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          US re-establishes 'permanent diplomatic presence' in Somalia      Cache   Translate Page      
JOHANNESBURG (AP) — The United States says it has re-established a "permanent diplomatic presence" in Somalia for the first time in 27 years.The State Department on Tuesday says "this historic event reflects Somalia's progress in...
          Comment on “Resign…. Get out of the place” – Bishop Oyedepo tells President Buhari | WATCH by Just a Random observer      Cache   Translate Page      
Okpete... Na wa oh, its people like you who deserve the government of Sani Abacha for real! Wake up my dear sister and smell the coffee before it’s too late! Infrastructure for where? ‘Infrastructure’ funded by loans from the Chinese that will take 100’s of years for your grandchildren to repay via taxes. Infrastructure consisting of trains from the North to already overcrowded commercial hubs of Nigeria. And what will those people be coming to do? Uneducated and unskilled due to the Fulani rejection of science and advancement, all they will bring is their message of death and destruction, so far isolated to Yobe and the like, to places like Lagos, (because now they have train) Government Salaries have not been paid in 18 months (Yobe State) Governors are stealing (Ganduje) Jihadist “herdsmen” (sponsored by forces in power who also sponsor Boko Haram and aided by the military) are killing ethnic Indegenues and driving them from their ancestral lands. Nigeria is not at war, and yet refugee camps are increasing (IDPs) If you don’t take care, there’ll be more refugee camps in Nigeria than Somalia! Food is so expensive because of scarcity of basic foodstuffs (because how can you have abundance of foodstuffs when the same farmers who will grow that food is being killed because of cow)? Be sitting there and waiting for the final act of ethnic cleansing, but some people have woken up and thank God the Bishop is sounding alarm for those who are too scared to talk, for fear of arrest, ruin of business etc. Foreign investors see all this and they will not invest their hard earned money into the cemetery Nigeria is becoming, so be there and be a zombie! May God bless the Bishop. To Buhari -you and your kind evil ways is what has destroyed the North and turned most of the North into a wasteland of illiterate zombies, almajiris and Islamic ingrates, imbibed with Sharia, whilst you send your children abroad to school and advance themselves in non sharia Abuja. The good Lord sees all, Sir, and if these your crazy ways are working return to Daura and form your own colony/new country, continue your Islamist ways there, no wahala. Once you’ve divided the country, you people can even introduce Arabic as the official language for the new country of the North, importing your fellow Fulanis from other countries to populate if you need, your Malian, Chad and Cameroonian Janjaweeds. The South will continue forwards without the slave chains of the Backwards North to drive it to the 8th century. Haba! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
          UN appeals for record $4 billion to help the people of Yemen      Cache   Translate Page      

The UN appealed Tuesday for $4 billion to cover humanitarian needs in Yemen in 2019 – its largest country appeal ever – and announced its first appeal related to Venezuela, calling for $738 million to help those who have fled the country’s economic meltdown and health crisis.


The UN appeal to help some 2.2 million Venezuelans living in neighbouring South American countries was one of 31 humanitarian response plans released for 2019 by the UN’s emergency aid coordination body, OCHA, in an overall $21.9 billion donor funding request.


The total price tag is swollen by Yemen, where the UN’s call to help 15 million people is the largest country appeal in the UN’s history. The equivalent appeal for aid within Syria was $3.64 billion in 2018, while costs for Syrian refugees across multiple countries was an additional $5.6 billion.


Intensifying conflict and displacement, hunger, irregular imports, and a macro-economic crunch have driven 24 million people – nearly 80 percent of Yemen’s population – into need, and half of those may require food assistance in the months ahead, according to the UN.


UN aid chief Mark Lowcock said “the extreme edge could get taken off the suffering” in Yemen if peace talks and the military outlook improve, but the UN planning is looking at “what the situation will actually be, rather than wishful thinking”.


Vittorio Infante, humanitarian advocacy advisor for the NGO Islamic Relief, said that given the scale of Yemen’s humanitarian crisis, especially in the province of Hodeidah where recent fighting has made conditions worse, the UN’s record ask was merited.


“$4 billion is a lot of money, but this pales in comparison to the dire need in Yemen, where [the majority] of the population are relying on humanitarian aid to survive,” Infante told IRIN.


“Our staff in Hodeidah are helping people with literally nothing left because they have sold all their belongings just to make sure that their families are fed. However, as long as this conflict continues, this amount will merely be a plaster on a fragile humanitarian situation.”


The Venezuelan appeal, meanwhile, is set to help Colombia and other host countries, but it does not cover needs inside Venezuela, where the government resists any labelling of events as a humanitarian crisis.


A UN-managed emergency fund released $9.2 million to UN agencies to step up humanitarian-related responses within Venezuela in November.


“People describe what’s going on in different ways,” Lowcock told IRIN, referring to Venezuela’s reluctance to term it a humanitarian crisis, adding that inside the country the UN is only “trying to scale up our support” and expand its “normal activity”.


Mixed picture

In Geneva to launch the package, dubbed the Global Humanitarian Overview, Lowcock said the UN and its NGO and governmental partners had drawn up plans to help 93.6 million people in 2019 – about one in 70 of the world population. The number of people in need and the value of total appeals would be about the same as in 2018, reaching a price tag of around $25 billion once Syria’s plan was completed, he said.


Syria’s response plan is as yet uncosted. Lowcock said finishing it was delayed until February while the UN attempts to gather fresh data on needs inside the country. The update will require Syrian government flexibility on in-country surveys and access to boost the credibility and data behind funding requests – a measure demanded by donors on which Lowcock has been seeking Damascus’ cooperation.


According to OCHA, a number of situations around the world have eased this year, including in Burundi, Iraq, and Somalia. Others have improved and no longer require emergency plans: Burkina Faso, Mauritania, and Senegal.


But some situations have worsened. in Cameroon, the number of people in need has jumped 77 percent thanks to a brewing civil war, while Afghanistan’s appeal, due in part to conflict and drought, is 41 percent higher.


A third category contains countries where the situation remains serious but relatively unchanged: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and South Sudan.



UN-coordinated humanitarian response plans are a compendium of projects from UN agencies and NGOs on the assistance they will provide, such as supplying food, running clinics, providing clean water, and setting up shelter.


Even though they are presented as meeting only the highest priority needs, the plans are, on average, only 56 percent funded in 2018. Some emergencies struggle to capture donor interest (Haiti got only 11.2 percent of the requested funding), while others, like Afghanistan and Iraq, which command greater international attention, tend to do better.


Separately on Monday, the International Committee of the Red Cross announced its 2019 emergency appeal, for 2.1 billion Swiss Francs, for which Syria, South Sudan, and Iraq are the largest country operations.

(TOP PHOTO: Displaced families from Hodeidah receive UNHCR assistance in Bajil district, Hodeidah province, Yemen. CREDIT: Haitham al-Akhali/UNHCR)


Displacement from Hodeidah News Aid and Policy UN appeals for record $4 billion to help the people of Yemen Ben Parker IRIN Cameroon's conflict and Venezuela’s exodus also highlighted by 2019 fundraising drive Geneva Cameroon Venezuela United Nations HQ Yemen
          Comment on Politicians Empower Islam by Jay Wizzy      Cache   Translate Page      
Integrity is important & a result of the will for justice, truth, love, human rights, ecology, friendliness, global imperialism, English, health, beauty, cultivation of ecological best quality basics, support for self-realization & freedom from religion. Truth is there are Africans enslaved today from Saudi Arabia to UAE to Lebanon, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain to north-Sudan, Libya, Algeria to Mauritania, Somalia, Niger & elsewhere in emulation of unjust Muhammad. We need to create a global government to free them.
          Licence suspension for Uber driver in deadly Gardiner crash      Cache   Translate Page      

An Uber driver whose “bad decisions” behind the wheel cost the life of a young man “who had much to offer this world” has lost his licence for a year, been ordered to take a remedial driving course and sentenced to two years of probation.

Abdihared Bishar-Mussa, 23, was sentenced Tuesday by Ontario Court Justice Paul Robertson for his involvement in a March 21, 2018 crash on the Gardiner Expressway that killed Nicholas Cameron, 28, and injured Cameron’s girlfriend, Monika Traikov.

The judge wrote in his eight-page decision that he “struggled” to craft a “meaningful sentence” that reflected both Bishar-Mussa’s level of moral blameworthiness and the gravity of the offence, and acknowledged that “there will be no agreement the sentence I’m about to impose is adequate.”

Roberston addressed the grief-stricken Cameron family in his ruling, acknowledging their profound loss and that “no sentence, no punishment can restore things to the way they were or to the way they should be.”

He also spoke directly to Bishar-Mussa.

“No sentence can restore a life,” he said. “But a sentence can strive to ensure that you, at least in part, pay back to society the harm caused by you actions and you are never again able to place someone in harm’s way until you are ready to take on the privilege of driving.”

It was the Somalian refugee’s second day driving for Uber. He was taking the couple to Pearson Airport, where they were about to embark on a vacation, using a car he purchased to help support his parents and six siblings, who live in a two-bedroom apartment in Toronto.

While en route, Bishar-Mussa pulled his car off the highway to retrieve a fallen cellphone. As he tried to re-enter traffic, a second driver, Jose Estacion, smashed into Bishar-Mussa’s vehicle, sending it careening across four lanes of traffic. “He (Estacion) was distracted in his driving, as he was looking at his phone,” Robertson noted in his ruling. Estacion has been charged with careless driving.

Cameron, who was sitting in the back, suffered a fatal neck injury.

Bishar-Mussa was originally charged with the more serious charges of dangerous driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death, but pleaded guilty in October to the reduced charge of careless driving under the Highway Traffic Act.

The judge wrote that aggravating factors included the fact Bishar-Mussa was driving a commercial vehicle and had accepted a “duty of care to his passengers” yet had “little understanding of the road network of the city.” After picking up the couple, Bishar-Mussa headed in the opposite direction of the airport.

The judge suggested it was appropriate that he perform his 50 hours of community service by “speaking at schools of the need and importance of safe driving.”

Bishar-Mussa surrendered his driver’s licence in March. The one-year driving prohibition began Tuesday, along with probation. The judge also imposed a $1,000 fine, saying the amount has “little deterrent value” and takes into account his precarious finances.

The judge commended the Crown attorney Michael Coristine for making the tough and “unpopular” decision of accepting a plea to a lesser offence, but said based on the evidence “his decision in this case ... is well founded in law.”

He saved the final words in his judgment for Cameron’s mother Cheryl Hawkes, his siblings and other family members. Robertson referred to one of the “heart-wrenching” victim impact statements written by a Syrian refugee family helped by Cameron, a web designer and writer.

“I sincerely hope as a family, an extended family, you can rally together and find the glue Nick once was, and to continue to offer the world those things Nick showed to a family of downtrodden refugees.”

Betsy Powell is a Toronto-based reporter covering crime and courts. Follow her on Twitter: @powellbetsy

          SOMA, SIMHA, SWJ, NUSOJ & MAP strongly condemn the wounding of Somali Journalis      Cache   Translate Page      
We the undersigned media associations in Somalia are deeply saddened to learn that Mr. Ismail Sheikh Khalifa, a Somali veteran journalists and media rights activist

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          State Department announces re-establishment of 'permanent diplomatic presence' in Somalia      Cache   Translate Page      
The US has re-established a permanent diplomatic presence in Somalia more than two decades after closing its embassy in Mogadishu, the State Department announced Tuesday.

          USA återvänder till Somalia      Cache   Translate Page      
          Pioneering pattern recognition      Cache   Translate Page      

Dec. 4, 2018 

University Distinguished Professor Anil Jain named Fellow by The World Academy of Sciences 

Anil Jain of Michigan State University has been named a Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) for a lifetime of perspectives and publications that have inspired students and researchers worldwide. He was one of 46 new fellows elected at the 28th TWAS general meeting in Trieste, Italy, Nov. 27-29.University Distinguished Professor Anil Jain has been named a Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences for inspiring students and researchers worldwide. 

A University Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Jain is being honored for his pioneering contributions to pattern recognition resulting in novel solutions for a rapidly evolving biometrics industry. 

TWAS was founded 35 years ago to increase representation by women and researchers from the world's science- and technology-lagging countries. Jain said it is not typical to have a person from a developed nation be elected a fellow by the worldwide organization. 

Jain was nominated for the honor by Tieniu Tan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), where he is a professor of computer vision and pattern recognition, CAS deputy secretary-general and director general of the CAS Bureau of International Cooperation. 

Tan called Jain an internationally renowned scholar and educator. “For the past 40 years, he has actively promoted the research topics of pattern recognition, computer vision and biometrics in developing nations through lectures, exchange programs, technical assistance and student and postdoc training. 

“Very few people get elected every year from North America,” he added. “He most certainly deserves the recognition.” 

Co-nominator Sankar Pal, distinguished scientist and former director of the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata, India, said Jain’s high quality pioneering research has had an enormous impact on statistical pattern recognition and computer vision. 

“It is evident from a Google scholar h-index of 179, with total citation 185,000,” Pal said. “His IEEE-PAMI publications have made him a role model scientist to many of us and to young researchers in machine learning. All these extra-ordinary achievements made his election to TWAS Foreign Fellowship successful. I am happy to be a part of this endeavor.”

Jain is known around the world for his expertise in biometric recognition, computer vision, and fingerprint-matching technology.

“It has been my honor to work on projects in countries including India, China, and Indonesia," Jain said. “I advised the world’s largest biometrics project, Aadhaar, in India that has enrolled more than 1 billion residents utilizing fingerprints and iris images for de-duplication in India’s social welfare system.” 

Jain also worked on a prototype fingerprint system to recognize infants and toddlers for vaccination tracking in Benin and India. The World Food Program is utilizing the prototype child ID system in field trials in Somalia in an effort to eliminate fraud in food distribution to children.

Anil Jain advised the world's largest biometrics project, Aadhaar, in India that has enrolled more than 1 billion residents utilizing fingerprints and iris images for India's medical system.

He holds one of 17 inaugural appointments to the U.S. Forensic Science Standards Board, a newly developed organization dedicated to identifying and fostering standards and guidelines for the nation’s forensic science community. 

Jain has previously served as a member of the Defense Science Board and the National Academies panels on Whither Biometrics and Improvised Explosive Devices. 

His list of honors is extensive. In 2016, he was elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering (among engineering’s highest honors) and as a Foreign Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering. In 2015, he was named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors for innovative discovery and technology, significant impact on society, and support and enhancement of innovation.

Jain is also a fellow of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE); Association of Computing Machinery (ACM); American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); International Society for Optics and Photonics Society (SPIE); and International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR).

He is a recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship, Humboldt Research Award, Fulbright Scholarship, King-Sun Fu Prize, and W. Wallace McDowell Award. 

Jain is regularly invited to speak at national and internal forums, including the Third Annual ID4AFRICA Conference in Namibia in 2017; the 103rd Indian Science Congress, Information & Communication Science and Technology in India in 2016; the Royal Society meeting on United Kingdom forensics in London, 2015, and the keynote address at the Microsoft Computing in the 21st Century Conference in Beijing, 2014.

TWAS is a global science academy based in Trieste, Italy. It was founded in 1983 by a distinguished group of scientists from the developing world who shared a belief that building strength in science and engineering could build the knowledge and skill to address the challenges of hunger, disease and poverty. 

The newest 46 fellows increase the academy's total to 1,267 Fellows from 104 countries – the most countries represented since TWAS’s creation. The academy elected its first fellows ever from Bolivia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Libya, Nicaragua, and Zambia. In addition, members were elected from Iraq, Sudan, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. Thirteen of the new fellows are women, who now account for 13 percent of the total membership.

          Boat transport banned in Tana River      Cache   Translate Page      
Authorities ban boat transport in Tana River to prevent suspects from escaping to Somalia with abducted Italian aid worker Syllvia Romano.
          Metabolic syndrome in pregnancy and risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes: A prospective cohort of nulliparous women      Cache   Translate Page      
by Jessica A. Grieger, Tina Bianco-Miotto, Luke E. Grzeskowiak, Shalem Y. Leemaqz, Lucilla Poston, Lesley M. McCowan, Louise C. Kenny, Jenny E. Myers, James J. Walker, Gus A. Dekker, Claire T. Roberts Background Obesity increases the risk for developing gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and preeclampsia (PE), which both associate with increased risk for type 2 … Continua la lettura di Metabolic syndrome in pregnancy and risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes: A prospective cohort of nulliparous women
          Raltegravir-intensified initial antiretroviral therapy in advanced HIV disease in Africa: A randomised controlled trial      Cache   Translate Page      
by Cissy Kityo, Alexander J. Szubert, Abraham Siika, Robert Heyderman, Mutsa Bwakura-Dangarembizi, Abbas Lugemwa, Shalton Mwaringa, Anna Griffiths, Immaculate Nkanya, Sheila Kabahenda, Simon Wachira, Godfrey Musoro, Chatu Rajapakse, Timothy Etyang, James Abach, Moira J. Spyer, Priscilla Wavamunno, Linda Nyondo-Mipando, Ennie Chidziva, Kusum Nathoo, Nigel Klein, James Hakim, Diana M. Gibb, A. Sarah Walker, Sarah L. … Continua la lettura di Raltegravir-intensified initial antiretroviral therapy in advanced HIV disease in Africa: A randomised controlled trial
          US reopens diplomatic mission in Somalia after 28-year closure      Cache   Translate Page      
US reopens diplomatic mission in Somalia after 28-year closure#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000 The US mission was closed in 1991 amid fighting between rebels and the government. Reported by BBC News 2 hours ago.
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          US reopens diplomatic mission in Somalia after 28-year closure      Cache   Translate Page      
The US mission was closed in 1991 amid fighting between rebels and the government.
          US Re-Establishes ‘Permanent Diplomatic Presence’ in Somalia      Cache   Translate Page      
The United States says it has re-established a “permanent diplomatic presence” in Somalia for the first time in 27 years. The State Department on Tuesday said, “This historic event reflects Somalia’s progress in recent years and is another step forward in formalizing U.S. diplomatic engagement in Mogadishu.” The U.S. closed its Somalia embassy in January ...

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          Raja Mandala: Rethinking the Gulf (GS 2,IR,UPSC IAS Mains)      Cache   Translate Page      
India’s relations with the key Gulf countries have never been as good as they are today. The deepening energy interdependence is marked by growing volumes of energy imports into India and the prospect of substantive investments from the Gulf into the Indian hydrocarbon sector. The number of Indian migrant workers in the region stands at more than 7 million. The Gulf is among India’s top trading partners.

Meanwhile, a high-level engagement between India and the Gulf has blossomed in recent years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj have travelled frequently to the Gulf and there has been a steady stream of senior Gulf leaders visiting India. The expansion of the political engagement has been matched by the growing security cooperation, especially on counter-terrorism. India and its Gulf partners are also taking tentative steps towards defence cooperation.

There is no question that Delhi’s political neglect of the Gulf has ended during the last few years. Yet, India’s relations with the Gulf have been constrained by too strong a focus on the bilateral. Delhi is paying too little attention to the growing weight of the Gulf in regional affairs and the strategic possibilities that it opens up for India.

To be sure, Saudi Arabia has long been a pivotal state. As the nation with one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves and capable of modulating its oil production, Riyadh has played a critical role in shaping the world energy markets since the 1970s. As the home to Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia has a unique place in the Islamic world. Since the late 1960s, Riyadh has exercised significant political influence in the evolution of the Middle East.

The rise of the UAE, in contrast, has been less noticed. What differentiates the UAE from other petrostates is a rare purposefulness that has turned it into a strategic actor of consequence in the Middle East and beyond. The cathartic events of 9/11 and the Arab Spring have convinced Abu Dhabi that it must act boldly and generate the capabilities to survive amidst the regional turbulence.

Consider for a moment the defence budget of the UAE. Some reports put it around $22 billion, which is nearly 40 per cent of India’s defence spending of about $52 billion. The UAE was the fourth-largest importer of weapons during 2013-17.

The UAE is also a major player in the global logistics market, thanks to the successful development of Dubai as a major port and aviation hub. It is now striving to emerge as a centre of art, higher education and technological innovation. As the home to multiple nationalities from around the world, the UAE has become a small but important cosmopolitan centre.

If Delhi looks beyond the bilateral, it will find two very important axes of potential partnerships in the Middle East. One is the idea of a “moderate Arab centre”. The UAE leadership has made the construction of a moderate bloc in the region its highest regional priority. It sees the construction of such a core around Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Abu Dhabi believes that only a coalition of moderate Arab states can move the region out of its current deeply troubled state.

Abu Dhabi also believes that the values of cultural openness, religious tolerance, women’s empowerment, and economic opportunities for younger people — which helped the Emirates succeed — can be extended to other parts of the Middle East. By any measure, this is an ambitious project. And there are many obstacles to its realisation — especially the deepening divisions within the Gulf.

But the idea of a moderate Arab centre should resonate deeply with India’s natural ethos and its traditional empathy for modernising forces in the Arab world. Helping the construction of a moderate Arab centre envisaged by Abu Dhabi, then, is very much in India’s interest.

Second is the growing impact of the Gulf countries in the Indian Ocean region. Nowhere is this more evident than the Horn of Africa. The recent success of the UAE and Saudi Arabia in brokering peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea who had been locked in a prolonged conflict underlines the positive role of the Gulf in Africa. Others point to the destabilising impact of the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the one hand and Qatar and Turkey elsewhere in the region, most notably in Somalia and its rebel provinces.

Alliances, military bases, interventions and peace-making have long been considered as the preserve of great powers. But the Gulf countries today are bringing a combination of financial resources and political will to shape the geopolitics of their neighbouring regions. Some of the Gulf countries like the UAE are eager to collaborate with India on development assistance and the construction of strategic infrastructure in the Indian Ocean littoral. If India continues to be disinterested, they are bound to look for other partners.

The Gulf states have relied in the past on the Anglo-Americans for their security. As America and Britain gaze at their own navel, the Gulf states are taking greater responsibility for managing the regional order. The conditions under which India could afford to take a purely bilateral approach to the Gulf nations are beginning to disappear. India needs an integrated regional strategy to secure its ever-rising stakes in the Middle East and the Western Indian Ocean.

          Together in an uncertain world(EU-India,International Relations,GS 2,UPSC IAS Mains)      Cache   Translate Page      
The EU’s road map for strengthening ties with India must be acted upon by both
Last week saw the European Union releasing its strategy on India after 14 years. Launching the strategy document, the European Union (EU) Ambassador to India, Tomasz Kozlowski, underlined that “India is on the top of the agenda of the EU in the field of external relations… this strategy paper reflects that EU has taken India’s priorities very seriously. We are ready for a joint leap.” The 2004 EU-India declaration on building bilateral strategic partnership, which this road map replaces, has not had much of a success in reconfiguring the relationship as was expected.

Transformative shift
The new document is sweeping in its scope and lays out a road map for strengthening the EU-India partnership, which has been adrift for a while in the absence of a clearly articulated strategy. The new strategy underscores a transformative shift in Brussels vis-à-vis India and talks of key focus areas such as the need to conclude a broader Strategic Partnership Agreement, intensifying dialogue on Afghanistan and Central Asia, strengthening technical cooperation on fighting terrorism, and countering radicalisation, violent extremism and terrorist financing. More significant from the perspective of the EU, which has been traditionally shy of using its hard power tools, is a recognition of the need to develop defence and security cooperation with India.

Despite sharing a congruence of values and democratic ideals, India and the EU have both struggled to build a partnership that can be instrumental in shaping the geopolitics and geoeconomics of the 21st century. Each complain of the other’s ignorance, and often arrogance, and both have their own litany of grievances.

But where India’s relations with individual EU nations have progressed dramatically over the last few years and the EU’s focus on India has grown, it has become imperative for the two to give each other a serious look. In this age when U.S. President Donald Trump is upending the global liberal order so dear to the Europeans, and China’s rise is challenging the very values which Brussels likes to showcase as the ones underpinning global stability, a substantive engagement with India is a natural corollary.

Delhi’s overture
The Narendra Modi government too has shed India’s diffidence of the past in engaging with the West. New Delhi has found the bureaucratic maze of Brussels rather difficult to navigate and in the process ignored the EU as a collective. At times, India also objected to the high moralistic tone emanating from Brussels. Where individual nations of the EU started becoming more pragmatic in their engagement with India, Brussels continued to be big-brotherly in its attitude on political issues and ignorant of the geostrategic imperatives of Indian foreign and security policies.

The result was a limited partnership which largely remained confined to economics and trade. Even as the EU emerged as India’s largest trading partner and biggest foreign investor, the relationship remained devoid of any strategic content. Though the Modi government did initially make a push for reviving the talks on EU-India bilateral trade and investment agreement, nothing much of substance has happened on the bilateral front.

But as the wider EU political landscape evolves after Brexit, and India seeks to manage the turbulent geopolitics in Eurasia and the Indo-Pacific, both recognise the importance of engaging each other. There is a new push in Brussels to emerge as a geopolitical actor of some significance and India is a natural partner in many respects. There is widespread disappointment with the trajectory of China’s evolution and the Trump administration’s disdain for its Western allies is highly disruptive. At a time when India’s horizons are widening beyond South Asia and the Indian Ocean region, Brussels is also being forced to look beyond its periphery. The EU will be part of the International Solar Alliance, and has invited India to escort World Food Programme vessels to transport food to Somalia. The two have been coordinating closely on regional issues.

Taking it forward
The new India strategy document unveiled by the EU, therefore, comes at an appropriate time when both have to seriously recalibrate their partnership. Merely reiterating that India and the EU are “natural partners” is not enough, and the areas outlined in the document, from security sector cooperation to countering terrorism and regional security, need to be focussed on. India needs resources and expertise from the EU for its various priority areas, such as cybersecurity, urbanisation, environmental regeneration, and skill development.

As the EU shifts its focus to India, New Delhi should heartily reciprocate this outreach. In the past, India had complained that Brussels does not take India seriously and that despite the two not having any ideological affinity, the EU-China relations carried greater traction. Now all that might change.

          Comment on Apply Now: DAAD Scholarships in Germany for Students from Developing Countries 2017/2018 by Madiina Ahmed      Cache   Translate Page      
iam from somalia i graduated community development diploma ADIS UNIVERSITY collage thank u your help i want full time scholarship bachelor degree
          Somali regulator NCA announces consultation      Cache   Translate Page      
(Telecompaper) Somalia's telecommunication industry regulator has begun a consultation process concerning regulation of the ICT sector...
          Titulares de 2018-12-05      Cache   Translate Page      
Senators Say Crown Prince Is Guilty in Khashoggi Murder After CIA Briefing, Mueller Not Seeking Jail Time for Flynn, Cites "Substantial Assistance", Politico: NRCC Emails Hacked in 2018 Midterms, Georgia Voters Elect Republican Secretary of State, Congressmembers Call for Labor Sec. Acosta Probe over Epstein Plea Deal, DOJ Senior Official Allowed to Get Away with Sexual Assault, Federal Gov. Shuts Down for Nat'l Day of Mourning, Somalia: U.S. Reopens Permanent Diplomatic Presence, Pompeo Gives Russia 60 Days to Comply with Nuclear Treaty, West Bank: Israeli Forces Kill Disabled Palestinian in Overnight Raid, Morocco Begins U.N.-Brokered Talks over Occupation of Western Sahara, Libya: 15 Migrants Die After Boat Goes Adrift, Trump Organization Subpoenaed in Emoluments Clause Lawsuit, Missouri: Springfield Police Chief Apologizes to Rape Survivors, NYPD to Deploy Fleet of Drones, CBS Board Member Knew of Les Moonves Sexual Assault Allegations, Texas: Asylum Seeker and 4-Year-Old Child Reunited After 8 Months, UNC Students Protest Plan to House Confederate Statue in $5 Million Building
          SOMALIA: Prosperity Propels Islamic Terrorists      Cache   Translate Page      
          USA sender ambassadør til Somalia      Cache   Translate Page      
For første gang siden ambassaden i Mogadishu ble stengt i januar 1991, skal USA igjen ha en permanent diplomatisk tilstedeværelse i Somalia. Donald Yamamoto er USAs nye ambassadør.
          How George H.W. Bush Set the U.N. Up for Post-Cold War Success—and Failure      Cache   Translate Page      
George H.W. Bush grasped the U.N.’s importance like no other U.S. president before or since. Bush turned to the Security Council to resolve crises from Kuwait to Somalia, putting the U.N. at the center of the post-Cold War order. But he also sowed the seeds for big-power tensions at the U.N. that persist to this day.

          Numărul deceselor cauzate de terorism a scăzut semnificativ în 2017 comparativ cu 2016 (raport)      Cache   Translate Page      
Numărul persoanelor ucise în atacuri teroriste în lume a scăzut cu 27% în 2017 comparativ cu 2016, cu un total de 18.814 decese, relevă Indexul Terorismului Global publicat miercuri de Institutul pentru Economie şi Pace (IEP), citat de AFP. Acest număr este în scădere puternică pentru al treilea an consecutiv, după ce a fost la cel mai înalt nivel în 2014, precizează acest centru de reflecţie cu sediul la Sydney, care îşi bazează statisticile pe date colectate de Universitatea Maryland din SUA. În Europa de Vest, numărul deceselor în acte de terorism a scăzut semnificativ, ajungând de la 168 în 2016 la 81 în 2017. "Cifrele preliminare pentru 2018 sugerează că această tendinţă va continua, cu mai puţin de zece morţi înregistraţi în Europa Occidentală din ianuarie şi până în noiembrie", a adăugat IEP în raportul său. "Gruparea Stat Islamic şi-a pierdut mare parte din atractivitate din cauza înfrângerilor militare şi a posibilităţilor reduse de a comite atentate în Europa", spune Steve Killela, preşedintele IEP. "Sporirea capacităţilor de combatere a terorismului şi îmbunătăţirea tehnicilor de supraveghere au contribuit la această reducere semnificativă a numărului victimelor terorismului în Europa", a adăugat el. Cinci ţări - Afganistan, Irak, Nigeria, Somalia şi Siria - au înregistrat peste o mie de morţi fiecare în 2017, iar 19 ţări, peste o sută, se mai arată în raport. În 2017, Afganistanul a fost ţara cea mai afectată de terorism, cu 434 de atacuri comise împotriva unor poliţişti şi militari şi cu 256 de atacuri împotriva unor civili. Irakul fusese în 2016 ţara cel mai puternic lovită de terorism. Stat Islamic "a rămas în 2017 gruparea teroristă care a produs cele mai multe decese, deşi numărul persoanelor ucise care i-ar putea fi atribuite a scăzut cu 52% comparativ cu anul precedent", adaugă raportul. Cea mai sângeroasă acţiune teroristă din 2017 a fost comisă de gruparea islamiştilor shebab din Somalia, care a ucis 587 de persoane într-un atac cu maşină capcană asupra unui hotel. Urmează Egiptul, cu atacul asupra Moscheii al-Rawda în Sinai comis de Stat Islamic şi soldat cu 311 morţi şi 122 de răniţi. Raportul atrage de asemenea atenţia asupra sporirii, în America de Nord şi în Europa Occidentală, a "terorismului politic de extremă-dreapta", care a făcut 17 morţi în 2017, comparativ cu niciun mort cu patru ani în urmă. AGERPRES/(AS - autor: Ionuţ Mareş, editor: Gabriela Ionescu, editor online: Anda Badea)
          Press Releases: Reestablishment of a Permanent Diplomatic Presence in Somalia      Cache   Translate Page      
Press Statement
Heather Nauert
Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
December 4, 2018

On December 2, for the first time since the closure of the U.S. Embassy in Mogadishu on January 5, 1991, the United States reestablished a permanent diplomatic presence in Somalia. This historic event reflects Somalia’s progress in recent years and is another step forward in formalizing U.S. diplomatic engagement in Mogadishu since recognizing the Federal Government of Somalia in 2013. Our return demonstrates the United States’ commitment to further advance stability, democracy, and economic development that are in the interest of both nations. Ambassador Donald Yamamoto and his staff look forward to working closely with the people and the Federal Government of Somalia to strengthen our already close bilateral relationship in furtherance of these shared goals.

The Office of Website Management, Bureau of Public Affairs, manages this site as a portal for information from the U.S. State Department.
External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.

          Planning a Holiday To Philippines? Incorporate a Visit to Calauit Safari Park – A Great Safari Experience      Cache   Translate Page      

Wazzup Pilipinas!

When the word Safari is mentioned, most people only think of an African Safari adventure mainly due to the African jungle and the abundance of wildlife choice available for sighting in the African bush. However, unknown to many, Philippines is home to Calauit Safari Park that is located in the Calauit Island which is part of the Calamin Islands chain.

If you are planning to have a holiday in Philippines, then you seriously need to consider making a visit to Calauit Safari Park. The park was established in the year 1976 after H.E. President Kenyatta (Then President of the Republic of Kenya) made a request to other countries to help in protecting African wildlife that was threatened by the war and drought.

The Government of Philippines opted for Calauit Island due to the fact that it was ideally located and had vegetation, size, and terrain that was ideal for the wildlife park. The tribes that resided in the island were thus relocated so that they could make way for 8 different species of the African wildlife.

Wildlife to Spot in Calauit Island
By visiting Calauit Island, you will likely spot the following animals:

Reticulated Giraffe – It is also referred to as Somali Giraffe and it originates from the Horn of Africa. Mainly, this species resides in Northern parts of Kenya, Somalia, and Southern part of Ethiopia.  As of the year 2017, it was reported that there were twenty-seven reticulated giraffes in Calauit safari park.

Grevy’s Zebra – This is usually the largest zebra species. Even though only fifteen zebras had been brought from in to the park, as of the year 2016, it was reported that there were about 34 Grevy’s zebra in the park. The increased population of the Zebra has been attributed to the absence of natural predators in the park.

Philippine Crocodile – At the moment, there are four Philippines crocodiles residing in the park even though there has been attempts to increasing the crocodile population through breeding with success been experienced as some of the eggs that had been laid by the female crocodile were hatched.

The Palawan Bearded Pig – This is one of the endangered pig species. As a result, the management of the park have dedicated a lot of efforts to ensuring that the pigs are safeguarded.

Mousedeer – It is also referred to as Balabac Chevrotain and in Filipino (Philippines native language), it is referred to as Pilandok. The population of the mousedeer in Calauit safari park is more than twenty-two.

Bearcart – This is usually a viverrid native to South and Southeast Asia. It is quite endangered as 30% of its population is reported to have died in the last 30 years. There are a few bearcats in Calauit safari park.

Therefore, if you hoping to visit Philippines anytime soon, you might consider including a visit to Calauit safari park in your itinerary – you definitely will love the experience.

Written by Ray Kiarie. A senior safari consultant at Safari Fellows. Ray has spent much of his time travelling to various safari destinations in East Africa region. When not designing custom safaris, you are likely to find him on a safari with his camera gear as he is in love with wildlife photography.
          Comment on Eritreans Conclude a Two-Day Meeting in Denver, CO by Blink      Cache   Translate Page      
Dear Haile S I have been here long and I read MS all comments, I mean all . He is not a division based guy , he doesn’t give his views for the sake of getting support from some or fearing outlandish attacks from few in here , I wonder why everyone think that he or she has a knockdown argument against a true character of Eritreanism ? I mean most these trying to score has been telling us their best vocabulary to praise weyane and now what ? Come on Meles story is not even started to come to the sun . I mean if your handy man in Somalia region able to kill 200 innocent people and dump them in one whole , how would that be in Eritrea divided view of weyane . Let’s also admit that the ball holder has the power to throw where ever he wanted and that means there is no way we can just lampshade everyone as PFDJ just because he oppose your view or my view , we are talking still about our views .
          U.S. reopens Embassy in Somalia      Cache   Translate Page      
The United States re-established its permanent diplomatic residence in Somalia, which has been closed in Mogadishu since early 1991, the State Department said.
          Somalia: HIV/Aids Activist Shot Dead in Mogadishu      Cache   Translate Page      
[Dalsan Radio] Abdirashid Sheikh Abdi was on Sunday night shot dead by unknown gunmen in the capital Mogadishu. Abdi gained prominence by championing the rights of people living with HIV and Aids in a country where the disease is still a taboo subject.
          US strikes target al Qaeda in Libya, Somalia      Cache   Translate Page      
The US military hit al Qaeda's branches in Somalia and Libya twice over the past several days, killing 20 fighters in strikes that appear to have targeted the groups' military capacity.
          African Union Mission in Somalia      Cache   Translate Page      
The Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network has just published a major report titled "Assessing the Effectiveness of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM)." The lead author is Paul Williams, George Washington University.

The report assesses the extent to which AMISOM has achieved its current strategic objectives and what impact, if any, the mission has had on broader political and security dynamics in Somalia.
          12月3日(月)のつぶやき      Cache   Translate Page      

Ineffective flu vaccine contributed to 50,000 extra deaths last winter…

— 関西福祉大学 勝田吉彰 研究室 (@tabibito12) 2018年12月3日 - 11:14

Reading @beckershr Outpatients for influenzalike illness above national baseline: 5 things to know…

— 関西福祉大学 勝田吉彰 研究室 (@tabibito12) 2018年12月3日 - 11:15

ソマリアのコレラSomalia cholera outbreak one year later…

— 関西福祉大学 勝田吉彰 研究室 (@tabibito12) 2018年12月3日 - 11:17

「先進国の麻疹」問題。ニュージーランド南島。New Zealand: Second case of measles confirmed on South Island…

— 関西福祉大学 勝田吉彰 研究室 (@tabibito12) 2018年12月3日 - 11:18

戦乱、エボラ、そして8倍増のマラリアの三重苦に悩まされるコンゴ北キブ州 Spike in malaria threatens to derail Ebola care in DR Congo via @MailOnline

— 関西福祉大学 勝田吉彰 研究室 (@tabibito12) 2018年12月3日 - 11:20


— 関西福祉大学 勝田吉彰 研究室 (@tabibito12) 2018年12月3日 - 13:51
          US-Backed Somali Troops Launch Anti-Al Shabaab Offensive In Dhusmareb, Galmudug State      Cache   Translate Page      
The first batch of US-backed Somali special forces referred to as Danab has been deployed to Dhusmareb, the capital city of Galmudug State of Somalia. According to intelligence reports, the…
          Businesses in Somalia Hurt as Al-Shabaab and Islamic State Somalia Taxation Rivalry Continues      Cache   Translate Page      
Businesses in Somalia continue to suffer as Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab and pro-Islamic State militants in Somalia continue to engage in an economic war. Somali businessmen and business sector is getting…
          ISIS Claims Responsibility For IED Attack In Bakara Market, Mogadishu For Its Caliphate In Somalia      Cache   Translate Page      
The Islamic State also released a claim for its Somalia province in a series of claims released by the group’s official channels. The group claims it killed/wounded 7 NISA explosive…
          The changing world (265) Jan-Mar 2003      Cache   Translate Page      
I have had some criticism of blogging my diaries. In the opinion of my critics some things should not have been written. I have responded accordingly. But they have no idea how much I have left out.
    But I can take advice and in response to it will now not blog a month at a time but for perhaps a quarterly period. My maternal grandfather left one volume, a diary from his conversion in 1912 to the year he was dying, 1952. It must have precede daily diaries. Ne recorded how many miles he walked to cycled to preach and how many sermons a year. A sabbatarian he used no public transport on Sundays.

Jan 1st Agreed we would not go to the crematorium after grandad's funeral. We were to be overruled by the demanding Methodist minister. He wanted a fee too which is not usual for free church members. He also wanted my tribute in writing. I refused.
4th       Taken in my a presentation by the Travellers Guild. We got a few deals from them for cheap holidays then they went bust and we lost money. Crooks.
10th      Cyril Overend's funereal. Methodist  chain smoker, Paul Beard officiated and had nothing spiritual to contribute.
21st       Session discussing Paul Levy. Derek Johnson appeared at the kitchen window. I went out to him and refused him entry. No-one else on the session knew who he was - our only excommunicated member.
24th       Golders Green crematorium for the atheist funeral of Jew, Vi Gotlop, first cousin of C S Lewis's wife. Totally secular but beautiful tribute by her husband, artist Tony. He was to marry a Scottish Christian. He died 14 years later.
25th       To Cafe Forever, Cubit Town, Isle of Dogs. Work on BCO with Mark, Bob, Bill, Roy and Henk. Treated to lunch with Jed Lemas of MTW and five PCA men and two wives at the Trafalgar discussing plans for co-operation.
30th      Korean Hong Key in Bucharest is accused by Romanians of autocracy and financial problems.
Feb 1st Seven die when shuttle Challenger lost on re-entry.
6th        Learned WE student Abdul from Somalia saw his mother shot dead on a bus when he was age 2.
8th        £6000 will be paid for a Y reg Yaris from Currie Motors.
9th       Preached on Lords Supper at Iden Green congregational.
11th      Found at session I am not alone in my dislike of DB's worship tends. AR is with me too.
12th      Paul Levy to dinner.
13th      Sad hearing of a split in our Romanian churches. Miriam pregnant.
16th      Preached Luk 14:11 at Liss.. Lunch with Raines. Paul Levy excellent at Ealing in evening.
18th      Blair looks set for was with Iraq.
20th      Grandad's flat on the market for £174,000. Rachel offered job at Ealing hospital.
Mar 1st Representing IPC at EPCEW Cambridge presbytery.
2nd       Preached on Lord's Supper. DB led evening prayer meeting.
3rd        Builders removed chimney breasts downstairs and back bedroom but delayed finding pipes in chimney. Katy coping well with the mess.
4th         Chimneys out. Plastering started. Elders agree to call Paul Levy. I wrote letter to members.
5th         Encouriging housegroup with AH's prayers for PL.
6th         Start of TV documentary on Thatcher. John Tiplady, a customer of mine was on it. He was on the local conservative committee which selected he as candidate for MP in Finchley.
8th         Plumber sorting gas pipes upstairs.
10th       Section 28 of the education act brought in by Thatcher repealed by Blair with Tory support. A victory for the homosexuals.
12th        Katy pitied up Liviu from Timosoara at Heathrow and left him at Beldams.
15th        Took Liviu to Westminster Abbey. The dean, Wesley Carr, welcomed our presbytery to the Jerusalem Chamber. Showed Liviu the abbey, all free for us on the day. So I chaired the first Presbyterian meeting in the room where the Westminster Standards were drawn up.
16th         Pot luck in honour of the Maculays. Ranald preached on judgment.
17th         Robin Cook resigns from cabinet as war with Iraq moves closer.
20th         Attack on Iraq begins.
21st          Coronor's inquest concludes verdict of misadventure on CTO. Heart diseased. Very very happy to hear we have enough ballots in to call PL. Air attack starts on Iraq.
22nd         Spoke for Rodney at Stafford Cruising Club dinner.
23rd          Back home and Elliott evening preacher.
24th          Alan Waldeker and wife and McKees to dinner. He is WHM and plans to church plant in London. Also Longs who have worked in Nairobi.
29th          Vision night at IPC encouraging people to give for the manse.

          Black Hawk Down      Cache   Translate Page      
The film Black Hawk Down is based on the conflict that involved a U.S. led coalition against the Mohamed Farrah Aidid’s Somalian faction.  In 1991, the Somalian president was overthrown by a collection of war clans that pushed the entire

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