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Poslodavac: Falkensteiner Hotelmanagement d.o.o.
Mjesto rada: Beograd, Srbija
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The Geektown Radio podcast returns to a regular show this week, as co-host Gray joins me to chat about Marvel's STATION Experience, all the latest TV News and premiere date info, plus we have an interview with 'The Romanoffs' composing duo, Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli.

'The Romanoffs' comes from 'Mad Men' creator and nine-time Emmy-winner Matthew Weiner, and is available to watch right now on Amazon Prime. the drama featuring eight separate stories about people who believe themselves to be descendants of the Russian royal family. Set in seven countries around the globe, the series was shot on location in three continents collaborating with creative talent from around Europe, the Americas, and the Far East. Each story takes place in a new location with a ridiculous A-List cast including people such as Diane Lane, Christina Hendricks, Aaron Eckhart, Corey Stoll, and Noah Wyle.

Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia - the same city as the royal Romanoff family - Sonya received the prestigious Russian Ministry of Culture Award for her many achievements worldwide as a composer and pianist. Swiss composer Giona Ostinelli has become increasingly recognized as one of the industry’s most prolific composers. Along with 'The Romanoff', the duo’s other credits include scoring Facebook Watch’s first scripted drama series, 'Sacred Lies', Paramount Network’s reimagining of the Stephen King novel, 'The Mist', and the SXSW Grand Jury Award-nominated film, 'M.F.A.', which earned them a coveted spot on Taste of Cinema’s 10 Best Film Scores of 2017.

Also On This Week's Show:

I'm joined by Gray in the co-host seat this week, so we chat about the tv shows and films we've been watching.

We take a look at all the latest tv & film news, including renewals & cancellations.

We give you our recommendations for upcoming TV in the next 7 days.

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… listening to high quality music without the internet in … case of subscription. Yandex. Music’s catalog has especially been … Uzbekistan. “Yandex. Music is a popular music service in Russia. … at Yandex. Music, said. Subscription to Yandex. Music can be obtained …
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Introduction: the Cult of the CEO

Although the US and most developed countries are nominally democratic, many of us seem to be again yearning for a man on a white horse, and in the current era, the horse ridden is corporate.
On Health Care Renewal, we having been talking about this pheonomenon for a long time. We have written about it in terms of the messianic (or visionary, or charistmatic) CEO, CEO disease, and the imperial CEO.

These concerns are diffusing into the broader media.  For example, from the introduction to a revent Vox article entitled "The Problem with CEO Worship"

Society has always had heroes, be those of war or art or politics. But entrepreneurs are particularly suited for our current moment, in which success in business is our primary marker of achievement. Business acumen doesn’t just get you money anymore; it can make you the most powerful man in the world.

The signs of CEO worship are everywhere: unprecedented venture capital funding for founders, media overemphasis on company leaders, and to use the most extreme and obvious example, the election of Donald Trump.

That article noted that CEO worship may overestimate the importance of leaders; create "secular fundamentalists" out of individuals; perpetuate destructive neoliberal ideologies; encourage CEOs to make worse decisions; and be bad for business

Those are not the only consequences.  CEO worship makes it possible for a progressively impaired leader to go unconstrained. Unfortunately, we may be seeing the ultimate example of this in the US.

Incoherent Verbal Utterances

Even before he was elected, we noted that Donald Trump sometimes was completely incoherent when describing his health policy ideas.  In early 2016 we raised questions about Donald Trump's cognition.  At that time, a conservative columnist labelled as "word salad" Trump's attempts to sketch a position on health care, specifically the "mandate" provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  We found other examples of his utterances on health care policy that could be characterized as gibberish.  This one was short, if not sweet

I want to keep pre-existing conditions. I think we need it. I think it’s a modern age. And I think we have to have it.

How could anyone understand this while listening in real time? A close reading suggests that maybe this was meant to suggest that some people ought to have  insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. However, Trump seemed to befuddled by that concept.  Furthermore,  note that pre-existing conditions are not desireable, so that one would not want to "keep" them, nor can one choose not to.  To what the word "it" in the second sentence and again in the fourth refers is unclear.  The third sentence seems to be a complete non sequitur. 

We found additional examples of incoherent verbal responses about health care in 2017, and early 2018.  In the last six months, things have only gotten worse.  Examples of verbal incoherence have multiplied, although most were not related to health care. 

In July, 2018, MediaIte reported Trump's incoherent comments at a political rally,

I have broken more Elton John records, he seems to have a lot of records. And I, by the way, I don’t have a musical instrument. I don’t have a guitar or an organ. No organ. Elton has an organ. And lots of other people helping. No we’ve broken a lot of records. We’ve broken virtually every record. Because you know, look I only need this space. They need much more room. For basketball, for hockey and all of the sports, they need a lot of room. We don’t need it. We have people in that space. So we break all of these records. Really we do it without like, the musical instruments. This is the only musical: the mouth. And hopefully the brain attached to the mouth. Right? The brain, more important than the mouth, is the brain. The brain is much more important.

Perhaps this was meant to suggest that the president drew a larger crowd to an arena than did Elton John.  However, note the non-sequiturs: from "Elton has an organ" to "lots of other people helping" to "we've broken a lot of records," "They need much more room, for basketball, for hockey..." Who are the people helping whom are they helping, and to do what? What records were broken by whom, and how is this relevant to Elton John, etc.  To whom does they refer, and why do they need a lot of room? Etc, Etc.  Again, in real time this would have made no sense at all

In September, 2018, CNBC reported that speaking at a meeting about preparations for Hurricane Florence, Trump said

This is going to be a very large one ... It's tremendously big and tremendously wet. Tremendous amounts of water

Maybe he meant to say this will be a very large hurricane, bringing a tremendous amount of rain.  However, he seemed to be unable to convey the concept of rain.

In September, 2017, the Hill had reported that Trump had defended difficulties in providing relief for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria thus,

This is an island, surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water

Again, to be charitable, he seemed to handle the concept of an island in a vast ocean as would a three-year old.

Media articles also suggested that normal people cannot follow or understand what Trump says in real time.  For example,  on November 8, 2018, a Bloomberg op-ed said this about a recent Trump news conference,

In fact, the president was difficult to follow because he simply doesn’t make any sense half the time.

More specifically,

Trump was asked one specific question about health care, and good luck to anyone who tries to figure out what his answer meant. He pretty clearly has just as little idea what he’s talking about on most major policy issues as he did when he first started running for president. On Jamal Khashoggi, waivers on Iranian sanctions, North Korea and Russia, he either ducked the questions with non sequiturs or just babbled.

On November 11, 2018, an article in Slate noted that Trump confused Baltic states with Balkan states in a way that could have foreign policy repercussions,

When President Donald Trump met with Dalia Grybauskaitė of Lithuania, Kersti Kaljulaid of Estonia and Raimonds Vējonis of Latvia earlier this year, he started with a criticism. At the White House in April, Trump opened by chastising the Baltic leaders for starting the war in the 1990s that ended with the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. The Baltic leaders were apparently very confused and it took them 'a moment' to realize that the commander in chief was confusing Baltic states with the Balkans

this case is particularly notable considering Melania Trump is originally from the Balkans. The first lady was born in Slovenia, which gained independence in 1991 at the start of the Balkan wars. As Le Monde wrote, Trump remained 'apparently uneducated in the matter by his wife, Melania, originally from the former Yugoslavia.'

This suggests at best that at times Trump may be unable to distinguish words that sound vaguely alike but have quite different meanings. 

A November 28, 2018, Vox summary article about Trump's recent interview with the Washington Post provided this quote from Trump about economics,

And I’m not blaming anybody, but I’m just telling you I think that the Fed is way off-base with what they’re doing, number one. Number two, a positive note, we’re doing very well on trade, we’re doing very well — our companies are very strong. Don’t forget we’re still up from when I came in 38 percent or something. You know, it’s a tremendous — it’s not like we’re up — and we’re much stronger. And we’re much more liquid. And the banks are now much more liquid during my tenure. And I’m not doing – I’m not playing by the same rules as Obama. Obama had zero interest to worry about; we’re paying interest, a lot of interest. He wasn’t paying down — we’re talking about $50 billion lots of different times, paying down and knocking out liquidity. Well, Obama didn’t do that. And just so you understand, I’m playing a normalization economy whereas he’s playing a free economy. It’s easy to make money when you’re paying no interest. It’s easy to make money when you’re not doing any pay-downs, so you can’t — and despite that, the numbers we have are phenomenal numbers.

The author of the article stated,

I have basically no idea what Trump is talking about here, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t either.

On repeated close reading, I still do not have any idea what Trump meant.  I would add the following questions:  38 percent of what? Who is much more liquid, and how is liquid defined?  Who is paying a lot of interest? What does "paying down and knocking out liquidity" mean? What is a "normalization economy?"  Note that this was coming from someone who claims to be a brilliant business manager.

Furthermore, consider what Trumps aid about the climate,

And when you’re talking about an atmosphere, oceans are very small. And it blows over and it sails over. I mean, we take thousands of tons of garbage off our beaches all the time that comes over from Asia. It just flows right down the Pacific, it flows, and we say where does this come from. And it takes many people to start off with.

Oceans are "small?" What "blows over and sails over?" Over what? What "flows?" What "takes many people?"

In 2017, StatNews published an article describing how 

STAT reviewed decades of Trump’s on-air interviews and compared them to Q&A sessions since his inauguration. 

To summarize the conclusions.

The differences are striking and unmistakable.

Research has shown that changes in speaking style can result from cognitive decline. STAT therefore asked experts in neurolinguistics and cognitive assessment, as well as psychologists and psychiatrists, to compare Trump’s speech from decades ago to that in 2017; they all agreed there had been a deterioration, and some said it could reflect changes in the health of Trump’s brain.

In 2018, Trump's verbal communications at times are even more garbled.  Parts of the passages above suggest the word salad produced by somebody with fluent aphasia versus the nonsensical responses produced by patients suffering from acute delusional states. That Trump is capable of producing this sort of word salad at times, without realizing he is making no sense, suggests the intermittent symptoms seen early in progressive dementia.  

Lack of Insight About Cognition

Furthermore, Trump appears to lack insight about his difficulties commicating.  

In July, 2018, after the NATO conference,  Politico reported, that Trump seemed to have no insight about why much of what he says appears unbelievable to others.  The article noted
leaders who spent the first 18 months of Trump’s presidency thinking there might be a method to his chaos creation — and struggling to discern what it might be — now seem to have concluded that it’s just chaos, and that Trump himself may not understand what he’s doing.

More specifically, European officials commented on what Trump was saying:

A senior NATO official said leaders had concluded that they simply could not rely on anything Trump said.

'You know the way he speaks, you cannot take him literally,' the official said.

Another EU official echoed the point. 'He speaks a language that doesn’t match with diplomacy,' the second official said. 'We were used to the Brits, who speak a more frank diplomatic language, but this is another thing.'

These officials again seemed to be stating that Trump's verbiage can be completely incoherent, albeit they were doing so diplomatically.  After the conference, however, when confronted with a question about the inconsistency of his remarks,

When a Croatian journalist confronted Trump about his inconsistencies, the president flatly denied there were any, and he repeated a defense of his own sanity that he had made when previously questioned about his fitness for the presidency.

'We understand your message, but some people ask themselves, will you be tweeting differently once you board the Air Force One?' the reporter said.

Trump, speaking at his news conference before leaving the summit, replied: 'No, that's other people that do that. I don’t. I’m very consistent. I’m a very stable genius.'

Not to belabor the point, but the examples noted above suggest neither consistency nor stability.  And true geniuses almost never boast about their intellect.

In September, 2018, The Hill reported an interview with Trump in which he said his personal health and management style were reasons that Republicans might do better than expected in the 2018 elections,

'You know, I took that test when I got my last physical, and the doctor said that’s one of the highest scores we’ve ever seen,' Trump said. 'I did that not because I wanted but I did it, I was always good at testing.'

He continued: 'But if there’s anything great about me it’s stability, and I’m a good manager. Always been a good manager, but you know, I have a vision,'

Note that above Trump was presumably referring to the screening test for dementia he took during his official physical examination.  High scores on the test are common, and do not signify great intelligence, just the probable absence of dementia.

In addition, this interpretation assumes that the test was administered in an unbiased way.  However,  there are reasons to question whether Trump's physical was unbiased.  In retrospect, we now know that soon after taking the test, Trump nominated the physician who administered it to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  Later the physician withdrew his name after allegations of his questionable personal behavior appeared (look here).  

At least Trump's boast about having "a vision" does correspond to the language often used by public relations spokespeople to justify their CEOs' lack of accountability and high compensation (look here)

Similarly, in the Vox summary of the November, 2018, Washington Post interview (see above for link), Trump stated
a lot of people like myself - we have very high levels of intelligence

Finally, a November 18, 2018 article in MediaIte described this interchange between Trump and interviewer Chris Wallace on Fox News, starting with his response to a question about how he makes decisions

'I don’t think about them,' Trump replied. 'I don’t think about, you know, how I make them....'

However, he responded to a question about Federal Reserve policy

They're making a mistake because I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else's brain can ever tell me

This suggests that Trump has lost insight into his own thinking. 

External Observers Suggested Trump Is Cogitively Impaired

In August, Vanity Fair reported:

More than ever, Trump is acting by feeling and instinct.  'Trump is nuts,' said one former West Wing official. 'This time really feels different.' Deputy Chief of Staff Bill Shine has privately expressed concern, a source said, telling a friend that Trump’s emotional state is 'very tender.' Even Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are unsettled that Trump is so gleefully acting on his most self-destructive impulses as his legal peril grows.

In September, 2018, Newsweek reported two instances in which apparent Trump insiders sought psychiatric or medical help for Trump's perceived cognitive problems

[Dr] Lee told Salon that two Trump administration officials approached her after the book was published to express their concern about the president’s mental health, saying he was 'scaring' them because he was 'unraveling.'

In comments to Newsweek over email, Lee said 'it appeared that the officials (if they were officials at all) were at least frequently in [Trump’s] presence.

She continued, 'They were definitely calling from within the White House, which I confirmed by calling back their number. However, I did not ask about their rank. There was no reason for me to doubt they were high-ranking enough to have regular access to the president.'

Lee also said that a 'person [who] was a friend of his entire family, since his childhood” had also been in touch with her at the same time in October 2017, as people in the White House were “stating concern about the president (this was an observation from afar).'

Also in September, 2018, a Politico review of the new book by Robert Woodward based on numerous White House interviews suggested that Trump's inner circle called him a "dope," "idiot," or "moron."


Donald Trump is the chief executive officer of arguably the most powerful country in the world.  Starting during his campaign for the US presidency, we noted that his utterances about health care were at times so incoherent as to suggest cognitive dysfunction.  In the two years since then, especially in the last six months, he has increasingly been noted to be verbally incoherent or confused, has seemed to lack insight about these episodes, and has been observed by close allies and associates to be cognitively impaired.

However, there have ben few, at best, public attempts to link these suggestions of cognitive impairment together, nor to discuss their implications.  The most recent of those that I have found was in January, 2018 (look here and here).  Yet the problems appear to have been getting worse since then.  

While patients with worsening cognitve impairment deserve accurate diagnosis, compassionate care, and access to what few effective, safe treatments may be available for their condition, they obviously should not be in a position to make consequential decisions.  They certainly should not be in charge of large organizations, particularly powerful countries with nuclear weapons.

Yet President Trump's apparent cognitive decline remains anechoic.

For this we may blame CEO worship, which we have too often seen in health care. We have seen many health care leaders praised for their brilliance and paid royally despite leadership resulting in financial distress, threats to the organizations' health care missions, poor patient care, unethical behavior, or even crime. Yet health care CEOs, like other corporate CEOs, and like politicians are just people, sometimes smart, but almost never brilliant.  Promoting them as messianic to bewitch key constituencies, justify the remuneration of other top managers, and the hiring of more public relations flacks is likely to lead to the sort of organizational disasters and system-wide dysfunction we discuss on Health Care Renewal.  The rise of the falsely messianic leader may allow the entry of the most dangerous false messiahs, the psychopathic ones.  (We discussed the likelihood that some health care leaders are actually psychopaths here.)

We must get quickly past our worship of CEOs.  We may not long survive in a world where leaders of nuclear armed nations have no cognitive clothes.

          Robert Mueller to file sentencing memo on Trump ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn - CBS News      Cache   Translate Page      
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          Mueller may be poised to lift the lid of his investigation      Cache   Translate Page      

America may get its most intimate look yet inside Robert Mueller’s secretive Russia investigation in the next four days, with a series of disclosures that have the potential to be greatly damaging for President Donald Trump.

The post Mueller may be poised to lift the lid of his investigation appeared first on News.

          Trump building new 'liberal' order to block Russia, China: Pompeo      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump's top diplomat promised a new democratic world order in which Washington will strengthen or jettison international agreements as it sees fit.
          US gives Russia 60 days to comply with nuclear treaty - Al Jazeera English      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. US gives Russia 60 days to comply with nuclear treaty  Al Jazeera English
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          New King Nikita Scherbak is 'enjoying every second' of being in L.A.      Cache   Translate Page      

Nikita Scherbak was starry-eyed on several levels when he arrived in Los Angeles to join the Kings.

Scherbak, from Russia, remembers being awestruck visiting the area as a 10-year-old with his youth hockey team.

“For me, back then, going to Disneyland, I was like, ‘Oh, my God. This is a dream....

          Ukraine: Shipping traffic resumes following Russia standoff      Cache   Translate Page      

Ukraine: Shipping traffic resumes following Russia standoffKIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Shipping traffic has resumed to and from Ukraine's ports on the Sea of Azov following a standoff with Russia, a Ukrainian minister said Tuesday.

          Russia continues aggression against Ukraine, now in Kerch Strait and Sea of Azov      Cache   Translate Page      

In February, 2014, Russia invaded the Ukrainian peninsula of the Crimea, seized it by force, and in March purported to “annex” the Crimea to the...

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          US will leave missile treaty with Russia in 60 days, Pompeo says      Cache   Translate Page      
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Tuesday that the US will stop adhering to a decades-old nuclear treaty.
          Trump is shaping new 'liberal' order to block Russia, China, Iran, says Pompeo      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump's top diplomat promised on Tuesday a new democratic world order in which Washington will strengthen or jettison international agreements as it sees fit to stop "bad actors" such as Russia, China and Iran from gaining.

          Mueller's office to recommend sentencing for ex-Trump aide Flynn      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office will make a sentencing recommendation for former national security adviser Michael Flynn on Tuesday, in a court filing that is expected to shed light on the extent of Flynn's cooperation in the Russia probe.

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Russian wedding photographer and Canon Ambassador Katya Mukhina has shot in over 35 countries on five continents, from the lush landscapes of Tuscany and Tahiti to the wide-open spaces of Bolivian salt flats and Brazilian sand dunes. “I love to … Continue reading
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Growing demand for energy and accelerating climate change pose immense challenges for the energy sector. The key lies in finding the balance between climate protection efforts, affordable energy, and reliable supply. Alternative energy systems as well as economically viable and scalable technologies for industry and the private sector must be developed. Here, OMV will make a significant contribution to the sustainable energy supply of future generations.

OMV, the integrated, international oil and gas company based in Vienna, presents its OMV Sustainability Strategy 2025 today. The strategy is part of OMV’s Corporate Strategy 2025. Fifteen measurable targets have been set in the five focus areas: “Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)”, “Carbon Efficiency”, “Innovation”, “Employees”, as well as “Business Principles and Social Responsibility”.

Rainer Seele, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of OMV: “Our goal is to provide ‘oil and gas at its best’. We are convinced that a responsible approach to oil and the increased use of gas will support the energy transition. Together with other energies, oil and gas will secure the energy needs of the future.”

Health, safety, security and environment
Health, safety, security and the environment are the top priority for OMV.

In order to make its vision “Zero harm – No losses” a reality, OMV is committed to proactive risk management. Thanks to this, OMV occupies a leading position among its peers in the industry.

Building on this success, OMV has set the goal of stabilizing the lost-time injury frequency rate (= number of lost-workday injuries per million hours worked) at under 0.3 and maintaining its leading position in process safety in order to protect people and the environment.

Carbon efficiency
OMV is committed to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, the EU climate targets for 2030, and the climate and energy strategy of the Austrian Federal Government derived from these. The area of carbon efficiency defines OMV’s contribution to the creation of a lower-carbon energy system. Taking the figures from the baseline year 2010, by 2025 OMV aims to reduce the carbon intensity of its business activities by 19% by implementing the World Bank’s “Zero Routine Flaring by 2030” initiative, amongst other measures. The carbon intensity of the product portfolio should be reduced by 4%.

As predicted by the International Energy Agency, oil and gas will continue to play a crucial role in the global transformation of the energy mix in the coming decades. Oil remains a valuable and important raw material which, however, will be refined in petrochemical processes rather than burned. OMV focuses on high-quality refinery products such as low-emission premium fuels, and feedstocks for the chemical industry. Gas will play a decisive role in the energy transition. It can be used in almost all areas and also enables a rapid coal phase-out. In electricity production, gas emits 50% less carbon than coal. OMV will increase the share of gas in its portfolio to over 50% and also aims to double gas sales in Europe.

In total, OMV will invest up to EUR 500 mn by 2025 in innovative energy solutions such as ReOil and Co-Processing, for a lower-carbon future. Establishing gas as an energy source of the future requires seeking out and analyzing technologies for the cost-effective use of climate-neutral gas. Innovative enhanced oil recovery projects strive to make oil production more environmentally efficient.

In the ReOil research and development project, waste plastics are converted back into high-quality crude, which can then be further processed into fuels or high-quality plastics. The pilot plant at Schwechat Refinery processes 100 kg of waste plastics per hour to produce 100 l of synthetic crude. OMV aims to develop ReOil into a profitable, industrial-scale process with a capacity of around 200,000 tonnes per year.

Co-Processing is an innovative method in which biogenic substances such as rapeseed oil and used food-grade oils are refined together with crude oil to produce diesel with a higher bio content. In contrast to conventional biofuel mixtures, Co-Processing improves fuel quality, in particular in regards to the energy content. OMV aims at raising the part of sustainable feedstock co-processed in the refineries to around 200,000 t per year by 2025.

OMV sees its employees as the key to its success. Diversity is a high priority, which is why targeted measures are also planned in this area. In particular, OMV is striving to increase the proportion of women at management level to at least 25% from the current level of 18%. Measures to this end include leadership and mentoring programs. Another goal is to keep the proportion of executives with international experience at 75%.

Business principles and social responsibility
OMV can look back on a long history of doing business in a socially responsible way and creating added value for society. The guidelines for these activities are the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By 2025, OMV will review its stakeholder dialog at all sites according to the UN’s effectiveness criteria and train employees in human rights and business ethics issues. Compliance with business principles also needs to be ensured at suppliers, which is why sustainability audits are increasingly being carried out.

More information on the OMV Sustainability Strategy 2025 is available at:

Background information: 

OMV Aktiengesellschaft
OMV produces and markets oil and gas, innovative energy and high-end petrochemical solutions – in a responsible way. With Group sales of EUR 20 bn and a workforce of around 20,700 employees in 2017, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies. In Upstream, OMV has a strong base in Romania and Austria and a balanced international portfolio, with the North Sea, the Middle East & Africa and Russia as further core regions. 2017 daily production stood at approximately 348,000 boe/d. In Downstream, OMV operates three refineries with a total annual processing capacity of 17.8 mn tons and more than 2,000 filling stations in ten countries. OMV runs gas storage facilities in Austria and Germany; its subsidiary Gas Connect Austria GmbH operates a gas pipeline network in Austria. In 2017, gas sales volumes amounted to around 113 TWh. OMV holds a Prime Rating from the sustainability rating agency ISS-oekom and is listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

 For questions please contact

OMV Public Relations:
Andreas Rinofner, tel.: +43 1 40440 21357, e-mail:

OMV Investor Relations: 
Florian Greger, tel.: +43 1 40440 21600, e-mail:



OMV Sustainability Strategy 2025

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Miss Universe

Photo: Zahra Khanum, Miss Universe Singapore 2018; Francesca Mifsud, Miss Universe Malta 2018; Tamaryn Green, Miss Universe South Africa 2018; and H’Hen Nie, Miss Universe Vietnam 2018; during a visit to Chinatown in Bangkok on December 3. Photographer: Benjamin Askinas. Image provided by & Copyright © The Miss Universe Organization.

Miss Universe

Photo: Yulia Polyachikhina, Miss Universe Russia 2018, gets hair done by a stylist from Farouk Systems, the Makers of CHI & Biosilk upon arriving at the Dusit Thani Bangkok on November 30. Photographer: Benjamin Askinas. Image provided by & Copyright © The Miss Universe Organization.

Miss Universe

Photo: Andrea Toscano, Miss Universe Mexico 2018, gets makeup done upon arriving at the Dusit Thani Bangkok on November 30. Photographer: Benjamin Askinas. Image provided by & Copyright © The Miss Universe Organization.

Miss Universe

Photo: Nehal Chudasama, Miss Universe India 2018, gets hair done by a stylist from Farouk Systems, the Makers of CHI & Biosilk upon arriving at the Dusit Thani Bangkok on November 30. Photographer: Benjamin Askinas. Image provided by & Copyright © The Miss Universe Organization.

The Miss Universe contestants are touring, filming, rehearsing and preparing to compete for the Miss Universe crown in Bangkok, Thailand. Tune in to the FOX telecast at 7:00 PM ET live on Sunday, December 16, 2018, from the IMPACT Arena in Bangkok, Thailand to see who will become the next Miss Universe.

Source: The Miss Universe Organization


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C’è chi martella chi se lo merita

Francia, specchio dei tempi e dello scontro di classe le cui nuove forme le cosiddette sinistre radicali non vogliono capire: quelle della guerra sociale, culturale e geopolitica dei popoli, pressochè tutti proletarizzati dal globalismo neoliberista, contro le élites. Lotta insurrezionale che presenta affinità stretta con quella del 1789, per la sovranità del popolo (lavoratore, operaio, contadino, intellettuale) contro la sovranità del sovrano e dei ceti alle sue fortune legati e dai suoi poteri beneficiati e che, ammaestrata dalla rivolte soprattutto contadine e dalle insubordinazioni dei barbari nel fine-impero, si accoppia al monopolio della forza. Sovranità e monopolio di cui i gruppi dell’accumulazione e della predazione, della menzogna e della cospirazione, sono tornati padroni, dopo che rivoluzioni e rafforzamento in varie forme della volontà, coscienza, conoscenza, forza, dei dominati se l’erano conquistata, o, quanto meno, l’avevano condivisa. Vedi, da noi, le costituzioni, dallo Statuto Albertino a quella antifascista del 1948. Vedi la cubana, quella di Thomas Sankara nel Burkina Faso e la venezuelana, la migliore in assoluto.

Lo strumento di corruzione psicologica impiegato dai gruppi di potere, oggi contestati in varie forme, è la criminalizzazione del termine sovranità, spesso deformato e, nelle intenzioni, vilipeso, in “sovranismo”. Poi si arriva alla separazione tra manifestanti buoni e cattivi, a volte sfruttando l’inserimento di provocatori di regime. Nel caso francese, tra i fermati non si sono trovati i famigerati Black Block, ma solo infermiere, camionisti, contadini e altra gente ridotta allo stremo dagli assiomi della globalizzazione. Di fronte hanno l’uomo di Goldman Sachs, cioè della cima della Piramide. Quello che avevamo noi, in sinergia con le mafie, con tutti i governi degli ultimi trent’anni, prima dell’attuale, non il migliore sognato, ma il meno peggio di tutti (almeno per la parte 5 Stelle). Come dice il collega Marco Cedolin, in Francia abbiamo un popolo di populisti antimondialisti contro il regime neoliberista; da noi siamo un passo avanti: abbiamo una canea euro-mediatica contro un governo populista. Ci siamo portati avanti col lavoro con il voto, anziché con la sollevazione di popolo. Quella era venuta prima, anche se più soft di quella dei fratelli francesi.

Souvranité, parolaccia o salvezza?
Il tema che affronto in questo articolo sta al cuore della questione. Per cui, senza se e senza ma, lunga vita ai Gilè Gialli e alla loro parola d’ordine: “Libertè, egalitè e souvranitè”.

Conoscendo qualche lingua, molti paesi europei, avendo vissuto in alcuni (Germania, Olanda, Regno Unito, Irlanda) credo di permettermi di valutare il sistema mediatico italiano il più sgarruppato dal punto di vista sociale, il più corrotto da conflitti d’interesse, e quello più degradato da coloro che ne condizionano la narrazione. Se ne ha dimostrazione quotidiana. Come vi spiegate che la quasi totalità della stampa-radio-televisione sosteneva con passione più o meno fervida i precedenti governi, quelli della tratta degli schiavi, dell’austerità, dei trattati capestro EU, della devastazione ambientale, del precariato, e oggi si abbatte con furia degna di miglior causa sull’attuale, che qualche latrato, o guaito, contro quei delitti lo emette? Come vi spiegate gli spazi chilometrici dati ai gabbiotti di lamiera, ai quattro mattoni in nero e alla piscina gonfiabile di papà Di Maio, non inquisito, e gli spazi ristretti come un golfino di pessima lana regalati a papà Renzi plurinquisito?

Come vi spiegate che su alcuni accadimenti, per loro natura meritevoli di dibattito e pluralismo di analisi, tipo il caso Giulio Regeni, la stessa, neanche più quasi, totalità esprima un giudizio uniforme e del tutto apodittico? Non è sintomatico che coloro che contro i pentastellati (e il finto nemico Salvini) mettono in campo pressioni, gazzettieri, minacce di obliterazione del paese, siano gli stessi che in questi termini affrontano ogni opposizione all’eurogangsterismo, compresa la rivolta dei Gilet Gialli il cui urlo è souvranité? Non vi dice nulla, a vantaggio e onore dei gialli nel Gialloverde, che l’apparato padronale italiano abbia fatto ricorso ad un’adunata, mai vista prima, di tutti i vertici a Torino, per attivare catapulte di ferro e fuoco sui 5Stelle e non solo per il Tav? E nella scia di questo gesto volutamente drammatico, l’ancor più drammatico grido di dolore dei più grossi cementific tori italiani, Condotte, CMC, Tecnis, Astaldi, Grandi Lavori e altri, che proprio nel momento della messa in discussione di appena una grande opera o due lamentano di trovarsi all’orlo del default e del rischio di decine di migliaia di licenziamenti. Puzza di ricatto, o no?

Treni e catorci di riserva

A fianco di questa locomotiva globale, che ha invertito la marcia di Guccini e si sta lanciando contro chiunque non le fornisca carbone, corre (si fa per dire) in analoga direzione un nostro trabiccolo locale. Succede che, con l’atomino dell’estrema “sinistra radicale” in costante bilico tra scissione dello stesso, ricomposizione, o epifania di una nuova, inedita, micro-unità da un lato e, dall’altro, una destra confindustriale, sedicente centrosinistra, da questo pulviscolo sorga il taumaturgo, il messia rosso da lunga pezza atteso.

Potrebbe chiamarsi Giggino o’ sindaco, oppure Robertino o’ presidente. Il primo amoreggiava con i 5 Stelle, ma s’è ricreduto. Il secondo è la mina vagante dentro i 5 Stelle, fa il presidente della Camera, ma anche il ministro degli Esteri quando rompe con l’Egitto, ma anche il catalizzatore di nano particelle. Un po’ Pizzarotti, un po’ forse Scilipoti. Ha ottenuto il master dalla cattedra “Come ti sposto i popoli” dei luminari Boldrini e Bonino. Si è laureato a pieni voti e lode con una tesi “Per un globalismo dalla faccia umana, fondato sul lancio del cuore verso il Global Compact Migrazioni e il guanto di sfida in faccia al presidente egiziano Al Sisi”.

Grida e sussurri

C’è stato in questi giorni un susseguirsi e un sovrapporsi frenetico di avvenimenti di grande portata per tutti, ma parzialmente oscurati da episodi come il totalmente inconsistente festino G20 a Buenos Aires, riuscito a rilegittimare uno psicopatico assassino seriale in dishdash con tanti pozzi di petrolio, o la captatio benevolentiae dei suoi militi nazisti e degli armaioli Usa che Poroshenko ha messo in atto nello stretto di Kerch. La Merkel, con il gasdotto North Stream, che sta per unire Russia e Germania attraverso il Baltico, è stata messa per l’ennesima volta sul banco degli imputati di filo-russismo. Per quanto la poveretta abbia sostenuto l’aggressività Usa e Nato mettendole a disposizione tutto il suo paese, ella cerca almeno di parare qualche ulteriore abbandono di elettori grazie a un’energia a basso costo. Che è quella del gas russo e non di quello liquefatto e da scisti statunitense che le imporrebbe altro che gli aumenti di Macron.

Poi, quatta quatta, come una talpa che fa capolino dalla tana, è sbucata la notizia dell’EastMed Pipeline, il gasdotto che dovrebbe collegare i giacimenti del Mediterraneo Orientale alla solita bistrattata Puglia, passando per Cipro e Grecia. Si affiancherebbe al TAP, quello dall’Azerbaijan amerikano al Salento, che già aveva compensato il blocco del South Stream, dalla Russia all’Italia e all’Europa centrale, blocco ordinato al cliente bulgaro. I quattro paesi coinvolti lo stavano negoziando in gran segreto da un paio d’anni, ma Israele, giorni fa, ha infranto il pissi pissi bau bau, annunciandolo all’universo mondo. Per Italia, Grecia e Cipro, l’EastMed, come già il TAP, è la classica mazzata di Taffazzi sulle parti molli, da non più indurirsi. 

Fornendo, secondo il costruttore IGI Poseidon, appena 10 miliardi di metricubi di gas, molto meno del meno costoso gas russo in arrivo da più vicino, il TAP è già una formidabile fregatura. Figuriamoci l’EastMed, che sarebbe il più lungo e profondo del mondo e, date queste caratteristiche, più il rischioso passaggio sui fondomare vulcanici tra Cipro e Grecia, sarebbe anche di gran lunga il più costoso, pur fornendo la stessa modesta quantità del TAP o STC. Ma, ovviamente, non sono i costi il problema. La questione è al cento per cento politica e, lì, dollari o euro non contano, anche perché escano dalle tasche dei Gilet Gialli e di tutti noi.

EastMed, i suoi padrini, le sue vittime

Da chi partono da questi meravigliosi progetti che promettono di fare dell’Italia, sismica soprattutto là dove passa la rete di tutti questi gasdotti, impianti di depressurazione, liquefazione, stoccaggi, per un gas che non ci serve ma che viene venduto all’estero dalle compagnie? Domanda oziosa: l’input è ovviamente degli Usa, il progetto è dell’UE e del suo “Connecting Europe Facility Program”. Ed è l’UE che ci mette gran parte dei soldi, nostri. Vuoi che non ci dia addosso sui deficit da impiegare per la pappa dei bambini di 5 milioni di poveri assoluti, anziché far fare soldi a Snam e Shell con la vendita del gas a Vienna e Amsterdam?

Si ciancia di monopolio russo del gas europeo, una specie di garrota sul cranio del continente. Non è vero. La Russia fornisce all’Europa tra il 30 e il 40% del suo fabbisogno. E lo fornisce ai prezzi più bassi di tutti gli altri fornitori. Ma i gas di Tap e EastMed daranno utili solo una volta che quello russo, e magari quello arabo, saranno ridotti ai minimi termini e le nostre tasse ai massimi. A proposito di solidarietà europea, della quale abbiamo già conosciuto i benefici nella distribuzione delle vittime della tratta, edificante il confronto tra la Germania che avrà il ricco gas a basso prezzo del North Stream, checché gli Usa si agitino, l’Italia quello costoso da lontano per il quale fungerà da inquinatissimo hub per i potenti del Nord. La Merkel ne gode quanto della cancellazione della Grecia dai registri d’Europa. Controllare l’energia, per parafrasare Kissinger che, umanamente, parlava di cibo, significa controllare gli altri. In ispecie, il Sud Europa. Merkel e Macron, cioè per l’UE “Italia delenda est”, finchè ci sono questi “cialtroni” a governarla.

Pensate che la vicenda EastMed finisca qui? Gli israeliani pescano da un gigantesco giacimento che si estende dalle coste libiche fino alla Turchia. Qualcosa pertiene alla Turchia, grazie alla sua occupazione di Cipro Nord (ricordate la nave ENI presa a schiaffi dai turchi?), qualcosa a Cipro, parecchia alla Palestina davanti a Gaza e la massima parte all’Egitto dove opera l’ENI. Ed ecco che vi si accende una lampadina quando tutte queste cose le mettete accanto al furibondo rilancio della campagna Regeni contro l’Egitto. E un assordante sbattere di sciabole alle porte della Russia. Un Egitto potenzialmente massimo concorrente di Israele e una Russia troppo pacifica, ma resistente, con troppo buon gas a buon prezzo, ecco le pompe di carburante da abbattere.

Perché Giulio Regeni?

Riassumiamo. Giulio Regeni, dopo aver frequentato studi di intelligence negli Usa, si arruola alla Cambridge University e, intanto lavora per due anni per Oxford Analytica, multinazionale potentissima, 4000 dipendenti in tutto il mondo, specializzata in spionaggio, specie industriale, diretta da personaggi con tratti gangsteristici come John Negroponte, inventore degli Squadroni della Morte in Nicaragua e Iraq e altri grandi bonzi dello spionaggio. Arriva in Egitto con visto turistico per sviare dal suo ruolo di ricercatore in rapporto con l’Università Americana e alla ricerca di contatti con oppositori. Trova un sindacalista che ritiene di opposizione. Ma Mohamed Abdallah è un agente dei servizi e registra una conversazione del tutto compromettente. Abdallah gli chiede soldi per la moglie ammalata di cancro, per sondarne la solidarietà umana. Regeni rifiuta e gli promette invece 10mila dollari (da quale fonte?) in cambio di un non meglio precisato “progetto”. Subito dopo, il 25 gennaio 2016, il giovane ricercatore sparisce. Ne vien ritrovato la salma, con i segni della tortura lungo uno stradone, il 3 febbraio, lo stesso giorno in cui la ministra Guidi e una serie di industriali italiani si incontrano con il presidente Al Sisi per chiuder contratti miliardari, anche relativi ai giacimenti di idrocarburi. L’università di Cambridge si avvolge nella sua tunica e tace.

A chi è convenuta questa zeppa tra i piedi dell’Egitto, risollevatosi a furor di popolo dalla tirannia integralista dei terroristi Fratelli musulmani, e del suo partner privilegiato Italia? Uno Stato dai servizi segreti più temuti della regione araba si fa scoprire con le mani nel sacco non avendo saputo disfarsi di un ingombrante cadavere? O piuttosto dei mandanti, visto che il loro delegato è stato bruciato dal controspionaggio nemico, hanno rimediato il risultato della missione – demolire il nemico dei loro amici Fratelli Musulmani - gettandolo tra i piedi di Al Sisi, concorrente importuno sia per la Libia, con Haftar, amico dei russi, sia per il gas, con Israele. Via libera a EastMed, per la soddisfazione del taffazzismo italiota e delle quinte colonne tipo "manifesto".

Fico, fatti una domanda e datti una risposta

Roberto Fico, che hai deciso per lo Stato italiano di rompere i rapporti tra la Camera dei Deputati italiana e quella egiziana, costringendo a rincorrerti il vero ministro degli Esteri, Moavero Milanesi, non vuoi farti una domanda e darti una risposta? Ci sono sul tavolo almeno due ipotesi, una però più fondata dell’altra. Allora, un minimo di cautela, prima di tagliare ad Al Sisi il filo delle Moire no? La tratta dei migranti che si va ad organizzare globalmente a Marrakesh con il Global Compact e la menomazione dei diritti e interessi italiani con il gioco del gas, imposto dai vampiri, tra chi è vicino e ci costa poco e chi è lontano e ci costa un botto, sono un giusto prezzo per remare contro un movimento che difende la nostra sovranità?

Quanto alla decisione della Procura di Roma di inquisire funzionari dello Stato egiziano e di pretendere un processo “entro sei mesi”, sulla base esclusivamente di illazioni scaturite da una campagna di stampa forsennata, con in testa “il manifesto”, beh, si chiama colonialismo. E quando si tratta di quella Procura, il pensiero corre a Virginia Raggi. E alla sentenza che “Mafiacapitale” non è mafia.

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СКАЧАТЬ TORRENT ФАЙЛ Название: Big Mix 8 Исполнитель: VA Год: 2018 Жанр: Eurodance, Euro-House, Italodance, Happy Hardcore, 90s, Megamix Страна: Russia Издатель (лейбл): V2M Номер по каталогу: V2M TW-CD-23 Продолжительность: 2 ~ 02:28:19 Формат/Кодек: MP3 Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps Источник (релизер): Собственный рип Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да Официальный сайт Disc 1 (01:15:45) Треклист […]
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СКАЧАТЬ TORRENT ФАЙЛ Название: Big Mix 8 Исполнитель: VA Год: 2018 Жанр: Eurodance, Euro-House, Italodance, Happy Hardcore, 90s, Megamix Страна: Russia Издатель (лейбл): V2M Номер по каталогу: V2M TW-CD-23 Продолжительность: 2 ~ 02:28:19 Формат/Кодек: FLAC Тип рипа: tracks+.cue Битрейт аудио: lossless Источник (релизер): Собственный рип Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да Официальный сайт Disc 1 […]
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Hungary is back in the news, and the news isn’t good.

The Hungary-based, U.S.-accredited, thoroughly cosmopolitan Central European University announced it is closing up shop and moving its campus to Vienna. This may not attract broad attention, but I heard the news with a pang of frustration.

Things were supposed to be different.

It was in the fall of 2014 that democratically elected Hungarian strongman Viktor Orban announced a law that would tax the internet. This infuriated everyone—liberal and conservative, old and young, rich and poor—and everyone turned out onto the street. I was there, too—both as a social movement scholar and as a resident of a country that seemed to have come suddenly alive.

I was a professor at CEU, thrilled to work for a university whose mandate was building knowledge and experience that promoted free and open societies. My students came from all over the world, studied with leading scholars, and proceeded to go back out and work for the greater good.

So when the protests broke, I hit the street together with my graduate students and citizen journalists. We used a newly acquired drone to film the protests—effectively democratizing surveillance. In the prior year, I had participated in poorly attended protests alongside handfuls of people, but this was different. From the surging crowd, you could feel the enthusiasm, solidarity, and hope for a better future. From the air, we could see that the crowds were huge, stretching as far as the eye could see.

We later estimated tens of thousands of people turned out. The government said the numbers were lower, but our drone footage suggested otherwise and quickly went viral.

The government eventually dropped the internet tax law. The people celebrated. I wrote about the experience for Slate, gave talks about our experience, and decided to write a book about how drones democratize surveillance.

Fast-forward to yesterday: Perhaps that should be Hungary’s motto, as the country has passed more and more policies against the freedoms we all celebrated after the end of the Cold War. The freedom of assembly with like-minded citizens to advocate change is a hallmark of democracy, and exactly the kind of thing targeted by the likes of Trump, Putin, and Orban.

Central European University includes academics who are critical of the Orban regime, and the university’s primary sponsor is the philanthropist George Soros, a frequent target of Orban’s wrath and right-wing consternation. After years of bullying and haranguing by a presidential administration intent on passing new laws that violate international law and push the University into noncompliance, Central European University has announced it is leaving Budapest. The challenge to the internet in 2014, the harassment of civil society groups (including Soros’ Open Society Foundation’s operations in Budapest, which recently decamped to Berlin) since 2014, and the eviction of CEU this week are all in keeping with the oligarchic playbook that lately seems to be passed freely between Russia, the United States, and the Philippines.

The public’s defeat of the internet tax was tactical, but the government’s authoritarian trajectory was strategic. In 2016 the European Court of Human Rights determined that the country’s digital surveillance practices violate European Human Rights rules. But the forces that ultimately drove CEU from Hungary have more to do with the deliberate erosion of trust in civil society groups and outsiders, whether they are undocumented migrants or world-class scholars.

When in 2015 the government invited my collaborators and me to a conference in order to announce new legislation that would prohibit gathering the kind of drone footage that helped fuel the movement, we should have seen the writing on the wall. When efforts to democratize surveillance are curbed by a powerful government, you can bet it won’t stop there.

Many are calling for a sustained show of support for both CEU as it decamps for Vienna. They are right. But we should also mobilize a show of solidarity with the amazing civil society groups that remain in Budapest, taking a stand against the oligarchy.

The watchdog group Átlátszó (a word that means transparent in English), for example, partnered with my team to make those videos of the protest I mentioned earlier. They were viewed tens of thousands of times and the internet tax was dropped. Sustained support for groups like Átlátszó will hold the Orban administration to account despite the gap left by outbound CEU and the the audible silence from the White House.

Now, Orban will find a new somebody to scapegoat. He knows he won’t be punished for it: Foreign investment has only increased since those protests of 2014. Illiberal democracy and global capital make efficient bedfellows. The question is how long either can survive without open and vibrant civil societies.

Hungary knows that answer, after all it endured Russia’s Cold War vigil against free speech, free association, and free thought. It’s a shame it has chosen to repeat history.

          Hackers Accessed Thousands of Emails From House GOP Campaign Arm Before Midterms      Cache   Translate Page      

The National Republican Congressional Committee, the GOP’s campaign arm for the House, experienced a major hack during the 2018 midterm elections. According to Politico, an unknown third party accessed email accounts belonging to four of the committee’s senior aides, which exposed thousands of sensitive messages. So far, none of the emails have been leaked to the public, and there have reportedly been no attempts to blackmail the NRCC with the information.

A security services vendor first notified the committee of the breach in April, which triggered an internal investigation and an FBI inquiry. However, Republican House representatives—even Speaker Paul Ryan and majority leader Kevin McCarthy—did not find out about the hack until Politico contacted them on Monday. The committee claims that it kept the hack under wraps so as not to tip off the culprit. Politico reported that the nature of the attack led officials to believe that the infiltrators are foreign agents.

The NRCC spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to deal with the fallout of the hack, including hiring the prestigious D.C. law firm Covington and Burling along with Mercury Public Affairs. CNN further reports that the committee contacted CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity firm that aided the Democrats in their efforts to deal with Russian hacking during the 2016 election and advised the FBI during the 2018 midterms.

“The NRCC can confirm that it was the victim of a cyber intrusion by an unknown entity,” Ian Prior, a vice president at Mercury, told Politico. “The cybersecurity of the Committee’s data is paramount, and upon learning of the intrusion, the NRCC immediately launched an internal investigation and notified the FBI, which is now investigating the matter.”

The committee was greatly concerned about the hack during the midterm season. President Donald Trump has previously blamed Democrats for allowing hackers to access the Democratic National Committee’s servers and the emails of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief. “I heard that they were trying, or people were trying, to hack into the RNC, too, the Republican National Committee. But we had much better defenses,” Trump told CBS in July. “I think the DNC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be hacked.”

          Kisah Masjid Qolsharif Rusia yang Dikunjungi Lindswell Kwok dan Achmad Hulaefi      Cache   Translate Page, Jakarta – Pasangan atlet wushu, Lindswell Kwok dan Achmad Hulaefi menarik perhatian publik. Kali ini bukan karena prestasi mereka di lapangan, tetapi karena mereka terekam bersama dalam video yang diunggah Menteri Pemuda dan Olahraga (Menpora) Imam Nahrawi lewat akun Instagramnya. 

Perubahan penampilan Lindswell Kwok menjadi perbincangan. Peraih medali emas dalam Asian Games 2018 lalu itu terlihat mengenakan hijab panjang berwarna ungu dalam sebuah kajian yang digelar di kediaman Menpora.

Sebelum terekam video tersebut, mereka rupanya sudah menunjukkan kedekatan. Salah satunya saat berkunjung ke sebuah masjid di Kazan, Rusia. Masjid yang bernama Qolsharif itu sama-sama diunggah keduanya dalam waktu berbeda.

Melalui akun Instagram @lindswell_k, ia mengabadikan keindahan arsitektur masjid terbesar di Eropa Timur lewat sebuah potret. Yang khas dari masjid itu adalah atap kubah yang berwarna biru.

"Architecture. Kazan. Russia," tulis Lindswell pada 5 November 2017 lalu.

Rupanya, masjid yang memiliki kubah dan minaret berwarna biru itu juga sempat dikunjungi Achmad Hulaefi. Ia mengunggah sebuah foto saat sedang berdiri di depan masjid yang dibangun pada abad ke-16.

"Throwback Russia, Kazan. #throwback#kazzan," tulis Hulaefi sebagai keterangan foto pada 30 Oktober 2018 lalu.


Masjid Qolsharif diresmikan pada 24 Juli 2005 lalu. Pembukaan kembali masjid ini bertepatan dengan berdirinya ibu kota Kazan yang ke-1000.


Saksikan video pilihan di bawah ini:

Asal-usul Nama Masjid

Unggahan Lindswell Kwok tentang Masjid Qolsharif di Kazan, Rusia. (dok. Instagram @lindswell_k/ Mutiah)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Nama Qolsharif masjid ini mengacu kepada nama pemimpin dan ulama terkemuka di Kazan Khanate. Qolsharif disebut-sebut meninggal dengan sejumlah muridnya ketika berusaha mempertahankan Kazan dari pendudukan Rusia pada 1552.

Masjid QolSharif ini terdiri dari dua lantai. Lantai atas merupakan ruang shalat, sedangkan lantai bawah digunakan untuk keperluan pendidikan, museum, maupun administrasi. Pada bagian halaman masjid, terdapat dua ruang paviliun besar dan kolam berornamen Timur Tengah.

Masjid yang memiliki arsitektur perpaduan unsur modern dan tradisional ini memiliki minaret, keduanya dalam bentuk cupola dan tenda. Achmad Hulaefi dan Lindswell Kwok tentu memiliki kenangan tersendiri terhadap masjid tersebut.

          The Accused      Cache   Translate Page      

As many of the male artists accused of sexual malfeasance during the #MeToo movement clamber back toward the spotlight, it feels inevitable that we’ll soon be confronted with art fueled by the shock and anger—whether deserved or not—wrought by those allegations. The ever-prolific, increasingly beleaguered Woody Allen was one of the first artists to protest through his work that the shifting cultural tides were actually a vicious inundation. The result was Wonder Wheel, a queasy and ham-fisted screed against an aging (wannabe) actress whose destructive impulses stem from her sexual jealousy of her nubile stepdaughter—apparent stand-ins for Allen’s former partner Mia Farrow, who has accused the director of molesting her daughter Dylan, and Soon-Yi Previn. (The man caught between the two women, a young playwright born during the Depression, also shares more than a few similarities with his creator.) And now, #MeToo has seemingly inspired another response: the fifth episode of The Romanoffs, Matthew Weiner’s follow-up to Mad Men. Titled “Bright and High Circle,” the 70-minute tale is a much subtler, but no less uncomfortable, fable about the perils of too easily believing the worst about an innocent man.

Outwardly, “Bright and High Circle” has much in common with the rest of The Romanoffs’ debut season, in which each self-contained installment features a different descendant of Russia’s most famous dynasty. Starring Diane Lane as Katherine Ford, a professor of Slavic literature and a mother of three boys, the episode is set amid genteel wealth and the mommy wars. A law enforcement officer informs Katherine that her sons’ gay piano teacher, David (Andrew Rannells), has been blamed for, but not formally charged with, “misconduct with a minor.” Katherine isn’t to let anyone else know about these allegations, but of course she does. As everyone’s minds turn immediately to sexual impropriety, David unknowingly verges on the cusp of losing his livelihood and his social circle, as the high-strung mothers of his students cluck their way into tear-stained paranoia.

In the end, the intentionally vague phrasing that the police used to describe David’s alleged misdeeds turns out to refer to a not-quite-credible allegation that he bought a teen some alcohol. Still, just the possibility of inappropriate behavior has soured the two younger boys on their music lessons. (The eldest has already left for college.) It’s then that Katherine’s slightly homophobic husband, Alex (Ron Livingston), who recants his suspicion, delivers the moral of the episode, which is aimed at an accusation’s bystanders.

“A good person doesn’t ruin someone’s life over some random accusation. … Bearing false witness is the worst crime that you can commit,” the man instructs his sons. “Otherwise, anyone could say anything, about anybody. And just saying it ruins their life, no matter what they did. Does that seem fair?” In Alex’s worldview, and the episode’s, the compassionate thing to do in the face of an accusation is to resist believing the charge and act as if it never happened. “In your heart, you have to stretch yourself,” he continues. “Make everything just like it was. It’s not phony. It’s the right thing.”

It’s entirely possible that Weiner, who directed and co-wrote the episode (with Kriss Turner Towner), conceived of this story well before he himself was accused of serial sexual harassment by Kater Gordon, a Mad Men writer who was dismissed from the series shortly after her Emmy win and has since left the TV industry entirely. (Weiner has disputed Gordon’s claims while praising #MeToo’s potential as a movement.) But the specious framing of the episode’s central debate, as well as the superficial similarities between Weiner and David—prestige-laden, artistically inclined men with a reputation for effeminacy—overwhelmingly suggests “Bright and High Circle” to be the showrunner’s defense against the accusations against him. Moreover, both the fictional case and the actual one share vague umbrella terms that invite certain imaginations to run wild. “Misconduct with a minor,” like “sexual misconduct,” can take myriad forms with a panoramic range of insult and damage. As Alex points out, there’s even a significant difference between a scenario where David purchases a six-pack for a 17-year-old and one where he buys a bottle of vodka for a much younger child. The parsing implies, reasonably, that it’s unfair for euphemisms (and headlines) to lump relatively minor infractions together with more egregious ones.

Other than the Romanoff connection, Weiner doesn’t bring any fresh reference points to the ongoing debates about how such allegations should be handled. A friend of David’s refers to the whisper network forming around the piano teacher as a “witch hunt”—a phrase that partly alludes, via Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, to the McCarthyist purgings of the ’50s, which torpedoed the careers of many artists in Hollywood and has become a common rallying cry from the political middle and the right about the chaos that engulfed the entertainment industry in late 2017 and most of 2018. Meanwhile, the possibility of sexual malfeasance involving children recalls the Satanic Panic of the late ’80s and early ’90s—another common refrain by anti-#MeToo protesters. After hearing some gossip, Katherine wonders whether David’s anonymous accuser is a fellow mom acting on a grudge she holds for a catty but fleeting comment from the piano teacher about her decorating choices. Based on these examples, it’s easy to admonish, as Alex recalls his father doing, “You listened to the mob instead of thinking for yourself.”

But if “Bright and High Circle” is indeed meant to comment on Hollywood’s reckoning with #MeToo, it takes a few too many artistic liberties to serve as a truly illuminating analogy. David is under the constant threat of homophobia, but in real life, it’s the largely female accusers who are institutionally disadvantaged, and thus have just as much, if not more, to lose as the accused. (Just ask Christine Blasey Ford, who hasn’t been able to return to work or her home since her Senate testimony against now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.) That asymmetry of power against the accusers isn’t acknowledged in The Romanoffs. David’s sexuality and class also stack the viewer’s sympathy in his favor; unlike most of the Hollywood targets of #MeToo, his existence is more vulnerable than those who would jeopardize his vocation. The episode seems to ask, Would such (theoretically) baseless accusations be OK if the alleged wrongdoer was someone without the privileges of wealth and heterosexuality? That question largely isn’t applicable to the cases in #MeToo, and it implies that it’s those privileges that have placed targets on the accused, rather than their own behavior, or at the very least denied them their due sympathy. No wonder the episode feels so full of rancor and self-pity.

David isn’t a saint; he tells white lies to make himself seem more glamorous, and thus desirable to have around, to the wealthy women upon whose good graces he’s financially dependent. But “Bright and High Circle” feels closer to a PR strategy than art, because the framing of the debate between the competing desires of the accused and the accuser is so distorted, even disingenuous. His accusers are secure in their place in the world, but for real-life accusers, no matter how apparently wealthy or powerful, we’ve seen too many times that there are no such protections.

The Hollywood blacklist of the ’50s gave rise to a slew of cinematic parables decrying Joseph McCarthy’s unwarranted persecution, including High Noon, Inherit the Wind, and the aforementioned The Crucible. It remains to be seen whether the artists, writers, and comics attempting to come back from #MeToo—and there certainly seems to be an appetite for their returns—will have the self-awareness, and perhaps the introspection, to make any artistically significant work about their experiences. So far, the answer is no.

          Pompeo sets 60-day deadline to keep arms control pact with Russia      Cache   Translate Page      

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo said Tuesday the United States will begin withdrawing from a landmark arms control treaty in 60 days unless Russia stops cheating, setting a hard deadline for the first time during a meeting at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Some U.S. allies and critics in Congress...

          Soyuz spacecraft blasts off to International Space Station with 3 astronauts, two months after failure of Russian rocket      Cache   Translate Page      

Three astronauts successfully blasted off Monday to the International Space Station from Kazakhstan, a perfect launch that follows October's aborted mission.

NASA astronaut Anne McClain, David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Space Agency and Oleg Kononenko of the Russian space agency Roscosmos lifted...

          Comey Agrees to Testify Privately, Drops Legal Challenge After Deal With Republicans      Cache   Translate Page      

Former FBI Director James Comey confirmed on Twitter that he will testify privately with House Republicans and has dropped a legal challenge that was part of an effort to make sure any hearing would be public. Comey said he agreed to drop the legal challenge after Republican lawmakers agreed he could talk about his testimony freely and would be handed a transcript of the exchange within 24 hours. “Grateful for a fair hearing from judge. Hard to protect my rights without being in contempt, which I don’t believe in,” Comey wrote on Twitter. “So will sit in the dark, but Republicans agree I’m free to talk when done and transcript released in 24 hours. This is the closest I can get to public testimony.”

On Thursday, Comey had filed a lawsuit in an effort to block the subpoena to testify about the FBI’s investigations ahead of the 2016 presidential election. But now that an agreement has ben reached, Comey said he would withdraw his lawsuit and the House Judiciary Committee would quash its subpoena.

The hearing is part of an effort by Republicans to take one last stab at questioning Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch on how they handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server as well as a probe into Russian interference in the election before they’re forced to turn control of the House over to Democrats. Comey had said since he was called to testify that he would want to do so publicly. But in the last week House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, a Virginia Republican, made clear Republicans had agreed to release the transcript of his testimony. “I have just offered to Director Comey that the Committees will publicly release the transcript of his testimony following the interview for our investigation,” Goodlatte wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. “This ensures both transparency and access for the American people to all the facts.”

          Modric, un Pallone d’oro “terrestre”      Cache   Translate Page      

Luka Modric ce l'ha fatta. Il fine centrocampista croato è riuscito nell'impresa preclusa ai suoi predecessori Pirlo, Xavi e Iniesta, ovvero i migliori costruttori di gioco degli ultimi quindici anni: interrompere il dominio continentale dei due "marziani" Messi e Ronaldo. Dopo dieci anni, il Pallone d'oro, il più ambito riconoscimento individuale del mondo calcistico, torna a premiare il miglior giocatore della stagione e non più solo uno dei due migliori giocatori in assoluto.

Con il criterio del migliore di tutti, ad esempio, nel 2010 fu "defraudato" del titolo Andrès Iniesta, autore di una stagione straordinaria e decisivo per la vittoria della Spagna al Mondiale Sudafricano. A vantaggio di Lionel Messi, già prodigioso, ma quell'anno tutt'altro che esaltante, sia con il Barcellona sia con la Selección argentina.

Con 753 punti, 277 più del secondo classificato (il solito CR7), il numero 10, non si sa ancora per quanto, del Real Madrid ottiene a 33 anni quel trofeo di cui il coetaneo Cristiano Ronaldo e il più giovane Messi si sono fregiati già cinque volte ciascuno. Per l'ex trequartista impostato in regia da Carletto Ancelotti - il bis dell'operazione riuscitagli con Pirlo - si tratta del quarto riconoscimento annuale, dopo il The Best Fifa, il premio calciatore dell'anno Uefa e quello di miglior giocatore del 2018 assegnato dalla Federazione Internazionale di Storia e Statistica del Calcio (IFFHS).

Il coronamento di una stagione superlativa che lo ha visto condurre i Blancos alla terza Champions consecutiva e la Croazia al secondo posto al Mondiale in Russia - un gradino sopra il piazzamento della generazione di Boban e Suker vent'anni prima -, dove è stato eletto miglior calciatore della manifestazione.

Un leader a tutto campo, ammirabile per la tecnica ed encomiabile per lo spirito di sacrificio. Quest'anno, insieme al danese Christian Eriksen, può dirsi forse l'ultimo "numero 10 classico" di livello planetario rimasto in circolazione, dopo decenni di 4-4-2 e moduli che sacrificano l'inventiva alla tattica, il talento alla possanza, l'uomo allo schema.

I numeri 10 come Messi e Neymar, pur immensi per tecnica e rapidità realizzativa, sono un prodotto di questa evoluzione: seconde punte più che trequartisti, finalizzatori più che dicitori dell'ultimo passaggio. Prima di loro, in Italia, abbiamo avuto Robi Baggio, Zola, Del Piero e imitatori vari.

Il numero 10 è tale non tanto perché salta gli avversari come birilli, ma perché vede autostrade dove altri vedono un sentiero, come direbbe il compianto Boskov. L'alessandrino Rivera, pur con i suoi limiti dinamici, è stato ed è tuttora un modello di riferimento per chiunque volesse e voglia avventurarsi tra le linee di centrocampo e attacco. Ne sono stati epigoni, con più corsa e muscoli, Roberto Mancini e, ovviamente, Francesco Totti.

Un adattamento del ruolo imposto dalla rivoluzione del calcio totale "all'olandese" di Cruijff e compagni. Proprio a Johan Cruijff - numero 10 di fatto, e anche di maglia nella sua ultima, splendida, stagione con il Feyenoord - viene più volte e da più parti accostato Modric, tanto da meritarsi ben presto il soprannome di "Cruijff dei Balcani".

Non alto, 1 metro e 72, e leggero coi suoi 66 kg, Luka Modric ha il volto affilato e lo sguardo spiritato di Cruijff quando gioca, come se vivesse in uno stato di perenne "trance" agonistica. Certi suoi recuperi di palloni sul portatore avversario, come quelli del maestro ajacide, si spiegano anche così: una concentrazione ossessiva che non contempla distrazioni.

Come Johan, non ha avuto un'infanzia facile. Se l'olandese, orfano di padre a dodici anni, imparò a giocare fra i marciapiedi di cemento di un quartiere popolare di un'Amsterdam devastata dalla guerra, il croato a sei anni è diventato un rifugiato, dopo aver praticamente visto uccidere davanti ai suoi occhi il nonno Luka Senior e incendiare la casa dai ribelli serbi durante il conflitto per l'indipendenza della Croazia. Anche nel calcio nessuno gli ha regalato nulla: a diciotto anni è stato votato miglior giocatore del campionato di Bosnia-Erzegovina, un torneo talmente duro da fargli dire in seguito: "Se qualcuno è in grado di giocare nel campionato bosniaco può giocare ovunque".

Oggi, dopo aver dimostrato di poter giocare ovunque, si gode il meritato premio. Benvenuto tra i grandi, piccolo Luka.

          NATO allies say Russia is violating nuclear pact with US      Cache   Translate Page      
The ruling paves the way for the United States to leave the pact unless Moscow complies with it.
          Russia-Georgia Conflicts      Cache   Translate Page      
          La distanza fra scienza e politica, un problema grave e antico      Cache   Translate Page      
Dmitrij Mendeleev, Aleksandr Borodin, Stanislao Cannizzaro, Friedrich August Kekulé, Charles-Adolphe Wurtz e Jean Baptiste André Dumas

(A cura di Adriano Zecchina, prof emerito di Chimica Fisica Università di Torino; Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei ; Accademia delle Scienze di Torino)

È sempre più comune sentire considerazioni preoccupate sulla separazione tra le due culture, cioè la cultura umanistica e quella scientifica. Altrettanto frequenti sono le raccomandazioni affinché questo gap venga colmato al più presto in modo da poter positivamente influenzare le decisioni politiche che richiedono, in un modo globalizzato e limitato, un approccio più interdisciplinare.

Il problema è antico e ne ho trovato più di una traccia nella storia. Un esempio importate è il congresso internazionale di Chimica tenutosi a Karlsruhe nel 1860. Credo con ragione che si sia trattato del primo congresso internazionale scientifico tenuto nella storia dell'umanità. Che sia stato un congresso di chimica non deve meravigliare poiché siamo nel periodo che precede di qualche anno la formulazione della tavola periodica.

Infatti pochi anni dopo (1869), Dmitrij Mendeleev pubblicherà la tavola periodica degli elementi che rappresenta una pietra miliare della scienza di tutti i tempi e la scacchiera sulla quale la natura e l'uomo hanno costruito l'infinità di materiali e molecole che ci circondano. Questo incontro fu la conseguenza delle continue scoperte di nuovi elementi, di nuove molecole e di nuove reazioni che caratterizzarono la prima metà del XIX e che richiedevano una completa presa di coscienza di un campo scientifico in rapida espansione.

Venne quindi proposto da scienziati delle comunità più forti e soprattutto dai tedeschi (tra cui Friedrich August Kekulé, uno dei fondatori della chimica organica, noto ancora oggi per i suoi contributi sul benzene, sui composti aromatici e sulla teoria della risonanza) e dai francesi (tra cui Charles-Adolphe Wurtz, un grande chimico francese noto ancora oggi per la reazione di Wurtz che porta alla formazione di legami carbonio-carbonio) di tenere un congresso internazionale.

Fu un vero trionfo della libertà e della conoscenza in cui gli scienziati presenti forse credettero di formare una comunità basata sulla universalità del pensiero scientifico in quanto capace di liberarsi dei fantasmi dell'alchimia e di travalicare le differenze di lingua, nazionalità e interessi materiali. Il congresso di Karlsruhe ha visto infatti la partecipazione di 140 scienziati di cui solo due italiani (Stanislao Cannizzaro e Angelo Pavesi), alcuni Russi (tra cui Dmitrij Mendeleev e Aleksandr Borodin), due austriaci e una maggioranza di francesi e tedeschi molti dei quali sono già stati ricordati. La partecipazione inglese fu numerosa ma abbastanza formale quasi a dimostrare un certo distacco dal continente.

Il congresso vide emergere la figura e il contributo di Stanislao Cannizzaro che tra l'altro fece conoscere l'opera di Amedeo Avogadro, sino ad allora quasi sconosciuto.

Al fine di non dare un'idilliaca immagine della scienza chimica ricordo che già allora (esattamente come oggi) i rapporti tra gli scienziati non furono sempre pacifici. Per esempio dopo il congresso di Karlsruhe, Borodin (anche grande musicista, autore del conosciuto Principe Igor) fu in conflitto con i molto famosi Kekulè e Wurtz che non avevano citato i suoi lavori.

Dopo centocinquanta anni oggi direi: tutto normale anche se gli strumenti di comunicazione sono divenuti immensi. Comunque non si può negare che l'idea di un congresso come quello di Karlsruhe sia stata, oltre che importante e innovativa, generosa e di carattere universalistico (come tante altre che sono venute poi in seguito nel mondo scientifico e intellettuale). È tuttavia incredibile come questo incontro tra scienziati di diverse nazionalità europee sia avvenuto in un periodo di guerre sanguinose tra i loro stati.

Tra quelle appena precedenti più vicine alla data del congresso basta citare quella di Crimea (1853) condotta contro l'Impero Russo da un'alleanza composta da Impero Ottomano, Francia, Regno Unito e Regno di Sardegna e che è stata causa di un numero di morti molto elevato (c'è chi riporta un milione) e che, per la sua estensione dal Baltico, al Mar Nero e all'Estremo Oriente, somigliò ad una guerra "quasi" mondiale anche per l'impiego di armi mai usate prima, quali i nuovi pezzi di artiglieria francesi.

In quella guerra, durante l'assedio di Sebastopoli, fu proposto anche l'uso di proiettili contenenti cianuro. Il primo ministro inglese Lord Palmerston non era contrario ma la marina militare si oppose obiettando che si trattava di "un modo pessimo di fare la guerra tanto quanto avvelenare i pozzi del nemico" (pratica invero antichissima).

Appena un anno prima del congresso (1859), Francia e Regno di Sardegna (per l'Italia) da una parte e impero di Austria-Ungheria dall'altra si erano scontrati a San Martino e Solferino in una delle più cruente battaglie del secolo XIX (circa 40.000 morti in un solo giorno). Altre battaglie seguiranno prima della fine del secolo, battaglie che invece di risolvere i problemi tra le nazioni saranno preparatorie delle due guerre mondiali del secolo XX.

Tra queste battaglie è da citare il conflitto tra Prussia e Impero austriaco (1866) e la terribile guerra franco-prussiana (1870-71) che si concluse con la sconfitta della Francia a Sedan, la caduta di Napoleone III e la unificazione della Germania. Il numero dei morti complessivi fu di circa 200.000. Mi pare del tutto evidente che i gruppi dirigenti tedeschi e francesi abbiano obbedito a principi molto diversi da quelli che hanno animato il congresso di Karlsruhe. I gruppi dirigenti tedeschi hanno infatti descritto questa guerra alla stregua di un passaggio verso l'unificazione e la grandezza tedesca. Quelli francesi invece come un argine alla emergente strapotenza germanica, concetti che sentiremo ripetere nel secolo successivo.

Non sapremo mai come reagirono e reagiranno di fronte a queste guerre i molti scienziati francesi, tedeschi, inglesi, russi, italiani etc che avevano partecipato al congresso del 1860. Sospetto che tutti tornarono ai loro posti e alle loro carriere limitando il loro pensiero al solo ambito della scienza o a attività patriottiche. Penso che ragionassero come le loro classi dirigenti e che si sentissero sopratutto patrioti.

Questo pone un altro problema: quanto questi intellettuali della natura (chimici in questo caso ma credo che il fenomeno sia generale) che nel 1860 si riunirono per scambiarsi informazioni fondamentali e universali e che tanto hanno contribuito e contribuiranno alla ricchezza delle nazioni erano coscienti della situazione politica?

Sullo sfondo una rara foto della guerra di Crimea. In alto da sinistra a destra ci sono i ritratti di Dmitrij Mendeleev, Aleksandr Borodin, Stanislao Cannizzaro, Friedrich August Kekulé, Charles-Adolphe Wurtz e Jean Baptiste André Dumas. Il totale dei partecipanti fu 140.

Io penso che alcuni la ignorassero del tutto mentre la maggioranza facesse riferimento a verità e interessi ritenuti più profondi quali patria, religione, lingua e ricchezza etc del tutto estranei all'universalismo della cultura scientifica. In conclusione essi non misero mai in discussione i principi e gli interessi più profondi delle proprie comunità.

Dall'esperienza che ho accumulato partecipando a tanti congressi scientifici internazionali, sono quasi certo che di argomenti politici si sia parlato ben poco anche nel secolo XX, secolo che ha visto due grandi guerre mondiali. Dopo un breve e forse superficiale esame della storia sono giunto alla conclusione che questa dicotomia tra scienza e politica è stata ed è sempre presente. Non so se questo sia limitato solo ai cultori delle scienze naturali. Penso che tutto ciò sia conseguente al predominio di principi religiosi, linguistici e nazionalisti che spesso nascondono gli interessi pratici della propria nazione e del proprio gruppo sociale.

Del resto il grande scrittore russo Lev Tolstoj, indignato per quella che lui considerò come una guerra patriottica contro un aggressore, partecipò all'assedio di Sebastopoli e ne trasse l'ispirazione nel 1855 per i Racconti di Sebastopoli. Dalla parte inglese il tutto fu celebrato in vari film epici tra cui quello intitolato "la Battaglia di Balaclava".

Tutto ciò mi suggerisce una domanda: è cambiato o sta per cambiare qualche cosa dopo quasi due secoli? Forse sono pessimista ma non mi sembra proprio, anche se i potenziali conflitti insiti nella globalizzazione sono incombenti. Il tutto in presenza di armi di una potenza militare e distruttiva senza precedenti e di un galoppante problema climatico da noi stessi provocato, fatti che richiederebbero un urgente rafforzamento del legame tra le basi scientifiche e umanistiche della cultura al fine di contribuire a creare una coscienza politica più lungimirante e saggia.

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          Il Qatar esce dall'Opec: lo strappo di Doha è l'ultima sfida a Riad      Cache   Translate Page      

Lo strappo di Doha è di quelli destinati a lasciare il segno su più versanti: su quello della partita petrolifera, ma anche sul piano più strettamente geopolitico e nello scontro intersunnita. Dal primo gennaio 2019 il Qatar uscirà dall'Opec. La decisione di ritirarsi dall'organizzazione dei Paesi esportatori di petrolio è stata annunciata dal ministro dell'Energia Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi: "Il Qatar ha deciso di ritirare la sua membership dall'Opec a partire dal gennaio 2019", dichiara al-Kaabi in conferenza stampa a Doha, aggiungendo che all'Opec è già stata comunicata la decisione. Intanto in avvio di giornata si registra un rimbalzo sostenuto per i prezzi del greggio. Sui mercati asiatici i future sul Light crude Wti (West Texas Intermediate) crescono a 53,5 dollari, quelli sul Brent a 62,16 dollari. A trainare il rimbalzo, dopo i recenti crolli, la notizia che Russia e Arabia Saudita sono d'accordo nell'estendere fino al 2019 il loro accordo per gestire il mercato petrolifero.

Ufficialmente il Qatar ha spiegato di volersi concentrare sul gas naturale liquefatto, di cui è il maggior fornitore con quasi il 30% della produzione mondiale. Ma le motivazioni "tecniche" lasciano il tempo che trovano, perché ben altre, e più corpose, sono le motivazioni che hanno spinto il Qatar a questa decisione. A rimarcarlo è l'autorevole Financial Times, secondo cui la decisione segue un peggioramento dei rapporti di Doha con i suoi vicini.

La "Guerra delle petromonarchie" ha una data di inizio, 5 giugno 2017: Arabia Saudita, Emirati Arabi Uniti, Bahrein ed Egitto annunciano la rottura delle relazioni diplomatiche con Doha, ritirando i propri ambasciatori e imponendo l'espulsione dei cittadini del Qatar. E questo dopo che il Qatar aveva respinto la lista di 13 condizioni imposta dal "fronte dei Quattro" per l'abolizione delle sanzioni contro Doha definendola "irrealistica". Tra le richieste avanzate dal fronte guidato da Riad figuravano quella di chiudere la tv Al Jazeera, interrompere i rapporti con l'Iran e con la Fratellanza musulmana, rinunciare ad una base militare turca. Una lista che andava ben oltre le accuse iniziali di sostenere il terrorismo e che impone di fatto all'emirato una limitazione della sua sovranità. La mossa ha visto anche la chiusura dello spazio aereo, che per i Paesi del Golfo ha implicato l'interdizione delle acque territoriali. Riad ha inoltre chiuso il proprio confine terrestre con il Qatar impedendo di fatto qualsiasi transito di merci. Alle misure hanno aderito tra gli altri anche Eritrea, Mauritania, Maldive, Senegal, il governo yemenita del presidente Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi e l'esecutivo libico non riconosciuto di Al Baida. Giordania, Gibuti, Ciad, Niger hanno declassato invece le proprie rappresentanze diplomatiche. E lo scontro si veste anche di guerra di religione con l'Arabia Saudita che vieta ai qatarini di entrare nella più sacra delle moschee, quella della Kaaba alla Mecca. L'accusa mossa al Qatar, in sintonia con la dottrina-Trump, è di supportare al-Qaeda, i Fratelli musulmani e, più recentemente, anche gruppi filo-iraniani. Questa strumentalizzazione del termine non è certamente nuova. È sufficiente ricordare l'esempio eclatante di quando Saddam Hussein fu accusato di finanziare il terrorismo internazionale per giustificare e legittimare l'intervento in Iraq.

Al fianco del Qatar si schiera il "Sultano di Ankara": nella notte dell'8 giugno, il presidente Recep Tayyp Erdogan ha controfirmato la legge che gli permette di inviare soldati turchi e addestratori nell'emirato, un primo contingente di 5 mila uomini che potrebbe salire a 15 mila. Il sostegno di Ankara a Doha si spiega soprattutto esaminando il versante economico: secondo le cifre pubblicate dai media gli investimenti qatarini in Turchia ammontano a 1,5 miliardi di dollari. Compagnie turche hanno ottenuto contratti per più di 13 miliardi di dollari per i progetti in vista della Coppa del Mondo di calcio prevista nel 2022. La Turchia, inoltre, ha già aperto una base militare in Qatar e presto verrà stabilito anche un comando divisionale congiunto a Doha. Tra le 13 richieste-ultimatum c'è anche la chiusura della base turca. Anche questa richiesta suona come inaccettabile. Non solo per Doha ma soprattutto per Ankara. Aperta l'anno scorso dopo l'accordo del 2014 fra l'emiro Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani e il presidente turco Erdogan, la base militare turca dista 30 chilometri da Doha. Prima della crisi accoglieva 300 soldati i turchi. Ma il ponte aereo in corso dovrebbe portare in tempi molto brevi il loro numero fino a 5mila militari, con l'appoggio anche di aerei e navi da guerra. Soprattutto, ai Sauditi non sono mai piaciute le "relazioni normali" che il Qatar tradizionalmente intrattiene con l'Iran: relazioni basate su solidi interessi economici comuni, a cominciare dallo sfruttamento congiunto del giacimento gasifero di South Pars/North Dome, il più grande del mondo". Il Golfo – rimarca Eleonora Ardemagni, in un documentato report per l'ISPI - complice la rivalità storica tra sauditi e iraniani e quella intra-sunnita tra Arabia Saudita e Qatar, è stato ed è il primo artefice, il demiurgo -seppure per vie indirette- dell'attuale disordine mediorientale: attraverso i suoi proxies, esso ha partecipato allo scardinamento dell'ordine regionale. Un processo aggravato dalle linee rosse disattese (Stati Uniti in Siria) oppure dagli ambigui interventi militari (Russia in Siria) delle potenze internazionali. Perché molto di ciò che accade oggi in Siria, Iraq, Yemen, Libia, Egitto, dipende primariamente dalle scelte politiche di Arabia Saudita, Iran, Qatar ed Emirati Arabi Uniti....". Geopolitica, affari, e non solo. Quel che è già evidente, - riflette Rami Khouri, tra i più autorevoli giornalisti libanesi - è la determinazione di alcuni Paesi arabi, guidati dall'Arabia Saudita, a ricorrere alla guerra economica e militare, a tattiche di deprivazione alimentare e ad altri mezzi pur di mantenere il mondo arabo nella sua fatiscente condizione attuale. È questa la reale minaccia che pende sui cittadini e le società del mondo arabo. Anche se lo spazio politico per esprimere simili opinioni, nella regione e altrove, si fa sempre più esiguo". E quello spazio rischia di chiudersi completamente se alle macerie siriane si aggiungessero quelle provocate da una nuova Guerra del Golfo.

Di certo, il Qatar vede ormai il suo futuro al di fuori dell'Opec, dominato dall'Arabia Saudita, il maggior produttore dell'organizzazione con oltre 11 milioni di barili al giorno. Le "crisi passano", ma vi sono cicatrici che "durano nel tempo" come la controversia economica e diplomatica che, da oltre un anno, vede opposte Doha e Arabia Saudita È quanto aveva sottolineato l'emiro del Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani nell'annuale discorso alla nazione, lo scorso 6 novembre, rivolgendosi anche alle nazioni alleate di Riyadh nell'area e chiedendo loro di rispettare la sovranità del proprio Paese e "non interferire" negli affari interni. "La storia ci insegna – aveva sostenuto nel suo discorso al-Thani - che le crisi passano, ma una loro cattiva gestione si lascia alle spalle effetti che poi durano nel tempo". "È davvero deplorevole - ha proseguito l'emiro del Qatar - che il perpetrarsi della crisi mostri in tutta la sua portata il fallimento del Consiglio di cooperazione dei Paesi del Golfo (Gcc) nel raggiungere i propri obiettivi e nel soddisfare le aspirazioni del nostro popolo". Egli ha quindi voluto rassicurare i cittadini, sostenendo che la nazione non ha subito effetti negativi dal boicottaggio e continuerà a mantenere il primato mondiale nell'esportazione di idrocarburi. "Il blocco - ha detto - non ha provocato alcuna ripercussione sulla vendita del nostro petrolio e del gas naturale". Lo Stato, ha concluso l'emiro, "è entusiasta di adempiere a tutti i suoi obblighi derivanti dai contratti in essere" e ne ha firmati altri "a lungo termine, l'ultimo dei quali con Petro China", gigante cinese dell'energia.

Le mosse di Doha sono monitorate con particolare attenzione dall'Italia. E la ragione è molto prosaica, e si lega fortemente alla "diplomazia degli affari" che va oltre il pur fondamentale settore energetico. Al Qatar, infatti, piace tanto lo "shopping" italiano. Tra i colpi messi a segno c'è quello in Sardegna dove la Qatar Airways si è presa il 49% di Meridiana. Nel 2011 gli Al-Thani, la dinastia che regna il Paese, hanno acquisito l'Hotel Gallia a Milano, nel 2012 il fondo sovrano ha praticamente rilevato la Costa Smeralda. Nello stesso anno, attraverso la "Mayhoola for investment", i reali del Qatar hanno comprato la maison Valentino per 700 milioni di euro. E più di recente la stessa QIA, che ha comprato Porta Nuova, è entrata con un investimento di 165 milioni nel capitale di Inalca, la società del gruppo Cremonini, insieme al Fondo Strategico italiano. In Italia hanno comprato alcuni dei più prestigiosi alberghi di Firenze: acquisiti il Four Season, all'interno del Palazzo della Gherardesca, che fa tuttora parte della Compagnia italiana alberghi. A Milano, il Qatar Investment Authority si è concentrato sulle sedi delle banche come il palazzo di via Santa Margherita che ospita gli uffici di Credit Suisse. Oltre ad aver partecipato a un fondo costruito ad hoc per valorizzare un portafoglio di filiali di Deutsche Bank. Alberghi, maison di moda, compagne aeree, palazzi. E non solo. Lo shopping dello Sceicco Al-Thani. investe anche un settore alquanto delicato: quello degli armamenti. In poco più di un anno l'Italia ha venduto a Doha sette navi da guerra Fincantieri per 4 miliardi di euro, 28 elicotteri NH 90 (ex Agusta Westland) per 3 miliardi di euro, inoltre è stata siglata un'intesa da oltre 6 miliardi di euro per 24 caccia Typhoon del consorzio Eurofighter, di cui Leonardo-Finmeccanica ha una quota del 36%. E anche i nostri produttori agricoli hanno registrato un aumento dell'export, con un volume di esportazioni quadruplicato negli ultimi 10 anni e certificato dall'ultimo accordo siglato da Coldiretti con l'emirato per la distribuzione dei prodotti italiani.

"I rapporti tra Italia e Qatar – ha recentemente detto all'Adnkronos l'ambasciatore a Doha, Pasquale Salzano - sono veramente ottimi, nell'ultimo anno abbiamo aumentato di circa l'11% il nostro interscambio. Nell'emirato c'è una grande richiesta di Italia, presente in modo massiccio già con i grandi gruppi, come Salini Impregilo, Saipem, Eni, Fincantieri, Rizzani de Eccher, Leonardo, che riguarda le piccole e medie imprese, l'artigianato, i prodotti di lusso e dell'agroalimentare, senz'altro una novità per le dimensioni nelle quali ci viene richiesto".

Nella disputa tra Arabia Saudita e Qatar, Roma tifa per Doha. E per il suo shopping miliardario.

          "L'8 dicembre bandiere europee ad ogni balcone". L'iniziativa di EuropaNow! per rispondere alla manifestazione di Salvini      Cache   Translate Page      

Una bandiera su ogni balcone a Roma e in tutte le altre città d'Italia che aderiranno per rispondere alla manifestazione organizzata dal leader della Lega Matteo Salvini a Piazza del Popolo l'8 dicembre. È l'iniziativa lanciata da EuropaNow! insieme alla la Gioventù Federalista Europea per una mobilitazione civica, "per fermare l'avanzata dei nazionalisti e rivendicare una nuova Europa più unita, democratica, fraterna, solidale e federale".

"C'è bisogno che i cittadini europei facciano sentire la loro voce di fronte all'avanzata dei partiti nazionalisti, in Italia come in altri Paesi dell'Ue. Il loro sogno, speriamo che sia proibito, è quello di distruggere l'Unione europea", dice Eric Jozsef, co-fondatore di EuropaNow!. "C'è un sentimento di emergenza che attraversa l'Europa e non si deve commettere l'errore di sottovalutare i pericoli che arrivano questi movimenti. Lo abbiamo visto con la Brexit, ma anche in Italia con la nuova politica sull'immigrazione: quelli che sembrano solo annunci poi hanno conseguenze reali".

Per questo motivo, secondo gli organizzatori dell'iniziativa, "è arrivato il momento di agire, per dire no a chi vuole il ritorno delle frontiere interne, il ritorno delle vecchie monete, la sottomissione geopolitica agli Stati Uniti di Donald Trump e alla Russia di Vladimir Putin. È arrivato il momento di affermare un patriottismo europeo fondato sui valori e sui principi democratici per dire si a un'Europa che non sia esclusivamente un'Europa delle nazioni e dei vincoli di bilancio, ma un'Europa dei cittadini e dell'uguaglianza dei diritti politici, sociali, fiscali, ambientali e culturali".

EuropaNow! invita a mettere una bandiera europea alle finestre, "perché la bandiera europea appartiene ai cittadini e perché l'Europa significa unire le persone, non soltanto integrare gli Stati".

"Non sottovalutiamo i pericoli, riprendiamo in mano il nostro futuro" conclude Eric Jozsef "avendo ben presente l'avvertimento di Vaclav Havel 'Se non saremo capaci di sognare un'Europa migliore, non costruiremo mai un'Europa migliore' "

Da venerdì 30 novembre, EuropaNow! e la Gioventù Federalista Europea organizzano dei Presidi europeisti in alcune piazze di Roma dove verranno anche distribuite le bandiere europee.

          Red war [large type] by Mills, Kyle, 1966- author.      Cache   Translate Page      
"Mitch Rapp races to prevent Russia's gravely ill leader from starting a full-scale war with NATO. With the Kremlin's entire security apparatus hunting him, Rapp must eliminate the threat. If his mission is discovered, it will plunge Russia and America into a conflict that neither will survive"--
          The marvelous misadventures of Ingrid Winter [large type] by Drangsholt, Janne S. (Janne Stigen), 1974- author.      Cache   Translate Page      
Ingrid Winter is desperately trying to hold it all together. A neurotic Norwegian mother of three small children and an overworked literature professor with an overactive imagination, Ingrid feels like her life's always on the brink of chaos. Clearly she needs to get away. But Russia? Forced to join an academic mission to Saint Petersburg to promote international cooperation, Ingrid finds herself at a crossroads while drinking too much cough syrup. Will this trip push her into a Siberian sinkhol
          Prosecutors set to recommend sentence for Michael Flynn, Trump's former national security advisor      Cache   Translate Page      
Prosecutors are expected in court Tuesday to recommend a sentence for Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former national security advisor and the only White House official to be charged in the Russia in ... - Source:
          Father, Son, Pacific Coast      Cache   Translate Page      

For most of human history, kinship was both the source and substance of political power. Except in a few out-of-the-way places like North Korea and Saudi Arabia, dynastic rule has now faded away, but it is nonetheless striking how important family connections remain in American public life. The Caseys of Pennsylvania (Robert, governor; Robert Jr., senator), the Cuomos of New York (Mario and Andrew, governors), the Daleys of Chicago (Richard J. and Richard M., mayors) are just a few of the names on the long list of America’s prominent political families. It may be misleading to describe these families as “dynasties” since most do not last more than two generations. Moreover, almost all of them remain closely tied to a particular city or region; only a few (the Kennedys and Bushes are the obvious examples) manage to succeed at the national level. Both these limitations are apparent in the remarkable careers of the Browns (Edmund J., known as Pat, and Edmund J. Jr., known as Jerry), the subjects of Miriam Pawel’s deeply researched and engagingly written book. The Browns’ political prominence, begun when Pat won his first election in 1943, will almost certainly end in 2019, when Jerry completes his fourth term as governor. Both father and son failed dismally when they tried to project their influence beyond the borders of their state. As the title of Pawel’s book tells us, the story of the Brown family is, above all, a California story.

For the Browns, California meant San Francisco, where Pat (in 1905) and Jerry (in 1938) were born and reared. Although “the city” prided itself on its cosmopolitanism (some even called it “the Paris of America”), pre–World War II San Francisco was an insular, provincial town. It was run by people who had known each other from childhood (my parents, members of Pat Brown’s generation, met in the first grade), went to the same schools (Lowell for Protestants and Jews, St. Ignatius or Sacred Heart for Catholics), belonged to the same clubs (Bohemian, Olympic, Family), and spent their summers on “the river” (Russian) or at “the lake” (Tahoe).

This small world, held together by a dense web of friendships and favors, was made-to-order for a man like Pat Brown. Smart, affable, and energetic, Pat had a natural politician’s ready laugh and long memory. By the time he was in high school (although a Catholic, he went to Lowell), his political aspirations were already apparent: he was elected president of no fewer than eleven student groups, having run for office, as he recalled, whether he was a member of the organization or not.

After establishing a modestly successful legal practice, Pat Brown patiently began to build a political base, calling on old friends, carefully cultivating useful allies, and joining every club he could. In his second try, he was elected district attorney in 1943, went on to be the state’s attorney general seven years later, and then became governor in 1958. After a successful first term, he soundly defeated Richard Nixon in 1962, the occasion for what many believed (and not a few hoped) would be Nixon’s final press conference; the former vice-president told the assembled reporters they “would not have Nixon to kick around anymore.” Pat’s popularity ebbed during his second term; in 1966, he was defeated by Ronald Reagan, the rising star in the conservative firmament.

Perhaps the most important source of Jerry Brown’s extraordinary success is his apparently inexhaustible capacity for self-invention.

Pat Brown’s political career ended in part because he had a run of bad luck, but mostly because the world of California politics was changing in ways he never truly understood. In an era of television, big money, and photogenic celebrities, the skills he had honed as an ambitious young lawyer in San Francisco were no longer enough. Pat, who went on to make a small fortune practicing law in Los Angeles, never quite recovered from his electoral defeat. From 1967 until his death in 1996, he had to satisfy his political appetites vicariously by observing, with a characteristically paternal mixture of affection, admiration, and perplexity, the changing fortunes of his third child and only son.

Jerry Brown needed special permission to attend his father’s inauguration as governor in January 1959. A seminarian at the Novitiate of the Sacred Heart, he was subject to the discipline that the Jesuits imposed on everyone who set out on the long and arduous path to the priesthood. Looking somber and somewhat out of place in his cassock, he had only a few hours with his family before returning to the novitiate’s strict routine. Jerry left the seminary a year later and would eventually drift away from the church. But for him (and, in a quite different key, for his father), Catholic values and rituals remained an important part of his identity, the starting point and an abiding presence in what would be a lifelong quest for a spiritual home. The Browns’ story is, among other things, a Catholic story.

Jerry was unlike his father in many ways: less amiable, more introspective, and less disciplined, he was not a natural politician. But the two shared both the capacity to inspire loyalty among those who knew them best as well as some core beliefs about the importance of public service, the evils of racial discrimination, and government’s obligation to protect society’s most vulnerable members. Above all, father and son shared an insatiable appetite for elected office. After a few fitful attempts to practice law, Jerry devoted more and more of his time and energy to campaigning, first for the Los Angeles College Board, then California Secretary of State, and finally, in 1974, for governor. After he was reelected by a substantial margin, Jerry’s popularity began to slip, in part because he could not resist the siren call of national politics, mounting a series of fruitless efforts to win the Democratic nomination for the presidency. In 1982, after deciding not to run for a third term as governor, he was defeated in a bitterly fought senatorial race. A year later, his somewhat quixotic attempt to restart a presidential campaign collapsed. Although he was just forty-five years old, it looked as though Jerry Brown’s political career was over.

Like his father, Jerry was the victim of some bad luck (for example, an infestation of the Mediterranean fruit fly and his very unpopular decision to delay combating it with a toxic chemical), as well as changes in the political climate. But here the resemblance ended: after a few years in the political wilderness, Jerry came back, slowly working his way up the electoral ladder until 2010 when he was, once again, elected governor; he was reelected with a nineteen-point margin four years later. Once the youngest governor in California’s history, he now became the oldest, a feat that is not likely to be matched any time soon.

Although written with the Brown family’s cooperation, Pawel’s book is not an authorized biography; she does not hesitate to point out, rather gently to be sure, her subjects’ faults and foibles, such as Pat’s highly profitable but unsavory connections to an Indonesian oil firm and Jerry’s stubborn refusal to abandon his doomed presidential ambitions. Overall, however, she provides a sympathetic and affectionate group portrait of the Browns, based on their own letters and diaries and on the testimony of more than seventy relatives and friends. Along the way, Pawel tells us a great deal about the issues that continue to confront the golden state—immigration, racial inequality, crime, water supply, environmental degradation—but her main subject is the complex interplay of public life and personal relationships within the Brown family. Considering their differences in character, temperament, and experience, and the incandescent intensity of their individual ambitions, the Browns managed to treat one another with an impressive amount of love and loyalty. Pawel argues that this was largely due to the influence of two remarkable women, Ida Schuckman Brown, Pat’s mother, and Bernice Layne Brown, his wife. The third remarkable woman in the Brown saga is Jerry’s wife, Anne Gust Brown, whom he married in 2005, just as the second act of his political career was getting under way. Unlike Ida and Bernice, she has been directly and actively involved in policy-making and deserves a good deal of credit for the accomplishments of her husband’s last two terms as governor.

Perhaps the most important source of Jerry Brown’s extraordinary success is his apparently inexhaustible capacity for self-invention. Like the California that he governed, he has been driven by a constantly changing vision of the future. This vision, it should be said, was not always clear and accurate, but in a career stretching across half a century, he has been more often right than wrong. For decades he has warned about the dangers of climate change and environmental catastrophe, and is now one of the most eloquent critics of the institutionalization of ignorance that characterizes so much of contemporary American politics. Jerry’s success depends on more than his commitment to prepare for a tomorrow that will not be like today. He has also been, as many of his fellow Californians have not, inspired by his awareness of the past’s enduring power, an awareness nourished by the spiritual values that he learned from the Jesuits, by his own broad and eclectic reading, and by his engagement with his ancestors, whose experiences have begun to play an increasingly important part in his public statements and private reflections.

Pawel begins and ends her book where the Browns’ own story began and apparently will end, in the rugged foothills of Colusa County where Jerry Brown’s great-grandparents first settled in the middle of the nineteenth century and to which he plans to return when he leaves office in January 2019. “It is nice,” the governor recently remarked, “to walk in the very footprints of your grandmother, and your great-grandfather.” The Browns always looked where they were going (often it was to the next election), but they never forgot where they came from. 


The Browns of California
The Family Dynasty that Transformed a State and Shaped a Nation

Miriam Pawel
Bloomsbury Publishing, $35, 496 pp.


          China and India can succeed in Afghanistan where US, Russia failed      Cache   Translate Page      
Far from being stable, Afghanistan is yet to even see its many conflicts end. The fractured political, economic and social reality of Afghanistan that we witness today is, in fact, the creation of a fractured mandate for peace. Despite the sheer number of international peace processes that have been initiated in Afghanistan’s name, little has been achieved in terms of restoring peace, stability and order there. These processes have often paralleled each other, vying for significance lest...
          Mueller to detail ex-NSA Flynn's cooperation in Russia probe      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Rumors: the new Zenit D1 mirrorless full-frame digital camera could be a limited edition based on the Leica M9, new Zenitar lenses for Leica M-mount by Peter      Cache   Translate Page      
Are one of those Purting trolls that have to promote Mother Russia?
          NPR Story Forced to Issue Correction After Publishing False Information on Trump Jr.      Cache   Translate Page      

NPR was forced to correction append its report titled “Trump Jr.’s 2017 Testimony Conflicts with Cohen’s Account of Russian Talks.” NPR reporter Philip Ewing claimed that Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony conflicted with attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony about the timeline of possible real estate deals that were in tentative talks among some Russians and the Trump […]

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unnamed-5«Собибор» взял Гран-при «Золотой башни», дебют Александра Ханта получил «Лучший фильм» в Лондоне, «Мира» завоевала почетную награду в рамках «Темных ночей» (PÖFF), в Нью-Йорке состоится Неделя российского кино
          Oil groped bottom      Cache   Translate Page      

The worst monthly dynamics over the past decade has changed for oil, the best two-day increase since June, thanks to friendship. Warm meeting of Mohammed bin Salman and Vladimir Putin, as well as a joint dinner of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, inspire hope for solving several problems of the bulls in Brent and WTI. On the one hand, there are growing risks of production cuts following the OPEC meeting on December 6. On the other hand, the de-escalation of the trade conflict can have a positive effect on global demand for black gold. The market had a reason for the correction to the "bearish" trend, and he hurried to use it.

If Russia can afford lower oil prices, then for Saudi Arabia, this is highly undesirable. The question is, by what size will Riyadh persuade Moscow to cut production? According to Reuters, the Kremlin is ready for 140 thousand b / d, the cartel would like to receive from it 250-300 thousand b / d. In one of the previous materials, I noted that there was still a third player in the face of the United States, but the cooling of relations between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump after the incident in the Kerch Strait does not allow discussing the option under which the Russian Federation is increasing production. The states believe that they will do without Russia in such an important matter as the reduction of the cost of black gold. Let them continue to think so.

Dynamics of oil production growth


The loud statements of Saudi Arabia on the eve of the OPEC summit on December 6 about the need to stabilize the market by joint efforts and that Riyadh alone does not intend to cut production, are focused more on the cartel. Formally, the meeting may be about a proportional reduction in production by 3-3.5% from October levels, however, it is obvious that each of the participating countries will bear an individual load. The total volume of cuts (together with Russia) can reach 1.3-1.4 million b / s.

From the point of view of the proposal, the support of the "bulls" for Brent and WTI was provided by Canada's statement to reduce production by 325 thousand b / d. The government intends to unload the warehouses and put an end to the crisis in the oil industry. The requirements of the official Ottawa to manufacturing companies will be valid until the end of 2019, although the volume of reductions is planned to be gradually reduced.

As for the truce in the trade wars, its influence on the black gold market is manifested in two main areas. First, the States will not temporarily impose duties on all Chinese imports. If this happened, the economy of the Middle Kingdom, according to the calculations of the Financial Times, already in 2019 would have slowed down by 1-1.5 pp China is the largest consumer of oil, so the positive news has become a catalyst for the attack of the bulls in Brent and WTI. Secondly, the de-escalation of the conflict leads to a weakening of the American dollar, which should also be considered as good news for black gold.

Technically, after reaching the target of 113% for the "Shark" pattern, a regular rebound followed. The probability of development of correction in the direction of 23.6%, 38.2% and 50% of the CD wave is high.

Brent, the daily chart


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Studio: GayHoopla Cast: Jake Pavlov Genres: ejaculation, homo, masturbation, porn, posing, solo Two enchanting charming guys decided to have a admirable fucking! As ordinary, it all begins with a unfathomable oral job, after engulfing off a love tunnel, our hero takes over his lover's booty and [...]
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Неожиданно, но карьера для россиян стала приоритетнее хорошей атмосферы на рабочем месте.

          Russian cenbank recommends market reports non-standard FX deals      Cache   Translate Page      
MOSCOW, Dec 4- The Russian central bank recommends market players to inform it about all non-standard deals on the foreign currency exchange, First Deputy Chairman Sergei Shvetsov on Tuesday.
          Ukraine resumes grain shipments from Azov Sea Reuters      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine said on Tuesday it had resumed grain shipments from the Azov Sea, blocked for around 10 days after a military standoff with Russia in the Ker
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DEEP STATE          


Mueller’s Intricate Cover Up of Deep State Spying on Trump

RUSH: Michael Cohen has begged a federal judge for mercy after his guilty plea. I should tell you, Paul Sperry, who writes for the New York Post and Real Clear Politics, took a look. He did a deep dive into Cohen’s plea that has been publicized by Mueller. We’ll link to it at I’d have to read the whole thing to you, basically get in the weeds, but his conclusion is that this plea deal actually exonerates Trump, but that that’s not the way Mueller is gonna end up reporting this.

Now, Rudy Giuliani is out joining the criticism of Mueller because it’s apparent from Jerome Corsi and Manafort that what Mueller is doing, which we discussed last week, is trying to force people to say what Mueller wants them to say. He’s trying to force people to lie in order to make the case that Mueller wants to make. And Giuliani is now calling Mueller out on this as well. So Cohen apparently has done this. Cohen has apparently told Mueller what he wants to hear about some things, particularly his Trump Tower meeting.

And again, folks, I can’t stress enough here, this is so crucial and so important to illustrate how actually literally bogus all of this is. The original Russian collusion story that the media and the deep state reported for now two years is that the Russians and Trump got together and conspired — they really want to use conspiracy instead of collusion, but they don’t dare. And they haven’t needed to. Collusion people are interpreting it to meet conspiracy anyway. See, conspiracy is a crime. Collusion isn’t. And that’s why they have to be very careful in not using the word “conspiracy” ’cause there isn’t any crime here.

They have literally created the impression in nearly half this country’s population that the Russians tampered with votes and that Trump was aware of it and agreed to let them do it in order to benefit from it, i.e., being elected president, Hillary losing. This is what they made the American people think the Mueller investigation is.

I can’t tell you the number of left-wing Democrats and American leftists, the Democrat voting base who literally to this day still think that’s what all this is and that Mueller has the smoking gun, the silver bullet or what have you. And Mueller doesn’t have anything of the sort because nothing of the sort happened. So now Mueller has got these witnesses and he’s asking them to say various things that may not have happened. Manafort, Jerome Corsi, they’re alleging that this is what Mueller is doing.

And, by the way, the reason I tend to believe it — I don’t know either Manafort or Corsi — but the reason I believe it is because the same people on Mueller’s team did this exact thing during the Ted Stevens trial, the senator from Alaska, and during the Enron trial. They did the exact same thing.

And, in fact, get this! James Comey has been subpoenaed to testify behind closed doors to a House committee. Comey sued! And he got some DOJ lawyers to represent him, trying to shut this down. Now, the DOJ has nothing to say to the Congress. The Congress can do open session or closed session, and there’s nothing, because of separation of powers, that anybody can say about it.

And yet Comey had his lawyers sue on the basis that he didn’t want closed session. He wanted open because he’s afraid, he says, that they’re gonna leak what he says to make him look bad. Imagine that! James Comey, who leaks like a sieve to make everybody else look bad, is afraid he’s gonna get the same treatment, so he wanted an open hearing. And he got some lawyers to go out and sue on that basis.

Now, a bombshell happened that has not hit the Drive-By Media, and it’s from John Solomon who, on Friday, reported that there were at least six different deep state operatives who attempted to infiltrate and set up the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Now, we know of two or three. We know of Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor and his involvement with George Papadopoulos. And we know of Stefan Halper. And we know of the Australian ambassador, John Howard.


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          Aid deliveries to Syria at risk in UN Security Council vote      Cache   Translate Page      

A Security Council resolution that allows the UN to deliver aid across Syria’s borders into opposition-held areas without the permission of President Bashar al-Assad is up for renewal and, as with so many diplomatic manoeuvres in the seven-year war, all eyes are on Russia.


The UN relies on Resolution 2165, first passed in 2014, to use two crossings with Turkey to bring aid to millions of civilians in Syria’s rebel-held northwest, many of whom have fled their homes elsewhere in the country. A government offensive to retake the area, which includes Idlib province, is currently on hold after a deal brokered by Turkey and Russia.


The lion’s share of cross-border assistance is delivered by groups outside the UN system, but humanitarians say the UN provides a reputational and organisational backbone that bolsters the entire aid operation – one that risks being lost if Russia vetoes the resolution.


In an interview on Monday with IRIN’s Ben Parker, UN aid chief Mark Lowcock said there is “no plan B” for delivering UN assistance without the backing of UN resolutions, as the Syrian government is “not willing” to allow aid to cross its front lines to reach rebel-held areas.


☰ Read more: The backstory of Resolution 2165


UN General Assembly Resolution 46/182, which is the basis for all UN international humanitarian action, states “humanitarian assistance should be provided with the consent of the affected country”. The Geneva Conventions also say the consent of affected states is required but may not be arbitrarily withheld.

In the early years of Syria’s war, many NGOs said that aid was being arbitrarily withheld to border regions and argued that by bringing aid in across borders they were therefore safely within the bounds of the Geneva Conventions.

But that wasn’t good enough for the UN, which had an assertive member state – Syria – saying no to assistance; to work under 46/182 the body needed a Security Council resolution. They got it with 2165, which said that UN agencies no longer had to request permission from al-Assad, they only had to notify Damascus before crossing the border through one of four entry points:

  • Bab al-Hawa, from Turkey into Idlib in northwestern Syria
  • Bab al-Salameh, also from Turkey into northwestern Syria
  • Ramtha, from Jordan into southern Syria
  • Yaroubiyeh, from Iraq into northeastern Syria

In 2018, the Ramtha crossing with Jordan was retaken by the Syrian army. Yaroubiyeh has been used sparingly, partly because of insecurity in Iraq.

As a result, 2165 now mostly matters for northwestern Syria – an area which, according to statistics compiled by the Mercy Corps Humanitarian Access Team and made available to IRIN, holds some 3.3 million Syrians, three quarters of whom live in the wider Idlib area. (However, population statistics in Syria are highly unreliable.)

Although 2165 does not require permission from Damascus, a demanding apparatus of border inspections came with the resolution, staffed by the UN and funded by donors.

New UN hubs sprang up in the Turkish city of Gaziantep and in Amman, from where UN agencies began to organise a regular supply chain for civilians in border areas outside al-Assad’s control.


With 2165 set to expire 10 January, Kuwait and Sweden are readying a one-year renewal. The two Security Council members will circulate a draft “soon”, Kuwait’s ambassador to the UN said on Friday.


“The resolution allows the UN and its partners to deliver humanitarian aid through the most direct routes to people in need in Syria,” Per Örnéus, Sweden’s special envoy for the Syria crisis, told IRIN. “The mandate is strictly humanitarian, offering a lifeline for millions of people,” he added. “It must be extended.”


The resolution has been renewed annually since 2014, but last year’s vote caused friction – and nail-biting for humanitarians working on Syrian aid operations – when Russia singled it out for harsh criticism, saying it threatened Syria’s sovereignty.


While al-Assad’s top ally on the Security Council opted not to veto last year, Moscow is sending out mixed signals as the January deadline approaches. Renewal looks more likely than not, but it is far from a sure thing.


Major impact

Resolution 2165 was first mooted at a time in the war when Damascus regularly denied UN requests to bring help across its borders to areas dominated by the opposition. It allows the UN to bring shipments in at specific points, as long as it notifies the Syrian government.


Humanitarians insist 2165 is crucial, and stress that its importance should not be measured just in terms of the actual quantities of aid delivered.

In 2017, UN agencies like WFP or UNHCR provided only around 20 percent of the cross-border aid deliveries to Syria. NGOs outside of the UN system brought in the rest, often delivering it through local Syrian organisations and importing their aid mostly through commercial channels (the official Bab al-Hawa and Bab al-Salameh crossings with Turkey) or a separate network of crossings monitored by the Turkish Red Crescent.

Map of Syria border crossings with Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon


Most goods – like food and fuel – enter northwestern Syria on a for-profit basis, imported by Turkish or Syrian businessmen.

Aid agencies say more than three million people live in northwestern areas not controlled by the Syrian government, though population estimates in Syria are notoriously unreliable and have in the past often suffered from overcounting.

Without 2165, private traders and NGOs could still bring goods in, as long as Ankara approved. But UN involvement would likely end immediately if Damascus objected, and, while NGOs might be able to fill the tonnage gap created by a UN pull-out, losing 2165 would be a big blow to the humanitarian relief effort.

A source with significant experience of the Syrian aid operation, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said 2165 brought a “significant increase in the overall response” by helping “what was a fragmented humanitarian community come closer together, coordinate, build institutions, and deliver a more joined-up and effective response as of 2015.”

Mathieu Rouquette of the Syria International NGO Regional Forum, a network of 70 aid groups working in Syria, said the resolution “still underpins access to millions of people in areas that we are not able to reach from Damascus.”

There would be other impacts too.

Aid operations would likely suffer if the UN stopped planning and coordinating deliveries in the Turkish border town of Gaziantep, as many NGOs rely on the UN hub for logistical support.

“The resolution is what underpins the overall architecture of the humanitarian response,” explained Rouquette. “So an end to that would necessarily mean a return to a fragmented humanitarian response.”

Moving to Damascus

Aid workers said the loss of a UN role in the cross-border response would also accelerate the shift of international NGOs from opposition-held areas towards parts of Syria controlled by al-Assad’s government, while enhancing Ankara’s influence over cross-border operations.

The Syrian government has told most NGOs that in order to register in Damascus they must end their “illegal” cross-border work under 2165.

Many international NGOs were originally drawn into cross-border work early in the war by US and EU funding streams geared to shore up opposition regions, while others branched out from working with Syrian refugees. They also filled in the gaps before 2165 when the UN could only assist Syrians in state-controlled areas, except for very rare “cross-line” exceptions, like convoys from Damascus to besieged areas.

Some chafe under the rules laid down by Turkey: Ankara has told international NGOs they can either provide cross-border assistance from Turkey to Syrians in the rebel-held northwest, or work in in northeastern Syria, which is controlled by US-backed Kurdish groups hostile to the Turkish government. They can’t do both.

In 2017, Turkish authorities ordered Mercy Corps to leave the country, apparently as punishment for its work in the Kurdish-held regions.

With al-Assad now back in charge of most of Syria, and the sole remaining cross-border hub in Gaziantep catering to an area of northern Syria that is largely under Turkish tutelage, many NGOs have come to view Damascus as the best option.

“The resolution is what underpins the overall architecture of the humanitarian response.”

Several NGOs have voiced concerns about what being stripped of the UN cover would mean for the overall optics of cross-border work in a place like Idlib province, which is currently controlled by rebel groups – some of whom are designated terrorists by the United States and other countries.

Bab al-Hawa has been controlled by the UN-designated al-Qaeda spinoff Tahrir al-Sham since 2017 and has been at the centre of diversion scandals that triggered Western aid cutoffs and NGOs suspensions. USAID is now rolling out a stricter inspection regime, further tilting the risk analysis for NGOs pondering where to focus their operations.

On Monday, the Charity Commission – the UK government department that regulates and registers NGOs in England and Wales – issued an alert, warning “there is a risk that a terrorist organisation may financially benefit from any aid passing through the Bab al-Hawa crossing.”

Tripping over counter-terrorism sanctions can cause very serious problems for NGOs: legal issues, economic losses, reputational damage, and donor flight. In the face of these risks, UN involvement offers them and their donors a sense of reassurance and legitimacy.

Should the cross-border operation be stripped of its UN participation, it would likely prod more Western NGOs to withdraw from Syria altogether or rebase in Damascus on terms set by al-Assad. And, as a result, the northwestern cross-border response would come to rely even more on the Turkish Red Crescent and other Ankara-friendly groups.


Russian roulette

With a resolution expected on the table in the coming weeks, a Swedish diplomatic source told IRIN that Turkey and Russia are now the “key actors” in the battle over 2165. Ankara may influence Moscow’s views, but it is Russia’s vote in the Security Council that will be decisive.

☰ Read more: Moscow’s mood swings


Moscow joined Western states in voting for resolution 2165 and extensions of it in 2014, 2015, and 2016. But last year’s vote was different.

In November 2017, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia slammed 2165 as “unprecedented and extreme” and said it “usurps Syria’s sovereignty”. A Foreign Ministry spokesperson accused the resolution of contributing to “the division of Syria”.

US-Russian conflict in the Security Council was then at a high pitch after Nebenzia cast three successive vetoes to shut down a UN investigation that found the Syrian military had gassed civilians, and many humanitarians feared that 2165’s time was up.

However, Moscow relented and said it would abstain from voting in return for a review of cross-border aid and monitoring procedures by the secretary-general, allowing 2165 to be renewed on 19 December 2017 with 12 votes in favour and none against. (China and Bolivia also abstained.)

While aid workers were relieved, many assumed that the resolution was unlikely to be renewed again in recognisable shape.

But something happened soon after that: Instead of ramping up attacks on 2165 as the vote approached, Moscow fell silent.

IRIN has learned that a Russian diplomat unexpectedly told NGO representatives in Geneva last month that cross-border aid “should remain and should remain as it is”.

Four humanitarian and two diplomatic sources confirmed that Russia voiced support for continued cross-border aid.

Most attributed Russia’s apparent 180 degree turn to the 17 September Turkish-Russian agreement over Idlib, which seems to reflect an unspoken understanding that northwestern Syria will effectively remain in Turkish hands for the foreseeable future.

“The only explanation I can think of is that there was some sort of deal struck between Turkey and Russia as part of the broader negotiations over Idlib in which Turkey sought non-opposition on this to avoid having to let in another wave of refugees”, a humanitarian source told IRIN.

Russia could also have decided that it is not currently in its interest to hand back control over cross-border aid to al-Assad, when it currently has that control itself through the Security Council. Even then, Moscow may of course seek to dilute or amend Resolution 2165.


After abstaining from voting on a renewal in 2017, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia as recently as June called the UN secretary-general’s positive review of the resolution  “disappointing” and said “it is essential to work to end the mechanism”, warning that the UN needed to “prepare for the closure of cross-border operations”.

More recently, Moscow has signalled it will not look to block renewal. But some supporters of 2165 worry that Russia may be trying to lull rivals into a false sense of security, while others fear that poorly handled debates or unrelated quarrels could still encourage a veto.

“To be honest, I’m not convinced the renewal will be so easy,” one humanitarian source said, accusing parts of the aid community of showing a “baffling” faith in renewal and of failing to prepare for other outcomes.

On 29 November, Russia’s deputy UN ambassador Dmitry Polyansky told the Security Council that terrorist-listed groups are exploiting cross-border support and insisted that the “significant changes” on the ground in Syria in 2018 require “commensurate adjustment of the cross-border mechanism”.

Polyansky did not elaborate, but even if Moscow has decided to let 2165 live until further notice, there are a number of limited amendments that may be in the Russian interest.

Russia could, for example, condition renewal on new language that reinforces al-Assad’s legitimacy or supports reconstruction aid for Syria, which would infuriate Western nations. And while Turkey would presumably oppose the UN’s loss of access through Bab al-Hawa and Bab al-Salameh, stripping away UN access to US-backed Kurdish areas through the third crossing at Yaaroubiyeh might be another matter.

If Moscow wants to have 2165 on the table more often, as a source of leverage, it could also seek to cut the time between renewals.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, the Russian UN mission, and representatives of the Syrian government all failed to responded to IRIN’s requests for comment.

(TOP PHOTO: Internally displaced Syrians in northern Aleppo province's Tel Rifaat collect aid supplies. CREDIT: Antwan Chnkdji/UNHCR)


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          Re: Helen (Jakowski) Zaloga      Cache   Translate Page      

Stanislawa "Stella" Rogalski, b. 14 May 1887, Zarchny, Russia
Source: Janine Leigh Isleman family tree, ancestry but no source

Jan Zaloga [John]
Married: 1911, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Source: PA Marriages 1852-1968

1920 Philadelphia City
John Zaloga, b. Poland, 27, immigrated 1909, alien, machinist battery factory
Stella, b. Poland, 27, imm 1902, al
John Jr., b. PA, 7
Jennie, b. PA, 4 11/12
Stella, b. PA, 2 11/12th
Stehen, b. PA, 6/12ths

1930 Philadelphia City
John Zaloga, b. POland, 38, naturalized, weaver plush mill
Stella, b. Poland, 38, alien
John, b. PA, 17, ____ plush mill
Jennie, b. PA, 15, setter rep paper box factory
Stella, b. PA, 12
Stanley, b. PA, 10
Zagment?, son, b. PA, 9
helen, b. PA, 5

Helen Zloga
Born: 1924, Philadelphia City
Died: 16 July 1939, Philadelphia City
Buried: Saint Peters German Redemptionist Fathers Cemetery, Philadelphia

Jan Zaloga
Born: 1892
Died: 1949, Philadelphia City
Buried: Saint Peters German Redemptionist Fathers Cemetery, Philadelphia City

1935 & 1940 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA
John N. Zelik, b. PA, 32, electrician, education=8th grade
Helen, b. PA, 30, educ=high school 1 yr
Helen E., b. PA, 3
Ralph F., b. PA, 1

John Zaloga
Born: 16 Aug 1912
Last Res: Philadelphia City, PA
Died: Dec 1978
Source: U. S. Social Security Death Index 1935-2014

Helen M. Zaloga
Born: 12 Sept 1914
Died: 23 Sept 1986
Buried: Oaklawn Memorial Cemetery, Sparta, White, Tennessee

I'd look for both of their obituaries to find the list of their children. I'd contact the Free Library of Philadelphia, and request a scan/copy of John's.

A genealogical or historical society in White County TN might have Helen's. Successful Searching!
HOW AND WHERE YOU CAN MEET RUSSIAN WOMEN FOR MARRIAGE ONLINE The planet is obsessed with Russian women and it’s not a shock at all! These fascinating ladies have been here on a regular basis but Western men had no use of them because of certain limitations of this Soviet Union. Nevertheless, since 1991, Russian ...
          Busted.      Cache   Translate Page      
FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved the controversial nuclear deal with Moscow H/T +Daniel Bongino

          Send the Rat to Jail.      Cache   Translate Page      
A petulant President Donald Trump on Monday called for his ex-personal lawyer Michael Cohen to receive a stiff prison sentence for his admitted crimes, as he accused Cohen of making up "stories to get a GREAT & ALREADY reduced deal for himself."
Thomas Williams, Donald J. Trump

“Michael Cohen asks the judge for no Prison Time.” You mean he can do all of the TERRIBLE, unrelated to Trump, things having to do with fraud, big loans, Taxis, etc., and not serve a long prison term? He makes up stories to get a GREAT & ALREADY reduced deal for himself, and get.....

10:24 AM - Dec 3, 2018
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Donald J. Trump

....his wife and father-in-law (who has the money?) off Scott Free. He lied for this outcome and should, in my opinion, serve a full and complete sentence.

10:29 AM - Dec 3, 2018
           First manned Soyuz mission since dramatic abort delivers crew to ISS       Cache   Translate Page      

Soyuz MS-10 launches the Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

The first manned Soyuz flight since the dramatic abort incident in October lifted off today from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Carrying NASA astronaut Anne McClain , Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques, and Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Konenenko, the Russian Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft launched at 6:31 am EST (5:31 pm Baikonur time) and docked with the International Space Station eight hours later.

.. Continue Reading First manned Soyuz mission since dramatic abort delivers crew to ISS

Category: Space

          RFBR-DFG Cooperation: Possibility for Joint German-Russian Research Projects      Cache   Translate Page      
The DFG and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) are opening the possibility for funding of joint German-Russian projects in all areas of basic research for the period of 2020-2022. These joint proposals have to be based on a close interaction between the German and Russian research teams and should present joint project goals and a joint work plan with balanced contributions from all project partners. In accordance with the full proposal target date of RFBR (4 March 2018) and the fact, that on this date the DFG Head Office is closed, proposals to the DFG should be submitted not later than 7 March 2019.
          Lawmakers Question Pentagon's Strategy Focusing on Russia, China      Cache   Translate Page      
Senators voiced concern that the Pentagon's new defense strategy could hurt the counterterrorism mission in Afghanistan.
          Mike Pompeo Says U.S. Will Suspend Nuclear Treaty in 60 Days Unless Russia Stops ‘Cheating’      Cache   Translate Page      
Pompeo: 'We either bury our head in the sand or we take common sense action'
          Election - Roger Stone pleads the Fifth in Russia investigation, breaking Trump's rule that only 'the mob' uses that defense      Cache   Translate Page      
Roger Stone, the right-wing political trickster and longtime Trump adviser, is pleading the Fifth Amendment in the Senate investigation into Russian election interference...
          Election - Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg to meet with Senate Intelligence Committee in January      Cache   Translate Page      
It is the latest sign that the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation into Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election is going to carry into the...
          National security reviews 2018: Russian Federation      Cache   Translate Page      
New amendments potentially require foreign investors to disclose information about beneficiaries, beneficial owners and controlling persons as part of pre-clearance. The Government Commission on Control Over Foreign Investments in the Russian...
By: White & Case LLP
          Ukraine calls for more Canadian sanctions on Russia after boats seized      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine is asking Canada to apply more sanctions to Russia as fresh tensions between the Eastern European neighbours threaten to erupt into open conflict. Reported by 5 minutes ago.
          Russian space agency spokesman slams 'information attack'      Cache   Translate Page      
The Russian space agency Roscosmos is bemoaning the endless stream of bad publicity that it says is designed to curb its funding.
          Russian launch may have put new secret weapon into orbit      Cache   Translate Page      
The rocket, launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Western Russia, was set to launch three new communications satellites (file photo, Soyuz).
          Russian law enforcement 'blocks sick paedophile website masquerading as offering kids clothes'      Cache   Translate Page      
The sickening website was shrouded in secrecy - with deals done by encrypted messenger and payments made in cryptocurrency. It featured children as young as five and even offered home delivery.
          Russian Soyuz rocket successfully launches 3 astronauts toward ISS      Cache   Translate Page      
American Anne McClain, Canadian David Saint-Jacques and Russian Oleg Kononenko successfully took off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Monday on their way to the ISS.
          12/5/2018: SPORT & WEATHER: KHABIB TOUR ANNOUNCED      Cache   Translate Page      
THE man who conquered Conor McGregor is on his way to Australia. Khabib Nurmagomedov, the UFC lightweight champion, will be in Melbourne next month. The Russian holds the longest undefeated streak in MMA, with 27 wins, and is unbeaten as a...
          12/5/2018: SUMMER OF CRICKET: Teen suffers icy death      Cache   Translate Page      
FROM the only-in-Russia file. A promising young soccer star has frozen to death after going walkabout following a night on the town. Lokomotiv Moscow’s ALEXEY LOMAKIN went missing after he left the club’s medical centre before joining a friend for a...
          Court filing likely to show details of Flynn's Russia dealings      Cache   Translate Page      
Special counsel Robert Mueller is set to reveal the extent of Michael Flynn's cooperation and insights into the dealings of Russians with the Trump campaign and administration a year after the guilty plea from President Donald Trump's former national security adviser.

          No clarity on whether Whitaker sought ethics advice on potential conflicts in Russia probe      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump's interim pick to head the Justice Department has been on the job for four weeks, but Matthew Whitaker has been noticeably silent about how he is handling any potential conflicts of interest while guiding the department through one of the most politically charged environments in decades.

          Russian scientists developed a new drug for cancer diagnostics and treatment      Cache   Translate Page      
(Sechenov University) Russian researchers announced the development of a combined action drug based on ionizing radiation and bacterial toxin. Their total effect appeared to be 2,200 times stronger compared to that exerted by the radiation and toxin, separately. The drug affects tumor cells selectively providing better diagnostics and treatment of malignant tumors (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)

MedWorm Message: If you are looking to buy something in the January Sales please visit for a directory of all the best sales in the UK. Any income gained via affiliate links keeps MedWorm running.

          3 Astronauts Arrive Safely on International Space Station Following Previous Failed Launch      Cache   Translate Page      
(BAIKONUR, Kazakhstan) — Three astronauts who were launched into space aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft Monday entered the International Space Station nearly eight hours later, a relief to relatives and scientists months after a rocket failure aborted another mission. The hatch of the capsule carrying NASA astronaut Anne McClain, David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Space Agency and Oleg Kononenko of Russian space agency Roscosmos was opened while the station was flying over the southern coast of Yemen. The three were greeted upon arrival Monday by the station’s current crew members, who had waited outside the hatch after the astronauts’ capsule docked and underwent safety checks. Their Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft launched from the Russian-leased Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakh...
          Россиянам могут разрешить приостанавливать выплаты по ипотеке      Cache   Translate Page      

Первый заместитель председателя Банка России Сергей Швецов рассказал о предложении регулятора позволить россиянам приостанавливать выплаты по ипотеке в сложных жизненных ситуациях.

"Мы предлагаем, чтобы стандарт ипотеки включал опцион для гражданина временно отказаться от выплаты по ипотечному кредиту", - цитирует его РИА Новости.

По словам Швецова, в России участились случаи, когда жители страны в возрасте 30-35 лет вынуждены менять работу не по собственному желанию, а из-за определённых жизненных обстоятельств, связанных, в частности, с завершением деятельности предприятия, сотрудниками которого они являются.

При этом он добавил, что список подобных обстоятельств может быть расширен.

Швецов также подчеркнул, что, если инициатива будет реализована, банки, которые выдают кредиты, не будут нести убытки, а регулятор не будет относить их к разряду просроченных.

Ранее НСН передавала, что в России в октябре 2018 года, по предварительной оценке ДОМ.РФ, было выдано кредитов на сумму около 300 млрд рублей, что на 40% больше, чем за аналогичный период прошлого года.

          Glonass-TV awarded spectrum in 800 MHz band      Cache   Translate Page      
(Telecompaper) The Russian state radio frequency commission SFRC has allocated rights to use frequencies in the 800 MHz band to the company Glonass-TV, reports
          Bad news on the horizon for motorists as world oil prices perk up       Cache   Translate Page      
A rally in oil prices after a two-month slide indicates traders are betting that OPEC and its allies including Russia will agree to produce less crude.
          Oil curbs gains amid trade, output cut uncertainty      Cache   Translate Page      
Oil prices pared gains in a volatile trade on Tuesday amid fears that demand would stall due to a trade war between the United States and China, and concerns that Russia remains a stumbling block to a deal to cut global crude supply.

          Evgeniya      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Evgeniya, 38 y.o. , Ukraine

          Lily      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Lily, 26 y.o. , Russia

          Yani      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Yani, 38 y.o. , Spain

          Anastasiya      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Anastasiya, 31 y.o. , Russia

          Наталья      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Наталья, 31 y.o. , Ukraine

          By any means necessary      Cache   Translate Page      
Victor Davis Hanson writes in National Review,
...So far, we know that the U.S. government decided to intervene in a political campaign to help one candidate and to smear the other — under the pretext of Russian “collusion.” And so it hired or made use of spies and informants including Hank Greenberg, Stefan Halper, Felix Sater, and others to contact Trump campaign officials to catch them in supposed collusion traps. It enlisted the help of foreign intelligence agencies, specifically the British and Australians. It misled FISA courts into granting warrants to spy on Americans and, post factum, threatened long prisons sentences with those surveilled and interviewed. And as a result, it has so far found no collusion but may well find some misleading statements in hundreds of hours of testimonies from the likes of Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, and perhaps Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone.

Christopher Steele, a British subject and de facto unregistered foreign agent, is imminently indictable and extraditable. He was paid through two firewalls (Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie) by Hillary Clinton to tap Russian sources to compile a smear dossier on her opponent, with the intent of warping the U.S. election — a classic example of foreign-agent interference in an American campaign. If we were to take away that one purchased document, then the FISA court warrants, the informants, and all the CIA, FBI, and DOJ machinations would likely have disappeared or never arisen.

...Brennan has never faced consequences for admittedly lying under oath to Congress about collateral drone damage and surveillance of Senate staff computers; James Clapper likewise admittedly lied to Congress about NSA surveillance and faced no consequences. Has any administration ever had its two top intelligence officials admit to lying under oath on matters of national policy and security, and with impunity to a congressional committee?

...Both Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills likely lied to FBI investigators about the extent of their knowledge of Clinton’s private email server. In Orwellian fashion, FBI investigator Peter Strzok claimed that Abedin and Mills were not truthful to the federal investigators, while he concluded that General Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national-security adviser, had been.

Yet Flynn was targeted for giving false information to federal officials, while Abedin and Mills never were. Of course, Clinton herself lied when she insisted that she had transmitted no classified information over the server, and she destroyed over 30,000 emails Congress had subpoenaed — all without any criminal liability.

No one has ever seriously investigated the activities of Daniel Jones, who worked for Fusion GPS and was apparently a former FBI agent and staff investigator for Senator Dianne Feinstein, and who as a freelancer received millions of dollars from anti-Trump donors (reportedly Silicon Valley activists and George Soros) and, after Trump was president, in March 2017, met with FBI officials to share information gathered by his Penn Quarter Group designed to harm the Trump presidency.

...Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel, signed a dubious FISA warrant request. Such surveillance was apparently useful to his appointee Robert Mueller’s ability to issue indictments against some minor Trump officials. Was Mueller ever going to examine whether Rosenstein improperly helped produce a FISA court warrant that was central to Mueller’s own investigation?

...Such skullduggery poses the question of whether Mueller’s investigation has been simply derailed by partisanship. Or has it effectively served as a deliberate distraction from the felonious behavior of dozens of Obama-administration and Clinton-campaign officials — all determined to ensure, by any means necessary, that Trump would never be president?
Read more here.
          Corsi stands up to Mueller      Cache   Translate Page      
Sara Carter reports that
A prominent conservative writer at the heart of Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russia probe filed a criminal complaint against the special counsel this week; accusing the federal investigator of seeking “false testimony.”

“Conservative author Jerome Corsi on Monday filed a ‘criminal and ethics complaint’ against Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, accusing investigators of trying to bully him into giving ‘false testimony’ against President Trump,” writes Fox News.

“The 78-page document, asserting the existence of a ‘slow-motion coup against the president,’ was filed to a range of top law enforcement officials including Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, D.C.’s U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu, and the Bar Disciplinary Counsel,” adds the article.

“Dr. Corsi has been criminally threatened and coerced to tell a lie and call it the truth,” the complaint adds.

Read the full story here.

          Turkey, Russia working to resolve Idlib issues: Erdoğan      Cache   Translate Page      
Turkey and Russia do not have a “serious problem” with regards to Syria’s Idlib province, where the two countries are trying to create a sustainable demilitarized zone, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Dec. 2.
          Top NATO diplomats to meet amid Ukraine demands for support against Russian aggression      Cache   Translate Page      
NATO is seeking a robust response after the seizure of three Ukrainian ships by Moscow sparked a major crisis, as the foreign ministers of the alliance will convene Dec. 4-5 in Brussels with Russia atop their agenda.
          “300 carri armati al confine Mosca ora vuole invaderci”      Cache   Translate Page      

La Russia avrebbe spostato 300 carri armati T62 dalle regioni orientali a una base vicina al confine con l’Ucraina. Lo denuncia il capo di Stato maggiore di Kiev, Viktor Muzhenko, in un intervento su una rete televisiva ucraina, ripreso dall’agenzia di Stato. “La natura di tali spostamenti dimostra che potrebbero essere creati a breve raggruppamenti offensivi significativi, con […]

L'articolo “300 carri armati al confine
Mosca ora vuole invaderci”
proviene da Gli occhi della guerra.

          The old guard may be turning against the Russian space program      Cache   Translate Page      
"In recent years, the leaders are blowing more smoke than doing anything substantive."
          The David Pakman Show - December 3, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

--On the Show:

--Bill Scher, Contributing Editor to Politico Magazine and host of the "New Books in Politics" podcast, joins David to discuss the failed attempt to oust Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and the future of Democrats and emissions legislation

--Former President George H W Bush passes away at age 94 and we discuss the balance between respect and realism when remember past political figures

--Donald Trump, like a tantruming child, demands an aide "get me out of here" at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as part of a completely embarrassing summit

--We analyze an absolutely ridiculous Dave Rubin interview with extremist right winger Brigitte Gabriel, which went completely off the rails with unchallenged lies and conspiracy theories

--19 of the G20 countries sign onto a pledge to fight climate change, while one country, the United States, doesn't participate

--Donald Trump announced the "cancellation" of a planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then had the meeting anyway

--Voicemail caller asks how Scandinavian countries have such great economics without a minimum wage

--On the Bonus Show: Substitute teacher tells 1st graders that Santa isn't real, Neil deGrasse Tyson rejects sexual misconduct claims, much more...

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--Leave us a message at The David Pakman Show Voicemail Line (219)-2DAVIDP

          Safe harbour: The OSCE can help calm tensions in the Azov Sea      Cache   Translate Page      
Among even the most experienced seafarers, there is a particularly poignant saying according to which one should never trust a calm sea. On 25 November, tensions escalated between Ukraine and the Russian Federation around the Strait of Kerch that connects the Azov and Black Seas.  The crisis in and around Ukraine, raging since 2014 has
          NATO’s “Bucharest Spell”      Cache   Translate Page      
NATO erred in not immediately granting Georgia and Ukraine a Membership Action Plan in April 2008, according to the former head of the alliance, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. This failure sent the wrong signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin and may have contributed to the decision to attack Georgia in August of the same year and in
          UK forced to leave military dimension of Europe’s Galileo programme      Cache   Translate Page      
The UK’s pending withdrawal from the European Unon is already damaging the EU’s defence cooperation as the political relationship between the Continent’s allies becomes increasingly strained over the basic architecture of Europe’s ability to defend itself against the hostile acts of an emboldened Russia following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine and meddling in EU political affairs. That
          Russia’s Rosatom, Argentina to improve cooperation in nuclear energy      Cache   Translate Page      
On December 22, Russia and Argentina signed a “strategic document” confirming their partnership in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, including floating nuclear power plants, on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Argentina after the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Argentine counterpart Mauricio Macri, State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom said. The
          Bypass of Disabled System Functions      Cache   Translate Page      

Imagine that you discover an Unrestricted File Upload vulnerability and upload a web shell to the server. Or, you have a payload that allows you to execute commands on the system through Local File Inclusion (LFI) or Remote File Inclusion (RFI) vulnerabilities.

Bypass of Disabled System Functions

When you execute the command that’s expected to call system functions on the server side, you’re greeted by a surprise warning which states that you’re not allowed to execute the function because it’s disabled.

Warning: system() has been disabled for security reasons in /var/www/html/shell.php on line 6

The disable_functions directive in the php.ini configuration file allows you to disable certain PHP functions. One of the suggested hardening practices is to disable functions such as system, exec, shell_exec, passthru, by using the disable_functions directive to prevent an attacker from executing system commands. However, a user named Twoster in the Russian Antichat forum announced a new bypass method to this security mechanism. In this blog post, we discuss the technical details of the bypass.

The Exploit Code of the Bypass

Last week, Anton Lopanitsyn shared the exploit code on Github after the announcement on the Antichat forum. In the exploit code, it’s clear that the bypass relies on the imap_open() function, which is activated after the installation of the imap extension on PHP.

# CRLF (c)
# echo '1234567890'>/tmp/test0001

$server = "x -oProxyCommand=echo\tZWNobyAnMTIzNDU2Nzg5MCc+L3RtcC90ZXN0MDAwMQo=|base64\t-d|sh}";

imap_open('{'.$server.':143/imap}INBOX', '', '') or die("\n\nError: ".imap_last_error());

The imap_open() function doesn’t readily exist in the PHP core. It’s a wrapper for imapd, designed by the researchers at the University of Washington. As stated above, PHP will have the imap_open() function defined only after you've installed the IMAP PHP extension. Let’s analyze each component in the exploit code.

The Parameters of imap_open Function

We’re going to take a closer look at the mailbox parameter the function takes, to understand how the imap_open function works in the exploit. Here is the syntax of the function:

resource imap_open ( string $mailbox , string $username , string $password [, int $options = 0 [, int $n_retries = 0 [, array $params = NULL ]]] )

The value for the mailbox parameter consists of the server name and the mailbox file path on the server. The name INBOX stands for the current user’s personal mailbox. This is how you set the mailbox parameter:

$mbox = imap_open ("{localhost:993/PROTOCOL/FLAG}INBOX", "user_id", "password");

Between the brackets, you can see the server name or IP address, the port number (after the colon) and the protocol name. After the protocol name, the user can choose to set a flag as the third parameter.

The warning in the official documentation of PHP about setting up the imap_open parameters is crucial.

This warning states that unless enable_insecure_rsh is disabled, the user data should not be directly transmitted to the mailbox parameter.

This warning states that unless enable_insecure_rsh is disabled, the user data should not be directly transmitted to the mailbox parameter. Let's take a look at  how the IMAP extension works to understand what the enable_insecure_rsh configuration option does, and why the warning prompts users to disable it.

The IMAP Server Types and SSH Connection

There are two Unix-based IMAP servers that are widely used. One is imapd, developed by the University of Washington, and the other is the IMAP server developed by Cyrus.

Cyrus stores the user emails in a built-in database. So, accessing Cyrus is only possible through the IMAP protocol. This is why when Cyrus is in use, there are no connections between user accounts on the Unix system on which the IMAP is installed and the IMAP accounts.

On the other hand, imapd stores the emails in files owned by the mail users on the Unix system, such as /var/spool/mail. User accounts and access privileges on imapd are directly related to the Unix server. If your mails are stored in a spool file to which you have authorization, you can login through SSH and verify your privileges on the files.

There’s no need for the entire procedure to establish an IMAP connection when there’s SSH. The imap_open function initially establishes an SSH connection and, if authorized, proceeds without an IMAP connection. This is called the IMAP preauthenticated mode. The warning given for passing the value in the mailbox parameter is based on this. The mailbox value will be passed on to the SSH command as a parameter while setting up an SSH connection.

Before the secure SSH protocol was widely used, there was a protocol called rsh. However, it's quite insecure by default, doesn't use encryption and shouldn't be used for connections outside (and even inside) the local network. The imap.enable_insecure_rsh configuration option deactivates both rsh and ssh for preauthentication.

The -oProxyCommand in the Exploit

One of the many parameters the SSH command uses is the -o parameter, which allows you to set the options available for use during the connection. ProxyCommand is one of the options that can be set right before commencing the SSH connection. For example:

ssh -oProxyCommand="touch tmp.txt" localhost

When you execute this command, you’ll realize that the tmp.txt file will be created even if an SSH connection is not made to localhost.

The -oProxyCommand in the Exploit

Due to all the components in the exploit code, a system which has functions such as system and passthru disabled will still be vulnerable to executing commands in RFI or LFI vulnerabilities.

Additional Measures Against the Bypass

There are two ways to protect yourself against the dangers of the imap PHP extension. The first is by checking for any special characters (such as forward slashes) whenever you pass user input to imap_open, which would prevent a Remote Code Execution vulnerability. We stated above that you can use certain flags within the mailbox parameter. The /norsh flag is one of these and you should set it in order to disable the IMAP preauthenticated mode.

In addition, an effective defence against the disable_functions bypass is to disable the imap.enable_insecure_rsh option by giving a '0' value in the php.ini file. However, in PHP version 5, this option isn’t available, so you should think twice whether you need the imap extension and whether you should add imap_open to your list of disabled functions.

Authors, Netsparker Security Researchers:

Ziyahan Albeniz
Sven Morgenroth
Umran Yildirimkaya

          Threatening To Quit Cold War Arms Treaty, US Gives Russia 60 Days To Comply      Cache   Translate Page      
The United States warned Russia on Tuesday it will withdraw from a major Cold War treaty limiting mid-range nuclear arms if Moscow does not dismantle missiles that Washington says breach it within 60 days. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington would no longer be bound by the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) […]
          Get Professional Russian Interpretation Services At Affordable Rates (London)      Cache   Translate Page      
  Interpretation make your communication between two resources and you can use this service in many forms, they provide Russian Interpretation Services at affordable rates and if you want this service for your business so you go ahead because they h...
          Russian media slams Trump after G20 Putin snub      Cache   Translate Page      
Russian state media takes aim at the relationship between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin after Trump abruptly canceled his meeting with the Russian leader during the G20 summit.

          Stone invokes Fifth Amendment in Senate probe      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump's confidant Roger Stone is rebuffing a request from the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee for documents and an interview connected to 2016 Russian election meddling, invoking his Fifth Amendment rights.

          Mueller probe memos expected involving Flynn      Cache   Translate Page      
Special counsel Robert Mueller is set to reveal the extent of Michael Flynn's cooperation and insights into the dealings of Russians with the Trump campaign and administration.

          Sick paedo website listed children for £1,200-an-hour sex abuse in Amazon-style online market      Cache   Translate Page      
RUSSIAN law enforcement claims to have blocked a sick website renting out children as young as five to paedophiles. The site masqueraded as a rental site for elite brand children clothing shown in photographs being worn by models as young as five. Media reports in Moscow say it was offering underage boys and girls to […]
          Russia's Militarisation of the Black Sea Shouldn't Go Unchecked      Cache   Translate Page      
C. Dilleen, ASPI
If NATO and key policymakers in the U.S. and Europe continue to cede influence and authority in the Black Sea region to Russia, not only will they be empowering Putin to enforce his will on Ukraine and a number of NATO partners, they will also be contributing to the unravelling of the global rules-based order upon which international security depends.
          Don't stop – Emery issues rallying cry to top-scorer Aubameyang      Cache   Translate Page      
Arsenal boss Unai Emery has challenged Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to go on and become the Premier League's top scorer this season. Aubameyang sits top of the scoring charts as it stands, scoring twice in Arsenal's derby victory over Tottenham to take his tally for the campaign to 10 league goals. And Emery wants the former Borussia Dortmund forward to maintain his hot streak, insisting that Aubameyang can continue to improve. "I want him to continue improving, and his challenge is also collective and individual," Emery said ahead of Arsenal's clash with Manchester United on Wednesday. "I want his challenge to be that he has the opportunity to be the best scorer in the Premier League. "We want to help him achieve this and that is because, if he is scoring, he is helping us. "In the last two matches he has had a very big performance, working and scoring. I want to say to him, 'Don't stop, continue with this commitment every match.' "It is also important that he takes confidence from matches like Tottenham. Now is the moment to say to him, 'Don't stop'." 10 - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the first player to score with 10 consecutive shots on target in the Premier League since October 2007 (Benni McCarthy for Blackburn). Pinpoint. — OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) December 2, 2018 Aubameyang has featured in all 14 of Arsenal's Premier League fixtures so far, making 12 starts. The 29-year-old has not always played in his preferred central role, however, with Emery often utilising the in-form Alexandre Lacazette as the focal point in Arsenal's attack, and the Spaniard believes Aubameyang's versatility is a crucial asset. "In his career he has played as a winger on the right, on the left and like a striker, he [has] played with two strikers," Emery added. "I use him in every position, and sometimes his best performance is starting the match on the bench and then playing 20 or 25 minutes."
          US says it will pull out of INF treaty if Russia does not comply within 60 days      Cache   Translate Page      
  • Mike Pompeo sets deadline over nuclear arms agreement
  • US accuses Moscow of developing banned cruise missiles

The US has given Russia 60 days to comply with the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty or it will no longer abide by the agreement and could produce, test and deploy new missiles, the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has warned.

The ultimatum could herald a major new arms race, with serious implications for Europe. The INF treaty has kept nuclear-armed missiles off European soil for nearly three decades. If it breaks down, missiles could be returned to Europe as early as February.

Continue reading...
          ‘Like an episode of The Sopranos’: CNN reporter dissects Trump’s tweets to witnesses      Cache   Translate Page      

CNN reporter Rebecca Berg-Buck was shocked by one of President Donald Trump’s recent tweets. Friend and ally Roger Stone proclaimed he was using his Fifth Amendment rights not to incriminate himself by handing documents to the special committee investigating the Russia scandal. Stone said Mond...

The post ‘Like an episode of The Sopranos’: CNN reporter dissects Trump’s tweets to witnesses appeared first on Raw Story.

          Trump is shaping new ‘liberal’ order to block Russia, China, Iran, says Mike Pompeo      Cache   Translate Page      

U.S. President Donald Trump’s top diplomat promised on Tuesday a new democratic world order in which Washington will strengthen or jettison international agreements as it sees fit to stop “bad actors” such as Russia, China and Iran from gaining. In a twist on Trump’s “America First” policy, U.S. Sec...

The post Trump is shaping new ‘liberal’ order to block Russia, China, Iran, says Mike Pompeo appeared first on Raw Story.

          What Bribery Experts Say About The Trump Organization's Plan To Give Putin A Penthouse - HuffPost      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. What Bribery Experts Say About The Trump Organization's Plan To Give Putin A Penthouse  HuffPost
  2. Mueller may be poised to lift the lid of his investigation  CNN
  3. Trump’s fortress of corruption is cracking. Here are the latest signs.  The Washington Post
  4. Michael Cohen's Trump Tower revelation could implicate Trump in a bribery scheme involving Russia  NBC News
  5. Cohen and Manafort developments add very little to answering THIS ultimate question  Fox News
  6. View full coverage on Google News

          U.S., NATO give Russia 60 days to comply with nuclear pact - NBC News      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. U.S., NATO give Russia 60 days to comply with nuclear pact  NBC News
  2. Mike Pompeo Says U.S. Is Suspending Nuclear Treaty Obligations Due To Russian 'Cheating' | TIME  TIME
  3. Nato accuses Russia of breaking nuclear missile treaty  BBC News
  4. We participated in INF negotiations. Abandoning it threatens our very existence.  The Washington Post
  5. Pompeo gives Russia an ultimatum: 60 days to comply with nuclear weapons treaty or US will leave  CNBC
  6. View full coverage on Google News

          Apple named the best applications of 2018 in Russia      Cache   Translate Page      

Here comes the end of 2018. Companies are beginning to quietly sum up. Apple did not stand aside and called the best applications of the outgoing move. For iphone Apple called Procreate Pocket [ Download ] an application for creating illustrations with support for layers and various brushes as the application of the year . Donut County has become the best […]

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          Review: Peel away some of the packaging, and Music Center's 'Nutcracker' reveals its gifts      Cache   Translate Page      

George Balanchine thought of his “Nutcracker” as a gift to America’s children. Indeed, not long after the founder of the New York City Ballet premiered his 1954 spin on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s tale, the dance title with roots in 19th century Russia became an American holiday classic.

It can be an enticing...

          The U.S. And NATO Should Stay Out Of The Russia-Ukraine Fight      Cache   Translate Page      
Notwithstanding the temptation to do something, both the United States and NATO need to resist the temptation to get involved in the latest conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
          Modern War, Issue 39: Axis of Evil (new from Decision Games)      Cache   Translate Page      

magazine featuring the insert game, Axis of Evil, an operational-strategic level two-player wargame covering a struggle between the Russian-led Eurasian Union and a Coalition of opposing states to gain control of the Middle East, from Iran to Syria and the Persian Gulf. Possible combatants include Russia, various Middle Eastern states, China, Iran, and the Persian Gulf countries. The game system models the situation at the highest strategic level. Using a variation of Ty Bomba's Putin's War (MW #29). [Forum]

          Roger Stone invokes Fifth Amendment in Senate Russia probe      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump's confidant Roger Stone is rebuffing a request from the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee for documents and an interview connected to 2016 Russian election meddling, invoking his Fifth Amendment rights.

          A GLIMPSE OF THE FUTURE      Cache   Translate Page      
Headlines right now, courtesy of Memeorandum:
* Axios: "Mueller's Breadcrumbs Suggest He Has the Goods"

* Former federal prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg at USA Today: "Mueller Is Building a Conspiracy Case That's Likely to Ensnare Trump and His Family"
And on the other side:
* RealClearInvestigations: "For Trump, Cohen Plea Deal's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Exoneration"

* Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist: "NeverTrump Clings To Russia Collusion Conspiracy Theory Despite Lack Of Evidence"
That's where we are now with regard to the Russia investigation: One group of observers thinks it's increasingly likely that the president and those closest to him are in serious trouble, while the other side looks at exactly the same evidence and concludes that Trump is on the verge of being fully exonerated.

I anticipate that we'll soon have clarity about what Trump and his circle did in the 2016 campaign -- but we won't have universal agreement on anything. What happens then? Charles Blow asks:
How would Americans who support Trump now respond to evidence that Team Trump put their own personal and financial interests over the national interest? Would they break from their blind support and turn away from him and turn on him? How could they justify wearing the blinders for so long and countenancing so much? What language would they use to correct their complicity?
But as he says, Trump himself will never acknowledge the truth:
I expect Trump to admit nothing, even if faced with proof positive of his own misconduct. There is nothing in the record to convince me otherwise. He will call the truth a lie and vice versa.
So why would the reactions of his followers be any different?

A year or two ago, we might have imagined that by now we'd be inching toward a consensus on what the Trump-Russia facts are. The two sides might still be at odds politically, but we'd be starting to agree on what happened.

But we aren't agreeing, and I don't think we ever will.
          Mueller may be poised to lift the lid of his investigation      Cache   Translate Page      
America may get its most intimate look yet inside Robert Mueller's secretive Russia investigation in the next four days, with a series of disclosures that have the potential to be greatly damaging for President Donald Trump.

          Comment on What Does Mueller Have On Trump? by Mr Kurtz      Cache   Translate Page      
yes perhaps so, considering cambridge analytica was filled with british spy types too. or maybe we need to investigate the british for sticking their noses into our business and not just the Russians!
          Michael Flynn court filing likely to reveal new details in Russia probe      Cache   Translate Page      
Special counsel Robert Mueller is set to reveal the extent of Michael Flynn's cooperation and insights into the dealings of Russians with the Trump campaign and administration a year after the guilty plea from President Donald Trump's former national security adviser.

          U.S. sets deadline for Russia, warns it may quit nuclear pact      Cache   Translate Page      
The United States warned Russia Tuesday it has 60 days to start complying with a landmark missile treaty or Washington could abandon the pact, creating doubts about ...
          George Bush's Christmas Pardons      Cache   Translate Page      
While we're all reflecting on the life of President George H.W. Bush, let us remember his famous Christmas pardons. They will go down in history as one of his finest hours. They're relevant today, too, because of the precedent Bush set for President Trump, who has been wrestling with whether or when to use the least fettered of presidential powers in respect of Russia-gate.
          Apple Head Chihuahua Puppies Russian IMPORT Parents, The Elite. BLUE (SoutheastTexas)      Cache   Translate Page      
I have four Chihuahua pups. Apple heads, Russian Imported parents. Short Nosed, PerfectThese babies are the elite in looks, blood line and personality. I have 1 Longcoat lush Black with white chest male, 1 short coat red sable male,one blue short coat male and 1 short coat lavender blue female with blue eyes. Parents on site. Bloodline available. Pet only Prices. Pick ups welcome. If you want quality and the best comfirmation youll ever see call for info at 832-892-XXXX Located in Houston in Clear Lake. We accept credit cards. Can hold with a deposit till Christmas eve.3850-7500

          CNN: В России вспоминают Буша-старшего с ностальгией - он уважал интересы Москвы      Cache   Translate Page      
STFW.Ru: Для России Джордж Буш-старший стал человеком, который помог вывести отношения между Вашингтоном и Москвой на "пик доверия", утверждает корреспондент CNN Мэтью Чанс. В отличие от всех последовавших американских администраций, включая президента Трампа, Буш-старший, по мнению России, учитывал её интересы и опасения даже в трудный период распада СССР.     На президентство Джорджа Буша-старшего пришлось падение советской империи - поворотный момент в мировой истории. С нами на связи в прямом эфире старший международный корреспондент CNN Мэтью Чанс, который нам расскажет о том, как новости о кончине экс-президента восприняли в Москве.Мэтью, случившееся прокомментировали и Владимир Путин, а также и бывший президент Советского Союза Михаил Горбачёв. Как они вспоминают господина Буша? МЭТЬЮ ЧАНС, старший международный корреспондент CNN: Мне кажется, с немалой долей ностальгии. Вы правы, президент Буш-старший застал этот невероятный, напряжённый, неспокойный период в мировой истории, ну и, конечно, главным образом в истории России и бывшего СССР. Падение Берлинской стены в 1999 году и окончательный распад СССР несколькими годами позже - всё это пришлось на президентство Буша-старшего. Его бывший коллега Михаил Горбачёв, на тот момент возглавлявший Советский Союз, который позднее без некоторых своих частей стал Россией, отдал дань уважения Бушу-старшему и выразил свои соболезнования по поводу его смерти. Горбачёв заявил: "Много воспоминаний связано у меня с этим человеком. Нам довелось вместе работать в годы огромных перемен. Это было драматичное время, потребовавшее ото всех огромной ответственности. Итогом стало прекращение холодной войны и гонки ядерных вооружений". Этот человек поистине оставил после себя невероятное наследие. Мы связались с представителями господина Горбачёва. Он не поедет на поминальную службу и на похороны. Горбачёв сам слишком слаб для столь дальней поездки, но, как он нас заверил, он бы очень хотел присутствовать на церемонии. О кончине экс-президента стало известно как раз в тот момент, когда действующий американский лидер отменил личную встречу с Владимиром Путиным, возглавляющим Россию в настоящее время. Так что в своём заявлении с соболезнованиями, хотя Путин и не упомянул действий Трампа, он отметил, что Буш-старший "проявлял политическую мудрость и дальновидность, стремился принимать взвешенные решения даже в самых непростых ситуациях". Также российский президент добавил: он "многое делал для укрепления российско-американских отношений, сотрудничества по вопросам международной безопасности". Именно над укреплением отношений в этой сфере президент Путин хочет работать сейчас с действующим главой США.Будучи 41-м президентом Америки, Буш-старший оставил после себя выдающееся наследие в регионе. Многие помнят его... да и вообще он славился своими умениями вести переговоры в столь драматичное время в истории. Какие уроки из его президентства могут извлечь действующие мировые лидеры? И какие выводы можно сделать относительно динамики развития современных политических отношений между США и Россией? МЭТЬЮ ЧАНС: Да, при Буше-старшем мы действительно были свидетелями важнейших переговоров. Между экс-президентом и Михаилом Горбачёвым были подписаны одни из самых значимых договоров по сокращению вооружений, включая СНВ-1 (Договор о сокращении стратегических наступательных вооружений. - ИноТВ). Договор, пришедший на смену этому, или, скажем так, новый СНВ через пару лет истекает и будет нуждаться в продлении. Однако некоторые рассматривают вероятность, что президент Трамп не будет продливать действующий договор и что он решил отказаться от некоторых соглашений по сокращению вооружений, которые были подписаны ещё в ту эпоху с Советским Союзом и затем с Россией. Такие опасения существуют.По-моему, один из российских депутатов заявил, что президентство Буша-старшего знаменовало "пик доверия" между Советским Союзом и США. И дальше, по мере того как друг друга сменяли более поздние администрации, на мой взгляд, это доверие постепенно стало сходить на нет. С точки зрения России, в то весьма непростое время, когда вся империя распадалась на куски, президент Буш учитывал её интересы и опасения. А последующие администрации - Клинтона, Джорджа Буша-младшего, Обамы, президента Трампа - по большей части, по мнению России, все её опасения игнорировали, продолжая расширение НАТО, организуя падение режима Саддама Хуссейна в Ираке и тому подобное. Россия считает, что последовавшие за Бушем-старшем американские лидеры игнорировали её интересы, Кристин. Интересно вспомнить, каким было президентство Джорджа Буша-старшего и как ему удалось возвести отношения между двумя державами на пик доверия. С нами в прямом эфире из Москвы был Мэтью Чанс. Спасибо. Оригинал новости ИноТВ:
          Forget European Leaders – Saudi Crown Prince Received Warm Support From China & High-Five From Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
The U.S. Senate took a dramatic step on Thursday, moving to block U.S. involvement in the Saudi war in Yemen and sending a powerful message to Riyadh – the US-Saudi relationship is on the rocks. For Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, life goes on as usual as he can’t bring the dead back to life, […]
          Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg to meet with Senate Intelligence Committee in January      Cache   Translate Page      
It is the latest sign that the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election is going to carry into the new year.
          Luka Modric wins 2018 Ballon d'Or      Cache   Translate Page      

Luka Modric has won the 2018 Ballon d'Or, becoming the first player other than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to receive the award since 2007.

The midfielder, 33, who helped Croatia reach the men's World Cup final in Russia in the summer, is the first Croatian to win the prestigious prize, which is voted for by journalists.

On a historic evening in Paris, the ceremony had a women's category for the first time since its inception in 1956, with Norway's Ada Hegerberg crowned the inaugural women's Ballon d'Or winner.

The 23-year-old scored in this year's Champions League final, playing a key role in Lyon winning the tournament for a third successive year.

But there was controversy during the ceremony, with co-host Martin Solveig widely criticized on social media after asking the striker during the presentation: "Do you know how to twerk?" The player responded by saying "no."

Solveig later apologized and said he didn't meant to offend anyone. "This was a joke, probably a bad one, and I want to apologize for the one I may have offended. Sorry about that," Solveig said in a tweeted video.

Kylian Mbappe, who dazzled for France as Les Bleus triumphed in Russia in the summer, won the newly-formed Kopa award for the best young player.

The 19-year-old finished fourth overall, above Messi in fifth. Ronaldo was second, with France and Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann third and Liverpool and Egypt star Mo Salah sixth.

Visit CNN/com/Sport for more news, features and videos

'An unbelievable feeling'

For all of Mbappe's scintillating play for his country and Paris Saint-Germain, it is Real Madrid star Modric who has broken more than a decade of Messi-Ronaldo dominance.

"It's an unbelievable feeling," said Modric, who helped Real win a third-straight Champions League in May before guiding Croatia to the World Cup final in July, its best ever performance at the tournament.

"It's a big pleasure to be here among all these players."

Since Brazilian Kaka was crowned the world's best player in 2007, Messi and Ronaldo have won the Ballon d'Or a record five times each -- no one else has won the award more than three times.

Modric also won the Best FIFA men's player award earlier this year and becomes only the fourth player to win football's two biggest individual prizes in the same year, following Bobby Charlton (1966), Johan Cruyff (1974) and Paolo Rossi (1982).

Central to Croatia's rise

Modric's journey to picking up football's highest individual honor is an improbable one.

Growing up during the Balkans war, his father joined the Croatian army, while his grandfather was shot by Croatian Serb rebels and his house was burned down, forcing the family to flee to the Adriatic coast.

The midfielder has been central to his country's recent rise, which now sees Croatia ranked the fourth in FIFA's rankings.

The Ballon d'Or dates back to 1956. At first only incorporating European players, in 2007 was opened up to include ever player in the world.

Under the current format, the list of nominees is drawn up by weekly magazine France Football, with journalists from around the world voting on the final winner.

Men's Top 10

1. Luka Modric (Real Madrid and Croatia)

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus and Portugal)

3. Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid and France)

4. Kylian Mbappe (PSG and France)

5. Lionel Messi (Barcelona and Argentina)

6. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool and Egypt)

7. Raphael Varane (Real Madrid and France)

8. Eden Hazard (Chelsea and Belgium)

9. Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City and Belgium)

10. Harry Kane (Tottenham and England)

Women's Top 10

1. Ada Hegerberg (Lyon and Norway)

2. Pernille Harder (Wolfsburg and Denmark)

3. Dzsenifer Maroszan (Lyon and Germany)

4. Marta (Orlando and Brazil)

5. Sam Kerr (Perth and Australia)

6. Lucy Bronze (Lyon and England)

7. Amandine Henry and Wendie Renard (both Lyon and France)

9. Megan Rapinoe (Seattle and USA)

10. Lindsay Horan (Portland and USA)

          (USA-PA-King of Prussia) Construction Supervisor      Cache   Translate Page      
Job Snapshot + Employee Type: Full-Time + Location: King of Prussia, PA + Job Type: Construction + Experience: At least 1 year(s) + Date Posted: 12/4/2018 Job DescriptionAre you ready to join an inclusive work environment, contribute to our dynamic teams and "Seek and Achieve Excellence" in all you do? We are SBA Communications, (SBA) a leading independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure across North, Central and South America. Our mission is to be our customers' first-choice provider of wireless infrastructure solutions.As a member of our team, you will be inspired by our Guiding Principles; Integrity, Work Ethic, Ownership Mindset, Quality, Customer Service, Innovation and Collegiality. If you are challenged by the opportunity to stretch and grow yourself and your career, then SBA Communications can help you “Reach New Heights”.Join our Commitment to "Building Better Wireless" and apply or text keyword Towersba to 313131 Summary: Manage construction/colocation process to produce quality sites to customer specifications within the timeframe and budget required by planning, coordinating and managing multiple projects while supervising field employees and subcontractors. Act as on site representative to client with responsibility for ensuring all requirements are clearly communicated to internal team and met within budget and timeframes specified. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: + In conjunction with Territory Management, plan, schedule, prioritize and organize material deliveries, equipment, manpower and subcontractors in a manner ensuring that projects progress in an efficient and productive manner. Consider company priorities and customer expectations in all decisions. + Remain knowledgeable and up-to-date on customer specifications and produce quality sites, which meet or exceed customer expectations. + Inspect job sites daily to ensure construction is performed in accordance with plans, and specifications, and that customer and SBA quality standards are met. Immediately implement corrective action for any deficiencies identified. + Maintain and enforce all SBA and OSHA safety practices and perform daily job site safety inspections. Immediately stop work on any site where unsafe work practices or conditions exist, regardless of who is performing the work. Conduct weekly job site safety meetings with all employees and subcontractors. Submit report to safety representative on topics discussed and names of those in attendance. + Inspect subcontractor work daily; ensuring it meets design criteria and quality standards. Ensure that all subcontracted work progresses according to schedule. Immediately notify Territory Management of any schedule, quality or budget impacting issues that cannot be resolved with subcontractor. Perform final inspection on completed work and have any deficiencies corrected, prior to subcontractor demobilizing from site. + Interface with client’s representative on job site to resolve issues, schedule customer provided equipment deliveries and ensure total customer satisfaction. + Maintain open communication with internal/external field personnel and respond, if possible, or convey their needs and concerns to appropriate office personnel. + Confirm hours worked and description of work performed for employee(s) with Territory Management. + Notify Territory Management of resources and equipment needs. + Provide manager and customer representative with daily status report(s) as required. + Perform bid walks and submit documentation to Territory Management as required. + Provide documentation to Territory Management for preparation of project deliverables to client. + Coordinate delivery of concrete, stone, tower, building, etc. with vendors and Territory Management. + Participate in pre-construction walks with client and vendors to confirm site layout and staking to ensure correct setbacks, tower orientation and tower anchor distances. Ensure underground utilities have been identified and properly marked. + Immediately report any vehicle accident or workplace injury to company safety representative. + Develop and Build Subcontractor Base. + Ensure all appropriate building permits, NTP(s), and lease status approvals have been received prior to initiating construction. + Must be able to work extended hours as required to include evenings and weekends. + Perform other related duties as required to ensure a safe workplace, quality construction and timely completion of each project. + Other projects and duties as assigned. Supervisory Responsibilities: + Supervise field personnel including but not limited to subcontractors. Qualifications: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Education and/or Experience: + One of the following: + High School diploma or GED required and 1+ year of construction or equipment installation experience, wireless telecom experience preferred. + Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. + Ability to effectively lead a crew to the completion of and in conformance with schedule, customer requirements, and budget guidelines. + Must be computer proficient, having demonstrated intermediate knowledge and ability to work with MS Word and Excel. + Excellent written and verbal communication skills. + Good planning and organizational skills to balance and prioritize work. Language Skills: + Ability to read, analyze and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures and governmental regulations. Mathematical Skills: + Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, proportions, percentages, area, and volume. Reasoning Ability: + Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. Certificates, Licenses, Registrations: + Valid Driver’s License required, CDL preferred. + OSHA 10Hr Safety Course preferred. + Adult First Aid / CPR preferred. Physical Demands: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. + Ability to hear, understand, and respond appropriately to verbal requests made in person and over the telephone in an understandable and professional. + Manual dexterity to input data into the computer, the ten key calculator and operate a fax and or copier. + Visual ability correctable to 20/20. + Ability to operate a vehicle for long distances – approximately for 9-10 hours per day. + Walking eighty percent of the day. + Ability to stoop and bend. + Ability to lift up to 50 pounds. + Ability to walk, stand and climb. + Ability to twist, turn, pull, and push. + Ability to work extended hours on a consistent basis. + Overnight travel as required. Work Environment: The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. + To be successful in this position, one must possess the ability to work near mechanical parts, in high, precarious places, and in outdoor weather conditions. This position also carries the risk of electrical shock and radiation. The typical work environment typically includes very loud noise levels equivalent to earth moving equipment and jackhammers.
          Mueller recommends no prison time for former Trump adviser Michael Flynn - ABC News      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Mueller recommends no prison time for former Trump adviser Michael Flynn  ABC News
  2. Mueller may be poised to lift the lid of his investigation  CNN
  3. Trump’s fortress of corruption is cracking. Here are the latest signs.  The Washington Post
  4. Michael Cohen's Trump Tower revelation could implicate Trump in a bribery scheme involving Russia  NBC News
  5. Michael Cohen plea for leniency borders on lunacy | TheHill  The Hill
  6. View full coverage on Google News

          Trump associate Roger Stone to plead the Fifth in Senate Russia probe - Fox News      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump associate Roger Stone to plead the Fifth in Senate Russia probe  Fox News

Longtime Donald Trump associate Roger Stone's legal team announced in a letter Tuesday that Stone would assert his Fifth Amendment right not to testify or ...

View full coverage on Google News
          Fatigue-test MC-21 delivered to Moscow institute      Cache   Translate Page      
Russian airframer Irkut has delivered an MC-21-300 fuselage to Moscow’s Zhukovsky airfield where it will undergo fatigue testing. The fuselage will be subjected to repetitive loading to simulate some 180,000 cycles. Both Irkut and the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute – which is already testing a static MC-21 airframe – will assemble the twinjet’s structure and fit the stress systems. The fuselage was transported to Zhukovsky on 3 December using a Volga-Dnepr Antonov An-124-100 freighter (RA-82044).
          Dalla Germania: il Milan mette gli occhi su un centrocampista del Borussia      Cache   Translate Page      
LeonardoSecondo quanto riferito dalla rivista tedesca Kicker, il Milan, in vista della sessione invernale di mercato, sarebbe tornato sulle tracce di Julian Weigl. Il centrocampista classe ’95, al momento in forza al Borussia Dortmund e in scadenza di contratto al termine della stagione 2020/2021, sarebbe infatti l’alternativa numero uno a Cesc Fabregas. SEGUI SPAZIOMILAN SU: FACEBOOK – TWITTER –INSTAGRAM
          UKRAINE CALLS UP RESERVES AMID TENSIONS WITH RUSSIA: Here’s part of a report from the Associated Pre…      Cache   Translate Page      
UKRAINE CALLS UP RESERVES AMID TENSIONS WITH RUSSIA: Here’s part of a report from the Associated Press. Ukraine’s president on Monday announced a partial call-up of reservists for training amid tensions with Russia, saying the country needs to beef up its defenses to counter the threat of a Russian invasion. The Kremlin dismissed the Ukrainian […]
          REPORT: FBI Believed Obama Was Rigging U.S. Election!      Cache   Translate Page      

We now all know that it wasn’t Russians tampering with our elections- it was Obama, Lynch, Podesta, and the rest

The post REPORT: FBI Believed Obama Was Rigging U.S. Election! appeared first on USA SUPREME.

          Russian-Handmade: ПРАВИЛА УХОДА ЗА ГЛЯНЦЕВЫМИ НАТЯЖНЫМИ ПОТОЛКАМИ      Cache   Translate Page      

Это цитата сообщения Марриэтта Оригинальное сообщениеВ последнее время натяжные потолки стали широко использоваться в качестве строительного средства. Особенно популярны глянцевые натяжные потолки от компании-производителя "Евро Строй". Они имеют как достоинства, так и недостатки. Так, например, они способны визуально увеличить помещение за счет своих отражательных способностей, но гладкой поверхности собирается пыль с улицы, могут образовываться грибки. По этой причине за глянцевым потолком нужно периодически ухаживать.

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По материалам сайта потолки.

          Comment on November Diary: Nation Wreckers In Hell, CRISPR Babies (He's On First) Eugenics vs. Dysgenics, Etc., by John Derbyshire      Cache   Translate Page      
Get a load of this chutzpah. A democratically elected government(led by patriot Orban) ousting a foreign-controlled institution funded by globo-homo imperialist Soros to subvert Hungarian independence and sovereignty is 'anti-democratic'. These are the same Jews who bitch about the fantasy of Russian Collusion and Meddling in US elections. These are the same Jews who recruited Neo-Nazis to pull off a coup in Ukraine, the same Jews who supported the military coup in Egypt to remove the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood government. According to globo-homo Jews, 'democratic values' means the freedom of Jewish oligarchs and activists to do as they please anywhere around the world. As far as these Jews are concerned, 'democracy' just means Power by Jewish Money and Media Monopoly all around the world. I suggest these Jews stop bitching about Hungary and meddling in Eastern European affairs and do something about all the Palestinians inside and outside of Israel who are being denied their basic human rights.
          Mueller releases Michael Flynn sentencing memo. All the good stuff is redacted.      Cache   Translate Page      

The Michael Flynn Memo is out. It's redacted af.

According to the sentencing memorandum filed by the Special Counsel tonight, Donald Trump's former national security adviser sat for 19 interviews with the special counsel's office and other attorneys at the Justice Department.



The memo references several investigations, one of which is completely redacted.

The investigations for which Flynn was interviewed appear to include at least one *criminal* probe, which is separate from Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation.

What's up with that?

Robert Mueller is recommending no prison time for Flynn, given his cooperation in the ongoing investigation into Trump's possible crimes with Russia.

The memo was released at 8:36 PM, on December 4, 2018.

Twitter reactions from tired journalists who waited for this thing all day, only to find a bunch of black lines, below.

What does this all mean?

It means people higher up than Flynn are in deep trouble.

Read the rest
          Malware authors have figured out how to get Google to do "irreversible takedowns" of the sites they compete with      Cache   Translate Page      

When a rightsholder complains to Google about a website infringing its copyright, Google will generally delist the site, but allow the site's owner to contest the removal through a process defined in Section 512 of the DMCA.

But when Google gets a complaint about DRM-breaking tools, which come under Section 1201 of the DMCA, they remove the accused site and offer no appeal process -- it's permanent.

Malware authors have been serving Google with DMCA 1201 notices, in which they impersonate Ubisoft, Steam and other large game companies. These notices target pirate sites that distribute cracked versions of games, and when the malware authors get them taken offline, permanently, their own sites rise in Google's search rankings, advertising the same cracked games, but these oneshave been poisoned with malware.

After some negative publicity, Google has reinstated a few of the sites. Google correctly says that DMCA 1201 doesn't provide any appeal process, but that doesn't mean that the company has to honor obviously fraudulent notices.

Google revealed that this “Ubisoft” sent notices from suspicious Gmail addresses, using a Russian user interface, from an unidentified Ukrainian IP-address. In addition, the handle used in one of the email addresses can be linked to game-related spam, which doesn’t build any confidence either.

The site owner shared his findings with Google but the company repeatedly said that there is no option to file a counter notification.

This is because the notices are not regular DMCA takedowns. Instead, they are notifications that the URLs circumvent technological protection measures such as DRM, which is separately covered in the DMCA.

Read the rest

          Commodities Weekly: Commodities rise after G-20 meeting      Cache   Translate Page      
  The G-20 meeting at the weekend had something for all commodities. News of a 90-day truce in the US-China trade war helped the agricultural sector, while metals benefited from the US dollar’s slide. Oil prices soared after Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed to extend their pact to manage the oil market into 2019, raising […]
          The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher – Volume 2 of 10: Introduction to the Elder Brother      Cache   Translate Page      
EText-No. 12098 Title: The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher – Volume 2 of 10: Introduction to the Elder Brother Author: Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616;Fletcher, John, 1579-1625 Language: English Link: 1/2/0/9/12098/12098.txt EText-No. 12098 Title: The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher – Volume 2 of 10: Introduction to the Elder Brother Author: Beaumont, Francis, … Continua la lettura di The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher – Volume 2 of 10: Introduction to the Elder Brother
          Bush 41: “The Last Serious Foreign Policy President”      Cache   Translate Page      
At The Federalist, Sumantra Maitra explains the prudent foreign policy decisions of President George H.W. Bush. During the collapse of the Soviet Union, in what could have turned into a complete meltdown of society in Russia and the other Soviet states, Bush 41 maintained his awareness of the broader perspective and didn’t attempt to take […]
          Election fraud fears in North Carolina keep the midterms story alive      Cache   Translate Page      

Last week, a bipartisan state board unanimously voted not to certify an election result in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District, where Republican candidate Mark Harris thought he had narrowly beaten his Democratic rival, Dan McCready. At issue were irregularities in two rural counties where a disproportionate number of voters requested absentee ballots, then did not return them. Allegations abound that an operation led by an independent contractor tied to the Republican campaign tampered with those ballots. Over the past 24 hours, in particular, claims of potential electoral fraud have started to cut through in the national press.

To get readers and viewers up-to-speed, many national outlets have leaned on excellent local stories, including the Raleigh News & Observer’s analysis that unreturned ballots disproportionately belonged to minority voters, and the same paper’s work with the Charlotte Observer to dig into the contractor at the center of the scandal, who has prior convictions for fraud and perjury. Yesterday, local TV station WSOC reported that 159 submitted absentee ballots were signed by just eight different witnesses, one of whom told a reporter for the station that the contractor paid her to deliver ballots to him. Original reporting by Popular Information (a newsletter written by the founding editor of ThinkProgress, Judd Legum) and The Washington Post moved the story further along.

ICYMI: The secret cost of pivoting to video

The delayed, careful coverage of the North Carolina story contrasts with the noisy national conversation about voter fraud that tracked the recount of gubernatorial and US Senate ballots in Florida last month—a conversation stoked by conspiracy theories on social media, then given a megaphone by President Trump. It’s right that national outlets should proceed with caution this time: they’re dealing with a complex framework of local characters, institutions, and rules, and fraud has not yet been proven. Nonetheless, it feels jarring that (so far, at least) suspicions grounded in meticulously reported fact have attracted less coverage than Trump’s totally baseless Florida allegations.

The story may yet make it to the top of the news cycle—an outcome that will become a lot more likely should fraud be established or state officials order a do-over. For now, it’s fighting for airtime amid relentless coverage of George H.W. Bush’s death and growing speculation that Robert Mueller may be wrapping up his Russia probe, among other big stories. It’s not alone: in recent days, a range of stories linked to the midterms and their aftermath have appeared. Yesterday, many outlets reported that Republican lawmakers in states like Wisconsin and Michigan are moving to slash the power of their governors before GOP incumbents cede office to Democrats elected in November. That idea came from North Carolina, in 2016.

The North Carolina fraud story ties into multiple broader narratives that may further clarify the muddy picture that emerged on election night—for example, Democrats subsequently surging in seats they thought they’d lost, the concerted disenfranchisement of minority voters by Republicans, and the president’s fear-mongering about voter fraud. All these topics have seen good reporting, but feel somehow disconnected. Joining the dots could give them greater national resonance.

Below, more on North Carolina and the ongoing midterms story:

  • Aggressive local journalism: Watch WSOC reporter Joe Bruno’s bombshell interview with absentee ballot witness Ginger Eason here.
  • Fact-based suspicions: For good rundowns of the complicated picture in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District, listen to J. Michael Bitzer, a political scientist at Catawba College, on FiveThirtyEight’s Politics Podcast, or watch McClatchy reporter Brian Murphy talk with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.
  • Back to the ballot box: Voters in Georgia will go to the polls again today to vote in a runoff election for secretary of state, after neither candidate won a majority in a close race to succeed Brian Kemp in November. Kemp is stepping up to the governor’s mansion despite allegations of voter suppression marring his win over Democrat Stacey Abrams last month. The New Yorker’s Charles Bethea assesses whether voter anger about that might juice turnout today.
  • Lame ducks? For Mother Jones, Ari Berman writes that Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and North Carolina are racing to “gut” voting rights before newly elected Democrats take office in those states.

Other notable stories:

  • Following The New York Times’s success with its Daily podcast, the Post is out with its own daily offering, Post Reports, hosted by Martine Powers. Yesterday’s first episode featured a new lead in a cold murder case, and a discussion of how climate change became a partisan issue in the US.
  • Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan writes that the collapse of digital media companies like Mic is hurting a generation of young journalists. “With the tragic demise of local newspapers, places like Mic have become the entry point into the craft for a lot of young journalists. What’s more, their newsrooms have been admirably diverse, a diversity that their journalism has admirably reflected,” Sullivan says. “As they go under, such entry points disappear. And the journalists who have been through this ugly process—sometimes more than once—burn out.”
  • Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze is merging with another online conservative media platform, Mark Levin’s CRTV, to found a new company called Blaze Media. Elsewhere in the conservative media universe, the Washington Examiner is expanding, with plans to relaunch its weekly magazine for a national subscriber base.
  • For CJR, June Cross, an independent documentarian and professor at Columbia Journalism School, takes issue with a Post critic’s assertion that “documentaries aren’t journalism” because filmmakers prioritize emotion over information—a claim akin to saying “longform magazine writers aren’t journalists,” Cross writes.
  • Britain’s politicians aren’t just squabbling over Brexit—they can’t even agree on which channel should host a debate on the issue, The Guardian’s Jim Waterson reports. Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May insists she will be debating Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on the BBC, while Corbyn insists he will be debating May on ITV. At issue are differing formats that would, respectively, favor May and Corbyn, their camps believe.
  • Bari Weiss, an opinion columnist at the Times, and Eve Peyser, a politics and culture writer for Vice, hated each other on Twitter—then met in person and found they got along just fine. The pair reflected on their real-life rapprochement in a piece for the Times. Twitter had strong opinions (perhaps because it hasn’t met itself in person yet).
  • And The New Yorker’s Emma Allen has this fun read on Babette Bombshell, a genderqueer actor who was cast as Roger Ailes’s body double in the documentary Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes. “Roger was terrified of anything that was not his very narrow definition of normal, so it just seemed like cosmic justice,” the film’s director, Alexis Bloom, said.

ICYMI: Aftershocks from Kansas, the epicenter of voter suppression

Editor’s Note: The headline on this story has been updated.

          U.S. Gives Russia a Deadline on Nuclear Treaty      Cache   Translate Page      
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Moscow that it had 60 days to stop violating the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
          'Will work everything out': US on India's S-400 deal      Cache   Translate Page      
​James Mattis brushed aside questions about India’s purchase of the Russian S-400 air defence system, saying, “We'll work everything out, trust me." ​The threat of US sanctions had loomed when India had signed the $5 billion S-400 deal with Russia in October.
          Corporation GFS Russian Crab has been closed      Cache   Translate Page      
Corporation GFS Russian Crab has been closed
          John Brennan calls Trump an ‘outlier’ over treatment of Mueller probe      Cache   Translate Page      
Robert Mueller's prosecutors will file a key memo in the sentencing of Trump's Former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, a memo that could answer the question at the heart of the Russia probe: did the Trump campaign collaborate with Moscow to beat
          Flynn Was a Key Cooperator and Deserves Little Prison Time, Mueller Team Says      Cache   Translate Page      
Mr. Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador to the United States during the presidential transition.
          U.S., NATO give Russia 60 days to comply with nuclear pact      Cache   Translate Page      

Breaking News Emails Get breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings. SUBSCRIBE Dec. 4, 2018 / 10:24 PM GMT BRUSSELS — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday accused Russia of violating a landmark Cold-War era nuclear pact and said the U.S. will suspend its obligations under

          India expected to contribute $1.35B of growth: GroupM’S 2019 AD Forecast      Cache   Translate Page      
GroupM ad ex forecast

GroupM updated its 2018 and 2019 ad investment forecasts. GroupM slightly downgraded 2018 growth expectations from 4.5% to 4.3%. 2019 growth projections are also whittled from 3.9% to 3.6%, with total new investment anticipated to reach $19B instead of the $23B earlier predicted. [Recent US dollar appreciation versus just about every other currency helped suppress this growth.] Stress on the auto category stood out in feedback from GroupM’s worldwide network, as did the absence of any rebound in CPG investment with traditional media. These views and more are discussed in This Year, Next Year, GroupM’s twice yearly look at worldwide media investment trends authored by Futures Director, Adam Smith. “GroupM’s still strong but slightly fraying 2018 view ties to macro questions: tighter money, China’s slowing growth, and the potential for pricey trade wars,” said Smith. “Real interest rates are edging up globally, but serious potential problems remain limited to a fragile five — Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey and Venezuela.” GroupM forecasts that ten countries will provide 83% of all 2019 growth. China remains the largest contributor, but 2019 will be its sixth successive year with single-digit ad growth and mark its lowest growth rate yet recorded. Still, its USD 90 billion ad market is second only to the USA, and has doubled since 2010. Despite rapid consumerization, China’s advertising intensity peaked at 0.78% of GDP in 2006 and has trended down to a prospective 0.67% in 2019. Also Read: Between 2018 – 2021, online video advertising to grow at average 18% a year Ranked second, the U.S. is experiencing good macroeconomic indicators like lower unemployment and improved consumer confidence, but increasing energy prices, rising interest rates, and low unemployment have many concerned about the potential for increased inflation on top of a yawning deficit. Marketers continue to scrutinize digital investment with emphasis on verification and value. Ranked third, India is expected to contribute $1.35B of growth. This is roughly the same as Australia’s, Russia’s and Brazil’s combined growth, even though India’s total ad economy is a mere quarter of the others’ combined heft. India’s 14% ad investment growth is rooted in 7% real consumer spending growth. Japan is fourth. Japanese advertising has tracked ahead of its GDP in the post-Lehman cycle with media spending per capita picking up sharply since 2016. The 2020 Olympics and a surge in biddable media are powering tailwinds, but a 2019 consumption tax rise from 8% to 10% and Japan’s belated confrontation with value, viewability and verification in digital supply chain are foreseeable headwinds. A resilient UK is fifth. Despite fears of Brexit calamity and consumer fatigue, advertising investment remains propelled by massive advertising digitization (61% of predicted investment in 2019), and GroupM’s UK forecast remains buoyant. This is partly because of the market’s characteristic flexibility. In an emergency, advertisers know they can turn off the tap. Concerning the new forecast, GroupM’s CEO, Kelly Clark said, “Worldwide advertising investment grows slowly but marketing has never moved faster. Automation proliferates; cycles accelerate; talent grows more mobile. The gap between the cost of failure and the value of success grows wider. For advertisers, this underscores the importance of a worldview and trusted partners who can help their brands perform where the growth can be found.”

The post India expected to contribute $1.35B of growth: GroupM’S 2019 AD Forecast appeared first on Social Samosa.

          US sets deadline for Russia, warns it may quit nuclear pact      Cache   Translate Page      
The United States warned Russia Tuesday it has 60 days to start complying with a landmark missile treaty or Washington could abandon the pact, creating doubts about nuclear security in Europe.
          The Modelling Job      Cache   Translate Page      

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          Russian home video - Crazy old woman      Cache   Translate Page      

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Klubnichka
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Video ladies aged 30-55 years. Banging at different times, in different places and in different holes.

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          Former Trump national security adviser substantially cooperating with Russia probe      Cache   Translate Page      
Special counsel Robert Mueller III on Tuesday (Wednesday NZ time) recommended that former US national security adviser Michael Flynn serve no prison time, citing his "substantial assistance" with several ongoing investigations, according to a new court filing.
          Special Counsel Recommends No Prison Time for Michael Flynn, Calling His Cooperation ‘Substantial’      Cache   Translate Page      
Prosecutors said his cooperation in the Russia probe was "substantial"
          Michael Flynn Has Provided 'Substantial Assistance' In Russia Inquiry, Feds Say      Cache   Translate Page      
Prosecutors said Flynn's cooperation since his guilty plea has been so valuable that a judge should be lenient at sentencing, but the full details still aren't public in a heavily redacted document.
          Tensions soar in the Balkans over plans for Kosovo army      Cache   Translate Page      
Serbia sought support from allies Russia and China in opposing the formation of a Kosovo army, warning that a military in its former province could lead to renewed clashes in the Balkans.
          Michael Flynn Has Provided 'Substantial Assistance' In Russia Inquiry, Feds Say      Cache   Translate Page      
Prosecutors said Flynn's cooperation since his guilty plea has been so valuable that a judge should be lenient at sentencing, but the full details still aren't public in a heavily redacted document.
          H.K LanYuan Protective (Wuhan) Co.,Limited      Cache   Translate Page      
.K LanYuan Protective(Wuhan)Co.,limited(Wuhan LanYuan Protective Co.,Ltd) is located in Wuhan, Hubei province. Established in 2010, it is a comprehensive organization focusing on the R&D, Marketing and Service of a various of human protective products. Mainly produces and sells all kinds of health care and medical disposable products for hospitals, clinics and daily use. With rich experience and professionalism, also our painstaking efforts of these years, the products of LanYuan almost covers all medical accessories and operation room dressings. We never forget to introduce the high efficiency equipment, to develop and improve the advanced technology to ensure of the good quality products, newly products design. In return, LanYuan wins a lot of faithful customers from all over the world. 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          The Wall Street Journal: Mueller asks for no jail time for Flynn, citing cooperation with Russia probe       Cache   Translate Page      
Federal prosecutors recommended no jail time for Mike Flynn in a Tuesday filing, saying the former Trump aide had provided “substantial assistance” to the government in an investigation conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller as well as on other matters

          The Margin: Whoops, Rudy Giuliani: Your tweet indirectly called President Trump a traitor      Cache   Translate Page      
Rudy Giuliani last week tweeted out what seemed a typical missive from the Trump camp aimed at Robert Mueller and his investigation into Russian collusion. But it was far from that.

          Expert Says Threat Of Nuclear War With Russia Is Greatest Ever      Cache   Translate Page      
Stephen F. Cohen, an expert on U.S.-Russian relations, claims that nuclear war is possible due to the "RussiaGate" allegations being made by the democrats. Paul Joseph Watson breaks down how "Trump Derangement Syndrome" could actually cause a hot war.
          Ludmilkakur: Выбираем меню для Нового 2019 года      Cache   Translate Page      

Это цитата сообщения _Lyubasha_K_ Оригинальное сообщениеВыбираем меню для Нового 2019 года

Счетчик посещений Counter.CO.KZ - бесплатный счетчик на любой вкус!

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Часть 9 - А я блинчики люблю - Бродилка
Часть 10 - Вкусные салатики
Часть 11 - Выбираем меню для Нового 2019 года

          12/4/2018: NEWS: Call-up over Russia tensions      Cache   Translate Page      
UKRAINE’S president has announced a call-up of reservists amid tensions with Russia. Relations between the two neighbours have strained further following the November 25 incident in which Russia fired upon and seized three Ukrainian naval vessels and...
          Mueller recommends no prison for Flynn, citing cooperation      Cache   Translate Page      

President Donald Trump's former national security adviser provided so much information to the special counsel's Russia investigation that prosecutors say he shouldn't do any prison time

The post Mueller recommends no prison for Flynn, citing cooperation appeared first on Federal News Network.

          Pompeo takes aim at global institutions, gets pushback      Cache   Translate Page      

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is taking aim at China, Iran and Russia for violating numerous treaties and multi-state agreements

The post Pompeo takes aim at global institutions, gets pushback appeared first on Federal News Network.

          Comment on Greenwald Rips Politico “Theory” That Guardian’s Assange-Manafort Story Was Planted By Russia by Never, Ever Forget the Guardian/Politico Psyop Against WikiLeaks-Times of News Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] the downright shocking step of allowing an anonymous former CIA officer to publish a lie-filled article speculating, on no evidence whatsoever, that if the story proves untrue it will be because false […]
          Trump complains about cost of ‘uncontrollable’ arms race      Cache   Translate Page      

President Donald Trump complains about how much the U.S. spends on weapons in an "uncontrollable" arms race with Russia and China

The post Trump complains about cost of ‘uncontrollable’ arms race appeared first on Federal News Network.

          G20: You can smell tear gas in the streets as the oil industry squabbles      Cache   Translate Page      
What the G20 and OPEC meetings mean for the political relations, economies, and people of the world.

Last week, two important meetings took place—one, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, of the Group of 20 (G20) nations, and two, in Vienna, Austria, of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other oil producers. The two meetings did not produce any resolution to the major economic challenges in the world. But they did soothe the nerves of financial markets. At the G20, the United States and China dialed down the temperature over trade but did not settle the long-term grievances each side has of the other. At the OPEC+ meeting, Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed to cut production and raise the price of oil despite pressure from the United States and others to keep oil prices low.

At neither meeting did the major powers find solutions to their problems. They are all caught in mazes from which there are no easy exits. But what calmed the world of finance was that the geopolitical tension between the major powers seemed to have lessened. What impact this reduced tension has for the world’s people, however, is not clear.


The “trade war” engineered by U.S. President Donald Trump against China began with tariffs and ended with a damp squib. At the G20, Trump told China’s Xi Jinping that the U.S. tariffs that would have gone up to 25 percent on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports will no longer be applied. China, for its part, said that it would import more goods from the United States. No specifics were announced, which is why the tensions over even this agreement spilled over onto Twitter (courtesy of Trump’s hyperbole) and into more sober statements from the Chinese government.

The more fundamental questions of intellectual property and currency valuation remain unsolved. The United States accuses China of theft of the intellectual property of U.S. firms, but the Chinese counter—as they have in the arbitration panels of the World Trade Organization—that they merely draw from technology transferred as a result of commercial agreements freely made by firms eager to use Chinese labor. It will be impossible to resolve these two problems, since neither side sees the issues in the same way. Their worldviews regarding intellectual property and currency valuation are utterly alien to each other. If the United States believes that China is unfairly valuing its currency, the Chinese point to the unfair advantage that the dollar has over every currency in the world since it is used as one of the major global currencies for facilitation of trade and for the storage of wealth.


Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman offered each other a friendly hand slap at the G20. Everyone seemed happy to see Mohammed bin Salman, despite the clear evidence of his role in the murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

But the real agreements between Russia and Saudi Arabia were not directly made in Buenos Aires. They were made more quietly in Vienna at the OPEC+ meeting. At Buenos Aires, Putin said, “yes, we have an agreement to prolong our accords.” He was referring to the deal between Russia and Saudi Arabia since 2016 to manage oil prices to their mutual benefit. The deal notwithstanding, Saudi Arabia has continued to pump itself into trouble—flooding the market with oil, driving prices down and depleting its own treasury as a result. Now Russia is eager to see oil production cuts and oil prices rise. Trapped by sanctions and by low oil prices, Russia has plunged into internal economic difficulties. The real issue was how much each country inside and outside OPEC should pump. That is why Putin said, “there is no final deal on volumes.” In fact, even after the deal has begun to emerge, there is no final deal. Saudi Arabia has not been a good partner here. It has pumped outside the numbers over the course of the past few years, largely under pressure from the United States.

There are two reasons why the United States wants low oil prices, despite the fact that the U.S. is now one of the world’s largest oil producers. First, low oil prices mean an immediate subsidy for the U.S. consumer and for U.S. manufacturing firms. There is no economic incentive to move to renewable energy when oil prices are low. Second, low oil prices hit adversaries of the U.S.-led world order that—as it happens—are major oil producers. The list includes Iran and Venezuela, two countries that have been sent into internal turmoil as oil prices have plummeted. But the United States has sufficient tools to hurt these countries without forcing oil prices down. For instance, even if oil prices rise, U.S. sanctions can be harsh enough to cut Iranian and Venezuelan oil out of the market. The lack of Iranian and Venezuelan oil operates as an effective cut in oil production, which will itself raise oil prices.

Saudi Arabia has already begun to pressure Libya and Nigeria to reduce oil exports, although both these African countries are reliant upon oil revenues. Saudi Arabia has succeeded in pushing Qatar out of OPEC on political grounds, but since Qatar only produces 2 percent of OPEC’s crude oil the departure, Qatexit is not meaningful. Inside the world of oil, there are those who are always pushed aside so that others can benefit.

Oil Buyers’ Club

In 2005, Indian Petroleum Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar assembled his counterparts from across Asia to start a discussion on a buyers’ club. The precise issue on the table was the “Asian Premium” charged by Saudi Arabia and other oil producers to Asian countries. The “Asian Premium” is substantial—close to $10 billion per year for the Asian consumers of Gulf oil. It is what bothered Aiyar and the other oil ministers. But they did not come to any agreement.

Asia is the largest importer of oil in the world. India and China, with the United States, are the three largest importers of oil. Right behind them are Japan and South Korea. If you add the oil imports by China, India, Japan and South Korea, then these four Asian countries import a full third of world oil imports. They are both reliant upon the oil exporters, but they also have power as a bloc of consumers.

In 2012, China’s premier Wen Jiabao said that there needed to be a counter-cartel to OPEC that should include Europe and the United States. Interest in his proposal was minimal. Oil had reached $100 per barrel. It stifled economic growth and did not move any of these industrial giants toward non-carbon renewable fuel.

The issue of a buyers’ cartel came back on the table in April this year at the International Energy Forum. The chairman of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Sanjiv Singh and the chairman of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) Wang Yilin then met in Beijing to go deeper into the possibility. By June, China and India—which import 17 percent of the world’s oil—had begun to openly talk about a buyers’ cartel to help create “stable and moderate” oil prices, as India’s current Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan put it.

China and India have been upset by the U.S. sanctions on Iran. They have felt that these produce an adverse impact on Asian economies. They are joined by Japan and the European Union, who are also not pleased with these sanctions. It is now being said that if China and India establish a buyers’ club, Japan and Europe will join in.

Smell of Tear Gas

From the air-conditioned rooms of the oligarchy, we go to the tear gas of the streets.

Protests in Paris, France, have been the most violent in decades. The yellow vests (gilets jaunes) appeared as if out of nowhere to demonstrate against the French government’s hike in fuel prices. They make the case that the violence of the economy has destroyed their ability to function. Any violence on the streets is a reflection of the violence that structures their lives. The streets of Paris smelled of tear gas.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, labor unions and political groups of one kind or another planned massive protests against the G20. They wanted to scream at their leaders, who have been deaf to their pleas. But the Argentinian government held the G20 meeting at the Costa Salguero convention center, on the magnificent Rio de La Plata. Police cordoned off the area, while the coast guard boats sailed up and down the river. No one could get near the site. None of the leaders were interrupted by the chants.

There were no protests in Vienna. The OPEC building was nonetheless surrounded by the elite WEGA units. No one knew that the meeting was being held. There is so little democracy in the institutions that structure our lives.

This article was produced by Globetrotter, a project of the Independent Media Institute.


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The Michael Flynn Memo is out. It's redacted af.

According to the sentencing memorandum filed by the Special Counsel tonight, Donald Trump's former national security adviser sat for 19 interviews with the special counsel's office and other attorneys at the Justice Department.



The memo references several investigations, one of which is completely redacted.

The investigations for which Flynn was interviewed appear to include at least one *criminal* probe, which is separate from Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation.

What's up with that?

Robert Mueller is recommending no prison time for Flynn, given his cooperation in the ongoing investigation(s).

The memo hit the internet around 8:36 PM Eastern Time, on December 4, 2018.

What does this all mean?

It means people higher up than Flynn are in deep trouble.

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When a rightsholder complains to Google about a website infringing its copyright, Google will generally delist the site, but allow the site's owner to contest the removal through a process defined in Section 512 of the DMCA.

But when Google gets a complaint about DRM-breaking tools, which come under Section 1201 of the DMCA, they remove the accused site and offer no appeal process -- it's permanent.

Malware authors have been serving Google with DMCA 1201 notices, in which they impersonate Ubisoft, Steam and other large game companies. These notices target pirate sites that distribute cracked versions of games, and when the malware authors get them taken offline, permanently, their own sites rise in Google's search rankings, advertising the same cracked games, but these oneshave been poisoned with malware.

After some negative publicity, Google has reinstated a few of the sites. Google correctly says that DMCA 1201 doesn't provide any appeal process, but that doesn't mean that the company has to honor obviously fraudulent notices.

Google revealed that this “Ubisoft” sent notices from suspicious Gmail addresses, using a Russian user interface, from an unidentified Ukrainian IP-address. In addition, the handle used in one of the email addresses can be linked to game-related spam, which doesn’t build any confidence either.

The site owner shared his findings with Google but the company repeatedly said that there is no option to file a counter notification.

This is because the notices are not regular DMCA takedowns. Instead, they are notifications that the URLs circumvent technological protection measures such as DRM, which is separately covered in the DMCA.

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01. Министр иностранных дел СССР Андрей Громыко с гейшами во время первого посещения Японии по приглашению правительства, 1962 год.

02. Хореограф Игорь Моисеев наблюдает за выступлением своего ансамбля, 1980-е

яяя 1 (200x187, 5Kb)События и судьбы громадной эпохи отобразились в снимках Александра Стешанова за его долгую фотографическую карьеру. Он сумел зафиксировать в своих работах и масштабное, и личное.

Александр Стешанов родился в 1937 году в Москве. Свои первые кадры сделал ещё школьником. После восьмого класса поступил на работу в фотолабораторию ВГИКа и вскоре стал студентом операторского факультета. Тогда он приучился к свету и композиции.

В 1959 году фотографии Стешанова увидел главный редактор «Известий» на Всемирном фестивале в Вене. Так молодой фотограф получил приглашение на работу в газету, для которой снимал 30 лет. За эти годы Александр Стешанов объехал весь Советский Союз. Бывал и в зарубежных поездках, сопровождая политиков, выдающихся деятелей культуры и искусства.

03. Актёр Игорь Ильинский с Борисом Федосовым, спортивным обозревателем «Известий». Действие происходит на даче актера. Московская область, 1970-е
(Вы обратили внимание, что скамейка сделана из клюшек? Ильинский был большим любителем хоккея, и спортсмены дарили ему клюшки, из которых соорудили скамейку).

04. Первый ректор ВГИКа кинорежиссёр Лев Кулешов на даче, 1958 год
(У легендарного режиссера Стешанов когда-то учился во ВГИКе).

05. Старейший московский таксист, 1970-е

06. XI кинофестиваль в Москве, советская киноактриса Галина Беляева, 1979 год, г. Москва

07. Балерина Майя Плисецкая, 1990-е

08. Колумбийский писатель, Нобелевский лауреат Габриэль Гарсиа Маркес в редакции газеты «Известия», 1982 год.

09. Одноклассница 1950-е

10. Михаил Горбачев, 1990 год, г. Москва.

11. Модельер Вячеслав Зайцев с манекенщицами, 1965 год
(1965 год. В Москву из Японии прилетела модельер, которая привезла в подарок 50 платьев из своей коллекции. На фото — манекенщицы в ее нарядах, а в центре еще совсем молодой Слава Зайцев. Он тогда был стажером).

12. Монашки на рыбалке. Горький, 1980-е

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18. Патриарх Пимен и митрополит Ленинградский и Новгородский Алексий, 1980-е

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24. Актриса Наталия Белохвостикова. Москва, 1980-е

25. Атланты. Портик Нового Эрмитажа, ул. Миллионная, Ленинград, конец 1950-х

26. Венчание в Елоховском соборе, Москва, 1990 год

27. Визит Фиделя Кастро в СССР. Москва, 1986 год

28. Вратарь сборной СССР Владимир Мышкин у телефона. Звонок домой с победой, 1977–1980

29. Ирина Роднина. Автограф у чемпионки, 1977–1980

30. Итальянский актёр и музыкант Адриано Челентано. Москва, 1987 год

31. Композитор Дмитрий Шостакович, 1970–1973

32. Конкурс парикмахеров, Минск, 1970-е

33. Летний сад, Ленинград, 1970-е

34. Московский цирюльник, 1960-е

35. Мэр Санкт Петербурга Анатолий Собчак. Санкт Петербург, 1990-е

36. Незнакомка в Третьяковке, 1980-е

37. Рыбак. Килия, Одесская область, Украина, 1990-е

38. «Устал». Русский музей, Санкт-Петербург, 1990-е годы

39. Художник Илья Глазунов на открытии персональной выставки
в Центральном выставочном зале. Москва, 1978 год

40. Член ЦК Компартии США Анджела Дэвис
с участниками международного женского семинара,
посвящённого 50-летию образования СССР. Москва, 1972 год

41. XXVIII съезд КПСС

42. Генеральный секретарь ЦК КПСС Леонид Брежнев
встречается с однополчанами в Новороссийске, 1974 год

43. Актриса Клаудия Кардинале, 1967 год

44. Евгений Леонов, актёр театра и кино,
народный артист СССР, 1980-е

45. С куклой в первый класс, 1960-е

46. Ленинград, 1960-е

47. 1980-е годы

48. Маленький ремонт.
Воронежский театр оперы и балета, 1984 год

49. Балерина за чтением газеты «Известия».
Воронежский театр оперы и балета, 1984 год

          УФУ: Студенты вуза победили в чемпионате WorldSkills Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
Они стали лучшими в компетенциях «Промышленная робототехника» и «Промышленная автоматика» Победитель компетенции "Промышленная робототехн
          Nightclub singer who was given nickname Buddha by Frank Sinatra / TUE 12-4-18 / Brooke Shields sitcom set at trendy magazine       Cache   Translate Page      
Constructor: Peter Gordon

Relative difficulty: Easy for all of you, Medium for me 

THEME: S- S- — two-word phrases where both words start with "S" and the second letter of each word moves from "A" (in the first themer) through all the vowels to "Y" (in the last themer):

Theme answers:
  • SAMPLE SALE (17A: Clothing store event to get rid of excess merchandise)
  • SECRET SERVICE (22A: Government agency charged with protecting the first family)
  • SIMPLE SIMON (28A: Nursery rhyme character who met a pieman)
  • SOMEDAY SOON (40A: In the near future)
  • "SUDDENLY SUSAN" (47A: Brooke Shields sitcom set at a trendy magazine)
  • SYLVIA SYMS (57A: Nightclub singer who was given the nickname "Buddha" by Frank Sinatra)
Word of the Day: SYLVIA SYMS (57A) —
Sylvia Syms (December 2, 1917 – May 10, 1992) was an American jazz singer and actress.
She was born Sylvia Blagman in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, she had polio. As a teenager, she went to jazz nightclubs on New York's 52nd Street and received informal training from Billie Holiday. She made her debut in 1941 at Kelly's Stable.
In 1948, performing at the Cinderella Club in Greenwich Village, she was seen by Mae West, who gave her a part in a show she was doing. Among others who observed her in nightclubs was Frank Sinatra who considered her the "world's greatest saloon singer." Sinatra conducted her 1982 album, Syms by Sinatra.
She was signed to a contract by Decca Records, having her major success with a recording of "I Could Have Danced All Night" in 1956, which sold over one million copies and was awarded a gold disc.[2] Syms made regular appearances at the Carlyle in Manhattan. At times, impromptu, while enjoying a cocktail in the bar of the Carlyle, she would walk on stage and perform with the cabaret's other regular, Bobby Short. (wikipedia)
• • •

I could tell this was mostly Really easy as I was doing it, but I made initial errors in two different places, and then just didn't know who SYLVIA SYMS was, so my solving time was quite normal. If I hadn't face-planted twice with dumb bad first guesses, I might be singing a different tune, but with B- at 25D: Nincompoop I went with BOOB and then that first "O" turned out to be right so I was like "woo hoo!" but then [Old Russian autocrat] had me thinking TSAR, which didn't work, so ... I went back to the "B" [Nincompoop] word and changed BOOB to BORE ... BOAR ... nope, it's spelled BOOR, and it's wrong anyway. Great. Cleaned up that mess, but lost many valuable seconds. Then fell into a worse mess at 37D: Blushed or flushed. Had RED-, wrote in -FACED. That pretty much killed any chance I had at a faster-than-normal time. I could survive having to hack my way through SYLVIA SYMS (who I think I've at least heard of), but misguessing twice, that was fatal. Hyperbolically speaking.

The theme ... was a theme. Here it is. Theming all over the place. I don't know. Seems like a placeholder. It works, but it doesn't exactly produce exciting results, and doesn't have any particularly entertaining elements. Theme is consistent, grid is clean, but it's pretty dull overall. Even the fill is a little subpar, now that I look it over. Not terrible by any means, but pretty heavily reliant on repeaters like APOP ATARI ORES PPS ERLE ASSN LTYRS NOELS SSE UHURA ENERO etc. The only truly remarkable thing about this puzzle is the clue on NRA (2D: Org. opposed by Everytown for Gun Safety). I still think constructors should delete NRA from their wordlists completely, but if you're gonna use it, yes, clue it as the ****ing villain. Because it is. Good day.

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld

PS oh yeah I also floundered a bit trying to understand 64A: Hot Chocolate or Vanilla Fudge (BAND). These were, in fact, BANDs. They were popular 40 and 50 years ago, respectively. Older than "SUDDENLY SUSAN," not as old as Eva PERON. You are forgiven for not knowing them.

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           Skinny Russian doll banged in an auto       Cache   Translate Page      

          Chess Tourney Moves After Saudis Sought to Exclude Israelis      Cache   Translate Page      

Today’s Top Stories 1. Saudi Arabia lost the right to hold an upcoming chess tournament after two Israeli players complained to the event organizers that the Saudis were refusing to give them visas to attend. The World Rapid and Blitz tournament will instead be held in Russia on December 25-31. The Times of Israel reports: [...]

The post Chess Tourney Moves After Saudis Sought to Exclude Israelis appeared first on HonestReporting.

          Jerome Corsi Files Criminal Complaint Against Mueller Team      Cache   Translate Page      

Jerome Corsi Files Criminal Complaint Against Mueller Team
In this Oct. 7, 2008, file photo, Jerome Corsi, right, arrives at the immigration department in Nairobi, Kenya. (AP Photo)
By Randy DeSoto
December 3, 2018 at 12:00pm
Conservative author Jerome Corsi filed a “criminal and ethics” complaint against special counsel Robert Mueller on Monday, alleging his team threatened prosecution if Corsi refused to provide false testimony against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Fox Newsreported the 78-page complaint, filed with the Department of Justice and the DOJ’s inspector general, stated “Dr. Corsi has been criminally threatened and coerced to tell a lie and call it the truth.”

The filing also calls for the removal of Mueller and his prosecutors for their misconduct.

“Special Counsel Mueller and his prosecutorial staff should respectfully be removed from his office and their practice of the law and a new Special Counsel appointed who respects and will obey common and accepted norms of professional ethics and the law and who will promptly conclude the so-called Russian collusion investigation which had been illegally and criminally spinning out of control,” the document reads.

According to his complaint, Mueller’s team wanted Corsi to testify to acting as a liaison between Trump campaign associate Roger Stone and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange regarding the release of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee.

The filing reads that Mueller’s office “knowingly and deceitfully threatening to charge Dr. Corsi with an alleged false statement,” unless he gives them “false testimony” against Trump and others.

Corsi announced last week on multiple media outlets that he would not sign Mueller’s agreementcalling for him to plead guilty to one count of perjury.
“They can put me in prison the rest of my life. I am not going to sign a lie,” the 72-year-old told CNN.

According to a court filing by Mueller’s team, Corsi wrote in a short email to Stone in July 2016, “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps. One shortly after I’m back. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be very damaging.”

“Time to let more than (Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta) to be exposed as in bed w enemy if they are not ready to drop HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton),” “The Obama Nation” author added. “That appears to be the game hackers are now about.”

Corsi explained to Fox Newshost Tucker Carlson last week that he had fully cooperated with Mueller’s investigators, turning over his computer and cellphone, but he initially forgot about the email, until it was brought to his attention.

He amended his statement to Mueller’s team in September, which they accepted without complaint, but prosecutors changed their tune after they determined he “could not give them what they wanted,” according to Corsi. 
“They do this what I call a perjury trap,” Corsi told Carlson. “They ask you a question. They have material they won’t show you. You’ve forgotten about. They say, ‘You’ve just lied,’ because this email you’ve forgotten about 2016 proves your current memory is wrong. It’s a memory test.”

In a statement on Monday, his attorney — Judicial Watch founder and Freedom Watch president Larry Klayman — charged Mueller with “effectively seeking to overthrow a duly elected president” through coercing false testimony.

“This rogue government tyranny perpetrated by a Special Counsel and his prosecutorial staff, which is designed to effectively overthrow a duly elected president by coercing and extorting false testimony from Dr. Corsi and others, cannot be permitted in a civilized society,” he said.

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz argued last week that Mueller’s probe is creating crimes rather than uncovering past ones, and that the “devastating” report against Trump he will write will be based on people “who have lied.”

“Virtually all of his indictments and pleas come from people who he got to lie in front of investigators by setting perjury traps for them,” Dershowitz told Fox News host Sean Hannity. He added, “(A)nd the other ones have to do with financial dealings unrelated to the president. Where’s the beef? Where’s the crime?”

          WATCH: First manned Soyuz rocket since October accident takes off      Cache   Translate Page      
American astronaut Anne McClain joined Canada's David Saint-Jacques and Russia's Oleg Kononenko aboard the rocket that launched from the Baikonur spaceport in the desert in central Kazakhstan.
          Robert Mueller urges no jail for Michael Flynn      Cache   Translate Page      
Mueller's office has said Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn cooperated with its probe into possible collusion between Trump and Russia.
          US Gives Russia 60 Days to Comply With Nuclear Treaty      Cache   Translate Page      
Pompeo said America had raised the issue with Moscow at least 30 times since 2013
          The Truth About Robert Mueller      Cache   Translate Page      
Exclusive report exposes the man leading the Russia witch-hunt.
          Expert: Threat of Nuke War With Russia Greatest in 50 Years      Cache   Translate Page      
Thanks to Trump being hamstrung by 'Russiagate' allegations.
          The Margin: Whoops, Rudy Giuliani: Your tweet indirectly called President Trump a traitor      Cache   Translate Page      
Rudy Giuliani last week tweeted out what seemed a typical missive from the Trump camp aimed at Robert Mueller and his investigation into Russian collusion. But it was far from that.

          Comment on Comparing China and America, by Fred Reed      Cache   Translate Page      
As for your last sentence, take a guess whether I agree with your insight and prediction: our young children are learning Mandarin, and we want them to learn Russian later on. They are also learning German, one of my family's ancestral languages and the only foreign language that I can write, read, and speak reasonably well. But the drumbeat of dire news from the Islamic Republic of Germany increasingly makes that seem like a foolish investment of time and money. Our conversations with Germans -- both in Germany and immigrants to the USA from Germany -- makes it seem pointless to harbor hope for their future. The Germans aren't just committing suicide, they're sanctimonious about it. Maybe eastern Germany or more rural parts of Austria or Switzerland will be suitable places for North American whites to re-settle. But you're probably right to focus only on countries farther to the east as possible places to land.
          👉 Mueller is about to drop major new details about 3 of the most important players in the Russia probe via      Cache   Translate Page      
          Israel turns unstable Abruptly, as Police urge PM Netanyahu be indicted      Cache   Translate Page      
Avigdor Lieberman of the (mostly Russian) "Israeli is our Home" party, recently resigned from the cabinet over Netanyahu's unwillingness to go to war immediately against the Palestinians in Gaza. Hence, a change in government could accelerate the Israeli dispossession of the Palestinians and result in further warfare and bloodshed.
          Ineffective decisions destroy European Union      Cache   Translate Page      
European Council President Donald Tusk stated last week that the European Union will extend its existing economic sanctions on Russia this month. This decision is to be taken at a summit of EU leaders on Dec. 13-14. The EU measures against Russia's defense, energy and banking sectors should become another "punishment" for Moscow's role in the turmoil in Ukraine and the naval skirmish in the Sea of Azov.
          10 Amazing Foods From Gastro Obscura's First Year      Cache   Translate Page      

It's been a year since we launched Gastro Obscura, a guide to the world's most wondrous food and drink. To mark this milestone, we’ve looked back at the 1,000 foods we've added to our database, picking out some of the most amazing entries in different categories. We also reviewed data from our readers, who, for the past year, have been marking which foods they have tried or want to try. It revealed some bests of the best.

Most Desired Food: Peanut Butter Fruit


Out of the more than 1,000 entries in our foods database, readers wanted to try peanut butter fruit the most. Although it might look a bit like a grape tomato, this Andean fruit has a smooth, dense pulp with a nutty flavor that has undertones of berry and sweet potato. Native to Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador, it can be eaten raw or blended into milkshakes or pastries. Some chefs even transform it into a jam, making for an all-in-one PB&J spread.

Most Desired, Yet Elusive Food: Threads of God


Twice a year, pilgrims in Sardinia walk 20 miles from the city of Nuoro to the village of Lula. They are celebrating the Feast of San Francesco, and when they reach their destination they will be rewarded with the rarest pasta in the world. Also known as su filindeu, Threads of God are intricate, painstakingly pulled noodles that only three women on Earth can make. So it’s not surprising that the pasta has proved the most desired, yet elusive food in Gastro Obscura’s database: It has the greatest discrepancy between readers who want to try it and those who actually have had the pleasure.

While the ingredients list is simple—semolina wheat, water, salt—making Threads of God is a delicate process of working the dough into rounded strands and doubling, doubling, doubling until reaching some 250+ strands without breaking. After drying in the sun, the noodles are commonly served with a simple mutton broth and sprinkling of pecorino cheese.

Most Desired Decadence: Lapis Legit


Out of all the pastries, puddings, and pies we’ve covered in the past year, this Dutch-Indonesian dessert takes the cake. Lapis legit, Gastro Obscura’s most desired sweet, consists of 18 to 30 individually baked layers of spiced butter, sugar, and egg yolk, sometimes in a variety of colors. The decadent stack combines elements of German baumkuchen, a spit-roasted cake that Dutch colonists brought to Indonesia in the 15th century, with local Indonesian spices such as cinnamon, clove, mace, and nutmeg. To achieve the layers, bakers swapped out the traditional spit for a pan and broiled each layer before adding the next. Today, you can track down the delicate delicacy in Indonesia or the Netherlands (where it’s also known as spekkoek).

Most Surprisingly Explosive Food: Chocolate Teacakes


Our foods database contains quite a few pyrotechnic delights, but when it comes to surprisingly explosive food, unassuming chocolate teacakes take the top prize. In 1953, members of England’s Royal Air Force made an interesting discovery about the teacakes in their ration packs: With increases in altitude, the marshmallow inside the cakes expanded and, at 15,000 feet, it cracked the chocolate shell. It wasn’t long before pilots started conducting what one veteran called “rather unscientific in-flight experiments” with their snacks.

It was all fun and games until the teacake explosion. During the summer of 1965, a captain and student pilot forgot they had placed several unwrapped treats above their instrument panels. After the captain performed an emergency depressurizing switch, the treats exploded, scattering chocolate shrapnel and marshmallow across the windshield, flight controls, and the mens’ uniforms. Afterward, the RAF banned marshmallows from flights. Although it’s never been officially confirmed, most people suspect the teacakes in question were Tunnock's.

Most Artistic Food: Tibetan Buddhist Butter Sculptures


From radish sculpture contests to parades with giant floats made entirely of citrus, food makes a fantastic medium for creative expression beyond the kitchen. Stunning, ephemeral, and sometimes painstakingly detailed, Tibetan Buddhist butter sculptures might be the finest example of food art. To make the sculptures, monks and nuns shape yak butter—which also fuels lamps in Buddhist temples—by hand and dye it with mineral pigments to form flowers, animals, and symbols. The sculptures are a crucial element of the New Year’s Butter Lamp Festival in Tibet, when the streets are filled with flickering butter lamps and beautiful butter-based art. But, like most food, this wonder doesn't last forever. At some point, the makers melt their masterpieces or feed them to animals.

Spiciest Food: Death Noodles


When in Jakarta, you’d be hard-pressed to find a warung, a late-night, hole-in-the-wall food stall, that didn’t sell some version of Indomie noodles. But only one establishment serves up a version so spicy, it’s earned the nickname “death noodles.” The dish is covered in 100 to 150 ground-up bird’s eye chilies. On the Scoville scale, which ranks spiciness, a single bird’s eye chili is 100,000 units, which is hot, but nothing warranting a death moniker. However, when crushed and combined, the 100 to 150 peppers in death noodles can add up to a scorching Scoville rating of 20 million. Just how hot is that? One British chef claims to have temporarily lost his hearing after eating the dish.

Most Creative Use of Leftovers: Kartoshka


During food shortages in the USSR, no crumb went to waste. Thrifty chefs used sgushyonka, a sweetened condensed milk, to deliciously glue bits of leftover cake, cookies, or bread together to form new desserts. Kartoshka was one such dessert. Meaning “potato” in Russian, the crumb collage gets shaped into a little tuber and coated in cocoa powder for a final flourish. Now that cafeterias tend to have more ingredients to spare, the treats sometimes get a splash of cognac or rum and a bit of frosting.

Deadliest Catch: Mad Honey


In Nepal, men scale steep cliffs on rope ladders and dodge stings from giant bees in the hopes of collecting a sweet and powerful prize: hallucinogenic honey.

It might be tempting to say mad honey’s intimidating reputation comes from its psychedelic properties (bees produce it when they feed on the nectar of rhododendrons that contain a neurotoxin), but the most dangerous aspect of this food is the act of harvesting it. As the bees nest on cliffs, honey hunters must try to extract pieces of the hive while dangling hundreds of feet in the air. The insects also happen to be the largest honeybees in the world.

Most Controversial Food: Peanut Butter & Mayonnaise Sandwich


The peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich started innocently enough. During the Great Depression, cheap, filling foods played an integral role in Americans’ lives. One particularly beloved combo of protein and fat was the peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich. Though the sandwich remained popular in the South throughout the decades following the Depression, it’s since faded into obscurity. When we published an entry on it, the sandwich had a polarizing effect on our readers. Some cried sacrilege over the unconventional combo. However, many readers remembered the sandwich with nostalgic fondness, chiming in with other toppings their families added to the PB&M, including lettuce, bacon, and bananas. One reader had thought the PB&M was something only her grandmother made: "I thought I was the only one. I have mayo mates!”

Oldest Food: The Speyer Wine Bottle


The oldest wine in the world is nearly 1,700 years old. Unearthed from a couple’s tomb in what is now Speyer, Germany, the Speyer wine bottle houses a dark, resin-like mass and cloudy liquid. And just how did this liquid keep while other ancient tipples evaporated? Historians point to a solid wax seal and significant portion of olive oil in the wine, which helped further seal the liquid off from air. You can still see the wine bottle at Speyer's Historical Museum of the Palatinate. Researchers even say that it’s probably still safe to drink, but museum curators aren’t taking any chances cracking the ancient seal.

          Tipicità 2019: nel grembo dell’eccellenza       Cache   Translate Page      
A Milano, nella Casa dei Comuni, svelate in anteprima le novità della 27a edizione

Tipicità 2019: nel grembo dell’eccellenza

Dal 9 all’11 marzo un kolossal esperienziale va in onda nelle Marche! È l’edizione numero venti-sette del Festival Tipicità, che avrà il suo cuore pulsante nell’innovativa struttura del Fermo Forum. La manifestazione è stata presentata in anteprima a Milano, nella sede di ANCI Lombardia.
Tre ambienti ad indicare la rotta per il visitatore: cibo in primis e poi making e turismo di scoperta. Tipicità esplora il “vivere all’italiana” con un’operazione di coinvolgente outing delle no-stre migliori risorse, da gustare con curiosità e apertura nei confronti del “futuro buono”. E, non a caso, lo fa partendo dalle ondulate colline marchigiane, ricche di manualità e preziosi doni della terra, culla del Rinascimento e laboratorio a cielo aperto nel quale ogni giorno una grande tradi-zione evolve in innovazione e si proietta nel mondo.
Risultato? L’esclusiva ricetta di Tipicità da assaporare in un long week end! Al centro della scena cibo e prelibatezze made in Marche, con specialità introvabili nei consueti canali. A cattura-re l’attenzione saranno i focus sul biologico, i percorsi tra vitigni antichi, l’effervescenza delle birre artigianali, i prodotti di supernicchia, nutraceutica e biodiversità, il cibo del futuro.
Prestigiosi chef dall’Italia e dal mondo animeranno la spettacolare Accademia, la Sala Bio racconterà storie di persone intimamente legate all’ambiente naturale, dalla nuova area Grembo usciranno “pillole energetiche”. E, a seguire, tante iniziative nel Teatro dei Sapori, nel Bio Garden e nelle aree focus&forum.
A solleticare curiosità e papille gustative anche le proposte della mitica Creta, realtà ospite estera, della toscana San Miniato, insieme a contributi di Russia, Stati Uniti e di tante realtà delle “Piccole Italie”, ossia di quell’Italia meno conosciuta ma più autentica.
Ad “interpretare” Tipicità un cast di protagonisti che sarà svelato in questi mesi: annuncia-te in anteprima le presenze del Ministro Centinaio, di Marco Ardemagni ed Antonio Pascale, degli economisti Fausto Panunzi ed Alberto Mingardi, di Enrico Derflingher, Michele Casadei Massari e dello chef stellato Paolo Gramaglia.
Frutto del lavoro di squadra di una compagine pubblico-privata - guidata dal Comune di Fermo, con UBI Banca nel ruolo di project partner e con la collaborazione della Regione Marche, delle Università di Ancona, Camerino e Macerata, insieme a una nutrita squadra di enti locali di tutta la regione - Tipicità 2019 si presenta con i numeri delle precedenti edizioni. Ben 300 realtà in vetrina, 15.000 visitatori e 1.500 operati professionali, oltre 100 eventi, 40 partner privati e 25 en-tità locali sui 13.000 mq del Fermo Forum.
Tuttavia, Tipicità 2019 non finisce al Fermo Forum, ma la sera continua “in the city” con un palinsesto di iniziative da assaporare nell’accogliente salotto buono della città di Fermo.

Info: 0734/277893,,
          Olga_Chudo: ШАУРМА (ШАВЕРМА) С КУРИЦЕЙ: 46 РЕЦЕПТОВ      Cache   Translate Page      

Это цитата сообщения Давай_поедим Оригинальное сообщениеШАУРМА (ШАВЕРМА) С КУРИЦЕЙ: 46 РЕЦЕПТОВ

Шаурма ворвалась в уличную жизнь не так давно, но настолько полюбилась, что многим стало интересно, как приготовить шаурму дома. Приготовление шаурмы в домашних условиях имеет одно неоспоримое преимущество. Когда готовится шаурма дома, вы уверены в качестве продуктов, из которых шаурма приготовлена. Вам не придётся расспрашивать уличного торговца как сделать шаурму дома. Мы с удовольствием расскажем вам, как готовить шаурму дома. Прежде чем вы узнаете, как делать шаурму дома, вы должны выбрать мясо, из которого будете готовить шаурму. Шаурму готовят из разного мяса, популярен рецепт шаурмы с курицей. Шаурма с курицей менее жирная, также быстрее готовится такая шаурма. Рецепт приготовления может основываться и на другом мясе. Есть шаурма со свининой, шаурма с телятиной, шаурма с бараниной. В любом случае, если вас интересует шаурма по-домашнему, рецепт требует мягкое и сочное мясо. Совсем не обязательно иметь специальный агрегат, чтобы у вас получилась домашняя шаурма. Рецепт с фото покажет вам как сделать домашнюю шаурму. Для этого достаточно мелко нарезать мясо и обжарить его на сковороде. Затем к мясу добавляются овощи, как правило это лук, капуста, сладкий перец, листья салата, огурец, но вы можете сами видоизменять рецепт шаурмы в домашних условиях и добавлять другие ингредиенты. Овощи для шаурмы не должны обжариваться, а просто пропитаться мясом. Чаще всего используется рецепт домашней шаурмы в лаваше. Так готовится шаурма по-домашнему с курицей, шаурма в лаваше с грибами, вегетарианская шаурма в домашних условиях. Видео рецепт шаурмы показывает, как лучше заворачивать шаурму. Рецепт шаурмы в лаваше не единственный, подойдёт любая пресная лепёшка. Важно приготовить вкусный соус, без него не получится по-настоящему вкусная шаурма. Соус для шаурмы можно выбирать на ваш вкус: это может быть и кетчуп, и тартар, и просто майонез со сметаной, с ним тоже получается вкусная шаурма. Готовая шаурма может немного полежать в холодильнике, а в нужный момент вы можете разогреть её и у вас будет аппетитная горячая шаурма. Фото рецепты приготовления разных видов шаурмы помогут вам с первого раза вкусно приготовить это блюдо.

Долго искали рецепт настоящей шаурмы. Не просто лаваша с куриным мясом. А сочной шаурмы, сытной, с большим количеством мяса и овощей, с великолепным соусом, одним словом - домашней! Стоит попробовать! :)

 лаваш, куриная грудка, капуста, огурцы маринованные, помидоры, морковка корейская, сыр твёрдый, майонез, сметана, зелень, чеснок, масло растительное...

Если вы любите сытно и вкусно перекусить, тогда этот рецепт шаурмы с курицей и овощами вам обязательно придется по вкусу. Готовится шаурма (шаверма) в домашних условиях довольно быстро.

 лаваш, куриное филе, капуста белокочанная, огурцы консервированные, помидоры, кетчуп, майонез, соль, перец чёрный молотый, масло растительное

Шаурма - это очень вкусное и простое блюдо. Оно никого не оставит равнодушным, ни детей, ни взрослых. Пальчики оближешь!

 лаваш, куриное филе, капуста, огурцы, помидоры, морковка корейская, кетчуп, майонез, горчица

Вкусная и простая шаурма с жареной куриной грудкой и овощами.

 куриная грудка, капуста, огурцы, помидоры, кетчуп, майонез, лаваш

Вкусную шаурму можно легко приготовить в домашних условиях. Предлагаю вам рецепт домашней шаурмы с курицей, капустой, помидорами и сладким перцем.

 куриное филе, лаваш, помидоры, перец болгарский, капуста белокочанная, лук репчатый, лук зелёный, соль, перец чёрный, сахар, масло растительное, уксус, майонез...

Аппетитная шаурма с курицей – отличный вариант для сытного перекуса. Поджаренные кусочки куриной грудки великолепно сочетаются со свежими овощами. А вкусовой тон задает соус, приготовленный на основе майонеза Сдобри "Провансаль".

 лаваш, куриная грудка, капуста белокочанная, майонез, огурцы свежие, помидоры, лук красный, перец болгарский, уксус винный белый, масло растительное, сахар, петрушка...

Рецепт самой вкусной домашней шаурмы с курицей, капустой, малосольными огурчиками, помидором и сыром, заправленной вкусным соусом. Очень вкусный и быстрый рецепт шавермы в домашних условиях. Пальчики оближешь!

 лаваш, куриная грудка, сыр твёрдый, помидоры, огурцы солёные, капуста краснокочанная, капуста пекинская, масло растительное, горчица, майонез, кетчуп, соль...

В качестве сытного бутерброда приготовьте вот такой рулет из лаваша с начинкой - с жареным мясом и свежими овощами.

 лаваш, свинина, перец болгарский красный, перец болгарский желтый, огурцы, майонез, горчица, перец красный молотый, зелень укропа, соль, масло растительное

Основной ингредиент домашней шаурмы - куриное филе, которое мы предварительно приготовим на сковороде, обжарив с двух сторон.

 куриное филе, помидоры, огурцы, капуста белокочанная, лаваш, кетчуп, майонез, масло растительное, соль, перец чёрный молотый

Шаурма уже давно завоевала сердца и желудки наших соотечественников. Действительно, для перекуса это блюдо – оптимальный вариант. Правда, лучше приготовить шаурму в домашних условиях. Вот, например, несложный рецепт шаурмы с колбасой, в котором также используются крабовые палочки.

 лаваш, огурцы свежие, крабовые палочки, колбаса вареная, сырок плавленный, майонез, кетчуп, соль

Домашний рецепт нереально вкусной куриной шаурмы из самых свежих и вкусных продуктов. Лучший рецепт классической шаурмы с курицей! Изюминкой рецепта будет очень необычный и вкусный авторский соус.

 лаваш, куриное филе, картофель, морковка корейская, сыр твёрдый, соль, специи, масло растительное, кетчуп, майонез, соус соевый, чеснок

Домашняя шаурма с курицей, свининой, картошкой. Очень вкусное и сытное блюдо, накормит даже голодного солдата и приятно удивит гостей.

 лаваш, свинина, курица, картофель, помидоры, огурцы, лук репчатый, чеснок, майонез, сметана, масло подсолнечное нерафинированное, перец чёрный молотый, соль

Не знаю как в ваших семьях, но мой муж, если хочет чего-то вкусного, останавливает свой выбор на шаурме. Вот так было и сегодня - утром озарило его, что на завтрак ему хочется шаурмы. Покупать шаурму сомнительного качества у торговцев на улице мы опасаемся, поэтому приходится мне готовить ее дома самостоятельно.

 куриные окорочка, помидоры, огурец, морковка корейская, лаваш, кетчуп, майонез, горчица, соль, перец чёрный молотый

Домашняя шаурма в лаваше - это вкусно, сытно, удобно. Как мы раньше не знали это чудесное восточное блюдо? Основа шаурмы куриное мясо, а наполнители шаурмы по-домашнему могут быть по вкусу (корейская морковь, грибы маринованные или жаренные, овощи, жаренный картофель).

 лаваш, куриное филе, огурцы свежие, помидоры, капуста белокочанная, картофель, сыр твёрдый, майонез, кетчуп, соль, перец, масло растительное

Я обратил внимание, что для бургеров Sloppy Joes ("Неряха Джо") используют не только традиционные булочки для гамбургеров, но и заворачивают начинку в тортилью. Это открытие натолкнуло на идею приготовить домашнюю шаурму с начинкой по мотивам Sloppy Joes.

 лаваш, фарш говяжий, фасоль консервированная, перец чили, лук репчатый красный, чеснок, горчица, соус томатный, сахар коричневый, уксус винный...

Шаурма с курицей, овощами и сыром.

 лаваш, окорок, помидоры, огурцы свежие, сыр гауда, капуста белокочанная, морковь, лук красный, кетчуп, майонез, кумин, кориандр

Невероятно вкусный и сытный лаваш с курицей, овощами и сыром. Изюминка чикен-ролла состоит в заправке. Лаваш с начинкой из данного состава продуктов может заменить полноценный обед.

 лаваш, куриное филе, мука, яйца, соль, перец, помидоры, огурцы, лук репчатый, сыр, листья салата, маслины, майонез, горчица, сок лимона, перец чёрный молотый

Приготовить вкусную и сочную шаурму в домашних условиях очень просто! Домашняя шаурма с курицей - это сытно и вкусно.

 лаваш, куриное филе, огурцы, корнишон, помидоры, капуста белокочанная, сыр твёрдый, майонез, кетчуп, морковь, горчица, соль, перец чёрный молотый, зелень укропа

Я готовлю домашнюю шаурму с куриным филе, пекинской капустой, огурцами, помидорами, а в майонез добавляю немного чесночка. Это очень вкусно!

 куриное филе, лаваш, капуста пекинская, помидоры, огурцы свежие, огурцы солёные, майонез, масло подсолнечное, масло сливочное, чеснок, перец чёрный молотый, соль

Приготовить шаурму в домашних условиях можно на сковороде-гриль или на открытом гриле за городом. Для приготовления шаурмы с курицей понадобятся куриные бедрышки, овощи, чесночный соус и лаваш.

 лаваш, Куриные бедрышки, огурцы свежие, огурцы солёные, капуста белокочанная, лук красный, помидоры, морковь, соус чесночный, масло растительное, соль...

Горячая домашняя шаурма с курицей обладает настолько потрясающим и насыщенным вкусом, что приготовив её раз, вы однозначно будете готовить её снова и снова. Большим плюсом этого рецепта является то, что можно постоянно играть со вкусом, добавляя различные ингредиенты на ваше усмотрение. Попробуйте! Это того стоит!

 помидоры, огурцы, огурцы маринованные, сыр твёрдый, куриная грудка, морковка корейская, лаваш, соус, кетчуп, соль

Рецепт приготовления домашней шаурмы с мясным фаршем, овощами и сыром.

 лаваш, сыр твёрдый, помидоры, фарш говяжий, майонез, зелень укропа, зелень петрушки, лук, масло растительное, соль, перец чёрный молотый, масло сливочное

Рецепт вкуснейшей пиццы за 10 минут. Попробуйте необычную пиццу-ролл (рулет из лаваша) с начинкой из салями, сыра, помидоров.

 лаваш, куриная грудка, филе свинины, салями, помидоры, сыр моцарелла, соус томатный, чеснок, орегано, соль, специи, масло растительное

Простой рецепт приготовления потрясающе вкусной домашней шаурмы с мясным фаршем и вешенками.

 лаваш, картофель, лук репчатый, фарш свиной, вешенки, майонез, сыр плавленый, капуста квашеная, шпинат, горчица французская, чеснок, масло растительное, соль...

Очень вкусное, яркое и, конечно же, красивое блюдо. Очень характерное для нашего города. Во всех шашлычных, кафе и ресторанах оно подается. И дома люля-кебабы готовим. У каждой хозяйки свой способ. Я покажу свой.

 мука, масло растительное, соль, вода, фарш говяжий, фарш из баранины, лук репчатый, барбарис сушеный, кардамон, базилик, перец чёрный, перец красный, соль, жир...

Аппетитная шаурма - рецепт очень быстрой закуски из лаваша, мяса и овощей.

 лаваш, помидоры, мясо жареное, сыр, зелень, майонез, чеснок, соль

Вкусная, ароматная и сытная домашняя шаурма с говядиной. Помимо мясного компонента добавим помидоры, огурцы, капусту, зелень и чесночный соус.

 говядина, капуста белокочанная, лаваш, помидоры, огурцы солёные, тмин, базилик, соус соевый, масло кунжутное, масло оливковое, укроп, петрушка, лук зелёный...

Гирос - это греческий вариант шаурмы, разновидность фастфуда. Гирос подают либо в пите, либо в тонкой лепешке тортилье. Можно приготовить гирос по-домашнему, с отварной свининой, овощами и соусом.

 свинина отварная, мучные тортильяс (мексиканская кухня), помидоры, капуста краснокочанная, огурцы, майонез, укроп, порошок, перец чёрный молотый, соль, чеснок

Вариант простого, но вкусного и сытного обеда или ужина - лаваш с мясным фаршем, обжаренным с луком и чесноком, и консервированной фасолью.

 лаваш, фарш мясной, фасоль консервированная, лук репчатый, чеснок, зелень, соль, перец чёрный молотый, масло растительное, масло сливочное

Пикантная жареная курочка с помидорами, зеленым салатом, сухариками, горчичным соусом и сыром, завернутая в лист лаваша, - блюдо быстрого приготовления, отличный вариант для перекуса.

 лаваш, куриное филе, листья салата, помидоры, сыр твёрдый, куркума, кунжут, сметана, майонез, горчица, сухари белые, соль, перец чёрный молотый, масло растительное

Для приготовления шаурмы с кебабом нам понадобится немного терпения - и вкусная, ароматная шаурма будет готова. Шаурму с кебабом из курицы можно будет взять с собой на пикник, в дорогу или даже на работу, на обед.

 куриное филе, яйца, мука, майонез, лук репчатый, соль, перец чёрный молотый, перец болгарский, огурцы, помидоры, салат листовой, лук репчатый, укроп, петрушка, кетчуп...

Лёгкая летняя закуска из лаваша с курицей и овощами очень похожа на шаурму. Она отлично подойдет для полезного перекуса, ее можно взять с собой на прогулку или пикник. Вкусно и полезно.

 помидоры, перец болгарский, огурцы свежие, куриное филе, сметана, зелень, аджика, лаваш, чеснок, соль, масло растительное

Вкусный рецепт приготовления овощного рулета из лаваша с адыгейским сыром, с начинкой из шпината, моркови, сладкого перца.

 лаваш, сыр, йогурт, морковь, перец болгарский, шпинат, корень имбиря, горчица, лимон, семена подсолнечника, орех кедровый, соя, соль, перец чёрный молотый

Можно очень быстро и просто приготовить чикен-ролл в домашних условиях. Вкуснее, чем в Макдональдс. Недорогой и простой рецепт лаваша с курицей и овощами - вам понадобится самый простой набор ингредиентов и минимум усилий.

 куриное филе, помидоры, капуста пекинская, горчица французская, майонез, лаваш, хлеб белый, сухари панировочные, мука, яйца, молоко, масло подсолнечное

Рецепт приготовления шаурмы с курицей на углях. Очень вкусный и несложный вариант приготовления этого незатейливого блюда, с прекрасным пряным соусом. Отлично подойдет для загородного пикника с друзьями!

 Куриные бедрышки, лаваш, огурцы свежие, помидоры, морковка корейская, салат айсберг, лимон, чеснок, сметана, кефир, майонез, порошок чесночный, базилик...

Полые питы, как правило, выпекают для того, чтобы их можно было начинить и подать к столу как удобную и вкусную закуску. Предлагаю начинить питы смесью куриного филе, овощей и сыра.

 куриное филе, лук репчатый, перец болгарский зелёный, масло растительное, сыр чеддер, пита, лук репчатый, помидоры, перец, кинза, масло растительное, сметана

Самый удобный и приемлемый бутерброд - это пита, начиненная салатом и мясом. Наилучший вариант этой закуски - это салат из овощей и куриного мяса.

 пита, куриное филе, листья салата, листья, пармезан, помидоры черри, масло оливковое, сок лимона свежевыжатый, уксус винный, горчица дижонская, чеснок...

Рецепты в пите перестали быть экзотикой и завоевывают все большую популярность. Предлагаем еще один вариант - шаурма (шаверма) в пите, с курицей, овощами, сырным соусом.

 мука, сахар, дрожжи, вода, соль, йогурт, кумин, кориандр, соль, чеснок, перец, куриная грудка, сыр фета, семя кунжута, масло кунжутное, морковь, баклажан, уксус...

Рецепт вкуснейшей домашней шаурмы со свининой, хумусом, шпинатом и сладким перцем. Мясо для шаурмы готовится особым способом - томится в духовке.

 свинина, масло растительное, кориандр, тмин, орегано, лук, соль, перец кайенский, перец чёрный молотый, бульон мясной, мучные тортильяс (мексиканская кухня), лаваш...

Шаверма в тортилье, с колбаской, сыром, овощами.

 пшеничные тортильи, колбаса вареная, капуста краснокочанная, морковь, огурцы, лук, зелень, сыр, уксус, соль, сахар, сметана, майонез, соус

Технология приготовления этого донер-кебаба (шаурмы) с бараниной очень интересная, ведь мясо не будет запекаться, жариться или вариться. А как именно будет готовиться фарш из баранины, описано в рецепте.

 фарш из баранины, чеснок, лук репчатый, тмин, кориандр, корица молотая, соль, перец чёрный молотый, сухари панировочные, желток, масло оливковое, уксус винный белый...
 куриное филе, лук репчатый, яйца, лаваш, масло растительное, зелень укропа, зелень петрушки, соль, перец
 свинина, лук репчатый, яйца, лаваш, масло растительное, кетчуп, соль, перец
 баранина, помидоры, лук репчатый, яйца, лаваш, масло растительное, зелень базилика, зелень петрушки, соль, перец
 мякоть задней ноги барана (окорок), соль, перец чёрный, сок, лимон, масло оливковое, жир, фарш, яйца, молоко
 баранина, лук репчатый, яйца, лаваш, мас
          Trump is shaping new 'liberal' order to block Russia, China, Iran, says Pompeo      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump's top diplomat promised on Tuesday a new democratic world order in which Washington will strengthen or jettison international agreements as it sees fit to stop "bad actors" such as Russia, China and Iran from gaining.

          The Dow drops 800 points as trade fears ratchet back up      Cache   Translate Page      


Stocks fell sharply Tuesday after optimism for easing trade tensions between Washington and Beijing waned and as Treasury yields turned lower, stirring worries about the prospect of slowing economic growth around the world.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 3%, or nearly 800 points. The Nasdaq Composite plunged 3.8%, meanwhile, and the S&P 500 shed 3.2% to below its 200-day moving average. The three US indices had all jumped more than 1% on Monday as President Donald Trump touted his weekend meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

But trade expectations unwound after key details on the framework of negotiations appeared unsettled. Trump called himself "a Tariff Man" in a tweet about China early Tuesday, a reminder that further escalations are on deck if a deal isn't reached within 90 days. Trade-sensitive stocks were among the Dow's biggest losers, with Caterpillar down nearly 7% and Boeing 4.8% lower.

Not helping the mood, Trump named US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to lead negotiations going forward. Lighthizer is seen as a hardliner on China, so the pick cast doubt on expectations for a quick agreement.

"While this outcome is preferable to many alternatives, investors should be clear that agreeing to negotiate is no guarantee of resolution,” said Ron Temple, managing director and head of US Equities at Lazard Asset Management. "Details are scant and the two sides have offered different statements of what was agreed."

Treasury yields continued to slide, with the 10-year down 7.6 basis points to 2.915%. Spreads between long- and short-term bonds inverted, an occurrence seen as a potential recession signal, for the first time since the financial crisis.

"The inversion of parts of the yield curve is further evidence that investors are coming round to our downbeat view of the prospects for the US economy, and points to further weakness in the S&P 500," said John Higgins, an analyst at Capital Economics.

Adding to concerns, Brexit debates in the UK’s House of Commons got off to a rocky start. Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a series of setbacks Tuesday, and the British government was found in contempt of Parliament after not publishing the full legal advice on plans to leave the European Union.

The dollar stumbled 0.7% against the Japanese yen, a closely-watched exchange rate during times of financial stress. The VIX, meanwhile, jumped by nearly a quarter to 20.48.

Oil prices climbed from recent lows ahead of a meeting Thursday and Friday among OPEC and other major producers led by Russia, who are expected to make a deal to cut coordinated output levels. West Texas Intermediate fell to trade just below $53 per barrel, and Brent was down 0.5% to $61.58.

SEE ALSO: Trump's newest pick to lead the trade fight against China reportedly took the Chinese by surprise and could be bad news for a deal

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          Bianca Shares Photos Of Moment She Contested & Won 'The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria' Pageant      Cache   Translate Page      
Bianca Ojukwu, wife of late Biafran warlord, and former Nigerian Ambassador to Spain, has shared memories of the moment she became the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 30 years ag. he shared her journey on Facebook thanking God for how far He has brought her. She wrote;

''Thirty years ago this day, 4th Dec. 1988, I ventured in trepidation onto the grand stage of the National Theatre, Lagos, as a contestant in the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN NIGERIA PAGEANT by Silverbird Productions. By the grace of God I won the contest. I was then a law undergraduate at the University of Nigeria. The rest, as they say, is history.

Then it was the era of ‘winner takes all’ as pageant winner. From there I took off to Banjul, where the MISS AFRICA Pageant was held and I once again emerged the Winner. Next was the MISS CHARM Contest in Moscow which saw me emerge as Miss Drushbah. After that was the MISS INTERCONTINENTAL Pageant. I am the ever African ever to have won this Pageant.

This was an awesome experience which provided a wonderful opportunity to visit over 20 countries of the world in the space of one year of my ‘reign’( a great privilege for a mere student) including 12 European countries as well as several other world destinations including Singapore, Japan,Russia, Taipei, Dubai, Republic Of China, Hong Kong where I represented Nigeria at the MISS WORLD beauty Pageant and Cancun, Mexico where I was the Country’s representative at the MISS UNIVERSE Pageant.

It is to God’s glory that I went this far. Today, as always, I continue to celebrate the amazing opportunities God has thrown along my path in life. This is just one of them.''

          SpeedNews Defense & Space      Cache   Translate Page      
RUSSIA tested modernized anti-ballistic missile interceptor at Sary-Shagan test site in Kazakhstan.

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          Sports Shorts: Russian athletics federation remains banned      Cache   Translate Page      
Summary of sports events and persons who made news on Tuesday
          Beeler cartoon: Russian nesting hats       Cache   Translate Page      
Nate Beeler cartoon on President Donald Trump and Russia.
          Siete motos y un coche: Así se rodó el espectacular vídeo del tributo de Akrapovič a las Superbike       Cache   Translate Page      

Siete motos y un coche: Así se rodó el espectacular vídeo del tributo de Akrapovič a las Superbike #source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Hace unos meses el especialista en líneas de escape Akrapovič se marcó un vídeo en homenaje a las Superbike reuniendo a todas las motos de litro de las motos más punteras equipadas con sus tubos de escape para crear un vídeo muy, muy atractivo.

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade, BMW S 1000 RR, Yamaha YZF-R1, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, Ducati 1299 Panigale, Aprilia RSV4 y Suzuki GSX-R1000 se dieron la mano para bailar al son de las trompetas del especialista esloveno, y ahora podemos ver cómo se hizo aquel vídeo.

Siete motos, un coche y un circuito cerrado

El encargado de perseguir a las Superbike sobre el trazado de Grobnik, Croacia, fue un Caterham Super Seven dedicado exclusivamente a este propósito. El pequeño coupé biplaza de estética retro se ha reforzado hasta las cejas con una estructura que le permite cargar con una cámara de alta definición robotizada en su extremo delantero y otra cámara en la zaga.

Con un equipo de dos personas abordo, uno controla las cámaras y otro se ocupa de conducir a toda velocidad. El resultado son unas tomas casi captadas a ras de suelo gracias a la extremadamente baja línea del Super Seven mientras acosa a las siete Superbike de la secuencia (aunque en el vídeo diga que son ocho).

Por cierto, que Akrapovič también aprovechó la ocasión para darle un toque especial al Super Seven y equiparlo con un sistema de escape 4-en-1 a medida.

A continuación te dejamos también el vídeo original para que puedas echar un ojo por si se te pasó en su día o por si simplemente quieres babear un rato.

También te recomendamos

Sorpresa en la comparativa Superbikes 2015, el premio se lo lleva Italia

#CienciaenelParlamento o cómo Twitter puede crear una cultura política científica

Así queda el mercado de superdeportivas en 2017, como nunca lo habías visto

La noticia Siete motos y un coche: Así se rodó el espectacular vídeo del tributo de Akrapovič a las Superbike fue publicada originalmente en Motorpasion Moto por Jesus Martin .

          Mueller: Michael Flynn Cooperated In Russia Probe, Shouldn't Serve Prison Time      Cache   Translate Page      
The special counsel's latest filing includes new revelations about the former Trump national security adviser's dealings with Russia.
          Oil prices perk up on possible OPEC production cut      Cache   Translate Page      
A rally in oil prices after a two-month slide indicates traders are betting that OPEC and its allies including Russia will agree to produce less crude. Representatives of oil-producing nations will hold a highly anticipated meeting Thursday in Vienna, with analysts predicting that they will agree on a cut of at least 1 million barrels a day in an effort to bolster prices. Russian President Vladimir Putin boosted expectations for a deal when he said at the G20 summit over last weekend that Russia and Saudi Arabia have agreed to extend an attempt by OPEC to balance oil supply and demand — although he provided no figures.
          П.И.Чайковский. Концерт No.1. Никита Бурзаница. Роман Моисеев      Cache   Translate Page      
November 24, 2018. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Piano Concerto No. 1. Conductor Roman Moiseyev (Russia). Nikita Burzanitsa, piano (Great Britain). П.И.Чайковский. Концерт No.1 для фортепиано с оркестром. Солист Никита Бурзаница.
          Slog PM: No Prison Time for Michael Flynn, the Academy Needs Someone to Host the Oscars Kevin Hart to Host 2019 Oscars      Cache   Translate Page      
Lawsuit filed against Trump, EPA rolling back more policies, snowball freedom in Colorado by Nathalie Graham
Its coming up roses for Flynn.
It's coming up roses for Flynn. CHIP SOMODEVILLA/GETTY

Michael Flynn... is getting away with all this shit: Robert Mueller has recommended that Michael Flynn, Trump's former national security adviser, receive no prison time. Why? Didn't this motherfucker have connections to Russia? Mueller says that Flynn provided "substantial assistance" to the investigation and therefore will get off Scott Free. There is still a shroud of secrecy around Flynn and what he told Mueller. What we can assume is that it was vital information.

Seattle has a hockey team!: Sports fans rejoice! An NHL team will be in Seattle for the 2021-2022 hockey season. It was unanimously approved by the NHL’s board of governors. That’s great timing for the renovation project at Key Arena, the hockey practice facility at Northgate Mall, and the light rail extension to Northgate. That won’t be helpful for Key Arena traffic, but hey, light rail is light rail, baby. Mariner fans, meanwhile, are weeping because their whole team was gutted this week as the franchise “attempts to rebuild” or whatever.

WSU GOP wants $2,500 to build their own border wall: College Republicans! They just make me want to scream! And not in a good way (:///). These little fucks are crowdfunding to raise money for tools to build a replica of Donald Trump’s border wall. This is the sequel to a wall they built in 2016. Wasn’t once enough??? Also, wasn’t the point that The American People weren’t supposed to pay for the wall? Charles Mudede has some thoughts.

Can Washington Democrats grow a spine already?? The Dems announced that they will be suspending their investigation into Sen. Joe Fain and the rape allegations against him. This comes after pushback from GOP opposition.

Remember that Washington teen who pushed another girl off a bridge this summer? The 18-year-old suspect pushed the 16-year-old victim off a 60-foot-bridge over the Lewis River. The victim suffered broken ribs, a punctured lung, and bruising. The push could have been fatal. The suspect waived her right to a speedy trial and a court date was set for February.

If you know anything about this lumber fire you should cash in: There’s a reward for information about the Nov. 11 fire at Gascoigne Lumber Company in Queen Anne.

Emergency shelters are open! It’s freezing out. Seattle is opening some doors to let our most vulnerable get some shelter from the cold.

No one wants to host the Oscars: I guess there’s no glitz and no glamor in hosting Hollywood’s biggest night. No one wants to host the 2019 Oscars. Part of that is because the award show’s ratings have been steadily declining. The host also has to walk a fine line politically—you can’t say nothing about shit like Donald Trump or the Me Too era but you can’t say too much. The Academy is playing it too safe in its decision and finding, well, no one to take the job.

Breaking! Kevin Hart is going to host the Oscars. Woo. What a middle-of-the-road choice. I hear our deceased publisher's son, Tumult, really loves Kevin Hart. Big day for little Tumult and Ride Along 2 fans.

Bear down: This is… a lot.

Another EPA rollback: Trump is trying to reboot the coal industry. Ah, yes, exactly what we need. Look at all these reports about how the world is GOING TO DIE, excellent timing. Anyway, in order to resuscitate the industry, Trump is removing an Obama-era mandate on CO2 mitigating technology. It’s expensive. Trump will supposedly be removing the requirement.

Picture of the year:

Thank god this Colorado boy can now legally pelt his brother with snowballs: Who says there’s no social justice? This 9-year-old helped overturn a snowball ban in Severance, Colorado.

Lawsuit accuses Trump of profiting off the presidency: The Attorneys General of Maryland and the District of Columbia plan to file subpoenas for records. They’re investigating whether the spending—both foreign and domestic—at Trump’s D.C. hotel amount to gifts to the presidency.

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          Tech Tonics: Ari Caroline: Broad Intellect Meets Deep Humanity      Cache   Translate Page      
An accomplished linguist who planned to take a job after college with a Russian oligarch (but rethought the notion after the man was nearly assassinated), Ari Caroline’s journey has taken him from language to economics to business to his current role as Chief Analytics Officer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), where he sees [...]
          Dollar-Free Monetary Union: Russia-Led Free Trade Zone May Adopt Single Currency      Cache   Translate Page      
Dollar-Free Monetary Union: Russia-Led Free Trade Zone May Adopt Single Currency by The members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) may abandon border procedures and adopt a common currency in the future by analogy with the European Union (EU), according to the President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbay Jeenbekov. – “I strongly believe in the future of […]
          Never, Ever Forget The Guardian/Politico Psyop Against WikiLeaks      Cache   Translate Page      
Never, Ever Forget The Guardian/Politico Psyop Against WikiLeaks by CAITLIN JOHNSTONE, For the first few hours after any new “bombshell” Russiagate story comes out, my social media notifications always light up with poorly written posts by liberal establishment loyalists saying things like “HAHAHA @caitoz this proves you wrong now will you FINALLY stop denying Russian […]
          Mueller recommends no prison for Trump ex-aide Flynn after cooperation in Russia investigation      Cache   Translate Page      
          Special counsel Robert Mueller's office recommends little to no jail time for Michael Flynn in exchange for assistance - NBC News      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Special counsel Robert Mueller's office recommends little to no jail time for Michael Flynn in exchange for assistance  NBC News
  2. Jeffrey Toobin: I'd be nervous if I were Trump  CNN
  3. Mueller Preparing Endgame For Russia Investigation  HuffPost
  4. Michael Flynn Has Provided 'Substantial Assistance' In Russia Inquiry, Feds Say  NPR
  5. Michael Flynn: timeline of the former national security adviser's case  The Guardian
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          Roger Stone invokes Fifth Amendment in Senate Russia probe - CNN      Cache   Translate Page      
Roger Stone invokes Fifth Amendment in Senate Russia probe  CNN

President Donald Trump's confidant Roger Stone is telling congressional committees that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment rights in order to not testify in ...

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          区块链中“鸡肋”的RPC漏洞      Cache   Translate Page      
*本文原创作者:kmsrussian,本文属于FreeBuf原创奖励计划,未经许可禁止转载 一、前言——NEO RPC漏洞之争 12月1日下午16:34,腾讯湛卢实验室宣布发现NEO的RPC漏洞。官微发文如下: 而NEO官方微博,在四个小时之后迅速回应腾讯,回应如下。 谁对谁错?公链RPC模块安全情况到底如何? 二、RPC和RPC漏洞介绍 首先介绍下RPC。远程过程调用(Remote Procedure Call)是一个计算机通信协议。该协议允许运行于一台计算机的程序调用另一台计算机的子程序,而程序员无需额外地为这个交互作用编程。如果涉及的软件采用面向对象编程,那么远程过程调用亦可称作远程调用或远程方法调用。 古老的如微软的一些RPC漏洞,通过畸形的RPC请求,触发C/C++的字符串拷贝连接之类的问题,造成内存覆盖,引发安全漏洞。因为漏洞的表现方式是与编程语言密切相关的。微软的很多问题组件基本都是使用C/C++语言开发,所以存在内存覆盖这样的安全问题。并且伴随着SDL的推广,类似当年的MS08-067的“盛况”很难再现。 2.1 公链和代币使用的编程语言多样 在区块链上面,由于代币和公链的开发语言多样,如比特币、EOS、XRP、XLM、DASH、XMR的主流客户端使用C/C++开发,ethereum、bytom等的主流客户端使用的是内存安全的Go语言实现。而很多志在构建基于分片、并行、分布式区块链网络的公链,从一开始就选择的是函数式编程语言。如Rchain使用Scala语言开发,Aeternity使用Erlang语言开发。使用函数式语言开发的公链,除去逻辑类漏洞,语言层面就杜绝了过程式语言存在的一些安全隐患。 2.2 同一条公链存在不同语言的客户端实现 一条公链存在各种语言实现的不同版本。比特币节点的主流客户端使用C/C++开发,如satoshi客户端,但是同时还存在对开发者友好的客户端。如javascript语言开发的bcoin,go语言开发的btcd。以太坊方面,主流的以太坊客户端Geth使用Go语言实现,大概占所有节点的80%。基于Rust语言实现的Parity-ethereum占所有节点的20%,剩下的CPP-ethereum、Python-ethereum、Java-ethereum一般只存在研究价值,即使存在漏洞也不容易引发实际的安全问题。而此次腾讯号称“存在问题”的Neo主流客户端是.Net的实现,一般运行在windows系统上。 以上几点造成了RPC漏洞在区块链上的表现方式差异极大。 三、区块链上的RPC和鸡肋的区块链RPC漏洞 首先介绍下区块链中RPC接口使用的流程和场景。以比特币举例,交易所如何判断用户的比特币的确充值成功了呢?一般会在内网中做网段和环境隔离,然后使用docker部署一个对应的全节点客户端,如比特币可以部署bcoin的全节点客户端。然后对RPC接口调用权限进行设置,一般来说公链都会使用username和password的方式来确认调用者有权限调用RPC接口。此时程序鉴权成功后,通过调用bcoin客户端提供的rpc api接口Getblock by height,轮询新区块中是否有用户充值的交易,然后等待对应的确认数后,返回给用户成功充值的消息。 在这个RPC调用的过程中,重要的一点是鉴权,鉴权成功后才有权限调用对应的RPC接口。一般公链的都会提供CLI工具给使用者,用来配置RPC是否开放和开放后的鉴权方式,默认RPC接口在被本地调用的时候是不需要鉴权的,在被远程IP调用的时候,即使对应的RPC接口存在漏洞,由于鉴权无法通过或者该RPC接口根本没有配置开放,攻击者也是没有办法触发RPC漏洞的。 BTC/DASH/XMR等Coin一般存在2个模块,RPC模块和P2P模块。公链由于需要执行合约、通常图灵完备,一般比Coin多两个模块,虚拟机和编译器。而不管在Coin还是公链中都存在的RPC漏洞都很鸡肋,原因就是RPC需要鉴权后才可调用,很难在真实环境中产生安全影响。 下面介绍下区块链中曾经的或者还是“0day”的RPC漏洞 3.1 RPC鉴权设计引发的安全漏洞 目前来看,该类漏洞危害最大,但几乎没有。暂时也还没有发生类似于路由器后门万能密码的漏洞。目前只在bitcoind and Bitcoin-Qt早期版本有一个可以猜密码的漏洞,CVE-2013-4165(注意此漏洞只影响这两个版本的比特币实现,并不影响go版本的btcd和javascript版本的bcoin)。 bitcoind 0.8.1中bitcoinrpc.cpp中的HTTPAuthorized函数在检测到密码的第一个错误字节时提供有关身份验证失败的信息,这使远程攻击者更容易通过猜测爆破攻击来确定密码。 3.2 Post过程中,触发特定语言版本公链的RPC漏洞 表现的比较典型的就是cppethereum的CVE-2017-12119。前面已经说过,cppethereum是以太坊一个研究性版本,实际中几无影响,并且rpc类漏洞,攻击者必须鉴权后才能调用,更加大大削弱了该漏洞的实际影响。该漏洞由思科的talos团队上报发现。 在调用cppethereum的rpc接口的时候,攻击者可以Post传递一个畸形类型的参数,使得类型检查不通过,可以直接导致cpp ethereum崩溃。 注意此类漏洞完全不影响以太坊主流客户端geth和Parity-ethereum。 3.3 RPC设计引发的逻辑类盗币漏洞 目前来看以太坊和EOS都有类似问题。以以太坊举例。 以太坊对于账户的RPC调用支持unlockaccount api。 可以看到,需要提供地址,密码和解锁时间。问题就出在解锁时间上面,一旦解锁,该钱包若还暴露在公网上,在duration期间的钱包,任何人在duration这段期间都有权限将钱包中的eth转走。 整个攻击流程如下:攻击者预先扫描 8545 端口(HTTP JSON RPC API)、8546 端口(WebSocket JSON RPC API)等开放的以太坊节点,遍历区块高度、钱包地址及余额,一旦有余额的地址处于unlock duration,重复调用 eth_sendTransaction 将余额转空。 EOS也支持账户解锁函数,见。逻辑和攻击手法相同,不再分析。 3.4 配置安全引发的问题 前面已经说过RPC调用是要鉴权的。如比特币的bcoin客户端,要远程调用rpc接口必须提供用户名和密码。很多公链,如bytom,默认配置文件即是127.0.0.1,也即本地发起的rpc调用是不需要认证的,通过远程IP发起的rpc调用必须提供用户名和密码,否则无法进行rpc调用。但是如果用户错误配置rpc,如弱密码或者取消鉴权此时就会带来安全隐患。 3.5 接口实现逻辑不严谨引发的漏洞 这里我们以Go语言实现的bytom举例,其他公链若有类似逻辑请自行查证。 一般来说公链中都会支持钱包配置文件的备份和恢复,备份一般不会产生问题,但是此时的恢复,恢复本质上是接收外界的post参数,然后公链的进程要往所在的操作系统或者docker中的系统写入一个文件,如果在post传递参数上传递的是跨目录覆盖掉系统关键文件的参数,结果如何呢?Bytom的早期的版本就存在这样的一个漏洞,调用restore-wallet,传递畸形的post参数,在恢复钱包文件的时候可以引发系统关键文件被覆盖,造成远程代码执行。但是注意,攻击者想利用该漏洞也得通过RPC的鉴权,才有权限调用该接口。 修复起来就相对简单。敏感性接口,逻辑实现上一定要禁止跨目录的操作。 四、总结 RPC模块作为支付类币种和公链都共有的模块,会存在一些安全问题。但是由于RPC调用需要鉴权,使得RPC模块即使存在漏洞,也是较难触发利用的。此次的neo的rpc接口安全问题,影响相对有限,北京链安在此也提醒相关用户,注意RPC的安全配置,避免产生RPC配置漏洞。 *本文原创作者:kmsrussian,本文属于FreeBuf原创奖励计划,未经许可禁止转载
          recent posts/archive      Cache   Translate Page … Continue reading recent posts/archive
          BUILD THE WALL!!!!:      Cache   Translate Page      
Mueller Is Laying Siege to the Trump Presidency (Mikhaila Fogel & Benjamin Wittes, 12/0/18, The Atlantic)

No, Mueller and his forces are not a Mongol horde, but the Trump White House is very much under siege.

Mueller's army isn't the only force encircling Trump's fortress, but it is the largest and most active force, and it actually has several distinct encampments. One contingent of Mueller's forces is charged with investigating efforts by the Russian government to interfere with the 2016 election. In this capacity, the special counsel's office has indicted individuals associated with the Internet Research Agency, a Russian troll farm that has spread disinformation and propaganda on social media. His office also indicted 13 members of the Russian military intelligence organization, the GRU, in connection with deliberately hacking into the Democratic National Committee server and passing the fruits of that hack to WikiLeaks "to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election."

The immediate threat this particular force poses to the castle right now involves its evident interest in Roger Stone and the group of people around him. The GRU indictment does not name Stone, but he has publicly admitted that he is the person referred to in the indictment "who was in regular contact with senior members of the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump" and who corresponded with a fake hacktivist persona used by the Russians.

This front of the siege has become hot in recent months and will likely remain an area of intense activity over the coming weeks. Recently, Jerome Corsi publicly shared a draft statement of offense in connection with a plea agreement offered him by the special counsel's office. The document details contact between Corsi and an individual reported to be Stone regarding WikiLeaks' planned release of the hacked material. Moreover, in the coming weeks, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit is expected to rule on whether Andrew Miller, another Stone associate, is obligated to testify before Mueller's grand jury. Miller had appealed a contempt citation, contending that Mueller's appointment was unconstitutional. Stone and Corsi both seem to expect indictments.

This front is likely to remain active and to generate big news events. But note as well if and when either man or both face charges, that will not be the sky falling for Trump any more than last week's Cohen plea was. It will be just another set of stones blasted out of the city walls.

Last week's events revealed another force surrounding the castle, also under Mueller's command: the investigation of Trump's efforts to do financial business in Russia. The president, while insisting there was "NO Collusion with Russia," admitted that he "lightly looked" into building a tower in Moscow months into the 2016 campaign. Trebuchets from the Cohen front sounded into Friday evening, when Cohen's lawyers filed a sentencing memorandum as a follow-up to the guilty plea. In the memo, Cohen's legal team said that Cohen "remained in close and regular contact with White House-based staff and legal counsel to Client-1," another euphemism for Trump. It's unclear to what extent this investigation is one and the same with the main Mueller collusion force, but it is evidently an active matter, too.

Mueller's forces also include a major encampment focused on obstruction of justice. This force has so far not done anything the public can see, but it may be getting ready to launch some kind of report against the castle. And this report, whenever it materializes, may prove devastating. But note that the day such a report is completed will also not be the "big one"--the cataclysmic event that causes the house of cards to collapse. After all, any report would likely have to undergo a lengthy approval process, either from within the Justice Department or by the courts, or both. It might have to be approved by Matthew Whitaker, the acting attorney general, before being released. It may have significant classified components. Even if the findings in this report are of bombshell proportions, given that it is unlikely Mueller will reject Office of Legal Counsel guidelines against the indictment of a sitting president, the damage that bombshell will inflict will ultimately be determined by Congress, and its detonation would likely be substantially delayed.

          The Latest: Russia says it 'strictly complies' with treaty      Cache   Translate Page      

The Latest: Russia says it 'strictly complies' with treatyBRUSSELS (AP) — The Latest on a meeting of foreign ministers from NATO nations: (all times local):

          U.S., NATO give Russia 60 days to comply with nuclear pact      Cache   Translate Page      
"We either bury our head in the sand, or we take common sense action in response to Russia’s flagrant disregard" of the INF treaty's terms, Pompeo said.
          Michael Flynn Has Provided 'Substantial Assistance' In Russia Inquiry, Feds Say - NPR      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Michael Flynn Has Provided 'Substantial Assistance' In Russia Inquiry, Feds Say  NPR
  2. Jeffrey Toobin: I'd be nervous if I were Trump  CNN
  3. Mueller Preparing Endgame For Russia Investigation  HuffPost
  4. Michael Flynn Is Worse Than a Liar  The Atlantic
  5. Flynn has given 'substantial assistance' to the special counsel  CNN
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          Michael Flynn Has Provided 'Substantial Assistance' In Russia Inquiry, Feds Say      Cache   Translate Page      
Prosecutors said Flynn's cooperation since his guilty plea has been so valuable that a judge should be lenient at sentencing, but the full details still aren't public in a heavily redacted document.
          ‘It’s all bupkis’: Rudy Giuliani desperately tries to downplay Michael Flynn news      Cache   Translate Page      

Special counsel Robert Mueller recommended no jail time for former Donald Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn following his “substantial cooperation” on three investigations — including Trump campaign collusion with Russia. The heavily redacted document reveals Flynn was ...

The post ‘It’s all bupkis’: Rudy Giuliani desperately tries to downplay Michael Flynn news appeared first on Raw Story.

          Mueller recommends no jail time for Flynn, citing his 'substantial assistance'      Cache   Translate Page      
Special counsel Robert Mueller on Tuesday asked a federal court for no prison time for President Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn, citing his "substantial assistance" in the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow. In a court filing late Tuesday, Mueller said it would be "appropriate" for the judge to impose a sentence for Flynn that does not include prison time. Federal sentencing guidelines called for Flynn to be sentenced to between zero and six months in prison and face up to a $9,500 fine. "The offense level and guideline range, however, do not account for a downward departure pursuant to Section 5K1.1 of the United States Sentencing Guidelines reflecting the defendants substantial assistance to the government, which the government has moved for contemporaneously," Mueller's prosecutors wrote in a filing on Monday. The sentencing memo filed by Mueller's team of prosecutors on Tuesday came roughly a year after Flynn agreed to plead guilty and cooperate, which represented a bombshell development in the special counsel's Russia investigation that brought him closer to the Trump White House. Last December, Flynn pleaded guilty to one count of lying to FBI agents in January 2017 about his contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States and agreed to cooperate with Mueller's investigation. Flynn, a three-star Army general who once helmed the Defense Intelligence Agency under the Obama administration, became a vocal Trump surrogate on the campaign trail, memorably leading a "lock her up" chant about former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at the 2016 GOP convention.
          Prosecutors recommend no prison time for Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security advisor      Cache   Translate Page      

Michael Flynn, a retired Army general who was forced out as President Trump’s national security advisor after misleading other White House officials, has provided “substantial” assistance to investigators in the Russia case and should be spared prison time despite lying to FBI agents, prosecutors...

          Stone pleads the Fifth to snub Senate document request      Cache   Translate Page      
Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone is under scrutiny in special counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election.
          Rachel Maddow Beat The Pants Off Hannity In The Ratings Last Week      Cache   Translate Page      


One reason Sean Hannity may be so hell-bent on undermining the Russia investigation and protecting Donald Trump no matter how horribly he betrays the U.S. is because when the Russia investigation heats up, Hannity tends to lose his ratings dominance.

          (Tennessee) Mauser Model 98k - $ 400      Cache   Translate Page      
This is a Mauser 8mm that we believe to be Yugoslavian but is in the same configuration as a German K98 from WW2 (Possibly Russian Capture?). Either way, most of the collector value has been taken away by being drilled and tapped for a scope and being re-finished. This rifle still makes an excellent hunting rifle comes with a leather sling and a scope
          Spokane Chiefs notebook: Trio invited to under-20 national selection camps      Cache   Translate Page      

Spokane Chiefs Jaret Anderson-Dolan (Canada), Ty Smith (Canada) and Filip Kral (Czech Republic) have been invited to their respective under-20 national team selection camps, as announced by Hockey Canada and the Czech Ice Hockey Association on Monday. The camps act as precursors for the 2019 IIHF World Junior Championship, which begins on Dec. 26 in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.

Anderson-Dolan has been sidelined since sustaining a wrist injury in late October. Smith leads all WHL defensemen in scoring with 36 points (three goals, 33 assists), while Kral has three goals and four assists in 13 games played.

Chiefs make 5-player trade

The Chiefs announced Tuesday morning that they acquired defenseman Noah King, the rights to goaltender Matthew Davis and a conditional 2021 bantam draft pick from the Swift Current Broncos. In exchange, the Chiefs traded forward Carter Chorney and the rights to defenseman Devin Aubin and forward Kye Buchanan.

King, a 19-year-old defenseman, has two goals and four assists for six points for the Broncos this season.

Davis plays for the Spruce Grove Saints of the Alberta Junior Hockey League, posting a 1.70 goals-against average in 17 games.

Chorney, 17, had eight goals and four assists in 27 games this season.

          Anticipation builds for Mueller's document dump on Friday, with news outlets trying to connect the dots in a bigger narrative.      Cache   Translate Page      
Anticipation builds for Mueller's document dump on Friday, with news outlets trying to connect the dots in a bigger narrative.

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          Mueller recommends no prison time for Flynn due to "substantial" cooperation      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's former national securi