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          «E il vincitore della prima edizione del festival nerazzurro è…»      Cache   Translate Page      
«Perché Sanremo è Sanremo» e l’Atalanta è l’Atalanta. Chiudete il televoto, abbiamo un vincitore. La busta con il verdetto ce la risparmiamo, perché non c’è stata gara. Il sondaggio per decretare il migliore inno nerazzurro ha un ...

«Perché Sanremo è Sanremo» e l’Atalanta è l’Atalanta. Chiudete il televoto, abbiamo un vincitore. La busta con il verdetto ce la risparmiamo, perché non c’è stata gara. Il sondaggio per decretare il migliore inno nerazzurro ha un solo trionfatore: «Siam bergamaschi non conosciam confine…» è rimasta in vetta fin dal lancio del quesito sulla pagina Facebook di Corner, martedì 5 febbraio. Non è un vero e proprio inno, ok, l’avete scritto in tanti, ma di fronte a 113 voti non ci sono dubbi sulla popolarità di questo coro che ormai è un classico del repertorio nerazzurro. La competizione sanremese trasformata in nerazzurra è stata l’occasione per rispolverare alcune perle dimenticate tra i vecchi vinili e per scoprire alcune nuove leve che cantano l’Atalanta con i profondi bassi della trap.

Il podio è completato da due classici che più classici non si può: Atalanta Azzurra di Roby Facchinetti e «Forza Atalanta» cantata da Marino Magrin e che fino a qualche anno fa accompagnava l’ingresso in campo delle squadre prima della partita.

Menzione doverosa per il quarto posto acciuffato da “Andiamo all’Atalanta” di Iaso. Il resto della classifica potete consultarlo nel gruppo di Corner.

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Description: AxCrypt is the leading open source file encryption software for Windows.AxCrypt integrates seamlessly with Windows to compress, encrypt, decrypt, store, send and work with individual files.AxCrypt2Go and AxDecrypt are portable but limited in functionality. The full installer is recommended.Features:Strong encryptionA key length of 128 bits is sufficient in most cases, except where rules and […]
          A sudden death, an encrypted laptop and the missing wallets with $250M worth of cryptocurrency - Financial Post      Cache   Translate Page      
A sudden death, an encrypted laptop and the missing wallets with $250M worth of cryptocurrency  Financial Post

Amid conspiracy theories that founder Gerry Cotten is faking his death, his widow is unable to find the passwords that would unlock Quadriga's inventory of ...

          Ocasio-Cortez Doubles Down On 'Free-Money For Lazy People' FAQ Debacle      Cache   Translate Page      

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has inserted her foot squarely in her mouth as her "Green New Deal" PR nightmare continues. 

After removing an embarrassing FAQ from her website which failed to match the environmental legislation package she introduced on Thursday, one of her advisers went on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight and lied about it.

The now-deleted version of the FAQ originally uploaded by AOC's office contained an absurd provision for "economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work," a phrase which AOC adviser Robert Hockett - a Cornell law professor, claimed came from a "doctored document." 

"I think you’re referring to some sort of document that some, I think some doctored document that somebody other than us has been circulating," said Hockett in response to Carlson's question about the "unwilling to work" statement. 

"Oh, I thought that came right from her, that was in the backgrounder from her office, is my understanding," Carlson replied. 

"No, no. She’s actually tweeted it out to laugh at it. If you look at her latest tweets, it seems that apparently, some Republicans have put it out there."

Making it worse, AOC and her Chief of Staff are now continuing to bullshit people about it over Twitter!

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It has been two months since Quadriga founder and CEO Gerald Cotten died and took the keys to his crypto exchange's cold-storage wallets to the grave (at least, that's the official version of events relayed by the company and Cotten's widow to a bankruptcy court in Canada, where Quadriga is seeking protection from a flurry of customer lawsuits). And as a growing number of analysts and amateur sleuths call bs on the company's narrative - leading some to wonder whether Cotten might have faked his own death in a foreign land and run off with $150 million of his clients' money - the first stories of people who lost their entire life savings in the imbroglio are beginning to emerge.

Enter Tong Zou, a 30-year-old Canadian software engineer who had been working in Silicon Valley for the past seven years as a software engineer. After deciding to move to Vancouver last year, he decided he'd try and save a few bucks on transfer fees when converting his USD life savings into Canadian dollars. To accomplish this, he first converted his money into crypto on Quadriga's platform, then traded it for the Canadian dollar equivalent and tried to transfer the proceeds to his Canadian bank account.


Tong Zou

What happened next is pretty much the definition of "wrong place, wrong time."

Suffice it to say, around this time, Quadriga ran into the "liquidity issues" that are the subject of its current bankruptcy filing. As a result, Zou's transfer has been pending for months.

He believes he won't ever see the money - some $422,000 he had saved over the past seven years.

"It’s all my savings, so I’m just living on what little I have left and trying to start over," Zou said in a phone interview Friday from Vancouver, where he has been living out of an AirBnB for the past month. “It pretty much took everything away from me."

Zou is one of Quadriga’s 115,000 clients who are out of luck after the sudden death of the firm’s founder left C$190 million in cryptocurrencies protected by his passwords unretrievable. The exchange has halted operations and was granted protection from creditors on Feb. 5 in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax.

Zou considers himself "one of the largest affected individual users" - according to an affidavit he filed this week as part of the court proceedings. He bought Bitcoin in the U.S. and transferred it over to Quadriga CX and immediately sold it for Canadian dollars, which was supposed to be deposited into his Canadian bank account. That was in October. He’s still waiting.

"I wasn’t using it for trading - I just wanted to move my money over to my Canadian bank account," Zou said in the interview. "What I didn’t know was that my withdrawal would be pending or incomplete and it never got deposited in my bank account. I’ve been waiting four months so far."

Now, Zou is stuck in an Airbnb in Vancouver, and struggling to figure out his next move, according to an interview with BBG.

And he's not the only one.

"A lot of other people are in the same situation as me," he said.

Meanwhile, Cotten's ex-wife and his fellow executives at Quadriga claim that outside cybersecurity experts brought in to try and penetrate Cotten's encrypted phone and laptop have achieved only "limited success", and the wallet keys remain nowhere to be found.

Yet, as we noted the other day, there has been some movement of coins from wallets believed to be controlled by Quadriga. Though these could have been automatic transfers set up before Cotten's death, the issue has certainly added fodder for certain 'conspiracy theories' about Cotten, as some question the official narrative that he died in Jaipur, India while on a trip to set up an orphanage.

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Chase Bank has notified Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio that they will no longer do business with him, and he has until April 1st to move his money out, according to a letter obtained by Big League Politics.

Enrique Tarrio (left) 

While the bank hasn't stated why they are shutting Tarrio's accounts, the letter comes "just days after Chase Bank’s payment processor, Chase Paymentech, de-platformed him on a website he runs that allows groups and charities to sell merchandise, and raise money for causes," writes Big League Politics' Waldo Crane

The website,, is most known for selling the famous “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong” shirts which Stone was spotted in during the late-night arrest at his home. -Big League Politics

Via Big League Politics

Tarrio - who is Cuban and Black, was prominently featured in a September article in the Daily Beast highlighting young men of color joining "White-Supremacist groups." Of note, the Proud Boys - a fraternal organization founded by Gavin McInnes, has been labeled a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center, for which McInnes is currently suing them

Since the Daily Beast report, Tarrio says he has been deplatformed by a number of services, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Airbnb, FirstData, Square, Stripe and PayPal. 

"My political views pretty much mirror those of President Donald Trump," Tarrio tells Big League Politics. "But the media, and groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, smear me trying to tie me, an Afro-Cuban, to ideologies that would force me out of my own country if they went into effect. It’s completely asinine and based completely outside of reality."

Tarrio is worried that he won't be able to function in the 21st century if he continues to be blacklisted. 

"How am I supposed to get food to feed my family? Are taking the directions of the Governor of Virginia and trying to abort me 34 years after birth," he said in a statement. "They are essentially denying my existence, and trying to force me into homelessness, and ultimately death."

Tarrio thinks President Trump should do something about the deplatforming. 

"He needs to step in, not only because if he doesn’t he will lose in 2020 with all of his supporters being kicked off social media, but because it’s the right thing to do." 

The Proud Boys made headlines last year after scuffling with Antifa during political rallies for which the fraternal organization had legally obtained permits. 

          A Reporter's Diary From Venezuela: "Insolent American Bastards Should Be Hanged On The First Tree"      Cache   Translate Page      

Via The Saker blog,

Reporter’s Diary from Venezuela.

Georgy Zotov (author of AIF weekly)

This is the personal view of the correspondent on today’s life of Caracas.

Translated by Scott

Day one...

Our Air France flight was grounded in Paris for 5 hours; no one wants to land in Venezuela in the middle of the night, due to the “dangerous criminal situation.” The airliner is half empty, the passengers, judging by nervous conversations, are only Venezuelans. A taxi driver, while leaving the airport, locks the doors, and sweetly warns that after dark, bandits scatter spikes on the roads and rob the stranded cars. “Oh, don’t worry, Amigo, I have an old car. They are not interested in old, cars.” That’s where you understand why Caracas is ranked first in the ranking of the most dangerous cities in the world. It’s too late for supper, but I at least want to exchange my US dollars for Venezuelan bolivars. I ask my cab driver. He violently shakes his head:

“No, no, no. I do not mess with such things, it’s illegal!”

“Whatever,” I laugh at him.

“Tomorrow, someone will take the dollars, maybe even with my hands torn off.” I was wrong…

The following morning, no one at the hotel wants to look at my dollars.

The hotel employee tells me to go to one of the official “exchange stores” but honestly adds: “only Americans, or complete jerks go there.”

In Venezuela, the official dollar exchange rate is 200 bolivars, and the “black market” exchange rate is 2,715. And if you exchange your currency in a bank, then according to this calculation, a bottle of ordinary water will cost 330 rubles, and a modest lunch in an inexpensive cafe—7,000 rubles per person. Judging by the stories on the Internet, in Venezuelan people should simply kill each other for dollars, but this is not the case.

There is also other things different from perception. On western news, it is shown that demonstrators fight with police daily, tens killed, hundreds wounded, the sea of blood. But in Caracas, all is quiet. In an afternoon, people are sitting in cafes and idly sipping rum with ice, while maintenance crews sweep the streets. It turns out that the world ‘s leading TV new sources (including CNN and the BBC) show some fantasy film about Venezuela. “Demonstrations?” yawns Alejandro, a street vendor selling corn. “Well, Saturday there will be one, sort of. On one end of the city will be a rally of opposition supporters, and on the other, Maduro supporters. The police keep them separate to prevent fights.”


You browse the Internet, you turn on the TV, and you see the revolution, the people dying on streets to overthrow the “evil dictator Maduro.” And you come here, and nobody cares.

Then it got even better. Never in my life have I had so many adventures while trying to exchange one currency for another. The country has a problem with cash money, long queues waiting for the ATM, and even the street dealers of “currency” have no “efectivo,” as they call cash. I wander inside a jewelry store and ask if they want some “green.” The answer is “No.” Everyone acts like law-abiding citizens. I am told that police recently started arresting people for private exchange, that’s why people don’t want to associate. One owner of the jewelry store almost agrees.

“What do you have? Dollars? No, I won’t take that.”

“Why now?”

“I take only the Euros …dollar, man, is the currency of the aggressor, they try to tell us how to live!”

Damn it! I have money in my pocket, and I can’t even buy lunch! Finally, a certain woman, nursing a baby in a workplace, very reluctantly agrees to exchange 2,200 bolivars for a “buck.” I want to curse her out, but I have to live somehow. Bolivars seem like a beautiful, unattainable currency, which hides all the benefits of the world, that’s why they are so hard to get. I’m nodding in agreement. The woman calls somewhere, and asks to wait. After 15 minutes she tells me that “there is a problem.” Of course, money is not to be found. Her man couldn’t withdraw them from the ATM, everywhere the ATMs are on a strict daily rate.

“President Maduro is fighting for the strengthening of the national currency,” explained the nursing mother. “We all use our cards to pay for everything.”

I don’t know how it works, but yesterday an exchange rate was 3,200 bolívars for 1 dollar, and today the “bucks” fell to 2,700. I have started to realize that in the very next few days I’ll starve to death with dollars in my pocket. A unique fate, perhaps, that has never happen in history.

In the next kiosk cash for gold place I am offered a plastic debit card loaded with local money, and then I would try my luck withdrawing bills from neighboring ATMs. “Or, maybe not, if you’re not lucky.” Well, of course. By the way, an attempt to buy a SIM card for the phone also fails. They don’t sell them to foreigners, you need a Venezuelan ID card. Yes, and I have nothing to pay for it. The feeling is that the dollar is a gift that no one wants. Sadly, I walk by stores. People come out of there with packages of eggs, bread, packs of butter. The range is not like in Moscow, of course, but again, if you believe the news on TV, Venezuela is suffering from a terrible famine, supermarkets are empty, and people are fighting each other for food. Nothing like that. There are queues, but not kilometers long. In general, television stations in the United States and Europe (and ours too) created their own Venezuela, drawn like a terrible cartoon. I walk into a cafe at random.

“Will you accept dollars for lunch?” I ask hopelessly.

“Yes, at the rate of “black market” they whispered to me.

“But the change will also be in dollars... sorry, no bolivars at all...we’ve been hunting for them ourselves for weeks.”

My first day in Venezuela is over. How unusual. I’ve been here for 24 hours, and I’ve not held a Bolivian bill in my hand. Oh, but there will be more...

Day two...

60 liters of gasoline here cost five cents, and a basket of basic food products - 50 rubles (about 90 cents).

“The gas station,” my driver reaches into his purse and takes out a banknote of 2 Bolivar. The exchange rate of the Venezuelan currency changes every day, and today it is 2,580 bolivars per one dollar. In Russian money, that is 10 cents. “We must now fill a full tank,” says the taxi driver. 60 liters of gasoline cost 1 bolívar, but we give the 2 bolivars bill, because there is no 1 bolivar bill.  I can’t believe that is a full tank of fuel costs FIVE CENTS?

“And how much can you even fill at this price?”

“Once a day for every citizen. And it’s enough for me.”

All the way to the center city, the driver scolds President Maduro, and tells me how much he loves America, and how it will be good when the “guy with mustache” is finally overthrow by the Americans.

I start to think that I don’t feel sorry for Maduro at all. He really corrupted en entire country with such generous handouts. And they willingly take, but no one says “thank you,” just that they want more and more.

On the street there is a long line into a “social supermarket,” a place you can buy 400 types of goods at the solid low prices. These shops were established by the late President Hugo Chavez “to fight inflation and protect the poor.” The stores are funded by the Venezuelan government. The buyer comes with a passport, gets a number, and waits in line until they are allowed to enter and buy a certain set of products. The selection isn’t very impressive, only the essentials: chicken, bananas, pineapples, sausages, milk. A box of these food items costs of equivalent of 50 rubles. CNN and the BBC show videos of Venezuelans wrapped in rolls of toilet paper and sadly wandering across the border with Colombia. The toilet paper is found in absolutely every store, and without any problems. I am once again simply amazed: Western TV news is something from Hollywood, they are not reporting but making fantasy blockbusters. On the BBC website I read that hungry Venezuelan children after school go to take a look at the street vendors cooking meat. I’ve been all over the town. Restaurants, cafes, eateries, during the lunch hour are crowded, and people look well-dressed. The mass hunger, the Western media paints for us, doesn’t exist in reality.

I take a few pictures inside the supermarket, and I am immediately approached by the workers or “Maduro followers.”

“It’s forbidden to take pictures here.”

“Is this a military facility?”

“Leave or we’ll call the police.”

“Listen, everywhere on TV they tell us that there is hunger in Venezuela. I want to prove that the reality is different.”

“We are not interested, we just work here: leave immediately!”

I started to understand perfectly well why Nicolas Maduro lost the information war. Hugo Chavez was often praised even in private conversations, but even Chavez supporters find little positive to say about Maduro.  When people protested against Hugo’s endless nominations as the head of state, he used to meet them with the open arms, smiling and saying : “Guys, what’s the problem? I’m your President, I love you, let’s sit down and talk!” Maduro doesn’t have this image of being one of the guys. He is not able to communicate with the public, and his assistants, like the employees of the social store, can only push and ban and threaten with the police.

On the streets, provincial farmers sell fruits and vegetables: mango, tomatoes, cucumbers. All about the same price of 25 rubles per kilogram. Here, a dozen eggs from street vendors is 4,800 bolivars or about 130 rubles, and that is not cheap. During the peak of oil prices, when a barrel of oil was sold for $150, Venezuela lived on the principle of a rich fool. To develop domestic production? No, what is that nonsense?  We can buy every triviality abroad. Even the managers of the oil production weren’t local, they hired specialists from Europe, and paid them a lot of money. Food imports into the country reached 95 percent. And now the situation is not too different. When I order my meal in a cafe (incidentally, still paying in dollars, all attempts to change dollars to bolivars failed), I get excellent pork. “Where is it from?” “From Colombia.” “And chicken?” “From Brazil, that’s why it’s so expensive.” Even flour for bread comes from neighboring Guyana. Chavez and his successor Maduro wanted to be “people’s presidents,” handing out money left and right. But then oil prices collapsed, food shortages began, and people rebelled. People demand as before: cheap food in supermarkets, gasoline for nothing, and they don’t want to hear anything more or less.

“Chavez was a great guy!” says a fan of the former president, 75-year-old Raul Romero, dressed in a red “chavist” shirt.

 “Maduro is nothing like him! There is speculators on the streets, he does nothing. In his time, Chavez arrested the dealers raising food  prices, closed their shops, confiscated land from landowners, and gave it to the people. We need a firm hand, a real dictatorship!”

In the TV world, Maduro is portrayed as a dictator and executioner, although in Venezuela, he is openly scolded for being meek; they draw cartoon of him, and insult him as much as they can. But who cares about the truth? Much more colorful to show the suffering for the toilet paper.

Day three...

“I got robbed by a COP for my phone. I’m talking on the cell phone outside, he walks over to me, pokes in my side with his gun. “Give me your mobile.” I don’t understand immediately, and automatically continue the conversation. He cocks his gun, and says, “Kill.” I give him my phone. It’s still good, I love being robbed by cops. They are not bandits from the “Barrios,” the poor neighborhoods in the mountains, who can shoot you first and then rummage your corpse’s pockets. I’m lucky, I’ve lived in Venezuela for 27 years and this was the first time I was “hop-stopped.” A lot of people get robbed every year.

I am talking to Mikhail, a citizen of Russia living in Venezuela since the beginning of the nineties. He helps me move around Caracas and instructs me on how to visit the local slums. “You don’t have protection? Oh, who would doubt that. Then leave your watch, phone, and camera at the hotel. Take some money for a taxi, you also have to have some cash in case you get ambushed, otherwise they might get offended and kill you. Sometimes, people get shot in an arm and a leg, that survivable.” After such a nice story, I still go to the “Barrios.” It is there that the supporters of President Nicolas Maduro mainly live. According to CNN and BBC, impoverished people in Venezuela are revolting against the government. Nothing can be further from the truth; it’s a wealthy middle class that goes to demonstrate. Maduro is applauded in poor neighborhoods, because the President gives their residents free food sets enough for a month and gives free (!) apartments. Formally, they belong to the state, but people live in them for generations.

“I will cut a throat for the President,” a heavily-tattooed man smiles menacingly, and introduces himself as Emilio.

“Who else would give me food and a ‘roof ‘ for free? He is our father and benefactor.”

Maduro deliberately does not touch such people, which is why crime in Caracas gushes over the edge. I am advised not to stop on the street to look at anything, but just to keep going, otherwise bandits will have time to look closely at me. That’s why they have constant robberies on the streets, plus the police and the national guard can easily take away your favorite things. No one can be happy about all these. “I love Russians,” told me the businessman Carlos while conversing over coffee near the Plaza de Bolivar.

But you’d better send Maduro economic advisers. Teach him a lesson! He doesn’t know anything about economy. He has one recipe for everything, to give more money to the poor, more free apartments, free food, free gasoline, to build a full communism here. But with this, sorry, any state would collapse.”

The opposition rally in the Western part of Caracas is huge, at least 100 thousand people gathered. The protesters are friendly to me, Russia here is respected. It is not considered an enemy. Zero aggression at all… and then I  wonder about what I see on CNN, videos of the opposition being rolled into a pancake by tanks. The police keep the neutrality, it disappears from the streets, to not give a cause to provocateurs. People are happily waving flying in the sky military helicopter. Many-in t-shirts with the American flag, a man passes by, holding a hand-written poster with the altered slogan of Donald Trump -“Make Venezuela great again.”

“Do you love the U.S.?”

“Yes, adore it!”

“I remember you already had a pro-American President in 1993, Carlos Andrés Pérez. He sharply raised the price of gasoline, 80% of the goods were imported, he drove the republic into billions of IMF debts. People went to demonstrations, and Pérez drowned them in blood, killing 2,000 people…then he fled to America.”

The man freezes, with his mouth open. Finally, he gets the gift of speech back.

“I hope this time the pro-American President will be different.”

“Are you sure?”

“Sorry, I have nothing to say.”

Asking the girl from the opposition how she feels about the US:

“The US is our neighbor, let them change the power here.”

“In countries where the US changed power like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands people were killed. Are you ready for this?”

Again, she pauses and sighs.

“No, no, no. We are not Africa or Asia. All will go peacefully. Venezuelans will not kill each other.”

Where the opinions splits is the question of whether the free gasoline and free food packages will remain with an American-instilled government. Many are sincerely sure that the “freebies” will remain under a new president. How else? The minority that recognizes that state gifts will be canceled say that they at least “we will be free.” As I said, the protesters are mostly well-dressed, well-off people. By the way, the leader of the opposition, Juan Guido, also has no real economic program promising to “quadruple the oil production.” No one thinks that after that price will fall four times. In short, I get a feeling that neither the President, nor the opposition, know anything about the economy in Venezuela.

The demonstrations in support of Maduro take place at the other end of the city, to prevent the opponents from fighting.

“You Americans are insolent!” screamed an old woman in a red t-shirt rushing towards me.

“Bastards! You should be hanged on a first tree! Cheers to socialism!”

“I’m Russian, grandma.”

The old lady recoils.

“Sorry, please.”

“Don’t get that upset, senora.”

Many people gathered here are joyful, dancing and singing.

A soldier stands in front of me and doesn’t allow me to take any pictures. Not just me, but also other passers-by.

“You can’t take pictures here.”

“Says who?”

“President Maduro.”

No, Maduro is definitely doing everything he can to be disliked. Those gathering here are poor, blue-collared workers and farmers from the suburbs. I am interested , honestly, were you brought here on the busses? “Yes, he did!” says one grandfather, proudly displaying a portrait of Che Guevara.

“But I would walk here for Maduro! It’s a lie that we were paid to be here.”

Other people applaud him happily. I shake hands. “Russians are welcome! Venezuela loves you, you’re home.”

The day of rallies is over. The maintenance crews came to the sidewalk, strewn with plastic bottles, crumpled packs of cigarettes, and other debris left after by a cloud. At the entrance of an old house, old people drink coffee.

“They say that today some general has defected to the side of the opposition,” says one of them.

“Some significant person.”

“What’s this guy’s name?”

“Who knows?”

Venezuela is split in half. And the situation there may change at any moment.

          "Ready Player One: Come with me" by TM - 2.8.19      Cache   Translate Page      
Entry Submitted by TM at 9:30 PM EST on February 8, 2019

Really ?
R U Ready to JUMP ?
OK... You Who Know ...
Sooo Much

Reality ?
What Do You Know
Of What Is Real ?

Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the film.
In order to win ...
Within the Game ...
It's not about Playing to Win ...
When you play the Game to Win ...
You lose

It Has Always Been About Playing the Game.
What ?
( false mirrored reality within false matrix)
What ?

The Purpose of which this Earthly existence was Created
Was For Our Mutual Enjoyment.
Enjoy the Oasis

[ Welcome To The Rebellion]

Might As Well JUMP

          "RV and Winning the Lottery" by Fireswan - 2.8.19      Cache   Translate Page      
Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 12:50 PM EST on February 8, 2019

Most people who focus on winning the lottery are not a match to winning it. Why?

The starting point of looking to the lottery to “save oneself” is a completely disempowered intention, not a co-creative one. Imagine a child alerting Mommy and Daddy to improve their miserable existence in a moment of helplessness by crying. The child feels powerless, and the misery is real. The pangs of starvation are real, the diaper rash is real, the noisy environment is real, the glitz at the store is real, the need for human touch and comfort is real. The loneliness and separation anxiety is real. The child has needs and learns to alert others to meet the needs until they find out how to meet them on their own. They initially complain while they struggle but eventually the child finds out that being empowered to meet more of their needs creativity through participation in society (or in moments of self-assertion) brings joy and empowerment. The child eventually outgrows being powerless and steps into a sustainable and secure state empowerment of co-creating with the Universe.

All of us on IDC feel that the RV is a solution for something “not working” for us, or we wouldn’t be here. Do a deep-dive into the quiet and hidden recessess of your mind. Are we sugar-coating a lottery mentality of “wanting the RV to save us” using many kinds of nice sounding rationalizations and justifications?

Contrast these intentions with another perspective. Monarch butterfly emerging from the crystalis. You are flying free into an RV-powered existence to be more, do more, love more, live more fully than when you were a caterpillar chomping on toxic milkweed to “just get by”.

I noticed something very profound when I hand-raised a couple of monarchs this summer. When they were ready to create the crystalis, they were frantically crawling around in desperation, looking for an adequate place and feeling inner pressure for the Universe to “provide” an adequate place. They lived their whole existence on a milkweed plant, and now they want to get as far away from it as they can in the short time they have left before, “time runs out”.

You’d think that the butterfly struggling to break free of the crystalis would look the same way. Frantic. Pressured. Panicking. Not at all. The starting point of the butterfly is different. Instead of searching for a safe place to “hang for awhile”, they’re escaping confinement. They’re breaking free of limitation, using the constriction and confinement to pump fluid into its wings so that these wings are powerful enough to crack open all that restricts and limits being able to fly free.

As we step into our redemption appointments, are we caterpillars or butterflies? Are we lottery winners or co-creators with the Universe?

Forward not Backwards

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Published on Feb 8, 2019

My gratitude to Meditative Mind on YouTube for the selections that I use for this meditation call. The images and music do not belong to me and no copyright infringement is intended.

~ PLAY ~

The Guided Global Meditation will start on Everyday @ 3pm EST & continue on a DAILY basis at the same time.

**Number to call in is 641-715-0857 Code is 303471#

If you are unable to make it at that time the playback number is 641-715-3579 (same code)

Or online at:

Follow instructions on site

Recordings available on Young Lightworkers YouTube Channel.

See Global Meditation Call Playlist and
          X22 Report w/ Robert David Steele: Swamp Draining, Fed Takeover, and More      Cache   Translate Page      

Published on Feb 8, 2019

Today's Guest: Robert David Steele

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          Egypt’s Constitutional Amendments 2019 : Too Fast but too quiet in the Media      Cache   Translate Page      
I am back in town and I can’t believe how to speed the Egyptian House of Representatives is moving when it comes to the upcoming constitutional amendments.
I am trying to catch up what has been happening so fast in the past week.

On Tuesday, the Parliament’s general committee approved the proposed Constitutional amendments presented by one-fifth of the MPs on Sunday.

The amendments if passed by the House of Representatives then approved by the majority of eligible voters in a referendum will not only enable the president to stay in power for another two decades but also enable him to have more control over judiciary as well as enable the army to interfere in the political life constitutionally.
The Egyptian parliament
The Egyptian parliament 

I believe any constitutional amendments will take more time for discussions in any parliament’s general committee in the world on any planet in any solar system but we are speaking about Egypt’s current House of Representatives.

Now the House of Representatives will have a final vote on 17 February 2018 and if approved by 2/3 of the MPs then there will be a referendum within 60 days.

The parliament’s biggest bloc “Support Egypt” supports the amendments along with pro-regime parties like “Future of Homeland Party” and “Free Egyptians Party”
Again things are moving fast to the level that I can’t comprehend naively considering we are speaking about alarming constitution amendments.

In the Parliament, 25-30 Bloc is still insisting on its position to reject the Constitutional amendments and I guess some of its prominent members may not stay long in the parliament as I explain later in the post.

Interestingly, the Conservatives Party seems to have a split over the amendments as its leader declared his rejection to the amendments whereas its MPs and other leading figures in the party declared their support.
Needless to say, State-owned media newspapers like Rosa al-Youssef began to attack the Conservatives Party leader Akmal Kartam.
The opposition’s Civil Democratic Movement declared its official rejection to the amendments launching a “Union to defend the constitution”
The centrist and leftist leaning parties declared the launch of that movement as well as their rejection to the amendment in a statement on Wednesday quietly with no proper media coverage.
This is not a political opposition battle against President El-Sisi’s regime as some imagine and the media promotes for to deceive us all. This battle is the battle of every Egyptian citizens. It has ideological goals or aims or personal gains or interest of a certain political powers. It is the battle of being a true state or not to be.
The movement told the Egyptians in its statement to stand together and to say “No to shifting the country’s path to the unknown”, “No to support autocracy and confiscating the citizens’ rights in choice” and “ No to the assault on State’s institutions”.

The Constitution Party, “Karama Party”, “Egyptian Social Democratic Party”, “Bread and Liberty Party”, “The Reform and Development Party”, “The popular socialist alliance party”, “Masr Al-Horreya Party” are among the parties taking part in this movement.

On the other side, at least 45 pro-regime parties declared their support and endorsement to the constitutional amendments including truly less-known to unknown parties.
You do not have to guess which news is being covered in the mainstream media.

Speaking about the mainstream and its focus nowadays only about MP Khaled Youssef and his so-called sex scandal. Do you remember when I told you earlier that Youssef, who opposes the constitutional amendments hinted out that he would pay a so-called price for his “political stances”?
Well, he is involved in an alleged sex scandal that is a mix of #Metoo, hacking, sex tapes and he is out of town too in Paris.
Updated: Some lawyer reported opposition MP Haitham El-Harriri to the prosecution too for allegedly sexually harassing some woman thanks to an alleged audio recording that went viral online.
Youssef and El-Hariri are the prominent 25-30 Bloc I have referred to earlier.

If both are officially accused or convicted, they may lose their seats in the parliament.

A possible scenario that without even being referred to the prosecution, they can be referred to a disciplinary committee in the parliament and lose their seats eventually before 15 February seriously speaking if we take in consideration what happened to MP Anwar Sadat JR.

The Constitutional amendments are also overshadowed by the on-going fight between Al-Ahly SC and the Zamalek- Turki Al-Sheikh’s Pyramids alliance.
All the trends on Twitter are about football related issues in Egypt.
Bottom-line there is no proper mainstream media coverage for those amendments despite their importance and their danger.

I am trying to gather more reactions, mostly opposing reactions from public figures and so far the usual suspects of 25 January revolution prominent figures are leading the online rejection movement.

Now so far there is complete silence from the presidency.

Old videos of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi have resurfaced showing him speaking in praise of the constitution 2014 and how he did not have any intention to stay more than two presidential terms and handing over the presidency to a young president in the age of Emmanuel Macron.

In that video from a public meeting on 19 January 2018, El-Sisi criticized the old constitution “I assume Constitution 1971” for giving the president too much power.
That interview with CNBC that was aired in November 2017 is also shared virally where he said that he would not stay in power more than what was mentioned in the 2014 constitution. “Two terms”
I believe that there is a slight possibility that El-Sisi may come up in the next public event and declare his rejection to the amendments and we will find the parliament removing some of them.

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I have a new process video for you today decorating a pocket page layout.

For this spread I used The Good Life: June Birthday Bundle.

Birthday Bundle

I love how this one turned out!

week 47 week 47

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“One of the most painful experiences of my life.”

That’s how David Benioff once described seeing friends test-screen his and co-showrunner Dan Weiss’ original “Game of Thrones” pilot in 2010. After that viewing, more than 90 percent of the episode was supposedly reshot before it aired on HBO in April 2011, eventually leading to the phenomenon that the series is today.

But that first terrible, horrible, no good, very bad pilot ― called a “piece of shit” by the showrunners’ screenwriter friend Craig Mazin ― never saw the light of day. It became legend, something that could live only in Old Nan’s stories. Or so we thought.

It’s an oft-forgotten fact that George R.R. Martin, whose A Song of Ice and Fire novels serve as inspiration for “Game of Thrones,” has been depositing old copies of his writing to Texas A&M’s Cushing Memorial Library in College Station for more than two decades. He is said to have fallen in love with Cushing’s sci-fi collection and its archival system during visits to AggieCon as far back as the 1970s and decided to make the quiet spot in Texas a home for his massive catalog of original manuscripts.

The resulting collection at the library takes up multiple walls, the first of which is properly called the Wall. It’s a collection so vast, it’d make Samwell Tarly’s head spin, staffed by a team of dedicated librarians and professors who serve as a kind of Night’s Watch. Among the archive’s many files are manuscripts for the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, and ― as I learned during a trip to Texas over the summer ― a box containing a production draft of that painful “Game of Thrones” pilot. 

An early version of the pilot script supposedly surfaced online years ago, but the script’s authenticity was never officially verified. No one seemed to know how similar it was to the rejected pilot that HBO shot or how much it differed; scripts often go through various rewrites, so the mysterious version floating around online could have been from any phase of revisions. 

I had three days to spend in Texas, but it took only five minutes to realize the script online and the one at Cushing are different. There are reasons to believe that the version in Texas is similar to the pilot script that HBO shot: The production draft at Cushing is dated Oct. 22, 2009, right around the time the unaired pilot started filming. The Cushing script credits the unaired pilot’s original director, Tom McCarthy, who was later replaced in reshoots by Tim Van Patten. Plus, in terms of content, the Cushing script contains storylines that have been rumored to be in the unaired pilot script (as we’ll get into below) ― key story departures, dialogue alterations and location changes that cast the Seven Kingdoms in a different light.

“Game of Thrones” isn’t returning until April 2019, but fans are already bracing for a final season full of callbacks to early moments in the show, which will complete its eight-year “massive jigsaw puzzle,” as it was described by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister.

In advance of the season premiere, we exhaustively rummage through the secrets hidden in the pilot script from Martin’s collection, involving everything from an unreleased Cersei Lannister moment to a really drunk Jon Snow making a scene. Here’s what Westeros might have looked like if that “piece of shit” pilot had aired:


The Cersei scene that might ruffle some feathers

Let’s begin with a defining scene between King Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark in the Winterfell crypts. 

The scene that aired on HBO is slightly different from the scene in the Cushing script, but the gist is the same. Robert asks Ned to be his new Hand of the King, a position left open after Jon Arryn’s death. That’s when Robert places something small but highly symbolic on a statue of his onetime betrothed, Lyanna Stark: a feather. 

And that pretty much sums up the sequence you saw in Season 1:

But in the script found in the Cushing library, Queen Cersei plays a pivotal role in this exchange’s aftermath ― so much so that her involvement would have changed a Season 5 episode, the recent Season 8 teaser and possibly more. 

The following scene is written into the pilot script found at Cushing and involves Cersei visiting the crypts right before the feast at Winterfell:

Cersei exits the crypts, crosses the courtyard and walks into the antechamber between the kitchen and the Winterfell great hall. The celebration for the king’s arrival is underway, and servants are rushing past her with food. The queen’s handmaidens make adjustments to her outfit and remove her heavy fur.

Then Cersei reveals something she has inside her sleeve:

Why does it matter?

The episode that aired on HBO gave no indication that Cersei was aware of the feather Robert placed on Lyanna’s statue, let alone that she removed it to be burned.

Without this intervention, the feather goes on to play an important role in HBO’s recent Season 8 “Game of Thrones” teaser, falling to the ground as Jon Snow walks by and freezing when a wave of cold air rolls over it.

Even before that, the feather was featured in Season 5, Episode 4, “Sons of the Harpy,” when Sansa Stark visits the Winterfell crypts and comes across the token Robert placed on the statue years ago.

The series’ creators, Benioff and Weiss, acknowledged the feather’s station in the crypts to Making of Game of Thrones, explaining that, after all this time, the feather would surely still be there because there “hasn’t been a janitorial crew going down and vacuuming.”

“We thought it would be kind of a great thing,” they added, “to have Sansa wondering about it.” 

Why Sansa? And why a feather?

If you’ve been living under a Casterly Rock your entire life, you might’ve missed the curious role that birds play in “Game of Thrones.” There’s Varys’ spy network of “little birds,” there’s the High Sparrow, there’s the Three-Eyed Raven, and then there’s Sansa, who is often referred to as a “little bird” or “little dove.” These characters have a few things in common: They’re misunderstood, underestimated and often hold powerful information.

The feather could hint at how Lyanna, too, was a misunderstood character, another little bird. It could also serve as a symbol for her secret, her child, Jon Snow.

Now remember, in the Season 5 episode in which the feather reappears, viewers still think Lyanna had been kidnapped and raped by Prince Rhaegar. It hadn’t been revealed that she and Rhaegar were actually in love, married and had a baby — a secret that, with her dying breath, she made her brother Ned promise to keep.

The connection to Jon is reiterated in that Season 8 teaser when he looks back at the feather. Could Cersei’s burning the feather in the scrapped pilot script have been a hint at something else on the way? Will she do the same to Jon?

With Dany’s dragons flying around and Cersei having blown up part of King’s Landing with wildfire, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine a fiery run-in between Cersei and Jon in the future.

The cut feather scene is perhaps the first small hint of Cersei’s penchant for burning her enemies’ “cities to the ground,” as she likes to say. Considering HBO’s “Dragonstone” teaser from late in 2018, which shows a fire engulfing the signature Lannister lion, more flames are likely in the Lannisters’ future. And, just possibly, Jon Snow’s.


The much more consensual sex scene between Dany and Khal Drogo

One of the more substantial differences between the script at Cushing and the episode that aired on HBO can be observed in the writing of Daenerys Targaryen’s marriage consummation scene.

In the Cushing script, Dany has a lot more control. She smiles when she realizes Drogo can say only the word “no” in her language, she helps him take rings out of his hair and, most important, she ultimately consents to sex: 

This is far from the scene that aired on HBO, in which she cries as he undresses her, then has sex with her from behind. The more consensual framing of the scene is straight out of Martin’s books, which explains why it was included in an earlier version of the script; the pilot script at Cushing tends to hew closer to Martin’s words.

The version of the scene that aired, however, is traumatic. Daenerys is raped. Her relationship with Drogo eventually grows into love, but that doesn’t erase the fact that he raped her — and does so time and time again.

She addresses these rapes in her first conversation with Jon in Season 7, telling him, “I’ve been shamed and betrayed, raped and defiled. Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith, not in any gods, not in myths and legends. In myself, in Daenerys Targaryen.”

Why does it matter?

Though a consensual scene would have been less traumatic to watch, Daenerys actress Emilia Clarke spoke about her character’s rape to Glamour in 2016, explaining some possible reasoning behind the scene:

At the heart of it, we’re telling a story; you need that part of the story to feel empathy for Daenerys. You see her attacked by her brother, raped by her husband, and then going, “F―k all of you, I’m gonna rule the world.” That’s where we are now.

A rape scene is hardly necessary to build empathy for Dany’s plight, but as Clarke said, it underscores the terrors Dany overcame and her transformation from a scared, abused child into the khaleesi.

Somewhere between her rape and her decision to sleep with Jon, aka King of the Squats, in Season 7, a completely different Mother of Dragons has emerged.


The much more confusing sex scene between Jaime and Cersei

After watching the “Game of Thrones” premiere on HBO, fans are well aware that Jaime and Cersei are related. It’s a pretty pivotal plot point. Interestingly, one of the most prominent critiques lodged against the unaired pilot was that this info wasn’t clear enough. Early viewers didn’t know Jaime and Cersei Lannister are brother and sister.

Perhaps that’s why a scene featuring the incestuous siblings talking at King’s Landing was added to the episode that aired. In it, the two basically chat about how very, very related they are and how if anyone discovered their secret affair, their heads would be on spikes.

“As your brother, I feel it’s my duty to warn you, you worry too much,” Jaime explicitly states. This scene is not in the Cushing pilot script or the script previously available online, as io9 points out.

Keeping in mind that many viewers of the original pilot didn’t understand the Lannister twins’ relationship, a scene in the script at Cushing would have made it even more complicated. (Get out of here, Bran. You don’t want to see this.)

In all versions of the pilot, Bran Stark climbs the exterior of a tower at Winterfell and happens upon a window, through which he peeps a naked man and woman (Jaime and Cersei). In the script at Cushing, however, the encounter reads slightly differently, with Cersei telling Jaime to stop:

Why does it matter? 

In the episode that aired, Cersei objects to Jaime only after she spots Bran inadvertently being a little creep in the window.

In contrast, in Martin’s book and the script at Cushing, she protests much sooner. It’s confusing to Bran and possibly would’ve been confusing to TV viewers too.

Consider how this scene would have affected Jaime’s triumphant moment in Season 7, when he chooses to walk away from a power-hungry Cersei. Until that point, audiences are meant to believe he has always been under Cersei’s control; only then is he able to break free from her influence. The Cushing version of Jaime and Cersei’s sex scene could have made this harder to swallow.

In a show riddled with constant backstabbing, endless subplots and so many characters you remember as What’s His Name and Who’s Her Face, the less confusing a scene, the better.


The White Walkers who wouldn’t shut up

The Cushing pilot script opens a lot like the episode that aired: Three men from the Night’s Watch are tracking down wildlings when they are ambushed by White Walkers. Things don’t go well.

In the early pilot script, one of those men, Will, realizes the bodies of the dead wildlings have vanished and proceeds to climb a tree to get a better view. He does this right before the Walkers arrive, and his decision is a lifesaving one. In contrast to the aired episode, which shows a Walker sparing a member of the Watch from death for some unknown reason, it’s Will’s position in the tree that prevents him from being killed along with the others.

The White Walkers descend on the other two men, all the while speaking a language of ice:

Will stays in the tree. He’s going to let this one just play out.

Why does it matter?

At this point, White Walker dialogue is well documented. It just has never shown up on TV. However, it’s in the books, it’s referred to by Vanity Fair writer Joanna Robinson after she reviewed a number of “Game of Thrones” scripts, it shows up in the pilot script floating around online and it’s also in the one from Martin’s collection at Cushing.

I asked “Game of Thrones” language creator David Peterson about the White Walker dialogue, which he named Skroth, in a previously unpublished portion of a 2017 interview.

Reflecting on early plans for the White Walkers to speak, he told me he originally put something together for the opening scene of the show.

“I came up with basically some dialogue. I recorded it, and then I suggested to them, ‘Here’s how you might modify it digitally to give it a unique sound,’” he said. Peterson wanted the language to sound like it was described in Martin’s books, like “the cracking of ice on a winter lake.” Though, we imagine that could’ve possibly looked like a White Walker whose mouth is filled with pop rocks.

“It didn’t get used for the pilot, and then there was discussion they were thinking about using it in Season 2,” he said. “They said they tried it, and it just wasn’t working out, so they abandoned the idea.”

Peterson sent me a pre-effects example of the White Walker dialogue, which he previously played at conventions and gave us permission to include. Here’s an early version of what a White Walker would’ve sounded like:

At the time, he said, “Game of Thrones” sound designer Paula Fairfield was still hopeful they could use it one day, but that obviously hasn’t happened.

It’s not the only language casualty. Peterson said he created a full language for the Children of the Forest in Season 6, but for a variety of reasons (a desire to avoid the need for subtitles during action sequences, stunt people having difficulty with their lines), they “were either cut or shortened, and all of them were turned into English.”

“It was an idea. They tried it. It just didn’t work,” he said.


The time Jon Snow got wasted

In the “Game of Thrones” pilot that aired, Jon does not make an appearance in the memorable great hall scene. Instead, he stays outside, heeding Catelyn Stark’s wishes that Jon — who she and almost everyone else believes is Ned’s bastard son — not be present.

But in the pilot script at Cushing, he sits inside. He’s not at the highborn table, but he manages to have a drunken conversation with Benjen Stark in the great hall anyway.

Our guy is left alone to drink more wine and eventually causes a scene:

The scene in the Cushing pilot script is almost exactly the same as the scene in Martin’s novel A Game of Thrones. From the book:

He must have drunk more wine than he had realized. His feet got tangled under him as he tried to leave, and he lurched sideways into a serving girl and sent a flagon of spiced wine crashing to the floor. Laughter boomed all around him. 

Beyond the exclusion of Snow’s drunken escapade, the Cushing version of the sequence was drastically rearranged to form the scenes that aired on HBO. For example, in the episode that aired, the confrontation between Ned and Jaime in the great hall ends after Ned says, “I don’t fight in tournaments because when I fight a man for real, I don’t want him to know what I can do.”

Jaime replies, “Well said.”

But in the Cushing pilot script, as well as the one that has been online, the moment continues long enough for Jaime to remind Ned of how his brother and father were killed:

It continues:

A flashback of Ned’s brother Brandon being killed also purportedly existed in an early version of the filmed pilot (a screenshot exists online), but this is not included in the script at Cushing (though it could have fit in around this conversation). 

The Cushing version of the scene goes even further, with Ned leaving and Tyrion, who overheard everything, telling Jaime, “If it came down to it, Brother, I’d bet on you ― but I wouldn’t bet much.” Tyrion then downs another tankard of wine, realizes he drank too much, staggers out of the hall and eventually talks to Jon outside.

Why does it matter?

While it would’ve been fun to see the future King in the North get shitfaced (you know nothing about holding your alcohol, Jon Snow), it’s so much extra character interaction to digest that you could be left feeling as dizzy as Tyrion. 

There are a few moments that are really important from the Winterfell feast scenes, and Jon’s conversations with Tyrion and Benjen are at the forefront. The conversation with Tyrion is referred to in Season 7, when Tyrion writes Jon a letter that includes “All dwarves are bastards in their father’s eyes.” It’s a line Tyrion says in their first chat, and it seemingly convinces Jon he’ll be safe when he travels to see Daenerys.

Of course, with Benjen he talks about going to serve in the Night’s Watch at the Wall, which he clearly does and then lives happily ever after. 

The other character interactions, while entertaining, could have distracted from the truly important moments, so let’s all pour one out for Jon’s long-lost wasted scene.


The weird Catelyn who wanted Sansa to be queen

Catelyn and Daenerys were originally played by different actors — Jennifer Ehle and Tamzin Merchant, respectively. Before Michelle Fairley took on the role of Catelyn, the character’s personality was a lot different too.

For example, in a bedroom scene in the pilot script, Catelyn urges Ned to accept Robert’s offer of betrothal between Joffrey and Sansa and to head south with the king.

Maester Luwin then enters with the note from her sister Lysa, saying that the Lannisters murdered her husband, Jon Arryn. Ned has no choice but to take up his old friend Robert’s request to be the new Hand of the King and go to King’s Landing to figure out what’s going on.

In the episode that aired, however, Catelyn urges Ned to stay in the North, claiming that she’ll confront Robert and tell him, “Listen, fat man. You are not taking my husband anywhere. He belongs to me now.”

You tell ’em, Cat.

Why does it matter?

In terms of the differences between the pilot script at Cushing and the episode that aired, Catelyn is my pick for most improved character. Benioff and Weiss were smart to realize that fans have pages and pages to get to know the Catelyn in the books but only a few scenes to get to know her on the show. The Cushing script might have made Catelyn seem a bit title obsessed, like Season 1 Sansa, who was, objectively, the worst.

Just ask Season 1 Arya Stark.

Instead, the showrunners chose to lean into the image of the Stark matriarch as a protective mother and wife who would later fend off an assassin in an effort to save her injured Bran.

It’s also worth noting that after reading Lysa’s letter in the Cushing script, Catelyn says to Ned:

In the episode that aired, Catelyn stops after saying Jon Arryn was murdered by the Lannisters. She doesn’t say, “By the queen.”

John Standing, the actor who plays the dearly departed Jon Arryn, once said the original pilot included a “lunatic” scene in which Cersei watches his character die. Though this scene isn’t included in the script at Cushing, a line about Jon Arryn being killed by the queen paves the way for the bit to have been added later.


The time Joffrey Baratheon, First of his Name, was a jerk from the start

When “Game of Thrones” begins, you don’t realize Joffrey is quite as turdish as he is until Episode 2, when Tyrion slaps him silly for not going to the Starks to offer sympathies after Bran’s fall. But in the pilot script at Cushing, you get the impression that Joffrey is a walking, talking pile of human excrement right away.

At a training session between the Lannisters and Starks, Bran has just finished pummeling Tommen Baratheon with a wooden sword, and Ser Rodrik, Winterfell’s master-at-arms, asks Robb Stark and Joffrey if they’d like to go another round. Robb’s in, but Joffrey complains that he’s “tired of swatting at Starks with a play sword.” He suggests “live steel,” and Rodrik is just not cool with that.

While the pilot script gives Robb this early interaction with Joffrey, it omits many other scenes that made their way to air — the Winterfell scene where Bran is learning archery with his family, the scene in which Sansa and Arya are practicing their stitching, the scene in which Sansa begs Catelyn to let her go to King’s Landing and the infamous shaving scene in which the Stark boys stand around shirtless and flexing.

Why does it matter?

The Joffrey moment could have added tension later in the series — for instance, during the War of the Five Kings skit at Joffrey’s wedding, which features someone riding around with a wolf’s head to represent the decapitated Robb. But it seems likely that some minor scenes like this were cut in order to make room for more vital moments, such as getting to know the Starks. And, frankly, more Starks and less Joffrey sounds like a winning formula, bare-chested flexing and all.

The final takeaways

In addition to the cut scenes, there were quite a few subtle differences between the script available online and the one from Martin’s official collection in Texas. In the version online, Tyrion pets the Stark direwolf Ghost, his brothel scene takes place at King’s Landing (not in the North), and there’s a long scene meant to describe a now-discarded title sequence.

But none of this happens in the script at the Cushing library. (In fact, as far as the credits go, the script there describes an opening sequence with just the words “TITLE CARD: GAME OF THRONES.”)

There are some less significant but amusing details sandwiched into the script at Cushing too. Ned, who’s about the grimmest dude around, makes a joke in the crypts:

The line was taken out and given to Jaime in Season 1, Episode 3: 

Various shooting locations changed as well. For instance, Dany’s wedding was originally filmed in Morocco and featured a cameo from Martin himself as a Pentoshi (something that could have easily fit into the Cushing script, since it mentions “Merchants of Pentos” gathered for the ceremony). However, when Clarke was brought in as the replacement Daenerys, the subplot was altered and reshot in Malta.

The Cushing script alone doesn’t reveal exactly why the original pilot was such a “massive problem,” as Mazin put it. Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, touched on that version’s “mistakes,” telling The Guardian, “It didn’t look right, didn’t feel right.” The devil is likely in the scene execution details, which we might never see, although he said the showrunners would threaten to release the pilot on YouTube when he pissed them off. Perhaps the early drunk scenes weren’t the King in the North’s finest hour.

Still, reading the script at Cushing, I got a sense of how even small changes would have led to a vastly different show. One of the most interesting aspects for me ― a moment that would’ve changed the way some future “Game of Thrones” scenes unfold and added some foreshadowing ― was Cersei’s cut scene. As the adage goes, where there’s smoke, there’s ... Cersei trying to light something on fire.

The scenes illustrated by Lena Vargas Afanasieva are not meant to be exact depictions of the scripted sequences.

Additional reporting by Leigh Blickley and Sara Boboltz.

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Pettikadai Tamil Movie Full Star Cast and Crew, Release Date, Budget Info

Pettikadai is an 2019 Kollywood (Tamil), It is Sport Drama film and Samuthirakani, Veera, Varsha Bollama, Chandini, Sundar lead roles. This film is Directed by Esakki Karvannan and Produced by Esakki Karvannan. It is made under the banner of Lakshmi Creations. Pettikadai is scheduled to release on 2019.

First Look Poster of Pettikadai

Tamil movie Pettikadai 2019 wiki, full star cast, Release date, Actor, actress, Song name, photo, poster, trailer, wallpaper

Pettikadai 2019 Tamil Movie

Status:- Filming
Updated:- Feb 2019
Genre:- Sport Drama
Release Date:- 2019

Filmmakers - Cast and Crew Members

Story/Writer by:- Esakki Karvannan, Melanmani Ponnusamy
Directed by:- Esakki Karvannan
Producer by:- Esakki Karvannan
Music by:- Mariya Manohar
Geet (Lyrics) by:- n/a
Screenplay:- Esakki Karvannan
Cinematography:- Arul
Editing by:- Sunny Sawrav
Studio / Production Company:- Lakshmi Creations
Distributor:- Lakshmi Creations
Language:- Tamil

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Complete Star Cast and Characters

Samuthirakani --:as:-- n.a
Veera --:as:-- n.a
Varsha Bollama --:as:-- n.a
Chandini --:as:-- n.a
Sundar --:as:-- n.a
Priya Asmitha --:as:-- n.a

Pettikadai Budget And Box Office Collection

Budget:- Not Found | Coming Soon
Screens:- Not Found | Coming Soon
Collection (India):- Not Found | Coming Soon
Collection (Overseas):- Not Found | Coming Soon
Collection (WorldWide):- Not Found | Coming Soon
Hit / Flop:- Not Found | Coming Soon

Story (Plot)

Pettikadai tamil movie story update soon...


Pettikadai Official Trailer on YouTube.


S.No Song Name Artis (Singer)
1. Sudalamada saamikitta Shreyaghoshal

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          El aplaudido mensaje de Lucía Méndez a los periodistas que leerán el manifiesto      Cache   Translate Page      
Lucía Méndez.

Los periodistas María Claver, Albert Castillón y Carlos Cuesta leerán el manifiesto que cerrará la manifestación convocada por PP y Ciudadanos a la que se han sumado el partido de ultraderecha Vox y organizaciones como Falange y la neonazi Hogar Social.

"Un honor", algo "brutal" profesionalmente hablando y "una experiencia profesional inigualable", según ha reconocido Claver en LaSexta Noche, donde colabora de tertuliana.

Sin embargo, otra veterana del periodismo parlamentario, Lucía Méndez, jefa de Opinión del diario El Mundo, ha querido enviar un mensaje a sus compañeros, que defienden que esta concentración será "transversal".

Lo ha hecho en un mensaje desde su cuenta de Twitter que ha logrado el aplauso de muchos en esta red social: "Con todo respeto y consideración hacia los colegas que leerán el manifiesto de Colón, el concepto que tienen PP y Ciudadanos de la pluralidad y la transversalidad de la sociedad civil española a la que convocan es un poco extraño".

Muchos han coincidido con su criterio:

          Piden la expulsión de Antonio Tejado de 'GH Dúo' por este gesto machista a una concursante      Cache   Translate Page      
Antonio Tejado en GH Dúo (Telecinco).

Antonio Tejado, concursante del reality show de Telecinco GH Dúo, está recibiendo durísimas críticas en Twitter por el gesto que ha tenido con María Jesús Ruiz, concursante con la que mantiene una relación dentro del programa, con la que ha tenido un gesto que ha indignado a buena parte de la audiencia.

Todo ha sucedido en el baño, mientras Ruiz maquillaba a otra concursante. Tejado, que se encontraba sentado junto a ellas, ha cogido un espejo de mano y lo ha utilizado para mirar la ropa interior de la ex Miss España por debajo de su falda.

Este ha sido el momento, que ha provocado que numerosos usuarios hayan pedido a Telecinco y a la dirección del programa que tome medidas contra él. Algunos, incluso, han pedido su expulsión del concurso:

          On This Day in Math - February 10      Cache   Translate Page      

Newton First Day Cover *

It is impossible to be a mathematician without being a poet in soul.
~Sofya Kovalevskaya

The 41st day of the year; Euler (1772) observed that the polynomial f(x)= x2 + x + 41 will produce a prime for any integer value of x in the interval 0 to 39. In 1778 Legendre realized that x2 - x + 41 will give the same primes for interval (1-40).
 n^2 + n + 41 is prime for n = 0 ... 39 and Is prime for nearly half the values of n up to 10,000,000. *John D. Cook

If you multiply 41 by any three digit number to produce a five digit number, every cyclic representation of that number formed by moving the last digit to the front is also divisible by 41. (for example 41*378 = 15,498. 41 will also divide 81,549; 98154; 49815; and 54,981 *The Moscow Puzzles
41 can be expressed as the sum of consecutive primes in two ways, (2 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 11 + 13), and the  (11 + 13 + 17).

41 is the smallest integer whose reciprocal has a 5-digit repeating decimal.  \(\frac{1}{41} = \overline{.02439}\)

And even more from @Math Year-Round 41=1!+2!+3!+1¹+2²+3³


1676/7 “The truth of it is, mathematical learning will not go off without a dowry; the booksellers have lost so much by the works of Drs. Wallis and ... Barrow ... that it is no easy task to persuade booksellers to undertake any thing but toys that are mathematical.” [Collins to Baker, The Correspondence of Isaac Newton, Vol. 2, p. 192]

In 1720, Edmund Halley was appointed second Astronomer Royal of England. Halley succeeded John Flamsteed as Astronomer Royal, a position he would hold until his death in 1742 at the age of 85. *Wik  On the 300th anniversary of his trip to St Helena, the island issued three stamps. The 5p value shows Halley’s comet as it appeared on the Bayeux Tapestry.

1734 The Marquise de Chatelet writes to ask Maupertuis to explain his claim in a 1732 paper that "God preferred the inverse square law of attraction over all others." Apparently he failed to convince her. *J. B. Shank, The Newton Wars and the Beginning of the French Enlightenment

1860 Joseph Toynbee (English otologist, whose career was dedicated to pathological and anatomical studies of the ear.) writes to ask Faraday for tickets to Thomas Henry Huxley's lecture.
18 Savile Row. Burlington Gardens. W | 10 Feb 1860

Dear Mr. Faraday,

Having been unsuccessful in my attempts to obtain a ticket for Mr. Huxley’s lecture tonight I shall esteem it a favour if you can give me one.

Believe me yours sincerely ; obliged,

Joseph Toynbee
*JAIPREET VIRDI, From the Hands of Quacks

1880 On 10 February 1880, an article ran in the Daily Times (of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) describing a remarkable invention recently demonstrated by a local inventor, Dr. H.E. Licks. The invention allowed images to be transmitted by telegraph. In other words, it resembled what people today would recognize as a television. However, Licks called his invention a "diaphote," from the Greek dia meaning "through" and photos meaning "light".
Despite the excitement it generated, the diaphote turned out to be a hoax. However, it wasn't until 1917 that "Dr. H.E. Licks" revealed the hoax in a book, Recreations in Mathematics. Licks himself is believed to have been the pseudonym of Mansfield Merriman (1848-1925), a professor of engineering at Lehigh University. *Museum of Hoaxes

1914 The Girl Scout’s patent the trefoil design for their membership badge. The badge was designed by the founder of Girl Guides (renamed in 1913), Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low who began the program in Savannah, Ga. with a group of 18. This (2012) is the centennial year of the Girl Scouts. The organization has declared 2012 the "Year of the Girl", and the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery opened a year-long exhibit "Juliette Gordon Low and 100 Years of Girl Scouts" on January 13, 2012.*Wik

1946 War Department revealed the development of ENIAC, an electronic numerical integrator and computer. It is 1000 times faster than human computation. *VFR

In 1958, radar signals were bounced off the planet Venus by MIT engineers at Lincoln Laboratories in experiments conducted during an inferior conjuction with Venus. A maser installed at the Millstone Hill radar site, Westford, Mass., was used. The return echoes were distinguished from the background noise using digital signal processing. The results were confirmation by other researchers, and together led to a more precise determination of the value of the astronomical unit (AU), the Earth's mean distance to the sun. A new value of the AU, 149,600,000 km was adopted at a general meeting of the International Astronomical Union in Hamburg (1964). Radar was also bounced off the Sun (7 Apr 1959). Lincoln Laboratories had been set up to conduct military rather than astronomical research.*TIS

1996 Deep Blue defeats Kasparov
In the first game of a six game match, IBM's Deep Blue chess computer defeated world champion Garry Kasparov. No computer had ever won a game against a world champion in chess. Kasparov would eventually win the series 4-2, but would lose to Deep Blue in a re-match a year later.*CHM

2012 2/10/2012 is a palindrome, and even if it's written 2/10/12. Or even in Roman numerals II/X/MMXII. What other years may be expressed as palindromes in two of these three methods (or European date style, dd/mm/yy


1747 Aida Yasuaki (February 10, 1747 – October 26, 1817) Japanese mathematician who published about 2000 works. Aida compiled Sampo tensi shinan which appeared in 1788. It is a book of geometry problems, developing formulae for ellipses, spheres, circles etc. Aida explained the use of algebraic expressions and the construction of equations. He also worked on number theory and simplified continued fraction methods due to Seki. *SAU

1785 Claude Louis Marie Henri Navier (10 Feb 1785 in Dijon, France - 21 Aug 1836 in Paris, France) Claude-Louis Navier was a French mathematician best known for the Navier-Stokes equations describing the behaviour of a incompressible fluid. We should note, however, that Navier derived the Navier-Stokes equations despite not fully understanding the physics of the situation which he was modelling. He did not understand about shear stress in a fluid, but rather he based his work on modifying Euler's equations to take into account forces between the molecules in the fluid. Although his reasoning is unacceptable today. *SAU

1885 Hardy Cross (10 Feb 1885; died 11 Feb 1959 at age 73) U.S. professor of civil and structural engineering whose outstanding contribution was a method of calculating tendencies to produce motion (moments) in the members of a continuous framework, such as the skeleton of a building. By the use of Cross's technique, known as the moment distribution method, or simply the Hardy Cross method, calculation can be carried to any required degree of accuracy by successive approximations, thus avoiding the immense labour of solving simultaneous equations that contain as many variables as there are rigid joints in a frame. He also successfully applied his mathematical methods to the solution of pipe network problems that arise in municipal water supply design; these methods have been extended to gas pipelines.

1888 Selig Brodetsky (10 February 1888 - 20 May 1954)was educated at Cambridge and Leipzig. He became a lecturer at Bristol and later lecturer and professor at Leeds. He worked on fluid flow with particular emphasis on aerodynamics. He was President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for a short time. *SAU

1901 Richard Dagobert Brauer (10 Feb 1901; 17 Apr 1977 at age 76) German-American mathematician and educator, a pioneer in the development of algebra theory. He worked with Weyl on several projects including a famous joint paper on spinors (published in 1935 in the American Journal of Mathematics). This work provided a background for Paul Dirac's theory of the spinning electron within the framework of quantum mechanics. With Nesbitt, Brauer introduced the theory of blocks (1937). Brauer used this to obtain results on finite groups, particularly finite simple groups, and the theory of blocks would play a big part in much of Brauer's later work. Starting with his group-theoretical characterisation of the simple groups (1951), he spent the rest of his life formulating a method to classify all finite simple groups. *TIS

1907 Agnes Mary Clerke (10 Feb 1842, 20 Jan 1907) Irish astronomical writer who was a diligent compiler of facts rather than a practicing scientist. Nevertheless, by 1885, her exhaustive treatise, A Popular History of Astronomy in the Nineteenth Century gained international recognition as an authoritative work. In 1903, with Lady Huggins, she was elected an honorary member of the Royal Astronomical Society, a rank previously held only by two other women, Caroline Herschel and Mary Somerville. Her publications included several books and 55 pieces in the Edinburgh Review. She contributed some astronomer biographies to the Dictionary of National Biography and some astronomical entries in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. *TIS More detail about her here

1576 Wilhelm Xylander (born Wilhelm Holtzman, graecized to Xylander) (December 26, 1532 – February 10, 1576) was a German classical scholar and humanist.
Xylander was the author of a number of important works. He translated the first six books of Euclid into German with notes, the Arithmetica of Diophantus, and the De quattuor mathematicis scientiis of Michael Psellus into Latin. *Wik

1865 Heinrich Friedrich Emil Lenz (24 Feb 1804, 10 Feb 1865 at age 61) was the Russian physicist who framed Lenz's Law to describe the direction of flow of electric current generated by a wire moving through a magnetic field. Lenz worked on electrical conduction and electromagnetism. In 1833 he reported investigations into the way electrical resistance changes with temperature, showing that an increase in temperature increases the resistance (for a metal). He is best-known for Lenz's law, which he discovered in 1834 while investigating magnetic induction. It states that the current induced by a change flows so as to oppose the effect producing the change. Lenz's law is a consequence of the, more general, law of conservation of energy. *TIS

1868 Sir David Brewster (11 Dec 1781; 10 Feb 1868) Scottish physicist noted for his experimental work in optics and polarized light (light in which all waves lie in the same plane.) He is known for Brewster's Law, which relates the refractive index of a material to its polarizing angle (which is the incident angle at which reflected light becomes completely polarized. He patented the kaleidoscope in 1817. Later, he used lenses to improve three-dimensional images viewed with a stereoscope. Brewster also recommended the use of the lightweight, flat Fresnel lens in lighthouses.*TIS A nice blog about Brewster is here.

1891 Sonya Kovalevsky (Sofya Vasilyevna Kovalevskaya) (15 Jan 1850; 10 Feb 1891) professor of mathematics at Stockholm. In her youth, her bedroom was wallpapered with the pages of a text from her father’s schooldays, namely, Ostrogradsky’s lithographed lecture notes on the calculus. Study of the novel wallpaper introduced her to the calculus at age 11. She became the greatest woman mathematician prior to the twentieth century. *VFR a Russian mathematician and novelist who made valuable contributions to the theory of differential equations.*TIS She died of influenza in 1891 at age forty-one, after returning from a pleasure trip to Genoa. She is buried in Solna(Stockholm suburb), Sweden, at Norra begravningsplatsen (Northern Cemetery). Alfred Nobel is buried in the same cemetery.

Rontgen Family Grave, Giessen
1923 Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (27 Mar 1845 - 10 Feb 1923 at age 77) was a German physicist who discovered the highly penetrating form of radiation that became known as X-rays on 8 Nov 1895. He received the first Nobel Prize for Physics (1901), “in recognition of the extraordinary services he has rendered by the discovery of the remarkable rays subsequently named after him.” This high-energy radiation, though first called Röngen rays, became known as X-rays. His discovery initiated revolutionary improvements in making medical diagnoses and enabled many new advances in modern physics. *TIS "In 1901 he became the first physicist to receive a Nobel prize." *VFR

1927 Alfred George Greenhill (29 Nov 1847 in London, England - 10 Feb 1927 in London, England) graduated from Cambridge and became Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. His main work was on Elliptic Functions but he published widely on applications of mathematics to practical problems. He became an honorary member of the EMS in 1908. *SAU

1936 Eleanor Mildred (Balfour) Sidgwick, (11 March 1845 – 10 February 1936) was an activist for the higher education of women, Principal of Newnham College of the University of Cambridge and a leading figure in the Society for Psychical Research.
She was born in East Lothian, daughter of James Maitland Balfour and Lady Blanche Harriet. She was born into perhaps the most prominent political clan in nineteenth-century Britain, the 'Hotel Cecil': her brother Arthur would eventually himself become prime minister. Another brother, Frank, a biologist, died young in a climbing accident.
One of the first students at Newnham College in Cambridge, in 1876 she married (and became converted to feminism by) the philosopher Henry Sidgwick. In 1880 she became Vice-Principal of Newnham under the founding Principal Anne Clough, succeeding as Principal on Miss Clough's death in 1892. She and her husband resided there until 1900, the year of Henry Sidgwick's death. In 1894 Mrs Sidgwick was one of the first three women to serve on a royal commission, the Bryce commission on Secondary Education.
As a young woman, Eleanor had helped (John William Strutt, who was married to her sister, Evelyn) Lord Rayleigh improve the accuracy of experimental measurement of electrical resistance. She conducted several experiments in electricity and with him published three papers in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.
She subsequently turned her careful experimental mind to the question of testing the veracity of claims for psychical phenomena. She was elected President of the Society for Psychical Research in 1908 and named 'president of honour' in 1932. Her Husband, Henry, her brother and future Prime Minister, Arthur, and Lord Rayleigh all were also Presidents of the Society.)
She was a member of the Ladies Dining Society in Cambridge, with 11 other members.
In 1916 Mrs Sidgwick left Cambridge to live with one of her brothers near Woking; she remained there until her death in 1936.
She was awarded honorary degrees by the universities of Manchester, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Birmingham.Most of her writings related to Psychical Research, and are contained in the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research. However, some related to educational matters, and a couple of essays dealt with the morality of international affairs. *Wik &

1951 George Abram Miller (31 July 1863 – 10 February 1951) was an early group theorist whose many papers and texts were considered important by his contemporaries, but are now mostly considered only of historical importance.
Miller was born in Lynnville, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, and died in Urbana, Illinois.*Wik

1994 Fritz John (14 June 1910 – 10 February 1994) was a German-born mathematician specialising in partial differential equations and ill-posed problems. His early work was on the Radon transform and he is remembered for John's equation.*Wik

1997 Jerome Namias (19 Mar 1910, 10 Feb 1997 at age 86) American meteorological researcher most noted for having pioneered the development of extended weather forecasts and who also studied the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and the El Niño phenomenon. *TIS In 1971 he joined the Scripps Institution and established the first Experimental Climate Research Center. His prognosis of warm weather during the Arab oil embargo of 1973 greatly aided domestic policy response.*Wik

Credits :
*CHM=Computer History Museum
*FFF=Kane, Famous First Facts
*NSEC= NASA Solar Eclipse Calendar
*RMAT= The Renaissance Mathematicus, Thony Christie
*SAU=St Andrews Univ. Math History
*TIA = Today in Astronomy
*TIS= Today in Science History
*VFR = V Frederick Rickey, USMA
*Wik = Wikipedia
*WM = Women of Mathematics, Grinstein & Campbell
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Hello, in a forum where one of the users who is using WP Perfomance commented that the administrator’s login is disabled when the plugin is deleted.

The guy shared a video of the problem.

Thanks for checking it out.

          Πρόγραμμα κινηματογράφου «Oλύμπιον» έως και Τετάρτη 13 Φεβρουαρίου.      Cache   Translate Page      
ΚΙΝ/ΘΕΑΤΡΟ ΟΛΥΜΠΙΟΝ τηλ 2461022121
Πρόγραμμα κινηματογράφου από Πέμπτη 07/02/2019 έως και Τετάρτη 13/02/2019

Συνεχίζεται για 2η εβδομάδα η ταινία του ΠΙΤΕΛ ΦΑΡΕΛΙ που είναι υποψήφια για 5 ΟΣΚΑΡ(Καλύτερης Ταινίας, Σεναρίου, Α΄ & Β΄ Ανδρικού Ρόλου) και κέρδισε 3 Χρυσές Σφαίρες (Καλύτερης Ταινίας, Σεναρίου, Β΄ Ανδρικού Ρόλου) και


2 ΠΡΟΒΟΛΕΣ  7.30 & 10.00  (Τετάρτη 13/02 1 ΠΡΟΒΟΛΗ 10.00)

Από Πέμπτη 07/02 έως και Κυριακή 10/02 , προβάλλεται η παιδική ταινία



Η Τζούλια Ρόμπερτς πρωταγωνιστεί στην ταινία του ΠΕΤΕΡ ΧΕΤΖΕΣ


1 ΠΡΟΒΟΛΗ  8.00

Ο Λίαμ Νίσον πρωταγωνιστεί στην ταινία δράσης


1 ΠΡΟΒΟΛΗ  10.00

Μόνο Σάββατο 2/2 και Κυριακή 3/2, προβάλλεται η παιδική ταινία



1 ΠΡΟΒΟΛΗ 5.45 ΣΤΑ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ (Σάββατο 9/2 και Κυριακή 10/2)

Για το πρόγραμμα του κιν/φου επισκεφτείτε την ιστοσελίδα μας

          How White House Press Briefings Sound in Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Head      Cache   Translate Page      
Another great video from Bad Lip Reading.

No matter what you may think of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and how she performs her job as the White House Press Secretary I am sure you will find this Bad Lip Reading video hilarious. I find it funny primarily because I can see myself feeling pretty much the same way if I had to field those pseudo-news reporters' questions and do my best to patiently deal with their aggressive and peculiar behaviors.

Read more about Sarah Huckabee Sanders in this very entertaining, revealing, and thoroughly unbiased article from Politico Magazine.

          Friday Night Soother      Cache   Translate Page      
Friday Night Soother

by digby


The baby Tamandua born December 20, 2018 at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden now has a name! Although the pup’s sex is yet-to-be-determined, the Zoo announced that it would be called “Mani”.

“We wanted to give the pup a Spanish name, since Tamanduas are primarily from Spanish speaking countries, and both of its parents have Spanish names. We chose the name Mani, which means “peanut,” because we were able to watch Mani grow from the size of a peanut via weekly ultrasounds on mom, Isla,” said Cincinnati Zoo Interpretive Animal Keeper Colleen Lawrence. “We fell in love with the pup when it was only a blip on a screen.”

Five-year-old Isla, a first-time mom, has taken care of the pup exactly the way she should, so it is healthy and growing fast. Care team members think the baby is a boy, but it’s difficult to be 100% certain of the sex of Tamanduas when they’re this young.

Keepers report that little Mani can be seen through the windows of the Zoo’s Animal Ambassador Center (AAC), clinging to Isla.

Also called the “lesser anteater”, the Tamandua uses its long snout to sniff out ant, termite and bee colonies. Long claws enable it to dig into nests, and a long sticky tongue licks up the insects. A single Tamandua can eat up to 9,000 ants in a single day!

Via Zooborns
          BackTtack-Wiki_入门指南--直接安装到USB中      Cache   Translate Page      


Backtrack 4 Video-USB With "Full" Disk Encryption






  • U盘(至少8G,推荐16G)

  • BackTrack的ISO文件,必须验证md5sum或者使用BackTrack CD

  • 使用VMware引导ISO。(并不是说安装到VM中)






dmesg | egrep hd.\|sd.  


fdisk -l 





fdisk /dev/sdb

(视频中的p 是显示所有分区)


Command (m for help): 在这里按m ,就会输出帮助; 

Command action     

a toggle a bootable flag     

b edit bsd disklabel     

c toggle the dos compatibility flag     

d delete a partition 注:这是删除一个分区的动作;     

l list known partition types 注:l是列出分区类型,以供我们设置相应分区的类型;     

m print this menu 注:m 是列出帮助信息;     

n add a new partition 注:添加一个分区;     

o create a new empty DOS partition table     

p print the partition table 注:p列出分区表;     

q quit without saving changes 注:不保存退出;     

s create a new empty Sun disklabel     

t change a partition's system id 注:t 改变分区类型;     

u change display/entry units     

v verify the partition table     

w write table to disk and exit 注:把分区表写入硬盘并退出;     

x extra functionality (experts only) 注:扩展应用,专家功能; 



Command (m for help): d

Partition number (1-4): 1



Command (m for help): n

Command action

e extended

p primary partition (1-4) 


Partition number (1-4): 1

First cylinder (1-522, default 1): 

Using default value 1

Last cylinder, +cylinders or +size{K,M,G} (1-522, default 522): +3500M



Command (m for help): n

Command action

e extended

p primary partition (1-4) 

Partition number (1-4): 2

First cylinder (193-522, default 193): 

Using default value 193

Last cylinder, +cylinders or +size{K,M,G} (193-522, default 522): 

Using default value 522



Command (m for help): t

Partition number (1-4): 1

Hex code (type L to list codes): b

Changed system type of partition 1 to b (W95 FAT32)



Command (m for help): t

Partition number (1-4): 2

Hex code (type L to list codes): 83


Command (m for help): a

Partition number (1-4): 1

Command (m for help): w




mkfs.vfat -F 32 -n BT5 /dev/sdb1 

mkfs.ext3 -b 4096 -L casper-rw /dev/sdb2





mkdir /mnt/sdb1 

mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1



cd /mnt/sdb1 

rsync -r /cdrom/* .





syslinux /dev/sdb1

这使得驱动是可引导的,但由于我们使用的是文件从syslinux isolinux与他们将被命名为不正确和错误位置。我们可以很容易地修复,用以下命令

cp -r isolinux syslinux

cp syslinux/isolinux.cfg syslinux/syslinux.cfg

cp syslinux/isolinux.bin syslinux/syslinux.bin



nano syslinux/syslinux.cfg


default vesamenu.c32
prompt 0
timeout 300

menu title BackTrack Live CD
menu background splash.png
menu color title 1;37;44 #c0ffffff #00000000 std

  menu label BackTrack Text - Default Boot Text Mode
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz text splash vga=791--

  menu label BackTrack Stealth - No Networking enabled
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrds.gz text splash staticip vga=791--

  menu label BackTrack Forensics - No Drive or Swap Mount
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrdf.gz text splash vga=791--

label NODRM
  menu label BackTrack noDRM - No DRM Drivers
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz text splash nomodeset vga=791--

label debug
  menu label BackTrack Debug - Safe Mode
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz text--

label memtest
  menu label BackTrack Memtest - Run memtest
  kernel /isolinux/memtest
  append -

label hd
  menu label Hard Drive Boot - boot the first hard disk
  localboot 0x80
  append -


default vesamenu.c32
prompt 0
timeout 300

menu title BackTrack Live CD
menu background splash.png
menu color title 1;37;44 #c0ffffff #00000000 std

  menu label BackTrack Persistent Text - Persistent Text Mode Boot
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper persistent initrd=/casper/initrd.gz text splash vga=791--

label text
  menu label BackTrack Text - Boot Text Mode
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz text splash vga=791--

  menu label BackTrack Stealth - No Networking enabled
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrds.gz text splash staticip vga=791--

  menu label BackTrack Forensics - No Drive or Swap Mount
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrdf.gz text splash vga=791--

label NODRM
  menu label BackTrack noDRM - No DRM Drivers
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz text splash nomodeset vga=791--

label debug
  menu label BackTrack Debug - Safe Mode
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append  file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz text--

label memtest
  menu label BackTrack Memtest - Run memtest
  kernel /isolinux/memtest
  append -

label hd
  menu label Hard Drive Boot - boot the first hard disk
  localboot 0x80
  append -



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«Η ανάγκη έγινε πιο επιτακτική και κρίσιμη εξαιτίας των απειλών στη Συρία αλλά και των εξελίξεων στην ανατ. Μεσόγειο, το Αιγαίο και τη Μαύρη Θάλασσα», δήλωσε σήμερα ο Τούρκος πρόεδρος, Ρετζέπ Ταγίπ Ερντογάν στα εγκαίνια της κορβέτας ‘Ορίζοντας’ (Ufuk Α-591) στα ναυπηγεία της Τούζλα, έξω από την Κωνσταντινούπολη, όπως μεταδίδει η ανταποκρίτρια του ΣΙΓΜΑ, Μαρία Ζαχαράκη. 
«Ο ναυτιλιακός τομέας έχει καταγράψει αξιοθαύμαστη πρόοδο τα τελευταία 16 χρόνια. Την επόμενη περίοδο θα ανεβάσουμε τον πήχη της επιτυχίας ακόμη πιο ψηλά. Ένας από τους πιο σημαντικούς κρίκους του έργου μας MİLGEM (Εθνικά Πλοία) υλοποιήθηκε. Είναι το πρώτο πλοίο πληροφοριών της χώρας μας» είπε ο Τούρκος πρόεδρος παρουσιάζοντας τη νέα εγχώρια κορβέτα που εντάσσεται στο πολεμικό ναυτικό της Τουρκίας.
Όπως ανέφερε η ανάγκη για ανάπτυξη της αμυντικής βιομηχανίας της Τουρκίας έγινε ακόμη πιο επιτακτική εξαιτίας των εξελίξεων σε Συρία, ανατολική Μεσόγειο, Αιγαίο και Μαύρη Θάλασσα. «Η Τουρκία με την εθνική ασφάλεια που έχει αναπτύξει αυτή την περίοδο έχει γκρεμίσει τις ελπίδες κάποιων. Έχουμε αυξήσει τον αριθμό UAV και SİHA (μη επανδρωμένα αεροχήματα) και παρέχουν ασύμμετρη ισχύ στις μονάδες ασφαλείας μας για την παρακολούθηση και την εξουδετέρωση τρομοκρατών. Έχουμε κάνει τις μονάδες ασφαλείας και πληροφοριών μας πολύ ισχυρές, ενισχύοντάς τες τόσο με ανθρώπινο δυναμικό όσο και με τεχνολογική υποδομή. Η Τουρκία είναι μια χώρα που υπέφερε από την εξωτερική εξάρτηση που είχε σε όπλα, πυρομαχικά και στρατιωτικό εξοπλισμό. Στα χέρια των δολοφόνων στη βόρεια Συρία που προβαίνουν σε εθνικές εκκαθαρίσεις υπάρχουν πύραυλοι, βόμβες και πυρομαχικά συμμάχων μας», δήλωσε ο Ταγίπ Ερντογάν ‘φωτογραφίζοντας’ τις ΗΠΑ.

          Η Γερμανία και η Γαλλία θα ασκήσουν από κοινού την προεδρία του Συμβουλίου Ασφαλείας του ΟΗΕ τον Μάρτιο και τον Απρίλιο του 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
Το Συμβούλιο Ασφαλείας των Ηνωμένων Εθνών αποτελείται από πέντε μόνιμα μέλη (Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες της Αμερικής, Γαλλία, Λαϊκή Δημοκρατία της Κίνας, Ρωσική Ομοσπονδία, Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο της Μεγάλης Βρετανίας και Βόρειας Ιρλανδίας) και δέκα εκλεγμένα μέλη από τη Γενική Συνέλευση (σήμερα: Ισημερινή Γουινέα, Κουβέιτ, Περού, Πολωνία και Ινδονησία που εκλέχτηκαν για το 2018 και το 2019 και η Δομινικανή Δημοκρατία, η Γερμανία, η Ινδονησία, η Νότια Αφρική και το Βέλγιο που εκλέχτηκαν για το 2019 και το 2020).

Η προεδρία του Συμβουλίου καθίσταται μηνιαία, εναλλακτικά, σε ένα από τα μέλη της. Το χρονοδιάγραμμα του 2019 προβλέπει ότι θα ασκηθεί το Μάρτιο από τη Γαλλία και τον Απρίλιο από τη Γερμανία.

Σε ένα κοινό βίντεο, η Γερμανία και η Γαλλία ανακοίνωσαν ότι θα ασκήσουν από κοινού αυτή την προεδρία.

Συγκεκριμένα, ο ένας ή ο άλλος από τους μόνιμους εκπροσώπους ή από τους παρελκομένους του θα μπορούν να προεδρεύσουν τις συνεδριάσεις· οι δύο πρεσβευτές θα υπογράψουν από κοινού τις "προεδρικές δηλώσεις" (δηλ. τις δηλώσεις του Συμβουλίου που δεν έχουν νομική αξία) · και θα προετοιμάσουν από κοινού τις συνεδρίασης γενικού προβληματισμού που κάθε κράτος που ασκεί την Προεδρία εξουσιοδοτείται να οργανώσει.

Οι πρεσβευτές μπορούν ανά πάσα στιγμή να αντικατασταθούν από τον Υπουργό Εξωτερικών τους και, για τη Γερμανία, από την Καγκελάριό της, για τη Γαλλία από τον Πρόεδρο της Δημοκρατίας της.

Είναι η πρώτη φορά που δύο κράτη αποφάσισαν να ασκήσουν από κοινού την προεδρία του Συμβουλίου Ασφαλείας. Με τον τρόπο αυτό, υποστηρίζουν αμοιβαία την εξωτερική πολιτική τους.

Η Γερμανία και η Γαλλία ανέπτυξαν κοινές στρατιωτικές δυνάμεις στο Σαχέλ, στο πλαίσιο μιας επιχείρησης των ΗΠΑ που επικυρώθηκε από το G5-Σαχέλ (Μαυριτανία, Μάλι, Μπουρκίνα Φάσο, Νίγηρας, Τσαντ). Η επίσημη αποστολή τους είναι αποκλειστικά η καταπολέμηση της τρομοκρατίας, ωστόσο, στις 5 και 6 Φεβρουαρίου 2019, παρενέβησαν για να εξοντώσουν τους αντιπάλους του Προέδρου του Τσαντ, Idress Deby.

Περαιτέρω, τα δύο κράτη έχουν επίσης αναπτύξει παράνομα ειδικές δυνάμεις στο συριακό έδαφος, στο έδαφος παράνομα κατεχόμενο από τις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες και τους επικουρικούς τους Κούρδους, δήθεν για την καταπολέμηση του Ντάες, και άλλων στο κυβερνείο της Ιντλίμπ, παράνομα κατεχόμενο από την Αλ Κάιντα.

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          Grading Elizabeth Warren's LGBTQ Record      Cache   Translate Page      
Politics, Election, Politicians, Democratic PartyPolitics

The Democrat and longtime champion of LGBTQ people has officially announced her 2020 presidential campaign.

UpdatedFebruary 09 2019 3:15 PM ESTElectionPoliticiansDemocratic PartyElizabeth WarrenTrudy Ring

With U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts officially announcing her 2020 presidential campaign Saturday, pundits are starting to debate whether this progressive Democrat is electable. There’s little to debate, however, about her support for LGBTQ rights— she has been a persistent champion.

Warren, a former Harvard Law School professor who helped establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has a long record of speaking out and working for all those who are underdogs — women, people of color, the economically disadvantaged — and LGBTQ people have definitely figured in her activism, which has an intersectional nature.

The senator, who began her second term this year, received a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Congressional Scorecard for her first term, which began in 2013. That reflects such positions as her cosponsorship of the Equality Act and other antidiscrimination bills, and her opposition to Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominees — Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh — as well as other anti-LGBTQ Trump nominees.

In 2017, the confirmation hearings on Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, produced one of Warren’s signature moments. Sessions, a longtime U.S. senator and, before that, an Alabama state official, has a long history of homophobia and has also been accused of racism. To highlight the latter point, Warren started reading the Senate a letter written to the body in 1986 by civil rights activist Coretta Scott King, urging senators to reject Sessions’s nomination as a federal judge because of his history of suppressing and intimidating black voters.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to cut her off, but, as he famously said, “Nevertheless, she persisted.” McConnell finally invoked a rule that forced Warren to stop, but the hashtag #ShePersisted became widely used in Warren’s honor. Sessions did get confirmed as attorney general (he had been rejected for the federal judgeship in 1986, by the way), but he’s now been ousted by Trump, who apparently considered him insufficiently loyal.

Warren has been persisting on social justice issues, including LGBTQ rights, for many years. In 2011, when she was beginning her first Senate campaign, she came out strongly for marriage equality, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (predecessor to the Equality Act), and measures to combat bullying in schools. “No one — no one — should be discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or religion,” she said at the time.

In March 2012, when President Obama was still “evolving” in his views on marriage equality, Warren said it was time for him to become fully evolved. “I want to see the president evolve because I believe that is right; marriage equality is morally right,” Warren told the Washington Blade. Two months later, the president expressed unequivocal support for marriage equality. He went on to be reelected in November, when Warren was elected to her first Senate term, beating Republican incumbent Scott Brown.

The 2012 campaign also featured an exception to Warren's pro-LGBTQ record, when she said that the court-ordered gender-confirmation surgery for a transgender prisoner was not a good use of tax dollars. Granted, the order was highly controversial, partly because the inmate was a convicted murderer. Three years later, in 2015, she was declining to say if her views had changed. Still, she has otherwise expressed strong support for the rights of trans people.

Her first year in office was marked by a speech to fellow senators urging them to pass ENDA, which would have banned workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. “This week we have a chance to vote on a law that is a measure of who we are as a people and what kind of world we want to build,” she said. “I believe in a world where equal means equal, and that is why I will be voting  to outlaw employment discrimination against my neighbors and my friends.” The Senate passed ENDA that year, but the bill never came to a vote in the House. The now-pending Equality Act includes the employment provisions of ENDA as well as bans on discrimination in housing, credit, and other areas.

Warren’s outspokenness on LGBTQ rights continued. In the summer of 2015, she wrote a commentary piece for Time magazine praising the Supreme Court’s recent marriage equality ruling. When looking at this equal marriage decision, Chief Justice John Roberts asserts that the Constitution ‘had nothing to do with it,’” she wrote. “He’s wrong. Our Constitution had everything to do with it — with the liberty of two adults to have their love treated the same as that of any other couple. And it is because of the tireless work of jurists, lawyers, husbands like Jim Obergefell, and countless other LGBT Americans who stepped forward to speak out, that our nation will no longer look away from what our Constitution requires.”

More recently, she has denounced Trump’s attempts to bar transgender people from the military, supported efforts to classify conversion therapy as fraud, and called for an end to discrimination against gay and bisexual men who wish to donate blood. When she announced earlier this year that she was forming the exploratory committee, making her the first Democrat to do so in this election cycle, she released a video that highlighted LGBTQ concerns and featured same-sex couples.

In January, she gave her first post-announcement interview to out MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow. The lengthy conversation dealt primarily with economic issues, the corruption of Trump's administration, and foreign policy. Watch it in three parts below.

          ไมโครซอฟท์แจกเกม State of Decay ฟรีให้ผู้ทดสอบ Windows Insider       Cache   Translate Page      

ไมโครซอฟท์ออก Windows 10 Insider Build 18334 ที่ไม่มีของใหม่มากนัก (เพราะเริ่มสุดรอบการพัฒนาแล้ว ก่อนออกตัวจริงในเดือนหน้า) แต่มีแจกเกม State of Decay ให้กลุ่มผู้ทดสอบ Windows Insider กันฟรีๆ ด้วย

State of Decay เป็นเกมแนวเอาตัวรอดจากซอมบี้ที่ออกบน Xbox 360 เมื่อปี 2013 โดยเป็นผลงานของบริษัท Undead Labs ที่ถูกไมโครซอฟท์ซื้อกิจการในปี 2018 และเกมถูกรีมาสเตอร์ใหม่เป็น Year-One Survival Edition ลงทั้ง Xbox One และพีซีในปี 2015 (เวอร์ชันที่แจกคือเวอร์ชันนี้)

ไมโครซอฟท์อธิบายว่าแจกเกม State of Decay ให้ผู้เล่นทดลองติดตั้งและรันเกม เพื่อนำข้อมูลไปปรับแต่งให้ Windows 10 เหมาะสมกับการเล่นเกมมากยิ่งขึ้น

กระบวนการติดตั้งต้องทำบน Windows Insider Build และต้องใช้ Xbox Live Gamertag แถมยังมีจำนวนจำกัด ใครที่รัน Insider อยู่แล้วและอยากได้เกมฟรี ก็อ่านวิธีการได้จากที่มา

ที่มา - Windows Insider Blog

          STEEL PANTHER Drummer Says 'Pussy Melter' Controversy Was 'Best-Ever Marketing Campaign Anyone Could Have Hoped For'      Cache   Translate Page      
STEEL PANTHER drummer Stix Zadinia and guitarist Satchel have once again defended their group against criticism over the guitar effect preset called "Pussy Melter", saying that "people should take the time to look a little deeper into things before they start kicking up a storm." Last July, TC Electronic stopped advertising the "Pussy Melter" after a number of musicians blasted the Danish audio company for using sexist language to title the TonePrint. BRAIDS' Raphaelle Standell-Preston and JAPANESE BREAKFAST's Michelle Zauner are among the female musicians who objected to the name and description of the effect, and a petition to remove the product was started by musician Jessica Fennelly. Following the outcry, the company discontinued the effect, designed by Satchel. TC Electronic also issued a statement, saying: "We recognize that the material was inappropriate... We sincerely apologize." In August, STEEL PANTHER announced that it was bringing the "Pussy Melter" moniker back for a new standalone guitar pedal, which they are selling themselves. It comes with knobs labeled "Dirty," "Sizzle," "Booty" and "Load," and is being marketed to "guitarists of all genders," according to a press release. Asked in a new interview with Ireland's Overdrive if he thinks "people just need to relax and stop being so dramatic," Satchel said: "People are way too sensitive now. We live in an age of social media and people react to things so quickly before they do any research. They just see shit and they react, and that's exactly what happened with that girl. I can't remember her name right now. I think the band was called BRAIDS or something like that… Anyway, she saw the foot pedal and it was her first reaction which was, 'This shouldn't be here and let's make it go away.' She didn't know what we were about at all. "That's part of the problem of the age we're now living in," he continued. "People should take the time to look a little deeper into things before they start kicking up a storm. Perhaps if people take a moment to try to understand things then they might find the humor in life and learn to laugh off certain situations." Added Stix: "The irony about this whole situation is, had she just seen it and said, 'That's not for me,' this whole thing would have gone away, started and stopped right away. Honestly, that pedal had been already out for a full year and when she started getting all pissed about it, she brought so much attention to it and, in turn, created the best-ever marketing campaign anyone could have hoped for. Her actions created a situation that was more than a guitar pedal. People began to react to her by saying, 'Hey, just because you don't like it doesn't mean I don't like it.' It just turned into this huge thing and I'm just so grateful that she handled it the way she handled it because it really shone a light about this über-sensitive generation of people that are constantly being offended by just about everything these days." Satchel concurred, saying: "I also feel that we came out on the right side of that whole situation." Continued Stix: 'We talked about the best way to respond to this situation. We could have easily gone, 'Well, fuck you,' but that would have just made things more complicated." "We just let our fans go crazy instead," Satchel chimed in. The drummer went on to say: "It was amazing to see the reaction from all over the world. Our fans and even people that are not into STEEL PANTHER all rallied together and became fans because they wanted to defend the right to freedom of choice." Satchel recalled: "When it got so heated, there were so many people that wanted to buy the 'Pussy Melter' as a direct protest to anyone that tries to tell them what to do. It was a direct action against these type of over-sensitive people that expect everyone else to like what they like and basically live how they choose to live their lives. It was amazing to see." Asked if they thought about sending a card to Standell-Preston to thank her for the free publicity for "Pussy Melter", Stix said: "We also thought about that and it would have cost us 67 cents to send, and at the end of the day, fuck that. [Laughs]"

          Who Is Patrick Mahomes' Girlfriend? Details About Brittany Matthews      Cache   Translate Page      
Photo: instagram
Who Is NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes' Girlfriend Brittany Matthews?

Back in October, Kansas City Chiefs fans were dazzled by a play involving 23-year-old quarterback and NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs were playing The Denver Broncos in a game which they ultimately won 27-23.

According to USA Today, Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller was on Mahomes’ tail when he made the split-second decision to throw the ball to Tyreek Hill … with his left hand.

Mahomes is right-handed and known to have an impressive throwing arm; his father, Pat Mahomes, is a former MLB pitcher. It seems that he is genetically gifted and apparently ambidextrous. The play occurred in the fourth quarter for a first down on what turned out to be the game-saving drive for the Chiefs.

Now Mahomes is back in the news after a video he posted of himself playing a pickup basketball game went viral on Instagram.

As reported in USA Today, "Chiefs general manager Brett Veach revealed in a radio interview that he called Mahomes’ agent immediately after seeing the video, which had gone viral on social media. For the Chiefs, the possibility of Mahomes injuring himself playing a different sport was unacceptable, and Veach promised fans that there would be 'no more basketball for Pat.'"

Poor guy.

Before signing with the Chiefs in 2017, Mahomes played football at Texas Tech University. Throughout high school in Whitehouse, Texas, he was a jack-of-all-sports with promising skills in football, baseball, and basketball. It was back then that he met his other half, Brittany Matthews (his girlfriend to this day).

RELATED: 5 Inspiring Facts About Mara Martin, The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Who Walked The Runway Breastfeeding Her Baby

It’s no secret that Patrick Mahomes, while young, has impressive talent on the field and deserves his place as starting quarterback for the Chiefs. He’s earning his keep, too, with a four year, $16.4 million starting contract and a $10 million signing bonus. Mahomes seems to be navigating the fame and fortune with ease and has his long-time girlfriend to support him.

Who is Patrick Mahomes' girlfriend? Here are 4 details about Brittany Matthews, the girlfriend behind one of the most talked-about quarterbacks in the NFL.

1. The two attended different colleges.

While Mahomes played football at Texas Tech, Brittany Matthews signed for soccer at UT Tyler. Despite their schools’ rivalry, the two decided to stay together and make the relationship work throughout school. During Matthews’ time at UT Tyler, she made the ASC Academic All-Conference team. She was also named the American Southwest Conference Offensive Player of the Week twice.

2. She’s a pro athlete, too.

          Oscar Drama      Cache   Translate Page      
The lack of a host is the least of the drama that goes on behind the Academy Awards For Motion Pictures (the Oscars).

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I need an application that decrypte Adx files. The app must contains a simple windows to select files or directory. You find attached an example for a decrypted file (SUBSOH) and another file that i need... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Cryptography, Encryption, Scripting, Software Architecture, Windows Desktop)
          ‘Like It or Not, We Have Lost’: Retired US General Concedes Afghan Defeat      Cache   Translate Page      

“The Taliban are the victors,” says retired US Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc, who saw 69 of his soldiers killed in Afghanistan. “We just haven’t figured that out yet.”

Absorbing the fact that the US has lost militarily in Afghanistan will be a "bitter pill" for the soldiers he fought with, Bolduc told Yahoo News Friday.

"They did what they were asked, they did the right thing, and they watched their teammates get maimed, get killed, and because of the failure of our policymakers and our senior military leaders, they're going to have to swallow this pill," he said.

The retired Special Forces officer says he has the dog tags of all 69 men who were lost during his five years in Afghanistan as a token to remind him of the "price for bad policy and strategy."

Retired US Maj. Gen. Jeff Schloesser, who commanded the 101st Airborne Division in Afghanistan from early 2008 through mid-2009, tells the outlet, "I lost 184 soldiers there."

Yahoo noted that in the event the US had accepted a Taliban surrender at the end of 2001, "maybe it would have concluded on our terms then," says Bolduc. "Now it's concluding on the Taliban's terms."

"The Afghan military can't win without our airpower right over their shoulder and our guys standing next to them pushing them into the fight. They get their asses handed to them every time they fight the Taliban," said Bolduc.

Afghan Air Force airstrikes reportedly killed three Taliban militants on Friday, however, including the movement's intelligence chief Mullah Ahmad, Sputnik reported. Ahmad was reported to be responsible for planning attacks in Afghanistan's Helmand province, TOLOnews reported, citing Afghan army officials.

This week, Taliban and Afghan officials held peace talks in Moscow organized by an Afghan diaspora group in Russian capital. At the intra-Afghan consultations, Abdul Salam Hanafi, deputy chief of the Taliban's lone political office in Doha, Qatar, told Sputnik News, "Yes, the Americans told us that half of their troops will be withdrawn starting in the beginning of February until the end of April."

Hanafi also reiterated the Taliban's rallying call that foreign forces should not be present in Afghanistan.

The original mission in Afghanistan was to kill or apprehend the alleged perpetrators of the 911 attacks. This original attack/mission could have been avoided since the Taliban were willing to hand over the Al Qaeda people if the FBI provided evidence linking them to the crime. Neither of these things ever happened.

And if we consider the success of the original military mission, we can see that Al Qaeda was kicked out of Afghanistan by early 2002. The mission was over at that time. Furthermore, the alleged leader of Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, had died in December 2001, but this was covered up so the US had a terrorist threat they could use to excuse the attack on Iraq in 2003.

The entire pursuit of Al Qaeda terrorists was largely misguided since the attacks of 911 were an inside job. The forsensic evidence from the World Trade Centre clearly shows inside involvement. The real threat to the US came from the inside:

911 Truth ~ Experts Speak Out

And when it comes to identifying those that organised this false flag attack there is a lot of material revealing who were involved, who covered it up, and why:

911 and War by Deception

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          Eastern Libyan Forces Take Over Oilfield in Challenge to UN-Backed Govt in Tripoli       Cache   Translate Page      

Libya's largest oil field has fallen to forces based in the East of the country, loyal to the commander of the national army, Khalifa Haftar. That's after clashes with the rival UN-backed government in the capital Tripoli.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, February 10th, 2019.]
          UK Police Now Investigating Five Suspects in Skripal Poisoning – Report      Cache   Translate Page      

Reports are now emerging that Britain's security services have identified 5 suspects in the nerve agent attack on a former Russian double agent Skripal & his daughter in March of last year.

A web on misinformation being generated by the UK secret services. The fundamental problem with the case is that the nerve agent used should have been much more potent than what we saw in reality. Such a clumsy operation, right before the Russian elections, would never have been allowed, and it breaks with the agreements between countries on swapping spies. What happened make no sense unless this is a Western false flag attempt to smear Russia.   

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, February 10th, 2019.]
          NYTimes Journo Melts Down On Joe Rogan's Show      Cache   Translate Page      

Wow. Rogan exposes the NYT when talking about Tulsi Gabbard. Unbelievable.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, February 10th, 2019.]

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, February 10th, 2019.]
          Tom Fitton: Southern Border Has to be Secured w/ Military--Civilian Personnel NOT Enough      Cache   Translate Page      

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on "The Lars Larson Show" to discuss President Trump's remarks on border security and illegal immigration.


Shock poll: Democratic swing districts back wall, Trump immigration offer

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          Banksters - William Black Tells the Real Truth      Cache   Translate Page      

Describes fraud and liers loans in the economic crisis.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, February 10th, 2019.]
          Tucker Takes on America's Fight Over Identity Politics      Cache   Translate Page      

Stacey Abrams delivers Democratic rebuttal during State of the Union, pens article on democracy and identity politics.

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          USA Cold Warning, DMI Greenland Ice Feed Cut, Pakistan Record Snow (Adapt 2030)      Cache   Translate Page      

Superfreeze 2.0 grips the USA, record snow in Pakistan with runoff expected to fill long dry riverbeds, 3000 years dry and Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) removes Greenland Ice Mass Budget because of too much ice growth. Arctic ice continues to rebound to 2004-2013 levels.

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          "Они смешат весь мир!.." - Киев "запретил" Крыму Черноморский флот...      Cache   Translate Page      

20 самых необычных спальных мешков мешок, спальный

          Вот куда ушли деньги от Пенсионной Реформы! Зарплаты чиновников шокируют!      Cache   Translate Page      

20 самых необычных спальных мешков мешок, спальный

          Бузова ЖЕСТКО поставила Пугачеву на место! "Знай своё место, старушка!" Малахов упал!      Cache   Translate Page      

20 самых необычных спальных мешков мешок, спальный

          Истребители США и России сцепились в схватке: Финал поразил всех!      Cache   Translate Page      

20 самых необычных спальных мешков мешок, спальный

          Арашуков «сдал» ЦРУ Путина и факт обмена золотого запаса Венесуэлы из хранилищ на €1.5 млрд!      Cache   Translate Page      

20 самых необычных спальных мешков мешок, спальный

          Народ не поверил обещаниям Путина! Конфуз на конференции президента!      Cache   Translate Page      

20 самых необычных спальных мешков мешок, спальный

          КЕЙСИ НЕ ОШИБСЯ! Эдгар Кейси: Прогноз на 2019 год      Cache   Translate Page      

20 самых необычных спальных мешков мешок, спальный

          Un trap dedicado a Maradona      Cache   Translate Page      

Diego Maradona debe tener el récord de canciones dedicadas. Hay de rock, cuarteto cumbia, melódicas... Del ritmo que uno se pueda imaginar. Hasta de los que van apareciendo porque ahora el Diez tiene una canción en el género urbano que va ganando adeptos entre los jóvenes: el trap. El cantante colombiano oriundo de Medellín llamado Gaviria dio a conocer su nuevo tema que cuenta con un estribillo pegadizo: "Me puse la 10 como Maradona". Acá tenés el link para escucharlo. ¿Qué te pareció?

Mirá también: Lo echaron por patear una pelota

Mirá también: Casi 25 años después...

          LISTEN      Cache   Translate Page      




listen, the snow is falling

          Χαμός στο Survivor! Πιάστηκαν στα Χέρια Έλληνες και Τούρκοι – Διεκόπη το Παιχνίδι… - Βίντεο      Cache   Translate Page      
Πανικός στον αγωνιστικό χώρο – Είδαν τα βίντεο και ζήτησαν εξηγήσεις οι παρουσιαστές…
Χαμός επικράτησε στο σημερινό αγώνισμα του Survivor. Έλληνες και Τούρκοι ήρθαν στα χέρια μετά από παρεξήγηση που δημιουργήθηκε μεταξύ του Βασίλη Σίμου και του Hikmet Tugsuz.
Ο Σπύρος Γουρδούπης πήρε τη νίκη και ο Βασίλης Σίμος εισέβαλλε στον αγωνιστικό χώρο για να πανηγυρίσει. Μπροστά του, όμως, βρισκόταν ο Hikmet, με αποτέλεσμα ο Βασίλης να τον σπρώξει, ίσως άθελά του.
Ο Τούρκος παίκτης έγινε πραγματικά… Τούρκος και ζήτησε τον λόγο από τον παίκτη της ελληνικής ομάδας. Μάλιστα, δεν δίστασε να σπρώξει τον Σίμο μπροστά σε όλους και κάπου εκεί παραλίγο να ξεφύγει η κατάσταση, καθώς επικράτησε αναστάτωση για αρκετά δευτερόλεπτα.
Αμέσως μπήκαν όλοι στη μέση για να ηρεμήσουν τα πνεύματα και μάλιστα διεκόπη και ο αγώνας, προκειμένου να δουν οι υπεύθυνοι τα βίντεο, όπως χαρακτηριστικά είπε και ο Acun Ilicali.
Οι δύο παίκτες έδωσαν εξηγήσεις στους δύο παρουσιαστές και αμέσως έδωσαν και τα χέρια.

Φώτο   Ρεπορτάζ    Ρεπόρτερ  Sakis 

          Τo Απίστευτο Κόλπο Ιδιοκτήτη Καφέ για να Πείσει τους Πελάτες του να Είναι Ευγενικοί      Cache   Translate Page      
Τo απίστευτο κόλπο ιδιοκτήτη καφέ για να πείσει τους πελάτες του να είναι ευγενικοί |
Ο ιδιοκτήτης αυτοιύ του καφέ είναι κάτι μοναδικό… Ο baristas, Austin Simms από την περιοχή Roanoke της Βιρτζίνια εκτιμάει, και έχει τον τρόπο να το αποδείξει, τους καλούς τρόπους. Ο τρόπος με τον οποίο οι άνθρωποι αντιμετωπίζουν ο ένας τον άλλον είναι σημαντικός, και ο Austin θέλησε αυτό να το υπενθυμίσει σε όλους. Απλά δεν ήξερε ότι θα γίνει διάσημος γι ‘αυτό σε όλον τον κόσμο…
Ως baristas στην καφετέρια CUPS, ο Austin συνήθιζε να εξυπηρετεί με ένα χαμόγελο όλους τους πελάτες του. Δυστυχώς, φάνηκε ότι αρκετοί από αυτούς όμως δεν τον αντιμετώπιζαν με τον ίδιο τρόπο. Ο ίδιος έχανε συχνά τα όριά του με τους αγενείς πελάτες του μαγαζιού, οπότε αποφάσισε να βάλει μία πινακίδα μπροστά στην είσοδο για να τους υπενθυμίζει πόσο σημαντικοί είναι οι ευγενικοί τρόποι.
Ο Austin δημιούργησε μια νέα τιμολογιακή πολιτική και την ανακοίνωσε στους πελάτες. Είναι ένα απλό μήνυμα, που όμως επρόκειτο να προσελκύσει την προσοχή χιλιάδων ανθρώπων:
«Έναν μικρό καφέ», 5 δολάρια.
«Έναν μικρό καφέ, παρακαλώ», 3 δολάρια.
«Γεια σας, θα ήθελα έναν μικρό καφέ, παρακαλώ», 1,75 δολάριο.
Προς μεγάλη έκπληξη του Austin, η φωτογραφία της πινακίδας έγινε αμέσως viral. Φάνηκε έτσι ότι πολλοί άνθρωποι ταυτίστηκαν μαζί του και ο τρόπος που περνούσε το μήνυμα, χάριζε άφθονο γέλιο σε όσους έβλεπαν την πινακίδα. «Αποφάσισα να αρχίσω να χρεώνω περισσότερο τους ανθρώπους που δεν είχαν τον ελάχιστο χρόνο να πουν ένα «γεια» και να συνειδητοποιήσουν ότι είμαστε όλοι άνθρωποι, ακόμη και αν είμαστε πίσω από τον πάγκο», δήλωσε ο Simms στο WDBJ.
Η δημιουργικότητα και το μήνυμα πίσω από την πινακίδα του Austin θα ενθαρρύνει τον κόσμο να λέει ένα «γεια» και να αντιμετωπίζει τους ανθρώπους με χαμόγελο. Η στρατηγική του πέρα από όλα αυτά, αποδείχθηκε και απίστευτη διαφήμιση για το καφέ!
Το απλό αλλά δημιουργικό μήνυμα του Austin πρέπει να εφαρμοστεί σε όλες τις επιχειρήσεις!
Δείτε το βίντεο:

Φώτο   Ρεπορτάζ    Ρεπόρτερ   Επιστήμονας 

          Cão ‘não aceita ser abandonado’ e segue o dono de carro; veja vídeo      Cache   Translate Page      
Um vídeo feito nas proximidades do lago Ming, em Bakersfield (Califórnia, EUA) mostrou o momento em que um homem abandonou o seu labrador em uma rua de área mais isolada. Toda a ação foi registrada por um outro motorista. “Esse cara está abandonando o cão bem aqui”, diz o autor das imagens.

Inicialmente, o dono do cão parecia ter levado o animal para brincar. Porém, pouco depois, ele partiu de volta para o carro e deixou o cão sozinho. O animal, entretanto, fiel ao dono que o abandonara, correu atrás do carro. Nãose sabe como a história terminou.


Fonte: Aratu Online

          VIDEO: Hace mexicano Donovan Carrillo historia en patinaje; primero en lograr ''triple axel''      Cache   Translate Page      
El Four Continents Championship, evento avalado por la Federación Internacional de Patinaje Artístico (ISU), se convirtió en una competencia especial para México, gracias a Donovan Carrillo.

El patinador se convirtió en el primer mexicano en la historia en lograr un “triple axel”, un complicado salto que consiste en brincar con un pie, dar tres giros y medio, y aterrizar en un pie.

En dicho evento, Donovan finalizó en la posición 14, lo que además le dio su boleto para el Campeonato Mundial de Patinaje Artístico de Saitama, Japón, del 18 al 24 de marzo de 2019.

“Se siente increíble, especialmente porque México no es un país de patinaje artístico”, declaró Carrillo en el 2018 cuando llegó a la final del Mundial pasado.

          Vídeo falso de simulação de rompimento de barragem em Jacobina deixa pessoas preocupadas      Cache   Translate Page      

Nesta sexta-feira, 08 de fevereiro de 2019, começou a ser compartilhado em redes sociais e blogs um vídeo que supostamente simularia um rompimento de barragem de rejeitos da Yamana em Jacobina.

Segundo informações, este vídeo não é da mineradora de Jacobina e sim na verdade, da barragem da mina de Raposos em Minas Gerais, pertencente a Anglo Gold. Erroneamente, o vídeo também foi usado para simular o rompimento da barragem da Mirabela em Tagiba-BA. Veja clicando AQUI!

Fica o alerta, poi passar informações sem verificar a veracidade pode causar pânico desnecessário na população.
Fonte: Augusto Urgente!

          ΔΕΙΤΕ ΤΗΝ ΣΥΓΚΛΟΝΙΣΤΙΚΗ ΑΠΑΓΟΡΕΥΜΕΝΗ ομιλία του Νίκου Λυγερού στη Θήβα. ΒΙΝΤΕΟ      Cache   Translate Page      
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ΑΠΑΓΟΡΕΥΜΕΝΗ ομιλία Νίκος Λυγερός Θήβα 3-Φεβ-2018


           "Τόκαψε" ο Καμμένος χορεύει στα μπουζούκια μετά τη διάλυση της Κ.Ο των ΑΝΕΛ.ΒΙΝΤΕΟ      Cache   Translate Page      
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Πάλι στα μπουζούκια την έβγαλε ο Καμμένος
Πάλι στα μπουζούκια την έβγαλε ο "καημένος" ο Καμμένος μετά τη διάλυση της Κ.Ο των ΑΝΕΛ, εκτός αν είναι κάποιος που του μοιάζει…ΒΙΝΤΕΟ>>

           Η αλήθεια που «τινάζει» ολόκληρη την Τουρκία στον «αέρα» – Τι είπε χωρίς να το θέλει ο Α.Τσίπρας (ΒΙΝΤΕΟ). Του Κίμωνα Χαραλάμπους      Cache   Translate Page      
Η δήλωση που πρέπει να ερμηνευτεί επιτέλους σωστά! Συνέντευξη σε τουρκικό τηλεοπτικό κανάλι έδωσε ο Αλέξης Τσίπρας κατά την επίσκεψή του στην Τουρκία, όπως θα έχετε ήδη διαβάσει.  Χωρίς να το θέλει ή μάλλον για να εννοήσει κάτι άλλο, ο πρωθυπουργός, αναφερόμενος στις ελληνοτουρκικές σχέσεις, υπογράμμισε το πόσο μοιάζουν οι δύο λαοί, ο ελληνικός και ο τουρκικός.... Μιλώντας λοιπόν στο τουρκικό δίκτυο TGRT News, δήλωσε μεταξύ άλλων:  «Νομίζω πως σε αυτή την περιοχή έχουμε κοινή κουλτούρα, μουσική, ήχους, κουζίνα και γεύσεις. Για παράδειγμα, ο παππούς μου έχει γεννηθεί εδώ, στην Κωνσταντινούπολη. Εννοώ πως έχουμε πολλές ομοιότητες. Έχουμε διαφορετικές γλώσσες, αλλά έχουμε κοινό πολιτισμό. Έτσι πρέπει να ζούμε ειρηνικά και φιλικά μεταξύ μας».  Να ξεκαθαρίσουμε όμως κάποια πράγματα:  Ο κοινός πολιτισμός Ελλάδας και…
 Τουρκίας είναι ο ελληνικός, καθώς, ουσιαστικά, τουρκικός πολιτισμός δεν υπάρχει, ούτε κίνημα φιλότουρκων υπάρχει με την έννοια που υπάρχει εκείνο των ΦΙΛΕΛΛΗΝΩΝ.  Κάποιες κοινές συνήθειες, που δεν αφορούν το Ισλάμ, αλλά την καθημερινότητα κρατάνε από τα αρχαία χρόνια, χάρη στους εκατομμύρια ελληνογενείς, οι οποίοι υπάρχουν ακόμα στις μέρες μας, απόγονοι των Ιώνων (Γιουνανιστάν), παρά το γεγονός πως μιλούν διαφορετική γλώσσα και πολλοί από αυτούς, ενδεχόμενα, δεν γνωρίζουν (για την ώρα) την ελληνική καταγωγή τους.  Γι’ αυτό μοιάζουν τα χαρακτηριστικά των Ελλαδιτών με εκείνα πολιτών από την Τουρκία.  
Οι αυθεντικοί Τούρκοι προέρχονται από την Δυτική Κίνα και ονομάζονται Ουιγούροι έχοντας για έμβλημα την γαλάζια σημαία (βλ. τουρκικό δόγμα «γαλάζιας πατρίδας»). Διαβάστε οπωσδήποτε ΕΔΩ!   Τα ελληνικά χαρακτηριστικά «Τούρκων» αναδείχθηκαν, σε κάθε ελληνικό σπίτι, μέσα από τα «τουρκικά σίριαλ», κατά τα οποία πολλοί προφανώς σκέφτηκαν πως οι ηθοποιοί αυτοί θα μπορούσαν να είναι και Έλληνες.  Βγήκε και κάτι καλό από την εξάπλωση των τουρκικών σίριαλ στην Ελλάδα του φραπέ. Αρκεί κάποιος να το αναδείξει, όπως κάνουμε εμείς τώρα.  Και τότε γιατί δεν ζούμε ειρηνικά με τους Τούρκους, όπως προτρέπει ο Α.Τσίπρας, θα αναρωτηθεί κάποιος;  
Γιατί ο στόχος του τουρκικού κράτους δεν είναι η ανάδειξη της αλήθειας σε σχέση με την ελληνικότητα της ιστορίας, η οποία «σκεπάζει» τις δύο σημερινές χώρες, αλλά η επιβολή του ισλαμικού τουρκισμού σε ακόμα περισσότερα εδάφη.  
Όταν λοιπόν η Άγκυρα, βασισμένη στην τουρκική ιδεολογία, η οποία έχει επιβληθεί στους ελληνικούς, κουρδικούς, αρμένικους και λοιπούς πληθυσμούς της σημερινής Τουρκίας, επιδιώκει την σταδιακή απορρόφηση κι άλλων περιοχών πέρα των ελληνικών συνόρων, τότε το να μιλά κάποιος για «ειρηνική συνύπαρξη» αποτελεί το λιγότερο «ανοησία».  Όπως και να έχουν τα πράγματα, η δήλωση του πρωθυπουργού, παρότι έγινε με άλλη σκοπιμότητα, αν ερμηνευθεί σωστά, βάζει «φωτιά» σε όλο το οικοδόμημα της σημερινής Τουρκίας.       

          Κυριάκος Βελόπουλος: "ΔΕΝ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΠΡΟΔΟΤΕΣ ΑΥΤΟΙ ΠΟΥ ΕΔΩΣΑΝ ΤΟ ΟΝΟΜΑ ΤΗΣ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑΣ"!! Και Τι είναι ρε Κυριάκο; "Εθνικοί ευεργέτες;" Μας ΚΟΥΦΑΝΕΣ !! ΒΙΝΤΕΟ      Cache   Translate Page      

Μία δυσάρεστη έκπληξη (που αποτυπώθηκε σε Βίντεο) μας επιφύλαξε ο Κυριάκος Βελόπουλος (Πρόεδρος του Κόμματος Ελληνική Λύση) στην εκπομπή του Αιμίλιου Λιάτσου Kontra24 στις 7/2/2019, λέγοντας τα εξής:...
Δέν είναι Προδότες η Βουλευτές του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ που έδωσαν το Όνομα της Μακεδονίας!
"Κι εγώ έκανα λάθη και ζητάω συγνώμη, αλλά παρακαλώ πολύ την ιδεοληψία του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, να την σταματήσουν κάποια στιγμή, γιατί όποιοι διαφωνούν μαζί τους, δεν ειναι ούτε ακροδεξιοί, ούτε φασιστες, ούτε ναζιστές, όπως ΚΙ ΑΥΤΟΙ ΔΕΝ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΠΡΟΔΟΤΕΣ, ΠΟΥ ΕΔΩΣΑΝ ΤΟ ΟΝΟΜΑ ΤΗΣ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑΣ"!!!

"Kontra 24" με τον Αιμ.Λιάτσο 7 Φεβ.2019 | Kontra Channel Hellas

          구글 크롬 확장프로그램 삭제하기! 크롬 웹스토어 삭제 참고하세요      Cache   Translate Page      

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다양한 활용이 가능한 크롬 웹스토어! 

크롬 웹스토어에 다양한 앱들을 통해 크롬 브라우저에 다양한 변신을 줄 수 있습니다. 스마트폰 앱스토어를 설치하는 것과 똑같은 구조로 되어 있는데요. 크롬을 사용하면서도 웹스토어가 있는지도 모르는 분들도 많으니 한번 둘러 보시면 좋을 것 같습니다. 

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          Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition เอสยูวีตัวแรง 550 แรงม้า      Cache   Translate Page      
    ผู้ผลิตรถเอสยูวีสุดหรูระดับโลกอย่าง Land Rover ได้ทำการเปิดตัว Range Rover VelarSVAutobiography Dynamic Edition เอสยูวีสุดโฉบเฉี่ยวตัวแรงที่พัฒนาขึ้นโดยฝ่ายยานพาหนะสุดพิเศษของ Land Rover นั่นเอง

  Land Rover อธิบายว่าเจ้าคันนี้ถือเป็น "สุดยอดตัวแรงในสายการผลิตของ Velar" ภายใต้ชื่อพ่วงท้ายสุดยาวเฟื้อย SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition ตัวรถคันนี้จะมากับขุมพลังบล็อกใหญ่ที่สุดของบริษัท ด้วยเครื่องยนต์เบนซินความจุ 5.0 ลิตร Supercharged V8 รีดสมรรถนะออกมาได้สูงสุด 550 แรงม้า ซึ่งส่งผลให้รถคันนี้เป็นตัวแรงที่สุดของตระกูล Velar เลยก็ว่าได้ สามารถทำอัตราเร่งจาก 0-100 กม./ชม. ได้ในเวลา 4.5 วินาที และทะยานไปถึงความเร็วสูงสุดที่ 274 กม./ชม.

  นอกจากการติดตั้งเครื่องยนต์ V8 แล้ว Velar ตัวแรงคันนี้ยังมีการปรับปรุงระบบเบรกและช่วงล่างใหม่อีกด้วย และผู้ขับขี่ยังสามารถตั้งค่าการขับขี่ของรถได้ตามต้องการ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นในส่วนของระบบส่งกำลังและระบบความปลอดภัยของรถ ส่งผลต่อการปรับปรุงประสิทธิภาพทางไดนามิกของตัวรถที่ดีขึ้นและไม่กระทบต่อความสามารถในการขับขี่หรือความสะดวกสบายขณะลุยเส้นทางหฤโหดอันเป็นจุดขายของ Land Rover อยู่แล้ว

  Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition จะมากับล้ออลูมิเนียมฟอร์จขนาด 21 นิ้วเป็นมาตรฐาน (มีขอบ 22 นิ้วให้เลือกเป็นออปชั่นเสริม) ล้อสามารถรองรับชุดเบรกขนาดใหญ่ได้ โดยจานเบรกด้านหน้าและหลังจะมีขนาดขนาด 395 มม. และ 396 มม. ตามลำดับ และยังมีคาลิปเปอร์เบรคสีแดง (แบบ 4 สูบที่ด้านหน้าและแบบ Sliding ที่ด้านหลัง) บ่งบอกถึงความดุดันและความร้อนแรงตามสมรรถนะของรถ แต่สำหรับลูกค้าที่ไม่อยากให้โดดเด่นกันก็สามารถเลือกใช้คาลิปเปอร์เบรคสีดำเงาได้เช่นเดียวกัน

  สำหรับดีไซน์ภายนอกของ Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition มาพร้อมกับการออกแบบที่เป็นเอกลักษณ์ โดยมากับกันชนหน้าดีไซน์ใหม่พร้อมช่องระบายอากาศขนาดใหญ่ และกระจังหน้าใหม่ เช่นเดียวกับกันชนหลังที่ปรับปรุงใหม่โดยมาพร้อมกับท่อไอเสีย 4 ท่อ ตัวอักษร Range Rover ทั้งหน้าและหลังถูกดีไซน์ให้มีความโดดเด่นขึ้น ส่วนสีตัวถังคันนี้จะนำเสนอสีตัวถังสุดพิเศษ สีฟ้า Satin Byron Blue แบบผิวด้าน ตัดกับหลังคาสีดำ Narvik Black ซึ่งเป็นมาตรฐาน

   ภายในห้องโดยสารตกแต่งให้มีความสวยงามและหรูหรา มากับการตัดเย็บแบบตะเข็บคู่ ภายในตกแต่งเบาะนั่งด้วยหนังแบบ Windsor ที่มีให้เลือกทั้งแบบมีรูระบายอากาศหรือเป็นเบาะผิวเรียบ นอกจากนี้ยังมากับพวงมาลัย 4 ก้านดีไซน์เอกลักษณ์พร้อมแป้นเปลี่ยนเกียร์อลูมิเนียม แป้นคันเร่งแบบสปอร์ต แผ่นเพลทข้างตัวรถที่ทำจากโลหะพร้อมไฟส่องสว่าง เช่นเดียวกับปุ่มควบคุมเกียร์และปุ่มควบคุมระบบ Infotainment Touch Pro Duo ก็มีการตกแต่งใหม่เช่นเดียวกัน

   อุปกรณ์มาตรฐานที่ติดตั้งกับรถก็จะมีเบาะนั่งคู่หน้าปรับไฟฟ้ส 20 ทิศทาง ปรับร้อนและเย็นได้ พร้อม Memory และฟังก์ชั่นการนวด ชุดหน้าปัดดิจิตอล 12.3 นิ้วสำหรับรุ่น SVAutobiography Dynamic โดยเฉพาะ  และฟังก์ชั่นอื่นๆอีกมากมาย ลูกค้ายังสามารถเลือกสั่งซื้อการตกแต่งภายในด้วยวัสดุคาร์บอนไฟเบอร์ได้อีกด้วย

   Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition จะมีราคาเริ่มต้นสำหรับตลาดอังกฤษที่ 86,120 ปอนด์ (ประมาณ 3,508,000 บาท ไม่รวมภาษีสรรพสามิตในไทย)

ที่มา Carscoops


          PITY THE POOR MALTHUSIANS:      Cache   Translate Page      

          Una militante del PP carga en directo contra Iñaki López en 'LaSexta Noche'      Cache   Translate Page      
Una militante del PP, a Iñaki López en 'LaSexta Noche':

Iñaki López, presentador de LaSexta Noche, no sabía dónde se metía cuando pidió a su compañero Carlos Prado, reportero de la cadena, que preguntara a una de las militantes del PP que coreaban lemas dentro del autobús que les llevaba desde Vigo a Madrid para participar en la manifestación convocada por su partido y Ciudadanos para este domingo en la capital.

López quería saber cuáles iban a ser los lemas de la manifestación y consideró oportuno que la mujer "que lleva una chaqueta con brillantes" y que gritaba muy "dándolo todo" los repitiera en directo.

Iñaki López en 'LaSexta Noche'.

Y allí que fue el bueno de Prado, en busca de la efusiva militante del PP. Lo que ninguno de los dos esperaba era el comentario que hizo la mujer.

"Vamos, es que no soporto al presentador", dijo la señora, que argumentó su ataque a López. "A Paco Marhuenda [director de La Razón] nunca le dejan hablar y tengo ganas de entrar por televisión... ¡y machacarlos!".

'LaSexta Noche'

El hilarante momento no había hecho más que empezar y la cara de Iñaki López era todo un poema.

"Bueno Iñaki, no sé si eso iba por ti, lo del presentador. Pero Iñaki lo hace muy bien", terció el reportero que entrevistaba a la mujer. "No, no, no, no, no", negaba la señora, absolutamente segura de lo que acababa de decir. "Cuando es lo de las izquierdas, les deja hablar; cuando Paco Marhuenda habla, le cortan".

Iñaki López en 'LaSexta Noche'

El reportero trató de encauzar el tema volviendo a preguntar a la mujer por los lemas y lo consiguió, pero en plató ya se había montado el cachondeo con Xavier Sardà gritando "señora, señora" y agitando una chaqueta por detrás de Iñaki López.

El presentador retomó la conexión y despidió (o eso parecía) a Prado para comentar la jugada con Marhuenda. "Parece que hay una lectora de La Razón en ese autobús", dijo. "Habla pueblo habla", bromeó el director del rotativo conservador.

LaSexta Noche.

Finalmente López despidió a Prado, que no quería ir "hasta Puebla de Sanabria" en ese autobús, y comentó lo que le acababa de soltar la militante del PP. "Tomo buena nota, lógicamente, de la crítica de esta buena mujer que aseguraba, Paco, que voy a por ti", dijo el presentador señalando a Marhuenda.

'LaSexta Noche'.

Puedes ver el momentazo completo pinchando en este enlace.

          Vacilo bizarro de Paul Stanley entrega, de vez, playback em show do Kiss; assista      Cache   Translate Page      

O Kiss deu início à sua turnê de despedida, "End Of The Road", no último dia 31 de janeiro. Porém, não é de agora que os fãs da banda têm apontado o uso de playback de voz por parte do frontman Paul Stanley. Desde as apresentações no cruzeiro Kiss Kruise, no ano passado, as gravações em meio ao show, que deveria ser ao vivo, têm chamado a atenção de quem acompanha a banda.

O momento de maior descuido de Paul Stanley com seu playback aconteceu no último dia 2 de fevereiro, em show na cidade de Portland, Oregon, nos Estados Unidos. O fato ocorreu no início da música "Psycho Circus".

Na filmagem abaixo, é possível notar que o grito inicial de Paul Stanley na música sai perfeitamente pelas caixas de som. Porém, as imagens indicam que o vocalista está bem distante de seu microfone - ele está mais próximo da plataforma da bateria e chega a acenar para o baterista Eric Singer.

O momento pode ser conferido logo nos primeiros segundos de vídeo. Assista:

Confira, na matéria a seguir, como tem sido a turnê de despedida do Kiss:

- Veja vídeos e repertórios do 1° show da 'End Of The Road'
          5 álbuns de rock e metal lançados nesta sexta (8/2) que chamam a atenção      Cache   Translate Page      

Nessa breve lista comentada, divulgo álbuns lançados nesta sexta-feira (8) que chamaram a minha atenção. São, no geral, boas recomendações que se destacaram no meu gosto - e que podem te convencer também.

Depois, não deixe de conferir:
- 80 álbuns de rock e metal que serão lançados em fevereiro de 2019
9 músicas lançadas nesta sexta (8/2) que chamam a atenção

Ouça, a seguir, 5 álbuns de rock e metal lançados nesta sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro, que chamaram a minha a atenção:

Beast In Black - "From Hell With Love": Liderado pelo guitarrista Anton Kabanen após sua saída Battle Beast, o Beast In Black não soa tão diferente de sua banda "dissidente". O som dialoga com a proposta de fazer heavy metal cum um pé no power e outro no chamado "rock de arena", com refrães e ganchos melódicos pegajosos em meio a riffs e andamentos intensos. Nesse ponto, o Beast In Black manda muito bem. A impressão é de que em "From Hell With Love", seu segundo disco, a fórmula segue a mesma, ainda que ligeiramente aprimorada.

Humble Pie - "Joint Effort": Ok, trata-se de um álbum antigo, mas foi lançado nesta sexta e vale a pena dar o play. "Joint Effort" foi gravado pelo Humble Pie entre os anos de 1974 e 1975, mas suas músicas foram rejeitadas pela gravadora A&M. Agora, o disco chega a público por meio da Cleopatra Records. Embora seja claramente um trabalho que não foi devidamente finalizado, "Joint Effort" evidencia o caminho que o vocalista e guitarrista Steve Marriott desenhava para sua banda: uma enorme proximidade com o R&B e a soul music, que já se apresentava nos álbuns anteriores, como "Smokin'" (1972) e "Eat It" (1973). O resultado é bastante diverso - e me agrada bastante.

Herman Frank - "Fight The Fear": O quarto álbum de estúdio de Herman Frank, ex-guitarrista do Accept, é o primeiro a repetir praticamente toda a formação do anterior. Aqui, ele conta novamente com Rick Altzi (At Vance, Masterplan) nos vocais, Michael Müller (Jaded Heart) no baixo e André Hilgers (Silent Force) na bateria. Apenas o guitarrista Heiko Schröder é novidade. Isso ajudou a dar consistência ao álbum, que apresenta heavy metal de tom bastante tradicional. O ponto negativo do disco é ser longo demais. Em função disso e da sonoridade que já não é lá muito inventiva, a audição na íntegra é bem cansativa. Todavia, vale o play para quem gosta de heavy metal "direto ao ponto".

Eric Gales - "The Bookends": Conheci por acaso esse bom guitarrista e vocalista americano de blues rock e me surpreendi ao perceber que ele possui uma extensa discografia. O novo álbum, "The Bookends", soa muito bem feito e traduz, em música, a vasta experiência de Gales. Por vezes, o "blues pesado" do músico vai de encontro a elementos da soul music, o que sempre soa bem. O único problema está nas letras: além de pouco criativas, há um evidente problema de métrica que deixa a voz sobrar - ou até faltar - em alguns momentos.

Superseed - "Superseed": Costumo dizer que a expressão "garage rock" serve para as bandas de punk rock que tocam bem. Brincadeiras (toscas) à parte, o Superseed parece se encaixar na definição. O disco de estreia deste quinteto americano soa interessante pelas variações apresentadas em algumas músicas, típicas de gêneros mais psicodélicos - especialmente naquelas que ultrapassam os quatro minutos de duração. Com 16 faixas, o álbum ficou bem cansativo, mas começa empolgante. Vale a pena dar uma chance - até porque, em termos de álbuns lançados, esta sexta não foi lá grande coisa.

Outros álbuns lançados nesta sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro (clique no título do disco para ouvir, via Spotify):

E um bônus especial para quem lê o artigo até o fim

Tedeschi Trucks Band - "Signs": O quarto disco desta incrível banda de blues rock, capitaneada pelo casal Susan Tedeschi (vocal e guitarra) e Derek Trucks (guitarra, Allman Brothers Band) está como "bônus" porque só será lançado, de fato, na próxima sexta-feira (15). Porém, o site NPR disponibilizou a audição do álbum na íntegra. E ele é incrível. Susan e Derek sabem fazer música boa, sejam separados ou juntos. Na lista da próxima semana, já com o lançamento oficial, prometo comentários mais precisos, mas já adianto: é melhor que todos os trabalhos do top 5 acima. Ouça "Signs" clicando aqui.
          9 músicas de rock e metal lançadas nesta sexta (8/2) que chamam a atenção      Cache   Translate Page      

Nessa breve lista comentada, divulgo algumas músicas lançadas nesta sexta-feira (8), ou até de outros dias da semana, que chamaram a minha atenção. São, no geral, boas recomendações que se destacaram no meu gosto - e que podem te convencer também.

Depois, não deixe de conferir:
80 álbuns de rock e metal que serão lançados em fevereiro de 2019

Ouça, a seguir, 9 músicas de rock e metal lançadas nesta sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro, ou nesta semana e que chamaram a minha a atenção:

The Heavy - "Heavy For You": O novo single dessa banda britânica apresenta tudo aquilo que já se ouviu dela. O caldeirão de influências contém muito de funk, R&B, blues e rock alternativo, com um forte groove e instrumentos de sopro como tempero final. É até difícil classificar o som em algum segmento. Apenas ouça e espere pelo quinto álbum da banda, "Sons", que sairá em 17 de maio.

Killit - "Love Is The Chemical": Soba promessa de aliar momentos do hard rock clássico e contemporâneo, o Killit já surpreendeu com seu bom álbum de estreia, "Shut It Down", de 2016. Agora, o quinteto britânico prepara o terreno para seu segundo disco, ainda sem título ou data para ser lançado. Porém, se seguir o padrão deste single mais recente, a promessa é de música boa pra quem gosta de melodias envolventes, guitarra na linha de frente e vocais bem empostados.

Gary Clark Jr - "Pearl Cadillac": Não gosto tanto de acompanhar muitos singles antes de um álbum ser lançado, mas a curiosidade em torno de "This Land", próximo disco de Gary Clark Jr, é enorme. Na supermelódica "Pearl Cadillac", terceira música divulgada até agora, ele chama a atenção de novo. Os vocais são incríveis, há uma forte veia do R&B em meio ao seu blues e as linhas de guitarra estão entre as melhores já feitas por ele até agora.

The Amazons - "Mother": Outro nome britânico da lista, o The Amazons deve lançar seu segundo álbum em breve. A música "Mother" foi lançada como aperitivo e retoma seu rock de pegada ligeiramente alternativa, mas bem conduzida por guitarras e percussão. O refrão, grudento, mostra como o Royal Blood soaria se tivesse guitarra, fosse menos pesado e contasse com vocais menos maliciosos.

Little Triggers - "So Fine": Assim como o The Amazaons, o Little Triggers é mais um exemplo de banda que se confunde entre o rock "tradicional" e o alternativo. O som transita entre o que há de melhor do Rival Sons, Wolfmother e Black Keys, por exemplo. A descrição generalista de "garage rock" se encaixa bem nesse quarteto britânico. Um álbum de estreia é aguardado, mas ainda não foi anunciado.

Týr - "Sunset Shore": Os melhores momentos da trajetória do Týr são, justamente, quando a banda resolve se afastar do folk metal que a consagrou. Na semi-balada "Sunset Shore", a banda é capaz de chamar a atenção até de quem não é tão chegado no estilo. O novo álbum, "Hel", sai no dia 8 de março.

Dream Theater - "Paralyzed": E por falar em metal, o Dream Theater lançou o terceiro single de seu próximo álbum, "Distance Over Time" - e o primeiro realmente bom até agora. As outras duas músicas não me convenceram, mas a nova, "Paralyzed", é bem legal. Soa orgânica e reflete o tom de "rolê de amigos" que o grupo quer transmitir com o disco, mas não conseguiu nas faixas anteriores. Tem a pegada dos trabalhos solo de James LaBrie, embora a composição não seja assinada por ele. "Distance Over Time" sai no dia 22 de fevereiro, incluindo em CD nacional pela Hellion Records.

Tesla - "Taste Like": Algumas pessoas não gostaram da pegada mais "moderna" na música "Shock", divulgada como o primeiro single do álbum de mesmo nome, que sairá em 8 de março. A segunda e nova canção de trabalho, "Taste Like", faz justiça à parcela mais conservadora do público da banda, pois é conduzida por riffs ao estilo AC/DC e não por batidas eletrônica. O toque de Phil Collen, guitarrista do Def Leppard que assina a produção, surge no refrão, que é bem aberto e envolvente. Boa música.

Uganga - "Servus": A consistência dessa banda mineira em seus trabalhos é algo raro no metal como um todo. O sexteto capitaneado por Manu Joker (ex-Sarcófago) está para lançar seu quinto álbum, "Servus", no mês que vem. E a faixa que dá título ao disco antecipa o que vem por aí: thrash metal com fortes influências do groove metal e do hardcore, como habitual.

          Odair José lança Chumbo Grosso, novo single de seu próximo álbum; ouça      Cache   Translate Page      

O cantor Odair José lançou, nesta sexta-feira (8), uma nova música intitulada 'Chumbo Grosso', com participação do grupo As Bahias e a Cozinha Mineira. A faixa faz parte de seu próximo álbum, o 37° de sua discografia, chamado 'Hibernar na Casa das Moças Ouvindo Rádio'.

"Elas (As Bahias e a Cozinha Mineira) cantam muito e me ajudaram a contar essa história, a colocar um colorido especial na música... É uma piada? Não sei. É sério? Não sei. É 'Chumbo Grosso'", afirmou Odair José, em material de divulgação.

Sobre a letra, que tem o intuito de refletir com bom humor o momento vivenciado pelo Brasil atualmente, o cantor disse: "'Chumbo Grosso' é a ironia da contradição, da hipocrisia do tempo em que vivemos".

Ouça 'Chumbo Grosso':

O álbum 'Hibernar na Casa das Moças Ouvindo Rádio' será lançado por meio da Monstro Discos e dá sequência ao retorno de Odair José ao rock and roll, feito em seus discos mais recentes, como 'Dia 16' (2015) e 'Gatos & Ratos' (2016). Ainda sem data para ser lançado, o disco também conta com a participação de Jorge Du Peixe, da Nação Zumbi.
          Álbum perdido do Humble Pie, Joint Effort finalmente é lançado      Cache   Translate Page      

Finalmente, o álbum perdido do Humble Pie foi lançado. O trabalho, intitulado "Joint Effort", foi gravado entre os anos de 1974 e 1975, mas suas músicas foram rejeitadas pela gravadora A&M. Agora, o disco chega a público por meio da Cleopatra Records.

"Joint Effort" foi feito, inicialmente, como um projeto paralelo do vocalista e guitarrista Steve Marriot junto do baixista Greg Ridley. Porém, após Marriott tentou - e não conseguiu - a vaga para substituir Mick Taylor nos Rolling Stones, o Humble Pie foi retomado pela dupla, que convidou o guitarrista Dave Clempson e o baterista Jerry Shirley para retomar os trabalhos.

Vale destacar que apesar de Peter Frampton, ex-guitarrista do Humble Pie, aparecer na capa, o álbum foi gravado, mesmo, por seu substituto, Dave Clempson.

O tom de "trabalho não-finalizado" de "Joint Effort" é evidente. Há, por exemplo, duas gravações de um mesmo cover - "Think" e "Think 2", de James Brown -, além de versões ara "Rain" (Beatles) e "Let Me Be Your Lovemaker" (Betty Wright).

Apesar disso, é interessante perceber o caminho que Steve Marriott queria dar ao Humble Pie. Os álbuns anteriores - "Smokin'" (1972), "Eat It" (1973) e "Thunderbox" (1974) - já indicavam que a banda queria flertar mais com o R&B e a soul music do que com o próprio hard rock. A mudança, inclusive, fez com que o grupo britânico ficasse mais popular nos Estados Unidos.

A recusa do material presente em "Joint Effort" fez com que o Humble Pie trabalhasse em outro álbum: "Street Rats", lançado em 1975. A pegada voltou a refletir as influências soul/R&B desejadas pela banda, mas o trabalho de mixagem tentou dar mais peso às músicas. O resultado decepcionou a todos os integrantes. Steve Marriott chegou a dizer que as gravações foram roubadas e tiveram suas timbragens alteradas pelo produtor Andrew Loog Oldham, a mando da gravadora A&M.

Ouça "Joint Effort" no player a seguir:

O álbum está à venda no site da Cleopatra Records, em CD, digital e LP. Veja, abaixo, a capa e a tracklist:

1. "Think"
2. "This Ol' World"
3. "Midnight of My Life"
4. "Let Me Be Your Lovemaker"
5. "Rain"
6. "Snakes & Ladders"
7. "Good Thing"
8. "A Minute of Your Time"
9. "Charlene"
10. "Think 2"
          Edu Falaschi confirma Kai Hansen em show para gravação de novo DVD      Cache   Translate Page      

O vocalista Edu Falaschi (Almah, ex-Angra) confirmou a participação do guitarrista e também cantor Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, Helloween) para o show que será gravado para seu novo DVD, no Tom Brasil, em São Paulo, no dia 4 de maio. A apresentação terá a performance do álbum 'Temple of Shadows', do Angra, na íntegra.

"Estou muito feliz de poder confirmar mais um convidado original do disco 'Temple of Shadows', já anunciamos a Sabine Edelsbacher que gravou a 'No Pain for the Dead' e agora teremos também o cantor original da 'Temple of Hate', o mestre Kai Hansen", afirmou Falaschi.

O show que vai originar o DVD será realizado ao lado da Orquestra Bachiana Filarmônica, regida pelo maestro João Carlos Martins. Além da apresentação em São Paulo, o cantor fará uma turnê com o repertório na íntegra de 'Temple of Shadows'.

Em sua banda solo, Edu Falaschi também conta com outros dois integrantes que participaram do disco 'Temple of Shadows': o baterista Aquiles Priester e o tecladista Fabio Laguna. Além das músicas do álbum, também serão tocadas algumas composições da carreira de Falaschi junto ao Angra, obras de compositores importantes da música erudita e outras surpresas.

Serviço - Edu Falaschi e João Carlos Martins em São Paulo
Quando: 4 de Maio – Sábado às 22h
Local: Tom Brasil
Endereço: Rua Bragança Paulista, 1281
Cidade: São Paulo/SP

Compra online:
Pista 4° Lote: R$ 110,00 (inteira) / R$ 55,00 (meia-entrada)
Cadeira Alta V.Parcial (esgotado)
Camarote (esgotado)
Frisas (esgotado)
Pista Vip (esgotado)
          Slipknot lança o documentário Welcome To Our Neighborhood no YouTube      Cache   Translate Page      

O Slipknot divulgou, em seu canal oficial no YouTube, a íntegra do documentário "Welcome To Our Neighborhood". A produção foi lançada originalmente em 1999 e ganhou uma edição em DVD no ano de 2003.

"Welcome To Our Neighborhood" reúne uma série de filmagens de shows ao vivo e entrevistas, além do clipe de "Spit It Out". O vídeo do documentário no YouTube está em inglês e não acompanha legendas.

Assista a "Welcome To Our Neighborhood" no player de vídeo a seguir:

Atualmente, o Slipknot está em processo de gravação de seu novo álbum. Ainda sem título, o disco vai suceder ".5: The Gray Chapter", lançado em 2014, e será o segundo com o baixista Alessandro Venturella e o baterista Jay Weinberg. Uma das músicas do disco deve ser "All Out Life", lançada como single no último Halloween.

- Relembre: 115 álbuns de rock lançados em 1999

Por meio das redes sociais, Corey Taylor disse que o Slipknot entraria em estúdio no início deste ano para gravar o novo álbum, que deve sair posteriormente. "Gravação em janeiro, álbum no meio de 2019", afirmou, na ocasião.

Em entrevista à revista "Kerrang!", o vocalista Corey Taylor disse que o novo álbum é "pesado nos níveis de 'Iowa' (2001)". "Estou muito, muito animado com isso e eu falo com os caras do Slipknot o tempo todo. Falo com o Clown todos os dias, ou em dias alternados. Tenho conversado com Jim, V-man, Jay, Mick, Craig, Chris, Sid. Estamos todos muito animados. Está sendo preparado para 2019 - o que, estranhamente, é o 20° aniversário do nosso primeiro álbum", afirmou ele, na ocasião.
          Confira Pearl Cadillac, mais uma nova música de Gary Clark Jr      Cache   Translate Page      

O músico de blues rock Gary Clark Jr divulgou, nesta sexta-feira (8), uma nova música intitulada "Pearl Cadillac". A faixa fará parte do álbum "This Land", que será lançado em 22 de fevereiro.

Ouça "Pearl Cadillac" no player a seguir:

O novo álbum "This Land" sucede "The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim", divulgado em 2015. Recentemente, o disco teve sua data de lançamento antecipada em uma semana.

Confira o clipe da faixa título e a música "I Walk Alnoe", divulgadas anteriormente:

Veja, abaixo, a capa e a tracklist do álbum "This Land":

01. This Land
02. What About Us
03. I Got My Eyes On You (Locked & Loaded)
04. I Walk Alone
05. Feelin’ Like A Million
06. Gotta Get Into Something
07. Got To Get Up
08. Feed The Babies
09. Pearl Cadillac
10. When I’m Gone
11. The Guitar Man
12. Low Down Rolling Stone
13. The Governor
14. Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow
15. Dirty Dishes Blues

16. Highway 71
17. Did Dat
          Ouça Taste Like, mais um novo single do Tesla      Cache   Translate Page      

O Tesla divulgou, nesta sexta-feira (8), o segundo single de seu novo álbum, "Shock". A música em questão é intitulada "Taste Like" e pode ser conferida a seguir.

Ouça "Taste Like" no player abaixo, via YouTube:

O álbum "Shock" chega às prateleiras e plataformas no dia 8 de março. A produção é assinada pelo guitarrista Phil Collen, do Def Leppard.

O envolvimento de Phil Collen com o Tesla havia sido anunciado há algum tempo. Ele chegou a trabalhar com a banda na música "Save That Goodness", lançada como single e como registro de estúdio no álbum ao vivo "Mechanical Resonance Live".

A ideia do trabalho conjunto surgiu após o Tesla ter excursionado com o Def Leppard, também no ano de 2016. Phil Collen começou a dar alguns conselhos para a banda e, depois, surgiu a ideia do guitarrista produzir o grupo.

O single da faixa título do álbum foi divulgado no último dia 18 de janeiro. Ouça:

Veja, abaixo, a capa e a tracklist de "Shock":

Uma publicação compartilhada por TESLA (@teslaband) em

1. You Won’t Take Me Alive
2. Taste Like
3. We Can Rule The World
4. Shock
5. Love Is A Fire
6. California Summer Song
7. Forever Loving You
8. The Mission
9. Tied To The Tracks
10. Afterlife
11. I Want Everything
12. Comfort Zone
          Como o Heart trocou o bandolim pelo laquê no álbum de 1985      Cache   Translate Page      

O Heart passou por um bem-sucedido processo de revitalização de sua carreira na década de 1980. A banda se consagrou ainda nos anos 1970, com álbuns do porte de "Little Queen" (1977) e "Dog And Butterfly" (1978), mas os anos seguintes foram mais complicados em vendas: "Private Audition" (1982) e "Passionworks" (1983) sequer chegaram às 500 mil cópias nos Estados Unidos, então, não foram certificados com discos de ouro.

Em entrevista à Classic Rock, a vocalista Ann Wilson contou que a situação começou a mudar em 1984, quando o Heart passou por mudanças na formação e no gerenciamento. "Mudamos tudo. Nancy (Wilson, guitarrista) e eu sentimos que havíamos chegado ao fim de uma era. Então, chamamos um novo baixista e baterista (Mark Andes e Denny Carmassi). E Howard Leese (guitarrista) ficou", afirmou.

A expectativa não era tão grande, segundo Ann Wilson, mas a mudança era necessária, pois elas haviam acabado de mudar de gravadora - BMG para Capitol - e precisavam de um álbum de sucesso, caso contrário, ficariam sem contrato. "O empresário Don Grierson teve uma visão que nós não havíamos tido, porque estávamos por aí, tocando vários shows no país. Não estávamos nos centros culturais, onde, na época, estavam formulando todo aquele novo estilo de compor e de fazer clipes", disse.

A principal mudança a partir daquele momento foi o uso de compositores externos. Antes, o material era feito todo por integrantes do Heart. Naquele momento, porém, músicas de outros nomes passariam a ser usadas. Com isso, o estilo da banda também mudou: aquele rock de forte influência folk deu lugar a um hard rock bastante alinhado com os padrões da década de 1980. Até o visual foi afetado: a aparência de garotas do campo foi substituída por vestidos espalhafatosos e penteados repletos de laquê.

'Barracuda': uma narrativa contra uma mentira sexista

O primeiro álbum a representar essa mudança foi o autointitulado, de 1985. E deu certo em muitos sentidos, especialmente no âmbito comercial. "Heart" tornou-se o único álbum da banda a chegar ao topo das paradas da Billboard e superou as vendas de todos os antecessores. Os hits "These Dreams", "What About Love", "Never", "Nothin' at All", e "If Looks Could Kill" emplacaram nas paradas de todo o mundo.

Embora Ann e Nancy tenham se mantido como compositoras de algumas faixas, todos os hits são de autores externos. "These Dreams", o maior deles, foi feito por Bernie Taupin, eterno parceiro criativo de Elton John, junto de Martin Page. Já "Nothin' at All" foi feita por Mark Mueller, que já trabalhou com nomes que vão de Abba a 'N Sync.

"É engraçado, porque você pensaria que Nancy e eu estávamos no comando, mas, naquela época, não era assim. E foi difícil, porque nós gostamos muito do sucesso conquistado naquela época, mas nos sentíamos desconfortáveis. Fizemos tantas músicas ao longo dos anos e foi necessário cantar músicas dos outros para chegar ao topo das paradas. Foi meio que uma barganha com o demônio. Mas não vou mentir e dizer que fui obrigada. Fizemos isso porque quisemos", afirmou Ann Wilson.

Apesar de ter sido concebido em meio aos excessos da década de 1980, o Heart se tornou uma "banda incrível" naquela época, segundo Ann. "Eu só precisava me acostumar com a ideia de interpretar músicas dos outros. No início, não foi algo calculado. Além disso, Nancy e eu adorávamos maquiagem e roupas estilosas. Quem não gostaria de se transformar em criaturas do rock como fizemos? Foi divertido. Só foi complicado na estrada: tocar usando corset, veludo e cabelão no Sul dos Estados Unidos, com calor intenso e umidade, era difícil", disse ela.

A agressão que congelou o Heart e separou as irmãs Wilson

Por fim, a cantora reconheceu que o álbum "Heart", bem como seu sucessor direto, "Bad Animals", são "produtos de sua época". "Porém, se você ouvir com atenção, algumas das músicas são incríveis", afirmou.

          Ouça Paralyzed, mais uma nova música do Dream Theater      Cache   Translate Page      

O Dream Theater lançou, nesta sexta-feira (8), mais uma nova música do álbum 'Distance Over Time'. A faixa, intitulada 'Paralyzed', pode ser conferida nos players a seguir.

Ouça 'Paralyzed' abaixo, via YouTube:

'Distance Over Time' será lançado no próximo dia 22 de fevereiro, por meio da InsideOut Music. No Brasil, o álbum chegará em CD por meio da Hellion Records, na mesma data de divulgação internacional.

- Mike Mangini é robótico demais para o Dream Theater? John Petrucci responde

O disco será o segundo mais curto da carreira do Dream Theater: possui 9 músicas que totalizam 56 minutos e 51 segundos de reprodução, ficando atrás apenas do disco de estreia 'When Dream and Day Unite' (1989), e seus modestos 51 minutos e 25 segundos.

Veja, abaixo, a tracklist de 'Distance Over Time':

1. Untethered Angel (6:14)
2. Paralyzed (4:17)
3. Fall Into the Light (7:04)
4. Barstool Warrior (6:43)
5. Room 137 (4:23)
6. S2N (6:21)
7. At Wit's End (9:20)
8. Out of Reach (4:04)
9. Pale Blue Dot (8:25)

Confira 'Unthethered Angel' e 'Fall Into the Light', já divulgadas anteriormente:

          Leon Markcus Is Exposing Predatory F***boys In His New Song "SXW"      Cache   Translate Page      

Singaporean singer Leon Markcus has released his latest single.

Last week, we informed you that Markcus, who is openly bisexual, would be releasing a new song, and that song has come.

Expressing the project earlier, Markcus stated how the song, titled “SXW” for “sexy wolves,” was to focus on his experience with f***boys on dating apps.

As Markcus has shared on Instagram, he feels like he’s been “getting played by boys like a Nintendo.”

The song, which you can listen to on all digital platforms like Spotify and iTunes, includes lyrics like, “All they ever want is sex. They hunt & travel far in packs. All they ever want is sex. They look for you, oh, to attack.”

You can watch a partial Lyric video to the song down below.

Again, if you wish to listen to the full song, you can do so through digital platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

Markcus first gained recognition for his 2017 song “Alive.” At the time, the singer shared his hope to create music that not only represented his life but the lives of other LGBTQ people.

 “I truly believe that they deserve to have the freedom to appreciate and love their partners in the light instead of hiding in the shadows. It is a cold world here for for these youths,” he said in 2017.

“And I though, I love my home, I also want my friends to be able feel at ease as well as to appreciate a place that accepts them for who they are without being denying their basic rights to love.”

“Everyone deserves equal opportunities for happiness. No one, should ever be made to feel like they don’t belong or they are undeserving of the life they are given.”

Now, Leon Markcus is taking the representation to a very personal and sexual place. We look forward to seeing what he’ll do next.

          Do desprezo pela vida. Da magia da vida.      Cache   Translate Page      

Olho para a actuação da suposta enfermeira Ana Rita Cavaco (essa deslumbrada laranja passista que, como tem vindo a ser público, a têm levado a ser inquirida pela Judiciária por ser acusada de usar e abusar dos recursos da Ordem a seu bel-prazer e com pouco ou nenhum rigor)  como uma vergonha e um perigo.

Tenho falado disso e só descansarei quando as acções da criatura forem neutralizadas e quando os sindicatos que estão a ser manipulados por ela -- ou por mais não sei quem -- perceberem que estão a destruir a boa imagem que tínhamos dos enfermeiros. 

Tem razão Pacheco Pereira ao associar aos enfermeiros que enveredaram por este sinistro caminho de pôr em risco a vida dos doentes a mão de sangue que aparece no cartaz da Greve Cirúrgica.

Ou muito me engano ou esta Cavaco não vai acabar bem. Intuo que vai acabar por ter um triste fim. As notícias que estou a ver na TVI são o prenúncio do que aí pode estar para vir. 

É que, cá para mim, a procissão ainda vai no adro. Veremos se não haverá surpresas quando se conhecerem os financiadores anónimos da greve. O pior é que esta anti-enfermeira Cavaco está a arrastar a classe profissional nesta perigosa deriva que -- supostamente por ganância mas sabe-se lá por que mais -- a está a afastar do reconhecimento público.

Sinto asco ao ver as mensagens e ouvir os telefonemas dela e de um seu colaborador aparentemente a incentivar a greve, aparentemente a instruir os sindicatos. Sinto uma vergonha alheia quando ouço o que dizem ignorando completamente as sinistras consequências dos seus actos. Sinto um incómodo enorme ao ver como estes enfermeiros não sentem respeito ou compaixão pelos doentes.


Mas se, por um lado, temos, neste nosso simpático rectângulo, uma classe profissional que não se importa nada de pôr em risco a vida das pessoas, por outro, abstraindo-nos deste período negro que atravessamos no país, podemos testemunhar os extraordinários avanços científicos que nos permitem assistir ao milagre do surgimento da vida.

O vídeo que aqui partilho convosco é emocionante, inexplicável, assombroso, uma daquelas improbabilidades mágicas para a qual teremos que convocar todas as divindades ou avanços científicos para perceber a maravilha do que nos é dado ver.

Vamos ver um pequena célula que se vai dividindo até que se forma um organismo. Neste caso vai nascer uma salamandra. Mas podia ser qualquer outro bichinho, até um humano.

O autor deste vídeo é Jan van IJken. O nome do filme é, em si, sugestivo: Becoming.

Becoming: From zygote to tadpole, in six stunning minutes

Viva a vida.

          E outra adivinha: porque é que os enfermeiros não fazem greve quando trabalham nos hospitais privados? Uma batatinha a quem adivinhar.      Cache   Translate Page      

Já aqui o digo desde o início: estávamos habituados a respeitar a profissão dos enfermeiros. Víamo-los como gente digna, dedicada a bem servir a vida humana, gente em quem podíamos confiar. Os verbos estão no passado: infelizmente, não mais o poderemos fazer.

Ana Rita Cavaco, essa sinistra criatura -- presumo que numa de fuga para a frente (e ela saberá porquê e não vou ser eu a dizer que as denúncias sobre a forma como exerce o cargo podem ter a ver com isso) -- destruíu (e quase me apetece dizer que o fez de forma criminosa) essa boa imagem.

Os sindicatos -- que parecem subjugados às orientações da passista Cavaco, PSD encartada -- encabeçados por criaturas que parecem igualmente sinistras, têm feito o resto.

Estou chocada com a frieza dos enfermeiros que afirmam com frieza que, se for preciso, se não os deixarem fazer a sua sinistra greve às cirurgias, faltam ao trabalho. Pelos vistos podem dar 5 dias seguidos de faltas injustificadas ou 10 interpolados sem que nada lhes aconteça. E sabendo-se que ninguém se submete a cirurgias no Serviço Nacional de Saúde por desporto mas por necessidade de saúde, não consigo imaginar o que é estar doente, mal, sem qualidade de vida, com medo, e ter que ver a vida adiada, à espera que os enfermeiros continuem a brincar com a saúde e a vida dos portugueses, em especial dos que não têm posses para ir a hospitais privados. Estou chocada por saber que, por não terem respeitado sequer os serviços mínimos, foram adiadas cirurgias a neoplasias graves, a crianças, etc. Fico chocada. Aliás, creio que todos os portugueses com um mínimo de humanismo e decência estão igualmente chocados. O que esta gente está a fazer é simplesmente imperdoável.

Querem reformar-se antes do resto da população, querem aumentos de 400 euros, querem sabe-se lá o quê que vão acrescentendo à medida que lhes apetece. Querem privilégios que exigem sob chantagem sobre os mais indefesos. É imperdoável. E, face a este imoral comportamento, será só a legitimidade que está em causa? Parece-me bem que não. 

Quando está a vida das pessoas em jogo, actuar desta forma tão fria, gananciosa e sinistra (repetirei mil vezes a palavra sinistra, se necessário for), parece-me coisa criminosa. Ilegal. 

E há aquela surpreendente verba que recolheram através de crowd funding, já acima de 780 mil euros, e através da qual os grevistas recebem um dinheiro que ainda não percebi se é limpinho de impostos. E há aquele mistério sobre quem são os generosos beneméritos que se prestam a financiar estes actos de malvadez. 

É que uma greve é um movimento reinvindicativo contra a entidade patronal. Ora esta greve é exclusivamente contra doentes que necessitam de ser operados, gente que fica a sofrer, que se arrisca a morrer. Que movimento é este?

E, depois, tenho aquela dúvida de fundo já antes aqui formulada: os enfermeiros no sector privado ganham melhor do que no SNS? os enfermeiros nos hospitais privados têm uma carreira mais promissora? os enfermeiros nos hospitais privados têm melhores condições de trabalho? os enfermeiros nos hospitais privados não têm razões de queixa ou reivindicações?

Poderia dar já uma resposta que tornaria esta greve ainda mais intrigante. E revoltante. 

Mas fico-me por aqui. Os jornalistas que divulguem. Já começaram a fazê-lo mas ainda de forma muito incompleta. Escavem. Encontrem enfermeiros que trabalham simultaneamente nos dois sectores. Investiguem as condições num e noutro. E, quando digo as condições, digo as condições todas: condições de trabalho, ordenados, subsídios, garantias. Tudo. Percebam porque armam este escarcéu num lado e nem piam noutro. Investiguem. E os políticos acordem, façam o trabalho de casa.

É que só isso, arrisco eu a dizer, bastaria para desmascarar rapidamente esta sinistra ofensiva contra o SNS e contra o Governo -- e, infelizmente, contra os doentes.

E mais uma dúvida, que, também, já antes aqui formulei: não será caso para a rapaziada do Ministério Público avançar? Li que a ASAE já está em cima dos 'donativos' -- mas é pouco. 

Quase a terminar: até há uns dias, andava incomodada com o silêncio de Marcelo sobre esta escabrosa situação. Honra lhe seja feita: já falou e falou bem. Mais: já deixou claro que há instrumentos jurídicos para se actuar. Actue-se, pois. Rapidamente.

E, para acabar, um apelo à consciência dos enfermeiros: reflictam. Querem ser vistos como uma classe de gente irresponsável, desumana, um bando de anjos da morte? É que, se não querem, dêem um passo atrás, acabem com esta actuação sinistra, peçam desculpa aos portugueses e, em particular, aos doentes.

A sua honra profissional está maculada, muito maculada, mas mais vale parar já do que persistir e vir a carregar com uma série de crimes às costas.

          ExileD ROS Chit 2-10-2019 - Updated February 10 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
It is a brand new cheat which is used to hack ROS Aimbot, Telekill and Wallhack. The cheat is working 100% without any ban or cheat detection. The cheat is getting updated daily by the developer of this cheat. In this post you can download Exiled Ros cheat update for free

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How to Download and Install the Cheat?

  1. First you need to Download the Updated Version of cheat from the below links
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  5. Don’t close the loader, Open the game and play
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  7. You can also drag the menu to anywhere you want.

Check Video Tutorial on How to install:

Error Solving:
If you get Error “MSVCR120.dll” just like the screenshot below

Then download Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 and Install it

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If you get “Unhandled exception has occurred in your application” in ROS

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If you get this error
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Step 3.
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Step 4.
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Step 6.

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Net Framework 4.5 or higher: Click to download
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Los pilotos están en plena pretemporada para el 2019 y los protagonistas de Red Bull, Max Verstappen y Pierre Gasly, tuvieron un tiempo para divertirse sobre un karting en la nieve. Mirá el video.

          Bohemian Rhapsody #Movie      Cache   Translate Page      



135 minutes

Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury. Freddie defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound. They reach unparalleled success, but in an unexpected turn Freddie, surrounded by darker influences, shuns Queen in pursuit of his solo career. Having suffered greatly without the collaboration of Queen, Freddie manages to reunite with his band mates just in time for Live Aid. While bravely facing a recent AIDS diagnosis, Freddie leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. Queen cements a legacy that continues to inspire outsiders, dreamers and music lovers to this day.

I love Freddie Mercury and Queen, so when I saw this movie I couldn't pass it up!
I'm so glad I got to see this epic biopic look at not only Freddie but the band. It was more focused on Freddie though, and I was okay with that. When he died, I was in high school and remember him well. This movie did his life justice, even the tough parts that maybe didn't put Freddie in the best light.
This film had me choked up a couple of times. Those moments were so raw, since I did live through that era. The music was everything you wanted it to be. I was singing my heart out.
The guy who plays Freddie is amazing, but believe me when I tell you, the guy who played Brian May stole the show for me. He was a dead ringer!!!!
A fantastic film!! If you watch it, I guarantee you will love it!


**Compensation may be earned from the link within. A screener was provided to facilitate a review. Opinions are owned by Freda's Voice.
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Unboxing of a Apple Nectarine Sportloop Watchband for my 44mm Silver Aluminum Apple Watch Series 4 (actually its for my wife's first gen 42mm Apple Watch).

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          PROPUESTA, LA (Proposition, the) (Australia, Reino Unido; 2005) Western      Cache   Translate Page      

Director: John Hillcoat
Intérpretes PrincipalesGuy Pearce, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, David Wenham, John Hurt, Emily Watson, Richard Wilson

ArgumentoAustralia, finales del siglo XIX. 
El capitán Stanley ha capturado a dos jóvenes de la banda de los hermanos Burns. 
El trato que Stanley le ofrece al hermano mediano coloca a éste frente a un dramático dilema moral: si decide salvar a su hermano menor de morir en la horca, entonces morirá su hermano mayor.
Mi comentarioMuy interesante western "a la australiana", es decir, los hechos ocurren en estos parajes físicos que, no obstante, contiene todas las constantes del buen western.

Un western a la manera crepuscular, donde los tiempos van cambiando y con ellos las personas que pueblan los durísimos lugares donde se desarrolla una muy inclemente historia, llena de salvajismo, crueldad e injusticia.

Muy bien narrada y con aspectos técnicos en verdad estimables, como la preciosa fotografía de Benoît Delhomme y la potente banda sonora de Nick Cave y Wallen Ellis, la cinta se sigue con verdadero interés, siendo muy entretenida en todo momento y con un clímax intenso in-crescendo.
Muy buenas interpretaciones y un final que cierra perfectamente la historia.


- Instituto de cine Australiano 2005: mejor música original, mejor diseño de producción, mejor diseño de vestuario, mejor fotografía.
- Premios Chlotrudis 2005: mejor guión original.
- Premios Círculo de Críticos de Cine de Australia 2005: mejor fotografía, mejor música.
- Premios IF 2005: mejor largometraje, mejor fotografía, mejor diseño de producción, mejor música.
- Premio de la Sociedad de Críticos de Cine de San Diego 2006: mejor actor de reparto (Ray Winstone).
- Festival de cine de Venecia 2006: Premio Gucci mejor guión.

          Ảnh hưởng của lịch sử tới Trung Quốc ngày nay      Cache   Translate Page      

Posted on  by The Observer

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Nguồn: Michael D. Swaine, “China: The Influence of History”, The Diplomat, 14/01/2015.
Biên dịch: Lương Khánh Ninh | Hiệu đính: Lê Xuân Hùng
Lịch sử tác động đến suy nghĩ và cách hành xử của người Trung Quốc ngày nay như thế nào?
Với sức mạnh và ảnh hưởng của Trung Quốc tiếp tục gia tăng ở châu Á và các khu vực khác, nhiều nhà phân tích tìm đến lịch sử Trung Quốc để tìm hiểu xem một nước Trung Quốc hùng mạnh sẽ hành xử và nhìn nhận thế giới như thế nào trong tương lai. Nhiều nỗ lực áp dụng lăng kính lịch sử ấy đã mắc phải lỗi đơn giản hóa quá mức và diễn giải sai lệch mối liên hệ với hiện tại và ý nghĩa của lịch sử hàng trăm năm tư tưởng và cách hành xử của người Trung Quốc. Trung Quốc thường bị nhìn nhận một cách sai lầm như thể nó đã tồn tại trong vai trò một thực thể toàn vẹn đơn nhất trong hàng thế kỷ, có quan điểm về chính trị và an ninh giống nhau trong mỗi giai đoạn phát triển và hành xử như một quốc gia-dân tộc hiện đại. Đặc biệt, một số nhà quan sát còn tùy tiện khẳng định rằng Trung Quốc đã luôn muốn tìm cách thống trị thế giới của họ bằng sức mạnh cứng, thường thành công trong việc này và theo lẽ tự nhiên Trung Quốc sẽ tiếp tục tìm cách đạt được vị thế thống trị tương tự trong tương lai.

Thực tế lại phức tạp và nhiều sắc thái hơn. Trong thời kỳ tiền hiện đại, cách hành xử an ninh của Trung Quốc rất khác nhau trong từng triều đại và trong những thời kỳ mạnh yếu khác nhau. Sự khác biệt là quá lớn đến nỗi một số sử gia Trung Quốc tin rằng không thể thực sự khái quát hóa truyền thống ngoại giao và cách hành xử an ninh của Trung Quốc, chứ chưa nói đến việc áp dụng những bài học ấy vào hiện tại và tương lai. Thật vậy, nhiều sử gia tin chắc rằng sự xuất hiện của các quốc gia-dân tộc (trên thế giới – ND) và sự trỗi dậy của chủ nghĩa dân tộc ở Trung Quốc trong thế kỷ 19 và 20 bên cạnh những nỗ lực của Trung Quốc nhằm xây dựng một nhà nước và xã hội vững mạnh, thịnh vượng và hiện đại mang đến một bối cảnh phù hợp và đáng tin cậy hơn rất nhiều so với thời kỳ tiền hiện đại để từ đó ta có thể hiểu được cách hành xử an ninh của Trung Quốc trong hiện tại và tương lai.
Vậy thì lịch sử có tác động như thế nào đến suy nghĩ và cách hành xử của người Trung Quốc trong hiện tại và nó có thể sẽ tác động như thế nào trong tương lai, khi sức mạnh và sức ảnh hưởng của Trung Quốc tăng lên? Những bài học mà lịch sử để lại được thể hiện ở ba loại thái độ sau: niềm tự hào dân tộc đi đôi với tâm lý rất sợ tình trạng hỗn loạn; một hình ảnh được khắc sâu trong tâm trí người dân về một xã hội yêu chuộng hòa bình và thiên về phòng vệ (hơn là gây hấn  – NBT) cùng với một chính quyền trung ương vững mạnh và có đạo đức; và một quan điểm về quan hệ quốc tế độc đáo, theo đó quan hệ giữa các nước có tính thứ bậc nhưng lại nhằm mang lợi ích cho tất cả các bên.
Về điểm thứ nhất, hầu hết người dân Trung Quốc đều rất tự hào về lịch sử lâu đời của đất nước mình – một nền văn hóa có sức sống mãnh liệt, sống động và một thực thể chính trị-xã hội có tầm ảnh hưởng to lớn. Họ tin rằng Trung Quốc nằm trong nhóm những cường quốc hàng đầu của châu Á, và xét trên một vài khía cạnh, của cả thế giới. Họ cũng vô cùng tự hào về những thành tựu của Trung Quốc trong suốt thời kỳ cải cách kinh tế theo định hướng thị trường bắt đầu từ cuối thập niên 1970 và đánh giá rất cao việc đất nước có tốc độ tăng trưởng mạnh và đời sống của người dân không ngừng được nâng cao, và tự hào vì những thành tựu của Trung Quốc được kính trọng trên trường quốc tế. Mặc dù nhiều người Trung Quốc đánh giá cao việc họ được hưởng nhiều quyền tự do hơn nhờ các cuộc cải cách, dường như đa số dân chúng vẫn rất e sợ  rằng tình trạng hỗn loạn về mặt chính trị-xã hội sẽ tái diễn, giống như những gì đã xảy ra trong thời cận đại (khoảng từ giữa thế kỷ 19 đến nay).
Đối với nhiều người Trung Quốc, những trải nghiệm của họ đối với tình trạng hỗn loạn gắn liền với những thiệt hại về người và của mà các cường quốc thực dân phương Tây và Nhật Bản gây ra cho Trung Quốc trong thế kỷ 19 và 20 (hay còn được gọi là “thế kỷ ô nhục” – century of humiliation). Hơn nữa, nhiều người Trung Quốc cho rằng sự tự do cá nhân và tự do chính trị theo kiểu phương Tây có thể gây ra tình trạng hỗn loạn ở một đất nước rộng lớn như Trung Quốc, nơi có vô số người có thu nhập thấp và không được giáo dục đầy đủ, tỉ lệ tham nhũng ở mức cao và một nền xã hội dân sự còn yếu kém.
Những mối lo ngại này cộng với niềm mong muốn của rất nhiều người Trung Quốc rằng Trung Quốc sẽ lại trở thành một quốc gia hùng mạnh và giàu có dẫn đến kết quả là đại đa số người dân đều đề cao một chính quyền trung ương vững mạnh, thống nhất và mang niềm tự hào dân tộc được dẫn dắt bởi những cá nhân “có đạo đức” luôn lo lắng cho lợi ích của nhân dân. Người Trung Quốc không có xu hướng ủng hộ một hệ thống chính trị tự do dân chủ và phân quyền theo kiểu phương Tây, dù có xét trên phương diện lịch sử hay văn hóa. Niềm tin này chỉ đang dần thay đổi trong một số thành phần thuộc giới cư dân thành thị được giáo dục đầy đủ hơn. Còn đối với đại đa số người Trung Quốc, phương Tây chỉ đơn thuần cung cấp công cụ cho Trung Quốc trở nên hùng mạnh và thịnh vượng hơn chứ không cung cấp các mô hình chính trị và xã hội để đất nước họ noi theo.
Về nhóm đặc điểm thứ hai, sự tuyên truyền trong suốt nhiều năm của nhà nước CHND Trung Hoa cũng như cách diễn giải lịch sử Trung Quốc do những người theo đường lối dân tộc chủ nghĩa nhà nước (statist nationalists) (dù theo Đảng Cộng Sản hay Quốc Dân Đảng) đưa ra đã khắc sâu trong tâm trí đại đa số người Trung Quốc một cái nhìn về hình ảnh đất nước họ trên thế giới như một quốc gia yêu chuộng hòa bình và không đe dọa nước khác, thiên về bảo vệ lãnh thổ và sự phát triển bên trong, và, xét về lợi ích căn bản của đất nước, gần gũi với các quốc gia đang phát triển hơn là các nền dân chủ công nghiệp tiên tiến.
Hơn nữa, khu vực biên giới bất ổn cộng với tính dễ bị tổn thương từ những cuộc tấn công đến từ vùng ngoại biên trong suốt giai đoạn lịch sử tiền hiện đại lâu dài của Trung Quốc và trải nghiệm về việc bị người ngoài hạ nhục trong một thế kỷ đã khắc sâu trong tâm trí người Trung Quốc sự hoài nghi về âm mưu của ngoại bang nhằm thao túng nền nội trị Trung Quốc. Kết quả là rất nhiều người Trung Quốc rất hay coi sự “bá quyền” hay sự thống trị của phương Tây (đặc biệt là của Mỹ) trên thế giới như là một phần của xu hướng lịch sử lâu dài mà trong đó các cường quốc mạnh hơn can thiệp nội bộ và hãm hại các cường quốc yếu thế hơn. Vì vậy mà đối với nhiều người Trung Quốc, phương Tây hỗ trợ cho sự tăng trưởng của Trung Quốc vì động cơ lợi ích cá nhân (và có lẽ là cả để làm biến đổi Trung Quốc) chứ không phải chủ yếu để “giúp đỡ” người dân nước này.
Thứ ba, Trung Quốc là một quốc gia đầy mâu thuẫn. Cùng với những quan điểm và tình cảm đã trình bày ở trên, nhiều người Trung Quốc lại ngưỡng mộ những thành tựu mà phương Tây đạt được và ở một mức độ nào đó còn tìm cách phấn đấu học tập cách làm của phương Tây, đặc biệt là trong các lĩnh vực kinh tế và một số lĩnh vực xã hội. Cũng có nhiều người Trung Quốc ngưỡng mộ nền tự do kiểu Mỹ và nhìn chung có thiện cảm với người Mỹ. Đối với một số người của thế hệ cao tuổi và được giáo dục đầy đủ, lịch sử quan hệ Trung-Mỹ trước năm 1949 cung cấp rất nhiều ví dụ về cách hành xử tích cực của Hoa Kỳ đối với Trung Quốc.
Thêm vào đó, bất chấp những điểm tương đồng của Trung Quốc với các quốc gia đang phát triển và sự nghi ngờ sâu sắc của người dân Trung Quốc đối với phương Tây vốn được họ coi là ngang ngạnh và bá quyền, nhiều người Trung Quốc có quan điểm về lịch sử rằng ở một mức độ nào đó, hệ thống quốc tế vốn mang tính thứ bậc và những cường quốc lớn hơn và hùng mạnh hơn có nghĩa vụ và trách nhiệm dẫn dắt và định hình các cường quốc nhỏ hơn theo hướng cùng có lợi. Đối với nhiều người Trung Quốc, tôn trọng, kính nể lẫn nhau và cùng chia sẻ trách nhiệm là những thành tố quan trọng của cách hành xử lý tưởng giữa các quốc gia. Điều này phần nào không chỉ phản ánh vị trí lịch sử của Trung Quốc ở châu Á mà còn phản ánh niềm tin của nhiều người Trung Quốc rằng sự tuân thủ những nguyên tắc ứng xử phù hợp có thể xác định các mối quan hệ trong một thế giới mang tính thứ bậc. Còn các cường quốc mang tính bá quyền đương nhiên không tuân thủ những nguyên tắc này.
Dĩ nhiên, một số người Trung Quốc tìm cách thao túng khái niệm này để phục vụ những mục đích thực dụng và đôi khi vị kỷ hơn. Và chí ít thì cũng có một số người Trung Quốc tin rằng tất cả các cường quốc quan trọng, bao gồm cả Trung Quốc, đều có xu hướng bá quyền. Nhưng trên hết, đại đa số người Trung Quốc dường như tin rằng vị trí xứng đáng của Trung Quốc trong trật tự quốc tế là một cường quốc quan trọng (nhưng không thống trị tuyệt đối) mà quan điểm của Trung Quốc phải được tôn trọng nhưng Trung Quốc lại tồn tại trong sự hài hòa tổng thể với các nước khác. Điều này quả thật khác xa khái niệm cho rằng Trung Quốc là một con thủy quái hồi sinh với quyết tâm thống trị châu Á và thế giới.
Michael D. Swaine là chuyên gia cao cấp tại Quỹ Carnegie vì Hòa bình Quốc tế (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace).
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Đăng bởi: Thùy Trâm on Thứ Bảy, 2 tháng 2, 2019 | 2.2.19

Đã hơn ba năm kể từ khoảng thời gian cuối năm 2015 là lúc các nhóm lợi ích Bộ Giao thông Vận tải và đại gia rầm rộ PR chính sách để xây dựng sân bay Long Thành, nhưng cho đến nay vùng đất này vẫn chỉ là… dự án.

Quốc Hội bỏ phiếu xây sân bay Long Thành, 2015.

Cũng đã gần một thập kỷ kể từ năm 2009 là lúc các nhóm đầu cơ ‘đánh lên’ một cơn sốt đất tại khu vực Long Thành và nhiều quan chức từ cấp trung ương đến địa phương đã bị mắc kẹt một lượng tiền đầu tư khổng lồ tại khu vực này, cho đến nay vẫn chẳng có dấu hiệu gì cho thấy giới này đã ‘thoát hàng’ được, hay nói cách khác là đã bán được đất thu gom giá rẻ trước đó cho những người ‘trâu chậm uống nước đục’ với giá cắt cổ.

Hết thời ‘ăn miễn phí’ ODA

Vào năm 2015, dự án sân bay Long Thành đã được ‘vẽ’ với một con số đầu tư khổng lồ: 18 tỷ USD!

Trong thâm ý lẫn tham ý của các nhóm lợi ích, dự án sân bay Long Thành không chỉ nhằm “nuốt gọn” 18 tỷ USD đầu tư với phần lớn trong số đó dự kiến là vốn vay ODA, mà còn được khuếch trương tính tầm cỡ “khu vực châu Á” của nó để giúp giới quan chức đang “kẹt hàng” có điều kiện bán đất giá cao.

Long Thành - thuộc khu vực tỉnh Đồng Nai - đã từng có những đợt sốt đất vào những năm 2008-2009. Đây chính là giai đoạn tích tụ đất đai của nhiều “ông lớn” địa ốc. Cũng là giai đoạn mà nhiều đại gia và quan chức từ trung ương xuống địa phương vung tiền quá trán mà khi cơn sốt bất động sản trôi qua, toàn bộ khu vực Long Thành đều chìm trong băng giá, toàn bộ đất đai đều trở thành “hàng tồn”, chỉ thấy rao mà chẳng ai mua.

Trong 3 năm qua, từ khi có quy hoạch của dự án sân bay quốc tế Long Thành, khu vực này bất thần được không ít tờ báo nhà nước PR như một thỏi nam châm có sức hút lớn đối với các dự án bất động sản vây quanh.

Vây quanh sân bay Long Thành là hàng trăm dự án bất động sản lớn nhỏ, được sở hữu bởi nhiều đại gia địa ốc. Nổi bật trong số đó là Sonadezi, Tổng Công ty Tín Nghĩa, Dic Corp, Khang Điền, Công ty Đình Thuận, DonaCorp…

Vào cuối năm 2015 trước khi Thủ tướng Nguyễn Tấn Dũng chính thức “trở về làm người tử tế’, đất khu vực sân bay Long Thành đã được “đánh lên” một đợt. Tình trạng sốt đất bùng lên nhộn nhịp ở khu vực các xã nằm sát dự án sân bay quốc tế Long Thành. Đi đâu cũng nghe người dân bàn tán chuyện mua bán đất và hoa hồng cho người môi giới bao nhiêu phần trăm…

Hiển nhiên dự án sân bay Long Thành, với nguồn vốn vay chồng chất ODA, là một cơ hội để các nhóm lợi ích tìm đường thoái vốn, trút hàng tồn cho những người ngờ nghệch “trâu chậm uống nước đục”.

Tuy nhiên sau đại hội 12 với sự thất bại của Nguyễn Tấn Dũng, dự án sân bay Long Thành chợt lâm vào tình thế không biết kiếm đâu ra tiền để thực hiện.

Trước đây, trong mọi tính toán khôn lanh và khá trót lọt của mình, nhóm lợi ích “ODA Long Thành” đã “lobby” được các bộ ngành, lãnh đạo chính phủ và gần hết trong số 500 mái đầu gục gặc nghị sĩ. Nhưng có lẽ vẫn có một li sai lệch mà đã tới thảm cảnh sai lầm chiến lược về tài chính như ngày hôm nay.

Đó chính là sai lệch trong tính toán về bối cảnh và thời điểm đi vay.

Theo “truyền thống”, các dự án “khủng” như Sân bay Long Thành, Cao tốc đường bộ Bắc - Nam, Điện hạt nhân Ninh Thuận… đều phải đi vay quốc tế tới 80% tổng dự toán. Trong dĩ vãng, đã có nhiều dự án vay ODA đầu xuôi đuôi lọt, “vẽ” được và vay được, làm giàu khủng khiếp cho các nhóm lợi ích, để từ đó những nhân vật này cứ tưởng sẽ mãi “nhân điển hình tiên tiến”.

Thời điểm chốt con số cuối cùng cho dự án sân bay Long Thành là vào cuối năm 2015, tức cuối đời thủ tướng Nguyễn Tấn Dũng. Vào lúc đó, những nguồn vốn ODA “gối đầu” từ năm trước và cả năm trước nữa vẫn còn, do vậy nhóm lợi ích ODA không thể tránh khỏi ảo tưởng tình hình vẫn tiếp tục triển vọng vào những năm sau đó.

Nhưng đến tháng 12/2015, Trưởng đại diện Ngân hàng thế giới ở Việt Nam là bà Victoria Kwa Kwa bất ngờ thông báo với Chính phủ Việt Nam là kể từ tháng 7/2017, Việt Nam sẽ không còn được vay vốn ưu đãi nữa. Quả thật, sau đó Việt Nam phải vay vốn ODA của quốc tế với mặt bằng lãi suất tăng gấp ba lần trong lúc thời gian ân hạn giảm đi một nửa.

Cánh cửa ODA dành cho các dự án “khủng” bỗng dưng sập lại. Đã quen ‘ăn ODA miễn phí’, đám quan chức Việt bắt đầu cảm thấy ‘ăn phải trả tiền’ có cái gì đó ‘kỳ kỳ’. Hơn nữa, trong bối cảnh nợ công ngập đầu mà đã vọt đến tỷ lệ 210% GDP chứ chẳng hề ‘dưới 65% GDP’ như báo cáo của chính phủ ‘kiến tạo và hành động’ của Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, bây giờ mà đâm đầu vay ODA với lãi suất cao là tự sát.

Rốt cuộc, không chỉ không dám vay mà ‘kẻ đổ vỏ vĩ đại’ - Thủ tướng Phúc - còn không dám ký bảo lãnh vay vốn ODA cho các doanh nghiệp quen ‘ăn bẫm’.

Một trong những “nạn nhân” đầu tiên của chế độ thắt lưng buộc bụng ODA là dự án Điện hạt nhân Ninh Thuận - với số “vẽ” lên đến 20 tỷ USD, rốt cuộc đã bị Chính phủ của tân thủ tướng Nguyễn Xuân Phúc “dũng cảm” tuyên bố ngừng thực hiện.

Dự án sân bay Long Thành dĩ nhiên cũng không thoát khỏi số kiếp hẩm hiu…

Bi kịch ‘thoát hàng’

“Dự án Cảng hàng không sân bay Long Thành phải thực hiện đúng lộ trình đặt ra, tuyệt đối không lùi tiến độ. Tháng 3-2019, phải phê duyệt xong báo cáo đánh giá tác động môi trường. Tháng 6 phải phê duyệt xong báo cáo khả thi...” - Bộ trưởng Giao thông Vận tải - quan chức kế thừa cái ghế của người tiền nhiệm và cũng là tác giả của vụ ‘sân golf trong sân bay Tân Sơn Nhất’, Trương Quang Nghĩa - chỉ đạo như vậy tại cuộc họp kiểm điểm tiến độ triển khai lập báo cáo nghiên cứu khả thi giai đoạn 1 dự án cảng hàng không quốc tế Long Thành và dự án mở rộng, nâng cấp đồng bộ các hạng mục công trình tại Cảng hàng không quốc tế Tân Sơn Nhất, diễn ra ngày 7/1/2019.

Cứ cho là tiến độ phê duyệt sẽ đúng như ông Thể chỉ đạo, nhưng dấu hỏi cực lớn là bộ này và các nhóm lợi ích đào đâu ra tiền để làm sân bay?

Giờ đây, ngân sách vô vọng đã khiến ngay cả 18 ngàn tỷ dùng cho giải phóng mặt bằng ở dự án sân bay Long Thành mà còn phải ‘vận động’ mãi mới tìm ra, sau khi cả một ủy viên bộ chính trị là Trưởng ban Tổ chức trung ương Phạm Minh Chính đã phải lộ hình để PR cho số 18 ngàn tỷ đồng này. Mà 18 ngàn tỷ đồng còn khó tìm thì đào đâu ra 18 tỷ USD - nhiều gấp hơn hai chục lần - để xây dựng “một trong những sân bay hiện đại nhất khu vực Đông Nam Á”?

Cho tới nay và cả trong trung hạn vài ba năm tới, vẫn không có bất kỳ dấu hiệu nào cho thấy dự án sân bay Long Thành có thể chạm vào một cái mỏ vay ODA ưu đãi nào.

Hẳn cơn bĩ cực trên đã khiến các nhóm kim tiền - chính sách phải tính đến việc cứ vài tháng một lần lại tung ra tin “sân bay Long Thành sắp hoàn thành dự án khả thi”, “sân bay Long Thành sắp khởi công”, hay đại gia Vũ Văn Tiền còn tung tin mời một nhà đầu tư lớn của Trung Quốc vào dự án sân bay Long Thành.. Theo đó, đất đai ở khu vực này lại có được một đợt lao xao.

Nhưng rốt cuộc, lao xao vẫn chỉ là lao xao. Thậm chí trong cơn sốt đất nền khá dữ dội ở Sài Gòn kéo dài từ đầu năm 2017 đến nay, khu vực Long Thành cũng không thể ‘ăn theo’, bất chấp rất nhiều bài báo nhà nước đã quảng cáo cho nó.

Cũng như những cơn sóng bất động sản vào những năm 2000 và giai đoạn 2007-2011 đều có điểm kết thúc bi kịch của nó, phong trào đầu cơ bất động sản từ năm 2016 kéo dài đến nay đã đẩy mặt bằng giá đất quá cao so với giá trị thực và tạo nên một quả bom khổng lồ chỉ chực chờ phát nổ vào năm 2019 và năm 2020.

Vận cảnh quá sức bi đát đang hiện ra như một bóng ma dưới bóng mặt trời buổi xế tà: trong lúc dự án sân bay Long Thành vẫn gần như giậm chân tại chỗ, ODA vẫn tuyệt vọng, thì vô số đất đai của giới đại gia và quan chức vẫn không cách nào hóa phép thành tiền hay ngoại tệ để tẩu tán ra nước ngoài…

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Đăng bởi: Thùy Trâm on Thứ Bảy, 9 tháng 2, 2019 | 9.2.19

Những ngày này cộng đồng mạng bàn tán nhiều về sự mất tích cuả nhà báo, blogger Trương Duy Nhất với nhiều giả thiết căn cứ trên những thông tin từ nhiều phía. Tuy nhiên câu hỏi ai bắt Trương Duy Nhất và tại sao lại bắt anh là câu hỏi lửng lơ không ai có thể giải mã được ít nhất là trong lúc này.

Blogger Trương Duy Nhất thời điểm ra tòa tại Đà Nẵng, 4 tháng Ba, 2014.

Trương Duy Nhất vắng bóng tại Việt Nam hơn 1 tháng về trước, nhiều người tin rằng trong thời gian đó anh đã bí mật chạy sang Campuchia bằng con đường bất hợp pháp và ít lâu sau anh tiếp tục theo đường dây đưa người sang Thái Lan, bắt đầu cho cuộc chạy đua với an ninh Việt Nam để cuối cùng anh gõ cửa Cao ủy Liên Hiệp Quốc về người tị nạn (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR) chính thức nộp đơn xin tỵ nạn chính trị. Nhiều nguồn tại Thái Lan xác nhận trong đó có cả sự xác nhận của UNHCR về lá đơn của anh nộp tại đây.

Và vào chiều tối ngày 26 tháng 1 năm 2019 trong khi đến Future Park, thuộc quận Rangsit ngoại ô Bangkok anh biến mất không để lại chút tăm tích nào.

Cảnh sát Hoàng gia Thái Lan được thông báo về vụ việc và họ nói không hay biết gì về sự mất tích của anh. Từ đó, người ta lần tới một giả thiết khác: Có lẽ lực lượng an ninh Việt Nam đã theo dõi Trương Duy Nhất từ khi anh bắt đầu rời Việt Nam và bắt anh tại Thái Lan, nơi người Việt sinh sống bất hợp pháp khá nhiều, rồi sau đó mang anh về Việt Nam.

Câu hỏi đặt ra, lý do gì làm cho Trương Duy Nhất trở thành một phạm nhân mang trọng tội đến nỗi phải trốn tránh sang đất Thái và tại sao an ninh Việt Nam bắt anh mà không phải là cảnh sát Thái Lan?

Nhiều người cho rằng Trương Duy Nhất dính líu đến vụ án Vũ Nhôm, vì anh từng làm việc cho báo Đại Đoàn kết và có thời gian đại diện chính thức tại Đà Nẵng, trong khi báo này chuyển nhượng Văn phòng đại diện ở miền Trung, mà tờ báo xin mua theo diện công sản nhà nước vào năm 2004, cho Công ty Xây dựng 79 của Vũ “nhôm” vào năm 2011 để Vũ biến nơi đây thành nhà riêng của mình, trong thời gian này Trương Duy Nhất có chấm mút gì tới Vũ Nhôm hay không vẫn lại nằm trong giả thiết khiến anh phải bỏ trốn.

Nhưng nhìn kỹ lại chi tiết này thì Trương Duy Nhất không phải là một chuyên gia về móc nối cho Vũ Nhôm khuynh đảo đất đai tại Đà Nẵng mặc dù trong thời gian Nguyễn Bá Thanh còn hét ra lửa tại đây thì Trương Duy Nhất là người có thể quàng vai bá cổ “anh Thanh” với tính cách nhà báo thân thiết cho tới khi Nhất bỏ bút không làm báo nữa mà về nhà viết Blog.

Nếu Trương Duy Nhất chịu làm ăn với Vũ nhôm thì anh không buông bút và chịu 2 năm tù về tội “Lợi dung các quyền tự do dân chủ xâm phạm lợi ích của Nhà nước, quyền, lợi ích hợp pháp của tổ chức, công dân”. Bởi lý do dễ hiểu khi đã viết bài chống lại chế độ thì anh không thể làm ăn phi pháp núp bóng người của chế độ mà anh đang phản biện mạnh mẽ như trang “Một góc nhìn khác” của blogger Trương Duy Nhất.

Vậy anh còn giữ bí mật nào khác đối với Thủ tướng Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, là đồng hương của anh và anh cũng từng phê phán ông này cật lực sau khi mãn hạn tù về sinh sống tại Đà Nẵng? Giả thiết này cũng không đứng vững vì Trương Duy Nhất không phải là một “ngôi sao” trong làng báo chí Việt Nam để có trong tay những câu chuyện thâm cung bí sử, hay bí mật cá nhân của tứ trụ triểu đình. Sau hai năm tù tội, thật khó thể cho rằng anh nắm được bí mật của bất cứ ai trong những chiếc ghế cao nhất nước, vì làm sao anh tiếp cận được với những nhân vật sau lưng hậu trường để có được những thông tin mà một nhá báo thường thường không thể nào nắm được?

Vậy thì một lần nữa: Ai bắt Trương Duy Nhất và tại sao?

Lần theo dấu vết của câu chuyện từ khi anh trình báo xin tỵ nạn với UNHCR cho tới khi mất tích anh đã xuất hiện nhiều lần tại một khách sạn ở ngoại ô Bangkok với giấy tờ tùy thân không hợp lệ vì anh không dùng hộ chiếu Việt Nam để vào Thái Lan. Một người Việt đang sống ở Thái đã giúp anh đăng ký khách sạn và vì vậy cảnh sát Thái không thể có dữ liệu về sự xuất hiện của anh ngoại trừ chính người giúp anh lên tiếng. Tuy nhiên không ai dám lên tiếng việc này nếu không muốn vào nhà giam của Thái.

Trương Duy Nhất trước khi mất tích đã gọi vài cuộc gọi cho người thân, bạn bè tại Thái nhưng do sử dụng điện thoại không an toàn anh bị nghe lén và đã có người gọi cho anh một cách lơ lửng như thăm dò sự nghi ngờ của họ. Trương Duy Nhất đã cho người quen biết về hiện tượng này trước khi anh bị bắt.

Đặc vụ Việt Nam rất giỏi về tiếp cận con mồi thông qua tay chân, cảm tình viên và ngay cả sự vô tình của nhân viên nước sở tại. Vụ án Trịnh Xuân Thanh trước đây so với việc bắt giữ Trương Duy Nhất phức tạp hơn nhiều, tuy nhiên nó cùng chung một bản chất nếu thực sự do Tình báo Việt Nam chủ mưu. Nếu Trịnh Xuân Thanh là chìa khóa mở chiếc tủ sắt bằng chứng phạm tội của đường dây tham nhũng thì Trương Duy Nhất không là gì so với đệ tử ruột của Nguyễn Tấn Dũng là Đinh La Thăng. Nếu Việt Nam dám một lần nữa lập lại vết xe cay đắng Trịnh Xuân Thanh thì chắc chắn Trương Duy Nhất phải có bí mật gì ghê gớm lắm đáng để người ta hy sinh “khủng hoảng ngoại giao” một lần nữa.

Nhưng cũng không ngoại trừ giả thiết rằng Việt Nam đánh giá Thái Lan thấp hơn Đức nhiều vì chế độ của Thủ tướng Prayuth Chan-ocha tuy được tiếng là một thể chế dân chủ nhưng vấn đề đối phó với thành phần đối kháng không thua gì Việt Nam. Từ hiện thực này Việt Nam có quyền nghĩ rằng Thái sẽ dễ dàng phớt lờ cho hành động bắt người trên đất nước của mình, nếu có cũng không đáng ngại như phản ứng quá mạnh mẽ của chính phủ Đức.

Nhưng dù sao, giả thiết vẫn là giả thiết cho tới khi truyền thông quốc tế khui ra sự thật. Chỉ mong rằng nhà báo, blogger Trương Duy Nhất không dính sâu vào bí mật thâm cung bí sử, nếu dính tới Vũ Nhôm thì may ra anh còn thấy ánh sáng bên trong song sắt nhà tù, bằng ngược lại người ta sẽ không từ bỏ một hành động nào để trừng phạt anh, hoặc bịt miệng anh trước khi bí mật ấy bị phơi bày.

Mặc Lâm
Blog VOA

          Theo sau những đứa trẻ biến đổi gen, Trung Quốc tiếp tục tạo ra những con khỉ nhân bản vô tính      Cache   Translate Page      

14:58, 08/02/2019

Theo sau những đứa trẻ chỉnh sửa gen, Trung Quốc tiếp tục tạo ra những con khỉ nhân bản
Ảnh: Tomo News

Một nhóm các nhà nghiên cứu từ Viện Khoa học Thần kinh Trung Quốc đã nhân bản vô tính một nhóm năm con khỉ từ một con khỉ duy nhất. Thành công của họ đã làm phát khởi sự lên án rộng rãi từ những chuyên gia đạo đức và các tổ chức bảo vệ động vật, khi một vài gen của những con khỉ đã bị biến đổi để các nhà nghiên cứu có thể tiến hành các thí nghiệm y học trên chúng.
Các con khỉ nhân bản vô tính
BMAL1 là một gen giúp duy trì nhịp sinh học ở khỉ. Các nhà nghiên cứu đã sử dụng công cụ biến đổi gen CRISPR để khiến BMAL1 ngừng hoạt động. Do đó, những chú khỉ con được nhân bản vô tính hiện có nguy cơ mắc các vấn đề về nội tiết tố cao hơn, rối loạn giấc ngủ và nhiều loại bệnh khác. Trên thực tế, các con khỉ được cho là đã xuất hiện các triệu chứng trầm cảm, lo lắng và hành vi giống như bị mắc tâm thần phân liệt.
Tiến sĩ Mu-ming Poo, Giám đốc Viện Khoa học Thần kinh Trung Quốc, đã biện minh cho việc nhân bản vô tính là điều cần thiết cho việc nghiên cứu y khoa. Vì quá trình này sẽ tạo ra những con khỉ có nền tảng di truyền thống nhất, ông cho rằng các thử nghiệm và phát triển thuốc hiện có thể được tiến hành với hiệu quả cao hơn.
Theo sau những đứa trẻ chỉnh sửa gen, Trung Quốc tiếp tục tạo ra những con khỉ nhân bản
Hai con khỉ nhân bản vô tính tại Trung Quốc. (Ảnh: YouTube)
Tiến sĩ Mu-ming Poo, Giám đốc Viện Khoa học Thần kinh Trung Quốc, đã biện minh cho việc nhân bản vô tính là điều cần thiết để phát triển y học.
“Những con khỉ nhân bản vô tính khác sẽ sớm được tạo ra… Một số trong chúng sẽ mang các đột biến gen vốn gây ra các rối loạn não người, để tạo ra các mô hình khỉ hữu ích trong việc phát triển và điều trị chứng nghiện ma túy… Với hiệu quả được cải thiện hơn, chúng tôi sẽ có thể tạo ra nhiều con khỉ nhân bản vô tính cho nghiên cứu y sinh, tương tự như các chủng chuột hiện đang được sử dụng rộng rãi”, ông nói trong một tuyên bố ( News.Com.Au ).

Không có gì đáng ngạc nhiên, khi các thí nghiệm này đã bị các nhóm bảo vệ động vật chỉ trích, bởi họ cho rằng chúng đã đặt ra một tiền lệ mà rốt cục sẽ dẫn đến việc nhân bản vô tính quy mô lớn hơn nữa các loài động vật nhằm mục đích bị tra tấn nhân danh khoa học. Một số chuyên gia cũng bày tỏ lo ngại về khả năng một ngày nào đó con người cũng có thể bị nhân bản vô tính cho các thí nghiệm như vậy, nhằm mục đích “nghiên cứu phát triển các loại thuốc tốt hơn”.
Biến đổi gen người
Việc tuân thủ các quy định về đạo đức và khoa học của Trung Quốc trong các vấn đề như biến đổi gen là khá sơ sài. Năm ngoái, nhà khoa học Trung Quốc Hạ Kiến Khuê đã gây ra một cơn bão trong cộng đồng khoa học quốc tế khi thông tin lộ ra cho thấy ông đã biến đổi gen của hai đứa bé. Cha mẹ của những đứa trẻ này trước đó đã có kết quả xét nghiệm dương tính với HIV. Hạ Kiến Khuê cho biết ông ta đã thay đổi DNA của các em bé để chúng không bị lây truyền HIV từ cha mẹ.
Ngay sau vụ việc này, ông Hạ đã sớm bị buộc tội phá vỡ ranh giới đạo đức của khoa học và ông ta được cho là đang bị chính phủ Trung Quốc quản thúc tại gia, theo sau sự dậy sóng từ cộng đồng quốc tế.
Theo sau những đứa trẻ chỉnh sửa gen, Trung Quốc tiếp tục tạo ra những con khỉ nhân bản
Ông Hạ Kiến Khuê bị buộc tội đã phá vỡ ranh giới đạo đức của khoa học và chính phủ Trung Quốc được cho là đã đưa ông vào quản thúc tại gia. (Ảnh: YouTube)
“Nếu để tôi xử lý vấn đề này, tôi sẽ không bao giờ nói với [cặp song sinh] rằng chúng đã bị biến đổi gen và cho phép chúng sống một cuộc sống bình thường như bao người khác. Tôi nghĩ rằng điều đó là tốt nhất … khi cánh cửa biến đổi gen rộng mở, loài người sẽ kết thúc. Khoa học công nghệ hiện rất mạnh, nhưng sự thật kinh hoàng là bất cứ ai được đào tạo một chút trong phòng thí nghiệm đều có thể thực hiện nó được”, ông Shao Feng, Phó Giám đốc Viện Khoa học Sinh học Quốc gia, nói trong một tuyên bố ( South China Morning Post ).
Một cuộc điều tra về vấn đề này cho thấy ông Hạ đã đi ngược lại lệnh cấm của chính phủ và sử dụng các chứng nhận xét duyệt đạo đức giả để tiến hành thí nghiệm này. Dự kiến ​ông sẽ phải nhận hình phạt nghiêm khắc cho các vi phạm liên quan, có khả năng sẽ bị kết án tử hình. Các em bé đang được theo dõi y tế để xác định xem liệu chúng có phát triển bất kỳ tác dụng phụ nào do hệ quả của việc biến đổi gen hay không.
Các trường hợp khỉ nhân bản vô tính và các em bé được biến đổi gen là một dấu hiệu cho thấy chính phủ Trung Quốc không thắt chặt khía cạnh đạo đức trong việc phát triển khoa học tại nước này. Với việc chế độ cầm quyền đang tập trung mạnh mẽ vào việc duy trì quyền lực mà ít quan tâm đến quyền con người hoặc động vật, có khả năng rất nhiều thí nghiệm tương tự sẽ được tiến hành ở các cơ sở chưa được biết đến khác ở Trung Quốc.
Theo Vision Times
Quang Hải biên dịch
Theo dõi kênh YouTube ĐKN:
Tải ứng dụng DKN.TV:

          Vì sao Trung Quốc cố gắng đầu tư đường sắt Đông Nam Á ?      Cache   Translate Page      

10:00, 09/02/2019

Tàu cao tốc Fuxing của Trung Quốc tuyến Bắc Kinh và Thượng Hải. (Ảnh: © Reuters)

Tóm tắt bài viết

  • Theo kế hoạch của Bắc Kinh, mạng lưới đường sắt xuyên Á 3.000 km, đường sắt Trung Quốc sẽ trải dài qua Malaysia và đi vào Singapore.
  • Nếu Bắc Kinh cầu thân thành công với Singapore, Bắc Kinh sẽ có nhiều "vùng trời" hơn để hoạt động ở Đông Nam Á, theo Nikkei.
  • Dự án Vành đai - Con đường của Trung Quốc có nguy cơ vấp phải các lệnh trừng phạt tiềm năng của phương Tây và phong tỏa hải quân, theo phó giáo sư Stephen Nagy, Tokyo.
Khi nhà thầu Nhật Bản Itochu và nhà sản xuất xe lửa Hitachi rút khỏi một bỏ thầu cho dự án đường sắt cao tốc gần Bangkok, đây dường như là một chiến thắng khác đối với Trung Quốc, theo Nikkei.
Thái Lan trong nhiều thập kỷ qua là trung tâm của chiến lược của Tokyo đối với Đông Nam Á, và các kế hoạch xây dựng các tuyến đường sắt mô hình “shinkansen” rộng lớn ở phía đông và phía bắc nước này nhằm củng cố mối quan hệ giữa hai quốc gia đã được thương thảo từ lâu. 
Một tàu cao tốc đi qua bên dưới núi Phú Sỹ tại Nhật Bản. (Ảnh: Alamy/
Nhưng trong khi dự định của Nhật Bản bị trì hoãn vì những bất đồng về tài chính và các vấn đề khác, Bắc Kinh đã tranh thủ đẩy mạnh việc xây dựng một tuyến đường sắt cao tốc khác cũng ở Thái Lan. Đối với một vài người, dự án đường sắt là một biểu tượng cho những ảnh hưởng gia tăng của Trung Quốc tại một quốc gia mà Nhật đã xây dựng mối quan hệ trong hàng thập kỷ.

Tuy nhiên, tham vọng của Trung Quốc về tuyến đường sắt cao tốc tại Đông Nam Á chưa dừng lại tại Bangkok.

Kết thân Singapore 

Theo kế hoạch của Bắc Kinh, với mạng lưới đường sắt xuyên Á 3.000 km, các tuyến đường sắt Trung Quốc sẽ còn vươn xa về phía nam, trải dài qua Malaysia và đi vào Singapore.
Tọa lạc đầu bán đảo Malay, Singapore là 1 thành viên phát triển nhất của Hiệp hội các quốc gia Đông Nam Á, cũng là một trong những nước có mối quan hệ mạnh mẽ nhất với Washington tại khu vực, giúp dự án tăng phần ý nghĩa đối với Trung Quốc.
“Nếu Bắc Kinh có thể cầu thân thành công với Singapore, và đưa nước này vào quỹ đạo của họ, có thể có nghĩa là Singapore giảm mối quan hệ an ninh với Hoa Kỳ, sẽ cho Bắc Kinh nhiều “vùng trời” hơn để hoạt động ở Đông Nam Á”, theo Phó giáo sư Stephen Nagy, Đại học Quốc tế Christian tại Tokyo. Điều đó cũng có thể có nghĩa là ASEAN sẽ trở nên “dễ bảo” hơn đối với các yêu cầu của Trung Quốc, như việc thúc đẩy kiểm soát Biển Đông, Stephen nói thêm.
Singapore cũng là cửa ngõ vào Eo biển Malacca, điểm nối giao thông hàng hải – nối Trung Đông “giàu có dầu mỏ” với Đông Á “đói năng lượng”. Các tàu của Mỹ thì neo đậu tại các cảng Singapore và diễn tập hải quân hàng năm với nước này.
Tuy nhiên, một sự thay đổi kịch tính trong chính trị Malaysia đã khiến kế hoạch của Trung Quốc đối với Singapore bị trì hoãn.

Thủ tướng 93 tuổi Malaysia cam kết “dọn đường” cho người kế nhiệm

Sau cuộc bầu cử hồi tháng Năm, Thủ tướng Mahathir Mohamad đã quyết định ngừng “ngay lập tức” tuyến đường sắt bờ biển phía đông trị giá 20 tỷ USD, kéo dài 688 km nối từ phía nam Thái Lan đến Kuala Lumpur. Đồng thời, hoãn lại 2 năm tuyến đường sắt cao tốc dài 350 km giữa thủ đô của Malaysia và Singapore.
Điều quan trọng là, dự án ước tính từ 18 tỷ đến 27 tỷ USD bị đóng băng – chứ không bị bỏ rơi hoàn toàn. Ông Mahathir 93 tuổi, và ông đã cam kết sẽ “dọn đường” cho một người kế nhiệm trong 1 – 2 năm, và câu hỏi đặt ra là liệu nhà lãnh đạo tiếp theo sẽ đứng vững với Trung Quốc như ông hay không. Và Malaysia đã đàm phán với Trung Quốc về các điều khoản mới cho tuyến đường sắt bờ biển phía đông.
Dưới thời Mahathir, Malaysia đã rút lui khỏi các dự án cơ sở hạ tầng được “tài trợ – bẫy nợ” được ưa chuộng bởi người tiền nhiệm Najib Razak, người sẽ đối mặt với khoảng 40 cáo buộc liên quan tới tham nhũng tại tòa vào tháng tới.
Thủ tướng Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad đã ngừng một dự án đường sắt của Trung Quốc tại đất nước của ông. (Ảnh: Reuters)

Một tuyến đường hao tiền tốn của tại Lào

Lào có dân số dưới 7 triệu người, và được Liên Hợp Quốc xếp vào nhóm “quốc gia kém phát triển nhất”. Bất chấp những lo ngại về khả năng thanh toán cho phần của họ, Trung Quốc đã hậu thuẫn một dự án đường sắt cáo tốc 160kph tại quốc gia hình thành tuyến đầu trong mạng lưới đường sắt châu Á của Trung Quốc.
Nếu tất cả theo kế hoạch, tuyến đường 417 km sẽ nối thủ đô Viêng Chăn, Lào với thành phố Côn Minh, Trung Quốc.
Dự án đã được quốc hội Lào phê duyệt năm 2012, nhằm chặn lại những lo lắng rằng họ không thể chi trả tổng chi phí xây dựng khoảng 6 tỷ USD. Sáng kiếnVành đai – Con đường ra mắt vào năm sau, đưa dự án quay trở lại đúng hướng. Với việc Trung Quốc đồng ý gánh 70% tổng chi phí xây dựng, dự án khởi công năm 2015 và bắt đầu xây dựng cuối 2016. Dự án đã được tái khẳng định trong chuyến thăm Lào của ông Tập Cận Bình năm 2017, theo Nikkei.
Chính phủ Lào đã chấp nhận dự án này với hy vọng cải thiện hệ thống đường sắt của đất nước sẽ giảm chi phí vận chuyển lấy đà cho thương mại. Địa hình của Lào đặt ra những thách thức riêng. Tuyến đường sắt sẽ cần tới 167 cây cầu và 75 đường hầm để xuyên qua quốc gia miền núi. Tuy nhiên, dự án đã không tạo ra nhiều việc làm như người dân địa phương hy vọng, vì Trung Quốc đã đưa các kỹ sư và công nhân của họ tới.
Một dự án đường sắt cao tốc do Trung Quốc hậu thuẫn tại Lào đã bị trì hoãn bởi sự chậm trễ. (Ảnh: Marimi Kishimoto/Nikkei)

Tham vọng nghìn tỷ USD

Trung Quốc đã rất muốn phát triển lục địa và đầu tư rất nhiều cho việc kéo về phía tây đối với Trung và Đông Nam Á. 
Sáng kiến Vành đai và Con đường trị giá 1 nghìn tỷ USD của nước này được thiết kế nhằm xây dựng cơ sở hạ tầng giao thông, nhằm nhập khẩu năng lượng và các tài nguyên quan trọng khác. Đồng thời cũng là con đường xuất khẩu hàng hóa sang các khu vực khác của lục địa Á-Âu mà không phải dựa vào tuyến đường biển dễ gặp nguy cơ vấp phải các lệnh trừng phạt tiềm năng của phương Tây và phong tỏa hải quân, theo phó giáo sư Stephen Nagy, Đại học Quốc tế Christian tại Tokyo.

Khát vọng thống nhất Đông Nam Á

Giấc mơ về một tuyến đường sắt xuyên Á bắt nguồn từ thời thuộc địa, khi Anh và Pháp đã cố gắng phát triển một mạng lưới đường sắt kết nối các thuộc địa của họ ở Đông Dương.
Năm 1995, các thành viên ASEAN đã có một ý tưởng tương tự, phản ánh khát vọng thống nhất toàn bộ Đông Nam Á, theo ông Seiya Sukegawa, cựu quan chức thương mại và phó giáo sư tại Đại học Kokushikan, Tokyo.
Từ những năm 1990, Nhật Bản hợp tác với Ngân hàng Phát triển Châu Á, đã giúp ASEAN xây dựng các hành lang giao thông trên toàn khu vực.
Theo mô hình của Nhật, Thái Lan được định vị là một nền tảng để xây dựng các liên kết cơ sở hạ tầng với các nước khác nội Đông Nam Á. Kết nối đường sắt với Trung Quốc không phải là một ưu tiên.

Thời thế đổi thay

Đối với các quan chức Tokyo, mối quan hệ Bangkok – Bắc Kinh như một cú sốc, và cho thấy một thông điệp rằng thời thế đã đổi thay, cảnh quan địa chính trị đang dịch chuyển. Trong 10 năm qua, Trung Quốc đã thay thế Nhật trở thành đối tác thương mại lớn nhất của Thái Lan, và nổi lên là nhà đầu tư nước ngoài trực tiếp lớn thứ 2 sau Nhật.
Hơn 10 triệu du khách từ Trung Quốc mỗi năm tới Thái Lan cung cấp một nguồn ngoại tệ quan trọng cho một quốc gia tăng trưởng chậm chạp và bất ổn chính trị liên miên.
Tiến sỹ Surachart Bamrungsuk, giáo sư khoa học chính trị Đại học Chulalongkorn cho biết, các liên kết đường sắt sẽ có tác động lớn đến an ninh quốc gia Thái Lan. “Chắc chắn, một chuyến tàu cao tốc là một ‘chuyến tàu chính trị’ vì đây là một phần trong kế hoạch chiến lược của Trung Quốc nhằm kết nối Đông Nam Á với Trung Quốc”, ông Surachart nói.
Trung Quốc cũng đang tranh giành cho một tuyến đường sắt cao tốc dài 220 km kết nối 2 sân bay quốc tế tại Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi và Don Mueang, và một cửa ngõ thay thế thứ 3 tại U-Tapao, Thái Lan.
Một tập đoàn gồm Xây dựng Đường sắt Trung Quốc cũng đang đấu thầu dự án trị giá 7 tỷ USD, ngay cả khi các tập đoàn Nhật Bản, gồm Hitachi, Itochu và công ty xây dựng Fujita đã quyết định đứng ngoài cuộc vì lý do thiếu khả năng tài chính.
Triệu Hằng
Theo dõi kênh YouTube ĐKN:
Tải ứng dụng DKN.TV:

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          Grammy 2019: Alicia Keys e James Corden fazem paródia de "Shallow"       Cache   Translate Page      
Alicia Keys e James Corden  (Foto: Reprodução/YouTube)


O Grammy é só amanhã, 10, mas Alicia Keys (que vai apresentar a premiação) e James Corden (do programa “The Late Late Show”) já fizeram o esquenta da cerimônia. Isso porque os dois criaram uma paródia divertidíssima de “Shallow”, canção do filme “Nasce uma Estrela”, interpretada por Lady Gaga e Bradley Cooper.

Alicia e James encerraram o “The Late Late Show” da última quarta-feira, 06, cantando a nova versão, que tem o Grammy como tema principal, e se chama “A Grammy Host Is Born” (nasce uma apresentadora de Grammy, em tradução livre ao português).

+ Grammy 2019: 15 coisas que você precisa saber sobre a premiação
+ Grammy: veja quem são os favoritos ao prêmio segundo a astrologia
+ Cantora diz que as marcas não querem vesti-la no Grammy porque ela usa tamanho 42

James começa a paródia cantando: “Diga-me alguma coisa, Keys. Ouvi dizer que você está preparada para apresentar o Grammy deste ano". Alicia continua: "Você não a apresentou duas vezes? Talvez pudesse me dar algum conselho".

“Tente não ficar com medo, aja como se já estivesse estado lá”, provoca James. Então, Alicia Keys responde: “Você sabe que eu já ganhei 15 vezes, né?”. Genial, né?

O Grammy acontece amanhã, dia 10 de fevereiro. Assista ao vídeo abaixo:

 Curte o conteúdo da Glamour? Ele também está no Globo Mais, o app que é muito mais do que uma banca. Nele você tem acesso a um conteúdo exclusivo em tempo real e às edições das melhores publicações do Brasil. Cadastre-se agora e experimente 30 dias grátis.

          “Adiantum is a new form of encryption that we built specifically to run on phones and smart devices that don’t have the specialized hardware”      Cache   Translate Page      
Link. Curious.
          Saturday Reads      Cache   Translate Page      
Another reason not to online "date."

More about the con man, the subject of a documentary, is here.

Women are so indoctrinated into thinking any man is better than no man, they will take whatever they can get.  Be careful what you wish for and all that.

For a time this afternoon at least, the talk of snow hitting the Rogue Valley floor did become reality:


Elizabeth Warren formally announced her bid for the presidency today.

Right now, I have no favorite.  I do not, however, support either Cory Booker (over his ruinous education proposals including vouchers and charter schools) or Bernie Sanders.  I will not vote for either one under any circumstances.
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          Cory Booker believes 'Green New Deal' akin to fighting Nazis, landing on the moon      Cache   Translate Page      

During a campaign event in Mason City, Iowa, on Friday, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) compared the "Green New Deal" to fighting Nazis and landing on the moon.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) introduced the non-binding Green New Deal resolution on Thursday. Booker and several other lawmakers co-sponsored the resolution, which is touted as a way to fight climate change.

What did he say?

Approving the Green New Deal would represent a "bold" move in America, which has a history of saving the planet, according to Booker.

"We have to deal with this," Booker said. "…Our planet is in peril and we need to be bold. That's one of the reasons I co-signed onto the resolution, and co-sponsored the resolution."

In a YouTube video of his presentation Booker said: "When the planet has been imperiled in the past, who came forward to save Earth from the scourge of Nazis and totalitarian regimes? We came forward. Who came forward to save the planet, or continents, from financial ruin? We came forward with the Marshall Plan."

"Our history is standing up and saying, 'Look, humanity is in crisis, America is going to be light and the hope."

The Green New Deal would ban nearly every form of energy the nation currently uses, including oil, nuclear power and natural gas. Specifically, the plan calls for a "full transition off fossil fuels and zero greenhouse gases."

What about carbon taxes? Well, they're not out of the question. According to a document that was briefly posted on Ocasio-Cortez's website and later pulled down:

So we're not ruling a carbon tax out, but a carbon tax would be a tiny part of a Green New Deal in the face of the gigantic expansion of our productive economy and would have to be preceded by first creating the solutions necessary so that workers and working class communities are not affected. While a carbon tax may be a part of the Green New Deal, it misses the point and would be off the table unless we create the clean, affordable options first.

The plan would also tear down or gut virtually every building in America, supposedly to bring it into compliance with new energy efficiency standards.

Additionally, the plan calls for high-speed rail to replace air travel, which would be deemed obsolete.

The proposal claims that after gutting a huge chunk of the nation's infrastructure, the government would be able to offer jobs or a guaranteed income for people who don't want to work along with a host of other freebies.

He admitted that a lot of people are now backtracking on the proposal by saying it's too expensive or impractical.

Does he believe this is a 'dream?'

But we can't "govern our dreams" that way, Booker said.

If that were the case, he said, "we would have never gone to the moon."

"See that ball in the sky? That's impractical," Booker said. "We are a nation that has done impossible things before."

          Chick-fil-A honors slain Virginia trooper who was a regular customer      Cache   Translate Page      

A Chick-fil-A in Lynchburg, Virginia, honored a fallen trooper with a small memorial and touching post.

The restaurant said on Facebook that Trooper Lucas Dowell was a regular customer who served and protected the community.

Dowell was shot and killed Monday night when a tactical team went to serve a search warrant and a resident opened fire.

Police say the resident and subject of that warrant, 44-year-old Corey Johnson, was killed by two other officers on the team.

"Our hearts are saddened at the tragic loss of Trooper Lucas Dowell. Trooper Dowell was a regular patron of ours, serving and protecting our community. We are grieving along with his family, friends, and colleagues. Thank you, Lucas, for giving your all and paying the ultimate price," Chick-fil-A said in the post.

          Texas students don wigs in tribute to late painter Bob Ross      Cache   Translate Page      

ABILENE, Texas (AP) — There were plenty of happy little trees at one Texas middle school this week.

Art students at Madison Middle School in Abilene donned their curliest wigs and painted little trees onto canvases to pay homage to the late painter Bob Ross. Teacher Brady Sloane tells the Abilene Reporter News that the idea came about because she wanted to reward Advanced Placement students who had been stressed out over recent projects and grades.

The result was a flash mob Thursday of about four dozen students who wore wigs, blue button-down shirts and held palettes of paint. An episode of Ross' television show, "The Joy of Painting," was projected onto a large screen.

Ross gained a following for his soothing tone and soft-spoken voice. He died in 1995.

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          a friday night film      Cache   Translate Page      

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          Abdurehim Heyit's "Mother Tongue"      Cache   Translate Page      
While I was doing my PhD at SOAS, I found myself one term helping teach a field methods class focusing on Uyghur, a Turkic language closely related to Uzbek spoken in Xinjiang in far western China (textbook here). At the time, as far as I gathered, it was a sleepy borderland region; these days, it's best known for the massive reeducation camps into which the Chinese government has thrown a substantial proportion of the population, in what appears to be an ambitious effort to eradicate their language, culture, and religion. ("Kill the Indian to save the man" was the American version.) Today, it's being reported that the talented Uyghur musician Abdurehim Heyit (ئابدۇرېھىم ھېيىت, equivalent to Arabic عبد الرحيم عيد), from Kashgar, died in detention at the age of 55, after two years in the camps.

One of his best-known songs, originally a poem by Qutluq Shewqi, is a good fit for this blog: Ana til (ئانا تىل), "Mother Tongue" (lyrics, translation). When he sang it, language was still a relatively politically acceptable element of Uyghur identity to emphasise; traditional Communist Party policy for officially recognised ethnic minorities emphasised development of their languages. Now, with hundreds of thousands of people arbitrarily imprisoned, the rapid loss of language rights is the least of anyone's worries.

ئانا تىل بىلگەن كىشىنىڭ ئىززىتىن قىلغۇم كەلۇر،I salute the people who speak my mother tongue,
ئانا تىلنى ئاغزىدىن ئالتۇن بەرىپ ئالغۇم كەلۇر.I am willing to pay in gold for the words they speak.
بۇ ئانا تىل بولسا گەر ئامەرىكا-يۇ ئافرىقىدا،Wherever my mother tongue is found, be it Africa or America,
سەرپ ئەتىپ مىڭلارچە تىللا ئاندى مەن بارغۇم كەلۇر.I would go there, whatever the cost and expense.
ئانا تىل بىلگەن كىشىنىڭ ئىززىتىن قىلغۇم كەلۇر،I salute the people who speak my mother tongue,
ئانا تىلنى ئاغزىدىن ئالتۇن بەرىپ ئالغۇم كەلۇر.I am willing to pay in gold for the words they speak.
ئەي ئانا تىل بىزگە سەن قالغان ئۇلۇغلاردىن نىشان،Oh, my mother tongue, you are the sacred bequest to us from our great ancestors,
سەن بىلەن روھىي زىمىندا ئىپتىخارلانغۇم كەلۇر.With you, I desire to share my pride in you in the spiritual world.

           WWE Studios fecha parceria para produzir filmes junto da Netflix      Cache   Translate Page      
De acordo com o PWInsider, a WWE Studios estará produzindo filmes junto da Netflix a partir de agora, com os planos de lança-los no serviço de streaming da Netflix. Os próximos projetos serão voltados para o público familiar e o primeiro filme, "The Main Event", começará a ser produzido no final do ano.

O filme é sobre um garoto de dez anos que é intimidado, mas sonha em um dia se tornar um Superstar da WWE. Vale acrescentar que John Cena foi cotado para fazer uma participação especial e espera-se que The Miz e Bray Wyatt tenham pequenos papéis no filme.

          Pentagon Jr. e Fenix são os novos Impact World Tag Team Champions      Cache   Translate Page      
Ontem à noite durante o mais novo episódio do Impact realizado direto do México, Pentagon Jr. e Fenix venceram o LAX (Santana e Ortiz) em combate válido pelo Impact World Tag Team Championship, para se tornarem os novos campeões. Esta é a primeira vez que os "irmãos" conquistam os títulos de duplas do Impact.

Este combate foi gravado há algumas semanas atrás, e como já informamos, Fenix se lesionou na noite passada em um show da AAW. O combate foi rapidamente encerrado após a lesão de Fenix e ele foi levado para o hospital pouco depois. Teremos mais informações sobre seu estado, em breve.

          Dean Ambrose enfrentará Nia Jax em evento ao vivo da WWE      Cache   Translate Page      
Duas semanas atrás em um episódio do RAW, Dean Ambrose acabou sendo atacado por Nia Jax que lhe atingiu com um soco. A especulação inicial foi que Ambrose e Jax acabariam por terem um combate e ao que parece, a WWE está seguindo com esta ideia. A WWE está anunciando um combate entre eles para o evento ao vivo de 22 de fevereiro em Jonesboro, Arkansas. No vídeo abaixo, a promo mostra a confirmação do confronto entre eles:

Lembrando que a WWE confirmou que Ambrose não irá renovar seu contrato com a empresa quando ele expirar em abril. Ele supostamente recusou um contrato de cinco anos.

          Pluto-mining Ltd -      Cache   Translate Page      
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          Hot Toys 《Marvel隊長》「豪華.普通版本」Captain Marvel 1/6人偶登場!      Cache   Translate Page      

Hot Toys Captain Marvel - 1/6th scale Captain Marvel Collectible Figure

Hot Toys 繼除夕夜晚上發佈《Marvel隊長》Captain Marvel 人偶預覽圖後,就於今天正式公布推出首個Marvel隊長 1:6比例珍藏人偶 ,並分豪華版本及普通版本兩個版本登場。

Marvel Studio首部女超級英雄獨立電影《Marvel隊長》將於3月6日強勢上映,Hot Toys亦精心揀選Marvel隊長最具標誌性的紅、藍戰衣造型為藍本,人偶頭雕由Hot Toys韓國團隊製作,配上一頭金色髮雕外,亦高度還原由奧斯卡影后貝兒娜森 (Brie Larson) 飾演的Marvel隊長於電影中的面部輪廓及表情神態。另外,人偶還額外附有一顆全新設計的頭盔版頭雕,整個頭盔頭雕塗裝上金屬紅和藍色,其眼部與髮雕位置內藏LED 亮燈功能,同時備有一個髮色髮雕以供替換。

Hot Toys 亦根據演員的身型比例而設計出一個高約29cm、具28個可動關節的人偶素體,同時,更特別根據電影戲服設定,精心製作出全套具彈性質感的金屬紅、藍色緊身戰衣,更精細地於胸前飾有標誌性的金色星星圖案,讓電影造型被足本呈現到人偶身上。此外,為配合Marvel 隊長可雙手發放能量迎戰外星敵人的能力,特別於前臂上配有LED 發光燈效,可裝配上透明仿特效的拳頭、仿能量護臂和能量特效組件。最後,還備有一個印有角色本名Carol Danvers 名牌的電影Logo 人偶地台。

以上為普通版本可備有的造型與裝備的設定,而豪華版本的《Marvel隊長》Marvel 隊長1:6比例珍藏人偶將額外配備一件飛行員啡色仿皮皮褸、一隻高逾4.5cm的寵物貓咪Goose雕像和一對發炮特效組件。

豪華版本 – HK$1,630 

通版 – HK$1,490 



關於《Marvel隊長》(Captain Marvel):

《Marvel隊長》(英語:Captain Marvel)是一部於2019年上映的美國超級英雄電影,劇情改編自漫威漫畫角色卡蘿·丹佛斯。漫威工作室製片,華特迪士尼工作室電影負責發行,本片為漫威電影宇宙系列的第二十一部電影。安娜·波頓和瑞安·弗雷克執導,並與梅格·雷法芙、妮可·帕爾曼、吉妮瓦·羅伯森-多瑞、莉茲·弗拉夫和卡莉·門施共同編劇。由貝兒·娜森、森姆·積遜、班·曼德森、狄哲文·侯蘇、李·培斯、拉沙納·林奇、嘉瑪·陳、阿爾傑尼斯·佩雷斯·索托、魯恩·坦迪、麥根娜·姬絲、克拉克·格雷格和祖迪·羅主演。背景設定在1990年代,講述卡蘿·丹佛斯在地球陷入兩個外星人世界的宇宙戰爭之間後,成為Marvel隊長。該片為漫威電影宇宙的首部女英雄獨立電影。


來源: WIKI


《Marvel隊長》Captain Marvel預告2

《Marvel隊長》Captain Marvel預告1

《Marvel隊長》Captain Marvel Poster

Captain Marvel於《娛樂週刊》Entertainment Weekly的封面期刊

Jude Law


▼曾於GOTG 登場的奸角Ronan

▼眼睛完好的Nick Fury


[電影情報] 《Marvel隊長》Captain Marvel 最新香港版預告登場 !

          The 26th Annual James River Film Festival Announces Lineup      Cache   Translate Page      

The 26th James River Film Festival has announced its lineup of eclectic and experimental film programming for this year's festival, which will be held March 13 through 17 at VMFA, Byrd Theatre, VCU's Grace St. Theater, Visual Arts Center, Gallery 5 and Richmond's Main Public Library.

It will be bringing special guests Tim Clarke, puppet-maker and designer from "The Dark Crystal" and "Fraggle Rock," as well as avant-garde filmmaker and special effects artist Betzy Bromberg, director of the film and video program at California Institute of the Arts, and former Unrest singer and Teenbeat founder Mark Robinson, who just made his first documentary ("Amateur on Plastic") about cult musician Butch Willis from Maryland.

Other highlights include a screening of Guy Maddin's latest film, "The Green Fog," a highly acclaimed collage film that offers an interpretation of Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo" using old film and TV clips. Also Sara Driver's new documentary on artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, "Boom for Real" and a tribute to the late, great underground film artist, Jonas Mekas.

There will also be midnight screenings of two cult classics: Harmony Korine's "Gummo" and Alejandro Jodorowsky's "Santa Sangre," and other showings of a recent collection from Rural Route Films, Silent Music Revival, Strange Projections, a puppet-making workshop and more.

For more details visit Advance tickets will be made available for select programs. The festival is co-sponsored annually by the VA Film Office and the James River Film Society, a 501(c)(3)organization.

          INTERVIEW: Jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis talks about focusing on emotion      Cache   Translate Page      

In addition to playing with giants like Art Blakey and Miles Davis, he's spent years touring with solo-era Sting, performed with Harry Connick Jr. and the Grateful Dead, and fronted the jazz-rock-funk mash-up Buckshot LeFonque.

He also acted in movies and on TV and led "The Tonight Show" band in the early Jay Leno years. But saxophonist Branford Marsalis's four-decade-and-counting career colors far outside the lines of the jazz tradition he embodies and defends.

His eclectic genre-transgressing career was in sharp contrast to his slightly younger, equally virtuosic but more conservative brother Wynton. But if Wynton was more of a household name, Branford was always cooler and edgier, the Rolling Stones to his brother's Beatles, or at least the Lennon to his McCartney.

The onetime young lion is now 58, leading a quartet that has mostly been together since the turn of the century. The newest member, drummer Justin Faulkner, joined in 2009. Its most recent recording is "Upward Spiral," a 2016 collaboration with premier jazz singer Kurt Elling. On March 1, it is releasing "The Secret Between the Shadow and the Soul," its first all-instrumental recording in seven years.

Style spoke by phone with Marsalis, who is performing at the University of Richmond on Feb. 15. There is an extended portion of the interview following the article.

Style Weekly: The new album title is from Pablo Neruda's "Sonnet XVII." How does it relate to the music?

Branford Marsalis: I just like the way it sounds. I play instrumental music, so it doesn't have to have any meaning. All of the songs on the record are about emotions, they are not about data. The first song is angry and aggressive. The second song is melancholy. The third song is happy. I can't remember what the fourth song is. I read a lot of poetry for enjoyment. Certain things jump out at me. I don't question it, I just know it. I thought it was a really cool-ass phrase.

When people talk about love they always talk about it sophomorically. It requires a certain amount of depth of thought to use words to talk about the unknown things. It takes a really talented person to use words to describe what words can't describe. You have to have a super-vivid imagination, which he clearly did. The writing is quite beautiful, in a way that is surprising.

You've said that working with singers like Kurt Elling has made your own playing more concise.

Well, we got better is all. Playing with Kurt was great for the group. I had been in singing bands before, the rest of the guys hadn't. You have to suddenly play a solo that gets to the point and gets out. You can't play too long, or you kill the momentum.

We focus on emotion. The music system is limited … like having a language that only has 12 syllables. You only have 12 notes. You can put them in all these combinations, but it is still the same 12 notes. There are languages without a tremendous number of syllables. They are complicated to understand. What a word means is based on where it is put and how it is said.

The change in your band is a continuous process?

If you have the right musicians, yes. … A lot of players learn a particular style and then force it on every situation. You need to have people who are musically curious enough and disciplined enough to allow whatever you are doing to change the way they perceive sound. I am lucky that Eric, Joey and Justin are fantastic players, but on top of that fantastic musicians. They were happy to do this for a while. There is an inflection point, then you can't wait to get out and play again. Everything is changed.

How do you keep the audience engaged?

My dad told me when I was 15 and playing in an R&B band, that most audiences are the same, they hear with their eyes. It was entertainment. It was the '80s, so we had costumes and I had to learn dance steps. That is something I am not good at. I always tried to hide behind the better dancers.

It's the same now. After a show people come up and say that they didn't understand what we played, but they loved seeing us have so much fun playing it.

They could tell there was information flying back and forth. But they can't tell you what the information is, but my argument is that they shouldn't have to. It may always be a challenging listen, but we will always play a couple of songs that everyone can totally relate to.

The Branford Marsalis Quartet plays the Modlin Center on Feb. 15 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $45, with discounts for seniors, groups and students.

Extended interview:

How did you choose the covers that are included on the CD?

Branford Marsalis: The song, the way it sounds and what it represents. The Andrew Hill song [“Snake Hip Waltz”] is a happy song. It is quirky because it is in ¾ and what he tried to do is write a series of three-bar phrases in a society where we write four-bar phrases for everything. He couldn’t get all the way to the end without writing a four-bar phrase, but the trying was really cool. We needed a song that had that happy go-lucky emotion.

And “Windup,” the Keith Jarrett composition from his European band?

Eight years ago when my daughter was ten, she was sitting at the kitchen table and I was playing “Well You Needn’t” from the album “Monk’s Music.” I was listening to it, trying to come up with this serious idea about Monk’s music. She’s not a jazz kid, but she said “Who’s that? I like this song. It sounds happy.”

It had never occurred to me to apply emotion to the data I’d been studying. The more I listened I was like, shit, it is happy. If you listen to modern jazz, it’s anything but happy, it’s cynical. That one interaction made me listen differently. I can hear that the song is happy.

I think [Keith Jarrett’s] group was more interested in playing it in the Ornette Coleman style. Keith spent a lot of time listening to Ornette. There are a couple of YouTube videos of him playing saxophone that are interesting. He is a hell of a good saxophone player. They were trying to play a style that they hadn’t listened to or studied a lot. They were playing to not make mistakes, very defensively.

I always said this was one of those great songs I would like to play. I was listening to the record one day on the plane [and] I took out my pencil and sketched it out. Filled it in when I got to the piano at the gig, and said we are playing this tomorrow night. Everyone knows it already, it is a refresher course, we have all heard it enough times. Justin put this New Orleans beat on it. He was living in New Orleans, working on a film that is probably never going to come out. But he met some of the great drummers who were there. They taught him this New Orleans beat. It was great, do your thing. The arrangements happen organically with us. We play songs, you have to allow things to happen. I am happy doing that. The guys are creative.

I learned a lot listening to Jan [Garbarek]. Particularly that melancholy shit. The tone is a little sharp for my ear, but the stuff he is playing. It is some happy-ass music. The good thing about emotion: We are playing some crazy shit, but we play it happily, so it sounds happy.

We are a big listening band. Our sound vocabulary is huge. Modern players rely more on harmonic vocabulary than sound vocabulary. We have a lot of sonic references we can draw from. As a result, we can take a song and make it sound really big, or really small. We have a lot of sonic options that [the Keith Jarrett band] didn’t have. They existed in one particular space, even if it was a really cool-ass space. [Our quartet] can occupy lots of different space.

Why was there such a long break between Quartet albums?

We have been working steadily, but it is foolish to send a lot of jazz records out there. Jazz records don’t sell a lot anyway. Throwing them out eight months apart really cripples your chances of selling anything. So we did the “Four MFs Playin’ Tunes” record, and then a solo record, that I never expected to come out. We switched distributors, they wanted something new and that was the only product we had. I didn’t even know if it was good or not. That wasn’t a musical choice, it was a political necessity.

After that came the Kurt Elling record. It wasn’t a deliberate thing, but we had to give come air between releases. Ironically as a band we needed some time anyway. When you do a project like the Kurt record it completely changed the DNA of the band. When we started playing the tunes, we were trying to play them like it was 2015, but it was 2017. We couldn’t go back. We had to give the music some time to figure out our new sound.

Does that kind of experience always reshape the band concept?

If you have the right musicians, yes. [Maybe not] if you don’t. A lot of players learn a particular style and then force it on every situation. You need to have people who are musically curious enough and disciplined enough to allow whatever you are doing to change the way they perceive sound. I am lucky that Eric [Revis], Joey [Calderazzo], and Justin [Faulkner] are fantastic players, but on top of that, they are fantastic musicians. They were happy to [work on the new approach] for a while. There is an inflection point, then you can’t wait to get out and play again. Everything is changed.

A lot of guys, their version of change is not through jazz. They move to New York to play jazz. He plays in clubs and makes a jazz record. The first record doesn’t sell. He makes a second record. Second record doesn’t sell. The third record is a funk record, which will not sell because he is not a funk player. But there is this thing that jazz guys believe, that anything with a backbeat sells. There are literally millions of records over the last 45 years that verify that everything with a backbeat does not sell, but there is this weird mindset that people who have gone from jazz to playing popular sounds, while never having done that in their lives, and are not connected to it in anyway, that music has no choice but to come across as cynical. It is not an earnest decision.

Having grown up playing classical music first, popular music second, and jazz music third, I thought that any kind of change in the band must come through jazz. Not playing another style of music and calling it jazz.

Funk is the new swing? Everybody has to do it the way they need to do it. I think there is an established sound to jazz that has existed for 100 years. Now you have a bunch of people who don’t like jazz, but like the idea of liking jazz. So they will like jazz as long as it has improv and a beat they are familiar with. There are people who do that and do quite well for themselves. Bravo to them .... When Herbie Hancock did “Headhunters,” that is not a jazz record. For a lot of my friends it was. There was no way to explain to them why it was not a jazz record. Then I have to sit down and make them listen for months to music they can’t stand. Then they come to the realization that “maybe this is not a jazz record, but I like this better.” Which is fine. I am not saying everyone should like the music.

But there is a this whole pattern that has existed since I was a kid. They like calling jazz a big tent, but one of the key tenets of the big tent is that the thing that is actually called jazz they know nothing about. They think it should be jazz because they like it.

It’s not a war you can win. Not a war [I'm] interested in winning. I am just interested in getting with my guys and playing. How I feel about it is expressed in our records and how we play on the gigs ...

When my pipes go bad, I call the plumber. They don’t ask me how to do it. We need to lay this music. It is our job to communicate to them. They pay us money, they go home happy.

But there are a lot of musicians that somehow believe that their music is so sophisticated that it is above the heads of most people, and it is incumbent on people to rise up to where they are. That is the most unsuccessful formula I have ever heard. You can read articles about the musicians that jazz writers say are really great, go to the concerts and they are half empty.

Because if a musician really is a genius- and I hate that word- they will find their way to get their point across, no matter how complicated- to people, regular people.

That is the challenge, not developing some system that no one can decipher. The attention in jazz tends to go to that nerdy way of thinking. So, the music writ large is put in this position where people say they hate jazz, but it is not jazz they hate but the way people play it. It may always be a challenging listen, but we will always play a couple of songs that everyone can totally relate to. We are here to play for you. We will give you some of our thoughts, but we will also play things you can completely identify with. We do both.

Back in the day, Wynton was the approachable Beatles and you were the edgier Rolling Stones.

Right. Although I like the Beatles better than the Rolling Stones. But I hear you.

It took me a while to get to the Stones. I am there now, I get it. If you sit around and study music all day long, and study structure. What is the [complex] song structure of a Beatles tune in comparison to the Rolling Stones’ most simple structure? The irony was that when I was a kid, I was playing R&B and rock and roll, all simple structures. When I was in school, I was learning all this other stuff.

We all come around, or we should. Most of the times I use the Rolling Stones in my music class, rather than the Beatles.

Who thinks Keith Richards is a great guitar player? No one. Suppose you say I have a song that is almost good, and I need a lick that is so infectious that it will take it right over the top? Who do you get? The better guitar player? No, you get Keith Richards. That’s what the music is about.

Steve Vai is certainly a better guitar player, but most people would want to be Keith Richards.

          不要以為捐錢就叫做布施!沒誠心,就算捐再多錢也沒有用!       Cache   Translate Page      




































          厲害!日本名醫花30年心血發明「一套操」,7天讓「血管回春」!      Cache   Translate Page      













所以,養血管要趁早!如何養呢?日本名醫30年心血發明,原地小跑步體操,7天讓血管回春 。 


日本名醫池谷敏郎 以他行醫多年的經驗發明了一套體操,動作簡單,不需要任何器材,每次1分鐘就能達到健身,降低血管年齡,並能有效預防心血管疾病。 

這套操就叫: 原地小跑步體操。這是池谷敏郎耗時30年心血所發明,只要一點時間、空間便能進行的簡單運動。不管你是學生、上班族、家庭主婦或退休人員,隨時抽個空在原地小跑步1分鐘,一天3次,據說一周後血管年齡可降低9歲,還能強化骨骼、肌肉…… 





          Nuevo tráiler de ‘Capitana Marvel’ para la TV      Cache   Translate Page      
Nuevo tráiler de ‘Capitana Marvel’ para la TV#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\

Marvel Studios ha publicado un nuevo tráiler de Capitana Marvel mostrando un lado un poco menos serio de ella.

Con apenas un mes para el estreno de Capitana Marvel, Marvel Studios ha puesto la maquinaria de marketing a toda velocidad para promocionar la película que además de contar la historia de origen del personaje, sirve como antesala a Avengers: Endgame, la cual se estrena el 26 de abril.

El tráiler está en formato para la TV por lo que dura 30 segundos, muestra un lado un poco más divertido de Carol Danvers además de más escenas de su lucha contra los Skrulls, disfrazados de humanos y bastantes planos de Samuel L. Jackson rejuvenecido por medio de efectos digitales, técnica que se ha perfeccionado bastante en los últimos 3 años.

Capitana Marvel se estrena el 8 de marzo en cines de España, Latinoamérica y todo el mundo.

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          "Tonight's Word: How Do I Reech Thees Keeds?" - Heisenberg - 2.9.19      Cache   Translate Page      
Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 7:30 PM EST on February 9, 2019

There will be no free rides, no excuses. You already have two strikes against you: your name and your complexion. Because of these two strikes, there are some people in this world who will assume that you know less than you do. Math is the great equalizer... When you go for a job, the person giving you that job will not want to hear your problems; ergo, neither do I. You're going to work harder here than you've ever worked anywhere else. And the only thing I ask from you is ganas. And maybe a haircut. If you don't have the ganas, I will give it to you, because I'm an expert. - Jaime Escalante

The high school crowd hasn't been very happy with our product lately. You can't blame them. They want new material. Our stuff's been repeated too many times. You can't sell the same old thing to the same old crowd forever. - NUMB

And that brings us to tonight's word: HOW DO I REECH THEES KEEDS?

Put your calculators away. You won't be needing them for class today. Besides, the ZIM’s got more zeros than you'll ever need. More than one could ever spend. It’s how they are going to break the monsters back. Entiendes, Mendez? Just listen to the fingerman and put 12 zeros behind each finger.

We're here to learn something more important than money or math. Or bank perks. Or 15 year cd payouts at 2% per annum. Or the lease vs buy compare and contrast of a Gulfstream 7. No, ese... this is not that class. Try the other professores who've already interviewed wealth managers. Just be sure to ask if Mrs. wealth manager is still returning their calls. You know…cause it’s been so long. Down the hall to the right.

No...this class we are going to teach you to stand up to a giant. Without a twitchy eye or a shaky leg. Without hesitation. What's that Sun Tzu said, "Every battle is won before it's ever fought"? You're here to learn that in numbers, there's strength. You're here to learn that instead of math being the great equalizer like Jaime Escalante says, you're here to learn TRUTH is the great e