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          Italy's Eni starts work on Pakistan, Tunisia solar plants      Cache   Translate Page      

Rome, March 13 (IANS/AKI) Italian oil and gas giant Eni has begun building new solar energy plants in Tunisia and Pakistan in as part of its commitment to switching from fossil fuels to renewables and to promoting global sustainable development, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Tunisia plant will be built at the ADAM oil concession in the southern Tataouine governorate, which is operated by Eni and in which Eni has a 25 per cent stake, through its subsidiary Eni Tunisia BV, said the statement.

The ADAM photovoltaic project has a peak capacity of 5MW. The energy produced will be used on-site, reducing gas consumption and saving around 6,500 tonnes/year of CO2 equivalent emissions, the statement added.

The solar plant is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 and is part of the cooperation agreement with the State Company Entreprise Tunisienne d'Activites Pétrolieres (ETAP), which is active in the advancement of renewable energy projects in Tunisia.

The Pakistan plant will be built close to the Bhit gas field in southern Sindh province, which Eni operates and holds a 40 per cent stake in through its subsidiary Eni New Energy Pakistan, the statement continued.

The Bhit plant is due to be completed by October, will have a 10MW peak capacity and is expected to generate around 20GWh (Gigawatt hours) annually. The energy produced will be used on site, reducing gas consumption and saving some 140,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions in the next 10 years, the statement underlined.

Eni aims to integrate the new solar plant with an existing power generating facility, allowing the shutdown of one the existing gas turbines and cutting running costs once the solar plant is operational, the statement went on.

The new plants in Tunisia and Pakistan will support Eni's upstream operations by providing green energy with an offgrid set up, the statement said.

Eni operates in the upstream sector in Tunisia, mainly in the Southern Desert areas and in the Mediterranean offshore. It also has a presence in the gas, liquefied natural gas and marketing sectors though its management of the Transmed gas pipeline linking Algeria to Italy via Tunisia, and in refining and marketing. It has been present in Tunisia since 1961.

Eni has been present in Pakistan since 2000, where it also operates in the Upstream sector, where the main permits in the country are Bhit/Bhadra (Eni operator with a 40 per cent interest), Kadanwari (Eni operator with 18.42 per cent interest), Latif (Eni 33.3 per cent), Sawan (Eni 23.68 per cent) and Zamzama (Eni 17.75 per cent) and Miano (Eni 15.16 per cent).

Eni is currently operating in the Pakistani offshore and the midstream sector, the statement said.



          What the Tunisian Revolution Taught Me about Democracy      Cache   Translate Page      
"The rights and protections that democracy endows can be dangerous if a country is not prepared for it. If a country lacks alternative political leaders to take the helm after a democratic transition, it will be led incompetently. If it does not have a political elite that is well-versed in the workings of competitive party politics and democratic policymaking, there would be no respect for the democratic process. If its people are not active participants in governance, democracy will be sabotaged by populists and opportunists."
          3/13/2019: NEWS: 12 newborns in Tunisia die from hospital-acquired infection      Cache   Translate Page      
Twelve newborn babies died in Tunisia after acquiring infections at the public maternity hospital where they were born prematurely, the country’s interim health minister reported. Sonia Ben Sheikh said the infant deaths were “unacceptable.” Ben...
          Comment on Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi: The Poet of the Tunisia and Egyptian Revolution by إذا الشعب يومًا أراد الحياة If, one day, the people choose life | We Love Arabic      Cache   Translate Page      
[...] of the an English translation by Ghada Mourad is given on Arablit, one by As’ad Abu Khalil on Aasil K Ahmad’s blog, and a full but uncredited English translation can also be found here on Jadalliya or on Band [...]
          Comment on Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi: The Poet of the Tunisia and Egyptian Revolution by Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi, poesías de la revolución árabe | | Relaciones Internacionales      Cache   Translate Page      
[...] TRADUCCIÓN: N. S. (Y aquí, la versión original árabe y su traducción inglesa) [...]
          Comment on Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi: The Poet of the Tunisia and Egyptian Revolution by Tweets that mention Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi: The Poet of the Tunisia and Egyptian Revolution | --      Cache   Translate Page      
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Fitzroy Morrissey and dalibjewi, Aasil. Aasil said: Poet of the revolution, Sidi el-Chebbi, #egypt #jan25 #tunisia #elsewhere [...]
          Video | Behind the Wheel: Bringing Water to the Desert      Cache   Translate Page      

Seen from above, the arid, inhospitable landscape stretches as far as the eye can see, the great swathes of sand interspersed only with the occasional palm tree and small rural community. Kebili, an oasis in this desert, is one such town. Located in south-west Tunisia, it is one of the hottest places on earth and prone to both extreme drought and devastating floods. In 2015, CNH Industrial embarked on an ambitious, three-year, water-management project aimed at helping build and repair traditional water-collection systems, improve agricultural practices and train farmers in the area.

Find out how successful the project was in the latest Behind the Wheel webisode:

Multimedia with summary

Seen from above, the arid, inhospitable landscape stretches as far as the eye can see, the great swathes of sand interspersed only with the occasional palm tree and small rural community. Kebili, an oasis in this desert, is one such town. Located in south-west Tunisia, it is one of the hottest places on earth and prone to both extreme drought and devastating floods. In 2015, CNH Industrial embarked on an ambitious, three-year, water-management project aimed at helping build and repair traditional water-collection systems, improve agricultural practices and train farmers in the area.

Find out how successful the project was in the latest Behind the Wheel webisode:

          READY STOK!!! WA +62 811.1701.007, Jual Kurma Tunisia Sudan      Cache   Translate Page      
jualkurmaajwamesir / 2 pages
Kami menjual berbagai macam jenis kurma dengan kualitas terbaik, untuk di konsumsi, bisa juga untuk di jual kembali. Kami menerima Reseller dan juga Dropship. Untuk Info dan Pemesanan silahkan hubungi +62 811.1701.007 atau +62 813.8008.5544 Jannah...
          African Film Festival 2019, thru May 10      Cache   Translate Page      
March 2–May 10, 2019

This year’s edition of the African Film Festival highlights the best of both new African cinema and films of the black diaspora. We pay tribute to the great director Bill Gunn—also an actor, playwright, and novelist—with new restorations of two genre-benders, his radical horror film Ganja & Hess and his “meta–soap opera” Personal Problems. The latter was conceived by Ishmael Reed, who will be in attendance at the screening. Other special programs include a new restoration of Djibril Diop Mambéty’s second feature film, Hyenas, a loose, biting adaptation of Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s satire The Visit. Women directors take center stage with new documentaries and narrative films from Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Niger, the United Kingdom, and the United States, depicting people who stretch social norms—female car mechanics, male fashion designers, childless women, a reluctant witch, and other dreamers. Two family dramas intimately examine the generation gap, charting a French-African boy’s trip to his ancestral homeland of Burkina Faso and the impact of a young Tunisian man’s departure for Syria on his family. Of related interest: our spring Out of the Vault programs guest curated by The Black Aesthetic.
          Eni costruirà due impianti fotovoltaici in Tunisia e Pakistan      Cache   Translate Page      
Il gruppo guidato da Claudio Descalzi ha avviato due progetti che contribuiranno a diminuire i consumi di gas nei due paesi e a decarbonizzarli...
          City of Worms murder: German girl wore hijab for her killer      Cache   Translate Page      

More than 500 people participated in the funeral march on the weekend with flowers and candles for the 21-year-old Cynthia R. She was murdered in Worms by her migrant boyfriend Ahmed T (22) last week.

German tabloid Bild reported that friends of the family expressed their shock over her death. They said the relationship between Ahmed and Cynthia appeared to be going smoothly. “She wore hijab for Ahmed,” a friend of Cynthia’s father told Bild. “And she learned to speak Arabic out of love for him.”

When the two began their relationship four months ago, Ahmed T already knew that he was going to be deported. His asylum seeker application had been denied long ago.

So he tried to convince his new girlfriend to go with him to Tunisia. But friends of the family say that Cynthia declined his invitation.

Some speculate that because she did not want to move to Tunisia with him, she was killed. Last Monday an arrest warrant was issued for her boyfriend signalling a final deportation order. Less than 48 hours later, the situation between the two had escalated.

He stabbed the young woman by ramming a kitchen knife through her neck, her lungs, her hands and her back more than ten times.

Cynthia, a diligent nurse had been living with her parents, She had her own area upstairs with living room and bedroom. During the escalating dispute Ahmed stabbed the young woman with a long kitchen knife in her bed – on World Women’s Day.

Ahmed had registered himself under three different identities and had therefore cashed in three times on state benefits. Since his entry into Germany in October 2017, he has committed a long list of transgressions including “bodily injury, drugs, menace and coercion”. He also served a prison sentence for theft last October.

“She meant so much to me and I miss her a lot,” says her cousin Patrick Schopp. “I will keep her in my memory as this fun-loving person who never had anything bad to say about anyone and who was very helpful to everyone.”

Her uncle said: “She lived for her profession. Also wanted to study to become a midwife. She was happy, liked to celebrate. ”

The funeral march was not entirely peacful either. During a memorial service at the Liebfrauenkirche, where an ecumenical prayer was said for the 21-year-old woman, there was an incident.

About twenty people came running out of the church where a service had been scheduled in a panic. They were members of the funeral march who were at the church early.

They came out distraught, calling for the police and crying, because apparently someone had stood in front of the altar with arms stretched out, yelling “Allahu Akhbar” loudly, as well as other things that people could not understand, causing panic and fear.

The police apprehended the man a hundred meters down the road. He was...

Read More HERE

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Chkobba Tn 2.8

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 2.6 -> 2.8 (iTunes)


The Best Tunisian Chkobba ever.

Savourez gratuitement le plaisir exceptionnel du jeu de carte le plus populaire en Tunisie, "Chkobba".

-Vous pouvez à présent jouer à Chkobba avec les règles authentiques et 100% Tunisiennes du jeu.
- Consultez la rubrique "Comment jouer" pour retrouvez ces règles.
- Partagez votre score via (facebook, twitter, mail, iMessage ...) pour défier vos amis.
-Contactez-nous sur facebook et twitter.
-N'oubliez pas de nous laisser vos avis concernant le jeu.

What's New

- Rewarded video
- Optimisation

Chkobba Tn

          APA MAKNA DUIT 9O JUTA RINGGIT       Cache   Translate Page      



Heboh. Heboh. Satu dunia heboh. Dari Ruslia ke Russia. Dari Pananti ke Paris.  Dari Mantin ke Madrid. Dari Langkap ke London. Satu dunia berkesah tentang bagaimana Najib telah berjaya melakukan rompakan terbesar dalam sejarah alam ini.

Sebanyak 66  akhbar dan  majalah dalam dunia ini telah melaporkan rompakan  yang dilakukan oleh Najib. Ini belum diambil kira puluhan stesen tv  dimerata pelusuk dunia yang merebakkan berita yang sama.

Semenjak keluarnya  ayat  - kun fi ya kun - semenjak ‘big bang’ hanya Najib seorang yang telah  berjaya diwartakan sebagai   pencuri terbesar dalam alam semesta ini. Dari bintang Marikh hingga  ke Pluto pencurian duit  yang dilakukan oleh Najib  tidak ada tandingan. 

Dalam sejarah tamadun manusia semenjak Nabi Adam  - Najib, Rosmah, Jho Low , Riza dan kuncu-kuncu  telah berjaya  melakukan  penipuan  yang paling besar.

Ingat kembali bagaimana warga  Tunisia bangun memberontak dan memulakan ‘Arab Spring ‘ pada bulan Januari  2011. Leila Trabelsi isteri  Zainal Abidin Ben Ali bekas Presiden Tunisia hanya sempat membawa lari  1.5 tan jongkong  emas milik Bank Negara Tunisia ke Saudi Arabia. 

Pada tahun 1986  Presiden Marcos lari meninggalkan Manila. Isteri Marcos,  Imelda tertinggal  1,220 pasang kasut dalam Istana Presiden.

Kalikan dengan sejuta  rompakan Leila, kalikan dengan sejuta  harga  kasut  Imelda. Bandingkan dengan jumlah rompakan Rosmah - jawabnya - rompakan Rosmah masih terbesar.

Tetiba satu Malaysia heboh dengan 90 juta ringgit. Duit 90 juta ini dikatakan telah diambil oleh Parti Islam Pas dari Najib. Si Najib pemberi dan Parti Islam penerima.

Duit 90 juta ringgit ini duit  apa? Berapa buah beg tangan Birkin yang sanggup dibeli oleh duit sebanyak ini? Duit 90juta ini tidak berkeupayan untuk membayar  harga  kalong berlian merah jambu milik Rosmah. Duit 90juta ini hanyalah duit sen berbanding dengan jumlah wang tunai  yang ditemui dalam kondo milik Rosmah dan Najib di Pavallion Bukit Bintang. 

Tetapi kenapa duit 90juta ini menjadi Pak Heboh? Kenapa agaknya duit seramai taik gigi Rosmah ini heboh  diangkut ke hulu ke hilir?

Heboh  yang menghebohkan. Lebih heboh dari dokumentri Micheal Jackson - Leaving Neverland keluaran HBO. Heboh yang lebih heboh dari Jom Heboh.

Jawabnya senang sahaja. Jawabnya Islam.

Kenapa Islam. Apa kena mengena duit ini dengan Islam. Sabar karo.

Duit 90 juta ini diambil oleh pemimpin Parti Islam Pas. Nama  parti politik yang pemimpinya mengambil duit itu ialah Parti Islam Se Malaysia. Ada perkataan Islam dalam nama parti ini. 

Dalam perlembagaan  parti ini Islam menjadi rujukan. Islam cita-cita dan niat parti ini. Dalam istilah  politk moden Islam ialah idealoji parti ini.

Islam ialah agama yang mengajukan manusia untuk membuat kebaikkan. Sama saperti agama-agama  lain dalam dunia ni agama Islam juga menentang kejahatan dan kezaliman.  Ini menjadi tunggak agama. Ini menjadi asas pejuangan.

Islam melaungkan  amal makruf nahi mungkar. Melarang umat manusia  membuat kejahatan. Mengajukan manusia membuat kebaikkan. Ertinya menentang semua bentuk kejahatan. Menentang penipuan. Menentang rasuah.

Ajaran agama Islam ini menjadi tiang agenda Parti Islam Pas. Malah Parti Islam ini selalu ke hulu ke hilir  berceramah menghebohkan slogan - amal makruf nahi mungkar. 

Kalau ini yang dilakukan oleh Parti Islam Pas apa pula silapnya.

Silapnya ialah cakap tak serupa Birkin.

Silapnya ialah Parti Islam Pas ini telah melanggar akidah dan cita-cita perjuangan Islam.  Heboh 90juta ringgit bukan kerana jumlah duit. Bukan kerana salah masuk bank. Tetapi kerana mengambil  duit dari Najib.

Kenapa terima duit dari Najib salah? 

Menerima duit dari Najib ini  sama saperti memasukkan seketul daging babi ke dalam sekawah gulai daging lembu. Ini bukan lawak Hishamuddin Rais. Ini Amanat Haji Hadi yang keluar pada 7 April 1981.

Najib telah mencuri duit dari dana 1MDB. Kemudian Najib memberikan 90 juta ringgit dari duit curi  kepada  pemimpin Parti Islam Pas. Panggilah apa sahaja - duit sedekah ke - duit amal jariah ke - duit faraid ke - semua ini tidak akan menutup fakta bahawa duit 90 juta itu adalah duit samun. 

Najib menyamun dan mencuri duit dari dari 1MDB. Sebahagian dari duit curi ini diberikan kepada beberapa orang pemimpin Parti Islam Pas. Kunci ayat ialah pemimpin Parti Islam Pas.

Ini bukan lebong  Hishamudidn Rais. Pekara beberapa orang pemimpin Parti Islam Pas mengambil duit dari Najib ini telah diakui oleh Nik Abduh anak lelaki kepada arwah Tok Guru Nik Aziz. 

Malah dalam satu pita rakamam   Nik Abduh pemimpin muda dari Parti Islam ini   dengan bangga dan berterus terang telah menerangkan bahawa ayahanda arwah Tok Guru Nik Aziz juga pernah  menerima duit dari  United Malays National Organsiation.

Mencuri dan menyamun dilarang oleh  Islam. Najib mencuri dan menyamun. Duit hasil samun diberi kepada beberapa  orang pemimpin Parti Islam Pas. Ini maknanya  Parti islam Pas tersubahat atau bersubahat.  Ter atau ber membawa makna yang sama. Amin.

Jadi bagaimana keadan sekarang?

Mao Zedong pernah berkata ‘ yang buruk pun boleh membawa kebaikkan …taik binatang ada baiknya…boleh buat baja..’ 

‘ Elementry my dear Watson… pekara ini senang saja wahai sayangku Watson…’  Ini kata-kata Sherlock Holmes kepada pembantunya Watson yang lurus bendul. 

Hishamuddin  Rais pula berkata ‘… mustahil hang tak faham…’

Pekara duit 90 juta ini senang difahami. Pekara buruk yang dilakukan oleh pemimpinj Parti Islam Pas  boleh  juga dimanafaatkan untuk kebaikkan anak semua bangsa.
Pada tahun 2018 -2019 watak asli Parti Islam Pas ini terlah terlondeh. Telah terbonggeng. Terbukti bahawa Parti Islam Pas  ini sama saperti parti politik lain.  Sama maknanya - boleh menerima duit sogokan. Bersedia menerima wang pelincir. Sanggup bercakap bohong asalkan dapat duit. 

Parti Islam ini juga cekap dan bijak mengeluarkan ayat-ayat suci dan hadis dan sirah Nabi untuk menghalalkan perbuatan jahat.

Hakikatnya Parti Islam Pas ini adalah parti politik. Sama saperti Parti United Malays National Organisation. Sama saperti BERSATU. Sama saperti AMANAH. Sama saperti Malaysian Indian Congress. Sama saperti Parti Keadilan Rkayat. Tidak ada bezanya.

Cuma Parti Islam Pas menggunakan topeng Islam untuk mencari kuasa. Untuk membeli kereta Audi atau VellFire. Opps… Apa ini?

Sayugia dimaklumkan disini apa yang dilakukan oleh Parti Islam SeMalaysia ini bukan satu yang baru. Menggunakan topeng agama bukan satu yang pelik dan bukan hanya berlaku di Malaysia sahaja.

Di Eropah pada satu ketika dahulu jika Putera Raja atau Count atau Tuan Tanah membuat kejahatan - membunuh, merogol atau merampas pasir  dan merampas  tanah -  mereka masih boleh masuk syurga.  Mereka akan diampunkan, dosa  akan dilupus jika sanggup membayar pampasan ketul dan jongkong  emas kepada Gereja di Rom.

Ketika itu kunci syurga dan neraka dimiliki oleh Pope di Vatican. Pope boleh ‘online’ dengan Tuhan bila-bila masa sahaja.

Hakikatnya - menjual agama ini adalah satu perniagaan yang paling lumayan dalam masyarakat  kolot. Dalam masyarakat yang percaya kepada pekara karut marut. Percaya kepada tahyul dan toyol.

Justeru dari fakta sejarah  terbukti ada persekongkolan kelas  Feudal, kelas  Tuan Tanah  dengan kelas Agamawan. Tiga kumpulan ini berkerjasama untuk menipu orang ramai.

Justeru dalam Revolusi Peranchis  (1789-1799) apabila orang ramai mendapat pencerahan maka kepala Paderi , kepala Raja dan kepala Tuan Tanah  semuanya dipenggal. Khalas.

Parti Islam Pas telah bekerjasama dengan United Malays National Organisation. Ini fakta bukan lebong.  Parti Ketuanan Melayu ini menyamun , mencuri dan menipu Bani Melayu. Manakala  Parti Islam Pas akan membacakan doa selamat.  Sambil menakut-nakutkan dan mengelapkan fikrah  Bani Melayu agar tunduk menyembah pemerentah Melayu Islam. 

Pemimpin Parti Islam Pas ini memakai jubah ala Tok Arab. Memasang janggut dan berkopiah. Terselit dalam kopiah ialah  kunci motosikal BMW. Dalam kocek jubah ada kunci kereta Audi.

Umum dan  anak semua bangsa wajib disedarkan bahawa para politikus dari Parti Islam ini tidak ada bezanya dari para politkus dari parti-parti lain yang wujud di Malaysia.

Mereka menyamar sebagai Tok Lebai. Menyamar sebagai Tok Guru atau Alim Ulama. Tetapi hakikat mereka adalah politikus.  

Amal makruf dan nahi mungkar keluar dari mulut Pak Lebai  sebelum dapat membeli Mini Cooper. Sesudah mendapat VellFire akan keluar alhamdulillah.

Bayangkan kegilaan para pemimpin Parti Islam ini. Dilaporkan bahawa Mursidul Am Parti Islam ini memiliki kereta Porche… kah kah kah.

Paling lawak rupa-rupanya ramai  pemimpin Parti Islam Pas suka  berbini-bini. Cerita berbini-bini ini terbongeng tular di media sosial apabila ada seorang bini pemimpin Parti Islam Pas  yang baru mendapat kereta Audi7 sebagai hadiah pelok cium cinta kaseh sayang. Entah bini keberapa tapi yang saheh ialah bini muda yang masih ketat dan sendat. Kah kah kah.

Kes duit 90 juta ini sabenarnya adalah rahmat untuk anak semua bangsa di Malaysia. Duit 90 juta ini juga adalah kuliah politik untuk membuka mata Bani Melayu agar sedar apa itu penjual agama. Dan apa itu Parti Islam SeMalaysia..

Jangan ketawa apabila  membaca berita lawak seram tentang beberapa akaun bank pemimpin Parti Isam Pas telah dibekukan. Jangan  terbarai ketawa terbahak-bahak apabila membaca  bagaimana SPRM telah mensita beberapa buah kereta mewah,  motosikal mewah, rumah banglow berjuta ringgit dari beberapa orang pemimpin parti Islam Pas.

Anak semua bangsa - bangsa semua agama - masanya telah tiba untuk kita melihat dan membaca Parti Islam Pas tidak ada sangkut paut dengan agama. Nama Islam hanya topeng untuk menjual agama.

Jangan lagi kita terima…  Ana tau Ana tau… Ente tak tahu. ..Ente unte. Menggunakan  bahasa Arab dan jubah Arab ini hanya topeng untuk menipu. Duit 90 juta melondehkan semua. (TT)

tulisan ini telah disiarkan
sesiapa ingin melanggan 
akhbar mingguan ini
sila pukul talipon


          Chegada do Carnival Triumph em estaleiro Navantia em Cadiz, Espanha       Cache   Translate Page      
  O estaleiro Navantia Shipyard, em Cádiz, Espanha recebeu hoje pela madrugada o navio de cruzeiros Carnival Triumph, da companhia Carnival Cruise Line,  para uma grande remodelação, que será renomeado Carnival Sunrise após a transformação.
O Carnival Triumph teve a sua chegada a Cadiz, pelas 6h da madrugada e entrou para a doca seca do estaleiro Navantia, para esta enorme transformação, se juntará à classe Sunshine do Carnival após dois meses de trabalho de reforma.
Os trabalhos de renovação incluem o redesenho de cabines de luxo, bem como áreas de spa e lazer  aquáticos, restaurantes, área de compras e espaços infantis.
Toda a remodelação e decoração dos interiores, de mãos dadas com suas próprias empresas subcontratadas, a equipe da Navantia apoiará toda a logística, como inclusão de popa de pato, aço para novas coberturas e cabines, parte de maquinário, tubos , válvulas e todas as partes mecânicas, como estabilizadores e linhas de eixo.
 A Carnival teve de fretar dois navios um ferry da Tunisia Ferries, o Tanit e o navio de passageiros grego Gemini, para alojamento dos trabalhadores, que vamos em breve noticiar neste blog e na revista online  .
Text and images copyrights; Texto e imagens com direitos reservados; Rui Agostinho, Lisboa.

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Cynthia R (21) lærte seg arabisk og tok på seg sløret for kjæresten Ahmed Ts. (22) skyld. Allerede da de ble kjærester sto det klart at Ahmed ville få avslag på asylsøknaden. Da beskjeden kom og hun nektet å bli med ham til Tunisia, slo han henne ihjel. I helgen gikk 500 mennesker gjennom Worms […]
          11.11.11: Ocupando el mundo - Evento en Bogotá      Cache   Translate Page      
"Mucha gente pequeña, en lugares pequeños, haciendo cosas pequeñas, puede cambiar el mundo"
Eduardo Galeano

Ocupar el mundo 11/11/11
El 11 de noviembre personas de todo el mundo tomarán las calles y las plazas. Desde América a Asia, desde África a Europa, la gente se está levantando para reclamar sus derechos y pedir una nueva forma de vida. Ahora ha llegado el momento de unirnos todos en una protesta no-violenta a escala global.

Lugar: Plaza de Bolivar
Hora: 11 Am a 7 Am

Evento en facebook del 11/11/11 en Colombia
Información a nivel mundial y eventos en el mundo

Occupy The Streets. Occupy The World 11/11/11 11:11:11
Spread The Message. INVITE ALL FRIENDS ! ! !


11.11.11 INFO


11.11.11 COLOMBIA


11.11.11 Wake Up Flash Mob de Meditación Barcelona, España


11.11.11 Tunisia

11.11.11 Occupy Tunis

11.11.11 Budapest

11.11.11 PÉCS !!! Emberek Tanácsa! Foglad el a teret! Occupy! PÉCS !!!

11.11.11 Latvia

11.11.11 Chile

11.11.11 México

11.11.11 Tucumán

11.11.11 Bolivia

11.11.11 Russia

11.11.11 Costa Rica

11.11.11 Singapore

11.11.11 London

11.11.11 India

11.11.11 Venezuela

11.11.11 Caracas, Venezuela

11.11.11 Brussels

11.11.11 France

11.11.11 France

11.11.11 Paris, France

11.11.11 Perpignan, France

11.11.11 Marseille, France

11.11.11 Bordeaux, France

11.11.11 Tours, France

11.11.11 Montpellier, France

11.11.11 Lyon, France

11.11.11 Strasbourg, France

11.11.11 Toulouse, France

11.11.11 Toulouse, France

11.11.11 Metz, France

11.11.11 Clermont-Ferrand, France

11.11.11 Rouen, France

11.11.11 Angers, France

11.11.11 Lille, France

11.11.11 Orléans, France

11.11.11 Italy

11.11.11 Nápoles, Italy

11.11.11 Bologna, Italy

11.11.11 Bologna, Italy

11.11.11 Germany

11.11.11 Berlin, Germany

11.11.11 Greece

11.11.11 Argentina

11.11.11 Brasil

11.11.11 Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

11.11.11 Portugal

11.11.11 Ilha de São Miguel, Açores, Portugal

11.11.11 Switzerland

11.11.11 Türkiye

11.11.11 Israel

11.11.11 Rainbow Street , Tallet Jara

11.11.11 Occupy Arezzo

11.11.11 Meditación Mundial

11.11.11 #occupyyourmind

11.11.11 Meditation in Solidarity

11.11.11 Occupy Money


11.11.11 World Forum For Peace And NonViolence

11.11.11 Silent Watchers all over the World

11.11.11 Global Strike and World Wide Direct Action for 4 Hour Work Day

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hey guys 

i am khalil from tunisia . i have a big problem with my project 

i am building an uderwater robot and i need a shape detection program with labview to detect triangles , rectangles and cercles 

thanks .

          Tumbangkah regim dengan demo air liur?      Cache   Translate Page      

1. Persoalan Ust Ja cetus perbahasan sihat.

2. Biasalah manusia. Gua sendiri ada setuju. Ada tak setuju dengan lontaran Ust Ja.

3. Revolusi adalah jalan untuk ubah. Ini sunnah nabi2. Tak mampu revolusi tak mengapa. Tapi jangan sesatkan manusia dengan kata revolusi tu jahat, tak sesuai, etc.

4. Zaman moden, revolusi tak dimulakan oleh parti politik demokrasi. Tapi oleh aktivis.

Di Tunisia sampai Mesir, yang mati untuk cetus revolusi ialah aktivis. Yang larang dan haramkan revolusi ialah ulama politik demokrasi tmasuk ikhwan. Mujur Qardhawi menyokong.

Bila berjaya, yg tuai hasil dan tulis sejarah kejayaan itu ialah ulama politik. Tmasuk kumpulan yg mula2 larang dan bantah.

5. Memang benar Himpunan Ceramah Air Liur org politik seperti Blackout 505 tidak akan tumbangkan regim. Tapi jangan lupa, demo air liur para ulama di masjid Malaysia juga lebih mustahil tumbangkan regim Syria jauh di sana.

6. Dalam Islam, bantuan perlu dihulurkan kepada masyarakat terdekat dulu. TGHA sendiri kata royalti hasil bumi HARAM dibelanjakan ke negeri luar sekiranya masalah dalam negeri belum selesai.

Jadi, jika masalah rakyat dalam negara berkenaan penindasan pun tak hadir, tujuan apa tenaga, wang dibelanjakan untuk prioriti luar?

7. Jika motifnya hanya utk tunjuk rasa hero kelompok muslim Malaysia, kerja sia2 kalau utk jatuhkan regim Syria, samalah Blackout505. Hanya kerja sia2 utk jatuhkan regim BN. Sekadar kekalkan momentum sokongan rakyat terhadap politik PR, larikan perhatian janji Anwar bersara dan sebagainya.

Cuma Blackout lebih baik kerana priority masyarakat sendiri. Orang yang lebih baik ialah hadir priority masyarakat sendiri dan hadir priority masyarakat luar.

8. Demo ulama air liur untuk Syria yg langsung tak ditakuti oleh regim Syria apatah lagi BN, diberikan 'kebenaran' oleh regim BN.

Di sini kita boleh ukur ketepatan perjuangan kita. Jika kita ditentang musuh, maka itulah landasan nabi2. Jika dibenarkan musuh, maka ada sesuatu yg perlu dinilai. Ust Fadzil Nor kata, nak tgk kebenaran kita, tengok posisi kita pada mata musuh.

9. Tidak mustahil beberapa ulama yang demo air liur untuk Syria tanpa tentangan musuh itu, jika diuji Allah berasal dan berada di Syria, mereka akan pro Basyar. Sebab takut pada peluru dan kematian.

Al Quran kata, mana boleh ulama kata mereka adalah ulama sedangkan mereka tidak diuji kecuali demo air liur yang dibenarkan regim BN?

10. Orang yang patut diludah ialah orang yang naik dengan undi rakyat Malaysia, tetapi tidak hadir priority rakyat Malaysia. Hanya hadir priority masyarakat luar.

11. Jika para ulama mahu mengubah regim, ulama yang perlu cetuskan revolusi. Buktikan hafalan Quran dan hadis bukan dalam air liur dan kuliah sampul. Tetapi dalam peluh dan darah. Kami sedia dibimbing oleh ulama seperti ini.


          Tunisia Palace, 4*      Cache   Translate Page      
          Holiday In Tunisia      Cache   Translate Page      
          Appartement cosy 10 minutes de la plage face Tunisia Mall      Cache   Translate Page      
          Harmony Appartement Tunisia Mall      Cache   Translate Page      
          Tunisiamall sweet loft      Cache   Translate Page      
          Ain Zaghouen Apartment in front of Tunisia Mall      Cache   Translate Page      
          Tunisia Queen Apartment      Cache   Translate Page      
          Residence Amwej Port El Kantaoui Tunisia      Cache   Translate Page      
          Pdrm Usir Warga Mesir Tunisia Atas Arahan Peguam Negara      Cache   Translate Page      

KUALA LUMPUR 6 Rejab 1440H Rabu Tindakan Polis Diraja Malaysia mengusir sekumpulan warga Mesir dan Tunisia pada 5 Mac lepas kerana disyaki mengancam keselamatan negara dibuat atas arahan pejabat Peguam Negara kata Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri...
          The Arab Spring, a second try!      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - Jordan Times) The so-called Arab Spring that swept across much of the Arab world eight years ago appears to be having a resurgence. An incident in a remote Tunisian town...
          Head of the Tunisian Presidential Diwan Meets with Saudi Ambassador      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - Saudi Press Agency) style="font-family:Calibri#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000"> Tunis, Mar 12, 2019, SPA -- Head of the Tunisian Presidential Diwan Selma Elloumi met here today with the Saudi Ambassad...
          Tunisia loses Davis Cup Africa Zone Group III host bid      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN) Tunisia lost a bid to become the host of the upcoming Davis Cup Africa Zone Group III, with the winner announced to be Kenya.Slatted for September, Tunisia was aiming to h...
          Angry protests after 12 babies die in Tunisia hospital      Cache   Translate Page      
Crowds gather at the Rabta hospital, as a bereaved father says officials must be held accountable.
                Cache   Translate Page      
Government Officials, Doctors Among Ethiopian Crash Victims
The crash of an Ethiopian Airlines jetliner shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa shattered families and communities

In this image taken from video, rescuers search through wreckage at the scene of an Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed shortly after takeoff at Hejere near Bishoftu, or Debre Zeit, some 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia Sunday, March 10, 2019. The Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed shortly after takeoff from Ethiopia's capital on Sunday morning, killing all 157 on board, authorities said, as grieving families rushed to airports in Addis Ababa and the destination, Nairobi. (AP Photo/Yidnek Kirubel)

Associated Press

Three Austrian physicians. The co-founder of an international aid organization. A career ambassador. The wife and children of a Slovak legislator. A Nigerian-born Canadian college professor, author and satirist. They were all among the 157 people from 35 countries who died Sunday morning when an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 jetliner crashed shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa en route to Nairobi, Kenya. Here are some of their stories.


Kenya: 32 victims

— Hussein Swaleh, the former secretary general of the Football Kenya Federation, was named as being among the dead by Sofapaka Football Club.

He was due to return home on the flight after working as the match commissioner in an African Champions League game in Egypt on Friday.

— Cedric Asiavugwa, a law student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., was on his way to Nairobi after the death of his fiancee's mother, the university said in a statement.

Asiavugwa, who was in his third year at the law school, was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya. Before he came to Georgetown, he worked with groups helping refugees in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, the university said.

At Georgetown, Asiavugwa studied international business and economic law.

The university said Asiavugwa's family and friends "remembered him as a kind, compassionate and gentle soul, known for his beautifully warm and infectious smile."


Canada: 18 victims

—Pius Adesanmi, a Nigerian professor with Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, was on his way to a meeting of the African Union's Economic, Social and Cultural Council in Nairobi, John O. Oba, Nigeria's representative to the panel, told The Associated Press.

The author of "Naija No Dey Carry Last," a collection of satirical essays, Adesanmi had degrees from Ilorin and Ibadan universities in Nigeria, and the University of British Columbia. He was director of Carleton's Institute of African Studies, according to the university's website. He was also a former assistant professor of comparative literature at Pennsylvania State University.

"Pius was a towering figure in African and post-colonial scholarship and his sudden loss is a tragedy," said Benoit-Antoine Bacon, Carleton's president and vice chancellor.

Adesanmi was the winner of the inaugural Penguin Prize for African non-fiction writing in 2010.

Mitchell Dick, a Carleton student who is finishing up a communications honors degree, said he took a first- and second-year African literature course with Adesanmi.

Adesanmi was "extremely nice and approachable," and stood out for his passion for the subject matter, Dick said.

—Mohamed Hassan Ali confirmed that he had lost his sister and niece.

Ali said his sister, Amina Ibrahim Odowaa, and her five-year-old daughter, Safiya, were on board the jet that went down six minutes after it took off from the Addis Ababa airport on the way to Nairobi, Kenya.

"(She was) a very nice person, very outgoing, very friendly. Had a lot of friends," he said of his sister, who lived in Edmonton and was travelling to Kenya to visit with relatives.

Amina Ibrahim Odowaa and her daughter Sofia Faisal Abdulkadir

The 33-year-old Edmonton woman and her five year-old daughter were travelling to Kenya to visit with relatives.

A family friend said Odowaa has lived in Edmonton since 2006.

— Derick Lwugi, an accountant with the City of Calgary, was also among the victims, his wife, Gladys Kivia, said. He leaves behind three children, aged 17, 19 and 20, Kivia said.

The couple had been in Calgary for 12 years, and Lwugi had been headed to Kenya to visit both of their parents.


Ethiopia: 9 victims

— The aid group Save the Children said an Ethiopian colleague died in the crash.

Tamirat Mulu Demessie had been a child protection in emergencies technical adviser and "worked tirelessly to ensure that vulnerable children are safe during humanitarian crises," the group said in a statement.


China: 8 victims


Italy: 8 victims

—Paolo Dieci, one of the founders of the International Committee for the Development of Peoples, was among the dead, the group said on its website.

"The world of international cooperation has lost one of its most brilliant advocates and Italian civil society has lost a precious point of reference," wrote the group, which partners with UNICEF in northern Africa.

UNICEF Italia sent a tweet of condolences over Dieci's death, noting that CISP, the group's Italian acronym, was a partner in Kenya, Libya and Algeria.

—Sebastiano Tusa, the Sicilian regional assessor to the Italian Culture Ministry, was en route to Nairobi when the plane crashed, according to Sicilian regional President Nello Musemeci. In a statement reported by the ANSA news agency, Musemeci said he received confirmation from the foreign ministry, which confirmed the news to The Associated Press.

In a tweet, Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte said it was a day of pain for everyone. He said: "We are united with the relatives of the victims and offer them our heartfelt thoughts."

Tusa was also a noted underwater archaeologist.

—The World Food Program confirmed that two of the Italian victims worked for the Rome-based U.N. agency.

A WFP spokeswoman identified the victims as Virginia Chimenti and Maria Pilar Buzzetti.

—Three other Italians worked for the Bergamo-based humanitarian agency, Africa Tremila: Carlo Spini, his wife, Gabriella Viggiani and the treasurer, Matteo Ravasio.


United States: 8 victims


France: 7 victims

—A group representing members of the African diaspora in Europe is mourning the loss of its co-chairperson and "foremost brother," Karim Saafi.

A French Tunisian, Saafi, 38, was on an official mission representing the African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe, the group announced on its Facebook page.

"Karim's smile, his charming and generous personality, eternal positivity, and his noble contribution to Youth employment, diaspora engagement and Africa's socio-economic development will never be forgotten," the post read. "Brother Karim, we'll keep you in our prayers."

Saafi left behind a fiancée.


UK: 7 victims

— Joanna Toole, a 36-year-old from Exmouth, Devon, was heading to Nairobi to attend the United Nations Environment Assembly when she was killed.

Father Adrian described her as a "very soft and loving" woman whose "work was not a job — it was her vocation".

"Everybody was very proud of her and the work she did. We're still in a state of shock. Joanna was genuinely one of those people who you never heard a bad word about," he told the DevonLive website.

He also said she used to keep homing pigeons and pet rats and travelled to the remote Faroe Islands to prevent whaling.

Manuel Barange, the director of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations fisheries and aquaculture department, tweeted saying he was "profoundly sad and lost for words" over the death of the "wonderful human being".

— Joseph Waithaka, a 55-year-old who lived in Hull for a decade before moving back to his native Kenya, also died in the crash, his son told the Hull Daily Mail.

Ben Kuria, who lives in London, said his father had worked for the Probation Service, adding: "He helped so many people in Hull who had found themselves on the wrong side of the law."

Waithaka had dual Kenyan and British citizenship, the BBC reported.


Egypt: 6 victims


Germany: 5 victims


India: 4 victims


Slovakia: 4 victims

—A lawmaker of Slovak Parliament said his wife, daughter and son were killed in the crash. Anton Hrnko, a legislator for the ultra-nationalist Slovak National Party, said he was "in deep grief" over the deaths of his wife, Blanka, son, Martin, and daughter, Michala. Their ages were not immediately available.

Martin Hrnko was working for the Bubo travel agency. The agency said he was traveling for his vacation in Kenya.

President Andrej Kiska offered his condolences to Hrnko.


Austria: 3 victims

—Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Peter Guschelbauer confirmed that three Austrian doctors in their early 30s were on board the flight. The men were on their way to Zanzibar, he said, but he could not confirm the purpose of their trip.


Russia: 3 victims

—The Russian Embassy in Ethiopia said that airline authorities had identified its deceased nationals as Yekaterina Polyakova, Alexander Polyakov and Sergei Vyalikov.

News reports identify the first two as husband and wife. State news agency RIA-Novosibirsk cites a consular official in Nairobi as saying all three were tourists.


Sweden: 3 victims

— Hospitality company Tamarind Group announced "with immense shock and grief" that its chief executive Jonathan Seex was among the fatalities.


Israel: 2 victims


Morocco: 2 victims


Poland: 2 victims


Spain: 2 victims


Belgium: 1 victim


Djibouti: 1 victim


Indonesia: 1 victim


Ireland: 1 victim

— Irishman Michael Ryan was among the seven dead from the United Nations' World Food Programme, a humanitarian organization distributing billions of rations every year to those in need.

The Rome-based aid worker and engineer known as Mick was formerly from Lahinch in County Clare in Ireland's west and was believed to be married with two children.

His projects have included creating safe ground for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and assessing the damage to rural roads in Nepal that were blocked by landslides.

Irish premier Leo Varadkar said: "Michael was doing life-changing work in Africa with the World Food Programme."


Mozambique: 1 victim


Nepal: 1 victim


Nigeria: 1 victim

—The Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it received the news of retired Ambassador Abiodun Oluremi Bashu's death "with great shock and prayed that the Almighty God grant his family and the nation, the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss."

Bashu was born in Ibadan in 1951 and joined the Nigerian Foreign Service in 1976. He had served in different capacities both at Headquarters and Foreign Missions such as Vienna, Austria, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire and Tehran, Iran. He also served as secretary to the Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

At the time of his death, Bashu was on contract with the United Nations Economic Commission of Africa.


Norway: 1 victim

—The Red Cross of Norway confirmed that Karoline Aadland, a finance officer, was among those on the flight.

Aadland, 28, was originally from Bergen, Norway. The Red Cross said she was traveling to Nairobi for a meeting.

Aadland's Linkedin page says she had done humanitarian and environmental work. The page says her work and studies had taken her to France, Kenya, South Africa and Malawi.

"People who know me describe me as a resourceful, dedicated and kindhearted person," she wrote on Linkedin.

The Red Cross says in a news release that it "offers support to the closest family, and to employees who want it," the organization said in a news release.


Rwanda: 1 victim


Saudi Arabia: 1 victim


Serbia: 1 victim

Serbia's foreign ministry confirmed that one of its nationals was aboard the plane. The ministry gave no further details, but local media identified the man as 54-year-old Djordje Vdovic.

The Vecernje Novosti daily reported that he worked at the World Food Program.


Somalia: 1 victim


Sudan: 1 victim


Togo: 1 victim


Uganda: 1 victim


Yemen: 1 victim


U.N. passport: 1 victim


          Italia dona alla Tunisia 50 fuoristrada ”per la lotta al traffico di esseri umani”      Cache   Translate Page      
Si è svolta oggi a Tunisi la cerimonia di consegna di cinquanta fuoristrada 4×4 donati dal ministero dell’Interno alla Guardia nazionale tunisina e destinati a essere impiegati nelle operazioni di contrasto ai flussi migratori irregolari. Lo riferisce l’ambasciata d’Italia a Tunisi sul proprio sito web. La donazione dei 50 fuoristrada, resa possibile grazie al finanziamento […]
          “Aumentano gli sbarchi fantasma”, allarme Procuratore di Agrigento      Cache   Translate Page      
“Negli ultimi due anni sono diminuiti gli sbarchi dalle coste libiche ma sono aumentati gli sbarchi fantasma dalle coste tunisine, sbarchi che sono più preoccupanti”. A lanciare l’allarme è il Procuratore aggiunto di Palermo, Marzia Sabella, nel corso della sua audizione davanti alla Commissione nazionale antimafia. “Sembrano viaggi occasionali dalla Tunisia alla Sicilia – dice […]
          Dahar : The most original region of Tunisia      Cache   Translate Page      

What makes the Dahar so mysterious? What magic does it exude that enchants so many of its visitors? It is perhaps the region’s unusual character and enveloping serenity that charm the visitor and invite him for further exploration. Nestled near the mythical beaches of the Island of Jerba and the magnificent dunes of the Sahara […]

L’article Dahar : The most original region of Tunisia est apparu en premier sur 1001 Tunisie.

          “Touching – Being” reveals itself from Tunisia to the sparkling sky of Ségou’Art 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

In Mali, from February 2nd to 9th, 2019, artists of all stripes will participate in the biennale of contemporary art Ségou’Art 2019 in its second edition, as part of the festival on Niger 2019 in Mali. Event taking place at the former cotton factory (C.M.D.T) of Ségou, launched and managed by Mamou Daffé, Malian cultural […]

L’article “Touching – Being” reveals itself from Tunisia to the sparkling sky of Ségou’Art 2019 est apparu en premier sur 1001 Tunisie.

          Oran: Tribute to neighboring Algeria      Cache   Translate Page      

Tender thoughts to Oran, the radiant, city symbol of parties. May our friendships accompany millions of Tunisians and Algerians who, through the roads of Melloula, Babouche and El Oued Souf, come to celebrate life, every year, here in Tunisia. ORAN: Poem by Bouzid Herzallah (Algerian poet) – April 291 Have you ever seen the sea sleep […]

L’article Oran: Tribute to neighboring Algeria est apparu en premier sur 1001 Tunisie.

          A public-private partnership to promote AOC Djebba Fig      Cache   Translate Page      

The village of Djebba (Béja governorate) is well known for the production of the Djebba fig, the only fruit with a registered designation of origin (AOC) in Tunisia. The experience of Djebba is considered in Tunisia as a model of success, which shows the value of the AOC label as a catalyst for regional development. […]

L’article A public-private partnership to promote AOC Djebba Fig est apparu en premier sur 1001 Tunisie.

          Vlog 66 kiff or when Yassine Redissi discovers Lemon Tour with 1001Tunisie      Cache   Translate Page      

Share this 9 minutes 35 seconds video Yassine Redissi’s Vlog Tunisia is a bowl of vitamins, good vibes and big kiff. Kiff, the word is dropped! It’s precisely kiff and even 66 kiff! Full-time dream salesman, journalist, director and part-time entrepreneur Yassine Redissi offers rides in Tunisia with a style proper to himself. Watch the […]

L’article Vlog 66 kiff or when Yassine Redissi discovers Lemon Tour with 1001Tunisie est apparu en premier sur 1001 Tunisie.

          Safir cultivates its legacy      Cache   Translate Page      

In Siliana, a few kilometers from the archaeological site of Maktaris and Kesra, the highest village in Tunisia, in the distillation room of SAFIR company, stills and olive oil tanks look like giant sculptures . The smell of rosemary and old rose being sorted floats in the air. She does not cheat on the quality […]

L’article Safir cultivates its legacy est apparu en premier sur 1001 Tunisie.

          Tunisia's capital gets Serbia Street      Cache   Translate Page      
Serbia's FM and First Deputy PM Ivica Dacic met on the second day of his visit to Tunisia with Mayor of the country's capital Tunis Souad Abderrahim. On this occasion, Dacic expressed great satisfaction with his visit to Tunisia and very successful meetings that he had with the country's top officials, and recalled the traditional friendship and cooperation of Serbia and Tunisia, the Serbian government announced.
          Interim stages of InstaForex contests summed up Check out the names of winners in three interim stages of InstaForex contests      Cache   Translate Page      

InstaForex has drawn up the results of autumn series of contests and is ready to unveil the winners' names. At this stage, we are announcing winners in three InstaForex contests: InstaForex Sniper for the most accurate traders, Real Scalping for the keenest traders, and Lucky Trader for the luckiest ones. We sincerely congratulate the prizetakers and wish good luck to all participants in InstaForex contests and those traders who intend to participate.

InstaForex Sniper

Accuracy, patience and fast reaction are the key to victory in InstaForex Sniper contest. Gorga Tua Harahap from Indonesia outperformed other contestants and proved to be the most determined one. We congratulate the winner and wish him more victories. All traders are welcome to test their accuracy – join and register! The next stage of InstaForex Sniper will be held from November 19, 2018 to November 23, 2018.

Real Scalping

The Real Scalping contest requires good reaction, concentration, healthy curiosity and will to learn. Practice makes perfect. Therefore, persistence, patience and practicing skills are appreciated. Today Ahmed Ben ali Neffef from Tunisia came the first in this contest. Well done! Keep it up! We invite all traders to take an opportunity to fight and win in the next stage of the competition, which will run from December 3, 2018 to December 28, 2018.

Lucky Trader

Willpower, prudence, and patience are the keys to the victory in the two-week Lucky Trader marathon. This time, Alexandr Potapov outperformed other participants and is declared the winner. Perhaps, it is you who will be able to carry out flawless trading for the next two weeks. Welcome! The nearest stage will run from November 26, 2018 until December 7, 2018.

Find out more about the contests

Photos and reviews of the finalists

          Deutsche Africa Korps - Smart Acrylic Paint Set (3 x 17ml)      Cache   Translate Page      
Deutsche Africa Korps - Smart Acrylic Paint Set (3 x 17ml)Acrylic paint set for painting Deutsche Afrika Korps vehicles from March 1942 to the bitter end in Tunisia. Finally, modellers can paint DAK vehicles without complex mixtures and hours of research. All products are acrylic and are formulated for maximum performance both with brush or airbrush and the Scale Effect Reduction will allow us to apply the correct colour on our models. Water soluble, odorless and non-toxic. Shake well before each use. Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator to facilitate mixture. We recommend MIG -2000 Acrylic Thinner for a correct thinning. Dries completely in 24 hours.

Set includes:


Buy Now
          Festival International de l’illusion: 2e édition les 16 et 17 Mars 2019 au théâtre municipal de Tunis      Cache   Translate Page      
Le Festival International de l’illusion ou le Magic International Festival in Tunisia 2019 est prévu pour les samedi 16 et dimanche 17 mars au théâtre municipal de la ville de Tunis. Dix Stars magiciens et illusionnistes de nationalités différentes se produiront au cours de cette manifestation qui célèbre sa deuxième édition. Adultes et enfants sont invités […]
          EnviroFest 2019: 2e édition du 19 mars au 29 août dans 8 villes de Tunisie      Cache   Translate Page      
EnviroFest 2019 ou Tunisia Environmental Film Festival dans sa 2ème édition, est un événement qui expose les défis et problèmes environnementaux à travers la projection de films dédiés. Evirofest débutera le 19 Mars 2019 à la Cité de la Culture de Tunis pour 5 jours de projections, de débats et d’ateliers et se poursuivra jusqu’au mois […]

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Site Map 2018_10_09
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Site Map 2018_10_11
Site Map 2018_10_12
Site Map 2018_10_13
Site Map 2018_10_14
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Site Map 2018_10_18
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Site Map 2018_10_20
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Site Map 2018_10_22
Site Map 2018_10_23
Site Map 2018_10_24
Site Map 2018_10_25
Site Map 2018_10_26
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Site Map 2018_10_28
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Site Map 2018_10_30
Site Map 2018_10_31
Site Map 2018_11_01
Site Map 2018_11_02
Site Map 2018_11_03
Site Map 2018_11_04
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Site Map 2018_11_06
Site Map 2018_11_07
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Site Map 2018_11_12
Site Map 2018_11_13
Site Map 2018_11_14
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Site Map 2018_11_18
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Site Map 2018_11_22
Site Map 2018_11_23
Site Map 2018_11_24
Site Map 2018_11_25
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Site Map 2018_11_30
Site Map 2018_12_01
Site Map 2018_12_02
Site Map 2018_12_03
Site Map 2018_12_04
Site Map 2018_12_05
Site Map 2018_12_06
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Site Map 2018_12_09
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Site Map 2018_12_12
Site Map 2018_12_13
Site Map 2018_12_14
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Site Map 2018_12_18
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Site Map 2018_12_22
Site Map 2018_12_23
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Site Map 2018_12_28
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Site Map 2018_12_30
Site Map 2018_12_31
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Site Map 2019_01_18
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