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          Lessons Learned In a Year On My Own      Cache   Translate Page      

Early last year, I started renting a desk at Studiomates while working remotely for Adobe. With the majority of mates either running their own companies or freelancing, I felt the itch to follow suit. This feeling has been with me ever since I first started working for someone else. I knew that one day it would be too much to bear.

I sat down with Tina Roth Eisenberg and discussed my dream of being on my own, as well as my nightmares of making the initial jump. (I start to make sense of the memories of everyone in the pool already, yelling for me to join, while I cautiously dip my toe in the water.) She asked me, “What is holding you back the most?” Hands-down, it was my fear of not having that initial project to get me off to a running start. Without this, I would never find a project. I would burn through all my savings and end up homeless. Now, I know this sounds dramatic, but when you’re going through this decision, those thoughts are a daily occurrence—even after making the decision. At that moment, she gave me TeuxDeux.

One year later—I’m not homeless. I have a number of websites and apps under my belt, an immeasurable sense of freedom, and the experience of working alongside some of the very people whose online exchanges once gave me Bieber Fever-like reactions. So, what did I learn?

Save as much money as you can

Running out of money is the stress of all stresses. And this is the last stress you want when trying to do good work. It hinders your creativity and forces you to make quick decisions. I left Adobe with a considerable amount of savings, which calmed my nerves to a certain extent, but even still, I had frequent panic attacks.

How much is enough? Think of a number you could see yourself burning through, then double it. Once you’ve doubled that amount, triple it. There were countless expenses that came out of nowhere when starting Destroy Today LLC—the most memorable being the interim health insurance. I had a 3-month window to sign up for COBRA insurance while shopping for more affordable coverage. The idiot in me, who doesn’t read the fine print, decided to wait until the last minute to sign up, so I wouldn’t have to pay for those months. Little did I know COBRA is retroactive, so shortly after, I received $4000 bill from the past three months of coverage. That hurt.

Hire a lawyer and an accountant

Setting up a business can be tricky. In New York, there are a few hurdles to intentionally prevent just anyone from starting a business. Like, you must announce your business in two NYC publications, which ends up costing about $1500. Instead of handling this myself, I hired Jerald to take care of it. Jerald is my lawyer. He takes care of all my client contracts. He also helped me choose the type of incorporation that was right for me. Since Jerald uses half of his office space as an incubator for startups, I know he understands my line of work.

Then there’s accounting. The best money you could ever spend is on an accountant you can trust. Warren handles my taxes and he’s been handling my dad’s for the past 30 years. I use Xero to keep track of invoices and expenses, and every Sunday I balance the books for the previous week. Once a quarter, Warren looks at the numbers and we’re good to go. This confidence in my accounting brings incredible peace of mind come April.

Join a co-working space

After a year of renting my desk at Studiomates, I could easily say I will never go back to working at home. The benefits of a co-working space far outweigh the cost of rent or time to commute, and I’m almost certain I wouldn’t have made it on my own if it weren’t for Studiomates.

When at Studiomates, I’m in work mode. I put on my headphones and go full speed ahead. My desk does not sit directly next to my comfortable bed, nor do my video games feed my procrastination. At the end of the day, I ride the subway home and my mental gears shift. I feel a sense of relaxation that only home can provide. This separation keeps me sane.

Inspiration is everywhere in a co-working space. Seeing others work hard inspires me to work harder. Watching others ship amazing products makes me want to do nothing but the same. In my first month at Studiomates, we held a show & tell for everyone to introduce themselves and share what they were working on. My jaw dropped an inch with each presentation. By the end, you could taste the inspiration flowing through the room. People started approaching each other, asking questions and discussing ideas of their own.

In this past year, every single job I’ve taken has come from someone in the studio or visiting the studio. Since (almost) everyone in the space is in the same field, it’s the perfect environment to find work as well as find people to work with. Some of the most common scenarios I see come from a designer needing a developer to build their design, a developer passing a job along because they have too much work, or a casual conversation about an idea turning into a collaboration. And this happens all the time.

Make your availability known

This sounds dumb, but it’s important—make it known that you are looking to take on more work. Early on, I missed out on several opportunities because people just assumed I was too busy for their project. It’s easy to imagine. In the weeks leading up to the TeuxDeux launch, I was heads-down, constantly stressing, and only talking about TeuxDeux. In their eyes, no way am I available for more work, but in reality, I’m planning the next few months post-launch. You can have a great network, but if they only see you working, everyone will just assume you’re booked.

On the reverse end, don’t wait for someone to approach you. Reach out to those you want to work with. Send them a note saying you’re available and interested in working together. I sit next to the Oak guys at Studiomates and for months, I watched them ship amazing products. One day, on a whim, I wrote a short email to Skylar simply saying I’d love to work together. From there, I was able to lend a hand with Dropmark.

Know your limits

Leading up to the TeuxDeux launch, I worked 40 hours over the course of a weekend. I felt a constant pressure on my forehead and shots of pain in my chest. I definitely exceeded my limits and my body let me know it. Never work this hard. Ever. Whatever you’re working on is not worth the mental and physical pain. I learned how to tell myself that deadlines will come and go, and everything will be fine, regardless of whether we finish in time. My mom always says, “Tomorrow is another day.” Some nights, I need to say this to myself, but it helps when I do.

Go for it

I’ve learned a lot about myself since being on my own. I feel stronger and more independent than I’ve ever felt in my entire life—even if my internal voice is much louder and longer-winded than ever before. Every project is a challenge and provides a real sense of ownership. Each day ends with great excitement for the next. Is it for everyone? No, but if you have the itch, go for it.

          Orlando Ortega ya se entrena en Chipre junto a Trajkovic      Cache   Translate Page      
El hispano-cubano llegó a la isla este lunes y se fotografió junto al campeón europeo bajo techo de 60 metros vallas, con el que compartirá grupo a partir de ahora.
          One more case of measles confirmed in Taiwan      Cache   Translate Page      
Taipei, March 11 (CNA) A Taipei resident in her 20s has been confirmed to be infected with measles and is suspected of having had contact with 247 people during the incubation period, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
          Mark Cuban's advice: Alexa and Google Home are the best places to start a new business      Cache   Translate Page      
Cuban said a job scripting skills for the smart speakers could garner anywhere from $25 to $40 an hour.
          Robert clearing hurdles in race to become Chicago White Sox's center fielder       Cache   Translate Page      
The Chicago White Sox signed Cuban star Luis Robert in 2017 and view him as their center fielder of the future. Robert had trouble staying healthy last season, but he has all the tools to make a big impact for the Sox.
          Socialism Ruins Economies, Even Worse –Socialism KILLS      Cache   Translate Page      

As socialism takes over the Democratic Party, opponents of this failed philosophy are quick to point out how it’s ruined economies, look at Venezuela they would say, or the lack of food in North Korea, the bread lines in Cuba. And it’s all true. But they neglect to point out the worst part, socialism has […]

The post Socialism Ruins Economies, Even Worse –Socialism KILLS appeared first on The Lid.

          Concert simfonic extraordinar la Timișoara și Belgrad – Medalion Joaquin Rodrigo      Cache   Translate Page      
Cea de a IV-a ediție a Festivalului Internațional de Chitară Timișoara, ce a avut loc între 1-8 martie 2019, a aniversat în încheierea sa pe marele compozitor, chitarist și dirijor cubanez Leo Brouwer, ajuns la venerabila vârstă de 80 de ani. Printr-un parteneriat de colaborare, cea de-a XX-a ediție a Guitar Art Festival din Belgrad […]
          Apartamento com 2 dormitórios à venda, 62 m² por R$ 455.000      Cache   Translate Page      
Apartamento térreo, com janelas voltadas para o terreno próprio do apartamento (silêncio e privacidade);-2 quartos, sendo 1 suíte casal, com box Blindex, com 1 espelho e cuba;-Quarto casal com amplo guarda-roupas e espelho com 2,30 altura;-Quarto...
2 dormitórios 2 banheiros TV a cabo
Mon, 11 Mar 2019 12:29:38 -0400
          De Economía y la nueva Constitución. #Cuba      Cache   Translate Page      
La Ley de Leyes que la mayoría del pueblo cubano ratificó el 24 de febrero pasado tiene por primera vez en nuestra historia un acápite aparte para la economía. Diferente a la Carta Magna aún hoy vigente, la que refrendamos … Seguir leyendo
          UNICEF confirma que #Cuba tiene cero por ciento de Desnutrición Infantil      Cache   Translate Page      
La existencia en el mundo en desarrollo de 146 millones de niños menores de cinco años bajos de peso, contrasta con la realidad de los infantes cubanos, reconocidos mundialmente por estar ajenos a ese mal social. Esas preocupantes cifras aparecieron … Seguir leyendo
          Estados Unidos único eje del terrorismo internacional. #EEUU      Cache   Translate Page      
Estados Unidos al dominar los medios masivos de comunicación y aplicar el chantaje y la presión de forma permanente sobre otros Estados, acuña como “países terroristas” a todos aquellos que tengan gobernantes no aceptables para la Casa Blanca. Es por … Seguir leyendo
          Diagnóstico precoz para prevenir ceguera por glaucoma. #Cuba      Cache   Translate Page      
Con acciones de promoción de salud y detección precoz,  Cuba se suma hoy a las actividades por el Día Mundial del Glaucoma, enfermedad neurodegenerativa e irreversible, cuya evolución puede culminar en ceguera. Expertos destacan que no existe una única causa … Seguir leyendo
          Forbes sugiere que #Washington ordenó ciberataque contra #Venezuela      Cache   Translate Page      
Un colaborador de la revista Forbes, Kalev Leetaru, afirmó que “es muy realista” pensar que el gobierno de los Estados Unidos efectivamente lanzó un ataque cibernético contra el complejo hidroeléctrico Guri, lo que ocasionó el apagón. “La idea de que un Estado … Seguir leyendo
          Título III de la Helms-Burton: una fase oscura de la política contra #Cuba (+Video)      Cache   Translate Page      
El Título III de la Helms-Burton es solo una parte de una legislación pensada para asediar a Cuba. En su totalidad, compila lo peor de la política de acoso económico iniciada hace más de cinco décadas. El Título III, que … Seguir leyendo
          Canciller de #Cuba rechaza mentira difundida por el gobierno de #EEUU sobre efectivos militares en #Venezuela’      Cache   Translate Page      
Canciller manifestó que la isla rechaza de manera categórica la mentira difundida por el gobierno estadounidense de que tiene ‘entre 20 y 25 mil efectivos militares en Venezuela’. El canciller de Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, rechazó hoy los pronunciamientos del secretario … Seguir leyendo
          #EEUU agrega 5 entidades cubanas más a su “lista negra”. #NoMásBloqueo      Cache   Translate Page      
Estados Unidos anunció este lunes la expansión de su lista negra de empresas cubanas con las que los estadounidenses tienen prohibido hacer negocios, en medio de su renovada ofensiva contra Cuba y Venezuela. El Departamento de Estado dijo que el … Seguir leyendo
          A #EEUU le molesta que India le compre petróleo a #Venezuela +(Video)      Cache   Translate Page      
Además de su aparente implicación en el sabotaje eléctrico en Venezuela, el gobierno estadounidense también busca cercarle los negocios al país bolivariano. Después del bloqueo comercial que le impone, el gobierno estadounidense también busca entorpecer los negocios de Venezuela. Ahora, … Seguir leyendo
          Los yanquis carentes de moral. #EEUU #12Marzo      Cache   Translate Page      
Por Arthur González. Que nadie se llame a engaño, los yanquis no tienen el más mínimo ápice de moral. Prueba de eso son las declaraciones del secretario del Tesoro el 8 de marzo 2019, donde informó que presentaron ante la … Seguir leyendo
          [질문/답변] 제발 도와주세요 큐베이스 위에 창이 이상하게 변했어요      Cache   Translate Page      

불법 다운받은 복제 크랙 소프트 관련 사용법 질문 올리시면 아이디 정지됩니다. 불법 Cubase 5 크랙버젼 질문글 금지!!




 제가 뭘 잘못만졌는지 위에 창 배열들이 이상한게 나열되있는데 (퀀타이즈패널, 피치맞추는거 등등이 사라졌습니다)

큐베이스 다시깔아도 안되고

 컨트롤알트쉬프트해서 초기화해도 안되고

퍼포먼스? 들어가서 다 초기화 눌러도 안되고


 작업하는데 불편해 죽겠습니다.

어떻게하면 원래대로 돌아가나요,,? 도와주세요..ㅠ ㅠ

          Cartel gañador Feira do Viño do Ribeiro 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

Laura Pastor Lorente (Madrid) gaña o concurso de entre as 186 obras presentadas

O xurado do Concurso de Carteis da 56ª Feira do Viño do Ribeiro reuniuse hoxe, 21 de febreiro, na sede do Consello Regulador do Ribeiro, en Ribadavia, para elixir o cartel que representará a Feira do Viño do Ribeiro 2019, que terá lugar na vila ribadaviense do 3 ao 5 de maio. 

O cartel gañador está deseñado por Laura Pastor Lorente, de Madrid, e foi elixido entre 186 propostas presentadas nesta edición do concurso.  Ela é diplomada en Deseño gráfico e é ilustradora de varios contos infantís. Leva gañados infinidade de premios en concursos carteis para festivais, certame de curtas, festas de diversa índole. En referencia da idea do cartel, a súa autora comenta que “trataba de facer que se fundan as cepas da D.O. Ribeiro cos consumidores do seu viño, queda claro mirando como se funde o pelo da rapaza no tronco da vide mentres degusta pracenteiramente un viño”,

Para a elección do seu cartel anunciador, o Concurso de Carteis da 56ª Feira do Viño do Ribeiro contou cun xurado multidisciplinar integrado por profesionais no ámbito das artes, comunicación e deseño gráfico. Ao longo da xornada de deliberación das 186 obras participantes foron sometidas ao xuízo destes profesionais, resultando a obra gañadora premiada con 1.000€. 

Participaron como membros do xurado:

    • Luis Vázquez, xerente do C.R.D.O. Ribeiro.
    • María Touza, concelleira de Cultura do Concello de Ribadavia.
    • Francisco Javier Pérez, de AGAFE (Asociación Gallega de Ferias y Eventos).
    • Daniel Martí, profesor no grao de Publicidade e Relacións Públicas da UVigo.
    • Francisco Sánchez, deseñador gráfico freelance.
    • Jaime Díaz, de Incubarte, creatividad multicanal.
    • Rosiña Rojo, de Brétemas Estudio.
          ¿Who’s The Cuban? nous invite en voyage à Cuba avec Circo Circo      Cache   Translate Page      
¿Who’s The Cuban? présente le 29 mars son nouvel album Circo Circo et un concert au New Morning le 29 avril. L'ancien groupe Son Del Salón est toujours aussi chaleureux et explosif avec son nouvel extrait Buscando Una Forma de Liquidarte :
¿Who’s The Cuban? nous invite en voyage à Cuba avec Circo Circo
Une tournée à Cuba, une nomination en tant que « Révélation » au festival Tempo Latino, plus grand festival de musiques latines en Europe et 500 concerts plus tard, ils font évoluer leur recette toujours aussi relevée en devenant ¿Who’s The Cuban? Tout en préservant la fièvre et l’envoûtement des musiques afro-cubaines, leur musique prend des accents pop : place à la fusion, à une identité hybride et à des prestations scéniques qui promettent d’être plus bouillonnantes que jamais. En 2018, ils font leur révolution musicale, avec un nouveau répertoire qui a pour point d’équilibre la croisée des personnalités et des cultures. Pour ce nouveau départ, ils changent de nom, ¿Who’s The Cuban? est la question que tout le monde se pose.

A découvrir, voici ¿Who's The Cuban? - Buscando una forma de liquidarte (Official Music Video) :

Flux RSS : " Le Réseau social d'Informations & Agenda Culturel : Concerts, Musiques,Théâtres, Cinéma, Festivals, Expos... site :

          Cuba: Recibe la profesora Ana María Gálvez González reconocimiento por su contribución a la Medicina Social y a la Salud Pública      Cache   Translate Page      
          Breadwinner Cycles acquires Sugar Wheel Works      Cache   Translate Page      

PORTLAND, Ore. (BRAIN) — Custom wheel building company Sugar Wheel Works is joining forces with custom bike builders Breadwinner Cycles. The companies are based blocks from each other in Portland.

"Our partnership over the last 10 years made this a natural progression," said Sugar Wheel Works founder Jude Gerace. "We have common core values with an emphasis on quality and customer service. We started our businesses around the same time and have been helping each other grow ever since."

Nearly every Breadwinner Cycles bike is spec'd with Sugar Wheel Works wheels. 

In 2013, Breadwinner Cycles owners Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan merged their successful independent bike building companies, Pereira Cycles and Ira Ryan Cycles, to form Breadwinner Cycles.

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with our longtime partners Sugar Wheel Works," Pereira said. "Sugar has been building wheels that match the quality of our bicycles since day one. Bringing them in-house will help us improve on the custom experience our riders expect."

"I cannot think about the bicycle industry in Portland without thinking about Sugar and Jude," Ryan said. "We have a tight knit community that is like a family — we have grown our businesses side by side over the years. It feels natural to know that we trust each other with our 'babies' that we have spent years growing and fostering. I am proud to call Sugar and Jude family."

Jude Gerace founded Sugar Wheel Works in 2009 when she realized there was a lack of companies that focused on quality, sustainable bicycle wheels. After 10 years establishing the company, she now plans to depart for her next adventure: She is developing an advisory business that will incubate and foster the growth of other small businesses.

Sugar Wheel Works will retain its name; operations will now be housed at the Breadwinner Cycles headquarters. Current wheel builders will remain on staff. Through a partnership with United Cerebral Palsy job placement and coaching program, Sugar Wheel Works created a specialized position to meet the skill set of Dan Waugh, a young man who was eager to find a job after high school and who will remain on staff. The company  said business operations will not be disrupted during this transition.

          Scuba diving and snorkeling      Cache   Translate Page      
The gas are damn heavy. MyEm0.Com Snorkeling,I can see many fish but i became a dark people already MyEm0.Com but nevermind next year I want go again MyEm0.Com
          I'm back      Cache   Translate Page      
MyEm0.ComI,m back but i miss snorkeling and scuba driving..It so fun... MyEm0.Com
          Este stare de alerta in Venezuela, tara paralizata de o uriasa pana de curent. Decizia a fost luata de Parlamentul de la Caracas, care a decis sa suspende livrarile de petrol in Cuba, pentru a face economie de energie - VIDEO      Cache   Translate Page      
  Juan GUAIDO, PRESEDINTELE PARLAMENTULUI VENEZUELEAN: „Eu inteleg disperarea noastra, a tuturor,
          Election 2019: Tim Griskey, Huntley District 158 board      Cache   Translate Page      
Northwest Herald Campaign Questionnaire

Name: Tim Griskey

Age: 41

Town: Algonquin

Office sought: D158 – Huntley School Board

Occupation: Financial Crimes (Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Prevention) for Fortune 50 financial institutions

Education: Northwestern University, Bachelor of Science in organizational Behavior.

Elected offices held: None

Social Media:


1. What is your largest priority for District 158 if elected?

A balanced budget focused on quality educational experiences. Continued evolution and educational improvement coupled with fiscal discipline can be combined.

For the first time in the past 2 decades, Huntley will begin to see declining student enrollments with the graduation of the class of 2020, as fewer students begin than graduate. In addition, the Five-Year Budget Plan is forecasting significant deficits beginning in FY2021 which if not addressed now will lead to large cuts later, or increased taxes.

Additional property taxes should not be the answer.

2. What changes should District 158 make in the future?

District 158 needs to make a few critical changes:

Minimize operating expense growth – 30 percent increase over the past five years, almost 9 percent last year to this year alone. We can not afford to continue to grow the costs this quickly.

Improve early intervention on three critical initiatives – drug use, bullying and depression/suicide prevention.

Continue to assess the effectiveness in our curriculum at preparing our students – including evolution for non-traditional paths (ex technology) where employers are removing college requirements.

3. What are your thoughts on how District 158 has adjusted since enrollment has leveled off?

Over the last year, operating expenses have increased over $8 million (almost 9 percent).

Over the past five years, expenses have grown $26 million per year - nearly 30 percent and are now greater than $100 million per year. And the district continues to increase its budget assuming a robust economy for the next 5 years.

While our cost/student has been a leading indicator over the past several years because of rapid development and high enrollment, as the enrollment begins to decrease, our cost per student will balloon.

4. What direction do you believe that District 158 should head in the future with its property tax levy if enrollment projections hold?

Over 60 percent of your property tax bill goes directly to District 158. Great schools drive property values up, but high property taxes drive property values down – so we need a clear balance.

Just last month, the school board approved a 2.7 percent levy – make no mistake – that’s a tax increase on every property owner in the district. And just because the board can levy (increase taxes) does not mean they have to – and if they do, it could be lower than the consumer price index rate (the maximum allowed).

We need to redeploy teachers, employees and resources as enrollments decrease to focus on new initiatives, not hire new staff.

5. What are your thoughts on the district's increase in school resource officers?

School resource officers are a great idea – there is nothing more important than the safety of our children, students, and staff. In addition, the added benefits for early intervention, drug prevention, decrease in bullying are all added benefits.

6. What are your thoughts on the district's efforts to introduce solar energy systems?

It sounds like a great idea- and the current projection is the district will have a benefit of around $200,000 each year over the next 20 years. In addition, it is beneficial to the environment, and provides an opportunity to add to the sustainability dialogue in our schools.

I do have one concern, out of the four vendors interviewed, the winner is the only one who projected a benefit to the district. The other three stated there would be a negative financial benefit (cost) to the district between $500,000 and $4 million. So when I see one vendor promise such great returns, I get concerned.

7. How do you feel about the district's initiatives such as the Vanguard Vision and the incubator?

In today’s world, the Incubator is a great idea – bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to our children. Small business is the leading driver of our economy and cultivating it at an earlier age is important. The costs related to this initiative are minimal.

Vanguard Vision is a competency based learning program, developed by other innovate states and districts – and Huntley should continue to pursue and review success. Different students learn in different ways – and having blended and competency approaches in addition to traditional paths are important in today’s evolving world. No two journeys should be the same.

          QUEZON CITY TUBERO TANGGAL BARADO 09090468666 09753315388 701-8464      Cache   Translate Page      
QUEZON CITY TUBERO TANGGAL BARADO 09090468666 09753315388 701-8464 GOOD DAY MAM / SIR. WE OFFERED. MALABANAN SIPHONING SEPTIC TANK / SIP-SIP POZO NEGRO  PLUMBING SERVICES CALL OR TXT: PLDT : (02) 701-8464 TNT: 0909-046-8666 TM: 0975-331-5388 VISIT OUR WEBSITE: TUBERO DE_CLOGGING TANGGAL BARADO Baradong } LABABO } TOILET BOWL } DRAINAGE } FLOOR DRAIN } SEPTIC TANK / POZO NEGRO ETC. BETTER  SERVICES Anytime,Any Place Affordable Price & Reliable SERVICE OFFERED: > SIPHONING SEPTIC SLUDGE ( per truck load ) > DRAiN > CLEAR UP CLOGGED PiPELiNES > INSTALL/OPEN SEPTiC VAULT > CONSTRUCT SEPTiC VAULT > REMOVE GARBAGE iNSiDE SEPTiC VAULT > LOCATE OTHER SEPTiC TANK VAULT > CLEAN THROUGHLY THE SEPTiC VAULT or SEPTiC TANK INSTALLATiON •CONSTRUCT OF NEW SEPTIC VAULT •CLEANING and REMOVE GARBAGE INSIDE SEPTIC VAULT •CLEANING OF WATER TANK •LOCATE OPEN AND REPAIR SEPTIC VAULT •PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE For Fast Food Chain ,Canteen. and all kind Of Establishment •Siphoning of Septic Sludge From Septic Vault De_Clogging Service °De_Clogging Clogged Pipelines °Repiping of Damage PipeLines °Installation of Outlet/Inlet Pipes/ all Plumbing Repair °Clearing Up Clogged Pipelines and Drainage System °Installation and Repair Of Main Pipeline,inlet,outlet, Water line , Lavatories Service Areas : METRO MANILA Quezon City, Manila, Makati City, Marikina, Pasig City, Caloocan, Valenzuela , Mandaluyong, Etc. Quezon City Area. Tandang Sora Commonwealth Diliman Novaliches Cubao La Loma etc. Valenzuela Area Arkong Bato Bagbaguin Bignay Canumay East / West Dalandanan Gen T. De Leon Karuhatan Malinta Mapulang Lupa Malanday Malinta Ugong Etc. Bulacan Area San Jose Del Monte Norzagaray etc. Contact Us Today..! Thank You :)
          3/12/2019: Business: Asset management business at DIFC is now worth $424b      Cache   Translate Page      

of financial technology in the region by investing in start-ups from incubation through to growth stage. The Forum also witnessed the signing of a number of key agreements aimed at driving the future of finance, including an MoU with Dubai SME to help...
          March 12, 1942 – This Day During World War ll – German submarine U-126 torpedoes unarmed U.S. freighter Olga      Cache   Translate Page      
March 12, 1942 – German submarine U-126 torpedoes unarmed U.S. freighter Olga off the coast of Cuba. At fourteen minutes after midnight on the morning of the 12th of March Olga was roughly 20 miles north of Nuevitas Light, Cuba, in the Old Bahama Channel. Her position was 21.32N by 76.24W. Bauer sent a torpedo … Continue reading March 12, 1942 – This Day During World War ll – German submarine U-126 torpedoes unarmed U.S. freighter Olga
          #Cienfuegos: Frank Sosa nuevo líder en el Clásico de #Ciclismo de Ruta #Cuba (+ Fotos)      Cache   Translate Page      
Fotos: Calixto N. Llanes Topes de Collantes se ha convertido en su lugar de encumbramiento: otra vez repite la sensacional entrada el cienfueguero Frank Sosa, para convertirse en el actual líder, de la general y el Sub23, del VI Clásico de Ciclismo de Ruta. No tenía una mejor forma de completar esta sexta etapa de […]
          Maduro: Guerra eléctrica fue provocada por una tecnología de EEUU      Cache   Translate Page      
El presidente Nicolás Maduro afirma que los ataques al sistema eléctrico de Venezuela se efectuaron en tres fases y con una tecnología que solo posee EE.UU.

“Ha sido un ataque de este golpe eléctrico por varias vías: Primero el ciberataque al cerebro del sistema computarizado de la empresa Corpoelec (Corporación Eléctrica Nacional) en El Guri y el ciberataque desde el exterior al cerebro de conducción que queda en Caracas (la capital)”, ha precisado este lunes el presidente venezolano, sobre la primera fase del sabotaje eléctrico.

El daño ocasionado contra el sistema de distribución de electricidad fue provocado con tecnología que únicamente cuenta Washington, ha aseverado el líder chavista, en declaraciones ofrecidas desde el Palacio de Miraflores, sede del Ejecutivo, en Caracas.

El segundo ataque fue lanzado vía electromagnética, “que mediante dispositivos móviles interrumpen y revierten los procesos de recuperación”, ha especificado en su informe detallado sobre los apagones masivos que han dejado a oscuras a Venezuela por varios días.

La última fase, prosigue Maduro, fue “a través de la quema y explosión de subestaciones eléctricas. Como a las 2 de la mañana hubo una explosión producto de un sabotaje a la subestación Alto Prado (estado Miranda) para tumbar toda la electricidad en Caracas”.

Ha sido un ataque de este golpe eléctrico por varias vías: Primero el ciberataque al cerebro del sistema computarizado de la empresa Corpoelec (Corporación Eléctrica Nacional) en El Guri y el ciberataque desde el exterior al cerebro de conducción que queda en Caracas (la capital)”, precisó el presidente venezolano, Nicolás maduro, sobre la primea fase del sabotaje eléctrico en el país bolivariano.

Hay suficiente elementos y evidencias que demuestran quienes están detrás de estos ataques, que constituyen graves crímenes contra los derechos humanos, contra la paz y la estabilidad de la República Bolivariana, ha denunciado el dignatario bolivariano.

“El gobierno de EE.UU. ordenó este ataque porque creía que el pueblo venezolano se iba a rendir; al contrario, el pueblo venezolano ha sacado la conciencia para resistir. Doy mi reconocimiento al pueblo de Venezuela”, ha subrayado.

En esta misma línea, ha dicho que la policía venezolana ha detenido hasta el momento a dos personas que pretendían sabotear el sistema de comunicaciones de El Guri, y ha pedido a la Justicia venezolana que determine todos autores materiales e intelectuales de los ataques.

En los últimos días, la mayoría de estados venezolanos ha sufrido masivos apagones y, por ende, fallos en los servicios de telecomunicaciones. El Gobierno de Caracas atribuye los cortes eléctricos a “una guerra” promovido por Washington para desestabilizar el país y justificar su intervención en el país bolivariano.

Por su parte, el líder golpista venezolano, Juan Guadió, jefe del Parlamento —en desacato judicial desde 2016— ha aprovechado de esos apagones para declarar la misma jornada del lunes alerta nacional en el país, con el fin de pedir “ayuda internacional”, más concreto, de EE.UU.

El presidente venezolano ha asegurado a su vez que acabará pronto con los intentos desesperados de Washington y su títere golpista para atentar contra la soberanía de Venezuela.
          ¿A quién arma la 'máquina de guerra' de Corea del Norte?      Cache   Translate Page      

A pesar de las sanciones y los escándalos nucleares consecutivos, Pyongyang es uno de los productores y suministradores de armas más grandes del mundo. El columnista Andréi Stanavov en su artículo para Sputnik desvela el oscuro secreto del 'reino juche'.

Como resultado de las sanciones impuestas contra Pyongyang, Corea del Norte no ha tenido otra opción, sino ir al mercado negro para poder vender sus armas.

Las medidas económicas impuestas contra Pyongyang no han influido sobre la determinación del país juche de seguir con su presencia en este mercado.

Las armas norcoreanas se destacan por su bajo precio, simplicidad y fiabilidad. Estas características son la mejor publicidad para el armamento de producción norcoreana.

Economía clandestina

Los armamentos, junto al carbón y los mariscos, son una de las fuentes principales de dinero para el presupuesto nacional de Corea del Norte. Si bien Pyongyang no tiene permiso para exportar sus armas a otros países, existen vías ilegales de hacerlo y el país asiático se aprovecha de ellas.

El columnista señala que las armas de producción norcoreana cuentan con una demanda enorme en los países del llamado 'tercer mundo', en particular, en los que también se encuentran sancionados y no tienen posibilidad de comprar armas de otros suministradores.

Stanavov sostiene que Estados Unidos de hecho ayuda a Pyongyang a ampliar la lista de sus clientes, cuando convierte a otro país en 'paria'. Según el autor de la nota, lo mismo le pasa a Pyongyang: el país se encuentra en una situación crítica tras privarlo de sus fuentes legales de ingresos.

Por ejemplo, Corea del Norte ya no puede vender su carbón a China, por lo tanto el Gobierno de 'Kim III' ha entrado en una batalla para conquistar el mercado negro, incluso el de las armas.

Aunque los expertos consideran que en un año Corea del Norte exporta armas por un valor de más de 100 millones de dólares, nadie conoce la magnitud real de estas ventas. Todos los acuerdos se firman en secreto entre Corea del Norte y una parte interesada.

Clones de los clones

"Corea del Norte vende casi todo lo que fabrica: de fusiles automáticos a lanzacohetes múltiples. La mayor parte de los armas largas son clones de los fusiles Kalashnikov soviéticos, o son clones de los clones chinos, que por su parte fueron copiados de las armas de la URSS", apuntó el vicedirector del Centro de Análisis de Estrategias y Tecnologías de Rusia, Konstantín Makienko, citado por Stanavov.

"Pyongyang produce una amplia gama de armas de infantería, entre ellos lanzacohetes múltiples, artillería pesada, sistemas de misiles antitanque, fusiles de asalto, lanzagranadas y municiones para todas las armas que acabo de mencionar", agregó.

Stanavov recuerda que Siria presuntamente compró municiones norcoreanas de calibre 130mm para su artillería.

Asimismo, el columnista enfatiza que los especialistas norcoreanos lograron hacer una copia del sistema de misil balístico táctico R-17 Elbrús —Scud-B, según la designación de la OTAN— ya en los años 1980. Pyongyang compró los prototipos de Egipto, elaboró uno propio y lo puso en venta. Según Stanavov, se dieron casos en los que el país juche vendió líneas enteras de ensamble para este tipo de misiles.

Las copias norcoreanos de los Scud fueron comprados por países como Irán, Siria y Yemen. El alcance de las primeras versiones no superaba los 300 kilómetros, pero luego los expertos en armas del país juche modernizaron sus copias para aumentar su alcance hasta 600 kilómetros.

Como consecuencia de las numerosas modernizaciones de su copia del misil soviético Scud, los norcoreanos crearon su propio misil, Rodong, capaz de transportar una ojiva a una distancia de hasta 1.300 kilómetros. Estas armas pueden ser equipadas con una ojiva convencional, nuclear o química.

El autor del artículo indicó que el 90% de los misiles de producción norcoreana lanzados por el Ejército persa durante la guerra contra Irak dio en el blanco. El porcentaje de fallos técnicos era mínimo, lo que comprueba que estas armas son de alta calidad.

Luego, Irán creó su propia copia del Rodong y la llamó Shahab-3, apunta el periodista. Gracias a la ayuda norcoreana, Teherán ahora es capaz de producir este tipo de misiles, por lo que dejó de adquirir los cohetes de Corea del Norte. Sin embargo, los países siguen cooperando a nivel tecnológico.

Según indica Stanavov, los mayores productores de los sistemas de misiles no pueden vender, de acuerdo con los tratados internacionales, armas cuyo alcance supere los 300 kilómetros. Pyongyang, por su parte, está libre de estas responsabilidades de ahí que se ha hecho con el monopolio en este campo.

El columnista afirma que los sistemas de misiles y de artillería, que supuestamente fueron producidos por Corea del Norte, han sido observados en los buques de guerra de Birmania. El autor señala que no hay ninguna información sobre los suministros de estas armas, pero su aspecto es igual a los que están instalados sobre lanchas norcoreanas.

Stanavov explica que el territorio norcoreano goza de una cantidad grande de yacimientos de carbón y de otros minerales, que son necesarios para producir aparatos electrónicos.

Esta también es la razón por la que Pyongyang puede seguir desarrollando su programa nuclear: el país juche cuenta con sus propios yacimientos de uranio, en cantidades que podrían despertar la envidia de muchos países.

La geografía de las ventas

La lista de los clientes de la 'máquina de guerra' norcoreana es larga e incluye a países de diferentes partes del mundo. Estos países a menudo prefieren realizar la compra sin mediadores y en privado.

Los compradores tradicionales de las armas norcoreanas son Irán, Siria, Cuba, Libia, Yemen, Egipto y Uganda. Asimismo, estas armas han sido vendidas a grupos armados como Hamás y Hizbulá, indica Stanavov.

El autor de la nota señala que las armas son transportadas mayormente por vía marítima. El uso de aviación no es adecuado para este tipo de suministros porque a menudo requiere recargar combustible en el territorio de un tercer país. Para Pyongyang no es una opción porque las autoridades de un país extranjero pueden detener la aeronave

          EEUU denuncia presencia de fuerzas militares cubanas en Venezuela       Cache   Translate Page      

Cuba rechaza acusaciones de EEUU sobre presencia de militares de la isla en Venezuela

El canciller de Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, refutó las acusaciones de EEUU de que La Habana interviene en los asuntos internos de Venezuela y que participa en operaciones militares en esa nación sudamericana.

"Cuba no interviene en los asuntos internos de Venezuela, como Venezuela no interviene en los de Cuba. Es totalmente falso que Cuba esté participando en operaciones de la FANB (Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana) o los servicios de seguridad. Es una calumnia del gobierno de EEUU con agresivos fines políticos", escribió el jefe de la diplomacia cubana en su cuenta de Twitter.

El pasado 8 de marzo, el enviado especial de EEUU para Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, aseguró en una entrevista que en ese país "hay miles de agentes cubanos a su alrededor, literalmente, físicamente. Son asesores clave de (presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás) Maduro".

​En otro mensaje en Twitter, Rodríguez Parrilla enfatizó que "Cuba rechaza de manera categórica la mentira difundida por el gobierno de EEUU de que Cuba tiene "entre 20 y 25 mil efectivos militares en Venezuela" y toda insinuación de que existe algún grado de subordinación política de Venezuela a Cuba o de Cuba a Venezuela".

En un discurso ofrecido en la Universidad Internacional de Florida (FIU), el pasado 18 de febrero, el presidente estadounidense Donald Trump acusó a Cuba de "mantener un ejército privado en Venezuela", tesis que también sostienen el asesor de Seguridad Nacional de la Casa Blanca, John Bolton, y el senador cubanoamericano Marco Rubio.

​A su vez, Bolton y Rubio han sido acusados por las autoridades de la isla como los principales instigadores de un plan para derrocar al gobierno de Venezuela.

En una declaración oficial emitida el 11 de marzo, Cuba calificó a John Bolton "como un mentiroso reconocido, con credenciales de larga data".

Este funcionario —expresa el documento— acusó a Cuba en el año 2002 de poseer un programa de desarrollo de armas biológicas, "falacia desmentida públicamente por quien era entonces su jefe, el ex secretario de Estado Colin Powell, y por el ex presidente James Carter".

También acusa a Bolton de estar entre los promotores de la mentira de que el gobierno de Iraq poseía armas de destrucción masiva y un programa para desarrollarlas, lo que sirvió de pretexto para la agresión y ocupación militar de ese país del Medio Oriente por parte de los EEUU, a un precio de cerca de un millón de muertos y millones de desplazados iraquíes.

La declaración oficial del gobierno cubano reiteró además que las relaciones con Venezuela "se basan en el respeto mutuo, en la verdadera solidaridad, en el común compromiso bolivariano y martiano, fidelista y chavista, con la integración de "Nuestra América", independiente y soberana".

Añade que en los proyectos del Convenio Integral de Cooperación, suscritos entre La Habana y Caracas, participan poco más de 20 mil cubanos, la mayoría mujeres, 96% de los cuales están dedicados a la prestación de servicios de salud a la población, y otros que laboran en sectores como educación, cultura, deporte y agroalimentario.

El impacto acumulado en Venezuela de esa cooperación ayudó a salvar 1.473.117 vidas, a realizar 717.029.310 exámenes de diagnóstico médico, a dar atención oftalmológica a 62.031.309 de personas, a administrar 12.915.648 de vacunas contra el sarampión y la tuberculosis, a lo que se puede sumar 3.095.546 de alfabetizados, consigna el documento.

Es totalmente falso que Cuba esté participando en operaciones de la Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana o los servicios de seguridad, "a diferencia de EEUU que tiene unas ochenta bases militares en América Latina y el Caribe, incluida la que usurpa territorio cubano en Guantánamo, y unas ochocientas en el planeta que disponen de más de 250 mil soldados", subraya la declaración del gobierno cubano.

"Cuba no tiene ninguna en país alguno, ni especialistas en tortura y represión policial, ni cárceles secretas, ni fuerzas navales o aéreas merodeando las costas y el espacio aéreo inmediato de Estados soberanos ni satélites observando cada detalle", enfatiza la nota.

También recordó que con el uso de mentiras EEUU promovió el sangriento golpe de estado de Augusto Pinochet en Chile (en 1973), asesinó a más de diez mil ciudadanos indefensos en la invasión militar a Panamá de diciembre de 1989, y provocó la agresión militar y la desestabilización de Libia, además de ayudar y mantener al oprobioso régimen del apartheid en Sudáfrica.

          Qué trae la prensa cubana, martes 12 de marzo de 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
          Bolton Threatens Companies Shipping Venezuelan Oil To Cuba      Cache   Translate Page      
Shipping companies and insurers that take part in sending crude oil from Venezuela to Cuba have been “put on notice,” U.S. national security adviser John Bolton said in a tweet, following a declaration by the Venezuelan opposition-dominated National Assembly that all oil exports to Cuba must be suspended in the wake of the five-day blackout that wreaked havoc on the already struggling South American country. “The Venezuelan National Assembly has decreed the suspension of crude exports to Cuba following the collapse of the national…
          Reclamación de indemnización de familiares del accidente aéreo en Cuba      Cache   Translate Page      

El viernes 18 de Mayo de 2018, un avión de la compañía CUBANA AVIACION sufre un accidente el cual deja más de un centenar de fallecido y apenas tres supervivientes. Un Boeing 737, que despegaba del aeropuerto José Martí de la Habana ha sufrido un fuerte impacto el cual ha dejado apenas supervivientes. Este avión [...]

La entrada Reclamación de indemnización de familiares del accidente aéreo en Cuba aparece primero en Abogados Indemnizacion.

          Juan Guaidó declara "estado de alarma nacional" por el apagón en Venezuela que hoy cumple cuatro días - Telemundo      Cache   Translate Page      
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           Comment on Pompeo Accuses Cuba and Russia of Propping Up Venezuelan Ruler by Mark Schumacher in LV       Cache   Translate Page      
Why not? We sure took good care of Kadafi right? I have a feeling Cuba is behind alot of what's going on there as well.
           Comment on Pompeo Accuses Cuba and Russia of Propping Up Venezuelan Ruler by Bluwater       Cache   Translate Page      
But it's A-OK for Amerika to depose a Venezuelan ruler?
          Campus Anti-Semitism Comes to Congress      Cache   Translate Page      

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar both graduated from college in 2011.  In less than a decade, campus anti-Semitism had made the great leap from campus to Congress.

2011 was a banner year for campus anti-Semitism in alliance with its progressive leftist allies.

Last year, the Trump administration reopened an investigation into campus anti-Semitism at Rutgers University in 2011 that had been shut down by Obama officials back in 2014. The shutdown of the investigation, like the similar shutdowns of terrorism investigations, were part of a pattern.  

The investigation was reopened by Kenneth Marcus, the new Assistant Education Secretary for Civil Rights, a Jewish civil rights leader whose appointment Senate Democrats had stalled for 8 months, and whose confirmation every single Senate Democrat voted against.  

“We don't care about anti-Semitism in this office." The Marcus confirmation battle had become infamous for a senior aide to Senator Patty Murray declaring. "We care about transgenders, we care about blacks, we care about Hispanics, we care about gays, we care about lesbians.”

The intersectional values of campus politics were being used to block the fight against anti-Semitism.

Murray and Senator Elizabeth Warren took the lead in attacking Marcus. Warren would make her own headlines, defending Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism by accusing Jews of faking anti-Semitism.

"Branding criticism of Israel as automatically anti-Semitic has a chilling effect on our public discourse," Warren ranted.

Even as the Democrats tried to change the topic, Marcus’ nomination was a referendum on campus anti-Semitism. Reopening the Rutgers investigation was exactly what Senate Dems had tried to block.

The years in which Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar were on campus saw the mass normalization of campus anti-Semitism led by hate groups like the Muslim Students Association.

Omar served as MSA president at North Dakota State University.

Boston University, Cortez’s alma mater, had become notorious for its anti-Israel campus activism.

Omar’s congressional anti-Semitism mirrors traditional MSA and other campus hate group tactics of provoking Jewish students with anti-Semitic harassment and then riding the backlash by claiming to be “people of color” who have fallen victim to a pro-Israel lobby trying to silence criticism of Israel.

Omar’s anti-Semitism brought campus politics to congress.

The House debate mirrored previous campus debates about anti-Semitism with a coalition of leftist and identity politics groups, the Congressional Black Caucus and the Progressive Caucus, defending anti-Semitism, and leaving Speaker Pelosi cast in the role of the hapless college administrator. Like so many college administrators, Pelosi inevitably dismissed Jewish complaints and bowed to the radicals.

The precedent for these tactics had been set on college campuses. Cortez and Omar just exported campus pressure tactics to congress. And, from her very first protest against Pelosi, a sit-in at the Speaker’s office, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made it abundantly clear that her playbook came from the college campus, not the adult world of politics. And Pelosi had the same vulnerability as college administrators, a fear that radical protests would cut her off from her billionaire leftist backers.

Speaker Pelosi, like college administrators, has chosen to pick her battles with the socialist selfie club. That means defending her priorities, her office and the agendas of her special interests, not Jews. The average college administrator won’t pick a fight that might force him out of his cushy job over anti-Semitism. Neither will Speaker Pelosi who wants to move on to the big issues. Not anti-Semitism.

Faced with a coordinated assault by the Congressional Black Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, and anti-Israel leftists across the media, she did what so many administrators have done, offer a generic condemnation of bigotry without focusing on the specific anti-Semitism or naming names.

The 2020 candidates, at best split the difference, and at worst, like Warren, attacked the Jews.

In less than a decade, campus anti-Semitism had made the great leap from congress to campus. In a year, it might make the leap from campus BDS groups all the way to the White House.

Why did Senator Elizabeth Warren turn to anti-Semitism? 2020 Democrat primary demographics break down into three groups: minorities, elderly lefties, young lefties. Warren performs decently with elderly lefties, abysmally with minorities and poorly with young lefties. Her main competition is Bernie Sanders who had formerly been the most anti-Israel voice in the 2020 race. And he had quickly defended Omar.

Warren doesn’t seriously expect to make any headway with minorities. Black people don’t like either Bernie or Warren. There are already African-American candidates in the race. And the only white candidate who might make inroads with the minority vote is Joe Biden. Warren’s only play was going after the campus radicals who love Bernie. And she did it by allying with anti-Semites.

Campus politics are not only transforming the House, but they’re paving the way to the White House.

No Democrat candidate for the White House has been willing to express clear support for Israel. They, like Pelosi, have become subservient to an anti-Semitic campus lobby whose backing they want.

Conservatives and pro-Israel activists have been concerned about campus anti-Semitism, but they have spent too long thinking of it as a campus problem. The campus is the incubator for tomorrow’s leaders. And, for anyone who dismissed campus crybullies and their narcissistic safe space tantrums, Cortez and Omar are warning signs that campus politics is well on its way to defining our national politics.

 If we lose the battle for the college campus, we will be fighting the same battles in Washington D.C.

The college campus is where most of tomorrow’s elected officials get their first taste of politics. It’s where they learn what works and what doesn’t. Previous generations had leaders who were forged in the molten crucible of war. The closest thing that most of today’s Democrats have to a conflict is student politics. It sets the pattern of their views and their tactics as they climb the ranks of our political system.

Jewish Democrats who failed to confront campus anti-Semitism in the previous decade now find that they are losing to it in the Senate, the House of Representatives, and, eventually, the White House.

The same organizations that spoke out against the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s aggressive campaigns against campus anti-Semitism now wring their hands helplessly over Rep. Omar. Their statements indicate that they have absolutely failed to understand the lessons of the last decade.

The alliance of the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine, the coalition of Islamists and leftists that defined so much of campus life for Jewish students, is defining national politics. Jewish organizations that failed to stand up to either one are now losing out to both.

The SJP-MSA coalition had claimed that its anti-Semitic tactics, everything from disrupting Holocaust memorials to harassing Jewish students and spreading anti-Semitic materials, was just criticism of Israel. And that any effort to oppose it was really a conspiracy to muzzle any criticism of Israel.

Rep. Omar and her political allies have deployed that same argument nationally. And the Jewish Democrats did in the House exactly what they had done on campus, they offered some token protests. And then they folded, accepted a meaningless gesture from the boss, and learned their lesson.

Rep. Omar was able to get away with the anti-Semitic bullying of other House members in the same way that Jewish representatives and candidates were bullied out of student government. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s next target will be Rep. Elliot Engel and assorted other Jewish elected officials.

When Rep. Ilhan Omar ran for office, her donors included Hatem Bazian, the co-founder of Students for Justice in Palestine. Bazian, who has a long history of anti-Semitism, had started out allegedly harassing Jewish students at San Francisco State University: including blocking a Jewish student from a spot on the Student Judicial Council. Bazian’s hateful politics have now gone national via Omar’s anti-Semitism.

The launch of Jexodus has occasioned sneers and smears from establishment organizations. But Jewish Democrats may want to consider what their future in a party defined by BDS supporters and anti-Semites who play the identity politics card while trafficking in anti-Semitism, looks like.

We are all on campus now.

          John Turturro, Poet Maggie Smith, 'Solitude & Company,' 'Shout,' Women & Cuban Jazz       Cache   Translate Page      

Actor John Turturro talks about starring in the new film, “Gloria Bell,” with Julianne Moore. Poet Maggie Smith joins us for our ongoing poetry series. Journalist Silvana Paternostro discusses her new book, Solitude & Company: The Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Told with Help from his Friends, Family, Fans, Arguers, Fellow Pranksters, Drunks, and a Few Respectable Souls, an oral history of the life of Nobel Prize-winner Gabriel García Márquez before and after he found fame. Laurie Halse Anderson, author of the bestselling young adult novel, Speak, discusses her new memoir, Shout. New York Public Radio's director of archives, Andy Lanset, joins us for this week’s installment of our ongoing series, “Andy in the Archives.” Lauren Du Graf discusses her most recent article for The New Yorker, "A New Vanguard of Women in Cuban Jazz.” She is joined by Melvis Santa, a musician who is featured in the article. 

          The Women of the Cuban Jazz Scene       Cache   Translate Page      

Lauren Du Graf joins us to discuss her most recent article for The New Yorker, "A New Vanguard of Women in Cuban Jazz.” She is joined by Melvis Santa, a musician who is featured in the article. On March 12, Santa will perform with Ashedí at The Roxy Hotel and on March 16, Santa will perform as part of the Women Between Arts series at The New School

          (Video) Remaja Lelaki Tingkatan 1 Ini Nekad Untuk Terjun Bangunan Sekolah Selepas Cintanya Ditolak.      Cache   Translate Page      

Seorang pelajar lelaki tingkatan satu cuba membu nuh diri dengan memanjat dan berjalan di atas bumbung bangunan dua tingkat sekolahnya di Banting, Selangor hari ini.

Ketua Polis Daerah Kuala Langat, Supt Azizan Tukiman berkata polis menerima panggilan daripada pihak pentadbiran sekolah itu mengenai insiden berkenaan kira-kira pukul 1.30 petang.

Bagaimanapun kata beliau, pelajar itu berjaya diselamatkan setelah dipujuk hampir setengah jam oleh anggota Angkatan Pertahanan Awam (APM) dan Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Selangor.


Beliau berkata pelajar itu hanya mengalami kecederaan ringan pada bahagian lengannya semasa proses menyelamat dan dibawa ke Hospital Banting untuk rawatan.

“Siasatan mendapati pelajar itu mengaku cuba membu nuh diri kerana kecewa apabila cintanya ditolak oleh seorang pelajar perempuan sebayanya selepas dia meluahkan perasaan kepada gadis itu kelmarin.

“Alasan pelajar perempuan itu, dia tidak meminati remaja berkenaan sebaliknya menyukai pelajar lelaki lain,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan di Shah Alam, hari ini.

Azizan berkata disebabkan itu, pelajar lelaki berkenaan berasa putus asa dan mengambil keputusan untuk membu nuh diri malah remaja itu juga didapati menulis satu nota yang menjelaskan tujuannya berbuat demikian.

Namun kata beliau, guru pelajar itu memberitahu bahawa remaja berkenaan seorang yang baik serta pendiam selain tidak mempunyai sebarang rekod disiplin.


Azizan berkata setakat ini, masih belum ada laporan polis dibuat oleh pihak sekolah mahupun ibu bapa pelajar berkenaan.

Terdahulu, dua buah video masing-masing berdurasi 20 saat dan satu minit sembilan saat tular dalam aplikasi WhatsApp berhubung tindakan cubaan membu nuh diri pelajar itu.

Sumber: Malaysia KINI


Kes cubaan bu nuh diri dengan terjun dari bumbung sekolah Methodist English School (MES) Telok Datok Banting. Cubaan pelajar terbabit berjaya digagalkan oleh anggota bomba dan apm..

Kredit : klviral
          Rahsia Tersembunyi Bawang Putih Yang Berkesan Menghilangkan Bintik Putih Dan Hitam Pada Wajah      Cache   Translate Page      

Nak hilangkan bintik-bintik putih dan hitam pada raut wajah dengan menggunakan bahan mudah yang terdapat di dapur? Ikuti perkongsian bermanfaat dari Kekna ini.

Semua orang ada bintik hitam. Bintik putih kan. Kadang stress wehh geram je kan. Mula la jejari tu gatai je kan nak picit keluarkan.

Meh Kekna nak share dengan korang rahsia hilangkan bintik hitam dan bintik putih tu. Hat ni semua bahan semulajadi je wehh yang kat dapurkorang tu kan.

Bahan dia senang je:

Bawang putih
Limau nipis
Putih telur
Tisu muka
Cara dia senaang yakmatt.

Bawang putih tu korang bersihkan dan tumbuk dengan lumat.
Lepas dah lumat tu kan. Korang perahkan limau nipis dan putih telur je hokey.
Kemudian ambil la tisu muka tu kan dan letakkan dekat muka.
Ramuan tadi tu letak kan atas tisu yang korang dah letak muka tadi tu kan.
Biarkan sampai kering hokey. Baru bilas dengan air suam.

Korang kena lah KONSISTEN kan ye. Kalau nak muka tu cantik berseri la ye. Selamat mencuba korang.


Gusi Bayi Perlu Dijaga Walaupun Belum Tumbuh Gigi. Ini 8 Tips Penting!

Jangan ingat anda hanya perlu menjaga kesihatan gigi bayi hanya selepas mereka tumbuh gigi. Sepatutnya, sejak bayi lahir lagi penjagaan mulut bayi patut dititikberatkan. Ibu bapa juga harus mengetahui cara bersihkan gigi bayi dengan betul.

Berikut adalah perkongsian yang boleh dijadikan panduan oleh doktor Nurfarahin Sufri.

8 Tips Penjagaan Dan Cara Bersihkan Gigi Bayi Yang Betul

Disebabkan ramai kawan-kawan saya yang baru dapat baby, ramai anak kecil, dan ada yang dah besar sampai gigi kekal nak tumbuh tapi masih tak pernah bawa jumpa dentist lagi, ini saya share sedikit tips untuk jaga gigi susu.

1. Penjagaan Gusi Penting Walaupun Belum Ada Gigi

Gusi anak perlu dijaga walaupun gigi belum tumbuh. Ini kerana susu mengandungi karbohidrat yang berkanji dan ada yang bergula. Kalau sisa susuan tidak dibersihkan, ia menyebabkan mulut anak akan berbau masam dan gusi/lidah boleh menjadi keputih-putihan dan tidak sihat. Anak pun tak selesa. Sambil-sambil membersihkan gusi/lidah bayi, niatlah nanti gigi anak aku tumbuh sihat dan kuat.

Ada juga ibu-ibu yang mengadu anaknya nak tumbuh gigi, tapi saya ditanya mengapa mereka yang sakit gigi? “Macam mana boleh berjangkit? Seminggu dah sakit ni…” Wahai ibu-ibu, masalah gigi ibu tak ada kaitan dengan anak ya. Mohon pergi jumpa doktor gigi dengan kadar segera!

2. Gosok Gigi Seawal Gigi Pertama Tumbuh

Gigi pertama akan tumbuh lebih kurang pada usia 6 bulan. Nampak saja gigi mula timbul, bersihkan gigi itu menggunakan kain bersih yang dibasahkan (guna air masak lagi baik).

Kalau bayi dah pandai gigit, boleh belikan berus khas yang sesuai untuk umur mereka. Takut nanti mereka gigit jari kita. Sakitnya!

3. Elak Anak Hisap Botol Susu Sambil Tidur

Ini sebenarnya paling penting. Jangan ajar anak hisap botol susu sambil tidur. Susu badan pun tak boleh.

Ini kerana kandungan kanji atau karbohidrat dalam susu akan membentuk lapisan melekit (plak) pada permukaan gigi yang menyebabkan gigi rosak. Karat-karat warna coklat.

Ada ibu bapa cakap, “Gigi anak saya reput doktor, makin saya berus makin reput.” (Cehh banyak laa..)

4. Bilas Mulut Bayi Setiap Kali Selepas Menyusu

Untuk bayi yang berusia 6 bulan ke atas, sebaiknya beri minum air masak sedikit selepas menyusu. Tak perlu banyak. Ala-ala membilas saja.

Bagi bayi di bawah 6 bulan yang belum boleh minum air suam, memadai lap saja menggunakan kain lembap yang bersih.

5. Jangan Isi Air Bergula Dalam Botol Susu

Ini sememangnya kesalahan besar yang patut dielakkan. Ada ibu bapa yang letak air sirap, teh o, milo, dan sebagainya.

Siapa yang dah mulakan tabiat begini, masih sempat lagi untuk hentikan ya!

6. Bawa Anak Jumpa Doktor Gigi Seawal Usia 6 Bulan

Masa anak 6 bulan, seeloknya mereka dah dibawa berjumpa misi atau doktor gigi. Di sini nanti, lebih banyak penjelasan yang dapat disampaikan dengan jelas. Ada dental kit boleh tunjuk demo sekali.

Janganlah takutkan budak-budak dengan doktor. “Haa nanti doktor cabut gigi…” Dah kenapa pula tak ada angin, tak ada ribut, kami nak pergi cabut gigi budak. Bagilah anak cerita yang baik tentang doktor gigi dan staf di klinik gigi. Contohnya, “Jangan takut anakku. Doktor semuanya baik, cantik, sopan-santun, penyayang…. Misi baik tau, nanti dia tolong sapu ubat kalau ada gigi yang nak rosak tu.” Barulah anak tak takut. (Boleh abaikan yang tak penting.)

7. Jangan Kongsi Makanan Dengan Anak

Jangan salah faham ya. Nampak macam menghalang keakraban seorang ibu dan anaknya. Sebenarnya bukan begitu.

Cuma, gigi orang dewasa macam kita, gigi dah penuh. Jadi, ada bakteria lebih kurang 1000+ jenis yang duduk dalam mulut kita. Bila kita kunyah-kunyah makanan dan beri pada anak, dengan jayanya kita telah memindahkan bakteria dalam mulut kita pada anak. Secara tak langsung, gigi mereka pun tak selamat jugalah.

8. Elak Puting Tiruan

Akhir sekali, jangan bagi puting tiruan atau elakkan anak hisap jari. Nanti gigi jongang tak cantik.

Pentingnya Menjaga Gigi Susu

Mungkin ada yang beranggapan gigi susu akan diganti dengan gigi kekal. Namun sebenarnya gigi susu bayi dapat mempengaruhi perkembangan bayi. Apabila gigi anak sihat, maka anak tidak akan mengalami kesulitan untuk mengunyah makanan yang diberikan. Oleh itu, keperluan nutrisi dapat dilengkapi sejak kecil.

Selain itu, mulut merupakan gerbang bagi makanan sebelum ianya sampai ke organ pencernaan. Sekiranya cara bersihkan gigi bayi tidak dilakukan dengan betul, maka bakteria dan kuman pun akan bersarang dan ikut masuk ke dalam pencernaan bersama makanan. Jika keadaan ini berterusan, sedikit sebanyak ia turut akan menjejaskan kesihatan anak, bukan?

          Fall in Love with Greater Fort Lauderdale      Cache   Translate Page      
(NewsUSA) - Travelers may think of summer and beach activities when they think of Florida, but Greater Fort Lauderdale takes its relaxing vibe into the fall season.With options for off-season savings, visitors can enjoy a VIP experience for less and make the most of a fall visit to the destination, including deals on fine dining, outdoor activities, and indulgent spa experiences, just before heading into winter.-Food: Greater Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Month is back by popular demand with a new name and improved dining deals. "Crave GFL," Greater Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Month, is back by popular demand with a new name and improved dining deals. "Crave GFL," which runs through the month of September with many restaurants extending until October 15, celebrates the distinctive fusion of flavors that Greater Fort Lauderdale has to offer. The promotion includes a series of tasting events, and more than 45 area restaurants offer specially created three course meals priced at $37. celebrates the area's distinctive fusion of flavors that Greater Fort Lauderdale has to offer. The promotion includes a series of tasting events, and more than 45 area restaurants offer specially- created three-course meals priced at $37."The natural beauty of our seaside community inspires chefs to create meals that are fresh and palate-pleasing," says Stacy Ritter, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau."Our restaurants and cafes are taking their rightful place not only on the global-cuisine stage, but also among our abundance of visitor attractions," she adds. For more information, visit for more details.-Fun: The Vacation Like A VIP program, offering packages at a number of upscale hotels through October 15, allows visitors to Greater Fort Lauderdale to enjoy a buy-one-get-one free deal on activities, including Everglades airboat rides, visits to Sawgrass Recreation Park and Everglades Holiday Park, scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing the FlowRider at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, along with other water-sport activities and water-taxi tours.Visit for additional information.-Feeling good: Greater Fort Lauderdale's popular spa promotion is back through October 15.During "Spatember," the promotion includes specialty services for $99 at select spas in the area, with many extending to October 15. Treatments range from organic facials and eye treatments to therapeutic manicures and pedicures, as well as unique hot stone massage sessions.The Spatember deals may be a welcome opportunity "to find some much deserved 'me time' to restore the mind, body, and soul without breaking the bank," Ms. Ritter says.Visit for more information. 
          Pompeo: U.S. Pulling All Embassy Workers Out of Venezuela; Slams Cuba for Crisis      Cache   Translate Page      
As the death toll linked to Venezuela’s national power outage edged higher, the Trump administration on Monday stepped up its criticism of Cuba’s support for the Maduro regime, while Havana insinuated that the United States was behind what it called “terrorist sabotage” of its ally’s power grid.
          Rapper Pitbull talks about his South Beach restaurant - Miami Herald      Cache   Translate Page      
Rapper Pitbull talks about his South Beach restaurant  Miami Herald

Pitbull says he doesn't want Cuban coffee. Presented with a tray of Cuban pastelitos, croquetas and a *fresh* brewed colada meant to share, he demurs. “If I drink ...

           Comment on Nicaraguans Try Talking: Venezuela, Not So Much by Paul Haeder       Cache   Translate Page      
James Petras: Conclusion Washington has succeeded in securing non-reciprocal agreements with weak countries. This was the case in post-war Europe, post-Gorbachev Russia and among Latin America’s current colonized regimes. In contrast, Washington’s rejection of reciprocal agreements with Russia, China, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela has been a failure. US trade wars with China have led to the loss of markets and allowed China to pursue global agreements through its massive billion-dollar ‘Belt and Road’ infrastructure projects. US one-sided hostile policies toward Russia have increased ties between the Kremlin and Beijing. Washington has lost opportunities to work with neo-liberal oligarchs in Russia in order to undermine President Putin. Washington has failed to negotiate reciprocal ties with North Korea which would ‘de-nuclearize’ the peninsula in exchange for lifting economic sanctions and opening the door for a capitalist restoration. Demanding unilateral concession and submission has led to uniform failures; whereas negotiated compromises could have led to greater market opportunities and long-term political advances. President Trump and his top policy makers and negotiators have failed to secure any agreements. The Democratic Congress has been as ineffective and even more bellicose – demanding greater military pressures on Russia, expanded trade wars with China and fewer negotiations with North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. In a word, failed negotiations and non-reciprocal diplomacy has become the hallmark of US foreign policy.
           Comment on Nicaraguans Try Talking: Venezuela, Not So Much by Paul Haeder       Cache   Translate Page      
Amazing writer here on the lo down: US-Venezuela: Non-Negotiations a Formula for Defeat Over the past half-decade (2015-2019) Washington has succeeded in restoring client regimes in Latin America, by military coups, political intervention and economic pressure. As a consequence, the White House has successfully ‘negotiated’ one-sided political, economic, social and diplomatic outcomes in the region … with the exception of Cuba and Venezuela. President Trump has broken negotiated agreements with Cuba to no advantage; US threats have led to Cuba securing greater ties with Europe, China, Russia and elsewhere without affecting Cuba’s tourism business. The Trump regime has escalated its political and economic propaganda and social war against Venezuela. Multiple overt coup efforts have backfired beginning in April 2002 and continuing to February 2019. While the US succeeded in the rest of Latin America in consolidating hemispheric hegemony, in the case of Venezuela, Washington has suffered diplomatic defeats and the growth of greater popular resistance. US interventionist and sanctions policies have sharply reduced the presence of its middle- and lower-middle-class supporters who have fled abroad. US propaganda has failed to secure the support of the Venezuelan military which has become more ‘nationalist’ with very few desertions. The White House appointment of the convicted felon Elliott Abrams, known as the ‘butcher of Central America’, has certainly undermined any prospect of a favorable diplomatic settlement. US sanction of political and military leaders precludes efforts to co-opt and recruit leaders. The US appointed as its ‘interim ruler’ one Juan Guaidó who has little domestic support – widely seen domestically as an imperial stooge.
          GANA: Maduro abandonará Miraflores si Raúl Castro se lo ordena      Cache   Translate Page      

Jhoan Meléndez / 12 mar 2019.- La Gran Alianza Nacional (GANA) aseguró este martes que Nicolás Maduro dejará la presidencia de la República siempre y cuando el expresidente de Cuba, Raúl Castro, “se lo ordene”. En tal sentido a través de una nota de prensa plantearon lo siguiente: 1. Felicitamos al presidente interino Juan Guaidó […]

La entrada GANA: Maduro abandonará Miraflores si Raúl Castro se lo ordena se publicó primero en Noticiero Digital.

          Pompeo blames Russia, Cuba for Venezuelan crisis; Rosneft rejects accusations      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday blamed Russia and Cuba for causing Venezuela's political crisis by supporting President Nicolas Maduro and said he had urged India not to help Maduro's government by buying Venezuelan oil.

          US condemns Cuba, Russia for backing Venezuela's Maduro      Cache   Translate Page      

US condemns Cuba, Russia for backing Venezuela's MaduroTop US diplomat Mike Pompeo took aim at Cuba and Russia on Monday for their support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who Washington wants to remove from power. The secretary of state rejected Maduro's assertion that the US was responsible for a widespread blackout, instead pointing the finger at the socialist nature of the Venezuelan leader's government. "Nicolas Maduro promised Venezuelans a better life and a socialist paradise.

          Erti hidup pada memberi      Cache   Translate Page      
Bagaimana mahu menerima jika tidak pernah memberi bukan?

Bila memberi, tidak kiralah apa pun, berikan dengan senyuman kerana pepatah ada menyebutkan,

“Jika kita memberi tanpa senyuman, kita sebenarnya telah mengambil separuh daripada pemberian tersebut,”
Memberi itu luas maknanya luas. Dan boleh jadi juga memberi peluang untuk diri berubah, memberi masa dan tenaga untuk melakukan kerja-kerja kebaikan, dan memberi apa-apa yang dirasakan boleh membuat hidup itu lebih bererti sebagai contoh topik CW yang hangat diperbincangkan kala ini.

Menjadi lumrah setiap perkara kebaikan yang cuba dilaksanakan pasti ada orang yang gusar dan tidak senang lebih-lebih lagi kita diletakkan sebagai kategori yang boleh dianggap rendah serta mentah. Kita perlu duduk dalam perspektif pemikiran yang lebih ideal , kita memberi maka secara tidak langsung kita menambah pengertian dalam hidup. Tapi memberi juga bukanlah segala-galanya tentang hidup.

Untuk memberi juga tidak perlulah diletakkan syarat tertentu yang membataskan usaha tersebut. Mungkin esok, lusa, sebentar lagi saya juga mungkin tiada lagi mampu untuk memberi maka diambil kesempatan yang ada ini untuk memberi supaya kita dapat juga menerima. Dalam agama juga menuntut agar kita sentiasa menuntut ilmu supaya pahala ilmu tersebut akan sentiasa dipanjangkan kepada setiap orang yang memerlukan.

Mungkin kita juga terlalu taksub dan lupa sesuatu bahawa kita mempunyai hobi yang sama dan bukankah kita di didik untuk mempunyai pemikiran yang ideal serta faham bahawa kita adalah sama tidak kira darjat seseorang itu. Seronok melakukannya adalah sesuatu perkara yang sangat diidamkan penggemar hobi seperti ini. Tidak semestinya kita lihat beliau yang berpakaian murah, hodoh, comot, air liur meleleh dianggap tidak mampu memberi. Maka kita secara automatik kita adalah seseorang yang memilih.

Teringat sangat kata rakan semasa dalam kelas RAE, " Dalam hobi ini kita bertuah kerana kita akan nampak tahap pemikiran seseorang itu dari setinggi-tingginya sehinggalah serendah-rendahnya ".

Kadang-kadang kita juga menerima dari orang yang serendah-rendahnya tahap pemikiran dan sebaliknya. Tidak pernah penulis menganggap diri sendiri lebih bagus kerana kelak kita juga akan malu. Terpulang sepenuhnya pada penerima samaada ingin terima atau tidak. Kita yang tentukan, tetapi sekiranya kita tidak dapat menerima maka cukuplah dengan menghargai orang yang memberi serta iringan doa agar ilmu tersebut dapat dimanfaatkan demi kebaikan semua.

          Mental atau Mentol dan Mentor      Cache   Translate Page      

Buat masa ini apabila melihat kali ini ramai rakan-rakan yang berani untuk mencuba ujian CW kali 2 tahun 2009, hati mula teruja dan seronok.....tetapi jauh di dalam hati....masih lagi tertanya-tanya....adakah aku sudah betul-betul bersedia atau sebaliknya?????

Benarlah kata rakan-rakan yang lulus ujian CW, ujian seperti ini memerlukan kita betul-betul fokus dan sentiasa konsisten. Suka atau tidak, sibuk atau sangat sibuk, ada masa atau tidak itu adalah menjadi perkara sampingan berpandukan pada niat. Separuh badan kata......TERUSKAN BRO....separuh lagi....HANG YAKIN KAAA....

Tapi seperti tajuk atas....persiapan mental kena kuat....kalau tidak jadi mentol ...itu le...

Last but not least......belasah je....aku bayar RM50...lulus aku dapat...tak lulus pun aku dapat...jadi....tiada istilah rugi....try sampai lulus....ada orang lihat kita boleh dari luaran....tapi dalaman masih lagi berlawan dengan diri sendiri.

To all my mentors, really appreciate your valueable advice and endless support. It was great to have friends like you guys.

So i will be in a battle tomorrow, wish me luck guys.. 73

          CW-5 14WPM Tone 650Hz      Cache   Translate Page      

Sebelum ini saya berlatih dengan kelajuan 12WPM, bagi sesi pembelajaran #1 dan #2 CW Player. Sesudah saya benamkan irama tersebut dalam minda maka sesi seterusnya adalah gabungan abjad

endx0 + tawp1 = endx0tawp1

Merungkai masalah sebelum ini dimana kita agak keliru dengan abjad A=W dan N=D, masalah dapat diatasi dengan sentiasa berlatih mendengar perbezaan nya, mainkan abjad yang keliru ini dengan lebih kerap guna kaedah manual...sekadar untuk mendengar perbezaannya.

Saya dinasihatkan oleh rakan-rakan 9M2MGL,9M2AUR termasuk 9M6WST untuk terus belajar mendengar tetapi dengan kelajuan 14wpm menggunakan tone 650Hz. Fuhh...laju juga. Tapi apa sebabnya ye???sedangkan ujian hanya 12wpm....mesti ada rahsianya.

Apapun saya cuba dalam lima minit abjad diatas dengan kelajuan seperti yang disarankan. Tiada masalah untuk menangkap. Kenapa pula boleh sedangkan lebih laju dari biasa iaitu 12wpm? Apapun hanya benak minda kita dapat jawapannya.......LATIHAN MENDENGAR maka kita akan gunakan otak sebelah kiri yang akan berfungsi menyimpan abjad,simbol dan sebagainya.

Adakah ianya sudah berada di bawah sedar? bagaimana kita nak tau......dengan cara ujian kita akan tau...oleh itu...abjad pembelajaran tidak akan berubah...yang hanya berubah adalah kelajuan selepas ini.

Let see......if this would work for me.

          CW - 1      Cache   Translate Page      
Senang je tajuk...CW-1 maknanya akan ada cerita kedua, ketiga dan seterusnya sampai le habih Exam CW atau seterusnya. Samada ada gagal atau tidak bukan soal, tetapi mempelajari sesuatu ilmu itu bukanlah menjadikan kita stress malahan lebih menguntungkan kerana yang dapat belajar adalah diri sendiri. Jadikan bonus sekiranya lulus CW yang akan datang ini.

Orang kata susah, memang le susah kalau minda kata susah. Bukan kira ilmu CW pun, apa sahaja perkara jika dianggap susah maka secara automatik kita dah memberikan arahan kepada setiap otak & saraf dalam badan ni untuk bertindak secara negatif maknanya menolak apa yang cuba diserapkan. Ini normal, biasa le...sebab itu kita kena ada self-motivation yang tinggi. Jika Cw ini dapat meningkatkan disiplin dan menukarkan minda negatif kepada positif maka eloklah diteruskan.

Banyak cikgu dah jumpa termasuk 9M2RS, dia cakap .....banyak syok woooo listen& transmit CW sambil keluarkan iambic paddle yang berkilat dengan gold plated. Belek punya belek, ada no siri keluaran daaa....bila siasat ini keluaran khas. Lain macam je auranya.

Saya : Berapa harga Haji Rashid?
RS : Tak jual
Saya : Kalau nak jual berapa?
RS: Tak jual..
Saya: (Kata dalam hati). Kalau tanya sekali lagi mau kena backhand ahhahhahaaah

Yang menjadi masalah adalah mencari kaedah paling sesuai untuk belajar dengan kemampuan diri sendiri. Mula-mula try dengan G4FON, tapi macam tak menarik pulak sebab lagunya irama dangdut. La ni sedang pakai CW Player dengan speed 12wpm seperti advice dari 9M2MGL,9M2AUR,9M2ADI dan beberapa lagi rakan kerana iramanya rock kontemporari...ada ke kategori tu?????

Nak belajar musti ada guru, kalau tak alamat sesat le...oleh itu, yang menariknya rakan-rakan kita ni ada yang kongsikan pengalaman mereka mendapatkan kelas A melalui penulisan blog. Itu kita boleh jadikan panduan. Ye la..nak jumpa jauh...dah dekat mau kena je.....biar jauh tapi dekat di hati sambil semangat untuk belajar CW tidak luntur. Nak belajar dari RS pula dia kurang sihat, maka tidak moleklah mengganggu beliau berehat di rumah. Apapun rakan-rakan lain tidak lokek ilmu...di curahkan sampai termuntah ada...cuma kita sahaja nak terima atau tidak.

Setakat ni masih duduk memantapkan 14 character (12wpm)


Dengan CW player, kita insert char ni dan minta dia mainkan ni penguasaan baru 60%. Sebab masalah pada irama lagi, nak kena dengar dua kali baru char tu boleh ditulis atas kertas. Lopong jangan cakap la....masih banyak lagi.

Bila run test, kita akan cenderung untuk menukar ke bentuk dit dah walhal sebagaimana yang diajar itu adalah SALAH. Terus jadikan irama ke bentuk huruf. Itu yang sedang dilakukan.

Harap sangat la rakan2 komen cara belajar saya ni. Jika ada salah, boleh tegur sebab CW test lambat lagi.. Masih ada masa.
          Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium - Una notte all'acquario: dormire in compagnia dei pesci      Cache   Translate Page      


Sta per arrivare la Festa del Papà, un’occasione speciale per celebrare il rapporto padre e figlio vivendo insieme un’esperienza unica e divertente a Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium, partecipando ad un “gioco quiz” per conoscere il ruolo del padre nel mondo marino.

L’Acquario propone una speciale attività per il weekend che precede la festa del papà; sabato 16 e domenica 17 marzo, infatti, l’Acquario vedrà protagonisti papà e figlio in coppia coinvolti in una divertente esperienza che sarà utile a conoscere il ruolo del padre nel mondo marino e a scoprire che, in molte specie, sono proprio i papà a prendersi cura dei nuovi nati.

Un esempio è il Pesce Cardinale delle Molucche, che è conosciuto come uno dei papà migliori al mondo! Dopo qualche giorno dalla fecondazione, il maschio trattiene le uova in bocca diventando una vera e propria incubatrice naturale e rispetta un severo digiuno per consentire ai piccoli di svilupparsi in totale sicurezza, per poi sistemarli tra gli aculei del Riccio Diadema perché siano protetti durante la crescita. Ma anche un’altra specie presente all’Aquario mostra un forte istinto paterno: si tratta del Pesce Pagliaccio che si prende cura anche delle uova di altri componenti del gruppo, proteggendole nonostante non facciano parte della sua prole.
Il quiz si svolgerà alle ore 13.00 presso l’affascinante Vista Oceanica; ad ogni risposta esatta il bambino riceverà un uovo di carta da portare al suo papà, imitando il comportamento dei maschi dei cavallucci marini; una volta raggiunte le tre uova, la coppia formata dal papà e dal figlio riceverà un simpatico premio. Gli altri piccoli partecipanti riceveranno invece un attestato di “esploratore marino”, a ricordo della bellissima giornata trascorsa insieme.
In più tutti i bambini potranno regalare l’ingresso all’Acquario ai loro papà: nelle giornate del 16 e 17 marzo, infatti, l’ingresso sarà gratuito per i papà e a pagamento solo per i bambini, a prezzo ridotto se sotto i 10 anni. I bambini sotto il metro di altezza entreranno invece gratuitamente.
Ma le attività per il weekend non finiscono qui! Sabato 16 marzo, infatti, la Notte all’Acquario permetterà ai bambini tra gli 8 e i 12 anni di trascorrere un’indimenticabile nottata all’interno dell’Acquario circondati da Squali, Razze e Pesci Pagliaccio.


L’avventura avrà inizio alle ore 20.00 con l’arrivo dei bambini e con una divertente attività di socializzazione all’interno dell’aula didattica; la serata proseguirà poi con una speciale visita guidata in notturna, senza musica, poca luce e dotati di torce per ammirare da vicino i pesci mentre si apprestano ad addormentarsi. I bambini potranno poi indossare il proprio pigiama e percorrere l’ultimo tratto del percorso completamente al buio, facendosi coinvolgere appieno dal fascino particolare delle vasche e delle creature che le abitano. Momento clou della serata sarà poi la preparazione per la notte e l’allestimento dei letti, posizionati all’interno della sala dedicata alla Laguna Tropicale, proprio di fronte all’affascinante Baia delle Razze; i piccoli Ospiti potranno così provare l’emozione unica di addormentarsi ammirando i movimenti sinuosi delle Razze.
Al mattino la sveglia suonerà alle ore 07.00 per una colazione tutti insieme presso il Covo del Capitano, occasione perfetta per condividere le emozioni vissute durante questa memorabile esperienza; i bambini riceveranno poi uno speciale attestato ed un gadget a ricordo della speciale avventura, per poi tornare a casa con i propri genitori. Tutto ciò che servirà ai ragazzi per vivere al meglio questa fantastica esperienza sarà un sacco a pelo, un cuscino, un pigiama, un paio di pantofole, un asciugamano, il necessario per la toilette personale. La “Notte all’Acquario”, dopo il successo delle prime date proposte, si ripeterà più avanti nel corso dell’anno, il 19 ottobre, 16 novembre e 14 dicembre; per rendere l’esperienza ancora più immersiva il numero massimo di partecipanti per ogni evento sarà di 15 bambini; il costo dell’esperienza è di 60,00 euro e la prenotazione è obbligatoria e disponibile fino al giorno precedente l’evento, tenendo conto del numero limitato di posti disponibili. Per informazioni e prenotazioni: tel. 045 6449777 -

          Working class: Achievements and the unfinished war for emancipation      Cache   Translate Page      
The Great October Revolution

Michael D. Yates has probed the questions in chapter 4 of his recently released book Can the Working Class Change the World?(Monthly Review Press, New York, October 2018). The chapter – “What hath the working class wrought?” – proclaims: 

“A signal achievement of the working class and peasantry in the global South, both in those countries that made socialist revolutions and those that did not, is the assault they made upon colonialism and imperialism. Before substantive changes could occur in the lives of the masses of people, the control wielded by colonial powers had to be broken and imperialism had to at least be weakened. Workers and peasants did this throughout the impoverished nations of the world.”

No other class has made this achievement, has delivered this duty to millions of millions. It’s unprecedented. It’s historic. It’s a service to humanity, to the peoples of the world. Because imperialism and colonialism are scourges on the face of the earth, threats to the survival of life on this planet. The two – imperialism and colonialism – assault peace, and distort the lives and aspirations of peoples to make life dignified and prosperous. The two unceasingly carry on war against dreams and initiatives to make life humane.

What has the assault on imperialism and colonialism achieved? Peoples, billions in number, in countries once colonised know the answer. First, they can plan their next journey – towards a society free from exploitation, towards a life with dignity. Now, they have a stand on the world stage, a voice once unheard and ignored. It’s broadly the same assertions, declarations, charters, and proclamations, including the United States Declaration of Independence and the English and United States Bills of Rights made: All women and men are equal, all men and women are endowed with certain unalienable rights that include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s an achievement that lays a foundation for building up humanity’s eternal yearning: freedom, freedom from all exploitation, all distortions, all trampling, all muzzling down, all chains, and this freedom is a prerequisite for building up a life happy, peaceful, and prosperous.

The proletariat in Soviet Russia made a far more advanced declaration almost immediately after the Great October Revolution as it declared: Abolish all exploitation, completely eliminate the division of society into classes, mercilessly crush the resistance of the exploiters, establish a socialist organisation of society. [[i]

The declaration, forgotten most of the time by the mainstream media, and even by a part of the pro-people political forces, is one of the most significant political achievements the exploited have so far made as it laid the legal foundation for rights of all the exploited, against all sorts of exploitation, and invalidated all claims of the exploiting classes. The revolutionary political document declared sovereign power of the working people. The historic document declared the abolishing of private ownership of all land, and parasitic sections of society; supremacy of the power of the working people over the exploiters; the complete conversion of all banks, factories, mines, railways, and other means of production and transport into the property of the workers’ and peasants’ state; complete break with the barbarous policy of bourgeois civilisation, which has built the prosperity of the exploiters; freedom of humanity from the clutches of finance capital and imperialism; and democratic peace between nations on the basis of free self-determination of nations. The Declaration is fundamentally different from all declarations of rights the bourgeois and feudal political systems, compromises between them issued until today. 

It directly and unequivocally stood for the rights of the exploited. The declaration made assault on exploitative property relations, and declared measures for empowering the working people to resist the exploiting classes. [[ii]]

“Struggles against [the] class enemy” [of the exploited], writes Professor Michael Yates, “have resulted in tremendous and posi­tive changes in the lives of the oppressed and expropriated.” He refers to the lives of nearly all workers during capitalism’s early days in Europe, to the condition of the peasantry in pre-1949 revolution in China. Improvements in these areas are monumental. 

However, the economist does not miss the fact of life: 

“And yet, work­ers and peasants are nowhere close to their full liberation”. This is the unfinished war of the working class.

It’s – the struggle of the exploited for emancipation – a long struggle. None can ignore this fact. A complete and permanent victory will follow long, innumerable struggles against capital and all its accomplices in lands across the globe, developments within struggles of the exploited and within the decaying force – the imperialist world order.   

The chapter focuses on accomplishments “the work­ing class has achieved in its struggle against exploitation, the first aspect of capitalist oppression.”

On “the second element of this subjugation, expropriation,” the chapter claims: 

“[L]abour unions and political orga­nisations have done some good. Most unions and political parties are committed to racial, ethnic, and gender equality. It is common for collective bargaining agreements to contain broad no-discrim­ination clauses. […] [T]he race, ethnic, and gender composition of union leadership mirrors the share of these groups in the larger population. [….] A few unions, notably those with majority women membership, have female presidents, and both women and minorities now have greater access to better-paying jobs than was once the case. The gap between the wages of women and men is lower in the rich European countries than in the United States, and this can be largely attributed to the demands coming from the labour movement and worker-centred political parties.”

However, as self-criticism, the chapter says boldly: “[T]he labour movement in the global North has done very little to oppose the theft of peasant lands in the global South.”

Absence of resistance to theft of the peasant lands in the global South is not the only area of failure of the labour in the global North. Along with the buying/leasing in of vast tracts of lands in Africa and the establishment of export processing/special economic zones by powerful capital in countries of the global South, powerful parts of world capital are exporting environmentally harmful technology, industrial waste and commodities, and medical products harmful to the health of the global South. The labour in the global North has also failed to organise effective resistance to this assault by capital. It’s part of labour’s unfinished war against the world capital.

These failures originate in (1) capital’s power to corrupt a section of labour leadership, and (2) labour’s lack of success in formulating a revolutionary theory on the related area. It’s an exhibit of the level of political awareness and struggle the labour is waging in the global North. 

However, Michael Yates writes, “[i]n their own countries, the Northern labour has championed policies and programmes, as well as collective bar­gaining provisions, that make workplaces healthier spaces and countries less polluted.”

He mentions the Great October Revolution in Russia:

“The Revolution was successful, in that the Bolsheviks man­aged to consolidate state power. However, this was only after years of civil war, aided and abetted in the most brutal manner by the imperial powers, mainly Great Britain and the United States.”

Although the revolution, the economist writes, was not successful in consolidating the Soviet power and building a working class society, great gains were “made for the work­ers and peasants of Russia, and after the Second World War for the countries in the Soviet bloc. Guaranteed employment, excellent education and healthcare, run by the state and free of charge, subsidised rent and food, exceptional art, literature, music, and science, and a considerable erosion of patriarchy are some of the Revolution’s major achievements, not to mention its primary responsibility for the defeat of the Nazis in the Second World War.”

Regarding the question of the absence of success in some areas by the revolution in Russia, Lenin’s observation should be mentioned: 

“[W]e have sustained the greatest number of reverses and have made most mistakes. How could anyone expect that a task so new to the world could be begun without reverses and without mistakes! [[iii]

Michael Yates cites socialist revolutions in China, Vietnam, and Cuba as achievements of the working class. In China and Vietnam, Professor Michael Yates writes, “great improvements were made in schooling, health, and overall social welfare for the masses of people. Cuba’s Revolution has made tre­mendous advances in the lives of the people. Education, healthcare, organic farming, urban agriculture, and medical research in Cuba are world class. Progress against racism, patriarchy, and homophobia in the country is also remarkable.”

Cuba is spectacular in terms of time. Cuba is unprecedented in terms of political atmosphere. Cuba is exemplary in terms of the existing world order. Why? Anyone can ask. Russia and China are vast landmasses, are rich with huge natural resources. China had Soviet Russia on its back. Cuba had nothing of those. Cuba is still braving an imperialist economic blockade. Cuba is encountering a hostile world market. Moreover, Cuba is at a stone’s throw distance from the most powerful imperialist power. In addition to these, Cuba was standing alone during the time – the time of Gorbachev. It was a time of betrayal. It was a time of setbacks. It was a time of fallen “heroes.” It was a time when survival was a success. Cuba stood bravely. Cuba stood with the Red Flag. Cuba not only strode the current, but also made achievements with its political process – a form of democracy with people’s participation. 

It’s striking performance by ordinary people with the Red Banner, the colour of the exploited. In the history of the world, no other class has survived and performed at this level within such a hostile world environment. And, Cuba is referenced not to belittle revolutions in Russia and China, but to highlight the sense of dignity, courage, tenacity and achievements of the working class.

The chapter of the book begins with a reference to a 2016-general strike by the workers in India: the largest such a strike in the world. About 180 million workers in every Indian state, in all sectors and in nearly every occupation, walked out. Tens of millions of women struck.

The chapter reminds with a modest tone: “Nothing remotely similar could take place in today’s United States, or in any rich capitalist country.” 

This is a fact of working class life, which in many terms depends on capital, making the struggle, and gains and setbacks uneven, almost unpredictable. “And yet, from capitalism’s birth centuries ago, those harmed most by its imperatives have resisted. Their defeats have been many, their victories too few”, says Michael Yates in the chapter that takes an account of gains and losses. Hence, the labour educator says: 

“[The working class through] their struggles have changed the world. Peasants have resisted with their own organised violence the expropriation of their farms and common lands. Wage workers, including those unemployed, have marched, picketed, boycotted, struck, sat-in, sabotaged, stole and destroyed their employers’ materials, and petitioned governments. They have contested capital’s power in every institution of their societies, from schools to media to religion. There have been times when both peasants and workers have engaged in armed battle with both capitalists and governments. In a few cases, alliances of workers and peasants made revolutions – in Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam. Women were critical in all these alliances.”

No other class has struggled so much, has paid so much. And, all these struggles, all these payments – supreme sacrifices in innumerable numbers – were for the entire humanity, for freeing humanity from the clutches of capital, the most barbaric and brutal force human history has encountered. This is a major gain in this world, which demands a radical change.

Michael Yates writes: “Unions are a universal response of the working class to capital’s oppression. [….] Not only do they win higher wages [and] benefits […], unions also weaken the control employers have over hiring, promotion, layoffs, discipline, the introduction of machin­ery, the pace of work, and plant closings.” This is no less important gain for the working class. 

Citing data, he discusses unionisation/union density and its positive impact in countries across the Americas, Europe, and in many countries in the global South. He says: “Three critical functions of labour unions are that they give work­ers a voice on the job, guarantee due process, and educate their members about a wide variety of important subjects.”

The labour economist, one of his many duties, recollects, “I have had personal experience as a labour arbitrator, and on more than one occasion I reinstated a fired employee, with full back pay, after determining that the company had wrongfully dis­charged him.” Hence, one of the gains by the working class: “Every year, unions win thousands of arbitrations”. On the global scale, in struggles against the world capital, the total number of arbitrations won is huge, which is not a negligible achievement by a class in chains.

One of the achievements of the working class is told in mainstream literature as it refers to an argument: “[A]t a crucial moment in history– the period between WWI and WWII and then in the early post-war years – in some countries, […] the labour movement and its political allies were able […] to force capital into a historical compromise, whereby labour accepted the capitalist organisation of the economy, but in exchange obtained not only a recognition of its prerogatives as labour market intermediary […], but also protection against all sorts of social risks, and a growing expansion of social rights.”[[iv]] This tells of an achievement and of an unfinished war.

For union organisers, the chapter presents, in brief, a good lesson, as it says:

“The formation of a union is a collective effort, and engaging in it, confronting the boss, is bound to make workers think about what they have done and what they hope to achieve. That is, labour unions are bound to raise the consciousness of those who form them. At the same time, labour organisers always try to educate prospective members, and the union itself provides educational materials and may even have developed more formal educational programmes for the rank and file. The best unions insist that new members learn the history of the union, the provisions of the relevant labour laws, the political platform of the union, and the details of bargaining and filing grievances. They might have special meetings, short courses, and longer schooling opportunities for the rank and file. Good unions also work hard to involve members in every facet of union work. Active participation in grievances, strikes, picket­ing, boycotting, and political agitation helps to further strengthen working-class consciousness, making workers stronger in their convictions and willing to live the precept that an injury to one is an injury to all. A working-class way of looking at the world begins to take shape, and this prepares workers for whatever struggles ensue during their lives.”

This is absent in many unions, especially in many countries dominated by lumpenocracy in the global South. In these economies, dominating capital engages hoodlums to organise/control unions. At the same time, a group of non-governmental organisations, on behalf of capital, organises “unions” – a trick with workers, and a bitter reality made possible by a vacuum of revolutionary working class politics and unionisation. In some cases, organisations with medieval ideology organise “unions” in countries. In other cases, a group of big unions from the global North organises “unions” in the countries of the global South with the purpose of taming the working class. In all these mal-efforts, huge money is spent, employees with a fat salary are engaged, and ludicrous foreign trips for these employees, the so-called “union organisers”, are organised. All these efforts forget the slogan of class struggle, shy away from imparting lesson of class politics. It’s an area, where the working class faces one of its unfinished wars.

Burning examples of working class initiatives are, among many, in the landless peasantry’s fights in Brazil, and in Shankar Guha Niyogi’s heroic struggles in India. 

Niyogi, the martyr from the rank of the working class, initiated a struggle while adventurism was taking a high toll. Shankar Guha Niyogi was the founder of the Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha, a labour union in Chhattisgarh. After the formation of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (CPI (M-L)) on 22 April 1969, he was associated with the CPI (M-L) for some time. However, CPI (M-L)’s failure to adapt Niyogi’s mass line-based activities to the party line of boycott of mass line and mass organisations led to his expulsion from the party. He went underground and began taking his ideas and method of work to the ordinary workers through a Hindi weekly, which he named Sphulinga (Spark), inspired by Lenin’s Iskra. He continued the work of organising the people through movements, e.g. movement for the construction of the Daihan dam, movement of the peasants of Balod for irrigation water, movement of the adivasis (indigenous people) against the construction of the Mongra dam. 

Unions organised by Niyogi include Chhattisgarh Mines Shramik Sangh, whose red-green flag carried the message: red for workers’ self-sacrifice and green for the peasantry. The first struggle of miners under Niyogi’s leadership was a struggle for dignity: do not obey the agreement signed by the leaders, lackeys of factory management. Many struggles by the workers, police atrocities, martyrs, and victories by the workers are marks of struggles led by Niyogi. Unique forms of struggles, organising cultural activities, and establishing athletic clubs, schools and hospital – Shaheed (Martyr) Hospital – for the workers are signatures of his struggle and organisation. On 28 September 1991, assassins hired by class enemies – capitalists – murdered Niyogi, a comrade to follow.       

One important section of the chapter is on labour politics. In this section, Michael Yates writes: 

“[U]nions […] sooner or later they must confront government. The state, at every level, is intertwined with capital, labour’s primary adversary. [….] The largest and most powerful states have virtually unlimited taxing and spending power. Governments make and enforce laws; they have the only legitimate (in the sense of being formally legal) police power. The courts ultimately determine the meaning of the laws. Important components of government regulate a wide array of activities and groups of workers that might concern business […] The state has the power to regulate and influence financial markets […] States wage wars. No matter what the government does, capital exerts its economic power to limit tax liabilities and receive as much public spending as pos­sible, to influence the selection of judges, or to counter anything that challenges its social power. Given all of this, unions have little choice but to be politically engaged.”

The chapter cites an example: “Unions have embraced a range of political programmes and phi­losophies.” It presents a brief history of the labour politics in the US. At the same time, it says: “Around the world, some working-class entities opposed active involvement in what we might call bourgeois politics.” 

Instead of being engaged with bourgeois politics, the working class is to get engaged with politics of its class that crosses all divisive lines of colour, caste, and creed, if the class has to complete its unfinished war, a commitment to the humanity.

Struggles, achievements, and the unfinished war of the working class declare its position, as Lenin said:

“We have made the start. When, at what date and time, and the proletarians of which nation will complete this process is not important. The important thing is that the ice has been broken; the road is open, the way has been shown. [….]

“[W]e have begun it. We shall continue it. […]

“We shall go through the whole ‘course’, although the present state of world economics and world politics has made that course much longer and much more difficult than we would have liked. No matter at what cost, no matter how severe the hardships of the transition period may be – despite disaster, famine, and ruin – we shall not flinch; we shall triumphantly carry our cause to its goal. (op. cit.)


* Farooque Chowdhury writes from Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

* Note: This is part five of a seven-part series review of Can the Working Class Change the World?.


[i]“Declaration of Rights of the Working and Exploited People”, V I Lenin, Collected Works, vol. 26, Progress Publishers, Moscow, erstwhile USSR, 1972

[ii]Farooque Chowdhury, “The Great October Revolution: Declaration of Rights of the Working and Exploited People”,

[iii]“Fourth anniversary of the October Revolution”, Collected Works, vol. 33, Progress Publishers, 1976

[iv]Lucio Baccaro, “Labor, Globalization and Inequality: Are Trade Unions Still Redistributive?”, International Institute for Labor Studies, ILO, discussion paper, DP/192/2008, Geneva, 2008

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          Fuerteventura.- Coalición Canaria completa la candidatura de Tuineje que encabeza Candelaria Umpiérrez      Cache   Translate Page      

El Comité Político Local de Coalición Canaria de Tuineje respaldó esta noche la composición de la candidatura al Ayuntamiento en la próximas elecciones de mayo, que encabezaCandelaria Umpiérrez. Se completa de esta manera la totalidad de las listas a ayuntamientos y Cabildo de Fuerteventura.

Candelaria Umpiérrez agradeció la participación de todos los compañeros y subrayó que “hemos conseguido elaborar la mejor candidatura, con gente implicada y dispuesta a trabajar de forma incansable por mejorar el municipio y las condiciones de de vida de sus vecinos”.
Adelantó que “ya estamos inmersos en la elaboración del programa electoral junto a vecinos y colectivos sociales que no están haciendo muchas aportaciones. Muchas gracias a todos por sus planteamientos. Con la energía y las ganas de este equipo lo vamos a conseguir”, indicó Candelaria Umpiérrez..
La candidatura de Coalición Canaria al Ayuntamiento de Tuineje quedó conformada de la siguiente manera:
1. Candi Umpiérrez; 2. Pedro Cabrera; 3. Carmen Rita Oramas; 4. Martín Cano; 5. Yeray Hernández; 6. Jonathan Peña; 7. Carmen María Rodríguez; 8. Felipe Pérez; 9. José David Herrera; 10. Teresa López; 11. Killian Rodríquez; 12. Gerardo Mesa; 13. Merche García; 14. Nino Saavedra;15. Noelia Sosa; 16. Rita Hernández Cubas; y17. Maria del Carmen Martín Morillo.

          ETECSA informa sobre cambios en el prefijo de salida para llamadas Internacionales      Cache   Translate Page      
A partir del 25 de mayo del 2019, la Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A., ETECSA, implementará en todo el país el código de acceso 00 para la Teleselección Internacional y 012 para el acceso a la Operadora Internacional. Estos cambios corresponden al Plan Nacional de Numeración que la empresa desarrolla desde hace varios años.
          Department Press Briefings : Department Press Briefing - March 12, 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
Robert Palladino
Deputy Spokesperson
Department Press Briefing
Washington, DC
March 12, 2019

Index for Today's Briefing
  • IRAN
  • IRAQ
  • IRAN


    2:42 p.m. EDT

    MR PALLADINO: Good afternoon, everybody.

    QUESTION: Good afternoon.

    MR PALLADINO: Afternoon. At the top today, we are privileged to have with us our Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams. He’ll be – make a few remarks and be willing to take some questions. At the conclusion of the briefing, we also have some subject matter experts from our Bureau of Consular Affairs. If there are additional questions on matters pertaining to American citizens that you’d like to dive into a little bit, we’ll make them available as well.

    QUESTION: American citizens anywhere or in Venezuela?

    MR PALLADINO: We’re talking – that’s for Venezuela we’re talking about today. Okay? Great. Mr. Abrams, thanks.

    QUESTION: Then you’re going to --

    MR PALLADINO: We have a normal briefing as well.

    MR ABRAMS: Thank you. Happy to be here for my daily briefing. (Laughter.)

    QUESTION: You are becoming quite a fixture up there.

    QUESTION: You’re setting a good example.

    MR ABRAMS: Oh.

    QUESTION: There may be an opening for a spokesman. (Laughter.)

    MR ABRAMS: I wouldn’t touch that with a 20-foot pole. (Laughter.)

    On January 23rd and January 24th, we announced and began a process of bringing back to the United States the great majority of Americans who work at the U.S. embassy in Caracas. The decision announced yesterday is, in a sense, a follow-on to that initial decision and is the product of the same considerations for the conditions in Caracas, which make it so difficult to continue keeping the embassy staffed there, and for the general situation in Caracas.

    If you think back, it’s only six weeks ago, but the situation in Caracas has deteriorated very considerably in that period and especially in the last few days since the blackouts began on Friday. So the Secretary made that decision.

    You may have seen the interviews he did this morning. I’ll just read one paragraph: “We made the decision yesterday that it just was prudent to get these folks back. The situation there is deteriorating. The Maduro regime’s horrific leadership over the last year[s] has just made life there so difficult, it began to make it more difficult for the United States to take the actions that it needed to do to support the Venezuelan people. So we concluded this was simply the right step to take,” and it “was the right time to take it.”

    I should say that this does not represent any change in U.S. policy toward Venezuela nor does it represent any reduction in the commitment we have to the people of Venezuela and to their struggle for democracy. You will see very soon a significant number of additional visa revocations. You will see in the coming days some very significant additional sanctions and the international group, of which we are a part – that includes most EU countries, the Lima Group, Canada, the U.S. – continues to do its work.

    Why don’t I stop there and we’ll take some questions.

    MR PALLADINO: We’ll start with Associated Press.

    QUESTION: Thanks. I’m curious to know what the Secretary meant by saying that the presence of – continued presence of any American diplomats in Caracas was a constraint on policy. He didn’t quite explain. What exactly did their presence constrain, number one?

    Number two, you talked about the blackouts and all this kind of thing, but presumably there are no family members there. It was very, very – only a handful of staffers still at the embassy. Presumably, they have generators, right?

    MR ABRAMS: Generators require fuel, the embassy requires water.

    QUESTION: Okay.

    MR ABRAMS: The embassy’s own situation also had a – let’s say a finite number of days.

    QUESTION: Okay. All right. So can you explain what exactly the constraint was on – what kinds of policies were being constrained by the presence --

    MR ABRAMS: Well, I don’t --

    QUESTION: Especially because yesterday, the Secretary said that – when he was asked about support for – U.S. support for Juan Guaido, said that as long as our team is on the ground in Caracas, you’d continue to provide the same kinds of support that you do. Well, now that’s gone or very soon will be gone, so I don’t understand how these – those mesh.

    MR ABRAMS: Well, we will – we will – obviously it makes it more difficult to meet with all Venezuelans when the – we – when the team is not on the ground. I’m kind of reluctant to sort of try to parse the Secretary’s words, but let me just say that in every decision we made – every decision, decisions on diplomatic activities, on visas, on sanctions – the safety of that staff was a key consideration. And that was something that weighed very heavily on our mind every day, literally every day. So I think that’s – I think that was what the Secretary was referring to, and I’ll just leave it at that.

    QUESTION: Okay, but when you said it doesn’t reflect a change in policy --

    MR ABRAMS: No.

    QUESTION: -- it means that it was not intended to be some kind of hint or harbinger of military intervention or some kind of use of force?

    MR ABRAMS: Nothing has changed. We continue to say, because it is true, all options are on the table.

    QUESTION: But?

    MR ABRAMS: But they did not change yesterday.

    MR PALLADINO: There we go. Let’s go Michelle, CNN.

    QUESTION: So just hours before this statement came out from the Secretary we heard from the Secretary on Venezuela and he made no mention of the need to get people out. In fact, he really didn’t talk about U.S. people at the embassy there. So what changed between the time we spoke to him and close to midnight when he put this out?

    MR ABRAMS: He made his final decision. We have been talking about this literally – literally – every day. I’ve only been here six weeks, but that was right after the decision to move most of the people from the embassy back to the United States. We have had daily phone calls, daily meetings about this question, been before the Secretary, and he made his decision.

    QUESTION: And then that line that Matt mentioned, “constraint on U.S. policy” – that reads like a threat. I mean, it’s obviously curious. So should Maduro see that line as a threat?

    MR ABRAMS: I can only repeat what the President has said: All options are always on the table.

    MR PALLADINO: Let’s go to AFP.

    QUESTION: Yes. Just to – thank you. Just to follow on on this constraint thing, is there a link between the decision of withdrawing all the diplomats and some actions you might want to take to make sure the aid, which is at the border, come inside Venezuela?

    MR ABRAMS: No.

    MR PALLADINO: Reuters.

    QUESTION: Hello, Mr. Abrams. Two questions. One is: Who do you leave the embassy to? Do you appoint a protective power? What happens to the embassy, how do you ensure, number one.

    MR ABRAMS: Right.

    QUESTION: Number two: We understand that the decision was made because the talks with the Venezuelans collapsed late yesterday and that that – this is according to the Venezuelans – that’s what led to this. Did you – did the U.S. get any kind of direct threat from Maduro’s government that something was going to happen?

    MR ABRAMS: On the first part, normally we would get a protecting power, and that is, I think, what we’ll do here, and we are in discussions now about that. What will happen to the embassy grounds, the embassy physically, let’s say, is something that we then discuss with the protecting power, with potential protecting powers. So we don’t have a final answer on that, and when we do we’ll announce it.

    On the regime, you know on --

    QUESTION: Are you in discussions with other countries to – as to who will be the protecting power?

    MR ABRAMS: Yes. We are in discussions.

    QUESTION: But it hasn’t been decided who?

    MR ABRAMS: Right. About – we are trying to decide on a protecting power. January 23rd, the Secretary said the United States does not recognize the Maduro regime as the government of Venezuela. Accordingly, the United States does not consider former President Nicolas Maduro to have the legal authority to break diplomatic relations with the United States or to declare our diplomats persona non grata. So from our point of view, the regime cannot make a decision about whether we stay or go. And as a matter of fact, the National Assembly yesterday said we have the legal authority to stay, and they are the legitimate government of Venezuela. But the regime also cannot, in our view, provide security for the embassy, and the situation in Caracas is deteriorating. So our decision was made really fundamentally without regard to what the regime wants or thinks.

    MR PALLADINO: Let’s go with Los Angeles Times.

    QUESTION: Thank you. Just to follow on Lesley, so there were talks going on between the Venezuelans and you guys about creating an interest section or something like that and then the Venezuelans gave you 72 hours to leave. Is that not true?

    MR ABRAMS: No, we have had – as you know, we’ve talked about this before. I have – I had a couple of meetings with the de facto regime Foreign Minister Arreaza. And those meetings were essentially about exactly this. So this subject has been out there for a long time. But we made a decision at one point, and you talked about it here – I’ve certainly talked about it in public – that an interest section was really not appropriate. You do an interest section where there is no government that you consider legitimate. There is a legitimate government in Venezuela, from our point of view. Maybe that would have satisfied some demands of the regime, but it was not something that the Untied States was going to do. So that really was off the table.

    QUESTION: And 72 hours? The deadline?

    MR ABRAMS: Well, as I said, we do not believe the regime, on the one hand, has the ability to tell us when to leave, on the other hand, doesn’t have the ability to protect us if we stay.

    MR PALLADINO: Let’s go to Washington Post.

    QUESTION: Mr. Abrams, the Maduro government’s attorney general announced that Juan Guaido is going to be investigated for – on suspicion of sabotage in the blackout. Does the departure of the U.S. diplomats put him in a weaker position at all, at a time when he would seem to be under greater threat?

    MR ABRAMS: First, we’ve seen that as well, and it’s a threat against Interim President Guaido. They have made such threats before. They’ve talked about going after him on one basis or another, and we also know that the supreme court, the TSJ, has essentially been packed by the regime. So that’s a – that report is of real concern. I don’t think the regime is going to base its decision on that, on our presence or absence, any more than it made the decision on whether to arrest him upon his return on the basis of whether we were there or not there. I think it’s largely a matter of how they think the public, the Venezuelan public, will react.

    QUESTION: You have any warnings to the government or any message to them?

    MR ABRAMS: We have --

    QUESTION: Should they be contemplating arresting him on this?

    MR ABRAMS: I think – I hope they’re aware of the fact that there are 54 countries, some important countries, that consider Juan Guaido to be the legitimate interim president of Venezuela. And I think not only we but the other 53 will react immediately. There are a number of diplomatic and financial and economic steps that governments can take. We’ve taken many of them; other countries haven’t. I would think that the arrest, incarceration of Juan Guaido would lead a lot of countries to react very quickly.

    MR PALLADINO: Let’s go to EFE.

    QUESTION: Thank you. I want to ask you a question about the possible scenario of the Maduro government collapses. The Spain’s foreign minister today said that the U.S. asked Spain to receive Venezuelan ministers loyal to Maduro in case the Venezuelan Government collapses. So I wanted to ask you if the U.S. has actually made this petition to Spain, and what were the terms in which these petitions were made?

    MR ABRAMS: This is an old discussion. When I was assistant secretary of state for Latin America, and there were a lot of military regimes, the question of what to do with dictators arose, and it was actually Felipe Gonzalez, who was prime minister at the time, who said maybe Spain can help by taking some of these people. We’ve had some conversations with Spain. I wouldn’t say we made a request, they made an answer. We have certainly had conversations. We’ve had them with a couple of other places too, because this question may arise, and we have talked about off-ramps and we have talked about wanting some of the regime officials to leave the country as part of a transition.

    So the question therefore obviously arises: well, where would they go? And they may prefer to go to Cuba or Russia, but there are other places, and so that is a conversation we’ll continue to have. Unfortunately, none of the people at the top of the regime have yet made that decision, the decision that they should make. And as we’ve said before, we are willing to help them out in those circumstances.

    QUESTION: Can I ask a follow-up of – on that? You mentioned that they’re – the U.S. Government with Spain and a couple other places. Which ones are these other --

    MR ABRAMS: I’m not going to say, because it has not been as public as it has in the case of Spain.

    QUESTION: Thank you.

    MR PALLADINO: Let’s go to Washington Times.

    QUESTION: Thanks for coming out to talk with us. Big picture question regarding all the – all of the options on the table. Can you discuss the military option for a minute? And specifically, has the administration asked the Pentagon to draw up such an option? And assuming that it has, are you satisfied with the option that the Pentagon has, which is headed by an interim defense secretary, provided at this point?

    QUESTION: He’s a legitimate interim defense secretary. (Laughter.)

    MR ABRAMS: The President has said all options are the table. They are. Further than that it would be foolish for me to go, and I’m not going to do it.

    MR PALLADINO: Bloomberg.

    QUESTION: Mr. Abrams, can you talk a little bit more about the finite resources that the embassy is facing? I mean, it seems to be a suggestion that they’re running out of fuel and water. What were the constraints on the embassy?

    MR ABRAMS: It’s a difficult situation for the embassy. It’s a difficult situation for Venezuelans, of course, far more. I don’t believe the embassy is at this point connected to any water system. So there’s a question of how would you get fresh water. Obviously, there are continuing blackouts on and off. So the question then is: How are your generators working, and do you have enough fuel? There’s also a question of communications. If there’s no electricity, there are no communications, which obviously speaks immediately to the safety of our people.

    So the deterioration of the general situation in Caracas doesn’t affect the embassy exactly as it effects Venezuelans, but it does affect the embassy.

    QUESTION: But were you – was there any concern that there was some new or imminent security threat that the embassy might be overrun, that the Maduro regime was unable or unwilling to provide or to guarantee security?

    MR ABRAMS: We do not think that the regime is really able to provide security, and I would note that in his most recent public statement, former President Maduro spoke about calling upon the colectivos to come forward. Now, that – that’s calling for armed gangs to take over the streets, and it is obviously going to be a great worry to Venezuelans, but we noted it.

    QUESTION: I’m sorry, was that part of the – was that the deciding factor?

    MR ABRAMS: That – actually, that statement by Maduro came today. So it was not part of the decision. But the background was – and as you know, they’ve been using colectivos more in Caracas, along the borders. Perhaps it is a sign of Maduro’s lack of confidence in his own security forces. But it is by definition a breakdown of law and order.

    MR PALLADINO: Let’s go Wall Street Journal.

    QUESTION: Thank you. You said that the decision to remove embassy personnel doesn’t represent a policy change by the United States, but you have acknowledged that it would make it more difficult to meet with Venezuelans, both the Maduro regime and the Guaido government. So functionally, how is the U.S. going to proceed without an embassy staff on the ground? Are you just – are you going to remove them to nearby countries? Are they coming back to the States? What is the plan?

    MR ABRAMS: Who to nearby countries? The Americans?

    QUESTION: Yes.

    MR ABRAMS: The Americans will come back here to Washington, which is what the much larger group of Americans from the embassy in January did. I am very – I am one of the beneficiaries of this, because my team is made up in great part of people from Embassy Caracas, and the WHA team on Venezuela was also greatly enriched by their presence. Now, obviously people in the summer will go on to whatever forward assignments they had.

    We will – as I said, it’ll be harder, because we’re not going to be able to do the face-to-face meetings we were doing. Admittedly, we were not able to do a lot of face-to-face meetings because the embassy staff had become quite small. But it wasn’t – so it will be something that we’re going to have to try to accomplish outside of Venezuela or by telephone or by emails and other forms of communication.

    QUESTION: And are you able to give us even just rough estimates of the number of people we’re talking about?

    MR ABRAMS: No, we – I’m told we just – by the Diplomatic Security people we just don’t do that.

    MR PALLADINO: Let’s go to Fox.

    QUESTION: At the top you said that significant sanctions would be coming in the coming days. Can you elaborate a little bit on that? Are they targeting financial institutions or country-specific? The Secretary said yesterday a handful of nations are providing aid and comfort to the Maduro regime.

    MR ABRAMS: Well, we did, you know, Friday sanction a Russian-Venezuelan bank, one that was basically 50/50 owned by Russian and Venezuelan state institutions. There will be more sanctions of financial institutions – I think I would leave it at that – and more visa revocations coming very soon.

    QUESTION: Like today?

    MR ABRAMS: Possible. Possible.

    QUESTION: How about Turkey?

    MR PALLADINO: No, no Turkey. Voice of America, please.

    QUESTION: Well, Turkey and Venezuela is actually a thing.

    QUESTION: Yes.

    MR PALLADINO: Turkey and Venezuela. Okay.

    QUESTION: Yes, that’s what I – that’s what I mean.

    MR PALLADINO: Go ahead, Laurie. Okay, go ahead.

    QUESTION: Thank you. To follow up on this question, Turkey’s support for – is prominent among those countries supporting the Maduro regime, including through the gold trade. What – do you have a comment on that and are you considering the possibility of secondary sanctions?

    MR ABRAMS: Well, those are two different questions. We – Turkey’s support for the Maduro regime obviously is completely contrary to U.S. policy and very unhelpful, and we will continue to take a look at the ways in which that support takes place, and in the context of sanctions by Treasury. Maybe I should leave it at that.

    MR PALLADINO: Okay, fair enough. Voice of America.

    QUESTION: Thank you. So a follow-up on Nick’s question. Is yesterday’s sanction against the bank based in Russia a secondary sanction? And is it the beginning of more sanctions against foreign financial institutions? That’s number one, and number two: Can you please give us a sense if there is any diplomatic effort to bring China on board? Thank you.

    MR ABRAMS: The bank – the sanctions of Friday on the Russian-Venezuelan bank were not secondary sanctions. We have not done any secondary sanctions. The – we will continue to make efforts to bring China aboard. We have told – in various places have told the Chinese that we think if their concern is in essence getting their money back, they’ll never get it back from the bankrupt Maduro regime and from a basically destroyed Venezuelan economy. As the Secretary explained yesterday, the only way they’ll get it back is when Venezuela returns to prosperity, which it won’t do under Nicolas Maduro. Obviously they haven’t changed their policy yet, but we will continue to talk about that.

    QUESTION: Will they be subject to potential sanction?

    MR ABRAMS: Well, we have not done secondary sanctions. That’s always one of the options on the table.

    MR PALLADINO: Last one. Let’s – someone new. (Off-mike.)

    QUESTION: Really?

    QUESTION: NTN24, Emiliana Molina, Mr. Abrams. So removing U.S. diplomats and bringing them back to D.C., is this perhaps a show of lack of confidence from the U.S. in Juan Guaido’s government to restore democracy, and what does this mean for his government? Some experts are saying that this looks bad for Guaido.

    MR ABRAMS: It certainly is not a display of any lack of confidence in him. The fact is that today the regime has the guns. The National Assembly and Interim President Guaido are trying, through exclusively peaceful means, to bring democracy back to Venezuela, and that is obviously something we and dozens of other countries support. It is a reflection of the deterioration that we see on the ground in Venezuela, and it is in essence a follow-up to the major part of the decision, which was made on January 24th, to take most of the embassy staff. It’s – we left a few people there, not many, but it’s really the same logic. Our support for Interim President Guaido is absolutely undiminished, and I think, more importantly, the support of the Venezuelan people for him is undiminished.

    MR PALLADINO: Perfect. All right.

    MR ABRAMS: Okay.

    MR PALLADINO: Mr. Abrams, thank you very much.

    QUESTION: Thank you.

    MR ABRAMS: Thank you. Should I say see you tomorrow?

    MR PALLADINO: Yeah. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. (Laughter.)

    QUESTION: Or later this afternoon. (Laughter.)

    QUESTION: Robert, are some of these experts (inaudible)?

    MR PALLADINO: Some of our subject matter experts remain in the room, and so let’s get through some of our other issues today and then I’d be happy to make them available if you’ve got some specific questions that you’d like to ask on the subject of consular services in Venezuela, okay?

    QUESTION: You’re going to make them sit through the whole press briefing?

    MR PALLADINO: I’m going to apologize in advance. You are going to have to listen to some other things, it’s true, so all right. Thank you. All right.

    Let’s start with this: We are outraged to hear reports that the Iranian regime sentenced Iranian human rights defender and women’s rights activist Nasrin Sotoudeh to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes. This sentence is beyond barbaric. Her alleged crime was advocating for Iranian women’s rights and for defending other Iranian women who were arrested by the regime for peacefully protesting the mandatory hijab law. Nasrin was sentenced in absentia without a fair trial by the notorious revolutionary court, which is led by Judge Moghiseh, an accused human rights violator.

    In addition, just this week, the regime cynically announced that as they enter the fifth decade of the Iranian Revolution, they would appoint Ebrahim Raisi, a man involved in mass summary executions of prisoners of conscience, as the head of the regime’s judiciary. The Iranian regime makes a mockery of the entire legal system in Iran, placing innocent people at the mercy of accused human rights violators. We condemn Nasrin’s sentence in the strongest possible terms and call on all of our partners and allies to speak out and demand the release of this courageous human rights defender and all those arbitrarily detained immediately. The Iranian people deserve a government that respects their legitimate demands and the human rights of all in Iran, not one that subjects them to prosecution in a justice system led by accused human rights violators.

    And we are pleased to have a group of teachers and students from Oakton, Virginia with us today. They’re in the back row. Welcome. They’re visiting the State Department as part of their history course and they are here to learn about American foreign policy. So welcome, we’re happy that you could join us, and – yeah, don’t ask questions. Perfect, all right. (Laughter.)

    Great. Questions?

    QUESTION: Yeah. Robert, I mean, this is going to be for the end. I would just like to know from the consular – roughly how many Americans or people, dual American citizens they estimate – I know that there’s no exact figure. You can never be exact, but like, is it tens of thousands, hundreds of – I mean, what’s the population? And how much of a difference is this going to be mean with – it was only a handful of people at the embassy in Caracas anyway, so there couldn’t – must have been very limited what they could do for people who needed assistance. So I mean, is – what’s the actual impact on that?

    And then more broadly on Venezuela, not for the CA people, although maybe: What is the – what’s the current standing of this debate over TPS or some other kind of – if that’s determined not to be applicable in this Venezuela situation, some other mechanism that would allow Venezuelans to stay in the U.S. beyond what Special Representative Abrams has spoken about, the 74,000 who are already in this asylum pipeline?

    MR PALLADINO: Regarding American citizens, I will defer on some of the more specifics on what we’re able to do to some of the folks that we have with us today, but we – I can say at the top that we will hold the Maduro regime directly responsible for the safety and welfare of United States citizens that are in Venezuela, and like our travel advisory says, we – U.S. citizens – U.S. citizens residing in or traveling in Venezuela should strongly consider departing Venezuela. That’s something we’ve said previously and something that we reiterate. We’re pursuing all possible possibilities to secure travel options for U.S. citizens, and we will be announcing additional information for foreign government partners in the days that follow. We continue to advise American citizens to avoid demonstrations and large gatherings and to monitor local media for updates.

    To repeat, the travel advisory in Venezuela remains the same, and that is Level Four, do not travel. And I’ll leave it at that.

    QUESTION: TPS or some other --

    MR PALLADINO: I don’t have any updates on that issue today. I don’t want to get ahead. It’s something that’s being looked at, I know, but I don’t have any information to --

    QUESTION: But what exactly is being looked at? Some alternate mechanism? Has it been – has it actually been decided at some – by – has it actually – has the administration actually decided that TPS in the case of Venezuela is not the right – is not the applicable vehicle or mechanism for --

    MR PALLADINO: I don’t have any policy announcements to make on that. It’s just something – I don’t have any policy announcements to make.

    QUESTION: I have a follow-up just – I don’t know if I didn’t hear properly. Are you saying you’re pursuing all options as to get U.S. citizens out of Venezuela?

    MR PALLADINO: No, no. That’s something we do to help facilitate, not --

    QUESTION: To facilitate.

    MR PALLADINO: Yes, there’s no – yes.

    QUESTION: Okay.

    MR PALLADINO: Okay. Correct.


    QUESTION: So with the situation deteriorating enough to now pull everybody out of the embassy, do you feel it necessary to put out additional information to all American citizens there, or do you feel like the “do not travel” sort of stands for itself?

    MR PALLADINO: Well, we routinely look at our travel information, and given that circumstances are changing, I would not think it – I would think – I would expect that additional information would be updated and provided in short order. I don’t think it’s going to change from Travel Four, that said, okay – from Level Four.

    QUESTION: Yeah, the advice that you – the advice that you last gave to – that you strongly, whatever that exact wording is, urge them to --

    MR PALLADINO: Yeah, “do not travel” was our – that’s our advice, okay?

    QUESTION: That’s – okay, that’s – but for those who are already there, I mean, the current language you said is, like, strongly suggest that they leave or something to that effect. Is that language from the alert going to be updated to, like, get out now?

    MR PALLADINO: That’s – I don’t want to preview what’s being done. It’s being looked at and reviewed, and in short order – safety of American citizens is one of the highest priorities of the State Department. It’s something that we are constantly reviewing, and as situations on the ground change, we review these things regularly and update them.


    QUESTION: Robert, after the American diplomats leave, will the local staff remain or will they – will they still be going into work and maybe protecting the property? And if not, will you be giving things like any remaining food and water that you have to them to take home, or can you tell me what --

    MR PALLADINO: I don’t have any additional information on that topic.

    (Inaudible.) Please, go ahead, Christina.

    QUESTION: Thanks. Can you give us – can you give us some guidance on when we might see the evacuation start? I’m hearing the end of the week. Does that sound about right? Is there an evacuation plan in the works? Can you give us, like, an update on where that is? Commercial? Are we going to send transports down?

    MR PALLADINO: We’re not going to get – the Secretary last night in his statement and tweet indicated this week, and we’re not going to get into details on when exactly or how exactly that will be transpiring.

    QUESTION: And just a follow-up, my colleagues asked a couple times but it wasn’t quite answered – Mr. Abrams didn’t quite answer the question when he was asked whether there had been some sort of new specific threat from the Maduro regime. He kept saying we don’t trust them to protect our diplomats, but can you say definitively, yes or no, if there had been some sort of new threat in the last couple hours that prompted this decision by the Secretary?

    MR PALLADINO: I have nothing beyond what Mr. Abrams said. I don’t.


    QUESTION: Did you accept the premise of her first question, which was that this is an evacuation, or did you just not --

    MR PALLADINO: This is – no. This is – I did not. This is – we’re withdrawing U.S. personnel.

    QUESTION: Right, but do you consider it to be an evacuation?


    QUESTION: Are you going in – is this Saigon ’75?

    MR PALLADINO: We’re withdrawing our personnel in an orderly fashion. The security of our people is paramount.

    Please. Said, please.

    QUESTION: Robert, thank you. Change topics. Okay.

    QUESTION: Could I just have one real quick question? Will the embassy be closed? Will that be the way to describe it? How would you describe --

    MR PALLADINO: I would not say it’s closed, no.

    QUESTION: How – when --

    MR PALLADINO: I would say – the legal status of the embassy – I would say we’re withdrawing from the embassy, but I believe closure is a matter of legality, and that’s not something that we have decided. So this is interim, I would say.

    QUESTION: One more on Venezuela?

    MR PALLADINO: Said, please go ahead.

    QUESTION: Yes, thank you. Changing topics, very quickly, Israel is set to deport the Human Rights Watch director for the West Bank because of a tweet, I guess. He’s a U.S. citizen. Are you aware of that? And what will you do to help him stay and conduct his job?

    MR PALLADINO: We are aware of those reports, and yes, the answer is --

    QUESTION: And what are you offering him? Aid? Help? Has he come – has he gone to the – not the consulate but the embassy?

    MR PALLADINO: I’m not aware of anything like that, Said.

    QUESTION: Okay. All right. Let me move on to another --

    QUESTION: Well, wait a second. Let’s stay.


    QUESTION: Just are you talking to the Israelis about this? Would you – or is it – is it that you come to the defense of American citizens any – in all countries except Israel?

    MR PALLADINO: That is not true. The United States has no greater --

    QUESTION: Okay. Well --

    MR PALLADINO: Let me finish – has no greater responsibility, priority than the safety of American citizens, the welfare of our citizens overseas. In this particular case, I’m not going to talk about specifics. But I can say, as a matter of general principle, we value freedom of expression, even in cases where we do not agree with the political views espoused, and I’ll stop there.

    QUESTION: Thank you.

    QUESTION: But did he --

    QUESTION: Okay, let me just follow-up --

    MR PALLADINO: Go ahead.

    QUESTION: -- on another issue on the Palestinian-Israeli issue. The government signed agreement, the Israeli Government, to build 23,000 housing units in occupied East Jerusalem. And also, there’s been such an uptick in settlements and so on. I know that you stick to your policy, but has there been – I mean, past administrations would issue concern from time to time, say, “We’re concerned about the acceleration of settlement building,” and so on. What is your position on this latest thing, since we haven’t heard anything from this administration on settlements?

    MR PALLADINO: The President has made his position on settlements clear. This is something we’ve talked about before. The Israeli Government has also made clear that its intent is to adopt a policy regarding settlement activity that takes into account the President’s concerns, that takes those into consideration. And that’s something that we welcome.

    QUESTION: And do you think that they have – I mean since this President’s been in office for the past two years, that they took his concern into consideration?

    MR PALLADINO: We welcome the Israeli Government’s decision to take the President’s views into consideration, and I would just reiterate what the President has said repeatedly, that the administration is committed to pursuing a comprehensive peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

    QUESTION: Robert?

    MR PALLADINO: Laurie.

    QUESTION: (Off-mike.)

    QUESTION: The Western press yesterday ran headlines like, “Iran’s Rouhani in Iraq for His Third Visit to Offset U.S. Sanctions.” Is it still your position that Iraq has to abide by the Iran sanctions?

    MR PALLADINO: As far as sanctions go, as you know, a waiver was granted to Iraq to allow it to continue to pay for its electricity imports from Iran. And that has helped Iraq limit electricity shortages in the south since the re-imposition of sanctions that took place in November. And we’re going to continue to discuss Iran-related sanctions with our partners in Iraq to ensure continued compliance. And finally, any decisions related to those sanctions waivers, they’re at the discretion of the Secretary of State, and I would leave it there.

    QUESTION: Robert?

    QUESTION: And there are two issues in specific. One has to do with banking and reports that Iraq and Iran will establish a joint bank, which will allow Iran to circumvent sanctions. And the second has to do with a railroad from Iran to Basra, which would allow Iran to send military supplies to its proxies in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. Is that compatible with your understanding of sanctions?

    MR PALLADINO: Laurie, I don’t have any information on these proposals that you’re identifying today, so I’m going to refrain from talking on them.

    QUESTION: Robert --

    QUESTION: (Off-mike.)

    MR PALLADINO: Yep. Let’s go --

    QUESTION: Could you give us your reaction, the U.S. reaction, on President Bouteflika of Algeria not to seek a fifth term but to stay – to postpone the election and to stay in power, at least until the end of the year and probably after that?

    MR PALLADINO: We support efforts in Algeria to chart a new path forward based on dialogue that reflects the will of all Algerians and their aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous future.

    QUESTION: That’s all?

    MR PALLADINO: Well, we respect the rights of the Algerians to assemble and peacefully express their views, and we’re closely monitoring reports that Algeria’s elections have been postponed. We support the right of the Algerian people to vote in a free and fair election, as we do around the world.

    QUESTION: You think it’s a good thing that he’s not seeking a fifth term?

    MR PALLADINO: We support efforts in Algeria to chart a new path forward, and I’ll leave it at that.

    QUESTION: Robert?

    QUESTION: Robert?

    MR PALLADINO: Please. Afghanistan.

    QUESTION: Ambassador Khalilzad tweeted a short while ago that they’re – the – the two parties agreed in – in draft to some sort of proposal on the U.S. withdrawal as well as the Taliban providing safe haven in Afghanistan to terror groups. Can you share any more details on what that draft looks like, whether it’s – there’s a timetable now on U.S. withdrawal?

    MR PALLADINO: I did see those tweets. Special Representative Khalilzad and a team representing agencies across the United States Government concluded today talks with the Taliban delegation in Doha, and that’s what he was tweeting about. These have been the most substantive talks with the Taliban to date. We’ve received reports back from Special Representative Khalilzad that they’ve had meaningful progress. The Taliban have agreed that peace will require both sides to fully address four core issues, and they are: counterterrorism assurances, troop withdrawal, intra-Afghan dialogue, and a comprehensive ceasefire.

    In this round of talks, we were able to move to agreement in draft on the first two principles – counterterrorism assurances and troop withdrawal. And when that agreement, in draft, is finalized, the Taliban and an inclusive Afghan negotiating team that includes the Afghan Government and other Afghans will begin intra-Afghan negotiations of a political settlement and comprehensive ceasefire.

    And I’d also add that Special Representative Khalilzad will be returning to Washington. He’ll be consulting with Secretary Pompeo as well as the interagency and also partner countries in this process. Much work remains to be done. As Special Representative Khalilzad has said before, “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.”

    QUESTION: So you can’t share any details then of what was agreed to in that draft?

    MR PALLADINO: I’m not going to be able to go into details on the results of the just concluded and ongoing talks.

    QUESTION: Robert?

    QUESTION: Robert?

    QUESTION: Second part of this though, as you said and as the ambassador tweeted, once this agreement in draft is finalized, then those intra-Afghan party talks will begin. Is that a commitment from the Taliban that they will engage, once this agreement is finalized, with the Afghan Government?

    MR PALLADINO: I’m not going to be able to go into more details on the agreement itself, because they’re private conversations, and we want to give the parties time to work things out and to work out these issues in private. But intra-Afghan dialogue that includes the Afghan Government as well as the Taliban and other Afghans encourages – is something that we’re very much focused on and remains part of what we’re pursuing.

    QUESTION: Can I ask you, on a separate topic, your statement at the beginning on Iran and the sentencing of a women’s rights activist: Why didn’t you issue a similar statement when Saudi Arabia arrested women rights activists there, including a State Department International Women of Courage Award winner, Samar Badawi?

    MR PALLADINO: We’ve – I mean, this particular case really was barbaric. Many others have spoken out on this as well. Thirty-eight – this is a – basically, a lawyer representing women clients that’s been sentenced to 38 years and 148 lashes. That kind of barbarism is something that must be called out.

    In regards to other countries, Secretary Pompeo – we’ve spoken about – we speak about human rights, frankly, when we engage – when we travel the world engaging partners, allies. We do this regularly. It’s something that we stand for. It’s something that we’ll continue to do.

    QUESTION: But why not do it from the podium in a similar fashion?

    MR PALLADINO: I’m not sure what specific case you’re referring to. We choose different ways to communicate our – to promote the value – human rights values. It’s something we’re going to continue to be outspoken about and we raise this regularly with all partners.

    Sure, Janne. Please, go ahead.

    QUESTION: Thank you very much, Robert. On South Korea, not North Korea this time.


    QUESTION: Okay. The – reported by the South Korean Channel A News, the former unification minister of South Korea, Jeong Se-hyun, said that the United States National Security Advisor John Bolton is a very unlucky person. I think the insulting language about John Bolton is a (inaudible) about – against the American people. How do U.S. react diplomatically?

    MR PALLADINO: Yeah, I haven’t seen that report and I’m – I have no reaction. Okay.

    QUESTION: Because he blaming about Hanoi talks, so John Bolton made the decisions break down this U.S.-North Korea summit. Can you find that out?

    MR PALLADINO: I would just say that the lead negotiator for the United States of America is the President of the United States, and that’s the President’s decision.

    QUESTION: Robert --

    QUESTION: That’s President’s decision. Okay. Thank you.

    QUESTION: Can I ask about the Ethiopian Airlines crash? It’s my understanding that Ethiopia has a lot of control over the investigation, at least at this point. Is the State Department working with Ethiopian authorities to make sure U.S. investigators have access to black boxes?

    MR PALLADINO: In response to the Government of Ethiopia’s request, we have sent a team from the United States National Transportation Safety Board. That includes the Federal Aviation Administration personnel as well. And they’re assisting in the investigation to determine the cause of death. Officials from the United States are also coordinating with INTERPOL and Ethiopian authorities in support of efforts to identify the remains of victims. These are some of the steps that the United States Government is taking to assist, and we – again, we extend our deepest condolences to all those families and the friends of those that lost their lives on that tragic accident.

    QUESTION: On Syria, Robert --

    MR PALLADINO: Please, right there.

    QUESTION: Thank you. If we can move to North Korea. Given the UN panel of experts’ findings on North Korea and sanctions, is the administration concerned that North – that the sanctions regime is not being enforced?

    MR PALLADINO: We made progress in Hanoi at the summit, and although we did not reach an agreement with North Korea, we were able to exchange detailed positions and to narrow the gap on a number of issues. Also made clear the United States expects complete denuclearization before sanctions relief. So I’d say that in response to your question, the United States and the international community have a shared understanding of what final, fully verified denuclearization entails, as well as meaningful progress, what that will constitute, what that goal looks like. And we remain ready to move forward. And I’ll leave it at that.

    QUESTION: Can I just follow quickly? Does the administration believe that there should be more economic pressure applied on North Korea?

    MR PALLADINO: We remain ready to engage North Korea. We are looking – I’m sorry, what was your question again? Increased? So we – our policy’s been explained many times; the President explained that these sanctions are the world’s sanctions and that they will be maintained until denuclearization is achieved. And I’ll leave it at that for now.

    Let’s go – last question. Michel, please.

    QUESTION: Yeah. You tweeted on Syria and building a statue of Hafez Assad in Daraa. Can you make the statement on camera, please?

    MR PALLADINO: I’m sorry, can you say it one more time, Michel?

    QUESTION: On Syria. You tweeted on building a statue of Hafez Assad in Daraa. Do you remember?

    MR PALLADINO: When was this?

    QUESTION: Before noon today.

    MR PALLADINO: Before noon. Of course. (Laughter.)

    QUESTION: If you can make the statement on camera, please.

    MR PALLADINO: (Laughter.) And what is your question? Help me establish --

    QUESTION: If you can make the statement on camera, please.

    MR PALLADINO: I need the tweet in front of me. (Laughter.)

    QUESTION: Okay. I will retweet it. You can --

    MR PALLADINO: All right, I’ll do it afterwards. If you want me to read the tweet, I’d be happy to do that. All right. All right.

    QUESTION: Quick question on Israel?

    MR PALLADINO: Shri, go ahead. Oh, I’m sorry, not Shri. Shri, go ahead. There’s your hand there.

    QUESTION: I wanted to know if you have an update on the exemption from Iran sanctions for India on oil purchases. It’s been six months since they were granted, and I think the foreign secretary is – Gokhale is scheduled to discuss them with his U.S. counterparts.

    And a second question: Is the U.S. concerned that China might block the UNSC 1267 listing request for Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar? Because Beijing made some comments yesterday that would suggest that China was potentially going to put a hold on it or block it.

    MR PALLADINO: As you point out, Foreign Secretary Gokhale is in town for high-level meetings this week at the State Department. He met with Secretary Pompeo yesterday. He’s got meetings at the White House, Department of Defense, as well as on Capitol Hill on a range of diplomatic and security issues.

    Regarding Masood Azhar, the United States and India work closely together on counterterrorism efforts, and that includes at the United Nations. And our views on Jaish-e-Mohammed and its founder are well known. JEM is a United Nations-designated terrorist group. Azhar is the founder and the leader of JEM, and he meets the criteria for designation by the United Nations. JEM has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks and is a threat to regional stability and peace.

    Now, the United Nations sanctions committee, their deliberations are confidential, and as such we don’t comment on specific matters, but we’ll continue to work with the sanctions committee to ensure that the designation list is updated and accurate.

    Regarding your specific question on China, I would say that the United States and China share a mutual interest in achieving regional stability and peace, and that a failure to designate Azhar would run counter to this goal.

    And with that, we’ll end.

    QUESTION: The National Security Advisor John Bolton welcomed the foreign – Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi. Do you have any readout of that?

    MR PALLADINO: The national security advisor works at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and I’d have to refer you to the White House for a readout on his call, but thanks. I don’t have a readout for you.

    (The briefing was concluded at 3:38 p.m.)

    The Office of Website Management, Bureau of Public Affairs, manages this site as a portal for information from the U.S. State Department.
    External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.

          This Chrome extension helps you ‘Tune’ out abusive internet comments      Cache   Translate Page      

A new Chrome extension from Jigsaw, an Alphabet incubator that builds software to help tackle global security challenges like online harassment and digital attacks, hopes to help you ‘tune’ out abusive comments online. Dubbed ‘Tune,’ the Chrome extension builds on the incubator’s ‘Perspective’ tech to hide toxic comments from popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube...

The post This Chrome extension helps you ‘Tune’ out abusive internet comments appeared first on MobileSyrup.

          Del Coworking a la generación de Sinergias Estratégicas      Cache   Translate Page      

La sostenibilidad de la economía del emprendimiento dinámico se ha potenciado por el desarrollo de centros de incubación de startups, centros de negocio, espacios de co-working y promoción de redes de ángeles inversionistas; todo ello, como una solución que encuentran los emprendedores a la hora de empezar su proyecto y dar continuidad en el tiempo. […]

La entrada Del Coworking a la generación de Sinergias Estratégicas se publicó primero en AcademyTic.

          Cuban-born & NYC-based Jazz Pianist & Composer Dayramir Gonzalez      Cache   Translate Page      
Welcome to a new edition of the Neon Jazz interview series with Cuban-born Jazz Pianist Dayramir Gonzalez  .. He was born and raised in Havana, Cuba and came into his own as a New York City based artist/composer with his 2018 U.S. debut “THE GRAND CONCOURSE”  This new cat on the scene has been hailed for his ‘monster technique’ and prolific creative range which melds rock, pop, jazz and Afro-Cuban stylings.  His father was Afro-Cuban jazz trumpeter, Fabian Gonzalez and a driving force and inspiration when he discovered the piano at the age of 8. He would eventually be accepted into Cuba’s famed National High School for the Arts (ENA) .. From there, the world of music was his to pursue .. He talked about this and so much more ..

Click here to listen to the interview.

Neon Jazz is a radio program airing since 2011. Hosted by Joe Dimino and Engineered by John Christopher in Kansas City, Missouri giving listeners a journey into one of America's finest inventions. Take a listen on KCXL (102.9 FM / 1140 AM) out of Liberty, MO. Listen to KCXL on Tunein Radio at You can now catch Neon Jazz on KOJH 104.7 FM out of the Mutual Musicians Foundation from Noon - 1 p.m. CST Monday-Friday at For all things Neon Jazz, visit

          Tropic Ocean Airways and Pacific Bound Yachts Partner on Historic Water Landing in Cuba      Cache   Translate Page      

A yacht transfer request made it possible for a seaplane landing in Cuba for the first time in over 60 years.

(PRWeb March 13, 2019)

Read the full story at

          Comment on Cuban Makes Case For G League Over NCAA by DXC      Cache   Translate Page      
Actually, those blue blood programs will be the big winners from the end of one and done. For them, it's always been a choice between two evils. Take them, and turn your program over to a new group of kids ever year (participating in sleazy and borderline criminal activities), or let them coalesce at other top schools. Coach K wouldn't take kids like this in any quantity for years, then did a 180, after watching UK have a near exclusive with top 10 players. Getting these kids out of the system is a cause for celebration for all of the blue blood programs. Maybe not Kentucky, although maybe just not Calipari.
          Comment on Cuban Makes Case For G League Over NCAA by DXC      Cache   Translate Page      
Cuban needs to keep up on the Federal prosecutions involving college BB recruiting. Truly elite prospects are getting more than 125K to be directed toward their current programs. It's meaningless after the next 2020 and 2021 HS classes.
          Boxeador espirituano en equipo Cuba a Copa Química de Halle      Cache   Translate Page      
Darieski Palmero, en los 60 kilogramos, integra la nómina de nueve púgiles cubanos que intervendrán en el certamen a celebrarse del 9 al 13 de abril, en Alemania
          Huntington Theatre Company Announces 2019 Breaking Ground Festival      Cache   Translate Page      

The Huntington Theatre Company's 2019 Breaking Ground festival of new plays will be held April 12 - 14, 2019 at the Huntington's home for new work, the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA. The festival is a vital part of the Huntington's new play development efforts and highlights the work of locally-based Huntington Playwriting Fellows and national writers in partnership with the Huntington. Over the last decade, Breaking Ground plays have gone on to appear at the Huntington as well as theatres in Boston, across the country, and internationally.

Readings are free and open to the public, though not to reviewing members of the press. Advance reservation is required. RSVP at

The three-day festival will include:

Saturday, April 13 at 8pm; South End / Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA

  • Deal Me Out written by MJ Halberstadt, directed by Rebecca Bradshaw
    Sunday, April 14 at 7pm; South End / Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA

Of this year's festival, Huntington Theatre Company's Director of New Work, Charles Haugland says, "The new plays in this year's Breaking Ground festival each highlight their playwright's distinct voice - from Brenda Withers' riotous and insightful send-up, to MJ Halberstadt's clever and surprising comedy, to Maurice Parent and Melinda Lopez's arresting look at education and identity. We look forward to showcasing these brilliant writers from the Boston community and to spending an evening in the company of each of their plays."

Breaking Ground is supported by The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust, the Harry Kondoleon Playwriting Fund, and the Stanford Calderwood Fund for New American Plays.


The Kritik

Written by Brenda Withers

Directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel

Friday, April 12 at 8pm

South End / Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA


In an imagined corner of 19th century Russia, a provincial theatre critic struggles to write his first honest review. A send-up and celebration of the theatre, the truth, and all things Chekhovian, The Kritik joyfully examines how candor, corruption, and community affect the creative process.

Brenda Withers is a playwright, actor, and founding member of the Harbor Stage Company on Cape Cod. Her plays include The Deer and the Antelope, Northside Hollow (with Jonathan Fielding), The Ding Dongs, and String Around My Finger, and have been developed and presented at places such as Portland Stage, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Urbanite Theatre, Amphibian Stage, and Gloucester Stage. Onstage she has appeared at theatres including Actors Theatre of Louisville, McCarter Theater Center, PS122, the Folger, and Hartford Stage. Her work has been awarded an Edgerton Award and the Clauder Prize, and she's enjoyed playwriting residencies with New Georges and the Camargo Foundation. She studied drama and religion at Dartmouth College.

Mr. Parent

Written by Melinda Lopez & Maurice E. Parent

Directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian

Saturday, April 13 at 8pm

South End / Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA


When an actor turns to teaching for a steady paycheck, he learns that it's less of a job and more of a constant, visceral reminder of one's own success and/or failure. Mr. Parent is a hilarious, joyful, and heartbreakingly honest peek into the kids, adults, and systems of the Boston Public Schools. Based on the real-life adventures of favorite Boston actor Maurice Parent, Mr. Parent asks, "What does it mean to show up for our kids - and ourselves?"

Melinda Lopez is the playwright-in-residence at the Huntington Theatre Company, a Huntington Playwriting Fellow, and is currently working on a new translation of Yerma to be produced by the Huntington May 31 - June 30, 2019. She is also developing a radio drama, Mariel, set in 2018 and 1980, during the Mariel Boatlift. She is the author of Mala, (ArtsEmerson, Guthrie Theatre, Huntington Theatre Company, Elliot Norton Award for Best New Play, Arts Impulse Award for Best Solo Performance: Emerson Stage) now available on Audible; Back the NIght (Boston Playwrights Theatre); Becoming Cuba (Huntington Theatre Company, North Coast Rep); and Sonia Flew (Elliot Norton Award, Huntington Theatre Company, and many others). Ser Cuba and Sonia Se Fue are available in Spanish translation and were presented at the 2018 National Theatre Festival in Camaguey, Cuba.

Ms. Lopez is one of the Mellon Foundation National Playwright Residents (at the Huntington) and a Mass Cultural Council Fellow in Dramatic Writing (2019), and is also an actress. She is active in providing humanitarian aid for the people of Cuba and was mentioned by President Obama in his speech to the Cuban and American people in 2016. Mayor Martin J. Walsh declared October 29, 2016 "Melinda Lopez Day in the city of Boston" in her honor.

Maurice Emmanuel Parent is a Boston-based actor, director, educator, and arts administrator with nearly 20 years of experience. He is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Front Porch Arts Collective, a professional, black-led theatre company committed to advancing racial equity in Boston through theatre. As an actor, Mr. Parent has performed across the nation and overseas, working with artists such as Leslie Uggams, Jonathan Groff, and director Liesl Tommy. In Boston he's performed on nearly every professional theatrical stage, winning two Elliot Norton Awards, three Independent Reviewers of New England Awards (IRNE), and one Arts Impulse Award. Mr. Parent's directorial debut Breath and Imagination was recently nominated for a 2019 IRNE Award. He has been an educator for 14 years, having spent nearly six years as a performing arts specialist in the Boston Public School system. Mr. Parent is currently a professor at Tufts University and Boston University, and is the 2018-2019 Monan Professor in Theatre Arts for Boston College.

Deal Me Out

Written by MJ Halberstadt

Directed by Rebecca Bradshaw

Sunday, April 14 at 7pm

South End / Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA


Before beginning their longstanding weekly board game night, a group of social outcasts sets out to kick out the friend who has been grating on their nerves. A play about what happens when friendships are at odds with firmly held beliefs, Deal Me Out has the risky conversations people are afraid of having.

MJ Halberstadt is a playwright and teacher, and can usually be found knitting geometric patterns on his couch in Brookline, MA. His work seeks humor within social commentary, often as it relates to LGBTQ stories and privilege. He is a 2017-19 Huntington Playwriting Fellow, recipient of the Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding New Script (The Launch Prize), commissioned playwright at SpeakEasy Stage, and adjunct professor of screenwriting at Emerson College. His work has been produced by Arctic Group, Bridge Repertory Theater, Fresh Ink Theater, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Pingree School, and others. He has received support from Assets 4 Artists, BU's Creative Writing Global Fellowship, Company One's PlayLab, Flat Earth Theatre, KCACTF, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Museum of Science Boston, and NOMTI. He is a Playmaker Emeritus of Bridge Repertory Theater, alumnus of Emerson College (BA) and Boston University (MFA), and a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, Inc. Learn more at


The Huntington Theatre Company is a national leader in the development of new plays and has produced 120 world, American, or New England premieres. The cornerstone of activity is the Huntington Playwriting Fellows (HPF) program, a two-year fellowship for selected local writers. A three-year, $245,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon foundation adds local playwright Melinda Lopez to the Huntington's full-time staff as playwright-in-residence. The annual two-week Summer Workshop and Breaking Ground Festival of new plays allows selected HPFs and national writers to develop their plays in two and three dimensions.

The Huntington Playwriting Fellows (HPF) program creates relationships between a local community of writers and a nationally prominent producing theatre, forges those bonds through authentic conversation and artistic collaboration, and encourages dialogue between local artists. Huntington productions of plays by HPFs include Sonia Flew, Becoming Cuba, and Mala by Melinda Lopez; Milk Like Sugar and Luck of the Irish by Kirsten Greenidge; A Guide for the Homesick by Ken Urban; The Atheist, Brendan, and The Second Girl by Ronan Noone; Stick Fly and Smart People by Lydia R. Diamond; Ryan Landry's "M" and Psyched by Ryan Landry; Before I Leave You by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro; The Cry of the Reed by Sinan Ünel; and Shakespeare's Actresses in America by Rebekah Maggor.

Since 2003, the HPF program has invited writers to participate in two-year residencies, during which playwrights receive a modest honorarium, join in a biweekly writers' collective with artistic staff, attend Huntington productions and events, and are eligible for readings and support through the annual Summer Workshop and Breaking Ground festival of new plays.

The primary focus of the program is creating relationships with writers at all stages of their careers, from emerging talent to established professionals. The program provides a framework for an in-depth, two-year artistic conversation and a long-term professional relationship. The Summer Workshop, which began in 2012, was developed from conversations at convenings with HPFs past and present to solicit ideas about how to improve and expand the program.

Since 2009, the Huntington has instituted an open application process with submissions from any writer primarily based within commuting distance of Boston; applications are currently solicited every 18 months. The theatre selects two to three writers whose terms overlap with adjacent cohorts.

The Huntington Theatre Company is Boston's leading professional theatre and one of the region's premier cultural assets since its founding in 1982. Recipient of the 2013 Regional Theatre Tony Award, the Huntington brings together superb local and national talent and produces a mix of groundbreaking new works and classics made current to create award-winning productions. The Huntington runs nationally renowned programs in education and new play development and serves the local theatre community through its operation of the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA. The Huntington has long been an anchor cultural institution of Huntington Avenue, the Avenue of the Arts, and will remain so on a permanent basis with plans to convert the Huntington Avenue Theatre into a first-rate, modern venue with expanded services to audiences, artists, and the community. Under the direction of Artistic Director Peter DuBois and Managing Director Michael Maso, the Huntington cultivates, celebrates, and champions theatre as an art form.

For more information, visit

          SXSW 2019: Como a personalização está impulsionando a moda a inovar      Cache   Translate Page      

Jennifer Millspaugh, pHd em moda, e Ishwari Thopte, pesquisadora que trabalha em uma incubadora em Londres, fizeram uma palestra cheia de referências sobre como a tecnologia está ajudando a transformar uma indústria ainda dominada por líderes tradicionalistas e que tem medo de mudança. Elas falaram sobre como a inovação em moda têm vindo através de ...

O post SXSW 2019: Como a personalização está impulsionando a moda a inovar apareceu primeiro em B9.

          Pompeo: Maduro Promised Venezuelans a ‘Socialist Paradise’ and Delivered on the Socialism Part. ‘The Paradise Part, Not So Much’      Cache   Translate Page      
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday slammed the regime in Venezuela and its Cuban backers, saying Nicolas Maduro “promised Venezuelans a better life in a socialist paradise, and he delivered on the socialism part, which has proved time and time again is a recipe for economic ruin. The paradise part, not so much.”
          GUITARRA POEMA DE NICOLAS GUILLEN      Cache   Translate Page      


Tendida en la madrugada,
la firme guitarra espera:
voz de profunda madera

Su clamorosa cintura,
en la que el pueblo suspira,
preñada de son, estira
la carne dura.

Arde la guitarra sola,
mientras la luna se acaba;
arde libre de su esclava
bata de cola.

Dejó al borracho en su coche,
dejó el cabaret sombrío,
donde se muere de frío,
noche tras noche,

y alzó la cabeza fina,
universal y cubana,
sin opio, ni mariguana,
ni cocaína.

¡Venga la guitarra vieja,.

nueva otra vez al castigo
con que la espera el amigo,
que no la deja!

Alta siempre, no caída,
traiga su risa y su llanto,
clave las uñas de amianto
sobre la vida.

Cógela tú, guitarrero,
límpiale de alcol la boca,
y en esa guitarra, toca
tu son entero.

El son del querer maduro,
el del abierto futuro,
tu son entero;
el del pie sobre el muro,
tu son entero...

Cógela tú, guitarrero,
límpiale de alcol la boca,
y en esa guitarra, toca
tu son entero.

Nicolás Guillén, poeta cubano, (1902-1989).

          El público de la Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional disfrutará de “Mambos y Danzones”      Cache   Translate Page      
La Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional, Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación, conducirá a su público a un viaje a Cuba de los años 1930 y 1940 con ritmos de “Mambos y Danzones”. En este tercer concierto de su Temporada Popular 2019, la institución artística del Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes demostrará una vez más su versatilidad el […]

During the past few days, Venezuela was suffering a major blackout that left the country in darkness. The crisis started on March 7 with a failure at the Guri hydroelectric power plant, which produces 80% of the country’s power. Additionally, an explosion was reported at Sidor Substation in Bolivar state.

Since then, the government has been struggling to solve the crisis with varying success.

President Nicholas Maduro says that the blackout is the reason of “the electric war announced and directed by American imperialism.” According to Maduro, electrical systems were targeted by cyberattacks and “infiltrators”. He added that authorities managed to restore power to “many parts” of the country on March 8, but the restored systems were knocked down after the country’s grid was once again attacked. He noted that “one of the sources of generation that was working perfectly” had been sabotaged and accused “infiltrators of attacking the electric company from the inside.”

Communication and information minister Jorge Rodriguez described the situation as “the most brutal attack on the Venezuelan people in 200 years”. He also described the situation as the “deliberate sabotage” on behalf of the US-backed opposition.

In own turn, the US continues to reject claims accusing it of attempts to destabilize the situation in the country. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even claimed that Washington and its allies would not hurt the “ordinary Venezuelans.”

          CUBAS. Chalet pareado de 3 dormitorios.      Cache   Translate Page      
CUBAS. Somoplaya vende chalet pareado de 145 m². 3 dormitorios grandes con armarios empotrados. Salón-comedor de aproximadamente 28 m² con salida al jardín. 3 baños completos. Cocina independiente completamente equipada. Jardín privado de unos...
3 habitaciones 3 baños 145 m² 1.275 EUR/m² cocina jardín piscina
Tue, 12 Mar 2019 15:22:59 +0100
          VENEZUELA BLACKOUT: CYBER ATTACKS, SABOTAGE AND MIGHTY CUBAN INTELLIGENCE      Cache   Translate Page 12.03.2019 During the past few days, Venezuela was suffering a major blackout that left the country in darkness. The crisis started on March 7 with a failure at the Guri hydroelectric power plant, which produces 80% of the country’s power. Additionally, an explosion was reported at Sidor Substation in Bolivar state. Since then, the […]
          Hey Ilhan! Hey Alexandria! Venezuela’s democratic president wants you to come to Venezuela to see some socialism      Cache   Translate Page      
By Monica Showalter March 12, 2019 In the past, lefties have flocked to political pilgrimages to newly created socialist countries to drink in the collectivism and praise the new regimes. It happened in Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade sugar cane-cutting harvest, it happened in Nicaragua with the Sandalistas (ain’t that right, Bill de Blasio), […]
          4G Mobile Trials Have Begun in Cuba - What Is Their 3/4/5G Strategy?      Cache   Translate Page      

Early 4G speed test (Source)During the first month of 3G mobile service, Cuban Internet use increased substantially. At the end of January, ETECSA had 5.4 million mobile users, 35% of which use the Internet and they are adding 5,000 new data customers per day. According to Eliecer Samada, head of ETECSA's wireless access group, the company is now at 160% of the expected capacity.

As a result of that unexpected demand and damage due to the tornado that hit Havana in January, both data and phone service have been slow and unreliable.

To alleviate these problems, ETECSA announced last week that they were accelerating 4G mobile trials along the north coast from Mariel through Havana to Varadero. That is a distance of about 100 miles with 44 4G base stations. The trial will be open to about 10,000 high-volume users who have 4G-compatible phones and have been using at least 2.5 GB of 3G mobile data per month in that area. (ETECSA reports that 7% of 3G network users account for 52% of the traffic).

Andy García ran a speed test using his neighbor's account and recorded a download speed of 5.52 Mbps, upload speed of 1.18 Mbps and a 24.17 ms latency, but a few days later, he observed slower rates and Armando Camacho recently recently reported a speed of 3.2 Mbps download and 5.8 Mbps upload and he has posted the locations of 21 base stations in Havana. We can't draw conclusions about the post-trial speeds from a few tests, but they will surely be faster than current 3G speeds and considerably slower than the US LTE speeds reported last month by Tom's Guide.

Current US 4G speeds (Source)ETECSA expects this trial to divert enough traffic to improve 3G and voice service. If that is the case, it seems the current congestion is at the base stations rather than in backhaul from them. Regardless, I expect that backhaul capacity from faster 4G base stations will constrain 4G rollout in this and other regions.

I don't know what ETECSA's mobile deployment strategy is — what the balance will be between 3 and 4G capacity and pricing — but I have suggested that they will gain trained, demanding users if they focus on bringing the cost down as quickly as possible. That would argue for cheap or even free 3G service.

The average price of 1 GB of mobile data in Cuba is higher than that in 184 of 230 nations. (The price in ten of the 28 Caribbean nations is higher than in Cuba and India is the lowest-price nation). The source does not indicate the speeds of these services and it would be interesting to see them normalized for per-capita income as an indication of affordability, but there seems to be room for price cutting in Cuba.

Regardless of the deployment and pricing of 3 and 4G mobile Internet access in Cuba, both should be regarded as stopgap measures and plans should be made for 5G deployment.

Written by Larry Press, Professor of Information Systems at California State University

          ΠΟΛΙΤΙΚΟ ΣΑΛΟΝΙ: «Η Αντωνέλλη στον Μουτζούρη, ο Τσουπής στην Καλογήρου και τα υπόλοιπα ορφανά ψάχνονται..»      Cache   Translate Page      

Γράφει ο «παραπολιτικός» (Ομάδα συντακτών του LesvosPost)

«Τρίτη 12 Μαρτίου 2019»

ΣΥΡΙΖΑ (1) Σε πλήρη εξέλιξη βρίσκεται η στρατηγική του στην Ελλάδα αλλά και στην Λέσβο. Να διχασθεί το εκλογικό σώμα  και  να δοθεί η μάχη σε θέματα που δεν έχουν σχέση με την καθημερινότητα της Τοπικής Αυτοδιοίκησης.  Κι αυτό θα πετύχουν απομονώνοντας τους νεοδημοκράτες ως … ακροδεξιούς προσπαθώντας παράλληλα  να στήσουν γέφυρες με όσους Πασόκους μπορέσουν και … γοητεύσουν! Οι οποίοι βεβαίως  θα χρησιμεύσουν ως υλικό  για δήθεν κτισίματος «προοδευτικών συνδυασμών». Είναι χαρακτηριστική η ανακοίνωση της Δημοκρατικής Μυτιλήνης που αναφέρεται σε «συνεργασία που να βασίζεται πάνω στις προοδευτικές συγκλίνουσες και να απευθύνεται στους πραγματικούς δημοκράτες(!;) αυτής της πόλης».  Στην οποία ανακοίνωση επιτιμούν το ΚΚΕ για τη στάση του!  Στο ίδιο μοτίβο κινούνται και  οι πρώτες δηλώσεις της υποψήφιας του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ  Εριφύλης Χιωτέλλη.

ΣΥΡΙΖΑ (2) Όλα αυτά τη στιγμή που υποτίθεται ότι η απλή αναλογική ήρθε για να συγκλίνει διαφορετικές απόψεις και να φύγουμε από το δημαρχοκεντρικό σύστημα. Πως θα πραγματοποιηθεί αυτό και πως θα γίνουν οι απαιτούμενες συγκλίσεις μέσα από ένα τέτοιο τοπίο διχαστικού λόγου;  Πως θα οικοδομηθεί ένα στοιχειώδες κλίμα συναίνεσης και μετριοπάθειας περιχαρακώνοντας ομάδες πολιτών; Πως θα διεξαχθεί ουσιαστικός διάλογος στα ζέοντα προβλήματα της μικρής μας κοινωνίας όταν λασπώνουμε αντιπάλους ως ακροδεξιούς και χωρίζοντας τους υπόλοιπους σε λίγο ή πολύ δημοκρατικούς; Έτσι όμως ο ιστός της τοπικής μας κοινωνίας αντί να ενδυναμώνεται, αποδυναμώνεται με ότι αυτό συνεπάγεται. Ελπίζουμε στόχος να παραμείνει ο διάλογος πάνω στα τοπικά μας προβλήματα και να μην εξαϋλωθεί σε ανούσιες κομματικές αντιπαραθέσεις.

ΜΑΥΡΟ ΜΕΤΩΠΟ Δεν λέω είναι σπουδαία φιλοδοξία να θέλεις να χτυπήσεις το μαύρο μέτωπο κυνηγώντας μερικούς έξαλλους γραφικούς ακροδεξιούς. Αλλά εδώ στις εκλογές της Τοπικής Αυτοδιοίκησης δεν καλούμαστε να επιλέξουμε ούτε ποιος είναι δημοκρατικός, ούτε εάν υπάρχουν δημοκρατικά σκουπίδια και λακκούβες. Κι ούτε προφανώς να γίνουμε κριτές προσωπικών διαφορών υποψηφίων.  Και πολύ περισσότερο ν΄ αποφύγουμε το Δημοτικό Συμβούλιο να γίνει αμφιθέατρο ανούσιων παιχνιδιών με πλειοψηφίες και μειοψηφίες τη στιγμή που θα απαιτούνται άμεσες αποφάσεις και δράσεις σε καθημερινά προβλήματα. Αντίθετα καλούμαστε να επιλέξουμε αυτούς που μπορούν να διαχειριστούν καλύτερα τις  αυτοδιοικητικές υποθέσεις, χωρίς ιδεολογικές εμμονές και χωρίς διχαστικά διλήμματα.

ΚΛΕΙΣΘΕΝΗΣ  Από την άλλη όμως και μέσα από τον Κλεισθένη η κυβέρνηση του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ  ανέδειξε  τις παθογένειες των κομμάτων ιδιαίτερα στην Τοπική Αυτοδιοίκηση. Το οποίο ταυτόχρονα εξελίσσεται και σ΄ ένα στριπτίζ κάποιων στελεχών αναδεικνύοντας κι άλλο την αυτοδιοικητική τους ανεπάρκεια. Δείτε τώρα τι γίνεται. Δυο ιστορικά κόμματα, Ν.Δ. και ΠΑΣΟΚ (νυν ΚΙΝΑΛ),  με πολλά στελέχη, κατάφεραν να πέσουν στην παγίδα και να φέρουν στην επιφάνεια όλες τις εσωτερικές τους συγκρούσεις. Μικρές ή μεγάλες.  Η ΝΔ. στην Περιφέρεια αλλά και στους δύο Δήμους στη Λέσβο. Στο ΚΙΝΑΛ συνεχίζονται οι γκρίνιες, οι διχόνοιες και αδυνατούν  να βρουν κοινό δρόμο δράσης. Σκεφτείτε τι θα γίνει μετά τις εκλογές και τα αποτελέσματα με την απλή αναλογική. Οι περισσότεροι δεν ξέρουν τι μας περιμένει με την απλή αναλογική. Την ακούν και ηδονίζονται λες και είναι η πανάκεια των δυσλειτουργιών. Όταν όμως αρχίσει να λειτουργεί τότε μόνο μπορεί να γίνει αντιληπτό αυτό που κατάλαβαν οι γείτονες Ιταλοί που την κατήργησαν άρον άρον….

ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΑ ΑΝΤΩΝΕΛΛΗΠροτίμησε την Περιφέρεια και βέβαια τον συνδυασμό του Κώστα Μουτζούρη όπως άλλωστε αναμενόταν μετά το όχι που είπε στον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ. Και ας επιμένουν αυτοί ότι δεν υπήρχε πρόταση. Σαφώς λοιπόν και είναι μια σημαντική κίνηση του συνδυασμού του Κώστα Μουτζούρη  δεδομένου ότι μέσα από δύο θητείες, η Αντιδήμαρχος έχει αποκτήσει διεισδυτικότητα σε ομάδες ψηφοφόρων που θα συμβάλουν ουσιαστική στην ενίσχυση του ψηφοδελτίου. Στις εκλογές του 2014 ήταν δεύτερη σε σταυρούς στο ψηφοδέλτιο του Σπύρου Γαληνού με 1083 σταυρούς Αλλά πέρα απ΄ αυτό. Όπως ομολογούν στελέχη του συνδυασμού, η παρουσία του Δημήτρη Βουνάτσου είναι καταλυτική. Πρώτον των δεκάδων γνωστών που έχει σε όλο το νησί. Και δεύτερον έχει  τη δυνατότητα και λόγω χαρακτήρα, να εισχωρεί με άνεση σε καφενεία, πλατείες και άλλους δημόσιους χώρους. Εκεί παρουσιάζει τον πρύτανη και στη συνέχεια στήνεται διάλογος, ενίοτε με συντροφιά άφθονου αλκοόλ. Με την ευκαιρία αυτή να σας παρουσιάσουμε ένα Πίνακα με τους 15 πρώτους σε σταυρούς στο Δήμο Λέσβου στις εκλογές του 2014

ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΜΟΥΤΖΟΥΡΗΣ Τι θα κάνει αύριο που θα είναι εδώ ο Κυριάκος Μητσοτάκης; Κατ΄ αρχάς ο ίδιος θα βρίσκεται Μυτιλήνη. Τώρα εάν θα εμφανισθεί στο Δημοτικό θέατρο είναι κάτι που θα αξιολογηθεί σε συνεργασία με τους συνεργάτες του. Ήδη το εκλογικό του γραφείο έχει ανοίξει, τυπικά βέβαια όχι, βρίσκεται στην αρχή της προκυμαίας μετά το Πανελλήνιο κι εκεί δέχεται τους φίλους του. Πάντως με την ανακοίνωση των ονομάτων και με τα όσα συμβαίνουν στα υπόλοιπα νησί, καθιστούν τους ανθρώπους ιδιαίτερα αισιόδοξους για την συνέχεια.

ΧΡΙΣΤΙΑΝΑ ΚΑΛΟΓΗΡΟΥ Άλλη μια φουρνιά ονομάτων ανακοίνωσε σήμερα, λίγες ώρες πριν υποδεχτεί τον Κυριάκο Μητσοτάκη. Οι συνεργάτες της εκτιμούν ότι την Λέσβο που στέλνει 18 έδρες στο Περιφερειακό, ο συνδυασμός τους θα έλθει πρώτος. Αντιλαμβάνονται τις δυσκολίες στα υπόλοιπα νησιά, πλην Λήμνου, όπου εκεί θεωρούν ότι με τις επισκέψεις του αρχηγού της ΝΔ θα αναστραφεί το όποιο δύσκολο κλίμα θεωρούν ότι υφίσταται σήμερα. Και βέβαια περιμένουμε να δούμε πως ο αρχηγός της ΝΔ θα στηρίξει την νυν Περιφερειάρχη και πόσο αντίκτυπο θα έχει αυτό στους ψηφοφόρους του κόμματος.

ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΗΣ ΤΣΟΥΠΗΣ Ένα …ορφανό λιγότερο! Το οποίο έκλεισε με την Χριστιάνα Καλογήρου. Σειρά τώρα τα επόμενα ορφανά τα οποία ήδη αναζητούν στέγαση. Η τακτική που αναμένεται ν΄ ακολουθήσουν είναι «ο σώζων εαυτόν σωθήτω». Η ανακοίνωση έγινε μία μερά μετά την συνάντηση των δύο στην Σκάλα Πολιχνίτου παρόντος μάλιστα και της Αντιπεριφερειάρχη Πόπη Γόμου. Στις εκλογές του Δήμου το 2014, ο Αντιδήμαρχος Οικονομικών είχε πάρει την δέκατη έβδομη θέση με 605 ψήφους.

ΜΙΧΑΛΗΣ ΜΑΜΑΚΟΣ Με συνέπεια και αξιοπρέπεια συνεχίζει την προεκλογική του περίοδο με καθημερινές επισκέψεις στη Μυτιλήνη αλλά και στις υπόλοιπες Δημοτικές Ενότητες. Γνωρίζει κόσμο. Και από την προηγούμενη θητεία του ως Δημάρχου Πλωμαρίου, από την δουλειά του, από την ενασχόληση στα αθλητικά πράγματα αλλά και ως οικογενειάρχης πολυμελούς οικογένειας έχει αφήσει θετικές εντυπώσεις. Το γεγονός ότι δεν είναι από την Μυτιλήνη για κάποιους ενδεχομένως να είναι αδυναμία. Μήπως όπως είναι και μια δύναμη αλλά και ευκαιρία σ΄ έναν άνθρωπο που έρχεται ακριβώς έξω από τέτοια κυκλώματα και να δώσει τη δική του μάχη;  Χτες το πρωί ο βρέθηκε στην Αγιάσο όπου συναντήθηκε με φίλους και αργότερα στο Πέραμα όπου και γιόρτασε την Καθαρά Δευτέρα. Στην φωτογραφία μαζί με την Βάσω Χοχλάκα η οποία και θα στελεχώσει το ψηφοδέλτιο του.

ΣΤΡΑΤΗΣ ΚΥΤΕΛΗΣ. Συνεχίζει αθόρυβος, τόσο όμως αθορύβως που μερικοί φίλου του εκφράζουν την ενόχληση τους. ‘Ούτε ονόματα μας λέει, ούτε κάτι για πρόγραμμα».  Κουβεντιάζουν επίσης για την ανάγκη της σύνταξης ενός προγράμματος το οποίο ακόμα αγνοούν. Βέβαια από την άλλη πλευρά ο υποψήφιος Δήμαρχος Μυτιλήνης, κρατάει τα χαρτιά του κλειστά περιμένοντας να ολοκληρωθεί ο χορός των ονομάτων για τις υποψηφιότητες προκειμένου να τα ανακοινώσει. Οπότε κι εμείς αναγκαστικά περιμένουμε…

ΔΗΜΟΣ ΜΥΤΙΛΗΝΗΣ Με  την ανακοίνωση της Εριφύλης Χιωτέλλη, κλείνει το παλμαρέ των υποψηφίων. Να περιμένουμε κάποιον από τα ορφανά; Να ξεπεταχθεί κανείς ως έκπληξη; Πάντως σήμερα το πρωί σε γραφείο στελέχους της Δημοτικής Αρχής συναντήθηκαν και συζήτησαν τα … ορφανά. Και κατέληξαν σε αδιέξοδο. Και οσονούπω θα φανούν που θα προσχωρήσουν.

ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΑΣΤΥΡΑΚΑΚΗΣ Έχει ήδη καταρτίσει συνδυασμό για κάθοδο του στην Δημοτική Κοινότητα Μυτιλήνης. Είναι αισιόδοξος, έχει όπως λέει ο ίδιος ένα ισχυρό ψηφοδέλτιο και οσονούπω ετοιμάζει μέχρι και πολυσέλιδο έντυπο για το πρόγραμμα του! Λέτε η μονομαχία στης Δημοτικής Κοινότητας Μυτιλήνης να έχει πιο ενδιαφέρον από τον Δήμο Μυτιλήνης;

ΑΦΙΣΑ ΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑΣ ΓΙΟΥΣΕΦ Αν νομίζετε ότι το βαρύ όπλο της Περιφέρειας είναι ο Κυριάκος Μητσοτάκης κάνετε λάθος. Είναι η εντυπωσιακή Γιουσέφ που η αφίσα της εμφανίστηκε στους στύλους της Χίου! Κακό δεν είναι μια κι έχουμε απόκριες. Το θέμα είναι όμως ότι συνδιοργανωτής εμφανίζεται η Περιφερειακή Ενότητα Χίου. Δεν λέμε απόκριες έχουμε αλλά τέτοιες κακόγουστες εκδηλώσεις και αφίσες είναι λάθος να φέρνουν το όνομα της Περιφέρειας.  


Έτοιμη η ομάδα Κυριάκο; Μάλλον όχι και καλώς έρχεσαι  να την μοντάρεις. Θα τα καταφέρεις όμως με τόσα ατίθασα παιδιά;. Και καλά η ομάδα να μπει στο γήπεδο και να βάλει ένα γκολάκι.; Άμα φάει όμως  φάει αυτογκόλ;

          Prices and other Horror Stories from Cuba      Cache   Translate Page      
There isn’t a time in the day here in Cuba when we don’t have to look at our wallets with sadness or up at the heavens. Our baseball players normally do the latter when they hit a home run, they lift their arms and eyes up to the infinite heavens, thanking God Almighty, when they haven’t ever stepped foot inside a church.
          Cuba’s New Mobile Internet already Faltering      Cache   Translate Page      
Why are mobile data services so poor in Cuba? Because Cuba’s state telecommunications company (ETECSA) is working at 160% of its technological capacity today. Authorities from this telecommunications monopoly admitted this earlier in March on Cuban TV.
          Sierra Maestra from Cayo Blanco, Cuba – Photo of the Day      Cache   Translate Page      
Sierra Maestra Mountains seen from Cayo Blanco Pilon Granma.  By Kire Sarkovski, Canada
          Cuba Says US Behind Prolonged Venezuela Blackout      Cache   Translate Page      
The Cuban government on Monday charged that the United States was behind the now five day-long power blackout in Venezuela, accusing Washington of "sabotage" and a "terrorist act." Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blamed the outage on what he termed cyber attacks by the United States.
          Federation of Cuban Women’s Congress Put into Context      Cache   Translate Page      
With it recently being International Women’s Day (March 8th) and the Federation of Cuban Women holding their 10th Congress, it’s worth asking ourselves what this body actually does.It’s just that I live here in Cuba and I haven’t picked up on the FMC’s activism in decades.
          Havana Times 2019 Photo Contest Notice      Cache   Translate Page      
Our 2019 Cuba Photo Contest is now officially open for sending in your entries. The 2018 contest brought together entries from 109 amateur and professional photographers. Now, we are happy to announce the 11th edition of the event.
          Small Food Processors Revive Cuban Municipalities      Cache   Translate Page      
Felicia Morales and Mariela Salazar were homemakers until the small La Ignacita factory gave them unexpected work, as part of a global collaboration project that will extend to more Cuban municipalities. “The income I receive from this job has improved our family’s financial situation,” Salazar told IPS Cuba’s editorial team, who lives near the factory with her two daughters and grandchildren.
          Cuba: Businesses with Their Own E-menu & Social Media      Cache   Translate Page      
“Free WIFI?”, some people ask when entering Juanky’s Pan. “No!”, shop assistants reply. However, they then explain that Juanky’s Club has its own internal social network, which was created a year and a half ago so that users could socialize while going to a local business.
          Cuban Women and the Challenges of Educating their Children      Cache   Translate Page      
In Cuba, the education system has many problems. First of all, there’s the exodus of teachers to better-paying jobs and, as a result, too many students in a classroom. There is also a shortage of educational materials and notable differences in students’ social status. Parents with the money to do so find themselves resorting to private tutors, creating more work for mothers.
          Independent Project Promotes Art Brut in Cuba      Cache   Translate Page      
Promoting works under the concept “Art Brut”, Riera Studio’s independent project seeks to encourage the creation and study of an art expression in Cuba that still faces reluctance, the artists which are normally ignored because they have no formal education in the arts.
          Cuba: Feminist Magazine Launches New Ambitious Website      Cache   Translate Page      
On the eve of March 8th, International Women’s Day, we had some good news: Alas Tensas, a Cuban feminist magazine, has launched its website. Cuba needs independent journalism. And, it still needs to make headway in terms of how it handles gender.
           Comment on What I Did to Prep This Week – Week 34 – Mar 3rd – Mar 9th 2019 by The Ohio Prepper       Cache   Translate Page      
Thor1 & all, To answer the question in the video: <strong>“Are you prepared for the blackout”</strong> I would say “yes”. We could provide our own power for months at full operation and longer than that in austerity mode, which has already been tested numerous times. The only things left to accomplish would be some blackout curtains or materials for covering some of the windows and to bring some firewood into the house in cold weather; but, the later can be accomplished this upcoming summer. The answer to your question: <strong>“Is this a trial run by the dark state for the USA ???”</strong> is an emphatic NO. The “Dark State” or “Deep State” will not tear down the infrastructure that we all count on, including them, when they can simply loot the treasury and line their pockets. The blackouts in Venezuela are not the diavolical USA cutting their power to steal their oil and minerals; but, simply the result of poor maintenance of the infrastructure by the socialist dictatorship, which historically is always the end point of those regimes. North Korea & Cuba are perfect examples, as were / are large portions of the USSR / Russia. I find it interesting that the video narrator calls Juan Guaidó a puppet, even though he has been recognized as the interim president of Venezuela by dozens of countries including the United States and European Union member states, and including numerous Central and South American countries in the OAS (Organization of American States) who border that once wealthy socialist wasteland. He also makes the assertion that our defense infrastructure cannot operate without the internet; but, fails to understand the “other” internet, known as MILNET and then makes the assertion that in Middle America, “The conversation has ceased and people are no longer willing to talk to each other” and has become a hostile environment. His research has determined that after 8 hours of no power, we will see aggressive looting and fires. If I recall, some on this forum have mentioned having their power out for days, and they got along with no looting. How can this be? To the narrator, the assertion that Marco Rubio tweeted about the grid down in Venezuela before the Venezuelan officials knew about it, is somehow proof of a conspiracy, or could it be proof that our surveillance and communications infrastructure is fast and efficient. While not real-time like the Keyholes and Aquacades (previously called Rhyolite), any of us can look at a rather interesting birds eye view of our property on Google or with Google maps and street view. I had to laugh out loud when he mentioned the “The Pyramid of Preparedness”, like It was something he created. FEMA has used this phrase for a long time, and there is a good guides here: I went through the steps to get his pdf & it’s quite honestly not as good as the one above from FEMA. Just the typical list of Food, Water, Shelter, Defense and power; but, at least at first glance, it doesn’t appear to be trying to sell me something. Since I had to supply an email address that could of course come later, LOL. He does BTW mention “fear’ numerous times in his presentation, to get the point across that we should all be scared into prepping and if that doesn’t work, there is that time tested bogy man, <strong>“The illuminati”</strong> who of course orchestrated “9/11”. I have worked with GPS systems since the early days, and this idiot also thinks that taking down the internet stops the GPS system from operating; but, I suspect the uneducated will believe I also have to wonder if Christopher Greene is the narrators real name, since Christopher was an American legislator and soldier who is best known for leading the spirited defense of Fort Mercer in the 1777 Battle of Red Bank, and for leading the African American 1st Rhode
          [질문/답변] 제발 도와주세요 큐베이스 위에 창이 이상하게 변했어요      Cache   Translate Page      

불법 다운받은 복제 크랙 소프트 관련 사용법 질문 올리시면 아이디 정지됩니다. 불법 Cubase 5 크랙버젼 질문글 금지!!




 제가 뭘 잘못만졌는지 위에 창 배열들이 이상한게 나열되있는데 (퀀타이즈패널, 피치맞추는거 등등이 사라졌습니다)

큐베이스 다시깔아도 안되고

 컨트롤알트쉬프트해서 초기화해도 안되고

퍼포먼스? 들어가서 다 초기화 눌러도 안되고


 작업하는데 불편해 죽겠습니다.

어떻게하면 원래대로 돌아가나요,,? 도와주세요..ㅠ ㅠ

          FACEBOOK "HALANG" SEBARAN BERITA DARI BLOG SEMUT!!!      Cache   Translate Page      
Tak pasti sama ada Facebook atau ada Pendedak Pakatan Hancing tu yang 'Panas Bontot' apabila ada perkongsian berita yang ditulis melalui laman blog ini. Takut pada bayang - bayang sendiri ke? Itu yang menjadi persoalannya.

Semenjak beberapa minggu lepas, sebaik sahaja selepas Rejim Pakatan Hancing tu memerintah, pelbagai halangan cuba dilakukan oleh pihak pemerintah agar rakyat dapat menyuarakan pandangan mereka secara terbuka.

Jelas tindakan itu menyongsang dari apa yang pernah dialunkan oleh puak Pakatan Haprak itu sebelum ini. Mereka kononnya memperjuangkan Hak Kebebasan Manusia. Tapi kenapa perkongsian berita dari laman blog cuba dihalang?

Apakah Facebook hari ini cuba menghalang masyarakat dunia, khususnya di Malaysia dari menyuarakan pandangan mereka terhadap situasi semasa yang berlaku mengikut perspektif individual? Dimana salahnya bagi individu untuk menyuarakan pendapat mereka?

Tidak menjadi masalah bagi mana - mana pihak yang tahu menghormati hak mereka yang sedia ada termaktub didalam Perlembagaan Negara. Malah Malaysia masih lagi meraikan kepelbagaian pandangan dan pendapat dari anggota masyarakatnya.

ATAU, adakah Rejim Pakatan Hancing itu hari ini sudah mula takut apabila rakyat menyuarakan pendapat dan pandangan terhadap kepimpinan Negara secara terbuka? Sesungguhnya, perkara sedemikian tidak pernah berlaku sewaktu Kerajaan Barisan Nasional memerintah.

Jika ia benar, maka sudah terbukti bahawa Rejim Pakatan Hancing itu hari ini masih lagi hidup dalam sindrom penafian yang Kronik!!!

          Groupe Le Vacon : Decoov présente son nouvel espace pro      Cache   Translate Page      
A peine lancée, la nouvelle marque du groupe Le Vacon fait le plein de nouveautés. Ainsi, Decoov propose un nouveau backoffice pour les agences et une toute nouvelle brochure sur Cuba.
Groupe Le Vacon : Decoov présente son nouvel espace pro
Un moi...

          In reversal, US withdrawing all embassy personnel from Venezuela amid days of blackouts, protests      Cache   Translate Page      

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The U.S. is withdrawing its remaining diplomatic personnel from the embassy in Venezuela, citing the "deteriorating situation" given days of blackouts, increased water shortages and the threat of further protests.

The decision also comes amid growing concern that American diplomats could become a pawn in the battle with President Nicolas Maduro as the U.S. tries to push him from power.

Despite Maduro's calls for their expulsion, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed to keep American personnel there to support Juan Guaido, the president of the National Assembly who has been recognized as the country's interim president by the U.S. and over 50 other countries.

But the sudden reversal was announced late Monday night in a statement where Pompeo called embassy staff's presence a "constraint on U.S. policy."

"Decisions you make are always encumbered by the fact that you know there's real risk to your own people, people that you've sent into harm's way," Pompeo added Tuesday. "We wanted to get them out of the country so that we could move forward in a way that provided that opportunity."

U.S. Special Envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams wouldn't say what had been constrained, but that diplomats' presence weighed on senior officials in Washington because the U.S. does not believe Maduro's government had the ability to protect them.

Since recognizing Guaido, the U.S. has sanctioned the state-owned oil company and top Maduro-aligned officials, imposed visa bans or revocations on over 250 officials and amassed around 200 metric tons of humanitarian aid across the border in Colombia and supported efforts by Guaido and his supporters to rush it across the border.

But nearly two months after casting Maduro as no longer legitimate, the socialist leader remains in control, backed by allies Cuba and Russia. Top Trump officials have warned in recent days that they want to take action to accelerate Maduro's departure, with Abrams saying Tuesday that there will be a "significant number of additional visa revocations" and "some very significant additional sanctions" imminently.

That could have exposed U.S. diplomats to retaliatory action by Maduro's government, especially as it grows more desperate amid the declining humanitarian situation.

"In every decision we made ... the safety of that staff was a key consideration, and that was something that weighed very heavily on our mind," Abrams told reporters Tuesday.

The embassy's facilities were also facing "a finite number of days" because of fuel shortages, a lack of water access, and little to no electricity and, therefore, telecommunications, Abrams said.

Venezuela has been left in darkness, for five days now, with power outages across the country that have been blamed for deaths at hospitals and water and food shortages. Maduro's government has accused the U.S. of being behind the blackouts, which Pompeo denied Monday, calling them "a direct result of years and years of neglect to the Venezuelan energy system."

Maduro's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said Tuesday that they were behind the departure of remaining U.S. diplomats, ordering them to leave after talks over their continued presence broke down Monday.

Abrams confirmed that there had been talks with the Maduro government about U.S. diplomats, but because the U.S. viewed him as the "former" president of the country, his government had no right to expel Americans, who remained at the request of Guaido. While the U.S. remains confident in Guaido and his fledgling government, Abrams added, "The fact is that today, the regime has the guns."

The embassy had previously ordered the departure of non-emergency personnel and families in late January, slimming a staff of 100 to 150 personnel down to just a handful, led by Chargé d' Affaires Jimmy Story. U.S. personnel will depart over the next couple of days, although the State Department has declined to say when that process will begin or end.

That means no U.S. government services for the remaining American citizens, who at one time numbered between 30,000 and 40,000, according to Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams. That number has likely decreased as the economic crisis has deepened in recent weeks, a State Department official told ABC News.

The State Department lists Venezuela as a "Level 4: Do Not Travel" on its advisory, urging American citizens to evacuate. The U.S. is in talks with a handful of countries to designate a protecting power -- a third-party nation that looks after U.S. citizens in a foreign country, like Sweden does in North Korea.

But even before a protecting power has been designated, the U.S. will not provide evacuations for U.S. citizens, urging them instead to leave as soon as possible on commercial travel.

Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

          NBA Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Have Sights On Kemba Walker       Cache   Translate Page      
The Dallas Mavericks seem to have all bases covered particularly in their backcourt. However, that doesn't mean Mark Cuban is not keeping tabs with the NBA free agent market this coming summer, loaded with big names.  While most are abuzz on Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker is another unheralded name in the mix. And if reports are true, the Mavs may try to lure the 28-year-old guard out of Charlotte. Seeing that Walker has repeatedly made it known he would prefer to stay a Hornet, anything could change moving forward. 
          Nicolás Maduro acusó a EEUU de dirigir un "ciberataque" contra Venezuela y adelantó que pedirá ayuda a China, Rusia, Irán y Cuba      Cache   Translate Page      
El dictador chavista volvió a responsabilizar a Washington del masivo apagón, criticó a la oposición venezolana, y llamó a la población a "prepararse" con radio, linterna, velas y agua
          Soleil leader criticata, ma conquista la "suocera" a L'Isola      Cache   Translate Page      
Nel corso della serata dello scorso 11 marzo, è andata in onda la nuova diretta de L'Isola Dei Famosi, che ha riservato al pubblico di Canale 5 molti colpi di scena. A vincere la prova leader, tra le due "amazzoni" dell'isola, Ariadna Romero e Soleil Sorge, è stata l'italo-americana, la quale però ha dovuto fare i conti con le molteplici critiche giunte sul suo conto, per aver dato degli appellativi poco carini alla cubana.Soleil Sorge contro tutti: la forza della naufragaL'ex-corteggiatrice a Uomini e Donne di Luca Onestini si è sempre mostrata così tanto forte e sola, in tv. E nella diretta de L'Isola dei Famosi, trasmessa lo scorso lunedì sera, la naufraga si è riconfermata leader indiscussa dell'Honduras. Ma a lanciarle accuse, oltre ai molteplici internauti che nelle ultime ore si sono mobilitati a criticare la sua condotta di prima donna a L'Isola, è stata anche l'opinionista Alda D'Eusanio, la quale in studio ha attaccato la bella e brava Soleil, e non è stata l'unica a farlo. "Ariadna è una persona equilibrata che sa di non essere superiore a nessuno, ma nemmeno inferiore. Soleil è una prepotente che dà della morta di fame a un"altra donna. Pensa di essere superiore a tutti", ha sentenziato in diretta Alda D"Eusanio. Mentre Alba Parietti ha fatto sapere: "Dall"alto si può solo scendere. Sei una ragazza molto forte e determinata ma tuo limite sono le frasi che usi".A spezzare una lancia a favore di Soleil Sorge è stata la sua "suocera", ovvero la madre di Jeremias Rodriguez, che ha rilasciato un post in difesa della naufraga-leader. "Brava, brava, brava!", ha esclamato per iscritto la madre dell'ex-naufrago de L'Isola Dei Famosi.Segui già la nuova pagina di gossip de su Facebook? Visualizza questo post su Instagram Brava ! Brava! Brava! Un post condiviso da Veronica Cozzani (@veronicacozzani) in data: Mar 11, 2019 at 2:16 PDT
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Sundance 2019 Episodic Lab Applications

Sundance has opened the application for their 2019 Episodic Lab to support writers working on scripted series! 

The application is open from February 14th - March 13th, 2019 at

The Lab will take place on October 10th - 15th, 2019 at the Sundance Resort in Park City, UT.

For more information, visit our website or email Sundance at

Sunday Coffee with The Green Room

Sunday coffee is a monthly opportunity to meet your fellow angelenos. The event has been hosted by The Green Room for several years to promote community and contribute to local businesses and institutions. Absolutely everyone is welcome always.

WHAT: Coffee & Milk

WHEN: 2PM - 4PM - March 3rd. (Every First Sunday of the month)

WHERE: LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art 

Learn more:

2018 Latino Lens Finalist Alan Domínguez's Turns in the Road to show at Durango Independent Film Festival

Alan Domínguez, a 2018 Latino Lens finalist for Turns in the Road, will premiere his short documentary at the Durango Independent Film Festival in Colorado, as a part of a their REEL Learning section.
The 14th Durango Independent Film Festival will take place February 27th - March 3rd in Durango, Colorado.

Season 3 of 'One Day at a Time' is Praised for Deftly Handling Consent and Toxic Masculinity

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix’s modern reboot of One Day at a Time is truly crafty. Just when you think you've signed up for a lighthearted family sitcom, it hits you with poignant takes on social issues. 

In its third season, which dropped on February 8, series co-developers Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce apply this winning formula to consent, toxic masculinity, sexual harassment, female and queer empowerment through the lenses of generation and gender.

With the rise of #MeToo over the last year, several television shows have chimed in to address these themes in their own way, including Younger, Will & Grace, GLOW, and BoJack Horseman. But ODAAT stands out because it offers a unique point of view, showing how a regular family can and should deal with these issues.

In the new season's second episode, titled "Outside," ODAAT involves all the family members in this vital discussion about consent. They dive deep into their individual experiences related to harassment, which culminates into a remarkably honest discussion. Almost the entire episode takes place in the living room of the Alvarez home as each member gets to unpack their viewpoint. 

The biggest takeaway from the episode is just how big of a teachable moment this is for Alex. ODAAT sends a strong message about educating boys from a very young age about the importance of consent and an enthusiastic yes. 

Read More:

Realize Lab 2019 Event

Come together with the Loud Community to realize your power through self-discovery, and set goals to empower you and the collective. Doesn't matter where you are in your career or life journey, we all need a little inspiration, clarity and community to get reenergized. It's the loving gut check you didn't know you needed. We got you. 

Featuring two workshops:

You made it this far: Reflect + Claim Your Future led by Betsy Aimee

You've got skills: Start with What You Got led by Leslie Antonoff

Also, featuring:
Time for connection
Community vision board project
Light lunch and drinks

About Loud:

Loud is a membership based community for womxn, femmes and non binary folx founded in vulnerability and service. Loud is about using self discovery as a tool for building community. We find our power in serving each other.

THIS MONTHS LOCATION: Coffee & Milk - LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

WHEN: 2PM - 4PM - March 3rd. (Every First Sunday of the month)
Check fb link


Paramount Boss Unveils Diversity Initiative To Boost Inclusion In Film Slate

Image Courtesy of Deadline

While the recent USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative reported promising results in its latest study of the 100 top grossing films of 2018 and their representation of females and racial/ethnic groups in starring roles, the industry consensus is that more work can be done when it comes to advocating for more inclusion and representation of diversity in film.

This week Paramount Pictures Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos announced that “as part of the development and green light process, our productions will be required to complete a plan designed to enhance access and opportunities for groups historically underrepresented in the media industry. Special attention will be paid to our storylines, our talent in front of and behind the camera, our vendors and our shooting locations.

Full article:

Larraín Brothers’ Fabula Inks First-Look Deal With Fremantle

Image Courtesy of Deadline

Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín’s Fabula, the company behind the Oscar-winning A Fantastic Woman, has inked a first-look deal with Fremantle to develop a slate of original English and Spanish-language dramas. Fremantle will distribute the projects worldwide.

Fremantle and Fabula are currently collaborating on previously announced La Jauría, an eight-part Spanish-language psychological thriller directed by Lucia Puenzo. The series features A Fantastic Woman star Daniela Vega and co-star Antonia Zegers as well as María Gracia Omegna (Young & Wild, Princesita). Together they will play a specialist gender related crime police force who investigate the disappearance of student, Blanca Ibarra. Production on the series began in January.

Full article:

Jessica Camacho Cast In CBS Legal Drama Pilot ‘Courthouse’

Image Courtesy of Deadline

Taken alumna Jessica Camacho is set as a series regular in CBS’ legal drama pilot Courthouse, from writer Greg Spottiswood (Remedy) and Warner Bros. TV.

Written and executive produced by Canadian writer Spottiswood and directed by Mike Robin, Courthouse is a show that pulls back the curtain on the court system. It follows the dedicated, chaotic, hopeful, and sometimes absurd lives of the judges, assistant district attorneys, and public defenders as they work with bailiffs, clerks, cops and jurors to bring justice to the people of Los Angeles.

Camacho will play Emily Lopez-Berarro, a tough and determined public defender who is undaunted in her efforts to prove her clients’ innocence.

Full article:

Kate del Castillo Cast In ‘Bad Boys for Life’ At Sony

Image Courtesy of ABC

Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo, who stars in the Netflix political drama Ingobernable and La Reina del Sur on Telemundo, has been added to the cast of Sony’s Bad Boys for Life sequel starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Full article:

Jaime Camil to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot From Alex Herschlag, Jennie Snyder Urman

A leading advocate in inclusion in the industry, NALIP is providing more resources to aspiring filmmakers every year with events such as the NALIP Media Summit, the Latino Media Fest, and the Diverse Women in Media Forum, and events such as the Latino Lens Workshops and the Latino Lens Incubator Shorts.

Interested in joining the team? Email your resume and cover letter to Want to become a member? Check out NALIP's different membership rates. Learn about NALIP's upcoming Latino Media Fest and volunteer opportunities fast approaching!

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Charles King's Macro Inks First-Look Deal With Warner Bros.

A Signature Conversation with Charles D. King at the 2018 NALIP Media Summit

Charles King's Macro is setting down roots at Warner Bros., signing an exclusive first-look deal with the studio.

Under the pact, Warner Bros. will have a first look on all feature films Macro intends to develop or package, and will also have the option to co-finance the projects and handle global distribution of the releases.  

Macro's focus is on producing content from filmmakers of color. The company, which was behind Dee Rees' Mudbound and Boots Riley's Sorry to Bother You, is currently in postproduction on Alan Yang's Tigertail at Netflix. It has also been announced that they picked up a Macro-produced feature, Jesus Was My Homeboy, starring Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield. Meanwhile, MACRO co-financed the upcoming Warner Bros. film Just Mercy, starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx.

Congratulations to Charles D. King who spoke at the 2018 NALIP Media Summit on 'A Signature Conversation with Charles D. King'. 

Read More:

NALIP Latino Lens Finalist Kase Peña Joins 'Brujas' Writer's Room!

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Congratulations to NALIP Member and 2018 Latino Lens Finalist on joining the 'Brujas' writer's room. The series is led  by 'Vida' showrunner Tanya Saracho. The series will center on four Afro-Caribbean/Latinx women living in Chicago and the brujería counter-culture will be the foundation of the show. 

Kase Peña is also a part of Ryan Murphy's Directing Program and her short film 'Full Beat' will screen at the 2019 Outfest Fusion Film Festival. 

NALIP Awardee Cynthia López to be a part of ’21 Leaders for the 21st Century’ 2019

Image Courtesy of Variety

Cynthia Lopez, a recipient of the NALIP award for Commitment to Corporate Diversity, leads the preeminent professional association for women in film, television and digital media in New York City, NYWFT. She is an award-winning media strategist, and former Commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, where she implemented strategies to support film and TV production throughout the five boroughs.


Latinx Filmmakers at the Miami Film Festival

Image Courtesy of Miami Film Festival

The Miami Film Festival will be featuring Variety's '10 Latinx to Watch' and showcasing several Latinx centered films. Director Jayro Bustamante's, one of Variety's 10 Latinxs to Watch, will be in attendance to present his film 'Tremors' and participate in an on-stage conversation. 'Tremors' centers on a deeply religious man, Pablo who falls in love with another man, and his entire world starts shaking. 

The festival will also feature the US premiere of 'The Accused' starring, Lali Espósito, one of Variety's 10 Latinxs to watch. 'The Accused' centers on Dolores Dreier a typical fun-loving high school student -- but when her best friend is brutally murdered and Dolores is accused of the crime, her carefree and privileged existence comes to a hard stop.

Another of Variety's '10 Latinxs to watch', Daniel Zovatto stars in 'Vandal' which explores the struggle street artists face as they try to keep their art alive as well as the social backlash that goes hand in hand with pursuing their biggest passion. 

Learn more about the festival:

A leading advocate in inclusion in the industry, NALIP is providing more resources to aspiring filmmakers every year with events such as the NALIP Media Summit, the Latino Media Fest, and the Diverse Women in Media Forum, and events such as the Latino Lens Workshops and the Latino Lens Incubator Shorts.

Interested in joining the team? Email your resume and cover letter to Want to become a member? Check out NALIP's different membership rates. Learn about NALIP's upcoming Latino Media Fest and volunteer opportunities fast approaching!

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‘El Gato Negro: Nocturnal Warrior’: Diego Boneta To Star In MGM TV’s Comic Book Adaptation & Joel Novoa Will Executive Produce

Image Courtesy of Deadline

MGM Television is developing a television series based on Richard Dominguez’s Latino comic book series, El Gato Negro: Nocturnal Warrior. Diego Boneta (Luis Miguel: La Serie, Rock of Ages) is attached to star in the series as the titular hero and also will executive produce under his production company, Three Amigos. Joel Novoa (Arrow) will co-executive produce.

El Gato Negro first was published in 1993 by Azteca Productions and sold out all 5,000 copies of the first-run edition within two months.

MGM Television will produce and MGM will internationally distribute the series and are interviewing showrunners and writers to complete the creative team. Andrew Mittman, MGM’s SVP Television Production and Development, will oversee the series for MGM Television.

Congratulations to NALIPster Joel Novoa who recently partnered with NALIP for a Latino Lens Workshop for Directing, Joel will also be featured in NALIP's Roundtable Series to celebrate #NALIP20th Anniversary.

Read more:

Carlos Valdivia's Short ‘Ni De Aqui, Ni De Alla' Selected for Festival Screenings

Carlos Valdivia was a 2018 Latino Lens finalist and his short 'Ni De Aqui, Ni De Alla' screened at the 2018 Latino Media Fest. The short was a part of the Latino Lens: Beyond Graduation Showcase and has recently been selected to screen at various festivals. These include Outfest Fusion as a part of 'Latinx & Chill', Sandiego Latino Film Festival in the program '¡Somos! Cine LGBTQ+', and Leeds Queer Film Festival. 

A leading advocate in inclusion in the industry, NALIP is providing more resources to aspiring filmmakers every year with events such as the NALIP Media Summit, the Latino Media Fest, and the Diverse Women in Media Forum, and events such as the Latino Lens Workshops and the Latino Lens Incubator Shorts.

Interested in joining the team? Email your resume and cover letter to Want to become a member? Check out NALIP's different membership rates. Learn about NALIP's upcoming Latino Media Fest and volunteer opportunities fast approachi

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Call for Filmmakers- Good Pitch USA 2019

Doc Society is excited to announce the return of the national edition of Good Pitch to NYC in 2019!

What are we looking for? We are looking for six ambitious feature documentaries that tackle a national or global issue, stories that reveal something important about our world, and ourselves. Films of any style are welcomed - personal, observational, essays, presenter-led, or verité. Projects can be at any stage, while rough cut is ideal, early production to completion and even films scheduled for festival premiere are acceptable. They should be 60+ minutes in length (we welcome plans for shorter versions and accompanying interactive projects).  Good Pitch filmmakers think beyond traditional funding and distribution models. They have creative ideas to reach audiences that matter. They are excited about the prospect of designing and partnering on impact campaigns that could change hearts and minds, affect policy and help build community.

The application deadline is Thursday, February 21 at 5pm EST.


Apply to ITVS Open Call!

Get co-production funding and support to complete your single nonfiction program for broadcast on public television—whether you’re an emerging filmmaker or a veteran producer.

The deadline for receiving all Open Call application materials is tomorrow: Friday, February 15th at 11:59pm Pacific.

Open Call funding is only available to independent producers who are citizens or legal residents of the U.S. and its' external territories.

To apply to Open Call and for more information please visit:

Sundance has opened the application for their 2019 Episodic Lab to support writers working on scripted series! 

The application is open from February 14th - March 13th, 2019 at

The Lab will take place on October 10th - 15th, 2019 at the Sundance Resort in Park City, UT.

For more information, visit our website or email Sundance at

A leading advocate in inclusion in the industry, NALIP is providing more resources to aspiring filmmakers every year with events such as the NALIP Media Summit, the Latino Media Fest, and the Diverse Women in Media Forum, and events such as the Latino Lens Workshops and the Latino Lens Incubator Shorts.

Interested in joining the team? Email your resume and cover letter to Want to become a member? Check out NALIP's different membership rates. Learn about NALIP's upcoming Latino Media Fest and volunteer opportunities fast approaching.

          REVEREND JACKSON REGRETS Comes to Feinstein's/54 Below      Cache   Translate Page      

In 2008, Reverend Vernon Jackson's Religious Broadcasting Network in Lynchburg Va. televised 'The Gay No More' Telethon for Conversion Therapy. The goal: raise money to turn as many homosexuals straight as possible by the Rapture or the 2014 Winter Olympics. Whichever comes first. But now, a decade later, he has seen the error of his ways and wants to apologize.

Reverend Jackson Regrets, a sequel to the 2008 New York International Fringe Festival opening night musical "The Gay No More Telethon: (Let's Get One Thing Straight... YOU!) was nominated Best Production at the 2017 Midtown Musical Theatre Festival. The show is a playful parody of the Jerry Lewis Telethon many of us grew up watching as well as a message that during these harsh political times, we need to accept each other and appreciate our differences because we're all we got.

Book and lyrics by Michael DiGaetano, writer, producer, and/or series creator for NBC, Paramount, Universal, HBO, Columbia, Fox and Ron Howard. He has written screenplays for Disney, Universal, tri-star and Warner Brothers including "Houseguest" starring Phil Hartman and Sinbad and has been a script consultant for both Amblin Entertainment and Dreamworks. A proud member of the Lehman Engel BMI musical theatre lyricist and bookwriter workshop, DiGaetano has the Broadway-bound musicals "Miss Humanity" (at 54 Below Sept. 23) and "Rewind" as well as the play "Sorority Queen in a Mobile Home" written with Kevin A. Mahoney, debuting Off-Broadway in 2020.
Music by Michael DiGaetano and Albin Konopka. Konopka, is a graduate of Juilliard and also a member of the Lehman-Engel BMI musical theatre workshop as a composer. He has enjoyed an international career as a pianist, producer, musical director, vocal and dance arranger and orchestrator. Albin was most recently music director for 'Suites By Sondheim' in Bucharest and a new musical 'Lies My Father Told Me' in Montreal. He has music supervised or music directed over thirty international tours and has performed twice at the White House. He has toured with Liza Minelli throughout Europe, Australia, Japan and Canada, and has been in the pit for Broadway's Mama Mia, Billy Elliot and Wicked. He speaks speak five languages fluently and all of them are very useful ones.
Musical Director: Christopher D. Littlefield. A New York based MD, pianist and arranger. Christopher was arranger and musical director of the premier presentation of Reverend Jackson Regrets at the 2017 Midtown International Musical Festival. Other credits include music supervisor/composer/arranger for Leonard Soloway'S BROADWAY, musical director and conductor for THE CUBAN AND THE REDHEAD, Co-Music Director/Conductor/Arranger/Pianist for BROADWAY BACKWARDS 2019

The cast includes James LaRosa, Lauren Elder, Bryan Songy, Kevin Riddagh, Charles Engelsgjerd and Austin Spero with more to come.

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**Job Description** Job Description: IBM Cloud is currently looking for experienced Software Developers to join our global development team building the world’s leading platform for private-, hybrid- and multi-cloud. IBM Cloud Private brings cloud-native development, microservices architectures and DevOps practices to enterprises’ own data centers, unlocking tremendous efficiencies and agility. With our products clients enjoy the benefits of cloud while retaining control over their own data and IT security, and while also leveraging their existing IT investments. As a Software Developer on the IBM Cloud Private team, you’ll be responsible for design, development, and testing of key components of IBM Cloud Private’s core platform and multi-cloud capabilities. Using our agile methodology, you and your squad will commit to deliver high-value and high-quality enhancements in rapid, 2-week sprint cycles. You will work with our worldwide team of Architects, Offering Managers, Researchers, Testers, and Support Engineers to understand our clients’ use cases and rapidly deliver solutions that meet their needs. You will have deep technical skills in distributed systems software development, cloud-native technologies, Linux, Docker containers, and Kubernetes. You will be comfortable coding in multiple languages such as Golang, Java, Python, and C++, and have experience with the full development lifecycle including design, development, testing, documentation and support. Responsibilities: + Performs investigation, design, and implementation of stories, tasks, and defect fixes within a sprint cycle as a key member of the development squad. + Develops and maintains automated tests and CI/CD scripts that provides high coverage of all the key positive and negative use cases that customers need to ensure no regression occurs from release to release. + Prepares and presents technology architecture/design and demos at playback meetings to show progress and solicit team direction. + Prepares and writes technical documentation such as content to be included in the product documentation and training materials. + Seeks out opportunities to directly help clients and other IBMers to effectively use our products and learn from their experiences. + Participates in relevant open source communities to expand skills, contribute to key technologies and inform team decisions on trends and opportunities. + Mentors junior developers to speed their learning and contributions. This role will involve working with technology that is covered by Export Regulations sanctions. If you are a Foreign National from any of the following US sanctioned countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria) on a work permit, you are not eligible for employment in this position **Required Technical and Professional Expertise** + 5+ years of experience delivering enterprise-class software products + 3+ years of experience as a software developer working on cloud or distributed systems using multiple languages such as Golang, Python, Java, C/C++, Scala. + Deep knowledge of Linux, Networking, Docker, Kubernetes, and related cloud-native development technologies. + Excellent verbal and written communication abilities: must effectively communicate with technical and non-technical teams. + High attention to detail and proven track record in taking ownership, driving results and moving with speed to implement ideas in a fast-paced online environment + Willingness to roll up your sleeves and do whatever is necessary + Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent **Preferred Tech and Prof Experience** + Experience working with CI/CD processes, DevOps methodologies and tools such as git, Jenkins, Travis. + Experience with multiple cloud services, including IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud as well as VMware and OpenStack + Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent **EO Statement** IBM is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. IBM is also committed to compliance with all fair employment practices regarding citizenship and immigration status.
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The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), one of the world’s leading and fastest growing onshore business and financial centres, signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Paris EUROPLACE and Finance Innovation, to support the growth of Qatar’s booming digital industry.

Paris EUROPLACE is responsible for promoting and developing the Paris financial marketplace. Finance Innovation was launched by the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance in 2007 to stimulate the Paris financial centre, and encompasses 480 member organisations and companies.

The agreements aim to support the development of the digital industry in Qatar, the exchange of expertise in innovation trends, cross-promoting start-ups in France and Qatar, as well as developing appropriate incentive packages to attract international and local companies operating in the digital and technology industry to establish a long-term presence in Qatar. The signing ceremonies were attended by H.E. Sheikh Ali bin Jassem Al Thani, Ambassador for the State of Qatar to France, Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida, CEO, QFC Authority, Sheikha Alanoud Bint Hamad Al-Thani, Managing Director, Business Development, QFC Authority, as well as other QFC officials and high-level executives of Paris EUROPLACE and Finance Innovation.

Additionally, QFC officials addressed the audience of the WISE@Paris Summit, which is a Qatar Foundation Initiative. The event gathered 800 French, European and international stakeholders, among them political decision makers, social entrepreneurs, innovators, NGOs and students, to discuss and collaborate on actionable and innovative solutions in education, and was sponsored by the QFC. The QFC’s attending delegation was led by Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida, Chief Executive Officer, QFC Authority who provided a keynote speech at the WISE Summit reception, and included Sheikha Alanoud Bint Hamad Al-Thani, Managing Director of Business Development, QFC Authority – who provided the keynote speech to a UNESCO panel titled “A Future of Work For All”, which was held in Station F - the world’s largest business incubator.

On his part, H.E Ambassador Sheikh Ali Bin Jassim Al-Thani, made a special reference to the Strategic Dialogue declaration of intent which has been signed earlier this month in Doha between the State of Qatar and France. He stressed that signing this MOU, between QFC and Paris EUROPLACE and Finance Innovation, is in line with the letter and spirit of the said Agreement, and considered that signing the MOU is a testimony to the strategic relations between the State of Qatar and France. H.E the Ambassador talked also about the importance of the MOU, in consolidating the strategic relations between the State of Qatar and France.

He expressed his confidence that signing the MOU will further improve the economic relations between the two countries. He added that relations between our two countries will see further progress in the near future not only in the economic field but in other fields as well and especially in culture. In this regard, H.E Al-Thani said that we will soon celebrate the Qatar-France cultural year 2020 where the two countries will hold and share various cultural activities. He concluded by saying that these cultural activities will send a clear message that relations between Qatar and France are not limited to economic interests but much deeper and more diversified.

QFC forges new partnerships 2 [].jpg

Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida, Chief Executive Officer, QFC Authority said: “The digitalisation of the economy is a key component of Qatar’s ambitious national initiatives and the Qatar Financial Centre’s mandate, both of which aim to enable further economic diversification. We are confident that by partnering with Paris EUROPLACE and Finance Innovation we can jointly contribute towards the continued success of the digital industry in Qatar. We have also recently announced our new strategy which emphasises key sectors including the digital industry, and these new partnerships follow agreements with key local stakeholders including the Ministry of Transport and Communication as well as the Communication Regulatory Authority.”

Sheikha Alanoud Bint Hamad Al-Thani, Managing Director, Business Development QFC Authority said: “Our agreements with Paris EUROPLACE and Finance Innovation are yet another indication of the Qatar Financial Centre’s commitment to the important European and French markets. By leveraging the expertise of these institutions, particularly in the FinTech industry, we are confident that we can contribute significantly to the growth of the sector in Qatar.”

Arnaud de Bresson, CEO, Paris EUROPLACE expressed: “The Paris financial center and its stakeholders have developed close relations with Qatar financial market players since more than 10 years. The signature of the MOU is an important step to accelerate our cooperation in different sectors such as investment banking, infrastructure financing, asset management but also, in financial innovation, based on a strong support to the Fintechs, particularly in the most innovative fields, Blockchain, AI, new payment solutions…”

Joelle Durieux, CEO, Finance Innovation said: “We are excited about our partnership with QFC and the ample opportunities it will provide to our local startups. Doha is one of the fastest growing FinTech markets and Qatar Financial Centre Authority has paved the way for SMEs to develop and test their products within an internationally-recognised regulatory framework and a robust financial ecosystem. This will ultimately allow French startups to expand their presence into the MENA region and explore further prospects for growth.”

Omran Al-Kuwari, Chief Executive Officer, Qatar Foundation International, said: “WISE is a response to the necessity of revitalizing education and providing a global platform for the development of new ideas and solutions. It has evolved into a thriving global, multi-sectoral community, which continues to generate fruitful dialogue and productive partnerships.” Stavros Yiannouka, CEO, WISE, said: “We believe that our ideas about the future matter in education. Through these ideas we can proactively address the challenges and opportunities posed by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation in the workplace. And we need to seize this moment to rethink what it means to be human.”

Qatar’s digital infrastructure has already achieved significant international rankings including the first globally in Internet Penetration in 2017, as well as ninth globally in ICT adoption according to the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2018, as well as many others. Qatar also recently pledged USD $50 million to Kuwait’s investment fund in technology and digital economy across the region, reiterating its continued commitment to developing the digital industry. The QFC’s new MoU agreements are amongst several initiatives to have been launched to spur the growth of the digital industry in Qatar, such as agreements with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, as well as the Communications Regulatory Authority.

The QFC is an onshore jurisdiction that allows registered companies to enjoy competitive benefits, such as working within a legal environment based on English common law, the right to trade in any currency, up to 100% foreign ownership, 100% repatriation of profits, 10% corporate tax on locally sourced profits, and an extensive double taxation avoidance agreement network with 70+ countries.


          The Heartwarming Way Kate's Pregnancy Pays Tribute to Jack on This Is Us      Cache   Translate Page      

Warning: spoilers for This Is Us ahead!

This Is Us really knows how to keep us on our toes. After Kate goes into early labor, emotions are heightened as the Pearson family sits together in the waiting room. Randall and Beth are fighting about their work, Kevin is grappling with his alcoholism, and poor Miguel is just trying to lighten the mood with a fun game. Following everyone's constant bickering, Rebecca finally speaks up and tells them to shut up and put their main focus on Kate.

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, we finally get an update on Kate and her baby. Spoiler: they are both fine! Though Toby and Kate's son is very premature, the emergency C-section went well and he's currently recuperating. The two go to visit their son as he sleeps in an incubator and that's when the waterworks start!

Following some careful consideration, Kate tells Toby she really wants to name their child Jack, to which he agrees. She then prays to her dad and asks him to watch over their son and protect him. While Kate and Toby definitely have a long road ahead as first-time parents, it was certainly a sweet touch to have their son named after Kate's late father.

          Press Releases: Interview With Laura Rice of Texas Standard      Cache   Translate Page      
Michael R. Pompeo
Secretary of State
Via Teleconference
March 12, 2019

QUESTION: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joins us now. Secretary Pompeo, thank you for your time.

SECRETARY POMPEO: Thank you, Laura. It’s great to be with you.

QUESTION: The U.S. has recently become the world’s largest oil producer and new reports say it could soon be the largest oil exporter. I understand your address today will focus on how this strengthens our national security. How is that?

SECRETARY POMPEO: I wanted to come to Texas today to talk about that very fact. This is a game-changer for American national security. As America’s most senior diplomat, I travel the world, and boy, there’s not a country I go to where energy isn’t at the top of their list, and what this does – what all of this success here in American domestic energy production does for me and for Americans, to keep them safe – is it permits us to share with those countries our wealth, our resources, to cut deals that support their energy security in places as far off as Vietnam and the Philippines and Europe.

And it permits them too to wean themselves from energy that they’re taking from adversaries, countries that want to do their country harm. This is a big deal for American national security. It gives us lots of power throughout the world, and our capacity has increased during the Trump administration. We intend to – intend to continue to do that, not only to create wealth for and jobs here in the United States, but to enhance America’s national security posture around the world as well.

QUESTION: The big news today again is Venezuela. One statistic you mentioned in a press conference yesterday is that Venezuela’s oil production is down by half since Nicolas Maduro took power. You accuse Cuba’s involvement as being about oil. Is oil also at the center of U.S. interest in Venezuela?

SECRETARY POMPEO: Only in the sense that we want the Venezuelan people to have access to their own wealth and not the corruption – the corruption that has followed the Maduro regime, this oil wealth being stripped away by the kleptocrats of the Maduro regime, taken for their personal benefit and not shared with the Venezuelan people. The Cubans have done the same. This isn’t what the Venezuelan people deserve, it’s not what they want, and America’s efforts to restore democracy and the rule of law, and to help feed and have medicine for the Venezuelan people – that’s the purpose of our efforts in Venezuela. And when we get this right, when Maduro is gone and there’s fair and free elections and democracy is restored, the oil wealth of Venezuela will be returned to its people.

QUESTION: Along with Cuba, you point to Russia as helping to support Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. You just announced you’re withdrawing all diplomatic staff in Venezuela. In a tweet, you said, “The presence of U.S. diplomatic staff at the embassy has become a constraint on U.S. policy.” How do you mean?

SECRETARY POMPEO: We decided yesterday that it was important that we keep American diplomats safe, and so we made the decision that we would withdraw the remaining personnel there in Caracas and bring them back to the United States. So we’ll do that over the days ahead. Anytime you’re dealing with a situation that is deteriorating as fast that it is – as it is in Venezuela today, decisions you make are always encumbered by the fact that you know there’s real risk to your own people, people that you’ve sent into harm’s way. We wanted to get them back, we wanted to get them out of the country so that we could move forward in a way that provided that opportunity.

We have 200 metric tons of food sitting in the region, trying to deliver into Venezuela to feed the hungry and to provide medicine for the sick. We want to make sure that as we continue to work in the region alongside of our partners, we don’t have any constraints on action that we might need to take in order to achieve that.

QUESTION: That food that is waiting to support Venezuelan people, I assume part of the State Department budget goes out to pay for programs and food like that. What do you do with the Trump administration’s new budget proposal, which includes $13 billion in proposed cuts? Does that mean that support like this for places like Venezuela is lessened?

SECRETARY POMPEO: Oh, in fact just the opposite. Contained in the President’s budget request is up to $500 million, an enormous amount of resources that the Trump budget is proposing to provide to assist the Venezuelan people when the time is right. This budget will serve America well, America’s national security interests, because we’re prepared to help the Venezuelan people with real resources. The American taxpayers have been most generous, and President Trump has led that charge.

QUESTION: So as Trump’s budget decreases the spending for the State Department and also includes more military spending, should Americans be worried about policy shifting from diplomacy to boots on the ground?

SECRETARY POMPEO: You can take a look at the first two years of the Trump administration to see the effectiveness of our foreign policy. Our capacity to deliver really solid, really sound diplomatic outcomes – to build coalitions in a way that, frankly, the previous administration just chose not to do – a global coalition to put sanctions on North Korea, to hopefully get them to denuclearize. The world has come together – 50-plus nations – to recognize that Maduro’s time had come. A big, global coalition to take down the caliphate – over 80 countries in the Defeat-ISIS Coalition. We have worked diplomatic – incredibly successfully in the President’s first two years, and I’m very confident that we’ll have the resources, and I know we have the talent to deliver good outcomes for the American people in the days and weeks and months ahead as well.

QUESTION: You mentioned North Korea. The proposed cuts to the State Department come soon after a second summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, where no agreement was made. Where do we stand now in that situation?

SECRETARY POMPEO: I’ve personally been working on this alongside the President for my entire time as the Secretary of State, and in fact even just a bit before. In Singapore, in June of last year, Chairman Kim made a historic commitment to denuclearize his country, and in exchange the United States and President Trump made a commitment to provide peace and security and stability on the Korean Peninsula and a brighter future for the North Korean people. Our Japanese partners, our South Korean partners are working alongside us to achieve each of those goals from Singapore.

We didn’t make as much progress as we would have hoped in Hanoi, but the conversations continue. And meanwhile, there are not missile tests being conducted, there aren’t nuclear tests being conducted. We’ve made progress. Obviously more needs to be done. This has been a problem of a long standing, and we continue to march down the path, hopefully leading to a place where the threat of nuclear weapons from North Korea will be enormously diminished.

QUESTION: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Houston today for the energy conference known as CERAWeek. Secretary Pompeo, thanks again for your time.

SECRETARY POMPEO: Thank you, Laura. You have a great day.

QUESTION: You too.

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          Press Releases: Interview With WOAI San Antonio's First News With Charlie Parker      Cache   Translate Page      
Michael R. Pompeo
Secretary of State
Via Teleconference
March 12, 2019

QUESTION: San Antonio’s First News with Charlie Parker, Charity McCurdy in the 24-hour news center. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Houston, Texas today for the CERAWeek conference all about energy, in particular America.

Mr. Secretary, appreciate the visit this morning, but before we talk about what’s going on here in Texas, in particular Houston today, have to ask you about last night and what’s currently going on in Venezuela. Back in January, the decision to withdraw all dependence and reduce embassy staff to a minimum, and then your announcement last night that it’s time for everybody to get out.

SECRETARY POMPEO: Charlie, thanks for having me on the show. It’s great to be in Texas. We did in fact make the decision last night that we needed to remove the remaining folks we had on the ground there in Caracas. The situation is continuing to deteriorate. We’ve all seen the power outages – food, water all becoming more and more difficult – and we wanted to make sure we kept all the Americans working for the United States Government safe and get them back home.

QUESTION: Yeah, and the international effort to get Maduro out – well, I say international, not counting China, Russia, and Cuba – if things are to this point, if things are this bad and probably looking like they could get worse, what are the options? What do we do in Venezuela?

SECRETARY POMPEO: Well, the Venezuelan people have set the direction very clearly. They want Maduro gone. The Interim President Juan Guaido is leading an effort to get humanitarian assistance and the American taxpayers have been incredibly generous. Over 200 metric tons of food and hygiene kits and medicine on the ground, we haven’t been able to get them in. The Maduro regime has denied food to starving people and medicine to the sick. It’s really, really evil. And we need to continue to work to deliver. The Venezuelan people deserve it. This is a once-proud, resource-rich nation, and I’m confident. One of the reasons I’m here in Texas is to talk about energy, and Venezuela has it. We need to return the capacity of Venezuela to produce and create wealth for the Venezuelan people, and we’re working diligently with all of our partners in South and Central America and Europe to hopefully achieve that here as quickly as possible. The time is drawing short.

QUESTION: Secretary Pompeo, good morning. This is Charity McCurdy. As you mentioned, you’re in Houston to talk about America’s energy revolution, and the U.S. is on pace to overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s biggest oil producer. As you know, Texas’s Permian Basin is a major player in that. What’s being done by the Trump administration to address pipeline capacity to ensure this production growth continues?

SECRETARY POMPEO: Well, Charity, great question, and incredibly important. First, I think the administration’s done an awful lot to get us where we are today, to reduce regulation, to make permitting faster. I was in this business for a bunch of years before I entered government service. I ran a company that made pumping units. I’ve spent a lot of time in Midland, Odessa, East Texas. I know the industry well. We now need to take all this product that we’ve got in the Permian Basin, and frankly in other places in America too, and make sure that we can get it to markets not only through pipelines here, but my task as America’s most senior diplomat is to make sure that there are markets available around the world, that the Europeans and Asia – they’re prepared to buy not only our crude oil, but our natural gas so that we can continue to create wealth here in America. And importantly, it has deep national security implications as well if we’re successful at this.

QUESTION: We’re talking to the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Obviously when it comes to energy, you got to be strong, you got to grow, you got to integrate, diversify, and advance energy security. Just exactly what does that mean, Mr. Secretary, to advance energy security?

SECRETARY POMPEO: Everywhere I travel – I was in the Philippines last week and in Vietnam, I’ll be in the Middle East next week, then I’ll be back on to Europe – no matter which country I go to, they’re very focused on their own energy security. What does that mean? It means they have the capacity to deliver the energy that their citizens need to heat and cool their homes, that they have what they need for their infrastructure, for their businesses. And they want to get it from friends and allies and partners, and they don’t want to have to rely on adversaries who, when times get tough, can cut them off or raise prices or make their life difficult or, frankly, use energy to coerce them.

And so this American boom, this skyrocketing of energy production – you talked about us being number one in the world in crude oil exports. We’re going to approach that and natural gas before too long. Our ability to deliver that to our friends and partners around the world creates enormous security for people here in Texas and all across America.

QUESTION: We appreciate what you do and I guess on a light note, I’d like – I wish you got frequent flyer miles.

SECRETARY POMPEO: (Laughter.) Doesn’t quite work that way, but it is an incredible privilege to represent America around the world.

QUESTION: And we are glad that you do, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

SECRETARY POMPEO: Thank you very much. You all have a good day.

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          Press Releases: Interview With Hal Jay and Brian Estridge of WBAP Morning News      Cache   Translate Page      
Michael R. Pompeo
Secretary of State
Via Teleconference
March 12, 2019

QUESTION: Yes, and Secretary Mike Pompeo joins us (inaudible) Secretary of State, kind enough to carve out a couple of moments for us. He’s headed to Houston for a – to deliver a keynote to – at a big energy conference, Hal.

QUESTION: All right.

QUESTION: And we’ve got a lot to get into. Secretary, thanks for the time this morning. Let’s dive right into the news that came out this week that all of the sudden, the U.S. is the number one exporter of energy in the world, and this really strengthens our standing internationally, doesn’t it?

SECRETATRY POMPEO: Well great, it’s thanks to be with you. And it does, that’s why I’m down here. I wanted to talk about what U.S. energy production does for American national security, how it keeps people from Dallas and San Antonio and Houston and all across Texas safer, lets us work more closely with our friends and puts real pressure on those who want to do harm to the United States. So this energy production really matters. I wanted to come down here and talk about how, as American’s most senior diplomat, we use that to advantage to keep America safe.

QUESTION: Yeah, is that leverage for you when it comes to negotiating around the world?

SECRETATRY POMPEO: There are very few countries I travel to – I was in the Philippines last week and Vietnam, I’ll be in Europe in a couple of days and the Middle East. Everywhere I go, energy is at the top of the list. Demand for energy is only growing, and those who can produce and provide it have an enormous advantage when it comes to security around the world.

QUESTION: Are we at the point now where America can say we don’t have to worry about other countries anymore, Middle East oil, anything like that, we’re – we are on our own?

SECRETATRY POMPEO: So we’re getting close to where we’ll have true American energy dominance. It’s a global market; it’s a complicated market. But the more energy that we produce here in America, so the more we can do – and the Trump administration’s done a lot of this, reduce regulations, create opportunities for jobs and wealth creation in the energy industry in America – the safer Americans will be around the world as well.

QUESTION: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is with us right now. That leverage that we talk about when it comes to energy doesn’t just play in the Middle East. Does it factor into the negotiations that are ongoing with North Korea at all?

SECRETATRY POMPEO: North Korea presents a special situation for sure, but nobody can escape the truth. The truth is to grow an economy you need energy. Their electrical infrastructure needs work. They need refined petroleum products. One of the ways that we’ve convinced North Korea to move towards denuclearization is to reduce the amount of energy that they can import, and those sanctions that the United Nations put in place alongside of us have made a material difference. It’s made it harder for the North Koreans to do the things they need to do, and I think that’s at least in part why Chairman Kim made the commitment to denuclearize, and we’re hopeful that even though we didn’t get as far as we would have liked when the President and I were in Hanoi last week, we still have a path forward there.

QUESTION: Is North Korea – are we paying too much attention to it? Is there – is there a real true threat?

SECRETATRY POMPEO: So the – any time you have a nation that has nuclear weapons and the capacity to either sell those weapons to those that would want to present risk to the United States or the capacity to use a missile system for delivery, there’s a threat to the United States. Nuclear weapons are unique and especially risky, as you all well know, so I think it’s important, important that we get this right, important that we take down that threat to the United States.

QUESTION: A different kind of threat in South America with Venezuela that I know has your attention as well.

SECRETATRY POMPEO: It does. Last night we made the decision that we would withdraw the last of our diplomats from Caracas, so they’ll all be coming home. The calamity, the chaos that is engulfing Venezuela today is a direct result of socialism, of the Maduro regime and the Cubans and the Russians all destroying a once proud economy. The United States, the neighboring regions in South America, Central America, they want to have a better life, democracy restored in Venezuela. And America is prepared to play its part, an important part I believe, in helping that happen.

QUESTION: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is with us. What keeps you up at night?

SECRETATRY POMPEO: Oh goodness. Lots of things to focus on in the world, but just like you all, right, you just keep focused, you set priorities. I work for a President that understands the incredible importance of American national security, and you get up each day, put your helmet on, and get to work.

QUESTION: Just so you’ll know, I voted for Donald Trump, so I’ll ask you this: Fill in the blank. I wish the President would stop --

SECRETATRY POMPEO: I’m not going to answer that one for you this morning. (Laughter.)

QUESTION: How about this one then: I wish the President would start --

SECRETATRY POMPEO: (Laughter.) You’re not going to draw me into that.



QUESTION: That’s why --

SECRETATRY POMPEO: I think we’re getting it right most days.

QUESTION: That’s why I said I voted for him, and I didn’t mind asking those questions, so – well, thanks for playing along.

QUESTION: Yeah, and your timing is perfect. You’re there for the last week of the Houston radio – rodeo. The Kings of Leon are playing tonight. Enjoy the concert.

SECRETATRY POMPEO: I would love to get to that, and Susan and I – my wife – we’re from Kansas. We love rodeo too.

QUESTION: Yeah. Mike Pompeo --

QUESTION: There you go.

QUESTION: -- the Secretary of State, thanks for the time today.

SECRETATRY POMPEO: Thank you very much. You all have a good day.

QUESTION: Yeah, you too.

QUESTION: And keep up the good work by the way, too.


QUESTION: Thanks for serving us.

SECRETATRY POMPEO: Thank you very much. Very nice, thank you.

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          Comment on Epic Fail: Arizona Republic Newspaper Losing Lots Of Subscribers After Endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton by ScubaSteve      Cache   Translate Page      
They are also part of the USA Today network, another reason to cancel your sub and not visit the site. uBlock Origin or Ad-Blocker is your friend if you don't want them to get ad revenue.
          Fiscalía del régimen investigará a Juan Guaidó por su presunta implicacion en el apagón nacional      Cache   Translate Page      
El fiscal general designado por la constituyente cubana, Tarek William Saab, aseguró este martes 12 de marzo que se le ha abierto una investigación a Juan Guaidó por su presunta implicación en el “sabotaje eléctrico”, un apagón que ocurrió en todo el país el pasado jueves y que actualmente afecta a todo el territorio nacional. […]
          My Speech in Gdansk Blog Forum      Cache   Translate Page      

Translated from Arabic by :

Sahar Maher 

I would like to start by extending my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the organizers of Gdansk Blog forum for inviting me to talk about my point of view regarding the ongoing political situation in Egypt after the massive demonstrations and protests back in January 2011 that some people tend to call it, “The Arab spring,” despite of its disastrous consequences and results that Egypt and the whole Middle Eastern region still suffer from up till this moment.
Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time that gives a space for the whole details and events that took place through all the last three years. But I hope that, with the favor of the internet and different international news services, most of you are familiar with or have a background about what is going on in Egypt.
I would like to emphasize that I am not here to get your ears raptured by reciting vibrant and made-up sentences praising the struggle of Egyptians, or attacking and criticizing the dictatorial governments. I am sorry if that would disappoint some of you, but I am not into this kind of superficial talks which might satisfy some people but pushes us far away from what I see and interpret as realism.
Governments are secretions of its people, no matter of the location. No authority in any country around the world, regardless the level of suppression and oppression practiced against its people, can remain in power for a long time if people have no desire to have it. People take part in forming their government, either by the clear approval through the fair elections, or even by sticking to silence and taking no reaction towards the human rights and freedom violations committed by their governments. People might be motivated to do so out of fear or interest. This equally applies to the governments and people of countries like Cuba, North
Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia and definitely Egypt.
Fear is an action that has its own results and effects. It’s definitely a negative action that can be destructive. Those who fear should stand for their fear and take the full responsibility of its outcomes without blaming the reasons or causes of their fear and intimidation.
Surely, dictatorships use fear as a weapon to terrorize people, take full control over them, and guarantee their submission and surrender.
But falling under the control of fear and surrender, should not be considered a responsibility of governments, instead it’s mainly a responsibility of individuals who interact with and satisfy their governments’ unpleasant wills.
Those who get terrorized, panicked, and start spreading that among their countrymen stand behind magnifying the impact of such problems, because they fear facing it and inciting the others not to do so.
Since my early ages, I became familiar with recognizing the fear jumping out of people’s eyes. I could see them fearing everything that they even advise others to behave the same way, and if others didn’t, they turn their advice into an order and people become obligated by those who surrounds them to adjust themselves to this public hysterical mood which absolutely makes no sense.
There is a well-known Egyptian proverb says: “Who fears, guarantees safety.”
Safety that is mentioned here means the physical one; the safety of body from getting harmed or violated. On the other hand, the non-physical harm and violations do not concern people and obviously are considered to be kinds of reprehensible welfare that people can make fun of someone who have serious concern about it.
Many Egyptians Believe that fear protects them from being victims of physical violence committed by those who are more powerful, and that the mentioned proverb turned into a doctrine which draw the lifestyle of the majority.
But no one among those who widely use this proverb, believe in it, promote its meaning, and spread its content among people, thought about the major impact of this organized fear process which go viral to reach anything people can imagine.
The most dangerous outcome that is generated by fear is making people afraid of thinking about the reasons behind the major problems to avoid getting involved in what could be undesired consequences.
The fear wastes the energy of human beings and make them more likely to undergo for anything, physically and mentally. That’s why the authorities go for it, it’s a cost and effort saver.
Nothing is actually more easier than spreading a troublesome rumor or annoying story , the governments start that and then they leave the rest to be accomplished by the chronic fear patients who are doing it perfectly and voluntarily .
For example the Egyptian authority don’t fear spreading news or even rumors about the physical torture which committed by some of its security services and trading it among people, but of course they fear if that news get mentioned in media and became known outside its borders so as not exposed to a barrage of condemnations. Then, with good intentions people achieves the regime’s goal , spreading terror and panic by not only spreading the bad news or disturbance rumors but also by adding some details and creating other stories which make everything look very dramatic in the eyes and minds of people , and that the authoritarian regimes gain the benefits and manage to stay in power suppressing and terrorizing people for longer periods.
In the 2005 demonstrations against Mubarak and his plan to inherit the power to his
older son Gamal, we were few protesters, and that was strange for me and for others , there is no clear logic stands behind the reluctance of the majority of the Egyptian people who is oppressed by the regime from participating in the mobility against the repressive authority .
On the other hand, we used to get extreme criticism from those who choose avoiding participation in demonstrations.  
In the meantime, Some of them were expressing an indignation of the regime, but they thought that this dictatorial corrupted regime would be better than an unknown alternative that they believed might be more suppressive and corrupt.
Here I quote some of what they said: “Mubarak already stole enough and he don't need to steal more of the country’s wealth but his successor will start steal from the beginning, so we don't see any better alternative than the corrupt Mubarak!”
The mentality of the fearful paranoid citizen who accept just the crumbs leaded him to think that the power is not more than a gateway to corruption and looting, no more no less , The same citizen who goes to the governmental sectors and pays a lot of bribes willingly to finish necessary documents or get any other benefits , not conditionally the ones who are really worth to get , some pay a lot of money to get what they have no right to get , like those who pay to get a driving license without taking courses or passing driving exams .
So the corruption here is not attached only to those who are in power , but it’s extended to reach those who are supposed to be stolen and oppressed. It’s deeply rooted in the society ,
and the corrupt members of the governments do nothing much more than what the average citizen do.
since it does not come from another galaxy to rule them , it came from among those who have had many of them also justify the security repression, torture and even murder committed by the police or military forces, and they themselves do not hesitate to practice
similar things with those who show some differences from the majority or those who thought to be weak helpless. Just take a quick look on the Egyptian reality and you will easily see the incidents of harassment and rape which are scattered in the Egyptian streets and many Justify it, and do not ignore the abuse committed against children at homes,
schools, orphanages and reformatories with no guaranteed protection despite of the existence of law criminalizing such behaviors.
Also try to refresh your memory and recall the incidents of attacking and killing religious minorities by the vast Muslim majority, and destruction and burning of churches which are widely spread and repeated incidents happen all the time without interruption.
I won’t go further speaking about what some people may consider as changes in the political map in Egypt, because I cannot see any real or core change. What really happened is that some people uncovered a cesspool to let its sop smell block our noses and to allow insects and mice, that people never expected they exist and they are that dangerous, come out and attack us.
Some of those insects and mice used to be intentionally released every back and then as a strategy of terrorizing people. Despite their ability to destroy those cesspools, the old regime intentionally allowed them to exist in order to use them as weapons whenever the regime starts to fall down, and that is exactly what happened.
The problem lies behind the Egyptian society’s predominant culture and its sources. That culture that is supported by people’s religion, heritage, and folklore, which freeze time and disable minds. That culture that criminalize critical thinking, to convert ingenuity into undesired action and discard and threaten creative people not only by the government but also by people. The authority does this actually to let people praise it, and that is the same reason why the Egyptian government imprisoned me for my writings. Actually without the will of the religious institute, El-Azhar, that is supported by people, the government wouldn’t have taken any steps against me and arrested me.
From my point of view, the only solution is uprooting the problem. I do not believe in political compromises, social maneuvers, and semi-solutions. That’s why I do not care about what politics’ polls in Egypt say, because they are fundamentally far away of the problem’s root and they keep deceiving their unaware people. Uprooting the problem means marginalization the religion, old traditions, and everything that can take us many years backward or freeze us in our places without any hope in moving forward.
In conclusion , changing governments and rulers is a useless shallow action. What really needs to be done is changing people’s mentality and the way they think, and what is even more important is recognizing how big the issue is and how to deal with it as an obvious fact.
I cannot see any hope in the near future through those suppressed and threatened generations that have accepted and got adapted to their situation. Those generations that got used to be pets and decided to go on with their lives the way it is. Human’s personality gets formed in his or her early ages, and after specific amount of years you can actually expect his or her attitudes, ethics, and reactions that are actually harmonic with the way he or she was raised in suppression, and unawareness.
The true hope that I can see is in the children that have not been tamed or subjected yet. We need to invest in educating those children as much as we invest in weapons and killing. They need to be separated from everything that can prevent them from being an open-minded, aware, and mentally-independent generation, to convert them into identical templates of their ancestors. And only later on when those children grow up and take the responsibility of the country, there would be a great hope of a real change to occur.
I’ve tried to stick to the topic and title of my speech but I found out that it’s more important to state the real causes of opposition’s failure in Egypt instead of just restating the repeated and identical non-stopping political events that all of you can follow through any form of multimedia, and it’s more important also than adopting unrealistic optimistic vision of the future that is unfortunately not related anyhow to our reality.
Finally, I would like to thank you all for listening and for your attention, and I apologize if  I took too much of your time.

According to Maduro, electrical systems were targeted by cyberattacks and “infiltrators”. He added that authorities managed to restore power to “many parts” of the country on March 8, but the restored systems were knocked down after the country’s grid was once again attacked. He noted that “one of the sources of generation that was working perfectly” had been sabotaged and accused “infiltrators of attacking the electric company from the inside.”

Communication and information minister Jorge Rodriguez described the situation as “the most brutal attack on the Venezuelan people in 200 years”. He also described the situation as the “deliberate sabotage” on behalf of the US-backed opposition.

In own turn, the US continues to reject claims accusing it of attempts to destabilize the situation in the country. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even claimed that Washington and its allies would not hurt the “ordinary Venezuelans.” According to him, what’s hurting the people is the “Maduro regime’s incompetence.”

“No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro,” Pompeo wrote in Twitter, adding that “Maduro’s policies bring nothing but darkness.” Unfortunately, the top diplomat did not explain how wide-scale economic sanctions imposed to wreck the country’s economic should help the “ordinary Venezuelans”.

The State Department attitude was expectedly supported by US-proclaimed Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaido, who recently returned to country after an attempt to get more foreign support for US-backed regime change efforts. Guaido accused the “Maduro Regime” of turning the blackout during the night in a “horror movie” with his “gangs” terrorizing people.

Another narrative, which recently set the mainstream media on fire, is the alleged Cuban meddling in the crisis.

According to this very version of the event, “forces of democracy” were not able to overthrow the Venezuelan government because its political elite is controlled by Cuban intelligence services. President Donald Trump even said Maduro is nothing more than a “Cuban puppet.”

Taking account already existing allegations about the presence of Hezbollah and Russian mercenaries in Venezuela and an expected second attempt to stage US aid delivery provocation on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, it becomes clear that chances of US direct action to bring into power own political puppet are once again growing.

The February attempt to stage a provocation failed and make a final step toward a regime change by force failed after it was publicly revealed that the US-backed opposition was intentionally burning “aid trucks” to blame the Maduro government. Furthermore, the military backed Maduro, and the scale and intensity of protests across the country were not enough to paralyze the government.

The blackout in Venezuela was likely meant to bring the country into disorder and draw off army and security forces. Therefore, an attempt to stage a new provocation to justify a foreign intervention to overthrow the Venezuelan government could be expected anytime soon.

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Spitalul Clinic de Recuperare Iași 4541092 Str. Pantelimon Halipa nr. 14 Iași 700614 Alexandra Barbacaru +40 332410774 +40 332410774 Furnizare reactivi, volumul 6 45415212018224-229289296-347 Furnizare reactivi, volumul 6, conform caietului de sarcini anexat. Autoritatea contractanta va raspunde in mod clar si complet tuturor solicitarilor de clarificare/informatii suplimentare in a 11-a zi inainte de termenul limita stabilit pentru deschiderea ofertelor, conform OUG 107/2017. Numarul de zile pana la care se pot solicita clarificari inainte de data limita de depunere a ofertelor/candidaturilor: 18 zile. 905537 905537 Sânge de control 5-DIFF compatibil cu analizor Pentra DF Nexus 3 Spitalul Clinic de Recuperare Iasi, Str. Pantelimon Halipa nr. 14. Conform caietului de sarcini. Reactivi și consumabile pentru analizor automat de biochimie urinară Aution Max AX-4060/Sedimax 2 1 Spitalul Clinic de Recuperare Iasi, Str. Pantelimon Halipa nr. 14. Conform caietului de sarcini. Teste pentru imunologie 2 Spitalul Clinic de Recuperare Iasi, Str. Pantelimon Halipa nr. 14. Conform caietului de sarcini. Reactivi și consumabile de coagulare compatibile cu analizorul Coatron M2 4 Spitalul Clinic de Recuperare Iasi, Str. Pantelimon Halipa nr. 14. Conform caietului de sarcini. Reactivi pentru microbiologie 5 Spitalul Clinic de Recuperare Iasi, Str. Pantelimon Halipa nr. 14. Conform caietului de sarcini. Discuri pentru antibiogramă/antifungigramă 6 Spitalul Clinic de Recuperare Iasi, Str. Pantelimon Halipa nr. 14. Conform caietului de sarcini. Reactivi compatibili cu linia Bio Rad ID-Incubator 37 S I și ID-Centrifugă 12 S II 7 Spitalul Clinic de Recuperare Iasi, Str. Pantelimon Halipa nr. 14. Conform caietului de sarcini. 275 2 Teste pentru imunologie 2019-02-25 7 7 A&A Pro Diagnostic RO 23068692 Str. Poet George Coşbuc nr. 50, sector 5 București 050142 +40 758188818, +40 213212056 13215.25 6840 6840 274 4 Reactivi și consumabile de coagulare compatibile cu analizorul Coatron M2 2019-02-25 3 3 Cominf S.R.L. RO 7586277 Șoseaua Păcurari nr. 65 Iași 700547 +40 232257422 +40 232257422 644863 644863 644863 276 5 Reactivi pentru microbiologie 2019-02-25 1 1 A.M.S. 2000 Trading Impex S.R.L. RO 9603757 Str. Turturelelor nr. 62 București 030882 +40 213247050 +40 213247679 471744 250240 250240 277 6 Discuri pentru antibiogramă/antifungigramă 2019-02-25 2 2 Tody Laboratories Int RO 4134935 Str. Vadul Moldovei nr. 0212690000 București 014033 +40 212690033/+40 212690000/+40 212690645,,,, +40 212690641/+40 212690001/+40 212690553 4040 3594 3594 Consiliul Național de Soluționare a Contestațiilor Str. Stavropoleos nr. 6, sector 3 București 030084 +40 213104641 +40 213104642 / +40 218900745 Oficiul Juridic al Spitalului Clinic de Recuperare Iași Str. Pantelimon Halipa nr. 14 Iași 700614 +4 0332410774 +4 0332410774 2019-03-06
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Propeller Stranded

A despatch from Cheboygan Mich., states that the Canadian propeller Cuba, bound down with grain, stranded on Grey's Reef at 4 o'clock on Sunday morning in a fog, and is full of water. The captain went to Cheboygan for help and employed the tug Favorite,...

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Angkara masalah percintaan, pelajar sekolah menengah membuat keputusan berani berjalan di atas bumbung bangunan sekolah dalam cubaan membunuh diri. Tragedi itu dipercayai berlaku di salah sebuah sekolah menengah di Banting. Menurut laporan Metro, remaja berusia 13 tahun itu mengakui kecewa dengan seorang pelajar perempuan sebayanya. […]
          4G Mobile Trials Have Begun in Cuba – What Is Their 3/4/5G Strategy?      Cache   Translate Page      

CircleID CircleID: Early 4G speed test (Source)During the first month of 3G mobile service, Cuban Internet use increased substantially. At the end of January, ETECSA had 5.4 million mobile users, 35% of which use the Internet and they are adding 5,000 new data customers per day. According to Eliecer Samada, head of ETECSA's wireless access group, the company is now at 160% of the expected capacity.

As a result of that unexpected demand and damage due to the tornado that hit Havana in January, both data and phone service have been slow and unreliable.

To alleviate these problems, ETECSA announced last week that they were accelerating 4G mobile trials along the north coast from Mariel through Havana to Varadero. That is a distance of about 100 miles with 44 4G base stations. The trial will be open to about 10,000 high-volume users who have 4G-compatible phones and have been using at least 2.5 GB of 3G mobile data per month in that area. (ETECSA reports that 7% of 3G network users account for 52% of the traffic).

Andy García ran a speed test using his neighbor's account and recorded a download speed of 5.52 Mbps, upload speed of 1.18 Mbps and a 24.17 ms latency, but a few days later, he observed slower rates and Armando Camacho recently recently reported a speed of 3.2 Mbps download and 5.8 Mbps upload and he has posted the locations of 21 base stations in Havana. We can't draw conclusions about the post-trial speeds from a few tests, but they will surely be faster than current 3G speeds and considerably slower than the US LTE speeds reported last month by Tom's Guide.

Current US 4G speeds (Source)ETECSA expects this trial to divert enough traffic to improve 3G and voice service. If that is the case, it seems the current congestion is at the base stations rather than in backhaul from them. Regardless, I expect that backhaul capacity from faster 4G base stations will constrain 4G rollout in this and other regions.

I don't know what ETECSA's mobile deployment strategy is — what the balance will be between 3 and 4G capacity and pricing — but I have suggested that they will gain trained, demanding users if they focus on bringing the cost down as quickly as possible. That would argue for cheap or even free 3G service.

The average price of 1 GB of mobile data in Cuba is higher than that in 184 of 230 nations. (The price in ten of the 28 Caribbean nations is higher than in Cuba and India is the lowest-price nation). The source does not indicate the speeds of these services and it would be interesting to see them normalized for per-capita income as an indication of affordability, but there seems to be room for price cutting in Cuba.

Regardless of the deployment and pricing of 3 and 4G mobile Internet access in Cuba, both should be regarded as stopgap measures and plans should be made for 5G deployment.
Written by Larry Press, Professor of Information Systems at California State UniversityFollow CircleID on TwitterMore under: Access Providers, Mobile Internet, Wireless

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San Antonio—EPIcenter, a think tank that promotes the “new energy” sector and operates a startup incubator and other programs for businesses, is planning a half-day event highlighting electricity-focused tech companies. The summit will take place on June 19 and will include keynote speeches, panel discussions, and short product presentations by companies that use electricity in […]
          4G Mobile Trials Have Begun in Cuba – What Is Their 3/4/5G Strategy?      Cache   Translate Page      

CircleID CircleID: Early 4G speed test (Source)During the first month of 3G mobile service, Cuban Internet use increased substantially. At the end of January, ETECSA had 5.4 million mobile users, 35% of which use the Internet and they are adding 5,000 new data customers per day. According to Eliecer Samada, head of ETECSA's wireless access group, the company is now at 160% of the expected capacity.

As a result of that unexpected demand and damage due to the tornado that hit Havana in January, both data and phone service have been slow and unreliable.

To alleviate these problems, ETECSA announced last week that they were accelerating 4G mobile trials along the north coast from Mariel through Havana to Varadero. That is a distance of about 100 miles with 44 4G base stations. The trial will be open to about 10,000 high-volume users who have 4G-compatible phones and have been using at least 2.5 GB of 3G mobile data per month in that area. (ETECSA reports that 7% of 3G network users account for 52% of the traffic).

Andy García ran a speed test using his neighbor's account and recorded a download speed of 5.52 Mbps, upload speed of 1.18 Mbps and a 24.17 ms latency, but a few days later, he observed slower rates and Armando Camacho recently recently reported a speed of 3.2 Mbps download and 5.8 Mbps upload and he has posted the locations of 21 base stations in Havana. We can't draw conclusions about the post-trial speeds from a few tests, but they will surely be faster than current 3G speeds and considerably slower than the US LTE speeds reported last month by Tom's Guide.

Current US 4G speeds (Source)ETECSA expects this trial to divert enough traffic to improve 3G and voice service. If that is the case, it seems the current congestion is at the base stations rather than in backhaul from them. Regardless, I expect that backhaul capacity from faster 4G base stations will constrain 4G rollout in this and other regions.

I don't know what ETECSA's mobile deployment strategy is — what the balance will be between 3 and 4G capacity and pricing — but I have suggested that they will gain trained, demanding users if they focus on bringing the cost down as quickly as possible. That would argue for cheap or even free 3G service.

The average price of 1 GB of mobile data in Cuba is higher than that in 184 of 230 nations. (The price in ten of the 28 Caribbean nations is higher than in Cuba and India is the lowest-price nation). The source does not indicate the speeds of these services and it would be interesting to see them normalized for per-capita income as an indication of affordability, but there seems to be room for price cutting in Cuba.

Regardless of the deployment and pricing of 3 and 4G mobile Internet access in Cuba, both should be regarded as stopgap measures and plans should be made for 5G deployment.
Written by Larry Press, Professor of Information Systems at California State UniversityFollow CircleID on TwitterMore under: Access Providers, Mobile Internet, Wireless

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De acuerdo con los residentes de la Barranca de Tacubaya, existe el riesgo de que el área verde se convierta en un parque como La Mexicana, en Santa Fe.

La entrada Vecinos de la Barranca de Tacubaya quieren participar en la Cuarta Sección de Chapultepec se publicó primero en El Big Data.

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Jigsaw is an Alphabet incubator tasked with using technology to tackle global security challenges. Notable projects include protections against DDoS attacks and DNS manipulation. Its latest is a Chrome extension called Tune to filter out toxic online comments with machine learning.


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When: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - All Day

Watch live as incubating eggs hatch into fuzzy chicks. On display from March 1-20. Approximate hatch date is March 12. Stop by to name the chicks and get answers to frequently asked questions. Located in the children's area.

Don't want to miss a minute of the action? Watch the live stream.

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Serviço é necessário para evitar alagamentos na temporada de chuva A Prefeitura de Hortolândia continua o trabalho de desassoreação do Ribeirão Jacuba, na região Central, próximo às obras de prevenção a enchentes realizadas pela Administração. A limpeza permite um fluxo maior das águas, principalmente em dias chuvosos e evita alagamentos na região. O trabalho, agora, […]
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Venezuelan officials reported blackouts easing in some areas Tuesday, while the chief prosecutor said opposition leader Juan Guaido is being investigated for allegedly sabotaging the national power grid, whose collapse last week has inflicted misery on millions.   The announcement by Tarek William Saab, the attorney general, escalated the Venezuelan government's standoff with Guaido, although there are questions about how aggressively authorities would move against a man who is staunchly supported by the United States as well as many Venezuelans.   Guaido, who is trying to oust President Nicolas Maduro and hold elections, blames corruption and incompetence for nearly a week of nationwide blackouts that deprived most of the already struggling population not just of electricity, but also water and communications.   Adding to tension over Venezuela's fate, the United States said it was withdrawing its last diplomats still in Caracas. The U.S. State Department also said U.S. citizens residing or traveling in Venezuela should leave the country, a heightening of an advisory issued Jan. 29 that said they should ``strongly consider'' doing so.   "Bye-bye," Maduro said on national television after praising the professional conduct of James Story, the top-ranking diplomat at the U.S. Embassy. Maduro also said he would seek the help of allies Cuba, Russia, China and Iran in investigating his allegation a U.S. "cyberattack#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000" targeted Venezuelan power facilities, which he claimed was launched from Houston and Chicago. The U.S. has dismissed the Venezuelan government's accusation as absurd and an attempt to divert attention from its own chronic failings.   Venezuela's information minister, Jorge Rodriguez, said the power grid had been almost completely restored and that water service was also returning. However, anecdotal reports indicated continuing outages for many Venezuelans, who were already suffering from hyperinflation and shortages of food and medicine.   On Tuesday, long lines of people converged again at springs in the mountains of Caracas to collect water in bottles because water pumps have been out of service without power. Even some relatives of Maduro couldn't stand the power outages, according to authorities in Colombia.   The leader's cousin, Argimiro Maduro, along with his spouse, children and extended relatives, tried to enter the neighboring country, seeking relief until power is restored in Venezuela, said Christian Kruger, Colombia's migration director.   Permission was denied. Colombia, which views Maduro as an illegitimate leader and recognizes Guaido as Venezuela's interim president, will not allow Maduro's relatives to vacation while "avoiding the reality of a people in agony," Kruger said.   Maduro did not comment on the report that his family members tried to enter Colombia, though he has said he has been suffering alongside Venezuelans during the blackout.   One of the areas hit hardest by the power cuts that started Thursday evening is the city of Maracaibo, where widespread looting has occurred since Sunday. On Tuesday, areas of the city still had no power and debris lay in some streets. Hundreds of people looted nearly half the 270 shops in Maracaibo's Sambil mall, even dismantling doors and windows and taking them away, said Juan Carlos Koch, the mall's general manager. Saab, the chief prosecutor, said the case against Guaido also involves messages allegedly inciting people to rob and loot during power outages.   Guaido is already under investigation for alleged instigation of violence, but authorities have not tried to detain him since he violated a ban on leaving the country and then returned a week ago from a Latin American tour. He said at a Caracas demonstration Tuesday that allegations that he sabotaged the power grid are false.   "The whole world knows who the saboteur is. Maduro is responsible," said Guaido, who has accused the government of negligence and looting state resources for years.   Authorities also detained a Venezuelan journalist and activist and confiscated computers and cellphones from his home, human rights activists said. The arrest of Luis Carlos Diaz after he left Union Radio station Monday followed an accusation by a pro-government leader that he caused Venezuela's blackouts, Human Rights Watch said.   Michelle Bachelet, the U.N high commissioner for human rights, said that she is concerned about Diaz and that a U.N. mission visiting Caracas asked authorities for access to him.   News of the withdrawal of the last U.S. diplomats came from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who tweeted late Monday that the continued presence of the envoys in Caracas had become a "constraint" on U.S. policy. He did not clarify exactly what he meant by that remark.   U.S. President Donald Trump has said "all options are on the table" in his administration's support for Guaido. Maduro accuses Guaido and the United States of plotting an invasion.   The Venezuelan government disputed Pompeo's account, saying it had instructed the U.S. diplomats to leave. Their presence "entails risks for the peace, integrity and stability of the country," Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said.   Maduro's government in January cut ties with the U.S. over its recognition of Guaido as Venezuela's rightful leader, a stand taken by about 50 other countries. U.S. officials rejected that, saying Maduro had no authority. Venezuela later allowed a skeletal staff to remain at the hilltop U.S. Embassy.
          Approvata Legge europea 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Nella parte pomeridiana della seduta la Camera ha approvato il disegno di legge: S. 822 – Disposizioni per l’adempimento degli obblighi derivanti dall’appartenenza dell’Italia all’Unione europea – Legge europea 2018 (Approvato dal Senato) (A.C. 1432-A). Il provvedimento passa all’esame dell’altro ramo del Parlamento. I lavori proseguono con l’esame della proposta di legge: Istituzione e disciplina … Continua la lettura di Approvata Legge europea 2018
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Revelan escandalosas fotos de Maradona durante su rehabilitación en Cuba
En medio de la polémica tras conocerse que Diego Armando Maradona tuvo al menos tres hijos durante el período que vivió en Cuba para recuperarse de su adicción a las drogas, el portal de noticias argentino Nexofin reveló esta semana dos fotos del astro del fútbol acompañado de dos jóvenes completamente desnudas.

Las fotos, según Nexofin, corresponden al período en el que Maradona viajó a la isla, entre el 2000 y el 2004, para recuperarse de su adicción a las drogas.
En una de las imágenes se ve a Maradona vestido solamente con unos calzoncillos de los que sobresale un juguete sexual.

El futbolista argentino abraza a dos jóvenes completamente desnudas. En la segunda imagen aparece con una de las jóvenes, quien le sostiene la cara con actitud cariñosa.
Al preguntársele sobre si podrían venir más reclamaciones para reconocer hijos del futbolista en la isla, Matías Morla, abogado y consejero de Maradona dijo que le daba “miedo” Cuba. Maradona viajará a la isla para reconocer la paternidad de tres adolescentes cubanos, hijos de dos mujeres.

“Con una pareja, con quien tuvo una relación más estable, tuvo un hombre y una mujer, que creo que se llevan dos años de diferencia. Y hay otra chica que tuvo con otra mujer; esa fue una relación ocasional”, reveló Morla en una entrevista con el diario La Nación.

“En los dos casos, las madres formaron familias ensambladas y son chicos que ya están acostumbrados al padre que los crió. Es decir, no tienen la necesidad de tener un contacto con el padre biológico, porque fueron criados solos”, añadió.
Con $40 “es suficiente”

Morla es quien se ocupa de la manutención de los hijos. “En Cuba, con $40 estás en una posición económica distinta al resto; está muy devaluada la moneda. Por eso, no significa nada en relación a lo que gana Diego hacer una manutención en ese sentido”, dijo.

Según el abogado, Maradona conoció a sus hijos en el entierro de Fidel Castro en Santiago de Cuba, en diciembre del 2016. El deportista tenía un vínculo muy cercano con el ex gobernante cubano Fidel Castro, al que consideraba “un segundo padre”.

Según el futbolista, quien tiene tatuada la imagen de Fidel Castro en una pierna, el fallecido gobernante cubano le pidió que se dedicara a la política. “Yo a Fidel lo llevo tatuado en la piel y en el corazón”, dijo en una entrevista tras conocerse la muerte de Castro. “Nos va a seguir guiando desde el cielo como el Che y Chávez”, agregó.

          4540 8th Ave NE #2005 Seattle Two BR, living at it's best in (Remax) $638,000      Cache   Translate Page      
Seattle living at it's best in this 20th floor University Plaza condominium. Panoramic views of the city from every window!Generous sized rooms, Master Ste w/dual closets,huge balcony w/views to the N of Mt Baker perfect for dining al fresco. Adjacent to UW in the center of Seattle. Minutes from future light rail stop, shopping, entertainment, medical & UW Incubator. Stunning views of city lights, Cascades, Mt Rainier, Lake WA & sunrise! HOA dues include everything!(Even elec/basic cable)No Rental Cap!

          Getting Lessons “Right” vs. Getting Lessons Used      Cache   Translate Page      
I haven’t been to the JFK Presidential Library in Boston in a long time. I was inspired to make a visit recently to see a special exhibit, “To the Brink: JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis.” I’ve always been intrigued … Continue reading
          Industria láctea modifica el yogurt tradicional en Camagüey      Cache   Translate Page Go to article
          Bajo riesgos continuos migrantes cubanos por Latinoamérica      Cache   Translate Page Go to article
          Estados Unidos retira a su personal diplomático de Venezuela      Cache   Translate Page Go to article
          UNPACU: Arrecia represión contra opositores en Cuba      Cache   Translate Page Go to article
          Colombia niega entrada a familiares de Maduro      Cache   Translate Page Go to article
"… la maestra vino y me cogió por el cuello y me incrustó la cara contra la mesa. Me quedé sin poder hablar del dolor. Después me eché a llorar”.   Redacción-ICLEP martes 12 – Dos niños de 8 años de edad son agredidos físicamente por su maestra de tercer grado, Maydelín Chávez, quien tomó […]
          Rescatan a 26 cubanos en bote a punto de zozobrar en Cayos de Florida      Cache   Translate Page      
La Guardia Costera rescató en los Cayos de Florida, en el extremo sur de Florida, a 26 cubanos que intentaron llegar ilegalmente a EEUU en un rústico bote de madera que estaba a punto de zozobrar y deportó a 25 de ellos este martes. La institución precisó en un comunicado que los inmigrantes fueron  rescatados […]
EFE/Rayner Peña  LA PATILLA El fiscal general designado por la constituyente cubana, Tarek William Saab, aseguró este martes 12 de marzo que se le ha abierto una investigación a Juan Guaidó por su presunta implicación en el “sabotaje eléctrico”, un apagón que ocurrió en todo el país el pasado jueves y que actualmente afecta a […]
          Proyecto de ley prohibiría a tribunales EEUU reconocer marcas comerciales confiscadas por Cuba      Cache   Translate Page      
El senador republicano Marco Rubio, y el demócrata Bob Menéndez, presentaron este martes un proyecto de ley que prohibe el reconocimiento por tribunales de EEUU de marcas comerciales confiscadas por el régimen comunista de Cuba. La medida prohíbe a los tribunales estadounidenses reconocer, hacer cumplir o validar cualquier aseveración de derechos por parte de un […]
          "No más caos": venezolanos protestan contra Maduro por apagón      Cache   Translate Page      

La Prensa

Caracas, Venezuela.

Venezolanos opositores, convocados por su líder, Juan Guaidó, protestan este martes contra el presidente, Nicolás Maduro, al entrar en el sexto día de un apagón que dejó a oscuras a casi todo el país y a una población desesperada por la falta de agua y comida.

"La situación está muy difícil, esperamos que este gobierno cambio.

Ya basta de este caos", aseguró Miguel González, en una plaza del este de Caracas, donde sonaban cacerolas y bocinas de autos en el inicio de la protestas.

Muchos ondeaban banderas.

Guaidó, jefe parlamentario reconocido como presidente interino de Venezuela por más de 50 países liderados por Estados Unidos, tiene previsto dirigir un discurso en el popular barrio Petare, este de Caracas.

&lt;amp-img src="https://imagizer.



jpg" alt="Venezuela" width="380" height="250" layout="responsive"&gt;&lt;/amp-img&gt; La emergencia, el peor corte de electricidad que ha afectado a casi todo el país de 30 millones de habitantes, comenzó la tarde del jueves.

El ministro de Comunicación, Jorge Rodríguez, aseguró que la luz se ha restablecido en "casi en todo el país", pero aún hay zonas del oriente y centro del país sin electricidad.

Algunos saqueos se han registrado en Maracaibo (noroeste) y aisladamente en Caracas.

El pasado fin de semana, la AFP observó un grupo de civiles armados en motos en el este capitalino.

Maduro empezó la distribución de comida, agua y asistencia a hospitales, donde según Guaidó murieron una veintena de personas, mientras que la ONG Codevida dice que fallecieron 15 enfermos renales por falta de diálisis.

El gobierno afirma que no hay víctimas.

"Oí un concierto de disparos.

Saquearon una panadería y luego en otro local robaron cauchos (llantas).

Temprano, vi gente en cola por un kilo de arroz.

Mucha tensión", dijo a AFP Alberto Barboza, de 26 años, en la ciudad petrolera Maracaibo.

&lt;amp-twitter width="375" height="472" layout="responsive" data-tweetid="1105584546035187715"&gt;&lt;/amp-twitter&gt;El apagón colapsó el suministro de agua, porque las bombas de los tanques requieren energía para funcionar.

Ante ello, muchos intentan aprovisionarse en supermercados o fuentes naturales.

En Caracas, en la desesperación, decenas de personas bajaron al canal del contaminado río Guaire para recoger agua en una bocatoma ubicada a un costado.

Algunos no tienen más remedio que pagar en dólares el agua o la comida.

En un país donde hay escasez de dinero en efectivo, la más mínima compra se paga con datáfonos, fuera de servicio por el apagón.

Las comunicaciones aún siguen inestables en algunas zonas.

&lt;amp-img src="https://imagizer.



jpg" alt="Venezuela2" width="380" height="250" layout="responsive"&gt;&lt;/amp-img&gt;Guaidó, acusado de "sabotaje" La crispación también afecta a la prensa.

Vinculado por el oficialismo con un supuesto sabotaje que provocó el apagón, el periodista Luis Carlos Díaz fue detenido en Caracas por agentes de inteligencia, según su familia y el sindicato de periodistas.

Maduro atribuye el apagón a un "ataque cibernético" contra la hidroeléctrica El Guri (Bolívar, sur) por parte de Estados Unidos y la oposición, que a su vez atribuye la crisis a la "negligencia y corrupción" del gobierno.

La represa está militarizada, constató un colaborador de AFP.

La Fiscalía, de línea oficialista, abrió una investigación contra Guaidó al implicarlo en el "sabotaje".

Ante la prolongación de la crisis, el gobierno extendió hasta el miércoles la suspensión de jornada laboral y estudiantil que había ordenado el jueves.

Vea: Venezolanos desesperados recogen agua de un río contaminadoMás sanciones Calificando la situación de "calamidad", Guaidó decretó el lunes estado de "alarma nacional" por 30 días, para pedir ayuda internacional en la superación de la crisis, pidió a los militares "abstenerse de impedir" las protestas y exigió "la suspensión" del despacho de petróleo a Cuba para evitar escasez de gasolina en el país.

En tanto, Estados Unidos no cesa la presión.

El delegado de ese país para Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, advirtió este martes de que "muy pronto" habrá "importantes" sanciones adicionales contra instituciones financieras vinculadas al gobierno de Caracas.

Washington anunció que, ante el deterioro de la situación, dispuso retirar a todo el personal que permanece en su embajada en Caracas.

Pero Caracas dijo que pidió la salida de esos diplomáticos a más tardar el miércoles, al fracasar negociaciones para instaurar oficinas de intereses tras la ruptura de relaciones diplomáticas ordenada por Maduro en enero.

          EEUU acusa a Maduro de llamar a la violencia contra civiles en Venezuela      Cache   Translate Page      

La Prensa

Washington, Estados Unidos.

John Bolton, el asesor de Seguridad Nacional del presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, acusó este martes al mandatario venezolano, Nicolás Maduro, de pedir a los llamados colectivos que "desaten la violencia" contra los civiles, e instó a los militares del país a que protejan a la población.

"Anoche, Maduro hizo una súplica desesperada a grupos de bandas armadas, conocidos como 'colectivos', para que desaten la violencia contra civiles inocentes", escribió Bolton en su cuenta de Twitter.

"Los militares de Venezuela deberían cumplir con su obligación de proteger la Constitución de la usurpación por parte de Maduro, y proteger a los civiles de estos matones", añadió.

&lt;amp-twitter width="375" height="472" layout="responsive" data-tweetid="1105547924770078721"&gt;&lt;/amp-twitter&gt;Bolton se refería aparentemente a unas declaraciones que hizo Maduro este lunes, cuando solicitó a los ciudadanos del país que acudieran hoy a las instalaciones del Sistema Eléctrico Nacional (SEN) para mostrar solidaridad con su personal tras los graves fallos eléctricos que sufre Venezuela desde el jueves.

"Le hago un llamado a los colectivos, a todos, llegó la hora de la resistencia activa, resistencia activa en la comunidad, informando, ayudando", indicó Maduro.

Lea más: Colombia impide ingreso de primo de Maduro que huía del apagón en VenezuelaEstados Unidos ha denunciado reiteradamente la amenaza que, a su juicio, suponen los colectivos, como se conoce las organizaciones de civiles que actúan como brazo de defensa de la denominada "revolución bolivariana" chavista, sobre las que Bolton aseguró este mes que están "financiadas por Cuba".

En otro tuit poco después, Bolton reiteró que su país "apoya completamente al presidente interino Juan Guaidó", el líder opositor que ha sido reconocido como mandatario encargado de Venezuela por más de 50 países.

&lt;amp-twitter width="375" height="472" layout="responsive" data-tweetid="1105561098298769415"&gt;&lt;/amp-twitter&gt;"Seguiremos intensificando nuestros esfuerzos para acabar con la usurpación de la Presidencia de Venezuela por parte de Maduro, y responsabilizaremos a los militares y fuerzas de seguridad de Venezuela de la protección del pueblo venezolano", subrayó el asesor de Trump.

Los tuits de Bolton llegan en un momento de aumento de las tensiones entre EEUU y el Gobierno de Maduro, después de que Washington anunciara la retirada de todo su personal de Venezuela y el canciller venezolano, Jorge Arreaza, afirmara después que ellos habían expulsado a esos diplomáticos estadounidenses.

          FESTA CUBANA AL CASINO DI BRIANÇON      Cache   Translate Page      
BRIANÇON – A partire dalle ore 19.30 di venerdì 22 marzo, al casinò Circus ci sarà la “Serata Cubana”. Grazie alla collaborazione con l’Associazione K’Danse e le abilità dei loro ballerini ed insegnanti il casinò organizza una serata alla scoperta della cultura caraibica. L’evento inizierà con una dimostrazione di salsa aperta a tutti. Dopo il...
          Tania Brugueras y sus provocaciones contra la Revolución cubana      Cache   Translate Page      
La artista plástica Tania Bruguera, cubana residente en New York, fue profesora de la Cátedra de Pintura del Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) de La Habana y premiada por la Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba.  A inicios del siglo XXI viajó a New York por tiempo indefinido para realizar una especialización. En Estados […]
          Hoteles de la mafia, la mitad de Cienfuegos y otras insólitas reclamaciones contra Cuba bajo la Helms-Burton      Cache   Translate Page      
Aunque destinados al fracaso, los objetivos de la Ley Helms-Burton siempre han estado claros: asfixiar la economía cubana y derrocar la Revolución provocando hambre y desesperación en el pueblo. Tampoco es que sus patrocinadores y redactores se hayan esforzado en ocultarlos. Sin embargo, 23 años después de su entrada en vigor, aún es un misterio […]
          Cuba mantiene firme compromiso con defensa de la paz, dice canciller      Cache   Translate Page      
Cuba mantiene un firme compromiso con la defensa de la paz y el multilateralismo, subrayó hoy el canciller Bruno Rodríguez en un mensaje en su cuenta en la red social Twitter. Rodríguez se refirió al resumen de los principales resultados de la política exterior cubana en 2018, publicado hace unos días en sitio web de […]
          Declaración del Gobierno Revolucionario      Cache   Translate Page      
  Declaración del Gobierno Revolucionario CUBA CONDENA EL SABOTAJE TERRORISTA CONTRA EL SISTEMA ELÉCTRICO DE VENEZUELA El Gobierno Revolucionario condena enérgicamente el sabotaje al suministro de electricidad en Venezuela, que constituye un acto terrorista, dirigido a dañar a la población indefensa de toda una nación, para utilizarla como rehén en la guerra no convencional desatada […]
          Enrique Colina – Estética AKA Aesthetics (1984)      Cache   Translate Page      
Aesthetics provides a humorous glimpse into Cubans’ sense of style. Enrique Colina reveals the desire for expressing individuality through diverse conceptions of beauty in everyday life whether in the form of a hood ornament, a display window, or a star-studded tooth. 151MB | 10 min 59 s | 714×508 | mkv Language(s):SpanishSubtitles:English hardsubbed
          Julio García Espinosa – Sexto aniversario (1959)      Cache   Translate Page      
A commemoration of the 6th anniversary of the beginning of the Cuban revolution. 500,000 campesinos invited to celebrate the occasion pour into Havana. Quote:In Cuban film history, the documentary Sexto aniversario was the first made entirely by the ICAIC [Instituto Cubano del Arte y la Industria Cinematográficos]. It had previously released Esta tierra nuestra (This ...
          Apartamento residencial à venda, Chácara Santo Antônio Zona Sul, São Paulo      Cache   Translate Page      
REF. UND 45 - PGTO A VISTAVIGENCIA: JUNHO*DIRETO DA CONSTRUTORA *BANHEIRO: Cerâmica/ Porcelanato Portinari WHITE PLAN, metais (Duchas e torneiras) da marca DECA com cuba integrada com o tampo em MARMORE. - COZINHA com tampo em GRANITO, cuba dupla...
3 dormitórios 3 banheiros 113 m2 9.212 BRL/m² piscina
Mon, 11 Mar 2019 17:31:43 +0100
          Il Lions club Maglie compie 60 anni: festa “verde” alla scuola dell’infanzia di via Cubaju      Cache   Translate Page      
Maglie – Festa mercoledì 13 marzo per il Lions club di Maglie, che compie 60 anni: per celebrare l’importante anniversario, l’associazione dona 60 alberi e 40 piante al Comune, che a sua volta destina il “dono verde” alla scuola dell’infanzia di via Cubaju. L’appuntamento è presso la stessa scuola, nella mattinata di mercoledì, alle ore […]
          FEATURED AUTHOR: KATHLEEN VALENTI      Cache   Translate Page      


In the shadow of a past fraught with danger and tainted by loss, former pharmaceutical researcher Maggie O’Malley is rebuilding her life, trading test tubes for pill bottles as she embarks on a new career at the corner drugstore. But as she spreads her wings, things begin to go terribly wrong. A customer falls ill in the store. Followed by another. And then more. The specter of poisoning arises, conjuring old grudges, past sins, buried secrets and new suspicions from which no one is immune. As Maggie and her best friend Constantine begin to investigate, they discover that some of the deadliest doses come from the most unexpected places.

Book Details:

Title: As Directed   

Author: Kathleen Valenti   

Genre: Mystery 

Series: A Maggie O'Malley Mystery, book 3

Publisher: Henery Press (March 12, 2019)

Print length: 282 pages

On tour with: Great Escapes Book Tours


Things you need in order to write:
I need caffeine and quiet. In that order. I admire those who write with a gallon of water at hand, or those who have musical play lists for each scene. Me? I prefer a steaming cup of coffee and the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard.
Things that hamper your writing: Interruptions are the writer’s bane—at least for this writer. Once I’m pulled out of the story, it’s difficult to find my way back in. 

Favorite foods: Licorice tops the list. (Black, of course. Any other color isn’t really licorice.) That’s followed by pizza, Doritos, and ice cream. (Yeah, I’m a real health nut!)
Things that make you want to throw up: I can’t stand lima beans. I’m told there are ways to prepare them that make them absolutely delicious. Let’s just say I’m a bit skeptical.

Favorite music: Despite my rather mild-mannered exterior, I’m a die-hard Led Zeppelin fan. Give me "Dyer Maker" or "Over the Hills and Far Away," and I’m happy.
Music that makes your ears bleed: I’m not a country-western fan. It’s just not my cup of tea. Or chicory.

Something you wish you could do: I wish I could sew! I envy my friends who can whip up beautiful creations with their sewing machines.
Something you wish you’d never learned to do: I wish I’d never learned to use our semi-fancy coffeemaker. Why? Because it’s now my job to make the coffee!

Things you’d walk a mile for: I’d walk, run, hike—whatever—for a friend in need.
Things that make you want to run screaming from the room: I’m horrified by the very idea of public speaking and actually having to do so makes me want to run screaming from the room. I control myself, but it is tempting!

Things you always put in your books: My books always include humor and witty dialogue. 

Things you never put in your books: I don’t have sexy-time scenes in my books. I can’t read or write them!

Things to say to an author: “I couldn’t put your book down!”

Things to say to an author if you want to be fictionally killed off in their next book: “You’re an author? What a nice hobby.”

Favorite genre: Mystery, suspense and thriller top the list. 

Books you would ban: I’m not into book-banning, but I doubt romance or science fiction will make their way to the top of my TBR pile.

Things that make you happy: I love spending time with family and friends. 

Things that drive you crazy: People who refuse to use their turn signals drive me bonkers! (Although my own father counseled me against using them!)

Most embarrassing moment: En route to a band performance, I sat in a pile of M&Ms while wearing white pants. The result was…colorful. 

Proudest moment: Having a book nominated for an Agatha and Lefty award was my proudest moment.

Best thing you’ve ever done: Having children was the best thing I’ve ever done.
Biggest Mistake: My mistake list is pretty long, but not all that interesting. One recent, amusing mistake was failing to put the flour in the banana bread I was baking. Whoopsie!

Most daring thing you’ve ever done:
I took flying lessons until I realized that I didn’t really want to become a pilot.

Something you chickened out from doing: I refused to go night shipwreck scuba diving with my husband. Yeah, I don’t regret that decision.


Protocol, book 1
39 Winks, book2


Kathleen Valenti is the author of the Maggie O’Malley Mystery Series, which includes her Agatha- and Lefty-nominated debut novel, Protocol. When Kathleen isn’t writing page-turning mysteries that combine humor and suspense, she works as a nationally award-winning advertising copywriter. She lives in Oregon with her family where she pretends to enjoy running.

Connect with Kathleen:

Website  |   Blog  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads Amazon 

Buy the book:

Amazon  |   Barnes & Noble   |  iTunes  |   Kobo 

          Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio…Front Man For Trump’s War of Aggression Against Venezuela      Cache   Translate Page      
MSM finally admit that Venezuela aid truck was torched by protesters Sen. Marco Rubio Photo by Gage Skidmore / Flickr Rubio Lied About Who Burned the Venezuelan Aid Trucks JERRY IANNELLI Florida Sen. Marco Rubio appears to have shared fake information over the past month as part of an attempt to oust Venezuelan strongman Nicolás […]
          3/13/2019: Puzzles And Horoscopes: Previous cryptic solution      Cache   Translate Page      
Across: 1. Buckles 5. Right 8. Comment 9. Piety 10. Mentioned 12. Eat 13. Cocoa 17. Fit 19. Beekeeper 21. Eject 22. Baggage 24. Steed 25. Winners Down: 1. Become 2. Cements 3. Lie 4. Satin 5. Repudiate 6. Geese 7. Trysts 11. Incubated 14. Expiate 15....
          Digital Brand Architects Signs Donal Skehan, Chantelle Paige-Mulligan After UTA Acquisition      Cache   Translate Page      

Digital Brand Architects, the talent management and marketing firm acquired by UTA last month, has added eight new creators to its roster, spanning various content verticals including food, music, fashion, and travel.

Its most-followed addition -- with 795,000 subscribers -- is the Irish food writer and photographer Donal Skehan, who has also hosted television series on Food Network and BBC One. He will be joined at DBA by singer-songwriter and fashion blogger Chantelle Paige-Mulligan (741,000 followers across social media); beauty and travel creator Jaci Marie Smith (400,000 collective followers) -- who also serves as co-host of the What We Said podcast; and family blogger Sai 'Scout The City' De Silva.

Rounding out the latest additions are Cuban makeup lover Amanda Diaz (262,000 followers), Nigerian beauty enthusiast Ronke Raji (260,000 followers), kids’ chef Charisse Yu (345,000 followers), and lifestyle vlogger-slash-USC student Tasha Farsaci (365,000 followers).

Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.

          Remarks by Ms. Veena Reddy, Acting Mission Director, USAID/Cambodia, WE Act Launch      Cache   Translate Page      
Remarks by Ms. Veena Reddy, Acting Mission Director, USAID/Cambodia, WE Act Launch
Remarks by Ms. Veena Reddy, Acting Mission Director, USAID/Cambodia, WE Act Launch
Wednesday, March 6, 2019

WE Act aims to harness the unbounded entrepreneurial potential of Cambodia’s young businesswomen and help them find partnerships, provide key resources, and strategic advice. These and other tools will help them grow their businesses and engage with associations that can help magnify the voices of women entrepreneurs in civic life and channel their interests in the policy arena.

This project reflects a global strategy. USAID has funded similar entrepreneur-strengthening projects with great success in many countries and regions around the world. Our efforts have concentrated on strengthening the eco-system for female entrepreneurs, from reforming the policy framework to allow women to compete on equal footing with their male counterparts, to providing access to finance and venture capital.  It includes mentoring and coaching by businessmen and women, integration with business associations, business incubation, and a host of other elements.

          Terms of Endowment      Cache   Translate Page      

At the recent annual banquet for cheerleaders at Tremper High School in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a coach handed out the Big Boobie award for the girl with the biggest breasts and, just for good measure, the self-explanatory Big Booty award. If the unnamed winners had any objections to the awards, they did not turn up in news stories. The left’s self-appointed morality monitors came running, but not to verify if the contest had been fair.

“Kenosha Unified School District is on notice,” tweeted the American Civil Liberties Union. “Our demand letter exposes their pervasive sex discrimination, including Tremper High School’s cheerleading banquet objectifying girls’ bodies. Awards distributed include ‘Big Boobie’ and ‘Big Booty.’”

The ACLU letter also charged that the school district violated Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits sex discrimination in education programs that receive federal funds. Under Title IX, the ACLU contended, sexual harassment includes “verbal or nonverbal conduct that creates a hostile environment that denies or limits a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from a school program or activity, such as a sports team.”

The ACLU also wanted the district to discipline the coaches who handed out the offending awards and mandate anti-harassment training for all district employees. Whatever the students thought of the awards, the incident provided a valuable lesson.

In the lore of the left, people who follow Judeo-Christian traditions are uptight types who believe that sex is shameful and have a problem with the human body. For the most part, the reverse is true.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the American left’s socialist motherland, had no equivalent of Playboy, Playgirl, Penthouse and such, and Pravda did not put out a swimsuit edition in the style of Sports Illustrated. As George Orwell charted in 1984, socialist regimes are prudish to the core, directing all affection toward Big Brother and the Party. True to form, the Bolsheviks banned beauty pageants as a decadent bourgeois practice.

The USSR did not hold a national beauty contest until 1989, and then only as gesture to glasnost. For the record, Yulia Sukhanova, 17, “a stately blond schoolgirl from Moscow, won the first-ever Miss U.S.S.R. beauty contest Sunday in an American-style pageant that included a swimsuit competition.” So as the Beatles said, come and keep your comrade warm.

Tremper High School named two winners but the ACLU saw only discrimination and objectifying of women’s bodies. In reality, students should understand, the ACLU always had a problem with America.

Founder Roger Baldwin, wrote that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics “has already created liberties far greater than exist elsewhere in the world.” Baldwin was “for Socialism, disarmament, and ultimately the abolishing of the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion.” Baldwin headed the ACLU until 1950 and in later years explained, “I wanted what the communists wanted and I traveled the United Front road to get it.”

On January 16, 1981, President Jimmy Carter awarded Roger Baldwin the Presidential Medal of Freedom, praising the ACLU founder as “an inspiration to those of us who have fought for human rights, a saint to those for whom he has gained them.” Any regime that opposed the United States could count on Baldwin’s support, and so could criminals. On the left, as Orwell wrote, rats are comrades.

The ACLU also favors deportations when the country of origin is a Stalinist dictatorship.

Elizabeth Broton Rodriguez fled Communist Cuba and perished with ten others in a 1999 escape attempt. Her son Elian Gonzalez, age five, was found floating in an inner tube and taken to relatives in Florida. The Clinton administration set out to deport Elian, and the ACLU agreed.

ACLU attorney Brenda Bernstein Shapiro blasted “the failure to return Elian to his father,” still in Cuba. The ACLU also urged the court to rejected the concerns of his Miami relatives about custody being determined by the best interests of the child. The ACLU also argued that federal courts must have jurisdiction to review Immigration and Naturalization Service decisions on asylum applications.

After the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, the ACLU’s major concern was that police would question the suspect without reading his Miranda rights. This is the allegedly nonpartisan organization that puts high schools on notice over a Big Boobie award.

Just for fun, puzzled millennials might have a look at Monty Python’s “All England Summarizing Proust” competition. Contestants must give a brief summary of A La Recherche du Temps Perdu, once in a swimsuit, and once in evening dress. Since none succeeds in  “encapsulating the intricacies of Proust’s masterwork,” first prize, as the script says, goes to “a lady with enormous knockers,” who is thrilled with her award.

In similar style, the Wisconsin cheerleaders may have celebrated their Big Boobie and Big Booty awards, but today that brings on the wrath of the ACLU. On the left, they’re all prudes now, at time when breasts have been making news.

Across the pond, Victoria Bateman exposed hers on the BBC to protest Brexit. In response, Rachel Johnson, sister of MP Boris Johnson, swung free on Sky News to “make sure I get noticed” in a discussion of Brexit. No word how the exposure affected the ratings.

* * *

Photo from Wikipedia Commons

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GOMEZ, Robert Sr. 92, of Tampa, Florida passed away peacefully March 8, 2019. Robert was born in Ybor City, the son of Cuban immigrants, May 18,...
          CUBA CLAIMS CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER IS FIDEL CASTRO’S SON.      Cache   Translate Page      
Cliquee aquí para leer.  Fue una noticia que se pasó en su momento. Lo curioso es lo que dice de la nota dejada por Fidelito Castro Díaz-Balart antes de suicidarse, … Sigue leyendo CUBA CLAIMS CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER IS FIDEL CASTRO’S SON.
          “Antes de Cuba Libre. El surgimiento del primer presidente de Cuba, Tomás Estrada Palma”      Cache   Translate Page      
Leer aquí.
          3/13/2019: EDUCATION: Analysis finds flaws in anti-vax thesis      Cache   Translate Page      

A number of citations contained in the PhD thesis of controversial anti-vaccination campaigner Judy Wilyman have been found to be “unrelated, incomplete or used completely out of context”, a newly published critical analysis of the dissertation has...
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Com o avanço da tecnologia, a tecnologia touch screen virou realidade e ganha novos adeptos todos os dias. Muitos celulares com o Iphone e o Nokia 5800, caixas eletrônicos de banco, totens de autoatendimento, e alguns monitores de computador já utilizam a tecnologia conhecida como Touch Screen. Mas você sabe como ela funciona?
O que é o Touch Screen?
Em poucas palavras, o Touch  Screen é uma tela sensível ao toque, ou seja, além de podermos visualizar conteúdos na tela, podemos tocá-la e ela responderá como se estivéssemos tocando nos objetos reproduzidos por ela. É uma tecnologia que integra não só sensores, mas também programas e interfaces desenvolvidos especificamente para esse fim.

Atualmente existem vários tipos diferentes de tela touch screen, cada uma funciona com uma tecnologia diferente. Vamos aqui falar de quatro tipos principais e mais algumas novidades:
a)      Telas resistivas;
b)     Telas capacitivas;
c)      Telas de Onda Acústica Superficial e;
d)     Sistema utilizado pelo Microsoft Surface, que utiliza microcâmeras ao invés de sensores.

1)    Telas Resistivas, ou “Usando uma caneta para escrever no monitor”
As telas resistivas, talvez, sejam a tecnologia mais utilizada e a mais simples para as touch screens.

Funciona através de pressão na tela que é reconhecida e traduzida como um comando específico. Essa tecnologia é utilizada, por exemplo, em uma das telas do Nintendo DS, telas de alguns caixas eletrônicos de banco, etc..

O sistema de identificação da pressão é feito utilizando-se duas placas bem finas, separadas por um afastador. Uma delas é feita de um metal e a outra de vidro. Entre elas passa uma corrente elétrica leve. Ao se encontrar na tela, as duas placas encostam-se naquele ponto. A mudança no campo elétrico é percebida e as coordenadas são enviadas ao computador. Essa informação é traduzida por um programa que transforma o toque em algum comando na tela.

Por causa de como essa tela é produzida, ela pode ser utilizada com qualquer objeto que faça pressão. Muitas pessoas, por exemplo, utilizam canetas específicas. Esse é o caso do DS e de PDAs sensíveis ao toque ou até mesmo de celulares como o Nokia 5800 ou o HTC Touch. Mas também é possível tocar na tela com o dedo ou qualquer outro objeto. O principal problema dessa tecnologia é que, como ele utiliza duas placas e uma delas é metálica, por mais fina que seja, ela deixa passar somente cerca de 75% da luminosidade do monitor.  Quanto ao preço, o sistema resistivo é o mais barato.

2)    Telas Capacitivas (Usando o dedo para navegar)

A tecnologia de telas capacitivas é a tecnologia utilizada nos Iphones, Ipads e iTouchs. Ela funciona a partir de uma camada carregada de eletricidade, conhecida como camada capacitiva, posicionada sobre o painel do monitor. Ao se tocar na tela, parte desses elétrons é transmitida para o seu dedo, como se fosse um pequeno choque, mas muito leve a ponto de não se perceber. O computador então entende essa pequena descarga de eletricidade naquele ponto e calcula as coordenadas, que então são traduzidas como um comando para a tela do computador.
Em contraste à tecnologia resistiva, onde qualquer objeto é capaz de fazer as duas camadas condutoras se tocarem, na capacitiva, canetas normais não funciona, somente os dedos ou canetas especiais que possibilitam a troca de elétrons.
Essa tecnologia é extremamente versátil, e como ela funciona com uma pequena camada metálica sobre a tela, ela deixa muito mais luz passar, chegando a quase 90% luminosidade. A precisão é praticamente 100% e possui alta durabilidade, mas não pode trabalhar em ambientes muito frios ou quentes.

3)    Telas de Ondas Acústicas

Diferentemente das outras tecnologias, ela não posiciona nenhuma placa metálica sobre o monitor. No monitor de um sistema de onda acústica superficial, dois transdutores (um receptor e um emissor) são posicionados ao longo dos eixos x e y da placa de vidro do monitor. Também instalados sobre o vidro, encontram-se refletores que enviam de volta um sinal elétrico proveniente de um transdutor para o outro.

O transdutor transmissor manda uma pequena onda que é percebida pelo transdutor receptor. Essas informações formam então uma grade de coordenadas. Quando algo encosta a tela, os receptores percebem uma interrupção no envio das informações e informa automaticamente a coordenada do toque, traduzindo isso como um comando na tela.

Por não possuir camadas metálicas sobre a tela, talvez seja a melhor tecnologia, justamente por permitir passar 100% da luminosidade da tela e uma claridade perfeita da imagem. Isso torna o sistema de onda acústica ideal para exibição de gráficos detalhados, enquanto as outras duas tecnologias apresentam uma perda da claridade.

Outra área na qual os sistemas diferem é quanto aos estímulos que serão registrados como um evento de toque. Um sistema resistivo registra um toque enquanto as duas camadas estiverem em contato, o que significa que não haverá diferença se você o tocar com seu dedo ou com uma bola de borracha. Por outro lado, um sistema capacitivo precisa de uma entrada condutora, geralmente seu dedo, para registrar um toque. O sistema de onda acústica superficial funciona parecido com o sistema resistivo, permitindo o toque com quase qualquer objeto, exceto objetos duros e pequenos como a ponta de uma caneta.

Quanto ao preço, o sistema de onda acústica superficial geralmente é a mais cara.
4)    Sistema de microcâmeras do Microsoft Surface
A Microsoft  desenvolveu um novo sistema, batizado de Surface. Basicamente, ele é uma tela grande com cinco câmeras espalhadas por suas bordas que percebem o toque na tela ou quando algo é depositado sobre ela.
O Surface contém uma tela de 30 polegadas, cinco câmeras infravermelho que detectam os movimentos próximos à tela que são projetados pelo sistema e roda, pelo menos inicialmente, somente aplicativos específicos. Então pode ser considerado um sistema embarcado.
Funciona com Windows Vista e existe a possibilidade de usar alguns equipamentos (câmeras digitais, celulares, pda) com cabo ou não (wireless). Neste caso, o Surface por meio da tecnologia Wireless, Bluetooth e WIFI consegue reconhecer e se conectar apenas colocando o aparelho sobre superfície, iniciando após a interação através de comandos de toque na tela.
Microsoft Surface usa câmeras e reconhecimento de imagens no espectro infravermelho para reconhecer diferentes tipos de objetos, como dedos, itens marcados e formas. Esta entrada é então processada pelo computador e da interação resultante é exibido com projeção traseira. O usuário pode manipular o conteúdo e interagir com o computador usando o toque e gestos com as mãos, em vez de um mouse e um teclado típico.

A tecnologia Surface traz outra forma de interação com o computador. Diferentemente das  tecnologias que utilizam a mesma interface, somente mudando a forma de se relacionar com ela. A Microsoft pretende fazer algo novo com possibilidades para vários usuários utilizarem simultaneamente, além de possibilitar a interação com outros aparelhos até com sistema de reconhecimento de voz e gestos acoplados, não só toque na tela. Isso faz com que seja necessário um hardwares específicos, não só um monitor e o software de tradução.

A Microsoft pretende aplicar criar uma solução que possibilite a identificação de cartões de crédito com chip. Utilizando um software apropriado de reconhecimento e segurança, um restaurante ou loja poderá facilmente fazer a conta e, através de comandos e gestos manuais, iniciar a fatura no cartão ou efetuar a transação de pagamento apenas aproximando o cartão da mesa.

5)    Nova Geração de Telas Touch Screen

a)  Sistema IFSR (Interpolating Force-Sensitive Resistance)
No ano de 2009, uma empresa especializada em telas touch denomina Touchco, desenvolveu uma nova tecnologia chamada IFSR (Interpolating Force-Sensitive Resistance) que causou grande impacto na apresentação e despertou o interesse imediato de empresas do setor.

A tecnologia consiste do desenvolvimento de telas flexíveis e transparentes que gastam pouca energia elétrica, suportam toques simultâneos, são capazes de determinar a força aplicada em cada um dos pontos, reconhecem a diferença entre o toque de um dedo e de uma caneta e por fim ainda são muito baratas.

Estimam que o metro quadrado do material custe em torno de cem dólares. Para se ter idéia, uma tela do tamanho do iPhone custaria pouco menos de 40 centavos de dólar!

A empresa pretendia inserir a nova tecnologia em e-readers, notebooks e tablets ainda em 2009, mas não deu tempo. Em fevereiro de 2010, a Amazon adquiriu a empresa que estava incubada no Media Research Center da Universidade de Nova York, onde trabalhavam seis pessoas e que ainda não havia lançado o produto comercialmente.

A Amazon praticamente não possuía concorrentes de peso e agora corre atrás do prejuízo causado pelo estardalhaço do lançamento do iPad, produto que dividiu opiniões em todo o mundo.

b)     Películas Touch Screen
Transformar um monitor convencional, uma vitrine ou ainda qualquer pedaço de vidro ou acrílico em uma tela touch screen, já é possível, basta ter acesso a nano tecnologia de películas touch screen. 
Trata-se de uma grade de nano fios incorporada em uma película fina de filme de polímero, cuja espessura é de 100 microns, ou 100 milésimos de milímetro.
A película contém filamentos elétricos em toda a superfície e um cabo USB acoplado na parte inferior. Uma vez aplicada ao vidro/acrílico e o cabo devidamente instalado na porta serial USB do computador/notebook, o software (incluso) é acionado e libera o acesso ao painel de controle que permitirá a definição da área de toque e ajustes de sensibilidade.
O toque do dedo na tela com a grade de nano fios causa um distúrbio elétrico, o micro controle processa a informação e decodifica o local e processa a função desejada, semelhante aos procedimentos e características das telas de ondas acústicas.
As películas podem ser aplicadas na parte frontal ou traseira de um monitor de LCD ou no caso de aplicações em vidros/acrílicos se faz necessário a utilização de projetores.
Possui transparência de 98% e se recomenda a utilização de película adicional de retroprojeção transparente, branca ou cinza para ampliar o contraste.
Essa tecnologia permite a criação de telas touch screen de 3’’ a 200’’ (polegadas) que proporcionam uma excelente combinação de design na decoração de ambientes e performance na apresentação de dados.
Dentre as diversas aplicações podemos citar em especial “vitrines digitais” para estabelecimentos comerciais, nas quais usuários do lado de fora poderiam acessar conteúdos da empresa, como por exemplo: catálogo de produtos, site, vídeos, etc., mesmo com a loja fechada e telas para feiras de negócios e exposições.

c)      Infra vermelho Touch Screen (IV)
As telas touch screens infravermelho transformam instantaneamente telas LCD, Plasmas e paredes em monitores interativos, basta anexar a moldura por cima da moldura do monitor.

Emissores de luz infravermelho são instalados ao redor da tela, criando uma espécie de rede óptica. A tela é capaz de identificar a localização exata do local onde foi tocada e enviar essas informações para o computador para processamento.

Os procedimentos de instalação são simples e fácil. O equipamento é plug-and-play, basta conectar o cabo USB à porta serial USB do computador ou notebook e a tela estará pronta para uso. O equipamento dispõe de drivers para ambiente Windows. O processo de fabricação permite a produção de telas de 7’’ a 100’’ (polegadas).

Essa tecnologia permite a visualização perfeita de imagens, preservando totalmente a integridade original das imagens, uma vez que não necessita da sobreposição de películas ou filmes na tela.

Se aplicada na parede em conjunto com um sistema de projeção, tornará, incrivelmente, uma superfície de concreto e alvenaria em uma tela interativa touch screen.  

A sensibilidade ao toque e a resposta rápida e eficaz utilizando luva ou não, unha ou qualquer outro objeto apontador com mais de 5 mm é muito positiva.

A tecnologia infravermelha é estável quanto aos ajustes, imune a poeira ou umidade, de baixíssimo índice de manutenção podendo ser empregada em telas de grande porte com até 150” de diagonal.

Qual a diferença entre Single Touch  e Multi-Touch?
A diferença o próprio nome já diz. Na single touch existe apenas um ponto de toque, o cursor do mouse acompanha o movimento do dedo ou uma função é acionado com um dedo. Já na tecnologia multi touch existem dois ou mais pontos de toque na superfície da tela.

          Enéssimo texto contra a classe média      Cache   Translate Page      
É a enésima vez que vejo um post "super inteligente" falando mal da tal classe média.
Vou listar os últimos três que lembro:
Oh pai...
Existe um problema na linguagem desses textos que me incomoda bastante: a tal expressão "classe média". Se você ordenar a população Brasileira por faixas salariais, quanto você acha que ganha o cara do meio dessa faixa? Faz alguma ideia? Ok... então digamos que o cara do meio não representa a classe média... porque, ahm bem, no Brasil a classe média não está na média (!) Então quanto ganha o cara que está na faixa dos 10% mais rico? Pausa...
O cara que não está entre os 10% mais ricos não ganha mais do que 4000 reais por mês. O que significa que ele não compra um carro de 100 mil reais, viaja para a Europa, etc. Na verdade, esses textos falam de um certo cidadão que está na faixa dos %1 mais ricos. Seria essa a tal "classe média brasileira"? Aliás, quem colocou a média tão ao extremo?
Bom, se eu pudesse dar um conselho a toda a classe-média-que-odeia-a-classe-média brasileira, diria para eles esquecerem isso. Por que não dirigir a crítica à classe dominante, à classe alta, à classe A? Precisamos dar nome aos bois. Você quer criticar a classe médica que não aceita médicos cubanos? Sinto lhe informar mas médicos são da classe alta (%1 dos mais ricos). Quer criticar quem compra carro de 100 mil reais? Filho! Esse cara precisa ganhar mais do que reles classe média ganha. O cara foi para Dubai mas agora está apertado para ir para a Europa? Que pena, é um pobre infeliz entre os %1 mais ricos do Brasil com "dificuldades" financeiras.
Qual o problema de dirigir a crítica a classe dominante? Será que essas pessoas foram tão bem sucedidas na vida que estão acima da crítica da ralé. Seria a classe A, esses médicos, editores de jornais, professores-de-universidades-federais, industriais, etc, tão sublimes e superiores que estariam acima de nossos julgamentos morais e deveriam senão ensinar o povo a lutar contra essa terrível classe que ousa estar entre eles e o povão???
Em tempo, essa população dos %1 mais rico ganha ao todo o mesmo que 55% mais pobres segundo estatísticas mais conservadores. E você ai falando em classe média! 

          Este stare de alerta in Venezuela, tara paralizata de o uriasa pana de curent. Decizia a fost luata de Parlamentul de la Caracas, care a decis sa suspende livrarile de petrol in Cuba, pentru a face economie de energie - VIDEO      Cache   Translate Page      
  Juan GUAIDO, PRESEDINTELE PARLAMENTULUI VENEZUELEAN: „Eu inteleg disperarea noastra, a tuturor,

          Germany's Über Hypocrisy Over Venezuela      Cache   Translate Page      

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Germany has taken the lead among European Union member states to back Washington’s regime-change agenda for Venezuela. Berlin’s hypocrisy and double-think is quite astounding.

Only a few weeks ago, German politicians and media were up in arms protesting to the Trump administration for interfering in Berlin’s internal affairs. There were even outraged complaints that Washington was seeking “regime change” against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.

Those protests were sparked when Richard Grenell, the US ambassador to Germany, warned German companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with Russia that they could be hit with American economic sanctions if they go ahead with the Baltic seabed project.

Earlier, Grenell provoked fury among Berlin’s political establishment when he openly gave his backing to opposition party Alternative for Germany. That led to consternation and denunciations of Washington’s perceived backing for regime change in Berlin. They were public calls for Grenell to be expelled over his apparent breach of diplomatic protocols.

Now, however, Germany is shamelessly kowtowing to an even more outrageous American regime-change plot against Venezuela.

Last week, the government of President Nicolas Maduro ordered the expulsion of German ambassador Daniel Kriener after he greeted the US-backed opposition figure Juan Guaido on a high-profile occasion. Guaido had just returned from a tour of Latin American countries during which he had openly called for the overthrow of the Maduro government. Arguably a legal case could be made for the arrest of Guaido by the Venezuelan authorities on charges of sedition.

When Guaido returned to Venezuela on March 4 he was greeted at the airport by several foreign diplomats. Among the receiving dignitaries was Germany’s envoy Daniel Kriener.

The opposition figure had declared himself “interim president” of Venezuela on January 23 and was immediately recognized by Washington and several European Union states. The EU has so far not issued an official endorsement of Guaido over incumbent President Maduro. Italy’s objection blocked the EU from adopting a unanimous position.

Nevertheless, as the strongest economy in the 28-member bloc, Germany can be seen as de facto leader of the EU. Its position on Venezuela therefore gives virtual EU gravitas to the geopolitical maneuvering led by Washington towards the South American country.

What’s more, the explicit backing of Juan Guaido by Germany’s envoy was carried out on the “express order” of Foreign Minister Heiko Maasaccording to Deutsche Welle.

“It was my express wish and request that Ambassador Kriener turn out with representatives of other European nations and Latin American ones to meet acting President Guaido at the airport,” said Maas.

 “We had information that he was supposed to be arrested there. I believe that the presence of various ambassadors helped prevent such an arrest.”

It’s staggering to comprehend the double-think involved here.

Guaido was hardly known among the vast majority of Venezuelans until he catapulted on to the global stage by declaring himself “interim president”. That move was clearly executed in a concerted plan with the Trump White House. European governments and Western media have complacently adopted the White House line that Guaido is the legitimate leader while socialist President Maduro is a “usurper”.

That is in spite of the fact that Maduro was re-elected last year in free and fair elections by a huge majority of votes. Guaido’s rightwing, pro-business party boycotted the elections. Yet he is anointed by Washington, Berlin and some 50 other states as the legitimate leader.

Russia, China, Turkey, Cuba and most other members of the United Nations have refused to adopt Washington’s decree of recognizing Guaido. Those nations (comprising 75 per cent of the UN assembly) continue to recognize President Maduro as the sovereign authority. Indeed, Russia has been highly critical of Washington’s blatant interference for regime change in oil-rich Venezuela. Moscow has warned it will not tolerate US military intervention.

Russia’s envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzia, at a Security Council session last month, excoriated the US for its gross violation of international law with regard to Venezuela. Moscow’s diplomat also directed a sharp rebuke at other nations “complicit” in Washington’s aggression, saying that one day “you will be next” for similar American subversion in their own affairs.

Germany’s hypocrisy and double-think is, to paraphrase that country’s national anthem, “über alles” (above all else).

German politicians, diplomats and media were apoplectic in their anger at perceived interference by the US ambassador in Berlin’s internal affairs. Yet the German political establishment has no qualms whatsoever about ganging up – only weeks later – with Washington to subvert the politics and constitution of Venezuela.

How can Germany be so utterly über servile to Washington and the latter’s brazen criminal aggression towards Venezuela?

It seems obvious that Berlin is trying to ingratiate itself with the Trump administration. But what for?

Trump has been pillorying Germany with allegations of “unfair trade” practices. In particular, Washington is recently stepping up its threats to slap punitive tariffs on German auto exports. Given that this is a key sector in the German export-driven economy, it may be gleaned that Berlin is keen to appease Trump. By backing his aggression towards Venezuela?

Perhaps this policy of appeasement is also motivated by Berlin’s concern to spare the Nord Stream 2 project from American sanctions. When NS2 is completed later this year, it is reckoned to double the capacity of natural gas consumption by Germany from Russia. That will be crucial for Germany’s economic growth.

Another factor is possible blackmail of Berlin by Washington. Recall the earth-shattering revelations made by American whistleblower Edward Snowden a few years back when he disclosed that US intelligence agencies were tapping the personal phone communications of Chancellor Merkel and other senior Berlin politicians. Recall, too, how the German state remarkably acquiesced over what should have been seen as a devastating infringement by Washington.

The weird lack of action by Berlin over that huge violation of its sovereignty by the Americans makes one wonder if the US spies uncovered a treasure trove of blackmail material on German politicians.

Berlin’s pathetic kowtowing to Washington’s interference in Venezuela begs an ulterior explanation. No self-respecting government could be so hypocritical and duplicitous.

Whatever Berlin may calculate to gain from its unscrupulous bending over for Washington, one thing seems clear, as Russian envoy Nebenzia warned: “One day you are next” for American hegemonic shafting.

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alquien me puede decir que es de la vida de Serbio Borges
          Comentario en Termina el silencio: Rey Vicente Anglada es el nuevo director del equipo Cuba (+ Preselección) por Yoyi      Cache   Translate Page      
Mis respetos para Anglada por todo lo que se sabe de este gran director, pero con que moral la Comisión Nacional el próximo año le va a negar a otro director no dirigir al equipo de su provincia. Las reglas son reglas, para que se cumplan. Todos entienden que el director del equipo Cuba no debe dirigir un equipo de provincia. Porque permitirlo ahora y no después.Que si los 500 años, etc. Siempre habrá un motivo y otros directores querrán hacer lo mismo. Na, que no aprendemos a cumplir ni hacer cumplir las reglas, esto como que se ha hechocostumbre en la vida del cubano.Reitero, nada en contra de Anglada, al contrario. Saludos.
          Hello From Cuba – Part 1 – First Impressions-www.b      Cache   Translate Page      
Travel-and-Leisure Tuesday, April 5, 2005, 6:00 pm, Hotel Havana Libre Thanks to a severe case of the Revenge of Montezuma (or Ricky Ricardo?..,) I am sitting here in the Hotel Havana Libre and I finally get around to create updates from my first 4.5 days here in Cuba. The Internet connection is definitely the slowest […]
          The two sector Science and technology business incubator can enjoy preferential tax policies-shiyang      Cache   Translate Page      
Two: Department of science and technology business incubator can enjoy preferential tax policies for the two sector: Science and technology business incubator can enjoy the preferential tax policy in August 25, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Shen Cheng Han Jie) 25 reporter learned from the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Finance and the State […]
          Thorsten Quaeschning - Tangerine Dream mit Cubase      Cache   Translate Page      
Thorsten Quaeschning - Tangerine Dream mit Cubase
          Art under pressure: Decree 349 restricts creative freedom in Cuba      Cache   Translate Page      
Art Under Pressure examines the government's efforts to institutionalize and expand limits on creative expression by criminalizing unregistered artistic labor, authorizing censorship, and empowering a new class of state inspectors to regulate creative expression.
          魚を売る!cuba女子バスケットの予選より良い友情か逆天弁解する-捜狐スポーツ-zuczug      Cache   Translate Page      
魚を売る!南京大学北京時間10月27日、終わったばかりの有名な女子バスケットボール試合の予選の中で、これもネット上で話題を呼んでいる。これは第19回中国大学生バスケットボールリーグ(四川省)女子バスケットボール予選の試合で、双方は四川省大隊と電子科大隊と対戦し、最終的な四川師範大学の女子チームは、最後に電子科の大女子チームに勝った。速くて、ある人はこの試合のスコアカードをネット上に出しました。川师の共産主義靑年団委員会はまだ社交メディアとチームにもいちメートル89の選手はアップが…網友回復:どれだけか、兄弟に学校を殘して、ユーザーの回復:科大妹疑い人生網友回復:ハハハ、これも女生数の対比だろう。。。師範大学の女子学生はきっと多くて、科は女子がないですね!電子科の女の子はきっと甘えられていて、自慢ではなくて、女の子が多すぎて競争に慣れていない!実は99-2のスコアは女子バスケットボールの歴史の上の最も大きいスコア、2014年がニュースで、1度の日本女子高校バスケットボール試合中、覇王級チームで桜学園268-0の超差のスコア打ち勝つ豊明高校バスケットボールの専門家によると、その後朱彦硕透露、桜学園の第二試合スコアは226-19、第三場は238-18。女子バスケットボールのプロ競技場は、差が出てきた。記載されたバスケットボールの試合で一番得点が多かったのは、スウェーデンの少年である。1974年2月5日、シンデレラチームのチームは、試合の中で優勝相手に勝って、13歳のシンデレラはこのチームのすべての得点を引き受けた。1953年、ロサンゼルスの大規模チームは、シャンパン大学3年生になっていた。1929年の女子高校生の博伊德1度の163-3の試合中に命中156点となり、高校の女子バスケットボールの得点を記録し、その中から79分にフリーキック。1954年2月13日、大規模な大学のチームは、選手が自分のチームを助けてくれたのが自慢の大学に勝った。彼は試合の中で100点に貢献しただけではなく、個人のシュートの命中率も高くなっている。(あき台) 99-2!CUBA女篮预选赛逆天比分 说好的友谊呢? -搜狐体育     北京时间10月27日,在刚刚结束的一场CUBA女子篮球赛预选赛中,出现了99-2的悬殊比分,这也在网络上引起了热议,有的网友回复说:说好的友谊第一呢?   这是第19届CUBA中国大学生篮球联赛(四川赛区)女子篮球预选赛的一场比赛,对阵双方是四川师大队和电子科大队,最终四川师大女队以99-2的悬殊比分轻松战胜了电子科大女队。   很快,有人就将本场比赛的记分牌发到了网上,一时间99-2的超悬殊比分也在社交平台上引起了热议。川师的共青团委员会还在社交媒体上称自己球队还有1米89的球员没有上场…   网友回复:太狠了,能不能给兄弟学校留点面子,   网友回复:打得科大妹子怀疑人生   网友回复:哈哈哈,这也是女生数量的对比吧。。。师大女生肯定多,科大没女生呀!   网友回复:电子科大的女生一定都是被惯坏了,不像川师,女生太多全是竞争没人惯!   其实99-2的比分并不是女子篮球历史上的最悬殊比分,2014年有新闻报道,在一场日本女子高中篮球比赛中,霸主级球队樱花学园以268-0的超悬殊比分战胜对手丰明高中,随后据篮球专家朱彦硕透露,樱花学园的第二场比赛比分是226-19,第三场是238-18。   女子篮球的职业赛场,悬殊比分也是层出不穷。有记载的篮球比赛中,得分最多的球员是一位名叫沃梅林的瑞典少年。1974年2月5日,沃梅林的球队在一场比赛中以272-0大胜对手,13岁的沃梅林包办了本队的全部得分.   1953年,洛杉矶州大校队以206-82战胜香槟大学三年级队,约翰-巴伯独得188分,比对手全队多出106分。1929年高中女生博伊德在一场163-3的比赛中投中156分,创下高中女子篮球得分纪录,其中79分来自罚球。1954年2月13日,弗尔曼大学校队球员塞尔维帮助自己的球队以149-95战胜纽贝里大学,他不但在比赛中贡献了100分,个人投篮命中率也高达62.1%。   (鸾台)相关的主题文章: многие американские олимпийских спортсменов допинг. архивов хакеры утечки – в новой сети-kisstudou 将棋の海外展開にカナダトロント党ジェフリーズ盲棋いちにろく演技-txplatform – Sina Sport il 30 Settembre Revisione 8.-ppbox
          Ghana Edition Of The Africa Digital Awards Launched      Cache   Translate Page      
The Ghana edition of Africa Digital Awards was launched on Friday, March 8, 2019, in collaboration with Stanbic Bank rsquo;s Business Incubator at the Stanbic Heights in Accra. The Awards that comes with a Digital Summit and a corporate e-sports event among other activities seek to celebrate and recognize digital players in Ghana that ar ...
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Uma tragédia de miséria absoluta, fome, repressão, tortura, doença e falta das mais básicas condições de sobrevivência: é o rosto claro do comunismo e este em cima de poços de petróleo de um pais que já foi o 3º exportador do Mundo. Lembremos o colaboracionismo criminoso do BE e do PCP e dos rambos cubanos que matam em Venezuela como mataram em Angola e outros países de África por dinheiro e bens para os predadores de Havana.
          JUICIO AL PROCÉS LA MALVERSACIÓN      Cache   Translate Page      
Rafael del Barco Carreras

Barcelona 12-3-2019. Una sesión relámpago. Los proveedores no saben o no declaran porque se hallan procesados por el Juzgado n. 13 de Barcelona. A recordar el juzgado cuya secretaria Montserrat del Toro salió por la azotea en el asedio de la Consejería de Economía. Un asedio de broma y democrático según TV3 y los medios subvencionados. La misma broma de cuando unos 'milicianos' impidian la entrada de la Guardia Civil a Unipost, la quebrada empresa que debía o mandó las cartas certificadas para la composición de los colegios electorales. Otra broma porque los 2.200 colegios se organizaron por inspiración divina. Un milagro de la diosa Cataluña. Y si el correo no sabemos si se pagó o no, la imprenta de los carteles también trabajó gratis.

 Los acusados y media Barcelona sabían que el referéndum era ilegal, que además el Constitucional dictó la ilegalidad, pero se continuó. La imprenta parece que detuvo la entrega al conocer de la advertencia del Constitucional, o así me ha parecido entender de la responsable que esta mañana ha declarado. La única declarante, y vista y no vista.

Cualquier contrato con cualquier administración pública requere de un concurso con pliego y tres ofertas, amén de la partida presupuestaria que lo ampare. Pero nuestros gobernantes, o los sentados en el banquillo, solo se atienen a su 'mandato democrático' y en un plis plas montan de acuerdo con su 'realidad paralela' unas oficinas electorales en la Consejería de Economía pasándose por la entrepierna todas las leyes del país. Y contratan a dedo y pagan o no falseando facturas. De hecho se repetía la ilegalidad del referéndum de Artur Mas el 11-SET del 2014 anulado por el Constitucional y por el que se inhabilitó a Mas. 

12 Sep 2012
La pintoresca y autoproclamada ASAMBLEA NACIONAL CATALANA, recibida cerrando el acto por la presidenta del Parlament de Catalunya, Nuria de Gispert, y prometiéndoles que les recibirá Artur Mas, “vende” la ...


La lujosa y secreta vida de Anna Gabriel en Suiza

¿Viviendo mal?
"El pasado 20 de febrero de 2018, Anna Gabriel comunicó mediante un escrito al Tribunal Supremo que no acudiría a su cita con la justicia española para declarar como imputada en la causa contra los dirigentes del procés. Desde entonces, reside en Ginebra, y las noticias que nos han llegado desde allí hablan de que la ex diputada de la CUP tiene grandes problemas para salir adelante porque no cuenta con demasiado dinero, y además, no encuentra trabajo de profesora. Y es que claro, en Suiza se mira primero por el producto nacional, y tampoco ven con buenos ojos contratar a personas que tienen problemas con la justicia en sus países de origen. El caso, es que Gabriel podría no estar viviendo tan mal en tierras helvéticas."


miércoles, 21 de febrero de 2018


Barcelona 21-2-2018. El pulgar en alto señalando el cielo significa entre 'victoria' y 'perdonar la vida'. Así se sentiría Artur Mas ayer al salir del Supremo. La libertad sin medidas cautelares indica, o así lo entiende él, que 'ganará el juicio', que el Supremo interpreta que no es grave, que el ni 'malversó' ni intervino en las algaradas en que los encarcelados 'jordis', enchidos de rabia independentista, patearon coches de la Guardia Civil o cercaron la Consellería de Economía reteniendo a la comisión judicial que fuera en busca de datos.

En mi barrio decíamos 'el ultim mulla', y en el ambiente financiero-político barcelonés, el de las grandes estafas, 'mojan' los 'hombres de paja' colocados ¡¡¡y bien pagados!!! por los reales estafadores. En este caso Puigdemont y Junqueras, y sus acólitos. Anadiría Anna Gabriel de la CUP, pieza indispensable entre las 'pasionarias o pasionarios' que le hicieron el juego a Mas para ese retiro a tiempo hace dos años cuando encumbró a Puigdemont y que ahora le ha librado de la cárcel o la huida.

2 feb. 2017 - Anna Gabriel Sabaté (Sallent de Llobregat, 1975) es una educadora social, profesora de Derecho y política española. Desde octubre de 2015 es diputada al Parlamento de Cataluña por la Candidatura de Unidad Popular. Milita en esta formación desde 2002. Es miembro de Endavant y pertenece al ...

12 may. 2016 - Yo no tengo nada que objetar a la 'libertad de expresión' de nuestras musas o sacerdotisas, incluso acudiría a un lugar concreto en Barcelona donde se pudieran oír y discutir en el ágora o plaza pública las más disparatadas ideas, pero que conviertan a Anna Gabriel, la antisistema devenida en Sistema ...

9 ago. 2016 - Incomparable con la enorme pitón ¡pero venenosa! que suelta Anna Gabriel de la CUP. De hecho suelta este verano tantos sapos y víboras que en pura metáfora o moraleja podrían acabar con los turistas y los pisos patera-okupo-turísticos, y ¡hasta con los manteros! o con los comerciantes que se quejan ...




Testimonios sobre el posible delito de malversación


 "Recibimos el encargo de material para el 1-Q. No sé de donde vino"

 "La Guardia Civil nos pidió el presupuesto del material que había decomisado . Yo no ví el material porque estaba tapado"

"Ómnium figuraba en la lista de contacto del material decomisado. Ómnium es cliente de Artyplan desde hace tiempo"

Se acaba la sesión que seguirá a las 16 h.

Pero la vida sigue y la malversación también. Publica CRÓNICA GLOBAL:

Detienen a un exalcalde de ERC por corrupción

La causa investiga irregularidades en los mandatos de ERC y PSC en Deltebre

"Los Mossos d'Esquadra, en calidad de Policía Judicial, han registrado esta mañana el ayuntamiento de Deltebre (Tarragona) en busca de información relacionada con los mandatos correspondientes al periodo 2007 y 2015. La operación se ha saldado con la detención del exalcalde de ERC Gervasi Aspa, que ahora estaría declarando según apuntan algunas fuentes.
Esquerra Republicana ha confirmado la noticia y ha acordado en un comunicado "la suspensión inmediata" de militancia así como la apertura de un "expediente informativo". El partido se ha ofredido "su colaboración con la justicia para esclarecer los hechos". Según fuentes policiales consultadas por EFE, se habría procedido a la detención de más personas: un exalto cargo municipal, funcionarios y exfuncionarios del consistorio. "

"Dentro de la realidad paralela en el que vive instalado el independentismo, de manera particular el presidente Quim Torra, cualquier fenómeno es posible, desde la república virtual en el que muchos secesionistas dicen ya vivir, hasta la apelación a un supuesto «derecho de autodeterminación» como vehículo valido para conseguir la independencia. En este contexto, la realidad catalana no siempre encaja en el esquema preconcebido del independentismo, algo que en el Valle de Arán, a más de cuatro horas de mala carretera de la capital Barcelona, es aún más patente.
Como si fuese una muñeca rusa dentro de otra, el Valle de Arán se configura en el seno de Cataluña como una «realidad occitana dotada de identidad cultural, histórica, geográfica y lingüística, defendida por los araneses a lo largo de los siglos», tal y como reconoce el Estatuto catalán"

 "El ministro de Exteriores, Josep Borrell, ha avisado al presidente de la Generalitat, Quim Torra, que el Estado tiene los “instrumentos apropiados” para hacer cumplir las disposiciones de las instituciones encargadas de velar por el normal funcionamiento de la democracia, en referencia a la Junta Electoral Central (JEC). En una entrevista en la Cadena Ser, Borrell ha celebrado la decisión de la Junta de ordenar la retirada de los lazos amarillos y estelades de los edificios dependientes de la Generalitat y ha ido más allá. Según Borrell, que los “símbolos partidistas” invadan el espacio público de manera “permanente y sistemática” choca con la neutralidad de todos los periodos, no sólo el electoral."

 "El president de la Generalitat, Quim Torra, ha insinuado que no retirará los lazos amarillos de las instituciones públicas catalanas, a pesar de la exigencia de la Junta Electoral. El presidente lo ha dejado entrever en un enigmático tuit donde ha citado una frase de Josep Trueta que dice "estoy desatado de todos los compromisos menos del de servir a mi tierra como pueda y como sepa".

 "Quim Torra, que no lleva ni un año al frente de la Generalitat, asegura en cada entrevista que concede que no tiene intención de adelantar las elecciones catalanas. Sin embargo, las señales que emite su gobierno son de final de ciclo. No solo por la inacción del Ejecutivo y la parálisis del Parlamento autonómico. «Torra se empeña en no gobernar», apuntan fuentes próximas al vicepresidente Pere Aragonès. Sobre todo por el mensaje que trasladan -así lo reconocen fuentes del Govern- las salidas casi en desbandada de los miembros del Ejecutivo autonómico."

"Con la elección de Carles Puigdemont como cabeza de lista de JxCat en las elecciones europeas del próximo 26 de mayo, surge la pregunta de si podrá tomar posesión del escaño dada su situación de huido de la justicia española. El expresidente de la Generalitat ha asegurado este martes que podría recoger el acta de eurodiputado sin necesidad de pisar suelo español y que, una vez asumido el escaño, podría regresar a Catalunya sin riesgo de ser detenido porque gozaría de inmunidad parlamentaria. Sin embargo, la realidad es otra. Verifiquemos algunas afirmaciones de Puigdemont:
"Ser o no eurodiputado depende de Europa, y no de la Junta Electoral"

 "En rueda de prensa desde la Cámara catalana, ha recordado que conselleras y diputadas de JxCat como Laura Borràs y Elsa Artadi dejarán el Govern próximamente para ser candidatas, lo que supone un "menosprecio al Govern" y la evidencia de que no están interesadas por sus departamentos, a su juicio."

 "Carles Puigdemont no tiene ningún inconveniente legal para presentarse a las elecciones al Parlamento Europeo, como ayer anunció Junts Per Catalunya (JxCat), pero tendrá más problemas si quiere de verdad adquirir la condición de eurodiputado, porque la legislación española le obliga a acatar la Constitución ante la Junta Electoral Central (JEC), que tiene su sede en el Congreso, y ese juramento o promesa debe hacerlo en persona. No cabe hacerlo mediante acta notarial, como ocurre en el caso del Parlament de Catalunya."


Puigdemont pot tornar si és eurodiputat? Les diferents interpretacions

1-O: Hi havia urnes alternatives a punt en cas d'intervenció policial

1-O: Hi havia urnes alternatives a punt en cas d'intervenció policial

          10 Tempat Wisata di Jepara, Penuh dengan Spot Eksotis      Cache   Translate Page, Jakarta Kota Jepara identik dengan sejarahnya yang merupakan tempat kelahiran Ibu Kartini, pahlawan emansipasi wanita Indonesia. Namun, kota ini tidak hanya meninggalkan jejak sejarah yang membekas. Salah satu kota di provinsi Jawa Tengah ini juga terkenal dengan seni ukirnya yang telah melanglang buana ke seluruh penjuru dunia.

Tidak cukup sampai di situ, tempat wisata di Jepara juga tidak boleh dilewatkan. Jepara mungkin belum sepopuler Bali atau Lombok sebagai destinasi wisata domestik maupun mancanegara. Tapi jangan salah, kabupaten yang berbatasan dengan Laut Jawa ini punya banyak tempat wisata eksotis dan unik yang bakal membuat wisatawan berdecak kagum.

Menempuh sekitar dua jam perjalanan dari kota Semarang, kamu akan disambut dengan toko kerajinan kayu ukiran yang berjejer di pinggir jalan saat memasuki kota ini. Inilah yang membuat Jepara disebut juga dengan Kota Ukir. Jika kamu berencana untuk menyambangi tempat wisata di Jepara, satu hari tidak akan cukup untuk melakukannya.

Sebenarnya, ada apa saja sih di kota kelahiran Ibu Kartini ini? Daripada penasaran, yuk simak panduan lengkap deretan tempat wisata di Jepara yang bakal membuatmu betah berlama-lama di sana, seperti yang dirangkum dari berbagai sumber, Rabu (13/3/2019).

Tempat wisata di Jepara dengan keindahan pantainya

1. Pantai Bandengan

Mengingat Jepara terletak paling utara di Jawa Tengah, tak heran jika kabupaten ini dikelilingi oleh pantai di sebagian besar sisinya. Salah satu pantai di Jepara yang terkenal akan keindahannya adalah Pantai Bandengan.

Pantai Bandengan identik dengan pasir putihnya yang memukau. Selain itu, di sana kamu juga dapat menikmati indahnya pemandangan terbenamnya matahari di ufuk barat. Kamu bisa duduk di area publik di pantai atau sambil menikmati kudapan ringan di restoran-restoran yang ada di sisi laut.

Hamparan Pasir Putih, Sebuah tawaran lain. (foto : Istiqomah/Edhie Prayitno Ige)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

2. Pantai Bondo

Pantai ini terletak di Desa Bondo, Kecamatan Bangsri dan lebih dikenal dengan sebutan Pantai Ombak Mati. Mengapa dijuluki begitu? Karena pantai ini memiliki ombak yang cukup tenang.

Bahkan seringkali pantai ini hanya terlihat seperti genangan air tanpa derai ombak sedikit pun. Kelebihannya tak cuma itu, Pantai Bondo juga memiliki sunset yang luar biasa indah.


Pantai Bondo (sumber: iStockphoto)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

3. Pantai Kartini

Salah satu pantai di Jepara diberi nama Pantai Kartini sebagai bentuk apresiasi dan rasa bangga yang ditujukan kepada Ibu Kartini. Pantai ini merupakan satu-satunya pantai yang memiliki kura-kura terbesar di dunia.

Bukan sungguhan, kura-kura raksasa itu adalah bangunan berisi aquarium yang menawarkan berbagai jenis ikan, kura-kura dan karang laut. Di dalamnya juga terdapat wahana bermain anak dan bioskop 3D yang cocok dijadikan alternatif tempat wisata di Jepara.


4. Pulau Karimunjawa

Siapa sih yang tidak tahu Pulau Karimunjawa? Meski terpisah dari Jepara, pulau ini masih termasuk dalam kabupaten Jepara. Kepulauan yang memiliki jarak tempuh 2-5 jam dari pelabuhan Jepara ini memiliki daya pikat yang luar biasa bagi para traveler dalam maupun luar negeri.

Di sana, kamu bisa menikmati pesona pantainya yang jernih dan cocok untuk scuba diving atau snorkeling. Ditambah dengan pasir putihnya yang eksotis di sekeliling pulau Karimunjawa. Selain itu, kamu juga bisa trekking di Hutan Mangrove sambil menikmati pemandangan hijau yang menyejukkan.

Pulau Karimunjawa (Edhie Prayitno Ige)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

5. Pulau Panjang

Nikmati pengalaman eksotis berada di pulau kecil tanpa penghuni ini. Pulau Panjang ini dapat dijangkau dari dua jalur, yaitu dari Pantai Bandengan dan Pantai Kartini dengan menaiki perahu kayu. Selama perjalanan traveler akan dimanjakan dengan pemandangan hamparan laut yang sangat jernih.


Tempat wisata di Jepara selain pantai

6. Benteng Portugis

Jepara tidak hanya terkenal akan pantainya saja, di sana juga terdapat peninggalan sejarah yang mengingatkan bahwa Indonesia pernah dijajah oleh bangsa Portugis. Adalah Benteng Portugis yang terletak di tepi pantai.

Jika kamu tertarik menelusuri peninggalan sejarah Indonesia, kamu wajib memasukkan Benteng Portugis ke dalam daftar tempat wisata di Jepara. Benteng ini dibangun pada tahun 1923 silam. Kamu bisa mampir ke benteng ini setelah bermain-main di pantai.

Jelajah Benteng Portugis di Pulau Nusakambangan. ( Ferri).#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

7. D'season Premiere

Ada yang unik di penginapan yang terletak di dekat Pantai Bandengan ini. Penginapan ini menyajikan kolam renang dengan pemandangan tepi pantai. Tak hanya itu, D'season Premiere juga memiliki hamparan rumput hijau yang menambah ketenangan bagi para pengunjungnya.

8. Hutan Sreni

Tempat wisata di Jepara selanjutnya adalah Hutan Sreni. Tidak perlu jauh-jauh ke luar negeri untuk merasakan suasana bak musim gugur. Di Kecamatan Nalumsari terdapat Hutan Sreni dengan ribuan pohon pinusnya yang bakal menyejukkan wisatawan tatkala menyusuri hutan lindung ini.

9. Air Terjun Njurang Nganten

Air terjun yang terdapat di Kecamatan Pakis Aji ini masih sepi pengunjung karena keberadaannya yang tidak terlalu diketahui orang. Karena itu, kondisinya alamnya pun masih sangat terjaga. Di sekitar air terjun ini terdapat banyak batuan alami besar yang kian menambah kesan alami.

10. Museum Kartini

Museum R. A. Kartini menjadi tempat wajib untuk dikunjungi saat mendatangi kota yang terbilang panas ini. Sebagai tempat kelahiran perempuan yang sempat mencetuskan ide soal emansipasi perempuan, keberadaannya seakan bisa kamu rasakan di Museum Kartini ini. Terletak tidak jauh dari alun-alun, museum ini menampilkan barang-barang dan cerita mengenai Kartini semasa hidup.


          #306 Fracaso total en el "invento" de igualdad en las ligas juveniles de baloncesto      Cache   Translate Page      

#64 Para eso ya existen las ligas de colegas. Esas que se juegan los sábados y domingos por la mañana y que huele más a cubatas y resaca que a sudor

» autor: barney_77

          #1 Un grupo de unos 15 menores agrede a un policía nacional en Melilla      Cache   Translate Page      

Bueno, pero cuando crezcan le pagarán la pensión...

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          #26 Cuba: Cuba sí es país para viejos      Cache   Translate Page      

#7 Eso solo señala tu ignorancia. Averigua por el Medicare ;)

» autor: cubaman

          #25 Cuba: Cuba sí es país para viejos      Cache   Translate Page      

#1 Que pensiones? 5 dólares mensuales? xD

» autor: cubaman

          #5 El mayor trauma de La Pasionaria: la aciaga muerte de su hijo frente a los nazis en la Segunda Guerra Mundial      Cache   Translate Page      

#2 Bien que llevaron al ABC a portada con un artículo contra Villacis, antes del comunicado de la dirección... Hipocresía en estado puro

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          Siyashesha Leadership Incubator Job Opening      Cache   Translate Page      
Siyashesha Leadership Incubator is a nonprofit organisation and the managing entity of the Activate Change Drivers programme which seeks to enable social justice warriors, already active in their own communities,.....
          ALPHA NA OMEGA YA DK. REMMY ONGALA      Cache   Translate Page      
Na Kiyungi Moshy,Dar es Salaam.

Kama kuna mwanamuziki ambaye hawezi kusahaulika katika kumbukumbu za wapenda muziki, ni Dk. Remmy Ongalla.

Desemba 13, 2018 alitimiza miaka minane tangu afariki dunia usiku wa kuamkia Jumatatu Desemba 13, 2010 nyumbani kwake Sinza, jijini Dar es Salaam.

Ilikuwa ni siku ya majonzi kwa wapenzi wa muziki wa dansi hapa nchini, Afrika ya Mashariki na Ulimwenguni kwa ujumla baada ya kusikika kwa kifo chake.

Dk. Remmy aliwaacha wapenzi wake na wananchi kwa ujumla katika dimbwi la majonzi yasiyosahaulika kufuatia tungo za nyimbo zake zenye maudhui maridhawa.Nyimbo hizo hadi leo zinarindima katika vituo vingi vya redio hapa nchini hata nje ya mipaka yetu.

Yapo mambo kadhaa aliyoyafanya ambayo yanasababisha watu wengi kutokumsahau nguli huyu.

Dk. Remmy alikuwa wa kwanza kupata ujasiri wa kukemea ngono zembe, akatunga wimbo ‘Mambo kwa soksi’ Lakini jamii ikambeza kwamba wimbo huo haukuwa na maadili mema. Baadaye viongozi wa serikali, vyama na dini na wengine kwa ujumla walielewa nini alichokuwa akisema Dk. Remmy, wakaanza kuhubiri majukwaani tahadhari hiyo.

Alijipatia umaarufu katika jiji la Dar es Salaam hususan maeneo ya Sinza, kufuatia gari lake dogo ‘soloon’ ambalo popote lipitapo watu walilishangaa. Lilikiwa na maandishi nyuma ya gari hilo yakisema ‘ Baba yako analo’?

Dk. Remmy alizaliwa mwaka 1947 katika mkoa wa Kivu huko Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Kongo. Familia yake iliishi katika eneo lililoitwa Kindu eneo ambalo halikuwa mbali sana kutoka mpakani na Tanzania.
Yaelezwa kwamba mara alipozaliwa, wazazi wake walimuita majina ya Ramadhani Mtoro Ongala.

Baba yake alikuwa mwanamuziki mashuhuri pia alikuwa mpiga ngoma kwa kutumia mkono na pia mbira.Remmy akiwa bado mchanga familia ilihamia katika mji wa Kisangani huko Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Kongo (DRC).

Zipo habari kwamba kabla ya kuzaliwa kwake, mama yake alipata ujauzito mara mbili lakini kwa bahati mbaya kila alipojifungua, mtoto alifariki. Alipopata ujauzito mara ya tatu alienda kwa mganga wa kienyeji kumuomba ushauri afanye nini ili mtoto atakayezaliwa asiiage dunia pia.
Bila kusita mganga wa kienyeji akampa ushauri wake, akamwambia kwanza safari hii asiende kujifungulia hospitali bali akajifungulie maporini. Pia alipewa ushauri kwamba mtoto akishazaliwa asije akamkata nywele zake. Yote hayo yalitendeka.

Yasemekana Remmy alizaliwa akiwa tayari na meno mawili ya mbele, akaonekana kama mtoto wa ajabu.Kuzaliwa akiwa hivyo ikachukuliwa kama ishara ya baadaye kuja kuwa mganga wa kienyeji .

Ili kutimiza maelekezo ya mganga, Dk. Remmy hakuwahi kunyolewa nywele zake kwa miaka yote hadi alipokuja kuokoka akiwa hapa nchini Tanzania.

Mwenyewe aliwahi kusema kwamba mwanzoni alikuwa anajisikia aibu sana kwa kuwa na nywele ndefu namna ile. Lakini baadaye jina na taswira ya mfalme wa reggae ulimwenguni, hayati Bob Marley lilipopata umaarufu nchini Kongo, ndipo alipoupenda mtindo huo wa nywele kwani hata watu wengine pia walianza kuukubali na kuuonea fahari.

Baba yake ndiye aliyeanza kumfunza mambo ya muziki tangia akiwa mdogo kabisa. Jambo lililomfanya aamini kabisa kwamba kama jinsi ambavyo watu wengine wamezaliwa kuwa madaktari, wanasheria, waalimu, wakulima nk, yeye alizaliwa ili awe mwanamuziki.

Kwa bahati mbaya baba yake huyo alifariki dunia mwaka 1953, akamuacha Remmy akiwa na miaka sita.

Baadaye alianza shule ya msingi, lakini kutokana na ukosefu wa fedha na kwa sababu mama yake hakuweza kuendelea kumlipia karo za shule, Remmy ilibidi aache masomo shuleni hapo.

Ilipofika miaka ya 1960, Remmy tayari alikuwa ameshafuzu kupiga gitaa.

Mwaka mmoja baada ya kifo cha Baba yake mzazi, mwaka uliofuatia wa 1954, ulikuwa si mzuri tena kwa Remmy. Alkipata pigo la kufiwa na mama yake mzazi jambo ambalo lilimuacha na mzigo wa kuwalea wadogo zake kwani yeye sasa ndio alikuwa mkubwa katika familia licha ya umri wake mdogo.

Bila elimu na ujuzi mwingine wowote, alilazimika kuanza rasmi kujitafutia riziki kupitia muziki. Ujuzi wake wa kupiga gitaa uliongezeka kwa kasi ya ajabu kitu ambacho kilimuwezesha kutumbuiza kwa kupiga ngoma na gitaa katika hoteli na sehemu mbalimbali nchini ya Kongo, akiwa na kundi lake lilokuwa limesheheni vijana wenzake lililoitwa ‘Bantu Success’.

Kwa miongo kadhaa iliyofuatia Dk. Remmy Ongala alizunguka katika sehemu mbalimbali za Kongo akiambatana na bendi kadhaa maarufu za wakati huo nchini Kongo zikiwemo Success Muachana na ile ya Grand Mickey Jazz.

Japokuwa kwa ujumla Dk. Remmy alijifunza mwenyewe kupiga gitaa, lakini aliwahi kukiri kwamba muziki wa kutoka nchini Cuba ambao wakati huo ulikuwa unaanza kujipatia umaarufu barani Afrika, ulimsaidia katika kupata mitindo kipekee katika upigaji gitaa.

Kwa upande wa uimbaji anasema uimbaji wa Joseph Kabasele ‘Grand Kale’ na ule wa Franco Lwambo Makiadi ulimsaidia kupata mitindo yake ya uimbaji kama alivyozoeleka kusikia enzi za uhai wake.

Mwaka 1978 Remmy aliingia jijini Dar es Salaam baada ya kuitwa na mjomba wake mzee Kitenzogu Makassy ili aje ajiunge na bendi maarufu ya wakati huo ya Orchestra Makassy, iliyokuwa chini ya uongozi wa mjomba wake huyo.

Huo ukawa ndiyo mwanzo wa maisha ya Dk. Remmy nchini Tanzania. Akiwa na bendi ya Orchestra Makassy, alitunga wimbo wake wa kwanza uliojulikana kama ‘Siku ya Kufa’, wimbo ambao aliuandika kumkumbuka rafiki yake aliyefariki dunia. Wimbo huo pamoja na ule wa Athumani zilianza kumpatia umaarufu mkubwa na kujulikana kwa haraka hapa nchini.

Hata hivyo mzee Makassy baadaye aliamua kuihamishia bendi yake nchini Kenya. Kitendo hicho cha mjomba wake kilichomfanya Dk. Remmy kwenda kujiunga na bendi ya Matimila baada ya kudumu kwa katika bendi ya Orchestra Makassy kwa takriban miaka mitatu hivi.

Kujiunga kwa Remmy katika bendi ya Matimila, kulimuongezea umaarufu zaid katika anga za muziki nchini Tanzania wakati huo. Jina la bendi hiyo ya Matimila lilitokana na jina la kijiji kimoja kilichoko kusini mwa Tanzania.

Chini ya uongozi wake Dk. Remmy aliisuka upya bendi hiyo na kuibadilisha majina ikaitwa Orchestra Super Matimila.

Miaka iliyofuatia Watanzania walishuhudia umaarufu wa Remmy ukiongezeka kutokana na mashairi ya nyimbo zake ambayo yaliegemea katika kuzungumzia mambo halisi ya kijamii kama vile umasikini, afya, siasa , majanga ya Ukimwi nk.

Mafanikio ya Remmy na kundi lake zima la Orchestra Super Matimila hayakuishia nchini Tanzania kwani katika miaka ya mwishoni ya 1980 walianza kujipatia umaarufu nje ya mipaka ya Tanzania na Afrika hadi Ulaya.

Dk.Remmy Ongala aliwahi kusema kwamba kupata mialiko ya nje lilikuja kama mchezo tu. Kasseti yenye nyimbo zao ilichukuliwa na rafiki yake mmoja mzungu aliyekuwa akiondoka nchini Tanzania kurejea kwao Uingereza.

Rafiki yake huyo alipofika huko aliwapatia jamaa wa WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) Shirika linalopandisha chati wanamuziki na wasanii mbalimbali kutoka katika nchi za dunia ya tatu.

WOMAD walivutiwa na nyimbo zao, hivyo kuwapa mwaliko kushiriki katika maonyesho yao Barani Ulaya ya mwaka 1988.

Baada ya kurudi kutoka Ulaya bendi ya Super Matimila ilitoa album yenye jina la ‘Nalilia Mwana’ ikiwa na mkusanyiko wa nyimbo zao zilikuwemo nyimbo zilizopendwa sana kama vile ‘Ndumila Kuwili’ na ‘Mnyonge Hana Haki’

Mwaka 1989 Super Matimila walirudi tena Ulaya kufuatia mwaliko mwingine wa WOMAD. Ni wakati huo huo ambapo walipata nafasi ya kurekodi kwenye studio ya kisasa zaidi ya Stud Real World Studios, ambayo ilikuwa inamilikiwa na mwanamuziki maarufu aitwaye Peter Gabriel.

Dk. Remmy aliwahi kufafanua kuwa wimbo maarufu ya ‘Kipenda roho’ aliuimba mahsusi kwa ajili ya mkewe ambaye ni ‘mzungu’ Mwingereza ambaye wakati huo tayari walikuwa wameshazaa naye watoto watatu.

Mwaka 1990, Remmy na bendi yake ya Super Matimila walirejea tena katika studio za Real World ambako walirekodi album nyingine yenye nembo ya ‘Mambo’ .

Albam hiyo ilikuwa na nyimbo kama hiyo ya ‘Mambo’ ambayo aliimba kwa lugha ya kiingereza na kuweza kukidhi kiu ya wapenzi wake wasiojua Kiswahili. Zingine ni pamoja na ‘No money, no life’ na ‘One World’.

Umaarufu wake ulizidi kung’ara mwaka 1990 alipoachia wimbo wa ‘Mambo kwa soksi’ ingawa baadhi ya watu waliupinga kwa kusema kwamba haukuwa na maadili mema kwa jamii, ingawa kimsingi alikuwa anawaasa watu hususani vijana kutumia kondomu ili kuepukana na maambukizi ya ugonjwa wa ukimwi.

Akiwa Super Matimila Dk. Remmy alitoka na nyimbo nyingi zikiwemo za ‘Bibi wa mwenziyo’, ‘Kipenda roho’, ‘Asili ya muziki’ na ‘Ngalula’. Zingine ni pamoja na ‘Mwanza’, ‘Mama nalia’, ‘Harusi’, ‘Hamisa’, ‘Mnyonge hana haki’, ‘Ndumila kuwili’ na ‘Mataka yote’ ambazo zilimuongezea sifa kubwa Dk. Remmy kufuatia maudhui yaliyokuwa yakikidhi jamii.

Baadaye Dk. Remmy Ongala akaanza kusumbuliwa na maradhi ya Kisukari iliyompelekea kuamua kuachana na muziki wa dansi kwa madai ya kwamba umejaa mambo mengi ya kishetani.

Remmy akaokoka, akatubudu dhambi zake na akaanza kupiga muziki akimuimbia Bwana.Kabla ya kifo chake Dk. Remmy alitoa albamu yake ya Injili aliyooiita ‘Kwa Yesu kuna furaha’.

Kabla ya kifo chake, Remmy alikuwa katika hatua za mwisho za kukamilisha albamu yake ya pili, lakini mungu akampenda sana usiku wa kuamkia Jumatatu ya Desemba 13, 2010 nyumbani kwake Sinza.

Eneo hilo alilokuwa akiishi lilipewa jina la ‘Sinza kwa Remmy’ kabla ya kifo chake kufuatia umaarufu wake.

Mungu aiweke roho yake pahala pema peponi, Amina.
Mwandishi wa makala hii anapatikana kwa namba:


          Los cubanos se atreven a abuchear al presidente Díaz-Canel      Cache   Translate Page      
El paso del tornado que afectó a cuatro territorios habaneros, el domingo 27 de enero, dejó como saldo siete víctimas fatales, más de 7.800 viviendas que fueron dañadas total o parcialmente, y decenas de miles de damnificados. Sin embargo, «el tornado también se llevó el miedo de los cubanos a expresar en voz alta, y públicamente, su repudio contra un gobierno que por sesenta años solo ha ofrecido promesas», manifiesta Marta Mónica Travieso, en referencia al abucheo que los damnificados del municipio de Regla le ofrecieron al mandatario cubano, Miguel Díaz-Canel, durante su recorrido por las zonas afectadas. Bajo gritos de «descarados» y «mentirosos», la caravana presidencial huyó de la indignación de un pueblo que ya no cree, a ciegas, en aquella retórica política que Díaz-Canel heredó de sus antecesores, Fidel y Raúl Castro, resumida en la frase: «La Revolución no dejará a nadie desamparado». Zonas de Regla, Guanabacoa, San Miguel del Padrón y Diez de Octubre, donde el tornado arrasó ciudadelas enteras, se convirtieron en un escenario que destacaría, por una parte, la solidaridad de la sociedad civil, y por otro lado demostraría que el régimen cubano no tiene capacidad para solventar un déficit económico nacional donde el tema vivienda ha llevado desde siempre la peor parte. El acto de repudio que los vecinos de Regla protagonizaron como bienvenida al mandatario cubano, tendría su génesis en la negación de Díaz-Canel de aceptar un canal de ayuda humanitaria, para los damnificados del tornado, ofrecido por los exiliados cubanos. Del mismo modo, el régimen también obstaculizaría y reprimiría las ayudas solidarias dentro de la Isla que no solo se organizaron desde el sector opositor, sino además desde proyectos y personalidades que apoyan a la Revolución cubana, como denunció Zenaida Romeu, directora de la prestigiosa Camerata Romeu, una de las instituciones más preciadas de la cultura cubana. «No puede admitirse que estén frenando un gesto solidario que es humano, altruista, hermoso, benéfico, espontáneo y propio de lo mejor del ser humano. En lugar de eso nos conminaron a irnos y nos trataron como delincuentes peligrosas… es una vergüenza», manifestaría Romeu en su perfil de Facebook. En un video que también circularía en las redes sociales, Díaz-Canel catalogaría e l acto de repudio como incomprensiones del pueblo, añadiendo que «hay que entender que todo el que esté en una situación complicada puede reaccionar de una manera irritada, con incomprensiones». Díaz-Canel olvidaría esa larga lista de damnificados, por huracanes, lluvias intensas y derrumbes ocurridos en los últimos cinco años, y que todavía no ven el día que se cumpla la promesa de que ningún cubano quedará desamparado.
          Fort Collins Brewery-Dining-Lodging Pairings      Cache   Translate Page      

Fort Collins Brewery-Dining-Lodging Pairings

Suds and grains abound in Fort Collins, home to more than 20 breweries — including the fourth largest in the United States — and with more than 200 restaurants, it is becoming a robust mecca of innovative and locavore-focused restaurants. 

Because there is so much to try, we’ve created a list of places we think go well together complete with lodgings. Plus, some activities to make sure you don’t become as big as a house as you eat and drink your way through this welcoming town.  

Maxline Brewing — Ginger & Baker — Edwards House — City Park  

Begin your tasting experience at Maxline Brewing with a Peach Mango Pale Tango, a slightly hazy, honey and tropical hop-filled beer. Depending on the day, live music will be bouncing off the shiny beer tanks or you’ll encounter people contorting their bodies for pup yoga — that’s right, beer + dogs + exercise.

Soak up those cold ones at Ginger & Baker, a multiuse spot housed in a historic mill. The Cache is dining Colorado-style. Start with the roasted bone marrow followed by stuffed roasted chicken alongside polenta, greens, house Cajun ham, peppers and onions. And for dessert, try the infamous pie flight trio, a seasonal baker’s selection. 

Take a post-dinner stroll through City Park, a lush, green space with a golf course, swimming pool, trolley stop and pedal boats. If you have the kiddos with you, they’ll run amok on the playgrounds and want to take a slide down the water park features of the pool. 

Rest your weary eyes and full stomach at the gray-and-white columned Edwards House, just steps away from Old Town. This 1904 boutique inn, which looks like it could grace the cover of Southern Living, was recently renovated and offers rooms with dreamy names like Lady Moon and the Sherwood. After your beauty rest, wake up to fresh, light-as-air omelets garnished with juicy tomatoes, bacon and crunchy toast.

Farmhouse at Jessup Farm — Jessup Farm Barrel House — The Elizabeth Hotel — The Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market, Magic Rat and Sunset Lounge 

This pairing starts at the Farmhouse at Jessup Farm, where we recommend the lamb tacos (braised red-chili lamb shoulder, street-corn tortillas and cilantro crema) and the Colorado Cubano — a red-chili-braised lamb and pork-belly sandwich served on sourdough. 

A few yards away in this rustic artisan village sits the Jessup Farm Barrel House, serving barrel-aged craft beer. The brewers like to have fun and experiment, which is evident in the 16-tap selection. Try the Helles in Wonderland, a Munich-style pale ale, or the Hurry Up and Wait, a dry-hopped oak-barrel-aged quick sour. 

Check into the Beer and Bike Suite at The Elizabeth Hotel. The herringbone wood floors lead you to a beer-pong table and a bottle-cap-bedecked backsplash sits opposite the “drink, drank, drunk” neon sign. 

Next, head down to Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market for Bison Bourguignon, a slice of braised Colorado bison accompanied by applewood bacon, mushrooms, baby carrots and celeriac purée.

Feel more like a late-night jam session? At Magic Rat, sip on a Rat Tail, aka a dealer’s choice shot and a bottle of Miller High Life as you take in the night’s act. Then finish the night at the Sunset Lounge for Front Range-mountain views and nightcaps. 

The Regional — Equinox Brewing — Armstrong Hotel — Ace Gillett’s Lounge  

Today’s menu from The Regional is calling! For lunch have the Idaho trout sandwich or the root veggie melt and curly fries. Dinner diners should get the sourdough petit baguette served with New Mexico red-chili butter and the “carrots cooked in dirt” bathed in walnut pepian and blue-cheese sauce.  

Have some after-meal drinks at Equinox Brewing, a public house with a sun-drenched patio as the perfect locale for sipping their Moonbeam White IPA or O’Rion Irish Red.

Sleeping quarters this time around are the hip and historic Armstrong Hotel. Comfy beds, bright bathrooms and accent walls adorned with artwork are just some of the highlights. Don’t forget to greet Oreo, the 12-year-old cat, who calls the lobby home.

Once you’ve settled in, walk downstairs to Ace Gillett’s Lounge, an iconic Fort Collins jazz bar. Celebrating a bygone era of classic cocktails in shadowy nightclubs, Ace Gillett’s Sidecar and Ruby Soho (a grapefruit cocktail) end to your night on a classy note. 

Welsh Rabbit Bistro — Remington Flats — Beer & Bikes Tour 

Start this adventure at Welsh Rabbit Bistro, where exposed brick walls and soft light from the storefront windows make you feel like you’re in someone’s living room. Create your own cheese plate and be sure to include honey chevre, Ossau-Iraty and the bison pastrami. Follow it up with an ice-cream flight made using local beer. 

Drop your bags at tonight’s accommodations: Remington Flats. Created for a merriment-seeker, the boutique suites reside inside a lime-green house that shouts “fun.” While each suite is distinctly funky, they all offer bright spaces and complimentary local beer.

The Beer & Bikes Tour with Remington Flats awaits. You’ll hear the history of Fort Collins’ brewery culture from a local guide while you cruise around town atop a New Belgium Cruiser. The tour includes stops at three local breweries and a meet-and-learn with a brewmaster. 

Union Bar & Soda Fountain — Rally King Brewing or Black Bottle Brewery — Solarium International Inn & Hostel — Tai Chi 

Union Bar & Soda Fountain is a modern take on an old-fashioned diner. Feast your eyes on midcentury-modern decor while enjoying a classic malt or egg cream. The all-day cafe serves serious food in a playful way — the coney dog is an all-beef frank slathered in Motown chili and cheddar cheese and nestled among string fries. 

The newly revived Midtown neighborhood is home to Rally King Brewing. Have the Surfer Girl American IPA, winner of the 2014 Taste of Fort Collins homebrew category. Or try Black Bottle Brewery’s Friar Chuck, a German Kölsch, which won the 2015 Great American Beer Festival bronze medal. 

Park yourself in the Solarium International Hostel’s dorm-style rooms with bunk beds or opt for a private room. Colorful walls, interesting artwork and a real sense of community are all included. Wrapped around a botanical courtyard of tropical trees, the Spanish-inspired villa offers a relaxing retreat. 

Change into loose clothing and do some evening Tai Chi or visit the 40-foot tepee out back to sit and just be. 

Explore more Fort Collins Lodging >>

Discover even more about Fort Collins >>

Photo Credits: Tim O'hara, Richard Haro

          Riapertura della Via della Seta, veganetici talvolta sbagliano, Venezuela: non è successo nulla…?, il grande flusso bioregionale, insegnamenti di Gurdjieff, la spiritualità laica salverà l’uomo…      Cache   Translate Page      

Il Giornaletto di Saul del 13 marzo 2019 – Riapertura della Via della Seta, veganetici talvolta sbagliano, Venezuela: non è successo nulla…?, il grande flusso bioregionale, insegnamenti di Gurdjieff, la spiritualità laica salverà l’uomo…

Care, cari, con la firma dell’accordo con la Cina in merito al progetto sulla Via della Seta, l’Italia per la prima volta nella storia del dopoguerra avrebbe la possibilità di affermare in modo sostanzioso la propria autonomia dalle scelte imposte dall’imperialismo statunitense ed europeo. Sarebbe il primo paese del G7 a farlo e la sovranità del nostro popolo ne uscirebbe rafforzata, con l’adesione a un programma che avrebbe immense ricadute economiche e occupazionali benefiche, senza che la Cina, come ha affermato lo stesso Conte, ci chieda alcuna forma di sudditanza politico-militare…. (Mauro Gemma)…

Veganetici. Talvolta commettono errori alimentari – Scrive Franco Libero Manco: “I “veganetici” (cioè coloro che adottano lo stile di vita vegan per motivi etici ) ben vengano, se non altro non uccidono gli animali), succede però che essi talvolta trascurino le regole della corretta nutrizione; questi non danno buona immagine alla causa. Infatti se un vegan è troppo magro, emaciato, pallido in viso o troppo grasso, sarà difficile far loro capire agli scettici che non è il sistema vegan sbagliato ma la nostra parziale conoscenza nell’adottare la giusta dieta vegana….” – Continua:

Parco di Vejo. Servitù stradale concessa – Scrive VAS Roma: “Dalla direzione del Parco di Veio abbiamo avuto conferma che il P.M. ha disposto il dissequestro del cantiere per consentire la ripresa dei lavori nell’area al di fuori del Parco Volusia e di Veio, utilizzando l’accesso ricavato rubando una fetta di demanio pubblico, togliendo 65 mq. al Parco Volusia ed al Parco di Veio. Info:”

Venezuela free – Scrive Campaign for Peace: “On March 16, 2019 we will organize an International Day of Struggle for Peace in Venezuela and the cessation of the economic blockade. On this day we will mobilize our movements and organizations of the peoples in front of US embassies and consulates, or else in other symbolic places of the imperialist and interventionist action that has been practiced against sovereignty and self-determination of the Venezuelan people…” – Continua:

Macerata – Scrive Centro Sudi Storici Maceratesi: “Il 19 marzo 2019, ore 17, nella Biblioteca Mozzi Borgetti, presentazione libro “Monumenti ai caduti della provincia di Macerata” di Mario Barbera Borroni – Info:”

Venezuela. Non è successo nulla…? – Scrive Marinella Correggia: “Ernesto Wong,  professore cubano a Caracas, ci parla  delle relazioni internazionali del Venezuela e della contingenza in cui si trova, fra ultimatum falliti, black out criminali, visite internazionali… Non è successo nulla, alla fine, il 23 febbraio 2019, data dell’ultimatum imposto per la consegna degli «aiuti umanitari». E non è stato benefico per l’opposizione golpista nemmeno l’attacco cibernetico elettromagnetico che ha messo fuori uso la centrale idroelettrica di Guri. Anzi, il New York Times, proprio in questi giorni,  «ricostruisce» quello che le tivù venezuelane avevano già verificato sul campo, alla frontiera con la Colombia: i famosissimi camion «umanitari» sono stati incendiati dall’opposizione guidata da Guaidò…” – Continua:

P.S. dell’autrice: “Certo lui non fa la minima critica al modello produttivo, ma dà informazioni utili… il resto seguirà. Ho raccolto molto (pur in questa penuria idrica che comunque sopporto bene). Vi dirò…”

Sincronicità? Onda? Nel bioregionalismo si chiama “il grande flusso”, e la funzione dei precursori è quella di avviare un processo evolutivo dell’intelligenza umana… per questo è importante che i precursori non conseguano una specifica “laurea” o “copyright” il loro lavoro è solo quello di preparare il terreno, seminare e procedere. Ognuno comincia a qualche punto e poi prosegue e lascia il suo percorso come esempio… – Continua:

Roma. Vita in campagna – Scrive Hortus Urbis: “Siamo lieti di invitarvi domenica 17 marzo all’avvio delle attività primaverili all’aria aperta per i piccoli giardinieri dell’Hortus Urbis, l’orto antico nel Parco dell’Appia Antica. Le attività proseguiranno le domeniche successive fino a giugno. Info:”

Insegnamenti di Gurdjieff, dati ad Alejandro Jodorowsky – Scrive Reyna D’Assia: “Ora ti detterò i comandamenti che mi ha insegnato il mio santo padre: Fissa la tua attenzione su te stesso, sii cosciente in ogni momento di quello che pensi, senti desideri e fai. Finisci sempre quello che hai cominciato. Fa’ quello che stai facendo il meglio possibile. Non incatenarti a nulla che alla lunga ti possa distruggere. Sviluppa la tua generosità senza testimoni…” – Continua:

Immigrati a 4 stelle – Scrive Vox: “È stato necessario l’intervento della Polizia, nella tarda mattinata dell’11 marzo, per riportare la calma tra i richiedenti asilo politico alloggiati presso l’Hotel de la Ville Central. Tra i quaranta africani gli animi si sono scaldati quando è arrivato un autobus di linea per il loro trasferimento in un altro centro di accoglienza meno costoso per le tasche dei contribuenti, nel sud pontino: non ne volevano sapere di lasciare l’hotel a 4 stelle e il capoluogo. Gli ospiti hanno manifestato però con particolare veemenza, tanto da richiedere l’intervento della Digos, col supporto della Squadra Volante per garantire l’ordine pubblico…”

Non la religione ma la spiritualità laica – Un’amica tempo fa mi scrisse dicendomi: “Perché  parli sempre male delle religioni? Mi chiedo cos’è questo accanimento contro le religioni?  Così si fomenta odio gratuito. Che le religioni siano state strumentalizzate credo siamo tutti d’accordo, ma non concordo col demonizzarle a tutti i costi…” E’ vero, le  religioni hanno strumentalizzato la spiritualità naturale dell’uomo trasformandola in speculazione utilitaristica.  Secondo me le religioni dovrebbero  tutte  venir superate, se si vuole che l’uomo recuperi la sua vera natura spirituale… (…) D’altronde l’evoluzione si snoda attraverso una continua “crescita” di coscienza…” – Continua:

Ciao, Paolo/Saul


Pensiero poetico del dopo Giornaletto:

“Meet your own self. Be with your own self, listen to it, obey it, cherish it, keep it in mind ceaselessly. You need no other guide. As long as your urge for truth affects your daily life, all is well with you. Live your life without hurting anybody. Harmlessness is a most powerful form of Yoga and it will take you speedily to your goal. This is what I call nisarga yoga, the Natural yoga. It is the art of living in peace and harmony, in friendliness and love. The fruit of it is happiness, uncaused and endless…” (Nisargadatta Maharaj)

          Germany's Über Hypocrisy Over Venezuela      Cache   Translate Page      

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Germany has taken the lead among European Union member states to back Washington’s regime-change agenda for Venezuela. Berlin’s hypocrisy and double-think is quite astounding.

Only a few weeks ago, German politicians and media were up in arms protesting to the Trump administration for interfering in Berlin’s internal affairs. There were even outraged complaints that Washington was seeking “regime change” against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.

Those protests were sparked when Richard Grenell, the US ambassador to Germany, warned German companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with Russia that they could be hit with American economic sanctions if they go ahead with the Baltic seabed project.

Earlier, Grenell provoked fury among Berlin’s political establishment when he openly gave his backing to opposition party Alternative for Germany. That led to consternation and denunciations of Washington’s perceived backing for regime change in Berlin. They were public calls for Grenell to be expelled over his apparent breach of diplomatic protocols.

Now, however, Germany is shamelessly kowtowing to an even more outrageous American regime-change plot against Venezuela.

Last week, the government of President Nicolas Maduro ordered the expulsion of German ambassador Daniel Kriener after he greeted the US-backed opposition figure Juan Guaido on a high-profile occasion. Guaido had just returned from a tour of Latin American countries during which he had openly called for the overthrow of the