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          Working with Namibian farmers to test possible mitigation methods for Human-Wildlife conflict      Cache   Translate Page      

CCF deployed Foxlights this past December in the Okakarara District Communal Conservancies! The Foxlight (Figure 1) is … Read more »

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          Road Trains and Outback Pubs      Cache   Translate Page      

Larrimah – Dunmara

It was inevitable the time would come and we were sure what it was, no other vehicle on the road could be heard from over a kilometre away: a Road Train. These beasts are 4 times the length of a regular truck (hence the name) and are infamous within the Northern Territory cycling community for throwing cyclist off and even pulling their bikes under as the they thunder past at up to 130 km/h, pulling two or three trailers along the narrow highway.

We watched the massive truck loom closer in our rear view mirror. We knew what to do, we must jump off the road to a safe distance and let it pass. As we watched it approach we were amazed to see it pull out of its lane, it was clearly giving us, a couple of wee cyclists, a wide berth! Nonetheless we stuck to the edge of the road and braced ourselves for the thunderous backdraft as it passed. The cabin passed then the first trailer, and the second, till finally the third trailer passed us and nothing, no lashing from side to side, no sucking draft.

We later realised that riding into the strong south-easterly winds had some advantages, we were upwind and as a result the backdraft from the Road Trains was minimal. Still we knew we had to be vigilant as not all the drivers are able to pull out, as after all, the Stuart Highway is no bigger than a country lane in parts. Luckily, most of the Road Trains seemed to be north-bound and we only had about 5 per day actually overtaking us.

Coming into Daly Waters at dusk, we spotted a road train carrying fuel parked on the side of the road. The driver was busy fixing some pressure cables and we went over to find out a little bit about these men responsible for such incredible loads.

“We don’t understand how you do it, driving on these narrow windy roads with such a massive rig,” we admitted to the driver.

“Well, I don’t understand how you do it,” he replied. “Cycling all day in the middle of nowhere with no shade, water or food!”

The driver, Footie, told us that road trains only exist in Australia, Namibia and Canada where they cover the vast distances between towns. The drivers can drive up to 14 hours a day and  need to have the skills to fix the road train if it breaks down. This particular road train was supplying fuel to the roadhouses along the Stuart Highway. They are the lifeline of the Outback and without them these remote communities could not survive.

Road Train

The Daly Waters roadhouse is one of the most famous Outback pubs and the most popular stopover between Katherine and Tennant Creek. Daly Waters used to be a telegraph station and in the 1930s, there was an important air strip near the pub: Qantas aeroplanes on flights between Sydney and London used to stop in Daly Waters to refuel. Passengers would disembark and be helped across a small creek with the option of taking a Flying Fox across for those wanting to take the express route! They would then visit the pub while the plane was being refuelled. Modern airlines take note.

In those days, the tradition of leaving something behind at the pub began, so there are lots of memorabilia on the walls that were collected over the years, from photos, badges and T-shirts to bras and stubby holders.

The campsite was very crowded, there must have been well over a hundred caravans, and most people had booked the Beef ‘n’ Barra BBQ with comedy entertainment. Even though we planned to celebrate our year on the road here, our budget did not stretch that far. Instead, we treated ourselves to our first meal out in Australia, a delicious Barra Burger.

Barramundi, or “Barra”, is the most popular freshwater fish in the Northern Territory and is on offer almost everywhere. We had really not expected to eat fish in the desert, but it was absolutely delicious. At the time we did not realise it, but in hindsight we were very glad we had this meal out to save our dwindling food supplies.

Daly Waters Pub   Barra Burger

We had miscalculated on a few food items and were already running low on some things such as milk powder, bread and snacks after only 3 days of cycling. In the hope of restocking our pantry we stopped at the nearby Hi-Way Inn, which according to our map was supposed to have a shop. Imagine our disappointment when we found that the shop only sold souvenirs, cold drinks and a few snacks. We did find a loaf of 3 month old bread in the freezer, which saved us momentarily as the next shop marked on our map was still 2 days away.

Wide open spaces

Back on the road we met another cyclist, this time from the Netherlands. He was a lucky chap who had enjoyed sunshine and tail winds all the way since Sydney, frequently covering over 200km per day. “It’s like sailing,” he beamed, “you hardly have to pedal.”

“Oh yes, we know exactly what you mean…” we replied, trying to fight back the tears as we pushed into the ferocious headwind.

We’d planned to take the afternoon off at Dunmara, 52km away. It was a nice campsite in natural surroundings. With our food pantry diminishing fast, a full rest day was not an option unless we found a decent shop somewhere. Otherwise the name of the game was to get to Tennant Creek, and fast. ||

          Namibia records 9 poaching cases since January      Cache   Translate Page      

Namibia has recorded nine poaching incidents since January this year, six involving rhinos and three involving elephants, a government spokesperson said on Monday.

          Namibia: Bird Flu Continues to Kill Penguins ... 27 Penguins Found Dead      Cache   Translate Page      

Lüderitz — Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources scientists found 27 penguins dead and three sick birds showing symptoms of Bird flu, even with the efforts from the ministry to control the spr

          Namibia: Human-Wildlife Conflict Escalates in Erongo      Cache   Translate Page      

Omatjete — The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has come to the rescue of Daures Constituency residents who live in constant fear due to the increased population of problematic elephants by prov

          Namibia Critical Metals Advancing Gold, Base Metal and Vanadium Projects, Updates on Kunene Cobalt-Copper Drilling and Metallurgical Test Work      Cache   Translate Page      
By Namibia Critical Metals Inc. Airborne electromagnetic survey to be flown over Grootfontein mafic complex targeting magmatic Ni-Cu and carbonate-hosted lead-zinc-vanadium deposits Favourable stratigraphy and structure for orogenic Otjikoto-type gold deposits identified at Grootfontein and at Otjiwarongo; soil sampling completed at Otjiwarongo (results pending) and planned soil survey to follow at Grootfontein Kunene Phase 1 […]
          Pargo launches cross-border delivery service to other African countries - IOL      Cache   Translate Page      
Pargo launches cross-border delivery service to other African countries  IOL

Pargo, South Africa's leading smart logistics company expanded their network of parcel pick-up points to Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

          President Hage Geingob Calls People To Rally Against Gender Based Violence      Cache   Translate Page      

Although there has been progress in achieving gender equality, the country needs to do more against Gender-Based Violence (GBV), President Hage Geingob determines. The President said in the observance of International Women’s Day on Friday. GBV is generally accepted as one of the most urgent issues facing Namibian society and policymakers. It has been long […]

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          Namibia: Steytler Breaks Silence On Resignation      Cache   Translate Page      
[New Era] Windhoek -Former presidential economic advisor Dr John Steytler said he left his cushy State House job for personal reasons - dismissing wide assertions that he fell out with President Hage Geingob.
          Namibia: Non-Communicable Diseases Among Main Killers in Namibia      Cache   Translate Page      
[New Era] Omuthiya -Non-communicable diseases are on the increase and remain one of the leading causes of death in the country, says the Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Kalumbi Shangula.
          Namibia: Choosing Fish Farming Over a Shebeen      Cache   Translate Page      
[New Era] Okangororosa -A 76-year-old pensioner from Okangororosa in Oshikoto Region says he chose to venture into fish farming over a shebeen, because bars were mushrooming all over.
          Namibia: Aroab Residents Up in Arms Over Myriad of Issues      Cache   Translate Page      
[New Era] Residents of Aroab in the //Kharas Region are up in arms with authorities whom they accuse of paying little attention to their poor socio-economic circumstances at the struggling village.
          AMABHUNGANE: Rare Namibian hardwood trees face the chop      Cache   Translate Page      
The Namibian government is coming under heavy pressure from influential politicians in north-eastern Namibia to allow the increased harvesting of rare hardwood trees – at the risk of accelerating already rampant deforestation in the country.
          Magic Love Spells That Really Works Call On +27633555301Ghana kenya Qatar Namibia Botswana      Cache   Translate Page      
Get Your Lost Love Back Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Nepal North Korea United States of America United Kingdom United Arab Emirates Botwana Namibia Swaziland Pakistan Philippines Qatar Saudi Arabia Spells to bring back your lost lover can indeed bring you the joy that you lost. But before you even t[...]
          Here are all the winners of the AirVūz Second Annual Drone Video Awards      Cache   Translate Page      
It may have been freezing cold, but this year I got the pleasure of attending the AirVūz Second Annual Drone Video Awards, live at the awards ceremony in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is one of the highest-stakes drone video contests, with more than $15,000 in cash and prizes awarded to the creators of videos in 18 different categories, plus a Drone Video of the Year, a First Person View (FPV) Video of the Year, and a People’s Choice award — all drawn from a collection of more than 30,000 drone videos uploaded to the AirVūz website throughout 2018. Full disclosure: I also served as one of the judges! 4 amazing ladies talking drones for the 2nd Annual @AirVuz #DroneVideoAwards! — Sally French (@TheDroneGirl) February 19, 2019 Winners were announced via a Facebook Live broadcast (which you can watch on Facebook here). I participated in the broadcast myself, getting to announce the Drones for Good winner. Coincidentally, that winner, Mike Bishop, also won the top honor, Drone Video of the Year, for the same video, called Kingdom of the Wild: Wildlife in Namibia, Africa. His video, which was undertaken in collaboration with leading drone manufacturer DJI and the Cheetah Conservation Fund, was filmed at the country’s Erindi game preserve. What an honor to present the award to @AirVuz Drones For Good winner, @mikebishop_tv (yes that’s our cue card!) — Sally French (@TheDroneGirl) February 18, 2019 Bishop is no newbie to making stunning drone videos. He won the “Countries” category at
          Mpact says rising power prices will place pressure on margins      Cache   Translate Page      
South African paper and plastics packaging group Mpact is forecasting further improvements in the operating performance of its paper business in 2019 as recent capital projects are optimised and fruit volumes improve following the recent Western Cape drought. In the short term, however, the group expects subdued growth and warns that it profit margins will be adversely impacted by the introduction of a carbon tax, as well as above inflation cost increases in electricity, water and other administered services. Mpact has 21 manufacturing operations in South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique.
          Nueva Pescanova presenta su labor de RSC en Namibia con el documental 'La Ciudad que Nació del Mar'      Cache   Translate Page      
   Nueva Pescanova ha presentado su labor de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (RSC) en Namibia con el documental 'La Ciudad que Nació del Mar', estrenado este 12 de marzo en la Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de Madrid.
          2/5/18 CABARAN DAN HARAPAN RAKYAT – Mahathir-Najib Allah pinjamkan untuk kita berfikir dan mengubah (Draft)      Cache   Translate Page      

PRU 14 telah berjalan agak baik pada 9 Mei, 2018 lepas. Saya mengatakan agak baik, ie tidaklah baik sangat, lantaran biarpun di Kampung saya yang jumlah pengundinya hanya sekitar 400 orang, saya dapati ada ketidak wajaran yang sangat danggal. Saya telah mengundi di Stesyen ini sejak 1986, dan di sepanjang ingatan saya, kotak mengundi sentiasa di tempatkan bersetentangan di dinding seberang dari pintu masuk. Pada kali ini, kotak mengundi diletakkan di sisi pintu masuk. Perbuatan mengundi tidak lagi rahsia lantaran mereka yang berbaris di depan pintu masuk boleh melihat undian para pengundi. Saya bertanya kepada mereka yang bertugas di situ kenapa kotak-kotak mengudi ditempatkan sebegitu rupa. Tiada siapa mahu menjawab, mereka bersikap seperti tidak mendengar akan persoalan saya. Lantaran itu, timbul wasangka saya ie samada perbuatan itu adalah kerana sikap lalai mereka ie suatu pekerjaan tidak hati-hati atau sambil lewa atau disengajakan sebegitu. Jika diperhatikan di mana-mana, banyak dibangkitkan kedanggalan-kedangalan lain juga berlaku. Alhamdullilah, Pakatan Harapan PH telah memenangi di peringkat Pusat dalam PRU ini. Jika PH kalah, saya menduga pasti lain jadi ceritanya di seluruh Negara. Biasalah, manusia saat sudah menang, banyak perkara mereka boleh maafkan.

 (2) Kini PH telah menang dan Alhamdullilah pembentukan Kerajaan Pusat dan Negeri-Negeri telah dapat disempurnakan dengan agak baik. Pihak Istana kali ini, telah mengambil sikap agak berhati-hati dalam pembentukan kerajaan-kerajaan berkaitan, kecuali di Sabah di mana proses perlantikan Ketua Menteri telah dilakukan dengan sedikit tergesa-gesa. Namun di antara anak Apdal dan Aman, rakyat Sabah akhirnya terpimpin oleh yang Apdal.

(3) PH asalnya adalah PR Pakatan Rakyat. PR wujud lantaran pemecatan Anwar Ibrahim pada 1998. PR bertukar menjadi PH dengan kemasukan Amanah ke dalam PR mengantikan PAS. PH kemudian diperkukuhkan dengan kemasukan Bersatu. PR mengukuh menjadi PH lantaran pemecatan Muhyidin Yasin, Mukriz Mahathir dan Shafie Apdal dari UMNO serta hijrah keluar Muhammad Sabu et al dari PAS. Lantaran sentimen kewilayahan, PH lebih aktif dan dominen di Malaya khasnya di Pantai Barat, tidak di Pantai Timur, Sabah dan Sarawak. PH kini menguasai Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka dan Johor. PAS terus menguasai Kelantan dan kembali menguasai Trengganu. BN terutama UMNO tersisa dengan menguasai Negeri terbesar (Pahang) dan terkecil (Perlis) di Malaya dan Sarawak. Warisan berjaya menguasai Sabah setelah dua ADUN BN melompat ke Warisan. Saya berkira, paling istimewa dan sangat baik, di negeri-negeri di mana PH dapat menubuhkan Kerajaan, mereka tidak dapat menguasai 2/3 dari kerusi DUN. Saya melihat prihal ini adalah sangat baik, kerana jika kita mengambil fitrah Malaikat, Iblis dan manusia, tidak sampai 2/3 dari tiga kelompok mahluk-mahluk ini sujud patuh sepenuhnya kepada Allah. Iblis 100 peratus engkar kepada Allah. Manusia dari sekitar 6.5 billion yang ada pada hari ini, hanya sekitar 15 peratus sahaja yang ”berIman” kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya keberadaan mereka yang kufur di kalangan yang berIman adalah bertujuan agar yang berIman terus-terus memperbaiki keImanan mereka. Samalah di dalam falsafah pengurusan Barat, di dalam sesebuah sistem pengurusan, ada baiknya keberadaan outlier sebagai pengawas dan faktor kewaspadaan bagi seluruh sistem tersebut.

(5) Dalam dunia pengembalaan, serigala adalah penting untuk mengawal para biri-biri, kambing dan lembu untuk terus berada dalam kelompok selamat. Allah pada tabii azali haiwan, Dia mengkias keharusan pada sistem kemasyarakatan manusia, cuma lantaran manusia jarang memerhati dan berfikir secara mendalam, mereka tidak jelas akan segala panduan hidup Allah pada alam maya ini.

(6) Di sepanjang tempoh perebutan kuasa sebermula dari 2013 bilamana BN gagal untuk mendapatkan kemenangan 2/3 kerusi Parlimen, dan momentumnya meningkat mendadak pada 2015 dengan meletusnya skandal 1MDB sehingga membawa kepada pelbagai keanihan di dalam sistem pengurusan Negara, rakyat cukup teruji dengan cabaran-cabaran yang sangat getir. Sebermula 2015, dan pastinya atas kesedaran Kerajaan BN Pusat betapa hutang Negara sudah meningkat tinggi dan ditambahi dengan bencana hutang 1MDB Kerajaan memaksakan cukai GST mengantikan SST. Sejak 2009, bila Najib menjadi Perdana Menteri, segala macam subsidi yang ada telah beliau tarik balik sehingga pada 2015, hampir-hampir kesemua subsidi telah Kerajaan mansuhkan. Pukulan paling hebat kepada rakyat adalah bila harga minyak Kerajaan apungkan mengakibatkan penentuan harga berubah-ubah saban Rabu malam dan ini diikuti oleh kenaikan tidak terkawal harga barangan keperluan hidup lainnya. Bagi tempoh 2015 ke 2018, malam Rabu adalah malam gelisah untuk hampir semua rakyat. Boleh saya katakana Rabu malam adalah fenomena anti climax kepada Khamis malamnya. Pada Rabu malam, harga minyak akan berubah-ubah dan ini dikuti kemudsiannya perubahan harga barangan keperluan. Ditokok oleh GST, suatu sistem cukai berantai, keadaan menjadi semakin sulit kepada rakyat khasnya bagi golongan yang berpendapatan rendah.

(7) Semenjak 2003 sebetulnya politik Negara mulai bergolak lari dari sebab pergolakkan pada 1998. Faktor Anwar bukan lagi suatu isu terpenting kepada rakyat. Rakyat sudah mulai merasa bahang lain dari kesan pemerintahan yang ada. Bermula dari 2003, pergolakkan politik Negara lebih berpunca dari perlencongan dasar-dasar dan program-program pembangunan Negara yang lari dari landasan Wawasan 2020, W2020. Jika Razak adalah arkitek dan jurutera kepada Dasar Ekonomi Baru (1972), DEB, Mahathir adalah arkitek dan Jurutera bagi Wawasan 2020. Sejak 1972 sehingga 1990, semua pemimpin UMNO yang juga adalah PM sangat bersungguh-sungguh dalam melaksanakan DEB biar tercabar sehebat mana sekalipun. Namun bila Abdullah menjadi PM (2003), kemudian disusuli oleh Najib (2009), W2020 mereka agak pinggirkan dan halatuju pembangunan Negara seperti kapal hanyut di samudera luas. Hakikatnya, saya berfirasat, bukanlah Abdullah dan Najib ingin sangat untuk lari dari W2020, mereka sebetulnya ingin lari dari bayangan kehebatan Mahathir. Mereka ingin mencipta Malaysia mengikut jalan lain dari jalan pemikiran Mahathir. Sebabnya, sebermula dari 1998 sehingga PRU 12 dan PRU13 faktor Anwar Ibrahim masih terus menghantui Negara. Lantaran musuh sebenar Anwar Ibrahim adalah Mahathir, maka keadaan ini menjadi faktor utama Abdullah dan Najib ingin lari dari landasan Mahathir. Cuma nasib tidak menyebelahi Abdullah dan Najib, perlarian mereka dari landasan W2020 telah mengheret mereka, Negara dan rakyat ke kancah ekonomi yang tidak menentu. Lantaran Generasi Y yang terbentuk di era 22 tahun Mahathir sudah memasuki pasaran kerja serta menguasai kedudukan-kedudukan penting dan mereka sudah terbiasa dengan kemewahan akhirnya golongan ini yang menjadi tonggak pengurusan baru di era Abdullah dan Najib, mereka telah menyisih Generasi X zaman Mahathir maka berlakulah segala langkah tikam menikam dan cantas mencantas lalu berakhir dengan kebangkitan penjelmaan Generasi Rasuah di kalangan sebahagian golongan menengah dan elit di Negara ini. Budaya bobrok ini, akhirnya menjadi lintah darat kepada khazanah kewangan Negara sehingga Negara atas pretext untuk mengelak kebangkraban serta memacu pembangunan Negara, maka segala macam dasar dan langkah yang menjejaskan kehidupan rakyat telah mulai diperkenalkan terutama bila Najib menjadi PM. Rasuah, kronisma, dan nepotisma memuncak lalu menjelma menjadi kleptokrasi. Kekayaan dan perkembangan ekonomi Negara tidak teragih saksama kepada rakyat. Kepimpinan Negara di semua peringkat telah transformed menjadi dracula, kuntilanak, lintah-lintah darat, pacat, tse-tse dan agas-agas. Akibatnya rakyat hidup tersepit dalam haloba segelintir yang berkuasa. Inilah cabaran ekonomi sebenar yang rakyat terpaksa hadapi bagi tempoh 2003-2018.

(8) Dari tahun 2003-2018, akibat kemajuan pesat Negara di 1990an, telah menyaksikan transformasi pengurusan Melayu menjadi dracula, kuntilanak, lintah, pacat, tse-tse, nyamuk, dan agas. Mereka menjelma dari  segala lapisan kepimpinan Melayu dari politik peringkat nasional, koprat, malah tersebar ke sebahagian JKKK kampung-kampung.  Inilah golongan yang telah Melayu amanahkan untuk mengurus Negara dengan baik, namun mereka transformed menjadi penghisap darah rakyat. Selepas ini, saya gunakan istilah penghisap darah rakyat sebagai jenama untuk para  kepimpinan Melayu yang telah pecah amanah rakyat.

(9) Di sudut politik, sentimen kecintaan rakyat kepada Melayu dan Islam sangat bijak dan hebat para penghisap darah rakyat ini mainkan. Berselindung di balik segala kepura-puraan, mereka berhempas pulas mempamir segala kebaikan pada segala kejahatan. Contohnya, pembiayaan kerja-kerja Umrah dan Haji dari hasil wang curi para penghisap darah rakyat ini telah tafsirkan sebagai dibolehkan dan tetap mabruh. Mereka benar-benar dapat menukar musang menjadi ayamkemudian hidup mewah dalam sekandang ayam jinak. Rakyat lantaran tidak mendapat maklumat yang benar dan jelas, lantaran sentiment kebangsaan sempit, mereka dengan mudah terus-terus dirasuah oleh para penghisap darah rakyat ini. Mahathir atas sikap kebangsaan tebalnya melihat kebangkitan Generasi Y yang di”transformed” oleh ketaktentuan dasar dan langkah Abdullah dan Najib untuk menjadi penghisap darah rakyat telah mengheret sisa tenaga tuanya untuk berdepan secara straight fight dengan para penghiap darah rakyat ini dan mereka yang taksud dengan dakyah kebangsaan sempit. Akibatnya, seluruh umat Melayu dan Islam di Negara ini telah terheret ke kancah politik yang tidak bermoral. Pertembungan ganas Mahathir-Najib seolah-olah menjadi layar perak big screen mempamir luas akan ciri-ciri buruk Melayu ie itu pada saat mereka berperang, semua yang di dalam perut dan kain dihambur terdedah tanpa batas. Nilai-nilai ahlak Islam tersisih jauh. Peperangan hidup-mati Mahathir-Najib telah membuka pekong pribadi Melayu dan nilai-nilai Islam bobrok Melayu. Dalam kata lain, dapat saya ringkaskan betapa pergolakkan politik Melayu akibat masalah ekonomi yang mereka hadapi, menjadikan Melayu sejati Melayu bobrok dengan Islam terpinggir terkesamping jauh.

(10) Perkara ini, tidaklah ganjil. Jika dilihat dalam dunia dunia persilatan Melayu, di saat murid sudah derhaka, biar gurupun akan dia bunuh. Dalam dunia perguruan persilatan Melayu, guru biasanya ada 10 langkah hebat, dia hanya perturunkan kurang dari 10 biar kepada muridnya yang terbaik. Silat adalah senjata Melayu. Ilmu persilatan adalah simbol jatidiri Melayu. Namun dalam dunia persilatan, perguruan persilatan tidak menebalkan jatidiri mereka malah ilmu yang mereka tuntuti kian cair di sepanjang perguruan. The mahaguru always keep the last skill to himself. Lantaran budaya sebegini, akhirnya kini, Melayu kian kehilangan kehandalan persilatan lantaran setiap murid biar yang terbaik selepasnya, tidak akan memiliki ilmu persilatan terbaik yang sempurna. Sepertinya, sumpah pendekar Melayu, segala pendekar selepasnya bukanlah pendekar yang terhebat, melainkan ilmunya kian hilang dengan peredaran zaman. Maka kini, saya yakin 99.9999 peratus Melayu yang mewarisi keilmuan sebenar Melayu, ilmu yang mereka miliki itu bukanlah tulin dan sempurna jatibudaya Melayu. Lantaran itu, kebobrokan jatidiri Melayu akan terus berleluasa dengan peredaran zaman. Budaya Melayu adalah budaya yang kian cair bersama zaman. Suatu senibudaya yang cukup anih. Lantaran itu Melayu mudah hanyut. Akibatnya, politik Melayu yang jadi amalan UMNO dan PAS tidak mematangkan Melayu. Apakah PH juga akan menuju jalan sama? Mahathir dan Anwar harus berani untuk membuka fikiran dan jiwa rakyat agar terus berani merubah jika kekufuran sedang berlaku di dalam masyarakat Melayu. Melayu mesti berani berdiri dalam Islam yang hakiki.

(11) Sesungguhnya, kemenangan besar PH dalam PRU 14 lepas, adalah manifestasi betapa agihan kekayaan Negara telah menuju tahap buruk. Rakyat kebanyakan dari kaum-kaum Melayu, Cina, India, Kedazan-Dusun, dan Dayak tidak dapat menikmati hasil dari pertumbuhan Negara. Negara tumbuh maju, daya dan kuasa beli rakyat susut. Struktur ekonomi kita menjadi semakin buruk yang tidak memanafaatkan rakyat kebanyakan. Model agihan kekayaan Negara BN 2003-2018 tidak dapat mengatasi masalah ekonomi rakyat kebanyakan. Model baru selaras dengan permodenan sektor-sektor ekonomi kita perlu kita cari. Kenapa Jerman, Korea, Taiwan malah Jepun terus maju dan rakyat mendapat agihan kekayaan Negara dengan baik? Kenapa kita tidak boleh?. Hjirah kaum Cina, India malah pribumi Sarawak dan Sabah dari MCA, Gerakan dan MIC ke DAP bukan kerana apa, hanyalah kerana perut mereka kian genting berikat. Mereka hijrah bukan kerana perkauman. Mereka hijrah demi masa depan. Sama juga hijrah Melayu ke PKR, Amanah, Bersatu dan Warisan. Melayu mulai sedar, UMNO tidak lagi untuk Melayu tetapi hanya untuk sebilangan para penghisap darah rakyat. Di Sarawak, ini adalah peringatan awal kepada Bumiputera di dalam PBB. Pendeknya, kemenangan PH adalah bersebab harapan bersama seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Kemenangan besar PH bukan hanya kerana Cina atau India atau Melayu atau Kedazan-Dusun atau Dayak, kejayaan PH adalah kebangkitan bersama semua kaum untuk satu harapan ie kebaikan bersama dalam sebuah Negara Malaysia.

(12) Masalah ekonomi, politk, kemsyarakatan dan malah Syahadah yang sedang kita hadapi kini bukanlah suatu yang sangat mudah untuk diselesaikan dalam waktu yang singkat. Saki baki nilai-nilai Melayu ala UMNO dan Islam ala PAS saya perhatikan masih banyak tersisa biar di dalam PKR, Amanah dan Bersatu. Hanya kesedaran bersungguh-sungguh rakyat saja yang dapat membersihkan semua ini. Cabarannya terletak dipundak dan hati rakyat. Namun dengan kesungguhan dan kebijaksanaan rakyat dan kepimpinan, tidaklah sukar untuk mengatasi segala permasalahan ini, lantaran Allah telah menunjukkan jalannya sekitar 1,300 tahun dahulu. Umar Abdul Aziz dengan dokongan padu rakyat, merobah segala kebobrokan kempimpian silam hanya dalam tempoh lebih kurang dua tahun sahaja. Bahkan dalam dunia moden kini, Edorgan di Turki telah menunjukkan kejayaan cemerlang dalam memperkasakan kekuatan rakyat Turki.

(13) Mudah-mudahan dalam gaya Mahathir hendak menghambat keperkasaan ekonomi Negara dan rakyat, beliau harus jangan lupa, bahawa khilaf beliau yang paling besar dalam tempoh pertama pemerintahannya 14 tahun dulu adalah tahap penerapan nilai-nilai Islam yang tidak mantap dan menyeluruh, khususnya di bidang pendidikan. Nilai-nilai keIslaman harus diterapkan kedalam segala KPI kerja kita. Reformasi institusi PH harus melahirkan sistem pengurusan yang Islamis. Kita harus insaf, sebermula, bahawa sistem pendidikan kita telah menghasilkan Islamic knowledge gaps di kalangan para professional Melayu kini. Melayu laparkan Islam Mahathir tidak segera memberikan mereka juadah Islam hakiki. Syahadah Melayu jadi rosak sehingga berpegang kepada Cash is King, Duit itu Tuhan lantaran pengisian Islam hakiki adalah sangat lemah dan atau bobrok. Di samping itu, kepetahan debat Anwar harus dapat diguna bersama Mahathir untuk mempercepat dan memperluas akan perkara ini. Mungkin, gandingan Mahathir-Anwar untuk tempoh 1-2 tahun mendatang ini adalah Mahathir perlu menumpu untuk memulihkan ekonomi Negara dan rakyat, dan Anwar memperkukuhkan Syahadah Melayu dan perpaduan harmoni Negara. Saya yakin, jika seluruh umat Melayu di Negara ini sedar dan faham serta mengamalkan Islam hakiki, maka segala urusan lainnya In Shaa Allah menjadi lebih mudah. Kaum-kaum lain di Negara ini juga harus punya rasa hormat kepada Melayu yang Islami dan sebegitu sebaliknya. Memperkasa sistem Islam dan perpaduan Negara wajar menjadi agenda Anwar untuk 1-2 tahun mendatang agar kebangkitan ekonomi Negara selepas ini, adalah dalam redha Allah.

(14) Harapan saya, harapan rakyat, asas perkembangan ekonomi Negara dan rakyat perlu menuju jalan kemakmuran bersama. Tiada peminggiran harus berlaku. Biarlah setiap rakyat madiri dari sudut ekonomi, Negara ini tidak wajar jadi Negara Kebajikan. Rakyat harus hidup dan boleh hidup mandiri, dan bukan bergantung penuh kepada Negara. Negara harus memudahcara pembinaan kehidupan rakyat. Itu harus menjadi agenda ekonomi Mahathir-PH untuk 1-2 tahun ke depan. Dalam tempoh sama, saya berfikir dan percaya, Anwar tidak usah buru-buru untuk memegang tampuk Kepimpinan Negara. Agenda Anwar untuk tempoh 1-2 tahun ke depan harus menumpu kepada pembinaan sistem pengurusan Islam dan Perpaduan Negara. Jika dua perkara ini dapat berjalan baik, In Shaa Allah dalam tempoh dua tahun mendatang ini, kita pasti mencapai juga W2020. Kebangkitan ekonomi Negara dan rakyat bersama utuhnya Islam dan Perpaduan Negara, In Shaa Allah ianya akan menjadi jalan mudah untuk Anwar di tahun-tahun selanjutnya untuk meletakkan Melayu dan Negara di persada lebih luas. In Shaa Allah.

(15) Kadang-kadang, usah buru-buru melahap hidangan di depan mata, lantaran masakan yang lebih enak agak sedikit lambat untuk memasak dan hidangannya.

Kuching, Sarawak
16 Mei, 2018

          west and north cape      Cache   Translate Page      
My man and i are going next friday to the cape (namibia, karoo, wilderness and cape town). It will be our 4th trip there. Till now we didn't have sex with black man. There must be some young black and clean sexy gay who wants to have sex with two white daddies?
Write me please.
          Namibia, Windhoek      Cache   Translate Page      
Any top guys in Nambia ?...i need a hung guy...all tribes welcome....gays, bisexual and married guys...any one willing to come and TOP me?
          Re: need friendship      Cache   Translate Page      
farmspecial wrote:Hi I am a white african and whant to chat with someone gay. 23 living in namibia and a farmer.

How are you?
Thanks for responding to my post.
How are you? Tell me about you and we should share our perspectives about life and who we are.
I hope that you respond soon.
          Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe 3dicks in 1 day      Cache   Translate Page      
"You've always wanted to travel to Africa where nature has remained unchanged for your sake. The Okavango delta, Victoria falls, Katima Mulilo, The Savuti channel, Chobe Park with over 100,000 elephants. Now there's more: I'm dedicated to giving you authentic man2man pleasure to spice your trip. I'm as dark as Africa made me, 1.7m tall, 56kg, hung (10""), uncut and waiting to please you. I do NO BAREBACK, NO DRUGS! E-mail me at or check my profile at I also offer 3-4some with fellow kinky black friends, equally well hung and versatile."
          Babywearing through the ages      Cache   Translate Page      
David and I went to the local Farmer's Market on Saturday, and as usual he was sitting pretty in the BabyHawk on my back.  If you ever want to see babywearing in action, go to a farmer's market - I counted over a dozen other worn babies. 

A random woman in line commented "Those things are all the rage".  An old (80+) lady with a strong accent replied, "Eeet was da rage when I lived in Moscow too!"  She went on to tell me about how she always wore her babies, and how it helped to keep them warm during the long Russian winters.

Babywearing's not trendy, it's normal.  It's practical.  It's beautiful!  Below is a collection of beautiful babywearing pictures from around the world and through the ages, from a friend's presentation to her high school Spanish class.  Enjoy!

Not sure where, but nice Mei Tai!

South Africa

Ancient Egypt







Congo (Way to get some work done, mama!)

Czech Republic - love the basket!

Czech Republic




French Daddy on a bike (not recommended lol)




More Guatemala!  Beautiful pattern

Inuit - such a beautiful photo


Mary and Jesus

Dark ages?  I think not!

Mexico, rockin the Rebozo Superman toss!

Morocco - babies wearing babies


Roma (Gypsy Mama anyone?)

Slovakia - what a happy baby.

Southern USA

Modern Day Texas



          Laattatektoniikka      Cache   Translate Page      
Uutta ja ajankohtaista: On esitetty tarkempi teoria jättiläismantereiden syntymekanismista ja niiden synnyn ajallisesta syklisyydestä: YLE; 18.2.2019; Maapallon mantereet murtuvat ja yhdistyvät yhä uudelleen – kaikkien katastrofiteorioiden äiti vai normimeininkiä? Noin 300 milj. vuotta sitten Pangeaksi nimettyyn suurmantereeseen kuului sekä nykyinen eteläinen Afrikka että Etelä-Amerikka. Mantereesta se osa, jossa on nykyisin Namibia oli lähellä etelänapaa ja …

Continue reading

          Kolonialismus-Debatte - Rückgabe: Säule von Cape Cross soll zurück nach Namibia      Cache   Translate Page      
Kulturministerkonferenz in Berlin: Auf klare Regelungen für die Restitution von Kolonialobjekten konnte man sich bisher nicht einigen
                Cache   Translate Page      
New York Court Dismisses Namibia Genocide Compensation Suit
Herero tribal chief Vekuii Rukoro, pictured in March 2017, called a New York federal court's decision to dismiss a lawsuit seeking genocide-related compensation "a disappointing ruling for us all". (AFP/DON EMMERT)

08 Mar 2019 12:56AM
Channel News Asia

NEW YORK: A New York federal court has dismissed a lawsuit by the Herero and Nama tribes seeking compensation from Germany for the genocide of their ancestors in what is now Namibia.

In a 23-page judgment dated on Wednesday, Judge Laura Taylor Swain said that the principle of sovereign immunity of a state applied, rendering the case inadmissible.

The two tribes were seeking compensation for the persecution their members suffered in what was known as German South West Africa during colonial rule from 1884-1915. The territory has since become Namibia.

Tens of thousands of members of the Herero tribe and some 10,000 Namas were killed from 1904-1908 after rebelling against German rule.

"This is indeed a disappointing ruling for us and all nations of the world who are committed to justice and fairness for all," Herero chief Vekuii Rukoro said in a statement read at a news conference.

"We assert that Judge Swain has made some fundamental errors of law in her jurisdictional analysis and we are determined to see to it that this decision is reversed on appeal and that our claims for reparations shall proceed."

The plaintiffs argued that two exceptions to the principle of sovereign immunity - one covering state commerce outside the US that causes a "direct effect" inside the country, and another on property taken in violation of international law - applied in the case.

The plaintiffs said that, among other issues, the presence of bones of genocide victims - which were sold by the wife of a German anthropologist to the American Museum of Natural History - constitutes a "direct effect" under the commercial activity exception.

And they said that the "takings" exception applied since plunder from Namibia went to Germany, which then purchased four buildings in New York.

But Swain ruled that in the first case, plaintiffs failed to demonstrate a "direct effect" in the US, while in the second, they did not sufficiently demonstrate the existence of commercial activity necessary for the exception to apply.

The court "lacks subject matter jurisdiction pursuant to the ... commercial activity and takings exceptions," Swain wrote.

Source: AFP/de

          west and north cape      Cache   Translate Page      
My man and i are going next friday to the cape (namibia, karoo, wilderness and cape town). It will be our 4th trip there. Till now we didn't have sex with black man. There must be some young black and clean sexy gay who wants to have sex with two white daddies?
Write me please.
          Namibia, Windhoek      Cache   Translate Page      
Any top guys in Nambia ?...i need a hung guy...all tribes welcome....gays, bisexual and married guys...any one willing to come and TOP me?
          Re: need friendship      Cache   Translate Page      
farmspecial wrote:Hi I am a white african and whant to chat with someone gay. 23 living in namibia and a farmer.

How are you?
Thanks for responding to my post.
How are you? Tell me about you and we should share our perspectives about life and who we are.
I hope that you respond soon.
          Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe 3dicks in 1 day      Cache   Translate Page      
"You've always wanted to travel to Africa where nature has remained unchanged for your sake. The Okavango delta, Victoria falls, Katima Mulilo, The Savuti channel, Chobe Park with over 100,000 elephants. Now there's more: I'm dedicated to giving you authentic man2man pleasure to spice your trip. I'm as dark as Africa made me, 1.7m tall, 56kg, hung (10""), uncut and waiting to please you. I do NO BAREBACK, NO DRUGS! E-mail me at or check my profile at I also offer 3-4some with fellow kinky black friends, equally well hung and versatile."
          Veldskoen launches in the U.S.      Cache   Translate Page      

Veldskoen (pronounced "FELL- skoons") today announced its public launch in the U.S. backed by investor Mark Cuban and his partners Angela and Steve Watts. The Watts' originally partnered with Mark Cuban after they appeared on Shark Tank with their company, Slyde Handboards. After that success, the Watts' wanted to expand with other authentic and moving products. Steve Watts sought out Veldskoen to bring authentic South African culture and style to the U.S.

"I grew up wearing Vellies everyday, so it is truly an honor to bring a part of my culture and heritage to the United States," Watts said in a statement. "The history behind Veldskoen is unparalleled to any shoe in the world, that has been worn by those looking to move… their bodies, their ideas and their hearts. We have a brand philosophy centered on style, optimism and migration, so we only use naturally sourced materials, and make the shoes in South African certified fair labor and safety factories so the resulting product, Veldskoen, is incredibly comfortable in every sense of the word. They are as perfectly suited for the office as they are for the pub or traveling around the world with flair."

Veldskoen's origins go back as early as the 17th century. The name comes from Afrikaans meaning "field shoe" and is based on the traditional Khoisan footwear first worn by indigenous people across southern Africa.

Lightweight and extremely tough, wearing the Veldskoen could withstand the harsh conditions of South Africa's great migration north. Since those days the Veldskoen has become a huge part of South African and Namibian culture and styles, and is now worn by everyone from artists to professors across Africa.

Veldskoens are available direct to consumer and offer a 30-day guaranteed happiness warranty. And their production is entirely based in South Africa, offering an economic engine to the region.

Veldskoen launches today in the United States, and is available in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

photo: via PR Newswire
          Today’s Wallpaper: Leopard snoozing in a tree in Namibia for National Napping Day      Cache   Translate Page      
Leopard snoozing in a tree in Namibia for National Napping Day
          MultiChoice Namibia to raise DStv subscription fee      Cache   Translate Page      
(Telecompaper) MultiChoice in Namibia has become the third country in Southern Africa to announce its plans to hike DStv subscription fees from April...
          west and north cape      Cache   Translate Page      
My man and i are going next friday to the cape (namibia, karoo, wilderness and cape town). It will be our 4th trip there. Till now we didn't have sex with black man. There must be some young black and clean sexy gay who wants to have sex with two white daddies?
Write me please.
          Namibia, Windhoek      Cache   Translate Page      
Any top guys in Nambia ?...i need a hung guy...all tribes welcome....gays, bisexual and married guys...any one willing to come and TOP me?
          Re: need friendship      Cache   Translate Page      
farmspecial wrote:Hi I am a white african and whant to chat with someone gay. 23 living in namibia and a farmer.

How are you?
Thanks for responding to my post.
How are you? Tell me about you and we should share our perspectives about life and who we are.
I hope that you respond soon.
          Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe 3dicks in 1 day      Cache   Translate Page      
"You've always wanted to travel to Africa where nature has remained unchanged for your sake. The Okavango delta, Victoria falls, Katima Mulilo, The Savuti channel, Chobe Park with over 100,000 elephants. Now there's more: I'm dedicated to giving you authentic man2man pleasure to spice your trip. I'm as dark as Africa made me, 1.7m tall, 56kg, hung (10""), uncut and waiting to please you. I do NO BAREBACK, NO DRUGS! E-mail me at or check my profile at I also offer 3-4some with fellow kinky black friends, equally well hung and versatile."

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