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          Comment on How to Clone or Move Your Windows 10 Installation to a Larger Hard Disk or SSD by George      Cache   Translate Page      
I personally cannot see the advantage of using Windows System Image Tool. Cloning it seems to involve less steps even for a larger drive. I wonder if I am missing an advantage ...
          R-Drive Image 6.2 Build 6207 Full Crack      Cache   Translate Page      

R-Drive Image is a powerful backup and recovery software that provides you a powerful set of tools for disk imaging, cloning, virtualization and mounting. R-Drive Image Full Version is one of the best backup and disaster recovery solutions to keep your important data from loss due to various technical reasons. This program creates drive image […]

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          Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Thomas Altizer, theologian associated with 'God is dead' theology, dies || What Einstein’s ‘God letter’ teaches us about the source of our theological authority || ‘It’s the real me’: Human cloning is in the headlines, but it’s not what you think

The post Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018 appeared first on

          (USA-IA-Ames) Postdoctoral Research Associate - Biomedical Sciences      Cache   Translate Page      
Special Instructions Special Instructions Summary This position does not accept on-line applications. Please see the application instructions. Posting Details Posting Number 800149 Working Title Postdoctoral Research Associate - Biomedical Sciences Advertised Employing Department Biomedical Sciences Appointment Type Post Doctoral Base of Employment D - Post Doctoral Full or Part Time Full-Time Pay Frequency Monthly Proposed Start Date As soon as possible Proposed End Date or Length of Term 1 year term Number of Months Employed Per Year 12 Summary of Duties and Responsibilities The College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University invites applications for a Post-doctoral Research Associate position within the Department of Biomedical Sciences (BMS). The major goals of the laboratory research program and this position are: (1) to design and to evaluate immunogenicity of novel antigens that can elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV-1 and influenza virus (2) to characterize biochemical and structural properties of antigens in order to facilitate better understanding of their immunogenicity and subsequent structure-based immunogen design (3) to develop novel antigen-delivery platforms for inducing potent humoral immunity. The candidate will acquire additional knowledge and training while being involved in various aspects of vaccine research and development, including structure-based immunogen design, molecular cloning and production of immunogens, immunization of small laboratory animals (e.g. mice and rabbits), and evaluation of antibody responses through serum analyses (e.g. ELISA, ELISPOT, FACS and neutralization assays), next-generation sequencing of polyclonal sera, hybridoma production, and molecular cloning and production of monoclonal antibodies. The successful candidate will gain experience in applying molecular biology, viral immunology, and biotechnology towards viral vaccine research and development and will be trained in using the latest tools and techniques in translational biomedical research for developing preventive vaccines against human and animal diseases, useful in preparing them for an independent career. The candidate will also be involved in training junior laboratory members (technicians, graduate and undergraduate students). This training will provide valuable experience in organization and leadership. This person will also continue to build skills while writing manuscripts for publication and assist in writing grant proposals. The successful candidate will be self-motivated and possess the ability to work both independently and collaboratively both within the laboratory and with outside associates. The ability to communicate well orally and in writing is also essential for this position. Required Education and Experience Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Virology, Microbiology, Immunology or other related field Experience with Biosafety Level 2 and mammalian cell culture Preferred Education and Experience • Experience with viruses (especially HIV-1 and/or influenza) using a variety of molecular biology, biochemistry and immunological techniques including PCR, molecular cloning, recombinant protein expression in prokaryotes and/or insect or mammalian cells, and protein purification, as well as immunoassays (ELISA, Western blot, ELISPOT, FACS) • Experience and working knowledge with SPR analyses and next-gen sequencing • Experience working with animals (injections, bleeding) Required Licensure(s)/Certification(s) Preferred Licensure(s)/Certification(s) Department/Program & College Description About Iowa State University and the Ames Community Iowa State University is classified as a Carnegie Foundation Doctoral/Research University-Extensive, a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), and ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top public universities in the nation. More than 36,000 students are enrolled and are served by over 6,200 faculty and staff. Iowa State University is a global and culturally diverse university committed to providing an inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment for both learning and employment. We know that diversity in experience and perspective is vital to advancing innovation, critical thinking, solving complex problems, and building an inclusive academic community. At Iowa State, we translate these values into action by seeking individuals who have experience working with diverse students, colleagues, and constituents. The university has an expectation that all employees will demonstrate a contribution to diversity and inclusion as embodied in Iowa State University’s Principles of Community. Ames, Iowa is a progressive community of 60,000, located approximately 30 minutes north of Des Moines, and recently voted one of the best college towns in the nation. Iowa State University is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence through diversity and strongly encourages applications from all qualified applicants, including women, underrepresented populations, and veterans. ISU is responsive to the needs of dual career couples, is dedicated to work-life balance through an array of policies, and is an NSF ADVANCE institution. All employees are expected to exhibit and convey good citizenship within the program, the department, college, university activities, collegial interactions, and maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior. Department Contact Name Dr. Michael Cho Department Contact Phone Department Contact Email Department/Unit Website Location (if other than Ames) Additional Information Application Instructions To apply for this position, please email the following documents to 1) Curriculum Vitae 2) Contact Information for Three ReferencesIf you have questions regarding this application process, please email or call 515-294-2441. Guaranteed Consideration Date Pre-Employment Screening All offers of employment, oral and written, are contingent upon the university’s verification of credentials and other information required by federal and state law, ISU policies/procedures, and may include the completion of a background check and/or a consumer credit check. Quick Link EO Statement Iowa State University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, marital status, disability, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against. Inquiries can be directed to the Office of Equal Opportunity, 3410 Beardshear Hall, 515 Morrill Road, 515 294-7612, email Classification Information University Title Postdoc Research Associate - 0100 Salary Job Category Post Doctoral
          Plant Research & Development Associate - Tilray - Nanaimo, BC      Cache   Translate Page      
Experience with molecular biology of plant research, molecular cloning, PCR, primer design, vector construction, sequencing, sequence data analysis, gel running...
From Tilray - Thu, 29 Nov 2018 01:10:20 GMT - View all Nanaimo, BC jobs
          Comment on Video: Bishop Oyedepo speaks on alleged cloning of Buhari by Aleo      Cache   Translate Page      
Those calling for the head of Oyedepo should remember that Pastors are to mould opinions of the flock too, especially in a society devoid of rule of law, lack of regard for the citizens and above all corporate secrecy and confidentiality.
          Comment on Video: Bishop Oyedepo speaks on alleged cloning of Buhari by oluwole      Cache   Translate Page      
The problems these so called man god (small 'g') had with Buhari is the stoppage of their monthly allocations from the security vote, import duties waivers etc.
          Comment on Video: Bishop Oyedepo speaks on alleged cloning of Buhari by Kinikanwo Wachukwu      Cache   Translate Page      
Pastors should keep away from politics. If you fail the second time your members won't take you seriously. I saw pains on all your faces in 2015 elections results. When a man of God preached on hearsay I wonder the sources of his previous sermons on pulpit. Nigerians are watching.
          Comment on Mojave Upgrade Vs. Clean Install: We Explore the Options by Frederico      Cache   Translate Page      
Not as much a rebuttal, but an expansion of the conversation: — By benchmarks, I do mean Real World testing of applications, user files and workflows, and, especially, interaction between apps, particularly as it pertains to scripts that perform tasks across multiple apps. We just never see anything appreciable, let alone repeatable. — one major reason I see fewer and fewer people experiencing non-placebo performance improvements in recent years is that since 10.10 to 10.11, unlike 10.1 - 10.9, is that more and more and more of us are on SSD and Fusion drives — of course a clean wipe on an HDD is going to perform better, almost no one was or is defragging after the mis-hype of “automatic defragging” AKA Hotfiles, morphed into a myth that ALL files, not just System files *under* 20MB in size, were being not only defragged, but prioritized to the fastest portions on the outer platter edges. — If you were still defragging HDD, especially older ones with fewer platters, which had poorer MBps and much smaller caches, bother before *and* after upgrades, your performance gains from a clean wipe were almost impossible to detect, if any; this was further solidified if you used multiple partitions and drives, keeping your most-used data at the fastest portions of a drive, while simultaneously keeping your VM also not only contiguous, but also nearer the outer edges of the platter. — To this day, we defrag spinning disks (that host data that needs to be fast) — it matters, and is provably beneficial for certain applications, though admittedly less so for modern drives with lots of platters and fat caches that can push 180MBps in the first 50% of the disk, as compared to what we once thought was fast if you could get 80MBps In the first 20%. — RAM also got cheaper and Apple finally stopped being quite as stingy, further reducing VM dependency, and thus improving overall perception of “snappier” feelings after both upgrades and clean install (once all the new caches, Spotlight and Photos indexes were done being built, anyway). — please also note: I never claimed we did not and do not still experience occasional inexplicable breakdowns and system corruptions; we can choose to do a “dirty reinstall” (aka, System Restore), or, unlike most users, just drop back to the last known-good clone, re-update as necessary, and life moves on with minimal downtime and zero reconfigurations and app re-installations. Users who don’t employ a regular cloning strategy may not have adequate success with a dirty install, and a clean wipe is the only real option; it sets up and contributes to a mindset that a clean install is the best install. — a further point that allows our strategy to succeed, is that every machine is configured with separate user/data drives/partitions, as well as (as far as it is possible) separate apps/utilities partitions/drives; this allows us an extremely fast restoration process from an isolated System/System apps clone of 20-80GB, instead of 100GB+, gawdforbid terabytes of data requiring hours upon hours to restore in a unified disk structure. Most users aren’t even using Time Machine, let alone cloning, so, yeah, maybe sometimes there is no viable choice better than a clean install; but i did preface my position with (essentially) “if it ain’t broke, why are you throwing it away?” Cheers Frederico
          Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Brandi Redmond: Three Cheers For Phone Cloning And Not Being Scared Of LeeAnne Locken!      Cache   Translate Page      

Real Housewives of Dallas

Brandi Redmond doesn’t seem to want to take the high road in her feud with LeeAnne Locken. The dueling divas from Real Housewives of Dallas took center stage at Cary Dueber’s Copenhagen caravan as well as Stephanie Hollman’s college mixer. With D’Andra Simmons as her new ride or die, Brandi takes great offense to Kameron […]

The post Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Brandi Redmond: Three Cheers For Phone Cloning And Not Being Scared Of LeeAnne Locken! appeared first on Reality Tea.

          Re: Are Genes Pseudo-Science Driven by Racist Patriarchal Plutocrats?      Cache   Translate Page      

"Genetics" is NOT the most recent name for "eugenics"; the two concepts are very very different; and, acknowledging the existence of genes does not imply believing in genetic determinism or in eugenics.

The definition of "gene" is just "a segment of DNA which codes for a protein (and also includes regulatory bits which determine when the cell will make the protein the rest of the gene codes for)". The sequence of DNA-bases which are linked together in the gene determines which amino acids the cell will link together (and in what order) in order to make the protein which the gene codes for. The correspondence of DNA-base-sequence in the gene, to amino-acid-sequence in the corresponding protein, is what we mean by the phrase "genetic code". For instance, a very small gene consisting of twelve bases--adenine thymine guanine cytosine cytosine thymine cytosine thymine thymine thymine adenine adenine-- would produce a very very small protein which would be methionine (an amino acid) linked to proline (another amino acid) which would then, in turn, be linked to valine (a third amino acid). (Each group of three DNA-bases corresponds to an amino acid; the final group of three bases causes the cell to end the protein after the third amino acid has been linked; it's called a "stop-codon").

I am a retired protein-chemist (specializing in antibodies) and have done lots of work with DNA -- genetic engineering, PCR, cloning genes and then changing them in order to change the properties of the proteins they code for, studying the history of how genes which code for mitochondrial proteins migrated from the mitochondrial DNA to the nuclear DNA since antiquity (in yeast, which is the best organism for studying this, because yeast is a rapidly-growing one-cell organism but also has separate organelles like mitochondria and nuclei). To doubt the existence of genes is as crazy as doubting the existence of superconductors or of noble gases. But I have NEVER encountered ANYONE in science who thinks that DNA is the whole story. The only one I know of who thinks that way is James Watson, and everyone laughs at him for it and points to him as an example of how Nobel Laureates catch "I'm-always-right-about-everything-itis" (like Linus Pauling, William Shockley, and Kary Mullis).

Someone around here doesn't know basic genetics and biochemistry; I don't know whether the one who doesn't know is the maker of the film, or the author of this article (David Swanson).

          Cloning 1, 2, 3      Cache   Translate Page      
Video: Cloning 1, 2, 3
Watch This Video!
Studio: Celebrity Video Distribution
Cloning 1,2,3 is a distracting, beguiling way to face our future. The hilarious prospects and zany visions help eliminate the fears and doubts. I believe the future will continue to survive will brilliant and unique discoveries to make the world stronger and more intelligent. There is no turning back. If we do not do it, someone more intelligent will. Let's have some fun and check out this whimsical method.

          Associate Scientist - ABS Global Inc - DeForest, WI      Cache   Translate Page      
\*Demonstrated working knowledge of all aspects of handling DNA including extraction and analysis, PCR amplification, DNA cloning and vector construction using...
From Indeed - Mon, 03 Dec 2018 14:35:49 GMT - View all DeForest, WI jobs
          Those Claiming Buhari Is Jubril Need Psychiatric Attention, Say Nigerians Abroad       Cache   Translate Page      

Some Nigerians in the Diaspora have said the reports that President Muhammadu Buhari is an impostor known as Jubrin from Sudan is "mischievous".

In a statement on Sunday, the Nigerians in Diaspora Monitoring Group (NDMG) said those behind the rumour need "psychiatric attention".

A statement by Francis Adeka, on behalf of the group, read: “The claim is being bolstered with a poor rendition and understanding of scientific procedures like cloning, face transplant among others, which proves that those that are carrying this fake news need mental intervention.

“The fake claim would have been considered humorous, but for the fact that it has attained the first position of the most ridiculous and hare-brained in the annals of conspiracy theories. It is a story meant to prey on the gullible by reason of limited mental capacity, whose numbers seem to be increasing on daily basis. Sadly, those peddling the fake news about cloning have even lesser mental capacity than the people they are deceiving.

“The leading organisation on cloning was categorical in stating that gene cloning is the most common type of cloning done by researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). NHGRI researchers have not cloned any mammals and NHGRI does not clone humans."

The group further stated that proponents of the fallacy are using a "1997 Sci-Fi thriller, Face/Off, as prop in their illogical argument saying there has been a face swap between Buhari and Jubrin".

“In the medical world, there has been a handful of partial and full face transplants, but the recipients of the face transplant look nothing like the donors; and of course the new faces come with some level of distortion with the risk of rejection for which the patients take a cocktail of mediation for life,” the statement read.

“Even more childish is the flipping and reversing of photographs of President Buhari to claim that one version is right-handed, while the other is left-handed, which is a photo trick that is achievable with the most basic photo editing software.”
          Nnamdi Kanu Names Part Of President Buhari's Body That Was Cloned      Cache   Translate Page      
Nnamdi Kanu Names Part Of President Buhari's Body That Was Cloned
President Muhammadu Buhari and Nnamdi Kanu
In his latest broadcast from Israel, Nnamdi Kanu explained that the current President of Nigeria believed to be Muhammadu Buhari is not a clone but an impostor from Sudan.
He stated that there is a very calculated attempt by the Nigerian government to divert puublic attention from the 'facts' he is presenting to the world. According to his account, the only part of Buhari which was cloned is his left ear that wasn't perfectly fixed.
"What they are cloning about Buhari is the ear, you know the ear at the back of the mouse, that is what they are cloning. Because when they cut of the ear, they can now cut it to the shape of the dead Buhari. Have u noticed how they never photographed the left ear. Have you noticed it all of you? They never allow you to get close" he alleged.
He also explained that soldiers were positioned three miles away from Buhari when he recently visited Maiduguri, Borno State to prevent them from having any clues about the impostor.
"When he (Buhari) went to the hospital, (on condolence visit to injured soldiers) they cleverly positioned him so that a useless plank they tied on the bed will cover the left ear" he also added
He went on to allege that some journalists in Nigeria have been paid by the ruling All Progressives Congress to distort their reportage of events in Nigeria
"Those in the pay of the APC like Channels TV and a few other media houses who are so hungry that they sell their conscience will accept these very simple facts that at no time have I said Buhari was cloned. I said they brought in an impostor, an actor from Sudan, Jubril Aminu Al Sudani, thats his name, till tomorrow and I'm very grateful that the Sudanese government are doing something about it....investigating this very matter," Kanu concluded.
Watch a video of his latest broadcast below (Skip to the 22nd minute):

          Hinkler Drawing Book Assortment       Cache   Translate Page      

ALDI Finds for December 12

each $6.99 *


  • Step-by-step instructions
  • A perfect way to relax, unwind and unleash creativity
  • Coding Book teaches all of its lessons using Snap (and features an endorsement from them on the cover), a JavaScript-based program that runs on all devices

Funky Things to Draw:

  • More than 80 drawings, presented in a practical lay-flat concealed wiro binding with stunning holographic foil features on the front cover

Love to Color:

  • More than 90 stunning illustrations collected from 8 individual books: Animals, Birds, Mandalas, Flowers, Cats and Dogs, Ocean, Fantasy and Patterns

Draw Really Cool Stuff:

  • Six books in one
  • Includes ocean animals, cars, desert animals, dinosaurs, rainforest animals and insects

The Coding Book for Kids:

  • Readers will learn the basic concepts of coding as they loop the loop with Finity, discover Boolean logic with the grumpy Glitchbane and are led through the maze of cloning with the Echo twins
  • Product Code: 2224

          Comment on Video: American comedian makes mockery of Buhari’s response to cloning allegation by Jasper      Cache   Translate Page      
Apparently, Buhari is a clone. Double body, whatever you chose to call him. What a deception. What a situation. Nonsense
          Comment on IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 EAP: Git Submodules, JVM Profiler (macOS and Linux) and more by Jaap van der Velde      Cache   Translate Page      
Using #PY-183.4284.139, Nov 21 2018, submodules are not included when cloning a repository as a new project from the wizard at startup. When I run `git clone --recurse-submodules myrepo.git` from the command line, everything works as expected, but when I clone the repo using the PyCharm UI, the project is cloned, but the submodule folders remain empty.
          Warning after two cars stolen by thieves cloning keyless car fobs      Cache   Translate Page      
A WARNING has been issued to motorists with 'keyless' cars after two thefts in the Appleton area in the past week.
          UK's Stoops, Allen Receive SEC Honors      Cache   Translate Page      
Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is the offensive player of the year and one of five members of the top-ranked Crimson Tide to earn first-team honors on The Associated Press All-Southeastern Conference team.

No. 16 Kentucky (No. 14 College Football Playoff ) has the SEC’s defensive player of the year in linebacker Josh Allen and the coach of the year in Mark Stoops. Vanderbilt running back and Illinois transfer Ke’Shawn Vaughn was named newcomer of the year.

Alabama (13-0) is the top seed in the College Football Playoff after overcoming Tagovailoa’s ankle injury to rally past Georgia 35-28 in the Southeastern Conference championship game Saturday. Kentucky (9-3) will face No. 13 Penn State (9-3, No. 12 CFP) in the Citrus Bowl on Jan. 1 after posting its highest regular-season win total since 1977.

Tagovailoa, Allen and Mississippi wide receiver A.J. Brown were unanimous first-team selections.

Tagovailoa, one of the prime contenders for the Heisman Trophy, has thrown 37 touchdown passes with only four interceptions to rank second nationally in passing efficiency. He struggled in the SEC championship game before leaving in the second half with a high ankle sprain, though coach Nick Saban is hopeful the sophomore will be ready for the Dec. 29 Orange Bowl semifinal with No. 4 Oklahoma (12-1).

Allen has recorded 14 sacks to lead all Power Five players. Brown leads the SEC in catches (85) and yards receiving (1,320).

Vaughn has rushed for 1,001 yards and 10 touchdowns while averaging 6.95 yards per carry.

Alabama players joining Tagovailoa as first-team picks include offensive tackle Jonah Williams, center Ross Pierschbacher, wide receiver Jerry Jeudy and defensive tackle Quinnen Williams.

The Crimson Tide had eight overall all-SEC selections to lead all teams. No. 6 Georgia (No. 5 CFP) had seven players earn all-SEC honors, though cornerback Deandre Baker was the Bulldogs’ only first-team selection.

A panel of 28 writers and broadcasters who cover the SEC voted on the AP all-conference team.


The Associated Press All-Southeastern Conference football team, with position, name, school, height, weight, class and hometown:



u-WR - A.J. Brown, Mississippi (u), 6-1, 230, Jr., Starkville, Mississippi

WR - Jerry Jeudy, Alabama, 6-1, 192, So., Deerfield Beach, Florida

T - Greg Little, Mississippi, 6-6, 325, Jr., Allen, Texas

T - Jonah Williams, Alabama, 6-5, 301, Jr., Folsom, California

G - Bunchy Stallings, Kentucky, 6-3, 305, Sr., McComb, Mississippi

G - Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms, Missouri, 6-5, 330, Jr., East St. Louis, Illinois

C - Ross Pierschbacher, Alabama, 6-4, 309, Sr., Cedar Falls, Iowa

TE - Jace Sternberger, Texas A&M, 6-4, 250, Jr., Kingfisher, Oklahoma

u-QB - Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama, 6-1, 218, So., Ewa Beach, Hawaii

RB - Benny Snell Jr., Kentucky, 5-11, 223, Jr., Westerville, Ohio

RB - Trayveon Williams, Texas A&M, 5-9, 200, Jr., Houston

PK - Cole Tracy, LSU, 5-11, 188, Sr., Camarillo, California

All-purpose - Deebo Samuel, South Carolina, 6-0, 210, Sr., Inman, South Carolina


DE - Jachai Polite, Florida, 6-2, 242, Jr., Daytona Beach, Florida

DE - Montez Sweat, Mississippi State, 6-6, 245, Sr., Stone Mountain, Georgia

DT - Jeffery Simmons, Mississippi State, 6-4, 300, Jr., Macon, Mississippi

DT - Quinnen Williams, Alabama, 6-4, 295, So., Birmingham, Alabama

u-LB Josh Allen, Kentucky, 6-5, 260, Sr., Montclair, New Jersey

LB - Deshaun Davis, Auburn, 5-11, 233, Sr., Prichard, Alabama

LB - Devin White, LSU, 6-1, 240, Jr., Springhill, Louisiana

CB - Deandre Baker, Georgia, 5-11, 185, Sr., Miami

CB - Greedy Williams, LSU, 6-3, 184, So., Shreveport, Louisiana

S - Johnathan Abram, Mississippi State, 6-0, 215, Sr., Columbia, Mississippi

S - Grant Delpit, LSU, 6-3, 203, So., Houston

P - Braden Mann, Texas A&M, 5-11, 190, Jr., Houston




WR - Kalija Lipscomb, Vanderbilt, 6-1, 201, Jr., New Orleans

WR - Deebo Samuel, South Carolina, 6-0, 210, Sr., Inman, South Carolina

T - Martez Ivey, Florida, 6-5, 306, Sr., Apopka, Florida

T - Andrew Thomas, Georgia, 6-5, 320, So., Lithonia, Georgia

G - Zack Bailey, South Carolina, 6-6, 314, Sr., Summerville, South Carolina

G - Hjalte Froholdt, Arkansas, 6-5, 315, Sr., Svendborg, Denmark

C - Lamont Gaillard, Georgia, 6-2, 308, Sr., Fayetteville, North Carolina

TE - Jared Pinkney, Vanderbilt, Jr., 6-4, 255, Norcross, Georgia

QB - Drew Lock, Missouri, 6-4, 225, Sr., Lee’s Summit, Missouri

RB - D’Andre Swift, Georgia, 5-9, 215, So., Philadelphia

RB - Ke’Shawn Vaughn, Vanderbilt, 5-10, 222, Jr., Nashville, Tennessee

PK - Rodrigo Blankenship, Georgia, 6-1, 191, Jr., Marietta, Georgia

All-purpose - Mecole Hardman, Georgia, 5-11, 183, Jr., Bowman, Georgia


DE - Isaiah Buggs, Alabama, 6-5, 286, Sr., Ruston, Louisiana

DE - Raekwon Davis, Alabama, 6-7, 316, Jr., Meridian, Mississippi

DT - Derrick Brown, Auburn, 6-5, 320, Jr., Sugar Hill, Georgia

DT - Terry Beckner Jr., Missouri, 6-4, 295, Sr., East St. Louis, Illinois

LB - De’Jon Harris, Arkansas, 6-0, 245, Jr., Harvey, Louisiana

LB - Erroll Thompson, Mississippi State, 6-1, 250, So., Florence, Alabama

LB —D’Andre Walker, Georgia, 6-3, 245, Sr., Fairburn, Georgia

CB - Cameron Dantzler, Mississippi State, 6-2, 175, So., Hammond, Louisiana

CB - Joejuan Williams, Vanderbilt, 6-3, 210, Jr., Nashville, Tennessee

S - Mike Edwards, Kentucky, 6-0, 201, Sr., Cincinnati

S - Deionte Thompson, Alabama, 6-2, 196, Jr., Orange, Texas

P - Zach Von Rosenberg, LSU, 6-5, 245, So., Lake Charles, Louisiana


Offensive Player of the Year —QB Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

Defensive Player of the Year_LB Josh Allen, Kentucky

Newcomer of the Year —RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn, Vanderbilt (Illinois transfer)

Coach of the Year_Mark Stoops, Kentucky


u-Unanimous selection


Voting Panel:

Reggie Anderson, WLTX, Columbia, South Carolina

Ben Baby, Dallas Morning News

Matt Baker, Tampa Bay (Florida) Times

John Bednarowski, Marietta (Georgia) Daily Journal

Robert Cessna, The Eagle, Bryan-College Station, Texas

John Clay, Lexington (Kentucky) Herald-Leader

David Cloninger, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina

Joel Coleman, Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

Pat Dooley, The Gainesville (Florida) Sun

Garland Gillen, WVUE, New Orleans

Tom Green, Alabama Media Group

Jon Hale, The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky

Bob Holt, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Ben Jones, The Tuscaloosa (Alabama) News

Steve Layman, WTVF, Nashville, Tennessee

Logan Lowery, Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

Maria Martin, WSFA, Montgomery, Alabama

Dave Matter, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Tom Murphy, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Patrick Murray, WBIR, Knoxville, Tennessee

Scott Rabalais, The Advocate, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Alex Schiffer, Kansas City Star

Adam Sparks, The Tennessean, Nashville, Tennessee

Nick Suss, The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi

Jake Thompson, The Oxford (Mississippi) Eagle

Blake Toppmeyer, Knoxville (Tennessee) News-Sentinel

Josh Vitale, Montgomery (Alabama) Advertiser

Marc Weiszer, Athens (Georgia) Banner-Herald

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