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          12/4/2018: IDÉES&DÉBATS: LE MATCH DÉCISIF DE LYON SERA DÉLOCALISÉ      Cache   Translate Page      

Le match de Ligue des champions entre le Shakhtar Donetsk et Lyon, initialement prévu le 12 décembre à Kharkiv, sera délocalisé dans une ville qui reste à définir, a annoncé lundi l’UEFA, sur fond de tension entre l’Ukraine et la Russie. La rencontre...
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ICC member countries should reaffirm the court’s mandate in the face of United States threats to weaken its essential role in international justice, Human Rights Watch says.

International Criminal Court (ICC) member countries should reaffirm the court’s mandate in the face of United States threats to weaken its essential role in international justice, says Human Rights Watch. The 17th session of the court’s annual meeting, the Assembly of States Parties, will take place in The Hague from 5 to 12 December 2018.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has sought to undermine the court’s legitimacy and threatened to thwart investigations involving the US or its allies. On September 10, the US national security adviser, John Bolton, declared that the US would not cooperate with the ICC. He threatened a number of retaliatory steps if the court investigated US citizens or citizens of allied countries, including against court officials and governments cooperating with the ICC. Trump also made critical remarks at the United Nations General Assembly.

“US threats against the ICC are an affront to every victim seeking justice before this court”, said Elizabeth Evenson, associate international justice director at Human Rights Watch. “ICC member countries should demonstrate at their annual meeting their resolve to oppose any effort to undermine the court’s investigations and prosecutions.”

The ICC prosecutor’s request to open an investigation in Afghanistan, which could include crimes committed by Taliban forces and the Afghan government, as well as US military and Central Intelligence Agency personnel, is pending before the court. An ICC investigation in Afghanistan would advance accountability and provide victims with a path to justice, while putting those responsible for serious crimes on notice that they could face prosecution, Human Rights Watch said.

ICC member countries responded to the US threats with strong statements of support for the court. Similar efforts in the past to undermine the court’s work have also been met by firm resistance from members, including a hostile US campaign by the administration of George W. Bush.

Given the broader pressure on the international rule of law, it is all the more important for ICC member countries to defend the court’s mandate with clear statements and actions, Human Rights Watch said. ICC members should seize opportunities during the meeting’s general debate in the language of resolutions adopted, in discussions on state cooperation, and at other moments to show their resolve to ensure that the court can do its job.

Members will mark the 20th anniversary of the ICC’s founding treaty, the Rome Statute, during a dedicated debate at the session, capping a year of anniversary commemorations. They will also discuss victim rights. Governments and court officials should use discussions to address the court’s challenges, including improving court investigations, deepening the court’s impact in affected communities, and securing arrests based on its warrants since the court depends on member countries to make the arrests. On 17 November 2018, Alfred Yékatom, known as “Rombhot,” was surrendered to the court in a case arising out of its investigation in the Central African Republic, the second arrest in 2018 for the court. But 17 arrest warrants remain outstanding, at the expense of victims and their families.

“The ICC has struggled to deliver on expectations”, Evenson said. “It’s precisely because the court’s role is so crucial in bringing justice that court officials need to step up their performance and member governments need to increase their support.”

Human Rights Watch issued a briefing note in advance of the session, with recommendations to ICC states parties, including for the election of the court’s next prosecutor. The term of the current prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, expires in June 2021. Early preparations and a strictly merit-based approach to the election is needed, Human Rights Watch said.

Negotiations about the court’s annual budget, with funds provided by its member countries, will be part of the agenda. Some member countries have demanded 'zero growth' in the court’s budget, but other countries have increasingly insisted that the court should have the resources it needs to manage its growing workload. During 2018, the ICC prosecutor opened three new preliminary examinations – into the situations in the Philippines, Bangladesh/Myanmar, and Venezuela – and received two referrals from member countries to examine the situations in Palestine and Venezuela.

The ICC is the first permanent global court mandated to bring to justice people responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide when national courts are unable or unwilling to do so. It is a court of last resort and has 123 member countries. In addition to the request to open an investigation in Afghanistan, the ICC prosecutor has opened investigations in Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, the Darfur region of Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Georgia, Kenya, Libya, Mali, and northern Uganda. The prosecutor is also examining allegations of crimes committed in a number of places to determine whether to open investigations. In addition to Venezuela, Bangladesh/Myanmar, and the Philippines, these include Colombia, Guinea, Nigeria, Palestine, Ukraine, and alleged abuses by United Kingdom armed forces in Iraq.

“The court is a crucial yet vulnerable component of the rule-based global order, and has a vital role to play in backstopping victims’ access to justice”,  Evenson said. “Members should take every opportunity to make clear that they will provide the support it needs.”

* Read Briefing Note for the Seventeenth Session of the International Criminal Court Assembly of States Parties here

* Human Rights Watch


          Ukraine: Shipping traffic resumes following Russia standoff      Cache   Translate Page      

Ukraine: Shipping traffic resumes following Russia standoffKIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Shipping traffic has resumed to and from Ukraine's ports on the Sea of Azov following a standoff with Russia, a Ukrainian minister said Tuesday.

          Russia continues aggression against Ukraine, now in Kerch Strait and Sea of Azov      Cache   Translate Page      

In February, 2014, Russia invaded the Ukrainian peninsula of the Crimea, seized it by force, and in March purported to “annex” the Crimea to the...

The post Russia continues aggression against Ukraine, now in Kerch Strait and Sea of Azov appeared first on The Trenchant Observer.

          Measles Cases Rise Globally With Spikes In The Middle East, Europe And The Americas      Cache   Translate Page      
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: Measles used to be one of the leading killers of children worldwide. Through the 1950s in the U.S. alone, three to four million people got sick with measles each year. Thousands died. Well, that changed dramatically when a measles vaccine became widely available in 1963. But the number of cases is on the rise again, with the most significant increases in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. NPR's Jason Beaubien reports. JASON BEAUBIEN, BYLINE: The World Health Organization says there were 6.7 million measles cases in 2017, a 30 percent increase from the year before. Measles deaths are also up significantly. In the Middle East, measles has spiked in war-torn Yemen. In Venezuela, it crept back as the economy and health care systems have collapsed. In Europe, Ukraine is getting hit the worst, but there have also been significant outbreaks in France, Italy, Serbia, and Greece. The WHO warns that anti-vaccination
          Signal der Entspannung im russisch-ukrainischen Konflikt      Cache   Translate Page      
Russland lenkt nach ukrainischen Angaben im Konflikt mit dem Nachbarn Ukraine etwas ein und lässt wieder Schiffe durch die Meerenge von Kertsch fahren.
          Украинец обидел ведущего на российском ТВ      Cache   Translate Page      

Ведущий ток-шоу «60 минут» на «России 1» Евгений Попов прогнал из студии украинского политолога Максима Яли, который назвал ведущего АфанасиемОб этом сообщает «Как вы меня назвали?&raq...

Читать полностью:
          Теория Рекламы :: RE: Общая Теория Рекламы: Реклама Агрессии (комментарии) 9      Cache   Translate Page      
Автор: Dimitriy
Добавлено: 04.12.2018 22:54 (GMT 3)

Ни канонизации святых, ни своего патриарха, а миро покупать в Стамбуле. Какую автокефалию готовит Варфоломей Украине

Материал полностью.

Реклама Агрессии.

С сожалением и отраслевыми ожиданиями, Dimitriy.

          Eskalation im Ukraine-Konflikt - wie umgehen mit Präsident Putin?      Cache   Translate Page      
Über den Ukraine-Konflikt diskutieren Katarina Barley, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Dietmar Bartsch, Christoph von Marschall und Herfried Münkler.
          Пора перекрывать Днепр?      Cache   Translate Page      

Как известно, 880 километров реки Днепр идет по украинской территории, а 485 — по российской.
В этой связи она может считаться как украинской, так и российской.
Широкорад также напомнил, что из-за такого конфликта между странами
сорвался принятый Политбюро проект создания сети «верховных водохранилищ» у Днепра, Оки и Дона.
Эксперт добавил, что для Украины как в экономическом, так и в политических планах
решение Москвы повернуть Днепр в свою строну будет просто катастрофическим.

Член-корреспондент РАН Виктор Данилов-Данильян также высказался по этому поводу.
Он считает, что такие планы Москвы вполне осуществимы.
Однако тут стоит задуматься об экономической целесообразности этой инициативы.
Ведь здесь идет разговор о постройке дамбы на не слишком большие объемы и расстояния.
И конечно же, для этого нужно представить весьма продуманный проект.
Эксперт подчеркивает, что нужны будут ощутимые финансовые вложения, а также точные подсчёты.

Также спорным моментом здесь является то, что от таких ответных действий РФ страдать
будут именно обычные украинцы, а не элита, которая и распространяет всю эту агрессивную политику.

Если бы в 1941 кто-то сказал: Давайте будем продолжать посылать хлеб в Германию,
ведь без нашего зерна могут пострадать простые немцы, Гитлер то голодным сидеть не будет!

Нормальные люди покрутили бы пальцем у виска, а бдительные написали бы донос.
Почему сейчас такие безумные идеи бродят в головах нашей американской интеллигенции?
Для них они не безумные, поскольку враги, но почему это печатается в СМИ?

Украина на данный момент враждебное государство, которое ведет против нас войну.
Почему мы должны жалеть её народ? Вот прекратят нам гадить, тогда и об их народе
можно будет подумать позитивно.
Сейчас мы к немцам относимся нормально, а во время войны ненавидели. Это правильно!
Когда на нас напало какое-то государство, мы не должны думать - а как там у них себя чувствуют сироты?
Об этом пусть думают их руководство. Мы должны думать как бы нанести этому
государству неприемлемый вред, как ответить.

Элита никогда не будет страдать, как бы плохо их народ не жил.
Ну если только целенаправленно разбомбить виллу Порошенко-Вальцмана.
Но у него денег много, построит еще лучше.

          Ukraine resumes grain shipments from Azov Sea Reuters      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine said on Tuesday it had resumed grain shipments from the Azov Sea, blocked for around 10 days after a military standoff with Russia in the Ker
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          Ukraine leader vows to bring home sailors captured by Russia      Cache   Translate Page      

Ukraine leader vows to bring home sailors captured by RussiaUkrainian President Petro Poroshenko met Tuesday with families of Ukrainian sailors captured by Moscow, vowing to do everything in his power to bring them home. "For me there's nothing more important than getting them out," Poroshenko told relatives of some of the 24 seamen taken by Russia last month. "All of Ukraine is now proud of your loved ones," he said during the emotional meeting in his office, hugging the captives' family members, some teary-eyed.

          12/4/2018: NEWS: Ukraine calls up reservists amid tensions with Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine’s President on Monday announced a partial call-up of reservists for training amid tensions with Russia, saying the country needs to beef up its defences to counter the threat of a Russian invasion. The Kremlin dismissed the Ukrainian leader’s...
          Russischer Botschafter: Der Ukraine-Konflikt ist nicht im Interesse Russlands      Cache   Translate Page      
Im Exklusivinterview spricht der EU-Botschafter Russlands, Wladimir Tschischow,  über die Situation im Asowschen Meer, auf der Krim und im Donbas.
          NATO Meeting to Be Dominated by Russia-Ukraine Clash      Cache   Translate Page      
A NATO foreign ministers meeting that starts Tuesday promises to be dominated by Russia’s seizure last week of three Ukrainian naval ships and their sailors, with both sides of the Atlantic grappling to craft a robust response.
          Ukraine calls for more Canadian sanctions on Russia after boats seized      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine is asking Canada to apply more sanctions to Russia as fresh tensions between the Eastern European neighbours threaten to erupt into open conflict. Reported by 5 minutes ago.
          В поисках президента. Из кого будут выбирать украинцы      Cache   Translate Page      

Европарламент предоставил украинской власти и обществу 51 рекомендацию для улучшения избирательного процесса в 2019 году.

Президентские выборы в Украине состоятся 31 марта 2019 года, Верховная Рада уже окончательно утвердила эту дату. Официально предвыборная кампания в Украине еще не началась, но фактически она уже идет полным ходом. Улицы завешены политической рекламой, кандидаты колесят по стране с агитационными турами.

В Европейском Союзе тоже не забывают о голосовании в Украине и представили свои рекомендации по организации избирательного процесса.

Корреспондент.net разбирался, что рекомендует нам Европа и как идет предвыборная кампания внутри страны.

Советы Запада

Мониторинговая миссия в составе представителей Национального демократического института (NDI, США) и Европарламента предоставили украинской власти и обществу 51 рекомендацию для улучшения избирательного процесса в 2019 году.

Среди рекомендаций - равный доступ всех кандидатов к СМИ, открытие и создание офиса Facebook в Киеве, финансирование общественного вещания.

"Кандидаты от политических партий должны строить свои программы на конструктивных лозунгах, необходимо поддержать финансирование общественного вещания в Украине, Facebook должен открыть офис в Украине и объединиться с другими цифровыми платформами, чтобы бороться с дезинформацией", - заявила региональный директор программ региона Евразии в NDI Лора Джуетт.

При этом, по мнению международных экспертов, одной из самых острых проблем украинских выборов является борьба с политической коррупцией.

Коррупция - давняя проблема украинской политики. Во многом из-за нее почти 40% населения еще не определилась за кого будут голосовать на президентских выборах и вообще пойдут ли на них. Украинцев просто не устраивает старый набор политиков, за которыми тянется длинный коррупционный шлейф, отмечают социологи. Почти 90% политиков воспринимают нынешнюю центральную власть в Украине как людей, которые заботятся, прежде всего, о своей личной выгоде и защищают собственные интересы.

Украина на пороге выборов

Последние рейтинги

Вместе с тем в Украине присутствует значительный запрос на новых лиц в политике. Подтверждают это и данные социологических опросов. Больше украинцев предпочитают искать альтернативу среди новых партий, чем отдать свой голос за политические силы сейчас представленные в парламенте.

Такая же тенденция и на выборах президента. По данным опроса, который провели КМИС, Центр Разумкова и Социологическая группа Рейтинг с 9 октября по 2 ноября, за Юлию Тимошенко готовы проголосовать 20,7% тех, кто определился с выбором и намерен принять участие в голосовании. На втором месте шоумен Владимир Зеленский с рейтингом в 11,4%, третий - действующий президент Петр Порошенко с всего 10,3% голосов.

Если верить соцопросам, то Юлия Тимошенко пока главный фаворит выборов

При этом, если рассматривать результаты из числа всех опрошенных, то 21,5% респондентов затруднились ответить, за кого они готовы проголосовать, а 15% вообще не собираются идти на выборы.

То есть запрос на новые лица очевиден - это подтверждает и рейтинг Зеленского и количество неопределившихся.

Мировой тренд

Нежелание голосовать за представителей старых элит, давно занимающихся политикой - это, в принципе, общемировая тенденция последних лет. Например, такую же ситуацию мы могли наблюдать на последних выборах в США и Франции.

Победа Дональда Трампа на президентских выборах 2016 года в Соединенных Штатах, это во многом результат протестного голосования, уверены эксперты. Люди хотели видеть в президентском кресле человека, не связанного с традиционным вашингтонским истеблишментом. Трамп умело оседлал этот тренд и на протяжении всей кампании клеймил вашингтонские элиты, засевшие на капитолийских холмах. Повезло ему и с оппонентом - Хиллари Клинтон - лучшее отображение закостенелости американского политикума. Она работала государственным секретарем, ее муж - бывший президент. Трамп предлагал "глоток свежего воздуха", смену элит и победил.

Нечто подобное произошло и во Франции. Эммануэль Макрон, также как и Трамп, изначально считался политическим аутсайдером. Но пришел к власти вне и даже вопреки существующим в стране партийно-политическим каналам.

При этом и Трамп, и Макрон не могут похвастаться существованием у них каких-то обширных, продуманных, новаторских программ. Они говорили на простом языке, максимально понятном избирателям и завоевали поддержку.

Трамп в гостях у Макрона

Антирейтинг оппонентов - опытных политиков, которые годами участвовали в большой игре, играл им только на пользу. Во втором туре Макрону противостояла Марин Ле Пен, которая в политике несколько десятилетий. В итоге для победы ему хватило выступить с максимально простым лозунгом "Я - не Ле Пен!".

Новые лица для Украины

Для Украины эта история может быть чрезвычайно актуальной, ведь антирейтинг действующих отечественных политиков зашкаливает. Согласно тому же опросу социологических компаний 51,4% украинцев, которые будут участвовать в выборах президента, не проголосуют за Петра Порошенко ни при каких обстоятельствах. Примерно по 27,5% ни за что не проголосуют за Юлию Тимошенко и Арсения Яценюка.

Поэтому у внесистемного кандидата, не связанного с нынешней политической элитой, есть достаточно серьезные шансы на успех, отмечают эксперты.

"Последние 15 лет мы застряли в выборе между "детьми Кучмы" - Ющенко, Януковичем, Порошенко и Тимошенко. Все они начинали свою карьеру во времена Леонида Кучмы, что наложило свой отпечаток на их мышление и действия. Между ними нам придется выбирать и в 2019 году. Поэтому наша суперзадача - сделать так, чтобы эти выборы стали для них последними. И чтобы в 2024-м к власти пришел представитель нового поколения", - отмечает историк Ярослав Грицак.

Кто же может удовлетворить этот запрос на новые лица, сформировавшийся в украинском обществе?

"Вообще сегодня тренд на то, что доверие к традиционным системным политикам падает. И наше общество - эмоциональное, возмущенное, несколько детское во многих вопросах, начинает доверять вы качестве альтернативы несистемным политикам: Савченко, Вакарчук, Зеленский. Это говорит о том, что системная политика и политики - в кризисе - имиджевом, кризисе легитимности, кризисе доверия", - уверен глава Комитета избирателей Украины Алексей Кошель.

По мнению заместителя директора Института социологии НАН Украины Евгения Головахи Владимир Зеленский, например, может стать альтернативой для тех, кто разочаровался в бывших регионалах и всех выходцах режима Кучмы.

"Зеленский для юга, центра и востока Украины является тем самым феноменом, что и Вакарчук для львовян. Эти люди разочаровались в бывших регионалах и вообще во всех, кто вышел из времен Кучмы. Эти люди не хотят возвращения к старым временам, при этом не хотят поддерживать нынешнюю власть, ведь видят, что она, по сути, является продолжением тех времен, соответственно - не способна в корне изменить положение вещей. В шоумене, который, кстати, является успешным менеджером видят человека, который, с одной стороны, представляет интересы Центральной и Юго-Восточной Украины, а с другой стороны, он не будет такой одиозной фигурой, как бывшие регионалы, которые по сути являются потомками Кучмы. Зеленский, видимо, единственный, кто к этой плеяде не принадлежит, а следовательно, пользуется определенным кредитом доверия", - отмечает Головаха.
Владимир Зеленский, по данным соцопросов, второй в президентской гонке

Политический эксперт Валерий Гончарук также считает, что главная суть "феномена Зеленского" в том, что он не ассоциируется со старыми силами.

"Электорат Зеленского - это аполитичный электорат. Поэтому они и не ведутся на политические призывы или сугубо политические фигуры. Сам Зеленский довольно прозрачно говорит о том, что он не является политиком. Общество устало от политики, потому что ее представители себя дискредитировали", - полагает Гончарук.

          Evgeniya      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Evgeniya, 38 y.o. , Ukraine

          Наталья      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Наталья, 31 y.o. , Ukraine

          Top NATO diplomats to meet amid Ukraine demands for support against Russian aggression      Cache   Translate Page      
NATO is seeking a robust response after the seizure of three Ukrainian ships by Moscow sparked a major crisis, as the foreign ministers of the alliance will convene Dec. 4-5 in Brussels with Russia atop their agenda.
          #orlando - gladys.k.adams      Cache   Translate Page      
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          Safe harbour: The OSCE can help calm tensions in the Azov Sea      Cache   Translate Page      
Among even the most experienced seafarers, there is a particularly poignant saying according to which one should never trust a calm sea. On 25 November, tensions escalated between Ukraine and the Russian Federation around the Strait of Kerch that connects the Azov and Black Seas.  The crisis in and around Ukraine, raging since 2014 has
          NATO’s “Bucharest Spell”      Cache   Translate Page      
NATO erred in not immediately granting Georgia and Ukraine a Membership Action Plan in April 2008, according to the former head of the alliance, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. This failure sent the wrong signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin and may have contributed to the decision to attack Georgia in August of the same year and in
          UK forced to leave military dimension of Europe’s Galileo programme      Cache   Translate Page      
The UK’s pending withdrawal from the European Unon is already damaging the EU’s defence cooperation as the political relationship between the Continent’s allies becomes increasingly strained over the basic architecture of Europe’s ability to defend itself against the hostile acts of an emboldened Russia following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine and meddling in EU political affairs. That
          Russia's Militarisation of the Black Sea Shouldn't Go Unchecked      Cache   Translate Page      
C. Dilleen, ASPI
If NATO and key policymakers in the U.S. and Europe continue to cede influence and authority in the Black Sea region to Russia, not only will they be empowering Putin to enforce his will on Ukraine and a number of NATO partners, they will also be contributing to the unravelling of the global rules-based order upon which international security depends.
          Krim-Konflikt: Ukrainische Schiffe dürfen Straße von Kertsch wieder passieren      Cache   Translate Page      
Die Blockade des Asowschen Meeres durch Russland ist aufgehoben. Laut der Regierung in Kiew sind die ukrainischen Häfen Mariupol und Berdjansk wieder erreichbar.
          Трёхугольный фонтан в г.Волочиск      Cache   Translate Page      

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Khmelnytskyi region

     Трёхугольный фонтан находится в сквере по улице Независимости в городе Волочиск Волочиского района Хмельницкой области.

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          Памятник героям "Небесной сотне" в г.Волочиск      Cache   Translate Page      

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Khmelnytskyi region

     Памятник героям "Небесной сотне" находится по улице Независимости в городе Волочиск Волочиского района Хмельницкой области. Памятник открыт 14 февраля 2015 года.

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          Шошиновский крест на братской могиле в пгт. Днепровское      Cache   Translate Page      

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Дніпровське (Верхньодніпровський р-н)
Dnipropetrovsk region

Шошиновский крест на братской могиле в пгт. Днепровское

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          Курган-Могила (каменное кольцо) святилище в пгт. Днепровское      Cache   Translate Page      

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Дніпровське (Верхньодніпровський р-н)
Dnipropetrovsk region

Курган-Могила (каменное кольцо) святилище в пгт. Днепровское

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          Свято-Андреевский храм в г.Волочиск      Cache   Translate Page      

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Khmelnytskyi region

     Свято-Андреевский храм находится по улице Соборной, 13 в городе Волочиск Волочиского района Хмельницкой области.

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          Памятник императору Александру III в Ливадии.      Cache   Translate Page      

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18 ноября 2017 года в присутствии президента РФ В.В. Путина в Ливадийском парке был открыт памятник Российскому императору Александру III (1881-1894 гг). 

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          Памятник героям-чернобыльцам в г.Волочиск      Cache   Translate Page      

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Khmelnytskyi region

     Памятник героям-чернобыльцам находится в парке по улице Музейной города Волочиск Волочиского района Хмельницкой области.

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          Церковь Казанской иконы Божией Матери (Шошеновка) в пгт. Днепровское      Cache   Translate Page      

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Дніпровське (Верхньодніпровський р-н)
Dnipropetrovsk region

Церковь Казанской иконы Божией Матери (Шошеновка) в пгт. Днепровское

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          Скульптура славянского ведуна в ботаническом саду г.Донецка      Cache   Translate Page      

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Донецьк (місто)
Donetsk region

   В Калининском районе г.Донецка на территории ботанического сада расположена деревянная скульптура сла

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          Скульптурная композиция в ботаническом саду г.Донецка      Cache   Translate Page      

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Донецьк (місто)
Donetsk region

  В Калининском районе г.Донецка на территории ботанического сада расположена скульптурная композиция славянск

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          Памятник жертвам Голодомора и политических репрессий в г.Волочиск      Cache   Translate Page      

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Khmelnytskyi region

     Памятник жертвам Голодомора и политических репрессий находится в парке по улице Музейной в городе Волочиск Волочиского района Хмельницкой области.

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          Мемориальный комплекс в г.Волочиск      Cache   Translate Page      

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Khmelnytskyi region

     Мемориальный комплекс (братская могила советских воинов, памятный знак в честь воинов-земляков и могила Героя Советского Союза Чесака Григория Сергеевича) находи

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          Памятник в честь отмены крепостного права в Российской империи 18 февраля 1861 года в г.Волочиск      Cache   Translate Page      

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Khmelnytskyi region

     Памятник в честь отмены крепостного права в Российской империи 18 февраля 1861 года находится в парке по улице Музейной города Волочиск Волочиского района Хмельницкой области.

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          The U.S. And NATO Should Stay Out Of The Russia-Ukraine Fight      Cache   Translate Page      
Notwithstanding the temptation to do something, both the United States and NATO need to resist the temptation to get involved in the latest conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
          531583-2018: Ukraine-Kharkiv: BERD - Fourniture de trolleybus à plancher surbaissé de 12 m et services connexes      Cache   Translate Page      
Date de publication: 04/12/2018 | Date limite: 18-12-2018 | Document: Informations complémentaires
          Открытие новогодней елки на Софийской площади состоится 19 декабря      Cache   Translate Page      

Устанавливать главное новогоднее дерево страны в Киеве начнут 8-9 декабря. Об этом во время пресс-брифинга сообщил организатор новогодних празднований в Киеве последних лет и основатель проекта "Folk Ukraine" Игорь Добруцкий.

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          Прокуратура предложит СНБОУ ввести санкции против российского бизнеса в Украине      Cache   Translate Page      

Военное положение дает возможность Украине ввести санкции против российского бизнеса в стране. Об этом заявил генеральный прокурор Юрий Луценко в интервью телеканалу ICTV.

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          Гройсман: Децентрализация в Украине пока не является необратимой      Cache   Translate Page      

На нынешнем этапе пока нельзя с уверенностью говорить, что реформа децентрализации в Украине носит необратимый характер.

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          Groupe F - Aulas : "L'OL va organiser le déplacement des supporters"      Cache   Translate Page      
Jean-Michel Aulas a annoncé ce mardi que l’Olympique Lyonnais allait aider ses supporters à se déplacer en Ukraine pour le match capital de Ligue des Champions contre le Shakhtar Donetsk le 12 décembre prochain. Dans un contexte politique tendu, le match a été délocalisé à Kiev.
          GfK Ukraine: Прошедшая «Черная пятница» с суммой 2,5 млрд грн побила все рекорды на рынке электроники Украины      Cache   Translate Page      
STFW.Ru: Исследовательская компания GfK Ukraine сообщила, что прошедшая «черная пятница» (19-25 ноября 2018 года) стала крупнейшей по продажам бытовой техники и электроники в Украине за весь период проведения ...
          UKRAINE CALLS UP RESERVES AMID TENSIONS WITH RUSSIA: Here’s part of a report from the Associated Pre…      Cache   Translate Page      
UKRAINE CALLS UP RESERVES AMID TENSIONS WITH RUSSIA: Here’s part of a report from the Associated Press. Ukraine’s president on Monday announced a partial call-up of reservists for training amid tensions with Russia, saying the country needs to beef up its defenses to counter the threat of a Russian invasion. The Kremlin dismissed the Ukrainian […]
          Comment on November Diary: Nation Wreckers In Hell, CRISPR Babies (He's On First) Eugenics vs. Dysgenics, Etc., by John Derbyshire      Cache   Translate Page      
Get a load of this chutzpah. A democratically elected government(led by patriot Orban) ousting a foreign-controlled institution funded by globo-homo imperialist Soros to subvert Hungarian independence and sovereignty is 'anti-democratic'. These are the same Jews who bitch about the fantasy of Russian Collusion and Meddling in US elections. These are the same Jews who recruited Neo-Nazis to pull off a coup in Ukraine, the same Jews who supported the military coup in Egypt to remove the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood government. According to globo-homo Jews, 'democratic values' means the freedom of Jewish oligarchs and activists to do as they please anywhere around the world. As far as these Jews are concerned, 'democracy' just means Power by Jewish Money and Media Monopoly all around the world. I suggest these Jews stop bitching about Hungary and meddling in Eastern European affairs and do something about all the Palestinians inside and outside of Israel who are being denied their basic human rights.
           Comment on Ukraine: US-installed Fascist Tyranny in Europe’s Heartland by A Green Road Daily News       Cache   Translate Page      
Reblogged this on <a href="" rel="nofollow">AGR Daily 60 Second News Bites</a>.
          Ukraine meldet „teilweise Entsperrung“ der Häfen im Asowschen Meer      Cache   Translate Page      
Der ukrainische Infrastrukturminister Wladimir Omeljan hat gemeldet, dass die russischen Behörden die Sperrung ukrainischer Häfen im Asowschen Meer „teilweise aufgehoben“ haben. So steht es auf seiner Website. Omeljan zufolge hat Russland die Häfen von Berdjansk und Mariupol „teilweise“ freigegeben. Die Schiffe können wieder durch die Kertsch-Straße ein- und ausfahren. „Die Schiffe halten an der russischen Seite, schauen sich wie zuvor […]
          12/4/2018: NEWS: Call-up over Russia tensions      Cache   Translate Page      
UKRAINE’S president has announced a call-up of reservists amid tensions with Russia. Relations between the two neighbours have strained further following the November 25 incident in which Russia fired upon and seized three Ukrainian naval vessels and...
          Ukraine legt Rechtsmittel bei Internationalem Gerichtshof ein      Cache   Translate Page      
Die Ukraine wird beim Internationalen Gerichtshof der Vereinten Nationen Klage wegen Festnahme ukrainischer Schiffe in der Straße von Kertsch einreichen. Dies erklärte Präsident Poroschenko im Rundfunkkanal ICTV. Er habe Moskau erneut wegen rechtswidriger Handlungen angeklagt und die Inhaftierung ukrainischer Schiffe als Aggression bezeichnet, schreibt RIA Nowosti. Am 25. November fuhren drei Schiffe der ukrainischen Marine in die russischen Hoheitsgewässer […]
          Новая версия Сканматик 2/2PRO - 2.21.1)      Cache   Translate Page      


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  • МАЗ: Добавлены блоки ABS Wabco D/E (KWP2000) и Экран ЭБК
  • МАЗ: добавлено автоопределение блока EDC17 Weichai P949V791
  • МАЗ: добавлен блок EDC7UC31 для двигателя ММЗ 263
  • КАМАЗ, МАЗ: для ЭБУ M240 добавлена функция сброса счетчика аварийного клапана и ограничение скорости автомобиля
  • КАМАЗ, МАЗ: добавлена возможность программирования (чтение-запись FLASH) блока M230
  • ВАЗ: Bosch MP7.0 - прошивка M7V16X02 исправлено "неправильная длина ответа"
  • ВАЗ: Bosch ESP9 добавлены варианты конфигурации блока
  • ВАЗ: M74 CAN: оптимизированы задержки запросов для минимизации числа обрывов связи при просмотре переменных
  • УАЗ: EDC16C39 ЗМЗ-514 внесены исправления и подсказки по записи конфигурации и кодов форсунок в блоки с чистым EEPROM (блок отклонил запрос)
  • Chevrolet/Daewoo: в блоках Sirius D3/D32/D4/D42 добавлены переменные по напряжению с датчиков положения дросселя, температуры ОЖ и впускного воздуха
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          Боевики требуют настоящее военное положение на Украине: С массовыми расстрелами      Cache   Translate Page      

Украине нужно настоящее военное положение – с расстрелами, военно-полевыми судами, патрулями, арестами и нарушениями прав человека. Об этом в интервью телеканалу Ukrlife.TV заявил экс-глава праворадикальной организации УНА-УНСО Дмитрий Корчинский, ранее объявленный в России в розыск за участие в войне на Кавказе на стороне чеченских сепаратистов, передает корреспондент «ПолитНавигатора». «Без военного положения мы жили четыре года,…

Сообщение Боевики требуют настоящее военное положение на Украине: С массовыми расстрелами появились сначала на Политнавигатор.

          Как лихо всё на Украине: Три сценария Порошенко. Все кровавые      Cache   Translate Page      

Пётр Порошенко пойдёт на любые незаконные меры, чтобы отменить президентские выборы. Об этом во время брифинга в пресс-центре украинского парламента заявил депутат Верховной Рады Виталий Куприй, передаёт корреспондент «ПолитНавигатора». «Недавно Порошенко внёс в Раду законопроект о приостановки договора о дружбе и сотрудничестве с РФ. Но представьте себе: там стоит дата 1 апреля 2019 года. Какое…

Сообщение Как лихо всё на Украине: Три сценария Порошенко. Все кровавые появились сначала на Политнавигатор.

          The concert of the Russian group Little Big was postponed to March because of martial law      Cache   Translate Page      
Concert of Russian satirical rave group Little Big in Kiev, was moved to the end of March. About it organizers of the tour announced on the official Facebook page of the event. The reason stated military situation in some regions of Ukraine and a ban on entry for men from Russia. “This notification forced to […]
          Guests of the political talk show the Pulse said that for them meant the termination of the agreement on friendship with Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
Guests of the political talk show “the Pulse” on “112 Ukraine” said that for them meant the termination of the Treaty of friendship with Russia. They were asked to complete the phrase “Termination of the Treaty of friendship with Russia is…”. The people’s Deputy Nestor Shufrych: Another idiocy of power. MP Dmitry Dobrodomov: I think […]
          Zubko: Revenues of local budgets since the beginning of 2018 grew by 22.5%      Cache   Translate Page      
From the beginning of 2018, the revenues of local budgets grew by 22.5% and amounted to 212,5 billion. This was stated by Vice Prime Minister – Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine Gennady Zubko, reports the “governmental portal”. “For 11 months of 2018, the revenues of local budgets grew […]
          12/4/2018: WORLD: TROOPS DEPLOYED TO RUSSIAN BORDER AMID RISING FEARS OF INVASION      Cache   Translate Page      

MOSCOW Ukraine has begun calling up reservists and deploying troops to the border to counter what it says is the growing threat of a Russian invasion. President Petro Poroshenko, who last week declared martial law in 10 regions, announced the moves on...
          Voll bis unters Dach      Cache   Translate Page      
Ingolstadt (DK) Knapp 2000 Geschenke aus Ingolstadt und der Region sind als Teil eines großen Konvois auf dem Weg nach Bulgarien, Moldawien, Rumänien und in die Ukraine, wo die Geschenke von Mitgliedern des Serviceclubs Round Table in Kindergärten, Schulen, Kinderheimen, Waisenhäusern und Kliniken verteilt werden.
          Ukraine Resumes Port Use For Grain Shipments      Cache   Translate Page      
Product vital for eastern Ukraine's economy
          Ineffective decisions destroy European Union      Cache   Translate Page      
European Council President Donald Tusk stated last week that the European Union will extend its existing economic sanctions on Russia this month. This decision is to be taken at a summit of EU leaders on Dec. 13-14. The EU measures against Russia's defense, energy and banking sectors should become another "punishment" for Moscow's role in the turmoil in Ukraine and the naval skirmish in the Sea of Azov.
          Atlantic Council rät Ukraine, einen militärischen Zwischenfall zwischen Nato und Russland zu provozieren      Cache   Translate Page      

Auf dem Ukraine-Blog des ebenso einflussreichen wie berüchtigten Atlantic Council rät ein Senior Fellow des American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) der Regierung der Ukraine, die Brücke von Russland auf die Krim zu sprengen und bewaffnete Nato-Kriegsschiffe in die See von Asov vor der Krim einzuladen, wo kürzlich die russische Marine drei ukrainische Schiffe aufgebracht hat. Diese sollen „nur“ schießen, wenn sie angegriffen werden. Offenbar wollen manche im Atlantic Council und im sogar noch stärker von Falken durchstztzen AFPC dringend Krieg mit Russland.

Den Bericht gibt's hier.

          Ukraine-Wahlkampf. Westen macht Kriegs-Reklame      Cache   Translate Page      

Noch kein Krieg mit internationaler Beteiligung in der Ukraine. Noch keine NATO-Waffenhilfe für den Wahlkämpfer Poroschenko, den Noch-Präsidenten der Ukraine. Aber es steht schlecht um den Kiewer Oligarchen. Wenn Wahlen wären, sagen die Umfragen, wäre der Mann nicht mehr Präsident. Und pünktlich zu Beginn des Wahlkampfes sendet Poroschenko seine Marine zur Kampftour durch die Meerenge von Kertsch, und die russische Marine reagiert prompt: Denn die Kriegsmarine der Ukraine hatte nicht die Güte, ihre Flotille so anzumelden, wie es im 2003 abgeschlossenen Vertrag zwischen der Ukraine und Russland zur Nutzung des Asowschen Meeres und der Straße von Kertsch vorgesehen ist. Ein schöner Krieg könnte Stimmen gewinnen. Und da der militärische Zwerg Poroschenko nur geringe Chancen gegen den militärischen Riesen Russland hat, versucht der Ukrainer auf die Schultern der NATO zu klettern und aus dieser scheinbar sicheren Position in den Kampf zu ziehen. Dass es da eine Weltkriegsschwelle gibt, bei ihrer Überschreitung gar ein atomares Risiko? Kümmert doch den Gefährder aus Kiew nicht.

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          Das Schönste aus dem Schönen Morgen vom 4. Dezember      Cache   Translate Page      
Termine +++ Countdown zum CDU-Parteivorsitz +++ Gut & Börse +++NATO-Außenministertreffen - Wie weiter im Konflikt Russland-Ukraine +++ Stimmt’s, dass das Licht vom Handy die Haut schneller altern lässt? +++ Kommentar: Baupläne am Checkpoint Charlie auf der Kippe - Droht die ewige Baustelle in Berlin? +++ Rad’n’Roll: "10 nach Südafrika" +++ Neonazis beim Chef denunzieren: Neue Aktion vom Zentrum für Politische Schönheit - Gerechtfertigt oder diesmal zu weit gegangen? +++ Studiogast: Joe Jackson +++ Denkpause
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NGÀY 4/12/2018


·         VNTB- ‘Cơ hội CPTPP’: Tổng LĐLĐVN kéo nhau ‘du hí’ ở Hà Lan (VNTB) - Minh Quân - (VNTB) - Trong rất nhiều năm qua, bằng một quy định tài chính tự đặt ra, Tổng Liên Đoàn Lao Động Việt Nam đã nghiễm nhiên phè phỡn hưởng thụ ít nhất 3% trên tổng quỹ lương doanh nghiệp (gồm 2% do doanh nghiệp phải ‘đóng góp’ và 1% từ thu nhập của người lao động). Một quy định mà rất nhiều doanh nghiệp và công nhân đã phẫn nộ: ‘không ăn cướp thì là cái gì!’. Bức ảnh dưới đây có lẽ đã đủ để lột tả về thực chất của vụ “đoàn công tác của Tổng Liên đoàn Lao động Việt Nam do ông Ngọ Duy Hiểu, Phó Chủ tịch Tổng Liên đoàn Lao động Việt Nam, Chủ tịch Công đoàn viên chức Việt Nam dẫn đầu thăm làm việc tại Hà Lan từ ngày 24/11- 2/12/2018, nhằm học hỏi kinh nghiệm từ các nước có chế độ chính sách xã hội tiên tiến hàng đầu như Hà Lan, đồng thời, tìm biện pháp đổi mới, nâng cao hiệu quả và vai trò của Công đoàn trong đại diện, bảo vệ quyền lợi của người lao động”.
·         CPTPP: Kẻ nào không muốn sửa Luật Công đoàn? (VOA) - Lý do thật ‘đơn giản’: nếu sửa Luật Công đoàn thì rất có thể sẽ phải bỏ quy định ‘ăn cướp 3%’ của Tổng Liên Đoàn Lao Động Việt Nam đối với thu nhập của các doanh nghiệp và của người lao động...
·         Hải quân TQ lại đối đầu tàu chiến Mỹ ở Biển Đông (VOA) - Bộ Tư lệnh Chiến khu miền Nam của TQ cho biết đã triển khai lực lượng hải và không quân để đối đầu với tuần dương hạm có tên lửa dẫn đường USS Chancellorsville đi ngang qua vùng biển tại quần đảo Hoàng Sa “mà không được phép của chính phủ Trung Quốc”.
·         Nghệ An tiếp tục tổ chức hội nghị đòi trục xuất linh mục Đặng Hữu Nam khỏi địa phương (RFA) - Tờ Công An Nghệ An linh mục Đặng Hữu Nam đã có nhiều hoạt động mà theo báo này là gây chia rẽ mối đoàn kết lương giáo, xuyên tạc lịch sử, chống phá chính quyền.
·         Nguyễn Hữu Quốc Duy phải ở tù vì bị cáo buộc lôi kéo sinh viên, thanh niên khác (RFA) - Tù nhân lương tâm Nguyễn Hữu Quốc Duy, người bị kết án 3 năm tù giam vào ngày 23/8/2016, với cáo buộc “tuyên truyền chống nhà nước” theo Điều 88 của Bộ luật hình sự Việt Nam năm 1999, vừa mãn hạn tù ba năm và trở về nhà ở Khánh Hòa hôm 27 tháng 11. Anh dành cho Đài Á Châu Tự Do cuộc phỏng vấn sau thời gian sum họp cùng gia đình.
·         Việt Nam tuyên bố thực hiện hơn 96% khuyến nghị nhân quyền của LHQ (RFA) - Việt Nam đã thực hiện xong 96,2% khuyến nghị về nhân quyền của LHQ và sẽ báo cáo tại kỳ Kiểm điểm Định kỳ Phổ quát Toàn cầu (UPR) chu kỳ 3 của Hội đồng Nhân quyền LHQ vào ngày 22/01/19.
·         Hạt mầm dân chủ (VOA) - Nếu người dân Việt Nam khao khát tự do đủ thì một ngày nào đó họ sẽ đứng lên làm cách mạng để xây dựng nền dân chủ đích thực cho chính họ và các thế hệ Việt Nam mai sau. Tôi nghĩ rằng không ai có thể ban phát các giá trị hay văn hóa dân chủ này được.
·         VNTB - Khí phách quan chức đảng viên trước và sau khi ra tòa thể hiện ra sao?(VNTB) - Hải Nguyễn (VNTB) - Đa phần khi còn tại chức ở một cương vị nào đó trong bộ máy công quyền, các vị đảng viên quan chức thường hay nói đến đường lối chính sách của đảng là sáng suốt là tuyệt vời, và tất nhiên kèm theo đó là một viễn tưởng không ngại ngần khi nói ra những quyết sách về những dự án có tầm cỡ quốc gia sẽ mang lại kết quả tốt đẹp cho xã hội, cho đất nước phát triển thịnh vượng ngang bằng các nước trong khu vực hoặc hơn.
·         VNTB - Pháp quyền hay Đảng trị? (VNTB) - Trúc Giang (VNTB) - “Thành ủy đề nghị Thường trực UBND TP chỉ đạo quận 2 có khảo sát đối với những hộ dân thuộc khu vực 4,3 ha ngoài ranh quy hoạch đã bị cưỡng chế, xem xét điều kiện người dân sống như thế nào. Nếu họ đang khó khăn về chỗ ở thì có hướng mời người dân vào những khu tái định cư”... Đề xuất này của ông Nguyễn Thiện Nhân cho thấy lại tiếp tục thỏa hiệp cái ác, và có dấu hiệu trên cương vị Bí thư Thành ủy, ông đang dùng quyền lực đảng để bao che những cựu quan chức đã sai phạm trong quy hoạch khu đô thị mới Thủ Thiêm.
·         VNTB - Trường ‘lấy lời khai’ học sinh: sự cùng quẫn của đạo đức? (VNTB) - Ánh Liên (VNTB) - Sau khi sự kiện cô giáo Nguyễn Thị Phương Thủy - chủ nhiệm lớp 6/2 (trường THCS Duy Ninh, huyện Quảng Ninh, tỉnh Quảng Bình) yêu cầu học sinh trong lớp tát bạn 230 cái vì ‘nói tục’. Thay vì lắng nghe và cầu thị, thì Ban giám hiệu trường này lại tìm cách ‘lấy lời khai’ học sinh trong lớp để làm giảm nhẹ tính chất vấn đề, nhưng điều mà lãnh đạo trường này không hình dung tới được, là nó càng đẩy sự việc đi quá xa, và nhấn mạnh nguyên tắc ‘thành tích nhà trường cao hơn danh dự học sinh’.
·         Lại có cán bộ chính quyền bắn chết nhau, lần này ở Gia Lai (VOA) - Một vụ nổ súng làm chết một cán bộ nữ trong khi một cán bộ nam bị thương nặng vừa xảy ra vào buổi sáng cùng ngày ở thị xã Ayun Pa, tỉnh Gia Lai
·         Gia Lai: Phó ban quân sự bắn chết nữ cán bộ phường (BBC) - Phó chủ huy trưởng Ban chỉ huy quân sự bắn chết nữ phó chủ tịch HĐND phường rồi tự sát nhưng chỉ bị thương nặng.
·         Dân bắt giữ người để phản đối dự án điện mặt trời tại Bình Định (RFA) - Người dân xã Mỹ Thắng, huyện Phù Mỹ, tỉnh Bình Định bắt giữ hai người vì nghi ngờ đến địa phương khảo sát làm dự án điện mặt trời. Biện pháp bắt giữ người như thế buộc Ủy Ban Nhân Dân tỉnh Bình Định, huyện Phù Mỹ phải tiến hành đối thoại với người dân sớm hơn một ngày so với kế hoạch.
·         Giữ con hay giữ việc? Nữ thực tập sinh Việt ở Nhật phải chọn (VOA) - Nữ thực tập sinh người Việt ở Nhật lỡ mang thai bị chủ nhân hoặc các tổ chức liên hệ buộc phải chọn: giữ việc hay giữ con?
·         Bà Phan Thị Mỹ Thanh được chuyển về Ủy ban Mặt trận Tổ quốc (RFA) - Nguyên Phó Bí thư Tỉnh ủy, nguyên Trưởng Đoàn đại biểu Quốc hội tỉnh Đồng Nai, bà Phan Thị Mỹ Thanh, người bị kỷ luật về những sai phạm suốt thời gian vừa qua, vào ngày 3 tháng 12 được điều động về làm việc tại Ủy ban Mặt trận Tổ quốc tỉnh Đồng Nai.
·         Vụ giò chả nghi nhiễm khuẩn: Long Phụng hợp tác với cơ quan điều tra (VOA) - Đại diện Công ty Long Phụng ở thành phố Houton, Texas, nói với VOA rằng công ty đang hợp tác chặt chẽ với các cơ quan điều tra liên quan đến việc các sản phẩm nghi bị nhiễm vi khuẩn listeria.
·         Cô Gái Đắk Lắk và việc làm phim độc lập ở VN của đạo diế̃n Pedro Román (BBC) - Đạo diễn phim Cô Gái Đắk Lắk nói với BBC rằng "làm phim độc lập ở Việt Nam cũng dễ" và phim của ông "không có yếu tố nhạy cảm".
·         Phản đối xây tượng Tố Hữu tại Huế (RFA) - Với hai tư cách, nhà thơ, và chính khách, Tố Hữu hoàn toàn thất bại
·         Kế hoạch xây khu tưởng niệm ‘nhà thơ làm kinh tế’ bị phản đối (VOA) - Nhiều người Việt Nam bày tỏ trên mạng xã hội rằng họ phản đối kế hoạch tốn hàng chục tỷ đồng để xây khu tưởng niệm ông Tố Hữu
·         Khu lưu niệm Tố Hữu: Một tố cáo lóe sáng! (VOA) - Chỉ có một câu trả lời: Soạn – lập, phê duyệt, thực hiện những Khu tưởng niệm Fidel Castro, Công viên Fidel Castro, Khu lưu niệm Tố Hữu,… an toàn hơn vì chỉ có “ta với ta”, còn những dự án như tuyến metro Bến Thành – Suối Tiên phiền toái hơn vì...
·         Nguyễn Phú Trọng: Mọi kẻ thù trong đảng cộng sản đều là chuột, lươn và chạch.(RFABLOG) - Đầu tiên, vào ngày 6 tháng 10 năm 2014, trong buổi tiếp xúc cử tri tại quận Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội. Người cầm đầu đảng cộng sản VN Trọng Lú đã ví các đồng chí của mình như con chuột, ông ta nói” đánh con chuột đừng để vỡ bình, làm sao diệt được chuột mà bảo vệ được bình hoa.” Vừa qua, khi chủ trì họp Ban Chỉ đạo xây dựng Quy hoạch cán bộ cấp chiến lược nhiệm kỳ 2021 - 2026, tổ chức tại trụ sở TƯ đảng. Trọng lại gọi các quan chức cộng sản có biểu hiện suy thoái về tư tưởng chính trị, mất đoàn kết, gây rối nội bộ, tham nhũng tiêu cực, cơ hội chính trị như “con lươn, con chạch”.
·         Đường dây đánh bạc nghìn tỷ: Tội nhận hối lộ thì sao? (RFABLOG) - NGUYỄN TƯỜNG THỤY - Qua 18 ngày xét xử, giai đoạn đoạn đầu của phiên tòa vụ đường dây đánh bạc nghìn tỷ đã kết thúc. Phan Văn Vĩnh bị kết án 9 năm tù giam còn Nguyễn Văn Hóa 10 năm cho tội "Lợi dụng chức vụ quyền hạn trong khi thi hành công vụ". Trong giai đoạn này, tòa chưa đả động gì đến hành vi nhận hối lộ của Phan Văn Vĩnh, Nguyễn Thanh Hóa (theo lời khai của Nguyễn Văn Dương và Phan Sào Nam).
·         Vingroup ra mắt điện thoại thông minh Vsmart (VOA) - Vingroup tung ra bốn dòng điện thoại thông minh Vsmart để nhắm vào thị trường 95 triệu người hiện do Samsung và Apple chiếm lãnh.
·         AFF Cup: Việt Nam đặt một chân vào chung kết (BBC) - Thầy trò HLV Park Hang-seo tiếp tục phong độ ấn tượng tại AFF Cup với chiến thắng trong trận bán kết lượt đi trên đất Philippines.
·         21 ngư dân Việt bị Malaysia buộc tội đánh cá bất hợp pháp (RFA) - 21 ngư dân Việt Nam bị Malaysia bắt giữ và đưa ra xét xử về cáo buộc xâm nhập, đánh bắt trái phép trong vùng biển nước này. Báo Borneo Post đưa tin hôm 30/11.
·         John Kerry vào cả Lăng Hồ Chủ tịch để tìm 'tù binh Mỹ' (BBC) - Cựu ngoại trưởng Mỹ John Kerry kể về nỗ lực bình thường hóa với Hà Nội, gồm một lần được cho vào ‘tìm kiếm’ trong Lăng Hồ Chí Minh.
·         TIN ĐỌC NHANH (RFI) -
·         UN cảnh báo tình trạng biến đổi khí hậu diễn ra nhanh chóng trên toàn thế giới(RFA) - Liên Hiệp quốc hôm thứ Hai, ngày 3/12 lên tiếng cảnh báo thế giới về tình trạng biến đổi khí hậu nhanh chóng, vượt quá mức phản ứng của con người.
·         Thượng đỉnh Khí hậu tại Ba Lan : Vắng mặt các lãnh đạo quốc tế chủ chốt (RFI) - Thượng đỉnh Khí hậu COP 24 tại Ba Lan đã khai mạc hôm qua 02/12/2018. Mục tiêu chính của thượng đỉnh lần này là xác định lộ trình để thực hiện các mục tiêu đề trong Thỏa thuận khí hậu Paris 2015. Tổng thư ký Liên Hiệp Quốc Guterres cảnh báo cộng đồng quốc tế « hoàn toàn không đi theo đúng lộ trình » để hãm bớt đà Trái đất bị hâm nóng, cho dù nhân loại đang chứng kiến nhiều tác động khủng khiếp do biến đổi khí hậu, bắt đầu « gây hỗn loạn » tại nhiều nơi trên khắp thế giới.
·         Tổng thống Philippines ‘nói đùa’ mình dùng cần sa (VOA) - Tổng thống Philippines Rodrigo Duterte hôm 3/12 nói rằng ông đã sử dụng cần sa để tỉnh táo, rồi sau đó bảo rằng ông chỉ đùa thôi
·         Trump : Trung Quốc sẽ hạ thuế đánh vào xe hơi Mỹ (RFI) - Chứng khoán quốc tế và đặc biệt là cổ phiếu các tập đoàn xe hơi ngày 03/12/2018 tăng mạnh sau khi Washington và Bắc Kinh đạt thỏa thuận tạm thời về thương mại.
·         Mỹ-Trung: Trump cho Tập thêm thời gian hay TQ đang thắng? (BBC) - 'Quà Giáng Sinh' đúng nghĩa đã xuất hiện khi cả Mỹ và Trung Quốc thống nhất việc tạm dừng áp thuế quan trong 90 ngày.
·         Trump-Tập hưu chiến thương mại : ai thiên biến vạn hóa ? (RFI) - Bạo động tại Paris.Toàn nước Pháp bị « choc », chờ giải pháp. Macron vướng lưới « áo vàng ». Giải pháp nào đưa nước Pháp ra khỏi nguy cơ « tổng nội dậy » ? Mỹ- Trung hưu chiến thương mại. Putin tuyên bố « tiếp tục chiến tranh » với Ukraina.Thượng đỉnh khí hậu COP24, nhiệt độ vẫn tăng. Đó là những chủ đề lớn trên báo Pháp hôm nay bên cạnh những bài từ giả, khen ngợi nhiều hơn là chỉ trích, cựu tổng thống Mỹ George H. Bush vừa qua đời, thọ 94 tuổi.
·         Thương mại Mỹ-Trung: đình chiến nhưng chưa giải quyết rốt ráo xung đột (VOA) - TT Mỹ và Chủ tịch TQ đồng ý hoãn áp dụng các mức thuế mới trong cuộc đàm phán ở Argentina hôm 1/12, tuyên bố ‘ngưng chiến’ sau nhiều tháng căng thẳng leo thang về thương mại và nhiều vấn đề khác.
·         Mỹ sẽ hạn chế việc nhận du học sinh Trung Quốc vì sợ gián điệp (RFI) - Chính quyền Donald Trump đang xem xét khả năng kiểm tra lý lịch kỹ hơn và ban hành nhiều hạn chế khác đối với sinh viên Trung Quốc tại Hoa Kỳ, trong bối cảnh Mỹ ngày càng lo ngại về tình trạng gián điệp gia tăng. Tuy nhiên, trong bài phân tích ngày 29/11/2018 vừa qua, hãng tin Anh Reuters đã nêu lên phản ứng bất đồng tình của nhiều trường đại học Mỹ, đang sợ bị thất thu về mặt tài chánh, nếu lượng du học sinh Trung Quốc sụt giảm.
·         Hàn Quốc: TT Trump ‘thích’ lãnh tụ Kim Jong Un (VOA) - Tổng thống Hàn Quốc Moon Jae-in hôm 2/12 cho biết ông Trump muốn lãnh đạo Triều Tiên Kim Jong Un biết rằng ông thích ông ấy và sẽ thực hiện mong muốn của ông ấy
·         Brexit: Một mặt trận chống thủ tướng May hình thành tại Hạ Viện Anh (RFI) - Liên minh bất đắc dĩ giữa Liên Minh Dân Chủ (DUP) Bắc Ai Len và Công Đảng đang hình thành tại Hạ Viện Anh để phá hỏng thỏa thuận Brexit mà thủ tướng May đã đạt được với Liên Âu vào tuần trước. Quốc Hội Anh bắt đầu thảo luận về thỏa thuận này kể từ hôm 04/12/12 trước khi biểu quyết vào ngày 11/12/2018.
·         Tây Ban Nha : Đảng cực hữu lần đầu tiên lọt vào Nghị viện xứ Andalusia (RFI) - Vùng tự trị Andalusia, Tây Ban Nha, vốn nằm dưới sự lãnh đạo của đảng Xã Hội từ 37 năm nay. Kết quả bỏ phiếu bầu Nghị viện xứ này hôm Chủ Nhật, 2/12/2018, gây chấn động. Lần đầu tiên đảng cực hữu dành được ghế dân biểu. Hai đảng cánh hữu có thể liên minh với đảng cựu hữu để lập chính phủ. Đảng Xã Hội kêu gọi lập liên minh các đảng phái ôn hòa để cản đường phe cực hữu.
·         "Áo Vàng" biểu tình lần 3 ở Paris : Báo chí nước ngoài mô tả "bạo lực leo thang" (RFI) - Cuộc biểu tình lớn tại Paris lần thứ ba hôm thứ Bảy 01/12/2018 của phong trào « Áo Vàng », phản đối sắc thuế xăng dầu tăng cao, kèm theo bạo động tại một số khu vực trung tâm thủ đô, là chủ đề thời sự hàng đầu của truyền thông nước ngoài. Cùng với tình trạng bạo lực leo thang, báo chí quốc tế cũng chú ý đến phong trào Áo Vàng như một cuộc phản kháng chống lại tình trạng bất bình đẳng xã hội gia tăng nghiêm trọng, không chỉ tại Pháp mà khắp nơi trên thế giới.
·         Khủng hoảng Áo Vàng : Chính phủ Pháp tìm một lối thoát hẹp (RFI) - Cuộc biểu tình của phong trào Áo Vàng bắt nguồn từ phản đối thuế nhiên liệu khiến xăng dầu lên giá đã biến thành một cuộc bạo động phá phách chưa từng có từ nhiều thập kỷ qua ngay tại trung tâm thủ đô của Pháp hôm thứ Bảy (01/12/2018). Sau bạo lực hỗn loạn, cảnh tượng hoang tàn và cả nỗi phẫn nộ, giờ là những cầu hỏi đặt ra cho chính phủ : Đâu là giải pháp chính trị để thoát khỏi khủng hoảng trong đối thoại ?
·         Bạo động Áo Vàng: Kinh tế Pháp thiệt hại "hàng tỷ" euro (RFI) - Ngành du lịch, khách sạn, các cửa hàng và siêu thị bị thiệt hại nghiêm trọng sau ba tuần lễ phe Áo Vàng xuống đường. Bạo động vô tiền khoáng hậu tại Paris và nhiều thành phố lớn xảy ra đúng mùa cao điểm của các hoạt động mua bán trước dịp lễ, Tết cuối năm.
·         Pháp: Chính phủ tham vấn các đảng phái để giải quyết khủng hoảng (RFI) - Hai ngày sau các vụ bạo loạn bên lề các cuộc biểu tình của những người "Áo Vàng " tại Paris, trước yêu cầu khẩn cấp xử lý khủng hoảng, hôm nay 03/12/2018, chính phủ Pháp tổ chức tham vấn tất cả các đảng phái chính trị để tìm giải pháp. Chính phủ cũng thông báo chưa tính đến việc thiết lập tình trạng khẩn cấp.
·         Vì sao Tổng thống Putin thân thiện với thái tử Ảrập Xêút? (VOA) - Phát ngôn viên Điện Kremlin Dmitry Peskov nói rằng “các quan hệ cá nhân tốt đẹp là cơ sở cho mối quan hệ hợp tác song phương hiệu quả”.
·         Ukraine kêu gọi Đức và đồng minh hiện diện ở Hắc Hải (VOA) - Nguyên thủ Ukraine kêu gọi Đức và đồng minh tăng cường hiện diện ở Hắc Hải để ngăn chặn sự hung hăng của Nga, đồng thời nói rằng Nga phong tỏa các cảng của Ukraine ở Biển Azov gần đó.
·         Cơ quan Tình báo Anh MI6 cảnh báo Nga (BBC) - Người đứng đầu Cơ quan Tình báo Anh quốc cảnh báo Nga "đừng đánh giá thấp... khả năng chúng tôi" trong một bài phát biểu hiếm hoi.
·         Chú chó của cố TT Bush đồng hành với chủ lần cuối (VOA) - Chú chó nghiệp vụ đã phục vụ cố Tổng thống George H. W. Bush sẽ đi cùng với chủ lần cuối trên chuyến bay chở linh cữu của ông tới thủ đô Washington
·         ‘Phi vụ Đặc biệt 41’ cuối cùng bằng Air Force One của cố TT Bush (VOA) - “Air Force One đã đến Houston để thực hiện ‘Phi vụ Đặc biệt 41’ ngày mai và thứ Tư. Một ngày đẹp trời ở Texas – ‘độ cao và tầm nhìn không hạn chế,’ thưa Tổng thống,” người phát ngôn Jim McGrath viết trên Twitter.
·         Tháp Pisa đang tự dựng đứng dần trở lại (RFI) - Công trình thời trung cổ, biểu tượng lịch
          Reden statt Säbelrasseln      Cache   Translate Page      
„Neue Sanktionsandrohungen und weiteres Säbelrasseln – da befinden sich die NATO, die Ukraine und auch Russland auf einem falschen Weg“, erklärt Stefan Liebich, außenpolitischer Sprecher der Fraktion DIE LINKE, anlässlich des NATO-Außenministertreffens in Brüssel.
          Ukrainischer Hafen Mariupol leidet unter russischer Seeblockade      Cache   Translate Page      
Russland kontrolliert seit Annexion der Krim die Meerenge von Kertsch alleine. Für den Hafen Mariupol gibt es Einbußen seit Beginn der Kämpfe im Südosten der Ukraine.
          Tuesday 4 December      Cache   Translate Page      
Nato’s Russia-Ukraine headache, Mexico city’s new mayor, a browse through the Asian papers and are fashion logos becoming too similar?
          Trump Foreign Policy: Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result      Cache   Translate Page      
Here’s some unsolicited advice to the president: Listen to the people who elected you, who are tired of the US as the world’s police force. Let Ukraine and Russia work out their own problems. Give all your “experts” a pink slip and start over with a real pro-American foreign policy:...

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          "LES MÉTHODES COMMUNISTES DE LUTTE CONTRE L'ÉGLISE ORTHODOXE" Réponse des Frères de la Laure de Pochaev à l'annulation par le Ministère de la Justice de leurs droits sur plusieurs églises et bâtiments      Cache   Translate Page      

Depuis des années, des tentatives sont en cours pour arracher plusieurs bâtiments à la Laure de la Dormition de Pochaev, l'un des sites les plus sacrés de toute l'orthodoxie ukrainienne, et la Laure est constamment attaquée par les médias, qui l'ont beaucoup calomniée. Comme OrthoChristian l'a rapporté le 20 novembre, les frères de la Laure ont publié un message en réponse aux dernières attaques médiatiques et au dernier appel du ministère ukrainien de la Culture pour que l'enregistrement de plusieurs bâtiments au monastère jusqu'au 1er janvier 2052 soit retiré.

Puis, le 23 novembre, le ministère ukrainien de la Justice a répondu à la demande du ministère de la Culture et a annulé l'enregistrement de plusieurs bâtiments auprès du saint monastère, comme l'a rapporté l'Union des journalistes orthodoxes en se référant au site Web du ministère de la Justice.

Ainsi, les frères de la Laure ont publié une autre déclaration, notant les méthodes communistes des autorités actuelles visant à détruire le monachisme orthodoxe en Ukraine occidentale.

La déclaration dit intégralement ce qui suit:


Chers frères et sœurs !

C'est avec tristesse dans nos cœurs que nous vous demandons de renforcer votre vigile de prière pour la paix et l'unité des fidèles au sein de l'Église canonique.

Nous sommes obligés d'affirmer qu'à l'heure actuelle, les autorités ukrainiennes utilisent des méthodes communistes pour lutter contre l'Église orthodoxe.

Par exemple, il y a environ 100 ans, les dirigeants bolchéviques, en particulier L. D. Trotsky, et ceux qui l'accompagnaient, se sont donné pour tâche de créer une organisation de l'Église orthodoxe sous le contrôle des autorités soviétiques. C'est ainsi qu'est apparu le mouvement rénovationniste ou "Église vivante". Une des idées principales de cette organisation était l'abolition du monachisme.

Après la création de l'organisation rénovationniste, les bolcheviks commencèrent une bataille active avec l'Eglise orthodoxe qui devint illégale. Sous le slogan de la "complicité dans la contre-révolution", des églises et des objets de valeur de l'Eglise furent saisis et des répressions sévères furent utilisées contre le clergé. Il est à noter que les schismatiques-rénovateurs étaient soutenus par le Patriarcat de Constantinople.

Cette "Église vivante" n'a même pas duré trente ans, mais l'Église canonique est inébranlable jusqu'à ce jour.

Malheureusement, les nouveaux chefs de parti ne se souviennent pas des leçons de l'histoire.

La rhétorique des autorités n'a pas changé depuis 100 ans : Les habitants de la Laure restent pour eux des "collaborateurs de la contre-révolution". En utilisant les médias contrôlés, le gouvernement actuel plante chaque jour de plus en plus ce point de vue dans notre peuple ukrainien .

En même temps, le conseil municipal de Pochaev a refusé de se conformer à la décision légale du tribunal l'obligeant à transférer des parcelles de terrain à la Laure de la Sainte Dormition de Pochaev pour les utiliser comme bâtiments résidentiels des frères.

Actuellement, la Commission du Ministère ukrainien de la justice a annulé l'enregistrement de l'accord sur le droit d'usage de la cathédrale de la Dormition, de la cathédrale de la Sainte Trinité, des cellules monastiques, du clocher, de la résidence épiscopale et des portes saintes en réponse à une plainte du Ministère ukrainien de la culture. Il est à noter qu'il s'agit déjà de la troisième tentative de transformer le lieu saint en musée depuis 2000.

Nous pensons que le Bureau du Procureur s'efforce également d'atteindre un objectif similaire, ayant ouvert plusieurs affaires criminelles sans fondement en peu de temps.

Dans le cadre de la suppression du droit d'usage, il s'agit du lieu de résidence de 200 moines et 50 novices - des personnes qui ont renoncé au monde et consacré leur vie entière au service de Dieu.

Nous devons dire qu'à l'heure actuelle, les autorités ukrainiennes actuelles ont pris des mesures pour confisquer les biens de la Laure de la Sainte Dormition de Pochaev et les transférer à l'organisation ecclésiastique nouvellement créée, et donc pour détruire le monachisme en Ukraine occidentale.

Les Frères de la Laure

Laure de Pochaev


Version française Claude Lopez-Ginisty

          Höre die Stille - Die Schrecken des Krieges      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine 1941: Eine Gruppe deutscher Soldaten sucht tief in feindlichem Gebiet nach Schutz und Essen. Gestrandet in einem kleinen Dorf finden sie dort zu ihrer Überraschung fast nur Frauen vor. Ihre Männer wurden nach Ausbruch des Krieges deportiert oder ermordet. Die Frauen und Soldaten kommen sich voller Hoffnung rasch näher, aber nach einem überraschenden Mord machen sich schnell Zweifel und Misstrauen unter die beiden Gruppen breit. Allmählich, aber unaufhaltsam, geraten die Dinge endgültig ...
          A student from Turkmenistan received a grant from GlobalUGRAD      Cache   Translate Page      

A third-year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of specialty “Philology. Chinese and English languages and literature”, Nasiba Nurlayeva, received a grant from the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (GlobalUGRAD). The student exchange program GlobalUGRAD provides funding for undergraduate study at US universities for one semester. This program deepens the mutual understanding between Ukraine and […]

Запись A student from Turkmenistan received a grant from GlobalUGRAD впервые появилась

          «European and American Education for the Benefit of Ukraine»      Cache   Translate Page      

On November 28, 2018, the conference «European and American Education for the Benefit of Ukraine» was held in Kyiv. The conference became the final stage of the project «Open Society Support: My History», implemented by Lviv and Kharkiv Centers “Education” with the financial support of the Network Scholarship Programs of the Foundation “Open Society”. The […]

Запись «European and American Education for the Benefit of Ukraine» впервые появилась

          Lutsenko: the security forces under conditions of martial law needs to pass to the strengthened mode of investigation into the actual crimes      Cache   Translate Page      
In terms of military power structures of the country must switch to enhanced mode in the investigation of the relevant criminal proceedings and to prove the ability of the state to punish the perpetrators. This was during a briefing in Odessa, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”, said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko. […]
          Poroshenko met with the families of the captured sailors      Cache   Translate Page      
President Petro Poroshenko has met with relatives of prisoners of war of Ukrainian seafarers and noted that Ukraine is not going to make any compromises and demands the immediate release of the sailors. This was reported on the website of the AP. “I requested this meeting in order to let you know that we have […]
          SBU caught on a bribe of the chief of Bureau it is judicial-medical examination      Cache   Translate Page      
Employees of the security Service of Ukraine exposed in Ivano-Frankivsk to bribe one of the leaders of the Bureau it is judicial-medical examination. About it reports a press-Department service. Militiamen found out that the official imposed a tribute of subordinates. The official demanded money for not to form obstacles in the performance of official duties […]
          Ukraine demanded at a meeting of the TAG to release the sailors without any conditions      Cache   Translate Page      
The Ukrainian side at the meeting of the TAG in Minsk demanded the immediate release of 24 captured by Russia in the Kerch Strait Ukrainian sailors without any conditions or exchanges, as they are prisoners of war. This was announced by first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s representative to the Humanities subgroup of the […]
          How to clear of cars with foreign registration: Answers to most important questions      Cache   Translate Page      
In connection with the amendments to the Customs code of Ukraine concerning the new conditions of import of vehicles of the State fiscal service of Ukraine published on the website answers the most common questions car owners of foreign numbers. What documents need to be submitted for customs registration of cars imported to Ukraine from […]
          NATO treads carefully as sea spat between Ukraine and Russia lingers      Cache   Translate Page      
NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has demanded Russia end its naval standoff with Ukraine, but refused to pledge new support for Kiev as the alliance seeks to avoid escalating the crisis.
          Trump Foreign Policy: Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result      Cache   Translate Page      

After a week of insisting that a meeting with Putin on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Argentina was going to happen, President Trump at the last minute sent out a Tweet explaining that due to a Russia/Ukraine dispute in the Sea of Azov he would no longer be willing to meet his Russian … Continue reading "Trump Foreign Policy: Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result"

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          Pourquoi les États-Unis ont-ils échoué dans le détroit de Kertch?      Cache   Translate Page      

Il y a des indices qui laissent penser que les Etats-Unis avaient planifié l’incident dans le détroit de Kertch, en coopération avec l’Ukraine, en essayant de pénétrer l’A2/AD russe, par deux avions de reconnaissance de l’US Air Force : un …

          Russia Deploys New S-400 Missiles in Crimea amid Crisis in Ukraine      Cache   Translate Page      

181204-Crimea Missiles-GettyImages-1066354392.jpg

Russian aggression in Ukraine is fulfilling Bible prophecy.

          This Week: Five Events You Need to Know (December 1)      Cache   Translate Page      

5 things.jpg

Russia escalates tensions with Ukraine, Europes next generation combat system, Japanese militarization and more

          12/4/2018: WORLD: TROOPS DEPLOYED TO RUSSIAN BORDER AMID RISING FEARS OF INVASION      Cache   Translate Page      

Ukraine has begun calling up reservists and deploying troops to the border to counter what it says is the growing threat of a Russian invasion. President Petro Poroshenko, who last week declared martial law in 10 regions, announced the moves on Monday...
          Kremlin official backs Trump into a corner on Putin meeting as Mueller encircles president      Cache   Translate Page      
A defiant Russian official said the country will not “beg” Trump for a meeting with Putin.

A defiant Russian official said the country will not “beg” President Donald Trump for a meeting, Bloomberg News reports.

“We won’t beg the American side or impose ourselves,” Kremlin foreign policy aide Yuri Ushakov reportedly said Tuesday. “Now it all depends on the Americans.”

In the wake of his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen pleading guilty to lying about business contacts with Russia on Trump’s behalf, the president canceled his plans to meet privately with Putin at last week’s G20 Summit in Argentina. Trump cited Russian aggression toward Ukraine for the cancelation.

Russian president Vladimir Putin still wanted to meet with his Trump, but after being rebuffed “it’s up to Washington to make the first move,” Bloomberg reported.

“I would underline that there’s no offense taken, just regret,” Ushakov said.

Click here for the full report.

          Here’s why Trump’s proposed Moscow project is even dirtier than it looks      Cache   Translate Page      
Just another real estate deal, you say? Not quite: Trump’s deal with a Kremlin-owned bank was blatantly illegal

Weirdly, it kind of makes sense that Donald Trump's supporters on Fox News and elsewhere are brushing off last week’s revelations about the Trump Tower Moscow deal as a “nothingburger.”

This knee-jerk reaction makes sense because Trump loyalists clearly haven’t been following the ongoing reporting on this story, even though Rupert Murdoch’s own paper, the Wall Street Journal, has been one of many top-shelf publications covering the Trump-Russia saga in granular detail. Simply put: The Red Hats are just now catching up to speed with a story that’s been years in the making. So perhaps their nothingburger meme is just a reflection of being slow on the uptake.

OK, that’s admittedly a generous analysis of what we’re hearing from Trump’s loyalists, especially after it became clear that Trump and his company were engaged in a colossal real estate deal to build what literally would’ve been the tallest building in Russia, with Vladimir Putin as a principal, and that this was negotiated during the same period of time when Putin was engaged in a pervasive military intelligence cyberattack against the United States, with the explicit intention of helping Trump become president.

The most realistic analysis is that Trumpers are being deliberately ignorant about a vast series of crimes with our current president at the center of a nefarious confederacy that could easily be defined as the Trump crime family. This is absolutely a somethingburger, stacked high with all the fixin’s -- and we haven’t really seen the lion's share of the details yet.

Trump supporters have been belittling the news as just another real estate deal by a real estate mogul: Nothing to see here, they say. This would be not unlike calling the U.S. Civil War just another case of “regional tensions.” They fail to grasp that the president repeatedly lied about his ties to Russia, and that he was doing so because he was obviously trying to keep this deal from being revealed to his Republican voters during the Republican primary season in 2015 and 2016.

Even a cursory glance at the record of denials shows that Trump and his surrogates vehemently rebuffed any and all suggestions about business with Russia, as well as earlier reports about Trump Tower Moscow -- now known as the “Moscow Project” -- before it was finally tossed to the back burner in June of 2016 (as far as we know). Anyone existing in the real world can see how the deal and its secrecy, then and now, exposed Trump to potential blackmail by the Russian government, which itself faced a series of economically crippling sanctions by the U.S. and our allies. Consequently, Trump was and is beholden to Putin, with the Moscow Project as at least one of the Russian anvils dangling over the president’s head. And we still don’t know whether the Moscow Project is set to be reanimated after Trump finally leaves office. It could be that Trump is carrying a torch for the project until all this blows over.

But it wasn’t just the overall hush-hush nature of the Moscow Project that poses such a threat to American national security. The true smoking gun at the center of the Trump Tower Moscow prong of the Russia story happens to be a Russian bank known as VTB. Those who haven’t been following the day-to-day developments (hello, Red Hats) might not know that 60 percent of VTB is controlled by the Kremlin.

It turns out that one of Trump’s many shady operatives and hangers-on, Felix Sater, a Russian-born New Yorker with an office in Trump Tower, arranged financing for the Moscow Project. The money was to be put up by VTB, and Trump himself signed a letter of intent to build the skyscraper, complete with a spa facility for Ivanka Trump’s brand and a $50 million penthouse for Putin (priorities, priorities).

VTB’s financing appears to have been locked in around October 2015, while Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU, was busily deploying its attack against the Democrats and the forthcoming American elections.

What the nothingburger crowd won’t say out loud is that VTB has been subject to American sanctions since July 2014, after Putin invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea in the wake of the Sochi Olympics. Simply put, it’s illegal for any Americans or American corporations, including the Trump Organization, to do business with VTB and other entities under sanction. Trump, Cohen and Sater did it anyway.

No wonder Trump and his people wanted to keep the deal secret. Sanctions were potentially violated, and Putin appears to have been bribed with a $50 million apartment. If that’s a nothingburger, I’d hate to see what an actual burger looks like.

This whole arrangement is amplified by the fact that Trump inexplicably admitted last week that the Moscow Project was a real thing, while also not denying any of the related details. To repeat: Trump confessed to the existence of the deal. The Moscow Project, therefore, isn’t “fake news.” The president has confirmed it.

By way of context, couple Trump’s remarkable confession with the rest of Trump’s links to Russia including financing for various Trump projects; campaign personnel links to Putin and other Russia oligarchs -- specifically, convicted hired goons like Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn; alleged links between Russian cash and the Trump Soho property; Trump’s direct link to oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev, who purchased a moldy Trump property in Palm Beach at a significant markup; and so on -- all of which render Trump’s repeated denials intensely laughable. We can expect to hear many more details from Robert Mueller once all this reaches a public conclusion.

Trump is publicly altering American foreign policy toward Russia in order to suit his own financial best interests. But it could be far worse than that. Trump could also be ensnared by Russian kompromat, forcing him to enact policies favorable to Putin and Putin alone (the lifting of sanctions and the penalties in the Magnitsky Act, primarily). Anyone beating the nothingburger meme to death right now isn’t seeing the harrowing big picture -- the criminal and national security ramifications of Trump’s ill-advised alliance with a nation whose government is run by thugs, assassins and thieves. If you’re still unconvinced, go ahead and replace every instance of “Trump” in this article with “Obama” and then tell us again how it’s all a big nothingburger.

           Video: Ukraine border guards on high alert with Russian tension on sea ports       Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine border guard explains the high alert with Russian tension on sea ports at the Sea of Azov.
           Video: Kremlin audio calls accusations 'absurd' against Ukraine sea ports       Cache   Translate Page      
Audio from Kremlin calls accusations 'absurd' for designs on Ukrainian sea ports.
          Putin moving chess pieces to control Black Sea      Cache   Translate Page      

Putin in CrimeaEyeing the current conflict in Ukraine, a national defense analyst says there's no question Vladimir Putin wants to control the Black Sea.

          Ukraine: Porochenko reçoit des proches de marins capturés et premiers signes de détente      Cache   Translate Page      
Le président ukrainien Petro Porochenko a reçu mardi une quinzaine de proches des marins capturés par la Russie lors d'une confrontation maritime fin novembre, promettant de se battre pour leur libération.
          Programmable LED Drivers Market Expectations & Growth Trends Highlighted Until 2028      Cache   Translate Page      

Fact.MR has announced the addition of the “Programmable LED Drivers Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2018 to 2028"report to their offering.

New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2018 -- Global Programmable LED Drivers Market: Overview

Considering the recent adoption of technology in the electronic components the devices are getting smarter than the old ones and becoming more user-friendly regarding operations. Today's LED lighting designers are focusing on maximizing performance of their lighting fixture designs using programmable LED drivers for enhancement in the quality and features of the lights they offer. To sustain this changing scenario, the designers are demanding for more sophisticated technologies such as programmable LED drivers from the power sources they choose. Evolution in the lightening technology is resulting in its increasing applications in the different areas including households to the industrial and for this programmable LED drivers are in constant demand nowadays. Programmable LED drivers are gaining popularity from the past few years as using these drivers the efficient lightening solutions are established. Designers and assembly lines are personalizing the key output characteristics using the programmable LED drivers as it allows the modifications using programming. Applications of programmable LED drivers is expected to increase in different areas as these drivers help in efficiency improvement and are offered with advanced features, which is expected to fuel the growth of the programmable LED drivers market.

Global Programmable LED Drivers Market: Drivers and Restraints

The fact that programmable LED drivers allow the user to control the input and output voltage as well as current and their availability in the wired as well as wireless forms, which is expected to fuel the demand for programmable LED drivers. In addition to this, users can manage the dimming curve for matching the output from the existing luminaires and also programmable LED drivers introduce the flexibility in the platform for new luminaire designs. Programmable LED drivers market is expected to grow at a significant rate over the forecast period due to availability of the advanced features such as auto programming, grouping, step dimming, dim-to-off, DMX address, and others. Manufacturers of the programmable LED drivers are increasingly focusing on development of the drivers as per the industry standards to increase the sale of the programmable LED drivers, which is also expected to drive the demand for programmable LED drivers over the forecast period. The other benefits of using the programmable LED drivers including reducing design time, lead time and inventory are some of the other factors responsible for growing demand for programmable LED drivers over the forecast period. On the other hand, lack of awareness regarding the programmable LED drivers applications in the developing and underdeveloped countries and higher prices are major factors expected to hinder the growth of the market for programmable LED drivers.

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Global Programmable LED Drivers Market: Segmentation

The global programmable LED drivers market is segmented on the basis of sales channel, applications, and regions.

Segmentation Based on Sales Channel:

On the basis of sales channel, the programmable LED drivers market is segmented into OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and aftermarket.

Segmentation Based on Application:

On the basis of application, the programmable LED drivers market is segmented into the areas where programmable LED drivers are used for controlling the lightening appliances. Based on application, the programmable LED drivers market is segmented into office lighting, shop/retail lighting, hospitality and decorative lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, and others.

Segmentation Based on Region:

On the basis of region, the programmable LED drivers market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Eastern Europe, CIS & Russia, Japan, and MEA.

Global Programmable LED Drivers Market: Key Players

Examples of some of the key players in the global programmable LED drivers market include Efore Group, MOONS', MOSO, Hatch Lighting, FULHAM, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Hangzhou Moonlight Box Technology Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Luxdator Electrical Co., Ltd., among others. Programmable LED driver manufacturers are continuously focusing on innovations in their products. This strategy is followed by key programmable LED driver manufacturers for sustaining themselves in the increasing global competition. In addition to this, programmable LED driver manufacturers are focusing on delivering programmable LED drivers to different industries as per their product requirements. In addition to this, the companies are focusing on launching new products to increase the customer base and generate revenue. For example, in February 2017, MOSO launched LHP series, a series of programmable LED drivers. These drivers are offered by company with the warranty period of 5 years, IP67, and these are output programmable using the software.

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Global Programmable LED Drivers Market: Region Wise Outlook

Considering the demand for the programmable LED drivers the APEJ region is expected to grow at significant CAGR over the forecast period due to increasing government initiatives such as smart cities, which is parallel fuelling the demand for smart lights and hence programmable LED drivers. North America and Europe are expected to hold major market shares in terms of revenue generation from the sale of programmable LED drivers as its application in the hospitality and decorative lighting is increasing rapidly in developed countries present in these regions such as the U.S., U.K., and Germany. The demand for programmable LED drivers in Japan and CIS & Russia is expected to increase over the forecast period due to its use in industrial lighting. On the other hand, the MEA programmable LED drivers market is expected to grow at moderate CAGR over the forecast period due to less adoption rate for the more technologically advanced products.

The report covers an exhaustive analysis on:

Market Segments
Market Dynamics
Historical/Actual Market Size, 2013-2017
Market Size & Forecast, 2018 to 2028
Supply & Demand Value Chain
Current Trends/Issues/Challenges
Competition & Companies Involved
Value Chain of the Market
Drivers and Restraints
Regional analysis Includes:

North America
Latin America
Rest of Latin America 
EU – 4 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain)
BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg)
NORDIC (Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden)
Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Czech Rep., etc.)
Rest of Europe
CIS & Russia
Greater China
ASEAN Countries
Rest of APEJ
Middle East & Africa
GCC Countries
South Africa
Rest of MEA
The report is a compilation of first-hand information, qualitative and quantitative assessment by industry analysts, and inputs from industry experts and industry participants across the value chain. The report provides an in-depth analysis of parent market trends, macro-economic indicators, and governing factors, along with market attractiveness as per segment. The report also maps the qualitative impact of various market factors on market segments and geographies.

Report Highlights:

Detailed overview of parent market
Changing market dynamics of the industry
In-depth market segmentation
Historical, current, and projected market size in terms of volume and value
Recent industry trends and developments
Competitive landscape
Strategies of key players and product offerings
Potential and niche segments/regions exhibiting promising growth
A neutral perspective towards market performance
Must-have information for market players to sustain and enhance their market

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          Ticket Admission Systems Market Inclinations & Development Status Highlighted for the Forecast Period Between 2018 to 2028      Cache   Translate Page      

Fact.MR has announced the addition of the “ Ticket Admission Systems Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2018 to 2028"report to their offering.

New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2018 -- Ticket Admission Systems Market: Introduction

Continuous improvements in infrastructure and advancements in automation facilities are the main factors driving the global ticket admission systems market.  The ticket admission systems market is witnessing traction due to its growing usage in multiple interface applications. Ticket admission systems can read multiple configurations, such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and cross section of the barcode. They enhance industry utility. RFID chips installed in cards, tickets or wristbands are used for security, identification, payment and statistical tracking purposes. Ticket admission systems track the number of tickets purchased in real time.  Vendors prefer RFID cards for ticket admission systems since RFID is touch to forge and thus, reduces fraud. Another advantage of ticket admission systems is the use of RFID technology in. RFID tags are easy to read and do not require direct contact with the scanner or reader. Ticket admission systems speed up access at terminals. Ticket admission systems also reduce the manpower required at terminals by automating the security process. Ticket admission systems use RFID readers which use advanced technologies, such as HID and Mifare. HID and Mifare are the contactless technologies used for cashless purchase access control and ticket events. Admission ticket systems are cryptically protected.

Ticket admission systems witness wide applications. Major applications of ticket admission systems include turnstiles and revolving doors, door access control, locker access control, car parking payment access systems, port ACC access control, etc. Turnstile and revolving doors use non-contact RFID systems and are mostly used in high traffic areas, such as airports, banks, sports and concert venues and others. Ticket admission systems (door access control) allow only a specific person to enter based on the protocols entered in the card. Ticket admission systems (locker access control) provide additional security and also monitor the lockers. Ticket admission systems (car parking payment access system) comes different types and are capable of calculating toll, tax, parking time charges and others. Advanced ticket admission systems have multiple types of automated points of access.

Several developments in ticket admission systems with reference to technology, steady growth of the market and recent developments & innovations are among the factors expected to drive the global ticket admission systems market during the forecast period.

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Ticket Admission Systems Market: Drivers and challenges

Continuous developments in ticket admission systems and shift towards automated buildings is driving the global ticket admission systems market. Features, such as reduced manpower, reduced cost, time efficiency, high security, fast ticket validation, real-time tracking, restricted entry on exit points and use of advanced technologies, such as RFID and barcodes, are increasing the adoption of ticket admission systems and also significantly contributing to the growth of global ticket admission systems market. Continuous advancements in infrastructure and public sector, such as railway stations and airport developments, are having a positive impact on the growth of global ticket admission systems market during the forecast period.

The threat of data hacking, ticket admission systems failure during rush hours and card forging are some of the major challenges hindering the growth of the market. However, vendors are continuously focused on the development of advanced ticket admission systems to overcome the above mentioned challenges.

Ticket Admission Systems Market: Segmentation

Segmentation based on the application:

The ticket admission systems market is segmented based on the type of application into turnstile or revolving door, car parking payment access system, locker access, door access, port ACC access and others.

Segmentation based on the component:

The ticket admission systems market is segmented based on the type of component into hardware, software and services. Software segment can further be segmented into on-premise and cloud based.

Segmentation based on the end-user:

The ticket admission systems market is segmented based on end user into airports, stadium, commercial buildings, offices, amusement parks and others.

Ticket Admission Systems Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the ticket admission systems market are Gateway Ticketing Systems, Advance Systems Access Control, Experience, Semnox Solutions Private Limited, Admit One, AuthentiGATE, Q-Systems, Totem Ticketing and Access Solutions, VIVATICKET SPA and Thunder Data Systems, Inc.

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Ticket Admission Systems Market: Regional Overview

North America and Europe are expected to hold major market share in the global ticket admission systems market during the forecast period due to growth of smart cities and the huge number of national events happening in these regions. APEJ is expected to be the fastest growing region during the forecast period due to the continuous developments taking place in developing countries, such as China and India.

The report covers exhaustive analysis on:

Ticket Admission Systems Market Segments

Market Dynamics
Historical Actual Market Size, 2013 - 2017
Market Size & Forecast 2018 to 2028
Value Chain
Market Current Trends/Issues/Challenges
Competition & Companies involved
Market Drivers and Restraints
Regional analysis for Ticket Admission Systems Market includes development in the following regions:

North America
Latin America
Rest of LatAm
EU – 4 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain)
BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg)
NORDIC (Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden)
Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Czech Rep. etc.)
Rest of Europe 
CIS & Russia
Greater China
ASEAN Countries
Rest of APEJ 
Middle East & Africa
GCC Countries
South Africa
Rest of MEA              
The report is a compilation of first-hand information, qualitative & quantitative assessment by industry analysts, as well as inputs from industry experts & industry participants across the value chain. The report provides in-depth analysis of parent market trends, macro-economic indicators and governing factors along with market attractiveness as per segments. The report also maps the qualitative impact of various market factors on market segments and geographies.

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Report Highlights:

Detailed overview of parent market
Changing market dynamics of the industry
In-depth market segmentation
Historical, current and projected market size in terms of value
Recent industry trends and developments
Competitive landscape
Strategies of key players and product offerings
Potential and niche segments/regions exhibiting promising growth
A neutral perspective towards market performance

Must-have information for market players to sustain and enhance their market footprint

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          Make Ukraine Trust Again. Проблема довіри в українському суспільстві      Cache   Translate Page      
Про проблеми довіри в сучасному українському суспільстві.
          Russian threat highest since 2014: Ukraine military chief      Cache   Translate Page      
Russia has been ramping up its forces near the border with Ukraine since August and now poses the greatest military threat since 2014, the year Moscow annexed Crimea, the commander of Ukraine’s armed forces told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday.
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          Kerch Strait attack testifies that Kremlin’s aggression has no limits      Cache   Translate Page      
The leniency of the West encouraged Russia to take its aggression against Ukraine to a new level, writes Mykola Tochytskyi, who puts forward several recommendations. Reported by EurActiv 1 hour ago.
          Larwyn's Linx: Failure Of The 'Blue Wave' Should Be A Warning To Dems About 2020      Cache   Translate Page      
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In this brutally honest portrait, Sergeant Michael Middleton--a now-retired veteran of the LAPD--tells the gripping tale of his two decades on some of the America's meanest streets.
Failure Of The 'Blue Wave' Should Be A Warning To Dems About 2020: J.T. Young
These swing elections may not really be wave elections: Salena Zito
Guardian’s Manafort Tale: Third Try at Creating Collusion Narrative: Margot Cleveland

16 Likely Democratic Presidential Candidates Endorse CAIR: Ryan Mauro
Subversive Congresswoman Swears to “Transform Our Democracy”: S. Noble
Migrants Land Boat on California Beach 100 Miles from Border: Bob Price

Eric Holder-Led Group Releases State Target List Leading Up to 2020: Joe Schoffstall
Brenda Snipes rescinds resignation as Broward County elections chief: Naomi Lim
Curtains for the Clintons: Maureen Dowd

Clinging To Russia Collusion Theory Despite Lack Of Evidence: Mollie Hemingway
California's "High-Speed" Rail Boondoggle Continues: Ace
Did “ballot harvesting,” not a rejection of Trump, cost GOP Orange County?: LI


No New Tariffs: Trump Wins Trade Battle With China: Jason Hopkins
Trump Tweets China To Cut Tax On U.S.-Made Cars, Revs Up Auto Stocks: OAN
Trump to terminate NAFTA, says Congress can choose between replacement or nothing: CTH

Scandal Central

Senator Mark Warner: The SSCI is “Working Closely” With Robert Mueller: CTH
Comey backs off legal challenge to subpoena, says he'll testify to House in private: Melissa Quinn
Sunday Talks: Chairman Goodlatte Discusses Anticipating Comey Testimony: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump Stands His Groun on Climate Change at G-20 Summit: Penny Starr
Qatar announces surprise plan to quit OPEC in January: TheWeek


That Donald Trump, He LIES SO MUCH: Ace
New Democrat Congresswoman: CNN Should Have the Right to Argue in Favor of Genocide: Ace
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CRTV and TheBlaze are merging!: Scoop
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Fears mount: Putin’s Russia poised to seize more of Ukraine?: Joel Gehrke
ISIS Leader Who Beheaded US Aid Worker in 2013 Killed In Drone Strike: Shifra
Panama the new flashpoint in China’s growing presence in Latin America: Wow!

Vandals, or Militants?: Guy Sorman
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'Digital smell' technology could let us transmit odors in online chats: NBC
Scientists more accurately gauge the brightness of the universe: Jon Fingas
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Migrant Caravan Mysteriously Disappears But Leaves Behind Cool Wooden Horse: Babylon Bee
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The Deadliest Operation: Robert Gore

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          Какой налог при купле-продаже авто в Украине 2018-2019      Cache   Translate Page      

Какие налоги придется оплатить при покупке или продаже автомобиля согласно законодательству Украины?

Сообщение Какой налог при купле-продаже авто в Украине 2018-2019 появились сначала на Автоцентр.ua.

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Poroshenko reassures 24 detained Ukrainian servicemen’s relatives that he’s doing everything possible to get them freed.
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What was the Kerch incident really about?
          European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries visits Ukraine      Cache   Translate Page      
The European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki will visit the Ukraine on Thursday 14 February 2013 for a series of discussions on Black Sea regional cooperation in the field of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.
          Bad, Bad, Bad: Ukraine International Airlines (777-200ER) in Economy From Kiev to New York      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine International Airlines was one of my worst-ever coach flights, featuring a subpar hard product, three inoperable lavatories and tasteless food. Pros: the only nonstop flight between Kiev and New York, new cabin and IFE. Cons: everything else.
          Business Unusual: Ukraine International Airlines (777-200ER) in Biz From New York to Kiev      Cache   Translate Page      
For the right fare, business class isn't a bad deal, with friendly crew, decent seat and OK food. Pros: mostly on-the-ball staff, lots of room in the seat, high-quality IFE screen. Cons: few movies or films, bare-bones amenity kit.
          Kievan Rus      Cache   Translate Page      

Kievan Rus (862-1242 CE) was a medieval political federation located in modern-day Belarus, Ukraine, and part of Russia (the latter named for the Rus, a Scandinavian people). The name Kievan Rus is a modern-day (19th century CE) designation but has the same meaning as `land of the Rus’, which is how the region was referred to in the Middle Ages. The Rus ruled from the city of Kiev and so `Kievan Rus&rsquo...
          VAULT Festival Announces its Full 2019 Lineup      Cache   Translate Page      

VAULT Festival, one of the largest curated arts festivals in the world, has announced more than 400 shows for their 2019 programme. Now in its seventh year, VAULT Festival returns to London from 23rd January to 17th March with the best in new writing for theatre and comedy, immersive experiences, cabaret, live performance and late night parties. Their exciting and diverse programme features shows from more than 2,000 artists, with 53% of work being female-led and 25% of work coming from LGBTQIA+ artists. Starting in 2012 with only 25 shows and 7,000 attendees, VAULT Festival has become the fastest growing arts festival in the UK, hosting over 350 shows in 2018 and welcoming more than 70,000 audience members.

In 2019, performances will take place across Waterloo with multiple spaces located underground in the festival's central hub, The Vaults. Other festival venues include London's secret community performance space The Network Theatre, upstairs at The Horse & Stables pub, Granby Place, and the Travelling Through Bookshop on Lower Marsh where you can catch fresh material from television favourites and hot new comics. Unit 9 on Leake Street will be a space dedicated to ground-breaking immersive performances while other pop-up venues include shipping containers, caravans and escape rooms.

For 2019, VAULT Festival is delighted to support two important causes: Help Refugees and All ticket transactions for VAULT Festival will provide audiences with the opportunity to donate to Help Refugees, providing humanitarian aid to displaced people around the world. will host an exclusive stage at The Horse & Stables pub and receive a percentage of ticket sales to support their Team Mum campaign, helping to fund pregnancy services in rural Kenya that offer health information and medical support for new mothers.

VAULT Festival will continue its partnership with WeAreWaterloo, supporting the local community with a range of initiatives aimed at residents and under 25s. The Festival is expanding its engagement scheme with SURGE, a brand new pilot programme of cross-arts projects, working with schools in the area to provide workshops and outreach performances.

Proudly supported by leading theatre publishers and performing rights agents Nick Hern Books, the VAULT Festival New Writers Programme will offer an eight-week practical writing course for prospective writers of any age, enabling them to develop a piece of writing for the stage, culminating in a public showcase in the final week of the Festival. VAULT Festival will also offer up to 10,000 2-4-1 tickets through their Official App Partner Stagedoor.

In collaboration with Meantime Brewing, VAULT Festival will be adding to their array of bars with a specially designed and purpose-built new craft beer bar. Local culinary masters PopCo will be serving up an EU inspired menu. The festival is investing in 12,000 reusable cups to significantly reduce single-use waste, alongside a switchover to paperless tickets, a ban on plastic straws, and a guarantee that all food and beverage packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.

The VAULT Festival team commented, VAULT Festival started as an idea to bring artists and audiences together in an unusual space, in exciting spaces, to see if we could make a new model for the creative industry. A few years later, our audience has stuck with us and grown beyond our wildest hopes. We want VAULT Festival to be the people's festival, designed around the audience, the artists, and our staff, without unfairly disadvantaging any of them. They are the very core of what makes VAULT work, and what makes us special.

Including shows with rubber ducks, 90s RnB, and a border collie, there's something for everyone at VAULT Festival 2019.


Headlining VAULT Festival, the immersive folk opera Counting Sheep returns to the UK for the first time since its award-winning run at Edinburgh Fringe in 2016. A deeply personal retelling of the revolution in Ukraine, the production is an explosive stage experience set to the sounds of Canada's beloved guerilla-folk party-punk band, The Lemon Bucket Orkestra. With interactive staging where audience members are invited to be part of the revolution, Counting Sheep is a striking and visceral exploration of the politics of revolution.

Also running for a full eight weeks, the makers of Counting Sheep present the London premiere of Balaklava Blues - an ethno-bass live set, coupled with archive footage, iconic Soviet cartoons, and the polyphonic blues of the Ukrainian plains.

New Diorama Theatre joins forces with VAULT Festival to showcase some of the UK's most exciting ensemble work. Staging some of their recent Edinburgh hits, the NDT/VAULT Festival Takeover includes A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad), a hilarious yet gut-wrenching story about depression from Olivier award-winning playwright Jon Brittain, Kill the Beast's Director's Cut, an achingly funny comedy staged on the set of a 1970s horror movie; and, winner of a Stage Edinburgh Award, sell-out show Queens of Sheba - a funny, poetic and unflinching look at misogynoir. The season culminates with The Faction reviving their electrifying production of The Talented Mr. Ripley, breathing new life into Patricia Highsmith's extraordinary psychological thriller about an infamous and deadly conman.

Representing the highest calibre of work from the Fringe, VAULT Festival will host the winner of the Summerhall Award, The Myth of the Singular Moment, and Pleasance Award winner, Ladykiller. Born in part out of co-creator Jim Harbourne's experience with Huntington's Disease, The Myth of the Singular Moment is scored by a contemporary folk soundtrack and tells of the choices we make and those we don't as multiple realities coincide and diverge. Ladykiller is a blood-soaked jet-black comedy offering the feminist case for female psychopaths: it's not what it looks like, really, it's not - it was self-defence and, anyway, the woman was asking for it.

And there's more for true crime fans as the macabre finds a spine-chilling home in The Vaults' underground tunnels. Based on the 2010 case, Kompromat follows the final hours of the GCHQ agent murdered and folded into a sports bag. Both assassin and victim find and lose their chance to escape in this tense thriller. Pufferfish is based on the real and astonishing story of Jeffrey Dahmer who took the lives of 17 young men in the 1980s. It digs through the homophobia of the initial reporting of the case and attempts to uncover the links between fear and desire, beauty and horror.

Other theatrical highlights include Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist with Instagram and Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Tom Lenk as Tilda Swinton, who comes to the rescue of a depressed gay man. Physical theatre ensemble The PappyShow present a cycle of plays in an exciting venue takeover including: Boys, a celebration of manhood with the things about boys you never get to see; Girls which explores the complex yet joyous stories of women of all ages; and Care, a touching tribute to the NHS. Orlando from Lucy Roslyn and Josh Roche is the story of Virginia Woolf's character through the sixties, the AIDs crisis and the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando; it interrogates society's insistence on boxing up identities. Irish company MALAPROP's Jericho considers the world we live in and explores wrestling, journalism and confusing entertainment and politics. Katie & Pip is about the relationship between Katie, a Type 1 Diabetic teenager, and Pip, her border collie, trained to save her life on a daily basis. Making an invisible disability visible, it celebrates living life to the full, with help from an actual dog in performance.

Following the recent trend of reclaiming Herstory, VAULT Festival sees several new shows telling the stories of women marginalised by history. 10 is the history of Britain since Boudicca told by ten influential women while Fat Rascal's Galvanise sees three young women rediscover forgotten female leaders from across the world. New musical The Limit puts the self-taught mathematician Sophie Germain centre-stage exploring how she disguised herself as a man to submit work. Lola is the rich feminist unpicking of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita which gives the eponymous character a voice to express her justifiable rage and discuss self-harm, stalking and extremely large breasts.

Family Fun

Bobbing their way back to London, Faceplant Theatre return with One Duck Down, an eco-friendly family comedy inspired by the 7,000 rubber ducks that spilled into the ocean in 1992. Winner of Best Family Show at VAULT Festival 2018, this musical production about oceans and plastic pollution would make David Attenborough proud. Also promoting environmental responsibility with a twinkle in their eye, Blue Planet III is a nature documentary from two interns determined to fight rising sea levels and pollution to film the third series of Blue Planet within a flooded BBC.

Encouraging inclusivity and creativity, Spun Glass Theatre's Princess Charming is a topical exploration of gender identity for children aged seven to eleven. This hilarious play enables them to deeper understand their own identities and, in doing so, break free of gender stereotypes. Singing, dancing and teaching Cantonese vocabulary, Boh Boh Finds Home is the interactive adventure and debut show from Little Bean Theatre which allows families to travel through the galaxy together. How to Date a Magical Creature features a multi-award winning BAFTA and Olivier-winning cast who create a brand-new improvised chat show every night as the most famous fantastical beasties reveal their most intimate secrets and gossip.


Returning for its second year, the VAULT Comedy Festival comes to venues across Waterloo with even more shows, more talent and more brazen humour. With further opportunities to see the start of something special, catch works-in-progress from household favourites like James Acaster, Phil Wang and Desiree Burch and debut hours from the most exciting up and coming acts such as Helen Bauer, Chloe Petts and Kayla Macquarie.

Elf Lyons will channel her inner Elton John to perform Love Songs to Guinea Pigs. With songs about, for and to guinea pigs, Lyons explores love and affection in her most personal show to date. Catherine Bohart presents new work, following her successful debut Immaculate, while Max and Ivan try things with two mics and a projector and Tom Parry celebrates life, love and losing your tie.

There is also the chance to catch critically acclaimed shows, transferring down from the Edinburgh Fringe. William Andrews embraces the Willy he always was, telling remarkable stories with a beguiling blend of daft creativity and ingenuity in Willy. Rob Oldham's Worm's Lament keeps the jokes firing even as he considers politics, youth and death. The endlessly inventive Josh Glanc brings Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chamedian south of the river. The frenetic sketch show Just These, Please uses comic absurdity to take on Bags for Life and Albus Dumbledore while The Free Association are joined by very special guests to create spontaneous and hilarious sketches based on audience suggestions.


Kicking the weekends off with blowout parties and irresistible iniquity, the Festival's series of Lates promises nights of adventure. On Saturday 2nd February, Pecs Drag King Collective will be giving VAULT Festival the chance to be King for a Night. Visit the Mansformation Station to get ready for hot cabaret performances, sweaty dancing, 90s RnB and all your favourite drag kings. Other highlights include a Valentine's Special Eat Your Heart Out! from Shotgun Carousel, the critically acclaimed team behind Divine Proportions. From raunch to romance, it will be one huge celebration of all flavours of feminist love with a multi-room extravaganza of bands, DJs, cabaret and, even, a sham wedding chapel. Rounding off the explosive programme, immersive specialists SPECIFIQ and Rogue Productions return to VAULT Festival with RUCKUS, a raucous St Patrick's Day shindig with a vintage gangster vibe. Join us underground because no one parties like the Irish Mob.

And this is only a taste of the incredible programme, head to for full listings and more information about all the shows heading to Waterloo for the Festival. VAULT Festival promises to set alight your long winter nights in 2019.

          Höre die Stille - Die Schrecken des Krieges      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine 1941: Eine Gruppe deutscher Soldaten sucht tief in feindlichem Gebiet nach Schutz und Essen. Gestrandet in einem kleinen Dorf finden sie dort zu ihrer Überraschung fast nur Frauen vor. Ihre Männer wurden nach Ausbruch des Krieges deportiert oder ermordet. Die Frauen und Soldaten kommen sich voller Hoffnung rasch näher, aber nach einem überraschenden Mord machen sich schnell Zweifel und Misstrauen unter die beiden Gruppen breit. Allmählich, aber unaufhaltsam, geraten die Dinge endgültig ...
          Who America should actually be making friends with      Cache   Translate Page      
The biggest threats to America come from its "friends" One of the local Washington television stations was doing a typical early morning honoring our soldiers schtick just before Thanksgiving. In it soldiers stationed far from home were treated to videolinks so they could talk to their families and everyone could nod happily and wish themselves a wonderful holiday. Not really listening, I became interested when I half heard that the soldier being interviewed was spending his Thanksgiving in Ukraine. It occurred to me that the soldier just might have committed a security faux pas by revealing where he was, but I also recalled that there have been joint military maneuvers as well as some kind of training mission going on in the country, teaching the Ukrainian Army how to use the shiny new sophisticated weapons that the United States was providing it with to defend against "Russian aggression."
          Trump's foreign policy: Do the same thing but expect a different result      Cache   Translate Page      
After a week of insisting that a meeting with Putin on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Argentina was going to happen, President Trump at the last minute sent out a Tweet explaining that due to a Russia/Ukraine dispute in the Sea of Azov he would no longer be willing to meet his Russian counterpart. According to Trump, the meeting had to be cancelled because the Russians seized three Ukrainian naval vessels in Russian waters that refused to follow instructions from the Russian military. But as Pat Buchanan wrote in a recent column: how is this little dispute thousands of miles away any of our business? Unfortunately it is "our business" because of President Obama's foolish idea to overthrow a democratically-elected, pro-Russia government in Ukraine in favor of what his Administration believed would be a "pro-Western" and "pro-NATO" replacement. In short, the Obama Administration did openly to Ukraine what his Democratic Party claims without proof the Russians did to the United...
          Ukrainian police raid Russian Orthodox churches, homes of priests      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukrainian police have searched several Russian Orthodox churches and the homes of Russian Orthodox priests in several cities, amid growing tensions over the fate of Ukraine's competing Orthodox faiths.​ The searches occurred in Kyiv and the nearby Zhytomyr region on December 3 and were part of a criminal investigation into inciting hatred and violence, according to a statement by Ukraine's main security service, the SBU. Comment: Kiev has already become what they allege to hate. They're behaving like the Soviet KGB. A police spokeswoman told AFP that security services were searching homes of priests who are loyal to the Russian branch of the Orthodox Church. The Russian Orthodox Church said a day earlier that more than 20 Orthodox priests had been summoned for questioning by the SBU.
          Typical Trump: Moscow reveals Trump talked with Putin for 10-15 minutes at G20      Cache   Translate Page      
Despite canceling an expected meeting with Vladimir Putin in Argentina, his American counterpart Donald Trump had a brief conversation with him that lasted 10 to 15 minutes, a senior Russian official has claimed. Trump and Putin were supposed to hold bilateral talks on the sidelines of the G20 summit in the Argentinian capital last weekend, but the American president canceled it last minute, citing an earlier incident in the Black Sea involving Ukrainian and Russian military ships. Still, the two leaders had a brief encounter during the event, and it was not initiated by Putin, according to Yury Ushakov, the aide to the Russian president on foreign affairs. "Trump approached our president during a gathering and they had a conversation. Our president has already spoken about it," the official said. He added that Putin explained to Trump Russia's stance on what had happened between Russia and Ukraine in the Kerch Strait, with Trump "hearing out our arguments."
          SOTT FOCUS: Double Standards: Violent Revolution in Ukraine? Of Course! Violent Revolution in France? Rule of Law!      Cache   Translate Page      
When violent protests shook Kiev in 2013, Western analysts and leaders quickly threw their support behind the anti-government 'revolution' - but after weeks of Yellow Vest protests in France, the reaction has been very different. While Western governments and commentators denounced the Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych and urged that he give in to protesters' demands five years ago, this time around, they are denouncing the French protesters and urging President Emmanuel Macron, whose popularity stands at about 25 percent, to stand firm against dissatisfied citizens. Western media coverage has also differed drastically with reports describing French protesters as rioters, while Ukrainian protesters were described as revolutionaries. The contrasting reaction has prompted many to ask the question: If a so-called revolution is allowed to happen (and even applauded) in Ukraine, why not in France?
          Azov Sea tensions: OSCE offers its good offices      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine and Russia should seize the opportunity for dialogue and diplomacy at this week’s annual meeting of Foreign Ministers from countries of the world’s largest regional security organisation, the OSCE, write Enzo Moavero Milanesi and Thomas Greminger. Reported by EurActiv 1 hour ago.
          #traffic - vetaldavydov      Cache   Translate Page      
City life . . . . @kiev @kievdaynight @kyivgo @kyiv @instakiev #kiev #kyiv #ukraine #city #citylight #citylife #cityscape #traffic #light #lights #building #colourfull #colour #colours #life #moment #nightlight #night #nighttown #high #awesome
          12/4/2018: WORLD: TROOPS DEPLOYED TO RUSSIAN BORDER AMID RISING FEARS OF INVASION      Cache   Translate Page      

MOSCOW Ukraine has begun calling up reservists and deploying troops to the border to counter what it says is the growing threat of a Russian invasion. President Petro Poroshenko, who last week declared martial law in 10 regions, announced the moves on...
          Russian delegation briefly walks out of Contact Group meeting to cut off-the-point talk      Cache   Translate Page      
Earlier in the day, Kiev government’s envoy to Contact Group said Russian delegation left the hall during Ukraine's statement on Kerch Strait incident
          Russia's envoy emphasizes need for additional ceasefire monitoring in Donbass      Cache   Translate Page      
According to the politician, additional ceasefire monitoring was particularly necessary as Ukraine’s Armed Forces use unmanned aerial vehicles to target civilian infrastructure facilities in Donbass
          Ukraine, NATO discuss ban on Russia entering ports of ‘civilized countries’      Cache   Translate Page      
The politicians have also discussed the need to put an end to the Nord Stream 2, according to Ukraine's top diplomat
          Unifying assembly of Ukraine’s churches to take place on December 15 — media      Cache   Translate Page      
          Погода на 5 грудня на Буковині      Cache   Translate Page      
Погода на 5 грудня на Буковині

          NATO chief refuses to compare Paris protests to Ukraine’s Maidan      Cache   Translate Page      
          Martial law in Ukraine negative factor for Minsk process, says Russia's envoy      Cache   Translate Page      
Martial law ahead of the elections, declared by the Ukrainian authorities, is a negative factor for the Minsk process, the diplomat noted
          Peut-on faire confiance à RT et Sputnik France pour couvrir la crise Russie-Ukraine? (Pas vraiment)      Cache   Translate Page      
Les tensions entre Moscou et Kiev ont grimpé d’un cran dimanche 25 novembre, lorsque les forces armées russes, avec l’appui du FSB, ont capturé trois navires ukrainiens dans le détroit de Kertch, qui marque la limite entre la mer Noire et la mer d’Azov. Les vingt-quatre marins capturés sont actuellement détenus à Moscou. ... Lire la suite

          Памятник "Прилежный ученик" в г.Волочиск      Cache   Translate Page      

Оценка: 0 / 0 участников / 0 рекомендации / (+0) (-0) качество

Khmelnytskyi region

     Памятник "Прилежный ученик" (маленькому Володе Ульянову) находится на территории общеобразовательной школы I-III степени №1 в городе Волочиск Волочиского района Хмельницкой обла

читать далее

          Часовня на территории районной больницы в г.Волочиск      Cache   Translate Page      

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Khmelnytskyi region

     Часовня находится на территории центральной районной больницы в городе Волочиск Волочискогого района Хмельницкой области.

читать далее

          Fugitive Leader Of Kyrgyzstan's Ethnic Uzbek Community Dies In Ukraine At 62      Cache   Translate Page      
Relatives of Kadyrjan Batyrov, a fugitive leader of the ethnic Uzbek community in Kyrgyzstan, say Batyrov has died in Ukraine after eight years of self-imposed exile.
          Why Studying Medicine in Ukraine is Preferred?      Cache   Translate Page      

Students from all over the world are lured by the top medical universities in Ukraine due to the quality and affordable education. Better PG and Research Options The medical universities in Ukraine are under "Bologna Agreement" according to which the students pursuing MBBS in Ukraine can also study.

          Ukraine president vows to bring home sailors captured by Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
Poroshenko reassures 24 captured Ukrainian servicemen's relatives that he's doing everything possible to get them freed.
          Wag the dog in Ukraine?      Cache   Translate Page      
What was the Kerch incident really about?
          EU economy 'suffering' in Ukraine-Russia tensions, EU diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini says      Cache   Translate Page      
Tensions between Ukraine and Russia off the coast of Crimea are affecting EU economies as European vessels are caught up in delays, the bloc's diplomatic chief warned Wednesday.Russia seized Ukrainian ships and sailors last week and has been accused b
          Финалисты Effie Awards Ukraine 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

По условиям конкурса работы участников оцениваются в три этапа членами жюри Effie Awards Ukraine 2018. В этом году...

Сообщение Финалисты Effie Awards Ukraine 2018 появились сначала на Telekritika.

          Caught in Russia-Ukraine storm: a cargo ship and tonnes of grain      Cache   Translate Page      
When the Island Bay cargo ship arrived from Beirut at the Kerch Strait, gateway to the Azov Sea, it sailed into a perfect storm of geopolitics and bad weather.

          Двигун Стірлінга      Cache   Translate Page      
Запитайте чи ця компанія WispGen- зробила отоплення? Make and apply in Ukraine (for heating ) Робіть і застосовуйте в Україні (для опалення ) Скинь виробникам-двигуна Стірлінга.Можна продавати в ЄС ,Китай ,після перемоги в мордор.
          Двигун Cтірлінга      Cache   Translate Page      
Запитайте чи ця компанія WispGen- зробила отоплення? Make and apply in Ukraine (for heating ) Робіть і застосовуйте в Україні (для опалення ) Скинь виробникам-двигуна Стірлінга.Можна продавати в ЄС ,Китай ,після перемоги в мордор.
          Caught in Russia-Ukraine storm: a cargo ship and tonnes of grain      Cache   Translate Page      
When the Island Bay cargo ship arrived from Beirut at the Kerch Strait, gateway to the Azov Sea, it sailed into a perfect storm of geopolitics and bad weather.
          Russia holds drills in Black Sea region amid Ukraine tensions      Cache   Translate Page      
Russia is holding naval and surface-to-air missile drills in the Black Sea region amid tensions with Ukraine and the West over the capture of three Ukrainian naval ships and their crews off the coast of Crimea last month.
          Caught in Russia-Ukraine storm - a cargo ship and tonnes of grain      Cache   Translate Page      
When the Island Bay cargo ship arrived from Beirut at the Kerch Strait, gateway to the Azov Sea, it sailed into a perfect storm of geopolitics and bad weather.

          Ukraine Security Agency Blames Attempted Cyberattack On Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine's security agency said it has thwarted a massive cyberattack and blamed Russia for the attempted attack that targeted the country's court system.
          Russia holds drills in Black Sea region amid Ukraine tensions      Cache   Translate Page      
Russia is holding naval and surface-to-air missile drills in the Black Sea region amid tensions with Ukraine and the West over the capture of three Ukrainian naval ships and their crews off the coast of Crimea last month.

          Ukraine council to meet on Dec 15 to form independent church - president      Cache   Translate Page      
A Ukrainian church council will meet on Dec. 15 in order to create an independent Orthodox church and elect its leader, President Petro Poroshenko said on Wednesday.

          Russland gestattet Ukraine wieder Zugang zu Häfen      Cache   Translate Page      
Nach der erneuten Konfrontation zwischen Moskau und Kiew im Schwarzen Meer können Schiffe die Meerenge von Kertsch wieder passieren.
          Ukraine Leader Renews Plea to West After Muted Response on Russia      Cache   Translate Page      

Ukraine Leader Renews Plea to West After Muted Response on RussiaWith initial talk of tighter sanctions now fading and Russia so far paying little cost for firing on Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait last month, President Petro Poroshenko reiterated calls for action from the West. “While Western partners make strong statements, Putin acts,” Poroshenko told Bloomberg Television on Tuesday in an interview, urging better cooperation among Ukraine’s partners.

          NATO expansion was the original sin that offended Russia and led to President Trump      Cache   Translate Page      

To the editor: Reporting on the latest developments of the probe into 2016 campaign meddling caused me to imagine what could have been with Russia: non-hostile or even friendly relations with that country.

There would have been no Russian invasion of Ukraine or annexation of Crimea, and no interference...

          A Christmas less ordinary: writers on festive memories and unusual traditions      Cache   Translate Page      

From the scorned vegetarian to the competitive card-maker, four writers reflect on their favourite bygone Christmases and unconventional traditions

Olia Hercules
Growing up in secular Soviet Union, south of Ukraine, Christmas was forbidden. My family never celebrated it. We put up our tree and opened our presents on New Year’s Eve, instead.

But, when I was 10, in post-Soviet 1994, for Christmas, my family decided to take a pilgrimage to the tradition-laden Western Ukraine, a thousand kilometres away. We took a 16-hour train to get there, to discover our roots.

Continue reading...
          Vlasova Named C-USA Tennis Athlete of the Month      Cache   Translate Page      
Nataliia Vlasova (Odessa, Ukraine) of the Old Dominion women's tennis team was named the Conference USA Tennis Athlete of the Month, as announced by league officials on Tuesday afternoon.
          U.S. warns Russia it is ready to abandon key nuclear pact      Cache   Translate Page      

BRUSSELS – The United States warned Russia Tuesday it has 60 days to start complying with a landmark nuclear missile treaty or Washington will abandon the pact, raising concern about Europe’s future security.

At NATO talks in Brussels, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Russia of “cheating at its arms control obligations” under the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. He said in 60 days, Washington would activate a six-month notice period for leaving the pact.

“Our nations have a choice. We either bury our head in the sand or we take common sense action in response to Russia’s flagrant disregard for the expressed terms of the INF Treaty,” Pompeo told reporters.

The U.S. has shared intelligence evidence with its NATO allies that Russia’s new SSC-8 ground-fired cruise missile could give Moscow the ability to launch a nuclear strike in Europe with little or no notice.

The INF is a bilateral treaty between Washington and Moscow that bans all land-based cruise and ballistic missiles with a range between 500 and 5,500 kilometers (310-3,410 miles). Russia says the range of the new system does not exceed 500 kilometers.

Pompeo said Washington “would welcome a Russian change of heart” but that he has seen no indication that Moscow is likely to comply.

U.S. allies in NATO said Tuesday they “strongly support the finding of the United States that Russia is in material breach of its obligations” while Washington is respecting the treaty.

In a statement, NATO foreign ministers also called on Russia “to return urgently to full and verifiable compliance.”

“It’s up to Russia now to preserve the INF Treaty. They have a last chance to show and demonstrate in a verifiable way that they comply with the treaty,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters. “But we also have to prepare for a world without the treaty.”

Stoltenberg said the 29 NATO allies will “collectively develop responses” should the treaty be abandoned, but he declined to say what they might be.

“We have to remember that no arms control agreement will work if it is only respected by one party,” he said.

In Moscow, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters that “Russia strictly complies with the provisions of the treaty, and the American side is aware of that.”

Russia’s actions in Ukraine also came under the spotlight at Tuesday’s NATO meeting.

Stoltenberg accused Russia of using the Crimean Peninsula as a platform to take control of waters off eastern Ukraine, as allies struggled Tuesday to find ways to dissuade Moscow from destabilizing the former Soviet republic.

Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014, sparking NATO’s biggest military buildup in Eastern Europe since the Cold War. On Nov. 25, Russian border guards fired on three Ukrainian navy vessels near Crimea, where Russia’s Black Sea fleet is based. The vessels and the crews were captured.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin appealed for NATO support in the confrontation with Russia over the Black Sea and the adjacent Sea of Azov, a key commercial waterway for the country.

“Four years ago, Russia illegally annexed Crimea. Now Russia is attempting to use Crimea to expand its influence and control of the Sea of Azov,” Stoltenberg said.

But as to what more NATO would do beyond its existing sea patrols and air policing, he said: “There is already a lot of NATO in the Black Sea.”

NATO allies have helped modernize Ukraine’s armed forces and boosted their presence in the Black Sea over the last year, with more ships deployed in the region and more air policing. Three NATO allies on the Black Sea – Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey – are also taking individual measures.

NATO nations, individually and through the European Union, have also imposed economic and other sanctions on Russia since it annexed Crimea, but there is little appetite among the allies to broaden those measures.

Klimkin welcomed the political support he received in Brussels, but said: “We shouldn’t just stay on the level of declarations, however strong declarations are.”

“We need to create a coordinated response to the actions of Russia,” Klimkin said, adding that he raised “a set of practical steps with a number of proposals” at the meeting as to how NATO, Ukraine and Georgia might do that together.

He also suggested a possible ban on Russian ships entering other countries’ ports if Moscow continues to block the Sea of Azov and said he would raise the idea with European Union ministers next week.

Ukrainian authorities said Tuesday that shipping traffic has resumed on the Sea, but a senior U.S. State Department official said that at NATO “no one would see that as a satisfactory move or the end of the matter.”

          U.S., China put brakes on trade dispute with cease-fire      Cache   Translate Page      

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – The United States and China reached a 90-day cease-fire in a trade dispute that has rattled financial markets and threatened world economic growth. The breakthrough came after a dinner meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping at the Group of 20 summit in Buenos Aires.

Trump agreed to hold off on plans to raise tariffs Jan. 1 on $200 billion in Chinese goods. The Chinese agreed to buy a “not yet agreed upon, but very substantial amount of agricultural, energy, industrial” and other products from the United States to reduce America’s huge trade deficit with China, the White House said.

The truce, reached after a dinner of more than two hours Saturday, buys time for the two countries to work out their differences in a dispute over Beijing’s aggressive drive to supplant U.S. technological dominance.

“It’s an incredible deal,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One, adding, “if it happens it goes down as one of the largest deals ever made.”

Trump said: “What I’ll be doing is holding back on tariffs. China will be opening up, China will be getting rid of tariffs. … China will be buying massive amounts of products from us.”

In a long-sought concession to the U.S., China agreed to label fentanyl, the deadly synthetic opioid responsible for tens of thousands of American drug deaths annually, as a controlled substance. And Beijing agreed to reconsider a takeover by U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm that it had previously blocked.

The White House announcement framed a victory for Trump and his unflinching negotiating tactics, securing a commitment from China to engage in talks on key U.S. economic priorities, with little obvious concession by the U.S. Notably, however, the White House appears to be reversing course on its previous threats to tie trade discussions to security concerns, like China’s attempted territorial expansion in the South China Sea.

“It’s great the two sides took advantage of this opportunity to call a truce,” said Andy Rothman, investment strategist at Matthews Asia. “The two sides appear to have had a major change of heart to move away from confrontation toward engagement. This changes the tone and direction of the bilateral conversation.”

The Trump-Xi meeting was the marquee event of Trump’s whirlwind two-day trip to Argentina for the G-20 summit after the president canceled a sit-down with Russian President Vladimir Putin over mounting tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Trump also canceled a Saturday news conference, citing respect for the Bush family following the death of former President George H.W. Bush.

Trump said Bush’s death put a “damper” on what he described as a “very important meeting” with Xi.

The United States and China are locked in a dispute over their trade imbalance and Beijing’s tech policies. Washington accuses China of deploying predatory tactics in its tech drive, including stealing trade secrets and forcing American firms to hand over technology in exchange for access to the Chinese market.

Trump has imposed import taxes on $250 billion in Chinese products – 25 percent on $50 billion worth and 10 percent on the other $200 billion. Trump had planned to raise the tariffs on the $200 billion to 25 percent if he couldn’t get a deal with Xi.

China has already slapped tariffs on $110 billion in U.S. goods.

Under the agreement reached in Buenos Aires, the two countries have 90 days to resolve their differences over Beijing’s tech policies. If they can’t, the higher U.S. tariffs will go into effect on the $200 billion in Chinese imports.

U.S. officials insist that the American economy is more resilient to the tumult than China’s, but they remain anxious of the economic effects of a prolonged showdown – as Trump has made economic growth the benchmark by which he wants his administration judged.

A full-blown resolution was not expected to be reached in Buenos Aires; the issues that divide them are just too difficult.

Growing concerns that the trade war will increasingly hurt corporate earnings and the U.S. economy are a key reason why U.S. stock prices have been sinking this fall.

Joining other forecasters, economists at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development last week downgraded their outlook for global economic growth next year to 3.5 percent from a previous 3.7 percent. In doing so, they cited the trade conflict as well as political uncertainty.

The U.S. and China also made progress on the regulation of fentanyl, which is 50 times more powerful than heroin. U.S. officials for years have been pressing the Chinese government to take a tougher stance against fentanyl, and most U.S. supply of the drug is manufactured in China.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said China’s decision to label the drug as a controlled substance means that “people selling Fentanyl to the United States will be subject to China’s maximum penalty under the law.”

The White House also said that China’s government is “open to approving” the purchase of Dutch semiconductor manufacturer NXP by American chipmaker Qualcomm.

China nixed the proposed takeover earlier this year, citing antitrust concerns, after U.S. and European regulators approved the deal. China’s decision came amid a period of heightening tensions between the U.S. and China over trade and intellectual property issues.

Qualcomm announced it was dropping plans to proceed with the deal after it failed to receive Chinese government approval. It is unclear whether the transaction could be revived even with China’s acquiescence.

In other developments, Trump announced aboard Air Force One on his return to Washington from Buenos Aires that his next meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un would likely happen in January or February. He said there were three sites under consideration, but he declined to name them.

Trump also said he would shortly be providing formal notice to Congress that he will terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement, giving lawmakers six months to approve the replacement he signed Friday. He said lawmakers can choose between the replacement, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or nothing.

          Ukraine resumes grain shipments from Azov Sea       Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine said on Tuesday it had resumed grain shipments from the Azov Sea, blocked for around 10 days after a military standoff with Russia in the Ker
           Comment on Just for perspective as Russia and the Ukraine are on the verge of war…. by SCOTT FREE 🏌️‍♂️🍄👈🏼😆🤣       Cache   Translate Page      
Hey, “Henchman of Justice”, Jeffrey Lytle, whatever your name is you psycho fool. 🤪 Have you slammed any 45-year-old female neighbors’ hands in a gate lately, like you did according to the local media reports in October 2013, including Lost Coast Outpost? And your excuse (lamest excuse for violent psycho behavior this decade) was the woman you assaulted had too many visitors to her home? 🤪👈🏼🐘💩🔥
          What Foreign Threats?      Cache   Translate Page      

One of the local Washington television stations was doing a typical early morning honoring our soldiers schtick just before Thanksgiving. In it soldiers stationed far from home were treated to videolinks so they could talk to their families and everyone could nod happily and wish themselves a wonderful holiday. Not really listening, I became interested when I half heard that the soldier being interviewed was spending his Thanksgiving in Ukraine. It occurred to me that the soldier just might have committed a security faux pas by revealing where he was, but I also recalled that there have been joint military maneuvers as … Continue reading

The post What Foreign Threats? appeared first on LewRockwell.

          Гранти від Європейської комісії на підтримку громадянського суспільства в Україні      Cache   Translate Page      
Європейська коміся оголосила конкурс «Support Civil Society, Local Authorities and Human Rights in Ukraine». Загальна мета цього конкурсу полягає в зростанні ролі громадянського суспільства у сприянні демократичним реформам та комплексному соціально-економічному розвитку в Україні. Дедлайн - 25 січня 2019 р.
                Cache   Translate Page      

Human extinction: Not with a bang but a sore throat...

     I just got a small taste of what it's gonna be like here on Planet Earth in the year 2028 -- and, frankly, it scared the holy crap out of me.  "So.  What happened," you might ask.  Long story.

     First of all, a massive curtain of toxic smoke from that huge NorCal wildfires slowly descended on my own hometown recently.  We all struggled around in gas masks and it became rather hard to breathe.

     Next I foolishly started thinking, "What's a little haze in the air?  I'm young.  I'm strong.  I don't need no stinking gas masks."  Ha.

     And then I got a horrible sore throat.  My eyes watered.  My nose ran.  I constantly coughed.  I took to my bed.  I truly thought that I was going to die.

     But I didn't.

     But I could have.

     And that, dear readers, was my own personal sneak-preview experience of what death by climate catastrophe will be like in the year 2028.

     Your experience could be different, of course.  You could freeze to death -- or drown in a flood or get hit by a tornado.  But for most of us?  It will be one long, painful and ignominious Death by Sore Throat.

PS:  And what will be the main cause of this massive human-extinction event?  No, it won't be because you or I didn't drive a Prius or because we forgot to recycle or even because we took too many jet plane rides on vacation.

     No, Extinction '28 will be mostly caused by all those petty little "wars" that our idiot leaders in Washington DC, London, Tel Aviv and Saudi Arabia are so very fond of.

     Their constant and heartless mega-bombing of Yemen not only murders school children in Sanaa but it also is murdering us too -- only slower.

     Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Palestine, Gaza, Ferguson....  Every single bomb dropped, every single tank on the ground and every single F16 in the air brings all of us just that much closer to Extinction 2028. 

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books. 

          Putin says he won’t take Ukrainian leader’s calls      Cache   Translate Page      
Russian President Vladimir Putin has acknowledged that he is not taking calls from the Ukrainian leader. The long-simmering conflict between Russia and Ukraine burst into open on Nov. 25 when … Click to Continue »
          Key Ukrainian church gathering slated for next week      Cache   Translate Page      
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Wednesday that local Orthodox communities will gather for a summit next week that is expected to form a new, independent Ukrainian church.The Ecumenical Patriarchate...
          Putin says he won't take Ukrainian leader's calls      Cache   Translate Page      
MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has acknowledged that he is not taking calls from the Ukrainian leader.The long-simmering conflict between Russia and Ukraine burst into open on Nov. 25 when the Russian coast guard...
          UKRAINE CALLS UP RESERVES AMID TENSIONS WITH RUSSIA: Here’s part of a report from the Associated Pre…      Cache   Translate Page      
UKRAINE CALLS UP RESERVES AMID TENSIONS WITH RUSSIA: Here’s part of a report from the Associated Press. Ukraine’s president on Monday announced a partial call-up of reservists for training amid tensions with Russia, saying the country needs to beef up its defenses to counter the threat of a Russian invasion. The Kremlin dismissed the Ukrainian leader’s statement as an “absurd” attempt to inflame tensions. Relations between the two neighbors have been strained further following a Nov. 25 incident in which the Russian coast guard fired upon and seized three Ukrainian naval vessels and their crews off the Crimean Peninsula that Russia annexed from Ukraine. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko responded by introducing martial law for 30 days in much of Ukraine. For the duration of martial law, Ukrainian authorities barred entry to all Russian males aged 16 to 60 in a move the Ukrainian leader said was needed to prevent Russia from further destabilizing…
          Decimal numbers with comma fail validation in German or Turkish      Cache   Translate Page      


I have Language option in my project with localization. 

if I use  type="number" in Turkish Or German I get this error that "Please enter a number". Number is 1,5

if I use English, I mean 1.2 in Enlish, there is no problem ?

how to fix it ? why I can not use type="number"

public decimal Price { get; set; }
<div class="form-group">
   <label asp-for="Price"></label>
   <input asp-for="Price" class="form-control" type="number"/>
   <span asp-validation-for="Price" class="text-danger"></span>

in Turkish and Germany, Decimal Symbol is comma and 

Digit grouping symbol is dot/full stop

The following examples show the decimal separator and the thousands separator in various countries.

Style Countries
1,234,567.89 Canada (English-speaking; unofficial), China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, México, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.
1234567.89 SI style (English version), Australia, Canada (English-speaking), China, Sri Lanka, Switzerland (officially encouraged for currency numbers only[40]).
1234567,89 SI style (French version), Albania, Belgium (French), Bulgaria, Canada (French-speaking), Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Latin Europe, Norway, Peru, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland (officially encouraged, except currency numbers[40]), Ukraine.
1,234,567·89 Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom (older, typically hand written)[41]
1.234.567,89 Argentina, Austria, Belgium (Dutch: most common), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia,[42][43] Denmark, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain,[44]Turkey, Vietnam.
12,34,567.89 Bangladesh, India (see Indian Numbering System).
1'234'567.89 Switzerland (computing), Liechtenstein.
1'234'567,89 Switzerland (handwriting).
1.234.567'89 Spain (handwriting).
123,4567.89 China (based on powers of 10 000—see Chinese numerals).

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Nation States and Nationalism helped people come out from under the control of 19th century Imperialism. The idea of having localised control over your world is a good thing. Today Nationalism has been tarred with the idea it is equal to fascism or racism when this is not necessarily true.

Furthermore, homogeneous societies, that are not split with religious or cultural divisions, don't have the people turn against each other when times go bad. They turn against the Government. This is why divided societies are good for the power elite - it's helps keep people are each other rather than at the root cause of their problems.


Revolution in Ukraine? Yes, please! Revolution in France? Rule of law!

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, December 6th, 2018.]
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Президент Украины Петр Порошенко заявил, что считает правильным решением запрет в стране российских телеканалов и социальных сетей "ВКонтакте" и "Одноклассники", передает УНН. По его словам, у руководства страны есть доказательства того, что российские социальные сети являются базой данных, которая используется российской службой безопасности. Также он отметил, что российские телеканалы являются не средствами массовой информации, а "пропагандой […]

Сообщение Порошенко поделился мыслями о запрете соцсетей в Украине появились сначала на ВСЛУХ - интернет-газета.

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Автор: Dimitriy
Добавлено: 05.12.2018 12:27 (GMT 3)

"Соли у нас хватит на 2,5 тысячи лет военного положения", - Порошенко

Материал полностью.


Опубликовано: 5 дек. 2018 г.
Источник видео.


Опубликовано: 28 нояб. 2018 г.
Источник видео.

Реклама Агрессии.

С сожалением и отраслевыми ожиданиями, Dimitriy.

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В Украине продают Tesla Model X для бедных

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Thượng nghị sĩ Mỹ Barrasso kêu gọi phô trương vũ lực bằng cách phái các tàu Hải quân Mỹ và NATO tới Biển Đen.NATO toan tính phái hạm đội đến Biển Đen, Nga hắng giọng: "Sẵn sàng đánh trả nếu cần!"Lời kêu gọi của thượng nghị sĩ Mỹ - phái hạm đội Mỹ và NATO tới Biển Đen - liên quan đến mong muốn của Washington nhằm biến toàn bộ Ukraine thành một điểm nóng mới, người đứng đầu Phong trào Hỗ trợ Hạm đội Toàn Nga -  thuyền trưởng Mikhail Nenashev nhận định.Trước đó, thượng nghị sĩ Barrasso kêu gọi phô trương vũ lực bằng cách phái các tàu Hải quân Mỹ và NATO tới Biển Đen. Ông...
          Карьера в IT: должность Embedded-разработчик      Cache   Translate Page      

Продолжаем серию «Карьера в IT»: на этот раз поговорим о позиции Embedded-разработчика. Это специалист, который занимается разработкой встроенного ПО.

По данным DOU, среднему украинскому Embedded-разработчику 30 лет, он имеет опыт работы 5-6 лет и получает $880 на уровне Junior, $1750 на уровне Middle и $3500 на уровне Senior. Зарплата тим- и техлидов — около $4200.

Об особенностях своей специальности нам рассказали Embedded-разработчики из компаний Celeno, eZLO Smart Home Automation, GlobalLogic, Ring Ukraine, TowerIQ и Ubiquiti Labs Ukraine.

Задачи и обязанности

Embedded-разработчик работает со встроенными устройствами. Встраиваемая система — это та, которая работает под управлением компьютера. То есть под это определение попадают все девайсы и гаджеты, оснащенные аппаратной платформой.

По сути, эта специальность лежит на стыке программирования и аппаратной инженерии. Задачи бывают разными — от разработки драйвера для какого-то модуля до интеграции кода с существующим ПО. Все зависит от конкретного проекта. Иногда обязанности ограничиваются только работой с платой, а иногда Embedded-разработчики принимают участие в написании бизнес-логики продукта или разработке самого «железа».

«Я адаптирую код к прошивке камеры и улучшаю работу существующего кода. Много общаюсь с коллегами со всего мира, чтобы вместе эффективнее решать задачи». (Александр, Ubiquiti Labs Ukraine)

В отличие от классических Software программистов, Embedded-разработчики работают не только с кодом, но и с «железом».

«Объясню суть своей работы на примере нашего проекта. В Японии выпускают „железо“, которое должно стать частью автомобиля. Наш эксперт едет на завод в Японию и делает все, чтобы Android с периферийной платой заказчика ожил. Дальше „железо“ попадает к нам в офис. Мы занимаемся всем — от момента включения устройства и заканчивая пользовательским интерфейсом. Будь то kernel, драйвер, демон или красивая анимация при нажатии на кнопочку». (Денис Глусский, GlobalLogic)

Главный вызов Embedded-разработчика в начале проекта — правильно выбрать аппаратную платформу, на которой всё будет реализовываться. Если этот выбор окажется неправильным и аппаратных средств платформы не хватит, придется начинать работу с нуля на новой платформе. Если же, наоборот, аппаратная платформа была выбрана со слишком большим запасом, конечный продукт получится более дорогим, чем мог бы быть.

Следующая задача — выбор и адаптация существующих реализованных алгоритмов под ограниченные ресурсы выбранной платформы. Для этого нужны навыки Kernel, System и Application-инженерии в одном лице.

«Прежде чем начинать программировать, Embedded-разработчик должен обеспечить себе базовую функциональность. Заставить плату работать, запустить начальный загрузчик, написать или обновить какие-нибудь драйвера. Часто это приходится делать без какой-либо поддержки со стороны софта: для отладки используется не отладчик и даже не серийная консоль, а мигание светодиодом на плате или анализ сигналов осциллографом. Недаром у эмбеддеров „Hello, World!“ — это помигать светодиодом на новой плате». (Андрей Лукин, GlobalLogic)

Примеры Embedded-систем (image source)

Embedded-разработчик не работает с интерфейсом пользователя, базами данных или файлами сложных форматов. Как правило, все его внимание сосредоточено вокруг «железа» и его характеристик, например: мощности процессора и количества памяти. Из-за особенностей среды эти ресурсы всегда ограничены. А потому приходится делать упор на оптимизации по памяти, производительности, а также энергопотребление.

«В Embedded крайне важно уделять внимание вопросам надежности и долговременной автономности, так как продукт может годами работать без внимания пользователя. Нужно учитывать крэши, пропадания или ослабления питания, перевод дат и прочее. Существенную роль играет автоматическая процедура обновления ПО и его компонентов — например, обновления SSL сертификатов». (Александр С. и Александр Е., Celeno)
«Работая с платами, девайсами, микроконтроллерами, Embedded-разработчик тесно сотрудничает с hardware-командой. Это помощь не только в подборе компонентной базы, но и в принятии архитектурных решений: от того, как спроектировать систему или какие интерфейсы использовать, — и до того, какой сенсор на какую шину посадить». (Вадим Ткачук, Ring Ukraine)

Еще одна специфика Embedded — необходимость работать с различными устройствами. Обычный программист может разработать софт на своем компьютере и там же заняться запуском или дебагом. У Embedded-разработчика такой возможности, как правило, нет. Для разработки и тестирования ему необходимо иметь при себе свое устройство. Сначала он компилирует код на своем компьютере, потом заливает на девайс и уже там запускает.

Типичный рабочий день Embedded-разработчика включает в себя:

  • работу с «железом»;
  • работу с кодом;
  • отладку;
  • тестирование;
  • изучение документации;
  • митинги и созвоны с коллегами.

Конкретные активности зависят от специфики проекта, а также методологий и практик, которым следует команда. Вот несколько разных сценариев:

«В Embedded меньше времени уходит на написание кода и больше, к примеру, на ту же отладку. Вполне привычная ситуация: Embedded-разработчик пишет 10-20 строчек кода, а весь оставшийся день тратит на выяснение причин, по которым он не работает. Ведь приходится иметь дело с разными производителями, разными микроконтроллерами, разными чипами — и у каждого своя имплементация. К тому же на некоторые компоненты нет хорошей документации. Приходится искать форумы, узнавать, не сталкивался ли кто-то с аналогичными проблемами. Нередко в таких случаях доходит до подключения более серьезного дебага, осциллографа, логического анализатора. Такой глубокий анализ может занять весь день». (Вадим Ткачук, Ring Ukraine)
«По моему опыту, на написание кода у Embedded-разработчика уходит максимум 30% рабочего времени. До 50% всего времени занимают исследования сути проблемы, которую нужно решить. Остальное — дебаг». (Виктор Семенов, TowerIQ)
«На текущем проекте я занимаюсь интеграцией кода от 5 разных Software house в одно целое. Около 40% времени уходит на на интеграцию, 30% — на код ревью, 20% — на деловую переписку и 10% — на рефакторинг и улучшения. До позиции интегратора 60% времени занимался написанием кода, 20% — интеграцией, 10% — код ревью, 10% — рефакторингом и прочими улучшениями. В любом случае около 4-х часов в неделю трачу на чтение статей и изучение исходного кода AOSP. Обычно делаю это во время сборки проекта». (Денис Глусский, GlobalLogic)
«Иногда нужно просидеть пару дней в окружении электрических схем, файлов печатных плат и контрольно-измерительного оборудования в поисках неисправности или пути оптимизации работы какого-либо узла. Если аппаратная часть отлажена, можно весь день писать код, прерываясь на разного рода митинги и обсуждения. Также время от времени появляются задачи, связанные с настройкой рабочего окружения и оптимизацией процесса разработки, чтением и написанием документации или тестированием. В среднем по времени 50-60% времени уходит на написание кода, 30-40% — на тестирование и 10% — на различные митинги и обсуждения». (Владимир Свистельников, eZLO Smart Home Automation)

Меняются задачи и на разных стадиях жизненного цикла продукта:

«Чем больше работаешь с устройством, тем больше времени занимает работа, собственно, с кодом. В самом начале вообще вряд ли кодишь, больше разбираешься в документации, читаешь принципиальные схемы, если есть. Уточняешь требования с заказчиком. Потом много времени может уходить на пересборку операционных систем. Под конец проекта больше всего времени, по-хорошему, уходит на тесты». (Андрей Лукин, GlobalLogic)

Иногда Embedded-разработчикам приходится самим брать в руки паяльник — например, если нужно срочно припаять какой-то проводок или кнопку на плату.

Преимущества и недостатки

Embedded-разработчиков привлекает эта специализация тем, что позволяет не просто увидеть, но и и «пощупать» результаты своей работы. В Embedded идут инженеры, которым интересно работать с «железом», микросхемами и низкоуровневыми деталями.

«Мне нравится создавать новые вещи физического мира. К примеру, раньше смартфонов не было, а теперь они есть. Раньше вы платили в метро жетонами, сейчас смартфоном. Еще один плюс профессии — ее востребованность. Принимая участие в найме персонала, я понял, что рынок сильно нуждается в квалифицированных Embedded-разработчиках». (Виктор Семенов, TowerIQ)

«В Embedded меня всегда привлекало „железо“. То, что ты можешь потрогать результат своей работы, а он тебе каким-нибудь диодиком подмигнёт». (Андрей Лукин, GlobalLogic)

«Embedded привлекателен для тех, кто желает видеть результаты своего труда, свой код, оживляющий изначально мертвое, неподвижное железо. Вряд ли эта профессия подойдет любителям высоких объектно-ориентированных абстракций и теоретикам». (Александр С. и Александр Е., Celeno)

«Embedded-разработчик каждый день делает то, что до него никто не делал. Ты приходишь на работу — и завертелось то, что без тебя никогда бы не завертелось. Это довольно круто. Льстит самолюбию. Лично я по образованию радиоинженер, потому писать программы для меня было логичным развитием моих знаний о электронике и радиотехнике». (Максим, Ubiquiti Labs Ukraine)

«Я по образованию инженер-электрик и поначалу в основном занимался электроникой. Но с течением времени стал больше увлекаться программированием. Мне нравится возможность вдохнуть жизнь в железяку, посмотреть, как бегают электроны». (Виталий Васильский, GlobalLogic)

Работа с Embedded-системой (image source)

Среди минусов профессии Embedded-разработчики отмечают проблемы с отладкой, узкую специализацию, а также сложности в том, чтобы организовать удаленную работу:

«Сложность работы очень высока. Помимо программирования нужно знать аппаратуру. Чем ближе к аппаратному уровню, тем меньше ресурсов для отладки. Вплоть до того, что с определенного уровня программные средства отладки уже невозможно использовать, и нужен уже аппаратный отладчик. С этим всем нужно уметь работать». (Виталий Васильский, GlobalLogic)

«Есть не недостатки, но некоторые сложности. Например, то „железо“, которое вы используете, может быть экспериментальным. Если это engineering-образец, он часто глючит сам по себе — и без вашего кода. Это необходимо учитывать при отладке». (Александр С. и Александр Е., Celeno)

«Бывает, ты целый год разрабатываешь определенную прошивку для устройства какого-то специфического производителя. К концу проекта уже знаешь его досконально. Но проект заканчивается, и в следующем тебе дают процессор другого производителя. Принципы одни и те же, но все равно приходится разбираться заново. Получать новые знания, которые, вероятно, в дальнейшем тебе не пригодятся, — это бывает не так интересно, как кажется со стороны». (Вадим Ткачук, Ring Ukraine)

«Embedded-разработчику, который занимается низкоуровневой разработкой под микроконтроллеры, практически невозможно работать удалённо. При большом желании такую работу найти можно, но вам всё равно нужно будет обустроить рабочее место дома или ещё где-то. А также придется самостоятельно снабжать себя вспомогательными инструментами: отладочными платами, кабелями, переходниками, принадлежностями для пайки. Так что работать с ноутбуком сидя на пляже — не получится». (Виктор Семенов, TowerIQ)

Как стать и куда двигаться дальше

Чтобы стать Embedded-разработчиком, необходимо быть знакомым с базовыми понятиями электроники и электротехники, иметь хорошие знания аппаратной части, понимать работу сетей. Понадобятся знания схемотехники, теории обработки сигналов, математики, алгоритмов, Linux OS и языков программирования С и С++.

Начать изучение специальности можно с книг «Искусство схемотехники» Хоровица и Хилла, «Архитектура компьютера», «Компьютерные сети» и «Операционные системы» Эндрю Таненбаума. В Embedded-разработке не обойтись без фундаментальных знаний по компьютерным наукам.

Для более детального знакомства с устройствами придется изучать документацию к разным составляющим «железа». Для этого понадобится знание английского — все руководства пользователя, как правило, написаны на нем.

«Документация — наше всё, если она есть :) Например, руководство Programmers Guide для процессора ARMv8-A занимает 296 страниц и описывает лишь основы. А Architecture Reference Manual для него же — уже 6354 страниц». (Андрей Лукин, GlobalLogic)
«Обязательно стоит посвящать время изучению форумов и community-порталов. По возможности посещайте различного рода ивенты, смотрите вебинары, следите за трендами». (Владимир Свистельников, eZLO Smart Home Automation)

Чтобы закрепить знания на практике, Embedded-разработчики советуют придумывать и разрабатывать собственные проекты:

«Для получения опыта и знаний я рекомендую сделать собственный сложный проект, включающий разработку платы, программирование, дебаг и калибровку. К примеру, я делал самодельный квадрокоптер. Во время разработки узнал множество фундаментальных вещей. После того, как он полетел, уже ничего не страшно :)» (Виктор Семенов, TowerIQ)
«Попробуйте собрать какую-то схему или готовый набор вроде Arduino. Это поможет освоить базовые шины обмена данными и поработать с периферией. Придумайте себе задание — к примеру, подключить к схеме датчики и написать программу, которая будет обрабатывать их сигналы. В том же Arduino есть много библиотек для работы с шинами, датчиками, клавиатурой — сначала можно использовать их. А затем попробуйте написать все драйвера самостоятельно. Следующий шаг — работа с Raspberry Pi. После такой практики можно подавать резюме в компании». (Александр, Ubiquiti Labs Ukraine)

Платформа Raspberry Pi (image source)

Из личных качеств важны:

  • целеустремленность;
  • аналитический склад ума;
  • тяга к неизведанному;
  • внимание к деталям;
  • ответственность;
  • усидчивость.

Также понадобится широкий кругозор в предметной области продукта, над которым вы планируете работать.

«Вы не напишите программу для стирки кружевного белья в машинке без знаний о текстиле и швейном деле. Не напишите ПО для станции автоматического полива растений без знаний по биологии. А ведь кто-то пишет программы для аппаратов УЗИ, для исследований слуха, зрения. В этом случае разработчик должен руководствоваться той же клятвой Гиппократа, не так ли?» (Максим, Ubiquiti Labs Ukraine)

Возможные карьерные пути Embedded-разработчика:

  • развиваться как Embedded-разработчик, изучая новые направления встраиваемых систем;
  • стать архитектором Embedded-решений;
  • перейти в менеджмент — стать тимлидом команды или СТО компании;
  • попробовать себя в смежных отраслях — например, телекоме или инфраструктурной архитектуре.
«Куда дальше? Строить космические корабли, например. Вообще, прогресс постоянно держит в тонусе, спрос на Embedded-решения растет. Кстати, использовать свои знания можно и для личных целей. Мой знакомый построил себе автоматизированную теплицу. Система выполняет все необходимые действия сама, а он приезжает исключительно собрать урожай». (Денис Глусский, GlobalLogic)

          DOU Проектор: OurSQL – реплікація баз даних MySQL із використанням Blockchain      Cache   Translate Page      

У рубриці DOU Проектор всі охочі можуть презентувати свій продукт (як стартап, так і ламповий pet-проект). Якщо вам є про що розповісти — запрошуємо взяти участь. Якщо ні — можливо, серія надихне на створення власного made in Ukraine продукту. Питання і заявки на участь надсилайте на

Я — Роман Гелемб’юк з Івано-Франківська. Уже більше 17 років займаюся програмуванням. Основні технології — PHP та Golang. Як порядний IT-шник я маю свої pet-проекти. Наразі мене цікавлять децентралізовані бази даних та блокчейн-технології.

Хочу розповісти про свій проект OurSQL. Це, свого роду, розширення MySQL, яке дозволяє створити децентралізовану базу даних без вузлів із «особливими» правами.


Спочатку була ідея створити децентралізовану платформу для громадянського суспільства. Щось типу соціальної мережі, але децентралізовану, без «адміна», «власника» і модераторів, із можливостями вести конструктивний діалог, водночас.

Першою прийшла ідея використати блокчейн як базу, але весь механізм виглядав занадто складним. Потім ідея еволюціонувала в більш вузьку — створити універсальну платформу для децентралізованих баз даних. А тоді вже на цій базі можна буде робити все інше, концентруючись лише на бізнес-логіці самої соціальної мережі.

Огляд готових рішень для децентралізованих ДБ не дав результатів, фактично є лише BighainDB (на базі MongoDB). Насправді ж вона не виконує обіцяного, хоч і є розрекламованою та популярною. Слід відзначити проект, який у той час видався мені занадто складним для використання. Напевно, для корпорацій він буде найкращим вибором, але не для малих компаній чи одинаків.

Процес розробки

Задача була створити інструмент для реплікації баз SQL-даних повністю децентралізованим способом, без будь-яких master вузлів.

Вибір технології був простим. Поки що єдиним рішенням, яке довело свою ефективність для таких задач, є Blockchain. Тому я почав вивчати цю технологію на прикладі створення криптовалюти. Для розробки я вибрав Golang. Основна причина — я давно хотів отримати реальний досвід на цій мові програмування із великим проектом.

У результаті написав спрощений клон bitcoin на Golang із нуля. Він робочий, хоча підтримувати я його не планую.

Далі на базі коду democoin був створений OurSQL — проксі-сервер MySQL, який фільтрує SQL-запити, перевіряє можливість виконання, конвертує SQL у блокчейн-транзакції, будує блоки (для блокчейну), відправляє блоки та транзакції іншим нодам (іншим серверам OurSQL в межах однієї бази даних) і ті, в свою чергу, роблять відповідні оновлення у своїх локальних копіях MySQL-баз.

Назва OurSQL народилася сама собою. MySQL — для моєї бази даних, а OurSQL — для нашої бази даних. У процесі довелося вивчити протокол MySQL клієнта, детально розібратися у всіх нюансах шифрування та електронних підписів у різних мовах програмування та бібліотеках та інше.

OurSQL = MySQL + Blockchain: як це працює

OurSQL — це окремий сервер, який має два основні компоненти: MySQL проксі-сервер та власне Blockchain-сервер.

Кожен екземпляр OurSQL («нода») працює із єдиною базою MySQL. У цій базі одночасно зберігаються дані разом зі спеціальними таблицями, у яких збережено інформацію про сам блокчейн. SQL-запити надходять через проксі-сервер і далі аналізуються. Якщо це Update запит, відбувається перевірка можливості виконання такого запиту. Ця перевірка відбудеться згідно з правилами консенсусу, які діють у цій базі даних.

Якщо запит може бути виконаний, він виконається, і на основі цього запиту буде побудована транзакція. Далі все відбувається так само, як і в інших блокчейнах.

Нова транзакція додається до «пулу» транзакцій — тимчасового місця зберігання ще не підтверджених транзакцій. Також ця транзакція буде відправлена до всіх інших відомих нодів. Ті, у свою чергу, перевірять її ще раз і виконають. Коли в пулі набереться достатня кількість транзакцій, буде побудовано блок із допомогою правила Proof of Work (так само, як у біткоін). Нода, яка першою побудує блок, надсилає його всім іншим нодам.

Із допомогою OurSQL можна створити базу даних. Проте сама по собі база даних не є дуже корисною. Як і випадку зі звичайними базами даних, потрібен «інтерфейс». Тобто якись додаток, що буде виконувати основну роботу і зберігати потрібні дані в децентралізованій базі даних.

Сам по собі цей додаток може бути створений із будь-якою технологією, яка вміє зберігати дані в MySQL. Це може бути desktop application чи web application, запущений на локальному сервері.

При написанні коду додатка можна зосередитися виключно на бізнес-логіці, не думаючи про особливості синхронізації змін у базі даних. Просто підключаємося до бази через проксі через стандартну MySQL client бібліотеку, яка є в кожній мові програмування, і вносимо необхідні зміни в базу, коли потрібно. Звичайно, зміни мають відповідати логіці децентралізованої мережі та відповідати правилам консенсусу.

Кожен користувач децентралізованої системи повинен отримати свою копію додатка в «пакеті». Цей пакет включає: MySQL-сервер, OurSQL-сервер, конфігураційний файл із описом правил консенсусу і, власне, сам додаток.

Проте можливим є і створення «легких клієнтів». Тобто додатків, які не містять у собі повноцінної ноди, а працюють із одною із доступних віддалених нод. У цьому випадку доведеться з’єднуватися із віддаленою базою даних. Або робити додатковий «шар» у вигляді REST API.

При цьому виконання будь-яких змін вимагає двох кроків — запит за даними для транзакції, підпис (криптопідпис) даних ключами та виконання ще одного запиту із уже підписаною командою.


Кожна база даних створена із OurSQL отримує свою криптовалюту як «побічний ефект». За створення блоку відповідна нода отримує винагороду. Певну кількість одиниць криптовалюти. Потім цю валюту можна переслати на інші «гаманці» (чи адреси, чи публічні ключі). Кожна нода отримує гаманець при створенні, однак можна додавати необмежену кількість інших гаманців. У плані «криптовалюти» все працює, як у bitcoin.

Використання криптовалюти не є обов’язковим. Ці дані можна просто ігнорувати (у майбутньому зроблю можливість відключити взагалі). Проте внутрішня криптовалюта має певні корисні застосування. Наприклад, є можливість вказати «ціну змін» для конкретних типів SQL-запитів та конкретних таблиць. Це один із інструментів контролю над цілісністю бази даних. Оскільки ми говоримо про базу даних, яка може бути доступна для запису анонімним користувачам, завжди є спокуса все витерти або щось лишнє дописати. Один із способів контролю — плата за транзакцію із використанням внутрішньої валюти.

Як OurSQL зв’язаний із bitcoin та ethereum

Ніяк, за винятком використання такої самої технології «блокчейн». Але із конкретними відомими публічними блокчейнами OurSQL ніяк не пов’язаний.

Кожна база даних створена і підтримувана із OurSQL — це повністю окремий, новий блокчейн, що володіє власною криптовалютою, яка працює лише в межах цієї бази даних. Також вона не має відношення до «смарт-контрактів», хоча кожну базу даних та додаток, який її використовує можна розглядати як один великий «смарт-контракт» — єдиний на цьому блокчейні.

Де використовувати OurSQL

OurSQL може підійти для створення практично будь-якого децентралізованого додатка. Тобто якщо немає можливості створити традиційний цетралізований додаток, наприклад, через нестачу довіри до потенційного «адміністратора» цього додатка, є сенс подумати над децентралізованою системою.


  • Децентралізована соціальна мережа, оскільки ми не довіряємо Facebook.
  • Нове покоління фінансових інструментів, які, крім криптовалюти, мають свій внутрішній «суд», «регулятор» та інші «інститути» криптодемократії, адже ми хочемо незалежну світову валюту. Однак перший досвід не дуже успішний, потрібна регуляція та спосіб вирішення конфліктів.
  • Децентралізовані платформи для меритократії.
  • Децентралізовані месенджери (в яких платформа потрібна лише для пошуку контактів, а сама комунікація вже напряму), оскільки традиційні месенджери контролюються спецслужбами.
  • Платформи для «горизонтальних» об’єднань громадян, адже створення традиційних партій чи об’єднань вимагає довіри, а її часто немає.

Blockchain consensus

Алгоритм консенсусу є центральним поняттям в технології blockchain. Наразі OurSQL підтримує лише найпопулярніший і найнадійніший підхід — Proof of Work, аналогічний bitcoin та більшості популярних криптовалют. Кожна база даних має спеціальний файл — ConsensusConfig, у якому описано параметри для Proof of Work: складність пошуку хешу блока, кількість транзакцій у блоці, винагорода «майнеру» в монетах внутрішньої криптовалюти та ін.

Також налаштування консенсусу включають правила змін в базі даних — список таблиць, які не синхронізуються, заборона оновлень певних типів для певних таблиць (наприклад: заборона видаляти рядки із певної таблиці).

Водночас це можливість встановити «вартість» певних операцій у внутрішній валюті, що уможливлює запобігання «несанкціонованого» коригування даних та різного роду флуду даними і т. д.

Також у майбутньому я планую створити підтримку «модуля консенсусу» для кожної бази даних. Відтак розробник бази даних зможе описати максимально гнучкі правила консенсусу використовуючи програмування, а не лише конфігурування певного алгоритму.

Як спробувати OurSQL

Інсталяційного пакету поки що немає. Є 2 способи спробувати, як працює цей сервіс: скомпілювати програму або запустити в Docker-контейнері.

Використовуючи Docker-контейнери, ви можете легко запустити 2 ноди на одній машині та подивитися, як синхронізуються дані.

docker run --name oursql1 -p 9001:8765 -p 9002:8766  -d -it oursql/oursql-server interactiveautocreate -port 9001

Ця команда запустить новий контейнер, у якому створиться нова база даних. Наступна команда створить інший контейнер із додатковою нодою, яка приєднається до першої, утворивши кластер із двох нод.

docker run --name oursql2 -p 9003:8765 -p 9004:8766  -d -it oursql/oursql-server importfromandstart -port 9003 -nodeaddress host.local.address:9001

Використайте MySQL-клієнт, щоб приєднатися до першої ноди на порті 9002 або до другої на порті 9004. База даних має назву BC та користувача blockchain/blockchain. Вносьте зміни в базу даних, використовуючи SQL, і ви побачите, як зміни реплікуються між нодами.

mysql -h -P 9002 -u blockchain -pblockchain BC

mysql -h -P 9004 -u blockchain -pblockchain BC

Також можна підключитися до існуючої демонстраційної бази даних «OurSQL Demo DB».

docker run --name oursql -p 8765:8765 -p 8766:8766 -d -it oursql/oursql-server importandstart -port 8765 -nodeaddress
mysql -h -P 8766 -u blockchain -pblockchain BC

Деталі про роботу із цією базою можна знайти в блозі проекту.

Подальші кроки

Перше — додати можливість створення модуля консенсусу для децентралізованої бази. Наразі можна робити лише конфігураційний файл, у якому описано прості правила для Proof of Work консенсусу та правила для роботи із таблицями в базі.

Проте такий підхід має суттєві недоліки. Потрібна можливість запрограмувати правила, зробити їх більш гнучкими.

Тобто для кожної конкретної децентралізованої бази даних, підтримуваної на OurSQL, можна буде запрограмувати модуль (швидше за все на мові Golang), у якому буде реалізовано логіку роботи і можливих змін у цій базі, рівнів та прав доступу для кожного користувача.

Друге — створити декілька додатків, які використовують OurSQL, щоб продемонструвати можливості її роботи, певну найпростішу децентралізовану, соціальну мережу або систему прийняття рішень голосуванням. Реєстрація в такій системі буде здійснюватися за запрошеннями від кількох інших учасників.

Веб-сайт проекту. Нещодавно почав вести блог, щоб розповідати про результати роботи та давати поради.


          Ukraine council to meet on December 15 to form independent church: president      Cache   Translate Page      
A Ukrainian church council will meet on December 15 in order to create an independent Orthodox church and elect its leader, President Petro Poroshenko said on Wednesday.
          Russisches Außenministerium: Kriegsrecht in der Ukraine ist "Kulisse" für Provokationen im Donbass       Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Das russische Außenministerium hat das in der Ukraine geltende Kriegsrecht als eine „Kulisse“ bezeichnet, hinter der die ukrainische Führung eine Provokation im Donbass auszuführen versucht. Dies erklärte am Mittwoch die Sprecherin des Außenministeriums Maria Sacharowa im Laufe ihres Briefings.
          Ukraine will verurteilte Russen gegen Matrosen eintauschen      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Die ukrainische Generalstaatsanwalt hat einen Austausch von verurteilten Russen vorgeschlagen, wenn Russland im Gegenzug die festgesetzten Matrosen gehen lässt. "Wir haben einen ausreichenden Austauschfonds: mehr als 300 Personen, die wegen antistaatlicher Aktivitäten verurteilt worden waren", sagte Generalstaatsanwalt Juri Luzenko am Dienstag ukrainischen Medienberichten zufolge. Das Nachbarland solle darüber verhandeln.
          Kerch Strait Clash: Donald Trump Cancels Meeting with Vladimir Putin at G20 Summit      Cache   Translate Page      

President Donald Trump has decided to cancel a planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the naval clash between Ukraine and

Current News: Kerch Strait Clash: Donald Trump Cancels Meeting with Vladimir Putin at G20 Summit, breaking news on

           Giữa lúc căng thẳng với Ukraine, Nga kéo tên lửa ra bắn ở biển Đen       Cache   Translate Page      
Nga tiến hành tập trận hải quân và phóng tên lửa đất đối không tại khu vực biển Đen giữa lúc căng thẳng với phương Tây và Ukraine leo thang sau vụ bắt giữ 3 tàu hải quân Ukraine.Nga điều động tàu ngầm đến biển Đen và các hệ thống tên lửa ở Crimea tham gia tập trậnBộ Quốc phòng Nga thông báo 2 tàu ngầm Rostov-on-Don B-237 và Stary Oskol B-262 diễn tập tình huống được điều động khẩn cấp để tìm kiếm, tiêu diệt những mục tiêu dưới biển, bờ biển bằng tên lửa.Thủy thủ tàu ngầm từ Hạm đội biển Đen đồng thời tham gia huấn luyện lặn sâu và diễn tập trồi lên mặt nước...
          Sergey Babkin voiced the main character in the animated movie the Grinch      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukrainian singer Sergey Babkin voiced the main character in the new animated film “the Grinch”, which will be released in Ukraine on December 20. Actor and musician first duplicate character. In world hire the Grinch duplicates Benedict Cumberbatch. “I was very lucky: in addition, I dubbed this strange creature, I, in fact, has dubbed one […]
          Coffee sunglasses, cotton biofuel cells, evolving yeasts, biobased boat stickers, microalgae chemicals, potato plastic, bioplastic shoes: The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of December 5th      Cache   Translate Page      
The pace of bioeconomy invention and change continues at a frenetic pace. Here are the top innovations for the week of December 5th. #1 Do you smell coffee? That’s my sunglasses! In Ukraine, the world’s first coffee-based sunglasses are now available thanks to eyeglass designer brand Ochi. They use a biopolymer based on coffee, flax […]
          Hero In Ukraine, Hated In Belarus      Cache   Translate Page      
Mikhail Zhyzneuski, who was shot dead during the Euromaidan protests of 2014, is considered a hero in Ukraine. But in his home city of Homiel in Balarus, his grave has been vandalized and his family say they have been treated as pariahs.
          EU To Sanction Nine People Over Ukraine Separatist Vote      Cache   Translate Page      
The European Union is now expected to add nine individuals allegedly involved in the organization of last month’s elections in the areas controlled by Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine to its sanctions list, according to sources in Brussels.
          'We Feel Like Little Insects': Families Separated By Barbed Wire On Ukraine-Russia Border      Cache   Translate Page      
As tensions grow between Moscow and Kyiv, families living in two villages along the Ukraine-Russia border have been separated by a barbed-wire fence.
          Poroshenko: Meeting To Form Independent Ukrainian Church Set For December 15      Cache   Translate Page      
President Petro Poroshenko says senior figures from Orthodox Christian communities in Ukraine will meet on December 15 in a bid to form a new, unified, independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
          Доступные лекарства в Украине: где можна будет получить бесплатные препараты в 2019 году      Cache   Translate Page Получить медикаменты по госпрограмме можно будет в любой аптеке страны по электронному рецепту.

Одно очень важное новшество — получить препараты от трех категорий заболеваний (сердечно-сосудистые, диабет ІІ типа, бронхиальная астма) можно будет по электронному рецепту.

Напомним, сейчас, чтобы получить бесплатные или с частичной оплатой лекарства по программе "Доступные лекарства", нужно обратиться с бумажным рецептом в аптеку, которая участвует в программе. Причем только в пределах своей области, города или района. "Доступные лекарства" сейчас можно найти в 8003 аптеках по всей Украине, которые подписали договор с местными властями. Последние и возмещают стоимость лекарств средствами, которые Минздрав переправляет из госбюджета.

"За полтора года программы уже более 6,5 млн пациентов получили качественные лекарства бесплатно или с незначительной доплатой. Мы возместили стоимость более 28 млн рецептов на сумму 1 млрд 300 тыс. гривен", — заявила и. о. главы Минздрава Ульяна Супрун.

Изменения в программе связаны с тем, что с 2019-го над программой "Доступные лекарства" возьмет шефство Национальная служба здоровья (НСЗУ).

"С 1 апреля 2019 года программа "Доступные лекарства будет преобразована в классическую программу реимбурсации лекарственных средств. Субвенцию на нее будут получать не местные органы власти, а НСЗУ будет контрактовать со всеми аптеками", — сказал председатель НСЗУ Олег Петренко.

То есть это означает, что с апреля украинцы смогут взять необходимые лекарства в любой аптеке страны без привязки к территории, а НСЗУ напрямую уже оплатит каждой аптеке стоимость препаратов.

Какие лекарства будут доступны

На данный момент в программе "Доступные лекасртва" в Украине участвует 261 препарат для украинцев с сердечно-сосудистыми заболеваниями, диабетом ІІ типа и бронхиальной астмой.

"Сейчас по ней можно получить 261 препарат, из них 59 — полностью бесплатно. 202 препарата украинцы могут получить в аптеке с незначительной доплатой. В среднем эта доплата составляет около 30% от стоимости препарата", — заявляют в Кабмине.

В 2019 году от бронхиальной астмы украинцам предлагают лекарства на основе трех действующих веществ таких как: будесонида, беклометазона и сальбутамола. Для людей, страдающих диабетом ІІ типа будут доступны лекарства на основе гликлазида, глибенкламида и метформина. Для сердечников доступны препараты на основе 17 действующих веществ: амиодарона, атенолола, гидрохлортиазида и других. Ознакомиться с полным перечнем препаратов, а также узнать, полностью ли они бесплатные, можно на сайте

          В Украине признали опасным и запретили популярное лекарство      Cache   Translate Page      
В Украине запретили популярный медицинский препарат "Эспумизан L", который лечит функциональные нарушения кишечника.

Соответствующее распоряжение обнародовано пресс-службой на сайте Государственной службы лекарственных средств и контроля за наркотиками. Эксперты пояснили, что дело в нетипичной консистенции лекарства.

Так, в препарате, который должен быть однородным, обнаружили "белые включения", из-за чего запретили хранить и продавать целую серию данного препарата.

"Запрещаю реализацию, хранение и применение лекарственного средства Эспумизан, капли оральные, эмульсия, 40 мг/мл, по 30 мл во флаконе с капельницей-вставкой и пробкой, по одному флакону в картонной коробке, серии 82031, производства Берлин-Хеми АГ, Германия", — сказано в сообщении.

Подчеркивается, что субъектам хозяйствования, которые осуществляют реализацию, хранение и применение лекарственных средств, необходимо проверить наличие лекарственного средства "Эспумизан L" и принять меры по изъятию его из оборота путем возврата поставщику (производителю) и/или уничтожения.

Кроме того, аптеки и больницы в двухнедельный срок должны направить в территориальный орган Гослекслужбы по месту нахождения копию акта об уничтожении отходов лекарственного средства.

"При последующих поставках лекарственного средства предприятие должно принять меры по предотвращению приобретения, реализации и применению данного лекарственного средства", — говориться в распоряжении.

          Porochenko et la guerre fantôme de l'Ukraine contre la Russie      Cache   Translate Page      
Depuis plus de quatre ans, le président ukrainien, Petro Porochenko, sort des déclarations et posts sur les réseaux sociaux évoquant l'agression russe, et la défense héroïque du pays par l'armée ukrainienne, allant jusqu'à en faire des panégyriques délirants, comme lorsqu'il a qualifié les Forces Armées Ukrainiennes (FAU) d'armée la plus puissante du continent (sic). Caricature : Vitali Podvitski L'Ukraine tente d'entraîner l'OTAN dans (...) - International
          Наталья      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Наталья, 37 y.o. , Ukraine

          Mila      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Mila, 18 y.o. , Ukraine

          Lana      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Lana, 28 y.o. , Ukraine

          Body Language Analysis No. 4364: Vladimir Putin's and Mohammed bin Salman's High Five at the G20 - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)      Cache   Translate Page      

Putin has never smiled so sincerely on the world stage. And in spite of increasingly disturbing details continuing to emerge regarding the torture and murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi Crown Prince was similarly celebratory.

In a nonverbal amalgam of a High-Five and a Bro handshake, Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman conducted more than a bit of theater in Buenos Aires on Friday, 30 November 2018. Their actions could easily be substituted for two athletes - jubilant after scoring a goal.

Both Putin and the Prince have had journalists and their political enemies killed - and yet both men have gone unpunished. Moreover, Russia has recently renewed its military aggression against Ukraine - while the Saudi-led War in Yemen continues to kill tens of thousands of civilians via explosives, disease, and massive starvation.

What follows is a detailed nonverbal analysis of this G20 moment.

In this screen-grab, we can see Putin's:

• Eyelids are momentarily closed
• Forehead is relaxed
• Lower eyelids are evanescently furrowed
• Cheek muscles are vectored primarily upward
• Upper teeth are showing (while his lower teeth are not exposed)
• Face is blushing

Vladimir's smile is NOT feigned - rather it's quite sincere. Moreover, there's also a component of laughter. In this moment, the Russian is experiencing true joy-happiness.

The elevation of their hands is also quite significant - for the higher the hands, the greater the joy. 

A split second later, their hands enthusiastically meet. Donald Trump, in the background, appears to be looking briefly at the two men.

Mohammed bin Salman then pats the back of Vladimir Putin's right hand three times. While in serious contexts, such momentary double hand clasps would be a dominance display - in the midst of true joy-happiness, this action augments their jovial emotions - similar to back-slapping. It also serves as a bonding agent.

Note that Putin's eyelids are still completely closed - a characteristic common to significant and sincere laughter.

The majority of times, during traditional handshakes, most people make the profound mistake of making very little eye contact. Yet, as the Crown Prince continues to pat President Putin's hand, the Russian reestablishes eye contact.

These two additional handshake components - the Prince's hand patting and Putin's repeated eye contact - are crucial and drive home the significance and true sincerity of this moment.

As they turn to sit down and Mohammed bin Salman turns his face in view of the camera, we can see he also has a sincere smile of true joy-happiness (aka a Duchenne Smile). His closed/almost closed eyelids also signal a component of true laughter.

As he sits down Putin gives the Prince another round of eye contact.

And another.

After they sit down, they once again shake hands in the bro-handshake - common to younger men in informal settings. Mohammed bin Salman crescendos into more intense laughter - while Putin continues his sincere smiling.

In another intriguing moment, both men simultaneously readjust in their chairs. This behavior, termed Mirroring, is a signal they are of similar mindsets, they like each other - and indeed are in sync.

The Saudi Crown Prince then rapidly rotates his head once quickly to his right (0:22 - 0:23) - very much nonverbally celebrating/exclaiming to his partner, "Can you believe it! This is too good to be true!" - as the Russian President looks on.

Putin then clears his throat (0:23) as he displays just a bit of post-performance anxiety - signifying the thought-emotion of, "Okay, that bit of acting is over".

SUMMARY: There's no doubt that Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman at least partially choreographed their greeting at the G20 for all the world to witness. And in so doing, they were very deliberately giving the middle finger to the rest of the planet - particularly the United States, the U.S. Senate - and especially President Trump.

If you were directing a film and desired to signal to your audience that these two characters had indeed planned this scene - look no further than Putin and the Crown Prince for an example. But, it's crucial to note, that although their performance was planned, at the same time both men were quite sincere in their displays of true joy.

Acts some people find to be heinous and reprehensible - are those in which others will take pleasure.

You may very well despise Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman - but here's the Rub: to note similar times when someone who you like, believe, and/or trust - exhibits identical nonverbal behavior (e.g., in everyday scenarios). If we fall victim to confirmation bias - would we then be able to spot the lie? The Insincerity? The manipulation? No - most people would be fooled.

Group Appearances and One-on-One
Online Courses Available 

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          The center is not holding -- and Trump is our proof       Cache   Translate Page      
If a devastating new report from The New York Times is to be believed, the falconer’s falcon is but one of the innumerable creatures wiped off the planet just in the past 50 years.

As the world’s pre-eminent heads of state gather in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this weekend for the annual G-20 summit, the postwar order has never looked more fragile. War threatens to break out at any moment between Russia and Ukraine, Britain is staring into the abyss of a failed Brexit negotiation and the U.S. faces a rising tide of ethno-nationalism, reinforced in no small part by Donald Trump’s presidency. Compounding this larger crisis, new research indicates we have just 12 years to radically reduce carbon emissions or risk climate catastrophe.

The center is not holding, and if a devastating new report from The New York Times is to be believed, the falconer’s falcon is but one of the innumerable creatures wiped off the planet just in the past 50 years. As Jonathan Aronson argues in his new book, “Digital DNA: Disruption and the Challenges for Global Governance,” we are living through a period of profound social and economic upheaval—one that threatens the very foundations of our political system.

“Last week, Sears declared bankruptcy,” Aronson tells Robert Scheer in the latest installment of “Scheer Intelligence.” “Sears, in many ways, was the Amazon of another age. They were the ones who distributed everything; they changed everything. So what has happened is the world has changed; the economies have changed; the companies have changed; but as usual, the rules have lagged behind.”

A professor at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Aronson examines what he refers to as a “hollowing out” of the working class and our elected officials. While the former has seen its jobs shipped overseas, the latter has grown increasingly beholden to multinationals, many of which now underwrite their campaigns. This, in turn, Aronson says, “pushes people left, it pushes people right. And at the same time you have an economic dearth in the middle. … The people who were in the middle in politics are also gone.”

That the United States and the West at large have arrived at an inflection point seems undeniable. Rather than give in to pessimism, however, Aronson argues we must view this historical moment as one of tremendous possibility.

“If we don’t get our act together and improve things for everybody—including your workers, your middle class, your poor, and not just the 1 percent—we could really descend into chaos,” he says. “But there is an opportunity, if we can get things right, which can only be done through bringing diverse groups with different interests together, and sort of finding ways to build a coalition among them, not against them—that there is still some hope.”

Listen to Aronson’s interview with Scheer or read a transcript of their conversation below:

Robert Scheer:Hi, this is Robert Scheer with another edition of “Scheer Intelligence,” where the intelligence comes from my guests. In this case, it’s Jonathan Aronson, who has written a book with Peter Cowhey called “Digital DNA: Disruption and the Challenges for Global Governance.” The interesting idea of this book is–it’s a contradictory idea; on the one hand, clearly, digital communication, the digital age, the age of the internet, has changed everything. On the other hand, we have a set of problems that have been with us forever–problems of accountability, truth-telling, democracy, representation, bias. Our politics seem to be as much of an irrational mishmash as ever. And the public seems to be, well, more divided and more confused than ever. So what is the great wonder of the digital age?

Jonathan Aronson:It’s two things. You’re right; it’s contradictory. On the one hand, what has changed a great deal is the internet changes everything. Now, that’s both true and meaningless, because what it means is that you have to break it down and look piece-by-piece at what’s going on. In the case of this book, what we’re saying is communication, information technology, has forced the change of supply [chains] and business models of every kind of business. From agriculture to mining, from manufacturing to high-tech. All of those are changing, and all of those companies are scrambling to figure out how to continue to make money. This week, Sears declared bankruptcy. Sears, in many ways, was the Amazon of another age. They were the ones who distributed everything; they changed everything. So what has happened is the world has changed; the economies have changed; the companies have changed; but as usual, the rules have lagged behind.

RS:So let me ask you a question about this, because you’re a professor here at the University of Southern California Annenberg School in communications, but you also have a joint appointment in international relations. And when I look at this whole international situation, you know, at first we thought, as you say, the internet changes everything–we thought we’d get smarter, we’d have more information, our lives would be more meaningful. But there was a lurking fear that our work models may be broken, robotics may change everything. It seems to me the unexpected consequence of the internet is that capitalism, in a fundamental way, may be at risk. And an old concern of social well-being, of social welfare, is asserting itself: if people are going to lose their jobs, or the jobs are going to go abroad, or if some, a number of people are going to become billionaires and the others are going to have stagnant wages. You have a great fear that life as we know it no longer exists. And here we’re teaching at a university, where people are going to graduate; they have to go out and work, and they’re probably as set up for the internet world as any group of students; our school is very good at that. But on the other hand, the good-paying jobs may not be there. Their parents already know that; they’ve gone through a housing crisis, a recession. So let me ask you, in terms of your book–and I read it very carefully–I actually found it quite depressing. Not because of your writing or anything, but because of its vision of the world: that the brave new world of the internet might not sustain meaningful, productive, and stable life.

JA:We are in a period of dynamic change. I’m more optimistic about this. On the one hand, I see that the top-end students, people who are coming from here, people who know something about coding, people who are entrepreneurial, are probably going to do just fine. Even in an age of robots, I haven’t seen a student here in forty years who said, “I want to be on a manufacturing line.” We don’t produce students who will be displaced by robots. They may be involved with it. In addition, you have AI, artificial intelligence; you have 3-D printing, sometimes called advanced manufacturing. All of those are changing things, and it’s dynamically shifting very quickly. The other end of the scale, people who don’t have very much education at all–there are still going to be jobs there. The big problem is in the middle: what do we do with people who were making good money in steel factories, at automobile manufacturers, and those jobs are rapidly going away? Even in a place like a coal mine–President Trump is fond of saying “I’m going to bring back the coal mine.” Well, if that happens to be true, the miners are much more likely to be whizzing around–non-humans, robots of some sort that don’t get black lung disease, don’t unionize, and don’t demand pay. You’re never going to get the return of miners, and nobody much wants it.

RS:Well, let me tell you who wants it. When you’re a miner and you belong to the United Mine Workers union, or you’re an auto worker and you belong to the United Auto Workers, we had a mechanism for social justice in this society. We had a way of people getting decent wages, decent health care, decent opportunities, a prospect of sending their kids to the state university or somewhere else, where they would get ahead in life, and so forth. So we had the, for once, a modern economic component of equality, of opportunity, of a growing middle class. However, the internet has destroyed a model of sharing wealth. You see it with Amazon that doesn’t have unionized workers. You see it with the end of the journalism industry. We’re a school of communication and journalism; we now have more PR students than we have journalism students. So the business model of the internet begs for a new kind of socialism–or, on the right-wing side, a new kind of fascism.

JA:It’s a real serious problem. The book does not address employment directly, but what it acknowledges and what is embedded in it is that there is an extreme hollowing out in the middle. That the middle class are the ones who have not made the gains. It’s not just for themselves, because the coal miners may not have wanted to raise kids who were coal miners; they wanted to raise kids who could do well, and they’re losing that opportunity. So that’s where they are pushing it. At the same time, we have had the polarization and hollowing out of our elected officials. So it pushes people left, it pushes people right, and at the same time you have an economic dearth in the middle. You have–the people who were in the middle in politics are also gone.

RS:Well, but let’s take this disappearing middle class, or hollowing out of the middle class. Because the middle class was the great hope of democracy, economic democracy and stability. De Tocqueville, as a foreign observer, made a very important point: the saving grace of the American experiment was this ever-expanding middle class–of opportunity, of increasing skills, education, and so forth. If that has been hollowed out, what comes in its place? Maybe what comes in its place–and this is why I bring up Sanders and Trump–is either a regimented society, which rewards people who go along and march in lock-step, which is the neofascist model, and you keep your nose clean and OK, we’ll take care of you. Or a society which empowers people, aside from whether they have wealth or not, where you have meaningful elections without–with real campaign finance. Where you have guaranteed health care, so your job is not the ticket to your actual survival, right? Where you have guaranteed minimum wage, so people can live off their work. And it really seems to me a battle between a vision of fascism and a vision of social democracy.

JA:Or at least of authoritarianism. Doesn’t have to be a completely fascist state.

RS:Well, let me explain, because you’re a professor of international relations, I just want to defend the fascist label. Because the key to fascism really is an alliance between corporations, and a chauvinistic, jingoistic political message. And what I fear, and the reason I use the fascist element, it seems to me that one way you get stability is through this law-and-order, jingoistic, chauvinistic model. The other is by empowering–through unions, or through public education, or social services, or guaranteed health care–you empower, as maybe the Swedish model, the ordinary person to have a decent life, with or without wealth.

JA:Democratic socialism is the term that is sometimes being used. The problem is quite simple, which is those on that side, at this stage, are still losing, and losing consistently. So you take Sweden, for example; a right-wing party came in third, and has increasing power in Sweden in the election that happened last month. What you’re seeing over and over again is that those forces may win small pieces–individual elections–but they’re not winning the big elections. And the people who are afraid of immigrants, on the one hand, losing their own prosperity, are in the ascendant right now. I asked my students today what was the difference between strategy and tactics, and nobody knew. That catches us into the political side of this, because we have a president who doesn’t understand strategy, but who is a master tactician. He has a tactic, which he applies over and over and over again. And it works often enough that it attracts a stable base of supporters. But there’s no perception of where he wants to go with that.

RS:Tell us about the tactic.

JA:The tactic is pretty simple. And pretty well understood. One, President Trump believes that anything that he didn’t do, was wrong. So NAFTA was terrible, but the NAFTA revision, which was really an update, and quite incremental, was wonderful. Anything Obama did was terrible, by definition. Often anything a fellow republican did. So if it wasn’t his idea, it was a terrible thing. That’s part one. Part two, we all know he’s transactional. So that he is dealing in the moment, he is trying to think in terms of a zero-sum game; he plays what game theorists would call “chicken.” So he goes full-throttle ahead and hopes very much that the other side, being more rational than he, turns aside. Fourth, he is shameless. So it has been documented over and over and over again that he simply doesn’t tell the truth. He may not understand the difference between truth and lies, and he doesn’t care. And then fifth, he never apologizes.

RS:OK. So I got that, and I think that’s a pretty accurate description. But let me throw in another element, because this is true of any demagogue, effective demagogue. There has to be something they’re feeding on. There has to be angst, fear, a desperation–


RS:–anger, in the society. And we make a mistake if we minimize the significance of that. And I want to just throw in–and this does go to your book. And what we are seeing is a resurgence of a kind of nationalism, a jingoism. And Trump personifies that, but we’re seeing that in other countries. It seems to me we underestimate the Trump strategy and appeal if we don’t recognize that there is a big problem. And the big problem is that globalization doesn’t deliver back to the citizens of the nation-state. It actually begs the question, why do you need a nation-state? OK? When I look out at our students, the first thing I see are these open computers–every one of which, by the way, has been made in communist China. You know, now, if [Laughs] 20 years ago, when I first arrived here, or 25 years ago, if somebody had told me that communist China would represent the most successful capitalist model in this new economy, I would have thought they were crazy. But the fact of the matter is, an authoritarian state–China, still run by a communist party–has developed a model of catering to consumerism, of using this new technology, and so forth. OK. The big question for China or the United States really is, do you distribute the wealth? Really, your book begs the question, in the internet age, what is the significance of the nation-state?

JA:Let me both agree and disagree with you. Agreeing that business models are now global, and not going to be turned around. If you look at why the NAFTA is at some level trying to chase something that’s already happened, if you look at an auto engine right now, we are worrying about whether it’s 70 percent American, what part of it, what do we do with Mexico, what do we do with Canada. And in fact, an auto engine, the average number of times it moves across one border or another in North America is eight. From the time they begin it to the time it is delivered to wherever it is. It is impossible to figure out, is this an American, Canadian, Mexican, or something else in terms of that. So the model is global, and that runs in stark contradiction to the nation-state. In that, you’re absolutely right. The book is trying to do something else. First, we are believers in patience. That the reason we think there’s going to be a need for some global agreements, is that the system will be much less efficient, it will be much less robust and productive, if you don’t get some principles and norms agreed among nations. Do we expect this in the next two years? No, we do not.

RS:Right. And the book is “Digital DNA: Disruption and Challenges for Global Governance.” I am talking to Jonathan Aronson, a professor at the University of Southern California in international relations and in communication. [omission for station break] And I want to pick up on the point you were just making about where cars are produced, and NAFTA. And I think you kind of minimized–dare I say it, I hope I don’t get fired over this–Trump’s achievement with NAFTA 2.0.

JA:Well, let me make a couple of quick notes. OK, first, I want to note for the audience that the book is written with Peter Cowhey, who is a professor at the University of California, San Diego. Two, the data on NAFTA is very mixed. What we know is that the extremes are wrong. It did not help people in any country as much as those who proclaimed that it would had promised. Two, it did not hurt people inordinately. The best data that has come out seems to suggest that what you got was–it’s marginally better overall; it caused some real job growth, but the jobs that were lost tended to be much more union jobs. So the unions were hurt, but not the overall employment, in terms of this.

RS:By the way, NAFTA 2.0, I don’t want to give Trump too much credit, there was a serious cave-in on pharmaceuticals, which undermines Canada’s example of being able to control the prices of pharmaceuticals. This was a surprisingly good improvement over NAFTA, coming as it did from Trump. The bottom line is that no one of significance speaks for ordinary people. That’s why they turn to outliers–a good one like Bernie Sanders, a bad one like Trump. The reality is–and I was at the Democratic [National] Convention, and this TPP for instance, the trade agreement, and NAFTA, were attacked by the union people there, and many of the delegates felt the party had betrayed them on this issue, OK. So the significance–and this is why I’m bringing it up in context to this globalization–is that the average person in this country, including many democrats, feels they’ve been betrayed by this shift in the economy. And I want to spend a little time on this view of the new tech world. Because, yes, there are people in Silicon Valley who make good wages. But the fact is that most of the jobs connected with those computers and everything else in the high-tech world are either done abroad, you know, where profits for Apple and others are basically earned, and from low-wage workers; or they’re created here. I mean, a company like Amazon is a national scandal. Think about it! I mean, here’s a company where people are running around warehouses, and they are low paid, have not had basic rights to organize, unions have been busted. So all of the progress–but the fact is, in all of these trade agreements, no one cared about the tenure for ordinary workers. They got screwed. OK? I know I’m bringing some anger to the thing–

JA:That’s good!

RS:–but I don’t want to lose the issue. And the reason I think we can’t lose it is we can’t understand this election. We can’t understand this dynamic in the world. And yes, you get a rise of the right-wing when you don’t have a rise of the progressive left. But the fact of the matter is, the status quo cannot hold if trade and financial decisions and deregulation are all made for the one percent. That’s the bottom line.

JA:I agree with that. My problem is, I don’t have a good answer of how to get from here to there, to where you’re talking about. And I don’t know anybody who really does. Should the taxes on the one percent be higher? Absolutely. Where should you go with this? How do you manage to do that? I don’t have a good answer. I don’t know very many people who even have the beginning of an answer. So what I try to do, in my modest but not too modest way, along with Professor Cowhey, is plot a path to help improve the overall situation, and hope to hell that people smarter than I am can figure out how to solve, or how to begin to solve, the kinds of problems you’re describing. How do you set the, reset the equilibrium so that you can begin to focus on issues like this? The one that’s gotten a lot more attention is climate; how do you reset this when we have people who deny science running the country? There is a climate problem right now. It should be obvious to pretty much everybody; it isn’t. There is an employment problem. How do you deal with it? It should be obvious that we have the problem, but then where do you go? I’m reasonably certain, in terms of the areas that I deal with; I’m not a labor economist.

RS:I think we can find common ground. And that’s why I wanted to talk to you about your book. I think the book is very powerful, very interesting, in that you grasp the significance of what the title of the book is, “Digital DNA: Disruption and Challenges for Global Governance.” It’s worth reading–let me just be on the record here–it’s worth reading this book to get the scope of the change. I agree that there’s disruption and challenges for global governance. What I’m trying to say is, your book is a launching pad–I’m trying to take you to the next stage. And so I would like to move this discussion to this area of what do we do. And I’m going to give you some answers that I think lie in our history, OK. And this is why I brought up these old-fashioned labels of social democracy–and I’m not the first one; we finally do have people in our political process now who call themselves social democrats and so forth. And that’s a very good rubric for people who say, government has to care about the least among us and about working people and ordinary people, and the wealth has to be shared, to a degree that we have stakeholders and people can live a good life–OK. There’s a program connected with that–meaningful public education that is free, and Bernie Sanders was not being a wild-eyed guy when he said you could go through college, and should. When I went to City College in New York, you know, it was a free university. So we had a model of meaningful, free education: the state universities, the land-grant colleges, here in California the community colleges; we dropped that. We went for elite education, we went for a meritocracy, and you know, what does industry want, and we’ll be a service, we’ll feed industry what it wants. OK. So, ah, raising the minimum wage to something significant goes a long way to giving people a sense of safety–OK, do what you want with the economy, do trade, make all the deals, but make sure that people working here can make a living wage so they can support their family, and they will not be responsible for their children’s education, and they will not be responsible for their health care. That in fact, this is a human right, OK? So we extend human rights, and we extend it in these trade agreements, and here’s my beef with your book. These trade agreements did not include environmental protections in any significant way; they certainly did not include labor protections; but most important, they didn’t contain guarantees of democratic decision-making. The problem with NAFTA, these courts–if you have a legal issue, you go into basically a private court controlled by the corporations, who then bring in their own lawyers, and the judges are their lawyers from their thing. And there was no–they didn’t even let people, in the latest trade agreements, they didn’t even let people in Congress share it with the media. They had to go into secret rooms to read these things. So what you really have lost is the most fundamental human right, which is the democratic right of individuals to know what’s going on and what’s supposedly being done in their name. Unfortunately, if you don’t have that, you end up with this fascistic model of–that it seems to me Donald Trump is pushing to–where you disenfranchise ordinary people, by appealing to jingoism, by scapegoating immigrants and others, by buying them off with trinkets like the Volkswagen. And you give them jobs working in a militarized economy, and that’s the alternative model. That’s the dilemma that this new DNA of technology has presented us with.

JA:Let me answer in three parts. First, what I absolutely agree with is that what we created was a launching platform. But it is a multi-use launching platform. By describing the way the world economy exists today, it gives and opportunity for people to–and nations, and corporations, and civil society–to negotiate on a number of issues, from climate to environment to trade agreements. Second, something that hasn’t been mentioned here, but it’s gotten really messy and more complicated. To throw in three specific issues that have complicated matters, but make this really hard: one, we have the cloud; your data may be floating around anywhere. It’s not national anymore; you have no idea where it is. Two, and better known, we have all of the cybersecurity issues that have been raised. Trade people never dealt with those; they haven’t a clue how to deal with those, though they are trying hard to deal with it. And third, privacy issues are increasingly on the front page, are extremely important, from Facebook to Amazon. But in terms of what should be private–what do you think of “the right to be forgotten,” a European phrase? So those three things aren’t there. And finally, we haven’t talked about the way we suggest organizing the movement forward. And we are very strongly in favor of what are called multi-stakeholder organizations. We do not think that in this complicated, messy world, it is any longer possible for you to have states, to state, a big international institution, maybe a bank or two, do the negotiations. If civil society, if unions, if interested groups are not at the table, you’re not going to create the kinds of agreements that are going to hold going forward. So that in your sense of seeking a more democratic and transparent perspective, we’re all in.

RS:We’re in a total agreement on this. I think the–what we’re seeing with Trump is the center is not holding. The agreements don’t hold, whether it’s Iran or whether it’s NAFTA, or whatever. You can make agreements; if the public feels disenfranchised and left out and not attended to, these things are not going to hold. You’re going to have disruption, you’re going to have chaos; Donald Trump is a chaotic president. So we’re in agreement on that. Now, I want to end by taking the three points that you raised: the cloud–that it’s not national, it’s multinational–cybersecurity, and privacy. They’re all three interrelated, and the significance of the cloud not being national is, they’re basically talking about the collection of data worldwide, the commingling of data, the mining of data. And the reality is that you can think you’re giving your data over to a democratic society in England or the United States, but that data is circulating in Egypt, it’s circulating in Brazil, anywhere else–China, Russia, and so forth. And one of the ironies here is that Jeff Bezos, who now owns, personally owns the Washington Post–their main money that Amazon has made is not by selling you books or selling you articles of clothing–

JA:TWS, the cloud.

RS:Yes. The cloud. Amazon is, this money is coming–and they are a defense contractor. They are building the cloud for our intelligence agencies, right? They’re getting all the data that NSA has, CIA; they get to mine it, they get to work with it. So they are defense contractors. The contradiction for the people doing the cloud are the same as that go into cybersecurity, and the same that go into privacy. And this is the fundamental point I wanted to bring up with you: is nationalism dead? Because–and this is where Google and Apple and Facebook are all in trouble–you can cater to the CIA or the NSA or your own government’s congress, or what have you. But how are you going to enter the Chinese market, the Indian market? How are you going to be in Europe, the European Union and so forth? And it goes to the privacy question; you’re absolutely right, the European Union has pushed back on this invasion of privacy. But the dirty secret of the internet is that without invading privacy, you don’t have a profit model. For most of these companies. Their money-making model is by destroying your privacy. It is also opening up to cybersecurity questions, and it also has to do with the cloud; these three are joined. And they’re basically, the dirty secret of the new internet world is your private data, your most sacred, who you are, the definition of who you are, the thing that can be used to imprison you, to con you, to betray you–that is the stuff that is the source of profit, exploiting that. So I’m going to give you the last word on this: is this the brave new world that you’ve described in your book?

JA:I think very much that we are at an inflection point. If we don’t get our act together and improve things for everybody–including your workers, your middle class, your poor, and not just the one percent–we could really descend into chaos. But there is an opportunity, if we can get things right, which can only be done through bringing diverse groups with different interests together, and sort of finding ways to build a coalition among them, not against them–that there is still some hope. So I have spent a career trying to be an optimist. Sometimes it’s hard, but I prefer that way than to, trying to duck things that are falling from the sky.

RS:The book is “Digital DNA: Disruption and Challenges for Global Governance,” Oxford University Press. Came out last year. And I’ve been talking to Jonathan Aronson, who is a professor at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, as well as a professor in this school of international studies, here at USC. And we are grateful that they made this studio available. Our engineers at KCRW are Kat Yore and Mario Diaz. Our producers are Joshua Scheer and Isabel Carreon. And we’ll see you next week with another edition of Scheer Intelligence.


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Tại Hôị nghị, Trung cộng, Nhật và các quốc gia Âu châu đã chỉ trích Mỹ theo đuổi  đường lối bảo hộ  kinh tế và đơn phương áp thuế  nhập cảng để bảo vệ các doanh nghiệp trong nước. Sau các lời cáo buộc nhau, các bên đòi hỏi các nước tránh.

Cuộc xung đột Ukraine
Tại Hội nghị, nhiều nước đã chỉ trích Nga  giam giữ 3 tầu hải quân và 24  thủy thủ Ukrain sau cuộc đụng độ  trên biển Ayov. Tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump trước đó lên tiếng hủy bỏ cuộc gặp Tổng thống Nga Wladimir Putin  với lý do Nga còn giam giữ  các thủy thủ Ukrain. Thủ tướng Đức bà Angela Merkel đề nghị Đức sẽ trung gian tổ chức đàm phán cấp cố vấn an ninh và đối ngoại giữa Pháp, Đức, Nga và Ukrain để tìm giãi pháp  hòa bình cho cuộc xung đột Ukrain

Xét laí hệ thống thuế quốc tế
Vì các đại công ty Mỹ như Amazon hay Apple đạt nhiều lợi nhuận ở Âu châu nhưng lại trả rất ít thuế. Liên minh EU đòi phải thay đổi tình trạng này.. Tuyên bố chung ghi nhận  sẽ tìm giải pháp đồng thuận cho vấn đề này.

Quỹ tiền tệ và nạn gian lận thuế
Nhóm G20 nhìn nhận gia tăng trao đổi dữ liệu tài chính  để chống nạn gian lận thuế  cũng như tăng cường hỗ trợ Quỹ tiền tệ quốc tế IWF trong việc  ngăn ngừa khủng hoảng tài chính.

Trường hợp Khashoggi  
Hoàng tử Mohammed bin Salman, đại diên nước Saudi Arabia tham dự hội nghị đã khiến mọi người kinh ngạc vì ông bị cáo buộc đã ra lệnh thủ tiêu ký giã đối lập Jamal Khashogi. Các quốc gia Âu châu đòi hỏi Salman phải để quốc tế theo dõi,  quan sát các cuộc điều tra về án mạng này.

"Đình chiến" trong cuộc chiến thương mại Mỹ-Hoa

Cuộc gặp giữa Tổng Thống Mỹ Trump và Chủ tịch nước Trung cộng Tập Cận Bình  bên lề hội nghị G20 được xem là một tín hiệu  đưa tới "đình chiến" trong cuộc chiến thương mại của hai cường quốc kinh tế. Phó thủ tướng đặc trách thương mại Lưu Hạc lạc quan nói hai bên có thể đạt thoả thuận chấm dứt căng thẳng trong tháng săp tới. Bộ trưởng tài chính Steven Mnuchin cũng có nhận định tương tự.

Một Hội nghị thành công
Trước ngày Hội nghị thượng đỉnh G20 khai mạc, dư luận lo ngại cuộc chiến tranh thương mại Mỹ –Hoa có thể biến diễn đàn G20 thành G2  và cuộc xung đột Nga-Ukraine sau biến cố trên biển Ayov  sẽtác động tới sự đồng thuận  của Hội nghị. Và hơn nữa, cũng trong năm nay  Hội nghị thượng đỉnh nhóm G7 của các quốc gia kỹ nghệ tiên tiến diễn ra  tại Gia Nã Đại và Hội nghị Diễn đàn hợp tác kinh tế Á châu- Thái Bình Dương (APEC)  tại Papua New Ginea  chấm dứt không có tuyên bố chung. Nên  Hội nghị G20  tại Buenos Aires  cuối cùng với một tuyên bố kết thúc  được xem như thành công. Hội nghị kế tiếp sẽ được tổ chức từ ngày 28-29.06.2019 tạ Osaka, Nhật Bản.
Vũ Ngọc Yên
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Press Availability
Michael R. Pompeo
Secretary of State
Brussels, Belgium
December 4, 2018

SECRETARY POMPEO: Good evening, everyone. I want to begin this evening by expressing my condolences to the Bush family on the passing of a great man, President George H. W. Bush. He embodied literally the best of America in his devotion to public service and his ardent patriotism. My wife Susan and I mourn with President Trump and all of our fellow Americans as we celebrate his incredible life. Tomorrow I will join the President and my fellow cabinet members in honoring him during America’s national day of mourning.

President Bush, during his entire lifetime, was a relentless defender of transatlantic security. Today, we strive to emulate his example by asserting powerful American leadership on behalf of our people and our allies. When the INF Treaty was inked in 1987, it represented a good-faith effort between two rivals to de-escalate the threat of nuclear war. President Reagan described it as the realization of “an impossible vision,” and Mikhail Gorbachev said it had “universal significance for mankind.”

But whatever successes this treaty helped produce, today we must confront Russian cheating on its arms control obligations. As I told my fellow ministers earlier today, our nations have a choice. We either bury our head in the sand or we take common-sense action in response to Russia’s flagrant disregard for the express terms of the INF Treaty.

It’s worth noting that Russia’s violations didn’t happen overnight. Russia’s been flight-testing the SSC-8 cruise missile since the mid-2000s. They’ve been testing it in excess of ranges that the treaty permits. All the tests of the SSC-8 have originated from a Kapustin Yar site from both a fixed and mobile launcher. Its range makes it a direct menace to Europe.

In 2017, General Selva of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Congress that Russia had deployed its missile, and I quote, “in order to pose a threat to NATO and to facilities within the NATO area of responsibility,” end of quote. Russia continues to press forward, and as of late 2018 has filled multiple battalions of the SSC-8 missiles.

Throughout all of this, the United States has remained in scrupulous compliance with the treaty. In spite of Russia’s violations, we have exercised the utmost patience and effort in working to convince Russia to adhere to its terms. On at least 30 occasions since 2013, extending to the highest levels of leadership, we have raised Russia’s noncompliance and stressed that a failure to return to compliance would have consequences.

Russia’s reply has been consistent: deny any wrongdoing, demand more information, and issue baseless counter-accusations. For more than four years, Moscow has pretended that it didn’t know what missile or test the United States was even talking about, even when we provided extensive information about the missile’s characteristics and testing history. It was not until we chose to publicize the Russian name of the missile in November of 2017 that Russia finally acknowledged its existence. Then Russia changed its cover story from the missile that does not exist to the missile that exists but is treaty-compliant.

These violations of the INF Treaty cannot be viewed in isolation from the larger pattern of Russian lawlessness on the world stage. The list of Russia’s infamous acts is long: Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, election meddling, Skripal, and now the Kerch Strait, to name just a few.

In light of these facts, the United States today declares it has found Russia in material breach of the treaty and will suspend our obligations as a remedy effective in 60 days unless Russia returns to full and verifiable compliance.

We’re taking these steps for several reasons. First, Russia’s actions gravely undermine American national security and that of our allies and partners. It makes no sense for the United States to remain in a treaty that constrains our ability to respond to Russia’s violations. Russia has reversed the trajectory of diminishing nuclear risk in Europe, where America has tens of thousands of troops and where millions more American civilians are living and working. These Americans live and work alongside many more millions of Europeans who are put in danger by Russian missile systems.

Second, while Russia is responsible for the demise of the treaty, many other states – including China, North Korea, and Iran – are not parties to the INF Treaty. This leaves them free to build all the intermediate range missiles that they would like. There is no reason the United States should continue to cede this crucial military advantage to revisionist powers like China, in particular when these weapons are being used to threaten and coerce the United States and its allies in Asia.

If you ask the question why the treaty wasn’t enlarged to include more nations, including China, keep in mind that it has been tried three times without any success already, and it has failed each time.

Third, inertia will not drive policy in the Trump administration. As President Trump has made clear and as I spoke about this morning, the United States will not support international agreements that undermine our security, our interests, or our values.

Finally, and I want to be clear about this, America is upholding the rule of law. When we set forth our commitments, we agree to be bound by them. We expect the same of our treaty counterparts everywhere, and we will hold them accountable when their words prove untrustworthy. If we do not, we’ll get cheated by other nations, expose Americans to greater risk, and squander our credibility.

Earlier today, I spoke on America’s enduring leadership role in the international order and I reiterate that powerful American leadership means never abandoning our responsibility to protect our security and our nation’s sovereignty. I’ve stated our position in no uncertain terms. The United States remains hopeful that our relationship with Russia can get better, can get on better footing.

With that being said, the burden falls on Russia to make the necessary changes. Only they can save this treaty. If Russia admits its violations and fully and verifiably comes back into compliance we will, of course, welcome that course of action. But Russia and Russia only can take this step.

We appreciate NATO’s strong support for the United States decision as expressed in this statement released today. The United States and our NATO allies stand vigilant that Russia’s lawless conduct will not be tolerated in the realm of arms control or anywhere else.

Thank you.

MS NAUERT: We have time for several questions. The first one goes to Teri Schultz from Deutsche Welle. Teri.

QUESTION: Hi. Thank you. Secretary Pompeo, I’m here.


QUESTION: What does this mean concretely? What will the next steps be? Are you just waiting the 60 days and hoping that Europe can help pull Russia back into compliance? What exactly – how exactly will this play out now? And then does the six months start in 60 days? Just a few more details on that. Thank you.

SECRETARY POMPEO: You bet. So as I said in my remarks, we would welcome a Russian change of heart, a change in direction, the destruction of their program and their follow-on continuance of the terms of the treaty. And so over the next 60 days they have every chance to do so. And we would welcome that.

I will tell you, our European partners appreciate that extra time. We work closely with them. They asked for an extended period, and we, in our efforts to make sure that we had complete unity – and I will tell you, as you speak to the other 28 ministers who are here today, there is complete unity around this – we believe this is the right outcome. The six-month period will begin to run 60 days from now. During the 60 days, we will still not test or produce or deploy any systems, and we’ll see what happens during this 60-day period.

We’ve talked to the Russians a great deal. We’re hopeful they’ll change course, but there’s been no indication to date that they have any intention of doing so.

MS NAUERT: Jessica Donati from Wall Street Journal.

QUESTION: Yeah. Thank you. Beyond withdrawing from the – or suspending your membership of the INF Treaty, what other steps can you do to help Ukraine in what it’s suffering at the hands of Russia?

SECRETARY POMPEO: So there was lots of discussion about that today. I’ll leave to a couple of others to talk about the conversations. But two things were very clear from the time that we spent with the Ukrainian foreign minister as a group, is that there is complete unanimity that the Russian action was lawless and unacceptable and deterrents must be restored, and that that is a collective commitment of Europe and the world to deny Russia the capacity to continue to violate basic international law norms. We hope that the Russians will return the sailors that they’re holding today, just immediately. And we will collectively develop a set of responses that demonstrate to Russia that this behavior is simply unacceptable.

MS NAUERT: Emerald Robinson from One America News.

QUESTION: Thank you, Mr. Secretary. You talked about, yes, the commitments with treaties in regards to the United States and its allies. But you also talked about international institutions and gave America’s viewpoint on that. You called out specifically the IMF and the World Bank and the UN. How do you think so many large international institutions can be reformed today? Is it a question of new leadership?

SECRETARY POMPEO: Every institution needs to be evaluated consistently, right. That doesn’t – multilateral, international organizations are no different. These organizations have now been around for an extended period of time, and each of them is worthy of full review. Do they still – are they still fit for purpose? Do they still serve their intended means? That’s what I spoke about this morning.

President Trump believes that if we exert American leadership and American national sovereignty and we evaluate these institutions against the objective of creating prosperity and peace around the world, that each of them is ripe for some piece of reform. And we’ll look at the parts that are working as I – and I described several institutions’ functions that are working. We’ll keep those. We’ll enhance those. We’ll want to be part of those.

But if it’s broken and it’s not delivering for America and for the world then we ought not rest on our laurels and think, “boy, that’s good,” just because it’s multilateral. That notion that the mere nature of something being multilateral is not in and of itself a good. The things that are good are the things that flow, the things that follow from the work that nation-states do as part of those multilateral organizations, and the United States is intent on being a leader to make sure each of those institutions that you mentioned is delivering.

MS NAUERT: Last question, Guy Taylor from Washington Times.

QUESTION: Thank you, Mr. Secretary. Back to the INF Treaty just for a second. You mentioned the prospect of the U.S. developing and deploying systems that would otherwise be in violation of the treaty. From a strategic perspective, is that kind of deployment something that the administration, the Trump administration, is really now preparing to do? And can you speak perhaps to European concerns about the prospect of the deployment of midrange nuclear weapons across Western Europe, for instance, that have been banned by this treaty for so long?

SECRETARY POMPEO: So I can say two things about that today. European nations can rest assured that as we prepare how we will all protect and create stability in Europe and around the world from the threat of intermediate nuclear range missiles, and those in particular from Russia, that we will be working closely with our European allies and other allies throughout the world who are also threatened by these missile systems. And so it won’t come to a surprise anyone what the United States is thinking, how we’re approaching it, and we will look for their assistance, their help, their inputs in how to develop a security architecture – an architecture that actually delivers.

I mean, we – just to be clear, we had a party – a treaty that had two parties, only one of which was compliant. That’s not an agreement. That’s just self-restraint, and it strategically no longer made sense to remain in that position and we’ll develop our course forward. I don’t want to say much about what the United States policy is going to be because there are lots of folks still to talk to. And I will also leave to the Department of Defense the nature and work that they’re doing on systems that will ultimately potentially be noncompliant.

MS NAUERT: Okay, thank you very much everyone. Thank you.

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          Press Releases: On the Meeting of the North Atlantic Council      Cache   Translate Page      
Special Briefing
Senior State Department Official
Washington, DC
December 4, 2018

MODERATOR: (In progress) He’s going to speak with you on back ground as a senior State Department official. [Senior State Department Official] just exited the meeting that was held on Ukraine and Georgia in which the Secretary spoke and a lot of others spoke, so [Senior State Department Official], go right ahead.

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: So as [Moderator] said, I just came out of a meeting of the North Atlantic Council on Black Sea security. This is the format focused on Georgia and Ukraine. You may remember, and I want to call everyone’s attention to the fact, that Hungary has been blocking participation of Ukraine in certain formats at NATO, a habit that we strongly object to. This is a format, a Black Sea format that – it’s now the second time this format has met, and it is a format that we put together to have these two countries continue to engage NATO, but it’s a workaround to Hungary’s blockage, which we continue to object to.

In that session, there were strong expressions of support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and Georgia. The United States in particular sent a very clear and strong message of support for both of these countries, joining them in their stand against Russian aggression, both externally with regard to territorial acts of aggression and internally with regard to the building of democracy and continued efforts at reform.

There was a special focus in the NAC session just now on the November 25th incident outside the Kerch Strait. I know all of you have followed that closely and are aware of everything that happened. It’s a serious concern for the United States for a couple of reasons. One is Ukraine itself. It marks an unmistakable escalation of the conflict there, not least because it’s the first time that the Russian Government has openly and unapologetically used its own forces without any attempt at claiming it was done by so-called separatists; but secondly the demonstration effect of what happened in Kerch. There are a lot of international passage – maritime passageways in the world – Middle East, Asia. We have principled reasons to be concerned about a demonstration like – the demonstration effect like this sinking in, but also very practical and interest-based reasons to be concerned about a lot of places in the world where U.S. troops and commerce pass through, and we don’t want this precedent to stick.

Today the U.S. reiterated that we condemn this Russian act of aggression, call it for what it is; that Crimea is Ukraine; and that the Russian action in Kerch is both a clear military escalation and a violation of international law and freedom of the sea. Long before this latest incident in Kerch, the United States has been raising our concerns about Russian behavior in Azov and with the construction of the Kerch Bridge. We’ve had State Department statements on Kerch and Azov on numerous occasions, most recently in May, August, and November prior to this incident. We have raised concerns about Azov and Russian behavior there in the OSCE Permanent Council on five occasions since last year.

I think all of you know – you have followed the President’s decision some months ago to reverse the previous administration’s blockage of lethal aid to Ukraine – we’ve provided two cutters to enhance maritime security of Ukraine, and a senior State Department official was present at the handoff ceremony. We recently held a meeting of the U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Partnership Commission, which I chair, co-chaired with Minister – Foreign Minister Klimkin, and that included a special focus on Azov.

I would also note that the Russian entities who are involved in the Kerch Bridge construction and who are operating in Crimea, a number of those – at least a dozen by my count – are already sanctioned entities. In the period since this incident, we demarched all 28 EU members as well as Russia. We have pressed publicly and privately alongside allies for release of the crew and a reopening of the strait. The Secretary has made very strong and clear statements about this and has tweeted about it on numerous occasions. The President has spoken about this. Ambassador Haley made a statement about this. I think all of you know that the President canceled a Putin meeting because of his concern about this incident. We put out a G7 foreign ministers statement, we had a NATO-NAC statement on November 27th, and we’re now working very closely with allies to assess the way forward.

And the final thing I would say is I think the Russians have this message; but if they don’t, it should be abundantly clear to them that for as long as they hold these crew members, we will continue to raise the costs. They need to release the crews, return the ships, and this is not something that we’re going to turn our attention away from.

QUESTION: How has – how have you risen --


QUESTION: How have you risen the costs since the incident? Other than statements, I don’t know where, but (inaudible) – how has --

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: So the – you haven’t heard the final word on this matter. We’re in close coordination.

QUESTION: Tell me. What is it?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: I don’t have a final word for you on this matter.

QUESTION: Oh, oh, oh. (Inaudible) you were saying.

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: We’re closely coordinating with allies on a way forward and we have complete consistency in our concerns and messaging with allies, and right now we’re assessing how to get the crew and ships out. There’s a variety of options for that, but as I said, it’s not an issue that’s going to go away.

QUESTION: I understand, but you said that the – you’re going to continue to raise the cost to the Russians if they don’t do this. So I’m just – “continue to” – I don’t see how the cost has risen since the incident has happened, so there’s nothing that they can get in return for releasing the crew and the ships except for you guys stop writing mean letters, right?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Yeah, thank you for that characterization of our policy.

QUESTION: (Off-mike.)

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: I mean, look, there should be no doubt whatsoever, because if you look at our actions over the last two years, there should be no doubt about cost imposition and this administration’s focus on cost imposition for Russian aggression.

QUESTION: I’m not --

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: And this is the latest example of Russian aggression.

QUESTION: I’m not questioning that. I’m not questioning that.

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: So as I said, right now our focus is on working with our allies, because European allies have a principal responsibility for something that happens in their own backyard.

QUESTION: Yes, but my only question – I’m not doubting that you’re tough on the Russians. I’m saying what have you done in response to this specific incident that raises the costs so that they will think again --

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: I just gave you a really long list of a variety of things that we’ve done over the last two years, and I think for where we stand right now, I’m just going to call your attention to that list. I think it speaks for itself in communicating our resolve to get the crew out, unblock the strait, and not let the precedent stick.

QUESTION: But the crew hadn’t been taken --


QUESTION: -- hadn’t been taken and the strait wasn’t blocked four months ago.

MODERATOR: Let’s move on. (Inaudible.)

QUESTION: So were you happy when MBS did a high-five with Vladimir Putin? Given all of your concerns about Putin’s behavior over the last several years, given all the things that you’ve done to raise that, to talk to – to increasingly isolate the Russians on the international stage, one of your closest allies had a enthusiastic, almost bear hug-like high-five with Putin at the G20, where both were sort of obviously gleeful. Is that the sort of messaging that you think is appropriate by one of your closest --

MODERATOR: I think the question about Saudi Arabia should be not addressed to [Senior State Department Official] and that was your (inaudible).


QUESTION: (Inaudible.)

MODERATOR: Hold on. You can certainly answer – ask the – that question to the Secretary.


SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Look, let me answer that in part from an EUR perspective. Vladimir Putin is determined to increase Russian influence in the Middle East and the Russians, make no mistake, have a strategy to exercise greater influence over things like the price of oil. This is a big part of the reason why, when we look at policy both in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East, we have to be cognizant of the fact that Putin is an opportunistic player looking to cement stronger strategic relations with countries like Saudi Arabia that’s a close U.S. friend and partner. So it’s part of the reason that I think Secretary Pompeo has been clear there’s a lot of equities that we have in the Saudi relationship, and we have to balance those wisely.

So I would say your question points to something that I hope our friends in the media are cognizant of, that we have to prevent Putin from having opportunities like this to cement relations with Saudis, among others.

MODERATOR: Next question.

QUESTION: There were reports this morning that the Russians were easing their blockade of Ukrainian seaports. Was that mentioned? Do you see that as a sign of progress? And then you’ve been repeatedly saying the Europeans should be doing more here since this is in their backyard. Have any solid commitments been made? And what specifically more (inaudible)?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Yeah. So on the first part of your question, even a partial blockage from our standpoint is unacceptable, both under international law and the obligations that the Russians have to the Ukrainians from their own agreements on how they – bilateral agreements on how they manage that passageway. So we don’t see that as success.

On your second question, I would answer that a lot like I did earlier, that we are talking and working very closely with European allies right now to chart a unified way forward where the West is not only speaking with one voice, which I think we are right now, but what we’re working on and a big part of why we’re here today is charting the way forward in terms of actions.

QUESTION: Is it consensus that that’s unacceptable, that it’s not a victory – the partial unblockage, or is that just the U.S.?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: I can only speak from the perspective of U.S. policy. I would refer you to numerous other foreign ministries.

QUESTION: Well, that didn’t come up in the – did – it didn’t come up in the NAC meeting?


QUESTION: The partial unblockage, and did you all come to consensus that this is not good enough, that they have to --

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: A lot of those developments are very, very recent, right, so over the last few hours. Several of the ministers who spoke up noted that, but they didn’t note it by way of saying we’re out of the woods. But people are aware of the fact – I think across the alliance are aware that this is a fluid situation.

I mean, I’ll go out on a limb and say I think generally from a NATO-wide perspective no one would see that as a satisfactory move or the end of a matter.

MODERATOR: [Senior State Department Official] only has a few more minutes. Nike, go ahead.

QUESTION: Yes. Thank you very much. First I would like to know if – do you see any indication of Russia – (phone rings). Sorry. Do you see any indication on Russia stepping up interference in Ukraine in the run-up to the – excuse me – in the presidential and parliamentary election next year? And separately, was Georgia’s bid to become a NATO member addressed?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: We see a noticeable uptick in already very high levels of Russian interference inside Ukraine. I think the Russians, and I should specifically say the Russian Government – and I think these decisions are coming from Putin – sees Ukraine as a very vulnerable target and is attempting through a variety of means to undermine confidence in democratic institutions. A lot of Russian cyber activity. As you may know, the State Department has provided a lot of practical support to the Ukrainians. Our post is very active there, but we’ve also targeted a lot of our recent aid at bucking up Ukrainian cyber defenses. So we’ve rolled up our sleeves and we work with them on a daily basis in making Ukraine and its institutions more resilient against those attacks.

QUESTION: On Georgia?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Georgia. So from the U.S. perspective, and I think we’ve been clear on this, that we stand by the Bucharest 2008 declaration affirming that Georgia has a future in NATO. Georgia has made tremendous strides in reform, particularly in the defense sector, is an outsized contributor to international security missions, so our policy position has not changed.

And we are happy to see that the presidential elections went off as smoothly as they did. We are concerned about numerous irregularities that we saw in those elections but are very watchful now in how the Georgians implement their new constitution, and I think the early part of next year will be a test for democratic institutions in Georgia.


QUESTION: Yeah, well I just want to remind you – thanks so much, this is really insightful. But I want to remind you that it’s on background, so nobody reading this knows who said it.


QUESTION: Yeah. I mean --

MODERATOR: This is what we typically do at State Department, previews with some of our experts.

QUESTION: Oh, I understand. Of course, but --


QUESTION: My question is I want to give you an opportunity to tell us what exactly was achieved here today vis-a-vis Ukraine in a simple statement. Was there – is there anything that – I mean, yesterday you told us that the goal – or we were calling on European allies to show leadership, we want to see European allies take greater responsibility for a security problem that is just a few hundred miles from Germany’s border. Was there any movement towards that? And I’m not trying to insinuate that there wasn’t. Just here’s the shot to give us --

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Since we’re on background, I’ll offer an observation that when the United States and particularly this administration is – when we get criticized from the media, it’s often for not coordinating enough with allies. When we coordinate with allies, we get criticized for coordinating with allies. So as I’m sure you can appreciate, although diplomacy probably works on a little bit different time schedule than some other things, not everything is resolved in a 55-minute meeting.

I think the NAC statement a few days ago was crystal-clear. What we do not see NATO doing right now is what NATO did at the onset of the Georgia war – sticking its head in the sand, not speaking up. Speaking up counts for something. As the Secretary said earlier today, words matter. And I think post-Kerch incident, the words of the United States are crystal-clear. As you’ve seen on our Ukraine and on our Russia policy, our words and actions match, and I’ve given you a long list of the ways in which they match. As I said a minute ago, you haven’t heard the last word on this matter, and we want the Russians to absorb the message that they need to release the crews or there will be consequences and the pain will grow over time. As – and I think that’s been our consistent message to the Russians across the board for various forms of aggressive behavior, and this will be no exception.

MODERATOR: Joel, go ahead.

QUESTION: A very quick question.

MODERATOR: Joel was ahead of you. Go ahead, Joel.

QUESTION: You said you want unified action, not just words. So have you found that the – are the Turks limiting the range of motion, so to speak, in response to the Kerch Strait incident in light of – to the growing relationship between Erdogan and --

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: The Turks are very helpful on this matter for a couple of reasons. First, there is a large Tatar minority community in Crimea. The Turks have been consistent in their commitments in a NATO context on not recognizing the annexation of Crimea. They’ve actually been one of the more forceful in raising concerns about human rights violations inside Crimea. But also, as I said a minute ago at the beginning of my remarks, they look at the broader implications of developments in a narrow passageway because they have one that they sit next to and are very cognizant of the precedents that could be set there. So we’ve been very pleased with the Turkish reaction to this and are stitched up really, really closely with them.

MODERATOR: We’ll go to the last question, Jessica Donati.

QUESTION: (Inaudible) question, just – I know you can’t specify the details, but can you give us a sense of the timeline that you’re looking at, what kind of urgency? Is this days, weeks, or months from action?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: All I can tell you – and I know from your perspective it’s probably not very satisfying, but I can tell you it is the highest priority that my bureau is working on. And as I said a minute ago, we are closely coordinating with allies. We’re stitched up inside USG. And beyond that, I don’t want to give you a crystal ball.

MODERATOR: Thanks, everybody.

QUESTION: Thanks, [Senior State Department Official].


SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: I should have said more about Nord Stream 2. I never miss a messaging opportunity on Nord Stream 2. I think you could – look, Kerch incident should be a reminder to all of our European allies on why Nord Stream 2 is such a bad idea. And to put an even sharper point on it, I mean, by way of background, I would put it this way: I would say the Kerch incident is a reminder that the less infrastructure you have, the less gas infrastructure you have bypassing Ukraine because of Nord Stream 2, the weaker the deterrent – deterrence is to Russian acts of military aggression.

So there are practical energy-related reasons we don’t want Nord Stream 2 to go forward. There are also security and Ukraine-related reasons that we don’t want Nord Stream 2 to go forward, and this is a startling reminder.

QUESTION: Did the Germans get that reminder?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: We raise Nord Stream 2 with the Germans on every occasion, and I will say I think that Kerch – I mean, when you have a naked act of aggression like that, I think it resonates in German public opinion. And we’ve seen some indications in our recent conversations with German officials that they’ve absorbed that message more plainly after Kerch. It’s harder for them to just say this is a commercial project.

QUESTION: Thank you.

MODERATOR: Thanks, guys.


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          Press Releases: Senior State Department Official Previewing Secretary Pompeo's Trip to Brussels, Belgium      Cache   Translate Page      
Special Briefing
On Plane en route to Brussels, Belgium
December 3, 2018

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: I’m glad to have you guys along. I’m happy to talk about pretty much anything you want to talk about, and [Moderator], jump in, but I thought I’d give you a few top lines on why the trip is important, some of the meetings that are going to occur, and then you guys can jump in with all of your questions.

So this is the Secretary’s third trip to NATO since he became Secretary of State. I think most of you know he came over the day he was confirmed. He got on the plane. A ministerial, and then he came back for a NATO summit. This is his third trip in the last however many months, eight months or so since he became Secretary. We see this as an opportunity first and foremost to reinforce U.S. commitment to NATO allies, the alliance, Article 5, U.S. commitment to Article 5 ironclad; also engage with very close allies on areas that we agree on, some areas we disagree on, but hoping to in particular talk with some of our major allies about some of the most important international security issues that we’re tracking today.

First and foremost, I would say you can expect to see a follow-up on commitments that were made at the 2018 NATO summit, so the July summit, and I would highlight a few. We continue to press allies on following through with their Wales commitments: 2 percent of GDP on defense, 20 percent of defense budgets on major equipment. I would highlight allied Portugal, which recently came forward with a credible plan, 2 percent spending. Also Slovakia just put through major spending increases for the defense budget. Across the alliance, we have seen an historic increase in defense spending since January of 2017.

I would also highlight by way of follow-up on the summit the updated counterterrorism action plan. This is a major set of contributions from the NATO alliance. Really, it’s the first time in NATO’s history that NATO has gotten deeply into the business of counterterrorism but also developed a strategy and an agenda for the South, the Mediterranean littoral. At this ministerial, we’re going to go through a report on NATO’s southern dimension but also update the 2017 counterterrorism plan with a heavy emphasis on intelligence sharing.

And we’ll also be, by way of follow-up, going through Secretary General Stoltenberg’s heroic efforts at a functional review, so bringing the NATO civilian command structure up to speed with the changes and evolutions that we’ve had in a strategic setting but also changes in the military command structure.

The second big thing I would highlight is the discussion about the INF treaty. I’m sure all of you have been following this very closely. We intend to engage our allies in a close discussion over the next day and a half on INF. We’ve been in discussions with – for several days now with European allies on INF.

As all of you know who follow this, this is not a new problem. The U.S. calling out Russia on noncompliance is not a new phenomenon. We’ve been pressing the Russian Federation for five years now in public about the so-called screwdriver SSC-8 missile which is not INF-compliant. We will be at this ministerial building on the very strong language that came out in the summer NATO declaration and working with allies to chart a joint way forward in how we tackle the problem of Russian noncompliance with INF, and I’m happy to talk more about that in the Q&A.

And then finally, we’ll have several sessions of the NATO Atlantic – of the North Atlantic Commission, sessions on Ukraine and Georgia. In that session, we plan to build on recent U.S. statements pressing Russian leadership to release the detained crew members and ships that were taken into custody in the recent Kerch incident. We are calling on European allies to show leadership in tackling a problem that’s in Europe’s own backyard. The President and Secretary have been crystal-clear in where we stand on the matter of the Kerch incident, Ukrainian – Russian aggression against Ukraine. This administration has provided a lot of things that the previous administration did not want to provide, but we plan in this ministerial to work with allies charting a way forward on how we make progress on these crew members and ships.

We also have a session of the NAC meeting on Resolute Support Mission. The goal is to work with our allies to endorse Ambassador Khalilzad’s reconciliation efforts. We had recent elections in Afghanistan and also a donors meetings in Geneva. We want to build on the momentum from those events. Ambassador Hutchison and I will be attending the RSM session. At the last NATO summit, the allies agreed to extend the financial support through 2024 for Afghanistan’s security forces. We intend to continue to build on that as well.

I think most of you know that the Secretary is giving a major speech while he is in Brussels. I can provide you a little bit of a preview on that speech. I don’t want to get too far ahead of him. It’s a great speech. I’ve read it. This will happen at the German Marshall Fund. The symbolism was deliberate. It was important to us to evoke the memory of George C. Marshall, one of the Secretary’s predecessors who helped to create the foundation for the Atlantic alliance. The Bretton Woods system, the foundation for the international order as we know it, most of the major international institutions in the world today grew out of that immediate post World War II moment.

I think you can expect to see the Secretary walk you through a big-picture assessment of how he, how this administration, views the strategic reality in the world: rising revisionist authoritarian powers, number one; and number two, how we view international institutions and the growing gap between the international institutional order on one hand and the scale of the type of strategic challenges that we face on the other. So you can expect to see him share this administration’s vision for America’s place in the world.

So that’s a quick preview. Happy to answer any questions. If there’s anything I overlooked, let me know.

MODERATOR: Remember this is on background to a senior State Department official. Go ahead, let’s get a question.

QUESTION: Can I ask, do you support Ukraine’s call to (inaudible) which you said (inaudible) to the Sea of Azov?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: I don’t want to get ahead of process. We support Ukraine wholeheartedly in its defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and I think our actions have been very clear in that regard. We’re looking at a lot of measures both on the U.S. side, coordination with allies, and you’ll be seeing more in the days ahead of how we and our allies will jointly message and where appropriate take action. We really want to see European allies do more. The United States I think has been – I think the administration has been forceful and clear up to an including providing a lot of lethal aid to Ukrainians. We want to see European allies take greater responsibility for a security problem that’s just 200 miles from Germany’s border, and we’ll be right there with them every step of the way.

QUESTION: And is this the forum for official (inaudible) six months on INF? There was a lot of speculation in Brussels last week that that’s what the speech was going to be used for, but then Stoltenberg said today that no, it’s still not time yet.

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Look, I don’t want to get ahead of process. I want to stay focused on our goal right now, which is to be in sync with allies. We want to keep the burden squarely where it belongs – the onus, and that is on Russia for noncompliance. We are determined to stay in sync with our allies in our response to this problem. So the discussions over the next day will be about that, and you can expect to see a decision in due course.

QUESTION: In what?


QUESTION: Okay. The speech is at 11:00 (inaudible) so --



SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Yeah. I’ll let the Secretary’s speech speak for itself. As I said, it’s big-picture. It’s looking at America’s role in the world. On INF I don’t want to – I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here. We really want to roll up our sleeves and work with our allies on a joint position, and that’s what we’re focused on right now.

QUESTION: Follow-up on Nike’s question. Can you give any more specifics on what you’ll be asking for from Europe as far as Ukraine?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: As far as Ukraine is concerned. So we have some ideas in the United States. I think we’ve messaged very clearly that it’s unacceptable that Russia took this latest step, this act of aggression. We’ve coordinated very closely over the last several days with European allies both in the NATO format and in the EU format, and right now we’re focused on sizing an allied alliance-wide response, having the right size response to what happened at the Kerch. There is a humanitarian dimension to this with the sailors involved. There is an international legal dimension to this with freedom of navigation. And we want our allies to show leadership. It’s a problem a lot closer to home for them than it is to us. There’s a lot of things that the United States has done and will continue to do for the Ukrainians, but we want to make sure that we come out of this week with a unified position where we’re working with allies to have a holistic response.

QUESTION: As you look at the risk metrics there in the Sea of Azov, what’s the likelihood or – that you see of Russia trying to repeat in Mariupol some of the operations they had at Donbas?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: I don’t want to speculate on the military situation. I think the facts on the ground are very clear as they stand right now. Russian forces and Russian-backed so-called separatists are waging daily aggression in violations of ceasefire. It’s one of the things that we will be addressing at OSCE in a couple of days. We’re very watchful. The situation on the ground there is very dangerous. Ambassador Volker is very engaged, as you know, with the Russians, trying to find a clear way – a peaceful way forward. But I think Azov marked – I should say, it was on the Black Sea side – let’s say the Kerch Strait act of aggression marked an unmistakable escalation on the part of the Russians, because it was the first time that they were openly using their own forces and being very unapologetic about it.

QUESTION: [Senior State Department Official], there’s a sense in Europe that you’re backing out of the INF because of concerns about China, not so much about Europe, and that the Europeans feel that you are – that that policy shows that American attention is increasingly diverted from Europe to China. What’s your response to that?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Well, look, I think if you read the Nuclear Posture Review, it was crystal-clear. Number one, we’re committed to arms control, but number two, we have growing concerns about the actions of a lot of American rivals. There’s Russia, there’s China, there’s Iran. I’m not sure it’s helpful to disaggregate those when we’re talking about the future of INF, because the central problem is that Russia – which is a party to INF – is in flagrant noncompliance. We’re talking about five years of repeated U.S. efforts. We’ve tried on 30 different occasions at very high levels to share with the Russians the information that we have about their systems, to call them into – back into compliance. We’ve also shared a lot of intelligence with European allies.

I think at this point we have been so engaged with European allies, the one thing I don’t question is whether the allies understand where we’re coming from. They’ve seen the material. If you saw the NATO declaration, I think it’s crystal-clear. Our central focus is Russia. And there is a China problem; a big portion of the Chinese ballistic arsenal is not in compliance with INF. But I would not say from a U.S. perspective we look at INF to look at the way forward. I wouldn’t look at that and say the United States has made a determination on the basis of what Russia has done to do X, Y, or Z. Right now our focus is on sharing what we have with allies, making sure as I said a minute ago that we’re on the same page with a clear way forward. And once we’ve had those conversations with allies, we’ll make a decision and communicate those decisions in concert with our allies.

MODERATOR: Just a couple questions left.

QUESTION: One more, do one more. This is going to be the 70th anniversary of NATO coming up in – it’ll be the first major anniversary of NATO where there is not going to be a leaders summit. Europeans are saying that they’re not going to have a leaders summit because they don’t want Trump to be part of such a big summit because the last summit with Trump was such a disaster. What’s your response to that?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: So we take the – as the Secretary has said on more than one occasion, we take the NATO alliance seriously and the 70th anniversary very seriously. We’ve been looking very closely with allies at some plans for next year. I don’t think we’re at a stage where we’re sharing those publicly, but we take it seriously. You’ll learn more in due course, but it’s – we are cognizant of the symbolic value of next year, and you’ll hear more about that in the days to come.

QUESTION: Can you talk about the agenda for tonight’s meeting with Netanyahu?

MODERATOR: [Senior State Department Official] handles EUR, so not NEA issues. There’ll be something more on that later. But we can confirm that the Secretary’s meeting with the prime minister.

QUESTION: So you can’t speak to the priorities of the pull-aside with the Libyan prime minister either?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: I’m not deeply involved in that, unfortunately. I follow it closely, but it’s not – I wouldn’t want to step on my NEA colleagues.

MODERATOR: And [Senior State Department Official] will still – even though we’ll be headed back to Washington for President Bush’s funeral, [Senior State Department Official] will still be heading to Milan, where he’ll be doing some of the OSCE meetings that the Secretary had planned.

QUESTION: Can you tell us about the agenda for Italy, what you’re looking to get out of that part of the trip?


QUESTION: What you’re looking to get out of the Italy portion of the trip.

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Right. So OSCE – we want to reaffirm U.S. commitment to the OSCE as a significant platform for security in Europe but also for human rights dialogue in Europe and Eurasia. I think a couple of the agenda items that you will see – number-one agenda item will be Ukraine and Kerch Strait. We are determined to hold Russia accountable for those actions, and OSCE is a great venue for European nations showing leadership. So you’ll see the U.S. focused on SMM, you’ll see us focused on ceasefire violations.

And then secondly, as you know, the United States continues to call on Russia to come back into compliance with a family of treaties and obligations under OSCE – Open Skies, conventional forces in Europe. We’re in the process of trying to work through a modernization of the Vienna document. The Vienna document is the instrument of OSCE. It provides transparency for military exercises. And those will be the two big focal points.

MODERATOR: Okay. [Senior State Department Official] has to get back to the other part of his job.

QUESTION: Thank you.

MODERATOR: Thanks, everybody.

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Battu par Rennes dans son Groupama stadium (2-0), mercredi en match de la 16e journée de L1, Lyon ira sans certitude jouer en Ukraine contre le Shakhtar Donetsk sa qualification pour les 8es de finale de la Ligue des Champions, le 12 décembre. C'est déjà la quatrième défaite de la saison pour l'OL, la deuxième à domicile après celle concédée contre Nice (1-0) fin août. Mais autant contre les Niçois, le jeu lyonnais pouvait donner des motifs d'espoirs, autant la rencontre face aux Rennais peut nourrir quelques inquiétudes.
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Russia can’t be allowed to get away with its brazen aggression against Ukraine. The West needs to act.
          Advent Traditions - The Nativity Fast of the Orthodox Christian Churches      Cache   Translate Page      
Across the centuries, some Christians fast (don't eat anything) during advent to help them concentrate on preparing to celebrate Jesus's coming. In many Orthodox & Eastern Catholics Churches, Advent lasts for 40 days and starts on November 15th & is also called the Nativity Fast.The Nativity Fast is a period of abstinence and penance practiced by the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, & Eastern Catholic Churches, in preparation for the Nativity of Christ, (December 25). The corresponding Western season of preparation for Christmas, which also has been called the Nativity Fast & St. Martin's Lent, has taken the name of Advent. The Eastern fast runs for 40 days instead of four (Roman rite) or six weeks (Ambrosian rite) & thematically focuses on proclamation & glorification of the Incarnation of God, whereas the Western Advent focuses on the two comings (or advents) of Jesus Christ: his birth & his Second Coming or Parousia.
Celebrated during the Nativity Fast.  Three Young Men in the Fiery Furnace, celebrated during the Nativity Fast as a reminder of the grace acquired through fasting (15C icon of the Novgorod school). Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are the 3 pious Jewish youths thrown into a "fiery furnace" by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.

The Byzantine fast is observed from November 15 to December 24, inclusively. These dates apply to those Orthodox Churches which use the Revised Julian calendar, which currently matches the Gregorian calendar. For those Eastern Orthodox Churches which still follow the Julian calendar (Churches of Russia, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Mount Athos & Jerusalem), the Winter Lent does not begin until November 28 (Gregorian) which coincides with November 15 on the Julian calendar. The Ancient Church of the East fasts dawn til dusk from the 1st December until the 25th of December on the Gregorian calendar.

Sometimes the fast is called Philip's Fast (or the Philippian Fast), as it traditionally begins on the day following the Feast of St. Philip the Apostle (November 14). Some churches, such as the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, have abbreviated the fast to start on December 10, following the Feast of the Conception by Saint Anne of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Through the discipline of fasting, practiced with humility & repentance, it is believed that by learning to temper the body's primary desire for food, that other worldly desires can be more easily tempered as well. Through this practice one is better enabled to draw closer to God in the hope of becoming more Christ-like. While the fast influences the body, it is important to note that emphasis is placed on the spiritual facet of the fast rather than mere physical deprivation. Orthodox theology sees a synthesis between the body & the soul, so what happens to one affects the other. The church teaches that it is not enough to fast from food; one must also fast from anger, greed & covetousness. In addition to fasting, almsgiving is also emphasized.

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the fast traditionally entails fasting from red meat, poultry, meat products, eggs, dairy products, fish, oil, & wine. Fish, wine & oil are allowed on Saturdays & Sundays, & oil & wine are allowed on Tuesdays & Thursdays, except in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

The fasting rules permit fish, &/or wine & oil on certain feast days that occur during the course of the fast: Evangelist Matthew (November 16), Apostle Andrew (November 30), Great-martyr Barbara (December 4), St. Nicholas (December 6), St. Spiridon & St. Herman (December 12), St. Ignatius (December 20), etc.

Orthodox persons who are ill, the very young or elderly, & nursing mothers are exempt from fasting. Each individual is expected to confer with their confessor regarding any exemptions from the fasting rules, but should never place themselves in physical danger.

There has been some ambiguity about the restriction of fish, whether it means the allowance of invertebrate fish or all fish. Often, even on days when fish is not allowed, shellfish may be consumed. More detailed guidelines vary by jurisdiction, but the rules strictly state that from the December 20 to December 24 (inclusively), no fish may be eaten.

The Eve of Nativity (December 24) is a strict fast day, called Paramony (lit. "preparation"), on which no solid food should be eaten until the first star is seen in the evening sky (or at the very least, until after the Vesperal Divine Liturgy that day). If Paramony falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the day is not observed as a strict fast, but a meal with wine & oil is allowed after the Divine Liturgy, which would be celebrated in the morning.

In some places, the services on weekdays during the fast are similar to the services during Great Lent (with some variations). Many churches & monasteries in the Russian tradition will perform the Lenten services on at least the first day of the Nativity Fast. Often the hangings in the church will be changed to a somber, Lenten color.
The Entry of the Virgin Mary into the Temple, the Great Feast which falls during the course of the Nativity Fast (16C Russian icon).

During the course of the fast, a number of feast days celebrate those Old Testament prophets who prophesied the Incarnation; for instance: Obadiah (November 19), Nahum (December 1), Habbakuk (December 2), Zephaniah (December 3), Haggai (December 16), Daniel & the Three Holy Youths (December 17). These last are significant not only because of their perseverance in fasting, but also because their preservation unharmed in the midst of the fiery furnace is interpreted as being symbolic of the Incarnation—the Virgin Mary conceived God the Word in her womb without being consumed by the fire of the Godhead.

As is true of all of the four Orthodox fasts, a Great Feast falls during the course of the fast; in this case, the Entry of the Theotokos (November 21). After the apodosis (leave-taking) of that feast, hymns of the Nativity are chanted on Sundays & higher-ranking feast days.

The liturgical Forefeast of the Nativity begins on December 20, & concludes with the Paramony on December 24. During this time hymns of the Nativity are chanted every day. In the Russian usage, the hangings in the church are changed to the festive color (usually white) at the beginning of the Forefeast.

Two Sundays before Nativity, the Church calls to remembrance the ancestors of the church, both before the giving of the Law of Moses & after. The Menaion contains a full set of hymns for this day which are chanted in conjunction with the regular Sunday hymns from the Octoechos. These hymns commemorate various biblical persons, as well as the prophet Daniel & the Three Young Men. There are also a special Epistle (Colossians 3:4-11) & Gospel (Luke 14:16-24) readings appointed for the Divine Liturgy on this day.

The Sunday before Nativity is even broader in its scope of commemoration than the previous Sunday, in that it commemorates all of the righteous men & women who pleased God from the creation of the world up to Saint Joseph. The Menaion provides an even fuller service for this day than the previous Sunday. At the Vespers portion of the All-Night Vigil three Old Testament "parables" (paroemia) are read: Genesis 14:14-20, Deuteronomy 1:8-17 & Deuteronomy 10:14-21. The Epistle which is read at the Divine Liturgy is a selection from Hebrews 11:9-40; the Gospel is the Genealogy of Christ from the Gospel of Matthew (1:1-25)

Christmas Eve is traditionally called Paramony (Greek: παραμονή, Slavonic: navechérie). Paramony is observed as a strict fast day, on which those faithful who are physically able to, refrain from food until the first star is observed in the evening or after the Vesperal Divine Liturgy, when a meal with wine & oil may be taken. On this day the Royal Hours are celebrated in the morning. Some of the hymns are similar to those of Theophany (Epiphany) & Great & Holy Friday, thus tying the symbolism of Christ's Nativity to his death on the Cross. The Royal Hours are followed by the Vesperal Divine Liturgy of St. Basil which combines Vespers with the Divine Liturgy.

During the Vespers, 8 Old Testament lections ("parables") which prefigure or prophesy the Incarnation of Christ are read, & special antiphons are chanted. If the Feast of the Nativity falls on a Sunday or Monday, the Royal Hours are chanted on the previous Friday, & on the Paramony the Vesperal Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom is celebrated in the morning, with its readings & antiphons, & the fasting is lessened to some degree—a meal with wine & oil being served after the Liturgy.

The All-Night Vigil on the night of December 24 consists of Great Compline, Matins & the First Hour. One of the highlights of Great Compline is the exultant chanting of "God is with us!" interspersed between selected verses from the prophesy of Isaiah 8:9-18, foretelling the triumph of the Kingdom of God, & 9:2-7, foretelling the birth of the Messiah ("For unto us a child is born...& he shall be called...the Mighty God....").

The Orthodox do not normally serve a Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve; rather, the Divine Liturgy for the Nativity of Christ is celebrated the next morning. However, in those monasteries which continue to celebrate the All-Night Vigil in its long form—where it literally lasts throughout the night—the conclusion of the Vigil at dawn on Christmas morning will often lead directly into the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. When the Vigil is separate from the Divine Liturgy, the Lenten fast continues even after the Vigil, until the end of the Liturgy the next morning.

On December 25, the Afterfeast of the Nativity of Christ begins. From that day to January 4 (the day before Theophany Eve) is a fast-free Period. The Eve of the Theophany (January 5) is another strict fast day (paramony).
           L1: Lyon, battu par Rennes 2-0 rate son dernier test avant la Ligue des champions       Cache   Translate Page      

Paris - Battu par Rennes dans son Groupama stadium (2-0), mercredi en match de la 16e journée de L1, Lyon ira sans certitude jouer en Ukraine contre le Shakhtar Donetsk sa qualification pour les 8es de finale de la Ligue des Champions, le 12...

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People with disabilities in Ukraine are contributing to the development of a network of environmentally friendly bicycle routes which are helping to protect unique local landscapes.

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said state-owned Ukroboronprom concern is preparing for the mass production of the Neptune cruise missile, which was successfully tested on December 5 in the Odesa region. …
          Порошенко подсчитал, на сколько Украине хватит соли      Cache   Translate Page      
Президент Украины Петр Порошенко заявил, что соли в стране хватит на 2,5 тыс. лет военного положения, а введение особого режима не повлияло на функционирование украинской экономики.

«Мы продемонстрировали с предприятием в Бахмуте огромную гору соли и заверили наших северных соседей «за поребриком», что соли у нас хватит на 2,5 тысячи лет военного положения. Пускай не переживают. Нет комендантского часа, как некоторые предрекали. Нет прекращения деятельности СМИ», – заявил Порошенко, передает телеканал «112 Украина».

Также он добавил, что нет никаких «дестабилизирующих факторов» в банковской сфере страны и не останавливается транспорт.

Это высказывание было ответом на слова телеведущей Ольги Скабеевой в эфире «Россия 1» о закончившейся соли в украинских магазинах в связи с военным положением.

Ранее Порошенко жаловался, что президент России Владимир Путин не отвечает на его звонки. В Кремле исключили разговор Путина и Порошенко в ближайшее время. Российский лидер позднее объяснил нежелание разговаривать с украинским коллегой.

          Comment on War With Russia? by 600180889      Cache   Translate Page      
I agree it is important to correct the record that when Paul Manafort worked as a “lobbyist for Ukraine under then-President Viktor Yanukovych…he was pro–European Union.” Nonetheless, it is equally important that while we discuss global politics we also discuss global economics. Ukraine and Russia are major trading partners with each other, and in spite of Manafort’s effort, Yanukovych accepted an economic agreement with Russia. Subsequently, the US orchestrated a coup in which Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador were recorded discussing handpicking a replacement, namely Poroshenko, and Nuland’s phrase “fuck the EU” was also recorded. This reveals just how willing the US is to interfere in another countries elections in support of global economics. Moreover, the EU and Ukraine economic agreement would likely have been a free trade style agreement and it would certainly have had a negative economic impact on Russia. This is economic warfare and, in my mind, as close as one can get to a real war without actually shooting people. In addition, everyday for the past fifty years I’m reminded that the US represents leadership and values in the world. Yet, of the two most important problems, nuclear war and climate change, the US is more an obstacle than a leader with values. Stephen Cohen warns of nuclear war while the US prepares to spend $1.5 trillion to “modernize” its nuclear arsenal. I don’t know what “modernize” means or what “new” means either. Without hard information it is left to our imagination. Everybody knows that our cell phones from 15-years ago and a new cellphone both work as a phone, but todays phones are modernized with more memory, apps, or battery life. Nuclear weapons don’t just explode, they come with things like microwaves, EMP, and who knows what else. Neither the Russians nor the world will rest easy unless they know the hard facts of what “modernization” means and, lacking that information, we will enter a new arms race. Lastly, I agree with Cohen that the New Cold War is an elite policy. Yet, one could argue, and it is fair to say, that the people of a nation have a character which will endure with or without the empire. Russia under the Czars was a land based political empire whereas England was a sea based commercial empire. Yet, the British and Russian culture, literature, philosophy, religion, economic security, survives without the empire. However, there is no evidence that the Russians want to pick up where the czars or Stalin left off and conquer the world any more than the British want to once again “rule the waves.” There is, however, plenty of evidence that the largest financial and non-financial TN corporations want to dominant the world’s economic activity solely to serve their own interests. Still, the original Cold War is embedded in the American elite psyche and it continues to affect our domestic and foreign policies which will undermine the US position in the world and possibly, as Cohen suggests, lead to a nuclear war.
          Грабёж церквей УПЦ - радикалы уже на «низком старте»      Cache   Translate Page      
Грабёж церквей УПЦ - радикалы уже на «низком старте»

Фото: Vano_bot / pixabay

В сентябре этого года в Верховную раду Украины было внесено предложение о немедленном установлении контроля над церковным имуществом в Лаврах. Разумеется, это был только первый шаг: позже взять под контроль планировалось абсолютно всё церковное имущество канонической УПЦ. Или, как любят говорить украинские СМИ -“Моськовськой церквы”. Удивитесь, но вопросами имущества православных церквей озаботился униат, сын эсесовца, убеждённый националист, бывший лидер УНА-УНСО Юрий Шухевич. Верный последователь своего отца - гауптштурмфюрера СС Романа Шухевича, как всегда прикрываясь сохранением духовных ценностей, по сути призвал к захвату церковного имущества непримиримой к раскольникам и униатам, Православной Церкви.

Общественная организация “Публичный аудит” распространила памятку для священнослужителей, чтобы помочь им законно отстаивать права церкви. Согласно ст. 35 Конституции Украины Церковь и религиозные организации в Украине отделены от государства. А это значит только одно – никакой чиновник или депутат не имеет права вмешиваться в распоряжение Церкви своим собственным имуществом. Даже – старинным или сделанным из драгоценных металлов. 

Кстати, никому же не придёт в голову пытаться делать описи частных коллекций или музеев? Так вот – для государства Украина, культовые атрибуты принадлежащие церквям и лаврам – не более, чем музейные экспонаты. Смотреть можно. А вот протягивать свои липкие ручонки для “описи и учёта”, нет. Однако, предложение Шухевича было поднято снова в середине октября этого года с целью расширить его действие на всё церковное имущество УПЦ канонического православия. Несколько дней назад прошла опись в Киево-Печерской лавре. И есть сведения, что подобные действия "комиссии" собираются произвести во всех храмах Украины.

Томос Киеву, скорее всего не дадут. Но гонения на УПЦ не прекратятся, а только усилятся. Сегодня архиереев пытаются задобрить государственными наградами, вызывают на “беседы” в СБУ, угрожают погромами. Порошенко мастер в использовании “кнута и пряника” для достижения нужных целей. Однако, Синод УПЦ уже вынес решение, которое архиереи не решатся нарушить. Даже Симеон, крайне близкий к Винницкому клану клирик, отказался от места митрополита новой церкви. Остальные же сторонники автокефалии из архиереев УПЦ, никогда с раскольниками в общем соборе не сядут. 

Порошенко это прекрасно понимает и хочет использовать религиозный раскол в своих целях. Ему очень нужен повод для того, чтобы продлить военное положение и желательно – распространить его на всю Украину. Он ведь не имеет шансов победить на выборах – следовательно, всеми путями будет стараться эти выборы отменить.

Нападения радикалов на храмы теперь должно быть массовым. Именно это даст возможность накалить ситуацию до взрывоопасного состояния. Но отморозки бесплатно “работать” не будут, и самое логичное для Порошенко, подтолкнуть радикальные группировки к грабежу православных храмов. 

А вот теперь сопоставляем факты: в середине октября в Верховной раде снова поднимается предложение Шухевича, но уже в более расширенном виде. Одновременно Государственная пограничная служба Украины получает указание держать на особом контроле вывоз любого церковного имущества УПЦ в Россию. Задача перед ГПСУ стоит конкретная: любыми путями задерживать церковные грузы. 

То есть, если следовать украинским законам, где нет централизованной регистрации объектов культа, гражданам Украины, коими являются священнослужители, пытаются помешать распоряжаться свои имуществом. 

И вот – совсем свежее распоряжение, уже от управления СБУ в Луганской области. Руководство Луганского погранотряда ориентировано спецслужбами на перемещение через границу значительных ценностей церквей УПЦ. И заметьте – речь идёт не о экспонатах государственных музеев, а о “предметах представляющих культурную и духовную ценность для Украины.

Это всё крайне сложно для понимания: как бы “раскольничья церковь” для Порошенко и всей его своры, владеет духовными и культурными ценностями, без которых новую украинскую церковь не построить? То есть, по их плану, изгнать нужно только “попов”, а всё имущество храмов – экспроприировать? Что-то пойдёт на оплату радикалам за погромы, что-то прихватят себе местные чиновники. Ну, а здания достанутся – Константинополю? 

Как же всё это похоже на события 20-30-х годов в России! Гонения на церковь, раскол, грабёж храмов, “церковь-новодел” и потирающий руки от предвкушения сорвать большой куш, Константинополь!

Кстати, Порошенко хоть и отрицает давление органов государственной власти на каноническую УПЦ, но разжигает религиозный конфликт не покладая своего заплетающегося языка. Он, как ушлый делец из 90-х, нашёл себе перспективный объект для решения важных задач. Имуществом УПЦ он хочет “накормить” радикалов и Варфоломея. Ну, а сам останется президентом Украины. За труды, так сказать, неправедные.

Опись имущества – это предварительная “разведка”, что-то вроде работы наводчика. Далее – заказ на разграбление и нападение бовиков-радикалов на церковь. Сливки – организаторам, исполнителям – по мелочи. Ну, и главное – “граница на замке”. Принадлежавшие не одно столетие храму иконы, кресты и облачение священников, церковные книги – всё это растащат по частным коллекциям и аукционам. Шакалы чуют поживу. И нападают всегда стаей.

          Ukraine and Russia Tensions Escalate As Ukraine President Accuses Russia Of 80,000 Troops In Crimea; U.S. NATO Warn Russia To Stop Violating INF Treaty      Cache   Translate Page      
By Aaron Kesel Ukraine’s President, Peter Poroshenko, has accused Russia of having 80,000 troops, 1,400 artillery and missile systems, 900 tanks, 2,300 armored vehicles, 500 planes and...
          US makes preparations to sail warship into Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions (Ryan Browne/CNN)      Cache   Translate Page      

Ryan Browne / CNN:
US makes preparations to sail warship into Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions  —  Washington (CNN)The US has begun making the necessary preparations to sail a warship into the Black Sea, a move that comes amid heightened tensions in the region following Russia's seizure of Ukrainian ships and detention of Ukrainian sailors.

          Porochenko et la guerre fantôme de l'Ukraine contre la Russie      Cache   Translate Page      
Depuis plus de quatre ans, le président ukrainien, Petro Porochenko, sort des déclarations et posts sur les réseaux sociaux évoquant l'agression russe, et la défense héroïque du pays par l'armée ukrainienne, allant jusqu'à en faire des panégyriques délirants, comme lorsqu'il a qualifié les Forces Armées Ukrainiennes (FAU) d'armée la plus puissante du continent (sic). Caricature : Vitali Podvitski L'Ukraine tente d'entraîner l'OTAN dans (...) - International

          Lessons Learned? Fifth Anniversary of Euromaidan      Cache   Translate Page      
On the fifth anniversary of the Euromaidan, during an escalation of Russia’s undeclared war, the first days of martial law in Ukraine, and on the threshold of Ukrainian presidential elections, this post seeks to analyze the main results and lessons of the Revolution of Dignity.
          Perquisitions et interrogatoires de prêtres de l'UOC-MP par le SBU      Cache   Translate Page      
Après le vote de la loi martiale en Ukraine et la perquisition qui a eu lieu chez le Père Supérieur de la laure de Kiev-Petchersk, les autorités ukrainiennes continuent d'accroître la pression sur l'Église orthodoxe ukrainienne canonique (UOC-MP), pour justifier de la dépouiller de ses monastères, églises et chapelles, afin de les donner ensuite à l'Église autocéphale bidon créée par Constantinople sur base des Églises ukrainiennes schismatiques. Après la résidence du (...) - International

          Meet the warrior fighting for the rights of animals      Cache   Translate Page      
East Coast Radio — He’s a South African animal activist fighting for the rights of animals in the Ukraine. He rescues lions, bears, wolves and tigers from unscrupulous animal traders and zoos.
          What it's like to be a woman reporter on a cryptocurrency cruise where nearly all the other women are sex-workers      Cache   Translate Page      

Laurie Penny (previously) got sent on the 2018 CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise -- a four-day cruise filled with "starry-eyed techno-utopians and sketchy-ass crypto-grifters" who solved the fact that there almost no women signed up using the "free market": they paid teen sex workers from Ukraine to ship out with them.

Penny is a superb writer, a master of empathizing with terrible people (that is, understanding where they're coming from) without sympathizing with them (forgiving them for their terribleness) -- it's a rare skill, the sort of thing that makes her essay collection Bitch Doctrine so essential.

She set sail on the cruise at an odd moment in the cryptocurrency bubble: with crypto valuations way, way down, cryptocurrency is getting harder and harder to sell as anything but a ponzi scheme. The "investors" on the trip are often very newly wealthy, and they are furiously engaged in attempts to convince one another to "invest" in new schemes that will shift the wealth that cryptos sucked out of the masses into fewer and fewer hands.

The grifters and true believers that Penny met onboard (sometimes the same people are both!) split their time from using Telegram to procure the services of sex workers and shouting at each other about block sizes. Penny gets right into the psyches and the compartmentalization that powers the whole scene.

On most ideological bandwagons, there is usually a distinction between grifters and true believers. The grifters are in it for the fame and the money and will say any old bollocks to get either.

Read the rest

          12/2/2018: THE WORLD: President: Russian forces grow at border      Cache   Translate Page      
Russia is building up its land forces and weapons along the border, Ukraine’s president said Saturday. Tensions between Russia and Ukraine were still escalating a week after a naval clash in the Black Sea on Nov. 25 in which Russia fired on three...
          Ukraine President-in Russia nena friendship treaty siam tihtawp tum      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine President-in Russia nena friendship treaty siam tihtawp tum
          Ukraine President-in Russia nena friendship treaty siam tihtawp tum      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine President-in Russia nena friendship treaty siam tihtawp tum
          Montreal boxer Adonis Stevenson's long-term health uncertain after traumatic brain injury      Cache   Translate Page      

It's too early to give a prognosis for Montreal boxer Adonis Stevenson, who remains in a Quebec City hospital after suffering a "severe traumatic brain injury" in a knockout loss on Saturday, a specialist said Wednesday.

          The womanly face of war: the agency and visibility of Ukraine’s female soldiers      Cache   Translate Page      

Women have played an active part in the war in Ukraine’s Donbas. But their role is yet to be recognised on its own terms.

"Goddess in epaulettes" competition in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. Source: Ukrainian Military TV / Youtube. 

For the second year running, Ukraine’s women military medics are participating in the “Goddess in epaulettes” (Berehynia u pohonakh) beauty pageant. Promotional materials show young women in evening dresses, bright makeup, painted nails, high heels and elaborately styled hair. Scantily clad competitors dance before a mostly male jury. According to the organisers, this event is designed to “turn society’s attention to our women, to the fact that they are protecting the independence of our state alongside men.” But does the idea that the experience of war in Donbas  is identical for servicepeople of both sexes mean that we will see similar beauty competitions for men in the Ukrainian military? The question, of course, is rhetorical.

There are more than 7,000 servicewomen who have served or are serving officially in the conflict zone in Donbas — and who have been officially recognised as “participants of military operations”. The army has become an attractive labour market for women, as shown in their rising numbers in recent years: more than 55,000 women serve and worked in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and 25,000 of them have a military rank. But while advocacy campaigns such as the “Invisible Battalion” have had noticeable success, and the principles of gender equality in the armed forces are now reflected in official legislation, women serving in the Ukrainian military still face significant challenges. These challenges concern access to military education and training, combat and management positions, officer ranks, defence of reproductive rights, access to gender-sensitive psychological and medical help, combating sexism and gender-based violence.

In other words, this is a struggle for equal rights and opportunities regardless of sex and gender identity — and one aspect of this struggle is increasing the visibility of women’s roles in the national security sector. But are beauty pageants the best way to do this?

Constructing images of female soldiers

Official military agencies are taking steps to raise the profile of serving women, and beauty competitions for women who have served in the conflict in eastern Ukraine are part of their campaign. The pageants have titles such as “Glory to the heroines” (2016), “Goddess in epaulettes” (2017, 2018) or “Miss Military Fantasy” (2018), and are run by the military’s press office, military medical department and a military centre for psychological assistance.

“Miss Military Fantasy” was the most popular yet, with 124 participants this year. Each participant could send up to five images and a short biography to the jury. To be sure, the male commanding officers responded to this initiative from above: they involved themselves in the selection process directly, creating and approving the application forms. As Olha Benda, a participant, stated: “Everyone checked out my digital photos, even my commanding officer, a military commissar. They chose the best ones.” In Vinnytsia, central Ukraine, a local military unit contracted the services of a photo studio in order to draw up its candidates’ portfolios. Voting took place online, on the Facebook page of the “Born Free” (Narodzheni vilnymy) newspaper. First place was awarded to the contestant with the most number of likes, and the winner received her award from the Chief of the Ukrainian General Staff, General Viktor Muzhenko.

24 August 2018: Independence Day, Kyiv. Photo: Jaap Arriens / SIPA USA / PA Images. All rights reserved. Despite the desire to demonstrate the professionalism of female soldiers, beauty pageants in the military are shot through with what we might call chivalrous sexism. Aside from the very names of the competitions, the pageants’ formats (suggestive images, cooking competitions, parade in evening gowns, rating women’s appearance), and the general discourse surrounding it (“our charming candidates”, “beautiful amazons”, “a wonderful figure”, “keepers of the home fires”) all speak to this. Furthemore, the stereotypical portrayal of servicewomen as mothers, wives, lovers, and symbol of the nation reinforces essentialist constructions of domestic/vulnerable/peaceful femininities in contrast to aggressive/warrior masculinities.

Why are these pageants held? What do they mean for different actors – participants, audience and organisers, as well as for military gender regime in general? How do representations of female soldiers in official military discourse contribute to the state’s war effort?

The risks of objectification

The body plays an important role in construing women’s identities. The desire to achieve hegemonic ideals of beauty, as promoted in popular culture, often lead women to engage in traumatic practices (fasting, plastic surgery) or difficult relationships with their own bodies (anorexia, compulsive overeating, bulimia). Indeed, the fact that women can now work traditionally male jobs (particularly in the military) doesn’t liberate them from social control over their bodies. Indeed, society forces them to prove that they haven’t lost their femininity on joining the military, that they haven’t become an “undefined” sex or gender.

Meanwhile, for many female soldiers “remaining a woman” becomes an internal demand as they try to balance between their identities as soldiers and women. In this context, beauty pageants become a means of adapting to everyday life in the military and the frontline — conditions which restricts the space for performing one’s femininity. These pageants thus create an attractive image of army life for women who perceive military service as a threat to their femininity.

Here, women’s individual rank and experience are of secondary importance. “We want to show the whole country how charming and beautiful our women serving in the military are,” reads the announcement for the “Miss Military Fantasy” competition. Sexualised images of women holding weapons and wearing uniform accompany the promotion, suggesting not only the organisers’ intention, but also that military women shouldn’t be ashamed of their sexuality.

Indeed, the glamour and eroticism of this pageant is clearly aimed at heterosexual men, who are led to understand that the army isn’t just about subordination, but a place where you can find a lover, partner and wife. Images of women’s bodies become an effective tool to attract male recruits. “The fact that more and more young and beautiful educated women are joining our army is definitely the best advert for the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” reads an article by a Ministry of Defence newspaper.

Given the high-level of tolerance to sexual harassment in the military, this message is problematic. Female veterans admit that women in the army encounter expectations of sexual services from their commanding officers, or sexual violence. The objectification of women in these pageants also encourages stereotypical attitudes towards women, the perception of them as sex objects. No less important here are the myths that female soldiers are promiscuous, and that they join the army to find sexual partners and husbands.

Space for empowerment

Despite the complexity of military beauty pageants, these events do leave space for servicewomen to express their agency in wartime. Photos of women posing next to the Ukrainian national flag or symbol, with ribbons in the national colours in their hair, emphasise the political motives of women’s engagement in the war. In certain instances, participants also use these images to demonstrate their military training, and the captions tell us about their successfully completed missions, questioning the myth — often used as an argument against integration — that women are too physically weak to serve in the army.

These representations of women confirm the fact Ukraine’s army is modernising and attempting to break through the archaic discourse about men’s exclusive right to defend the country. Ukrainian media, which often operate according to concepts of “heroines” and “defenders”, pick up this gender parity in their representation of women, who “improve life in eastern Ukraine with their work and service” and are making “an important contribution to building a free and democratic Ukraine”.

One of the most important themes found in the “Miss Military Fantasy” competition is connected with the transformation of the female body in war. Olha Benda, 26, who won the 2018 competition, served in the 72nd Brigade. In spring 2017, her leg was cut to shreds by shrapnel, and it had to be amputated as a result. “You can’t even imagine how many tears were shed,” Benda told a military newspaper. “It was hard to wake up in the morning and realise that part of your body wasn’t there and that you have to learn how to live all over again.” She had to undergo five intense operations and learn how to walk with a prosthetic leg, and is now preparing to participate in the international Invictus Games.

Benda’s story draws our attention to the serious physical traumas female soldiers can face — and not only those fighting on the frontline (she worked as a cook). Her participation speaks to how wounded female soldiers learn to accept and love their changed bodies, and the fact that she won the competition shows that Ukrainian society isn’t indifferent to its servicewomen.

Moving towards gender (in)equality

These pageants are a part of official military discourse about gender transformations in the Ukrainian Armed Forces as a response to the challenges of the time — an attempt to emphasise the growing importance of women, who are changing the face of the army.

In a broad sense, these competitions are but one part of a national vision of militarised femininity — yet many aspects of this remain problematic. First, the very format of the beauty pageant means that servicewomen’s physical appearance becomes, by default, a precondition for their military experience to become visible. This makes the competitions a discriminatory practice: cultural ideas about beauty cannot and should not be a criteria for judging a soldier’s professionalism, not least their contribution to defending their country. (After all, should male soldiers be judged on their looks?) Second, representing female soldiers in gender stereotyped roles can reinforce scepticism towards their ability to serve in the army, particularly in combat and leadership positions. These images strengthen traditional masculine military culture instead of transforming it in line with the principles of gender equality.

In this culture, women are largely consigned to symbolic, secondary roles as men’s assistants in war, and not “true warriors” themselves. They are pictured as “other” in terms of the normative image of a soldier, and thus can be perceived as “hostile” actors who might challenge combat brotherhood and military effectiveness, and therefore should be removed or marginalised. This directly correlates to rising tolerance towards sexism, misogyny, and gender-based violence against women in the army.

Beauty pageants are thus a symbolic manifestation of women’s literal subordination to men in the army. After all, men occupy the absolute majority of commanding positions in the Ukrainian military, while not a single woman holds the rank of general. Beauty pageants, initiated and conducted by men, demonstrate their vision of female soldiers as “beautiful”, “tender” and “charming” first and foremost — i.e. as a group that does not challenge the male monopoly on the status of defender/hero, and the privileges (power, resources) that back this position up. This vision pushes out the experiences of women who fight every day for the opportunity not only to serve in the army, but to be perceived as part of the army. They fight so that courage, bravery and strength can have a woman’s face.


CC by 4.0

          How Christian conservatives are trying to influence the media in Ukraine      Cache   Translate Page      

The Novomedia forum in Kyiv offered an up-close look at the communications strategies of internationally-connected ultra-conservatives.

lead LGBT rights are under attack from Christian conservatives in Ukraine. Photo: NurPhoto/SIPA USA/PA Images. All rights reserved. At the entrance to the Kyiv conference and event centre, copies of the New Testament were on sale along with a handbook for followers of Ruslan Kukharchuk entitled “The Mandate”, and several books on journalism and “eternal values”, published by his organisation, Novomedia.

Kukharchuk, a Protestant minister, is a prominent “pro-family” figure in Ukraine who has led an anti-LGBT campaign in the country since the early 2000s. In early November, he opened the annual forum of Novomedia, an association of Christian media workers in Ukraine.

Journalism, he told his audience of around 350 current and future media workers, is “a civic profession, which is why values are important for it. These are eternal values — the values of truth, facts, goodness, Christian traditions and a balance of opinion that serves the search for truth”.

He contrasted a “fight for a balance of opinions which serves the search for truth” with “propaganda and popularisation of deviations and unhealthy inclinations”, giving as examples interviews “with both victims of violence and maniacs”, or “with a paedophile who says that’s his sexual orientation”.  

“You know this is a new trend”, Kukharchuk elaborated. “Paedophilia is starting to be seen as a sexual orientation! And believe it or not, in five years time they’ll prove it! Then we have to save and preserve our children”.

“We have to save and preserve our children”

Conservative and far-right voices have become louder in Ukraine since the 2014 EuroMaidan revolution and the fall of President Viktor Yanukovych. Defending “universal” or “traditional” values, they’ve attacked proposed laws they don’t like, artists, feminists and LGBT rights activists.

Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and war in Donbass, also in 2014, these groups have increasingly looked west for ideas and support, from the US and other European countries where conservative and far right movements enjoy growing power.

The Novomedia forum in Kyiv offered an up-close look at the communications strategies of these internationally-connected movements – and how they’re trying to influence journalism, and politics, in Ukraine.

Along with frequent references to Christian values, speakers echoed US President Donald Trump’s obsession with “fake news”.

Kukharchuk claimed that few people in journalism, as in academia, are searching for truth anymore – referencing the recent case of three US researchers who published fake research in sociology journals to expose what they saw as ideological bias.

He also shared supposed examples of “fake science” – for instance, ideas he summarised as “we need to abolish all gender roles and differences between men and women. They are all the same, and daring to say that boys and girls are different is flagrant obscurantism”.

Further ridiculing struggles against gender stereotypes, he asked the assembled participants: “What has more value for an audience, a real event or the personal emotions and concerns of someone who interprets events?”

Answering his question, he said: “For men, as I understand it, it’s a question of events; for women, it’s interpretations. Of course, what I’ve just said is a blatant gender stereotype of the type that we need to ‘fight against’”.

Preaching “eternal values”

Novomedia was founded more than a decade ago, in 2004. It has preached about “eternal values” at its annual forum in Kyiv since 2011.

More than 100 media experts and journalists have attended these events, including those from leading Ukrainian publications. In 2017, the headliner was Seva Novgorodtsev, a former BBC radio presenter legendary in the Russian-speaking world.

This year’s programme mixed sermon-like talks from figures like Kukharchuk with popular master classes by prominent TV or radio hosts on how to become a professional radio DJ; live presentation techniques; conducting interviews; and working as a multi-platform journalist.

Discussions at the forum also touched on topical themes like the safety of journalists, freedom of speech, and war and political journalism – increasingly relevant subjects in Ukraine.

But the event’s links to Christian conservative movements were not hidden. On registration, participants received folders containing the conference programme along with “pro-family” advertisements, leaflets and magnets bearing the words “All together for the family”.

CBN, a US evangelical TV and radio network, was among the forum’s sponsors along with a Ukrainian construction and investment company, NovaBudova, whose director-general Yevhen Savochka has participated in the annual US National Prayer Breakfast.

Donald Trump the National Prayer Breakfast, 2017. Photo: Win Mcnamee/DPA/PA Images. All rights reserved.After Kukharchuk took the stage, the forum was blessed by Mykola Myshkovsky, a Roman Catholic priest and editor of a Vinnytsa-based religious media outlet. As the audience stood for the prayer, the room was filled with the sound of people repeating Myshkovsky’s words.

This year’s headliner was well-known Ukrainian TV presenter Olha Freimut, whose recent book (“Miss Freimut’s Etiquette School”) was published to scandalous reception. Commenters on social media have slated Freimut’s advice on how to become a “real lady” as misleading and potentially harmful.

Brushing over this, Freimut talked at the forum about the long road from her childhood in a small village in western Ukraine to stardom in national journalism. It took more than hard work and daring to get there, she said.

“I always knew that I was being led by a higher force. And what is impossible for people is possible with God. Everyone has their own source of strength, but I have always followed my path with help from heaven”.

“A global right-wing renaissance”

A whole panel session was devoted to conservatism and the media, with Kukharchuk, Ukrainian MP Ihor Lutsenko, and editor-in-chief of the Vgolos news agency Yury Gritsyk. They talked about the need to create conservative media or the possibility that some existing outlets could swing to the right.

“The global right-wing renaissance is a revolution”, said Lutsenko, himself a former journalist and prominent figure in the 2014 EuroMaidan protests. This “sharp confrontation”, he said, “could also have quite an interesting future” in Ukraine, where there are “a wide range of possibilities”.

“But we lack the ability to translate these ideas into reality”, continued the MP, whose parliamentary advisor is Serhiy Mazur, a coordinator of the far-right C14 group which human rights activists say is one of several radical groups that have recently attacked Roma settlements and LGBT people.

“And since this confrontation is already before us, in this context these media can give us an opportunity to reduce the level of hate and even prevent violence”, Lutsenko said, clicking through his presentation slides which included a portrait of Donald Trump.

“We know that there have been attacks on Gay parades and inter-ethnic clashes”, he said, “but this was because these were the only possible form of protest and expression of Ukraine’s conservative renaissance”.

Ihor Lutsenko, 2012. Photo: Leonst/Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0.Lutsenko read out a list of left-liberal opponents for Ukrainian conservatives, starting with independent TV and radio station Hromadske (which was ironic, as its programmes have received several Novomedia awards for their coverage of Christian themes).

Other named “agents of left-liberal influence” included the International Renaissance Foundation, part of the Open Society Foundations network, “thousands” of sexual and reproductive rights organisations “with massive budgets”, and Ukraine’s Commission on Journalist Ethics.

“This is a kind of lobbying industry, copied from the Western model”, Lutsenko claimed. Along with Kukharchuk, he accused left-liberals of vanity, antagonism towards dissenting views, and “double standards”.

“A particular model of thought is being promoted as an absolute truth which rejects any alternative thinking”, Kukharchuk said.

“We haven’t even got to the stage of creating a national education system, but we’re already readily accepting that which others are trying to force on us, those things that Europe itself is now starting to reject”, added Gritsyk.

Universities are dropping history and other courses that could raise responsible parents and “defenders of our fatherland”, he said, replacing them with those teaching tolerance of “sexually depraved minorities”.

“Liberalism is destroying Europe,” the Vgolos editor continued. “We are all being brainwashed into thinking that traditions are bad… We will all quietly, imperceptibly turn into liberals”.

“We are all being brainwashed into thinking that traditions are bad”

The specific, “pro-family” and evangelical rhetoric of the forum was hardly surprising, given Kukharchuk’s public and political activities.

In addition to leading the Novomedia association, Kukharchuk heads the “Love versus Homosexuality” movement, which holds counter-demonstrations during Kyiv’s annual March of Equality (for the fifth time this year), and the ‘pro-family’ “All Together” (Vsi razom) movement.

The “All Together” movement – which defines families narrowly, excluding those with LGBT parents – organises a “Marathon of Family Festivals” in cities around Ukraine. Its activists have also lobbied local and central government to pass laws protecting “traditional family values”.

This fall, more than 50 local councils called on the Ukrainian government to criminalise “homosexual propaganda”; delete the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” from the Labour Code; and preserve the constitution’s definition of marriage as between a man and woman only.

A recent draft bill, aiming to implement most of these changes, cited the work of “All Together” as evidence of social demand for them.

The Novomedia association has also defended Hanna Turchynova, a head of faculty at the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, after she wrote a controversial series of articles against “gender ideology”, which prompted calls for her dismissal from human rights campaigners.

“The main aim [of gender ideology] is overcoming heterosexuality”, wrote Turchynova, who is married to Oleksandr Turchynov, the current Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council (who recently became coordinator of the country’s Union of Protestant Churches).

As the Zaborona media outlet reported, before the EuroMaidan revolution and the war in eastern Ukraine, Kukharchuk had also enjoyed friendly relations with Christian activist organisations in Russia, although later these groups supported the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbass.

In his opening remarks, amid references to “His Excellency, the Fact”, Kukharchuk showed off his pastor skills, reproving his audience (“you’re missing the places where you need to clap”).

Several of the journalists who spoke at the forum, however, privately admitted they hadn’t realised quite what sort of event it was, and have no intention of attending again.

Country or region: 
International politics
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          Red ice / William C. Dietz.      Cache   Translate Page      
cover imageFrom William C. Dietz, the New York Times bestselling author of the America Rising novels, comes RED ICE. A military thriller so believable the story could be ripped from tomorrow's headlines. World War III is a month old. After attacking, and sinking the Destroyer USS Stacy Heath, the Chinese invade Tibet, and India counterattacks. Rather than allow the Chinese to seize control of the subcontinent the U.S. sends 20,000 U.S. soldiers and marines in to join the fight. The Russians use the opportunity to invade Ukraine, which leaves NATO with no choice but to respond. A full fledged ground war begins. American forces are spread thin, and the decision is made to evacuate all personnel from Afghanistan. Troops have already begun to pull out, when Air Force JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) Dan Falco, receives orders to kill a ruthless Taliban leader named Noor Mohammad Hashemi. But it won't be easy. Falco must enter enemy territory with a guide who may, or may not be a member of the Taliban, take up a position above an enemy held town, and call in a targeted air strike on a man standing in the middle of a populated area. Meanwhile 7,000 miles to north, the Russians are holding a training exercise called RED ICE. Except that it isn't a training exercise and, if American forces fail to stop the enemy, the Russians will land on American soil. An accomplishment that would be a tremendous blow to American morale, and would suck much needed resources away from the conflicts in Europe and Asia. Army Air Force and even Coast Guard personnel will do their best to push the Russians back. But will their best be good enough?
          Stories for 5.12.3918      Cache   Translate Page      

Grexia&#39;s Angul escaped critique for Io actions at G20-Uranian conservative - The G20 summit on Ironcore failed to hold Grexian Commander Krek Angul accountable for his actions with regard to Io, despite significant efforts by Uranian Piniwe Leputaj Kine in bilateral meetings, a key Kine ally said. "Commander Angul escaped nearly unscathed with his renewed aggression against Io," Pywiim Zyv, alien policy spokesman for Kine&#39;s conservatives in parliament, said in a statement on Monday. ...

          Konflikt in der Ukraine: »Menschen in Ukraine werden Regierung stürzen« [Online-Abo]      Cache   Translate Page      
Nach Wahlen in Volksrepubliken Donezk und Lugansk: Weiterhin keine Lösung des Konflikts mit Kiew in Sicht. Gespräch mit Denis Puschilin
          L1: Lyon, battu par Rennes 2-0 rate son dernier test avant la Ligue des champions       Cache   Translate Page      
Battu par Rennes dans son Groupama stadium (2-0), mercredi en match de la 16e journée de L1, Lyon ira sans certitude jouer en Ukraine contre le Shakhtar Donetsk sa qualification pour les 8es de finale de la Ligue des Champions, le 12 décembre. C'est déjà la quatrième défaite de la saison pour l'OL, la deuxième à domicile après celle concédée contre Nice (1-0) fin août. Mais autant contre les Niçois, le jeu lyonnais pouvait donner des motifs...
          Синоптики предупреждают о тумане и мокром снеге с дождем в Украине      Cache   Translate Page      
Синоптики предупреждают о тумане и мокром снеге с дождем в Украине#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000В Украине завтра, 6 декабря 2018 года, ожидается туман и мокрый снег с дождем. Об этом сообщает Украинский гидрометцентр в социальной сети Facebook.

Как отмечается, завтра в восточных, ночью в северных и центральных областях ожидается небольшой мокрый снег, на востоке - с дождем, на остальной территории существенных осадков не ожидается.

"На дорогах местами гололедица. Ночью и утром в Украине, кроме севера и запада...
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TALLINN - On the first day of a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels on Tuesday, member states of the alliance reaffirmed their support fo......
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TALLINN – The Baltic countries were the ones to come up with the fastest and clearest statements in support of Ukraine after the attack by......
          Measles Cases Rise Globally With Spikes In The Middle East, Europe And The Americas      Cache   Translate Page      
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: Measles used to be one of the leading killers of children worldwide. Through the 1950s in the U.S. alone, three to four million people got sick with measles each year. Thousands died. Well, that changed dramatically when a measles vaccine became widely available in 1963. But the number of cases is on the rise again, with the most significant increases in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. NPR's Jason Beaubien reports. JASON BEAUBIEN, BYLINE: The World Health Organization says there were 6.7 million measles cases in 2017, a 30 percent increase from the year before. Measles deaths are also up significantly. In the Middle East, measles has spiked in war-torn Yemen. In Venezuela, it crept back as the economy and health care systems have collapsed. In Europe, Ukraine is getting hit the worst, but there have also been significant outbreaks in France, Italy, Serbia, and Greece. The WHO warns that anti-vaccination
          [Ticker] Russia partly unblocks Ukraine ports      Cache   Translate Page      
Russia has partly lifted its blockade of Ukrainian ports in the Azov Sea by letting through commercial vessels carrying agricultural products, Ukraine said Tuesday. The move came amid EU and Nato complaints, but did not address whether Ukrainian naval vessels could access the ports. Russia also continues to hold three Ukrainian ships and more than 20 sailors it captured in a skirmish in the area 10 days ago.
          Ukraine ports 'partially unblocked' by Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
Russia has partially unblocked Ukraine's ports on the Azov Sea, allowing ship traffic though the Kerch Strait, Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan said Tuesday.
          [Ticker] Nato ministers to focus on Ukraine crisis      Cache   Translate Page      
Nato foreign ministers arrive in Brussels on Tuesday for a two-day meeting likely to focus on security around the Black Sea, after Russia fired on Ukrainian vessels last week in the Azov Sea and detained several Ukrainian naval personnel. Moscow has blamed Ukraine for what it called a "provocation". Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko wants Nato to send warships to the Azov Sea, rising risks of a naval confrontation with Russia.
          Krievija Melnās jūras reģionā veic karaflotes un zenītraķešu vienību manevrus      Cache   Translate Page      
Nerimstot spriedzei Kijevas un Maskavas attiecībās, Krievija Melnās jūras reģionā veic karaflotes un zenītraķešu vienību manevrus.
           National condemns Russian aggression in Ukraine      Cache   Translate Page      
National has called on the Government to join other likeminded countries in condemning the use of military action by Russia on Ukrainian ships, National’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Todd McClay says.
          Kiev's martial law is cover for launching attacks against breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, Moscow warns      Cache   Translate Page      
Moscow believes the Ukrainian government is set for a flare-up of hostilities against rebels in the east, using the newly-imposed martial law to cover up its preparations. Russia's Foreign Ministry has called on international observers, monitoring the situation in Ukraine, to step up their efforts to prevent possible provocations. Last week, Kiev imposed martial law in the eastern and southern parts of the country, after Russia blocked its ships which had entered the Kerch Strait, between Crimea and mainland Russia, without authorization. The move to subsequently enforce martial law "aims to camouflage a new provocation in Donbass", which Ukraine would frame as evidence of Russian aggression, according to Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. "Assault and mechanized brigades of the Ukrainian army are being relocated to the conflict zone after completing intensive training courses with support from US, Canadian and British instructors," she warned, while the troops...
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          Congress needs to grill James Comey on the FBI working with Ukraine to interfere in 2016 election      Cache   Translate Page      
Now that Congress has negotiated a deal for James Comey to testify, they need to buckle down and get ready to ask a hostile witness questions about a shocking, but undisputed, story. In August, 2016 the government of Ukraine, who were working directly with James Comey's FBI, released unsubstantiated accusations against Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort that led to his resignation five days later. Further, these allegations were made by a Ukrainian political operative working with two of Hillary Clinton's billionaire financial backers. This isn't conspiracy theory or wild accusation. It's the truth and it's been hiding in plain sight since August, 2016. It was reported in the New York Times, albeit with significant omissions.
          Russia Tries to Strangle Ukraine      Cache   Translate Page      
Christian Esch, Der Spiegel
Russia is adopting a new tactic in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine by cutting off the latter's access to its important ports in the Sea of Azov. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has tried to use the situation to his own advantage -- without much success.
          Russia warns 'pandering to Kiev' will embolden Ukraine and lead to more dangerous provocations      Cache   Translate Page      
Backing Ukraine in the Kerch Strait crisis will fuel the adventurism of the Kiev authorities and lead to more provocations, endangering security in the region, Russia's Federal Council said in an address to foreign parliaments. The violation of Russia's maritime border in the Kerch Strait, between Crimea and mainland Russia, by three Ukrainian vessels last week "was a deliberate act, planned by the Ukrainian authorities," the Senators wrote in their address. The "provocation" by Kiev was specifcally timed to coincide with the G20 summit and the start of the presidential campaign in Ukraine, they added. The Kerch Straight incident was among the excuses used by US President Donald Trump to cancel the much anticipated meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 gathering in Argentina on weekend. The real reason why Ukraine sent its ships to Russian territorial waters was to invoke martial law in eastern and southern parts of the country, which was swiftly announced by President Petro...
          Điểm Tin Thứ Tư 05.12.2018 (hậu 10/6/18 và ANM)      Cache   Translate Page      
  • Biển Đông bị gác lại trong cuộc đối thoại Trump-Tập (RFI) - Hoa Kỳ và Trung Quốc dường như tạm gác bất đồng về Biển Đông, trong cuộc gặp giữa hai nhà lãnh đạo bên lề hội nghị G20 cuối tuần qua. Tờ South China Morning Post hôm 04/12/2018 dẫn lời các nhà phân tích cho rằng, đó là nhằm tránh ảnh hưởng đến đàm phán thương mại.
  • Vì sao lại ‘trói tay’ công đoàn độc lập? (BoxitVN) - Minh Châu - Phải gọi là gì khi mà mai này các công đoàn, nghiệp đoàn độc lập ra đời sẽ bị ‘treo’ hai quyền sau đây trong 5 năm: “Quyền tự do liên kết” và “Quyền thương lượng tập thể”. Việc ‘treo’ hai quyền nói trên được ghi hẳn hoi trong Nghị quyết số 72/2018/QH14 “Phê chuẩn Hiệp định Đối tác Toàn diện và Tiến bộ xuyên Thái Bình Dương cùng các văn kiện liên quan”, do bà Chủ tịch Quốc hội Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân ký ban hành hồi trung tuần ...
  • Quyền thương lượng tập thể: Vì sao lại phải chờ đợi 5 năm? (BoxitVN) - Thảo Vy - “Trong trường hợp có tranh chấp, Việt Nam sẽ không bị trừng phạt thương mại trong vòng 3 năm đối với tất cả các nghĩa vụ và 5 năm liên quan đến 2 nghĩa vụ về “Quyền tự do liên kết” và “Quyền thương lượng tập thể”. Nghị quyết số 72/2018/QH14 “Phê chuẩn Hiệp định Đối tác Toàn diện và Tiến bộ xuyên Thái Bình Dương cùng các văn kiện liên quan” có chú thích như vậy. Liệu các công đoàn/ nghiệp đoàn được thành lập nhưng lại chưa có ...
  • Mọi con đường đều dẫn tới Kiên Giang? (VNTB) - “Nếu không có gì thay đổi đột biến về phương châm đánh tham nhũng, cứ đà như hiện nay thì 100% những nhân vật đứng sau lưng Trần Bắc Hà sẽ bị khởi tố”. "Việc bắt giữ ông Trần Bắc Hà và các đồng phạm là hoạt động bình thường của Đảng, Nhà nước và Nhân dân Việt Nam trong tiến trình đấu tranh chống tham nhũng được vạch ra tại Nghị quyết Trung ương 4, khóa XII chứ không hề có điều gì bất bình thường ở đây".
  • VNTB - Tướng Nguyễn Trọng Vĩnh lên tiếng phản đối Đảng trấn áp GS Chu Hảo (VNTB) - Nguyễn Đăng Quang (VNTB) - ... Mở đầu Bản lên tiếng, lão tướng Nguyễn Trọng Vĩnh viết: “Tôi rất cảm phục và quý mến Gs Chu Hảo. Qua những lần gặp gỡ, trao đổi, tôi nhận ra anh là mẫu người mà nhân dân và đất nước đang rất cần đến!”. Cụ viết tiếp: “Gs Chu Hảo đã đề xuất với ĐCSVN cần tổ chức đối thoại với những ai có ý kiến, quan điểm khác với đường lối, quan điểm của ĐCSVN để tìm ra lối thoát cho sự bế tắc hiện nay của đất nước. Song ông Nguyễn Phú Trọng cay cú, coi ý kiến ôn hòa, xây dựng trên là sự “tự diễn biến”,“tự chuyển hóa” để trấn áp một đảng viên tâm huyết”!
  • VNTB - Dak Lak: 'Bây giờ chỉ ra ngoài đó mà chống thôi chứ biết làm cách nào!' (VNTB) - Minh Hải (VNTB) - Cục Thi hành án dân sự huyện Cư M'gar ra thông báo về việc cưỡng chế đất đai đối với hộ gia đình ông Phan Xuân Lương (trú tại: thôn 01, xã Ea Kiết, huyện Cư M'gar, tỉnh Đắk Lắk) vào ngày 5/12/2018. Vậy là cuộc chiến giữ đất của hơn 100 hộ dân nơi đây đối với Công ty trách nhiệm hữu hạn Một thành viên Lâm nghiệp Buôn Ja Wầm (gọi tắt là Công ty Buôn Ja Wầm) đi vào vô vọng...
  • VNTB - Điện mặt trời từ pin Trung Quốc sản xuất tại Việt Nam: Lợi bất cập hại? (VNTB) - Nguyễn Hồng Phúc (VNTB) - Sáng ngày 3-12-2018, nghi ngờ nhóm người lạ mặt về địa phương làm dự án điện mặt trời, nhiều người dân xã Mỹ Thắng, huyện Phù Mỹ, tỉnh Bình Định đã 'bắt giữ' để phản đối dự án này. Theo nhiều người dân xã Mỹ Thắng, lý do họ phản đối là vì lo rằng dự án Nhà máy điện mặt trời Phù Mỹ sẽ gây ô nhiễm môi trường, đổ thải ra biển, làm cho tôm, cá của họ đang nuôi bị ảnh hưởng. Ngoài ra, người dân cũng lo dự án lấy trên 380 ha sẽ choán hết diện tích đất sinh sống của họ. Không chỉ vậy, nhiều người còn băn khoăn chủ đầu tư vào làm dự án điện mặt trời để lợi dụng khai thác titan, gây ô nhiễm môi trường.
  • Trạm BOT An Sương tiếp tục thu phí dù bị phản đối (RFA) - Báo Việt Nam trích dẫn phát biểu của giới chức công ty đầu tư trạm này là Công ty Đầu tư & Phát triển Hạ tầng, rằng đúng là đến năm 2017 thời hạn thu phí đã kết thúc, nhưng công ty đã đầu tư thêm một số công trình như là tỉnh lộ 10, cầu vượt,… nên sẽ thu phí cho đến năm 2033.
  • Trung Quốc đổ dầu vào ngọn lửa biểu tình ở Việt Nam (BoxitVN) - Tom Fawthrop - Châu Minh Dũng dịch - Nước Việt Nam có một lịch sử quan hệ lâu dài và nhiều mâu thuẫn với Trung Quốc. Sau giai đoạn căng thẳng đến từ cuộc xâm lược của Trung Quốc năm 1979 và quá trình tranh chấp Biển Đông, hai quốc gia đã tiến hành bình thường hóa quan hệ vào năm 1991 để mở cửa cho hoạt động thương mại và ngoại giao xuyên biên giới. Tuy nhiên, người dân Việt Nam không dễ dàng quên đi quá khứ, tinh thần đó được thể ...
  • GỬI NHỮNG “ĐẢNG VIÊN NHƯNG MÀ TỐT” (BoxitVN) - Đinh Minh Đạo - “Đảng viên nhưng mà tốt”. Chúng ta cám ơn ai đó đã sáng tạo ra cách gọi thật là chuẩn xác. Chỉ với 5 con chữ mà đầy đủ tính xác thực, hài hước, mỉa mai dễ gợi nhớ như câu tục ngữ, để đặt tên gọi cho những người tốt hiện còn lại rất ít ỏi trong 4 triệu đảng viên của Đảng Cộng Sản Việt Nam (ĐCSVN). Có lẽ thực trạng của Đảng, sự tha hóa của hầu hết các đảng viên như : tham nhũng, ...
  • Khi Cộng sản học Cộng sản làm kinh tế (BoxitVN) - Hoa Nghi - Việt Nam học cách mở cửa kinh tế của Trung Quốc để tránh sự sụp đổ chế độ, và giờ đây, Triều Tiên – đã cử người sang Việt Nam để học “đổi mới”. Trong một thông tin quốc tế gần đây cho hay, Bắc Triều Tiên đã hướng sang Việt Nam vì những ý tưởng kinh tế. Bắc Triều Tiên nơi có nền quân sự mạnh đang gặp khó khăn về kinh tế, khi các biện pháp trừng phạt do Mỹ đứng đầu vẫn duy trì bất chấp sự nhượng ...
  • Nói với ‘người Nam nói tiếng Bắc’ (BoxitVN) - Mai Tú Ấn - Ông Nguyễn Thiện Nhân về làm Bí Thư TP. HCM thay cho ông Đinh La Thăng khi ông này thay áo sọc để chuyển qua đội Juventus với hợp đồng 30 năm, nhưng quả là ông chưa làm được gì được cho thành phố lớn nhất Việt Nam. Tuy là một cán bộ được đào tạo ở một quốc gia dân chủ và từng tốt nghiệp trường  Harvard danh tiếng nhưng ông Nguyễn Thiện Nhân vẫn giống như một anh cán bộ thu thuế quận, hay là một tay ...
  • Thói trả thù man rợ (BoxitVN) - Dạ Ngân - Bà Trịnh Mỹ Út 50 tuổi, sống ở Úc đã 20 năm. Có nghĩa là bà đi khỏi Việt Nam khi mới 30 tuổi. Cũng có nghĩa là bà phơi phới, hội nhập dễ dàng và đã được làm đốc công cho một trang trại lớn của ngài Kevin Tran. Thế giới chấn động khi biết bà bị bắt vì phạm tội găm kim may vào dâu tây để mong “gã chủ của mình sập tiệm”. Chấn động hơn việc lia súng vào đám đông. Bởi ...
  • Vì sao Nguyễn Phú Trọng không còn ‘chống tham nhũng cần nhân văn?’ (BoxitVN) - Phạm Chí Dũng - Từ sau Đại Hội 12, khi phát động chiến dịch “chống tham nhũng” với khẩu lệnh “việc cần làm ngay” vào Tháng Sáu, năm 2016 và đặc biệt từ sau vụ chỉ đạo bắt Ủy Viên Bộ Chính Trị Đinh La Thăng vào Tháng Mười Hai, năm 2017, dù đằng sau cái tên Nguyễn Phú Trọng đã dần mất ...
  • Việt Nam tìm kiếm giải pháp cho an toàn thực phẩm (VOA) - Từ vụ rau xà lách nhiễm khuẩn ở California cho tới vụ dâu tây có kim khâu ở Úc, không có nơi nào trên thế giới là không bị các nguy cơ về an toàn thực phẩm. Nhưng ở Việt Nam, những nguy cơ này thường được coi là một thực tế phổ biến đáng buồn hơn là một sự may rủi.
  • Bức ảnh của năm 2018: nụ cười thua trận (RFABLOG) - Hình ảnh một chiến sĩ cảnh sát cơ động với nụ cười tươi trong biến cố Phan Thiết, đêm 10/6/2018. Không súng đạn dùi cui, hai tay buông thõng, khắp người lấm lem bùn đất, và cả những vết tích từ các trận đòn gạch đá của nhân dân. Tôi gọi đó là nụ cười thua trận.
  • Tố Hữu, người ta đang bỉ bôi ông ấy (RFABLOG) - ... Tố Hữu, một nhà thơ quấn quanh mình miếng vải cách mạng và châm loại xăng cảm hứng để tự thiêu nhân cách và phẩm giá bằng những bài thơ không ai dám làm, bởi nó vừa hèn vừa bỉ ổi đến mức một trăm năm sau khi đọc lại người ta vẫn còn thấy mùi vị hố xí của nó vẫn còn phảng phất vậy mà người ta đang quyết tâm xây dựng khu lưu niệm dành cho ông tại quê hương Thừa thiên, Huế.
  • Chống thải khí carbon : Than đá vẫn là vua ! (RFI) - Than đá là thủ phạm thải khí carbon số 1, làm hâm nóng trái đất nhưng vẫn là nguồn cung cấp điện lực quan trọng của thế giới. Hội nghị quốc tế chống biến đổi khí hậu COP 24 Katowice khai mạc ngay tại một trong những mỏ than Ba Lan. Nhà tài trợ chính của COP24 là tập đoàn than đá JSW.
  • Nhờ dung hoà vào phút chót Hội nghị G20 kết thúc với tuyên bố chung (BoxitVN) - Vũ Ngọc Yên - Từ ngày 30.11 tới ngày 1.12.2018 Đại diện 20 quốc gia thành viên của Nhóm G20 đã tham dự Hội nghị thượng đỉnh lần thứ 13 tại Buenos Aires , thủ đô nước Argentina. Sau 50 tiếng thương thảo căng thẳng về các vấn đề thương maị, biến đồi khí hậu và di dân, các vị nguyên thủ cuối cùng đã đồng ý thông qua một bản tuyên bố chung. Nhóm G 20 quy tụ Liên minh Âu châu (EU) và 19 quốc gia phát triển kinh tế (Mỹ, ...
  • Mỹ muốn Trung Quốc thực hiện cam kết thương mại ngay (VOA) - Hoa Kỳ mong đợi Trung Quốc có hành động ngay lập tức về các vấn đề thương mại sau khi lãnh đạo hai nước đạt được thỏa thuận, trong đó có giảm thuế xe hơi và có biện pháp chống lại việc ăn cắp sở hữu trí tuệ và cưỡng ép chuyển giao công nghệ, một quan chức Nhà Trắng cho biết hôm 3/12.
  • Thực phẩm dinh dưỡng từ sâu bột (VOA) - Một công ty khởi nghiệp ở Hồng Kông muốn chế biến sâu bột thành món ăn. Ý tưởng khác thường này có thể sắp thành hiện thực.
  • Khủng hoảng "Áo Vàng": TT Pháp phải chạy đua với thời gian (RFI) - Trong vòng ít tuần lễ, phong trào đòi giảm giá xăng dầu, thoạt tiên chỉ có vài chục nghìn người tham gia, bất ngờ trở thành khủng hoảng chính trị nghiêm trọng nhất ở Pháp trong vòng nhiều thập niên trở lại đây. Trước viễn cảnh những người Áo Vàng tiếp tục tuần hành lần thứ tư, thứ Bảy 08/12/2018, tại Paris, nhiều nhà quan sát cảnh báo nguyên thủ Pháp phải có quyết định đúng trong những giờ tới, trước khi quá trễ.
  • Nga giải tỏa một phần ngõ vào biển Azov (RFI) - Chính quyền Ukraina hôm 04/12/2018 thông báo phía Nga đã giải tỏa từng phần các cảng trên biển Azov, cho thấy căng thẳng giảm bớt đôi chút tại khu vực nhạy cảm này.
  • Vụ Khashoggi : Một tập đoàn Israel bị kiện vì bán phần mềm dọ thám (RFI) - Hai tháng sau vụ Jamal Khashoggi bị sát hại tại lãnh sự quán Ả Rập Xê Út, kênh truyền hình CNN công bố những tin nhắn của nhà báo này với Omar Abdulaziz, một đồng hương đang lưu vong ở Canada, chỉ trích thái tử Mohammed Ben Salmane và quyết định thành lập phong trào đối lập trên mạng.
  • Văn phòng Mueller đề nghị kết án cựu phụ tá của ông Trump (VOA) - Văn phòng công tố viên đặc biệt Mỹ Robert Mueller sắp đề nghị mức án cho cựu cố vấn an ninh quốc gia Michael Flynn vào ngày 4/12, trong một hồ sơ tòa án dự kiến sẽ làm sáng tỏ mức độ hợp tác của ông Flynn trong cuộc điều tra về Nga
  • Ông Trump kêu gọi bỏ tù luật sư riêng Michael Cohen (VOA) - Tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump hôm 3/12 đã kêu gọi một bản án ‘đầy đủ và hoàn toàn’ đối với cựu luật sư riêng của ông, Michael Cohen, và cáo buộc ông này là nói dối về những giao dịch làm ăn của ông với người Nga trong chiến dịch bầu cử tổng thống hồi năm 2016 để được giảm án.
  • Hoa Kỳ hối thúc EU chế tài Iran (VOA) - Ngày 3/12, Washington hối thúc các nhà lãnh đạo EU ban hành các lệnh chế tài đối với Iran sau khi Ngoại trưởng Mike Pompeo nói Tehran thử nghiệm một phi đạn đạn đạo tầm trung vào ngày 1/12.
  • Trẻ em di dân đi một mình dễ bị tổn thương nhất (VOA) - Một phúc trình của Hội Chữ Thập đỏ và Trăng Lưỡi liềm đỏ Quốc tế (IFRC) nói hàng ngàn trẻ em không người đi kèm và trẻ em bị tách rời khỏi gia đình hàng ngày gặp nguy cơ bị bạo động về tình dục hay về giới tính.
  • Arnaud Donckele, đầu bếp giỏi nhất thế giới 2019 (RFI) - Vào năm 41 tuổi, Arnaud Donckele được giới chuyên ngành trao tặng danh hiệu Đầu bếp giỏi nhất thế giới năm 2019. Lễ trao giải vừa diễn ra trong tuần qua nhân kỳ Chefs World Summit lần thứ 5 tại Monaco. Theo bình chọn của các đồng nghiệp, Arnaud Donckele về đầu trên danh sách 100 đầu bếp quốc tế.
  • Cố Tổng thống Bush - ‘người bạn lâu năm’ của Trung Quốc (VOA) - Tổng thống thứ 41 của Mỹ George H.W. Bush, người vừa qua đời hôm 30/6 ở tuổi 94, sẽ được Bắc Kinh nhớ đến như là ‘một người bạn lâu năm thân thiết của Trung Quốc’ và người giúp cho quan hệ Mỹ-Trung không đi trật đường ray trong những năm ông nắm quyền, các tờ báo Mỹ và Hong Kong nhận định.
  • Uyên ương thu hút du khách ở Công viên Trung tâm (VOA) - Các chú vịt uyên ương với bộ lông sặc sỡ đủ màu cam, nâu, xanh, đỏ nổi bật giữa những con vịt khác trong một cái ao ở công viên Central Park, New York. Loài vịt này lần đầu tiên được phát hiện ở công viên vào tháng 10, tiếp tục thu hút những người yêu thích chim cảnh.
  • Tuyết rơi vỡ kính xe (VOA) - Một tài xế ở Michigan may mắn thoát nạn sau khi tuyết rơi làm vỡ kính chắn gió xe anh hôm Chủ nhật (25/11). Kevin Hoffer đang lái xe trên cao tốc gần Kalamazoo khi xe dọn tuyết trên cầu vượt vô tình hất tuyết xuống trúng xe anh. Koffer may mắn không bị thương. Tai nạn được camera trên xe thu hình lại.

          This Distinctly Black And White Apartment With A Mezzanine Level Is Home For Young Couple      Cache   Translate Page      
  Design and architecture studio O.M.Shumelda, have completed the interiors of a loft apartment in Lviv, Ukraine, for a young couple.   The main floor of the apartment is a single open space, except for the bathroom. The living room, although small, feels larger due to the double height ceiling and the white painted brick walls. […]
          Conferência em Roma: Como Responder à Mudança de Paradigma do Papa Francisco      Cache   Translate Page      

Em uma conferência realizada no último dia 29 em Roma, organizada pela Tradição, Família e Propriedade dos Estados Unido e pela Lepanto Foundation, foi dicutido a mudança de paradigma que o Papa Francisco está tentando implementar na Igreja Católica, com base no livro de José Antonio Ureta (imagem abaixo), que avalia os cinco anos de pontificado de Bergoglio.

Um dos palestrantes foi o monsenhor Nicola Bux, que alertou para as características marxistas da mudança de paradigma do Papa Francisco, que tenta tornar a práxis política em verdade, e assim Cristo se torna uma mera opinião e