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Edward Lear, Wady Halfeh. Signed with monogram, dated 1867 and inscribed with title, watercolour 11 x 17.5cm. Wadi Halfa is in the Northern State of Sudan on the shore of Lake Nubia (Lake Nasser). Lear visited Egypt in 1866 and travelled … Continue reading
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ICC member countries should reaffirm the court’s mandate in the face of United States threats to weaken its essential role in international justice, Human Rights Watch says.

International Criminal Court (ICC) member countries should reaffirm the court’s mandate in the face of United States threats to weaken its essential role in international justice, says Human Rights Watch. The 17th session of the court’s annual meeting, the Assembly of States Parties, will take place in The Hague from 5 to 12 December 2018.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has sought to undermine the court’s legitimacy and threatened to thwart investigations involving the US or its allies. On September 10, the US national security adviser, John Bolton, declared that the US would not cooperate with the ICC. He threatened a number of retaliatory steps if the court investigated US citizens or citizens of allied countries, including against court officials and governments cooperating with the ICC. Trump also made critical remarks at the United Nations General Assembly.

“US threats against the ICC are an affront to every victim seeking justice before this court”, said Elizabeth Evenson, associate international justice director at Human Rights Watch. “ICC member countries should demonstrate at their annual meeting their resolve to oppose any effort to undermine the court’s investigations and prosecutions.”

The ICC prosecutor’s request to open an investigation in Afghanistan, which could include crimes committed by Taliban forces and the Afghan government, as well as US military and Central Intelligence Agency personnel, is pending before the court. An ICC investigation in Afghanistan would advance accountability and provide victims with a path to justice, while putting those responsible for serious crimes on notice that they could face prosecution, Human Rights Watch said.

ICC member countries responded to the US threats with strong statements of support for the court. Similar efforts in the past to undermine the court’s work have also been met by firm resistance from members, including a hostile US campaign by the administration of George W. Bush.

Given the broader pressure on the international rule of law, it is all the more important for ICC member countries to defend the court’s mandate with clear statements and actions, Human Rights Watch said. ICC members should seize opportunities during the meeting’s general debate in the language of resolutions adopted, in discussions on state cooperation, and at other moments to show their resolve to ensure that the court can do its job.

Members will mark the 20th anniversary of the ICC’s founding treaty, the Rome Statute, during a dedicated debate at the session, capping a year of anniversary commemorations. They will also discuss victim rights. Governments and court officials should use discussions to address the court’s challenges, including improving court investigations, deepening the court’s impact in affected communities, and securing arrests based on its warrants since the court depends on member countries to make the arrests. On 17 November 2018, Alfred Yékatom, known as “Rombhot,” was surrendered to the court in a case arising out of its investigation in the Central African Republic, the second arrest in 2018 for the court. But 17 arrest warrants remain outstanding, at the expense of victims and their families.

“The ICC has struggled to deliver on expectations”, Evenson said. “It’s precisely because the court’s role is so crucial in bringing justice that court officials need to step up their performance and member governments need to increase their support.”

Human Rights Watch issued a briefing note in advance of the session, with recommendations to ICC states parties, including for the election of the court’s next prosecutor. The term of the current prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, expires in June 2021. Early preparations and a strictly merit-based approach to the election is needed, Human Rights Watch said.

Negotiations about the court’s annual budget, with funds provided by its member countries, will be part of the agenda. Some member countries have demanded 'zero growth' in the court’s budget, but other countries have increasingly insisted that the court should have the resources it needs to manage its growing workload. During 2018, the ICC prosecutor opened three new preliminary examinations – into the situations in the Philippines, Bangladesh/Myanmar, and Venezuela – and received two referrals from member countries to examine the situations in Palestine and Venezuela.

The ICC is the first permanent global court mandated to bring to justice people responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide when national courts are unable or unwilling to do so. It is a court of last resort and has 123 member countries. In addition to the request to open an investigation in Afghanistan, the ICC prosecutor has opened investigations in Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, the Darfur region of Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Georgia, Kenya, Libya, Mali, and northern Uganda. The prosecutor is also examining allegations of crimes committed in a number of places to determine whether to open investigations. In addition to Venezuela, Bangladesh/Myanmar, and the Philippines, these include Colombia, Guinea, Nigeria, Palestine, Ukraine, and alleged abuses by United Kingdom armed forces in Iraq.

“The court is a crucial yet vulnerable component of the rule-based global order, and has a vital role to play in backstopping victims’ access to justice”,  Evenson said. “Members should take every opportunity to make clear that they will provide the support it needs.”

* Read Briefing Note for the Seventeenth Session of the International Criminal Court Assembly of States Parties here

* Human Rights Watch


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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Muslim Latvia yang kebanyakan berasal dari Sudan, Pakistan, dan Maroko beribadah. Suara azan selalu membangkitkan jiwa semua Muslim di Latvia dan dunia untuk mendirikan shalat.  Entah itu...
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The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari’s assurances that he was not cloned into Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani, a supposed impostor. Atiku blamed the presidency for the international embarrassment the allegations of a purported impostor, Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani, acting as President Muhammadu Buhari, has caused the […]

          Bishop Oyedepo reacts to reports that President Buhari was cloned in the United Kingdom (Video)      Cache   Translate Page      


The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, (Winners’ Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, has reacted to report that President was cloned in the United Kingdom, UK. The reports making the rounds had it that Buhari was dead and the President in Aso Rock was Jibril El Sudan. But, Oyedepo, speaking from Living Faith Church […]

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South Sudan’s communications authority issued its first two licences for nationwide mobile money services in ...

The post South Sudan approves two mobile money services appeared first on Mobile World Live.

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The UN appealed Tuesday for $4 billion to cover humanitarian needs in Yemen in 2019 – its largest country appeal ever – and announced its first appeal related to Venezuela, calling for $738 million to help those who have fled the country’s economic meltdown and health crisis.


The UN appeal to help some 2.2 million Venezuelans living in neighbouring South American countries was one of 31 humanitarian response plans released for 2019 by the UN’s emergency aid coordination body, OCHA, in an overall $21.9 billion donor funding request.


The total price tag is swollen by Yemen, where the UN’s call to help 15 million people is the largest country appeal in the UN’s history. The equivalent appeal for aid within Syria was $3.64 billion in 2018, while costs for Syrian refugees across multiple countries was an additional $5.6 billion.


Intensifying conflict and displacement, hunger, irregular imports, and a macro-economic crunch have driven 24 million people – nearly 80 percent of Yemen’s population – into need, and half of those may require food assistance in the months ahead, according to the UN.


UN aid chief Mark Lowcock said “the extreme edge could get taken off the suffering” in Yemen if peace talks and the military outlook improve, but the UN planning is looking at “what the situation will actually be, rather than wishful thinking”.


Vittorio Infante, humanitarian advocacy advisor for the NGO Islamic Relief, said that given the scale of Yemen’s humanitarian crisis, especially in the province of Hodeidah where recent fighting has made conditions worse, the UN’s record ask was merited.


“$4 billion is a lot of money, but this pales in comparison to the dire need in Yemen, where [the majority] of the population are relying on humanitarian aid to survive,” Infante told IRIN.


“Our staff in Hodeidah are helping people with literally nothing left because they have sold all their belongings just to make sure that their families are fed. However, as long as this conflict continues, this amount will merely be a plaster on a fragile humanitarian situation.”


The Venezuelan appeal, meanwhile, is set to help Colombia and other host countries, but it does not cover needs inside Venezuela, where the government resists any labelling of events as a humanitarian crisis.


A UN-managed emergency fund released $9.2 million to UN agencies to step up humanitarian-related responses within Venezuela in November.


“People describe what’s going on in different ways,” Lowcock told IRIN, referring to Venezuela’s reluctance to term it a humanitarian crisis, adding that inside the country the UN is only “trying to scale up our support” and expand its “normal activity”.


Mixed picture

In Geneva to launch the package, dubbed the Global Humanitarian Overview, Lowcock said the UN and its NGO and governmental partners had drawn up plans to help 93.6 million people in 2019 – about one in 70 of the world population. The number of people in need and the value of total appeals would be about the same as in 2018, reaching a price tag of around $25 billion once Syria’s plan was completed, he said.


Syria’s response plan is as yet uncosted. Lowcock said finishing it was delayed until February while the UN attempts to gather fresh data on needs inside the country. The update will require Syrian government flexibility on in-country surveys and access to boost the credibility and data behind funding requests – a measure demanded by donors on which Lowcock has been seeking Damascus’ cooperation.


According to OCHA, a number of situations around the world have eased this year, including in Burundi, Iraq, and Somalia. Others have improved and no longer require emergency plans: Burkina Faso, Mauritania, and Senegal.


But some situations have worsened. in Cameroon, the number of people in need has jumped 77 percent thanks to a brewing civil war, while Afghanistan’s appeal, due in part to conflict and drought, is 41 percent higher.


A third category contains countries where the situation remains serious but relatively unchanged: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and South Sudan.



UN-coordinated humanitarian response plans are a compendium of projects from UN agencies and NGOs on the assistance they will provide, such as supplying food, running clinics, providing clean water, and setting up shelter.


Even though they are presented as meeting only the highest priority needs, the plans are, on average, only 56 percent funded in 2018. Some emergencies struggle to capture donor interest (Haiti got only 11.2 percent of the requested funding), while others, like Afghanistan and Iraq, which command greater international attention, tend to do better.


Separately on Monday, the International Committee of the Red Cross announced its 2019 emergency appeal, for 2.1 billion Swiss Francs, for which Syria, South Sudan, and Iraq are the largest country operations.

(TOP PHOTO: Displaced families from Hodeidah receive UNHCR assistance in Bajil district, Hodeidah province, Yemen. CREDIT: Haitham al-Akhali/UNHCR)


Displacement from Hodeidah News Aid and Policy UN appeals for record $4 billion to help the people of Yemen Ben Parker IRIN Cameroon's conflict and Venezuela’s exodus also highlighted by 2019 fundraising drive Geneva Cameroon Venezuela United Nations HQ Yemen
          Comment on Politicians Empower Islam by Jay Wizzy      Cache   Translate Page      
Integrity is important & a result of the will for justice, truth, love, human rights, ecology, friendliness, global imperialism, English, health, beauty, cultivation of ecological best quality basics, support for self-realization & freedom from religion. Truth is there are Africans enslaved today from Saudi Arabia to UAE to Lebanon, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain to north-Sudan, Libya, Algeria to Mauritania, Somalia, Niger & elsewhere in emulation of unjust Muhammad. We need to create a global government to free them.
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BRITAIN has granted permanent residency to a group of refugees who have been stranded for 20 years on a UK military base in Cyprus. The 31 members of six families were among a larger group from Ethiopia, Iraq, Sudan and Syria whose boat was abandoned...
          Nigeria's Buhari denies dying and being replaced by lookalike      Cache   Translate Page      
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday quashed a rumour stemming from his ill health that he had died and been replaced by a lookalike impostor from Sudan, his spokesman said.
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Dec. 4, 2018 

University Distinguished Professor Anil Jain named Fellow by The World Academy of Sciences 

Anil Jain of Michigan State University has been named a Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) for a lifetime of perspectives and publications that have inspired students and researchers worldwide. He was one of 46 new fellows elected at the 28th TWAS general meeting in Trieste, Italy, Nov. 27-29.University Distinguished Professor Anil Jain has been named a Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences for inspiring students and researchers worldwide. 

A University Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Jain is being honored for his pioneering contributions to pattern recognition resulting in novel solutions for a rapidly evolving biometrics industry. 

TWAS was founded 35 years ago to increase representation by women and researchers from the world's science- and technology-lagging countries. Jain said it is not typical to have a person from a developed nation be elected a fellow by the worldwide organization. 

Jain was nominated for the honor by Tieniu Tan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), where he is a professor of computer vision and pattern recognition, CAS deputy secretary-general and director general of the CAS Bureau of International Cooperation. 

Tan called Jain an internationally renowned scholar and educator. “For the past 40 years, he has actively promoted the research topics of pattern recognition, computer vision and biometrics in developing nations through lectures, exchange programs, technical assistance and student and postdoc training. 

“Very few people get elected every year from North America,” he added. “He most certainly deserves the recognition.” 

Co-nominator Sankar Pal, distinguished scientist and former director of the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata, India, said Jain’s high quality pioneering research has had an enormous impact on statistical pattern recognition and computer vision. 

“It is evident from a Google scholar h-index of 179, with total citation 185,000,” Pal said. “His IEEE-PAMI publications have made him a role model scientist to many of us and to young researchers in machine learning. All these extra-ordinary achievements made his election to TWAS Foreign Fellowship successful. I am happy to be a part of this endeavor.”

Jain is known around the world for his expertise in biometric recognition, computer vision, and fingerprint-matching technology.

“It has been my honor to work on projects in countries including India, China, and Indonesia," Jain said. “I advised the world’s largest biometrics project, Aadhaar, in India that has enrolled more than 1 billion residents utilizing fingerprints and iris images for de-duplication in India’s social welfare system.” 

Jain also worked on a prototype fingerprint system to recognize infants and toddlers for vaccination tracking in Benin and India. The World Food Program is utilizing the prototype child ID system in field trials in Somalia in an effort to eliminate fraud in food distribution to children.

Anil Jain advised the world's largest biometrics project, Aadhaar, in India that has enrolled more than 1 billion residents utilizing fingerprints and iris images for India's medical system.

He holds one of 17 inaugural appointments to the U.S. Forensic Science Standards Board, a newly developed organization dedicated to identifying and fostering standards and guidelines for the nation’s forensic science community. 

Jain has previously served as a member of the Defense Science Board and the National Academies panels on Whither Biometrics and Improvised Explosive Devices. 

His list of honors is extensive. In 2016, he was elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering (among engineering’s highest honors) and as a Foreign Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering. In 2015, he was named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors for innovative discovery and technology, significant impact on society, and support and enhancement of innovation.

Jain is also a fellow of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE); Association of Computing Machinery (ACM); American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); International Society for Optics and Photonics Society (SPIE); and International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR).

He is a recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship, Humboldt Research Award, Fulbright Scholarship, King-Sun Fu Prize, and W. Wallace McDowell Award. 

Jain is regularly invited to speak at national and internal forums, including the Third Annual ID4AFRICA Conference in Namibia in 2017; the 103rd Indian Science Congress, Information & Communication Science and Technology in India in 2016; the Royal Society meeting on United Kingdom forensics in London, 2015, and the keynote address at the Microsoft Computing in the 21st Century Conference in Beijing, 2014.

TWAS is a global science academy based in Trieste, Italy. It was founded in 1983 by a distinguished group of scientists from the developing world who shared a belief that building strength in science and engineering could build the knowledge and skill to address the challenges of hunger, disease and poverty. 

The newest 46 fellows increase the academy's total to 1,267 Fellows from 104 countries – the most countries represented since TWAS’s creation. The academy elected its first fellows ever from Bolivia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Libya, Nicaragua, and Zambia. In addition, members were elected from Iraq, Sudan, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. Thirteen of the new fellows are women, who now account for 13 percent of the total membership.

          African Sexual Herbs, They Will Change Your Bedroom Life Forever (contact)      Cache   Translate Page      
How Africans Enlarge Their Penises – You Too Can Some tribes in Southern Sudan and many parts of East Africa have longer than normal penises. They achieve this fit through the usage of a herb locally known as ‘Entengo’ and exercising the penis. In fact women in these parts of the world completely despise men from other parts of the world because of their normally small penises as compared to the local men. A penis as you may know is a muscle. Like all muscles in the body it grows naturally up to a c...
          South Sudan opposition groups backtrack on Peter Gatdet’s election: statement      Cache   Translate Page      
December 4, 2018 (JUBA) – The South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA has finally suspended the election of Peter Gatdet Yaka as a new leader and decided to work collectively to resolve the concerns and reservations that tainted the operationalization of the leadership council. On 30 November, the SSOA Leadership Council elected Yaka for six months […]
          Sudan, UK discuss development assistance      Cache   Translate Page      
December 4, 2018 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan’s Foreign Minister El-Dirdeiry Ahmed and the United Kingdom’s Permanent Secretary at the Department for International Development (DFID) Matthew Rycroft have discussed the British development aid provided to Sudan. In a press release on Monday, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Babiker al-Siddiq said the meeting discussed Darfur development strategy that is being […]
          294 Sudanese MPs introduce bill to scrap presidential term limit      Cache   Translate Page      
December 4, 2018 (KHARTOUM) – Sudanese lawmakers representing 33 political parties Tuesday have introduced a bill to amend the constitution to allow President Omer al-Bashir to run for a third term in 2020 elections. Al-Bashir’s term ends in 2020 and he couldn’t run for office again according to the constitution. Also, the ruling National Congress […]
          Bitay sa 19-anyos na babae sa Sudan, pinagalanang “2018 world’s worst court ruling“      Cache   Translate Page      
  London – Pinangalanan nitong Martes bilang world’s worst court ruling para sa women’s rights ngayong taon ang sintensiyang bitay sa 19-anyos na babae sa Sudan na pumatay sa kaniyang asawa matapos siyang gahasain nito […]
          Atiku Reacts To Buhari’s Claim He Is Not Cloned      Cache   Translate Page      
The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari’s assurances that he was not cloned into Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani, a supposed impostor.

Atiku blamed the presidency for the international embarrassment the allegations of a purported impostor, Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani, acting as President Muhammadu Buhari, has caused the country.

He said the mystery and lack of transparency that dogged the President’s health status and other issues surrounding his medical vacations in the UK gave room for the rumours and speculations making the rounds worldwide about the President’s true identity.

Spokesman of the Presidential Campaign Council, Osita Chidoka, said this yesterday when he featured as guest on AIT’s breakfast show, Kakaaki, in Abuja.

He said: “The rumours about him (Buhari) being cloned; about somebody replacing him can only arise because of the absence of information.

“The more fundamental issue goes back to the issues of transparency and information to country men.

“If our President goes into hospital for a surgery or treatment, it is the right thing for Nigerians to know what is wrong with our president. How long is he expected to be away?

“Nigerians were kept out of the loop (by the presidency). It was the same thing that happened to us with President Yar’Adua. He came back to the same situation.

“Nigerians reserve the right to know the status of our president even of our presidential candidate. We saw it in the US. Mrs Clinton had an issue, she had to come out clean. Trump had to come up with his letter showing what his doctor said about his health.

“Now, we have a situation where we don’t know what was the issue? Who treated him? How much did it cost us? What was he doing in the hospital? Who paid for it? None of those information is available.

“It is a national security matter that our president was away for 100 days and we don’t have information. I think it is something that maybe the National Assembly needs to legislate about since the President has refused to use their discretion.”

          Isekai wa Smartphone capitulo 161      Cache   Translate Page      
"Ya veo. Frazes, hm. No me extraña que Touya-dono también creara los Frame Gears viendo que esas apariciones son los oponentes."

El Rey de Belfast se apoya contra la silla que cruje. Aunque hablando con precisión, no fui yo quien creó los Frame Gears.

Los presentes aquí, además de mí, son los gobernantes de la Alianza Occidental, a saber: El Rey de Belfast, El Emperador de Regulus, el Monarca de Rifurisu, El Rey de Misumido, Su Eminencia de Ramisshu y El nuevo Rey de Lihnea; un total de seis representantes.

En primer lugar, he explicado a los Reyes acerca de los Frazes, que son agresores de un mundo diferente que habían destruido el antiguo reino, y las circunstancias que están a punto de ocurrir una vez más en Yuuron esta vez. No les dije sobre el [Rey] Fraze ni sobre Babylon. Se vuelve en una historia de algo con líneas de mí descubriendo el Frame Gear en ruinas antiguas, reparándolos, y replicando el proceso de fabricación. Bueno, no es incorrecto en la mayoría de los aspectos.

"Esos tipos, los llamados “Frazes”? ¿Son tan duros?"

"También han aparecido en nuestro país, para ser honesto, a pesar de que era sólo uno de ellos. Se dice que la magia no funcionó. Era bastante sólido y encima de eso, incluso poseía la capacidad de regenerarse."

El Rey Bestia de Misumido responde al nuevo Rey de Lihnea que levantó la mano tímidamente. Está hablando del tipo serpiente que fue derribado por Rin.

"Para que más de diez mil de esas cosas salieran en Yuuron… Touya-dono, ¿es eso un acontecimiento de una sola vez? ¿O este tipo de cosas continuarán sucediendo de aquí en adelante?"

"Al parecer, el caso esta vez es bastante raro. Sin embargo, pueden aparecer aquí y allá después de esto, aunque sólo sea en números pequeños. También existe la posibilidad de que una gran invasión suceda en algún momento en el futuro como la actual… Perdón, no estoy seguro de si realmente sucederá."

"¿Es eso así?… No, no importa mucho."

El Emperador de Regulus cierra la boca con una pequeña sonrisa. No es como si fuera un especialista en Frazes, pero probablemente soy el que más sabe sobre los Frazes en este mundo si excluimos a End.

"Francamente, existe la posibilidad de que también puedan aparecer en sus países. Debido a eso, por favor echen un vistazo a esto."

Las imágenes flotan en la pared de la sala de conferencias. Es un video que se tomó al hacer que un pájaro invocado volara a Yuuron hace algún tiempo llevando el smartphone.

Las imágenes tomadas desde un punto alto en el cielo muestran un gran ejército de Frazes atacando las aldeas y masacrando sin piedad a cada ser humano. Son las figuras de los asesinos matando a los humanos que se escapan como si fuera su deber hacerlo sin ningún perdón. Los seis reyes no apartan sus ojos de las imágenes y continúan mirando a los Frazes incluso mientras sus frentes están sudando.

"Esos son, Frazes…"

"Esto es un tiempo real… Ah~, no es lo que está sucediendo actualmente. Es un incidente que ocurrió hace una hora. Parece que después de que los Frazes destruyeran esa aldea, apuntaron al pueblo al lado de éste, y comenzaron a marchar allí."

Después de recibir el smartphone del ave, me hizo sentir completamente indefenso cuando vi esas imágenes. Aunque me alegré de que simplemente se fotografiara a los Frazes, no esperaba que tomara fotos de las escenas de los pueblos atacados. Me dolió el corazón cuando pienso en las personas que podrían haber sido salvadas, pero todavía me he atrevido a transmitir esas imágenes delante de los Reyes.

Se trataba de que yo también quería que tuvieran una sensación de crisis, pero quería que se imaginaran y reflexionaran si esto le estuviera pasando a sus propios países.

"¿Qué está sucediendo en Shenghai, la capital de Yuuron?"

Después de oír la pregunta del Monarca de Rifurisu, reemplazo las imágenes de los Frazes con la visualización del mapa. Las pequeñas luces rojas se movían alrededor. Probablemente se están girando hacia los pueblos o aldeas donde la gente vive y va allí.

Shenghai ya está teñido de rojo.

"Parece que hay alguna resistencia, pero creo que es sólo cuestión de tiempo hasta que caigan. El objetivo de los Frazes es matar humanos. Supongo que no se moverán de ese lugar hasta que maten a todos las personas en esa capital."

"Tal cosa…"

El Papa de Ramisshu se estremeció sosteniendo su boca temblorosa. Los Frazes están atacando las calles sólo por el mero hecho de matar humanos. Masacran a la gente en un lugar y luego se vuelven hacia otro lugar en busca del siguiente ser humano cuando terminan, al igual como las langostas devastan todo el grano saltando de un cultivo a otro.

"Touya-san, aquí… en la parte inferior derecha de Shenghai… ¿No parece que los Frazes allí están desapareciendo uno por uno…?"


Cuando trato de mirar el lugar señalado por el nuevo Rey de Lihnea, las luces rojas sin duda desaparecen una por una. Eso es… ¡Ah~, ese es End!

"Es alguien que coopera conmigo. De hecho, le he ofrecido a esta persona un Frame Gear. Creo que lo más probable es que esa persona este luchando contra ellos."

"Ya veo. Supongo que muestra cómo el Frame Gear es capaz de ser una contramedida suficiente contra los Frazes."

End es probablemente poderoso por sí mismo, pero como dice el Rey de Belfast, luchar contra los Frazes es el punto principal de la conferencia de hoy. Para hablar sobre el tema central de la discusión, abrí la plática con un aplauso.

"Después de esto, Brunhild librará una batalla por el exterminio de los Frazes usando los Frame Gears. Me gustaría que aprobaran esto como las naciones concernientes de la Alianza Occidental."

"He~, ¡espera! ¿¡Estás diciendo que has decidido ser un oponente para todos ellos!?"

Es comprensible que Su Majestad el Rey Bestia se sorprenda. Incluso si reúno a gente capaz de montar un Frame Gear como la Orden de Caballeros de nuestra casa o el grupo de Yumina, probablemente ascienda a menos de un centenar de personas. Según el cálculo, seremos capaces de exterminarlos si cada piloto derriba al menos 100 enemigos. Sin embargo, esta acción puede considerarse temeraria.

"Hay una magia de escape de emergencia aplicada en los Frame Gears sólo en caso de que el armazón reciba un daño serio. Esa magia transferirá al piloto a un lugar específico. Naturalmente, sólo puede hacerlo cuando la cabina está siendo aplastada o algo similar. Pero en los casos de una muerte instantánea, la magia no será capaz de hacer nada…"

Afortunadamente, hay una gran cantidad de Frames gracias a la producción en masa que se está haciendo hasta ahora. En el peor de los casos, no tendremos más remedio que hacer frente a cambiar los Frames uno por uno cada vez que reciban serios daños.

Entonces, el Papa levanta la mano un poco.

"Touya-sama, tengo una pregunta. En cuanto a [Ese caballero], ¿Son esas apariciones llamadas Frazes sus enemigos también?"

"…No sé si son enemigos o no. Dijo que no sabía nada de ellos. Pero de nuevo, supongo que [Ese caballero] no va interferir, ya que este incidente de Frazes es nuestro problema."

"¿De qué están hablando?"

El Monarca de Rifurisu inclina su cabeza debido a que no es capaz de entender nuestra conversación. Probablemente no puede imaginar de ninguna manera que [Ese caballero] es Kami-sama.

"Entiendo. Nuestro Santo Reino de Ramisshu luchará junto con Brunhild Dukedom también. Afortunadamente, creo que varias personas de la Orden de los Templarios son capaces de pilotar esos Frame Gears gracias a las herramientas mágicas “Frame Unit” que nos prestó Touya-sama."


¿Participa la Orden Templaria de Ramisshu también? Bueno, estoy salvado, ya que han dicho que van a ayudar. Pero, ¿está bien? Esta misión será peligrosa, ¿entiendes?

Viendo esto, el Rey de Misumido levanta su mano esta vez.

"O~to, si ese es el caso, entonces Misumido ayudará también. ¿Cómo podemos dejar una situación tan interesante sola?"

"El Reino de Belfast ciertamente participará también."

"Regulus de la misma manera."

"Rifurisu igualmente."

"Li~, ¡Lihnea también~desu!"

"Ano, ¿todo el mundo entiende la situación? La otra parte es muy peligrosa, ¿saben? ¿Por qué expresamente…?"

Cuando les di este tipo de advertencia por si acaso, me devuelven con su voz diciendo “Como si pudieras decir algo algo sobre eso”. Bueno, supongo que eso es natural.

Sin embargo, es exactamente como lo he dicho también; esta misión probablemente sólo contendrá peligro sin ningún beneficio, incluso si participan. Cuando lo digo francamente, el Rey de Belfast responde a esta pregunta.

"Tenemos nuestras razones. En primer lugar, Yuuron muy probablemente no será capaz de mantener su poder anterior y se espera que dependa de países extranjeros. Es mejor empezar a vender favores por adelantado. En segundo lugar, nos gustaría que nuestras propias Ordenes de Caballeros ganaran experiencia luchando contra los Frazes ya que no sabemos cuándo nuestros propios países pasaran por la misma situación que Yuuron. En tercer lugar, es para proteger a Brunhild. O mejor dicho, es para proteger a Touya-dono. La tecnología y la cultura de este país son maravillosas. Si por alguna casualidad Touya-dono muere durante este tiempo, perderemos la oportunidad de estudiarlo y el país mismo sufrirá una gran pérdida. Bueno, así es como es."

Ya veo. ¿Cómo debo decir esto? Es una forma muy astuta de decirlo. Ciertamente, parecerá ser bastante duro incluso si Yuuron resuelve esta lucha. Y no sabemos si el Rey Celestial en la capital sigue vivo.

En cuanto a mí, ¿es porque han apuntado a mi vida? No tengo mucho interés en si esté vivo o muerto.

Ayudaré si está vivo y si no lo está, es una pena, pero eso será su final. Bueno, tengo una tendencia a ayudar tanto como sea posible.

"El problema es la situación que se desarrollará después de que este asunto se resuelva…"

"¿Crees que los países vecinos tendrán como objetivo el debilitado Yuuron?"

"¿Es posible? Sin embargo, el territorio de Brunhild entre Hanok y Yuuron será de gran ayuda si eso sucede."

Actualmente, los países extranjeros que limitan con Yuuron son, uno, dos, tres… seis países, ¿no? Si Ishen entrar en escena, serán siete países.

El Reino de Hanok al oeste, el Reino Demoníaco de Xenoas al norte, el Reino de Nokia y la Divina Nación de Ishen al mar al este, y el Reino de Horn, el Reino de Felzen así como la Unión de Rhomodea al sur al cruzar el río.

En el momento en que un país grande rodeado por tantos países es sacudido, no será posible predecir qué diablos le sucederá.

Sin embargo, tenemos que resolver el problema actual frente a nosotros por ahora.

"Ya que todos están diciendo que van a cooperar, voy a prestar un total de 20 unidades que consta de 18 caballeros pesados y 2 caballeros negros utilizados para los comandantes. Por favor, seleccionen los pilotos para ellos. Habrá 90 unidades del lado del Brunhild y 120 unidades en total por parte de la Alianza Occidental. Luego los enfrentaremos con 210 unidades en total."

"10000 contra 210… Así que supongo que cada unidad tiene que derribar cerca de 50 oponentes. No parece que podamos ganar en absoluto con tantos oponentes, pero ¿tienes algún tipo de plan?"

"Actualmente, se han confirmado los tipos de clase baja e intermedia entre los Frazes. Creo que será posible derribar casi todos los de clase baja sin muchos problemas si se utilizan los Frame Gears... [Seach]. ¿Cuántos de clase intermedia hay? Denotarlos con luz azul."

En el mapa proyectado, las luces rojas se están transformando en luces azules en cierta proporción.

『Iniciando búsqueda… Terminado. Mostrando. Clase intermedia... 1035 unidades.』

"Eso es alrededor del diez por ciento. Los números han caído hasta el punto en que cada unidad derribando cinco oponentes será lo suficientemente bueno. En ese caso, ¿no deberíamos ser capaces de manejar esto de alguna manera?"

El Monarca de Rifurisu mira fijamente la pantalla mientras golpea su cabeza calva.

"En realidad, el escenario incluirá patear a los de clase baja que se arremolinaran durante la pelea, por lo que probablemente no será tan simple. Y hay una estrategia para eso."

Habiendo hecho la introducción, empiezo a explicar la estrategia. También es una estrategia que no es difícil incluso si lo digo yo mismo. Dividiremos a los Frazes usando el sonido del [Rey] que he recibido de End y los guiaré en tres direcciones.

Entre los tres grupos, el grupo que logre aniquilar a los Frazes con los que estaban luchando será inmediatamente dividido y enviado a los otros grupos con magia de transferencia por mí. Se trata de asumir el equilibrio del potencial de guerra en todo momento.

"Por favor espere un momento. ¿Eso significa que Touya-sama no va a montar el equipo de Frame Gears esta vez?"

"Sí. Planeo volar por todo el campo de batalla, proporcionar cobertura a todos cuando algo suceda y funcionar como una unidad de apoyo."

Describo lo que he pensado para la pregunto del Papa de Ramisshu. Tal vez sea mejor hacerlo así esta vez. No hay límite para cuándo y dónde puede ocurrir de un problema inesperado. Probablemente sea mejor si puedo moverme libremente en mi posición para lidiar con esos problemas inesperados.

"Ciertamente. En un campo de batalla que está dividido en tres partes, sólo Touya-dono puede ver donde las cosas serán ventajosas o desventajosas y enviar potencial de guerra aquí y allá…"

"Si. Si soy yo, también puedo competir contra los Frazes de una manera u otra, aunque si sólo soy carne y sangre."

"Eso de alguna manera no es suficiente como una explicación… ¿Es necesario que Touya-dono use un Frame Gear?"

"Aunque puedo decir que puedo derribarlos, incluso si sólo sea humano, seguirá tomando un tiempo considerable. Derribarlos rápidamente puede ser más fácil de hacer con el Frame Gear."

Respondiendo a Su Majestad el Emperador de esa manera, hemos decidido terminar la reunión ya que no hay tiempo. Yuuron está al borde de la crisis mientras estamos haciendo esto. Tenemos que apresurarnos.

"Haré la convocatoria en una hora. Hasta entonces, por favor expliquen las circunstancias a los demás y seleccione los pilotos para los Frame Gears."

Después de abrir [Gate], envió de vuelta a los Reyes y a sus caballeros asistentes a sus propios países.

No hay tiempo y hay un montón de cosas que hacer aquí. De todos modos, vamos a tratar de hacer lo que se pueda hacer hasta el final.


Capitulo anterior                                                                         Capitulo siguiente
          Re-Examining Oyedepo’s Comment On Jubril From Sudan By Kunle Yomi      Cache   Translate Page      
Anyone who thinks politicians are the sole problem of Nigeria is not discerning enough. A discerning mind would realize that the politicians, in many instances, are symptoms of what ails Nigeria, which is a perverted [...]
          PBB: 150 Lebih Perempuan di Sudan Selatan Alami Kekerasan Seksual      Cache   Translate Page, Juba - PBB menyatakan lebih dari 150 perempuan dewasa dan anak-anak di Sudan Selatan telah diperkosa atau menjadi sasaran kekerasan seksual bentuk lainnya dalam beberapa hari terakhir ini.

Dikutip dari laman VOA Indonesia, Rabu (5/12/2018) serangan kekerasan seksual tersebut dilakukan oleh lelaki bersenjata dan kebanyakan berseragam, di dekat Bentiu, kota di bagian utara, Sudan Selatan.

Pernyataan tersebut dikeluarkan oleh Direktur Eksekutif UNICEF Henrietta Fore, wakil Sekjen PBB urusan kemanusiaan Mark Lowcock, dan Direktur Dana Populasi PBB Natalia Kanem.

Ketiga pejabat itu menyerukan kepada semua pihak berwenang terkait untuk secara terbuka mengecam serangan-serangan seksual dan memastikan mereka yang bertanggung jawab atas kejahatan tersebut dihadapkan ke pengadilan.

Kelompok bantuan Doctors Without Borders menyatakan pekan lalu bahwa 125 perempuan dewasa dan anak-anak telah mengalami serangan seksual sewaktu sedang berjalan menuju lokasi pembagian makanan di Bentiu, Sudan Selatan.


Saksikan video pilihan di bawah ini:

Ada 2.300 Kasus

Ilustrasi kekerasan pada anak. Sumber: Istimewa#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Kelompok itu menyatakan para penyerang merampok baju, sepatu, uang dan bahkan kartu ransum bantuan pangan dari para korban.

Menurut pernyataan PBB, sekitar 2.300 kasus kekerasan seksual telah dilaporkan di Sudan Selatan pada semester pertama tahun 2018, dengan mayoritas korban adalah perempuan dewasa dan anak-anak. Lebih dari 20 persen korban adalah anak-anak.

Akan tetapi berbagai lembaga bantuan menyatakan jumlah kasus yang sebenarnya "jauh lebih tinggi," karena kekerasan berdasarkan gender sangat kurang dilaporkan.

          Sudan lawmakers back amendment to let al-Bashir stand again      Cache   Translate Page      
download 8 - Sudan lawmakers back amendment to let al-Bashir stand again

Sudan President, Omar al-Bashir, came closer on Tuesday to another term in office after a majority of lawmakers backed a constitutional amendment to extend term limits that would have required him to step down in 2020. Unless the constitution is changed, Bashir, in power since 1989, is not permitted to stand again when his present […]

The post Sudan lawmakers back amendment to let al-Bashir stand again appeared first on Politics Nigeria.

          Nigeria: The Serious Side of the Buhari Clone Story      Cache   Translate Page      
[African Arguments] Fitting nicely with a recent report that Africans are exposed to more fake news than the average Western media consumer, the Nigerian president recently had to address allegations that he was a clone or doppelganger named Jubril from Sudan.
          Sudan: World's Worst Case for Women's Rights - Death Sentence for Raped Teen      Cache   Translate Page      
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -The death sentence for a 19-year-old girl in Sudan who murdered her husband after he tried to rape her was named on Tuesday as the world's worst court ruling for women's rights this year. Reported by 48 minutes ago.
          Nigeria: The Serious Side of the Buhari Clone Story      Cache   Translate Page      
[African Arguments] Fitting nicely with a recent report that Africans are exposed to more fake news than the average Western media consumer, the Nigerian president recently had to address allegations that he was a clone or doppelganger named Jubril from Sudan. Reported by 56 minutes ago.
          This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 2      Cache   Translate Page      

1920 US Consul in Baghdad said England hadn’t taken any serious steps to create an
independent Iraqi govt
1928 UK High Comm for Iraq Dobbs wrote conscription in Iraq would cause revolt Was already
problem in Basra Said authority of Iraqi govt depended upon British backing and military might
1932 King Faisal speech praised his rule in Syria Said if he was still king there Syria would be
independent like Iraq
1948 Baghdad told oil companies they should not employ Jews after creation of Israel
1980 Saddam accused US of helping Iran during Iran-Iraq war
1981 Iranian Op Tariq al-Quds Revolutionary Guard began 1sthuman wave attacks in war in Bostan
Suffered heavy losses
(Musings On Iraq interview with author Anthony Tucker-Jones on Iran-Iraq War)
(Musings On Iraq book review The Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988)
(Musings On Iraq book review Iran-Iraq War, The Lion of Babylon, 1980-1988)
(Musings On Iraq book review The Iran-Iraq War)
2001 Powell said no reason to believe Iraq didn’t have WMD
2001 USA Today article said Iraq supported bin Laden when he was in Sudan in 1990s
2001 Ex-CIA Dir Woolsey said he believed Iraq involved in 9/11
2002 Bush Cheney DepSecDef Wolfowtiz gave speeches across US saying that Iraq would not
cooperate with weapons inspectors
(Musings On Iraq article on UN weapons inspections)
2002 White House spokesman said if Saddam said he had no WMD proved he was lying if he said he
had WMD he violated UN resolutions
2002 White House spokesman said Iraq bought aluminum tubes for its nuke program
(Musings On Iraq article on the aluminum tubes story)
2002 White House officials told US News & World Report they were making extensive plans for
postwar Iraq
2002 UK issued dossier on human rights abuses in Iraq Amnesty Intl attacked report as
opportunistic and selective
2003 Dep Sec State Armitage said US should not oppose Ayatollah Sistani who was pushing for
elections for new Iraq parliament
2005 Def Sec Rumsfeld told CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Abizaid and US Iraq Cmdr Gen Casey CIA
found insurgents infiltrating Iraqi army in Anbar
2005 Gen Dempsey in charge of US training mission for ISF said 100 Iraqi army battalions 33
operating on own 40 in the lead Said 27 Federal Police battalions on duty Said major problem was police were recruited locally and many were from militias
(Musings On Iraq article on pre-Surge US Iraq strategy)
2008 US and Iraqi officials met about Sahwa Maliki said he agreed with Americans organizing Sunni
tribes but southern Iraq was off limits Said southern tribes could threaten Shiite parties Came after US Marines were organizing Sahwa in Qadisiyah to counter militias  
(Musings On Iraq article on Maliki govt cancelling US forming Sahwa in southern Iraq)
2008 Oil Min Shahristani demanded KRG void its oil contracts in return for deal to allow it to export
(Musings On Iraq article on Baghdad-KRG oil talks)
2011 Mobs attacked Christian and Yazidi businesses in several towns in Dohuk province

View the Iraq History Timelines 

          Giornata mondiale contro la schiavitù, 10 libri da leggere      Cache   Translate Page      
Giornata mondiale contro la schiavitù, 10 libri da leggere

MILANO - Capire la schiavitù attraverso i libri. Il 2 dicembre in tutto il mondo si celebra la giornata mondiale contro la schiavitù. È stata scelta questa data per ricordare il giorno del 1949 nel quale l'Assemblea generale Onu approvò la Convenzione sulla soppressione del traffico di persone e lo sfruttamento della prostituzione altrui. Molti possono pensare che la schiavitù sia un fenomeno superato, ma le cose stanno in tutt'altro modo, e non solo nei paesi in via di sviluppo o nei regimi dittatoriali. In questo giorno particolare, vogliamo proporvi alcuni consigli di lettura, romanzi di autori molto diversi fra loro, che raccontano periodi, storie, forme di schiavitù anche molto differenti l'una dall'altra. Dai Caraibi di Isabel Allende al libro che ha inaugurato il genere, “La capanna dello Zio Tom” di Harriet Beecher Stowe. Dieci romanzi, dieci momenti di riflessione e di crescita.


LA CAPANNA DELLO ZIO TOM di Harriet Beecher Stowe

Arthur Shelby, possidente gentile di una grande piantagione in America, decide di vendere il vecchio zio Tom, generoso schiavo nero a cui è molto affezionato, a Haley, feroce mercante di schiavi. Tom non può che accettare, ma il futuro potrebbe avere in serbo un destino diverso per lui. Il libro, che sosteneva le tesi abolizioniste, divenne in breve tempo un best-seller del XIX secolo (secondo per numero di vendite solo alla Bibbia). Per molti critici ha avuto anche un ruolo importante nell'alimentare la causa antischiavista, tanto che quando Abraham Lincoln incontrò l'autrice all'inizio della guerra civile americana dichiarò: “Allora questa è la piccola signora che ha scatenato questa grande guerra”.


L'ISOLA SOTTO IL MARE di Isabel Allende

La storia della schiava nera Zarité Sedella, soprannominata Teté, si svolge tra i Caraibi e la Lousiana dal 1770 al 1810. Dopo vicissitudini, soprusi e violenze, che portano il lettore a vivere in prima persona tutti i tormenti della vita in schiavitù, alla fine la coraggiosa donna arriverà a conquistare la propria libertà. Il romanzo non solo mostra senza filtri o abbellimenti la vita degli schiavi, ma porta anche a contatto con la mentalità dei padroni, dei bianchi. Sono proprio le idee di questi personaggi quelle che lasciano chi legge più sbigottito. E pensare che questo fenomeno non è passato, ma sono ancora tantissime le persone che vivono una condizione del genere.



Il matrimonio per lei non è altro che una prigione dove la sua infanzia si è spezzata, una gabbia in cui l'hanno costretta e dove la sua volontà è annientata, stritolata dalle violenze quotidiane che suo marito le infligge. Ma Diaryatou ha trovato il coraggio di ribellarsi. Un nuovo doloroso sguardo sulla condizione femminile. Perché la schiavitù non è solo quella del passato. È anche una condizione che vivono donne, uomini e bambini in tutto il mondo.


AMATISSIMA di Toni Morrison

Il tragico percorso di Sethe, indomabile donna nera all'epoca della guerra civile americana, per la conquista della libertà. Attraverso la schiavitù, l'amore materno e il peso di un indicibile segreto.


RADICI di Alex Haley

Premio Bancarella 1978. Nella seconda metà del Settecento il giovane Kunta Kinte viene strappato dal suo villaggio africano e portato in America come schiavo. La sua vita cambierà, come quella dei suoi discendenti: Bell, Kizzy, Chicken George e tutti gli altri, fino a giungere ad Alex Haley, l'autore di queste pagine.


SCHIAVA di Mende Nazer

Sudan. All'età di dodici anni Mende Nazer viene catturata dalla milizia araba durante un brutale assalto. Deportata nella capitale Khartoum, la ragazzina vive come schiava, sfruttata, umiliata e picchiata. Nel 2000 la ricca famiglia araba di cui è la "yenit", la "ragazza", la serva, decide di venderla a dei parenti che vivono a Londra. Schiava nella casa di un diplomatico dell'ambasciata sudanese a Londra, la donna riesce finalmente a scappare e, con l'aiuto di un giornalista, a raccontare la sua storia.


THE HELP di Kathryn Stockett

È l'estate del 1962 quando Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan torna a vivere in famiglia a Jackson, in Mississippi, dopo aver frequentato l'università lontano da casa. Skeeter è molto diversa dalle sue amiche di un tempo, già sposate e perfettamente inserite in un modello di vita borghese, e sogna in segreto di diventare scrittrice. Aibileen è una domestica di colore. Saggia e materna, ha allevato amorevolmente uno dopo l'altro diciassette bambini bianchi, facendo le veci delle loro madri spesso assenti. Ma il destino è stato crudele con lei, portandole via il suo unico figlio. Minny è la sua migliore amica. Il profondo Sud degli Stati Uniti fa da cornice a questa opera prima che ruota intorno ai sentimenti, all'amicizia e alla forza che può scaturire dal sostegno reciproco.




L'autobiografia di Frederick Douglass, scritta nel 1845, costituisce la prima e fondamentale descrizione della schiavitù e degli schiavisti narrata da un nero, ed è stata uno dei punti di partenza del movimento abolizionista. Asciutte e vibranti, queste memorie di un grande intellettuale nero si leggono oggi come un testo di freschezza sorprendente. Il protagonista ci appare un 'picaro' deciso a non farsi mettere sotto i piedi da nessuno, buoni o cattivi che siano i suoi padroni del momento. La sua abilità di sopravvivenza, che ridicolizza il mondo bianco a cui Douglass rivolge uno sguardo irriverente, genera un moto irresistibile di simpatia che fa di questo prezioso, piccolo libro un classico della letteratura americana. Il volume è introdotto da Alessandro Portelli, uno dei più noti americanisti e studiosi della cultura afroamericana. In appendice il più celebre discorso del leader nero, pronunciato a Rochester (N. Y.) il 5 luglio 1852.



La Danimarca fu il primo paese ad abolire il traffico degli schiavi. Ma quel traffico continuerà per decenni dopo l'abolizione ufficiale, e nessuno schiavo ha mai raccontato la sua storia: per dar voce a quelle migliaia di esseri umani privati della libertà e trascinati dall'altra parte dell'oceano. L'autore va a cercare le tracce dei loro passi nella Guinea danese, l'attuale Ghana, lungo le rive del Volta, tra le rovine dei forti che dominavano con le loro mura bianche quella costa bordata di palme e battuta dalla risacca. E come guida si serve di diari, lettere, documenti lasciati da sette "testimoni oculari" che si sono succeduti nel corso di due secoli tra quelle mura: un tenente, due sacerdoti, un mercante, un medico, un contabile e un governatore.


LO SCHIAVO DI ROMA di Steven Saylor

Nel 72 a.C. Roma è alle corde, ripetutamente sconfitta da un esercito che non proviene dalle barbare lande del Nord né dalle terre nemiche dell'Asia, bensì dalla stessa penisola. È l'esercito di Spartaco, che, coi suoi schiavi ribelli, sta mettendo a ferro e fuoco la Campania e il sud dell'Italia. E proprio a due schiavi in fuga da una villa nei pressi di Pozzuoli viene attribuito l'omicidio di Lucio Licinio, cugino del potente Marco Licinio Crasso. Il cadavere, sfigurato, è stato rinvenuto nell'atrium; accanto al corpo c'è soltanto un lembo di mantello intriso di sangue e sei lettere incise nel pavimento di marmo: SPARTA.

L'articolo Giornata mondiale contro la schiavitù, 10 libri da leggere sembra essere il primo su Libreriamo.

          Saudi Arabia’s Blood Pact With a Genocidal Strongman      Cache   Translate Page      
The Saudis and UAE bribed Sudan's president to send Janjaweed fighters to be cannon fodder in Yemen. It's not working out.
          Comentario en ¿Cómo enseñar a los niños a hacer esquemas y resúmenes? por Belen      Cache   Translate Page      
Hola! Soy madre de un chico de 10 años y le cuesta hacer resúmenes. Algo que debe mejorar es que en algunos exámenes,sobretodo de lengua,aunque lleva la lección bien,se pone muy nervioso,le sudan las manos y se deja llevar por la impulsibidad. De este modo no se corresponde el resultado del examen ,con el estudio,bien aprendido. Puedes ayudarme,por favor? Gracias
          Focus on Africa: Buhari's game of clones      Cache   Translate Page      
Is Nigeria's current president Mohammadu Buhari or a clone? An extraordinary story has been trending on social media in Nigeria that the man now in charge of the country is not Buhari but a lookalike from Sudan called Djubril. The man currently living in the presidential Aso Rock Villa in Abuja is in Poland for the Katowice 24 Climate Summit. He ...
          Organizational determinants of bullying and work disengagement among hospital nurses - Arnetz JE, Sudan S, Fitzpatrick L, Cotten SR, Jodoin C, Chang CH, Arnetz BB.       Cache   Translate Page      
AIM: To identify organizational determinants of bullying and resulting work disengagement among hospital nurses. DESIGN: A cross-sectional, web-based, anonymous questionnaire study. METHODS: The questionnaire was administered in 2017 to all...
          La condena a la joven sudanesa que mató a su marido por intentar violarla, el peor caso de derechos de las mujeres      Cache   Translate Page      
La organización Women's Link ha calificado de "peor caso para los derechos de las mujeres" la condena a Noura Hussein, una joven sudanesa de 19 años, por matar a su marido después de que este intentara violarla.
          More than 150 women, girls raped in South Sudan      Cache   Translate Page      
More than 150 women and girls have come forward in the past 12 days to seek help in South Sudan after they were raped or suffered other forms of sexual violence, the heads of three UN agencies said Monday. Armed men, many in uniform, carried out the attacks near the northern city of Bentiu, according […]
          It’s real me: Nigerian President denies claims he died, was replaced with lookalike      Cache   Translate Page      
Nigeria’s President Buhari on Sunday denied claims that he had died and been replaced by a Sudanese impostor, breaking his silence on a rumour that has circulated on social media for months. Buhari, who is running for re-election in February, spent five months in Britain last year being treated for an undisclosed illness. One theory widely aired on social media – and by some political opponents – was that he […]
          Refugee families stranded for two decades on military base given UK residency: Exclusive interview      Cache   Translate Page      
A group of refugee families left stranded for two decades on a British military base in Cyprus have been granted permanent residency in the UK. The six families were part of a group of 75 people who fled Ethiopia, Iraq, Sudan and Syria in October 1998, taking the perilous journey across the Mediterranean Sea from Lebanon with hopes of reaching Italy. But the group never reached their intended destination. Their fishing boat had taken on water during the journey and had sunk off the coast of the British Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) in Cyprus. "I will never give advice to take that journey," Tag Bashir, the father of one of the families who escaped the Sudanese war, said in a statement to Euronews. But "if I didn't take that journey I might be dead already because of the war." "The boat broke and we were rescued by the British base in Akrotiri. We felt happy because we were saved." After their rescue, the heads of the six families, including Bashir, were detained for lengthy periods of time, but all six were eventually released when they were legally recognised as refugees. Rebuilding their lives In the almost two decades that followed, the families were forced to rebuild their lives in a legal limbo on the SBA while the UK government repeatedly denied responsibility for them, and their rights as refugees were not observed. The UK maintained that the rights listed in the United Nations' 195`1 Refugee Convention did not cover the SBA in Cyprus. It "wasn't easy to start life on the base," Bashir said. "It was a battle we had to get through." "It was frightening, frustrating and we were all angry," he added. Living conditions were even less favourable. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said it had "long been seriously concerned about the plight and precarious situation of this group of refugees," in a report released in May 2017. "SBAs are military bases and are not designed for permanent habituation, and hence the refugees had limited access to services like education and healthcare..." Citing a 2013 psychological assessment, the UNHCR said it also "documented the adverse consequences of leaving these refugees and asylum-seekers in this predicament for so long." Bashir's son, 18-year-old Emmanuel, who was born in Akrotiri and grew up on the base, described told Euronews that being "stuck in a state of limbo" was the worst part of living on the SBA. You're "trapped in a place where you can't go backwards or forwards, not being able to be the one who decides your own future simply because it is being restrained." "Having to endure the thought of that suffocates you day by day." Legal battle and UK residency In 2014, the then-British Home Secretary Theresa May refused to admit the families to the UK , which was appealed and eventually ruled as an unlawful decision by the Court of Appeals in 2017. And, just over a year later, the families were finally granted indefinite leave to enter the UK. "We only want to thank everyone who has worked so hard to help us escape this 20-year nightmare," Bashir said in a statement released by his lawyers. "I cannot express how happy our families are to be given the opportunity to come to the UK and start our lives again." Solicitor Tessa Gregory, who had taken on the families' legal case, said they were "delighted that the current Home Secretary has done the humane thing" by granting residency. "The heads of these six refugee families who washed up on a British army base in 1998 were fleeing from terrible conditions in their own countries." "Instead of being welcomed into the UK as refugees they have been left in limbo for twenty years, raising their families in substandard housing, riddled with deadly asbestos and void of an official identity." Hopes for the future In his conversation with Euronews, Tag Bashir said while he might miss the Cypriot weather, he was excited to establish his life the "proper way." "We're very happy for our kids -- they have a brighter future not to stay like this," he said. Emmanuel told Euronews of his interests in art and music, and his longtime ambitions he now had the ability to pursue after being granted residency. "The hopes that I have for the future are really bright -- I've had them since I turned 13; wanting to study, wanting to learn more, and to explore places." "Not being judged for what papers I've got and what I don't is a relief. We're all humans at the end of the day. Death has no discrimination, and nor does life," he added. On the families' future, UNHCR spokesperson Matthew Saltmarsh said relevant steps were now being taken to work out "how best the individuals can be supported to help them integrate in the UK and rebuild their lives."
          12/5/2018: WORLD: More than 150 women, girls raped in S Sudan: UN      Cache   Translate Page      
MORE THAN 150 women and girls have come forward in the past 12 days to seek help in South Sudan after they were raped or suffered other forms of sexual violence, three UN agencies said. Armed men, many in uniform, carried out the attacks near the...
          Those Claiming Buhari Is Jubril Need Psychiatric Attention, Say Nigerians Abroad       Cache   Translate Page      

Some Nigerians in the Diaspora have said the reports that President Muhammadu Buhari is an impostor known as Jubrin from Sudan is "mischievous".

In a statement on Sunday, the Nigerians in Diaspora Monitoring Group (NDMG) said those behind the rumour need "psychiatric attention".

A statement by Francis Adeka, on behalf of the group, read: “The claim is being bolstered with a poor rendition and understanding of scientific procedures like cloning, face transplant among others, which proves that those that are carrying this fake news need mental intervention.

“The fake claim would have been considered humorous, but for the fact that it has attained the first position of the most ridiculous and hare-brained in the annals of conspiracy theories. It is a story meant to prey on the gullible by reason of limited mental capacity, whose numbers seem to be increasing on daily basis. Sadly, those peddling the fake news about cloning have even lesser mental capacity than the people they are deceiving.

“The leading organisation on cloning was categorical in stating that gene cloning is the most common type of cloning done by researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). NHGRI researchers have not cloned any mammals and NHGRI does not clone humans."

The group further stated that proponents of the fallacy are using a "1997 Sci-Fi thriller, Face/Off, as prop in their illogical argument saying there has been a face swap between Buhari and Jubrin".

“In the medical world, there has been a handful of partial and full face transplants, but the recipients of the face transplant look nothing like the donors; and of course the new faces come with some level of distortion with the risk of rejection for which the patients take a cocktail of mediation for life,” the statement read.

“Even more childish is the flipping and reversing of photographs of President Buhari to claim that one version is right-handed, while the other is left-handed, which is a photo trick that is achievable with the most basic photo editing software.”
          Tolu Ogunlesi Reacts As Bishop Oyedepo Speaks On ‘Dead’ Buhari      Cache   Translate Page      

Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Digital and New Media, Tolu Ogunlesi has hit at Bishop David Oyedepo over his statement on President being dead and cloned as Jubril Sudan.

Oyedepo had on Sunday reacted to report that Buhari was dead and the President in Aso Rock was Jubril El Sudan.

Oyedepo, speaking from Living Faith church HQ at Canaan land, Ota, on Sunday called on Buhari to as a matter of urgency, address the nation on the allegation.

But, reacting, Buhari’s aide, Ogunlesi took to his Twitter page, describing Oyedepo as a hater of Buhari.

He wondered why the cleric would go to a far length to discredit Buhari.

Ogunlesi wrote: “Olatunji Dare, one of Nigeria’s finest satirists, wrote a piece titled ‘Buhari’s Double’ on Nov 27:

“Pastor of one of Nigeria’s LARGEST CHURCHES cites the SATIRE in a sermon (apparently yest) as evidence PMB likely dead.

“I know the Bishop has always detested PMB (its a free world, really, the right to dislike anyone is guaranteed constitutionally atink), but I don’t understand why he keeps going this far to peddle/amplify (from the pulpit) falsehood and disinformation about him. Really puzzling.“

          South Sudan: UN condemns ‘brutal’ sexual assaults on roads to Bentiu      Cache   Translate Page      

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan has condemned a series of brutal sexual assaults on women and girls, travelling on the road to Bentiu, a town in the north of the war-ravaged country.

According to the UN mission there, over the last ten days around125 women and girls have sought treatment after having been sexually assaulted, as they walked along roads near Nhialdu and Guit on their way to the town near the Sudanese border. They were also robbed and beaten.


          Nnamdi Kanu Names Part Of President Buhari's Body That Was Cloned      Cache   Translate Page      
Nnamdi Kanu Names Part Of President Buhari's Body That Was Cloned
President Muhammadu Buhari and Nnamdi Kanu
In his latest broadcast from Israel, Nnamdi Kanu explained that the current President of Nigeria believed to be Muhammadu Buhari is not a clone but an impostor from Sudan.
He stated that there is a very calculated attempt by the Nigerian government to divert puublic attention from the 'facts' he is presenting to the world. According to his account, the only part of Buhari which was cloned is his left ear that wasn't perfectly fixed.
"What they are cloning about Buhari is the ear, you know the ear at the back of the mouse, that is what they are cloning. Because when they cut of the ear, they can now cut it to the shape of the dead Buhari. Have u noticed how they never photographed the left ear. Have you noticed it all of you? They never allow you to get close" he alleged.
He also explained that soldiers were positioned three miles away from Buhari when he recently visited Maiduguri, Borno State to prevent them from having any clues about the impostor.
"When he (Buhari) went to the hospital, (on condolence visit to injured soldiers) they cleverly positioned him so that a useless plank they tied on the bed will cover the left ear" he also added
He went on to allege that some journalists in Nigeria have been paid by the ruling All Progressives Congress to distort their reportage of events in Nigeria
"Those in the pay of the APC like Channels TV and a few other media houses who are so hungry that they sell their conscience will accept these very simple facts that at no time have I said Buhari was cloned. I said they brought in an impostor, an actor from Sudan, Jubril Aminu Al Sudani, thats his name, till tomorrow and I'm very grateful that the Sudanese government are doing something about it....investigating this very matter," Kanu concluded.
Watch a video of his latest broadcast below (Skip to the 22nd minute):

          Sudan: World's Worst Case for Women's Rights - Death Sentence for Raped Teen      Cache   Translate Page      
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -The death sentence for a 19-year-old girl in Sudan who murdered her husband after he tried to rape her was named on Tuesday as the world's worst court ruling for women's rights this year.
          Organizational determinants of bullying and work disengagement among hospital nurses - Arnetz JE, Sudan S, Fitzpatrick L, Cotten SR, Jodoin C, Chang CH, Arnetz BB.      Cache   Translate Page      
AIM: To identify organizational determinants of bullying and resulting work disengagement among hospital nurses. DESIGN: A cross-sectional, web-based, anonymous questionnaire study. METHODS: The questionnaire was administered in 2017 to all... (Source: SafetyLit)
          Südsudan, Republik: Gelbfieber      Cache   Translate Page      
Ende November wurde eine Infektion im County Nzara (Bundesstaat Gbudwe, SW) an d... mehr...

          Alessandro, il bimbo morente  e l’addio alle armi: «Dopo  la guerra racconto il mare»      Cache   Translate Page      

Alessandro, il bimbo morente  e l’addio alle armi: «Dopo  la guerra racconto il mare»

Alessandro Rota ha fotografato gli orrori del Sud Sudan e dell’Iraq. Finché un giorno si è trovato davanti a un bambino morente: «Lì ho deciso di dire basta». Ha preso una barca e da allora dedica i suoi reportage alla salute di oceani e fondali

          Bambine e donne violentate: orrore senza fine in Sud Sudan      Cache   Translate Page      

È una guerra che ha provocato oltre 400mila morti quella scoppiata nel 2013 in Sud Sudan tra le forze armate di etnia dinka, fedeli al presidente Salva Kiir, e quelle di etnia nuer, che appoggiano l’ex vicepresidente, Riek Machar. Ma le centinaia di migliaia di vittime, i morti per la fame e le malattie, l’esodo, […]

L'articolo Bambine e donne violentate:
orrore senza fine in Sud Sudan
proviene da Gli occhi della guerra.

          Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Human Rights and Freedom of Religion or Belief (4 Dec 2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
Liz McInnes: Cambridge PhD student Peter Biar Ajak was detained without charge by the authorities in South Sudan in July for doing nothing more than speaking out on the human rights of his fellow citizens. The Government said at the time that that was of great concern. Can the Minister tell us what action has been taken since then to secure Peter’s release?
          Comment on Sen. Sani to El-Rufai: Rent your supporters from Sudan because of affinity by The Brave Man      Cache   Translate Page      
Hmmm interesting, So you people have been involving , importing foreigners to vote as a means of rigging? and that's why Nigerian votes doesn't count, that's why some of you are misbehaving supporting evil happening in Nigeria. One politician was saying either Nigerian vote him or not he will win election ! Ha oga ooo I wish God Almighty can grant just ONE MONTH permission and invisible power to kill all the NIGERIAN politician silently by number. I will be the most happiest person on the earth. No wonder Jubril was imported, foreigner to control the affairs of Nigeria. Please keep talking, keep confessing,to be sincere all politician in Nigeria are animal in human skill D late prophet FELA ANIKULAPA said..
          Alive ‘N Kickin’ Net Worth      Cache   Translate Page      

Alive and Kicking was a pop/rock septet from NY led by singers Pepe Cardona and Sandy Toder, who scored lots seven strike in 1970 with “Tighter, Tighter,” a track co-written and made by Tommy Wayne. They later altered their name to Alive ‘n Kickin’. Bruce Sudano, later on of Brooklyn Dreams and spouse of Donna …

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          Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: On the Brink of WWIII - Why the U.S. is in Syria and How it Dominates Militarily with Space Technology      Cache   Translate Page      
EpisodeWorld War III is building up in the Middle East as 20 countries participate in a military “exercise” dubbed “Northern Thunder”. The exercise includes 350,000 soldiers, 20 thousand tanks, 2450 warplanes, and 460 military helicopters supplied by Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Senegal, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Kuwait, the Maldives, Morocco, Pakistan, Chad, Tunisia, Comoro Islands, Djibouti, Malaysia, Egypt, Mauritania, and Mauritius. While this is occurring, Turkey has been bom ...
          SOUTH SUDAN / BENTIU SEXUAL VIOLENCE      Cache   Translate Page      
The United Nations Mission in South Sudan has reinforced its Human Rights team in Bentiu to help with investigations following a series of brutal sexual attacks on women and girls travelling from their villages to the town of Bentiu in the Unity region of South Sudan. UNMISS
          La Iberian Folk Ensemble actuará en Sudán del Norte invitados por la embajada española      Cache   Translate Page      

Será este sábado en un acto conmemorativo por el 40 aniversario de la Constitución, con Ricote como artista invitado.

La entrada La Iberian Folk Ensemble actuará en Sudán del Norte invitados por la embajada española aparece primero en - Noticias de actualidad de Petrer y su comarca.

          Buhari personally denies rumour of his death        Cache   Translate Page      

President Muhammmadu Buhari on Sunday in Poland denied rumour that he is dead and buried. The rumour about Buhari’s death has been making the rounds for months. The peddlers claimed the presidency kept his death under wraps, and have been parading one Jubril, a Sudanese as the president. But reacting to the rumors of his […]

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Africa Heavy on Security Council Agenda as Cote d'Ivoire Takes Over December Presidency
2018/12/4 8:26:27

Africa is high on the agenda of the Security Council's program of work in December as Cote d'Ivoire takes over the council's presidency for the month.

There will be a debate among Security Council members on post-conflict reconstruction on Wednesday, which will be attended by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and African Union Commission Chairman Moussa Faki, said Cote d'Ivoire's ambassador to the United Nations Leon Adom.

The council debate would be followed by an open debate -- a debate that includes non-Security Council members -- on cooperation between the United Nations and regional and subregional groups for the purpose of conflict prevention and resolution.

Thursday's open debate will be chaired by Cote d'Ivoire's Foreign Minister Marcel Amon Tanoh with the participation of Guterres and Faki as well as Marcel Alain de Souza, the president of the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States, a key player in regional peacekeeping and peacebuilding, said Adom.

Both debates would focus heavily on Africa as shown by the high-level representation.

Half of the 14 UN peacekeeping operations are in Africa, including the largest and most costly ones.

In addition to the two "flagship events," the Security Council will also hold briefings or consultations on Guinea Bissau, South Sudan, the Sahel region and the Central African Republic, said Adom.

"Ending the crises in these countries as well as the security and humanitarian situations will be at the heart of our briefings and consultations."

Also on the Security Council agenda is the Middle East, particularly Syria, said Adom.

UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura will brief the council for the last time before he steps down by the end of the year.

De Mistura has expressed disappointment at the lack of progress on the issue of a constitutional committee for Syria at last week's Astana meeting between Russia, Turkey and Iran -- the leading countries of the Astana process, a parallel process to the UN-led Geneva process.

He had insisted on convening the constitutional committee by Dec. 31.

          Mattarella al Sermig: Bambini, i pregiudizi per la diversità non hanno motivo      Cache   Translate Page      

Lunedì 26 novembre il Presidente della Repubblica Italiana, Sergio Mattarella, ha visitato per la terza volta il Sermig, luogo simbolo della città proprio nell’anno in cui ricorre il centenario della fine della Prima Guerra Mondiale. Un incontro non solo con le istituzioni, ma anche con ragazzi e giovani che sono l’anima di questi luoghi i

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          Sudan: UN Women's Org. Hosts North Darfur Peacebuilding Workshop      Cache   Translate Page      
[Radio Dabanga] Zamzam Camp -The United Nations Women's Organisation and a Sudanese training centre organised a workshop on strengthening women's participation in peace building in Zamzam camp for displaced people in North Darfur yesterday.
          How Will One 'Jubril From Sudan' Preside Over FEC - Osinbajo Queries During Aso Rock Meeting      Cache   Translate Page      
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Tuesday in Abuja wondered how a certain Jubril from Sudan would be presiding over the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting. The misconception of Jubril, a purported body-double of President Muhammadu Buhari, has been rife in both conventional and social media lately. Buhari himself had while fielding questions in Poland, cleared the air and debunked the claims that he was cloned.

Osinbajo expressed this shock at a National Consultative Forum organised by the National Committee of Buhari Support Groups (NCBSG) in collaboration with Council for New Nigeria Initiative.

He said that the fear of Buhari was making some detractors lose their senses. According to the vice president, the present government is earning 60 percent less than the previous government, yet it has spent N2.7 trillion on infrastructure, the highest in the history of the country.

He said that the Buhari-led administration had done much because it was not stealing money; was doing major roads in 36 states–Lagos Kano railway, Warri, Aladja, Mambilla, Port Hacourt, Maiduguri among others.

Osinbajo said that the government was feeding over 9.2 million children every day; giving 2 million petty traders a better deal in life with Tradermoni and had employed 500,000 graduates under the N-Power programme.

“We are giving about 300,000 of the poorest Nigerians N5,000 a month. How? Because Buhari is the gate keeper he has stopped grand corruption.

“So despite the fact that we are earning 60 per cent less we are doing five times more. This is why there is a gang up by the discredited elite against him. Coalition begins mobilisation for Buhari’s re-election

“They prayed for him to die, he didn’t die. When he came back hale and hearty by the grace of the Almighty God, they mourned while Nigerians rejoiced.

"The fear of Buhari makes these people desperate even crazy. So now they say he is Jubril from Sudan. If you can’t discredit him say he doesn’t exist; they were all alive and well when Pastor Adeboye went to London and prayed for him the day before he returned to Nigeria.

“How will one Jubril sit in Federal Executive Council and conduct meetings, consult with his ministers, speak to me daily?

“Their strategy is simple, if you tell a lie often enough some will believe you; Buhari is not only alive and well, he will by God’s grace live long and well after his second term in office,” he said.

           UN Secretary-General's Spokesperson on South Sudan      Cache   Translate Page      
The Secretary-General strongly condemns the brutal sexual attacks perpetrated against women and girls in the last ten days in the Unity region of South Sudan. These horrific acts are a distressing reminder of how, despite recent recommitments by South Sudan’s ...
          AU delegation meets National Dialogue Committee in Juba, pledges support      Cache   Translate Page      
A team of African Union delegates met South Sudan’s National Dialogue Committee on Monday and reiterated its support for peace efforts in the country including the recently signed peace agreement. The high-level African Union delegation, led by South Africa’s Ambassador to the AU Ndumiso Ntshinga comprised representatives from five countries namely Algeria, Nigeria, Chad, Rwanda, […]
          Row deepens as opposition alliance splits over leadership      Cache   Translate Page      
The South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), a consortium of several opposition entities, is rocked by deep controversies among its members over the leadership of the group. This comes after the interim leader of the opposition alliance Gabriel Changson Chang refuted elections conducted on 30 November in Khartoum where Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak was declared the winner […]
          AU delegation meets National Dialogue Committee in Juba, pledge support      Cache   Translate Page      
A team of African Union delegates met South Sudan’s National Dialogue Committee on Monday and reiterated its support for peace efforts in the country including the recently signed peace agreement. The high-level African Union delegation, led by South Africa’s Ambassador to the AU Ndumiso Ntshinga comprised representatives from five countries namely Algeria, Nigeria, Chad, Rwanda, […]
          Outcome of Kiir’s efforts for peace in Sudan will be discussed next week: security official      Cache   Translate Page      
December 4, 2018 (KHARTOUM) – The results of meetings between South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit and armed movements fighting the government in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan will be on the negotiating table next week, a senior Sudanese intelligence and security official said on Tuesday. NISS deputy head Jalal al-din al-Sheikh President Salva […]
          Egyptian doctors offer a free medical clinic in Wau      Cache   Translate Page      
A team of seven Egyptian doctors is in South Sudan’s Wau State offering free medical services at Wau Teaching Hospital. Addressing the media upon their arrival in Wau on Monday, one of the doctors, Doctor Nasser Issa said the doctors will be in Wau till Friday aiming to treat at least 150 patients. “The team […]
          Co-exist peacefully with host, S. Sudanese refugees advised      Cache   Translate Page      
December 4, 2018 (ADJUMANI) – South Sudanese refugees living in Nyumanzi, a refugee camp in Uganda’s northwestern district of Adjumani have been urged to co-exist peacefully with the host community. South Sudanese pupils at Nyumanzi refugee settlement camp in Adjumani, Uganda (Getty Image) About 43,000 South Sudanese refugees live in Nyumanzi, officials say. Speaking at […]
          Sudan: Providing financial assistance to people with physical disabilities      Cache   Translate Page      
Article | The ICRC recently provided financial resources as part of a programme specifically designed for the most vulnerable persons with physical disability.
          Venezuela gold rush feeds a growing malaria epidemic      Cache   Translate Page      

Handsome and with neatly slicked hair, Victor Gonzales looks like he belongs more in a boy band than among the dirt-clad miners around El Callao.


Originally from Caracas, the 25-year-old made the journey to the mining town in Bolívar state with his wife five months before IRIN encountered him in August.


“You can’t live in the city anymore; there's no cash, that’s why so many people are coming to the mines. If not, they are leaving the country,” he says. But behind his meek smile, Victor is carrying a daily burden that is preventing him from working each day: malaria.



Alongside Nigeria, South Sudan, and Yemen, Venezuela is one of four countries worldwide that has seen an alarming increase in cases of the mosquito-borne disease.


The World Health Organization raised the alarm in April after a report found that cases of the malaria had jumped 69 percent in 2017 from the previous year. In October, the president of the Venezuelan Medical Federation said the number so far in 2018 was more than 650,000 – if confirmed that would represent an additional 60 percent increase on 2017, with several months still to go.




(Source: WHO, PAHO, Federación Médica de Venezuela)

In the Sifontes municipality, next to El Callao, the towns of Las Claritas and Tumeremo, where illegal mining thrives, have the highest number of reported cases in the country. As far back as 2013, 60 percent of Venezuela’s malaria cases were found in Sifontes.


Last year, the estimate for the whole country was 406,000 cases, five times higher than 2013. Now, hospitals in Caracas, which has long had a very low number of cases, are seeing a rapid increase in patients sick with the disease, and most come from mines in Bolívar state.


“I have already been sick for six days,” says Victor. “Because I sleep in the mine I got infected. This is the fourth time in five months I have had it.”


‘Survival of the fittest’


Away from the scant food shelves and despondent queues seen throughout many of Venezuela’s major cities, El Callao, on the country’s eastern frontier with Guyana, is booming.


“Here in El Callao, thank God, we don’t suffer this crisis; we are blessed with the richness of gold,” says Alberto Garcia, one of the many Venezuelans to have flocked here.


El Callao is Venezuela’s gold capital, and it never sleeps. Gold dealers operate a 24-hour service seven days a week and Garcia is one of them, getting in on the rush. Having arrived two years ago from the city of Valencia, he managed to get connected fast and now works as a buyer. He is one of the lucky ones.  


Along the side-street where Garcia works, Syrian, Israeli, and Iranian flags can be seen draped inside shop windows. “People from all over the world are here in El Callao,” says Garcia. “It’s a very profitable place.”


Like Garcia, dealers buy gold from local miners then sell it outside the country. Despite this operation being illegal, the transactions take place in broad daylight in front of the authorities.


But this thriving economy comes at a price: a conflict between the military and local mafias is raging, the mining has brought widespread environmental devastation, and the malaria epidemic is threatening to engulf the entire region. “Here in El Callao,” says Garcia, “it’s survival of the fittest.”


A rapid resurgence


Venezuela was once internationally celebrated for its robust eradication programme. The country waged a vigorous campaign in the 1930s against the virus, which was considered to be endemic.


Led by physician Arnoldo Gabaldón, a nationwide prevention programme using the insecticide DDT was launched throughout the 1940s. By 1955, 10 years after the programme started, the rate was lowered to one per 100,000 people, and in 1961 the WHO declared malaria eradicated from 68 percent of a malaria zone that included two thirds of the country.


Today, it's a different story.


Foreign imposed sanctions are tightening against the government of Nicolás Maduro, who still downplays the severity of the malaria problem. The means to counter the growing epidemic remain slim as money runs out and years of import controls have caused a lack of mosquito nets and other preventative equipment.


After years of wild spending that pumped money into Cuban-style health missions for the poor, the public healthcare system has been neglected for years and is in deep crisis.


Other factors that have helped malaria’s spread include the breakdown of water-pumping systems that increased breeding grounds for mosquitoes, the end of the fumigation programme, and internal migration within Venezuela to affected areas.


Treatment issues


Plasmodium vivax is the most common of the three species of the malaria-carrying parasite that circulate in the area.


Medicine shortages and a lack of prevention programmes have serious consequences for those infected.


Victor wakes up at around 5am to join the queue at the Juan German Hospital. Each day from dawn until dusk the hospital car park fills with families, couples, and single men of all ages, most of them wear their mining boots.


Despite the prospect of free medicine, there is no guarantee a day's wait outside the hospital will get you treatment. Medicine shortages are so acute now that self-treatment options are becoming increasingly common. Children as young as four can be seen among the miners who lie out sick across the tarmac.


Health workers say that even in the smaller clinics they can receive up to 200 new patients daily. Age, a delay in seeking treatment, and self-treatment prior to professional care all affect the number of the parasites in the blood.


Plasmodium vivax is particularly difficult to treat, as it can lie dormant in the liver for months, in some cases years. The medicine Primaquine should be taken for 14 days to treat vivax; but low supplies and unpredictable delivery leave many patients unable to complete the full treatment. Stories of patients in desperate need of cash selling their prescriptions, only to relapse a few weeks later, are also common.


With plasmodium falciparum – the deadliest of the three types of malaria in the area – also prevalent, dozens of people reportedly die each month in El Callao. Obtaining statistics on exact numbers is very difficult due to the reluctance to release reliable data. At Juan German Hospital on one August day, an old Cadillac serving as a mortuary vehicle came and went several times.


A short walk from Juan German Hospital, the medicines needed to treat malaria are easily bought on the black market along with the plastic strips used for the blood smear microscopy examinations.


Primaquine and Chloroquine pills taken from the hospital are sold on the black market for up to two grams of gold on the street corners. Five Venezuelan military personnel guard the hospital doors, but medicines always find a way out.


“Everyone knows who is profiting from the blackmarket trade here, the mafias and the army work together,” says Victor. For miners like Victor who are too sick to work and therefore to pay black market prices, it’s an agonising wait to receive medicine from the hospital.


Despite recent government efforts to dispel the criminal networks that have long reigned in Venezuela´s wildcat mines, little on the ground changes. Military generals lay claim to freshly captured mines and mafias are replaced with new armed groups. An effective response to the malaria epidemic seems to fall behind the long list of priorities in present-day Venezuela.



screenshot_2018-12-05_at_18.45.23.png News feature Health Politics and Economics Venezuela gold rush feeds a growing malaria epidemic Frederick Gillingham IRIN EL CALLAO/Venezuela Americas Venezuela
          Comment on Eritreans Conclude a Two-Day Meeting in Denver, CO by Berhe Y      Cache   Translate Page      
Hi Blink, Ok fair point, calling everyone PFDJ. Now please apply same logic, is it fair everyone who oppose PFDJ as weyane or their sympathizers. I mean everyone, who went to Awasa for conference and even used the term opposition. Quick question for you. ERITREAN opposition existed long before the war between PFDJ and TPLF. In fat the first congress that formed the umbrella was held in Toronto. Long before those who want them to abandon their principle and fold to the PFDJ, they were advocation for the Johova witness, the Muslim teachers, the disabled war veterans, the journalists, while others were mute and minding their business. PFDJ was hunting ERITREAN opposition figures from Sudan and Ethiopia. I think two names I remember, but one is some Tesfay Ghebretsadiq where his sister, Freweyni made a heartfelt appeal in dehai for his abduction. If I recall it was before the war. You are front and center blaming all Eritrea problems to the opposition, knowing well that they have nothing to do with it. They are weak, they are disorganized etc is one thing, but to actually to put the blame is really a crime. Have they hold people hostage, have they get paid, have they mislead the people, have they start a conflict harming the innocent. At best they advocated for the wronged, at worst, they spend their time and resources without seeing change for a long time. So a little honesty is required. Berhe
          Comment on Eritreans Conclude a Two-Day Meeting in Denver, CO by Berhe Y      Cache   Translate Page      
Hi Blink, I think ምልሻ ጣፍ must be phrase of the year. Now you are saying Saay needs help with his twitter. You can say anything else you want but needs help with twitter / his english really. Are you saying all the stuff IA accused of, proved and in fact has admitted responsibility is not true (may be not with Sudan but for sure with Ethiopia, Yemen and Djibouti). You know misinformation is the word of year according to dictionary. Berhe
          Comment on Eritreans Conclude a Two-Day Meeting in Denver, CO by Blink      Cache   Translate Page      
Dear berhe Thanks for the info , remember saay also has his buddy shewiq Ahmed helping him with his Twitter . Saay also was the flagman of weyane for the sanction, he was also claiming the following 1. Eritrea started war with Sudan 2. Eritrea started war with Yemen 3. Eritrea started war with Djibouti 4. Eritrea started war with Weyane So he suddenly has the audacity to put people who disagreed with him in his old position.
          South Sudan in Focus - December 05, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
The South Sudan Opposition Alliance disintegrates into two factions; UNMISS condemns attacks on women and girls in the town of Bentiu; and gunshot wounds and snake bites are deemed the two main causes of disabilities in South Sudan.
          #28 Seis casos de manipulación en la prensa      Cache   Translate Page      

Especialmente significativo que la nacionalidad mayoritaria de los del Aquarius fuera la sudanesa. ¿Qué guerra hay en Sudán? Ninguna. Lo que pasa es que Sudán está sufriendo los efectos de las sanciones de Estados Unidos. Es decir, que lo que aceptamos como "refugiados" son inmigrantes económicos creados directa y deliberadamente por Estados Unidos, ese país al que todos los gobiernos europeos le lamen el ojo del culo.

» autor: агитпроп

          Președintele Nigeriei a negat că ar fi fost înlocuit cu o sosie. A pus un film și un anunț pe rețelele de socializare      Cache   Translate Page      

Muhammadu Buhari, preşedintele Nigeriei, a ținut să respingă zvonurile că ar fi fost înlocuit de o sosie, după o absenţă îndelungată din cauza unei boli, relatează dpa. Preşedintele a respins acuzațiile care au circulat pe reţelele de socializare conform cărora a fost înlocuit de o sosie sudaneză. În ultima vreme, el a petrecut perioade îndelungate în […]

Post-ul Președintele Nigeriei a negat că ar fi fost înlocuit cu o sosie. A pus un film și un anunț pe rețelele de socializare apare prima dată în

          Türk Telekom Sudan Bahanelerle İnternet Bağlamıyor!      Cache   Translate Page      
Kocaeli yeni mahallede oturuyorum. Defalarca dilekçe ve başvuru yapmama rağmen Türk Telekom 1 senedir internet bağlamıyor. Yeni bina falan denilecekse artık apartman eskidi. Kazma kürek alıp elime altyapı mı hazırlayayım? Ne bekliyorlar anlayamadım. Bu kadar kurumsal firmaya yakışmıyor böyle bahanel
          Diputados sudaneses impulsan una reforma constitucional para perpetuar a Al Bashir en el cargo      Cache   Translate Page      
Un grupo de diputados sudaneses ha enviado este martes una carta al presidente del Parlamento, Ibrahim Ahmed Omar, en la que le informan de que están dispuestos a apoyar una enmienda constitucional para eliminar el límite de dos mandatos a la reelección, lo que permitiría prolongar la Presidencia de Omar Hasán al Bashir.
          Al-Sisi discusses military cooperation with Sudanese Minister of Defence      Cache   Translate Page      

President praised distinguished relations between Cairo, Khartoum

The post Al-Sisi discusses military cooperation with Sudanese Minister of Defence appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

          South Sudan remains in his heart but Maker proud to be a Boomer      Cache   Translate Page      
Thon Maker says his heart will always be in South Sudan but he is proud to play for Australia at the Olympics and World Cup.
          Amissima celebra a Vogue Brasil de dezembro       Cache   Translate Page      
Amissima (Foto: Lu Prezia )


Diretora criativa da Amissima, Suzana Cha recebeu – com um sorriso de autêntica felicidade – convidados pra lá de especiais para o lançamento das edições de dezembro da Vogue e Glamour, nesta semana, no Restaurante Vista, em São Paulo.

A festa, que começou antes do pôr do sol e se estendeu até o fim da noite, celebrou a presença da grife em covers das duas revistas neste mês. Na Vogue, a Amissima vestiu a modelo sul-sudanesa Shanelle Nyasiase. Já na Glamour, as digital influencers e irmãs Marcella e Luciana Tranchesi usaram looks da marca.

As influenciadoras, aliás, brilharam no evento. Costanza Pascolato, Lele Saddi, Silvia Braz, Luiza Sobral e os times das redações também estiveram por lá e se divertiram ao som do set da DJ Milian Dolla e do cantor Juninho Bessa.

As três capas da Vogue de dezembro têm fotografia de Zee Nunes, edição de moda de Pedro Sales e beleza de Rodrigo Costa. Veja as fotos de quem passou pelo get-together na galeria:

Evento de lançamento


          Sudan pharmacies running out of life-saving medications      Cache   Translate Page      

Pharmacies in Sudan are running out of life-saving medicines. The government’s financial woes and a shortage of hard currency have led to a lifting of subsidies on many consumer goods. The means that even if pharmacies are able to find the hard currency to buy imported drugs, many Sudanese people simply cannot afford them. Al […]

The post Sudan pharmacies running out of life-saving medications appeared first on RocketNews | Top News Stories From Around the Globe.

          Sud Sudan: MSF denuncia, in 10 giorni 125 donne e bambine brutalizzate. Violenze in aumento      Cache   Translate Page      
BENTIU, 5 DICEMBRE – Le drammatiche vicende del Sud Sudan sembrano quasi dimenticate ma Medici senza Frontiere, che opera da tempo nel paese, provvede a ricordarle facendo parlare i propri operatori che lavorano sul campo e che sono testimoni diretti di quanto sta accadendo nel paese africano. Ruth Okello, ostetrica dell’organizzazione umanitaria, racconta che ”la scorsa settimana, le nostre équipe hanno fornito assistenza medica e psicosociale a 125 donne e bambine violentate e picchiate nella provincia di Rubkona, a nord del Sud Sudan, tra il 19 e il 29 novembre’. Donne e bambine sono venute in massa alla clinica di MSF a Bentiu dopo essere sopravvissute a orribili episodi di violenza sessuale. Alcune sono bambine di meno di 10 anni e altre sono donne che ne hanno più di 65. Anche le donne incinte non sono state risparmiate”.  ”Oltre a essere state stuprate con violenza – racconta la dottoressa – le sopravvissute sono state frustate, picchiate e bastonate con mazze e fucili. Sono state anche rapinate, private di vestiti e scarpe, derubate di qualsiasi oggetto di valore di cui potevano aver bisogno per supportare le proprie famiglie. Anche i buoni di cui dispongono per ricevere le distribuzioni alimentari sono stati [...]

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