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Name: Kara Brown, husband, three boys and a dog
Location: Denton, TX
Size: 3,000 square feet
Years lived in: 4 years, owned

My husband, Dave, and I met in college (University of North Texas—I was an art major and an RA for his sister!) We moved from an apartment to our first home in 2003. It was an 1,100-square-foot fixer upper where we had our three boys. We loved it but eventually began to outgrow the space and so in 2014 started house hunting and found our current home. I'd seen it online but my husband vetoed it because it was over our budget. We happened to drive by when they were having an open house and so we went in to have a look-see. When I was a little girl growing up in Miami my family moved A LOT and so I looked at so many houses with my mom. She would always get "the feeling" when we walked into a house that she knew would be ours and upon walking into the entryway of our current home, I got "the feeling!"


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20 Game Conference Schedules Are Good Brian December 4th, 2018 at 12:44 PM
less dunking on the MEAC, but still some [Marc-Gregor Campredon]

The most recent Ken Pomeroy podcast had a brief discussion of the Big Ten's 20-game conference schedule, which got a thumbs down because Pomeroy prefers nonconference games. Nonconference games connect various conferences and are required for ranking systems to make sense, so Pomeroy's got a point.

But what kind of games are being excised by the expanded conference schedule? I looked at everyone's schedules this year and last and divided them into approximate major and non-major categories. There's some wobble in these distinctions. The A-10, Mountain West, and Big East count. Certain programs (Gonzaga and the top of the American) outside of the top 7 conferences also count. I ended up grudgingly including DePaul because they're in a major conference but left out some incidentally top 100 opponents like Montana and South Dakota State on the assumption that these were buy games that were accidentally good opponents. FWIW, if you were to do it the other way and drop out programs like Pitt while including good mid- and low-majors the number of games worth playing would remain essentially equal.

Anyway, the conclusion is that the extra conferences games have almost universally replaced bad buy games:

  2018 2019
  Major-ish Mid-low Major-ish Mid-low
Michigan 5 (LSU, VCU, UNC, UCLA, Texas) 8 5 (Nova, GW, Providence, UNC, SoCar) 6
MSU 5 (Duke, UNC, ND, DePaul, UConn) 8 5 (KU, UCLA, Texas, Florida, Louisville 6
Wisconsin 6 (Xavier, BU, UCLA, UVA, Temple, Marq) 7 6 (Xavier, Stanford, OK, UVA, NCST, Marq) 5
Nebraska 4 (St John's, BC, Creighton, Kansas) 9 5 (Seton Hall, TTech, Clemson, Creighton, OkieSt) 6
OSU 5(Gonzaga, Stan, Butler, Clemson, UNC) 8 4 (Cinci, Creighton, Cuse, UCLA) 7
Indiana 4 (Seton Hall, Duke, UL, ND) 8 5(Marq, Ark, Duke, UL, Butler) 6
Maryland 4(Butler, Bonnies, UNM, Cuse) 9 2(UVA, Seton Hall) 9
Purdue 5(Marq, Tenn, AZ, UL, Butler) 8 5 (Davidson, FSU, VT, Texas, ND) 6
PSU 4(NCST, GW, Pitt, A&M) 9 4(DePaul, VT, NCST, Bama) 7
Northwestern 6(Creighton, La Salle, TTech, GT, DePaul, OK) 7 6(Fresno, La Salle, UT, GT, DePaul, OK) 5
Minnesota 4(Prov, Bama, Miami, Ark) 9 5(Utah, A&M, UW, BC, OkieSt) 6
Illinois 5( DePaul, Wake, UNLV, NMSU, Mizzou) 8 7(GTown, Zags, ISU, Xavier, ND, UNLV, Mizzou) 4
Rutgers 2 (FSU, Seton Hall) 11 3(St John's, Miami, Seton Hall) 7
Iowa 3(VT, ISU, CU) 9 4(Oregon, UConn, Pitt, ISU) 7
    118   87

There are 28 fewer slots for mid- to low-major buy games and 31 fewer mid-to-low-major matchups. Only two teams (OSU and Maryland) are playing fewer major opponents this year.

There's an argument that the increased slate of conference games reduces opportunities for teams like Bucknell, which was three points away from a win at Maryland last year, to establish their tournament bonafides. That may be happening to some degree but teams like Bucknell, Marshall, Belmont, Wright State, Loyola-Chicago, and Bradley still speckle Big Ten schedules.

It's undeniable that most of the games that aren't being played as a result of the 20-game schedule aren't really worth playing.


December 4th, 2018 at 12:49 PM ^

I think it just puts a lot of importance being in a quality early season tournament. Maryland was in a shitty one this year so they didn't get a good slate of teams. 

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December 4th, 2018 at 12:49 PM ^

I was listening to the podcast last night and had the same thought. My thought was to look at non-con SOS this year compared to previous years for B1G teams and see how the numbers look. Are they stagnant, lower or higher? If teams have much harder non-con SOS's, then it looks like we're just cutting out the body bag games and vice-versa. This is a good way of proving that point now.

Side note: I really don't like Pomeroy's co-host for the pod. He doesn't provide anything of substance and is just a yes man who agrees with whatever Pomeroy says.

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Arb lover

December 4th, 2018 at 12:57 PM ^

So this anti-sec model of more conference games and fewer cupcakes will cause conference opponents to have more end of season losses. Does that hurt our record for tournament seeds i.e quad 3 v 2, or can/will rankings like kenpom account for this?

While wins against worthless teams are seen as just that, if Iowa/Wisconsin  have an extra 4 losses from the increased B1G schedule, does that bump them out of a quality quadrant win for Michigan?

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December 4th, 2018 at 1:14 PM ^

I'm always in favor of more accurate rankings within a conference, which I think is accomplished by a more conference heavy schedule.

To me it seems that more conference play will provide for a better conference tournament both in terms of team preparation and proper seeding, which in term is better preparation for the national tournament.

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December 4th, 2018 at 1:04 PM ^

Good content.

But gotta be honest, I'm pretty excited to see how half-assed the Florida preview is going to be. Sad we have to wait 3.5 weeks!

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December 4th, 2018 at 1:12 PM ^

weird picture. i assume iggy's still on his way up, but it looks like he's at his peak and he's going to whiff on that dunk by like 6 inches.

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December 4th, 2018 at 1:28 PM ^

While it's good that strength of schedule isn't being hurt, a team's record will be hurt. Those two games were usually two wins for almost every Big Ten team. Now, there's 14 more losses to be spread across the conference because there is a loser in each conference game.

Now, hopefully, the analytics give the Big Ten teams the benefit of the doubt because of the strength of schedule, but losses are never good in analytics either.

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December 4th, 2018 at 1:52 PM ^

Not necessarily the case.  True, NET is sort of a fancified RPI that is based on W/L, but stuff like KenPom actually doesn't care an iota about the outcome of a game.  Only performance relative to the opponent.  Losing good is better than winning bad.  Reason being that NET is trying to quantify a team's results, while KenPom is trying to be predictive.

NET and RPI have a reward component for beating Coppin State by 1 and a ding component for losing to Duke by 1.  Other analytics, KenPom specifically, would ding you for the former and reward you for the latter.  Simplistically speaking.

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December 4th, 2018 at 2:29 PM ^

It also makes the conference race a bit more equitable.  Now we play seven teams twice and six once, which is still far from perfect but an improvement over the ridiculous situation the last few years (when we had five double-plays and eight single-plays), leading to situations like MSU's last year where they beat one tournament team in league play and still won the title.

A 22-game schedule (nine double-plays and four single-plays) would be better still.

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Tako Dallas Mavericks kot tudi Miami Heat na zadnji tekmi lige NBA nista mogla računati na poškodovana Slovenca. Luka Dončić je tekmo proti LA Clippers izpustil zaradi poškodbe kolka, Goranu Dragiću pa v zadnjih tednih nagaja poškodba kolena. Ljubljančan še ni nared, izpustil bo še osmo zaporedno tekmo vročice.
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          Alejandro Sanz invita a dejar de lado celular esta Navidad      Cache   Translate Page      

Alejandro Sanz está más que listo para reunirse con su familia en las fechas navideñas y disfrutar de una enorme cantidad de guisados como potajes, dulces y pestiños que cocinan sus tías.

Sanz vive la mayoría del año en Miami, donde tiene su estudio de grabación, pero para Navidad viaja a España a su rancho cerca de Madrid, al que llegan unos 90 miembros de su familia, incluido el “Ejército de Salvación” de sus tías con sus grandes ollas.

“Eso es una guerra de fogones, no hay manera de que te metas en la cocina y salgas ileso de ahí, es imposible”, dijo el astro español en una entrevista telefónica reciente con The Associated Press desde Madrid. “Es toda una odisea salir de ahí y no haber ganado por lo menos dos kilos”.

Sanz está en contra de los celulares en las mesas de las comidas familiares. Contó que hace poco, en el cumpleaños de un amigo, se vio obligado a abandonar el suyo por petición del festejado, que decomisó los aparatos de todos los invitados.

“Te aseguro que es una de las mejores experiencias. Estuvimos comunicándonos con una obscenidad, comunicándonos como si fuéramos seres humanos y relacionándonos sin celulares. Fue una cosa increíble, un ejercicio de humanidad apabullante”, relató. “Nadie se tomó una foto, todos hablaban. ¡Todavía no se nos ha olvidado hablar, es increíble!”.

Para el músico, el asunto del ensimismamiento por los celulares no es un mal generacional, pues afecta a personas de todas las edades, pero sí considera que hay que aprender a ponerle límites.

En parte ese es el mensaje de su nuevo sencillo “No tengo nada”, lanzado el viernes y cuyo video, que supera ya 12 millones de vistas en YouTube, retrata el distanciamiento que puede tener una persona con quienes están justo a su lado, creando una falsa ilusión de soledad.

“En la canción lo que trato es de poner el dedo sobre esa llaga”, dijo sobre la pieza, que coprodujo con Julio Reyes Copello y Alfonso Pérez. “Estamos siempre viviendo como en el pasado y como en el futuro, o recordando o planeando, pero no vivimos el presente, no nos dejamos atrapar por la emoción que al final es realmente lo único que poseemos”.

“Nosotros estamos momentáneamente ocupando las cosas, pero las cosas no son nuestras, lo único nuestro son las emociones y las vivencias, y las personas que tenemos cerca”, añadió.

El video, filmado en Miami, tiene una estética muy estadounidense. Dirigido por el catalán Jaume de Laiguana (quien también ha trabajado con artistas como Malú, Shakira y Carlos Vives), presenta imágenes como un “diner” o cafetería, una casa rodante y una lavandería donde las personas no se miran entre sí. Sanz y Laiguana, quienes habían trabajado previamente en los videos del álbum de 2003 “No es lo mismo”, se inspiraron en las pinturas del estadounidense Edward Hopper.

“Me parecía muy importante que fuera luminoso”, dijo Sanz, ganador de 18 Latin Grammy y tres Grammy. “Esa estética es patrimonio de la humanidad prácticamente, por eso cuando vas a ciudades como Nueva York ya te parece que las conoces aunque no las conoces; porque forman parte del imaginario nuestro”.

Sanz, quien va vestido de negro con un saco de cuello mao en el video, actúa de manera similar a los ángeles de la película “Wings of Desire” (“Las alas del deseo”) de Wim Wenders, tocando a los personajes y uniéndolos.

“Podría ser un ángel, podría ser la música, podría ser el amor mismo, podrían ser todas esas cosas que de algún modo utilizamos para unirnos”, dijo el artista.

“No tengo nada” formará parte del próximo álbum de Sanz, cuyo lanzamiento está previsto para el 2019.

          5-12-1945: Misteri Hilangnya Armada Penerbangan 19 di Segitiga Bermuda      Cache   Translate Page, Miami - Kecelakaan pesawat yang terjadi pada Rabu 5 Desember 1945 menjadi salah satu misteri terbesar dalam dunia penerbangan. Insiden itu melibatkan mitos Segitiga Bermuda yang terkenal horor.

Segitiga Bermuda bukan nama resmi. Julukan itu merujuk pada wilayah di dalam garis imajiner yang menghubungkan Kepulauan Bermuda, Puerto Rico, dan Fort Lauderdale. Di sana lah sejumlah kapal dan pesawat hilang secara misterius.

Pada hari kejadian, skuadron yang terdiri atas lima pesawat pembom torpedo Angkatan Laut, beserta 14 awaknya, hilang tanpa jejak. Tak hanya jasad para penerbang, serpihan pesawat tak pernah ditemukan.

Awalnya, saat jarum jam menunjuk pukul 14.10 waktu setempat, di bawah komando Letnan Charles Taylor, lima jet pengebom torpedo TBM Avenger bermesin tunggal keluar dari pangkalan udara Fort Lauderdale.

Para penerbang ditugaskan melaksanakan misi rutin, termasuk berlatih menjatuhkan bom dan latihan navigasi.

Meski Perang Dunia II sudah berhenti tiga bulan sebelumnya, militer berketetapan untuk terus waspada dan berlatih.

Sekitar 90 menit setelah lepas landas, Letnan Taylor lewat radio melaporkan, tim tersesat dan kompas tidak berfungsi. "Kami tak tahu, ini di mana," kata dia, seperti dikutip dari Sun Sentinel.

Selama dua jam kemudian, Letnan Taylor mengarahkan pesawat, yang ia kira menuju Miami, namun nyatanya justru mengarah ke Samudera Atlantik.

Pangkalan angkatan laut di Miami sempat mendapatkan sinyal samar-samar dari skuadron tersebut di sekitar 150 mil dari lepas pantai New Smyrna Beach.

Panggilan terakhir yang dilakukan skuadron terjadi pada pukul 19.27. Setelah itu lenyap.

Setelah armada dinyatakan hilang, tim penyelamat pun diberangkatkan. Pesawat amfibi berbadan besar dengan mesin ganda dikirim dari pangkalan Banana River di Central Florida. Namun, pesawat itu justru jatuh ke laut ganas. Sebanyak 13 orang penumpangnya tewas seketika.

Hari berikutnya, salah satu pencarian kecelakaan terbesar dalam sejarah dilakukan. Tim SAR menyisir area seluas 200.000 mil persegi. Letnan David White, salah dalam tim pencari menceritakan, pesawat dan kapal pencari mencari apapun yang mungkin tersisa, jaket pelampung atau serpihan pesawat.

Namun, "Tak ada tanda-tanda serpihan," kata White. "Ini luar biasa."

Saat mencari keesokan paginya, diduga puing-puing mungkin sampai di lepas pantai Georgia. Pesawat TBM Avengers, menurut White, kemungkinan pecah pada saat berusaha mendarat di laut .

Sejumlah sejarawan dan investigator kelautan menduga skuadron nahas itu mengalami disorientasi di tengah cuaca buruk dan kegelapan malam. Mereka diyakini kehabisan bahan-bahan dan mengalami kecelakaan di lautan timur Daytona Beach.

Tak hanya kecelakaan yang melibatkan Segitiga Bermuda yang terjadi apda tanggal 5 Desember. Sejumlah peristiwa bersejarah terjadi pada hari ini.

Pada 5 Desember 1957, Presiden Sukarno memerintahkan warga negara Belanda angkat kaki dari tanah air.

Pada tanggal yang sama tahun 2013, Nelson Mandela meninggal dunia. Ia menjadi pria berkulit hitam pertama yang menjadi presiden Afrika Selatan. Napas penghabisan ia embuskan pada usia 95 tahun, akibat infeksi paru-paru.

Lahirnya Mitos Segitiga Bermuda

Ilustrasi peta perairan Segitiga Naga disebut memiliki misteri serupa Segitiga Bermuda - AP#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Desas-desus keangkeran Segitiga Bermuda sudah lama beredar. Christopher Columbus, di masa awal penjelajahannya ke Dunia Baru pada 1492, adalah yang pertama mencatat soal anomali di sekitar segitiga imajiner itu.

Saat kapal-kapal armadanya, "Nina", "Pinta", dan "Santa Maria" melintas Laut Sargasso, penjelajah Italia itu mengaku kompasnya menjadi tak menentu. Ia juga melihat cahaya aneh di cakrawala pada 11 Oktober 1492, yang hingga kini belum bisa dijelaskan.

Namun, asal-usul legenda Segitiga Bermuda bisa dilacak sejak 16 September 1950, saat wartawan kantor berita Associated Press, E. V. W. Jones mencatat apa yang ia deskripsikan sebagai serangkaian kejadian "misterius" hilangnya sejumlah kapal dan pesawat antara perairan Florida dan Bermuda di akhir tahun 1940-an.

Ia menyebut sejumlah kejadian, dari hilangnya Penerbangan 19 Angkatan Laut AS, misi latihan 5 bomber torpedo TBM Avenger yang terbang dari Florida pada 5 Desember 1945, juga hilangnya pesawat komersial "Star Tiger" pada 30 Januari 1948 dalam penerbangan dari Azores ke Bermuda. Tak ketinggalan "Star Ariel"yang raib 17 Januari 1949 dalam penerbangan dari Bermuda ke Kingston, Jamaica.

"'Laut iblis' telah menjebak nasib 135 orang yang terbang atau berlayar di Atlantik dalam beberapa tahun belakangan," tulis Jones seperti dimuat "Manusia modern dengan keajaiban teknologi tak menemukan kata kunci untuk menjelaskan apa yang sebenarnya terjadi pada mereka yang lenyap, tanpa jejak bersama kapal atau pesawatnya."

Dua tahun kemudian giliran artikel di majalah Fate muncul. Penulisnya, George X Sand menceritakan sejumlah insiden misterius hilangnya sejumlah kapal di wilayah tersebut. Penulis, M. K. Jessup juga menyajikan kisah serupa dalam artikel "The Case for The UFO", dirilis tahun 1955 -- yang mengarahkan keterlibatan alien.

Kisah serupa kembali diulang Donald E. Keyhoe dalam "The Flying Saucer Conspiracy" [1955), juga Frank Edwards dalam tulisannya, "Stranger Than Science" [1959].

Hingga akhirnya muncullah Vincent H. Gaddis yang memperkenalkan istilah "Segitiga Bermuda" dalam artikel yang terbit Februari 1964 di Majalah "Argosy", yang berjudul "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle" -- Segitiga Bermuda yang mematikan.

"Selama dua dekade terakhir, laut misterius di halaman belakang kita telah merenggut hampir 1.000 nyawa," tulis Gaddis. "Angkatan Laut AS, Angkatan Udara dan penyelidik Penjaga mengakui bahwa mereka bingung. Beberapa petunjuk yang ada hanya menambah kemisteriusannya."

Disusul tulisan Ivan T. Sanderson, "Invisible Residents" [1970] yang menyebut spekulasi bahwa Segitiga Bermuda adalah bukti adanya peradaban bawah laut yang cerdas dan berteknologi tinggi yang bertanggung jawab atas berbagai fenomena misterius. Makin banyak buku soal itu yang ditulis, dipakai inspirasi sejumlah film. Spekulasi pun makin liar.

Tulisan yang relatif masuk akal baru terbut pada 1975 oleh Larry Kusche, pustakawan Arizona State University. Ia membongkar mitos yang ia sebut sebagai "misteri yang diproduksi" dalam buku "The Bermuda Triangle Mystery-Solved".

Ia menggali bukti arsip seperti rekaman data cuaca, laporan resmi penyelidik, laporan media masa, dan dokumen lain -- fakta yang kerap diabaikan oleh para penulis sebelumnya.

Fakta Ilmiah

Segitiga Bermuda (Foto: Noaa National Ocean Service).#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

'Misteri' Segitiga Bermuda' sekian lama menyandera imaji manusia, bahkan hingga saat ini. Sejumlah orang mencari dan mempertanyakannya ke sumber yang tepat dan terpercaya. Salah satunya, Badan Antariksa Amerika Serikat (NASA).

Seperti dimuat dalam situsnya, NASA membantah spekulasi ada kaitan Segitiga Bermuda dan lubang hitam 'black holes'.

"Tidak ada lubang hitam di Segitiga Bermuda. Pada kenyataannya, bahkan tak ada yang namanya Segitiga Bermuda. Banyaknya kasus kehilangan di wilayah itu konsisten dengan yang terjadi wilayah lainnya," demikian jelas Ilmuwan NASA, Dr Eric Christian

Astrobiologis dan ilmuwan senior NASA, David Morrison juga meminta orang-orang penasaran untuk menkaji secara nyata dan fakta. "Bukan fantasi."

Lembaga pemerintah Amerika Serikat, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) yang mengurus persoalan lingkungan, di antaranya badai dan tsunami, juga pernah menjelaskan tentang Segitiga Bermuda.

Sekaligus membantah sejumlah spekulasi yang berseliweran. "Seperti mahluk ekstraterresterial yang menculik manusia untuk dijadikan kelinci percobaan, pengaruh Atlantis Yang Hilang, pusaran yang menyedot benda ke dimensi lain, dan ide-ide lain yang tak kalah anehnya." Termasuk, soal rumah iblis atau keberadaan piramida di sana.

NOAA menyebut, beberapa dugaan didasarkan pada sains, meski tanpa didasari bukti. Namun yang jelas, "Angkatan Laut AS (US Navy) dan penjaga pantai (US Coast Guard) berpendapat bahwa tidak ada penjelasan supranatural untuk berbagai bencana di laut. Pengalaman mereka menunjukkan, kombinasi dari alam dan kesalahan manusia, mengalahkan penjelasan fiksi ilmiah paling terpercaya sekali pun."

Lembaga itu menambahkan, laut sejatinya selalu menjadi tempat misterius untuk manusia. Saat cuaca buruk terjadi dan adanya kesalahan manusia, ia bisa menjadi tempat yang sangat mematikan. Ini adalah kenyataan yang terjadi di seluruh dunia.

"Tak ada bukti bahwa kehilangan misterius terjadi dengan frekuensi lebih besar di Segitiga Bermuda dibanding lokasi lain di lautan dunia," NOAA menyimpulkan

          Multimillionaire Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Settles High-Profile Lawsuit      Cache   Translate Page      

A long-running lawsuit in Florida between Jeffrey Epstein, an influential and well-connected multimillionaire convicted on child sex abuse–related charges, and the lawyer representing several of his accusers has concluded in a last-minute settlement, according to the Associated Press. As a result, the women will not, for now, have their long-awaited opportunity to testify against Epstein, whose crimes have never been fully examined in court.

Epstein’s crimes, which date back to the early and mid-2000s, became a focus of renewed national interest last week after the Miami Herald published a yearlong investigation into the deal that was struck to allow Epstein to receive a sentence of just 13 months in jail (much of which was spent in a private wing and on a cushy work release) and immunity in federal court. In the same report, the Herald identified more than 80 possible victims, some of whom spoke of serial abuse by Epstein and the resulting trauma. Much of the blame for the lenient deal fell on Alexander Acosta, now the U.S. secretary of labor, as he was then the U.S. attorney responsible for Epstein’s prosecution and has since said he arranged the plea deal in part because Epstein’s star-studded legal team, which included Alan Dershowitz and Kenneth Starr, intimidated him and other prosecutors out of taking the case to trial. Emails between Acosta and Epstein’s team showed that Acosta largely allowed Epstein’s lawyers to set the terms of his plea deal, the Herald reported.

In the 2008 conviction, the women not only were denied their say in court, but they also were intentionally left in the dark about the legal proceedings against Epstein—a violation of their rights as victims, according to another lawsuit still working its way through the courts. Other lawsuits have been filed against Epstein in the past decade, and Epstein has paid $5.5 million to settle with three of the women, according to the Washington Post.

The trial that was set to start Tuesday with jury selection dealt with a conflict not between the victims and Epstein but between Epstein and the attorney Bradley Edwards, who represented some of Epstein’s accusers. Epstein sued Edwards, alleging the lawyer was going after him as part of a scam in which lawyers claim to have won large settlements from famous people in order to attract investors. Edwards then countersued for malicious prosecution, arguing that Epstein was trying to damage his reputation with that lawsuit as retribution for Edwards’ work for Epstein’s accusers. On Tuesday, Epstein admitted that he was wrong to have sued Edwards, according to the Post, and his lawyer read a statement in court apologizing for the suit.

“The lawsuit I filed was my unreasonable attempt to damage his business reputation and stop Mr. Edwards from pursuing cases against me,” Epstein said in the statement. “It did not work.”

Now attention will turn to Edwards’ push to have Acosta’s deal invalidated and the investigation into Epstein’s crimes reopened, on the argument that the deal Acosta and Epstein’s legal teams struck in private violated the rights of the victims. If that request is allowed by the judge, the women may then be able to testify to their abuse. Several women have already recounted to the press how as minors they were paid to give massages to Epstein and subsequently coerced into sex acts, adding that some of them were paid to recruit other underage girls. Many of the girls were poor and came from unstable homes.

A fuller investigation may identify other powerful men who abused underage girls procured by Epstein. Several of the women have said they were offered up for sex acts to rich and famous men at Epstein’s parties, but the 2007 plea deal provided immunity to any other possible guilty parties and shut down the ongoing FBI probe into the matter.

          Florida Man Claims Sheriff Held Him for ICE for More Than Two Weeks Despite Proof of U.S. Citizenship      Cache   Translate Page      

A Florida man born in Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit alleging Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained him for weeks and prepared for his deportation to Jamaica, despite numerous documented complaints that he was a U.S. citizen and had only been to the island nation once on a one-day stop on a cruise years ago.

Peter Sean Brown, who filed the lawsuit Monday, had turned himself in to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in April for a probation violation after testing positive for marijuana. But rather than being released a few days later or given a court date, according to the lawsuit, he was handed over to ICE and mocked by agents who refused to listen to his protestations. When he was finally released 22 days later, he had lost his job at his job at a Key West, Florida, restaurant.

According to the Washington Post, Monroe County is one of a dozen Florida counties that entered an agreement with ICE in which ICE promised to compensate sheriffs financially for holding “criminal aliens” already in their custody for ICE to pick them up. The ACLU, which with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Los Angeles-based law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher has filed the suit for Brown, has contended that the agreement violates basic policing principles that will sweep up citizens like Brown and expose them to unjust and lengthy detentions.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, accuses Richard Ramsey, the sheriff of Monroe County, of unlawfully arresting and detaining a U.S. citizen.

According to Brown’s lawsuit, when he was booked in the county jail, his fingerprints were sent off to the FBI to verify his criminal records. Those fingerprints reached ICE, which sent the sheriff a detainer request asking his office to hold Brown. Officers told a confused Brown that he was going to be deported to Jamaica—a country where he knew no one—and he protested that he was a U.S. citizen and offered to provide a birth certificate as proof. He had his friend call the jail to tell them they were holding the wrong person, but the jail told the friend to relay the information to ICE, and the officers told Brown they would hold him on retainer regardless of whether he produced a birth certificate. According to the lawsuit, the inmate file maintained by the sheriff would have confirmed that Brown was born in the U.S.

Brown continued to plead with officers to look into his citizenship, but the officers mocked him, according to the lawsuit. He filed a series of written complaints, but a lieutenant told him, “it is not up to us to determine the validity of the ICE hold,” the complaint alleges. When he eventually went to court, the judge ordered the end of his detention for the probation violation, but the sheriff’s office arrested him again and returned him to the jail for the ICE request, according to the complaint.

More than three weeks after he was booked, Brown was transferred to ICE custody and taken to the Krome immigrant detention center in Miami. There, he told the agents he was a citizen, and they agreed to look at his birth certificate. His roommate emailed the document, and ICE finally released him, only after confiscating all the documents they had given him to do with his impending deportation, according to the lawsuit.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times reported the case of a U.S. citizen who was held for more than a year in an ICE facility. The paper’s investigation found that ICE had released more than 1,400 people from custody since 2012 after investigating their citizenship claims.

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(Vinyle album). 3 volumes

The Rolling Stones

Voodoo Lounge Uncut Vinyle rouge

Capté le 25 novembre 1994 à Miami dans le cadre de la tournée mondiale des Rolling Stones pour présenter l'album "Voodoo Lounge", ce concert restauré, remixé et remasterisé contient 10 titres inédits et sortira sous un format triple vinyle de couleur rouge, à découvrir dès maintenant.

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...Publications for Its Efforts to Improve Adherence MIAMI, Dec. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Progressive Care Inc. ( OTCQB: RXMD ), a personalized healthcare services and technology company, today announced that it has garnered notable international media coverage in top pharmacy industry publication World ...

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Santos Laguna se medirá al Club Deportivo Marathón de Honduras, en la primera ronda de la Liga de Campeones de la Concacaf 2019. Ambos equipos, conocieron su destino anoche durante el sorteo celebrado en Miami, Florida.

Los Guerreros regresan así a esta competencia, donde fue subcampeón en el 2013 y 2014. Su boleto lo obtuvieron, al ser campeón de la Liga MX en el Clausura 2018, por lo que se convirtió en uno de los cuatro representantes de México.

El certamen comenzará la tercera semana de febrero. El choque de ida, se jugará en el Estadio Yankel Rosenthal de San Pedro Sula, mientras que la vuelta, en el Estadio Corona de Torreón.

El llamado "Monstruo Verde" fundado en 1925, cuenta con 9 títulos en la Liga Hondureña. Actualmente su técnico es el argentino Héctor Vargas y su base de jugadores, son de origen catracho, mientras que como extranjeros están en la plantilla, el defensor costarricense Roy Smith, así como los delanteros Yaudel Lahera de Cuba y Justin Arboleda de Colombia.

En las otras llaves, los Rayados del Monterrey como subcampeón del Apertura 2017 en el balompié azteca, se medirá al Alianza de El Salvador, mientras que los Diablos Rojos del Toluca (Subcampeón del Clausura 2018 en la Liga MX) chocarán ante el Sporting Kansas City de la MLS.

Los Tigres UANL como Campeón del Apertura 2017 en México, se las verán en un bravo partido ante el Deportivo Saprissa de Costa Rica, en tanto que el Toronto FC chocará frente al Club Atlético Independiente de Panamá.

El Atlanta United FC del "Tata" Martino irá ante los ticos del Herediano. El New York Red Bulls o Portland Timbers de Estados Unidos, tendrá como rival a al Atlético Pantoja de República Dominicana, y el Club Deportivo Guastatoya de Guatemala, se las verá con el Houston Dynamo.

Los ganadores de las series 1, 3, 5 y 7, recibirán los partidos de vuelta de los cuartos de final y enfrentarán a los ganadores de los enfrentamientos 2, 4, 6 y 8 respectivamente.

Para las semifinales, los enfrentamientos originales determinarán los emparejamientos. Adicionalmente, los clubes serán clasificados de acuerdo a su desempeño en los octavos y cuartos de final, utilizando el procedimiento de desempate del campeonato.

El club mejor clasificado en cada serie de semifinales será sede del partido de vuelta. El mismo procedimiento de desempate se aplicará para determinar quién será sede del partido de vuelta de las finales.

Todo listo

Quedaron definidos los octavos de final de la Concacaf Liga de Campeones en el sorteo que se celebró en Miami.

Los octavos iniciarán en el mes de febrero del 2019. Los partidos de esta fase de eliminación de la Concacaf Liga de Campeones se disputarán de la siguiente manera: Santos vs Marathón (Honduras); New York Red Bulls o Portland Timbers (ambos de Estados Unidos y por definir) vs Club Atlético Pantoja (República Dominicana); Tigres vs Saprissa (Costa Rica); Houston Dynamo (Estados Unidos) vs Guastatoya (Guatemala); Toluca vs Sporting Kansas City (Estados Unidos); Toronto FC (Canadá) vs Club Atlético Independiente (Panamá); Atlanta United (Estados Unidos) vs Herediano (Costa Rica) y Rayados vs Alianza FC (El Salvador).


Más información en El Siglo de Torreón

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ASTOR, EDWARD ARTHUR 91, a longtime resident of Miami Shores, Florida, passed away on November 29, 2018. He was a devoted husband and loving father....
          Bernardo, Ricardo      Cache   Translate Page      
BERNARDO, RICARDO Of Miami, Florida, 90, died peacefully at his home on November 30, surrounded by his family. Born in Holguin, Cuba, this dynamic...
          FOX, WARREN H.      Cache   Translate Page      
FOX, WARREN H. Age 92. Born in Miami on March 15,1926 passed away peacefully on Nov, 28, 2018. A WWII Navy Veteran, graduate of Georgia Tech, and...
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Bob, age 81, passed away on October 1, 2018. He was born in Miami on March 3, 1937 and was also raised there. He was an electrician, and then...
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STINGER, HARRY W. JR. Born in Philadelphia, PA, to Harry W Stinger and Eleanor (Bendernagel), passed away on Nov. 30, 2018, in Miami, FL. Harry...
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WEISS, ROBERTA REITER, Chapel Service TODAY, 11:00 a.m. at Levitt-Weinstein Blasberg-Rubin-Zilbert Memorial Chapel, 18840 W. Dixie Hwy, N. Miami...
          New Turks and Caicos Flights for 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

2018 Turks and Caicos Flights

[caption id="attachment_3034" align="aligncenter" width="640"]2018 Turks and Caicos Flights Photo by Tomás Del Coro. Image license: CC BY-SA 2.0 [/caption]

Now that it's officially fall, travel season is almost upon us. The days are growing shorter, and the weather is getting colder and wetter... or worse. To prepare you for the months of icy snow and darkness ahead we have some new information on new Turks and Caicos flights. We also have some tips on how to find cheap tickets to save money on your vacation on warm and sandy Grace Bay Beach.

Southwest to Resume Daily Direct Flights to Turks and Caicos

Southwest Airlines has announced they will resume direct flights from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood to Providenciales International Airport (PLS) in Turks and Caicos starting November 4.

These flights will connect in Fort Lauderdale to and from cities in the eastern half of the United States such as Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa and Washington DC.

As well  Southwest will be offering new direct flights from Nashville to Providenciales, with service expected to start in November, 2017. Fares and flight schedules to Providenciales have yet to be announced, so stay tuned!

InterCaribbean Launches New Turks and Caicos Flights

If you're planning an excursion to Grand Turk and want to see as much of Turks and Caicos as possible, InterCaribbean's new service may be of interest.

Turks and Caicos-based regional Caribbean airline InterCaribbean Airways has officially commenced its new service from Grand Turk to both South Caicos and Salt Cay.

List of Flights to Turks and Caicos

There are direct flights between Providenciales Airport (PLS) and many cities throughout North America and Canada, including New York, Atlanta, Miami, Toronto and Montreal.

Schedules for fall and winter 2018 are still being determined, so, for daily flights be sure to check the Turks and Caicos Airport Authority, or check out the airlines' websites for up-to-date information:

City Airlines
NYC JetBlue, Delta Airlines, United Airlines,
Boston JetBlue, Delta Airlines, US Airways
Philadelphia Delta Airlines, US Airways
Charlotte US Airways
Atlanta Delta Airlines,
Miami American Airlines
Toronto Air Canada, WestJet
Ottawa Air Canada
Montreal Air Transat, Air Canada, WestJet
Nassau British Airways, Bahamas Air (direct daily flights)
London (Heathrow) British Airways

If you want more information, as always, be sure to contact our reservations desk.

Tips on Getting Cheap Tickets to Turks and Caicos

For some people, the actual planning process is one of the most enjoyable parts of taking a vacation. It's always a challenge to hunt down the best flight deals, so here are a few tips:

1. Search for tickets one seat at a time

If you are searching for tickets for your family, if you really want to save money, try searching by one ticket at a time. This is because most automated systems will show you the highest fare for all the tickets. If you try searching one seat at a time, there may be limited seats on sale.

2. Search at midweek

Airlines tend to launch their sales on Tuesdays and end them on Thursdays, so don’t limit your searches to the weekends.

3. Fly on a holiday

It may seem counterintuitive, but the biggest savings can be found by flying on the actual holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. The exception is if you’re traveling over a three-day weekend—then, everyone is looking to fly on the actual holiday, so that’s the perfect time to try and extend your vacation by a day.

4. Fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or a Saturday

Why? Because planes are least full on these days of the week, these flights usually have the lowest fares.

5. Monitor Twitter, Facebook and airline emails

Follow your favorite airlines on social media in addition to signing up for discount online travel company emails.

Plan Your Dream Vacation on Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales

Experience an earthly wonder of sand and sea at our 114-suite luxury resort on Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, British West Indies.

Family-friendly, yet ideally suited for romantic getaways and wedding celebrations, The Sands at Grace Bay offers a harmonious balance of home comforts and sublime Caribbean elegance – as well as a picture perfect location on the sparkling shores of Grace Bay Beach.

If you are dreaming of a beach holiday in the Caribbean that gives you the flexibility of having your own fully-equipped suite while enticing you with fine dining, pristine grounds and sigh-inducing vistas, we look forward to welcoming you to The Sands at Grace Bay.

Have a travel tip or a question about flights to Turks and Caicos? Be sure to leave a comment!

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          Ten Reasons Why Providenciales Was Prince’s Secret Hideaway      Cache   Translate Page      

Recently the world discovered that Providenciales is home to a stunning Caribbean hideaway belonging to the late singer Prince. The mansion in Turks and Caicos is an oceanfront property, features 10 bedrooms and a purple driveway, and went on on sale for $12 million following the singer's death in 2016.

And now, two years later, Prince's Turks and Caicos estate is up for auction. Why did Prince and other celebrities choose Providenciales for their secret hideout? Let's take a look.



Prince's mansion has captured the world's imagination

Reason #1: Beautiful Beaches

The Sands - Grace Bay Beach

There is over 230 miles of beach, most of it softest white sands on Earth. Need we say more?

Grace Bay beach is frequently ranked the world's best beach, thanks to its soft sand, clear waters and incredible turquoise hues. Prince's mansion enjoys its own private stretch of shoreline, looking out over the azure sea.

Providenciales itself is also regularly named a top island destination in the world, mostly for its relative seclusion and pristine beauty.

Reason #2: We're off the Beaten Track

[caption id="attachment_2438" align="aligncenter" width="640"]south caicos South Caicos, by Murray Blacomb.[/caption]

We’re quite close to the mainland, yet still remain relatively undiscovered.

The Turks and Caicos Islands are located 575 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, just below the Bahamas chain and to the east of Cuba and the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti). Although they're less than an hour by air from the mainland, Turks and Caicos are still located in a relatively quiet corner of the Caribbean -- perfect for celebrities who want to remain out of sight.

And there are many opportunities to stay off the beaten track. The Turks and Caicos Islands consist of 40 islands and cays, and each one offers a chance for a celebrity to enjoy a private Caribbean vacation.

Reason 3: We're Sublimely Beautiful

[caption id="attachment_2071" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Chalk Sound Chalk Sound. By Flickr user Tim Sackton. (CC BY-SA 2.0)[/caption]

From beautiful beaches to truly turquoise seascapes, Turks and Caicos is unbelievably beautiful. Why wouldn't Prince want to spend his vacation time here?

The natural beauty is not limited to Providenciales. From the majestic caves of North Caicos to isolated Dragon Cay on Middle Caicos, we're located in an exceptionally beautiful part of the world.

Reason 4: We're Close to the Mainland

[caption id="attachment_2074" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Provo Airport (PLS) By Flickr user Stefan Krasowski . (CC BY-SA 2.0)[/caption]

Providenciales International Airport (PLS) is also centrally-located, and it takes typically less than 15 minutes to travel to any resort on the island, or any private residence.

Celebrities, like anyone else, want to spend less time in traffic and more time enjoying their vacation and the beach.

Reason 5:

sands grace bay guest comments

While Grace Bay Beach may be the jewel in the Turks and Caicos crown, many other spectacular beaches await you here on the island of Providenciales.

The Turks and Caicos Islands themselves are the tips of banks (basically coral atolls) that rise nearly 3000 meters above the ocean floor.

The bank on which our islands sit is made from the remains of ancient corals and shelled creatures. The chalky limestone has gradually eroded over time to give us the beautiful powdery sand that has made Grace Bay Beach a favorite location for so many people around the world.

All this means there are many secluded white-sand beaches to be explored by celebrity and regular visitors alike. Learn more about Turks and Caicos beaches.

Drone Footage of Prince's Turks and Caicos Estate

Want to know more about Prince's mansion? Watch this great video that includes a ton of overhead footage shot by drone!


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          What is the Best Season to Visit Turks and Caicos and Other Questions      Cache   Translate Page      

turks and caicos satellite view

turks and caicos satellite view

We get asked a lot of questions about Turks and Caicos. Here are some of the most common FAQs.

When is the best time of year to visit the Turks and Caicos?

This is a question we're asked at lot. The the weather is great at any time of the year. There is somewhat more more rain in April and May, as well as at the end of the year, but not enough to change vacation plans.

Peak hurricane season is in September and October. It’s hottest here in August and September, and it’s coolest in January and February. The week after New Years in January is traditionally a slow. It’s least crowded in September and October.

Where Are the Turks and Caicos?

The Turks and Caicos Islands is an archipelago of 40 cays and islets located about an hour by air from Miami, and about 3 hours by air from New York.

The Turks and Caicos sit atop the Caicos Bank. It’s a massive underwater seamount rising up from the deeps of the ocean floor. Just offshore to the north of the Caicos islands run barrier reefs. To the south lies the shallow waters of the Caicos Bank.

How Easy is It to Travel Here?

There are direct flights between Providenciales Airport (PLS) and many cities throughout North America and Canada, including New York, Atlanta, Miami, Toronto and Montreal.

For daily flight information, please consult the Turks and Caicos Airport Authority.

Besides offering flights to South Caicos and North Caicos, locally-based Caicos Express Airways also offers flights to BahamasCubaJamaicaCayman IslandsHispaniola (Dominican Republic & Haiti), and Eastern Caribbean.

Do You Need a Visa to Visit Turks and Caicos?

For tourist stays up to 30 days, U.S. citizens need a passport, naturalization certificate, or original certified birth certificate as well as photo identification, onward or return tickets, and sufficient funds for their stay.

Can I use my cellphone or my ATM card?

Cell phone: yes, but beware of roaming charges. Buy a prepaid SIM card from a local carrier on Providenciales, or just use Skype.

ATM card: most will work at Scotia Bank machines.

How Is Shopping On Turks and Caicos? What About Internet Service?

If you’re considering relocating to Turks and Caicos, be reassured: there’s reliable Internet on Providenciales offered by a variety of providers.

For shopping, many locals depend on IGA’s Graceway chain of supermarkets. Grace Bay, the main tourist area of Providenciales, features Graceway Gourmet, an upscale grocery store with fine, natural and organic foods.

What are Taxes Like in Turks and Caicos?

There is no income tax in Turks and Caicos.

There is a one-time stamp duty or land-transfer tax, payable to the Turks and Caicos Government when purchasing real estate, but that’s it.

Stamp duty ranges from 6.5-percent to 10-percent. This is a one-time land transfer tax, based on price and location of the property. There are no capital gains or estate taxes on real estate.

What’s healthcare like on Providenciales?

Health services provided at the center includes emergency care, dental, dialysis, internal medicine, surgical, orthopedic, obstetric and endoscopic procedures, physiotherapy and diagnostic imaging.

Day to day healthcare and emergency services are handled by private clinics. There is also a hospital, Cheshire Hall Medical Centre, which many of the services that one would find in the USA or Canada.

If you are not a resident of the Turks and Caicos and do not have an employer, you must sign up for private medical insurance before coming to the island.

What is food like in Turks and Caicos?

If you travel to the Turks and Caicos today you’ll be able to choose from almost every cuisine on earth.

This is because, as the islands have become more popular as a tourist destination, people have been attracted from all over the world to live and work here.

The island of Providenciales in particular offers everything from sushi and high-end fusion cuisine to Indian and Chinese food.

Traditional dishes include conch and hominy, cod fish cakes and corn bread. Steamed conch, stewed conch, and stewed fish and grits.

Crab and rice, which features the blue crab common to the islands, is also a local comfort food.

Got Questions about Turks and Caicos?

If you have any questions about Turks and Caicos, leave us a comment below! We will be happy to give you an answer.

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Tight end A.J. Derby has been placed on injured reserve by the Miami Dolphins, and they have claimed rookie defensive back Dee Delaney off waivers
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UPDATED Dec. 3, 11:10 a.m.: Azerbaijani developer Aras Agalarov just sold his Fisher Island condo for $8.46 million. Records show the buyer of the Palazzo Del Sol unit is a company controlled by Boris Reznik, who founded the research company Biorasi. Reznik and his wife Larisa also own a unit in the Hamptons South condominium in Aventura, as well as another Fisher Island condo at Seaside Village. The deal for the most recent four-bedroom, 4,738-square-foot ... [more]
          Century Homebuilders breaks ground on mixed-use project in Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Sergio Pino’s Century Homebuilders Group has begun construction of 850 Le Jeune, a new mixed-use project near Miami International Airport. The developer and its partner, Pactia USA, are building 230 multifamily units and about 200,000 square feet of office space at 850 Northwest 42nd Avenue (also known as Le Jeune Road). The project will consist of two, five-story office buildings; a six-story apartment building and a parking garage on a 4-acre site. Pino said he ... [more]
          Jacksonville issues $81M of bonds for a buyer of 4 low-income rental properties      Cache   Translate Page      
With financial help from the city, an Ohio company paid about $52 million for Jacksonville apartment properties for low-income tenants and plans to spend about $44 million on renovations. Cleveland-based Millennia Housing Development Ltd. paid about $69,000 per unit for 768 units across four apartment properties. Millenia is financing the acquisitions and renovations with the proceeds of an $81.6 million issue of multifamily housing bonds by the Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority. Millenia had been managing ... [more]
          California-based Passco Companies buys Destin apartment complex for $63.3M      Cache   Translate Page      
A Southern California investment firm bought a new apartment complex in northern Florida for $63.3 million. Irvine, California-based Passco Companies paid just under $220,000 per unit for Sea Glass Apartments, a five-building rental complex in Destin that opened last year. “The property leased up at a record pace, reaching 100 percent occupancy in less than seven months with no concessions,”Colin Gillis, vice president of acquisitions for Passco, said in prepared remarks.  Gillis credited employment growth ... [more]
          Affiliate of developer takes over marketing for 20-story Mystique condo in Naples      Cache   Translate Page      
Investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. and the Gulf Bay Group of Companies appointed a new brokerage firm to market a 20-story condominium they are building in Naples. Gulf Bay Marketing Group, a brokerage affiliated with Gulf Bay Group, will handle sales and marketing for Mystique, a 72-unit condominium under construction in the Pelican Bay area of Naples. Premier Sotheby’s International Realty previously was the exclusive listing agency for Mystique. Construction of Mystique ... [more]
          Margaritaville Holdings and Destin-based developer plan hotel in Panama City Beach      Cache   Translate Page      
Palm Beach-based Margaritaville Holdings and Destin-based Premier Development Group plan to develop a resort hotel in Panama City Beach called Margaritaville Beach Resort. John Cohlan, CEO of Margaritaville Holdings, said his firm and Premier Development hope to finish construction of Margaritaville Beach Resort by the spring of 2021. The developers plan to build a full-service hotel and a two-acre, water-themed park on a 13-acre site near the intersection of Hutchinson Boulevard and Front Beach Road ... [more]
          Boynton Beach-based real estate lender closes its first New York deal      Cache   Translate Page      
Boynton Beach-based commercial real estate lender Trez Forman Capital Group completed its first transaction in New York. Brett Forman, president and CEO of Trez Forman, arranged the apartment construction loan, which closed on Nov. 20. “Our team is aggressively monitoring the market for additional opportunities in New York and throughout the tri-state area,” Forman said in a prepared statement. Trez Forman closed a loan of nearly $7 million to fund construction of a 20-unit apartment ... [more]
          Manafort transferred Palm Beach house to his wife for $10 after plea deal with Mueller      Cache   Translate Page      
Paul Manafort, the former campaign chairman of President Trump, signed a deed transferring his house in Palm Beach Gardens to his wife, Kathleen, for $10. The house at 10 St. James Drive was excluded from a list of properties that Manafort agreed to forfeit in a plea agreement with special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. In September, Manafort pleaded guilty to charges arising from his consulting work in ... [more]
          PGA of America expected to move its headquarters from PB Gardens to Texas      Cache   Translate Page      
The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of America is expected to move its headquarters from Palm Beach Gardens to a Frisco, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The Frisco City Council will vote Tuesday on a proposed public/private partnership to make the town the new home of PGA of America, whose 28,000 members are golf course owners and managers. Dallas TV station WFAA reported that a majority of the city council members will vote in favor a ... [more]
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          Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Announces Sponsor Exit from Long-Term Investment in Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings NYSE:NCLH      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - GlobeNewsWire - Nasdaq) itemprop="articleBody#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000">MIAMI, Dec. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: NCLH) (together with NCL Corporation Lt...
          A Bowl Eligible Louisiana College Football Team Gets No Invite      Cache   Translate Page      
The Warhawks were one of only 4 teams to reach 6 wins, and be left out of a bowl. The others were Miami (OH), Southern Miss, and Wyoming. Continue reading…
          Mi caricatura de Gabo expuesta en la muestra “magical realism García Márquez” en el Miami Dade College, West Campus      Cache   Translate Page

Otra buena noticia para mis caricaturas y esta vez desde Miami, pues Mario Barros, ha creado un a muestra en el Dade College, West Campus, llamada  “magical realism García Márquez”, con caricaturas expuestas de varios colegas en el mundo y dentro de elleas, se encuentra mi evrsión de gabo de hace como 10 años.

Gracias a la organización por tomar en cuenta este trabajo, expuesto en México y Brasil.

Notas al respecto en:

No se olviden:

1) Durante todo este año se recibirán regalos , así que ustedes, “¿Qué le regalaría a Noticias de Cartoon Colombia en sus 10 años?" HAGA CLICK
2) ¡Ayuden al Concurso Noticartún Colombia, Buscamos padrinos de la caricatura!
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From producer Peter Jackson, Mortal Engines is the latest original epic adventure to come to the big screen this year.  We are offering our readers in Miami a chance to see the film early and for free at a special advance screening. Don’t miss your chance to experience this new futuristic world from Universal Pictures. […]
          This is why convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is back in the news      Cache   Translate Page      
Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is back in the headlines. Epstein is “a money manager to the super-wealthy” who has used his fortune and famous friends to avoid much more serious jail time for his crimes, which include molesting underage girls. Last week, a multi-part expose by the Miami Herald revealed that President Donald Trump’s Labor […]
          Black Philadelphia man files lawsuit after ICE tried to deport him to Jamaica      Cache   Translate Page      

Migrant parents and their children aren’t the only ones caught in the crosshairs of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. Believe it or not, so are U.S. citizens like Peter Sean Brown, a resident of Florida Keys and a native of Philadelphia, Pa., who nearly ended up deported to Jamaica, the Miami Herald  reports. —Winnie Harlow […]

The post Black Philadelphia man files lawsuit after ICE tried to deport him to Jamaica appeared first on theGrio.

          Florida Governor Rick Scott To Stay As Governor Through Full Term      Cache   Translate Page      
Gov. Rick Scott announced Tuesday that he will serve out his full second term under an arrangement that will lead to a five-day delay in the Republican joining the U.S. Senate next month.
          Parkland Families Speak To Lawmakers Ahead Of Upcoming Legislative Session      Cache   Translate Page      
On Tuesday, family members whose loved ones were murdered in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre spoke to state lawmakers.
          Body Found In Costa Rica ‘Matches That Of Missing South Florida Woman’      Cache   Translate Page      
Costa Rican authorities confirmed on Tuesday that the body found near the Airbnb matches that of missing South Florida resident Carla Stefaniak.
          Urban Meyer Steps Down At Ohio State, Leaves Complicated Legacy      Cache   Translate Page      
The Ohio State head coach decided to step down on Tuesday. As discussions about his coaching legacy begin, it's clear that it is a complicated one.
          Approaching Cold Front To Stay With Us Through Thursday      Cache   Translate Page      
A cold front will move through the area Tuesday night and impact the area Wednesday and Thursday.
          Dow Plunges 799 Points On Trade, Slowdown Fears      Cache   Translate Page      
The Dow dropped 799 points, or 3.1%, on Tuesday. At one point, the index was down 818 points. The S&P 500 declined 3.2%, while the Nasdaq tumbled 3.8%.
          Dwight Freeney: Cowboys And Texans Are Getting Back To Their Roots      Cache   Translate Page      
Guest Inside The NFL analyst breaks down the similarities between the NFL's Texas teams.
          Game Stop Robbery Caught On Camera      Cache   Translate Page      
The robbery of a North Miami Beach Game Stop shop was caught on camera and now police have released the video in hopes that someone recognizes the subject and gives them a call.
          Princeton A Cappella Group Scraps Disney Classic Over Concerns About Consent, Misogyny      Cache   Translate Page      
An all-male a cappella group at Princeton University says it's going to temporarily scrap a song from the 1989 Disney animated classic movie "The Little Mermaid" in what may have become the latest casualty of changing social standards in the #MeToo era.
          Elections Supervisors Seek Answers On Amendment 4      Cache   Translate Page      
Florida officials don’t have a plan for how to carry out a constitutional amendment that restores the right to vote to more than a million Floridians convicted of felonies.
          Signing Santa Visits Dolphin Mall; Sensory-Sensitive Santa For Kids With Autism Coming Dec. 9th      Cache   Translate Page      
Miami's Dolphin Mall is holding events for kids with disabilities.
          ‘Bring Home The Bacon’: Academic Says Expressions Referencing Meat Will Become Less Popular      Cache   Translate Page      
Phrases such as "bring home the bacon" and "killing two birds with one stone" will go out of fashion to avoid offending animal lovers, an academic claims in a new article.
          Ten High School Football Players Suspended For Naked ‘Oreo Run’      Cache   Translate Page      
Ten football players at an Illinois high school were disciplined last month after they stripped naked and ran across the school's football field with Oreo cookies wedged between their buttocks.
          Parents Urged To Skip The Screens, Go “Old School” With Holiday Toys      Cache   Translate Page      
With the holiday season here, you might be tempted to buy the young children in your life a cool new cell phone or tablet based game.
          High School Could Be Renamed To Honor Couple Who Fought Interracial Marriage Ban      Cache   Translate Page      
A high school in northern Virginia that's removing Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's name could be renamed to honor the couple who challenged the state's ban on interracial marriage.
          Cardi B Twerks In Tiger Body Paint On Miami Beach For A New Music Video!      Cache   Translate Page      
Posted By Joe

          Nancy Ticotin Debuts At The Green Room 42 With THE F WORDS      Cache   Translate Page      

THE GREEN ROOM 42 - Broadway's new contemporary cabaret club - will present stage and screen star Nancy Ticotin in her new show "The F Words: Fiery, Fabulous and Fierce" on Thursday, December 20 at 9:30 PM. Ticotin has been called "a Force of Nature" in On Your Feet, and that will be on display when she debuts this evening of songs from Chaka Khan, Laura Nyro, Gloria Estefan, Edith Piaf, Barbra Streisand, Brazilian sambas and more, in addition to some unexpected musical surprises. The eclectic show is directed by Mark Waldrop, and features Spiros Exaras on guitar, George Casas from Miami Sound Machine on bass, Victor Pablo from On Your Feet on percussion, and Clay Otswald from Miami Sound Machine on piano.

Nancy Ticotin, star of Broadway's In The Heights, The King & I, West Side Story, Jerome Robbins' Broadway, Damn Yankees and the Broadway-bound Half Time, is a native New Yorker who made her Broadway debut at age 10. She is currently playing Gloria Fajardo on the first National Tour of On Your Feet and guest-starred with New York City Ballet as Anita in West Side Story Suite at Lincoln Center. Her film credits include Ransom, The Wiz, First Wives Club, Hackers, The History of Future Folk, Ordinary World, The Tavern. On TV she had recurring roles in "Law & Order," "Law & Order: SVU," and "Orange is the New Black." Nancy is an original member of Ballet Hispanico of New York.

Nancy Ticotin will perform "The F Words*" on Thursday, December 20 at 9:30 PM at The Green Room 42 (570 Tenth Avenue at 42nd Street, on the 4th Floor of Yotel). The cover charge ranges from $25 to $50. There is no food and drink minimum. For tickets, please visit

THE GREEN ROOM 42 recently celebrated its one year anniversary as the theater district's premiere destination for live music and events. The space lets audiences experience shows up close and personal. During the shows, guests can enjoy Mediterranean-inspired dishes alongside signature cocktails, craft beer and wine with no food/drink minimum. Tickets can be purchased at The Green Room 42 is located at 570 Tenth Avenue in New York City; @TheGreenRoom42.

          Word of Mouth: Local’s Guide to Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
As the art world descends on the sunny South Florida city, these places will stay authentic The city of Miami‘s cultural offerings continue to expand and advance at a rapid pace. As many members of the global arts community make their way down this week, it’s increasingly evident that Miami warrants more than one visit each year. There’s power in the local museum and artist …
          Crece escándalo de los médicos cubanos en Brasil: alegan que la OPS se quedó con US$ 75 millones      Cache   Translate Page      
El escándalo en torno de los 15.000 médicos cubanos que han trabajado en condiciones de virtual esclavitud en Brasil está creciendo: varios de ellos presentaron una demanda en Miami contra la Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS), afirmando que la organización regional no solo supervisó el programa, sino que también se embolsó US$ 75 millones … Leer más "Crece escándalo de los médicos cubanos en Brasil: alegan que la OPS se quedó con US$ 75 millones"
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Cheap non-stop flights to two of the most amazing European cities!
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Philadelphia-born U.S. Citizen Claims He Was Illegally Detained by ICE
DEC 04, 2018 | 1:45 PM
Philadelphia-born U.S. citizen claims he was illegally detained by ICE

Peter Sean Brown, a Philadelphia-born U.S. citizen, says he was illegally detained by ICE and was threatened with deportation to Jamaica. (YouTube/ACLU)

A Philadelphia-born U.S. citizen says he was illegally detained by ICE and was threatened with deportation to Jamaica.

According to a lawsuit filed Monday, Brown repeatedly told authorities that he was a U.S. citizen — but he was still held in custody in Monroe County, Florida, and threatened that he would be sent to a Jamaican prison.

Brown — who lives in the Florida Keys and works in the restaurant industry — is suing Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay nearly eight months after the incident occurred in April.

Brown turned himself into the Sheriff’s Office for a probation violation when he tested positive for marijuana. Rather than being in jail until the probation violation was resolved, however, he was threatened with being deported.

His information was sent to ICE, who responded with a detainer form — which asks law enforcement to hold detainees for up to 48 hours past their release time so they may be picked up by ICE agents.

“I did not even realize what ICE was at the time, and reading through it I realized it had something to do with immigration,” Brown said in a video released by the American Civil Liberties Union — who is helping represent Brown.

“And at that point, I made a comment of, ‘There must’ve been a mistake.’”

According to the video, ICE confused Brown with someone else who had the same name.

“Mr. Brown was shocked and frightened to learn that he had been flagged for deportation. He immediately began telling nearly every jail employee he encountered that he was a U.S. citizen, born in Philadelphia, and that they should not be holding him for ICE,” the lawsuit says.

Brown had a valid Florida driver’s license, and documentation showed he was a U.S. citizen born in Philadelphia according to the sheriff’s files, the lawsuit claims.

“The guard mocked me, singing the theme song from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ with the reference of ‘West Philadelphia born and raised,’ because I had told him I was from Philadelphia,” Brown said in the video. “So he decides that rather than do anything to help me, he thought it was funny and decided to mock me with that.”

Brown offered to give authorities his birth certificate, and his co-worker and friend called the jail to explain he was a citizen.

“Despite his repeated protests to multiple jail officers, his offer to produce proof, and the jail’s own records, the Sheriff’s Office held Mr. Brown so that ICE could deport him to Jamaica — a country where he has never lived and knows no one,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit claims he was held illegally and later transferred to Miami to the Krome immigrant detention center — where people are held before they are deported.

Brown was only released from Krome after his roommate emailed his birth certificate to an ICE officer at the detention center, the lawsuit says.

According to a statement from the ACLU, 17 Florida sheriffs participate in an ICE detention program that pays counties $50 for each person they hold for ICE.

The agreement — called Basic Ordering Agreements or BOA’s — shield counties from liability even when they violate constitutional rights, ACLU said.

The lawsuit argues Ramsay violated Brown’s fourth amendment rights when they held him illegally.

The lawsuit says that another officer told Brown while he was detained that Ramsay previously detained another U.S. citizen for ICE for almost a year before it was determined he was a citizen.

                Cache   Translate Page      
Florida Man Claims Sheriff Held Him for ICE for More Than Two Weeks Despite Proof of U.S. Citizenship
DEC 04, 201812:24 PM

 A screengrab from an ACLU video about the case. Brown looks into the camera earnestly.

A Florida man born in Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit alleging Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained him for weeks and prepared for his deportation to Jamaica, despite numerous documented complaints that he was a U.S. citizen and had only been to the island nation once on a one-day stop on a cruise years ago.

Peter Sean Brown, who filed the lawsuit Monday, had turned himself in to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in April for a probation violation after testing positive for marijuana. But rather than being released a few days later or given a court date, according to the lawsuit, he was handed over to ICE and mocked by agents who refused to listen to his protestations. When he was finally released 22 days later, he had lost his job at his job at a Key West, Florida, restaurant.

According to the Washington Post, Monroe County is one of a dozen Florida counties that entered an agreement with ICE in which ICE promised to compensate sheriffs financially for holding “criminal aliens” already in their custody for ICE to pick them up. The ACLU, which with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Los Angeles-based law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher has filed the suit for Brown, has contended that the agreement violates basic policing principles that will sweep up citizens like Brown and expose them to unjust and lengthy detentions.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, accuses Richard Ramsey, the sheriff of Monroe County, of unlawfully arresting and detaining a U.S. citizen.

According to Brown’s lawsuit, when he was booked in the county jail, his fingerprints were sent off to the FBI to verify his criminal records. Those fingerprints reached ICE, which sent the sheriff a detainer request asking his office to hold Brown. Officers told a confused Brown that he was going to be deported to Jamaica—a country where he knew no one—and he protested that he was a U.S. citizen and offered to provide a birth certificate as proof. He had his friend call the jail to tell them they were holding the wrong person, but the jail told the friend to relay the information to ICE, and the officers told Brown they would hold him on retainer regardless of whether he produced a birth certificate. According to the lawsuit, the inmate file maintained by the sheriff would have confirmed that Brown was born in the U.S.

Brown continued to plead with officers to look into his citizenship, but the officers mocked him, according to the lawsuit. He filed a series of written complaints, but a lieutenant told him, “it is not up to us to determine the validity of the ICE hold,” the complaint alleges. When he eventually went to court, the judge ordered the end of his detention for the probation violation, but the sheriff’s office arrested him again and returned him to the jail for the ICE request, according to the complaint.

More than three weeks after he was booked, Brown was transferred to ICE custody and taken to the Krome immigrant detention center in Miami. There, he told the agents he was a citizen, and they agreed to look at his birth certificate. His roommate emailed the document, and ICE finally released him, only after confiscating all the documents they had given him to do with his impending deportation, according to the lawsuit.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times reported the case of a U.S. citizen who was held for more than a year in an ICE facility. The paper’s investigation found that ICE had released more than 1,400 people from custody since 2012 after investigating their citizenship claims.

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FL-Miami, Description Your Talent. Our Vision. At Anthem, Inc., it's a powerful combination, and the foundation upon which we're creating greater access to care for our members, greater value for our customers, and greater health for our communities. Join us and together we will drive the future of health care. This is an exceptional opportunity to do innovative work that means more to you and those we serv
          Can Brazil's Wine Industry Capture an American Audience? (Wine Spectator)      Cache   Translate Page      

Brazil's wine industry is more than 100 years old, but until recently, very little of its wines have left the country. However, for the past five years, the South American nation's vintners, with government support, have ramped up their export efforts. And their three major targets are the United States, China and the U.K.

“The U.S.A. is our No. 1 target export country,” explained Diego Bertolini, director of marketing for Wines of Brasil. “The fact that more than 120 million Americans drink wine, and the market continues to grow, makes the U.S. an ideal export destination.” But Brazil faces several challenges, none more significant than Americans' unfamiliarity with Brazilian wine.

"Brazil is a country more famous for its colorful culture, rain forests and pristine beaches than the quality of its wine, although this is quickly changing,” said Master Sommelier Ian Cauble, cofounder of a digital wine merchant. “A dedicated wine-producing community, centered mostly in the Serra Gaúcha region, is producing delicious wines in many styles and colors."

Brazil's wine industry dates to the 1880s, when a handful of wineries were established by northern Italian immigrants, but has now grown to more than 1,100 wineries. During the past decade, the wine industry has expanded, with revenues increasing from US$213 million in 2007 to more than $640 million in 2017. Production was 33.7 million cases last year, according to Wines of Brasil. Today there are 195,000 acres of vineyards in the country.

Close to 90 percent of Brazil's wine production comes from the Serra Gaúcha region of southern Brazil. The lead grapes there are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for sparkling-wine production. Farther south, near the Uruguay border, Cabernet Franc, Marselan and Merlot are popular varieties. Asti-style sparkling Muscat and sparkling Glera (the grape in Prosecco) are other growing categories.

“Our expertise is sparkling wine,” said Bertolini. “We have been making it for decades, and it matches our culture of celebration. We make all styles of sparkling, from high-end méthode traditionnelle aged for years on the lees to semi-sweet sparkling Moscato.”

Some industry experts agree. “Sparkling wine is a particularly bright spot on Brazil's diverse and far-flung vineyard landscape,” said Doug Frost, a Master Sommelier and wine consultant. “There are worthy red and white Brazilian wines, but I think that there is value and even novelty in offering Brazilian bubbly.”

That focus on sparkling wine is the foundation of Brazil's export strategy. They're hoping to take part in the growth in sparkling wine sales around the world and continued growth in the category in the U.S. market—according to Impact Databank, a sister publication of Wine Spectator, sparkling wine sales grew 3 percent in 2017, compared to 0.3 percent for all wine. And Brazilians believe bubbly sets them apart from the two leading South American wine-producing nations, Chile and Argentina, which are best-known for still reds.

Currently only 11 Brazilian wineries export wine to the U.S., primarily to cities on the East Coast, such as New York and Miami. But Brazilian wine remains relatively unknown among American consumers. And the wines are still arriving in small numbers, with only 16,739 cases of Brazilian wine shipped to the U.S. in 2017, according to U.S. Customs reports. So there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

“It's not that we don't want to have wines from Brazil,” said founder Mike Osborn. “We simply don't seem to have suppliers or mainstream wholesalers making them available nationally yet.”

Stay on top of important wine stories with Wine Spectator's free Breaking News Alerts.

          "Kinder and gentler than whom?"      Cache   Translate Page      
George H.W. Bush died, which is the one act a Republican performs that the media approves of. He was the last president from the Greatest Generation. In World War II he was a navy pilot. He narrowly escaped being captured by the cannibalistic Japanese. He paddled a raft for four hours until being rescued. As president, he wanted a kinder and gentler America. It is said that Nancy Reagan turned to Ronald and said, "Kinder and gentler than whom?" Reagan brought back the economy from Jimmy Carter's absolute disaster. Was Bush implying that Reagan was not kind or gentle? What is not kind about freeing millions of people in eastern Europe from Soviet Communism? What is not kind about getting our economy going again, freeing us from the long Jimmy Carter lines at the gas stations?

George W. did the same thing when he started talking about "Compassionate Conservatism," implying that regular conservatism is not compassionate.

Michael Knowles joined Andrew to talk about Christmas.

Lastly, Andrew talked about the Jeffrey Epstein character who sex trafficked underage girls and Bill Clinton flew on his Lolita Express 26 times. Miami District Attorney Accosta who is now the Secretary of Labor, signed off on a non-prosecution agreement, sealed so no one could see what his crimes were.

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          Patriots Playoff Picture: New England On Verge Of 10th Straight AFC East Title      Cache   Translate Page      
The hats and T-shirts will be at the ready Sunday when the New England Patriots visit the Miami Dolphins at... Read More »
          Yankee Stadium ready to host Badgers, Canes      Cache   Translate Page      
The infield dirt has given way to a gridiron and goalposts as the University of Wisconsin and the University of Miami prepare to face off at Yankee Stadium on Dec. 27 in the...
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          Naomi Woods - Pornstar Collection      Cache   Translate Page      
Naomi Woods Mega Collection 17 Videos | 37.49 GB Naomi Woods is an adult model and adult performer. She was born in Miami Beach, Florida. Since the date of her birth is June the 1st, 1996, she is still in her teens, so her official age category is teen. She’s lucky that way because teen […]
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Orlando Magic vs Miami Heat Live Streaming ...
          The David Pakman Show - December 4, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

--On the Show:

--Steven Pearlstein, business and economics columnist at the Washington Post, Professor of Public Affairs at George Washington University, and author of "Can American Capitalism Survive, Why Greed is Not Good, Opportunity is Not Equal and Fairness Won’t Make Us Poor," joins David to discuss capitalism, inequality, and much more

--How Donald Trump and Jordan Peterson appeal to insecure men

--Republicans finally have a real "voter fraud" scandal, in reality election fraud, in North Carolina's 9th Congressional district

--Donald Trump commits witness tampering and possible obstruction of justice, again, on Twitter, tweeting about Roger Stone's interactions with special prosecutor Robert Mueller

--Even Fox News anchor Kennedy Montgomery admits that Robert Mueller might "have something" despite most of their on-air staff continuing to deny the possibility

--Donald Trump is now slamming the military spending he proposed and got approved as "crazy," raising questions about why he's saying this now

--American-born US citizen Peter Sean Brown is suing the government, claiming he was held by ICE at a Miami, Florida detention center

--The Eggman leaves a voicemail expressing surprise that David spoke about the sexual assault allegations against astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson

--On the Bonus Show: Violent protests in France, man loses bid to change birth certificate, Homeland Security chief saved her job, for now, much more...

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  Independent Superstar DJZ will be debuting in MLW against Hijo de LA Park in the promotions next set of tapings in Miami. No stranger to Lucha Libre, DJZ has been recently featured in AAA as well as always having a high-flying Lucha centric style. The match is set to take place on December 13th […]

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Brianna Perry Drops “Collins” Video



After performing at Cardi’s Fashion Nova launch event, alongside other female artists to watch.. Brianna Perry drops “Collins” a salute to the staple street in her hometown South Beach Miami, FL. “It’s

          Views Preview: Did the US Labor Secretary Cover Up A Sex Ring?      Cache   Translate Page      
A bombshell report from the Miami Herald revealed U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta negotiated a plea deal during his time as a federal prosecutor to cover up an underage sex ring. How did the story come together? And, what effect might it have on his place in President Donald Trump’s cabinet?
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          Referee Roy Ellison placed on leave while NFL investigates Jerry Hughes incident      Cache   Translate Page      
The NFL has placed referee Roy Ellison on leave while they investigate an incident between him and Jerry Hughes. Hughes was shown on video confronting Ellison after Sunday’s Buffalo Bills-Miami Dolphins game. Hughes accused Ellison of calling him a b—-. NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport says the matter is under review from the, with Ellison now...Read More
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FL-Miami, job summary: Food service Sales Executive to sell fresh produce location: Miami, Florida job type: Permanent salary: $35,000 - 40,000 per year work hours: 9 to 5 education: High School experience: 1 Years responsibilities: · Responsible for new profitable business acquisition with independent food service operators, with a concentration in hotels and restaurant sales. Markets and Industries includ
          2-year-old needs rare blood type to save her life, worldwide search is underway - ABC News      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. 2-year-old needs rare blood type to save her life, worldwide search is underway  ABC News
  2. Donors With 'Extremely Rare Blood' Sought for Florida Toddler Zainab, Who Has Neuroblastoma  Newser
  3. Florida girl with aggressive cancer in need of 'extremely' rare blood
  4. 2-Year-Old Girl With Cancer Needs Some Of The Rarest Blood In the World  CBS Denver
  5. Zainab Mughal, 2-Year-Old South Florida Girl, in Need of Rare Blood to Fight Cancer  NBC 6 South Florida
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Become Part of Our Team As an industry leader Balfour Beatty offers employees a comprehensive benefits package that includes competitive salaries, comprehensive medical, dental and vision benefits, paid time off and volunteer hours, education assistance and much more including: + Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance + Health Savings Account + 401(k) with company match + Flexible Spending Accounts (Dependent & Medical Reimbursement) + Vacation Time + Sick Time + Holidays + Paid Personal Days + Paid Volunteer time + Tuition Assistance + Employee Referral Bonus Summary At Balfour Beatty Construction in Miami, FL we are seeking two Assistant Superintendents to work on either the River Landing Shops & Residences ($260M) or Gables Station ($250M). This role will assist the Superintendent by managing designated field activities associated with the project and supervision of designated field construction work by subcontractors and employees. Assists the project team to ensure the project is built on time, within budget, and in accordance with Balfour Beatty Construction’s policies & procedures and the focus on our vision and purpose through Service, Talent and Choices. 30 hours of OSHA training once every four years, or maintain STS certification. Essential Functions + Reviews and updates progress and cost reports, schedules, and requirements for completion on a regular basis to support and assist the Project Manager/Superintendent. + Participates in preconstruction planning, when possible, regarding the project schedule and budget. Reviews project estimates and cost control system at the beginning of the project. + Understands project specifications, the contract, and the contract’s general conditions, and confirms that all materials and subcontract work comply with contract documents and quality specifications. + Ensure all materials are properly tested according to specifications, and ensure all test results are properly recorded. + Directs and coordinates subcontractor and Balfour Beatty Construction field personnel in designated areas of expertise. + Assists the Superintendent in communicating with subcontractors and employees a consistent level of expectations and direction regarding schedules, construction methods, company policies and procedures, permits, safety, sustainability, quality control and other performance standards. + Collaborates with Superintendent to ensure project site and company assets are secure, and maintains a safe and respectful working environment at all times by implementing safety, sustainability, EEO, risk management, training, and quality control programs. + Attends weekly project progress meetings with all subcontractor representatives and understand the upcoming week’s work to be accomplished. + Assists Superintendent in ensuring the project closeout process is finalized to settle all financial obligations, demobilize all resources, and transition the project to the customer. + Builds effective relationships with customers, design team, subcontractors, suppliers, and user groups that reflect and support company core values and meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations. Minimum Requirements + High School Diploma or equivalent. + Six years or more of commercial construction field experience. + Two years or more of direct supervisory experience related to subcontractor management. + Proficiency using a personal computer (PC) and company communication tools, such as email, the internet, and Microsoft products (e.g., Word, Excel, Office, Outlook). + Ability to read plans and specs. Preferred Requirements + Tier 1 Commercial Construction backgrounds, helpful. + Current or previous field experience working on large mixed-use commercial construction job-sites, helpful, and not required. About us Balfour Beatty US is an industry-leading provider of general contracting, at-risk construction management and design-build services for public and private sector clients across the nation. Performing heavy civil and vertical construction, our teams build the unique structures and infrastructure that play an important role in how people live, work, learn and play in our communities. Our teammates have an instinctive passion for innovating that is fueled by a relentless curiosity, a drive to employ lean practices and processes and the determination to find a better way. Through Zero Harm®, we are challenging the construction industry’s assumptions about safety. We believe that no level of harm should come to anyone as a result of our business. Consistently ranked among the nation’s largest building contractors, by Engineering News-Record, our US business is a subsidiary of London-based Balfour Beatty plc (LSE: BBY). Balfour Beatty is an equal opportunity employer that recognizes the value of a diverse workforce. All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other criteria protected by federal, state or local law.
          Comment on MLB realignment could result in a Phillies competitive nightmare by Schmolik      Cache   Translate Page      
I doubt they would drastically shake up the NL and AL. I think there needs to be more baseball teams in the south so I added Charlotte and Nashville. NL East: Phillies, Mets, Nationals, Pirates NL Central: Cubs, Cardinals, Brewers, Reds NL West: Dodgers, Giants, Padres, Diamondbacks NL South: Braves, Marlins, Rays, Charlotte AL East: Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays AL Central: Indians, Tigers, White Sox, Twins AL West: Angels, A's, Mariners, Rockies AL South: Rangers, Astros, Royals, Nashville To me this is an almost perfectly geographically balanced setup. I wouldn't know where to put Portland or Montreal and I'm not a fan of either city being added (Portland is too far a trip from Philly and I can do without any more teams from Canada). I'd love to have the Pirates back in the NL East and the Pirates, Mets, and Nationals are the perfect NL East for the Phils with no long plane rides (as opposed to now, Atlanta and Miami).
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ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017 – Exclusive track Play by Afrojack Cesqeaux – ID RIP FROM : More exclusive UMF track on this channel and on the facebook page Copyright owners: All of the song featured on this channel are for sampling only. If you are the owner of a music file featured on

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          NFL-Hammer! Packers feuern Coach McCarthy       Cache   Translate Page      

Hammer in der NFL! Die Green Bay Packers haben sich von ihrem Head-Coach Mike McCarthy getrennt. 

Das gab der viermalige Super-Bowl-Champion in einem Statement rund drei Stunden nach der bitteren 17:20-Heim-Niederlage gegen die Arizona Cardinals bekannt.

Die Packers reagierten damit auf die aktuelle Negativ-Serie mit nur einem Sieg aus den vergangenen sechs Spielen. (Service: Der Spielplan der NFL)

ANZEIGE: Die NFL bei DAZN. Jetzt kostenlosen Testmonat sichern!

Offensiv-Koordinator übernimmt interimsweise

"Die Saison 2018 hat nicht unseren Erwartungen und den Standards der Green Bay Packers entsprochen. Daher habe ich die schwere Entscheidung getroffen, Mike McCarthy von seiner Rolle als Head-Coach zu befreien. Mike war ein hervorragender Trainer und Anführer der Packers in den letzten 13 Spielzeiten", wird Packers-Präsident Mark Murphy in einem Statement zitiert.

Offensiv-Koordinator Joe Philbin wird das Traineramt nun interimsweise übernehmen. Der 57-Jährige war zwischen 2012 und 2015 über drei Jahre lang Trainer der Miami Dolphins. 

Nach zwölf Saisonspielen haben die Packers erst lediglich vier Siege einfahren können und werden aller Voraussicht nach die Playoffs zum zweiten Mal in Folge verpassen. (Service: Die Tabellen der NFL)

          Brady erreicht Mannings Touchdown-Meilenstein       Cache   Translate Page      

Erst vor einer Woche klaute Tom Brady seinem alten Rivalen Peyton Manning den Rekord für die meisten Pass-Yards, jetzt ist der fünfmalige Super-Bowl-Champion in einer weiteren Kategorie mit Manning gleichgezogen: Gegen die Minnesota Vikings brachte Brady den 579. Touchdown-Pass seiner Karriere an.

Im kommenden Spiel gegen die Miami Dolphins hat der "GOAT" nun die Möglichkeit, sich alleine an die Spitze des Touchdown-Rankings zu setzen.

Dazu durchbrach Brady, der nicht gerade für sein Laufspiel bekannt ist, nach 265 NFL-Spielen in 19 Jahren auch endlich die Marke von 1000 Rushing Yards. Kein anderer NFL-Spieler hat jemals ansatzweise so lange dafür gebraucht.

Der Touchdown-Pass auf Josh Gordon blieb im Spiel gegen Minnesota Bradys einziger. Dank zweier Rushing-Touchdowns von James Develin und einer starken Leistung der Defense, die Minnesotas Receiver-Top-Duo Adam Thielen und Stefon Diggs bei lediglich 77 Yards hielt, gewannen die Patriots dennoch ungefährdet mit 24:10.

ANZEIGE: Die NFL bei DAZN. Jetzt kostenlosen Testmonat sichern!

18. Saison mit positiver Bilanz in Folge

Gegen Miami können sich Brady und Co. damit schon zum Division-Sieger der AFC East krönen. Aktuell steht der Super-Bowl-Finalist des Vorjahres bei neun Siegen und drei Niederlagen. Damit werden die Patriots die Saison zum 18. Mal in Folge mit einer positiven Bilanz beenden. Eine längere Erfolgsserie legten in der NFL-Geschichte nur die Dallas Cowboys zwischen 1966 und 1985 hin.

Mit nun fünf Niederlagen müssen die Vikings im Gegensatz dazu um ihre Playoff-Teilnahme bangen. (Zur Tabelle der NFL)

ANZEIGE: Jetzt aktuelle NFL-Trikots sichern - hier geht es zum Shop

Im ersten Spiel ohne ihren Superstar Kareem Hunt setzten die Kansas City Chiefs ihre traumhafte Saison fort. Angeführt vom Quarterback-Shootingstar Patrick Mahomes mit vier Touchdown-Pässen rangen die Chiefs im nächsten Highscoring-Game die Oakland Raiders mit 40:33 nieder.

Chiefs gewinnen ohne Hunt

Unter der Woche hatte sich das Überraschungsteam der Saison von Running Back Hunt getrennt, nachdem ein Video aufgetaucht war, das zeigt, wie dieser in einer Hotel-Lobby eine Frau tritt und schlägt.

Überragender Akteur der Chiefs war neben Mahomes Tight End Travis Kelce. Der 29-Jährige fing insgesamt zwölf Pässe seines Quarterbacks für 168 Yards. Zweimal griff er in der Endzone der Raiders zu. Auch Hunt-Ersatz Spencer Ware steuerte einen Touchdown zum zehnten Saisonsieg der Chiefs bei.

In einem verrückten Sunday Night Game setzten sich die Los Angeles Chargers dramatisch gegen die Pittsburgh Steelers durch. Ein Fieldgoal von Michael Badgley, der im Spielverlauf zuvor schon einen Versuch vergeben hatte, sicherte den Chargers in letzter Sekunde den 33:30-Comebacksieg.

Chargers krönen Aufholjagd

Zur Pause hatte das Team von Quarterback-Star Philip Rivers noch mit 7:23 zurück gelegen. Danach ließen die Chargers aber 23 Punkte in Serie folgen, ehe Steelers-Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger mit einem Touchdownpass auf Jaylen Samuels die Partie nochmals ausglich.

Badgleys Fieldgoal mit Ablauf der Uhr aus 29 Yards Entfernung sorgte dann aber für die Entscheidung. Besonders kurios: Der Matchwinner musste dreimal für seinen entscheidenden Schuss antreten. Zunächst setzte der Kicker das Fieldgoal daneben, durfte wegen einer Abseitsstellung der Steelers-Defense aber nochmal antreten.

Danach wurde Badgley geblockt, aber wieder entschieden die Referees auf "Defensive Offside". Im dritten Anlauf behielt der 23-Jährige dann die Nerven und tütete den neunten Saisonsieg der Chargers ein.

Bitter für die Steelers: Shootingstar James Conner musste nach zwei Touchdown-Läufen im vierten Viertel mit einer Bein-Verletzung vom Feld. Conner, der zu Saisonbeginn als Ersatz für den streikenden LeVeon Bell einsprang, spielte bislang eine überragende Saison und entwickelte sich mit inzwischen 13 Touchdowns zur Lebensversicherung der Steelers. Eine Diagnose zu seiner Verletzung gibt es noch nicht.

Während die Chargers fest mit den Playoffs planen und sogar noch den Divison-Sieg in der AFC West einfahren können, wird es für die Steelers nach der zweiten Niederlage in Folge im Playoff-Rennen wieder eng. Der Super-Bowl-Champion von 2008 liegt in der AFC North nur noch hauchdünn vor den Baltimore Ravens.

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La Prensa


Gerson Stanley Ortega Valle (29 años), el jefe de operaciones del cartel hondureño de los Valle Valle, fue sentenciado ayer en una Corte Federal del Distrito Sur de la Florida a pasar nueve años de cárcel.

La sentencia especifica que Gerson Ortega Valle tendrá que pasar recluido en una prisión de Estados Unidos 108 meses (nueve años) y que además, tras ese periodo quedará en cinco años de libertad supervisada.

El encargado de dar la sentencia fue el juez William P.


Según documentos de la Corte de Florida a los que tuvo acceso Diario LA PRENSA la condena fue emitida el pasado 21 de noviembre.

La condena impuesta a Gerson Ortega Valle fue debido a que él fue declarado culpable del cargo de “conspirar para la importación de cinco kilogramos o más de cocaína hacia los Estados Unidos”.

El documento donde se lee la sentencia de 108 meses (nueve años) de cárcel impuesta a Gerson Ortega Valle.

La cárcelGerson Ortega Valle estuvo cuatro años prófugo, tras que los miembros del cartel de los Valle fueran designados como narcotraficantes por los Estados Unidos, pero se entregó el 28 de marzo de este año a la justicia estadounidense.

Mientras estuvo preso en Estados Unidos se le recluyó en el Centro de Detención Federal de Miami (Federal Detention Center, Miami), más conocido por sus siglas FDC Miami.

En junio de este año se declaró culpable en la Corte Federal del Distrito Sur de Florida, por lo que solo quedaba fijar su sentencia.

El pasado 21 de noviembre se le sentenció a nueve años de cárcel.

En el documento se puede ver que además de la condena, la Corte Federal de Florida recomendó que Gerson Ortega Valle fuera enviado a otra prisión y que no continúe en la de Miami.

“La Corte hace la siguiente recomendación a la Oficina Federal de Prisiones: se recomienda que (Gerson Ortega Valle quede recluido) en la Instalación Correccional de McRae en Georgia”, detalla el archivo.

VigiladoLa Corte Federal especificó que durante los cinco años de libertad supervisada que tendrá (tras nueve años preso) a Gerson Ortega Valle se le prohíbe poseer armas, uso de sustancias prohibidas, no puede cometer ningún otro delito federal, estatal o local, y deberá proporcionar muestras de ADN si se lo requieren las autoridades.

Si rompe una de esas reglas volverá a la cárcel estadounidense.

Otros miembros de los Valle que ya fueron condenados en Estados Unidos son: Luis y Miguel Valle, Carlos Emilio Arita Lara, Digna Valle, José Inocente Valle, Marlen Amaya Argueta, Wilmer Carranza Bonilla, José Amaya Argueta y Juving A.

Suazo Peralta.

          (USA-FL-Miami Beach) Stock Associate      Cache   Translate Page      
The Support/Stock Associate is responsible for performing various functions that support the sales operations of the stores including, merchandise handling, stock processing, and stockroom organization. Receives, stores, and replenishes sales floor merchandise and stocks merchandise. May periodically work sales floor. + Ensures product and or cases are properly stored, ticketed and easily located for replenishment for the sales floor, reorganizes merchandise as needed to maximize stock space. + Correctly enters all receiving documents into the computer system, reconciles merchandise invoices to items received as applicable. + Accurately and timely completes store-to-store transfers and other requests. + Ensure the visual props and signage are received and processed in a timely manner, properly stores stockroom hardware, hangers, sign holders, etc. + Other duties as assigned/required. + High school diploma or equivalent + Previous stock or cashier experience preferred + Excellent communication skills + Excellent customer service skills + Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment + Ability to work quickly and within strict timelines + Ability to demonstrate teamwork + Ability to stand and maneuver around sales floor and stockroom; lift and carry 30 pounds; hang / fold merchandise; climb, reach, push / pull, and clean + Regular attendance is essential to this position in order to ensure adequate coverage to meet company objectives. + Ability to work a flexible work schedule, including nights, weekends, and holidays is required. External Company Name: Solstice External Company URL: Street: 805 Lincoln Road
          (USA-FL-Miami) Assistant Manager / Co Manager      Cache   Translate Page      
The Co Manager assists the store manager to operate the retail location by ensuring the store consistently meets and exceeds company standards and reinforces customer service through maintaining and representing the company’s core values of service, quality and integrity to create total customer satisfaction. The responsibilities of the Co Manager include: + Demonstrates a strong leadership ability + Participates in store selling efforts to ensure personal goals as well as store sales and productivity goals are met. + Assist the store manager to ensure all operational responsibilities are carried out for both opening and closing procedures. + Assist with recruiting interviewing and hiring of staff + Train delegate and supervise staff to develop and maintain individual selling goals, customer service and product knowledge skills. + Participate in weekly meetings with the store staff and maintain daily communications binder. + Ensure housekeeping and safety standards are upheld through out the entire store. + Ensure entire staff adheres to Mystery shop guidelines. + Create and promote strong business relationships with vendors, mall management and local businesses + Partner with Store Manager/ DM/ RM and/or Loss Prevention to address concerns regarding policy violations in a timely matter. + Actively listens and accepts direction and guidance from management + Maintains a positive, upbeat and energetic demeanor + In the (long term absence) of a manager the Co Manager may have some of the responsibilities of a store manager. A District Manager will oversee the Co Manager. + Other duties deemed necessary + Previous retail experience preferably in a similar roll + College Degree preferred + Excellent verbal and written communication skills + Reliable and prompt + Demonstrated time management and organizational skills + Computer literate (word, excel and lotus notes) + Available to work flexible hours, 40 hours a week, 2 nights a week, weekends and holidays + Ability to stand for long periods of time + Ability to lift and carry 25lbs. External Company Name: Solstice External Company URL: Street: 11401 N.W. 12th Street Suite 174
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Passenger Latsamy McAdoo from Miami was travelling from Bangkok to Koh Samui when she found out that she had the entire plane to herself. She was visiting family in Thailand and expected the plane to be full as it usually is – but this time it was empty. In a video from January this year, which she shared on social media, Latsamy is seen dancing through the aisles.
          Goulding Acres Lilys Miami Vice      Cache   Translate Page      
 Foaled May 30, 2015 this gorgeous stalky little fellow will make a great driving gelding with training. UTD on shots, deworming, farrier just recently gelded. Was used in petting zoos, walked in parades and shown at fair shows when he was younger. Will be getting newer pictures current height shortly. Looking for a show home but needs to get into shape first as he's a chunky monkey.

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Eaton Rapids Joe talked about it yesterday.  In 1986, eight FBI agents got involved in a shootout with two very bad actors, and changed the way police look at firearms, tactics, ammunition, and equipment.  The aftershocks of that fight were seminal to how law enforcement looks at fatal encounters.

At the time I was a young peace officer and I remember reading the reports, following the FBI testing and trying to digest the data that came out for several years There were some interesting things that came out of that event and the subsequent reassessment.

The 10mm cartridge.  The 10mm is a direct result of the FBI testing that followed the shootout.  The problem is that most people can't handle it, it's a high energy cartridge designed for semi-auto handguns and is more demanding than the vast majority of folks find it uncomfortable.  That, and it beat the early guns to death.  Handguns designed for it seem to do okay, but it is tough on handguns.  Interestingly, the .40 SW cartridge is the little sister of the 10mm.  Many cops carry a .40 SW today, and we never heard of it before the shootout.

Better bullets.  The FBI tested a lot of bullets in the aftermath, and the bullet manufacturers paid attention.  There were some startling things learned, and for a while, it seemed that everyone was testing bullets.  We started learning about things like tissue displacement, penetration, wound cavities and how bullets acted when shot through various mediums.  The result of all that testing and evaluation is that we have a better understanding of terminal ballistics and we have much better bullets, across the board, than we had in 1986.

We also learned that the old things work.  The fight, with all its savagery and horror was ended by a determined FBI agent shooting a revolver.  Probably using the FBI standard load, which was a .38 Special +P load.  Sometimes good enough is good enough.

It's been over 30 years since that fateful day in Miami, and lots of things have changed in police work and in the gun community in general since that time.  A lot of it came out of  that day in April 1986.
          Miami Dade College Lockdown: Full Story & Must-See Details      Cache   Translate Page      
The Miami-Dade College Homestead campus in Florida has been placed on lockdown due to reports of a domestic incident and...
          Jeffrey Epstein, rich serial child molester, pays to keep teen victims from testifying      Cache   Translate Page      

If you're a registered sex offender it helps to have millions of dollars to make the problem go away. Financier Jeffrey Epstein, well-connected with the Washington power elite, was able to spend a small fraction of his vast fortune in 2017 to avoid a life sentence in prison for molesting and abusing kids (thanks to a secret deal he made with servile federal prosecutors).

From Sputnik News:

Epstein's teen sex trafficking ring worked like a pyramid scheme, according to victims, who say they were paid to give massages to Epstein, paid extra for sex acts and paid even more to recruit more girls between the ages of 13 and 16 into the ring. The girls were also, at times, allegedly offered up to Epstein's powerful friends.

Today Epstein spent another pittance to prevent his young victims from revealing in court how he'd sexually abused them. Epstein settled a lawsuit that he'd filed against attorney Bradley Edwards, who is representing several of Epstein's teen molestation victims in a civil suit against Epstein. By settling the suit, Epstein was able to stop his victims from telling the court just what a kind of person he is. Epstein didn't even have to apologize to Edwards face-to-face, instead he paid his lawyer to read an apology for him. Read the rest

          Referee Roy Ellison placed on leave while NFL investigates Jerry Hughes incident      Cache   Translate Page      
The NFL has placed referee Roy Ellison on leave while they investigate an incident between him and Jerry Hughes. Hughes was shown on video confronting Ellison after Sunday’s Buffalo Bills-Miami Dolphins game. Hughes accused Ellison of calling him a b—-. NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport says the matter is under review from the, with Ellison now...Read More
          Descubre el orden correcto de maquillarte en solo 7 pasos      Cache   Translate Page      
Aunque cada una de nosotras tiene su propia rutina a la hora de aplicarse el maquillaje, esta muchas veces varía de acuerdo con la ocasión, y sobre todo del tiempo disponible. Sin embargo, quisimos consultar a la experta maquillista Antonia Rutherford, del prestigioso salón de belleza en Miami Avant Garde Salon and Spa, para que nos diera unos consejos básicos que nos ayuden a maquillarnos de la manera correcta. Esto es, para conseguir en menos tiempo los mejores resultados a la hora de aplicarnos el maquillaje todos los días. Lo primero, según Rutherford, es preparar nuestra piel con los productos necesarios para que esta luzca lozana al aplicarnos el maquillaje. “Lo principal es tener una piel saludable, bien cuidada. Esto nos ayuda a que el maquillaje sea más fácil de aplicar y sobre todo que no necesitemos aplicar mucho maquillaje para vernos como queremos”. 1. Hidratación “Es muy importante no aplicar ningún maquillaje en nuestra piel sin antes hidratarla”, puntualizó Antonia. “Así que lo primero que debemos aplicar es nuestra crema hidratante y esperar para que la piel tenga tiempo de absorberla”. Si vives en alguna ciudad donde tienes los cambios de estaciones del año, Rutherford nos recomienda que durante la primavera y el verano optes por una crema hidratante ligera en una fórmula de gel o suero. Durante el otoño- invierno puedes considerar una crema espesa e hidratante para mantener la humedad durante todo el día. Aplicar primer Una vez bien hidratada nuestra piel, aplicamos un primer. “Este se aplica para corregir los colores que la base no tiene y nos ayuda a crear uniformidad en el tono de nuestra piel para que cuando apliquemos la base logremos el tono que deseamos. Si les preocupa el área de los ojos, opten por un primer de color rosa o durazno para ayudar a iluminar las áreas oscuras que los rodean. La base de maquillaje Una vez lograda esa uniformidad de color, aplicamos la base. Esta debe ser de acuerdo con tu tono y tipo de piel. OJO, no solamente nos debe preocupar que sea el color correcto, también es muy importante que la consistencia de esta sea la correcta para que no afecte el aspecto de nuestra piel. Verifica primero qué tipo de piel tienes; seca, grasosa o mixta (esta última es la más común). Por lo general, la zona T  tiende a ser diferente, por eso debemos estar seguras de que la base es la adecuada para nuestra piel”, puntualizó Antonia. 4. Maquilla los ojos Ya tu complexión está completa, ahora debemos maquillar los ojos. Los ojos son la parte que debemos maquillar con mucho cuidado, ya que es la luz de la cara. Primero debes aplicar un delineador de ojos, este puede ser, si prefieres, una sombra oscura. Si tienes párpados grasosos, te recomiendo que vuelvas a aplicar el delineador una vez que haya aplicado la sombra, esto evitará que se te haga una línea en el pliegue del ojo y hará que el efecto del maquillaje dure más. Aplicar mascara a tus pestañas Rutherford sugiere aplicar la mascara de pestañas al final para ocultar cualquier imperfección en las pestañas. Aplica la mascara, esperas un ratito y la vuelves a aplicar. Esto te dará efecto de más volumen. Esculpir y definir los pómulos Cuando llega el momento de dar forma a las mejillas, la precisión es clave para hacer que tu look esté listo. El tono más oscuro abajo del hueso del pómulo y luego el rubor sobre el pómulo. Según Antonia, el tono más oscuro atraviesa los pómulos y las sienes, por lo que es importante aplicarlo primero. A continuación, aplica el rubor en las manzanas de la mejilla y mezcla el color en toda la zona de la mejilla. Y finalmente, el marcador se coloca en el punto más alto de los pómulos con un cepillo más pequeño para un pequeño toque de brillo. Los labios El paso final para perfeccionar la apariencia de tu maquillaje es agregar un toque de color a los labios. “Para hacer que el delineador de labios dure más tiempo, aplícalo sobre los labios secos antes de aplicar el color de labios”, recomienda Antonia. “Utiliza el delineador para darle la forma y espesor que desees en tus labios. Una vez que el delineador esté completo, aplicas el color de labios. Recuerda que puedes crear el efecto visual que más te guste”, puntualizó la experta.  
          La argentina Natalia Denegri ganó cuatro premios Emmys      Cache   Translate Page      
“Tengo una emoción que no puedo explicar en palabras. Saber que tanto esfuerzo, pasión e interminables jornadas de trabajo fueron premiados de esta forma por la Academia es un mimo y a la vez un impulso para seguir trabajando para llevarle al público más historias de interés humano, de historias de vida y de gran inspiración“, fueron las primeras palabras que expresó, emocionada, la argentina Natalia Denegri, luego de que la Academia de Ciencias de la Televisión la premiara en los Emmys Suncoast, gala que se celebró en el hotel Hyatt Regency de Orlando el pasado sábado y en la que se reconoció lo mejor de la TV de Florida, Georgia, Luisiana, Alabama y Puerto Rico. La actriz, periodista, conductora, productora y empresaria radicada en Miami se adjudicó cuatro galardones, tres como productora y uno más por su casa productora, Trinitus Productions, especialmente por sus cortos documentales impactantes y conmovedores. View this post on Instagram Todo gran sueño comienza con un gran idealista. Recuerda siempre: “tienes en tú interior la fuerza, la paciencia y la pasión para alcanzar las estrellas y cambiar el mundo” Harriet Tubman. A post shared by Natalia Denegri (@natydenegri) on Dec 3, 2018 at 5:02am PST   Siempre Mujer tuvo la oportunidad de conversar con esta talentosa latina y acá te traemos un extracto de nuestra entrevista. Primero que todo, queremos felicitarte por poner en alto a nuestra comunidad latina. Ahora sí, ¿qué significa para ti ganar estas 4 estatuillas y recibir 9 nominaciones en una misma gala? “¡Muchas gracias! Para mí ya era un orgullo haber recibido nueve nominaciones y con eso ya me sentía ganadora. Pero haber recibido esos cuatro premios… me generó una emoción que no puedo poner en palabras. Uno le dedica tanto esfuerzo, tanto trabajo, tantas horas del día a buscar estas historias y transmitir lo mismo que ellas nos generaron a nosotros, que sentir que todo ese esfuerzo es apreciado por instituciones tan importantes como la Academia de Ciencias de la Televisión nos da una alegría infinita y un empujón para seguir haciendo estos proyectos”. Cuéntanos de tus proyectos ganadores, ¿cuál es tu favorito y por qué? “¡Qué pregunta más difícil! Realmente todos los proyectos que fueron nominados y que ganaron me encantan. Por supuesto que tengo un lugar más que especial para Corazones guerreros, que es mi programa y en donde todas las semanas conozco casos de niños y familias inspiradores, ayudamos a cumplir sueños y también hablo con celebridades para demostrar que todos podemos ayudar a nuestras comunidades. Pero las historias de Mi nombre es Andrea, con el caso de Andrea Chirinos, y Más allá de mis manos, con la inspiradora historia de Franklin Mejías, a quien entrevisté en la primera temporada de mi programa, son proyectos que me han marcado y de los que estoy sumamente feliz de haber formado parte. Ni qué decir tiene lo que me ha generado Hope, el documental sobre los destrozos del huracán María en Puerto Rico. Viví en primera persona lo devastada que quedó la zona, las condiciones en las que quedaron nuestros hermanos puertorriqueños, y pude comprobar lo mucho que una acción solidaria puede cambiar la vida de las personas y siento que el documental transmite todo eso”. ¿Por qué para ti es crucial abordar la parte humana en estos proyectos? “Porque vivimos en una vorágine que a veces nos impide conectarnos con ese costado y este tipo de proyectos nos ayuda a abrir los ojos, a darnos cuenta de las realidades que se viven, de que hay otras personas a nuestro alrededor que sufren, que son violentadas, que no son reconocidas, que no tienen voz. Una vez me dijeron que soy una representante de los sin voz y fue la descripción sobre mi persona que más orgullo me dio porque sí, yo quiero que ellos sean escuchados, sean reconocidos y atendidos, y puedan vivir una vida mejor”. Desde el 2015 vienes siendo reconocida por la Academia, ¿sientes que estás en la mejor etapa de tu carrera? “Sin duda alguna. En total ya tengo siete premios de la Academia por proyectos de todos los tipos y temáticas y es todo un honor. No cualquiera obtiene estos reconocimientos y me siento muy agradecida a ellos y bendecida por Dios y la Virgen de Guadalupe por los premios y por el impulso a seguir adelante contando estas historias y generando un cambio en la sociedad en la que vivimos. ¿Qué mensaje les envías a todas esas mujeres latinas que viven en Estados Unidos y que quieren ser exitosas desde sus trincheras? “Que todo gran sueño comienza con un gran idealista. Hay que pensar en grande, no ponerse límites y trabajar duro para conseguir todo lo que se desea en esta vida. No es instantáneo, no es fácil, ¡pero cómo se disfruta cuando se consigue! Como dice Harriet Tubman, “tienes en tu interior la fuerza, la paciencia y la pasión para alcanzar las estrellas y cambiar al mundo” y solo hace falta proponernos sacar eso afuera para lograr todo lo que uno se proponga”. ¿En qué proyectos estás trabajando ahora y qué podemos esperar para el 2019? “¡Ay, lo que viene! No puedo contar demasiado sobre los proyectos porque todavía estamos ultimando detalles, pero estamos preparando un enorme proyecto con actores de Hollywood para el mercado americano y estoy en reuniones para otros proyectos que si se enteran, ¡se mueren!”.  
          A Miami Gallery Joins the Top Ranks at Art Basel      Cache   Translate Page      
David Castillo’s space, which reflects his South Florida roots, comes of age among world-class exhibitors.
          In Miami, Embracing the Bold and Brilliant in Architecture      Cache   Translate Page      
The city’s recent wave of designs for buildings and even parking garages could be its most ambitious yet.
          Design Miami Is Understated, but Its Offerings Certainly Aren’t      Cache   Translate Page      
Across the street from Art Basel Miami Beach, more than 30 galleries offer innovative collectible art and architecture.
          Art Basel Is Hardly the Only Game in Town      Cache   Translate Page      
In the Miami area, a wealth of offerings at satellite fairs and specialized museums
          Peter van Agtmael’s Eye on America      Cache   Translate Page      
Known for his images of war, the photographer returned to look at and learn about America. He will discuss his findings at a Miami photography festival.
          At Art Basel Miami Beach, a Revamped Venue and a Focused Program      Cache   Translate Page      
The convention center has bid farewell to its “Miami Vice” palette, and 2 sectors of the fair have been cut.
          A Voice for Art From North Africa and the Middle East      Cache   Translate Page      
The gallerist Selma Feriani of Tunisia will make her debut at Art Basel Miami Beach with the work of a Saudi female artist.
          Miami Florida to Miami Florida on Seven Seas Voyager from $4,799.00 (USD)      Cache   Translate Page      
Expires 12/31/2018
Destination: Caribbean
Ship: Seven Seas Voyager

          A Film’s Horrors Evoke a Dark Era in Chile’s Past      Cache   Translate Page      
The stop-motion animated “La Casa Lobo,” or “The Wolf House,” will be screened at Art Basel Miami Beach.
          Yankee Stadium ready to host Badgers, Canes      Cache   Translate Page      
The infield dirt has given way to a gridiron and goalposts as the University of Wisconsin and the University of Miami prepare to face off at Yankee Stadium on Dec. 27 in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl has become.
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Ich wünsche mir seit Jahren nach America zu fliegen 😍
          Penn freshman Michael Wang scores 23 in 89-75 upset win over Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Penn freshman Michael Wang scores 23 in 89-75 upset win over Miami#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000 Quakers Freshman Michael Wang scored a career-high 23 points off the bench to upset the Hurricanes Tuesday night at the Palestra. Reported by FOX Sports 3 minutes ago.
           Penn freshman Michael Wang scores 23 in 89-75 upset win over Miami       Cache   Translate Page      
Quakers Freshman Michael Wang scored a career-high 23 points off the bench to upset the Hurricanes Tuesday night at the Palestra.
          Three-City Tour Highlights Artists of Color and Innovators      Cache   Translate Page      

On Dec. 5, Salute Life presents The Unplug Art Experience. The event, which is part of a three-city tour highlighting and for artist of color, will be held in Miami at the WeWork Brickell City Centre. 

The post Three-City Tour Highlights Artists of Color and Innovators appeared first on Black Enterprise.

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Chantel Jeffries – Booty in Bikini at the Beach in Miami
          Crece escándalo de los médicos cubanos en Brasil: alegan que la OPS se quedó con $75 millones      Cache   Translate Page      

El escándalo en torno de los 15,000 médicos cubanos que han trabajado en condiciones de virtual esclavitud en Brasil está creciendo: varios de ellos presentaron una demanda en Miami contra la Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS), afirmando que la organización regional no solo supervisó el programa, sino que también se embolsó $75 millones de sus fondos.

Sam Dubbin, un abogado de Miami que representa a cuatro médicos cubanos que desertaron en Brasil, me dijo que la demanda alega que la OPS, una agencia de la Organización Mundial de la Salud de las Naciones Unidas con sede en Washington D.C, supervisó y se benefició de un esquema ilegal bajo el cual los médicos cubanos tenían que trabajar en condiciones que violan las leyes internacionales contra el trabajo forzado.

Dubbin agregó que la OPS ganó $75 millones del acuerdo entre Brasil y Cuba en los últimos cinco años.

El programa, conocido como Mais Médicos, fue establecido en octubre de 2013 por el gobierno de la ex presidenta brasileña Dilma Rousseff. Bajo el acuerdo, los médicos cubanos han estado trabajando en áreas remotas de Brasil, donde pocos médicos brasileños quieren vivir.

Cuba anunció la semana pasada que estaba comenzando a repatriar a sus médicos de Brasil, luego de que el presidente electo ultraderechista de Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, denunciara que Mais Medicos es un programa de esclavitud moderna.

Bajo el acuerdo entre Brasil y Cuba supervisado por la OPS, los médicos cubanos recibían menos del 10 por ciento de sus salarios, y Cuba conservaba la mayor parte del resto, según la planeada demanda legal contra la OPS.

Bolsonaro, quien asumirá el cargo el 1ro. de enero, amenazó con cancelar el programa Mais Medicos a menos que Cuba aceptara que los médicos cubanos reciban su salario completo, que Brasil valide sus títulos médicos y que se les permita traer a sus las familias. El presidente electo más tarde tuiteó que, "desafortunadamente, Cuba no ha aceptado".

Según un estudio reciente realizado por la Escuela Wharton de la Universidad de Pennsylvania, en 2015 había unos 37,000 médicos cubanos que trabajaban en 77 países, la mayoría en Venezuela, Brasil y América Central.

Dubbin me dijo que sus clientes "quieren poner fin a esta práctica de que los médicos cubanos sean tratados como esclavos". Agregó que están buscando el pago de sus salarios completos y daños, y "quieren exponer a una institución internacional que opera aquí mismo en Estados Unidos y que está involucrada en la trata de personas".

La doctora Ramona Matos, una de las demandantes, dijo que "simplemente estamos pidiendo la compensación total que todos merecemos", según el despacho de Dubbin.

Dubbin citó varios documentos, incluida una auditoría del programa Mais Medicos realizada por la Oficina de Responsabilidad Suprema de Brasil, según los cuales en los últimos cinco años Brasil habría pagado alrededor de $1,500 millones a la OPS por el programa.

De ese dinero, la OPS pagó $1,300 millones a Cuba y se quedó con $75 millones. Cuba, a su vez, pagó a los médicos cubanos en Brasil unos $125 millones, dijo Dubbin.

Los $75 millones que habría recibido la OPS no se utilizaron para pagar los gastos operativos, ya que estos fueron pagados por instituciones brasileñas, agregó Dubbin.

Consultado al respecto, el portavoz de la OPS, Luis Felipe Sardenberg, me dijo en un correo electrónico que los fondos "son cargos cobrados a todas las contribuciones voluntarias recibidas por la OPS para cubrir los costos relacionados con la gestión y administración de un programa". Agregó que "todas las organizaciones de las Naciones Unidas... imponen este tipo de cargos".

Los médicos demandantes dijeron que además de recibir solo una fracción de sus salarios, la mayoría de ellos no podían traer a sus familias con ellos de Cuba, y que tenían un toque de queda diario a las 6 p.m.

Cuando escribí por primera vez sobre la situación de los médicos cubanos en Brasil en septiembre de 2013, describí este acuerdo --y a la supervisión de la OPS-- como "escandaloso". Ahora, si resulta que la OPS también ganó $75 millones con este programa, estaríamos frente a una agencia de las Naciones Unidas que se habría lucrado con un negocio de esclavitud moderna. Eso ya no sería solo inmoral, sino que podría ser criminal.

El corresponsal extranjero y columnista de The Miami Herald y El Nuevo Herald

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          Art Miami 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Art Miami 2018 will mark the official launch of Dominic Harris’ new artwork, Mickey & Minnie: An Interactive Diptych. Produced with the full support of the Walt Disney Company, Harris’ artwork reinterprets the iconic Disney characters, paying homage to their … Continue reading
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It was an absolute pleasure to be selected to present at Design Miami/Basel‘s new exhibition platform, Curio, which invites artists to present cabinets of curiosity within the fair. It was the perfect platform to launch my immersive installation, Baby Shimmer. … Continue reading
          Art Miami 2017      Cache   Translate Page      
Dominic Harris’ pieces were once again exhibited at the vibrant Art Miami fair in downtown Miami. Presented by Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design, his charming Bloomed and Ruffled series were accompanied by Bloomed Wall, Flutter Hologram and the Simulated artworks. Art … Continue reading
          Internal Affairs / Skyline Whispers - THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA      Cache   Translate Page      
While modern rock radio bands are busy mining the early blues-rock of LED ZEPPELIN and younger metal bands are stripping the New Wave of British Heavy Metal songbook for parts, Swedish supergroup THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA scratch an itch for those with nostalgia for a different specific moment in rock music's history books. Since forming the act as a side project in 2012, SOILWORK vocalist Björn "Speed" Strid and bassist Sharlee D'Angelo (ARCH ENEMY, WITCHERY, MERCYFUL FATE) have conspired with other members of the Swedish heavy metal community to generate catchy rockers and power ballads that are a throwback to late '70s and early '80s FM radio, when heavy power-pop anthems from acts such as CHEAP TRICK and KISS dominated the rock charts, alongside bands such as JOURNEY and REO SPEEDWAGON that were coating their output with a glossy finish. The latest effort from THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, "Sometimes The World Ain't Enough", has become a favorite for fans looking for sugary pop-rock flavors in 2018. But Nuclear Blast's reissues of the band's first two records–2012's "Internal Affairs" and 2015's "Skyline Whispers", both of which were originally released on Italian label Coroner Records—show off a group that was already unified in its mission to take a break from the heavier sounds of the members' main projects and pay tribute to the acts they grew up on. "Siberian Queen" begins the band's run with a galloping drum-and-bass intro that sounds loosely inspired by LED ZEPPELIN's "Immigrant Song". It then jumps forward ten years with swaggering croons from Strid, shred guitar from David Andersson and Sebastian Forslund that would have shone during the glory days of the live record, and faux-stringed percussion that would have made ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA blush. The NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA essentially hit the ground running as the ultimate rock revue for the sound that filled arenas from 1977 through 1983. "California Morning", from the group's debut, and "All The Ladies", from the band's 2015 follow-up "Skyline Whispers", are clap-along stompers that could pass for outtakes from the first few KISS records. A mastery of boogie-blues rock on "Montreal Midnight Supply" and "Roads Less Traveled" show off a band that could have fit comfortably alongside 38 SPECIAL on a broadcast of NBC's "The Midnight Special". The title track of the band's debut and "Stiletto" are disco-funk jam-outs that could be released as a bootleg seven-inch with a Casablanca Records logo stamped on it. Most with an ear for that sound would be fooled. The sound is warm and vintage, with lyrical content to match. Much like KISS did with "Detroit Rock City", THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA pays tribute to its favorite cities that are aflame with rock and roll on road-trip fodder such as "California Morning" and "Miami 5:02". Strid strikes a strong vocal balance between shouting belters and radio-friendly croons; the latter especially shine through on power ballads and tales of lost love such as "Glowing City Madness". Due to their pedigrees, Strid and D'Angelo are the most likely to draw attention and initial listens to THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA. The band's secret weapon that really elevates the group's songs beyond flaccid mimicry is the keyboard and percussion work of Richard Larsson. The man is an incredibly versatile force behind his keys, whether he is launching into overloaded prog bombast, anchoring piano-driven balladry, or Hammond organ-propelled funk. The band's profile has slowly grown since its first Nuclear Blast release, 2017's "Amber Galactic". But folks that dig backwards into THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA's first two records will wonder why the spotlight wasn't shining brighter from day one.
          Jeffrey Epstein, rich serial child molester, pays to keep teen victims from testifying      Cache   Translate Page      

If you're a registered sex offender it helps to have millions of dollars to make the problem go away. Financier Jeffrey Epstein, well-connected with the Washington power elite, was able to spend a small fraction of his vast fortune in 2017 to avoid a life sentence in prison for molesting and abusing kids (thanks to a secret deal he made with servile federal prosecutors).

From Sputnik News:

Epstein's teen sex trafficking ring worked like a pyramid scheme, according to victims, who say they were paid to give massages to Epstein, paid extra for sex acts and paid even more to recruit more girls between the ages of 13 and 16 into the ring. The girls were also, at times, allegedly offered up to Epstein's powerful friends.

Today Epstein spent another pittance to prevent his young victims from revealing in court how he'd sexually abused them. Epstein settled a lawsuit that he'd filed against attorney Bradley Edwards, who is representing several of Epstein's teen molestation victims in a civil suit against Epstein. By settling the suit, Epstein was able to stop his victims from telling the court just what a kind of person he is. Epstein didn't even have to apologize to Edwards face-to-face, instead he paid his lawyer to read an apology for him. Read the rest

          Sales Force Administrator      Cache   Translate Page      
FL-Miami, job summary: •Managing multiple Salesforce environments and onboarding across the organization •Being the point of contact for staff who experience technical issues with Salesforce •Ensuring new Salesforce releases, vendor deployments, and other Salesforce updates are communicated and deployed in a way that maximizes adoption and minimizes organizational impact •Partnering with our managers and co
          Comment on Marshall Review: Ryan Willis Has His Best Game by proudhokie2001      Cache   Translate Page      
If you watch Garbutt. He has the explosion of Jason Worilds, Chris Ellis on a good day, and dare I say Corey Moore. I saw him in the Miami game really show and “almost” make a huge play [early in the game he fires off the ball and comes within a step of sacking qb, who then dumps ball off to a screen and then Garbutt chases it down 12yds downfield like a missile]. With more experience, he can make every play. Very excited about this young player.
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Be your own kind of girl. My past weekend of trading gym wear for dress wear, lol. Btw, take me back to Miami. #sunshine #positivevibes #miamibeach #miami #fitness #fitnessgirl #fitgirl #health #beauty #dress #makeup #datenight #outwithfriends #loveyourself #fitness #florida #girlsweekend #travel #adventuretime
          Dolphins' TE Derby placed on IR with foot injury      Cache   Translate Page      
DAVIE, Fla. (AP) — Tight end A.J. Derby has been placed on injured reserve by the Miami Dolphins, and they have claimed rookie defensive back Dee Delaney off waivers.
          Pérez Art Museum Miami Receives $3 Million in Support from Knight Foundation      Cache   Translate Page      
December 4, 2018
National: Ali Rigo Account Executive, Cultural Counsel Local: RockOrange
Knight Foundation Presentation
Photo courtesy of PAMM.

(MIAMI, FL — December 4, 2018) — Last night, Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) received $3 million in new funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Of the support, $2 million will bolster the museum’s technological and innovative capacity to provide engaging arts experiences for visitors building cross-departmental initiatives around digital experience. PAMM received an additional $1 million matching grant for the PAMM Fund for African American Art, a fund initiated for the purchase of contemporary art by African American artists for the museum’s permanent collection, which will celebrate its sixth anniversary on February 9 at the museum’s Art + Soul Celebration.

“This $3 million support is more than a boost to our ability to continue and better deliver the highest quality of art and art education to our community. It is a symbol of the shared optimism in the power of art and culture to transform lives in service of creating a better world. As Alberto Ibargüen says of Knight Foundation’s strategy of support, we too want to make “art general,” in Miami and beyond. This grant will allow us to further leverage the power of new technology and digital strategies to provide an even broader footprint for our activities and encourage new ways of seeing in museums via risk taking in search of innovation, for example, our Augmented Reality program, which Knight sponsored two years ago. Earmarking $1 million for the Fund for African American Art will allow us to build on the collection, increasing the capacity of our endowment to generate funds specifically for this important part of our collection. This support takes us over the $20 million mark in cumulative funds received from Knight. We’ve been in our new Herzog and de Meuron-designed building for five years, and there’s no better validation of our work than this from our great arts supporters at the KF. I am profoundly grateful for the partnership that goes beyond the financial commitment with our friends and colleagues at Knight Foundation,” said Franklin Sirmans, PAMM director.

The support is part of Knight Foundation’s $37 million in new funding for arts organizations, many of them anchor arts institutions in Miami, including PAMM, Miami City Ballet, and Locust Projects. A full list of the 22 organizations sharing the $37 million is below.

“Art and culture bind people to place and to each other. A dozen years ago, we saw an arts community that could be leveraged to make art general in Miami,” said Alberto Ibargüen, Knight Foundation president. “One hundred and sixty-five million dollars over a decade says we’re serious about this. The latest $37 million says we’re delighted with the impact and are shifting focus more toward the middle-level arts organizations and with a much greater emphasis on the creation of art in the city.”

The $37 million support will be invested in:

Fostering the work of anchor institutions

Arsht Performing Arts Center: $1 million
To fund a dollar-for-dollar match of contributions made by the center’s board members, spurring new funding to support the institution’s long-term financial stability.  

Bass Museum - Knight Foundation Art Commission 2019: $1.25 million
To support the commission and exhibition of new works of contemporary art, allowing artists to experiment and expand their practice to reach diverse audiences online and on-site.    

Institute of Contemporary Art - Arts and Research Center: $2 million
To expand the institute’s Art + Research Center, dedicated to increasing contemporary art literacy and critical analysis, through public events, intensive courses and workshops and online educational resources.

Miami City Ballet: $3 million
To further strengthen the institution’s cultural relevance in Miami by supporting a new administrative and leadership infrastructure that emphasizes experimentation, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs - Coconut Grove Playhouse: $2 million
To restore the Coconut Grove Playhouse, adding to the overall growth of Miami’s vibrant theater scene.

Miami International Film Festival: $750,000
To foster connections between local filmmakers and the international film community, support three competitive selection programs, including a Made in MIA award, and mentorship programs.  

New World Symphony: $2.5 million
To foster renewed interest in classical music by commissioning new works; using technology to engage audiences; and helping orchestras better reflect their communities by promoting diversity and inclusion.

Pérez Art Museum Miami: $3 million
To bolster the museum’s technological and innovative capacity to provide engaging arts experiences for visitors building cross-departmental initiatives around digital experiences.  

Promoting the creation of cutting-edge art in Miami

Borscht Film: $1.25 million
To create a new model for cultivating independent filmmakers in Miami focused on elevating fresh and diverse voices and connecting filmmakers to global career opportunities.

Friends of the Underline: $500,000
To engage people with the arts in unexpected places by activating portions of the Underline through the installation of art.

Locust Projects Inc. - Locust Labs: $1 million
To provide local, national, and international artists the time, space, and resources necessary to experiment and push their practice, as well as further strengthen the lab as a place for people to experience the wonder of art.

Miami Light Project: $750,000
To further strengthen the organization’s work as a key cultural incubator and presenter by supporting an operations and business model restructure, including a transition to a new space and a deeper focus on long-term financial sustainability.

Miami New Drama: $750,000
To elevate and sustain the production of original, critically-acclaimed theater in Miami by further strengthening the organization’s work through support for casting, staffing, technological upgrades, and a deeper focus on long-term financial sustainability.

O, Miami at The Betsy: $1.25 million
To create a new home for poetry in the Americas by supporting a partnership between O, Miami Poetry Festival and The Writer’s Room at The Betsy-South Beach.

Visual Art Residency Programs: $1 million
To pilot a series of visual arts residency programs in to further solidify Miami’s position as a leader in the visual arts regionally, nationally, and internationally.  

Advancing training and learning opportunities
ArtCenter/South Florida - Cinematic Arts Residency: $500,000
To elevate Miami’s filmmaking ecosystem through an arts residency that functions as an incubator for Miami filmmakers creating micro-budget narrative feature films.

DASH/New World School of the Arts - Knight Art Student Travel Funds:  $1 million  
To support the personal and artistic growth of young musicians throughout Miami-Dade County by providing access to training and mentorship.

Florida International University - CasaCuba: $2 million
To establish CasaCuba, the university’s new home for the study and scholarship of Cuban affairs and culture.

Frost School of Music: $2.25 million
To update the Knight Recital Hall and incorporate advanced technological capabilities into its design and construction, allowing for the presentation of high-quality art through digital experiences.

Miami Music Project: $750,000
To introduce more youth to classical music training by expanding access to affordable music education programming across Miami-Dade County.

O Cinema: $1.5 million
To create South Florida’s first independent film center by supporting the cinema’s purchase and the renovation of a permanent home.

Rubell Family Collection Contemporary Arts Foundation: $500,000
To develop ambitious visual arts programming and support the careers of emerging artists and curators through curatorial internships and artist residencies.

About PAMM
Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) promotes artistic expression and the exchange of ideas, advancing public knowledge and appreciation of art, architecture and design, and reflecting the diverse community of its pivotal geographic location at the crossroads of the Americas. Led by Director Franklin Sirmans, the nearly 35-year-old South Florida institution formerly known as Miami Art Museum (MAM), Pérez Art Museum Miami opened a new building, designed by world-renowned architects Herzog & de Meuron, in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park on December 4, 2013. The facility is a state-of-the-art model for sustainable museum design and progressive programming and features 200,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor program space with flexible galleries; shaded outdoor verandas; a waterfront restaurant and bar; a museum shop; and an education center with a library, media lab and classroom spaces. For more information, please visit, find us on Facebook (, or follow us on Instagram/Twitter (@pamm).


Accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture. Support is provided by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners. Additional support is provided by the City of Miami and the Miami OMNI Community Redevelopment Agency (OMNI CRA). Pérez Art Museum Miami is an accessible facility. All contents ©Pérez Art Museum Miami. All rights reserved.

PAMM boiler plate logos

          City of champions by Gola, Hank, author.      Cache   Translate Page      
"Gripping account of the long-forgotten 1939 national high school football championship between Garfield, NJ and Miami--and the stories of the players, families, coaches and cities that figured in this contest."--Provided by publisher.
          PPV Live Stream | GLAMGIRL Live from Miami      Cache   Translate Page      

Buy Now! to secure your access for this LIVE VIDEO STREAM from Miami featuring some of the hottest glamour models frolicking and having unlimited fun. Your subscription will enable access to this stream and replay for 15 days.

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          Miami Yacine - Designer (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      

          Test Engineer      Cache   Translate Page      
Miami , Florida , United States SuperJobsPlus

Miami , Florida , United States  

Hardware Test Engineer for product research, development, and analysis, Hardware and Software testing and release.   Analog, digital circuit, design and debugging, troubleshooting embedded microprocessors. Design will be in compliance with UL, CE, and FCC standard 

- BSEE degree       
- 2 plus years experience with circuit development, analysis, and testing
- Good understanding of embedded systems       
- Familiarity with compliance standards  

• EDUCATION:  Bachelors Degree in Engineering

• JOB DURATION: This job is full time.


           Ocho golfistas españoles se concentran en Miami       Cache   Translate Page      

          Wonderful Pet Feeding Available      Cache   Translate Page      
Nice to meet you! My name is lauren. I am a Miami based house and pet sitter who is caring. I hope you give me the opportunity to look after your house. I look forward to hearing from you!
          A short witches brew of petty observations, cranky comments, and snarky snorts — to help you add warmth to this nasty holiday season      Cache   Translate Page      
A 15th Century drawing of a witch feeding her familiars. The hungry little buggers!
Fillet of a fenny snake
In the cauldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing,--
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble."

We’re going to need to quadruple the capacity of America's suicide hotlines if my fellow liberals, progressives, democratic socialists and other subdivisions of the lefty blogosphere get their wish and The Trumpster gets impeached.

Never mind that with so many jellyfish and other invertebrates in the Senate on the majority Republican side of the aisle, that’s about as likely to occur as an updated Satan leaping out of the pages of Milton’s Paradise Lost and sliding down a rainbow to smite Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor. Never even mind that, should such a spectacular miracle come to pass, it’s out of the frying pan and into the hellfire of Mike Pence.

No, ignore all of that. Just suppose it actually happens. I mean, play along with me, merely for the sake of argument. Know what’s going to happen nine seconds after Trump gets impeached?

Every comedian in the United States is going to commit suicide, that’s what. 

From the struggling standup schnooks who “Will Work 4 Laffs,” to the likes of guys who are probably making millions at it, like Stephen Colbert, the comedians are going to be suddenly bereft of jokes. The geyser of free and effortless material that Donald Trump has beneficently been providing them since he announced his candidacy for President will instantly go dry.

I mean, can you blame any comedian for suicide if the Trumpster calls it a day?

Trump is the joke that not only keeps on giving, but keeps on rewriting itself so that it’s fresh material seven nights a week. My  advice to anybody who lives in New York: if they announce the Trumpster’s impeachment, stay indoors and under no circumstances walk under any windows until all the comedians have finished jumping.

Is sex really better with her if she’s 14 years old, Mr. Secretary? The New York Times may be the newspaper of record, and the Washington Post the newspaper of editorial bravery (sometimes). All the same, in my next life, if I can’t come back as an irresistibly handsome quadri-multi-super-guhzillionaire, I went to come back as a reporter for the Miami Herald.

I dunno what it is about Miami. Something in the water, I suspect. At any rate, the tabloids I worked for and competed against from 1960 to 1962 had nothing on the contemporary Miami Herald's content. Speak of gifts that keep on giving!

I started reading the paper for the simple pleasures of digesting Carl Hiaasen once a week. But then, I discovered the news columns. And now I'm as hooked on the Miami Herald as any crackhead ever was after his umpteenth pipeful of the stuff.

A case in point: a series of stories that ran in the Herald — the first one headlined, “How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime.”

The cabinet member is Alexander Acosta, currently The Trumpster’s Secretary of Labor. The Miami Herald is telling us that earlier in his career, when he was “a rising Republican star” he arranged for a sleazeoid multi-millionaire hedge fund type named Jeffrey Epstein to avoid a potential sentence of life in the slammer for the statutory rape of numerous adolescent girls, some as young as 14, pressuring them to recruit other girls for his personal pleasure, and also pimping them out to a list of international celebrities you’re not gonna believe unless you read the articles.

Instead, and most suspiciously, Epstein was permitted to plead guilty to just two relatively petty charges of prostitution in a state court, for which, instead of life, he got 13 months in the county jail. 

But wait, there’s more!

According to the Herald, part of the deal, despite a federal law that prohibits such an arrangement, was to seal the court records so that the victims wouldn’t know how justice wasn’t served. 

But there’s still more! 

The deal included immunity for Epstein and to  “any potential co-conspirators” from Federal charges. 

Co-conspirators? Ya mean like...?

While there’s no evidence that Donald Trump was a co-conspirator in any underage sex activities, says the Herald, "Trump is Epstein’s neighbor in Palm Beach and former friend who also flew on Epstein’s plane.”

And of course, Donald Trump would have no interest whatsoever in sex with a pretty young girl.

Speaking of The Trumpster, Trump repeatedly said he’s responsible for the state of the stock market. That’s what he told us, ad nauseum — when the market was up. I’m writing this after a day when he market took a hair-raising slide. The Dow was down over 799 points today — yet another reason not to stand under any open windows, especially on Wall Street.

Any comment, Mr. Trump?

          Muestra de Cine de Miami narra la tragedia de los balseros cubanos      Cache   Translate Page      
Nunca más balseros es un conmovedor material cinematográfico que narra la tragedia de 14 cubanos que abandonaron Cuba en una frágil embarcación hace 23 años
          Comment on B.P.D. Receives 500 Bulletproof Vests by Marie      Cache   Translate Page      
Thank you Miami Dade Police Association. Sad that Belize could not buy any vest to protect its officers. All that money coming from drugs should be used to equip the protecive services. These vests also should be renewed every 3-5years. Make sure it is worn at all times even when going home.
          Con 20 puntos de Gordon, Magic se impone a Heat      Cache   Translate Page      

MIAMI (AP) — Aaron Gordon anotó 20 puntos y capturó 13 rebotes, mientras que Nikola Vucevic finalizó con 19 unidades […]

La entrada Con 20 puntos de Gordon, Magic se impone a Heat aparece primero en IEVENN.

          Summer Intern needed      Cache   Translate Page      

Summer Intern Position: Champaign, Clark, Darke and Miami Counties The position will be located in Miami County and is a part-time position, 20-30/week. Position Summary. To apply please send resume and cover letter to: Miami County Farm Bureau 1554 McKaig...

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          Postgame Report: Magic 105, Heat 90      Cache   Translate Page      
MIAMI – On the surface, the Orlando Magic’s 12-12 record following another impressive road victory on Tuesday night migh
          One Year After Health Scare, Clifford Now Full of Energy      Cache   Translate Page      
MIAMI – In a much better state physically and mentally than he was exactly a year ago, Orlando Magic coach Steve Cliffor
          Magic Look For Another Road Win, Visit Heat Tonight      Cache   Translate Page      
MIAMI – Technically, the Orlando Magic’s lengthy road trip came to an end over the weekend when the team returned home f
          Ross Proving to be Consistent as Magic's Sixth Man      Cache   Translate Page      
MIAMI – The true irony of this career-year, bounce-back season for Orlando Magic guard Terrence Ross is that he has take
          Millionaire entrepreneur is given one week leave $2m Miami Beach condo      Cache   Translate Page      
Richard Rothschild and Charmaine de Souza led a lavish lifestyle in West London, but the 43-year-old entrepreneur is now living with his model girlfriend Sherra Michelle (pictured together).
          Abanca ya opera en EEUU con la apertura de una oficina en Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Destaca el papel de esa ciudad como puerta de entrada al mercado americano para muchas empresas españolas.  
          SoftBank Winks at ParkJockey      Cache   Translate Page      
Japan-based SoftBank Group is nearing a deal for a large investment in Miami-based ParkJockey, a parking startup company. [ Content protected for Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute Standard subscribers only. Please subscribe to view content. ]
          Comment on Dear Mark: Metformin Side Effects, Kraft Heinz Deal Questions by Spider      Cache   Translate Page      
Well done Mark. Congrats on a well deserved product deal. Looking forward to seeing the product on Canadian shelves (hopefully eye level) later in 2019. It’s a win for the ancestral movement and I look forward to your ongoing research and the sharing of best practices among the community on this site and events like Paleo FX. Continued success. Hope you found a good spot to SUP and plugged into an Ultimate Group in Miami. Spider
          Cruise Radio News Brief - December 2, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Cruise Radio News Brief - December 2, 2018. Carnival Cruise Line has three major changes that all take place in December. Virgin Voyages is building a massive cruise terminal in Miami and committing ships to the South Florida cruise port. Holland America took delivery of their new ships. And Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Encore will have a thrilling go kart track.   


Thoughts or questions? 

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Get in-depth cruise news and industry insight at

          Abogados reclaman a Miguel Tejada el pago de 8 millones de pesos      Cache   Translate Page      
Santo Domingo. Los abogados Pedro Alcántara y Joan Antonio Gómez reclaman el pago de 8 millones de pesos al expelotero de Grandes Ligas en representación de los señores Silverio Cruz y Cristóbal Fitzgerald Astacio Romero.
La demanda ante la justicia llega luego de dos incumplimientos de pago por parte del llamado “Pelotero de la Patria”, quien dio un cheque sin fondos en la ciudad de Miami, Estados Unidos y por el cual fue condenado.
A pesar de que de manera amistosa se ha pedido a Tejada que honre el acuerdo al que arribó no ha existido la forma para que el mismo termine de saldar la cuenta.
Se recuerda que hace una semanas Miguel Tejada fue detenido y luego liberado por una situación similar.
Se espera que en las próximas horas se solicite un embargo a sus propiedades.

          Live Streaming List: Orlando Magic vs Miami Heat 2018-2019 NBA Season      Cache   Translate Page      
Here is the available live streaming links for you to be able to watch the game of Orlando Magic vs Miami Heat 2018-2019 NBA Season. Game starts at 8:30 AM (GMT +8, Manila Time), December 5, 2018 - Wednesday.

Live Streaming List: Orlando Magic vs Miami Heat 2018-2019 NBA Season

Please choose any of the list of live stream links below.

Live Streaming List: Orlando Magic vs Miami Heat 2018-2019 NBA Season

For mobile and pc/laptop watchers in the Philippines and abroad. Use the live streaming below.  Note: Just click the "Install" link to enable flash and start watching the video.

Live streaming not appearing on your screen? For android or mobile phone users make sure you have Google Chrome installed on your phone. If you already have Chrome just wait for the live streaming to load and you can start watching using your phone.

For desktop or laptop computer users you need to enable flash on your Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc to be able to watch the game. See the instruction below.

Friendly reminder for watchers abroad:

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1. Locate the green lock near the top left side of your browser.
2. Click the green lock logo, then click "Site Settings".
3. Find "Flash", change "Ask" to "Allow".
4. Then click the ← below the "Search settings"
5. Then click "Reload"
6. See if the live streaming loads now.
7. Done!

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          Florida Football flips second recruit from Miami in just 2 days      Cache   Translate Page      

The NCAA’s early-signing period for high school football players is just a couple of weeks away. First year Florida head coach Dan Mullen and his staff have already added top commits to Florida’s 2019 roster. Mullen has proven that he is working to make the Gators a top competitor in college football. As pleased as …

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          Una avioneta se estrella contra un centro de terapia para niños autistas en Florida      Cache   Translate Page      

Dos de los ocupantes mueren incluyendo, el piloto de la aeronave que era dominicano

EN MIAMI, 02 Dciem,bre, 2018: Una avioneta se estrelló este sábado contra un centro de terapia para niños autistas en Fort Lauderdale, en el sur de Florida, y ocasionó la muerte de dos ocupantes de la nave y un incendio en el inmueble.

Según las autoridades, al momento del accidente al interior del centro habían cinco niños y ocho maestros, una de las cuales resultó herida cuando sacaba a los menores fuera del edificio en llamas.

La mujer, la única herida en el suceso, no requirió ser hospitalizada mientras que el piloto y el pasajero de la aeronave perecieron tras la colisión, informó el jefe de los bomberos de Fort Lauderdale, Stephen Gollan.

Las autoridades no han dado a conocer las identidades de las víctimas que viajaban a bordo de un avioneta Cessna 335, la cual al momento del suceso acababa de partir del Aeropuerto Ejecutivo de Fort Lauderdale con destino a Hilliard, un pueblo al norte de Florida.

El fuego ha sido controlado por las cuadrillas de bomberos, que cerraron el tránsito en las inmediaciones del centro, mientras que los restos de la aeronave permanecen esparcidos en el estacionamiento del centro y la fachada luce seriamente dañada.

La Junta Nacional de Seguridad del Transporte (NTSB) investiga el suceso.

Por Agencia EFE

Piloto murió al estrellarse avión en Florida era de San Juan de la Maguana

Se trata de Eladio Maquez y Marquez (Netaly), dominicano, oriundo de Juan de Herrera, en la provincia San Juan e la Maguana, según pudo confirmar el portal sanjuanero, El Granero del Sur.

El piloto había viajado desde Nueva Jersey hasta La Florida para buscar el avión, que había sido sometido a reparaciones. /Fuente. El Granero del Sur/.

          Whiteside abruptly exits Heat bench early in loss      Cache   Translate Page      
Heat center Hassan Whiteside abruptly left the bench and went to the locker room by himself with less than a minute to go in Miami's 105-90 home loss to Orlando, one that put the Heat's record at 9-14 for the season.
          (USA-FL-Miami) Client Advisor      Cache   Translate Page      
**Your role:** UBS AG seeks Executive Directors, Client Advisors in Miami, FL to develop and maintain client relationships, deliver superior investment advice and solutions for clients' wealth, strategically manage a book of clients and prospects, generate sustainable revenues and growth opportunities for the bank, and act as a first line of defense in managing risk. Address the investment and wealth planning needs of High Net Worth (HNW) clients in Israel by providing suitable solutions aligned to the HNW segment offering with focus on consistently identifying and increasing share of wallet, generating referrals, growing clients into the Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) segment, and proactively generating and developing prospects. Develop a mutual understanding with the client and establish trustworthy client partnerships. Maintain a complete, accurate, up-to-date investor profile and fully document the client relationship on an ongoing basis. Define a structured advisory process and the contractual arrangement most suitable for each client based on needs, objectives, and expectations. Present UBS expertise and content to clients via a regular flow of relevant market updates as well as strategic and tactical investment advice. Define a suitable client investment strategy, systematically monitor and optimize portfolio quality and performance, and propose and sell investment solutions aligned with client investment strategy and profile, CIO house view, and HNW market/segment offering. Integrate specialists, other team members, and Wealth Management aligned functions. Create and implement a strategic, quantitative client book development plan with measurable actions. Ensure clients are managed in a manner which complies with all relevant regulation, policies, and standards, contributing to an effective risk culture on the team. Qualified Applicants apply through Please reference GC05042018EW. NO CALLS PLEASE. EOE/M/F/D/V **What we offer:** Together. That’s how we do things. We offer people around the world a supportive, challenging and diverse working environment. We value your passion and commitment, and reward your performance. Keen to achieve the work-life agility that you desire? We're open to discussing how this could work for you (and us). **Take the next step:** Are you truly collaborative? Succeeding at UBS means respecting, understanding and trusting colleagues and clients. Challenging others and being challenged in return. Being passionate about what you do. Driving yourself forward, always wanting to do things the right way. Does that sound like you? Then you have the right stuff to join us. Apply now. **Disclaimer / Policy Statements:** UBS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We respect and seek to empower each individual and support the diverse cultures, perspectives, skills and experiences within our workforce. **Your team:** You will work with the WM LatAm group located in Miami, FL. **Your expertise:** Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Marketing, or a related field plus five (5) years of progressively responsible experience in the job offered or related position; providing wealth management advisory services to high net worth Hebrew-speaking clients in Israel; managing and developing client relationships and establishing strategies for acquiring new private clients, business development and risk management; working with portfolio construction and asset allocation among all asset classes including mutual funds (equity and fixed income), hedge funds, private equity, real estate, structured notes, and bonds (corporate and sovereign); selecting investments such as cash, fixed income, equities, foreign currencies, commodities, and discretionary asset management on behalf of clients; formulating hedge fund and option strategies; evaluating global financial and economic factors and financial accounting reports to measure and track business and financial performance; working with offshore investors to develop comprehensive investment strategies and programs; evaluating internal and external business and related financial data on current and prospective international clients; preparing and presenting verbal and written communications, reports and presentations. In the alternative, employer will accept a Master’s degree and three (3) years of experience in the above-listed areas. Must be fluent in Hebrew. Must travel internationally to Israel as necessary to perform duties. *LI-DNI **About us:** Expert advice. Wealth management. Investment banking. Asset management. Retail banking in Switzerland. And all the support functions. That's what we do. And we do it for private and institutional clients as well as corporations around the world. We are about 60,000 employees in all major financial centers, in more than 50 countries. Do you want to be one of us? **Your colleagues:** **Job Reference #:** 185377BR **Business Divisions:** Global Wealth Management **Title:** Client Advisor **City:** Miami **Job Type:** Full Time **Country / State:** United States - Florida **Function Category:** Client advisory / Relationship management
          Bowden: Mets Pushing Hard for Realmuto      Cache   Translate Page      
As trade discussions with the Miami Marlins about catcher J.T. Realmuto have heated up, Jim Bowden of The Athletic reports that the New York Mets are “pushing hard” to make [...]
          Rosenthal: Mets, Marlins Talked Realmuto Trade on Tuesday      Cache   Translate Page      
Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic is now reporting that the New York Mets and Miami Marlins continue to discuss a trade involving catcher J.T. Realmuto. In fact, Rosenthal [...]
          Limitless Creativity      Cache   Translate Page      

Two contemporary art shows taking place during Miami Art Week offer a platform for acclaimed global contemporary artists and galleries

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          MWIRE – Episode 55 – Police Academy 5      Cache   Translate Page      
The guys head out to miami beach as do our friends in the Police Academy. Here we discuss the 5th film in the series, Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach. Geeks: Steve “Megatron” Phillips Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard Subscribe to us using iTunes or use any other podcatching client by using: Download MWIRE_EP055.mp3
          Nikdo nebude urážet jeho matku. Za střet s divákem však Beverley zaplatí      Cache   Translate Page      
Jeho matka je nedotknutelná. Ani milionáři z prvních řad basketbalové NBA ji urážet nesmějí. Patrick Beverley reagoval na ošklivá slova z publika a hodil míč k fanouškovi. To si ale rozehrávač LA Clippers dovolit nemůže, a tak byl v neděli v Dallasu vyloučen a ještě zaplatí pokutu. Z platu mu bude odečteno 25 000 dolarů.
          Nuevo escenario: le bajan el pulgar a Macri y Cristina deja de ser cuco      Cache   Translate Page      

La pregunta más repetida en las mesas de los bares platenses donde se arma la rosca política es :¿cómo llega la economía para las elecciones presidenciales y las eventuales chances que tendrá Mauricio Macri para reelegir en 2019?. La respuesta pasa en gran parte por la estabilidad cambiaria y económica. Muchos creen que el voto bolsillo jugará un papel gravitante.

Hasta el prestigioso diario New York Times le marcó la cancha al Presidente, señalándole que "puede olvidarse de sus aspiraciones a un segundo mandato”. Con extrema dureza, el periódico estadounidense rememoró las promesas que hizo el mandatario en campaña y concluyó en que “a tres años de iniciarse su gestión, los eslóganes de cambio y estabilidad económica de su campaña presidencial de 2015 ya parecen un chiste. Macri era el líder que terminaría con la polarización política en la Argentina, haría que el país tuviera una “lluvia de inversiones” y controlaría la inflación. Nada de esto pasó”, concluyó.
A todo esto, en el gobierno miran las encuestas y fruncen los ceños al observar que la imagen de Macri, baja ostensiblemente, mientras que la de Cristina Kirchner crece de manera preocupante. Inclusive la ex mandataria ya no es vista como un cuco en los sectores empresarios, deprimidos en su mayoría por el momento económico.
Además, Cristina hizo un giro de 90 grados y mostró una actitud moderada frente al G20. Se recluyó en El Calafate y bajó linea a los militantes de La Cámpora a que no se sumen a las marchas de protesta. La idea fue no confrontar con el G20, para no mostrar al mundo que el kirchnerismo es una izquierda radical. Es lo que ella dijo en Clacso: "no busca armar una cumbre anti, sino un espacio de ideas", dijeron desde el entorno de la ex Presidenta.  
Por estas horas el miedo al avance de CFK en el oficialismo es palpable. Lo marca una encuesta que tomó estado público durante la semana pasada y que la da ganadora en un escenario de balotaje. De acuerdo a un sondeo realizado los días 20 y 21 de este mes, con 4.631 casos analizados y un margen de error de +/- 1,47%, muestra a la senadora nacional por Unidad Ciudadana como probable triunfadora en una hipotética segunda vuelta ante el líder de Cambiemos. En el relevamiento, realizado por la consultora Aresco de Julio Aurelio, que suele medir para la Casa Rosada, los números muestran una intención de voto para las PASO y la primera vuelta que favorece a Cristina, con 31,9% y 33,3% respectivamente, y a Mauricio Macri con 30,7% y 32,6%. La novedad es que, en caso de balotaje, el escenario es similar al de las primarias y a la primera vuelta: Cristina Kirchner se ubica en un 39,3%, frente a un 38,8% de Mauricio Macri. Es una diferencia mínima, prácticamente dentro del margen de error, pero que ahora eriza la piel del oficialismo. 
También hay que tener en cuenta que luego de varias idas y vueltas, Sergio Massa, Miguel Pichetto y los nueve gobernadores que conformaron Alternativa Federal se pusieron de acuerdo en lanzar este espacio el 19 de diciembre en Capital, donde darán a conocer un plan de gobierno de 25 puntos para sacar al país de la crisis.   
Mientra tanto, los observadores creen que la cotización de Macri ha caído ante los inversores extranjeros que ven que si siquiera el Presidente pudo controlar la seguridad de un partido de fútbol como el de River-Boca.
Convengamos que el fútbol tiene mucha más visibilidad a nivel internacional que el G20. El escándalo fue noticia en todo el mundo, pero además hubo muchos banqueros argentinos que trabajan en Miami y Nueva York que a la vuelta, transmitieron lo vivido el fin de semana. El mensaje que llevaron a los operadores de deuda fue durísimo sobre la gobernabilidad del país en el año que queda y los errores en el manejo de la crisis.
Mientras tanto,  de cuco o demonio, tal como es la foto que siempre agitó el Gobierno con el posible retorno al poder de Cristina, con el objetivo de mantener a los grupos empresarios de su lado, la taba se le está empezando a dar vuelta. Por ejemplo, Guillermo Moretti, vicepresidente de la Unión Industrial Argentina (UIA) fue categórico al señalar que "el actual modelo económico no contiene al sector industrial” y agregó que si “la sociedad quiere suicidarse seguirá con Macri”. Estas expresiones ocurren luego de una cadena de otras donde distintos representantes industriales han expresado su creciente descontento con las políticas de Cambiemos.
Tampoco se pueden pasar por alto las pérdidas que anotaron en sus balances compañías como Arcor o Grimoldi, inéditas desde la gran recesión de 2002, que se apilan junto a quejidos como el del acaudalado ejecutivo Eduardo Costantini, quien no tuvo empacho en lamentar haber perdido su condición de billonario tras la megadevaluación. 
También llama la atención que en las últimas semanas se produjeron una serie de reuniones inimaginables seis meses atrás. Por ejemplo, fondos de Wall Street con Axel Kicillof y banqueros con Cristina Kirchner.
Al despacho de Kicillof, ya acudieron dos contingentes de inversores de Wall Street. El primero de los encuentros lo organizó hace algunas semanas Daniel Chodos, jefe de estrategia de renta fija de Crédit Suisse, y participaron miembros de tres fondos de inversión distintos. Dos de los emisarios hablaban en español y un tercero solo en inglés. Los visitantes querían conocer de primera mano su diagnóstico de la coyuntura económica.
Los ejecutivos llegaron antes que desembarcara en Buenos Aires la misión del Fondo Monetario encabezada por Roberto Cardarelli y se sorprendieron cuando el ex ministro les dijo de manera contundente que era imposible romper relaciones con ese organismo y que a lo máximo que se puede aspirar es a una renegociación del acuerdo, que definió como "incumplible".
El segundo grupo de inversores que le pidió audiencia le preguntó sin rodeos a Kicillof si tenía previsto expropiar bancos en caso de que Cristina Kirchner volviera al poder. Él  legislador respondió con otra pregunta: "Si no lo hice antes ¿por qué habría de hacerlo ahora?". Todos rieron. Ante la distensión, y a sabiendas de que los visitantes se contaban entre los perdedores de la montaña rusa argentina de 2018, el diputado los provocó: "¿Y cómo creen que les va a pagar Macri los bonos de la deuda que compraron si la economía no crece? ¿No convendría que afloje un poco con el ajuste y volvamos a crecer, así podemos pagarles?".
Algo muy parecido le dijo Sergio Massa al representante del FMI, Roberto Cardarelli, cuando lo recibió en su bunker de Retiro junto a Graciela Camaño, José Ignacio de Mendiguren, Marco Lavagna y el resto de su equipo económico. "Con este programa que acaban de firmar con el Gobierno, la economía no puede crecer", le reprochó el tigrense. La respuesta del italiano dejó boquiabiertos a todos los renovadores: "A nosotros no nos pidieron un programa de crecimiento. Nos pidieron un programa de estabilización".
Frente a este escenario, 2019 será el peor año para Mauricio Macri. Le tocará poner en juego su reelección con la economía soplándole en la nuca. Un estudio privado estimó que el promedio de los trabajadores perdió este año $57.500 por la suba de los precios no trasladada a los salarios. Hay que señalar que con esta suma, una familia tipo cubre dos meses y medio el costo de la Canasta Básica Total que calculó el Indec.
Con el mismo método, el trabajo coordinado por Ana Rameri y Claudio Lozano también calculó la merma del poder adquisitivo acumulada desde que asumió Mauricio Macri. La reducción en esos tres años asciende a 117.581 pesos.
En comparación con esas pérdidas, el bono de $5.000 de fin de año tiene el efecto de una aspirina para un enfermo grave. Compensa menos del 10% del perjuicio de 2018 y equivale a menos del 5% de lo que se les esfumó desde diciembre de 2015. Hay que señalar que gran parte de este segmento es el que votó a Cambiemos.
También la recesión y el estancamiento de la economía han pegado muy fuerte en el empleo registrado. Las estadísticas son extremadamente duras: la pérdida de puestos laborales alcanzó las 28.900 vacantes en relación a agosto y en los primeros nueve meses del año ya acumula una destrucción de 202.700 trabajos.  
Algún día, el Presidente deberá explicar tal vez por qué, en plena campaña electoral en febrero del 2015 en Bahía Blanca aseguró que vencer la inflación sería una tarea fácil. "La inflación es la demostración de tu incapacidad para gobernar. En mi presidencia la inflación no va a ser un tema, no va a ser un desafío", dijo Macri aquella vez. Es más, remató como un gerente de empresa que el éxito "se logra administrando bien la plata". Hoy no quedan dudas que se trató de una estrategia para cautivar a los votantes y llegar al poder. 
Por cuestiones de bolsillo, hoy la perspectiva 2019 no le es favorable al oficialismo, pero cualquiera sea el resultado que obtenga en las urnas, la gestión de Mauricio Macri se constituirá en la de peores logros inflacionarios desde la híper de Raúl Alfonsín. Inclusive, con porcentajes más graves que los que la Argentina vivió en 2002, al salir de lo que quizá haya sido el período más negro de la historia de la economía. En el mejor de los casos completará un 2018 con un alza en los precios cercana al 45%, lo que implicará un acumulado en sus primeros tres años de gestión de aproximadamente el 110%. 
Si se cumpliera el compromiso del Presupuesto diseñado por el ministro de Hacienda, Nicolás Dujovne, aprobado para 2019, el dato final a diciembre de ese año sería del 135%. Demasiado castigo para las economías familiares que en su mayoría hoy no llegan a fin de mes.
Con respecto al 2019, los especialistas más pesimistas se preguntan si habrá default, hiperinflación, plan bonex, corralito, cepo o un salto cambiario astronómico. Los argumentos con respecto a quienes vislumbran esta foto apelan a un factor subjetivo pero que puede ser determinante: las expectativas. Aquí se señala que la dinámica económica estará totalmente sujeta a los tiempos electorales, los cuales por ahora no marchan bien para el Gobierno. Además, muchos analistas dan por descontado que el default se producirá en 2021 o incluso en 2020, porque ya no habrá asistencia del FMI y por ende el país no podrá cumplir con sus compromisos.

          Fresh Controversy Surrounding Parkland Shooting      Cache   Translate Page      
There is a fresh controversy Tuesday night surrounding the Parkland shooting.
          Search On For Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Tourist At Miami Springs Hotel      Cache   Translate Page      
Miami-Dade police are searching for a man they say forced his way into a woman's hotel in Miami Springs and sexually assaulted her.
          Luongo Gets 77th Shutout As Panthers Blank Bruins 5-0      Cache   Translate Page      
Roberto Luongo made 33 saves in his 77th career shutout, Mike Hoffman scored twice and the Florida Panthers beat the Boston Bruins 5-0 on Tuesday night.
          Zoo Miami Sloth Bear Back To Normal After Vomiting, Refusing To Eat      Cache   Translate Page      
Zoo Miami's Animal Hospital conducted an endoscopic exam on “Hank,” a 6-year-old, 258-pound sloth bear who had refused to eat.
          Heat’s Winslow Scores 14 In Loss to Magic 105-90      Cache   Translate Page      
Justise Winslow scored 14 for Miami, which had won two straight, but it wasn't enough as Orlando Beat Miami 105-90.
          FAU Student Accused Of Threatening To Kill Professor For Scheduling Early-Morning Exam      Cache   Translate Page      
A Florida Atlantic University student is facing charges that he threatened to kill a professor for scheduling a final exam at 7 a.m.
          Art Miami Welcomes All Art Lovers      Cache   Translate Page      
Art Week has officially begun in South Florida.
          Body Found In Costa Rica Feared To Be That Of Missing Miami Woman      Cache   Translate Page      
Authorities in Costa Rica have found a body Monday in the area where a South Florida woman had gone missing.
          Strange Fruit: "Laocoon" Sculpture Unites Fat Albert, Police Shootings, and Greek Mythology      Cache   Translate Page      
You could be forgiven if your first reaction to "Laocoon" is laughter. Even Dr. Chris Reitz, gallery director of the University of Louisville's Hite Art Institute, admits to laughing when he first saw the piece in Miami. Simply put, it's a 10-foot-tall inflatable Fat Albert laying face down, hooked up to an air pump so it appears to be breathing. But when you learn more about the original Laocoon, and the identity of the artist, there's more to the piece than a pop culture reference. Remember the Trojan horse? A supposed peace offering that was actually stuffed with enemies trying to get inside the gates? In "The Aenid," Laocoon was the only one who smelled a rat — and he was killed for his protests. You might say he was #woke ahead of his time. Who would be Laocoon's modern-day American counterpart? Eric Garner? Mike Brown? Any number of black bodies we've seen in news footage, lying face-down, struggling to breathe? That's what Laocoon asks its viewers to think about. Also, there's no thinking about Fat Albert now without thinking of Bill Cosby — another layer of meaning as the piece evokes fallen idols. This week we're joined by Laocoon's creator, Sanford Biggers, an award-winning interdisciplinary artist and art professor, and Dr. Reitz, who brought the exhibit to Louisville. Laocoon is on exhibit at the Cressman Center for Visual Arts through July 2. And in our Juicy Fruit segment this week, a truly hot topic: Do you stay friends with your exes? A recent study suggests your motivation might be rooted in narcissism.
          JavaScript Developer      Cache   Translate Page      
FL-Miami, JavaScript Developer: Location: Miami, FL, Duration: 1+ Years Required Experience: Experience with object oriented programming (OOP) Strong experience with JavaScript Experience in Node.JS, HTML, CSS Experience in AngularJS Experience developing and integrating with web services APIs Experience in QlikSense API is a big plus Knowledge in MongoDB Database is a big plus
          Navionics Peacock Bass Fishing Charter in Miami, FL      Cache   Translate Page      

Navionics Peacock Bass Fishing When it comes to fishing, technology is a must. Whether it is traveling the right tracks or finding fish, mapping technology can increase your enjoyment on the water. Our captains make sure to take advantage of this technology to provide their anglers that come aboard the best experience possible. Navionics is [...]

The post first appeared on Bass Fishing Experts by Joseph LoBianco Trophy Bass Forever!

          Home with Midnight in Miami at The Jason Chin Harold Cabaret at iO Chicago on 12/04/2018 10:00 PM CST      Cache   Translate Page      
          Miami’s Brickell City Centre hosts immersive design environments for CasaCor      Cache   Translate Page      
It’s that time of the year again, when the international art and design worlds descend onto Miami for a week of champagne-fuelled parties and events. While Design Miami/ launches its 14th edition, a few blocks from the beachfront, CasaCor Miami takes over the Brickell City Centre in the radically-contrasting Financial district, for its second edition. Once again, the interiors hub brings together local and international talent, this time across a 25,000 ft venue, where textile meets lighting and furnishing trends. ‘It’s an immersive experience to connect with each concept,’ says Miami-based, Venezuela-born Jessica Acosta Rubio, curator of CasaCor Miami 2018. ‘It explores the very fine line between art and design, between beauty and functionality.’ Interior by Sabrina Maclean Hinojosa & Desiree Casoni Garcia. Photography: Kris Tamburello Thematically rooted in our relationship to nature, the exhibition aims to bring the energy of the natural environment to this bustling...
          Art Basel Miami Beach 2018: live dispatches from the fair and around town      Cache   Translate Page      

          Jonathan Anderson curates ‘Chance Encounters’ at Loewe in Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
‘It’s one day of the year when I don’t feel like a fashion designer,’ says Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson, of the whistle-stop visit he will make to Miami tomorrow in time for the opening of Design Miami (5-9th Dec) and Art Basel Miami Beach (6th-9th Dec). ‘I love the city. It’s exotic, completely opposite to British culture.’ Not that Anderson comes entirely uninvolved. At the Loewe store in the Design District, an exhibition of ceramics by Ian Godfrey, woodcuts by Andrea Buttner and textile works by Anne Low will be unveiled – the fourth in the brand’s Chance Encounters series. And Anderson has not only been partly responsible for the curation of the show, but is also one of its major lenders. A significant number of the pieces by Godfrey come from his own collection. Anderson instituted this annual exhibition when the store opened in 2015, clearing...
          Rene Gonzalez unveils home for Berkowitz Contemporary Foundation in Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Miami is gearing up for the opening of Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami, celebrating the city’s artistic and wider cultural output, and while officially the events do not kick off quite yet, the internation crowd of collectors and dealers are flying in. Capitalising on the captive audience is Rene Gonzalez Architects which has just unveiled its striking design for the new home for the Berkowitz Contemporary Foundation (BCF) – formerly known as Fairholme Unlimited - which is headed by Chloe Berkowitz.  The new-build structure, that will become the art organisation’s new headquarters in 2023, is an impressive building of some 4,000 sq m that will be placed at the heart of the cultural corridor stretching along Biscayne Blvd from downtown to midtown Miami. Featuring a cantilever over the main entrance, which will create a welcoming outdoor plaza, the cast-concrete building engages with its context and provides extra public space in this busy commercial...
          Bohlin Cywinski Jackson adds nature to midcentury Miami modernism      Cache   Translate Page      
Located on an artificial island in the Biscayne Bay, the San Marino Residence designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson in Miami Beach, Florida, was inspired by post-war Miami modernism, yet takes a humanist approach to the style by cultivating the surrounding nature and capitalising on the sea view. Built on a narrow site, the slim house that stretches towards the bay, is a telescope for the views of the water and the Miami beach skyline. The ‘modest 0.3 acre wedge-shaped lot’ in a densely populated neighbourhood was the major challenge for the architects, who had to think outside the box to create the illusion of endless, luxuriating space. Internal staircase leading up the the pool. Photography: Jeffrey Totaro Part of the solution was the first floor pool, which dramatically cantilevers 5.5 metres with a walkway running the full length beneath it. Marking the entry to the house and extending through the plot towards the sea, the pool cleverly...
          Design Miami 2018: the live highlights       Cache   Translate Page      

          NFL official on leave; accused of calling player vulgar name      Cache   Translate Page      

The NFL has placed official Roy Ellison on administrative leave while it investigates an accusation that he called Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes a vulgar name during Buffalo’s game at Miami on Sunday. The league confirmed Ellison’s status and the investigation Tuesday but provided no other details. Hughes confronted Ellison in the tunnel near the […]
          Space Miami - Art Basel Pass 2018 at SPACE on 12/05/2018 11:00 PM EST      Cache   Translate Page      
          Woman finds out she’s the only one passenger on board flight from Bangkok      Cache   Translate Page      
Passenger Latsamy McAdoo from Miami was travelling from Bangkok to Koh Samui when she found out that she had the entire plane to herself. She was visiting family in Thailand and expected the plane to be full as it usually is – but this time it was empty. In a video from January this year, which she shared on social media, Latsamy is seen dancing through the aisles.
          CLAPTONE Presents Masquerade Miami at SPACE on 12/05/2018 11:00 PM EST      Cache   Translate Page      
          Nina Pandolfo vai assinar mural exclusivo em Miami durante a Art Basel      Cache   Translate Page      

The post Nina Pandolfo vai assinar mural exclusivo em Miami durante a Art Basel appeared first on Zupi.

          MADE IN MIAMI w/ Oscar G, Lazaro Casanova, Jesse Perez @ Treehouse Miami at Treehouse on 12/05/2018 11:00 PM EST      Cache   Translate Page      
          FIU Theatre Hosts Design Students from Miami Arts Studio (MAS)      Cache   Translate Page      
FIU Theatre Hosts Design Students from Miami Arts Studio (MAS)Last week, over 30 theatre students from Miami Arts Studio 6-12 @ Zelda Glazer (MAS) visited FIU Theatre for an afternoon of portfolio reviews and design workshops. MAS senior design and technology management students looking to continue their theatre training at the collegiate level met with the FIU Theatre design faculty and shared their design […]
          New Kansas governor wants to roll back cash assistance rules - Miami Herald      Cache   Translate Page      
New Kansas governor wants to roll back cash assistance rules  Miami Herald

Democratic Gov.-elect Laura Kelly wants Kansas lawmakers to roll back a work requirement and other rules for cash assistance recipients.

          Patriots have had trouble with Dolphins in Miami at this time of year      Cache   Translate Page      
          Brian Moran Joins Marlins on Minor League Deal      Cache   Translate Page      
Former North Carolina pitcher Brian Moran signed a minor-league contract which includes a spring-training invitation with the Miami Marlins on Monday, Joe Frisaro of reports. The 30-year-old lefty has yet to reach the majors in his 10-year professional career. In parts of four seasons at the Triple-A level, Moran has a 3.93 ERA, an 11.5 K/9 and a 2.9 BB/9.
          Former Clemson QB Kelly Bryant chooses Missouri      Cache   Translate Page      
Former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant will transfer to Missouri, he announced on Tuesday. The senior signal-caller chose the Tigers over Auburn, Arkansas, North Carolina, Miami and others. As a graduate transfer, he will be eligible to play in 2019. Bryant earned the nod as the opening-day starter for Clemson this season but lost his job to true freshman Trevor Lawrence.
          UNC, Miami in mix for Florida State quarterback commit Sam Howell      Cache   Translate Page      
In an exclusive interview with the Charlotte Observer Tuesday morning, Sun Valley High quarterback Sam Howell said he’s still committed to Florida State, but news that Seminoles’ offensive coordinator Walt Bell is leaving Tallahassee will have what he called “a major impact” on whether he signs with the school. The Tar Heels’ new coaching staff has continued recruiting Howell.
          MOSAIC ON MIAMI BEACH, Luxury Boutique Condo MOSAIC Miami Beach built by WCI | $ | Miami Beach, FL      Cache   Translate Page      
Mosaic - A Masterpiece on the Beach, built by WCI communities, one of the most exciting buildings in Miami Beach. The 5-star, resort setting condo development features: Beach and boardwalk access, entire 4th floor devoted to great amenities including infinity pool, jacuzzi, wine & ocean club room, state of the art fitness center, abundant guest parking. Mosaic condominium residences offer fantastic, limitless views, from sunrise to sunset and beyond, all in one flow-through design with sweeping terraces in each direction. Open layouts embelished with architectural detailing, luxurios material
           Video: Cardi B wears barely there rhinestone bikini for video shoot       Cache   Translate Page      
Cardi B throws shade at her nemesis Nicki Minaj wearing a barely there rhinestone bikini reminiscent of the one Nicki wore in her video for 'You Da Baddest.' Cardi missed her court date to stay in Miami to film her video for 'Twerk'.
          Gordon picks up double-double to lead Magic in win over Heat      Cache   Translate Page      

Aaron Gordon scored 20 points and grabbed 13 rebound as the Orlando Magic beat the Miami Heat 105-90.

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          Dwyane Wade crashes into Panthers’ Barkov at Heat game      Cache   Translate Page      

Barkov had courtside seats to watch the Miami Heat on Sunday night — and got a closer view of Dwyane Wade than he expected.

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          Após revelar sexo 3 vezes ao dia, Thammy Miranda “anuncia” que será pai      Cache   Translate Page      
Thammy Miranda deixou os fãs eufóricos na tarde desta terça-feira (04). Após a celebridade revelar que faz sexo três vezes ao dia, a celebridade revelou que, no dia 13 de janeiro, irá embarcar rumo à Miami, nos Estados Unidos, local em que Andressa Ferreira irá realizar inseminação artificial da primeira gestação do casal. Andressa e Thammy […]
          Florida S.W.A.T. officer who posed with Pence wearing QAnon patch demoted to another department      Cache   Translate Page      
This incident was embarrassing for everyone involved.

On Monday evening, the Miami Herald reported that the Broward County Sheriff S.W.A.T. officer who posed with Vice President Mike Pence wearing a QAnon patch is being disciplined:

Sgt. Matthew Patten, a 27-year veteran of the sheriff's office, was found to have violated the department's uniform code and displayed "conduct unbecoming an employee," according to the official reprimand signed by Patten. He was removed from BSO's Strategic Investigations Division's Office of Homeland Security and the agency's S.W.A.T. Team and will be reassigned to the Department of Law Enforcement.

"Being a highly political entity with a narrow one-sided scope of positioning, public alignment and representation of such group is in contrast with the core values of political neutrality within the Broward Sheriff's Office," wrote Capt. Steven Robson in his counseling report.

Notably, Patten is still employed by the Broward County Sheriff's Office — he is simply being demoted to another department.

Pence caused a stir online when he tweeted an image of himself with a group of "courageous" law enforcement officers including Patten, who were assigned to help the Secret Service guard him while he attended the 2018 Israeli-American Council National Conference. After the Internet took notice of the "Q" emblem on the front of Patten's uniform, Pence hastily deleted the tweet.

QAnon is an elaborate and disturbing conspiracy theory hatched on the trolling message board 4chan following Trump's remarks at a 2017 military dinner that it was the "calm before the storm". An anonymous user shortly appeared on the site, styling himself "Q" after the Energy Department classification and claiming a secret campaign of mass arrests of corrupt government officials was about to happen. Q's followers quickly spun his cryptic, vague messages into a far-reaching narrative that President Donald Trump, Russia special counsel Robert Mueller, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions were about to expose a worldwide child sex trafficking enterprise that included all of Trump's enemies — although Democrats winning the House and Trump firing Sessions has taken some of the wind out of QAnon believers.

          Outside Sales Representative - AIM Media Midwest - Troy, OH      Cache   Translate Page      
We are part of AIM Media, a new vibrant company with proven leadership in the advertising field. Miami Valley Today is looking for the right person to join our...
From Indeed - Fri, 30 Nov 2018 02:35:12 GMT - View all Troy, OH jobs
           Video: Chantel Jeffries & Jocelyn Chew soak up the sun on Miami beach       Cache   Translate Page      
DJ Chantel Jeffries & her pal Jocelyn Chew soak up the sun on Miami beach while sizzling in their bikinis.
           Video: Cardi B wears tiger body paint for 'Twerk' video shoot in Miami       Cache   Translate Page      
Cardi B wears tiger body paint designed with the nose of the tiger painted onto her butt. Her fellow City Girls rapper wears zebra body paint. The two were seen twerking on a sandbar in Miami with their song 'Twerk' blasting in the background.
          Today on The Michelangelo Signorile Show on SiriusXM PROGRESS ch.127      Cache   Translate Page      
Miami Herald investigation exposes how a future Trump cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the plea deal of a lifetime. New York Magazine political writer Eric Levitz joins me on the show today to help unpack the story behind how former US Attorney and now Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta cut a deal with hedge-fund manager Jeffrey Epstein.

From plea deals to concerns about obstruction to sentencing for insiders, the stakes keep raising in the Mueller investigation. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA-33), who serves on the House Judiciary Committee, joins me on the show today to talk all about the latest developments and gearing up for the new session of Congress.

Since we last spoke with Mark Joseph Stern of Slate last week a lot has happened—concerns about election fraud have put a North Carolina congressional district election in limbo, Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen confessed to lying before Congress, and Wisconsin's GOP is pushing for last minute legislation to shift the balance of power in state government. Mark returns to the show today to talk all about these issues and so much more.

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          The Roundup—Jazz lose heartbreaker in Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
A sweep of their three-game road trip was within reach, but two straight misses in the final 30 seconds doomed the Jazz to a dramatic 102
          Donovan Mitchell and Dwyane Wade trade shots, jerseys in Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
The game did not end the way Donovan Mitchell wanted.
          Doncic fa la stella e Dallas vince con Portland      Cache   Translate Page      

Doncic fa la stella e Dallas vince con Portland

I 21 punti del rookie sloveno decidono la vittoria di Dallas, ormai stabilmente in zona playoff. Coach Boylen perde la prima sulla panchina di Chicago contro Indiana, vittoria larga di Sacramento sul campo di Phoenix. Orlando vince in trasferta il derby della Florida contro Miami


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Il podcast in cui le colpe dei fratelli ricadono sui fratelli questa settimana presenta: BDL Risponde: una richiesta di aiuto da parte di (un tifoso di) San Antonio Attualità: terminato il primo quarto della stagione, nomination per i premi individuali. Votazioni per tutta la settimana sul nostro account Twitter Il peggio della settimana: i Miami […]
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Magic of Steve Dacri - 3 Volume Set - DVD


Steve Dacri's 30-year career has included such milestones as headline performances at Radio City Music Hall, showrooms in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Monte Carlo, and television appearances which include "The Tonight Show", "Good Morning America", "The Merv Griffin Show", "That's Incredible" and many, many others. Steve has also worked extensively in the trade show industry, putting his expertise to work for numerous corporations.

He performed in his own one-man show, "Xtreme Close-up Magic" at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas after six years as a headliner at Caesar's Magical Empire. Also, Steve just recently completed his 30th year of performing at The Magic Castle.

In this DVD series, you'll watch as Steve performs and explains the methods behind the tricks that have drawn raves from luminaries in the entertainment community and eminent people from the corporate world for the last 30 years. This is material that's been shaped, honed and audience-tested until every last bit of entertainment potential has been explored. This is truly commercial magic-the kind that people love to watch and that you'll love to perform!

"A remarkable set of hands . . ."
- Johnny Carson

"A first-class entertainer."
- The Miami Herald

"Fantastic! The best close-up magician I have ever seen!"
- Milton Berle

- Marlon Brando

"One of the finest entertainers at the Magic Castle that I have ever seen."
- Cary Grant

"One of the true masters of close-up magic."
- The Boston Herald

"The king of close-up magic."
- The Las Vegas Sun

"Steve Million-$$$-Hands Dacri."
- Robin Leach


A magic classic with a personalized twist as the performer's name magically appears on blank playing cards! A perfect opening effect!
Steve's touches make this always-popular trick play for larger audiences.
Four small scarves of different colors are placed into the magician's hands and instantly turn into a single large four-colored scarf. Simply beautiful and beautifully effective!
A deck of cards changes from red-backed to blue-backed . . . that is, all except for a chosen card. However, that, too, changes to blue so that everything turns out right in the end. Easy to do and extremely magical. What's more . . . the deck is examinable at the end and ready for more magic!
The magician produces three Aces from a shuffled deck followed by a King. Not willing to accept defeat, the performer magically changes the King into the final Ace. A flourishy way to introduce the Aces that looks impossibly skillful-yet is surprisingly simple!
A deck of cards is divided and one half is turned face up. The two halves are shuffled together yet the magician manages to magically right the entire deck except for four cards, which just happen to be the four Aces. You'll love Steve's face-up face-down convincer.
Himber's classic routine with the Dacri touch! A card is selected and returned to the pack. The cards are placed back into the box along with a straight-edge razor blade. The box is shaken and when the cards are spilled out, they're all in pieces except for the spectator's selected card.
This is the trick that has taken Steve Dacri around the world. This is, arguably, one of the best and most commercial sponge ball routines ever devised.
Three coins travel invisibly from one of the performer's hands to the other. A great handling for another magic classic with a subtlety that guarantees spectator interest and involvement.
A hilarious clip from one of television's most-loved TV shows. Watch as Steve stars in two very funny segments from Allen Funt's classic "Candid Camera."

Running Time Approximately 39 min


A single sponge rabbit placed into a spectator's hand literally explodes into a bevy of bunnies when the spectator drops it onto a table.
A real-world version of the card to impossible place plot as a playing card, selected under extremely fair conditions, vanishes, only to be found in a sealed box of cereal.
A beautiful version of a traditional, but rarely seen, classic magic effect. Small balls vanish and reappear under brass bells in a variety of amusing ways, leading up to an amazing finish.
A chink-a-chink style dice assembly with a difference. Four dice magically travel between the performer's hands with the last die - the Houdini die - escaping from a small metal box before joining the others.
Another Dacri-ized version of a magic classic that will keep your audience in stitches. The performer tells the story of one of his first experiences with a magic trick that uses six cards and no matter how many he throws away (or inadvertently drops), he always has six!
The performer demonstrates his ability to seemingly have spectators select any card he wishes. For the big finish, a signed selection is produced from a very unlikely place!
The performer has four spectators each select a card. Three are found to be Queens but the fourth is a Jack. Turning failure into a magical success, the Jack is changed into the fourth Queen. A great demonstration of the Classic Force for real-world audiences.
A card is selected and mistakenly torn by the spectator. One piece of the card is retained by the spectator and the others are discarded in an oatmeal tin. Another card is selected and returned to the deck which is also placed into the tin. The performer introduces a dagger and, after causing the cards to magically jump out of the tin, manages to impale two cards on its blade. One is the second spectator's selection and unbelievably, the other is found to be the first card chosen, magically restored . . . and yes, the spectator's piece fits!
Steve Dacri's version of the Classic Force has been hailed as one of the best in the business and in this extensive segment, Steve goes into great detail about his handling of this indispensable tool. Every nuance, including the timing, psychology, choreography and the necessary attitude, is discussed and demonstrated. Learn to do this as well as Steve and you'll be performing reputation-making card magic.
Entertaining segments from several of Steve Dacri's many television appearances. Watch as Steve performs on "The Dinah Shore Show" and "The Merv Griffin Show."

Running Time Approximately 39min


A brand-new take on the classic Silk to Egg with comedy, audience participation and a surprising and magical ending. A spectator is brought up to learn how a magic trick is done and ends up seeing some apparently real magic! And, if you think you know this one already, prepare to be fooled badly!
In this version of Slydini's legendary trick, large sponge bunnies (and even a huge sponge ball) are made to vanish right before a seated spectator's eyes, much to their amazement and to the amusement of everyone else in the audience who sees exactly where the objects are going!
Combine Roy Benson's timeless routine with some additional Dacri touches and the result is a routine you'll always use. Sponge balls travel invisibly from the performer's hand to underneath an inverted bowl followed by a magical surprise!
Steve learned this from Slydini, streamlined it with some help from Dai Vernon, and now passes along the real work on this classic of coin magic.
Four half-dollars travel invisibly from one of the performer's hands to the other. Steve's version of the Winged Silver plot can be done completely surrounded, perfect for strolling situations.
The center pages of a magazine are removed, a corner is torn off for verification and the rest of it is torn into small pieces. The performer then restores the pieces and yes, the removed piece fits! Frank Garcia used this to build crowds at a trade show and now it can be yours!
Steve takes you through every step of his one cup and ball routine, complete with two final loads!
A signed card magically travels to an impossible, improbable - and deeply personal - place!
An episode of "Steve Dacri's Magic Notebook," a TV show that Steve produced and starred in. Besides Steve's stage and close-up segments, it also features performances by Dai Vernon (used with permission from the Dai Vernon estate) and Joe Cossari, The King of Cards. You'll also see the complete infomercial that Steve produced for his "Magic Secrets" video magic kit that aired nationally.

Running Time Approximately 39min

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          Offer - Sure Tarp, Inc - USA      Cache   Translate Page      
Business name Sure Tarp, Inc Website Address 382 Ne 191st St #21424 Miami FL 33179 Phone: 910-218-0818 Business email Decription : We Guarantee Every Job With A Quality Install That Satisfies The Insurance Company’s Strict Guidelines And Pricing Allowances.Referrals are our number one source of business; therefore, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. The owners spent a combined 20 years in the insurance adjusting industry and recognized there are no companies out there that specifically tarp roofs for insureds. Time and time again they found themselves trying to refer a roofing contractor or handy man to help protect properties after they adjusted them to ensure the insured did not sustain further interior leaking or damages.Today, tarping is all Sure Tarp does. Category: professional and temporary roof covering services Keywords: Repair & Replacement, Hurricane Response, roof covering services
          Jeff Koons's unique Mirror-Polished Smooth Egg to be highlighted at Art Basel Miami Beach      Cache   Translate Page      
Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art will present an exhibition of sculpture and paintings by artists Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, Ed Ruscha among others at Art Basel Miami Beach 2018. Koons’s Smooth Egg with Bow (Magenta/Orange), 1994-2009, Warhol’s Bald Eagle, 1983 and Wesselmann’s Sunset Nude with Wesselmann, 2003, are some of the works exhibited from December 6th to December 9th in the gallery’s stand, E-4. “We are very excited about our stand at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach,” said Edward Tyler Nahem, long time exhibitor and founder of the eponymous gallery. “We expect that the Koons Egg will be quite the head-turner for the public, as will the other works we plan to show.” Standing at nearly seven feet high, Jeff Koons’s Smooth Egg with Bow (Magenta/Orange), 1994-2009 is an exceptional sculpture from the artist’s most lauded body of work,
          Interactive light/sound installation by artist Vesna Petresin debuts at Mint Museum Uptown      Cache   Translate Page      
The Mint Museum announced the public debut of Lumisonica, a site-specific, interactive light and sound installation on the Grand Staircase of Mint Museum Uptown at Levine Center for the Arts created by Vesna Petresin. Visitors can experience a changing canvas of ambient light and sound that responds to their movements as they climb or descend the stairs. Petresin, born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a trans-disciplinary artist who has exhibited and performed at the Tate Modern; ArtBasel Miami; the Royal Academy of the Arts; the Venice Biennale; the Institute of Contemporary Arts London; and the Vienna Secession. She is based in London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. She is scheduled to be an artist in residence at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation from January through April. Mason, based in Asheville, runs a digital media business
          PINTA Miami's 12th edition will take place at Mana Wynwood      Cache   Translate Page      
PINTA Miami, the Ibero-American art fair with a global perspective, announced that its 12th edition will take place at Mana Wynwood from December 5–9, 2018 during Miami Art Week. PINTA Main Section will include 60 galleries from Latin America, the United States and Europe, showcasing over 300 works by artists including Carlos Cruz-Díez, Carmen Herrera, Fernando Botero, Iván Contreras Brunet, Jesús Rafael Soto, Jorge Eielson, Julio Le Parc, Lydia Okumura, Marta Boto, Waltercio Caldas and Wilfredo Lam. PINTA Countries will have sections dedicated to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, and for the first time will include Spain. One curator from each country has chosen six participating galleries: Florencia Batiti (Argentina); Mario Gioia (Brasil); Matias Allende Contador (Chile); Oscar Roldán (Colombia); Alma Ruiz (Mexico); Yara Sonseca Mas
          Silverbacks Share Brutal Live Version Of 'Just In The Band'      Cache   Translate Page      
It's a feral performance from the Irish group...

Something seems to be happening in Ireland.

There's a nexus of DIY communities producing some exceptional guitar music, punk in ethos but completely open-minded in its creativity.

Dublin's Silverbacks are at the forefront of this, all bassline spasms, taut percussive patterns and barbed wire guitar explosions.

New single 'Just In The Band' is out now on their own PK Miami Records, produced by Daniel Fox of Girl Band infamy.

We've nabbed a live session version of the track, and it's an incisive, intense, pulsating performance, reminiscent of everyone from Gang Of Four to Fugazi and The Fall.

Throughout it all, though, is a band of musicians dedicated to finding their own voice, blowing apart certainties and seeing what lies underneath.

Tune in now.

Join us on Vero, as we get under the skin of global cultural happenings. Follow Clash Magazine as we skip merrily between clubs, concerts, interviews and photo shoots. Get backstage sneak peeks and a true view into our world as the fun and games unfold.

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          Saint Laurent Self 02 Goes To Paris With Vanessa Beecroft      Cache   Translate Page      
Revisiting the SS19 show...

Last month Anthony Vaccarello announced a new Saint Laurent art project entitled Self. Kicking off the project with an exhibition by Daido Moriyama, the series of collaborations with different artists aims to capture different aspects of the Saint Laurent personality.

The second instalment of the project, Self 02, a photo series shot by Italian contemporary performance artist Vanessa Beecroft will be presented in Miami at the Design District until 15th December during Art Basel. The photo wall, curated by Vaccarello will be presented at the Museum Garage and Paradise Plaza.

Shot against the backdrop of the Saint Laurent SS19 show in Paris, with the iridescent palm trees and water runway a group o models are dressed head to toe in this season’s Saint Laurent in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Photography by #VanessaBeecroft captures the #SaintLaurent personality

#YSL #SaintLaurent #YvesSaintLaurent


For more information visit


Join us on Vero, as we get under the skin of global cultural happenings. Follow Clash Magazine as we skip merrily between clubs, concerts, interviews and photo shoots. Get backstage sneak peeks and a true view into our world as the fun and games unfold.


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          Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2019 at free events in Miami and Miami Beach      Cache   Translate Page      

There are two kinds of people in Miami: Those who don’t mind spending a small fortune to go out on New Year’s Eve and the rest of us, who either can’t afford it or are just too cheap. Happily, there are things to do on a budget in Miami and Miami Beach on New Year’s … Continue reading "Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2019 at free events in Miami and Miami Beach"

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          Internet star Lele Pons shakes like Shakira in a new sexy video      Cache   Translate Page      

Lele Pons shook what her mama gave her in a new Instagram video. On Monday, the YouTube star posted a video inspired by Shakira’s vid for has classic 2005 song “La Tortura.” The caption: “Learn from the best. Tag your idol.” Roughly 24 hours later, the clip had more than 6 million views. We can … Continue reading "Internet star Lele Pons shakes like Shakira in a new sexy video"

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          Timbaland missed his own pre-Art Basel party on a private island      Cache   Translate Page      

An exclusive pre-Art Basel party on Fisher Island isn’t the kind of party you blow off, especially not if it’s your party. But music producer Timbaland was a no-show on Monday night at his Books, Beats & Basel party. The party on the first floor of a condo featured a Miami sunset, an open bar … Continue reading "Timbaland missed his own pre-Art Basel party on a private island"

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          You’re invited to an album release party for XXXTentacion’s posthumous ‘Skins’      Cache   Translate Page      

While fans can no longer see XXXTentacion  play live, his namesake foundation is helping to put together an album release party, and you’re invited. The action goes down Thursday night during a concert at RC Cola plant in Wynwood featuring a variety of performers including DJ Carnage, London on Da Trak, DJSchme and a few … Continue reading "You’re invited to an album release party for XXXTentacion’s posthumous ‘Skins’"

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          How do $10 tickets for ‘Hamilton’ sound? If you’re lucky, they can be yours      Cache   Translate Page      

How do $10 tickets for “Hamilton” grab you? Bet you thought you couldn’t even get tickets to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning Broadway sensation as the touring production stops at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on Dec. 18 through Jan. 20. To help accommodate demand fro the month-long run, the musical’s producer Jeffrey Seller and Broadway in Fort Lauderdale … Continue reading "How do $10 tickets for ‘Hamilton’ sound? If you’re lucky, they can be yours"

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          Wanna be on the reality show that started them all? ‘Real World’ is looking for you      Cache   Translate Page      

Believe it. MTV’s “Real World” is still a thing. One of the original reality shows EVER (they have since dropped the “The” in the title) is looking for roommates, stat. The search is on for seven strangers to become the newest cast of MTV’s iconic show, whose recent revival will be streaming for the first … Continue reading "Wanna be on the reality show that started them all? ‘Real World’ is looking for you"

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          The ultimate guide to partying in Miami during Miami Art Week      Cache   Translate Page      

We know you are super excited about Miami Art Week because you just looooove art. That’s a joke. You are excited because all of the clubs are going to be popping this week. Here’s where to go. Danny Krivit and Richard Vasquez at Basement Details: From 10 p.m. December 4; Basement at The Miami Beach … Continue reading "The ultimate guide to partying in Miami during Miami Art Week"

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          Miami Improv is back to make locals laugh again. Who’s the grand opening act?      Cache   Translate Page      

LOL: It’s finally back. The famed Miami Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theater will make its highly anticipated return to South Florida at CityPlace Doral on Friday, Dec. 14 , with a blast from the past. Drum roll … the place will be christened by the “Full House” guy, Bob Saget, who will apparently embrace “his … Continue reading "Miami Improv is back to make locals laugh again. Who’s the grand opening act?"

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          Cardi B shoots sexy video in Miami when she should have been in court. Will she be arrested?      Cache   Translate Page      

Giiirrrrlll, what are you doing? Cardi B was supposed to be in court in NYC on Monday over her fight at a strip club, but the rapper was busy doing, um, other things. Where was she? Take a guess. Miami, naturally. And no, she wasn’t checking out Miami Art Week. Cardi was pictured by paps … Continue reading "Cardi B shoots sexy video in Miami when she should have been in court. Will she be arrested?"

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          One of Miami’s most celebrated chefs is opening a classy cocktail lounge in the Design District      Cache   Translate Page      

Brad Kilgore is quick to point out he is no sushi chef. But there has always been something of an homage to the Japanese respect for quality ingredients and simplicity in the fastidious, stylish and impeccably presented dishes that made him a star of the culinary world at his Wynwood restaurant Alter. Now, he’s taking … Continue reading "One of Miami’s most celebrated chefs is opening a classy cocktail lounge in the Design District"

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          A big cock for the big-assed lady      Cache   Translate Page      
A big cock for the big-assed lady
Studio: scorepass / 50plusmilfs
Genres: Big Ass, Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, Latina, MILF,

Lori suarez, a first-timer from miami, florida, is one of those woman who has never asked her husband, does this dress make my ass look too big? because with lori, the big ass is the whole point. the big ass--not to mention the latina sluttiness--is what attracted us to her in the first place. and, no, the dress lori is wearing in this video does not make her ass look too big...

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:40
Video: 640x360, AVC (H.264), 978kbps
Audio: 81kbps

A big cock for the big-assed lady
File size: 161.2 MB

A big cock for the big-assed lady

A big cock for the big-assed lady
          Tits out, pussy spread: getting to know carrie      Cache   Translate Page      
Tits out, pussy spread: getting to know carrie
Studio: scorepass / 50plusmilfs
Genres: Blonde, Blowjob, and MILF

Carrie romano, a 55-year-old milf from miami, florida, describes herself as conservative. and, yet, when this interview opens, this brand-new newcomer-a total amateur by any measure-is sitting on a couch, stockinged-legs crossed, tits out. and we mean out! her big, firm tits are pointing right at you, and carrie seems to be completely comfortable with that. which is great...

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:09
Video: 640x360, AVC (H.264), 844kbps
Audio: 60kbps

Tits out, pussy spread: getting to know carrie
File size: 127.8 MB

Tits out, pussy spread: getting to know carrie

Tits out, pussy spread: getting to know carrie
          Daisy lou's first video fuck      Cache   Translate Page      
Daisy lou's first video fuck
Studio: scorepass / 50plusmilfs
Genres: Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, MILF,

Daisy lou told us that she found out about 50plusmilfs when she drove by our studio in miami.
i just knew there'd be some good, hot action in there, she said.
how did she know? hey, some people just have an eye and a nose for sex...

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:36
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3708kbps
Audio: 93kbps

Daisy lou's first video fuck
File size: 490.8 MB

Daisy lou's first video fuck

Daisy lou's first video fuck
          Utah Jazz at Miami Heat: Opponent Game Thread Highlights      Cache   Translate Page      
FYI I’ve been told the second half of the game thread often doesn’t show up when viewing these posts in the Twitter app’s reader mode. Today’s Opponent Game Thread host: Hot Hot Hoops. This start sucks Posted by 2qbn on Dec 2, 2018 | 6:24 PM Fun AF first half Posted by 2qbn on Dec […]
          Seven Top Risks Of Price Lamborghini Car | price lamborghini car      Cache   Translate Page      

autoepithet posted a photo:

Seven Top Risks Of Price Lamborghini Car | price lamborghini car

via WordPress

The acreage is amid on the 47th attic of the Mansions at Acqualina in a baby burghal arctic of Miami alleged Sunny Isles Beach, anchored appropriate on the Atlantic Ocean in South Florida area.

6 Lamborghini Cars with prices in india | – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

This accommodation is so big that it has a name for itself admitting actuality on top of a building.

Coming to the point, anyone who buys the Palazzo Del Cielo, which in our cant translates to “not alike in your dreams,” will get not one, but two uber comfortable cars – a Lamborghini Aventador and a Rolls Royce Cullinan. For the ones with an abundant lifestyle, this may not be as agitative as it is for us. Perhaps, they already accept such alien cars in their garage. To put a amount on it, the two cars collectively amount $750,000 and are ‘free’ with the Palazzo Del Cielo.

Imported cars will cost Rs 17-17 lakh more! – Business – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Now, let’s allocution about why the Accommodation costs so much.

This ultra-luxurious active amplitude has a clandestine glass-bottomed pond pool, which gives you an apparition that you are absolutely pond in the sky.

17 Lamborghini Aventador Nimrod Avanti Toro – specifications … – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

It has added marble than the age-old temples and monuments had. The window shades are electronically controlled. The chic acreage claims that it is home to the better accumulating of apart endemic Rolls-Royce cartage in the world. It’s not aloof a claim; Rolls-Royce has backed it up as well. So, if the allurement of accepting two cars with an amazing accommodation works on you, again this is the accord for you. Or, you could alike attending at this way – spending $38 actor for two cars and accepting a accommodation free.

What are your impressions on this deal, the attractive place, and the candied machines? Let us apperceive in the comments area below.

Lamborghini Veneno for sale – Price list in India December 17 … – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Read our abounding analysis on the 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Read our abounding analysis on the 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S.

2016 Lamborghini Gallardo Price | Family Car Reviews – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Seven Top Risks Of Price Lamborghini Car | price lamborghini car – price lamborghini car
| Encouraged to the blog, with this occasion I will provide you with about keyword. And from now on, this is the primary impression:

2005 Lamborghini Gallardo Reviews, Specs and Prices | – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Think about photograph over? will be that remarkable???. if you believe so, I’l t explain to you a few graphic once again beneath:

So, if you would like acquire all these magnificent photos regarding (Seven Top Risks Of Price Lamborghini Car | price lamborghini car), press save icon to store these pictures for your pc. There’re ready for transfer, if you’d prefer and want to own it, just click save badge on the post, and it will be immediately downloaded in your notebook computer.} At last if you want to find unique and the recent image related with (Seven Top Risks Of Price Lamborghini Car | price lamborghini car), please follow us on google plus or book mark the site, we try our best to present you regular update with all new and fresh pics. We do hope you love staying right here. For many updates and latest information about (Seven Top Risks Of Price Lamborghini Car | price lamborghini car) shots, please kindly follow us on tweets, path, Instagram and google plus, or you mark this page on book mark area, We try to give you up-date regularly with all new and fresh shots, like your surfing, and find the right for you.

Thanks for visiting our website, contentabove (Seven Top Risks Of Price Lamborghini Car | price lamborghini car) published . Nowadays we’re excited to announce we have discovered a veryinteresting contentto be reviewed, namely (Seven Top Risks Of Price Lamborghini Car | price lamborghini car) Lots of people looking for information about(Seven Top Risks Of Price Lamborghini Car | price lamborghini car) and of course one of them is you, is not it?

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo Price – CarGurus – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo Price – CarGurus – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Buy Kinsmart 17:17 Scale Lamborghini Veneno Color May Vary Online at … – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo Price – CarGurus – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Lamborghini Cars India, Lamborghini Car Price, Models, Review | CarTrade – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Buy Kinsmart 17:17 Scale Lamborghini Veneno Color May Vary Online at … – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Lamborghini Aventador LP17 Edizione GT by DMC previewed, upgrades … – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Lamborghini Prices 4 Background Wallpaper … – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Lamborghini Prices 4 Background Wallpaper … – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Lamborghini Aventador S (17): Preis und Daten | – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

Lamborghini Prices 4 Background Wallpaper … – price lamborghini car | price lamborghini car

The post Seven Top Risks Of Price Lamborghini Car | price lamborghini car appeared first on Automotive.

          [ Fotos Paparazzi ] - Elsa Hosk - Barbara Palvin & Alexia Graham - Sesión de Fotos para Victoria's Secret en Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: ( Imagen: (
          Drunken Ramblings week 13: Patriots vs Vikings      Cache   Translate Page      
NFL Shop
What did I tell you guys a month ago? I wanted to get out of Chiefs, Packers, Vikings, and Steelers at 3-1. After absolutely brutal losses to the Titans and Lions (And really the Jags too now) we lost that luxury. We must get out of the four toughest games on our schedule at 4-0. In fact, we must win out til February at this point. The good news is we can do that, and other teams are losing, just like I knew they would. I think the Chiefs have another loss in them as well. The better news is we are so far so good through 3 of the 4 of our big challenges after the sack tapping we just gave the Vikes.

It's nice to have these games at home, where we are simply a different team. That's another reason home field could be so important. I don't see anyone coming into the Razor and beating us. I just don't. So if we can clean up the rest of the AFC East Round 2, and then our annual trip to Pitt, then once again the road to the Super Bowl goes through Foxboro.

Pretty good night for Tommy boy. He hit the 1000 yard rushing mark with a pure first down hand signal after it. He even fake retired in his "we won" insta the next day. He threw for 300+ yards and even mixed in a tuddy pass despite Josh doing everything in his power to never throw the ball into the end zone again. HOWEVA (extreme Stephen A Smith voice) he did something on Sunday that he hadn't done for 183 straight passes. He threw a fucking pick. God damnit. It had been so long that I almost forgot he still did that.

There was a time early in this season where it looked like he was on pace for 1500 interceptions (number approx) but now that the offense has most of its weapons back and healthy, he's been on a bit of a heater. 183 passes is good. It's nowhere near the record, held by Tom of course, when he threw 355 straight passes without a pick, which spanned 11 games and 26 tuddy passes. Alas, Tom was pressured on a corner blitz and the rushed throw was a few yards behind Jules and taken the other way. That puts him at 8 on the year, equaling his total from all of last year. Let's PRAE that's the least one he throws this season, because if we crack the double digits mark I will have one less thing to live for, lowering my total to zero.

I'm still waiting for this team to put a complete game together. I brought this up last week. I'm not asking for perfection. I know we can't score every possession and post only shutouts. But it would be nice to stop ghosting full quarters like they're some girl I slept with on a drunk Saturday night who wont stop texting me about what I'm up to this week.

At the end of the day we put 24 points on a good defense. It was a 10-10 game later than I wanted it to be, but luckily our amps go to 11 in the fourth quarter and we put the Vikings in the ground. I'm not mad. But the execution felt so weird all game. I had some friends over to watch and we were a little lubed up, per usual, and I legit kept forgetting the game was so close. It felt like we were giving them the business, and then I'd realize this next third and long held my life in the balance. Just look at the box score. It's...weird:

Wiggle 7 catches. Back to his old self. But after that? Flash, 3 catches. Jules, 3 catches. Gronk, 3 catches. Hoags, 2 catches. Patterson, 2 catches. Sexy Rexy, 2 catches. Jimmy Neckroll, 1 catch. Sony, 1 catch. Some might look at that and commend us for spreading the ball around. I look at that and say no one could get anything going. I know half of Wiggle's catches are designed for him on screens or what not, but the other half are when he's a safety valve. When no one else is open, Tom can check it down to him. Flash felt like he wasn't even used in the first half, even after Rhodes went down. Jules couldn't find space on the inside more than 3 times?? Gronk isn't going to eat seam routes at will against this team?? It was all very strange. And it wasn't like we were doing that much damage on the ground either. So I will say again, we scored enough points to win most football games, but if you think that kind of processing speed is the fastest this intel chip of offense can produce then you're going to be equally impressed with the battery life on my iPhone 6.

Am I mad about the play calling still? I'm not sure. I don't like not being sure. Half the game I was screaming fire Josh. But then again he's chilled out with the trick plays, and he's doing a great job phase shifting based on personnel. I was actually thrilled to get Burk back, and think he will be a great addition to our versatility, not to mention giving Sony some rest throughout the game. And Josh does a good job dialing up complex route combos when we have all our burners on the field, while also being able to ground and pound when we need to. I'm not sure anyone in the league is more amoeba like than Josh, other than maybe Andy Reid, but that's for a totally different reason.

Another thing we saw the return of was the "Pony" sets. That's when we have Tom in shotgun but with two running backs lined up next to him. We saw it mostly on the third downs with both Wiggle and Burk back there. I didn't like that it was usually costing Flash a place on the field, but I do like the idea in principle. Instead of 5 wide, you go 2 WR (Flash and Jules), 1 Gronk, 2 RB (Wiggle and Burk). That is match up hell. You don't know if the backs are staying in to block or releasing. Both have the ability run long routes up the sidelines if you aren't careful. No matter what the route, linebackers have as much luck staying with those guys as I have of keeping in touch with my home friends after Thanksgiving. Like I'm sorry guys, it's nice to see you. But I'm going back to the city to order Post Mates and stream television and ignore your texts. Add it our three other pass catchers, and anything under 3rd and 5 starts to feel automatic.

But then there is shit like that 3rd and inches play at the end of the half. Good challenge by Mike Zimmer. Gronk was not close to that first down. One of many truly insane calls by the officiating crew yesterday. More on that in a moment. So now we've got the ball 3rd and very short, 2 minute warning, at least 2 timeouts if I remember correctly, and a 10-0 lead. If we get this first, we WILL score. And then we horseshoe because duh, and now its 24-0 before the Vikings even touch the ball again. Donions. Instead, we don't convert, we're forced to punt, and the Vikings ride Miss Momentum like the slut that she is all the way into the end zone, making it a 3 point game at the break. PUKE.

On third and inches we dusted off the "Tom pretends the snap went over his head and we direct snap it to James White who is going to try to turn the corner for a yard." Didn't love it! I've never played a down of real football. I'm too much of a pussy. But for the life of me I can't understand how a team couldn't get 1 foot. I should be able to announce to the defense that we are running, line up in a power I, and still get it. Because we know the snap count. We get off the ball first. And almost by the laws of physics the running back should be able to move the ball several inches. Which is all we needed. Why over think these plays?!? I have nothing to back this up, but I feel like Sony has been terrible in these short yardage spots all year. Whether its on the goal line or on our own 20. I think I'm right based on the things Josh calls here. We handed it to Paterson first and goal from the 1 once!! Pretty sure you're not doing that if you have Blount in your backfield. And Sony has been better than Blount, one hundo p, but this feel like an area we are vulnerable. Even with all that said, I still want to hand the ball off and drive it forward. Maybe its Burk instead of Sony. Whatever. Just hand it off and run between the tackles. Or sneak it. We only have the best quarterback sneaker of all time. But not picking up a few inches in big moments is a one way ticket to on the Hogwarts Express back to Private Dr come playoff time.

While we're here, shouts to Jimmy Neckroll for his 2 tuddies from the goal line. It's tough for me, because I am so happy we scored, while simultaneously being so mad he scored. I can barely tolerate running tuddies, you guys know this. Throw it or die. But if we MUST run I want to see Sony become wrath, or Wiggle continue to be the Sweetest Greg there is, or even reward Burk with a confidence boost. Jimmy Neckroll doesn't need a treat. He's a wise old dog who knows we love him for what he can still do for us. Not a puppy who needs training. It was cool seeing how happy the boys were for him, but PLEASE don't make this a staple of the playbook moving forward. It's not an accident that Jimmy had 2 tuddies in his previous 76 games as a Patriot before doubling that total on Sunday. Here's to many more spinal crushing blocks, Jimmy, but may that be the last tuddy you ever score.

I avoided stamping Stevie with the Polish Puddle tag the other week, but sorry my guy. Nowhere to hide this time. Had to have that one. I think it was 48 yards? And I know you prefer that hash mark so don't even start with me. Just a pathetic push, and in a bad time. That was the first moment I felt nervous all day. I swear as Stevie goes we go. Wasn't stressing about the Eagles bowl til Stevie missed that kick. A bad kick feels like that one sure fire trigger that things are going wrong. You've got plenty of leash buddy, and I hope you die a Patriot some day 10 years from now, but CLEAN IT UP. These games start to count pretty soon.

Would you look at that ball hawk JC Jackson doing the damn thing?? JC must have had a hell of a week in practice. I mentioned in the last Ramblings that I was surprised to see JC have more snaps that Jonathan Jones, who I also love. Maybe the coaches saw a match up they liked, or maybe JC is finally earning the trust I thought he would have after his performance in camp. The sad thing is with the way both of these guys are playing, it seems to be crushing Duke Dawson's chances of getting on the field. He was a healthy scratch again, after we brought him back from IR. I have to wrap my brain around the fact that he might only be JJ/JC insurance this year. It's fine. I'm not gonna cry about it. I want to. But I wont. When we took him I thought he would be a plug and play day 1 starter in the slot corner spot. And I'm sure (I hope*) that's his future. Injuries this year derailed that hope and possibly cost him contributing at all, but I'm very glad he's out there practicing with the boys. I bet you see him making plays before this season is out.

Anyway, back to JC. He was on the field for 89% of the defensive snaps, good for 6th most on the team! Ahead of Chung and MY BOY Trey Flowers. After going so run heavy and forcing the Jets to throw last week, this week we came out in sub packages pretty much every snap but one, which meant a lot of looks for that third corner back on the depth chart, behind Gilmore and J-Mac. JC Jackson was the choice and boy did he deliver. Like the smart quarterback that he is, Kirk Cousins took a page out of the Tom Brady book and said I'm going to throw at the worst defender on the field all night. Unfortunately for Kirk, our worst defender happens to be JC Jackson and he is a mother fucking ball hawk. Every time the Vikings were threatening, JC got more page views than porn hub step sister vids. And I'm sure Kirk has more fun with Family Strokes than he did throwing at JC. It was pass breakup after pass breakup after tip drill interception, which was a huge play. I'm loving everything this kid is doing, proving our camp expectations right and showing us there's a Malcolm Butler to be had every year. I LIKE THAT! Wouldn't you agree, Kirk?

Ok, ok, lets talk about the Bill/Thielen way of the challenges. First was a third down completion to Kyle Rudolph, who had the ball instantly knocked out of his hands by Ben Kenobi. Old Ben is a huge safety out of UConn and was eating into Chung's snaps a little bit. I love me some Chung 2.0, and I don't think his job is in jeopardy, but I've bitched him out in the past for the way he handles bigger tight ends (think Jimmy Graham) so it will be interesting to see if Ben gets more reps down the stretch here. Bill threw the red flag right way, because with the over turn the Vikings would be forced to punt. Again, I had friends over and we were being loud, so maybe we missed something, but the Fox feed cut back to the game and the Vikings were just running a play. Like oh yea by the way you didn't win this challenge even though Kyle Rudolph straight up didn't catch the football, which would make it hard to call it a completed pass since he literally wasn't holding the football. Preposterous call. If that happens in the middle of the field and we jump on the "fumble" it is INSTANTLY ruled an incomplete pass and that's obvious.

But then...THEN. We got the 4th and 1 play. It didn't matter so whatever, but I'm still hot about this. That has to be a top 10 worst call I've ever seen? I don't want to over shoot it, cause there have been some historically bad calls in sports. The Galarraga perfect game call stands out. So maybe this is really like top 20 or 25? But think about that. In all of sports all time, this might be the top 25 worst call. Latavius Murray looked like he was trying anal for the first time and was doing the "is it in yet" thing as he was dry humping her lower back. That's how close he was to the first down line to gain. I mean he was stood up harder a young Johnny O on prom night. Lawrence Guy ate him. The Pats D celebrated. My house celebrated. It was all fun. Then then Vikings line up as if they still have the ball. Like uhhhh, hey guys. You only get 4 downs. It's actually our ball now, LOL. But then the refs were like no, no it was a first down, as if they legit forgot the rules of football. Finally Bill gets the red towel of death out of his white mid highs, and challenges the play. BECAUSE DUH. And some how on god's green earth the refs come back and try to tell me to my face that there was no angle to see Lat Murray didn't get the first. Tell me you don't like my firm, tell me you don't like my fucking neck tie, but DO NOT tell me he gained yards on that play. I'm not blind. It was insulting. Both to me and to the thankless profession of officiating.

In real time, I couldn't figure out for the life of me why Thielen was screaming at Bill. I read later that apparently Chung went down with an injury to "buy the Pats time" to see if we wanted to challenge and Chung was faking. Listen, I'm actually not mad at Thielen for chirping about that IF that's what was happening. I hate when players go down and it's clearly fake. It's not illegal. It's just a stupid loop hole that the Steelers use on defense when our hurry up offense is making their brains hurt. So, yea, speak your mind Adam. But considering Latavius MUrray essentially went backwards on the play, I highly doubt we needed any more time to decide if we wanted to challenge. The delay was Bill remembering which foot was his right and which was his left. Probably he was too busy trying to figure out what play we would run on offense next, because it was clearly our ball. A lot of jokes have been made that Bill got in Adam's head. He dropped his next target. You come at the king you best not miss, and blah blah blah. Not to be a wet blanket, but I think Thielen forgot about it just as quickly as Bill did. But I do think it's awesome that Thielen is down to talk shit to Bill, and I think it's even more awesome when Bill fires back at the players. His "look at the fucking scoreboard, Mason" in a Ravens game years ago still makes me tear up. And his "shut the fuck up!" is already on my Favorite Memories bulletin board from 2018 right next to Brasier telling Gary Sanchez to get in the fucking box.

Oh damn, I also forgot to mention Kyle Van Noy. I was reminded of him when I rewatched the Thielen spat because KVN is the guy who gets between Thielen and his main man Bill right away. It's like when your star pitcher wants to get in a bar fight with the boys cause he wants to show you that he isn't above getting in the mud. But here's the thing. He is above it. And if he breaks his pitching hand we're all fucked. Van Noy knows he needs Bill later so he stepped in like the leg that he is. All I wanted to say about him earlier was I thought he played a great game. He stepped in so valiantly for HIGH last year, which was some of his greatest work, but I believe he's at his best when HIGH is out there too. KVN had a few plays in the first quarter that was a stretch of covering a running back down field, getting qb pressure up the middle on a delayed blitz, and setting the edge and snuffing out a screen pass. This all happened in the span of like 3 minutes and I couldn't keep the smile off my face. The poor Lions...

We all know what's next. The dreaded Miami AT Miami game. This has been a thorn in our side for the entire Brady era. When its the difference between 15-1 and 14-2 we can afford to drop it. This year, we cannot. Especially with Pitt at Pitt next. We can't look past these guys. One game at time. Like Tom said, we're 9-3. The goal is to get to 10-3. It's a hat and tshirt game after all, since a win will clinch the AFC East for the millionth year in a row. And if you can't get up for a hat and tshirt game, then you are in Elysium, and you're already dead.
          Exclusive: Fi'lia restaurant coming to Iberostar Berkeley in Miami Beach      Cache   Translate Page      
The restaurant will occupy 5,000 square feet.

          Private school lands $19M loan to expand Miami campus      Cache   Translate Page      
The new school is located near a wealthy neighborhood.

          Lennar completes sale of key division for $340M      Cache   Translate Page      
Lennar Corp. has completed the $340 million sale of Rialto Investment and Asset Management to Stone Point Capital. Announced in October, the deal transfers ownership of Rialto, a manager and special servicer of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) to the Greenwich, Connecticut-based private equity firm. Miami-based Rialto also oversees partnerships that invest in commercial real estate. However, Miami-based Lennar (NYSE: LEN) retained the Rialto Mortgage Finance business, which underwrites…

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Getting to know calliste, part 4: calliste fucks, the video!
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Getting to know calliste, part 4: calliste fucks, the video!
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Getting to know calliste, part 4: calliste fucks, the video!

Getting to know calliste, part 4: calliste fucks, the video!
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          NFL official on leave; accused of calling player vulgar name      Cache   Translate Page      
The NFL has placed official Roy Ellison on administrative leave while it investigates an accusation that he called Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes a vulgar name during Buffalo's game at Miami on Sunday. The league confirmed Ellison's status and the investigation Tuesday but provided no other
          Bad Bunny asegura que todavía no ha hecho su mejor música      Cache   Translate Page      

El artista puertorriqueño Bad Bunny dijo que “todavía” no ha hecho su “mejor música” y que a pesar del gran éxito que ha tenido en 2018, sigue “anclado” a su familia y a su isla.

“Estoy seguro de que las mejores canciones mías aún no han salido”, indicó en una reunión con la prensa en Miami, después de interpretar su tema “MIA” junto al canadiense Drake en la final del reality de Univision “Nuestra belleza latina”, en el que la venezolana Migbelis Castellanos se llevó la corona.

La meta de Bad Bunny para el próximo año es hacer “buena música, música real”.

Aunque es uno de los artistas de trap más conocidos mundialmente y los críticos musicales le describen como un “fenómeno” por la velocidad y efervescencia con la que se popularizan sus canciones, Bad Bunny indicó que tiene los pies en la tierra.

“Me los mantiene (ubicados) la gente, me mantiene la crianza que me dieron mis padres, el amor que siento por lo que hago, que me mantiene enfocado en eso, solo en hacer lo que me toca”, aseguró.

          Woman finds out she’s the only one passenger on board flight from Bangkok      Cache   Translate Page      
Passenger Latsamy McAdoo from Miami was travelling from Bangkok to Koh Samui when she found out that she had the entire plane to herself. She was visiting family in Thailand and expected the plane to be full as it usually is – but this time it was empty. In a video from January this year, which she shared on social media, Latsamy is seen dancing through the aisles.
          12/5/2018: SPORTS: Barkov bowled over by NBA star Wade      Cache   Translate Page      
Even on a night off, Florida Panthers star Aleksander Barkov got hit. Barkov had courtside seats to watch the NBA’s Miami Heat Sunday and got a closer view of Dwyane Wade than he expected. Wade was trying to steal a
          Utah Jazz at Miami Heat: Opponent Game Thread Highlights      Cache   Translate Page      
FYI I’ve been told the second half of the game thread often doesn’t show up when viewing these posts in the Twitter app’s reader mode. Today’s Opponent Game Thread host: Hot Hot Hoops. This...

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          Zapowiedź dnia #49: Ciekawe spotkania w Dallas i Salt Lake City.      Cache   Translate Page      
Orlando Magic @ Miami Heat 01:30 Magic 11-12, Heat 9-13 ESPN daje 60% na wygraną Heat najlepszymi strzelcami są Nikola Vucevic (21 pkt na mecz) i Josh Richardson (20 pkt na mecz) kontuzjowani są...
          Typer Enbiej vol. V – Dzień 49      Cache   Translate Page      
                    1.                Chicago Indiana 1:00                   2.               Orlando Miami 1:30                    3.               Portland Dallas 2:30                      4.             Sacramento Phoenix 3:00                   5.           San Antonio Utah 3:00
          Chayanne anuncia segunda etapa de gira por EU      Cache   Translate Page      

Miami.- El cantante puerrtorriqueño Chayanne anunció hoy la segunda etapa de su gira Desde el Alma Tour por Estados Unidos, que incluye hasta ahora 12 conciertos y comenzará el 4 de abril de 2019 en San Antonio, Texas, y concluirá el 19 de mayo en el Centro CAA en Toronto, Canadá. La gira llegará también […]

La entrada Chayanne anuncia segunda etapa de gira por EU aparece primero en Radio Huancavilca 830AM.

          WILLHOITE, Sandra D.      Cache   Translate Page      
WILLHOITE (Mullins), Sandra D. 54 died Nov. 18th at Miami Valley Hospital after a long illness. Sandy was born May 19 1964 to Heuford and Barbara...
           Comentario en La verdadera Miami detrás de la fachada. por edtroja       Cache   Translate Page      
Reblogueó esto en <a href="" rel="nofollow">La Esquina Roja </a>.
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Anthony J. Cirone.. [Miami, Fla.] : Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp.; Van Nuys, CA : All rights assigned to and controlles by Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. [1972] -- Musique : M 485 C57 F68 1972
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CA-Vallejo, Date: 04-Dec-2018 Location: Vallejo, CA, US Company: Broadspectrum Ferrovial Services North America is a leading company providing Oil & Gas and Infrastructure solutions across the United States and Canada. Its portfolio includes 35 outstanding contracts, such as Port Miami Tunnel and maintenance of the Chevron refineries in California. With more than 1,500 employees and a presence in 14 states, F
          Virgin Voyages hace pie en Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Poco después de que su primer buque comience a navegar por el Caribe, la flamante naviera de Sir Richard Branson inaugurará su primera terminal en la zona noroeste de Port Miami.

          Heat C Hassan Whiteside heads to locker room early after being benched in fourth quarter      Cache   Translate Page      

Whiteside was held scoreless in the second half and did not play in the fourth quarter of Miami’s 105-90 loss to the Magic.

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          DJ Kahled, Shakira among the celebs swapping homes in Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
The 305 is basically an A-list “Trading Spaces,” with boldface names buying and swapping swank getaways in South Florida. Rap guru DJ Khaled got the keys to “anotha one” — in this case, a $21.7 million Miami Beach mansion. In September, Michael Lerner (who made a fortune marketing those “Baby on Board” car signs) sold...
          Miami home buyers are demanding these over-the-top amenities      Cache   Translate Page      
Miami has always been at the forefront of healthy living, and its toniest residents demand increasingly extraordinary wellness amenities. Fortunately, its glamorous new residential towers deliver. The 20,000-square-foot spa at Auberge Fort Lauderdale offers a cornucopia of trendy treatments, including warm quartz sand beds, sound therapy and CBD body wraps. The spa-branded building, which opens...
          Tour 5 new Miami buildings built by the world’s top architects      Cache   Translate Page      
The all-stars are coming to Magic City. Five of only 40 architects who’ve ever been awarded the field’s highest honor, the Pritzker Prize, are masterminding new developments in the city. On the bayside of South Beach, renowned French architect Jean Nouvel designed a one-of-a-kind “honeycomb, saw-tooth facade” for the Monad Terrace tower, intended to “capture,...
          The 15 most jaw-dropping pools in Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Miami’s haute hotel pools (some vintage, some new, some ready for ragers ) make a sexy splash. The glamorous classics Miami arguably invented the hotel pool scene, from its 1920s Roman Pools bathing casino to the 1990s, when the fashion crowd rediscovered the city’s art deco gems and staged daytime fêtes around ornately shaped swimming...
          Luxury Miami developments now come with sky ports for flying cars      Cache   Translate Page      
Miami is now cleared for takeoff — launching its first three luxury residences with their own rooftop landing pads. The Paramount Miami Worldcenter — a 27-acre mixed-use super project that claims to be the most amenitized property in the nation — promises the world’s first flying-car dock, or sky port, on the penthouse level of...
          This Miami Beach penthouse could smash a Florida record      Cache   Translate Page      
A massive Miami Beach penthouse at the 66-unit Eighty Seven Park is poised to hit the market Wednesday — and with a massive price tag to match. The duplex pad, with 12,410 square feet of interior space and an even-bigger 18,247 square feet of private outdoor space, will ask a sky-high $68 million. The Wall...
          Inside Lil Wayne’s $17 million Miami Beach mansion      Cache   Translate Page      
Lil Wayne just dropped $16.75 million on a breathtaking Miami Beach home. Designed by architect Choeff Levy Fischman, the Allison Island property touches 110 feet of water and sports seven bedrooms, a swimming pool and a movie theater with suede wall coverings. 
          Offer - Creative agency in Miami - USA      Cache   Translate Page      
https://theidentitymakers.comCreative agency - Looking for Branding Agencies in India? Identity Makers is a Creative Branding Agency specialized in Visual Identity designing. Contact us now!Visit for more information: https://theidentitymakers.comADDRESS = 815 Russell Circle Norman, Oklahoma, 73071CALL US:Norman, OK, USA : +1 503 567 6632Delhi, India : +91 79766 80456Bangalore, India : +91 75978 58959Mumbai, India : +91 99289 20459
          South Florida Cities Face Red Light Camera Legal Trouble      Cache   Translate Page      
Steve LeifmanRed light camera programs in South Florida are finding themselves in legal trouble. The city of Tamarac last week dismissed all red light camera tickets issued prior to May 1, and a judge in Miami-Dade County has found that sixteen different cities within the county have been violating state law.

Judge Steve Leifman reviewed the use of "business rules" that are hashed out between the municipality and the for-profit private camera contractor. The vendor sends each city a questionnaire asking how to handle ten different situations that determine whether a motorist should or should not receive a citation.

Lawyers for the Ticket Clinic provided a spreadsheet showing how each of the sixteen cities came up with different answers to those questions. As Judge Leifman, noted, Aventura defined where a car is supposed to stop as, "Behind the Stop Line" while Key Biscayne said "Behind the Cross Walk" and Homestead went with "Behind the Prolongation of the Curb."

The court found that this variety in what is, and what is not, considered legal undermined the legislature's intention to create a uniform system for red light camera programs.

"How is a driver to know that the guidelines of the business rules questionnaires vary from municipality to municipality?" Judge Leifman asked. "The legislature has delineated what is or is not a violation of state statutes regarding right turns on red. Because of the non-uniformity of the business rules questionnaires of the various municipalities, a person driving through the various municipalities, including Aventura, is unaware of and subject to being in violation of the differing rules and regulations, many of which also differ from municipality to municipality and from state law."

Florida's red light camera statute says that cities must operate under ordinances agreed to in a public process. There is no authority to create business rules behind closed doors.

"The nonuniformity of Aventura's business rules questionnaire which differs from other municipalities and from state law violates the uniformity provision in section 316.002 and preemption clause in section 316.0076," Judge Leifman concluded.

The decision only invalidates the business rules that the South Florida cities rely upon to allow vendors like Verra Mobility (formerly American Traffic Solutions) to issue tickets. The judge clarified that he was not striking down the state's grant of authority to localities to set up red light cameras. The court also certified the issue for review by the state Court of Appeal. The lawyers who won the case were pleased by the result.

"For years, The Ticket Clinic's lawyers have kept pressure on Florida law makers on behalf of motorists because we believe the cameras are illegal and threat to public safety," Ticket Clinic founder Mark Gold said in a statement. "Our goal is to have them removed in Florida. Winning these battles is great but there is still plenty of work to be done."

A copy of the ruling is available in a 3mb PDF file at the source link below. Source
          On the Count of Three (Brandon Fisher FBI series Book 7) by Carolyn Arnold plus Paperback Giveaway!!      Cache   Translate Page      

New Release....

Drinking and driving may be deadly in more ways than one... 

When a woman’s disappearance ticks off all the same boxes as two unsolved murders, Miami homicide detective Kelly Marsh is convinced there’s about to be a third. If she’s right and the killer sticks to their previous MO, she only has three days before Jenna Kelter’s decapitated head will show up somewhere in the city. With no time to waste, Kelly reaches out to the one person she knows can help: her former mentor and family friend Jack Harper, who just happens to lead a team with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. 

BAU special agent and profiler Brandon Fisher easily sees the similarities between Detective Marsh’s missing person case and the two cold cases: all three victims served time for DUI vehicular homicide and disappeared three days after being released from prison. But is that enough to assume Kelter has been abducted by a serial killer? Brandon’s not so sure and fears his boss may have let his personal connection to Marsh cloud his judgment. Surely there isn’t any other explanation for why they jumped into an investigation less than twenty-four hours after Kelter was reported missing. Then again, maybe Brandon is letting his own differences with the detective affect his perspective. He’ll need to move past it, though—and quickly.

After all, this killer has evaded capture for the past six years, and they may be looking at a lot more victims than originally suspected. This serial killer is calling the shots and pulling them into a macabre game of cat and mouse. While the team has no choice but to play, if they don’t make the right moves, one of them may not make it out of Miami alive.

Available to buy from the following sites...
Amazon   Barnes& Noble   AppleiBooks   GPlay   Kobo

What to expect from the Brandon Fisher FBI series:

 Profilers. Serial killers. The hunt is on. Do serial killers and the FBI fascinate you? Do you like getting inside the minds of killers, love being creeped out, sleeping with your eyes open, and feeling like you’re involved in murder investigations? Then join FBI agent and profiler Brandon Fisher and his team with the Behavioral Analysis Unit in their hunt for serial killers.

Read in any order or follow the series from the beginning.

Read the first e-book for FREE

Read an excerpt

About the author
CAROLYN ARNOLD is an international best-selling and award-winning author, as well as a speaker, teacher, and inspirational mentor. She has four continuing fiction series—Detective Madison Knight, Brandon Fisher FBI, McKinley Mysteries, and Matthew Connor Adventures—and has written nearly thirty books. Her genre diversity offers her readers everything from cozy to hard-boiled mysteries, and thrillers to action adventures.

Both her female detective and FBI profiler series have been praised by those in law enforcement as being accurate and entertaining, leading her to adopt the trademark: POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT™.

Carolyn was born in a small town and enjoys spending time outdoors, but she also loves the lights of a big city. Grounded by her roots and lifted by her dreams, her overactive imagination insists that she tell her stories. Her intention is to touch the hearts of millions with her books, to entertain, inspire, and empower.

She currently lives in London, Ontario with her husband and beagle and is a member of Crime Writers of Canada and Sisters in Crime.

Find the author on the following sites... 
Newsletter   Website   Facebook   Twitter    Google+   Pinterest   Goodreads   Amazon Author Page

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Develop integrations as per specification using Guidewire or J2EE components. Policycenter integration- **Miami, FL|Henrico, VA| Neenah, WI*....
From Indeed - Mon, 05 Nov 2018 20:09:48 GMT - View all Neenah, WI jobs
          SEA-LEVEL RISE: Miami passes first-ever climate gentrification resolution      Cache   Translate Page      
Miami has become the first city in the nation to pass a resolution specifically dealing with the impacts of climate gentrification.
          Tales of Vesperia - Yuri Lowell -Holy Knight in One's Heart Ver.- & Repede 1/8 (amie x ALTAiR)      Cache   Translate Page      
Directamente de Tales of Vesperia, la compañía Alter presenta la figura a escala 1/8 que le dedica a Yuri Lowell, representado con su atuendo titulado "Holy Knight in One's Heart", y que nos viene en un mismo set con su compañero Repede. Figura que forma parte del proyecto de colaboración amiexALTAIR (fabricada por Alter y distribuida por AmiAmi) y que tendréis disponible para reservar a partir del 5 de diciembre de 2018 de forma exclusiva en AmiAmi, en Animate y en Asobi Store.

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          Preview de la figura a escala 1/8 de Yuri Lowell -Holy Knight in One's Heart Ver.- & Repede de Tales of Vesperia por Alter      Cache   Translate Page      
Directamente de Tales of Vesperia, la compañía Alter presenta la figura a escala 1/8 que le dedica a Yuri Lowell, representado con su atuendo titulado "Holy Knight in One's Heart", y que nos viene en un mismo set con su compañero Repede. Figura que forma parte del proyecto de colaboración amiexALTAIR (fabricada por Alter y distribuida por AmiAmi) y que tendréis disponible para reservar a partir del 5 de diciembre de 2018 de forma exclusiva en AmiAmi, en Animate y en Asobi Store.

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A continuación podréis ver todas las imágenes que ha compartido Alter de su figura a escala 1/8 de Yuri Lowell -Holy Knight in One's Heart Ver.- & Repede:

          Der rätselhafte Fall eines Supertalents       Cache   Translate Page      

Als sich Markelle Fultz nach nur einem Jahr auf dem College bei den Washington Huskies zum NBA-Draft 2017 anmeldete, sagten nicht wenige dem damals 19-Jährigen eine große Karriere voraus. Durchschnittlich 23,2 Punkte, 5,9 Assists und 5,7 Rebounds sprachen für sich und sorgten schließlich dafür, dass ihn die Philadelphia 76ers zum Nummer-1-Pick machten.

Ein Jahr später ist von den großen Vorschusslorbeeren nur noch wenig übrig. Zwar gelang es Fultz im vergangenen Jahr gegen die Milwaukee Bucks, als jüngstem Spieler in der Geschichte der NBA ein Triple-Double zu erzielen, allerdings sorgten Schmerzen im Arm- und Schulterbereich immer wieder dafür, dass der junge Mann nicht aktiv auf dem Parkett mitwirken konnte.

So kam Fultz in seiner Rookie-Saison auf gerade einmal 14 Hauptrundenpartien und auch in dieser Saison fällt er bereits seit Mitte November aus. Nachdem lange Zeit über die mysteriösen Beschwerden des Point Guards gerätselt wurde, konnte ein Spezialist nun offenbar endlich Licht ins Dunkel bringen.

ANZEIGE: Jetzt die neuesten NBA-Fanartikel kaufen - hier geht es zum Shop

Spezialist diagnostiziert Thoracic-Outlet-Syndrom

Wie Raymond Brothers, Agent und Anwalt von Fultz gegenüber Adrian Wojnarowski von ESPN erklärte, leide sein Klient am sogenannten Thoracic-Outlet-Syndrom. Dieses beeinflusse "die Nerven zwischen Nacken und Schulter, was zu einem gestörten Bewegungsablauf führt und daher Markelles Fähigkeiten, einen Basketball zu werfen, massiv limitiert."

Schon lange war Experten eine veränderte Wurfausübung bei Fultz aufgefallen. Noch in seiner College-Zeit zeichnete ihn sein smoother Jumper aus, der seit seinem ersten Auftritt auf der großen Bühne der NBA wie verloren scheint. Aus diesem Grund suchte er vor der Saison - auf Anraten von Joel Embiid - Hilfe bei "Wurfdoktor" Drew Hanlen.

Freiwurf gegen Miami sorgt für Verwirrung

"Er hatte komplett vergessen, wie man wirft", berichtete dieser später, nachdem beide den Sommer über intensiv am Wurf des inzwischen 20-Jährigen gearbeitet hatten. Und zunächst schien es auch tatsächlich so, als würde sich die Arbeit auszahlen. Zu Saisonbeginn versenkte Fultz sogar wieder den ein oder anderen Dreier und erweckte den Eindruck, dass das Selbstvertrauen alter Tage wieder zurückkehren würde.

Doch die soliden Auftritte zum Start waren nur ein kleines Strohfeuer. Beim Sieg gegen die Miami Heat Anfang November sorgte er mit einem merkwürdigen Freiwurf endgültig für Verwirrung. NBA-Experte Alex Kennedy twitterte unmittelbar nach dem Fehlversuch, dass Fultz und Hanlen nicht länger zusammen arbeiten würden. Der Shooting-Coach hatte bereits zuvor angedeutet, dass sein Schützling noch immer nicht fit sei, der Spieler selbst hatte allerdings eine andere Erklärung.

"Ich meine, mir ist der Ball aus der Hand gerutscht, also musste ich tun, was ich tun musste. Aber ich bin nicht wirklich besorgt. Ich arbeite an meinem Spiel. Der Ball ist mir rausgerutscht. Das ist, was passiert ist", sagte Fultz damals nach dem Spiel.

"Dartitis" als Auslöser der Probleme?

Dennoch zog Raymond Brothers seinen Schützling nur wenige Tage danach aus dem Verkehr und schickte ihn in der Folge zu mehr als zehn Spezialisten. Eine Aktion, die bei den Verantwortlichen in Philadelphia für große Verwunderung sorgte. "Aus medizinischer Sicht haben wir nichts gesehen, was ihm nicht erlaubt hätte, zu spielen. Er hat gestern gespielt und er hat auch vor zwei Tagen gespielt", äußerte sich General Manager Elton Brand kurz darauf.

Hanlen hatte bereits im Sommer eine andere Erklärung ins Spiel gebracht. Fultz würde an dem sogenannten "Yips" leiden - eine mentale Blockade die man auch bei Profigolfern oder Dartsspielern ("Dartitis") kennt. Leidet man an diesem Problem, kann man den Ball nicht zum richtigen Zeitpunkt loslassen - oder den Golfschläger nicht durchschwingen bzw. den Darts-Pfeil loslassen. Auch hatte unter Bezug auf Quellen im Umfeld von Sixers-Coach Brett Brown von einem mentalen Problem berichtet.

Fultz droht Ausfall von drei bis sechs Wochen

Daraufhin wurde auch über einen Trade spekuliert, was Brothers allerdings umgehend dementierte: "Mein Fokus liegt darauf, Markelle gesund zu bekommen. Ende der Geschichte."

Dementsprechend erleichtert wirkte er nun auch, als endlich eine Diagnose gestellt werden konnte. "Die Leute haben gesagt, dass es ein mentales Problem war. Das ist nicht der Fall. Es ist nicht möglich, dass du der Nummer eins Pick bist und plötzlich nicht mehr in der Lage bist, deinen Arm zum Wurf zu heben. Etwas stimmte nicht und nun wissen wir die Antwort auf das Problem", so Brothers.

Doch auch wenn nun endlich Klarheit in der Angelegenheit zu herrschen scheint, dürften einige Restzweifel bleiben, ob Fultz nach seiner Behandlung bei einem Physiotherapeuten in Los Angeles wieder zu alter College-Stärke zurückfinden kann. Einen endgültigen Beweis dafür kann der Spieler nur selbst auf dem Court liefern.

ANZEIGE: Die NBA LIVE bei DAZN - JETZT Gratismonat sichern

Bis dahin werden allerdings noch einige Wochen vergehen. Offiziell gaben die 76ers bekannt, dass Fultz auf unbestimmte Zeit fehlen werde, intern geht man jedoch anscheinend von einer Ausfallzeit von mindestens drei bis sechs Wochen aus.

          Victoria June - Pornstar Takes on Three Random Guys      Cache   Translate Page      

Release Year: 2018
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Victoria June hops on the BangBus this week! She shows off her great ass and big tits as she tells us how horny she is. She’s down to drive around to look for some cock. She shows off her big tits to convince the first guy to come in. She sucks him off until she was ready for something more and he couldn’t handle it. Second guy did a bit better before kicking him out. The last guy comes in to represent for Miami. He got sucked off before he starts fucking her. She gets fucked from different positions and he even gets to cum!

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          Lawsuit filed against Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay regarding federal detainee      Cache   Translate Page      
A Key West man represented by the American Civil Liberties Union brought suit against Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay this week regarding his 12-hour detainment under Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody in April while the man was in the Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island.
“Local law enforcement throughout this country has been caught in the middle of a political argument regarding immigration,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “Although I can’t respond as much as I would like on this case given the pending litigation, I always strive for transparency with the public, which all of us here at the Sheriff’s Office serve. This was an unfortunate case of mistaken identity by ICE regarding a subject who was initially in state custody for violating probation for a felony crime of violence against a police officer. My office was notified in writing by ICE that they had a Final Order of deportation signed by a Federal Judge for Mr. Brown. ICE additionally stated in writing they had confirmed Mr. Brown’s identity via biometrics (fingerprints). It is important to also note that when an inmate is held under an ICE matter, I, as Sheriff, do not have the legal authority to release that person. Though the Sheriff’s Office does not investigate immigration matters and while I cannot release detainees under ICE custody, I immediately took action when notified of this matter months ago. I ordered Sheriff’s Office detention deputies to immediately notify ICE of a detainee’s claims of citizenship and to follow up with those claims.”
Mr. Peter Sean Brown, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, was being detained on the state violation of probation matter mentioned above when ICE officials contacted the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office immediately notified Mr. Brown of the ICE hold approximately three weeks prior to his transfer to a federal detention center in Miami in an effort to give Mr. Brown and his attorney time to resolve the matter. Mr. Brown was detained for about 12 hours total on the ICE matter in the Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island, before he was picked up by ICE.
Mr. Brown was detained for approximately 12 hours regarding the ICE matter under the Sheriff’s Office Basic Ordering Agreement with ICE. That Agreement was finalized this year. Under the agreement, the Sheriff’s Office can only hold an ICE detainee for no longer than 48 hours. ICE pays Monroe County $50 a day per ICE detainee as per the Basic Ordering Agreement. The purpose of the payment is to ensure that no local tax dollars are being spent on housing those in ICE custody. The payment goes directly to Monroe County and is not kept as part of the Sheriff’s Office budget.

          Administrative Assistant      Cache   Translate Page      
FL-Doral, Job Description Description: Staffing Now has a temp-to-hire opportunity for an Administrative Assistant with one of our Miami Dade clients in the Medical Field. We are currently one of the fastest growing administrative staffing agencies in the United States that matches quality administrative professionals with the right career opportunities. Job Description and requirements: Administrative supp
          Customer Service Representative      Cache   Translate Page      
FL-Doral, Job Description We are looking for Customer Service Representative to join our amazing team in Miami! This Position requires fluency in English/Spanish. No tech experience is required, we will train you! This is a full time entry-level position in a fast paced, high profile startup environment. Responsibilities Provided customers with product and service information Identified, researched, and res
          Justise Winslow on his career, the Duke family and expectations for this year's Blue Devils      Cache   Translate Page      
Hours before the Miami Heat took on the New Orleans Pelicans, two former teammates prepared on opposite ends of the court. On the Pelicans side, center Jahlil Okafor, in his first season with New Orleans, worked his way around the perimeter in a series of drills, knocking down jumper after jumper. A
          Utah Jazz look to build off recent 3-game road trip in return home against San Antonio Spurs      Cache   Translate Page      
MIAMI — In a seesaw battle with 17 lead changes and 16 ties, the Utah Jazz blew a 19-point first quarter edge to fall 102-100 against the Miami Heat Sunday. The Jazz (11-13) now return home to Vivint Arena after playing 10 of their last dozen games on the road, going 2-1 during the last three, with a
          Labor secretary defends deal brokered with Epstein      Cache   Translate Page      
According to extensive Miami Herald reporting, as a federal prosecutor, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta gave accused serial sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein the deal of a lifetime. Stephanie Gosk joins Morning Joe to discuss.
          Jeffrey Epstein, sexual abuser of dozens of girls, settles case, apologizes. Now what? - Miami Herald      Cache   Translate Page      
@TimOBrien, @moorehn, @MattGoldstein26
          Jeffrey Epstein, rich serial child molester, pays to keep teen victims from testifying      Cache   Translate Page      

If you're a registered sex offender it helps to have millions of dollars to make the problem go away. Financier Jeffrey Epstein, well-connected with the Washington power elite, was able to spend a small fraction of his vast fortune in 2017 to avoid a life sentence in prison for molesting and abusing kids (thanks to a secret deal he made with servile federal prosecutors).

From Sputnik News:

Epstein's teen sex trafficking ring worked like a pyramid scheme, according to victims, who say they were paid to give massages to Epstein, paid extra for sex acts and paid even more to recruit more girls between the ages of 13 and 16 into the ring. The girls were also, at times, allegedly offered up to Epstein's powerful friends.

Today Epstein spent another pittance to prevent his young victims from revealing in court how he'd sexually abused them. Epstein settled a lawsuit that he'd filed against attorney Bradley Edwards, who is representing several of Epstein's teen molestation victims in a civil suit against Epstein. By settling the suit, Epstein was able to stop his victims from telling the court just what a kind of person he is. Epstein didn't even have to apologize to Edwards face-to-face, instead he paid his lawyer to read an apology for him. Read the rest

          Blue Lions beat Tigers, 57-54 in OT      Cache   Translate Page      

The Washington Blue Lions were coming off a tough, season-opening three-point loss to Lancaster when they welcomed the Tigers of Circleville High School for another early season non-conference match-up. The Tigers came into the game with wins over Miami Trace and New Lexington. The game had nine lead changes and Washington’s biggest lead was seven […]

The post Blue Lions beat Tigers, 57-54 in OT appeared first on The Record Herald.

          100 Bullets: Volume 9: Strychnine Lives       Cache   Translate Page      
£4 Was £36.99 RRP £36.99

Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso slap in a fresh clip of 100 Bullets - the smash-hit crime saga that begs the question: if you were given a gun, 100 untraceable bullets and carte blanche to do anything you liked with them, what would you do?

The trail of bullets lead to a Miami hotel, where young bellboy Tino tries to shield his son from the depravities of the world. But when he befriends the reckless mobster Spain (introduced in “100 Bullets: A Foregone Tomorrow”), he inadvertently becomes party to the very violence he sought to avoid, with bloody consequences…

With razor-sharp dialogue, high-caliber action and a cinematic scope, this critically acclaimed and award-winning series is an absolute must for all graphic novel fans!

          Sales Assistant      Cache   Translate Page      
OfficeTeam - Miami, FL - communications and proofreading materials - Providing order coordination support to ensure the processes are completed - Maintaining kindness...
          #jerusalem - martashkop      Cache   Translate Page      
The best preacher is the heart ;the best teacher is time; the best book is the world; the best friend is god. Thora-the Talmud 🌞 —————————————— #israel #israeligirls #israel_view #israel_best #ashdod #telaviv #jerusalem #modellife #modellifestyle #modelling #bikini #bikinigirl #bikinimodel #germangirl #russiangirl #belarussiangirl #polishgirl #travelphotography #instagood #picoftheday #photography #prettylittlething #newyorkgirl #losangeles #losangelesmodel #miamimodels #dubaimodels #mcfitmodels #beachgirl #tbt
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The Chapter Four 
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          Customer Service Representative      Cache   Translate Page      
FL-Doral, Job Description We are looking for Customer Service Representative to join our amazing team in Miami! This Position requires fluency in English/Spanish. No tech experience is required, we will train you! This is a full time entry-level position in a fast paced, high profile startup environment. Responsibilities Provided customers with product and service information Identified, researched, and res
          Jasmine Sanders @golden_barbie Shows Off Her Bikini Bod In Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Jasmine Sanders took her bikini bod to Miami and caught some rays under the sun this weekend.
          UNTITLED, ART. MIAMI 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Untitled, Art es una Feria de arte contemporáneo internacional fundada en 2012. Su éxito radica en mantener un equilibrio e integridad comisarial multidisciplinar en el arte contemporáneo, así como por su carácter innovador mediante la labor de un equipo de comisarios que identifica y selecciona...
          Fashion brands Missoni, Armani and Diesel are designing luxury towers in Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Talk about a walk-in closet. High-end Miami builders are ditching traditional interior designers and asking luxury fashion labels to dream up gorgeous spaces. Most recently, Jules Trump (no relation to the president) tapped Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld to design and style the public areas in the super luxury Estates at Acqualina, under construction in Sunny Isles....
          ‘Riverdale’ star Camila Mendes on her love life and why she refuses to fly coach      Cache   Translate Page      
Think about this: Camila Mendes only got out of college a little over two years ago. The 24-year-old already has three residences (one in Vancouver, Canada, one in LA’s Larchmont neighborhood and a house she just bought her mother in Miami) and one giant starring role — on the hit show “Riverdale,” a modern adaptation...
          The hottest new Miami restaurants to try during Art Basel      Cache   Translate Page      
Lee Brian Schrager, founder and director of the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival, dishes on the best new spots to dine during Art Basel. Chotto Matte 1664 Lenox Ave. This Miami Beach newcomer is a not-to-be-missed spot for Basel attendees, with its Japanese-Peruvian cuisine served up just steps from...
          Matthew Whitaker Hasn’t Obstructed Mueller Yet. Maybe He Remembers What Happened to Nixon’s Crooked Lawyers.      Cache   Translate Page      

As one of the co-authors of an amicus brief challenging President Donald Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general, I believe that Whitaker’s appointment as a “department head,” bypassing the Department of Justice’s Senate-confirmed officers, violates the appointments clause of the Constitution. That has not stopped Whitaker from taking the job. With this power, Whitaker could obstruct the Russia investigation in many ways. The glaring legal problem for Whitaker—in addition to the illegitimacy of the appointment itself—is that any step he takes to slow or impede special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation potentially could lead to an obstruction or bribery conspiracy charge against him, even if an attorney general would ordinarily have the power to make such moves. In case he is ever tempted to obstruct the Russia probe on the president’s behalf, Whitaker would be wise to study the history of Nixon’s two attorneys general and six other lawyers indicted for participating in Nixon’s legal scandals and what became of them.

First, it’s important to understand what he can and can’t do in the job. Under the DOJ’s regulations, the acting attorney general supervising a special counsel would have the authority to fire that special counsel. This removal power is limited to good cause, but a hypothetical Trump crony looking to sabotage the special counsel might try to craft pretextual cause to issue a firing.

There are also less drastic measures such a crony might undertake to hurt the investigation. Under DOJ regulations, the Special Counsel “shall notify the Attorney General of events in the course of his or her investigation” and, “at the conclusion of the Special Counsel’s work, he or she shall provide the Attorney General with a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions reached by the Special Counsel.”

Thus, the attorney general could keep such a report confidential, essentially to cover up its findings. This might explain why Mueller has been relying on detailed criminal information filings to accompany indictments and guilty pleas to tell the story of the malfeasance of Trump officials. Some have further suggested that Trump appointed Whitaker so that he could reject indictments of his son Don Jr., his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and his informal adviser Roger Stone, among others. Others have expressed concern that Whitaker might defund the investigation. There was also initially speculation that he might try to spy on the investigation’s grand jury evidence, but there is consensus that Whitaker cannot unseal any sealed indictments.

Whitaker could theoretically block guilty pleas as well, but he did not block last week’s plea for lying to Congress by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, even though the Washington Post reported that he was notified of it.

So far, then, it appears that Whitaker has not sought to interfere with Mueller. That would be wise. If he were to work against the investigation, Whitaker could be putting himself in infamous company: indicted attorneys general and government lawyers who aided Nixon’s crimes.

The last century has been full of crony attorneys general, but Nixon’s were the worst until Trump’s. As Nixon’s campaign manager prior to becoming attorney general, John Mitchell allegedly was involved in the back-channel sabotage of the 1968 Paris Peace Accords. When Nixon won, he persuaded FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover not to conduct a background investigation of Mitchell as his nominee. After three years as attorney general undercutting civil rights and civil liberties, Mitchell resigned to become director of the Committee to Re-elect the President, was ultimately implicated in the Watergate break-in, and was eventually convicted of perjury and served 19 months.

Nixon’s second attorney general was Richard Kleindienst. As deputy attorney general, Kleindienst had cooperated with a criminal conspiracy before Watergate. Nixon and his adviser John Ehrlichman told Kleindienst to drop an antitrust case against manufacturing and telecoms conglomerate ITT, one of Nixon’s biggest campaign donors. Kleindienst settled with ITT on implausibly generous terms and later lied to Congress about it. Kleindienst eventually resigned as the Watergate scandal escalated and in 1974 pleaded guilty in connection with the ITT case and received a sentence of 30 days in jail, which was ultimately suspended. If he abuses his power, Whitaker might end up being seen as comparable to Kleindienst: a relatively unknown lawyer who compromised himself legally to serve a president after having been promoted because of his own weakness and vulnerability.

Other Watergate lawyers also went to jail for conspiring in Nixon’s efforts to obstruct justice. John Ehrlichman, Nixon’s counsel, was found guilty of obstruction, perjury, and conspiracy in the burglary and then served 18 months. Ehrlichman’s aide, Egil Krogh, had approved the burglary of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office after the release of the Pentagon Papers, and Nixon’s special counsel Charles Colson also helped organize that crime. Krogh was sentenced to two to six years, served 4½ months, and was disbarred. Colson pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and served seven months.

John Dean, Nixon’s White House counsel, was convicted of obstruction of justice and was sentenced to time served (four months). Nixon’s personal attorney, Herbert W. Kalmbach, raised campaign funds illegally for legally questionable dark political ops. Kalmbach served six months in jail and lost his law license. Last but not least, G. Gordon Liddy, a former FBI agent and former prosecutor, organized the Watergate burglary itself and served more than four years in prison.

How might Whitaker find himself joining this lengthy list of lawyerly ill repute? If Whitaker had an arrangement with Trump to take the position in order to impede Mueller, he could be in jeopardy for conspiracy to obstruct justice. Whitaker’s potential personal legal troubles, though, raise the possibility that he might abuse his powers for his own benefit. Whitaker was on the board of World Patent Marketing, a company reportedly under investigation for fraud. The Federal Trade Commission alleged the company was operating “a scam that has bilked thousands of consumers out of millions of dollars.” There have been some questions raised as to whether Whitaker has been forthcoming and cooperative with the FTC. Whitaker rebuffed the FTC’s subpoena efforts last year, and now the FBI—over which the attorney general himself has oversight—is conducting a criminal investigation into the firm.

All of this raises suspicions about potential motives to do Trump’s bidding. If Whitaker intervenes in the Mueller probe to protect Trump, his work with World Patent Marketing and any possible conversations he had with Trump about helping each other would come under intense scrutiny for obstruction or quid pro quo bribery (official acts in return for something of value—here, impeding investigations). Further, just as a president ordinarily has the power to remove an FBI director at will, firing Mueller (for cause) may be technically within Whitaker’s power, but doing so with the “corrupt purpose” to impede a looming criminal investigation would constitute obstruction of justice. If Whitaker fires Mueller with pretextual cause, he would run the risk of a criminal charge himself.

Whitaker could learn a lot from the eight Watergate lawyers who were found criminally liable. Some took more active roles than others. Some were convicted only for obstruction and cover-ups. Some seem to have been pulled deeper into the conspiracy once they allowed themselves to be incriminated and compromised by a corrupt president. Whitaker has reportedly agreed to face questioning under oath before the House Judiciary Committee, and all of these issues will surely arise. As we witnessed last week with Cohen’s guilty plea, lying to Congress is a crime, so Whitaker must be honest in his answers. If he refuses to answer questions, citing some nonapplicable privilege, he could be subject to contempt of Congress, which could be enforceable by a citation to Mueller or the next attorney general, or by Congress acting on its own behalf. Any action Whitaker takes to interfere with Mueller potentially could lead to an obstruction indictment, sooner or later.

If Whitaker learns from the history of Watergate, his wisest move would be to resign and cooperate. Short of that, if he learns from his predecessor, he should simply recuse himself—and get a good lawyer himself.

          Haute Ambassador Daniel Boulud On The Art Of Cuisine      Cache   Translate Page      

In honor of Art Basel Miami Beach 2018, we take a look at the importance of art and some of Daniel Boulud's personal favorite artists.

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          Un doble-doble de Gordon mantiene líderes de división a los Heat      Cache   Translate Page      
Aaron Gordon logró un doble-doble de 20 puntos y 13 rebotes como líder del ataque de los líderes de División Orlando Magic, que derrotaron a domicilio 90-105 a los Heat de Miami. El equipo de Orlando puso su marca en números iguales de 12-12...
          Jordi Molla Exhibition Pop-Ups At The Mondrian South Beach For Art Basel 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Renowned artist and actor Jordi Molla will host an exclusive pop-up exhibit at the Mondrian South Beach with David Rosen Galleries for Art Basel Miami Beach

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          Not much change with Week 14’s power rankings      Cache   Translate Page      

However, one outlet actually moves the Bills up one spot After a crushing loss on a failed fourth-down play to the Miami Dolphins, the Buffalo Bills weren’t lambasted by the national media in this week’s power rankings. There wasn’t a whole lot of movement for the Bills and it feels as if they might be …

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          Maison Perrier-Jouët x Bethan Laura Wood auf der Messe Design Miami/      Cache   Translate Page      

MIAMI, December 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mit der Erfahrung von HyperNature versprüht Art of the Wild seine Extravaganz in ganz Miami. Kunst und Natur sind integraler Bestandteil von Maison Perrier-Jouët seit Gründung des Champagnerhauses im Jahr 1811. Heutzutage mündet dieses kulturelle...

          Maison Perrier-Jouët x Bethan Laura Wood na Design Miami/      Cache   Translate Page      

MIAMI, December 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Art of the Wild espalha a sua estravagância por Miami com a experiência HyperNature. Arte e natureza têm sido parte essencial da Maison Perrier-Jouët desde a sua fundação, em 1811. Atualmente, esta herança cultural traduz-se na liberdade criativa e...

          Maison Perrier-Jouët x Bethan Laura Wood at Design Miami/      Cache   Translate Page      

MIAMI, December 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Art of the Wild is spreading its extravagance through Miami with the HyperNature experience Art and nature have been an integral part of Maison Perrier-Jouët since its foundation in 1811. Today, this cultural heritage translates to the creative...

          Maison Perrier-Jouët x Bethan Laura Wood at Design Miami/      Cache   Translate Page      

MIAMI, December 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Art of the Wild is spreading its extravagance through Miami with the HyperNature experience Art and nature have been an integral part of Maison Perrier-Jouët since its foundation in 1811. Today, this cultural heritage translates to the creative...

          Scoreboard roundup — 12/4/18      Cache   Translate Page      
iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores for Tuesday’s sports events: NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATIONIndiana 96, Chicago 90Orlando 105, Miami 90Dallas
          Cómo moverse en Miami Beach para aprovechar la diversidad de oferta de la Semana del Arte      Cache   Translate Page      
Art Basel suma unas 70.000 personas a una zona turística normalmente atestada. Las mejores opciones para estacionar, desplazarse con automóviles compartidos o bicicletas rentadas, aprovechar un shuttle especial gratuito, montar en trolley y hasta un taxi acuático
          Art Basel 2018 en Miami: 16 exhibiciones para no perderse      Cache   Translate Page      
De la miríada de muestras, espacios, eventos y actividades especiales que conforman la Semana del Arte en Miami, una selección de las que serán memorables
          Todo sobre Art Basel Miami Beach: 10 galerías y 10 artistas imperdibles, conversaciones y novedades      Cache   Translate Page      
Mañana, jueves 6, abre sus puertas al público la feria de arte contemporáneo más importante de los Estados Unidos. Con una fuerte presencia latinoamericana, la edición 2018 espera unos 70.000 visitantes
          Privately-Owned Rail Company In Florida Gets Richard Branson As New Partner      Cache   Translate Page      
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: A privately owned passenger rail company in Florida is getting a new partner. Since August, Brightline has been running sleek, new trains between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. The company plans to extend the line to Orlando and eventually to Tampa, and it will have a new partner, Richard Branson, and a new name, Virgin Trains USA. From Miami, NPR's Greg Allen reports. UNIDENTIFIED PERSON: Attention Brightline guests, we would like to welcome only those guests traveling in our Select coach to preboard... GREG ALLEN, BYLINE: In Miami, also Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, the new Brightline stations are impressive structures with lots of space inside for restaurants and retail shops. There are already many dedicated Brightline riders, like Katherine Robinson, who uses it to commute to Miami daily from her home in West Palm Beach 75 miles away. KATHERINE ROBINSON: The service is incredible. The train itself
          #hockey - phinsnation__      Cache   Translate Page      
#Dolphins CB Xavien Howard is the AFC Defensive player of the week! Finally he gets some recognition. What’s your thoughts?⬇️🤔 • • • #MiamiDolphins #Miami #Dolphins #305 #RobertQuinn #CameronWake #ReshadJones #NFL #F4F #MiamiHeat #Heat #MiamiMarlins #Marlins #MiamiHurricanes #Hurricanes #Canes #TheU #Basketball #Football #Baseball #Hockey #College #NBA #MLB #NHL #NCAA #FloridaPanthers #Florida
          Latam Brasil descontinuará Fortaleza – Orlando! Concorrência?      Cache   Translate Page      
A Latam Airlines Brasil deixará de operar a rota Fortaleza – Orlando, realizada com Boeing 767-300ER, duas vezes por semana. A última decolagem de Orlando, com destino a capital cearense, ocorre no dia 29 de março de 2019. Vale lembrar que a Gol iniciou seus voos de Fortaleza para Miami e Orlando, com o Boeing […]
          Puma Clyde Court ‘Ocean Drive’ Inspired by South Beach      Cache   Translate Page      

PUMA Hoops is set to launch their newest version of the Clyde Court this week. Inspired by the sights, sounds and creativity of Miami, the Clyde Court Ocean Drive is sure to be noticed on or off the court. With a bold Teal, Pink and Black upper and a translucent sole with a Hot Pink […]

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          Trump's 'Deport Everyone' Policy Nabs Philadelphia-Born Citizen, But It's OK, He's Black      Cache   Translate Page      

The Trump administration's efforts to deport all the nasty horrible criming foreigners just keeps scoring wins! Along with all the undocumented moms and dads scooped up while dropping the kids off at school (total threats to the nation), the New Cruelty makes the occasional error, like targeting US citizens for deportation, which is quite the regrettable oopsie, but is really just the sort of thing that will happen from time to time. Isn't Making America Great Again worth a little overreach now and then? Still, troublemakers like the American Civil Liberties Union seem to think people have "rights," and now the ACLU is suing a county sheriff's office in Florida for having held a Philadelphia-born US citizen, Peter S. Brown, for three weeks while refusing to even check his repeated offers to prove his citizenship. After all, Immigration and Customs Enforcement had asked the Monroe County Sheriff''s Office to hold "Peter Brown" for deportation to Jamaica, and that was that. Serves the US-born Brown right for having such an exotic name.

Back in April, Brown, who lives in Key West, turned himself in to the Monroe Sheriff's department on a parole violation because he'd tested positive for weed on a pee test. (See, already a dangerous criminal!) He expected he'd spent a few nights in jail at most, but instead, because Monroe County is one of 17 Florida sheriffs' departments that signed up to share information and hold immigration suspects for ICE, he ended up being mistaken for the wrong guy and scheduled for deportation, and nothing Brown could do would convince his jailers to even look at the proof he was a citizen -- although, as it turns out, the jail's own records listed Brown's place of birth as "Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."

Brown tells his story in this video posted by the ACLU:

Serves him right for getting arrested by Sheriff Franz Kafka. Ha-ha, we are joking! The Monroe County Sheriff is named Richard A. Ramsay, and Sheriff Ramsay is named in an ACLU lawsuit accusing his office of "unlawful arrest and detention" of a citizen and violation of Brown's Fourth Amendment rights, as well as violation of Florida state law against false arrest. The lawsuit seeks damages for Brown's treatment, which included not only being falsely held for three weeks while the county ignored -- and jailers made fun of -- his attempts to show he's a citizen, but also taunting him about his certain deportation to a Jamaican prison. You know, just the sort of good-natured ribbing some good ol' Florida deputies would do to a gay man who feared being sent to one of the most homophobic countries in the Western Hemisphere.

The ACLU also argues the nature of the "Basic Ordering Agreement" between ICE and county sheriffs includes a perverse incentive: Since ICE pays counties to hold people wanted on immigration warrants, the counties have every reason to disregard the rights of people who can't show they've been illegally detained.

Needless to say, ICE portrays the BOA agreements a s a vital tool in protecting decent law-abiding Americans from criminal thugs who might be released on a technicality (like only being held until a minor parole violation is dealt with) then allowed back on the streets to terrorize us all with their driving without a license or smoking devil weed.

And since the Sheriff's Office was absolutely certain Brown was a dangerous criminal alien, they didn't simply ignore his insistence he was born in Philly (and his distinct lack of Jamaican accent), they also completely ignored the attempts by a friend of Brown to show a copy of Brown's birth certificate or to convince them they had the wrong guy:

[An] online inmate locator, viewed by Brown's friend, included eyebrow-raising information. By its account, Brown stood 7 feet tall, when in fact he is no more than 5-foot-7. It also listed an incorrect birthday. When his friend called the jail to say they had the wrong man, officers told her the only option was to inform ICE.

Oh, but the jail staff didn't just ignore Brown's accurate claim he was a citizen -- they taunted him about it, because everyone knows the jails are full of innocent people. One sang the theme from "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," because "In west Philadelphia born and raised..." is what passed for sharp wit to use at a stupid lying illegal Jamaican. For a variation, another member of the jail staff adopted a fake Jamaican accent and said, "Yeah, whatever mon, everything's gonna be alright." The complaint doesn't specify whether the jailer also sang like Bob Marley, but wouldn't that have been a hoot?

Brown also filed a whole series of written complaints, including this one reproduced by the ACLU's blog post on the lawsuit. Hey, not our problem, said the sheriff's office. We're gonna hold you no matter whether the ICE request is valid or not, and the validity of your detention is "between you, your attorney, and ICE."

Due process? We don't have to show you no stinking due process. Frankly, we're astonished that virtually none of the press coverage of Brown's case has made more of the fact that this is the second time he's been falsely accused of being a "criminal alien" -- he says over 20 years ago, in New Jersey, he was arrested by INS -- the predecessor to ICE -- then "harassed and questioned all day," then unceremoniously left outside with a "whoops, sorry, wrong person." Hey, man, everyone has a story. Enjoy prison in Jamaica and say hi to Jimmy Buffet if you see him, har har.

Not surprisingly, even after the judge in his parole case ordered Brown's release, Monroe County refused to let him go. Instead, the sheriff's office rearrested him under the BOA, and held him for ICE, keeping the community safe from an American citizen.

Once he was finally sent off to an ICE facility (it was during that transfer that the witty deputy teased him with the fake Jamaican accent), somebody finally decided maybe they had the wrong, much shorter black man: At the Krome Detention Center in Miami,

Brown told ICE agents that he was a U.S. citizen, and they agreed to look at his birth certificate. His roommate emailed the document to an officer, the complaint reports, at which point the agency "hastily arranged for his release."

But wait! There was still time for one last bit of fuckery, according to the lawsuit: "Before he left, they confiscated all the documents they had given him regarding his impending deportation." Wouldn't want a paper trail documenting a tremendous screwup, heavens no.

As the Washington Post notes, this sort of insane indifference to due process and even very basic police work isn't unique to Brown's case:

Brown is hardly the only U.S. citizen to face the threat of deportation. A Syracuse University study published in 2013 used ICE records to determine that the agency had placed detainers on 834 U.S. citizens over just a four-year period.

In another detail that's gotten little attention, the ACLU's complaint even points out the Monroe County Sheriff's Office "recently held at least one other U.S. citizen for ICE" [our emphasis], but even after that incident, Sheriff Ramsay had "failed to implement any policies or training to ensure he has probable cause" when detaining people for ICE. Instead, the office's official policy is simply to hold everyone ICE asks to detain, no matter what.

The lawsuit -- which names only Ramsey in his role as sheriff -- seeks a declaration that Brown's rights were violated, as well as unspecified damages and payment of his attorneys' fees. Yr Wonkette hopes The US District Court for the Southern District throws the book at 'em. And this book, too.

[ACLU blog / Brown v. Ramsay complaint / Miami Herald / WaPo]

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          La verdadera Miami detrás de la fachada.      Cache   Translate Page      
Por Arthur González. No son pocos los que desde Miami critican y acusa a la Revolución cubana por el nivel de vida de los ancianos, obviando lo que realmente sucede a diario con los que residen en esa ciudad, en … Sigue leyendo
           Naked straight asian gay snapchat Riding Around Miami For Cock To Suck!       Cache   Translate Page      

Riding Around Miami For Cock To Suck! Naked straight asian gay snapchat Riding Around Miami For Cock To Suck!

          Hijo de presidente electo de Brasil, alegre junto a terrorista en Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Eduardo Nantes Bolsonaro, hijo de Jair Bolsonaro, presidente electo de Brasil, luce sonriente en una foto junto al terrorista Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, quien aboga por la llamada “desobediencia civil” en Cuba y ha estado relacionado en acciones directas contra este país.
          Eurodiputada al servicio de Estados Unidos      Cache   Translate Page      
Beatriz Becerra, eurodiputada española, siguiendo los dictados de Washington y de la mafia terrorista de Miami, reclamó a la Alta Representante de la Unión Europea para la Política Exterior, Federica Mogherini, que garantice los derechos humanos de las “Damas” de Blanco y otros asalariados de los yanquis en Cuba.
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  1. Body found in Costa Rica ID'd as Carla Stefaniak  Fox 4
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  3. Family Confirms Body Found In Costa Rica Is Missing South Florida Woman  CBS Miami
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          Mavericks wygrywają u siebie ósmy raz z rzędu. Najlepszy wynik od 2011 roku      Cache   Translate Page      

Kolejne zwycięstwo Dallas Mavericks u siebie. Tym razem drużyna z Teksasu pokonała Portland Trail Blazers 111:102. To już ósma z rzędu domowa wygrana Dallas. Tak dobry wynik osiągnęli ostatnio w swoim mistrzowskim sezonie w 2011 roku.

21 punktów zdobył Luka Doncić. 17 dołożył Wesley Matthews. Dla Mavs jest to dziewiąta wygrana w ostatnich 11 meczach.

- Być taką drużyną, jaką chcemy być, musimy wygrywać mecze u siebie. Nasza uważna gra w obronie to jest to, co naprawdę nam pomaga - powiedział Matthews.

Faktycznie defensywa Dallas sprawiła sporo problemów liderom Blazers. Damian Lillard zdobył 33 punkty, ale trafi 10 z 22 rzutów z gry i 2 z 8 za trzy punkty. Trafił natomiast 11 na 12 rzutów wolnych. Natomiast C.J. McCollum dołożył 18 "oczek", trafiając zaledwie 7 z 19 rzutów.

- Nasi zawodnicy wykonali świetną pracę realizując założenia gry w defensywie. Plan na te spotkanie nie był łatwy, ponieważ muliliśmy biegać za zawodnikami, którzy znajdują się daleko od kosza - podkreślił Rick Carlisle, trener Mavs. Jego podopieczni zajmują siódme miejsce w Konferencji Zachodniej z bilansem 12-10. W następnym spotkaniu zmierzą się na wyjeździe z New Orleans Pelicans.

- Ten mecz był bardzo podobny do dwóch naszych poprzednich. Mieliśmy słaby początek, byliśmy trochę przybici w przerwie, wróciliśmy do gry w drugiej połowie i ostatecznie przegraliśmy. Już chyba wszyscy jesteśmy tym zmęczeni - przyznał Terry Stotts, szkoleniowiec Blazers. Zespół z Oregonu plasuje się na ósmej pozycji z 13 zwycięstwami i 11 porażkami. Jego kolejnym przeciwnikiem będzie z Phoenix Suns.

Wyniki wtorkowych meczów NBA:

Dallas Mavericks - Portland Trail Blazers 111:102
Doncić 21, Matthews 17 - Lillard 33, McCollum 18.

Indiana Pacers - Chicago Bulls 96:90
Collison 23, Turner 18 - Markkanen 21, Holiday 15.

Miami Heat - Orlando Magic 90:105
Winslow 14, Olynyk 13 - Gordon 20, Vucević 19, Ross 19.

Utah Jazz - San Antonio Spurs 139:105
Mitchell 20, Gobert 18 - Poeltl 20, Aldridge 16, DeRozan 16.

Phoenix Suns - Sacramento Kings 105:122
Melton 21, Jackson 14, Ariza 14 - Hield 20, Fox 16.

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Law Firm Marketing in 2019 is going to be all about putting yourself in front of the client—the challenge is how to know where the client is looking for the types of services that you offer. Over the past several years, I’ve helped many law firms with their marketing efforts. What I’ve learned during this time is that law firm ...

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From Plan Do See - Wed, 28 Nov 2018 21:13:59 GMT - View all Miami Beach, FL jobs
          Food & Beverage Outlets Manager - SLS Brickell Hotel - sbe Entertainment Group - Miami, FL      Cache   Translate Page      
Proficiency in Micros POS system and OpenTable not required, but strongly preferred. A global tribe of individuals, partners and progressives, devoted to...
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          Booking Engine Subject Matter Expert [Remote] - Zeek Interactive - Miami, FL      Cache   Translate Page      
Airbnb, OpenTable, ZocDoc, Expedia,,, or other booking engine businesses. A significant contributor or role in a prior booking business...
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          Restaurant Manager - Nikki Beach - Miami, FL      Cache   Translate Page      
Familiarity with restaurant management software, like OpenTable and Triple Seat. Nikki Beach Miami*....
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          Private Dining Sales Manager - North Italia - Miami, FL      Cache   Translate Page      
Understand POS systems and OpenTable (or other digital/online reservation systems). PRIVATE DINING SALES MANAGER....
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          Concierge/Hostess - Planta - Miami, FL      Cache   Translate Page      
Planta is seeking a friendly, talented, and hardworking individual for the position of *_Hostess/Concierge._*The Hostess/Concierge will create an unparalleled...
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          Host/hostess - Batch Gastropub (Brickell) - Miami, FL      Cache   Translate Page      
Opentable table knowledge is a plus but willing to train . We have host/hostess positions available....
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          Private Dining Sales Manager - Fox Restaurant Concepts - Miami, FL      Cache   Translate Page      
Understand POS systems and OpenTable (or other digital/online reservation systems). PRIVATE DINING SALES MANAGER....
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          Florida Students to Speak with First Cuban-American Astronaut on Space Station      Cache   Translate Page      

Elementary school students from Florida will talk live this week with the first Cuban-American astronaut to live and work aboard the  International Space Station. The Earth-to-space call will air live on NASA Television and the agency's  website. NASA astronaut  Serena Auñón-Chancellor will answer questions from students at The Mandelstam School in South Miami at 11:45 a.m. EST Friday, Dec. 7. Students and staff from St. Thomas Episcopal School, which is also in South Miami, will attend....

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          Knight Foundation invests $37 million in Miami arts, bringing its total arts funding in the city to $165 million since 2005, supports growth of Miami as a force for arts and culture      Cache   Translate Page      

Knight releases  multi-year study  assessing Miami's arts ecosystem In a dramatic expansion of the way it funds the arts in South Florida, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announced $37 million in new funding for arts organizations, many of them mid-sized groups that fill out Miami's arts ecosystem. The commitment brings to $165 million the amount Knight has invested since 2005 to make art general in Miami. Knight also announced the five winners of the inaugural Knight Ne...

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          Top DFS Plays Week 14: Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins A Lethal Combo      Cache   Translate Page      
Houston is riding the league's longest active winning streak and their quarterback is a big reason why. He could light up this weekend.
          $60M investment and 90+ jobs: OhioHealth teams with for-profit concierge for senior care      Cache   Translate Page      
OhioHealth Corp. is teaming up with a for-profit practice that specializes in concierge-like healthcare for low-income, chronically ill seniors. The first clinics are expected to open next fall in Hilltop, East Side and Linden or northeast Columbus. It's the first joint venture with a nonprofit health system for Miami-based ChenMed LLC, which has been financed in other markets by a social enterprise-focused private equity fund and deals with insurers. “We do expect going forward this will serve… (Source: Health Care:Pharmaceuticals headlines)
          What to know about the hepatitis A vaccine - WLWT Cincinnati      Cache   Translate Page      
What to know about the hepatitis A vaccine  WLWT Cincinnati

At Days Miami Heights Pharmacy off Bridgetown Road, customers are increasingly asking about the hepatitis A vaccine, something many people had never ...

          Hamilton County bakery worker diagnosed with hepatitis A - WKRC TV Cincinnati      Cache   Translate Page      
Hamilton County bakery worker diagnosed with hepatitis A  WKRC TV Cincinnati

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - Hamilton County Public Health says a bakery worker in Miami Township has been diagnosed with hepatitis A. As a ...

          Giancarlo Stanton’s Home Run Makes Andrew McCutchen’s Jaw Drop      Cache   Translate Page      

If you watched the Home Run Derby last night (after about an hour long rain delay), you know the type of performance that the Miami Marlin’s Giancarlo Stanton put on. Even though Yoenis Cespedes ended winning the whole competition, Stanton hit some of the farthest home runs of the night last night during the derby, and one in particular made Andrew McCutchen’s jaw drop. I think you know the one I’m talking about, and if you don’t, there’s a video below and it’s a pretty great watch. This video, this moment really, represents why I still love the Home Run

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          El tráiler de “Nunca más balseros”, una historia con testimonios desgarradores se exhibe en la Muestra de Cine de Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Como parte de la semana de Art Basel en Miami, en el Downtown Miami Convention Center, ubicado en el James L. Knight International Center hasta mañana miércoles 5 de diciembre, se presentan 12 cortometrajes en la Muestra de Cine de Miami (Miami Film Show), uno de ellos es el tráiler de Nunca más balseros, un […]
          Miami Dade aumentará el precio de las multas de estacionamiento para el próximo año      Cache   Translate Page      
Miami-Dade planea un aumento de casi el 80 por ciento en multas de estacionamiento en todo el condado el próximo año, en un intento por recaudar más dólares para el sistema de secretarios judiciales y reprimir a los delincuentes, reportó el Miami Herald. La Comisión del Condado aprobó el martes una ordenanza que actualiza las […]
          Una turista es agredida sexualmente en un hotel cerca del Aeropuerto de Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
La policía del condado de Miami-Dade está buscando a un hombre que forzó su entrada a la habitación de un hotel de una mujer el lunes y la agredió sexualmente, recogió Local 10 News. El detective Álvaro Zabaleta, portavoz del Departamento de Policía de Miami-Dade, dijo que el incidente ocurrió justo después del mediodía del […]
          Faculty Profile: Professor Researching on Climate Gentrification and Community Resilience in Miami      Cache   Translate Page      
Faculty Profile: Professor Researching on Climate Gentrification and Community Resilience in MiamiMoses Shumow (PhD University of Miami) is an associate professor of Journalism and Media at Florida International University. He is co-author of “News, Neoliberalism, and Miami’s Fragmented Urban Space” (Lexington Books) on Miami’s racial, ethnic and class informational divide, and his research on media, geography, migration, race, and development has been published in peer-reviewed journals, including Journalism, Journalism […]
          Sasquatch-Like Alien Abducted Me      Cache   Translate Page      

Châteauguay, Quebec, Canada - 1976-08-07: At the age of 6, experiences which I have now come to suspect as being abduction experiences, occurred with terrifying frequency. For many decades I was convinced that they were nothing more than a recurring nightmare, but now I am not so sure.

The experience begins after I am put to bed, in spite of my protests that leaving me alone in my bedroom would result in harm to me by unknown entities. Shortly after being put to bed, the red eyes would appear right outside of my bedroom window. They seemed to hang there, though I was never once able to make out any physical body which housed these terrifying eyes. Though I have memories of these eyes communicating with me, in spite of their lack of a mouth. Sometimes, they would be reassuring, and other times they were terrifying in their cold, calculatedness. I would always fight the desire to sleep, because I somehow knew that the eyes were waiting for me to fall asleep before they would be able to interfere with me. I was never once able to avoid falling asleep, though I tried valiantly.

Inevitably, my eyelids would begin to droop, and before long, I was being carried in the arms of a Sasquatch-like being, whose arms and legs were covered in thick, black fur. I do not recall being able to discern any facial features of the creature as every time I tried to make eye contact, it was if my mind blurred out the terrifying face, I should have been able to see. I also do not remember there being any foul stench, as normally associated with Sasquatch. I would then be carried out of my bedroom, and down the stairs to the landing at the main floor where the kitchen, the living room, and the hallway which leads to the front door, meet.

Once there I am frantically looking around as I am screaming in terror for someone, anyone to save me, though I distinctly remember not being able to get away from the beast, no matter how I tried. I was able however, to gain a fairly good peripheral view of my surroundings. I noted that the entire family is seated in the living room, in the middle of the night, and in various stages of undress, and they seemed to be playing cards. Which has led me to believe that they were engaged in a game of strip poker.

Every member of that staunchly catholic, and severely sexually repressed family was seated there half naked or more, and fully engaged in a game of cards, from my grandmother, right to my 6-year-old sister. All were slowly stripping down, garment by garment. All were oblivious to what was happening to me, as they focused intently on their card game. I screamed and screamed, but no one gave even the slightest indication that they could even hear me, much less respond. then the beast turned right to exit the front door.

This is where it varies on occasion. sometimes it ends abruptly with the opening of the screen door, and others it ended with me being handed off to something I could not see which carried me up the ladder into some sort of craft, which I also could not see. It felt as though my body was being fully supported at all pressure points by an unseen force. Later on, as these experiences continued, I remember being whisked into a blindingly white room onto a bed. I do not remember the facial features of the beings in that room with me, as I was never able to see any faces clearly. It was like they were always blurred out. I could see every other detail perfectly, but never their faces. I remember them taking something out of my head, through my right nostril. They only did this once that I recall.

I remember waking up the next morning with an unexplained nosebleed. Nosebleeds are not something I have ever had, before, nor since. - MUFON


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