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          12/4/2018: DIVERSIFICATION //: CALASTONE PASSE À LA BLOCKCHAIN      Cache   Translate Page      
Le distributeur de fonds londonien Calastone recourra à la blockchain pour l’ensemble de ses transactions à partir de mai. La fintech compte parmi ses clients des sociétés de gestion comme JP Morgan AM, Schroders ou Invesco. Le passage à la blockchain...
          Crypto miners undeterred by market collapse, Argo Blockchain says      Cache   Translate Page      
Steep fall in value of many virtual coins has failed to dent demand in mining subscriptions
          Digital Assets Exchange Koinex Ventures Into Blockchain Solutions; Sets Up a New Development Center      Cache   Translate Page      
...blockchain community with a platform to explore the various nuances of the decentralized technology. Towards this, they have allocated a budget of $1 million for investments in the development of the blockchain ecosystem in India . When asked about his vision for ...

          Comment on US Congress Holds Hearing on Potential for Blockchain Technology in Government by 5 Top Blockchain News Stories of 2018 | Investing News Network      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] 3. US Congress Holds Hearing on Potential for Blockchain Technology in Government […]
          Comment on Bloomberg Officially Launches Cryptocurrency Index by 5 Top Blockchain News Stories of 2018 | Investing News Network      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] 2. Bloomberg Officially Launches Cryptocurrency Index […]
          Comment on Is Bitcoin Really Impacted by the Chinese New Year? by 5 Top Blockchain News Stories of 2018 | Investing News Network      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] 1. Is Bitcoin Really Impacted by the Chinese New Year? […]
          Comment on eXeBlock Begins Trading on the CSE by 5 Top Blockchain Stories of 2017 | Investing News Network      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] 2. eXeBlock Begins Trading on the CSE […]
          Comment on Loi Luu of KyberNetwork: Decentralized Exchanges are the Future of Cryptocurrency Exchanges by 5 Top Blockchain Stories of 2017 | Investing News Network      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] 1. Loi Luu of KyberNetwork: Decentralized Exchanges are the Future of Cryptocurrency Exchanges […]
          ChainRider Webhooks      Cache   Translate Page      
API Endpoint:
API Description: 
The ChainRider Webhooks API delivers notifications containing events such as new transactions, new blocks, confirmation of transactions, and changing of address balance. ChainRider is a cloud based management platform for Bitcoin and Dash blockchains. ChainRider offers a microservice with 99.995% availability and automatic scaling for a high number of simultaneous API requests. This API uses JSON for responses.
SSL Support: 
Twitter URL:
Support Email Address: 
Authentication Model: 
Primary Category: 
Secondary Categories: 
API Provider: 
Device Specific: 
Supported Response Formats: 
Is This an Unofficial API?: 
Is This a Hypermedia API?: 
Restricted Access ( Requires Provider Approval ): 
Supported Request Formats: 
Architectural Style: 
Is the API Design/Description Non-Proprietary ?: 
Other(not listed): 
Other(not listed): 

          ChainRider      Cache   Translate Page      
API Endpoint:
API Description: 
ChainRider is a cloud based management platform for Bitcoin and Dash blockchains. ChainRider offers a microservice with 99.995% availability and automatic scaling for a high number of simultaneous API requests. The API offers endpoints for addresses, transactions, blocks, and smart contracts. Tokens are used for authentication, and JSON is the preferred format for requests, and responses.
SSL Support: 
Twitter URL:
Support Email Address: 
Authentication Model: 
Primary Category: 
Secondary Categories: 
API Provider: 
Device Specific: 
Supported Response Formats: 
Is This an Unofficial API?: 
Is This a Hypermedia API?: 
Restricted Access ( Requires Provider Approval ): 
Supported Request Formats: 
Architectural Style: 
Is the API Design/Description Non-Proprietary ?: 
Other(not listed): 
Other(not listed): 

          Blockchain Market Worth $23.3 Billion by 2023 - Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets™      Cache   Translate Page      
...implementation of smart contracts, documentation and payment applications in most of its industries particularly in BFSI, retail and eCommerce, and healthcare and life sciences. The region is expected to be the early and largest adopter of blockchain solutions, due to increasing ...

          Servier Joins Embleema's Blockchain Health Consortium to Launch a Pilot Project for Blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      
...pilot blockchain project within the Group. Embleema's Blockchain Health Consortium, which brings together patient associations, life sciences companies and healthcare professionals, offers patients the opportunity to share digital health data in real time to inform clinical research, enabling better patient ...

          Sixgill Provides Blockchain-Enabled Data Integrity for Litmus Health Clinical Trial Analytics and Data Streams      Cache   Translate Page      
...demonstrated reality that digital systems security is an illusion. Data, however, is defensible," says Phil Ressler, CEO of Sixgill, LLC. "Healthcare industry data is especially personal, vulnerable and regulated. The goal of our exciting work with Litmus Health is to deliver ...

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          Could blockchain be the next big thing in gaming?      Cache   Translate Page      
Virtually every sector is exploring an array of possible applications for blockchain technology. Since its inception ten years ago as the platform on which cryptocurrency was built, the blockchain has made waves in the financial, insurance, legal and logistics sector to name a few. More recently, blockchain technology has found a potentially exciting use in [&hellip
          As It Ramps Up Enforcement, the SEC Has Been Looking Abroad for Assistance      Cache   Translate Page      
US SEC International Cooperation

2018 has been a hallmark year for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s enforcement against cryptocurrency companies, and, according to one director, international collaboration with other regulatory agencies has played a supporting role in the SEC’s recent regulatory actions.

Steven Peikin, co-director of the Division of Enforcement at the SEC, has credited international collaboration as a useful weapon in the agency's arsenal for bringing fraudulent or unregistered actors to justice. Peikin made this opinion known at a speech he delivered at the Harvard Law School’s Program on International Financial Systems (PIFS) for Regulators of Securities Markets on December 3, 2018.

Peikin leads a team of attorneys and accountants who investigate and prosecute civil violations of U.S. federal securities laws. According to him, his division has the "daunting task of ferreting out misconduct and, where appropriate, recommending civil enforcement actions that variously seek injunctions or cease-and-desist orders, penalties, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, suspensions and bars of bad actors, and the temporary suspension or delisting of securities."

They have been involved in cases like the recent settlement of charges against music producer DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather Jr., who were both charged for touting crypto offerings. The team also charged and reached a settlement with EtherDelta co-founder Zachary Coburn for flouting federal securities laws by operating an unregistered national securities exchange.

On the topic of his division’s track record of enforcement, Peikin praised the SEC's "collaboration with international regulators and law enforcement" as being a critical element that made it possible.

"Our investigations often involve witnesses and evidence in different countries, transactions that cross international boundaries, and the resulting application of multiple different legal systems."

The SEC director also highlighted the separate types of securities law violations in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) space and how collaboration with their counterparts overseas has helped the agency protect the market from dubious actors.

The first group includes ICOs that meet the criteria of a security and are in violation of federal securities law for registration failures. The second category are fraudulent ICOs where the issuers use the "excitement around the crypto asset space to simply rip off money from investors."

Late last year, the agency obtained an emergency asset freeze against Dominic Lacroix, his partner Sabrina Paradis-Royer and the company PlexCorps for marketing and selling PlexCoin to unsuspecting investors in August 2017. The token sale is a case-and-point example of the type of blatantly fraudulent activity the SEC has sought to punish in 2018.

The founders had promised an absurd 1,354 percent profit in less than 29 days, having raised $15 million from global investors. “We learned of this ICO from our counterparts at the AMF [Authorité des marchés financiers] in Quebec, who provided us with important evidence in support of our complaint and motion for emergency relief,” Peikin said in his speech.

"Staff at the AMF provided declarations in our proceeding, which the court relied on in ruling against the defendants," he continued.

Peikin said the agency would continue to work with its global partners as it develops its ongoing ICO investigations. His argument shares the sentiment of the recently held G20 Summit in Buenos Aires. At the summit, world leaders came together to discuss, among other topics, the need to regulate “crypto-assets for anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism in line with FATF [Financial Action Task Force] standards.”

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

          South Korea Is Trialing Blockchain Voting — Here’s What That Means      Cache   Translate Page      
South Korea Blockchain Voting

South Korea will test out a new blockchain voting system this month, sources close to the developments have confirmed to Bitcoin Magazine. Developed by the country’s National Election Commission (NEC) and its Ministry of Science and ICT, the distributed ledger system is based on IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric and will be used to authenticate voters and save voting results in real time.

South Korean officials believe a blockchain voting system will increase both security and transparency, thereby improving people’s trust in digital voting. The NEC initially ran an online voting system dubbed “K-voting” back in 2013, but, despite 5.64 million users, trust remained low due to fraud and hacking concerns.

The system will be trialed in the private sector by Handysoft Consortium, which provides collaboration systems for smart work environments. The NEC says the trial is a pilot test designed to determine the viability of blockchain technology, wherein a small sample of users will use the pilot to answer a questionnaire.

With the pilot, the voting system will be used to gather responses from surveys issued by the Korea Internet and Security Agency — the region’s official internet content watchdog — on user experience, including satisfaction among trial participants. Their personal information is then collected from the user group administrator and uploaded directly to the blockchain system, where it is stored for the next seven days before being deleted.

The NEC says the plan is to eventually introduce the blockchain online voting system in democratic elections through a step-by-step pilot operation that will check the safety and stability of the system. The introduction of the voting platform into public official elections like National Assembly elections, local elections or presidential elections will be a policy decision made via the nation’s legislative branch.

Should legislation move forward, users will be able to cast their votes in the future using either their personal computers or mobile phones instead of in-person or by mail. Data recorded during the elections will be saved to the distributed network, so voters can see the progress of the elections as more votes are cast.

The NEC is confident the system will eliminate the possibilities of hacking and voter fraud. In addition, the organization says it will also add elements like big data, internet of things (IoT) technology and artificial intelligence (AI), granted the system proves popular enough.

South Korea is not the first nation to experiment with blockchain voting. Japan’s city of Tsukuba became the first area to experiment with the technology for voting purposes back in September of 2018. Voters’ identities were verified utilizing the Japanese equivalent of social security cards. From there, accounts were created for citizens wishing to vote on what the Japan Times called “social contribution projects.”

Unfortunately, the system was not without its problems. Many voters reported forgetting their login passwords and being unable to cast their votes within the appropriate timeframes. Furthermore, there was little clarity offered once a vote was cast on whether it had been counted.

West Virginia also experimented with blockchain voting during the 2018 midterm elections. Designed by mobile voting platform Voatz, the system was designed for American troops serving overseas who wished to cast their votes in the November federal elections. Voatz used facial-recognition software to match voters’ faces to their government-issued ID cards. From there, troop members could ultimately cast their ballots, which were then anonymized and recorded via the blockchain.

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

          Why Distributed Tracing Will Be So Important in 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

As we round the bend into 2019, it’s worth thinking about where our industry is headed. There are many exciting and challenging developments ahead: blockchain scalability, functions as a service, databases as a service—the list goes on. We’re also moving more and more into an increasingly complex, distributed world. This means distributed tracing will become […]

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          What Bitcoin Did #53 Grin's Michael Cordner aka Yeastplume on Implementing Mimblewimble      Cache   Translate Page      

'œThere may be a few people who genuinely think a deflationary currency is the way to go, nobody on the Grin team does.'

'" Michael Corder (Yeastplume)

Interview location: Skype

Interview date: Friday 30th Nov, 2018

Project: Grin

Role: Developer

Outside of the most hardcore Bitcoin maximalists, there are some who respect a minimal number of alternative cryptocurrency projects. My experience in creating this podcast is that you find some who say they are maximalists, but Monero is cool, or that Decred is interesting.

The ability to command respect is usually steeped in a currencies foundation sharing characteristics of Bitcoin:

  • An anonymous founder

  • A focus on decentralisation

  • A monetary policy which does not enrich the founders and developers

  • No premine

One such project which has sparked interest is Grin's implementation of Mimblewimble, a new coin which attempts to solve some of the privacy and scaling issues of Bitcoin.

On August 2nd, 2016, Tom Elvis Jedusor, a contributor to the Bitcoin Wizards IRC channel dropped his whitepaper, describing a blockchain with a radically different approach to transaction construction from Bitcoin. In October 2016, Andrew Poelstra from Blockstream completed his analysis of the whitepaper and dropped a position paper filling in some of the gaps from the original paper to make precise the idea.

In the middle of November, Ignotus Peverell, another anonymous developer, appeared on the same IRC channel with a link to GitHub with an implementation of Mimblewimble, and this is how Grin was born.

Fast forward to today and Grin has launched its fourth testnet and is preparing to launch its mainnet in January of next year.

In this interview I talk with Michael Cordner, aka Yeastplume, a developer working on the Grin implementation of Mumblewimble, we discuss why Grin is acceptable for some Bitcoiners, their approach to monetary policy and governance, and how to mine Grin.

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          #264 Nick Sullivan: Cloudflare - The Internet's (De)centralized Security Blanket      Cache   Translate Page      

We enter dozens of trust relationships ever time we interact with the Web. Browsers, ISPs, DNS providers, cloud hosting companies, all the way down to the handful of people who control certificate root keys; we rely on the integrity of these intermediaries to serve reliable, and accurate information. The concentration of power by any one of these actors threatens to compromise the very foundational principles of the Web. Decentralized technologies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tor, and IPFS seek to reverse this trend.

We're joined by Nick Sullivan, Chief Cryptographer at Cloudflare. Founded less than 10 years ago, the company offers content delivery services (CND), DNS, and DDoS protection to over 12 million websites. The company contributes to open source cryptography libraries, some of which are used by Etherum. They recently launched an IPFS gateway and features which allow users to have strong guarantees as to the integrity of the content.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Nick's background as a cryptographer and previous position at Apple
  • The Internet's infrastructure and trust model
  • How Cloudflare is experimenting with IPFS
  • The challenges to hosting static websites with IPFS
  • Cloudflare's Onion routing service (Tor) and the benefits to users
  • The Roughtime protocol and encrypted SNI
  • Cloudflare's contribution to open-source cryptography libraries
  • The vulnerabilities of DNS and Cloudflare's free private DNS service (

Links mentioned in this episode:


  • Azure: Deploy enterprise-ready consortium blockchain networks that scale in just a few clicks

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Epicenter is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, Sƒbastien Couture, Meher Roy & Sunny Aggarwal.

          Overstocks Medici Invests $2.5 Million in Grain Tech Firms Blockchain Pivot      Cache   Translate Page      
Overstock subsidiary Medici Ventures is making an investment in a device company having a look to retailer grain transactions on a blockchain. The corporate introduced Tuesday it used to be buying $2.five million of fairness stake in GrainChain, a just about six-year-old corporate which ... Reported by The News Articles 5 minutes ago.
          ECB Just Launched “Better Than Blockchain” Instant Payments System      Cache   Translate Page      
But will the big banks play along?
          MBL's Fuels Assurance Platform now being tested      Cache   Translate Page      
Maritime Blockchain Labs has announced the real-world testing phase for technology solution that enhances traceability and trust in bunker fuel supply chain. Maritime Blockchain Labs (MBL), a partnership set up between Lloyd’s Register Foundation…
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          The Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) and IBM Are Part of the Software Patents Problem in the United States      Cache   Translate Page      
IBM's special role in lobbying for software patents (and against PTAB) needs to be highlighted; even Ethereum’s co-founder isn't happy about IBM's meddling in the blockchain space (with help from Hyperledger/Linux Foundation)
          L'innovazione a impatto sociale positivo di BNP Paribas Cardif: Mabasta, Leaf e Uyolo i ...      Cache   Translate Page      
I vincitori di Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2018 premiati durante l'evento finale del contest internazionale promosso da BNP Paribas Cardif, tra le prime dieci compagnie assicurative in Italia (Classifica ANIA 2017), in collaborazione con Insurance Up, sono Mabasta (1° classificato), Leaf (2° classificato) e Uyolo (3°classificato). A selezionare in real time le migliori idee che hanno un impatto sociale positivo sulle persone e sulla società, una giuria di esperti e il pubblico in sala che hanno votato i dieci finalisti via webapp durante l'avvincente Final Challenge in cui si sono sfidati con passione e creatività. I tre vincitori verranno ora supportati dal team R&D di BNP Paribas Cardif che li seguirà nello sviluppo e nella concretizzazione del loro progetto, tenendo in considerazione le esigenze del mercato e della Compagnia. La quinta edizione di Open-F@b Call4Ideas, contest longevo e di successo che ha contribuito a costruire un modello consolidato di Open Innovation per BNP Paribas Cardif, ha avuto una grande adesione con 129 progetti pervenuti dall'Italia e dall'estero, a testimonianza che il tema è molto sentito.  I tre migliori progetti hanno rappresentato al meglio il connubio tra innovazione e sostenibilità. Con Mabasta sarà possibile prevenire i fenomeni del bullismo e del cyberbullismo nelle scuole con azioni svolte "dal basso", da parte dei ragazzi stessi; Leaf offre servizi bancari virtuali alle popolazioni vulnerabili che attraversano i confini territoriali, permettendo a rifugiati e migranti di viaggiare in sicurezza, senza contanti, proteggendo i propri risparmi; Uyolo è una startup innovativa che si occupa di ideare, sviluppare e commercializzare prodotti innovativi ad alto valore tecnologico nei campi della filantropia, volontariato e imprenditoria sociale. Tra i fattori chiave che hanno portato alla vittoria le tre idee figurano, oltre al contenuto tecnologico e alla capacità della proposta di generare un impatto positivo su persone e società, anche la fattibilità del progetto. "Quest'anno il tema di Open-F@b Call4Ideas ci sta particolarmente a cuore perché per noi l'innovazione non è più solo una questione tecnologica. Vogliamo innovare per prevenire, assistere e proteggere meglio i nostri clienti, migliorando la qualità della vita delle persone. Questo significa offrire prodotti con un valore tangibile e riconosciuto attraverso servizi di assistenza di alta qualità inclusi, per supportare i clienti in situazioni difficili, migliorare la customer experience, favorendo l'interazione con nuovi touchpoints, e rendere le polizze ampiamente accessibili e semplici." - ha dichiarato Isabella Fumagalli, Head of Territory for Insurance in Italy di BNP Paribas Cardif - "Il fattore abilitante che ci aprirà nuovi scenari di miglioramento dei bisogni sociali, sostenendo anche la nostra competitività, sarà la capacità di saper creare e gestire ecosistemi dove integrare competenze assicurative, tecnologia, servizi, collaborazione con startup, partner, player di altri settori, attori sociali, dipendenti e comunità." La cerimonia di premiazione - presentata dal blogger e conduttore radiofonico Luca Viscardi - si è tenuta ieri a Milano presso la Fondazione Catella, trasformata per l'occasione in una "Foresta delle idee". Prendendo spunto dalla pianta del nuovo parco, La Biblioteca degli Alberi, all'interno del quale è inserita la Fondazione Catella, gli ospiti sono stati accolti sin dal cortile da sfere luminose a simboleggiare i progetti e le idee che iniziano a germogliare. All'interno della sala i partecipanti hanno potuto, quindi, visitare un percorso espositivo con alberi luminosi, ognuno dei quali rappresentava un progetto finalista. La serata è stata aperta dagli interventi di Isabella Fumagalli, Head of Territory for Insurance in Italy di BNP Paribas Cardif, e di Kelly Russel, CEO e Direttore Generale della Fondazione Catella, cui sono seguiti altri interventi di esperti del mondo Insurtech che hanno portato la loro esperienza e hanno animato la serata. Tra questi, Andrea Rangone, CEO di Digital360, Gabriele Benedetto, Amministratore Delegato di Telepass e Marco Pozzi, Incubation Manager di ImpactHub. La Final Challenge, condotta per la prima parte da Luca Viscardi e poi da Giovanni Iozzia, Chief Editor di Economy Up, ha visto le start-up sfidarsi con confronti a coppie ed eliminazione diretta. L'evento si è concluso con la premiazione dei progetti vincitori a cura di Isabella Fumagalli e di Andrea Veltri, Chief Marketing Officer & Strategy di BNP Paribas Cardif.   Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2018: i progetti vincitori   1° classificato: MABASTA "Mabasta" è nato nel 2016 come movimento ideato e animato da adolescenti, per contrastare e, possibilmente, prevenire i fenomeni del bullismo e del cyberbullismo con azioni svolte "dal basso", da parte dei ragazzi stessi. È un'impresa sociale che opera principalmente attraverso l'uso consapevole e positivo del web e della tecnologia. Mabasta si esprime e agisce nei linguaggi multimediali e interattivi dei ragazzi in quanto "è" dei ragazzi. Progetto - Innovativo, attuale, d'impatto La mission di Mabasta è quella di prevenire e contrastare il bullismo con azioni "dal basso". Il progetto attraverso il quale viene svolta questa mission prende il nome di "Modello Mabasta" e consiste in una originale serie di consigli e azioni comportamentali che ogni classe e scuola d'Italia può liberamente adottare. È un innovativo protocollo di iniziative svolte quasi esclusivamente dagli studenti e supervisionate dagli adulti (insegnanti e presidi). Il Modello è rivolto a tutti i livelli di scuola, dalle elementari alle superiori. Positive Impact Innovation Il valore aggiunto consiste nel fatto che è, in assoluto, la prima volta che ad occuparsi di bullismo e cyberbullismo sono i giovani stessi, ossia coloro che sono direttamente coinvolti e protagonisti (vittime, "bulli" e "bulle", ma anche gli spettatori). Ad oggi questo forte impatto è stato dimostrato sia dalla quantità di studenti e scuole che hanno interagito con Mabasta negli ultimi due anni, sia dalla grande attenzione dei media e delle istituzioni (Presidente Mattarella, Ministri, Camera, Sanremo, Spiderman, quotidiani, tv e radio nazionali, ...). Team Giorgio Armillis, Martina Caracciolo, Mattia Carluccio, Mirko Cazzato, Denise De Cillis, Patrick De Silla, Marta Di Giuseppe, Niki Greco, Simone La Gioia, Andrea Laporta, Francesca Laudisa, Maria Marsano, Michela Montagna, Francesco Rizzo, Filippo Staccioli, Daniela Tafuri. Adult leader: Daniele Manni.   2° classificato: LEAF Leaf offre servizi bancari virtuali alle popolazioni vulnerabili che attraversano i confini territoriali. Leaf sostiene le persone che hanno perso l'accesso a tutto ciò che hanno guadagnato, archiviando e trasportando i loro beni attraverso i confini mediante un dispositivo mobile, senza l'utilizzo dello smartphone. Rifugiati e migranti possono viaggiare senza contanti, sapendo che i loro account sono sicuri e accessibili a livello globale. Leaf protegge i risparmi dei clienti attraverso la tecnologia blockchain senza esposizione alla volatilità della criptovaluta, costruendo le basi per un'identità economica completa di dati biometrici, transazioni e risparmi. Progetto - Sicurezza, identità, convenienza Con Leaf un rifugiato crea un account, invia denaro mobile alla piattaforma e può quindi viaggiare senza contanti. Amici e familiari possono inviare denaro all'account del cliente. Una volta sicuri, i contanti vengono prelevati nella nuova valuta locale o utilizzati come garanzia per un microprestito. Il progetto sta partendo nella regione del Nord Kivu in Africa con 150.000 rifugiati provenienti da RDC, Rwanda e Burundi. Leaf guadagna con piccole commissioni di transazione, spread di valuta estera e investendo i risparmi dei clienti durante il trasporto. Positive Impact Innovation Consentendo ai clienti che attraversano i confini di conservare i propri risparmi, Leaf apre la strada alle rimesse internazionali creando, nel contempo, un'identità biometrica ed economica documentata. Leaf consente ai rifugiati di partecipare all'economia formale. Un maggiore accesso ai fondi fornisce sicurezza finanziaria e diminuisce la dipendenza dai Paesi ospitanti e dagli aiuti esteri. Trattare i rifugiati come clienti piuttosto che come beneficenza aiuta a stabilire la fiducia, a garantire la responsabilità e a dare dignità ai rifugiati. Team Nat Robinson, Tori Samples   3° classificato: UYOLO Uyolo è una startup innovativa che si occupa di ideare, sviluppare e commercializzare prodotti innovativi ad alto valore tecnologico nei campi della filantropia, volontariato e imprenditoria sociale, con l'obiettivo di rendere queste attività parte integrante della nostra quotidianità e contribuire ai 17 Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile dell'ONU. Lottare per l'uguaglianza, per i diritti delle donne, per una prosperità sostenibile e inclusiva e molto altro, sarà possibile da oggi grazie alla Uyolo App, il social network per l'impatto sociale. Progetto - Fiducia, innovazione, felicità Uyolo è la nuova community per chi desidera cambiare il mondo. Grazie alla Uyolo App, questa impresa diventa semplice e divertente. All'interno del nostro social network dedicato all'impatto sociale, gli utenti possono condividere contenuti legati alla causa sociale di proprio interesse, raccogliere fondi per associazioni no-profit certificate, ottenere informazioni sugli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile e donare con un semplice "like": una piccola rivoluzione tecnologica per realizzare un enorme cambiamento. Positive Impact Innovation Uyolo nasce con una grande promessa, quella di ispirare i giovani a diventare attori del cambiamento e protagonisti degli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile (SDGs), per una società più propensa alla cura degli altri e alla condivisione (dal nostro motto, We Care, We Share) in particolare nei confronti dei soggetti più "indifesi." Educando gli utenti sugli SDGs ed offrendo servizi innovativi per le imprese impegnate nella sostenibilità, Uyolo punta inoltre a contribuire allo sviluppo di un'economia etica e sostenibile. Team Alessandra Gargiulo, Yetoe Menye Akakpo Guetou, Audrey Solène Touboulic  
          Anaplan CEO on using blockchain technology for enterprise planning efficiency      Cache   Translate Page      
Jim Cramer and Anaplan President and CEO Frank Calderoni speak about Anaplan's newly public business and how it incorporates new technologies to help enterprises become more efficient.
           Comment on IMF: The case for a new digital currency by K. Chris C.       Cache   Translate Page      
"Digital," or "blockchain," "money" is just another Khazarian scam--part of their grift-machine. The people of the Liberty Dollar were persecuted, robbed, and caged for the audacity of minting a precious metal substitute to the Khazarians' fiat-grift. In contrast, the "blockchain money" substitute appeared with a strange and unproven pedigree, and has been embraced by Khazarian controlled governments instead of oppressed--a sure sign that the fix is in. And "blockchain money" is currently decentralized, but is can easily be centralized. There are already calls to do just that under the guise that the size of the transaction ledger is growing too large and too fast. "Blockchain money" is the fourth fence piece. Use it, play with it, but don't be surprised when you find a barred gate where it was once open. A good primer on technology of "blockchain money" is: "Blockchain-Blueprint for a New Economy" by Melanie Swan One is not a true American until resident in the ADL's database.
          Blockchain for Enterprise      Cache   Translate Page      

eBook Details: Paperback: 220 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (September 26, 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 1788479742 ISBN-13: 978-1788479745 eBook Description: Blockchain for Enterprise: Implement blockchain principles in your choice of domain using Ethereum Blockchain for Enterprise: Build scalable blockchain applications...

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          Learn Bitcoin and Blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      

eBook Details: Paperback: 94 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (August 31, 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 9781789536133 ISBN-13: 978-1789536133 eBook Description: Learn Bitcoin and Blockchain: Get up and running with the fundamentals of bitcoin and blockchain Learn Bitcoin and Blockchain: Understanding...

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          Comment on Amazon Announces Two Blockchain-related Products by I believe what has been discussed here from this source that was chosen specially for its quality of material, makes me be of the opinion that generating money on the internet is only going to get stronger as the internet expands at an extrodinary speed.      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] post Amazon Announces Two Blockchain-related Products appeared first on StartUp […]
          Political Decentralization: Freeing the Internet From Monopolists With Crypto-Tech      Cache   Translate Page      

This piece on political decentralization was written by Jonas Sevel Karlberg. Karlberg advises several prominent projects and is a co-founder of the Nordic Blockchain Association. He is also the founder and CEO of AmaZix. *** The internet was born from an ideal for information to be shared by all, with all, and was seen as the […]

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          Vertcoin Network Suffers 300-Block Reorg Following 51% Attacks      Cache   Translate Page      

Vertcoin (VTC) is currently struggling with a series of 51 percent attacks and a number of blockchain reorganizations. According to recently published data, the vertcoin chain has experienced over 22 reorgs and has lost more than $100,000 due to the attacks, with the last reorg clocking in at over 300 blocks deep. Also read: US Law Enforcement Wants […]

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          Best ICON Wallets In 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Claiming to “hyperconnect the world,” ICON (ICX) is a decentralized platform that enables blockchain interoperability. With ICON, every single blockchain would be able to communicate with one another, similar to how many modern devices can do so now via the Internet. In this guide, we’re going to break down the best ICON wallets available today. Some […]

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          South Korea Is Trialing Blockchain Voting — Here’s What That Means      Cache   Translate Page      

South Korea will test out a new blockchain voting system this month, sources close to the developments have confirmed to Bitcoin Magazine. Developed by the country’s National Election Commission (NEC) and its Ministry of Science and ICT, the distributed ledger system is based on IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric and will be used to authenticate voters and […]

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          Binance to Launch Binancechain For ‘Millions of Coins,’ CEO Confirms      Cache   Translate Page      

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by means of traded volumes will be launching its own public blockchain in “a couple of months or so,” according to its CEO, Changpeng Zhao.  ‘There Will be Millions of Coins and Thousands of Blockchains’ Speaking at the stage of Forbes Asia Forum: Decrypting Blockchain, the CEO of the Binance […]

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          Atomicpay Launches Private Beta of Digital Currency Payment Gateway      Cache   Translate Page      

Startup announced the beta launch of its cryptocurrency payment gateway on Dec. 3, with support for six different digital assets. The payment processor eliminates third parties and allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies in a noncustodial fashion. Also read: US Law Enforcement Wants Blockchain Surveillance Tools for Privacy Coins Developers Launch Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway The private beta version of Atomicpay will be […]

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          What Is SALT Lending? | A Guide to the Blockchain Loan Platform      Cache   Translate Page      

What Is SALT Lending? SALT lending is a platform that provides Blockchain-Backed Loans. SALT (Secured Automated Lending Platform) enables you to put up your crypto as collateral in exchange for a cash loan. This strategy is ideal if you need to pay-off an unexpected expense or want to make a big purchase without having to […]

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          What’s Wrong With ICOs?      Cache   Translate Page      
A Blue Ocean For TRON (TRX)

As the blockchain community works hard to gain more mainstream appeal, there’s still one main hurdle that they’ve yet to overcome: its Wild West reputation. This reckless reputation has scared off more conservative investors, and for good reason. The last wave of ICOs was riddled with empty promises and misinformation with nearly 80% of the […]

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          The Future of Crypto Trading Is Hybrid: Hot + Cold Wallets      Cache   Translate Page      

Crypto markets and the underlying Blockchain technologies are flourishing.  As of this writing, daily transaction volume has reached $20 billion per day, with a market capitalization of over $1 trillion[1]. Blockchain’s ever-increasing value in varied use cases is ushering in a truly trustless economy by disintermediating exchange of goods and services. Despite these significant feats, […]

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          Huawei blockchain servisini küresel pazara açtı      Cache   Translate Page      
Huawei, bu yılın başlarından beri sadece Çin pazarında kullanımına açık olan kendi Blockchain Servisi’ni Huawei Cloud’un internet sitesi aracılığıyla artık tüm küresel pazara açtı.
          FAQ: What Amazon's blockchain services mean for your business      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon unveiled Quantum Ledger Database and Managed Blockchain services at AWS re:Invent 2018. Here's how the new services can potentially impact your organization.
          Javascript and jQuery keep the web alive. It’s why you should learn them now fo ...      Cache   Translate Page      

If you want to create web pages and web-based user experiences, you need to familiar in javascript…because frankly, you don’t have a choice. It’s the code that runs virtually every facet of web browsing ― and if you’re looking to create digitally, JavaScript and its super-efficient application aide jQuery are virtual musts in your toolbox.

Now, you can learn ‘em both ― in just an hour each. Those are just two of the courses in this extensive collection of instruction we call the Complete Javascript and jQuery Programming bundle . Right now, you can pick up all that training at one of the lowest prices ever, only $29 .

Blockchain and cryptocurrency news minus the bullshit.

Visit Hard Fork.


Responsive websites and mobile apps need JavaScript to function ― and this seven-course offering will get you hands-on with everything you need to know. You’ll learn how to build your first HTML page, how to use jQuery to streamline your code, even how to update your pages without having to refresh.

Your courses include:

Learn JavaScript In 1 Hour (a $199 value) Learn jQuery In 1 Hour (a $199 value) Quick Front-End Website Creation: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery (a $199 value) Dynamic JavaScript Master Class: AJAX & JSON (a $199 value) Introduction To React & Redux: Code Web Apps In JavaScript (a $199 value) Bootstrap 4 Rapid Web Development (a $199 value) Learn JavaScript AJAX In 1 Hour (a $199 value)

This package also crams in some other vital programming tutelage, like how to AJAX and JSON will help make sure data is synchronized between your database and your front-end code. Or how to build efficient, attractive user interfaces with React and Redux.

Each course would usually cost $200 on its own, but with this limited time offer, you can get the entire collection at just over $4 per course .

          Anaplan CEO on using blockchain technology for enterprise planning efficiency      Cache   Translate Page      

Jim Cramer and Anaplan President and CEO Frank Calderoni speak about Anaplan's newly public business and how it incorporates new technologies to help enterprises become more efficient.
          Itaú e StanChart fazem parceria em blockchain na AL      Cache   Translate Page      

Uso de blockchain pode reduzir risco de fraude e os custos, dizem bancos [...]

O post Itaú e StanChart fazem parceria em blockchain na AL apareceu primeiro em Forbes Brasil.

          Mediterranean EU countries make push on blockchain technology      Cache   Translate Page      
          Blockchain developer      Cache   Translate Page      
Responsibilities and Duties Research, design, develop, and test blockchain technologies Brainstorm and help evaluate applications for new tools and technologies as they continually evolve Maintain and extend current client- and server-side applications responsible for integration and business logic Be involved in the global blockchain communitywork on implementing and integrating the latest...
          企業が知るべきブロックチェーン社会実装、必要な3つのポイントーーHashHub東氏(リレーインタビュー)      Cache   Translate Page      

本稿は「NodeTokyo 2018」編集部による寄稿。インタビューに応じてくれたHashHubの東晃慈氏は「ブロックチェーンビジネスサミット(主催:...

投稿 企業が知るべきブロックチェーン社会実装、必要な3つのポイントーーHashHub東氏(リレーインタビュー)THE BRIDGE(ザ・ブリッジ) に最初に表示されました。

          Quadrant Protocol、データ精度を改善するブロックチェーン対応データ認証テクノロジーをローンチ      Cache   Translate Page      

6ヶ月のテスト期間とシンガポール情報通信メディア開発庁(IMDA)とのプロジェクトを経て、Quadrant Protocol は11月22日、イノベー...

投稿 Quadrant Protocol、データ精度を改善するブロックチェーン対応データ認証テクノロジーをローンチTHE BRIDGE(ザ・ブリッジ) に最初に表示されました。

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Preis: Gebot
Besucher: --
Domainsprache: --
          ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin discusses the blockchain company’s decision to acquire potential space miner Planetary Resources      Cache   Translate Page      
It reflects our belief in democratizing and decentralizing space endeavours to unite our species and unlock untapped human potential.
          12/4/2018: Puzzles & Games: ARGO’S SALES ‘BOOM’ DESPITE A DIVE IN PRICE OF CRYPTO      Cache   Translate Page      
THE recent sharp fall in cryptocurrency prices hasn’t hurt AIM-listed Argo Blockchain, which today said its software products are being snapped up. The firm said sales of its packages, which allow subscribers to mine for the currencies, had risen 146%...
          US Dept. of Homeland Security Takes Interest in Investigating Blockchain Transactions - Cointelegraph      Cache   Translate Page      


US Dept. of Homeland Security Takes Interest in Investigating Blockchain Transactions
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is seeking information about investigating and analyzing blockchains, including those used for privacy coins, according to a pre-solicitation notice published Nov. 30. DHS has released a proposal, which ...
US Department of Homeland Security Is Considering a Tool for Forensic Analysis of Privacy Coins CoinCodex
US Department Of Homeland Security Wants To Investigate Blockchain Transactions BlockTribune
Homeland Security Wants to Track Your Privacy Coins ThirtyK
BTC Wires -CoinDesk -TOKENPOST -FedBizOpps
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          Strategy Analytics: Despite Brexit and Economic Woes, UK Mobile Workforce Spending Healthy      Cache   Translate Page      
...6-10% in the next 5 years. • Almost 2/3 of UK companies offer unlocked phones; Apple ( News - Alert ) and Samsung are the most popular unlocked phone brands. • 1 in 4 UK companies are already making use of Blockchain. Blockchain is ...

          区块链寒冬:初创企业被迫裁员求生      Cache   Translate Page      

近期遭遇的加密货币暴跌熊市,将此前风光无限的许多区块链创业公司,瞬间打趴在了地板上。有人自嘲道,往日的区块链(Blockchain),已经被碾压成现在的“破产链”(brokechain)。虽然一些人乐观地猜测,本轮熊市应该只会持续几个月。但押注“经典以太坊”(ETC)的软件开发团队 ETCDEV,正在生存线上挣扎。

          Krypto- und traditionelle Märkte KW48 – Volatilität von Bitcoin so hoch wie seit Monaten nicht      Cache   Translate Page      

Krypto- und traditionelle Märkte KW48 – Volatilität von Bitcoin so hoch wie seit Monaten nicht Die Kurse von XRP und Bitcoin sind wieder stark gekoppelt.   Source: BTC-ECHO Der Beitrag Krypto- und traditionelle Märkte KW48 – Volatilität von Bitcoin so hoch wie seit Monaten nicht erschien zuerst auf BTC-ECHO. Source: Import RSS

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          Altcoin Deep Dive – Das Token Utility Canvas am Beispiel Bitcoin      Cache   Translate Page      

Altcoin Deep Dive – Das Token Utility Canvas am Beispiel Bitcoin Zur Analyse und Bewertung von Kryptowährungen sind Einordnungsschemata häufig hilfreich und sollen zukünftig mehr Verwendung finden.   Source: BTC-ECHO Der Beitrag Altcoin Deep Dive – Das Token Utility Canvas am Beispiel Bitcoin erschien zuerst auf BTC-ECHO. Source: Import RSS

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BTC-ECHO-Newsflash: Die Top-Bitcoin-News der Woche Bitcoin tritt wieder gegen Gold an, während IOTA den Koordinator abschaffen will.   Source: BTC-ECHO Der Beitrag BTC-ECHO-Newsflash: Die Top-Bitcoin-News der Woche erschien zuerst auf BTC-ECHO. Source: Import RSS

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          Get Ready for Crypto Sanctions Enforcement      Cache   Translate Page      

Get Ready for Crypto Sanctions Enforcement Recent OFAC actions are just the first step in crypto sanctions enforcement, write attorneys Beau Barnes and Jake Chervinsky. Source: Import RSS

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          Crypto Custody? State Street Is Waiting on a Client Shift, Exec Says      Cache   Translate Page      

Crypto Custody? State Street Is Waiting on a Client Shift, Exec Says State Street bank says there’s no sense of urgency yet from clients for it to move into safeguarding crypto assets. Source: Import RSS

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          Off-Topic :: Re: ¿Cómo Están En Venezuela?      Cache   Translate Page      
Autor: pandeche
Asunto: Re: ¿Cómo Están En Venezuela?
Publicado: Lunes, 03 Diciembre 2018 (GMT 1)

Nuevo aumento de sueldo para los Venezuelanos

Y el cualquier parte del mundo dirían "uff que bueno" "excelente que les aumenten el sueldo" "que suerte tienen los Venezolanos que les aumentan el suendo en diciembre"

Pues les diré que no es para nada alentador el aumento de sueldo que en verdad fué una devaluación interna, ya ni siquiera se devalúan de acuerdo al dolar negro sino que ahora devalúan el bolívar con respecto al PETRO...

Como es eso? dirán ustedes.

Pues bien es así:

Salario anterior: 1.800

Salario actual: 4.500

Es un aumento de 1.5 veces EXCELENTE!!!! NO, pues no...

Antes del aumento podías comprar 1 Petro con 3.600Bs y ahora 1 Petro Vale 9.000; eso si el precio del petro en Dólares casi no ha variado de 60$ por Petro así que en vez de ser un aumento de 1.5 es una devaluación de 1.5 veces (el sueldo con respecto al petro es de 30$ al mes ó lo que es lo mismo 1/2 Petro cryptomoneda que no existe en el blockchain por lo que no existe como cryptomoneda real, se compra sólo con dólares y si la quieres vender te devuelven bolívares)

Eso internamente, externamente (dolar negro) el sueldo lo acaban de subir de 3.6 dólares al mes a 9 dolares al mes. Alguien puede decirme que se puede comprar con 9$ al mes... Si no he visto mal por ahí las hamburguesas de McDonalds baratas salen en 4$ +/- no? así que +/- 2 hamburguesas se puede comprar con 1 mes COMPLETO de salario

Para no perder la costumbre (antes del aumento ya que no he tenido chance de pasar al mercado)

1Kg de Harina 450 (9.000 el bulto de harina)

Cereal de chocolate 800

Carne de Res 1Kg 1.500 (ya va a desaparecer porque acaban de intervenir los mataderos)

Aceitunas 1Kg 6.000 (había comprado 300 Gr en casi 400 Bs, es decir cerca de 1.000 el Kg y subió MUCHISIMO)

Pasas caja de 250gr 3.300

Papel Toilet 2 rollos 1.200

Mantequilla 500

1Kg cebollas 2.500

1 Kg papas 1.500

Pollo -> No existe en los anaqueles

Huevos de gallina -> no existe en los anaqueles

Pan de jamon último precio que me ateví a preguntar: 2.800

2 Litro refresco 750
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Aún te quedan dudas o preguntas, abre un post en Presentaciones y Dudas Generales

Pero no quieres que nadie sepa lo que preguntas, enviame un MP

No quieres hablar conmigo, puedes enviar MP a cualquiera de los del Staff o puedes abrir un Ticket de Soporte

Se me olvidaba, siempre que llegas a un sistema o página nueva lee el TOS

BITCON: necesitas un WALLET (Crea Tu Wallet) para guardar lo que ganas (ojo Blockchain esta cobrando fees muy altos)

Crea una Wallet de XAPO da 25% más si cobras por ella en algunas Faucets

          Service Delivery Manager/Solutions Architect - Paradigma Digital - Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, España      Cache   Translate Page      
¿Qué esperamos? Es necesario que tenga buena visión global de negocio y que sepan desenvolverse con comodidad en aspectos técnicos sobre las últimas tecnologías en las que se basa la transformación digital (Big Data, IOT, Blockchain...) Llevará a cabo la coordinación y seguimiento de los proyectos de la compañía encargandose entre otras funciones de: Colaboración directa con el equipo de preventa en el desarrollo de propuestas Gestión de los distintos desarrollos según la...
          Small and medium-sized businesses Small firms 'oblivious' to tech revolution coming      Cache   Translate Page      
Small and medium-sized businesses Small firms 'oblivious' to tech revolution coming#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000 Small firms struggling to keep up with the pace of technological change should brace for the new "industrial revolution", a futurist says.Artificial intelligence (AI), nanobots, the internet of things, cryptocurrencies and blockchain... Reported by New Zealand Herald 1 hour ago.
          How to Fight B2B Payment Fraud With Blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      
The FBI’s latest update on business-to-business (B2B) payment fraud reported that more than 24,000 businesses fell victim to a business email compromise (BEC), otherwise known...
          ‘Smart’ insurance helps poor farmers to cut risk      Cache   Translate Page      
Blockchain will enable cheaper and simpler cover
          IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, December 4th      Cache   Translate Page      

Domain Shane Domain Shane:
As Shane posted yesterday,  the latest review came out Monday. Shane talked about mixing it up on the show in the future because the portfolios are so bad. I remember several years ago Cyger would take one domain  submission from anyone that wanted to submit a name for the upcoming show. There might be 30 domains but all from different people. I always like this idea because every week I’d have a chance to see if the domain I submitted was talked about. Maybe they should bring this back or do it every once in awhile.
Another idea is to have the submitter give an explanation as to why the hell they registered the name, followed by their thought process on why this name, out of all they might own, was submitted for review. That would give the Sherpa’s points to discuss with the submitter, and not just politely dismiss the portfolio as the registrations of a lunatic. But damn, It is unfathomable to me that so many people just keep doing the same things over and over. I mean there is no way these people are watching the other episodes and thinking, “hmmm, maybe my names are different and awesome”. It’s time for tough love, feelings may get hurt, but you’ll be better for it. You’ll not only save money, you might actually make some too.
Maybe the point’s not being made clearly and loudly enough: WILL SOMEONE OR SOME BUSINESS BUY THIS DOMAIN? When it comes down to it, that is the only question that matters. I have a hard time believing the portfolio submitter was like “hells yes! Jackpot! I just bought Upper Abdomen in the .com! You hear that? Ching Ching, that’s the sound of the cash register bringing in the money!” 
I pulled some domains that are available to register based on some of the root words used in the list. I didn’t even like most of the root words that made up the list, but I used them anyway. As always, these names may not sell, may not even be “good” domains, but I think they’re better than the submitted list. They were all previously registered so they’re not potential traditional “hand registrations” I’m calling these “reg fee resurrections”, names that were deleted at some point in the past.

Main List       NameJet          Flippa/Sedo’s       LLL, CCC, 5L       Other LLLL’s
Short Brandables         Numbers       One Worders    Vape, Vegan, VR
Snap Names/Dropcatch         NamePros        Godaddy Value BIN
Available For Reg Fee

Click the links for current prices, most links are commissionable and fund the operation.
Main List
The No Bid List Bike as a verb or a noun  find the perfect bottle of wine  Vacation that’s all inclusive, all you need to bring is the time  a lot of things are called rigs and need built the best of the ventures A special fund or maybe seasonal work to earn money for Christmas 2 syllables, Don’t know what it is, but I think it has potential, could be about a group, golfing or sandwiches with the extra  piece of bread and bacon Do your part, help end Stupidity. Stop Talking. lol, I fail at this advice everyday. Or the new tagline for the sherpa show.  use this to see how much money to save Help with anything  A vacation destination to play video games. lol, there are no beds, just sofas and bean bag chairs things you should have  A short marketing name for the tourism dept of your local harbor chamber of commerce  I think this is a really good one that will sell quicker than others. Who doesn’t want to hack energy and save money.  Figure out your life Sleep intentionally. don’t just flop down, think about the best way to do it for the best results An app that alerts you of important things  A look at the current blocks  Great name for ice melt or fake cheese  The best lender  Ridiculous tech stuff  Hand made  Keep better track of your Blood Glucose Levels
More Names With No Bids
Names With Bids
More Names With No Bids
Your LLLL.coms of The Day
LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday
LLL’s, CCC’s, 5L’s
Some Numbers
One Worders and Other TLD’s
Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and  VR
Snap Names/DropCatch
Godaddy Value BIN
Godaddy Value BIN
Available Names
Available for Reg Fee big list
Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good
The post IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, December 4th appeared first on DSAD.

The post IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, December 4th appeared first on iGoldRush Domain News and Resources.

          EOSBet Becomes First Licensed On-Chain Blockchain Casino      Cache   Translate Page      
Decentralized crypto-casino EOSBet is the first open-source casino built on the EOS blockchain to obtain an online gambling license.
          Of Blockchains and Supply Chains: Crypto Technology Is Still Going Strong      Cache   Translate Page      
The cryptocurrency crashes during 2018 caused some observers to predict their imminent demise. However, Fidelity Investments' recent creation of a cryptocurrency custody unit certainly reflects credible interest in digital assets among at least some pension funds and traditional asset managers.

          Signature Bank gets NYDFS greenlight for blockchain-based payments system      Cache   Translate Page      
New York-based Signature Bank has received regulatory approval to launch an ethereum blockchain-base...
          The World’s First Social Ecommerce Blockchain: The Globalization of ADE Chain’s Ecosystem      Cache   Translate Page      
          BlockchainIron Launches Kickstarter for finely crafted, indestructible vault for cryptocurrency      Cache   Translate Page      
          How Much Does a Blockchain Developer Really Make?      Cache   Translate Page      
bhaneeta chadha, BlockGeeks 2017 was the breakout year for blockchain technology. The numbers don’t lie and some of the numbers are truly staggering., one of the biggest job portals in the world, published some interesting statistics regarding the rise of Blockchain jobs. It looks like the number of blockchain jobs increased from December 2016 to […]
          Need Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy for our website      Cache   Translate Page      
Need Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy for our blockchain project (Budget: ₹600 - ₹1500 INR, Jobs: Contracts, Employment Law, Legal, Legal Research, Legal Writing)
          HashCash Enters Malta with Smart Contract-Based Insurance Automation      Cache   Translate Page      

HC NET blockchain network by HashCash is poised to change the insurance landscape in Malta, and smart contracts play a central role in the revolution.

(PRWeb December 05, 2018)

Read the full story at

          AIPoker made its debut in South Korea to overturn the traditional business model for online poker games      Cache   Translate Page      

SINGAPORE, Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- AlGame Foundation, located in Singapore, launched its first public project called AIPoker on December 4th in Seoul, South Korea. AIPoker will be the first online poker game platform worldwide that integrates AI, big data, and blockchain technologies....

          Arbeitsmarktstudie: Deutschland bei Blockchain vor den USA      Cache   Translate Page      
DGAP-Media / 05.12.2018 / 08:07 Studie untersucht Anteil von Bitcoin, Blockchain und Distributed Ledger Technologies am internationalen Arbeitsmarkt In Deutschland ist die Branche überdurchschnittlich stark vertreten Berlin ist die Blockchain-Hauptstadt   In Deutschland sind Bitcoin, Blockchain und Distributed Ledger...
          Central Bank Digital Currency Threatens Financial Privacy and Economic Growth      Cache   Translate Page      

Various proposals for “central bank digital currency” (CBDC) have been under discussion for several years now. The central bank of Ecuador launched a digital currency in 2015 — and shut down the failed project three years later. A number of economists have addressed the topic.

What is a CBDC? It is a payment medium that would be denominated in the established fiat money unit, not in any new unit. There are two main models: (1) a digital token that, like traditional coins and currency notes, and like Bitcoin, passes peer-to-peer without going through the interbank clearing system, presumably validated by a distributed-ledger blockchain system; and (2) account balances that individuals and businesses can directly hold on the books of the central bank, retail versions of the balances that commercial banks presently hold there for interbank payments. The latter model is not really properly called a currency, being a deposit-transfer system, but it is put under the “digital currency” umbrella because it resembles fiat currency notes in being a liability of the central bank, and as such a “final” means of payment, and because transactions would settle nearly instantly on a single balance sheet.[1]

The debate over CBDCs was recently revived by the IMF’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde in a speech suggesting, rather tentatively, that central banks should consider issuing some kind of digital currency so as to keep up with the times. (Why on earth the IMF continues to exist, long after the demise of the Bretton Woods system that it was created to support, is a question for another time.)

Lagarde begins her speech with a potted history of money. Although she does not attribute the origin of money to the state, she suggests that the state helps to improve money. Once bank-issued money arose, “spearheaded by the Italian bankers and merchants of the Renaissance,” trust in the issuer became important. Thus: “Trust became essential—and the state became the guarantor of that trust, by offering liquidity backstops, and supervision.” The timeline matters here. In fact, Italian bankers began providing money payments via transferable account balances some time before 1200 AD, whereas European states provided nothing in the way of “liquidity backstops, and supervision” until many centuries later. So state guarantees were not essential to the spread of bank-issued money historically. Nor was the popularity or safety of private banknotes, as issued by 17th century London goldsmiths, or by 18th and 19th-century Scottish or Canadian bankers, historically dependent on state guarantees.

Lagarde rightly notes that “the fintech revolution … questions the role of the state in providing money.” She points to the recent proliferation of digital private payment providers “from AliPay and WeChat in China, to PayTM in India, to M-Pesa in Kenya” and namechecks “cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.” She expresses her own position on the desirable monetary role of the state in surprisingly tentative language: “Some suggest the state should back down. Still, I am not entirely convinced. … I believe we should consider the possibility to issue digital currency. There may be a role for the state to supply money to the digital economy.”

On the plus side of the CBDC ledger, Lagarde proposes that a central bank digital currency “could satisfy public policy goals, such as (i) financial inclusion, and (ii) security and consumer protection; and to provide what the private sector cannot: (iii) privacy in payments.” Wait, what? It is of course laughable that a government would itself provide greater privacy in payments than it allows private institutions to provide. Could this have been a joke intended to lighten the mood of the speech? The private sector can in fact provide as much financial privacy as customers desire, as numbered Swiss bank accounts once did, and as “privacycoin” crypto projects today remind us. Lack of privacy stems from government restrictions, not from private-sector inability.

Lagarde says that “There may be scope for governments to encourage private sector solutions” to the problem of financial inclusion “by providing funding, or improving infrastructure.” More effective ways to encourage private sector solutions to banking the unbanked would be (a) deregulation, especially not requiring permission for innovations in mobile and other payment platforms, (b) guarantees not to interfere in private payment platforms once launched, and (c) guarantees on the privacy of private sector accounts from government surveillance, which might help to attract some of the warily unbanked to deposit use.

To her credit, Lagarde recognizes that people value the privacy provided by currency: “Cash, of course, allows for anonymous payments. We reach for cash to protect our privacy for legitimate reasons: to avoid exposure to hacking and customer profiling, for instance.” But she is vague at best, and dissembling at worst, on how deposits on the central bank’s books would insure privacy. She promises that customer identities “would not be disclosed to third parties or governments unless required by law,” but adds: “Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing controls would nevertheless run in the background. If a suspicion arose it would be possible to lift the veil of anonymity and investigate.” Would any suspicion by a policeman or tax collector be enough to lift the veil? If so, then the CBDC would be no more private than ordinary current-day bank deposits. J. P. Koning not unfairly characterizes what Lagarde offers as a “Faustian bargain”: “The state will issue digital currency that protects us from information snoops in the private sector, on the condition that it gets a back door.”

In the US and Europe, at least, banks today are required to notify regulators of large or “suspicious” deposit and withdrawal activities, and are expected to surrender account information to the authorities on a written request, without a court order or a search warrant.[2] It is hard to imagine that any government would instruct or allow its central bank to create accounts with greater privacy protection against the national government than commercial bank accounts have.

In the background to Lagarde’s speech is a November 2018 IMF staff discussion note on CBDC that she cites. [3] The note itself does not offer a brief for CBDC, but rather enumerates plusses and minuses. Comparing CBDC to cash, demand deposits, and non-bank private digital payment media, the note’s authors find that “CBDC would not strictly dominate any of these alternative forms of money.”

The staff discussion note emphasizes the hope of Keynesian macroeconomists that “interest-bearing CBDC would eliminate the effective lower bound on interest rate policy,” but points out that it would have this effect “only with constraints on the use of cash.” It is the abolition of easily stored cash that allows a central bank to impose negative interest rates, not the introduction of CBDC in either form.

The IMF note acknowledges a case for stronger payments privacy:

There are legitimate reasons people may prefer at least some degree of anonymity—potentially when it comes to everyone except the government, and regarding the government unless a court order unlocks encrypted transaction information. It is a way to avoid customer profiling—commercial use of personal information, for example, to charge higher mortgage rates to people who purchase alcohol. Another advantage of anonymity is limiting exposure to hacking. Moreover, anonymity is often associated with privacy—widely recognized as a human right (as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [Article 12] and elsewhere).

The note also observes that a central bank offering retail deposits “could increase risks to financial intermediation. It would raise funding costs for deposit-taking institutions.”

Just as importantly on the minus side, although not mentioned in either Lagarde’s speech or the IMF staff note, is that diverting deposits from commercial banks to the central bank will shrink the funding for the economic-growth-enhancing small business loans that commercial banks provide, in favor of central bank holdings of sovereign debts and government-favored private securities (for the Fed at present, mortgage-backed securities).[4] The IMF authors of the note observe that in a world where CBDC accounts replace both currency and ordinary checking deposits “only the commercial bank could create money.” Correspondingly, in a world of CBDC alone, only the central bank would direct the loanable funds marshalled by checking deposits.

[1] Bordo and Levin (2017) have suggested that private commercial banks should provide the front end for access to the central bank’s balance sheet, because they are better at customer service. Designated “digital cash” account balances at commercial banks would differ from ordinary account balances only in that balance transfers between accounts would be nearly instantly settled. Near-instant settlement would be enabled by the commercial banks holding “segregated reserve accounts” at the central bank, linked to their customers digital cash accounts, and presumably backed by high or even 100-percent, reserves. Under their proposal commercial banks would act as so many central bank branch agencies. Their proposed system would have all the same drawbacks of outright CBDC accounts discussed herein.

[2] Under the Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978, a bank or other financial institution is protected from customer lawsuits for disclosing customer account information to a US federal agency (BATF, DEA, FBI, IRS, etc.) that subpoenas it in connection with suspected illegal activity. The agency is required only to notify an individual customer (but not a business customer) of the request, giving the customer ten days to seek legal redress. In court the agency does not need to meet the Fourth Amendment standard of probable cause. Under later statutes including the Patriot Act, notice is not required where the individual is suspected of drug trafficking, espionage, or terrorism. In a recent law review article, W. F. McElroy notes that today “the privacy of financial records from unwarranted government intrusion is under siege.”

[3] Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli, Maria Soledad Martinez Peria, Itai Agur, Anil Ari, John Kiff, Adina Popescu, and Celine Rochon, “Casting Light on Central Bank Digital Currency,” IMF Staff Discussion Note (November 2018).

[4] For theory and evidence on this point see Lastrapes and Selgin (2012).

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          В Лихтенштейне идёт работа над проектом закона о блокчейне и токенах      Cache   Translate Page      

22 ноября 2018 года швейцарский специалист по блокчейн-технологиям Йорн Эрбгут (Jörn Erbguth) проинформировал коллег по рабочей группе Международного союза электросвязи (МСЭ - International Telecommunications Union, ITU) о том, что в княжестве Лихтенштейн полным ходом идёт подготовка закона, регламентирующего использование токенов в блочейн-системах, отметив, что, насколько ему известно, «это первый закон, регламентирующий связанные с токенами права собственности».

Соответствующая информация выложена на сайте по адресу . В частности, на английском доступен 170-страничный неофициальный перевод «Отчета правительства, подготовленный к публичному обсуждению проекта закона, и проект закона о транзакционных системах, основанных на заслуживающих доверия технологиях (Закон о блокчейне)» (Unofficial Translation of the Government Consultation Report and the Draft-Law on Transaction Systems Based on Trustworthy Technologies (Blockchain Act), ). Те же материалы на немецком языке доступны по адресу (немецкое название документа «Vernehmlassungsbericht der Regierung betreffend die Schaffung eines Gesetzes über auf vertrauenswürdigen Technologien (VT) beruhende Transaktionssysteme (Blockchain-Gesetz; VT-Gesetz; VTG und die Abänderung weiterer Gesetze», официальной является именно эта версия).

Публичное обсуждение закончилось совсем недавно, 16 ноября 2018 года.

Я с большим интересом познакомилась с этим проектом закона, и предлагаю Вам ряд «выжимок» из него.

В резюме отчета правительства, в частности, отмечается следующее:
«Ширящееся распространение блокчейн-приложений уже выявило ряд проблемных областей, такие, как открытые вопросы, связанные с защитой клиентов и активов, а также злоупотребление возможностями этой технологии для отмывания денег или для других преступных целей. Такие проблемы следует решать с помощью четкого нормативно-правового регулирования. Поскольку технология блокчейна активно используется в Лихтенштейне, правительство намерено использовать предлагаемый закон для разъяснения требований, применимых к ответственным видам деятельности в блокчейн-системах, в целях улучшения защиты клиентов и снижения потенциальных репутационных рисков для Лихтенштейна.

Кроме того, в настоящее время существует правовая неопределенность в отношении бизнес-моделей на основе применения TT-систем (от Trustworthy Technologies – термин, используемый вместо термина «блокчейн» для обеспечения определенной технологической нейтральности, особенно в отношении иных нарождающихся технологий – Н.Х.), которые не подпадают под действие законодательства о финансовых рынках, но при этом связаны с деятельностью, которая очень похожа на деятельность в финансовом секторе. Посредством принятия «Закона о блокчейне» правительство стремится установить минимальные требования к этим видам деятельности в TT-системах и провести регистрацию таки систем национальным регулятором финансовых рынков (Financial Market Authority, FMA).

Ещё одни вопросом, находящимся в центре внимания данного законопроекта, является правовая классификация элементов ТТ-систем. С помощью понятия «токен» «Закон о блокчейне» вводит новую конструкцию, позволяющую обеспечить юридически надёжным образом отображение «реального мира» в TT-системах и, таким образом, задействовать весь потенциал токен-экономики. Введение «токена» как правовой конструкции в законодательство Лихтенштейна влечёт за собой необходимость также определить другие правовые аспекты, такие, как право собственности, владение и передача токенов.

Чтобы иметь возможность изменить форму представления ценных бумаг с физических сертификатов на токены в TT-системе, в законодательство Лихтенштейна будет введена правовая концепция «бездокументарных прав» (uncertificated rights) и одновременно обеспечена согласованность между законодательством о ценных бумагах и «Законом о блокчейне». Бездокументарными правами являются трансформированные в электронную форму ценные бумаги, которые не выдаются на руки в виде сертификатов, а регистрируются в электронных реестрах.

Помимо этого, «Закон о блокчейне» устанавливает минимальные требования к TT-системе с целью повысить эффективность экономики токенов посредством, создания и укрепления доверия между пользователями.»
Относительно нового термина «ТТ-система» сказано следующее:
«С учётом быстрых темпов развития технологии блокчейна (и «распределённых реестров», это также очень популярный сейчас термин – Н.Х.) и расширения сферы её применения, очень важно разработать закон на достаточно высоком уровне абстракции с тем, чтобы он оставался применимым в отношении последующих поколений технологий. Именно поэтому в данном законе вместо термина «блокчейн-системы» используется термин «транзакционные системы, основанные на заслуживающих доверия технологиях (ТТ-системы)».
Проект «Закона о транзакционных система, основанных на заслуживающих доверия технологиях» (Blockchain Act; TT-Act; VTG)

Целью настоящего Закона является защита пользователей TT-системах и обеспечение их доверия к электронным правам. Он регламентирует регистрацию и надзор, а также права и обязанности поставщиков услуг, которые осуществляют деятельность в TT-системах (Преамбула).

Настоящий Закон применим в отношении поставщиков TT-услуг (ст. 2). Закон не применим в отношении:
  • Государственных органов, муниципальных властей и/или ассоциаций муниципальных органов власти, когда они действуют в качестве органов власти; а также

  • ТТ-систем, доступные только для закрытой группы пользователей (ст.4).
Под «заслуживающими доверия технологиями» в рамках настоящего Закона понимаются технологии, которые обеспечивают целостность токенов и их бесспорное закрепление за владельцами, которые имеют возможность распоряжаться ими без содействия оператора.
В то же время эти технологии функционируют в роли оператора, отвечающего за качество и целостность. (ст.3)

Если законодательство Лихтенштейна применимо в соответствии со статьей 11, то токены рассматриваются в качестве актива, находящегося в Лихтенштейне (ст.12).

Определения (статья 5) включают, в том числе, следующие:
  • «Токен»: информация в TT-системе, которая может воплощать взаимозаменяемые требования (fungible claims) или права членства в отношении отдельных лиц, товаров и/или других абсолютных или относительных прав, и обеспечивают взаимосвязь с одним или несколькими открытыми ключами;

  • «ТТ-системы»: транзакционные системы, обеспечивающие безопасный обмен и безопасное хранение цифровых представлений прав, а также оказание на основе этих систем услуг с применением заслуживающих доверия технологий в соответствии со ст.3.

  • «Поставщик TT-услуг»: лицо, осуществляющее один или несколько видов деятельности, перечисленных в пп. (8) - (16).

    Мой комментарий: В числе видов деятельности далее названы:

    • «Эмитент токенов»,

    • «Генератор токенов»,

    • «ТТ-депозитарий» (лицо, предоставляющее третьим сторонам услуги депозитарного хранения закрытых ключей в TT-системах),

    • «Физический валидатор»,

    • «TT-доверенный хранитель» (лицо, которое держит токены в TT-системах на собственное имя по поручению третьих сторон),

    • «ТТ-оператор пункта обмена»,

    • «ТТ-орган проверки»,

    • «ТТ-поставщик ценовой информации»,

    • «ТТ-поставщик услуг идентификации».
Держатель закрытого ключа имеет возможность распорядиться токеном. Кроме того, предполагается, что лицо, имеющее подобную возможность, также имеет право распоряжаться токеном (ст.6).

Распоряжение токеном, совершенное лицом, обладающим правом распоряжаться токеном, приводит к распоряжению тем правом, воплощением которого является токен (ст. 7).

Для признания распоряжения токенами законным требуется (статья 8):
  • Распоряжение в соответствии с правилами ТТ-системы;

  • Декларация передающей и получающей сторон о желании соответственно передать и получить право распоряжаться токеном; а также

  • Право передающего лица распоряжаться токеном в случае, если требования ст.10 о добросовестном распоряжении не выполняются.
В статье 9 «Легитимизация» говорится следующее:
«Если токен символизирует право требования или членства, то лицо, уполномоченное распоряжаться токеном на «взявшее на себя обязательство лицо» считается законным обладателем этого права. Посредством платежа, взявшее на себя обязательство лицо (например, должник – Н.Х.) освобождается от своего обязательства перед лицом, имеющим право распоряжаться токеном, за исключением тех случаев, когда должник знал или должен был, при проявлении надлежащей предусмотрительности, знать, что получатель платежа не являлся законным владельцем права.»
В статье «Право добросовестного распоряжения» отмечается:
«Любому, кому право распоряжаться токенами предоставляется за вознаграждение в соответствии с правилами системы, предоставляется защита его права распоряжаться даже в том случае, если передавшее ему токен лицо не было авторизовано распоряжаться этим токеном, за исключением случая, когда получатель токена знал или, проявляя должную предусмотрительность, должен был знать, что передавшая ему токен сторона на была авторизована распорядиться эти токеном.»
Целый ряд статей законопроекта (ст.ст. 13-22) содержат требования к различного рода поставщикам ТТ-услуг.

В завершение этого обзора я с удовольствием процитирую близкую моему сердцу ст.26 «Сроки хранения» (пункт 1):
«Поставщик TT-услуг должен хранить документы и поддерживающую документацию, относящиеся к целям настоящего Закона, в течение как минимум десяти лет
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Pedro Augusto Pinho

Para o jovem professor universitário, colunista de jornais cariocas, estudante de pós-graduação, o movimento de maio de 1968, na França, pareceu uma questão de poder, pelas ambições de uma geração que não queria apenas repetir o que seus pais já haviam conquistado. Com a distância destes 50 anos, entendo ser uma manobra que os Estados Unidos da América (EUA), com problema da impopular guerra no Vietnã e das drogas, consumidas pelas suas gerações destinadas ao Poder, enfrentavam com a grande difusora cultural - França - conduzida pelo líder nacionalista Charles De Gaulle, que trocava notas de dólar por ouro.

A Era do Aquário foi o momento que, com a primeira crise do petróleo, os EUA iniciam a cooptação dos árabes (Arábia Saudita), para ter no dólar sua única moeda nas transações internacionais. Começava a substituição do dólar/ouro e o fim do Acordo de Bretton Woods.

Portanto, sem querer ver fantasmas, os movimentos na França, nos EUA, na Inglaterra poderiam ter o pano de fundo da luta do capital financeiro contra o capital industrial. De certo modo, esta compreensão está também em Jessé Souza. Transcrevo:

“Os capitalistas viam-se diante de algo novo e verdadeiramente revolucionário, um movimento cujo suporte social eram seus próprios filhos bem-educados. O objetivo da revolução expressivista era redefinir os fins da vida social e modificar por dentro o uso do poder”, e adiante “O que explica em grande medida o êxito do capitalismo financeiro é o fato de ele ter conseguido engolir o protesto expressivista e depois regurgitá-lo segundo seus próprios termos” (A classe média no espelho, Estação Brasil, 2018).

No Brasil foi um momento de virada. A política da “austeridade”, implantada por  Castello Branco, passou para “economia heterodoxa”. E, em 1968, apresentava seu resultado satisfatório com o crescimento de 14% no setor industrial. No mundo político, este afrouxamento econômico teve a contrapartida do enrijecimento, com o Ato Institucional nº 5.

Mas o Brasil estava longe da eficiência industrial dos países centrais. Coube aos militares, de Costa e Silva a Geisel, tentar implantar a estrutura tecnoburocrática, weberina, de impessoalidade e assepsia administrativa. Cometeram o erro de todos, ou a maldade de alguns, de implementar mudanças de conteúdo a partir da cúpula.

Recordo, nas aulas de administração, a comparação dos processos decisórios nos EUA e no Japão. Os primeiros centralizavam em poucos dirigentes esta condição e a decisão era quase imediata. Depois passava-se longo tempo explicando e ensinando a toda estrutura da empresa como deveria agir e corrigindo os erros de entendimento. No Japão, o processo decisório começava na base da estrutura. Ia ganhando consenso e esclarecimento. Ao chegar à alta administração, toda empresa já sabia como agir. Bastava a decisão e, de imediato, estava implementada.

1968, no Brasil, ficou mais marcado pela Passeata dos Cem Mil do que qualquer outra manifestação de classe média. As questões que tomavam conta do norte - A Galaxia de Gutenberg (1962) com as icônicas expressões “aldeia global” e “o meio é a mensagem”, de Marshall McLuhan; “O Espírito do Tempo” (a cultura de massa), também de 1962, de Edgar Morin; “O uso humano de seres humanos” (Cybernetics and Society, 1950) de Norbert Wiener, e a imensa obra que já discutia as implicações da teoria da informação (Abraham Moles, J. R.Pierce, Ross Ashby etc) - estavam afastadas das academias e das edições nacionais.

Na minha avaliação, a relevância nacional, deste período, foi a segunda tentativa - a primeira foi de Vargas - de construir o Estado Nacional Brasileiro.

Passou meio século. A banca (sistema financeiro) reina sobre o norte e o sul. Domina o processo produtivo, não para dotá-lo de eficiência, mas para transferir para o financismo, o rentismo, os seus ganhos. E destrói os Estados Nacionais. Volto a Jessé Souza, na referida obra: “Na esfera política, esse domínio (do capital financeiro) se reflete no parcial desmonte do Estado social pelo enfraquecimento de sua base, ou seja, de sua capacidade de cobrar impostos. Controlado por grandes bancos e fundos de investimento, o capital financeiro consegue sonegar impostos em escala planetária, fazendo do Estado cobrador de impostos um Estado acumulador de dívidas. Incapaz de cobrar impostos dos mais ricos, o Estado é obrigado a pedir emprestado aos próprios capitalistas, e ainda acrescido de juros, o que antes recebia como imposto devido. Esse é o real sentido da globalização”.

O que ocorre com os gilets jaunes (coletes amarelos)? Quem produziu e sustenta esta manifestação “espontânea”?

Não mais um jovem recém-formado, mas um avô aposentado, procura também uma resposta.

Em algum artigo recente, observei que a propriedade fora mudada nos empreendimentos privados. Não mais tínhamos os nomes de importantes membros da sociedade e da política, como os Rockefeller por quase um século. Hoje temos um CEO (Chief Executive Officer), nem mesmo um Presidente, na condução dos negócios. E quem o designa? Um fundo de investimento, ou um conjunto de fundos de investimentos, de anônimos e dispersos investidores. Em grande parte com residência em paraísos fiscais e, em não poucas vezes, representando ilícitas origens (drogas, contrabandos, corrupções, dinheiros lavados).

No Monitor Mercantil, sexta-feira, 23/11/2018, na coluna Acredite se Puder, Nelson Priori, sob o título “Registros falsos para financiar indústria da maconha” escreve: “A Paragon Coin Inc., uma entidade online, levantou aproximadamente US$ 12 milhões para desenvolver e implementar seu plano de negócios para adicionar tecnologia de blockchain à indústria de cannabis e trabalhar para a legalização da cannabis. Nem a Airfox nem a Paragon registraram suas ICOs de acordo com as leis federais de valores mobiliários, nem se qualificaram para uma isenção dos requisitos de registro”, na Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC).

Para este ambiente neoliberal internacional não encontramos uma oposição articulada, um discurso efetivo. Não há esquerda ou direita, todos se ajoelham diante da banca, diante dos seus ilícitos. E ainda usam o farsante discurso moralista. Jessé Souza escreve: “A ascensão do PT ao poder de Estado .... ainda que tenha desenvolvido políticas sociais fundamentais em um país de desigualdade tão perversa, o fez sem qualquer discurso articulado acerca do que estava fazendo. Não havia a narrativa deliberada de um projeto nacional alternativo ao projeto liberal antipopular”. Ao que acrescento, nem buscou apurar os ilícitos cometidos pela banca, nem mesmo em governos anteriores.

Voltemos aos coletes amarelos.

Emmanuel Macron, como se sabe, saiu do Banco Rothschild para a administração do Estado Francês, pelas mãos socialistas. Como esperado seu governo já provocou mais desemprego, menos salários, menos presença do Estado.

Esta agressão ao povo, no Brasil, atinge diretamente a classe mais despossuída. Mas na França atinge parcela da classe média. Também a classe industrial, derrotada desde os anos 1980, mais ainda não sepultada, sentiu um certo alento com a política econômica de Donald Trump.

Recentemente, Angela Merkel anunciou, após a derrota de sua coalisão na Bavária, que não disputaria sua permanência na liderança do CDU. Estaria cedendo ao industrialismo, que gera produção, emprego e renda?

É cedo, mas há, além da violência da fome, a presença de novos atores religiosos, os neopentecostais. Todo este caldo está sendo canalizado nestes movimentos franceses, belgas e germânicos.

Desde o período pré-eleitoral tenho escrito que o debate deveria ser a banca contra o nacionalismo. Volto a Jessé Souza: “Como no capitalismo financeiro em todo o mundo, a defesa abstrata de direitos difusos e das minorias toma o lugar da efetiva distribuição de riqueza e poder. FHC é, assim, a República Velha repaginada pelo discurso pseudoemancipador do capital financeiro, e com o charminho parisiense, livre-pensante, de sua origem uspiana. A visão liberal-chique - da qual o Ministro Barroso, do Supremo Tribunal Federal, é, hoje, um dos arautos - combina uma postura avançada na esfera dos costumes com uma posição conservadora na política social e econômica”.

Não sei como será na França. Mas no Brasil, a chegada de militares ao Poder pode refundar o Estado Nacional Brasileiro. Assim propunham os tenentes dos anos 1920. E, como escreve Jessé, voltamos com Dilma e Temer à República Velha.

Pedro Augusto Pinho, avô, administrador aposentado

           Dreptul n epoca tehnologiei blockchain, ncotro?      Cache   Translate Page      
Se vorbește tot mai des despre o nouă revoluție industrială, denumită și Revoluția 4.0, care se preconizează a fi diferită de cele anterioare (având în vedere că afectează companiile din toate sectoarele), revoluție la sfârșitul căreia companiile vizate vor deveni adevărate întreprinderi digitale, prin transformarea integrală a sistemelor de producție și/sau management. Pe lângă plusurile inerente acestei revoluții, observăm apariția unei noi probleme, anume incapacitatea statelor de a ține pasul cu reglementarea noilor tehnologii, problemă semnalată și de fondatorul și președintele Forumului Economic Mondial, Klaus Schwab, în cartea sa - The Fourth Industrial Revolution.
          It’s Now Easier (And More Profitable) to Mine Bitcoin After Difficulty Drop      Cache   Translate Page      
Former Alcoa Smelting Factory Turns To Crypto Mining In Upstate NY

As Bitcoin mining hash rate has decreased amid lower prices, the mining difficulty has adjusted by design, making it easier to mine bitcoin.  Bitcoin mining difficulty adjusts to lower price For most of 2018, while the bear market persisted, mining hash rate and difficulty for Bitcoin continued to increase. Now it appears that the mining arena just like most of the ecosystem is beginning to feel the pinch. Data from shows a 15 percent

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          Bitcoin, Blockchain Jobs Openings Are Booming Hitting 18-Month High      Cache   Translate Page      
Bitcoin Jobs

The Bitcoin and Blockchain jobs industry is booming despite price deflation, a new survey from Glassdoor has revealed. 1775 Bitcoin, Blockchain Jobs In August The findings, which originally appeared in mid-October, covered an 18-month period from April 2017 through August 2018. In that time, the number of job openings “related” to both Bitcoin and Blockchain grew almost every month – even as the Bitcoin price began to fall after December last year. Most came from

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          Koinex venturing into blockchain, will open development centre in Bengaluru      Cache   Translate Page      
This development comes at a time when most other cryptocurrency exchanges have either shut operations or moved away from India.
          BlockchainIron Launches Kickstarter for finely crafted, indestructible vault for cryptocurrency      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - GetNews) BlockchainIron is the company behind the Crypto Coin Vault, a groundbreaking offline storage device for all cryptocurrencies, offering the height of safety, secu...
 Make Offer      Cache   Translate Page      
Price: Make Offer
Traffic: --
Domain Language: --
          Nace Nuclio Digital School con el objetivo de revolucionar la formación Digital      Cache   Translate Page      
Nuclio Digital School se crea como academia de formación presencial en nuevas tecnologías, creando distintos programas formativos en Programación, Marketing Online, Blockchain, Bigdata o Emprendimiento. Dentro del equipo fundador se han incorporado Caio Araujo y Jared Gil que liderarán el
          How Much Does a Blockchain Developer Really Make?      Cache   Translate Page      
bhaneeta chadha, BlockGeeks 2017 was the breakout year for blockchain technology. The numbers don’t lie and some of the numbers are truly staggering., one of the biggest job portals in the world, published some interesting statistics regarding the rise of Blockchain jobs. It looks like the number of blockchain jobs increased from December 2016 to […]
          Blockchain Transforming Your Business and Our World      Cache   Translate Page      
          533841-2018: Belgique-Bruxelles: Étude sur la blockchain : aspects juridiques, de gouvernance et d'interopérabilité - Smart 2018/0038      Cache   Translate Page      
Date de publication: 05/12/2018 | Date limite: 17-01-2019 | Document: Avis de marché
          Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: Chaotic Good?      Cache   Translate Page      

If you ask us, it’s about time that Blockchain & Cryptocurrency graduated from a trend to a track for SXSW […]

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          Multi-Signature Crypto-Wallets: Nakov at Blockchain Berlin 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Multi-Signature Crypto-Wallets: Nakov at Blockchain Berlin 2018 Speaker: Dr. Svetlin Nakov (co-founder of SoftUni) Multisig Wallets. Sign / Execute Transactions. Implementation in Bitcoin and Ethereum Single-User-Managed Wallets: Problems Multi-Signature Wallets: Concepts Multi-Signature Wallets in Bitcoin Multi-Signature Wallets in Ethereum The Gnosis Multisig Wallet: Demo Slides, demos and videos:
          Blockchain Cryptography for Developers (Nakov @ BlockWorld 2018, San Jose)      Cache   Translate Page      

Blockchain Cryptography for Developers (Nakov @ BlockWorld 2018, San Jose, CA, USA) Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) ECC Concepts, Elliptic Curves, the secp256k1 Curve Private Key -> Public Key -> Blockchain Address Sign / Verify Transactions in Ethereum Cryptographic Hash Functions: SHA256, SHA3, RIPEMD160, … HMAC and Key Derivation: HMAC, PBKDF2, SCrypt Blockchain Cryptography and Wallets: JSON / UTC, BIP39, BIP44 Wallet Encryption: AES + Padding + CBC/CTR, Scrypt, HMAC Learn more at:
          nChain Unveils Ground-breaking Metanet Project to Power the Internet on Bitcoin SV Blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      

LONDON, Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- nChain, the global leader in blockchain research and development, has revealed its ground-breaking "Metanet" project to power and integrate the Internet through the Bitcoin blockchain. Using intellectual property it has created, nChain will develop the ...

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La presencia de fabricantes mayorista y socios de negocio, necesarios para ser competitivos en el mercado, ha sido un factor fundamental y estratégico para la compañía a lo largo de estos 10 años

La integración de soluciones de tecnología y servicios es el core de negocio de STS S.A. compañía colombiana, que este año celebra su 10° Aniversario. Durante este tiempo ha alcanzado el objetivo de implementar soluciones de integración del más alto nivel, desarrollando proyectos en diferentes sectores de la industria, teniendo como prioridad, atender y resolver las necesidades reales de sus clientes.

El interés de aliarse con los  mejores fabricantes de TI existentes en el país, ha hecho de STS una compañía sostenible, que desde su primer año de operación (2008) realizó el proceso de integración  al ecosistema de canales de IBM por medio de la presentación del plan de negocios correspondiente. Esto le permitió adquirir en corto tiempo  la membresía de Canal Premier que era la de mayor relevancia en este fabricante, respaldada particularmente en certificaciones comerciales y técnicas de los productos representados.  

Holística IT, compañía perteneciente al grupo empresarial, fue creada en el año 2009 como la encargada de la operación de servicios para todos los clientes de STS, siguiendo los lineamientos estratégicos enfocados en fortalecer sus habilidades corporativas a partir del conocimiento.

Socios de negocio, pieza clave para la estrategia de crecimiento y posicionamiento

Para Mauricio Amaya Amezquita y Alfredo Correa Riveros, Gerentes General y comercial, respectivamente, uno de los retos más importantes para mantenerse y seguir creciendo en el mercado, es enfrentar los cambios significativos que a diario se presentan en la industria tecnológica. Por esta razón, su enfoque siempre estuvo en el desarrollo de estrategias que les permitieran  incluir a los fabricantes más importantes de tecnología en su portafolio, construyendo así una amplia oferta de productos y servicios para sus clientes y definiendo a STS como integrador de soluciones de TI.

STS cuenta con la representación de marcas como IBM, Lenovo, HPE, Oracle, VMware, Fortinet, Huawei y Check Point, entre otros. Para este fin, se desarrollaron planes que incluyen certificaciones comerciales, técnicas y de implementación, además de generar un compromiso frente al monto de ventas anual con cada una de ellas. Esto le ha permitido a la compañía entregar a sus clientes, diferentes tipos de soluciones y servicios en ambientes core del negocio, en procesamiento, almacenamiento, backup, virtualización, hiperconvergencia, seguridad y cloud.

“Todo este trabajo ha hecho que la compañía mantenga un crecimiento constante durante sus diez (10) años y alcance diferentes e importantes reconocimientos con cada uno de sus fabricantes, mayoristas y socios de negocios”, afirmó Mauricio Amaya Amezquita - Gerente General de STS - Soluciones Tecnología y Servicios S.A.

2019, otro año para seguir creciendo

La tasa actual de comoditización de productos/servicios de IT, la modificación de ciclo de venta y la ampliación de las alternativas de los usuarios finales, están influyendo en el ritmo de crecimiento de la Compañía, por lo tanto, se hace imperativo continuar el proceso de transformación empresarial enfocado en el conocimiento y mejoramiento de las competencias de la organización, los cambios del mercado y las tendencias de la industria de TI.

En el año 2018 STS se reinventa como grupo empresarial, que ahora integra dos nuevas compañías, DATASEC, especializada en servicios de Seguridad informática y Epíst3micaenfocada en soluciones de IA y Blockchain con las cuales se espera apoyar el desarrollo de soluciones focalizadas en la generación de valor a los clientes.

          nChain Unveils Ground-breaking Metanet Project to Power the Internet on Bitcoin SV Blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      

LONDON, Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- nChain, the global leader in blockchain research and development, has revealed its ground-breaking "Metanet" project to power and integrate the Internet through the Bitcoin blockchain. Using intellectual property it has created, nChain will develop the ...

          Truegame igaming platform acquires Curaçao licence      Cache   Translate Page      
Truegame -a fully implemented blockchain-based iGaming platform announced obtaining of Gaming License of Curaçao. A smart contract based iGaming platform Truegame has proudly announced acquiring of its first license – a Gaming License under the jurisdiction of Curaçao. The team considers this step to be one of the most significant milestones in the project development. […]
          Smart Ticketing Market by Offering, Application, Revenue Channel, Connectivity, and Geography - Global Forecast to 2023 - Use of Blockchain Will Boost Smart Ticketing Industry      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - GlobeNewsWire - Nasdaq) itemprop="articleBody#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000"> Dublin, Dec. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Smart Ticketing Market by Offering (Hardware, Software and Services), Appl...
          Blog Post: LexisNexis InfoPro Weekly Update, December 6, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Keeping Current Pre-register for Context access—the industry’s first and only language analytics solution More civil litigation tools and resources in updated Lexis Practice Advisor® Civil Litigation ALM® Intelligence Report: Law Firms Need Artificial Intelligence to Stay in the Game Literature & Reference Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: Quickly compare state laws with the Lexis Practice Advisor® State Law Comparison Tool Training & Webinars Lexis Advance® Librarian Webinar Series—Fall 2018 :        LexisNexis® Post-AALL Highlights Librarian Update Webinar              (View Recording)        Lexis Advance® – Custom Pages (View Recording)       News Research in an Era of ‘Fake News’ (Recording Coming Soon) Additional webinars and CLEs that may be of interest to you and others in your organization. Please share links:        Blockchain and Algorithms: Antitrust in the Digital Age (View Recording)        Patent Drafting Best Practices – Latest Trends and Real World Realities (View Recording)        What You Need To Know About The Music Modernization Act (View Recording)       Prosecution Trends: The Growing 101 Problem for Artificial Intelligence             (Recording Coming Soon)        Seven Sure-Fire Tips For Winning The Summary Judgment Game             (View Recording)        Complimentary CLE Webinar: Capital Markets Year In Review             December 11   REGISTER NOW
          Vols saber què és el Blockchain?      Cache   Translate Page      
Et recomanem la lectura de l'article que el doctor en Informàtica Friman Sánchez ha escrit per a la revista Món Jurídic
          First American Launches Blockchain System      Cache   Translate Page      
First American Financial Corporation, a leading global provider of title insurance, settlement services and risk solutions for real estate transactions, today announced the launch of a shared blockchain system designed by First American to increase efficiency, reduce risk and improve the title production process.
          Ripple and three others form Blockchain for Europe lobby      Cache   Translate Page      
Four leading global blockchain companies (EMURGO/Cardano), Fetch.AI, NEM and Ripple) have come toget...
          Linux Foundation: Hyperledger, Linux Plumbers Conference, and LF Networking (LFN)      Cache   Translate Page      
  • Hyperledger Releases ‘Ursa’ As An Open Source Blockchain Toolbox Library For Crypto Developers

    Blockchain organization Hyperledger created a stir in the crypto developer community earlier today by launching a platform called Ursa. Ursa is a modular, shared cryptographic library that will make life easier for blockchain developers.

    Ursa, which is written mostly in Rust, will introduce modularization and an API to the crypto community while also supporting Hyperledger’s most popular languages. The tool is expected to reduce duplicate development and speed up blockchain development while improving efficiency within the open source development community.

  • Linux Plumbers Conference: Conference Videos now Posted

    Videos of Plumbers content now posted. You can either see them in our Youtube channel or by visiting the detailed timetable and clicking on the video link in the presentation materials section of any given talk or discussion. The Microconferences are recorded as one long video block, but clicking on the Video link of a particular discussion topic will take you to the time index in that file where the chosen discussion begins.

  • ONAP Releases Casablanca, Enhances Deployment Capabilities Across Open Source Networking Stack

    LF Networking (LFN), which facilitates collaboration and operational excellence across open networking projects, today announced continued progress to ease deployments across the open source networking stack. New platform releases from ONAP (Casablanca) and OPNFV (Gambia) bring additional support for cross-stack deployments across new and existing use cases such as 5G and Cross-Carrier VPN (CCVPN), as well as enhancements to cloud-native VPN. Additionally, the organization’s compliance and verification program recently announced its expansion into virtual network functions (VNF) testing and is now recruiting Beta participants. VNF testing will help ease deployment pains and improve VNF quality and interoperability across real-world deployments.
    “New and enhanced deployments of our platforms are popping up every day across the globe, and with tighter cross-community integration and an expanded compliance and verification program, we are well-positioned to facilitate innovative industry progress,” said Arpit Joshipura, general manager, networking, the Linux Foundation. “The latest releases of ONAP and OPNFV usher in a new era for LFN as the community continues to foster an expanding commercial ecosystem.”

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          OSS Leftovers      Cache   Translate Page      
  • Monex Platform Now Available in Private Beta Launch: Built on Open-Source Blockchain

    Monax, a digital legal infrastructure platform built on an open-source, universal blockchain, has introduced the private beta launch of the Monax Platform, the latest in its line of smart contract products. The Monax Platform is a collaborative workspace for businesses, legal and tech professionals, with market-ready smart contract templates available for individual or commercial use.

  • 2019 telecoms forecast: the year of 5G and open source

    2019 is shaping up to be a massive year for telco companies. In the final few months of 2018, countless 5G projects have launched and several new uses cases in cloud computing and IoT have come to light, driving demand for high capacity and low latency connectivity.

    As a result of the monetisation challenges, there has been a distinct move away from just providing faster network speeds to consumers, and towards enabling a whole host of new technologies on mobile networks. To achieve this, an increasing number of telecoms operators are functioning like software companies.

  • AI in 2019: 8 trends to watch

    “Today, more leading-edge software development occurs inside open source communities than ever before, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for proprietary projects to keep up with the rapid pace of development that open source offers,” says Ibrahim Haddad, director of research at The Linux Foundation, which includes the LF Deep Learning Foundation. “AI is no different and is becoming dominated by open source software that brings together multiple collaborators and organizations.”

    In particular, Haddad expects more cutting-edge technology companies and early adopters to open source their internal AI work to catalyze the next waves of development, not unlike how Google spun Kubernetes out from an internal system to an open source project.

    “We foresee more companies open sourcing their internal AI stacks in order to build communities around those projects,” Haddad says. “This will enable companies and communities to harmonize across a set of critical projects that together will create a comprehensive open source stack in the AI, machine learning, and deep learning space. Large companies that were the first to take their AI efforts open source are already seeing early mover advantages, and we expect this to increase.”

  • The 8 biggest open source milestones in 2018

    Open source continues to climb the charts of popularity and usability. Every year that goes by marks newer and greater milestones for open source, and 2018 was no stranger to such events. The open source community enjoyed plenty of highs and suffered its share of lows.

  • Guten Tag Sindelfingen!

    This week, Collaborans will be taking part, and speaking, in this year's ESE Kongress, "the only German-language convention with an exclusive and extensive focus on the manifold issues and challenges with respect to the development of device and system software for industrial applications, automotive engineering, automation, drives, measurement systems, communication systems as well as consumer electronics and medical devices."'

  • Chrome 71 for Mac, Windows, Linux rolling out w/ ad removal on abusive sites, billing protection

    At target are websites that continue to display advertising that masquerades as fake system dialogs or ineffective ‘close’ buttons even after warnings from the Google Search Console’s Abusive Experiences Report. According to Google, this ad removal will affect a “small number of sites with persistent abusive experiences,” with scammers and phishing schemes often using these ads to steal personal information.

  • The Servo Blog: Experience porting Servo to the Magic Leap One

    We now have nightly releases of Servo for the Magic Leap One augmented reality headset. You can head over to, install the application, and browse the web in a virtual browser.

  • SmartArt improvements in LibreOffice, part 2

    I recently dived into the SmartArt support of LibreOffice, which is the component responsible for displaying complex diagrams from PPTX. I focused especially on the case when only document model and the layout constraints are given, not a pre-rendered result.

    First, thanks to our partner SUSE for working with Collabora to make this possible.

  • BloomReach Experience Manager v13, Magnolia v6 and More Open Source News
  • Top 14 Joomla extensions

    In the first part of this series, I explained how to use the Joomla Extension Directory to find extensions to expand your Joomla website's functionality. Here, I'll describe the top 14 free Joomla extensions—the ones I don't think any site should do without.

  • Register today for LibrePlanet 2019!

    The free software community spans the entire world, with supporters in nearly every corner of the globe, busily coding, tinkering, and spreading the word about the growing importance of controlling our computing. The Internet provides us with many great tools to share the latest news and advances, but ultimately, there’s nothing quite like meeting in person at the LibrePlanet conference! At LibrePlanet, you can meet other developers, activists, policy experts, students, and more, to make connections and help us strategize the future of free software.

  • Introducing Lei Zhao, intern with the FSF tech team

    I first became aware of free software in the sense of freedom at the age of 19. I encountered free software even earlier, but it took some time to appreciate the free/libre aspect of free software.

  • PAINS management: an open source model to eliminate nuisance compounds

    High-throughput screening (HTS) technologies have enabled the routine testing of millions of compounds towards the identification of novel ‘hit’ molecules for therapeutic targets. Oftentimes in this drug discovery process, however, compounds that show promising activity in primary screens show no activity during subsequent hit qualification or progression efforts.

  • Open source tool picks best chemo drug 80% of the time
  • Inside FC Barcelona's Open-Source Strategy to Innovate in Soccer
  • XML Language Server and the VSCode Extension [Ed: Red Hat as Microsoft marketing department, helping to sell proprietary lockin Visual Studio]

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          Deutschland nimmt noch Anlauf: Schweiz und Liechtenstein geben Gas in der Blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      
Die Schweiz hält ihre erste Blockchain-Konferenz für den öffentlichen Sektor ab. Das Land will sechs Gesetze ändern, um die Möglichkeiten der Technologie auszureizen und eine europäische Pole-Position einzunehmen. In Deutschland kommen die Dinge nur langsam in Bewegung.
          Re: Proposed Merger of QANTM IP and Xenith IP – Another Symptom of a Great Malaise in the Australian IP Services Market?       Cache   Translate Page      

Hi Mark,

I agree with you re growth. My view is that there are too many people in the profession for the amount of work. Both attorneys and support staff. I think it is even worse in NZ where the Australian firms can file direct and patent filings are declining anyway.

My idea was not to create extra capacity but to increase productivity and hence drive the bottom line up. I have real experience doing this one of the firms and their profitability was/is way beyond the numbers mentioned in your article.

You make those mechanical transactions mechanical. Your systems to the work in a fraction of time and you better manage the risk. You can service the client better by responding faster. A low cost transaction gives you the ability to be flexible on pricing if needed. You create a cash cow. That gives you power to grow.

You then apply the same to geographic locations and effectively be the franchisee. The McDonalds of patent attorneys lol. Then take over the world.

As a technologist I would also love to throw some AI guys at drafting species and see what they could do to assist that process.

Then I would strip out the renewals function of all the firms, automate it properly and use that as the basis of building a renewals business like CPA, CPI etc.. and build in customer self service as much as possible.

I won't even mention blockchain. In fact I really won't mention it because I don't really understand its applicability to law!

In general it just feels like same old, same old to me. Fascinating to watch though.


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Crypto currency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance have been making $100’s of millions in commissions from investors opening up trading accounts to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With the interest and investment into blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in recent years, more people are getting involved with crypto investing and, looking for easy to understand and execute, blockchain investment services. This new generation blockchain technology adaptation provides reliable and effective currency exchange services to anyone wanting to invest in cryptocurrencies. The company’s main vision is to help people adopt cryptocurrencies. The platform allows an easy FIAT to Crypto exchange and vice versa. The exchange product has been live for about 2 months and is beginning to generate revenue from exchange fees. With 5,000+ registered users and 3,000+ exchange transactions, it's ready to scale under new management. This listing is an asset sale based on its portfolio which includes the following key benefits or assets:• Exchange Platform• ETH and ERC-20 token node and management tool - the company created an automated tool to be able to pool money and withdraw it according to specific variables. This architecture also allows to safely keep the private keys for the wallets. This technology is quite expensive to develop. This tool alone without the exchange could be used in many crypto products where you need to create and assign new wallet addresses and retain control of these wallets.• Value of User Deposited Assets: 96,000 USD (Final amount may vary at close)• Trading assets: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, TKA, MIO• Fiat currencies: EUR• Trading pairs: 30• Website Traffic: Avg. 25,348 users/month• Pageviews: 81,814 pv/month• Top Countries: United States, France, Germany, Philippines, United Kingdom• Email List Size: 74,000+• Large Community/Social Media Presence• Registered Users: 5,000+• KYC/AM: passed: 560• Third Party KYC/AML provider integrated• EUR (IBAN) partnership in place• VISA/MasterCard partnerships (to collect payments) ready to launch
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Yesterday's embarrassing event of the EPO was a festival of the litigation giants and trolls, who shrewdly disguise patents on algorithms using all sorts of fashionable words that often don't mean anything (or deviate greatly from their original meanings)
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In Vlaanderen en Brussel lopen er momenteel 68 concrete projecten rond blockchaintechnologie. Ongeveer 15 procent daarvan is al in productie. Dat blijkt uit een onderzoek dat Hogeschool PXL deed in het kader van haar Blockchain Lab. Vooral de overheid...
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Exploring breakthroughs in digital technology, the blockchain, and more.

(PRWeb December 05, 2018)

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          Comment on Could this be the end for stockbroking firms in Nigeria? by Anodebenze      Cache   Translate Page      
You have all said it,in your is the same,the same process.blockchain,i think is the linking things faster and moving things faster than the present process.if you look at international brokers,if you uses any international broker from Nigeria,they are using this international broker
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Abi Lab ha siglato un accordo di collaborazione con l’azienda di software R3 per sviluppare applicazioni e soluzioni innovative sulla piattaforma di blockchain Corda. Abi Lab è il Centro di ricerca e innovazione promosso dall’Associazione Bancaria Italiana (Abi). Approfondisce, sviluppa e diffonde innovazione nel settore bancario e finanziario attraverso le proprie attività di ricerca e […]

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In this article, we will discuss what Blockchain technology is, why it was developed, the characters that make it unique, and how it could impact the world.

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Blockchain Guru is on a mission to provide Blockchain training in the areas of Blockchain Development, Architecture, Security and Business applications to... $300,000 a year
From Indeed - Mon, 19 Nov 2018 22:20:44 GMT - View all Montréal, QC jobs
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David Rutter, CEO, R3, speaks at Sibos 2018 in Sydeny, about R3’s Corda platform as a success story...
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Compart ha reunido a 420 especialistas en el foro Comparting 2018, donde ha hablado sobre automatización, accesibilidad, omnicanalidad, cloud computing y blockchain.
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Find out what Blockchain is, how it works, and what it can do for you Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, the revolutionary virtual currency that s changing the way people do business. While Bitcoin has enjoyed some well-deserved hype, Blockchain may be Bitcoin s most vital legacy. Blockchain For Dummies is the ideal starting place for business pros looking to gain a better understanding of what Blockchain is, how it can improve the integrity of their data, and how it can work to fundamentally change their business and enhance their data security., Blockchain For Dummies covers the essential things you need to know about this exciting technology s promise of revolutionizing financial transactions, data security, and information integrity. The book covers the technologies behind Blockchain, introduces a variety of existing Blockchain solutions, and even walks you through creating a small but working Blockchain-based application. Blockchain holds the promise to revolutionize a wide variety of businesses., Get in the know about Blockchain now with Blockchain For Dummies and be ready to make the changes to business that your colleagues and competitors will later wish they d done. Discover ten ways Blockchain can change business Find out how to apply a Blockchain solutionSee how to make data more secureLearn how to work with vendors Filled with vital information and tips on how this paradigm-changing technology can transform your business for the better, this book will not only show you Blockchain s full potential, but your own as well! Click This Link To Download : Language : English
          Nowoczesna technologia ucieka za granicę. Powodem kiepskie prawo      Cache   Translate Page      
Blockchain, branża z potężnym potencjałem, wybiera inne kraje. Polska nie jest przyjaznym rynkiem dla przyszłościowej branży rozproszonych rejestrów.
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Price: Make Offer
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          "Como consumidores no estamos concienciados del problema que supone la falsificación y el riesgo que puede suponer para nuestra salud"      Cache   Translate Page      

Vestigia es una plataforma digital basada en la tecnología Blockchain que permite controlar y evitar que se falsifiquen productos. José Manuel Avelino y Jorge Pérez empezaron a trabajar hace un año con la misión de desarrollar plataformas digitales distribuidas que ayuden a las empresas a controlar y proteger sus productos, preservar su imagen de marca y a conocer mejor a sus clientes. Su intención también era proporcionar a los consumidores herramientas de software fácil de usar, que les permitan tener toda la información sobre los productos y adquirirlos de forma segura para evitar así las falsificaciones. 

El equipo está conformado conforman por profesionales con más de 20 años de experiencia en tecnología e industria, y, Jóse y Jorge aseguran que les "apasiona contribuir al cambio digital que se está produciendo en las empresas en estos momentos y, sobre todo, a evitar el tremendo problema que supone las falsificaciones de productos para consumidores y empresas". La compañía ha ido reclutando a su equipo en base a su filosofía, y esta es compartir una visión "ambiciosa pero a la vez motivadora de qué tipo de problemas pretendemos resolver". Esto es lo fundamental porque para ellos, "el resto es mucho más fácil".

Vestigia ha creado una plataforma con Blockchain que ayuda de forma fácil y segura a todo tipo de empresas a controlar y trazar productos, en tiempo real, conectando todos sus elementos "IoT" y sin tener que cambiar su software de gestión. Por otra parte, los usuarios, mediante una app intuitiva, pueden en cualquier momento y cualquier lugar, comprobar de manera inalámbrica la autenticidad de los productos y toda la información relativa a su fabricación, distribución y venta mediante nuestra etiqueta inteligente in-copiable.

¿Por qué es tan importan evitar la falsificación de productos?

La falsificación de productos es un problema global a resolver urgentemente.

Por un lado, provoca un tremendo problema de seguridad a los consumidores, ya que en productos alimenticios, farmacéuticos o cosméticos, por ejemplo, pueden poner en peligro la salud de las personas que los adquirimos a través de los canales de venta habituales, pensando que estos son originales. A modo de ejemplo, recientemente se han analizado muestras de perfumes falsificados detectándose un alto contenido de etilenglicol, una sustancia prohibida que se utiliza en los anticongelantes y que puede producir irritación o erupciones en la piel.

Por otro lado, impacta gravemente a las empresas, ya no solo por el prestigio o imagen de su marca o producto, sino por la tremenda destrucción de empleo que la falsificación supone. Para reflejar la magnitud del problema y su consecuencias sociales, según datos de la EUIPO entregados a Forbes, muestran que solo en la España se destruyen más de 50.000 empleos en el sector de la ropa, calzado y complementos. Si miramos hacia la Unión Europea, la cifra alcanza los 380 mil empleos y unas pérdidas económicas de más de 29 mil millones de euros, según datos del sector.

¿Creéis que la sociedad está concienciada en este sentido? ¿Cuál es el método para educar sobre la falsificación?

Pensamos que no estamos, como consumidores, totalmente concienciados del problema que supone la falsificación de productos y sobre todo el riesgo que puede suponer para nuestra salud. Crear productos de calidad y seguros, hablando del sector agroalimentario en el que se ve más claro, es una tarea que supone mucho esfuerzo a proveedores, productores, distribuidores y puntos de venta; que hacen las cosas bien y se comprometen con sus clientes a mejorar cada día.

La educación en este aspecto es fundamental, en primer lugar, debemos comprender que comprar un producto falsificado tiene riesgos, puesto que no hay garantías de que se respeten las condiciones mínimas de calidad y seguridad en su fabricación. ¿Se imagina ver jugando a sus hijos con productos falsificados que no cumplen con la normativa respecto a la seguridad? En segundo lugar, a pesar de los esfuerzos policiales y de organismos gubernamentales en la lucha contra el fraude, como consumidores debemos de tener herramientas a nuestro alcance para poder detectar y decidir no comprar productos falsificados. En este aspecto es en el que estamos trabajando en Vestigia. Nuestra tecnología nos permite como consumidores verificar de forma muy sencilla si el producto es original, en cualquier sitio y en cualquier momento.

¿Por qué decidisteis aplicar el blockchain a vuestra solución?

Blockchain es una tecnología revolucionaria que será aplicada en muchos sectores, para hacer cosas muy diversas. En Vestigia nos hemos centrado en su aplicación para resolver los problemas de control, trazabilidad y anti-falsificación de productos. Una de las razones principales por las que hemos elegido Blockchain es la seguridad que ofrece, los datos que almacenamos en nuestra plataforma basada en esta tecnología no se pueden modificar, adulterar o borrar. Por lo tanto, hemos creado una plataforma en la que la historia de los productos no puede ser modificada ni por los productores, distribuidores, puntos de venta o un tercero malicioso. Conocemos la tecnología Blockchain y sabemos aplicarla.

¿Cómo funcionáis exactamente?

Somos una empresa que ofrece soluciones a empresas, con una tecnología propia, como ya hemos comentado, basada en Blockchain. Entregamos a nuestros clientes una tecnología fácil, segura y accesible, que les permite controlar, preservar y demostrar a sus clientes la procedencia y la calidad de sus productos, simplificando sus procesos de trazabilidad. Del mismo modo, a través de nuestra plataforma nuestro clientes pueden certificar la trazabilidad de sus productos frente a terceros u organismos reguladores.

Técnicamente, nuestra plataforma funciona como un 'notario digital', que cumple dos funciones que son independientes pero complementarias.

Por un lado, permite que las empresas puedan ir registrando y controlando, en tiempo real, qué está pasando con sus productos. Conectamos todo el proceso, desde la llegada de las materias primas hasta la comercialización, sin tener que cambiar su software y conectando todos los elementos de IoT de forma muy sencilla.

Esta información queda almacenada en nuestra plataforma de forma segura y certificada, usando criptografía y Blockchain. Mediante esta, organismos reguladores y consumidores finales pueden comprobar la historia de un producto, teniendo la tranquilidad que no ha podido ser manipulada o alterada.

La otra función de nuestra plataforma es la de asegurar que un producto es original, no solo es relevante conocer la historia de un producto para asegurar que llega en las condiciones adecuadas a los consumidores, sino también impedir que se vendan productos falsificados como originales por los canales de distribución habituales. Mediante nuestra etiqueta inteligente 'in-copiable', las marcas protegen su producto y los usuarios verifican que su autenticidad mediante una app.

Debido a la característica de informática distribuida, facilidad de interconexión y al diseño escalable de nuestra plataforma, podemos actuar en cualquier ámbito, podemos afrontar soluciones en local y hacerlas crecer hasta el ámbito internacional y viceversa.

Ofrecéis servicios tanto a consumidores como a empresas, ¿cuál es el perfil de cada uno y cómo les ayudáis?

Nuestra plataforma es aplicable a cualquier tipo y tamaño de empresa, ya que no es necesario cambiar el software de gestión que ya utilizan, conectamos los elementos IoT que ya integrados y proponemos un sistema de pago por uso.

Desde el primer momento hemos creado una tecnología fácil, flexible y escalable. Nuestra preocupación es resolver el problema, sin que nuestros clientes tengan que preocuparse de cambiar sus sistemas informáticos, realizar mantenimiento de infraestructuras tecnológicas o contar con equipos de expertos.

Damos soporte tecnológico desde el principio, ayudamos a automatizar los procesos, buscamos la mejor solución aprovechando lo existente y nos ocupamos de la operación. Nuestros clientes solo tienen que preocuparse de lo más importante, su negocio. 

¿En qué sectores habéis implantado vuestro producto?

Hemos comenzado por el sector gourmet, el farmacéutico y el de moda y complementos, en los que ya están utilizando nuestra solución de trazabilidad y gestión de la cadena logística con mucho éxito.

¿Qué nuevas funcionalidades os gustaría desarrollar en un futuro? ¿En qué otros aspectos se puede aplicar vuestra tecnología?

Tenemos pruebas de concepto en la industria y en el sector agroalimentario desarrollando nuevas prestaciones que resuelven problemas que antes eran impensables o poco rentables.

Estamos trabajando en cuestiones de identidad digital y SmartCities. Esperamos ayudar a hacer la vida más fácil en la ciudad.

Recientemente habéis ganado el primer Open Call de Innovación de Alastria, ¿qué ha supuesto para vosotros?

Ganar el primer Open Call de Innovación organizado por Alastria, como mejor prototipo al reto presentado en el Ecosistema de Andalucía, ha supuesto para nosotros un reconocimiento muy importante, a nuestra tecnología y a nuestro esfuerzo por innovar. Alastria es un consorcio de empresas, de la que somos socios, que pretende crear un Ecosistema Blockchain Nacional en la que están participando las empresas de primera línea y más innovadoras de nuestro país.

También contáis con el apoyo del Programa Minerva, ¿qué es lo que destacaríais de esta colaboración?

El apoyo del Programa Minerva, está siendo fundamental para nosotros, nos están ayudando a mejorar e ir más rápidos en aspectos fundamentales como la comunicación, modelo de negocio y a formar parte del ecosistema emprendedor. Es un programa exigente y de una altísima calidad. Nosotros estamos muy orgullosos de ser un proyecto acelerado por Minerva y de contar con el respaldo de Vodafone y la Junta de Andalucía.

¿Cuáles son vuestros objetivos a partir de ahora?

Con respecto a nuestros planes, tenemos la visión de convertir la tecnología de autentificación y control de Vestigia en un referente para empresas y consumidores de todo el mundo, por preservar la seguridad de las personas y por contribuir a la mejora de la imagen de marca de las empresas.

Nuestra misión es clara, desarrollar plataformas digitales seguras que controlen y protejan los productos, la imagen y la marca de las empresas, y les ayude a conocer mejor a sus clientes. Y, además, proporcionar tecnología intuitiva a los consumidores que les permita conocer de forma más fiables los productos que compran.


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          STeP-In PSTC 2018 Pune      Cache   Translate Page      

The STeP-In conference 2018 took place in the technologic territory of Pune, India. The focus of the 4th International Conference on Software Testing was connecting Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Blockchain and Big Data. In accordance with Squish’s product roadmap, Machine Learning and AI ranks high in importance. We plan to reach the next level in automating GUI testing of applications using AI.   Our partner Meteonic visited the conference as our representative. They successfully created noise about Squish and Squish Coco and increased the opportunity for networking in the new region of Pune, India. The attendees for this conference were primarily testers and consultants. They were impressed by our tools and our product roadmap including AI.   The feedback from the STeP-In conference was positive, and the attendees were interested to learn more about Squish and Squish Coco.

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          Moving Beyond Smart Contracts: What Are The Next Generations Of Blockchain Use Cases?      Cache   Translate Page      
Smart contracts, Ricardian contracts and tokens have a lot of potential in the blockchain business world because of their utility across heavily transactional industries like real estate, financial services, importing and exporting and any industry which relies on a supply chain.
          Case Western Reserve to launch blockchain think tank      Cache   Translate Page      

Cleveland is striving to become "Blockland" amid a citywide push to find uses for the digital ledger technology and is calling on local colleges for help.

          Breaking the Barriers - How Blockchain Can Make You Healthier and Richer      Cache   Translate Page      
Gainfy is disrupting healthcare through the use of blockchain, IOT and AI. (Source: Healthcare News)
          Graphite, una alternativa a Google Docs descentralizada, cifrada y basada en blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      

Graphite, una alternativa a Google Docs descentralizada, cifrada y basada en blockchain#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Alternativas a Microsoft Office no faltan, pero cuando hablamos de elegir un editor de documentos online, la mayoría prefieren Google Docs, incluso cuando existe el mismo Office Online. Sin embargo, una opción poco conocida y que quizás te interese probar es un servicio como Graphite.

Graphite ofrece una alternativa descentralizada y cifrada, es uno de los primeros software basados en blockchain que te permite utilizar aplicaciones para crear documentos y compartirlos. Si usas Graphite tus documentos nunca se almacenarán en los servidores de una empresa como Google o Microsoft.

Es por ello que esta opción es sumamente recomendada para aquellos que buscan un servicio que les permita ser dueños de sus datos al 100%. Si te preguntas cómo es esto posible, es gracias a la tecnología de Blockstack.

Cómo funciona

Sharing 3781fb02

Graphite nunca almacena tu identidad ni tus datos porque utiliza la tecnología open source de Blockstack para ofrecer un servicio basado en blockchain. Esto quiere decir que Graphite puede almacenar tus documentos en tus propios servidores (tu propio ordenador) o en la red descentralizada que usa la cadena de bloques para distribuir datos de forma cifrada, al puro estilo del Bitcoin.

Tus datos siempre son cifrados en tu ordenador antes de que se envíen a cualquier lugar si los quieres compartir. Es cambiar la nube por el blockchain. En ese aspecto funciona como Encrypt My Photos, otro servicio que usa Blockstack para ofrecer almacenamiento cifrado de imágenes.

Para empezar a usarlo debes crear tu cuenta de Blockstack con tu identificador único, si ya tienes uno, solo necesitas tu clave privada para acceder.

Documentos, hojas de cálculo, bóveda de archivos y contactos

Hojas De Calculo Graphite

Graphite es bastante simple y minimalista y funciona muy rápido. Esto puede ser bueno para algunos que están un poco cansados de que las apps de GSuite parezcan cada vez más pesadas, pero también puede ser una desventaja para los que prefieren tener muchas más opciones.

El editor de texto tiene un modo Markdown y un modo de edición tradicional, aunque las opciones de formato son algo limitadas. Además de edición de textos, cuentas con una herramienta de hojas de cálculo, una bóveda para almacenar archivos y un sección para guardar contactos.

Todo lo que crees en Graphite lo puedes compartir con otros contactos de forma simple con cifrado de extremo a extremo. Sin embargo, no existe colaboración en tiempo real en los documentos, ni tampoco cuentan con aplicaciones móviles, aunque están trabajando en ambas cosas desde hace varios meses.

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Encrypt My Photos, almacenamiento de imágenes con cifrado basado en blockchain

#CienciaenelParlamento o cómo Twitter puede crear una cultura política científica

La noticia Graphite, una alternativa a Google Docs descentralizada, cifrada y basada en blockchain fue publicada originalmente en Genbeta por Gabriela González .

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Signature Bank, con sede en Nueva York, ha recibido la aprobación regulatoria para lanzar una plataforma de pagos digitales basada en la Blockchain de Ethereum para clientes comerciales. Signature se ha asociado con TrueDigital...
          Cryptoconomy: Bitcoins, Blockchains & Bad Guy by Gary Miliefsky      Cache   Translate Page      
Gary is a globally recognized keynote speaker, cybersecurity expert, inventor and founder of numerous cybersecurity companies. Learn more about Gary, here: He is a frequent invited guest on national and international media commenting on mobile privacy, cyber security, cyber crime and cyber terrorism, also covered in both Forbes and Fortune Magazines. He has been extremely active in the infosec arena. He founded and remains the Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine. Miliefsky is a Founding Member of the US Department of Homeland Security (, the National Information Security Group ( and the OVAL advisory board of MITRE responsible for the CVE Program ( He also assisted the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC), which operates within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in their development of The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace as well as the Center for the Study of Counter-Terrorism and Cyber Crime at Norwich University. Previously, Gary has been founder and/or inventor for technologies and corporations sold and licensed to Hexis Cyber, WatchGuard, Intel/McAfee, IBM, Computer Associates and BlackBox Corporation. Gary is a member of and is a CISSP®.
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RouteOne LLC, an innovative technology leader that is powering the automotive retailing industry’s response to the digital age, today announced that it has joined Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative...

(PRWeb December 05, 2018)

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Daxima Software Partners with GA Department of Agriculture and Cattle Ranchers

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          Glitch Goons mobile free-to-play blockchain fighting game releases on AndroidGlitch Goons mobile free-to-play blockchain fighting game releases on Android       Cache   Translate Page      
Blockchain fighter out on Android.
          DOU Проектор: OurSQL – реплікація баз даних MySQL із використанням Blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      

У рубриці DOU Проектор всі охочі можуть презентувати свій продукт (як стартап, так і ламповий pet-проект). Якщо вам є про що розповісти — запрошуємо взяти участь. Якщо ні — можливо, серія надихне на створення власного made in Ukraine продукту. Питання і заявки на участь надсилайте на

Я — Роман Гелемб’юк з Івано-Франківська. Уже більше 17 років займаюся програмуванням. Основні технології — PHP та Golang. Як порядний IT-шник я маю свої pet-проекти. Наразі мене цікавлять децентралізовані бази даних та блокчейн-технології.

Хочу розповісти про свій проект OurSQL. Це, свого роду, розширення MySQL, яке дозволяє створити децентралізовану базу даних без вузлів із «особливими» правами.


Спочатку була ідея створити децентралізовану платформу для громадянського суспільства. Щось типу соціальної мережі, але децентралізовану, без «адміна», «власника» і модераторів, із можливостями вести конструктивний діалог, водночас.

Першою прийшла ідея використати блокчейн як базу, але весь механізм виглядав занадто складним. Потім ідея еволюціонувала в більш вузьку — створити універсальну платформу для децентралізованих баз даних. А тоді вже на цій базі можна буде робити все інше, концентруючись лише на бізнес-логіці самої соціальної мережі.

Огляд готових рішень для децентралізованих ДБ не дав результатів, фактично є лише BighainDB (на базі MongoDB). Насправді ж вона не виконує обіцяного, хоч і є розрекламованою та популярною. Слід відзначити проект, який у той час видався мені занадто складним для використання. Напевно, для корпорацій він буде найкращим вибором, але не для малих компаній чи одинаків.

Процес розробки

Задача була створити інструмент для реплікації баз SQL-даних повністю децентралізованим способом, без будь-яких master вузлів.

Вибір технології був простим. Поки що єдиним рішенням, яке довело свою ефективність для таких задач, є Blockchain. Тому я почав вивчати цю технологію на прикладі створення криптовалюти. Для розробки я вибрав Golang. Основна причина — я давно хотів отримати реальний досвід на цій мові програмування із великим проектом.

У результаті написав спрощений клон bitcoin на Golang із нуля. Він робочий, хоча підтримувати я його не планую.

Далі на базі коду democoin був створений OurSQL — проксі-сервер MySQL, який фільтрує SQL-запити, перевіряє можливість виконання, конвертує SQL у блокчейн-транзакції, будує блоки (для блокчейну), відправляє блоки та транзакції іншим нодам (іншим серверам OurSQL в межах однієї бази даних) і ті, в свою чергу, роблять відповідні оновлення у своїх локальних копіях MySQL-баз.

Назва OurSQL народилася сама собою. MySQL — для моєї бази даних, а OurSQL — для нашої бази даних. У процесі довелося вивчити протокол MySQL клієнта, детально розібратися у всіх нюансах шифрування та електронних підписів у різних мовах програмування та бібліотеках та інше.

OurSQL = MySQL + Blockchain: як це працює

OurSQL — це окремий сервер, який має два основні компоненти: MySQL проксі-сервер та власне Blockchain-сервер.

Кожен екземпляр OurSQL («нода») працює із єдиною базою MySQL. У цій базі одночасно зберігаються дані разом зі спеціальними таблицями, у яких збережено інформацію про сам блокчейн. SQL-запити надходять через проксі-сервер і далі аналізуються. Якщо це Update запит, відбувається перевірка можливості виконання такого запиту. Ця перевірка відбудеться згідно з правилами консенсусу, які діють у цій базі даних.

Якщо запит може бути виконаний, він виконається, і на основі цього запиту буде побудована транзакція. Далі все відбувається так само, як і в інших блокчейнах.

Нова транзакція додається до «пулу» транзакцій — тимчасового місця зберігання ще не підтверджених транзакцій. Також ця транзакція буде відправлена до всіх інших відомих нодів. Ті, у свою чергу, перевірять її ще раз і виконають. Коли в пулі набереться достатня кількість транзакцій, буде побудовано блок із допомогою правила Proof of Work (так само, як у біткоін). Нода, яка першою побудує блок, надсилає його всім іншим нодам.

Із допомогою OurSQL можна створити базу даних. Проте сама по собі база даних не є дуже корисною. Як і випадку зі звичайними базами даних, потрібен «інтерфейс». Тобто якись додаток, що буде виконувати основну роботу і зберігати потрібні дані в децентралізованій базі даних.

Сам по собі цей додаток може бути створений із будь-якою технологією, яка вміє зберігати дані в MySQL. Це може бути desktop application чи web application, запущений на локальному сервері.

При написанні коду додатка можна зосередитися виключно на бізнес-логіці, не думаючи про особливості синхронізації змін у базі даних. Просто підключаємося до бази через проксі через стандартну MySQL client бібліотеку, яка є в кожній мові програмування, і вносимо необхідні зміни в базу, коли потрібно. Звичайно, зміни мають відповідати логіці децентралізованої мережі та відповідати правилам консенсусу.

Кожен користувач децентралізованої системи повинен отримати свою копію додатка в «пакеті». Цей пакет включає: MySQL-сервер, OurSQL-сервер, конфігураційний файл із описом правил консенсусу і, власне, сам додаток.

Проте можливим є і створення «легких клієнтів». Тобто додатків, які не містять у собі повноцінної ноди, а працюють із одною із доступних віддалених нод. У цьому випадку доведеться з’єднуватися із віддаленою базою даних. Або робити додатковий «шар» у вигляді REST API.

При цьому виконання будь-яких змін вимагає двох кроків — запит за даними для транзакції, підпис (криптопідпис) даних ключами та виконання ще одного запиту із уже підписаною командою.


Кожна база даних створена із OurSQL отримує свою криптовалюту як «побічний ефект». За створення блоку відповідна нода отримує винагороду. Певну кількість одиниць криптовалюти. Потім цю валюту можна переслати на інші «гаманці» (чи адреси, чи публічні ключі). Кожна нода отримує гаманець при створенні, однак можна додавати необмежену кількість інших гаманців. У плані «криптовалюти» все працює, як у bitcoin.

Використання криптовалюти не є обов’язковим. Ці дані можна просто ігнорувати (у майбутньому зроблю можливість відключити взагалі). Проте внутрішня криптовалюта має певні корисні застосування. Наприклад, є можливість вказати «ціну змін» для конкретних типів SQL-запитів та конкретних таблиць. Це один із інструментів контролю над цілісністю бази даних. Оскільки ми говоримо про базу даних, яка може бути доступна для запису анонімним користувачам, завжди є спокуса все витерти або щось лишнє дописати. Один із способів контролю — плата за транзакцію із використанням внутрішньої валюти.

Як OurSQL зв’язаний із bitcoin та ethereum

Ніяк, за винятком використання такої самої технології «блокчейн». Але із конкретними відомими публічними блокчейнами OurSQL ніяк не пов’язаний.

Кожна база даних створена і підтримувана із OurSQL — це повністю окремий, новий блокчейн, що володіє власною криптовалютою, яка працює лише в межах цієї бази даних. Також вона не має відношення до «смарт-контрактів», хоча кожну базу даних та додаток, який її використовує можна розглядати як один великий «смарт-контракт» — єдиний на цьому блокчейні.

Де використовувати OurSQL

OurSQL може підійти для створення практично будь-якого децентралізованого додатка. Тобто якщо немає можливості створити традиційний цетралізований додаток, наприклад, через нестачу довіри до потенційного «адміністратора» цього додатка, є сенс подумати над децентралізованою системою.


  • Децентралізована соціальна мережа, оскільки ми не довіряємо Facebook.
  • Нове покоління фінансових інструментів, які, крім криптовалюти, мають свій внутрішній «суд», «регулятор» та інші «інститути» криптодемократії, адже ми хочемо незалежну світову валюту. Однак перший досвід не дуже успішний, потрібна регуляція та спосіб вирішення конфліктів.
  • Децентралізовані платформи для меритократії.
  • Децентралізовані месенджери (в яких платформа потрібна лише для пошуку контактів, а сама комунікація вже напряму), оскільки традиційні месенджери контролюються спецслужбами.
  • Платформи для «горизонтальних» об’єднань громадян, адже створення традиційних партій чи об’єднань вимагає довіри, а її часто немає.

Blockchain consensus

Алгоритм консенсусу є центральним поняттям в технології blockchain. Наразі OurSQL підтримує лише найпопулярніший і найнадійніший підхід — Proof of Work, аналогічний bitcoin та більшості популярних криптовалют. Кожна база даних має спеціальний файл — ConsensusConfig, у якому описано параметри для Proof of Work: складність пошуку хешу блока, кількість транзакцій у блоці, винагорода «майнеру» в монетах внутрішньої криптовалюти та ін.

Також налаштування консенсусу включають правила змін в базі даних — список таблиць, які не синхронізуються, заборона оновлень певних типів для певних таблиць (наприклад: заборона видаляти рядки із певної таблиці).

Водночас це можливість встановити «вартість» певних операцій у внутрішній валюті, що уможливлює запобігання «несанкціонованого» коригування даних та різного роду флуду даними і т. д.

Також у майбутньому я планую створити підтримку «модуля консенсусу» для кожної бази даних. Відтак розробник бази даних зможе описати максимально гнучкі правила консенсусу використовуючи програмування, а не лише конфігурування певного алгоритму.

Як спробувати OurSQL

Інсталяційного пакету поки що немає. Є 2 способи спробувати, як працює цей сервіс: скомпілювати програму або запустити в Docker-контейнері.

Використовуючи Docker-контейнери, ви можете легко запустити 2 ноди на одній машині та подивитися, як синхронізуються дані.

docker run --name oursql1 -p 9001:8765 -p 9002:8766  -d -it oursql/oursql-server interactiveautocreate -port 9001

Ця команда запустить новий контейнер, у якому створиться нова база даних. Наступна команда створить інший контейнер із додатковою нодою, яка приєднається до першої, утворивши кластер із двох нод.

docker run --name oursql2 -p 9003:8765 -p 9004:8766  -d -it oursql/oursql-server importfromandstart -port 9003 -nodeaddress host.local.address:9001

Використайте MySQL-клієнт, щоб приєднатися до першої ноди на порті 9002 або до другої на порті 9004. База даних має назву BC та користувача blockchain/blockchain. Вносьте зміни в базу даних, використовуючи SQL, і ви побачите, як зміни реплікуються між нодами.

mysql -h -P 9002 -u blockchain -pblockchain BC

mysql -h -P 9004 -u blockchain -pblockchain BC

Також можна підключитися до існуючої демонстраційної бази даних «OurSQL Demo DB».

docker run --name oursql -p 8765:8765 -p 8766:8766 -d -it oursql/oursql-server importandstart -port 8765 -nodeaddress
mysql -h -P 8766 -u blockchain -pblockchain BC

Деталі про роботу із цією базою можна знайти в блозі проекту.

Подальші кроки

Перше — додати можливість створення модуля консенсусу для децентралізованої бази. Наразі можна робити лише конфігураційний файл, у якому описано прості правила для Proof of Work консенсусу та правила для роботи із таблицями в базі.

Проте такий підхід має суттєві недоліки. Потрібна можливість запрограмувати правила, зробити їх більш гнучкими.

Тобто для кожної конкретної децентралізованої бази даних, підтримуваної на OurSQL, можна буде запрограмувати модуль (швидше за все на мові Golang), у якому буде реалізовано логіку роботи і можливих змін у цій базі, рівнів та прав доступу для кожного користувача.

Друге — створити декілька додатків, які використовують OurSQL, щоб продемонструвати можливості її роботи, певну найпростішу децентралізовану, соціальну мережу або систему прийняття рішень голосуванням. Реєстрація в такій системі буде здійснюватися за запрошеннями від кількох інших учасників.

Веб-сайт проекту. Нещодавно почав вести блог, щоб розповідати про результати роботи та давати поради.


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          Blockchain: What's it good for? Absolutely nothing, report finds      Cache   Translate Page      
          Waarom blockchain geen zeepbel maar een disrupter is      Cache   Translate Page      
Voor de een is blockchaintechnologie de ‘minst nuttige technologie uit de geschiedenis van de mensheid’, voor de ander staat de nieuwe platformtechnologie garant voor een paradigmaverschuiving. Wie heeft er gelijk?
          Hong Kong’s Alphaslot grabs multimillion funding from Sora Venture, Spartan Group, more      Cache   Translate Page      

The blockchain gaming startup has set its sights on the casino gaming ecosystem Hong Kong-based startup Alphaslot has announced it has raised a multimillion funding round led by China’s Sora Ventures. A string of investors across multiple markets, including Hong Kong’s Credito Capital and Shinobi Capital, Singapore’s Spartan Group, Netherland’s TRG, and Silicon Valley’s Primitive Ventures, […]

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          TRIVE Ventures launches government-backed blockchain accelerator      Cache   Translate Page      

The accelerator will target later-stage startups Singapore-based VC TRIVE Ventures has announced today the official launch of its blockchain accelerator, Tribe Accelerator. The accelerator features a six-month programme and will target later-stage startups. It will focus on helping these blockchain startups accelerate product development and increase adoption of blockchain solutions in the mass market. Tribe Accelerator, which […]

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          Pitch for Orbitcoin      Cache   Translate Page      

Company / App Name: Orbitcoin What does it do? Orbit Network is a decentralized P2P Lending platform, which connects borrowers and lenders from around the world using the advantages of Ethereum Smart Contracts and the Blockchain technology. Why do we need it? Using the Smart Loan Contract, both borrowers and lenders can eliminate the […]

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          Small and medium-sized businesses 'oblivious' to tech revolution      Cache   Translate Page      
Small firms struggling to keep up with the pace of technological change should brace for the new "industrial revolution", a futurist says.Artificial intelligence (AI), nanobots, the internet of things, cryptocurrencies and blockchain...
          Проект блокчейна с пропускной способностью 6000 TPS привлек $35 млн инвестиций      Cache   Translate Page      
Изображение: Группа преподавателей китайских университетов, в том числе лауреата премии Тьюринга, привлекла $35 млн ангельского финансирования на проект разработки...
          8 Foundations of Blockchain DNA Architecture Part 1      Cache   Translate Page      
blockchain architecture Intelligenthq dinis guarda 600x288 - 8 Foundations of Blockchain DNA Architecture Part 1

          MVL and AXA partner to provide mobility insurance for TADA users and drivers      Cache   Translate Page      

MVL Foundation Pte. Ltd. (Mass Vehicle Ledger, MVL) and AXA Insurance (AXA) announced today a strategic alliance to develop and deliver mobility insurance products and services for ride hailing service TADA’s users and drivers.

From early 2019, AXA will be MVL’s preferred partner to offer insurance products to the drivers and riders of TADA, Singapore’s first and only zero-commission ride-hailing platform. MVL and AXA will also explore technical integration to create next-generation mobility insurance products and services leveraging MVL’s blockchain.

With MVL, AXA plans to roll out more innovative offerings catering to the needs of self-employed drivers on TADA’s platform as well as to embed itself in the customers’ journeys, where transportation plays a big part.

More information on the partnership will follow in the first quarter of 2019.

“Since introducing our zero-commission ride-hailing service in Singapore, TADA has positively impacted the lives of thousands of riders and drivers. We expect this partnership with AXA to unlock the vast value created for the parties in our ecosystem. With AXA being a leading insurer at the digital forefront, we are confident that both companies can leverage on our technical know-how and market expertise to deliver the future of mobility insurance to the world,” said Kay Woo, CEO of MVL.

          Blockchain for healthcare: How CIOs should be approaching it      Cache   Translate Page      
What is blockchain, and what do CIOs need to know about how it can improve healthcare? It's a question that's both straightforward and complex.There's a forum on Reddit called Explain Like I'm Five. And there's plenty of discussion there about the basic concepts behind distributed ledger technology, from the mechanics of how it's designed to the real-world problems it could solve.But one of the best explainers we've seen is one from Wired, where a blockchain expert literally explains how it works to a child (and, with ever-mounting layers of complexity, to a teenager, a college student, a grad student and a fellow expert).At its essence, of course, blockchain is a network to enable easier peer to peer exchange and reduce dependence on intermediaries. As blockchain researcher Bettina Warburg explained to the girl, it's "a type of technology that means you could trade with any kid, all over the world you don't need the store and you don't even necessarily need to know the other person."
          Decentralizing healthcare with blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      
Co-founder of Health Data Link, Abel Kho, co-founder of Health Data Link talks about the ecology of care and how data is transferred throughout the healthcare market.
          Will Quantum Computing Break Blockchain?      Cache   Translate Page      
Recent research on quantum computing has shown that in the coming years, quantum computers will be able to break blockchain encryption.
          Sales Partner - Commission - Equity - Blockchain - Blockchain Guru - Montréal, QC      Cache   Translate Page      
Blockchain Guru is on a mission to provide Blockchain training in the areas of Blockchain Development, Architecture, Security and Business applications to... $300,000 a year
From Indeed - Mon, 19 Nov 2018 22:20:44 GMT - View all Montréal, QC jobs
          4 Ways Blockchain Can Address Some of Marketing’s Biggest Challenges      Cache   Translate Page      
Despite widespread public interest in blockchain applications and a significant rise in the number of blockchain startups, the technology has yet to make a dramatic impact on the advertising industry. In a recent survey of 300 agency executives, only 11 percent reported using blockchain in their media buys, while nearly half said they had no...
          nChain apresenta pioneiro projeto Metanet para impulsionar a internet com blockchain para Bitcoin SV      Cache   Translate Page      

LONDRES, 5 de dezembro de 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- nChain, a líder mundial em pesquisa e desenvolvimento de blockchain, revelou seu pioneiro projeto "Metanet" para impulsionar e integrar a internet por meio de blockchain para Bitcoin. Usando a propriedade intelectual que criou, a nChain vai...

          Commentaires sur Blockchain et gratuité par Blockchain et gratuité | Conversation avec Jacques Attali – Lexpress | Le blog d'Attila      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] Source : Blockchain et gratuité | Conversation avec Jacques Attali – Lexpress […]
          Commentaires sur Blockchain et gratuité par Revue de presse – Viens, allons voir du côté de la blockchain !      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] 2018-05-21 : Blockchain et gratuité […]
          Collider Cup III, Dec 5      Cache   Translate Page      
The Collider Cup is SCET's all-star showcase of the best student teams from this Fall 2018 semester. Come watch teams pitch to panels of professors, investors and industry experts as they vie to win the grand prize, the Collider Cup!

New this semester, the top three teams from the event will receive automatic final round meetings with Arrow Capital for the potential to receive $15K to $50K in seed funding to pursue their startup ventures.

We will also have the following funds in attendance and ready to meet with students:

Free Ventures, UC Berkeley's nonprofit, student-run startup accelerator,
Dorm Room Fund, a student-run venture fund backed by First Round,
The Trione Student Venture Fund which provides $5,000 grants and office space to early-stage startups involving current Haas students.
The day will be divided into four parts:

The morning will showcase six of the 12 classes from this Fall with an intro from the instructor, one student team presenting their project, followed by Q&A and feedback from a panel of judges.
Lunch & Networking with SCET students and instructors. Lunch will be provided, so be sure to RSVP to reserve your spot for food!
The afternoon will showcase the remaining 6 classes from this Fall with an intro from the instructor, one student team presenting their project, followed by Q&A and feedback from a panel of judges.
We will close with a short reception awarding The Collider Cup grand prize for the all-around winning student team while enjoying drinks and small bites.

9:45 am Check-in
10:00 am Welcome from Ikhlaq Sidhu, Faculty Director & Founder of SCET and Ken Singer, Managing Director of SCET.

Morning Fall Showcase (10:05 am - 11:35 am)
10:05 am Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (192) with Gigi Wang
10:20 am Applied Data Science with Venture Applications (135/290) with Ikhlaq Sidhu
10:35 am Amazoogle Data-Driven Business Models (185) with Shomit Ghose
10:50 am Challenge Lab: Blockchain (185) with Luke Kowalski and Alexander Fred-Ojala
11:05 am Technology Entrepreneurship (191) with Naeem Zafar
11:20 am Challenge Lab: Global Startup (191) with Ken Singer

Lunch & Networking (11:35 am - 12:30 pm)
Certificate of Entrepreneurship & Technology with Jesse Dieker

Afternoon Fall Showcase (12:30 pm - 2:00 pm)
12:30 pm Lean Transfer (190E/290) with Naeem Zafar & Rhonda Shrader
12:45 pm Technology Entrepreneurship (191) with Leah Edwards
1:00 pm Product Design (109E) with Rachel Powers
1:15 pm Challange Lab: Sports Tech (185) with Stephen Torres & Danielle Vivo
1:30 pm The A. Richard Newton Lecture Series (95/195) with Victoria Howell
1:45 pm Startup Semester with David Law

Reception & grand prize award ceremony (2:00 pm - 3:00 pm)
Enjoy drinks and small bites with all of our guests. During this time, the SCET judges will pick the all-around winning team and award them with The Collider Cup grand prize at 2:30 pm!
We look forward to welcoming you as we showcase the top projects from this semester and introduce you to all that SCET has to offer! Be sure to RSVP if you plan to join us for lunch so that we can be sure to have enough food.

See you soon for SCET's Collider Cup 2018!
          Sales Partner - Commission - Equity - Blockchain - Blockchain Guru - Montréal, QC      Cache   Translate Page      
Blockchain Guru is on a mission to provide Blockchain training in the areas of Blockchain Development, Architecture, Security and Business applications to... $300,000 a year
From Indeed - Mon, 19 Nov 2018 22:20:44 GMT - View all Montréal, QC jobs
          Further reading      Cache   Translate Page      
Carbon pricing; blockchain fail; Monzo; Toys “R” Us returns; poor Milo and much more...
          GI Aerospace To Launch Blockchain For Tracking Parts In Q1 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

San Francisco-based GI Aerospace is now developing a blockchain solution for tracking aircraft parts, TARA, and is planning to release an early-adopter version in the first quarter of 2019, according to chief technology officer Hadi Mohamed Shakir.

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          第10回 file_proof.pyでBBc-1を体験しよう ── ブロックチェーンの課題と可能性~BBc-1(Beyond Blockchain One)から学ぶブロックチェーン開発      Cache   Translate Page      
          Blockchain : ne vous laissez pas impressionner par la complexité      Cache   Translate Page      
          Vereign Offers the Blockchain-Powered Solution for Email Security and Authentic ...      Cache   Translate Page      
Vereign adds authenticity and security to emails with a seamless
plugin solution and identity management software

ZUG, Switzerland (BUSINESS WIRE) #blockchain ― Vereign

( ),

the blockchain-powered solution for email security and identity

management, is launching its beta. Vereign’s seamless browser plugin

enables a security overlay in email clients, office programs, chat apps,

and more, that brings true confidentiality and authenticity to online

communication without interrupting workflows.

Vereign Offers the Blockchain-Powered Solution for Email Security and Authentic  ...

With 3.8 billion users worldwide, email is the most important means of

communication today. It’s extremely influential and vulnerable to

abuse. Malware and scams have caused billions of dollars in damage, and

over 90% of these scams initially travelled through email.

Vereign meets these challenges, transforming email authentication and

identity management with a range of features:

Suspicious sender alerts : Vereign knows a user’s actual bank
from an imposter. Identity management : Users can safely store their digital
identity data using cryptographic signatures, transmitting only the
information they choose, following Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines
at Swiss banking standards. Single sign-on and unique usability : No usernames, no
passwords, no key management Digital “passports” : Users define specific profiles with
different levels of information to share with different strata of
contacts. Authenticated emails that beat the spam blocker: Emails sent
through Vereign are digitally signed and get through spam filters at a
much higher rate, useful for a range of business and sales
applications. Digital signatures : Users can legally, digitally sign and send
authenticated, verified documents. Verified transaction history : Users can see an eternal log of
messages, recipient identities, and delivery receipts without risk of
information tampering.

“I strongly believe in the viral power of Vereign,” says Georg Greve,

Co-Founder and Chairman of Vereign. “Email is one of the most powerful

tools given to us by the age of technology, and our mission is to

greatly enhance it with the advanced solutions available today.”

The Vereign beta is available on Gmail, and soon on Roundcube and

LibreOffice, and early access can be requested here:

About Vereign:

Vereign’s blockchain-based plugin solution brings integrity,

authenticity and confidentiality to online identities, data and

collaboration. Empowering businesses and individuals alike, Vereign is a

self-sovereign identity (SSI) and personal data store that answers to

the user.


Company Media Contact:

Sharon Kaslassi

Blonde 2.0 for Vereign
Vereign Offers the Blockchain-Powered Solution for Email Security and Authentic  ...
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          CargoSmart lance une blockchain avec CMA CGM pour fluidifier le transport de produits dangereux      Cache   Translate Page      
          GrainChain, Chargify, Q2, Hypergiant, NASA Tech & More TX Tech      Cache   Translate Page      
Let’s get caught up with the latest innovation news in Texas. —GrainChain, a blockchain agtech company based in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, has raised $2.5 million in funding from Medici Ventures, a blockchain accelerator owned by (NASDAQ: OSTK). Medici has a 10 percent ownership in the startup and has an option to increase […]
          Nordeen: Blockchain to infiltrate loyalty market in 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
While bitcoin rollercoasters in the global monetary markets, creative business minds and entrepreneurs continue to explore new ways to use the cryptocurrency’s blockchain platform.

          What it's like to be a woman reporter on a cryptocurrency cruise where nearly all the other women are sex-workers      Cache   Translate Page      

Laurie Penny (previously) got sent on the 2018 CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise -- a four-day cruise filled with "starry-eyed techno-utopians and sketchy-ass crypto-grifters" who solved the fact that there almost no women signed up using the "free market": they paid teen sex workers from Ukraine to ship out with them.

Penny is a superb writer, a master of empathizing with terrible people (that is, understanding where they're coming from) without sympathizing with them (forgiving them for their terribleness) -- it's a rare skill, the sort of thing that makes her essay collection Bitch Doctrine so essential.

She set sail on the cruise at an odd moment in the cryptocurrency bubble: with crypto valuations way, way down, cryptocurrency is getting harder and harder to sell as anything but a ponzi scheme. The "investors" on the trip are often very newly wealthy, and they are furiously engaged in attempts to convince one another to "invest" in new schemes that will shift the wealth that cryptos sucked out of the masses into fewer and fewer hands.

The grifters and true believers that Penny met onboard (sometimes the same people are both!) split their time from using Telegram to procure the services of sex workers and shouting at each other about block sizes. Penny gets right into the psyches and the compartmentalization that powers the whole scene.

On most ideological bandwagons, there is usually a distinction between grifters and true believers. The grifters are in it for the fame and the money and will say any old bollocks to get either.

Read the rest

          How Blockchain can lead an energy revolution in Africa - World Economic Forum      Cache   Translate Page      
How Blockchain can lead an energy revolution in Africa  World Economic Forum

In Africa, the demand for electricity largely exceeds supply. Nigeria's shortage of 173,000MW (for a nation whose current energy needs is around 180,000MW) ...

          Chief Executive Officer, Government as a Service - Bitfury - Dubai      Cache   Translate Page      
We are looking for a talented senior person who is passionate about Information Technologies for Governments, E-Governance, Blockchain, creating innovative...
From BitFury - Fri, 30 Nov 2018 22:43:33 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          How Blockchain Can Improve Trust in Mobile Advertising      Cache   Translate Page      
Timing is uncertain and leveraging blockchain in ad tech has been difficult for a number of reasons. But with growing concerns around fraud, data privacy and mistrust in the ad tech ecosystem, the need for blockchain will only grow.
          Collider Cup III, Dec 5      Cache   Translate Page      
The Collider Cup is SCET's all-star showcase of the best student teams from this Fall 2018 semester. Come watch teams pitch to panels of professors, investors and industry experts as they vie to win the grand prize, the Collider Cup!

New this semester, the top three teams from the event will receive automatic final round meetings with Arrow Capital for the potential to receive $15K to $50K in seed funding to pursue their startup ventures.

We will also have the following funds in attendance and ready to meet with students:

Free Ventures, UC Berkeley's nonprofit, student-run startup accelerator,
Dorm Room Fund, a student-run venture fund backed by First Round,
The Trione Student Venture Fund which provides $5,000 grants and office space to early-stage startups involving current Haas students.
The day will be divided into four parts:

The morning will showcase six of the 12 classes from this Fall with an intro from the instructor, one student team presenting their project, followed by Q&A and feedback from a panel of judges.
Lunch & Networking with SCET students and instructors. Lunch will be provided, so be sure to RSVP to reserve your spot for food!
The afternoon will showcase the remaining 6 classes from this Fall with an intro from the instructor, one student team presenting their project, followed by Q&A and feedback from a panel of judges.
We will close with a short reception awarding The Collider Cup grand prize for the all-around winning student team while enjoying drinks and small bites.

9:45 am Check-in
10:00 am Welcome from Ikhlaq Sidhu, Faculty Director & Founder of SCET and Ken Singer, Managing Director of SCET.

Morning Fall Showcase (10:05 am - 11:35 am)
10:05 am Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (192) with Gigi Wang
10:20 am Applied Data Science with Venture Applications (135/290) with Ikhlaq Sidhu
10:35 am Amazoogle Data-Driven Business Models (185) with Shomit Ghose
10:50 am Challenge Lab: Blockchain (185) with Luke Kowalski and Alexander Fred-Ojala
11:05 am Technology Entrepreneurship (191) with Naeem Zafar
11:20 am Challenge Lab: Global Startup (191) with Ken Singer

Lunch & Networking (11:35 am - 12:30 pm)
Certificate of Entrepreneurship & Technology with Jesse Dieker

Afternoon Fall Showcase (12:30 pm - 2:00 pm)
12:30 pm Lean Transfer (190E/290) with Naeem Zafar & Rhonda Shrader
12:45 pm Technology Entrepreneurship (191) with Leah Edwards
1:00 pm Product Design (109E) with Rachel Powers
1:15 pm Challange Lab: Sports Tech (185) with Stephen Torres & Danielle Vivo
1:30 pm The A. Richard Newton Lecture Series (95/195) with Victoria Howell
1:45 pm Startup Semester with David Law

Reception & grand prize award ceremony (2:00 pm - 3:00 pm)
Enjoy drinks and small bites with all of our guests. During this time, the SCET judges will pick the all-around winning team and award them with The Collider Cup grand prize at 2:30 pm!
We look forward to welcoming you as we showcase the top projects from this semester and introduce you to all that SCET has to offer! Be sure to RSVP if you plan to join us for lunch so that we can be sure to have enough food.

See you soon for SCET's Collider Cup 2018!
          Blockchain applications set to flourish by 2023, says NEM executive      Cache   Translate Page      
The blockchain industry, though still at an infant stage of development, will see booming applications to a wide variety of fields in five years along with constant technological advancements, and the most successful blockchain application will be the one able to help industries create new business models, according to Alexandra Tinsmam, regional head of North America at NEM, a Singapore-based smart asset blockchain platform.
          Blockchain altering ag commodities trading      Cache   Translate Page      
Blockchain is still in its very earliest days, but those working in the field say the technology will be game changing, just like the internet.
          Blog Post: Applying Blockchain To Commercial Real Estate Transactions      Cache   Translate Page more
          Blockchain: What’s it good for? Absolutely nothing, report finds      Cache   Translate Page      
Blockchain has entered Gartner's 'Trough of Disillusionment' as a new report cites dozens of purported success stories that turned out to be failures.
"Say it again..."

With your choice of this[^], that[^], or the original[^] as an explanation of that blurb.
          Still Confused about Cryptocurrency? This Tactile Toy Has You Covered       Cache   Translate Page      

"Most young children first encounter digital money in video games, where they can acquire coins to spend at will in the game environment," Filippo Yacob says. "There's no real accountability; there's no real learning. So they associate digital money with money that isn't real."

But Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming some of the realest elements of 21st-century financial literacy. As an inventor and a dad, Yacob worries that parents—many of them confused about blockchain themselves—have very few resources to help teach their kids about these topics.

So his team at Primo Toys started working on Pigzbe, a "piggy wallet," and a dedicated cryptocurrency called Wollo that aim to familiarize families with the money of the future. The Pigzbe wallet—live on Kickstarter now—is a tactile toy that will let kids see, touch, and play games with digital-currency allowances and gifts from approved relatives and friends. Families can choose whether to keep the exchange in a walled test environment or convert the funds into actual, spendable money, by going through standard Know Your Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering checks.

The goal is to bring all the abstraction of cryptocurrency into real-world, everyday play. Yacob's background with Cubetto, a screen-free wooden robot that teaches kids to code, and his co-founder Jon Marshall's experience creating Kano, the computer "anyone can make," taught them that simplifying complicated subjects for kids really just comes down to putting them in practical, hands-on applications.

From left, co-founders Jon Marshall, Filippo Yacob, Adam Amos, and Richard Williams.

"Pigzbe is a physical home for something digital," Yacob says. "In the same way that you can touch, feel, pick up, and shake a piggy bank, you can have this lovely kinesthetic interaction with Pigzbe. What I learned doing Cubetto—and what John learned designing Kano—is that these physical objects become really powerful portals into these digital experiences."

"Children learn by doing, they learn by touching things."

Yacob thinks that educational tools that aim to explain every aspect of financial transactions miss the point. Pigzbe is designed to teach families the essentials of cryptocurrency without getting bogged down in the minute details. "We think that anybody can learn about managing money in the digital world. They just need very simple, fun, and engaging tools that involve the whole family," he says.

"Do you know how SMS works? No. You just know that you can send and receive messages. Do you know how your bank works? You don't. You just know that money comes in and out. We focus our message on the usefulness of a product, on how fun and how engaging the product can be. So we decided to focus on this interaction between family members around pocket money and allowances and what they can do with it."

He's seen the potential of this product firsthand, from watching how his own family interacts with money. "My son was talking to his grandad on Skype about how he had been pretty good that day—he's a little devil sometimes—and my dad was showing him a one-pence coin, saying, 'I'll come and give you this because you've been good. I'll give it to you next month.'

And, you know, every five-year-old has the attention span of a fly. So the lesson there was lost. He got excited for a reward that he never got. And the good behavior or the drive to be better got lost," says Yacob.

When he looked into what it would take to send small amounts of money across international borders in real time, he was frustrated by the limited options. "I do my banking on my phone; I pay in shops using Apple Pay. Money's already digital. Why can't my dad send my son a one-pence coin? That was when I realized the opportunity. All of the other digital money boxes out there are run by banks: they're expensive, they have fees, and they don't let you transfer small amounts across international borders. They don't allow us to connect in that way."

And digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, he found, are still slow, unreliable, and expensive. "We settled for creating our own token and a brand that's associated with family financing, something that is built specifically for the use case of 'piggy banking.'"

If you feel hesitant about turning your family into a microfinancing network, rest assured that the Primo Toys team has built certain safeguards into their platform. "You would never find yourself interacting in the Pigzbe app with anyone who you didn't specifically allow into your system," explains Yacob. It's a closed network until the family opts to use the Wollo card and start spending the digital currency out in the world—that's when the Know Your Customers and Anti-Money Laundering checks kick in. And Primo Toys has already started building interest in the Wollo currency through a successful ICO (initial coin offering) earlier this year.

Yacob recognizes that "when things are new, people don't understand them and are scared." But he sees Pigzbe as part of a healthy tide of products and services that will help people get more comfortable with blockchain-enabled currencies. "I think we're just going to see more real companies coming on, building really useful products with blockchain, and behaving with the same regulations as traditional companies.

"You can bring something out of the screen and give the digital world a new dimension," Yacob says. "That's the promise of IoT, that you can imbue life and connectivity and magic into the inanimate physical objects that surround us. You can turn anything into a magical surface. We love physical devices, especially for kids and for learning—and for adult kids as well. We don't really stop playing just because we've grown up."

Pigzbe is live on Kickstarter through January 25, 2019.

—Katheryn Thayer

          Ripple, NEM y otros lanzan la EU Blockchain Association.      Cache   Translate Page      
Ripple y otras tres compañías basadas en blockchain han formado una asociación de cabildeo que representaría su interés en Europa, según su comunicado de prensa. Apodado ‘Blockchain for Europe’, el grupo de cabildeo intentaría crear una...
          Argo Blockchain ve un aumento del 146% en las ventas de paquetes de Crypto Mining      Cache   Translate Page      
Un mercado de criptografía destrozado no ha disuadido a los mineros de comprar paquetes de software de minería de criptografía, reveló Argo Blockchain. La empresa Mining-as-a-Service (MaaS), con sede en el Reino Unido, observó...
          CURRENT AFFAIRS NOVEMBER 11 TO 20 2018       Cache   Translate Page      


Important Current Affairs 11th November 2018
Art and Culture (5 Nov – 10 Nov 2018)
·       On 10 November 2018, the Delhi government announced ‘Jashn-e-Virasat-e-Urdu’, a festival to celebrate Urdu culture and its heritage.
·       The 24th Kolkata International Film Festival began in Kolkata on 10 November 2018.
·       The 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2018 will be held in Goa from 20th to 28th November 2018.
11th Asian Shooting Championship 2018 winners
·       Divyansh Singh won the silver medal in 10m Air Rifle Junior Men’s event.
·       Elavenil Valarivan won the bronze medal in 10m Air Rifle Junior Women’s event.
·       Elavenil & Hriday won the gold medal in 10m Air Rifle Junior mixed event.
·       Saurabh Chaudhary won the gold medal in the 10m Air pistol junior men’s event.
·       Manu Bhaker & Saurabh won the gold medal in the 10m Air pistol mixed team event
Miscellaneous News (5 Nov – 10 Nov 2018)
·       The Central and Andhra Pradesh governments and the World Bank have signed the $172.20 million loan agreement for an agriculture project.
·       US researchers have successfully produced electricity from a mushroom covered in bacteria.
·       NASA’s Ralph and Lucy are all set to explore Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids.
·       Tesla has appointed Robyn Denholm as the Chairman of the company’s board of directors.
Defence News (5 Nov – 10 Nov 2018)
·       INS Arihant, India’s first nuclear-powered submarine, successfully completed its first deterrence patrol.
·       The ‘M777 howitzer’ and ‘K9 Vajra-T’ were formally inducted into Indian Army on 9 November 2018.
·       The ‘Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise’ (SIMBEX) has started from 10 November 2018 at Port Blair.
Indexes and Reports (5 Nov – 10 Nov 2018)
·       According to a report by Kaspersky Lab, India is ranked 12th worldwide when it comes to the dangers associated with surfing the web.
·       A report titled ‘Global Macro Outlook 2019-20’ was released by Moody’s Investors Service on 8 November 2018.
·       According to a report by Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the unemployment rate in India rose to 6.9% in October 2018.
International Affairs (5 Nov- 10 Nov 2018)
·       India participated in China’s first international import expo in Shanghai on 5 November 2018.
·       More than 20 countries have committed to ‘Changsha declaration’ on agricultural and rural development in Changsha, China on 2 November 2018.
·       The 2018 ‘United Nations Pledging Conference for Development Activities’ was held on 5 November 2018.
Books and Authors (5 Nov- 10 Nov 2018)
·       AR Rahman released his biography, ‘Notes of a Dream: The Authorized Biography of AR Rahman’, written by Krishna Trilok on 3 November 2018.
·       The book, titled ‘The Fire Burns Blue: A History of Women’s Cricket in India’, co-authored by sports journalists Karunya Keshav and Sidhanta Pathak will be released on 30 November 2018.
Appointments – II (5 Nov – 10 Nov 2018)
·       The Government of India appointed former journalist Ram Bahadur Rai, former Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar, journalist Arnab Goswami, and MP Vinay Sahasrabuddhe as members of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) Society.
·       The tenure of Snehlata Shrivastava, Secretary General of Lok Sabha, has been extended by Speaker Sumitra Mahajan for one year.
Appointments – I (5 Nov – 10 Nov 2018)
·       Ashok Kumar Gupta has been appointed as the Chairperson of the Competition Commission of India.
·       Senior diplomat Gaddam Dharmendra has been appointed India’s Ambassador to Iran.
·       Retired Gauhati High Court judge Pranoy Kumar Musahary was sworn in as the first Chairperson of Meghalaya Lokayukta.
·       Gafur Rakhimov was elected as the President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA).
Sports News (5 Nov – 10 Nov 2018)
·       Tennis player Luksika Kumkhum from Thailand won the L&T Mumbai Open.
·       Russia’s tennis player Karen Khachanov won the Paris Masters title.
·       In Badminton, Subhankar Dey has won the SaarLorLux Open in Germany.
·       Angad Vir Singh Bajwa won the gold medal in the men’s skeet final of the 8th Asian Shotgun Championship.
·       Rohit Sharma has become India’s highest run-scorer in T20 international cricket.
Awards and Honours – II (5 Nov – 10 Nov 2018)
·       Journalist Swati Chaturvedi has won the 2018 Press Freedom Award for Courage.
·       ‘The LAMO Center’ in Ladakh has won the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.
·       Jawahar Lal Sarin was conferred with ‘Knight of the Legion of Honour’, France’s highest civilian honour.
·       Samay Godika won the 2018 ‘Breakthrough Junior Challenge’ Prize.
Awards and Honours – I (5 Nov – 10 Nov 2018)
·       Woman Hockey player Lilima Minz was honoured with the prestigious ‘Ekalabya Puraskar’.
·       Veteran journalist and The Hindu Publishing Group Chairman N. Ram has been chosen for the prestigious Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award 2018.
·       The prestigious 2018 IPI India Award for excellence in journalism has been given to Namrata Ahuja of ‘The Week’ magazine.
Days and Events (5 Nov- 10 Nov 2018)
·       Ayurveda Day is observed on 5 November.
·       ‘World Tsunami Awareness Day’ is observed on 5 November.
·       ‘International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict’ is observed on 6 November.
·       World Science Day for Peace and Development is observed on 10 November.
·       The West Bengal government will observe ‘Rosogolla Day’ on 14 November.
Business & Economy (5 Nov – 10 Nov 2018)
·       The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has initiated steps to set up a wide-based digital Public Credit Registry (PCR) to capture all details of borrowers.
·       HSBC has executed India’s first financial transaction using blockchain for a deal involving an export by Reliance Industries to Tricon Energy.
·       RBI has liberalised the norms governing external commercial borrowings for infrastructure creation.
Appointment of CJs of 4 HC cleared – II
·       Justice S K Seth, senior-most judge of the Madhya Pradesh High Court, has been appointed as the Chief Justice of the Madhya Pradesh High Court.
·       Justice Sanjay Karol, the most senior judge of Himachal High Court, has been appointed as the Chief Justice of Tripura High Court.
Appointment of CJs of 4 HC cleared – I
·       The government of India cleared the appointment of Chief Justices of High Courts of Allahabad, Patna, Madhya Pradesh and Tripura on 10 November 2018.
·       Justice Govind Mathur, a senior judge of Rajasthan High Court, has been appointed as the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court.
·       Justice A P Sahi, senior judge of Allahabad High Court, has been appointed as the Chief Justice of Patna High Court.
·       Peter inducted into Agricultural Hall of Fame
·       Peter Dhillon, a Canadian Sikh farmer, has been inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame. He has joined the company of great Canadians who have made their mark in agriculture and agro-food business. He is also the current Chairman of Ocean Spray, a marketing cooperative of cranberry farmers in the U.S. and Canada.
NASA to send organs on chips to space
NASA is planning to send small devices containing human cells in a 3D matrix — known as tissue chips or organs-on-chips — to the International Space Station (ISS). This will help in knowing how the cells respond to stress, drugs and genetic changes. Tissue chips are made of flexible plastic. They have ports and channels to provide nutrients and oxygen to the cells inside them.
VP inaugurated war memorial in France
On 10 November 2018, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated a war memorial in France to pay tribute to thousands of Indian soldiers who died in the World War I. The memorial is the first-of-its-kind built by India in France. Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu is in Paris to represent India at the Armistice of World War I centenary commemoration.
National Education Day observed on November 11
National Education Day is celebrated in India on November 11. The day is celebrated as a mark of respect to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. He was a freedom fighter and independent India’s first Education Minister (served from 1947 to 1958). He was an eminent scholar of Urdu, Persian and Arabic. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna in 1992.

Important Current Affairs 12th November 2018
‘Quad’ to meet in Singapore on 14 November
Officials from Australia, India, Japan and the United States will hold the third ‘Quadrilateral’ or Quad meeting in Singapore on 14 November 2018. The meeting will be held on the sidelines of the East Asia Summit. The meeting will focus on infrastructure projects, maritime security cooperation and discuss regional challenges including development.
Scientists discovered two planets
Astronomers have discovered two new rogue planets that do not have stars to orbit. Researchers found the planets in the regions called the Galactic bulge and disk. As planets don’t orbit stars and are ‘free-floating,’ it’s difficult to determine the size. One planet could be similar in size to Earth, while another one may be similar to Jupiter.
NASA spotted new iceberg in Antartica
NASA has spotted an enormous new Antarctic iceberg while on a mission to survey the region’s shifting sea ice and glaciers. NASA’s Operation IceBridge flight spotted the giant berg which broke off from Pine Island Glacier in October 2018. The US National Ice Centre estimates the iceberg named B-46, is 66 square nautical miles (87 square miles) in size.
ISRO invites foreign experiments
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has taken its first step towards its mid-2023-planned mission to Venus. It issued an announcement of opportunity (AO) to the international space community to propose their scientific payloads to be carried on the mission. This AO for space-based experiments to study Venus is open to international scientists from various space agencies.
ISRO looking at pool of 10 experiments
After the announcement of Gaganyaan mission, ISRO has now drawn up a list of experiments to be conducted ahead of the mission. ISRO is looking at a pool of 10 experiments to be conducted in low earth orbit, where it plans to send astronauts. The experiments could include testing of medical equipment to micro-biological experiments such as biological air filters and biosensors.
Cyclone Gaja to cross Tamil Nadu & Andhra
A deep depression in the Bay of Bengal has intensified into a cyclonic storm named Cyclone Gaza. It is likely to cross the north Tamil Nadu and south Andhra Pradesh coast on 15 November 2018. It is moving at a speed of 12 kmph is likely to intensify into a ‘severe cyclonic storm’. The coastal areas of north Tamil Nadu would experience moderate rainfall and heavy rainfall.
Voting began in Chattisgarh
The voting for the first phase of the assembly election in Chhattisgarh began on 12 November 2018. The Election Commission has set up five all-women polling booths called ‘Sangwari’ booths in various constituencies of Chhattisgarh. This will encourage women voters to exercise their franchise in the Assembly elections. These women friendly booths are being manned by all-female staff.
ASEAN countries inked 1st e-commerce agreement
Economic ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) on 12 November 2018 signed an agreement to facilitate cross-border e-commerce transactions within the region. The agreement is the grouping’s first agreement on e-commerce. It also aims to deepen cooperation among ASEAN member states so as to spur the use of e-commerce as a way of driving regional economic growth.
Kochi signed a MoU with Vilnius
Kochi Corporation and Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 10 November 2018. The MoU is a part of the European Union (EU) project ‘International Urban Cooperation’. The primary focus of the cooperation would be urban planning, corporate planning, transport, solid water management and water management.
Power Minister inaugurated INSPIRE 2018
R K Singh, Union Minister of State for Power and New & Renewable Energy inaugurated the ‘International Symposium to Promote Innovation & Research in Energy Efficiency’ (INSPIRE 2018) on 11 November 2018. It is being organised by Energy Efficiency Services Limited and World Bank. It will focus on enhancing grid management, e-Mobility, and technologies for energy efficiency in India.
India and Morocco signed an Agreement
An Agreement on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters was signed between the Government of India and Government of the Kingdom of Morocco. It will strengthen bilateral cooperation with Morocco. It will provide a broad legal framework for the prevention, investigation and prosecution of crimes as well as in tracing, restraint and confiscation of funds meant to finance terrorist acts.
Delhi’s air quality in severe category
Delhi’s air quality continues to be in a severe category. An Air Quality Index between 401 and 500 is considered as severe. There are 6 AQI categories, namely Good, Satisfactory, Moderately polluted, Poor, Very Poor, and Severe. The AQI is an index for reporting daily air quality. AQI focuses on particulate matter, ground-level ozone, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide.
WEF Global Future Councils began in Dubai
The two-day annual meeting of World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Future Councils began in Dubai on 11 November 2018. The objective of the Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils is to convene the world’s best network of experts to identify new ideas and models that can be applied to critical global challenges. The theme of the meeting is ‘Globalisation 4.0’.
Six-month ban on fish import
Goa government introduced a six-month ban on fish import effective from 12 Nov 2018. The decision has been taken in view of continuing uncertainty about the presence of formalin in imported fish in Goa. The decision has been taken by Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane. This is the second ban this year on fish import, the earlier one was for fifteen days in July.
Dubai jobs
          Pierwszy w Europie sąd arbitrażowy do spraw blockchain powstał w Polsce      Cache   Translate Page      
Przy Izbie Gospodarczej Blockchain i Nowych Technologii w Polsce powstał pierwszy w Europie Sąd Arbitrażowy do spraw blockchain.
          MC2 Innovations chce zebrać 700 tys. zł na debiut swojej platformy Carrotspot w crowdfundingu prowadzonym przez Beesfund      Cache   Translate Page      
Firma MC2 Innovations, specjalizująca się w wykorzystaniu technologii blockchain, rozpoczęła kampanię crowdfundingową na platformie Beesfund. Spółka chce zebrać 700 tys. zł na debiut swojego produktu Carrotspot.
           Job Posting: Ph.D. (industry funding) in security and blockchain       Cache   Translate Page      

Job Posting: Ph.D. (industry funding) in security and blockchain
Department of Computer Science, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

Three industrial funded PhD studentships (3-3.5 years) are available at Department of Computer Science, Surrey Centre for Cyber Security, University of Surrey. These studentships are related to industrial blockchain projects. The ideal PhD candidates (holding MSc. degree of Math, Computer Science, Engineering) should be equipped with (at least be interested in) adequate knowledge of programming (e.g., Python, C++, Java), basic knowledge of applied cryptography(e.g., signature, encryption, zero-knowledge proof)/machine learning/formal method, have good communication skill, teamwork awareness, and be willing to work with industries.

The start date of these PhDs will be in January or April 2019.

About SCCS: SCCS was established by the University of Surrey to consolidate and organise its cyber security activities across the University. SCCS is one of the 17 Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACEs-CSR) recognised by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in partnership with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Closing date for applications: 31 March 2019

Contact: Dr. Kaitai Liang

k.liang (at)

           Job Posting: Doctoral student, Network security in 5G and beyond 5G systems       Cache   Translate Page      

Job Posting: Doctoral student, Network security in 5G and beyond 5G systems
University of Oulu, Finland

Applications are invited for a one-year, full-time doctoral student position starting at the earliest on 01.02.2019 in an Academy of Finland project at the CWC-NS research unit. A trial period of 6 months is applied in the position.

The student selected for the task will be working on the design of secure and/or privacy-preserving protocols and architectures for 5G and beyond 5G networks. The main application area will be network Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Network Slicing based 5G and Industrial IoT networks where applications are typically latency-sensitive and produce high amounts of data requiring fast processing and refining. During the studies, the student should be applying (a combination of) various advanced cryptographic technologies, such as light weight authentication mechanisms, encryption algorithms, machine learning and novel technologies such as blockchain, secure transaction methods and smart contracts to design secure communication solutions that achieve a good balance between security, user privacy and usability. The work will include real-world prototyping with relevant technologies. Good knowledge in applied mathematics and experience in software implementations highly required.

The position is supervised by Adj. Prof. Madhusanka Liyanage (technical supervision) and. Assoc. Prof. Mika Ylianttila (responsible supervisor).

Closing date for applications: 31 December 2018

Contact: Contact: Adj. Prof. Madhusanka Liyanage, madhusanka.liyanage(at);

More information:

          W Polsce powstał pierwszy europejski sąd arbitrażowy do spraw blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      
Przy Izbie Gospodarczej Blockchain i Nowych Technologiiw Polsce powstał pierwszy w Europie Sąd Arbitrażowy do spraw blockchain.
          The Growing Craze Behind Blockchain Art      Cache   Translate Page      
With digital art, this has not always been possible because digital files can be easily copied. Here is where the modern technology of Blockchain has merged with art to create a thriving new digital art marketplace.

          Hedgewire 03/12/18      Cache   Translate Page      
Max ads: 
article teaser: 
Customised outsourced shadow-accounting improves scalability, transparency and differentiation in the modern hedge fund.
article position: 

          Steady evolution in blockchain will continue, unless disillusionment causes a 'winter'      Cache   Translate Page      
While we won't see any breakthrough blockchain deployments in 2019, the tokenization of digital and physical assets will be one of the key areas of innovation.
          Hedgewire 03/12/18      Cache   Translate Page      
Max ads: 
article teaser: 
Customised outsourced shadow-accounting improves scalability, transparency and differentiation in the modern hedge fund.

          Pierwszy tego typu sąd powstał w Polsce. Chodzi o nowe technologie      Cache   Translate Page      
Przy Polskiej Izbie Gospodarczej Blockchain i Nowych Technologii powstał pierwszy w Europie, a drugi na świecie Sąd Arbitrażowy do spraw blockchain - poinformowała Izba w środowym komunikacie.
          Building a New Architecture of Trust with Blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      

          Big Neon blockchain-ticketing startup prepares for launch      Cache   Translate Page      

big neon dan tereeIn April this year, Music Ally stumbled upon an intriguing music startup called Big Neon, through its profile on an investment website.

The profile explained that Big Neon's co-founders included Dan Teree, former CEO of ticketing firm Ticketfly; cryptocurrency veteran Riccardo 'fluffypony' Spagni; and Naveen Jain, who'd handled tech duties for rock band (and VC investors) Linkin Park.

Given their experience – and backing from well-known Silicon Valley investors like Redpoint Ventures and Trinity Ventures – its promise of a "highly scalable, mobile-centric event ticketing platform" using blockchain technology "to improve the sale and resale of tickets" pricked up Music Ally's ears.

The post Big Neon blockchain-ticketing startup prepares for launch appeared first on Music Ally.

          4 Ways Blockchain Can Address Some of Marketing’s Biggest Challenges      Cache   Translate Page      
Despite widespread public interest in blockchain applications and a significant rise in the number of blockchain startups, the technology has yet to make a dramatic impact on the advertising industry. In a recent survey of 300 agency executives, only 11 percent reported using blockchain in their media buys, while nearly half said they had no...

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