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September 2009

Anecdotes and Observations, Reflections and Critical Remarks* 

March 12th, 1801. — About sixteen years ago, a relation (who I think had a daughter) of Daniel de Foe, the author of Crusoe, lived in Broker Row, Moorfields. He was an old man, and kept a small shoemaker's shop, and had done many years; but I am not quite sure that the relationship was on his side; it might be on his wife's.


The notices commonly put upon walls, for bill-stickers to read and tremble, are generally worded with a threat of their being prosecuted, &c. I noticed a board affixed to the Tabernacle of G. Whitfield, [1]  worded thus — 'Please to take notice, if any Bills are put against this building, they will immediately be taken down.'


Providence has a very difficult task to please the creature MAN; the latter neglects his proper avocation, Agriculture, to go in search of black eyes and bloody noses, commonly called military glory, and then blames his Maker for not sending him a proper supply of food. — Publican's Newspaper. [2] 


I think a small kind of carriage to hold one person might be made to go on the ice with great velocity, if the whole strength of the rider could be exerted for that purpose. By the help of a sharp spike, or a pole with three or more spikes, to strike or lay hold on the ice, a great weight might be put in motion. Perhaps some such childish contrivance as this may be in use, though unknown to me. I should like to try it, and convince myself of its practicability. As to the material point, guiding the carriage, I can conceive no method; I like to see skaiting, and I should like to see this. Such a light thing on wheels might be tried on land; but I doubt the labour would be too much. This nonsense makes me think (as indeed I have always done) what a pleasure it must be, to be able to draw.


I never see a fine prospect but I wish to bring it away with me. The house and grounds at Wakefield, I have in the storehouse of memory; but I should like to have them on paper. I should extremely like to have a view of Honington Green, as it was till the Inclosing Act took place. Wakefield I may (though unlikely) see again; but my native Green, with its daisies, I never shall. To take such a small bit of ground and divide it into three, was hardly worth while. What man, with a sack of wheat on his back, would stoop for one grain?

Inclosing Acts! I do not much like the rage for them. They cut down the solemn, the venerable tree, and sometimes plant another, — not always; like a mercenary soldier, who kills more than he begets. Resolved — As shepherds are thus going out of fashion, and smiths, &c., coming in: could I not make the old steeple lament the destruction of shades as old as itself, and make a shepherd reply? &c. &c. But it grows near 'witching time of night,' and I perceive I am writing nonsense. If I had had a critic here at my elbow, he would have found it out long ago.


Remarks on the Garden Spider.

August 14, 1801. — This morning observed a garden spider, who had one of his own species in durance, holding him suspended, but without much appearance of a web. The prisoner was alive, but a mere skeleton. After a while he was suffered to fall, or the wind forced him from his captivity; but, in falling, he unfortunately struck against a half-formed web, the architect of which I had just been watching, and observed, that all the lines leading from the centre to the extremities were finished; and he was busy, going a continued circle, and joining each with a fresh web, which he drew from his posteriors, at regular strokes, by an extension of his longest legs behind. The beforementioned prisoner fell against his web, and he immediately left work to secure him, being still alive, and having legs not at all diminished, though his body was wasted. His new conqueror seized him, and, rolling him up in a strong web, dragged him to the centre, and there left him secure, and returned to his work, which he soon completed. I had observed him about a quarter of an hour previous to this adventure, and remarked that he caught a number of very small flies, which abounded on every weed, after much rain in the night; and I was not a little surprised that these minute creatures did not stop his progress, but were instantly devoured; not as I expected, by sucking their bodies dry: he took them up very orderly, and very distinctly, and devoured them, wings and all, without leaving the smallest appearance of a fragment. He had eaten seven of these flies before the spider fell in his way.

August 20, 1801. — A spider of this kind, of an enormous size, has now a web, of about a foot in diameter, hung with spoils, against a wooden fence in the yard. I have repeatedly seen them working their webs, but never could see them begin. The insect, here mentioned, has attached his work on one side to the fence, from which it projects obliquely, and is suspended to a branch of a vine, at the distance of five feet from the circle of the web. As the suspending lines are very strong, and run exactly horizontally, without any intermediate support, it is wonderful to me, to think how they could have been carried so far. A double five foot line, which leaves the fence in this direction, must have been a curious work for him.

In the outline here given, the upper sketch is looking down on the work; the under one is looking horizontally.

The body of the spider being nearly half an inch in length, he has more than twenty-four times his length in one foot, and, consequently, one hundred and twenty times in his suspending lines. Now, taking the standard of a man at five feet six inches, one hundred and twenty times his length, will be six hundred and sixty feet, or two hundred and twenty yards; about three times the height of the Monument. [3]  If we were set to tie the tops of the steeples of London together with a cord, without scaffolding, should not we be puzzled to contrive it? We should go to school to spiders, and ants, and bees; but of all these — the spider does his work alone.

September 9, 1801. — This morning, extricated a bee from a web, but without any signs of life. Another web contained a bee larger than the common honey bee; he appeared completely enveloped in a winding-sheet of the web, of a very large spider, whose premises he had unfortunately trespassed upon. Thus it is evident that this tiger of an insect devours creatures larger than itself. If the means by which he is enabled to do so were common to the beasts of the forest, how dreadful would be a net spun by the lion or the tiger, from which the horse and his rider could not disentangle themselves, no more than a strong bee can from this pest of the garden.

September 14th, 1801. — Having expressed surprise at the work of a spider, I can now trace with certainty his operations and his power, so as to satisfy myself entirely. Often wondering how came all the long; webs that tickle our noses and glitter in the sun, reaching from one tree to another, and often floating loose in the air; I, a few days past, broke down the web of a garden spider, which was suspended from a building to a fence across a pathway of about five feet, and much the same height from the ground. When his suspending lines were broke, himself and his web fell flat against the building. An hour or two after, I observed him in motion, and wished to know how he would contrive a communication with the fence as before.

He seemed, for a while, as if taking a general survey of the distance and bearings of the objects around; and then letting himself down from a spout to the distance of about six inches, hung suspended, not in their usual position, head downwards, but with one side downwards, and all his legs greatly extended. In this posture I found that, without the help of his legs, he possessed a power of ejecting a web to what length he pleased, and with surprising swiftness. It had exactly the appearance of smoke issuing through a pin hole; only, in this case, the stream instead of dissipating, became a lengthening line, that floated with the action of the wind, and visibly extended from its source, as fast, or faster than the nimblest black beetle can run. He emitted thus, about seven or eight feet of web, and then ascended to the spout, and waited the event. The line was carried by the wind cornerways, and lodged against the building, and consequently became useless. He did the same again, with the same want of success, and repeated his work a fourth time, when I caught hold of his floating line, at about four feet long, and when extended to five, I drew it over the leaf of a bean, and it became fast; but he, still lengthening it, the line was very slack. After a few minutes he applied himself to drawing the rope tight, which, when done, he travelled upon it to the opposite side, and made my fastening secure; then back again, emitting a new web as he went, and joining it to the other to strengthen it, till it became visibly improved.

Next, starting from one end, he proceeded, without splicing a new strengthener, to the centre of the horizontal line, exactly to the centre, and there lowered himself down to the ground, and drew this perpendicular line very tight, or else it was his weight that did it. The ground beneath was a gravel path; he there fastened this line to the gravel, at E (see sketch), by pressing it down with a motion peculiar to themselves, and then ascended again: at which time he had formed an obtuse angle, by drawing down the horizontal line; then, forwarding his work, he drew the line D, to which the lines from the centre were to be fastened. To form the line D, he traversed the lines B C, bearing the line D in his claw detached, and, fastening it at the upper end of B, proceeded to draw the lines from A to C and B in the same manner. From this outline, the formation of the lines from the centre to the extremities appeared easy.

I have sometimes broken down a part of their work, and have observed that they will carefully gather up the fragments of the web, and either leave it in white knots, or appear entirely to swallow it.

A small spider had fastened a line of his work, to the outermost lines of a web, belonging to a very large one; the latter hastened to the confines of his premises, and cut asunder the stranger's holdfast, something like cutting a boat adrift. I find it a common opinion, that the spider, when he catches a fly, destroys him by poison; it may be so; — but I see, by close observation, that his strong dependence is placed in folding him rapidly up in a web, which he draws from himself abundantly for the purpose.


I wonder whether I shall hereafter think these moments mispent in watching a spider? — At present I think their nature and properties strange, and not yet entirely known, even to naturalists; their whole proceedings amazingly curious; their degree of instinctive contrivance, and their exactness of figure in their squares and angles, and visible use of every line, truly astonishing.

The spider, while descending by his web, was baited by the flies, in the same manner as we see a hawk baited by the smaller birds*.

October 4th, 1802. — Found last week a letter in the Gentleman's Magazine for 1759 (I think), by a Mr. Masser, 'on the Gossimer,' [4]  wherein he has been correct in his account of the spider having an ejecting power, as to the formation of his web. I found this by observation last summer, and was pleased at the discovery, for to me it was such. But his account of flying spiders is not clear and comprehensive. Does he mean spiders with wings? or, spiders with a power of unlimited elevation, by an ejectment of web?

* It is now known, that the spider sometimes exhausts the material from which his web is formed; in which case, he is in imminent danger of starvation. I once saw a spider reduced to this extremity, running wildly about on a sunny board. Several large flies, who seemed to enjoy his distress, tormented him, by settling within an inch of his nose; and when the spider made a rush to seize one, he would take a short flight, and settle down again at about the same distance. This game lasted nearly two hours; when the spider's strength and patience appearing to be quite worn out, he retired to a hole. —

Ed. [Note by Joseph Weston, editor of The Remains]

Spiders again.

Proved, by observing a spider with a small microscope, that when I had broken down a web in the garden, he carefully gathered up the fragments, and moistening the accumulated web in its approach to his mouth, swallowed it all again.

General Observations.

In addition to the foregoing extracts, I now wish to say a word or two in farther explanation. The nests of this kind of spider are generally attached fast to woodwork, in a dry situation, in size not exceeding an hazel-nut, appearing like a knot of raw silk, of an exceeding close texture. I put one of these into an unstopped bottle, and, forgetting to watch it minutely, I at length found it as follows: From the mouth of the bottle to a shelf above, was about eighteen inches; and I found the eggs hatched, and not less than several hundreds of connecting lines of communication between the bottle and the shelf, covered in every direction with the infant swarm, entirely yellow. From this I think it evident, that the power of ejecting the web is exercised at an early stage of life. I think too, from every consideration, that their preying on each other is a matter beyond a doubt.

I have somewhere read, that the garden spider uniformly makes his web of great or small dimensions, according to the approaching degree of sunshine or rain, and thus, with the utmost precision, foretels the weather. This I have not yet proved, but am much inclined to give credit to the assertion.


Custom not only imposes on us modes of dress, and sometimes of conduct, which our reason does not approve, but prevents us from adopting many a useful practice or improvement. I have read somewhere, of the northern nations, wearing a contrivance of wood, to screen the sight, from the reflection of sunbeams from the snow, which, unobstructed, is injurious to the sight. Custom there, does not forbid them to preserve their eyes; but here, where in the summer months, the sunbeams are reflected from the gravel of the roads, and from the pavement of the streets, in almost an intolerable manner; — where the evil of too much light is evident in every one's face, and every eye is half-closed to exclude it; — where thousands, in their walks of pleasure, would gladly gaze on the distant objects before them — the hills, the villages, and the woods, if the quivering of the sun's rays, and his flood of light would permit them; where thousands (myself amongst them) come home with the anguish and languor of a headach, and with eye-balls parched and painful, from having been forced to meet a light ten times stronger than they could bear; if a person, I say, was to put a crape over his eyes, or any contrivance to remedy the evil, the novelty of his appearance would be a real trouble to him, by subjecting him to the scoffs and insults of fools: and yet the pleasure of walking with ease to one's self, is a thing which no one will contemn, when he consults reason only. The prevalence of too much light is to me a serious evil, and I am convinced is hurtful to the sight. Our mothers tell us not to gaze on the sun, and not to read or work by a bad light, thus warning us that extremes are to be avoided; and our feelings tell us to double our clothes in winter, and to strip in summer; to eat our broth when it is cool enough, and not scald our throats; and many other good things would our feelings tell us, if they were properly attended to.


What a wide difference may be seen between the manner of bringing up children, as to the chance they have of seeing in their youth, what we call the beauties of Nature. If I had been placed in my infancy in the situation of one of the boys who worked in the same garret with me, — had I possessed the power of writing poetry to please the world, — I must have wanted materials at least, to have written what I have. Poor Jem Bailey, was, with four others, left motherless; his father turned them over to the workhouse, situated somewhere in Southwark. When Jem became old enough, he was sent out as errand-boy, to any one who might want such a boy, for which he got nothing but food. He lived with a Doctor, and carried nostrums from morning till night: his master giving him a livery-coat, to raise his own consequence with those he attended. (This was his best coat when he came as an apprentice to the boot-trade.) Another of his masters kept a fishing-tackle shop, in Crooked-lane, and of course part of his trade was to have maggots or gentles to sell to those, who had patience enough to angle in the New River. To obtain this bait, a quantity of bullocks' lights was exposed to the flies on the leads, of the house; and often have I heard the poor boy express the abhorrence he felt, when called from his dinner to serve a ha'p'orth of gentles, which was done by shaking the lights, and picking up the fruit.


Lord Kenyon's [5]  integrity, as stated in the accounts of trials in the newspapers, (for I never saw him), gives me the highest idea of the character of a Judge, which I have ever found. His office, arms him with power: but the exertion of power is marked with the peculiarity of the possessor. The determined and pithy reproofs he gives to notorious guilt, are the most shining examples of honesty to be found in the language.


At the time the Albion Mills were burned, [6]  I never saw the newspapers; and led so recluse a life, that three days elapsed before I heard of it, though I lived in Chiswell-street; a proof that there may be now living in Paris, persons, who saw little or nothing of the great events which have taken place there. Again — when five hundred houses were burning at Ratcliffe, [7]  some years ago, I did not know it till the next night! A man's mind may be travelling half over the globe, and yet know little of what is doing next door.


'Full many a gem of purest ray serene,
'The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear.' [8] 

The sovereign contempt with which too many of the wealthy, and (I fear also) of the learned, look upon what are termed 'the dregs of the people,' has often raised an equal contempt on my side, for that wealth, which engenders such thoughts of the immense distance, which those 'dregs are from the surface.' The distance is not so great as the vain man flatters himself it is; I have known mechanics, who in general information, and in powers of intellect, have stood decidedly before thousands of their own rank. Is it not decidedly so among gentlemen — one clever fellow to a great many dull ones? I have heard more sense and truth in a tap-room, than I have sometimes heard in better company; and there is nothing more striking to me, (and I have been placed so as to observe it,) than that total ignorance of the manner of living among the poor — that superficial and vague idea of who and what they are — of what they talk, and of what they think! Nothing to me has appeared more strange or more disgusting, than finding amongst those ranks, raised above the mechanic and labourer, such a mean opinion of the poor! Gentlemen, 'tis true, seldom enter alleys, or see the domestic habits of those nests of human wretchedness: and they think, perhaps, that poverty must of necessity be accompanied with ignorance ; but I find that a man who works for his living, and reads whatever he can catch——————! His whole soul is bent to that point; and if nature has given him a talent for observation, no situation can make him contemptible. If a great and noble mind is granted by nature to only one in a thousand — does she order that that one, shall not be born in an alley? That he must be rich, or great? Does nature, when she makes an orator, provide him a seat in the House of Commons? — A poor man with a strong mind will make himself respected in his circle, and make useful remarks on every occurrence. A rich man, with great native powers, will do the same. A poor man, with a moderate understanding, will remain at the bottom of his class. A rich man of inferior powers will do the same, in spite of all that can be done for him.

'Worth makes the man, and want of it the fellow.' [9] 


A short time ago, the publicans' paper, [10]  after stating that the price of corn and flour did not fall in consequence of an abundant harvest, added — 'Let our avaricious tyrants blush! Let them dread the vengeance of parliament! The guardians of the people!' By placing certain words in italics, I suppose it to be wholly ironical; if not, the joke is better still: for what dreadful punishment will a man inflict on himself?

In their paper of to-day they finish a paragraph of the same sort thus:— 'How long these plans of extortion are to continue, Heaven only knows — for to Heaven only can the people look for relief.'

Now by this last sentence, one would think they had found out, that the dealers in corn were not likely to blush, or to tremble; and that many of them were among the guardians of the people.


This moment heard the heart-cheering, glorious news of peace!

Halt! ye legions, sheath your steel.
Blood grows precious! shed no more —
Cease your toils. [11] 


Walker's Gazetteer [12]  describes Stone-henge, and says that one of the stones measures, according to Doctor Hales, twenty-five feet long, seven feet broad, three and a half feet thick, and says, that no mechanical power now known, could raise such a weight. Guthrie's Grammar, [13]  describes the Pagoda of Chillambrune, near Porto-Nova, on the Coromandal Coast; its entrance beneath a pyramid a hundred and twenty-two feet high, built with large stones above forty feet long, and more than five feet square.

And of the Pagoda of Seringham, the outer wall of which makes a circumference of four miles; its southern gates are supported by pillars composed of single stones, thirty-three feet long, and nearly five in diameter. This wall encloses six others at equal distances, twenty-five feet high, and four thick!*

*Orme's History of Hindostan vol. i. page 178. [14] 


Dined lately in company with Mr. Peel [15]  and his brother, who have brought the skeleton of the Mammoth from America: both clever fellows, and masters of their study.

Dimensions of the Skeleton now exhibiting in Pall

Mall, November 25, 1802.

Ft. In.
Height over the shoulders 11   0
Length from the chin to the rump 15   0
Width of the hips and body   5   0
Length of the under jaw   2 10
Weight of the same, 63 1/2lbs.
Width of the head   3   2
Length of the thigh bone   3   7
Ditto of the large bone of the fore leg   2 10
Largest circumference of the same   3 2 1/2
Length of shoulder blade   3   1
Longest rib without cartilage   4   7
Length of the tusks, defences, or horns 10   7
Circumference of one tooth or grinder   1 6 1/2
Weight of the same, 4lb. 10 oz.
The whole weighs about 1000 lbs.

This skeleton was dug up almost entire, but the tusks were rotten, so that artificial tusks (made in imitation of a real one, which now lies in the room in a decayed state), are put to this skeleton; but the use of these tusks appears doubtful; and perhaps were not placed as they are here. His teeth, prove most clearly, that he did not feed on vegetable food, and yet his swallow appears much straitened, for so immense a creature.

This skeleton was found lying at the bottom of a bog, several feet from the surface. Parts of the bones of this kind of animal have been found on the banks of the Ohio, and in various other parts of America, to the number, it is supposed, of fifty; so that the animal, though now an extinct race, has been numerous; and as remains of shell-fish are found with the bones, it is conjectured that an inundation destroyed the race, and left us to wonder at what must have lived, though so much larger than any animal now known to exist — not excepting the elephant. Bones of this creature are found vastly much larger than the skeleton. A thigh bone now lies in the room, some inches longer than those in the skeleton, and a tooth of seven pounds weight is now at Philadelphia.


Miss Johnson, with whom I dined at the White Hart Inn, Fetter-lane, was personally acquainted with Burns; who, breakfasting with her, drank a large tumbler of beer previous to taking either eatables or tea, saying that he had been up till three in the morning, and had drank too much wine. On Miss J.'s remonstrating with him as to the injury to which he exposed his health, he replied, 'Madam, they would not thank me for my company, if I did not drink with them. I must give them a slice of my constitution.' I wish Burns had given them thinner slices of his constitution, that it might have lasted longer; [16]  I then might possibly have had the pleasure of seeing him. He died but two months after I began composing The Farmer's Boy! though at that time, and long after, his death and history were unknown to me.


Amongst the glory of England (her unparalleled Charitable Institutions), one more, I think, might be added. A fund to purchase beds for new married couples, under proper regulations, and with the accustomed recommendations as to character, and deserts. This heavy expense (to the poor) is a serious affair, and if not accomplished before the fruits of marriage smile them in the face, it then (when most wanted) becomes more difficult still. I have said of Walter and Jane —

Give love and honest industry their way,
Clear but the sun-rise of life's little day. [17] 


Lumping of ages together, as is sometimes done in the newspapers, I cannot relish. It means nothing. I remember seeing six or seven men of great age mentioned, with the common observation of their united ages making so many hundred years. Amongst them were John Wesley, Macklin, [18]  and the late Lord Mansfield. [19]  They were all old men: but the wonder was not increased by the adding into one total, the age of many contemporaries, any more than if we were to say— In the parish of Hackney have seven men, whose perpendicular height when placed on each others' heads, amounts to the surprising total of forty-three feet!


I have seen it regretted, that Dr. Young [20]  burnt his loose papers before his death.

I have seen it regretted, that Dr. Johnson did not burn his loose papers before his death!!!


At the time of the illuminations for Nelson's victory, [21]  I thought if I had had the means to have sported a transparency, I might have quibbled thus:—

Duncan, Jervis, and Howe, [22] 
What say you all now —
(For by you were our triumphs begun:)
In the midst of alarms.
You fought well with both arms—
But Nelson has beat them with one!

I remember, too, beginning a song on that subject:—

Old Nile lately cried from his seven-mouth'd bed,
'Can such echoes proceed from a cloud?
For ages I've roll'd, and my banks overspread,
But never heard thunder so loud,' &c. [23] 


The great Oak in Euston Park. — Myself, my wife, and my daughter Hannah, (then nine years and a half old), embraced his rough rind at arms length, touching our fingers; and could thus encompass it all but about half a yard. By observation afterwards, I found the girth of this tree to be fifteen feet, in May, 1801.


'Children, like tender oziers, take the bow;
And as they first are fashion'd, always grow.'

So says Mr. Gay. [24]  I was fifteen years old, when I first thought the last line untrue. I have more than doubled that age; and I think so still. It will not do for a maxim.


Joseph Condit, jun. of Bloomfield, New Jersey, has obtained a patent from the United States, securing to him the benefit of a discovery which he has made in manufacturing paper from the shavings of tanned leather, commonly called curriers' shavings.


One half-acre of land, opposite the Prince of Wales's at Brighton, sold for 3500 guineas. My old shopmate, Charles Jones, states, that between twenty and thirty years ago, the Duke of Athol, speaking on the subject of the land-tax in the House of Peers, offered to sell a thousand acres of land, right and title for ever, for a thousand half-crowns!


Charles Jones's brother lent a shopmate his great coat, on a particular occasion. On his return home, this shoemaker declared that he never walked the streets so uncomfortably in his life. Wherever he went, the beggars were after him at every corner; and he concluded by protesting that he would not wear a good coat upon any account whatever. He most likely kept his word; for he was a terrible drunkard.


Could not the great features, of the history of the world, be represented by something like a firework? Suppose a number of fixed lights to represent the rise and fall of empires. Carthage might brighten to its zenith; and then Rome might arise in all its glories, and decline likewise. The Ottoman power, and the caliphs of Arabia; the blazing of the butchers of the East; the Tartar princes, and all the principal transactions recorded in history. If this could be done on a sufficient scale, and the ground-work be a map of the world, and the lights be made governable, as in Walker's orrery [25]  ——But this is dreaming! — dreaming!


It is very natural that the working poor should, in their endeavour to finish their work, and to add a few shillings to their day's or week's reckoning, sometimes transgress against the time allowed by masters for the taking in, and paying for their work; and it is just as natural for them, when reproved, to attempt some excuse. Mr. Chamberlain, who employed many hands (my brother and self amongst them), used to have an answer ready for one common excuse. — The journeymen or their wives would plead that 'they had made all possible haste to shop.' 'That's saying nothing,' says Chamberlain; 'you should have set out sooner.'

This answer might be applied in several other cases with equal justice:—

To the worldling, who has lately become such, and who grumbles that he has saved no more;

To the sailor, who loiters away a fair wind, and loses his market;

And, perhaps, to the man who marries at forty, and gets a young family — 'You should have set out sooner.'


Dr. Walker, [26]  who is just returned from Egypt, where he spread the vaccine inoculation in the army and navy, relates the following anecdote of the author of 'The Rights of Man,' which Paine himself had given in a company at Paris, where Dr. Walker was present. When a boy, he (Paine) went, in company with his sister — I think it was — to Fakenham wood, in search of nuts; and being by themselves, they wandered out of their knowledge, and knew not the way out again. In this dilemma, Tom, proposed that his sister should stand at a certain spot, while he went a short distance to climb some tree, to see his way out of the wood. He climbed the tree, and missing his hold, fell to the ground, and remembers reviving at the foot of the tree, and finding his sister supporting him. He was bruised, but with whole bones. They were belated and frightened; and both agreed to keep it a secret from their father: and Tom, knowing that his father made a practice of taking pills, thought that pills might do him good too. He took them accordingly, and luckily without producing any bad effect. He got well, and all was secret.

In relating this story of Tom Paine, Dr. W. remarked, that there are many thousands who will probably exclaim, 'What a pity that he had not broke his neck!' But, on the other hand, continued he, when I heard him relate it at Paris, one exclaimed, 'The guardian angel of liberty was near thee, Thomas.' Dr. W. is a warm republican. I think him an intelligent, a good, and an honest man.


Memorandum of Folly. — My good old aunt Austin had many sickly children; burying nine under three years old. With one of them, which was very ailing and fretful, a superstitious cure was attempted. I remember an old woman (Mrs. Osborne, of Honington) being employed to 'cut the child for the spleen.' The child's ear was cut so as to bleed, and the blood applied on the temples in the form of a cross, and, I believe, with something repeated by way of charm; for she had charms for the ague, &c. — The child died.


Remember having my fancy set to work by a strange and ridiculous song, about a child going to school and meeting the devil, and having a long conversation with him, and showing him a great deal of wit and repartee:—

'What have you in your basket?'
Says the false, false knight.
'Bread and butter for my dinner,'
Says the pretty little baby;
And still by the bush she stood.

'Whose sheep are those in the pasture?'
Says the false black knight.
'Some of them are my father's,'
Says the pretty little baby;
And still by the bush she stood.

'Which of them are your father's?'
Says the false, false knight.
'All those that have tails behind'
Says the pretty little baby;
And still by the bush she stood.

'Whose stacks of corn are those?'
Says the coal-black knight.
'My father's,' &c.

'I wish they were all on fire,'
Says the false, false knight.
'And you all in the middle on 't'
Says the pretty little baby, &c. [27] 

Thus it proceeds for about twenty verses, and I doubt I forget the best of it — what would more certainly have determined its origin, whether from monks or old women, or from some village bard, when the hero of the ballad, the coal-black knight, was in high repute. If this is an ancient ballad, and of no uncommon sort, in English villages, how does it happen that ancient Scotch ballads possess so many beauties? Or are they only sifted from heaps of rubbish like the above? If so, perhaps a collection of English might be formed by the same means. This ditty, sung to the thrum of the spinning-wheel, had its attractions; and this girl (now named Thompson), and one of the Whiteheads — I think, Sarah — when a girl, were the only persons who ever sung the ballad to my fancy.

Another song, which my brother Isaac knew when a boy, begins —

'There was an old ewe, who had but one horn,
Chronomo no no none;

—— could never keep her out of the corn.
Turn round the wheel, my Bunny.

The butcher came in, with his sharp knife,
Chronomo, &c.
And scared the old ewe almost out of her life.
Turn, &c.

She ground her teeth, and she mumbled her pegs,
Chronomo, &c.
And she ran at the butcher, and broke both his legs.
Turn, &c.' [28] 

This is evidently a spinning-wheel song; but perhaps of later date than the former.


The last Sunday in March breakfasted with Mr. Rogers; visited Mr. Stothard; and having to see the Duke of Grafton at five, spent the intermediate hours in Kensington-gardens: and recollecting that a razor was to pass my chin before I went there, I sought, and found a little shop in Kensington. The barber was gone half a mile from home, to shave a gentleman. He presently came in, and throwing of his hat and wig, gave vent to his perspiration and his anger both together. The person was gone out when he got there, and he had his walk for nothing! — How abominably these things plague a poor man, and disconcert his week's work; and he has no remedy — no action for damages ! — The bald-pated, angry old man began his operations upon me; and I was not quite free from apprehensions on account of his perturbation and appearance — but trust not appearances! When he had nearly finished, he ordered his girl to wet the corner of a cloth — I wondered what he wanted with it. It was instantly applied to my face ; and though this was the first time I had had my face washed by a barber, it appeared to be his custom. These scenes remind me of 'Roderick' and his friend 'Strap.' [29]  Smollett would have made something out of it. Observed, while refreshing myself at Kensington, a tradesman's board, inscribed


Corn Dealer; Malt, Hops, &c; Coals,

wholesale and retail;

Charcoal, Cheesemongery, &c.

The proximity of charcoal and cheesemongery, looks rather whimsical.


In our trade, when any one reads the newspapers or a book, by the neighbourly custom of sitting all in one room, and by that great privilege, of its not hindering the progress of our work, we have nothing to do, but to discuss the subject. Commumty, is perhaps the point, to which those who say that 'shoemakers are politicians,' might trace the solution of their wonder. But even a newspaper is not all politics. No one can read the daily prints without either learning, or feeling, his want of geographical knowledge. This must lead him to maps; and maps to reflection: and this reflection, unless it can be proved that it leads him to discontent, is praiseworthy, and full of pleasure to himself.


The highest ground in London is about Newgate-street. A stone, with an old inscription, is fixed on the wall of a baker's house, in a passage leading into Paternoster-row. [30]  I was lately led, from a kind of inadvertent curiosity, to look up to see who had the honour of living on the highest ground, and found the name James Bloomfield — Wonder, if from my country?


The brig Deane, Captain W. D. which arrived at Liverpool on Thursday, from Kentucky, with a cargo of cotton, was built on the Allegany river, in Pennsylvania, and came down the river Ohio into the Mississippi, having passed the great falls of the Ohio, and sailed a distance of nearly three thousand miles within the land. She is the first vessel, which ever came to Europe, from the western waters of the United States.— British Press, July 12, 1803. [31] 


August 4, 1804. — State of the Nation (prophetical). — We shall have one out of three; namely, either

A sudden peace;

A powerful continental diversion*; or,

A tremendous attack, and war on our own shores.

* A powerful continental diversion took place a year after writing the above: but Napoleon has now, at the battle of Austerlitz, compelled them to be quiet, and will return upon us again. I write this upon New Year's Day, 1806.


The senseless scurrility, of the public papers, is a disgrace to the country, and to every thing like what I understand by the liberty of the press.


Mackintosh on the Revolution of France, p. 23. [32]  — 'The deficit, or inferiority of the revenue to the expenditure, at length arose to the enormous sum of 115 millions of livres, or about 4,750,000l. annually.'

Introduction, page 18. — 'The Revolution, whether it be beneficial or injurious, was produced only by general causes, where the conspicuous individual produced little real effect.'


March, 1810. — Mr. Arnold, painter, of Buckingham-place, near Fitzroy-square, has an extract from the parish register of Bowes, or Brows, in Yorkshire, which records the burial of Robert Rightson and Mary Railton. The former died in a fever; the latter almost instantly, on hearing the bell toll for her lover. To this we owe the beautiful ballad of 'Edwin and Emma,' [33]  as appears likewise from the first edition of the ballad now in his hands.


I almost repine that I know nothing of astronomy. Mr. Lofft often mentions to me things relating thereto, in his letters; I wish I could understand him — 'Past one o'clock: a cloudy morning!' Thus comes in the 15th of March, 1801. That poor man, perhaps, has but eighteen-pence a night for being in the cold — to bed! to bed!


When I think on Egyptian architecture, it seems an oak in a forest of shrubs. Time sweeps away the habitations of men — the under-works of art — as man sweeps away the underwood of a forest: but the pyramid and the oak remain. If London should sink into oblivion, or at least dwindle into a village, what will be the most imperishable thing in the ruin? The foundations of the bridges would stand a good tug against the assaults of time, and the proud cathedral would hold its elevated ruins full of owls and ivy; still to be wondered at, when the dwellings should be no more. The greatest undertakings that I know of, now going on, are the Wet Docks at the Isle of Dogs. [34]  Thirty acres of land sunk to so great a depth seems a huge attempt; but it is only digging a hole after all! If it could be possible for London to become a Babylon, the chafings and surgings of old Father Thames — for HE would not stop –– would leave no traces of labour or art in the docks; nature would soon blot out the boast of a nation, and the strong arm of the invariable tide . . . . But I was going to say, that I could almost wish for some edifice, in or near the capital, that should perpetuate the site of the city. And yet if the walls of Babylon were indeed as substantial as they are said to have been, where are they gone?


When London-people walk out of town, like bees from a hive (only seldom on so good an errand), how entirely unacquainted they appear to be, with the warning which the rising clouds give of the approach of a shower. It looks strange, if not laughable, to see a number of well-dressed people, sauntering with the utmost composure from their homes, full in the face of a black and threatening cloud, which in ten minutes is to involve them in trouble and vexation. But though the countryman keeps his eyes on the heavens, and preserves a dry coat, he could not turn a corner, or escape a hackney coach, with the dexterity of a Londoner. Every one to his trade!


A brother-tradesman in the City-road has inscribed over his stall,


Shoemaker and Repairer in general.'

Well done, shopmate! 'Shoes neatly mended,' the common sign for a cobbler, you, no doubt, objected to: but you are a cobbler at last, and why should you be ashamed of it?


I think that ambition, courage, and sensibility may 'run in the blood,' as we term it. Should any one of these qualities, or any conspicuous vice or virtue, actually belong to a family, which happens to govern a nation, such inherent quality ought to be expected in any of its branches; even if the party is not known to be of the family, or is in disguise, as is frequently represented in novels and plays. But that a hidden something, an innate nobility, a royalty by nature, should be looked for in every great personage, or person raised accidentally to power, is nonsense in itself, and it is almost criminal to propagate it as a doctrine. Mr. Home has made Norval a true Douglas, [35]  possessing his forefathers' courage; but I have read several things, which I could not now name, which, in this unnatural distortion of character, were shamefully disgusting. Perhaps this is only saying that they were not written by such men as Home, who knows what belongs to character and what to accident.


Could not I, as a shoemaker, gather all possible accounts relating to those who have figured in the world from our trade? Was not Secretary Craggs [36]  a chip of leather? Suppose I verify the old story of Crispin? I wonder nobody has yet ridiculed me and my garret poetry: perhaps a

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Groningen - Maandagavond om 22:55 uur een melding aan de Bocht van Guinea/ Damsterdiep. Ter plaatse bleek een wasmachine water te lekken.
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tub trugs flexible micro tubs six pack guinea pig accessories guinea pig products. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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MUNICH, Germany, Mar 12 – Guinea midfielder Naby Keita has been ruled out of the Liverpool squad for Wednesday’s Champions League clash at Bayern Munich with injury. After a goalless last 16, first-leg draw at Anfield, a win or a score draw at Munich’s Allianz Arena would send Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool into the quarter-finals. Keita, […]

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Adopt PIGGY a Black Guineapig / Mixed small animal in Henderson, NV (24753362)

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THREE guinea pigs who are 'great friends' are looking for a new home after being abandoned in a box.
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Diagrams it is satirically professional to highlight the approximate of literary decision write an essay on pollution in the chapter of random magnitude countries and the instructors of immune classes in the individual professions. Like the daresay implies, time customers are thus well, a emergence that examines the marijuana that can be found on malcolm x. widely, this guinea finds the point often careful. Paul lastly said of kat that if he spoke he had thought about it, write an essay...

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by Maria Barroso, Fernando Salvador, Adrián Sánchez-Montalvá, Pau Bosch-Nicolau, Israel Molina Background Strongyloides stercoralis infection, a neglected tropical disease, is widely distributed. Autochthonous cases have been described in Spain, probably infected long time ago. In recent years the number of diagnosed cases has increased due to the growing number of immigrants, travelers and refugees, but … Continua la lettura di <i>Strongyloides stercoralis</i> infection: A systematic review of endemic cases in Spain
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by Iván Mejía-Guevara, Wenyun Zuo, Eran Bendavid, Nan Li, Shripad Tuljapurkar Background Despite the sharp decline in global under-5 deaths since 1990, uneven progress has been achieved across and within countries. In sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for child mortality were met only by a few countries. Valid concerns exist as to … Continua la lettura di Age distribution, trends, and forecasts of under-5 mortality in 31 sub-Saharan African countries: A modeling study
          Hotspots of human impact on threatened terrestrial vertebrates      Cache   Translate Page      
by James R. Allan, James E. M. Watson, Moreno Di Marco, Christopher J. O’Bryan, Hugh P. Possingham, Scott C. Atkinson, Oscar Venter Conserving threatened species requires identifying where across their range they are being impacted by threats, yet this remains unresolved across most of Earth. Here, we present a global analysis of cumulative human impacts … Continua la lettura di Hotspots of human impact on threatened terrestrial vertebrates
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Cody family needs a pet sitter for 1 other pet. Must love animals! Our ideal match will meet the requirements below. Non-smoker Boarding other Pets Ok...
From - Wed, 06 Feb 2019 11:22:59 GMT - View all Cody, WY jobs
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Cacatua sanguinea
IUCN Redlist: Least Concern
Location: Broken Hill, NSW, Australia
Time: 1710 ACST April 30th, 2012

Little corellas flocked above Broken Hill in the hundreds every evening, but they were very elusive when a camera was involved.

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I have been to Le Coq Rico in New York recently and am happy to report that there was no obvious difference from when Westermann was there. This time we had the Guinea fowl and it was superb.
          BENJAMIN FULFORD - "ATUALIZAÇÃO SEMANAL" - 11.03.2019      Cache   Translate Page      


O Papa Francisco foi destituído do poder como parte de um acordo negociado entre os Illuminati Gnósticos e as 13 linhagens dominantes, segundo duas fontes, uma da Realeza Europeia e outra do Pentágono. Os dois centros de poder Ocidentais, um baseado na meritocracia, o outro no domínio histórico, concordaram em organizar um jubileu e uma campanha massiva para “salvar o planeta”, dizem as fontes.

Os Illuminati Gnósticos, mais fortes no complexo militar-industrial e as linhagens, que controlam as finanças e a mídia, concordaram em fazer concessões porque têm que apresentar uma frente Ocidental unida para fazer um acordo com a Ásia ressurgente, disseram eles.

Francisco, que pode permanecer como um figurante, foi destituído do poder por causa do fiasco do pedófilo condenado, o cardeal Pell, que dirigia o Banco do Vaticano, disseram as fontes. O Vaticano e o Banco do Vaticano, com seus 6.000 relatos de suborno dos chamados “líderes mundiais”, agora são dirigidos por “uma troica de cardeais”, diz a fonte do Pentágono.

Publicamente, esta mudança fundamental pode ser vista no fato de que dez cardeais foram recentemente removidos. O mais recente foi o cardeal francês Philippe Barbarin, condenado na semana passada por encobrir a pedofilia.

Eis o que o representante das 13 linhagens de sangue tem a dizer sobre a situação: “O caso do Cardeal Pell foi uma admissão e aceitação das Práticas Satânicas às nossas ordens”. Ele acrescentou que os outros cardeais foram removidos como parte de um processo de “desmamá-los” das práticas satânicas. O “Papa Francisco foi destituído, porque era muito conhecido no National Cyber Security Center. Sua vida passada na Argentina voltou para assombrá-lo. Ninguém – ninguém no mundo exterior, pode ocupar cargos se não puder e ser controlado por seu compromisso”, disse a fonte.

Além disso, hoje (11 de Março de 2019) é o oitavo aniversário do ataque e assassinato em massa contra Fukushima, Japão e o acordo está sendo alcançado, em parte, porque as linhagens foram ameaçadas de retaliação por esse ataque, a menos que chegassem a um acordo, dizem fontes da Sociedade Secreta Asiática.

Além disso, fontes da Sociedade Secreta Asiática dizem que o Ocidente precisa terminar a limpeza, antes que um acordo final sobre salvar o planeta possa ser alcançado.

Nesta frente, um ataque sustentado contra o Sionismo, a principal fonte do mal Ocidental é um bom sinal. “As palavras verdadeiras do representante Ilhan Omar sobre a influência Sionista sobre o Congresso dos EUA (não baseado em votos – existem apenas nove milhões de eleitores judeus – mas em suborno, chantagem e mentiras) lançaram o Partido Democrata numa crise que pode levar a sua morte. Fontes da CIA e do Pentágono dizem que Jared Kushner e John Bolton serão demitidos da Casa Branca, em breve, e que o presidente Trump divulgará a verdade do 11 de Setembro, de modo a acabar com a influência Sionista sobre a economia, o governo e a sociedade dos EUA”, descreveu a situação o ex-oficial de operações da CIA, Robert David Steele.

Uma fonte do Pentágono concordou, dizendo que “o Sionismo está morto. Seu lobby foi neutralizado quando a Câmara aprovou uma resolução de 407 a 23, pela não repreensão de Ilhan Omar, mas que enfraqueceu o antissemitismo e a Presidente da Câmara, Nancy Pelosi, demitiu seu chefe de gabinete, Judeu Danny Weiss.

Agora, a Síria advertiu formalmente a Israel para se retirar das colinas de Golan ou enfrentar a guerra.

A Síria fez isso porque tem o apoio da Turquia, Rússia e Irã para forçar Israel a respeitar a lei internacional, enquanto os militares dos EUA deixaram claro que não irão lutar por Israel, segundo o Pentágono e outras fontes.

A família real e fontes do Pentágono confirmaram que o arsenal nuclear de Israel – sua “opção de Sansão”– foi neutralizada e é por isso que esse estado desonesto, agora, pode ser forçado a cessar seu comportamento antissocial messiânico. Se acham que Deus queria que eles matassem mais de 100 milhões de pessoas para que pudessem reconstruir um templo antigo, está muito claro que não entendem Deus.

Enquanto isso, nos EUA, assassinatos seletivos de pessoas importantes vêm ocorrendo num ritmo acelerado, a fim de restaurar a democracia e o estado de direito, disseram fontes da CIA. “O martelo está prestes a cair, pois o procurador-geral Bill Barr reconheceu John Huber antes da retirada de sigilo e das prisões em massa da FISA”, observou uma fonte do Pentágono. A fonte estava se referindo ao fato de que Huber está sendo forçado a, finalmente, tomar medidas contra Hillary Clinton, Obama, etc... por causa do Uranium One, etc.

A indústria farmacêutica, também, está “sob ataque, uma vez que  a Eli Lilly foi forçada a introduzir insulina genérica pela metade do preço, enquanto o diretor da FDA e especialista em Big Farma, Scott Gottlieb foi demitido por pressionar os estados a cancelarem as isenções sobre vacinas”, observam as fontes do Pentágono. Essa medida para tornar as vacinas obrigatórias foi uma desesperada tentativa da máfia khazariana de usar vacinas tóxicas para assassinar uma grande porcentagem da população, numa tentativa de se safar da justiça, observam fontes da CIA.

Uma enorme guerra secreta também está sendo travada pela máfia khazariana para tomar o controle dos recursos da África, numa tentativa desesperada de evitar a falência da United States Corporation, sediada em Washington, DC, dizem fontes do Mossad e da CIA. A África, é quase duas vezes maior do que a Rússia e maior que o Canadá e maior que a China mais os EUA combinados. A última coisa que a máfia khazariana quer é que os africanos recuperem o controle de seus próprios recursos.

O movimento recente mais visível nesta guerra secreta, foi a queda, no domingo, de um Boeing 737 da Etiópia. Fontes do Mossad disseram que a aeronave foi sequestrada remotamente e que seus passageiros, incluindo 19 funcionários da ONU, foram mortos como parte de uma tentativa de interromper uma conferência da ONU que visa acabar com a pobreza e a destruição ambiental na África.

No entanto, o sequestro remoto desta aeronave parece ter sido uma ação realmente estúpida dos khazarianos e que, provavelmente, levará à falência da Boeing Corporation. Isso porque é a segunda vez em quatro meses que uma aeronave Boeing é assumida por controle remoto pela máfia khazariana. A China, a Ethiopian Air (a maior companhia aérea da África) e as Ilhas Cayman estão mantendo no solo todos os Boeing 737, procedimento que outras companhias aéreas e países certamente seguirão, até que os sequestradores de controle remoto sejam retirados do controle da Boeing.

Certamente, não é coincidência que depois que todos os oficiais militares deixaram o regime de Trump, um executivo da Boeing, Patrick Shanahan, fosse nomeado Secretário de Defesa dos EUA. Shanahan não tem poder real sobre os militares norte-americanos, porque eles não mais obedecem ao falido governo corporativo, baseado em Washington, D.C., dizem fontes do Pentágono. Aqui está o que uma fonte de arquivos X tinha a dizer sobre a situação: “Muitas das famílias de lagartos têm ações na Boeing e a Boeing também está ligada à Lockheed Marciana (Martian) [sic]”.

De qualquer forma, a batalha secreta pela África continua em outras frentes, especialmente no controle dos recursos minerais. Sugestões desta guerra podem ser vistas em várias manchetes recentes. O mais bizarro foi a história sobre o bilionário de diamantes, Ehud Lanaido ter morrido “durante uma cirurgia de aumento de pênis”.

De fato, “ele foi levado a uma clínica particular na Avenue des Champs-Elysées, em Paris, tarde da noite, muito depois da clínica estar fechada”, disse uma fonte do Mossad. “Ele era um concorrente direto de Benny Steinmetz que, até poucos meses atrás estava fugindo de vários governos, incluindo Bélgica e África, por bilhões de dólares supostamente devidos em impostos atrasados em compras ilegais e vendas de diamantes brutos e polidos contrabandeados de Angola e Serra Leoa há muitos anos”, continuou a fonte.

“Esses dois negociantes de diamantes, foram os que atingiram o topo entre os maiores do mundo no comércio de diamantes. Um foi removido e um foi colocado de volta em seu pedestal como rei dos negócios. Observe quão perto está a hora da ascensão e queda dos dois titãs”, observou a fonte.

Aqui está a segunda manchete, a qual ele estava se referindo: “Bilionário da mineração acaba com a disputa da Guiné Bitter, depois de meses de negociações secretas”.

Lendo o artigo, pode-se ver que Steinmetz foi ajudado por alguem da máfia sionista khazariana, incluindo George Soros (ou assemelhado), Tony Blair e Nicholas Sarkozy.

Também relacionado a isso foi a notícia de que o magnata indiano de diamantes Nirov Modi será extraditado. Modi supostamente fugiu com mais de 2 bilhões de dólares de bancos indianos. “Disseram que será pego e se tornará o ‘garoto-propaganda’ do sistema legal, para mostrar ao mundo que ninguém pode escapar do longo braço da justiça”, disse a fonte do Mossad. “Não se esqueçam, ele não é um dos garotos de dentro  – linhagem errada e, portanto, descartável neste Game of Thrones com os sionistas khazarianos”, acrescentou.

Outros desenvolvimentos relacionados com a atual tomada de recursos africanos são vistos numa carta ao editor, enviada pelos povos Khoi-San, que advertiram sobre o um falso rei, numa tentativa de roubar suas terras e recursos.

A máfia khazariana também está tentando agarrar recursos similares na América do Sul. Lá, o último movimento foi o uso de armas cibernéticas e energéticas para sabotar a rede de energia da Venezuela.

O resto do mundo concordou em continuar a financiar os militares dos EUA e transformá-los numa força de proteção planetária benevolente. Eles podem começar a ganhar dinheiro juntando todos esses criminosos,  colocando-os na cadeia ou matando-os.

Autor: Benjamin Fulford 
Tradução: Sementes das Estrelas / Candido Pedro Jorge
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Al final estás cansado de este mundo antiguo
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ahí está la poesía esta mañana y para prosa están los diarios
están las entregas a 25 centavos llenas de aventuras policiales
retratos de grandes hombres y mil títulos varios

Esta mañana vi una linda calle cuyo nombre olvidé
nueva y limpia del sol ella era el clarín
los directores los obreros y las bellas mecanógrafas
de lunes a sábado pasan cuatro veces por día
de mañana tres veces gime la sirena
una campana rabiosa ladra al mediodía
las inscripciones de los letreros y de los paredones
las placas los avisos a manera de loros gritones
me gusta la gracia de esta calle industrial
situada en París entre la calle Aumont-Thiéville y la avenida des Ternes

Ahí está la calle joven y eres apenas un niño
tu madre sólo te viste de azul y de blanco
eres muy devoto y con el más antiguo de tus compañeros René Dalize
nada les gusta más que las pompas de la Iglesia
son las nueve la luz de gas es tenue muy azul salen del dormitorio a escondidas
rezan toda la noche en la capilla del colegio
mientras que eterna y adorable profundidad amatista
gira por siempre la gloria ardiente de Cristo
es el lirio hermoso que todos cultivamos
es la antorcha pelirroja que no apaga el viento
es el hijo pálido y bermejo de la madre dolorosa
es el árbol frondoso de todos los rezos
es la doble horca del honor y de la eternidad
es la estrella de seis picos
es Dios que muere el viernes y resucita el domingo
es Cristo que sube al cielo mejor que los aviadores
detenta el récord mundial de la altura

Pupila Cristo del ojo
vigésima pupila de los siglos él sabe cómo hacerlo
y vuelto pájaro este siglo como Jesús sube en el aire
los diablos en los abismos levantan la cabeza para verlo
dicen que imita a Simón Mago en Judea
gritan si sabe volar llámenlo volado
los ángeles revolotean alrededor del lindo volatinero
Ícaro Enoch Elías Apolonio de Tiana
flotan alrededor del primer aeroplano
a veces se apartan para dejar pasar a los que lleva la Santa Eucaristía
esos sacerdotes que suben eternamente levantando la hostia
al fin sin cerrar sus alas el avión aterriza
y el cielo se llena de un millón de golondrinas
a todo vuelo vienen halcones búhos cuervos
llegan de África ibis marabúes flamencos
el ave Roc cantada por narradores y poetas
planea llevando en sus garras el cráneo de Adán la primera cabeza
el águila se lanza dando un grito
y de América viene un colibrí chiquito
de China vinieron los pihis ligeros y largos
que sólo tienen un ala y vuelan apareados
y aquí está la paloma espíritu inmaculado
que escoltan el ave lira y el pavo ocelado
el fénix esa hoguera que se engendra a sí misma
por un instante vela todo con su ardiente ceniza
las sirenas dejaron los estrechos peligrosos
y llegan cantando las tres algo hermoso
y todos fénix águila y pihis de China
con la máquina que vuela fraternizan

Ahora caminas por París muy solo entre la masa
rebaños de autobuses mugiendo cerca pasan
la angustia del amor te aprieta la garganta
como si nunca más fueran a amarte
si vivieras en los tiempos antiguos entrarías en un monasterio
se avergüenzan cuando se sorprenden rezando
te burlas de ti y como el fuego del Infierno tu risa chisporrotea
las chispas de tu risa doran el fondo de tu vida
es un cuadro colgado en un museo sombrío
y a veces vas a mirarlo de cerca
Hoy caminas por París las mujeres están ensangrentadas
era y quisiera no acordarme era la decadencia de la belleza
Rodeada de llamas fervientes Notre-Dame me miró en Chartres
la sangre del Sacré-Coeur de ustedes me inundó en Montmartre
estoy enfermo de oír las palabras bienaventuradas
el amor del que sufro es una enfermedad silenciada
y la imagen que te posee te hace sobrevivir en el insomnio y en la angustia
está siempre cerca tuyo esa imagen que pasa
Ahora estás a la orilla del Mediterráneo
bajo los limoneros que florecen todo el año
con tus amigos paseas en barco
uno es nizardo hay un mentoniano y dos turbiascos
miramos los pulpos de las profundidades con horror
y entre las algas nadan peces imágenes del Salvador

Estás en el jardín de una posada en las afueras de Praga
te sientes feliz hay una rosa sobre la mesa
y observas en vez de escribir tu cuento en prosa
la cetonia que duerme en el centro de la rosa
Despavorido te ves dibujado en las ágatas de Saint-Vit
estabas triste a morir el día que te viste ahí
pareces Lázaro trastornado por la luz
las agujas del reloj del barrio judío giran al revés
y tú también retrocedes en tu vida lentamente
subiendo al Hradchin y de noche escuchando
cantar canciones checas en las borracherías

Aquí estás en Marsella entre sandías

Aquí estás en Coblenza en el hotel del Gigante

Aquí estás en Roma sentado bajo un níspero

Aquí estás en Ámsterdam con una chica que te parece linda y que es fea
debe casarse con un estudiante de Leiden
se alquilan cuartos en latín Cubicula locanda
me acuerdo pasé tres días ahí y tres en Gouda

Estás en París ante el juez de instrucción
como a un criminal te encierran en la prisión

Hiciste viajes dolorosos y gozosos
antes de darte cuenta de la mentira y de la edad
sufriste de amor a los veinte y a los treinta años
viví como un loco y perdí mi tiempo
ya no te atreves a mirarte las manos y a cada rato yo quisiera sollozar
por ti por la que amo por todo lo que te horrorizó
Miras con ojos llenos de lágrimas a esos pobres emigrantes
creen en Dios rezan las mujeres amamantan a los hijos
llenan con su olor el hall de la estación Saint-Lazare
tienen fe en su estrella como los reyes magos
esperan ganar plata en Argentina
y volver a su país después de haber hecho fortuna
una familia lleva un edredón rojo como ustedes llevan su corazón
ese edredón y nuestros sueños son igual de irreales
algunos de esos emigrantes se quedan aquí y se alojan
en las calles des Rosiers o des Écouffes en pocilgas
suelo verlos de tarde salen a tomar aire
se mueven raramente como piezas de ajedrez
hay sobre todo judíos sus mujeres usan pelucas
y se quedan sentadas exangües en el fondo de los negocios

Estás de pie ante el estaño de un bar crapuloso
tomas por diez centavos un café entre desgraciados

Estás de noche en un gran restaurante

Esas mujeres no son malas tienen preocupaciones no obstante
todas hasta la más fea hizo sufrir a su amante

Ella es hija de un sargento de policía de Jersey

Yo no había visto sus manos que son duras y se tuercen

Siento una inmensa piedad por las costuras de su vientre

Ahora humillo a una pobre muchacha de risa horrible mi boca

Estás solo la mañana va a llegar
los lecheros hacen tintinear sus jarros en las calles
la noche se aleja como una mestiza hermosa
es Ferdine la falsa o Léa la mimosa

Y bebes ese alcohol ardiente como tu vida
tu vida que bebes como un aguardiente

Caminas hacia Auteuil quieres ir a tu casa a pie
dormir entre tus fetiches de Oceanía y de Guinea
son Cristos de otra creencia y con otras figuras
son los Cristos inferiores de esperanzas oscuras

Adiós Adiós

Sol cuello cortado

Guillaume Apollinaire, Wilhelm Apollinaire de Kostrowitsky (Roma, 1880 – París, 1918)
Traducción de Mariano Fiszman

Y que todo tenga un nombre nuevo,
Griselda García - Ediciones del Dock,
Buenos Aires, 2019

Poetica ("Zone", original)
A Media Voz
El Cultural

Foto: s/d

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imageNo abstract available
          Event: Literature and Activism in the Equatorial Guinean Diaspora (Boston, 28 March)      Cache   Translate Page      
Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel At Boston University 28 March Equatoguinean writer Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel e
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Tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump phát biểu tại Phủ Chủ tịch trong chuyến thăm Việt Nam năm ngoái, nhân dịp dự APEC tại Đà Nẵng. Ảnh: Giang Huy. Nhà Trắng hôm 31/8 thông báo Phó tổng thống Mỹ Mike Pence sẽ tới Singapore dự Hội nghị thượng đỉnh các nước Đông Nam Á (ASEAN) và […]
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Author: nitoepadupa
Forum: Off-Topic - 娱乐灌水区
Date: 2019-03-12

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          Top UK prudential regulator praises Dutch practice of having psychologists observe bank boards      Cache   Translate Page      
The Dutch Central Bank's (DNB) practice of sending psychologists from its behavioural analysis team along to observe board meetings at the financial firms it supervises has found an admirer among senior UK regulators. Sam Woods, chief executive of the UK's Prudential Regulation Authority, told central bankers in Basel that such moves offered genuine thought leadership. "It is interesting what [DNB] are doing and actually I was rather taken with 'iceberg' and since that meeting I have been wondering whether one of the British banks might like to volunteer to be a guinea-pig for the Dutch treatment," said Woods, who met a team of DNB psychologists last year. The Dutch central bank has had a behaviour analysis team since 2010. Its iceberg model of bank culture assumes behaviour is the part of the iceberg visible above the surface with group dynamics and mindset unseen below the water. Julie Dickson, a board member at the Dubai Financial Services Authority, said good culture was about
          MUNDO CURIOSO      Cache   Translate Page      

Los sambias de Nueva Guinea experimentan tanto asco ante el sudor, el aliento y los efluvios femeninos, que dividen sus aldeas en zonas y senderos independientes para hombres y mujeres.

Los antiguos jinetes galos colgaban las cabezas de los enemigos muertos del cuello de sus caballos.

Se calcula que durante el siglo XVIII, se castraban cada año unos 4000 niños solo en Italia, para abastecer de eunucos a los harenes islámicos y para iniciarles en el bel canto.

Los agtas de Filipinas tienen 31 verbos distintos que significan pesca. Cada uno de ellos se refiere a un tipo distinto de pesca.

Hace 400 años, en el ducado de Bretaña, a los borrachos les estaba permitido reincidir hasta cuatro veces antes de cortarles las orejas.

Los europeos en la Edad Media empleaban sosa o potasa hervida para lavarse la cabeza.

Entre los años 1170 y 1270, los franceses construyeron 80 catedrales y 500 iglesias.

Las prostitutas romanas hacían una pasta de menta con miel para disimular el aliento a vino. El consumo femenino de esta bebida estaba penado con la muerte.

A los niños aztecas rebeldes se les hacia dormir en el suelo húmedo.

Las mujeres egipcias introducían en su vagina bolitas de excremento de cocodrilo para no quedarse embarazadas.

Los antanales, una tribu de Madagascar, son todos zurdos, los diestros son muy raros.

Aunque la tradición de llevar prendas de color banco como símbolo de pureza se remonta 400 años atrás, no fue hasta el siglo pasado cuando las novias empezaron a vestirse de blanco.

La razón principal por la que los tártaros declararon la guerra a los chinos y los persas, fue que éstos últimos llevaban el bigote caído y lacio, en vez de como ellos, con las puntas elevadas.

En abril de 1994, Des Moloney, de Colchestwer, Londres, resultó ileso al caer de una altura de mil metros. Moloney pilotaba un reactor Provost cuando el mecanismo de eyección del asiento se disparó de manera accidental.

Los primeros colonos europeos en Argelia fueron llamados pies negros ya que siempre llevaban zapatos oscuros.

Los chinos también recurrían a la acupuntura para hacer crecer más rápido y mejorar el sabor del maíz.

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          Guinea Pig Sitter Needed - - Cody, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Cody family needs a pet sitter for 1 other pet. Must love animals! Our ideal match will meet the requirements below. Non-smoker Boarding other Pets Ok...
From - Wed, 06 Feb 2019 11:22:59 GMT - View all Cody, WY jobs
          Security Council Meets on Cooperation between UN and EU      Cache   Translate Page      
Federica Mogherini (right), High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, speaks with Job Obiang Esono Mbengono (left), Deputy Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea to the UN, and Jerry Matthews Matjila (centre), Permanent Representative of the Republic of South Africa to the UN, ahead of the Security Council meeting on cooperation between the United Nations and regional and subregional organizations in maintaining international peace and security, with a focus on European Union.
          Abandoned in a box - could you home these three chaps?      Cache   Translate Page      
THREE guinea pigs who are 'great friends' are looking for a new home after being abandoned in a box.
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          Válasz erre: The Story      Cache   Translate Page - Prednisone 20 Mg <a href="">Prednisone Without Prescription</a>
          Guinea Pig Sitter Needed - - Cody, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Cody family needs a pet sitter for 1 other pet. Non-smoker Boarding other Pets Ok Boarding apartment Ok Boarding kids In Home Ok. Must love animals!...
From - Wed, 06 Feb 2019 11:22:59 GMT - View all Cody, WY jobs
          DEUTSCH -- BENJAMIN FULFORD: 11:03:2019      Cache   Translate Page      

11. März 2019
Papst Franziskus wurde von der Macht entbunden, als Teil einer Abmachung, die zwischen den gnostischen Illuminaten und den 13 herrschenden Blutlinien ausgehandelt wurde, sagen zwei Quellen – eine aus einem europäischen Königshaus, die andere ein Pentagon-Chef. Die beiden westlichen Machtzentren, eines auf Meritokratie basierend, das andere auf historischer Herrschaft, haben einem Jubeljahr zugestimmt sowie einer Kampagne zur „Rettung des Planeten“, sagen die Quellen.
Die gnostischen Illuminaten, am stärksten vertreten im militärisch-industriellen Komplex, und die Blutlinien, die Finanzen und Medien kontrollieren,  einigten sich auf einen Kompromiss, weil sie eine vereinte westliche Front präsentieren müssen, um ein Abkommen mit einem wieder auflebenden Asien abzuschließen, sagen die Quellen.

Franziskus, der als Aushängeschild bleiben könnte, wurde von der Macht entbunden wegen des Fiaskos mit dem verurteilten Pädophilen Kardinal Pell, der die Vatikan-Bank leitete, sagen die Quellen. Der Vatikan und die Vatikan-Bank mit ihren 6.000 Bestechungsgeld-Konten der sogenannten „Führer der Welt“ wird jetzt von einer „Troika der Kardinäle“ geleitet, sagen die Pentagon-Quellen.
Öffentlich kann man diese fundamentale Veränderung an der Tatsache erkennen, dass zehn Kardinäle kürzlich des Priesteramtes enthoben wurden. Der neueste Fall war der französische Kardinal Philippe Barbarin, der letzte Woche für die Verdeckung von Pädophilie verurteilt wurde.
Das sagt der Repräsentant der 13 Blutlinien über diese Situation: „Kardinal Pell war eine Bestätigung und Anerkennung von satanischen Praktiken in unseren Orden.“ Er fügte hinzu, dass andere Kardinäle als Teil des Prozesses entfernt wurden, um sie von satanischen Praktiken „abzubringen“. „Papst Franziskus wurde gefeuert, weil er zu auffällig im National Cyber Security Center war. Sein vergangenes Leben in Argentinien verfolgte ihn. Niemandem – niemandem in der äußeren Welt – wird es gestattet, ein Amt zu übernehmen, wenn sie nicht durch ihre Kompromittierung kontrolliert werden können“, sagte die Quelle.
Außerdem ist heute (11. März 2019) der achte Jahrestag des Massenmordangriffs auf Fukushima/Japan, und das Abkommen wurde teilweise erzielt, weil die Blutlinien mit Vergeltung für diesen Angriff bedroht wurden, wenn sie kein Abkommen erzielen würden, sagen Quellen der asiatischen Geheimgesellschaften.
Zusätzlich sagen Quellen der asiatischen Geheimgesellschaften, der Westen müsste die Säuberung seiner selbst zu Ende bringen, bevor eine endgültige Vereinbarung zur Rettung des Planeten erreicht werden kann.
An dieser Front ist ein anhaltender Angriff gegen Zionismus, der Hauptquelle des westlichen Bösen, ein gutes Zeichen. „Die wahren Worte der Abgeordneten Ilhan Omar über zionistischen Einfluss auf den US-Kongress (nicht auf Abstimmung basierend – es gibt nur neun Millionen jüdische Wähler – sondern mehr auf Bestechung, Erpressung und Lügen) haben die Demokratische Partei in eine Krise gestürzt, die zu ihrem Ende führen könnte. CIA- und Pentagon-Quellen sagen, Jared Kushner und John Bolton werden bald aus dem Weißen Haus entlassen werden, und Präsident Trump wird die Wahrheit über den 11. September in einer Weise enthüllen, die den zionistischen Einfluss über US-Wirtschaft, Regierung und Gesellschaft beenden wird“, wie der frühere CIA-Mitarbeiter Robert David Steele die Situation beschreibt.
Eine Pentagon-Quelle stimmte zu und sagte: „Zionismus ist tot. Ihre Lobby wurde kastriert, als das Repräsentantenhaus mit 407 zu 23 Stimmen eine Resolution verabschiedet hat, die nicht Ilhan Omar rügte, aber Antisemitismus verwässerte, und die Sprecherin des Repräsentantenhauses Nancy Pelosi feuerte ihren jüdischen Stabschef Danny Weiss.“
Jetzt hat Syrien Israel formell gewarnt, sich von den Golanhöhen zurückzuziehen, oder sich einem Krieg gegenüberzusehen.
Syrien machte das, weil es den Rückhalt der Türkei, Russlands und des Iran hat, Israel dazu zu zwingen, internationales Gesetz zu respektieren, während das US-Militär klar gemacht hat, dass es nicht für Israel kämpfen wird, laut Pentagon- und anderer Quellen.
Die königliche Familie und Pentagon-Quellen bestätigen beide, dass Israels Atomarsenal – seine „Samson-Option“ – neutralisiert wurde, weswegen dieser Schurkenstaat jetzt gezwungen werden kann, sein messianisches, anti-soziales Verhalten sein zu lassen. Wenn sie denken, Gott wolle, dass sie über 100 Millionen Menschen umbringen, so dass sie einen antiken Tempel wieder aufbauen können, verstehen sie ganz klar Gott nicht.
Inzwischen haben innerhalb der US gezielte Attentate auf Schlüsselpersonen mit zunehmender Geschwindigkeit stattgefunden, um Demokratie und die Herrschaft des Gesetzes wieder herzustellen, sagen CIA-Quellen. „Der Hammer ist dabei, zu fallen, da Justizminister Bill Barr und John Huber sich vor der FISA-Freigabe und Massenverhaftungen getroffen haben“, stellte eine Pentagon-Quelle fest. Die Quelle bezog sich auf die Tatsache, dass Huber gezwungen ist, schließlich gegen Hillary Clinton, Obama usw. vorzugehen wegen Uranium One usw.
Die pharmazeutische Industrie ist ebenfalls „unter Beschuss, da Eli Lilly gezwungen wurde, generisches Insulin zum halben Preis einzuführen, während FDA-Direktor und Big-Pharma-Lockvogel Scott Gottlieb gefeuert wurde, weil er Staaten dazu antrieb, Ausnahmen für Impfungen zu streichen“, stellen die Pentagon-Quellen fest. Dieser Schritt, Impfungen zur Pflicht zu machen, war ein verzweifelter letzter Versuch der khazarischen Mafia, toxische Impfungen zu benutzen, um einen großen Prozentsatz der Bevölkerung umzubringen, in einem Versuch, sich selbst vor der Justiz zu schützen, bemerken CIA-Quellen.
Ein riesiger geheimer Krieg wurde auch von der khazarischen Mafia geführt, um die Kontrolle über afrikanische Rohstoffe zu bekommen, in einem verzweifelten Versuch, den Bankrott ihrer in Washington, D.C. sitzenden United States Corporation zu verhindern, sagen Mossad- und CIA-Quellen. Afrika ist fast doppelt so groß wie Russland und größer als Kanada, und größer als China und die US zusammen. Das letzte, was die khazarische Mafia will, ist, dass Afrikaner die Kontrolle über ihre Rohstoffe zurückbekommen.
Der letzte, sehr sichtbare Schritt in diesem geheimen Krieg war der Absturz am Sonntag des äthiopischen Boeing-737-Flugzeugs. Mossad-Quellen sagen, das Flugzeug wurde per Fernsteuerung übernommen und seine Passagiere, einschließlich 19 UN-Mitarbeiter, wurden umgebracht als Teil eines Versuchs, eine UN-Konferenz zu stören, deren Ziel das Ende der Armut und Umweltzerstörung in Afrika war.

Allerdings sieht es so aus, als ob die ferngesteuerte Entführung dieses Flugzeugs ein wirklich dummer Schritt der Khazaren war und wahrscheinlich zum Bankrott des Unternehmens Boeing führen wird. Der Grund ist, dass das das zweite Mal in vier Monaten war, dass ein Boeing-Flugzeug per Fernsteuerung durch die khazarische Mafia zum Absturz gebracht wurde. China, Ethiopian Airlines (Afrikas größte Fluggesellschaft) und die Caymaninseln lassen alle Boeing 737 am Boden, und andere Fluggesellschaften und Länder werden sicher folgen, bis die Fernsteuer-Kontrolle-Entführer aus der Kontrolle von Boeing entfernt sind.
Es ist sicher kein Zufall, dass, nachdem alle Militäroffiziere das Trump-Regime verlassen haben, ein Boeing-Manager, Patrick Shanahan, zum amtierenden US-Verteidigungsminister ernannt wurde. Shanahan hat keine echte Macht über das US-Militär, weil dieses nicht länger der bankrotten Unternehmensregierung in Washington D.C. gehorcht, sagen Pentagon-Quellen. Das sagt eine X-File-Quelle über die Situation: „Viele der Echsenfamilien haben Anteile an Boeing, und Boeing ist ebenfalls mit Lockheed Martian [sic] verflochten.“
In jedem Fall setzt sich die geheime Schlacht um Afrika an anderen Fronten fort, speziell bei der Kontrolle über Mineralrohstoffe. Hinweise auf diesen Krieg kann man in verschiedenen kürzlichen Nachrichtenüberschriften finden. Die bizarrste war die Geschichte über den Diamant-Milliardär Ehud Lanaido, der „während einer Penisvergrößerungsoperation“ starb.
Die Wahrheit: „er wurde spät in der Nacht in eine spezielle Privatklinik in der Avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris gebracht, lange nachdem die Klinik geschlossen hatte“, sagte eine Mossad-Quelle. „Er war ein direkter Konkurrent von Benny Steinmetz, der bis vor ein paar Monaten vor mehreren Regierungen, einschließlich Belgien und Afrika, auf der Flucht war, wegen Milliarden von Dollar, die er angeblich an Steuernachzahlungen schuldete aus dem illegalen Kauf und Verkauf von rohen und geschliffenen Diamanten, die seit vielen Jahren aus Angola und Sierra Leone geschmuggelt wurden“, fuhr die Quelle fort.
„Diese beiden Diamantenhändler, die zu den größten in der Welt des Diamantenhandels gehören, waren Zielscheibe derjenigen ganz an der Spitze. Einer wurde entfernt, und einer wurde wieder auf seinen Sockel als König des Geschäfts gestellt. Achten Sie darauf, wie eng der zeitliche Abstand zwischen Aufstieg und Fall der beiden Titanen ist“, stellte die Quelle fest.
Hier ist die zweite Überschrift, auf die er sich bezog: „Minen-Milliardär beendet den bitteren Streit in Guinea nach Monaten geheimer Verhandlungen.“
Wenn Sie den Artikel lesen, können Sie sehen, dass Steinmetz Hilfe von den Spitzenkräften der zionistischen khazarischen Mafia bekam, einschließlich George Soros (d.h. seinem Ausschnitt), Tony Blair und Nicolas Sarkozy.
Ebenfalls in Verbindung damit war die Nachricht, dass der indische Diamantmogul Nirov Modi ausgeliefert wird. Modi soll angeblich mit über 2 Milliarden Dollar von indischen Banken geflohen sein. „Mir wird gesagt, dass er gefasst wird und der ‚Posterjunge‘ für das Justizsystem wird, um der Welt zu zeigen, dass man nicht dem langen Arm der Justiz entkommen kann“, sagt die Mossad-Quelle. „Vergessen Sie nicht, er ist keiner der ‚Jungs‘ aus dem inneren Kreis – die falsche Blutlinie, und daher entbehrlich in diesem Game of Thrones mit den khazarischen Zionisten“, fügte er hinzu.
Weitere Entwicklungen, die mit dem anhaltenden Raub afrikanischer Rohstoffe zusammenhängen, kann man in einem Brief an den Herausgeber, geschickt von den Khoi-San-Leuten, finden, die vor der Benutzung eines falschen Königs bei dem Versuch warnen, ihr Land und ihre Rohstoffe zu stehlen.
Die khazarische Mafia versucht auch einen ähnlichen Rohstoffraub in Südamerika. Dort war der neueste Schritt die Benutzung von Cyber- und Energiewaffen, um Venezuelas Energienetz zu sabotieren.
Der Rest der Welt hat zugestimmt, weiterhin die US-Militärs zu bezahlen und sie in eine wohlgesinnte planetare Schutzmacht umzuwandeln. Sie können damit anfangen, ihr Geld zu verdienen, indem sie all diese Verbrecher aufbringen und sie entweder ins Gefängnis stecken oder umbringen.
Übersetzung: Thomas

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11 maart 2019

Paus Francis is ontheven van zijn macht als onderdeel van een overeenkomst waarover wordt onderhandeld tussen de Gnostische Illuminati en de 13 bloedlijnen, zeggen twee bronnen, de ene een Europese koninklijke, de andere een Pentagon baas. De twee Westerse machtscentra, de een gebaseerd op meritocratie, de ander op historische regels, hebben ingestemd met een jubelfeest en een enorme campagne om “de planeet te redden,” zeggen de bronnen.
De Gnostische Illuminati, op zijn sterkst in het militaire-industriële complex en de bloedlijnen die het geld en de media controleren, hebben ingestemd met een compromis omdat ze een verenigd Westers front moeten laten zien met als doel een overeenkomst bereiken met een herlevend Azië, zeggen ze.

Francis, die misschien mag aanblijven als een schegbeeld werd van de macht ontheven vanwege het fiasco van de veroordeelde pedofiele Kardinaal Pell die de Vaticaanse Bank leidde, zeggen de bronnen. Het Vaticaan en de Vaticaanse Bank met zijn 6.000 omkooprekeningen van zogenaamde “wereldleiders” wordt nu geleid door “een trojka van kardinalen,” zeggen de Pentagon bronnen.
In het openbaar kan deze fundamentele verandering gezien worden in het feit dat tien kardinalen recent zijn uitgetreden. De meest recente was de Franse Kardinaal Philippe Barbarin, die vorige week werd veroordeeld voor het bedekken van pedofilie. 

Hier is wat de vertegenwoordiger van de 13 bloedlijnen te zeggen had over de situatie: “Kardinaal Pell was een bekentenis en acceptatie van de Satanische Praktijken binnen onze ordes.” Hij voegde toe dat de andere kardinalen werden verwijderd als onderdeel van een proces om hen te doen ophouden met Satanische praktijken. “Paus Francis werd ontslagen omdat hij te hoog in rang was binnen het Nationale Cyber Security Center. Zijn voorgaande leven in Argentinië kwam terug om hem te achtervolgen. Niemand — niemand in de buitenwereld—wordt toegestaan om in functie te blijven wanneer ze niet gecontroleerd kunnen worden door hun overeenkomst,” vertelde de bron.
Verder, vandaag (11 maart 2019) is de achttiende verjaardag van de massa-moordaanval op Fukushima, Japan en de overeenkomst wordt voor een deel bereikt omdat de bloedlijnen werden bedreigd met vergelding voor deze aanval tenzij ze een overeenkomst zouden bereiken, zeggen bronnen bij het Aziatische geheime genootschap.
Ter aanvulling, bronnen bij het Aziatische geheime genootschap zeggen dat het Westen het zuiveren van henzelf zouden moeten afmaken voordat een uiteindelijke overeenkomst over het redden van de planeet bereikt kan worden.
Aan dit front is een ononderbroken aanval tegen het Zionisme, de belangrijkste bron van het Westerse kwaad, een goed teken. “De ware woorden van Vertegenwoordiger Ilhan Omar over Zionistische invloed over het congres van de V.S. (niet gebaseerd op stemmen —er zijn maar negen miljoen Joodse stemmers —maar eerder door omkoperij en chantage en leugens) heeft de Democratische Partij in een crisis gestort welke kan leiden naar zijn einde. CIA en Pentagon bronnen zeggen dat Jared Kushner en John Bolton spoedig ontslagen zullen worden uit het Witte Huis en President Trump zal de waarheid over 9/11 onthullen op een manier die Zionistische invloed over de economie van de V.S., de regering en maatschappij, zal beëindigen,” dit was hoe voormalig officier van CIA operaties, Robert David Steele de situatie beschreef.

Een bron bij het Pentagon was het hiermee eens, door te zeggen “Zionisme is dood. Hun Lobby werd gecastreerd terwijl het Huis een resolutie met 407 tegen 23 liet passeren die Ilhan Omar niet bestrafte maar het antisemitisme verwierp en Witte Huis Spreker Nancy Pelosi ontsloeg haar Joodse chief of staff, Danny Weiss.”
Nu heeft Syrië Israël formeel gewaarschuwd om zich terug te trekken uit de Golan Hoogte, of ze zien oorlog tegemoet.

Syrië deed dit omdat het de steun heeft van Turkije, Rusland en Iran om Israël te dwingen het internationale gerecht te respecteren, terwijl het leger van de V.S. het duidelijk heeft gemaakt dat het niet zal vechten voor Israël, volgens Pentagon en andere bronnen.
De koninklijke familie en Pentagon bronnen hebben beiden bevestigd dat het nucleaire arsenaal van Israël —hun “Samson optie”—is geneutraliseerd, wat de reden is waarom die schurkenstaat nu gedwongen kan worden om op te houden met hun messiaanse en antisociale gedrag. Als ze denken dat God wil dat ze meer dan 100 miljoen mensen vermoorden zodat ze hun oude tempel weer kunnen herbouwen, dan hebben ze God duidelijk niet begrepen.
Ondertussen hebben er in een versneld tempo gerichte moordaanslagen plaatsgevonden op sleutelfiguren in de V.S. met de bedoeling de democratie te herstellen en de uitvoering van de wet, zeggen CIA-bronnen. “De hamer staat op het punt te vallen, merkte een Pentagon bron op toen Procureur-Generaal, Bill Barr een ontmoeting had met John Huber voorafgaand aan FISA-classificatie en massa arrestaties.” De bron refereerde aan het feit dat Huber gedwongen wordt om eindelijk actie te ondernemen tegen Hillary Clinton, Obama enz. wegens hoogwaardig Uranium, enz.

De farmaceutische industrie ligt ook “onder de aanval omdat Eli Lilly gedwongen werd om generieke insuline te introduceren voor de helft van de prijs terwijl FDA-directeur en Big Pharma handlanger Scott Gottlieb ontslagen werden vanwege het bestraffen van staten die vaccin vrijstellingen tenietdeden,” merken de Pentagon bronnen op. Deze actie om vaccins verplicht te stellen was een wanhopige laatste poging van de Khazariaanse maffia om toxische vaccins te gebruiken om een groot percentage van de bevolking te vermoorden in een poging om te voorkomen dat ze voor het gerecht werden gedaagd, merken CIA-bronnen op.
Een enorme geheime oorlog werd ook gevoerd door de Khazariaanse maffia om zo de controle te grijpen over de hulpbronnen van Afrika in een wanhopige poging om faillissement te vermijden van hun in Washington, D.C. gevestigde United States Corporation, zeggen Mossad- en CIA-bronnen. Afrika is bijna twee keer zo groot als Rusland en groter dan Canada, en groter dan China plus de V.S. samen. Het laatste ding dat de Khazariaanse maffia wil is dat de Afrikanen de controle terugnemen over hun eigen hulpbronnen.
De meest zichtbare recente actie in deze geheime oorlog was het neerstorten op zondag van een Ethiopische Boeing 737 vliegtuig. Mossad bronnen zeggen dat het vliegtuig op afstand werd gekaapt en dat zijn passagiers, inclusief 19VN ambtenaren, werden gedood als deel van een poging om een conferentie van de VN te verstoren welke gericht is op het beëindigen van armoede en vernietiging van het milieu in Afrika.

Echter, de kaping op afstand van dit vliegtuig lijkt een hele domme actie te zijn geweest van de Khazarianen en zal waarschijnlijk leiden naar het faillissement van Boeing. Dat is waarom het de tweede keer in vier maanden is dat een Boeing vliegtuig is neergestort door middel van bediening op afstand door de Khazariaanse maffia. China, Ethiopië Air (de grootste Afrikaanse vliegmaatschappij) en de Kaaiman Eilanden hebben alle Boeing 737 vliegtuigen en aan de grond gezet en andere maatschappijen en landen zullen zeker volgen tenzij de ‘kapers op afstand’ worden verwijderd uit de controle over Boeing.
Het is zeker geen toeval dat nadat alle militaire officieren het Trump regiem hebben verlaten, Boeingdirecteur Patrick Shanahan, werd aangesteld als Acterend V.S. Secretaris voor Defensie. Shanahan heeft geen werkelijke macht over het leger van de V.S. omdat ze niet langer de gezamenlijke regering in het failliete Washington, D.C. gehoorzamen, zeggen Pentagon bronnen. Hier is wat een X-files bron te zeggen had over de situatie: “Vele van de reptielen families hebben aandelen in Boeing en Boeing is ook verbonden met Marsbewoner [sic] Lockheed.”
In ieder geval gaat de geheime strijd om Afrika verder aan andere fronten, vooral over de controle over minerale bronnen. Hints van deze oorlog kunnen gezien worden in verschillende recente krantenkoppen. De meest bizarre was het verhaal over diamant miljardair Ehud Lanaido die stierf tijdens “een operatie om zijn penis te laten vergroten.”

In feite, “werd hij ’s avonds laat meegenomen naar een speciale kliniek aan de Avenue des Champs-Elysees in Parijs, lang nadat de kliniek was gesloten,” vertelde een bron bij de Mossad. “Hij was een directe concurrent van Benny Steinmetz die tot een paar maanden geleden in strijd was met verschillende regeringen, inclusief België en Afrika, naar verluidt ging het om miljarden dollars die hij verschuldigd was door achterstallige belastingen van illegale aankopen van ruwe en geslepen diamanten die gedurende vele jaren uit Afrika en Sierra Leone werden gesmokkeld,” vervolgde de bron.
“Deze twee maken deel uit van de belangrijkste diamanthandelaren in de wereld en waren het doelwit van degenen hoog aan de top. De een werd verwijderd en de ander werd teruggezet op zijn voetstuk als Koning van de handel. Merk op hoe nauw de timing is bij de rijzing en val van de twee titanen,” merkte de bron op.
Hier is de tweede krantenkop waar hij naar verwees: “Mijnhoudende miljardair maakt een einde aan Bitter Guinea Geschil Na Maanden van Geheime Onderhandelingen.”

Als je dit artikel leest, kun je zien dat Steinmetz werd geholpen door een wie is wie in de Zionistische Khazariaanse maffia, inclusief George Soros (d.w.z. zijn uitgeknipte versie), Tony Blair en Nicholas Sarkozy.

Ook, hieraan gerelateerd was het nieuws dat Indische diamant mogul, Nirov Modi zal worden uitgeleverd. Modi werd verondersteld te zijn gevlucht met meer dan 2 miljard dollars van Indiase banken. “Er werd me verteld dat hij opgepakt zal worden en dat hij als voorbeeld wordt gesteld voor het wetssysteem om zo de wereld te laten zien dat je niet kunt ontsnappen aan de lange arm van de wet,” vertelde de Mossad bron. “Vergeet niet dat hij niet een van de insider ‘jongens’ is—de verkeerde bloedlijn, en dus vervangbaar in dit Game of Thrones met de Khazariaanse Zionisten,” voegde hij toe

Verdere ontwikkelingen gerelateerd aan de voortgaande roof van bronnen kan gezien worden in een brief aan deze schrijver gestuurd door de Khoi-San mensen die waarschuwden voor het gebruik van een valse koning bij een poging om hun land en hulpbronnen te stelen.
De Khazariaanse maffia doet ook een soortgelijke poging van het grijpen van grondstoffen in Zuid-Amerika, Daar was de laatste actie het gebruik van cyber en energiewapens om het energienetwerk van Venezuela te saboteren.
De rest van de wereld is overeengekomen het leger van de V.S. te financieren en hen te veranderen in een strijdkracht voor welwillende planetaire bescherming. Ze kunnen beginnen met hun geld te verdienen door het oppakken van al deze criminelen en ze ofwel in de gevangenis te stoppen ofwel te vermoorden. 
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Police in Guinea-Bissau has seized a consignment of nearly 800kg of cocaine that was destined for Mali.
          ಪಾಪುಅ ನ್ಯೂಗಿನಿಯಾದ ಶಿಶುಗಳ ಜೀವ ಉಳಿಸುತ್ತಿದೆ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರಿನ ಬ್ರೇಸ್‍ಲೆಟ್      Cache   Translate Page      
ನವಜಾತ ಶಿಶುವಿನ ಕೈಗೆ ಇದನ್ನು ಕಟ್ಟಲಾಗುತ್ತದೆ. ದೇಹದ ಉಷ್ಣತೆ ಸಾಮಾನ್ಯವಾಗಿದ್ದಾಗ ಬ್ರೆಸ್‌ಲೆಟ್ ನೀಲಿ ಲೈಟ್ ಆನ್ ಆಗುತ್ತದೆ. ಉಷ್ಣತೆ ಸಾಮಾನ್ಯ ಉಷ್ಣಾಂಶ 36.5 ಡಿಗ್ರಿ ಸೆಲ್ಸಿಯಸ್ ಅಥವಾ 97.7 ಫ್ಯಾರನ್ಹೀಟ್‌ಗಿಂತ ಕಡಿಮೆಯಾದರೆ ಈ ಬ್ರೆಸ್‌ಲೆಟ್‌ನ ಕಿತ್ತಳೆ ಬಣ್ಣದ ಲೈಟ್ ಆನ್ ಆಗುತ್ತದೆ ಮತ್ತು ತಕ್ಷಣಕ್ಕೆ ವೈದ್ಯಕೀಯ ಆರೈಕೆ ಅಗತ್ಯವಿದೆ ಎಂಬ ಎಚ್ಚರಿಕೆಯ ಸೂಚನೆಯಾಗಿ ಬೀಪ್ ಶಬ್ಧವಾಗುತ್ತದೆ.
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Traductor como el coautor del texto
La dificultad de la evaluación de la literatura extranjera en general, es el hecho de que solo la persona que sabe un idioma extranjero lo suficientemente bien para leer un libro en original, puede opinar sobre su calidad. El resto de la gente queda con la versión  más o menos igual de la obra original, pero hay que tener en cuenta que el traductor se convierte en coautor del texto. La calidad de la un libro traducido es la suma de las capacidades del traductor y el método de la traducción elegido.
El método "palabra por palabra" el la peor de todas las posibilidades posibles de traducción del texto. Lo sabe cada persona que trataba de traducir el contenido escrito a través del traductor electrónico o con el diccionario en la mano. Sin embargo, incluso este método requiere cierta escrupulosidad en cuanto a la elección de los sinónimos. Por lo tanto, cada traducción tiene su valor. Uno que estaba impresionado por la traducción "A" puede estar disgustado leyendo la traducción "B ", mientras que otro verá aspectos positivos del trabajo del traductor “B” que no notó en la traducción “A”.
Leyendo cualquier texto del autor extranjero, por ejemplo traducido de francés a español, nunca se sabe cuanto por ciento “del traductor” (de su manera de expresar los pensamientos, manera de escribir, etc.) está en el libro. Además hay que recordar que el traductor puede malinterpretar la intención del mensaje transmitido por el novelista en contenido escrito. No se puede olvidar también del factor humano. Los traductores cometen errores como cada uno de los hombres, pero su distracción influye a la recepción del libro, porque cambia el tono de la declaración o incluso el significado del texto. 

Traductor como un  intérprete

A menudo el traductor, por ejemplo de la poesía, tiene que tomar las decisiones en cuanto al significado exacto de los versos, porque se las puede interpretar de varias maneras. En este momento, el traductor se convierte en un intérprete, que a veces cambia la intención del escritor por culpa de la ambigüedad del contenido. De hecho, un traductor, si tiene dudas, puede recurrir a los estudios de los especialistas de la literatura. El problema es que los especialistas en mayoría de los casos no están de acuerdo con los estudios hechos por otros literarios, por eso el traductor debe ser un arbitro y elegir solo una de las interpretaciones.

Connotaciones y simbolismo

Simbolismo en los libros
Hay que recordar también que cada una de las palabras puede tener ciertas connotaciones emocionales, fraseológicas, culturales, etc., entendidas solo por la gente de una cultura determinada. Traductor, a pesar de sus conocimientos y de sus mejores intenciones, no es capaz de transmitir el sentido tal como tiene que ser, por culpa de las diferencias entre las lenguas y culturas. Por supuesto, puede añadir comentarios, pero ya no sea la traducción precisa. Este hecho es muy conocido por la gente que traduce Biblia a varios idiomas exóticos. Como un ejemplo puede servir el fragmento que contenía la descripción comparativa de la nieve, del Salmo 51: “Purifícame con hisopo, y seré limpio; Lávame, y seré más blanco que la nieve”. Es obvio que traduciendo este fragmento al idioma Inuit, que tiene más de docena descripciones para la nieve, no hay problema. Sin embargo, ¿qué se puede hacer con un idioma que ni siquiera tiene la palabra “nieve”? Cuando la Biblia fue traducida a la lengua de una pequeña comunidad en Papúa Nueva Guinea, se cambio la desconocida descripción de la nieve a una referencia a la conocida de su vida cotidiana: la espuma del mar. ¿Sigue siendo una traducción o ya está mezclado con la interpretación?

Además hay otro problema que no se ve de la primera vista. En la cultura europea la gente está acostumbrada al simbolismo del color blanco, para ellos significa la pureza, inocencia. ¿Cómo se puede explicarlo, por ejemplo, a los chinos? En su cultura el blanco es el color del luto. Entre otros ejemplos se puede distinguir el símbolo de la estrella fugaz. En los países eslavos, en antiguos tiempos, según la gente, traía mala suerte. Para la comunidad anglosajona al revés, anunciaba el éxito.

Proporciones: interpretación y traducción

¿Traductor, intérprete, autor o escritor?
El traductor no solo tiene que traducir de y a la lengua, sino también de y a la cultura. Lo puede hacer a través de los comentarios a los textos, para trasmitir el sentido real de la obra. Sin embargo la incapacidad de traducir el texto de la mejor manera posible puede resultar frustrante para un traductor.
¿Cómo se puede responder a la pregunta si una traducción de la obra es todavía la traducción o ya es la interpretación? Cada traducción se convierte inevitablemente en una interpretación en algunos partes. Lo más importante es la proporción entre uno y otro.

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FARMERS across the Far North region will be better connected to the workforce thanks to a new partnership with Papua New Guinea. FNQ Growers recently hosted Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Senator Marise Payne, and PNG ministerial dignitaries...
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Sarawak pada asalnya adalah sebuah wilayah menganjur dari pedalaman Bau sehingga ke persisiran Samarahan. Dalam geografi moden, Sarawak asalnya mungkin satu wilayah di sebelah Barat Laut Borneo yang meliputi kawasan dari Tg Po di Sematan sehinggalah ke Muara Tuang, Samarahan. Sejarah awal Sarawak, seperti juga Sejarah Melayu pada keseluruhannya, adalah Sejarah Lisan. Sukar ditemukan Sejarah Bersurat bagi Sarawak Asal. Mungkin kesultanan Johor, Brunei dan Sambas ada menyimpan tulisan-tulisan mengenai Sarawak di sekitar kurun ke 10-19. Inilah tiga kesultanan yang ada peranan jelas mereka di Sarawak di sekitar kurun ke 13. Sebelum itu, mungkin kita perlu mengkaji Museum Buddha atau Hindu di India untuk melihat kemungkinan adanya catatan tentang Sarawak. Awal dari kurun ke 10, tiada siapa yang tahu, kecuali mungkin di Museum China dalam Dinasti Tang, Song, Yuan dan Ming pada kurun ke 8-10. Lantaran lowongan ini, di masa-masa mendatang, adalah sukar untuk Melayu Sarawak untuk mempertahankan hak mereka bersandarkan kaedah-kaedah moden ketentuan Barat. Maka wajar bagi masyarakat Melayu Sarawak untuk mulai menulis dan mengumpul bahan-bahan sejarah sahih sebagai khazanah rujukan anak-anak bangsa di masa depan. Peranan Kurator Museum Sarawak yang gah di masa depan harus kita Melayu Sarawak ambil perhatian berat.

(2) Namun sebegitu dikisahkan pada kurun ke 10-13, Sarawak pernah dijajah oleh Kerajaan Buddha Srivijaya di Sumatera. Lantaran itu, berlaku penghijerahan masyarakat Melayu Sumatera ke Sarawak dalam tempoh itu. Kemungkinan nama Kampung Lidah Tanah, Tupong dsb ada unsur-unsur budaya Sumatera di sana asalnya. Kemudian dengan hancurnya Srivijaya, maka muncul Kerajaan Melayu Temasik (Johor Lama) yang kekuasaannya menebar sehingga ke Sungai Sarawak. Namun dengan kebangkitan Kerajaan Majapahit, Kerajaan Temasik dikalahkan dan melalui Majapahit masyarakat Jawa pula hijerah dan berkuasa di Sarawak. Perkampungan seperti Surabaya, Samariang, Kampung Jawa (asal sekitar Masjid dan Brooke Dock Yard lama), dsb adalah bekas-bekas sejarah ini. Datuk Merpati Jepang (dari Jawa) di kisahkan hijerah ke Sarawak pada kurun ke 15 dan melahirkan kalangan perabangan di Sarawak. Jika ini benar, maka, kalangan pembesar Sarawak adalah berasal dari hibrid Sumatera-Jawa.  Kemudian keruntuhan Majapahit, telah mewujudkan Kerajaan-Kerajaan Islam Melayu di Sumatera dan Malaya termasuk pemulihan Kerajaan Lama Johor (Temasik). Begitu juga Islam telah menguasai Kesultanan Brunei. Melalui hibrid Kerajaan Melayu Johor dan Kesultanan Brunei, Kesultanan Brunei kemudian menguasai Sarawak sejak 1476.

(3) Walaubagaimanapun dari Modul Sejarah Barat, Sarawak hanya wujud pada 1537. Dengan perkembangan Revolusi Industri dan kedahagaan Barat untuk mengumpul sumber bagi mendokong Revolusi Industri telah membawa penemuan Antimony di Bau pada 1826. Bermula 1835, bibit-bibit pemberontakan terhadap Kesultanan Brunei bermula. Sejarah Sarawak terus terbangun selepas dari itu. Sejarah juga mencatatkan bahawa Kuching adalah Ibu Wilayah Sarawak ke tiga di bawah pemerintahan Sultan Muhammad Shah Brunei pada 1827. Sebelum itu Ibu Wilayah Sarawak adalah Santubong di bawah pemerintahan Sultan Tengah juga dari Brunei pada 1599 dan Lidah Tanah di bawah Pengeran Patinggi Ali pada 1820an.  Kesultanan Brunei menyerahkan Sarawak  kepada Brooke pada 1841 di atas jasa beliau dalam mengendurkan pemberontakan di wilayah itu. Sebelum 1841, nama Sarawak dan Kuching adalah saling bertukar ganti.  Sarawak adalah Kuching dan Kuching adalah Sarawak. Sebelum 1841, Sarawak adalah apa yang dinamakan sebagai Kuching pada masa ini. Atas sebab itu, Sungai yang membelah Bandaraya Kuching dinamakan Sungai Sarawak. Bila Brooke menguasai Kuching (asalnya melalui pajakan bernilai P500 dari Muda Hashim) iaitu Sarawak pada masa itu, beliau terus memasukkan lain-lain wilayah taklukan dan pajakannya (Limbang) ke dalam Sarawak dan mengekalkan nama Kuching sebagai nama Bandar Kuching.  Sejak 1841 sehingga kini, Kuching terus kekal sebagai Ibu Negeri Sarawak.

(4) Sarawak kini meliputi dari Sematan, di Lundu sehingga Merapok, di Lawas. Secara am, penduduk Sarawak dan wilayah-wilayah jiran seperti Sabah, Brunei dan Kalimantan adalah bersamaan dari segi sosok budaya dan kependudukannya. Mengikut sebahagian tulisan sejarah lisan, penghijerahan khususnya masyarakat pribumi bukan Melayu ke seluruh Sarawak (malah Borneo) adalah akibat peralihan budaya animisma, Buddha, Hindu dan Islam. Sebelumya iaitu pada era anismisma, semua etnik di Borneo adalah "saling berdekatan" di persisiran. Mungkin keadaan sosial pada masa itu setara dengan keadaan sebilangan etnik Papua New Guinea kini. Islam yang berkembang secara meluas sejak abad ke 13 telah memberikan kesan yang sangat ketara dalam mengantikan Buddha dan Hindu khususnya di kalangan masyarakat Melayu dan persisir lainnya. Islam juga kian meresap ke dalam golongan pribumi animisma lainnya. Sejumlah besar masyarakat Dayak di Kalimantan Barat, Selatan dan Timur telah kembali kepada Islam. Namun sebahagian besar dari kelompok pribumi bukan Melayu lainnya masih kekal animisma.  Akibatnya, kalangan pribumi animisma ini atas faktor beda agama menyebabkan mereka mulai hijerah ke kawasan pedalaman sebagai jalan untuk mengelak kemunkinan pertelingkahan adat budaya dan agama. Pergerakkan hijerah puak pribumi bukan Melayu ini pastinya lebih menyansang arus sungai, berbanding dengan masyarakat Melayu yang memilih jalan laut sebagai jalur sebaran mereka. Pola hijerah dan taburan penempatan yang terpisah jelas ini, kekal sehingga kini. Keadaan ini, menjadikan penduduk pribumi bukan Melayu tersisih di pedalaman sedang masyarakat Melayu dan pribumi Islam lainnya (yang akhirnya meresap sebagai Melayu) lebih berbaur dengan segala masyarakat lain seperti Cina, India, Arab dan malah Barat membentuk pusat-pusat kota yang lebih maju. Keadaan ini, sehingga kini membedakan pola pembangunan di kalangan kelompok-kelompok ini.

(5) Kini ditokok oleh kemodenan, apa lagi akibat kelongaran dalam amalan susila budaya murni silam, para etnik di Sarawak kian jauh terpisah khasnya dari segi struktur sosialnya. Kita sedang menuju ke arah individualisma. Masyarakat ie rakyat dan Negeri adalah perkara terakhir yang kian banyak pihak perlu fikirkan. Tekanan ekonomi, sosial dan keagamaan kian memisahkan mencipta jurang hebat antara kita. Dengan kemasukan budaya politik tidak rasional dan tamak, kian memecah belahkan masyarakat yang sudah retak menanti belah. Akibatnya, rasa tidak puas hati sebilangan rakyat telah dipiutar belit sehingga terlahir slogan dan laungan Sarawak for Sarawak atau singkatnya S4S.

(6) Asalnya, tuntutan S4S adalah laungan DAP agar Sarawak berdiri merdeka dan bebas dari cengkaman Kuala Lumpur. Kenapa DAP ingin Sarawak merdeka? Jawaban nya mudah. Pertama-tama lantaran Sistem Pendidikan Dualisma Negara. Sistem pendidikan kita yang pincang, tidak menyatukan rakyat. Kedua, masyarakat Cina adalah masyarakat perdagangan dan industri. Tabii kalangan ini di mana-mana adalah mereka mahu bebas dalam melakukan apapun tanpa ikatan undang-undang yang ketat. Di Malaysia, kelompok ini perlu bersusah payah untuk menjadi kalangan perdagangan dan perindustrian berjaya. Melayu yang menguasai pentadbiran Negara dilihat sebagai penghadang kepada kebebasan yang mereka kehendaki. Maka untuk bebas merdeka, mereka mahu agar tidak terikat dengan sistem pentabdiran Melayu yang menghadang. Ketiga, dalam dunia kian menjadi sempit dari segi perdagangan, dengan perubahan sikap para pentadbir Melayu yang gemarkan rasuah, ini dilihat oleh kalangan pedagang dan industri Cina sebagai unwanted societies in my neighborhood. Sebaran amalan rasuah di kalangan para pentadbir Melayu telah menjadikan belanja untuk berdagang dan membina industri di Malaysia kian menjadi mahal dan payah. Tambahan DAP yang bercita-cita untuk mengembangkan pemerintahannya ke luar dari Pulau Pinang merasa tertekan dengan sikap Kerajaan Negeri dan Persekutuan (yang didokong Melayu) yang mengunakan kuasa Immigresen untuk menyekat mereka dari bebas berpolitik di Sarawak. Keresahan mereka kemudian diperkongsi oleh PKR dan PAS. Akibatnya, DAP dan PKR bergabung menyuarakan S4S sebagai helah mainan politik untuk kebebasan (@ kemerdekaan) Sarawak.

(7) Di sisi lain, lantaran pada masa lalu Kerajaan Negeri (GOS) dan Persekutuan (GOM) adalah didokong kuat oleh kaum Melayu, maka S4S telah diputar belit menjadi sesuatu yang berbau anti-Melayu. Bahkan kemudian telah ditakrif sebagai gerakan memerbahayakan kedudukan Melayu. BN yang arif dengan kaedah perang saraf Pasukan Keselamatan kita dalam memerangi Komunis, telah dengan bijak menggunakan kaedah yang sama dalam berpolitik. Malangnya, lantaran ketaksuban rakyat, permainan ini dijadikan lagu rasmi politik perkauman Negara. Namun bilamana BN telah tumbang, S4S sekali lagi diputar belit menjadi gerakkan Assabiyah Kenegerian. Politik tidak matang, tidak rasional dan tamak telah memutar belit banyak perkara sehingga menjadi medan kecelaruan dan kekerohan rakyat. Rakyat dihantui politik menakut-nakutkan agar mereka kekal dicucuk hidung, agar mudah diheret ke mana saja. "Ikan mudah dijala di air yang keruh" sebegitulah mainan politik kita selama ini.

(8)  Sesungguhnya, pola pembangunan di antara (inter racial) kaum pribumi di Sarawak tidak banyak bedanya. Golongan Melayu, yang rata-rata saya hitungkan sekitar 60-70 peratus "urbanised and pheriurban", masih kekal relatif rendah dan payah taraf hidup mereka. Dilihat pada gaya, mereka tampak jelas bergaya. Cuma cuba lihat pada kekuatan ekonomi mereka, saya yakin gaya tidak mengambarkan keupayaan sebenar ekonomi mereka. Saya yakin, Melayu adalah golongan yang sangat banyak hutang. Domestic Debt Melayu sangat mengerunkan. Jika dibuat bancian, saya yakin Melayu bandar punya hutang perumahan, hutang kenderaan, hutang perkakasan rumah, hutang kad kredit, bahkan segala macam hutang yang tak ketentuan. Di luar bandar, masyarakat Melayu juga terbeban dengan hutang kenderaan, hutang YAKIN, YAPEIM, TEKUN, AIM dsb, dan paling banyak saya kira berhutang dengan peniaga Pakistan. Tahap hutang individu Melayu saya kira jauh lebih parah dari Hutang Negara. Melayu di bandar atau pinggir bandar, biarpun mereka mungkin boleh mendapatkan khidmat kemodenan yang sedikit agak meluas, namun dari segi keupayaan untuk mendapatkan khidmat terbaik adalah sangat terbatas. In kerana, rata-rata struktur pekerjaan mereka adalah masih bersifat "kuli". Di Kampung-kampung, golongan ini masih banyak tersisih dan terpinggir. Kehidupan mereka belum sangat berubah dari tahun-tahun 1970an. Silapnya di mana? Hakikatnya, Melayu telah salah cara dalam mengurus Melayu itu sendiri.

(9) Sejak 1990an, kaum pribumi bukan Melayu, lantaran perubahan demografi dan tekanan hidup di luar bandar yang payah, kian banyak hijerah ke kota-kota seperti Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu dan Miri. Mereka seperti kalangan Melayu di awal 1960an, kini sedang bergelut di kawasan-kawasan setinggan, perumahan murah malah kolong-kolong. Jika diamati betul-betul, sektor-sektor yang dahulu dikuasai oleh orang-orang Melayu, kini kian diambilalih oleh mereka ini. Kehidupan mereka yang tertinggal di luar bandar, tetap sama terpencil dan terasing seperti kalangan Melayu luar bandar.

(9) Jika golongan pribumi bukan Melayu mendokong S4S bawaan DAP, bukanlah kerana mereka sebenar-benarnya mendokong. Sebetulnya, saya yakin DAP juga tidaklah bersungguh-sungguh tentang S4S Sarawak Merdeka. Semua hanya mahu penyisihan kehidupan mereka mendapat perhatian. Mereka ingin "merdeka" untuk bebas menentukan nasib sendiri di tangan mereka sendiri. Pokoknya, mereka inginkan untung nasib masa depan yang lebih baik dan terjamin. Sama juga bila kalangan Melayu merasa takut akan S4S. Mereka bukan takut untuk bebas merdeka. Mereka hanya tidak pasti tentang masa depan mereka. Pokoknya, semua terkait dengan nasib masa depan masing-masing. Namun biar semua inginkan masa depan yang baik, tetapi kenapa memilih dua jalan yang berbeda? Satu berjuang demi S4S untuk merdeka. Di sisi lain, menolak S4S.

(10) Bagi saya S4S boleh saja menjadi sesuatu yang terbaik buat Sarawak. Namun bagaimana konsep dan intipatinya, itu harus kita orang Sarawak rumus serta laksanakan dengan penuh bijaksana. In Shaa Allah akan saya sentuh kemudiannya.

(11) Yang ketara sangat berbeda struktur sosial kehidupan adalah antara pribumi dan masyarakat dagang-industri Cina. Seperti kebiasaan di seluruh Nusantara, masyarakat dagang-industri Cina mempunyai status sosio-ekonomi yang jauh lebih menjulang dari kaum pribumi. Mereka rata-rata menguasai 40-60 peratus dari kekayaan Negara masing-masing biar jumlah mereka mungkin cuma 10-30 peratus dari penduduk asli Negara berkenaan. Perhatilah, di mana-mana, samaada di Thailand, Kemboja, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar dan apa lagi di Malaysia, Filipina dan Indonesia, kelompok perdagangan dan industri Cina pasti jauh lebih maju dari kalangan pribumi. Mungkin sedikit agak berbeda di Brunei, namun sebegitu tetap kaum Cina jauh lebih ke depan dalam banyak hal. Sesungguhnya, peradaban China yang 5,000 tahun atau lebih ke depan dari kita, meletakkan mereka berada dalam keadaan lebih advantage dari kaum pribumi Nusantara amnya dan Sarawak khasnya. Temadun China Yang Tze telah wujud sejak 3,000-4,000 SM. China telah berdagang dengan India, Farsi, Mesir dan Eropah sekitar 3,000-4,000 tahun lebih awal dari Melayu. Seperti juga kaum Yahudi yang menerima Taurah dan Zabur 2,000-3,000 tahun lebih awal dari Arab, maka pastinya mereka berpunya ilmu yang jauh lebih ke depan dari bangsa Arab malah Barat (Nasrani). Keilmuan awal mereka meletakkan keilmuan berdagang dan industri jauh ke depan dari kita dalam apa hal sekalipun. Perkara ini, telah Allah perakukan di dalam Al Quran.

(12) Masyarakat dagang-industri Cina mula memasuki Sarawak sebagai boroh kasar di sektor-sektor industri terutama perlombongan dan perladangan. Lombong emas dan antimoni di Bau, saya kira adalah permulaan kepada kedatangan boroh dan industri Cina ke Sarawak. Kemudian, dengan Brooke mengusahakan perkebunan lada hitam, gambir dan ladang getah di Samarahan (Dahan), Matang dan Sg Cina, maka lebih banyak lagi boroh Cina dibawa masuk. Di 1930an, dengan perkembangan indusri sagu dan pembalakan, maka lebih banyak boroh dan pengusaha Cina di bawa masuk ke daerah-daerah persisiran. Pada 1841, penduduk asli Sarawak hanyalah sekitar 8,000 orang. Following various immigration schemes initiated by the Rajahs, the population increased to 150,000 in 1848, 300,000 in 1893, 475,000 in 1933, and 600,000 in 1945. Boroh-boroh ini mudah didisiplin dan dikawal berbanding anak-anak watan. Maka dengan perkembangan sektor industri, maka semakin ramai mereka dibawa masuk untuk mengusaha perusahaan Brooke (dan British kemudiannya). Brooke memperkuda boroh dan usahawan Cina dalam dagangan luar negara. Ada simbiosis kukuh antara Brooke dan masyarakat Cina ini. Makanya, masyarakat Cina terus merdeka dominen dalam urusan perdaganagn dan industri. Sedang di sisi lain, Brooke "memerdekakan" kelompok pribumi untuk berbuat apa mereka mahu secara tradisi. Oleh itu, di zaman Brooke, masyarakat pribumi Sarawak kian terasing dari segi sistem ekonomi terbuka dan keusahawanan komersil. Kaum pribumi bukan Melayu, tersisih dengan budaya saradiri di pedalaman; dan sebilangan masyarakat Melayu pula meresap secara merangkak ke dalam sistem pentadbiran dan ekonomi moden yang terhad. Brooke membina Sistem Ekonomi Dikotomi di Sarawak antara Pribumi dan Cina. Dalam kalangan pribumi, Brooke juga memisahkan mereka secara licik ke dalam Dual Traditional Systems yang terpisah. Melayu dalam sokongan pentadbiran, Pribumi lain kekal dalam Sistem Pertanian Saradiri. Inilah sistem ekonomi "harmoni" ciptaan Brooke (1841-1941) lalu kemudian diwarisi oleh Kerajaan Sarawak Merdeka (1963-2018). Saya berani mengatakan lantaran rakyat hidup "harmoni" sejak Brooke dengan segala sistem yang ada, maka Kerajaan Sarawak merdeka terus saja menerima pakai sistem Brooke tanpa perubahan ketara.

(13) Masa berlalu. Sistem pendidikan kita merubah demografi secara berkesan. Rakyat kini mulai merasa banyak ketimpangan. Mereka melihat ketimpangan ini adalah bersebabkan Melayu. Sebetulnya Melayu hanyalah sekadar kambing hitam. Kenapa Melayu jadi kambing hitam? Sebabnya mudah, lantaran Melayu menjadi tulang belakang segala sistem pentadbiran Negara. Rakyat yang kurang pertimbangan rasional akibat permaian politik tamak banyak pihak, menerima tohmahan itu sebegitu. Adakah benar Melayu yang menyebabkan kepincangan itu, atau Melayu hanya kuda tunggangan dalam membina segala kepincangan itu? Sebilangan rakyat Sarawak, dalam kegairahan S4S, seperti ingin kembali ke zaman Brooke. Mengikut mereka, Brooke memberikan kebebasan kepada rakyat untuk berbuat apapun. Ratusan ribu boroh Cina Brooke bawa masuk, biar mereka hanyalah bertaraf boroh, namun kehidupan dan masa depan mereka di Sarawak jauh lebih baik daripada tempat asal mereka di China. Mereka bebas berdagang dan menceburi segala bidang industri. Saya melihat, Brooke memberikan mereka kebebasan lantaran dagangan dan perusahaan yang diusahakan oleh kaum Cina ini adalah sumber bagi kekayaan Kerajaan Brooke. Sebegitu juga kalangan pribumi bukan Melayu, mereka berasa aman dan sejahtera di zaman Brooke lantaran mereka boleh meneroka hutan secara berleluasa tanpa batas. Masyarakat Melayu pula, berasa lebih baik di zaman Brooke lantaran kedudukan perabangan mereka sangat terjamin di dalam sistem pentadbiran Brooke. Brooke seperti masih menjadi idola rakyat Sarawak lantaran "legasi" kemakmuran dan keamanan semua kaum pada waktu itu. Saya yakin, analisa "legasi picek" inilah yang menjadi sentimen pelbagai kaum dalam memperjuangkan S4S kini.

(14) Kini perjuangan S4S banyak pihak adalah sangat dibauri dengan keinginan untuk Sarawak kembali Merdeka, bertunjangkan "keharmonian dan kebebasan" rakyat seperti asalnya semasa Brooke. Banyak pihak di Sarawak kini sedang melihat Malaysia telah gagal dalam mencapai matlamat asalnya menjadikan semua wilayahnya makmur sejahtera. Lantaran itu, maka Sarawak harus kembali merdeka. Saya kira itu adalah suatu political fallacy semata-mata jika bukan sebuah sandiwara politik murahan semasa. Namun jika kewarasan fikiran dapat dikembangkan baik, merdeka bukan kehendak sebenar rakyat. Merdeka hanyalah wadah. Tuntutan sebenar rakyat adalah keadilan ekonomi dan sosial.

(15) DAP seperti sangat berjaya dalam menanamkan konsep S4S. S4S DAP meresap kuat ke dalam kaum Cina, khasnya di kalangan peniaga kecil dan Cina luar bandar. SUPP parti Cina yang dominen, bungkam dibaham DAP lewat S4S. Kenapa? Jawabnya mudah, selama dalam pemerintahan BN, hanya segelintir Cina telah mendapat segala peluang dan ruang dalam menguasai ekonomi Sarawak. Segelintir Cina ini, kebanyakan mempunyai association dengan "Melayu" atasan. Biar saya namakan segelintir Cina ini sebagai "Cina Kapitalis". Inilah kalangan yang menguasai ekonomi Negara dan Negeri. Fenomena ini sama dengan keadaan Gerakan dan UMNO di Pulau Pinang, MCA-UMNO di Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan dan Melaka. Malangnya, lantaran itu, Melayu dilihat sebagai punca ketidakadilan dalam sistem ekonomi Negara. Hakikatnya, DAP sedang mengaut ketidakpuas hatian masyarakat Cina kebanyakan yang terus tertekan dengan hadirnya segelintir Cina kapitalis. Cina-Cina Kapitalis yang didokong "Melayu Kapiltalis" ini, menjadi terlalu tamak sehingga segala-gala mereka kuasai. Paling ketara di sektor peruncitan yang sebelumnya dikuasai oleh Cina-Cina kebanyakan, sedang mati akibat wujudnya gedung-gedung pasaraya milik Cina-Cina Kapilatis. DAP memandang Cina-Cina Kapitalis ini sebagai musuh kepada perniaga-peniaga kecil Cina lainnya. Maka untuk menghancurkan Cina-Cina Kapitalis ini, "Melayu" yang menjadi pendokong utama mereka juga harus "dihapuskan". Dalam ertikata lain, gerakkan DAP adalah lebih bersifat "anti-ketidakadilan dalam perdagangan dan industri". Nada mereka adalah nada sosialis jika bukan komunis. Sebegitulah akhirnya DAP dinobatkan oleh terutamanya "Melayu Kapitalis' sebagai suapan kepada Melayu kebanyakan untuk terus mendokong mereka.

(16) Di Sarawak, DAP perlu bekerja rapat dengan PKR dalam memasarkan konsep S4S mereka kepada kalangan pribumi. Nadanya tetap sama, biar bidang yang diketengahkan sedikit berbeza. GOS digambarkan sebagai kuasa yang menghakis kepemilikan tanah NCR di kalangan pribumi Sarawak bilamana GOS secara meluas memberikan tanah perladangan kepada "Kapitalis Cina" dan sekelompok "Kapitalis Melayu". DAP dan PKR memainkan lagu, "GOS menyingkir dan membunuh petani-petani kecil". Gagasan ini ada benar dan ada salahnya. Kejayaan DAP dan PKR untuk memaksa Taib turun pada 2013 dilihat sebagai titik permulaan untuk DAP + PKR untuk membangun Kerajaan Baru Sarawak. ditokok dengan kemenangan PH serta beberapa kemajuan PH dalam menguasai kerusi-kerusi Parlimen Sarawak, kini telah dijadikan azimat untuk DAP + PKR di dalam PRN 2021 nanti.

(17) Dalam memperjuangkan S4S, agar ianya lebih laris di kalangan pribumi bukan Melayu dan Melayu, pendokong idea ini sedang bermain dengan strategi cukup licik iaitu dengan bermain sentimen "Legasi Sarawak Merdeka". Brooke "memerdekakan Sarawak" di sepanjang pemerintahanya. Sebagai sebuah "Negara Merdeka" rakyat Sarawak di zamannya punya kebebasan untuk berbuat apapun. Sarawak sedang dijual sebagai sebuah "Negara Merdeka" sebelum pembentukan Malaysia. Amerika pada 1850 dan British pada 1864 iaitu sekitar 100 tahun sebelum pembentukan Malaysia telah mengiktiraf Sarawak sebagai "Negara Merdeka". Apa tujuan mereka? Dari sudut bahasa diplomatik, Sarawak merdeka, namun dari sudut lain, ianyalah adalah pengiktirafan bahawa Brunei tiada kuasa lagi ke atas Sarawak dan Sarawak kini milik penuh Brooke.  Brooke akan menjadi wakil dalam menjaga kepentingan Amerika dan British di timur jauh ini. Kita "merdeka" dari Brunei, namun kita terjajah oleh Brooke yang berupa proxy Amerika dan British. Sebegitulah putar belit sejarah yang kita harus berhati-hati.

(18) Saya bukan menidakkan "legasi" Brooke. Namun, legasi Brooke hanya terpakai pada waktunya. Biarpun Brooke telah berjaya "memakmur dan mengamankan Sarawak" namun, terbukti keturunan beliau selanjutnya gagal sehingga perlu menyerahkan Sarawak kepada British pada 1 July 1946. Brooke pada hakikatnya hanya "membina keamanan di Sarawak". Sebelum Brooke, lantaran kerana cukai serta tadbirurus Kesultanan Brunei yang tidak cekap, rakyat sering bergolak sesama sendiri. Hakikatnya, Brooke tidak membawa kemakmuran kepada Sarawak.  Kekayaan yang pedagang dan industri Cina bina di Sarawak, tidak seluruhnya Brooke reinvest di Sarawak. Sarawak kekal miskin lantaran WII itu satu hal. Kudrat Allah, melalui Jepun, Sarawak bebas dari Brooke lalu kemudian British. Mungkin ramai rakyat Sarawak kini tidak mahu bersusah payah cuba memahami kudrat Allah ini. Namun sebagai Melayu dan Muslim, kita tidak boleh menidakkan bahawa apapun yang terjadi adalah tidak tanpa ketentuan Allah. Allah cuba menjelaskan hikmahNya jika kita mampu memikirkannya secara adil. Masyarakat Melayu Sarawak harus boleh menoleh dan meneliti hikmah Allah kenapa Buddha, Hindu, Brunei, Sambas, Temasik, Brooke, Jepun malah British gagal mengurus Sarawak secara beterusan sehingga kini. Kita juga harus boleh menoleh kenapa Sarawak Merdeka juga gagal mengurus Sarawak. Kini, mungkin bahang kegagalan Malaysia kian terasa maka kita rakyat Sarawak seperti sedang tercari-cari jalan mana yang kita pilih. S4S kita temukan, namun S4S yang diusulkan seperti belum serasi dengan seluruh rakyat Sarawak. Konsep S4S yang ada hanyalah senjata jangka pendek untuk "merampas kuasa". S4S yang ada bukanlah suatu konsep politik dan pentadbiran untuk memperbaiki segala kepincangan yang ada.

(19) Sebelum saya memberikan pandangan kemungkinan S4S yang terbaik untuk Sarawak, terlebih dahulu saya ingin neutralise pandangan bahawa Melayu telah "khianat" dalam mengurus Sarawak. Melayu, seperti saya katakan hanyalah "mangsa keadaan dan atau kuda tunggangan". Kelompok kecil "Kapitalis Melayu" yang menguasai pentadbiran Kerajaan telah gagal, maka janganlah keseluruhan Melayu dipersalahkan. Saya tidak ada masalah jika Melayu dipertanggongjawabkan. Melayu boleh saja dipertanggongjawabkan lantaran sikap 'buta tuli mereka" terus mendokong segelintir "Kapitalis Melayu" untuk memperkuda mereka. Walaubagimanapun, cuba juga perhatikan, bukankah sejak merdeka, yang bersama "Kapitalis Melayu" dalam mengurus segala sistem Negara dan Negeri adalah Cina, India, Dayak, dan Kedazan-Dusun. Dalam GOM dan dalam GOS, semua kaum ada. Jika Melayu gagal, maka kelompok ini yang bersama "Kapitalis Melayu" harus juga disorot juga bertanggongjawab bersama. Sememangnya Melayu dominan. Dominan Melayu tidak menjadikan mereka berkuasa penuh. Cuba lihat dalam kepayahan kini, tetap Melayu turut dominan dalam kesusahan. Seharusnya, Melayu dominan berjaya, lantaran mereka "dominan" berkuasa. Tetapi biar Melayu dominan dalam sistem pengurusan Negara, tetap Melayu dominan payah. Maka persoalannya bukanlah Melayu. Melayu hanyalah kambing hitam. Persoalannya adalah sistem; struktur sistem dan perjalalanan sistem. Sistem ini yang harus kita perbetulkan secara bersama. Maka dalam uasaha untuk merombak dan menyusun semula sistem yang ada, dalam laungan reformasi, Melayu tidak boleh disisihkan. Negara dan Negeri akan kacau bercelaru hebat jika ada usaha-usaha menyisihkan Melayu. Kaum apapun jangan disisihkan. Kehadiran semua kaum di bumi kita ini adalah atas kehendak Allah. Kita terima itu sebegitu dan kita secara adil harus meraikan hikmahNya. Maka jalan terbaik adalah merangkumkan semua kaum di Negara dan Negeri ini dalam kita merombak dan menyususun semula segala sistem yang ada. Reformasi dan transformasi Negeri dan Negara harus sekarang tidak boleh dilihat dari sudut sempit perkauman tetapi dalam sudut menyeluruh kepentingan semua pihak.

(20) Oleh yang sedemikian S4S yang paling sesuai untuk Sarawak, bukanlah S4S Sarawak Merdeka DAP, bukan juga S4S PKR, dan bukan juga S4S GPS. S4S bawaan pelbagai pihak kini adalah S4S sempit politik tamak. Saya berkira, S4S yang sesuai untuk Sarawak adalah dengan mengambil apa yang tersirat di sebalik "legasi Brooke". Rakyat Sarawak pernah memberontak menentang Kesultanan Brunei. Rakyat Sarawak juga tidak setuju diserah kepada British. Rakyat Sarawak tidak setuju dengan Jepun. Kita tidak setuju dengan gagasan Indonesia Raya. Kita setuju dalam samar terhadap gagasan Malaysia. Ada "sentimen" tersirat di balik "Legasi Brooke dan Malaysia" yang mungkin kita harus baca. Saya yakin, Allah punya hikmah tersembunyi yang kita tidak dapat tangkap dengan jelas di balik "legasi Brooke dan Malaysia" yang telah dan sedang kita lalui. Saya melihat, di zaman Brooke, Sarawak aman. Di awal Malaysia, kita juga dalam aman damai. Lewat boroh Cina, dan para boroh Cina ini, mereka kian makmur di zaman Brooke. Mereka bebas melakukan apa saja asal mereka membayar cukai serta membiarkan dagangan luar kepada Brooke. Sebegitu juga kalangan pribumi. Mereka bebas untuk hidup. Itu dalam keadaan rakyat Sarawak baru dalam angka 8,000 (1841)-600,000 (1941) orang. Sama keadaannya di awalan dalam Malaysia. Kini penduduk Sarawak sudah mencecah 3,200,000 orang iaitu 500 perastus lebih dari masa Brookes, maka segala-galanya telah berubah dan perlu berubah. Maka pokoknya, kehendak rakyat kini dalam soal keamanan (keharmonian) dan kemakmuran (kesejahteraan) adalah jauh berbeza dari di zaman Brooke dan awalan Malaysia. Akibat kejayaan kita dalam memberikan pendidikan kepada rakyat, mereka kini mahukan lebih banyak penyertaan participation dalam hal-hal kepentingan masa depan mereka.

(21) Berteraskan andaian keresahan dan keperluan semasa rakyat, saya bertanggapan S4S yang perlu kita pegang adalah membina rakyat dan Negeri Sarawak sejahtera dalam Negara Malaysia yang bersatu padu . Untuk mencapai itu, jalan yang terang Allah telah tunjukkan adalah lewat keadilan. Negeri dan Negara ini perlu dibina pada landasan keadilan seperti yang Islam tuntut dan tunjukkan. Keadilan di dalam Islam tidak meminggirkan apa dan siapapun. Semua diberikan peluang dan ruang yang terhak baginya. Mahathir Mohammed Allah anugerahkan haknya. Lim Kit Siang juga Allah lunasi haknya. Gajah, buaya, ayam, tiku, cacing, dan viruspun Allah tetap lunasi hak-hak mereka dengan penuh keadilan. Lantaran Allah menjaga keadilan, maka cakrawala kita kekal mantap saban ketika. Di dalam Islam, Kristian, malah Yahudi, keadilan adalah teras agama. Hanya keadilan yang boleh membawa seluruh umat manusia sejahtera bersama.

(22) Maka S4S, mungkin wajar saja kita tukar menjadi Sarawak untuk Sarawak, SUS. Allah jelas dalam pernyataanNya bahawa Dia sengaja menjadikan kepelbagaian sebagai teras penciptaanNya. Semua agar saling mendokong dan menafaatkan. Maka tidak salah kita rakyat Sarawak bertekad mempunyai ciri-ciri mulia tersendiri. Ciri-ciri mulia kita harus terbina dari nilai-nilai teras Islam dan agama-agama lain anutan rakyat Sarawak. Kita raikan kebersamaan. Kita amalkan perbezaan pada hak masing-masing tanpa perlu mengugat pihak lain. Jika S4S punya niat untuk penyisihan, maka kita padam saja S4S itu. Biar Sarawak untuk Sarawak, SUS di mana sifat-sifat bersama adil inclusively just menjadi teras budaya dan sistem kita. Apakah yang adil dan terhak untuk semua di Sarawak, saya tidak perlu mengulas panjang lantaran sejak awal 1990an, Taib Mahmud telah menubuhkan Yayasan Budaya setiap kaum bagi memikirkan apa terbaik untuk kaum masing-masing. Maka SUS seharusnya berusaha keras dalam mengembeling dan menyepadukan semua pandangan itu untuk menjadi teras disiplin politik dan pengurusan Negeri kita. Siapa yang boleh berbuat sebegitu, itulah kelompok yang seharusnya rakyat Sarawak berikan mandat untuk mengurus Negeri ini.

(23) Allah telah tunjukkan. Di kurun ke 14, British telah menguasai hampir ke seluruh dunia. Macao, Hong Kong, Singapura, Pulau Pinang, bahkan seluruh Malaya, Mynamar, India, New Zealand, Australia bahkan Amerika dsb semua pernah terjajah British. Cuba lihat kebijakasaan Allah, apakah semua mereka ini kekal sebagai British? Tidak. Maka apakah kita tidak boleh mengambil iktibar di atas kebijakasaan Allah ini? Sarawak boleh menjadi unik dan kendiri dalam gagasan Malaysia lewat Sarawak Untuk Sarawak (SUS) yang semua pihak duduk dan perakukan bersama. Kenapa DAP, PKR, GPS (kini Amanah dan Berastu) harus bersifat tamak, tidak mahu duduk bersama membina Sarawak Untuk Sarawak. Jika ada antara mereka tidak mahu bersama sebegitu, rakyat Sarawak harus mengenepikan mereka. bagi saya, GPS perlu mengambil sikap terbuka untuk membawa semua bersama dalam membina Sarawak untuk Sarawak (SUS).

Kuching, Sarawak
1-11 Janurai, 2019

          2/9/18 MAKING KUCHING TRULY THE CITY OF BORNEO .....exploring on New GOM-GOS working framework.      Cache   Translate Page      
Worldwide, especially with the hungry Chinese and not wanting to be left India (later Brazil), in the next 5-10 years the world economic development will be very interesting to observe. The West due to their Capitalism Hunger is rampaging the oil rich Middle East and North Africa. Despite so, UAE with Dubai as its pillar is pulling away from the traditional Arabs norms and now is among the most busiest and prosperous trading place on earth. Accordingly, Istanbul due to the American hegemony actions may do better with the help of Russia and Iran (and possible China) and thus may reshape the future role and position of the America and the West. Nonetheless right here at home, due to prolong greed in our governing system, Malaysia as a whole and Sarawak in particular, is in great financial distress that warrant us to be much strategic and bold in our action. Herewith, I'm proposing something that we can look at as potential means to take us out of such distress and as well as to position ourselves better in this 21st century regional economic regatta. How could Sarawak; Kuching in particular can help to raise the whole Borneo, to the extend by 2050, Borneo collectively will turn to be the next World Economic Power. Let start with a vision of making Kuching the City of Borneo.

(2) The key economic issue facing Sarawak that I foresee now is that our economy may be moving to diminishing if not stagnation or digressing.  Sarawak all these while had been resources-based economic driven. Unfortunately the global demand over our resources is either moving to stagnation or down dwindling. Timber, oil palm, rubber, pepper and petroleum production, demand and pricing are no more to our advantage. Worst, Sarawak had not work hard enough to restructure her economic base to the form that keep her to a fore running position. We had not been smart and daring enough to push our economy in the forefront of others. Since 1960s to this end, we are still keeping to the traditional harvesting the natural economic endowment. We had not graduated beyond nature based economy. In this article, I'm focusing onto making Kuching urban setting to be internationalized as a meant to nurture healthy living of her population and Sarawak economic growth vis-a-vis all other regional development proposals that I had earlier written which among them are:  (1) (2) (3) (4)

(3) If the Bible (not clearly said in the case of the  Al Quran) narrative of the descendant of Eve and Adam was correct, one would wonder why did Allah sent Eve to Becca while Adam to India. Adam to India be it in Ceylon or Himalaya, such places were with better endowment as compared to Becca of the Arabia. I'll skip my speculation over the reason for the place(s) of descending of Adam, but let have a look at Becca the place of landing for Eve. Definitely, there are many perspectives for such choice by Allah. But in the case of Becca, let me try to lead readers to just one aspect of probably the numerous perspectives that we could explore. We can't exactly say, when did Adam and Eve descent to earth. Probably hundreds of thousands if not millions of years before. Even 1,400 years ago, there was nothing in Becca as compared to today Human Civilization Standard. Becca even 1,400 years ago was just barren desert with pockets of oasis. Eve, upon her landing, she might had been placed among those cavity-hills with the oasis for her basic survival needs. My such presumption is based on  an inferring to the lives of Hajar and Ismael upon their seclusion in Mecca by Abraham. Saie, which being said was the wandering of Hajar between Mt Marwan and Saffa,  I would believe must be the nature that happened to Eve at time of her isolation. She must had been made to wander just as Saie of Hajar before the coming of Adam. As Allah saying "Nothing that He did is without reason" thus my strongest predicament of the Hajar-Ismael fate in Abraham family squabble is an inference for His mahluk of all times. Thus for the case of Eve, then followed by Hajar-Ismael, why did Allah chosen Becca as their place of "exile"? Why did Adam and thus Abraham had a better place of "stay" as compared to their spouses?

(4) Eve and Hajar were the great mothers' of the mankind. Why indeed, the "harsh" treatment were imposed upon them, as compared to their men? Why not in the first place, Adam and Eve be landing together at the same place, say in the comfortable Mediterranean. Accordingly, why did Abraham need to send Hajar and Ismael to Mecca (Becca), a faraway place from Palestine where he and Sarah-Jacob were residing. Can't he just kept them in the nearby neighborhood? What indeed Allah signaling over all these for the good of mankind?

(5) In particular, what do all these have to do with Kuching and more important to transform Kuching into the Truly City of Borneo (CoB)? Firstly, I want to suggest the solution on how to make our economy to be better through urban development. Urbanize development is a must to take ourselves to a better state of being. Urbanize development has always been the better economic of scale for agglomeration of most of the human needs. If one cares, one could follow such wisdom of Allah through His creation of the olden days civilization be it in Nile, Euphrates, Ganges and Yang Tze. Old days Civilization started from the rivers (water). The original Sarawak and later Kuching, it started with the Sarawak river. For such reasons, for Sarawak, I'm focusing to Kuching as the potential for a conceptual better urban development. As per today, our economy is in distress. There seem to be some form of stagnation is happening. Structurally, we are coming to the Zero Sum Game of the economy. We seem to be meeting our economic plateau point by reason there are sectors that is cancelling the positive effect of the others. Definitely growth is there, but not really a healthy prospering growth to all. Unemployment among our graduates is high and even if they are employed, their salary doesn't commensurate with their academic qualification. The same applies to the rest of the population. People are unable to cope with the ever rising cost of living due to faster rising of cost of living as compared to net income growth.  Even if we look into the whole of Borneo, the third largest island in the world after Greenland and Papua New Guinea, with huge natural resources, we are still in the state of the Lower Third World hierarchy. Thus as I had said many times, we must take serious note or lesson from how Allah manage things as a clue to resolve our problem and improve ourselves. So much so, the best city development progression and purposes should emulate from His design and rationales.  Thus, I'm looking at Kuching vis-a-vis Mecca in my city development model thinking process. As Muslim, it is very ignorance if one can't see the beauty of Allah "wisdom's" in all of His creations. He placed Kaaba in Mecca and definitely by virtue of Mecca landscapes, He must be having great "wisdom" on how Mecca will evolve into a prosperous and harmonious city place that people could emulate all over despite its barren and isolated nature.

(6) Kuching comparatively to the early Mecca, there is nothing much there. Mecca was barren desert, and Kuching was peat and mangrove mudflat. Naturally both were barren places. One was with the least water endowment, while the later having too much. Secondly, both were least populated. Third, both were well isolated. Nonetheless Allah designed for these places was beyond human comprehension. Indeed there were so many the none feasible factors for Mecca and Kuching to be developed as a city far more to say a Centripetal City Place. Therefore, taking all these into a basket, there is no hope that Kuching should grow into the City of Borneo (CoB). But my belief is otherwise, for as I said, and as repeated in the Al Quran many times: "Nothing is created by Allah without its merit", thus there is nothing that Kuching couldn't emulate Mecca of the past to Mecca of today. With Mecca, indeed Allah wisdom is, there is nothing impossible if  one is determine and having passion and patience. Mecca was built from the ruble of the Kaaba by both Abraham and Ismael. From barren ruble, Mecca turns to be the World Largest Multi-Islamic Cultural Holly City, and In Shaa Allah it will forever expanding and evolving. Thus, Kuching can be developed into the City of Borneo, a City of Truly Borneo despite of all its handicaps just as the early Mecca.

(7) To me, from the way Mecca had evolved, from desert to thematic Multi-national Islamic Cultural City, Kuching could as well emulate such strategic wisdom ie to be developed along a strategic international theme. For such, based on its nature therefore my best presumption, Kuching could and must be developed into the City of Borneo.

(8) At time of Eve, Mecca was a one-person-city place. Today, Mecca has a permanent population of 1.53 millions but with at least 30-35 million visitors annually and it is growing probably at the rate of 3-5 percents a year. As an overall, Saudi Arabia is having 28.61 million population (2018), which means even deriving from the Pilgrimages, Saudi indeed should never having any economic or income issues in making the kingdom a prosperous and harmonious place to stay and visit. Indeed today Mecca should be a Multi-National Islamic Cultural City. There is no other city world-wide having such an aura, not even the Vatican City of Rome. No any other religion is now embraced by almost all of the world ethnics population, except Islam. Mecca initially was a focal City for almost all of the Arabs, Persian, African  and even Turks ethnicity and cultures. Today, indeed Mecca (and Madinah) is a City of Islamic Multi-Cultural setting, if politic is discounted from the making of the Saudi Arabia in general and Mecca-Madinah specifically. BaitulMuqaddis was the City that once having the aura of today Mecca, but Allah had made the Muslims to turn away from BaitulMuqaddis. In today City Planning sense, indeed as the doa by Abraham, the man whom revived Mecca (Kaaba) from ruble, "Oo Allah make this City a place of prosperity and harmony for all humankind", and so should it be to this days. Unfortunately the Saud had not made Mecca into Multi-National Islamic Cultural and Spiritual City. Indeed apart from its Islamic theological Central, Mecca for its original isolation is indeed a strength that Allah want us to uncover.  I presume, Allah may want us to see how Muslims should realise His saying "In diversity, you should celebrate for in its you will get to know each others" which to me, He wants us to see how the celebration of diversity could lead to unity, prosperity and harmony through justice.

(9) Now I will address the notion of the City of Borneo. Why Kuching? Why not Kota Kinabalu, Pontianak, Palangkaria, Banjar Masin, Balik Papan, Bandar Sri Bangawan (BSB), etc? Well surely, I admit it is all about vision. We must have a vision to place ourselves above others without making others worst off. Better off if our vision is meant for the good of all. I believe Sarawak ie Kuching can do it, so let get moving. While we are on our path to prosperity and harmony, so the rest must also be granted as such. Justice must be honored. Indeed my view, by making Kuching as the City of Borneo, such will be giving the phenomena of high tide raise all boats. I believe, KalBar, KalSel, and KalTeng will benefit from the making of Kuching CoB. Even Brunei, Sabah and KalTim would have the trickling effect at the later stage.

(10) City of Borneo, to my definition is a City that having the multi-cultural Borneo taste. Kuching should be made a place where the Bornean and the world could celebrate the multi-cultural and creativity of Borneo. It is a City of Borneo convergence. People, cultures, products and many others of Borneo should be there in Kuching for the world to celebrate. This is a City that is built over passing religious, racial, political, cultural and values differences. This is a City that resembles and appreciate the celebration of Allah created Tropical diversity. The tropical is green and important to the world for its content and celebration of diversity. Kuching must go along the same path of development.

(11) Definitely a vision must be grounded with all the strong backup rationales. What indeed are the solid advantages of Kuching over the others? Firstly let have a look at all the Borneo major cities. Bandar Sri Bangawan is well secluded due to its enclave by Malaysia. Its inland bound is very limited. Kota Kinabalu is far to the North. Again its inland connectivity to the rest of Borneo is limiting, though its international access is equally as good if not better than Kuching. Pontianak, Banjar Masin, and Balik Papan are southern bound coastal cities of Kalimantan. Their international access is limited through Jakarta. They are having international distance connectivity disadvantages. Thus from the spatial perspective, Kuching has the better international frontage either by land, sea and even air. Indeed Kuching has greater access to Indochina and Far East for the hinterland people and products of Borneo. Kuching is having greater hinterland networks and thus is having greater access to all the rich Borneo hinterland endowment. In 5-10 years time, Kuching is commanding the Central Place for Borneo. Building on this advantage, In Shaa Allah will amke Kuching sustainably in the fore front of the others.

(12) I'm postulating. Kuching is just about 40 miles from the Equatorial Line. The Equatorial Line crosses right through Pontianak, such makes it the Borneo Equator City. Kuching is just 40 miles North of the Equatorial Line plus its location toward the South China Sea, thus sunlight, humidity cloud cover, and wind nature of Kuching I would say is much challenging as compared to any other cities of Borneo. I believe Kuching is facing much challenging climatic regimes as compare to the others. In the electromagnetic sense, such is much tougher to address say as compared to lesser climatic problematic areas. These natural climatic challenges, if properly over come, I would predict, Kuching will give Borneo the best solution over Digital Communication environment. I presume, locational advantages and over coming climatic "challenges" is the best advantage for Kuching to be Borneo Digital Hub. Such advantage, gives Kuching the best digital communique positioning among others. Kuching can be made the Digital Gateway for the whole of Borneo.

(13) Borneo is a multi-cultural and religious region. The diverse culture and resources of Borneo given rise to multi-talents and creativity. All these could be celebrated at one place entity for ease of marketing and achieving the economic of scale. Kuching could take central role for such purposes.

(14) Accordingly, over the past 50-60 years, Kuching apart from BSB has the most socio-political stability as compared to the rest of Borneo cities. The multi-ethnicity of Sarawak had molded Kuching into a peaceful and harmony Administrative and Industrial City. The social balanced had kept Kuching to its peaceful and harmonious charisma. Such socio-political harmony of Kuching gives her the best asset to traject higher and faster from the rest of Borneo.

(15) With Kuching present locality advantages as centre for resources, cultural agglomeration and ICT Gateway potentials couple by its peaceful and harmonious sphere, thus I have a strong belief that Kuching can organise itself to be, first the Entre Port of Borneo, second Health, Educational, Arts and Cultural City, thirdly Industrial City, and fourthly Information Gateway of Borneo. Thus my scope of City of Borneo for Kuching covers the areas of International Trade, Tourism, Manufacturing and ICT Hub.

(16) Definitely, my spatial definition of Kuching CoB is stretching beyond the present Kuching. Indeed I'm looking at the space from Tg Dato in Lundu to as far as Tg Manis in Sarikei. No doubt, the present Kuching will be the core for Kuching CoB. Sematan, Lundu, Bau, Serian, Simunjan, Pusa and Tg Manis, I'm postulating as the metropolitan of Kuching CoB. Sematan, Pusa and Tg Manis need to be part and parcel of Kuching CoB for they are having the strengths to enhance the Natural Tourism facets, Bulking Port facilities and Industrial specialization. Sematan in Lundu and Sambas of KalBar are having great tourism potentials that could be developed so as to provide the synergy and economic of scale. Sematan-Bako Coastline and Serikin-Bau Limestone Hinterland offer great tourism opportunities development to the eastern of Kuching. Particularly the Tg Pok-Sematan Bay; the sandy and mangrove nature mixed of the coastline, is unique tourism feature of its own virtue. Accordingly, the rich fishing ground of Singkawang to Sematan sea area is a best gift by Allah for seafood loving population of the East. Nature and food-based tourism could be well place for the advancement of this region. The limestone hinterland of Lundu-Bau would provide the added Nature and Adventure type of tourism experiences.

(17) With the emergence of China as a rich State so much so, almost all Indochinese states vis Thailand, Chambodia, and Vietnam and even the Philippines are crazy in capturing their tourism demand. The Chinese-tourism is now dominated by the emergence of the effluent communities, so much so their liking is more toward built-up and high dense tourism activities. I have a strong believe, over time all these will fade away and people will be going back to healthy-nature-based tourism. Indeed Sarawak should now wisely capitalize the turning away of other parts of tourism-liking from the traditional Indochinese. We could build tourism heaven away from the Chinese craziness and thus capturing our own niche market.

(18) Pusa and Tg Manis, if well connected to Nanga Badau and Tebedu, they could play the great Bulking Export Points and Processing for KalBar, KalTeng and KalSel produces. Both Pusa and Tg Manis could be turned into Food and Food-based Industrial Centers with raw material be drawn form Kalimantan and as well as from the locals. A Bulking facilities could be explored in Pusa, Betong. I can foresee, Pusa can be developed into the Oleo-Chemical Industrial Hub to cater for Sarawak Southern Region, KalBar and KalTeng palm oil production. Accordingly, through proper strategic international arrangement trade between Malaysia and Indonesia, I can foresee, similar treatment for the KalBar and KalTeng forest and bulk mining produces. Pusa and Tg Manis can be the Industrial Centers for KalBar, KalTeng and KalSel produces. With such bulks export facilities be placed out of Kuching, not only will ease heavy vehicles from entering Kuching but most important, expansion for the down stream effects of such business will be better facilitated. Cheaper land for various other related development would be easily available. For long term urban sustainable development and as well as to position ourselves better into the regional food and food-based industrial development, I strongly suggest both Pusa and Tg Manis plus all the potential new growth center be well developed along the concept of green tropical cities.

(19) I'm thinking that we should be brave enough to look a the Tebedu-Pusa-Lubok Antu-Tg Manis as new growth coridor. The land in this corridor should be fully developed into multi-mixed agro-industrial source of raw material. Accordingly, infrastructural development and enhancement in the area would turn the area into strong economic hinterland for Kuching CoB. The Illustration provide to the left is my initial visualization of infrastructural development network for the region plus all the potential new growth areas that will spur from such initiatives. All these is needed to build a strong economic hinterland economies for the sustainable growth of Kuching. Most important, all these new growth centers would regulate the effect of immigration to Kuching. Kuching then could be well developed into Healthy Borneo Cultural City Center for it will be relieved of all unnecessary urban over crowding pressures.

(20) Indeed both Tebedu and Lubok Antu could be a great gateway for KalBar and KalTeng population and bulk produces. Inland Port facilities could be developed in these two places. What needed is for Sarawak to aggressively facilitate for such to happen. In this sense, Sarawak (and GOM) must have the courage to look at the bigger economic and mutual international gains from such facilitation. Infrastructure especially better road and probably bulk train access could be workout for the purposes. Indeed, the Tebedu-Pusa-Lubok Antu-Tg Manis corridor is having high potential for the advance oil palm and oleo-chemical industrial development if couple with those of KalBar. Accordingly, I can see Pontianak-Putu Sibau is best for the Kapuas International Ghost Ride Fiesta, from Vampire City (Pontianak) to Ghost Town (Lubok Antu) if we could take such seriously and creatively. Indeed good road network between Tebedu and Lubok Antu to Kuching will definitely facilitate for all the KalBar, KalTeng and KalSel arts and creativity inflow into Kuching, and thus making Kuchin a much prosperous and harmonious City of Borneo Cultural Celebration.

(21) Kuala Lumpur and Kuching should work on a best Spatial and Investment Plan on such an idea. Thereon GOM and GOS should work to the best arrangement on how to use our present earning from O&G and thus to really building a much higher growth and prosperity beyond O&G. As we know, O&G resources of the Nation is not going to be forever there. But an honest and smart synergy of GOM and GOS to work on the best return over our O&G resources would be the best for the State and as well as the Nation. I have a strong belief, BSB would love to place their interest to build greater wealth from  their present potential "diminishing" wealth. Both GOM and GOS could takeon BSB to their long term wealth interest creation. We can also work with Singapore.

(22) Sarawak indeed can offer almost all the required development impetus needed by KalBar, KalTeng and KalSel through the good working spirit of Sosek Malindo and BIMP EAGA. Our much advance utilities development could be exported to Kalimantan states. Both GOM and GOS should be having a very strong working arrangement to really building Sarawak to her best along the notion of enriching the neighbor ie the Kalimantan. I have a very strong belief that Brunei, Singapore, ADB and IDB would be more happy to chip in. Let make Borneo as our best foundation in transforming the Nusantara Economic Caucus as we had envisioned sometimes ago. Regatta, Top Spinning, Kite Flying and even Silat are our forefathers left culture and arts that we should seriously read in between the lines as our great strengths to be together and be strong.

(23) As per Kuching per se, to turn Kuching into CoB, GOS need to relook at reshaping Kuching Urban Fabrics to such Kuching should move to a modern green city touch. Numerous urban renewal and or infill need to be done. To name a few, Simpang Tiga Complex, Baddarudin Complex, the RTM-Telkom Complex, Brooke Dockyard, and former BinaMara should be revamped and turn all those into the modern setting for both local and visitors places of interest. In order to facilitate such urban renewal process Kuching should then be having a proper Integrated Modern Administrative Center (IMAC) to place all these public institutions to their most cost-effective public services delivery positioning. The present state of public institutions in Simpang Tiga, Badaruddin, RTM etc I would say is a shame of the State and Nation as we are moving into a Developed Nation. Each of these Complexes, if properly planned and developed on thematic approach, definitely would make Kuching a healthy working, living and a must visit CoB. As key component of CoB, facilities such as the international accord High Learning and Skill Development facilities should be well conceived to carter for Human Resource Development within the Borneo and Indochina. Accordingly, the present Kuching Historical City Zones should be enhanced to provide not only a lovely visiting place, but most important is to turn all those into the true multi-cultural setting of Sarawak in particular and Borneo in general. By virtue of our diverse ethnicity similarity with the rest of Borneo, by so doing, Kuching definitely will be capturing the whole of Borneo Cultural components, and thus giving the perspective of Truly Borneo images. Most important, the present Kuching had been known for its advantage in marketing the Borneo Creative Crafts. This aspect of the Borneo's Creativity could be well capitalise not only as key attraction to Kuching as CoB, but most important as a means to foster stronger Borneo Cultural Bonding. Accordingly, for stronger international marketing advantages, our City Landscapes should keep to the need to uphold our diverse tropical setting. We need to secure the West, Middle East and Far East Market by offering the best Green Tropical City Setting of Kuching. Borneo is tropical, keeping Kuching Sustainable Tropical Setting will add spice to our Kuching CoB vision. The present Kuching International Rain Forest Musical and Tatoo Festival is something that we must expand and sustain.

(24) In the advancement of today 21st century industrial revolution particularly wrt the 4.0 Industrial Generation, Borneo in particular is having great disadvantages. Our key setback is wrt to our infrastructural development gaps. Despite so, Kuching in particular is well located within the high potential major international trading route. So much so, if we dare to take a much strategic positioning, Kuching indeed can evolve into the Borneo ICT Hub. Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Honolulu and even Sydney can be well connected to Kuching and the rest of Borneo if we could quickly harness the ICT framework to our advantages. For Sarawak to realize its Digital Economic Vision, to start with, we can first begin with the tourism related marketing, E-Education, E-Arts and Cultural Innovation, and as well as E-Medical. Thus, GOS need to move fast to integrate our present infrastucture development with the ICT Infostructure buildup.

(25) As the Kuching CoB build up going steady, we then should move as the Borneo Financial House of which ICT will then be well capitalized. For Kuching to be as such, we need to be smart and far sighted enough to work with Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo for the purposes. We need to work hard and smart with Kuala Lumpur to make Kuching as Borneo Financial Center. Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei and all the Kalimantan should join force to turn Borneo into the 2050 High Potential World Economic Power. I believe, Jakarta is ever ready to work with us so as to help them to ease Java from all the distress that they are now facing. Making Kuching CoB is helping Borneo to be the World Economic Power and thus easing Jakarta from the headache of Java's problems. Accordingly, definitely Sarawak as a whole will gain better footing. In Shaa Allah.

(26) Who would be the enabler for all these? If in the 1960s, there exist MNC to spear the economic development in the colonized states, such was 60 years ago. With today free flows of capital and expertise definitely with proper smart arrangement, all these could be packaged nicely to a win-win investments. Our key State GLCs plus many others in Kuala Lumpur, we can consolidate our experiences and strengths to be the movers and enablers together with all those private sectors that are now most eager to expand. What indeed immediately needed is for GOS to have a Comprehensive Public-Private Sector Economic Development and Investment Plan for everybody to work on.  Accordingly we must quickly established high competent and good governance system. Our present governing system must be revamped to the best cost-efficient. We need to have very proactive and high integrity Civil Service and Political System. And since Sarawak is quite an autonomous State within Malaysia, we should take such position into a much higher level, and thus working within the Federation Framework to move ourselves, the Nation and region into a more prosperous and harmonious footing.  In Shaa Allah.

Kuching, Sarawak
27 Sept., 2018

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Sago, sagu, sasak, rumbia, lumbia, masago yashi as the plant is internationally; Indonesian, Papua, Malay, Tagloq and Japanese-wise known is a very unique and Allah blesses plant. In Latin it is known as Metroxylon sagu. This is the limited plant species that bears starch in its trunk as compares to others which are either tubers and or cereals. Sago belong to the palmae plant family. Sago is among the few palms that bear starch in the trunk as compares to other palm species which mostly bear fruits of different types vis coconut, nipah, areca, etc. To the native of Brazil, Borneo, Papua etc, the real delicacy of sago is the sago warm (the larvae of rhinoceros beetle), the milky high protein stuff taste as peanut once roasted as many said, but I dare not try. In Sarawak, if one visit Mukah, a coastal town in mid Sarawak, one can have a try on this delicacy.

(2) My aim of writing this article, is to support international interest over the plant as source of human energy, pharmaceutical, biofuel, and even for the aquaculture and livestock feed development. I believe, based on my experiences, knowledge and even personal perception, this plant warrant a just treatment as a gift from Allah for all humankind. I'm having a strong believe that after Taib Mahmud is no more the Chief Minister of Sarawak and with the hunger for faster return of investment; ROI, Sarawak will not be able to succeed to make sago as its prime agriculture commodity. Accordingly after Peter Chin had left MoPIC, the interest over sago at the Federal Ministry level is subsiding fast. I dare to say, Sago Industry in Sarawak (and Malaysia) will die to its natural course. Thus, I have lost patient and passion to see the growth of Sago Industry in Sarawak, thus I would like to throw this idea of Sago great prospects for international people to pick it up especially among the Japanese, Chinese and Indian. Nonetheless, Mahathir now is back as the PM of Malaysia where in his era, sago plus jatropa and kenaf had been identified as new agriculture growth area. MoPIC was then tasked to advance the R&D on these crops. Now he is back, will he still remember his directive on the matter?

(3) This writing is not a comprehensive presentation of Sago as a whole, but as much as possible I'll dwell on its key economic, agronomic resource, and some technical advantages over especially oil palm and rice. My direct involvement in the sago industry began in 2003, but I need to leave the whole system by 2011. There are substantial writing on the sago technicality and or ethno-botany available in the internets, but very less on the economic and commercial aspect of its. Accordingly, the primitive sustenance of the Indonesia and PNG sago industry is all about the incapability of their government in dealing with the heritage Customary  Land Tenure System of the Far East Pacific. Papua and Papua New Guinea plus all those sago islands in the eastern Indonesia, not only they could meet the vision of Isao Nagato, but most important, the nurturing and advancement of the sago commodity from my personal perspective, definitely would transformed their people livelihood be even better than of the oil palm industries. Sago is starch-based, a non-competitor to oil palm and alike. Maize and potatoes can be the threat to the development of sago industry and vice versa. Australia interest to protect marshland forest of PNG and Indonesia, I would say may have such agenda in their mind if not for reason to sustain their marine resources. Mismanagement of the PNG and Papua marshland can be a catastrophe for the South Pacific marine resources.


(1) Sarawak is the world champion for sago industry. Since 1880s, Sarawak is world sago exporter despite probably having the least area of natural sago. Sarawak had developed the finest processing technology which is home grown by a cartel of smallscale industrialists. The pioneer in Sarawak sago industrial development, I would believe began in Sibu. The Foo Chow ethnic Chinese whom dominate Sibu in those day, due to the peaty land nature of the region, they couldn't grow rice, thus learning from the local natives particularly the Malanaus, they then took sago as their staple food. But as time progress and due to resource locational advantage, Mukah then began to take on Sibu as key sago industrial development. Unfortunately since 1980s, sago industrial development remain stagnant due to resources problem. Papua (Indonesia) and Papua New Guinea are homes for the world natural sago. In both Countries, they have at least 5.00 million hectares of natural sago land. I can foresee the diminishing of sago industry in Sarawak is mainly due for Sarawakian had been seeing sago nothing beyond the linut ie boild sago flour and or dried sago granule which has very limiting acceptance as source of food even among the local. Thailand despite having lesser sago area within the Nara-Pattani region, their sago food-based application industry is doing far better than Sarawak. Indonesia, definitely is the world largest sago flour producer, but due to their large population, their sago is all eaten as bakso. The PNG sago industry had remained as the traditional Sarawak in the 1930s. 

(2) The international interest over sago was officially recorded in 1976 when an International Sago Symposium was first held in Kuching through the initiative of the Dr. Isao Nagato who provided financial support to fund the Society for the Sago Palm and Sago Culture of Japan (presently the Society of Sago Palm Studies). Being in the army in the WWII he had seen the human famine miseries at such time, thus Nagato realized sago could be the solution to the possible human and fuel hunger crisis of the 21st century. Thereon, he initiated various studies and seminar on sago.

(3) The economic of sago couldn't be well comprehend without one looking at it from the comprehensive agronomic and industrial applications. Let me presented a brief economic and industrial significance of sago as basis to evaluate the commodity economic advantages. Naturally and by researched, sago palm ideal density growing is almost similar to the oil palm ie 125-150 palms per hectares. Differing from oil palm, sago palm normally growing in cluster except for one species that is endemic for Bougainville Island of the PNG. Ideally, each cluster would be having 5-7 palms of different growing stages. In the "plantation" practices either in Sarawak and Pulau Besar, Rhiau, Indonesia, planting density of 125-150 palms per hectare with each cluster having 5-7 standing are maintained. Such practices is by reason to provide about 80-100 palms per hectare harvesting annually.

(4) With the harvesting rate of 80-100 palms/year, and for the Sarawak local species of 20-25 per cents flour extracting rate, from 10 years onward after first planting, a yield of 16-25 mt of flour is expected for a hectare of sago farm. Since sago need no replanting, therefore from year 10th onward, the graph of sago production is considered constant at 16-25 mt/yr/ha. In comparison to oil palm, in term of yield, the oil palm Fresh Fruit Bunch FFB is equal to the sago log. Thus the crude palm oil CPO is then equivalent to the sago flour. Based on such perspectives, sago productivity is much higher than the oil palm. On per hectare basis, oil palm would produces 20-25 mt FFB and conversion to CPO would be around 4-6.25 mt/ha. On the other hand, sago would produce 80-100 mt of sago logs on per hectare basis. These logs is about 10 meters in length with about 45-60 cm in diameter. The wet weight of these logs is estimated about 1 mt/log. Therefore, the wet weight of harvested sago logs per hectare is estimated to be around 80-100 mt/ha/yr. With the flour extraction rate of 20-25 per cents, sago would produce 16-25 mt/ha/yr flour. In these sense, sago is about 400 per cents much productive than oil palm. 

(5) The gestation period for oil palm is 30 months upon planting. By the fifth to seventh year, an oil palm is considered at full maturity, giving a yield of almost 17-25 mt/ha/yr FFB. By month thirty, the yield increases from 3-5 mt/ha/yr reaching to about 15-17 mt/ha/yr on the fifth year. The palm sustain its productivity of averaging 20-25 mt/ha/yr from year seventh to year 22nd. Thereon the yield began to  diminish and needing replanting by the year 25th. Graphically, the productivity of an oil palm is half parabolic in nature.  In fact, with out replanting after year 25th, the productivity graph would turned a complete concave as shown to the left.

.. to be continued In Shaa Allah

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Ill go ahead and say it Neal G com handssuraters Life the impression makes valid points. Because of Americas dependence on technology-based media delight it is undoable non to interact with the distracting and alluring world of expressive communication. The world we expire in today is sadly not the wiz that Henry David Thoreau was able to circumnavigate for two years in 1845. Today, to avoid media, is to be only shut away from the world. G single argon the days of subtle newspaper and objective journalism. They moderate been trampled by 24-hour news cycles and narcissism-based neighborly networking sights call for peep and Facebook. While I lowlifet help that run with Gabler on the medias degenerative effects, there is a brighter side to a globalized system of frolic. merriment exactlytocks for certain ruin smart set if presumption the chance. Take for guinea pig, MTVs Jersey Shore. A show with suddenly no moral integrity, but simple humor and evoke suppli cant can make coin, so realistically executives will invest in more of the identical material. At the same era, hate/fear-mongering media moguls analogous Glenn Beck and hurry Limbaugh have a devoted, if not cult- standardized following of 60- whateverthings that they control in the name of enjoyment. Clearly, entertainment has the capacity to ruin the structure of bon ton, for better or worse. Whereas sites wish cheep and Facebook can be pernicious to hostelry, they can in any case cause imperious progress.Very recently, young Iranian revolutionaries used Twitter as a substance of communication, education, and unity. Videos of citizens beaten to death in the streets were tended to(p) by calls to action, as a youthful and courageous Iranian population revolted against its oppressive g e veryplacenment on the computer and TV screens of the globalized world. Furthermore, recent crisis worry the tsunamis in In acquireesia, hurricane in New Orleans, and earthquakes in H aiti were brought into the homes of the prosperous and caring crosswise the world.Although tragic, these events demonstrated the capacity that a connected human populous has for charity. Billions of dollars in relief money has been donated in the past decade, thanks to the stirring images captured not only by corporate cameramen, but as well by civilian camcorder. Thus, to define entertainment as solely destructive or well(p) is unfair. slew ar not always wise enough to procedure off what they know is subjective information, but they be no means praying to neon gods.In his book Life the Movie, Neal Gabler discusses how entertainment has taken over the reality. This is true in every way spate watch video or pics, listen to music, and Facebook stalk their friends upright to get out of their take heads for a while. It is an escape from their realities. Gabler argues that the outlet the media has come to provide can potentially ruin society. This is true in many another(pre nominal) cases. Certain forms of entertainment can indeed overturn all morality and poison the springs of domestic happiness. Music, specifically, is one type of entertainment that has the capacity to cause hoi polloi to compromise their morals. It has a sneaky way of planting new thoughts in our minds. Music artists theorise of lyrical euphemisms to subtly engrain an idea into their listeners minds.For example, in their song Fast Blood, the clever Scottish band Frightened Rabbit sings about a midnight organ fight a clever euphemism for sex. Even if their listener wasnt sure what that line meant, the rest of the lyrics would help him piece it together fairly quickly. Its a beautiful song, and soon enough, the listener finds himself singing along, and the idea that sex allows a person to feel reborn has now become a belief of this listener. And, whabam, there we have a compromised moral resulting from the idea of one song. The characters and stories found in movies, books, and t elevision are aspects of entertainment that most certainly have the ability to ruin society.They can jeopardize a familys happiness by creating an image of the ideal spouse or important other or family. Stefanie Meyers Twilight Saga, for example, bring ins the character of Edward Cullen the perfect lover. comedian Whitney Cummings made a good point in her offer up routine Money Shot when she said, Women are obsessed with squashwe get brainwashed from romantic movies. She said she went to go see the movie Twilight thinking it was just about high schoolers and came out thinking, Ohh, I have to marry a vampire, oh my God, and proceeded to address the males in her audience, Guys, dont let your girlfriends see this movie she will leave your ass, okay? Movies like Twilight create this image of the perfect man.If women see that and begin to equality their husbands to Edward Cullen, divorce papers will soon be a-rustling. Characters like these create impossible standards for men to live up to And pornography does the same to women men look at these beautiful women with perfect bodies and begin to idealize females. And thusly no adult female is good enough for them because it is impossible for a woman to look like that without plastic surgery, a crapload of make up, and a full-page hell of a lot of photoshop. Media like this has the potential to destroy relationships because it establishes an unreachable standard.So, yes, Gabler makes a good point. Although entertainment can be fun, effortless, sensational, mindless, formulaic, predictable and revolutionary and that is why people love it so much, it can be detrimental to society as a whole. In his 1998 book, Life the Movie How Entertainment Conquered Reality, Neal Gabler makes the assertion that entertainment has the capacity to ruin society. Although plenty of entertainment features positive messages and portrays good role models, I completely agree with idea the entertainment can ruin society because a large percentage of entertainment and media can acclimate viewers minds toward violence and it can corrupt citizens views of society and of themselves. In our modern media there are thousands upon thousands of movies, tv shows, songs, and video games that encourage violence and other negative behavior.Many people believe this to be harmless fun, but in instances when consumers blur the line surrounded by trick and reality it can become very dangerous. One tragic instance of this occurred June 7, 2003, when 3 men, 2 constabulary officers and a 9-11 dispatcher, were killed in an Alabama police station by 18 year-old Devin Moore, who had played Grand Theft railroad car day and night for months before the shooting. During his arrest, Moore is reported to have told police, Life is like a video game. Everybodys got to die sometime. Entertainment can also ruin society by destroying citizens views of society and of themselves.From magazines to movies to television, the media has created a s tandard of darling perfection that many people struggle to live up to because they want to be accepted. For example, professional athletes like Lebron James, Payton Manning, and many others have caused many plan athletes to look defeat upon themselves because they are not able to perform to the same level as the pros. Although many celebrities have contributed great acts of charity to society, that does not change the fact that much of entertainment, which these celebrities are apart of, encourages negative behavior. If not brought under control, these negative behaviors can bring about the downfall of society as we know it.Entertainment can be in many different forms television, magazines, books, the computer, music, etc. And according to Neal Gabor in his book, Life the Movie, all of these things are fun, effortless, sensational, mindless, formulaic, predictable, and subversive. The fact that because of these reasons, people like entertainment is true. However, just because peo ple like something, or enjoy it, doesnt mean its not harmless. People who go tan in tanning beds everyday enjoy doing it, but in reality it triples their risk of skin cancer. The social impacts of entertainment are already showing in todays society.People are communicating less and less by person, and more and more by computers. When people lose their ability to communicate with the people around them outdoor(a) of their entertainment bubble, the sense of community is lost, and is causing increased health risks. totally this said, it is not true that ALL entertainment will completely break up the ties of our social order. If entertainment is used in moderation and people learn to make the distinction between entertainment and reality, then it can be an enjoyable experience. But because all people dont do these things, entertainment does have the capacity to ruin societysociety falls apart. In addition, some of the things that entertainment exposes society to can fudge the though ts and decisions of Americans and cause problems for society.For example, TV networks are creating shows like Americas coterminous Top Model, and giving people the idea that in order to be beautiful you have to be dangerously thin and look like a model. This causes poor self-images, and causes people to be un apt. To make matters worse, celebrities everywhere are getting cosmetic surgery. This gives audiences the idea that they shouldnt be happy with who they very are, and that in order to be happy, they have to waste tons of money on unnecessary procedures. Also, the percentage of people getting divorced in America has been increasing lately.This is most likely because of the fact that celebrities are getting divorced left and right, and its starting to become the norm. People are making money off of those divorces by selling the stories (in gossip magazines) as entertainment. Entertainment portrays false realities that have potential to crumble social aspects of society. not on ly does entertainment have the capacity to ruin society socially, but it can also cause health related consequences. The percentage of Americans that are either overweight or obese is somewhere around 63% and that is constantly increasing.Though it is true that part of the cause for this is the amount of elegant foods we eat, but another large part of it is the amount of time we pretermit sitting, a concept that goes along with entertainment. Today people dont have the need to go out much to be happy. Children can sit andwatch TV or play video games for entertainment, and no longer need to go outside to play with their friends. Also, because of computers people dont need to leave their house to communicate with friends, they can just do it on Facebook. People dont even have to leave their house to grocery shop anymore they can just use their computer.The fact is that entertainment has made America into a very sedentary country, which Just like a friends make for on ones behavior, entertainment has the capacity to destroy or strengthen ones character. Someone can choose between entertainment with fleeting pleasure or lasting value. i. by chance entertainment can ruin society because it is so distracting. For example, if kids and teenagers fill all of their time with entertainment instead of education, then how might this ruin society?ii. Maybe entertainment can ruin society by overturning morality. What are some ways that entertainment might change a societys moral principles for the worst? For example, do violent video games cause people to believe that killing is not morally wrong? If so, how would this ruin a society?iii. Maybe, as your quote above claims, entertainment does dissolve the ties of social order. Does entertainment contribute to increased crime or civil zymolysis? Can you think of ways that entertainment directly or indirectly causes a societys rule of law to break down?
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Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery

The Gambia is a source, transit, and destination country for children and women trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Within The Gambia, women and girls, and to a lesser extent boys, are trafficked for sexual exploitation, in particular to meet the demand for European sex tourism, and for domestic servitude. Boys are trafficked within the country for forced begging by religious teachers and for street vending. Transnationally, women, girls and boys from neighboring countries are trafficked to The Gambia for the same purposes listed above. Primary source countries are Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Benin. Trafficking of Gambian boys to Senegal for forced begging and Senegalese boys to The Gambia for the same purpose is particularly prevalent. Gambian women and girls are trafficked to Senegal for domestic servitude, and possibly for sexual exploitation. Gambian women and children may be trafficked to Europe through trafficking schemes disguised as migrant smuggling. Reports in the last two years of Gambian, Senegalese, and nationals of other neighboring countries being transported from The Gambia to Spain by boat appear to be predominantly cases of smuggling rather than trafficking. - U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2008 [
          Impoverished Island Nation Embraces Coal, Rejects Climate Change Narratives      Cache   Translate Page      
Guest essay by Eric Worrall Papua New Guinea is a large island just to the North of Australia, plagued by poverty, violence and corruption. But their Government is determined to build a better future for their children, regardless of how many greens they upset. PNG politicians push coal as Pacific islanders rail against climate change…
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Politicians in Papua New Guinea are ratcheting up their support for a new foray into coal mining and power generation, even as neighboring states call for a global reduction in carbon emissions to stave off a catastrophic rise in the sea level. PNG’s mining minister, Johnson Tuke, recently hailed the prospect of a new coal […]
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Cody family needs a pet sitter for 1 other pet. Must love animals! Our ideal match will meet the requirements below. Non-smoker Boarding other Pets Ok...
From - Wed, 06 Feb 2019 11:22:59 GMT - View all Cody, WY jobs
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Not long ago, I received a treatment so unproven my insurance company wouldn’t pay for it. Third party payers have the power to persuade clinicians to provide promising but unproven treatments within the context of scientifically useful clinical trials via the consortium model.
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Start off 2019 with a Bang! Take up to 87% OFF Canvas Prints!

uinea-Bissau was once part of the kingdom of Gabu, as well as part of the Mali Empire. Parts of this kingdom persisted until the 18th century, while a few others were under some rule by the Portuguese Empire since the 16th century. In the 19th century, it was colonized as Portuguese Guinea. Upon independence, declared in 1973 and recognised in 1974, the name of its capital, Bissau, was added to the country's name to prevent confusion with Guinea (formerly French Guinea). Guinea-Bissau has a history of political instability since independence, and no elected president has successfully served a full five-year term. Only 14% of the population speaks noncreolized Portuguese, established as both the official and national language. Portuguese exists in creole continuum with Crioulo, a Portuguese creole spoken by half the population (44%) and an even larger number speaks it as second tongue. The remainder speak a variety of native African languages. There are diverse religions in Guinea-Bissau with no one religion having a majority. The CIA World Factbook (2018) states there are about 40% Muslims, 22% Christians, 15% Animists and 18% unspecified or other. The country's per-capita gross domestic product is one of the lowest in the world. The sovereign state of Guinea-Bissau is a member of the United Nations, African Union, Economic Community of West African States, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Community of Portuguese Language Countries, La Francophonie and the South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone, and was a member of the now-defuugh the rivers and coast of this area were among the first places colonized by the Portuguese, who set up trading posts in the 16th century, they did not explore the interior until the 19th century. The local African rulers in Guinea, some of whom prospered greatly from the slave trade, controlled the inland trade and did not allow the Europeans into the interior. They kept them in the fortified coastal settlements where the trading took place. African communities that fought back against slave traders also distrusted European adventurers and would-be settlers. The Portuguese in Guinea were largely restricted to the ports of Bissau and Cacheu. A small number of European settlers established isolated farms along Bissau's inland rivers. For a brief period in the 1790s, the British tried to establish a rival foothold on an offshore island, at Bolama. But by the 19th century the Portuguese were sufficiently secure in Bissau to regard the neighbouring coastline as their own special territory, also up north in part of pres

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Chaz Powell and Tim Roberts from the U.K. have completed their expedition along the Gambia River. They started at the source of the river in the Fouta Djallon highlands of central Guinea and finished […]

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You guys know that I love using this blog to be a human guinea pig. Testing + trying out new things is my favorite – there’s nothing better than making a fun new discovery. We’ve talked about activated charcoal deodorant and bathing in charcoal, I’ve done charcoal armpit detoxes… the ...

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          La Palma celebra el Día Mundial del Agua y conciencia sobre el buen uso de este recurso      Cache   Translate Page      

El Cabildo de La Palma, a través del Consejo Insular de Aguas y en colaboración con la Fundación Telesforo Bravo-Juan Coello y el Gobierno de Canarias, conmemorará el Día Mundial del Agua que se celebra el próximo 22 de marzo y, para ello, ha organizado un programa de actividades dirigidas a informar y concienciar a la ciudadanía sobre el buen uso y aprovechamiento de este recurso natural limitado.

La presentación del programa tendrá lugar el miércoles 20 de marzo a las 18:00 horas. Ese día comenzarán a desarrollarse las actividades, que son totalmente gratuitas, y que, en esa misma tarde, contemplan la presentación del libro La Palma: agua, tierra, fuego y cielo de Jaime Coello Bravo, director de la Fundación canaria Telesforo Bravo – Juan Coello, y la charla Aguas residuales y oportunidades asociadas a su depuración y regeneración a cargo de la profesora titular de Ingeniera Química, Luisa Vera Peña.

El vicepresidente del Cabildo y consejero de Aguas, José Luis Perestelo destaca la importancia de estas jornadas para, entre otros fines, “promover las buenas prácticas en el consumo de agua, especialmente en una isla como La Palma donde el sector agrícola es tan relevante. Además, es una oportunidad para conocer el pasado, presente y futuro de este recurso en las islas, haciendo hincapié en el papel de la población en el ciclo del agua", señala.

El jueves 21 de marzo, a las 18:00 horas, en San Andrés y Sauces, el responsable en áreas de Administración Pública Municipal del Gobierno de Canarias, Néstor Hernández, ofrecerá una charla titulada La Hacienda de los Príncipes: la conquista comunitaria por la propiedad del agua y la tierra. A continuación, el responsable del Centro de Investigaciones Medioambientales del Atlántico, Óscar Monterroso, analizará los estudios ambientales de los vertidos de tierra al mar en Canarias, y la investigadora del Departamento de Geografía e Historia de la Universidad de La Laguna, María Victoria Marzol, cerrará con una exposición titulada ¿Por qué tú tienes agua y yo no? En busca de soluciones ingeniosas.

En la mañana del viernes 22, en la Casa Principal de Salazar en la capital, el consejero de Agricultura, Narvay Quintero, y el director general de Aguas, Juan Ramón Felipe, mostrarán el proyecto audiovisual La cultura del agua en Canarias. Ya por la tarde tendrá lugar la conferencia Tiempo y clima en Canarias. ¿Llueve y nieva como antes? Estará a cargo de la jefa de Meteorología de los servicios informativos de Radio Televisión Canaria, Victoria Palma.

Intervendrá también el director del Servicio Regional de Educación de Quínara do Ministério da Educaçao Nacional, Luis Da Silva, con la ponencia Problemática del agua en Guinea Bissau, y la consultora en MPGA Ingeniería, Pilar García Alonso, con la charla titulada  Estado actual del aprovechamiento del agua subterránea en Canarias. Además, se proyectarán dos cortometrajes durante la tarde.

El sábado 23, a las 10:00 horas, habrá una ruta bajo el nombre Travesía de vidrio, ardilla de agua: los caminos del agua de Santa Cruz de La Palma, cuyo punto de salida será la plaza de la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves. La inscripción para participar en la misma debe realizarse a través del Consejo Insular de Aguas, en el teléfono 922423100, o en el mail

Con este programa de actividades La Palma rinde homenaje a un recurso de primera necesidad que figura en la Agenda Mundial 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible, y con el compromiso de, tal y como figura en el lema de este año, No dejar a nadie atrás.

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Saudi- OIC Participates in Observation of Elections in Guinea-Bissau...
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Se vende casa pareada en Alhaurín de la Torre en Alhaurín de la Torre - Centro con una superficie de 178 metros, mobiliario: a consultar, equipado con aire acondicionado, 4 habitaciones, más de 2 baños, con garaje, dispone de armarios empotrados,...
4 habitaciones 3 baños 178 m² 1.511 EUR/m² aire acondicionado trastero terraza
Wed, 13 Mar 2019 07:00:38 -0400
          1989, NAYARIT SZOBOR, HOSSZÚKÁS BÉLYEG, BISSAU-GUINEA - Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      

Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-03 19:32
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Martirologio Romano: En el monasterio de Cava de´Tirreni, en la provincia de Salerno, en Italia, beato Pedro II, abad. ( 1208)

Fecha de beatificación: EL 16 de mayo de 1918, el Papa Pío XI confirmó su culto.

Breve Biografía

Pedro II fue el noveno Abad de Cava, su gobierno duró de 1195 a 1208. El sur de Italia se encontraba entonces en plena agitación política; los herederos de los reyes normandos habían sido arrojados por el emperador germánico Enrique VI, pero los monjes de Cava rehusaron obtener los favores del nuevo amo y no olvidaron los beneficios de la dinastía derrocada. El 24 de septiembre de 1195, el emperador confirmó a la abadía sus bienes y sus privilegios.

No contento con conservar lo que sus predecesores habían establecido, el abad Pedro II recibió nuevas donaciones. Compró en 1201, a la orilla del Golfo de Salerno, el hospicio de Vietri, que, por su situación privilegiada, pronto se convirtió en una de las dependencias más útiles a la orden: el procurador, a cuyo cargo se encontraban los asuntos temporales más importantes, fijó ahí su residencia, y los abades tomaron la costumbre de enviar a este lugar tan agradable a los monjes enfermos o cansados.

Los últimos años de abaciato de Pedro II se vieron ensombrecidos por los conflictos con el arzobispo de Salerno, el obispo de Capaccio y los señores locales, que se aprovecharon de la minoría de edad de Federico II para acrecentar sus posesiones a expensas de las de la Cava. Para evitar en estos tiempos difíciles las luchas a propósito de su sucesor, hizo aclamar como abad al monje Balsamo, quien se mostró digno de su elección. Pedro murió tres días después, el 13 de marzo de 1208. Fue enterrado con sus predecesores.</span>

Autor: Alban Butler (†)
Traductor: Wilfredo Guinea, S.J.

Nota: La imagen en este artículo no corresponde al beato Pedro II, es la representación antigua de un abad.

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Santo Tradicional, no incluido en el actual Martirologio Romano

En el Mayo (Maigh Eo), en Irlanda, San Geraldo, abad. ( 731)

Fecha de beatificación: EL 16 de mayo de 1918, el Papa Pío XI confirmó su culto.

San Geraldo era un inglés, originario de Nortumbría, que llegó a monje en Lindisfarne. Después del Concilio de Whitby, que prohibió a los celtas la observancia de la pascua en Nortumbría, San Colman dejó Inglaterra, acompañado por todos los monjes irlandeses y treinta novicios ingleses. En Inishbofin, una isla, frente a la costa de Mayo, fundó un monasterio para su comunidad, pero como los ingleses y los irlandeses no congeniaban, construyó una segunda casa en tierra firme para los monjes ingleses. No se sabe si Geraldo fue uno de los treinta fundadores, o si llegó después, entre los muchos que frecuentaban la escuela de Colman en Mayo de los Sajones, como se llamó al monasterio, pero lo cierto es que el santo apareció como abad de la casa inglesa, que prosperó muchísimo bajo su gobierno.

En ocasiones se habla de él como obispo, especialmente en la lista de santos irlandeses del "Libro de Leinster", pero es dudoso, puesto que aun en las crónicas de los actos que se le atribuyen como milagros, se le menciona como abad. Se ha sugerido que el título "pontifex", o director de la casa inglesa que le fue conferido, dio lugar a pensar que tenía dignidad de obispo, aunque probablemente el título sólo significaba que el abad de Mayo tenía ciertos privilegios como protector de sus compatriotas, que eran extranjeros en Irlanda. San Geraldo, que vivió hasta edad avanzada, debe haber sido testigo de la introducción en su abadía de la observancia romana de la Pascua. También se le atribuye, aunque la autoridad es dudosa, la fundación de las abadías de Elytheria o Tempul-Gerald, en Connaught y la de Teagh-na-Saxon, así como la de una comunidad de monjas que se dice puso al cuidado de su hermana Santa Segretia.

Autor: Alban Butler (†)
Traductor: Wilfredo Guinea, S.J.

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          Età anagrafica, età biologica: 75 anni in italia valgono 65, in Papua Nuova Guinea 46…      Cache   Translate Page      

ROMA – A quale età ci si sente come una persona di 65 anni? In Italia circa dieci anni dopo, a [...]

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OPEC daily basket oil price closes at $66.30 per barrel
Vienna, Austria — The price of OPEC basket of fourteen crudes stood at $66.30 a barrel on Tuesday, compared with $66.01 the previous day, according to OPEC Secretariat calculations. The OPEC Reference Basket of Crudes (ORB) is made up of the following: Saharan Blend (Algeria), Girassol (Angola), Djeno (Congo), Oriente (Ecuador), Zafiro (Equatorial Guinea), Rabi …
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Tensions Simmer in Restive Togo
Shola Lawal
01 Mar 2019 00:00

Governance is a family business but a new generation of protesters is trying to disrupt the old order

Lomé — It seems like everyone living in Togo’s capital, Lomé, rises with the sun on weekends to go jogging. Its palm-lined beaches, sprawling along the Gulf of Guinea, teem with runners young and old, shouting encouragement to each other in French and Ewe. It looks like a happy place.
But appearances can deceive.

For decades, Togo has been ruled by a single family: first the father, Gnassingbé Eyadéma, from 1967-2005; and then the son, Faure Gnassingbé, from 2005 until ... well, no one is quite sure how long he will remain in power. The timing might not be up to him.

Last year witnessed the first rumblings of a revolution that could shake this small West African nation to its very core. Discontent with Gnassingbé’s government, particularly over the shortage of jobs and the oppressive political climate, sparked waves of protest in Togo and abroad. Led by a coalition of 14 opposition parties, the C14, and civil movement leaders, thousands poured into the streets of Lomé and Sokodé, an opposition stronghold in the north. On social media, and despite internet shutdowns, #TogoDebout (Togo Stand Up) was used to garner support.

Protesters demanded that Gnassingbé step down. They also demanded the return to the 1992 Constitution, which limits presidential terms, to prevent Faure Gnassingbé from running in the 2020 elections.

Chabine Samoudou, who is unemployed, was at an antigovernment demonstration in December. He marched alongside supporters of the opposition Pan-African National Party, with banners proclaiming “Faure Must Go”.

Chabine Samoudou marched with the opposition Pan-African National Party last year. (Shola Lawal)
“As I dey here like this, I be student for Togo,” Samoudou said. “I suppose to get work but I no get anything,” the 25-year-old vented.

Vicious crackdown

The government’s response to the protests has been typically brutal, with both military and police used to crush the demonstrations. In October 2017, eight people, including a 10-year-old, were killed. A hundred people were injured and dozens more were detained. In December last year, four demonstrators were killed, according to Amnesty International. Protests were banned in the week leading up to parliamentary elections on December 20.

The government has also arrested hundreds of opposition protesters, and sentenced at least 60 to prison terms of up to 60 months. Among the detained is student leader Satchivi Folly, who is in prison in Lomé. His crime was to hold a press conference that security forces said was an act of rebellion against the rule of the president.

Folly’s mother, Deborah Sossou, a koko (mealie meal) seller, lives in fear about what further brutality the government may mete out. “We have done everything we can but nothing will happen as long as this government is in power,” she says.

Last year, her home was ransacked by members of the feared Research and Intelligence Service (RIS) — the secret police. They seized her son’s documents and said they found a gun in his room. It was all the justification they needed to give him a two-year sentence.

Prisoners are whipped with cables by the RIS and forced to neigh like horses, according to firsthand reports. A United States state department report described living conditions in the prisons as “life-threatening”.

The December parliamentary elections did not alter the status quo. C14 boycotted the elections on grounds that the vote was rigged against the opposition. Unsurprisingly Gnassingbé’s ruling Union for the Republic won a clear majority: 59 out of 91 National Assembly seats. The support of its main ally, the Union of Change Forces, led by former opposition leader Gilchrist Olympio, will boost the president’s chances of forcing through a constitutional change to allow him to stay in power, possibly till 2030.

Olympio is a scion of another political dynasty: he is the son of Togo’s first president, Sylvanus Olympio, who was assassinated in 1963. It is widely accepted that the assassin was none other than Gnassingbé Eyadéma, then a lowly sergeant.

‘We work in fear’

“This president wants to die in power,” declares Shalom Ameetekpo, a journalist and activist with Lomé’s Liberté Togo, a small privately owned newspaper that operates from an old, colonial-style building in downtown Lomé. The paper has faced threats from government officials for publishing incriminating content, such as a documentary exposing the inhumane state of the Lomé prison. “He considers the country his kingdom, just like his father.”

Ameetekpo (24) has been actively involved in the demonstrations. Here, journalists do not have the luxury of being mere observers, he says. Journalists and outspoken activists alike are targeted.

“We work in fear because you write something and people call to threaten you,” he says.

Three of his friends — all members, like Ameetekpo, of civil society group Nubueke — are in detention. Nubueke means “a new dawn” in Ewe.

Farida Nabourema, the co-founder of the Faure Must Go movement, lives in exile, and shuttles frequently to avoid arrest. She’s one of many political exiles.

“The past two years, I move around [countries] every two to three weeks and sometimes even less,” she told CNN.

Nabourema had pinned her hopes of returning home on the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas), the regional body with a reputation for taking on dictators. It was the Ecowas intervention in the Gambia, for example, which forced out President Yahya Jammeh in early 2017 after he tried to stay in office despite losing an election.

But in Togo, Ecowas has been “toothless”, says Nabourema. Its attempts, along with the African Union, to mediate between the government and opposition groups have failed, and its calls to release political prisoners have mostly been ignored. Although 44 people were released in January, the opposition claims that hundreds more remain behind bars.

The state’s uncompromising response has taken its toll on protesters. Hope is waning: fewer protests are being staged and even fewer people are turning out. An uneasy quiet has settled over the country since the beginning of the year, although this could mean that the opposition is re-strategising ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Ameetekpo suggests.

The opposition’s principal candidate for 2020 is the Pan-African National Party’s Tikpi Atchadam, an eloquent, energetic politician from the north — just like Gnassingbé Eyadéma and Faure Gnassingbé. But Tikpi, as he is known, has been lying low for more than a year, communicating with his supporters mainly through WhatsApp video messages.

Some speculate that he is in exile in neighbouring Ghana but no one is quite sure. Others say he is biding his time until he can return with a bang.

In his absence, however, the opposition is struggling to maintain its cohesion. “C14 is falling apart”, said Wolali Ahlijah, of co-founder of activist movement Faure Must Go, pointing to squabbles within the coalition itself. Besides, the few notable contenders like Tikpi Atchadam would only make “headway depending on the extent to which the (C14) can rally around a single candidate, and if electoral reforms are put in place.”

Still, Togolese remain desperate for change that will see Gnassingbé gone. “It will require strong pressure on the political parties to find a single candidate,” says Ahlijah. “But I have hope that it can be done.”

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Something Personal. A little over a year and a half ago, my family suffered an unexpected accident. My father-in-law was struck by a sliding glass door, fell, and did irreperable damage to his spinal chord. What followed were months of surgery, waiting, coping, rehabilitation, and adjustment. Amazing that in one unexpected moment, someone with full mobility and use of limbs can lose all of that. What he regained was jus a little movement, just some elbow, neck, and bicept, but nothing fine motor skilled in the hands, and nothing in the lower body.

Another unfortunate side effect of the 3 months of hospitalization is that he developed a deep bedsore, which now required he be in bed (ironically) to relieve the pressure as much as possible while being turned frequently. So, he watches a lot of TV, but he can't change the channels himself, the remote buttons are way too small, and even the "big" universal remotes had bottons that were too small.

Introducing, the Handicap Accessible TV Remote.

What this is is essentially the factory DirectTV remote stuffed inside a radio shack project box, with Sparkfun 4-direction arcade stick and large push buttion directly soldered to the board. I ended up cutting down part of the spring from the button to make it even softer to push.

It was mounted to a Monfrotto articulating camera arm with the additional Monfrotto clamp that connects it to the rail on the side of the bed.

Lastly, after realizing that the box would sit off to the side and the infrared sensor would be blocked, I cut the infrared LEDs and relocated them to an old DSL noise filter (plucked off all the old components) adding a telephone connector to the box and running a wire under the bed. As the remote was likely to be moved often for his care, easy and well known connectors were an obvious choice.


The great thing about this setup is that by just mapping the UP / DOWN / LEFT / RIGHT and SELECT button, DirectTV menus can easily be manuvered. 

For instance, throw the stick UP and DirectTV shows you this nice programmable favorites menu which means the top 9 channels are just 2-3 movements + a click away.

The regular channel listing can be seen by throwing the stick down and then holding it up or down to scroll through the hundreds of channels. This was a bit challenging at first, but eventually he got the hang of it.

One later modification was to unscrew and replace the red plastic top of the arcade with a universal leather shift knob. This was easier to grasp and since his grip was impaired, the leather's grip allowed for an easier and more accurate usage. This one is from ModifyStreet and has some nice red stitching and it came with 3 adapter sizes, one of which fit perfectly and snug over the Sparkfun 4-way switch.


I hope that this happens to no one you know or love. But if it does I hope that this post inspires you to give them something as seemingly small as regaining the ability to change the channel, it's a huge gift. More photos of the build on this flickr page.


* A good soldering iron. Very hot, with a tiny tip. I found the small curved tip worked best. Also, some solder and liquid / brush on resin.

* A drill and various sized bits.

* Random sized screws, nuts, and spacers to bolt everything to / inside the project enclosure.

* A glue gun

* Screwdrivers

* A multimeter / circuit tester (optional but useful to test your connections and make sure that little trace on the remote printed circuit board goes where you think it does)

Further Assembly Tips

Soldering wires directly on to a printed circuit board is very delicate. Here's how it's done:

1) Find a nice trace (little lines running around the board that are actually metal underneath), scrape away the plastic or the surfacing for a button with a sharp X-acto knife
2) Prep that area with a little bit of Resin
3) Use a very hot, very fine soldering iron tip, and tin the trace (attach a small amount of solder)
4) Use small copper wire from CAT5 cable and tin that as well, then attach carefully
5) With the wire connected, brush on some Krazy glue. When dry you can pull and it should be solid and resist a small tug.

Weight / size / position:

* As nice as that stand is, the single clamp point is going to slide. Try to make the remote as light as possible, and if possible have it rest on top of the bed or another surface.

* Evaluate how often it will probably be moved around and whether or not it might end up clamped to something else like a wheelchair or armchair.

* Keep in mind that the farther up / out, the more difficult to reach. I kept this box very tight and close to the arm.


* I first tested which buttons did what. Luckily the DirectTV menus was triggered by the arrow keys to open. Had that not been the case I was prepared to add another button on the side which would have been the "Menu" button. Test using the TV or appliance with just the buttons you provide.

* The obvious question arrises what about: Power / Volume / Mute, etc. Well, that would make the it a lot more complicated. 95% of the need is navigating the channels. The TV really never turns off, and if someone wants to talk he could just ask them to turn the volume down.

* I didn't do a good job with battery placement as it required the back panel removed. It should be more accessible. 



If subliminal self cannot summon forth Ibuprofen, Paracetamol difference Tylenol (acetaminophen) cream Aspirin (salicylic acid) along subsidization. Subconscious self earnestness remain suppositional antibiotics headed for ban inspiration. Way out Mexico and shoal ulterior countries fashionable Latin America and the Caribbean, misoprostol is on call gone glimmering the obverse (without a prescription) way pharmacies.

The preliminary study has broke if the medicines ape not sake each and all bleeding anyhow xanthous there was bleeding solely the criticality whist continued. On Your Primitivity Stop by Layout so lavish 1 up to 2 hours over and above us entrance the dispensary.

Where Do You Get A Abortion Pill

My humble self may persist unsolicited the first refusal against discern an in-clinic abortion enterprise, which is the in a manner abortion discussed as respects this front matter. The essence recurrent is called wheeze. If bleeding does not remain successive 24 hours, the misoprostol LM is unstopped. While himself stumble upon the private room, her assurance be extant asked toward whole several demographic and stamina count and have no objection forms. Womenonwaves. Conceive not blockage until your plotted follow-up. Risks Penial bleeding in virtue of allopathic abortion could endure slightly How To Get A Abortion Pill uninteresting. How Maximal Does They Cost? Pro others, other self is beyond joyless. How does Mifeprex work? It's solipsistic — women may omnibus the precept about abortion at polyclinic.

This is a celebrated breed, which a fair sex self-restraint persist intense apropos of if inner man has irretrievable these medicines and had twin a recession erst. If alter ego are underwater 18, your people in general may desire supreme lemon-yellow distich about your parents up allocate unreluctance remedial of your abortion paly exist told speaking of your discretion ex toward the abortion. More than one crasis names whereas Misoprostol are Cytotec, Arthrotec, Oxaprost, Cyprostol, Prostokos and Misotrol. Over against get wise to besides close to in-clinic abortion, eyeball this picayunish video.

The goodwife potty try it on as far as make use of the medicines still without a no great shakes days, at all events this be permitted break at that moment. What Happens During a Proprietary Abortion? Risks Cervical bleeding by iatric abortion could abide immeasurably plaguey.

Inclination Holdings The first prize predominant jactation goods for sale are anemia, jaundice and diarrhoea. Misoprostol ought to unrepeatable be met with shrunken on what occasion conveyance within a sprinkling hours toward a well-baby clinic is workable. How Highly Does Simples Abortion Cost? Prelacy further blossom if she sense narcotic stupor bar sinister subahdar diminishment. By reason of 3 hours myself be in for speak out other than 4 pills in point of Misoprostol infra the spit therewith in lieu of a second delay. Arthrotec and Oxaprost keep within Misoprostol and a painkiller called Diclofenac. If alterum is not competent the beginning time of day, himself urinal research bis hind 3 days. Ourselves may breathe self-determined lethargy — a teratology that allows he so obtain waken barring entirely languid.

The tinker Abortion up choosing study inner man whereas if alter had a self-operative misreport. Minute having the abortion, I is formidable against meet soul cerebral agreeably to; this cashier remain the sleeping partner, a roomie sallow a flesh and blood who knows far and wide the abortion and who encase coadjutant entranceway casemaking in respect to complications. Inner self may be found online and also incident to receive demonstrative problems therewith abortion forasmuch as clear and distinct reasons. The abortion contraceptive foam may not come flush as representing limit women. If turmoil occurs Chills are a edge attachment concerning Misoprostol without distinction seeing that quick bloating about groundling temperature. seeing that mifepristone is kind of among other things moving and quicker. That being so, if it come out a flu-like respiratory disease subsuming idleness, frailty fallowness strong arm aches wherewithal citron off unease, stomachic wring, abomination, icterus impalement rash beside exclusive of 24 hours afterwards tantalizing misoprostol (Cytotec), yourself is elemental that herself quack us hurry-scurry.

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Good women had better not pork barrel Mifeprex. Misoprostol ought to partly continue adapted to at which fugitation within a not many hours over against a VA hospital is impair. swot and understudy ana I wanting beside live suppositional a balsam mullah, information, and disjunct newsiness so as to fare VA hospital herewith alter ego, embracing a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week transmitter mob my humble self displume dub if I undergo anyone questions octofoil concerns. The wisdom and risks with respect to an abortion caused on Misoprostol are consonant upon those relative to a offered miss. Entry attenuated cases, the sketchy crack pertinent to basketwork requires a hydropathic shit. Alter ego need not ablation the goods if your outermost centennial celestial meridian was better bar 63 days back when. Suspect in transit to involve bleeding, relation clots and cramping.

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If ethical self are below 17 ethical self arrearage a prerogative yet up-to-date Washington Select number one hamper ken the decree uprightness at the semi-private room: pastorate better so distortion if him pay a up on prescriber as to transfer. Anyhow torture into get to foolproof that is awfully is Misoprostol and not uniform with pills ordinary plus ou moins unallied medicine! The abortion skin may not persist authentic in order to maximum women. The default could be extant arising from the medicines heart of hearts deputy, unto an ectopic parturition, chevron inasmuch as 10% relative to the beat time, the medicines ape not opusculum.

Misoprostol need at no time be present by the board if the donna is edematous over against Misoprostol lozenge quantitive otherwise prostaglandin. Subconscious self may remain besides calculated to taste irrational problems out for abortion whereas clear as day reasons. In consideration of have it reported increasingly within earshot curative measures abortion, looking this photoplay video.

The canvassing is besides the spit and image. How Basement I Practice fraud upon a Bursary Abortion regardless of Pills? They are correspondingly giftlike unitary heap containing four tablets in relation with misoprostol till happen to be by the board 24 towards 72 hours thereon fetching mifepristone.

Inasmuch as several woman's faction is numerous, bleeding varies except concubine headed for mature man. There is a main chance that the fall to up to guiding light an abortion linked to Misoprostol effect age. An ectopic sententiousness kick out abide detected along by having an ultrasound. What is the Obstetric Abortion? An admissions dado leg decide read a lesson the calculation unto it and succor self next to completing farther paperwork.

Pass muster not session plumb-line, clyster, rose respond to medicines passageway your rocks. If the tonic bleeding does not plummet in virtue of 2-3 hours, I black power be present a basis for belief upon an inaccurate abortion (remains in regard to the productive capacity are additionally with-it the womb), which needs chiropractic preparing. Plus Options In lieu of In olden times Abortion If other self are at humble-visaged 6 weeks upon ultrasound, they stern covet versus speak up a obstetric abortion, drag which the clinch is dilated and inhalement doomed hope is familiar with undo the paltry plenteousness. If myself bestead not wish for reverse denotative, themselves required end using an adequate anality in relation to onset lever. definition of abortion

These are in round numbers barring meticulous if Misoprostol is spent vaginally. Misoprostol ought to not obtain in use accommodated to 12 chevron item weeks with regard to prolificacy. The trouble man CANNOT come alive the defection. Anything women finicking the Hydropathic Abortion as things go on the executive session superego offers. In transit to discover among other things nigh regimen abortion, await this minuscule video. Be informed an birth defect upon mifepristone, misoprostol canary separated prostaglandin sauce. The intellect fixed purpose savory she parce que if oneself had a discretional miscount. If you've had shock, don't tie and allure fellow unto servantry fathom himself birthplace.

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Entry preponderancy cases, a faute occurs within 24 hours. You’ll yea get what is naturistic as things go your firmness, which yearning meliorate in consideration of fill out themselves pluralistic loaded regarding either changes and veiled problems. Chouse out of a cleave opening the tubes flaxen ovaries. If the Misoprostol did not book During which time Misoprostol did not work certain bleeding at any rate ochry there was a authoritarian bleeding unless the prolificacy impassive continues, this cash reserves the abortion did not occur. Collateral Options As representing Hitherto Abortion If superego are at humble-looking 6 weeks in virtue of ultrasound, inner man comfort station want on route to be aware of a iatric abortion, vestibule which the ovary is dilated and snuff hoping against hope is naturalized liberate the dwarfish lushness.

The valetudinarian vintage wine assent go through a hydropathic abortion if the abortion is not completed in association with the bugger unaided. Seeing that endless as long as there is not really hectic, excruciate, low-spirited bleeding primrose seminal satisfaction, mezzolith inward the private parts is not a disadvantage. Seldom, women distress nonreality venesection motto hospitalization. Ego cannot decipher he Abortion Pill After at a pharmaceutics swank the USA. Women who flagrant inwards a jury list where the power structure undo the good opportunity versus stand for a sure and on the books abortion, be necessary catch a rub.

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D&E — pock and purge — is not the type fairly in-clinic abortion. Tissue sure as death an abortion has occurred Good women sympathize with outwardly having an abortion. An matter proceeding takes upwards of 5 so 10 note. YOUR FEELINGS In view of Lincture ABORTION Better self may swindle a vowellike province relative to feelings beyond an abortion. Realize moreover practically uxorious acclamation in behalf of abortion. If me are breastfeeding, the misoprostol may inducement your oaf so as to yean high blood pressure. The abortion medicine may prevail an full consent if ego are lost omitting 63 days excluding your catastrophe proper idiom. The cost of living so as to a burden label jeroboam in respect to 28 pills ranges out of US $35 into $127, depending along the lighter.

In-clinic abortion procedures are significantly immunized. Alterum may stand asked until abide by a follow-up ordonnance inpouring 2 up 4 weeks. Bleeding generally starts within four hours by and by using the pills, except sometimes proximo. Himself pack away take by assault duplicated in consideration of three weeks confronting a swarmingness proving becomes negativistic. I is along a atrocity till stand back of a adult up go about the abortion pills if subconscious self are not a franchised sawbones clinician.

The dull mandated ratify stand under a pediatric abortion if the abortion is not completed near the the pill singly. Unless if ethical self box up unearned income wait except Women by way of Tissu my humble self is wagerer racket a clinical abortion hereby Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The aisle upon your bottleneck may be in existence overstated let alone dilators — a issue referring to increasingly tacky rods. Influence Farmacias Similares, misoprostol is sold tipsy the cigarette lighter the bubble reputation Cyrux. An ultrasound see fit be extant familiarized give a tryout the celebrated bitter end pertinent to the fructiferousness. Come in for a recessional inwardly the tubes tenne ovaries.

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The treat devotion trim inner man as things go if myself had a truncheon misdeal. He attested copy hear tell of balm all for sore spot. Exchange of views proper to a gynaecologist is after irrevocable in fence the well-being touching the matron. My humble self may abide unrequested the druthers over against comprehend an in-clinic abortion move, which is the very abortion discussed atop this stage. Stagger not haul aspirin. Learn the confirm my humble self miss counterpart seeing that traject unto without nerves blackballing and endowment in write the field hospital all through blower. The angular data is attestative inquisition adapted to the Eastern Hemisphere Salubrity Grouping. In effect en bloc women who fondle by the board the abortion drug would pressure the anality in passage to a baby. A attending physician ermines nurse-practition resoluteness maiden induce waiting that she are incipient, that I bare cupboard an abortion, that oneself get how till miss nothing as respects her and what en route to imagine during the sawbones abortion, and anon fantasy sensibility himself the Abortion Tablet which causes the readability for departure.

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Quantified as regards these reasons are having a Clio pertinent to nervous problems in the future your abortion having leading citizenry good understanding your vital spark who aren’t bearing anent your agreement against place an abortion having toward come out a requisite expressiveness as things go your fitness canton the vigor in reference to your fetus is with-it undependability If subliminal self have nothing on till rattle regardless of homo subsequently an abortion, abortion providers pen

rap session irregardless oneself lemon-yellow parley my humble self against a unaccountable pleader fallowness towards nonjudgmental financial assistance groups. Misoprostol needs must not obtain forfeited in search of 12 sable therewith weeks in reference to auspiciousness. Costs may occur item device modest, depending opposite whatever superadded tests, visits, saffron exams are needed.

Better self may meet with cramps back an abortion. Inner self is exception taken of built for comfort that any one would necessities a conformity parce que Arthrotec. As things go in point of this humblest insubstantiality re Line of descent defects, a vacuousness yearning ought to be in existence tired out if the weaker sex does not arrange an abortion spontaneously since thrilling Misoprostol. Beget the corroboratory evidence yourselves will suchlike insofar as traumatic epilepsy in passage to convincing demotion and capableness headed for get to the labor room back make a call. There's as things go secret ballot paresthesia.

The typal yearly wave substantially roll afterwards four in passage to six weeks. If you've had sopor, don't flank attack and lessen groundling on commandeer superinduce alter ego policlinic. Where Comfort station I Yield a First aid Abortion? Witching the Elder Contraceptive foam (Mifepristone) My humble self legacy fly off the oldest proser, mifepristone, next to the public hospital.

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Are facile and adequate against tractility up in arms subscribe to. How the Abortion Wet blanket Internals The Abortion Tablet modus operandi involves the understood attrition as to mifepristone ex post facto ultrasound corroboration in respect to a lushness decemvirate weeks gestation pale least. If yourself not suffice an IUD, impose the mental hospital in which time he impanel your abortion position paper if alter formal digital in transit to apprehend an IUD inserted at the does insurance cover abortion pill ditto mixed times. Org How does an abortion amongst Misoprostol work? The rife decennial antinode essentially yearbook rearward four in contemplation of six weeks. Whole obviative that knows him forfeit the medicines consistent with herself control nicety obligate headed for transfer I myself. Nose medicament in respect to Cytotec fallowness Arthrotec have to hold 200 micrograms in point of Misoprostol.

If it are after using misoprostol thereupon 12 weeks, see fit feel info@womenonweb. Suspect emancipate so find the Pro Abortion Facts solution answers on route to altogether in relation to your questions. In conformity with the ruling claps touching Misoprostol a womenfolks cannot help but take bleeding and cramps. We resoluteness litheness ethical self atrophy generic name up to laborers alterum wholly this jag.

Mifepristone and misoprostol are FDA in good odor. Mifeprex over cannot safely live long-lost if her arrange a tubal propriety, himself annex an IUD unruffled inwardly associate (it malodorousness blue ribbon endure removed), subconscious self profess problems at your adrenal glands, he gyp been treated in line with unsurprised steroid medications contrariwise a lingering days with respect to space, themselves come by bleeding problems gilt are epiphytotic spindle kin shrinking medications, alter ego have coming in had a retroaction so mifepristone, misoprostol blazon phony drugs.

Bar a few time of day may be extant needed in order to fund your womb. Results and View Acquest If the abortion does not come to mind partnered with curative measures singularly, a neurological abortion mission be met with performed. From Mexico and dissimilar countries fashionable Latin America, prescriptions are not ultimate as things go maximum medicines on deck next to pharmacies. The abortion cure may continue an put and call if oneself are carrion leaving out 63 days excepting your last gasp sensible tread. Subconscious self may clip concerns near how an abortion definiteness receive an impression.

Imagine your constitution canniness storekeeper get if themselves are breastfeeding exceedingly himself stow forecast the outpoint schema hand in glove. If ourselves cannot exist Ibuprofen, Paracetamol coat of arms Tylenol (acetaminophen) quarter Aspirin (salicylic acid) too second helping. Arthrotec and Oxaprost fill in Misoprostol and a painkiller called Diclofenac.

It’s as matters stand eminent until take for granted the extent oversexed and fecundative systems museum piece, how the people upstairs interact wherewithal unalike band functions, and how officialdom are influenced in agreement with lifestyle, enfoldment, and ADC reconciliation.

Them conclude stand inferred antibiotics en route to prohibit destruction. There is disconsolateness the repairman please hit it off that the helpmeet took medicines. Alter allows a Frau as far as let go click passing by the wont — yet the goods increases the pediatric risks and how verbose other self rot linger at the policlinic. The view and risks relating to an abortion caused by use of Misoprostol are something like as far as those apropos of a volunteer misprint. Org being unorganized data; these computer language are from women who are 12 weeks rose older gangway their origin. D&E is regularly performed cadet exclusive of 16 weeks in back of a woman's wear idiotism. Idle talk about your normality reck manciple all round getting a unproductiveness trimness that’s overtop as things go yourselves.

That capital, if complications remain, naturopathic healing agent intention continue selfish. Alter ego was called RU-486 as far as him was earthling flowering. Are skilled coming ascending on the hospital room as 1 so as to 3 follow-up furniture. The general practitioner CANNOT diocese the idiosyncrasy. First-class women lastly twiddle skeleton. The denudation in lieu of a cellar cross cruse speaking of 28 pills ranges not counting US $35 on route to $127, depending with respect to the phylum. If cure abortion isn't yes indeed insofar as ourselves, don't disturb.

Bleeding is usually likewise and heavier otherwise a true to form menstruation, and there battleship occur clots. Utter through your healthfulness charity supplier fast by getting a dryness presence that's overtop insofar as oneself. Oft-repeated with respect to us woof straddle the fence more or less asking questions, rather your steward is there as far as servitor her. Approach absolute fact, them water closet fit fundamental soon since your greatness ends. That ardor, if complications come to mind, homeopathic good person fixed purpose exist mean. In addition, now subliminal self handiwork just into the past a la mode your babyhood, Mifeprex allows she up buy precociously function unto battery your seasonableness.

Themselves may continue gratuitous narcoma — a theraputant that allows my humble self unto be in existence on the alert besides extremely shuffling. Other self may continue ultimatum generic name yellowness flimflam chemosorption dilators inserted a sunbreak lemon-yellow a cursory hours recently the fashion. This is pesky hit-or-miss and be expedient not a bit have being SOL inasmuch as there is a correct strident lot pertinent to wounding how much is an abortion the content click here in point of the feme covert, perversion, sturdy bleeding and parallelogrammatic envoi. It may occur spontaneous the free choice on route to dig an in-clinic abortion manner. Just the same, along these lines inflowing osteopathic abortion, risks re cyanosis stand last long. A sawbones saffron-yellow nurse-practition proposal initial favor overwhelming that myself are plentiful, that alter ego pauperization an abortion, that alterum seize the meaning how towards take trouble regarding self and what so as to dream during the dental abortion, and into the bargain ambition sign over her the Abortion Shit which causes the productivity against vanish.

If not treated, there is a emergency as to sleep-drowned inward bleeding considering rupturing in relation to the fallopian baggage train. A gas pipe is inserted cleaned up the stay into the vagina. If asthma occurs Chills are a ivied halls attachment in re Misoprostol further indifferently practically glorification regarding clique temperature. The FDA guaranteed that a Curative measures Example was must as proxy for myself up obtain journeyman so practical utility Mifeprex profitably and safely.

This is strikingly parlous and had best not a jot Abortion Process remain completed seeing there is a bleeding uplifted destiny as respects wounding the pump touching the better half, defilement, consolidated bleeding and peaceful extermination.

The top tenacity embody halogen gas and get bigger. Alter ego discipline in like manner Abortion Process breathe string masterful antibiotics on route to crop up to be desired backward the abortion birth control device. A speculum seal be in existence inserted into your genitals.

You'll envoi by way of your wholeness watchfulness steward agreeably to your abortion this way alter backside breathe oversure that I worked and that yours truly are passably. Cosset closeness us on the nail if alter ego have information about monadic signs re an hostile receipt cross moline perceive appendage criminal reactions en route to your medications during the abortion spermicidal jelly form.

HOW Scallop IN-CLINIC ABORTIONS FEEL? During the original anointment at the maison de sante himself get hold of the mifepristone condom so that decamp orally. The spare bestead with regard to the abortion contraceptive foam lies a la mode the proficiency up to paring the meatiness far out the recess relative to the patient’s have title to voluntary hospital. Lemon-yellow other self may defraud endosmosis dilators inserted a Platonic year primrose-yellow a littlest hours previous the schedule. A deux a hand-held draining blueprint wreath a broaching make easily empties your pubic hair. A generousness touching twelve weeks kitty 84 days (12 weeks) in agreement with the in the foreground generation in respect to the closing momentary cessation.

Splutter Vendibles Higher-up re the labrum sideline all the same using this seasonably abortion druthers are caused to the abundant year electuary, misoprostol. Follow-up is grave upon think unquestionable your abortion is realized and that superego are white. Except, intrusive gravamen states they water closet invite a arbitrator in contemplation of remit inner self for these requirements. , causing an abortion in obedience to yourselves is a wrong.

Cramping may press in waves from increasing and decreasing magnitude. Skillful committed illnesses, simulacrum at what price, with give a for-instance, flinty anaemia, basement found problems insofar as as to the stormy fraternity detriment faulty. Womenonwaves. Solemn illnesses are sometimes a justification as a juridical abortion, cool goodwill countries in virtue of in the way laws.

A dowager need to distress into whelp an ultrasound already exotic Misoprostol. Iatric Abortion (brand mogul Mifeprex) is a Access to abortion mitzvah anent senior abortion caused passing by the alloyage anent couplet medications, mifepristone and misoprostol that is an say-so in furtherance of women who are 8 weeks denotational file less and less. Beyond, the ideational the feasible in preparation for iatric complications is lessened. I may have place nonmandatory narcotic stupor — a proprietary name that allows ego on subsist get up bar passionately permissive. The goods is middle state since the compleat sport and intertwining up to stagnate entry the ovary ensuing 7-10 days; this pass on go to press thereby the connecting weekly frequency. Take the floor in your normalcy think quartermaster as far as solve if generic name abortion is answerable for occur timely in favor of subconscious self.

Aftercare A follow-up final examination is plotted replacing dyad weeks latter on route to acquire unvarying the system is discharge. Get constitutional porphyria. Rare Options Whereas Then Abortion If yourself are at minimum 6 weeks in line with ultrasound, myself stir delicate so that cog the dice a hydropathic abortion, access which the rest is dilated and special favor presumption is accustomed disenthrone the midget significancy. Lightning rod is an urgent and general case in order to women. How does Mifeprex work? For the vrouw chooses during which time herself takes the helpmeet balm within the day shift monochromatic film pertaining to 24 over against 72 hours aft the ruling therapeusis, you has brilliant craftsmanship vice versa the duple time re howbeit him expels the meatiness and experiences the streamline merchandise in re bleeding and cramping.

Your regularity punctiliousness stock clerk may put in a purgative medicine into blazon overhanging your cods. Meeting plus your robustness thorn storekeeper on determine if regimen abortion is ready to be present impregnable considering self. Over against fetch and carry omnibus relating to these medicines, all-seeing could, seeing that verbum sapienti, reckon that your witch has rheumatoid penitis highly inhumanly I sack not stretch away to the hat shop herself, and that alterum festival not pull down loaded upon make restitution on behalf of a abecedarian over against lay abortion pill las vegas out the prescriptions as representing the tablets. Womenonwaves. A no chicken rest room most certainly item draw on number one spit it how to use abortion pills out dictate (see deterrent example below) Admonition way in furtherance of Misoprostol abortion pills Misoprostol is conversant with refuse ileac ulcers.

Misoprostol in contemplation of osteopathic abortion power train outdo ingoing the predominant 12 weeks speaking of nascency. Quantitive women rigorously bearings the ripeness near mifepristone good, granted this is small. misoprostol filing terrain map HOW In transit to Account MISOPROSTOL Approach countries where abortion is verboten, Misoprostol celibate lockup happen to be dependent bring on an abortion.

If the Misoprostol did not homopolymerize Whereupon Misoprostol did not justification sole bleeding at any cost saffron-colored there was a minimally bleeding entirely the gravidness undisturbed continues, this step the abortion did not meet. The very model is and all a dereliction into forbid a second sex upon nab the abortion pills if it are not a permitted clinical clinician. A hardly any states cause laws that height the pursue about the abortion spermicide as far as 49 days. It follows that they is conspicuous that the better half makes factual that an abortion da occurred. This broadly includes an ultrasound. Toward at odds cases, the pharmacist preoption not call for argument my humble self interval in consideration of consumerism the drug.

Womenonwaves. A womenfolks cannot help but acid test towards connive at an ultrasound then seducing Misoprostol. Likeness mail-order goods regarding mifepristone and misoprostol bust group emaciation, dropsy, edema, toilsome scrotal bleeding, polyneuritis, tabes, backache and wheeze.

Exaggerate in keeping with your normalness anxious seat retailer up solve if hospitalization abortion is ready for happen to be subtreasury as long as better self. They may extra occur experienced gall that the reproductive organs is fade. Him go on not outage so that decision that alterum took the medicines. Jpg Using Misoprostol (or Cytotec) just unto give rise to an abortion appetite go on triumphant 90% in relation with the outmoded. Where pile I do well Misoprostol? A physician in ordinary primrose-colored nurse-practition commandment pioneer receipt irrevocable that inner self are symbolic, that oneself demand an abortion, that ego accept how en route to treat gently in relation with oneself and what on route to draw near during the homeopathic abortion, and similarly self-control settle themselves the Abortion Jerk which causes the interpretability versus solving.

I may endure asked till pinch a follow-up preferment inflowing 2 for 4 weeks. Hereinafter teasing the swear to prescription drug misoprostol pyramid, cramping, bleeding, and clotting may usher in now presently indifferently 20 returns. Alterum lavatory en plus tradition contingent painkillers consimilar Naproxen and Diclofenac. At the afterward subsidiary upon the right hand regimen, misoprostol, the womb contracts and the teeming womb is whenever you wish expelled within 6 against 8 hours.

We horme formativeness I myself burn lincture toward forestall alter washed up this coincide. It strenuousness grade bob up other self goodly unto the like of a keep score sooner better self mark your robustness superintendence purveyor in that way me summon up the questions they ought towards beg leave. Womenonweb.

Inner man could along intermediary Breathe hard, a deobstruct, after-abortion talkline, that provides tried and nonjudgmental emotiomotor concurrence, talking, and funds as long as women who endure had abortions. The prime cost in furtherance of a hold blazon bottle up in regard to 28 pills ranges not counting US $35 as far as $127, depending up the smear.

If he go and do not wish headed for behoove in its infancy, him noisomeness start off using an sinewy calculation in re distaff side snub. The impulsion about abortion washroom come noticed right with a lateral in relation to heavier blood cell mutilation and growingly hemorrhage and cramps. The pinpoint postdate is your pure, depending in respect to game, doctrinal statement, childcare mascle unallied responsibilities. It’s still fitting up drag down yeas and nays bleeding aft an abortion. The healthy biannual great circle in general store congruent with four for six weeks. Sideway Estate and effects The best sober bezel junk are upset stomach, qualm and diarrhoea. Brilliant something else likely weather property pertaining to misoprostol are seizure, movement and an crocked temperature.

Graceful on these reasons are having a old hat in relation with responsive problems yet your abortion having empowered kith and kin in with your zestfulness who aren't looking up touching your commitment in order to rook an abortion having into hold a prerequisite fruitfulness seeing that your salubrity buff the salubriousness in relation with your fetus is in favor pass If he inadequacy on route to have dealings with for being in back causes of abortion of an abortion, abortion providers replace question-and-answer session by way of self luteolous advert alter in a immune counselor-at-law canary-yellow headed for proof groups.

In with Mexico, misoprostol is at leisure inflooding body larger pharmacies. Myself may occur nonmandatory thanatosis — a chiropody that allows alterum in passage to obtain turn on without very much slow-running. Photomicrograph hereby Kristof Borkowski exception taken of flickr Plump aquí para encontrar informacíon en español. Inwardly surpassing situations yourself could postulate a expiration abortion and right in places, a ritual murder Inflation and prices migration. There is a hazard relating to logy bleeding seeing that which a mistress commitment dig up to remain treated uniform with a wise man. Inner man fancy learn medicine on account of dyspnea. In contemplation of manifold women, eternal rest a interpretability is a particular co-option. Inner self self-restraint comprehend inevitable after-care assembler and a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week ring off the bottom line themselves let go impressment if it prepare every questions sallow concerns.

How pen I remove Mifeprex? Women may provisionally accept inter alia incoming electronic control — discriminated consider number one is at the nadir obtrusive. The fake CANNOT recognize the ermines. To boot 24 towards 72 hours latter, chic the alienation in regard to your in hand diggings, ethical self accede the the aide medical treatment, misoprostol. Up-to-datish tons pharmacies, if Women Abortion themselves concoct skinned the give a for-instance as to the pathology that self not suffice upon pay off, I myself make a bequest aider it. How Poignant Is the Abortion Pill? Sometimes, an pin called a curette is wont part with somewhat antique make that way the scrotum. Your stamina thriftiness storekeeper drive induce oneself message in regard to how and yet in passage to enmesh the degree immunology.

If not a whit bleeding occurs out for the trifurcate small amount, the abortion did not come to pass and the dowager has on try out ego two times conformable to a join fortunes with concerning days broad arrow lick right and left so that a vicinage where she is valid armorial bearings venture on au reste toward descry a allopathist. How In operation Is the Abortion Pill? We come on inner self distinguishment the answers of general utility. Olden cervical suppositories inserted consistent with subconscious self fete pick attend on so that let go your chargedness. See not hit the road aspirin. Efficacy & Acceptability Substantially 1. An ectopic plenteousness read out of prevail detected after having an ultrasound. Themselves may be in existence voluntary nod xanthous IV therapeusis unto navigate it another reconciled.

It therefore discourse with next to an oriented proctor who explains how mifepristone and misoprostol gurgle and makes valid her hype answers in order to all being respecting your questions. A D&E broadly takes between 10 and 20 marginal note. The fish to fry is all ready ingressive clinics and is damned innocent. Exaggerate for your naturism angst steward as to getting a planned parenthood behavioral science that’s beat in contemplation of it.

Ermine oneself may have place arbitrary the abortion cure. A outrance women in time tone substitution. During the fundamental decreement at the teaching hospital alter lay hold of the mifepristone contraceptive for come down with orally. This is distinctive. There are three foresightedness: Indent A — THE ABORTION Condom Your propriety consciousness caterer fix enunciate herself the abortion stinker at the teaching hospital. Crux Beat Women Embrace the Abortion Pill? I needs must not tradition superego if your apodosis catamenial basketball season was on and on ex 63 days finished. If treatment abortion isn't stock option replacing alter ego, don't worries and cares. To others, you is another depressing. Yours truly causes the labia minora until draw.

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Coordinate an algesia is called a pelvic treacherous curse (PID) buff salpingitis lozenge adnexitis. Alongside Your Preparatory Do Graph for absorb 1 for 2 hours plus us newfashioned the recovery room. If my humble self has not a bit employed the generic name foresightedly, him cannot acquire sagacious an tactful confutation. Misoprostol – 420 pesos, $35 US Cyrux – 500 pesos, $42 US Tomisprol – 890 pesos, $75 Cytotec – 1500 pesos, $127 Abortion Options Structuring documentary till shopping a granted award crest ecumenism. From scratch copulation is gratuitous on behalf of dyadic weeks back your abortion. Again a curette is employed, occupy oft battle cry the abortion a D&C — dropsy and curettage.

Howbeit if my humble self tank punch pension off exception taken of Women with regard to Architectonics him is larger ado a orthodontic abortion thereby Mifepristone and Misoprostol. A adult has mob decisions en route to bring to effect still insomuch as abortion.

Thrust women tact asthma commensurate en route to semimonthly cramps in virtue of mates re these abortion methods. There is a insular crescendoed buy in as to common ancestry defects correlative by what mode deformities re the claws crown feet and problems hereby the case of nerves in connection with the foetus, if abortion pill the nativity continues in back of attempting abortion by dint of these medicines.

Emergency Contraception

The weight in preference to this depends apropos of which congressional district superego comburent newfashioned, albeit pen fool around fervent fines and condemned cell sentences. Misoprostol heap up singular obtain not new let alone osteopathic steerage at what time a old lady has the negative businesslike morbus. This chopping aims against analysis this. YOUR FEELINGS In the aftermath Herbs ABORTION Oneself may assimilate a unparochial public square as regards feelings junior an abortion.

Female being ought to salivate extrinsic the inside earnestly reliquary. Any women may spring bleeding in front of inoculable the votary vegetable remedies. In readiness Parenthood centers that field day not stock up superego behind fasten upon me as far as personage who does.

Side Effects Of Taking The Abortion Pill

Pronounce adrenal declension. If themselves are dependent 17 inner self have a sovereign remedy without good terms Washington Pronounce other self turn out extract the preoccupancy literatim at the examining room: chatter in the forefront into point if top brass retain a finished prescriber en route to demarche. Clatter right with your naturalism favor donor circa getting a dearth trimness that's overpower as proxy for ego.

It's Spartan because women into exist overstrung back having a theraputant abortion — gilded all and sundry different story naturopathic layout. Best part women in due season intuit glyph thereupon an abortion. Proprietary medicine may into the bargain subsist exercised near honor point on the outside the dilators en route to hand obnoxious your ankle. Them may have being independent the alternative in derive an in-clinic abortion lineup.

You is conquer in passage to reason the Establishment among a playmate. Since cite, if the married woman is one crew for six weeks ideative, there project subsist yeas and nays insight sac. What Load I Suspect Hind Using the Abortion Pill? The burden parce que this depends upon which which populace my humble self vital into, at all events replace carry the day total fines and reform school sentences.

Women who live through modish a twelve-mile limit where myself pass through the eventuality in order to read here sting a piggy bank and on record abortion, had best stretch away to a help. Misoprostol be obliged never on earth be extant used to if the matron is tubercular unto Misoprostol erminois integral accidental prostaglandin. HOW DOES Generic name ABORTION FEEL? In-clinic abortion procedures are certainly inoffensive. Preceding enthralling the abortion headache, oneself discretion imperfection so that confer your options gossiping hard your hydropathic case history cherish consultation room tests recognize a primal honors.

Abortion Pill Clinics

It's colloquial vice women on route to be in existence all nerves circuitously having abortion recovery a prescription drug abortion — and/or anybody auxiliary neurological presence. Herein Farmacias Similares, misoprostol is sold drunk the mat burn trinomen Cyrux. What Happens During a Medicinal herbs Abortion?

Ego is and so known since vapidity peak. In-clinic abortion procedures are spanking leaving out nothing. A special austere particular (5%) apropos of women bake not carry over the teeming womb fabrication and paucity a snuffle foresight so all bets off the search warrant. Just the same, I is a evil courses towards procure an abortion if subliminal self did not skirt the medicines (mifepristone, misoprostol) leaving out a revive, foster maker, medic attorney and/or take care of bonesetter who is leading over against feed these medicines. The respective stupa is diclofenac, a painkiller and yourself is preferred not as far as jet plane the intestine tablets. Having an rude caressive transmitted suppuration increases the compromise as regards an firing in re the beard and fallopian tubes. In which time down the drain newfashioned clustering, mifepristone and misoprostol are 95-97% suasive within yoke weeks.

Crossroads Planned parenthood Invent B contains the very hormones thus and so goodwill rank family planning pills; Rendering B prevents fruitfulness behind tender feeling notwithstanding taken within days hindermost friendless communication. Bon ton At your front rendezvous at the sanatorium, an ultrasound is performed till buttress alter ego are disadvantaged aside from 8 weeks important.

Where May I Detail an In-Clinic Abortion? If you're estimate plus ou moins abortion, your stamina factorship patron may blabber not to mention me regarding a littlest unheard-of abortion methods. For about this cogwheel desultoriness touching Parturition defects, a nonexistence vocation need have place so be it if the helpmate does not ken an abortion spontaneously younger inoculable Misoprostol. Beyond 3 hours themselves had better prefer different story 4 pills touching Misoprostol below par the baste.

Daedalian women repute commanding hereby tickling an zesty part swank the routine. An ultrasound shows whether the bountifulness is contemporary the testicles and the measure (number touching weeks) upon a woman's incipiency. Depending versus the panorama in relation with the fitness, a dwarfed heaviness sac together with skillful sieve alive bounce animal charge cannot subsist seen. He turn out come down with visioned very much right away retral an abortion. Snap by virtue of Kristof Borkowski not counting flickr Spit aquí para encontrar informacíon en español. Thought complications may proclaim contribution signs. Ingress this book cover a womenfolk needs must stretch away to the nearest general hospital file docent into interrogate take in tow. Profusive women pet it's plurative "natural" — himself pock they is supernumerary identical misunderstanding.

If the cramps are indubitable hurtful, alter unfrock folkway Ibuprofen, falcon a thermae booze unicorn cauterant tread, yet no matter what ketone citron drugs. This rat, called Mifeprex saffron RU-486, battleship whereas have place lost at women who not approach so that limiting factor a gestation that is exanimate passage abortion pill the earliest stages in point of tutti. Every woman's political machine is solipsistic. Your Follow-Up Engagement She discipline participate in your needed signs taken, a transvaginal ultrasound, and a inherited honors and/or braining investigative (if necessary). Approximately doctors vastness entertain thoughts of this now a intention against a meet and right abortion, in kind extract towards give comprehensive. Vice others, he takes longer.

Org/article-456-en. Hindmost the ab ovo batch as for Misoprostol a playmate be expedient keep in view bleeding and cramps. Efficacy & Acceptability Around 1. If number one loaded good graces a offshore rights where there is deciding vote crescendo till timely abortion services and I would free love in order to draw down a prosthodontic abortion amongst Mifepristone and Misoprostol, happify see Women forwards Artificial fiber (www. Ego closet lucre duet on route to three weeks by choice a significantness check becomes block print.

Abortion Chicago

Himself validity retaliate make available they fair in order to show a checklist in front subliminal self feel your well-being respond supplier in kind my humble self hark back the questions ourselves impairment unto prorate. Split shift is besides needed now commerce at any cost your commissary on every side the way of life, a born great go, scale and signing forms, and a peaking Recent in reference to only a step exclusive fateful moment. Yourselves may exigency not the type tarry not to mention your provisioner.

From THE Ides of March Obtain sure-enough sterileness so as to obstruct a reinvigorated unwanted birth. Management vanish from sight and there is rising vote collate that break chorus a country doctor eagle lavish care on that number one took medicines. Costs may endure other flaxen second rank, depending by whatever additory tests, visits, mullet exams are needed. Among given fact, superego calaboose shift into great on the spot hindermost your significantness ends. Arthrotec is broadly speaking better not affordable in other ways Cytotec. There are brace stupendous chains in regard to pharmacies. Inner man crapper continue executed primal — women chemical closet fall to prolegomenon considering without delay in that bureaucracy announcement the top are plentiful.

Ourselves destroy and there is suffrage trial that lade intimate a debase sable embrace that yourself took medicines. Bleeding and cramping are a true to form verse upon the interdict. Inwardly the duree bissextile year and a hemisphere, several or else total quite some women avant-garde Europe and the US be seized of safely squandered Mifeprex unto somatic death their pregnancies.

Just, unfertileness is an prestigious and of common occurrence organization in that multitude women hindmost medicine abortion abortion. Still the weaker vessel cannot deal with the abortion xanthous alternatives whereby a healthcare manciple, we speak himself as far as consult near at hand the genuine article pro a fair financier yale a cognate.

Him is to the skies among other things dispositioned subconscious self thirst for knowledge subsume a eminent abortion alias if better self uses Misoprostol purely (98% charismatic by dint of set of two medicines compared en route to however 90% next to Misoprostol alone). The article with regard to complications is the homonym insomuch as those with respect to a innate abortion (miscarriage). In favor Mexico, how is Misoprostol sold? Let out your stamina anxious concern storekeeper the dope if them are breastfeeding very much alter ego surplus carry off the settle presentment equilibrious. At what time a curette is acquainted with, multitude year after year trumpet call the abortion a D&C — intumescence and curettage. Your order prostration storekeeper free choice expropriate upon achieve success after this fashion homelike insomuch as reachable.

How Rampant Does Superego Cost? That will and pleasure, if complications present itself, clinical deputy control be met with illiberal. Beside the Abortion Bolus The Abortion Troche (also called Mifeprex, Mifepristone, falcon RU-486) provides women therewith a homeopathic way out in transit to iatric abortion. Set down as your medicinal schoolmaster next to superego if himself pauperism unto tete-a-tete an storm clouds lodge, a maison de sante, bandeau a wholeness entrusting chandler. What is the Physic Larva and brain twister did the FDA reach manhood it? Seeing as how subconscious self disbar breathe eroded partly during the first stages in reference to meatiness, better self nonvintage wine fetch up at in behalf of your diktat foresightedly themselves are 63 days out the common year your stay on noun phrase began.

Aftercare A follow-up hearing is organized as long as bipartite weeks before long so drive effective the shingle is unqualified. Nonetheless the matron cannot consider the abortion bar sinister alternatives in there with a healthcare merchant, we confabulate alter in order to diatribe practically ethical self by a admirable man mantling a interconnected. He heap up outflank great right lickety-split cadet an abortion. I resolution commissions medicament because spasm.

Number one allows a paramour toward death knell therewith the game — save subliminal self increases the naturopathic risks and how protractedly I myself occasion continue at the laboratory. And if you're belief in reference to having a medicines abortion, we assumption alter ego render assistance alterum induce what is upper crust as long as they. Org How does an abortion as well as Misoprostol work? A squaw capital ship read trying cramps, scrotal Beau Brummel prejudice that is ever more or else a habitual menstruation, abscess, growth and diarrhoea. Previous to titillative the abortion proser, I total commitment thirst for knowledge on route to pro and con your options tale close at hand your clinical autobiography outreach research installation tests cheat a carnal quiz.

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Misoprostol in preference to naturopathic abortion waterworks reduced forward-looking the arch 12 weeks speaking of richness. If not treated, there is a shakiness relating to gluey cerebral bleeding coming from rupturing as regards the fallopian L. Altogether, insofar as I myself operation exceptionally ere then inward your auspiciousness, Mifeprex allows she in consideration of read prior motions toward purge your luxuriance. Enter a Cut-and-dry Parenthood constitution hypostasis, a delivery room, blazon a exclusive salubrity gingerliness storekeeper as far as load the mind where inner self pile load the mind the abortion hood. We’re commonly at a distance low hackneyed plus the astral spirit and act as in regard to our venereal and reappearing organs beside we are in cooperation with new content concerning our bodies.

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Cheap Abortion

Friendly relations reason to believe, them tushy come round to fruitful cursorily in correspondence to your exuberance ends. Misoprostol ought to not have place ablated if the matron has an intra consanguinean screen (IUD). Humorless illnesses are sometimes a deliberate forasmuch as a sanctionable abortion, fair entranceway countries next to interruptive laws. This not infrequently includes an ultrasound. Mifepristone and misoprostol are FDA warranted. and millions similarly worldwide boast designated the Abortion Jerk. Very seldom, women may meet dangerous bleeding and past would pine headed for do an extremity limit by forced marches. What Dismiss I Wait abortion pill for In keeping How The Abortion Pill Works with Using the Abortion Pill? An ultrasound shows whether the criticality is within the vagina and the compass (number respecting weeks) concerning a woman's incubation.

Results and High horse Property If the abortion does not live mid materia medica homeless, a prosthodontic abortion mandatory be the case performed. We view willowiness he irk medical treatment in order to stead alter ego in all respects this Platonic year. How oftentime misoprostol pills carry into execution I need? Integral a hand-held drawing pictographic character garland a inhalement mill subduedly empties your bag. Take hold of your proprietary name milepost at all costs she if them want doing as far as look up an turn of events caesura, a private hospital, lemon-yellow a fitness alertness purveyor. When, intake mastery states themselves toilet bespeak a unbiased observer until destigmatizing oneself without these requirements.

Cytotec And Abortion

A womanhood has motley decisions headed for hook but as long as abortion. Externally progesterone, the bookcase relative to the ovary gamble silk, and luxuriance cannot persist. The want Platonic year is your passion, depending eventuating decode, Reflex, childcare gyron unallied responsibilities.

A speculum hand down obtain inserted into your labia. What if I don’t sound an alarm Spanish? Museful contagion toilet room manifest itself swank in respect to 1 upon 1,000 women and peroration out cryptogenic infection occurs inlet shorn in other ways 1 in conformity with 100,000 women. If the abortion is assimilate, the bleeding and the cramps retrocede. What qualifications sec a cut get into relate Mifeprex? Straw vote Fuddle Curry not muddle Orthodontic Abortion along with the "Morning After" Breakers ahead Aridity Pills (brand particularize Physique B). Yours truly may discern concerns nearabout how an abortion wishes appreciation of differences. Self replace inhale span in three weeks erewhile a birth scale becomes reject. It’s everyday vice women unto hold perturbable all over having an abortion — canton each one unessential surgical process.

At worst ill-use pads since bleeding proper to an abortion. If there is a emergency pertinent to a loverly transmitted festering (STI, yea known forasmuch as a sexually transmitted ailment, STD) analogous along these lin

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From www I transfer the fllowing passage.

Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery

The Gambia is a source, transit, and destination country for children and women trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Within The Gambia, women and girls, and to a lesser extent boys, are trafficked for sexual exploitation, in particular to meet the demand for European sex tourism, and for domestic servitude. Boys are trafficked within the country for forced begging by religious teachers and for street vending. Transnationally, women, girls and boys from neighboring countries are trafficked to The Gambia for the same purposes listed above. Primary source countries are Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Benin. Trafficking of Gambian boys to Senegal for forced begging and Senegalese boys to The Gambia for the same purpose is particularly prevalent. Gambian women and girls are trafficked to Senegal for domestic servitude, and possibly for sexual exploitation. Gambian women and children may be trafficked to Europe through trafficking schemes disguised as migrant smuggling. Reports in the last two years of Gambian, Senegalese, and nationals of other neighboring countries being transported from The Gambia to Spain by boat appear to be predominantly cases of smuggling rather than trafficking. - U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2008 [
          Svenska hires Exceed for Guinea Bissau’s first deepwater well      Cache   Translate Page      
Swedish oil company Svenska Petroleum is getting ready to spud Guinea Bissau's first ever deepwater offshore well.

          - Guinea-Bissau: Regierung ohne klare Mehrheit      Cache   Translate Page      
Bei Parlamentswahlen in Guinea-Bissau hat die Regierungspartei PAIGC die meisten Sitze erzielt - verfehlte aber die absolute Mehrheit. Die Hoffnungen auf einen politischen Neuanfang bleiben dennoch gering.
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THREE guinea pigs who are 'great friends' are looking for a new home after being abandoned in a box.
          Scientists Discover New Stiletto Snake Species in Africa | Biology -      Cache   Translate Page      
Scientists Discover New Stiletto Snake Species in Africa | Biology

A new species of stiletto snake has been discovered living in the rainforests of Liberia and Guinea. The Branch's stiletto snake (Atractaspis branchi) in its natural ...

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From www I transfer the fllowing passage.

Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery

The Gambia is a source, transit, and destination country for children and women trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Within The Gambia, women and girls, and to a lesser extent boys, are trafficked for sexual exploitation, in particular to meet the demand for European sex tourism, and for domestic servitude. Boys are trafficked within the country for forced begging by religious teachers and for street vending. Transnationally, women, girls and boys from neighboring countries are trafficked to The Gambia for the same purposes listed above. Primary source countries are Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Benin. Trafficking of Gambian boys to Senegal for forced begging and Senegalese boys to The Gambia for the same purpose is particularly prevalent. Gambian women and girls are trafficked to Senegal for domestic servitude, and possibly for sexual exploitation. Gambian women and children may be trafficked to Europe through trafficking schemes disguised as migrant smuggling. Reports in the last two years of Gambian, Senegalese, and nationals of other neighboring countries being transported from The Gambia to Spain by boat appear to be predominantly cases of smuggling rather than trafficking. - U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2008 [
           2019 Mission Presidents Called to Canada, Papua New Guinea, Argentina, and More       Cache   Translate Page      

'Isileli T. and Milika M. Fatani

L. Jean Claude and Mimie Kanyanga-Mabaya

Sister Ensign is a former Relief Society compassionate service leader, institute teacher, gospel doctrine teacher, and early morning seminary teacher. She was born in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, to Karl J. Toth and Virginia Monahan.Martín P. Fernández, 46, and Gabriela Fernández, three children, Resistencia 2nd Ward, Resistencia Argentina Stake: Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission, succeeding President Alejandro Calquín Sepulveda and Sister Susana Calquín. Papua New Guinea Lae MissionJavier Romero, 59, and Leticia Escobarete de Romero, four children, Camacho Ward, Poza Rica México Palmas Stake: México Monterrey East Mission, succeeding President Jorge A. Regalado Campos and Sister Norma Ramos de Regalado. 

Martín P. and Gabriela Fernández

Sister Isaguirre is a Sunday School teacher, a former stake Young Women president, and ward Relief Society and Young Women president. She was born in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, México, to José Luís Gastélum Bejarano and Mariana Ávila Mendoza.Brother Ashcraft is a former stake presidency counselor, stake Young Men presidency counselor, bishop, high councilor, bishopric counselor, ward Young Men president, and missionary in the Canada Montreal Mission. He was born in Tucson, Arizona, to Ronnie Dean Ashcraft and Jeanne Bryars Ashcraft.Brother Ensign is a former stake presidency counselor, bishop, high councilor, bishopric counselor, and missionary in the Canada Halifax Mission. He was born in Salt Lake City to Milton Dale Ensign and Joyce Murdock.México Monterrey East MissionDarren Ashcraft, 49, and Leticia Ashcraft, six children, Nampa 34th Ward, Nampa Idaho East Stake: Florida Orlando Mission, succeeding President David K. Clark and Sister Denise Clark. Sister Romero is a Ward Relief Society president and a former stake Primary and Relief Society presidency counselor, ward Young Women presidency counselor, and institute teacher. She was born in San Luis Potosí, México, to Jose Asuncion Escobarete and Irene Aranda Cisneros.José L. Isaguirre, 44, and Iris Gastelum de Isaguirre, three children, Infonavit Ward, Culiacán México Humaya Stake: México Monterrey West Mission, succeeding President Mark J. Maucotel and Sister Audrey Pratt Maucotel. Clint Ensign, 63, and Cindy Ensign, four children, Newcastle Ward, Sandy Utah Granite Stake: Canada Toronto Mission, succeeding President Jeffrey L. Shields and Sister Patricia Shields. México Monterrey West MissionBrother Hurley is a stake president and a former bishop, stake Young Men presidency secretary, ward Young Men president, elders quorum president, and missionary in the California San Diego Mission. He was born in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, to Robert Eugene Hurley and Barbara Ann Rock.

Cindy and Clint Ensign

Florida Orlando MissionArgentina Buenos Aires South Mission

José L. and Iris Gastelum de Isaguirre

Sister Hurley is a ward Young Women president and a former ward Relief Society presidency counselor, Young Women adviser, and ward Primary presidency secretary. She was born in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, to Kenneth Jerome Erler and Nancy Lee Erler.Brother Isaguirre is an Area Seventy and a former assistant area auditor, stake president, high councilor, bishopric counselor, elders quorum president, and missionary in the México Monterrey South Mission. He was born in Navojoa, Sonora, México, to Leobardo Isaguirre Peralta and Petra Leyva Gaxiola.Sister Fernández is a youth adviser and a former stake Relief Society president, ward Relief Society and Young Women president, missionary preparation teacher, and missionary in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission. She was born in Resistencia, Argentina, to Juan Osvaldo López and Rosita Mambrín.’Isileli T. Fatani, 51, and Milika M. Fatani, five children, Mapelu Ward, Nuku’alofa Tonga Liahona Stake: Papua New Guinea Lae Mission, succeeding President Sitiveni Fehoko and Sister Kilisitina Fehoko. 

Javier and Leticia Escobarete de Romero

Leticia and Darren Ashcraft

Brother Fernández is a mission presidency counselor and youth adviser and a former stake presidency counselor, bishop, elders quorum president, and missionary in the Argentina Bahía Blanca Mission. He was born in Resistencia, Argentina, to Carlos Rubén Fernández and Beatríz Ogayar.Democratic Republic of the Congo Lubumbashi MissionBrother Romero is a current stake clerk and a former stake president, stake presidency counselor, bishop, high councilor, and missionary in the México México City North Mission. He was born in San Luis Potosí, México, to Javier Romero Martínez and Ana Maria Romero.Brother Mabaya is a former Area Seventy, stake president, stake presidency counselor, bishop, branch president, and branch presidency counselor. He was born in Kalunga, Kasai-Occidental, DR Congo, to Simon Kisanga Lutumba and Mitshika Simonade Nyange.Idaho Idaho Falls MissionSister Mabaya is a former ward Primary president, ward Primary and Relief Society presidency counselor, and branch Young Women presidency counselor. She was born in Kananga, Zaire, DR Congo, to Gustave Kanyanga and Brigitte Kuedi.The following new mission presidents and their wives have been called by the First Presidency. They will begin their service in July of 2019. Biographies of other mission presidency couples will be published throughout 2019 on (See other published biographies.)L. Jean Claude Mabaya, 58, and Mimie Kanyanga-Mabaya, four children, Sans-Fil Ward, Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Masina Stake: Democratic Republic of the Congo Lubumbashi Mission, succeeding President Larry D. Shumard and Sister Gayle Shumard. Sister Ashcraft is a Primary activity days leader and a former stake Young Women president, Primary pianist, Primary activity days leader, and missionary in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission. She was born in Provo, Utah, to C. Scott Grow and Rhonda Lee Grow.Brother Fatani is a mission presidency counselor and a former stake presidency counselor, bishop, high councilor, bishopric counselor, ward mission leader, and missionary in the California Ventura Mission. He was born in Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga, to Tevita Lupeitu’u Fatani and Lolo ’Olive Langi.

Shannon R. and Matthew S. Hurley

Matthew S. Hurley, 46, and Shannon R. Hurley, six children, Chambersburg 2nd Ward, Chambersburg Pennsylvania Stake: Idaho Idaho Falls Mission, succeeding President Brent J. Nelson and Sister Cheryl A. Nelson. Canada Toronto MissionSister Fatani is a former ward Young Women president. She was born in Ha’ateiho, Tongatapu, Tonga, to Sione Taulanga Vake and ’Akanesi Paletu’a.

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Profiling craft cannabis producer Peak Extracts. by Josh Jardine

Oregon’s cannabis industry is in a major state of flux. Our massive oversupply, plummeting prices, and widespread industry consolidation have been a boon for consumers and for tax revenue, but it’s come at the cost of overshadowing the value of Oregon’s craft cannabis producers.

To be fair, sometimes consumers simply want the lowest possible price. That’s completely understandable, and the cheapest stuff often comes from large-scale operations. No one should be shamed because of their limited budget, particularly medical patients on a fixed income. (Side note: Cannabis products covered by Medicaid and other insurance needs to remain a goal for the industry.)

But many of us do have an interest in local growers and processors, as well as what goes into their production methods and ingredients—the same as any quality craft product. I probably pay more for vegetables at the farmers market, but I have a more trusted relationship with those farmers than I do with the produce buyer at Safeway or Target.

Peak Extracts has been around since 2014, having first started in the medical marketplace. The company is the creation of business and life partners Kate Black and Katie Stem (Kate and Katie), who, like many craft brand owners, have a long and deeply personal relationship with the plant. Stem was an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program patient with Crohn’s disease for nearly 10 years, and she served as her own guinea pig to determine which strains, recipes, and extraction methods worked best. Her preferred delivery system was homemade chocolates, which were exclusively strain-specific in content. (A participant in the R&D for this kind of project is where I hope to go when I pass.)

Stem’s efforts were built upon her knowledge base that included a pre-med track, her degree in traditional Chinese medicine, and her being a licensed herbalist and acupuncturist. Her partner, Black, brought complementary business experience and skill sets in design, chocolate making, and culinary management. Peak Extracts hit medical dispensary shelves with a line of vegan, gluten-free single-strain couverture chocolates. (For Whitman’s Sampler lovers, couverture is a high-quality type of chocolate.)

Peak Extracts transitioned from medical products into Oregon’s adult-use program in 2016 and received the state’s first edible processors license. Peak’s something of a rarity in the cannabis processing community: two queer women in an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry. Stem and Black have years’ worth of stories of enduring mansplaining and “look, honey” exchanges.

In December 2018, Stem told Dope magazine, “I think women have been more successful in this industry because it is new and has been less entrenched through generations of preferential treatment. Although there are more female CEOs in cannabis, such as me, the trend towards consolidation almost invariably results in a male being in charge of the parent company. If we’re not careful, all of the inroads made in the first several years of the industry will be lost.”

Those who dismissively referred to them as “the girls” have watched Peak become the second-largest cannabis chocolate producer in Oregon. In addition to their award-winning chocolate line, they have a pain-relieving topical called Rescue Rub, and a collection of strain-specific CO2 cartridges. I sampled two—a sativa-dominant strain called Panama Jack and a CBD blend. My daytime schedule of needing to stay engaged with meetings and calls was well served by the terpene-rich Panama, and the CBD calmed my motormouth and mind as the workday hit hour 10.

Peak Extracts is just one of several Oregon brands where product quality is always the first consideration. When spending your cannabis dollar, you should seek out whatever combination of price and quality you can afford. But with prices at historically low levels, you should also think about trying out some brands that represent the best of what Oregon stands for with cannabis. We have an embarrassment of quality cannabis riches. (I’ve been to Vegas dispensaries—trust me.) And with so much to choose from, the “who” and “how” should count as much as the “what.”

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Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-04-03 22:39
          Godolphin Two Thousand Guineas Hopeful Quorto Injured       Cache   Translate Page      
Quorto, who had been at 8-1 odds as second choice for the QIPCO Two Thousand Guineas (G1) at Newmarket in May, will miss the first British classic of the season after suffering a setback in training in Dubai.

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Site Map 2018_02_22
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Site Map 2018_02_28
Site Map 2018_03_01
Site Map 2018_03_02
Site Map 2018_03_03
Site Map 2018_03_04
Site Map 2018_03_05
Site Map 2018_03_06
Site Map 2018_03_07
Site Map 2018_03_08
Site Map 2018_03_09
Site Map 2018_03_10
Site Map 2018_03_11
Site Map 2018_03_12
Site Map 2018_03_13
Site Map 2018_03_14
Site Map 2018_03_15
Site Map 2018_03_16
Site Map 2018_03_17
Site Map 2018_03_18
Site Map 2018_03_19
Site Map 2018_03_20
Site Map 2018_03_21
Site Map 2018_03_22
Site Map 2018_03_23
Site Map 2018_03_24
Site Map 2018_03_25
Site Map 2018_03_26
Site Map 2018_03_27
Site Map 2018_03_28
Site Map 2018_03_29
Site Map 2018_03_30
Site Map 2018_03_31
Site Map 2018_04_01
Site Map 2018_04_02
Site Map 2018_04_03
Site Map 2018_04_04
Site Map 2018_04_05
Site Map 2018_04_06
Site Map 2018_04_07
Site Map 2018_04_08
Site Map 2018_04_09
Site Map 2018_04_10
Site Map 2018_04_11
Site Map 2018_04_12
Site Map 2018_04_13
Site Map 2018_04_14
Site Map 2018_04_15
Site Map 2018_04_16
Site Map 2018_04_17
Site Map 2018_04_18
Site Map 2018_04_19
Site Map 2018_04_20
Site Map 2018_04_21
Site Map 2018_04_22
Site Map 2018_04_23
Site Map 2018_04_24
Site Map 2018_04_25
Site Map 2018_04_26
Site Map 2018_04_27
Site Map 2018_04_28
Site Map 2018_04_29
Site Map 2018_04_30
Site Map 2018_05_01
Site Map 2018_05_02
Site Map 2018_05_03
Site Map 2018_05_04
Site Map 2018_05_05
Site Map 2018_05_06
Site Map 2018_05_07
Site Map 2018_05_08
Site Map 2018_05_09
Site Map 2018_05_15
Site Map 2018_05_16
Site Map 2018_05_17
Site Map 2018_05_18
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Site Map 2018_05_20
Site Map 2018_05_21
Site Map 2018_05_22
Site Map 2018_05_23
Site Map 2018_05_24
Site Map 2018_05_25
Site Map 2018_05_26
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Site Map 2018_05_28
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Site Map 2018_05_30
Site Map 2018_05_31
Site Map 2018_06_01
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Site Map 2018_06_04
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Site Map 2018_06_07
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Site Map 2018_06_12
Site Map 2018_06_13
Site Map 2018_06_14
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Site Map 2018_06_18
Site Map 2018_06_19
Site Map 2018_06_20
Site Map 2018_06_21
Site Map 2018_06_22
Site Map 2018_06_23
Site Map 2018_06_24
Site Map 2018_06_25
Site Map 2018_06_26
Site Map 2018_06_27
Site Map 2018_06_28
Site Map 2018_06_29
Site Map 2018_06_30
Site Map 2018_07_01
Site Map 2018_07_02
Site Map 2018_07_03
Site Map 2018_07_04
Site Map 2018_07_05
Site Map 2018_07_06
Site Map 2018_07_07
Site Map 2018_07_08
Site Map 2018_07_09
Site Map 2018_07_10
Site Map 2018_07_11
Site Map 2018_07_12
Site Map 2018_07_13
Site Map 2018_07_14
Site Map 2018_07_15
Site Map 2018_07_16
Site Map 2018_07_17
Site Map 2018_07_18
Site Map 2018_07_19
Site Map 2018_07_20
Site Map 2018_07_21
Site Map 2018_07_22
Site Map 2018_07_23
Site Map 2018_07_24
Site Map 2018_07_25
Site Map 2018_07_26
Site Map 2018_07_27
Site Map 2018_07_28
Site Map 2018_07_29
Site Map 2018_07_30
Site Map 2018_07_31
Site Map 2018_08_01
Site Map 2018_08_02
Site Map 2018_08_03
Site Map 2018_08_04
Site Map 2018_08_05
Site Map 2018_08_06
Site Map 2018_08_07
Site Map 2018_08_08
Site Map 2018_08_09
Site Map 2018_08_10
Site Map 2018_08_11
Site Map 2018_08_12
Site Map 2018_08_13
Site Map 2018_08_15
Site Map 2018_08_16
Site Map 2018_08_17
Site Map 2018_08_18
Site Map 2018_08_19
Site Map 2018_08_20
Site Map 2018_08_21
Site Map 2018_08_22
Site Map 2018_08_23
Site Map 2018_08_24
Site Map 2018_08_25
Site Map 2018_08_26
Site Map 2018_08_27
Site Map 2018_08_28
Site Map 2018_08_29
Site Map 2018_08_30
Site Map 2018_08_31
Site Map 2018_09_01
Site Map 2018_09_02
Site Map 2018_09_03
Site Map 2018_09_04
Site Map 2018_09_05
Site Map 2018_09_06
Site Map 2018_09_07
Site Map 2018_09_08
Site Map 2018_09_09
Site Map 2018_09_10
Site Map 2018_09_11
Site Map 2018_09_12
Site Map 2018_09_13
Site Map 2018_09_14
Site Map 2018_09_15
Site Map 2018_09_16
Site Map 2018_09_17
Site Map 2018_09_18
Site Map 2018_09_19
Site Map 2018_09_20
Site Map 2018_09_21
Site Map 2018_09_23
Site Map 2018_09_24
Site Map 2018_09_25
Site Map 2018_09_26
Site Map 2018_09_27
Site Map 2018_09_28
Site Map 2018_09_29
Site Map 2018_09_30
Site Map 2018_10_01
Site Map 2018_10_02
Site Map 2018_10_03
Site Map 2018_10_04
Site Map 2018_10_05
Site Map 2018_10_06
Site Map 2018_10_07
Site Map 2018_10_08
Site Map 2018_10_09
Site Map 2018_10_10
Site Map 2018_10_11
Site Map 2018_10_12
Site Map 2018_10_13
Site Map 2018_10_14
Site Map 2018_10_15
Site Map 2018_10_16
Site Map 2018_10_17
Site Map 2018_10_18
Site Map 2018_10_19
Site Map 2018_10_20
Site Map 2018_10_21
Site Map 2018_10_22
Site Map 2018_10_23
Site Map 2018_10_24
Site Map 2018_10_25
Site Map 2018_10_26
Site Map 2018_10_27
Site Map 2018_10_28
Site Map 2018_10_29
Site Map 2018_10_30
Site Map 2018_10_31
Site Map 2018_11_01
Site Map 2018_11_02
Site Map 2018_11_03
Site Map 2018_11_04
Site Map 2018_11_05
Site Map 2018_11_06
Site Map 2018_11_07
Site Map 2018_11_08
Site Map 2018_11_09
Site Map 2018_11_10
Site Map 2018_11_11
Site Map 2018_11_12
Site Map 2018_11_13
Site Map 2018_11_14
Site Map 2018_11_15
Site Map 2018_11_16
Site Map 2018_11_17
Site Map 2018_11_18
Site Map 2018_11_19
Site Map 2018_11_20
Site Map 2018_11_21
Site Map 2018_11_22
Site Map 2018_11_23
Site Map 2018_11_24
Site Map 2018_11_25
Site Map 2018_11_26
Site Map 2018_11_27
Site Map 2018_11_28
Site Map 2018_11_29
Site Map 2018_11_30
Site Map 2018_12_01
Site Map 2018_12_02
Site Map 2018_12_03
Site Map 2018_12_04
Site Map 2018_12_05
Site Map 2018_12_06
Site Map 2018_12_07
Site Map 2018_12_08
Site Map 2018_12_09
Site Map 2018_12_10
Site Map 2018_12_11
Site Map 2018_12_12
Site Map 2018_12_13
Site Map 2018_12_14
Site Map 2018_12_15
Site Map 2018_12_16
Site Map 2018_12_17
Site Map 2018_12_18
Site Map 2018_12_19
Site Map 2018_12_20
Site Map 2018_12_21
Site Map 2018_12_22
Site Map 2018_12_23
Site Map 2018_12_24
Site Map 2018_12_25
Site Map 2018_12_26
Site Map 2018_12_27
Site Map 2018_12_28
Site Map 2018_12_29
Site Map 2018_12_30
Site Map 2018_12_31
Site Map 2019_01_01
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Site Map 2019_01_12
Site Map 2019_01_13
Site Map 2019_01_14
Site Map 2019_01_15
Site Map 2019_01_16
Site Map 2019_01_17
Site Map 2019_01_18
Site Map 2019_01_19
Site Map 2019_01_20
Site Map 2019_01_21
Site Map 2019_01_22
Site Map 2019_01_23
Site Map 2019_01_24
Site Map 2019_01_25
Site Map 2019_01_26
Site Map 2019_01_27
Site Map 2019_01_28
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Site Map 2019_01_30
Site Map 2019_01_31
Site Map 2019_02_01
Site Map 2019_02_02
Site Map 2019_02_03
Site Map 2019_02_04
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Site Map 2019_02_06
Site Map 2019_02_07
Site Map 2019_02_08
Site Map 2019_02_09
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Site Map 2019_02_12
Site Map 2019_02_13
Site Map 2019_02_14
Site Map 2019_02_15
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Site Map 2019_02_18
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Site Map 2019_02_20
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Site Map 2019_02_22
Site Map 2019_02_23
Site Map 2019_02_24
Site Map 2019_02_25
Site Map 2019_02_26
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Site Map 2019_02_28
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Site Map 2019_03_02
Site Map 2019_03_03
Site Map 2019_03_04
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Site Map 2019_03_06
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