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          China’s Djibouti Base: A One Year Update      Cache   Translate Page      
China's first overseas military base provides an interesting test case for its global ambitions.
          Casertana, Blondett torna a Natale! In panchina importanti novità per mister Esposito      Cache   Translate Page      

Errare è umano, perseverare diabolico. Blondett ci ricasca e becca altre tre giornate di squalifica.

L'articolo Casertana, Blondett torna a Natale! In panchina importanti novità per mister Esposito proviene da

          China’s Great Social Credit Leap Forward      Cache   Translate Page      
The party-state may find that even when surveillance solutions scale, so do data problems.
          How major US stock indexes fared Tuesday      Cache   Translate Page      
Stocks tumbled Tuesday, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average down almost 800 points, as investors worried that a U.S.-China trade truce reached over the weekend wasn't all it was cracked up to be.Bond prices soared, sending...
          Dow sinks nearly 800 points as trade truce enthusiasm fades      Cache   Translate Page      

That was fast. Wall Street's enthusiasm for the US-China trade truce has completely vanished.

The Dow dropped as much as 805 points, or 3%, on Tuesday. It was recently down more than 700 points.

The S&P 500 declined 2.5%, while the Nasdaq tumbled 3%.

Big tech stocks fell sharply. Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN) and Alphabet (GOOGL) lost more than 3% apiece.

The selloff wipes out Monday's 288-point jump on the Dow. That rally had been fueled by relief over the ceasefire between the United States and China on the trade front.

But investors are quickly realizing that the US-China trade war is not over. The tariffs already put in place remain. And new tariffs could be implemented if the two sides fail to make progress.

"People are still very concerned about the trade war," said Dan Suzuki, portfolio strategist at Richard Bernstein Advisors. "Financial markets are increasingly showing signs of fear of a recession."

President Donald Trump did not help Wall Street's trade war worries on Tuesday. Trump said that he would "happily" sign a fair deal with China but also left open the possibility that the talks will fail.

"President Xi and I want this deal to happen, and it probably will," Trump tweeted. "But if not remember... I am a Tariff Man."

Those words aren't likely to bolster confidence among investors already worried about the negative consequences of the trade war. Steel and aluminum tariffs have lifted raw material costs and caused disarray in supply chains. And uncertainty about trade policy makes it very difficult for companies to make investment decisions.

"This tariff situation still looms large over the market," said JJ Kinahan, chief market strategist at TD Ameritrade.

Recession gauge flashes yellow

Investors have also grown very worried in recent days about fluctuations in the bond market. The gap between short and long-term Treasury rates has narrowed significantly this week. Before almost every recession, the yield curve has inverted, meaning short-term rates are higher than long-term ones.

The gap between the 10-year and two-year Treasury yields dropped on Tuesday to the smallest since just before the Great Recession. And the less closely watched gap between three and five-year Treasury yields inverted on Monday.

"Inversion is usually the first sign of an economic slowdown," said Kinahan. He cautioned that further evidence is needed and signs of a recession are not evident in corporate earnings.

The tightening yield curve reflects fears about a growth slowdown and concerns about whether the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates more quickly than the economy can handle. Fed chief Jerome Powell gave a speech last week that investors interpreted as signaling the central bank could slow its rate hikes. However, there is a debate over whether Powell really was telegraphing a sudden change.

Barry Bannister, head of institutional equity strategy at Stifel, predicts the Fed will pause its rate hikes because it has already made monetary policy too tight. He pointed to the slowdown in the housing market caused by higher mortgage rates.

"It's playing with fire to be too tight and risk an inversion because you don't know what the outcome will be," Bannister told reporters on Tuesday. "Even if the Fed pauses, they may have already done too much."

Banks tumble

A flattening yield curve and slowing economic growth hurt the profitability of banks.

The financial sector was the second-worst performer in the S&P 500 on Tuesday. Bank of America (BAC), Morgan Stanley (MS) Citigroup (C) and Wells Fargo (WFC) declined more than 4% apiece.

S&P Global Ratings warned in a report published on Tuesday that "signs of cooling could be emerging" in the US economy. The credit ratings firm raised its odds of a recession in the next 12 months to 15% to 20%, up from 10% to 15% in August. Citing higher interest rates and the fading impact of tax cuts, S&P expects US GDP growth to slow from 2.9% this year to 1.8% in 2020.

"This cycle is either in--or fast-approaching--its latter stages," S&P said.

But Suzuki cautioned that the markets could be overreacting. He pointed to strong corporate profits and the fact that the yield curve has not yet inverted.

"We don't see signs of an impending recession," Suzuki said. "There is a widening gap between market fear of a deterioration in the fundamentals and the actual fundamentals themselves."

           Comment on China says U.S., China working toward removing all tariffs by Steve       Cache   Translate Page      
Trump is desperate trying to boost US domestic economy or he will soon feel the boot. Trump's support base is drying up. Maybe his trade advisers are day dreaming of a duty free America. America needs China to remain competitive. Made in America is kaput.
           Comment on China says U.S., China working toward removing all tariffs by Simon       Cache   Translate Page      
The tarrifs were put in place by Trump to stop Made in China 2020. Even a reduction of trade deficit to zero which everyone knows is impossible to achieves and even if it could would take many years long after Trump dies. Yet they are now working to towards removing all tarrifs. Trump has lost this trade war for sure.
           Comment on White House adviser expects China’s tariffs on U.S. autos to fall to zero by Simon       Cache   Translate Page      
In his dreams. China impose 15% tarrifs on all import of cars and 40% on American cars. The best Chna can offer is 25% and this will drop to 15% when the Yanks lift tarrifs on Chinese imports.
          Manager, China Business Development - Noble Apex Advisors Limited      Cache   Translate Page      
Salary: Salary negotiable, ---- yr of exp, posted on 04 Dec 2018 11:25:00
           Comment on Panama, China sign accords on Xi visit after diplomatic ties start by Simon       Cache   Translate Page      
America support the One China Policy officially does not recognise Taiwan yet opposes the independent decision of countries which severe recognition of Taiwan.
           Comment on Panama, China sign accords on Xi visit after diplomatic ties start by Steve       Cache   Translate Page      
I certainly hope these countries in the LatAm and Caribbean region are not dole-bludgers, non reimbursable bludgers, infrastructure bludgers and aid bludgers by pivoting to China.
           Comment on China says U.S., China working toward removing all tariffs by Steve       Cache   Translate Page      
What a bunch of intelligent mongrels. I thought Trump and his gang of trade terrorist pointing a double barrel shotgun at China to pay up or surrender. Guess What - Its only a pea shooter or a gun that shoots a white flag with 'bang' written on it. What a bunch silly mongrels. Act tough talk tough, but at the end of the day cant walk the walk, talk the talk.
          Assistant Manager to Senior Manager, Model Validation (Ref: RMD-MV-SH-JDB) - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited      Cache   Translate Page      
Salary: Salary negotiable, ---- yr of exp, posted on 04 Dec 2018 11:17:00
           Comment on U.S., China agree trade war ceasefire after Trump, Xi summit by Joseph       Cache   Translate Page      
I do not think China needs 90 days to find alternative markets. Even the grill sirloins served on that Xi-Trump dinner was Brazilian beef, the alternative source of China's beef imports, at the cost of American beef export to China.
          Senior Manager/Manager, Basel Project (Ref: RMD-BP-SH-JDB) - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited      Cache   Translate Page      
Salary: Salary provided, 3 yr of exp, posted on 04 Dec 2018 11:17:00
          Assistant Manager to Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Management Department - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited      Cache   Translate Page      
Salary: Salary provided, 5 yr of exp, posted on 04 Dec 2018 11:17:00
          ミャンマーのMPU、中国の銀聯と提携で国際カードを発行。      Cache   Translate Page      

アジア経済ニュースNNA ASIAは2018年12月03日に、ミャンマーの新聞「ミッジマ(Mid Gema/電子版)」は、ミャンマー中央銀行主導の決済機関MPU(Myanmar Payment Union/ミャンマー・ペイメント・ユニオン)は、中国のクレジットカード大手銀聯(China Union Pay/チャイナ・ユニオンペイ)の海外決済部門、銀聯国際(Union Pay International/ユニオンペイ・インターナショナル)と提携し、海外で利用可能な「MPU銀聯プラチナムデビットカード(MPU UnionPay Platinum Debit Card)」の発行を開始したと報告した。

カードはMAB(Myanmar Apex Bank/ミャンマー・エーペックス銀行)と銀聯国際が共同で発行する。

MPUのゲイリー・フォン(Gary Voon)取締役副社長(個人顧客担当)は11月27日に最大都市ヤンゴンで開いた発表式典で、「世界170カ国・地域の店舗での支払いのほか、現金自動預払機(ATM)260万カ所での現金引き出しに使用できる」と説明した。
           Comment on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Be Rich but No Extravagance by Steve       Cache   Translate Page      
China's current literacy rate among adults is 98%+ and 96%+ from 15 years. Prior to 1976 it was barely 30%. Education plays the most important role in a country's politics. As long as everyone is educated there won't be a repeat of the cultural revolution, stable politics, no civil war lesser conflict of interest. Greed and jealous is common to the human race.
          Manager to Senior Manager, Retail Modeling Team (Ref: RMD-RM-SH-JDB) - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited      Cache   Translate Page      
Salary: Salary provided, 5 yr of exp, posted on 04 Dec 2018 11:17:00
           Comment on U.S., China agree trade war ceasefire after Trump, Xi summit by Steve       Cache   Translate Page      
Excellent - people talk about Thucydides trap, a power strategy where the dominant military subdues the rising power. This is irrelevant. China's rising power is not just economy but politically and militarily governed by autocracy or socialism, a one party government that over a period of time will subdue a western style multi party democracy. Most of US or western governance are de-centralised delegated to smaller authorities. China has a centralised governance where decision making are kept at the hierarchical level. US current decentralisation is the cause of political and economic decline. China is laughing all the way into US treasury debt ownership.
          Tencent Music Announces Potential Pricing in Massive IPO      Cache   Translate Page      
Tencent Music Entertainment Group has filed … company is the largest online music entertainment platform in China, operating … the top four music mobile apps in terms of … the Tencent’s online music, online karaoke and music-centric live streaming …
          IPO Update: Tencent Music Entertainment Files Terms For $1.1 Billion IPO      Cache   Translate Page      
… Tencent Music, previously known as China Music Corporation … with music on an online music entertainment … Tencent Music has developed a digital music entertainment … music services in China include: Ali Music Group (BABA) NetEase Music (NTES) Baidu Music
          What Deal Did Trump and Xi Strike at the G20?      Cache   Translate Page      
What Deal Did Trump and Xi Strike at the G20?The U.S. and Chinese presidents talked about trade and tariffs when they met in Buenos Aires. What is the view from China?
          Comment on Chat by Disinvited      Cache   Translate Page      
CmdrR, The Earth was always perishing from greed. From the moment of my coming into existence, Ike warned of the goals of the military industrial business complex being at odds with my security needs both locally immediate and global. But this particular bit of minutia has been with me almost as long since my matriculation in the parochial school system. It always annoyed and bothered me how this incomplete rendition of the award winning 1949 performance of this song kept creeping onto "Christmas" song lists to the point that people now identify it as such. I mean it was more than obvious that it was something that held some fascination for the male dominated radio airwaves management of the decade after its award - not something that was in any way particularly evocative of Christmas or winter holiday time. And the real crime against women in this song's holiday airplay is that of all the people that sing this tune in the NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER award-winning performance, Betty Garrett's performance far outshines them all and NEVER gets airplay - wrecking whatever value it may have had as a comedic "holiday" novelty tune in the vein of say, the Chipmunk's Christmas song in shining an illuminating light on the nonsense of the "wolf" part. And I just learned Loesser wrote the song for his wife who was furious he sold the song to the movie "I felt as betrayed as if I'd caught him in bed with another woman. I kept saying ''Esther Williams and Ricardo Mental-ban!!!''" -- Lynn Garland [Loesser's wife] On September 2 of 1999 the NYT reported in an Esther Williams' interview this was brought about because: ''In ''Neptune's Daughter,'' with Ricardo Montalban, she [Esther Williams] was supposed to sing Frank Loesser's ''I'd Love to Get You (On a Slow Boat to China)'' but the MGM censors decided that ''get'' meant ''have'' and banned the song. ''So then I [Esther Williams] went to Frank and said, 'Have you got anything else?''' -- 'AT HOME WITH: Esther Williams' By TODD S. PURDUM, NYT, SEPT. 2, 1999 And for good measure, here's a link to an article from 2015 showing the issue with the song as a supposed Christmas tune is not new, i.e. me too:
          Vetralla, due giovani denunciati per droga      Cache   Translate Page      

Denunciati dai carabinieri della stazione di Vetralla, due giovani sorpresi con 10 grammi di cocaina Ieri sera i carabinieri della stazione di Vetralla , durante un servizio perlustrativo per il controllo del territorio, hanno deciso di fermare un’ auto a bordo della quale viaggiavano due giovani, poiché insospettiti dal loro atteggiamento alla vista della macchina […]

L'articolo Vetralla, due giovani denunciati per droga è stato pubblicato su OnTuscia Quotidiano Viterbo e provincia.

          Dow plunges 799 points on trade, slowdown fears - CNN      Cache   Translate Page      
Dow plunges 799 points on trade, slowdown fears  CNN

That was fast. Wall Street's enthusiasm for the US-China trade truce has completely vanished.

          Dow Jones Industrial Average Slides 100 Points as White House Dashes Trade War Resolution - Money Morning      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Dow Jones Industrial Average Slides 100 Points as White House Dashes Trade War Resolution  Money Morning
  2. Dow Tumbles Nearly 800 Points as Trade Jitters Return  Wall Street Journal
  3. US stocks drop 800 points as investors scrutinise Trump-Xi meeting details  South China Morning Post
  4. Dow plummets 800 points over economic, trade concerns | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Dow Falls 799 on Doubts About China Trade Deal, Fears of Slowing U.S. Growth
  6. View full coverage on Google News

          Covering international development: Interview with the Faces2Hearts bloggers by EuropeAid      Cache   Translate Page      

If you are passionate about travel blogging and international development, you might have heard of the Faces2Hearts project of EuropeAid, the EU's International Cooperation and Development department, operating within the European Commission. Four young photographers and bloggers - Ellie Tomassi from Italy, Jean Luc Habimana from Rwanda, Lauren Kana Chan from China and Japan, and Ariel Contreras from the Dominican Republic were chosen this year by the European Commission to travel for five months in Africa, Latin America and Asia to report on EU-funded development projects in those areas, through blog posts, videos and social media.

- Global Affairs
          Rumours Claim The Chinese 'CRISPR Babies' Scientist Has Gone Missing - ScienceAlert      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Rumours Claim The Chinese 'CRISPR Babies' Scientist Has Gone Missing  ScienceAlert
  2. Chinese scientist who claimed gene-editing success now missing: report | TheHill  The Hill
  3. Reports: Chinese researcher who claimed to have gene-edited babies goes missing  SFGate
  4. Scientists knew about plans for gene-edited babies and did nothing to stop them  New York Post
  5. He Jiankui, scientist who gene-edited 'Crispr babies', detained in China  Boing Boing
  6. View full coverage on Google News

          Xi arrives in Portugal to boost trade ties      Cache   Translate Page      

Xi arrives in Portugal to boost trade tiesChinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Portugal on Tuesday for a two-day visit to boost economic ties, despite concern in some EU capitals over China's growing influence across the continent. The initiative offers loans to build railways, roads and ports across Asia, Europe and Africa. "Portugal is an important hub in the land and maritime silk routes," Xi said.

          Wall Street dives on angst over growth, US-China truce      Cache   Translate Page      

Wall Street dives on angst over growth, US-China truceWall Street stocks plunged Tuesday on worries about US economic growth and revived doubts about trade wars as the Trump administration sent mixed signals on their detente with China. A day after global stocks rallied on a weekend US-China announcement suspending new tariffs, international markets mostly pulled back as investor focus shifted to the lack of concrete progress in reaching a long-term agreement to the dispute. "Can the US and China really resolve their differences in 90 days?" asked Rodrigo Catril, senior strategist at National Australia Bank.

          Why 'Crazy Rich Asians' Missed The Mark In China's Box Offices      Cache   Translate Page      
Crazy Rich Asians had a crazy bad opening weekend in China. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz about why the movie doesn't translate well.
          operatore di macchina - Randstad - Ragusa, Sicilia      Cache   Translate Page      
descrizione Ricerchiamo per importante azienda cliente operatore di macchina. responsabilità La risorsa sarà inserita in produzione e si occuperà della...
Da Randstad - Tue, 27 Nov 2018 16:52:49 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Ragusa, Sicilia
          Council On Foreign Relations President Says He Sees Recurring Theme In Trump's Policy      Cache   Translate Page      
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, about what President Trump's meeting with China's President Xi says about Trump's foreign policy.
          'Tariff man' Trump stokes uncertainty about US-China trade war      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump on Tuesday said a trade deal with China would probably happen, but then described himself as as a "tariff man".
          Trump building new 'liberal' order to block Russia, China: Pompeo      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump's top diplomat promised a new democratic world order in which Washington will strengthen or jettison international agreements as it sees fit.
          Fortificaciones en la antigua guerra de China »Aegina» Esquilo »Orígenes e historia      Cache   Translate Page      

          Arqueros en la antigua guerra de China › Agamenón › Agathocles of Syracuse » Orígenes e Historia      Cache   Translate Page      

           Armadura en la antigua guerra de China › Agesilaus II › Agni » Orígenes e Historia       Cache   Translate Page      

          Le grand livre des énigmes Escape Game      Cache   Translate Page      


Guide (broché). Paru en 11/2018

Le grand livre des énigmes Escape Game

James Hamer Morton

10 pièces, 1 seule issue Echappez aux terribles machinations de la Wexell Corporation et déjouez ses pièges en un temps limité ! 10 pièces vous attendent : vous devrez résoudre les énigmes de chaque pièce pour accéder à la suivante. -Des énigmes variées -Une variable temps pour pimenter la difficulté du jeu -Pour jouer en solo ou en groupe -Un auteur expert en escape game, co-fondateur de Deadlocked Rooms au Royaume-Uni

          Caballería en la antigua guerra de China › Ágora › Agrigento » Orígenes e Historia       Cache   Translate Page      

          Espadas en la antigua guerra de China › Ahuitzotl › Ahura Mazda » Orígenes e Historia      Cache   Translate Page      

          Foxconn erwägt iPhone-Fabrik in Vietnam zu bauen, um Strafzölle zu vermeiden      Cache   Translate Page      
Sollte der anhaltende Handelskrieg zwischen China und den USA eskalieren, wäre Foxconn mit seinen Fabriken in China einer der leidtragenden Hersteller. Somit bereitet sich Apples größter Zulieferpartner auf einen alternativen Produktionsort vor, der aller Voraussicht in der südostasiatischen Region entstehen soll, wobei Vietnam derzeit der heißeste Kandidat hierfür ist. Foxconn will mit iPhone-Werk umziehen Während Apple […]
          Zi de sărbătoare în Salina din Târgu-Ocna      Cache   Translate Page      

Zilele de bucurie și de sărbătoare din Protoieria Onești prilejuite de împlinirea a 100 de ani de la Marea Unire de la Alba Iulia din 1918 și-au găsit continuitate în Salina de la Târgu-Ocna, unde preoți și credincioși, uniți într-un cuget și într-o simțire, au retrăit momente binecuvântate, momente simțite în locașurile de închinare din […]

Articolul Zi de sărbătoare în Salina din Târgu-Ocna apare prima dată în Deșteptarea- Ziarul Bacăului.

          Chondroitin Sulfate ( bovine ,shark,pork 90%-100%)      Cache   Translate Page      
Chinabiochem () Outlook com Feature Products Chondroitin Sulfate is a glycosaminoglycan extracted from porcinebovinechickenand shark cartilage. It is used for the auxiliary treatment of neural-hea...Qufu Guanglong Biochemical Factory
          Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) - The World in U.S. Courts: Summer-Fall 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Humphrey v. Glaxosmithkline PLC, US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, September 26, 2018 - The plaintiffs founded an investigations firm that counseled "foreign" firms doing business in China regarding American anti-bribery regulations...
By: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
          Your Daily Dose of Financial News      Cache   Translate Page      
We’re glad the steak dinner went well, but we’re also still anxiously awaiting actual details about what exactly is covered by the pause in the US/China trade war....
By: Robins Kaplan LLP
          Why 'Crazy Rich Asians' Missed The Mark In China's Box Offices      Cache   Translate Page      
Crazy Rich Asians had a crazy bad opening weekend in China. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz about why the movie doesn't translate well.
          Dow Plummets 800 Over Growth, US-China Trade Fears      Cache   Translate Page      
Stocks plunged Tuesday ahead of a day of mourning honoring the late President George H.W. Bush.
          Taylor Ridge farmer weighs in on U.S.-China soybean trade truce      Cache   Translate Page      
"We can't bank on it until we see China step in and purchase U.S. beans," said Illinois farmer Phil Fuhr. "Then, we'll know it's for real."
          You Should Be Worrying about the Woman Shortage      Cache   Translate Page      

Women hold children's' hands as they wait to cross a street after school in downtown Shanghai September 12, 2014.

© 2014 Reuters

This month we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To mark the occasion, we have asked Human Rights Watch experts to reflect on some of the key human rights challenges in their area of specialty.

In the 80s and 90s, Newsweek Magazine delivered US women the cheery news that they were more likely to be killed by a terrorist than to find a husband after age 40. There were too many women—supposedly—and not enough men, and women were the losers. And, of course, staying single was a horrible fate.

The World Health Organization says the natural sex ratio at birth is about 105 boys to every 100 girls and its best to have equal numbers of men and women in a society. You need a few extra boys for balance, because men die earlier.

We are learning right now what happens when the sex ratio becomes wildly out of whack, through a huge unintended experiment. In the world’s two most populated countries—China and India—there is a serious woman shortage.

For example, for several decades in China, the most populated country in the world, sex ratios at birth have been much higher than 105, sometimes exceeding 120 boys for every 100 girls.  Many parts of India, the second most populated country, have also, for decades, had a sex ratio at birth significantly higher than 105. The consequence is that in those countries combined—which together have a population of about 2.73 billion—there are now an estimated 80 million extra men. “Nothing like this has happened in human history,” the Washington Post wrote in an April 2018 article.

In India, many families used sex-selective abortion to choose boys, prompting the passage of a law that made it illegal to screen for the sex of the fetus and conduct sex-selective abortions. In China, similar decisions were encouraged by the “one-child” policy in place from 1979 to 2015, which prompted many parents to decide that their sole child must be a boy.  

The common thread is gender discrimination—from garden-variety sexism to practical concerns about sons being more likely to financially support parents in old age and provide grandchildren, while daughters are expected to live with their in-laws—which is hardly unique to China and India. When women lack equal rights and patriarchy is deeply engrained, it is no surprise that parents choose to not to have daughters.

But there are consequences. For example, China now has a huge, and growing, gender gap among the generations most likely to be seeking a spouse—a bride shortage. Experts project that many of the extra men will never marry; others may go to extreme measures to do so.

The woman shortage is having harmful consequences in China and sometimes in neighboring countries. Human Rights Watch looked at one of those consequences for a report forthcoming in 2019 focused on bride-trafficking from Myanmar to China. In Myanmar’s Kachin and northern Shan states, bordering China, long-standing conflict escalated in recent years, displacing over 100,000 people. Traffickers prey on vulnerable women and girls, offering jobs in, and transport to, China. Then they sell them, for around $3,000 to $13,000, to Chinese families struggling to find brides for their sons. Once purchased, women and girls are typically locked in a room and raped repeatedly, with the goal of getting them pregnant quickly so they can provide a baby for the family. After giving birth, some are allowed to escape—but forced to leave their children behind.

There is evidence of similar patterns of bride migration and trafficking in Cambodia, North Korea, and Vietnam, and more may emerge from other countries bordering China. Importing women doesn’t solve the shortage—it spreads it.

Trafficking is only one consequence. The woman shortage has also been linked to other forms of violence against women. Other consequences include social instability, labor market distortions, and economic shifts.

There is irony here. When there are too many women, women lose. When there are too few women … women again lose. But the truth is we all lose. We know that skewed sex ratios are already having harmful consequences and we do not fully understand what other long-term consequences there may be for societies affected by these disparities.

China ended the “one-child” policy but continued restricting reproductive rights through a new “two-child” policy. It has banned sex-selective abortion. But such prohibitions are often both ineffective and a threat to women’s rights to access abortion and make their own reproductive choices.

China, India, and other affected countries need to act urgently to mitigate the effects of the woman shortage. They should carefully examine the consequences of the woman shortage, including links to trafficking and other forms of violence against women. More importantly, they need to do much more to tackle the fundamental cause of the demographic imbalance—gender discrimination and the distaste for daughters that it breeds.

          Shipping: "China trials LNG delivery via containership"      Cache   Translate Page      
          Trade Deal: China Will Continue To Import Only What It Wants/Needs      Cache   Translate Page      
          "China Is So Desperate for Pork That It's Buying American Again"      Cache   Translate Page      
          Trump is shaping new 'liberal' order to block Russia, China, Iran, says Pompeo      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump's top diplomat promised on Tuesday a new democratic world order in which Washington will strengthen or jettison international agreements as it sees fit to stop "bad actors" such as Russia, China and Iran from gaining.

          Offer - curly hairstyles - CHINA      Cache   Translate Page      
If wonderful hair is dry, there are very pertained to natural wellness items to lead you to resolve methods to. Component can effect your bad person. If your hair receives a related to damages, you have to heal it prior to it can be also end of the. When you loved this informative article and you wish to receive more info with regards to curly hairstyles generously visit our web site.
          The Guardian view on editing human DNA: a bad idea, and badly executed | Editorial      Cache   Translate Page      
A Chinese scientist has produced twins using the powerful gene-editing technology. This is pointless, dangerous and unethical

The Crispr/Cas9 technique of editing DNA is, by the standards of earlier methods, astonishingly quick and easy. It is not entirely reliable or accurate, but it places enormous potential power in the hands of ordinary scientists. It is also internationally widespread, and beyond the control of any single nation now. So reckless and unethical experiments were only to be expected; nonetheless, last week’s announcement by a Chinese scientist that he had altered the germlines of twin girls to modify a gene involved in the transmission of HIV was a profoundly worrying one, for several reasons.

The most important is that there is no medical reason for what he did. There is a vitally important difference between editing the genes which are present in a body and those which are present in sperm or eggs. With the first kind of modifications, the effects die with the bearer. With the second, they are passed, like mutations, down into future generations. Of course such mutations might in theory be entirely beneficial. But scientists don’t at the moment have nearly enough knowledge to judge whether this is true or even probable in practice. They’d need to know at least how any particular modified gene will perform over a lifetime, and, ideally, what effects it might have in subsequent generations.

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          U.S. still wants to negotiate global climate change issues      Cache   Translate Page      
Climate negotiators from nearly 200 countries are meeting in Poland to adopt a so-called rulebook for the Paris climate agreement that will set emissions reduction targets for countries, specify how those targets will be met and what information countries will have to share about their progress. It’s considered the most important climate meeting since the landmark agreement was reached three years ago. U.S. negotiators are at the current meeting, despite President Donald Trump's promise to pull the country out of the climate deal. So what exactly are U.S. negotiators pushing for at this meeting? And how far will they go? Elliot Diringer with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions said the United States has typically pushed for a lot of information sharing. “Historically, the U.S. has been the strongest counterweight to China, for instance, which has tended to resist stronger transparency requirements,” Diringer said. That position is unlikely to change under Trump, who said he
          Thương chiến Mỹ-Trung có thể bùng nổ sau 90 ngày      Cache   Translate Page

Sau bửa tiệc tối giữa TT Trump và Tập Cận Bình tại Argentina ngày 1 tháng 12 năm 2018 cả hai phái đoàn Mỹ-Tàu ra về đều cho là chiến thắng và ngưng thương chiến. Nhưng sự ngưng thương chiến này chẳng khác gì hai võ sĩ Boxing tạm ngưng hiệp đấu trên võ đài để chờ trận đấu tiếp.

Vấn đề then chốt đối đầu giữa Mỹ-Tàu là hai mặt trận “Made in China 2025” và “Một vành đai, Một con đường”. Mục đích cả hai kế sách này là Tàu Cộng tranh giành quyền lực với Mỹ trước thế kỷ thứ 21 về mặt kinh tế và quân sự. Điều này nhiều nhà phân tích trên thế giới đều có chung một nhận định là: nếu  không giải quyết tham vọng bá quyền của Tàu Cộng sớm thì Mỹ phải trả một giá rất đắt. Chi bằng Mỹ phải giải quyết sớm, đôi khi bất chiến tự nhiên thành.
Hai giờ rưởi đồng hồ ăn tối ở thủ đô Buenos Aires của Á Căn Đình (Argentina), cả TT Trump và Tập Cận Bình ra về đều vui vẻ cho là “cuộc gặp gỡ tuyệt vời”.  Vâng cả hai bên đều đạt được chiến thuật ngắn hạn của mình.  Tàu Cộng thì dùng trì hoãn chiến (dù chỉ 90 ngày) để sử dụng chiến thuật  “lùi một bước, tiến hai bước”.  Về phía TT Trump thì còn gì sung sướng hơn khi nông sản, nhất là đậu nành đang bị ứ đọng thành núi phải đem đổ vì không đủ nhà kho để chứa của những nông dân nay được Tập mua ngay (immediately), những nông dân này sẽ đem đến cho TT Trump những lá phiếu “béo bở” trong bầu cử Tổng Thống năm 2020. Tập Cận Bình lại hứa mua rất nhiều nông sản khác thì chẳng khác gì giúp ông Trump thu được lá phiếu của nhiều tiểu bang nông nghiệp mà đã giúp cho ông Trump trúng cử năm 2016. Tàu Cộng “hứa” thêm nữa, mua nhiều sản phẩm công nghiệp trong đó chắc có xe hơi bán qua TC sẽ được thấp thuế, để cho các hãng xe hơi đang đóng cửa tại mấy tiểu bang miền Bắc phục hồi, đây cũng là có lợi cho ông Trump kiếm phiếu ở các tiểu bang sản xuất xe hơi. Cả hai đang tặng nhau những món quà thời trang để thực hiện thế thủ của mình.
Đại diện thương mại Mỹ Robert Lighthizer (giữa) là người có quan điểm cứng rắn trong vấn đề thương mại với Trung cộng.

Nếu đọc kỹ bản Thông Cáo Báo Chí của Tòa Bạch Ốc (1) thì thấy trong đó nhiều uẩn khúc, trừu tượng  không giải quyết vấn đề tận gốc rễ mà chỉ là những hứa hẹn mang tính tượng trưng như những hàng chữ trong các dấu ngoặc kép chữ nghiêng ở dưới:

“Về giao thương, Tổng Thống Trump đã đồng ý vào ngày 1 tháng 1 năm 2019 tới, ông sẽ vẫn giữ mức thuế 10% đối với các sản phẩm trị giá 200 tỷ đô-la mà không tăng lên 25% trong lúc này…”  (ngừng thương chiến với con dao “áp thuế 25%” treo lơ lửng để đe dọa Tàu Cộng…không những thế mà ông Trump nói tại Hội Nghị G20 là “áp thuế có thể gấp đôi”).

“Trung Cộng sẽ đồng ý mua một số lượng chưa được thỏa thuận nhưng rất đáng kể về nông nghiệp, năng lượng, công nghiệp và các sản phẩm khác từ Hoa Kỳ để giảm sự mất cân bằng thương mại giữa hai quốc gia…”  (Số lượng chưa được thỏa thuận nhưng rất đáng kể là bao nhiêu? – đây là cách chơi chữ cố hữu về trì hoãn chiến để câu giờ của Cộng Sản).

“Trung Cộng đồng ý bắt đầu ngay lập tức mua sản phẩm nông nghiệp từ nông dân Hoa Kỳ” (việc này là thật, cái thật này đánh vào sự mong muốn của TT Trump để Tập tháu cáy, đánh lừa những việc khác với mục đích câu giờ. Món quà tâm lý mà Tập trao cho Trump là hiện nay đậu nành tại tiểu bang nông nghiệp nước Mỹ đang ứ đọng với số lượng cực lớn cần có thị trường tiêu thụ ngay).

Tàu Cộng mua hết đậu nành của Mỹ
“Tổng Thống Trump và Chủ Tịch Tập đã đồng ý bắt đầu ngay lập tức các cuộc đàm phán về thay đổi cấu trúc liên quan đến việc bắt buộc chuyển giao công nghệ, bảo vệ sở hữu trí tuệ, hàng rào phi thuế quan, xâm nhập không gian mạng và trộm cắp trên mạng, dịch vụ và nông nghiệp. Cả hai bên đồng ý rằng họ sẽ cố gắng hoàn thành những giao dịch này trong vòng 90 ngày sắp tới. Nếu vào cuối thời gian 90 ngày này, các bên không thể đạt được thỏa thuận, mức thuế 10% sẽ bị tăng lên 25%.”
Nếu thực hiện được những điều vừa nêu ra thì đó là “trường thiên tiểu thuyết” giải quyết từ năm này sang năm khác chưa xong, làm sao giải quyết trong 90 ngày. Thử hỏi làm thế nào để ép Tàu Cộng chấm dứt  “chuyển giao công nghệ”,  làm sao người Mỹ “bảo vệ sở hữu trí tuệ”.  Khi hai thứ đó là bửu bối của Tàu Cộng chuyên cần “ăn cắp kỹ thuật” để thực hiện “Made in China 2025”.  Hơn thế nữa, một gã chuyên nghề ăn trộm kỹ thuật để sống còn mà không cho hacker thì chẳng khác gì chặt tay.  Mà trong Thông Cáo Báo Chí của Tòa Bạch Ốc đòi 90 ngày giải quyết Tàu Cộng không còn “xâm nhập không gian mạng”và “trộm cắp trên mạng”. Chuyện này đã chận đứng làm từ cả chục năm nay, mà càng ngày càng thấy nhiều vụ xâm nhập an ninh mạng và trôm cắp trên mạng từ Tàu Cộng gia tăng.

Vì vậy Thông Cáo Báo Chí Tòa Bạch Ốc chẳng khác gì xây nhà trên bãi cát.

Đâu là sự thật?
Sự thật là Mỹ xem Tàu Cộng như một nước trổi dậy không bình thường, với quyết tâm mộng bá đồ vương thế giới trong vài chục năm nữa. Những việc làm của Tàu Cộng rất bá đạo, đảo lộn trật tự thế giới, và phá hoại kinh tế của các cường quốc Âu Mỹ.

Thứ nhất: “Made in China 2025” – là mối đe dọa thực sự đến vị thế siêu cường cầm đầu nền kỹ thuật công nghệ của Hoa Kỳ trong vài thập niên tới bằng chiến lược Tàu Cộng “ăn cắp” kỹ thuật cao từ Mỹ và các nước tây phương.

Thứ hai: “Một vành đai, Một con đường” – Hoa Kỳ, Ấn Độ và Nhật Bản lo ngại rằng các điều kiện mờ ám trong việc cho vay của Tàu Cộng đến với các nước chậm phát triển nằm trên tuyến Marintime Silk Road (Con Đường Tơ Lụa Trên Biển – cũng là tuyến chính của “Một vành đai, Một con đường”) làm cho các nước được vay nợ không trả 
nổi đành phải cho Tàu Cộng thuê cảng 99 năm hoặc phải bán đất thế nợ. Như ông Rex Tillerson, cựu Ngoại Trưởng Mỹ đã cảnh báo rằng khu vực Ấn Độ – Thái Bình Dương có thể trở thành nạn nhân của “kinh tế kẻ cướp” (predatory economics) trong kế sách “Một Vành Đai Một Con Đường”. Và vừa rồi Phó TT Hoa Kỳ Mike Pence cho đó là kế sách “bẫy nợ”.  Thật ra đây là quỷ kế của Tàu Cộng xây dựng một chuỗi căn cứ quân sự nối tiếp nhau để kiểm soát Ấn Độ-Thái Bình Dương mà Biển Đông là đầu cầu của tuyến xuất phát.
Đường đỏ có nhiều hải cảng Tàu Cộng đã xây dựng cơ sở hạ tầng với “bẫy nợ”

Trong lúc này tham vọng bá quyền của Tàu Cộng đang ở giai đoạn phát triển. Một phần đã thực hiện đạt kết quả như Biển Đông, Siri Lanka. Thấy được tham vọng đó nên Mỹ và các đồng minh đã ra tay ngăn chận bằng cách “giết rắn đập đầu”  mà đầu rắn “Một Vành Đai, Một Con Đường” là Biển Đông. Và ngăn chận “ăn cắp” kỹ thuật và “chuyển giao công nghệ” là đầu rắn “Made in China 2025”. Cuộc chiến thương mại là những trận tuyến mở đầu. 

Trong thông cáo báo chí của Tòa Bạch Ốc không nói gì đến hai con quái vật này, dù chỉ một từ. Như vậy là mới động đến cái ngọn chứ chưa đi vào gốc rễ của vấn đề tranh chấp Mỹ-Tàu hiện nay.
Đặc biệt trong khi Trump-Tập chuẩn bị ngồi nói chuyện với nhau thì tại G20 TT Trump cũng gặp thủ tướng Ấn Độ Modi và thủ tướng Nhật Abe để tái khẳng định lập trường bảo vệ “tự do hàng hải” trên Ấn Độ-Thái Bình Dương. Cùng lúc, Tàu Cộng cũng lên án và điều động máy bay, tàu chiến ra thách thức tàu USS Chancellorsville của Mỹ đang tuần tra ở vùng biển Hoàng Sa. Đây mới là cốt lõi của vấn đề.

90 ngày ngưng thương chiến khó có thể đàm phán giải quyết “trường thiên tiểu thuyết” nói trên.  Nếu có những gì xẩy ra sau 90 ngày có thể là kế sách “câu giờ” đợt hai hoặc chiến tranh thương-mai Mỹ-Tàu lại bùng phát, lần này dữ dội hơn.

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          Trump hits the pause button on raising tariffs on Chinese goods      Cache   Translate Page      
An upcoming U.S. tariff hike on Chinese goods has been put on hold. President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping met at the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, last weekend where it was announced U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports will stay at 10 percent for 90 days while the two countries negotiate their trading relationship. Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal spoke with Shanghai correspondent Jennifer Pak about it. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation. Kai Ryssdal: So you heard this announcement Friday-ish. What do you think? Jennifer Pak: Well, it seems to not be so much a breakthrough as a pause. As I had been thinking, the Chinese had had very low expectations going into it, which was: Stop the tariffs on $200 billion worth of goods from going up to 25 percent. That to them was already very good because most of the businesses I've been talking to, they said 10 percent, for now, is bearable. Ryssdal: So what happens over there, for the businesses that
          Elephone A5, OnePlus 6T, Xiaomi Redmi 6 und weitere Smartphones fallen im Preis      Cache   Translate Page      
Auch Staubsauger wie de Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum sind reduziert

Derzeit sind wieder einige Import-Smartphones aus China im Preis gefallen. Darunter ist z. B. auch das brandneue Elephone A5. Hier handelt es sich um sehr spannend wirkendes Mittelklasse-Smartphone mit 6,18 Zoll Diagonale...
          Święta "made in China". Skarbówka prześwietli paczki zamawiane z chińskich portali zakupowych      Cache   Translate Page      
Kupujesz przez AliExpress, uważaj na VAT. Podatek musi zapłacić każdy. W Lublinie działa nowy oddział celno-pocztowy, który szczegółowo sprawdza przesyłki z Dalekiego Wschodu.
          Fábrica do iPhone pode sair da China e ir para o Vietnã      Cache   Translate Page      
A guerra comercial entre China e EUA começa a afetar a Apple

A Foxconn, principal fornecedora de iPhones para a Apple, pode construir uma nova fábrica no Vietnã para fugir da guerra comercial que envolve China e Estados Unidos, afirma a Reuters. De acordo com os relatos, já há uma discussão entre Foxconn e autoridades locais sobre um espaço no país para a fábrica.

Atualmente, a produção de iPhones é dividida da seguinte maneira: os modelos mais novos são produzidos em Shenzhen e Shanghai, China, pela Foxconn e Pegatron. Os modelos mais antigos e baratos, no Brasil e na Índia. Os dois últimos países foram escolhidos pela Apple para fugir das altas taxas de importação locais, encaixando os aparelhos na categoria de produção doméstica.

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          Miss Universe Contestants reach Bangkok, Thailand for Final on December 16      Cache   Translate Page      

Miss Universe

Photo: Zahra Khanum, Miss Universe Singapore 2018; Francesca Mifsud, Miss Universe Malta 2018; Tamaryn Green, Miss Universe South Africa 2018; and H’Hen Nie, Miss Universe Vietnam 2018; during a visit to Chinatown in Bangkok on December 3. Photographer: Benjamin Askinas. Image provided by & Copyright © The Miss Universe Organization.

Miss Universe

Photo: Yulia Polyachikhina, Miss Universe Russia 2018, gets hair done by a stylist from Farouk Systems, the Makers of CHI & Biosilk upon arriving at the Dusit Thani Bangkok on November 30. Photographer: Benjamin Askinas. Image provided by & Copyright © The Miss Universe Organization.

Miss Universe

Photo: Andrea Toscano, Miss Universe Mexico 2018, gets makeup done upon arriving at the Dusit Thani Bangkok on November 30. Photographer: Benjamin Askinas. Image provided by & Copyright © The Miss Universe Organization.

Miss Universe

Photo: Nehal Chudasama, Miss Universe India 2018, gets hair done by a stylist from Farouk Systems, the Makers of CHI & Biosilk upon arriving at the Dusit Thani Bangkok on November 30. Photographer: Benjamin Askinas. Image provided by & Copyright © The Miss Universe Organization.

The Miss Universe contestants are touring, filming, rehearsing and preparing to compete for the Miss Universe crown in Bangkok, Thailand. Tune in to the FOX telecast at 7:00 PM ET live on Sunday, December 16, 2018, from the IMPACT Arena in Bangkok, Thailand to see who will become the next Miss Universe.

Source: The Miss Universe Organization


          US farmers more cautious than hopeful after China trade deal      Cache   Translate Page      

US farmers more cautious than hopeful after China trade dealPresident Donald Trump says American farmers will see immediate benefits from the trade detente with Beijing, but farm belt representatives are still cautious about declaring victory. Trump's comments were followed by White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow, who told a press briefing that he expects Chinese tariffs on US farm goods would be removed "quickly," without elaborating. US soybean exports to China since September 1 have fallen to 339,000 tons from nearly 15 million tons in the year-ago period.

          Seis colombianos compiten en el Mundial de bolos en China      Cache   Translate Page      
Colombia contó con 6 competidores en el Campeonato Mundial masculino de bolos que se realiza en Hong Kong (China) y tuvo notables resultados en la categoría de sencillos y en dobles. Se disputa en el sur de China una nueva
          Komentar Donald Trump Batasi Kenaikan Harga Minyak      Cache   Translate Page, Jakarta - Harga minyak mampu menguat pada penutupan perdagangan Selasa (Rabu pagi waktu Jakarta). Kenaikan harga minyak ini terjadi di tengah adanya kekhawatiran pelemahan permintaan akibat masih berlanjutnya perang dagang antara Amerika Serikat (AS) dengan China.

Mengutip Reuters, Rabu (5/12/2018), harga minyak mentah AS ditutup naik 30 sen menjadi USD 53,25 per barel, setelah melewati sesi perdagangan yang volatil dan sempat menyentuh level USD 54,55 per barel.

Sedangkan harga minyak mentah Brent naik 39 sen menjadi USD 62,08 per barel, setelah sebelumnya menyentuh sesi tinggi di USD 63,58 per barel.

Kekhawatiran perang dagang masih menyelimuti harga minyak. Perang dagang akan menganggu pertumbuhan ekonomi global sehingga permintaan akan minyak mentah sebagai sumber energi juga bakal tertanggu.

Sebelumnya Presiden AS Donald Trump menjelaskan bahwa ia akan kembali menetapkan tarif kepada China jika kedua pihak tidak dapat menyelesaikan perbedaan pandangan mereka.

Komentar itu langsung meredam antusiasme pasar dan aksi jual besar terlihat di seluruh sektor. penurunan yang sangat jelas terlihat di pasar saham yang melemah lebih dari 3 persen.

Sedangkan untuk harga minyak masih bisa mengantongi keuntungan meskipun tidak sebesar seperti yang dicatatkan di awal perdagangan.

Jika melihat ke belakang, harga minyak telah mundur bersama aset lainnya dalam beberapa pekan terakhir, didorong oleh kekhawatiran tentang perdagangan dan pertumbuhan ekonomi.


Kesepakatan OPEC

Ilustrasi tambang migas (iStockPhoto)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Saat ini, pelaku pasar tengah fokus pada pertemuan organisasi eksportir minyak (OPEC). Pertemuan yang mulai berlangsung Kamis tersebut akan kembali membahas mengenai pemotongan produksi.

OPEC dan beberapa negara di luar OPEC tengah berusaha mencapai kesepakatan untuk mengurangi produksi minyak setidaknya 1,3 juta barel per hari, jelas sumber Reuters.

Menurutnya, perlawanan Rusia terhadap pemotongan produksi yang signifikan sejauh ini merupakan batu sandungan utama.

"Sekarang harga minyak mulai mendapatkan ketidakpastian baik dari soal memotong produksi dan juga perang dagang," kata Gene McGillian, Direktur Riset Tradition Energy di Stamford, Connecticut.

"Beberapa optimisme seputar pelonggaran ketegangan perdagangan tampaknya langsung menguap setelah mendengar komentar dari Trump." tambah dia.

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          Presidente chinês é “dono disto tudo”. Comentário de chefe de divisão no MNE é “lamentável”, diz ministro      Cache   Translate Page      
Paulo Chaves chamou ao presidente chinês "DDT" , sigla corrente para “dono disto tudo”. Gabinete do ministro pediu averiguações para saber se foi cometida alguma infracção.
          New Administration Report Takes USPS ‘Business Model’ to Task      Cache   Translate Page      
In Treasury Secretary Mnunchin’s report released today, the U.S. Postal Service’s future as a sustainable organization was appropriately and undeniably called into question. The Trump Administration has worked diligently this year to fashion positive USPS management changes and this report follows the President’s move to commission a Task Force review in April. “The Task Force’s […]
          Wall Street Tumbang Lebih dari 3 Persen      Cache   Translate Page, Jakarta - Wall Street jatuh lebih dari 3 persen pada penutupan perdagangan Selasa (Rabu pagi waktu Jakarta). Pelemahan dipimpin oleh saham-saham di sektor perbankan dan industri karena penurunan imbal hasil obligasi AS akibat adanya potensi perlambatan pertumbuhan ekonomi AS.

Mengutip Reuters, Rabu (5/12/2018), Dow Jones Industrial Average turun 799,36 poin atau 3,1 persen menjadi 25.027,07. Untuk S&P 500 kehilangan 90,31 poin atau 3,24 persen menjadi 2.700,06. Sedangkan Nasdaq Composite turun 283,09 poin atau 3,8 persen menjadi 7.158,43.

Indeks S&P 500 membukukan persentase penurunan harian terbesarnya dalam sekitar dua bulan dan membalikkan keuntungan yang diperoleh seminggu sebelumnya.

Indeks acuan saham-saham dengan kapitalisasi kecil yaitu Russell 2000 turun 4,4 persen. Angka ini merupakan penurunan satu hari terbesar dalam lebih dari tujuh tahun.

Investor Wall Street fokus pada obligasi AS di mana yield 10 tahun jatuh ke titik terendah sejak pertengahan September.

Para analis melihat adanya sinyal kurva imbal hasil inversi, ketika imbal hasil obligasi 10 tahun mengalami pembalikan arah yang sangat cepat.

"Ini adalah ketakutan tentang kurva imbal hasil terbalik dan apa artinya bagi perekonomian dan merupakan prekursor untuk resesi," kata Chuck Carlson, chief executive officer Horizon Investment Services, Hammond, Indiana, AS.

The New York Stock Exchange dan Nasdaq akan ditutup pada hari Rabu, untuk hari berkabung bagi mantan Presiden George H.W. Bush, yang meninggal pada hari Jumat lalu pada usia 94 tahun.


Rincian Saham

Ilustrasi Foto Perdagangan Saham dan Bursa (iStockphoto)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Saham finansial yang sangat sensitif terhadap perubahan pasar obligasi turun 4,4 persen.

Sektor industri yang sensitif terhadap perdagangan juga turun 4,4 persen, dengan Boeing dan Caterpillar masing-mmasing tertekan 4,9 persen dan 6,9 persen.

Dow Jones Transport Average turun 4,4 persen, persentase penurunan satu hari terbesar sejak Juni 2016.

Dalam komentar pada hari Selasa, Presiden Fed New York John Williams mengatakan bank sentral AS akan berharap untuk terus menaikkan suku bunga pada tahun depan atau lebih bahkan ketika memperhatikan risiko yang mungkin disorot oleh pasar keuangan.

Komentar itu muncul setelah Ketua Fed Jerome Powell pada pekan lalu mengatakan bahwa dari data-data yang akan the Fed akan menuju jalur kenaikan suku bunga yang kurang agresif.

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          Trump’s “Tariff Man” Rant Was Nonsense, But Thankfully an Actual Adult Is Leading Trade Talks With China      Cache   Translate Page      

If you spent any time paying close attention to the negotiations between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico over the new and debatably improved North American Free Trade Agreement, chances are you noticed a basic routine emerge.

Representatives of each country would meet. They’d make progress on a key issue. Or maybe they wouldn’t. But in the meantime, Donald Trump would provide color commentary, usually by tweeting or ranting about Canada. He frothed obsessively about Ottawa’s dairy protectionism and poked fun at imaginary shoe smugglers from Ontario. After striking a preliminary two-way deal with Mexico, he delivered a surreal press conference where he threatened to cut Canada out of the final pact entirely while targeting its car exports with tariffs.

Trump’s outbursts created the appearance that he really, truly might be about to scrap NAFTA entirely—or that he would at least try to, if discussions didn’t go his way. But in the end, everybody reached a deal, one that made a few significant changes to NAFTA, but left most of its basic architecture in place. This happened in part because, while the president was publicly fulminating like a drunk Jets fan watching the game on Sunday, his delegation, led by Trade Rep. Robert Lighthizer, pressed ahead with somewhat normal negotiations. By the end, it became clear that Lighthizer, a respected trade lawyer and lobbyist known for his protectionist streak, was pretty much running the show.

I do not know if this was all an intentional good-cop-bad-cop routine on the part of the White House, an attempt to practice the mad-man theory of international statecraft, or simply the byproduct of Trump truly wanting to kill NAFTA for good while his aides sought to reform it. But it ended in a deal. And if you squint, it seems like the administration is getting ready to repeat the same basic song and dance with China.

Up until now, trade talks with Beijing have been rocky, to say the least. There have been rounds of tariffs and counter-tariffs on hundreds-of-billions of dollars worth of goods, leaving Chinese leaders caught off guard and unsold American soy beans piling up in storage. In part, this is because the fundamental conflicts between the countries run more deeply than they do between NAFTA’s members. There are legitimate disputes over issues like intellectual property protection and industry subsidies, not to mention national security tensions. But another factor has seemingly been basic disorganization within the administration. Its trade team has split between moderates—lately, that’s meant Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin—and hardliners of varying degrees, including Lighthizer, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro. These factions have jockeyed for influence, leaving the the Chinese with no idea who was in charge.

Over the past few days, that seems to have changed. After Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping met over dinner at the G20 meeting in Argentina, the two countries announced a holiday-season cease fire in their trade war, giving themselves a few months to broker a wider deal. Here is how the New York Times described the agreement:

In a significant concession, Mr. Trump will postpone a plan to raise tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods to 25 percent, from 10 percent, on Jan. 1. The Chinese agreed to an unspecified increase in their purchases of American industrial, energy and agricultural products, which Beijing hit with retaliatory tariffs after Mr. Trump targeted everything from steel to consumer electronics.

The countries set an ambitious deadline of 90 days to reach a broader trade agreement, with the White House warning that if they did not come to terms by then, Mr. Trump would raise the existing tariff rate to 25 percent.

On Monday, the White House announced that Lighthizer would lead the U.S. effort, just as he led NAFTA talks, a decision which some suggested could “rattle” Beijing, since he’s one of the administration’s China skeptics. Then, on Tuesday, Trump helped send the stock market plunging while launching a whole lot of middling Twitter jokes (mine particularly) by declaring that he was a “Tariff Man.”

There are a few notable things about these tweets. For one, Trump is yet again misleadingly suggesting that tariffs are a tax paid by foreign countries or companies who sell goods into the United States. This is not true. Tariffs are paid by importers, which is to say, U.S. companies, who sometimes eat the cost themselves, or pass it on to consumers. In some cases, American buyers will force their suppliers in China to offer discounts, so that they end up indirectly bearing the cost of the tariff. But it’s not like we’re collecting a toll directly from factories in Shenzen. As usual, Trump’s public statements suggest he doesn’t really understand the nuances of the policy tool he’s embraced.

On the other hand, there’s also nothing really different in Trump’s comments from, say, what the New York Times has reported. Lighthizer is leading a team that has 90 days to broker a deal before new tariffs kick in (though, of course, these deadlines often turn out to be flexible). Trump just added a bit of bellicosity, while reminding the world that he lacks even a remote amount of subject-matter expertise.

If you’re the sort of person who wants to see the conflict with China resolved, this should all be good news. Lighthizer might be a China hawk. But he’s also the administration’s only real high-ranking official with the skills or staff to steer these talks. Mnuchin is a wealthy Wall Street journeyman who ended up Treasury Secretary because he did fundraising for Trump’s campaign; Ross is an tone-deaf private equity mogul with a habit of inflating his own wealth; and Navarro is an ideologue without a formal policy role. Lighthizer, on the other hand, has been dealing with trade issues since he was in the Reagan White House, where he used tariff threats to get the Japanese to cut steel shipments to the U.S. He’s the only adult who was ever going to walk into the room, and as long as he’s there, it may not matter much if Trump actually knows how a tariff works. Try to tune out the outbursts.

          The Dow drops 600 points as trade fears ratchet back up      Cache   Translate Page      
Stocks plummeted Tuesday after optimism for a US-China trade deal faded and as Treasury yields fell. Global markets had rallied a day...
          1 yard x 42" wide Cotton Flannel Fabric Minnie Mouse Loves Shopping Children Kids Girls Red 2013 by FabricConnection      Cache   Translate Page      

6.00 USD

This listing is for 1 yard of the 42" wide, all cotton flannel fabric shown above. Additional yardage is available. If you want more, please contact me and I will customize a listing for you.

Original retail price of this fabric? ... $8.00 per yard.

This print is labelled "Minnie Loves Shopping". Minnie strikes several poses in her traditional red with white polka dots ensemble. Also scattered across the red background is the name, "Minnie". This flannel is sure to please the Minnie Mouse fan.

The selvage reads, "CP46153 Minnie Loves Shopping... Disney for Springs... 2013 ... Do not use for children's sleepwear." Made in China, machine wash cold with like colors. Do not bleach. Machine dry low. Remove promptly.

The secondary shipping cost applies only to another item of the same weight. I will, of course, combine shipping for multiple items to reduce total cost.

Delivery Confirmation is included in the shipping. Recycled, reused, repurposed packing materials will be used whenever possible.

          Hugh Hewitt: George H.W. Bush: 1924 – 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

The nation mourns the death of President George Herbert Walker Bush, our 41st President. And what a President. What, in fact, a man. An honest to God war hero, a congressman, an ambassador to China, a party chair, a CIA Director, a Vice President and a model president, model post president and father to a...

The post Hugh Hewitt: George H.W. Bush: 1924 – 2018 appeared first on

          Trump, Xi Dinner Leads to Temporary Truce in China-U.S. Trade War      Cache   Translate Page      

It seems all that was needed to cool off a trade war that had kept much of the global economy on edge was a two-hour dinner in Buenos Aires. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed Saturday night that they would put a burgeoning trade war on pause for the next 90 days as both leaders said they wouldn’t impose new tariffs for 90 days while the world’s two largest economies negotiate a longer-term deal. The truce was called after a dinner that took place after the end of the Group of 20 summit in Argentina.

“Both sides believe that the principled agreement reached between the two presidents has effectively prevented the further expansion of economic frictions between the two countries,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters. As part of the agreement, Trump will keep tariffs on around $200 billion worth of Chinese goods at 10 percent, and won’t raise them to 25 percent as previously threatened. In exchange, “China will agree to purchase a not yet agreed upon, but very substantial, amount of agricultural, energy, industrial, and other product from the United States to reduce the trade imbalance between our two countries,” the White House said in a statement.

The deadline for the longer deal though seems pretty strict as both countries agreed that if a final deal isn’t reached within 90 days then the 10 percent tariffs will automatically increase to 25 percent. And some aren’t very optimistic a deal will be able to be reached considering the preliminary agreement doesn’t tackle any of the toughest issues that have bedeviled past efforts at compromise. Yet even those who said the preliminary deal didn’t really move the needle on trade agreed the two sides did seem to make progress on cooperating on North Korea and restricting Chinese shipments of the addictive opioid fentanyl.

“This is not a suspension of the trade war but a suspension of the escalation of the trade war,” explained Stephen McDonell, BBC’s China correspondent. Yet even if it kicks the big issues for later talks, analysts said the market is likely to react positively to the agreement. “This is a strongly market positive result for the short term, since over the past few days markets have been nursing hopes that a tariffs pause of this kind would happen,” Evercore ISI head of political analysis Terry Haines wrote in a note, according to Bloomberg. “But it is not a ceasefire as some already are touting.”

          Mustafa El Aoudi, l'ambulante eroe che ha salvato la dottoressa aggredita con un cacciavite a Crotone. Arrestato l'aggressore      Cache   Translate Page      

Una donna, medico dell'ospedale civile San Giovanni di Dio di Crotone, è stata vittima di un'aggressione nel piazzale antistante al nosocomio. La dottoressa, M.C., che presta servizio all'unità operativa complessa di Medicina dell'ospedale, aveva appena terminato il suo turno e si apprestava a lasciare il nosocomio, quando è stata avvicinata da un uomo che l'ha ferita al collo con un cacciavite. Da quanto è stato possibile apprendere, pare che l'uomo, con il volto travisato da un cappuccio e una sciarpa, le rimproverasse la morte della madre che era stata ricoverata nel suo reparto.

Proprio quando l'aggressore si apprestava a sferrare un secondo fendente al collo della vittima è intervenuto un ambulante di nazionalità marocchina che si trovava nei pressi e che ha bloccato l'uomo, di fatto salvando la vita al medico. Nel frattempo è intervenuta una Volante della Polizia di Stato che ha fermato l'aggressore e lo ha portato in Questura. Si tratta di un crotonese di circa 50 anni. La dottoressa è stata soccorsa dai sanitari del 118 che l'hanno ricoverata in codice rosso anche se non sarebbe in pericolo di vita.Esattamente tre mesi addietro, il 2 agosto, un altro medico in servizio all'ospedale di Crotone venne brutalmente aggredito da un intero nucleo familiare che rimproverava al professionista di non aver fatto abbastanza per salvare la vita di un loro congiunto. La vicenda aveva suscitata l'indignazione generale non solo dei colleghi del medico aggredito ma dell'intera città e nei giorni successivi erano state intensificate le misure di sicurezza all'interno e all'esterno dell'ospedale di Crotone.

É stato arrestato con l'accusa di tentato omicidio Luigi Amoruso, di 50 anni, l'uomo che davanti all'ospedale di Crotone ha aggredito con un cacciavite una dottoressa del reparto di Medicina generale, Maria Carmela Calindro, di 56 anni, colpendola ripetutamente con un cacciavite. La professionista é stata salvata dall'intervento di un venditore ambulante. Per l'aggressore, che é un disoccupato, il pm della Procura della Repubblica di Crotone Alfredo Manca ha disposto la custodia cautelare in carcere.

Chi è Mustafa El Aoudi, il marocchino eroe che ha salvato la dottoressa

È nato in Marocco quarant'anni, fa ma da oltre un ventennio vive nel Crotonese. È Mustafa El Aoudi, il venditore ambulante che oggi pomeriggio ha salvato la vita della dottoressa Maria Carmela Calindro, detta Nuccia, ferita gravemente da un uomo che le ha sferrato un fendente al collo. Mustafa abita in località Sant'Anna, ai confini tra il comune di Crotone e quello di Isola Capo Rizzuto, con la moglie e i tre figli che sono nati tutti a Crotone anche se lui non ha mai preso la nazionalita" italiana. Si guadagna da vivere facendo il venditore ambulante, come la maggior parte dei marocchini arrivati in Calabria quando ancora quello dei migranti non era diventato un fenomeno epocale. Con la sua bancarella di oggetti di ogni tipo staziona tutti i giorno davanti ai cancelli dell'ospedale San Giovanni di Dio. C'era anche questo pomeriggio, quando è scattata l'aggressione. La testa locale 'Il crotonese' lo ha intervistato poco dopo l'aggressione.

"La dottoressa passa sempre di qua e mi saluta. La conosco" racconta Mustafa. "L'ho sentita gridare e allora mi sono avvicinato. Ho visto quell'uomo che menava con il cacciavite allo stomaco, la voleva ammazzare". Mustafa spiega quindi come ha fatto a fermare l'aggressore: "Mi sono avvicinato e l'ho buttato giù, poi è scappato e sono andato appresso a lui fino al bidone della spazzatura, gli ho fatto lo sgambetto ed è caduto, allora l'ho tenuto finchè è arrivata la Polizia".

          Manovra bloccata causa manifestazione: l'Ue aspetta Roma, ma sulla Finanziaria Salvini non tocca nulla prima di sabato      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior Minister Matteo Salvini answers reporters' questions during a press conference at the Interior Ministry in Rome, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018. (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

"Io sabato 8 dicembre, giorno dell'Immacolata, sarò in piazza del Popolo a Roma e stavolta sono io che chiedo qualcosa a voi: ci siete? Venite per un enorme abbraccio per dimostrare al mondo che l'Italia c'è? Ho bisogno del vostro calore...". Incassato il premio del giornale '' come leader più influente d'Europa a Bruxelles, Matteo Salvini torna in Italia e usa ogni mezzo che può per caricare la piazza della manifestazione leghista di sabato prossimo. Il vicepremier parla al suo 'popolo' in una diretta Facebook, mentre l'Unione europea aspetta ancora che l'Italia corregga la manovra economica bocciata dalla Commissione. Ecco, ma fino a sabato a Bruxelles non arriverà nulla: tutto fermo per manifestare, confermano all'Huffpost autorevoli fonti leghiste di governo.

E' anche per questo che oggi appare un po' appannato tutto l'ottimismo profuso ieri dalle autorità europee riunite nell'Eurogruppo e anche da quelle italiane, il ministro Giovanni Tria in primis che era qui con i colleghi dell'Unione. L'accordo tra Roma e Bruxelles per evitare la procedura di infrazione sul deficit legata al debito è ancora in ballo ma ancora non è a portata di mano. Non a caso, oggi Tria al termine della riunione dell'Ecofin - il consiglio dei ministri europei dell'Economia - ha incitato i partner di governo a prendere una "decisione politica". Arriverà, entro il consiglio europeo del 13 e 14 dicembre prossimi. Ma non prima di sabato.

Salvini ha bisogno dei suoi cavalli di battaglia inseriti nella legge di bilancio, a partire da 'quota cento' sulle pensioni, per parlare ai suoi sabato in piazza. E' la prima manifestazione dell'orgoglio leghista di governo: la riuscita è d'obbligo per Salvini, che in questa fase si ritrova ammaccato dallo scontento del suo 'popolo del nord' e costretto a difendersi dagli attacchi di Confindustria. Pur politicamente scorretto ed esagerato, come è nello stile di Salvini, lo scontro di oggi con il procuratore Armando Spataro è quasi un pretesto per cercare di chiamare a raccolta in piazza una platea larga di elettori e non settaria di destra. Sabato insomma Salvini vuole affermarsi sempre più come punto di riferimento allargato anche per i cosiddetti 'moderati' o ex moderati del centrodestra.

"In piazza vorrei donne, mamme, nonni, bambini, non fascisti e razzisti - dice nel video su Facebook - ci voglio giovani che troveranno lavoro grazie al superamento della legge Fornero". Eccoci al tema della manovra. "Più mi dicono da Bruxelles di non toccare la legge Fornero... Ma secondo voi è giusto che le donne non possano andare in pensione prima dei 66 anni e gli uomini a 67?", insiste.

Questo non significa che cambiano i termini della trattativa avviata da Giuseppe Conte a Bruxelles dalla cena con Jean Claude Juncker, Pierre Moscovici e Valdis Dombrovskis il 24 novembre scorso, insieme a Tria naturalmente. Anche dalla Commissione europea riconoscono che da quella sera i toni e l'atteggiamento dell'Italia sono cambiati e se ne è avuta conferma nei colloqui a margine del G20 di Buenos Aires lo scorso weekend. Insomma, il negoziato resta in piedi perché il governo - Salvini compreso - è fermo nella decisione di voler evitare la procedura di infrazione. E infatti sul superamento della legge Fornero il vicepremier leghista dice: "Questa è la prima di cinque manovre di questo governo, non si può fare tutto subito: la Fornero non è cancellata di un botto, si smonta pezzo per pezzo...".

Dunque, è chiaro che qualche concessione ci sarà, lo sa anche Salvini che non intende usare la piazza di sabato come test per capire quanto si possa tirare ancora la corda con Bruxelles. Non è questo il punto. Il punto è che quel 'committment', impegno "molto concreto", che anche oggi Moscovici torna a chiedere all'Italia, a Bruxelles non arriverà prima della settimana prossima, in tempo per il consiglio europeo di fine anno, in modo che Conte ne possa parlare a margine con gli altri leader e fermare la Commissione che è pronta a scrivere le raccomandazioni per l'Italia già nella settimana che precede Natale (il 19 dicembre).

"Camminiamo su due piedi", dice Moscovici pur riconoscendo all'Italia gli sforzi di dialogo. "Da una parte il dialogo, dall'altra la preparazione della procedura". Tutto è in ballo, però fino a sabato la macchina si ferma causa 'manifestazione della Lega'. E pensare che all'Eurogruppo di ieri - che è andato avanti per tutta una nottata di discussioni - il caso Italia ha frenato anche l'accordo sui fondi per la zona euro proposti da Emmanuel Macron: i paesi in regola con i conti, tipo l'Olanda che è furiosa con Roma, non si fidano, temono ulteriori trasferimenti di soldi ai paesi non in regola. Tutto fermo, in questo caso, per mancanza di fiducia tra partner europei.

          Così fan tutti. Mariglianella sta con Di Maio       Cache   Translate Page      

Qui nessuno parla di colpe dei padri che non devono ricadere sui figli. Qui, a Mariglianella, nei bar o seduti su una panchina tra via Roma e via Umberto I, il nodo della questione che ruota attorno alla famiglia del vicepremier Luigi Di Maio è un altro: "Sapete cose dovete scrivere voi giornalisti? Senti a me. Devi scrivere che al Sud tutte le imprese non tengono la gente a posto, non solo Antonio Di Maio". E i fabbricati abusivi nel terreno di famiglia? Ora interviene la ragazza dietro al bancone mentre prepara i caffè: "Qui tutti hanno costruito, qualcuno ha condonato, qualcuno ha sanato, altri no. Tutto attorno è così".

Quindi ci si guarda un po' attorno in questa giornata di sole e percorrendo via Umberto I si passa davanti a una bandiera del Pd, indica un circolo che adesso è chiuso. Mariglianella però non è di sinistra, piuttosto è storicamente di destra, il sindaco Felice Di Maiolo è di Forza Italia eletto con una lista civica. C'è un Meet Up M5s e qualche elettore qua e là. Un signore, "il mio nome non lo dico perché qui mi conoscono tutti", ha votato Di Maio ma ora il suo cuore batte più per Matteo Salvini: "E' lui che guida il governo. Speriamo che si possa andare prima in pensione e nel reddito di cittadinanza. Lasciateli governare e con il nuovo anno si vedrà".

Ancora pochi passi e sulla sinistra al numero 69 ecco il terreno della famiglia Di Maio, di proprietà del padre Antonio e della sorella, in parte ipotecato a causa dei debiti con Equitalia, sede legale della società di costruzioni Ardima srl, da oggi in liquidazione, di proprietà di Luigi e della sorella. Si vedono i quattro fabbricati che non risultano dalle mappe catastali: "Le costruzioni qui dentro ci sono sempre state, nel tempo sono state rammodernate", viene spiegato. In pratica la stalla è diventata una struttura con tetto in tegole, finestre, quasi una piccola villetta con cucina, un patio dove si trova una piscina montabile, e da dietro il cancello si vede anche un barbecue. "Luigi e i fratelli venivano qui per la stagione", raccontano in paese. La stagione è l'estate. Una signora dal cui balcone si vede questo appezzamento di terreno dice che nelle belle giornate c'era sempre un via vai di macchine. "Non dormivano qui, la famiglia vive a Pomigliano d'Arco ormai da molti anni. Questa era la casa di campagna, venivano sempre tanti ragazzi a fare le feste". Eppure formalmente è solo un terreno indicato come sede della società. "Io venivo ad aprire il lucchetto così gli operai potevano prendere gli attrezzi", spiegava Di Maio prima che scoppiasse il caso abusivismo e quando ancora parlava solo di una stalla.

Di Maio

Il sindaco Di Maiolo è seduto dietro la scrivania al primo piano del Municipio. Rimane abbottonato, non parla volentieri della questione. "Non ne voglio fare una questione politica", dice nonostante a Mariglianella qualcuno dubiti che dietro ci sia lo zampino di Forza Italia. "Abbiamo mandato i vigili e hanno detto che quei quattro fabbricati sono abusi, questo posso dire. Le foto in nostro in possesso sono del 2005 e quelle strutture c'erano già. Adesso abbiamo avviato la regolare procedura per l'abbattimento mandando a notifica alla famiglia Di Maio che avrà dieci giorni di tempo per le controdeduzioni". Da Google Earth, come hanno mostrato Le Iene, si evince che nel 2002 non c'erano, appaiono invece in quelle del 2008, quindi la struttura con patio, definita stalla, sarebbe stata costruita quando Di Maio aveva tra i 16 e i 22 anni. "Ripeto, in quegli anni tutti facevano così. Tutti. E lo sanno tutti", si ostina a dire un signore mentre si sente urlare dalla villetta di fronte: "Non venite più. Non venite più. Ho sciolto il cane". E vengono allontanati giornalisti e telecamere.

Nessuno qui si interroga se il vicepremier fosse o meno a conoscenza degli abusi e neanche se gli operai che lavorano nell'azienda del padre fossero in regola o meno: "Lavorare in nero conviene. Conviene al padrone e conviene al lavoratore, Antonio è una brava persona e ha sempre trattato bene i dipendenti. Il resto sono attacchi politici al figlio".

Sta di fatto che adesso il ministro del Lavoro dovrebbe mandare gli espettori del suo ministero a verificare se nella ex azienda del padre, e adesso sua e della sorella, le assunzioni siano sempre state regolari o meno oltre quelle dei tre lavoratori che già hanno raccontato di aver lavorato in nero. Ciò che più preoccupa il capo politico M5s è il concorso in elusione fraudolenta nel quale potrebbe incorrere dal momento che il padre ha chiuso l'azienda con debito con Equitalia di 176mila euro e ne ha aperta un'altra a nome prima della moglie, che però non poteva perché dipendente pubblico, e poi a nome dei figli. "Sì, è vero. Antonio non ha messo le cose a posto, ma qui lo fanno tutti". Si va via e passando dalla piazzetta, si sente una voce: "Ti raccomando scrivi cose buone perché Di Maio è roba buona".

          Checco Zalone torna al cinema con "L'amico di scorta". Trama, titolo, curiosità : tutto quello che c'è da sapere      Cache   Translate Page      

"L'amico di scorta" potrebbe essere il titolo del nuovo film di Checco Zalone. Le notizie sono ancora poche e non c'è nulla di confermato, ma come riportato da Vanity Fair, le riprese della nuova pellicola potrebbero iniziare già a gennaio 2019.

Questa volta però, a guidare il quinto film del comico pugliese non ci sarà il regista Gennaro Nunziante, che ha diretto Zalone in tutte e 4 le pellicole, ma potrebbe essere Checco stesso a stare dietro alla macchina da presa, seguendo il filone di Pieraccioni.

Della trama non si sa molto, ma sembra che sia ispirata ad un viaggio personale fatto da Zalone tra Africa e Italia. L'amico di scorta dovrebbe raccontare la strana amicizia tra un boss della malavita ormai pentito e l'agente della Digos incaricato di proteggerlo. I tagli alla spesa pubblica però lasceranno il boss senza il compagno di scorta, ed è lì che il malavitoso pentito capirà l'importanza della presenza del fedele amico.

Le riprese, pare, saranno fatte tra l'Italia e il Kenya, e i suoi numerosissimi fans sono già pronti ad andare a vedere il film in sala. Se sarà record di incassi anche questa volta non si sa, ma visti i precedenti record di Zalone c'è di che ben sperare.

          People on the move including DDB, R/GA, GlaxoSmithKline and more      Cache   Translate Page      

This week has seen another wave of appointments and departures at brands, media owners and agencies. The Drum has rounded up the key moves from the EMEA, APAC and North America regions below.




Diageo's global head of digital media partnerships, Jerry Daykin, is to depart for GlaxoSmithKline to become its media director for the region.


The ad agency has named Sean Healy as global chief strategy officer, to support the transformation of Carat as part of the Dentsu Aegis Network.


The company has named Bobi Carley its head of TV and video. She will play a key role in the association’s advocacy agency and work closely with Steve Chester, director of media. Carley has experience at Disney, Viacom, Sky TV and ad agency Red Brick Road.

Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Chief strategy officer Alison Hoad is leaving the agency. Her position will not be replaced, but head of strategy Ben Shaw will oversee the planning department. Hoad came to BBH in 2017, and had spent 11 years at VMLY&R (then known as Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R).


Co-founders James Murphy and David Golding are leaving the agency to launch a new creative business. They depart five years after selling to Omnicom, and 10 years after starting the agency with Ben Priest and Jon Forsyth.


Redundancy at the agency’s UK office has seen planning partner James Whatley leave the company. In his seven-year stint at Ogilvy UK, he has worked with clients like IBM, Land Rover and Converse.

Himsworth Scott

The reputation management law firm has promoted Lorna Caddy to director. Caddy has experience as an intellectual property and media lawyer, and last spent 13 years at Taylor Wessing.

The law firm also hired Steven Hudson, who has over a decade of experience practicing at media, sport and entertainment law firms Schillings and Harbottle & Lewis.


Proximity London elevated Amanda Arthur to the newly-created position of vice president, data and analytics. Claire Tusler, the agency’s former data strategy partner, will replace Arthur as head of data and analytics.

Arthur has been with the company for five years, and Tesler has been at Proximity London for 10 years. The two will report to chief strategy officer Adam Fulford.




Xaxis saw a slew of internal moves. The company named Atique Kazi vice president of business development for Xaxis Asia Pacific. Bharat Khatri is the new country lead for Xaxis India. Daniel Henriksen is now head of outcome media planning for Xasis Asia.


The data solutions company has announced the appointment of Fred Marthoz as managing director for the South East Asia (SEA) region.

Based out of the company’s Singapore office, Marthoz will serve as a member of the company’s executive leadership team. In his role, Marthoz will be responsible for spearheading Lotame’s efforts across business lines and driving market growth for the SEA region.

Omnicom Media Group 

The group has promoted HeeYoun Yang to chief executive officer of Omnicom Media Group Korea. Previously the chief executive officer of PHD Korea, Yang will now oversee both the Group and OMD’s operations in Korea as well.


The PR and communications company has chosen Ruby Fu for the newly-created position of president of Zeno China. Most recently, Fu was chief executive officer of Burson Marsteller in China and before that, spent seven years with Standard Chartered Bank in Taiwan and Hong Kong.


The Singapore-based technology and innovation business club has hired Chris McPherson as its international chief executive officer to spearhead its expansion plans in Singapore and internationally. 

McPherson has previously held senior roles at Condeco, Intel, Raritan Asia Pacific, and LenovoEMC (previously Iomega).  


The agency has appointed Katie Firth to the newly-created position of national managing director, based in Melbourne.

Most recently the executive partner at TBWA\Melbourne, Firth brings more than 17 years’ experience across marketing, PR, events and activations, and advertising to the new role, teamed with a strong background in key sectors including automotive, travel and tourism, energy, financial services, and insurance. 


The restaurant booking and deals platform has appointed Sean Tan as chief operations officer. With Tan on board, previous chief operations officer Dinesh Balasingam moves to a new executive position driving Chope’s core bookings business unit as its regional business unit head, while Tan focuses on operations, strategy, and cross-functional initiatives across Chope’s eight Asia offices. 

Tan was previously chief business development officer and Singapore general manager of Group.


Tuomas Peltoniemi, the president of Asia for Digital Arts Network and innovation director at TBWA\Singapore, will be leaving his post to join R/GA as its executive vice president and managing director of APAC.

On the same day of Peltoniemi’s departure, TBWA announced it has moved Cyril Bedat back to its Singapore office from the United States and appointed him director of regional client partner and innovation.

Bedat returns to Singapore after spending two years at TBWA\Chiat Day in Los Angeles where he was the global business director. He previously spent a year at TBWA\Singapore as business director.

J Walter Thompson Hong Kong

The WPP-owned agency has appointed Matt Parry as its new managing director to work closely alongside recently-appointed executive creative director Carlos Camacho.

Parry was most recently business director and business unit general manager at at JWT Shanghai.


WPP has appointed Sunita Gloster to the newly created role of chief customer officer as part of its growth agenda in Australia and New Zealand. Gloster joins from PwC’s CMO Advisory where she been a director and advisory board member since its inception

OMD Australia

The network has tapped Kasey Doran as head of strategy and product for Queensland. Doran will be responsible for developing innovative communications solutions and driving quality product output for the OMD Brisbane office. 


The agency has hired a new business development director in Tara Jaijee, who will be based in Australia, and work across both the Sydney and Singapore offices.

Jaijee joins the team from The Monkeys where she was the head of marketing. Prior to that, she led marketing and new business at creative agencies M&C Saatchi Group and DDB Group in Australia.


The consultancy has announced the appointment of Eric Hor as an associate partner, based in its Asia headquarters in Hong Kong. 


The creative agency has promoted Jill Smith from business director to managing director of Iris Shanghai. Smith has been responsible for building Iris Shanghai’s unique offering over the past year, creating a strong digitally savvy team and a growing portfolio of multinational and domestic clients. In her previous role as business director, Smith was responsible for opportunity assessment and client portfolio development of the Shanghai office. 




The food and beverage marketing company hired Lorraine McGill to lead growth in firm’s new Chicago office. McGill previously served as account director at Grey in New York. She will oversee the Sun-Maid account for quench.


The ad tech firm has named Patrick Bevilacqua its head of global customer success, where he will oversee the company’s Customer Success group. He comes from MDC Media partners agency Assembly, where he was senior vice president of programmatic and data strategy.


Omnicom’s DDB Worldwide recently added to its US leadership. Azher Ahmed has been promoted to executive vice president, director of digital. Valerie Bengoa has been promoted to executive vice president, director of finance.

Both Ahmed and Bengoa will be responsible for DDB's three US offices: New York, Chicago and San Francisco. They will also be responsible for Tribal New York and Rodgers Townsend.

Ahmed has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, and Bengoa has been with DDB since 1998.


The design and innovation consultancy has announced three new hires. Josh Creter is the new vice president of technology; he previously served as chief technology officer at Counterpointing.

Julia Mooradian moves from VML to Envoy where she will serve as account director. Jay Cruz was the former creative director at Cuker; he will hold the same title at Envoy.


The digital agency has promoted Demetrios Kontizas to vice president of technology. He will lead Mirum’s San Diego office and head all technology disciplines for the Salt Lake City office.

Marcus Thomas

The Cleveland-based agency named Garth Bender its new director of customer experience. Bender was mostly recently the relationship lead for Digitas’ Altria in Chicago, and has previously held roles at Havas Helia, Energy BBDO and Cramer-Krasselt.

Venables Bell & Partners

The independent ad agency made hires across creative and account management teams. Michael Chase has been promoted to director of brand management after serving as group brand director. Meredith Osterhoff, who joined VB&P in 2017, will take on the role of group brand director.

Gus Johnson and Byron del Rosario have both been named creative directors. Johnson joined n 2015, and del Rosario joined in 2009.

Aisha Hakim, who came to VB&P in 2015, has been elevated to senior art director. Jon Donaghy has been promoted to senior designer.


The agency has named David Corns its senior vice president, managing director of its San Francisco office. Corn most recently led the brand management department at Venables Bell & Partners.

Young & Laramore

The Indianapolis-based creative agency has named Trevor Williams and Bryan Judkins co-group creative directors. Williams has worked with brands like Farm Bureau Insurance and Brizo; Judkins has worked with the likes of American Standard and Louisville Slugger. They will report to executive creative director Carolyn Hadlock.

Luci Creative

The Chicago-based design firm has hired Mark Ewing as its studio manager. He comes from Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry where he served as senior project manager for 11 years.


The independent branding and ad agency appointed Kimberlee Eten as its creative director. She will be based in New York and lead creative teams in New York and Boston. Eten worked at Toth+Co from 2001-2011 as design director.


The production company brought in Nico Buris to serve as managing director and executive producer for the company’s South American offices. Buris spent the last 20 years producing in his native Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. He previously worked as a producer at leading Spanish-speaking production house Landia.


The Silicon Valley-based digital manufacturing company has named Dara Treseder its first chief marketer. Her last stop was at General Electric (GE), where she served as chief marketing officer of GE Ventures and GE Business Innovations.

The Martin Agency

The agency has promoted Matt Mattox to senior vice president, group account director. He previously held the role of SVP, group planning director. Mattox will lead the Geico account.


The interactive video technology company has hired Yvonne Cheng as its executive vice president of creative solutions. She has 14 years of experience on the creative side and has worked at Droga5, BBDO and Campfire. She recently ran creative strategy in the ad sales team at Tumblr and Yahoo.

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          Chi è Settimino Mineo, il Padrino erede di Totò Riina che voleva rilanciare Cosa Nostra      Cache   Translate Page      

Quando Giovanni Falcone, nel 1984, lo interrogò nel corso del maxiprocesso contro la mafia rispose: "Non so di che parla, io vendo gioielli, cado dalle nuvole". Il giudice, però, non credette alle sue parole. Alla fine del procedimento, Settimino Mineo fu condannato a cinque anni di carcere. Dopo più di tre decenni - e a qualche anno da una condanna a 11 anni, inflittagli nel 2006 - l'ottantenne gioielliere, capo del mandamento di Pagliarelli, è stato fermato di nuovo. Questa volta con l'accusa di essere l'erede di Totò Riina, il nuovo capo di Cosa Nostra.

VIDEO - Mafia, colpo alla nuova Cupola. Arrestato l'erede di Riina, il boss Settimo Mineo

Non si è mai pentito di essere un affiliato alla mafia: nei primi anni '80 Settimino Mineo riuscì a sfuggire a un agguato nel quale morì il fratello Giuseppe. Solo un anno prima era stato assassinato un altro fratello, Antonino. In tanti anni di carcere non ha mai ammesso alcun reato, anche se il suo nome era stato fatto dai collaboratori di giustizia. Di lui parlò, infatti, già negli anni '70, il primo pentito di mafia, Leonardo Vitale, ucciso da Cosa Nostra nel 1984. E a lui fecero riferimento anche Tommaso Buscetta e Salvatore Contorno.

In gioventù aveva tentato di sfuggire alla giustizia e, ancora oggi, cercava schivare in tutti i modi le indagini. Non aveva un cellulare, temeva le intercettazioni, evitava anche di spostarsi in macchina. Eppure a portare al suo fermo, e a quello di altre 45 persone nell'operazione Cupola 2.0, è stata proprio una conversazione intercettata in un'auto. Grazie allo scambio di battute tra il boss di Villabate Francesco Colletti - anche lui fermato dalla Dda di Palermo - e i suoi interlocutori, gli inquirenti hanno scoperto che la commissione provinciale di Cosa Nostra, che non si riuniva da 25 anni, era stata convocata per il 29 maggio. E che, dopo la morte di Totò Riina, Mineo era stato designato nuovo vertice della Cupola.

VIDEO - Le intercettazioni che hanno inchiodato i boss

Il procuratore Lo Voi: "Volevano ristabilire le regole dopo gli arresti e gli sfilacciamenti subiti"

"È stata la prima grande riunione della rinnovata commissione provinciale di Cosa nostra, nella quale si trattava di tornare a ristabilire le regole dopo gli arresti e lo sfilacciamento subiti". A parlare del vertice tra mafiosi del 29 maggio 2018 è Francesco Lo Voi, procuratore di Palermo.

Il loro obiettivo, ha spiegato il magistrato, era la rinascita dell'organizzazione dopo la morte di Totò Riina, avvenuta nel novembre 2017. "Che fosse una riunione di commissione - ha aggiunto Lo Voi - lo si ricava dal fatto che importanti soggetti di Cosa Nostra, benché presenti, non avevano avuto diritto a partecipare alla riunione. Quindi c'erano dei soggetti che seppure capi famiglia, erano rimasti fuori, perché potevano partecipare solo i capi mandamento. Quindi un ritorno alle regole, al rispetto del territorio, ai principi su cui si deve basare la comunicazione tra i mandamenti, e per certi versi sembra quasi di rileggere le dichiarazioni rese a suoi tempo da Tommaso Buscetta".

Cafiero De Raho: "La designazione di Mineo dimostra che la commissione di Cosa Nostra da Corleone è tornata a spostarsi a Palermo. Non si parla di merito, si nomina il più anziano"

Il procuratore nazionale Antimafia, Federico Cafiero De Raho spiega perché l'operazione Cupola 2.0 è particolarmente importante: "Per anni la commissione di Cosa nostra è stata sbilanciata sulla figura di Riina. Col suo arresto tutto si è fermato, la commissione non ha funzionato più. Dopo la morte del padrino corleonese i capi hanno sentito l'esigenza di muoversi e ridisciplinare l'organizzazione - ha affermato nel corso della conferenza stampa - La designazione di Mineo al vertice significa che la commissione è tornata a spostarsi a Palermo, dopo decenni di strapotere corleonese e che Palermo è tornata centrale". Il capo della Dna ha descritto una mafia che tenta di evitare i conflitti interni. "Si designa il più anziano come vertice - ha aggiunto - non si parla di merito. Nessuno usa il proprio carisma, nessuno si sente migliore degli altri. Si vogliono superare gli accordi a due o a tre".

          Il nome mio nessun saprà: l'accordo segreto tra Papa Francesco e Pechino      Cache   Translate Page      

"Nessun dorma".

In un mese, la Cina ha inaugurato i due ponti più lunghi del mondo. Fisico ed edilizio il primo, a sfidare ogni record d'ingegneria e unificare Hong Kong, Canton, Macao, in un arco di 55 chilometri e 250 milioni di transiti. "Metafisico" e pattizio il secondo, a completare settecento anni di tentativi e superare settant'anni di empasse politico - diplomatica, collegando stabilmente Pechino e il Vaticano, hard e soft power, regno dei cieli e celeste impero, città dei papi e città proibita, nell'orizzonte spazio – temporale di due miliardi e mezzo di anime.

"Ponti" caratterizzati entrambi da un segmento nascosto. Un tunnel subacqueo da un lato e un canale riservato, vale a dire una procedura segreta di nomina dei vescovi, dall'altro: che repentinamente li sommergono e sottraggono allo sguardo, per un ampio intervallo di mare, cingendoli di un'aura di mistero e rievocando al pensiero la suggestione, pucciniana e bismarkiana, di un'aria celebre. Lirica e Realpolitik, dunque.

"Il mio mistero è chiuso in me ..."

Sebbene Pechino si collochi agli antipodi, a quasi dodicimila miglia da Buenos Aires, ha sempre rappresentato il punto più vicino e l'obiettivo primario, predestinato e pianificato nel DNA gesuitico e nell'immaginario geopolitico di Bergoglio. Forse l'approdo addirittura conclusivo, esaustivo. La spettacolare, magistrale uscita di scena. Coronamento e congedo che di più non si può, a volerlo cogliere e sapersene distogliere, del suo iter al timone della barca di Pietro.

"Da ragazzo, qualunque cosa leggessi sulla Cina aveva la capacità di suscitare la mia ammirazione. Ammiro la Cina. In seguito, ho studiato la vita di Matteo Ricci e ho visto che quest'uomo provava quello che provavo io: ammirazione."

Con una differenza non da poco. Quando Matteo Ricci, matematico e cartografo, discepolo anche lui di Sant'Ignazio, sognava e disegnava geometrie a Oriente, il pendolo del cattolicesimo inclinava verso l'Ovest, appena scoperto. Ci sarebbe voluto un papa sudamericano, mezzo millennio dopo, per azzerare il cronometro e passare il testimone dall'eldorado di ieri a quello di domani. Dall'estuario del Rio de la Plata, il fiume ad'argento, al delta del fiume delle perle, Zhu Jiang in cinese.

Cambiando non solo emisfero ma sfera d'influenza, con un'angolazione di 180 gradi e uno statement che traccia, e trancia, un reset epocale: "La Cina oggi è una potenza mondiale: se la vediamo da questo lato, può cambiare il panorama".

Operazione e opzione ardita, che allerta i radar USA e non passa inosservata. Dilata come non mai e al tempo stesso spacca in due la Chiesa, separandola da Washington nel momento in cui gli States si fanno guardinghi e serrano i ranghi di un nuovo bipolarismo, dall'Est all'East. Richiamo della foresta e remake di un classico che in nome dell'interesse nazionale aggrega in un fronte unico repubblicani e democratici, Obama e Trump, fondamentalisti evangelici e conferenza episcopale, intellettuali bostoniani e farmer del Corn Belt, militari del Pentagono e "guerrieri culturali" ratzingeriani.

Motivo che ha indotto la Santa Sede ad ammainare provvisoriamente la bandiera della trasparenza, un mantra distintivo del pontificato, e attraversare prudenzialmente la frontiera in un luogo riparato.

Per timore non tanto di una collisione in superficie con la "barca - drago" (vascello tipico di Hong Kong, dal look grintoso ancorché innocuo) del cardinale "pasionario" e ultraottuagenario Zen Ze-kiun, che accusa il Vaticano di svendere la Chiesa clandestina fedele a Roma e sputa fuoco e fiamme sull'accordo, quanto piuttosto con la portaerei del media system statunitense, pronto a levare in volo i bombardieri e attivare uno sbarramento ad alto share.

In tale clima di guerra fredda e diffidenza reciproca non è azzardato assimilare alle sanzioni economiche il calo e congelamento delle donazioni finanziarie, registrato per effetto dell'Affaire Viganò. Al di là dell'episodio in sé l'America percepisce, incredula, l'eclissi dell'appartenenza del papato all'Occidente. Ossia lo smarcamento dell'astronave pontificia dalla galassia Stars and Stripes e con esso un riposizionamento, anzi un rovesciamento di alleanze. Reagendo di conseguenza.

"Tramontate stelle ..."

Mentre Francesco atterrando in Lituania il 22 settembre 2018 metteva un piede nel passato e sul limes, livido e dolorante, del Novecento, a quattromila miglia il viceministro degli esteri, Monsignor Antoine Camilleri, apponeva in suo nome una firma sul futuro gravido e invitante del XXI secolo, consegnando agli annali una data storica e sottoscrivendo con la Cina un protocollo che chiude il contenzioso atavico sul metodo di selezione della gerarchia ecclesiastica e schiude all'evangelizzazione la via della seta. Come se la pietra magica della cattedrale di Vilnius avesse finalmente propiziato il miracolo (Stebuklas), esaudendo e assecondando da copione al terzo giro, dopo il duplice tentativo di Wojtyla e Ratzinger, la priorità strategica dei successori di Pietro, conforme alla profezia di Giovanni Paolo II, che giunto trionfatore sulla soglia del giubileo provvide subito, lungimirante, ad aggiornare l'agenda e il muro, non più eludibile, da Berlino a Pechino.

Spingendosi sull'orlo del fuori gioco, teologico e geopolitico, Bergoglio ha condensato in cinque anni cinque secoli di missione, per non restare fuori dall'area che conta, dove si perde o vince la partita della globalizzazione: una fabbrica e un trend ascendente che nel 2050 esprimerà il 50 per cento del PIL mondiale, a dispetto del fatturato spirituale, fermo attualmente in Asia - e drammaticamente – a uno sparuto, timido tre per cento di battezzati. Frazione marginale quanto emarginante.

"Le Chiese cristiane in tutto il mondo hanno preso coscienza del fatto che il XXI secolo è veramente il secolo dell'Asia": il proclama di Civiltà Cattolica, nel luglio 2017, mostra chiaramente che nella consapevolezza del Papa e dei suoi più stretti consiglieri, dal Segretario di Stato Pietro Parolin al messinese Antonio Spadaro, direttore della rivista, rispettivamente pilota e ideologo della svolta, era scoccata l'ora e si assemblava lo scenario, inderogabile, delle manovre di attracco e avanti tutta: dalla manifestazione d'interesse alle affinità elettive. Dalla premessa patrimoniale alla promessa matrimoniale.

"Il nome mio nessun saprà".

Magari non il nome ma il cognome. Non il quadro però segnatamente la cornice. Malgrado non si conosca il contenuto dell'intesa, se ne può comunque desumere la tipologia e genealogia, che la riconduce induttivamente al novero dei "trattati ineguali".

Dove uno dei contraenti cede in fase di stipula più di quanto riceva. Prospettiva inversa, compensativa del gap che a partire dalla metà dell'Ottocento costrinse l'Impero del Centro, in virtù della superiorità tecnologica dell'Ovest, ad aprire obtorto collo porti e quartieri ai vessilli d'Europa e alle navi a vapore: da cui sbarcavano, insieme, militari e baionette, missionari e immaginette.

Un bandolo unitario che dal nazionalista Sun Yat-sen al comunista Mao Zedong al neocapitalista Xi Jinping ("fondamentalisti dell'indipendenza" nella definizione dell'editor di Asianews, il sinologo Padre Bernardo Cervellera), spiega e dispiega, ricapitola e raggomitola cento anni di parabola repubblicana, nella ricerca ossessiva, estensiva dell'onore perduto e di simboli che lo rappresentino architettonicamente, aristocraticamente tout azimut: dai grattacieli dei top manager, nel ruolo degli odierni mandarini, alla sequenza violacea di zucchetti dei vescovi, sette più uno post mortem, nominati dal governo e testé approvati dal Papa, previa revoca delle scomuniche. Coscienti che diocesi e cattedrali cattoliche rimpiccioliscono e scompaiono, per dimensioni, nella demografia e altimetria delle megalopoli (stando alla più ottimistica delle stime i fedeli superano di poco l'uno per cento della popolazione, una esigua minoranza e un terzo della pur infima consistenza continentale, che è del tre) ma che agli occhi del mondo, nella costruzione del racconto mediatico, la gallery dei presuli riabilitati abbaglia, e si staglia, con impatto emotivo analogo allo skyline scenografico di Chongqing e di Shangai.

A scrutarlo da un tale osservatorio, il patto sino-vaticano rivela e assume verosimilmente, come abbiamo scritto, le fattezze di un condono. Una gigantesca "sanatoria" urbanistica, nella quale Roma legittima un paesaggio di edifici abusivi, anomali, a cominciare dall'archetipo dell'Associazione Patriottica, che fungono da longa manus del partito, e quest'ultimo entra, per così dire, in società con il Pontefice, lasciandogli l'imprimatur del messaggio dottrinale, oltre al parere vincolante sulla idoneità personale, ma continuando a esercitare l'imprinting sulla linea politica e il diritto di scelta, in definitiva, dei candidati all'episcopato.

Non solo un ponte a due corsie, bensì a due velocità.

Se il vescovo "patriottico" in effetti compie speditamente il tragitto intero e contribuisce attivamente all'elaborazione del magistero papale, su un piano di pari dignità con i confratelli, nel sinodo di ottobre in Vaticano, quello "clandestino", lungi dall'essere in parallelo riconosciuto dalle autorità, viene di converso accompagnato e trattenuto ai "pit-stop" di rieducazione stradale, al fine di metabolizzare la segnaletica e viabilità di regime, con i suoi obblighi e i suoi divieti.

Sullo sfondo la rinascita del senso religioso, che affiora nelle nuove generazioni e ha indotto Xi Jinping a emanare un regolamento restrittivo, vessatorio, in vigore da febbraio 2018 e in apparenza contraddittorio, al limite della schizofrenia istituzionale rispetto alle trattative in corso contestualmente, in tempo reale, con la diplomazia della Santa Sede.

La sindrome di Turandot affligge la leadership cinese, terrorizzata eppure affascinata innanzi al potenziale coesivo e divisivo, persino eversivo della fede. E' questa la posta della commessa, e scommessa, da centinaia di milioni di anime, col taglio e col travaglio di una guerra di nervi, tra Bergoglio e Xi.

"E t'ho odiato per quella e per quella t'ho amato. Tormentata e divisa fra due terrori uguali: vincerti o esser vinta ..."

Problematico ed emblematico della persecuzione in atto il caso di Pietro Shao Zhumin, presule di Wenzhou, che al quinto arresto in due anni colleziona seriale, paziente "soggiorni d'istruzione", in guisa di punti di penalità sulla patente.

Da un lato lo slancio di Francesco che alla vista di Monsignor Guo Jincai si commuove pubblicamente in tv e lo promuove all'istante da figlio prodigo a prodigio, accogliendolo nell'abbraccio del colonnato beniniano ed elargendogli, per dote, la diocesi nuova di zecca di Chengde.

Dall'altro le cautele del governo, che sottopone il ponte a ripetuti stress test di collaudo e impone al partner la prova d'amore, attraverso il sacrificio dei cattolici legati a Roma per settant'anni e destinati a immolarsi per un "bene superiore", alla stregua di Liù, serva fedele dell'opera pucciniana.

"Tu che di gel sei cinta, da tanta fiamma vinta, l'amerai anche tu".

Con ogni probabilità, il prossimo concistoro cercherà di trasformare in matrimonio, mediante la consegna di un anello cardinalizio, l'accordo pre-nuziale di settembre, imprimendo su di esso il sigillo della porpora e impalmando un vescovo prescelto con il placet delle due parti.

A seguire, una visita di Bergoglio in Cina eguaglierebbe per importanza l'incontro del '72 fra Nixon e Mao. Scandendo il cambiamento d'epoca e inaugurando un capitolo inedito, senza precedenti, nella saga delle alleanze tra papato e impero

La sfilata del Pontefice a Pechino configurerà dunque l'evento clou del 2019 oppure, alla stregua di Dolce e Gabbana, scivolerà sul misunderstanding e buccia di banana di un faux pas, in sembianza di mossa, richiesta o protesta improvvida?

"Dilegua o notte. All'alba vincerò".

A prescindere dal viaggio, il grido tenorile del principe Calaf aleggia imperativo e pone una ipoteca geopolitica sul conclave. Come Giacomo Puccini, anche Francesco si appresta infatti a lasciare incompiuta e work in progress la sua Turandot, confidando in una discendenza numerosa e nella perseveranza biblica del Signore.

Al di là degli esiti possibili, la Cina costituisce un formidabile, irripetibile desk, che consente di leggere in prospettiva e retrospettiva genesi e nemesi del pontificato: misurandone concettualmente la vicinanza diagnostica e lontananza prognostica con il predecessore Joseph Ratzinger, nel confronto tra Benedikt-Option e Chinese Dream.

Entrambi, Francesco e Benedetto, prendono atto del declino irreversibile, nel breve periodo, del cristianesimo in Europa.

Di fronte alla notte che avanza, il primo si preoccupa però di preservarne integro il nucleo nell'area protetta o cenacolo chiuso delle minoranze creative, postmoderna versione del sacro speco. Il secondo ipotizza invece di trasferirne altrove il centro gravitazionale, coerente con la sua doppia natura di gesuita e di perito chimico. Non solo esploratore ma sperimentatore.

L'uno applica in sostanza un marchio doc e teorizza un diritto di proprietà intellettuale, a tutela del brevetto greco-romano, l'altro de-localizza le produzioni e il domicilio fiscale, abolendo le royalties identitarie.

"Sebbene sia vero che alcune culture sono state strettamente legate alla predicazione del Vangelo e allo sviluppo di un pensiero cristiano", leggiamo in Evangelii Gaudium", il messaggio rivelato non si identifica con nessuna di esse e possiede un contenuto trans-culturale".

Nel campo magnetico dell'Orbe, polarizzato dal braccio di ferro Washington - Pechino, la barca dell'Urbe naviga inquieta e speranzosa, zigzagando tra resilienza del timoniere, che incede ostinato, e resistenza dell'equipaggio, che teme l'ignoto. Levando l'ancora e svuotando la stiva, per riportare indietro e lanciare su vasta scala, lungo le promettenti scie della seta, il cherigma e format di un cattolicesimo made in China, globalizzato e tutto da scoprire.

          La distanza fra scienza e politica, un problema grave e antico      Cache   Translate Page      
Dmitrij Mendeleev, Aleksandr Borodin, Stanislao Cannizzaro, Friedrich August Kekulé, Charles-Adolphe Wurtz e Jean Baptiste André Dumas

(A cura di Adriano Zecchina, prof emerito di Chimica Fisica Università di Torino; Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei ; Accademia delle Scienze di Torino)

È sempre più comune sentire considerazioni preoccupate sulla separazione tra le due culture, cioè la cultura umanistica e quella scientifica. Altrettanto frequenti sono le raccomandazioni affinché questo gap venga colmato al più presto in modo da poter positivamente influenzare le decisioni politiche che richiedono, in un modo globalizzato e limitato, un approccio più interdisciplinare.

Il problema è antico e ne ho trovato più di una traccia nella storia. Un esempio importate è il congresso internazionale di Chimica tenutosi a Karlsruhe nel 1860. Credo con ragione che si sia trattato del primo congresso internazionale scientifico tenuto nella storia dell'umanità. Che sia stato un congresso di chimica non deve meravigliare poiché siamo nel periodo che precede di qualche anno la formulazione della tavola periodica.

Infatti pochi anni dopo (1869), Dmitrij Mendeleev pubblicherà la tavola periodica degli elementi che rappresenta una pietra miliare della scienza di tutti i tempi e la scacchiera sulla quale la natura e l'uomo hanno costruito l'infinità di materiali e molecole che ci circondano. Questo incontro fu la conseguenza delle continue scoperte di nuovi elementi, di nuove molecole e di nuove reazioni che caratterizzarono la prima metà del XIX e che richiedevano una completa presa di coscienza di un campo scientifico in rapida espansione.

Venne quindi proposto da scienziati delle comunità più forti e soprattutto dai tedeschi (tra cui Friedrich August Kekulé, uno dei fondatori della chimica organica, noto ancora oggi per i suoi contributi sul benzene, sui composti aromatici e sulla teoria della risonanza) e dai francesi (tra cui Charles-Adolphe Wurtz, un grande chimico francese noto ancora oggi per la reazione di Wurtz che porta alla formazione di legami carbonio-carbonio) di tenere un congresso internazionale.

Fu un vero trionfo della libertà e della conoscenza in cui gli scienziati presenti forse credettero di formare una comunità basata sulla universalità del pensiero scientifico in quanto capace di liberarsi dei fantasmi dell'alchimia e di travalicare le differenze di lingua, nazionalità e interessi materiali. Il congresso di Karlsruhe ha visto infatti la partecipazione di 140 scienziati di cui solo due italiani (Stanislao Cannizzaro e Angelo Pavesi), alcuni Russi (tra cui Dmitrij Mendeleev e Aleksandr Borodin), due austriaci e una maggioranza di francesi e tedeschi molti dei quali sono già stati ricordati. La partecipazione inglese fu numerosa ma abbastanza formale quasi a dimostrare un certo distacco dal continente.

Il congresso vide emergere la figura e il contributo di Stanislao Cannizzaro che tra l'altro fece conoscere l'opera di Amedeo Avogadro, sino ad allora quasi sconosciuto.

Al fine di non dare un'idilliaca immagine della scienza chimica ricordo che già allora (esattamente come oggi) i rapporti tra gli scienziati non furono sempre pacifici. Per esempio dopo il congresso di Karlsruhe, Borodin (anche grande musicista, autore del conosciuto Principe Igor) fu in conflitto con i molto famosi Kekulè e Wurtz che non avevano citato i suoi lavori.

Dopo centocinquanta anni oggi direi: tutto normale anche se gli strumenti di comunicazione sono divenuti immensi. Comunque non si può negare che l'idea di un congresso come quello di Karlsruhe sia stata, oltre che importante e innovativa, generosa e di carattere universalistico (come tante altre che sono venute poi in seguito nel mondo scientifico e intellettuale). È tuttavia incredibile come questo incontro tra scienziati di diverse nazionalità europee sia avvenuto in un periodo di guerre sanguinose tra i loro stati.

Tra quelle appena precedenti più vicine alla data del congresso basta citare quella di Crimea (1853) condotta contro l'Impero Russo da un'alleanza composta da Impero Ottomano, Francia, Regno Unito e Regno di Sardegna e che è stata causa di un numero di morti molto elevato (c'è chi riporta un milione) e che, per la sua estensione dal Baltico, al Mar Nero e all'Estremo Oriente, somigliò ad una guerra "quasi" mondiale anche per l'impiego di armi mai usate prima, quali i nuovi pezzi di artiglieria francesi.

In quella guerra, durante l'assedio di Sebastopoli, fu proposto anche l'uso di proiettili contenenti cianuro. Il primo ministro inglese Lord Palmerston non era contrario ma la marina militare si oppose obiettando che si trattava di "un modo pessimo di fare la guerra tanto quanto avvelenare i pozzi del nemico" (pratica invero antichissima).

Appena un anno prima del congresso (1859), Francia e Regno di Sardegna (per l'Italia) da una parte e impero di Austria-Ungheria dall'altra si erano scontrati a San Martino e Solferino in una delle più cruente battaglie del secolo XIX (circa 40.000 morti in un solo giorno). Altre battaglie seguiranno prima della fine del secolo, battaglie che invece di risolvere i problemi tra le nazioni saranno preparatorie delle due guerre mondiali del secolo XX.

Tra queste battaglie è da citare il conflitto tra Prussia e Impero austriaco (1866) e la terribile guerra franco-prussiana (1870-71) che si concluse con la sconfitta della Francia a Sedan, la caduta di Napoleone III e la unificazione della Germania. Il numero dei morti complessivi fu di circa 200.000. Mi pare del tutto evidente che i gruppi dirigenti tedeschi e francesi abbiano obbedito a principi molto diversi da quelli che hanno animato il congresso di Karlsruhe. I gruppi dirigenti tedeschi hanno infatti descritto questa guerra alla stregua di un passaggio verso l'unificazione e la grandezza tedesca. Quelli francesi invece come un argine alla emergente strapotenza germanica, concetti che sentiremo ripetere nel secolo successivo.

Non sapremo mai come reagirono e reagiranno di fronte a queste guerre i molti scienziati francesi, tedeschi, inglesi, russi, italiani etc che avevano partecipato al congresso del 1860. Sospetto che tutti tornarono ai loro posti e alle loro carriere limitando il loro pensiero al solo ambito della scienza o a attività patriottiche. Penso che ragionassero come le loro classi dirigenti e che si sentissero sopratutto patrioti.

Questo pone un altro problema: quanto questi intellettuali della natura (chimici in questo caso ma credo che il fenomeno sia generale) che nel 1860 si riunirono per scambiarsi informazioni fondamentali e universali e che tanto hanno contribuito e contribuiranno alla ricchezza delle nazioni erano coscienti della situazione politica?

Sullo sfondo una rara foto della guerra di Crimea. In alto da sinistra a destra ci sono i ritratti di Dmitrij Mendeleev, Aleksandr Borodin, Stanislao Cannizzaro, Friedrich August Kekulé, Charles-Adolphe Wurtz e Jean Baptiste André Dumas. Il totale dei partecipanti fu 140.

Io penso che alcuni la ignorassero del tutto mentre la maggioranza facesse riferimento a verità e interessi ritenuti più profondi quali patria, religione, lingua e ricchezza etc del tutto estranei all'universalismo della cultura scientifica. In conclusione essi non misero mai in discussione i principi e gli interessi più profondi delle proprie comunità.

Dall'esperienza che ho accumulato partecipando a tanti congressi scientifici internazionali, sono quasi certo che di argomenti politici si sia parlato ben poco anche nel secolo XX, secolo che ha visto due grandi guerre mondiali. Dopo un breve e forse superficiale esame della storia sono giunto alla conclusione che questa dicotomia tra scienza e politica è stata ed è sempre presente. Non so se questo sia limitato solo ai cultori delle scienze naturali. Penso che tutto ciò sia conseguente al predominio di principi religiosi, linguistici e nazionalisti che spesso nascondono gli interessi pratici della propria nazione e del proprio gruppo sociale.

Del resto il grande scrittore russo Lev Tolstoj, indignato per quella che lui considerò come una guerra patriottica contro un aggressore, partecipò all'assedio di Sebastopoli e ne trasse l'ispirazione nel 1855 per i Racconti di Sebastopoli. Dalla parte inglese il tutto fu celebrato in vari film epici tra cui quello intitolato "la Battaglia di Balaclava".

Tutto ciò mi suggerisce una domanda: è cambiato o sta per cambiare qualche cosa dopo quasi due secoli? Forse sono pessimista ma non mi sembra proprio, anche se i potenziali conflitti insiti nella globalizzazione sono incombenti. Il tutto in presenza di armi di una potenza militare e distruttiva senza precedenti e di un galoppante problema climatico da noi stessi provocato, fatti che richiederebbero un urgente rafforzamento del legame tra le basi scientifiche e umanistiche della cultura al fine di contribuire a creare una coscienza politica più lungimirante e saggia.

          Port Tampa Bay lands weekly container ship delivery from China in January      Cache   Translate Page      
TAMPA - Port Tampa Bay's shipping container business got a boost Monday with the news that Cosco Shipping Lines of China will add Tampa as a weekly port of call for its trans-Pacific container ships.Cosco Shipping, based in Shanghai, plans to send its first ship to Tampa late this month, with an
          Pd, disagio capitale      Cache   Translate Page      

Bruno Astorre ha vinto le primarie del Lazio con il 69,5% dei voti, diventando così il segretario regionale del Partito democratico. I risultati finali vedono il senatore vicino ad AreaDem battere Claudio Mancini (storico volto dalemiano della Capitale), che si è fermato poco sopra il 25%, e l'outsider Andrea Alemanni (4,9%), vicino alla componente di Matteo Richetti. Non c'è stato il tracollo di partecipazione temuto alla vigilia: nonostante una campagna poco coinvolgente, costruita quasi esclusivamente su iscritti e simpatizzanti, sono andati a votare più di 64mila elettori, superando i 48mila di quattro anni fa.

Ma l'esito della consultazione che si è svolta sabato scorso, soprattutto per quanto riguarda il radicamento a Roma città, desta qualche motivo di preoccupazione per ciascuno dei candidati nazionali, che si confronteranno ai gazebo il prossimo 3 marzo. Certo per Marco Minniti e Maurizio Martina, che sostenevano lo sconfitto Mancini, il cui risultato è rimasto al di sotto delle aspettative. Ma anche per lo stesso Nicola Zingaretti, vicino (seppur non ufficialmente) al vittorioso Astorre.

L'affermazione del nuovo segretario regionale, infatti, è stata costruita soprattutto nella provincia di Roma – i Castelli sono il suo territorio di radicamento – e nel resto del Lazio, mentre nella Capitale si è fermato intorno al 55%. Qui era rimasto addirittura indietro nella conta tra i soli iscritti rispetto a Mancini, seppur di soli 5 voti (1499 contro i 1504 dell'avversario). Astorre, certo, non è Zingaretti e il Governatore sarà in grado di mobilitare nella sua città un voto d'opinione rimasto insensibile, se non ostile, a questa tornata di primarie e ai singoli candidati. Tuttavia, l'immagine zingarettiana di uomo "nuovo" rispetto alle logiche nazionali del Pd potrebbe risultare penalizzata dalla convergenza sul suo nome di volti più datati che storici, campioni di preferenze e capibastone vari. Il sostegno di Astorre (già dirigente giovanile della Dc, poi Ppi, Margherita e infine Pd) da questo punto di vista gli ha già attirato le critiche di alcuni ambienti dem, così come quello di Francesco De Angelis (eletto segretario della Fgci di Frosinone nel lontano 1982, quindi Pci-Pds-Ds-Pd), mentre è nota la vicinanza di Zingaretti all'europarlamentare Goffredo Bettini, già deus ex machina delle giunte Rutelli e Veltroni. È una dinamica quasi inevitabile, che a suo tempo coinvolse anche il rottamatore Renzi, e il Governatore dovrà stare attento a non rimanerne ingabbiato.

Ad aiutarlo in questo senso arriva Paolo Gentiloni, che continua ad essere uno dei dirigenti dem dall'indice di gradimento più alto presso il grande pubblico. Dopo aver ufficializzato il sostegno a Zingaretti, questa mattina ha manifestato la propria disponibilità ad accettare l'incarico di presidente del partito, qualora gli venisse offerto. "Un'ottima notizia per il Pd e per il Paese", ha subito commentato Zingaretti, ma certo lo è anche per lui.

Le cose, almeno nella Capitale, vanno sicuramente peggio per Marco Minniti. Privo di un proprio radicamento personale in città, dalla sua è rimasto ormai ben poco anche della ex mozione Renzi. Gentiloni e i suoi (Lorenza Bonaccorsi ed Eugenio Patanè tra questi) si sono spostati su Zingaretti, così come i popolari di Franceschini e quelli di Fioroni e Gasbarra, nonché il veltroniano Roberto Morassut, mentre Orfini si è schierato con Martina. A sostenere l'ex ministro rimangono quindi i "turborenziani" (su tutti Roberto Giachetti, Luciano Nobili e il segretario cittadino Andrea Casu) e probabilmente un manipolo di ex dalemiani, che potrebbe non seguire il percorso di Orfini: tra questi si collocherebbe anche il candidato sconfitto alle primarie regionali, Mancini, che però non si è ancora espresso ufficialmente.

Se Minniti non si è mai curato di costruirsi una propria componente di fedelissimi e quindi fatica un po' ovunque a farlo adesso che è candidato, a Roma soffre ancor di più il fatto che il suo big sponsor Renzi ha da sempre appaltato ad altri la ricerca del consenso nella Capitale (i post-rutelliani, Orfini, gli ex popolari, con tiepida convinzione anche Veltroni e Bettini). Adesso la chiamata all'appello congressuale sta funzionando solo per alcuni di questi, ma non per tutti. Toccherà quindi personalmente all'ex ministro provare a ribaltare le previsioni, che nella Capitale lo vedono al momento oscillare tra il secondo e il terzo posto, troppo distante dal diretto avversario Zingaretti.

A contendergli la seconda piazza capitolina c'è Maurizio Martina, forte dell'appoggio del presidente nazionale ed ex commissario del Pd romano, Matteo Orfini. L'esito delle primarie regionali, però, ha fatto segnare una forte battuta d'arresto per la sua componente, che teoricamente doveva risultare la più organizzata in città (vedi anche il buon risultato tra gli iscritti), ma con Mancini è riuscita a prevalere solo nei Municipi I, VI e XII. Né appare in grado di portare un contributo determinante l'area che si sta raccogliendo attorno a Matteo Richetti, che da queste parti ha come punto di riferimento l'ex sottosegretario Angelo Rughetti: il loro candidato Alemanni in alcuni quartieri ha raccolto un buon consenso, ma si tratta sempre di un risultato minoritario e troppo a macchia di leopardo. Basterà per battere ai gazebo il più carismatico Minniti?

          Evaluation of frailty status among older people living in urban communities by Edmonton Frail Scale in Wuhu, China: a cross-sectional study - Yang L, Jiang Y, Xu S, Bao L, Parker D, Xu X, Li J.       Cache   Translate Page      
BACKGROUND: There are few studies that have explored the factors that are associated with frailty among older people in China. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the frailty status of older people living in urban communities and to examine the sociodemograp...
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Lo strappo di Doha è di quelli destinati a lasciare il segno su più versanti: su quello della partita petrolifera, ma anche sul piano più strettamente geopolitico e nello scontro intersunnita. Dal primo gennaio 2019 il Qatar uscirà dall'Opec. La decisione di ritirarsi dall'organizzazione dei Paesi esportatori di petrolio è stata annunciata dal ministro dell'Energia Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi: "Il Qatar ha deciso di ritirare la sua membership dall'Opec a partire dal gennaio 2019", dichiara al-Kaabi in conferenza stampa a Doha, aggiungendo che all'Opec è già stata comunicata la decisione. Intanto in avvio di giornata si registra un rimbalzo sostenuto per i prezzi del greggio. Sui mercati asiatici i future sul Light crude Wti (West Texas Intermediate) crescono a 53,5 dollari, quelli sul Brent a 62,16 dollari. A trainare il rimbalzo, dopo i recenti crolli, la notizia che Russia e Arabia Saudita sono d'accordo nell'estendere fino al 2019 il loro accordo per gestire il mercato petrolifero.

Ufficialmente il Qatar ha spiegato di volersi concentrare sul gas naturale liquefatto, di cui è il maggior fornitore con quasi il 30% della produzione mondiale. Ma le motivazioni "tecniche" lasciano il tempo che trovano, perché ben altre, e più corpose, sono le motivazioni che hanno spinto il Qatar a questa decisione. A rimarcarlo è l'autorevole Financial Times, secondo cui la decisione segue un peggioramento dei rapporti di Doha con i suoi vicini.

La "Guerra delle petromonarchie" ha una data di inizio, 5 giugno 2017: Arabia Saudita, Emirati Arabi Uniti, Bahrein ed Egitto annunciano la rottura delle relazioni diplomatiche con Doha, ritirando i propri ambasciatori e imponendo l'espulsione dei cittadini del Qatar. E questo dopo che il Qatar aveva respinto la lista di 13 condizioni imposta dal "fronte dei Quattro" per l'abolizione delle sanzioni contro Doha definendola "irrealistica". Tra le richieste avanzate dal fronte guidato da Riad figuravano quella di chiudere la tv Al Jazeera, interrompere i rapporti con l'Iran e con la Fratellanza musulmana, rinunciare ad una base militare turca. Una lista che andava ben oltre le accuse iniziali di sostenere il terrorismo e che impone di fatto all'emirato una limitazione della sua sovranità. La mossa ha visto anche la chiusura dello spazio aereo, che per i Paesi del Golfo ha implicato l'interdizione delle acque territoriali. Riad ha inoltre chiuso il proprio confine terrestre con il Qatar impedendo di fatto qualsiasi transito di merci. Alle misure hanno aderito tra gli altri anche Eritrea, Mauritania, Maldive, Senegal, il governo yemenita del presidente Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi e l'esecutivo libico non riconosciuto di Al Baida. Giordania, Gibuti, Ciad, Niger hanno declassato invece le proprie rappresentanze diplomatiche. E lo scontro si veste anche di guerra di religione con l'Arabia Saudita che vieta ai qatarini di entrare nella più sacra delle moschee, quella della Kaaba alla Mecca. L'accusa mossa al Qatar, in sintonia con la dottrina-Trump, è di supportare al-Qaeda, i Fratelli musulmani e, più recentemente, anche gruppi filo-iraniani. Questa strumentalizzazione del termine non è certamente nuova. È sufficiente ricordare l'esempio eclatante di quando Saddam Hussein fu accusato di finanziare il terrorismo internazionale per giustificare e legittimare l'intervento in Iraq.

Al fianco del Qatar si schiera il "Sultano di Ankara": nella notte dell'8 giugno, il presidente Recep Tayyp Erdogan ha controfirmato la legge che gli permette di inviare soldati turchi e addestratori nell'emirato, un primo contingente di 5 mila uomini che potrebbe salire a 15 mila. Il sostegno di Ankara a Doha si spiega soprattutto esaminando il versante economico: secondo le cifre pubblicate dai media gli investimenti qatarini in Turchia ammontano a 1,5 miliardi di dollari. Compagnie turche hanno ottenuto contratti per più di 13 miliardi di dollari per i progetti in vista della Coppa del Mondo di calcio prevista nel 2022. La Turchia, inoltre, ha già aperto una base militare in Qatar e presto verrà stabilito anche un comando divisionale congiunto a Doha. Tra le 13 richieste-ultimatum c'è anche la chiusura della base turca. Anche questa richiesta suona come inaccettabile. Non solo per Doha ma soprattutto per Ankara. Aperta l'anno scorso dopo l'accordo del 2014 fra l'emiro Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani e il presidente turco Erdogan, la base militare turca dista 30 chilometri da Doha. Prima della crisi accoglieva 300 soldati i turchi. Ma il ponte aereo in corso dovrebbe portare in tempi molto brevi il loro numero fino a 5mila militari, con l'appoggio anche di aerei e navi da guerra. Soprattutto, ai Sauditi non sono mai piaciute le "relazioni normali" che il Qatar tradizionalmente intrattiene con l'Iran: relazioni basate su solidi interessi economici comuni, a cominciare dallo sfruttamento congiunto del giacimento gasifero di South Pars/North Dome, il più grande del mondo". Il Golfo – rimarca Eleonora Ardemagni, in un documentato report per l'ISPI - complice la rivalità storica tra sauditi e iraniani e quella intra-sunnita tra Arabia Saudita e Qatar, è stato ed è il primo artefice, il demiurgo -seppure per vie indirette- dell'attuale disordine mediorientale: attraverso i suoi proxies, esso ha partecipato allo scardinamento dell'ordine regionale. Un processo aggravato dalle linee rosse disattese (Stati Uniti in Siria) oppure dagli ambigui interventi militari (Russia in Siria) delle potenze internazionali. Perché molto di ciò che accade oggi in Siria, Iraq, Yemen, Libia, Egitto, dipende primariamente dalle scelte politiche di Arabia Saudita, Iran, Qatar ed Emirati Arabi Uniti....". Geopolitica, affari, e non solo. Quel che è già evidente, - riflette Rami Khouri, tra i più autorevoli giornalisti libanesi - è la determinazione di alcuni Paesi arabi, guidati dall'Arabia Saudita, a ricorrere alla guerra economica e militare, a tattiche di deprivazione alimentare e ad altri mezzi pur di mantenere il mondo arabo nella sua fatiscente condizione attuale. È questa la reale minaccia che pende sui cittadini e le società del mondo arabo. Anche se lo spazio politico per esprimere simili opinioni, nella regione e altrove, si fa sempre più esiguo". E quello spazio rischia di chiudersi completamente se alle macerie siriane si aggiungessero quelle provocate da una nuova Guerra del Golfo.

Di certo, il Qatar vede ormai il suo futuro al di fuori dell'Opec, dominato dall'Arabia Saudita, il maggior produttore dell'organizzazione con oltre 11 milioni di barili al giorno. Le "crisi passano", ma vi sono cicatrici che "durano nel tempo" come la controversia economica e diplomatica che, da oltre un anno, vede opposte Doha e Arabia Saudita È quanto aveva sottolineato l'emiro del Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani nell'annuale discorso alla nazione, lo scorso 6 novembre, rivolgendosi anche alle nazioni alleate di Riyadh nell'area e chiedendo loro di rispettare la sovranità del proprio Paese e "non interferire" negli affari interni. "La storia ci insegna – aveva sostenuto nel suo discorso al-Thani - che le crisi passano, ma una loro cattiva gestione si lascia alle spalle effetti che poi durano nel tempo". "È davvero deplorevole - ha proseguito l'emiro del Qatar - che il perpetrarsi della crisi mostri in tutta la sua portata il fallimento del Consiglio di cooperazione dei Paesi del Golfo (Gcc) nel raggiungere i propri obiettivi e nel soddisfare le aspirazioni del nostro popolo". Egli ha quindi voluto rassicurare i cittadini, sostenendo che la nazione non ha subito effetti negativi dal boicottaggio e continuerà a mantenere il primato mondiale nell'esportazione di idrocarburi. "Il blocco - ha detto - non ha provocato alcuna ripercussione sulla vendita del nostro petrolio e del gas naturale". Lo Stato, ha concluso l'emiro, "è entusiasta di adempiere a tutti i suoi obblighi derivanti dai contratti in essere" e ne ha firmati altri "a lungo termine, l'ultimo dei quali con Petro China", gigante cinese dell'energia.

Le mosse di Doha sono monitorate con particolare attenzione dall'Italia. E la ragione è molto prosaica, e si lega fortemente alla "diplomazia degli affari" che va oltre il pur fondamentale settore energetico. Al Qatar, infatti, piace tanto lo "shopping" italiano. Tra i colpi messi a segno c'è quello in Sardegna dove la Qatar Airways si è presa il 49% di Meridiana. Nel 2011 gli Al-Thani, la dinastia che regna il Paese, hanno acquisito l'Hotel Gallia a Milano, nel 2012 il fondo sovrano ha praticamente rilevato la Costa Smeralda. Nello stesso anno, attraverso la "Mayhoola for investment", i reali del Qatar hanno comprato la maison Valentino per 700 milioni di euro. E più di recente la stessa QIA, che ha comprato Porta Nuova, è entrata con un investimento di 165 milioni nel capitale di Inalca, la società del gruppo Cremonini, insieme al Fondo Strategico italiano. In Italia hanno comprato alcuni dei più prestigiosi alberghi di Firenze: acquisiti il Four Season, all'interno del Palazzo della Gherardesca, che fa tuttora parte della Compagnia italiana alberghi. A Milano, il Qatar Investment Authority si è concentrato sulle sedi delle banche come il palazzo di via Santa Margherita che ospita gli uffici di Credit Suisse. Oltre ad aver partecipato a un fondo costruito ad hoc per valorizzare un portafoglio di filiali di Deutsche Bank. Alberghi, maison di moda, compagne aeree, palazzi. E non solo. Lo shopping dello Sceicco Al-Thani. investe anche un settore alquanto delicato: quello degli armamenti. In poco più di un anno l'Italia ha venduto a Doha sette navi da guerra Fincantieri per 4 miliardi di euro, 28 elicotteri NH 90 (ex Agusta Westland) per 3 miliardi di euro, inoltre è stata siglata un'intesa da oltre 6 miliardi di euro per 24 caccia Typhoon del consorzio Eurofighter, di cui Leonardo-Finmeccanica ha una quota del 36%. E anche i nostri produttori agricoli hanno registrato un aumento dell'export, con un volume di esportazioni quadruplicato negli ultimi 10 anni e certificato dall'ultimo accordo siglato da Coldiretti con l'emirato per la distribuzione dei prodotti italiani.

"I rapporti tra Italia e Qatar – ha recentemente detto all'Adnkronos l'ambasciatore a Doha, Pasquale Salzano - sono veramente ottimi, nell'ultimo anno abbiamo aumentato di circa l'11% il nostro interscambio. Nell'emirato c'è una grande richiesta di Italia, presente in modo massiccio già con i grandi gruppi, come Salini Impregilo, Saipem, Eni, Fincantieri, Rizzani de Eccher, Leonardo, che riguarda le piccole e medie imprese, l'artigianato, i prodotti di lusso e dell'agroalimentare, senz'altro una novità per le dimensioni nelle quali ci viene richiesto".

Nella disputa tra Arabia Saudita e Qatar, Roma tifa per Doha. E per il suo shopping miliardario.

          Alexei Lomakin, centrocampista di 18 anni della Lokomotiv Mosca, è morto in circostanze ancora da chiarire      Cache   Translate Page      

Alexey Lomakin, centrocampista russo di 18 anni della Lokomotiv Mosca, è stato trovato morto. Era scomparso da una settimana. Le circostanze che hanno portato al decesso del giovane sono ancora poco chiare e non sono stati resi noti ulteriori dettagli su quanto accaduto. La Lokomotiv Mosca ha affermato all'agenzia Tass che verranno comunicati nei giorni a seguire.

"Siamo scioccati dalla tragedia accaduta", ha fatto sapere il club russo in un tweet, "esprimiamo le nostre più profonde condoglianze alla famiglia e agli amici di Alexey". Il ragazzo era una giovane promessa del calcio e militava tra le fila della Primavera della Lokomotiv Mosca.

Secondo la stampa russa, come scrive il Corriere

Alexey era partito il giorno prima per Mosca, aveva raggiunto il centro medico della squadra ed aveva poi spento il cellulare. Domenica alle telefonate aveva poi risposto un uomo, qualificatosi come tassista, spiegando che il giovane aveva probabilmente dimenticato il telefonino in macchina mentre si trovava con alcuni compagni. Uno di questi avrebbe ammesso di aver perso i contatti con Alexey dopo aver consumato parecchio alcol insieme.

          Tesla becomes collateral damage in the China-U.S. trade war      Cache   Translate Page      
China is crucial to Tesla’s future. So it’s not surprising that the trade war is hitting the company hard. China is Tesla’s largest market outside the U.S., accounting for about 10% of total revenue i ... - Source:
          Aktien New York Schluss: Konjunktursorgen lösen Ausverkauf aus      Cache   Translate Page      
An der Wall Street hat am Dienstag Ausverkaufsstimmung geherrscht. Konjunktursorgen und Zweifel an der Nachhaltigkeit des jüngsten Handelsdeals mit China zogen die wichtigsten Aktienindizes bis zu knapp 4 Prozent ins...
          +++Börsen-Ticker+++ - Kurssturz an der Wall Street      Cache   Translate Page      
Die anfängliche Euphorie über den Burgfrieden im Handelsstreit zwischen den USA und China ist an den Finanzmärkten am Dienstag in Skepsis umgeschlagen.
          ABB-Chef: "China könnte in drei Jahren grösster Absatzmarkt sein"      Cache   Translate Page      
Für den Industriekonzern ABB könnte China in den nächsten Jahren zum grössten Absatzmarkt werden: "Das könnte in den nächsten drei Jahren passieren", sagte ABB-Chef Ulrich Spiesshofer in einem Interview mit dem deuts...
          China Aside, Trump's Many Other Trade Wars      Cache   Translate Page      
China may be the main "belligerent" identified by the US, but it's hardly the only one.
Trump and the Chinese government not being particularly known for their communicative openness and transparency, there is some confusion as to whether the US-China trade war is about to de-escalate or otherwise after Trump-Xi talks at the recently concluded G-20 meeting in Argentina. What's going to happen with regard to these two countries? Beats me, pal. Lest you think that China is the only victim of Trump's anti-trade mentality, rest assured that the rest of the world has been subject to aggressive action from the US government at Trump's obvious behest. But before we get to that, let's review what kinds of actions countries have typically used to sanction others' "unfair" trade practices:
A tariff is a tax on a foreign product designed to protect domestic producers in an effort to boost local economies. But under international trade laws, the US can't just implement them willy-nilly, they need to provide a reason why the tariff is necessary and investigate it fully. Until recently, the vast majority of US tariffs were justified as countervailing and antidumping duties.
  • Countervailing duties level the playing field when a foreign industry has been unfairly subsidised
  • Antidumping duties level the playing field when a foreign industry has been flooding the US market with its products
Not all investigations lead to tariffs - at some point during the process, the US may decide they don't have grounds to be implemented. But many do.
While we keep hearing about China all the time, note that it's practically everyone else also being hit by Trump's trade angst:
Under President Trump, the Department of Commerce has begun 122 investigations into anti-dumping/countervailing duties. These tariffs have targeted all corners of the globe, reaching 31 countries in total and affecting some $12bn (£9.4bn) in imports. China has borne the brunt of US scrutiny, with about 40% of countervailing/antidumping investigations targeting Chinese products ranging from aluminium alloy to rubber bands to silk ribbons. Other countries have found themselves in Mr Trump's crosshairs as well.
Aside from China, the countries hit by US trade actions range far and wide:
A far-reaching investigation into citric acid touched three continents, with tariffs issued for Belgium, Colombia and Thailand. The chemical compound mimics the sour tang of lemons and is used in a large amount of common candies and drinks, from Sour Patch Kids to 7Up...

Another massive investigation into biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia led to tariffs being issued on $1.5bn of imports. The fuel, which is made from plants, is used in diesel cars and lorries, as well as airplanes and trains. The market has huge growth potential in the US, which is a major grower of corn and soybeans, and the tariffs could ostensibly help grow the industry.
Whereas American companies had to tell the government to investigate foreigner's alleged violations of trade rules, the Department of Commerce under Trump is now attacking all and sundry others even without corporate complaints. What's more, he's using traditionally taboo reasons for imposing sanctions since they give him more leeway--"national security" concerns being foremost of these against such national security "threats" like Canada, Mexico, etc.
And in a significant change in protocol, officials are no longer waiting for companies to petition for help. Last November, the Department of Commerce self-initiated investigations in Chinese common alloy aluminium.

It was the first time the department acted on its own regarding antidumping or countervailing duties, without a complaint from industry, in decades, and a sign of a shift in the department's policy under the new administration.

"[President Trump] isn't willing to wait for companies to come forward. He wants to do it himself, he wants to have the government decide," says Chad Bown, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

"So he starts self-initiating cases but also... he says we're going to start using other laws where there are much more presidential discretion." But by far the biggest shift in US trade policy has been Trump's willingness to buck with tradition if it will let him get tariffs through faster.

Rather than go through lengthy antidumping/countervailing investigations - and risk his tariffs being overturned - Trump has introduced hundreds of billions of tariffs under little-used aspects of trade law.
The upshot here is that even if US-China trade relations improve somewhat, there are so many other countries being targeted that it's hardly a cessation of the trade wars Trump is busy engaging in against practically the entire world.  
          Aktien New York: Konjunktursorgen lösen Kursrutsch aus      Cache   Translate Page      
Konjunktursorgen und Zweifel an der Nachhaltigkeit des jüngsten Handelsdeals mit China haben die US-Börsen einbrechen lassen. Hinzu kam die Furcht, dass Grossbritannien die Europäischen Union tatsächlich ohne ein Abk...
          Private LTE Market to be Valued $11bn by 2024: Global Market Insights, Inc.      Cache   Translate Page      
...PON2), By Application (Fiber to the Home (FTTH), Other FTTX, Mobile Backhaul), By End Use (Residential, Business [IT & Telecom, BFSI, Healthcare, Government]), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook (U.S., Canada , UK, Germany , France , Sweden , Italy , Spain , Netherlands , China , Japan , South Korea ...

          China and India can succeed in Afghanistan where US, Russia failed      Cache   Translate Page      
Far from being stable, Afghanistan is yet to even see its many conflicts end. The fractured political, economic and social reality of Afghanistan that we witness today is, in fact, the creation of a fractured mandate for peace. Despite the sheer number of international peace processes that have been initiated in Afghanistan’s name, little has been achieved in terms of restoring peace, stability and order there. These processes have often paralleled each other, vying for significance lest...
          Fentanyl chemists are getting creative. Here’s how China plans to stop the deadly flow of drugs      Cache   Translate Page      
While organised crime groups have successfully circumvented controls by innovating and changing the chemical structures of fentanyl, a top United Nations drugs expert hopes further regulating the drug in China will allow authorities to act faster. Jeremy Douglas, regional representative for the UN Office on Drugs and Crime for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, said Beijing’s decision to move to a generic control process, where any new fentanyl-related substances would be automatically...
          Comment on Leica T, TL and TL2 dynamic range and sensor measurements test results published online by John-F      Cache   Translate Page      
The Leica TL2 beat them all. Including the Fuji X-T3 and the EOS M6. Incredible! Sadly, many people scoff at Leica prices and think that the premium price is basically related to the name brand and the aura that surrounds the Leica name. I hope these tests will serve to convince them (or maybe some of them) that Leica is a serious competitor in the high-end world of digital photography. IMHO, Leica digital photography is a better option because it combines many unique advantages: superior optical engineering and knowledge of mirrorless design, superior manufacturing techniques, extensive Quality Control at every step of the manufacturing process (for both lenses and cameras), meaning no statistical (hypergeometric) sampling tests - every lens is tested and re-tested. Minimalist intelligent user interface, and no encryption of any part of the digital files are also important. Add to this one of the most modern and up-to-date ASIC chip (Maestro II) based on the same Milbeault architecture designed by Fujitsu (and also used by Nikon for its Expeed ASIC chips), the inclusion of a modern FPGA chip, the Xilinx Artix-7, to complement the work of the Maestro. And finally, a willingness to work with many different players in the world of digital photography, digital signal processing, digital sensor design, advanced physics, and university engineering faculties. Faculties and companies in the US, Belgium, France, Japan, Germany, Israel and China. All this from a “little“ company with only 1600 employees! Yes, Leica products are more expensive. But if you think that what you are buying is just a pretty box with a big name on it, you are making a big mistake. Leica cameras and lenses are a unique experience.
          Will China Save the Planet?      Cache   Translate Page      

Now that Trump has turned the United States into a global climate outcast, will China take the lead in saving our planet from environmental catastrophe? Many signs point to yes. China, the world's largest carbon emitter, is leading a global clean energy revolution, phasing out coal consumption and leading the development of a global system of green finance.

But as leading China environmental expert Barbara Finamore explains, it is anything but easy


          Dow falls 700 points on China trade confusion      Cache   Translate Page      

Breaking News Emails Get breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings. SUBSCRIBE Dec. 4, 2018 / 7:05 PM GMT By Lucy Bayly The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than 700 points in Tuesday trading, continuing a shaky start to the week prompted by confusion over […]

The post Dow falls 700 points on China trade confusion appeared first on 41NBC News | WMGT-DT.

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          A pause in the US-China trade war: a temporary respite for the markets?      Cache   Translate Page      


Last weekend, on the margins of the G-20 summit, the leaders of the United States and Celestial Empire agreed to pause a trade war, at least until the end of the first quarter of next year.

It is assumed that the parties use a 90-day truce to form and conclude a trade agreement.

According to experts, there are two options for the development of events.

1. Fast and dynamic negotiation process and agreement. In this case, the United States may begin to put pressure on the PRC in order to achieve the best conditions for itself. In fact, this is the same trade lobby, only without the establishment of a rigid time frame.

2. The absence of points of contact and agreement by April. That is, within three months, China will actively stimulate its economy and domestic demand, support local banks and exporters, and by the middle of spring the world may see a new wave of trade aggression from America.

"This is not the first time Washington and Beijing are announcing victory. So far, they have managed to avoid the worst scenario that could provoke a further collapse of stock markets, but the real deal is still far away," said Michael Pillsbury, a specialist at the Hudson Institute.

"If the Americans are consistent, they will need to push the sale of goods to the Chinese no less than $ 190 billion a year. However, it is not yet clear how and at the expense of what the Celestial can, in principle, be able to provide this amount, not to mention whether it wants to go for it at all," said Raoul Leering, analyst at ING Group.

"In reality, the parties were able to achieve insignificant progress in the negotiations. At the moment, it only looks like a release of tension. The announced three-month truce only prolongs the period of uncertainty. We estimate the likelihood that the United States and China will agree on the abolition of additional duties, only 20%." said Goldman Sachs spokesman Alec Phillips.

Despite the fact that many today do not believe that a truce will grow into an agreement, a pause in a trade war can be beneficial to risky assets, as well as to the stock and currency markets.

The material has been provided by InstaForex Company -
          Oil groped bottom      Cache   Translate Page      

The worst monthly dynamics over the past decade has changed for oil, the best two-day increase since June, thanks to friendship. Warm meeting of Mohammed bin Salman and Vladimir Putin, as well as a joint dinner of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, inspire hope for solving several problems of the bulls in Brent and WTI. On the one hand, there are growing risks of production cuts following the OPEC meeting on December 6. On the other hand, the de-escalation of the trade conflict can have a positive effect on global demand for black gold. The market had a reason for the correction to the "bearish" trend, and he hurried to use it.

If Russia can afford lower oil prices, then for Saudi Arabia, this is highly undesirable. The question is, by what size will Riyadh persuade Moscow to cut production? According to Reuters, the Kremlin is ready for 140 thousand b / d, the cartel would like to receive from it 250-300 thousand b / d. In one of the previous materials, I noted that there was still a third player in the face of the United States, but the cooling of relations between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump after the incident in the Kerch Strait does not allow discussing the option under which the Russian Federation is increasing production. The states believe that they will do without Russia in such an important matter as the reduction of the cost of black gold. Let them continue to think so.

Dynamics of oil production growth


The loud statements of Saudi Arabia on the eve of the OPEC summit on December 6 about the need to stabilize the market by joint efforts and that Riyadh alone does not intend to cut production, are focused more on the cartel. Formally, the meeting may be about a proportional reduction in production by 3-3.5% from October levels, however, it is obvious that each of the participating countries will bear an individual load. The total volume of cuts (together with Russia) can reach 1.3-1.4 million b / s.

From the point of view of the proposal, the support of the "bulls" for Brent and WTI was provided by Canada's statement to reduce production by 325 thousand b / d. The government intends to unload the warehouses and put an end to the crisis in the oil industry. The requirements of the official Ottawa to manufacturing companies will be valid until the end of 2019, although the volume of reductions is planned to be gradually reduced.

As for the truce in the trade wars, its influence on the black gold market is manifested in two main areas. First, the States will not temporarily impose duties on all Chinese imports. If this happened, the economy of the Middle Kingdom, according to the calculations of the Financial Times, already in 2019 would have slowed down by 1-1.5 pp China is the largest consumer of oil, so the positive news has become a catalyst for the attack of the bulls in Brent and WTI. Secondly, the de-escalation of the conflict leads to a weakening of the American dollar, which should also be considered as good news for black gold.

Technically, after reaching the target of 113% for the "Shark" pattern, a regular rebound followed. The probability of development of correction in the direction of 23.6%, 38.2% and 50% of the CD wave is high.

Brent, the daily chart


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          AUD / USD. Calm RBA meeting and Australian optimism      Cache   Translate Page      

Today, the last meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia, the members of which did not present any surprises, took place. The regulator listed the existing risks and noted some progress, in particular in the labor market. But in general, the rhetoric was balanced, without any hints of a "hawkish" or "pigeon" character.

Nevertheless, the Australian dollar reacted positively to this meeting. In tandem with the American currency, it updated the multi-month highs, testing the 74th figure. In my opinion, such dynamics is only indirectly related to the December meeting of the RBA. The regulator retained the status quo, and for the development of the northern AUD / USD dynamics, more was not required of it. After all, the main locomotive of the growth of Aussie is China, or rather, the prospects for the American-Chinese truce.

The financial world reacted calmly enough to the outcome of the G-20 summit. Contrary to ghostly hopes, the United States and China did not make a trade deal, although the parties worked on developing it for several weeks. But in such a relatively short time, the working group failed to resolve large-scale contradictions, so the leaders of the superpowers had to hold a meeting at the G20 "in a warm friendly atmosphere", but without practical benefit. The fact that Trump agreed not to introduce new duties can be ignored, since he himself initiated them literally one week before the summit. In other words, the foreign exchange market reacted quite adequately to the results of the Argentine meeting, since the de facto parties only agreed to work on the draft transaction.


The Australian dollar has become an exception in this context. Over the past ten years, China has been Australia's largest trading partner, both in export and in import. The second largest trading partner is the United States, bilateral trade between countries amounts to tens of billions of dollars. Therefore, many months of confrontation between the United States and China have a negative effect on the economy of the island nation, and the Australian dollar, in turn, painfully reacts to any manifestations of an escalation of a trade war. For example, when Trump announced his intention to introduce additional duties of $ 237 billion, the AUD / USD pair lost over a hundred points in a few hours.

Now that the light at the end of the tunnel was looming for AUD / USD traders, the Aussie shot overcoming strong resistance levels. This is despite the fact that negotiations at a high representative level (for example, the Chinese delegation will be headed by the Vice Premier of the PRC) will only begin on December 15, and now there is only the intention of the leaders of the countries to reach a compromise. Yesterday, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, on one of the TV channels, said that the Chinese had expressed their willingness to open local markets for American business. He did not dwell on other details of the future deal, limiting himself to general phrases. Apparently, he himself is not sure about the results of the upcoming three-month negotiations and even more so he cannot know about specific compromise solutions. "Soon we will understand whether we can make a bargain," said Mnuchin.

But his "chief" Donald Trump was more optimistic in his assessments. Using the usual method of communication, Twitter, he said that the Argentine meeting with Xi Jinping was "just incredible." According to him, the Chinese will benefit greatly if the deal is concluded, and future relations will be built on equal terms.

Thus, the Australian dollar is growing "in advance", only on the optimism of the leaders of the United States and China, and also on the eve of bilateral negotiations. The position of the RBA allows the bulls AUD / USD to build up muscles. The regulator said today that it expects a gradual increase in wages and a gradual increase in inflation. In addition, the Central Bank stated that the labor market is still showing strong results, so the positive dynamics in this area will continue.

As a counterbalance to such optimistic estimates, the regulator added that household income growth rates are still low, while debt levels are quite high. This problem has already existed for a long time (at least a few years), but it does not bother the RBA enough to change the parameters of monetary policy towards easing. In other words, the weighted position of the Australian Central Bank against the background of the G20 totals allows Aussie to continue to demonstrate the northern mood.


From a technical point of view, the situation is as follows. The price of AUD / USD is traded in an upward trend movement, which is confirmed by the fact that it is above the Kumo cloud of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator and all the lines of this indicator (on the daily chart). A confirmation of the bullish mood is the fact that the price is on the upper line of the Bollinger Bands indicator, which shows the expanded channel. In turn, the MACD and Stochastic oscillators also talk about the priority of the northern movement, as they are in the overbought area. Thus, the aim of the upward testing is the upper line of the Bollinger Bands indicator, which corresponds to the mark of 0.7450. The level of support is the Tenkan-sen line (on D1) and the mark of 0.7300.

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          The cost of palladium beats records      Cache   Translate Page      


According to experts, by the end of trading on Monday, December 3, the cost of palladium updated the historical maximum, reaching $ 1,223 for 1 ounce. The metal rose in price by a record of 47%, exceeding the historical peak.

Since the beginning of this year, this precious metal has risen in price by 14.5%. Until mid-August, the price of palladium decreased, reaching an annual minimum of $ 834 per 1 ounce. In early autumn of 2018, the cost of the metal was constantly growing, experts emphasize.

Currently, the global market is experiencing a boom caused by a truce in the trade conflict between the United States and China. Recall, US President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping at a meeting at the G20 summit agreed on a temporary interaction in trade relations. The leaders of the countries committed themselves not to introduce new reciprocal duties for three months and to agree on mutually beneficial cooperation. "This truce does not solve all trade problems but gives a respite to the markets. In the future, this can help the entire global market," experts of the leading bank Goldman Sachs believe.

In general, experts record an optimistic attitude among the participants of the precious metals market. Metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, are actively rising in price. The cost of the yellow metal reached $ 1233.14 per troy ounce, for the white metal they gave $ 14.51 per ounce, and the price of platinum was $ 810. Analysts also point out the rising value of the currencies of developing countries (EM).


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          (via Some of the Earliest Known Photographs of China Now on...      Cache   Translate Page      

(via Some of the Earliest Known Photographs of China Now on Display at Tsinghua | the Beijinger)

A new exhibition at the Tsinghua University Art Museum titled Vision and Reflection: Photographs of China in the 19th Century gives visitors a glimpse of what Chinese life was like over one hundred years ago. Compiled of 120 of the earliest known photographs of the Middle Kingdom, these pictures of people, landscapes, and architecture capture China at the end of the Qing dynasty and have never before been exhibited in Beijing.

Taken by both Chinese and international photographers, the snapshots capture intimate moments between subjects as well as stunning and barren landscapes of some of Beijing’s most famous sights, some of which still stand to this day.


The photographs are only a fraction of the New York-based private Stephan Loewentheil China Photography Collection, which in total includes 13,000 photographs that comprise some of the rarest paper photographs of Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

          Has the dollar rally come to the finish or is it a calm before the jolt?      Cache   Translate Page      

The dollar began to give up after the fall in the yield of US Treasury securities, the value of which dropped to three-month lows. Investors are seriously concerned that a pause may form in the cycle of raising the Fed rates. In addition, the inversion of the yield curve shows signs of impending recession.


The fall in US government bond yields is a negative factor for the dollar, especially when compared to major currencies. The yield curve for 2-year and 10-year bonds is a key indicator for investors since inversion is seen as a harbinger of recession. The yield curve is inverted when the yield on bonds with a later maturity is lower than that of short-term bonds. At present, the yield curve is smoothed as the continuing increase in interest rates raises the yield of short-term securities, while the longer-term yield is falling amid inflation and a slowdown in global growth. Currently, the US Treasury yields are near critical levels of support, where a breakout could seriously increase the pressure on the dollar.


In addition, the dollar is under pressure from a temporary truce in the trade conflict between the United States and China, which has increased investors' appetite for more risky currencies. In addition, the currency is under pressure by a softer tone from the Fed. Currencies such as the Chinese yuan, which suffered during the trade war between the United States and China, are expected to trade more strongly against the dollar in the coming weeks as investor sentiment improves.

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           EURUSD: Euro growth potential remains, while traders ignore weak data for the Eurozone      Cache   Translate Page      

China and the United States continue to move around the market. Yesterday, the Treasury Secretary said that it would be a real agreement.

First of all, the trade agreement will cover intellectual property, technology and currency issues, which in the future will support the growth of employment in the United States. The US Treasury Secretary also noted that in the absence of a real agreement, the fees would be increased.

Data on manufacturing activity was released yesterday, putting pressure on the euro, but buyers managed to cope with it. According to the report, a decrease in activity in the manufacturing sector was observed in France and Germany, but only in Italy, the PMI supply managers for the manufacturing sector in November remained below 50 points and amounted to 48.6 points against 49.2 points in October. The main decline is associated with a reduction in production and new orders by Italian companies.

According to IHS Markit, the PMI purchasing managers index for the manufacturing sector in the eurozone dropped to 51.8 points in November of this year, while in October the eurozone manufacturing PMI was 52.0 points. Economists had expected the index to drop to 51.5 points.

Regular weak fundamental data on the Eurozone once again confirm the fact that the growth rates of the economy at the end of this year began to slow down again, which will affect the actions of the European Central Bank in the future.

As for the US data, activity in the US manufacturing sector in November of this year, on the contrary, continued its growth due to the demand for American goods and an increase in employment in the sector. According to the report of the Institute for Supply Management, the PMI Purchasing Managers Index for the manufacturing sector in November 2018 rose to 59.3 points against 57.7 points in October. Index values above 50 indicate an increase in activity. Economists had expected the index to be 57.9 points in November.


Expenses in the US construction sector declined in October, which is directly related to seasonal fluctuations. According to the US Department of Commerce, expenses decreased by 0.1% compared with the previous month and amounted to 1.309 trillion US dollars per annum. Economists had expected spending to rise 0.3% in October. Compared with the same period of the previous year, total construction costs in October rose by 4.9%.

The speech of the Fed representatives yesterday did not greatly affect the market.

Interesting statements were made by Neil Kashkari, who still considers the increase in interest rates a bad idea. Qashqari noted that low-key inflation is not an argument in favor of raising rates, and the Fed has plenty of time to determine if a warmed-up labor market will provoke a rise in inflation. The Fed representative also believes that full employment has not yet been achieved and the potential for growth in the labor market will remain fairly good in the future.

As for the technical picture of the EURUSD pair, it remained unchanged. The bulls are still aimed at a large resistance level of 1.1400, a breakthrough of which will lead to a stronger upward trend in the euro, with the highs around 1.1440 and 1.1480. In the case of a decline, major support levels are seen in the 1.1310 area.

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          Trading plan for 12/04/2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Yesterday, the single European currency managed to improve its position against the dollar, in contrast to the pound. Although in the middle of the day, both currencies were rapidly losing their positions due to the growing optimism of investors in connection with the interim agreement between the United States of America and the People's Republic of China. The world's largest economies have agreed not to increase customs duties on a number of goods since next year. This news significantly reduces the tension and risks of the growth of trade protectionism, which is very much concerned about large investors and international corporations. So it is not surprising that against this background, the dollar began to strengthen, as the US is the largest importer and one of the largest exporters, and trade wars, according to many, can cause serious damage to the American economy. But then the dollar was under pressure due to negative statistics. In particular, the index of business activity in the US manufacturing sector fell from 55.7 to 55.3, while preliminary data showed its decline to 55.4. In turn, the index of business activity in the manufacturing sector in Europe also fell from 52.0 to 51.8, although it was projected to decline to 51.5. That is, in the US, data were worse than forecasts, and was better in Europe. But the pound, despite the growth of the index of business activity in the manufacturing sector from 51.1 to 53.1, although it was able to recoup some of the losses caused by the agreements between China and the United States, at the end of the day was still in the red. The situation with the pound due to the banal fear of the upcoming consideration in the British Parliament of an agreement with the European Union. There is every reason to believe that everything will result in the resignation of Theresa May and early elections.


Most likely, today will be quite calm. In the United States, no data are available, and the growth rate of producer prices in Europe should remain unchanged. And only in the UK is the projected decline in the business activity index in the construction sector from 53.2 to 52.5. But the pound is under pressure because of the situation with Brexit.

The euro/dollar currency pair, practicing the level of 1.1300, once again jumped to the periodic value of 1.1400, leaving behind the impulse candles. It is likely to assume a slowdown within the value of 1,1400, where it is possible to make a stretch of orders.


The GBP/USD currency pair, showing a downward temporary active interest, went to the band level of 1,2720/1,2770. Likely assume that the oscillation is within the boundaries of the level tracking accurate fixing.


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          The world's biggest shopping holiday is in China — not the US. Here's how Singles Day became No. 1      Cache   Translate Page      
Chinese retail giant Alibaba made a record $30.8 billion worth of sales across in 24 hours, at its annual Singles Day shopping event on November 11 this year.
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          On 41's Passing, Recalling "Bush's Bishop"      Cache   Translate Page      
Given the tide of mourning over Friday's death at 94 of George H.W. Bush, when it comes to this beat, one piece of the 41st President's legacy bears particular note, all the more as its impact extends into the present.

At its core, next year marks the 35th anniversary of the establishment of full relations between the Holy See and the US. Though the bilateral ties are easily taken for granted today, if anything – fraught as it was with anti-Catholic prejudice and conspiracy theories – the path to Washington's diplomatic recognition of the Pope took almost a century to accomplish, and were it not for Bush, odds are the wait would've stretched even longer.

In a way, that owed itself to a quirk of history... well, one among others.

In 1974, six years before the Texas bureaucrat's election as Ronald Reagan's Vice President, the Federal government finally got around to giving its #2 an official residence: a house on the grounds of the Naval Observatory, located along the Massachusetts Avenue heart of "Embassy Row." Yet as it happened, the move would be an unwitting boon for the Vatican – since 1939, the Holy See's base of operations in the States, then known as the Apostolic Delegation, was located right across the street.

At the time, the state of affairs meant that, in the absence of formal relations, the Apostolic Delegates – in place since 1893 – were the Pope's emissary solely to the US church, with no status before the government. (On the flip-side, after President Franklin D. Roosevelt proved unable to establish full relations due to lingering suspicion toward the church from Protestant senators, the late 1930s saw FDR institute a "personal representative" of the President to the Holy See, who served as an ambassador in all but name.) Yet by the time the Bushes arrived at the VP's house, their presence joined other sea-changes on the global front in giving the century-old impasse the momentum to shift.

Despite the absence of full diplomatic ties, the early 1980s already saw a tightening of American and Vatican interests. In 1978, the election of John Paul II brought to Peter's Chair a figure whose deep personal experience with the States was without precedent for a Pope, an attribute born from multiple extended visits, and just as much through a network of Polish-American contacts who quietly funneled sizable aid for their homeland's suffering church and its resistance to the Communist regime in large part through the cardinal-archbishop of Krakow.

In that light, per custom at the change of pontificates, the new Pope made the Washington posting a key early target of his geopolitical strategy, naming Archbishop Pio Laghi – whose prior assignments in the Holy Land and Argentina made him a heavyweight of the Vatican's foreign service – as his Delegate to the US within days of Reagan's election. And while the courtly Italian, whose patrician bearing masked his simple upbringing, would openly execute one revolution – stacking the American hierarchy with prelates who reflected a bolstered sense of Catholic identity – a second, stealth effort would fuse Pope and President in a multi-front campaign to dismantle the Iron Curtain, a push in which Reagan's deputy would play a linchpin role long before Bush's own administration presided over its formal demise.

Having moved into their respective sides of Mass Av at the same time in early 1981, in typical Bush form, the Vice President's bond with Laghi was forged on the tennis court. Both in their mid-50s, the new neighbors were longtime avid players – and as Maureen Dowd's appreciation of Bush in today's New York Times put it, just as "H.W. used sports as a way to do personal diplomacy," in the Pope's Delegate, the high-church Episcopalian had met his match. (With Bush as Vice President, the duo are seen above in an undated photo aboard Air Force Two – Laghi at far left – along with Barbara Bush and one of the archbishop's key US appointees, Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston.)

Given Bush's own strong-suit in foreign policy, burnished by stints as ambassador to China and the United Nations, the dynamic between the Vice President and Apostolic Delegate made for a symbiotic fit, so much so that Laghi would come to be seen as "a close family friend." And with the church's on-the-ground presence across the Communist bloc – not to mention Latin America, another "hothouse" of the time – providing key intelligence networks for the US to tap into, the synergy of personal ties and shared priorities arguably made for the halcyon period of the Rome-Washington axis, which finally secured the establishment of full bilateral relations in 1984, granting Laghi ambassadorial status as Pro-Nuncio. (At the time, the Holy See's practice was to reserve the title "Nuncio" solely to the Catholic countries where, by law, its representative was ex officio dean of the diplomatic corps; the distinction was abolished in the late 1990s.)

Having remained in the post through his friend's election to the Presidency and the fall of the Berlin Wall – while internally overseeing a sweeping recast of the Stateside bench in John Paul's image and likeness – Laghi was recalled to Rome in 1990 as prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education and made a cardinal months later.

Since his departure, no occupant of the Washington posting has approached his length of tenure in it.

Almost always seen as the most influential Vatican legate the US has known in its era as a hegemonic superpower, Laghi's decade in the capital still endures as a point of reference, and the man himself was discreetly sought out for high-level American efforts or advice in Rome practically until his own passing in 2009.

In the best-known of those moments, as the White House push for a second war in Iraq gathered steam in early 2003, the former Pro-Nuncio was tapped by John Paul as his personal emissary to President George W. Bush, tasked with returning to Washington to convey the Pope's intense opposition to the campaign.

While the choice of messenger indicated the most concerted engagement for peace that the Vatican could make, of course, the mission (carried out during 40-minute Oval Office talks with "43") proved futile. Upon departing the capital, the cardinal "realized that the Bush administration was very naïve about the consequences of war" – a sense that would only be revealed after his death.

Though all but a handful of Laghi's appointees are long gone from office, several of the young local aides from his US posting were subsequently named to the bench and remain atop the American hierarchy: a group led by the sitting cardinal-archbishops of New York and Chicago, two of the nation's three largest dioceses.

Of all the "Laghini," however, the DC aide invariably described as the most beloved was Msgr Bernie Yarrish, a son of Scranton whose own elevation was precluded by a two-decade battle with multiple sclerosis. At 67, Yarrish died of the disease in June, with Tim Dolan – who brought his onetime Nunciature-mate to Rome as his Vice-Rector at the North American College (Yarrish's final major assignment) – leading the sendoff at the fallen cleric's boyhood parish.

Laghi's fifth successor at 3339 Massachusetts, the current Nuncio to the US, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, will be the Holy See's representative at Wednesday's state funeral for Bush in Washington National Cathedral – sitting not with the delegations of ecumenical clergy, but the diplomatic corps.

In keeping with the procedures on the death of a former President, President Trump has declared Wednesday as a national day of mourning; among other entities, the Federal government will be closed in tribute, as will the financial markets, and mail delivery will be suspended.

On another protocol note, church institutions with flagpoles are advised that the US flag is to be flown at half-staff until sunset on New Year's Eve – 30 days from 41's passing. However, where applicable, the custom does not extend to the Vatican flag – as it represents a sovereign entity, the Holy See's banner is lowered solely upon the death of the Roman pontiff through the subsequent Novemdiales, the nine-day mourning period that precedes a Conclave.

          COLUMN-Winter is looking a little weird for China's commodities: Russell      Cache   Translate Page      
There doesn't appear to be one single driving narrative causing the break with the usual seasonal patterns, rather a variety of unrelated, or loosely related factors are at work, but with China as a common thread. The winter price surge hasn't happened largely because China, the world's second-biggest LNG importer and a major driver of winter demand, is not...
          EMERGING MARKETS-Emerging market currencies gain against weak dollar; shares steady      Cache   Translate Page      
*Turkey's lira loses on higher oil prices. Treasury yields slipped, while developing world shares steadied as a rally after the U.S.- China trade truce petered out. That in theory should provide a bit of a lifeline to emerging markets, "said Gareth Leather, senior economist at Capital Economics.
          FOREX-Euro rises as Treasury yield drop whacks dollar; yuan at 2-month high      Cache   Translate Page      
*Euro, yuan build on Monday's gains. LONDON, Dec 4- The euro extended its rally on Tuesday as a fall in U.S. Investor jitters about China and the United States' ability to resolve their trade differences did not spread into the foreign exchange market, with emerging market currencies and the Australian and Canadian dollars mostly building on Monday's gains.
          CANADA FX DEBT-C$ rallies to two-week high on U.S.-China trade truce      Cache   Translate Page      
TORONTO, Dec 3- The Canadian dollar strengthened to its highest in nearly two weeks against its U.S. counterpart on Monday after the United States and China agreed to a 90- day truce in their trade war, boosting the outlook for the global economy. "The outlook for global growth in 2019 and beyond depends on how well the U.S. and China are getting along and this was a...
          FOREX-U.S.-China trade war truce dings dollar; Aussie, yuan advance      Cache   Translate Page      
*Emerging markets jump; China's yuan adds 1 pct. NEW YORK, Dec 3- The U.S. dollar fell broadly on Monday, as currencies battered by trade tensions between the United States and China staged a comeback after leaders from the two countries declared a truce on tariffs. China and the United States agreed to a ceasefire in their bitter trade war on Saturday after...
          CANADA FX DEBT-C$ rallies to 2-week high on U.S.-China trade truce      Cache   Translate Page      
TORONTO, Dec 3- The Canadian dollar strengthened to its highest in nearly two weeks against its U.S. counterpart on Monday, after Washington and Beijing's agreement for a ceasefire in their trade war boosted oil prices and stocks. Stocks and the price of oil, one of Canada's major exports, climbed after the United States and China agreed to a 90- day truce in a trade...
          US-China trade war truce dings dollar; Aussie, yuan advance      Cache   Translate Page      
The U.S. dollar fell broadly on Monday, as currencies battered by trade tensions between the United States and China staged a comeback after leaders from the two countries declared a truce on tariffs.
          FOREX-Dollar stumbles as U.S.-China trade truce revives risk taking      Cache   Translate Page      
SINGAPORE, Dec 3- The dollar broadly weakened on Monday as investor demand for riskier assets rose after China and the United States agreed to a ceasefire in their trade war that has shaken global markets. The White House said on Saturday that President Donald Trump told China's President Xi Jinping at the G20 talks in Argentina that he would not raise tariffs on...
          The war on standards, STEM edition      Cache   Translate Page      
(Paul Mirengoff) Heather Mac Donald has written and spoken extensively about how identity politics is hampering America’s ability to maintain its dominance in STEM fields. Our main competitors, most notably China, are focused on making sure the best scientists, mathematicians, and engineers are doing the work. They care nothing about gender. And they spend virtually every dollar related to STEM on hard research and analysis. The U.S., by contrast, is preoccupied with
          State Assembly Speaker Says Housing Will Be a Priority in the New Year      Cache   Translate Page      
State Assembly Speaker Says Housing Will Be a Priority in the New Year The new State Legislature was sworn in Monday, even as a few ballots remain to be counted. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon says housing will be a major priority for California lawmakers in the coming year. Reporter: Scott Shafer New Bill Would Require Dense Housing Near Public Transit State Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco is trying again to win approval of a bill that could remake California cities by requiring high-density housing development near transit. Reporter: Dan Brekke Camp Fire Survivors Head Back to School In Butte County last night, Sheriff Kory Honea announced that the list of missing in Camp Fire, once as high as 1,300 people, has fallen to 11. And after further DNA analysis, the list of deceased now stands at 85. With the fire and smoke gone, more than 30,000 students are returning to school. Reporter: Michelle Wiley One Year Later: Remembering the Thomas Fire A year ago today, an electrical transformer blew up, sparking a massive brush fire in Ventura County. The Thomas Fire became the largest wildfire in California history up to that point. In 2018, both the Mendocino Complex and Camp Fires eclipsed that record. Reporter: Greta Mart Arrest Rates in California Have Dropped by Nearly 60 Percent Arrest rates have reached a historic low across California, according to a new report by The Public Policy Institute of California. Rates have fallen by 58 percent since their peak in the late 1980's, driven primarily by a major drop in arrests of people 24 or younger. Reporter: Ryan Levi UC Berkeley Settles Lawsuit Alleging Discrimination Against Conservative Speakers Conservative groups and UC Berkeley have reached a settlement agreement in a 2017 free speech case. The lawsuit stems from allegations by students that the school selectively discriminated against conservatives invited to speak on campus. In exchange for the plaintiffs dropping their suit, the school agreed to make changes to its events policy and cover the cost of extra security for most student events. San Diego Judge Halts Needle Exchange Program A judge in San Diego county  granted an injunction against a mobile needle exchange program in Orange County, halting it last week. Without the exchange operating, organizers of the program say the litter is only going to get worse. Reporter: Michelle Wiley UCSF Study Links Fentanyl Overdoses With Spike in Heroin Prices Trump says he has secured an agreement with China to stop the production of the potent synthetic opioid fentanyl, which has swept into the illicit US drug market. A UCSF study published today looks at whether this was in response to supply or demand. Reporter: Raquel Maria Dillon How Will All That Smoke From the Camp Fire Affect Our Long-Term Health? As people in Butte County grapple with the aftermath of the deadliest wildfire in California history, new questions arise about the long-term impact of smoke from the Camp Fire. Aaron Glantz with Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting talks with KQED's Penny Nelson about how smoke from recent fires affects our health. Guest: Aaron Glantz  
          US STOCKS-Wall St sinks on worries over slowing growth, trade truce outcome      Cache   Translate Page      
Dec 4- Wall Street fell more than 2 percent on Tuesday, led by bank stocks as a flattening U.S. Treasury yield curve set off warning lights about slowing growth and on fading hopes of a speedy resolution to the U.S.- China trade spat. The declines, which put the benchmark S&P 500 on course for its biggest one-day percentage drop in six weeks, more than erased Monday's...
          US STOCKS-Wall Street drops on trade truce doubts, bond market jitters      Cache   Translate Page      
*Flattening U.S. yield curves hit bank stocks. Dec 4- Banks led Wall Street lower on Tuesday, as a decline in U.S. bond yields set off warning lights about slowing growth, while industrial and technology stocks fell on skepticism over the chances of a breakthrough in the U.S.- China trade talks. Following a rally on Monday after Washington and Beijing agreed to a...
          中国高速鉄道はどれだけの長さ?日本などとの違いが一目で分かる図が中国ネットで話題に      Cache   Translate Page      
2018年12月4日、環球時報は中国版ツイッター・微博(ウェイボー)で話題となった「世界の高速鉄道比較図」を紹介した。図は各国の高速鉄道の営業距離と建設中の線路の長さの和を比べるもので、中国高速鉄道はずば抜けた規模ということが一目で見て取れる。中国に続くのがスペインと日本で、図を見た中国のネットユーザーからは「誇りに思う」「スウェーデンは11キロ?これを高速鉄道と呼ぶの?」「中国VSその他の国で比べてみても中国の方が長い」という声や、「中国の省より小さい国 全文
Record China 12月05日 08時20分

          不動産宣伝で美女モデルの露わな背中に間取り図、問題の物件を閉鎖―中国      Cache   Translate Page      
2018年12月3日、中国青年網によると、中国広西チワン族自治区南寧市で先月行われた不動産関連企業の宣伝活動で、女性モデルの露わになった背中に住宅の間取り図が描かれていたことが「低俗だ」などと物議を醸した問題で、この物件は関連する企画審査批准手続きを受けていなかったとして同日午前に閉鎖されたという。現地の土地企画監察局が明らかにした。(翻訳・編集/柳川) 全文
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          AI主導権めぐり世界の競争が激化、韓国はいまだ人材・技術不足      Cache   Translate Page      
2018年12月3日、韓国・アジア経済は「韓国の人工知能(AI)、いまだに人材・技術に飢える」との見出しで、韓国AIの現状を報じた。ソウルでは2016年3月9日にGoogleの人口ソフトウェア・AlphaGo(アルファ碁)と世界最強の棋士イ・セドル九段との対局が行われた。当時は五番勝負でAlphaGoが3勝する結果となった。その「AlphaGoショック」から1000日、記事は「日常で体感できる技術はAIスピーカー程度にとどまっているが、機械学習のアルゴリズム技術が進化し、コンピューティングの性能 全文
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          Trump's tweets may just have put a China trade deal in jeopardy, again      Cache   Translate Page      
Stocks sink amid trade war confusion. Will Trump's tweets sabotage the trade deal? With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Brian Kelly, Steve Grasso and Guy Adami.
          日中関係を推進するために、あとどんな障害を取り除かなければならないか―中国メディア      Cache   Translate Page      
2018年12月4日、環球網は、日中関係を推進していくための四つの課題について分析する記事を掲載した。記事は、「安倍晋三首相の訪中を契機に、日中関係は『風雨の後に虹が出る』ようになった」と紹介。「日中関係は改善の方向に向かっているとはいえ、両国間にはまだ多くの問題があり、克服していく必要がある」と指摘した。記事が指摘した日中関係促進の障害は四つ。その一つが「日米同盟」だ。「日米同盟があるため日本の一挙一動が米国のコントロール下にあり、日本の対外戦略調整 全文
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          また冷え込んできた日本経済、内外需低迷に高齢化―中国メディア      Cache   Translate Page      
人工知能(AI)と恋をしたいと思う人はどれくらいいるだろうか。日本で最近行われた調査によると、日本人男性の60%が、「したい」と答えたという。国際商報が伝えた。日本経済の20年以上に及ぶ低成長と少子高齢化が人々の消費意欲をますます冷え込ませている。日本銀行(中央銀行)がゼロ金利やマイナス金利の金融政策を長年実施し、金融緩和措置を長期的に採用し、国債の発行に力を入れても、市場が縮小してインフレ率は目標の2%から遠ざかるばかりだ。11月27日に発表されたデータ 全文
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          韓国の国民所得3万ドル超へ「先進国の関門を突破」=韓国ネットは冷ややか「何の意味があるやら」      Cache   Translate Page      
2018年12月3日、韓国の中央日報は「韓国は今年、1人当たり国民総所得(GNI)と国内総生産(GDP)が3万ドルを超え、先進国入りの関門を突破するだろう」と報じた。企画財政部と韓国銀行によると、昨年の韓国の1人当たりGNIは2万9745ドル(約338万円)、GDPは2万9744ドルで、今年は成長率を考慮すると、いずれも3万1000ドルを記録する見通しだ。企画財政部のト・ギュサン経済政策局長は「急激な経済環境の変化さえなければ、3万ドル超えは無難だろう」「先進国への重要な関門を通過する 全文
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          各種類の知的財産権出願件数、中国が世界最多に―中国メディア      Cache   Translate Page      
世界知的所有権機関(WIPO)は3日、「世界知的財産権指標」年間報告書を発表した。同報告書によると、世界の2017年の特許出願件数は5.8%増の計317万件で、8年連続で増加した。科技日報が伝えた。データによると、世界の2017年の商標登録出願件数は1239万件で、意匠登録出願件数は124万件。中国はいずれも世界最多となった。「知的財産権の保護の需要の伸び率は、世界経済の成長率を上回っている。これは知的財産権が支える革新が、競争とビジネス活動において重要性を増しているため 全文
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          オーストリア生まれの双子パンダが中国に帰国―中国メディア      Cache   Translate Page      
数週間にわたる念入りな準備を経て、オーストリアで生まれ、2歳を超えたオスとメスの双子ジャイアントパンダの「福伴(フーバン)」と「福鳳(フーフォン)」は2日、故郷・中国への帰路に就いた。【その他の写真】このニュースを知ったパンダファンの多くが1日、雪の降る中、パンダたちに別れを告げるため、わざわざウィーンのシェーンブルン動物園を訪れた。そんなファンの中には、アレクサンダー・ファン・デア・ベレン大統領夫妻の姿も見られた。新華網が伝えた。(提供/人民網日本 全文
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          北朝鮮から韓国に贈られた豊山犬に子犬6匹誕生、韓国が動画公開      Cache   Translate Page      
韓国大統領府はこのほど、ソーシャルサイトにかわいらしい豊山犬の子犬6匹の動画を公開した。この子犬たちの両親となる豊山犬のつがいは、文在寅(ムン・ジェイン)大統領が9月に北朝鮮の平壌を訪問した際に、北朝鮮の最高指導者・金正恩(キム・ジョンウン)氏から贈られた。子犬の動画が韓国のソーシャルサイトに公開されるやたちまち話題を集め、ネットユーザーたちからは次々にこの子犬たちの名前候補が挙げられている。(提供/人民網日本語版・編集/KS) 全文
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          日本の「J20恐怖症」はF35購入で治るのか―中国メディア      Cache   Translate Page      
2018年12月4日、参考消息は、日本が1兆円を投じてF35戦闘機を100機追加購入する計画を持っていることについて、「これで日本の『J20恐怖症』は治るだろうか」とする文章を掲載した。記事はまず、日本政府が現在、米国のF35戦闘機100機を追加購入しようとしていることに触れた。日本政府の発表では、現在日本が購入を進めているF35A戦闘機42機は2019~23年度に断続的に納入される。記事は「追加購入の100機が納入されるのは24年度以降になりそうだ。型番の構成ははっきりしていないが、 全文
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          US-China trade deal can't be forced, says former Morgan Stanley Asia chairman      Cache   Translate Page      
Stephen Roach, former Asia chairman at Morgan Stanley and Yale University senior fellow, speaks on the phone with CNBC's 'Squawk on the Street' about U.S.-China trade negotiations.
          US playing 'deliberate long game' with China trade, says expert      Cache   Translate Page      
Jurrien Timmer, Fidelity Investments director of global macro, and Liz Ann Sonders, Charles Schwab chief investment strategist and senior VP, discuss the ongoing U.S.-China trade negotiations with CNBC's 'Squawk on the Street' team.
          The internet mocks Donald Trump's new superhero alter-ego 'Tariff Man'      Cache   Translate Page      

Donald Trump's, uh, unique use of capitalization in his tweets has again become a gift for Twitter users. 

A day after "Scott Free" became something of a meme, Trump's Tuesday morning declaration of "I am Tariff Man" during a series of tweets about negotiations with China has taken on a life of its own across the internet. 

....I am a Tariff Man. When people or countries come in to raid the great wealth of our Nation, I want them to pay for the privilege of doing so. It will always be the best way to max out our economic power. We are right now taking in $billions in Tariffs. MAKE AMERICA RICH AGAIN

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 4, 2018

More about Twitter, Donald Trump, Tariffs, Tariff Man, and Culture

          Chinese can keep having these talks, but we don't want to deal with it, says Cramer      Cache   Translate Page      
CNBC's 'Squawk on the Street' team discuss the investor concerns surrounding the U.S-China trade agreement ahead of the market open.
          Cashin: Confusion over China deal troubling markets      Cache   Translate Page      
CNBC's Seema Mody and Art Cashin, of UBS, discuss the morning's market activity.
          Governo promete “actividades de grande escala” no ano da China em Portugal      Cache   Translate Page      
O Governo prometeu ontem, a cerca de um mês do arranque do ano da China em Portugal, realizar “actividades promocionais de grande escala” em solo português, integradas nas celebrações culturais e diplomáticas entre os dois países. “Em sintonia com o ano da Cultura entre China e Portugal, serão realizadas actividades promocionais de grande escala em […]
          Instituto Confúcio começou com 14 alunos e hoje ensina mandarim a mil portugueses      Cache   Translate Page      
Com um universo de 14 alunos foi criado há 10 anos, na Universidade de Lisboa, o Instituto Confúcio, que actualmente ensina chinês (mandarim) a cerca de mil portugueses, entre jovens ou reformados. Além das aulas, que têm como objectivo ensinar a ler, escrever e falar, há cursos de cultura chinesa e actividades complementares, como a […]
          Ponte “psicológica” une Macau e Hong Kong à China comunista, mas uso é “pouco”      Cache   Translate Page      
Para além de visar a integração económica, a Ponte do Delta tem um simbolismo político, refere Zhang Lei, que viajou milhares de quilómetros, desde o Nordeste da China, para atravessar a ponte. “Tem um efeito psicológico: une os três lugares”, assinala Wei Dongqing, um dos responsáveis pelo projecto, que liga Macau e Hong Kong ao […]
          The China-US G20 Agreement: Uncertainty, not Resolution      Cache   Translate Page      
As has been widely reported, the United States and China agreed to a temporary “cease fire” in the current round of tariff escalation. This happened this weekend at the G20 meeting in Argentina and the formal results of the meeting are not known. However the White House has issued a press release that outlines the...
          China Trademarks: The Color of Money      Cache   Translate Page      
In a recent Quick Question Friday, I addressed whether a trademark application for a color device (aka logo) should be in color or black-and-white. As I wrote, According to trademark practice in China, registration of a black and white device in China would protect the logo regardless of the actual color scheme used on the...
          The US-China Trade War Pause: What to do NOW      Cache   Translate Page      
As many of you no doubt know by now, the the United States and China yesterday pressed the pause button in their trade dispute. As part of this pause, President Trump has agreed to hold off on increasing tariffs to 25% on $200 billion in Chinese-made goods in exchange for China purchasing a “very substantial”...
          INVESTING IN CHINA - 5$ в подарок при регистрации!      Cache   Translate Page      

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          #bulgaria - varakill      Cache   Translate Page      
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          Trump Just Declared Himself To Be A Superhero Named Tariff Man      Cache   Translate Page      
While retreating from his claim that he has a deal with China, Trump declared himself to be the new superhero Tariff Man.
          O Grande Mestre dos Lutadores (Zui Quan) 1978      Cache   Translate Page      
O pai de Wong Fei-hong tem tentado ensinar-lhe a difícil arte do Kung-Fu, mas o filho é desobediente demais para ser ensinado, e o pai vê-se obrigado a enviá-lo para o seu tio, um mestre cruel e tortuoso dos 8-Drunken Genii kung-fu. Depois de muito sofrimento o filho volta para resgatar o pai de um cruel assassino.
"Drunken Master" é um filme lendário para o reino das artes marciais por três razões: primeiro porque marcaria o tom para quase todos os filmes de Jackie Chan. Os filmes que lhe seguiriam fundiam estilos como a comédia slapstick e as artes marciais, muito bem filmadas e coreografadas como uma forma de arte visual. A segunda razão é que seria dirigido pelo futuro mestre das artes marciais Yuen Woo-ping, talvez o maior coreógrafo de kung-fu de todos os tempos, embora tivesse estreado em segundo lugar. Por último, porque é um óptimo filme de entretenimento. 
Não há muita história, excepto para mostrar algumas aventuras dos primeiros tempos do herói folclórico chinês Wong Fei Hung, antes de se tornar numa figura histórica. Como descrito no filme, Wong é um jovem travesso sempre metido em sarilhos, e apesar das suas habilidades serem impressionantes continua a lutar com lutadores que o superam. Agora, sob a tutela de um velho mestre, aprende um novo estilo de luta que mais tarde irá empregar para salvar o seu pai.
Jackie Chan está maravilhoso, mostrando claramente que estava destinado a ser um herói de acção no futuro, embora se pergunte porque levou tanto tempo a ser uma estrela fora do seu país. Ao contrário dos seus pares, que também são impressionantes em termos de habilidades físicas, Chan trazia uma nova dimensão ás suas personagens que o diferenciavam dos demais. 
Filme escolhido pelo Sérgio Renato.

          Re: Das ist auch nur Teil des US-Handelskriegs gegen China      Cache   Translate Page      
Spionagevorwürfe: Telefónica nennt Huawei bei 5G "zuverlässig"
          Wall Street drops 3 percent as confusion over U.S.-China trade truce mounts      Cache   Translate Page      

Wall Street drops 3 percent as confusion over U.S.-China trade truce mountsWall Street tumbled more than 3 percent on Tuesday, led lower by bank and industrial shares, as investors worried anew about global trade.

          12/4/2018: FRONT PAGE: Alberta crude soars as global oil prices climb      Cache   Translate Page      
Canadian discounts narrow in response to Notley’s ordered production cuts while traders react to U.S.-China trade ceasefire, possible deal between OPEC and Russia Western Canadian oil prices surged Monday on Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s...
          K-Gruppen in Westdeutschland: Als Mao die BRD eroberte      Cache   Translate Page      
Vor 50 Jahren in einer Hamburger Kneipe: 33 Leute gründen die KPD/ML. China ist nicht nur Vorbild der Partei – die Volksrepublik mischt auch mit. mehr...
          12/4/2018: NEWS | OPINION: On fentanyl, Canada must finally stand up to China      Cache   Translate Page      
Canada’s ambassador to China from 2009 to 2012 As is often the case at international meetings, the big deliverables for Canada at the recent G20 Summit in Buenos Aires had little to do with the official agenda. If nothing else, the summit provided an...
          12/4/2018: REPORT ON BUSINESS: Canadian fertilizer giant Nutrien sells stake in lithium miner SQM      Cache   Translate Page      

The $4-billion sale to Tianqi comes as Chinese companies scour the globe for materials to produce electric vehicles China’s Tianqi Lithium Corp. has purchased a 23.77-per-cent share in Chilean lithium miner SQM Inc. from Canadian fertilizer giant...
          Innovent Receives an Approval from the US FDA to Initiate Clinical Trials for its Anti-OX40 Monoclonal Antibody IBI101      Cache   Translate Page      

SUZHOU, China, Dec. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovent Biologics, Inc. (Innovent) (HKEX: 01801), a world-class China-based biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes high quality drugs, announced today that its IND application for IBI101, a recombinant fully human anti-OX40...

          G20: „Waffenstillstand“ zwischen USA und China      Cache   Translate Page      
Obwohl die USA und China einen "Waffenstillstand" im Handelskrieg ausgehandelt haben, bleibt die Abschlusserklärung zum G20-Gipfel überaus zurückhaltend.
          12/4/2018: REPORT ON BUSINESS | GLOBE INVESTOR: Will Trump’s trade talk go beyond bluster?      Cache   Translate Page      

It’s not obvious why Washington prefers tough rhetoric when an all-out trade war with China courts such risks Markets jumped Monday on news of a ceasefire in the great U.S.-China trade skirmish. Stocks and commodity prices should continue to get a...
          12/4/2018: REPORT ON BUSINESS: Markets summary      Cache   Translate Page      
CANADIAN STOCKS The Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX rose 0.51 per cent, to 15,274.98 in the wake of the trade truce between the United States and China. Leading the index were Cenovus Energy, up 11.9 per cent, First Quantum Minerals, up 11.4 per...
          Offer - 16000-19000RMB Native English teachers in Chengdu, Mianyang, Luzhou, Changsha, NanNing, Guiyang, Liupanshui - CHINA      Cache   Translate Page      
To Apply visit this link: Salary: 16000 CNY to 19000 CNY monthly Housing: 2000 CNY monthly Contract type: Full time Work visa provided: Yes Nature of the school: Training centre Students' age: 3-12 years oldSalary: 16000 CNY(RMB) to 19000 CNY(RMB) MonthlyHou
          China’s LinkSure eyes free satellite Wi-Fi worldwide      Cache   Translate Page      
This article was authored by Dylan Bushell-Embling, and was originally posted on Chinese free internet access provider LinkSure Network has revealed a goal of providing free satellite-based Wi-Fi globally by 2026. ... [visit site to read more]
          Talos: A Roswell connection?      Cache   Translate Page      
Copyright 2018, InterAmerica, Inc.

The first chapter of the remarkable book I noted the other day, God and Robots, by  Adrienne Mayor, tells the mythical tale of Talos, the bronze automaton created to protest Crete, in antiquity.

Ms. Mayor’s astute compilation of the Talos mythos also incorporated material about the U.S. missile system, using the Talos sobriquet, and tested initially, by the Navy, out of White Sands, New Mexico, in 1947.

That intrigued me, so I Googled Talos and gathered some information about the missile and its associated “comrades.”

Here’s some of that:

As test vehicles became larger and flew to greater distances the flight program was moved from New Jersey to a more remote area at Camp Davis North Carolina. As ranges increased further the program was moved to the Naval Ordnance Test Station at Inyokern California (China Lake). Further tests of long range intercepts were conducted at White Sands New Mexico.

Initial plans were for Talos to use beamriding for midcourse guidance after it separated from the booster rocket. It was thought that the missile could ride the target tracking radar beam to the target. However, as range increased the diameter of the guidance beam became greater, allowing the missile to wander farther from the beam center. This meant that the distance from the target at intercept became greater with increasing range, and at distances of more than 10 miles kill probability was unacceptably low.

Another 18-inch diameter burner test vehicle with warhead and guidance equipment similar to the RTV was produced in 1947. It was a scaled up Cobra that used kerosene fuel and cruised at Mach 2.4 at 30,000 feet altitude. It demonstrated throttleability, ability to accelerate after boost (from Mach 2.0 to 2.4), and had a cruise range of 10 miles.8 This was called the PTV-4 or PTV-N-4 Burner Test Vehicle (BTV) and it was used for additional tests of the ramjet engine.

The design for a larger Experimental Prototype Missile (XPM) was started in late 1946.

This was the beginning of the "Bumblebee" program, the development of the technology necessary to build a supersonic surface-to-air guided missile. The key problems were the development of a ramjet engine, supersonic maneuvering, a guidance system that directed the missile to the vicinity of the target, and a warhead that would explode at the appropriate instant.
That test missiles were being tested in and around Roswell, in 1947, by the Navy, allows speculation like this:

Did a test missile (not necessarily the Talos missile itself…see graphic above) accidentally hit a “flying disc” reconnoitering around the Roswell military facility in July 1947?

Did a test missile hit an Earth-made airplane or some other military construct in the Roswell vicinity in July 1947?
Did the U.S. Navy, which I’ve often proposed as more significant in the UFO story than the U.S. Army or Air Force, control the information about a (speculated) missile hit of something over the Roswell area in July 1947?

Did a Navy test missile accidentally “crash” on or near the Mac Brazel farm, leaving a residue of strange, to Brazel, material?

Has anyone every really checked into the test firings of Talos and other missiles in the Roswell time-frame?


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          SoftBank's Vision Fund to hire China team, set up mainland office: sources      Cache   Translate Page      
By Kane Wu HONG KONG - The SoftBank-led Vision Fund is hiring an investment team to be based in China as the $100 billion investment giant expands in one of the world's most vibrant tech
          The Race Is On to Protect Data From the Next Leap in Computers. And China Has the Lead.      Cache   Translate Page      

The world's leading technology companies, from Google to Alibaba in China, are racing to build the first quantum computer, a machine that would be far more powerful than today's computers.

          ABB-Chef Ulrich Spiesshofer: „China könnte in drei Jahren unser größter Absatzmarkt sein“      Cache   Translate Page      
Der Geschäftsführer des Schweizer Anlagenbauers erklärt im Interview, warum China für den Konzern so ein Wachstumsmarkt ist – und wo Risiken lauern.
          Joint Venture mit BAIC: Daimler lotet angeblich höhere Beteiligung in China aus      Cache   Translate Page      
Daimler zieht einem Bericht zufolge eine höhere Beteiligung an seinem Joint-Venture in Betracht. Die Gespräche seien noch in einem frühen Stadium.
          Aid deliveries to Syria at risk in UN Security Council vote      Cache   Translate Page      

A Security Council resolution that allows the UN to deliver aid across Syria’s borders into opposition-held areas without the permission of President Bashar al-Assad is up for renewal and, as with so many diplomatic manoeuvres in the seven-year war, all eyes are on Russia.


The UN relies on Resolution 2165, first passed in 2014, to use two crossings with Turkey to bring aid to millions of civilians in Syria’s rebel-held northwest, many of whom have fled their homes elsewhere in the country. A government offensive to retake the area, which includes Idlib province, is currently on hold after a deal brokered by Turkey and Russia.


The lion’s share of cross-border assistance is delivered by groups outside the UN system, but humanitarians say the UN provides a reputational and organisational backbone that bolsters the entire aid operation – one that risks being lost if Russia vetoes the resolution.


In an interview on Monday with IRIN’s Ben Parker, UN aid chief Mark Lowcock said there is “no plan B” for delivering UN assistance without the backing of UN resolutions, as the Syrian government is “not willing” to allow aid to cross its front lines to reach rebel-held areas.


☰ Read more: The backstory of Resolution 2165


UN General Assembly Resolution 46/182, which is the basis for all UN international humanitarian action, states “humanitarian assistance should be provided with the consent of the affected country”. The Geneva Conventions also say the consent of affected states is required but may not be arbitrarily withheld.

In the early years of Syria’s war, many NGOs said that aid was being arbitrarily withheld to border regions and argued that by bringing aid in across borders they were therefore safely within the bounds of the Geneva Conventions.

But that wasn’t good enough for the UN, which had an assertive member state – Syria – saying no to assistance; to work under 46/182 the body needed a Security Council resolution. They got it with 2165, which said that UN agencies no longer had to request permission from al-Assad, they only had to notify Damascus before crossing the border through one of four entry points:

  • Bab al-Hawa, from Turkey into Idlib in northwestern Syria
  • Bab al-Salameh, also from Turkey into northwestern Syria
  • Ramtha, from Jordan into southern Syria
  • Yaroubiyeh, from Iraq into northeastern Syria

In 2018, the Ramtha crossing with Jordan was retaken by the Syrian army. Yaroubiyeh has been used sparingly, partly because of insecurity in Iraq.

As a result, 2165 now mostly matters for northwestern Syria – an area which, according to statistics compiled by the Mercy Corps Humanitarian Access Team and made available to IRIN, holds some 3.3 million Syrians, three quarters of whom live in the wider Idlib area. (However, population statistics in Syria are highly unreliable.)

Although 2165 does not require permission from Damascus, a demanding apparatus of border inspections came with the resolution, staffed by the UN and funded by donors.

New UN hubs sprang up in the Turkish city of Gaziantep and in Amman, from where UN agencies began to organise a regular supply chain for civilians in border areas outside al-Assad’s control.


With 2165 set to expire 10 January, Kuwait and Sweden are readying a one-year renewal. The two Security Council members will circulate a draft “soon”, Kuwait’s ambassador to the UN said on Friday.


“The resolution allows the UN and its partners to deliver humanitarian aid through the most direct routes to people in need in Syria,” Per Örnéus, Sweden’s special envoy for the Syria crisis, told IRIN. “The mandate is strictly humanitarian, offering a lifeline for millions of people,” he added. “It must be extended.”


The resolution has been renewed annually since 2014, but last year’s vote caused friction – and nail-biting for humanitarians working on Syrian aid operations – when Russia singled it out for harsh criticism, saying it threatened Syria’s sovereignty.


While al-Assad’s top ally on the Security Council opted not to veto last year, Moscow is sending out mixed signals as the January deadline approaches. Renewal looks more likely than not, but it is far from a sure thing.


Major impact

Resolution 2165 was first mooted at a time in the war when Damascus regularly denied UN requests to bring help across its borders to areas dominated by the opposition. It allows the UN to bring shipments in at specific points, as long as it notifies the Syrian government.


Humanitarians insist 2165 is crucial, and stress that its importance should not be measured just in terms of the actual quantities of aid delivered.

In 2017, UN agencies like WFP or UNHCR provided only around 20 percent of the cross-border aid deliveries to Syria. NGOs outside of the UN system brought in the rest, often delivering it through local Syrian organisations and importing their aid mostly through commercial channels (the official Bab al-Hawa and Bab al-Salameh crossings with Turkey) or a separate network of crossings monitored by the Turkish Red Crescent.

Map of Syria border crossings with Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon


Most goods – like food and fuel – enter northwestern Syria on a for-profit basis, imported by Turkish or Syrian businessmen.

Aid agencies say more than three million people live in northwestern areas not controlled by the Syrian government, though population estimates in Syria are notoriously unreliable and have in the past often suffered from overcounting.

Without 2165, private traders and NGOs could still bring goods in, as long as Ankara approved. But UN involvement would likely end immediately if Damascus objected, and, while NGOs might be able to fill the tonnage gap created by a UN pull-out, losing 2165 would be a big blow to the humanitarian relief effort.

A source with significant experience of the Syrian aid operation, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said 2165 brought a “significant increase in the overall response” by helping “what was a fragmented humanitarian community come closer together, coordinate, build institutions, and deliver a more joined-up and effective response as of 2015.”

Mathieu Rouquette of the Syria International NGO Regional Forum, a network of 70 aid groups working in Syria, said the resolution “still underpins access to millions of people in areas that we are not able to reach from Damascus.”

There would be other impacts too.

Aid operations would likely suffer if the UN stopped planning and coordinating deliveries in the Turkish border town of Gaziantep, as many NGOs rely on the UN hub for logistical support.

“The resolution is what underpins the overall architecture of the humanitarian response,” explained Rouquette. “So an end to that would necessarily mean a return to a fragmented humanitarian response.”

Moving to Damascus

Aid workers said the loss of a UN role in the cross-border response would also accelerate the shift of international NGOs from opposition-held areas towards parts of Syria controlled by al-Assad’s government, while enhancing Ankara’s influence over cross-border operations.

The Syrian government has told most NGOs that in order to register in Damascus they must end their “illegal” cross-border work under 2165.

Many international NGOs were originally drawn into cross-border work early in the war by US and EU funding streams geared to shore up opposition regions, while others branched out from working with Syrian refugees. They also filled in the gaps before 2165 when the UN could only assist Syrians in state-controlled areas, except for very rare “cross-line” exceptions, like convoys from Damascus to besieged areas.

Some chafe under the rules laid down by Turkey: Ankara has told international NGOs they can either provide cross-border assistance from Turkey to Syrians in the rebel-held northwest, or work in in northeastern Syria, which is controlled by US-backed Kurdish groups hostile to the Turkish government. They can’t do both.

In 2017, Turkish authorities ordered Mercy Corps to leave the country, apparently as punishment for its work in the Kurdish-held regions.

With al-Assad now back in charge of most of Syria, and the sole remaining cross-border hub in Gaziantep catering to an area of northern Syria that is largely under Turkish tutelage, many NGOs have come to view Damascus as the best option.

“The resolution is what underpins the overall architecture of the humanitarian response.”

Several NGOs have voiced concerns about what being stripped of the UN cover would mean for the overall optics of cross-border work in a place like Idlib province, which is currently controlled by rebel groups – some of whom are designated terrorists by the United States and other countries.

Bab al-Hawa has been controlled by the UN-designated al-Qaeda spinoff Tahrir al-Sham since 2017 and has been at the centre of diversion scandals that triggered Western aid cutoffs and NGOs suspensions. USAID is now rolling out a stricter inspection regime, further tilting the risk analysis for NGOs pondering where to focus their operations.

On Monday, the Charity Commission – the UK government department that regulates and registers NGOs in England and Wales – issued an alert, warning “there is a risk that a terrorist organisation may financially benefit from any aid passing through the Bab al-Hawa crossing.”

Tripping over counter-terrorism sanctions can cause very serious problems for NGOs: legal issues, economic losses, reputational damage, and donor flight. In the face of these risks, UN involvement offers them and their donors a sense of reassurance and legitimacy.

Should the cross-border operation be stripped of its UN participation, it would likely prod more Western NGOs to withdraw from Syria altogether or rebase in Damascus on terms set by al-Assad. And, as a result, the northwestern cross-border response would come to rely even more on the Turkish Red Crescent and other Ankara-friendly groups.


Russian roulette

With a resolution expected on the table in the coming weeks, a Swedish diplomatic source told IRIN that Turkey and Russia are now the “key actors” in the battle over 2165. Ankara may influence Moscow’s views, but it is Russia’s vote in the Security Council that will be decisive.

☰ Read more: Moscow’s mood swings


Moscow joined Western states in voting for resolution 2165 and extensions of it in 2014, 2015, and 2016. But last year’s vote was different.

In November 2017, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia slammed 2165 as “unprecedented and extreme” and said it “usurps Syria’s sovereignty”. A Foreign Ministry spokesperson accused the resolution of contributing to “the division of Syria”.

US-Russian conflict in the Security Council was then at a high pitch after Nebenzia cast three successive vetoes to shut down a UN investigation that found the Syrian military had gassed civilians, and many humanitarians feared that 2165’s time was up.

However, Moscow relented and said it would abstain from voting in return for a review of cross-border aid and monitoring procedures by the secretary-general, allowing 2165 to be renewed on 19 December 2017 with 12 votes in favour and none against. (China and Bolivia also abstained.)

While aid workers were relieved, many assumed that the resolution was unlikely to be renewed again in recognisable shape.

But something happened soon after that: Instead of ramping up attacks on 2165 as the vote approached, Moscow fell silent.

IRIN has learned that a Russian diplomat unexpectedly told NGO representatives in Geneva last month that cross-border aid “should remain and should remain as it is”.

Four humanitarian and two diplomatic sources confirmed that Russia voiced support for continued cross-border aid.

Most attributed Russia’s apparent 180 degree turn to the 17 September Turkish-Russian agreement over Idlib, which seems to reflect an unspoken understanding that northwestern Syria will effectively remain in Turkish hands for the foreseeable future.

“The only explanation I can think of is that there was some sort of deal struck between Turkey and Russia as part of the broader negotiations over Idlib in which Turkey sought non-opposition on this to avoid having to let in another wave of refugees”, a humanitarian source told IRIN.

Russia could also have decided that it is not currently in its interest to hand back control over cross-border aid to al-Assad, when it currently has that control itself through the Security Council. Even then, Moscow may of course seek to dilute or amend Resolution 2165.


After abstaining from voting on a renewal in 2017, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia as recently as June called the UN secretary-general’s positive review of the resolution  “disappointing” and said “it is essential to work to end the mechanism”, warning that the UN needed to “prepare for the closure of cross-border operations”.

More recently, Moscow has signalled it will not look to block renewal. But some supporters of 2165 worry that Russia may be trying to lull rivals into a false sense of security, while others fear that poorly handled debates or unrelated quarrels could still encourage a veto.

“To be honest, I’m not convinced the renewal will be so easy,” one humanitarian source said, accusing parts of the aid community of showing a “baffling” faith in renewal and of failing to prepare for other outcomes.

On 29 November, Russia’s deputy UN ambassador Dmitry Polyansky told the Security Council that terrorist-listed groups are exploiting cross-border support and insisted that the “significant changes” on the ground in Syria in 2018 require “commensurate adjustment of the cross-border mechanism”.

Polyansky did not elaborate, but even if Moscow has decided to let 2165 live until further notice, there are a number of limited amendments that may be in the Russian interest.

Russia could, for example, condition renewal on new language that reinforces al-Assad’s legitimacy or supports reconstruction aid for Syria, which would infuriate Western nations. And while Turkey would presumably oppose the UN’s loss of access through Bab al-Hawa and Bab al-Salameh, stripping away UN access to US-backed Kurdish areas through the third crossing at Yaaroubiyeh might be another matter.

If Moscow wants to have 2165 on the table more often, as a source of leverage, it could also seek to cut the time between renewals.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, the Russian UN mission, and representatives of the Syrian government all failed to responded to IRIN’s requests for comment.

(TOP PHOTO: Internally displaced Syrians in northern Aleppo province's Tel Rifaat collect aid supplies. CREDIT: Antwan Chnkdji/UNHCR)


Russia could veto renewal of the resolution that gives UN access to rebel areas Aid deliveries to Syria at risk in UN Security Council vote rf2199779_10152018_talrefaat_dis_sarc_achnkdji_037.jpg Aron Lund Analysis Aid and Policy Conflict STOCKHOLM IRIN Middle East and North Africa Syria
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Qui est l’élite suisse?
Кто составляет сегодня элиту страны? В интервью журналу Bilan профессор Лозаннского университета (UNIL) Андре Мак сопоставил сведения из рейтинга 300 самых богатых швейцарцев 2018 и созданной им базы данных, посвященной политической, экономической, административной и научной элите Швейцарии ХХ-XXI веков.
Автор статьи: 
Лейла Бабаева
Qui forme l’élite du pays? Le professeur de l’Université de Lausanne André Mach confronte l’information contenue dans le classement des 300 plus riches de Suisse 2018 avec celle de la base de données créée à l’UNIL et contenant des entrées sur les élites politiques, économiques, administratives et académiques de la Suisse au XXe et au XXIe siècles.
Элита в каждой стране воспринимается по-своему (

Кого сегодня можно отнести к элитному классу швейцарского общества? Олигархи, аристократы, владетельные князья, феодалы, принцы, герцоги, графы, промышленники, коммерсанты, фабриканты... Что из перечисленного применимо к швейцарцам? Когда-то представителей швейцарской элиты называли в католических кантонах (Люцерн, Золотурн, Фрибург) патрициями и олигархами, в Берне правили бальи, в Женеве и Вале - принцы-епископы. Сегодня мы говорим о политических лидерах, менеджерах и предпринимателях.

Андре Мак – основатель Центра изучения швейцарской элиты (Obelis) Лозаннского университета (UNIL). Вышеупомянутую базу данных он создал вместе с коллегами. В ней учитываются многочисленные параметры, однако не принимается во внимание личное состояние.

Сравнивая данные из двух источников, профессор отметил, что среди политической элиты много членов Народной партии Швейцарии (НПШ/UDC). Прежде всего, Кристоф Блохер и его дочь Магдалена Мартулло-Блохер. Ранее мы писали, что эксперты оценили состояние Магдалены в 4 млрд франков, признав ее самым богатым парламентарием страны. Большими состояниями обладают и ее соратники по партии Вальтер Фрей и Петер Шпулер. По словам профессора, парадокс в том, что богаче всех – члены партии, которая придерживается курса «анти-истеблишмент». Интересно и то, что в списке 300 богатейших швейцарцев мы не встретим больше политиков, кроме министра экономики, члена Либерально-радикальной партии (PLR) Йохана Шнайдера-Амманна.

Экономическая элита включает немало имен, внесенных как в базу данных UNIL, так и в список 300 богачей. Это – топ-менеджеры и члены административных советов: Эрнст Таннер (Lindt & Sprüngli и Swatch Group), Йозеф Акерманн (Credit Suisse, позднее – Deutsche Bank). Заслуживают упоминания и бывшие руководители – Марсель Оспель (UBS), Освальд Грубель (Credit Suisse и UBS), Даниэль Васелла (Novartis), Петер Брабек-Летмат (Nestlé).

Многие наследники семейных предприятий входят в советы директоров и другие органы управления этих компаний. Например, Андре Хоффманн и Андреас Оэри работают в фармацевтическом гиганте Roche; дети и внуки новатора машиностроительной отрасли Ганса Либхерра занимают важные посты в мультинациональной компании Liebherr; Ник Хайек и Хайла Хайек – во всемирно известной часовой группе Swatch Group; Андре Кудельски – в Kudelski Group, разрабатывающей решения в сфере цифровой безопасности, а также медийные решения для распространения цифрового и интерактивного контента; Жан-Паскаль Бобст – в Bobst, предлагающей оборудование и услуги в сфере производства упаковок; Патрик Фирмениш – в парфюмерной компании Firmenich. Кроме того, элиту составляют семьи, владеющие такими крупными медиа-группами, как Tamedia (семья Конинкс), Ringier (семья Ранжье) и Edipresse (семья Ламуньер).

Профессор добавил, что рейтинг 300 самых богатых позволяет отметить появление новых имен, в том числе иностранных инвесторов, среди которых – Фредерик Паулсен (глава компании Ferring), Иван Глазенберг (Glencore), Виктор Вексельберг (Sulzer, Oerlikon, Schmolz + Bickenbach) и т.д. Новые имена – понятие в данном случае относительное, так как упомянутые инвесторы не в первый раз занимают позиции в рейтинге самых богатых. Однако если сравнить эти сведения с началом XX века, то налицо – новые тенденции.

Напомним, что раньше исследователи Лозаннского университета проанализировали информацию о 20 000 личностей, занимавших посты в государственной администрации, крупных предприятиях, образовательных учреждениях Конфедерации с 1910 по 2010 год. Ученые выяснили, что швейцарская элита претерпевала в течение ХХ века постепенные трансформации и резко изменилась в 1990-е годы. В течение большей части прошлого века элита страны состояла из мужчин. Такое положение вещей постепенно менялось, и в 2010 году среди политической элиты было 27,6% женщин, среди административной – 17,6%, а среди экономической – 10%. Если в ХХ веке служба в армии была для будущих лидеров своеобразной школой управления, где им прививалось определенное мировоззрение и где они приобретали конкретный стиль поведения и работы, то сегодняшние менеджеры учатся руководить в швейцарских и зарубежных университетах и бизнес-школах.

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  • Japanese audio available for the first time for a global audience.
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  • Faithful recreations of 1980s Japan and Hong Kong, China.
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          Suffragette City Tea Cup and Saucer      Cache   Translate Page      
Commemorating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the UK, this “Suffragette City” cup and saucer is made by Plinth in collaboration with the Mayor of London and Bella Freud. Made from fine bone china, its gold rims mean it’s not dishwasher-safe. More importantly, a portion of the proceeds go to the Fawcett Society, which works for gender equality and women’s rights.
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To Apply visit this link: All placed in public schools. Universities, collages, secondary schools, elementary schools and kindergartens are available. o Free ten online survival mandarin lessons before arrival (with a real Chinese teacher! ). o Free 120 hours Online TEFL c ourse. o Free Orientation during the whole program o Free Airport pic k up & transfer. o Guidance for visa application during the whole p
          Don’t Count on the Truce Holding in Trump’s Trade War With China (World Politics Review)      Cache   Translate Page      

By Kimberly Ann Elliott

From the article:

          China suspends scientists who claim to have produced first gene-edited babies      Cache   Translate Page      
China has suspended the research activities of the scientists who claimed to have created the world's first gene-edited babies, state-run Xinhua news reported Thursday.

          Here's why the Dow dropped today      Cache   Translate Page      
The Dow dropped 799 points, or 3.1%, Tuesday as investors realized the trade war between the U.S. and China is far from over.

          Kampf gegen Erderwärmung - Deutschland zahlt kräftig ein: China will an Millionen aus Klimafonds für arme Länder      Cache   Translate Page      
Der UN-Klimafonds hat eine klare Mission: Reiche Länder helfen armen Nationen finanziell aus, damit sie die Treibhausgase reduzieren können. Doch immer wieder suchen reiche Nationen wie China oder Bahrain Schlupflöcher, um ihre Projekte zu finanzieren.
          Il procuratore di Viviani a TMW: Nessun diverbio con Semplici, ma non mi spiego la situazione      Cache   Translate Page      
Da titolare a terza scelta nel giro di un anno. Le cose per Federico Viviani sono cambiate abbastanza in fretta e il fatto che il centrocampista romano sia destinato a rimanere in panchina anche in Coppa Italia ha indotto Tuttomercatoweb a contattare il suo procuratore, Giampiero Pocetta: “Sinceramente sono rimasto sorpreso dalle dichiarazioni di Semplici, non fosse altro che per un motivo: […]
          The war on standards, STEM edition      Cache   Translate Page      
(Paul Mirengoff) Heather Mac Donald has written and spoken extensively about how identity politics is hampering America’s ability to maintain its dominance in STEM fields. Our main competitors, most notably China, are focused on making sure the best scientists, mathematicians, and engineers are doing the work. They care nothing about gender. And they spend virtually every dollar related to STEM on hard research and analysis. The U.S., by contrast, is preoccupied with
          White House Expects China To Nix Tariffs On US-Made Cars – But Nothing’s On Paper      Cache   Translate Page      
          'I am a tariff man,' Donald Trump says, sowing confusion about China trade deal      Cache   Translate Page      
The economic agreement US President Donald Trump said he reached with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Saturday showed signs of unravelling on Tuesday, with the White House threatening new penalties against Beijing and multiple officials seeking to downplay expectations for an eventual deal.
          Trump says if no China trade deal possible, 'I am a Tariff Man'      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday held out the possibility of an extension of the 90-day trade truce with China but warned he would revert to tariffs if the two sides could not resolve their differences.

          China says confident it can implement trade deal with U.S.      Cache   Translate Page      
China said on Wednesday that Beijing and Washington will push forward with trade negotiations in the next 90 days and it is confident that an agreement can be implemented.

          Trump threatens tariffs if can't reach 'real deal' with China      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump threatened on Tuesday to place "major tariffs" on Chinese goods imported into the United States if his administration is unable to reach an effective trade deal with Beijing.

          SoftBank's Vision Fund to hire China team, set up mainland office: sources      Cache   Translate Page      
The SoftBank-led Vision Fund is hiring an investment team to be based in China as the $100 billion investment giant expands in one of the world's most vibrant tech markets, two people with direct knowledge of the move told Reuters.

          Cut in China tariffs on cars a 'litmus test' for trade talks: Kudlow      Cache   Translate Page      
White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Tuesday that a reduction in Chinese tariffs on U.S. cars and agricultural and energy commodities would be a "litmus test" for whether U.S.-China trade talks are on track to succeed.

          U.S. Treasury secretary says investors on edge over trade talks      Cache   Translate Page      
Investors who pushed equity prices sharply lower on Tuesday are grappling with uncertainty over whether U.S. President Donald Trump will strike a deal to avert an escalation of America's trade war with China, the U.S. Treasury secretary said on Tuesday.

          Oil curbs gains amid trade, output cut uncertainty      Cache   Translate Page      
Oil prices pared gains in a volatile trade on Tuesday amid fears that demand would stall due to a trade war between the United States and China, and concerns that Russia remains a stumbling block to a deal to cut global crude supply.

          Global stocks dive on growth concerns, doubts over trade truce      Cache   Translate Page      
Global stocks tumbled on Tuesday as a flattening Treasury yield curve sparked recession warnings, while optimism sharply waned that the United States and China would quickly resolve their trade dispute.

          Call for Papers: China International Business and Economic Law: Technological Change and the Future of International Economic Legal Order: China and beyond      Cache   Translate Page      
The Herbert Smith Freehills China International Business and Economic Law Centre at the University of New South Wales Faculty of Law has issued a call for papers for the inaugural CIBEL Global Network Conference and PhD workshop, to take place May 1-2, 2019. The theme is: "China International Business and Economic Law: Technological Change and the Future of International Economic Legal Order: China and beyond." The call is here.
          Instant View: Stocks slammed, yield curve flattens on trade doubts, growth worries      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. stocks plunged on Tuesday and more points along the Treasury yield curve inverted as doubts arose over a speedy resolution to the U.S.-China trade dispute and over the health of the global economy.

          The Little Couple S13E12 Will Returns to China WEBRip x264-CAFFEiNE[TGx]      Cache   Translate Page      
                Cache   Translate Page      
Stock Market Plunges as Wall Street Gives Trump’s China Deal Another Look
The president calling himself “Tariff Man” didn’t help.

By Emily Stewart
Dec 4, 2018, 4:07pm EST

President Donald Trump on a television monitor at the New York Stock Exchange in March 2018 discussing steel and aluminum tariffs imposed by his administration. Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Stock market investors appear to be signaling they believe President Donald Trump’s trade compromise with China is a bit of a dud.

Wall Street was initially encouraged by Trump’s Saturday deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping in which both sides agreed to a 90-day timeout of the US-China trade war. Major United States stock indexes climbed on Monday amid optimism the US and China might strike a deal, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which Trump often touts, gaining nearly 300 points.

But after investors had a second day to think about US-China trade relations, they appear to have changed their minds on how optimistic they feel. The Dow plunged on Tuesday, falling nearly 800 points by market close, and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq saw deep declines as well. All three major indexes ended the day down by 3 percent or more.

Trump isn’t the only factor making markets edgy — there are concerns about a potential economic slowdown and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate path as well.

But Wall Street is sending a clear signal that, upon closer inspection, Trump’s trade war détente with China isn’t looking so hot — especially after a string of tweets from the president this morning indicated he has no problem going back to a trade war if a broader agreement isn’t reached in the next three months.

In one tweet, Trump referred to himself as a “Tariff Man.” The Wall Street Journal reports that after those tweets, the Dow fell by 200 points.

“The trade war between the United States and China has been put on hold for the holidays, but the respite will be brief given the 90-day deadline and inherent difficulty in addressing the fundamental factors driving trade tensions between the two countries,” Isaac Boltansky, an analyst at research firm Compass Point LLC, wrote in a note to clients ahead of the Trump tweets on Tuesday.

This China-US trade war pause doesn’t look so great in the light of day

On the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Saturday, Trump agreed to hold off on increasing tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese-made goods in exchange for China purchasing a still-to-be-defined amount of American-made products. Trump said he would give China and Xi 90 days to fix the structural issues in US-China trade relations.

The president immediately took a victory lap, boasting on Twitter that China had agreed to reduce its current 40 percent tariffs on US auto imports to zero, and claiming that China would “start purchasing agricultural product immediately.”

The White House hasn’t been able to back up Trump’s claims, though, indicating the president is overselling what happened in Buenos Aires. National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow acknowledged in a call with reporters on Monday that there was no “specific agreement” on auto tariffs. Kudlow also said he couldn’t “specifically” answer questions about China’s agricultural product purchases, saying his “expectation” is that China would roll back tariffs on goods “quickly.”

There also appeared to be some confusion on the timeline from the US: Kudlow initially told reporters the 90-day clock started on January 1, but the White House later put out a correction, saying it was actually December 1.

There’s also a different story coming out of China about what happened. As the Washington Post notes, state media outlets on Monday made no mention of Trump’s 90-day time frame or reducing tariffs on US cars. They didn’t offer specifics on buying American-made products, either.

Michael Antonelli, a managing director at Robert W Baird & Co., told Bloomberg the market was acting like a “scorned lover” in relation to Trump’s trade deal. “It had believed, for whatever reason, that progress was being made at the G20 and that turns out to be murky — it feels lied to,” he said.

Trump isn’t the only thing making Wall Street anxious lately. Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at investment research firm CFRA Research, said in an email that investors are also worried because of movements in the bond market that could signal an economic slowdown is coming.

The November jobs report is also coming out on Friday. A solid report would provide more cause for the Fed to continue raising interest rates, and when that happens, it can spook markets.

But skepticism over Trump’s China trade talks is playing a part as well — especially as it becomes increasingly obvious that no one seems to know exactly what’s going on, and this temporary timeout is no guarantee of anything substantive happening in the future.

          【臺灣】國際媒體盛讚衛武營 臺灣文化自信象徵      Cache   Translate Page      
德國第一大報法蘭克福廣訊報稱讚衛武營象徵臺灣文化新自我覺醒。 衛武營國家藝術文化中心受到全球矚目,德國最大法蘭克福廣訊報(FrankfurterAllgemeineZeitung,縮寫:FAZ)近來以臺灣文化新自我覺醒,稱讚衛武營是臺灣文化自信的象徵;香港南華早報(SouthChinaMorningPost)以衛武營反映臺灣經濟成功,是臺灣經濟發展穩健的重要象徵,文化外交成功打響國際知名度。 衛武營是全球最大單一屋頂劇院,才剛開幕一個半月,吸引外媒報導74篇,英國衛報稱讚是史詩級鉅獻,驚嘆臺灣面臨中國統一強大威脅,仍勇敢投入國際文化舞臺,讓全世界看到臺灣。 法蘭克福廣訊報從雲門舞集總監林懷民破題,臺灣於外交困境中,求生存的思考過程,成為臺灣文化創作養分,凸顯臺灣獨特文化,尤其衛武營的開幕,建築設計邀請大家來作客,把城市的客廳當作自己的家,展現臺灣文化的包容與自信。 值得一提的是,高雄作為亞洲的吞吐港之一,結合在地造船廠興建衛武營,重塑為一個文化城市,總監簡文彬邀請指揮大師杜達美率柏林愛樂、祖賓梅塔率巴伐利亞廣播交響樂團演出,這些景象與氣度都不曾在首都臺北所見,成功與世界接軌,成為臺灣文化自信的象徵。 衛武營表示,香港南華早報也報導臺灣衛武營,指稱亞洲四小龍的臺灣重金打造衛武營,不僅代表著文化意義上成就,也為臺灣國際地位帶來提升,更展現經濟的穩健成長,以世界經濟論壇的全球競爭力報告,臺灣於137國中排名第15名,近年來更以科技部為首,企圖將臺灣翻轉為亞洲矽谷,反映臺灣在經濟領域成長中的聲望。
          Can Brazil's Wine Industry Capture an American Audience? (Wine Spectator)      Cache   Translate Page      

Brazil's wine industry is more than 100 years old, but until recently, very little of its wines have left the country. However, for the past five years, the South American nation's vintners, with government support, have ramped up their export efforts. And their three major targets are the United States, China and the U.K.

“The U.S.A. is our No. 1 target export country,” explained Diego Bertolini, director of marketing for Wines of Brasil. “The fact that more than 120 million Americans drink wine, and the market continues to grow, makes the U.S. an ideal export destination.” But Brazil faces several challenges, none more significant than Americans' unfamiliarity with Brazilian wine.

"Brazil is a country more famous for its colorful culture, rain forests and pristine beaches than the quality of its wine, although this is quickly changing,” said Master Sommelier Ian Cauble, cofounder of a digital wine merchant. “A dedicated wine-producing community, centered mostly in the Serra Gaúcha region, is producing delicious wines in many styles and colors."

Brazil's wine industry dates to the 1880s, when a handful of wineries were established by northern Italian immigrants, but has now grown to more than 1,100 wineries. During the past decade, the wine industry has expanded, with revenues increasing from US$213 million in 2007 to more than $640 million in 2017. Production was 33.7 million cases last year, according to Wines of Brasil. Today there are 195,000 acres of vineyards in the country.

Close to 90 percent of Brazil's wine production comes from the Serra Gaúcha region of southern Brazil. The lead grapes there are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for sparkling-wine production. Farther south, near the Uruguay border, Cabernet Franc, Marselan and Merlot are popular varieties. Asti-style sparkling Muscat and sparkling Glera (the grape in Prosecco) are other growing categories.

“Our expertise is sparkling wine,” said Bertolini. “We have been making it for decades, and it matches our culture of celebration. We make all styles of sparkling, from high-end méthode traditionnelle aged for years on the lees to semi-sweet sparkling Moscato.”

Some industry experts agree. “Sparkling wine is a particularly bright spot on Brazil's diverse and far-flung vineyard landscape,” said Doug Frost, a Master Sommelier and wine consultant. “There are worthy red and white Brazilian wines, but I think that there is value and even novelty in offering Brazilian bubbly.”

That focus on sparkling wine is the foundation of Brazil's export strategy. They're hoping to take part in the growth in sparkling wine sales around the world and continued growth in the category in the U.S. market—according to Impact Databank, a sister publication of Wine Spectator, sparkling wine sales grew 3 percent in 2017, compared to 0.3 percent for all wine. And Brazilians believe bubbly sets them apart from the two leading South American wine-producing nations, Chile and Argentina, which are best-known for still reds.

Currently only 11 Brazilian wineries export wine to the U.S., primarily to cities on the East Coast, such as New York and Miami. But Brazilian wine remains relatively unknown among American consumers. And the wines are still arriving in small numbers, with only 16,739 cases of Brazilian wine shipped to the U.S. in 2017, according to U.S. Customs reports. So there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

“It's not that we don't want to have wines from Brazil,” said founder Mike Osborn. “We simply don't seem to have suppliers or mainstream wholesalers making them available nationally yet.”

Stay on top of important wine stories with Wine Spectator's free Breaking News Alerts.

          Know the Rapid Growth Factors of Microgrid Technology Market: Key Players- ABB, GE, SandC Electric Co, Siemens, General Microgrids, Microgrid Solar, Raytheon, Sunverge Energy, Toshiba, Echelon, NEC, Aquion Energy, EnStorage, SGCC, Moixa, EnSync, Ampard, G      Cache   Translate Page adds “World Microgrid Technology Market Research Report 2023 (covering USA, Europe, China, Japan, India, South East Asia and etc)” new report to its research database. The report spread across 102 pages with multiple tables and figures in it. This report

          Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) Market to Set Remarkable Growth in Coming Years| Key Players: First Solar, Sharp, Solar Frontier, SunPower, Solarcentury, Hanwha Solar, REC Group, Panasonic, Kyocera, Yingli Solar, Canadian Solar, Suntech, Trina So      Cache   Translate Page adds “World Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) Market Research Report 2023 (covering USA, Europe, China, Japan, India, South East Asia and etc)” new report to its research database. The report spread across 103 pages with multiple tables and figures in

          Trump Boasts of Relations with Xi, New Trade Deal with China      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump boasted Monday of his “very strong and personal relationship” with Chinese President Xi Jinping, declaring a new U.S.-China trade deal would immediately allow American farmers to sell more of their products to Beijing. Stock markets in Asia and Europe jumped sharply after Trump and Xi, as leaders of the world’s two ...

Джерело: 1UA.TV

          Know the Rapid Growth Factors of Shale Gas Market: Key Players- Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Antero Resources Corporation, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, CONSOL Energy, EQT Corporation, ExxonMobil, Pioneer Natural Resources, Range Resources, Chesapeake Ener      Cache   Translate Page adds “World Shale Gas Market Research Report 2023 (covering USA, Europe, China, Japan, India, South East Asia and etc)” new report to its research database. The report spread across 106 pages with multiple tables and figures in it. This report

          China-US Tariff Truce is Opportunity with Tight Time Frame      Cache   Translate Page      
China and the United States have agreed to put tariffs on hold and give negotiations a chance. But the short 90-day period the two have to finish negotiations, which includes major holidays both in Washington and Beijing, will require quick steps, analysts say.   China’s pledges to purchase what the White House calls “substantial” amounts ...

Джерело: 1UA.TV

          Global Flooring Market 2024 Growth & Regional Revenue By Top Players Tarkett, Gerflor, Mohawk Industries, Interface, Marazzi Group.      Cache   Translate Page      
Global Flooring Market 2024 Growth & Regional Revenue By Top Players Tarkett, Gerflor, Mohawk Industries, Interface, Marazzi Group. Global construction spending is anticipated to reach USD 16 Trillion by 2024. Flooring Market is estimated to exceed $ 450 Billion by 2024. Mohawk Industries, Tarkett, Shaw Floors, Armstrong, Beaulieu, Marazzi Group, Mannington Mills are the major industry players. China

          By any means necessary      Cache   Translate Page      
Victor Davis Hanson writes in National Review,
...So far, we know that the U.S. government decided to intervene in a political campaign to help one candidate and to smear the other — under the pretext of Russian “collusion.” And so it hired or made use of spies and informants including Hank Greenberg, Stefan Halper, Felix Sater, and others to contact Trump campaign officials to catch them in supposed collusion traps. It enlisted the help of foreign intelligence agencies, specifically the British and Australians. It misled FISA courts into granting warrants to spy on Americans and, post factum, threatened long prisons sentences with those surveilled and interviewed. And as a result, it has so far found no collusion but may well find some misleading statements in hundreds of hours of testimonies from the likes of Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, and perhaps Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone.

Christopher Steele, a British subject and de facto unregistered foreign agent, is imminently indictable and extraditable. He was paid through two firewalls (Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie) by Hillary Clinton to tap Russian sources to compile a smear dossier on her opponent, with the intent of warping the U.S. election — a classic example of foreign-agent interference in an American campaign. If we were to take away that one purchased document, then the FISA court warrants, the informants, and all the CIA, FBI, and DOJ machinations would likely have disappeared or never arisen.

...Brennan has never faced consequences for admittedly lying under oath to Congress about collateral drone damage and surveillance of Senate staff computers; James Clapper likewise admittedly lied to Congress about NSA surveillance and faced no consequences. Has any administration ever had its two top intelligence officials admit to lying under oath on matters of national policy and security, and with impunity to a congressional committee?

...Both Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills likely lied to FBI investigators about the extent of their knowledge of Clinton’s private email server. In Orwellian fashion, FBI investigator Peter Strzok claimed that Abedin and Mills were not truthful to the federal investigators, while he concluded that General Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national-security adviser, had been.

Yet Flynn was targeted for giving false information to federal officials, while Abedin and Mills never were. Of course, Clinton herself lied when she insisted that she had transmitted no classified information over the server, and she destroyed over 30,000 emails Congress had subpoenaed — all without any criminal liability.

No one has ever seriously investigated the activities of Daniel Jones, who worked for Fusion GPS and was apparently a former FBI agent and staff investigator for Senator Dianne Feinstein, and who as a freelancer received millions of dollars from anti-Trump donors (reportedly Silicon Valley activists and George Soros) and, after Trump was president, in March 2017, met with FBI officials to share information gathered by his Penn Quarter Group designed to harm the Trump presidency.

...Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel, signed a dubious FISA warrant request. Such surveillance was apparently useful to his appointee Robert Mueller’s ability to issue indictments against some minor Trump officials. Was Mueller ever going to examine whether Rosenstein improperly helped produce a FISA court warrant that was central to Mueller’s own investigation?

...Such skullduggery poses the question of whether Mueller’s investigation has been simply derailed by partisanship. Or has it effectively served as a deliberate distraction from the felonious behavior of dozens of Obama-administration and Clinton-campaign officials — all determined to ensure, by any means necessary, that Trump would never be president?
Read more here.
          China ready to deepen cooperation with Turkey in every field: Chinese premier      Cache   Translate Page      
Turkey’s Parliament Speaker Binali Yıldırım met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Dec. 4 as part of his official visit to China.
          ‘Tariff Man’ Trump’s Tweets About China Talks, Recession Fears, Push Dow Down 800 Points      Cache   Translate Page      
Rate-sensitive banks and trade-sensitive industrials led the market lower.
          Wall Street Cheers Ceasefire in U.S.-China Trade War      Cache   Translate Page      
DJIA and S&P 500 show solid gains.
          China orders probe into scientist claims of first gene-edited babies      Cache   Translate Page      
Beijing has ordered an investigation into claims by a Chinese scientist to have created the world\'s first genetically-edited babies, a move that would be a ground-breaking medical first but which has generated a barrage of criticism. A video posted on YouTube by university...
          Carrarese capolista, sogna il derby che in B manca da settant'anni      Cache   Translate Page      
Una serie di risultati positivi e la Carrarese di Silvio Baldini si ritrova prima in classifica nel girone A della serie C. Il tecnico di casa, ospite costante del "Picco" negli scorsi anni, lavora al minimo sindacale e l'unica cosa che ha preteso è una penale in caso di esonero di quelle da blindarlo sulla panchina a vita. Non ce ne sarebbe bisogno perché la sua creatura viaggia…
          Turkey qualify for 2019 World Cup in China      Cache   Translate Page      
Turkey is entitled for 2019 World Cup in China following the results Dec. 2 cin the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 European Qualifiers.
          Trump Warns China That He’s ‘Tariff Man,’ Spooking Stock Investors      Cache   Translate Page      
Stocks, which rallied Monday on the potential for a truce in the United States-China trade war, began a downward spiral on Tuesday as confusion set in about whether an agreement had truly been reached.
          Steve Bannon and a Fugitive Billionaire Target a Common Enemy: China      Cache   Translate Page      
“We both naturally despise the Chinese Communist Party,” the fugitive, Guo Wengui said, explaining his partnership with the former Trump strategist Stephen K. Bannon.
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To Apply visit this link: are looking for an experience full time Kindergarten homeroom teacher
          White House intensifies confusion and fear on US-China deal      Cache   Translate Page      
The Trump administration raised doubts Tuesday about the substance of a U.S.-China trade cease-fire, contributing to a broad stock market plunge and intensifying fears of a global economic slowdown.  Investors … Click to Continue »
          Investing in Cina -      Cache   Translate Page      

​​​​​​​+ 28.72 USD
Date: 04.12.2018 16:22:51
ID: 689504773
Details: P35568445 → P14055202
Amount: 28.72 USD
Comment: china

          Sondaggi, l'inaspettato effetto del caso Di Maio sul consenso dei 5 Stelle      Cache   Translate Page      
Contro ogni previsione il M5s risale la china e passa dal 26,5 al 27,3%, ma è ancora presto per parlare di vera inversione...
          Kommentar zu “Gefährlichste Waffe gegen Demokratie”: Was Facebook mit den “Gelbwesten”-Unruhen in Frankreich zu tun hat von Till Eule      Cache   Translate Page      
Unglaublich dass "Facebook die gefährlichste Waffe gegen Demokratie" bezeichnet wird. Es ist doch extrem interessant, dass jede und jeder und vor allem auch Politiker, die Wirtschaft und so weiter nicht mehr tun und lassen können was sie wollen oder gar nur das verbreiten, wie SIE es gerne hätten, sondern dass es einen sehr schnellen Austausch unter fast allen Bürgern gibt. Dies als "Gefährdung der Demokratie" zu bezeichnen ist unglaublich. Was heißt denn das? Regierungen und all ihre Adlaten, die sich sie mit Steuergeld geschaffen haben, hätten gerne die alten Zeiten wieder, in denen "das Volk" so dumm wie nur möglich gehalten werden kann. "Das Volk" soll nur das bekommen, was die "Eliten" ihm mitteilen wollen?! Oder wie ist das zu verstehen? Ich glaube, so wie man "uns" die Digitalisierung oder/und die Globalisierung verkaufen möchte als größte Errungenschaft, damit "wir" weiter still und leiste funktionieren, so verweigern sich jene Eliten, Ihrerseits endlich zu verstehen, dass sie es sind, die Transparenz und Bürger-Dialog suchen und nicht über "das Volk" hinwegregieren sollten. Denn die Völker - siehe Frankreich, das schon immer aufmüpfiger war als die feigen Deutschen - lassen sich vieles nicht mehr gefallen sondern sie artikulieren sich über Facebook & Co. und gehen auch auf die Straßen und wehren sich. Damit sind nicht diese deutschen Aufmärsche gemeint, zu denen hunderte von Vereinen, Kirchenverbänden oder sonstigen staatlich geleiteten und finanzierten, mit der Politik Verbündeten aufrufen. Vielleicht wollen ja solche Leute wie der hier zitierte diese neue und schnelle Digitalisierungsform à la Facebook " (hahahaha) eliminieren... und lieber Netzwerke für Bürger bauen wie sie in China aussehen... Jeder Bürger ist des anderen Bürgers Feind und Denunziant... Jede Aufmüpfigkeit, jede Kritik wird mit Eliminierung jeder sozialen Teilhabe sanktioniert und vice versa... Gefängnisse für aufmüpfige Bürger (wer erinnert sich nicht an das "Tian'anmen-Massaker" und die aktuellen drei Morde an aufmüpfigen Journalisten in Malta, Slowakei + zuletzt Saudi-Arabien à la G20-Scheich. Wir wollen doch hoffen, dass vor allem Facebook die Fahne hochhält, sich in einigen Bereichen verbessert aber niemals die Freiheit des Austauschs der "globalisierten Menschen" einschränkt oder verhindert weil sich irgendein Wichtigtuer auf die Füße getreten fühlt.
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          CISA: объёмы выплавки стали в середине ноября выросли на 1,83%      Cache   Translate Page      
В течение второй декады прошлого месяца (11-20 ноября) металлургические предприятия China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) выплавляли в среднем по 1,95 млн. тонн стали ежесуточно. Улучшение показателей по сравнению с началом ноября - 1,83%, сообщает SMM. Согласно предыдущим данным издания, в период с 1 по 10 ноября 2018 года производство нерафинированной стали у ассоциации составило 1,92 млн. тонн, улучшение показателей по сравнению с предыдущей декадой (21-31 октября) - 0,57%. Напомним, в...
          Why 'Crazy Rich Asians' Missed The Mark In China's Box Offices      Cache   Translate Page      
Crazy Rich Asians had a crazy bad opening weekend in China. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz about why the movie doesn't translate well.
          CPPIB Invests in US Detention Firms?      Cache   Translate Page      
The Guardian reports, Canada pension fund investment into US detention firm larger than reported:
A controversial investment by one of Canada’s biggest pension funds in a company which operates private prisons in the United States is larger than initially thought, recent securities filings have revealed.

The Guardian and Documented reported last month that the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) – which manages $366.6bn in pension funds on behalf of some 20 million Canadian retirees – holds stock in Geo Group.

But the most recent regulatory filings show the CPPIB has added to its holdings in Geo Group by 90,000 shares since June – an increase of nearly 50% – bringing the total investment value to $6.1m. It is not known if the fund still holds the shares; the investment board did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Facilities operated by Geo Group have been used in recent months to detain families in the United States, following Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” crackdown on immigration by the American government.

Meanwhile, the CPPIB decreased its holdings of CoreCivic, another private prison company, by 5,900 shares, valuing the investment at $1.65m at the time of filing.

The CPPIB is one of the largest funds in the world, and although the investments in American private prisons companies represent a narrow slice of the overall fund, they have prompted an angry reaction from campaign groups and politicians.

“I’m very surprised to hear that number is significantly higher than we had previously thought,” said Emma Pullman of SumOfUs, an advocacy group that started one of two online petitions calling on the fund to divest its holdings. Between them, the two petitions have received more than 45,000 signatures.

Selling the investment would mark a significant move for the CPPIB, which prides itself in resisting external lobbying attempts.

But public outcry appears to have rattled the board. On 14 November, the board convened a meeting with activists from two separate groups, both petitioning the investment board to divest its holdings.

“I think the reason they’re looking into these options is because the writing is on the wall,” said Logan McIntosh, a campaigner with the Leadnow advocacy group, who attended the meeting. “It’s an unnecessary and shameful investment and it’s undermining the confidence of Canadians that they can manage our retirement savings responsibly.”

Every two years, the CPPIB hosts legally mandated presentations across the country to outline its investment strategy and allow the public to ask questions.

“I don’t think Canadians are interested in profiting from the abuse of humans and the caging of children,” said Darcie Lanthier, a former financial advisor who attended one such event in Charlottetown. “I know, with what little savings I have, I go out of my way to ensure my investments are doing no harm.”
As I write this comment, stocks are plunging, and it reminds me that CPPIB has bigger issues to deal with.

Anyway, I received this article last night from Sam Boskey who is part of a distribution list made up largely of radical leftists and Marxists (they're good people, I just don't share their ideology but enjoy reading their perspectives on this 'UGLY NEW WORLD').

I forwarded the article to Mark Machin, CPPIB's CEO, and Michel Leduc, CPPIB's Senior Managing Director & Global Head of Public Affairs and Communications, and stated: "Heads up, this can snowball into something nasty" (something along those lines).

Michel was kind enough to reach me earlier today to give some proper context into all this:
  • Out of CPPIB's 26 investment programs, only 2 are on cruise control, the passive balancing (index) portfolio and the systematic quantitative portfolio which invests in stocks all over the world based on quantitative factors. The problem lies with the latter portfolio.
  • Michel told me other large US and Canadian pensions also invested in these stocks, some like CalSTRS, divested from private prisons, others didn't. CPPIB was like 20th down the list but given its size and status, it got called out in the press. 
  • He reiterated that CPPIB does not divest from stocks because of some outside interest group. "We have a mandate to maximize returns without taking undue risks."
  • However, he also stated that "perception matters to the extent it hurts the brand and reputation of the organization" so while it doesn't drive the investment process, it must be taken into consideration.
  • Also, CPPIB adheres to certain ESG factors when making an investment and "human rights is one of them" so this "crisis represents an opportunity to address certain deficiencies in the passive and systematic quant portfolios."
  • Basically, what he means is CPPIB is exploring a way to add an important qualitative filter to all its investments to make sure certain ESG principles are being adhered to. 
  • It's important to note even though CPPIB doesn't divest, it does routinely look at its investment process and makes changes as needed like protecting the organization from brand and reputation risk and making sure it adheres to its ESG principles across all portfolios. 
  • I raised the issue of tobacco and how pensions should follow Dr. King's advice and divest from it, and he told me "it's an issue for our passive portfolio and we are carefully weighing the pros and cons of maintaining tobacco investments but again, we must respect our mandate and our process."
  • Lastly, he told me he had spoken with a large US asset manager who manages trillions (hmm, I wonder who that can be...) and he told him "for ten years, we didn't have an issue with these investments and then all of a sudden, they got flagged."
In any case, this proves that a small insignificant investment can be blown way out of proportion and come back to haunt large pensions and other investors.

For CPPIB, this represents an opportunity to dynamically review their investment process to be able to flag questionable investments ahead of time, before it becomes a media circus and blown way out of proportion. In other words, it's good this happened.

Believe it or not, the folks at CPPIB aren't into violating human rights and abusing children at US detention centers but they have a job to do, a mandate to fulfill and a process to respect. There is a review going on to improve the process, once completed, they will make a public comment.

Have some faith in the folks managing CPPIB, they're extremely competent and aware of the situation and want to ensure it never happens again but they need to respect their process and their mandate.

I thank Michel Leduc for taking the time to speak with me.

Below, as the Dow plunges more than 750 points, Mark Newton of Newton Advisors and Michael Bapis of Vios Advisors discuss the S&P 500 nearing a death cross.

Note, the stock market is closed Wednesday to respect the national day of mourning for President George H. W. Bush's funeral. 

          Council On Foreign Relations President Says He Sees Recurring Theme In Trump's Policy      Cache   Translate Page      
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, about what President Trump's meeting with China's President Xi says about Trump's foreign policy.
          Comment on [Call for Action] Is the food waste recycling business just another ‘license to kill’ in the filthy, dirty dog meat trade? by Beverly Jacobs      Cache   Translate Page      
When I think of China, South Korea, and certain other horrific societies that TORTURE and EAT man's best friends, I only think of the barbarity and disgusting subhuman monstrous actions. I feel equally sorry for the pitiful animals and the few decent, civilized people among them that have to bear witness and fight these human devils.
          The limits of China’s charm offensive      Cache   Translate Page      
Over the last decade, China has taken an increasingly muscular approach to relations with East Asian countries. But in recent months, it has surprised its neighbours with a charm offensive. What changed? In terms of China’s behaviour in the region, quite a lot. In 2013, China unilaterally declared an Air Defense Identification Zone covering the
          I top brand cinesi trainano le vendite di smartphone      Cache   Translate Page      
Huawei smartphone

Nel terzo trimestre del 2018, i marchi cinesi Huawei e Xiaomi, hanno contribuito a far viaggiare le vendite globali di smartphone.

È quanto rileva Gartner nel report  “Market Share: PCs, Ultramobiles, Mobile Phones, All Countries, 3Q18 Update”. Nel complesso, le vendite di smartphone agli utenti finali sono cresciute dell’1,4% nel terzo trimestre del 2018. Raggiungendo 389 milioni di unità.

Mentre le vendite di smartphone rallentano per la maggior parte dei produttori di telefoni cellulari, Huawei ha visto la domanda di smartphone crescere del 43% nel terzo trimestre del 2018. Huawei rimane il primo marchio di smartphone in Cina (Greater China) e tra i primi tre in molti mercati europei.

Nel terzo trimestre del 2018, Samsung ha registrato il suo più grande calo da quando Gartner monitora le vendite di smartphone a livello globale. Le vendite di smartphone Samsung sono diminuite del 14% nel terzo trimestre. I Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ e Note 9 hanno faticato a rivitalizzare la domanda nel 2018. Inoltre, i rinnovati smartphone mid ed entry-level hanno continuato a subire la concorrenza dei principali marchi cinesi.

Gartner smartphoneQuesti ultimi hanno incrementato la quota in mercati chiave, come l’India. E la loro espansione in regioni oltre l’Asia-Pacifico continua a sottrarre opportunità a Samsung.

La performance di Apple è stata stabile nel terzo trimestre del 2018, con una crescita dello 0,7%. Gli iPhone devono affrontare un mercato degli smartphone premium saturo, con tassi di crescita in rallentamento e maggiore concorrenza in Cina. È l’opinione di Anshul Gupta, research director di Gartner. Che ha anche aggiunto che i nuovi smartphone di punta di Apple, annunciati a settembre, saranno la chiave per definire le vendite complessive di iPhone nel 2018.

Il futuro: 5G e smartphone pieghevoli

Con le vendite globali di smartphone che decelerano in modo significativo, l’attenzione dei produttori di telefoni cellulari si sta spostando verso nuove tecnologie. Come il 5G e il form factor pieghevole. Ciò avviene per differenziare la user experience sugli smartphone e generare nuovo valore per gli utenti.

Secondo Roberta Cozza, research director di Gartner, il 2019 segnerà un anno importante per le attività di R&D e test su diverse tecnologie 5G. Tuttavia, sempre secondo Cozza, è improbabile che vedremo il 5G nei dispositivi mobili in volumi significativi prima del 2020. Gli analisti di Gartner prevedono che le vendite di telefoni cellulari 5G raggiungeranno 65 milioni di unità nel 2020.

Inoltre, Gartner si aspetta che diversi fornitori, come Samsung, Huawei e LG, lancino nuovi form factor pieghevoli nel 2019. Tuttavia, a parte l’interesse per la novità, secondo Roberta Cozza questi dispositivi saranno costosi e avranno compromessi nell’usabilità, all’inizio. Ci vorrà del tempo affinché vendor e sviluppatori costruiscano un forte ecosistema software che generi user experience efficaci e innovative sugli smartphone pieghevoli.

Maggiori informazioni sul report Gartner “Market Share: PCs, Ultramobiles, Mobile Phones, All Countries, 3Q18 Update” sono disponibili sul sito della società, a questo link.

L'articolo I top brand cinesi trainano le vendite di smartphone è un contenuto originale di 01net.

          Asian Shares Rally As US-China Trade Tensions Ease      Cache   Translate Page      
Asian Shares Rally As US-China Trade Tensions Ease
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To Apply visit this link: Brand New Language School in Guangzhou Zengcheng area is looking for native English teachers:
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To Apply visit this link: English school We need two English teacher ASAP! Address: Suzhou CBD Every week is 40 hours in school(less than 25 hours for work), and 2 days off in one week Work from Wednesday to Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are day-off days We give you a apartment nearby the school And we can also give you the work visa. Native speaker is more favorable. Salary: 12 K-15 KSalary: 12000 CNY to 15000 CNY MonthlyWork visa provided: No Work Location: SuzhouRequirements:- Teaching experience- Passport holdersApply online via this link:
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          China could remotely seize control of Britain’s systems with tiny microchips      Cache   Translate Page      
IT was a microchip the size of a grain of rice — yet potentially the most dangerous spy ever unleashed against the West. Found hidden in the motherboards of Chinese-made servers shipped to the likes of the US Department of Defense and Amazon, they could allow China to remotely seize control of the systems. From […]
          Dow plunges nearly 800 points on U.S.-China trade fears      Cache   Translate Page      
CNN's Alison Kosik reports.

          Dow dives as enthusiasm for Trump's trade truce fades      Cache   Translate Page      
The Dow dropped 799 points, or 3.1%, Tuesday as investors realized the trade war between the U.S. and China is far from over.

          Estate sale of 3 generations      Cache   Translate Page      
IHUGE estate sale Dec 6,7,8 form 8am to 5pm each day at 4509 Mt Sharon Rd, Greenbrier, Tn Includes but not limited to; house & out building, sofa, dining set, stereo, sideboard, trunks, china cabinet leather settee, wardrobe, pier mirror w/marble base, bevelled mirrors, coffee table, lamps, end tables, milk glass, lamp table, what-knot shelf w/mirror, desk lamp, flatscreen TV, drop leaf table, silver, lusters, framed art, figurines, curio, secretary, crock, cabinets, china, clock, desk,... $1234567
          Can China and the U.S. Avoid War?      Cache   Translate Page      
Kevin Rudd, Proceedings
As Prime Minister of Australia, through the Australian Defence White Paper of 2009, I was proud to commission the largest peacetime expansion of the Australian Navy in its historygrowing our surface fleet by a third and doubling the submarine fleet. That naval expansion had a strategic purpose in mindnamely, the change in the economic and military balance of power between China and the United States. The white paper concluded:
          ESCWA Adopts 'Beirut Consensus' as Input to FfD High-level Dialogue      Cache   Translate Page      
The International Conference on ‘Financing Sustainable Development – Curbing Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs)’ resulted in the Beirut Consensus on Financing for Development, which notes that the current levels of international private inflows remain insufficient to fill the SDG investment gap. Participants express hope that the current and upcoming G-77/China presidencies will consider the document and propel it through the different FfD processes and milestones to take place in 2019, as well as within the repositioning of the role of regional commissions within the reform of the UN development system.
          Green Banks Mobilize US$41 Billion for Clean Energy Ahead of 2019 Target      Cache   Translate Page      
The sixth Green Bank Congress was held 29 November 2018 in Shanghai, China. Green Banks closed transactions that are expected to mobilize US$41 billion in financing for clean energy and sustainable infrastructure projects. According to internal analyses, members of the Green Bank Network, leverage on average 10 dollars in private funding for every dollar of public investment.
          Norcross Estate Sale Online Auction - Madlock Bridge Road      Cache   Translate Page      
WILL SELL by Thursday December 06, 2018 9:15 PM Norcross Estate Sale Online Auction - Madlock Bridge Road This online auction features estate jewelry, official Olympics memorabilia from the estate of lifelong enthusiast and owner or, baseball memorabilia, Christmas items, Mets collectibles, oil painting. custom made all brass lamp, pc games, LED mirror, autographed poster, craft items, china and much more! Please view catalog and pictures online at MaxSold...
          BlackRock emerging-market ETF had record month amid trade fight      Cache   Translate Page      
Investors had started warming up to developing-nation funds well before last week's optimism about U.S.-China trade tensions and the outlook for Fed policy.
          ROUNDUP/Aktien New York Schluss: Konjunktursorgen lösen Ausverkauf aus      Cache   Translate Page      

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) - An der Wall Street hat am Dienstag Ausverkaufsstimmung geherrscht. Konjunktursorgen und Zweifel an der Nachhaltigkeit des jüngsten Handelsdeals mit China zogen die wichtigsten Aktienindizes bis zu knapp 4 Prozent ins Minus. Hinzu kam die Furcht, dass Großbritannien die Europäische Union tatsächlich ohne ein Abkommen verlassen könnte. Die Anleger trennten sich insbesondere [...]

Der Beitrag ROUNDUP/Aktien New York Schluss: Konjunktursorgen lösen Ausverkauf aus erschien zuerst auf fondsvermittlung

          Aktien New York Schluss: Konjunktursorgen lösen Ausverkauf aus      Cache   Translate Page      

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) - An der Wall Street hat am Dienstag Ausverkaufsstimmung geherrscht. Konjunktursorgen und Zweifel an der Nachhaltigkeit des jüngsten Handelsdeals mit China zogen die wichtigsten Aktienindizes bis zu knapp 4 Prozent ins Minus. Hinzu kam die Furcht, dass Großbritannien die Europäische Union tatsächlich ohne ein Abkommen verlassen könnte. Die Anleger trennten sich insbesondere [...]

Der Beitrag Aktien New York Schluss: Konjunktursorgen lösen Ausverkauf aus erschien zuerst auf fondsvermittlung

          Aktien New York: Konjunktursorgen lösen Kursrutsch aus      Cache   Translate Page      

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) - Konjunktursorgen und Zweifel an der Nachhaltigkeit des jüngsten Handelsdeals mit China haben die US-Börsen einbrechen lassen. Hinzu kam die Furcht, dass Großbritannien die Europäischen Union tatsächlich ohne ein Abkommen verlassen könnte. Die Wall Street weitete ihre Verluste im Handelsverlauf am Dienstag deutlich aus. Zum Wochenstart hatte der Aktienmarkt noch erleichtert darauf [...]

Der Beitrag Aktien New York: Konjunktursorgen lösen Kursrutsch aus erschien zuerst auf fondsvermittlung

          Waffenstillstand: Die USA und China werden keine Freunde mehr      Cache   Translate Page      
In ihrem Handelskrieg haben die USA und China einen Waffenstillstand geschlossen. Hätte der Bestand, könnte die Weltwirtschaft aufatmen. Aber der Konflikt wird bleiben.
          La galería Ostalé expone un importante conjunto de arqueología clásica      Cache   Translate Page      
La muestra incluye piezas precolombinas, fenicias, chinas, mesopotámicas, griegas y romanas
          US stock markets slide after Trump warns China: 'I am a Tariff Man'      Cache   Translate Page      
  • Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq all suffer sharp drops
  • Investors lose faith in trade truce between US and China

US stock markets fell sharply on Tuesday as investors lost faith in a trade truce between the US and China that had been negotiated by Donald Trump at last week’s G20 summit.

The Dow Jones industrial average lost close to 800 points – just over 3%. Other market indexes also fell sharply: the S&P 500 lost 3.2% and the Nasdaq dropped 3.7%.

Continue reading...
          La galería Ostalé expone y saca a la venta un importante conjunto de arqueología clásica      Cache   Translate Page      
La muestra incluye piezas precolombinas, fenicias, chinas, mesopotámicas, griegas y romanas.
          ‘It’s not working!’: Robert Reich shouts down Trump econ advisor promising presidential friendship with China will score a deal      Cache   Translate Page      

President Donald Trump thinks everything is done with personal relationships, but it doesn’t seem to be working with China on trade much less with North Korea on denuclearization. During an economic discussion about the stock market free-fall Tuesday, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explai...

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          Trump is shaping new ‘liberal’ order to block Russia, China, Iran, says Mike Pompeo      Cache   Translate Page      

U.S. President Donald Trump’s top diplomat promised on Tuesday a new democratic world order in which Washington will strengthen or jettison international agreements as it sees fit to stop “bad actors” such as Russia, China and Iran from gaining. In a twist on Trump’s “America First” policy, U.S. Sec...

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          US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says investors on edge over trade talks      Cache   Translate Page      

Investors who pushed equity prices sharply lower on Tuesday are grappling with uncertainty over whether U.S. President Donald Trump will strike a deal to avert an escalation of America’s trade war with China, the U.S. Treasury secretary said on Tuesday. Speaking at a forum hosted by the Wall Street ...

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          11 Ghoralu Both Tik Tok Addicts & Badhithula Sangham Will Relate To      Cache   Translate Page      
  Contributed By Krishna Prasad TikTok ee peru vinna ventaney konthamandhi mohalu veligipothai.. kontha mandhi mohalu madipothai… Kontha mandhi mohalu make up kosam thapisthuntai… Konthamandhi mohalu em cheyyalo teliyaka atu, itu chusthu vuntai. Adhi September, 2016. Manaki China phone lu thayyaru chesi, alavtu chesina China vallu, Douyin ane oka short video making app ni launch...
          Trump called himself “Tariff Man.” The internet did the rest. - Vox      Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Trump called himself “Tariff Man.” The internet did the rest.  Vox
  2. Trump touts progress with China over tariffs  CBS Evening News
  3. U.S. stocks are battered in one of their worst days of 2018 as U.S.-China trade deal appears to sputter  The Washington Post
  4. You Don’t Understand Tariffs, Man  The New York Times
  5. Economic pressures forcing Trump and Xi to play ball | TheHill  The Hill
  6. View full coverage on Google News

          11 Types Of People Every Girl Must’ve Seen At A Gym      Cache   Translate Page      
  Contributed By Monica K Early morning lechinappudu mana Bed antha beautiful ga inkedhi kanapadadhu, Chandramukhi cinema lo jyothika la ‘ Va rai’ antu pilusthu untundhi..aa temptation ni daatukuni fit ga avvali ane dedication tho gym ki veltham. Akkada edhurayye vallu ila untaru mari..   1. Ms. Sensitive Intlo ikkadunna glass akkada petti undaru. Kaani...
          ROUNDUP/Aktien New York Schluss: Konjunktursorgen lösen Ausverkauf aus      Cache   Translate Page      
NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) - An der Wall Street hat am Dienstag Ausverkaufsstimmung geherrscht. Konjunktursorgen und Zweifel an der Nachhaltigkeit des jüngsten Handelsdeals mit China zogen die wichtigsten Aktienindizes bis zu knapp 4 Prozent ins Minus. Hinzu kam die Furcht, dass Großbritannien die Europäische Union tatsächlich ohne ein...
          Aktien New York Schluss: Konjunktursorgen lösen Ausverkauf aus      Cache   Translate Page      
NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) - An der Wall Street hat am Dienstag Ausverkaufsstimmung geherrscht. Konjunktursorgen und Zweifel an der Nachhaltigkeit des jüngsten Handelsdeals mit China zogen die wichtigsten Aktienindizes bis zu knapp 4 Prozent ins Minus. Hinzu kam die Furcht, dass Großbritannien die Europäische Union tatsächlich ohne ein...
          MÄRKTE USA/Angst vor Rezession drückt Dow um 800 Punkte      Cache   Translate Page      
NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Die Aktienkurse an der Wall Street sind am Dienstag abgestürzt. Die Teilnehmer sahen die Erleichterungsrally vom Vortag als ungerechtfertigt an. Denn die Einigung zwischen den USA und China beim G20-Gipfel beschränke sich lediglich darauf, in den kommenden 90 Tagen auf weitere Strafzölle zu verzichten. Das...
          Chief of Defence Staff Jonathan Vance on what China is doing to Canada      Cache   Translate Page      

Paul Wells: There's 'extreme concern' among allies about what China is up to, says Canada's top soldier. 'Is it painful for this country? Yes.'

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           Comentario en ¡EL INFIERNO ES ETERNO¡ por pepe       Cache   Translate Page      
"Me congratulo como editor de este blog AMOR DE LA VERDAD -dice Moimunan-, de poder trabajar en esta traducción y pido a Dios que se divulgue en otros blogs de mayor audiencia, para que llegue al mayor número posible de personas y les sirva para el bien de sus almas.", pues sí, todo un piadoso y laudable deseo, para el que diríase que a veces colabora con las penas de ultratumba atormentando a los lectores con el intento de ponerse a comprender qué significan expresiones como esas de las que dice, y se queda tan tranquilo: "Lo que sigue está pendiente de reevisión", y tanto, oiga, hasta la misma "reevisión", porque más retorcido parece el texto que las llamas y gusanos del infierno, "Maldita sea, ¿tiene de mí?". Ve y dile a Jesús Cristo, yo no quiero que nunca vea la cara", terrible tormento descifrar esto, "donde el gusano no muere reprobados, 'moritur eorum no ubi barniz'", ¡espantoso! no habrá barniz ni laca capaz de encubrir y disimular ni paz cochina que aquiete esa conciencia atormentada, "Obviamente, para que su escritura sea así solicitado, se debe apelar, y no pueden por favor, si tuvieran el don y el de conciliar los espíritus, y penetrar hasta el fondo de los corazones, y no cada uno de sus efectos positivos.", obviamente, esto es una clara y cruda anticipaciión de las penas del infierno y de lo que sentirán los réprobos, ¡que ni de tormentos como este podrán apelar! tratando de entender las cosas y qué diablos hacen allí, ja ja (lo peor será las risas de los demonios), y qué mal casan y condicen esas imágenes del averno, lago ardiente sin consuelo, con esas risotadas del santo padre Bergoglio al lado, o mejor dicho, qué bien y correlativo va lo uno con lo otro, cómo trabaja el necio para que la gente se olvide de las cosas futuras y por tanto contribuye a llevarlas a aquel lugar del que se dicen esas terribles y tristísimas palabras: "sus deseos ya no serán escuchados"
          Simone Wapler: Faut-il croire les prévisionnistes ?      Cache   Translate Page      

 Les climatologues – dont la plupart sont payés par les contribuables – ont cautionné un racket fiscal. Les gilets jaunes servent de révélateur.Le groupe électrogène ronronne de loin dans l’abri de jardin. L’électricité du réseau de la compagnie nationale est très intermittente (voire inexistante) et le générateur diesel assure presque toute la production d’électricité domestique ces derniers temps. Hier soir, dans la nuit, le gardien s’est brûlé le visage en ouvrant le bouchon du radiateur.Les pourfendeurs de carbone et les grands prêtres du changement climatique n’ont pas d’audience au Congo.L’Occident s’est développé en brûlant du charbon puis du pétrole dans l’indifférence. La seule trace qui en subsiste aujourd’hui est le mot anglais smog, contraction de smoke –– fumée — et de fog –– brouillard –, inventé pour décrire l’atmosphère londonienne polluée du XIXème siècle. Pétrole: vers une pénurie dès 2025 ? L’écologie est un luxe qui laisse indifférents ceux qui ont du mal à boucler leurs fins de mois ou vivent au jour le jour. Suite à la rébellion des gilets jaunes, l’annonce par Emmanuel Macron de la création du Haut conseil pour le climat laisse sceptique.  Il s’agit pour ce nouveau « machin » de « lutter contre le dérèglement climatique et [...]

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          Modern War, Issue 39: Axis of Evil (new from Decision Games)      Cache   Translate Page      

magazine featuring the insert game, Axis of Evil, an operational-strategic level two-player wargame covering a struggle between the Russian-led Eurasian Union and a Coalition of opposing states to gain control of the Middle East, from Iran to Syria and the Persian Gulf. Possible combatants include Russia, various Middle Eastern states, China, Iran, and the Persian Gulf countries. The game system models the situation at the highest strategic level. Using a variation of Ty Bomba's Putin's War (MW #29). [Forum]

          Steam ne fait pas que des heureux      Cache   Translate Page      
Cette semaine, Steam arrive en Chine. Valve a conclu un partneriat avec Perfect World pour lancer Steam China, une version chinoise de la plateforme. Et les joueurs chinois ne sont pas contents. Ils ont déjà accès à Steam et ils craignent que Steam China soit une version massivement censurée du service et qu'à terme, Steam "Global" sera bloqué. Valve a aussi annoncé des changements concernant la commission que se prend Steam sur les revenus d'un jeu. Si le jeu génère moins...
          Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ      Cache   Translate Page      
Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

The black gooey lardy fat Hokkien mee known as tai lok meen in Cantonese (which is still the lingua franca of KL Chinese) is one of Kuala Lumpur's signature dishes. Every neighbourhood in KL and Petaling Jaya has at least one or two famous Hokkien mee stalls.

Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

One of the things that excite me about KL Hokkien mee is the spectacular fireworks leaping from the turbocharged charcoal stoves (yes you read correct, it's charcoal stove with an industrial blower blasting air over the hot embers). Sparks and leaping flames are so routine in KL and PJ that hardly anyone bats an eyelid to the daily artistry (which is uncommon elsewhere).

Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

I also like the heady aroma of caramelised dark soy sauce and the taste of crunchy lard cracklings which are essential elements of any good KL Hokkien mee. The unique thick, fat, spongy tai lok meen noodles infused with savoury sweet flavour by simmering in pork bone stock have a lot to do with its popularity too. A major weapon of the best Hokkien mee shops is grounded dried sole fish (powder) which gives an added layer of robust savouriness to the dish.

Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

We noticed two variations of KL Hokkien mee - at one end is the drier type, heavy on tacky lardy grease complemented by a savoury soy sauce blend. This was the tai lok meen of my memory and seemed harder to find nowadays. The more common variety these days is covered in a drippy wet blanket of dark savoury sweet sauce. Only a sprinkling of lard cracklings here and there reminds us of the presence of lard in the dish.

Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

KL Hokkien mee is a dinner and supper thing - almost all tai lok meen shops open in the evening and close around midnight. I have been eating KL Hokkien mee for decades - these are just the seven I've tasted since I started blogging in 2012.

Please help make me this list better with your recommendations 😋
Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

👍 I start with Tong Lian Kee 东莲记 because this is the KL Hokkien mee that is today the closest to the old tai lok meen of my memory. Just a slight moistness, bold with the lard, dark soy sauce with layers of savouriness seared into the thick fat tai lok meen (which literally means fat noodles). I like the dingy corridor nostalgic dining ambiance at Tong Lian Kee in the gritty old heart of KL. My favourite old school, no holds barred lardy KL Hokkien mee.

Restaurant name: Tong Lian Kee 东莲记福建面 
Address: Intersection of Jalan Sarawak and Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
GPS: 3°08'16.3"N 101°42'35.9"E 🌐 3.137858, 101.709980 
Waze: Tong Lian Kee Hokkien Mee 
Hours: 8:00pm - 2:00am (Sunday off)

Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

Kim Lian Kee is the grand daddy of KL Hokkien mee - the dish was created by Ong Kim Lian in 1927. Kim Lian Kee have a large restaurant in KL Chinatown now but I prefer the quaint ambience of their dingy grimy little parent stall where Mr. Ong laboured and gave birth to KL Hokkien mee. It's just a stone's throw from the KLK restaurant, smack in the middle of KL's Chinatown at Petaling Street.

I consider Kim Lian Kee the dry lardy type of Hokkien mee but they seemed to have toned down on the grease and increased the dark sauce. The soy sauce blend had layers of savoury flavours. Kim Lian Kee is generous with their pork slices, crunchy baby squid, chicken liver, cabbage and lard cracklings.

Kim Lian Kee

We bumped into Ah Lee, one of Ong Kim Lian's third generation. I kept being drawn to this gritty old stall where the dimly lit kitchen sits below street level because it is the historic birthplace of one of KL's heritage food.

Restaurant name: Kim Lian Kee (Original) 金莲记
Address42, Jalan Hang Lekir, City Centre, Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.144305, 101.697717 🌐 3°08'39.5"N 101°41'51.8"E
Waze: Restoran Kim Lian Kee
Hours: 6:00pm - 12:00 midnight

Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

👍 I feel Mun Wah was the best among the wet ones we tasted during this trip. The mound of noodles were wet but not drippy. The syrupy texture caramelised dark sauce had robust savoury flavours in layers with a mild underlying sweetness. The tender noodles wrapped smothered with dark sauce and grease were slurpy smooth. The mound of noodles was studded with crispy pork lard cracklings. Mun Wah's rendition is my benchmark for contemporary KL Hokkien mee.

Restaurant name: Mun Wah Hokkien Mee 文华福建面家
Address155, Jalan Maharajalela, Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur
GPS3°08'11.7"N 101°42'10.6"E 🌐 3.136580, 101.702947
Waze: Kedai Makanan Mun Wah Hokkien Mee
Tel03 2144 7404
Hours: 5:00pm - 12:00 midnight (Weds off)

Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

Ah Wah Hokkien Mee is in the second generation now (Ah Wah has retired). It's the wet type with more sauce and relatively sparing on lard. The dark soy sauce blend was relatively mild tasting with savoury flavour dominant and underlying sweetness. The pork slices, cabbage and lard cracklings embedded in the mound of wet noodles added flavour and texture to the mild tasting dish.

Restaurant name: Ah Wah Hokkien Mee in Restoran Millennium Eighty Six 亚华福建炒面 千禧百乐茶餐室
Address: Junction of Jalan 20/16a and Jalan 20/22, Taman Paramount, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia 
GPS: 3.108126, 101.624079 🌐  3°06'29.2"N 101°37'26.7"E 
Waze: Ah Wah Hokkien Mee
Tel: +6016 2512591 
Hours: 6:00pm till 12:00 midnight

Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

Peng Yuan's Hokkien mee is also the wet type. The dark soy sauce blend flavour was relatively mild. Peng Yuen serves the best lard cracklings in this list - they toss and crisp them in the hot wok just before laying it on top of the smoking noodles before serving.

Restaurant name: Peng Yuan Hokkien Mee 邴元炭炒福建面
Address42, Jalan 14/48, Seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS3°05'51.1"N 101°37'45.4"E 🌐 3.097515, 101.62927
Waze: Peng Yuan Hokkien Mee
Tel: +6010 281 3382
Hours: 5:00pm - 12:00 midnight (Monday off)

Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

Ah Wa Hokkien Mee is at the opposite end of the same row of shop lots as Peng Yuan. Going by the crowd size at the large corner coffee shop, Ah Wa is surely one of the most popular Hokkien mee place in KL and PJ we've come across. Overall, the (mostly savoury) flavours were relatively mild (the mildest in this list) and flat. The mound of blackened noodles were studded very sparingly with pork slices, prawn, lard crackling, cabbage etc. Truth be told, we couldn't understand the reason for its huge popularity. I need to come back to appreciate the noodles better (because maybe tasting so many Hokkien mee in one go jaded our taste buds a little). P.S. We were groaning from overeating even before we got here (because tai lok meen wasn't the only thing we ate since day break 😂 ).

Restaurant name: Ahwa Hokkien Mee 新青山亚华福建面
AddressNo. 66, Jalan 14/48, Seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS3°05'47.7"N 101°37'46.3"E 🌐 3.096578, 101.629539
Waze: Restoran Ahwa Section 14
Tel: +6012 212 0623
Hours: 5:00pm - 1:00am

Tried & Tasted 7 Hokkien Mee or Tai Lok Meen in KL and PJ

Tiong's Hokkien mee is served steaming hot with nice porky aroma rising up to our noses. The tongue scathing, piping hot noodles were enveloped in a black syrupy texture sauce with savoury porky flavours. The dark sauce was all on the surface, greasing the bouncy fat noodles making them slurpy wet. Lard was well represented but not in the death wish amount like at Tong Lian Kee. A handful of crispy lard cracklings were embedded here and there in the noodles. There were also pork slices, small prawns and pieces of cabbage in the noodles. (This was from a separate, earlier trip.)

Restaurant name: Tiong Hokkien Mee 新青山福建面 
Address: 101, Jalan 21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia 
GPS:  3°08'04.8"N 101°37'25.7"E 🌐 3.134654, 101.623794 
Tel: 013-334 5550 ☎ +6016-305 0444 
Hours: 6:00pm to 12:00 midnight

Johor Kaki list of KL food 👈 click

          (USA) Controller      Cache   Translate Page      
Controller Apply now » Apply now + Start apply with Xing + + Start apply with Seek + + Apply Now + Start + Please wait... Date: Dec 4, 2018 Location: Johnson City, TN, US, 37601 Company: A. O. Smith Corporation About Us Water technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. As a leading global water technology company, A. O. Smith Corporation is at the center of the trend. We are a $3 billion company with over 140 years of history and more than 16,000 employees worldwide. Our emphasis is on hot water and clean water; we are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of residential and commercial water heating equipment as well as a supplier of water purification products in a number of emerging countries. With manufacturing operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, India, and Europe, we have the global reach to serve customers worldwide. A. O. Smith is committed to continuous improvement and maintaining a culture that values and respects our employees. Primary Function Our Controller in Johnson City will lead the financial control function for over 1,000 employees, multiple sites and sales of $450M. As an integral member of the plant leadership team, you'll have immediate responsibility for the organization's accounting practices, the maintenance of its fiscal records, and the preparation of its financial reports. We will seek your expertise in appraising operating results in terms of costs, budgets, policies, trends and increased profit opportunities. What is great about this opportunity? + Join a growing, stable organization committed to strong financial performance, strategic acquisitions and global expansion + Engage monthly with the broader AO Smith Controller's peer group - high visibility and ability to collaborate across the organization + Our persistent growth offers many opportunities for professional development and advancement Role Specific Responsibilities + Manage general cost, inventory and fixed asset accounting, accounts payable and month-end close process while accurately analyzing and reporting timely financial results. + Ensure effective and efficient system of internal controls including data integrity, asset protection, segregation of duties, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting and adherence to corporate policies and government regulations while supporting the internal and external audit process. + Analyze product cost including materials, labor and manufacturing overhead and inventory / stocking valuation levels. (standards & variance analysis). + Manage and develop finance team members; develop finance acumen in cross-functional plant leadership across multiple sites. + Analyze and approve capital expenditures including payback and fit with strategic direction of the operation. + Advise plant leadership team on business risk and opportunities, develop contingency plans and provide recommendations + Support and/or lead strategic plant and company initiatives. Qualifications + More than 3 years of experience leading the plant controllership function in a manufacturing environment. + Strong analytic skills, with ability to clearly link finical results to operational performance drivers. + Ability to clearly communicate complex financial information in an easy to understand manner. + Demonstrated leadership as part of a cross-functional plant management team. + Proven ability to manage and develop your staff. + High level of proficiency in Excel and ERP systems. SAP & BPC/Hyperion experience a plus. + Advanced Knowledge of GAAP. SOX and other financial compliance standards is a plus. + Deep understanding and prior experience in cost accounting. + Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Finance or related field. We Offer Great people make our organization great and because of that, we offer a competitive compensation package and comprehensive benefits plans which include medical and dental insurance, company-sponsored life insurance, retirement security savings plan, short-term disability programs and tuition assistance. Nearest Major Market: Asheville Nearest Secondary Market: Knoxville
          White House corrects top aide on China negotiations timeline      Cache   Translate Page      
The White House corrected the transcript of a briefing call with National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow Monday, stating that the 90-day clock on trade negotiations with China began December 1, not January 1, as Kudlow told reporters earlier in the day.

          Comment on Corsi Files Complaint Against Mueller For Allegedly Pressuring Him To Lie by George      Cache   Translate Page      
The "reality" is that the invaders are pursuing complete conquest by any and all means. The barbarians are at the Tijuana gate. The "reality" is that American women were allowed to stop having babies. Americans are vanishing and America is vanishing. Ergo: Women in America have eliminated Americans and America. The question is will Americans allow the extinction of their population and nation. The American fertility rate is in a "death spiral." National suicide - a bizarre anthropological phenomenon. China - 1.4 billion Chinese. India - 1.3 billion Indians. America - 225 million Americans.
          US farmers set to benefit from China tariff cuts      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump has claimed that farmers are set to benefit from its latest trade talks with China during the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
          Retailers see China tariff delay as 'promising' move      Cache   Translate Page      
The news of a delay in the implementation of tariffs on $200 billion worth of goods imported by China, which were due to take effect Jan. 1, was welcomed by grocers and other retailers as a way to de-escalate the looming trade war that the industry fears that such tariffs will spark.
          Global 3D Printing Ceramics Market Size by Major Players - CRP Group, Materialise NV, Exone GmbH, Renishaw PLC, Tethon 3D and 3D Ceram      Cache   Translate Page      
Global 3D Printing Ceramics Market Size by Major Players - CRP Group, Materialise NV, Exone GmbH, Renishaw PLC, Tethon 3D and 3D Ceram The Global 3D Printing Ceramics Market status and forecast, categorizes the global 3D Printing Ceramics market size (value & volume) by manufacturers, type, application, and region. This report focuses on the top manufacturers in United States, Europe, China, Japan, South

          3G/4G Devices Market 2025 Insights and Global Players Overview | Amazon, Apple, ASUSTek Computer, Huawei Technologies, Lenovo, LG, Netgear, Novatel Wireless and Samsung        Cache   Translate Page      
3G/4G Devices Market 2025 Insights and Global Players Overview | Amazon, Apple, ASUSTek Computer, Huawei Technologies, Lenovo, LG, Netgear, Novatel Wireless and Samsung   The Global 3G/4G Devices Market status and forecast, categorizes the global 3G/4G Devices market size (value & volume) by manufacturers, type, application, and region. This report focuses on the top manufacturers in United States, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea and

          El avance de la potencia China, la economía global y la industria minera      Cache   Translate Page      

Seguir leyendo: El avance de la potencia China, la economía global y la industria minera
          Mercados celebran avance de acuerdo entre China y EEUU, cautela ante llegada de AMLO al poder en México y el plan de inversión de Bienes Nacionales      Cache   Translate Page      

Seguir leyendo: Mercados celebran avance de acuerdo entre China y EEUU, cautela ante llegada de AMLO al poder en México y el plan de inversión de Bienes Nacionales
          5G Services: Market 2018 Detailed Global Analysis by Top Service Manufacturers – Samsung, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Intel, Verizon, AT&T, LG, SK Telecom, Nokia Networks, NEC, Huawei, T-Mobile USA, Korea Telecom, China Mobile      Cache   Translate Page      
5G Services: Market 2018 Detailed Global Analysis by Top Service Manufacturers – Samsung, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Intel, Verizon, AT&T, LG, SK Telecom, Nokia Networks, NEC, Huawei, T-Mobile USA, Korea Telecom, China Mobile An exclusive 5G Services market research report created through broad primary research (inputs from industry experts, companies, and stakeholders) and secondary research, the report aims to present the analysis of Global 5G Services Market By Type, By Application, By Region

          Pioneering pattern recognition      Cache   Translate Page      

Dec. 4, 2018 

University Distinguished Professor Anil Jain named Fellow by The World Academy of Sciences 

Anil Jain of Michigan State University has been named a Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) for a lifetime of perspectives and publications that have inspired students and researchers worldwide. He was one of 46 new fellows elected at the 28th TWAS general meeting in Trieste, Italy, Nov. 27-29.University Distinguished Professor Anil Jain has been named a Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences for inspiring students and researchers worldwide. 

A University Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Jain is being honored for his pioneering contributions to pattern recognition resulting in novel solutions for a rapidly evolving biometrics industry. 

TWAS was founded 35 years ago to increase representation by women and researchers from the world's science- and technology-lagging countries. Jain said it is not typical to have a person from a developed nation be elected a fellow by the worldwide organization. 

Jain was nominated for the honor by Tieniu Tan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), where he is a professor of computer vision and pattern recognition, CAS deputy secretary-general and director general of the CAS Bureau of International Cooperation. 

Tan called Jain an internationally renowned scholar and educator. “For the past 40 years, he has actively promoted the research topics of pattern recognition, computer vision and biometrics in developing nations through lectures, exchange programs, technical assistance and student and postdoc training. 

“Very few people get elected every year from North America,” he added. “He most certainly deserves the recognition.” 

Co-nominator Sankar Pal, distinguished scientist and former director of the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata, India, said Jain’s high quality pioneering research has had an enormous impact on statistical pattern recognition and computer vision. 

“It is evident from a Google scholar h-index of 179, with total citation 185,000,” Pal said. “His IEEE-PAMI publications have made him a role model scientist to many of us and to young researchers in machine learning. All these extra-ordinary achievements made his election to TWAS Foreign Fellowship successful. I am happy to be a part of this endeavor.”

Jain is known around the world for his expertise in biometric recognition, computer vision, and fingerprint-matching technology.

“It has been my honor to work on projects in countries including India, China, and Indonesia," Jain said. “I advised the world’s largest biometrics project, Aadhaar, in India that has enrolled more than 1 billion residents utilizing fingerprints and iris images for de-duplication in India’s social welfare system.” 

Jain also worked on a prototype fingerprint system to recognize infants and toddlers for vaccination tracking in Benin and India. The World Food Program is utilizing the prototype child ID system in field trials in Somalia in an effort to eliminate fraud in food distribution to children.

Anil Jain advised the world's largest biometrics project, Aadhaar, in India that has enrolled more than 1 billion residents utilizing fingerprints and iris images for India's medical system.

He holds one of 17 inaugural appointments to the U.S. Forensic Science Standards Board, a newly developed organization dedicated to identifying and fostering standards and guidelines for the nation’s forensic science community. 

Jain has previously served as a member of the Defense Science Board and the National Academies panels on Whither Biometrics and Improvised Explosive Devices. 

His list of honors is extensive. In 2016, he was elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering (among engineering’s highest honors) and as a Foreign Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering. In 2015, he was named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors for innovative discovery and technology, significant impact on society, and support and enhancement of innovation.

Jain is also a fellow of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE); Association of Computing Machinery (ACM); American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); International Society for Optics and Photonics Society (SPIE); and International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR).

He is a recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship, Humboldt Research Award, Fulbright Scholarship, King-Sun Fu Prize, and W. Wallace McDowell Award. 

Jain is regularly invited to speak at national and internal forums, including the Third Annual ID4AFRICA Conference in Namibia in 2017; the 103rd Indian Science Congress, Information & Communication Science and Technology in India in 2016; the Royal Society meeting on United Kingdom forensics in London, 2015, and the keynote address at the Microsoft Computing in the 21st Century Conference in Beijing, 2014.

TWAS is a global science academy based in Trieste, Italy. It was founded in 1983 by a distinguished group of scientists from the developing world who shared a belief that building strength in science and engineering could build the knowledge and skill to address the challenges of hunger, disease and poverty. 

The newest 46 fellows increase the academy's total to 1,267 Fellows from 104 countries – the most countries represented since TWAS’s creation. The academy elected its first fellows ever from Bolivia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Libya, Nicaragua, and Zambia. In addition, members were elected from Iraq, Sudan, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. Thirteen of the new fellows are women, who now account for 13 percent of the total membership.

          Online Journal – Alison Frank (Remade in China)      Cache   Translate Page      
  Art Installation   For our design challenge, our group chose to make a spherical object, using a variety of plastic cups, bowls, containers, and lids we had collected. We made a small base for our object out of plastic bags. We selected the largest bag, filled it with the remaining plastic bags, then tied […]
          Asia-Pacific Endotherapy Devices Market      Cache   Translate Page      
By Shawn966    In Health & Beauty    6 hours ago
The Asia-Pacific endotherapy devices market accounted for $826 million in 2017, and is expected to reach $1,315 million by 2024, registering a CAGR of 6.9% from 2018 to 2024. Japan was the highest contributor in the Asia-Pacific endotherapy devices market in 2017; however, China is expected to witness the highest growth rate during the forecast period.
Tags: endotherapy, devices, medical, healthcare

          Vintage Swirl Striped Pitcher, hand painted Tabletops Unlimited ceramic water pitcher by Reconstitutions      Cache   Translate Page      

32.50 USD

Vintage Tabletops Unlimited Pitcher

A hand painted white ceramic pitcher with red, yellow, blue and green bands. Discontinued piece in the multicolored Swirl pattern from Tabletops Unlimited.

Marked "Swirl Hand painted Collection, Made in China, Dishwasher Over Microwave Safe"

Pitcher measures approximately 7 3/4" tall and 8 1/2" from spout to handle

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          A 90-Day Trade War Ceasefire – Who Blinks First, President Trump Or President Xi?      Cache   Translate Page      
Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures skyrocketed 463 points after the world’s two biggest economies – United States and China – agreed to a ceasefire on their bilateral trade war at the G-20 summit in Argentina. Stocks in Asia, as do commodities like oil and copper, also jumped higher on hopes a possible new China-U.S. […]
          Forget European Leaders – Saudi Crown Prince Received Warm Support From China & High-Five From Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
The U.S. Senate took a dramatic step on Thursday, moving to block U.S. involvement in the Saudi war in Yemen and sending a powerful message to Riyadh – the US-Saudi relationship is on the rocks. For Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, life goes on as usual as he can’t bring the dead back to life, […]
          Alarmante: muerte violenta de tres comerciantes inquieta a Santa Rita      Cache   Translate Page      

La Prensa

Yoro, Honduras.

Durante la última semana, tres personas han sido econtradas muertas en circunstancias extrañas en Santa Rita, departamento de Yoro, zona norte de Honduras, alarmando a los vecinos de la comunidad.

Las muertes comenzaron el pasado viernes 29 de diciembre cuando se encontró el cuerpo sin vida de una mujer embarazada de origen asiático dentro del restaurante de comida china "On Fu".

El cadáver presentaba heridas hechas con un cuerpo romo.

En un principio se pensó que la muerte era consecuencia de una discusión que supuestamente la mujer tuvo con su marido, Luis Yang, pero la hipótesis cambió cuando el pasado 3 de diciembre se encontró el cuerpo de un hombre en estado de descomposición en el mismo predio.

Los vecinos llamaron a las autoridades porque sentían un fuerte olor.

Se cree que el cuerpo es de Yang por lo que ahora las autoridades deberán establecer la causa de su deceso para determinar si el hombre estuvo involucrado en la muerte de su esposa.

Un día más tarde, el 4 de diciembre, fue encontrada muerta doña Norma Cruz (65), quien era dueña de unos locales comerciales ubicados frente al parque de Santa Rita.

Cruz estaba envuelta en una sábana sobre su cama y presentaba signos de estrangulamiento.

Los cuerpos de investigación se encuentran realizando las pesquisas pertinentes para confirmar o descartar si grupos delictivos se encuentran detrás de estas muertes.

          ‘Chaos breeds chaos’: Trump’s erratic and false claims roil the globe. Again.      Cache   Translate Page      
Tuesday’s stock market plunge amid doubts over a China trade deal is the latest example of the lack of confidence in Trump’s declarations.
          Kareem Hunt has been accused in three violent incidents this year      Cache   Translate Page      

Former NFL running back Kareem Hunt was accused of kicking a man at a nightclub in Kansas City, Missouri, in January 2018.

The incident is the latest to come to light allegedly involving Hunt since video surfaced Friday showing him physically assaulting a woman in February. Three incidents of violence involving Hunt have been documented this year.

No charges were filed in any of the cases. The Kansas City Chiefs released Hunt on Friday after TMZ posted the video. Hunt asked for forgiveness Sunday in an ESPN interview and admitted to lying to the Chiefs about the incident.

"I'm asking for forgiveness and I definitely believe I deserve forgiveness," Hunt told ESPN. "Everything is really happening fast right now, and I just want everybody to forgive me."

Here is what we know about three incidents in which Hunt's name came up in 2018.

JANUARY: Kansas City, Missouri

A man walked in to a Kansas City police station on January 11 to report that he was assaulted on January 7 at a nightclub by several people, including Hunt and his teammate George Atkinson, according to a police incident report.

The 37-year-old man said he broke his nose and a rib in the encounter, which began when Atkinson and two others shoved a friend of his, the report states.

The man said he was intoxicated as he tried to intervene. He says Atkinson punched him in the shoulder and he punched him back in the face, according to the report.

More suspects "appeared from 'all over' and 'jumped' him as he fell to the ground," the man told police. While he was down, the suspects struck his body and head multiple times, he said. The man told police the majority of blows came from kicks from the suspects, including Hunt, according to the police report.

The man told police he thought he was unconscious for a short period. Club security escorted him out, and others told him that six to eight people were involved. He was treated at a local hospital.

Initially, he did not want to go to police, the report states, but his relatives convinced him to report the allegations.

After speaking to police, the man declined to prosecute the case, and the case was closed, Kansas City police spokesman Sgt. Jake Becchina. Police were never called to the scene, and there is no known video of the incident.

CNN reached out to the man who reported the incident, the NFL, the Chiefs, and a representative for Hunt about the report, but did not receive responses. Atkinson, Hunt's Chiefs teammate, also could not be reached for comment.

FEBRUARY: Cleveland, Ohio

Surveillance footage captured the February 10 incident in a luxury hotel, according to police reports.

The video shows Hunt shoving the woman several times in a hotel hallway while people try to hold him back. At one point, the woman appears to stumble, and as she attempts to get up, Hunt kicks her back down.

Dispatchers received the first call about the incident at 3:42 a.m.

"I was assaulted and I need help," said the woman.

"I think his first name is Kareem," she said when asked who assaulted her.

The woman told the dispatcher that "things went wrong" as she and her friends met with Hunt's friends to go out.

A second call came in at 3:55 a.m. from a man named Derek who did not want to give his last name. He said there were "two women that have bruises and cuts all over them."

A third call came in at 4:13 a.m. from another man who identified himself as the evening security officer at the hotel. He told the dispatcher that two women got into an altercation after coming back from a nightclub.

"I've been trying to figure out what the heck's been going on," he said.

According to the police report, friends and family of the women arrived to pick them up, and they were allowed to leave.

No arrests were made. A spokeswoman for the Cleveland Police Department told CNN on Tuesday that since the incident was considered a misdemeanor, the onus would have been on the accuser to go to prosecutors if she wanted to pursue charges.

Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia told CNN that nobody within the department had reviewed the video until TMZ posted the footage.

After the video went public Friday, the Chiefs released a statement saying they were made aware of the incident earlier this year.

The NFL and law enforcement began investigating while members of the Chief's management team spoke directly to Hunt, the team said.

"Kareem was not truthful in those discussions. The video released today confirms that fact. We are releasing Kareem immediately."

The NFL began an investigation "immediately following the incident in February," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said after the video went public Friday. The investigation will include a review of the new information that was made public today," McCarthy said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Hunt was placed on the "Commissioner Exempt list," meaning he can't practice, play or attend games.

In an interview with ESPN, Hunt admitted to lying to the Chiefs about the incident. But said he had not been questioned about it by the league.

"The Chiefs are right; I didn't tell them everything," he said on ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown" in an interview that he requested. "I don't blame them for anything. My actions caused this.

"I know it's going to be hard. I made a bad choice and I'm not going to let this bring me down."

JUNE: Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Hunt was still on the Chiefs' roster on June 3 when police in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, responded to what the department called a "minor altercation" at a local establishment.

"All involved parties declined to pursue charges. Put-in-Bay officers then cleared the scene with nothing further to report," the Put-in-Bay Police Department said in a statement without describing what happened.

"Shortly after this incident occurred, the NFL sent an official to pursue other facts from this incident."

Local media, citing police and a witness to the altercation, reported Hunt punched a man at the Bay Lodging Resort.

          BMW faces trade, cost headwinds of at least $1.1 billion in 2019       Cache   Translate Page      
BMW expects headwinds from U.S. President Donald Trump's trade war with China as well as higher commodity prices and foreign exchange swings to weigh on earnings next year.
           Renewed jitters over trade send stocks, bond yields lower      Cache   Translate Page      
Stocks slumped on Wall Street Tuesday as traders worried that the U.S. and China made less progress than originally thought on defusing their dispute over trade
           Markets Right Now: US stocks dive as trade jitters return      Cache   Translate Page      
Stocks took a nosedive on Wall Street as investors worried that a U.S.-China trade truce reached over the weekend wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
          WATCH: Dow drops nearly 800 points -- a loss of more than 3%      Cache   Translate Page      
There's been confusion on Wall Street about the prospects for a trade deal between the US and China.
           Oil prices perk up on trade truce, possible OPEC decision      Cache   Translate Page      
Oil prices reverse long slump, for a day at least, on US-China trade truce and expectation of OPEC production cuts
          Cheap Soccer Jerseys China      Cache   Translate Page      
Kiedy do logopedy?
Statystyki : 3 Odpowiedzi || 162 Odsłony Last post by digene
          Screen Guild Theater 44-12-04 ep222 China Sea      Cache   Translate Page      
          Si può guidare l’automobile con targa estera di un parente?      Cache   Translate Page      
Il decreto Sicurezza vieta di circolare con una macchina immatricolata altrove. Ma dimentica il noleggio ed il leasing, che ora attendono modifiche dal Governo. Hai un parente che abita all’estero e che è venuto a trovarti per le feste. In questo periodo, i biglietti aerei costano parecchio e ha deciso di venire in macchina con…
          Stock markets plunge after Trump's 'Tariff Man' tweet - New York Post       Cache   Translate Page      
  1. Stock markets plunge after Trump's 'Tariff Man' tweet  New York Post
  2. Dow Jones Industrial Average plummets more than 800 points  Fox Business
  3. Wall Street shares dive amid growth fears  BBC News
  4. Dow falls 800 points on China trade confusion and mounting fear tariffs are choking global growth
  5. Dow Tumbles Nearly 800 Points as Trade Jitters Return  Wall Street Journal
  6. View full coverage on Google News

          HMM: Trump Says China Will Remove Car Tariffs, China Claims Nothing. “My meeting in Argentina w…      Cache   Translate Page      
HMM: Trump Says China Will Remove Car Tariffs, China Claims Nothing. “My meeting in Argentina with President Xi of China was an extraordinary one,” Trump explained in a follow-up post. “Relations with China have taken a BIG leap forward! Very good things will happen. We are dealing from great strength, but China likewise has much […]
          Internet giants pose existential threat to banks: BIS chief      Cache   Translate Page      
Internet and 'big data' giants like Amazon and China's Alipay pose an existential threat to traditional banks, the head of the Bank for International Settlements, Agustín Carstens, said on Tuesday.

          Human antibody reaction against recombinant salivary proteins of Phlebotomus orientalis in Eastern Africa      Cache   Translate Page      
by Petra Sumova, Michal Sima, Tatiana Spitzova, Maha E. Osman, Anderson B. Guimaraes-Costa, Fabiano Oliveira, Dia-Eldin A. Elnaiem, Asrat Hailu, Alon Warburg, Jesus G. Valenzuela, Petr Volf Background Phlebotomus orientalis is a vector of Leishmania donovani, the causative agent of life threatening visceral leishmaniasis spread in Eastern Africa. During blood-feeding, sand fly females salivate into … Continua la lettura di Human antibody reaction against recombinant salivary proteins of <i>Phlebotomus orientalis</i> in Eastern Africa
          Prioritizing surveillance activities for certification of yaws eradication based on a review and model of historical case reporting      Cache   Translate Page      
by Christopher Fitzpatrick, Kingsley Asiedu, Anthony W. Solomon, Oriol Mitja, Michael Marks, Patrick Van der Stuyft, Filip Meheus Background The World Health Organization (WHO) has targeted yaws for global eradication. Eradication requires certification that all countries are yaws-free. While only 14 Member States currently report cases to WHO, many more are known to have a … Continua la lettura di Prioritizing surveillance activities for certification of yaws eradication based on a review and model of historical case reporting
          Metabolic syndrome in pregnancy and risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes: A prospective cohort of nulliparous women      Cache   Translate Page      
by Jessica A. Grieger, Tina Bianco-Miotto, Luke E. Grzeskowiak, Shalem Y. Leemaqz, Lucilla Poston, Lesley M. McCowan, Louise C. Kenny, Jenny E. Myers, James J. Walker, Gus A. Dekker, Claire T. Roberts Background Obesity increases the risk for developing gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and preeclampsia (PE), which both associate with increased risk for type 2 … Continua la lettura di Metabolic syndrome in pregnancy and risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes: A prospective cohort of nulliparous women
          Widespread winners and narrow-ranged losers: Land use homogenizes biodiversity in local assemblages worldwide      Cache   Translate Page      
by Tim Newbold, Lawrence N. Hudson, Sara Contu, Samantha L. L. Hill, Jan Beck, Yunhui Liu, Carsten Meyer, Helen R. P. Phillips, Jörn P. W. Scharlemann, Andy Purvis Human use of the land (for agriculture and settlements) has a substantial negative effect on biodiversity globally. However, not all species are adversely affected by land use, … Continua la lettura di Widespread winners and narrow-ranged losers: Land use homogenizes biodiversity in local assemblages worldwide
          Desafio clássicos que as pessoas (segundo a Revista BULA) mentem que viram: você viu no máximo 7 desta lista de 50 filmes      Cache   Translate Page      
Desafio clássicos que as pessoas mentem que viram: você viu no máximo 7 desta lista de 50 filmes

Desafio clássicos que as pessoas mentem que viram: você viu no máximo 7 desta lista de 50 filmes:

Apesar de figurarem em qualquer lista de filmes emblemáticos da história da sétima arte e serem reverenciados em prosa e verso como o suprassumo do cinema mundial, pouquíssimas pessoas, segundo cálculo prévio, realmente viram mais do que sete dos filmes listados. Propagandear que os viram se tornou apenas mais uma dessas obviedades para carimbar o currículo e não perder o ar de descolado no grupo de amigos. Para participar do desafio e ver se é uma exceção à regra, basta ser honesto e contabilizar, sob juramento, quantos dos clássicos listados você realmente assistiu.

1 — O Nascimento de Uma Nação (1915), de D. W. Griffith

2 — O Gabinete do Dr. Caligari (1920), de Robert Wiene

3 — Encouraçado Potemkin (1925), de Sergei Eisenstein

4 — A General (1926), de Buster Keaton e Clyde Bruckman

5 — Aurora (1927), de F. W. Murnau

6 — Olympia (1938), de Leni Riefenstahl

7 — A Regra do Jogo (1939), de Jean Renoir

8 — No Tempo das Diligências (1939), de John Ford

9 — Cidadão Kane (1941), de Orson Welles

10 — Casablanca (1942), de Michael Curtiz

11 — O Crepúsculo dos Deuses (1950), de Billy Wilder

12 — Rashomon (1950), de Akira Kurosawa

13 — Era Uma Vez em Tóquio (1953), de Yasujiro Ozu

14 — Os Sete Samurais (1954), de Akira Kurosawa

15 — Sindicato de Ladrões (1954), de Elia Kazan

16 — Juventude Transviada (1955), de Nicholas Ray

17 — Morangos Silvestres (1957), de Ingmar Bergman

18 — A Marca da Maldade (1958), de Orson Welles

19 — Meu Tio (1958), de Jacques Tati

20 — Acossado (1960), de Jean-Luc Godard

21 — Lawrence da Arábia (1962), de David Lean

22 — O Anjo Exterminador (1962), de Luis Buñuel

23 — Oito e Meio (1963), de Federico Fellini

24 — O Leopardo (1963), de Luchino Visconti

25 — Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol (1964), de Glauber Rocha

26 — Andrei Rublev (1966), de Andrei Tarkóvski

27 — Blow Up: Depois Daquele Beijo (1966), de Michelangelo Antonioni

28 — Fahrenheit 451 (1966), de François Truffaut

29 — Terra em Transe (1967), de Glauber Rocha

30 — 2001: Uma Odisseia no Espaço (1968), de Stanley Kubrick

31 — Teorema (1968), de Pier Paolo Pasolini

32 — Patton (1970), de Franklin J. Schaffner

33 — Trilogia: O Poderoso Chefão (1972-1990), de Francis Ford Coppola

34 — Último Tango em Paris (1972), de Bernardo Bertolucci

35 — Amarcord (1973), de Federico Fellini

36 — Chinatown (1974), de Roman Polanski

37 — Nashville (1975), de Robert Altman

38 — Todos os Homens do Presidente (1976), de Alan J. Pakula

39 — Stalker (1979), de Andrei Tarkóvski

40 — Memórias (1980), de Woody Allen

41 — Era Uma Vez na América (1984), de Sergio Leone

42 — Paris, Texas (1984), de Ry Cooder

43 — O Sacrifício (1985), de Andrei Tarkóvski

44 — Asas do Desejo (1987), de Wim Wenders

45 — Faça a Coisa Certa (1989), de Spike Lee

46 — Lanternas Vermelhas (1991), de Zhang Yimou

47 — Ondas do Destino (1996), de Lars Von Trier

48 — Além da Linha Vermelha (1998), de Terrence Malick

49 — Os Excêntricos Tenenbaums (2002), de Wes Anderson

50 — Sangue Negro (2008), de Paul Thomas Anderson

COMENTÁRIO DESTE EDITOR - Sublinhados nesta lista estão os filmes que este Editor já assistiu e as cores tem o seguinte significado (na minha opinião) VERDE - obra prima. AMARELO - são grandes filmes, sim, mas não se comparam com os sublinhados em VERDE. VERMELHO - são porcarias que não deveriam nem ter sido incluídas na lista. 

          A China, o Ocidente e o silêncio geral.      Cache   Translate Page      
Artigo do professor João Carlos Espada, via Observador:

Chega amanhã a Lisboa o Presidente (vitalício) da República Popular da China, Xi Jinping, que é também o líder do partido comunista chinês e da comissão que dirige as forças armadas daquele país. E é no mínimo surpreendente o silêncio que entre nós se faz sentir acerca do intenso debate que vem ocorrendo no Ocidente sobre a ameaça crescente da China comunista na ordem internacional.

Já aqui dei conta, em Maio passado, deste nosso intrigante silêncio sobre as preocupações ocidentais face à estratégia global chinesa. Lamento ter de voltar a assinalar hoje a permanência desse silêncio desagradável.

Não é possível resumir aqui o intenso debate que está a ocorrer no Ocidente sobre as ameaças da estratégia global chinesa. Mas algumas breves referências são possíveis. Ainda na passada sexta-feira, 30 de Novembro, Ivan Krastev escrevia em The New York Times que, após 3 meses em Washington, uma das principais conclusões que retirara dizia respeito à China:

“Republicanos e Democratas discordam hoje em quase tudo, mas uma área em que parece existir efectiva convergência bi-partidária é sobre a necessidade de mudar a política americana face à China. (…) O autoritarismo chinês é hoje um adversário das democracias liberais muito mais perigoso do que o comunismo soviético alguma vez foi”.

Nem de propósito, no dia anterior, em The Washington Post, Carl Gershman, presidente do National Endowment for Democracy criado em 1982 pelo Presidente Reagan, denunciava o autoritarismo expansionista chinês e apelava a um entendimento bi-partidário para lhe fazer frente. Nesse mesmo dia, The Wall Street Journal publicava um apelo de 32 académicos americanos para maiores restrições à concessão de vistos a jornalistas e académico chineses — como resposta ao controlo chinês sobre a entrada de académicos americanos.

Dois dias depois, 1 de Dezembro, a capa da revista britânica The Economist era mais uma vez sobre a China — desta feita sobre a concorrência desleal chinesa na área tecnológica. Na edição da semana anterior, 24 de Novembro, The Economist dedicava um denso artigo ao Gulag chinês de Xinjiang — um gigantesco campo de “transformação pela educação” onde se encontram detidos sem julgamento cerca de um milhão de chineses muçulmanos, maioritariamente da etnia Uighur.

Há duas semanas, a China era também tema de capa da revista britânica The Spectator. Dois artigos davam conta do aterrador sistema tecnológico de controlo pelo estado chinês dos mais ínfimos comportamentos dos cidadãos — o chamado sistema de “crédito social”.

Trata-se de um gigantesco “Big Brother” que já está em curso. “A Inteligência Artificial é indispensável para a manutenção da estabilidade social”, diz o governo comunista chinês. E a IA está a ser usada sem escrúpulos, e sem controlo por entidades independentes, para registar as compras, os telefonemas, as consultas na internet, e tudo o mais que (não) se possa imaginar acerca das escolhas dos cidadãos. Em conclusão, escreve Charles Parton em The Spectator:

“Qualquer pessoa que seja considerada anti-social (ou anti-partido comunista) será impedida de adquirir bilhetes de comboio ou avião, obter um empréstimo para comprar casa ou mesmo estudar na universidade. (…) O Tribunal Supremo anunciou que 6,7 milhões de pessoas foram proibidas de comprar bilhetes de avião e de comboio”.

Estes e muitos outros aspectos do autoritarismo expansionista chinês são tratados em profundidade num dossier especial da edição de Abril da revista trimestral norte-americana Journal of Democracy. Oito artigos, em cerca de 78 páginas, analisam os vários aspectos da política interna e externa chinesa. Todos convergem na mesma conclusão de que “a política externa chinesa abraçou uma nova estratégia com o objectivo de minar a ordem liberal ocidental, promover a hegemonia chinesa na Ásia e a expansão da influência chinesa à escala mundial”.

Portugal, diz a mais recente edição do semanário Expresso num tom oblíquo, é o maior destinatário europeu do investimento chinês, depois da Finlândia. O mesmo jornal vai depois “pescar” um desconhecido professor de Cambridge (“the other place”, costuma ser dito) que elogia o “pragmatismo” de Portugal [democrático, eu acrescento] e da China [comunista, também acrescento eu]. Perante esta complacência nativa face ao expansionismo chinês, é caso para recordar a pergunta de Winston Churchill em 1938 face à dupla ameaça nacional-socialista (mais conhecida por nazi) e comunista: “Não temos nós uma ideologia própria — se tivermos de usar esta horrível expressão, ‘ideologia’ — não temos nós uma ideologia própria na liberdade, numa Constituição liberal, no governo democrático e parlamentar, na Magna Carta e na Petição de Direitos?”

          Comment on November Diary: Nation Wreckers In Hell, CRISPR Babies (He's On First) Eugenics vs. Dysgenics, Etc., by John Derbyshire      Cache   Translate Page      
Exactly. As I have consistently and constantly stated, the Japanese are the only intelligent Asians. India is only interesting because of its ancient Aryan past. This doesn't mean I want Indians in the West. I have always and constantly stated that I want Asians to stop culturally appropriating Western technology. They have the abacus. The best news is that of Derbyshire's son. Now that the Chinese woman is trying to finding a Chinese woman for her son, the day draws near when the Derbyshires will be out of the West. He will have to come up with the Chinese translation for the Derbyshire name. If you cannot say that the West is best, you are the problem. If you cannot define the West, i.e., that it is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim, you are the problem. We know Derbyshire is the problem because he has written that Asians are smarter than whites. Well, he needs to giddy-up and move back to China to make China great again.
          Comment on November Diary: Nation Wreckers In Hell, CRISPR Babies (He's On First) Eugenics vs. Dysgenics, Etc., by John Derbyshire      Cache   Translate Page      
China will not produce superior CRISPR babies. They don’t have the intelligence needed.
They won't produce tanks or trucks or nuclear bombs, either. Or calculators or tablet computers or cellular telephones or automobile parts or optical tools or semiconductors or liquid crystal polymers or... Our manufacturing is safe! Why is everyone bitching?
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“Who is the new leader of China?” “Xi is.” “Who is?” “No, Xi is.” “Who is she?” “Hu is not Xi.” “I don’t care who she isn’t. I want to know who she is.” “The new leader of China.” “Who?” “Xi!” “All right forget about it. Who was the last leader of China?” “Exactly.” “What?” “Hu was.” “That’s what I just I asked you!” “Now you know.” “No, I don’t know. Who was he?” “Hu was not He. He was Hu.” “He was who?” “No, He was not Hu. Hu was Hu.” “Will you just tell me who was who?” “Hu was Hu.” “Hu was...” “Yes.” “And he was the old leader of China?” “No, He wasn’t.” “So Hu was a she, not a he?” “Hu was neither He nor Xi.” “Seriously?” “Obviously.” “So the old leader of China wasn’t a he or a she.” “You’ve got it!” “Then the new leader of China is..?” “Xi.” “What’s her name then?” “His name.” “No, hers.” “Xi is not Her. “Then his, damn it! If she is not a she...” “Xi is Xi.” “But she is also him?” “Xi is.” “So the new leader is...” “Not Tso.” “I’m going to kill you.” “Why? You didn’t have anything to do with this.” [continue for 200 pages]
          Epidemiological characteristics and determinants of dengue transmission during epidemic and non-epidemic years in Fortaleza, Brazil: 2011-2015      Cache   Translate Page      
by Benjamin MacCormack-Gelles, Antonio S. Lima Neto, Geziel S. Sousa, Osmar J. Nascimento, Marcia M. T. Machado, Mary E. Wilson, Marcia C. Castro Background After being eliminated during the 1950s, dengue reemerged in Brazil in the 1980s. Since then, incidence of the disease has increased, as serotypes move within and between cities. The co-circulation of … Continua la lettura di Epidemiological characteristics and determinants of dengue transmission during epidemic and non-epidemic years in Fortaleza, Brazil: 2011-2015
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"...Diddling with the human genome...," you did this when you married a low IQ Chinese woman. China will not produce superior CRISPR babies. They don't have the intelligence needed. As to your opera buffoon, the news that your Chinese woman is trying to fix up your Chinese son with Chinese gals from China is excellent news. Hopefully, your son will meet a China woman and move back to China. He doesn't belong in the military. The Chinese cannot be trusted in the American military. Also, when your son marries a Chinese woman, you and the rest of your clan can move to China.
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Over the weekend it seemed like a solid trade agreement – putting the trade war on hold for 90 days – had been made between the United States and China. And then Trump couldn't resist Twitter, where, over a few posts, he warned that if the deal didn't happen, he was a "Tariff Man." Following his toxic tweets, the Dow Jones industrial fell 705 points, or nearly 3%. The Nasdaq fell 3.1%.

According to The New York Times:

Stocks fell on Tuesday, after President Trump sowed confusion over the status of a truce in the trade war between the United States and China, while the bond market, often considered a safe haven for investors, sent a stark warning about expectations for an economic slowdown.

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The trade truce rally stalled Tuesday as investor concerns grew of slower economic growth globally.  The market was also looking for clarity on the Chinese concessions made to the US.  On Monday, President Trump tweeted “China has agreed to reduce and remove tariffs on cars coming into China from the U.S. Currently the tariff is […]
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U.S government bond prices continue to rally, pushing the yield on 10-year notes further below +3% as investors continue to scramble into longer-term bonds. Concerns about trade tensions with China remain, despite the 90-day truce on tariffs. Investors are also less confident about the ability of the Fed to continue to raise interest rates on […]
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Markets back in the red Well that didn’t last long. Day two of the post US/China truce and markets are back in the red and the US yield curve has inverted slightly, potentially taking some of the shine off the weekend’s events. The weekend dinner date between Trump and Xi over the weekend initially drew […]
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  The G-20 meeting at the weekend had something for all commodities. News of a 90-day truce in the US-China trade war helped the agricultural sector, while metals benefited from the US dollar’s slide. Oil prices soared after Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed to extend their pact to manage the oil market into 2019, raising […]
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