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          [名島啓二] 波打際のむろみさん [第133話] [MF]      Cache   Translate Page 壓縮包註解含個人信息+萌享字樣 (一般コミック雑誌) [マガジン] [名島啓二] 波打際のむろみさん 第133話 [2012-19]
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          RABT presents... WINDHOLLOW AND THE AXE BREAKER by Trayner Bane      Cache   Translate Page      

 photo unnamed_zpssx05mkls.jpg
Windhollow and the Axe Breaker
Windhollows, Book 3
Children’s Fantasy/Adventure
Windhollows, Book 3
Publisher: LightChange Media
Published: November 22, 2018

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Billy uncovers secrets of the Axe Breaker and a mysterious history long hidden from the Lands, only to find his adventures have just begun. With the help of friends Teddy and Wendy, Billy must find the Four Stones of Lumite and thwart his enemy’s plans. But as the battle unfolds, will an unexpected loss plunge Billy into darkness?


 photo Windhollow and the Axe Breaker - Book Blitz graphic_zpsdod3ib2j.jpg

Other Books in the Windhollows Children's Fantasy Series

 photo unnamed 1_zpsgml2pase.jpg
Air of Vengeance
Windhollows, Book 1
Publisher: LightChange Media
Published: August 2017

Stripped of his Essence at birth, Billy Molskin was destined for nothing. And now, as the Land of Windhollows is threatened by an evil darkness, Billy must not only confront the darkness, but also face the truth behind his father’s mysterious past. With the help of unlikely friends, Billy will encounter “the Spent” and face a painful decision that will shape his fate and the future of Windhollows.

 photo unnamed 2_zpsuvldbb4w.jpg
Darkness Falls
Windhollows, Book 2
Publisher: LightChange Media
Published: October 2017

After turning Billy’s friends into foes, Rip Stinker releases the Spent’s destructive power throughout Windhollows. Reluctant to continue his father’s quest to uncover Rip Stinker’s evil plans, Billy teams up with friends Wendy Breeze and Teddy Franks on an adventure that will test his courage and friendship.

Secrets are learned, and weakness becomes strength when darkness falls upon Windhollows.

About the Author

 photo unnamed 3_zpszlpn3e4p.jpg
Trayner Bane enjoys nature, fitness, survivalism in our modern world, reading World War II Pacific theater history, and spending time with his children. In his professional career, he was formerly a red team leader who worked with a highly skilled team of individuals operating in an adversarial role to determine possible attack vectors and weaknesses within operation theaters, or as his kids might say, “He helped fight bad guys.”

Nowadays, he writes and creates the Windhollows fantasy adventure series and runs an information technology company.

RABT Book Tours & PR

          Star Trek Discovery - 2x05 Trailer, Anthony Rapp Interview, Michelle News, and More...      Cache   Translate Page      

-On Culber's (Wilson Cruz) imminent return (Wilson has said we will find him where we last saw him, aka the Mycelial Network, which they are about to go into...), Anthony says working with Wilson was "really special", was really happy for him getting to play this story out, and that the story and way it happens is "very, very satisfying and rich". Has to be meaningful and have consequences.
-Anthony loves working with the legendary/iconic Tig Notaro!
-Anthony talks the Stamets and Tilly friendship and how they trust and care for each other
-Talks the REAL Paul Stamets, Carpool Karaoke, and the irl love and fun between the cast.

-Alex Kurtzman confirms that they are currently "breaking story" on the Georgiou series, and that as soon as STD Season 3 is over they’ll be rolling straight into the Georgiou show.
-The idea to focus a show on Georgiou came from Michelle Yeoh herself!
-The reason for the spin-off will become clear after S2, with the evolution of Section 31
-We’ll be finding out how they went from a badge and ship and ‘official’ Section 31 to the underground shady secret organisation of the DS9 years.

Sources: Promo, Anthony Interview, TrekWriters, ReadyRoom, Michelle Yeoh Insta, DigitalSpy

Did you cry your eyes out this week, ONTD Saru Stans? Does Doug Jones deserve an Emmy?
Were you kind of feeling his topless Jeff Goldblum lewk maybe a bit too much?

 photo tumblr_pmhea3vq421wad471o1_400_zpslnbb0vot.gif
          Accountability and Admonishment      Cache   Translate Page      
by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo SundayAdmonish2_zpsa2e0pj1n.jpg

Accountability and Admonishment

Many people in modern society today are not able to handle any kind of constructive criticism.  The modern person has become unable to acknowledge wrongdoing on their own part.  Holding each other accountable and correcting bad behavior has almost become a crime - it's considered offensive and hurtful.  The terms "I'm sorry" or "I was wrong" are rarely spoken in our obstinate world.  
Today we are going to learn from God's Word about accountability and admonishment.

We will begin by defining these two words:

Accountability - an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility.  To account for one's actions.  Answerable, liable, responsible.

Admonish - to warn or reprimand someone firmly.  To give friendly or earnest advice.  Rebuke, chide, reprove, reproach.

As Christians, our sins are forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ our Savior, but that does NOT mean that we can continue sinning (click HERE to read "Christians are not excluded from obedience")
To make it easy we will break our focus down into two areas: OTHERS and OURSELVES.

Holding "others" accountable for their actions.  
(Clarification - "Others" can only be our brothers and sisters in Christ.)
In the Bible verses listed above you will see that we we notice a brother or sister in Christ sinning - we must gently restore that person to righteousness.
There is a correct and incorrect way of letting someone know that they have sinned.  Below, in the second featured Scripture we see that there are three steps to take:
STEP 1  One-on-one, go to the person at fault, just between the two of you and gently detail the sin that you have noticed.  (If that person does not change their ways then move onto step 2)
STEP 2  Take at least one other person with you and try to confront the sinner a second time.  This time the sinner will see that more than one person has noticed the sin.  (If that person does not change their ways then move onto step 3)
STEP 3  Finally, expose the sinful issue to the sinner in front of the church.

At this point if the sinner still refuses to acknowledge his/her wrongdoing and refuses to repent, then there is nothing else you can do.  Treat that person as if they were a "tax collector." (in other words - they would no longer be part of the Christian family/church).

When the sinner admits their wrong and repents, then we must help them through the repentance and "carry any burden" (see verses above).

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo SundayAdmonish1_zpsbb8e9xx1.jpg

We should be constantly looking at our own actions and repenting whenever we have sinned (testing our own actions).  In our daily prayers we should ask that God would show us areas of sin and ask for His strength, courage and wisdom to repent.
In the verse from James below you will see that we must confess our sins to each other.  As soon as you realize some sin in your life, immediately go to your brother and sister and confess.  Notice the next part of this verse - so that you may be healed. 

In the Galatians passage at the top of this post you will notice a CAUTION - when confronting others with their sin make sure not to be tempted.  Often, when someone is in a sin they are blinded to the truth and many times they are able to reason through the "fault" to make it seem like it's not really a sin.  Be careful not to get caught up in this deception.

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo SundayAdmonish3_zpszxf2ke2e.jpg

Pray daily for the wisdom and courage to admonish (when needed), and to hold ourselves and each other accountable.


Linked to:

Prayer Warriors United

"Prayer Warriors United" is a google+ Community where Christians come together in prayer. 

Click HERE to view or join this community

If you need prayer please fill out this

          Leykoteya: Австрия зимой: лыжи и не только!      Cache   Translate Page      

Это цитата сообщения Людмила_Мамонтова Оригинальное сообщениеАвстрия зимой: лыжи и не только!

Друзья, вы знаете как я люблю горные лыжи... но этой зимой я впервые в своей любимой Австрии оглянулся по сторонам и съехал со склона в сторону в прямом и переносном смысле слова. Насколько интереснее становится отдых, если ски-пасс берешь не на все дни катаниях, а, к примеру на "4 из 6", а в оставшиеся два - гоняешь по окрестностям курорта.

Но обо всем по порядку... добро пожаловать на горнолыжный курорт Гаштайн в Зальцбургском Крае!


Bad Gastein - это лыжи, горы и спа! Идеальная комбинация для зимы. Но я начну с лыж.

Горнолыжный курорт

Он расположен на высотах 870-2300м, это сравнительно невысоко, поэтому в марте в самой долине снег был уже тяжелым и влажным, кататься же наверху можно было без проблем на натуральном сухом снеге. Курорт отлично подойдет для новичков - очень много широких красных и синих трасс, а вот черных совсем немного.









Но кататься без остановки вредно, поэтому заезжаем в кафе покушать.


Stiegl - это пиво-бренд из Зальцбурга.


Оформление лобби отеля, в котором мы остановились - Zum Stern.



Нелыжная погода

Но что делать, если погода совсем не лыжная? Низкая облачность - не лучший компаньон для катания. На вершине есть гигантский самый длинный в регионе подвесной мост длиной 140 метров!

Сюда можно подняться всем, даже если вы не катаетесь.





Спа и термы

Это самое главное в Бад Гаштайне! Потрясающие аква-центры и сауны под открытым небом.
Подробнее тут:



Вот это я люблю больше всего в Альпах - спуститься с гор и в бассейн! И, главное, продолжать смотреть на горы вокруг :)


Целебные штольни Гастайна

Идеальное сочетание радона, тепла и влажности делает Целебные штольни Гастайна самым эффективным природным целебным средством при лечении ревматических заболеваний. На расстоянии 2 километров от дневного света царит приятная температура от + 37 до + 41,5 градуса, высокая влажность от 70 до 100 процентов и повышенное природное содержание радона в воздухе. Основной причиной посещения штолен является продолжительный эффект обезболивания и уменьшение потребления медикаментов. Эффективность лечения здесь достигает 90 процентов.

По самим штольням вы перемещаетесь на специальном поезде, а далее в течении 20-30 минут происходит терапевтический сеанс. Штука очень полезная, но подробнее смотрите информацию тут:




Прогулка по верхушкам дереьвев

А вот настоящая изюминка Гаштайна! Потрясающий парк, построенный практически на верхушках деревьев в лесу. Если снега будет немного, то до места старта можно будет проехать на автомобиле, а если много - то за 5 евро на упряжке лошадей в санях.


Самый настоящий австрийский гном:








В летнее время здесь есть еще веревочный парк, но я впервые вижу, чтобы подобный парк был приспособлен и для зимы. Очень красивое место для прогулок. Высота мачт до 30 метров.




Городок Бадгаштайн

Ну и одно из самых необычных мест в этой поездке - это городок Бадгаштайн. В XIX веке благодаря термальным водам Бадгастайн стал модным курортом, который посещали монархи, богатые граждане и знаменитости, включая императрицу Австрии Елизавету Баварскую, германского императора Вильгельма I с его канцлером Отто фон Бисмарком. Массовый туризм начался со времени постройки железной дороги в 1905 году.


К сожалению, я был там в облачную погоду, но я обязательно вернусь сюда снова, настолько приятное впечатление произвел на меня сам городок. Его население всего 6тыс жителей, расположен в каньоне, внизу которого течет шумная горная река.



В основном - это отели.



Горнолыжный сезон здесь продолжается до апреля, но, как видите, даже если вдруг снега будет меньше, чем хочется, всегда есть чем заняться кроме катания :) В следующий раз расскажу о том, как научить детей кататься на лыжах.


Фото и текст Александр Чебан (alexcheban)

          MESSY! Woman Makes Claims About Alleged Relationship Between Phor & A Trans Woman, Claims Phor Had 'Black Ink' Producers Edit Out The Scenes      Cache   Translate Page      

There's a messy situation involving "Black Ink Chicago" star Phor and a transgender woman he ALLEGEDLY slept with. Get all the deets and receipts inside....

So, remember that viral video of "Black Ink Chicago" star Phor where he's showing all his man parts & butt cheeks last season? It was seemingly the last straw for his then-girlfriend Nikki because chick chucked the deuces, moved to Atlanta and never returned.

Fast forward to this season and there's a scene of "Black Ink Chi" newbie Bella getting into a fight with "strangers" at a party at the shop after she fought Van's "apprentice" Evinita. The gag is, one of the girls Bella was fighting is allegedly a transgender woman who claims she has been messing around with Phor.

Here are the two girls above. The one on the right is allegedly the woman Phor has been dealing with low key. Her name is Latoya Johnson. The woman on the left, Trinity (real name Jennifer Roebuck), can be seen in the video fighting Bella below:


Latoya's friend Trinity spilled more tea about her friend and Phor's alleged relationship on social media: 

Trinity claims VH1 flew them out to Chicago to appear on the show. It's ALLEGED Phor asked producers to edit out Latoya and Trinity's scenes or he would commit suicide.

By the way, Trinity is seemingly referring to the fight video with Bella at the end of her post. 

People were in Latoya's comments as well, questioning her about Phor's suicide-focused episode that aired this week:

In May 2017, Latoya - who has a boyfriend that's in jail - was posting up flicks of her and Phor on her IG:


Latoya has def been around the 9Mag crew for a while: 

And she has his number, allegedly: 

Fast forward a few months, and she's popping off on Facebook! In January, she threatened to release receipts, warned Phor to tell the fans the truth, and said if anything was to happen to her, it was Phor. She's pissed. Peep the receipts:

Whew, chile. 

Photos: Latoya's IG/Trinity's IG


          'EXTRA' Host A.J. Calloway Suspended After Several Woman Accuse Him Of Sexual Abuse & Misconduct, A.J. Vehemently Denies The Allegations       Cache   Translate Page      

 photo ajsuspended.png

"EXTRA" host A.J. Calloway has been suspended after more women have come forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. This news comes on the heels of Sil Lai Abrams accusing him of sexual misconduct. The TV host denies it all. More inside...

A.J. Calloway - longtime "EXTRA" host - has been suspended after several women have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations. A Warner Bros. Television producer confirmed the suspension in a statement written to The Hollywood Reporter.

News of his suspension comes months after author and domestic violence activist Sil Lai Abrams went public with sexual abuse allegations made against Calloway AND as the publication has been preparing a NEW story with additional allegations.

"Upon becoming aware of allegations of sexual misconduct against AJ Calloway, we began an internal review to determine whether there had been any misconduct by Mr. Calloway on Extra and whether any employee of the show had been the victim of any such misconduct," Warner Bros. Television said in a statement. "To date, we have found nothing to suggest that Mr. Calloway has ever engaged in workplace misconduct."

"In light of additional allegations brought to our attention, we are expanding our ongoing inquiries, and Mr. Calloway has been suspended pending further review," Warner Bros. Television continud. "We take such allegations very seriously and are committed to doing everything we can to ensure a safe and inclusive workplace for all of our employees."

The former "106 & Park" host previously denied any wrongdoing. And he's still sticking to his story.

Lisa E. Davis, the TV personality's attorney, released a statement claiming the allegations are false and that her client denies ever assaulting anyone.

"Mr. Calloway maintains that these unsubstantiated allegations are patently false," Calloway's attorney told THR. "He vehemently denies that he ever assaulted anyone and looks forward to clearing his name."

"EXTRA" is a half-hour syndicated entertainment news program, which is produced and distributed by Warner Bros. Television and airs on NBC owned-and operated stations. The show is moving to FOX stations in Fall 2019. The 44-year-old host has worked for the program since 2005, interviewing prominent celebrities on red carpets and at major events.

Last June, THR first reported sexual misconduct allegations made by Sil Lai Abrams. She made claims that Calloway sexually assaulted her in 2006. At the time he was arrested, but the case was ultimately dismissed “on procedural grounds.”

At that time, Calloway's attorney told THR that, “These decade-old allegations are false. They were false when they were first made and are false now. Mr. Calloway fully cooperated with law enforcement from the beginning, denied the allegations, and the case was completely dismissed in November 2007. After the case was dismissed, the court records were sealed as a matter of law and are no longer available.” 

A.J. also released a statement following the initial allegations, saying, "I was disappointed to read the false allegations about me in The Hollywood Reporter. As I have maintained from the beginning, these allegations are not true. When I was first notified about these allegations by law enforcement more than a decade ago, I fully cooperated from the beginning and the case was dismissed.”



In Abrams' 2007 memoir, "No More Drama: Nine Simple Steps to Transforming a Breakdown into a Breakthrough," she recounts how Calloway - whom she referred to as a “Well-spoken B-list celebrity” named Ray - exposed himself to her in the car and then threw himself on her despite her asking him to STOP.

In a new interview with The Daily Beast, Abrams talked about how when she first came out with her story, nothing really happened. Warner Bros. Television didn't even release a statement about the sexual assault allegations.

TDB reports:

As reported in The Hollywood Reporter, Abrams’ attempt to speak out was nearly derailed. In January, Abrams taped an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid. After months of waiting, Abrams eventually came to learn that the network—a subsidiary of NBC, which aired Extra—had passed on her segment. Reflecting on her experience with NBC, Abrams told THR, “They took away my voice.”

Abrams’ allegations eventually came to light thanks to the thoroughly reported June exposé. But the writer and domestic-violence awareness activist is still disturbed by the lack of impact, specifically when it comes to her allegations against Calloway. And now, two more women have come forward to The Daily Beast alleging that Calloway sexually assaulted them—one of whom reported her claim to the police on Dec. 24.

By the way, Sil Lai Abrams also came forward with sexual assault allegations against Russell Simmons as well.

More accusers have come forward in an article published by The Daily Beast last month.

One woman - using the pseudo name Talia - shared how the TV host forced himself on her after they had dinner and went back to his home where he invited “a group of people to his home to party."



Here's an excerpt from her account below:

Once they arrived at his home with the group, she noticed that “he made everyone put their belongings on the kitchen table.” The party proceeded downstairs to the entertainment room, which Talia said was complete with a home theater and a bar.

At around three in the morning, Talia remembered, Calloway walked the other guests out. When he came back, she recalled, “We started making out. And I knew I wasn’t having sex—I knew adamantly I wasn’t having sex because I won’t have sex unless I’m in a committed relationship. So, you know, even though I’m kissing him, I’m thinking, this is the first date, we’re just making out a little bit—because I’ve never even had sex on the first night with someone.”

“Even though he’s tall and he looks skinny, he has some weight to him,” she explained. “He’s heavy, you know, and he put his whole body weight on top of me. He kept trying to open my blouse. He really was going for my skirt, and I was literally pulling my skirt down because I was not going to allow him to go any further. And he thought it was a game or something because he kept laughing and giggling and I’m like, no, stop, stop. And the more I said stop the more he got aggressive, and that’s when I started to realize, oh my God, this is serious. Like, he’s really going to try and force me to have sex with him.”

“I just remember trying to push him off of me, and this went on for 40 minutes straight,” she continued. “Me attempting to push him off of me and fighting to keep him from taking my clothes off. Eventually he got tired, and I think it’s because he was so intoxicated—it was wearing him out.”

“And I just remember him pulling his penis out and he began stroking himself and he kept trying to put my hand on his penis and eventually he ejaculated on my hands.”

You can read her full account here.

During an interview with The Grio in October 2017, Calloway discussed the importance of speaking out and supporting women of color of come forward with stories of sexual abuse.

“I spoke to a lot of women today, and that’s one thing that they said, they said that African-American women are sexually harassed more than women of other races, or white women,” Calloway said. “We’ve got to support our sisters. We have to stand up for them.”

Check it:


Photo: August Fairchild /

          Winnie Harlow Pours It Up At amfAR Event + Billy Porter Couldn't Keep Tom Ford Clothes He Rocked During NYFW      Cache   Translate Page      

 photo amfarteaser.png

Actress Michelle Rodriguez claims Liam Neeson isn't racist because he kissed a black actress in a movie. Say what now? Get into her ridiculous defense, plus shots from the amfAR gala and Tom Ford show inside...

 photo amfARNewYorkGala2019ArrivalsuBEyclOsYABl.jpg

Latina actress Michelle Rodriguez came to the defense of her Widows co-star Liam Neeson amid controversy over his racist comments about wanting to kill a random black man after a close friend told him she was raped by a black man. And her defense is the most ridiculous ish we've heard all year.

The Widows star fixed her mouth to spew historically inaccurate foolishness about what is and isn’t racism at the amfAR New York Gala 2019 held at Cipriani Wall Street.

“It’s all fuckin’ bullshit. Liam Neeson is not a racist,” the Latina actress told Vanity Fair on the carpet at the event.

She claims he CAN'T be racist because he kissed Oscar winning actress Viola Davis in a scene for Widows.

“Dude, have you watched Widows? His tongue was so far down Viola Davis’s throat," she explained. "You can’t call him a racist ever. Racists don’t make out with the race that they hate, especially in the way he does with his tongue—so deep down her throat. I don’t care how good of an actor you are. It’s all bullshit. Ignore it. He’s not a racist. He’s a loving man. It’s all lies.”

Ma’am. If you never educated yourself about how black people have historically been hypersexualized, raped, or even entered into a consensual sexual relationship with, by racist white men and women (especially slave masters), keep your mouth shut on the subject.

TV titan Shonda Rhimes and former VP candidate Rosa Clemente had to school Michelle on her ignorance:


Gathered her life.

On the carpet at the amfAR gala...

 photo amfARNewYorkGala2019ArrivalsyBpCesz7BmUl.jpg

And the best dressed award goes to... model Duckie Thot!  We're loving everything about this lewk.

View this post on Instagram

just for fun :)

A post shared by Duckie Thot (@duckieofficial) on

She's so flawless.

Speaking of models...

 photo amfARNewYorkGala2019ArrivalsN4FFpnS4Ffxl-2.jpg

Victoria's Secret model Winnie Harlow stunned on the carpet before hitting the stage. When she got to the podium, she popped a bottle of Perrier-Jouët to kick off the AIDS fundraiser event.

 photo amfARGalaNewYork2019FDF9kPoxifpl.jpg 

Pour it up, pour it up.

 photo amfARNewYorkGala2019ArrivalsvsJxTjDZudel.jpg

New parents/newlyweds Sterling Shepard and Chanel Iman kept it cute on the carpet. The model slipped into a strapples Rasario gown for their night out on the town together.

 photo amfARGalaNewYork2019yPxYx17qCgtl.jpg


 photo amfARNewYorkGala2019Arrivals1fWCcuqTS94l.jpg

 photo amfARNewYorkGala2019Arrivalsn9mzf52wvA0l.jpg

 photo amfARNewYorkGala2019ArrivalsNcIGPPHsH1ll.jpg

Singer Maxwell, Shaq & Shaunie's son Myles O'Neal, and former "RHOA" star Phaedra Parks were also in the mix.

At New York Fashion Week....

 photo TomFordFW2019RunwayNewYorkFashionWeek8YuzQisNVSGl.jpg

Supermodel Joan Smalls ripped the runway at the Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2019 fashion show during New York Fashion Week, which just kicked off.

Here's some behind-the-scenes action:


Celebs in attendance...

 photo TomFordFW2019ArrivalsNewYorkFashionk9yeMb8dvbPl.jpg

 photo TomFordFW2019ArrivalsNewYorkFashionQlyGg4CNRy1l.jpg

 photo TomFordFW2019ArrivalsNewYorkFashionGRYY8PwhHfcl.jpg

It's the NFL off-season, so ballers Odell Beckham Jr. and Cam Newton are soaking in the newest fashions. Retired NFL player/fashion lover Victor Cruz also came out for the fashion fun.

 photo TomFordFW2019ArrivalsNewYorkFashionK-3l-GIrdBSl.jpg

Magic Johnson's kids, EJ and Elisa Johnson, were front-and-center for all the fashion action. Their dad hopped on Twitter with some questions for Tom Ford:




 photo TomFordFW2019ArrivalsNewYorkFashion0MSTXzd2qxol.jpg

 photo TomFordFW2019ArrivalsNewYorkFashioneIMo7CybNohl.jpg

Former NBA baller Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne Bosh are regulars at NYFW, so no surprise seeing them hit the carpet.

 photo TomFordFW2019ArrivalsNewYorkFashion6kOBGigEjgal.jpg

Black Panther actress Danai Gurira - who kept it sophisticated in a Tom Ford suit - popped up on the fashion scene after it was announced she will be leaving AMC's "Walking Dead" series. Next season, which will be season 10, will be her last time appearing as the zombie slaying Michonne and she's only going to star in a few episodes.

 photo TomFordFW2019ArrivalsNewYorkFashion1C0ttLKlNO9l.jpg

Rapper Rich The Kid cleaned up for the Tom Ford show.

 photo TomFordFW2019ArrivalsNewYorkFashionqH3Te7jvCnul.jpg

And so did "Kinky Boots" star Billy Porter. Except, he had to turn in all of his Tom Ford threads the next morning. Cinderella, much?

“I had to give that sh*t back by 11 o’clock today at the Pierre hotel,” Porter told Page Six at a Spring Studios luncheon for E!’s “Front Five."

"I had to return all of it . . . the socks, the shoes, every single piece of it. You don’t have to sign a contract, but 11 o’clock was the drop-off time.”


He added, “I need to get those pumps that they had in that show custom-made for me . . . I do walk better than a lot of women in heels. I would just love to walk the runway; I want those pumps one day!”

Photos: Getty

          Surveillance Video Shows Bow Wow Getting Aggressive With Kiyomi Leslie Before Fight Inside Home      Cache   Translate Page      

 photo paw_5142_zpsse34z4p5.jpg

Kiyomi Leslie's version of events - that Bow Wow was aggressive with her that night they were both arrested for battery - may have been corroborated by new surveillance video. Watch inside.

Days after both Bow Wow, aka Shad Moss, & Kiyomi were arrested during Super Bowl weekend, surveillance video from Bow's apartment in Atlanta has leaked.

Shad showed off his injuries on his body yesterday, while Kiyomi said people will stop jumping to conclusion that she attacked him out of nowhere (which Shad himself claims as well) as soon as more evidence comes out.  And here we are.


Both admit in their statements that there was mutual fighting happening that night, but Bow Wow made it sound like she attacked him out of nowhere.  It didn't help that the mugshots that were released only show injuries on Bow Wow, and his rep claimed Kiyomi's only inury was a broken nail.

In video obtained by TMZ, we see Bow Wow in her face, very close to her and not moving away when she tries to move away.  He is clearly angry and aggressive with her, and we've learned it's because he was mad she spoke to another man at a party that night. 

Kiyomi Leslie told cops Bow Wow flew into a jealous rage because she was talking to another man at a party. Bow Wow backed her story up, and said she called him a "bitch ass n*****."

The video definitely shows an angry Bow Wow who is speaking AT her aggressively, and snatched something out of her hand.  It could be a key, or her phone that she claimed in her statement that he took from her before allegedly locking her in a room.

 photo 0203-bow-wow-leslie-holden-mug-shot-fulton-county-sherrifs-office-7_zpso6sxndrx.jpg


Photos: Fulton County Sheriff's Office/


          'Black Ink Chicago' Star Phor Opened Up About His Depression, Suicidal Thoughts & It Was The Most Powerful Episode We've Seen      Cache   Translate Page      

 photo phorsuicide.png

"Black Ink Chicago" aired the most emotional episode to date where Phor opens up about dealing with depression and having suicidal thoughts. It gets really deep and super emotional. WARNING: This episode discussion may be triggering, so proceed with caution. Deets inside...

The latest episode of "Black Ink Chicago" was SUPER emotional it literally drained us after watching.

Phor has been vocal on social media about his battle with depression. He released a song titled "Help" and when he promoted it on his social media page, he shared a picture of himself with a noose around his neck.

Letting his guard down on the latest episode, Phor got very vulnerable where he opened up about the suicidal thoughts he was having in his head while the crew was on vacation in Las Vegas. He told his co-star Charmaine his goal for that day was to drown himself in the pool.

“I’m just feeling better off dead," he told her.

Ryan asked Charmaine to leave the room so he could speak with Phor alone. And their exchange will have you in TEARS.

Peep the clip below:

Ryan is a real one.

After his one-on-one with Ryan, Van and Charmaine went into Phor's room to talk. Van had a heart-to-heart with Phor as well, reminding him he's loved and that his 9Mag family will do any and everything for him. Charmaine encouraged Phor to seek professional help, but Phor said he wanted to sleep on it. Van offered to sleep in the room with him to make sure he was OK throughout the night. 

However, the next morning, Phor went missing. Check it:

Yes, they fight ALOT, but, the brotherhood between the 9Mag Fam is real.

At the end of the episode, a message was put up on the screen that said Phor would be taking a leave of absence. And we're glad because he def doesn't need to be on TV right now until he can get a handle on his mental health.

After the episode, there was an outpouring of support for Phor on social media.

 photo phorsuicide2.png

 photo phorsuicide3.png

Fans hopped in the comments section to share their stories about how they're dealing with their mental health and shared how Phor's episode helped them.

 photo phorsuicide5.png





Now that he's not filming for the show, Phor has been keeping busy with self care. He hit the gym recently: 

 photo phorsuicide4.png

He also went on Power 92 Chicago to talk about depression, mental health, and he debuted new tracks: 



While we don't know exactly what triggered Phor, it's possible it had something to do with the viral video that hit the net last year where he was sending a video of his man parts to someone who wasn't his then-girlfriend Nikki. Bullying comes in all forms, even people just making jokes about it. It's very possible that could have put him in dark space, especially after he and his girlfriend Nikki broke up.

So many people are suffering in silence. We're glad Phor was strong enough to open up about his true feelings because we know it has helped thousands of others who are dealing with the same thing.  This was a much needed epiosde that many struggling with mental health can be positively impacted by as they will not feel alone.


If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, call the Nation Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Photo: VH1

          HOLD UP! B. Smith's Friend Paul Wharton Accuses Dan Gasby's Girlfriend Of Alleged Abuse      Cache   Translate Page      

 photo bsmithupdateteaser.png

WAYMENT! Paul Wharton - a friend of B. Smith's, claims he witnessed the restaurateur's husband Dan Gasby's girlfriend Alex Lerner allegedly abuse. And everyone is an uproar, as they should. Deets inside...

 photo bsmithupdate1.png

This "modern family" ish has gone too far.

Famed model/restaurant owner B. Smith's husband Dan Gasby has been getting dragged online for the last two months after he revealed he moved his white girlfriend Alex Lerner into the home he shares with his wife, who is battling Alzheimer's. That in itself was shocking. And even more so since he's trying to convince the world why this situationship isn't foul.

However, this new update will make your jaw drop.

TV personality/style expert Paul Wharton - who said he has been friends with B. Smith for years - has spilled details of his first-hand account of when he learned Dan and Alex were an actual couple. While chatting on ABC 7's "Good Morning Washington," he said he first realized Dan and Alex were officially boo'd up while vacationing in the Hamptons. And he brought video receipts that he personally recorded!

By the way, Dan initially met Alex in the Hamptons.

He said Dan and Alex - who he also knows very well - came to a pool party together, but initially, he thought they came as just friends. Well, he quickly learned the two were MORE than just friends.

"Do you know Dan?," Alex asked Paul. "I said, 'Do YOU know Dan?'"

Paul had his phone out and low key recorded Dan and Alex all hugged up in the pool. He was totally confused by it all. He said the next day, he bumped into Dan, Alex and B. Smith at a winery and they spent some time together. He stated Dan and Alex kept saying B was "like a child."

"But she's not. She's an adult." Paul kept telling them.

Then, he dropped a bomb! He claims Alex HIT B on the hand and chastised. Allegedly. Chile....

“And there was a moment where Alex did chastise B. a bit. She was reaching for something on the table and she smacked her hand. And I grabbed Alex’s hand and I said, ‘Alex you really can’t do that.’”

Glad SOMEONE checked her.

While sitting at the table, Paul also said he saw Alex "smack the heck out his arm" after Dan said B was the kindest, sweetest women he'd ever met.

"She said 'I'm sitting here and you're saying that B is the kindest, sweetest woman you've ever met?' And I said, 'Alex, that's his WIFE!'"

This woman...

Paul went on to explain who he doesn't think Dan and Alex should be B's primary caregivers, especially since Dan has the means to bring in a professional.

“For one thing, they have great resources. And I feel like she should be supported more in terms of her caregiving. And this is just just my opinion. Alex coming into this relationship, although her intentions are good, she's still a woman in a relationship with a man that wants to be loved.”

We totally agree. This ish is just wrong, no matter how they try to spin this. Peep clips from his story here.

Again, all of the accusations are all alleged and according to what Paul supposedly witnessed.

Oh, and get this. Dan and Alex have created a podcast, "Thank You Dan and Alex," where they claim to help educate others about Alzheimer's disease. Hmph.

And Dan is still trying to explain to folks his "caregiver" position:



Also, watch Dan and Alex's "TODAY" show interview they did together recently below: 

In case you missed, catch up on some exclusive details about Alex Lerner's sketchy dating life before she met Dan HERE.


Photos: Dan's FB

          Accessories/Memorabilia/Toys :: RE: Hazet Assistent      Cache   Translate Page      
Author: Mike Fisher
Subject: Re: Hazet Assistent
Posted: Yesterday 1:54 pm (GMT -7)
Topic Replies: 1039

Post an ad here with price & Europe/USA shipping prices.
69 FI/AT square Daily Driver
66 sunroof,67,70,71,71,71AT,72,72AT,73 Parts
two 57 oval ragtops sold
'68 Karmann Ghia sold

Society is like stew. If you don't keep it stirred up you end up with a lot of scum on the top! - Russ_Wolfe/Edward Abbey

          Guzmania_minor_rondo: Яблочный крем-брюле.      Cache   Translate Page      


На 6 порций:
2 десертных яблока, почистить и порезать квадратиками
3-4 ст.л. воды
6 желтков
1/4 чашки сахара
1 1/2 чашки сливок 35%

Для карамельной корочки:
1 десертное яблоко, почистить, порезать тонкими дольками и сбрызнуть лимонным соком
1 ст.л. лимонного сока
1/4 чашки сахара

Положить яблоки в небольшую кастрюльку или сковороду, добавить воды, накрыть крышкой и потушить 10 минут (до мягкости яблок). Яблоки разложить в формочки для запекания.

Духовку разогреть до 180 градусов.

Смешать вилкой желтки и сахар.

Сливки довести до кипения. Постепенно добавить сливки в желтки, постоянно помешивая массу.

Заполнить сливочной массой формочки с яблоками.

Формочки поставить в глубокий противень, налить в него горячую воду, так, чтобы она доходила до середины высоты формочек.
Запекать 15-20 минут. Остудить.

Перед подачей выложить сверху крем-брюлле яблочные дольки, посыпать сахаром и карамелизировать с помощью горелки

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