una piccola lista di cose che potrebbero piacere a tanti. Sono divise i base ai possibili destinatari. Per andare a colpo sicuro.

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Per chi ama la tecnologia: Echo Show (2ª generazione)


Altoparlanti di ottima qualità per un audio nitido, brillante schermo HD da 10", design con inserto in tessuto e configurazione intuitiva dei dispositivi per Casa Intelligente. Alexa può mostrarti le previsioni del tempo, gli appuntamenti in calendario, la tua Lista di cose da fare, le tue playlist preferite e le copertine degli album da Amazon Music. Goditi contenuti in streaming da Spotify con un audio stereo potente. Guarda un notiziario o film e serie TV da Prime Video. Fai una videochiamata verso chiunque possieda un Echo Spot, Echo Show, l'App Alexa o Skype (disponibile prossimamente).

Vedi l'offerta

Per chi ama viaggiare: Panasonic Lumix Mirrorless


LUMIX GX80: street photography con stile e performance

Compatta, leggera ed elegante, LUMIX GX80 è progettata e costruita per fornire risultati di livello professionale, offrendo allo stesso tempo la trasportabilità che vi serve quando siete alla ricerca dello scatto perfetto.

Grazie alla tecnologia Panasonic 5-axis Dual Image Stabilisation, sia il corpo macchina che l'obiettivo offrono un sistema di stabilizzazione per consentirvi di ottenere immagini splendide anche quando scattate a mano libera o in movimento.

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Per i più social. HP Sprocket Stampante Fotografica Istantanea Portatile


Con HP Sprocket Photo Printer, stampare foto dallo smartphone o dal tablet è facile come postarle. Rendi ogni tuo momento trascorso con i tuoi amici ancora più indimenticabile e divertente, con le istantanee da condividere o gli adesivi da 5 x 7,6 cm (2 x 3 pollici). Con le dimensioni di un cellulare, dal peso di circa 170 grammi, questa stampante portatile ti segue ovunque.

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Per chi ama tenere tutto sotto controllo. Samsung Galaxy Watch, Smartwatch Android da Donna, Bluetooth, Fitness Tracker e GPS


Galaxy Watch è la sintesi ottimale tra le funzioni di uno smartwatch e il design elegante di un orologio tradizionale. La cassa rotonda e il ticchettio della lancetta dei secondi danno l'impressione di un vero, classico orologio. E grazie ai quadranti personalizzabili e ai cinturini intercambiabili, Galaxy Watch si abbina con naturalezza al tuo stile di vita. Esprimiti attraverso il tuo Galaxy Watch. Puoi scegliere il modello Bluetooth o quello LTE, con cassa da 42 mm (colore Midnight Black o Rose Gold) oppure da 46 mm (colore Silver). E puoi personalizzare il quadrante, per rendere Galaxy Watch davvero tuo. Personalizza il tuo Galaxy Watch con il cinturino che preferisci: scegli ogni volta quello che più rispecchia il tuo look o il tuo umore. Ci sono i leggeri cinturini in silicone già in dotazione, ma puoi anche optare per altri cinturini standard: da 20 mm per Galaxy Watch in versione 42 mm, da 22 mm per il modello da 46 mm.

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Per chi è sempre in ritardo. Xiaomi Mi, Monopattino Elettrico Pieghevole, 30Km di autonomia, velocità fino a 25km/h, Nero, Unisex


Pieghevole e portatile, con batteria a lunga durata fino a 30 km. Intuitivo e facile da usare. Doppio sistema frenante, anteriore e posteriore. Dispone di un freno a disco e un sistema di frenata rigenerativo e ABS antibloccaggio per un'efficiente e reattiva frenata in solo 4 metri. Fanalino posteriore rosso per indicare la frenata. Luce ultra luminosa da 1,1W con una potenza che raggiunge i 6 metri, per una maggior sicurezza

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Per chi ama i frullati. Electrolux ESB2500 Sportsblender Mini Frullatore


Lo Sportsblender di Electrolux e un ausilio pratico per preparare e trasportare frullati, bevande e anche pappe per bebe. È ottimo non solo per l'attività sportiva ma anche per passeggiate. La bottiglia realizzata in Tritan antirottura e pratica anche solo per trasportare bevande, data la qualità dei materiali di cui e composta. L'utilizzo e semplicissimo: basta riempire la bottiglia con gli ingredienti desiderati, chiudere l'apertura con il corpo lame rimovibile, posizionare il tutto sul corpo motore e frullare. Al termine si svita il corpo lame dal corpo motore si svita poi il corpo lame dalla bottiglia e si beve. Le due bottiglie in dotazione sono fornite di coperchi con tappi di colore diversi personalizzabili.

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Per chi ha una dipendenza dal caffè. DeLonghi, Nespresso Inissia


Occupa pochissimo spazio, è compatta, leggera e dotata di inserimento ergonomico, la macchina da caffè Nespresso Inissia si adatta perfettamente a qualsiasi tipo di arredo ed è disponibile in una gamma completa di colori per soddisfare tutti i gusti. Con questa macchina puoi preparare il tuo caffè preferito praticamente senza attendere i tempi di riscaldamento: bastano un semplice tocco e 25 secondi perché l'acqua raggiunga la temperatura ideale per preparare fino a 9 caffè senza dover riempire il serbatoio da 0,7 litri.

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Per chi è alla ricerca di una storia d'amore. A Star Is Born


Remake di uno dei melodrammi di maggior fama e successo della storia del cinema.

Bradley Cooper interpreta il musicista di successo Jackson Maine che scopre e si innamora della squattrinata artista Ally (Lady Gaga). Lei ha da poco chiuso in un cassetto il suo sogno di diventare una grande cantante... fin quando Jack la convince a tornare sul palcoscenico. Ma mentre la carriera di Ally inizia a spiccare il volo, il lato privato della loro relazione sta perdendo colpi a causa della battaglia che Jack conduce contro i suoi demoni interiori.

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Per chi ama ancora i Pokemon. Nintendo Switch Pikachu & Eevee Edition + Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! + Poké Ball Plus


Console Nintendo Switch decorata con le silhouettes di Pikachu e Eevee. Joy-Con e doking station speciali a tema Pikachu & Eevee. Poké Ball Plus inclusa nel bundle. Una versione pre-installata di "Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!"

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Per chi ama le serie Tv. Fire TV Stick | Basic Edition


Fire TV Stick Basic Edition ti permette di collegare la tua HDTV a un mondo di intrattenimento online. Scopri un'ampia gamma di film, serie TV e giochi. Con Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, potrai accedere facilmente ad Amazon Prime Video, Netflix e molto altro ancora, nonché a milioni di siti web come YouTube, Facebook e Reddit grazie ai browser Silk e Firefox.

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Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and Nokia); 5+ years of experience with detailed knowledge of data warehouse technical architectures, infrastructure components, ETL/ ELT and...
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· Experience in the cloud industry · Experience in setting product definitions and roadmaps · Experience in setting product definitions and roadmaps · 10+...
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Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and Nokia); A bachelor’s degree in engineering, statistics, applied mathematics or computer science is required....
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Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and Nokia); 10+ years of experience in project management and leading large cross-functional teams in business operations and process...
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Create and execute the team's business plan with key internal stakeholders (e.g. Prepare and give business reviews to the senior management team....
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Execute the strategic business development plan while working with key internal stakeholders (e.g. Build a strategic business development plan for the target...
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Be a part of our growing and winning business in this nationally crucial industry! Amazon Web Services (AWS) CLI and SDKs, Puppet or similar tools, virtual...
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Be a part of our growing and winning business in this nationally crucial industry! Amazon Web Services (AWS) CLI and SDKs, Puppet or similar tools, virtual...
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          Canal Plus lance sa nouvelle plateforme VOD Canal + Séries      Cache   Translate Page      

La chaine cryptée française lance ce 12 mars sa nouvelle et propre plateforme VOD, appelée Canal + Séries. Le patron de la « Quatre », Maxime Saada, a annoncé qu’il ne s’agissait officiellement pas de concurrencer l’ascension croissante des américains Netflix, Amazon Prime Video ou encore prochainement Apple et Disney, mais d’apporter une offre complémentaire aux amateurs...

The post Canal Plus lance sa nouvelle plateforme VOD Canal + Séries appeared first on Archzine- e-zine d`architecture, design d ‘intérieur.

          Sukh Jagraon’s Book “Talab Sach Di” Released      Cache   Translate Page      

By 121 News

Chandigarh 12th Mar, 2019:- The first book by writer Sukh Jagraon "Talab Sach Di"  has been released at Press Club, Chandigarh. This book was launched by famous Punjabi singer Rupinder Handa and actor Davvy Singh.

While addressing the gathering Rupinder Handa said that Sukh Jagroan is a person who always stood for truth and his book "Talab Sach Di" is purely talk about truthfulness. Rupinder Handa addressed that people who listen our songs should also read the books and must give the honour to the writers they deserve for their literature.

While talking to Media, Sukh Jagraon said that his book is concerned about the social issues like unemployment, drug addiction and rape etc. Readers will get the chance to read the poems, stories, songs etc. This book is based on his own experience and truth. Many of the stories and poems got viral on Social Media. He said that book is published by Soorjan De Waris publication. The book will be available online, amazon as well as all the bookstores.

Aman Handa, Bhangra Caoch Gurjit Billa, Sumit Kaler, Mandeep Mandy, Gurmeet Lopon and Mani Tattoo King were also present in book release ceremony.

          [ VENTA ACTIVA ] Meizu 16th Global 8/128 Amazon Impoluto      Cache   Translate Page      
Image: _* Sobre el post del foro*_ * *Título de la venta*: Meizu 16th... - Fuente:
          Atlantic Broadband’s TiVo video platform to get Alexa support      Cache   Translate Page      

Atlantic Broadband is adding Amazon Alexa functionality to its TiVo-powered video units, Cogeco Communications, the company’s owner, announced last week. Atlantic Broadband’s TiVo video-platform combines cable programs and streaming services into a TV box. Amazon Alexa will bring voice commands to the device, allowing users to change channels, pause, rewind and fast-forward programs with their voice....

The post Atlantic Broadband’s TiVo video platform to get Alexa support appeared first on MobileSyrup.

          3/12/2019: FINANCIAL POST: Deal for Amazon pales against aid to Hudson Yards      Cache   Translate Page      

At Hudson Yards, the expansive real estate development that is about to open in Manhattan, seven floors of retail are occupied by Fendi, Dior, Neiman Marcus and other high-end shops. Major corporations, including Warner Media and L’Oreal USA, will have...
          Amazon Account Manager both SC and VC (U.S, E.U, CA, JP) - Long term part time contract - Upwork      Cache   Translate Page      

1. Experience with multiple channel account management.
2. Experience with contacting Amazon seller support and performance teams
3. Experience with opening inactive listings and dealing with account health issues
4. Have insider contact into Amazon to deal with various issues
5. Overall understanding with Amazon

Posted On: March 13, 2019 01:11 UTC
ID: 215726411
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Ecommerce Development
Skills: Amazon Web Services, Amazon Webstore, Virtual Assistant
Country: United Kingdom
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          Bye Bye Love. Wonkagenda For Tues., March 12, 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

There's so much fuckery in Trump's $4.75 trillion budget, we don't have nearly enough time to go through everything. Politico has a list of some of the winners and losers, the former being his golf buddies and Betsy DeVos, and the latter being poor people, the sick, and the elderly (thanks to massive cuts in Medicare and Medicaid previously sold as TrumpCare). WaPo notes that the administration is living in a complete fantasy believing that the economy is doing fine, counter to the analysis from every math geek who's ever used an abacus. Yesterday, OMB Director Russ Vought told reporters that it wasn't actually the Trump tax cuts (for the super rich) that ballooned the national debt, it was Obama. Earlier in the day, Vought appeared on CNBC to bitch and moan about the Mexican-Muslim taco truck invasion of the southern border, arguing that WALL was more important than sick, old, and/or poor people, and stated, "We're tired of being right." US TOO, BUDDY. Meanwhile, the GOP revolt over Trump's border wall has flipped Congress on its head as members consider measures ranging from overriding Trump's national emergency declaration, to limiting the presidential power to declare national emergencies.

In a bigass profile in WaPo, Nancy Pelosi finally said what's been hinted at for two years -- that she doesn't want to impeach Trump "unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan ... because it divides the country. And he's just not worth it." Some Democrats pushed back strongly on Pelosi's remarks, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez noting Trump met "the Lindsey Graham standard" for impeachment "multiple times." In speaking with Politico, House Oversight Chair Elijah Cummings called impeachment a "political process," and added, "You've got to have bipartisanship. Right now you've got 40 something percent of the country pleased, I guess, with what the president's doing. I think Pelosi realizes this."

Dick Cheney ripped Mike Pence a new asshole at a private meeting in Georgia over the weekend at a forum for a conservative think tank, according to a leaked transcript of the event. The war hawk criticized the Trump administration's foreign policy as being more limpwristed than Obama, complaining that Trump's idea to demand protection money from allies "sounded like a new York state real estate deal." Pence responded by reportedly asking, "Who wrote these softball questions?"

In a rare showing of bipartisan rebuke of the Trump administration, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have invited the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to Washington to address a joint session of Congress later this spring. The invite comes as Trump moves to charge US allies protection money to the tune of "cost plus 50."

Massachusetts Democratic Senator and 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren suddenly found her ads calling for Facebook to be broken up taken down by Facebook. Facebook issued a statement saying the ads violated their policy of using its logos in advertising. Though the ads were later restored, they kind of proved Warren's point that Facebook is too goddamn big. Politico is stirring the pot this morning with a story about Warren taking money from Silicon Valley employees and selling her books on Amazon ... over the last decade.

Senators Ed Markey and Josh Hawley say they plan introduce a bill to amend the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The bill would reportedly extend protections of children up to 15-years-old, and bar platforms from targeting ads at kids under 13. Roll Call notes it's unlikely to become a law even though multiple states and the EU have already moved forward with strict data privacy regulations aimed at keeping companies from fiddling with kids' heads. Here's an example of COPPA laws in action.

Democrats have chosen Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for their 2020 nominating convention. In a tweet, the party stated Milwaukee was "more than equipped."

Wayne's World (8/10) Movie CLIP - Alice's History Lesson (1992) HD

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says her office was "thorough and professional" when it "thoroughly and appropriately" investigated sexual harassment allegations from a female staffer against Gillibrand's longtime driver and military adviser. In a brief scrum with reporters, Gillibrand said she has full confidence about the "professional and thorough" investigation that was now "thorough and complete." He must be a good man, and thorough.

Former Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke is headed to Iowa to help state Senate candidate Eric Giddens in a special election while simultaneously reaching out to former Obama people and courting activists. Beto hasn't announced #HesRunning (yet), but political wizards think it's just a matter of time.

Former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams clarified remarks she made at SXSW stating she hadn't decided if #ShesRunning in 2020, and said the possibility was "on the table." Abrams's initial remarks were that she kept a spreadsheet with gigs she wanted, and 2028 would have been the earliest she would run for president.

According to court records, a Roy Moore supporter pleaded the Fifth 65 TIMES when asked if he had tried to bribe the lawyer representing one of Moore's accusers to drop the client and issue a damning statement to Breitbart. What initially started as a defamation suit has grown to engulf Steve Bannon's rightwing shit rag. SCANDAL!

Those rascally radicals in antifa have dug up racist and anti-Semitic chat logs from from Bennet Bressman, the statewide field director for Nebraska's uber rich Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts. The 22-year-old Bressman says the logs, which date back to last year, were from a long time ago and no longer reflect who he is as a person, though screenshots of Bressman's social media accounts show him teaching people about "chad nationalism," joking about running down Black Lives Matter activists with his white car, dropping n-bombs and racial stereotypes, as well as old fashioned gay-hatin'. [Logs]

Current Florida man and former Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage started cold calling radio shows (again) to say those damn dirty Democrats get all their money from the JEEWWZZ, and that Rep. Ilhan Omar "completely vindicated" his long history of hate mongering. [Audio]

As British Prime Minister Theresa May faces the rapidly approaching zero for a "no-deal" Brexit scenario, the EU and UK agreed to a changes over the Irish backstop and permanent customs union. HOWEVER, the EU signaled the changes are by no means an end to negotiations just as a number of British MPs sounded off about their reluctance to support May's deal. If you're confused, don't worry, so is everyone else.

A new UN report says North Korea is cleverly avoiding oil, coal, and weapons sanctions, and hacking foreign banks to make some quick cash -- and that's on top of all the shady weapons testing programs they've quietly started back up. The report even includes photos of North Korean ships disguised as trading vessels illegally transferring energy and materials on the high seas, as well as the regime's smuggling of weapons to Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, possible gold-mining in the Republic of Congo, and supplying Uganda with military training and weapons.

Lawyers for Roger Stone say they "clumsily" tried to tell the court about Roger Stone's book, and that they'd like to "move ahead without further ado," HOWEVER emails from Stone to his publisher show Stone bitching about a gag order interfering with his book sales, arguing for more money, and demanding fewer copies of the book be printed.

The Senate Intel Committee met with Simona Mangiante, the wife of George Papadopoulos, to ask about her old boss, ALLEGED Russian spy Joseph Mifsud. Mangiante told WaPo that she was "happy to provide information," emphatically adding, "Definitely not because I am a Russian spy." [No, she said that!]

Tucker Carlson refused to apologize for sexist and misogynist comments made to a shock jock's radio show unearthed by Media Matters. Tucker likened the campaign to have him and Jeanine Pirro "You're Fired" to a "mob" in a defiant monologue, and stated he planned to "fight it" while crying on the shoulder of Sean Hannity. Media Matters later released MORE damning audio of Tucker where he claims "white men" were responsible for "creating civilization," waxes philosophical about THE BLACKNESS of the Obamas, and whines that Iraqi people aren't "human beings" because they "don't use toilet paper or forks," and that they're actually, "semiliterate primitive monkeys," Shortly after Tucker's monologue, Fox News host Brit Hume tweeted, "Doing well is the best revenge," and linked to Tucker's TV ratings. Meanwhile, Variety's Brian Steinberg noted Tucker didn't have many ads during his show, and that's not a good sign (for him).

Two of the most prominent NRA board members tell the New York Times that NRATV's hard-right turn into fear mongering of apocalyptic race riots, ALLEGED grift, and shady Russian fuckery has forced them to reconsider what the hell they're all doing. Apparently Dana Loesch putting Thomas the Tank in a KKK hood was a little too much, even for gun fetishists chumming red meat.

After the Westboro Baptist Church decided to take a field trip to the Virginia state capitol and protest the state's first and only openly transgender lawmaker, Del. Danica Roem, the lead singer of heavy metal band Lamb of God organized a counter-protest with free kazoos. Several hundred people turned out in support of Roem, who herself fronts a local heavy metal band, and chased out the hate group out within 30 minutes.

And here's your morning Nice Time! A KIWI CHICK!

Second Kiwi Chick of 2019 Hatches at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

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Wie schon erwähnt ist diese kostenlose Kreditkarte ein Klassiker hier im Portal, das Ausstattungspaket mit Reiseversicherung und dabei ohne irgendwelche Gebühren kann sich absolut sehen lassen. Die payVIP Mastercard Gold ist dabei quasi ein anderer Name der vielleicht besser bekannten Advanzia Gebührenfrei Mastercard Gold - die Ausstattung der Karten ist identisch und auch das Onlineportal zum Login (Backend mit Kundenkonto) teilen sich beide Anbieter. Anbei abschließend nochmal unser Vergleich der besten kostenlosen Kreditkarten.

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          Amazon extiende a España el programa de recompensas para desarrolladores de Skills de Alexa con más interacciones      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon ha anunciado la creación de un programa que premiará a aquellos desarrolladores en España, Francia e Italia que consigan el mayor número de interacciones en sus aplicaciones o 'skills' para Alexa.
          Today’s Hottest Deals: Kingdrom Heart III, Sony XBR 60-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, Apple iPad, and MORE!      Cache   Translate Page      

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning: –KINGDOM Heart III (PS4 or Xbox One) – Get a Free $10 Amazon Gift Card on Top of the Already Discounted Price! (Be sure to Clip the Coupon at the link!) –Apple […]

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          Amazon: $24.04 Targus Legend IQ Backpack for 16-Inch Laptops (reg. $49.99; SAVE 52%)      Cache   Translate Page      
Here is another terrific Amazon deal for you. While supplies last at this price, they are offering this Targus Legend IQ Backpack for 16-Inch Laptops for only $24.04. That’s 52% off the regular price of $49.99. Here is the link to the item so you can learn more and/or buy yours: Targus Legend IQ Backpack […]
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Here’s another great Amazon deal for you. There are quite a few multipacks of Trident Gum offered at nice prices right now, plus they have coupons on the product pages to save even more. Pay as low as $0.52 per pack! Trident Sugar Free Gum Original, 14 piece pack (24 Packs) – only $12.43 when […]
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Here’s a nice Amazon deal for you. For a limited time (end date unknown), you can use the code RPTQTAXV at checkout to pay just $6.99 for this highly-rated 8-Piece Anjou Makeup Brush Set. Average user rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars for this item, which is awesome. Here is the link to the product: 8-Piece Anjou […]
          【シアトル 最新レポ】あの「アマゾン」本社、社屋が植物園!      Cache   Translate Page      
シアトルの中心部に、まるで突如現れたかのような半円形の建物。なんの予備知識なく見つけると「あれはなんだ!?」と、誰もが思うはずです。正式名称は「Amazon The Spheres」、通称「スフィア」です。そう、日本でも通販でおなじみ、あのアマゾンドットコム本社の社屋がここにあります。スフィアは、植物園。つまり、アマゾンドットコムの社屋が、植物園なのです。3つのガラスの球体が連なった内部のドームには、世界各地から取り寄せられたという約4万本もの植物が植えられています 全文
Nicheee! 03月11日 15時00分

          NMPA Issues Fiery, Point-by-Point Response to Spotify’s Royalty Appeal      Cache   Translate Page      
Spotify, Google, Pandora and Amazon have received fierce criticism from the songwriting and music-publishing communities after the announcement last week that the companies are teaming up to appeal a controversial ruling by the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board that, if it goes through, would increase payouts to songwriters by 44%. While Spotify is just one of the four […]
          Amazon now owns Eero, and it promises it won't snoop on you. No mention of eavesdrop, datamine, overhear, or spy [Unlikely]      Cache   Translate Page      
Unlikely [link] [0 comments]

          SXSW 2019: Amazon’s ‘Good Omens’ Is Packed With ‘Doctor Who’ Easter Eggs      Cache   Translate Page      

Tom Baker Good Omens Is Packed With Doctor Who Easter Eggs

Bringing together creator/showrunner Neil Gaiman, seasoned British television director Douglas Mackinnon (Sherlock, Jekyll), and fan favorite actor David Tennant for Amazon Studio’s forthcoming TV series Good Omens not only means the show will impress, but also that it’ll be chock-full of references to Doctor Who [...]

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          SXSW 2019: Good Omens’ Nuns Crash All Of SXSW (While Terry Pratchett Presumably Smiles From Heaven)      Cache   Translate Page      

2019 SXSW Good Omens nuns

Austin, Texas feels like the center of a nonsensical apocalyptic event of biblical proportions, with random people floating around dressed in vivid white angel wings and evil dark suites characteristic of a demon. Bikers roam the streets, while grifters hold signs and pass out literature to reinforce their insistence that “the end is nigh.”

Also, nuns are literally everywhere. Every. Freaking. Where.

First off, yes, Texas’ weirdest city is full of rowdy, unapologetic sinners from all walks of life. Secondly, no, none of them caused this — rather it’s an enormous promotional blitz Amazon Studios created at the annual SXSW conference for its adaption of the novel Good Omens written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett [...]

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          Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Jeff Bezos Ghosted Her Twice: 'He Never Wrote Me Back'      Cache   Translate Page      
The 'Glee' alum recalls the time when the Amazon CEO ghosted her when talking to anchor Poppy Harlow at SXSW.
          Amazon and Sephora hired Lori Loughlin's Instagram-famous daughter as an influencer before the FBI charged her parents in an explosive college-admissions bribery scandal (AMZN)      Cache   Translate Page      

olivia jade hero

  • Olivia Jade Giannulli, the Instagram-famous daughter of the "Full House" star Lori Loughlin, has been paid as an influencer by high-profile companies such as Amazon and Sephora in recent months.
  • In a September Instagram post labeled as a paid partnership with Amazon Prime Student, Giannulli highlighted the e-commerce giant's deals for college students.
  • She also has a partnership with Sephora and released a makeup palette with the beauty brand last year.
  • Giannulli's father, Mossimo Giannulli, and Loughlin were accused on Tuesday of agreeing to pay $500,000 in bribes to facilitate her and her sister's admission to the University of Southern California.

Olivia Jade Giannulli has forged paid partnerships with high-profile brands such as Amazon, Sephora, and Direct Smile Club in recent months.

The daughter of the "Full House" star Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli — known for founding the Mossimo fashion brand — was a paid influencer while attending the University of Southern California.

On Tuesday, the FBI accused Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli of agreeing to pay $500,000 in bribes in exchange for having Olivia Jade and her sister, Isabella Rose, recruited on the USC crew team to facilitate their admission to USC; neither girl participates in crew.

Read more: Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin among dozens charged by FBI with participating in a scheme to get students into elite colleges

Olivia Jade Giannulli, who had built up a massive YouTube and Instagram following before going to USC, now has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and nearly 2 million on YouTube.

Because of Giannulli's massive social-media presence, several brands have established paid partnerships with her. In light of the charges in the college-admissions scandal, a September Instagram post that was labeled as a paid partnership with Amazon Prime Student especially stands out.

In the photo, Giannulli is sitting on a bed, apparently in her USC dorm room. The caption says: "Officially a college student! It's been a few weeks since I moved into my dorm and I absolutely love it. I got everything I needed from Amazon with @primestudent and had it all shipped to me in just two-days. #ad #primestudent#allonamazon."

Giannulli also told Teen Vogue in September that she "found pretty much everything" for her room on Amazon.

"It was easy to find it all in one place, and there were so many options to choose from," she said. "I was also able to use my Prime Student membership and received all the items in two days with free shipping."

Amazon did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment. Giannulli has not posted any paid content promoting Amazon Prime Student on Instagram since September.

Giannulli appears to have a more active partnership with the beauty brand Sephora, posting several pictures labeled as paid partnerships, most recently in mid-January. She also collaborated with Sephora on a powder palette released in December.

Sephora did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment and information about whether its partnership with Giannulli would continue.

Other paid partnerships on Giannulli's Instagram account in recent months include SmileDirectClub, Clinique, and Lulus. The three brands did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

love this outfit from @lulus ❤️ click the link in my bio to see the full video x #ad #lovelulus

A post shared by OLIVIA JADE (@oliviajade) on Aug 17, 2018 at 12:14pm PDT on

Giannulli's Instagram comments were flooded on Tuesday with discussions about the charges against her parents.

olivia jade

"Maybe you should come up with a new palette called 'jailhouse dew,'" one comment on her latest Sephora-sponsored Instagram post said.

"Can I have dibs on your lamp when you get the boot from USC?" a comment on the post paid for by Amazon Prime Student said.

"This has not aged well," another comment on the post said.

Representatives for Loughlin said on Tuesday that they did not have further information. Olivia Jade Giannulli did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

USC did not respond to Business Insider's request for comment but said in a statement on Twitter that it had not been accused of wrongdoing and was "reviewing its admissions processes broadly to ensure that such actions do not occur going forward."

SEE ALSO: Here's how Lori Loughlin got her 2 influencer daughters with millions of followers who 'didn't really care about school' into USC through an admissions scam, according to investigators

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          Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Caught in College Bribery Scandal After Admitting ‘I Don’t Really Care About School’      Cache   Translate Page      
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty/Instagram

Aunt Becky from Full House was one of 50 people, including award-winning actress Felicity Huffman, to be indicted in what the FBI is calling the largest college admissions cheating scandal in history. Per unsealed court documents provided by BuzzFeed News, Lori Loughlin and her clothing designer husband Mossimo Giannulli allegedly bribed University of Southern California rowing coaches with $500,000 so their daughters Isabella and Olivia could be considered crew team recruits in order to boost their chances of admission. Reportedly, neither daughter actually rowed competitively.

While it’s unclear if Olivia knew about the scandal, the freshman communications major has profited from being a social media influencer in college. Under the name Olivia Jade, she has nearly 2 million followers on YouTube and 1.3 million on Instagram. A September Instagram photo shows Olivia sitting on her bed in her newly decorated dorm room. The post served as sponsored content for Amazon Prime, which provided the furniture. “Officially a college student! It’s been a few weeks since I moved into my dorm and I absolutely love it,” she wrote in a caption. “I got everything I needed from Amazon with @primestudent and had it all shipped to me in just two-days. #ad #primestudent #allonamazon.” Olivia even went on to promote the brand in an interview with Teen Vogue.

The influencer, who also partnered with Sephora on a makeup palette last year, has been frank about how college isn’t her priority. “I don’t know how much of school I’m going to attend,” Olivia said in an August 2018 YouTube video. “But I do want the experience of game days, partying. I don’t really care about school, as you guys all know.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

          Save $100 and put LG's 65-inch 4K LED TV in your living room      Cache   Translate Page      
This poor TV needs a new home. The LG 65SK8000 65-inch 4K LED TV is down to $896.99 on Amazon. This TV normally sells for around $997, and has even sold as high as $1,300 this year. The last time it dropped to this price was during Black Friday's shopping season. The SK8000 is a mid-range series from 2018. It's similar to the Samsung NU8000 series, and you can see the 65-inch version of that TV has also conveniently dropped to this same price now. The SK8000 works great in large, bright rooms. It has decent image quality and 4K pixel resolution, and you can control it with your voice using the built-in Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa with a separate device. You'll get great motion handling, too, although the screen struggles with dark scenes and the local dimming doesn't help much. It's a great option if you're looking for a new living room centerpiece. Users give it 4.2 stars based on 266 reviews. See on Amazon...
          Sr. Product Manager, Technical - Amazon Web Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon Connect leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3...
From - Tue, 05 Mar 2019 07:51:21 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Software Development Engineer - Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon Connect leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3...
From - Thu, 28 Feb 2019 07:51:32 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Amazon Connect - Sr Software Development Manager - Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon Connect leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3...
From - Thu, 28 Feb 2019 07:51:32 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Technical Program Manager - Amazon Connect - Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon Connect leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3...
From - Thu, 28 Feb 2019 07:51:32 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Scouted: Save More Than $400 On Sony’s 60-Inch, 4K Smart LED TV      Cache   Translate Page      

You don’t have to wait for Black Friday’s great deals to step up your TV — today’s Amazon sale has brought Sony’s 2018 60-inch 4K Smart LED TV to its lowest price ever: $798.

Down from $1,150 — its average cost since its release in 2018 — this ultra HD from tech giant Sony is very sleek. The leveled up 120Hz refresh rate coupled with 4K HDR display means your movies are going to look great — older CGI movies gain new life with TVs like this. And on top of all that, it’s a smart TV, meaning you’re going to be able to control it with your Alexa or Google assistant devices — and of course your phone.

If you were planning to wait until November for a deal like this one, here’s a surprise opportunity to gain eight months of experience with the TV (just think of all the movies and upcoming dragon-slaying-plus-political-intrigue series you can fit into that) without paying the normal price.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

          Senior Software Development Engineer - Amazon Connect (AWS) - Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon Connect leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3...
From - Wed, 27 Feb 2019 07:51:39 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Software Development Engineer II - Amazon Connect (AWS) - Amazon Web Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
With Amazon Connect you can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda,...
From - Tue, 26 Feb 2019 07:51:35 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Telecom Engineer - Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
With Amazon Connect you can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda,...
From - Fri, 15 Feb 2019 10:41:03 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          System Development Engineer - Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
With Amazon Connect you can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda,...
From - Fri, 15 Feb 2019 10:41:03 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Senior Documentation Manager - AI/ML - Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
In this role, you will lead our efforts to create and enhance our documentation for several AWS services, including Amazon SageMaker, Comprehend, DeepLens,...
From - Wed, 13 Feb 2019 10:35:23 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Software Development Manager - Amazon Connect - Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon Connect leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3...
From - Sun, 10 Feb 2019 10:26:19 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Software Development Test Engineer - Amazon Connect - Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon Connect leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3...
From - Wed, 06 Feb 2019 10:16:21 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Software Development Engineer, Amazon Connect - Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon Connect leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3...
From - Sat, 12 Jan 2019 09:03:39 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Sr. Technical Program Manager, Amazon Connect - Amazon Web Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon Connect leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and the large ecosystem of AWS services such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3...
From - Fri, 11 Jan 2019 09:02:20 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Sr. Product Manager - AWS AI - Amazon Web Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Today, the team delivers multiple services such as Rekognition, Lex, Polly, as well as ML Engines and SageMaker....
From - Tue, 08 Jan 2019 21:02:45 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          ML Solutions Architect - Alexa AI - Amazon Technologies, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Frameworks and Infrastructure with tools like Apache MXNet and TensorFlow, API-driven Services like Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly and Amazon Rekognition to quickly...
From - Tue, 08 Jan 2019 21:02:35 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Systems Development Manager - AI Services - Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Our Amazon Web Services teams are innovating new ways of building massively scalable distributed systems and delivering the next generation of cloud computing...
From - Tue, 08 Jan 2019 09:38:40 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
           Comment on The Ultimate Sacrilege: Yuca-rist by jane perdue       Cache   Translate Page      
Vatican City–March 7, 2019 Reports are circulating among the curial senate of a most ominous nature. Caesar Bergaglio was advancing his troops, preparing to cross the Rubicon. In Rome and throughout the empire, citizens of the Church Militant were up in arms. Would Caesar Bergaglio approve a new religion entirely? One with an invalid Eucharist!? Would this invalidate Masses where “yucarist” was given in place of the true Source of Grace offered to mankind though the Bread of Life consecrated in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? Would this mark him as an obvious apostate? Would his curia vote him thumbs up or down…? Caesar Bergaglio chuckled as the curial senate and actual Catholic theologians around the world debated whether the humble yuca root would be the undoing of the papacy. After all, his lack of belief in the Real Presence of Christ was so obvious. He did not hide his disdainful attitude, holding clown & tango masses in Argentina, refusing ever to kneel before the monstrance containing the Sacred Host. Odd how his knees only bent to political purpose on Maundy Thursday… Caesar laughed aloud to see the post-modern mayhem he had unleashed. What next…while they squirm, why not go for an early goal they might swallow: women deacons, then women priests? After all, what happens in the Amazon won’t stay in the Amazon. Heck, sooner or later, let’s go for it all, Caesar surmised. Friends of Francis will surely crown me as a god. “Advance, advance,” he ordered his troops. And so they advanced across the Rubicon, the point of no return for the Dictator Pope…and the rest is history to be written by us with Our Lord and Savior Whose Church belongs to Him.
 Canon EOS 6D Mark II      Cache   Translate Page      
1.176,71€ - Amazon ES
Preisvergleich startet ab €1.330,55

Im Spanienstore von Amazon gibt es derzeit die Canon EOS 6D Mark II um €1.176,71 (inkl. Versand nach Österreich).


Zum Bestellen wird eine Kreditkarte benötigt, einloggen wie gewohnt mit eurem DE Account.


  • Vertrauen Sie den 45 AF-Feldern (alles Kreuzsensoren) für eine zuverlässige, präzise Fokussierung.

  • Bluetooth und WLAN arbeiten zusammen – die EOS 6D Mark II lässt

    sich von Ihrem Mobilgerät ganz schnell und einfach steuern.

  • Steigern Sie die Kreativität Ihrer DSLR-Filmprojekte und drehen

    Sie Full-HD-Videos, die mit Schärfe und Qualität überzeugen.

  • Flüchtige Momente mit bis zu 6,5 Bildern pro Sekunde festhalten,

    Objektive : Alle EF Objektive (ausgenommen EF-S und EF-M Objektive)

          Amazon Basics Messerblock 14teilig      Cache   Translate Page      
15,42€ - Amazon
Mitte Februar war der Block bereits im Angebot - heute wieder für einen Tick günstiger - wer's gebrauchen kann ZUSCHLAGEN!

Folgende Messer sind dabei:

- 1 Kochmesser à 20 cm
- 1 Tranchiermesser à 20 cm
- 1 Brotmesser à 20 cm
- 1 Allzweckmesser à 14 cm
- 1 Schälmesser à 8,9 cm
- 6 Steakmesser à 11,5 cm
- 1 Küchenschere à 20 cm
- 1 Messerschärfer à 20 cm
- 1 Messerblock aus Kiefernholz
          Amazon Gutschein (NEUKUNDEN) - 30 Euro Kaufen 5 Euro GRATIS      Cache   Translate Page      
Wie so oft - wie gehabt ;)

AktionsbedingungenAn dieser Aktion können nur Kunden teilnehmen, die die folgenden Bedingungen erfüllen:

  • Sie haben im Aktionszeitraum (20. Januar 2019 bis 15. August 2019) in einem Bestellvorgang digitale Amazon-Gutscheine, Amazon-Gutscheine zum Ausdrucken oder per Postversand für mindestens 30 EUR gekauft.
  • Sie haben sich in Ihrem Amazon-Konto angemeldet und vor dem Gutscheinkauf auf den o.a. Button geklickt, um Ihr Kundenkonto für diese Aktion freizuschalten.
  • Sie haben bisher online noch keinen Amazon-Gutschein gekauft und Ihr Amazon-Konto existiert seit mindestens 24 Monaten.
  • Sie haben noch nicht an dieser Aktion teilgenommen (pro Kunde ist nur eine Teilnahme möglich).
  • Jeder Teilnehmer muss von dem Kundenkonto bestellen, mit welchem er zum Zeitpunkt der Aktivierung des o.a. Buttons angemeldet ist oder über welches er eine Einladung per E-Mail erhalten hat.
  • Teilnehmern wird der Aktionsgutschein im Wert von 5 EUR innerhalb von 24 Stunden nach erfolgreichem Gutscheinkauf in ihrem Amazon-Konto hinterlegt.
  • Pro Kunde wird nur ein Aktionsgutschein im Wert von 5 EUR ausgestellt, auch wenn dieser Gutscheine im Wert von mehr als 30 EUR kauft.
  • Der Aktionsgutschein kann bis zum 30. September 2019 bei für Artikel mit Verkauf und Versand durch Amazon eingelöst werden.
  • Er ist nicht auf anderen Amazon-Websiten einlösbar und gilt nicht für den Kauf von Büchern, eBooks, Geschenkgutscheinen, für digitale Software und Videospielartikel, für Prime Instant Video oder für den Kauf von Artikeln von Drittanbietern.
  • Eine Anrechnung des Aktionsgutscheins auf Versandkosten ist nicht möglich.
  • Der Aktionsgutschein wird bei einer qualifizierten Bestellung automatisch über das Bestellformular (Einkaufswagen) eingelöst.
  • Aktionsgutscheine können nicht mit anderen Aktionsgutscheinen kombiniert werden.
  • Eine Barauszahlung und/oder eine rückwirkende Anrechnung auf bereits getätigte Bestellungen ist nicht möglich.
  • Amazon behält sich das Recht vor, das Angebot zu jeder Zeit zu ändern oder zu stornieren. Nur solange der Vorrat reicht.
  • Es gelten die Bedingungen zum Einlösen von Aktionsgutscheinen.

          devolo Home Control Heizkörperthermostat für 30,24€.      Cache   Translate Page      
30,24€ - Amazon
Hallo Leute,

Derzeit bekommt ihr bei Amazon das devolo Home Control Heizkörperthermostat für 30,24.

Der Preisvergleich beginnt bei 58,48€


  • Hochwertiges Danfoss Heizkörperthermostat mit devolo Home Control Technologie

  • Regelt die Raumtemperatur per Zeitsteuerung nach Ihrem individuellen Tagesablauf, flexibel für jeden Wochentag programmierbar

  • Passt auf alle gängigen Heizkörper - einfach konventionelle Heizkörperthermostate ersetzen

  • Manuelle Temperaturregelung am Smart Home Thermostat, sowie intuitive Bedienung per App für Smartphone (für iOS und Android), Tablet und PC

  • Lieferumfang: 1x devolo Home Control Heizkörperthermostat, 2x Batterien, 2x Adapterringe, 1x Installationshandbuch

Bitte beachten Sie die Produktabmessungen sowie die Herstellerangaben zu kompatiblen Heizungsmodellen
          Xiaomi venderá la nueva bicicleta eléctrica HIMO C20, que destaca por sus 80 km de autonomía      Cache   Translate Page      

Xiaomi venderá la nueva bicicleta eléctrica HIMO C20, que destaca por sus 80 km de autonomía#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

HIMO es un fabricante chino de bicicletas eléctricas, y acaba de lanzar un modelo llamado HIMO C20, que sobre todo destaca por su autonomía de 80 km y una velocidad media de 25 km/h.

Esta bicicleta tiene la particularidad de que será Xiaomi quien la ponga a la venta en España a través de sus canales oficiales. El gigante asiático ya se había adentrado en este segmento, pero ahora lo hace reforzando su catálogo con este producto de un fabricante muy especializado.

Baterías recargables y desmontables

La HIMO C20 tiene un peso de 21,1 kg y cuenta con un chasis de aluminio en el que destaca su manillar plegable para poder almacenarla por ejemplo en el coche con facilidad.


Parte de ese peso se debe a la batería desmontable y recargable de 18.650 mAh que por sí sola tiene un peso de 2,5 kg. Tarda en cargarse 6 horas y cuenta con protección para salpicaduras, algo que garantiza su certificación IPX5.

En el manillar contamos con una pequeña pantalla informativa en la que se indica la autonomía restante y datos sobre velocidad o distancia recorrida.

La firma cuenta con las certificaciones necesarias para poder circular en Europa, lo que permite que pueda ponerse a la venta sin problemas. En pocas semanas estará disponible en las tiendas de Xiaomi. Su precio en China es de unos 340 euros al cambio, pero de momento no tenemos datos sobre el precio de venta final que tendrá en España.

Vía | Xiaomi4mi


Gasolina, diésel, híbrido… Cómo acertar con la propulsión

Un grave fallo de seguridad en los patinetes Xiaomi permite a otros usuarios controlarlo a distancia e incluso bloquearlo

Alexa también en la bicicleta: la e-bike Cybic E-Legend es la primera en integrar el asistente de Amazon

- Xiaomi venderá la nueva bicicleta eléctrica HIMO C20, que destaca por sus 80 km de autonomía por Javier Pastor .

          Ni hombre, ni mujer: así es Q, la primera voz sin género definido para asistentes inteligentes      Cache   Translate Page      

Ni hombre, ni mujer: así es Q, la primera voz sin género definido para asistentes inteligentes#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Asistentes de voz como Siri o Alexa tienen voz de mujer. Cuando preguntamos a los responsables de Amazon a qué se debía, la respuesta que nos dieron fue que inicialmente probaron con todo tipo de voces, tanto masculinas como femeninas y que finalmente se eligió aquella voz con la personalidad que transmitía más amabilidad, calidez e inteligencia.

Pero ahora conocemos un nuevo proyecto de asistente de voz sin género. Un asistente inteligente que pone sobre la mesa una tercera opción a la hora de elegir entre hombre y mujer.

Su nombre es simplemente 'Q' y ha sido desarrollado por investigadores de la Copenhagen Pride, la organización EqualAI y la agencia creativa de Vice, Virtue. Un proyecto que los propios creadores han denominado como la "primera voz sin género" y con la que pretenden eliminar el sesgo de género existente en los asistentes inteligentes actuales.

Un rango de frecuencias donde la voz se percibe como neutral

Para desarrollar este proyecto, la agencia Virtue se unió a Anna Jørgensen, lingüista e investigadora de la Universidad de Copenhagen. El objetivo era buscar los parámetros de una voz neutra y para ello se grabaron a cinco participantes que se identificaban como no-binarios, es decir, ni hombre ni mujer.

Una vez elegidos los participantes transgénero y se consiguió una muestra que intentaba sonar neutra, se solicitó a más de 4.600 participantes a lo largo de Europa que establecieran del 1 al 5 la puntuación de cada voz, siendo el uno la representación de voz masculina y cinco las voces más femeninas.

Con un grupo de lingüistas y diseñadores de sonido, se fueron modulando las voces intentando afinar cuáles eran percibidas de manera más neutra. Después de múltiples pruebas, el equipo del proyecto logró dar con un rango de frecuencias y un tono concreto donde la voz era percibida de manera neutra.

Desde la propia página web de Q se puede comprobar e ir modificando el rango de frecuencias. Según los creadores, entre 145 y 175 Hz tenemos una voz sin género. A medida que aumentamos la frecuencia, la voz se percibe más femenina mientras que si la bajamos se aprecia más masculina.


Por el momento, Q es simplemente una voz. Todavía no se ha creado la infraestructura de inteligencia artificial necesaria para poder entender y responder preguntas. Pero como explica Thomas Rasmussen, director de comunicación para la Copenhagen Pride: "

"Nuestro objetivo es captar la atención de las principales empresas tecnológicas que trabajan en IA para asegurarnos de que son conscientes que una normativa binaria de género excluye a muchas personas. Queremos inspirarlos al mostrar lo fácil que sería reconocer que existen más de dos géneros cuando se desarrollan voces artificialmente. Se trata de más opciones a los usuarios."

Explorar nuevas opciones en un campo que cobra cada vez más relevancia

Los asistentes de voz son una de las tendencias del momento y proyectos como Q son un curioso ejercicio para explorar las posibilidades que nos pueden brindar estas voces digitales. Nuestros cerebros están culturamente programados para intentar determinar si una voz es femenina o es masculina, ya que queremos al final conocer quién hay detrás. Pero en el caso de las voces digitales esta línea es todavía más borrosa.

Como comenta a Wired la lingüista Kristina Hultgren, "es probable que Q juegue con nuestras mentes y por ello es importante. Juega con nuestro impulso de poner a las personas en un sitio y, por lo tanto, tiene el potencial de empujar los límites y ampliar horizontes".

A mediados del año pasado, Google Assistant anunció seis nuevas voces. Mientras, Amazon también ha añadido ocho voces masculinas, pese a que la voz femenina sigue estando por defecto.

Es un buen movimiento que las grandes tecnológicas como Apple, Google o Amazon ofrezcan a los usuarios la posibilidad de intercambiar voces para sus asistentes inteligentes. Aunque como explica Daily Mail, los investigadores del proyecto van más allá y creen que estas empresas también deberían explorar opciones de voz no-binarias. Una curiosa iniciativa que pone encima de la mesa el debate sobre la identidad de algo tan artificial como es un asistente de voz.


Alexa confunde (y asusta) a sus usuarios con siniestras risas aleatorias en los Amazon Echo

Gasolina, diésel, híbrido… Cómo acertar con la propulsión

Alibaba ya tiene rival para Google Duplex: se llama AliMe y sigue el hilo de la conversación incluso si le interrumpes

- Ni hombre, ni mujer: así es Q, la primera voz sin género definido para asistentes inteligentes por Enrique Pérez .

          Rusia bloquea a ProtonMail y la acusa de proteger a usuarios que envían mensajes con amenazas de bombas      Cache   Translate Page      

Rusia bloquea a ProtonMail y la acusa de proteger a usuarios que envían mensajes con amenazas de bombas#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

ProtonMail es un servicio de correo electrónico web con una característica diferencial: la de cifrar todo el correo para proteger la privacidad de los usuarios que se envían esos mensajes.

La opción no gusta en Rusia, cuyo Servicio de Seguridad Federal (antes KGB) ha bloqueado ProtonMail junto a otros servicios similares que según esta agencia han facilitado el envío de mensajes con amenazas de bomba y no ha ayudado a averiguar quién estaba tras esos mensajes.

Pueden acceder a su correo, pero no recibir ni enviar nuevos mensajes

Un blog ruso ha filtrado esa orden oficial, que en total bloquea 26 direcciones de internet entre las cuales están varias que se encargan de cifrar la conexión de los usuarios de Tor.

Orden La orden de bloqueo con el listado de direcciones de internet bloqueadas. Entre las afectadas están direcciones de servidores utilizados por ProtonMail para ofrecer su sistema de correo cifrado.

Los proveedores de internet rusos han sido obligados a ejecutar ese bloqueo mediante un sistema llamado BGP Blackholing que ordena a los routers que proporcionan conexión a internet que envíen cierto tráfico a la basura en lugar de enviarlo a su destino.

El bloqueo no es total, y los usuarios pueden acceder a su bandeja de entrada de ProtonMail, pero no pueden enviar o recibir correos. Las IPs bloqueadas no son las de su front-end, su página de inicio oficial, sino que pertenecen a esos servidores que se encargan del envío y recepción de correos electrónicos.

Tele Telegram ya sufrió las iras del gobierno ruso, y ahora la afectada es ProtonMail.

La agencia responsable del bloqueo acusa a este y otros servicios de facilitar el envío de amenazas de bomba. Varias fueron enviadas a la policía a finales del mes de enero, algo que provocó la evacuación de varias escuelas y edificios gubernamentales.

Las razones del gobierno parecen legítimas, pero el director ejecutivo de ProtonMail, Andy Yen, explicaban en TechCrunch cómo esto forma parte de ese prolongado intento de Rusia por coartar la libertad de expresión de internet. Ya hubo una operación similar contra Telegram en abril de 2018, y ahora la víctima de ese bloqueo es ProtonMail.

Vía | TechCrunch


773 millones de correos han sido expuestos en la que ya es la filtración más grande desde la brecha de seguridad de Yahoo

Amazon "esconde" los productos que compran los usuarios de Yahoo! Mail porque Yahoo! escanea esos correos

Gasolina, diésel, híbrido… Cómo acertar con la propulsión

- Rusia bloquea a ProtonMail y la acusa de proteger a usuarios que envían mensajes con amenazas de bombas por Javier Pastor .

          Descubren en China una misteriosa base de datos que clasifica a 1,8 millones de mujeres como "listas para reproducirse"      Cache   Translate Page      

Descubren en China una misteriosa base de datos que clasifica a 1,8 millones de mujeres como

Si China cada vez está más cerca de emular a 'Black Mirror' después de la implementación de su 'Crédito Social', ahora parece que podríamos estar ante una especie de 'The Handmaid's Tale'.

Victor Gevers, un desarrollador holandés que trabaja para la compañía GDI.Foundation, se encontró durante el fin de semana con una curiosa base de datos abierta cuyo servidor estaba en China, la cual contenía información privada de millones de mujeres con datos como edad, nivel educativo, estado civil, números telefónicos, ubicación, número de identidad, dirección y una columna que decía "BreedReady", la cual apunta, según la información, a un término que se usa para clasificar a aquellas mujeres que están listas para tener hijos.

Hasta el momento se desconoce el objetivo de esta base de datos

Según Gevers, es difícil determinar quién es el responsable de esta base de datos o cuál es el objetivo detrás de ella, lo que es un hecho es que después de haberse descubierto, la información fue retirada del servidor este lunes por la tarde sin dejar rastro.

De acuerdo al análisis del mismo Gevers, esta base de datos surge dentro del contexto de una preocupación por parte del gobierno chino ante la caída en las tasas de natalidad en el país, lo que tendría sentido que ahora se busque identificar a aquellas mujeres que están "listas para reproducirse".

Hasta este momento, Gevers continúa analizando y verificando los datos, por lo que no está claro si la información pertenece a un servicio de citas, el gobierno o alguna empresa u organización. El mismo Gevers descubrió hace unas semanas una base de datos que, afirma, pertenece a una compañía de vigilancia, cuyo objetivo es monitorizar a 2,5 millones de residentes en Xinjiang.

De entre los datos encontrados, hay 1,8 millones de registros de mujeres cuya edad promedio es de 32 años, la mujer más joven de la lista tiene 15 años y la más joven clasificada con 'BreedReady' tiene 18 años, mientras que la mayor tiene 39 años. La mujer de mayor edad de la lista tiene 95 años y ya no está clasificada como 'BreedReady'. El 89% de las mujeres de la base de datos son solteras y aproximadamente el 82% vive en Beijing.

La base de datos también incluye información acerca de preferencias políticas y algunos registros apuntan a un perfil en Facebook, algo curioso ya que Facebook está bloqueado en China. Ante esto, Gevers está empezando a cruzar la información con los supuestos perfiles enlazados en Facebook, esto con el objetivo de ver si la información es verídica.

Se espera que en los próximos días Gevers publique más datos acerca de esta base de datos, aunque adelanta que todo se basa en lo que pudo descargar antes de que fuera retirada de los servidores.


Amazon está implementando reconocimiento facial para que los vendedores puedan entrar a su plataforma, según BuzzFeed

Gasolina, diésel, híbrido… Cómo acertar con la propulsión

Esto es lo que pasa cuando hackean una cámara Nest para advertir que se aproxima un ataque de misiles desde Corea del Norte

- Descubren en China una misteriosa base de datos que clasifica a 1,8 millones de mujeres como "listas para reproducirse" por Raúl Álvarez .

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Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet 16 GB with Kid-Proof Case ONLY $59.99 (Was $99.99)

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