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          Weather warnings in place across Ireland as Storm Gareth arrives      Cache   Translate Page      
Gusts of up to 80mph were recorded on Tuesday at Malin Head in Co Donegal.
          Verheiratet oder nicht? Sylvie Meis' Management klärt auf      Cache   Translate Page      
Hat Sylvie Meis (40) ihm das Jawort gegeben? Erst vor wenigen Monaten machte die Blondine ihre Liebe zu dem Filmproduzenten Bart Willemsen offiziell. Seitdem verzaubert das niederländische Model seine Fans mit süßen Pärchen-Schnappschüssen, dank derer zuletzt sogar das Gerücht aufkam, die ehemalige Let's Dance-Moderatorin und ihr Partner hätten sich verlobt oder gar geheiratet. Jetzt nimmt Sylvies Management das erste Mal zu den Spekulationen Stellung!
          Victoria Beckham in Sorge: Davids Freundin posiert nackt!      Cache   Translate Page      
Ist Victoria Beckham (44) etwa eifersüchtig? David Beckham (43), der Ehemann des ehemaligen Spice Girls, ist viel unterwegs und damit zwangsläufig hin und wieder auch mit Frauen zusammen. Für Vic keine schöne Situation, da sie gern mehr Zeit mit ihrem Mann verbringen würde. Doch wegen einer Person scheint die Brünette besonders in Sorge zu sein: Model-Beauty Helena Christensen, welche sich kürzlich nackt vor der Kamera präsentiert hat.
          Schädelbruch! Günther Küblböck über Daniels "Verwirrtheit"      Cache   Translate Page      
Warum sprang Daniel Küblböck (33)? Im September vergangenen Jahres verschwand der ehemalige DSDS-Star spurlos. Während einer Kreuzfahrt soll der Sänger absichtlich über Bord gegangen sein. Seither galt der Nachwuchsschauspieler lange als vermisst – demnächst soll er nun für tot erklärt werden. Das Verschwinden von Daniel wirft jedoch noch immer Fragen auf. Könnte sein Vater Günther nun das entscheidende Puzzleteil liefern? Wie er jetzt erklärte, habe sein Sohn vor einigen Jahren einen Schädelbruch erlitten – und sei danach nicht mehr derselbe gewesen!
          R. Kelly Slammed & Clowned At 2019 NAACP Image Awards Nominees Luncheon + Young, Black Hollywood Is Super Woke      Cache   Translate Page      


The NAACP isn't here for R. Kelly and his recent sexual assault allegations or his interview with Gayle King. Find out what was said about Kelly and peep the red carpet flicks from the 2019 NAAP Image Awards Nominees Luncheon inside...

It's a woke a-- celebration!

Youngings and veterans in the game were honored and recognized at the 2019 NAACP Image Awards Nominees Luncheon held at Loews Hollywood Hotel ahead of the 50th Annual NAACP Image Awards. The event is usually held in January, however, this year they moved it to March to "extend Black History Month," according to host Sheryl Lee Ralph.


Black Excellence was celebrated and foolish activity was put on blast.

The organizations president and CEO Derrick Johnson (above, alongside his wife Tamika Johnson) put R. Kelly on blast, following his insane interview with "CBS This Morning" co-anchor Gayle King and his recent indictment.

“We cannot celebrate inclusion as long as we look at the foolishness on television, whether it’s R. Kelly or other unfortunate incidents,” Johnson said. “We must continue to uphold and uplift all of our creativity because it’s through our creative power that we will continue to lead the nation.”

We agree.

Sheryl Lee Ralph and Major, who nabbed three NAACP Image nominations, co-hosted the event and they joked about Kelly's interview during the introduction.

“I thought Jesus was recovering after that Gayle King interview,” Ralph joked. That promoted Major to mock Kelly during the interview, “‘I didn’t do it!’ Major shouted. “While the cameras were on, ‘I didn’t do it!'”


Young, Black Hollywood was in the building! 

"black-ish" actor/nominee Marcus Scribner and "This Is Us"a ctor Niles Fitch stopped for a photo-op.

Niles, who plays teenage Randal on the hit drama series, said he's looking forward to seeing more dark-skinned lead actors and actresses.

“I would like to see more dark-skinned leading men and just movies in general where their skin color isn't a part of their character,” Niles told THR. “And not only that, but romantic films where black man is loved and not just by somebody of a different race, but another dark woman. I'm just interested in seeing more black men as leading men, so it can be normalized.”


YAS! We stan his thoughts on black love being put on display for the masses.

His co-star/nominee Lyric Ross also dropped some gems during the event.

“Black people are making noise right now,” she told Variety. “Especially young people — they’re speaking out and telling you what you need to hear, and that’s what we need right now.”

"Dear White People" star/nominee Logan Browning said she wants to see more perfectly, imperfect women tell real stories we can relate to.

“I’m interested in continuing to tell stories about women who are not perfect, who like stripping that from them,” said Browning. “And that's kind of something we take on as black women. If we mess up and we're failures and they push us to the side. But being OK with that as a young woman who was exploring her world — those are the stories I want to see.”

Same. The world could use more #BlackGirlMagic in entertainment.

"Marlon" star Essence Atkins struck a pose on the carpet in a cute school-girl inspired 'fit. She's nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series cateogry.

"Insecure" star Domonique Perry made her way on the scene and snapped it up with other attendees:


Our auntie in our head Loretta Devine stepped out to celebrate her nomination in the Outstanding Guest Performance in a Comedy or Drama Series category for her epic scene in "Love Is_"

Nominee Salli Richardson-Whitfield was all smiles with her daughter, Parker Richardson-Whitfield, at the event. She was nominated for her directing skills in the Outstanding Directing in a Dramatic Series for Marvel's Luke Cage - "I Get Physical" episode.


"Greenleaf" actress Lynn Whitfield was on the scene after she was nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Lady Mae in OWN's "Greenleaf."

By the way, none of the NAACP members made comments about embattled "Empire" star Jussie Smollett - who's nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - following his recent indictment.

The 50th NAACP Image Awards will air live from Dolby Theatre on March 30th on TVOne.

Photos: Getty/MEGA/Startraks

          Arkbear Services Big      Cache   Translate Page      
Arkbear services large Russell as that guy sucks and rims his large gazoo with animalistic craving. Format: mp4 Duration: 1:05:56 Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264), 1466kbps Audio: 62kbps [...]
          Democrats blast safety net cuts in Trump budget as 'malicious'      Cache   Translate Page      
Congressional Democrats attacked U.S. social safety net changes proposed by President Donald Trump in his 2020 budget plan, with a senior lawmaker on Tuesday saying Trump's cutbacks in programs such as Medicaid and food aid were "intended to do harm".

          Έρχεται το σίκουελ του βιβλίου «P.S. I Love You» - η ανακοίνωση της Σεσίλια Άχερν      Cache   Translate Page      

Δεκατέσσερα χρόνια μετά την κυκλοφορία του δημοφιλούς βιβλίου «P.S. I Love You», η συγγραφέας Σεσίλια Άχερν ανακοίνωσε ότι ολοκλήρωσε το σίκουελ του μυθιστορήματος. 

Με ένα μήνυμα στο Τουίτερ, την ένδειξη «Έχω μεγάλα νέα» με κεφαλαία γράμματα και το εξώφυλλο του νέου βιβλίου η Άχερν αποκάλυψε ότι έγραψε τη συνέχεια της ερωτικής ιστορίας, με τίτλο «Postscript». «Το “Postscript” θα κυκλοφορήσει στις 19 Σεπτεμβρίου στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο και την Ιρλανδία. Ελπίζω να υποδεχθείτε τη Χόλι και τον Τζέρι και ελπίζω η ανάγνωση να είναι τόσο συναισθηματική όσο ήταν για μένα», έγραψε η συγγραφέας. 

To «P.S. I Love You», το οποίο κυκλοφόρησε το 2004, περιέγραφε τη σχέση του ζευγαριού και το γεγονός ότι η Χόλι έλαβε δέκα φακέλους μετά τον θάνατο του Τζέρι, κάθε μήνα από έναν, που περιείχαν μηνύματα από τον Τζέρι στη σύζυγό του και όλα τελείωναν με: «Υ.Γ: Σ’αγαπώ». 

Το πρώτο βιβλίο έγινε πολύ γρήγορα best seller στην Ιρλανδία, παραμένοντας στις λίστες βιβλίων για δεκαεννέα εβδομάδες. «Η συγγραφή του βιβλίου υπήρξε μια συναισθηματική εμπειρία. Δεν ξέρω πως κατάφερα να το κρατήσω μυστικό για τόσο πολύ καιρό, αλλά ανυπομονούσα να το μοιραστώ μαζί σας». 

Το 2007, το βιβλίο μεταφέρθηκε στη μεγάλη οθόνη με πρωταγωνιστές τους Χίλαρι Σουάνγκ και Τζέραλντ Μπάτλερ.  

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There she is Beside her sister Ready to go... #Postscript

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Όπως ήταν αναμενόμενο, οι θαυμαστές ήταν ενθουσιασμένοι με την ανακοίνωση. Ανάμεσα στα μηνύματα, ένας χρήστης της πλατφόρμας έγραψε: «Τα καλύτερα νέα, ανυπομονώ να διαβάσω το βιβλίο».  

«Δεν ονειρεύεστε. Συμβαίνει πραγματικά. Το πολυαναμενόμενο σίκουελ του best seller της Σεσίλια, “P.S. I Love You” έρχεται αυτό το φθινόπωρο, επανενώνοντας τους αναγνώστες με τη Χόλι Κένεντι και συστήνοντας νέους χαρακτήρες», τουίταρε το βρετανικό βιβλιοπωλείο Waterstones. 

Πηγή: Marie Claire

          Ανισότητες      Cache   Translate Page      

Σκεπτόμενοι μόνο τα τελευταία δέκα χρόνια και την τεράστια οικονομική κρίση του 2008 που παραλίγο να γκρεμίσει το σύγχρονο οικονομικό οικοδόμημα, καταλαβαίνουμε ότι μια κατάσταση γενικής ισορροπίας του οικονομικού συστήματος, συνεχής και σταθερή είναι από δύσκολο έως αδύνατο να υπάρξει.

Η οικονομία λειτουργεί ως ένας ζωντανός οργανισμός, αλλάζει και εξελίσσεται (αλήθεια, ποιος ήξερε τριάντα χρόνια πριν, τα περίπλοκα δομημένα ομόλογα που έβαλαν σε περιπέτειες σχεδόν ολόκληρο τον πλανήτη;) και μέσα από αυτή την εξέλιξη ένα πράγμα είναι «περίπου σταθερό». Η ανισότητα, που μέσω αυτής καταφέρνει τελικά να διατηρείται μια ιδιόμορφη «ισορροπία του τρόμου» στις σύγχρονες οικονομίες. Γιατί όμως ισορροπία του τρόμου;

Ο γάλλος οικονομολόγος Thomas Piketty με το βιβλίο του «Το κεφάλαιο τον 21ο αιώνα»[1], μας έδωσε μια καλή εικόνα των σημερινών ανισοτήτων. O Piketty, επικεντρώνεται στις σημερινές κοινωνικές ανισότητες με κυριότερη αυτή του 1% του παγκόσμιου πληθυσμού το οποίο συγκεντρώνει και το μεγαλύτερο ποσοστό πλούτου. Χαρακτηριστικά αναφέρει ότι το 1910 το πλουσιότερο 1% έλεγχε το 60% του εισοδήματος στη Γαλλία, ενώ στην Αγγλία το αντίστοιχο ποσοστό έφτανε στο 70%! Σήμερα, αυτή η κατάσταση, μετά από μια φάση υποχώρησης τις δεκαετίες του ΄50 και του ΄60, τείνει να διογκωθεί. Σύμφωνα με την Oxfam περίπου το 80% του παγκόσμιου πληθυσμού δεν μοιράζεται παρά μόνον το 5,5% του παγκόσμιου πλούτου! Η ανισότητα στις ΗΠΑ έχει φτάσει σχεδόν στα επίπεδα των αρχών του 20ου αιώνα[2], ενώ ακόμα και η (κατά τα άλλα ανθρωποκεντρική) Ευρώπη ακολουθεί σταθερά, με τις μεγάλες διαφορές μεταξύ βορρά και νότου να είναι πλέον κάτι παραπάνω από εμφανείς.

Μοιραία έρχεται στο μυαλό η φράση – ορόσημο του σύγχρονου καπιταλισμού από τον Gordon Gekko “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good[3]. Είναι δεδομένη λοιπόν η ανάγκη για μια καλύτερη διανομή του πλούτου.

Ο βασικότερος μηχανισμός αναδιανομής του εισοδήματος είναι το ίδιο το κράτος, με την παροχή υπηρεσιών στους πολίτες του, την παροχή ασφάλειας και εθνικής άμυνας, δημόσιας παιδείας, δημόσιας υγείας κλπ. Όμως το κράτος σήμερα δεν είναι μόνο του σε αυτή την προσπάθεια. Δίπλα στα κράτη πλέον στέκονται αυτόνομα παγκόσμιες επιχειρήσεις – κολοσσοί, οι γνωστές πολυεθνικές, με μεγέθη που πολλές φορές ξεπερνάνε οικονομίες κανονικών κρατών. Σύμφωνα με την Παγκόσμια Τράπεζα, από τις 100 μεγαλύτερες οικονομίες του πλανήτη (σε όρους εσόδων για να εξασφαλιστεί συγκρισιμότητα), οι 69(!) είναι παγκόσμιες επιχειρήσεις[4]. Χώρες πλούσιες και ευημερούσες όπως η Ελβετία ή η Νορβηγία, βρίσκονται στην κατάταξη κάτω από επιχειρηματικούς κολοσσούς όπως η Apple και η Toyota. Θα λέγαμε ότι μάλλον «κάτι σάπιο υπάρχει στο βασίλειο της Δανιμαρκίας[5]», άλλωστε και η ίδια η Δανία βρίσκεται στη 41η θέση της κατάταξης κάτω από την Daimler…

Η ερώτηση που έρχεται σχεδόν αυτόματα είναι «όλα αυτά τα υπερκέρδη που συγκεντρώνουν οι επιχειρήσεις – κολοσσοί του πλανήτη πού πάνε; Ποιος τα καρπώνεται;».

Με μια μικρή έρευνα στο διαδίκτυο θα δούμε ότι αυτά τα υπερκέρδη πάνε σε υπερβολικά υψηλούς μισθούς και bonus[6]μια μικρής σύγχρονης ελίτ. Τα παραδείγματα πολλά και εξοργιστικά. Ο Jamie Dimon, CEO της JP Morgan πήρε το 2015 (μόλις επτά χρόνια μετά την μεγάλη κρίση του 2008) bonus 27 εκατομμύρια δολάρια ενώ ο ετήσιος μέσος όρος αμοιβών του συνόλου των εργαζομένων στην Goldman Sachs αγγίζει τα $300.000 το χρόνο ανά εργαζόμενο! Ποιος άραγε αξίζει τόσα χρήματα, και πώς μετά να γίνει κουβέντα για ισορροπία του συστήματος, εταιρική κοινωνική ευθύνη των επιχειρήσεων και ισότητα ευκαιριών;

Προφανώς αυτά τα νούμερα, και άλλα πολλά που είναι εύκολο να αλιευθούν από το διαδίκτυο και δεν αφορούν μόνο επενδυτικές τράπεζες αλλά και άλλες εταιρείες – κολοσσούς, ενισχύουν τα ευρήματα του Piketty και μας αφήνουν μια πικρή γεύση μαζί με μια τεράστια απορία. Λέγεται ότι οι λαοί έχουν τις κυβερνήσεις που τους αξίζουν, αλλά μήπως ισχύει και το ανάποδο;

[1] Thomas Piketty, (2013) Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Éditions du Seuil (και Harvard University Press, 2014)

[2] Το Γραφείο Προϋπολογισμού του Κογκρέσου υπολογίζει ότι ο συνολικός αριθμός των ανασφάλιστων Αμερικανών, θα φτάσει μέχρι το 2026, τα 49 εκατομμύρια!

[3] Στην κινηματογραφική ταινία του 1987 WallStreet, σε σκηνοθεσία Oliver Stone


[5] William Shakespeare, (1602) Τhe Tragicall Historie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke

[6] Ενδεικτικά μόνο δυο άρθρα από ένα τεράστιο πλήθος παρόμοιων που μπορεί κάποιος να αλιεύσει στο διαδίκτυο: και

          Bishop T.D. Jakes & Marquis Boone Launch “THE GOSPEL” Singing Competition Reality Show!       Cache   Translate Page      

Online congregation I made mention of this singing competition a month ago in this space (You can read about it here). According to online reports, six gospel artists will have the chance to become a gospel music star on a new reality program called The Gospel. The Gospel chronicles eight episodes as contestants compete for a national management contract with T.D. Jakes’ Dexterity Sounds and Marquis Boone Music Group. The first of its kind for gospel music, the winner of this Christian music competition will be announced with the opportunity to perform at the International Pastors & Leadership Conference in Tampa Bay on April 25. The show is executive produced by T.D. Jakes and Marquis Boone and hosted by Darlene McCoy. The Gospel will serve as a platform for up-and-coming gospel artists while inspiring viewers through their faith-filled musical performances. Not only will artists discover stardom, but they will also experience the hustle and drive necessary to rise in the entertainment industry. The program will air beginning March 10 exclusively on Bishop’s Village, T.D. Jakes’ online streaming platform with behind the scene videos, messages and content.

          Σταρ του Instagram αποκαλύπτει πως ήταν πριν 14 χρόνια και οι followers της δεν μπορούν να το διαχειριστούν      Cache   Translate Page      

Η εκπληκτική μεταμόρφωση μιας σταρ του Instagram σόκαρε τους ακόλουθους της όταν τους αποκάλυψε πως ήταν η εμφάνισή της την εποχή του Myspace.

Η Μπρούκελ Μακένζι, από το Κουίνσλαντ της Αυστραλίας δεν είχε πάντα αυτήν την εντυπωσιακή εμφάνιση. Κάποτε, ήταν μελαχρινή, είχε χλωμό δέρμα, φορούσε βαρύ μακιγιάζ και δήλωνε γκοθ.

Η 28χρονη τώρα Μπρούκελ δεν θυμίζει σε τίποτα τον παλιό της ευατό. Έχει μαυρισμένο δέρμα, αψεγάδιαστο μακιγιάζ, κατάξανθα μακριά μαλλιά και ένα γυμνασμένο σώμα.

Η Μπρούκελ ανέφερε στους φανς της πως υπάρχει διαφορά 14 χρόνων μεταξύ των δύο φωτογραφιών. Εμπνεύστηκε από το #10YearChallenge και αποφάσισε να αποκαλύψει την εμφάνιση της πριν την τρομερή αλλαγή της.

«Νιώθω σαν να αποκαλύπτω την πραγματική μου ταυτότητα. Ποιος θυμάται την Μπρούκελ του MySpace;» έγραψε η ίδια πάνω από την λεζάντα της φωτογραφίας.

Η τεράστια διαφορά στην εμφάνισή της εξέπληξε το κοινό της, το οποίο δεν πίστευε το πόσο μπορεί να αλλάξει ένας άνθρωπος.

«Δεν μοιάζεις καν ότι είσαι το ίδιο πρόσωπο»,γράφει ένας χρήστης του Instagram.

Στην δεκαετία του 2000 η Μπρούκελ ήταν μοντέλο για μια εταιρεία παιχνιδιών.

Πηγή: Τhe Sun









          Teatr işçilərinin maaşı 50 faiz artırılır      Cache   Translate Page      
Prezident İlham Əliyev martın 11-də teatr və konsert müəssisələri işçilərinin sosial müdafiəsinin gücləndirilməsi haqqında sərəncam imzalayıb. Sərəncamda deyilir ki, dövlət büdcəsindən maliyyə yardımı alan teatr və konsert müəssisələrində çalışan işçilərin aylıq vəzifə maaşları martın 1-dən orta hesabla 50 faiz artırılsın. Prezident İlham Əliyev və birinci vitse-prezident Mehriban Əliyeva martın 1-də mədəniyyət və incəsənət xaidmləri ilə...
          A.İsmayılov: 'Kimsə özünü kölə hesab etmirsə, niyə sözü özünə götürür?'      Cache   Translate Page      
Vəkillər Kollegiyasının rəhbərliyi ilə bu qurumun üzvü olan vəkil Adil İsmayılov arasında qarşılıqlı ittihamlar bir aya yaxındır ki, davam edir. A.İsmayılov rəhbərliyi maliyyə məsələləri ilə bağlı şəffaf olmamaqda qınayır, toplanan vəsaitlərin hara xərcləndiyinin açıqlanmasını tələb edir. Qarşı tərəf isə onu rəhbərliyə böhtan atmaqda, əsası olmayan şayiələr yaymaqda suçlayır. AzadlıqRadiosu həm Adil İsmayılova, həm də Vəkillər Kollegiyası Rəyasət Heyətinin sədri...
          Palestyna: 2 dzieci zginęło w pożarze. IDF opóźnił dojazd strażaków na miejsce      Cache   Translate Page      

Trzecie dziecko jest w stanie krytycznym. Izraelscy żołnierze przetrzymali wóz strażacki w czasie przejazdu przez punkt kontrolny w Hebron. To nie pierwszy przypadek kiedy Izrael ogranicza lub utrudnia działania służbom ratunkowym w Palestynie.
          Ana Gomes pede investigação a “esquema de dumping fiscal” em Portugal      Cache   Translate Page      

Finalmente !!
Mais uma vez Ana Gomes honra o seu mandato !
“Antes de recorrer à Comissão, Ana Gomes escreveu a Centeno mas não obteve resposta” … pois, não de Centeno … mas … sim de Costa … vai ser substituída por algum dos “boys”.
OVOODOCORVO noticiou o contexto da irresponsável decisão “Imigrantes que entraram ilegais em Portugal terão visto de residência desde que tenham um ano de descontos”, em contraciclo com a Europa, e que acaba definitivamente com o papel discricionário do SEF, anulando qualquer tipo de controle à entrada no território Nacional e respectiva Soberania. Tranforma-se Portugal em porta de Entrada para a Imigração Ilegal para a Europa …
Certamente, irá ser a Europa a corrigir esta decisão totalmente irresponsável e em contraciclo com as medidas Europeias e o Acordo de Schengen.

Ana Gomes pede investigação a “esquema de dumping fiscal” em Portugal
Eurodeputada do PS escreve à Comissão Europeia a denunciar “ficção” do regime dos residentes não-habituais, já contestado pela Finlândia e pela Suécia.

 Pedro Crisóstomo
Pedro Crisóstomo 8 de Março de 2019, 16:35

Antes de recorrer à Comissão, Ana Gomes escreveu a Centeno mas não obteve resposta

A eurodeputada socialista Ana Gomes escreveu uma carta à Comissão Europeia a pedir uma investigação imediata ao regime português dos Residentes Não-Habituais (RNH), a que chama um “esquema de dumping fiscal” pelas desigualdades criadas entre cidadãos europeus e pelas distorções que gera no mercado único.

Gomes considera que o regime português viola o Tratado de Lisboa e a Carta dos Direitos Fundamentais da União Europeia ao permitir que os contribuintes com este estatuto, em contraste com a generalidade dos cidadãos portugueses e dos seus países de origem, beneficiem de um IRS especial de 20% ou mesmo de 0% independentemente do seu nível de rendimentos, se tiverem mudado a residência para Portugal e aqui permaneçam durante 183 dias por ano.

Suécia desafia eldorado português: quer evitar IRS a 0% para pensionistas
Suécia desafia eldorado português: quer evitar IRS a 0% para pensionistas

 Mulher para o meu filho: só santa e virtuosa! – Opinião de André Lamas Leite

Para a eurodeputada, o regime põe em causa o Artigo 4.º do Tratado da UE, onde se diz que os Estados-Membros se abstêm de “qualquer medida susceptível de pôr em perigo a realização dos objectivos” da União Europeia.

O problema já foi levantado pela Finlândia e pela Suécia, que acusam Portugal de fazer concorrência fiscal desleal, e arrisca-se agora a ganhar uma dimensão mais vasta se a Comissão Europeia der seguimento à queixa e confrontar Portugal.

A missiva, de 5 de Março, foi enviada para três comissários europeus e contém informações estatísticas que, segundo a eurodeputada, mostram como o regime não é mais do que uma “ficção” face aos pressupostos políticos que Portugal invocou para o criar em 2009. Itália e o Reino Unido, prestes a abandonar a União, são outros países com regimes fiscais deste tipo e, na carta, Ana Gomes, sugere que Bruxelas avalie não só o impacto das práticas portuguesas mas também a de outros Estados-membros.

Ao executivo de António Costa, a eurodeputada já tinha pedido que pusesse fim a este regime; o ministro e presidente do Eurogrupo, Mário Centeno, não respondeu a uma outra carta e, agora, a eurodeputada vira-se para a Comissão Europeia, a quem pede que mostre ao Governo português como este é um regime injusto que, insiste, promove a desigualdade fiscal e viola as “normas relativas à concorrência no mercado único da União Europeia e na zona euro”.

O RNH dirige-se a dois grandes universos de cidadãos que, estando a viver no estrangeiro nos cinco anos anteriores, mudem a residência para Portugal: pensionistas de outros países (ou portugueses) e trabalhadores de outros territórios desde que exerçam uma actividade de “elevado valor acrescentado”, como músicos, actores, engenheiros, arquitectos, dentistas ou investigadores.

Mas os números do regime mostram uma outra realidade: em 27 mil beneficiários, só há dois mil “cérebros”, dos quais metade são quadros superiores de empresas. Isto é, mais de 25 mil beneficiários (92%) aparecem listados como cidadãos “sem actividade de elevado valor acrescentado”. Números que o Governo opta por continuar sem explicar ao PÚBLICO o que significam e como se encaixam, no universo total de beneficiários, os cerca de nove mil pensionistas, alguns dos quais conseguem ficar isentos de IRS quer em Portugal, quer no país de origem.

O regime, lembra Ana Gomes, “foi sempre publicitado como um motor de atracção da competitividade e do capital humano de excelência, enquanto simultaneamente se apelava a pensionistas estrangeiros para que viessem para Portugal viver das suas reformas”. Mas o resultado é outro, alega, lembrando a esmagadora maioria de beneficiários sem “elevado valor acrescentado” e que, no leque dos que aí se enquadram, só há, por exemplo, 15 arquitectos, 48 professores universitários ou um cirurgião. “Parece que o grande objectivo do programa, de investimento no capital humano qualificado, não é mais do que ficção!”, insurge-se, afirmando que o estatuto torna Portugal “num paraíso fiscal para pensionistas estrangeiros e para delinquentes fiscais nacionais, que aproveitam o esquema de isenções fiscais independentemente de estarem, ou não, a residir em Portugal”.

O Governo de António Costa demorou-se a tornar públicas informações estatísticas que permitem fazer o escrutínio público sobre o RNH. Deixou o BE sem resposta durante meses em relação ao teor de uma auditoria realizada pela Inspecção-Geral de Finanças que detectou falhas no controlo dos beneficiários e só divulgou dados estatísticos depois de o semanário Expresso recorrer à Comissão de Acesso aos Documentos Administrativos (CADA).

Algumas informações foram entretanto tornadas públicas numa resposta parlamentar ao BE e é a partir delas que Ana Gomes expõe alguns dados à Comissão Europeia, a quem recorda que este regime em Portugal corre em paralelo com o dos vistos gold.

Bruxelas fica agora a conhecer algumas luzes sobre distribuição dos principais beneficiários por naturalidade: França (6556), Reino Unido (2980), Itália (2900), seguindo-se o Brasil (2444), a Suécia (2337) e Portugal (1889 – portugueses que viviam no estrangeiro e que pediram o estatuto quando regressaram).

Para a eurodeputada, o que está em causa é um “verdadeiro paraíso fiscal para pensionistas da União Europeia, mas também para alguns portugueses que estão a beneficiar do programa, enquanto a maioria dos cidadãos e pequenas empresas portuguesas continuam a ser esmagados por níveis confiscatórios de carga fiscal.”

As críticas prosseguem: “Tal qual como o esquema dos vistos gold, este tipo de programas é responsável pela criação de uma bolha especulativa no sector imobiliário que está a impedir, por exemplo, estudantes de arrendarem casas no centro de Lisboa ou do Porto, inflacionando os preços do imobiliário para máximos nunca antes vistos”.

 “Tudo isto é um escândalo, uma grosseira injustiça para com os contribuintes portugueses e uma deslealdade para com outros Estados-Membros da União”, afirma, numa referência implícita às críticas da Suécia ou da Finlândia — este parceiro europeu já rasgou um acordo fiscal com Portugal e decidiu tributar unilateralmente os pensionistas que beneficiam do regime português.

A carta seguiu para três elementos da Comissão Juncker, o comissário com a pasta do euro e da fiscalidade, Pierre Moscovici, a comissária da Concorrência, Margrethe Vestager (rosto da investigação à Zona Franca da Madeira, aos esquemas fiscais da Apple, Starbucks, Fiat e Nike), e à comissária da Justiça, Vera Jourová (voz do dossier dos vistos gold).

          2020 Ford Bronco — here's everything we know      Cache   Translate Page      

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Ford will revive the Bronco name on a new midsize SUV in 2020. It will share its platform with the Ranger pickup truck and be built with it in Michigan.

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          ÇİLİMLİ’DE TEMELİ ATILDI      Cache   Translate Page      
Sağlık alanında önemli gelişmelerin yaşandığı son aylarda Düzce’ye önemli bir sağlık yatırımı daha kazandırılıyor. Çilimli’ye maliyeti yaklaşık 6 milyon TL olan entegre hastanesinin temeli düzenlenen törenle atıldı.
          La favorita: Pasiones reales      Cache   Translate Page      

Todos somos esclavos de nuestros deseos. Esta máxima fácil puede resumir a la sádica y divertida comedia, La favorita. La nueva película de Yorgos Lanthimos relata intrigas palaciegas que develan una nueva colección de patéticos monstruos. El que esta sea una película de época resulta, en buena medida, una formalidad, pues el filme vuelve a las preocupaciones sobre las que giraban los largometrajes anteriores del realizador griego. La favorita solo es una película de una época en la superficie. Se trata más bien de una comedia de enredos que revela la profunda soledad de unos personajes víctimas de sus pasiones. Aun siendo la película más convencional de Lanthimos, el filme rompe con algunos moldes del cine de época; si bien se atiene al desarrollo dramático más clásico, esto tiene como objeto descubrir el drama interno de sus protagonistas (y no recrear un momento histórico). La convención le sirve al realizador de base para narrar los triviales enamoramientos de una reina insegura.

Sus tres protagonistas: la reina Ana (Olivia Colman), Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) y Abigail (Emma Stone) buscan utilizar sus posiciones y artimañas para satisfacer deseos particulares. Ya sea saciar su anhelo de amor y afecto, o el deseo de llevar las riendas de una nación, o la intención de recuperar los privilegios de clase perdidos en un desventurado pasado. Estos tres propósitos se cruzan, estas tres mujeres se alían y se entorpecen entre sí. A pesar de sí mismas, ellas están destinadas a vivir relativamente insatisfechas, atrapadas en sus propias confabulaciones por adquirir lo que anhelan. Si bien La favorita no es verdaderamente novedosa, consigue hacer visible la fragilidad y el patetismo de sus personajes. Narra convincentemente la insatisfacción del deseo. Y en tanto que esto pueda no ser un gran descubrimiento, es suficiente para hacerla una buena película.

Las parábolas de Lanthimos nunca se han caracterizado por su sutileza. La favorita no es la excepción. Un ejemplo de esto es que para mostrar que los personajes son prisioneros de sus palacios utiliza de manera recurrente el gran angular, para que los veamos diminutos en sus inmensos aposentos. Más afortunado, en contraste, resulta el modo en que incluye sobreimpresiones que combinan a distintos personajes y lugares. Estas secuencias alteran el curso narrativo del filme para exponer una suerte de delirio, el delirio de quien vive una pasión. Así como hay deseos y propósitos entrecruzados en la trama, las imágenes se mezclan en un solo jeroglífico cuyo sentido ya no es transparente. En un par de secuencias los realizadores olvidan su comedia cruel y se concentran en la experiencia sensorial de una pasión real. La favorita quiebra (y usa) la convención para mostrar el delirio de un deseo, pequeños instantes de emoción insertos en una banal comedia de enredos. Y acaso eso sea todo (o por lo menos el realizador griego parece verlo así). El reconocimiento de ambos (el instante de deseo y la comedia manida que lo rodea) hace de esta la mejor película de Lanthimos a la fecha.


          El legado del diablo (Hereditary)      Cache   Translate Page      

¿Se puede escapar al mal?  La ópera prima de Ari Aster gira en torno a una premisa que responde tal interrogante. Si se carga con el Mal, no hay forma de zafarse de él. El legado del diablo (Hereditary) abre como una historia sobre las historias de terror y concluye como una cinta de terror corriente. Todo esto mediado por un tenso y a menudo sorpresivo retrato de las tensiones de una familia. Quizás sea el mejor momento de utilizar el manido comentario sobre el de que nos enfrentamos a una buena película de terror con un final decepcionante. En El legado del diablo esto es tristemente cierto, pues al tratar de armar todas sus piezas para una (no muy) sorprendente resolución final, se disminuye el horror real que habita el filme. Uno que está lejos de relacionarse con los demonios y los seres de ultratumba. Un horror que surge de las relaciones familiares y de sus conflictos. Mientras la película gira en torno a esto, se trata de un filme espléndido. No obstante, luego llega al final con sus respuestas obligadas. 

Ahora, el malestar que me provocó el final se deriva de renunciar a cualquier amago de ambigüedad, a optar entonces por un final que al revelarlo todo apacigua los miedos con que juguetea en buena parte de su metraje. Ya decía Piglia que todo cuento narra dos historias (una explícita y una secreta), y del mismo modo se puede decir del cine de terror. La historia explícita de El legado del diablo discurre sobre demonios, satanismo y una herencia maligna; en contraste con esto, la historia secreta se implanta a través de un juego metanarrativo en que Annie Graham (Toni Collette) representa todas las escenas de su vida real como siniestras casas de muñecas. En dicha historia secreta, el mal surge de la en apariencia vulnerable Annie. Aster le quita todo énfasis a este relato secreto, sin embargo; su fascinación por los mecanismos del horror en el cine es más fuerte que su deseo por explorar las contradicciones y honduras de las relaciones familiares. De manera opuesta a la magnífica Babadook, el sustrato real se va borrando hasta que el final fantástico hace de su largometraje una simple fábula horrible. Por supuesto, este tipo de historias tiene su mérito (y sus fanáticos). En mi opinión, esto demuestra que a veces es preferible escapar a la convención, así no se pueda escapar al mal.


          El hilo fantasma      Cache   Translate Page      

El hilo fantasma empieza con una declaración. Junto al fuego de la chimenea, Alma (Vicky Krieps) afirma que Reynolds (Daniel Day-Lewis), su esposo, ha hecho sus sueños realidad. Con lo convencional que pueda sonar, el largometraje la vuelve una declaración casi perversa. El intercambio del que nos habla orgullosamente la protagonista se encuentra lejos de los sentidos que les damos a dichas palabras. El más reciente largometraje de Paul Thomas Anderson retrata un romance inusual con engañosa convencionalidad. Se trata de un filme que rompe con parte de los rasgos que convirtieron al director californiano en una figura reconocida. El drama íntimo de una pareja tenía como precedente la subestimada y perspicaz Punch-Drunk Love. No obstante, El hilo fantasma ya no juega con los tropos de las comedias románticas, sino presenta más bien un romance gótico que tiene un espíritu buñueliano, o, incluso, un romance buñueliano narrado por Hitchcock. La película cuenta la historia de una pareja en la que el amor es a un tiempo bálsamo y veneno. 

Misterioso e hipnótico, el largometraje juega con las expectativas del espectador, pues por momentos adopta la apariencia de un relato detectivesco y por otros de relato gótico. Su simplicidad es ilusoria. El filme se apega a esquemas y convenciones; por ejemplo, comienza con un personaje (Alma) que enmarca el relato como si fuera su recuento, tal como ocurre en muchos relatos de fantasmas. Las convenciones se alteran dramáticamente en el curso del metraje, sin embargo. Los sueños a que se refiere Alma se traducen en un sorpresivo relato de obsesiones y luchas de poder. Las imágenes nos sugieren un apacible retrato, similar a la imagen que vemos cuando observamos nuestro reflejo en las aguas de un estanque. Pero como ocurre con los estanques, las aguas ocultan una oscura profundidad llena de cenagosos secretos. Revelar el fondo turbio de las personalidades de sus protagonistas ateniéndose a una torcida idea de idilio es un equilibrio con el que los realizadores logran mantener a flote este magnífico filme.

Reynolds Woodcock es un reconocido diseñador de hábitos inquebrantables. Soltero empedernido, sus rutinas dependen del orden que impone su hermana Cyril (Lesley Manville). La irrupción de Alma altera estas costumbres de modo definitivo. Así esta historia suene manida y encantadora, El hilo fantasma quiebra los moldes al ceñirse al modelo. El amor y la enfermedad se entrelazan como si fueran partes de un mismo elemento. El amor transforma, lleva a lugares inesperados. La unión amorosa desafía la normalidad e introduce un nuevo orden de monstruosa armonía. Lo que parece un plácido romance se trata de un apasionado y encarnizado encuentro. Alma y Reynolds, al conocerse, cambian de manera irreparable. Su unión provoca malestar y contento, pues su relación es tanto oasis como campo de batalla. El hilo fantasma conecta facetas ocultas con narraciones archiconocidas. Hasta el objeto más reconocible devela dimensiones nuevas cuando alteramos nuestras estatizadas perspectivas. La película subvierte la declaración inicial de Alma siendo fiel a la monstruosidad de los personajes. Distorsiona las convenciones al usarlas para cargar con sentidos distintos a los que se han repetido en decenas de otras películas.

Ahora, conviene mencionar el significado del término "hilo fantasma": uno que se refería a la enfermedad que sufrían las tejedoras inglesas que, tras coser todo el día, continuaban tejiendo un hilo invisible en la noche. Su labor les dejaba una secuela que se traducía en un movimiento obsesivo. Y en el filme de Anderson esa secuela es el amor. En el clímax, Reynolds enferma. Su lazo con Alma se hace más poderoso, ya que el enfebrecido Reynolds ve al espectro de su madre, con quien ha estado obsesionado toda su vida. El amor es un espectro que va a rondar a los protagonistas para que puedan satisfacer sus deseos e hundirse en su dolor. Su relación consiste en unirse para curarse y luego, con el tiempo, torturarse, una y otra vez. Un ciclo que enmarcan las palabras de éxtasis de Alma del comienzo.

Resulta iluminador ver que si bien Alma parece dialogar con otro personaje al que cuenta su historia (lo que haría de la narración de El hilo fantasma, su relato), esto se trata más de una organización del filme con que los realizadores imitan al clasicismo. Ni las escenas que preceden ni las que se suceden a las intervenciones de esta conversación tienen relación directa con el discurso de Alma. La imitación de las convenciones implica una serie de consecuencias para el espectador, quien va ver subvertidas sus expectativas. Más cuando la película no termina de hilar todas las causas y consecuencias de su relato, sino que las deja intencionalmente abiertas. La ambigüedad reina en el filme al punto de no poder afirmar si estamos ante el sesgado relato de un personaje, o ante una realidad objetiva. Antes que ello, hay un aire fantástico que atraviesa el filme (de ahí que algunos críticos lo denominen como cuento de hadas). El largometraje tiene una cualidad de suma modernidad, al reutilizar las formas del pasado de modo distinto a la convención. 

El hilo fantasma bien puede ser un punto de inflexión en la filmografía de Anderson, en la que la referencia a otras películas se vuelve la base para crear un cine híbrido: uno en que la modernidad se disfraza de clasicismo. De hecho, esta película  puede ser descrita como una versión de Diario de una camarera  (o, por qué no, Belle de Jour) vestida como si fuera Rebeca. Un relato gótico, psicológico, surrealista. No lo olvidemos, antes de terminar, los sueños de Alma se han hecho realidad. Unos sueños sorpresivos e inesperados. Unos sueños que revelan el fondo de unas turbias personalidades que están envueltas por un sosegado reflejo.



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Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service for console owners, will get Minecraft starting next month. The addition will appear on April 4, enabling subscribers to play in the blocky world without purchasing the game individually. The title will support online multiplayer for subscribers who also have an Xbox Live Gold membership. Minecraft is a decade old and available to play … Continue reading
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The folks at AT&T decided that yesterday’s leaked DirecTV NOW prices and packages were, indeed, ready to go public today. In the mix are both the DirecTV NOW Plus and MAX packages, as revealed yesterday, both with different prices from those on the books up until yesterday. What’s strange here is the relative lack of details with which the plans … Continue reading
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Back when Windows 10 first released, Microsoft offered free upgrades for those on Windows 7 and Windows 8. That was great, but the way it nagged users to upgrade with what felt like a stream of constant desktop pop-ups was not. If you managed to ignore those update notifications entirely and you hung on to your installation of Windows 7, … Continue reading
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German company Fraunhofer FEP is leading Smart2Go, a new collaborative project that will involve the development of a flexible power supply for wearable devices under the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. The company anticipates the creation of an ‘autonomous energy-supply platform’ intended to power the growing number of wearable technologies in development, including medical gadgets and trackers. Though the market is … Continue reading
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Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan PML-N, Junaid Ismail President KCCI, Naeem Mir Secretary General All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajran, Malik Liaqat CTO Lahore and Arif Nizami Analyst in fresh episode of Awaz on Samaa News and talk with Syed Ali Haider.

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Windows 10 is both the best and the worst thing Microsoft has done with the operating system, though perhaps not as bad as ME and Vista. Updates and fixes rolled out faster but also meant they broke PCs sooner, sometimes with disastrous results. Even without deleting files silently, some updates may cause Windows 10 systems to be unable to startup … Continue reading
          Bugatti Baby returns in a larger 3D-printed Type 35 body      Cache   Translate Page      
We see quite a few “miniature” model of iconic cars being made available for children to drive but that practice isn’t a modern invention. More than a century ago, Bugatti made a half scale model of the historic Type 35 racing car for his four-year-old son. The car became so popular that the Bugatti Baby became one of the first … Continue reading
          Microsoft Surface for Business adds more markets, new model      Cache   Translate Page      
Microsoft hit a goldmine with the Surface, especially the Surface Pro, and it has quickly become one of the more recognized brands in the computing market. That, however, doesn’t matter much to consumers and customers if they can’t get their hands on such devices without having to import from sometimes unreliable sources. Mirroring what it has done for the consumer … Continue reading
          Kratos stealth combat drone’s first test flight was a success      Cache   Translate Page      
The Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie, a stealth combat drone that’ll be used by the US Air Force, successfully completed its first ever test flight this month. The flight took place at the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona, where it flew for 76 minutes and completed all of its test objectives. The stealth drone is substantial in size with a top speed … Continue reading
          23andMe adds new genetic test for type 2 diabetes predisposition      Cache   Translate Page      
Genetics company 23andMe has announced plans to start offering a test that’ll help reveal whether the customer is predisposed to developing type 2 diabetes. The test targets one of the most common preventable diseases in the United States, potentially serving as a motivational tool to help spur some customers into making important lifestyle changes. The test looks at a number … Continue reading
          Microsoft says 800 million devices are running Windows 10      Cache   Translate Page      
Microsoft has updated its Windows 10 figures, saying there are now more than 800 million devices running the operating system. This is about 100 million more than the company announced last August, when it said it hit its 700 million devices milestone. The company still has a way to go before ultimately reaching its 1 billion Windows 10 devices goal, … Continue reading
          Europäische Luftfahrtbehörde verfügt Startverbot für Boeing 737 Max      Cache   Translate Page      

Darf nicht mehr in Deutschland fliegen: die Boeing 737 MAX 8.

Nach dem Absturz einer Boeing 737 Max 8 in Äthiopien gerät der US-Luftfahrtriese Boeing immer stärker unter Druck: In Europa, Australien und weiten Teilen Asiens erteilten Luftfahrtbehörden Flugverbote für alle baugleichen Maschinen. Zahlreiche Airlines legten die Flugzeuge am Dienstag wegen Zweifeln an der Sicherheit der Baureihe ebenfalls zunächst still. Damit ist gut die Hälfte der seit 2017 ausgelieferten rund 350 Flugzeuge aus dem Verkehr gezogen. Es drohen zahlreiche Flugausfälle.

Das stürzt Boeing nicht nur in eine tiefe Imagekrise: Die 737-Max-Serie ist der gefragteste Flugzeugtyp des Airbus-Rivalen. Bei andauernden Problemen bei dem Kassenschlager könnten auch massive Umrüstungskosten und Geschäftseinbußen drohen. Der Aktienkurs des Unternehmens sackte den zweiten Tag in Folge ab. Boeing beharrt indes auf der Sicherheit der nach zwei Abstürzen innerhalb eines halben Jahres stark in die Kritik geratenen Baureihe. „Wir haben volles Vertrauen in die Sicherheit“, teilte der Konzern am Dienstag mit.

Boeing verwies erneut darauf, dass die US-Luftfahrtbehörde FAA derzeit keine weiteren Maßnahmen fordere. In den kommenden Wochen will der Konzern jedoch ein wichtiges Software-Update für die Baureihe anbieten. Die Devise laute, „ein bereits sicheres Flugzeug noch sicherer machen“, versprach Boeing.

Beim Absturz einer Maschine der Fluggesellschaft Ethiopian Airlines in der Nähe der äthiopischen Hauptstadt Addis Abeba waren am Sonntag 157 Menschen ums Leben gekommen, darunter auch fünf Deutsche.

Der internationale Flugverkehr wird aus Furcht vor weiteren Zwischenfällen zunehmend in Mitleidenschaft gezogen. Nachdem am Dienstagnachmittag Deutschland, Großbritannien, Frankreich, Italien und weitere Staaten eine Sperrung ihres Luftraums für die Boeings angekündigt hatten, zog auch die europäische Luftfahrtbehörde EASA am Abend nach. Das Verbot gelte als „Vorsichtsmaßnahme“ für den ganzen europäischen Luftraum für die Typen Boeing 737 Max 8 und Boeing 737 Max 9, erklärte die EASA.

Die Sperre des deutschen Luftraums für das Boeing-Modell 737 Max gilt für drei Monate. Bis einschließlich 12. Juni dürfe kein Flugzeug des Typs Boeing 737 Max 8 und Max 9 über der Bundesrepublik fliegen, erklärte die Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) in Langen bei Frankfurt. Die Anordnung gelte ab 18.30 Uhr. Flugzeuge, die sich zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung noch im deutschen Luftraum befänden, dürfen den Flug bis zum Ausflug beziehungsweise zur Landung fortsetzen.

Bundesverkehrsminister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) sagte dem Sender n-tv: „Sicherheit geht absolut vor. Bis alle Zweifel ausgeräumt sind, habe ich veranlasst, dass der deutsche Luftraum für die Boeing 737 Max ab sofort gesperrt wird.“ Deutsche Fluggesellschaften nutzen dem Verkehrsministerium zufolge keine Boeing 737 Max 8. Das weitgehende Flugverbot hat nach Einschätzung des Verbandes ADV keine allzu großen Auswirkungen auf den Betrieb an den deutschen Flughäfen. „Bei uns herrscht keine Krisenstimmung wegen dieses Fliegers“, sagte ADV-Hauptgeschäftsführer Ralf Beisel.

Der weltgrößte Reisekonzern Tui legt infolge des Flugverbots in Großbritannien seine 15 Flugzeuge vom Typ Boeing 737 Max 8 vorübergehend still, Turkish Airlines zwölf Flieger. Auch Norwegian wird ihre 18 Maschinen des Typs vorerst außer Betrieb nehmen.

Viele Länder folgen diesmal nicht — wie üblich — der Linie der US-Luftfahrtbehörde FAA. „Diese Untersuchung hat gerade erst begonnen, und uns liegen bislang keine Daten vor, um Schlussfolgerungen zu ziehen oder Maßnahmen zu ergreifen“, teilte die FAA am Montag (Ortszeit) mit. Die US-Behörde kündigte jedoch an, sie werde „geeignete Maßnahmen ergreifen, wenn die Daten darauf hindeuten, dass dies erforderlich ist“.

Nach dem Absturz einer Boeing 737 Max 8 im Oktober in Indonesien mit 189 Todesopfern Jahr gab es der FAA zufolge bereits zahlreiche technische Prüfungen und Maßnahmen. Im Zentrum der Untersuchungen stand bislang ein umstrittenes System zur Flugkontrolle, das laut Unfallermittlern eine entscheidende Rolle beim Crash in Indonesien gespielt haben könnte. Boeing versprach nun eine Verbesserung der Steuerungssoftware, die in den kommenden Wochen bei sämtlichen 737-Max-Maschinen aufgespielt werde.

Die Piloten der in Äthiopien verunglückten Boeing hatten der Flugsicherung kurz vor dem Absturz von Problemen berichtet, die Maschine unter Kontrolle zu halten, sagte der Chef von Ethiopian Airlines, Tewolde GebreMariam, dem Nachrichtensender CNN.

US-Politiker forderten unterdessen Konsequenzen der Luftfahrtbehörde FAA. Spitzenvertreter beider großer Parteien sprachen sich am Dienstag für ein Startverbot des betroffenen Flugzeugtyps aus. Alle Flieger sollten am Boden bleiben, bis die Ursachen der jüngsten Abstürze und die Flugtauglichkeit geklärt seien, forderte etwa der frühere republikanische Präsidentschaftskandidat Mitt Romney.

US-Präsident Donald Trump sprach sich derweil gegen den Einsatz von zu viel Computertechnologie in der Luftfahrtbranche aus. „Flugzeuge werden viel zu kompliziert zum Fliegen“, schrieb Trump am Dienstag auf Twitter, ohne Boeing zu erwähnen. Statt Piloten brauche es heutzutage Computerspezialisten. Doch diese Komplexität berge Gefahren, so Trump. „Ich weiß nicht, wie es Euch geht, aber ich will keinen Albert Einstein als meinen Piloten. Ich will großartige Flugprofis, die einfach und schnell die Kontrolle über ein Flugzeug übernehmen dürfen“, schrieb er.

Die Boeing 737 ist das meistverkaufte Verkehrsflugzeug der Welt. Die 737-Max-Reihe ist die neueste Variante des Verkaufsschlagers. Der US-Hersteller hat bereits mehr als 350 Maschinen ausgeliefert und sitzt auf prall gefüllten Auftragsbüchern mit Tausenden Bestellungen.

An der Börse in New York sackte die Boeing-Aktie wieder ab. Am frühen Nachmittag stand sie mit sieben Prozent in Minus. Die Papiere des europäischen Erzrivalen Airbus profitierten hingegen leicht, hier näherte sich der Kurs mit einem Plus von gut einem Prozent dem Rekordhoch vom 1. März.

Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass Boeing-Maschinen wegen Sicherheitsrisiken in großem Stil nicht starten. Im Januar 2013 hatte die US-Luftfahrtbehörde FAA nach einer Reihe von Pannen ein Flugverbot für Boeings damaligen Vorzeigeflieger „Dreamliner“ verhängt. Vorausgegangen war eine Notlandung des Langstreckenjets in Japan, nachdem eine Batterie durchgeschmort war. Diesmal dürften die Folgen jedoch deutlich schwerwiegender sein, Boeing hatte damals lediglich 50 „Dreamliner“ ausgeliefert, die 737-Max-Jets sind wesentlich stärker verbreitet.

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          33 gut bezahlte Jobs für Menschen, die keinen Stress mögen      Cache   Translate Page      


Jobs, in denen harte Konkurrenz herrscht und Stress und hoher Leistungsdruck zur Normalität geworden sind, sind nicht für jeden das Richtige. Glücklicherweise gibt es aber für diejenigen von euch, die lieber unter entspannteren Bedingungen arbeiten wollen, ebenfalls jede Menge gut bezahlte Jobs, bei denen ihr nur wenig Stress habt.

Nicht jeder Job erfordert eine hohe Stresstoleranz

Die Datenbank des US-amerikanischen Ministeriums für Arbeit beinhaltet auf Studien basierende Berichte, die zeigen, wie wichtig verschiedene Fähigkeiten, Aktivitäten und persönliche Charakterzüge für bestimmte Jobs sind. Zu den Merkmalen gehört unter anderem auch die Stresstoleranz, die auf der Seite folgendermaßen beschrieben wird: „Kritik akzeptieren zu können und in Stresssituationen ruhig zu bleiben und dennoch effektiv zu arbeiten.“

Die Internetseite bewertet die Jobeigenschaften wie Stresstoleranz auf einer Skala von 0 bis 100. 0 bedeutet, dass Stresstoleranz für den Job überhaupt nicht notwendig ist und 100 bedeutet, dass der Job eine sehr hohe Stressstoleranz erfordert.

Jobs an Universitäten gelten eher als entspannt

Business Insider hat nun verschiedene Berufe danach geordnet, wie viel Stress ihr aushalten können müsst und dafür die Datenbank des US-amerikanischen Ministeriums für Arbeit zur Hilfe genommen. Je niedriger die Bewertung, desto weniger stressig auch der Job. Aufgelistet sind nur gut bezahlte Jobs, also die Berufe, bei denen ihr den US-amerikanischen Occupational Employment Statistics zufolge ein durchschnittliches Jahresgehalt von mindestens 75.000 US-Dollar (66.000 Euro) bekommt. Es handelt sich dabei um die neuesten Daten, die im Mai 2017 veröffentlicht wurden.

Viele der Jobs werden an Universitäten oder Hochschulen ausgeübt — beispielsweise Stellen als Professor in Wirtschaft, Statistik, Mathematik und Materialwissenschaften. Genau diese Jobs führen die Liste auch an. Hier sind 33 gut bezahlte Jobs, in denen ihr wenig Stress ausgesetzt seid — gerankt vom „stressigsten“ Job bis hin zum entspannendsten sowie nach dem Jahresgehalt in Bezug auf das Stresslevel:  

Das könnte euch auch interessieren:

 Burn-out: 23 Anzeichen dafür, dass ihr die Belastungsgrenze bei der Arbeit erreicht habt

 18 hochbezahlte Jobs für Menschen, die Mathe hassen

 Mit dieser einfachen Technik werdet ihr in 20 Minuten euren Stress los, sagt eine Psychotherapeutin

33. Umweltwissenschaftler - und experte

Wichtigkeit der Stresstoleranz: 69

Durchschnittliches Jahresgehalt: 76.220 US-Dollar (etwa 3.800 bis 5.300 Euro monatlich in Deutschland)

Das sind eure Aufgaben: Ihr müsst Studien durch- und Untersuchungen ausführen, um so die Quellen der Umweltverschmutzung zu identifizieren, zu vermindern oder zu eliminieren. Außerdem arbeitet ihr die Risiken heraus, die sich negativ auf Umwelt oder Gesundheit der Bevölkerung auswirken könnten.


32. Professor für Geschichte

Wichtigkeit der Stresstoleranz: 69

Durchschnittliches Jahresgehalt: 82.900 US-Dollar (etwa 2.700 bis 5.900 Euro monatlich in Deutschland)

Das sind eure Aufgaben: Als Professor für Geschichte gebt ihr Seminare und Kurse in Geschichtswissenschaften.

31. Professor für Mathematik

Wichtigkeit der Stresstoleranz: 69

Durchschnittliches Jahresgehalt: 84.710 US-Dollar (etwa 3.700 bis 5.600 Euro monatlich in Deutschland)

Das sind eure Aufgaben: Als Professor für Mathematik gebt ihr Seminare in Mathe, Statistik und Versicherungswissenschaften. Ihr lehrt die Anwendung ursprünglicher und standardisierter mathematischer Techniken, um so spezifische Probleme zu lösen.


Den Rest der Story gibt es auf Business Insider Deutschland
          US-Experte: Die Entwicklungen an den Märkten erinnern an die letzten großen Börsencrashs      Cache   Translate Page      

Stock market

Wenn ihr euch derzeit zurücklehnt und den Aufschwung der Börse nach der Beinahe-Katastrophe im vergangenen Dezember genießt, begeht ihr vielleicht einen fatalen Fehler, den Investoren und Anleger in der Vergangenheit immer wieder begangen haben. 

Das ist jedenfalls eine Erkenntnis aus neuesten Untersuchungen von John Hussman, einem ehemaligen renommierten Wirtschaftsprofessor und dem heutigen Präsidenten des Hussman Investment Trust.

Hussman argumentiert, dass es sich bei der anhaltenden Erholung nur um den jüngsten plötzlichen Marktumschwung in der jüngeren Geschichte handelt — eine Situation, die in der Vergangenheit mehrfach dafür gesorgt hat, dass Anleger kurz vor einem Abschwung weiter investiert haben. 

Und wenn Investoren immer wieder in diese Rallyes investieren — was Hussman erwartet — argumentiert er, dass der Markt zunehmend auf eine Katastrophe zusteuert. 

In den kommenden Jahren werde es wahrscheinlich zu mehreren „Wasserfall-ähnlichen Abschwüngen“ kommen, warnt Hussman in einem vor kurzem veröffentlichten Blogbeitrag.

Hussmann weiter: „Investoren, die sich mit der Geschichte der Märkte auseinandersetzen, wird die Entwicklung bekannt vorkommen. Investoren, die sich gegen die Erkenntnis sperren, dass auf extreme Bewertungen immer ein Zusammenbruch der üblichen Bewertungsnormen folgte, erwartet eine schwierige Geschichstslehrstunde.“

Ein solcher 60-prozentiger Einbruch würde den S&P 500 wieder auf die 1.100er-Marke zurückbringen — eine Entwicklung, die seit dem ersten Halbjahr 2010 nicht mehr zu beobachten war, als sich die Märkte ein Jahr nach der Finanzkrise in der Erholungsphase befanden.

Hussman erklärt zudem, dass ihn die jüngste Erholung der Aktienmärkte an die Zeiten vor den vergangenen zwei Börsencrashs erinnere. Es sei wichtig, so Hussmann, die „Ähnlichkeiten der jüngsten Entwicklungen“ mit den Rallyes von Anfang 2001 und Anfang 2008 zu beobachten. „Die jüngsten Entwicklungen stehen für eine Bärenmarktrally, wobei starke Verluste über den gesamten Zyklus unvermeidlich sind.“

Die Rolle der Fed

Wie sind wir überhaupt in diese Situation geraten? Hussman sieht einen Teil der Schuld bei der US-Notenbank Federal Reserve (Fed), deren traditionell lockere Währungsbedingungen dazu beitragen haben, die US-Wirtschaft aus ihrer schlimmsten Rezession herauszuholen. Während das Handeln der Fed die beabsichtigte Wirkung zeigte, habe es jedoch gleichzeitig eine Spekulantenblase erschaffen.

„Was die Fed durch ihre Politik der quantitativen Lockerung gemacht hat, war, die Rendite-Suche zu fördern“, kritisiert Hussman. 

Hussman ergänzt: „Sie kaufte fest-verzinste Staatsanleihen und bezahlte sie, indem sie zinslose Bankreserven im Volumen von vier Billionen US-Dollar schuf. Die Bemühungen jedes einzelnen Instituts, dieses zinslose Geld loszuwerden, führten zu einem Spiel der „heißen Kartoffel“. Dadurch wurden auch andere Wertpapiere angeboten, bis die Nachfrage so hoch war, dass die langfristigen Renditewerwartungen gegen Null liefen. An diesem Punkt sind wir jetzt angelangt.“

Lest auch: Absturz der Facebook-Aktie ist das Anzeichen für schlimmeren Crash als im Jahr 2000, sagt ein Experte

Ihr werdet vielleicht überrascht sein, aber Hussman bewertet den Markt trotz dieser Punkte kurzfristig neutral. Er hat in den Krisen gelernt, dass auch übertriebene Bewertungen die Anleger nicht von weiteren Investments abhalten werden, bis die ersten technischen Signale in den negativen Bereich wechseln. Noch während sie sich dorthin bewegen, bleiben sie vorerst weiter positiv.

Aber lasst euch nicht täuschen: Langfristig ist Hussman pessimistisch eingestellt.

„Trotz meiner ziemlich neutralen Einschätzung auf kurzfristige Sicht, bleibt meine Meinung langfristig deutlich“, sagt Hussman. „Das ist ein massiv überbewerteter Markt.“

Hussmans richtige Prognosen

Hussman hat in der Vergangenheit wiederholt für Schlagzeilen gesorgt, indem er einen Börsenrückgang von mehr als 60 Prozent prognostizierte und ein ganzes Jahrzehnt mit negativen Aktienrenditen vorhergesagt hatte. Auch als die Börse weiter nach oben kletterte, hat er unbeirrt an seinen Prognosen festgehalten.

Doch bevor ihr Hussman als Dauer-Pessimisten bezeichnet, achtet auch auf seine richtigen Vorhersagen, die er in seinem Blog veröffentlicht hat. Hier sind die Argumente, die für ihn sprechen:

• Im März 2000 prognostizierte er, dass Technologiewerte um 83 Prozent fallen würden. Im Anschluss verlor der tech-lastige Nasdaq-100-Index im Zeitraum von 2000 bis 2002 „unwahrscheinlich präzise“ 83 Prozent.

• Im Jahr 2000 prognostizierte er, dass der US-Leitindex S&P 500 in den darauffolgenden zehn Jahren voraussichtlich negative Gesamtrenditen erzielen würde — was auch eintrat.

• Im April 2007 prognostizierte er, dass der S&P 500 40 Prozent verlieren könnte. Im Anschluss verlor er 55 Prozent inmitten des Zusammenbruchs von 2007 bis 2009.


Je mehr Beweise Hussman über die unhaltbaren Bedingungen an der Börse veröffentlicht, desto mehr Gedanken sollten Investoren sich machen. Sicherlich gibt es in diesem Marktzyklus noch Gewinne zu realisieren, aber ab wann wird das steigende Crashrisiko zu gefährlich?

Das ist eine Frage, die Investoren sich selbst beantworten müssen. Und eine, der Hussman in der Zwischenzeit weiter nachgehen wird.

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 Anzeichen deuten darauf hin, dass auf dem Immobilienmarkt ein Crash droht

 Warum Trump schon bald für einen Crash an den Börsen sorgen könnte

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          Qualität und Werthaltigkeit für die Zukunft!      Cache   Translate Page      
Objektbeschreibung: Auf dem Grundstück der ehemalige Papierfabrik entsteht diese lichtdurchflutete, komfortabel ausgestattete, barrierefreie 3-Zi-Eigentumswohnung mit schöner Sonnenterrasse ! Die zentrale Lage und die Verschmelzung der...
3 Zimmer 106 m² 3.000 EUR/m² Parkett Badewanne Terrasse Neubau provisionsfrei Balkon seniorengerecht barrierefrei Dusche möbliert
Tue, 12 Mar 2019 20:12:14 +0100
          Panzerhalle Castelnau - WE 08      Cache   Translate Page      
Objektbeschreibung: Die Wohnung 08 befindet sich auf Ebene 1 des EGP-Projekts Panzerhalle Castelnau, dem letzten Bestandsgebäude im Stadtquartier Castelnau. Das ehemalige Kasernengebäude wird teilweise durch Neubauten ergänzt, so dass 48...
3 Zimmer 93 m² 3.349 EUR/m² Parkett Neubau provisionsfrei Internet Balkon Garage Dusche möbliert
Tue, 12 Mar 2019 20:11:31 +0100
          Tomorrow morning debutta a Fabriano dopo una residenza      Cache   Translate Page      

Un musical da camera con la tipica comicità e ironia italiana, oltre a un tocco di profonda riflessione e, perché no, malinconia. Stiamo parlando di Tomorrow morning. Domani ti sposo… domani ti lascio! che debutta in prima assoluta sabato 14 aprile al Teatro Gentile di Fabriano, al termine di una residenza artistica di allestimento proprio nella […]

L'articolo Tomorrow morning debutta a Fabriano dopo una residenza proviene da

          DKT. MPANGO AWASILISHA MAPENDEKEZO YA SERIKALI KWA MWAKA 2019/20      Cache   Translate Page      
Waziri wa Fedha na Mipango, Mhe. Dkt. Philip Isdory Mpango (Mb) amesema katika Mapendekezo ya Kiwango na Ukomo wa Bajeti ya Serikali kwa mwaka 2019/20, Shilingi bilioni 33,105.4 zitatumika kwa matumizi ya kawaida na maendeleo. 



1.           Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, awali ya yote napenda kuchukua fursa hii kumshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu kwa kuendelea kutujalia uhai na afya njema na kutuwezesha wabunge wote kukutana tena hapa Jijini Dodoma, kupokea mapendekezo ya Serikali ya Mpango wa Maendeleo wa Taifa na ya Kiwango na Ukomo wa Bajeti ya Serikali kwa mwaka 2019/20, kwa mujibu wa Kanuni ya 97 fasili ya (1) na (2) ya Kanuni za Kudumu za Bunge Toleo la Januari 2016. Aidha, tunamshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu kwa kuendelea kuijalia nchi yetu umoja na amani.

2.           Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, naomba kutumia fursa hii kuwapongeza Mheshimiwa Angellah Jasmine Kairuki (Mb), Mheshimiwa Dkt. Augustine Philip Mahiga (Mb), Mheshimiwa Prof. Palamagamba Aidan Kabudi (Mb), Mheshimiwa Doto Mashaka Biteko (Mb), Mheshimiwa Joseph George Kakunda (Mb) na Mheshimiwa Japhet Ngailonga Hasunga (Mb) kwa kuteuliwa na Mheshimiwa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania kuwa Mawaziri ili kuongoza wizara mbalimbali. Ni matumaini yangu  kuwa Waheshimiwa Mawaziri mlioteuliwa na Waheshimiwa Wabunge wote mtaendelea kunipatia ushirikiano katika kuijenga nchi yetu kwa manufaa ya Watanzania wote.

3.           Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, taarifa hii inawasilisha Mapendekezo ya Serikali ya Mpango wa Maendeleo wa Taifa na ya kiwango na ukomo wa bajeti ya Serikali kwa mwaka ujao wa fedha 2019/20 ambayo imegawanyika katika sehemu kuu tatu. Sehemu ya kwanza ni tathmini ya mwenendo wa hali ya uchumi. Sehemu ya pili ni Mapitio ya Utekelezaji wa Mpango wa Maendeleo wa mwaka 2018/19 na Mapendekezo ya Serikali ya Mpango wa Maendeleo wa Taifa kwa mwaka 2019/20. Sehemu ya tatu ni tathmini ya utekelezaji wa bajeti kwa mwaka 2018/19 na mapendekezo ya kiwango na ukomo wa bajeti ya Serikali kwa mwaka 2019/20.



4.           Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, kutokana na juhudi za Serikali ya Awamu ya Tano inayoongozwa na Mheshimiwa Dkt. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli katika kuiandaa nchi kuelekea uchumi wa kipato cha kati, uchumi umeendelea kuimarika. Pato la Taifa  kwa kutumia mwaka wa kizio 2015 linaonesha kuwa katika robo ya tatu (Julai hadi Septemba) ya mwaka 2018, Pato la Taifa lilikua kwa wastani wa asilimia 6.8 ikilinganishwa na asilimia 5.0 kipindi kama hicho mwaka 2017. Shughuli za kiuchumi zilizokuwa kwa kasi kubwa ya ukuaji ni afya (asilimia 13.2), usafirishaji na uhifadhi mizigo (asilimia 12.4); Maji (asilimia 10.7); Ujenzi (asilimia 7.4); Habari na Mawasiliano (asilimia 7.3); viwanda (asilimia 7.3); na Biashara na Matengenezo (asilimia 7.3).

5.           Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, katika mwaka 2018, mwenendo wa mfumuko wa bei nchini uliendelea kuwa tulivu katika wigo wa tarakimu moja kutokana na kuimarika kwa hali ya upatikanaji wa chakula nchini na nchi jirani pamoja na usimamizi madhubuti wa sera za fedha na bajeti za Serikali. Mfumuko wa bei ulipungua kutoka wastani wa asilimia 4.0 Januari 2018, hadi kufikia asilimia 3.4 Juni 2018 na kuendelea kupungua zaidi hadi asilimia 3.0 Januari 2019.

6.           Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, katika kipindi cha mwaka unaoishia Januari 2019 thamani ya mauzo ya bidhaa na huduma nchi za nje ilikuwa dola za Marekani milioni 8,300.0 na thamani ya bidhaa na huduma zilizonunuliwa kutoka nje ilikuwa dola za Marekani milioni 10,462.6. Kwa upande wa nakisi ya urari wa biashara ya bidhaa, huduma na uhamisho wa mali nchi za nje ilikuwa dola za Marekani milioni 2,982.2 kutokana na kuongezeka kwa thamani ya bidhaa za mitaji zilizoagizwa kutoka nje ya nchi kwa ajili ya miradi mikubwa ya maendeleo. Kwa matokeo hayo akiba ya fedha za kigeni ni Dola za Marekani milioni 4,884.4 Januari 2019, kiasi kinachotosheleza kuagiza bidhaa na huduma kutoka nje ya nchi kwa kipindi cha takribani miezi 4.8. Kiwango hiki ni zaidi ya lengo la nchi wanachama wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki la miezi 4.5.

7.           Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, Ujazi wa fedha kwa tafsiri pana zaidi (M3) uliongezeka kwa wastani wa asilimia 6.6 katika mwaka 2018 ikilinganishwa na ongezeko la wastani wa asilimia 5.5 katika kipindi cha mwaka 2017. Mwenendo huo ulichangiwa na kuimarika kwa ukuaji wa mikopo kwa sekta binafsi kulikotokana na jitihada za Serikali kupitia Benki Kuu katika kuchochea ongezeko la mikopo kwa sekta binafsi. Riba za dhamana za muda mfupi za Serikali zilipungua hadi wastani wa asilimia 6.4 ikilinganishwa na wastani wa asilimia 11.1 mwaka 2017. Vile vile, riba za mikopo ya benki za biashara kwa sekta binafsi zimeendelea kupungua kutoka wastani wa asilimia 17.8 mwaka 2017 hadi wastani wa asilimia 17.4 mwaka 2018.

8.           Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, Mikopo kwa sekta binafsi iliendelea kuimarika kufuatia utekelezaji wa sera ya kuongeza ukwasi kwenye uchumi pamoja na jitihada zilizochukuliwa na Serikali kupitia Benki Kuu katika kuchochea ongezeko la mikopo kwa sekta binafsi. Kasi ya ukuaji wa mikopo kwa sekta binafsi imeendelea kuongezeka ambapo Januari 2019 ilikuwa asilimia 7.3 ikilinganishwa na asilimia 2.1 Januari 2018. Sehemu kubwa ya mikopo kwa sekta binafsi imeendelea kuelekezwa katika shughuli binafsi (asilimia 27.9 ya mikopo yote) ikifuatiwa na shughuli za biashara zilizopata asilimia 18.4, uzalishaji viwandani (asilimia 11.6) na kilimo (asilimia 7.8).

9.           Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, mwenendo wa thamani ya Shilingi dhidi ya Dola ya Marekani umeendelea kuwa tulivu ambapo katika mwaka 2018, Dola moja ya Marekani ilinunuliwa kwa wastani wa Shilingi 2,263.8. Hii ni kutokana na utekelezaji madhubuti wa sera za fedha, usimamizi thabiti wa mapato na matumizi ya Serikali, matumizi ya gesi asilia na umeme wa maji badala ya mafuta katika kuzalisha umeme na baadhi ya viwanda nchini kuzalisha bidhaa ambazo awali zilikua zikiagizwa kwa wingi kutoka nje.

10.       Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, Serikali ya Awamu ya Tano, itaendelea kutekeleza sera madhubuti za fedha na bajeti ili kuhakikisha uchumi wa nchi yetu unaendelea kuimarika.




11.       Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, katika mwaka 2018/19, Serikali ilitenga Shilingi bilioni 12,007.3 kwa ajili ya miradi ya maendeleo, zikijumuisha Shilingi bilioni 9,876.4 fedha za ndani na Shilingi bilioni 2,130.9 fedha za nje. Hadi Januari 2019, jumla ya Shilingi bilioni 2,788.5 zilitolewa kwa ajili ya kugharamia miradi ya maendeleo. Aidha, Shilingi bilioni 144 zilipokelewa kutoka kwa Washirika wa Maendeleo na kupelekwa moja kwa moja kwenye miradi ya maendeleo inayotekelezwa kwenye Wizara, Taasisi na Wakala za Serikali, Sekretaieti za Mikoa na Mamlaka za Serikali za Mitaa. Vile vile, Shilingi bilioni 3,803.4 zimetumika kulipa mikopo iliyotumika kutekeleza miradi mbalimbali ya maendeleo. Serikali imeshatenga na inatarajia kutoa kiasi cha Shilingi bilioni 1,433.8 kwa ajili ya kugharamia miradi mbalimbali ya maendeleo, ukiwemo mradi wa kufua umeme kwa kutumia nguvu ya maji Mto Rufiji (MW 2,115).

12.       Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti, hatua zilizofikiwa katika utekelezaji wa baadhi ya miradi ya maendeleo katika mwaka 2018/19 ni kama ifuatavyo:

(i)           Ujenzi wa Reli ya Kati kwa kiwango cha Standard GaugeUjenzi wa kipande cha Dar es Salaam – Morogoro (km 300) unaendelea vizuri kama ilivyopangwa, ambapo shughuli zinazoendelea ni ujenzi wa madaraja, makalavati, daraja lenye urefu wa km 2.54 katikati ya jiji la Dar es Salaam, ukataji wa miinuko, ujazaji wa mabonde na utandikaji wa reli. Katika kipande cha Morogoro – Makutupora (km 422), kazi zinazoendelea ni pamoja na ukataji wa miinuko na ujazaji wa mabonde, usanifu wa njia na ujenzi wa kambi za Kilosa na Ihumwa. Kwa upande wa kipande cha Isaka – Rusumo (km 371), hatua iliyofikiwa ni kukamilika kwa mapitio ya upembuzi yakinifu na usanifu wa awali wa njia ya reli. Aidha, taratibu za ununuzi wa mabehewa, injini na mitambo itakayotumika kutoa huduma ya usafiri kwenye reli ya Standard Gauge zipo katika hatua za mwisho.

Katika miradi inayogharamiwa na mfuko wa reli, shughuli zilizofanyika ni: kununua vichwa 11 vya treni kwa ajili reli ya kati; kuendelea na ukarabati wa reli ya Tanga - Arusha (km 439) ambapo kipande cha Tanga – Mombo (km 129) kimeanza kufanya kazi ya kusafirisha mizigo na ukarabati wa vipande vya Mombo – Same (km124) na Same – Arusha (km 186) unaendelea. Aidha, kazi ya ukarabati wa mabehewa inaendelea ambapo hatua iliyofikiwa ni kukamilika kwa ukarabati wa mabehewa 15.

(ii)         Mradi wa Kufua Umeme wa Maji Rufiji - MW 2,115: Hatua iliyofikiwa ni: kupatikana kwa mkandarasi wa mradi wa kufua umeme utokanao na nguvu ya maji katika Mto Rufiji ambaye ni Kampuni ya Ubia kati ya Arab Contractors naElsewedy Electric S.A.E kutoka Misri ambapo mkataba wa ujenzi umesainiwa na mkandarasi alikabidhiwa eneo la mradi mwezi Februari 2019. Mafanikio yaliyopatikana ni pamoja na ukamilishaji wa ujenzi wa miundombinu wezeshi ikijumuisha njia ya umeme wa msongo wa kV 33 kutoka Msamvu hadi eneo la mradi; mifumo ya huduma ya maji na ya mawasiliano ya simu; kukamilika kwa ujenzi wa nyumba 10 na kuendelea na ukarabati wa nyumba 28 za iliyokuwa kambi ya RUBADA; ujenzi wa barabara za Kibiti - Mloka – Mtemere – MatambweJunction – Mto Rufiji (km 210) na Ubena Zomozi – Mvuha – Kisaki – MtemereJunction (km 178.39) zimekamilika.

(iii)       Kuboresha Shirika la Ndege TanzaniaHatua iliyofikiwa ni: kuwasili kwa ndege nyingine tatu, moja ikiwa ni aina ya Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner na mbili zikiwa ni Airbus A220-300, na hivyo kufanya idadi ya ndege zilizonunuliwa kuwa sita; kulipa sehemu ya gharama za ununuzi wa ndege moja aina ya Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner na Bombadier Q400 zinazotarajiwa kuwasili nchini mwishoni mwa mwaka 2019. Kufuatia hatua hiyo, ATCL itaanzisha safari za ndege kwenda nchini China na India ambazo kimkakati ndizo masoko mapya ya utalii.

(iv)        Miradi ya Umeme: Hatua iliyofikiwa ni: kukamilika kwa njia ya kusafirisha umeme yenye urefu wa km 250 ya msongo wa kV 220 Makambako – Songeapamoja na vituo vitatu vya kupoza umeme vya Makambako, Madaba na Songea, hivyo kuwezesha mikoa ya Njombe na Ruvuma kuunganishwa katika Gridi ya Taifa; kuendelea na mradi wa kusafirisha umeme wa msongo wa kV 400 wa Singida – Arusha – Namanga wenye urefu wa km 414; kuendelea na miradi ya kusafirisha umeme ya Geita – Nyakanazi (kV 220), Rusumo – Nyakanazi (kV 220) na Bulyankulu – Geita (kV 220); kuendelea na utekelezaji wa mradi waKusambaza Umeme Vijijini na Makao Makuu ya Wilaya ambapo vijiji 1,782 na wateja 96,832 wameunganishiwa umeme hivyo kufikia jumla ya vijiji 1,039 vilivyounganishwa na umeme; kukamilisha utengenezaji wa mitambo minne ya kufua umeme na kupelekwa mitambo miwili ya kufua umeme katika eneo la mradi wa Kinyerezi I Extension – MW 185; Mradi wa Kufua Umeme wa Rusumo MW 80: Hatua iliyofikiwa ni: kukamilika kwa ujenzi wa barabara za kuingia eneo la mradi; kukamilika kwa ujenzi wa kikinga maji; kuanza kazi ya kuchimba handaki la kupitisha maji; kuendelea na uchimbaji wa eneo itakapofungwa mitambo; na kukamilika kwa ujenzi wa nyumba mbili kati ya tano za wafanyakazi.

(v)         Huduma za Maji Mijini na Vijijini: miradi 65 imekamilika na kufanya jumla ya miradi yote iliyokamilika kufikia 1,659 na vituo vya kuchotea maji kuongezeka hadi 131,370 na kuhudumia wananchi 25,359,290. Upatikanaji wa huduma za maji Jijini Dar es Salaam umefikia asilimia 85, katika mikoa mingine asilimia 80, miji midogo asilimia 64 na vijijini asilimia 64.8. Aidha, utekelezaji wa miradi ya maji katika maeneo mengine unaendelea katika hatua mbalimbali ikiwa ni pamoja na mradi wa maji wa Ziwa Victoria – Igunga - Nzega na Tabora, mradi wa maji katika jiji la Arusha na Same – Mwanga - Korogwe. Vile vile, utekelezaji wa mradi wa maji katika miji 28 wenye thamani ya Dola za Kimarekani Milioni 465 upo katika hatua za kumpata Mtaalamu Mwelekezi na Mkandarasi wa mradi.

(vi)        Miradi ya Afya: Serikali imeendelea kuimarisha huduma za afya kwa kuongeza upatikanaji wa dawa muhimu katika vituo vya kutolea huduma za afya kwa asilimia 96. Hatua nyingine zilizofikiwa ni pamoja na: kukamilika kwa ujenzi wa jengo la vifaa vya uchunguzi (X–Ray Building)  na kununua vifaa vya tiba ya mionzi katika Hospitali ya Rufaa ya Mbeya; na kuongeza utoaji wa chanjo kufikia asilimia 97. Aidha, Serikali imeendelea kuboresha miundombinu ya afya katika ngazi zote ikijumuisha ujenzi na ukarabati wa hospitali za rufaa za mikoa, kanda na kitaifa; ujenzi wa hospitali za halmashauri 67; ujenzi wa vituo vya kutolea huduma za afya 352; kuajiriwa kwa watumishi wa sekta ya afya 7,680; ujenzi wa nyumba 310 za watumishi wa afya; ununuzi wa vifaa na vifaa tiba kwa Hospitali za Rufaa za Mikoa, Hospitali za halmashauri, Vituo vya Afya na Zahanati. Serikali imeendelea kuimarisha huduma za matibabu ya kibingwa kwa kuboresha miundombinu ya kutolea huduma, ununuzi wa vifaa tiba vya kisasa na hivyo kupunguza rufaa za wagonjwa nje ya nchi katika hospitali za Muhimbili, Taasisi ya Moyo ya Jakaya Kikwete (JKCI), Taasisi ya Saratani ya Ocean Road (ORCI), Taasisi ya Mifupa (MOI),  hospitali ya Benjamin Mkapa na Hospitali ya Taaluma na Tiba ya Chuo Kikuu cha Afya na Sayansi Shirikishi – Mloganzila.

(vii)      Miradi ya Elimu: Serikali imeendelea kugharamia elimumsingi bila ada ambapo kila mwezi kiasi cha shilingi bilioni 24.4 kinatumika. Hatua nyingine zilizofikiwa ni: ujenzi na ukarabati wa miundombinu ya kufundishia na kujifunzia ikijumuisha madarasa 870, matundu ya vyoo 1,958, mabweni 210, mabwalo 79; ukarabati wa shule kongwe; ujenzi na ukarabati wa miundombinu katika vyuo vya ualimu Ndala, Shinyanga, Patandi, Mpuguso na Murutunguru; kukamilisha maboma ya madarasa, mabweni na nyumba za walimu 39; ukarabati wa vyuo vya kati 20 kati ya 54 vya Maendeleo ya Wananchi (FDCs), nyumba za walimu 39; kukamilika na kuzinduliwa kwa Maktaba ya Kimataifa yenye uwezo wa kuhudumia wanafunzi 2,600 kwa wakati mmoja katika Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam; ujenzi wa mabweni katika Chuo Kikuu cha Mzumbe yenye uwezo wa kuchukua wanafunzi 1,000; ujenzi na ukarabati wa miundombinu katika vyuo vikuu vya Sokoine na Dar es Saaalm; na mikopo kwa wanafunzi wa Elimu ya Juu 119,214; uimarishaji wa vyuo 10 vipya vya VETA na kukuza ujuzi kwa vijana; na ujenzi wa shule kwa ajili ya wanafunzi wenye mahitaji maalum katika chuo cha Ualimu Patandi.

(viii)    Kilimo: Utoshelevu wa Chakula kwa mwaka 2018/19 umefikia asilimia 124. Aidha, Serikali imeanza utekelezaji wa Programu ya Kuendeleza Sekta ya Kilimo awamu ya pili (ASDP II) na mkazo umewekwa katika kuendeleza mazao ya kimkakati yakiwemo Kahawa, Pamba, Chai, Korosho, Tumbaku, Alizeti, Michikichi, Mpunga na Mahindi. Ili kuongeza ukuaji wa sekta ya kilimo, Serikali inaendelea kuimarisha shughuli za ushirika, ujenzi wa maghala na vihenge vya kisasa vyenye uwezo wa kuhifadhi tani 250,000 katika kanda saba, kuongeza uzalishaji wa mbegu za mafuta hususan alizeti na michikichi, kuimarisha shughuli za utafiti wa mazao, kuongeza thamani ya mazao ya kilimo kwa kufufua vinu vya kusindika mazao ya nafaka na mafuta, kudhibiti visumbufu vya mazao, kuimarisha mifumo ya upatikanaji wa pembejeo za kilimo na kuimarisha mifumo ya masoko ya mazao. Vile vile, Serikali imeanza kuboresha mifumo ya takwimu za kilimo kwa kuanza usajili wa Wakulima.

(ix)        Mifugo: Hatua iliyofikiwa ni kuendelea kuimarisha vituo 3 vya kuzalisha vifaranga vya samaki vya Kingolwira (Morogoro), Mwampuli (Igunga) na Ruhila (Songea) kwa kuzalisha na kusambaza vifaranga vya samaki kwa wafugaji wa  samaki wakiwemo vijana. Aidha, Serikali kwa kushirikiana na sekta Binafsi imeweza kuzalisha jumla ya vifaranga 17,301,076 kama ifuatavyo: kambamiti 11,080,000, sato 5,072,800 na kambale 1,148,276. Vile vile, jumla ya wananchi 6,995 wamepatiwa elimu ya ugani katika ukuzaji wa viumbe maji.

(x)         Mradi wa Bomba la Kusafirisha Mafuta Ghafi kutoka Hoima (Uganda) hadi Tanga (Tanzania): Hatua iliyofikiwa ni: kukamilika kwa tathmini ya athari za mazingira na jamii kwa upande wa Tanzania; kukamilika kwa tafiti za kijiolojia katika eneo la Chongoleani; kukamilika kwa tathmini za Kijiolojia na Kijiofizikia katika eneo la mkuza wa bomba; na kutwaa ardhi eneo la Bandari – Tanga (Chongoleani) kutakapojengwa miundombinu ya kuhifadhi mafuta.

(xi)        Miradi ya Viwanda: Kiwanda cha Kuunganisha Matrekta (TAMCO, Kibaha): Hatua iliyofikiwa ni: kuingiza matrekta 822 aina ya URSUS (semi knocked down) ambapo matrekta 571 yameunganishwa na matrekta 339 yameuzwa; Kituo cha Zana za Kilimo na Ufundi Vijijini – CAMARTEC: kutengeneza zana zikijumuisha mashine 64 za kupandia mbegu za pamba, kusaga karanga, kukausha mbogamboga na kukata majani pamoja na  ujenzi wa mitambo 55 ya biogasSIDO: kuendelea na ujenzi wa majengo ya viwanda 11 katika Mikoa ya Dodoma, Geita, Kagera, Katavi, Manyara, Mtwara na Simiyu na ujenzi wa ofisi za SIDO katika mikoa mipya ya Geita na Katavi.
(xii)      Miundombinu ya Biashara ya Madini: Kazi zilizotekelezwa ni pamoja na ujenzi wa miundombinu ya kuboresha mazingira ya biashara kwenye sekta ya madini ikihusisha: vituo vya umahiri katika mikoa saba, vituo vitatu vya mfano, jengo la taaluma la madini katika chuo cha madini, One Stop centre Mirerani,Brokers house Mirerani, uanzishwaji wa masoko ya madini mikoani, na uwekaji wa mfumo wa ulinzi wa kidigitali Mirerani, ununuzi wa mtambo wa uchorongaji miamba kwa ajili ya kusaidia wachimbaji wadogo kupitia STAMICO.

(xiii)    Ardhi na Makazi: Kazi zilizotekelezwa ni pamoja na: kuandaliwa na kusajiliwa kwa Hati Milki 110,000 na Hati za Kimila 133,000; kuandaliwa kwa mipango ya matumizi ya ardhi ya vijiji 263 katika Wilaya 45; kuandaliwa kwa Mipango Kabambe ya miji mikuu ya mikoa ya Arusha, Mwanza, Mtwara, Mara, Singida, Iringa na Pwani, Ruvuma, Tabora na Simiyu; kuendelea na hatua za maandalizi ya Mipango Kabambe ya miji mikuu ya mikoa ya Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Rukwa, Shinyanga, Manyara, Dodoma, Tanga, Mbeya, Kagera, Kigoma, Katavi, Lindi, Kilimanjaro, Njombe na Geita; kuanzishwa kwa Mfumo Unganishi wa Taarifa za Ardhi; na kuongezeka kwa idadi ya benki na taasisi za fedha zinazotoa mikopo ya nyumba kufikia 31 na kuwanufaisha wananchi 4,174. Aidha, Mfuko wa Mikopo Midogo Midogo ya Nyumba ulio chini ya Benki Kuu umeongezewa mtaji wa dola za Marekani milioni 18 ambapo taasisi za fedha tano (5) zimepatiwa mtaji wa shilingi bilioni 13.87 kwa ajili ya kukopesha wananchi wa kipato cha chini kwa masharti nafuu.

(xiv)     Ujenzi wa Barabara Dar es Salaam: Hatua iliyofikiwa ni: kukamilika kwa ujenzi wa barabara ya juu katika makutano ya TAZARA (Mfugale flyover); kuendelea na ujenzi wa barabara za muingiliano Ubungo; mradi wa kuendeleza Jiji la Dar es Salaam km 210 za barabara kwa kiwango cha lami; na kuendelea na ujenzi wa barabara ya Morogoro sehemu ya Kimara – Kibaha (km 19) kwa njia nane.

(xv)      Ujenzi wa Meli: Hatua iliyofikiwa ni: kuendelea na Ujenzi wa meli mpya yenye uwezo wa kubeba abiria 1,200 na tani 400 za mizigo katika ziwa Victoria; kufikia asilimia 82 ya ujenzi wa meli moja mpya yenye uwezo wa kubeba abiria 200 na mizigo tani 200 za mizigo katika ziwa Nyasa; na kukamilika kwa ujenzi wa matishari mawili katika Ziwa Nyasa. Kwa upande wa Ziwa Tanganyika, Ujenzi wa Meli Mpya yenye uwezo wa kubeba abiria 600 na tani 400 za mizigo, ambapo uandaaji wa mikataba kwa ajili ya ujenzi wa meli hiyo pamoja na ukarabati wa meli ya MV Liemba umekamilika. Miradi mingine ni kukamilika kwa ujenzi wa kivuko kipya cha Kigongo – Busisi; kukamilika kwa ukarabati wa kivuko cha MV Pangani II; kuendelea kukarabati vivuko vya MV Sengerema, MV Kigamboni na MV Misungwi.

(xvi)     Viwanja vya Ndege: Hatua iliyofikiwa ni: kukamilika kwa asilimia 90.7 ya ujenzi wa jengo jipya la abiria (Terminal III) katika kiwanja cha ndege cha Kimataifa cha Julius Nyerere; kuendelea na upanuzi wa maegesho ya ndege, ujenzi wa jengo la mizigo, uzio wa kiwanja, maegesho ya ndege za mizigo na jengo la kuongozea ndege katika kiwanja cha ndege cha Mwanza. Aidha, ujenzi na ukarabati wa viwanja vya ndege vya mikoa vikiwemo vya Sumbawanga, Kigoma, Shinyanga, Mtwara, Songea, Mara, Songwe, Mbeya, Mwanza, Kigoma, Tabora na Iringa unaendelea.

(xvii)   Mawasiliano: Hatua iliyofikiwa ni: kuendelea na ujenzi wa Mkongo wa Taifa wa Mawasiliano ambapo vituo vitatu (3) vya Mkongo katika maeneo ya Tukuyu, Kibaha na Kahama vimejengwa na kuvipa nguvu vituo vitatu (3) vya mkongo (Optical Line Amplifier (OLA) katika maeneo ya Ifakara, Kidatu na Mafinga; na kuendelea kutekeleza mradi wa Mfumo wa Anwani za Makazi na Postikodi umetekelezwa kwa kubandika vibao vya namba za nyumba katika Halmashauri 12. Vile vile, Mfumo wa Usimamizi na Ufuatiliaji wa Mawasiliano ya Simu (TTMS) umekabidhiwa rasmi kutoka kwa Mkandarasi SGS/GVG ambapo katika kipindi cha Julai, 2018 hadi Februari, 2019 jumla ya miamala 2,004,196,139 imepita katika mitandao ya simu na wastani wa fedha zilizopita ni Shilingi bilioni 12,202.7.

(xviii) Uendelezaji wa Bandari: Bandari ya Dar es S
          Waziri Mahmoud akagua kazi ya urudishaji asili ya Mkamandume      Cache   Translate Page      
 GARI aina ya Isuzu ikibeba fusi linalotolewa katika mto wa maji chumvi unaofufuliwa katika eneo la Mkamandume, ili kuweza kurudisha hadhi ya mtu huo kama ulivyokuwa ukifanya kazi katika miaka ya 700 iliyopita, kazi hiyo ya urudishaji asili ya mkamandume inafanywa na Kampuni ya Shamjo.(PICHA NA ABDI SULEIMAN, PEMBA)
 Excavator kutoka kampuni ya Shamjo inayorudisha asili ya eneo la Makamandume, ikiwa inachimba mto wenye urefu wa kwenda chini mita tatu, ili maji chumvi yaweze kuingia katika eneo hilo kama ilivyokuwa katika kipindi cha utawala wa Mkamandume mwenye,kazi hiyo ya urudishaji asili ya mkamandume inafanywa na Kampuni ya Shamjo.(PICHA NA ABDI SULEIMAN, PEMBA)
 WAZIRI wa Habari Utalii na Mambo ya Kale Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, akipata maeleo kutoka kwa injia wa ujenzi wa kampuni ya Shamjo Said Malik Said, juu ya kukirudisha upya wa asili kisima cha Wivu kilichomo katika eneo la kihistoria la Mkamandume, kazi hiyo ya urudishaji asili ya mkamandume inafanywa na Kampuni ya Shamjo.(PICHA NA ABDI SULEIMAN, PEMBA)
 WAZIRI wa Habari Utalii na Mambo ya Kale Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, akipata maeleo kutoka kwa injia wa ujenzi wa kampuni ya Shamjo Said Malik Said, juu ya kukirudisha upya wa asili kisima cha Wivu kilichomo katika eneo la kihistoria la Mkamandume, kazi hiyo ya urudishaji asili ya mkamandume inafanywa na Kampuni ya Shamjo.(PICHA NA ABDI SULEIMAN, PEMBA)
WAZIRI wa Habari Utalii na Mambo ya Kale Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, akisisitiza jambo wakati alipokwenda kukagua kazi ya ufukuaji wa mto wa asili wa kupitisha maji chumvi katika eneo la Mkamandume Wilaya ya Chake Chake, kazi hiyo ya urudishaji asili ya mkamandume inafanywa na Kampuni ya Shamjo.(PICHA NA ABDI SULEIMAN, PEMBA)

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Mnoho z nás cestuje za pamiatkami mimo Slovenskej republiky. Všetci poznáme ten pocit z neznámeho a exotického. My taktiež nie sme výnimkou. Pri pohľade na slovenské pamiatky by sme však mali spomaliť a uvedomiť si, že je množstvo našich národných krás, ktoré sa bez debaty oplatí navštíviť. Niektoré dokonca viackrát. Jednou z nich je práve Spišský hrad. Prehliadky sa uskutočňujú […]

Príspevok Spišský hrad: Jedna z naj pamiatok, akú máme v našej domovskej krajine zobrazený najskôr TOPdesať.

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Ak si bol jedným z tých detí, ktoré rozobrali polovicu svojich hračiek len preto, aby zistili, čo je vo vnútri, si na správnej adrese.Tento článok venovaný prierezom každodenných predmetov je ako stvorený pre teba. 🙂 Podobných článkov na túto tému smemali už niekoľko, no fotografie každodenných predmetov z neobvyklých perspektív sú vždy zajímavé. Tentokrát sa zameriame výhradne […]

Príspevok 10+ každodenných predmetov, ako si ich ešte nevidel zobrazený najskôr TOPdesať.

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TOC Graphic

Molecular Pharmaceutics
DOI: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.8b01210

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The Soo Greyhounds of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) are pleased to announce the formalization of a partnership with both Sault Major Hockey Associat... - OHL Soo Greyhounds
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Laut Gocher Wochenblatt soll in Uedem (Nordrhein-Westfalen) ein neuer Wohnkomplex für Senioren und jüngere Bewohner entstehen. An Stelle eines ehemaligen Krankenhauses in der Mühlenstraße in Uedem sollen drei Häuser mit… weiterlesen →

Der Beitrag Komplexbau in Uedem geplant erschien zuerst auf Pflegemarkt.

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Gusts of up to 80mph were recorded on Tuesday at Malin Head in Co Donegal.
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Hallo, ich habe einen Mali. BINin mit dem Filmdreh schon Vertraut und zeitlich flexibel. Liebe Hundegrüße Maria Görtz.
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Nincs minimál ár!
Átlátszó szilikon tok LG telefonokhoz
Divatos, minimalista, ultra vékony design.
Kompatibilis a következő készülékekhez: LG G3 D855 D850 D851 D830 / LG G4
Szín: Átlátszó
Anyaga: Puha TPU szilikon
A termék külföldről érkezik, szállítási ideje 15-30 munkanap. Kérem, csak ezt figyelembe véve licitáljon!
Szilikon tok LG telefonokhoz
Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-03-13 22:44
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Los detractores de la sensual youtuber no paran de criticar el descuido con su animalito.
          Estudos preliminares do ScanConverter para o MSX - Parte 2      Cache   Translate Page      
Continuando com as considerações do primeiro artigo (Estudos preliminares do ScanConverter para o MSX) vamos começar a analisar as possibilidades de digitalizar o sinal de vídeo em 15KHz que sai do MSX.
Primeiro, vamos conversar um pouco sobre timings e entender a quantidade de samples por segundo que precisaremos que nosso circuito suporte.

Usando um pouco de documentação disponível na internet, segue uma referencia para não ficar uma informação solta, encontramos no "Understanding Video Timing with Digital Video Encoders" da Intersil a seguinte informação sobre tempo de vídeo NTSC.  Para quem quiser fazer o download do documento segue o link:

Podemos concluir que os tempos medidos anteriormente batem com a documentação disponível na internet. Basicamente:

Parâmetro Medido Esperado Tolerância
Freqüencia Horizontal 15.87kHz 15.72kHz
Tempo Total da Linha 63uS 63.5uS
Tempo Ativo da Linha 52.4uS 52.6uS +/- 0.2uS
Tempo Branco da Linha 10.8uS 10.9uS +/- 0.2uS

Analisando a tabela acima e tendo como referência as medições e comparando com o primeiro destaque na tabela do documento acima, podemos constatar que os tempos batem, portanto podemos considerar que o vídeo RGB do MSX tem a temporização de vídeo NTSC, fato este que alguns Scan Converters reconhecem o sinal como NTSC (Ex: Sony DSC 1024 HD).

Verificando na sequencia o segundo destaque do documento da Intersil verificamos que durante o tempo ativo de vídeo, em uma linha, temos 720 samples, de acordo com o padrão NTSC. Na essência não precisamos digitalizar os 720 samples e sim digitalizar somente uma quantidade de samples suficientes para digitalizar a resolução horizontal do MSX. Voltaremos a falar disso posteriormente.

Vamos calcular agora a quantidade de Samples por frame de vídeo considerando 525 linhas.

Samples por linha = 720
Samples por frame = 720 x 525 = 378000
Frames por segundo = 60
Samples por segundo = 378000 x 60 = 22680000
Freqüência de Sampling = 22.680 MHz
Periodo de Sampling de +/- 44.0917nS

Com isso já podemos começar a olhar para nosso hardware de entrada/digitalização.

Basicamente precisamos de um ADC que suporte os 22.680 MHz ou pelo menos 22.680 msps.

Existem ADCs prontos da Texas Instruments e da Analog Devices para este tipo de tarefa, no entanto não temos fácil acesso e o preço unitário destes ADCs tornam o projeto proibitivo. Considerando também que teremos de usar mais de uma unidade já que temos 3 canais para digitalizar (R,G e B), aceitei a tarefa de montar nosso próprio ADC, nos moldes antigos de instrumentação digital.

Após olhar muitos esquemas de equipamentos como HP/Agilent, Tektronix, Lecroy, Fluke/Philips, deu pra perceber que nem sempre eles utilizaram os CIs customizados que usam hoje, e digamos que faziam a digitalização na raça!

Aí vem a seguinte questão:

- Sou um engenheiro ou um saco de batatas?

E aceitei o desafio, e comecei a estudar.

Primeiramente passei pela opção de usar um Amplificador Operacional de Alta Velocidade para poder digitalizar o sinal. Basicamente fiz alguns testes com o que tinha em mãos, mas o Slew Rate dos AmpOps mais comuns distorciam demais o sinal. Em simulação consegui até ter um resultado satisfatório com o LM318, no entanto gostaria de pensar fora da caixa. Foi quando veio a idéia de utilizar transitores no lugar de Amplificadores Operacionais.

Inicialmente pensei em utilizar algum transistor de RF, pela alta-frequência de resposta, e percebi que não seria necessário, já que transistores de uso geral chegam fácil na frequência que precisamos, que é algo perto de 30MHz a grosso modo.

Foi então que elegi o BC817. Ele tem nível de sinal satisfatório para a aplicação, lida bem com sinais de baixa amplitude, e se conseguir polarizar o mesmo, já que não vamos precisar de um grande fator de ganho, seria possível obter a resposta em alta-frequência. Recentemente eu utilizei o mesmo para um oscilador de RF perto de 44MHz sem nenhum problema e com uma estabilidade incrível, considerando que é um transistor de uso geral! E o melhor, resolve nosso problema de preço de produção, tornando financeiramente viável a confecção do nosso tão sonhado Scan Converter.

Inicialmente deveria fazer um teste para verificar se o transistor conseguiria acompanhar um sinal de entrada sem problemas. Ou seja, nada de distorções consideráveis ... visto que histerese é um fator complicante quando tratamos sinais analógicos em alta-frequência. Como é o caso do sinal de vídeo.

Para os leigos em eletrônica, histerese é a tendência de um material ou sistema de conservar suas propriedades na ausência de um estímulo que as gerou (O que é Histerese?). Vejam isso:

Uma família de curvas de histerese medida com uma densidade de fluxo modulada sinusoidalmente com frequência de 50 Hz e campo magnético variável de 0,3 T a 1,7 T.

B = Densidade de fluxo magnético
H = Campo magnético
BR = Remanescência
HC = Coercividade

Notem que no exemplo a histerese é descrita como um fenômeno magnético, mas este por sua vez é intrínseco aos materiais que utilizamos e que estão dentro de transistores, CIs, e etc. Onde não somente trabalhamos com silício e outros materiais.
Em outras palavras podemos dizer que o material do qual é feito o transistor, leva um certo tempo para responder aos estímulos que são submetidos. Falam que a eletricidade funciona na velocidade da luz, e a verdade é outra. Quanto maior a frequência, mais próximo do limite de histerese (tempo de resposta) do material chegamos, ele tem de ser capaz de responder de forma o mais linear possível dentro do limite imposto pela aplicação, ou entre um pulso e outro do estímulo aplicado, no qual esperamos uma resposta. Esta resposta leva um tempo para acontecer, e este tempo chamamos de histerese, numa comparação retroativa.

Agora que entendemos o que é histerese também podemos entender o porquê de existirem pastilhas de semicondutores de várias velocidades, como por exemplo os famosos TTLs de série LS, HC, HCT, dentre outros. O que muda entre um e outro é a composição do material que é fabricado os transistores que compõem a pastilha, onde existem materiais que respondem mais rápido e portanto proporcionam a possibilidade de usa-los em circuitos cada vez mais rápidos.

Outro detalhe é que materiais quando submetidos a uma frequência próxima de seu limite de operação de histerese tem a tendencia a aumentar sua resistência pois passa a não ter mais oscilação entre um pulso e outro do estímulo, causando aquecimento e por conseguinte uma avalanche na qual a temperatura irá aumentar e por sua vez o material quando aquecido muda sua característica de histerese para maior, entrando nesse ciclo até que o mesmo passe a não responder mais, reconhecendo o sinal AC na entrada como praticamente DC, visto que suas características de histerese foram mudadas por conta da temperatura, o que na maioria dos casos causa a queima do transistor, geralmente abrindo seus contatos. E como internamente nos CIs, Microprocessadores e Microcontroladores temos transistores, conseguimos entender a queima dos mesmos quando submetidos a frequências acima das que não foram projetadas e entendemos aqui também o porquê do problema de resfriamento por exemplo nos overclocks de microprocessadores. O resfriamento é uma tentativa de manter as junções do material que compõem os transistores internos do CI / CPU / MCU entrem em uma avalanche térmica.

Mas o que tudo isso tem a ver com digitalizar o sinal de vídeo do MSX?

A resposta é: TUDO!

Precisamos de um transistor cujo material suporte a frequência de entrada do sinal de vídeo que é de aproximadamente 23MHz para NTSC, sem sobreaquecer e mantenha uma linha de resposta o mais rápida possível, ou seja baixa histerese para manter a característica do sinal original em sua digitalização.

Como vamos trabalhar com o BC817, precisamos fazer com que a polarização do mesmo permita que ele exerça sua função de resposta do sinal dentro dos parâmetros de histerese X frequência de forma a conservarmos a qualidade do sinal e manter a temperatura do circuito integrado dentro dos limites de operação do mesmo.

Para isso vamos polarizar o seguinte circuito:

Primeiro passo é calcular o ponto de operação do sistema, encontrando a tensão média que está marcada como 1 no circuito. O valor buscado por nós é o ponto de operação médio para excitar a base do transistor. Esse ponto para garantirmos linearidade ao longo da amplificação deve ser de 1/2 VBE, por sorte aamplitude do sinal é de 1Vpp, portanto não precisaremos atenuar o mesmo, somente centralizar o sinal em 1/2 VBE , que no nosso caso do BC817 pode ser definido conforme o Datasheet da NXP  onde o valor de VBE é de 1.2V. Em outras palavras, precisamos centralizar o sinal de 1 Vpp em 0.6V = 600mV. Usaremos um simples divisor de tensão, conforme cálculo a seguir.

Então temos para um ponto inicial de operação considerando R9 = 82K, R10 = 11K e Vin = 5V:

Vout = ( 11K / ( 82K + 11K ) ) * 5V

Vout = 0.591V = 591mV 

Com isso deixamos o ponto de operação do sistema o mais próximo possível de 600mV considerando valores comerciais para os resistores usados. Podemos agora afirmar que o ponto de operação em 1 é de 591mV nos cálculos.

Vamos chamar o ponto 1 no esquema do circuito de TP1, o 2 de TP2 e assim por diante.

O VBE do BC817 é de 1.2V, valor positivo pois é transistor NPN, então temos:

VBE = +1.2V

V= TP1 = Vout = 591mV

Por definição VE = VB = 1/2 VBE  temos então TP3 = VE. Portanto:

VE = TP3 = 591mV = V= TP1

Considerando uma corrente de coletor de 10mA, temos:

R11 = VE / 10x10-3
R11 = 0.591 / 10x10-3
R11 = 59.1 Ohms = 62 Ohms*
*considerando valor comercial mais próximo.

Como definimos a corrente de coletor em 10mA e conhecemos o Vcc = 5V que é a tensão de alimentação do sistema, desejamos que o sinal amplificado chegue próximo a este valor. Com isso podemos calcular o valor de R8:

R8 = Vcc / 10x10-3
R8 = 5 / 10x10-3
R8 = 500 = 470 Ohms*
*considerando valor comercial mais próximo.

Com isso temos o ganho final do sistema e a sua amplitude máxima, onde:

Ganho = R8 / R11 = 470 / 68 = 6.91
Amplitude Máxima = TP* Ganho = 0.591 * 6.91 = 4.08V

Fazendo um pequeno ajuste para melhorarmos a Amplitude Máxima de forma a chegar o mais próximo possível de Vcc com resistores de valor comercial, calculamos a tensão final usando o próximo valor comercial disponível para R8, que é de 560 Ohms. Com isso temos:

Ganho = R8 / R11 = 560 / 68 = 8.23
Amplitude Máxima = TP* Ganho = 0.591 * 8.23 = 4.86V

Somente para ilustrar, se usássemos um valor ainda maior, iríamos saturar a saída em TP2 visto que a amplitude máxima do sinal nunca ultrapassará Vcc. Com isso se usássemos 620 Ohms para R8, nossa tensão em TP2 seria de 5.38V. Todo o sinal exedente de 5V seria achatado no topo do sinal em 5V, perdendo a característica do sinal por excesso de amplificação. Chamamos isso de saturação do sinal.

Somente para acompanharmos a resposta de sinal, vejam as capturas de diferentes tipos de sinal na imagem seguinte, já com os valores no circuito final. E com uma prévia do separador de níveis, mais uma vez um divisor de tensão:

Com o transistor devidamente polarizado, podemos medir os tempos de resposta.
Vamos começar com o Edge Falling, que na minha medição deu 131MHz:

E de forma análoga, a seguir a medição do Edge Rising que foi de 57.4 Mhz:

Em outras palavras, temos uma resolução de sinal média de aproximadamente 94.2MHz ou 12.495nS.
Considerando que cada pixel dos 720 por linha que precisamos digitalizar tem um tempo de estabilização (Rise ou Fall) de aproximadamente 74nS (63.5uS / 858 Samples), podemos afirmar que teremos possibilidade de digitalizar tranquilamente o sinal amplificado e a freqüencia necessária.

Bom. Por hoje é só. No próxima parte do artigo vamos entender um pouco sobre transferência de cores e curvas de correção onde será possível já separar os bits do sinal de cor e efetivamente gerar o byte digitalizado para carregar na memória do buffer.

          Estudos preliminares do ScanConverter para o MSX      Cache   Translate Page      
Depois de muito ver o sofrimento da comunidade de MSX e outras que faço parte, em busca de monitores que aceitem 15kHz, resolvi dar um fim a essa penúria, até porquê eu mesmo passo por ela apesar de utilizar um Scan Converter comercial, o Sony DSC 1024HD e ter um monitor RGB da Sony. Na verdade estou bem satisfeito com esses dois, no entanto, para ter o gostinho do desafio comecei a estudar uma forma de construir um Scan Converter voltado para nossos queridos microcomputadores com suas emblemáticas saídas RGB a 15kHz, e acima de tudo contribuir com a comunidade retrocomputacional.
Pois bem, a maioria dos monitores como todos sabem não aceitam a taxa de frequência de 15kHz e somente a partir de 31,5kHz, que seria o equivalente a um VGA 640x480x16cores. Considerando isto, estudo uma forma de transformar uma saída RGB 15kHz em um RGB 31,5kHz compatível com o padrão VGA, o que de imediato transformaria praticamente qualquer monitor atual em um monitor utilizável com os nossos tesouros retrocomputacionais.
O ponto chave é primeiro entendermos como funciona o vídeo a 15kHz dos micros.
Pois bem, vamos utilizar como foco o MSX, que é além de minha paixão, é um micro que tem uma comunidade bem ativa e que participa opinando e dando sugestões.
Não vamos entrar neste momento em questões de pinagem de saídas, somente vamos falar dos sinais, de seu comportamento e funcionamento para gerar a imagem.
Vejam a figura 1 abaixo:

A imagem gerada pelo VDP do MSX é amostrada nas três cores básicas do espectro R,G e B, que são as cores básicas, Red, Green e Blue ou em português Vermelho, Verde e Azul. Vejam figura 2 abaixo:

Notem nesta figura que temos demarcada a área de visualização do espectro de cores que nosso olho é capaz de diferenciar as tonalidades (triângulo), faltando somente neste exemplo a intensidade, ou seja, mostra somente a imagem em 2D, para termos o 3D falta a intensidade e assim temos o que chamamos de cubo de cores. Não vamos nos aprofundar aqui neste assunto, quem quiser mais informações procurem por cubo de cores no Google.
Pois bem, voltando a figura 1, vemos que a imagem gerada pelo MSX tem as 3 cores básicas e mais um sinal chamado CSync, ou Composite Sync, que traduzindo seria Sincronismo Composto.
Mas, o que vem a ser esse Sincronismo Composto?
Vamos observar mais uma figura para entendermos como é formada a imagem de um monitor, apresento a figura 3:

Conseguimos agora identificar que temos dois sinais básicos que compõem o sinal CSync, que são HSync e o VSync, ou seja, Sincronismo Horizontal e Sincronismo Vertical. E por definição podemos dizer que CSync é a soma de HSync mais VSync.
A imagem é formada nos monitores RGB (Sem contar entrelaçamento, que não é o caso dos nossos micros),  Da esquerda para a direita, de cima para baixo, ou seja, a ordem que os pixels são pintados na tela. (Vejam traço em amarelo na figura 3).
Os pixels que são pintados na tela, são enviados pelo VDP uma linha por vez e acontecem entre um pulso e outro do Sincronismo Horizontal, ou seja, uma linha compreende todos os pixels que são enviados até o próximo pulso de Sincronismo Horizontal.
O Sincronismo Vertical, serve para informar ao circuito de formação de imagem do monitor que inicia-se uma nova imagem, ou seja, é o sinal para informar que o cursor deverá subir para a posição inicial da tela (canto superior esquerdo), quando começarão a ser contadas novamente as linhas do Sincronismo Horizontal.
Aí vocês me perguntam:
-Tá bom, mas o e tal do CSync?
Agora é a hora que começa a ficar mais interessante o nosso artigo, vamos começar a ver os sinais na prática.
Colocando um Osciloscópio para medir o sinal do CSync, poderemos observar esses dois sinais de forma composta, vamos as imagens, vide figura 4 e uma foto da aquisição dos dados:

O sinal em Amarelo (Canal 1 na foto) é o CSync puro saindo do VDP do MSX ... e o sinal em Ciano (Canal 2) é o sinal do VSync depois de separado pelo LM1881 (Vamos falar sobre ele jajá!).
Notem que no sinal CSync podemos separar os sinais visualmente ... lendo o sinal Amarelo da esquerda pra direita podemos ver na primeira parte o click de 15kHz que é dado justamente pelo sinal do HSync, ou seja cada vez que sinal baixa do nível lógico 1 (Sinal na parte de cima, ou no caso de sinal de vídeo 1Vpp) para o nível lógico 0, é um final de linha, o tempo que temos entre um nível lógico e outro é exatamente o tempo que o VDP do MSX tem para enviar as informações RGB que compõem a linha.
Num determinado momento (vendo agora a parte dois do sinal do CSync) notamos que é invertida a fase, ou seja, os frames continuam sendo transmitidos, no entanto o que era nível lógico 1 passa a ser nível lógico 0, ou seja, começa aí a marcação de frame, ou seja, é aí que o VDP informa para o monitor que ele deve mandar o cursor para a posição 0,0 do CRT, ou seja, ele deve iniciar uma nova tela. Note que são transmitidos aproximadamente 6 frames neste intervalo.
Vamos entender agora o trabalho do LM1881 (Vejam a figura 1 novamente).
Basicamente o que ele faz é separar o sinal de Sincronismo Vertical do sinal de Sincronismo Composto, traduzindo:
- Alguns monitores não aceitam o sinal de Sincronismo Composto e necessitam do sinal de Sincronismo Vertical para saber quando se inicia um novo frame ou tela. Por isso precisamos do LM1881 em alguns casos.
Pela visualização do canal 2 do osciloscópio dá pra ver claramente a separação do sinal de Sincronismo Vertical.
Vamos ver agora um pouco sobre as amplitudes e frequências de sinal, isso é muito importante entender se estamos querendo construir uma lógica para ler os sinais de sincronismo do VDP.

Agora temos os dois sinais tirados da saída do LM1881, notem a limpeza do sinal após a normalização do mesmo, note também a diferença de amplitude, salientando que no Canal 1 em Amarelo temos o sinal de HSync. Que se observar atentamente, é o sinal de CSync normalizado, não há praticamente diferença entre os dois.
A Amplitude do sinal VSync está em 3.76V com um delta de 2.88V, note que o sinal atende o limiar de lógica TTL perfeitamente, que é algo por volta de 3.02V ... acima disso podemos considerar tranquilamente nivel lógico alto ou 1 para circuitos alimentados por 3.3V.

Nesta outra imagem, medimos a amplitude do HSync, mostrando um delta ainda mais acentuado e uma definição ainda melhor de nível lógico, por volta de 3.84V, mais uma vez, perfeito para lógica de circuitos em 3.3V.
Uma outra nota, que vale salientar é que muitos monitores aceitam o CSync diretamente no pino HSync do conector HD15 do VGA, no entanto a maioria dos que aceitam isso não reconhecem esse sinal em 1Vpp, como o VDP geral, necessitando de uma normalização, que é o caso do meu DSC 1024HD. Teoricamente bastaria um amplificador com um transistor de uso geral para resolver o problema, mas podemos usar a caixinha com o LM1881, assim o mesmo servira para usar com outros monitores.

Aqui o trabalho começa a ficar sério e começamos a verificar os detalhes dessa transmissão de dados.
Notem que o tempo transcorrido na linha HSync (Canal 1) para informar o nível lógico 0 no caso da Sincronização vertical é de 192uS (microSegundos), vejam a marcação no osciloscópio no deltaT. 

Vemos agora a medição do deltaT no VSync, que é de 164uS.

Ampliando a onda um pouco, temos o delay de inicio que o LM1881 leva para reconhecer que começou o nível lógico 0 no VSync e mudar o estado do mesmo, esse tempo é de 27uS. Em outras palavras podemos afirmar que este tempo de 27uS é irrelevante para o funcionamento nos monitores que utilizando HSync e VSync.

Aqui nós medimos o clock para visualizar que o mesmo, dobra a frequência quando estamos visualizando o VSync, isto serve para informar ao monitor que frequência de identificação de sincronização vertical é igual do dobro da frequência nominal do sistema quando em sincronização horizontal ou seja:

v=Sincronização Vertical
h=Sincronização Horinzontal
f=Frequencia Nominal do Sistema

v=1  →  f=2f  , ~h

Continuando nossa análise, temos agora a medida de tempo entre o início do dobro do clock, até o final do dobro do clock, o que sinaliza pelo HSync o inicio e o final do VSync, este tempo é de 580uS.
Analisando este pedaço dos sinais temos mais um pouco de teoria e o nome de cada um desses trechos do sinal, acompanhem a figura:

Front Porch e o Back Porch sinalizam para o processador do monitor quando acontecerá um pulso de sincronização.

O Front Porch do pulso de Sincronismo Vertical tem a duração de 188uS.

O Back Porch do pulso de Sincronismo Vertical tem a duração de 192uS.

O pulso 2f descrito anteriormente tem a duração de de 35uS, o que resultou numa frequência de 28.57kHz nesta amostragem.

O pulso f descrito também acima, tem a duração de 63uS, o que resulta em 15.87kHz, que é exatamente nossa taxa de frequência de atualização horizontal. Em outras palavras neste intervalo é que devemos enviar todos os pixels de uma linha.

A duração do pulso de que marca 2f é de 2.4uS.

A duração do pulso de que marca f é de 5.2uS.

Agora vamos nos atentar ao sinal de Sincronização Horizontal ou HSync, visualizando juntamente um dos canais de cor. Eu escolhi o canal azul, mas poderíamos escolher qualquer um dos outros dois (verde ou vermelho). A escolha pelo canal azul, foi pelo fato de a tela padrão do MSX ser de fundo azul, o que facilitaria para mostrarmos uma linha preenchida sem eu ter de gerar qualquer tipo de imagem diferente.

O Canal 1 do osciloscópio continuou no HSync, enquanto mudei o Canal 2 para o azul.

Nesta primeira imagem já podemos ver claramente 4 linhas, 3 pulsos de HSync divindo cada uma delas e a modulação de azul em nível alto, causado pelo fundo totalmente azul mostrado nas fotos.
Para validarmos esse pulso de modulação, eu fiz uma tela metade azul e metade preta para podermos visualizar a modulação de uma forma mais "marcante".
Vejam a foto da tela, e a linha modulada logo em seguida em mais uma captura de tela do osciloscópio.

Conseguimos observar claramente metade da linha em preto, ou nível baixo na captura do osciloscópio e a metade azul, ou nível alta na captura. Com isso é possível entender a modulação do vídeo no canal B, ou azul.
Agora para vermos os detalhes da modulação, vamos ampliar e centralizar somente uma linha de vídeo.

Notem que o tempo de vídeo juntamente com o pulso de Sincronização Horizontal, tem algumas diferenças de tempo, vamos ampliar agora somente o pulso e entender como funcionam os intervalos na Sincronização Horizontal, análogo ao que vimos na Sincronização Vertical.

Notem que temos os sinais muito parecidos com o VSync. Com suas "introduções" do pulso. Vejam diagrama abaixo.

Agora que ficou claro todos os intervalos, vamos medir suas temporizações.

O tempo que a modulação baixa para nível 0 é de 10.8uS.

O Front Porch é da ordem de 1.4uS.

O período do pulso de sincronização é de 4.8uS.

O Back Porch tem um tempo de 4.6uS.

O tempo de modulação de imagem é de 52.4uS.
É neste intervalo que devemos enviar os pixels horizontais da linha, formando assim a imagem como queremos, modulando em conjunto os canais R, G e B.

E aqui mostro pra vocês um pouco da minha bagunça, escrevendo e capturando as imagens com as medidas deste artigo.

Nos próximos artigos vamos falar sobre as conclusões destas medições e de uma proposta eletrônica para realizar a tarefa de conversão de 15.5kHz para 31.5kHz.

Por hoje é só pessoal!


           Finaliza la reparación de la tubería de El Trapiche que reventó hace un mes       Cache   Translate Page      
Comienza el llenado de la conducción con agua del embalse para que pueda funcionar con normalidad desde este viernes
          【エロ漫画】若い子見たさに顧問となったけどつまんない… 特別トレーニングを追加しちゃおうっと♪www      Cache   Translate Page      

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          【エロ漫画】仕事中にエロ下着を着けた嫁を想像して我慢できなくなった旦那が洗い物をしてる嫁を後ろから襲うとマンコぬるぬるw      Cache   Translate Page      

          【エロ漫画】ハーフの巨チンを気に入り自分だけのモノにしようとする変態クラスメイトw      Cache   Translate Page      

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Masyarakat di sekitar kawasan pantai di Kabupaten Pandeglang akan menanami garis pantai dengan tanaman bakau dan pohon keras untuk meminimalisasi dampak gelombang tinggi maupun tsunami. "Ada 10 Kecamatan di pesisir dan ...
          March 11: Numbers 7; Psalm 66; John 6       Cache   Translate Page      

Old Testament: Numbers 7

Numbers 7 (Listen)

Offerings at the Tabernacle's Consecration

On the day when Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle and had anointed and consecrated it with all its furnishings and had anointed and consecrated the altar with all its utensils, the chiefs of Israel, heads of their fathers' houses, who were the chiefs of the tribes, who were over those who were listed, approached and brought their offerings before the LORD, six wagons and twelve oxen, a wagon for every two of the chiefs, and for each one an ox. They brought them before the tabernacle. Then the LORD said to Moses, “Accept these from them, that they may be used in the service of the tent of meeting, and give them to the Levites, to each man according to his service.” So Moses took the wagons and the oxen and gave them to the Levites. Two wagons and four oxen he gave to the sons of Gershon, according to their service. And four wagons and eight oxen he gave to the sons of Merari, according to their service, under the direction of Ithamar the son of Aaron the priest. But to the sons of Kohath he gave none, because they were charged with the service of the holy things that had to be carried on the shoulder. 10 And the chiefs offered offerings for the dedication of the altar on the day it was anointed; and the chiefs offered their offering before the altar. 11 And the LORD said to Moses, “They shall offer their offerings, one chief each day, for the dedication of the altar.”

12 He who offered his offering the first day was Nahshon the son of Amminadab, of the tribe of Judah. 13 And his offering was one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels,1 one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 14 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 15 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 16 one male goat for a sin offering; 17 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Nahshon the son of Amminadab.

18 On the second day Nethanel the son of Zuar, the chief of Issachar, made an offering. 19 He offered for his offering one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels, one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 20 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 21 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 22 one male goat for a sin offering; 23 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Nethanel the son of Zuar.

24 On the third day Eliab the son of Helon, the chief of the people of Zebulun: 25 his offering was one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels, one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 26 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 27 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 28 one male goat for a sin offering; 29 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Eliab the son of Helon.

30 On the fourth day Elizur the son of Shedeur, the chief of the people of Reuben: 31 his offering was one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels, one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 32 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 33 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 34 one male goat for a sin offering; 35 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Elizur the son of Shedeur.

36 On the fifth day Shelumiel the son of Zurishaddai, the chief of the people of Simeon: 37 his offering was one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels, one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 38 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 39 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 40 one male goat for a sin offering; 41 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Shelumiel the son of Zurishaddai.

42 On the sixth day Eliasaph the son of Deuel, the chief of the people of Gad: 43 his offering was one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels, one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 44 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 45 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 46 one male goat for a sin offering; 47 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Eliasaph the son of Deuel.

48 On the seventh day Elishama the son of Ammihud, the chief of the people of Ephraim: 49 his offering was one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels, one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 50 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 51 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 52 one male goat for a sin offering; 53 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Elishama the son of Ammihud.

54 On the eighth day Gamaliel the son of Pedahzur, the chief of the people of Manasseh: 55 his offering was one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels, one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 56 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 57 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 58 one male goat for a sin offering; 59 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Gamaliel the son of Pedahzur.

60 On the ninth day Abidan the son of Gideoni, the chief of the people of Benjamin: 61 his offering was one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels, one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 62 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 63 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 64 one male goat for a sin offering; 65 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Abidan the son of Gideoni.

66 On the tenth day Ahiezer the son of Ammishaddai, the chief of the people of Dan: 67 his offering was one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels, one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 68 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 69 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 70 one male goat for a sin offering; 71 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Ahiezer the son of Ammishaddai.

72 On the eleventh day Pagiel the son of Ochran, the chief of the people of Asher: 73 his offering was one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels, one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 74 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 75 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 76 one male goat for a sin offering; 77 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Pagiel the son of Ochran.

78 On the twelfth day Ahira the son of Enan, the chief of the people of Naphtali: 79 his offering was one silver plate whose weight was 130 shekels, one silver basin of 70 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; 80 one golden dish of 10 shekels, full of incense; 81 one bull from the herd, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; 82 one male goat for a sin offering; 83 and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs a year old. This was the offering of Ahira the son of Enan.

84 This was the dedication offering for the altar on the day when it was anointed, from the chiefs of Israel: twelve silver plates, twelve silver basins, twelve golden dishes, 85 each silver plate weighing 130 shekels and each basin 70, all the silver of the vessels 2,400 shekels according to the shekel of the sanctuary, 86 the twelve golden dishes, full of incense, weighing 10 shekels apiece according to the shekel of the sanctuary, all the gold of the dishes being 120 shekels; 87 all the cattle for the burnt offering twelve bulls, twelve rams, twelve male lambs a year old, with their grain offering; and twelve male goats for a sin offering; 88 and all the cattle for the sacrifice of peace offerings twenty-four bulls, the rams sixty, the male goats sixty, the male lambs a year old sixty. This was the dedication offering for the altar after it was anointed.

89 And when Moses went into the tent of meeting to speak with the LORD, he heard the voice speaking to him from above the mercy seat that was on the ark of the testimony, from between the two cherubim; and it spoke to him.


[1] 7:13 A shekel was about 2/5 ounce or 11 grams


Psalm: Psalm 66

Psalm 66 (Listen)

How Awesome Are Your Deeds

To the choirmaster. A Song. A Psalm.

66   Shout for joy to God, all the earth;
    sing the glory of his name;
    give to him glorious praise!
  Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!
    So great is your power that your enemies come cringing to you.
  All the earth worships you
    and sings praises to you;
    they sing praises to your name.” Selah
  Come and see what God has done:
    he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man.
  He turned the sea into dry land;
    they passed through the river on foot.
  There did we rejoice in him,
    who rules by his might forever,
  whose eyes keep watch on the nations—
    let not the rebellious exalt themselves. Selah
  Bless our God, O peoples;
    let the sound of his praise be heard,
  who has kept our soul among the living
    and has not let our feet slip.
10   For you, O God, have tested us;
    you have tried us as silver is tried.
11   You brought us into the net;
    you laid a crushing burden on our backs;
12   you let men ride over our heads;
    we went through fire and through water;
  yet you have brought us out to a place of abundance.
13   I will come into your house with burnt offerings;
    I will perform my vows to you,
14   that which my lips uttered
    and my mouth promised when I was in trouble.
15   I will offer to you burnt offerings of fattened animals,
    with the smoke of the sacrifice of rams;
  I will make an offering of bulls and goats. Selah
16   Come and hear, all you who fear God,
    and I will tell what he has done for my soul.
17   I cried to him with my mouth,
    and high praise was on1 my tongue.2
18   If I had cherished iniquity in my heart,
    the Lord would not have listened.
19   But truly God has listened;
    he has attended to the voice of my prayer.
20   Blessed be God,
    because he has not rejected my prayer
    or removed his steadfast love from me!


[1] 66:17 Hebrew under
[2] 66:17 Or and he was exalted with my tongue


New Testament: John 6

John 6 (Listen)

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

After this Jesus went away to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, which is the Sea of Tiberias. And a large crowd was following him, because they saw the signs that he was doing on the sick. Jesus went up on the mountain, and there he sat down with his disciples. Now the Passover, the feast of the Jews, was at hand. Lifting up his eyes, then, and seeing that a large crowd was coming toward him, Jesus said to Philip, “Where are we to buy bread, so that these people may eat?” He said this to test him, for he himself knew what he would do. Philip answered him, “Two hundred denarii1 worth of bread would not be enough for each of them to get a little.” One of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, said to him, “There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but what are they for so many?” 10 Jesus said, “Have the people sit down.” Now there was much grass in the place. So the men sat down, about five thousand in number. 11 Jesus then took the loaves, and when he had given thanks, he distributed them to those who were seated. So also the fish, as much as they wanted. 12 And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, “Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost.” 13 So they gathered them up and filled twelve baskets with fragments from the five barley loaves left by those who had eaten. 14 When the people saw the sign that he had done, they said, “This is indeed the Prophet who is to come into the world!”

15 Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.

Jesus Walks on Water

16 When evening came, his disciples went down to the sea, 17 got into a boat, and started across the sea to Capernaum. It was now dark, and Jesus had not yet come to them. 18 The sea became rough because a strong wind was blowing. 19 When they had rowed about three or four miles,2 they saw Jesus walking on the sea and coming near the boat, and they were frightened. 20 But he said to them, “It is I; do not be afraid.” 21 Then they were glad to take him into the boat, and immediately the boat was at the land to which they were going.

I Am the Bread of Life

22 On the next day the crowd that remained on the other side of the sea saw that there had been only one boat there, and that Jesus had not entered the boat with his disciples, but that his disciples had gone away alone. 23 Other boats from Tiberias came near the place where they had eaten the bread after the Lord had given thanks. 24 So when the crowd saw that Jesus was not there, nor his disciples, they themselves got into the boats and went to Capernaum, seeking Jesus.

25 When they found him on the other side of the sea, they said to him, “Rabbi, when did you come here?” 26 Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, you are seeking me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves. 27 Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has set his seal.” 28 Then they said to him, “What must we do, to be doing the works of God?” 29 Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.” 30 So they said to him, “Then what sign do you do, that we may see and believe you? What work do you perform? 31 Our fathers ate the manna in the wilderness; as it is written, ‘He gave them bread from heaven to eat.’” 32 Jesus then said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, it was not Moses who gave you the bread from heaven, but my Father gives you the true bread from heaven. 33 For the bread of God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” 34 They said to him, “Sir, give us this bread always.”

35 Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst. 36 But I said to you that you have seen me and yet do not believe. 37 All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out. 38 For I have come down from heaven, not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me. 39 And this is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me, but raise it up on the last day. 40 For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.”

41 So the Jews grumbled about him, because he said, “I am the bread that came down from heaven.” 42 They said, “Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How does he now say, ‘I have come down from heaven’?” 43 Jesus answered them, “Do not grumble among yourselves. 44 No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day. 45 It is written in the Prophets, ‘And they will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to me—46 not that anyone has seen the Father except he who is from God; he has seen the Father. 47 Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life. 48 I am the bread of life. 49 Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and they died. 50 This is the bread that comes down from heaven, so that one may eat of it and not die. 51 I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh.”

52 The Jews then disputed among themselves, saying, “How can this man give us his flesh to eat?” 53 So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. 54 Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. 55 For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink. 56 Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in him. 57 As the living Father sent me, and I live because of the Father, so whoever feeds on me, he also will live because of me. 58 This is the bread that came down from heaven, not like the bread3 the fathers ate, and died. Whoever feeds on this bread will live forever.” 59 Jesus4 said these things in the synagogue, as he taught at Capernaum.

The Words of Eternal Life

60 When many of his disciples heard it, they said, “This is a hard saying; who can listen to it?” 61 But Jesus, knowing in himself that his disciples were grumbling about this, said to them, “Do you take offense at this? 62 Then what if you were to see the Son of Man ascending to where he was before? 63 It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life. 64 But there are some of you who do not believe.” (For Jesus knew from the beginning who those were who did not believe, and who it was who would betray him.) 65 And he said, “This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless it is granted him by the Father.”

66 After this many of his disciples turned back and no longer walked with him. 67 So Jesus said to the twelve, “Do you want to go away as well?” 68 Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life, 69 and we have believed, and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God.” 70 Jesus answered them, “Did I not choose you, the twelve? And yet one of you is a devil.” 71 He spoke of Judas the son of Simon Iscariot, for he, one of the twelve, was going to betray him.


[1] 6:7 A denarius was a day's wage for a laborer
[2] 6:19 Greek twenty-five or thirty stadia; a stadion was about 607 feet or 185 meters
[3] 6:58 Greek lacks the bread
[4] 6:59 Greek He


          "Las mujeres se visten como varoncitos, ya no hay glamour": dijo arzobispo en México      Cache   Translate Page      
Hipólito Reyes Larios también habló en su homilía contra el aborto y que el feminismo ha sido malinterpretado; antes había exhortado a "tener muchos hijos"
          Facilitator - Youth Development in Minneapolis      Cache   Translate Page      
Project SuccessLaura GarciaPDF icon Spring 2019 Job Posting_Facilitator.pdf (699.9 KB)Email/contact

Project Success is a youth-development organization that motivates and inspires students to dream about their futures, helps them create a plan to get there, and gives them the tools and support they need to achieve their goals. We work with over 14,000 6th—12th graders in the Minneapolis school district each year. To learn more, visit us at

Become a Project Success (PS) Facilitator

Our facilitators work directly with 6th-12th grade students from diverse backgrounds inside Minneapolis public schools facilitating workshops that help students connect to their purpose. Through our proven curriculum, Facilitators build long-term relationships with students and help them develop skills that will assist them in school and beyond. From September to May, facilitators lead PS workshops in English classrooms and participate in additional PS programming outside the classroom. From June to August, Facilitators collaborate with each other, build lessons plans, train for the next school year, and support PS programming

Essential Functions

  • Create and implement lesson plans using our proven PS curriculum
  • Assist all students from a variety of backgrounds in PS workshops to discover who they are, what they want, and how to make informed decisions for their future
  • Utilize theater techniques as an educational tool for students to gain SEL competencies, such as self/social awareness, relationship building, & responsible decision making
  • Develop and maintain supportive, collaborative, and genuine relationships with students and school staff during PS programming, including in-class workshops, college tours, field trips, etc.
  • Participate in school and community functions as well as other PS programming across all PS partner schools
  • Ongoing collaboration and support for other facilitators in creating/revising workshops, particularly during the summer months

Ideal Candidate Attributes

  • Experience working with diverse youth in a leadership capacity
  • Experience with students with a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds
  • Understands the importance of equity, inclusion, and cultural competency
  • Strong communication, listening, and organizational skills
  • Passionate belief in the potential of young people and genuine desire to help them succeed
  • Ability to speak Spanish, Somali, or Hmong


  • Start date: August 2019
  • Full Time (40 hours per week)
  • Salary: $35,000
  • Excellent Benefits & PTO
  • Occasional nights, weekends, and overnights with advance notice
  • Reliable transportation needed

To Apply Include

  • Resume
  • References
  • Cover Letter
  • Where you heard about us


Address To

Laura Garcia
Director of Programs

Project Success is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We strongly encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds and ethnicities.

Web link:

Tuesday, April 30Full-time jobsJobs and Volunteers6128747710
Tuesday, April 30, 2019
          Bomberos demandarán al alcalde por llamarlos gordos      Cache   Translate Page      

 Rodolfo Hernández, alcalde de Bucaramanga, criticó la labor del Cuerpo de Bomberos de la ciudad, a través de su tradicional Facebook Live, luego de que un ciudadano se quejara porque no han desmontado unas vallas ilegales.

El mandatario llamó en vivo a la secretaria del Interior, Alba Navarro, quien le aseguró que los bomberos no tenían curso de altura por lo que no se ha podido realizar el desmonte. Inmediatamente, Hernández, llamó al director de Bomberos, Diego Rodríguez y le dijo “Diego es que tenemos que retirar unas vallas por orden de un juez, me dice Alba Azucena que usted dijo que no retiraba porque tenía una tanda de barrigones gordos allá de bomberos que no eran capaces de subirse ni al taburete”, enfatizó el alcalde.

Finalmente, aseguró, “¿qué vamos a pagar teniendo esos barrigones durmiendo todo el día? Tenemos los bomberos que le valen a la ciudadanía como $ 10.000 millones al año de personal y usted pasa por Bomberos, todos durmiendo y ganando horas extras, usted pasa a las 11 de la noche y los ronquidos despiertan a los muertos y pretenden contratar para hacer lo que podemos hacer nosotros”, aseguró Rodolfo Hernández.
Estas declaraciones no cayeron bien en los funcionarios del Cuerpo de Bomberos de Bucaramanga, quienes aseguraron que acusarán ante la Procuraduría al mandatario por referirse a ellos en esos términos.

“No es sorpresa que el alcalde se refiera a sus empleados con esos términos, porque siempre lo ha hecho así, no es extraño esa actitud, pero es grosera, descalificadora, malintencionada, las cosas no son así. Nosotros lo vamos a hacer con la Procuraduría, vamos a tratarlo en la junta directa directiva y vamos a sentar esa voz de protesta porque así no es. Es cierto que es el Alcalde, pero es un empleado igual que nosotros y nosotros merecemos respeto, así como merece él que lo respetemos nosotros", aseguró Fabio Larrota del sindicato de Bomberos.

Respecto al tema del curso de alturas, Larrota aseguró que el Cuerpo de Bomberos no necesita este tipo de cursos pues es ‘insignificante’ para la labor que ellos atienden: “los que tienen que tener ese curso de alturas son los empleados que ejercen otras funciones diferentes, nosotros no somos brigadas de emergencia ni empleados domésticos, nosotros trabajamos en casos extremos en los cuales no nos compete nada de curso de altura, tenemos un entrenamiento especial, ese curso de altura es insignificante para la labor de nosotros”, añadió Larrota.

Finalmente, le hizo la invitación a Rodolfo Hernández para que visite la estación y verifique que hay personal capacitado y dispuesto las 24 horas del día para atender las emergencias.


          Sin cierres vía a Neiva luego de instalación de la Minga indígena      Cache   Translate Page      

Luego que se diera Instalación a la Minga indígena en el sector de pescador en el municipio de Hobo, se abrió la vía de Garzón a Neiva, luego de estar parcialmente cerrada durante dos horas.

El reporte fue entregado por el Departamento de policía Huila, quienes manifestaron total normalidad en el sector del Puente Pescador en Hobo.

El cierre provocó una congestión vehicular que apenas empieza a ser evacuada con el acompañamiento de unidades policiales para evitar cualquier percance en la vía.

A la Minga llegaron más de 700 personas entre autoridades, jóvenes, docentes, provenientes de todos los municipios del departamento. Esta minga tiene como objeto evidenciar la crisis económica, política, social y humanitaria, el incumplimiento de los acuerdos con las comunidades y pueblos en los territorios y/o el poco avance con Ministros, Viceministros y directores de entidades administrativas. Ante la falta de respeto y garantía de los derechos humanos, que se ve agudizada por una regresiva agenda legislativa y unas políticas nocivas en torno a la paz que, bajo el discurso de la defensa y seguridad como elementos de la equidad, pretenden profundizar el modelo económico. Y ante la profundización de la represión a la oposición política, el despojo y el saqueo de los recursos naturales.

          Americká inflace zpomalila (12.3.2019)      Cache   Translate Page      
Index spotřebitelských cen klesl v únoru na 1,5 % oproti lednovým 1,6 %. Rovněž jádrový index spotřebitelských cen klesl na 2,1 % meziročně oproti 2,2 % v lednu. U obou indexů očekávaly trhy stagnaci na lednových úrovních.
          Fiscalía anuncia formalizaciones por fraude en el Ejército      Cache   Translate Page      
          Apartamento en Alquiler en Torrejón de Ardoz. Apartamentos Torrejón de Ardoz      Cache   Translate Page      
1 habitación 1 baño 60 m² 11 EUR/m² calefacción aire acondicionado cocina trastero cocina equipada piscina
Tue, 12 Mar 2019 22:45:02 +0100
          Apartamento en Alquiler en Pedanías Sureste. Apartamentos Pedanías Sureste      Cache   Translate Page      
2 habitaciones 2 baños 80 m² 7 EUR/m² aire acondicionado parquet cocina
Tue, 12 Mar 2019 22:40:37 +0100
          Huawei Y5 II CUN-L01 telefon - Jelenlegi ára: 15 000 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      
Eladó a képen látható Huawei Y5 II CUN-L01 telefon. A termék újszerű, üzletben kiállított darab, magyar nyelvű független! Dobozos, minden tartozékával!
SIM kártya típusa
Műszaki jellemzők
Processzor típusa
SoC/CPU: MediaTek MT6735P
GPU:  Mali-T720 MP2
Processzormagok száma
4 magos
Processzor sebessége
1. 3 GHz
1 GB
Belső memória mérete
8 GB
Memória bővíthető 
Memóriakártya típusa
microSD (max. 32 GB)
Operációs rendszer 
Kijelzők száma
Kijelző mérete
Kijelző felbontása
1280 x 720 pixel
Kijelző típusa
Kapacitív IPS
3D kijelző 
Egyéb kijelző tulajdonságok
16 millió színárnyalat
3D kamera
Előlapi kamera
Előlapi kamera felbontása
2 MPx
Előlapi kamera maximális felbontása
1600 x 1200 pixel
Hátlapi kamerák száma
Hátlapi kamera felbontása
8 MPx
Hátlapi kamera maximális felbontása
3264 x 2448 pixel
Beépített vaku
Retina szkenner 
MP3 lejátszó
FM rádió
Video lejátszás
Internet böngésző
Kommunikációs csatornák
3, 5 Jack fülhallgató kimenet
Hálózati kapcsolatok
GPRS kapcsolat
EDGE kapcsolat
LTE támogatás (4G)
Akkumulátor típusa
Akkumulátor kapacitás
2200 mAh
143. 8 mm
72 mm
8. 9 mm
135 g
Dual sim
Tripla sim
MP3/WMA/AAC csengőhang
Hardware Modem 

Huawei Y5 II CUN-L01 telefon
Jelenlegi ára: 15 000 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-03-13 01:29
          Avasta aianduskooli #1      Cache   Translate Page      
3. aprillil on kõigile huvilistel võimalik tulla tutvuma meie kooliga. Korraldame põnevaid õpitubasid, võimalik on töötamas näha Farmbot peenrarobotit. Täpsem päevakava on alloleval plakatil.
          In the last two months...      Cache   Translate Page      
Really? Has it been that long since I have blogged? That has to be my biggest hiatus ever! It has been at the back of my mind forever but I have just never got around to it. So I am sure this post (and a couple following) will be a "catch-up" with lots of pics and few words and then hopefully I can get back into the swing of things and start blogging more frequently.

Aaron and I have been running together, and no you didn't read that wrong. We have a jogging stroller and so we pack Bennett up, even in the cold weather, and head out for a couple miles! Go me!
The pictures below we will call "Sunday Selfies". Bennett didn't want to take too many pictures but when he saw himself in the camera he couldn't resist. His expressions kill me!
We met some amazing friends when we lived in Bountiful, they were the Terry's. Aaron worked with Nick in Primary and I worked with Carrie in Visiting Teaching. They have a daughter named Natalie and then a boy named Chase who was only 2 weeks older than Bennett. We went over to their house and had a play date in their backyard. Bennett loved the trampoline and the playset and swings. It is so fun to have friends to play with!
Bennett's hair grows so fast and he has had 3 majorly needed haircuts! Look at that mullet!
Bennett loves to help Grandma clean...aka mess up the floors when she is "raking" them to keep her living room looking nice.
Aaron took the front runner train to and from school everyday when we lived in Bountiful. Sometimes he would drive himself and park the car but sometimes we would drive him and pick him up. Here is Bennett reading a book in the back, waiting for dad's train to come.
Grandma's house had lots of fun toys to play with, including some fake phones. He is already learning to text and call some of his favorite people.
We love overalls! He looks like a little version of his dad and looks like he could join him up at the farm this summer. 
We made quite a few trips to Provo this Winter Semester for doctors appointments for Bennett and so we would visit Carlie at work and Bennett loved seeing her...and the vending machines. 
For conference we went up to the cabin in Wallsburg and Bennett loved visiting all the animals. We set up an area upstairs to watch it where he could play with all the toys and we could (try) to listen to conference.
We also explored all the cool toys they had on the farm including the tractors and the gator.
We loved when the weather started to turn warmer. Bennett was still crawling at Grandmas and so going outside was a little hard because he determined to ruin his clothes! But he loves dirt, grass and sunshine.
Bennett has 2 blankies that he LOVES! He has to have them when he goes to sleep and he holds them up when you come get him out of his crib to bring with you. This was after I washed his blankies and they were clean and warm.
We were lucky to get to spend time with family in Bountiful and this was one time when my Aunt and Uncle took Bennett, Grandma and I out to lunch.
Remember how I said earlier that Bennett loves being outside and loves dirt. After one hard day with Bennett we headed outside and I let him do whatever he wanted, which included playing in the dirt.
This past semester Aaron got himself involved in what is call BYU Student Alumni. He got put in charge of an event that went extremely well. He then decided to apply to be on the board. They have one president and then about 6 vice presidents who are in charge of different things. Aaron was lucky enough to apply, interview and get accepted onto this pretty prestigious board. He is the Vice President of Communications. Student Alumni does a lot of fun events on campus which include "take a cougar to lunch", "etiquette dinner", "food drive", "traditions ball", "senior celebration"...the list goes on. The cool thing is Aaron gets a full ride scholarship for doing this! Booyah! Also, though he officially doesn't start until next semester we were able to attend the BYU Traditions Ball to get a feel for everything. We dressed up, help take some pictures and enjoyed the live band and food. I can't wait to attend the other events next year!
Bennett is so funny and loves dressing up, karaoke and giving back pats to us.
Also, our door into our room at Grandma's didn't have a handle and so Bennett loved hiding himself in our room because he could get himself out by putting his fingers in the hole and pulling.
Bennett know what he wants at the store and snuck some Reese's into our cart.
One of our last nights in Bountiful we were all able to go out on a date and we went to Pei Wei. Bennett loved the fortune cookies and I think he ate more of my plate than he did.
We then went to one of our favorite places EVER! It is the Station Park in Farmington. From the music dancing fountain to the beautiful outside area to walk around and the great shops, it is so fun! The weather was perfect that night and so was the company!
We have taken Bennett to the doctor a lot in the past couple months. He has had fluid in his ears and so we have had to go in and have them checked every couple of weeks to see if it improves. He got an ear infection and was on antibiotics for a while. We then talked with some people who said to take him off dairy for a little bit because its been shown to help with fluid in the ears. We did it and it was hard and then we went to the doctor Bennett and lost enough weight that it was concerning. We had to do a blood test to see if he had diabetes or any other problems. It was so hard to hold him down and get his blood drawn. He hated it. Then we had to bring him back in the next week to have him weighed again, back on dairy. Thankfully he had gained weight but his blood showed that the creatine levels in his kidneys was high. So we had to come back in a couple weeks and have his blood levels tested again and we also had to do a urine test and wait for Bennett to urinate until we could leave. Thankfully all the results came back and his levels had normalized and so we were all good!
We then had to take Bennett to the hospital to have a hearing screening. Thankfully the fluid in his ears cleared out by itself and so now hopefully his language will improve and his communication will grow now that he can hear more clearly.

And...back to Bennett's crazy hair and in need of a haircut.
Thankfully his dad gave him one just a couple days later :)

          QUEZON CITY TUBERO TANGGAL BARADO 09090468666 09753315388 701-8464      Cache   Translate Page      
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          3/12/2019: Nation: Machines predict at-risk students      Cache   Translate Page      
Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, said an AI-like system used by the university securely collects various data points about students, with their consent, and identifies any anomalies, such as highly-engaged students scoring low, or...
          3/12/2019: Middle East: Rouhani makes first official visit to Iraq      Cache   Translate Page      

■ Iran is looking for Iraq’s continued support as it faces a maximalist pressure campaign by President Donald Trump after his decision to withdraw America from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers. Rouhani, who is accompanied on the three-day visit...
          3/12/2019: It’s Hot: Poster for Meera’s comeback movie ‘Baaji’ revealed      Cache   Translate Page      

The first look of music video and ad film director Saqib Malik’s cinematic debut, Baaji, was revealed recently. It features veteran actress Meera looking alluring in a shimmering gold Nomi Ansari outfit, apparently as an ageing star who must give way...
          Interyerdə müasir istiqamət      Cache   Translate Page      
Müasir interyer özündə Loft, Pop-art, Modernizm, Xay-tek, Eko, Minimalizm, Kantri kimi stilləri cəmləşdirir.
          PARP Inhibitors Could Enhance Immunotherapy Response in Mesothelioma      Cache   Translate Page      

A new study suggests that drugs known as PARP inhibitors may enhance immunotherapy response in mesothelioma patients. According to a report published in the Journal of Clinical Investigations, PARP inhibitors worked especially well in cancers with mutations in their DNA repair genes. Some malignant mesothelioma patients have mutated DNA repair genes. In these patients, a PARP inhibitor may modify immunotherapy response, making drugs like Keytruda work better. How PARP Impacts Immunotherapy Response PARP stands for poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase. It represents a family of proteins involved in a number of cellular processes, including DNA repair. PARP is also involved in apoptosis, or programmed cell death. Olaparib (Lynparza) is an example of a PARP inhibitor. PARP inhibitors attack tumors that already have … Continue reading PARP Inhibitors Could Enhance Immunotherapy Response in Mesothelioma »

The post PARP Inhibitors Could Enhance Immunotherapy Response in Mesothelioma appeared first on Surviving Mesothelioma.

          Microsoft demos Project xCloud with Forza Horizon 4 on phone      Cache   Translate Page      
Microsoft has given the public a look at its Project xCloud game streaming service in action. The demonstration took place during the company’s most recent Xbox Inside livestream, where the host was given an Android phone with a paired Xbox One controller. Visible in action on the screen is Forza Horizon 4, which appears in high quality. According to Microsoft, … Continue reading
          Minecraft will be available on Xbox Game Pass starting April 4      Cache   Translate Page      
Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service for console owners, will get Minecraft starting next month. The addition will appear on April 4, enabling subscribers to play in the blocky world without purchasing the game individually. The title will support online multiplayer for subscribers who also have an Xbox Live Gold membership. Minecraft is a decade old and available to play … Continue reading
          Google gaming event at GDC: 5 product possibilities      Cache   Translate Page      
At GDC 2019 Google will reveal something new, something they’re describing now as “the future of gaming.” The announcements will begin on March 19th, 2019, at 10AM PDT. You’ll be able to watch the announcements here on SlashGear live via this article in the YouTube live video embed below. We might see a brand new streaming gaming service from Google, … Continue reading
          Halo: Master Chief Collection PC release confirmed: The good and bad news      Cache   Translate Page      
As we speculated earlier this week, Microsoft plans to bring Halo: The Master Chief Collection to PC. The announcement is one of two pieces of good news — the company is also adding Halo: Reach to the MCC. PC gamers will be able to get their hands on the collection via Steam and the Microsoft Store, but there’s a catch … Continue reading
          Google quietly launches free Home Mini deal for select One subscribers      Cache   Translate Page      
Google One, the company’s cloud subscription service, has quietly added a new deal for customers who have the 2TB or greater plan: a free Home Mini device. The new perk has appeared on the Google One page for eligible customers, and some subscribers report having received an email from Google alerting them to the new offer. One customers have until … Continue reading
          DirecTV price change confirmed by AT&T, live this week      Cache   Translate Page      
The folks at AT&T decided that yesterday’s leaked DirecTV NOW prices and packages were, indeed, ready to go public today. In the mix are both the DirecTV NOW Plus and MAX packages, as revealed yesterday, both with different prices from those on the books up until yesterday. What’s strange here is the relative lack of details with which the plans … Continue reading
          Open Game License [BUNDLE]      Cache   Translate Page      
Open Game License [BUNDLE]Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
This very special 73% off bundle contains 25 Skirmisher Publishing OGL titles, including its just-released "Spontaneous Generation Monsters," its Platinum bestselling "Experts"; its "Men & Monsters of Polynesia," "Noble Wild," "Insults & Injuries," "Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars," "Mutant Plant Monsters," and "Moat Monsters" sourcebooks; three "Six Spells" collections; and lots more.

The Noble Wild
Regular price: $9.99
Bundle price:
A 2008 ENnie Award Nominee! This exciting book introduces comprehensive rules for playing intelligent animals in a wide variety of game settings and situations. It will be popular with everyone from groups that want to try all-animal or mixed animal/humanoid parties, to players who want to expand the options for their animal companions and familiars, to game masters who are looking for interesting and unexpected foes to run against their players. Features of this "Animal Player’s Handbook" include: Statistics for more than 60 playable species of noble animal; Modifications and additions to existing classes, skills, and feats appropriate to animal characters; A new basic character class, the Greater Familiar; Eight new Prestige Classes, including the Man-Eater a...

'Noble Wild' Character Sheets
Regular price: $0.00
Bundle price:
This is a free accessory for the The Noble Wild, Skirmisher Publishing's Ennie Award-nominated "Animal Player's Handbook." Custom features of this four-page set of character sheets include spaces for rules innovations like Boons and Deeds, as well as types of attacks and damage characteristic of animals. They have been formatted specifically for use with the Pathfinder edition of The Noble Wild but are also suitable for use with the OGL edition of The Noble Wild. ...

Adventures in Wonderland: A Sourcebook for OGL Roleplaying Games
Regular price: $4.99
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Welcome to Wonderland, a strange, sometimes creepy alternate world that incorporates aspects of a fairytale land, the elements of children's nightmares, and a demi-plane of chaos! This OGL sourcebook is inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll, including his Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and a number of poems. It includes: * More than 20 monsters and NPCs native to Wonderland. * Chapters of Wonderland Skills, Feats, Spells, and Magic Items. * A Wonderland Gazeteer * Wonderland Adventure Hooks * Tables for selecting Random Wonderland Items...

Claws of the Sirocco ('Noble Wild' Bonus Content)
Regular price: $0.00
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This download includes “Claws of the Sirocco” a bonus Deed for Skirmisher Publishing’s The Noble Wild, an “Animal Player’s Handbook” for the OGL system games. Deeds are magical abilities acquired by animal characters through the performance of heroic actions. ...

Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars: Shadows of a Dying World (An OGL Guide to Monsters, Races, and Beasts)
Regular price: $4.99
Bundle price:
Set on the red planet not as it exists, but as people at the turn of the 20th century thought it might be, Shadows of a Dying World is drawn from the Mars series of Edgar Rice Burroughs and presents creatures from his world in game terms. Its contents are compatible with any games that use the OGL system and can be inserted into them in whole or in part.  On this Mars, elegant city-states rise along the banks of world-spanning canals, luxurious airships ply the thin atmosphere, feisty princesses and feckless nobles are menaced by killers of the drear dried-up sea-beds, and skilled swordsmen defend dynasties that have ruled for aeons. Despite both wondrous technology and mysterious mental abilities developed beyond the comprehension of Earthlings, however, the most farsighte...

Experts v.3.5
Regular price: $9.99
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Experts v.3.5 takes the concept of the Expert non-player-character class briefly described in the Dungeon Master’s Guide and gives it unprecedented depth and playability. This 176-page book includes: * More than 30 fully detailed Expert types, including the Alchemist, Blacksmith, Courtesan, Merchant, Miner, Navigator, Physician, Sage, Sailor, and Weaponmaker. * The Specialist, a new basic character class that players can use to create versatile “adventuring Experts” of any sort. * Guild Master, Militia Leader, and Spellcrafter prestige classes, the latter of which can allow Experts, Specialists, and other characters to gain specialized magical abilities that they can use to enhance their mundane abilities. * More than 100 skills, incl...

Gnoll Crocuta Spells: A Supplement to ‘Tests of Skill’
Regular price: $0.00
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The Gnoll Crocuta is a highly detailed, 10-level OGL v.3.5 prestige class that is presented in the Skirmisher Publishing adventure sourcebook Tests of Skill. This publication has been created both for use by owners of that publication and by people who might enjoy introducing some of the often-dark spells available to Crocutaea into their own campaigns. It contains 13 new spells, all of which originally appeared in Skirmisher’s OGL book Warriors but which have been updated and revised here. Tests of Skill is thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded version of the innovative OGL adventure module and sourcebook originally released as a version 3.0 publication and intended as a companion volume to Experts v.3.5<...

Insults & Injuries: A Role-Playing Game Sourcebook for Medical Maladies
Regular price: $9.99
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You have never read a game book quite like this one! Written by a practicing medical doctor, Insults & Injuries presents real world illnesses in OGL 3.5 system game terms. Why afflict characters with “filth fever” when you can give them rabies, the black plague, or the flu? Within this sourcebook, you will find dozens of sicknesses that your players already know and fear in a format that allows them to be easily and realistically brought into your games. You will also find expanded rules for more effective non-magical healing. This detailed book is divided into an introduction, 13 chapters, and five appendices and includes: * Rules for more than 50 diseases and disorders, their game effects, and how they can be treated by both mundane and magical means. * A ...

Men & Monsters of Polynesia
Regular price: $1.99
Bundle price:
One of the most fascinating regions of our own world is most assuredly Polynesia, a vast triangular area in the Pacific Ocean that encompasses Hawaii, New Zealand, Easter Island, Samoa, and Tahiti. This area is home to numerous creatures and beings that can be readily adapted for use in role-playing games and used either in conjunction with campaigns that have a South Seas flavor or as part of one-off encounters.  This sourcebook contains descriptions and game stats for more than a dozen monsters from this huge, varied region and notes on existing monsters that might also be encountered within it. It includes both actual creatures and those derived from myths, legends, folklore, reports from explorers, and other sources, and is inspired by the author’s personal adventures and...

Moat Monsters: A Sourcebook for OGL RPGs
Regular price: $1.99
Bundle price:
In most fantasy settings, castles and cities are vital components of civilization, and many of these rely on moats for defense. These large ditches are usually filled with water and meant to stop attackers from reaching the outer walls. Although this tactic was successful in real world history, traditional moats are not as effective in fantasy worlds because of the existence of magic. To counter this and thwart fantasy-world invaders, moats could be filled with different materials and energies, or even populated with monsters.  This sourcebook contains 20 monsters specifically designed to be ideal for occupying moats and enhancing their natural functions, along with ideas on other ways moats can be made more lethal first lines of defense for fortifications. Monsters in it are stat'...

Mutant Plant Monsters
Regular price: $1.99
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It is possible to use plant creatures much more effectively than usual by using some real plant biology in conjunction with new mutations, and this publication shows how to do that.  “Mutant Plant Monsters” includes 80 plant mutations, discussions of plant strengths and weaknesses, and six sample monsters that demonstrate how to use the various elements that appear in this sourcebook.  Material in this publication was written specifically for the Mutant Future retroclone of Gamma World and can be used as-is with it and any other sci-fi, fantasy, or post-apocalyptic games that use the "Basic" version of the OGL system, and easily adapted to other games using the same core rules. It was written by prolific game developer Derek Holland. ...

New Golems of the Labyrinth
Regular price: $0.99
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Of all the creatures found guarding hoards of lost treasure, Golems — constructs created by powerful spell casters from specific sorts of materials — are among the most interesting and dangerous. Some might even constitute treasure in and of themselves.  Golems crafted from materials like clay, flesh, stone, iron, amber, bone, bronze, and wood are familiar to the players of OGL-based games, but they represent just a narrow glimpse of the possibilities for such creatures. This mini-sourcebook contains 10 new sorts of Golems, all of them are very different from the basic models and some of them pretty weird, that GMs may find useful in making their campaigns more interesting and unpredictable. They include the Cerebral, Ectoplasm, Flesh-and-Blood, Gas ...

Noble Animal Spell Lists
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This free download includes complete replacement spell lists for the various character classes customized for use with the bestselling Noble Wild “Animal Player’s Handbook,” which was nominated for an ENnie award in the “Best Monster or Adversary” category. In addition to old spells that function as normal, the lists in this supplement also include both existing spells that have been added to a particular spellcaster list or had their levels adjusted for noble animal characters, and the new spells that are fully described in The Noble Wild chapter on Magic and Spells.  This free supplement has been created for use with the OGL edition of the Noble Wild but can also be easily used in conjunction with the Pathfind...

Nuisances: Director's Cut
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FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY Nuisances: Director’s Cut is unlike any other fantasy RPG sourcebook! It is a tribute to the early years of fantasy roleplaying games, a parody of the current state of the genre, a guide to an alternate and more fun style of play, a manual for keeping cocky and annoying players off balance, and a poignant philosophical expression of the post-modern, 21st century worldview. It includes: * Hundreds of aggravating and awful and things that can happen to players! * Scores of defective items! * Unfortunate NPC personality traits! * Many, many random d100, d12, and other Random Tables! * 49 unsavory Feats, as well as a section on Subtypes! * 59 character Defects! * Rules on glasses and problems associated with wearing them! * 31 cursed and ...

Prickly Customers: Porcupine & Hedgehog PCs for 'The Noble Wild'
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This download contains free bonus content for the "The Noble Wild," Skirmisher Publishing's Ennie Award-nominated "Animal Player's Handbook," including two new player character species/classes, the Hedgehog and Porcupine, a new deed tree, and a new spell!  This material has been formatted specifically for use with the Pathfinder edition of The Noble Wild but is also easily used with the OGL edition of The Noble Wild. ...

Quantum Flux: Unique Superscience Artifacts
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With his second law, that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” Arthur C. Clarke articulated a concept that could have been a shadowy undercurrent in the wider consciousness for centuries, possibly even millennia. All the items in this book were designed with two ideas in mind: they were created using Ancient technology so advanced that it seems like magic and they’ve gone through Hell since the apocalypse. Damaged, jury-rigged, infested with nanites and parasites, warped by energy, rebuilt by insane machines — these are the kinds of changes that make these artifacts dangerous, unpredictable, and, above all, unique. Quantum Flux contains 86 unique superscience artifacts suitable for use in any modern, sci-fi, or post-apoca...

Six Spells: Festivities
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This title contains six spells related to festivities, celebrations, and holidays! They are formatted so as to be compatible with any games using the sorts of basic fantasy role-playing game rules developed starting in the 1970s. They can be used as-is with games like Goblinoid Games’ Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future and can be easily modified and expanded for use with successor systems like OGL or other games altogether. ...

Six Spells: Festivities
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Many games focus solely on the combat aspects of magic, but in a fantasy world such powers can do almost anything. Spellcasters from more peaceful magical traditions might specialize in promoting health and the social good, often using the six spells described in this publication to enliven harvest festivals and other celebrations (but crafty players could, of course, use them in many situations). "Six Spells: Festivities" is stat'ed for the "Basic version of the d20/OGL game system and can be used as-is or easily adapted for any RPGs using the same core rules. ...

Six Spells: Lizardfolk
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Lizardfolk are a primitive swamp-dwelling people that are considered to be more in touch with nature than most of the other humanoid races. Their shamans have, accordingly, developed a number of useful spells to help them survive and thrive in an environment that most consider hostile. This title contains six spells formatted so as to be compatible with any games using the sorts of basic fantasy role-playing game rules developed starting in the 1970s. They can be used as-is with games like Goblinoid Games’ Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future and can be easily modified and expanded for use with successor systems like OGL or other games altogether. ...

Six Spells: Monster-Making
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This title contains six spells related to studying, altering, and creating creatures. They are formatted so as to be compatible with any games using the sorts of basic fantasy role-playing game rules developed starting in the 1970s. They can be used as-is with games like Goblinoid Games’ Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future and can be easily modified and expanded for use with successor systems like OGL or other games altogether. ...

Spontaneous Generation Monsters
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Spontaneous generation, the idea that life can arise from non-living matter, is one of several obsolete biological concepts that can be used in fantasy games to provide a storyteller with more options for monster and setting design. This concept can include living creatures that, by modern definition, are not biological, such as those made of glass or metal. There are at least three forms of spontaneous generation and these are all covered in this mini-sourcebook. Happenstance due to magical laws is the first and the most similar to the historical definition of spontaneous generation. Alchemy is the use of natural laws to create creatures through spontaneous generation by mortals. Divine intervention involves creation of monsters when circumstances fit the requirements dictated by a god...

Tests of Skill v.3.5: An OGL Adventure and Sourcebook
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Tests of Skill v.3.5 is thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded version of the innovative OGL adventure module and sourcebook originally released as a version 3.0 publication and intended as a companion volume to Experts v.3.5. This edition has been expanded by 24 pages, had its character and monster stats corrected and revised, and had added to it one new encounter, one new scenario, one new scenario outline, a section on Defects and how to use them in the game, and numerous other elements. It is intended to be enjoyed both by people familiar with the previous version and those completely new to it. Tests of Skill v.3.5 is designed to entertain and challenge players through scenarios and encounters that can be overcome optimally through role-playing, skill use, a...

The Jester Dragon's Guide to Defects
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Even as characters can have Feats that give them particular aptitudes and enhance their various skills and capabilities, so too can they suffer from Defects that negatively affect their ability to function. Such Defects can be used to make games more fun and unpredictable, and even more plausible. The Jester Dragon’s Guide to Defects is a complete sourcebook that details hundreds of character flaws, mental disorders, physical abnormalities, medical conditions, and outright quirks that DMs and players can use to liven up their characters and campaigns. This book contains: * More than 230 Defects, from minor faults to fatal flaws. * Defects appropriate for any genre, including High Fantasy, Swords-and-Sorcery, and Space Opera. * Innovative “Metagame” Defects...

Updated Animal Familiars: An OGL Supplement Inspired by ‘The Noble Wild’ Animal Player’s Handbook
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This booklet is dedicated to expanding the options for familiars available to arcane spellcasters like Sorcerors and Wizards and is inspired by a number of the concepts introduced in Skirmisher Publishing LLC’s ENnie-nominated The Noble Wild. This book, an “Animal Player’s Handbook,” presents a detailed system for incorporating viable animal characters into a either traditional or animal-oriented OGL campaign. Some of the material in this publication was developed as addenda to The Noble Wild and some of it appears in the current edition of that book. Collectively, however, this material has applications that can be applied outside of the system presented in The Noble Wild. And so, we have created Updated Animal Familiars as a means bo...

Warriors: A Comprehensive OGL Sourcebook for Fantasy Role-Playing Games
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Warriors is a comprehensive OGL sourcebook for fantasy role-playing games that expands upon the description of the Warrior class in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. It is an invaluable resource both for game masters who want to expand the variety and realism of combat encounters and martial non-player characters and for players who want to enhance the military and combat capabilities of their own characters. Features include: 16 military prestige classes, including the Aerial Cavalryman, Charioteer, Combat Engineer, Executioner, Marine, Mechanist Infantry, Mountaineer, and Sheriff. More than 30 military subtypes, including archers, artillerists, cavalrymen, beast handlers, infantrymen, medics, pathfinders, peasant levies, and templars. Nine non-military subtypes, ...

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Price: $92.84
          “Aïlo : une odyssée en Laponie”, le conte animalier français qui séduit la Finlande      Cache   Translate Page      
“Aïlo : une odyssée en Laponie”, le conte animalier français qui séduit la Finlande
Avec "Aïlo: une odyssée en Laponie", en salles mercredi, l'histoire d'un renne dans le Grand Nord, le réalisateur français Guillaume Maidatchevsky livre un conte animalier familial qui a séduit la Finlande, où il a réalisé le meilleur score pour un film français depuis 15 ans.
          Blanchard’s Will Soon Open Two Coffee Shops in Richmond      Cache   Translate Page      
For more than a decade, devoted coffee drinkers have been begging the team at Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co. to open a cafe. That time has finally come.

Well, almost. The local roastery, which has been roasting sustainably-sourced specialty coffee since 2005, announced its plans to open not one but two coffeehouses in Richmond this summer and next spring.

“We get tons of interest from people who can’t make it to the roast lab during work hours,” says Stephen Robertson, director of sales and marketing. “We want to make a space for people who are expecting more of a coffee shop experience.”

The first location, in a historic building on the 3100 block of West Broad Street, is slated to make its debut in June or July of this year. In the spring of 2020, the second shop will open near the intersection of Forest Hill Avenue and Westover Hills Boulevard, in the same development as the Veil Brewing Co.’s small-batch brewery and tasting room.

Beloved blends like the Handshake and Dark as Dark will be available at the coffee shops, of course, and Robertson says the menu will also provide opportunities to branch out a little with more single-origin coffees. A piece of equipment by Marco Beverage Systems Ltd., which Robertson describes as a “somewhat automated pour-over system,” will allow the shops to offer more by-the-cup variety.

“We’ll have a lot more selections, and we can serve based on the market price. So if people want to get adventurous and try something a little different, they can try it by the cup,” Robertson says. “It also reduces waste and keeps everything consistent.”

The team drew inspiration from Longoven for the decor, and Robertson describes it as “really warm but also minimalist.” They’re working with local design group Fultz and Singh Architects to design both spaces, which will feature clean lines, soft white tones, natural light and “nothing that doesn’t need to be there.”

Robertson says they’re still finalizing the food, but you can expect a simple menu with things like locally-made pastries and prepared items from Stella’s. A handful of beer and wines may also be available.

“Everything’s going to be super simple, and a lot of it will be featuring local partnerships,” says Robertson.

In the meantime, the roastery will continue to operate as usual, with products available online and at the Westwood Avenue lab and public cuppings (like a wine tasting, but for coffee) every Friday at 10:30 a.m.

          Måste jag äta kött?      Cache   Translate Page      

Måste jag äta kött? är en ganska vanlig fråga jag får.

Nej, du behöver absolut inte äta kött, särskilt inte om du med kött menar sånt som kommer från djur som stått inomhus och utfodrats med spannmål, soja och majs; och inte helt sällan fått en del antibiotika. Då gör du bäst i att låta bli.

Men vill du optimera din hälsa så behöver du äta lite animaliskt protein, lite … läs mer

          Commentaires sur Le RDV Tech 287 – La 5G dans l’espace par Jerome      Cache   Translate Page      
A part les services proposées ou inspirées par les GAFAMs, je ne connais aucun support qui permette à qui que ce soit, de façon anonyme le plus souvent, de publier du contenu (commentaire, son, photo, vidéo) avec publication immédiate dans le monde entier sans aucune forme de filtre (il se fait à posteriori). Ce genre d'enjeux me paraît de façon évidente nécessiter l'utilisation d'un filtre avant publication. C'est presque du bon sens, non ? Je ne suis pas d'accord avec ton résumé, le problème n'est pas de définir ce qui est éthique et ce qui ne l'est pas, chacun a sa propre éthique, sa propre façon de penser et d'agir (dans le respect de la loi). Je dis simplement que ces sociétés doivent définir et communiquer ce qu'est LEUR PROPRE éthique. Ça ne veut pas dire non plus qu'elles doivent exprimer leur avis sur tous les sujets. Simplement définir les limites que leur imposent LEUR PROPRE éthique. Chacun jugera ensuite si cette éthique est compatible avec la sienne et décider d'utiliser ou non les services de cette société. Elles seront ensuite évalué par chacun sur le respect ou non de cette éthique énoncée. Cette application n'était qu'un exemple. Effectivement, elle n'est sans doute pas applicable partout, mais Google en fait cependant une publicité en la publiant sur son store. Ceci n'empêche pas Google de valoriser par ailleurs son image en vantant la place de la femme dans ses effectifs à coup de campagnes publicitaires sur YouTube. L'éthique c'est être conforme aux principes qu'on s'est fixés dans chacune de ses actions. Rien de plus, rien de moins. Je ne vois pas en quoi énoncer et formaliser sa charte éthique serait une utopie pour ses sociétés. Ça se fait dans d'autres domaines et elles-mêmes ne se privent pas de l'invoquer lorsque c'est facile ou quand ça les arrange.
          Birinci vitse-prezident Fransanin iqtisadiyyat ve maliyye naziri ile gorusub      Cache   Translate Page      
13 Mart, 2019  01:13 xeber – persona/mehriban-əliyeva/”>Mehriban Əliyevanın Fransanın iqtisadiyyat və maliyyə naziri Brüno Lömer ilə görüşü olub.”Report” AZƏRTAC-a istinadən xəbər verir ki, nazir Brüno Lömer Birinci vitse-prezident Mehriban Əliyevanın Azərbaycan iqtisadiyyatının şaxələndirilməsində mühüm rolu olduğunu bildirib.Birlikdə işləməyə hazır olduqlarını qeyd edən nazir Brüno Lömer dedi ki, Fransa yeni texnologiyalar sahəsində ölkəmizə töhfələr verə bilər. “Total”ın Azərbaycanda fəal […]
          Det här ska du välja ekologiskt      Cache   Translate Page      

Jag köper alla fetter ekologiskt (smör, olivolja, kokosolja etc) eftersom många gifter ansamlas i just fett. Jag köper också kött och andra animaliska produkter från frigående eller vilt, eller ekologiskt. Bättre för djuren och miljön, näringen i djuren är bättre, och prisskillnaden är inte så himla stor rent procentuellt.

När det gäller grönsaker är prisskillnaden (procentuellt) oftast mycket större mellan ekologiska grönsaker och besprutade. Personligen låter jag helt enkelt bli … läs mer

          Alphabet's Jigsaw releases Tune, a Chrome extension that filters out "toxic" comments on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Disqus using its Perspective AI (Alfred Ng/CNET)      Cache   Translate Page      

Alfred Ng / CNET:
Alphabet's Jigsaw releases Tune, a Chrome extension that filters out “toxic” comments on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Disqus using its Perspective AI  —  The comments sections of websites bring out the best and worst of the internet — engaging insights are often found right next to enraging insults.

          Chrome 73 for desktops starts rolling out with Mac Dark Mode support and begins testing Auto Picture-in-Picture for "installed" Progressive Web Apps (Abner Li/9to5Google)      Cache   Translate Page      

Abner Li / 9to5Google:
Chrome 73 for desktops starts rolling out with Mac Dark Mode support and begins testing Auto Picture-in-Picture for “installed” Progressive Web Apps  —  The latest release of Google Chrome is rolling out today for Mac, Windows, and Linux.  On desktops, Chrome 73 introduces …

          Hands-on with Twitter's new prototype app twttr, its color-coded replies, hidden engagements, and more, with comparisons to Twitter's public iOS app (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)      Cache   Translate Page      

Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
Hands-on with Twitter's new prototype app twttr, its color-coded replies, hidden engagements, and more, with comparisons to Twitter's public iOS app  —  Yesterday, Twitter rolled out its much-anticipated prototype application to the first group of testers.  We've now gotten our hands …

          Tabloid (2010) de Errol Morris       Cache   Translate Page      



Joyce McKinney, cela vous dit quelque chose ? Mais si, la Ricaine qui a kidnappé, en Grande Bretagne, un Mormon (l'amour de sa vie), l'a violé pendant trois jours avant de laisser partir rejoindre sa secte ! Non ? Mais si, celle qui avant se plaisait à jouer les call-girls avec pour spécialité bondage, pipe et massage à poil ! Non ? Mais si, celle qui a envoyé un bout de son pitbull mort en Corée du sud et qui a eu la joie d'avoir cinq petits clones de sa merdouille ! Non, toujours pas. Ouais, elle me disait rien non plus cette Joyce (vulgos, pathos, sûre d'elle, un genre de Marine Le Pen du sexe) – heureusement (ou pas) le doc de Morris est plutôt complet pour faire le tour de la personne... Chose compliquée a priori à faire et ce même si la donzelle, interviewée longuement pour les besoins de la chose, n'est jamais avare en détail, en larmes, en offuscation, en éclat de rire qui sonne faux… On écoute également plusieurs personnes qui l'ont côtoyé et des journalistes qui ont suivi l'affaire, une affaires  qui a, à la fin des années 70, "défrayé la chronique"... Coupable de folie la donzelle, obsédée du cul et de ses fantasmes ou simple citoyenne un peu borderline ? Difficile de trancher... Le fait est que se rendre coupable, pour une femme, de viol sur un Mormon, on ne peut pas dire que cela a, à l'époque, particulièrement nui à son image oui détérioré son capital "sympathie"... Elle fit, pourtant, la bougresse, de la prison, fut jugée, libérée sous caution avant... de s'échapper en douce au Canada... Aucune suite ne fut donnée à cet imbroglio sexo-religio-polardo-judiciaire... Morris, tente de recouper les infos, les témoignages pour qu'on puisse se faire un avis sur la dame (c'est l'intérêt de la chose, me direz-vous - le fond de l'histoire ne constituant pas l'affaire politique du siècle : juste un fait divers un brin juteux avec une blonde plus maline, plus maligne qu'elle en a l'air) ; le moins qu'on puisse dire, c'est que le personnage demeure malgré tout opaque : manipulatrice, elle le fut, sans aucun ; manipulée (du moins son image) par les tabloïds, elle eut droit tout autant à sa dose sur ce point ; même si l'on sent que ce starlette sans talent (si ce n'est le goût du déguisement pour peu qu'on aime les Village People) a cherché à avoir son petit quart d'heure de gloire, elle eut droit à un sacré retour de bâton en voyant son corps exposé sous toutes les coutures dans les canards popu anglais (il n'y avait pas beaucoup à creuser pour tomber sur des photos hot...). La kidnappeuse, "l'abuseuse allumeuse" allumée en quelque sorte. Un doc classiquement construit (interviews, illustrations sommaires...) sur une vie pour le moins foutraque et bordélique. Un cas, un fait-divers du genre "tout à l'égout" qui émoustilla en son temps notre petite société assoiffée de curiosité borgnole. Tout juste amusant.



          Animali: in molte specie esiste una vera e propria forma di cultura      Cache   Translate Page      

La loro "vita sociale" fornisce elementi per la loro tutela. Lo spiega uno studio pubblicato su Science a cui hanno partecipato due ricercatori italiani di Ispra e Sapienza

          Patentstreit: Ehemaliger Apple-Ingenieur sagt, dass er nicht der Erfinder der Qualcomm-Technologie ist      Cache   Translate Page      
Apples jüngster Gerichtsstreit mit Qualcomm wird derzeit in San Diego ausgefochten. Während der Chip-Hersteller immer noch versucht mit Patentklagen ein Verkaufsstopp des iPhones in den USA zu erwirken, versucht Apple zumindest eines der drei beanstandeten Patente anzuzweifeln. Hierfür stand diese Woche eine Aussage von Arjuna Siva an. Siva ist ein ehemaliger Apple-Ingenieur, der laut Apple für […]
          Illamående – så här lindrar du det (tex om du är gravid eller åksjuk)      Cache   Translate Page      

Det finns både örter och vitaminer som kan hjälpa dig att bli av med illamående.

Väldigt många gravida kvinnor lider i onödan av graviditetsillamående, helt enkelt för att de har brist på vitamin B6. B6 är ett vanligt vitamin att ha brist på vid stress, inflammation eller dåligt näringsupptag. Dessutom är det lätt att få brist på om du är vegetarian och undviker animaliska produkter.

Varje gång jag gör ett … läs mer

          SoCo in Time: A Review of Southern Comfort at Pride Films and Plays      Cache   Translate Page      
This heartfelt new musical feels like the first signs of spring: hopeful and encouraging.
          Pulp Friction: A Review of Little Shop of Horrors at Mercury Theater Chicago      Cache   Translate Page      
With a third local production in as many years, this Alan Menken and Howard Ashman musical is showing its age.
          Besicilere ucuz maliyetli arpa müjdesi      Cache   Translate Page      
Tarım ve Orman Bakanı Bekir Pakdemirli, Kars'ta 'Tarım ve Orman Sektörü Değerlendirme Toplantısı'nda konuştu.Pakdemirli...
      Cache   Translate Page      

Tidy Culture: A name that evokes cleanliness, community, and organization.
tidy, culture, cleanliness, cleaning, organization, products, laundry, home, community, blog, inspiration, minimalism

          Des-normalizacion      Cache   Translate Page      
          Eljif Elmas ve genç futbolculara destek olunmalı !      Cache   Translate Page      
Levent Ümit Erol'dan Eljif Elmas ve genç oyunculara destek.
          Fenerbahçe'nin kalesini kim korumalı ? İşte LÜE'nin yanıtı...      Cache   Translate Page      
Fenerbahçe'de son günlerde en çok merak edilen ve tartışılan soru ''Fenerbahçe'nin kalesini kim korumalı?''. İşte Levent Ümit Erol'un yanıtı...
          Trabzon'da gelecek sezon için Sosa kararı verildi!      Cache   Translate Page      
Yaşadığı maddi sıkıntılar nedeniyle hem sezon başında hem de devre arasında yüksek maliyetli futbolcular ile yollarını ayıran Trabzonspor'da Jose Sosa'nın geleceği merakla bekleniyordu.
Venta y Alquiler de Casa 4 AMBIENTES en La Horqueta de Echeverría, Esteban EcheverríaHermosa casa estilo minimalista en 2 plantas, a estrenar!CON PILETA DE 4,5 X 9 APROX, TIENE 3 DORMITORIOS EN PLANTA ALTA, 2 BAÑOS, UNA EN SUITE, PLAYROOM, BALCÓN...
3 dormitorios 3 baños balcón pileta
Mon, 11 Mar 2019 17:45:46 +0100
          Alquiler de espectacular Casa 4 ambientes en Esteban Echeverría      Cache   Translate Page      
Venta y Alquiler de Casa 4 AMBIENTES en La Horqueta de Echeverría, Esteban EcheverríaHermosa casa estilo minimalista en 2 plantas, a estrenar!CON PILETA DE 4,5 X 9 APROX, TIENE 3 DORMITORIOS EN PLANTA ALTA, 2 BAÑOS, UNA EN SUITE, PLAYROOM, BALCÓN...
3 dormitorios 3 baños 300 m² 3 ARS/m² balcón pileta
Fri, 13 Apr 2018 19:13:40 +0200
          Comment on On Personal Liberty And Vaccination by DrDaveT      Cache   Translate Page      
@<a href="#comment-2391486" rel="nofollow">An Interested Party</a>: <blockquote>What!? You mean that libertarianism is something that can’t really work in the real world!?</blockquote> No, it's worse than that. Libertarianism isn't a thing. People who claim to be libertarians really mean that they place more weight on personal liberty than other people do -- but when pressed for why they do that, or asked to apply those principles in specific cases, they revert to arguments that appeal to other, more fundamental principles. (Or they just assert a preference with no argument, turning their libertarianism into an aesthetic preference, as opposed to a philosophy.) The slippery slope adjacent to libertarianism is the steepest and iciest in all of political philosophy. One step away from Somalia takes you all the way to the bottom of the chute.
          The Animals – The Mickie Most Years And More (2013)      Cache   Translate Page      
FLAC | 1,3 GB | LINKS Disc 1 – 1963 Graphic Sound EP Disc 2 – 1964 The Animals Disc 3 – 1965 Animal Tracks Disc 4 – 1965 The Animals On Tour Disc 5 – 1966 Animalization

Uongozi wa klabu ya Simba kupitia kwa Daktari wa wachezaji, Yassin Gembe, umetangaza kuwa maendeleo ya wachezaji wake, Emmanul Okwi na Erasto Nyoni kuendelea vizuri.

Gembe amesema wachezaji hao hawakusafiri na timu kuelekea Algeria kwa ajili ya mechi na JS Saoura ambayo ilimalizika kwa Simba kufungwa mabao 2-0.

Gembe amesema wawili hao watakuwa Bocco Veterani leo kwa ajili ya mazoezi na ikiwezekana wakawa sehemu ya mchezo ujao wa Ligi ya Mabingwa Afrika dhidi ya AS Vita.

"Nyoni na Okwi watakuwa wanafanya mazoezi leo kwakuwa hali zao zinaendelea vema na wanaweza kuwa sehemu ya kikosi dhidi ya Vita kama Mwalimu akiwapendekeza."

Simba itaenda kucheza na Vita Jumamosi ya wiki hii kusaka tiketi ya kufuzu kuelekea hatua ya robo fainali ya michuano hiyo.
          VIFO VYA RUGE, KIBONDE FUNZO KUBWA      Cache   Translate Page      

DAR ES SALAAM: FUNZO kubwa! Ndiyo kauli iliyosikika ka­tika vinywa vya wengi, kuelezea vifo vya Mkurugenzi wa Vipindi na Uzalishaji wa Clouds Media Group, Ruge Mu­tahaba na Mtangazaji wa Clouds FM, Ephrahim Kibonde vilivyo­tokea ndani ya muda mfupi.  

Ruge alifariki dunia Februari 26, mwaka huu alipokuwa nchini Afrika Kusini kwa matibabu huku Kibonde akifariki alfajiri ya Machi 7, saa chache baada ya kumaliza zoezi la mazishi ya Ruge.


Waombolezaji wengi waliozun­gumza na Ijumaa Wikienda, walieleza namna misiba hii ilivy­oacha fundisho kubwa kwa jamii katika vipindi tofauti. Kuna ambao walieleza namna ambavyo kifo cha Kibonde kime­gusa mamilioni ya Watanzania kutokana na jinsi alivyoongoza kama MC wa msiba wa Ruge kuanzia jijini Dar hadi Bukoba alikokwenda kupumzishwa Ruge katika makazi yake ya milele.

“Hii ni zaidi ya somo kwetu sisi tuliobaki. Kwa waliomuona Kibonde pale katika Viwanja vya Karimjee, hakuna hata mmoja aliyedhani kwamba naye anaweza kudondoka leo au kesho. Kila mtu alimuona Kibonde yupo safi na mwenye afya njema hata kusimamia shughuli nzito kama ile,” alisema msanii wa Bongo Movies, Kulwa Kikuba ‘Dude’.


Mbali na kumuona tu Kibonde ni mzima wa afya siku hiyo, maneno aliyoyazungumza siku ya kuaga mwili wa Ruge katika viwanja hivyo, ndiyo yamekuwa chachu ya watu kujitafakari na kila mmoja kueleza jinsi ambavyo ameguswa na kujifunza sana katika vifo hivi.

“Kwa kweli yale maneno ya Kibonde aliyoyasema kwamba mtu unaweza kufa leo, kama si leo kesho na kama si kesho basi kesho kutwa yamekuwa zaidi ya somo kwangu. Kwa umri wangu huu na jinsi ninavyo­jifunza kila siku nafahamu kwamba kifo ni lazima lakini kwa yale maneno, nimeuona uhalisia wake.

“Kitendo cha yeye kusema kama si kesho basi ni kesho kutwa na kweli ameondoka, ile imetufanya hata sisi wasanii tujitafakari upya. Tunapaswa kumrudia Muumba wetu na kuishi katika misingi ya sala,” alisema muigizaji Blandina Chagula ‘Johari’.


Kifo cha Kibonde kimeoneka­na kuibua upya kifo cha Ruge na kuwafanya watu wengi hususan mitandaoni wamkum­buke na kuyajadili yale mema ambayo aliyafanya akiwa hapa duniani na watu wengi kuy­abaini baada ya kuondoka.

Mmoja wa waombolezaji aliyejitambulihsa kwa jina la Juma Kihoi aliyekuwa msi­bani, nyumbani kwa wazazi wa Kibonde, Mbezi-Africana, alisema kifo cha Kibonde kimemfanya arudi nyuma kimazo na kumkumbuka Ruge na kuona hata yeye ndivyo anavyopaswa kuishi.

“Niwe mkweli nilikuwa sim­fuatilii sana Ruge lakini kuto­kana na historia na ukubwa wa msiba wake nilioushuhudia na jinsi shuhuda mbalimbali zilivyotolewa wakati wa kuaga, niligundua Ruge ametuachia somo kubwa sana.

“Ruge ametupa darasa la maisha kwamba hapa duniani sisi si kitu hivyo tunapaswa ku­fanya kila tuwezavyo kuhakiki­sha tunawatendea mema watu wanaotuzunguka. Ruge aligusa maisha ya mtu mmojammoja, hakuwa mchoyo. Aligawa mawazo na alikuwa tayari hata kukopa ili amsaidie mwenye shida.”


Msemaji wa Klabu ya Simba, Haji Marana naye alionesha kuguswa na vifo hivi moja kwa moja na kuandika ujumbe kwenye ukurasa wake wa Insta­gram kwamba ameamua kuwa mtu wa kuswali.

“Mtanisamehe sana, maisha ya kibitozi yananitisha maana kifo hakiangalii wewe Msemaji wa Simba wala unajua sana kuimba! Kifo hakina hodi na hakijali account zako za benki na kina desturi ya kuzunguka. Now kipo Clouds, hujui kita­hamia wapi! Ahhh sasa hivi ni swala hadi malaika waseme yes,” aliandika Manara.

Mwili wa Kibonde ulizikwa juzi katika Makaburi ya Kinon­doni jijini Dar ambapo msiba huo ulihudhuriwa na umati mkubwa ulioongozwa na Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam, Paul Makonda pamoja na viongozi wengine wa Serikali akiwemo Waziri wa Maliasili na Utalii, Dk Hamisi Kingwangalla. Pia alikuwepo Rais mstaafu wa Awamu ya Nne, Dk Jakaya Kikwete na mkewe Salma.


Ikumbukwe pia, Kibonde ame­fariki siku 240 baada ya mkewe Sara kufariki Julai 10, mwaka jana.


Kibonde ameacha watoto watatu; Junior, Hilda na Illaria. Mungu ailaze roho yake mahali pema peponi-amina!

Stori: Erick Evarist na Richard Bukos, Ijumaa Wikienda

BAADA ya Simba kupoteza mchezo wake wa Ligi ya Mabingwa hatua ya makundi mbele ya JS Saoura, sasa wachezaji wameamua kuhamishia hasira zao kwa wapinzani wao AS Vita ili kushinda na kutinga hatua ya robo fainali. Kwa sasa kundi D limekaa kimtego kwani hakuna hata mmoja mwenye uhakika wa kutinga hatua ya robo fainali mpaka jumamosi ambapo timu zote nne zitacheza mchezo wa mwisho wa hatua ya makundi.

          MOTO WATEKETEZA MALI ZA MAMILIONI SOKONI      Cache   Translate Page      

WAFANYABIASHARA wanahesabu hasara baada ya mali ya thamani isiyojulikana kuteketea kwa moto usiku wa kuamkia leo (Jummane) alfajiri katika soko la Toi jijini Nairobi, Kenya. Moto huo umezuka mnamo saa tisa  usiku.

Toi ni soko maarufu linalofahamika kwa uuzaji wa bidhaa kukuu zikiwemo nguo za mtumba, lakini pia bidhaa nyingine kama mbao na vifaa vya elektroniki.

Muuzaji mmoja, Charlie Chaplin, ameliarifu shirika la utangazaji la Uingereza (BBC) kwamba aliamshwa alfajiri kwa simu akiarifiwa kwamba moto umezuka na alilazimika kukimbia kwenda katika soko hilo. Kwa sasa anasema anakadiria kupatwa na hasara ya mamilioni ya shilingi za Kenya.

Mwandishi habari aliyefika katika eneo hilo Oliver Koech, anasema baadhi ya watu wamelalamika kuhusu kuchelewa kwa zimazoto kukabiliana na moto huo kwa wakati na kuudhibiti kabla ya kusambaa kama ulivyosambaa na kuiharibu sehemu kubwa ya soko hilo.   Hiyo si mara ya kwanza magari ya zimamoto kushutumiwa nchini kwa kushindwa kudhibiti mikasa ya moto kwa muda muafaka licha ya kuwa na vifaa vipya.

Hata hivyo, makazi yasiyo rasmi  yanakuwa hayana mpangilio mzuri, kwani nyumba husongamana sana na hakuna njia za katikati, hivyo magari ya zimamoto hushindwa kuingia ndani zaidi. Hadi kufikia saa moja asubuhi ya leo, baadhi ya wauzaji walikuwa wakijaribu kukusanya masalio ya mali zao katika eneo hilo la Toi.

Wauzaji wengi wamekumbwa na hasara ya thamani ya mali za mamilioni katika soko hilo lililo karibu na mtaa mkubwa wa mabanda wa Kibera mjini Nairobi. Wanasema ni pigo kubwa, na hawajui la kufanya kutokana na kwamba walitegemea biashara katika soko hilo katika kujikimu maisha.


KOCHA wa timu ya Lipuli, Seleman Matola amesema amefunga jumla hesabu za ushindi wake mbele ya Mbao,alioupata kwenye Uwanja wa Samora kwa kushinda bao 1-0 sasa kinachomuumiza kichwa ni bao la mshambuliaji wa Yanga, Heritier Makambo alilofungwa kwenye mchezo wa mzunguko wa kwanza Uwanja wa Taifa.

Makambo aliifunga Lipuli dakika ya tisa bao ambalo liliwanyima pointi tatu Lipuli na kuondoka mikono mitupu, sasa Matola ameamua kuanza kuinoa timu yake kuimaliza Yanga.

Matola amesema kuwa hesabu kubwa ni kuona anaimaliza mapema Yanga kwa kuanza kuwapa mbinu wachezaji wake kuelekea mchezo wao wa Yanga.

"Majalada ya ushindi wetu dhidi ya Mbao tumeachana nayo sasa akili zetu ni mchezo wetu dhidi ya Yanga, hakuna atakayetuzuia kwa sasa kupata matokeo kwani nimewasoma vilivyo wapinzani wangu lazima nilipe kisasi.

"Nalikumbuka lile bao la yule mshambuliaji wao Makambo, sasa kila nikifikiria namna tulivyopoteza pointi nakosa usingizi nafikiria tu namna ya kuimaliza, hesabu zangu ni kuona nabaki na pointi tatu," amesema Matola.

Yanga itaifuata Lipuli mwezi Machi 16 mchezo utakaopigwa Uwanja wa Samora.

          Komentář k příspěvku Nevstoupíš dvakrát do téhož čaje…? od Jitka      Cache   Translate Page      
Zdravím, předem se omlouvám za svou nedočkavost (čteno zvědavost), nicméně se počítám k té spoustě lidí, kteří se již nemohou dočkat pokračování příběhu Daniho a Kita. Proto mi snad prominete mou troufalost, když se zeptám, jak to s knihou vypadá. Netrpělivě totiž každý den vyhlížím obálku, ukázku, počet stran a další podobné maličkosti trápící každého knihomola při očekávání oblíbené knížky. Pokud se nepletu, má kniha vyjít koncem března, tak se tedy ptám, kdy se můžeme těšit alespoň na vzhled obálky? Aby se nám to čekání trošičku ukrátilo... (Doufám, že to bude co nejdříve, protože jinak si asi samou nedočkavostí ukoušu nehty, vytrhám vlasy či něco podobně hrozného). Přeji pěkné odpoledne a hodně štěstí při psaní nejen muffinů a koláčků. PS: Ještě jednou se omlouvám:-)
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Trendy w manikiurze od lat są coraz bardziej odważne. Po latach popularności długich, często sztucznych paznokci, nadszedł czas na minimalistyczne, krótkie, z niewielkimi ozdobami. Obecnie jednym z najgorętszych, choć na pewno dość odważnych trendów jest... manikiur z wykorzystaniem pereł. 

Artykuł Nowy trend w manikiurze: perły na paznokciach pochodzi z serwisu

          África del Sur: Parque Nacional Kruger - Sudáfrica      Cache   Translate Page      
david_te Escribio: Hola, que precio ronda un paquete de alojamiento mas safaris por hacerme una idea, tipo barato/ normalillo? Y solo una mañana de safari sin alojamiento? Tal y como comentan, lo mejor es consultar la web de SANParks o el hilo que existe en el foro. Pero simplemente decir que a pesar que en cada Rest Camp varía el coste por cada tipo de alojamiento, en general son precios asequibles y para todos los bolsillos, si tomamos como referencia el nivel de vida español. En general ni los restaurantes, ni las tiendas ni las actividades que se ofrecen me parecieron caras. No estamos hablando de precios exclusivos y carísimos como alguna reserva privada contigua al Kruger estilo Sabie Sands.
          Le coupable de l'incendie de la librairie à Aubusson a été condamné      Cache   Translate Page      
En décembre dernier, un incendie criminel avait ravagé la librairie Au Petit Bonheur située à Aubusson (Creuse), un jeune sans domicile fixe avait été arrêté et maintenu en détention. Après 3 mois d'attente, le jugement vient de tomber : le jeune homme de 22 ans a été condamné à 2 ans de prison ferme.

Burn Ed Burn
(photo d'illustration - crédit : domaine public)

Tout a commencé dans la nuit du vendredi 7 au samedi 8 décembre, lorsqu'un incendie s'est déclenché dans le centre-ville d’Aubusson. Les flammes ont ravagé la librairie Au Petit Bonheur et le cabinet d'un podologue situé juste au-dessus. Les deux appartements à l’étage supérieur ont également été dégradés.

Le principal suspect, un sans domicile de 22 ans, avait rapidement été interpellé et placé en détention provisoire. Très alcoolisé ce soir-là et sous l’emprise de drogue, un briquet avait aussi été retrouvé sur le jeune homme.  « Il ne peut pas nier sa participation », mais ne se souvient de rien, avait alors affirmé le procureur de la République Bruno Sauvage.

Alors qu'il devait être jugé le lundi 10 décembre en comparution immédiate au tribunal de Guéret pour « destruction d'un bien par un moyen dangereux en état de récidive légale », ce dernier a demandé un report pour préparer sa défense. C'est donc le lundi 11 mars que le jugement a enfin eu lieu. 

Le mystère du motif

Et si le jeune homme a été condamné à 2 ans de prison ferme, le procès n'a pas élucidé le motif du délit.  « Je ne me souviens pas des faits. Je sais que c’est moi, car je me souviens être sorti du truc de livres », avait-il affirmé en visioconférence depuis la bibliothèque de la maison d’arrêt début décembre. Le prévenu avait déjà été condamné 6 fois auparavant. 
L’Odyssée des livres sauvés :
sur les pas des livres annihilés et brulés

Karine Férat, la libraire, ainsi que le podologue n'étaient pas présents à l'audience. Leurs avocats ont expliqué le choc qu'ils ont subi, ainsi que les pertes auxquels ils ont dû faire face. Le jeune homme de 22 ans devra aussi rembourser les victimes. Le chiffre est tombé pour le préjudice de la librairie et correspond au total à près de 21 000 euros. Celui du podologue devra être fixé lors d'une autre audience en septembre prochain. 

Au Petit Bonheur se relève

Pour cette librairie qui avait tout perdu, des livres et des dons ont été récoltés dans la commune d'Aubusson. Un bel exemple de solidarité qui a ainsi permis à Karine Férat de rouvrir un nouveau magasin. C'est avec l'aide la mairie que la libraire a pu trouver un nouveau local non loin de son ancienne boutique. 

La nouvelle librairie a rouvert ses portes à la mi-janvier, et porte de nouveau comme nom « Au petit bonheur ». 

Via France Bleu
          À quoi sert la littérature ? La Grande librairie s'interroge aussi en podcast      Cache   Translate Page      
Le magazine littéraire de France 5, présenté par François Busnel, se modernise. Rendez-vous hebdomadaire, La Grande librairie passe d’une diffusion télévisuelle... à une dimension audio, complémentaire. Et le programme ne manquera pas d’intérêt cette semaine.


François Busnel reçoit : le Prix Nobel de littérature Orhan Pamuk  (La femme aux cheveux roux, trad. Valérie Gay-Aksoy, Gallimard), Erik Orsenna (Voyage au pays des bibliothèques, Stock), Abd Al Malik (Le jeune noir à l’épée, Présence Africaine/Musée D’Orsay/Flammarion). L'animateur recevra également les deux lauréats du prix France Télévisons.

Cette semaine, la question sera terrible : à quoi sert la lecture ? Gageons qu’elle ne pourrait avoir que des bienfaits...

Mais la grande nouveauté, c’est que désormais, La Grande Librairie se regarde et s’écoute. Le magazine littéraire de France 5 présenté tous les mercredis à 20h50 est désormais disponible en podcast audio. On peut ainsi retrouver en intégralité l'émission de la veille en podcast sur les cinq plateformes suivantes : Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Spotify, Tootak.

          Modern Anonymus      Cache   Translate Page      

Szövegeivel naponta találkozol: szórakoztat és tájékoztat, befolyásolja választásodat. Arca számos, neve titkos, közben lehet, hogy ismerőseid között találod. Interjúm Kovács Andrea hivatásos szövegíróval.

Kérlek, mutasd be magad, mióta foglalkozol szellemírással és annak mely válfajával!

Egy nagyon kacskaringós út minimum három fontos lépése szerepet játszik abban, hogy úgymond fizetett béríróvá lett Kovács Andrea, aki sokadik tucat ezen a néven, kizárólag a maga idejének az ura és sárkányjellemű őrzője.
Papírral igazolható, tanult szakmám szerint általános ápoló és asszisztens vagyok, ám 1999 óta nem dolgoztam betegágy mellett. Többször elhagytam az egészségügyi pályát, ez idő alatt kipróbáltam magam nehézgéplakatos műhelyben többtonnás húzópréseken és ponthegesztőgépen. Dolgoztam számítógépgyárban és én lettem a szalagsor királynője; voltam napszámos és takarítónő is, valamint vidéki kocsmában pultos. Ez utóbbi az első fontos lépés, ami arra az útra terelt, amin most járok.
Az első kéziratom csírája is itt született 2008-ban a kocsmapulton, egy végtelenül unalmas és forró, júniusi vasárnap délután. Még a kocsma is az ürességtől kongott, nemcsak az utcák, így volt időm tanulni. Akkoriban éppen az volt a fixa ideám, hogy gyermekkori vágyamat beteljesítve megtanulok japánul és nagy vehemenciával neki is láttam, ám a forróság miatt nem tudtam koncentrálni, és egyszer csak azon kaptam magamat, hogy hiraganák és katakanák helyett rendkívül csúnya, ám nagyon is latin betűket formázok egy kockás füzetbe szörnyekről, varázslókról, gnómokról és egy különleges képességekkel rendelkező kislányról.
Japánul nem tanultam meg végül és a fantasy történetet sem fejeztem be. Csendesen lapul a PC-memóriában, ám nagyon fontos szerepe van abban, hogy végül az írás lett az életformám.
Akkoriban ugyanis annyit tudtam a számítógépekről, hogy egy velem párhuzamosan létező világ eszközei. És pont. Igen ám, de a történetecském körmölésébe időközben belezsibbadtam és a második spirálfüzet betelte után úgy döntöttem, hogy ez nem mehet így tovább, meg kell tanulnom gépelni. Elmentem hát a falu könyvtárába - akkoriban Kalocsa mellett éltem egy alig ezerfős településen - kifizettem a számítógép- és internethasználati díjat két órára előre, majd ráböktem az egérre és megkérdeztem, hogy mi az és hogyan kell használni.
Most pedig, cirka tizenegy évvel később az autodidakta elsajátított felhasználói ismereteimből, digitális készségeim folyamatos fejlesztéséből, az internetből és abból élek, hogy piszok gyorsan tudok gépelni három ujjal, valamint fékezhetetlen habzású fantáziámat és kutatószenvedélyemet mások szolgálatába állítom.
A második fontos lépés, az volt, hogy cirka másfél évig egy kiadónál is dolgoztam kommunikációsként. A munkakörömhöz az is hozzátartozott, hogy a kiadó online felületeire is kellett cikkeket írnom, valamint a kiadó magazinjában kaptam egy rovatot.
A harmadik fontos momentum, ami a “munkaköri szövegírás” felé terelt az, hogy call centerben is dolgoztam, mint telefonos értékesítő. Ebből azt tanultam meg, hogy az értékesítői vénám ugyan száraz, mint a Szaharában fújdogáló szél - legalábbis élőszóban- de a kollégáim a fejemből random kipattanó szófordulataimmal gazdagítják a céges scripteket, tehát valami érzékem azért mégiscsak van ahhoz, hogy vonzóvá varázsoljam az emberek számára mások termékeit és szolgáltatásait.
Röviden – és tényleg ez a rövid verzió, mert kihagytam az SFportalt, az SFblogot, az Avanát, a bloggermúltamat, stb… – így jutottam el odáig, hogy ma már értékesítéstámogató tartalommarketinggel, ezen belül szövegírással és még ezen belül jellemzően szellemírással foglalkozom egyéni vállalkozóként, hivatalosan 2017. december 1. óta, nem hivatalosan 2009 óta.

Mitől vonzó a szövegíró szakma, illetve te miért tartod annak?

Most fülig ér a szám, mert mindig azzal szoktam fényezni magamat a tükör előtt, hogy én az irodalom felől érkeztem a szövegírásba, hiszen előbb jelent meg novellám, mint marketingszövegem. DE! A marketingszövegírás nagyon szigorú követelményeket támaszt az írókkal szemben, kezdve a terjedelmi korlátoktól a stílus és nyelvezet meghatározásán keresztül a szöveg célján át a brand hiteles és márkahű kommunikációjáig.
Ezt úgy kell elképzelned, hogy más hangján kell megfogalmaznod mások kommunikációs céljait a magadétól eltérő stílusban és nyelvezettel úgy, hogy a megbízód célcsoportja számára vonzó, értékes és ami nagyon fontos, hasznos tartalom legyen. Ugyanakkor - ha a megbízás erre is kitér- oktató és/vagy szórakoztató, de nem lehet szájbarágós és didaktikus, vagy alpári és közönséges.
És mindez változatos mennyiségben áll rendelkezésedre: kezded reggel a fogzásról írt közvetlen hangvételű cikkel baba-mama témában, utána jön egy komoly és szakmai hangvételű technikai cikk a mezőgazdasági művelésre is alkalmas területek agrofotovoltaikus hasznosításáról, aztán néhány termék- és kategórialeírás például magasfényű nitrátfestékek alkalmazási lehetőségeiről, majd laza zárásként a harmadik generációs napelemek kutatás-fejlesztés projektjeiről írsz edukációs szöveget.

Egyszóval az a vonzó benne, hogy egyrészt élvezem, másrészt kihívást jelent.

Milyen készségek, képességek és tulajdonságok tesznek valakit jó szellemíróvá?

Ha csak pár szóval akarnám jellemezni, azt mondanám, hogy a jó marketing- és tartalomszövegíró egy személyben pszichológus, piackutató és elemző, kereskedő, tanár, szociológus, reklámszakember, médiaszemléző és természetesen író. Tehát, mindazokat a készségeket és képességeket, azok elméleti és gyakorlati finomságait meg kell tanulnia alkalmazni a munkája során, amikkel a fentebb felsorolt szakmák képviselői rendelkeznek.
Az íráskészségen és szövegalkotási képességen kívül szüksége van az elemző kritikus szemléletére, arra, hogy igényes kutatómunkát végezzen, hogy bírjon az önreflexió képességével és tisztában legyen azzal, hogy nem tévedhetetlen.
A kíváncsiság, a nyitottság és az empátia szintén olyan tulajdonságok, amik maximálisan támogatják a szövegírót.
Legyen hajlandó folyamatosan tanulni, mert az önképzés elemi része a szövegíró létének. A hazai trendek jönnek-mennek, újraformálódnak, vagy végképp elsüllyednek. Lépést kell tartani a nemzetközi trendekkel is, de minimum lekövetni a változásokat és megfigyelni, hogy a csírák táptalajra találtak-e a hazai kommunikációban, bevonható-e, eredményre vezethet-e a mi kis Aranyos Szegeletünk szemellenzők sújtotta közegében.
Olvasson sokat és természetesen ezen kívül még sokat kell olvasnia is. Viccen kívül. Válogatás nélkül, mindent: regényt, verset, novellát, elbeszélést, pamfletet és karcolatot, tudományos folyóiratot és műszaki leírásokat, sőt, használati utasítást és garancialevelet is.
Szerencsére, ha változatos megbízásai vannak a szövegírónak, akkor az anyaggyűjtés során mindezzel találkozik, mert Magasságos Internet Anyánk kényeztető kebelén csüngve csak az nem találkozik mindezekkel, ha kizárja a világot az életéből és megelégszik azzal a homokozóval, amit a saját érdeklődése és ízlése, valamint rokonai, barátai, ismerősei és üzletfelei építenek a számára a közösségi oldalakon.
Legyen képes tudatosan megtervezni az időbeosztását és felejtse el a telefont, a közösségi médiát, az alibimosogatást. A jó időmenedzsment megsokszorozza a napi kvótát.
Tanulja meg elengedni a munkát. Egyrészt magát a cikket, mert sem idő, sem lehetőség nincs arra, hogy napokon-heteken át cizellálja. Egyébként ez a szövegírásnak egy olyan tanítása, amiből egy hagyományos értelemben vett író is tudna profitálni. Mind tudjuk, hogy befejezett munka nem, csak határidő és leadott munka létezik.
Másrészt ténylegesen is engedje el a munkát, azaz tudjon nyugodtan lazítani és pihenni is, mert az meg a regenerálódáshoz és a kiégés megelőzéséhez elengedhetetlen.

Milyen az ideális megbízó?

Egy: Tudja, hogy mit akar, konkrétan és határozottan. Ott, ahol nincs meg a cél, tapasztalataim szerint úja és újra visszakerül hozzám a szöveg további módosításra. Ergo, nincs értelme a munkámnak, amíg a megbízóm naponta változtatja az elképzeléseit és céljait, emiatt duplán-triplán dolgozom. Volt már rá példa egyszer, rövidre zártuk a kapcsolatot.
Kettő: A digitális nomádként élők számára nagyon kellemetlen, amikor a megbízó számon kéri rajtuk az idejüket. Minden tisztelettel, de nem vagyunk alkalmazottak, és legkevésbé sem láncoljuk magunkat az íróasztalhoz. Akkor és ott és úgy dolgozunk, ahol nekünk az a legjobban fekszik. Van, aki egy kávéház teraszán, van aki coworking irodában és van, aki otthon, mint én, de a saját időbeosztásunk szerint dolgozunk. Arra valók a feladatkezelő és nyilvántartó programok, hogy mindent egyeztetni tudjunk az ügyfelekkel, felesleges, többkörös telefonálgatás nélkül, tiszteletben tartva egymás idejét és munkabeosztását.
Három: Ne akarjon jobban érteni a szakmámhoz, mint én és ne kérdőjelezze meg például a space értékét a szövegben mondván, hogy a szünetet nem fizeti ki, mert ott nincs semmi. Az ilyen megbízótól rövid úton búcsút veszek már a megkeresés után, mert egyikünk számára sem lesz gyümölcsöző ez a kapcsolat.
Négy: Az ügyféledukáció persze elengedhetetlen része a szövegírásnak, hiszen nincs mindenki tisztában azzal, hogy mit várhat el egy szövegírótól és hogy neki, mint megbízónak mit kell tennie a zökkenőmentes és eredményes, sikeres együttműködésért.
Öt: Számomra az a jó megbízó, aki tisztában van azzal, hogy a munkám értékét nem a leütésszám határozza meg, hanem az, amit ő majd profitál belőle. Például, hogy a látogatói, vásárlói szemében felértékelődik a brandje. Hogy mosolyogva, vagy nevetve, jó érzésekkel a szívükben kattintják le a termékeket a webshopon, és hogy elmesélik a szomszédnak, a kollégának, a szüleiknek és a partnereiknek, hogy milyen értékes, szórakoztató, fontos kérdéseket megválaszoló tartalmat nyújt X.Y. az oldala, webshopja, stb. látogatóinak.
Öt+1: A szövegíró nem marketinges, nem grafikus, nem webdesigner, és nem kampánymenedzser, ezzel legyen tisztában. Volt már olyan esetem, aki elküldte a megbízást egy próbacikkre, megírtam neki – hozzáteszem ingyen –, majd az a válasz jött vissza, hogy de hol van a szövegben a Call to Action gombok helye, hova gondoltam elhelyezni a képeket, és mikor küldöm át a grafikai tervet, és különben is hol marad a kidolgozott kampánystratégia. Én meg pislogtam, mint dinnye a fűben, mondván, bocsika, de a megbízás 3000 leütésnyi edukációs célú szövegről szólt a fogszabályozás témájában. És ennyi. Nem arról, hogy próbacikk fedezete alatt ingyen elvégezzem számukra az egész marketingrészleg munkáját.

Milyen típusú szövegek találnak meg?

Magyar nyelven írok, de a témától függően idegen nyelven is kutatok. Vannak olyan szakterületek, ahol a magyar nyelvű net nagyon szegényes, vagy primitív tartalommal szolgál, amit anyaggyűjtéshez egyáltalán nem lehet felhasználni. Akadt témám, ahol a releváns hivatkozási pontokat litván, szlovák, szerb, angol, német, vagy éppen afrikaans (búr) nyelven találtam meg. Szerencsére az internet szinte minden nyelven tud és a guglifordító azért nem olyan elveszett dolog, mint azt híresztelik. Ha valahol zavart érzek az Erőben, akkor, ha szükséges szavanként fejtem vissza a forrásanyagot, hogy értsem a szavak és szókapcsolatok közötti összefüggéseket.
A hossz mindig a megbízótól függ. Általában standard 650 szavas céges blogokra szánt cikkeket írok, de írtam már tízezer leütéses úgynevezett cornerstone tartalmat – mélyebb, szakmai cikkek, amivel a megbízó célja kifejezetten a szakértői státusz felépítése –, és termékleírásokat, facebook és blogposztokat, valamint e-bookot; letölthető lead magnetetet, teljes weboldal szövegezést és értékesítési célú landing page oldalak szövegeit.
Pár hete elkezdtem keresőoptimalizálást tanulni, így a munkám kiegészült az úgynevezett meta és alt szövegek megírásával, amiben az a huncutság, hogy nagyon szűk, meta description esetében pl. 150 leütésbe kell minden értékes információt stílusosan belepasszintani. A trükkös része azonban nem ez, hanem amikor pl. már a huszadik pár cipő vagy vödör festék jön veled szembe a webshopon és a huszadik egyedi leírást kell megfogalmaznod konkrétan egy pár cipőről és egy vödör piros festékről. Vagy trombitáról. Madáretetőről. Védősisakról. Bármiről.
A tudományos és technológiai érdeklődésem miatt rendszerint olyan megbízásokat vállalok, ahol tobzódhatok ezekben, de írtam már a nikotinfüggésről és a leszokásról, hogy milyen kihívásokkal szembesülünk, ha kisgyermekkel keresünk albérletet, hogyan hasznosítható a római tál az életmódváltásban, hogyan tudja támogatni a digitális kompetenciák fejlesztése a gyermekeket az önálló életvitel kialakításában. Satöbbi.
Egy év alatt, amióta vállalkozóként űzöm a szövegírást, durván másfél-kétmillió leütést írtam. Abból már kijönne két-három nagyregény is.
Nem mondanám, hogy van szakterületem, könnyebb azt megfogalmazni, hogy mi az, amit nem, vagy nem szívesen vállalok. Ilyen például a gazdasági, pénzügyi, politikai, vallási téma és messziről elkerülöm a bármilyen szempontból is kirekesztő tartalmak írását. Még látatlanban sem adom a nevem gyűlöletbeszédhez, megszégyenítéshez, abúzushoz, etnikai vagy bármilyen más jellegű szegregációhoz és nem, nem írok férfiak és nők ellentmondásos viszonyát feszegető, humornak tálalt gennygombócokat. Szövegíróként legalábbis. Íróként azonban, ha a karakterem személyisége megkívánja, megteszem. Mert ő is megteszi.

Az interjú egyeztetésekor utaltál rá, hogy ebben a szakmában rendkívül fontos a titoktartás, a diszkréció. Hogyan épül fel az önéletrajzod, ha megbízóidnak névtelenségben szükséges maradniuk?

Különbséget kell tenni megbízó és ügyfél között. A kettő néha ugyanaz, például magánszemélyek esetében, de előfordulhat, hogy nem. Ha például bedolgozom alvállalkozóként egy marketinggel foglalkozó cégnek, akkor a megbízóm a marketingcsoport, az ügyfél pedig a csoport ügyfele. Ilyenkor elmondhatom, leírhatom referenciának, hogy együtt dolgozom például a The Coffeebreak Consulting Kft-vel, de azt nem írhatom bele az önéletrajzomba, hogy egészen pontosan kiknek írtam a cikket, melyik cég honlapján, webshopjában, blogján jelent meg.
Elmondhatom, hogy együtt dolgozom Az Adminisztrátorral, akit egyébként Lukáts Andreának hívnak – akivel egyébként egy nagyon komoly projektbe kezdtünk a virtuális asszisztencia, mint hiteles szakma és foglalkozás magyarországi elfogadtatásával kapcsolatban –, de azt nem mondhatom el, hogy rajta keresztül milyen ügyfélnek írtam szöveget. Ugyanez a helyzet Poros-Kiss Izabellával, aki szintén a megbízóm, de az ügyfél az ő ügyfele. És így tovább.

Hogyan találnak rád a megbízások?

A közösségi média ebben valóban segítséget nyújt. Beregisztráltam néhány szakmai csoportba, ahol egyrészt megbeszéljük egymással a szakmai jellegű kérdéseket, valamint, ha befut egy-egy megbízás és valakinek nem fér bele az idejébe, bedobja a közösbe és lehet rá jelentkezni.
Én magam is szoktam keresni, és előfordult már, hogy találtam így munkát, de nem ez a jellemző. Sajnos az a trend, amit korábban írtam, jelesül, hogy szövegírás megnevezés alatt egy tucat munkakört kellene betölteni, természetesen kizárólag a szövegírói honorért cserébe. A kapcsolati háló és az úgynevezett vállalkozás- és vállalkozófejlesztő találkozók sokkal eredményesebben működnek.

Vannak iskolák, irányzatok ebben a hivatásban? Ha igen, te melyiket követed?

A szövegírás erősen szegmentált, de ha nem gond, nem sorolom fel az összes ágát, mert akkor itt ülnénk reggelig. Kezdjük ott, hogy lehet valaki céges szövegíró, tehát úgymond házon belüli alkalmazott, lehet ügynökségi szövegíró és lehet például szabadúszó, mint én.
A szöveg típusa és célja alapján lehet reklámszövegíró, vagy például narrative copywriter/video game writer, aki a számítógépes játékok világának felépítéséért és a karakterek dialógusaiért felel. Ott van még a direct response copywriter akinek az a feladata, hogy a szöveg elolvasása azonnali cselekvésre késztesse az olvasót, a munkája durván sales, de nem jellegű, hanem egészen konkrétan az. A technical copywriter műszaki témákról ír marketingcélú szöveget, a social copywriter a közösségi médiafelületekre szakosodott. A tartalmi specialisták az ún. content copywriterek, akik a blogfelületek, weboldalak, letölthető tartalmak és esetenként nagyon hosszú szövegek, például komplett e-bookok olvasóbarát és nem minden esetben marketing vagy sales célú megírásáért felelnek.
Átfedések természetesen vannak, ahogy én is például jellemzően content, technical, commercial (kereskedelmi) és marketing szövegírással foglalkozom, de a social copywriter munkáját is elvégzem, és ha a megbízás úgy kívánja, akkor a szövegem sales, tehát értékesítés központú. Egy külsős számára nem látszik a különbség, pedig van.

Van csak rád jellemző munkamódszered?

Őszintén nem tudom. Egyedül dolgozom, így fogalmam sincs, hogyan dolgoznak mások. Csak azt tudom, hogy gonosz és kegyetlen vagyok mindenkivel, de főleg magammal. Ha úgy istenigazából elkap a gépszíj nem eszem, nem iszom, nem mozdulok a gép elől. A csendet szeretem – kivéve, amikor a kézirataimon dolgozom, mert akkor hangulattól függő zene, jellemzően, hard rock, blues és jazz, valamint klasszikus zene ordít körülöttem. Konkrétan még az is zavar, amikor a párom reggel munkába készülődik. Ritkán vállalok be hétvégén melót, mert ismerem magam, kibírhatatlanná válok és ellehetetlenítem magam körül az embereket. Ha ne adj isten mégis dolgozom, akkor a párom lábujjhegyen hozza tálcán a reggelit, nehogy leordítsam a haját, mert azt mindig csak utólag veszem észre, hogy kedves akar lenni, csak a periférián érzékelem, hogy motoszkál és közeledik és AKAR TŐLEM VALAMIT! pedig én itt sem vagyok, sőt, nem is ebben a dimenzióban létezem, hanem egy tér-időn kívüli magánbuborékban, ahonnan majd csak akkor jövök elő, ha én akarok.
Morcos, magányos sárkány vagyok, ha kizökkenek a ritmusomból, ember nem áll meg előttem a talpán épségben, egészségesen, ráadásul nehezen találok vissza a fonalamhoz, ami feldühít és effektíve is tüzet okádok. Törtem már össze random háztartási eszközöket elsárkányosodásom csúcspontjain.
Ezért gondolom azt, hogy egy coworking irodában nem tudnék dolgozni száz százalékosan. Saccperkábé egy-másfél órán belül rám hívnák a rendőrséget, tűzoltókat, a polgári védelmet és a katasztrófa elhárítást.

Ebben a szakmában hogyan mérik a sikert? Mi számít sikernek?

A siker a megbízó, az ügyfél sikere. A jó szöveg akkor sikeres, ha minél jobb helyezést ér el a cége, vállalkozása például a keresőben, ha a cikket átveszik más weboldalak, hírportálok, szakmai oldalak. Ha minél több interakciót kap a közösségi médiában, ha minél több megrendelése, olvasója, minél nagyobb forgalma és ebből származó bevétele, haszna keletkezik, B2B, azaz business to business esetében.
Ha B2C-ről van szó, tehát business to customer, akkor az a siker, ha az illető, például zenész, énekes, fotográfus, festő, író, st. személyes brandje megerősödik, szélesebb körben talál elismerésre, több meghívást kap pl. kiállításra, több fellépési, előadói lehetőséget kap, megjelenik a print és a broadcast médiában is.
 A szövegíró érdeke tehát az, hogy a megbízója legyen sikeres, mert a jó munkának híre megy és ahogy azt korábban említettem, a kapcsolati hálóból eredményesebben jut újabb megbízásokhoz. Egy szellemíró esetében tehát az olvasóközönség számára nem látványos a siker, hiszen senki sem tudja, hogy ki az, aki a szöveg mögött áll. De, ha jól végzi a dolgát, a megbízók, ügyfelek fogják egymásnak ajánlgatni, ennek pedig idővel a szakmában is híre megy.
A magam részéről azt tartom sikernek, amikor látom a SEO-eredményeket, a kattintási arányokat, és hogy szépen emelkedik a látogatottság görbéje és természetesen a közösségi média interakciói is számítanak.
A saját nézőpontom ugyanis az, hogy bár a megbízó/ügyfél megrendelésére írok, a munkám végeredményben az olvasóknak szól.


Kovács Andrea
rhewatch4u szövegírás szolgáltatás

          ‘Everybody’s Everything’ Review: Terrence Malick Exec Produces Moving Doc on Rapper Lil Peep      Cache   Translate Page      
This SXSW premiere, a close-up look at the life and death of late Soundcloud rapper Lil Peep, bears the influence of its EP Terrence Malick.
          Viranşehir'de AK Parti Rüzgarı Esti      Cache   Translate Page      
31 Mart yerel seçimlerinde AK Parti’ye destek vermek amacıyla Hazine ve Maliye Bakan Yardımcısı Nureddin Nebati, Akparti MKYK üyesi Vildan Polat, Şanlıurfa Milletvekili Doç.Dr Halil Özşavlı, AK Parti Büyükşehir Belediye Başkan Adayı Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, Ak Parti Viranşehir ilçe Başkanı Ali Tekin, Ak Parti Viranşehir Belediye Başkan Adayı Salih Ekinci ile birlikte esnafları ziyaret etti.
          Tessuti sostenibili: il marchio italiano Duedilatte fabbrica vestiti con il latte cagliato      Cache   Translate Page      

INTERVIEW Era semplicemente una mattina come tante altre. Antonella Bellina si svegliò, si preparò la colazione e decise di mettere del latte nel suo caffè. Ma quando bevve il primo sorso, un sapore disgustoso le si presentò in bocca: il latte era scaduto da giorni.

Quello che avrebbe potuto essere una semplice colazione rovinata in realtà ha dato il via a un’idea commerciale che avrebbe cambiato il corso della vita di Bellina. Avendo lavorato come ricercatrice nell’industria tessile per più di 10 anni, pensò: “E se trasformassimo il latte cagliato in fibra?”. Dopo tutto, la proteina presente nella lana è molto simile come struttura a quella della caseina, ovvero la principale proteina che si trova nel latte; inoltre, ogni anno, solo in Italia, i prodotti caseari che vengono buttati raggiungono circa 30 milioni di tonnellate.

L’idea non era completamente nuova. Agli inizi del 1900, il chimico tedesco Frederick Todtenhaupt aveva già provato a trasformare i sottoprodotti del latte in un sostituto della seta, ma i suoi sforzi non portarono ad alcun risultato concreto. Fu solo intorno nel 1930 che il compatriota di Bellina, l’ingegnere Antonio Ferretti, riuscì a produrre del tessuto partendo dal latte.

Sostenuta da Mussolini, che era molto interessato nell’ottenere un’autosufficienza economica, la società italiana Snia Viscosa iniziò a produrre il tessuto a base di latte su vasta scala intorno a metà degli anni ‘30, e vendette addirittura i brevetti ad altri paesi, tra cui Germania, Belgio, Giappone e Inghilterra. L’innovazione fu celebrata con questo filmato del 1937 prodotto da British Pathé che afferma: “in futuro, sarete in grado di scegliere se bere un bicchiere di latte o indossarlo”.

Tuttavia, il nuovo prodotto era lontano dall’essere perfetto. Non era morbido o resistente come la lana e i fili venivano via durante lo stiro. Di conseguenza, i tessuti italiani prodotti a base di latte passarono rapidamente di moda, incapaci di competere con le emergenti alternative sintetiche che, non solo erano molto più resistenti, ma anche considerevolmente più economiche.

Torniamo al 2019, quando il mondo è minacciato dal riscaldamento terrestre e c’è bisogno di prodotti alternativi a quelli a base di petrolio come il poliestere. Ha molto senso, in questo contesto, dare una seconda possibilità ai tessuti a base di latte. Ed è esattamente ciò che sta facendo Bellina in qualità di amministratore delegato e direttore creativo di Duedilatte, una casa di moda con sede in Toscana che è riuscita a ottenere una versione molto più morbida e resistente del materiale. Oltre a dare una seconda vita a quello che le persone considerano uno scarto, i tessuti a base di latte richiedono molta meno acqua per essere prodotti: per realizzare 1 kg di fibra a base di latte occorre 1 litro di acqua, mentre per la produzione di 1 kg di cotone sono necessari 50 litri di acqua.

FashionUnited ha intervistato Bellina per saperne di più sulla sua attività.


Come funziona il processo di trasformazione della proteina del latte in fibra?

Il processo è in realtà molto simile a quello della produzione del formaggio. Estraiamo la caseina dal latte e la lasciamo essiccare fino a che diventa polvere. A questo punto, facciamo girare questa polvere in una macchina che assomiglia a quella utilizzata per lo zucchero filato fino a farla diventare fibra. Ne risulta una fibra di colore bianco, ma che può essere tinta. Duedilatte utilizza solo tinture naturali come la fragola o il caffè. Il materiale liquido che avanziamo, dopo aver estratto la caseina dal latte, può essere utilizzato per nutrire gli animali nelle fattorie, niente viene buttato via. Qui in Italia esistono dei posti dove si raccoglie il latte cagliato gratuitamente, quindi, in pratica, paghiamo solo per il trasporto e il processo di produzione che avviene nel nostro laboratorio.

In che modo è stato accolto il suo prodotto dal mercato e dai consumatori?

Non è stato facile entrare sul mercato nonostante l’industria tessile qui in Toscana sia molto creativa. Abbiamo dovuto effettuare parecchie ricerche prima di trovare Spinning Factory e Fabric Factory, due società che, non solo hanno creduto nel mio prodotto, ma che possedevano anche le attrezzature necessarie a produrlo. Siamo ancora una piccola azienda ma a poco a poco stiamo potenziando la nostra produzione. Stiamo anche sviluppando una collezione in collaborazione con un importante marchio italiano, ma non posso rivelare alcun dettaglio ancora. Presto sentirete parlare di noi.

Abbiamo iniziato cinque anni fa, ma i primi tre anni sono stati dedicati alla ricerca e allo sviluppo in laboratorio. È solo a partire dallo scorso anno che il mercato sembra aver capito cos’è il tessuto prodotto a base di latte e i vantaggi che offre. È ipoallergenico, antibatterico, più morbido sulla pelle e la idrata pure. Senza parlare, ovviamente, del fatto che è 100 per cento naturale.

Parlando di moda, cosa propone il suo marchio e dove è venduto?

Abbiamo deciso di iniziare con le magliette perché sono unisex e il tessuto è a diretto contatto con la pelle, così le persone possono effettivamente sentire la differenza. Ora ci stiamo espandendo per proporre anche l’abbigliamento da bambino, poiché siamo convinti che le proprietà del nostro prodotto siano ideali in particolare per la pelle sensibile dei neonati.

Al momento, i nostri capi di abbigliamento sono disponibili solo nei negozi italiani, ma stiamo pianificando di espanderci presto anche nel resto dell’Europa.

Oltre all’espansione verso altri paesi europei, quali sono i programmi futuri dell’azienda?

Vogliamo espandere non solo la nostra produzione, ma anche la nostra offerta prodotto. Inoltre, non abbiamo mai interrotto la ricerca e l’idea è di continuare a innovarci con nuovi tessuti e combinazioni. Desideriamo anche vendere la nostra fibra ad altre società interessate a sviluppare collezioni prodotte a base di latte.

[Nota editoriale: Uniqlo utilizza un misto di fibre in acrilico, rayon, poliestere e proteine del latte all’interno della sua linea Heattech]

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