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This post is part of our Instagram Marketing Strategy series. The series provides you with actionable insights and lessons on how businesses are using Instagram. Next up, Tarah Boyleston shows us how Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit uses Instagram to drive in-store sales.  Snap, filter, post, then eat. If you’re a millennial, Instagramming your meals is […]
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Facebook status: Divorced. Why millennials 'killed' how you decouple in the digital ageWhile younger people are bringing down the divorce rate, millennials who get divorced face new challenges that come with splitting in the digital era.

          Rinus Verhagen: Global Money Reset, Currency Revaluation, GESARA Compatible      Cache   Translate Page      

The Global Money Reset / Revaluation of Currency, GESARA compatible

My short story how I got involved in this, and the nonsense of absolute any fund would be important.

But also to show that Swissindo has been involved in this since 1963: Or in Dutch:

From my drive to change the system, I designed a product that should provide us with unlimited clean energy, and can be used for multiple purposes.

I tried to find an investor, but I didn't succeed, which I am not really dissatisfied with, because then I would have been restricted, and the product would be unaffordable for many.

From my business plan that I had written, the expectations for Europe alone would have yielded more than €1,000,000,000,000 profit per percent market share per year.

I realised that this was not/is not important to me because I do not want to live excessively myself, because I have a great dislike for people who abuse their wealth.

This is how I came into indirect contact with Swissindo, where I received a commitment that the money for building the prototype would get if the funds became available.

In 2012, the CABAL thought they could use Swissindo's gold to help finance the NWO government.

On 884 banks around the world see link:

At all these banks accounts have been opened where the wealth of the gold of Indonesia is divided in money over 209 countries.

This is for the Netherlands over 6 banks an amount of 6 times the national debt of America, so over € for the Netherlands, where one can imagine which monies other countries will receive, when you consider that the assets that are going to be covered by Swissindo € 127.000.000 per earth inhabitant is on average reserved.

The UN has tried here to impose a world government, by first destroying many countries with the help of Soros and the EU, they are all Deep State Puppets.

Donald J Trump has put an end to this and has let the US incorporation go bankrupt, whereby the US federation has nothing to do with the debts of the US incorporation, and the US again exists sovereign 50 states.

As a result, the US will no longer participate in the unelected corrupt UN, which will also change in its current composition, and will be moved to Laos, where the legitimate president will be in charge of an honest UN see link:

More info over Swissindo:

Since I had received the pledge for my funding from the Swissindo fund I had to wait, so to bridge this time I contacted other people and foundations.

We started exchanging information in order to combine our solutions and where we can apply our inventions in order to be able to give a quick and positive interpretation as effectively as possible.

That's how I came up with people from the team who were already starting to grow on the idea of designing preventive health parks, where we combine talent to make this possible.

This was in line with my idea to provide jobs, and income for people to lift them out of poverty, because the government deliberately pushes us into poverty and steals us from our labour fruits.

Because the number of plans and solutions is growing, with a lot of jobs, but also solutions to restore the environment, the plans have also increased.

That is why I came up with the idea, to to use this as a project portal to submit their plans and thus contribute to more jobs and a better environment.

My contact with Swissindo suggested that I could fund my own network, as it was growing very fast.

For example, I symbolically received a ZIM note, in case the RV was faster when Swissindo's funds were released.

By following the GCR/RV where only the revaluation of currencies, and especially the ZIM is the main point of attention, with all the rumors about the progress, people cradle themselves on that other funds have as Manna Trust, and St Germain, so for me known 4 funds that become available. :

I have the assumption that these will all be brought into the new BRICS, QFS system where the Swissindo fund seems to be the smallest fund.

The World Bank has been financed by Swissindo since 2012 to give them the opportunity to implement the transition to a new money system, which they clearly did not do to not want to relinquish the Deep State power themselves.

The Alliance that wants to destroy the Deep State had chosen Donald J Trump for his independence, and his mentality as a go-getter who had the intellectual capacity and has the ability to implement the plan.

Everybody's desire, in combination with waiting and different insights, make that division arises, and people think in their absolute right, which results unnecessarily in collaborations being put under pressure, which is totally unnecessary for my experience.

We should not want to dominate, dictate but facilitate each other to make a respectful cooperation possible, someone who does not get the money to do so should do nothing instead of stir up mutual dissatisfaction.

Which fund will be released first, the rest will follow and not be left behind, because the funds only support the QFS, which means that it doesn't matter if you have put your bet on the ZIM, Manna Trust, Swissindo or any other fund.

Our strength should be in connecting and sharing with each other, if we have objectives that are contradictory to our individual actions we don't set a good example.

I have said that governments also have large sums of money to use to make the transition run smoothly, but they have a double agenda, and they do not want to lose power over the population if this population becomes income independent of government.

What governments do not fully realise is that they no longer have a monopoly on the money supply and are as vulnerable and dependent as the population has been before.

They also do not seem to realize that people who will now also receive funds, in the absence of a fair distribution of the government, will take over this role, and in doing so will claim the funds from the government.

A government without money is a lame duck that can't do anything anymore.

Regardless of whether a hard or soft Brexit, the EU is dead, because they will not get any funds from the former Bilderberg governments.

Even if all the countries of Europe introduce their own currency again, the corrupt EU will be over.

If everyone receives a basic income in their own country of birth from themselves or their parents' country of birth, the deliberate cultural mixing will decrease and the Kalergi plan will stop to secure peace.

Those who do not want to leave may be motivated by withholding and basic income to go back if they cannot adapt to the culture and customs of their host country.

In order to bring the amount of money into society in a responsible way, it is not the intention that everyone will get millions into their bank account.

This would be a chaos because nobody would want to work anymore and we would no longer produce food for each other.

Money is the means, not the end as it has been so far.

Shares of companies is complete nonsense and does not contribute to prosperity, but stimulates greed, stock exchanges work for the rich, because they do not have to pay anything to trade shares, they cheat because their computer purchases and sells them.

As a result, small investors are systematically robbed in the Wall Street fraud casino, the average time that shares are held by a person or institution is 22 Seconds, which indicates that nothing is right.

Bitcoin bought with FIAT money is therefore only a speculation object without value covered guarantee, people are fooling themselves.

Block change technique against it, has the advantage of banking secrecy, no more central banks, no more money laundering of criminally obtained money, by being able to track all transactions.

Then it is no wonder that Governments are not so happy with the new QFS supported money system that prevents them from carrying out further criminal acts themselves.

All governmental activities of environmental crimes will stop here, including Chemtrails, HAARP, CERN, WHO, stealing water rights from local in national populations.

It is our moral duty to enforce this in a very short time so that the changes are also perceptible, and give people hope for a healthy and happy life.

People who are committed to these ideals are the saviours of the earth and humanity.

False propaganda by the Deep State governments stop automatically when the MSM has no money left or sees its accounts expropriated by false propaganda imposed by Bilderberg governments by the CABAL.

Kind Regards

Rinus Verhagen

Source: Operation Disclosure
          Married People Are More Likely to Own a Home—But Here's Hope for You      Cache   Translate Page      

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes an 18 percent higher probability of being a homeowner.

According to research from the Urban Institute, delayed marriage is a major factor holding millennials back from homeownership. If the marriage rates were the same as they were in 1990, the millennial homeownership rate would be about five percentage points higher, says the Washington, D.C.-based economic and social policy research institute.


          Ariana Grande Rewrites Her Own Happy Ending On Powerhouse 'Thank U, Next'      Cache   Translate Page      

Girl meets boy ― perhaps at a taping of a certain late-night sketch comedy show ― and the two fall in love. They ride off together into a millennial pink-tinted sunset leaving behind a trail of partially sucked lollipops, oversized sweatshirts and broken hearts. Roll the credits, yuh. 

When we last heard from Ariana Grande on the vibe-heavy “Sweetener,” she was well on her way to her own happily ever after, having bounced back emotionally and sonically from the 2017 bombing at her Manchester concert by embracing a world turned upside down. The pint-sized pop star, however, was in for a few more turns on life’s spin cycle (speed: unrelenting), as she ended her much-publicized engagement to “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson weeks after ex-boyfriend and rapper Mac Miller died of a fatal overdose. 

The arrival of her fifth studio album “thank u, next” on Friday, which dropped a mere six months after “Sweetener,” finds Grande in a spot likely she nor her fans could’ve anticipated: liberated from both romantic and musical attachments.

Journeying through the 12-track LP is the pop music equivalent of watching your favorite rom-com heroine self-actualize in real time. Here, Grande is reveling in a newfound independence not typically afforded to the Katherine Heigels, Kate Hudsons and the genre’s other cinematic queens, whom the singer inhabits in the titular track’s record-smashing music video, and the album is all the better for it. 

If “Sweetener,” as Grande has described, was a “dreamier” and “mature” experiment away from the expected bangers, its followup more deftly sticks the landing. “Thank u, next” successfully reconciles her pop music roots with her more recent and ― depending on who you askcontroversial R&B leanings. Stans can argue which entry is better, but the two albums are actually in conversation with each other, echoing questions and answers big and small about love, sex, loss and material wealth.

The opening track “Imagine,” which hews closer to her previous album in sound and substance, serves as a bridge between the two works, in which Grande puts forth a vision of a love story as beautiful as it is unattainable. 

Once that image of a forever-kind of love is shattered ― many have inferred that “Imagine” is inspired by Miller ―  the real work begins. She places her own behavior under the microscope on “needy” and “NASA,” renouncing the tired idea that the singer’s well-known exes are the villains of her story. Grande isn’t afraid to implicate herself while unpacking why past relationships have failed. 

“I admit that I’m a lil’ messed up / But I can hide it when I’m all dressed up,” she sings on the second track. “I’m obsessive and I love too hard / Good at overthinking with my heart.”

If “Sweetener” suffered from the dueling creative visions of producers Pharrell and Max Martin, Grande seamlessly tone-switches here, jumping from introspective bops to turn-up anthems. As pop-rock foremother Liz Phair once sang, “the best part of breaking up is finding someone else you can’t get enough of,” and Grande isn’t afraid to press pause on the heavy emotions and have a little fun as a newly single woman along the way.

Dance-floor-primed songs like “bloodline,” “bad idea” and “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” show off the singer’s sexier side and are sure to quiet fans who’ve yearned for the breezy, belt-laden bops of past eras. Grande, who’s pledged to remain boyfriend-less for the time being, makes her intentions clear regarding her romantic future (“Ain’t lookin’ for my one true love / Yeah, that ship sailed away”), as she boasts about the pleasures of short-lived flings.

And yet, even the most frivolous tracks are underpinned by whispers of grief, which come to a crescendo in late-in-album entries “ghostin” and “in my head.” Grande might’ve brazenly named her exes on previous tracks, but she doesn’t delve into the specifics here. Anyone familiar with her romantic history, however, will assume “ghostin” explores how Miller’s death heavily factored into her breakup with Davidson. Produced by Martin, Victoria Monét & ILYA, the gorgeous, synth-heavy ballad is easily an album standout due to how it so accurately captures the messy parts of mourning a loved one. Grande applauds her partner’s strength, but she can’t keep her unfinished business with a late lover from bubbling to the surface. 

“I know that it breaks your heart when I cry again over him,” she croons. 

And herein lies Grande’s essential appeal for those still confused by her admittedly at times overenthusiastic fanbase. Putting her undisputed vocal talents aside, the singer has rendered herself perhaps the most relatable figure in popular culture for being unabashedly herself in good times and bad. While other artists might be more cryptic about their inner turmoil, Grande has consistently laid herself bare ― be it her feelings about a Grammys performance or battle with anxiety ― inviting her fans on the journey every step of the way.

The album’s very existence is a testament to this no BS kind of messaging. It’s practically unheard of for a pop star of Grande’s stature to rebuke the standards of a typical album release and deliver “thank u, next” in this truncated timeframe. And why would an artist whose fan base has been fed and then some put out another record so quickly? To continue the conversation. “I just want to fucking talk to my fans and sing and write music and drop it the way these boys do,” Grande said in a recent interview. “Why do they get to make records like that and I don’t?’ So I do and I did and I am, and I will continue to.” 

Her latest effort is a declaration of independence of the highest order, signaling to her fans and the industry that she is force to be respected.  

At just 25 years old, Grande has endured some real-life shit. By weaving these struggles into a tapestry of resilience in all its forms, she’s made an indelible imprint on what it means to be an artist today. She is brave. She is a work in progress. She is still here. Nothing can tear her down even when she feels torn down.

Grande might prefer to say “thank, u next,” but we’ll just keep it at thank you. 

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Maybe ASMR isn’t the fleeting millennial trend we thought it was.
          2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #5      Cache   Translate Page      
A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week, i.e., Sun, Feb 3 through Sat, Feb 10, 2019

Editor's Pick

Seven take-aways from the Green New Deal launch

Sweeping in scope, an agenda to transform the US into a green leader has been launched in Washington DC, here are the key points

 Cong Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen Ed Markey

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and senator Ed Markey present their Green New Deal resolution to reporters on Thursday (Photo: 

On Thursday, congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and senator Ed Markey presented an outline of a sweeping federal programme aiming at decarbonising the US economy.

The text makes for the most earnest attempt yet to define a concept that has been backed by many a Democratic presidential candidate, often with little detail.

The agenda would touch every aspect of the US economy and calls for carbon emissions and inequality to be tackled as one.

“Today is the day we truly embark on a comprehensive agenda of economic, social and racial justice in the United States of America,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a press conference launching the resolution.

There are many legislative hurdles for the deal to leap if it is ever to become US policy – not least the Republican-controlled senate and White House.

The plan was the beginning of a phase of “political education”, said Markey, that would eventually lead to the adoption of the package. The pair said the document had attracted 60 Democrats as cosponsors, from across the party.

Seven take-aways from the Green New Deal launch by Natalie Sauer, Climate Home News, July 2, 2019 

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          The Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club Is A Brunch Date You Don’t Want To Miss      Cache   Translate Page      
If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that a good brunch experience is a must have no matter what area you live in. In major cities like New York and D.C., weekend brunch has become a staple activity in millennial culture as many of us factor brunch plans into our monthly (or […]
          10 Best Ideas | INFLUENCE | Robert Ciadini | Book Summary      Cache   Translate Page      

▸ Get this book For FREE with Audible Trail |

How do you Avoid Scams? You master things called “Weapons of influence” — know them, use as powerful tools. Don’t know them, they get used against you. These FREE tools you can use to win people towards your way of thinking. Today we’re going over 10 of those in the book of the month: Influence — They Science of Persuasion. Welcome back refusers to the channel where we help millennial entrepreneurs and future millionaires refuse the 9 to 5, make passive income, and earn their freedom.

What We'll Cover:

SOCIAL PROOF Nothing Draws a crowd… quite like a crowd. Look to others to guide them. would you rather click a add on facebook that NO ONE has liked or one with heart emojis and smily? Even kids delete IG posts if not performing well in first 15 min. Everyone is doing it! Super powerful.

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Reciprocation The NEED to reciprocate — keep mental unconscious tabs on favors. Mints in the restaurant. Tips went up crazy (3%) two mints = go up 14% but when smile and say for you two = 23%. (mint, fortune cookie, a smile on receipt). Monks at airport w/ flowers


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refusing to settle,


          Dating offline in the age of Tinder      Cache   Translate Page      
Apps may be super convenient but some millennials are going back to old-fashioned ways of looking for love
          Outside the Box: 6 reasons cruise stocks can help millennials profit from Baby Boomers      Cache   Translate Page      
Demographics and wide moats point to wonderful times ahead for the cruise industry.

          Army recruitment applications 'almost double after snowflake millennial ad campaign'      Cache   Translate Page      
Recruitment drive targeted 'snowflakes, phone zombies, binge gamers, selfie addicts, and me, me, millennials'
          [Upwork] Shopify Developer/Designer for Direct to Consumer Towel Company      Cache   Translate Page      
From Upwork // Looking for a Shopify Website Developer who has experience developing/designing sites for Direct 2 Consumer brands targeting the millennial market. Most assets have been generated including lifestyle and product photography, Logo, Copy. In addition we have mockups of our homepage and product pages. There are few flow items we need to think through, but otherwise most visuals have been created. We are looking for someone to make what we have, make some tweaks as needed, and work with us to make a great user experience using a pre-existing shopify template. All project files will be uploaded upon approval. Our current landing page is

Posted On: February 09, 2019 23:01 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design
Skills: Shopify, Shopify Templates
Country: United States
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          ROUNDTABLE :- Opalesque Roundtable Series - ESG & Impact Investing      Cache   Translate Page      
The emerging consensus is that ESG may have a slight plus when it comes to financial performance. But even assuming it's zero, the integration of ESG externalities is still worth doing. And so, as a consequence, the fundamental question is then actually changing from "Why?" to "Why not?".

However, apart from any debate, investors globally demand to invest according this new investment paradigm. In the Netherlands, half of ABN AMRO Bank's private clients already invest sustainably, however admittedly in many cases not for their entire investment portfolio. It's really the asset owners who are leading the way to responsible investment, with more and more institutional investors taking ESG seriously as they are starting to feel the pain and recognize the risks of "business as usual". 85% of PGGM's beneficiaries claim they want ESG (less 'bad') and impact (more 'good'), but at what cost is the question that is often left open (however discussed in this Roundtable).

Admittedly, a lot is hidden under container notions like ESG or SRI, and you can easily fake it pretending that you took all of that into account and then you do the usual thing anyway. This is why this Roundtable also discusses in detail the need to quantify and measure impact and how to go about the shortcomings of third party ESG data and scores.

One of the strongest drivers are millennials, who by definition make up the pool where any ambitious company is competing for the best talent. Increasingly, clients and employees want purpose: "If you can&'t deliver that in the talent war, you&'re out of the game," says PGGM's CEO.

The reality is that for asset managers and advisors, ESG/Impact/Sustainable investing is a fantastic opportunity to differentiate yourself and to start again with new products, in an industry that is completely mature and increasingly becoming automated. It&'s an opportunity to reinvent the whole industry at a perfect timing, as the opportunity set keeps unfolding.

"Clients want this, that's not the problem. The challenge is finding asset managers truly investing in a sustainable way," says ABN AMRO Bank. Financial advisors have found that they can completely transform their relationship with clients by engaging with them on ESG and impact investments (page 24).

The inaugural Opalesque ESG & Impact Investing Roundtable, sponsored by ABN AMRO Clearing, took place in Amsterdam with:

  1. Marisol Hernandez, Senior Manager, Alternative Investments, Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI)
  2. Piet Klop, Senior Advisor Responsible Investment, PGGM Investments
  3. Vincent Triesschijn, Director Sustainable Investment, ABN AMRO Bank
  4. Delphine Amzallag, Global Director Prime, ABN AMRO Clearing
  5. Christian Speckhardt, Sustainable and Impact Investment Expert, simpAct Consulting
  6. Andrea Marmolejo, Managing Partner, Blue Topaz Capital
The group also discussed:
  • Why ESG integration and impact investments are different things (page 4, 10-12, 15). ESG for real alpha generation (page 25-27)
  • Is there still pushback or skepticism, and what to do about it? Why sustainable investing will be the new normal. Misconceptions abound (page 6-9, 12-13). ESG educational initiatives (page 28-30)
  • Is ESG integration strategy contingent? Pre and post investment activities. Why good ESG practices at the corporate level enhances share performance (page 6-9)
  • ESG data: Issues and solutions. Why artificial intelligence and forward-looking scenarios with proxy indicators are the next big thing in ESG integration (page 7, 19, 26-27)
  • Why ideally all companies should quickly convert to ESG-ready (page 27)
  • Principles and recommendations from PRI's Fiduciary Duty in the 21st Century report (page 10). What's the difference between ESG scores/ratings and credit ratings? (page 28)
  • The Impact issue & capacity: Why for PGGM "doing the right thing is discretionary in nature, a choice and a secondary objective", yet still commits to invest EUR 20bn until 2020. The capacity challenge & why impact investments can grow from incubation to mainstream finance (page 12-16).
  • How much of an impact do your investments really achieve? Measuring impact (page 16-17). The ESG robo-advisor and other innovations (page 25)
  • How to build an impact investment portfolio (page 17-18). What could be a tipping point for impact? Why is Blockchain a game changer? (page 18-19, 22-23)
Article Link
          'I joined the circus at 19 and now I'm performing for royalty': A millennial tells her story      Cache   Translate Page      
Shandien Larance first picked up a hoop when she was 8 years old. 18 years later, she's travelling the world sharing her Native American culture with thousands of people. Sabrina Barr finds out more
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@spookperson on Twitter
@spookperson: what millennial can afford a roomy vagina in this day and age…
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@juliacarriew: and here I thought that was what the empty mailbox was for ������…
@HilaryMatfess on Twitter
@HilaryMatfess: Imagine how many disappointing genitalia you would have to encounter for that to be your first association with this gesture.…
@rgay on Twitter
@rgay: We are fine with roomy vaginas so it’s okay.…
@margarita on Twitter
@margarita: This is a great tweet: - It's a statement w/question mark ? - emoji = emoji plural, no need for the s, fam - emoji are symbols, redundant to use both words - roomy vagina! which part of town? how much is the rent? - not all women have vaginas! Let's play again sometime.…
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          The Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club Is A Brunch Date You Don’t Want To Miss      Cache   Translate Page      
If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that a good brunch experience is a must have no matter what area you live in. In major cities like New York and D.C., weekend brunch has become a staple activity in millennial culture as many of us factor brunch plans into our monthly (or […]
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