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Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post provides (word only) examples of the children's* parody rhyme "Jingle Bells Shotgun Shells".

Most of the commenters sharing these examples indicate that they were from the Southern region of the United States.

The Addendum to this post showcases a few online examples of "Jingle Bells Shotgun Shells" that were posted without demographics (where or when the examples were chanted).

DISCLAIMER: This compilation is not meant to be a comprehensive collection of "Jingle Bells Shotgun Shells" children's rhymes from that geographic area or otherwise. Also, note that this compilation doesn't include adult examples of "Jingle Bells Shotgun Shells".

*"Children" here means about 5 years old to 19 years old (teenagers/youth).

The content of this post is presented for folkloric and socio-cultural purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the authors of blog posts or internet articles who encouraged their site visitors to share examples and reminded them to include where and when they first chanted or heard specific examples of these rhymes.

"Jingle Bell Shotgun Shells" is a subset of other "Jingle Bells" song parodies (such as "Jingle Bells Santa Smells") which predate the more widely known now parody "Jingle Bells Batman Smells". Based on comments from rhyme contributor (particularly from, it appears that Batman parodies of "Jingle Bells" were first chanted in 1966 or shortly thereafter. 1966 was the first year that the widely popular American television series Batman first aired on national television.

However, as indicated by some examples that are found in this compilation, as well as other online examples -including a 2012 YouTube video of a White teenage girl reciting this rhyme with what is known as "the n word"-, examples of "Jingle Bell Shotgun Shell" were and probably are still chanted after "Jingle bells Batman smells" became the predominate first line of this rhyme.

I chose to highlight examples of children's "Jingle Bells" parodies from the Southern region of the United States partly because- with the exception of "Jingle Bells Batman Smells- I found more examples of "Jingle Bells Shotgun Smells" online and more examples from the Southern region of the USA than from any other part of the USA or elsewhere.

I also compiled examples of this particular variant of "Jingle Bells" children's parodies because I was interested to find examples of these rhymes that include the "n word" and I want to document that fact as well as the published comments that were included with those examples or were made in reaction to those examples.

In addition, I want to document the existence of a rhyme in the "Jingle Bell Shotgun Shell" sub-set from 1960s Black civil rights activists in the South which I happened upon while searching online for examples of these rhymes. I've included that example and the example that preceded it in that website.
Click for a related pancocojams post entitled Examples Of The "Batman's In The Kitchen" Verse In "Jingle Bells Batman Smells" Rhymes

The website sources for these examples are given in no particular order. The examples are given in relative chronological order (within each link) based on their publishing date, except for response. Numbers are assigned consecutively within each link for referencing purposes only.

Every example of "Jingle Bells Shotgun Shells" from the Southern region of the United States that is found on those website is included in this compilation.

Website #1:
From Jingle Bells, Batman Smells by ROB on 2006/01/09
1. Anonymous
2008/12/18, 9:21 pm
North Alabama, early 80s

Jingle Bells, Shotgun shells
Granny has a gun!
Shot me in the underwear
and boy I had to run!

2. Amanda
2009/12/06, 12:30 am
We also sang in Mississippi:

Jingle Bells,Shotgun Shells
Grandma's got a gun
Shot me in the underwear and boy I had to run!

Someone from Alabama made the same post. I guess it's a Southern thing! We sang this version as children in the 80's, but I'm sure it was around before then.

3. Elena C
2012/12/07, 3:50 pm
“Jingle bells, shotgun shells, bb’s in the air, oh what fun it is to shoot santa’s reindeer! Deer guts in the trees, bloodstains in the snow…” and i don’t quite remember the rest. Florida, late 80’s.

4. john
2012/12/20, 3:44 pm
the version i heard in mississippi in the 1950’s was
jingle bells, shotgun shells
rabbits all the way
applesauce and sauerkraut
and good old pork and beans

5. David
2013/12/07, 5:48 am
Jingle Bells
Shot gun shells
Santa Clause is dead.
Someone stole my BB gun
and shot him in the head.

Houston, Texas in the early 1970s.

6. Gary
2013/12/12, 12:01 pm
I heard the “Santa Claus is dead” version in elementary school in the 1960s in the Dallas, Texas area. It had the feel of an old folk song even then.

7. Heather
2015/12/23, 2:52 pm
Early 80’s probably.. maybe Tulsa, OK or Memphis, TN

I Googled this topic because my now 6 yr old is signing new versions I haven’t heard.

One that we sang, that I haven’t seen posted, is:
Jingle Bells, shotgun shells
Granny’s got a gun,
Shot me in the underwear,
And boy I had to run (?)...

8. Brian of Nazareth
2017/12/19, 2:57 am
I learned this circa 1972 while living in Prince George’s (or PG as we called it) County, MD. It had the standard first verse that most people seem to have grown up with. The second verse more or less had the “Rudolph ran away” and “beat up Chevrolet” lyrics. However, one friend of mine would sing the second verse with the “shotgun shells” and “Santa’s underwear” lyrics, while another would sing the first verse with the “50 miles away” lyric. It astounds me how many variations there have been!

9. Winona Henry
2017/12/08, 6:52 pm
I heard,
“Jingle bells, Batman smells,
Robin laid an egg.”
I don’t remember what the next two lines were. I also heard,
“Jingle Bells, Shotgun shells,
Santa Claus is dead.
Tried to steal my teddy bear;
I shot him in the head.”


I lived in west Texas, and this would have been mid- to late 1960s.

Website #2:
From Robert Evans, December 23, 2015
"Thanks to its ubiquitous Yuletide popularity [of the Jingle Bells song] , everyone knew the basic tune, so it was easy for ad hoc groups of angry racists to come up with charming little ditties like this one from Mississippi in 1961:

Jingle bells, shotgun shells
Granny had a gun
Pulled that trigger
And shot that [you know damn well what word]* in 1961

The beauty of "Jingle Bells" is that the rhyme scheme is simple enough to adapt on the fly. It's likely that countless variations shot back and forth between kids over the next turbulent decade. The practice was apparently common enough that it earned an official mention in a 1970 biography of Martin Luther King**. According to the book, during the 1966 Meredith civil rights march (from Memphis, Tennessee, to Jackson, Mississippi) "young" and rowdy marchers started chanting this:

Jingle bells, shotgun shells
Freedom all the way
Oh what fun it is to blast
A trooper man away

*The book that is hyperlinked in that comment is King: A Biography By David L. Lewis

Website #3
Origins: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells
Subject: Origins: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells
From: autoharper
Date: 11 Jul 09 - 10:01 PM

One of the most widespread children's folksongs that is alive and well in 21st century American oral tradition is the schoolyard parody "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells." I am curious to know what is the earliest year you can remember hearing or singing this parody? Did it exist before the "Batman" television series (1966-68)? Has it appeared in print prior to the publication of "Junie B., First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!" by Barbara Park and Denise Brunkus in 2009?

I have heard a variant sung in South Carolina in the 1950's that goes:

"Jingle bells, shotgun shells, BBs all the way,
Oh, what fun it is to ride in a suped-up Chevrolet"

When did Batman become the song's protagonist?

-Adam Miller

Website #4
Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells
Author: Adam Selzer December 7, 2009
FergiSan May 24, 2014 at 5:41 am
I heard two versions of this "jingle" back in the 70's. One was "naughty," according to my mother, and the other one was pure racist (this was in the South in the 1970's)

Version 1
Jingle bells, shotgun shells
Rabbits all the way.
One jumped up, and I shot him in the butt,
and the other got away.

Version 2
Jingle bells, shotgun shells
Granny's got a gun.
Pulled the trigger, shot a ni***r,
Back in '61.
This is the way this example was given on that page.

Website #5
December 7, 2014 at 1:16 pm
Oh yes, from the fifties..
Jingle bells, shotgun shells, rabbit got away!
Oh what fun it was to ride in a four-door Chevrolet…
or maybe one of the guys would yell out ’55 Chevrolet!…
The about us page for this blog indicates that the editor of this blog is from Western North Carolina and the blog is "an effort to preserve and celebrate Appalachia."

ADDENDUM - Some examples of "Jingle Bells Shotgun Shells" without demographics
From Jingle Bells, Batman Smells by ROB on 2006/01/09
2008/12/24, 2:40 am
Jingle bells, shotgun shells,
Granny had a gun,
Pulled that trigger and
Shot that N*****
in 1961.
This is the way this example was written on that website.

2. Phil
2014/12/25, 4:25 pm
I heard it end with “Look at granny run”.

3. Bobby Bob Bob
2010/12/22, 5:43 pm
I heard a very racists one when I was really young probably 7-8 and did not know what all the words meant at the time.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Grandpa’s got a gun,
Pulled the trigger,
Shot a n****r,
Now he’s on the run

I hope that my kids never learn this one before they know all the words. I got such a beating when I sang this one at home.
This example is written that way on that website.

4. Ken
2011/12/24, 8:39 pm
I’ve always heard it as:

Jingle Bells
Shotgun Shells
Shootin’ all the way

Oh what fun it is to ride
In a Brand New Chevrolet!

5. not telling
2012/12/14, 11:57 pm
Jingle Bells Shotgun Shells
Granny had a gun
shot a rabbit up the ass
and boy did it run

6. 10. Laural
2017/12/29, 6:44 pm
Jingle bell shotgun shells grandmas for a gun pulled the trigger shot at figure now she’s on the run

From Silly Jingle Bells Verses
"Hey! Jingle bells, shotgun shells
Rabbits run away
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a broke down Chevrolet - hey!"

From Children's Cussing Songs
Khamphelf, 10/17/2001

Jingle bells
shotgun shells
BBs in the air
Take a shot at Santa Claus
And listen to him swear

Jingle Bells
Shotgun shells
Santa Claus is dead
Someone took my 45
And shot him in the head

From "Jingle Bells"
Jingle Bells
Shotgun Shells
Rabbits run away
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a 4 door Chevrolet

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Visitor comments are welcome.

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November's lineup includes the single from Kansas City native Calvin Arsenia, a cut from Anderson .Paak's album Oxnard, the latest track from Mandolin Orange, a haunting ballad from Anna Tivel and more.





Calvin Arsenia, "Headlights"

A transformative shared experience with the listener is Calvin Arsenia's Holy Grail. A multi-instrumentalist, his signature instrument is the harp. What may seem like genre-hopping in his latest album, Cantaloupe, is actually Arsenia looking past the boundaries of his gospel background and classical training to find the most direct line of expression to inform our common struggles. "Headlights," the first single from Cantaloupe, is a post-break up song about maintaining a strong sense of self while dealing with loss. It moves us past the storybook expectations of love, but retains an addiction to romance, finding the difference between infatuation and love. As Calvin puts it, "Love sticks around." A rap coda from Jametatone and Arsenia's lyrical harp solo draw "Headlights" to its conclusion. This is beautiful music, with the capacity to create the shared immersive experience Arsenia reaches for. We are all the richer. —Jon Hart, The Bridge





Broncho, "Big City Boys"

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Chaka Khan, "Like Sugar"

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Chaka Khan's forthcoming album is set to be released soon on Switch's new label, Diary Records. —Willobee Carlan,





Anna Tivel, "Fenceline"

Ever since Elliott Smith broke out in the late '90s, Portland, Ore. has been a hotbed for indie folk troubadours. Laura Veirs, M. Ward, Laura Gibson, and, most recently, Haley Heynderickx have all found inspiration on the banks of the Willamette River. But Anna Tivel is perhaps the most underrated of them all. She's long been adept at writing arresting but sparse songs, anchored by vivid storytelling lyrics that showcase her uncanny ability to paint landscapes with words. Her latest single, "Fenceline," is no exception. The song is the first track released from Tivel's forthcoming album, The Question, due out April 2019. But with this record, her superb compositions have been elevated to new heights. With the help of producer and multi-instrumentalist Shane Leonard and engineer Brian Joseph (Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens), Tivel has crafted a truly goosebump-inducing soundscape. —Jerad Walker, OBP






Anderson .Paak, "Cheers (feat. Q-Tip)"

Too complicated and retro to be a single, "Cheers (feat. Q-Tip)" is still a triumph for Anderson .Paak. Here's a reincarnation of neo-soul magnificence born to attract diverse audiences. "Cheers" is an ideal example of how dispirit influences can congeal to form an enthralling hybrid. This dizzying, propulsive track might never fit completely under the strictest definitions of hip-hop or R&B, but represents the best aspects of both. Bar by bar, the song's sonic antecedents — slinky bass runs, punchy horn blasts, trademark chime glissandos, the Questlove-style drumbeat, a jazzy saxophone coda — do some aural world-building that is both oddly familiar and totally transformative.

To achieve this, .Paak didn't pilfer from a favorite 1970s funk ditty or recite from Maxwell's discography. Dr. Dre's patronage meant .Paak could rely on a dream team of producers – hit-making associates Focus and Andre Brissett, along with Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest and Dre himself — to birth this ultramodern creation.

On the mic, .Paak's rapping clearly recalls old-school Kanye West, but with a self-consciousness and sensuality that exceeds his teacher. And "Cheers" itself demonstrates that point. He is the artistic progeny of what's come before. This song is a passing of the baton. —David Hyland, WPR






Rhett Miller, "Total Disaster"

In 2016, the affable and ever-prolific Old 97's frontman Rhett Miller opened up about his longtime battle with depression and an unsuccessful suicide attempt at 14. Going through the motions of life as a working musician — at home, on the road and in the studio — were already fixtures in Miller's oeuvre, in both the Old 97's and his solo ventures, but "Total Disaster," the opening track from Miller's eighth solo album, The Messenger, couldn't be a better preamble for what feels like his most confessional work to date.

"Total Disaster" debunks any assumptions that Miller's easygoing, self-deprecating lyrical turns are, in a sense, going through any motions themselves. Miller's reflection emerge from a deeply personal and genuine place, and the "Aha!" moment here is the revelation that there's zero shame in baring our scars. —Gini Mascorro,


Adia Victoria, "Dope Queen Blues"

Adia Victoria is a wonderful blend of Southern Gothic and the blues. A great example of this blend is her latest song, "Dope Queen Blues." Victoria admits to writing the song in her early twenties. Now 32, she has finally crafted the song into something special. Capturing the spirit of living for today and with no worries about tomorrow, Victoria puts herself back in her 20-year-old body, not in a nostalgic way but in a manner of a writer with something to share. When she sings, "It's a culmination of my rumination" the words are so drawn out you are forced to listen to her. Adding a haunting piano from The National's Aaron Dessner (who also produced the record), Victoria creates an environment both compelling and spooky. Like any good storyteller, Victoria leaves us wanting more. If "Dope Queen Blues" is a sign of what her upcoming album Silences brings, I can't wait to hear more. —Benji McPhail, Colorado Sound






Mandolin Orange, "Golden Embers"

Both of my grandmothers played piano in church, so a line like "I miss the old hymns," from the second verse of Mandolin Orange's gorgeous new song "Golden Embers," hits close to home: "Like notes on the pages, she breathed life into all things."

The video, directed by Josh Sliffe, will be touching to anyone that's ever experienced the confusing turbulence of loss and faced the challenge of transitioning painful mourning into precious memories. The visual effect is fortified through masterful use of light where every hotel lamp, beam of sunlight and campfire spark is as important as the simplistically powerful lyrics. The sparse acoustic instrumentation and glowing harmony of the group's catalog are intact while the mid-song instrumental passage enhances deepens the emotion with staccato strings, percussion and electric guitar.

This North Carolina duo of singer-songwriter Andrew Marlin and multi-instrumentalist Emily Frantz will make its fourth appearance on Mountain Stage since 2013 early next year with songs from their upcoming project Tides Of A Teardrop. —Adam Harris, Mountain Stage





Molly Burch, "To The Boys"

Building on generations of country crooning, Austin's Molly Burch kicks up a sanguine mix of modern sensibilities and traditional Western songwriting. Originally from Los Angeles, Burch took a bold step in relocating to the Lone Star State and releasing her 2017 heartbreak-influenced debut album, Please Be Mine. After that, it didn't take much for locals (and many far beyond) to fall in love with her reverb-laden mixes, effortless vocals and lyrics that alternate between all-too-real and just plain blasé.

This past October, Burch shared her sophomore full-length, First Flower, an intimate arrangement of originals that sound like a blend between Angel Olsen and Patsy Cline, with Molly's matured discipline to match. First Flower's lead single instantly won us over here at KUTX, and as far as mediocrity goes? Well, you can leave that to the boys. —Jack Anderson, KUTX



This playlist is updated monthly.

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Warranty extension program
Acer notebooks come with a standard Warranty1 of 1 Year. With Acer Advantage, the warranty coverage can be extended up to five years with priority repair service. Optional Accidental Damage service available offering protection in case of accidents. RAM Memória: 4 GB DDR4Bluetooth: igenWiFi: igenProcesszor: Intel Core i3-6006UFontos információk: Ezt a számítógépet a spanyol piacra gyártják, ezért tartalmaz saját nyelvén karaktereket, mint az N betű. Azonban a Windows konfigurálása lehetővé teszi, hogy módosítsd a billentyűzet nyelvezetét bármely más európai nyelvre. Az operációs rendszer professzionális, így kiválaszthatod a telepítés nyelvét. Választhatsz a nyelvek között, amelyek között az angolt mindig megtalálod. Könnyen választhatod az országodnak megfelelő nyelvet. Ingyenes operációs rendszert, mint például a Linux, ingyen telepíthetsz. Képernyő: 15, 6"HD LEDMerevlemez: 1 TBWindows 10Intel HD Graphics 520Termék színe: FeketeTermék típus: NotebookKülső megjelenés: VédőtokÁtlós képernyő: 39, 6 cm (15. 6")Képernyő-felbontás: 1366 x 768 pixelekÉrintőképernyő: NemLED backlight: IgenHD type: HDMéretarány: 16: 9Processor frequency: 2, 00 GHzProcessszorcsalád: 6th gen Intel? Core? i3Processzor: i3-6006UProcesszor magok száma: 2Processor number of threads: 4System bus rate: 4 GT/sProcessor cache: 3 MBProcesszor-foglalat: BGA 1356Processor cache type: Smart CacheProcessor lithography: 14 nmProcessor operating modes: 64-bitLéptető: D1Bus type: OPIProcessor codename: SkylakeThermal Design Power (TDP): 15 WProcessor series: Intel Core i3-6000 Mobile Processor SeriesMaximum number of PCI Express lanes: 12PCI Express slots version: 3. 0PCI Express ? onfigurations: 1x2+2x1, 1x4, 2x2, 4x1Tjunction: 100 °CConflict Free processor: IgenECC supported by processor: NemBelső memória: 4 GBBelső memória-típus: DDR4-SDRAMMaximális belső memória: 16 GBTeljes tárolókapacitás: 1000 GBStorage media: HDDKártyaolvasó beépítve: IgenTelepített merevlemezek száma: 1Merevlemez kapacitása: 1000 GBOn-board graphics adapter: IgenDiscrete graphics adapter: NemOn-board graphics adapter model: Intel? HD Graphics 520Discrete graphics adapter model: Not availableOn-board graphics adapter base frequency: 300 MhzOn-board graphics adapter dynamic frequency (max): 900 MhzMaximum on-board graphics adapter memory: 32 GBNumber of displays supported (on-board graphics): 3On-board graphics adapter DirectX version: 12. 0On-board graphics adapter OpenGL version: 4. 4On-board graphics adapter ID: 1916Beépített mikrofon: IgenFront camera: IgenOptikai meghajtó-típus: DVD Super MultiBluetooth: Igen3G: Nem4G: NemWi-Fi: IgenWi- Fi szabványok: IEEE 802. 11acEthernet/LAN csatlakozás: IgenEthernet LAN adatátviteli sebességek: 10, 100, 1000 Mbit/sUSB 2. 0 portok száma: 2USB 3. 0 (3. 1 Gen 1) Type-A ports quantity: 1HDMI portok mennyisége: 1DVI-port: NemEthernet LAN (RJ-45) portok mennyisége: 1Dokkoló csatlakozó: NemCombo headphone/mic port: IgenDC-bemeneti jackdugó: IgenNumerikus billentyűzet: IgenMutatóeszköz: ÉrintőpadWindows-gombok: IgenBiztosított operációs rendszer: Windows 10 HomeOperating system architecture: 64-bitIntel? Wireless Display (Intel? WiDi): IgenIntel? My WiFi Technology (Intel? MWT): IgenIntel? Smart Response Technology: IgenIntel Hyper-Threading Technology: IgenIntel? Turbo Boost Technology: NemIntel? Small Business Advantage (Intel? SBA): IgenEnhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology: IgenIntel? Clear Video HD Technology (Intel? CVT HD): IgenIntel Clear Video Technology: IgenIntel? InTru? 3D Technology: IgenIntel? Quick Sync Video Technology: IgenIntel Flex Memory Access: IgenIntel? AES New Instructions (Intel? AES-NI): IgenIntel Trusted Execution Technology: NemIntel Enhanced Halt State: IgenIntel? VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT): IgenIntel? Secure Key: IgenIntel? TSX-NI: NemIntel? Stable Image Platform Program (SIPP): NemIntel? OS Guard: IgenIntel? Software Guard Extensions (Intel? SGX): IgenIntel? Clear Video Technology for Mobile Internet Devices (Intel CVT for MID): IgenIntel? 64: IgenExecute Disable Bit: IgenIdle States: IgenThermal Monitoring Technologies: IgenProcessor package size: 42 x 24Támogatott vezérlési készletek: AVX 2. 0, SSE4. 1, SSE4. 2Processzorkód: SSSR2UWCPU configuration (max): 1Embedded options available: NemIntel? Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d): IgenIntel? Virtualization Technology (VT-x): IgenProcessor ARK ID: 91157Akkumulátor-technológia: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)Akkumulátorcellák száma: 4Akkumulátor élettartam: 6, 5 óAkkumulátor teljesítménye: 3220 mAhAC adapter eloszlás: 45 WSúly: 2, 4 kgSzélesség: 381, 8 mmMélység: 258 mmMagasság: 24, 6 mmMagasság (elülső): 2, 46 cmmagasság (hátulsó): 2, 46 cmAC adapter mellékelve: Igen
Laptop Acer NX.EFGEB.016 15,6" HD LED 4 GB RAM DDR4 INTEL CORE i3-6006U 1 TB WINDOWS 10 Fekete
Jelenlegi ára: 180 056 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2099-01-01 00:00
          Arkansas Travelers vs. Tulsa Drillers Tickets (AwesomeSeating) $37.95      Cache   Translate Page      
Tickets available for Arkansas Travelers vs. Tulsa Drillers on Sunday, June 30 at 3:30am

          Event: 2019 11th Annual Tribal Public Health Conference      Cache   Translate Page      
Tulsa OK
April 9, 2019
          CarePoint ministry empowers Jenks community      Cache   Translate Page      
  JENKS—A little more than a year ago, an elementary school in the Jenks school district contacted First Oklahoma Bank in the community, asking if they could help find clothes for children and their families that were in need. The bank owners then reached out to Jenks, First; Tulsa, South Tulsa, First and Yale Cleaners. […]
          Jericho Oil’s First Osage Formation STACK Well Continues to Deliver Strong Results      Cache   Translate Page      
Best-in-Class Well Productivity and Low Decline Rate Further Validates Company’s Northern STACK Acreage TULSA, Okla. and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jericho Oil Corporation (“Jericho”) (TSX-V: JCO; OTC PINK: JROOF) is pleased to provide an update regarding its ongoing participation in its Oklahoma STACK Joint Venture (“STACK JV”).  The Swordspear 15-23N-10W [Read more]
          Sunny today! With a high of 53F & a low of 37F. #TulsaWeather #FollowBack      Cache   Translate Page      
Sunny today! With a high of 53F & a low of 37F. #TulsaWeather #FollowBack — Fermina Zepeda
          Field Engineer      Cache   Translate Page      
OK-Tulsa, Pay Rate: $18.00 - $20.00 Location: Tulsa, OK Duration: 1 yr. Schedule: Shift -will begin on day, will need to work other shifts Driving Required: Yes IS US Citizen Required: Yes Day to Day Work: Break fix repair of HPE Industry standard servers, blades, storage and networking equipment. Working with various teams in the data center environment to schedule service outages, repairs, and validations
          SONY Xperia XA1 - Jelenlegi ára: 62 900 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      
KialakításTermék színeFeketeKülső megjelenésBárTömeg és méretekTömeg14, 3 dkgSzélesség6, 7 cmMélység8 mmMagasság14, 5 cmCsatlakozók és csatlakozási felületekUSB-csatlakozó típusaUSB C-típusFejhallgató csatlakozhatóság3, 5 mm-esUSB verziója2 USB port✔ Műszaki adatokGoogle alkalmazásokGoogle Maps / Google Play / YouTubeErgonómiaKözelségérzékelő✔ Térmegvilágítás érzékelő✔ Gyorsulásmérő✔ AdattárolásKompatibilis memóriakártyákMicroSD (TransFlash)Memóriakártya maximális mérete256 GBBelső tárolókapacitás32 GBRAM kapacitás3 GBRAM típusaDDR3Felhasználói memória24 GBUSB háttértár✔ FényképezőgépAz elülső kamera felbontása (numerikus)8 MPA hátulsó kamera felbontása (numerikus)23 MPAutomatikus fókusz✔ Videófelvétel✔ Videófelvételi módok1080 pBeépített vaku✔ Elülső kamera típusaEgy kameraA hátulsó kamera típusaEgy kameraVaku típusaLEDMaximális keretméret30 fpsSzenzor típusaExmor RSFelbontás a felvételi sebességnél1920 x 1080 @30fpsGeotagging (földrajzi metaadatok hozzárendelése)✔ Digitális nagyítás (zoom)5 xNagyítási képesség✔ ISO érzékenység3200 6400, AutomatikusÜzenetekRövid szöveges üzenet (SMS)✔ Multimédiás üzenetküldési szolgáltatás (MMS)✔ E-mail✔ Azonnali üzenetküldés (IM)✔ Csevegés✔ NavigációHelyzetmeghatározás✔ Támogatott GPS (A-GPS)✔ GLONASS✔ Elektronikus iránytű✔ Wi-Fi pozícionálás✔ ProcesszorProcesszormodellHelio P20A processzor frekvenciája2, 4 GHzProcesszormagok4 Társprocesszor magok4 Segédprocesszor✔ Segédprocesszor frekvenciája1, 6 GHzProcessszorcsaládMediatekKépernyőKijelző típusaTFTÁtlós képernyő12, 7 cmKépernyőfelbontás1280 x 720 pixelekKijelző színeinek száma16, 78 millió színMéretarány16 : 9Érintőképernyő✔ Képernyő formájaLaposÉrintőképernyős technológiaTöbbérintésesÉrintőképernyő típusaKapacitívTájolásérzékelő✔ Mobilhálózat4G✔ 3G✔ HíváskezelésHívóazonosító✔ Hívásvárakoztatás✔ Gyorstárcsázás✔ Hívásidőzítő✔ Hívás tartása✔ Hívásátirányítás✔ Kihangosítás✔ Rezgő figyelmeztetés✔ Konferenciahívás✔ SzoftverTelepített operációs rendszerAndroidAz operációs rendszer verziója7 TartozékokKábelek mellékelveUSBAC adapter mellékelve✔ Gyors áttekintő útmutató✔ TeljesítménySzemélyes információszervezésÉbresztőóra / Számológép / Naptár / JegyzetekMikrofon elnémítás✔ TestreszabásIkonok / Menü / GyorsbillentyűkRepülő üzemmód✔ Kapcsolattartó csoportok támogatása✔ TémákHáttérképekMultimédiaTámogatott képformátumokBMP / GIF / JPG / PNG / WEBPTámogatott audió formátumok3 GA, AAC, AMR, AWB, DSS, FLAC, IMY, M4A, Középső, MIDI, MP3, MXMF, OGA, OGG, OTA, RTTTL, RTX, WAV, WMA, XMFTámogatott videoformátumok3 GPP, AVI, DIVX, H. 263, H. 264, MPEG4, VP8, VP9FM-rádió✔ Videótömörítési formátumokH. 263 / H. 264HangkodekekAMR-NB / AMR-WBAkkumulátorAkkumulátor teljesítménye2300 mAhFolyamatos hanglejátszási idő55, 3 óFolyamatos videólejátszási idő7, 3 óBeszélgetési idő (3G)10, 1 óKészenléti idő (3G)603 óBeszélgetési idő (2G)11, 3 óKészenléti idő (2G)560 óKészenléti idő (4G)572 óHálózatBluetooth profilokA2DP / AVCTP / AVRCP / DID / GAP / GAVDP / GOEP / HFP / MAP / OPP / Pan / PBAP / SAPBluetooth verzió4. 2Near Field Communication (NFC)✔ Wi-Fi Direct✔ BluetoothVanWi-Fi szabványokIEEE 802. 11a / IEEE 802. 11b / IEEE 802. 11g / IEEE 802. 11nBiztonsági algoritmusokEAP / EAP-PEAP / EAP-TLS / MSCHAPv2 / TKIP / WPA / WPA23G szabványokHSPA+ / UMTS4G szabványLTE3G-sáv támogatottság850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 MhzSIM kártya típusaNanoSIMSIM kártya teljesítményfokozatKettős SIM2G-s sáv (elsődleges SIM)850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz2G szabványokEDGE / GPRS / GSMPányvázás (modem üzemmód)✔ Wi-Fi✔
SONY Xperia XA1
Jelenlegi ára: 62 900 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-12-05 15:09
          Stukel, Cuddemi Push Wichita Past Tulsa      Cache   Translate Page      
Tulsa, OK - Jakob Stukel and Ralph Cuddemi each potted two goals to help push Wichita (8-9-3-1) past Tulsa (13-4-2-2) by the final of 4-2 on Tuesday n... - ECHL Wichita Thunder
          Special Teams Hinders Oilers in Loss to Wichita      Cache   Translate Page      
TULSA, OK - The Tulsa Oilers' four-game home winning came to an end Tuesday as the Wichita Thunder (8-9-4) won the special teams battle over the Oiler... - ECHL Tulsa Oilers
          Director of Business Office - Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center - Houston, TX      Cache   Translate Page      
Review reports produced from the Registrar. Tulsa Welding School and Technology Center is currently seeking a Director of Business Office....
From Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center - Wed, 05 Dec 2018 03:04:27 GMT - View all Houston, TX jobs
          The best concerts happening in Orlando this week      Cache   Translate Page      
Broncho Tulsa indie-psych stars play a midweek gig at Will's with Yip Deceiver riding shotgun. 8 p.m.…
          Tulsa's Fitzpatrick Named Howies Hockey Tape/ECHL Rookie of the Month      Cache   Translate Page      
PRINCETON, N.J. - Tulsa Oilers' goaltender Evan Fitzpatrick is the Howies Hockey Tape ECHL Rookie of the Month for November.The 20-year-old appear... - ECHL
          Evan Fitzpatrick Wins ECHL Rookie of the Month      Cache   Translate Page      
PRINCETON, N.J. - Tulsa Oilers' goaltender Evan Fitzpatrick is the Howies Hockey Tape ECHL Rookie of the Month for November.The 20-year-old appear... - ECHL Tulsa Oilers
          Interview with the Enemy: Tulsa      Cache   Translate Page      
It's time to go all in on basketball season, which means it's time to shift our “interview with the enemy” focus over from football. What better game to start with than in-state foe Tulsa of the American Athletic Conference. While the Cowboys and Golden Hurricane have faced off the last four
          Comentario en Vídeo entrevista con Tulsa (Miren Iza) por Anónimo      Cache   Translate Page      
          12/5/2018: YOU: TOP COOKBOOKS OF 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

It’s been a great year for cookbooks. There were anticipated titles from some of the world’s best chefs, including René Redzepi and Yotam Ottolenghi, debuts from the likes of Naz Deravian and Mardi Michels, and a groundbreaking translation of a...
          Credit Specialist II - Energy      Cache   Translate Page      
BOK Financial - Oklahoma City, OK - Req ID: 50266 Areas of Interest: Commercial Banking, Energy; Commerical Credit Analyst; Credit Administration Recruiter: Maria...’s what motivates us each day and why we’re invested in working with you. . POSITION CAN BE BASED IN OKLAHOMA CITY OR TULSA, OK The Credit Specialist II...
          Pizzuti Breaks Ground on $55M Warehouse, Distribution Center in Tulsa for Whirlpool      Cache   Translate Page      
Whirlpool-Corp.-Tulsa-OklahomaTULSA, OKLA. — The Pizzuti Cos., a Columbus, Ohio-based development firm, has broken ground on a $55 million, 800,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center in Tulsa for Whirlpool Corp., a Michigan-based manufacturer of home appliances. ARCO Construction Co. Inc. is handling the design/build of the facility, which will be situated next to a manufacturing plant that […]
          EDGE Realty Negotiates Sale of 73,213 SF Shopping Center in Catoosa, Oklahoma      Cache   Translate Page      
CATOOSA, OKLA. — EDGE Realty Capital Markets has negotiated the sale of Catoosa Shopping Center, a 73,213-square-foot retail property located on the eastern outskirts of Tulsa. Regional grocer Reasor’s anchors the center, which also includes 15,000 square feet of space leased to local, service-oriented retailers. Micha van Marcke and Chace Henke of EDGE Realty represented […]
          Angie Cockrell and Mike Leland Performing at Bluestone Steakhouse Wednesday and Thursday December 5-6th 2018!      Cache   Translate Page      
Jazz At It’s Finest with Angie and Mike! Treat yourself to wonderful music and great food at Bluestone Steakhouse! Let Angie’s beautiful voice and Mike’s magnificent keyboard play help you relax and unwind from everything the day has thrown at you. Bluestone’s pleasant and attentive staff will treat you, and that special someone, to an unforgettable dining experience while you … Continue reading
          Tulsa Jazz.Com Presents The Joesf Glaude Trio at Kirin Restaurant Friday Dec 7th 2018!      Cache   Translate Page      
The Joesf Glaude Trio Live In Concert! Kirin Restaurant welcomes The Joesf Glaude Trio! This marvelous group features Joesf Glaude on Guitar, Bill Jones on Bass, and fabulous Tulsa Vocalist Joe Muse Friday December 7th from 6:30-8:30 pm! We can’t think of a better way to spend an evening than listening to some of your … Continue reading
          Jazz and Wine Night with Sarah Maud, and Sean Al-Jibouri Wednesday Dec 5th, 2018 Main Street Tavern BA!      Cache   Translate Page      
Sarah Maud and Sean Al-Jibouri Live In Concert! Every Wednesday night is Jazz Night at Main Street Tavern! This week is extra special with a performance by Sarah Maud, and Sean Al-Jibouri! We can’t think of a better way to start off this year than spending an evening listening to your favorite jazz tunes performed … Continue reading
          Pet Feeding Offered in Tulsa      Cache   Translate Page      
Hey my name is Jamie. I have many years of experience providing cleaning services, and look forward to helping your family! I hope we have the chance to chat soon!
          Brief Commentary on Carpenter v. Murphy      Cache   Translate Page      
I was interviewed by Tulsa Public Radio Station KWGS last week. A short summary is here.
           College basketball schedule, games 2018: Tip times and what to watch, stream this week on CBS Sports Network       Cache   Translate Page      
Oklahoma State and Tulsa will square off Wednesday on CBS Sports Network
          JohnnyCakes      Cache   Translate Page      
0honestly0idk0 / 1 page
15 year old moves Katherine to Tulsa after her parents split .She meets people that flip her world upside down, but one person makes her feel something she's never felt before.
          The Love of my Life. (A ponyboy Curtis love story)      Cache   Translate Page      
EmylieMilner / 5 pages
A small town girl named Rose moves to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hoping for a new beginning, to find some new friends, and possibly finding love. Doubting that she gives up. Until she meets Ponyboy Curtis... ALSO IM SO SORRY IF YOU SEE ANY AUTOCORRECTI...
          Put On Blocks: Thieves Cut All Electric & Stole Tires From More Than 30 Chevys At Jim Norton Chevrolet In Tulsa!      Cache   Translate Page      
Someone broke in and cut the electric and stole tires

          (Tulsa) Kimber pro carry 2 - Offer      Cache   Translate Page      
Kimber pro carry 2 good condition have 6 magzines and box  and more looking for trades only
          (Tulsa) Lowrance HDS 3 - Offer      Cache   Translate Page      
I have a Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 for sale or trade, was barely used before i switched to two HDS 12 units. There is also a ram ball mount available to go with it. Its been sitting for too long un used so looking to get it into the hands of someone else! I also have a Elite 4 available, as well as a brand new in the box total scan transducer. Open to cash offers on any of the items and open to trades for firearms. Just let me know what you have!

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