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In September, I decided that it was time to take a break from client work. I would focus 100% of my time on my freelancing app, Cushion, and hopefully reach a point where I could live off its income.

One week later, however, I received an email from Gabe Flateman, CTO and co-founder of Casper. If you live in New York, you’re probably well aware of Casper because their subway ads are everywhere. In short, Casper is a mattress startup with emphasis on quality, affordability, and customer support.

Casper subway ads by Red Antler & Tomi Um

Typically, I would’ve stuck to the plan of going clientless, but Casper is an enticing client—I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to at least chat. If anything, this would allow me to work full-time on Cushion for even longer.

I met with Gabe and he filled me in on their plan to start offering pillows and sheets along with their signature mattress (not my typical client). To announce their new products, they needed a fancy new homepage.

I’ve worked on a few animated websites in the past, and that’s exactly how Gabe found me. These websites are fun because they give me the chance to experiment. I also do my best work under the pressure of their challenges and countless unknowns, like whether the website is even possible.

“Dream Sandwich” sketch from Alex Malkin, Digital Experience Director at Red Antler

Gabe told me about their “Dream Sandwich” concept, designed by the creative studio, JaegerSloan. The bed would separate in mid-air and each product would float up the page as the user scrolls. Then, the products would float back down and land as a complete bed.

We discussed possible approaches, like scrubbing through a video or swapping out still images. Video is easy, but sacrifices quality and control. Stills are more flexible and higher quality, but at the cost of file size. Regardless of the direction we took, it was clear that this would be a real challenge.

I had experience animating with still images from my work on the FiftyThree Pencil page, where a hand holding a Pencil rotates as the user scrolls. That, however, was only a small section of the page using only a dozen images. The Casper website, on the other hand, would potentially be hundreds of hi-res images spanning the entire window.

FiftyThree Pencil website

The countless challenges raced through my mind as Gabe and I chatted—file size, performance, file size, image quality, file size, deadline. I could’ve walked away, but after brainstorming and talking through all the obstacles, I felt invested in the website—I wanted to be the one to make this special.

I accepted the gig.

I need to constantly remind myself of how fortunate I am to attract this caliber of client, and more importantly, that building websites even counts as a profession—let alone a valuable one. At any time, tides could shift and the industry could take a nosedive. It sounds far-fetched, but I was once a skilled Flash developer.

Gabe sent me a CodePen prototype they made for scrubbing a video with the scrollbar. CodePen and other web-based IDEs were completely foreign to me, so this was a first. I forked Casper’s prototype and added friction to make the scrubbing smoother. I was blown away by how easy it was to set up and share iterations. So much, in fact, that I decided to use it for the rest of the project.

Iterations in CodePen

These websites tend to go through dozens of iterations, so CodePen was the perfect tool for me to quickly make changes and get instant feedback from Casper. Whenever we decided to go in a different direction, I would simply fork the latest prototype and move on. This left me with shareable save points that I could easily link to.

After considering all of the potential issues with video, like aspect ratio and browser compatibility, we decided to ditch that approach. This was definitely for the best because if we were to discover a deal-breaker after shooting the video, we would be in a really sticky situation. By using still images, we would at least have some outs if anything went south.

The Gazelle camera crane photographing the Casper mattress

JaegerSloan was smart and shot each product individually—this gave us more control over scaling and positioning. They used a Gazelle camera crane on a green screen, which provided us with a smooth series of angles that we could select from. If I learned anything throughout this project, it’s that Casper does not mess around when it comes to big ideas.

With a tight deadline and no readily available assets, I had to make the most of my time. While JaegerSloan worked on touching up the images, I started coding a prototype using colored blocks as placeholders. This allowed me to focus on the timing, positioning, and feel of the animation before even thinking about actual images.

A prototype using colored blocks as placeholders

A few days later, JaegerSloan provided us with draft images for picking which frames we would need for the final animation. Because of the tight deadline, we didn’t have the luxury of touching up every single image from the photoshoot. And because of the concern with file size, we needed to know the frame rate that would require the fewest number of images while still feeling smooth.

With the FiftyThree page, I was able to keep it simple by loading a dozen images individually. With Casper, however, I’m dealing with hundreds of images, so the number of requests became a big concern as well.

Instead of loading images one-by-one, we needed to use sprite sheets—combining every frame of a product as one image. If we have 5 products on the page, the browser would only need to load 5 images with 100 frames versus 500 single-frame images. The file size would also be much lower because the images within the sprite sheet could share colors.

A sprite sheet of Casper sheets

I wrote a script that takes a folder of images, compiles them into a sprite sheet, and optimizes the sheet to save even more on file size. The result is a single image and a CSS file of the background positions of the frames within the sprite sheet. In the Javscript, I simply change the class name of an element to display the correct frame.

The code I used to control the positioning and timing of the animation is step-based, similar to the system I wrote for Dropbox’s Carousel website. Each step has a duration and an array of items to animate. And each item has start/end values for each property (x, y, etc). The current step is detected based on the scroll position. The items then animate based on the scroll position within the current step. Everything is based on relative percentages, so if a specific step needs to be shortened or lengthened, I can increase the duration of that step and the animation will adjust itself.

A prototype using draft images

Now that we were using draft images instead of colored blocks, I was able to get a much better sense of the animation’s feel. It was exciting to see everything coming together—even as a draft. I tweaked the timing and positioning to smooth out the rough spots and shared the new prototype with Casper.

When we received the final images from JaegerSloan, it felt like Christmas. I had been working with the draft images for so long that I forgot that they were drafts—my brain learned to ignore their rough edges and color. Once I swapped out the drafts for the retouched images, everything instantly felt like a real webpage—no longer a prototype.

A prototype using final images

While I worked on the website, the Casper QA team performed user tests with each major iteration I sent them, rather than launching and hoping for the best. With the final images in place, they were able to discover a few difficult truths.

  • Users weren’t connecting with the room
  • Users didn’t realize that Casper was announcing pillows and sheets
  • Users thought Casper was introducing pajamas

With two weeks remaining before launch, these results were hard to swallow. We had to make some big changes, but fortunately, not all was lost. To make the room feel more relatable, Casper brought back the hero image with one of their lifestyle photos. This provided a more realistic image of a bedroom with more emphasis on the announcement copy. Instead of distracting the user with an animation right off-the-bat, the still image would give them time to digest the copy and realize that Casper now has sheets and pillows.

The rest of the page, including the animation, was more up-in-the-air at this point. Casper’s Director of Design, Huy Vu, and Senior Designer, Jarrod Barretto, focused on a new design. It would reuse the elements of the animation, but ditch the idea of the step-based animation.

A sketch of the new direction

After the hero, the user would see the separated “Dream Sandwich” with buttons linking to each product. They would then scroll through the individual products before hitting the rest of the page. As the products move up the page, they would “rotate” with the scroll to create the illusion of 3D perspective.

I started on the new prototype and was blown away by how much code I was able to remove. I treated each section of the page as a self-contained block with its own scroll percentage. The items would move up the page like normal HTML elements, but the “rotation” would be determined by their independent position on the page. This approach cut the code to roughly 30 lines, down from over 600.

The final iteration

The final design immediately felt more like a webpage than any of the previous iterations, and I find the design much more effective than a complex animation—it doesn’t hijack the scroll or move elements against the grain of the page. If the user scrolls quickly from top to bottom, they might not even notice the rotating products, but once they do, it will wow them even more.

I spent the last week before launch moving the code from Codepen into Casper’s repo. Joseph Cortwabi, one of Casper’s front-end engineers, worked closely with Jarrod to fine-tune the hero across screen resolutions and orientations while Kei Sato, another front-end engineer, helped with the shop modules at the bottom of the page.

In the final hours, Betty Liao, Casper’s Digital Project Manager, tested a gnarly iOS7 bug for me while I attempted to blindly fix it (without the device). A few stressful minutes later, I merged my final pull request and called it a night. Casper launched the next day.

In the end, I’m thrilled with how everything turned out. The homepage fits that perfect balance between subtle and special without going overboard with animations. I had a blast working with the team and witnessing them build the rest of the website around my small contribution. I look forward to watching Casper grow, and I hope to hear from them again when they inevitably launch pajamas.

You can see the Casper homepage here.

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Waiting until the last possible moment to write these recap posts seems to have become a tradition for me. This year, I decided to follow up on last year’s goals and list a few new ones for 2016.

Ship Cushion

On July 14 of 2015, I finally shipped Cushion, the freelancing app that has absolutely consumed my life for the past two years. The day went off without a hitch and I watched as a wave of new users signed up to try it out. Ever since, I’ve been trying my hardest to grow it into a sustainable app that I could turn into a full-time career. So far, I’m about halfway there, and I’m ecstatic about Cushion’s future—especially this upcoming year. I plan to hire a few freelancers to help get Cushion to the next level, which is both exciting and terrifying.

Use spreadsheets

Cushion Expenses

I didn’t take advantage of spreadsheets as much as I had hoped this past year, but I did use spreadsheets to manage Cushion’s expenses page as well as track my business expenses. After suffering through accounting software since I started freelancing, I pulled the plug and replaced it with spreadsheets. With a small amount of extra work, I have everything in a flexible format that doesn’t cost a dime. (I would gladly pay for a human-friendly service that focuses on ease and exportability.)

Continue existing routines

Instead of continuing my gym routine, I actually cancelled my membership and I haven’t been back since. I would’ve continued going if it weren’t for the gym’s outrageous (though not surprising) fees for pausing a membership. I did sign up for an indoor basketball league that starts in January, so hopefully that will get me back into a healthy routine.

One week between client gigs

I’m happy to share that I’ve gone a step further than one week between client gigs. Because of my focus on Cushion, I’ve been fortunate enough to take between 1-3 months off between clients this past year. Early in the year, I worked with Project Florida on the Sum website (RIP). Over the summer, I reuinted with Oak Studios to help with Siteleaf 2.0. And in November, I collaborated with Casper on their fancy new homepage. I don’t think I’ll be as lucky in 2016, but maybe I can get Cushion to a point where I don’t need clients—who knows with freelancing.

Book a few speaking gigs

I didn’t speak at a conference in 2015, but I did book a speaking gig at Create Upstate in May. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned from bootstrapping Cushion and balancing freelance work while running an app. I hope to book a few more talks throughout the year, so if you know a conference that would be a good fit, let me know!

Take more photos

My wife, Jen, lettering at the studio

I beat myself up over not taking as many photos as I once did—especially after digging through old hard drives and finding that even the “bad” photos are incredibly valuable to me years later. Going forward, I need to capture my life on a daily basis. Even if I never post the photos anywhere, I will make it a necessity to record at least one “experience” each day. I know I’ll regret it if I don’t.

Read more books

Again, I didn’t read as many books as I anticipated I would, but I did finish The Martian in 9 hours—a personal record! (6 of those hours were on a flight and I simply couldn’t put the book down after that.) For 2016, I think I’ll have more success by establishing a reading schedule. Instead of picking a book and reading it whenever I remember to, I need to designate time throughout the week to slow down and bury my head in a good book. I’m starting Ready Player One right now, so if anyone has a suggestion for the next few, I’d love to hear.

Play more video games

In 2015, I played plenty of video games. It’s easy when your wife plays more than you. After breezing through the remastered Grand Theft Auto V, Arkham Knight, and quitting The Last of Us out of pure fear, I’m now deep into Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Star Wars Battlefront. I don’t know what to tackle once I’m done with those two, but I love free roaming games.

Ride my bike

It pains me to say that I only rode my bike a few times in 2015. I still have it, so there’s always hope for 2016, but now that my studio is a short, relaxing walk away from our apartment, I can’t imagine I’ll start anytime soon. I should really plan day trips to areas of Brooklyn I’ve never been and ride there. I know of dozens of coffee shops I still need to visit, so maybe that should be my driving force.

Take a trip outside of Brooklyn every 3 months

Jen and I at Coopers Rock, WV

I‘m proud to say that we traveled a fair amount this past year. We weren’t one of those couples who is constantly instagramming exotic locations around the world, but we at least got out of the city every three months—traveling to Upstate New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Portland, and West Virginia. After reaching that goal, I realized that traveling every three months isn’t enough. For 2016, the new goal is to take four big trips with a few shorter trips in between. So far, we already have Joshua Tree and Palm Springs booked for February along with a week in Austin for July. And, I can guarantee that we’ll return to Portland again in the fall.

In 2016

Looking ahead, I plan to focus on quality of life. This doesn’t only mean experiencing more, but also taking care of myself. I need to slow down, work less, and reduce unnecessary stresses in my life.

Embrace the freelance schedule

Jen and I practically live at the studio with how much we work, so I want to battle that with a more flexible schedule. Instead of racing to the studio in the morning and zombie-walking home at night, I’d like to start a couple days a week without an agenda. Since we also tend to work the weekend, I want to start treating Wednesday like a mid-week weekend. Hopefully, that will break the week up better and help prevent those stretches when we forget to take time off. We really need to take advantage of the most appealing aspect of freelance—not having a schedule.

Contribute to open source

I know this entails more work, which is against my theme for 2016, but I feel the need to give back to the coding community. I try to write about my process and experiences as much as I can, but I haven’t really shared much code over the years. After years of coding in private, I miss having code out in the public for the world to reference and utilize. I’d be happy with even contributing the occasional one-line pull request.

Spend time in the kitchen

Our tiny kitchen in Brooklyn

For those who don’t live in a tiny apartment or rely on Seamless for dinner, you might have a difficult time grasping the fact that we don’t use our kitchen. Now that we have a new floor and more space, I really want to spend more time in our “closet with a stove”. I’m not much of a cook, but I know I can follow a recipe. Even if this only results in cooking dinner once a week, I’d feel accomplished.

Establish a better backup system

For how cautious I am in real life, most people would be shocked to know that I don’t backup much of my data. All of my code is on Github and all of my other work is on Dropbox, but everything else is on a few hard drives that aren’t backed up anywhere. The plan for 2016 is to have a local RAID 0 hard drive system for working files in combination with Backblaze backing up everything to the cloud. I know Murphy’s Law can come into full effect at any moment with drive failures, so I need to make this priority one.

Write 2016’s recap before New Year’s Eve

Lastly, I want to write next year’s post with plenty of time to spare before the New Year. Here’s to 2016!

          In 2015      Cache   Translate Page      

The end of this year really crept up on me. I spent most of it heads-down working, so I didn’t even think of writing a year-in-review post until the last possible day. I wrote one for 2012 and it felt good to look back at past accomplishments, but I feel like 2014 was just a work-in-progress year for me. Because of this, I’m going to focus on the upcoming year instead and list a few things I want to accomplish.

Ship Cushion

If you don’t know about Cushion, I’m surprised. Not because you should know about it, but more because I feel like it’s all I talk about anymore. Cushion is the freelancer app I’ve been working on day and night for most of the year. 3 months ago, I rolled out a paid beta and I hope to publicly launch in the next month or so.

Use spreadsheets

When I started working on Cushion, I made a point to be transparent, so I started tracking its expenses in a spreadsheet. I can’t remember the last time I seriously used a spreadsheet, but I instantly rediscovered how powerful they can be. Coincidentally, my frustration with accounting software has reached defcon 1—I’m essentially paying $30/month for stress. I realized I could save that money and build a custom-tailored system using a simple spreadsheet. It’ll require a bit more manual work, but I’m certain I’ll sleep better at night.

Continue existing routines

Coming off my sabbatical in June, I decided to establish a few routines. The first was to limit client work to 3 days a week. With Cushion bringing in an income of its own now, this routine has been a possibility for the past few months. The second routine was an uphill battle—getting a gym membership and actually going. I discovered that pairing routines increases the likelyhood that they will succeed, so after a long day of client work, I head straight to the gym. I’m proud to say this routine is on its 4th month and staying strong. rimshot

One week between client gigs

This past year, I had a serious problem with overlapping client jobs, resulting in the need to take 3 months off to fully recover. I’d like to avoid another burnout, so I’m establishing a new rule for myself—one week off between client gigs. This is much easier said than done, considering the delay and drag of projects are outside of my control, but I’m going to give it a shot and hope for the best.

Book a few speaking gigs

I had a few small talks in 2014 and it was a lot of fun. I’d really like to speak more, but I’m not sure where to start—I have a lot on my mind when it comes to freelancing, bootstrapping, and working solo. Speaking in front of a crowd once scared me to death, but now I enjoy it and feel I can contribute a lot—specifically jokes that bomb.

Take more photos

Every year, I tell myself I’m going to take photos more consistently, but I always fail. It’s the first thing to go when work picks up. I’m keeping this one on the list, though, because I still think it’s important—I’m always thankful when I have photos to match memories. After a year-long break from Instagram, I plan to return tomorrow. Maybe sharing photos will encourage me to shoot more often.

Read more books

Before we moved our studio space to within walking distance of our apartment, I was a subway reader. Now, I need to set aside time if I want to read. I hate that I’ve become accustom to reading headlines and collecting browser tabs of articles I’ll never read. To fight this, I’m going to first try getting in bed earlier and reading before sleep. Then, I might turn coffee time into coffee/reading time. I think it’d go a long way in improving how I feel about my consumption habits.

Play more video games

At some point in my adulthood, I stopped playing and just decided that I would work day and night. All the video games I once played just sat on the shelf and gathered dust—I forgot what it was like to really get into a game. Jen recently convinced me to buy a PS4 (which didn’t take much convincing at all), so we’ve been getting back into it. Every other night, we’ll set aside our work and take turns playing our game. I’m currently on Grand Theft Auto 5, with The Last of Us next in the queue, while Jen continues the Assassin’s Creed series. I can’t wait to see which games come out in 2015.

Ride my bike

I bought a Linus bike a few summers ago with the best intentions, but didn’t ride it much beyond a few commutes to the studio. With so much to see in New York, I feel I’m doing a disservice to myself for not riding on a regular basis. After living here for close to 3 years, I honestly haven’t ventured far beyond my own neighborhood. When spring arrives, however, I can’t wait to explore.

Take a trip outside of Brooklyn every 3 months

Along with seeing more of the city, I need to see more outside the city. Today especially, I realized I rarely take time off. My friend Frank suggested blocking out time in my calendar every 3 months to just get out of the city. Well, I marked my calendar and I’m determined to stick to it—even if it just means a drive upstate. We’ve gone on a few trips last year with our fellow studiomates and now I’m itching to plan a few of my own.

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This is an extended transcription of my CreativeMornings talk. The theme was “Make,” and instead of speaking about my own work, I decided to talk about my dad, his work, and how he turned me into the maker I am today.

My dad is a freelance book cover illustrator. He started right out of college and has been pushing out covers ever since—about 37 years now. If you’ve ever been in a book store, you’ve seen one of his covers. If you’ve walked past a cardboard box on the street with a stack of books in it, you’ve seen one of his covers.

For the first 20 years, he painted each and every cover. He would take a few reference photos with his polaroid land camera and spend the following month painting with acrylics on a gessoed masonite board. Upon finishing, he would slip the cover in a Fedex box and ship it to his publisher in New York, hoping it would arrive in one piece. Now, my dad uses Photoshop. He can start a cover on a Friday and email it to his publisher on Monday.

Since my dad works from home, my siblings and I grew up watching him illustrate these covers. He greeted us in the morning from his studio and wished us goodnight from his studio. My dad burns the midnight oil better than anyone I know, which explains why working a 14-hour day sometimes feels normal to me. Some nights, we would work alongside each other in his studio, watching any given Philly game, with the audio from the local radio broadcast.

Because my parents live in the small town of Macungie, PA, my dad would ask us to pose for him rather than hiring models. At the time, there was nothing special about this—it was just part of our childhood. I would spend a few minutes looking like a boy without a family and he would pay me $20, which I could use towards my next video game. To a kid, this was a steal.

Posing for my dad was rarely planned—he would just call us over from his studio and ask us to spare a few minutes. The shoot often involved my mom holding a piece of foamcore as a makeshift reflector or picking out the correct attire for us. We would goof around, treating this like our own version of dress-up.

After holding still for a few shots, trying to make each other laugh while not laughing ourselves, we would go back to whatever we were doing. Then, several months later, we would find ourselves on another cover. This felt like magic. My dad doesn’t need green screens or professional lighting—he can make a cover out of anything.

To start a cover, one of my dad’s publishers would send him a sketch. The sketch was often more of a scribble than anything descriptive, so they would follow up the sketch with a call. The art director would chime in and provide a sketch of their own. This would typically be more elaborate, but still difficult for most to interpret. My dad had no problem, though. He would take these sketches and produce a cover with the exact image his publishers had in mind.

Because of this, his publishers would consistently return to him when they needed the job done right. This had a major impact on my own work ethic and the kind of relationships I try to build with others. If you establish yourself as someone who can always finish the job with a level of quality beyond expectations, you will never have trouble finding work.

Though my dad is at the top of his game with book covers, his true passion lies with model airplanes. When he wished us goodnight from his studio, he usually had an airplane in front of him rather than a cover.

He started building airplanes at the age of eight, having learned from his dad. Back then, video games and computers didn’t exist (*gasp*), so models were a common hobby for the average kid. Hobby shops are rare these days, but if you can find one, there’s a good chance it will have a section for model airplanes. But, my dad doesn’t just build his airplanes from kits. He actually constructs them from scratch, and each one is an exact replica of an existing airplane from a previous era, mainly WWI and WWII.

A single airplane will take anywhere from two months to a year to complete. Each one is constructed from several sheets of balsa wood that are cut down to size and glued in place. The airplane is then wrapped in tissue paper and decorated with all the details of its original design. As a kid, I witnessed the daily progress of every plane—each one built as separate parts, then pieced together at the end. Now, I see progress in months, when I’m able to visit home. I’ll catch him either starting a new plane or putting the finishing touches on one I’ve seen only once or twice before. Nevertheless, he’s always excited to show me his latest creation.

Building model airplanes requires enough work on its own to be considered a full-time job, let alone a hobby, but my dad isn’t the type to just shelf a piece of work and call it a day. Every airplane he builds can also fly as well as it looks. In his eyes, what’s a plane that can’t fly? He takes this very seriously, too, to the extent of mowing only a portion of his backyard, so the rest could remain a soft “landing strip” for testing and minor tweaking. He calls it “Hallman’s Meadow”.

As you might expect by now, these airplanes aren’t RC-powered. Believe it or not, they fly on rubber band power. Inside each airplane is a greased rubber band running from a hook in the back to the propeller in the front. The length of the rubber band depends on the size of the airplane, with some reaching as long as several feet.

Winding one of these airplanes by hand would be very tiring, not to mention time-consuming, considering a single flight requires several hundred winds. Instead, my dad uses a makeshift winder. This MacGyver-esque device can wind ten times faster than using your hand. It also comes equipped with a calculator that keeps track of the number of winds, using a magnet that is literally taped to the crank. Surprising no one, you can’t buy these—he knows a guy who makes them.

My dad also competes as a member of the Flying Aces Club. He drives to either Geneseo or Wawayanda in upstate New York and flies against dozens of other “pilots”—each of whom has been building and flying airplanes for decades. They spend a few days competing, but also discussing their craft, process, and experiences from the past year’s build. Having been to several competitions as a kid, I can tell you that each one of these fliers wants nothing more than to share what they know and celebrate each other’s flights.

At the age of 59, my dad is considered the young gun among the other fliers, with most of them old enough to be his dad, but as a 5-time grand champion, he carries a strong reputation.

Along with constructing the actual airplanes, my dad also builds tools to help him make specific parts of each plane. One of these tools, he calls a “canopy vacuformer”, is a contraption that forms the canopy of an airplane from a single sheet of plastic.

My dad places the top-half of the tool in his oven with the plastic securely held in place. The plastic is heated at a temperature between 300-350 degrees, until malleable. Then, he removes the plastic from the oven and places it on top of the balsa mold of the canopy. With the family vacuum, he suctions the plastic down to perfectly fit over the mold, forming the canopy of the airplane.

As a kid, growing up watching this process, I didn’t think twice about it—this was just how you build the canopy for a rubber band-powered model airplane. How else would you do it? Now, I truly appreciate the creativity and resourcefulness on my dad’s part to even think of a process like this, utlizing household appliances.

The attention to detail my dad puts into every airplane is incredible. His obsession with even the most minute details is one that I often see in myself. Every time he reveals his latest workboard of airplane parts to me, I soak in every consideration he shares and admire the precision of each piece. Everything is always perfect. In my own work, I want people to feel the way I do when I see his work.

While constructing an airplane, my dad takes the time to document the entire process, which is why I do the same with my own projects. I love seeing how each part comes together and how it contributes to the final product. Seeing this documentation as a kid, I learned its importance in telling the story of each airplane. I could witness the struggles, decisions and sacrifices that lead to the end result, making every airplane so much better.

My dad’s airplanes are more than just airplanes. Each one is a piece of art and an extension of my dad. Though these planes don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, they mean the world to him. He taught me everything I know about craftsmanship and what it’s like to be truly passionate about our work. And, I’m passionate about my work because of my dad.

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Early last year, I started renting a desk at Studiomates while working remotely for Adobe. With the majority of mates either running their own companies or freelancing, I felt the itch to follow suit. This feeling has been with me ever since I first started working for someone else. I knew that one day it would be too much to bear.

I sat down with Tina Roth Eisenberg and discussed my dream of being on my own, as well as my nightmares of making the initial jump. (I start to make sense of the memories of everyone in the pool already, yelling for me to join, while I cautiously dip my toe in the water.) She asked me, “What is holding you back the most?” Hands-down, it was my fear of not having that initial project to get me off to a running start. Without this, I would never find a project. I would burn through all my savings and end up homeless. Now, I know this sounds dramatic, but when you’re going through this decision, those thoughts are a daily occurrence—even after making the decision. At that moment, she gave me TeuxDeux.

One year later—I’m not homeless. I have a number of websites and apps under my belt, an immeasurable sense of freedom, and the experience of working alongside some of the very people whose online exchanges once gave me Bieber Fever-like reactions. So, what did I learn?

Save as much money as you can

Running out of money is the stress of all stresses. And this is the last stress you want when trying to do good work. It hinders your creativity and forces you to make quick decisions. I left Adobe with a considerable amount of savings, which calmed my nerves to a certain extent, but even still, I had frequent panic attacks.

How much is enough? Think of a number you could see yourself burning through, then double it. Once you’ve doubled that amount, triple it. There were countless expenses that came out of nowhere when starting Destroy Today LLC—the most memorable being the interim health insurance. I had a 3-month window to sign up for COBRA insurance while shopping for more affordable coverage. The idiot in me, who doesn’t read the fine print, decided to wait until the last minute to sign up, so I wouldn’t have to pay for those months. Little did I know COBRA is retroactive, so shortly after, I received $4000 bill from the past three months of coverage. That hurt.

Hire a lawyer and an accountant

Setting up a business can be tricky. In New York, there are a few hurdles to intentionally prevent just anyone from starting a business. Like, you must announce your business in two NYC publications, which ends up costing about $1500. Instead of handling this myself, I hired Jerald to take care of it. Jerald is my lawyer. He takes care of all my client contracts. He also helped me choose the type of incorporation that was right for me. Since Jerald uses half of his office space as an incubator for startups, I know he understands my line of work.

Then there’s accounting. The best money you could ever spend is on an accountant you can trust. Warren handles my taxes and he’s been handling my dad’s for the past 30 years. I use Xero to keep track of invoices and expenses, and every Sunday I balance the books for the previous week. Once a quarter, Warren looks at the numbers and we’re good to go. This confidence in my accounting brings incredible peace of mind come April.

Join a co-working space

After a year of renting my desk at Studiomates, I could easily say I will never go back to working at home. The benefits of a co-working space far outweigh the cost of rent or time to commute, and I’m almost certain I wouldn’t have made it on my own if it weren’t for Studiomates.

When at Studiomates, I’m in work mode. I put on my headphones and go full speed ahead. My desk does not sit directly next to my comfortable bed, nor do my video games feed my procrastination. At the end of the day, I ride the subway home and my mental gears shift. I feel a sense of relaxation that only home can provide. This separation keeps me sane.

Inspiration is everywhere in a co-working space. Seeing others work hard inspires me to work harder. Watching others ship amazing products makes me want to do nothing but the same. In my first month at Studiomates, we held a show & tell for everyone to introduce themselves and share what they were working on. My jaw dropped an inch with each presentation. By the end, you could taste the inspiration flowing through the room. People started approaching each other, asking questions and discussing ideas of their own.

In this past year, every single job I’ve taken has come from someone in the studio or visiting the studio. Since (almost) everyone in the space is in the same field, it’s the perfect environment to find work as well as find people to work with. Some of the most common scenarios I see come from a designer needing a developer to build their design, a developer passing a job along because they have too much work, or a casual conversation about an idea turning into a collaboration. And this happens all the time.

Make your availability known

This sounds dumb, but it’s important—make it known that you are looking to take on more work. Early on, I missed out on several opportunities because people just assumed I was too busy for their project. It’s easy to imagine. In the weeks leading up to the TeuxDeux launch, I was heads-down, constantly stressing, and only talking about TeuxDeux. In their eyes, no way am I available for more work, but in reality, I’m planning the next few months post-launch. You can have a great network, but if they only see you working, everyone will just assume you’re booked.

On the reverse end, don’t wait for someone to approach you. Reach out to those you want to work with. Send them a note saying you’re available and interested in working together. I sit next to the Oak guys at Studiomates and for months, I watched them ship amazing products. One day, on a whim, I wrote a short email to Skylar simply saying I’d love to work together. From there, I was able to lend a hand with Dropmark.

Know your limits

Leading up to the TeuxDeux launch, I worked 40 hours over the course of a weekend. I felt a constant pressure on my forehead and shots of pain in my chest. I definitely exceeded my limits and my body let me know it. Never work this hard. Ever. Whatever you’re working on is not worth the mental and physical pain. I learned how to tell myself that deadlines will come and go, and everything will be fine, regardless of whether we finish in time. My mom always says, “Tomorrow is another day.” Some nights, I need to say this to myself, but it helps when I do.

Go for it

I’ve learned a lot about myself since being on my own. I feel stronger and more independent than I’ve ever felt in my entire life—even if my internal voice is much louder and longer-winded than ever before. Every project is a challenge and provides a real sense of ownership. Each day ends with great excitement for the next. Is it for everyone? No, but if you have the itch, go for it.

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          Animierte Karte zeigt das urbane Wachstum New York Citys von 1609 bis heute      Cache   Translate Page      
Immer wieder erstaunlich, wenn man sich vor Augen hält, wie jung die Metropole aller Metropolen im Vergleich zu all den anderen aus ihrer Klasse ist.…
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          The Latest: 4 free on $500K bail in college admission scheme      Cache   Translate Page      
Four people arrested in New York City in the college admissions prosecution have each been released on $500,000 bail after brief appearances in Manhattan federal court
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          Mit Größe 34: Designer nennt Model Edie Campbell "zu fett"      Cache   Translate Page      
Der Magerwahn der Designer kennt offenbar keine Grenzen! Bei der Mailänder Fashion Week, neben Paris und New York die wichtigste Fashion Week der Welt, zeigte die Branche wieder einmal ihr hässliches Gesicht. Denn dünn ist immer noch nicht dünn genug. So wurde dem bekannten britischen Model Edie Campbell (28) von einem Designer ins Gesicht gesagt, sie sei zu fett, um seine Show zu eröffnen!
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On Tuesday, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to voice his paranoia about investigations swirling around him. Trump has been plagued with multiple scandals since he first took office. Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen sparked several investigations into the president after he t...

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Disney Cruise Line is debuting a diverse lineup of itineraries and home ports for fall 2019 with departures from New York, California, Texas and Florida. Disney Cruise Line will be returning to favorite destinations and home ports on a variety of itineraries, including adventures to Bermuda, Bahamas, Baja, Canada and the Caribbean. With cruises ranging from two-night getaways to weeklong […]

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In 2018, you can celebrate Marvel Day at Sea on the Disney Magic during eight special voyages from Miami departing January through April. These new Marvel Day at Sea voyages from Miami follow the premiere of the epic event on seven special sailings from New York City in the fall of 2017. New character interactions and an […]

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          Brexit: Τι είναι το backstop      Cache   Translate Page      

Οπως έγραψαν και οι New York Times, το «Ιρλανδικό backstop» είναι μία «βολική συντομογραφία ενός διαβολικά περίπλοκου θέματος». Κι όσο πλησιάζει η 29η Μαρτίου, τόσο περισσότερο φαντάζει σαν την ξέρα η οποία κινδυνεύει να βυθίσει το Brexit. 

Γιατί είναι απαραίτητο;

Με λίγα λόγια, είναι ένας τρόπος για να αποφευχθεί η δημιουργία ενός πραγματικού συνόρου μεταξύ Ιρλανδίας, που παραμένει μέλος της ΕΕ και της Β. Ιρλανδίας, που παραμένει μέρος του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου. 

Στην θεωρία ακούγεται απλό, αλλά στην πραγματικότητα είναι μάλλον πιο εύκολο να λύσει κανείς ένα παζλ με τα μάτια δεμένα, παρά να λύσει το πρόβλημα του backstop με τρόπο που να ικανοποιεί και το Βρετανικό Κοινοβούλιο και την Ευρωπαϊκή Ενωση.

Μα, γιατί;

Εκτός όλων των άλλων, η Συμφωνία της Μεγάλης Παρασκευής, που υπεγράφη το 1998 και βοήθησε στον τερματισμό των συγκρούσεων στη Β. Ιρλανδία, έρχεται σε πλήρη αντίθεση με την δημιουργία ενός κανονικού, «σκληρού» συνόρου μεταξύ αυτού του τμήματος του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου και της Ιρλανδίας. Και δεν υπάρχει κανείς, ούτε στην Ιρλανδία, ούτε στη Β. Ιρλανδία, ούτε στο βρετανικό Κοινοβούλιο που να είναι υπέρ της αλλαγής αυτού του καθεστώτος. 

Τι θα αλλάξει μετά το Brexit?

Η προθεσμία για την έξοδο της Βρετανίας από την ΕΕ λήγει στις 29 Μαρτίου, αλλά το σχέδιο συμφωνίας για το Brexit, το οποίο καλούνται να ψηφίσουν το βράδυ της Τρίτης οι βρετανοί βουλευτές, προβλέπει ότι δεν θα υπάρξουν αλλαγές. Η Βρετανία θα παραμείνει εντός τελωνειακής ένωσης και κοινής αγοράς μέχρι - τουλάχιστον - το τέλος του 2020. Στο διάστημα αυτό το Λονδίνο και οι Βρυξέλλες θα επιχειρήσουν να διαπραγματευτούν μία μόνιμη, εμπορική σχέση.

Αν το Brexit προχωρήσει χωρίς συμφωνία, υπάρχουν δύο λύσεις: Η παράταση της μεταβατικής περιόδου μέχρι το 2022 και η ενεργοποίηση του backstop. Αν δεν βρεθεί καμμία λύση, το backstop θα ενεργοποιηθεί το 2022. 

Μα τι είναι επιτέλους αυτό το backstop;

Οσο δεν υπάρχει μακροχρόνια εμπορική συμφωνία, η Βρετανία παραμένει εντός της Ευρωπαϊκής Τελωνειακής Ενωσης και η Β. Ιρλανδία θα συνεχίσει να δεσμεύεται από τους κανόνες της κοινής αγοράς. Οι Ευρωπαίοι ηγέτες όχι μόνον απαίτησαν την δημιουργία του backstop, αλλά επέμειναν να μην έχει ημερομηνία λήξης. 

Ετσι, η Βρετανία θα μπορούσε να βρεθεί εκτός ΕΕ, χωρίς καμμία δυνατότητα παρέμβασης, αλλά στενά εξαρτημένη από τους κανόνες της. Για τους σκληροπυρηνικούς υπέρ του Brexit Συντηρητικούς βουλευτές της κυρίας Μέι, αυτό είναι το εφιαλτικό σενάριο. 

Η βρετανίδα πρωθυπουργός θα μπορούσε να αγνοήσει αυτούς τους βουλευτές και να συμφωνήσει με τους Εργατικούς για ένα «μαλακό» Brexit, το οποίο θα άφηνε την Βρετανία εντός της τελωνειακής ένωσης. Μία τέτοια απόφαση, όμως, θα αποξένωνε όλους όσοι ψήφισαν υπερ του Brexit στο δημοψήφισμα του 2016 και θα έθετε σε κίνδυνο την ενότητα των Συντηρητικών - για πολλούς, αυτός είναι ο μεγαλύτερος φόβος της Μέι. 

Οι Βρυξέλλες έχουν προτείνει μία λύση, σύμφωνα με την οποία μόνον η Β. Ιρλανδία θα κληθεί να υπακούσει στους κανόνες του backstop, ενώ η υπόλοιπη Βρετανία θα μπορούσε να υιοθετήσει διαφορετικούς κανόνες. Η πρόταση απορρίφθηκε από το Λονδίνο, διότι δημιουργεί ένα σύνορο στην Ιρλανδική Θάλασσα, κόβοντας τη Β. Ιρλανδία από το Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο και οδηγώντας την πιο κοντά στην Ιρλανδία. 

Εγινε συμφωνία τελευταίας στιγμής;

Την Δευτέρα, στο Στρασβούργο, η Τερέζα Μέι συναντήθηκε με τον Πρόεδρο της Κομισιόν, Ζαν Κλοντ Γιουνκέρ και γύρισε στο Λονδίνο με την διαβεβαίωση ότι η Βρετανία θα έχει τη δυνατότητα να τερματίσει το backstop στην περίπτωση που η ΕΕ «δεν διαπραγματεύεται με καλές προθέσεις».

Οπως, όμως, ανακοίνωσε την Τρίτη ο νομικός σύμβουλος της βρετανικής κυβέρνησης, αν τόσο η Βρετανία όσο και η ΕΕ, παρά τις «καλές προθέσεις» τους, δεν καταφέρουν να φτάσουν σε συμφωνία για το backstop λόγω «αγεφύρωτων διαφορών», τότε δεν θα υπάρξει νομικώς αποδεκτός τρόπος για τον τερματισμό του backstop και η Βρετανία «θα παραμείνει παγιδευμένη στην ΕΕ».

Και τώρα, τι;

Οι δηλώσεις αυτές θεωρείται ότι κατάφεραν ένα σοβαρότατο πλήγμα εναντίον της Τερέζα Μέι, η οποία ελπίζει ότι το σχέδιό της για το Brexit θα καταφέρει να πάρει την έγκριση του Βρετανικού Κοινοβουλίου κατά την ψηφοφορία της Τρίτης. 

          Κατρακυλάει η μετοχή της Boeing - Ποιες χώρες «μπλοκάρουν» τις πτήσεις της      Cache   Translate Page      

«Βουτιά» μεγαλύτερη του 3% κατέγραψε την Τρίτη η μετοχή της Boeing, ως απόρροια της απόφασης πολλών χωρών ανά την υφήλιο να αναστείλουν τις πτήσεις των αεροσκαφών Boeing 737 MAX 8 μετά την αεροπορική τραγωδία με 157 νεκρούς στην Αιθιοπία την περασμένη Κυριακή.

Είναι ενδεικτικό πως η μετοχή της εταιρείας κυμαινόταν στα 385 δολάρια πριν το άνοιγμα της συνεδρίασης, σημειώνοντας νέες σημαντικές απώλειες, σε συνέχεια της «ελεύθερης πτώσης» - της τάξης του 5% - που παρατηρήθηκε την Δευτέρα.

Εάν, μάλιστα, οι απώλειες αυτές συνεχιστούν, η Boeing κινδυνεύει να χάσει  μέσα σε λίγα 24ωρα πάνω από 21 δισ. δολάρια από της χρηματιστηριακής αξίας της.

Στο μεταξύ, ολοένα και περισσότερο μεγαλώνει η λίστα με τις χώρες που έχουν «μπλοκάρει» τις πτήσεις των αεροσκαφών Boeing 737 MAX 8, μετά το αεροπορικό δυστύχημα.

Τελευταία χρονικά χώρα που προέβη σε απαγόρευση πτήσεων από και προς την χώρα, από τον συγκεκριμένο τύπο αεροσκαφών, είναι η Μεγάλη Βρετανία. 

Η Αρχή Πολιτικής Αεροπορίας του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου κάνει λόγο για «προληπτικό μέτρο, το οποίο θα παραμείνει σε ισχύ μέχρι νεωτέρας.

Την αρχή είχαν κάνει η Ινδονησία, η Νότια Κορέα, Κίνα, η Μογγολία, η Σιγκαπούρη ενώ σε αυτές ήρθαν προστεθούν η Αυστραλία, το Βιετνάμ, η Μαλαισία και το Ομάν. Τουλάχιστον 25 εταιρείες έχουν καθηλώσει στο έδαφος τα συγκεκριμένα αεροπλάνα του στόλου τους.

 (με πληροφορίες από ΑΠΕ, BBC, New York Times)

          Juelz Santana's Wife Kimbella Is Six-Months Pregnant With Their Third Child      Cache   Translate Page      
The married couple revealed the pregnancy news in the March 11 episode of 'Love and Hip Hop: New York' reunion, where Kimbella pulled a Beyonce.
          «Δεν υπάρχει σπαγγέτι μπολονέζ»! Ο Δήμαρχος της Μπολόνια καταγγέλλει fake news      Cache   Translate Page      

Η ιταλική κουζίνα είναι από τις πιο δημοφιλείς ανά τον κόσμο και εκπροσωπείται σε πολλά εστιατόρια ανά τον κόσμο με πολλά διάσημα πιάτα. Αυτό βέβαια, όπως διαπιστώνουν όσοι έχουν ταξιδέψει αρκετά στην Ιταλία, δεν σημαίνει πως είμαστε και πραγματικά εξοικειωμένοι με την αυθεντική ιταλική κουζίνα αφού οι διαφορές που εντοπίζουμε στον τρόπο παρασκευής είναι πολλές όπως και οι παρανοήσεις. Γι αυτό και συχνά εκδηλώνονται και επικές μάχες μεταξύ Ιταλών και food bloggers οι οποίοι έχουν μια τάση να διαιωνίζουν αυτές τις παρανοήσεις και να παρουσιάζουν λάθος συνταγές. 

Αυτή τη φορά στο επίκεντρο βρίσκεται η φημισμένη σπαγγέτι μπολονέζ- όπως γράφεται στα μενού πολλών εστιατορίων ανά τον κόσμο- ή όπως συνηθίζουμε να την αποκαλούμε στην Ελλάδα, τα μακαρόνια με κιμά. Και αυτός που φαίνεται ότι ανέλαβε να δώσει ένα τέλος στις παρεξηγήσεις γύρω από το συγκεκριμένο πιάτο είναι ο (πολύ οργισμένος όπως φαίνεται) δήμαρχος της Μπολόνια.


Όσοι έχετε ήδη επισκεφθεί την Μπολόνια και έχετε παραγγείλει σπαγγέτι μπολονέζ ίσως να έχετε προσέξει ότι ο σερβιτόρος δεν φαίνεται και πολύ ευχαριστημένος. Ένας λόγος είναι, όπως εξηγεί ο δήμαρχος της πόλης Βιρτίνιο Μερόλα είναι πως οι τουρίστες έχουν την εντύπωση πως πρόκειται για ένα τοπικό πιάτο. Μπολόνια-μπολονέζ, ποιος μπορεί να μας αδικήσει.

Όπως όμως δήλωσε σε μια εκπομπή στην ιταλική τηλεόραση RAI αλλά και έγραψε στο twitter ήρθε επιτέλους η στιγμή να σταματήσει αυτός ο αστικός μύθος: η Μπολονέζ δεν έχει καμία σχέση με τη Μπολόνια.


Τα πράγματα όμως δεν είναι τόσο απλά αφού ο δήμαρχος έχει να δώσει και άλλες γαστρονομικές διευκρινίσεις αφού όπως εξηγεί η μπολονέζ δεν υπάρχει! «Η σπαγγέτι μπολονέζ στην πραγματικότητα δεν υπάρχει αν και ναι είναι διάσημη σε όλο τον κόσμο. Αυτό για το οποίο εμείς προτιμούμε να είμαστε διάσημοι είναι για το ότι στην Μπολόνια εφευρέθηκαν οι ταλιατέλες, τα τορτελίνι και τα λαζάνια».

To αυθεντικό ιταλικό πιάτο που μπορεί να θεωρηθεί πως πλησιάζει κάπως τη μπολονέζ είναι το tagliatelle al ragù  δηλαδή ταλιατέλες ραγού. Δηλαδή ταλιατέλες, παραδοσιακές παρασκευασμένες με αυγό, που σερβίρονται με κοκκινιστό μοσχαρίσιο κιμά που μαγειρεύεται με λαχανικά, ντομάτες και κρασί.

Η συνταγή προέρχεται από την περιοχή Εμίλια-Ρομάνια της οποίας η Μπολόνια είναι η πρωτεύουσα. Τα σπαγγέτι όμως δεν «κατάγονται» από εκεί.

Σε κάθε περίπτωση ο δήμαρχος Μαρόλα κάνει λόγο για fake news που αφορούν τη «μπολονέζ» και ξεκίνησε μια καμπάνια μέσω των social media προς αποκατάσταση της αλήθειας.


«Αγαπητέ κάτοικε, συλλέγω φωτογραφίες από σπαγγέτι μπολονέζ από όλο τον κόσμο (μιας και μιλάμε για fake news). Αυτή εδώ είναι από το Λονδίνο, παρακαλώ στείλτε μου και τις δικές σας», γράφει στο Twitter.

Και φυσικά από τότε έχει λάβει πάρα πολλές γι′ αυτό αν και ο αγώνας του έχει ξεκινήσει εδώ και μέρες, τώρα φαίνεται πως γίνεται όλο και πιο γνωστός. 












          Υπάρχουν προβλήματα με τα Boeing 737 Max; Όσα γνωρίζουμε μέχρι τώρα      Cache   Translate Page      

Ερωτήματα για την ασφάλεια των Boeing 737 Max εγείρει το δεύτερο αεροπορικό δυστύχημα που συμβαίνει με το εν λόγω αεροσκάφος μέσα σε διάστημα λίγων μηνών. To «μαύρο κουτί» βρέθηκε το πρωί της Δευτέρας και ο έλεγχος των δεδομένων που έχει καταγράψει αναμένεται να ρίξει φως στις έρευνες για τα αίτια του δυστυχήματος.  

Το αεροσκάφος των αιθιοπικών αερογραμμών που έπεσε το Σάββατο 62 χλμ. βορειοανατολικά της Αντις Αμπέμπα, αφήνοντας πίσω του 157 νεκρούς, ήταν το ίδιο μοντέλο με το αεροσκάφος που συνετρίβη στην Ινδονησία τον Οκτώβριο, σκοτώνοντας 189 άτομα. Αυτό το αεροπλάνο είχε αγοραστεί πριν από τρεις μήνες. 

Και στις δύο περιπτώσεις, τα ολοκαίνουργια αεροπλάνα παρουσίασαν προβλήματα λεπτά μετά την απογείωση και τελικά έπεσαν, ενώ κανείς δεν επέζησε. 

Η έρευνα και στις δύο περιπτώσεις συνεχίζεται, αλλά η τελευταία συντριβή εγείρει ακόμη περισσότερα ερωτήματα σχετικά με την ασφάλεια του 737 Max, το οποίο η Boeing παρουσίασε το 2017 ως το πιο εξελιγμένο μοντέλο του δημοφιλούς 737.

Μάλιστα το 737 Max έκανε ρεκόρ για την Boeing, επιτυγχάνοντας τις πιο γρήγορες πωλήσεις από οποιοδήποτε άλλο αεροσκάφος και πλέον χρησιμοποιείται από πολλές αεροπορικές ανά το κόσμο. 

Τι γνωρίζουμε μέχρι τώρα για το εν λόγω μοντέλο. 

Ποιο είναι το Boeing 737 Max

Είναι το τελευταίο μοντέλο του Boeing 737, ένα αεροσκάφος που πετάει από τη δεκαετία του 1960. Υπάρχουν τέσσερα είδη Max στον στόλο, το 7, το 8, το 9 και το 10. Τα δύο αεροσκάφη των παραπάνω δυστυχημάτων ήταν της σειράς 8. 

Το 737 Max χρησιμοποιείται κυρίως για πτήσεις μικρής και μεσαίας διάρκειας, αλλά μερικές αεροπορικές εταιρείες κάνουν πτήσεις μεταξύ της Βόρειας Ευρώπης και της Ανατολικής Ακτής των ΗΠΑ. Είναι πιο αποδοτικό από πλευράς καυσίμων σε σχέση με τις προηγούμενες εκδόσεις του 737.

Η πτήση των αιθιοπικών αερογραμμών απογειώθηκε από την πρωτεύουσα της Αιθιοπίας, την Αντίς Αμπέμπα, και πήγαινε στο Ναϊρόμπι της Κένυας.

Τι έχει γίνει γνωστό μετά τη συντριβή στην Ινδονησία

Είναι ακόμη πολύ νωρίς για να γνωρίζουν οι ειδικοί εάν τα αίτια της συντριβής του αεροσκάφους χθες ήταν τα ίδια με τη συντριβή στην Ινδονησία.

Αλλά υπάρχουν κάποιες ομοιότητες: Την Κυριακή, η πτήση έχασε επαφή με τον πύργο ελέγχου περίπου έξι λεπτά μετά την απογείωση. Ο πιλότος είχε ζητήσει και του είχε δοθεί άδεια να επιστρέψει στο αεροδρόμιο της Αντίς Αμπέμπα, σύμφωνα με τις αιθιοπικές αερογραμμές. Αλλά το αεροπλάνο τελικά έπεσε περίπου 62 χλμ. βορειοανατολικά της Αντις Αμπέμπα.

Και στην περίπτωση της Lion Air στην Ινδονησία, η πτώση έλαβε χώρα λίγα λεπτά μετά την απογείωση και ενώ το πλήρωμα είχε ζήτησε την άδεια να επιστρέψει στο αεροδρόμιο.

Οι έρευνες από τις ινδονησιακές και αμερικανικές αεροπορικές αρχές κατέληξαν στο συμπέρασμα ότι η απότομη -κατακόρυφη- πτώση του αεροσκάφους θα μπορούσε να προκληθεί από μια ανανέωση του λογισμικού της Boeing, η οποία έγινε για να σταματήσει ένα πρόβλημα που παρουσίαζε το αεροσκάφος, αλλά μπορεί να στείλει το αεροπλάνο σε απότομη κάθοδο εάν οι υψομετρικές και γωνιακές πληροφορίες στο σύστημα του υπολογιστή είναι λανθασμένη.

Η αλλαγή στο σύστημα ελέγχου πτήσης, που μπορεί να αντικαταστήσει τις χειροκίνητες κινήσεις στο μοντέλο Max, δεν είχαν αναλυθεί στους πιλότους, σύμφωνα με ορισμένα συνδικάτα.

Μετά από αυτή τη συντριβή, η Boeing δήλωσε ότι συνέχισε «να αξιολογήσει την ανάγκη για αλλαγές στο λογισμικό ή αλλού, όσο μαθαίνουμε περισσότερα από τη διεξαγόμενη έρευνα».  

Όσο για το δυστύχημα της Κυριακής, η Boeing ανακοίνωσε πως είναι έτοιμη να βοηθήσει την Ethiopian Airlines στην διερεύνηση της τραγωδίας. 

Ποιες αεροπορικές εταιρείες έχουν το Max;

Εκτός από την Ethiopian Airlines (η οποία έχει τη φήμη ότι διαθέτει τον νεότερο στόλο από τις άλλες αεροπορικές εταιρείες της Αφρικής) και την Lion Air (μια ινδονησιακή εταιρεία χαμηλού κόστους με μακρά ιστορία προβλημάτων συντήρησης), πολλές άλλες αεροπορικές σε όλο τον κόσμο χρησιμοποιούν αυτό το μοντέλο.

Από τις αμερικανικές εταιρείες οι American Airlines, Southwest Airlines και United Airlines, ενώ μεταξύ των άλλων μεγάλων εταιρειών ανά τον κόσμο, Max χρησιμοποιούν οι Aerolíneas Argentinas, Air China, Icelandair και LOT Polish Airlines. 

Εάν ανησυχείτε, οι περισσότερες εταιρείες σας επιτρέπουν να δείτε με τι τύπο αεροσκάφους θα πετάξετε, όταν κλείνετε τα εισιτήρια. Επίσης, μπορείτε να δείτε με τι τύπο αεροσκάφους πετάτε στο

Πηγή: The New York Times

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NEW YORK (AP) — A colossal sculpture that will give people more than 150 interconnected stairways to climb is opening to the public as part of New York City’s Hudson Yards development. Vessel is a metal structure shaped like the bowl of a wine glass that will open Friday as part of the first phase […]
          212 Men NYC Eau de Toilette 100ml Spray      Cache   Translate Page      
212 Men NYC Eau de Toilette 100ml Spray

212 Men NYC Eau de Toilette 100ml Spray

A very masculine, woody and fresh fragrance that captures the magnetism of New York. A unique bottle design witha magnetic lid that shows the solidity and quality of the 212 man

          City Trip naar New York incl. Vlucht & 4-Sterren Hotel v/a 409      Cache   Translate Page      

City Trip naar New York gevonden door TicketSpy Brigitte (Amsterdam) The city that never sleeps Read more

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THE FAKE FACTORY è uno studio specializzato in videoarte, videomapping, esperienze immersive e new media art.
Fondato a Firenze nel 2001 dall’artista e video designer Stefano Fake, THE FAKE FACTORY affronta da anni con successo temi di sperimentazione linguistica legati ai nuovi media ed è ora un punto di riferimento italiano ed internazionale nella realizzazione di videomapping, installazioni di videoarte ed esperienze immersive. Stefano Fake è uno dei videoartisti che maggiormente ha contribuito alla definizione del concetto di “esperienza immersiva nell’arte” realizzando, con il suo atelier di arte digitale THE FAKE FACTORY, alcune fra le esposizioni immersive di maggior successo italiano e mondiale.
The Fake Factory di occupa di tutti gli aspetti legati alla creazione di una mostra immersiva: progettazione dello spazio, scelta delle tecnologie, storytelling e regia, creazione dei visual e delle grafiche animate che compongono l’opera immersiva.

THE FAKE FACTORY ha partecipato alla realizzazione di diverse centinaia di progetti di videomapping, installazioni luminose architetturali, esperienze immersive,  videoinstallazioni, scenografie video per teatro e concerti, sfilate di moda, ambienti visivi per musei, gallerie ed eventi culturali, realizzazione di esperienze multisensoriali, opere di videoarte. Dal 2010 è stata inclusa nel prestigioso International Lighting Design Index, pubblicato dal Luminale di Francoforte.

THE FAKE FACTORY ha realizzato visuals e curato videoinstallazioni per istituzioni pubbliche e private in contesti prestigiosi: Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma, Munal Mexico City, Biennale d’arte di Carrara, Petit Palais Parigi, Teatro della Pergola Firenze, Felissimo Design House New York, Teatro del Mediterraneo Napoli, Sketch Gallery Londra, La Scala di Milano, Royce Hall UCLA Los Angeles, Santo Stefano al Ponte Firenze, Moma New York, Tate Modern Londra, Palais Brongniart Parigi, Ice Room Bordeaux, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana Milano, Reggia di Caserta, Stazione Leopolda Firenze, Fabbrica del Vapore Milano, Palais de Tokyo Parigi, Centre Pompidou Paris, Daikanyama Hillside Terrace Tokyo, Rotonda della Besana Milano, Teatro Bellini Napoli, Palazzo Vecchio Firenze,Visionaire Club Berlino, Museo Pecci di Prato, Museo Nazionale RPC di Beijing, Palazzo Reale Milano, Le Notti Bianche Roma e Firenze, Telecom Progetto Italia, Pitti Immagine Firenze, Castello Sforzesco Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano, Salone del Mobile di Bahia Salvador, Palazzo Ducale Sabbioneta, Festival di Ravello, Salone del Mobile di Milano, National Centre for Performing Arts di Beijing, Museo Bardo Tunisi, Palazzo del Senato Milano, Hangar Bicocca, Manhattan Center New York, Palazzo Mezzanotte Milano, Villa Erba Como, Ponte Vecchio Firenze.

Cast: the fake factory

          A 12-Second Reminder That New York Is A Nightmare      Cache   Translate Page      
Come on, don't be afraid to get your subway receipt, it's not going to bite — you know what? Scratch that.
          Art Shamsky (#119)      Cache   Translate Page      
Here is young Art Shamsky, with all of 96 major-league at-bats under his belt.

Shamsky was signed by the Reds in 1959, and played in the minors from 1960-64 until making his major-league debut in April 1965.

As a rookie, he was the Reds' 4th outfielder, but when the first 3 are named Vada Pinson (159 starts), Tommy Harper (156), and Frank Robinson (154), there's not much for you to do. 46 of his 64 games were as a pinch-hitter only.

With the trade of Robinson to the Orioles, Art saw his playing time increase somewhat in 1966. Not too much, as Deron Johnson took most of the outfield time left behind by Robby, with Shamsky making 63 starts.

By 1967, Pete Rose and even Lee May were in the outfield mix, so Art found less playing time than in '66. That November, the Reds traded him to the Mets for utility infielder Bob Johnson.

Shamsky jumped onboard the Mets' train 1 year before the Miracle 1969 season. He played in over 100 games in each of the next 3 seasons. Sure, the Mets had Cleon Jones, Tommie Agee, and Ron Swoboda, but in 1968 Shamsky started 64 games in left field, and another dozen each in right field and first base.

In 1969 he split right field with Swoboda, starting 61 times to Swoboda's 70. Art also filled in at 1B and LF occasionally. He hit .538 (7 for 13) in the NLCS, but was 0-for-6 in the World Series.

In 1970 he started 55 games at first base in relief of Donn Clendenon (Ed Kranepool having been sent to the minors), along with another 49 starts in right field.

Art's career began to fade in 1971, as he was demoted to 6th outfielder, playing only half the games he did in '70. He was traded to the Cardinals in October 1971, but released just before the '72 season.

He soon hooked on with the Cubs, but after 15 games in 2 months he was sold to the Athletics at the end of June 1972. He was released 3 weeks later, having only made 8 pinch-hitting appearances

After his playing career, Shamsky was (among other things) a Mets broadcaster and a New York sports radio host.

In the TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond", Ray Barone's brother Robert has a dog named Shamsky. Art even even made an appearance on the show.
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Gerry Arrigo was a spot starter for the Reds from 1966 to 1969. Prior to that he pitched for the Twins. What I didn’t realize until today was that Gerry began the ’66 season with the Reds, was sold to the Mets in May, and returned to the Reds 3 months later.

Arrigo was signed by the White Sox 1960, but the selected by the Twins in the first-year draft after that season. He pitched in the Twins’ farm system from 1961-63, also making a few appearances each year for the Twins.

In 1964 he spent a full season with Minnesota, appearing in 41 games. His 12 starts ranked him 6th among the Twins’ starting pitchers that season.

After the season he was traded to the Reds for prospect Cesar Tovar. It appears he played most of the 1965 season with the Reds, except for the month of August when he pitched 9 games for their triple-A team.

As mentioned earlier, Gerry played the bulk of the 1966 season (essentially) on loan to the Mets. He pitched 42 innings over 17 games for New York, and only 3 games for the Reds.

In 1967 Arrigo appeared in 32 games, as the #4 man in the Reds’ bullpen (well behind closer Ted Abernathy).

Gerry found himself in the Reds' starting rotation for all of 1968, the only season where he was primarily a starter. He fashioned a 12-10 record in 205 innings while starting 31 games (all career highs).

1969 would be his last season with Cincinnati. He started 16 of his 20 games, but only played 1 game prior to June 1st that season.

After the ’69 season he was traded to the White Sox (also learned THAT today) for outfielder Angel Bravo. He played for the Sox during the first 2 months of 1970, but spent the rest of the season with their AAA team.

Arrigo retired after pitching the 1971 season for the Braves’ AAA team.
          Ed Kranepool (#212)      Cache   Translate Page      
Here’s an Original Met. Well, not from day 1, but from year 1.

Ed played 18 seasons (1962-79), all with the Mets. His career home run total of 118 (in 1853 games) was atypical for a corner infielder.

Kranepool was signed by the Mets in late-June 1962, and fast-tracked his way through the organization (20 games in Class D, 7 in Class A, and 14 in triple-A), making his major-league debut with 3 games against the Cubs in the final week of the season (at age 17).

Ed began the 1963 season with the Mets (playing mostly as a right fielder) but by early-July was sent down to triple-A Buffalo, returning to New York in September.

In 1964 Ed took over as the regular 1st baseman on May 31st and started 101 of the final 119 games (replacing the trio of Tim Harkness, Dick Smith, and Frank Thomas).

On the last day before his call-up, he played both ends of a doubleheader for triple-A Buffalo (18 innings). The following day he played both games of a doubleheader for the Mets. Game #2 went 23 innings, and Ed was in the lineup for the entire 2 games. In 2 days he played a total of 50 innings!

Ed continued as the regular 1st baseman from 1964-69, although he was platooned quite a bit in 1968, and gave way to Donn Clendenon for most of the final 2 months in 1969. He made his only All-star team in 1965.

1970 was an off-year for Kranepool. He was sent down to AAA in late-June due to his .118 batting average. He returned 2 months later, but only played 43 games for the Mets that season. He was back in 1971, starting 2/3 of the games to Clendenon’s 1/3.

Ed only started half of the games at 1st base in 1972. The remaining games saw a mix of 6 other players starting there, including Willie Mays for 9 games.

The final 7 years saw Kranepool in a backup role, starting a few dozen games at 1B and a few dozen in the outfield each year. However, he was the team’s primary 1st baseman from 1975-76, starting less than half the games, but just a bit more than Dave Kingman (’75) and Joe Torre (’76).

Kranepool retired after the 1979 season, and was inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame in 1990.
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In his recent sculpture and photographic works, Kayode Ojo ruminates on the contemporaneous nature of consumer desire and social performativity.…
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The largest organization of labor unions in the U.S. slammed the Green New Deal Friday for combating climate change by threatening the livelihoods of millions of Americans. The AFL-CIO sent a letter on Friday to Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey, the two lawmakers leading the Green New Deal […]
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Mike Garafolo reports that the Lions are signing veteran OL Oday Aboushi to a one-year deal worth up to $2 million.  Aboushi, 27, is a former fifth-round pick of the Jets back in 2013. He spent two years in New York before he was cut loose and later claimed off waivers by the Texans a […]

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          Best selling author Julie Hyzy at Libertyville library March 26      Cache   Translate Page      
Julie Hyzy, New York Times best selling author of the White House Chef and Manor House mystery series, will discuss her latest release at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 26, at Cook Park Library, 413 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville.
          Euer Einkommen entscheidet womöglich darüber, ob und wann ihr heiratet      Cache   Translate Page      


Einkommen und Vermögen haben eine viel bedeutendere Auswirkung auf Beziehungen als bisher bekannt. Eine neue Untersuchung kam zu dem Ergebnis, dass eine Einkommens- und Vermögensschwelle existiert, ab der es wahrscheinlicher ist, dass ein Paar heiratet.

Beziehungen mit gleichem Einkommen sind stabiler

In der Sozialforschung gehen die Interpretationen von Ergebnissen oft in alle Richtungen. So lautet eine Theorie, dass Beziehungen, in der der Mann keinen Vollzeitjob oder ein geringeres Einkommen als die Frau hat, eher zum Scheitern verurteilt sind.

Eine andere Theorie besagt, dass die wirtschaftliche Abhängigkeit eines Ehepartners vom anderen die Hingabe an die Beziehung stärkt und ein besonderes Bewusstsein für die gegenseitigen Verpflichtungen schafft.

Patrick Ishizuka, Soziologe an der Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, hat eine neue Idee. Beim Untersuchen der Bevölkerungsstatistiken der US-Statistikbehörde seit 1993 war eine Eigenschaft stabiler Beziehungen besonders auffällig.

Anhaltendes Liebesglück ist wahrscheinlicher, wenn die Partner ungefähr gleiche Einkommen besitzen. „Gleiches Einkommen kann vielleicht Engagement und Kooperation zwischen Partnern fördern, weil sie ähnliche wirtschaftliche Ressourcen in die Beziehung einbringen“, meint der Soziologe.

Beide Partner sind dann nicht nur bereit, sondern auch in der Lage das Gleiche in eine Beziehung zu investieren.

Wirtschaftliche Situation entscheidend für Heirat

Die wirtschaftliche Situation eines Paares kann aber nicht nur entscheidend zur Stabilität beitragen, sondern scheint auch einen Zeitpunkt vorzugeben, an dem am ehesten geheiratet wird.

Je näher ein Paar einem gewissen wirtschaftlichen Standard kommt, der mit Ehe in Verbindung gebracht wird, desto wahrscheinlicher ist eine Heirat. „Viele Paare wollen ein Haus, ein Auto und genug Rücklagen für eine große Hochzeit“, meint Ishizuka.

Das bedeutet auch, dass unsere Vorstellungen vom Zeitpunkt der Heirat vom Einkommen der Ehepaare in unserem sozialen Umfeld abhängen. Wir vergleichen uns mit ihnen, um festzustellen, ob wir für eine Heirat bereit sind.

Ehe entwickelt sich zu einem Privileg der Wohlhabenderen

Ein sicherer Job und stetiges Einkommen gehören zu den wichtigsten Voraussetzungen für eine Ehe, so der Soziologe. „Wirtschaftlich schlechter gestellte Paare trennen sich eher“, betont er.

Nicht-repräsentative Studien kamen in dem Zusammenhang zu dem Ergebnis, dass ökonomisch schlechter gestellte, unverheiratete Paare die Ehe zwar genauso wertschätzen, aber Schwierigkeiten haben, die wirtschaftlichen Anforderungen, die sie selbst an die Ehe knüpfen, zu erfüllen.

Die steigenden Scheidungsraten seit den 1960er Jahren schnellen vor allem in bildungsfernen Schichten in die Höhe. Damit wird die Ehe immer mehr zu einem Privileg der Wohlhabenderen, so Ishizuka.


 Wie Amazon, dm und Co. mit den seltsamen Sehnsüchten der Millennials Millionen verdienen

 Ranking: In diesen deutschen Städten sind die Gehälter am höchsten

 Eine falsche Entscheidung beim Studentenjob könnte euch später um viel Geld bringen

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          Bericht: Neue US-Ermittlung zu Deutscher Bank wegen Trump-Geschäften      Cache   Translate Page      

deutsche bank

Die Deutsche Bank steht wegen ihrer Geschäfte zu US-Präsident Donald Trump laut einem Zeitungsbericht im Fokus einer neuen Ermittlung. Die New Yorker Staatsanwaltschaft habe Dokumente angefordert und die Bank formal vorladen lassen, schrieb die „New York Times“ am Dienstag unter Berufung auf eine eingeweihte Quelle.

Eine US-Sprecherin der Deutschen Bank betonte dazu auf Nachfrage lediglich, dass das Geldhaus sich weiter zur Kooperation bei berechtigten Ermittlungen verpflichtet sehe. Die Staatsanwaltschaft war zunächst nicht für ein Statement zu erreichen.

Dem Bericht zufolge hat die jüngste Kongressanhörung von Trumps Ex-Anwalt Michael Cohen die neuen Ermittlungen ausgelöst. Cohen hatte unter anderem einige Unterlagen zu Geschäftsverbindungen zwischen der Deutschen Bank und Trump vorgelegt.

Abgeordnete der Demokraten haben die Beziehungen zwischen Trump und dem größten deutschen Geldhaus schon länger im Blick. Sie wollen die Geschäfte zwischen Trump und der Deutschen Bank sowie mögliche Verbindungen nach Russland durchleuchten.

Die Deutsche Bank ist ins Visier der Untersuchungen geraten, da sie zeitweise als Trumps Hausbank galt und ihm vor seiner Präsidentschaft hohe Kredite gewährte. Dies soll zudem in einer Zeit geschehen sein, in der viele andere Geldhäuser mit dem durch mehrere Pleiten vorbelasteten Immobilien-Mogul nichts zu tun haben wollten.

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          Europäische Luftfahrtbehörde verfügt Startverbot für Boeing 737 Max      Cache   Translate Page      

Darf nicht mehr in Deutschland fliegen: die Boeing 737 MAX 8.

Nach dem Absturz einer Boeing 737 Max 8 in Äthiopien gerät der US-Luftfahrtriese Boeing immer stärker unter Druck: In Europa, Australien und weiten Teilen Asiens erteilten Luftfahrtbehörden Flugverbote für alle baugleichen Maschinen. Zahlreiche Airlines legten die Flugzeuge am Dienstag wegen Zweifeln an der Sicherheit der Baureihe ebenfalls zunächst still. Damit ist gut die Hälfte der seit 2017 ausgelieferten rund 350 Flugzeuge aus dem Verkehr gezogen. Es drohen zahlreiche Flugausfälle.

Das stürzt Boeing nicht nur in eine tiefe Imagekrise: Die 737-Max-Serie ist der gefragteste Flugzeugtyp des Airbus-Rivalen. Bei andauernden Problemen bei dem Kassenschlager könnten auch massive Umrüstungskosten und Geschäftseinbußen drohen. Der Aktienkurs des Unternehmens sackte den zweiten Tag in Folge ab. Boeing beharrt indes auf der Sicherheit der nach zwei Abstürzen innerhalb eines halben Jahres stark in die Kritik geratenen Baureihe. „Wir haben volles Vertrauen in die Sicherheit“, teilte der Konzern am Dienstag mit.

Boeing verwies erneut darauf, dass die US-Luftfahrtbehörde FAA derzeit keine weiteren Maßnahmen fordere. In den kommenden Wochen will der Konzern jedoch ein wichtiges Software-Update für die Baureihe anbieten. Die Devise laute, „ein bereits sicheres Flugzeug noch sicherer machen“, versprach Boeing.

Beim Absturz einer Maschine der Fluggesellschaft Ethiopian Airlines in der Nähe der äthiopischen Hauptstadt Addis Abeba waren am Sonntag 157 Menschen ums Leben gekommen, darunter auch fünf Deutsche.

Der internationale Flugverkehr wird aus Furcht vor weiteren Zwischenfällen zunehmend in Mitleidenschaft gezogen. Nachdem am Dienstagnachmittag Deutschland, Großbritannien, Frankreich, Italien und weitere Staaten eine Sperrung ihres Luftraums für die Boeings angekündigt hatten, zog auch die europäische Luftfahrtbehörde EASA am Abend nach. Das Verbot gelte als „Vorsichtsmaßnahme“ für den ganzen europäischen Luftraum für die Typen Boeing 737 Max 8 und Boeing 737 Max 9, erklärte die EASA.

Die Sperre des deutschen Luftraums für das Boeing-Modell 737 Max gilt für drei Monate. Bis einschließlich 12. Juni dürfe kein Flugzeug des Typs Boeing 737 Max 8 und Max 9 über der Bundesrepublik fliegen, erklärte die Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) in Langen bei Frankfurt. Die Anordnung gelte ab 18.30 Uhr. Flugzeuge, die sich zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung noch im deutschen Luftraum befänden, dürfen den Flug bis zum Ausflug beziehungsweise zur Landung fortsetzen.

Bundesverkehrsminister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) sagte dem Sender n-tv: „Sicherheit geht absolut vor. Bis alle Zweifel ausgeräumt sind, habe ich veranlasst, dass der deutsche Luftraum für die Boeing 737 Max ab sofort gesperrt wird.“ Deutsche Fluggesellschaften nutzen dem Verkehrsministerium zufolge keine Boeing 737 Max 8. Das weitgehende Flugverbot hat nach Einschätzung des Verbandes ADV keine allzu großen Auswirkungen auf den Betrieb an den deutschen Flughäfen. „Bei uns herrscht keine Krisenstimmung wegen dieses Fliegers“, sagte ADV-Hauptgeschäftsführer Ralf Beisel.

Der weltgrößte Reisekonzern Tui legt infolge des Flugverbots in Großbritannien seine 15 Flugzeuge vom Typ Boeing 737 Max 8 vorübergehend still, Turkish Airlines zwölf Flieger. Auch Norwegian wird ihre 18 Maschinen des Typs vorerst außer Betrieb nehmen.

Viele Länder folgen diesmal nicht — wie üblich — der Linie der US-Luftfahrtbehörde FAA. „Diese Untersuchung hat gerade erst begonnen, und uns liegen bislang keine Daten vor, um Schlussfolgerungen zu ziehen oder Maßnahmen zu ergreifen“, teilte die FAA am Montag (Ortszeit) mit. Die US-Behörde kündigte jedoch an, sie werde „geeignete Maßnahmen ergreifen, wenn die Daten darauf hindeuten, dass dies erforderlich ist“.

Nach dem Absturz einer Boeing 737 Max 8 im Oktober in Indonesien mit 189 Todesopfern Jahr gab es der FAA zufolge bereits zahlreiche technische Prüfungen und Maßnahmen. Im Zentrum der Untersuchungen stand bislang ein umstrittenes System zur Flugkontrolle, das laut Unfallermittlern eine entscheidende Rolle beim Crash in Indonesien gespielt haben könnte. Boeing versprach nun eine Verbesserung der Steuerungssoftware, die in den kommenden Wochen bei sämtlichen 737-Max-Maschinen aufgespielt werde.

Die Piloten der in Äthiopien verunglückten Boeing hatten der Flugsicherung kurz vor dem Absturz von Problemen berichtet, die Maschine unter Kontrolle zu halten, sagte der Chef von Ethiopian Airlines, Tewolde GebreMariam, dem Nachrichtensender CNN.

US-Politiker forderten unterdessen Konsequenzen der Luftfahrtbehörde FAA. Spitzenvertreter beider großer Parteien sprachen sich am Dienstag für ein Startverbot des betroffenen Flugzeugtyps aus. Alle Flieger sollten am Boden bleiben, bis die Ursachen der jüngsten Abstürze und die Flugtauglichkeit geklärt seien, forderte etwa der frühere republikanische Präsidentschaftskandidat Mitt Romney.

US-Präsident Donald Trump sprach sich derweil gegen den Einsatz von zu viel Computertechnologie in der Luftfahrtbranche aus. „Flugzeuge werden viel zu kompliziert zum Fliegen“, schrieb Trump am Dienstag auf Twitter, ohne Boeing zu erwähnen. Statt Piloten brauche es heutzutage Computerspezialisten. Doch diese Komplexität berge Gefahren, so Trump. „Ich weiß nicht, wie es Euch geht, aber ich will keinen Albert Einstein als meinen Piloten. Ich will großartige Flugprofis, die einfach und schnell die Kontrolle über ein Flugzeug übernehmen dürfen“, schrieb er.

Die Boeing 737 ist das meistverkaufte Verkehrsflugzeug der Welt. Die 737-Max-Reihe ist die neueste Variante des Verkaufsschlagers. Der US-Hersteller hat bereits mehr als 350 Maschinen ausgeliefert und sitzt auf prall gefüllten Auftragsbüchern mit Tausenden Bestellungen.

An der Börse in New York sackte die Boeing-Aktie wieder ab. Am frühen Nachmittag stand sie mit sieben Prozent in Minus. Die Papiere des europäischen Erzrivalen Airbus profitierten hingegen leicht, hier näherte sich der Kurs mit einem Plus von gut einem Prozent dem Rekordhoch vom 1. März.

Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass Boeing-Maschinen wegen Sicherheitsrisiken in großem Stil nicht starten. Im Januar 2013 hatte die US-Luftfahrtbehörde FAA nach einer Reihe von Pannen ein Flugverbot für Boeings damaligen Vorzeigeflieger „Dreamliner“ verhängt. Vorausgegangen war eine Notlandung des Langstreckenjets in Japan, nachdem eine Batterie durchgeschmort war. Diesmal dürften die Folgen jedoch deutlich schwerwiegender sein, Boeing hatte damals lediglich 50 „Dreamliner“ ausgeliefert, die 737-Max-Jets sind wesentlich stärker verbreitet.

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          Preacher Launches ‘We Do This’ for ESPN to Promote ACC Network      Cache   Translate Page      
"We Do This" launches today to coincide with the 2019 New York Life ACC Tournament, promoting the network's August 22 launch.
          Pereira & O’Dell Parts With Executive Creative Director in New York      Cache   Translate Page      
The agency is actively seeking a replacement for executive creative director Dave Arnold in its New York office.
          Ministry continues despite latest Venezuela crisis      Cache   Translate Page      
Venezuela (MNN) -- The straw that broke the camel’s back is an idiom used to describe something trivial that results in an extreme reaction or failure. Although the item or event itself is small, it becomes a catalyst when added to an increasingly-problematic situation. A nationwide power outage appears to be the straw that broke Venezuela’s back.

Panoramic view of the 10000MW Guri Dam in Venezuela, also called "Simón Bolívar"
(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The Guri hydropower plant shut down on Thursday evening, plunging 80-percent of the country into darkness. While Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro immediately blamed U.S. interference, experts tell the New York Times this massive outage is likely the result of mechanical neglect. Whatever the cause, society – at least in Venezuela’s capital city, Caracas – is at its breaking point. At least 17 people have died as a result of the blackout. BBC News describes further medical failures due to the power outage and sporadic looting. TWR’s Steve Shantz says the blackout is a devastating blow to an already-crippled nation. “It’s heart wrenching, really, when you think about an entire country and all the people involved in this crisis,” he states.

“If the government is unable to restart the turbines, then I can see this crisis [continuing] for some time. That takes very critical engineering skills, and…many of those people (engineers) are gone.”

Nonetheless, the Venezuela crisis cannot stop their team from proclaiming the hope of Christ.

Broadcasting hope from darkness

Daily life is a struggle but TWR’s staff keeps on working, thanks to a generator installed during the last round of power outages. “They’re one of the lucky ones,” Shantz says. “They have a generator and can [create] enough power so production can continue.” Unfortunately, Venezuelan listeners can’t access the programs because no electricity means no radio. Batteries are either too expensive or unavailable. However, the Venezuelan team’s perseverance is blessing Spanish speakers throughout Latin America.

“We use the broadcasts produced by Venezuela on many outlets, so there are people around the region listening to those programs.”

(Photo courtesy of TWR)

The team also shares Christ’s hope with Venezuelan kids through rallies that feature food, puppets, and Bible stories. Learn more here. “These rallies are continuing but I imagine right now, with all the chaos that’s in the country, they’ve probably scaled that back for the time being,” Shantz explains. In November, the UN reported an exodus of three million Venezuelan migrants and refugees into neighboring nations and beyond. Many of them left their children behind. As stated here, at least 600,000 children and teenagers were left in Venezuela when one or both parents moved to other countries for economic betterment. TWR’s Pedrito el Pulpo (Little Peter the Octopus) program gives these “forgotten kids” a reason to hope.

What now?

The Venezuela crisis will continue as long as the battle between political leaders drags on. Juan Guaidó is recognized as Venezuela’s interim president by more than 50 nations, but Maduro refuses to relinquish power. A blockade stops any outside aid from entering the country, but it’s no barrier to prayer.

“In a situation like this, the only thing we can do is go to the Lord and ask Him to intervene.”

Ask the Lord to influence leaders and decision-makers so that problems may cease and help can reach the people who need it. Praise God for TWR staff’s perseverance, and pray that He will continue meeting their needs. Learn more about TWR-Venezuela here.     Header image is a stock photo obtained via Pexels.
          Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy returning to IMAX for one-night only event      Cache   Translate Page      
Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto, San Francisco, and Indianapolis will host the special runs.
          Afghan Horse      Cache   Translate Page      

In the mid-1980s, the Iran–Contra affair was a United States political scandal that happened during the Reagan administration. Senior Reagan administration officials, aided by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, the proceeds of which were intended to fund the Nicaraguan Contras, in defiance of the Boland Amendment which prohibited the funding of Nicaraguan government rebels. At the time, Iran was under an arms embargo by the U.S., but officials hoped that the illegal arms sales would secure the release of American hostages being held in Iran, while at the same time, allow the CIA to fund the Nicaraguan Contras surreptitiously.

To pull off this clandestine feat, the CIA conspired with the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, to sell cocaine in the United States, especially southern California. The money raised was used to covertly buy the illegal arms for the Iranian sale. One man, an investigative reporter named Gary Webb, discovered evidence of the plot and began to report on the existence of the operation in the mid-1990s. In 2004, he was found dead with two bullet holes in his skull which the coroner declared a suicide. Gary Webb apparently offed himself by shooting himself in the head… twice. Or so the coroner’s report ruled.

In 2003, the United States invaded Afghanistan, purportedly in pursuit of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 911 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. At the time of the American invasion, most of the poppy fields in Afghanistan had been destroyed by the Afghan government and the Taliban. But over a decade and a half later, Afghanistan, today, exports nearly 80 percent of the world’s heroin and opium, and poppy fields again litter the country’s landscape, guarded by U.S. troops overseen by the Central Intelligence Agency. These are facts, not fiction, and their truth is undisputed.

With this backdrop, our fictional story begins in 2016, in Tampa, Florida, where the younger brother of a U.S. Senator has overdosed on heroin. The tragic and untimely death of his brother motivates Senator Gavin Manson to write legislation to reform the antiquated drug laws in the U.S. and put an end to what he sees as the dangerous and destructive War on Drugs begun during the Nixon Administration. To that end, he hires a brilliant and beautiful researcher named Alexandra Katsaros. 

Together, Gavin and Alex begin to collect data on every facet of the drug world from big pharma to drug cartels to the heroin crisis in America. But when Alex uncovers a secret government plot to smuggle heroin into the United States from Afghanistan, a modern-day Iran-Contra operation, everything changes. Like Gary Webb, they now know too much, and the directors of the CIA’s black operation deem it imperative to silence them, forever.

If you are a fan of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum or Dan Brown, this novel is right up your alley. The journey is a fast-paced ride halfway around the world as Gavin and Alex do their best to stay one step ahead of their determined pursuers. The novel’s seamless blend of fact and fiction will have you guessing what is real and what is made up. And all the while you’ll wonder, could this really happen? Could it actually be happening? The answer you will eventually be forced to admit is… yes. It is absolutely possible. Sometimes conspiracy theory isn’t theory at all. 

          Flushing Neighborhood Society Launches Community Website      Cache   Translate Page      
The Flushing Neighborhood Society today launched its new website dedicated to serving the neighborhood of Flushing, New York. The website resides on the appropriately named domain, and the new site will provide the neighborhood of Flushing, NY with information and news unique to Flushing, New York residents. The non-profit enterprise will serve the diverse, multi-cultural, multi-language, and ever changing needs of the cosmopolitan community of Flushing, Queens, New York. Flushing's diversity is reflected by the numerous ethnic groups that reside there, including people of Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, European, and African American ancestry.
          Ton And A Half Of Cocaine Seized At Port Of New York/Newark      Cache   Translate Page      
Authorities at the Port of New York and New Jersey seized approximately 3,200 pounds of cocaine from a shipping container on Feb. 28. Officials carried out an inspection of the shipment after they noticed tampering of several containers on a large vessel traveling from Buenaventura, Colombia, Drug Enforcement Administration special agent in charge Ray Donovan told NPR. That is when they discovered the nearly ton and a half of cocaine with an estimated street value of $77 million. The bust was part of a joint operation of the DEA, Customs and Border Protection, Coast Guard, Homeland Security Investigations, New York Police Department and New York State Police. "This is the type of case that will last years. We're investigating where it came from, where it's going, everybody and everyone involved," Donovan said. "Any time an organization is moving that amount of cocaine, they've been involved for a long period of time." "This interception prevents a massive quantity of drugs from getting
          What Keeps Humans Immune      Cache   Translate Page      
How often have you heard that a green juice, or a vitamin or even a yoga pose can “boost” your immune system? Even if those claims are dubious, journalist Matt Richtel says we’re thinking about the immune system all wrong. The key is balancing it, not boosting it. He says the best way to keep the immune system in balance is through a good diet and sleep, as well as living a healthy lifestyle. Watch more here: An Elegant Defense. The Video, Part I — matt richtel (@mrichtel) March 6, 2019 What do we know about the systems that keep us healthy? And what is still left to discover? Richtel’s new book, “An Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System: A Tale in Four Lives,” tackles those questions and more. We speak to him and answer your questions about the mysteries of the immune system. Produced by Paige Osburn. GUESTS Matt Richtel , Journalist, The New York Times; author, An Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune
          Hollywood stars among dozens charged over college entrance scam      Cache   Translate Page      

Hollywood stars among dozens charged over college entrance scamNew York (AFP) - "Desperate Housewives" star Felicity Huffman and fellow Hollywood actress Lori Loughlin were among 50 people indicted Tuesday in a multi-million dollar scam to help children of the American elite cheat their way into top universities. The accused, who also include chief executives, financiers, a winemaker and fashion designer, allegedly cheated in admissions tests or arranged for bribes to get their children into prestigious schools including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and the University of Southern California, federal prosecutors said. Huffman, 56, and Loughlin, the 54-year-old star of "Full House," were among 33 parents accused of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud in joining the scheme.

          CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy Surges in Latest U.S. News & World Report Ranking      Cache   Translate Page      
CUNY’s Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy (CUNY SPH) is ranked 23rd in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for the academic quality of its programs. CUNY SPH was the only public school of public health in New York City, New York State and the entire tristate area to be listed among the top 25 schools.
          Oheka Castle Wedding : Adriana & Mitchell : New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      

A wedding at Oheka Castle in Huntington, Long Island is one I’m always looking forward to as it is a a magnificent place to photograph in. Adriana & Mitchell must have gathered a lot of good luck for their wedding because it rained all day but that didn’t stifle anyone’s spirits. Photographer: Brian HattonFlorist: Ariston […]

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          Oil prices rise as API data reportedly show an unexpected decline in U.S. crude supplies      Cache   Translate Page      

The American Petroleum Institute reported late Tuesday that U.S. crude supplies fell by 2.6 million barrels for the week ended March 8, according to sources. The API also reportedly showed that gasoline stockpiles dropped by 5.8 million barrels, while distillate inventories rose by 195,000 barrels. Inventory data from the Energy Information Administration will be released Wednesday. The EIA data are expected to show crude supplies climbed by 3.3 million barrels last week, according to a survey of analysts conducted by S&P Global Platts. It also shows expectations for inventory declines of 3.5 million barrels for gasoline and 2.5 million barrels for distillates. April West Texas Intermediate crude was at $57.09 a barrel in electronic trading, up from the $56.87 settlement on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Market Pulse Stories are Rapid-fire, short news bursts on stocks and markets as they move. Visit for more information on this news.

          Gold, WTI oil futures end higher after CME settlement delay      Cache   Translate Page      

Gold and U.S. oil settled higher Tuesday following a delay on Comex and the New York Mercantile Exchange that resulted in both commodities seeing prices come in much later than usual. "Due to a technical issue, some metals and energy settlements were published later today," said Matt Stroud, a CME Group spokesman. April gold climbed by $7, or 0.5%, to settle at $1,298.10 an ounce on Comex, then moved up to $1,301.80 in electronic trading. April West Texas Intermediate crude rose 8 cents, or 0.1%, to settle at $56.87 a barrel on Nymex.

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          New York attorney general subpoenas Deutsche Bank for information related to loans to Trump, signaling new inquiry      Cache   Translate Page      
The subpoenas also cover a loan that Trump sought to buy the NFL’s Buffalo Bills.
          Love & Hip Hop: New York S:9 Reunion – Part 1 E:15 Review      Cache   Translate Page      

The second installment in VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” docu-soap franchise takes to Atlanta the tale of striving for stardom in the rap game while trying to survive relationship and family struggles. The cast includes Mimi Faust, the longtime girlfriend of Grammy-winning producer Stevie J; up-and-coming Latina rapper Joseline; Trinidadian R&B singer Karlie Redd; singer-songwriter […]

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          Trump administration preparing to close international immigration offices – The Washington Post      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump administration preparing to close international immigration offices  The Washington PostTrump Administration Plans to Close Key Immigration Operations Abroad  The New York TimesView full coverage on Google News
          Ethiopian Airlines CEO says doomed flight had ‘control problems’ – New York Post      Cache   Translate Page      
Ethiopian Airlines CEO says doomed flight had 'control problems'  New York Post The Victims of the Ethiopia Plane Crash  The New York TimesWhat we still don't know about the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash  CNNDoomed E...
          Saturday Night Live Review: Idris Elba; Khalid      Cache   Translate Page      

Amy Maestri and Steph Sabraw discuss Saturday Night Live!  “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” Saturday Night Live is a sketch comedy show that has run since the fall of 1975. Many now-famous actors and actresses such as Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Paul Shaffer, Eddie Murphy, […]

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          Verizon texting outage hits East Coast      Cache   Translate Page      
Wireless carrier says service has been restored after disruption in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania
          Micro-investing startup Stash raises $65 mln, launches stock rewards program      Cache   Translate Page      
NEW YORK, March 12- Stash, a New York- based startup that allows consumers to save small sums of money and make micro-investments through its mobile app, has raised $65 million in funding, it said on Tuesday. The funding round was provided by existing investors, including Union Square Ventures and Breyer Capital, and led by a private institutional investor, the...
          Comment on Lyme disease: Senator Sue Serino calls for more funding in New York, Launches ‘Let’s Talk Ticks!’ by paul proctor      Cache   Translate Page      
Study Sheds New Light on Meat Allergy Transmitted by Ticks New data suggests that ticks can induce this immune response without requiring the mammal blood meal.
          Nový normál už je za dveřmi      Cache   Translate Page      
Prezident Federal Reserve Bank of New York John C. Williams ve svém projevu pro The Economic Club of New York hovořil o tom, že americká ekonomika se již pohybuje v novém normálu.
          Massachusetts: Highest ACA exchange enrollment AND effectuation in history; cites Individual mandate + navigator/outreach program!      Cache   Translate Page      

This press release is mostly of interest because it came from the Governor's office, not the MA Health Connector itself:

Baker-Polito Administration Announces Health Connector Completes Successful Open Enrollment with Highest-Ever Membership, Covering 282,000 People with Health Insurance

Governor Baker announced today that the Massachusetts Health Connector completed Open Enrollment with the highest membership in the 13-year history of the state’s health insurance exchange, covering 282,000 people with health insurance.

Heh. "13-year history" took a moment to register...but of course Massachusetts has had a health insurance exchange website since 2006, when "RomneyCare" went into effect.

“The Health Connector just completed its most successful Open Enrollment since the start of the Affordable Care Act, signing up more than 65,000 new people with health insurance coverage,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “Massachusetts leads the way with the best insured rate in the country, with over 97 percent of our residents covered due in part to the Health Connector’s strong efforts to create a culture of coverage in the Commonwealth.”

“The Health Connector plays an important role in ensuring communities across the Commonwealth have access to affordable, high-quality health care,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “Over the last four years, the Connector has worked tirelessly to transform the exchange into a functional and reliable service as is evident by its current milestone enrollment figures.”

The Health Connector held Open Enrollment from Nov. 1-Jan. 23, twice as long as the federal government’s Nov. 1-Dec. 15 open period, to ensure Massachusetts residents had as much time as possible to shop for affordable coverage. Throughout Open Enrollment, Massachusetts residents were encouraged to get covered or stay covered, to provide security for their health and financial well-being, and comply with the state’s individual mandate. Assistance was available through community based health Navigators around the state.

“Massachusetts shines as a model for the rest of the nation when it comes to getting people enrolled in health insurance–and maintaining coverage,” saidHealth and Human Services Secretary and Connector Board Chair Marylou Sudders. “That success is built off outreach and education efforts that effectively and efficiently target the state’s under-insured communities and get more people covered. This year the Connector made inroads in these tough-to-reach uninsured groups.”

As of March 1, 282,114 people were enrolled in health insurance, including 209,973 people in the ConnectorCare program. Through the state’s innovative affordability program, ConnectorCare, state subsidies are made available on top of federal tax credits, resulting in lower premium costs for members – including $0 premiums for the lowest-income enrollees – while also offering zero dollar or low co-pays and no deductibles. Overall, Health Connector membership rose 13 percent, compared to a 4 percent enrollment decrease through the federal platform. In addition, 18,000 individuals receive dental insurance through the Connector.

It's important to distinguish the 282,114 effectuated enrollee figure as of March 1st from the 300,085 people who selected QHPs by the end of the 2019 Open Enrollment Period. That's a net attrition rate of just 6% as of March, which means well over 94% of those who selected policies ended up paying for the first 1, 2 or 3 months (most started in January, some in February or March), which is extremely impressive.

“With stable operations and a clear message to get covered and stay covered, this was our most successful Open Enrollment to date, with high retention rates and strong new enrollment,” said Louis Gutierrez, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Health Connector. “We are going to keep working to ensure that everyone in Massachusetts is covered.”

Open Enrollment for Individuals

The Health Connector placed extra focus on outreach and public education about affordable coverage options in communities with higher rates of uninsurance and worked to raise public awareness about coverage generally. At the close of Open Enrollment, the Health Connector had enrolled more than 65,000 people who did not have Health Connector coverage at the start of Open Enrollment, about 22 percent more than last year. Nearly half of the new enrollments came from 21 communities targeted as under-insured through a data-driven strategy that included grassroots and creative enrollment and public awareness raising activities.

In a survey of more than 2,000 new members, more members who had been uninsured for significant periods signed up for 2019 coverage. In 2017, 20.2 percent of respondents said they were uninsured for six months or longer, and in 2019, 21.8 percent said they were uninsured at least six months.

This underscores the importance of the ACA navigator program, which offers personalized outreach, education and hand-holding throughout the process of enrolling in both exchange policies as well as Medicaid/CHIP, answering questions about how to use the insurance policy, how deductibles and co-pays work and so forth. The Trump Administration slashed both the marketing and outreach/navigator funding for the federal exchange by 90% and around 85% respectively, but exchanges like Massachusetts went the opposite way, with positive results.

The Health Connector finished Open Enrollment with a retention rate of 89.7 percent, about 2.7 percent higher than last year’s retention rate. Throughout Open Enrollment, the Health Connector engaged in a public social media campaign encouraging residents to #StayCovered, highlighting the continuing requirement that residents have health coverage that meets state standards, even as the federal individual mandate penalties end for 2019.

This proves my point from back in December, when I stressed that reinstating the individual coverage mandate penalty will only be effective if everyone KNOWS that there's a mandate penalty.

With stable premiums for 2019 (building off the Health Connector’s success of having the lowest exchange rates in the country in 2018, according to data from the federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services), fewer renewing members switched plans in 2019, resulting in a stable membership experience moving into the new year.

Health Connector for Business

In response to the increasing costs of insurance for small businesses, the Health Connector reshaped its small-business platform last year to offer highly competitive, high quality and low cost health insurance coverage for companies with less than 50 employees. The Health Connector for Business currently helps 1,300 small businesses save money on premiums by offering health plan and coverage options to their employees. Currently nine health plans and more than 50 plan options are available for April coverage. Small businesses can compare premiums and save on average 20 percent than they might otherwise pay.

Additionally, small businesses can earn a rebate through the Connector’s new ConnectWell program,an online-based wellness program. The program offers employers a chance to save money while their employees improve their health and wellness. Employers can save up to 15% on the amount they contribute toward employees’ health insurance premiums if one-third of their employees’ successfully complete one of the program’s qualifying wellness activities. The average ConnectWell rebate for a business is $4,880. Employees enrolled in their group’s health plan will also have the chance to earn a $100 reward when they complete a qualifying wellness activity.

The Health Connector currently serves more than 1,300 business and 300,000 individuals and small-employer members with health and dental insurance. Access to affordable health coverage for individuals and small businesses can be found at the Health Connector’s website,

This last part about the "Health Connector for Business" is interesting. This refers to MA's "SHOP" program which, as I've noted before, has mostly languished nationally. Both California and New York have overhauled their SHOP program over the past few years, with impressive results, so perhaps there's hope for it after all. The PR doesn't break out MA's SHOP enrollment...282,000 indy medical enrollees + 18,000 dental plan enrollees adds up to 300K even. Assuming those 18K with dental coverage are already included with the 282K medical plan population, that means perhaps 18,000 SHOP enrollees as well, or roughly 14 employees/family members per business enrolled.

          New York: NYSoH releases carrier-level 2019 enrollment breakout      Cache   Translate Page      

This just in from New York State of Health...

Press Release: NY State of Health Releases 2019 Enrollment Data by Insurer
Mar 12, 2019

  • New Yorkers Value Choice of Plans
  • 2019 Enrollment is Spread Across NY State of Health’s 12 Qualified Health Plan Insurers and 16 Essential Plan Insurers

ALBANY, N.Y. (March 12, 2019) - NY State of Health, the state’s official health plan Marketplace today released 2019 health plan enrollment by insurer. Twelve insurers offer Qualified Health Plans (QHP) and sixteen insurers offer the Essential Plan (EP) statewide in 2019. Most consumers have a choice of at least four QHP and EP insurers in every county of the state. 

“We are pleased to once again offer consumers a broad choice of high-quality, affordable health plan options in every county of the state,” said NY State of Health Executive Director, Donna Frescatore. “And the wide distribution of enrollment across insurers shows us that consumers value this choice.”

Marketplace enrollment is at its highest point ever. More than 1 million (1,062,025) people enrolled in QHPs and EP as of January 31, 2019, an increase of 70,072 from 2018.

2019 Enrollment by Insurer: Qualified Health Plans

The 12 insurers offering individual QHP coverage in 2019 each participate in five to 56 counties.  Fidelis, which offers QHP coverage in 56 counties of the state, has the largest share (39 percent) of total statewide QHP enrollment followed by Healthfirst (15 percent), which offers coverage in seven counties including New York City; MVP (seven percent), which offers coverage in 48 counties; and Empire BCBS (seven percent), which participates in 17 counties.  The balance of statewide enrollment was spread across the remaining insurers, as shown in the table below.  

Note:  In this table, insurers are shown by their d/b/a (doing business as) and sum to more than 12.

Marketplace insurers each have different service areas comprising specific counties. Comparing enrollment by insurers’ respective service areas shows significant distribution of enrollment across plans. No one insurer has more than half of the enrollment in their service area and similar to 2018, most insurers have between five and 25 percent of the enrollment in their respective service areas.  Fidelis enrolled 40 percent of QHP consumers in its service area, followed by Excellus with 36 percent, HealthFirst with 25 percent, BCBS of Western NY with 23 percent, Independent Health with 22 percent, and MVP with 21 percent of enrollment in their respective service areas.  The remaining insurers each had less than 20 percent of enrollment in their respective service areas, as detailed below. 

2019 QHP Individual Market Share by Insurer

Note:  In this table, insurers are shown by their d/b/a, or “doing business as,” since they may differ depending on geographic region of the State, and sum to more than 12.

The Essential Plan

Sixteen insurers offered the Essential Plan (EP) in 2019 – the same 15 insurers that offered EP in 2018 with one addition, Capital District Physicians Health Plan (CDPHP) which offers EP in the Capital District. Statewide, 22 percent of EP enrollment was with Fidelis Care, 21 percent with Healthfirst, 15 percent with United Healthcare, 10 percent with MetroPlus, and the remaining 32 percent was spread across the remaining insurers.  

2019 Essential Plan Enrollment by Insurer

Note:  In this table, insurers are shown by their d/b/a (doing business as) since they may differ depending on geographic region of the State, and sum to more than 16.

Comparing EP enrollment by insurers’ respective service areas likewise shows significant distribution of enrollment across plans. Excellus, which provides Essential Plan coverage in a 31-county service area serving the Southern Tier, Central New York, and the North Country, is the only insurer with more than 50 percent of EP enrollees in its respective service area. Four insurers – HealthFirst, Fidelis, Independent Health, and MVP – each have between 22 and 26 percent of enrollment in their respective service areas.  All other insurers have between four and 16 percent of EP enrollment in their respective service areas. 

2019 Essential Plan Market Share by Insurer

Note:  In this table, insurers are shown by their d/b/a (doing business as) since they may differ depending on geographic region of the State, and sum to more than 16

Additional demographic and health plan specific information for the 2019 Open Enrollment Period will be available in the coming weeks.

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A fascinating Jazz Age tale of chemistry and detection, poison and murder, The Poisoner's Handbook is a page-turning account of a forgotten era. In early twentieth-century New York, poisons offered an easy path to the perfect crime. Science had no place in the Tammany Hall-controlled coroner's office, and corruption ran rampant. However, with the appointment of chief medical examiner Charles Norris in 1918, the poison game changed forever. Together with toxicologist Alexander Gettler, the duo set the justice system on fire with their trailblazing scientific detective work, triumphing over seemingly unbeatable odds to become the pioneers of forensic chemistry and the gatekeepers of justice.
           February 2019 Consumer Expectations: Inflation Expectations Edge Down after Holding Steady for Ten Months       Cache   Translate Page      

from the New York Fed

The February 2019 Survey of Consumer Expectations, which shows a decline in the short- and medium-term inflation expectations. Medical care price growth expectations declined to a series low. Expectations about the U.S. unemployment rate improved, while job finding and job loss expectations remained stable.

Read more ...

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"(Und das sagte Pompeo – Anm. d. Red.), nachdem die New York Times geschrieben hatte, dass nicht Maduro, sondern eben diese Opposition, die von den US–Behörden unterstützt wird, die Lastwagen mit humanitärer Hilfe verbrennt. Genau darüber berichten RT und Sputnik...
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Jonathan Van Ness — one of the five guys on the hit Netflix series "Queer Eye," which begins it's new season on Friday — speaks with Here & Now's Robin Young about being confident and tapping into one's curiosity. Also, a new study predicts what your city may look like in 2080. At it's current rate, New York City will feel as warm as northern Arkansas in 2080.
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Like most aging culture-vultures, I find I have less and less time for new additions to the culture-hoard and less appreciation when I try to sample them. In particular, I tend to skim over the poems in the New Yorker with a mental note of either “This isn’t what I call poetry” or “This seems […]
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KCON USA is back for another amazing year! On March 12, the annual K-pop convention announced the venues and dates for this year’s events in the United States. KCON 2019 NY will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York from July 6 to 7, while KCON 2019 LA will be held at the Staples […]

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The New York Mets had 12 players make their major league debuts during the 2018 season. Most of those players were bullpen arms, but the rookie that made [...]
          How to Read a Cannabis Label Like a Pro      Cache   Translate Page      

The following post was originally published on Miss Grass.

A woman shops at a marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon. Photo courtesy Getty/AFP/Josh Edelson.

Scrutinizing cannabis products doesn't have to be a complicated process. Once you know your way around a label, shopping for anything from flower to food will be easy as pie.

Really understanding any given cannabis product is a whole lot more nuanced than just knowing how much THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol) is in it. But that doesn't mean that gathering intel on your chosen products has to be overwhelming. There are a few simple things to know that will make the whole familiarizing-yourself-with-weed thing a lot easier.

To create repeatable and comfortable experiences, it's important to educate yourself about what you like and what works for your composition in which situations. Without properly understanding that, you're bound to have a few less-than-desired experiences. The idea is to get you equipped with a basic understanding because, in the end, getting to the point where you can scan a label and be ready to make a decision is more than a timesaver: it's the key to having a consistently good experience.


Until we're sure of every part of cannabis's function, too many variables can define a strain or cultivar. One such variable is the terpene profile. Terpenes are the natural, aromatic oils from plants which affect taste and fragrance. You'd recognize the presence of terpenes in things like citrus, mangoes, flowers, peppercorns, and clove, for instance. When paired with cannabis, terpenes can impact your overall experience - which is known as the entourage effect. Of the 200 or so terpenes that have been found in cannabis, the most common ones provide the scents we love to huff straight out of the jar, like limonene, myrcene, pinene, piperine, eugenol, and linalool. However, they also drive the high.

If you familiarize yourself with the most popular terpenes, it gives you the baseline you need to infer the taste as well as the head and body effects you'll be working with.


Ratio is the thing to focus on when self-testing cannabis products. Precise cannabinoid ratios are easy to achieve in tinctures, vapes, and edibles where concentrates and isolates form the active dose. But in flower - the unprocessed part of the plant we smoke - it's much more dependent on the cultivation and curing process.

Ratios can look like this:

  • 1:1 THC to CBD is a balance that won't overly intoxicate
  • 2:1 THC to CBD is for more of a 'stoned' effect; you can flip that ratio and have a high CBD result that's great for undoing too much THC

This is the most important part for those looking for a balanced high. Many people respond differently to THC, and finding the percentage that gives you the perfect dose is important. Cannabinoid percentages range from low fractions to 37 percent in some of the highest potency cultivars. Depending on your needs, THC potency can be a dealbreaker when it's not spot on. If you're a novice, staying under 20 percent THC is advisable. While strains are now hitting the upper 30th percentile, most of the 'strong' stuff you see on the market is in the 21-26 percent range. CBD will get into the 20s in an engineered CBD-rich strain, but typically it reaches around 4 percent in a common cultivar.

Lab Testing

Regulations are beginning to catch up with the demand for clean cannabis that's not harmful to those who consume it. States are using lab testing to ensure compliance with all pesticide rules, and oftentimes, the label is the place to find this information - unless you buy from a shop like Miss Grass that is committed to doing that vetting for you. Beyond pesticides, you'll want to look out for all manner of contaminants such as mold, solvents, pollution, animal waste, and even bugs. This information may not be presented on the label, but it doesn't hurt to inspect your cannabis flower for contamination and keep a keen eye out for product recall, especially for vape cartridges. Don't let the excitement to try a new product stop you from doing your homework.

Harvest Date

The harvest date of your cannabis is certainly not a sell-by date, but it can raise questions if it's not lining up with the shelf life of a product. When consuming products made with isolates and concentrates, the harvest date is relatively irrelevant, as concentrates don't degrade. But for smokeable flower, seeing anything with a harvest date that's older than six months can be a little alarming. In prerolled joints or loose flower, it would be best to avoid anything over half a year, as the cannabinoids and flavor can degrade after this much time. But sealed products like those canned in nitrogen or in vacbags are better for much longer - sometimes up to a year.

So, off you go. Take this information and buy the best cannabis you can find. It doesn't always have to be the most potent, the freshest, or the most expensive. Just make sure it's the right product for you.

Danielle is an New York City-based writer. Off-duty, she enjoys a good cup of coffee, a clean motherf*cking house, cooking gourmet meals, and studying botany, cosmetic chemistry, and natural healing.

          Drug-price-comparison site GoodRx has quietly started listing startups that prescribe and ship pills alongside CVS and Walmart      Cache   Translate Page      


  • GoodRx, a website that helps consumers shop around for lower cash prices for their prescription drugs, quietly started offering online pharmacy options in its price comparisons.
  • GoodRx shows prices for your prescriptions at stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. Now, users might also see options to get their prescription through online healthcare startups like Hims or Roman, which can prescribe and ship medication to your door. 
  • The company is still experimenting with the model, but GoodRx CEO Doug Hirsh told Business Insider that the move has been popular so far. 

GoodRx, one of the oldest websites that lets people compare prices for prescription drugs, is adding in online upstarts to its list of prices. 

Alongside options to pick up prescriptions at pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart, people shopping around for lower cash prices for their medications via GoodRx may have started to see an option to get their prescription delivered by mail.

GoodRx CEO Doug Hirsch told Business Insider that the reason it added online options is to help consumer get a better picture of all the ways they can get their medicine.

"We spend a lot of time trying to decrease the cost of healthcare," Hirsch said. "But if someone can make available more convenient and affordable ways to get prescriptions, that’s music to our ears."

GoodRx is best known for its work pulling together cash prices for medications at different pharmacies so those who don't have insurance or have to pay high prices out of pocket can have a cheaper alternative. Three years ago, it started reaching out to some of the startups that are prescribing medications online to see if they could work together. As more startups have entered the market, the number of partnerships has grown. 

GoodRx's move to include online, mail-order pharmacies happening at a time when consumers are getting more and more used to shopping online for everyday items like groceries and clothes. In 2018, Amazon acquired online pharmacy PillPack, cementing itself in the market. At the same time, seemingly overnight a crop of companies have sprung up that can prescribe and mail you medications like birth control and Viagra, creating a market for people looking to get a particular medication without going to an in-person doctor's visit.

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Displayed alongside retail pharmacy prices, GoodRx users might see "mail order" options. For instance, a search for the generic form of Viagra in New York turns up three options at different price points, denoting which services can connect users to a doctor for a prescription. The idea is to present options side by side in a marketplace so consumers can make their own choices.

Screen Shot 2019 03 11 at 1.43.55 PM

Hirsch said GoodRx has been working with companies like Lemonaid, Nurx, Hims, Roman, HealthWarehouse,, and Truepill.

Read more: Meet the pharmacy quietly powering hot startups like Hims and Nurx that ship Viagra and birth control pills straight to your door

In some cases, the outside companies are able to prescribe medications by connecting patients to doctors, while in the cases of Truepill and, a prescription from an outside doctor is required. Truepill is the pharmacy that also powers many of the on-demand healthcare startups like Hims and Nurx.

While the program is still in the experimental phase, Hirsch said it's been catching on. 

"It's been very popular," Hirsch said. "We're driving traffic to each of these players now."

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          Meet the pharmacy quietly powering hot startups like Hims and Nurx that ship Viagra and birth-control pills straight to your door      Cache   Translate Page      

Truepill cofounders Umar Afridi and Sid Viswanathan

  • Meet Truepill, the pharmacy startup that has been quietly powering companies that prescribe and ship Viagra and birth control to customers' doors.
  • The startup, which describes itself as a "pharmacy API and fulfillment service," works with companies like Hims, Nurx, and Lemonaid by filling prescriptions and sending them out around the US.
  • With $14 million in funding from investors led by Alexis Ohanian's Initialized Capital, Truepill is plotting its international expansion.

Seemingly overnight, a crop of companies have sprung up that can prescribe and mail you medications like birth control and Viagra.

Each company has its own brand, its own website, and contracted doctors. But for many — including Lemonaid, the dermatology company YoDerm, Kick Health, Hims, and Nurx — there's a common thread: Their online pharmacies are powered by a little-known company called Truepill.

Founded by the pharmacist Umar Afridi and Sid Viswanathan, Truepill has quietly been gathering up pharmacy licenses across the US and amassing clients who have racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. Since getting its start in 2016, Truepill has filled 1 million prescriptions.

Last year, Truepill raised $14 million from investors led by Alexis Ohanian's Initialized Capital. On Tuesday the company is formally announcing the funding, saying it'll use the money to expand internationally with plans to add facilities in New York, the UK, Australia, and Canada in addition to its center in San Mateo, California.

Read more: Investors are betting $660 million that companies that ship Viagra and hair-loss pills to your door is the future of medicine — but some doctors are worried

Afridi, Truepill's CEO, spent a decade working in retail pharmacies. Along the way, he started keeping track of some of the inefficiencies he saw as he filled prescriptions. In some instances, he'd have to use a fax machine to get a prescription from a particular doctor, with it difficult to get that doctor on the phone to check and see whether patients could use a lower-cost alternative.

The experience got Afridi interested in figuring out whether he could build an on-demand pharmacy. Eventually, the idea led him to start working on Truepill with Viswanathan, who serves as the company's president. While still doing shifts at CVS, Afridi was studying to become licensed in states across the US and started filling his first prescriptions in October 2016, shipping to homes in California for startups like Nurx and YoDerm.

TruePill Facility

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Then in 2017, Afridi and Viswanathan joined the summer class of Y Combinator. Eventually, Afridi became licensed in more states and Truepill added more customers. The pharmacy is now licensed in 50 states.

A new kind of pharmacy

Viswanathan and Afridi don't consider Truepill an online pharmacy like PillPack, which Amazon acquired last year. Instead, they've coined the term "pharmacy API and fulfillment service." Truepill isn't trying to directly compete against retail pharmacies or other online pharmacies. Instead, it's the layer behind the scenes powering startups that are going the direct-to-consumer route by treating particular health conditions.

A company that uses Truepill can connect its website or app directly to Truepill's service. That way, when a patient is prescribed a medication like generic Viagra through the company's platform, the prescription gets sent over to Truepill. When a prescription comes in, Truepill fulfills it and ships it out that same day, Viswanathan said. The company can choose the speed of delivery based on how much it's willing to spend on shipping.

Read more: Trendy startup Hims wants to shake up men's health by prescribing generic Viagra online and is nearing a $1 billion valuation. But a move to relax guidelines has raised concerns among some of its doctor partners.

That company — which is charging the patient directly through its own site — pays Truepill for the cost of the prescription, the shipping, and then a service fee that's negotiated on top of that.

For startups looking to go directly to consumers by offering online doctor's visits and prescriptions that get sent to your door, Truepill isn't the only pharmacy option. Some startups have opted to build their own pharmacies, while others work with pharmacies similar to Truepill that have licenses to ship medication over the US.

The plan for Truepill's API and fulfillment service is to be as indispensable as Amazon Web Services is to companies. Because Truepill is focused on the pharmacy piece, the idea is that it might be able to get better rates for drugs based on volume and better shipping costs.

Eric Woersching, a general partner at Initialized, said that in addition to the size of the pharmacy industry (billions of prescriptions are written in the US every year), the firm was drawn to Truepill's API approach to pharmacy. 

"As engineers and hackers ourselves, we understand how powerful the APIs can be," Woersching said. He pointed to financial technology companies like Stripe and Plaid that have cemented themselves in the payments field, with successful companies built on top of their APIs. 

TruePill 16

The changing way Americans get prescriptions

The healthcare industry as a whole has been jockeying to stay competitive as companies realize that patients, used to the consumer experience they're getting from Amazon and Netflix, have higher expectations for their doctor's visit.

That's been a driving force behind megadeals like Amazon's acquisition of PillPack and CVS Health's merger with Aetna. On-demand, convenient healthcare options like urgent care and free-standing emergency rooms have gained in popularity too, as have same-day pharmacy delivery services like Capsule and Alto.

Read more: We got an exclusive look at the 2019 plans for Capsule, a pharmacy startup that could be Amazon's next takeover target and has plans to go national

Mailing out prescriptions isn't a particularly new phenomenon. Pharmacy benefit managers such as CVS Caremark and the Cigna-owned Express Scripts have been shipping medication to patients for years as an alternative to monthly visits to a pharmacy.

For now, Truepill is focused on pharmacy fulfillment for startups like Hims or Nurx that are going directly to consumers. Eventually, Afridi said, the plan is to enter other lines of business as well, potentially working with PBMs to serve as their online, mail-order service or by tapping into the $140 billion specialty pharmacy market.

Viswanathan said the conversations with PBMs had surprised both the incumbents and the Truepill team.

"It's shocking to think about this, but something as trivial as being able to provide a shipping-tracking URL is something breakthrough in the space," Viswanathan told Business Insider.

They're not the only piece of the pharma supply chain to be surprised by Truepill's model. Afridi said he provided a wholesaler an estimate of what volume of medication Truepill expected to dispense. But when Truepill hit that estimate, the wholesaler stopped supplying the pharmacy, convinced that Truepill couldn't possibly have filled that many prescriptions.

"We tend to very quickly outpace the volume of what our stage of pharmacy can do," Viswanathan said.

Truepill now works directly with drugmakers as well as the wholesaler to get its medications. Because Truepill is working with clients that are focused in specific disease areas, the pharmacy's volumes for drugs like generic Viagra or birth control can be much higher than a typical pharmacy would dispense.

As more and more prescriptions go online via a direct-to-consumer delivery model, Viswanathan said he's excited to be powering that with Truepill.

"There are so many things that can and will happen in telemedicine," Viswanathan said.

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          Orthopedic Surgeon Physician - Locums      Cache   Translate Page      
Posted on: 2019-03-12

Position: Orthopedic Surgeon
Location: Near Altona, NY

MPLT Healthcare is currently looking for physicians who Understand the Urgency, Never Give Up, and Have the Courage to Excel in the forever changing medical industry! We have numerous opportunities for an experienced Orthopedic Surgeon highly competitive pay rates in New York.

Position Details:

  • Inpatient and Outpatient
  • 1:4 Call
  • Full time Mon-Friday ; 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • This will be an on-going assignment until the Hospital hires a permanent provider


The benefits of working with MPLT Healthcare include:

  • Flexibility – work when, where and how often you’d like to work
  • Paid malpractice insurance
  • Pre-paid travel and housing expenses
  • Competitive compensation paid on a weekly basis
  • One-on-one attention and 24-hour access to your personal MPLT Healthcare consultant
  • Dedicated medical staff services that assist with credentialing and facility paperwork

About MPLT Healthcare

MPLT Healthcare specializes in placing well-qualified physicians and advanced practice clinicians in locum, locum-to-perm and direct hire staff and leadership positions while making this process as seamless as possible for our clinicians and client facilities.

Don’t delay, apply today!

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Emas berjangka di divisi COMEX New York Mercantile Exchange naik pada akhir perdagangan Selasa (Rabu pagi WIB), karena pelemahan dolar AS dan ketidakpastian Brexit mendorong logam mulia sebagai aset safe haven. Kontrak emas ...
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Isn’t It Romantic Filminin Konusu; New York'lu mimar Natalie küçüklüğünde romantik komedi filmlerini sevse de artık acı gerçeklerin farkına varmıştır; romantik komediler sahte ve realiteden uzaktır. Artık yetişkin olan Natalie'nin tek hedefi kentin bir sonraki gökdelenlerine imzasını atabilmektir. İşinde yükselmek isteyen genç kadın ne kadar uğraşsa da şehri güzelleştirecek binalar tasarlamak yerine ofisin ayak işlerine yaramaktadır. Fakat bu da yetmezmiş gibi günün birinde bir soyguna denk gelir ve soygun sırasında bilincini yitirir. Uyandığında ise en büyük kabusunu yaşamaya başlamıştır; bir romantik komedi filmine... Romantik komedi filmlerinin klişelerini birbiri ardına yaşayan genç kadın, kendini bir anda anlamlandıramadığı bir dünyada bulur. Bir film sahnesine dönüşen bu hayatında filmin sonu mutlu olacak mıdır?... Todd Strauss-Schulson'un yönettiği romantik komedinin başrollerinde Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine ve Rebel Wilson yer alıyor.. FullHDFilmSepeti Ekibi Olarak İyi Seyirler Dileriz.

Isn’t It Romantic Full HD İzle yazısı ilk önce Vizyondaki Filmleri İzlemenin Adresi | üzerinde ortaya çıktı.

          Annunciation Essays: Meditation on Robert Campin’s Mérode Altarpiece      Cache   Translate Page      

Annunciation blogging
for Advent 2014:
The Mérode Altarpiece
by the Workshop of Robert Campin

Annunciation Triptych (Merode Altarpiece)
Workshop of Robert Campin (Netherlandish, ca. 1375-1444, Tournai)
Date:  Circa 1427-32
Oil on oak, 25 3/8 x 46 3/8 in. (open)
The Metropolitan Museum of ArtThe Cloisters Collection, 1956

One day, God sent an angel to carry a message to a young woman in Nazareth.  In the painting above, we see a depiction of the scene.  The artists offer a 15th century Netherlandish interpretation of the story of the Annunciation as related by the evangelist Luke in the first chapter of his gospel.  For us today, as well as for people who lived in the Netherlands nearly 600 years ago, the Biblical story is far removed from present experience.  To enter the scene requires an act of sympathetic imagination.

The early Netherlandish artists were poets of the imagination.  In their extraordinarily beautiful works, time and space are collapsed.  Past, present, and future merge together into one; a house in Nazareth becomes a house in Belgium which stands for a house anywhere… everywhere.  Through contemplation of their paintings, viewers are invited to enter into the scenes as part of the work of devout meditation.

Detail, right panel of
the Merode Altarpiece
by the Workshop of
Robert Campin.
The Metropolitan
Museum of Art,
The Cloisters Collection.
Standing prayerfully before the Mérode Altarpiece, a masterpiece of early Netherlandish art by Robert Campin and his workshop, you might consider the perspective of the donors on the left, Joseph on the right, or Mary front and center.  Each perspective would offer different avenues for exploration of the painting and its themes.  In the left panel, the contemporary donors approach the story reverently but are forever kept at a distance—they are outsiders gifted with a view of the miraculous, once removed.  In the right panel, Joseph models a conscientious, methodical approach to the task at hand (the task being the work of salvation).  These characters are models meant to encourage us.  It is good to be like a reverent, wealthy donor.  It is good to be a diligent worker like Joseph.

But on a much grander scale, Campin calls for everyone, regardless of gender, to identify with Mary in the magnificent center panel of the triptych.  Her unexpected meeting with the angel Gabriel has cosmic implications; everything on earth and in heaven will hinge on her response.  She has the freedom to say, “I am the handmaid of the Lord” or, conversely, she has the freedom to say, “remove this cup from me,” as Jesus would later consider requesting in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Perhaps she even has freedom to decline to acknowledge the presence of the angel in the room—to continue reading her book, her eyes fixed on the expected rather than the unexpected.

When Campin and his workshop artists painted this triptych in the early 15th century, there was a religious movement in the land called Devotio Moderna, a turn toward a set of monastic-based practices of humility, obedience, and simplicity.  It was a pre-Protestant critique of the wealth and empire of the dominant Catholic culture, offering a deep spirituality accessible to the growing middle class.  As part of the rather mystic approach of Devotio Moderna, Christians were called to meditate on Biblical scenes as if they were inside them—to imaginatively converse and interact with the characters within the scenes.

Detail, center panel of the Merode Altarpiece
by the Workshop of Robert Campin.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art,
The Cloisters Collection.
Some art historians believe that the early Netherlandish artists like Robert Campin intentionally created some of their artworks to serve as instruments for meditation in the new Devotio Moderna style.  Deep in reverent prayer, you enter the scene.  The time that separates you by 2,000 years from an ancient—and seemingly irrecoverable—reality becomes meaningless.  The deep past is no further away than the second that just passed.  Similarly, the vast distance that separates you from Nazarethbecomes meaningless.  It is all holy space.

The moment is now, in Nazareth twenty centuries ago.  The moment is now, a cloudy day in Belgium six centuries ago.  The moment is now, experiencing the painting in The Cloisters in Washington Heights, New York City.  The moment is now, wherever you are.

There’s an angel in the room.

Campin, assisted by his workshop of talented artists, invites the viewer to look up and greet the miraculous.  And he implicitly challenges the viewer to respond as Mary would:

“My soul magnifies the Lord,
and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
for he has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden.”
Luke 1: 46-48

Reference Sources

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection Online
The New Oxford Annotated Bible, Revised Standard Version
The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis, translated by William C. Creasy

© 2014 Lee Price

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5.75 USD

Neutral printable photo of the Flatiron building in New York City. JPG Files included in this download are sized 5x7, 8x10, 16x20, 16x16 and 50cm x 70cm. (50x70 can be scaled down to A2, A3 and A4)

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Posted on: 2019-03-12

Position: Urologist
Location: Near Buffalo, NY

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About MPLT Healthcare

MPLT Healthcare specializes in placing well-qualified physicians and advanced practice clinicians in locum, locum-to-perm and direct hire staff and leadership positions while making this process as seamless as possible for our clinicians and client facilities.

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Our clients include globally recognized names, including Levi’s, Abercrombie &amp; Fitch, BevMo!, Billabong, Dolce &amp; Gabbana, Tommy Bahama, Barney’s New York, Tory...
From Mi9 Retail - Thu, 07 Mar 2019 21:23:19 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Retail Analytics Developer - Mi9 Retail - Toronto, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Our clients include globally recognized names, including Levi’s, Abercrombie &amp; Fitch, BevMo!, Billabong, Dolce &amp; Gabbana, Tommy Bahama, Barney’s New York, Tory...
From Mi9 Retail - Tue, 05 Mar 2019 15:43:50 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Full Stack Developer - Mi9 Retail - Toronto, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Our clients include globally recognized names such as Nike, Levi’s, Billabong, Dolce &amp; Gabbana, Tommy Bahama, Barney’s New York, Giant Eagle, ShopRite, and...
From Mi9 Retail - Tue, 05 Mar 2019 15:43:27 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
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Stamford office of an AmLaw firm seeks career associate attorney with 1-3 years of litigation experience. The candidate will be serving in legal research, drafting pleadings and motions, conducting discovery and appearing in court as needed on behalf of banks, special servicers and other corporate clients involved in commercial foreclosure actions and other complex civil litigation. Must preferably have experience representing lenders in foreclosure actions and be familiar with Connecticut and New York rules of practice. CT and NY Bar Admissions are required.The candidate must have a superior academic record, excellent writing and communication skills, and the ability to work independently.This law firm was established over a century ago to provide a broad range of legal services. Their areas of practice include antitrust, immigration, real estate, healthcare, family law, business litigation, technology, energy, crisis management, and more. Their offices are located in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Stamford, and Wilmington.
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NY-New York, job summary: Randstad Professionals is in search of a Job Description Senior Financial Analyst in the New York City area of Chelsea / Manhattan. The Senior Financial Analyst is responsible for conducting various financial activities including budgeting, modeling, forecasting and reporting to support decision making by senior management. They will provide financial support to the Leadership functio
          INVITATION: Watches Of Switzerland Store Opening In The Shops At 20 Hudson Yards, NYC      Cache   Translate Page      

We invite you to celebrate the opening of our new Watches Of Switzerland store inside The Shops at 20 Hudson Yards, in the heart of New York City. Hudson Yards is the biggest private real estate project in American history. Valued at $25 billion, it will also...

The post INVITATION: Watches Of Switzerland Store Opening In The Shops At 20 Hudson Yards, NYC appeared first on aBlogtoWatch.

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------------------------------ Weekend Unlimited eröffnet Niederlassung in NYC Standort in New York City ermöglicht Fokus auf Betrieb in mehreren Staaten NEW YORK, NY, USA (12. März 2019) - Weekend Unlimited Inc. (Weekend oder das Unternehmen) (CSE: POT - FWB: 0OS1 - OTCQB: WKULF) gibt

          REMIND ME by Samantha Chase - Release Day Blitz      Cache   Translate Page      

We are so excited to be bringing you the release of REMIND ME by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Samantha Chase. REMIND ME is the first book in the new Magnolia Sound series and if you love all things small-town romance, then you won't want to miss this one!



It’s been years since Mallory Westbrook set foot in Magnolia Sound, but the death of her great-grandfather forces her back. Two weeks to get his affairs in order then she would return to her life in New York. The perfect plan, if not for Jake Summerford—her first love who broke her heart. Jake always regretted the way things ended with Mallory and now that she’s back in town, he’s hoping they can put the past behind them. As they reconnect, old feelings resurface and Jake realizes that friendship is only the beginning of what he wants from Mallory. With one foot out of the door, Mallory is looking for any excuse to leave Magnolia Sound behind. Forever. Will Jake’s plan to replace the old, painful memories help him finally show her their love deserves another chance?

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Samantha Chase is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller of contemporary romance. She released her debut novel in 2011 and currently has more than forty titles under her belt! When she’s not working on a new story, she spends her time reading romances, playing way too many games of Scrabble or Solitaire on Facebook, wearing a tiara while playing with her sassy pug Maylene…oh, and spending time with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina. Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Newsletter | BookBub
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Unbreak Me
Author: Maria Vickers
Genre: MM, Gay Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: T.E. Black Designs
Cover Models: TankJoey and Dr. Travis France
Release Date: March 21, 2019


Other Retailers:



They were supposed to be together forever. That was the plan, but through a cruel twist of fate the night before their three-year anniversary, Tex Davis lost the one man he would ever love, Memphis King. A year has passed and he still hasn’t been able to move on. Everyone tells him it’s time, but what do they know? Memphis was his partner in love and life. Losing him, broke Tex.

Tex has been given an opportunity to move from New York to Seattle. His friends and family are encouraging him to take it, but he has already decided to decline the offer because that would mean leaving Memphis behind. 

Then something happened. 

Whether it be fate or something else, Memphis came back to him. Tex’s first love is supposed to help him move on, but not even Memphis can bring himself to force Tex to let him go. 

Is it so wrong to want to spend forever with the person you loved most? Both hearts are begging to be unbroken.

Two broken hearts, one wandering soul.

Maria Vickers currently lives in St. Louis, MO with her pug, Spencer Tracy. She has always had a passion for writing and after she became disabled in 2010, she decided to use writing as her escape. She believes that life is about what you make of it. You have to live it to the fullest no matter the circumstances.

From a young age, she has always loved books and even dreamed of being an author when she was younger. Growing up in the Navy, she used to weave tales for her siblings and her friends about anything and everything. And when she wasn't creating her own stories, she had a book in her hand. They transported her to another world. She hopes that with her books, her readers have the same experience and that they can relate to her characters.

Getting sick changed her life forever, but it also opened doors for her that she thought would always be out of reach.








Join her reader group, Maria’s Love Seekers. 
Lip Services PR


          Jia Tolentino on workout clothes for the New Yorker       Cache   Translate Page      

Just mostly her trying to act intellectually superior to the “sheep” buying athleisure while still wanting expensive crop tops and leggings for herself. 


          Spac First in Upstate N.Y. and Top 20 in the World for Attendance      Cache   Translate Page      
There's nothing like going to see a concert outdoors in the summer. Four amphitheaters in Upstate New York made the list of the Top 100 in the world. Continue reading…
          Melville takes Gold at USATF Indoor Championships      Cache   Translate Page      
Olympian & American Record holder Miranda Melville, New York Athletic Club, won the 2019 Toyota USATF Indoor 3,000 meter Race Walk Championships. This is Melville’s 15th USATF National Championship.Melville crossed the line with 12 minutes and 57.58 seconds at the 3,000-meter indoor event ending her indoors season ranked ninth in the world. “I am grateful for this performance as it is a positive indicator going into the outdoor season and the longer Olympic 20K [...]
          Dove abiti? A che religione appartieni? Identità politica, hobby, famiglia e professione. Ecco cosa vuol sapere il Ny Times dai lettori      Cache   Translate Page      
Il valore delle informazioni sulle audience dei lettori è “insetimabile” secondo il New York Times. Che lo ricorda introducendo un apposito form ad essi rivolto per “aiutarci a coprire meglio le notizie”. E aggiunge: “quest’anno vogliamo ampliare i nostri sforzi per includere le esperienze dei nostri lettori e ci piacerebbe aggiungere anche la tua voce”.
          Amerikaanse douane onderschept 1500 kilo coke in container naar Rotterdam      Cache   Translate Page      
In de Amerikaanse stad New York is bijna 1500 kilo cocaïne gevonden in een container die op het punt stond naar Rotterdam te worden verscheept. De drugs zijn volgens de Customs and Border Protection 77 miljoen dollar waard zijn, omgerekend meer dan 68 miljoen euro. Nog niemand is opgepakt.
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BOSTON (AP) — The Latest on a college admissions bribery scandal that has led to charges against coaches and celebrities (all times local): 6:30 p.m. Four people arrested in New York City in the college…
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TERRY GROSS, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. You probably know my guest, the New York Times deputy general counsel David McCraw, from a letter he wrote that went viral. It was in response to a letter from Donald Trump's lawyer threatening to sue the Times for libel. McCraw will read that letter in a minute. As the Times' newsroom lawyer, McCraw has defended the Times against libel suits in the U.S. and from abroad. He's dealt with legal issues surrounding the publication of sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein and the threat of a libel suit that followed. McCraw has filed dozens of lawsuits seeking information that was withheld by the government in spite of the Freedom of Information Act. He's worked for the release of journalists who were kidnapped by extremists or detained by hostile governments. During the Trump era, he says, the fight about press freedom is about the very nature of truth and whether we, as a nation, believe that a free press counts for
          Husband And Wife Comment On 'New York Times' Facebook Article       Cache   Translate Page      
Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit DAVID GREENE, HOST: Good morning. I'm David Greene. Kathy and Stu Watson each had comments to add to a New York Times article about Facebook. It started with Stu. He wrote that he killed his account and has never missed it. Well, his wife, Kathy, wrote her own comment saying the updates her husband gets about friends having babies and so forth come from her Facebook. So she wrote, you are still benefiting from the platform, my dear, even if you want to be high and mighty about boycotting it. Ouch, Stu. You're listening to MORNING EDITION. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.
          Chuck Schumer says he won't officiate Jennifer Lopez's wedding with Alex Rodriguez because of bad track record      Cache   Translate Page      

Chuck Schumer says he won't officiate Jennifer Lopez's wedding with Alex Rodriguez because of bad track recordChuck Schumer has revealed he won’t be officiating Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s wedding, and that he has a personal reason for staying away from the two native New Yorkers’ nuptials. The senator, who represents New York State along with Kirsten Gillibrand, told TMZ on Monday that his only experience officiating a wedding has convinced him never to do it again.

          Remembering Mets History (1988): Straw Hits Another Walk Off HR Off John Franco      Cache   Translate Page      
Friday May 6th, 1988: Davey Johnson's New York Mets were already in first place, up by a game & a half with a 19-7 record.

They would go on to win the NL Eastern Division in 1988. Tonight they hosted a good Cincinnati Reds team, that would finish second & in just two years win another World Championship.

The Reds Manager Pete Rose had just recently been suspended for an ugly incident in Cincinnati, in a game against the New York Mets.

On April 30th, a week prior, Rose had made contact with umpire Dave Pallone, eventually shoving him. The Reds fans showered the field with debris & Pallone was kept off the field for his safety with only three umpires being used the rest of the game. Former Reds / Astros infielder, Tommy Helms was now the acting manager.

22,857 fans came to see Dwight Gooden take on Dennis Rasmussem at Shea Stadium.

Starting Lineups

1 Mookie Wilson CF
2 Tim Teufel 2B
3 Keith Hernandez 1B
4 Darryl Strawberry RF
5 Kevin McReynolds LF
6 Gary Carter C
7 Howard Johnson 3B
8 In 1987 as the Mets raised the Championship flag, Straw began the year with an opening day HR, and drove in all three runs in the Mets 3-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He hit HRs in the first three games of the season driving in seven runs as the Mets swept the Opening series. He hit HRs in back to back in games at Philadelphia, including a four RBI day in a 9-3 win on April 16th.
 Early on he hit drove in 17 runs, hit five HRs & was batting .325 by the beginning of May. That month he started out with HRs in the first two games & hit nine HRs, driving in 16 runs with stole eight bases.

 On a West Coast road trip at the end of that month, he hit HRs in three straight games at San Diego. On May 22nd, he tied up a game with the Padres with a 9th inning HR off Mark Davis. Gary Carter followed in what was the game winning HR. In the third game, the Mets were down 1-0 in the 7th inning, when he homered off Eric Show, a two run shot leading to a 3-1 Mets win. On June 18th he hit a pair of HRs in Montreal leading to a 10-7 Mets win as he drove in four runs. He would only hit one more HR over the next month. 

All Star: By the All Star break he did have 51 RBIs along with 21 HRs, making his fourth straight All Star game. He went 0-2 in the NL's 2-0 shut out in Oakland, with Davey Johnson as the manager. 

 In August he hit four HRs the first week, including two at Shea Stadium against the Cubs on August 6th. On August 16th he had a four hit day at Wrigley Field in a 23-10 Mets romp over the Cubs. Straw hit a 4th inning three run HR off Greg Maddox, & then added a two run triple later in the game. He had six multiple RBI games in August, driving in 18 runs with 8 HRs for the month. He was the Player of the Month in September hitting another eight HRs with ten doubles 13 stolen bases & 27 RBIs. 

On September 9th, he hit two HRs against the Phillies at Shea leading to an 11-5 win. The next day he hit a two run HR against the St. Louis Cardinals in a crucial series, but the Mets fell short 6-4, losing to Ken Dayley. From September 14th through the 18th he drove in runs, in four straight games. On September 18th, he hit a three run HR & drove in four runs against the Pirates in a Mets heart breaking 10-9 loss to the Pirates. 

Even with all his hitting, the Mets could not catch the Cardinals this year, falling short of another NL East title. Straw finished the year (as one of ten players up until that point) joining the 30/30 club; hitting 39 HRs (3rd in the NL) & stealing 36 bases.

He put up a career highs with those 39 HRs, as well as setting a Mets single season mark. He drove in 104 runs (7th in the NL) hit 32 doubles with 151 hits, 108 runs scored (7th in the NL) 97 walks (4th in the NL) stole 36 bases, batted .284 was hit by a team leading seven hit by pitches & posted a career high .398 on base %.  

In 1988, Strawberry became the first Met since Dave Kingman to lead the league in HRs with 39. He lost out to Kirk Gibson for the MVP award but clearly should have won it. He led the NL in HRs (39) & slugging % (545%) driving in 101 runs while also scoring 101 runs (4th in the NL). He led the team in most offensive categories as well as in games played. He stole 29 bases while hitting 27 doubles hitting nine sac flies & posted a .366 on base %.

 He won the Silver Slugger Award, the first of two he’d win in his career. He became a poster boy for Kenner’s Starting Line Up action figures, and was being praised as possibly breaking Hank Aarons home run record. 

On the dark side of his life, his wife Lisa filed for divorce accusing him of breaking her nose & beating her. On Opening Day 1988 he hit two HRs, both solo shots, helping Dwight Gooden beat Dennis Martinez & the Expos in Montreal. He hit six HRs in April, amongst the tops in the league.

Then in the first week of May he bashed three more HRs. On May 6th, he had a big day agsinst the Cincinnati Reds at Shea Stadium. In the first inning he hit a sac fly & then added an RBI single later on. The Reds rallied to take the lead, but then Straw was the hero, as he hit a walk off game winning HR against John Franco. 

He had a few big games against the rival Cardinals in the month of June, staring with a four RBI day on June 6th in St Louis, leading to a 6-4 Mets win. On June 13th as the teams played a series in New York, his 4th inning HR of Ken Dayley tied the game, as it went into extra innings & Lee Mazzilli won it with a walk off hit.

On June 15th he hit two HRs & drove in three runs in the 6-4 Mets win as they swept the series. He kept his batting average over the .300 mark until late June, then had a good July to follow. 

All Star: In that summers All Star game at Riverfront Stadium, in Cincinnati, Cards manager Whitey Herzog let him play the whole games, as he went 1-4 in the 2-1 NL loss. 
In mid July he hit HRs in three straight games on a series trip to Atlanta against the Braves. On July 24th he hit HRs in consecutive games at Shea Stadium, then returned with a five RBI day against the Philadelphia Phillies in a 10-5 Mets win at Veterans Stadium. He began August with HRs in three straight games, but then only hit one more over the next month.

 In September he hit nine HRs, had four multi RBI games, including a stretch of five straight games where he drove in at least one run in each game, he middle of the month. Starting on September 18th, he hit HRs in three straight games, all led to close Mets wins on their way to clinching the NL Eastern crown for the second time in three years. Strawberry closed out the year with two HRs & three RBIs in the regular season finale' on October 2nd. 

1988 Post Season- NLCS: In Game #1 of the NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Straw's double off Orel Hershiser started a 9th inning rally with the Mets behind 2-0. He drove in the first Mets run, then scored the games tying run on Gary Carter's double, as the Mets went on to win it 3-2.

In Game #3 at Shea Stadium he had three hits, driving in three runs as the Mets beat the Dodgers 8-4. In the home 3rd with the Mets down 3-0, Straw doubled driving in Mookie Wilson with the Mets first run. In the 6th, Straw would follow Keith Hernandez's single with a base hit of his own & would score on Gary Carter's base hit. The Mets tied up the game that inning. In the Mets five run 8th inning, Straw added a two run single capping off the Mets 8-4 win. The Mets had a two games to one lead at that point.

He would hit a HR in Game #4 although the Mets lost the game 5-4. He was 1-2 with two walks in the Mets 5-1, Game #6 win at Dodger Stadium. Straw also scored two runs in that game as well. He was shut down by Hershiser in Game #7 as the Mets were finished off in the five hit shutout. Darryl finished the Series batting .300 (9-30) with two doubles a HR & six RBIs. 

 In 1989, Strawberry's offensive numbers declined a bit, his 77 RBIs were his lowest total since his rookie season and a poor .225 batting average his lowest up to that point of his career. He still hit 29 HRs good enough for 6th in the league. The fans started getting on him as well as the media. Looking back he may have unfairly taken some of the heat for the Mets not winning another championship. It seemed he underachieved although there was always pressure on him to do more although he still put up great numbers. 

That season Gary Carter was winding down his Mets career playing more as a back up & Keith Hernandez was gone. Howard Johnson emerged as the teams power hitter but he & Straw could not carry the team. 

 Dramas; His personal dramas continued when he was arrested for slapping his wife around and pulling a gun on her. He checked into rehab for substance abuse and a blood test proved positive of him fathering a child in Missouri.

In 1990, there was more change in the air for the Mets, as Davey Johnson was fired as manager & Bud Harrelson took over the position. The team once again finished in second place although they won 91 games (91-71). 

In June of 1990 , Straw won another Player of the Week Award hitting five HRs with twelve RBIs in the middle of a seventeen game hit streak. At the start of July he homered in three straight games, belting two in the first of those games coming against the Houston Astros. In each of those games he drove in three runs each time & overall drove in twenty one runs in the month. 

All Star: That year he played in his final All Star Game in a Mets uniform, going 0-1 as a reserve player in the AL's 2-0 win at Wrigley Field. 

On August 30th he belted a grand slam HR & drove in five runs in a game against the San Francisco Giants at Shea Stadium. On September 11, 1990 he hit a walk off two run HR off the Cardinals Lee Smith for one of his last exciting moments as a New York Mets player. He had another goo month in September driving in twenty three runs, hitting eight HRs & playing his last Mets game on September 27th. That day he was 0-3 against the Montreal Expos.

Strawberry put up strong numbers in the last year of his contract & final season as a Met. His team leading 37 HRs were second in the league, his 108 RBIs were 5th best in the league & tops on the Mets with Howard Johnsons 90 a distant second. 

Straw had 150 hits, good enough for a .277 average, he had 70 walks posting a .361 on base %. He hit 18 doubles the second lowest total of his career to that point & stole ten bases, also the lowest total up to that point in his career. He would never steal bases in double figures again. 

 In the 1990 off season he signed on with the Los Angeles Dodgers as baseball's highest paid player with a $23 million contract.

All Time Mets Leaderboard: In his Mets playing career he ranks among the best in most Mets all time offensive categories. Straw is first on the club's all time HR list with 252. 

He is second to David Wright in RBIs (733) in walks (580) & in strikeouts (960). He is third in runs scored (662) fifth all time in stolen bases (191) sixth in triples (30) eighth in games played (1109) ninth in doubles (187) & in hits (1025).

Honors: In 2010 he was inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame.

Post Mets Career: In California, he became a West Coast star & was named Big Brother of The Year. He hit 28 HRs with 22 doubles 99 RBIs & a .265 average in his first & only full season as a Dodger player. Injuries & more personal problems sidelined for much of the next two seasons, hitting only five HRs in each season.

He got arrested for hitting his new pregnant girlfriend, then announced he had a substance abuse problem. He then did six months house arrest for failing to pay $450,000 in past income taxes. He was eventually released by the Dodgers in 1994. He got suspended for violating the substance abuse program, coming up dirty for cocaine use. 

He was then signed by the AL New York team in 1996 hitting 11 HRs with 36 RBIs batting .262. He went to the World Series that season with old team mate Dwight Gooden. Darryl hit three HRs in the ALCS against the Baltimore Orioles, including two in Game #4 at Camden Yards.

In 1998 he hit 24 HRs making a big comeback, but was soon diagnosed with colon cancer. He had surgery to have 24" inches of his colon removed. He also needed chemotherapy because cancer had been found in a lymph node. He would need another treatment two years later. He rebounded from that as well the next season, hitting three HRs playing in 24 regular season games. He appeared in two more post season games driving in four runs overall. 

Then there was more negative drama when Strawberry got arrested for trying to pick up an undercover cop disguised as a hooker. He eventually did jail time and then  got divorced from his second wife before finally cleaning up his act in the new millennium. 

In his 17 year career  Straw was an eight time All Star, NL Rookie of the Year, one time Player of the Month & six time Player of the Week Award winner.

Overall he batted .259 with 1401 hits, 335 HRs (102nd all time). His 16.2 AB per HR ratio is 34th best all time. Darryl has 1,000 RBIs, 256 doubles, 38 triples, 816 walks (244th all time) 131 Intentional walks (67th all time) 898 runs scored, & a.357 on base %.

He struck out 1352 times (109th all time) with a career.505 slugging % (87th all time). 

In right field he played 1309 games (39th all time) with 2337 put outs (46th all time) 58 errors (44th all time) with 23 double plays turned (48th all time) & 76 assists.

Strawberry played in 40 postseason games, belting 9 HRs, with 22 RBIs and 20 runs scored. He played in five All Star games, making eight All Star teams with 12 All Star at bats batting .333 with two stolen bases. 

Retirement: Strawberry attended the Mets' 1986 World Champion team reunions in 2006 & 2016. He threw out the ceremonial first pitch in Game #2 of the 2006 NLCS & was at the closing ceremonies of Shea Stadium in 2008. Strawberry has worked as an instructor for the Mets at various Spring Training camps. 

In 2009 he wrote his controversial Autobiography “Straw: Finding My Way”. In that book he told of his own & his 1986 team mates wild escapades. He said “We hauled around more Bud than the Clydesdales. The beer was just to get the party started and maybe take the edge off the speed and coke." 

On the road, he writes: the modo was "tear up your best bars and nightclubs and take your finest women". The only hard part for us was choosing which hottie to take back to your hotel room. Lots of times you picked two or three a night." He talked about how the players would pick out women from the stands & send an errand boy to fetch them. He told of how he would have quickie sex in the clubhouse between innings. 

 In 2010 Straw threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Citifield & later in the year appeared on future President of the United States- Donald Trump’s show “The Apprentice”. Other celebs included Sharon Osbourne, Cyndi Lauper & Bret Michaels.

That same year he & his brother opened up a restaurant in Douglaston, Queens called Strawberry's. It closed in October 2012.

In 2013 he participated in the Charity celebrity softball game at Citi Field during the All Star Weekend. He was also on hand around the city for many of the All Star Game 2013 events.

In 2015 he & Dwight Gooden were subjects of an ESPN 30/30 special taken place at the same diner Goodfella's Movie was filmed in Maspeth, Queens.

His charity the Darryl Strawberry Foundation supports children with Autism. Straw also has worked as a studio analyst for the SNY network before & after Mets games. 

Family: His son Daryl Jr. played pro basketball in the NBA for the Phoenix Suns in 2007-2008. He also played in the NBA development league for the Albuquerque Thunderbirds, then in Italy for Bologna before he needed knee surgery. In 2011 he played pro basketball in Israel.

Daryl is now a born again Christian. He & his new wife; Tracy, are pastors & have started Strawberry Ministries, The Strawberry Christian Recovery Program is dedicated to restoring lives & relationships.

A HealthCare Company help the couple run The Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center for drug & alcohol recovery, in Florida, Texas, Ohio & Louisiana. A Center outside of St. Louis is in the works as well.

          Here’s how Trump could be prosecuted just like mobster Al Capone      Cache   Translate Page      

A New York attorney is proposing that Donald Trump should be prosecuted via his taxes — just like the infamous mobster Al Capone. David Dorsen, a former Senate lawyer during the Watergate scandal, told MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Monday night that the Southern District of New York “may be sitt...

The post Here’s how Trump could be prosecuted just like mobster Al Capone appeared first on Raw Story.

          The Iron King #0 by Julie Kagawa (12)      Cache   Translate Page      
23 Pages


This special edition features never before seen images of the New York Times best selling novels. The Iron King is the first book in the Iron Fey series, and follows the adventures of a girl named Meghan Chase. On her sixteenth birthday, Meghan discovers her little brother has been kidnapped by a faery race known as 'the Fey' and even worse, replaced with an evil changeling and taken into 'Nevernever'. Meghan bravely ventures into the faery realm to rescue him, and that's where an epic plot unfolds.

Author Bio:
Born in Sacramento, CA, Julie Kagawa moved to Hawaii at the age of nine. There she learned many things; how to bodyboard, that teachers scream when you put centipedes in their desks, and that writing stories in math class is a great way to kill time. Her teachers were glad to see her graduate.
Julie now lives is Louisville, KY with her husband and furkids. She is the international and NYT bestselling author of The Iron Fey series. Visit her at

My Review of The Iron King
My Review of Winter's Passage
My Review of The Iron Daughter
My Review of Summer's Crossing
My Review of The Iron Queen
My Review of The Iron Knight
My Review of Iron's Prophecy
My Review of The Lost Prince
My Review of The Iron Traitor
My Review of The Iron Warrior

My Review of The Immortal Rules
My Review of The Eternity Cure
My Review of The Forever Song

My Review of Talon
My Review of Rogue
My Review of Soldier

My Review of Shadow of the Fox

What a waste.
There was like 3 pages of actual story that abruptly ended, and the rest was just illustrations. Nice illustrations, but boring still. I thought I would at least get a little tale, even if it was one I had already read.
This was literally a waste of my time.


**Compensation may be earned from the links within. An ecopy was provided from NetGalley. Opinions are owned by Freda's Voice.

          EEUU desenmascara a Guaidó      Cache   Translate Page      
Guaidó está quemado

Quedó demostrado. El diputado y autoproclamado presidente encargado de Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, mintió al mundo cuando acusó al Gobierno de Nicolás Maduro de incendiar los camiones con 'ayuda humanitaria' y también en cuanto a sus contenidos. Así lo desveló una investigación realizada por el periódico The New York Times [NYT]. Guaidó, quedó quemado.

La noticia, ilustrada mediante vídeos irrefutables –pese al ocultamiento del Gobierno de Colombia de los 13 minutos previos y comprometedores al lanzamiento de la bomba casera que derivó en el incendio del camión, según el NYT– ve la luz en pleno apagón de energía eléctrica que padece el país caribeño, considerado por Maduro como el producto de un ataque cibernético de parte de EEUU.

​Apagón también es el que de esta manera el New York Times provocó a Guaidó. No obstante, la noticia no corrió como reguero de pólvora como podía esperarse en la prensa internacional: casi ningún medio del mainstream de Occidente habla de ello.

Quedó claro que desde el lado colombiano de la frontera, por donde se pretendió forzar la entrada de la 'ayuda humanitaria' estadounidense –en todo caso, Colombia también necesita ayuda humanitaria real– se esmeraron muy poco para evitar que los seguidores de Guaidó, atacaran a las fuerzas del orden venezolanas que en ningún momento respondieron con esa peligrosidad a sus atacantes.

​El analista militar Juan Aguilar señala que "está claro que el día 23 de febrero […] la oposición venezolana guiada y dirigida desde Miami por [el senador estadounidense] Marco Rubio y la Administración norteamericana, lo que intentaban crear era un casus belli".

No obstante, el NYT de alguna manera disculpa el incendio del camión causado por los seguidores y patrocinadores de Guaidó: "parece que fue la misma oposición —y no los hombres de Maduro— quien accidentalmente prendió fuego al camión". Para empezar, porque ese 'accidente' no hubiera ocurrido si los guarimberos de Guaidó no estuvieran atacando a las fuerzas del orden venezolanas con bombas incendiarias, que en cualquier otro país, incluidos latinoamericanos, europeos, o el propio EEUU, hubiera recibido otro tipo de respuesta.

"Hay imágenes de ese día. Se lanzaron decenas de cócteles molotov. Es más, es curioso [que] el primer camión que está cercano al puesto fronterizo, ese no arde, arden los dos siguiente de atrás porque es [la distancia] donde alcanzaban las botellas inflamables lanzadas por los guarimberos", observa Aguilar.

Llegados a este punto, por un lado están los hechos demostrados por la investigación del NYT, y por otro, lo que dijo Guaidó, desde ese mismo lado colombiano, flanqueado y bendecido por el presidente, Iván Duque, y el secretario general de la OEA, Luis Almagro: "Maduro ordenó el incendio y destrucción de camiones con comida y medicamentos", disparó ante el gesto adusto y mirada de circunstancia de quienes le rodeaban.

Esta imagen no deja de ser sintomática, en opinión de Aguilar. "En aquel momento, en ese día, ellos tenían el convencimiento de que las Fuerza Armada [Bolivariana] se iba a desmoronar, que iba a quitar del poder a Maduro, que iban a ganar y que iba a ser un paseo. En función de eso se permitió alegremente mentir de una forma tan descarada y casi tan infantil".

"El problema es que cuando eso no ha sucedido, cuando vemos que pasan los días y las semanas y este señor [Guaidó] sólo manda en la oficina del despacho en el que está metido desde donde graba sus mensajitos para YouTube, entonces le vemos como un personaje ridículo, quemado. Este era un hombre que estaba destinado a ser quemado dentro de un plan mucho más general de asalto a un régimen político y a una nación soberana como Venezuela", subraya el analista.

En ese mensaje, Guaidó hizo un tres por uno: lanzó tres mentiras de una vez, y en una línea. Y es que la investigación del periódico norteamericano también demuestra, aparte de que Maduro no ordenó el incendio, que entre esa 'ayuda humanitaria', ni había comida, ni había medicamentos. Es lo que se puede leer en el rotativo:

"La Agencia de Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo Internacional (USAID), principal proveedor de la ayuda que estaba en el puente para ser cruzada desde Cúcuta, no tenía medicamentos listados entre los objetos que anunció como donación. Un funcionario de alto nivel que estaba en el puente ese día de febrero le dijo a The New York Times que el envío quemado contenía suministros como guantes y tapabocas, pero no medicamentos. Videos revisados por el Times muestran que algunas cajas tienen kits de cuidado e higiene, que, según lo que los estadounidenses identificaron en sus listas, tenían suministros como jabón y pasta dental".

Entonces, desde los niveles más altos retuitearon la mentira de Guaidó. En este sentido, el NYT llama las cosas por su nombre: "El día del incendio el Gobierno de Colombia estuvo entre quienes promovieron la teoría de que Maduro era responsable de ordenar el incendio. La vicepresidenta Marta Lucía Ramírez publicó una fotografía de lo que llamó 'Uno de los camiones incinerados por los colectivos por orden de Maduro. Prefiere destruir comida y medicamentos que alimentar y sanar las enfermedades de su pueblo'".

​Días más tarde, también puso su granito de manipulación y engaño para afianzar el contubernio el asesor de seguridad nacional de Donald Trump: "Maduro ha mentido sobre la crisis humanitaria en Venezuela; contrata a criminales para quemar comida y medicamentos destinados para el pueblo venezolano".

​En este sentido, el analista afirma que "estos señores no dudaron en utilizar todo tipo de artes sucias, entre ellas, la mentira más descarada. Porque hay que ser muy descarado y muy sinvergüenza para lanzar una mentira tan evidente".

Desde entonces, no se sabe nada de ninguno de los personajes que mintieron al mundo sobre el incendio del camión y de la 'ayuda humanitaria' en sí, en el sentido de una retractación. Ni de ellos, ni de toda la comparsa política y mediática que abona su juego. Y así se refleja también en las redes sociales.

"Claro, cuando la operación falla, lo que se hace es taparse", explica Aguilar. Al final, el fuego que provocó el cóctel molotov que incendió el camión con la 'ayuda humanitaria', alcanzó a Guaidó, quien terminó quemado.

"Guaidó es un hombre que estaba para ser quemado. […] Su única función es provocar la fractura, crear las condiciones del enfrentamiento y de estallido social; que permita la intervención exterior excusándose en la ayuda humanitaria, en la represión contra el pueblo", concluye Juan Aguilar.

          US immigration agency to slash overseas presence      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON/NEW YORK: The US immigration agency plans to significantly reduce its presence abroad, according to an internal e-mail seen by Reuters and ...
          US Pianist Went Dog-Sledding. His Finger "Broke Like A Twig" In Accident      Cache   Translate Page      
Yotam Haber is an established composer and pianist, an assistant professor at the University of New Orleans, a former artistic director of New York's ...
          StellaService Pulls In $11M      Cache   Translate Page      
NEW YORK, NY, Stella Connect, a people success platform, has raised $11 million in funding.
          Epididymitis Herbal Treatment (New York USA)      Cache   Translate Page      
Epididymitis Herbal Treatment naturally without any medication we prefer herbal product for epididymitis. Herbal Care Products offering ‘’EPDIICAL’’ herbal supplements for patients who suffering from Epididymitis pain. This Herbal Treatment of Epididymitis has no side effects totally safe for health. [**Herbal Treatment for Epididymitis**][1] helps to improve Epididymitis disease symptoms and herbal supplements have no side effects it’s completely free from harmful chemical and made with pure natu...
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T7 power max disagreement in the situation of my member. My action indication during coition has been accumulated and my relative truly enjoys my reflexion now. I do not find fatigued when I go to the gym for performing workout. In deltoid words, I **** open umteen changes in my body and performance." supplementforhelp Ingredients of T7 Noesis Max: Let me give you elaborate info about every azygous foodstuff that has been amalgamated together for formulating this manly improvement formula: Burn n...
          Advanced Dental Specialists Near Me (New York)      Cache   Translate Page      
Our Manhattan dentist team of dental professionals want to care for your smile for years to come. Call to learn about our flexible financial options. **[Dental Specialist Near Me][1]** [1]:
          Highlights of the 26th annual James River Film Festival      Cache   Translate Page      

March 13 — 17 at various venues

All events cost $5 unless noted. For information, visit

Friday, March 15

The Films of Betzy Bromberg: Exhibition I: Early Works with filmmaker Betzy Bromberg: One of the most important filmmakers in avant-garde cinema today screens a selection of 16 mm work from her retrospective at New York Anthology Film Archives at Virginia Commonwealth University's Grace Street Theater at 8 p.m. Also on Saturday, March 16, at the Byrd at 3 p.m.

Midnight screening of Harmony Korine's "Gummo" at the Byrd.

Saturday, March 16

"Boom for Real" a documentary by Sara Driver about the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat 10:30 the Leslie Cheek Theater at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Guest Tim Clarke, a master puppet builder who worked with Jim Henson in the 1980s on projects such as "The Dark Crystal" and "Fraggle Rock" will be on hand to screen and dissect episodes of "Fraggle Rock" at 1 p.m. at the Byrd Theatre.

A Tribute to Jonas Mekas: excerpts from "Lost, Lost, Lost" from 1977 and "Walden" from 1969 after "The Green Fog" at Grace Street Theater [see story].

Midnight screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky's surreal psychological thriller "Santa Sangre" at the Byrd Theatre.

Sunday, March 17

Puppet builder Tim Clarke shows "The Dark Crystal" at the Byrd Theatre at 1:30 p.m. and gives a puppet-making workshop at Gallery5 at 5 p.m. ($20, $10 observer). Limited to 15 participants.

Silent/Music Revival: The Wimps perform live with Jean Vigo's "Zero de Conduite" from 1933 at Gallery5 at 8 p.m. Donations accepted. Followed by Strange Projections presents "The Leprechaun."

          Deadspin Russell Westbrook To Heckling Jazz Fans: “I’ll Fuck You Up.       Cache   Translate Page      

Deadspin Russell Westbrook To Heckling Jazz Fans: “I’ll Fuck You Up. You And Your Wife.” [Update] | Splinter New York’s Attorney General Is Coming for Trump | The Slot And Here We Have a Story About Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Scamming Their Way onto Air Force Planes | The Root Columbus Police Officer Kidnapped…


          Making It Relevant: HisStory, HerStory, Your Story      Cache   Translate Page      

On February 27, the Managers Affinity Group at the National Urban League headquarters in New York City, hosted a special Black History Month program to engage and empower high school students from the region. A group of students and their chaperones from the Richmond Hill High School in Queens visited the National Urban League office for a morning of learning and conversation.

          Gibson scores 25 as Wolves, without Towns, top Knicks 103-92      Cache   Translate Page      
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Taj Gibson scored a season-high 25 points, Jeff Teague added 20 points and 10 assists, and the Minnesota Timberwolves beat the New York Knicks 103-92 on Sunday night despite playing without All-Star center Karl-Anthony Towns. Rookie Keita Bates-Diop scored a career-high 18 points, while Tyus Jones added 13 and Dario Saric 11 […]
          Off-White™ Delivers Grassy-Green Turtleneck Sweater Inspired by "Impressionism"      Cache   Translate Page      

After paying tribute to the Mona Lisa with his recently released Off-White™ cap, Virgil Abloh revisits the art world for inspiration with the delivery of his new bright green zip turtleneck sweater. The grassy-hued piece is marked by the word "Impressionism" — playing on the name of the label's Resort 2019 collection — which has been printed on the front of the garment in large script writing. Off-White™'s signature arrow logo comes into play for branding and is found plastered across the back of the style in an all-black design. Black racing stripes line the sleeves for a sporty element, while a half-zip fastening makes up the front closure. For fabrication, the item is crafted in 100% wool. Off-White™ c/o Virgil Abloh's Zip Turtleneck Sweater in green is priced at $1,330 USD. It's available for pre-order now on Moda Operandi's e-commerce site. For more on Abloh, read about his recent interview with The New Yorker, in which he addresses claims of plagiarism. View this post on Instagram resort 19 men’s Off-White™ collection titled “Impressionism” delivered to @off___white__vancouver A post shared by Off-White™ (@off____white) on Jan 21, 2019 at 4:42pm PST View this post on Instagram resort 19 men’s Off-White™ “Impressionism” collection. photography c/o available at @thestashed A post shared by Off-White™ (@off____white) on Jan 25, 2019 at 8:11pm PST

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

          "That’s Why Good Doesn't Prevail" -- Virgil Abloh Addresses Claims of Plagiarism      Cache   Translate Page      

In a comprehensive The New Yorker cover story, Virgil Abloh opens up about a wide variety of topics, touching on his landmark appointment to Louis Vuitton and his time as an architect in Chicago. In perhaps the most candid section of the feature, Abloh addresses the claims of plagiarism often tossed his way. When asked about Diet Prada, perhaps the most frequent Abloh critic, Abloh initially praised the fashion watchdog: “All props to them, that’s a great concept.” However, the Off-White™ founder pointed out his problems with the frequent accusations that fly around social media. Abloh specifically took issue with a Diet Prada post from mid-January, in which the Instagram account juxtaposed a look from Off-White™'s Fall/Winter 2019 collection with an outfit designed by indie label COLRS. View this post on Instagram Another men’s fashion week, another @off____white collection with cherry picked references from indie streetwear labels? This time, the designs in question are a yellow graffitied ensemble from Cologne-based @colrsbaby by @punkzec , who showed his AW18 collection at @arisefashionweek in Lagos in April 2018, and a graphic from Manchester label @gramm . It could be a coincidence, but Virgil has been known to swipe designs from the fans he meets, some of who happen to be young creatives themselves. Interestingly enough, @punkzec met Virgil prior to one of his presentations in Paris in 2017. Think they talked design? • #colrsbaby #punkzec #arisefashionweek #lagos #streetwear #graffiti #hypebeast #hype #virgilabloh #offwhite #streetstyle #wiwt #ootd #gramm #hoodie #sweatshirt #manchester #cologne #snobshots #dietprada A post shared by Diet Prada ™ (@diet_prada) on Jan 18, 2019 at 8:58am PST “Basically the use of a yellow fabric with a pattern on it [was the entire claim],” he said. “Ring the alarm!” He sighed. “I could go on for a whole hour about the human condition and the magnet that is negativity. That’s why the world is actually like it is. That’s why good doesn’t prevail, because there’s more negative energy. You can create more connective tissue around the idea that this is plagiarized. It’s better just to sit and point your finger. That’s what social media can be. All that space to comment breeds a tendency to fester, versus actually making something.” When asked about other designs that spurred claims of imitation, Abloh jokingly replied, “Duchamp is my lawyer,” referencing famed Dadaist artist Marcel Duchamp. The French-born artist frequently challenged the conventions of what defines art, most famously by placing repurposed "readymades" in art galleries. The best-known readymade is almost certainly Fountain, a urinal that sports a handwritten "R. Mutt 1917" notation. To elucidate his point, Abloh compares streetwear to Duchamp, explaining that his designs are "like hip-hop. It’s sampling. I take James Brown, I chop it up, I make a new song. ... It’s streetwear 10.0—the logic that you can reference an object or reference a brand or reference something. It’s Warhol—Marilyn Monroe or Campbell’s soup cans.” In essence, Abloh posits that he's recontextualizing familiar ideas, taking something old and making it new again via playful references and conscious subversion. View this post on Instagram We know now that Virgil is a fan of Spatialist artist Lucio Fontana’s work (see June 26th post), but we didn’t expect him to ALSO rip off a famed graphic designer’s work for a 1966 exhibition on that very same artist. AG Fronzoni’s ‘Fontana Galleria La Polena Genova 1-28 Ottobre 1966” vs. @off____white ‘s FW16 t-shirt. One of these Fronzoni posters is housed at Milan’s @latriennale , about 15-20 minutes from the Off-White headquarters lol. Dieters, comment if you’d also like to see Fronzoni’s work contextualized within Virgil’s @mcachicago retrospective next June. • #agfronzoni #offwhite #virgilabloh #luciofontana #art #graphicdesign #design #spatialism #latriennale #museum #mcachicago #hypebeast #hypebae #snobshots #tshirt #whitetshirt #jamesdeandaydream #wiwt #ootd #dietprada A post shared by Diet Prada ™ (@diet_prada) on Aug 27, 2018 at 11:12am PDT View this post on Instagram Oh, Virgil....we called this out after your September @off____white show and we'll call it out again!  That's a pretty low move knocking off @31philliplim 's Alix handbag launched in 2016.  Just changing the fabrication isn’t enough...step it up! #31philliplim #offwhite #virgilabloh #paris #pfw #nyc #nyfw #handbags #accessories #moire #leather #hardware #customhardware #paperclips #streetstyle #hypebeast #hypebae #streetwear #fuccgirl #pink #wiwt #ootd #beltbag #bumbag #fannypack #copycat #knockoff #dietprada #celine #celineshoes A post shared by Diet Prada ™ (@diet_prada) on Jan 13, 2018 at 9:34am PST Later, the feature touches on a different kind of controversy when Michael Jackson comes up in discussion. The King of Pop's white-gloved-fingerprints were all over Abloh's Fall/Winter 2019 presentation for Louis Vuitton -- prints of the singer appeared on several garments and some outfits were styled in homage to Jackson's on-stage style. Furthermore, The Wiz, a Jackson-starring retelling of The Wizard of Oz, inspired Abloh's LV debut. An avowed Jackson fan, Abloh told the New York Times that the singer was "the most important person in innovating men’s wear ever.” Abloh frequently works to Jackson's music, deriving inspiration from the artist's sweeping discography. “When I have Michael Jackson singing in the background," he said, "it’s a different type of shirt, it’s a different kind of boot, it’s a different fit of pants.” View this post on Instagram There’s only one. @VirgilAbloh’s #LouisVuitton #LVMenFW19 Show will take place this Thursday in Paris. Stay tuned. Video by @julianklincewicz A post shared by Louis Vuitton Official (@louisvuitton) on Jan 15, 2019 at 6:59am PST At the time of the New Yorker interview, Abloh hadn't seen or even heard much about the recent Leaving Neverland documentary, which alleges that Jackson sexual abused two minors. The film has since inspired swift backlash from social media and celebrities like Drake. When asked about Leaving Neverland, Abloh affirmed that he'd rather consider “the Michael that I thought was universally accepted, the good side, his humanitarian self.” The questions probe no further. Read the entire, expansive Virgil Abloh feature on The New Yorker's site. Recently, a variety of the creative director's fans and friends shared their favorite Abloh anecdotes.

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          Target goes bigger with plans for smaller stores      Cache   Translate Page      
Target plans to open 30 more small-format stores this year in Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C.  -More

          Podcast Coordinator      Cache   Translate Page      
NY-New York, job summary: Requirements: - 20-25 hours remotely per week, flexible availability Sunday through Saturday and at nights - Quick learner who can learn about all the different platforms we work with and navigate their individual intricacies - Comfortable with data entry / repetitive tasks - Excellent written and verbal communication skills - Detail-oriented, is quick to provide problem-solving solut
          Visual Designer; Marketing      Cache   Translate Page      
NY-New York, job summary: What You'll Do: - Assist in the creation of front-facing marketing collateral including, but not limited to: landing pages, iconography, advertising, email and web collateral, infographics, newsletters, and social media needs - Quickly turn around multimedia assets including GIFs, illustrations, animations, photos and videos - You create multiple ideas and use creative storytelling te
          Lansky Jones – Dangerfield (2019)      Cache   Translate Page      

Artist: Lansky Jones Album: Dangerfield Released: 2019 Style: Hip Hop Format: MP3 320Kbps Size: 89 Mb

Tracklist: 01 – Ode To Big Allis (Ravenswood No. 30) 02 – New York Marathon 03 – Know The Type feat. CJ Fly, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire 04 – Rich Bitch Lullaby feat. Wiki 05 – Lo 06 – The Return Of Danny Jones 07 – Governor feat. Bodega Bamz 08 – [...]

          Restaurant General Manager - Chicago      Cache   Translate Page      
IL-Chicago, Pret is growing and we are looking for great General Managers to join our team in New York City! Our General Managers are accountable for the operational performance of their shop. They are driving their business, developing fantastic teams, embedding change and being the gatekeeper of Pret knowledge and standards. They take pride in catching people doing things right and balance daily operational
          Restaurant Manager - Fine dining      Cache   Translate Page      
NY-New York, Major Restaurant/Hospitality Firm is currently seeking Restaurant Manager to join their team. Primary Duties: Demonstrate and promote our culture, always positively representing the Company. Ensures that service is carried out in accordance with established policy. Supervises personnel according to established personnel policies and procedures. Train and evaluate all personnel and enforces food an
          NRA Wonders If Maaaaaaybe Their Snarling, Rage-Filled, Bat-Sh*t Crazy Videos Are the Right Approach      Cache   Translate Page      
In a front-page New York Times story today, NRA leaders are expressing concern that their NRATV videos – which often feature the possibly psychotic Conservative political pundit and terror-mongering National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch (above)– are possibly going a weeeeee bit too far. Hmmmm. Ya think? via the Times: There appear’s to be growing unease […]
           Comment on Iditarod 2019 – Day 11 by JuanitaM       Cache   Translate Page      
Oh my god, I can't believe Petit scratched! I would have thought he and the dogs could have had a good long rest and still been able to finish in the upper middle group. Oh well, I'm sure he had good reasons. Obviously, I wasn't there! :-) The News Miner and Anchorage Daily News have blocked me now. Apparently, I have seen my quota of stories at this point on both my computer and phone. lol. I'm cheap, I don't pay for anything. I notice that the Berington twins are once again traveling in tandem as is their usual routine. Teaming up apparently works for them. They almost always finish in the upper half. I keep saying this, but every year, I'm always amazed at how far these dogs run in the Quest and the Iditarod. It boggles the mind, or at least it does mine! It would be like me running my dogs from Virginia to Texas. Or someone sledding from upstate New York to Ft. Lauderdale. My dogs might make it to the North Carolina border, maybe. There's a British guy on YouTube that is living in the US right now, and he talks about the size of the American states, and how many are larger than a standard country. He was shocked when he took a look at the area of Alaska (he was comparing states to the UK). I just don't think most people really understand that.
          All-New Hyundai Sonata To Debut Next Month, Boasts A Captivating Exterior -      Cache   Translate Page      
All-New Hyundai Sonata To Debut Next Month, Boasts A Captivating Exterior

The all-new Hyundai Sonata is based on the Sensuous Sportiness design and will make public debut next month in New York.

          Ex-Giants exec takes a shot at Eli Manning, criticizes team for not taking Darnold      Cache   Translate Page      
The New York Giants have failed to find a successor to Eli Manning in recent years, and based on the view of a former team executive that trend will continue in 2019. Former Giants vice president of player personnel Marc Ross appeared on NFL Network Tuesday and said he thinks the Giants “might’ve missed their opportunity last year with Sam Darnold at No. 2,” (via Evan Silva on Twitter), noting he thinks the team will take a pass rusher at No. 6 overall and “bank it all in” on Manning for the 2019 season. For what it’s worth, the idea that the Giants whiffed in the draft last year is one this writer shared after Round 1, and still holds to be true. Ross also took a veiled shot at both the Giants and Manning, saying he is “below average, let’s just say.” The Giants recently made it clear that Manning will be back next season, though general manager Dave Gettleman wouldn’t commit to Manning starting. He’s due to count $23.2 million against the cap in 2019, however, meaning it seems like he’ll be starting unless
          Falcons to sign G Jamon Brown      Cache   Translate Page      
The Falcons added another piece to their offensive line this afternoon, coming to terms with Jamon Brown, Vaughn McClure of tweets. Brown joins James Carpenter in being a Georgia-bound guard. A Rams starter, Brown saw a suspension derail his run with the team. He landed soon as a Giants starter, however, and will make a run to crack the Falcons’ starting lineup or be a top swing man. Atlanta still has Brandon Fusco under contract, so the plan may be to play Carpenter opposite the incumbent veteran and have Brown work as a swing backup. Brown, though, has started 38 games in his career. The former third-round pick’s path back to a Giants starter spot became blocked when New York traded for Kevin Zeitler. Brown rated as Pro Football Focus’ No. 62 guard last season. This is breaking news. Please refresh for updates. The Falcons added another piece to their offensive line this afternoon, coming to terms with Jamon Brown, Vaughn McClure of tweets. Brown joins James Carpenter in being Georgia-bou
          Senior Technical Recruiter      Cache   Translate Page      
NY-New York City, We are looking to hire on a full time basis a Senior Technical Recruiter that can join our company located in Midtown,NYC who has prior working experience supporting high volumes of requirements and working in a fast pace environment to staff contract positions for our clients in the financial services industry. No remote work. Onsite 5 days a week. Role and Responsibilities: Able to hit the groun
          Comment on Congressman: Abolish Filibuster and Electoral College by Teve      Cache   Translate Page      
<blockquote>A recent New York Magazine article sums up why: “At present, the 26 smallest states are home to roughly 17 percent of the U.S. population. Which is to say: The filibuster allows lawmakers elected by less than 17 percent of voters to exercise veto power over any and all laws. This is a monstrously anti-democratic institution with no parallel in any other advanced democracy.”</blockquote> Shit, hypothetically it's way worse than that. You need 41 senators to veto anything, and you can get that with: Iowa, Utah, Nevada, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia, Idaho, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, Wyoming. ...and they combine for <strong>11.15</strong>% of the population. The filibuster has to go.
          PFW Inverno 2019 / 2020 – 5 tendências para ficar de olho do Paris Fashion Week      Cache   Translate Page      
pfw inverno 2019 / 2020 tendências
Issey Miyake, Balmain, Koché e Loewe A PFW Inverno 2019 / 2020 movimentou Paris e encerrou o mês da moda, que também passou por New York, Londres e Milão. Além do último desfile do estilista Karl Lagerfeld para a Chanel, a semana também trouxe 5 super tendências que vão pegar nas próximas temporadas.   PFW Inverno 2019 / 2020 –... continue lendo
          Eliot Reflects on “Prufrock”      Cache   Translate Page      

The 92nd Street Y has released a never-before-heard 1950 recording of T.S. Eliot reading many of his most famous poems and delivering comments on craft, the New York Times reports – even repeatedly making his audience laugh. A snippet: “Introducing ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,'” Eliot says, “I am rather embarrassed with ‘Prufrock.’ …

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          From Jung Joon Young to Seungri: See the Most Shocking K-Pop Scandals      Cache   Translate Page      

No music genre is exempt from a few controversies.

There's no question that K-pop bands have a huge fan base across the country and around the world. After all, have you seen how well ticket sales have been for BTS' latest tour in America?

But in recent days, a few K-pop musicians have made headlines after finding themselves in a few legal matters. On Tuesday, Jung Joon Young apologized to his fans and admitted to being part of a group chat where members shared illegal hidden camera footage of women. 

"I write to you in shame and guilt. I, Jung Joon Young, once again realized the seriousness of this situation after returning to Korea on March 12. Although it's already late, I apologize through this letter to all the people who showed an interest in me and gave me a second chance," his statement read in part. "In regards to what is being said in relation to me, I admit to all my crimes. I filmed women without their consent and shared it in a social media chatroom, and while I did so I didn't feel a great sense of guilt." 

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

As for Big Bang member Seungri, he announced his retirement from the entertainment industry after being named a suspect in an investigation. According to the New York Times, Seungri is suspected of "offering sexual services." He has denied the allegations

"I've decided to retire from the entertainment industry because of the huge social controversy that has arisen," he wrote on Instagram. "I am under investigation, and I will receive investigation with sincerity so that the building suspicions can be revealed."

Ultimately, there are more than a few controversies worth revisiting. Take a look at some of the most memorable in our gallery below

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          Amal Clooney Attends Prince Charles' Star-Studded Dinner in Her Most Glam Outfit to Date      Cache   Translate Page      

It's date night for Amal Clooney and George Clooney!

The darling couple attends Prince Charles' star-studded dinner at Buckingham Palace on March 12. Celebrating the work of the Prince's Trust Group, the 41-year-old barrister steals the spotlight at the extravagant event in her dazzling ensemble.

Amal stuns in a fit and flare gown, which features a dramatic asymmetrical cape. And if you look closely, you'll notice her left arm is adorned with intricate gold beading. She pairs her dress with a metallic gold clutch and beautifully demure diamond earrings.

She is truly a vision in white and her effortlessly elegant design is fit for royalty. If anything, she's wearing her most glam ensemble to date.

The human rights lawyer keeps her makeup and hair classic, because, honestly, all eyes are on her gown. She opts for a statement-making red lip, bold brows and a slight smoky eye while her voluminous waves and deep side part exude old Hollywood glamour.

As for George? He wears the standard black and white tux, leaving the focus on his wife's jaw-dropping outfit.

Amal Clooney's Best Looks

Aside from the couple's ravishing attire, George and Amal aren't the only famous faces at Prince Charles' dinner for his youth charity.

Other notable guests include, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Luke Evans, Tamsin Egerton and Josh Hartnett. Along with the many celebs at the event, donors, supporters and ambassadors of the Prince's Trust Group are also in attendance.

At the dinner, the Clooney's share a special moment with the Prince of Wales at the star-studded event.

However, fans of the famous couple know they aren't strangers to the royal family. Both Amal and George attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding, whom they're both close friends with.

In fact, Amal reportedly co-hosted Meghan's baby shower in New York City.

Since Amal has ties to the royal family already, there's no harm in saying she looks like a princess at the Buckingham Palace!

Amal Clooney Attends Prince Charles' Star-Studded Dinner in Her Most Glam Outfit to Date originally appeared on
          Chicago Police Conduct Wellness Check at R. Kelly's Apartment After Alleged "Suicide Pact" Call      Cache   Translate Page      

Chicago Police have responded to a call allegedly made at R. Kelly's apartment at Trump Tower.

The Chicago Police Department said in a statement obtained by E! News they received the call from the 400 block of North Wabash street at around 5:18 p.m. CPD's statement said, "Police received a call from an out of state anonymous caller stating that people at the location were going to carry out a suicide pact. Police on scene conducting a wellness check and it is not a bonafide incident."

Trump Tower Chicago is located at 401 N. Wabash Street.

Anthony GuglielmiCPD's Chief Communications Officer, tweeted, "18th district officers responded and this call is unfounded."

Guglielmi's tweet was in response to an account called Spot News, which first wrote about the call. "Trump Tower: a call of person threatening suicide. be advised, this call involves @rkelly," Spot News wrote.

8 Bombshells From R. Kelly's First Interview Since Sexual Abuse Charges

Another Twitter user posted a recording from the police dispatch asking officers to check in at Trump Tower. The dispatch officer said a call came in from the National Trafficking Hotline and that it was "victims of R. Kelly" who were "planning to carry out a suicide pact."

In 2017, BuzzFeed News reported that Kelly was allegedly holding women in a "cult"-like atmosphere. These stories were magnified once again in large part to the Lifetime docu-series Surviving R. Kelly.

The "Ignition" rapper has been embroiled in a slew of legal problems and scandals as of late.

Kelly was arrested on March 6 after failing to pay $161,000 in back child support to his ex-wife Andrea "Drea" Kelly. They have three children together and he reportedly had not paid the required $20,000 a month payments since last year. He was released on March 9 after posting a $161,663 bond. A Cook County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman did not specify who made the payment.

Kelly's attorney Steven Greenberg defended his client after Kelly's release and spoke about the musician's future. 

"Of course he's concerned about his career—wouldn't you be concerned about your career? But he's going to go on, he's going to continue to make music, and he's going to perform if he can," Greenberg said. "That's going to be up to the judge. Does he think his career is over? No, absolutely not."

Before leaving the jail, Kelly reportedly said, "We are gonna straighten all this stuff out."

On Feb. 22, just weeks before the child support case, the 52-year-old singer was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Nine of his counts allegedly involved victims between the ages of 13 and 16. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti reportedly obtained a sex tape allegedly involving the artist and a 14-year-old girl and gave it to authorities. Gloria Allred said at a press conference on Sunday that her client found another sex tape that allegedly has Kelly in it and they have reportedly turned it over to the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York. 

Kelly turned himself into police on the night of Feb. 22. He was subsequently issued a $1 million bond and released on Feb. 25 after posting a $100,000 bail.

He recently sat down with Gayle King for an emotional interview where he insisted the stories and allegations against him were "not true."

Chicago Police Conduct Wellness Check at R. Kelly's Apartment After Alleged "Suicide Pact" Call originally appeared on
          Your Favorite Britney Spears Songs Will Soon Have Their Own Musical      Cache   Translate Page      

We're going absolutely "Crazy" over some big news about Britney Spears. The sensational pop star is taking Broadway—sort of.

According to The New York Times, the James L. Nederlander Theater in Chicago is producing a comedy musical that will feature 23 of Spears' hit songs. Though the musical features a long list of tracks from her catalog, the play itself isn't actually about the singer.

The play is hilariously named "Once Upon a One More Time" and will give a new life to some of the most well-known princesses. According to the Times, we can expect to see Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty discussing Grimm's Fairy Tales at a book club. Their worlds are then turned upside down after receiving a copy of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique all with the help of their fairy godmother. 

The bookwriter for "Once Upon a One More Time," Jon Hartmere, explained to the paper, "Cinderella is having an existential crisis, and she has a posse of famous princesses, and her stepmother is the main antagonist, and there's also Prince Charming and a dwarf we've never met — the eighth dwarf — and a narrator who is unhappy his system is being dismantled before his eyes."

Secrets You Might Not Know About Britney Spears' ...Baby One More Time

Hartmere said the main characters in the musical will "get deeper into modern ideas" such as "second and third-wave feminism" as well as storytelling and social norms. "It's also superfun and funny," he told the Times.

The musical has an all-star team behind it, too. It will be  produced by the theater's owner James L. Nederlander, directed by Kristin Hanggi and choreographed by Keone & Mari Madrid. Hanggi's prior work includes Rock of Ages while Keone & Mari Madrid worked on World of Dance and Justin Bieber's Love Yourself.

The "Toxic" singer has reportedly attended one of the readings already.

The news about the play comes amid Spears' work hiatus due to her father's recent health struggles.

Those eagerly awaiting to see "Once Upon a One More Time" will have to wait a few more months. It is reported to start previews on Oct. 29 and officially open on Nov. 13. until Dec. 1. There are high hopes that the show will head to Broadway after its run in Chicago.

"I'm so excited to have a musical with my songs—especially one that takes place in such a magical world filled with characters that I grew up on, who I love and adore," Spears said in a statement. "This is a dream come true for me!"

"Throughout her career, Britney has captivated fans across the globe with her singular brand of energy and resilience," Nederlander said. "For three years, we have been working closely with her to develop a concept that perfectly encapsulates her unique spirit, and are so thrilled to finally bring this joyous and electrifying show to the stage."

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          Nicki Minaj Just Referred to Her Boyfriend Kenneth Petty as Her Husband      Cache   Translate Page      

Has this rap Queen found her forever king?

Nicki Minaj made some startling revelations during her newest episode of her Beats1 show Queen Radio on Apple Music. Minaj recorded the episode from London ahead of her March 14 concert in Birmingham and talked about why she loves the city as well as her current relationship with her beau Kenneth Petty.

As the 36-year-old rapper is wont to do, she left no detail behind while describing some of their physical interactions. "Every night when I get out of the shower, my husband takes this really good lotion that we just bought and he massages my feet and rubs them. He rubs each toe individually, and the heel and the ball of my foot—he does it all," she explained on the show.

While it's possible to gloss over some of the details in this description, there's one word in particular that truly stands out from the rest: husband.

Are we missing something? Or could this just be a case similar to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott who lovingly refer to each other as "wifey" and "hubby" and spark engagement rumors left and right? 

Nicki Minaj's Epic Concert Costumes

Minaj and Petty—who she refers to as her "bae" on social media—became Instagram official back in December right around the time of her birthday. In that photo, she wrapped her legs around him and he looked lovingly at her. "Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happens?'s no secret…that both of us…are running out of time…," she captioned the photo.

Since then, he's had a very active presence on her Instagram account and many of their pictures and videos could be considered a tad NSFW.

Just like Petty "rubs each toe individually" with her new lotion, he did something relatively similar in a video that she posted in January where he kissed all of her toes while they canoodled in a hot tub.

Another photo that the "Anaconda" rapper uploaded in December made a reference to potential nuptials. "He want me to be his wife- his MISSIS like SIPPI NOW," she described a photo of them laughing together at what was presumably her birthday party. The caption also happens to be an allusion to her song "Majesty."

Minaj has been very transparent about her relationship with her boyfriend (husband?) since the start. In January, she told her 20 million Twitter followers just how many times she and Petty have sex each night. One fan guessed it to be around six times, but she clarified and said, "3-4 on average."

The same day she described her sex life, she also described other parts of their relationship, including their past and future. The two of them happen go way, way back. Plus, Minaj said she and Petty "already chose" some baby names.

"He's like the male version of my bff TT. They both can make me calm with one look, hug, word. I tell them both all the time," she tweeted on Jan. 5. "My peace. Cuz they knew me since I was a kid so they understand me in a diff way I guess."

Their PDA and steamy make out sessions are nothing new, either. She wrote in another tweet that day, "We were like this about each other since we were very young kids in the hood. He was on my body b4 the big ol' ghetto booty. B4 the fame & fortune. Fought my bf cuz I wouldn't be his girl. He was always a lil brazy. But anyway, timing is everything."

While Minaj makes some rated-R comments about Petty, the affection is hardly a one-way street. On Dec. 21, the "Barbie Dreams" rapper posted a video of Petty's new massive neck tattoo that spelled out her first name: Onika. When their relationship first became more public, information about him resurfaced that concerned some of her fans.  

The 40-year-old is a registered sex offender in New York and was convicted of attempted rape in the first degree in April 1995. He reportedly served four years in New York state prison. He served 10 months in prison in 2006, too, after pleading guilty to first-degree manslaughter.

Minaj, however, doesn't care about any of the criticism he received. She replied to one negative comment, "But go awf Internet. y'all can't run my life. Y'all can't even run y'all own life. Thank you boo."

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          New York attorney general subpoenas Deutsche Bank for records related to 3 Trump properties      Cache   Translate Page      

The New York attorney general has subpoenaed records from Deutsche Bank related to three large loans the bank extended to President Donald Trump's company in recent years - and a fourth loan that Trump sought to buy the NFL's Buffalo Bills, according to two sources familiar with the subpoenas.

          LVGER (Oi!, NYC) announce debut self-titled EP      Cache   Translate Page      

New York City Oi! band LVGER have announced their debut self-titled EP will be released on March 21st via Oi! The Boat Records. The band is streaming 4 of the 6 songs ahead of the release.  You can give those a listen below, and pre-order the EP here.

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          Adopt Winifred a All Black Domestic Shorthair / Mixed cat in New York (      Cache   Translate Page      
Winifred is a pro at winning hearts! Shy and sensitive, this lady depends on her sister Allison to remind her to be the cool and confident kitty she was always meant to be. Winifred likes to take her time getting used to new people and places, but once she’s comfortable get ready for a new BFF! As cute as sugar, Winifred is always sure to let you know when she’s ready for attention. Gentle scratches, especially around the cheek and chin, are greatly appreciated! Winifred might even give you a couple of cute, slow blinks to say thank you! Winifred would like an adopter who will give her time to settle into her new household. She must go home with her sister Allison and can live with kids ages twelve and up. ​ MYM Feline-ality: Private Investigator If you're interested in adopting please call our Adoptions department at (212) 876-XXXX, ext. 4120. For more details on adopting from the ASPCA, please visit .

          Adopt Isis a Domestic Shorthair / Mixed (short coat) cat in New York (      Cache   Translate Page      
Main color: Brown Tabby Second color: White Weight: 10.4 Age: three years 0 mnths 0wks

          Adopt Blue a Domestic Shorthair / Mixed cat in New York, NY (24753164) (      Cache   Translate Page      
Main color: Gray Tabby Weight: 7 Age: two years 0 months 1wks

          Adopt Mr Kitty a Domestic Shorthair / Mixed (short coat) cat in New York (      Cache   Translate Page      
Main color: White Weight: 9.3 Age: one years 0 mons 0wks

          Adopt Pebbles a Domestic Shorthair / Mixed (short coat) cat in New York (      Cache   Translate Page      
Main color: Muted Tortoiseshell Weight: 11.12 Age: 6 yrs 0 mons 0wks

          Serena and Venus Williams’ stepmother ‘swindled their disabled father      Cache   Translate Page      
Serena and Venus Williams’ stepmother swindled their disabled father out of his Florida home on his 75th birthday, illegally remortgaged the property to buy a truck, which was found smashed up 1,200 miles away in New York, according to court…
          Adopt Shadow a Domestic Shorthair / Mixed (short coat) cat in New York (      Cache   Translate Page      
Main color: Black Weight: 12.6 Age: 2 years 0 months 0wks

          Adopt Lily a Domestic Shorthair / Mixed (short coat) cat in New York (      Cache   Translate Page      
Main color: Brown Tabby Weight: 16.1 Age: 10 years 0 mons 0wks

          Retail Customer Service Associate - FedEx Office - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
FedEx Office will consider for employment all qualified applicants, including those with criminal histories, in a manner consistent with the requirements of...
From Fedex Office - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 20:21:33 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          PrEP Navigator - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Performs outreach in the form of appointment reminders, no show follow-up calls, and prescription updates....
From Housing Works - Sat, 09 Mar 2019 18:55:48 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Master in Public Health Educator - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
The Certified Public Health Professional will provide mental health/substance use/supportive counseling, crisis interventions, buprenorphine treatment and case...
From Housing Works - Sat, 09 Mar 2019 18:55:48 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Store Manager - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Know and own your monthly budget and daily sales goals, including category % breakdown and LY sales #s. Housing Works complies with applicable state and local...
From Housing Works - Fri, 01 Mar 2019 18:55:15 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Program Coordinator - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Or Bachelor’s Degree in community or public health field plus a minimum of three (3) years satisfactory full-time experience working in overdose prevention,...
From Housing Works - Fri, 01 Mar 2019 18:55:15 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Residential Aide - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Answer the phone and direct callers to the appropriate person. Maintain the post of the front desk, unless instructed by supervisor....
From Housing Works - Wed, 20 Feb 2019 18:55:45 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Customer Engagement Associate - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Housing Works complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location in which the company has facilities....
From Housing Works - Wed, 20 Feb 2019 18:55:45 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Reentry Group Facilitator - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Under the supervision of the Clinical Coordinator and in coordination with DOC staff, the Group Facilitator will engage detainees in group level evidence-based...
From Housing Works - Wed, 20 Feb 2019 18:55:45 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          License Master Social Worker - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
A Master's Degree in Social Work with a current New York Social Work License or related disciplines, and two (2) years of satisfactory full-time experience in...
From Housing Works - Tue, 19 Feb 2019 18:58:44 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Outreach Specialist - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Housing Works complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location in which the company has facilities....
From Housing Works - Thu, 07 Feb 2019 18:53:36 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Community Partnership Team Leader - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Maintain detailed knowledge of Housing Works programming and actively seeks out opportunities to learn and develop business develop skills in a human service...
From Housing Works - Thu, 07 Feb 2019 18:53:36 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Intake Specialist - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Housing Works complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location in which the company has facilities....
From Housing Works - Thu, 07 Feb 2019 18:53:36 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Patient Service Representative - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Answers telephone calls and directs callers to the appropriate person and takes messages when providers are seeing patients....
From Housing Works - Thu, 07 Feb 2019 18:53:36 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Patient Care Coordinator - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Housing Works complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location in which the company has facilities....
From Housing Works - Thu, 31 Jan 2019 18:54:22 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Sales Associate Part Time - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Develop and utilize local store marketing kit and in store marketing tools. Maintain cleanliness and organization of sales floor, stock rooms, cash wrap, and...
From Housing Works - Thu, 24 Jan 2019 18:54:39 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Patient Navigator - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Housing Works complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location in which the company has facilities....
From Housing Works - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 18:55:12 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Key Holder - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Housing Works complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location in which the company has facilities....
From Housing Works - Tue, 01 Jan 2019 18:52:08 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Bi-Lingual Care Manager - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Case Managers at Housing Works provide comprehensive support to clients with the goals of minimizing barriers to care, improving client health outcomes, and...
From Housing Works - Sun, 30 Dec 2018 18:52:39 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Retail Data Analyst - Housing Works - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Bachelor’s degree required in an applicable field of study (i.e. Review thrift invoicing, including coding and approval for all vendor payments, working closely...
From Housing Works - Fri, 28 Dec 2018 18:52:12 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
           Comment on More Hot Air: Commie New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces “Meatless Mondays” to “Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions” by Mark Schumacher in LV       Cache   Translate Page      
Nut case!
           Comment on More Hot Air: Commie New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces “Meatless Mondays” to “Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions” by # 1 NWO Hatr       Cache   Translate Page      
Thanks, Angel! First thing that came to mind when I read the title. Just caught me on my way out... going to try to go eat some dinner, haven't eaten all day - except for a fritter this morning.
           Comment on More Hot Air: Commie New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces “Meatless Mondays” to “Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions” by Angel-NYC       Cache   Translate Page
          Pirro Comments Make Some Fox News Advertisers Wary      Cache   Translate Page      
A handful of advertisers indicated they would  move their commercials out of the Saturday-night broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” the latest example of some marketers expressing wariness with commentary made by some of the cable-news network’s opinion hosts. During her broadcast on Saturday, Pirro, a former New York prosecutor, suggested Minnesota […]
          Controller      Cache   Translate Page      
NY-Garden City, job summary: One of our clients in the mortgage/banking industry in Long Island is looking for a Controller to come and manage their entire finance and accounting department in a very independent culture with no micro management. They are looking for someone from the mortgage/banking industry who can own the process and hit the ground running. location: Garden City, New York job type: Permanent sa
          Director of Complex Care      Cache   Translate Page      
NY-Manhattan, Dear Candidate, We are looking for Director for Complex Care in New York, NY. JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Director of Complex Care Department: Complex Care Location: New York, NY Rate: DOE Participate and lead clinical rounds or case conferences as needed and provide clinical solutions that may include but not limited to: access to care for members, discharge planning, member education, coordinatio
          Il Venezuela e le guerre di nuova generazione      Cache   Translate Page      

DI GENNARO CAROTENUTO Le denunce del New York Times e di Forbes sui casi degli aiuti umanitari bruciati e sul blackout, che analizzo qui, attestano che in Venezuela la guerra sia già cominciata e le false notizie dominino incontrastate la costruzione dell’opinione pubblica. Le guerre di nuova generazione fanno morti come e più di …

L'articolo Il Venezuela e le guerre di nuova generazione sembra essere il primo su Come Don Chisciotte - Controinformazione - Informazione alternativa.

          The Seven Ups 1973 REMASTERED 1080p BluRay x264 PSYCHD      Cache   Translate Page
The Seven Ups 1973 REMASTERED 1080p BluRay x264 PSYCHD
10.93 GB | 01:43:18 | 13640 Kbps | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 23.976 fps

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
iMDB info

A tough detective who is part of an elite New York City unit is trying to find out who killed his partner, but uncovers a plot to kidnap mobsters for money.
Director: Philip D'Antoni





          Spring Training Report: Injury Update As Season Nears      Cache   Translate Page      
Clayton Kershaw #22 of the Los Angeles Dodgers delivers the pitch during the first inning against the Boston Red Sox in Game Five of the 2018 World Series at Dodger Stadium on October 28, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw and New York Yankees ace Luis Severino are both nursing injuries heading into the 2019 MLB season.
          The Sedano Show (Hr 2)      Cache   Translate Page      
Jorge and Amin continued to discuss this crazy idea that some Laker Fans have: Trade LeBron James. Also, some talk on confrontation that New York Knicks Owner James Dolan had with a Knicks fan over the weekend. Plus, our own Keyshawn Johnson called in to talk to Jorge and Amin about the big trade that the Oakland Raiders made for Antonio Brown.
          Kid-Focused Experiential Retail - Camp is a Highly Active and Immersive Retail Experience for Kids (      Cache   Translate Page      
( Entertainment is a huge part for the successful retail experience for kids and Camp — a toy store in New York, is a testimony of how crucial it is for businesses to boost activities that are &#8220;...
          US Fed sanctions former Goldman Sachs bankers over 1MDB money-laundering scandal - Channel NewsAsia      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. US Fed sanctions former Goldman Sachs bankers over 1MDB money-laundering scandal  Channel NewsAsia
  2. US regulators ban Goldman Sachs 1MDB duo  Financial Times
  3. 1MDB-Linked Ex-Goldman Bankers Leissner and Ng Banned From Industry  Bloomberg
  4. 2 Former Goldman Executives Barred From Banking Industry After Malaysia Fraud Scandal  The New York Times
  5. Fed Bans Two Ex-Goldman Bankers From Industry  Wall Street Journal
  6. View full coverage on Google News

          PR Newswire - Qloo, the Leading AI Platform for Culture and Taste, to Participate in Universal Music Group Hackathons to Empower Music Technology Innovation - IT News Online      Cache   Translate Page      
PR Newswire - Qloo, the Leading AI Platform for Culture and Taste, to Participate in Universal Music Group Hackathons to Empower Music Technology Innovation  IT News Online

NEW YORK, March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Qloo, the leading artificial intelligence platform for culture and taste, is joining Universal Music Group (UMG), the ...

          Başsavcılıktan Trump'ın iş anlaşmalarına soruşturma      Cache   Translate Page      
New York Başsavcılığı, bankalardan kredi almak için "mal varlığını abarttığı" iddiaları üzerine ABD Başkanı Trump hakkında soruşturma başlattı.
           AP Source: Cleveland Browns acquire star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in trade with New York Giants       Cache   Translate Page      
AP Source: Cleveland Browns acquire star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in trade with New York Giants
          „Gundermann" und mehr DVD-Tipps      Cache   Translate Page      

Von einer jungen Detektivin in einem von Kerzenlicht erhellten Historiendrama bis zu einem singenden Baggerfahrer im Auftrag der Stasi, von anrührenden Pixar-Kurzfilmen bis zur Geschichte der Pornoindustrie im New York der Siebziger und dem neuesten Streich der Halloween-Horrorreihe: dies und mehr in den DVD-Tipps von Matthias Halbig.

          Koffieprijs daalt naar recordniveau      Cache   Translate Page      

NEW YORK (ANP/BLOOMBERG) - Koffie is in jaren niet zo goedkoop geweest. Door een groot aanbod van arabica-bonen zakte de prijs tot het laagste niveau sinds 2006. Met name Brazilië, dat vorig jaar een recordoogst had, is voor de prijsdaling verantwoordelijk. Of de consument daar op korte termijn van gaat profiteren, is onduidelijk.

Het bericht Koffieprijs daalt naar recordniveau verscheen eerst op

          Brendan Lemieux lighting fire under lifeless Rangers      Cache   Translate Page      
The continuous purge of the New York Rangers during last month's NHL trade deadline brought an end to the Madison Square Garden tenures of forwards Mats Zuccarello and Kevin Hayes in an attempt to progress the organization's rebuild. 
While they weren't the most popular moves amongst the fans, especially with the departure of long-time favorite Zuccarello to the Dallas Stars, it allowed the Rangers to continue stockpiling their draft picks. 
Zuccarello yielded a 2019 second-round pick and a conditional 2020 third rounder while dealing Hayes to the Winnipeg Jets brought home a first rounder this year. 
Yet it was a Brendan Lemieux, a player coming over from Winnipeg in that Hayes deal which has provided plenty of intrigue
The son of four-time Stanley Cup champion, Claude, was an under-the-radar acquisition for the Rangers considering Lemieux could not secure consistent playing time on a loaded Jets team. 
Once a 40-goal scorer in juniors with the Barrie Colts, Lemieux showed some offensive promise during his first full NHL season this year. 
Sure, nine goals in 44 games with Winnipeg doesn't exactly jump off the page, but this was a player averaging just seven minutes of ice time per game up North. 
His shooting percentage was even more cause for optimism as he recorded those nine goals on just 37 shots for a shooting percentage of 24.1. To put it into perspective, Elias Petterson of the Vancouver Canucks and Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers lead all qualifying players with a 21.8 shooting percentage. 
In seven games since arriving in New York, Lemieux's ice time has jumped up to 12:17 per night while that shooting percentage expectedly decreased. Yet he's proving to be the kind of young talent the Rangers can covet as they continue to rebuild. 
Lemieux recorded his first career Gordie Howe hat trick — which is a goal, an assist, and a fight — on Monday night against the Oilers in a 3-2 loss as he's proving to be a chip off the old block from his old man, who had the reputation of being a skilled agitator during his 21-year career. 
"He plays with passion and he’s helped us from day one," head coach David Quinn said. "The thing I love about him is that when he comes to the bench, he’s exhausted because he’s out there trying and that’s the only way to get in shape."
It's providing the kind of tenacity the Rangers so desperately need as they trudge through the remainder of a difficult season as they now sit at 28-28-13 with 13 games to play. While they've been hanging tough in plenty of their games, the Metropolitan Division's seventh-place team has seemed lifeless at times during a recent stretch in which they've won just one of their last eight games.
Lemieux's work ethic will only continue to win over Quinn, thus bettering his chances will be of securing a starting role in the Big Apple next year. 

          Jets throttle defense with CJ Mosley, lose out on Anthony Barr      Cache   Translate Page      

Forget about the offense, the New York Jets are suddenly building quite the imposing defense as free agency is set to kick off on Wednesday. Even though it has come with its fair share of drama.

While they kicked off the NFL's negotiating period — which began on Monday — with a trade for offensive guard Kelechi Osemele and the signing of slot receiver Jamison Crowder, the Jets looked poised to pull off two huge moves in succession for linebackers.

Monday night appeared to have brought about the acquisition of Minnesota Vikings OLB Anthony Barr, who was coming off an inconsistent 2018 in which he recorded 55 combined tackles and three sacks in 13 games. Yet on Tuesday afternoon, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reported that Barr decided to remain with the Vikings.

The 26-year-old was projected to add an outside rushing presence in new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' 3-4 scheme, which would have been a new look for him considering the Vikings deploy a 4-3 defense that keeps Barr more toward the interior.

With 13.5 sacks over his first five seasons, it was not a given that Barr would have helped out a Jets unit that struggled to get to the quarterback last season. However, this was an athletic talent that could have adapted quickly enough in New York.

His decision to remain in Minnesota add some more money back to the Jets' cap space. NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Barr's initial Jets deal was around the $14 million to $15 million range per season.

It would have been a cheaper deal than the one that actually went down Tuesday morning when the Jets agreed to a five-year, $85 million deal ($17 million AAV) with former Baltimore Ravens inside linebacker CJ Mosley, per ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Also at 26 years old, Mosley has excelled the moment he made it to Baltimore after being drafted out of Alabama with the 17th pick of the 2014 draft. He's made the Pro Bowl four times in his first five seasons where he put up a 16-game average of 124 combined tackles.

While Barr would have been looked upon as a pass-rushing option, Mosley is being brought on to help lead the middle of the Jets defense with an ability to provide above-average play against both the run and pass. It's an aspect they've missed since parting ways with David Harris in 2017. Mosley has nine career interceptions and 35 pass breakups to go with a run stop percentage of 10.9, ranked fifth among NFL linebackers by Pro Football Focus.

The first three moves made by general manager Mike Maccagnan has taken a sizable chunk out of the Jets' cap space this season. Once having almost $100 million in space, New York is now down to approximately $58 million, though it would have been near $43 million if the Barr deal was completed. It's still more than enough to make a few more big moves, which could happen in the coming days as the Jets have been linked with free-agent star running back Le'Veon Bell and former Denver Broncos center Matt Paradis, who was ranked the No. 2 center in the entire league by PFF.

Regardless, the Jets suddenly have a young, explosive defensive core with the addition of Mosley, who will join safety Jamal Adams (23 years old), defensive end Leonard Williams (24), and inside linebacker Avery Williamson (27). That group alone should do plenty to improve the Jets' standing from last year when they ranked 24th against the pass, 26th against the run, and 29th in points allowed.

Add in the potential No. 3 pick of the 2019 NFL Draft that could yield Kentucky edge rusher Josh Allen or Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams and the Jets might be putting together one of the best defenses in franchise history right before our very eyes.

          Mar 28: Our Space from the UMBC Flute Studio      Cache   Translate Page      

The flute studios of Lisa Cella and Lori Kesner present Our Space, a newly created series centered on pedagogical issues of performance and style and the work of young rising stars in the flute world. This series culminates with a concert given by the Angora Ensemble. Their program will feature:

• Piano Trio in D minor, Op.49 — Felix Mendelssohn
• Assobio A Jato (The Jet Whistle) — Heitor Villa-Lobos
• Deux poèmes de Ronsard, Op. 26 — Albert Roussel
• Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale) — George Crumb

Flutist Eric Maul is quickly establishing himself as a champion of chamber music, both new and old. He has performed works such as the Debussy Trio, the Bach Coffee Cantata, Barber Summer Music, and many other. In addition to performing the classics, Eric has been apart of commissioning and/or premiering a wide variety of new music pieces. As a member of Ensemble Encanto, he was apart of the ‘Voces de Lorca’, a project setting the children’s poem of Fredrico Lorca to the music of composers such as Douglass Buchanan, Stephen Yip, and Sean Brennan. He was part of the world premiere Frances Pollock ‘God As She Makes This Earth’, a piece for Soprano and chamber orchestra. A Citizen Artist, Eric believes music can and should be used to help the local community. Eric holds a Bachelors of Music from the Peabody Institute and a Masters of Music from the New England Conservatory. His teachers include Laurie Sokoloff, famed international virtuoso Marina Piccinini, and ‘American Treasure’ Paula Robison. He currently lives in Boston, MA. 

Jacques-Pierre Malan is a professional cellist from South Africa who started playing the cello at the age of 7. He is now living and performing in the United States of America. Jacques-Pierre is a prize winner of several music competitions in his home country as well as in the USA while completing his Masters of Music degree at the John Hopkins Peabody Institute in Baltimore. He has been privileged to be a student of the acclaimed cellist and pedagogue Amit Peled from the John Hopkins Peabody Institute. Jacques-Pierre was also mentored by another previous student of Maestro Peled, Ms. Heleen du Plessis, now senior lecturer for cello at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

Mezzo soprano Delaney Rosen, who has been praised in The Baltimore Sun for her “tender tone”and “sensitive phrasing” is quickly establishing herself as an adept singer of both opera and art song. Her repertoire includes Rebecca Nurse in The Crucible, Mallika in Lakme, Adalgisa in Norma, Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the title role in Carmen, the alto solo in The Verdi Requiem, Ravel’s Chansons Madecasses and Sheherazade and Mahler’s Des Knaben Wunderhorn. She has performed with Washington National Opera, Baltimore Concert Opera, Lyric Opera Baltimore, The Art Song Preservation Society of New York, Opera AACC, and Peabody Opera Theater. She is a graduate of the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, where she studied with acclaimed divas Marianna Busching and Phyllis Bryn-Julson. She currently studies with mezzo soprano Theodora Hanslowe, and lives in Baltimore with her cat, Misty. 

Pianist Hui-Chuan Chen leads a diverse career as a chamber musician and educator. She was the awards winner of the Wonderlic piano competition in Baltimore, The International Music festival in Siena, Italy, Kaohsiung City Competition, Taiwan, National Taiwan Normal University Piano Competition and Kawai Piano competition, Taiwan. After finishing her Doctoral of Musical Arts degree at Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, Hui-Chuan devoted herself as a teacher. She taught at Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, and Peabody Preparatory. She also served as board member for JoyStar, a Baltimore-based education center as board member and faculty. She is currently faculty at University of Maryland Baltimore County and Washington Conservatory of Music, Washington D.C. 

Admission is free.

Plan your visit
UMBC is located about 10 minutes south of the Inner Harbor along I-95. For this event, free visitor parking is available in Lot 8, directly adjacent to the Performing Arts and Humanities Building, where Linehan Concert Hall is located — please click here for additional information.

          U.S. minorities consume less but suffer more from pollution: study      Cache   Translate Page      

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. air pollution is disproportionately caused by white consumers, while African-Americans and Hispanics are burdened most by the emissions, a peer-reviewed study showed on Monday.

On average, African-Americans are exposed to about 56 percent more fine particulate matter pollution than is caused by their consumption of goods and services, said the study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Hispanics, on average, bear a burden of 63 percent excess exposure, it said.

Whites, on the other hand, experience a "pollution advantage," meaning they are exposed to 17 percent less pollution than is caused by their consumption.

"What surprised me the most was the magnitude of the discrepancy," said Jason Hill, a biosytems engineering professor at the University of Minnesota and co-author of the study. "It's surprisingly large."

The study was the first to quantify what it called "pollution inequity" and to track it over time.

Particulate matter pollution has a wide variety of sources including coal-fired power plants, agriculture, road dust and industry. Blacks and Hispanics bear a higher proportion of the pollution because of where most of them live, compared with where most white people live, said the study, which tapped census data.

The problem occurs across the country, not just in industrial areas alongside major cities like Houston and New York, it said.

The study was paid for in part by a five-year grant that included money from federal agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency and was launched when Barack Obama was president. The grant has continued to be funded by the administration of President Donald Trump.

Both racial minorities and whites have benefited from clean air regulations, the study found, with fine particulate pollution falling about 50 percent on average between 2003 and 2015.

But the pollution inequity remains stubborn, it said. Public-health advocates and environmentalists say the Trump administration's push to unravel regulations on power plants, industry and vehicles while pursuing increased drilling and mining will make air pollution worse.

The study found that fine particulate pollution from domestic sources caused about 102,000 premature U.S. deaths a year from heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer and other diseases.

Julian Marshall, an engineering professor at the University of Washington and co-author of the study, said its approach could be extended to other pollutants.

"When it comes to determining who causes air pollution, and who breathes that pollution, this research is just the beginning."


(Reporting by Timothy Gardner; Editing by Peter Cooney)

          Win a pair of tickets to the NYC Craft Beer Festival!      Cache   Translate Page      

Since 2012, the New York City Craft Beer Festival has been delighting craft beer lovers and connoisseurs alike.

The festival brings the best craft beers of the season to the forefront two times a year. The Spring Seasonal and the Fall Seasonal are carefully curated to showcase the greatest selection of craft beers available! For more information, visit

Five winners will receive a pair of General Admission tickets each—a $110 value!—to the session of their choice, happening April 5 & 6 at Union West!

The three sessions are:
Fri, April 5, 2019 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Sat, April 6, 2019 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Sat, April 6, 2019 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Enter below for your chance to win!


Must be 21+ to enter. Limit one entry per email address. Winners will be contacted via email. For complete terms and conditions, click hereThis sweepstakes is valid and open for entry from 3/12/19 through 4/2/19. 

          Glen Macnow: Exploring MLB Cy Young Award odds      Cache   Translate Page      

For years, a buddy and I wagered an annual steak dinner on baseball’s Cy Young Award. We each had a short list of studs – mostly favorites – and once you won with a guy, he was yours forever. So my pal collected three juicy porterhouses, thanks to Max Scherzer. And I’ll always toast the late, great Roy Halladay for earning me those two ribeyes at Del Frisco’s.

It’s been fun. And highly caloric. But now the stakes get higher than, well, steaks.

With legalized sports gambling, we can now bet on any future we want at casinos around the area. If I win this time, I’ll take my earnings without a side of mashed potatoes.

And because we get actual odds in this new world, I’m not just leaning on the favorites. Washington’s Scherzer, for example, is a perennial candidate for Cy. But at 9/4 in 2019, the payout doesn’t seem worth the investment. Who wants to bet the chalk anyway?

So let’s look at other NL candidates. The Mets Jacob deGrom had a spectacular 2018 season, certainly worthy of the 20118 Cy he won. DeGrom cut his ERA more than in half (3.53 to 1.70) and dropped his WHIP nearly 25 percent. Had he done that at age 25, rather than age 30, I’d believe he could repeat. But at his age? Sorry, Mets fans. I see it as an outlier season.

Clayton Kershaw (10/1) has been a three-time winner (cost me a steak each time), but he enters 2019 with more shoulder issues. My next wager on him will involve the Hall of Fame.

And, hey Nats fans. I’m also staying away from Patrick Corbin (25/1) who’s overpaid and overrated after one strong season; and from Stephen Strasburg (25/1), unless the wager is how many times he winds up on the newly named “injured list.” And I’ll avoid the excellent Kyle Freeland (18/1) because in their 26-year history no Rockies pitcher has ever received a single first-place vote for Cy Young. 

That still leaves worthy candidates. Aaron Nola (9/1) improves every season and is entering his prime at 26. He will benefit from stronger defense (Jean Segura, Andrew McCutchen) and a potent lineup – which should persuade manager Gabe Kapler to let Nola pitch deeper and earn more wins. A terrific bet at the odds.

And throw a few Benjis at these longshots:

@ Madison Bumgarner (18/1), whose recent injuries are more freak accidents than baseball breakdowns. I foresee a strong bounce back season, even if the Giants stink.

@Walker Buehler (25/1), is the next great L.A. pitcher. Did you know the Dodgers have won 12 CY Young awards – five more than any other franchise?

@ Mike Foltynewicz, Braves (50/1) and Robbie Ray, Diamondbacks (50/1). It’s fun to bet a longshot, and both of these guys seemed poised for bigtime success. Take five bucks you’d spend on coffee and lay it down on one of these 27-year-olds.

In the American League, I’m also eschewing the low-payout favorites, which takes out Corey Kluber (5/2) and Chris Sale (3/1). I considered Luis Severino (7/1) until I read the Yankees shut him down with shoulder inflammation. Uh oh.

Two AL pitchers I love for this proposition: James Paxton (22/1) moves from Seattle to New York, where he’s going to win a lot more games and garner a lot more attention. And Gerrit Cole (20/1) finished fifth in the Cy voting as a first-year Astro in 2018. He’ll likely do even better this season on one of baseball’s elite clubs.

At those odds, I’ll bet ‘em both. And when I collect, I’ll be buying steak dinners for all. Make mine medium-rare.

          Browns Odell Beckham Bills Packers Patriots Broncos trade buzz      Cache   Translate Page      

The Patriots won the Super Bowl this past season without an elite outside receiver but that doesn’t mean the Pats won’t be looking to upgrade at the position this off-season.

There was more Odell Beckham Jr trade chatter on Monday as The Athletic’s Jeff Howe tweeted, “The Giants are still involved in trade discussions with Odell Beckham Jr, according to a source. One of the league’s best receivers remains on the market.”

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller added: “The 49ers aren’t done yet. Spoke to someone this morning who said a trade for OBJ is still possible.” Adam Schefter weighed in on ESPN TV and said that the Giants are “listening to offers.”

Based on current salary cap and team history. Here is a ranking of teams most likely to trade for Beckham in the next few days.

1. San Francisco 49ers: John Lynch is hell-bent on finding a top option on the outside for Jimmy Garoppolo and the Niners have cap space to play with.

2. Cleveland Browns: Jarvis Landry has been pushing for this for a while and the Browns seem to be pulling a Los Angeles Rams, going for broke without thinking about long-term ramifications. Baker Mayfield’s rookie contract certainly helps.

3. Green Bay Packers: If only Aaron Rodgers made a little less. Still, the Packers have two first round picks to dangle.

4. Buffalo Bills: They were close with Antonio Brown, but like Brown Beckham might scoff at going to Orchard Park. Beckham has said he wants to “play with a winner” and could run into the same troubles he has in New York in Buffalo.

Bet Now

5. Denver Broncos: John Elway is a go-big or go-home executive and must be worried about the health of Emmanuel Sanders. The Broncos need a No. 1 WR with Sanders questionable and could fit Beckham under the cap.

6. New England Patriots: The Patriots are the least likely team here to make a trade for Beckham. As Albert Breer pointed out in his MMQB column this week, elite receivers that are unhappy are going to want to get what Antonio Brown just got: a new contract.

“What’s going to happen,” on prominent agent told Breer on Sunday, “is that superstar players are going to see that their only leverage is to force a trade and get a new deal from their new team.”


Patriots lose Flowers and Brown

Tom Brady’s health and Bill Belichick’s brain remain the two most important parts of the Patriots dynasty, but the franchise was dealt two major blows on Monday as they saw their top defensive and offensive lineman walk in free agency.

Trey Flowers is headed to the Detroit Lions to join up with former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, and Trent Brown cashed in with a contract as big as his waistline in Oakland.

For the second straight off-season, the Patriots have lost an elite left tackle. Last year it was Nate Solder to the Giants. This year it was Trent Brown to the Raiders for a whopping $66 million over four years. It will be the highest contract for an offensive lineman in league history.

The Patriots never dabble in dishing out historic contracts, so it’s no surprise that they did not match the Raiders offer. But this will hurt.

The Pats will now be relying on 22-year-old Isaiah Wynn to protect Brady’s blind side. Wynn was the first player the Patriots picked in last year’s NFL Draft at No. 23 but the Georgia product tore his Achilles in the Pats’ second preseason game and missed the entire 2018 season.

LaAdrian Waddle is another option for the Pats at left tackle.

          David Horowitz Exposes the Left's Dark Agenda      Cache   Translate Page      

This article was originally posted at American Thinker

To order David Horowitz's new book, "Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America," CLICK HERE.

David Horowitz has always been a writer whose work I've appreciated since his compelling political biography, Radical Son, which related the author's break from his communist upbringing after Black Panther associates murdered his bookkeeper friend Betty Van Patter.  But brevity and crisp linkage of multiple intellectual threads were never characteristic of Horowitz's brilliant, often voluminous, exposés of leftist thought and practice.  By contrast, Dark Agenda is a concise, chilling book brimming with evidence that links numerous cultural depredations to one overriding theme:  The left's attack on Christian America's founding in the name of "cultural Marxism." 

"Christian America" is the novel component in Horowitz's analysis, a term that acknowledges the historical fact that America, at its founding, was 98 percent Protestant.  Protestantism, in turn, was intimately linked to the doctrine of "the priesthood of all believers" and to the more broadly Christian idea that all people are created by God.  In view of these beliefs and the fact that Protestant groups were living side by side, it followed that in America there would be no institutional or governmental mediator between the individual and God.  It also meant that each individual's rights were endowed solely by their Creator and that freedom of conscience and speech would be hallmarks of the new republic. 

"Cultural Marxism," by contrast, represents the application of its "oppressor versus oppressed" vision of society to various victim groups:  blacks, "people of color," women, native Americans, homosexuals, transsexuals, and any other group claiming victimhood.  For Marxists what stands between these oppressed groups and a world in which "social justice" and equality is fully realized are the oppressors, those who supposedly establish the laws and mores that keep them in power.  Thus, failure or success isn't the result of individual choices but the inevitable outcome of a system designed to unfairly help one group (white, Christian, males) and harm the others.  Accordingly, what matters politically is destroying the patriarchal Christian system itself with its emphasis on individual moral and economic choices and replacing it with a group-focused system that, in my own words, oppresses the oppressors.  Put quite simply, "Christian doctrines were foundational to the American Republic, which the left despises."

After reading the last two paragraphs, one might think Dark Agenda is highly philosophical and abstract.  This impression couldn't be further from the truth, as these core ideas are given clear expression and development via an array of examples, many of which are doubtless unknown to even the most politically-astute readers.  Who knew, for example, that the $621 million U.S. Capitol Visitor Center that opened in 2008 "is less a monument to the nation's founding and institutions than it is to the antireligious left's vision for America.  When it opened, all references to God and faith had been carefully, deliberately edited out of its photos and historical displays."  For example, the national motto was said to be "E Pluribus Unum" when, in fact, it is "In God We Trust."  Among other historical travesties, a large "image of the Constitution was photoshopped to remove the worlds 'in the Year of our Lord' above the signatures of the signers." Similarly, the "table on which President Lincoln placed his Bible during his second inauguration is on display — just the table, not the Bible."

These examples are picayune compared to the spiteful governmental coercion that's been employed to force The Little Sisters of the Poor, among others, to violate their consciences thanks to Obamacare abortion provisions.  The Supreme Court has been the giant secular lever employed by leftists to fundamentally transform "Christian America" into a state hostile even to a school-girl who joined hands with classmates to give thanks for her food. These politically-motivated  "lawyers," as Horowitz contemptuously labels the high court, began their anti-Christian, anti-Constitutional mission with the expulsion of prayer from public schools in 1962 (Engel v. Vitale).  That assault on the free exercise of religion now extends beyond commencement ceremonies and football fields to a bakery that was  embroiled in legal battles for years for refusing to provide a celebratory cake for a gay ceremony billed as a wedding — a "crime" made possible by Court rulings against the Defense of Marriage Act and in favor of redefining marriage.  

The case of Roe v. Wade (1972), which awakened religious conservatives to the fundamental attack on Christian America, is cogently dissected in Dark Agenda, both from a constitutional perspective as well as through the eyes of Norma McCorvey, the anonymous "Jane Roe" who was intentionally deceived and reduced to a legal prop to secure the Supreme Court's "right to privacy" abortion ruling.  (As Horowitz notes, in Marxist thought it's the grand arc of history and oppressed groups that matter, not mere individuals.)  That ruling officially brought about the cultural civil war that for the anti-Christian left involves not simply a virulent hatred of President Trump but also hatred directed toward his supporters who are regularly vilified as Nazis, sexists, racists, homophobes, and "deplorables" who are rightly denied freedom of speech and conscience.  Trump's Oval Office predecessor did his best to stoke these emotions as Horowitz's litany of anti-Christian comments and actions by President Obama illustrate — from avoiding religious references during a traditional Thanksgiving ceremony to pursuit of a foreign policy that led to the annihilation of the ancient Christian community in Syria.

Among the sidebars accompanying Horowitz's central narrative are insights into the abusive and mendacious character of atheist Madelyn Murray.  For example, in 1960 Murray "set out with her two sons . . . intending to renounce her American citizenship and defect to the Soviet Union." Her repeated attempts at emigration were rebuffed by the Soviets who were probably aware of her emotional instability and violent outbursts.  Murray's revolutionary predecessor, Margaret Sanger, was also a communist sympathizer and racist.  A 1930 article in The New Yorker about Ms. Sanger noted that her monthly newspaper, Woman Rebel, "mixed its birth-control propaganda with a good deal of red-flag-waving, and perorations of the 'Workers of the World, Arise!' variety." The author also observed that she "composed an editorial declaring: 'Even if dynamite were to serve no other purpose than to call forth the spirit of revolutionary solidarity and loyalty, it would prove its great value.'"  

Horowitz ends Dark Agenda with this chilling paragraph reminiscent of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address: "A nation divided by such fundamental ideas — individual freedom on one side and group identity on the other — cannot long endure, any more than could a nation that was half slave and half free.  The urgency that drew the religious right into politics fifty years ago is now an urgency of the nation itself."  Even individuals well aware of the cultural Civil War that now rages in America would do well do arm themselves with the insights in this book — insights that both explain the ideological roots of the conflict and document a host of grievous wounds that "Christian America" has already suffered.  Horowitz, an honest agnostic, is doing his best to prevent those wounds from becoming mortal.

Richard Kirk is a freelance writer living in Southern California whose book Moral Illiteracy: "Who's to Say?" is available on Kindle.

Photo from U.S. Capitol from Wikimedia Commons

          "Trump, kızının ve damadının Beyaz Saray'dan uzaklaştırılmasını istedi"      Cache   Translate Page      
ABD Başkanı Donald Trump'ın, kızı Ivanka Trump ve damadı Jared Kushner'in Beyaz Saray'dan uzaklaştırılması için eski Özel Kalem Müdürü John Kelly'e talimat verdiği iddia edildi. Amerikan New York Times'ın... Devamı için tıklayınız
          Actors and other rich folks charged in scheme to defraud colleges by faking test scores and school accomplishments      Cache   Translate Page      
Bedridden as I am, and unable to brain, all I can do is pass the news onto you (see CNN here and here and the New York Times for the details).   But I do know the two most well known people among those just charged and arrested, since I used to watch television in the […]
          Ton And A Half Of Cocaine Seized At Port Of New York/Newark      Cache   Translate Page      
Authorities say 60 packages of the drug worth about $77 million on the street were found in a shipping container.
          NFL Insider Has Update On Le’Veon Bell, New York Jets      Cache   Translate Page      

The Le’Veon Bell sweepstakes remains open heading into the new league year for the NFL. Bell sat out the entire 2018 season, avoiding over $14 million in guaranteed money from the Pittsburgh Steelers to become a free agent following the season. The move could come back to bite him. After the tampering window opened earlier […]

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          Industry City developers spent millions lobbying for a rezoning      Cache   Translate Page      
More than $2 million in lobbying wasn’t enough to stop the Industry City rezoning from being delayed. The waterfront complex is owned by Jamestown, Belvedere Capital and Angelo Gordon, and the companies hired five lobbying firms to work on their rezoning push, according to PincusCo. These were Capalino+Company, 99 Solutions, HR&A Advisors, Yoswein New York and the MirRam Group. But these efforts were not enough to keep the local community board from requesting a delay […]
          Report: 1 Team Continues To Inquire About Odell Beckham Trade      Cache   Translate Page      

Odell Beckham Jr. remains a member of the New York Giants, and the odds suggest that he’ll remain with the franchise in 2019. However, at least one team continues to pursue a trade for the All-Pro wide receiver. ESPN NFL insider Josina Anderson reported today that at least one team has consistently reached out to […]

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          Real estate scion Elie Hirschfeld’s sons are suing him for $50M      Cache   Translate Page      
Elie Hirschfeld’s three sons are suing their estranged father for $50 million, accusing him of refusing to acknowledge their interest in company properties that he transferred to them years ago. His sons Benjamin, Jonathan and Matthew Hirschfeld— ages 21, 20 and 19, respectively— filed the suit in Manhattan Supreme Court on Friday. It says that their father, president of Hirschfeld Properties, transferred interests in several of the firm’s valuable New York and New Jersey buildings […]
          The last penthouse at 443 Greenwich just sold for $15M      Cache   Translate Page      
The final penthouse at MetroLoft Management’s 443 Greenwich Street just sold. Ronald and Michelle Saltz picked up the 3,400-square-foot Unit PHF for $15 million, according to records filed with New York City’s Department of Finance. That works out to roughly $4,300 per square foot. Corcoran’s Patricia Lockridge had the listing, which was last asking $16.25 million. The unit includes outdoor terrace space, a private keyed elevator and an independent service entrance. The building’s amenities feature […]
          Tish James subpoenas Deutsche Bank, opens investigation into Trump projects      Cache   Translate Page      
The fallout from Michael Cohen’s congressional hearing continues. Two weeks after President Trump’s former “fixer” told lawmakers that his boss inflated the value of his assets to secure loans, the New York attorney general’s office issued subpoenas on Monday to two lenders, Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank, the New York Times reported. Last week, the New York State Department of Financial Services issued a subpoena to insurance broker Aon, also on the basis of Cohen’s […]
          Trader Joe’s working on secret Midtown lease, aiming to “surprise” Whole Foods      Cache   Translate Page      
Who knew the grocery business could be so full of intrigue? Trader Joe’s is working on a huge, under-wraps deal at the Park Imperial condo building at West 55th Street and Broadway, the New York Post reported. “They’re keeping it secret because they want to take [competitor] Whole Foods by surprise,” a source told the Post. The deal will reportedly also include a seven-story former garage next door. “They had to explain to garage users […]
          Sotheby’s sues Zeckendorfs over commission at 520 Park Avenue      Cache   Translate Page      
Sotheby’s International Realty is suing the owners of 520 Park Avenue for withholding a commission on the sale of a $31.5 million unit at the condominium tower, according to a Manhattan Supreme Court suit. Sotheby’s alleges that the defendant, 41-45 Property Owner LLC, owes a commission of 3 to 6 percent, or $945,000 and $1.8 million, for helping facilitate the sale of the unit to Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno, the New York Post […]
          These are the most prolific design shops in New York City      Cache   Translate Page      
Last year, residents began moving into TF Cornerstone’s massive new rental tower at 606 West 57th Street in Hell’s Kitchen, where some units were asking as much as $8,000 a month. For SLCE Architects, the project with more than 1,000 apartments underscored one of the 150-person firm’s specialties: serving as executive architect alongside a big-name designer — in this case, Miami-based Arquitectonica. The 42-story development, branded the Max, was also part of the thinning wave […]
          The Come Up: Desus & Mero Went From Sharing A MetroCard To Having Their Faces On Them      Cache   Translate Page      
Desus Nice and The Kid Mero’s come up is a story for the ages, but as proud New Yorkers through and through, their latest accomplishment just might be their biggest yet. If you live in New York, chances are you spend at least a couple hours a day commuting via subway–or, most likely, some days […]
          U.S. poster, trailer for ‘Eyes of Orson Welles’ revealed; NYC run begins      Cache   Translate Page      

Janus Films has revealed its poster and trailer for the U.S. release of Mark Cousins' acclaimed documentary The Eyes of Orson Welles. The film, which begins its run Friday, March 15,  at the IFC Center in New York City, explores Welles' life and career through a trove of paintings and sketches he created throughout his […]

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          John Turturro, Poet Maggie Smith, 'Solitude & Company,' 'Shout,' Women & Cuban Jazz       Cache   Translate Page      

Actor John Turturro talks about starring in the new film, “Gloria Bell,” with Julianne Moore. Poet Maggie Smith joins us for our ongoing poetry series. Journalist Silvana Paternostro discusses her new book, Solitude & Company: The Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Told with Help from his Friends, Family, Fans, Arguers, Fellow Pranksters, Drunks, and a Few Respectable Souls, an oral history of the life of Nobel Prize-winner Gabriel García Márquez before and after he found fame. Laurie Halse Anderson, author of the bestselling young adult novel, Speak, discusses her new memoir, Shout. New York Public Radio's director of archives, Andy Lanset, joins us for this week’s installment of our ongoing series, “Andy in the Archives.” Lauren Du Graf discusses her most recent article for The New Yorker, "A New Vanguard of Women in Cuban Jazz.” She is joined by Melvis Santa, a musician who is featured in the article. 

          The Women of the Cuban Jazz Scene       Cache   Translate Page      

Lauren Du Graf joins us to discuss her most recent article for The New Yorker, "A New Vanguard of Women in Cuban Jazz.” She is joined by Melvis Santa, a musician who is featured in the article. On March 12, Santa will perform with Ashedí at The Roxy Hotel and on March 16, Santa will perform as part of the Women Between Arts series at The New School

          Our Weekly Dive into the Archives       Cache   Translate Page      

New York Public Radio's director of archives, Andy Lanset, joins us for this week’s installment of our ongoing series, “Andy in the Archives.”

          Remains of the Day (03/12)      Cache   Translate Page      

The New York Times: For "Crashing," the third season was the charm -- and the end

Twitter: "Survivor" contestant Chris Underwood seems to be packing some major heat

The Smoking Gun: Man storms Taco Bell, makes own Mexican pizza

New York Post: Let's just say I get my Metrocards mailed to my home

Washington Post: A baby frozen in a ditch haunted a South Dakota town for 38 years. Now his mother has been found.

Greg in Hollywood: Hunky out actor Dan Amboyer makes his pitch to be Marvel's first gay superhero on the big screen

Dlisted: Instead of paying half a million dollars to bribe your kid into school, wouldn't it make more sense to give them that money and send them on their merry way?

Back2Stonewall: Third man "cured" of HIV/AIDS, this time in Germany

Towleroad: Jussie Smollett appears at Chicago court hearing "to show confidence in his innocence"(!)

Boy Culture: This Georgia rep wants to require men to get permission before using Viagra (and she's right)

Baseline: Grigor Dimitrov, Nick Kyrgios, John Isner and Kyle Edmund are surprisingly homoerotic in their "Cards Against Humanity" answers

NYT: Board meetings, not backhands, are the talk of men's tennis

The Daily News: Boy, 16, groped and kissed by stranger on Brooklyn subway platform: cops

CBS Pittsburgh: I'm not condoning assault, but I might look the other way about this

NYT: Congratulations, it's twins -- and the doctor is perplexed

The Randy Report: Nick Jonas's tight shirt tops the chart -- and Olivia Newton-John's memoir is here

Gr8er Days: Andrew Ridgeley penning Wham! memoir

The Plum Line: No, Crazy Donald. America's Jews will not be joining you in the GOP

          Psychologist - H.P. Associates - New York, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Salveo Healthcare Solutions provides state of the art services to children with developmental delays and disabilities....
From H.P. Associates - Tue, 22 Jan 2019 00:33:41 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Senior Technical Recruiter      Cache   Translate Page      
NY-New York City, We are looking to hire on a full time basis a Senior Technical Recruiter that can join our company located in Midtown,NYC who has prior working experience supporting high volumes of requirements and working in a fast pace environment to staff contract positions for our clients in the financial services industry. No remote work. Onsite 5 days a week. Role and Responsibilities: Able to hit the groun
          New York plans to offer new arts option for pathways to graduation      Cache   Translate Page      

New York high schoolers may be able substitute one of their five Regents exams for a portfolio of art by 2022 without having to take an Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate class.

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          Spring Training Report: Injury Update As Season Nears      Cache   Translate Page      
Clayton Kershaw #22 of the Los Angeles Dodgers delivers the pitch during the first inning against the Boston Red Sox in Game Five of the 2018 World Series at Dodger Stadium on October 28, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw and New York Yankees ace Luis Severino are both nursing injuries heading into the 2019 MLB season.
          Rami Malek looks tired alongside Christian Slater as they shoot the last season of Mr Robot      Cache   Translate Page      
Rami Malek was hard at work filming the fourth and final season of his TV show Mr. Robot in New York this Tuesday, two weeks after his Oscar win.
          3,200 lbs of cocaine seized at Port of New York and New Jersey      Cache   Translate Page      
Authorities say 60 packages of the drug worth about $77 million on the street were found in a shipping container.
          Keira Knightley is picture perfect in a leopard print coat and lace silk dress       Cache   Translate Page      
The actress, 33, proved she can rock any look to perfection as she headed to the AOL Studios in New York City on Tuesday in a stunning number.
          Jennifer Lawrence enjoys post-workout endorphins kick as she beams after Pilates class in New York      Cache   Translate Page      
The 28-year-old Oscar-winner looked in good spirits as she left a Pilates class in New York City on Monday.
          Maggie Gyllenhaal steps out in New York after calling out writer who said her voice 'cartoonish'      Cache   Translate Page      
Maggie Gyllenhaal is pictured out in New York City days after hitting back at a reporter for criticizing her voice. 
          Why Did The New York Mets Hire Jessica Mendoza?      Cache   Translate Page      
Goz and Closer discuss that and more in this week's Wednesday Why Continue reading…
          Netflix grants a series order to Gods & Heroes Greek mythology anime      Cache   Translate Page      
Just when you thought the big and small screen were getting overcrowded with the likes of superheroes, along comes Netflix with news that they&#39;ve ordered eight episodes of an original anime series titled GODS &amp; HEROES. Now, while the heroes of Greek myth aren&#39;t prone to swinging through the streets of Gotham&nbsp;or protecting New York City from alien threats, the characters… Read More...
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Is Jon Jones the best current New York native athlete in sports? Continue reading…
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          Vault by Vans otworzyło pierwszy samodzielny sklep w Nowym Jorku      Cache   Translate Page      
sklep vans by vault new york

Po bardzo ciekawych kolaboracjach z Taka Hayashi oraz Modernica amerykański sub-label Vault by Vans otwiera pierwszy samodzielny sklep w Nowym Jorku, pierwszy w ciągu 16 lat funkcjonowania tej linii. W świeżo otwartej lokalizacji znajdziemy same najlepsze perełki wywodzące się spod rąk designerów Vans by Vault. Pojawią się również kolaboracje, specjalne projekty, a poza tym będzie to miejsce, w którym […]

Artykuł Vault by Vans otworzyło pierwszy samodzielny sklep w Nowym Jorku pochodzi z serwisu THE ILLEST.

          USA : Wells Fargo Says Its Culture Has Changed. Some Employees Disagree.      Cache   Translate Page      
Source: New York Times
          Lunch for Libraries      Cache   Translate Page      
Lunch for Libraries CIO

New York Times best-selling novelist Celeste Ng will be the featured author at Madison Public Library Foundation's Lunch for Libraries on Wednesday, May 15, at Monona Terrace. 

Madison Public Library Foundation’s annual Lunch for Libraries fundraiser is an opportunity for community members who are committed to our libraries to come together to celebrate, support and invest in the Wisconsin Book Festival.

March 12, 2019
          Zulgad: Vikings add Barr to list of players they have convinced to spurn Jets      Cache   Translate Page      
Linebacker Anthony Barr’s decision to back out of his agreement to sign with the New York Jets and return to the Vikings on Tuesday, would be more surprising if it didn’t involve a player spurning…
          Temp Abstracting and Indexing Assistant      Cache   Translate Page      
NY-New York, Springer Nature is one of the world’s leading global research, educational and professional publishers. It is home to an array of respected and trusted brands and imprints, with more than 170 years of combined history behind them, providing quality content through a range of innovative products and services. Every day, around the globe, our imprints, books, journals and resources reach millions of
          Report: Anthony Barr changes course, will return to Vikings      Cache   Translate Page      
In a stunning move, it appears the Minnesota Vikings will be bringing Anthony Barr back. Mike Garafolo of NFL Network is reporting that Barr will not sign with the New York Jets, as was reported…
          Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal Of Defamation Lawsuit Against Actor James Woods      Cache   Translate Page      

James Woods -- saved from a defamation lawsuit by a question mark -- has just had his dismissal affirmed by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Whatever schadenfreude there was to be enjoyed by seeing Woods hoisted on his own litigious petard was swiftly dispelled by the ridiculousness of the lawsuit, which posited that Woods' careless question tying the plaintiff to [gasp!] Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign rose to the level of actual defamation. All we can hope is Woods handles this victory with a bit of grace, rather than gloating over his opponent's death, should she unfortunately precede him to the Great Beyond.

The lower court did take a couple of shots at Woods during its dismissal of the suit, pointing out he was as uncooperative as possible when the plaintiff, Portia Boulger, tried to serve him. Boulger was offended by Woods' tweet that portrayed her as a Bernie plant trying to sabotage Trump's impeccable reputation by flinging Nazi salutes during one of his rallies. Here's a quick summary of the supposed defamation, taken from the appeals court decision [PDF]:

On March 12, 2016, Twitter user @voxday posted the Nazi salute photograph, together with a photograph of Portia Boulger and a caption identifying Boulger as an “Organizer (Women for Bernie).” (Def. Mot. for J. on the Pleadings, R. 7, PageID 61.) The two photographs and caption were accompanied by the (false) statement, “The ‘Trump Nazi’ is Portia Boulger, who runs the Women for Bernie Sanders Twitter account. It’s another media plant.” (Id.) Shortly thereafter, Woods tweeted the same two pictures, along with a short biography of Boulger, and added: “So-called #Trump ‘Nazi’ is a #BernieSanders agitator/operative?” (Comp., R. 1, PageID 3.) At the time, Woods had more than 350,000 followers on Twitter.

After being notified by Boulger's lawyer that she was seeking to sue him, Woods issued a retraction and an apology. Boulger argued the damage had already been done. She had been the recipient of several unpleasant communications from Woods' followers, which apparently included death threats.

The Appeals Court also takes a shot at Woods for dodging service from Boulger, pointing out the ridiculousness of him attempting to dismiss a lawsuit he claimed he hadn't been properly served with yet.

As the district court noted, although Woods raised the defenses of insufficient service of process and lack of personal jurisdiction in his answer, he immediately filed a motion for judgment on the pleadings in which the defenses were not included. The motion for judgment on the pleadings was filed several months early—because Woods had not yet been served—and necessarily sought a decision on the merits. Woods’s motion was thus “inconsistent with the idea that the district court lacked personal jurisdiction over the defendant[].”


The filing of the motion for judgment on the pleadings therefore created a reasonable expectation that Woods would defend the suit on the merits. Any other holding would create a perverse outcome. One can imagine a litigant asking the court to proceed on the merits, and then, only if the court’s decision is unfavorable, seeking to re-assert jurisdictional defenses.

The decision then spends several pages diving into the thick weeds of Ohio defamation law. There's a four-prong test applied at the state level to determine whether or not a question is a "statement of fact." After a lot of discussion, the court finally gets to the point: the question mark -- coupled with the actor's opinionated Twitter feed -- makes it clear Woods was asking followers to make that call themselves, rather than directing them to arrive at a foregone conclusion. That many of them skipped the whole "decide for yourself" stage isn't Woods' fault, nor does it turn a question into a libelous statement of fact.

Here, the tweet at issue is reasonably susceptible to both a defamatory meaning—that Woods was asserting Boulger was the woman giving the Nazi salute—and an innocent meaning—that Woods was merely asking his followers a question. Because Woods’s tweet could reasonably be read to have an innocent meaning, under the innocent construction rule the tweet, as a matter of law, is not actionable.

There's also the matter of context. As the court sees it, the opinionated Woods could get away with posing a question like this. The New York Times perhaps not so much.

A review of Wood’s Twitter feed from March 12, 2016, shows that although he posted news articles, his tweets were frequently accompanied by his own colorful commentary. [...] These tweets illustrate that a reasonable reader of Woods’s tweets on March 12, 2016, likely knew that he made frequent use of sarcasm, exaggeration, and hyperbole—characteristics more likely seen in an opinion, rather than a statement of fact. See Scott, 496 N.E.2d at 708. Thus, the general context could lead a reasonable reader to believe the tweet at issue was not a statement of fact.


Twitter is a medium for users to express both opinions and disseminate news. For example, a Twitter user who tweets his or her thoughts on various celebrities is an account that is more analogous to an editorial section of a newspaper. Cf. Vail, 649 N.E.2d at 185–86 (finding that a column that appeared on the Forum page of the newspaper and titled “Commentary” gave a reader the message that the column would convey the personal opinion of the writer, as distinguished from a news story). But the Twitter account of an online news source, such as the New York Times, is not meaningfully distinguishable from a hard copy news story. Consequently, it is clear that Twitter can be used to disseminate both factual accounts and assertions, as well as commentary and opinion.

This breakdown of Twitter seems elementary and even a bit unnecessary, but the court is reminding readers (and plaintiffs) that context matters. It always does. Unfortunately, many plaintiffs in defamation lawsuits want the court to strip commentary of its context to make it easier for them to secure a victory. Fortunately, our courts have generally been very protective of speech and extremely hesitant to hand down rulings that could restrict the free exchange of commentary and opinion. It's unfortunate Woods' followers decided his somewhat disingenuous question granted them permission to harass and threaten Boulger. But those disgusting responses are the responsibility of the disgusting people making them. The court made the right call, ensuring Twitter in all its greatness and awfulness remains a freewheeling, often-horrifying marketplace of ideas.

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          Ritual App $1 Food Festival March 11-22 NYC + Major Cities      Cache   Translate Page      

Ritual's $1 Food Fest is Here! Get ready to feast on Ritual's $1 Food Festival in major cities in the US and Canada. Lunches at hundreds of restaurants are just ONE DOLLAR in midtown New York City, downtown San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, Detroit, and also in Canada: Vancouver…

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          Vintage Bouquet Of Glass Fruit And Flowers by WhoKnowsWhat      Cache   Translate Page      

6.00 USD

Mixed bunch of wired glass fruit and flowers. I love the detail of each flower and use these on my jewelry for decades. Before I graduated from high school I fell in love with these kind of vintage flowers and sold my jewelry everywhere from Barneys in New York, to The Woman's Museum in Washington to down and dirty flea markets.

When using these flowers, it's important to remember when twisting the hoops to always stay away from where the wire and glass meet, as that area is fragile and can snap if you twist the wire at the glass. Otherwise, they work well for hooping and hanging.

flower is 21mm round, wire is approx. 1.5 inches long
1 clump , 12 glass wired pieces per order.
Will be very close to photo but might vary a tiny bit.

Back to my shop

          A Jew Wish      Cache   Translate Page      
I don't normally do this but Rachel asked me to post this in case I have any readers living in New York. It sounds like a very funny show and I wish I was in New York so that I could see it! If you end up there, let me know how it was! It sounds like it would be a perfect show for me, lol!

The Comical Adventures of a single Jewish female on the worldwide web of dating
A one-woman show written and performed by Rachel Evans
Directed by Rachel Eckerling
Part of the NY International Fringe Festival

115 Macdougal Street (Between West 3rd and Bleecker)

SAT 8/14 - 10:00 PM
SUN 8/15- 6:15 PM
MON 8/16- 10:00 PM
TUE 8/17 - 4:15 PM
FRI 8/20 - 4:45 PM

Tickets: $15/Advance, $18/Door
or 866-468-7619

          Drents Museum wint in New York prijs met Iran-expositie      Cache   Translate Page      

Het Drents Museum is in New York bekroond met de Youniversal Award voor de tentoonstelling Iran - Bakermat van de beschaving.

          Karlie Kloss – Braless Candids in New York      Cache   Translate Page      
          Dmitry Bivol Looked Sharp Title Defense      Cache   Translate Page      
New York (March 8, 2019) – Russian, WBA World Light Heavyweight champion, DMITRY BIVOL (now 16-0 11KO’s) looked sharp in his fifth title defense against tough, union laborer, and Long Island’s own JOE SMITH JR. (24-3 20KO’s). Smith Jr. took the champion the full 12-rounds but the champion worked his way to a unanimous decision…
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Lotwig Evans was a Welsh miner who immigrated to the United States in 1860. He sailed on the Bridgewater and landed in New York on June 19.  While his journey from immigrant to soldier wasn't quite as drastic as the stories about Irish immigrants walking off the boat and into the recruiting office, it wasn't far off either. Lotwig fought with Compay A, 142nd PVI out of Mercer County, PA and was wounded twice during his service time.

Location of Mercer County, PA

In 1906, at the age of 68, he wrote a letter back to his family in Wales. Of his time as a Civil War soldier in his adopted country, he wrote:

"I was in the Civil War in this country. I was wounded twice. The first was a flesh wound in the left thigh. The second was pretty near the centre of the right leg between the knee and the groin. The bullet, a large one, hit the bone and flattened right out. I carried the bullet in my leg for 20 months and 18 days. I had to undergo a surgical operation. I was put under the influence of chloroform. When the surgeon started to use the knife I could feel it and I knew I was saying something. All at once I lost myself and when I awoke I could taste liquor on my lips and I felt pretty sick. I asked an American fellow (a Yankee) laying on a cot next me if the doctor had given some whiskey and he replied that they had given me liquor of some kind. He said they did not give you enough chloroform and when they started to cut at you, you tried to get up and hit the doctor and you was talking very patriotic in English. Then they put the chloroform to your nostrils again. You then started to curse in French like anything. The fellow thought that I was a Frenchman and I guess I was talking Welsh. Well, I was shot the second time in the first day's fight 1st July 1863 at the great battle of Gettysburg PA. I was taken prisoner in the Lutheran college becuase I could not walk. I was retaken by our men on the morning of 5th July 1863."

Lutheran Seminary where Pvt. Evans and the 142nd fought, and where many were captured
 After the war, Lotwig married another Welsh immigrant, Sarah Bingham, and the two moved to Lawrence Township, Stark County, OH, where Lotwig continued mining and became a sheriff's deputy. Lotwig died on 20 April 1922 and is buried in Newman's Creek cemetery.

A special thanks goes out to Pvt. Evans' great-grandnephew John Jenkins, and to his extended family in Wales, for providing the information and letter about their ancestor.
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A few months back I went to see Steven Spielberg's film "Lincoln". I know I'm going to write some things that sound contrary to this, but I had a great time and really enjoyed the film. I loved the feel, the look, and the tone of it.

None of the historical inaccuracies throughout are particularly important to the central theme of the film. My biggest complaint about the movie is not important to that theme of determination and justice either. My complaint is simply that of a "homer" who doesn't want to see any of Somerset County, PA's native sons shown in an unflattering light.

The day after I watched the film, in a fit of righteous indignation, I wrote a short essay defending US Rep. Alexander H. Coffroth from what I considered to be an incorrect attack on his reputation. I clicked "save" and said, "There, I feel better now." Realizing that no one else would read it, I filed it and went on with my life. I found it today cleaning off my desktop, and decided that even though Alexander Coffroth was not a member of the 142nd PA Infantry, three companies in that regiment shared the same county home with him, and that I would post it here.

Thanks for reading!

Alexander Hamilton Coffroth (May 18, 1828 – September 2, 1906)

Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site estimates that as of 2012, over 15,000 different books have been written about Abraham Lincoln. That is an average of almost 150 books a year written about our 16th President. Since his death in 1865, President Lincoln has been portrayed in book, film, and stage; by reenactor, and  as a wax figurine. Despite this market saturation, a book entitled “Team of Rivals” by renowned historian and author Doris Kearns Goodwin has recently captured the minds and  imagination of America. Published in 2006, Steven Spielberg has recently brought the book to life in the movie “Lincoln”.
The book and movie both focus a lot of time and attention on the arduous task Lincoln had in creating the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery in the United States. The world of 1865 was much more nuanced than many popular historians would like us to believe. Just because someone would fight for the preservation of their country did not always translate into that person being an abolitionist. This made the task at hand far more difficult than it would originally seem.
The journey to ratify the 13th Amendment would take the work of the President, his advisors, and both houses of Congress. It would take political gamesmanship as well as some soul-searching for politicians. “Lincoln” has its own take on this process, and one of the politicians the movie portrays that would be absolutely essential in making slavery illegal was Somerset, PA native Alexander Hamilton Coffroth.
Jeremiah S. Black
Alexander Coffroth was a Somerset Democrat who was born there in 1828. The son of John and Mary Coffroth, Alexander went to the Somerset public schools, as well as the Somerset Academy. After he was finished with school, Coffroth was the editor of the Somerset Visitor, the Democratic newspaper of the town, before turning his attention to law. He was admitted to the bar in 1851, having studied in the offices of another famous Somerset County native, Jeremiah S. Black. Black became the Attorney-General, and then Secretary of State, under President James Buchanan. 

Alexander lived and practiced law in Somerset, and in 1854 married Nora Kimmel, with whom he would have four children.
It was during the trying times of civil war that Coffroth decided to get into politics. He was a delegate to the famous 1860 Democratic National Convention in Charleston, SC that saw the Party split in two along slave and free state lines. The split caused both sides to nominate different Presidential candidates, which made it easier for Abraham Lincoln to be elected.
In 1862, Somerset County was part of Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District, which also included Bedford, Franklin, Fulton, and Adams Counties. Coffroth squeaked out a victory by defeating incumbent Edward McPherson to become the youngest member of the House of Representatives. 

US Capitol Building under construction in 1861
President Lincoln began lobbying for a Constitutional amendment abolishing slavery during the first half of 1864. The Senate passed the bill, but it lost momentum in the House. Alexander Coffroth was one of the many Democrats opposed to this bill. In a speech to the House of Representatives on June 14, 1864, Coffroth stated:
“If slavery is to be abolished, allow it to be done according to the principles of common justice. Allow the people in each State the inalienable right through their legally constituted authorities to control their own domestic institutions in their own way.”
A few months later, President Lincoln was reelected and he again pushed ahead for a Constitutional amendment to abolish slavery. But it was also during this election cycle that Coffroth found his political life in limbo.
When the votes were tallied in October of 1864, Coffroth had beaten his opponent, William H. Koontz by a few votes. Koontz thought that it was a little too close and contested it. The race was in fact so close that Pennsylvania Governor Andrew Curtin would not certify the results. Finally, in July 1866, Koontz won the recount and took his seat in Congress. 

[I recently ran across a blog called "Battlefield Back Stories" that digs in way deeper and does much more justice to the issue of Coffroth vs. Koontz than I did here. Please check those articles out HERE and HERE ]

This period of uncertainty was when Alexander Coffroth changed his mind on the question of amending the Constitution to outlaw slavery. During the January 31, 1865 debate on the subject, Coffroth told the House:
“Mr. Speaker, I desire above all things that the Democratic party be again placed in power. The condition of the country needs the wise counsel of the Democracy. The peace and prosperity of this once powerful and happy nation require it to be placed under Democratic rule. The history of the past demonstrates this. The question of slavery has been a fruitful theme for the opponents of the Democracy. It has breathed into existence fanaticism, and feeds it with such meat as to make it ponderous in growth. It must soon be strangled or the nation is lost. I propose to do this by removing from the political arena that which has given it life and strength.”
The movie Lincoln tells the story (incorrectly, I believe) that Alexander Coffroth was bullied into changing his position and that he felt compelled to change parties to save his political life, but there is absolutely no evidence that this ever happened. He was a Democrat before he took office. He was a Democrat in Congress. He was Democrat when he was finished in office.
It does seem, though, that he was prepared for his Democratic colleagues and his constituents to be unhappy with his decision.
“Many of the honorable gentlemen of this House with whom I am politically associated may condemn me for my action to-day. I assure them I do that only which my conscience sanctions and my sense of duty to my country demands…If by my actions to-day I dig my political grave, I will descend into it without a murmur, knowing that I am justified in my action by a conscientious belief I am doing what will ultimately prove to be a service to my country…”
Coffroth’s vote, along with the few other Democrats that crossed party lines, helped pass the 13th Amendment by a count of 119-56, a mere seven votes above the necessary two-thirds majority. His vote garnered the attention of many. After the assassination of President Lincoln in April 1865, Coffroth was chosen from among all the Pennsylvania Congressmen to be the President’s honorary pallbearer.
After his removal from office in 1866, Alexander Coffrorth moved back to Somerset and returned to practice law until he was again elected to Congress for one term in 1878, still as a Democrat.
His most famous post-political job was as defense for the Nicely Brothers in their 1889 murder trial. This trial gathered national attention and had such a monopoly on the local newspapers that the great Johnstown Flood of that same year played second fiddle to it. The Nicely brothers, David and Joseph, were later hanged in Somerset for the murder of Herman Umberger. Coffroth teamed up with his 1864 political rival, William H. Koontz for this high profile job.
At the time of his death at the Markleton Sanitarium on September 2, 1906, Alexander Coffroth was the last living pallbearer from Abraham Lincoln’s funeral. His is a uniquely American story. From his birth in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania, to studying law under the Attorney General, to amending the United States Constitution so that no one in America again suffered the indignity of slavery, Alexander Coffroth took advantage of his opportunities and lived life with a purpose greater than himself. But he always remembered his home.  His burial in Somerset’s Union Cemetery ended the story of one of the most interesting, important, and forgotten public servants in Somerset County’s rich history. 

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By Joseph Ax NEW YORK (Reuters) - On paper, she seemed an excellent applicant to the University of Southern California: an SAT score in the 96th percentile, along with an impressive record as a varsity water polo player who won her high school team's "most valuable player" award.

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In this March 2, 2017, file photo, Tucker Carlson, host of "Tucker Carlson Tonight," poses for photos in a Fox News Channel studio in New York.

© 2017 AP Photo/Richard Drew, File

Newly uncovered audio has US political media personality Tucker Carlson defending a man who received a felony conviction for arranging child marriages in the US. The audio was recorded more than a decade ago, during appearances by Carlson on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show. In subsequent audio recordings, Carlson uses racist and homophobic slurs.

Carlson is heard on the audio backing the accused, saying: “He’s in prison because he is weird and unpopular and he has a different lifestyle that other people find creepy.” He then went on to say that rape of a child within the context of marriage is somehow different from other types of rape. “The rapist, in this case, has made a lifelong commitment to live and take care of this person. So it is a little different,” he says. In the audio, Carlson also says that arranging a marriage between a 16-year-old and a 27-year-old isn’t the same as pulling a stranger off the street and raping her.

Ending Child Marriage

What does child marriage mean for girls’ lives? And why does child marriage persist?

Carlson isn’t backing down from his comments. Instead, he says he was caught “saying something naughty on a radio show more than a decade ago.” He then challenges “[a]nyone who disagrees with [his] views” to come on to his show and explain why.

Here’s why: Human Rights Watch has documented the devastating impact child marriage has on girls around the world. Compared to women who marry after the age of 18, married girls are more likely to drop out of school, live in poverty, and be victims of domestic violence. Child marriage also often results in serious health risks due to early pregnancy, which threaten the lives of both girls and their babies.

Each year around the world, 12 million girls marry before the age of 18, and the US is no exception. With child marriage comes lifelong harmful effects for girls.

Carlson’s comments are deeply troubling. They make light of a practice that threatens the rights and health of girls.

At a time when there is growing recognition that child marriage is a severe human rights violation, Carlson’s comments are indefensible.

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In this March 2, 2017, file photo, Tucker Carlson, host of "Tucker Carlson Tonight," poses for photos in a Fox News Channel studio in New York.

© 2017 AP Photo/Richard Drew, File

Newly uncovered audio has US political media personality Tucker Carlson defending a man who received a felony conviction for arranging child marriages in the US. The audio was recorded more than a decade ago, during appearances by Carlson on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show. In subsequent audio recordings, Carlson uses racist and homophobic slurs.

Carlson is heard on the audio backing the accused, saying: “He’s in prison because he is weird and unpopular and he has a different lifestyle that other people find creepy.” He then went on to say that rape of a child within the context of marriage is somehow different from other types of rape. “The rapist, in this case, has made a lifelong commitment to live and take care of this person. So it is a little different,” he says. In the audio, Carlson also says that arranging a marriage between a 16-year-old and a 27-year-old isn’t the same as pulling a stranger off the street and raping her.

Protesters from Unchained at Last speak in front of the Massachusetts State House in Boston to end child marriage in Massachusetts, May 2017. 

© 2017 Unchained at Last/Facebook

Carlson isn’t backing down from his comments. Instead, he says he was caught “saying something naughty on a radio show more than a decade ago.” He then challenges “[a]nyone who disagrees with [his] views” to come on to his show and explain why.

Here’s why: Human Rights Watch has documented the devastating impact child marriage has on girls around the world. Compared to women who marry after the age of 18, married girls are more likely to drop out of school, live in poverty, and be victims of domestic violence. Child marriage also often results in serious health risks due to early pregnancy, which threaten the lives of both girls and their babies.

Each year around the world, 12 million girls marry before the age of 18, and the US is no exception. With child marriage comes lifelong harmful effects for girls.

Carlson’s comments are deeply troubling. They make light of a practice that threatens the rights and health of girls.

At a time when there is growing recognition that child marriage is a severe human rights violation, Carlson’s comments are indefensible.

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Trying to convince her cult-like followers. Via Daily Caller: Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez botched the facts Monday night in a series of tweets attempting to discredit ethics complaints that watchdog groups that have filed against her. Ocasio-Cortez has already racked up three ethics complaints since taking office in January: two for allegedly misusing […]
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