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          TikTok ya supera en número descargas a Facebook, Instagram y Snapchat      Cache   Translate Page      

Si no eres Centennial (sí, existe algo más que Millennial) o si no tienes hijos de estas edades tal vez no te suene esta aplicación. Pero TikTok es una de las aplicaciones con mayor proyección que existe ahora mismo. De hecho, la startup que la desarrolla ByteDance es la más importante del mundo. ByteDance dio […]

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           La hype des stories bouleverse les affaires de Facebook & Co       Cache   Translate Page      
17:39 Elles ont été lancées par Snapchat et ont depuis été adoptées par tous les réseaux sociaux. Les stories se sont imposées comme le canal le plus populaire sur la toile. Même Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) ...
          Whatever Happens This Election Proves Me Right About Everything      Cache   Translate Page      
Third Way and David Brooks will explain it one way (a victory for the common sense center if Democrats win, proof that Democrats are out of touch with Real America if Republicans win) and they'll be the ones who have the microphones because that's how it works.

They'll also provide a caricature of the supposed lefty view of things, which is that lefties want every candidate everywhere to get their orders from some Brooklyn Marxist Collective or something.

And there are enough people running for office that you'll basically be able to tell any story you want to! Lefty candidate X lost, proof that the lefties are wrong! Corporate Dem Y lost, proof that the lefties are right!

I don't speak for the Online Left. I never did and now I am old and The Kids Today have taken over with their Snapchats or whatever, but the real Online Left critique of the Democrats was never that they need to run commies in every district. It went something more like this:

Policy and rhetoric aren't entirely separable, but...

On policy: A lot of what DC thinks is "centrist" had no relationship to what the median voter actually likes and polls prove that some very lefty things are actually popular! Not all very lefty things! It is true that politicians who run on certain very lefty things can cause problems for themselves even when those things are very popular because not pissing off the money people makes them less likely to spend massive amounts of money to oppose you. Most people like minimum wage increases but the people who will run $10 million in ads against you about other things do not. Pundits do not explain this wrinkle.

On rhetoric: Everybody "knows" Democrats are going to raise your taxes, force you into a gay marriage, mandate that you have an abortion, take away your car, give all your money to black people, bus in caravans of doom from Central America, surrender to ISIS, etc. Mushy middle types also like "A politician who knows what he believes and knows what he stands for." You can't really run from the caricature of Democrats, and if you do you sound like someone who won't stand up for his own side in argument. Not a good look. Better to embrace it and make it sound good. Maybe not the take away your car one! That'll really make people mad. Explain that, yes, you're going to give rich people's money to black people but also white people! Free health care for the poors and the not so poors! Also, running against your party ("I'm a different kind of Democrat!") works for one politician, it doesn't work if half your candidates are doing it.

tl;dr: some, not all, lefty policies are actually quite popular! Sound like you believe what you're saying and that everybody can have nice things instead of hoping "not quite as evil as the other guys" works. If people want evil they're gonna vote for the evil party. It isn't a secret which one it is.

          Why America is using glitchy electronic voting machines      Cache   Translate Page      

It's been 18 years and several thousand lifetimes since the contested Bush-Gore presidential elections of 2000. Yet "hanging chads" are still haunting us — but not in the way you might think.

Since states began introducing electronic voting machines and other technology in the voting process, digitizing various aspects of voting has been a boon for democracy in many ways. Online voter registration has supercharged get-out-the-vote efforts. ID scanning at check-ins helps reduce lines. And, of course, ballots submitted digitally allow for near instantaneous returns.

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          This App Is More Popular Than Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat Right Now      Cache   Translate Page      

We thought “Tik Tok” was just a hit Ke$ha song, but as it turns out it’s the most popular app on the planet. The TikTok video app is all the rage in China and beyond, as it just surpassed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat to become the most downloaded app in the month of September for […]

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: This App Is More Popular Than Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat Right Now

          Comment on TikTok surpassed Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube in downloads last month by Sean rane      Cache   Translate Page      
Surfboard app is going to outperform all of the social medias, just watch!
          Why America is using glitchy electronic voting machines      Cache   Translate Page      

It's been 18 years and several thousand lifetimes since the contested Bush-Gore presidential elections of 2000. Yet "hanging chads" are still haunting us — but not in the way you might think.

Since states began introducing electronic voting machines and other technology in the voting process, digitizing various aspects of voting has been a boon for democracy in many ways. Online voter registration has supercharged get-out-the-vote efforts. ID scanning at check-ins helps reduce lines. And, of course, ballots submitted digitally allow for near instantaneous returns.

SEE ALSO: Dear white women: Here's how to step up for women of color Read more...

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          Sontek Spectacles, Tencent Luncurkan Kacamata Pintar      Cache   Translate Page, Jakarta - Tencent, perusahaan teknologi raksasa di Tiongkok baru saja mengumumkan kacamata pintar ala Spectacles buatan Snap, perusahaan induk Snapchat.

Kacamata pintar yang diberi nama Weishi itu juga memiliki kamera kecil di bagian depannya, seperti Spectacles, pengguna juga dapat merekam video.

Selain video mikro dalam bahasa Mandarin, Weishi juga disertakan sebuah aplikasi berbagi video ala Vine.

Disebutkan, aplikasi itu dikembangkan perusahaan untuk bersaing dengan TikTok yang saat ini mendominasi pasar video pendek di Tiongkok.

Tencent resmi luncurkan kacamata pintar yang diberi nama Weishi. (Doc: Tencent)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Dilansir The Verge, Rabu (7/11/2018), pengembangan kacamata pintar ini dilatar belakangi agar pengguna dapat merekam dan meng-upload video singkat itu ke Weishi.

Sebagai informasi, Weishi mengusung kamera bersensor 8MP dan memiliki kemampuan untuk merekam video di resolusi 720p hingga 1080p.


Fitur di Kacamata Pintar Weishi

(Foto: Reuters)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Lebih lanjut, kacamata pintar itu juga memiliki kemampuan merekam secara remote, opsi mode pengambilan video, live broadcast, dan preview konten.

Saat ini, Tencent masih menjadi investor terbesar di perusahaan induk Snapchat, Snap.

Konglomerat Tiongkok yang terkenal dengan aplikasi WeChat ini memang dikenal memiliki banyak investasi.

Di industri gim, Tencent sepenuhnya memiliki perusahaan gim League of Legends, yakni Riot Games.

Kacamata Weishi bakal mulai tersedia di pasaran pada 11 November 2018, bertepatan dengan acara diskon besar-besaran Alibaba yang bernama Singles Day.


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          Comscore to Measure Viewership on Snapchat Discover      Cache   Translate Page      
Snapchat parent is rolling out a new partnership with comScore that will let the measurement company tabulate viewership for each publisher’s total audience in Snapchat Discover.
          Content, distribution, and monetization across Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram      Cache   Translate Page      

Social Video 101 Final.001.001.pngBI Intelligence

This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.

The “pivot to video” is digital media's megatrend of the moment. Globally, 47.4 minutes of online video will be watched daily in 2017, a 20% year-over-year (YoY) increase, driven primarily by mobile, where viewing times will reach 28.8 minutes per day, a 35% increase from 2016. 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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          Uber driver faces up to 15 years in jail after teen who rode on his roof dies      Cache   Translate Page      
If you’re already driving for a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft, or planning to do so, here’s a free tip that might not come with the regular training and orientation: Never allow passengers to ride on the roof of your car to film "car surfing" stunts. It’s you that will risk prison time should anyone die after falling off the vehicle. Twenty-four-year-old Danyal Cheema was charged with second-degree manslaughter, ABC NY reports, after 15-year-old Ryan Mullen died in his sleep following complications from a brain injury he suffered during an Uber ride. Cheema picked up Mullen and two other friends at midnight on September 23rd in Huntington Station, and the teens offered the driver $40 to let them “car surf” on the roof of his Toyota Highlander. Two of them climbed on the roof, with the third one recording everything on Snapchat. It was Mullen who fell off, hitting his head on the pavement. The driver then took the teens to their destination, and Mullen died during his sleep later that day, from complications following the initial accident. Cheema, who was arraigned on Monday in Suffolk County Criminal Court, faces a maximum sentence of 5 to 15 years in prison. Police say he confessed on video, but he’s pleading not guilty to the charges, according to NBC NY. "This was an incredibly bad decision by the defendant, a bad decision by the boys involved, obviously," Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini said. "But at the end of the day, that defendant is an adult contracted to safely bring those boys home, and he failed to do that." Uber also issued a comment on the matter: "Words cannot describe how deeply troubled we are by this incident. Our thoughts are with the rider's family during this difficult time. This driver has been permanently removed from the app."
          Dwarsliggers - they're books, but not as we know them      Cache   Translate Page      
It is hoped that these flipbacks will draw teenagers off Snapchat and inside the covers of a story.
          Tik Tok, le réseau social à la plus forte progression chez les moins de 13 ans en France      Cache   Translate Page      
Tik Tok, le réseau social à la plus forte progression chez les adolescents en France

Le réseau à plus forte progression d’utilisation chez les jeunes adolescents français n’est pas Snapchat ou Instagram mais…Tik Tok. C’est ce que révèle la dernière livraison de l’étude #BornSocial de l’agence Heaven, qui, depuis 2016 maintenant, analyse les pratiques des moins de 13 ans sur les médias sociaux et leurs usages du digital, des outils […]

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          convert video clip to H264      Cache   Translate Page      
we have a 10 sec video that needs to be converted to H264 work on snapchat (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: After Effects, Video Editing, Video Production, Video Services, Videography)
          How to Find Sources for Your Blog Posts Using HARO      Cache   Translate Page      

  At the time of writing this, our most popular blog post has had over 500 shares on social media since being published just two short months ago. For our small blog, it was a clear runaway winner.  While hard work and timely subject matter (it was about Snapchat, by the way) contributed to its success, one ... [Read more...]

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          The Ultimate Guide To Snapchat In 2016 – Strategy, Tutorials, Case Studies, And More      Cache   Translate Page      

This is the last guide you’ll ever need to learn your way around Snapchat and start ruling the platform.  No leaf unturned. Table of Contents Introduction:  Why Snapchat Is Way More Important Than You Think + Infographic Chapter 1: How To Use Snapchat (& Start Creating Content) 1.1…..Glossary of Snapchat Terminology 1.2…..Creating An Account 1.3…..Navigation Within ... [Read more...]

The post The Ultimate Guide To Snapchat In 2016 – Strategy, Tutorials, Case Studies, And More appeared first on The Responster Blog.

          [ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Why would my ex try to add me on Snapchat?      Cache   Translate Page      
My ex tried to add me on Snapchat about a month ago. I got the request while I was at my boyfriend's house. My ex was the one who dumped me and he is now married. I had blocked his number and he had me blocked on snapchat. I have moved on more than a year ago. and it seems very shady to add me when he is married. So I blocked him on there.
          Bih, You Guessed It! Pervy Teacher Sentenced 10 Years For Sex And Snapchat Nudes “I Don’t Deserve Breath”      Cache   Translate Page      

Teacher Sentenced To 10 Years For Sex With Student

…you was right.

Former North Dakota teacher Shannon Moser was sentenced to sit in prison for a dime today after a judge banged the gavel on her sick a$$. According to

          TikTok成为美国下载量最高应用      Cache   Translate Page      


  今年10月,全球短视频应用TikTok成为美国月度下载量最高的应用。近日市场应用机构Sensor Tower发布的数据显示,TikTok在上个月的下载量超过了Facebook,Instagram,Snapchat和YouTube。

  不仅是下载量,TikTok在安装量上也已经跃居美国市场第一位。美国科技媒体Techcrunch报道称,TikTok在9月的安装量比上月增长约31%,在App Store和Google Play上的总和达到约381万。排在第二位的Facebook的首次安装量为353万。而与2017年10月相比,TikTok在美国的安装量增幅达237%。

  前不久,美国文化评论界知名出版物《大西洋月刊》对TikTok进行了深度报道,称“过去几个月,TikTok的视频在Twitter、Instagram等社交平台上迅速火爆起来,浏览量超过百万”。究其原因,TikTok最大的魅力在于它为广大普通用户提供了一个表达自我、认识新朋友的平台。报道援引印度作家Hardik Rajgor的观点表示,TikTok不仅是一款应用,它还是一段经历、一条通往不同世界的大道。“TikTok不仅在你的朋友、与你相似的人中流行,还吸引了与你拥有相同经济、社会和文化背景的人,TikTok是一个面向所有人的平台,这就是它的魅力所在。”

  TikTok于2017年夏季在全球范围内上线,并迅速受到全球用户的喜爱。目前TikTok覆盖全球150多个国家和地区,月活跃用户数已突破5亿。TikTok曾在日本、泰国、印尼、德国、法国和俄罗斯等地,多次登上当地App Store或Google Play总榜的首位。

          Brandon2113: In town for two days (MegaFriends)      Cache   Translate Page      
Message me and we can talk on snapchat

          Sourcing Manager in Burbank, CA - amdocs - Burbank, CA      Cache   Translate Page      
We make sure that when you watch a video on YouTube, message friends on SnapChat or send your images on Instagram, you get a great service anytime, anywhere,...
From Amdocs - Wed, 26 Sep 2018 17:59:46 GMT - View all Burbank, CA jobs
          Comic Dive: Instagram Turns Heads      Cache   Translate Page      

As Snapchat continues to lose users, fickle digital natives are moving to a familiar platform instead.

          PGHK #692 Óo-lōo-siù (婀娜獸)      Cache   Translate Page      


((( iPhone & iPad users CLICK HERE to LISTEN )))

Guests: Hau Tiaunn A-Long, Oo Tsut Bi, Putu Mayam, Eng Kok Tiong, Moo Moo Gu, Oo Niau, Nasi Lemak, Ki Kuan Tsheng, Buaya Leng, Be Sai Kong, Tua Liap Thau.

This week we discussed about pets. And let me know what you think about our new creation óo-lōo-siù 婀娜獸?

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          Bih, You Guessed It! Pervy Teacher Sentenced 10 Years For Sex And Snapchat Nudes “I Don’t Deserve Breath”      Cache   Translate Page      

Teacher Sentenced To 10 Years For Sex With Student

…you was right.

Former North Dakota teacher Shannon Moser was sentenced to sit in prison for a dime today after a judge banged the gavel on her sick a$$. According to

          Here’s What You Do If You’re Told You Can’t Vote Today      Cache   Translate Page      
You’ve finally made it to Election Day! You get to your polling place and you’re told that you can’t vote. Here’s what you do.     Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark Twitter/Snapchat: @The_KarenClark
          NRK inngår partnerskap med Snapchat: – Innebærer alltid en etisk diskusjon for NRK som allmennkringkaster ( Etter Børs)      Cache   Translate Page      
Publisering på eksterne plattformer innebærer alltid en etisk diskusjon for NRK som allmennkringka... ( Etter Børs)
          Σουηδία: 19χρονος Σύριος βίασε καθηγήτρια αφού πρώτα απείλησε να απαγάγει την οικογένειά της      Cache   Translate Page      

ΛΑΘΡΟΜΕΤΑΝΑΣΤΕΣ ( Και με τη σύμφωνη γνώμη του ΣτΕ )
Σουηδία: 19χρονος Σύριος βίασε καθηγήτρια αφού πρώτα απείλησε να απαγάγει την οικογένειά της
    Σάλος με υπόθεση βιασμού καθηγήτριας από 19χρονο Σύριο μετανάστη, τον οποίο είχε μαθητή στο Λύκειο που εργαζόταν, έχει προκληθεί στη Σουηδία και συγκεκριμένα στην πόλη Nässjö, κοντά στο Γιόνκεπινγκ. Το νέο αυτό περιστατικό επανέφερε στην επικαιρότητα της σκανδιναβικής χώρας τη διαχείριση του μεταναστευτικού θέματος και τον έλεγχο που γίνεται από τις αρμόδιες αρχές, πριν δοθεί άσυλο στους μετανάστες, ανεξαρτήτου ηλικίας.​
    Όλα ξεκίνησαν όταν ο νεαρός Σύριος εντόπισε την καθηγήτρια και μητέρα δύο παιδιών, στο Snapchat. Ο 19χρονος έστελνε μηνύματα σε καθημερινή βάση, ζητώντας από την καθηγήτρια να ενδώσει στις σεξουαλικές του ορέξεις. Σε ένα από αυτά, απείλησε ευθέως ότι θα βιάσει την καθηγήτρια.​
    Σε άλλο μήνυμα, ο νεαρός μετανάστης απείλησε ότι θα απαγάγει μέλη της οικογένειάς της, φωτογραφίζοντας τα παιδιά της, ζητώντας εκ νέου να κάνει σεξ μαζί της. Η καθηγήτρια, αν και τρομοκρατήθηκε, δεν ενέδωσε. Τότε ο 19χρονος έθεσε σε εφαρμογή το τελικό του σχέδιο. Παρακολούθησε την καθηγήτρια και όταν βρήκε ευκαιρία, την έσυρε δια της βίας σε ένα δωμάτιο του σχολείου, κλείδωσε την πόρτα και τη βίασε.​
    Όλα τα παραπάνω συνέβησαν τον Σεπτέμβριο. Η 30χρονη μητέρα υπέστη σοκ και όντας τρομοκρατημένη, δεν αποκάλυψε σε κανένα το παραμικρό. Λίγες εβδομάδες μετά δεν άντεξε, κοινοποιώντας στο προσωπικό της μπλογκ στο ίντερνετ, την προσωπική της τραγωδία. Σε ένα κείμενο που χαρακτηριζόταν από οργή, η καθηγήτρια και μητέρα από τη Σουηδία, έγραψε ότι «δεν έχει σημασία αν προκάλεσες με τη συμπεριφορά σου, δεν έχει σημασία αν προκάλεσες με τα σέξι ρούχα σου, δεν έχει σημασία αν ανταποκρίθηκες, δεν έχει σημασία αν γνωρίζεις το άτομο. Ένα όχι, είναι ένα γαμ..... όχι».​
    Η μητέρα των δύο παιδιών αποκάλυψε όσα βίωσε μέσα στον χώρο της εργασίας της και με χιλιάδες άλλα παιδιά στο ίδιο κτίριο, προκαλώντας την επέμβαση των εισαγγελικών αρχών. Κατά την προσαγωγή του στον εισαγγελέα σήμερα, οι συγγενείς του Συρίου μετανάστη, ο οποίος έχει γεννηθεί στη Δαμασκό, υπερασπίστηκαν τον 19χρονο, λέγοντας πως ο «βιασμός» είναι πιθανόν να ήταν μία «παρεξήγηση» μεταξύ τους. «Πάντα είχε φιλενάδες, δεν είχε ανάγκη να βιάσει κάποια», δήλωσε ο πατέρας του νεαρού .​
    Το 19χρονος μετανάστης, πάντως, ήταν γνωστός στις σουηδικές αρχές, καθώς κατά το παρελθόν είχε συλληφθεί για σωρεία αξιόποινων πράξεων, όπως κλοπή σε μαγαζιά, ναρκωτικά και αντίσταση κατά της αρχής. Η δίκη για την υπόθεση που έχει ξεσηκώσει θύελλα διαμαρτυριών στη Σουηδία, ορίστηκε να διεξαχθεί έως το τέλος Νοεμβρίου, ενώ ο 19χρονος αρνήθηκε τις κατηγορίες εις βάρος του. 

          Is It Legal to Take a Selfie with Your Ballot?      Cache   Translate Page      

On the eve of Election Day, even the most apolitical people have probably seen their social media feeds taken over by voter-turnout enthusiasm. And there’s good reason to think that this particular use of social media serves a valuable purpose: Research indicates that a personal friend or even acquaintance encouraging someone to vote is far more effective than any urging from an ad. In one study, just seeing that your friends on Facebook voted increased your likelihood of heading to your polling station.

So it’s not surprising that so many people take to Twitter and Facebook and Snapchat and Instagram to express their support for a particular candidate or issue, or just democracy in general. But in a large number of states, taking a photo of or with your ballot as you vote is illegal.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re preparing to snap a selfie at the ballot box.

Where it’s legal: There are 23 states, plus the District of Columbia, where you’re in the clear. These states are Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. In Oregon and Washington, residents vote by mail, and it’s still not illegal to post photos of your mail-in ballot.

Some of these states have explicitly written into law protections for the ballot selfie (California and Colorado, for example), while many others have simply never addressed the issue. In New Hampshire, a federal appeals court found the state’s ballot selfie ban unconstitutional. In Indiana, you can post a ballot selfie because a federal judge barred the ban from going into effect. In many states, if your photo-taking is found to be disruptive to other voters, you can still be told to stop or booted from the polling station. In Pennsylvania, some polling locations can prohibit cell phones altogether.

In the remaining states, it is explicitly illegal to take ballot selfies, either because of laws specifically targeting them or through extensions of laws on voting booth photography. Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee (where a bill is due to be signed soon protecting ballot selfies), Texas, and West Virginia don’t allow you to take photos or use your phone at all at a polling place. In Ohio, you can take the photo, but you can’t post it to social media. In Alaska, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, and Vermont, you can take a photo at your polling place, but you can’t take one of your completed ballot. (There are other small ways these state standards differ. If you want to know more about your specific state, this CNN article has full details).

Why there are laws against it: For the most part, those justifying any law specifically targeting ballot selfies point to the threat of vote buying and voter coercion. Under this argument, a photo of a ballot is the only clear proof of how a person voted. If someone wanted to buy a vote, they could demand to see the receipt of their purchase, and allowing photos could incentivize or aid in carrying that out. But as Mark Joseph Stern wrote in Slate in 2016, that justification falls flat before most court challenges because there is no proven threat of widespread vote buying.

Besides, anyone intending to buy votes would choose a far easier approach than sending co-conspirators to an actual polling place. At someone’s home, a selfie ban would do little to stop someone using a mail-in ballot from sending a photo of their ballot to someone else. On top of that, the vote-buying argument fails when you consider that voters are often able to change their vote in a polling place and that posting a photo to social media would be a strangely public way to perpetrate a crime.

Why some courts have sided against the bans: While state laws banning ballot selfies were upheld in Michigan and New York, they were found to be unconstitutional by courts in New Hampshire and Indiana. For the judges in those cases, a ballot selfie—most often used to indicate a citizen’s support for a political candidate or stance—constitutes protected political speech under the First Amendment. To limit the speech, the concern would have to be both very real and very specific, and those courts did not find that the states met those requirements.

What happens if you post a ballot selfie in a state that doesn’t allow it: Given that law enforcement generally don’t scan social media looking for violators of a law that bans something actively encouraged by other states—and that has a good chance of being overturned in a higher court—you’re probably not looking at any consequences for posting that selfie to social media.

If you’re, say, Justin Timberlake, your ballot selfie might come to the attention of the state, but even then, a state’s “limited resources”—and, probably, unwillingness to fight for something so unpopular over something that does not generally constitute criminal behavior—likely means it’ll just go ignored. (In Tennessee, where Timberlake voted, he could have faced up to 30 days in jail otherwise.)

What to do if you actually are challenged by the state: In most cases, you’ll be looking at a misdemeanor charge, but in Illinois, where the law is the strictest, it is a felony to show your marked ballot to another person. You could be sentenced to one to three years in prison for your ballot selfie—but even then, state election officials have said it’s “unlikely” anyone would be prosecuted, according to NBC Chicago.

So if you’re reading this after the election, after taking and posting a photo of your ballot in a state that outlawed the practice, don’t panic. You will very likely be fine. If you are charged, the American Civil Liberties Union, which is confident in the ban’s unconstitutionality and raring to take it on in court, will likely be eager to help out your defense.

          Why America is using glitchy electronic voting machines      Cache   Translate Page      

It's been 18 years and several thousand lifetimes since the contested Bush-Gore presidential elections of 2000. Yet "hanging chads" are still haunting us — but not in the way you might think.

Since states began introducing electronic voting machines and other technology in the voting process, digitizing various aspects of voting has been a boon for democracy in many ways. Online voter registration has supercharged get-out-the-vote efforts. ID scanning at check-ins helps reduce lines. And, of course, ballots submitted digitally allow for near instantaneous returns.

SEE ALSO: Dear white women: Here's how to step up for women of color Read more...

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          7 Erros nas redes sociais que prejudicam sua carreira      Cache   Translate Page      
Muitas empresas estão visitando perfis dos candidatos antes de realizar a contratação Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn… Cada qual possui características e funcionalidades diferentes, mas é difícil encontrar alguém que não possua um perfil em pelo menos uma dessas Leia mais...
          Kim Glow, la candidate de télé-réalité, devient "chrétienne évangélique" et supprime ses photos osées      Cache   Translate Page      

Lorsqu'on pense à Kim Glow de l'émission de télé-réalité Les Marseillais, les internautes l'associent régulièrement à une fille vulgairepas très futée, hystérique... Et bien oubliez tout ça ! L'ex d'Anthony Matéo a décidé de changer radicalement de vie et d'image et de se convertir à la religion chrétienne évangélique. Elle explique ce choix sur snapchat : "Il m'a fait croire pendant des années que je n'étais bonne qu'à montrer mes fesses, que sans ça je perdrais tout (...) Le seigneur a entendu mon appel sincère et il m'a fait comprendre à quel point je suis une personne merveilleuse avec un coeur énorme et qu'il va se servir de moi, de ma notoriété". 

Les internautes n'y croient pas du tout

Attention, si Kim Glow va davantage surveiller son image, elle ne compte pas s'habiller en combinaison de ski pour autant ! C'est d'ailleurs ce que lui reprochent les internautes qui sont allés sur son instagram après l'annonce de cette nouvelle. Beaucoup trouvent qu'elle met toujours autant son postérieur en avant et que ce n'est pas très puritain. Kim Glow savait par avance qu'elle allait subir les critiques mais s'en fiche et écoute son coeur : "Je sais que je vais subir beaucoup d'attaques mais j'ai derrière une église solide (...) Peu importe le passé, l'essentiel est de se repentir d'un coeur sincère le jour venu. Je vous expliquerai comment j'ai été touchée par le Saint Esprit et quand le moment sera venu. Le seigneur pourra parler à travers moi".

Par contre, lorsqu'il s'agit de faire la promotion de produits pour obtenir des gains, elle n'est pas encore prête à laisser tomber ce plan : "alors oui je suis sur le chemin, oui personne n'est parfait, oui je fais la promotion d'une machine de sport où je montre mes fesses. Ben maintenant c'est pour le travail, avant c'était tous les jours pour le plaisir".

          Isis Valverde muda de visual prestes a dar à luz: cabelo de "sereia" ganhou até volume!      Cache   Translate Page      

isis valverde barrigao nove meses 12018 400x800 0
Dilson Silva/AgNews | Dilson Silva/AgNews

Na reta final da gestação de seu primeiro filho, fruto de seu relacionamento com o modelo e empresário André Resende, Isis Valverde decidiu renovar o visual para receber o pequeno Rael: ela alongou seus fios no melhor estilo "sereia". Veja:

Cabelo de Isis Valverde

A atriz adotou um mega hair que proporcionou volume e aumentou o comprimento do cabelo. O método utilizado foi o patenteado pela profissional de beleza, especializada na técnica de alongamento de cabelos, Rosa Maria, reconhecido por não agredir os fios e garantir um resultado natural.

O procedimento é rápido, feito em até uma hora, e a extensão é aplicada de um jeito simples: com os fios da própria cliente são feitos alguns pontinhos à mão, amarrados com um fiozinho de silicone, os quais, em seguida, são costurados com uma linha fininha à redinha do aplique, que também é bem fina e não pesa.

Segundo a profissional, este método de alongamento não prejudica os fios naturais à medida que não faz tração no couro cabeludo. Ela também garante que a cliente pode prender o cabelo sem que o mega apareça e que, com o passar do tempo, ela nem percebe que está usando um aplique.

Muitas ccelebridades já aderiram a este tipo de extensão capilar, como as atrizes Leticia Colin e Deborah Secco, ambas para seus trabalhos em "Segundo Sol", novela das nove da TV Globo.

Mega hair na gravidez

View this post on Instagram

🤰🏻⭐️❤️ #33weekspregnant

A post shared by isis valverde (@isisvalverde) on

Ainda de acordo com a especialista responsável pelo novo visual de Isis, este método é chancelado por dermatologistas e tricologistas que estudam com profundidade a estrutura capilar e pode ser adotado tranquilamente pelas gestantes visto que não traz nenhum risco às mamães e nem aos bebês.

Livre de produtos químicos, colas, nós e tranças, enquanto a gestante estiver com este aplique seus fios naturais continuam crescendo normalmente, e caso a remoção seja solicitada por seu médico, ele pode ser removido a qualquer momento.

Gravidez de Isis Valverde

          5 formas que tienen las empresas y marcas personales para maximizar Instagram      Cache   Translate Page      
Instagram es una de las redes sociales más activas en la actualidad y de más rápido crecimiento, la cual ya ha alcanzado más de 1.000 millones de usuarios y hoy en día las empresas una de las primeras redes sociales que tienen en cuenta para un plan de marketing es Instagram. Es por eso que cada vez más y más empresas tratan de incrementar su participación en esta red visual que poco a poco y de una forma metódica fue acaparando la atención de muchos, inclusive de muchos Millennials y Gen Z que en un momento eran fans de Snapchat. Aquí les

          Coke Zero впервые попала в рекламную кампанию «Праздник к нам приходит»      Cache   Translate Page      
Традиционная новогодняя рекламная кампания в этом году проходит при поддержке Snapchat и участии Королевского хора Великобритании
          Where can I find Azul Hair Collection's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social pages?      Cache   Translate Page      
Does Azul Hair Collection have a Facebook page? Are they on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest or Snapchat? Where can I find Azul Hair Collection's social media pages?
          Where can I find 1403 Pom's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social pages?      Cache   Translate Page      
Does 1403 Pom have a Facebook page? Are they on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest or Snapchat? Where can I find 1403 Pom's social media pages?
          Where can I find Sweet Ts Design's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social pages?      Cache   Translate Page      
Does Sweet Ts Design have a Facebook page? Are they on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest or Snapchat? Where can I find Sweet Ts Design's social media pages?
          Where is RainbowPrints's Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and other pages?      Cache   Translate Page      
Is RainbowPrints on social media? Where can I find RainbowPrints's pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter?
          For The First Time, Coca-Cola’s Christmas Ad Has Its ‘Zero Sugar’ At Forefront      Cache   Translate Page      
[Click here to view the video in this article]

Video screenshot via Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland

Legend has it that Coca-Cola helped shape the big-bellied, red-suited personification of Santa Claus. Coupled with its yearly Christmas ads, it’s inadvertent that one might associate the brand with the festive season.

This year, Coca-Cola Britain plans to usher in the attention of younger fans by thrusting its fairly new ‘Zero Sugar’ cola front and center in its long-running ‘Holidays are Coming’ campaign for the first time.

The glitzy Coca-Cola truck makes its appearance, as it does every year, but this time, Santa is seen holding a bottle of ‘Zero Sugar’ instead of the classic red-and-white glassware.

“[This year] marks a significant shift for Coca-Cola as zero sugar will be the Christmas campaign hero—connecting with consumers who have made zero sugar their drink of choice,” said Alec Mellor, Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain.

“That means our truck tour will be re-branded to hero Coca-Cola zero sugar, and Father Christmas will enjoy its refreshing taste in our advert creative.”

Elsewhere, the brand hopes to connect with youths via a collaborative filter with Snapchat, as well as a partnership with LADBible that explores its archives to spotlight how the ‘Holidays are Coming’ adverts have taken root in UK culture.

Last but surely not least, Coca-Cola has released the limited edition ‘Zero Sugar Cinnamon’ variation, its first festive flavor in the UK.

[via The Drum and Coca-Cola UK, video and cover image via Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland]
          We Need More Stringent Standards for Outcome-Based Marketing says Xaxis’ Harcus      Cache   Translate Page      
Xaxis recently announced a new six-second video ad format that allows clients to run campaigns across premium content on platforms including Snapchat, Spotify, and Twitter. In this Q&A, Harry […]
          I Was in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship, and I Didn't Even Realize It      Cache   Translate Page      

At 23 years old, I fell fast and hard for an outgoing, charismatic man. When we began dating, he made me feel special, beautiful, and loved. I decided that any negative aspect of our relationship didn't matter because he loved me so much - there was a reasonable explanation for all of it. So when he proposed to me after almost a year of dating, I was overjoyed. I found a guy who wanted to commit his life to me. We were going to build a future together.

Six months into our engagement, that image of our life crumbled to pieces. My fiancé decided that he didn't want to marry me anymore, and it felt like a tragedy. I dreaded telling my friends and family; I was devastated. But their reactions to my news were not what I expected at all. One friend broke into tears. Another told me she was proud of me. My family felt guilty that they had let the relationship progress as much as it did.

They were relieved that my engagement to this man was over. Everyone had been scared for me, and I didn't get why. I was confused.

Everyone had been scared for me, and I didn't get why. I was confused.

This was the worst thing that had ever happened to me, wasn't it? But then, loved ones started telling me of times when they wish they had said something to me. Times when my fiancé would put me down or yell at me in public. And as more people stepped forward and told me that ending this relationship was a good thing (including this guy's own close friends), I came to a horrifying realization.

I was emotionally abused, and I could not admit to myself that it was happening at the time.

There were glimmers of problems from the beginning of our relationship, but I made the choice to ignore them. He would say little things to me or shout for a moment, but I brushed it off. It didn't become bad until we moved in together a month after our engagement.

My friends only saw what was happening in front of them, but behind closed doors it was even worse.

The first memory I have of definitive emotional abuse was an evening just a week or two after we moved into our apartment. We were sitting at the bar below our place having a drink when I noticed that he was getting Snapchats from a girl he nicknamed Kate Upton in his phone. I had mentioned to him once before that this made me uncomfortable, so when I saw that she had popped up once again, I questioned him about it. And he became furious with me.

He immediately stomped up the stairs to our apartment, and I quickly followed behind. He was livid. He told me I was ridiculous and jealous for questioning if he would be inappropriately interacting with another girl. And I felt terrible that I would ever question him - we were getting married, after all.

But the more I cried and apologized, the more he screamed at me.

But the more I cried and apologized, the more he screamed at me. I began to have a panic attack and I melted down to the ground, curled up in a ball in the hallway. But instead of stopping the yelling, he stood over me and continued to scream. I started hyperventilating. He told me I was faking it and I was pathetic. After he finished the shouting, he walked away from me. We were silent for about 20 minutes, then we got into bed and went to sleep. The next morning, he said he was sorry, but I needed to calm down with my emotions. So in the end, I was the one apologizing for what transpired the night before.

This was not a one-time thing. There were many more fights like this. And in the end I was always the one made to feel guilty. How dare I ever question him - he proposed to me. How could I do that to him? I was disgusted with myself for doubting him on a regular basis. I told myself that it was my anxiety making me paranoid.

But the screaming wasn't the only problem. This man would criticize me, put me down, and make me feel small constantly. If he didn't like something I was wearing, he would make sure I knew it. He told me I wasn't very funny and he didn't get why my friends laughed at me. He would constantly belittle me for being clumsy. I was afraid to spill something in front of him.

Another problem entirely was his lack of respect for people close to him. I watched him yell at his family on a regular basis over the tiniest things. He started off being incredibly close with my parents (they even helped him pick out my engagement ring), but as soon as we started planning the wedding, everything changed.

I started gaining weight. I became very quiet at work. I saw less of my friends. I felt bad about myself, but I didn't understand why. Wedding planning was not fun; I found it stressful. Like always, I told myself it was all in my head.

He had a lot of opinions about how he envisioned our wedding should be, and if my parents or I had a differing opinion, he was angry about it. We weren't putting a dime of our own money into the big day, so I felt weird about his resentment toward any ideas other than his own. When I tried to tell him that, he would tell me I was wrong. "Don't you love me because I have a lot of opinions?" he would say.

He stopped visiting my family with me. When I mentioned my parents, he would make snide remarks about them. I stopped talking about them altogether because it made me uncomfortable. My family loved me, and all they were trying to do was give us a dream wedding.

I loved this guy so much that I didn't care how I was feeling on the inside.

I loved this guy so much that I didn't care how I was feeling on the inside. I would do anything for him, and he knew that. So when he told me he was unhappy in our relationship, I asked him what I could do to fix that. All he could say was that he didn't know.

Eventually he told me that proposing to me was a mistake, but he wanted me to stay with him to see if we could work things out. More specifically, if I could fix all the things that were "wrong with me." And I did stay for a while. I so desperately wanted him to wake up and realize that no woman would love him the way I did. But he went about every day like things were normal, and I woke up every morning filled with dread, unsure of my future.

I asked him what was going on with our relationship a couple times, and each time it would result in an intense fight where we would part ways and stay with our families for a night or two. He told me I was impossible to talk to because I was too emotional.

After a weekend without hearing from him, I texted him asking if we could meet at the apartment and talk. His response - "Why?" I told him we needed to figure out what was going on, and he told me it wasn't a good thing for him personally to talk to me. We ended things.

I said I was moving out, so he went through everything I owned and put it in the middle of the family room. "I hope I made it a little easier for you," he said. While I sat at my parents' house (my new temporary home) and cried for a week straight, I received texts and calls from all over town - people told me he was out drinking most nights with his friends. They were confused by his actions. It hurt.

He blocked me and my friends from every social media platform. But that didn't stop the awful screenshots of his tweets bragging about going out and joking about needing a wingman. Even his friends were not loyal to him because they knew he turned me into a shell of the person I used to be.

A week later, on top of everything I had just gone through, I learned that he was not faithful to me. He was sending all sorts of photos of his penis to another girl before we were even engaged. Several people who knew about the exchanges informed me, even providing physical proof that the "other girl" admitted to all of it.

When I confronted him and his parents about his infidelity (bravest thing I've ever done, by the way), he pulled me to the side and asked me why I was trying to ruin his life. "We're done, Macy," he shouted at me. "You're trying to cause drama."

But I wasn't trying to cause drama. For the first time in my life, I was standing up to him. He had made me feel so guilty for questioning him all this time. And that feeling in the pit of my stomach was right all along. After trying to protect him and our relationship for a year and a half of my life, I was done. I missed who I used to be. I missed being happy. I realized that I had dedicated a huge period of my life trying to make sure I didn't make someone mad, and I was exhausted.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I know there are other people out there like me. People who lose themselves in the name of love, even if that love isn't healthy. Nobody deserves to be screamed at. Nobody deserves to be berated. I didn't understand that before, but I certainly know it now.

I was so scared to write about my experience, but now I feel empowered by it.

I was so scared to write about my experience, but now I feel empowered by it. I wanted to protect my former fiancé because a part of me still loves him, but I'm finished doing that now. I am trying to remind myself that yes, I am smart, funny, and strong. I didn't feel like I was any of those things for a long time. I'm having a hard time telling myself that now, but I will believe it again soon.

If you feel like you're being emotionally abused, trust your gut. Don't make excuses for it like I did. Learn from me. Talk to someone you trust. You may feel like you can't live without your partner, but you can. It will hurt. I'm still hurting every single day. But little by little, you will find yourself again. You won't believe you lived the way you did because of how happy you are now. And you will be stronger for it.

If you or a loved one are in need of any help, the Office on Women's Health has several resources here, including links to national hotlines.

          100GB data deal on Three. £19 per month, but we can tell you how to get it for nearly £14      Cache   Translate Page      

Head to the existing customer deals page for this one. Apparently some have had success by putting a non-Three number in too, but it chucked a wobbly when we did that. It’s a SIM-only deal which lasts for 12 months, but for that you can tether, you can roam and you can do the whole “Go Binge” thing to get your Netflix / Apple Music and Snapchat fix without using any data allowance. Other deals on the page include 30GB for £16 per month. There’s unlimited minutes and texts. 4G is included, you get spending controls and you can add data

The post 100GB data deal on Three. £19 per month, but we can tell you how to get it for nearly £14 is original content from Coolsmartphone. If you see it on another news website, please let us know.

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Kinda Classy ... Kinda Hood 💘 p.s-weve all taken selfies in traffic 🙊 #schoolrun #humpday #happywednesday #semipermanentmakeup #lashes #redlipstick #ombre #baylage #topshop #essex #snapchat #filter #interiordesigner #gymbunny #girlswhoworkout #instaselfie #instamood #photography #bored #micrpbladed #lipfiller #cheekfiller #acrylicnails #traffic #lipblushtattoo #tan #sunbed #holidaytan #onlineshopping #fashion
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          How to delete a Snapchat account permanently in no time at all      Cache   Translate Page      
delete snapchat

How to Delete Snapchat: Delete Snapchat the easy way with this guide Snapchat is still supremely popular among a certain demographic, but for whatever reason, you might have decided it’s not quite right for you. In this guide, we show you how to delete Snapchat permanently in just nine simple steps. Whatever your reason for […]

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• • 🙌 ✨ ✨ #kik #toptags #kikme #kikmessenger #kikit #kikster #kikmebored #kikmeguys #kikmessanger #snapchat #snap #toptags #snapchatme #instasnapchat #snapchatmenow #snapchatit #snapchatster #snapchatmguys #networking #networkingevent #toptags #networkingevents #socialnetworking #networkingz #networkingbusiness #networkingparty #networkingbiz
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Bug da tela bloqueada no iOS 12.1, surpresas e resultados do relatório fiscal da Apple, novos preços na App Store brasileira, pré-venda dos novos iPhones e Apple Watch, app do Spotify para Apple Watch, vendas globais de smartphones, trending topic antissemita no Twitter, mais um vazamento do Facebook, Instagram processa influenciador, Instagram testa Stories promovidas, IGTV nas Instagram Stories, Amazon com problemas no Brasil, nova loja Amazon 4 Estrelas.

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O Loop Matinal é um podcast do Loop Infinito que traz as notícias mais importantes do mundo da tecnologia para quem não tem tempo de ler sites e blogs de tecnologia.

Marcus Mendes apresenta um resumo rápido e conciso das notícias mais importantes, sempre com bom-humor e um toque de acidez.

Confira as notícias das últimas 24h, e até amanhã!


Apoie o Loop Matinal!

Agora nós estamos no! Acesse o endereço, escolha a categoria que achar mais bacana, e pronto! Se cada um apoiar um pouquinho, o Loop Matinal poderá ter uma loooonga vida pela frente.

Obrigado em especial aos ouvintes Adalberto dos Santos, Anderson da iPlus Store, Anderson Cazarotti, André Almeida, André Arraes, André Carvalho, André Fernandes, Arthur Givigir, Beto Chagas, Bruna Campos, Bruno Costa, Bruno Sztern, Caio Alves, Caueh Vinicius, Dan Fujita, David de Sena, Diego dos Santos, Eder Paes, Evandro Prieto, Fabio Lino, Fernando Pinto, Filipe Macedo, Francisco Neto, Glaydersen Gontijo, Guilherme dos Santos, Helio Sumita, Horácio Monteiro, Igor Silva, Ilidio Junhior, Iza Jordão, Jeadilson Bezerra, José Oliveira, João Mendes, Juliana Akemi, Leandro Abdalla, Leilane de Oliveira, Leonardo Gomes, Lucas Blassioli, Lucas Parreira, Luiz Mota, Nilton Vivacqua, Paulo Pirez, Pedro Lemos, Rafael dos Santos, Raul Guarini, Renato Bartolamei, Ricardo Mello, Ricardo Soares, Silas Monteiro, Thiago Ferraz, Téo Bombardelli, Vinícius Lima, W. Gabriel, e Wesley Caldeira pelo apoio!


Amazon abrirá nova loja de produtos 4 estrelas: 

Amazon enfrenta problemas no Brasil: 

Videos do IGTV podem ser compartilhados via Instagram Stories: 

Instagram testa Stories Promovidas: 

Instagram processa celebridade por preferir o Snapchat: 

Vazam mensagens de milhares de usuários do Messenger: 

Twitter pede desculpa por TT antissemita: 

IDC divulga relatório do mercado de vendas de celulares: 

Spotify lança beta do app de Apple Watch: 

Novos iPhones e relógios entram em pré-venda no Brasil: 

Apple reajusta preços da App Store no Brasil: 

Ações da Apple despencam: 

Apple culpa cenário externo por previsões baixas para o próximo trimestre: 

Apple vai parar de reportar vendas de iPhones, iPads e Macs: 

Surge tradicional “falha da tela bloqueada” no iOS 12.1: 



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gemmakookie7 / 1 page
It starts with a poem then he feel in love her. He tried so hard to get to her but sometimes you're too late. He couldn't live without her he loved he to much. He tried to hide the fact he was not happy without her, that was his only light, smi...
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          Comment on Learning the Basics of Snapchat Marketing by Learning the Basics of Snapchat Marketing | Eve...      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] How can you use the social-sharing app to market to potential attendees?  […]
          It just doesn’t feel like winter without snow      Cache   Translate Page      
Thank you so much to everyone who commented, snapchatted or messaged me feedback to my last post! If you haven’t checked it out and told me what you think of my early 2016 blog plans, please let me know what you think! I’ve gotta be honest with you, the idea of making videos and posting […]
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          They're Sticky, Oval-Shaped, Red, White, And Blue. Why Do We Get "I Voted" Stickers?      Cache   Translate Page      
On election day, some students can get extra credit if they show teachers their “I Voted” sticker. Others post selfies on social media with the hashtag #IVotedSelfie. Some people drop off their mail-in ballots just to get the sticker. But, why? What does it mean? Fresno State student Charie Payne says she likes wearing it, especially as an African American woman. “I really cherish and value the history that comes along with the ability to vote because I know the people that came before me worked so hard and endured a lot just for us to be able to vote today, and I don’t take that for granted,” Payne says. For student Veronica Cruz it’s her first time voting. “I look forward to getting it and it also shows that I voted so it could give other people motivation to vote,” the 19-year-old says. Cruz says selfies featuring “I Voted” stickers are all over her social media feeds too. “On SnapChat especially," she says, "I think a lot of people just post their sticker.” Brittney Smith says she
          8 Best Snapchat Saver Apps: Save Snapchats Secretively 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Snapchat is among the biggest social media platforms. Today we are going to discuss the 8 Best Snapchat Saver Apps. Using these apps you can easily Save Snapchats Secretively. All of these apps are working perfectly, we’ve tested them and then we are posting them here. The main reason for SnapChat being so popular is that they […]

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          IRL: ochelarii cu „AdBlock” pentru mediul offline (Curiozitati)      Cache   Translate Page      

Problema reclamelor intruzive a fost parţial rezolvată folosind extensii de browser de tip AdBlock, însă în viaţa reală suntem încă bombardaţi cu reclame din toate părţile. Un startup numit IRL (In Real Life) propune însă o soluţie de acest gen şi pentru momentele „offline”, promiţând o pereche de ochelari care poate bloca toate ecranele din jur, pentru a limita pe cât posibil „bombardarea” cu imagini în mişcare.

Ochelarii IRL nu folosesc o tehnologie foarte avansată şi nici măcar nu aduc pe piaţă ceva complet nou, ochelarii de soare obişnuiţi cu polarizare anulând deja imaginile de pe display-uri, dacă sunt privite la 90 de grade. Ce a făcut însă IRL este să mute unghiul de polarizare al lentilelor cu 90 de grade, astfel încât atunci când priveşti un display în mod normal, acesta să pară închis.

Motivul pentru care conţinutul afişat pe display este anulat, este pelicula de polarizare aplicată pe majoritatea display-urilor LCD, care transmite lumina produsă la un unghi care este reflectat de lentilele ochelarilor cu polarizare verticală.

Cei care optează pentru aceşti ochelari vor fi astfel feriţi de reclamele de pe ecranele din jurul lor şi vor putea de asemenea să se concentreze mai bine pe alte activităţi, fără ca atenţia să le fie distrasă de imaigni în mişcare de pe ecranele din jurul lor. IRL promite ca ochelarii să anuleze imaginile de pe majoritatea televizoarelor, multe dintre monitoarele de computer, însă nu şi imaginile de pe telefoane. Aceasta din urmă este ar trebui însă să fie cu un mic asterisc, întrucât doar telefoanele cu panouri OLED pot trece de ochelarii IRL, nu şi cele cu ecrane LCD.

În afară de polarizarea neobişnuită care permite blocarea imaginilor de pe televizoare, ochelarii IRL promit să fie absolut obişnuiţi putând fi folosiţi pe post de ochelari de soare cu protecţie UV400. Desigur, IRL nu încurajează utilizarea lor la volan.  

Momentan ochelarii IRL sunt în proces de finanţare pe Kickstarter, unde comanda în avans costă 50 de dolari, cu termenul de livrare stabilit pentru aprilie 2019. După lansare, ochelarii vor costa 79 de dolari.



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          Snapchat compte sur Windows pour se relancer !      Cache   Translate Page      
Après avoir boudé pour ne pas dire méprisé la plateforme mobile de Microsoft pour laquelle il n'a jamais voulu sortir son logiciel, et où il a même été plus loin en bloquant toute initiative allant dans ce sens, Snapchat espère que Windows lui permettra de retrouver un second souffle. En effet après avoir participé à la mise à mort de Windows Phone et Windows Mobile par son mépris, Snapchat le réseau social auquel nous n'avons jamais rien compris, vient de récemment développer une nouvelle application pour MacOS et Windows, la bataille sur smartphone semblant avoir été perdue face à "Insta".

Baptisée "Snap Camera", nous faisons nous même le choix de ne pas mettre de lien par mépris de ce service, cette application se propose de réaliser des chats vidéo sur votre ordinateur avec l'application de filtres "rigolos" comme sur smartphone. Ne comprenant toujours pas l'utilité de cette application on vous laisse juger de son intérêt mais une chose est sûre, de notre côté on lui souhaite autant de succès que Windows Mobile en a eu ces dernières années. Nous lui apportons autant de soutien qu'elle a pu en apporter à Microsoft et à nos Windows Phone !
           18 Year Old Daughter Masturbates Outside In Public       Cache   Translate Page      

Cute Teenie Mastubates in Public and shares it on Snapchat !

          Influencer Snapchata pozwany za niezrealizowanie działań na Instagramie      Cache   Translate Page      
Luka Sabbat został pozwany za niewywiązanie się ze świadczeń, jakie zadeklarował zrealizować na Instagramie na rzecz promocji Spectacles 2. Agencja chce od młodego influencera zwrotu otrzymanych pieniędzy oraz dodatkowej kwoty za poniesione straty.

          Były prezes Snapchata Imran Kahn oraz generał George Close pojawią się na Kongresie 590      Cache   Translate Page      
Imran Kahn, były członek zarządu Snap Inc., właściciela aplikacji Snapchat oraz generał Armii Stanów Zjednoczonych George Close dołączyli do grona zagranicznych prelegentów Kongresu 590. Pierwszy z nich weźmie udział w debacie na temat budowy kultury innowacji i wspierania przedsiębiorczości. Drugi z gości opowie o wpływie przemysłu zbrojeniowego na rozwój gospodarczy.
           Convinced My Stepsis To Suck Me Off : SNAPCHAT @ALEXISFOX69       Cache   Translate Page      

          Commenti su La Top 10 dei calciatori che fumano di      Cache   Translate Page      
E i calciatori? Non hanno mai fatto eccezione, anche se hanno sempre cercato di farlo di nascosto o perlomeno in privato. Periodicamente c' qualcuno che cerca di montare uno scandalo quando un giocatore viene beccato con la bionda col filtro. Adesso il turno di Marco Verratti , immortalato e messo su snapchat, inavvertitamente o meno, dalla moglie di Marquinhos.
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Preview Image Emojis are a great way to express your feelings via text messages. If you are an emoji lover and love to use different emojis in your text messages then the Emoji Keyboard app is the perfect choice for you. It is a stylish and attractive keyboard that allows you to input your text or emojis in a completely different and interesting manner. The most interesting aspect of this keyboard app is that it does not only have a great variety of emojis but that it also contains various other features that make it so useful. The Emoji Keyboard app offers some mind-blowing online and local keyboard backgrounds that you will surely find very attractive. You can select any keyboard background according to your choice and change it any time with ease. You cannot only use different emojis in your write-ups wherever you want like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or any other app; you can also use differently available stickers to send them to your loved ones. You can also select different font styles to type your text messages in various styles and formats. Moreover, you also have the option of selecting different keyboard sounds to give you fun background music while typing the text. Furthermore, there are different wallpapers available that you can set for your keyboard as well which means that the background is great when you are typing up messages. You can make full use of the emojis in any app you want but if you are using the free version then you can only use two pages. For full emoji support, you will have to go with the pro version. This emoji app not only supports emoji text face and funny emojis but there is also art emoji support available. If the available font styles are not appealing enough or aren't to your liking, you can create your own font styles as well. It's a great feature and if you are really nitpicky about the font style you use for typing then you would surely find this feature to be of good benefit. The app also offers the option of customizing keyboard theme color that fits your needs. Moreover, if the available keyboard wallpapers within the app are not good for you, you can create your own with ease. To use this keyboard on any of your apps, you have to first enable it and set it as the default keyboard. Without enabling it, you cannot use this keyboard app. You can also change the language of the emoji keyboard if needed. This is a great option for non-English speakers as you can then comfortably type in your native language. The app also offers a pro version where the number of available emojis are higher. The pro version also works better due to the fact there are no advertisements to bother you while typing with the keyboard in the pro version. Features: A powerful keyboard filled with three emoji styles Attractive and appealing keyboard user interface Variety of great stickers to choose from Beautiful and unique font styles that fit your needs Creation of customized fonts possible Super cool keyboard backgrounds to choose from Variety of keyboard wallpapers to choose from Custom keyboard wallpaper support is available Emoji text face, art emoji, and funny emoji categories Available in a number of languages Conclusion: Emoji Keyboard is a great and stylish keyboard app that allows you to entirely change the look and feel of the way you text with your phone. It allows you to make full use of the emojis in any app you want. This app is ideal for those who love to use emojis in their text messages and want to use a different keyboard with cool features and design.
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"Hier werden Volontäre gut gefordert und gefördert"
Journalist werden - und das im Zeitalter von Snapchat, "Lügenpresse" und der "Generation Praktikum"? Unbedingt, sagt Katrin Röger von der ems. An der Journalistenschule in Babelsberg lerne man klassisches Handwerk und vorausdenkende ...

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Die App Douyin ist eine Mischung aus Snapchat, Instagram und Youtube. In China kennen sie alle. Auf iTunes ist die App auf Platz 1 der Download-Charts.
          Francia, dai servizi ai ministri: "Il Paese ora è fuori controllo"      Cache   Translate Page      
L'ultimo a sollevare il problema è stato Philippe de Villiers, politico francese, segretario di Stato nel secondo governo Chirac, membro dell"Assemblea Nazionale e poi del Parlamento europeo.De Villiers, intervistato nella trasmissione "Les Terriens du Samedi" di sabato 3 novembre, ha rivelato delle confidenze-bomba fatte da suo fratello, il generale Pierre de Villiers, capo di stato maggiore dell'esercito transalpino dal 2014 al 2017, a Emmanuel Macron in persona.Il generale Pierre de Villiers avrebbe detto a Macron che "Se le periferie daranno luogo a ulteriori e ancora più violente rivolte, non avremo modo di fronteggiarle: ci mancano i mezzi, ci mancano gli uomini. E' questa la realtà della situazione politica francese".Il problema immigrazione, unito a quello della sicurezza, suscita allarmi sempre più diffusi in terra francese. E a mostrare sempre maggiore preoccupazione non è solo qualche "pericoloso populista" magari ispirato dalla Le Pen, ma gli stessi uomini al servizio del governo. Quali, ad esempio, l'ex ministro dell'Interno Gerard Collomb.Collomb, poco prima di lasciare l'incarico lo scorso ottobre, ha rilasciato un'intervista al settimanale Valeurs Actuelles che lascia ben poco spazio a interpretazioni riguardo le sue opinioni sullo stato dell'immigrazione in Francia. "Assolutamente no" ha risposto lapidariamente all'intervistatore che gli chiedeva se il Paese avesse ancora bisogno di immigrati. "E' molto inquietante - ha detto Collomb riguardo lo stato della sicurezza nel Paese -. Quello che leggo ogni mattina nei rapporti di polizia riflette una situazione piuttosto pessimistica. Le relazioni tra le persone sono molto difficili, le persone non vogliono vivere insieme".Alla domanda sulla responsabilità dell'immigrazione in questo fenomeno, Collomb ha risposto: "E' enorme. Alcune comunità in Francia si scontrano sempre più, e in modo sempre più violento". L'ex ministro dell'Interno ha anche dichiarato di temere possibili secessioni. Interrogato, infine, su quanto tempo resti alla Francia per rimediare, Collomb ha fatto previsioni foschissime: "Direi che da qui a 5 anni la situazione potrebbe diventare irreversibile. Sì, abbiamo 5 anni per evitare il peggio".A tenere compagnia a de Villier e Collomb c'è poi Patrick Calvar, ex capo del Dgsi - i servizi segreti francesi - che già nel 2016 riteneva che le tensioni sociali stessero raggiungendo la soglia massima di tolleranza, tanto da temere uno scontro tra la destra radicale e il mondo musulmano. "Siamo sull"orlo di una guerra civile - disse all'epoca Calvar -. Ancora un paio di attentati e questa avrà luogo".Le polemiche sulla sicurezza sono tornate di stretta attualità in Francia dopo la notte di Halloween, quando nelle periferie di Parigi e di numerose altre città (tra cui Lione, Rennes, Nantes, Tolosa e Marsiglia) sono scoppiate violenze e disordini in seguito all'invito, lanciato da un adolescente magrebino su Snapchat, ad insorgere contro la polizia ed "epurare" la città di Grenoble, invito poi divenuto virale e rilanciato in tutto il Paese.Risultato: decine di auto bruciate, furti, saccheggi, cassonetti rovesciati o dati alle fiamme, aggressioni agli uomini in divisa e oltre 100 arresti.In attesa del prossimo round. E sperando che non sia la resa dei conti definitiva.
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Facebook Inc meluncurkan aplikasi mobile bernama Slingshot yang memungkinkan konsumen berbagi foto dan video tanpa memerlukan akun Facebook. Aplikasi Slingshot merupakan upaya ketiga dari Facebook untuk merayu pengguna Snapchat, setelah sebelumnya meluncurkan Poke di Desember 2012 dan kemudian berusaha mengakuisisi Snapchat, demikian dilaporkan Information Week (17/6/2014). Melalui aplikasi Slingshot, pengguna dapat masuk ke layanan Facebook […]

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          TikTok video platform vaults ahead of major US social media apps in number of downloads in October      Cache   Translate Page      
TikTok, a short video platform developed by Beijing-based ByteDance, ranked ahead of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat in number of new US downloads from both the Google Play and Apple App Store last month, putting it the top spot in the social app category, according to app researcher Apptopia. TikTok boosted its user base from 100 million viewers to 130 million after the merger with lip-synching app in August, according to Apptopia. Bytedance acquired last year...
           Experten helfen beim Schutz persönlicher Daten vor Hackerangriffen       Cache   Translate Page      
Der Vortrag in der regioVHS trägt den Titel „Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook – EU-Datenschutz im Zeitalter der Cyber-Risiken?“. Er findet am Donnerstag, 8. November, im Alten Rathaus, Rathausstraße 24 i ...
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We&rsquore looking for a Partnerships Manager MENA to join Team Snapchat! 7 years experience working for either a platform or in talent management PR or partner program management (more) p Login for more job information and to Apply
          Commentary: Google, Facebook won't reign forever      Cache   Translate Page      
Google and Facebook may currently have a dominant share of digital ad spend, but Snapchat and Amazon are snapping at their he -More

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Film porno o tytule Nagie zdjęcia dziewczyn ze snapchata oryginalnie został wrzucony na stronę Darmowe filmy erotyczne gdzie można znaleźć więcej podobnych filmów.

Jeżeli chcecie zobaczyć nagie zdjęcia dziewczyn ze snapchata, to musicie mieć zainstalowanego snapchata. Otóż NIE! Wcale nie musicie nic instalować. Wystarczy tylko, że znacie naszą stronę i to wszystko. Nic nie trzeba instalować, aby zobaczyć nagie zdjęcia amatorek. One same je wysyłają bo myślą, że nikt nie może ich zapisać. Jak doskonale widać w galerii […]

Ten film erotyczny Nagie zdjęcia dziewczyn ze snapchata pojawił się po raz pierwszy na Darmowe filmy erotyczne

          Koffee with Karan Season 6 starts off on a high!      Cache   Translate Page      

MUMBAI: Koffee with Karan’s latest season that premiered on 21st October has moved from strength to strength, garnering an unprecedented viewership of 6.2Mn in Week 1, across TV & Hotstar, up 114% from last year. The television viewership on Star World and Star World HD stood at 3.1 Mn viewers (BARC 2+ U+R).

On Hotstar the viewership has grown by 134% to 3.1 Mn viewers in week 1, with audiences engaging deeply with the show on the platform, spending 38 mins on an average watching the first episode.

Koffee with Karan has always been uniquely positioned to reach the most discerning of audiences, with NCCS A contributing 74% of the viewership and cities Mumbai and Delhi drawing 62% of the viewership on the show. It remains the most-watched show in the English Entertainment category (BARC NCCS AB, 15+, 1Mn +) with the first episode leading by a 39.7% margin[1] across October.

In a first for the category in India, Star World is partnering with global social media platform, Snapchat to create ‘Koffee Filters’. Leaving an enormous digital footprint, the campaign garnered over 1.2 billion impressions in the build up to the launch on Twitter, with hashtags that trended pan India for two days leading up to the premiere of the season.

Star Spokesperson: “Our strength as a network across TV and Digital has been key to the growth in consumption for this show. Anchored by good conversations, the show has become a property that its fans look forward to on Sunday evenings. Equally, there are more and more audiences discovering the show and watching it on their personal screens. In fact, the most avid fans can watch the show before broadcast through a Hotstar Premium subscription. And while we’ve kept the essence of the show intact, the new gaming segment has added to the freshness of the show and has been well received by fans”

          Snapchat Series Star Vivian Benitez Doesn't Take Herself Too Seriously, Thank God      Cache   Translate Page      

A funny thing happened after I published my review of Vivian, a collaborative reality series from E!/Snapchat that I stumbled upon one evening when I was unwilling to put my phone down and think about the real world: Its star, 21-year-old modeling scout Vivian Benitez, contacted me. And not to yell at me! She told me…


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The Romans couldn’t keep up with new information (“Have you read the latest Cicero speech?” “I don’t have time!”) and needed a better way to organize it. Thus came the invention of tables of contents, indexes, book reviews, encyclopedias, and other shortcuts. What kinds of technological solutions might help us cope with the information overload we all experience today? Guests include: Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack; Nathan Jurgenson, Snapchat sociologist.

This episode is brought to you by the following advertisers: Merrill Lynch. Get started today at American Express. Don’t do business without it.
          ‘I Voted’ stickers push young voters to head to polls as they overwhelm social media      Cache   Translate Page      
Regardless of which party is in control of Congress after midterm elections Tuesday, one result is inevitable: the onslaught of selfies with the “I Voted” sticker that cover Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
          Coke spices up UK holiday campaign with cinnamon-scented tube station      Cache   Translate Page      

The updated "Holidays are Coming" campaign focuses, for the first time, on Coke Zero and includes a push on Snapchat.

          In-app updates API will let Android apps update while you use them      Cache   Translate Page      

Android applications can have issues when you're not on the latest version – especially ones that integrate with external services (social media, email, etc). Many apps, like Snapchat, have built-in checks to determine if they are out of date, and prompt users to install the latest version from the Play Store. Google today announced a new API that allows apps to install updates while you use them.

The aptly-named 'In-app Updates API' gives applications more control over how they can check for and install updates.

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In-app updates API will let Android apps update while you use them was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Straight boy vibes🍂 . . #telford #zara #university #bcu #zaraman #birmingham #black #beard #snapchat #gay #gayboy #gaypride #gayguys #asos #uni #student #eyebrows #braids #menwithbraids #menwithlonghair #black #lighting #cap #nike #jumper #justdoit #ootd
          出海日报 | Grab再获现代汽车2.5亿美元投资;海外版抖音TikTok成美国10月下载量最高应用       Cache   Translate Page      


现代汽车2.5亿美元加投 Grab 

KrASIA  讯,韩国现代汽车 (Hyundai Motor) 向东南亚打车巨头 Grab 注资2.5亿美元,使Grab 正在进行的 H 轮融资总额达27亿美元。现代汽车和其子公司起亚汽车将于明年在东南亚市场进行电动车项目测试。项目将率先在新加坡展开,现代汽车承诺将在2019年租赁200辆电动汽车给 Grab。Grab 总裁同时表示,在新加坡启动试点项目后,Grab将把目光投向马来西亚和印尼的电动汽车市场。

TikTok 成为美国下载量最高应用

36氪获悉,今年10月,抖音海外版TikTok成为美国月度下载量最高的应用。近日市场应用机构Sensor Tower 发布的数据显示,TikTok在上个月的下载量超过了Facebook、Instagram、Snapchat 和YouTube。




The Economic Times 讯,在被印度方言社交平台 ShareChat 以侵权为由告上法庭后,字节跳动对旗下平台 Helo 的设计和广告词都做出了调整。被起诉后,Helo 第一时间在 Google Play 中调整了自己的广告词,在此前的“Helo: Whatsapp Status, Video Clip, Share&Chat”中,在 Share 和 Chat 两个词中间加入了“Follow”一词。此外,Helo 在页面设计上也做出了一定的调整,此前与 ShareChat 几乎一模一样的界面被更换。目前,法院并未对产品设计和内容作出评论,该案的审理也还在进行中。

据了解,Helo今年7月在印度一经推出,母公司字节跳动就在市场营销上投入了巨资来获取用户,不到三个月便获得了近1000万用户,日活达到了200万。而 ShareChat 当初花了近18个月才达到这个数字。今年9月起,Helo 在下载量等数据上已经超过了 ShareChat。Sharechat 目前日活超过750万,用户超过了5000万。


国际金融公司(IFC)5000万美元债务投资 Ujjivan Small Finance Bank 

世界银行旗下国际金融公司 (IFC) 计划以5000万美元债务投资 Ujjivan Small Finance Bank。IFC 表示,这笔贷款将帮助孟加拉低收入人群拓宽小额借贷渠道,以补充传统金融服务的不足,并致力于为金融机构从 NBFC 转型为小型金融银行提供长期和多样化的融资支持。

Ujjivan Small Finance bank 是 Ujjivan Financial Services 的全资子公司。IFC 持有 Ujjivan Financial Services 约4.4%的股份,其他主要投资方还包括 CX Partners、NewQuest、Bajaj、红杉和凯斯宾。Ujjivan Small Finance bank 拥有印度储备银行 (RBI) 牌照,并于2016年开展银行业务,目前在印度的24个邦设有462家分行。


一加日前宣布和美国运营商 T-Mobile 合作。从11月1日起,T-Mobile 将在全美5600多家门店内销售一加手机。T-Mobile 是美国第三大运营商,其用户数量达到1.09亿,每季度销售的智能手机为8000万台左右。报告显示,在印度市场,第三季度一加在3万卢比以上价位段(约合400美金以上)高端手机市场占有率超过三星(28%)和苹果(25%),继第二季度之后又一次蝉联了印度高端市场的第一。



亚马逊目前正在加大对印度物流基础设施的投资,用以增强其在印度电商领域影响力。日前,亚马逊对旗下物流部门亚马逊运输服务公司(Amazon Transportation Services) 再注资1.22亿卢比(折合人民币约1166万元)。

亚马逊此前已承诺在印度投资至少50亿美元,并另外再拨出5亿美元来发展其食品零售业务。与此同时,该公司还向当地实体亚马逊印度零售有限公司(Amazon retail India Pvt. Ltd.) 投入约=1400万美元。



Business-standard 讯,汇丰银行印度分公司近期进行了一项贸易融资交易,该贸易是印度的信实工业与美国三广能源公司间的出口贸易。其中汇丰印度首次使用了区块链技术,大大减少了处理文件所需的时间。

近期,汇丰银行、渣打银行和其他10 家银行在香港推出了一个新的区块链贸易融资平台eTrade,以提高数万亿美元国际贸易融资效率。区块链技术与电子提单平台相结合,可用以发行和管理电子提单,并可同时通过智能合约在相关交易中将货物的所有权以数字的方式从卖方转移到买方。所有利益相关者都可以实时查看进度,透明度高。


MassMutual Ventures (MMV) 设立5000万美元东南亚基金

MassMutual Ventures(MMV) 发表声明,宣布设立首支东南亚基金,目标融资额为5000万美元,并在新加坡开设了首个区域办事处。据了解,这支东南亚基金将重点关注数字医疗、金融科技、保险科技和企业软件等领域 A 轮和 B 轮的公司。基金计划在未来三年里投资10-15家初创公司,平均投资额为200 - 500万美元。此外,MassMutual Ventures 还支持与地区风投机构及诸如 Grab、Go-Jek 等地区巨头的合作投资。

MassMutual Ventures 是 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company 的合资公司。除了新的东南亚基金,它还管理着波士顿的一只2亿美元的基金,投资范围包括北美、欧洲及以色列。

Golden Gate Ventures 投资韩国 AI 创企 Skelter Labs Inc.

韩国人工智能初创公司Skelter Labs Inc. 宣布完成来自Golden Gate Venture 的新一轮融资,具体金额尚未透露。据了解,新资金将推动Skelter Labs进入包括越南、泰国、马来西亚等地的新型东南亚市场。

Skelter Labs 被公认为韩国发展最快的AI 初创公司之一,专注于机器智能的四个关键维度,包括视觉/语言、语境和对话。它主要支持企业在价值链上应用人工智能技术,包括制造、客户运营、设备交互、消费者超目标。

印度最大本土资本 Aavishkaar 计划为东南亚基金募资3亿美元

Livemint 讯,Aavishkaar Group 宣布推出旗下第8支基金,预计投资3亿美元,并计划在2019年底前完成首轮募资。据了解,该基金将关注金融服务、农业、能源和卫生领域,并将有意识地避开印度和中国,将重点放在越南、印尼、缅甸和老挝等较小的细分市场。

Aavishkaar 目前正在为旗下两只基金筹集资金。这两只基金分别是2亿美元的 Aavishkaar Bharat 基金和1.5亿美元的非洲基金。

印度“微商”Meesho 完成5000万美元融资,顺为资本参与投资

Livemint 讯,印度班加罗尔社交平台交易创企 Meesho 发表声明,宣布完成5000万美元 C 轮融资。本轮融资投资方包括顺为资本、DST Partners、RPS Ventures、红杉印度、赛富投资基金(SAIF Partners)、Venture Highway 和 Y Combinator,新资金主要用于发展印度本土业务及为未来国际扩张做准备。

Meesho 创立于2016年,公司从 Y Combinator 成长起来,目前已成为印度使用社交媒体销售产品的助推器。通过 Meesho,卖家可以挑选商品分享到 Facebook、WhatsApp、和Instagram 等社交媒体上,自行定价。买家支付完成后,商品由 Meesho 支持直接发货给买家,并收取15% 的佣金。这个模式类似于国内的一部分微商代理。商品全由平台提供,卖家不需要压货,也不用操心物流,准入门槛低,但也就注定了卖家没有竞争壁垒。特别是在 WhatsApp 上,该应用程序是世界上目前最受欢迎的消息类应用程序。在印度,每月都有超过2亿的用户活跃在 Meesho 上。截至目前,Meesho 上已经注册卖家大约为200万个。公司同时计划在2020年达到2000万卖家用户。

关联阅读:瞄准社交电商风口,印度“微商”Meesho 获1150 万美元融资

印度 Transit Capital 计划募资6000万美元筹建首支基金

Livemint 援引知情人士信息,跨境风险投资机构 Transit capital 计划募资筹建首支基金,目标金额为5000 - 6000万美元。新成立的基金将专注于投资具有跨境背景的科技初创企业。所投企业可以常驻国外,但必须在印拥有相当的用户群。

Transit Capital 是进入印度跨境风险投资领域的最新玩家。此前,印度已经拥有包括本土风投基金IvyCap 和 Unicorn Ventures 在内的众多投资机构。今年6月,独角兽印度投资公司 (Unicorn India Ventures) 宣布与英国 Ascent Ventures 合作成立一支跨境基金投资于英国的初创企业,并计划每年增加500万卢比用于公司完善印度市场相关的产品和服务。

新加坡电子采购平台 SESAMi 与发票融资公司 Capital Match 合并

SESAMi 宣布与 Capital Match 合并,两家公司自此融合成一个完整的供应链金融平台,年收入超过1450万美元。此外,双方还作为全新实体完成了最新一笔融资,具体金额尚未披露。投资人包括 OSK Venture International Bhd、Dymon Asia Ventures 等投资者。

Capital Match 成立于2014年,是一家 p2p 借贷平台,但其业务重心已转向以发票融资服务为主,并为新加坡和香港的中小企业提供了逾7270万美元的融资,融资资金主要来自零售及机构投资者。


芬兰 Maas Global 要做新加坡交通一站式解决方案“Netflix”

KrASIA 讯,芬兰科技公司 Maas Global 致力于为新加坡交通提供一站式解决方案。据了解, Maas Global 目前已与新加坡最大的出租车运营商 Comfort Delgro 合作,并将于2019年第一季度在这里推出其交通服务聚合应用程序 Whim。Whim 可提供一系列综合的交通方式选择,其中包括出租车、公共汽车、火车、汽车租赁和自行车。用户既可以选择实时付费,也可以选择订阅包。在某种意义上,它是交通工具中的 “Netflix”。Whim 想成为独立个人的移动通行运营商,通过智能手机的订阅提供一站式服务。

印度二手车交易平台 Truebil 完成135万美元融资

Aimgroup 讯,总部位于印度孟买的二手车线上交易平台 Truebil 宣布完成135万美元的新一轮融资,投资方为知名风险投资公司 Trifecta Capital。截至目前,该公司的融资总金额已达1300万美元。据透露,Truebil 可能在之后完成规模更大的一轮融资。 去年二月,Truebil 曾完成了一笔300万美元的A轮+融资,顺为资本领投。

Truebil 创立于2015年,其运营母公司为 Paix Technology Pvt Ltd,公司起初是一家二手车交易平台,专注于提供二手车销售服务,后来开始逐渐涉及到其他业务,包括提供优惠汽车贷款,二手车交易文件整理,车辆保修服务,紧急道路救援以及更新车辆保险等。据了解,Truebil 所提供的服务让客户十分放心,他们会仔细检查二手车的车况,认真准备车辆检查报告,并且上传车辆划痕部位的照片,以便买家可以深入了解车辆状况,并选择自己满意的车辆。现阶段,该公司业务主要覆盖孟买、德里和班加罗尔三个城市。

老虎全球管理基金欲投资 Fyle 和 Facilio 

VCCircle 讯,老虎全球管理基金时隔三年之后重新回到印度市场,公司目前正计划对两家初创公司 Fyle 和 Facilio 进行投资,预计每家公司将获得500-600万美元资金。如果本次交易能够顺利完成,将会是这家老牌投资基金公司自2015年底以来首次在印度投资初创公司。

Facilio 是一家基于物联网技术的基础设施优化软件初创公司,三位联合创始人分别是Ramachandran、Rajavel Subramanian 和 Yogendra Babu,他们利用物联网(IoT)和机器学习技术收集数据,帮助设施管理人员了解每种固定资产的性能模式,从而促进节能并提高固定资产的使用寿命。Fyle 是一家费用管理软件公司,其平台可以帮助企业客户追踪和管理员工的旅行、保险、本地通勤、医疗和其他杂项费用。

出海日报由36氪国际站 KrASIA 出品。


1.“36氪出海”微信公众号现已问世!扫描下方二维码,或者微信搜索“36氪出海”(ID: wow36krchuhai),关注起来吧!将为大家集中地提供出海的好内容。多谢关注,请多多推荐!



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          Google ha eliminado más de 3.000 millones de URLs de su buscador por infracciones de derechos de autor      Cache   Translate Page      

Google ha eliminado más de 3.000  millones de URLs de su buscador por infracciones de derechos de autor#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Google acaba de publicar su informe anual sobre los esfuerzos que toma la empresa para lidiar con el contenido que viola derechos de autor y aparece en su buscador. Año tras año el número de solicitudes de eliminación de contenido por infracción de derechos de autor sigue aumentando y ya sobrepasa los 3.800 millones de URLs a través de más de 2 millones de dominios especificados.

Y aunque el número es gigantesco, la mayoría de las solicitudes son hechas por un pequeño puñado de organizaciones denunciantes. Google siempre está bajo una gran presión para poder cumplir con la DMCA, la ley estadounidense de protección de los derechos de autor a la que están sujetos, una que han aprovechado empresas especializadas centradas en la protección de derechos de autor como Rivendell o Degban, que envían la mayoría de estas solicitudes.

Google ofrece herramientas dentro de los formularios web a través de los cuales los propietarios de contenido pueden enviar reclamaciones. Esto ha causado que cada semana Google disminuya el nivel de unos 500 sitios web en su buscador, y que también elimine millones de URLs de las búsquedas por completo.

Pero la mayoría de esas denuncias son hechas por organizaciones especializadas, bufetes de abogados, entidades antipiratería, etc. De hecho, tan solo entre Rivendell y BPI (British Recorded Music Industry) amasan más de 850 millones de solicitudes. Remove Your Media LLC sobrepasa los 300 millones, y entre APDIF México y APDIF Brasil sobrepasan los 500 millones.

Captura De Pantalla 2018 11 07 A Las 11 31 56

No es solo el buscador

Google no tiene que lidiar solamente con retirar URLs de su buscador. Tanto la red de AdSende, como YouTube, la Play Store de Android y Google Drive son espacios de distribución de contenido que la empresa tiene que vigilar también en caso de infracciones de derechos de autor.

Hasta la fecha Google ha retirado de su red publicitaria más de 91.000 dominios por hacer uso inadecuado de material protegido por derechos de autor. Y más de 10 millones de anuncios no fueron aprobados por Google en 2017 por sospechas de haber infringido derechos de autor o por incluir enlaces a sitios infractores.

Gracias a Content ID los propietarios de derechos de autor pueden identificar y gestionar fácilmente su contenido en sitios como YouTube, que se contrastan con una base de datos de archivos que envían los mismos propietarios de contenido.

91.000 dominios retirados de la red publicitaria de Google, 250.000 apps eliminadas de la Play Store

YouTube le ha abonado hasta ahora más de 3.000 millones de dólares a los titulares de derechos, y 1.800 millones de dólares han sido abonados a la industria de la música entre octubre de 2017 y octubre de 2018. Y en Google Play retiraron más de 250.000 aplicaciones tan solo en 2017 por infringir sus políticas.

También hemos hablado con Jennifer Bernal, experta en políticas de derechos de autor y parte del equipo de Políticas Públicas de Google Bruselas para saber si tienen una herramienta similar a Content ID para medios de comunicación para evitar las noticias falsas, su respuesta fue que “no utilizan algo similar a Content ID para medios, pero ofrecen la posibilidad de buscar frases entrecomilladas para rastrear copias dentro de Google”.

Google no afirma que sus medidas hayan hecho "disminuir la piratería", pero se atreven a decir que "sus acciones parecen tener efecto" puesto que el gasto en contenidos legítimos ha aumentado en Internet en todas sus categorías. Algo que algunos creen tiene más que ver con mejor acceso, más plataformas de distribución de contenido sin tantas restricciones y menos con la eliminación de URLs.

También te recomendamos

EL FUTURO DEL COCHE ELÉCTRICO PASA POR ESTOS PUNTOS, el "YouTube pirata" ruso donde se puede ver hasta Infinity War y Black Panther, está a punto de ser bloqueado

Alguien filtró el código fuente de Snapchat en un repositorio de GitHub

La noticia Google ha eliminado más de 3.000 millones de URLs de su buscador por infracciones de derechos de autor fue publicada originalmente en Genbeta por Gabriela González .

          The Secret History of the Future: Infinite Scroll      Cache   Translate Page      

The Renaissance scholars couldn’t keep up with new information (“Have you read the latest Erasmus book?” “I don’t have time!”) and needed a better way to organize it. Thus came the invention of tables of contents, indexes, book reviews, encyclopedias, and other shortcuts. What kinds of technological solutions might help us cope with the information overload we all experience today? Guests include: Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack; Nathan Jurgenson, Snapchat sociologist.

          Apricot IPA Recipe Takes First Place at Bell’s Annual Homebrew Competition      Cache   Translate Page      

Apricot IPA Recipe Takes First Place at Bell’s Annual Homebrew CompetitionApricot IPA Recipe Takes First Place at Bell’s Annual Homebrew CompetitionFrom Bell’s Brewery:

COMSTOCK, Mich. – The winners of Bell’s 9th Annual Homebrew Competition were announced during the 10th Annual All Stouts Day at the Eccentric Café this past Sunday, Nov. 3.

Four homebrewers placed out of the 113 entries submitted this year. First place went to Matt MacQuillan for his Apricot IPA.

The recipe was created by MacQuillan after he was asked by a friend to help teach her how to homebrew. MacQuillan will brew his Apricot IPA recipe at Bell’s original brewery in Kalamazoo to then go on tap at the adjacent Café.

“I never in a million years thought I would win. It’s hard for me to put into words how extremely excited I am,” MacQuillan said.

He will also head to the 2019 Great American Beer Festival in Denver as a guest of Bell’s and compete alongside a Bell’s brewer in the Pro-Am Competition.

“Overall, we saw a lot of very solid entries this year. There was definitely a lot of experimentation and interesting ingredient additions as we have seen in the past. Choosing an overall winner is getting harder and harder to do because of the talent we are seeing,” said David Curtis, Bell’s General Store Operations Manager and competition organizer.

Second place again went to Ryan Schippers for his North East IPA, this is the second year in a row Schippers has claimed this prize. Third place went to Andrew Brouwers for his Session Farmhouse Ale. Fourth place went to Jim Milotz for his Sour Ale brewed with coriander.

This year’s honorable mentions are (in no particular order):

· Leah Helzerman – Mangosteen Gose

· Jason Glatz – Baltic Porter

· Andrew Hansen – Pumpkin spiced beer

· Ray Bilyk – Chocolate Covered Strawberry Stout

· Kevin Rayl – Kettle Soured Ale

· Mark Hofmann – Cherry Saison

· Steve Morren – Chocolate, peanut butter & hazelnut stout

All were recognized during Sunday’s announcement and received a prize.

From ingredients, to equipment to advice, the Bell’s General Store continues supporting the homebrew community that helped Larry Bell get his start before the brewery sold its first commercial pint. Originally founded as the Kalamazoo Brewing Co., the Bell’s General Store opened in 1983.

For more information and for updates, keep an eye on Bell’s website,, or join them on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Untappd.

Cheers and congratulations to everyone!


2017: Damson Plum Crisp Saison – Steve Vroegop

2016: Freedom of Peach, a hoppy saison brewed with peaches from Evan Monroe

2015: Bale So Hard, a farmhouse ale brewed with HBC 438 and Mosaic hops, from David Hellen

2014: Coffee Mustache, a California common style beer brewed with coffee, from Matt VanNatter

2013: Proud Mitten, a dry hopped IPA/pale ale made with Centennial, Citra and Simcoe hops, from David Lyman

2012: Manden Med Leen, a black IPA brewed with Belgian yeast, from Nick Rodammer

2011: A Bit of Heat from Geoff Groff, brewed with paradise seeds, rose hips and habaneros

2010: Oscar’s Folly, a collaborative IPA from Jarrett Cupp, Bailey Cupp and Paul Gentz


Bell's Brewery, Inc. began in 1985 with a quest for better beer and a 15 gallon soup kettle. Since then, we've grown into a regional craft brewery that employs more than 550 people over a 40 state area, in addition to Puerto Rico and Washington DC. The dedication to brewing flavorful, unfiltered, quality craft beers that started in 1985 is still with us today. We currently brew over 20 beers for distribution as well as many other small batch beers that are served at our pub in Kalamazoo, the Eccentric Café. Our ongoing goal is to brew thoughtfully, creatively and artistically. 100% family-owned and independent, we strive to bring an authentic and pleasant experience to all of our customers through our unique ales and lagers. For more information, please visit

          Yikes! Man Spots Tiny Bugs Crawling Around Under His Seat At Movie Theater      Cache   Translate Page      
This story will make you think about what could be going home with you when you leave a movie theater. This California man dropped his keys at a movie theater, and found way more than keys when he looked under the theater seats.       Facebook: The Karen Clark Instagram: @TheKarenClark Twitter/Snapchat: @The_KarenClark
          Snapchat Partners With Comscore, Making Third-Party Data Available      Cache   Translate Page      

This past Monday, on November 5th, 2018, Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat and Spectacles, unveiled that they teamed up with Comscore, a measurement company for cross-platform audiences.

This now allows third-party data availability for Snapchat Discover, a feature within the app where users go to view "stories" from multiple media companies, according to Adweek.

          Give your friends a video shout out with Cameo      Cache   Translate Page      
Cameo CEO Steven Galanis joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio to talk about why Cameo is so far apart from Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. One day in the very near future, Snapchat might not exist.  But something as interesting as Cameo will. With Galanis at the helm, it’s important to bet on the jockey and not the horse. This episode is sponsored by Bank of America and MB Real Estate. Now you can listen to Technori on Spotify!
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Snapchat: Leukoencephy Donate using email (four L’s): link in bio - @leukoencephalopathy.v8 - #textpost #dankmemes #memes #ayylmao #tumblrtextpost #kek #mlg #edgy #doggo #conspiracy #bushdid911 #9gag #4chan #filthyfrank #autism #ecchii #weeaboo #lmao #cringe #papafranku #lmfao #hentaii #meme #tumblrfunny #illuminati #jetfuelcantmeltsteelbeams #philosophy #brony #textposts -
          İşte Türkiye’nin Sosyal Medya Karnesi      Cache   Translate Page      
Türkiye sosyal medya kullanımı açısından hangi durumda? Ülkemizde en çok hangi sosyal medya platformları tercih ediliyor? Sosyal medya kanallarında kaç abone bulunuyor? Bu ve benzeri pek çok sorunun yanıtını içeren Türkiye’nin sosyal medya karnesi açıklandı. Küresel internet raporunun 2018 yılı ekim ayını kapsayan veriler Türkiye’nin sosyal medya ile olan tüm ilişkisini gözler önüne serdi. Rapor kapsamında bazı çarpıcı bilgiler de yer alıyor. Bu rapor kapsamında Türkiye’de 43 milyon kişi Facebook kullanıyor. Instagram kullanan kişilerin sayısı ise 37 milyonu buldu. Twitter ve Snapchat kullanıcıları ise 9 milyonda kaldı. Bu veriler de gösteriyor ki Türkiye’de sosyal medya dendiğinde akla ilk gelen Facebook oluyor. Ayrıca kullanıcı sayısının da her geçen gün büyük bir hızla arttığı dikkatlerden kaçmıyor. Türkiye’de En Çok Facebook Kullanılıyor! Küresel

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