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          Livepodcast: #wirreden – Die große Abschiedsgala!      Cache   Translate Page      
Bar0221 98593090info@die-wohngemeinschaft.netGet Directions - 06.11.2018. Livepodcast: #wirreden – Die große Abschiedsgala!. Wir zeigen dir auf wohin man abends ausgehen kann.
          Podcast: Brewing up business in a niche industry      Cache   Translate Page      
How did one small firm owner become the accountant of choice to so many craft brewery businesses across the country?
          The CEO and cofounder of a shaving company with 5 million customers explains how he and his co-CEO stay on the same page at all times      Cache   Translate Page      

Jeff Raider

  • Harry's, a razor company, was cofounded by co-CEOs Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield in 2013. They have known each other for 15 years. 
  • Today, Harry's has five million customers and has raised nearly half a billion dollars. Just this year, the company raised $112 million. 
  • If the co-CEOs disagree, they present the issue to their advisors in a unified front.

The cofounders and co-CEOs of Harry's have known each other for 15 years.

Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield began developing Harry's, a razor company, in 2011 and launched the company in 2013 as co-CEOs. Even today, they remain equal partners in the business.

"It's us, doing this together," Raider said on an episode of Business Insider's podcast "This Is Success," adding that "creating unnecessary hierarchy would just complicate that dynamic."

"And so we feel like it is a partnership, and that our titles just reflect that partnership," he continued. "We're also not precious about titles. I've never been like, you know, 'Oh I'm this title or that title.'"

Today the company has five million customers and has raised nearly half a billion dollars. Just this year, Harry's raised $112 million.

Back when Harry's was in the beginning phases, Raider and his co-CEO had to figure out the best way to ship their razors, find a distribution partner, negotiate rates, and figure out the right protocols and processes. It was, Raider said, "just way too much for any one person to do."

Notably, this is not Raider's only experience in co-leadership: prior to Harry's, he was one of the four cofounders of Warby Parker, a company that also uses a co-CEO model.

Working through disagreements as cofounders and co-CEOs

If Raider and Katz-Mayfield disagree and cannot come to a logical solution, the co-CEOs present the issue to their advisors.

"There are times when we disagree, but we have a tremendous amount of mutual respect for each other. And so our disagreements are never personal. It's always just sort of objective, like what is the right answer to this specific question," Raider said.

Raider noted that they shared a respect for each other's perspectives, as well as the ability to drive the business together. "When it came to strategy, where are we taking the company, what do we want to build in the long term, I think that's where we spent more time together," he said.

Read more: A startup CEO who's raised nearly $500 million says business strategy isn't what you do — it's what you don't

Raider joked that he and Katz-Mayfield finish each other's sentences and with all the time they spend together, their corporate email should have been Jeff and Andy at Harry's, instead of individual addresses. 

"I think having cofounders and co-CEOs in a company is great if you feel like you've got a great relationship with that other person and your skills complement each other well." Raider said. "And it was helpful for us to be able to kind of divide and conquer in that way; trust each other, in an implicit way, that we were going to execute well on our individual pieces, and then, obviously, align on the areas of intersection on sort of the general vision for the business."

SEE ALSO: The cofounder of a shaving company that's raised nearly half a billion dollars to take on Unilever and Procter & Gamble explains how he's building a brand to last 100 years

DON'T MISS: A startup CEO who's raised nearly $500 million says business strategy isn't what you do — it's what you don't

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NOW WATCH: Meet the founders of Warby Parker, the eyewear company disrupting the highly secretive Luxottica monopoly

          Gamebites 435 – Ome BlizzCon      Cache   Translate Page      

Bas was naar BlizzCon, Harry verloor zichzelf in Dragon Quest XI en Erwin probeerde een cowboy te zijn. Dat en … Naar podcast

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          50 must-listen podcasts from podcast-addicted parents who know      Cache   Translate Page      

We recently asked the members of our Out Tech Your Kids Facebook Group to share their choices for best podcasts for parents — that don’t have to be about parenting at all — and wow, we scored big. And well, so did you. If you’re looking for new podcasts to add to your regular rotation, […]

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          Angebote für Flüchtlinge - Wie Medien bei der Integration helfen      Cache   Translate Page      
Das Online-Angebot "WDRforyou" für Flüchtlinge auf einem Smartphone (Deutschlandradio/Stefan Fries)In den vergangenen Jahren sind mehrere Medien-Angebote an den Start gegangen, die sich gezielt an Geflüchtete richten. Sie wollen vor allem über das Leben in Deutschland informieren - ermöglichen geflüchteten Journalisten aber auch, hierzulande zu arbeiten.

Von Jan Schilling, @mediasres
Hören bis: 15.05.2019 16:46
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          Midterms in den USA - Wie die Sozialen Netzwerke mit ihrer Rolle im Wahlkampf hadern      Cache   Translate Page      
Eine Frau fotografiert Donald Trump bei einer Wahlkampf-Veranstaltung mit ihrem Smartphone. (Brendan Smialowski / AFP)CNN bezeichnet ihn als rassistisch und selbst dem konservativen Sender Fox ist er zuviel: Mehrere TV-Sender haben den neuen Wahlwerbespot von Donald Trump aus dem Programm genommen. Doch in den Sozialen Medien läuft er weiter - denn Tech-Unternehmen tun sich mit der Kontrolle ihrer Netzwerke immer noch schwer.

Von Anne-Katrin Eutin, @mediasres
Hören bis: 15.05.2019 16:42
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          Umfrage - Lehrer im Umgang mit Jugendmedienschutz überfordert      Cache   Translate Page      
Gruppe Schüler sitzt auf einer Treppe und kommuniziert mit Tablet-PCs und Smartphones | Verwendung weltweit, Keine Weitergabe an Wiederverkäufer. | dpa / picture alliance / imageBROKER (imageBROKER)Lehrer wünschen sich mehr Fortbildungen zum Jugendmedienschutz - das geht aus einer nicht repräsentativen Umfrage im Auftrag der Freiwilligen Selbstkontrolle Multimedia hervor. Jeder zweite befragte Pädagoge hält sich demnach nicht für kompetent genug, um Kinder und Jugendliche im Umgang mit Online-Medien zu schützen.

Von Claudia van Laak, @mediasres
Hören bis: 15.05.2019 16:37
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          25 Jahre "Hinz & Kunzt" - "Niemand kennt Hamburgs Straßen besser"      Cache   Translate Page      
Birgit Müller, Chefredakteurin des Magazins "Hinz & Kunzt" am 24.01.2018 in Hamburg  (dpa / Daniel Reinhardt)Das Hamburger Straßenmagazin "Hinz & Kunzt" feiert sein 25-jähriges Bestehen. Und obwohl viele der Inhalte von professionellen Journalistinnen und Journalisten erstellt werden, sagt Chefredakteurin Birgit Müller im Dlf: "Wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir ein Straßenmagazin sind."

Birgit Müller im Gespräch mit Stefan Koldehoff, @mediasres
Hören bis: 14.05.2019 16:52
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          "Football Leaks" - Mediale Überhöhung im Investigativjournalismus?      Cache   Translate Page      
Hände zeigen auf die Internetseite "Football Leaks" (dpa-Zentralbild)Bei "Football Leaks" wie auch schon bei den "Panama Papers" wird Investigativjournalismus exzessiv beworben. Der Kommunikationswissenschaftler André Haller findet das verständlich: "Das ist vor allem für junge Journalistinnen und Journalisten sehr wichtig", sagte er im Dlf.

André Haller im Gespräch mit Stefan Koldehoff, @mediasres
Hören bis: 14.05.2019 16:42
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          Andrew Fleming, Former Dow Jones Executive, Joins BTC Inc as Head of Media      Cache   Translate Page      
Andrew Fleming, Former Dow Jones Executive, Joins BTC Inc as Head of Media

BTC Inc, the parent company of Bitcoin Magazine, is excited to announce the hiring of Andrew Fleming to be the new head of its media division. The addition of Fleming to BTC Inc’s management roster is the latest example of an emerging trend of big-name talent leaving institutions in order to join the crypto and blockchain industry.

Before coming to BTC Inc, Fleming was the Head of Content Platforms at Dow Jones, parent company of the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Barron’s and many other leading publications. Prior to Dow Jones, Fleming was the VP of Product at Business Insider, where he was instrumental in building the company from a 13-person startup to a global media powerhouse. This move comes a few months after BTC Inc’s hiring of Jarrod Dicker, former VP of Innovation at the Washington Post, to be CEO of, a media blockchain initiative seeking to recapture value for content creators.

Fleming’s new role will encompass all parts of the BTC Inc media division: Bitcoin Magazine,, Distributed events, The Let’s Talk Bitcoin network of podcasts, and print properties.

“There’s lots of excitement in crypto, of course, and it’s something I’m really interested in,” said Fleming. “At Dow Jones we look at what’s happening and report on what we see, but to really understand the space, however, you have to be in it. That’s what landed me in a crypto media company.”

He added: “I come from a science background. The scientific method is a framework that produces new information, so I’ve always tried to apply that to what I’m doing — understand the landscape, collect the data, do the experiment and learn from it.”

“Hiring Andrew puts our media business in a position to better serve the growing audiences in the blockchain and crypto space, to deliver more value to our advertisers and to expand the mindshare of distributed technologies,” said David Bailey, CEO of BTC Inc. “He’s been a pioneer in the traditional media landscape, and with our team and audience he’s poised to take our media business to the next level.”

A veteran of both the print and online news worlds, Fleming notes that both Business Insider and BTC Inc share similar objectives:

“Both are saying, ‘Media as it is today isn’t working; how can we make it better?’ Both are also coming from an outside perspective on how media should work, which enables fresh and new-flowing ideas. It’s the new ideas for products and vision that can help catapult us to the forefront of both the crypto space and the media industry in general.

“BTC Inc, in particular, really sits at the heart of that world. Bitcoin Magazine has the cache of being one of the first publications, the company is widely connected and the people here know the people who have built this industry and who are building it.”

For Fleming, one of his top priorities for Bitcoin Magazine, in particular, will be to help the team understand and focus in on how to get the best information to the widest audience, with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

“That’s key for Bitcoin Magazine, in particular, because of its age and establishment in the space,” said Fleming. “It needs to be the authoritative voice on what’s happening and it needs to be accurate and well-investigated. We know that’s true already; we have to prove that to the rest of the world.”

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

          WRC Cast 22 – China And Russia Set Eyes On U.S Dollar      Cache   Translate Page      

In this podcast, Luke and Jason of WeAreChange break down the latest information on the insanity going on in the world this week. China and Russia have made some startling claims, and it seems the end for the dollar may be closer than ever.

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          Does Syncing Traffic Lights Reduce Traffic?      Cache   Translate Page      
Computer systems can indeed help traffic flow better by syncing stop lights' cycles. But how well does it work, and what does it take to implement? Learn how researchers hope to get you out of traffic jams in this episode of BrainStuff.

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          Comment on The Most Important Lesson on Your Path to Millionaire: How to Lose Money by Mark Reiland      Cache   Translate Page      
Where can we find your podcast?
          Comment on The Most Important Lesson on Your Path to Millionaire: How to Lose Money by John Wilson      Cache   Translate Page      
Fail forward! Great article, I went to look for your podcast and couldn’t find it on Apple Podcast. Says not available in US, is that accurate? I would love to listen
          Comment on Podcasts by Ep. 163 Scott Horton on Trump, the Saudis, and Murder | Contra Krugman      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] and Bob have their own podcasts! Check out the Tom Woods Show and the Lara-Murphy […]
          Google Podcasts now has share button for episodes, shows      Cache   Translate Page      
Google was a bit late to the podcast party but as they say, better late than never. However when they introduced Google Podcasts, which obviously is for users to organize and play podcasts, it lacked a lot of the features and functionality that we’ve gotten used to with other similar apps. One of those things […]
          FRESH TAKES: Impractical Jokers hit Rochester & Rick Grimes is no more (podcast)      Cache   Translate Page      
FRESH TAKES LIVE NOW: Impractical Jokers hit Rochester & Rick Grimes is no more (podcast)College basketball kicks off another season and Paul Russo and Nick Felice spotlight some early games of significance along with Syracuse football’s rise to #13 in the polls and the latest from the wide-open playoff chase in the National Football League. Also, the demise of Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead and the Impractical Jokers...
          KENNY’S 2 PENNIES: Cuomo, ‘Cuse & the embarrassing Bufflo Bills (podcast)      Cache   Translate Page      
KENNY’S 2 PENNIES LIVE at 10:30 AM (podcast)Join your host Kenny on the latest episode of Kenny’s 2 Pennies, where he discusses hot topics such as Syracuse Oranges win against Wake Forest, the embarrassing time to be a Bills fan, Cuomos lead in the government election and much more!  .
          NHL Picks and Predictions- Tuesday Night Betting Card 11-6-18      Cache   Translate Page      
NHL Picks and Predictions from Andrew McInnis and Drew Martin as the Sportsmemo handicappers break down the Tuesday card. McInnis gives out a Free Bet that he and Drew are both invested in tonight. Plus, a couple interesting betting angles on tonight's card. (updated NHL Odds from Vegas McInnis Special Offer: All Access Pass for 1/2 OFF using coupon code MCINNISHALF when checking out! ► Redeem Offer: Get more NHL Picks by following the Sportsmemo crew on Twitter: ► Sportsmemo: ► Drew Martin: ► Andrew McInnis: Stay connected with Sportsmemo: 🌐 Sportsmemo: 📈 Live Vegas Odds: 🎤 Sportsmemo Podcasts:
          NFL Opening Line Report for Week #10 from Vegas with Teddy Covers      Cache   Translate Page      
NFL Opening Line Report for Week #10 with Teddy Covers and Drew Martin as the Sportsmemo handicappers go over the opening and current numbers for this week's football action (updated NFL Odds from Vegas Get more NFL Picks by following the Sportsmemo crew on Twitter: ► Sportsmemo: ► Teddy Covers: ► Drew Martin: Stay connected with Sportsmemo: 🌐 Sportsmemo: 📈 Live Vegas Odds: 🎤 Sportsmemo Podcasts:
          English Through Football Podcast: 2018-18 – Arsenal vs Liverpool      Cache   Translate Page      

The Arsenal vs Liverpool match this weekend was the stand out match in the Premier League, and we’ll talk about that game in this week’s show. Also on the show, we explain the football phrase ‘set up’, as well as ask a football news related quiz question. If you’d like the transcript to the show […]

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          Essential Apple Podcast 110: Scrap-Book Air?      Cache   Translate Page      
This week of course Apple had a keynote event in New York and revealed a host of items, some expected (iPad), some only hoped
          Why bother with the Bible? Pt. 2 - infallibility and inerrancy - Audio      Cache   Translate Page      
The podcast of Calvary Chapel of Crook County contains the latest sermons from Pastor Rory Rodgers, and occasionally live recordings of the latest worship service.
          Podcast: Supreme Court Will Hear Case on Veterans? Cross Memorial Atheists Oppose      Cache   Translate Page      
On 11.06.18 12:01 AM posted by Katrina Trinko The Supreme Court recently announced that it will hear an appeal for a case involving a memorial cross. This large cross stands in an open field in Bladensburg, Maryland, and commemorates the sacrifice of 49 local servicemen who gave their lives in World War I. We talk with Jeremy Dys of First Liberty, the organization that is defending the memorial against the American Humanist Association. Listen below, or read the transcript, slightly further down.* We also cover these stories: * The midterm elections are today—and the Justice Department is not going to tolerate fraud. Officials will be monitoring voting in 19 states.
          Sebastian Gorka on the Biggest Threat Facing America and What Trump Is Doing About It      Cache   Translate Page      
On 11.06.18 12:01 AM posted by Rob Bluey Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, is author of the new book, “Why We Fight: Defeating America’s Enemies—With No Apologies (” He recently spoke to The Daily Signal. Listen to his full interview on our podcast ( A slightly edited version is below. *Rob Bluey: What are the most serious threats that America faces today?* *Sebastian Gorka:* In “Why We Fight (,” I go through the whole catalog of the threats that face us today—whether it’s North Korea, Russia, Iran, or China, or global jihadism, which was a subject of my first book “Defeating Jihad (” After my time in the White House, it’s very clear to me that we’re going to deal with all of these threats. The ISIS caliphate is already gone. The Iran deal is dead. Russia is being put back...
          Final Fantasy VI – Cane and Rinse No.342      Cache   Translate Page      
"The world before the fall, Lovely is the light of dawn, Noble is the heart of man..." Josh, Leah, Jon and Maya Santandrea continue our journey through the Final Fantasy series with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's final entry. Hironobu Sakaguchi, who has been intimately involved with the series up to this point, takes a reduced role as Producer for this title and instead Yoshinori Kitase and Hiroyuki Ito take on directing duties. With this change in responsibilities came a change of style and approach as compared with series up to this point. This would ultimately shape the trajectory of Final Fantasy as it moved onto new devices. We discuss how we feel about these changes, plus our responses to the largest cast of playable characters in the series entire history and a villain that represents a very different kind of evil than we've seen up this point. This and more, as we cover Square's 1994 release, Final Fantasy VI.   Music used in this issue: 1. Forever Rachel by Nobuo Uematsu 2. Dancing Mad by Nobuo Uematsu Cane and Rinse 342 was edited by Ryan Hamann (@InsrtCoins) Don't forget, you can get the Cane and Rinse podcast a week early if you support our Patreon for just $1 a month! Do you have an opinion about a game we're covering that you'd like read out on the podcast? Then venture over to our forum and check out the list of upcoming games we're covering. Whilst there you can join in the conversations with our friendly community in discussing all things relating to videogames, along with lots of other stuff too. Sound good? Then come and say hello at The Cane and Rinse forum
          The Unbalanced Note #13 – ‘BEASTIE BOYS’!      Cache   Translate Page      

Here is the BRAND SPANKING NEW debut of the newest podcast under the MULTI-MEDIA MEN banner called ‘The Unbalanced Note‘, where the show is related to all things MUSIC! Here on this new show, musician Jacob Douglas and I talk about everything we love or dislike about music, musicians, and the music industry.  In our 13th episode, our music topics include discussions […]

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          Podcast: Sebastian Gorka on the Dangers of Socialism      Cache   Translate Page      
On 11.05.18 12:01 AM posted by Rob Bluey On today’s show we feature an interview with Sebastian Gorka,*former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump and author of the new book “Why We Fight: Defeating America’s Enemies—With No Apologies (” Gorka breaks down the most serious threats to American security and how Trump is combatting them. We also discuss how Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings remade the Republican Party. Plus, Gorka’s analysis of immigration, the dangers of socialism, and his first encounter with Trump. Also on today’s show:
          Tuesday      Cache   Translate Page      
Patriot Radio News Hour Podcast - Host Joe Jaquint

Today's News and Opinion

Call us TODAY! 800- 951-0592

          Monday      Cache   Translate Page      
Patriot Radio News Hour Podcast - Host Joe Jaquint

Today's News and Opinion

Call us TODAY! 800- 951-0592

          How the appendix could hold the keys to Parkinson’s disease, and materials scientists mimic nature      Cache   Translate Page      
For a long time, Parkinson’s disease was thought to be merely a disorder of the nervous system. But in the past decade researchers have started to look elsewhere in the body for clues to this debilitating disease—particularly in the gut. Host Meagan Cantwell talks with Viviane Labrie of the Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan, about new research suggesting people without their appendixes have a reduced risk of Parkinson’s. Labrie also describes the possible mechanism behind this connection. And host Sarah Crespi talks with Peter Fratzl of the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam, Germany, about what materials scientists can learn from nature. The natural world might not produce innovations like carbon nanotubes, but evolution has forged innumerable materials from very limited resources—mostly sugars, proteins, and minerals. Fratzl discusses how plants make time-release seedpods that are triggered by nothing but fire and rain, the amazing suckerin protein that comprises squid teeth, and how cicadas make their transparent, self-cleaning wings from simple building blocks. Fratzl’s review is part of a special section in Science on composite materials. Read the whole package, including a review on using renewables like coconut fiber for building cars and incorporating carbon nanotubes and graphene into composites. This week’s episode was edited by Podigy. Listen to previous podcasts. About the Science Podcast [Image: Roger Smith/Flickr; Music: Jeffrey Cook]
          Lama Surya’s “Awakening Now” Podcast – Ep. 68 – The Buddha in Your Backyard with CJ Liu      Cache   Translate Page      
Lama Surya’s “Awakening Now” Podcast – Ep. 68 – The Buddha in Your Backyard with […]
          Podcast: The Information Advantage      Cache   Translate Page      

AdExchanger Talks is a podcast focused on data-driven marketing. Subscribe here. Jounce Media founder Chris Kane gave a popular presentation at Programmatic IO New York on the buzzy discipline of supply-path optimization (SPO). In this episode, Kane comes into the AdExchanger studio for a deep dive on SPO and the ways advertisers can use it to optimize... Continue reading »

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          Nintendo Pulse #352 – Starlink, LEGO Super Villains and Diablo 3!      Cache   Translate Page      

We are back after a short unplanned break due to laryngitis.. turns out it’s hard to podcast when you don’t have a voice! Who knew!?

In this episode we talk about the games we are playing including Starlink Battle for Atlas, LEGO DC Super Villains, Stardew Valley, and Diablo 3 Eternal Collection! We also talk about the Smash Bros direct to round things off. Enjoy!

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          Byte Podcast – Entrevista Merck      Cache   Translate Page      
La entrevista de esta ocasión, con Omar Toledo, Gerente Médico de Merck, es para recomendarnos una app que ayudará a los pacientes a tomarse correctamente su tratamiento médico en tiempo y formas adecuadas. La aplicación, disponible gratuitamente para Android y iOS, se llama Medisafe, y ofrece recordatorios para tomar medicamentos, pero también diferentes opciones de ...
          Byte Podcast – Lanzamiento del Huawei Mate 20      Cache   Translate Page      
Recientemente Huawei presentó de manera global sus nuevos teléfonos de gama alta de la Serie Mate, el Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro y Mate 20 X, y en este episodio les traigo el recuento de lo que pasó en la ciudad de Londres, así como mis primeras impresiones al usar el Mate 20 Pro, ...
          [Podcast] Our property markets are experiencing a crisis of confidence | Dr. Andrew Wilson      Cache   Translate Page      
Is the media killing our property markets and the economy? Something is causing a crisis of confidence — and it’s not the economic fundamentals. But homeowners and property investors are scared.   They’re reading headlines like:  Melbourne and Sydney house prices are falling $1,000 a week. A Shorten government will decimate the property market because of...
          Podcast: Episodio 325, Estereotipos que Cansan      Cache   Translate Page      
¿Cómo está la banda?, esperamos que disfruten el Episodio 325 del Podcast de los 3 Gordos Bastardos. Bienvenido a otra de estas sesiones semanales de gordeo auditivo, noticias y discusiones acaloradas. En esta ocasión contamos con la presencia de gran parte del staff de Adrián, Eze y Rafa. En este maratónico episodio nos vamos […]
          Footprints – November 6th, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
kerry-today-podcastOn the first Tuesday of every month, archivist with Kerry Library, Mike Lynch looks back at events that made the headlines in the county 100 years ago.
          Claim that new PAYE System will be Disastrous for Small Firms – November 6th, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
kerry-today-podcastA new system, which changes the way self-employed and small companies report their employees’ payroll information to Revenue, will come into effect on January 1st. Fianna Fáil councillor John Francis Flynn says it will triple the costs paid by small companies to accountants and will result in an influx of work for the latter.
          Will the Result of the US Mid-Term Elections Curb Trump? – November 6th, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
kerry-today-podcastUS historian Cecelia Hartsell believes today’s elections are seminal. As a Democrat and an African-American, she believes that Donald Trump has been a divisive force.
          The System which Aims to Reduce Rejection of Council Houses – November 6th, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
kerry-today-podcastCllr Toireasa Ferris is rejecting Kerry County Council’s contention it would cost too much money to switch to a choice based letting system. She and Cllr Terry O’Brien made the suggestion at the Tralee Municipal District meeting yesterday. Under choice based letting, which has been adopted by other councils, social housing is let through open […]
          Punkband Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Vor Rechten nicht einknicken      Cache   Translate Page      
Die Punkband "Feine Sahne Fischfilet" bei einem Konzertauftritt in Chemnitz (imago)Die Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau hat die Band "Feine Sahne Fischfilet" aufgrund rechter Proteste ausgeladen, aber jetzt spielt die linke Punkband doch - in einem Dessauer Brauhaus. Während ihre Kritiker die Gewaltbereitschaft der Songtexte monieren, plädieren ihre Fürsprecher für Kunstfreiheit.

Von Christoph Richter, Deutschland heute
Hören bis: 15.05.2019 15:18
Direkter Link zur Audiodatei

          Prozess wegen NS-Verbrechen - "Schwierig, noch Zeugen zu finden und genaue Abläufe zu klären"      Cache   Translate Page      
Jens Rommel wird neuer Leiter der Zentralen Stelle zur Aufklärung nationalsozialistischer Verbrechen in Ludwigsburg. (dpa/picture-alliance/Felix Kästle)Vor dem Landgericht in Münster hat der Prozess gegen einen ehemaligen SS-Wachmann begonnen. Für die Ermittler ist es schwierig, solche Verfahren in Gang zu bringen – und das gleich aus mehreren Gründen, wie der Chefaufklärer für NS-Verbrechen, Jens Rommel, im Dlf erläuterte.

Jens Rommel im Gespräch mit Petra Ensminger, Deutschland heute
Hören bis: 15.05.2019 15:14
Direkter Link zur Audiodatei

          They Call it Evangelist for a Reason      Cache   Translate Page      

Tech Field Day delegate turned presenter Eric Wright was a guest on the Influence Marketing Podcast. They talked about building his role as a Technical Evangelist at Turbonomic, and the importance of maintaining a community above simply marketing or a traditional advocacy program.

The post They Call it Evangelist for a Reason appeared first on Tech Field Day.

          Water and Dirt (John 7.37-43, 8.1-11)      Cache   Translate Page      

Sermon by: Robert Austell; November 4, 2018 - John 7:37-43; 8:1-11

:: Sermon Audio (link) :: Click link to open and play in browser; right-click to save. Sermon audio is also accessible as a free podcast in iTunes. Search for "Good Shepherd Sermons" or "Robert Austell." 

::: Music ::
Wonderful, Merciful Savior (Rodgers and Wyse)
His Mercy is More (Boswell, Papa)
CHOIR: Like a River in My Soul (arr. Osiek)
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken

:: Sermon Manuscript (pdf) :: This manuscript represents an early draft of the sermon. Some weeks the spoken version varies more than others from the early manuscript. Nevertheless, if you'd prefer to read than to listen, this is provided  for that purpose.

Today we are continuing with our “Come and See” series, responding to Jesus’ own invitation to come and see what he is all about through his teaching, his miracles, and his actions recorded in the Gospel of John. Today we will look at one story, but dig back a bit into all the events that led up to and had bearing on a pivotal moment of experiencing forgiveness and grace.

September 18, AD 32 – the day after the Feast of Booths (John 8:1-11)

It was the day after the Feast of Booths. It was AD 32 as we would count it. It was mid-September and early that morning Jesus had come into Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives just outside the city in order to teach in the Temple. As he sat down to teach those gathered around, the scribes and Pharisees brought a woman before him. It was a trap… they said she had been caught in the act of adultery, caught with a man who was not her husband. In the Law, they said, “Moses commanded us to stone such women; what do you say?” (v.5)

So many questions… How did they know to ‘catch’ her? Where was the man? Why so intent on trapping Jesus?

You may know the story. You may even know that it is one of a very few stories that we are not sure are part of the original Gospel of John (if you look in your Bible there is probably a footnote about that). But nothing in the story contradicts Jesus’ teaching or expected actions. In fact, it captures them quite well.

John the disciple, the narrator, tells us why they are doing this. They are testing Jesus so that they might have grounds for accusing him (v.6)… of breaking the religious Law, of inciting a riot, of any number of things. But Jesus doesn’t answer right away. He stoops down and writes something in the dirt. They persist in asking him what he thinks they should do. He stands up and says, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” (v.7) And he stoops down and writes some more in the dirt.

And one by one, the older ones first, then they younger, leave and he is eventually left alone with the woman in the center of the Temple court. (v.9) Was it what he said? Was it what he wrote in the dirt? Was it something else? Clearly something he said or did connected with them and changed their hearts and minds. Let’s look back to two days earlier…

Two Days Earlier: the last great day of the Feast of Tabernacles (John 7:37-39)

John 7 records that Jesus went to the Feast of Tabernacles (or Booths). It is not explicitly named in John, but we know that it is because of the details provided. It is a seven day feast and one of three involving pilgrimage to Jerusalem. And the events of the last day of the feast are well-known and recorded since ancient times and they correspond with what happened. Much of this is spelled out in the Talmud, which is the ancient Rabbinic commentary on the Hebrew scriptures. There is a whole book in the Talmud describing and commenting on Sukkoth, the Feast of Tabernacles. Specifically of the seventh-day water-drawing, the Rabbi’s write: “He who has not seen the joy of the water-drawing has not seen joy in his whole lifetime.” (Sukkoth 5:1) Here’s what that last great day involved…
At the break of day priests proceeded from the temple to the pool of Siloam. There they filled a golden pitcher with water and bore it back to the temple. On approaching the watergate on the south side of the inner court the shophar (trumpet) was sounded three times—joyous blasts which were explicitly related to Isa 12:3, “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” The priests bearing the water then processed around the altar, watched by the pilgrims, while the temple choir sang the Hallel (i.e., Psalms 113–18). When the opening words of Psalm 118 were reached, “Give thanks to the Lord,” every man and boy shook the lulab (a bunch of willow and myrtle tied with palm) with his right hand and held aloft citrus fruit in his left hand (a sign of the harvest gathered in), and the cry “Give thanks to the Lord” was repeated three times. The same thing happened at the cry “O Lord save us!” of Ps 118:25. Since all this took place at the time of the daily offering, the water was offered to God in connection with the daily drink-offering (of wine). A chosen priest mounted the altar on which stood two silver bowls, one for the reception of the drink-offering and the other for the water. When the priest had poured the wine and the water into their respective bowls, they were then poured out as offerings to God. The crowd then called out, “life up your hand!” The demand was made as a sign that the rite was properly fulfilled… and the priest [raised] his hand aloft to show that he had faithfully discharged his duty.
It was during this annual feast day, on the last great day of the feast, most likely after the cry of “Lord, save us” (Hosanna!) and as the water was poured that Jesus stood up and spoke out and said, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.” (John 7:37) He goes on to say, “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’” (v.38)

This is not the first time Jesus has spoken of living water, though perhaps it is the first time he has done so publicly in Jerusalem. Think back several weeks for us, some 18 months earlier for the events in John.

18 Months Earlier: the Samaritan Woman at the Well (John 4:10)

Back in John 4, which we looked at three weeks ago, Jesus was traveling through Samaria and talked with a Samaritan woman at a well at noontime. I won’t go back through all that made that encounter so unusual, but in that conversation he offered the woman “living water.” He says, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give me a drink,’ you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water.” (John 4:10) He goes on to say, “Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.” (v.14) And after some more back and forth, Jesus admits to being the Messiah.

So, clearly he has already been thinking about living water and his identity and what he offers people related to life and eternal life. And he is not making this up on the spot, he is pulling from ancient promises and teachings in Hebrew scripture. For example, 600-750 years earlier, prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah had written of this water.

600-700 Years Earlier: the Prophets (Isaiah 12:3; Jeremiah 17:13)

In the writings of the great prophet-preachers of Hebrew scripture, water is a powerful image of salvation and hope. Not only does water wash clean, but it gives life, particularly depicted in ‘springs of water.’ When Jesus speaks of water, living water, and fountains of living water, he draws upon this prophetic imagery and familiar scriptures to God’s people. He is invoking promises of God’s Messiah and God’s salvation for His thirsty and needy people of every time and place. Listen to these two prophets:

Isaiah writes: “Behold, God is my salvation (yeshua). I will trust and not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and song. And He has become my salvation. Therefore you will joyously draw water from the springs of salvation.” (12:2-3)

Jeremiah – “O Lord, the hope of Israel, all who forsake you will be put to shame. Those who turn away on earth will be written down, because they have forsaken the fountain of living water, even the Lord.” (17:13)

And did you hear that last part? Those who forsake the fountain of living water that God provides will have their names written down. Could that be what Jesus was writing in the dirt that day? Was he writing the words from Jeremiah? Or was he writing down names of those present? Before we return to the present of the story in John 8, let’s take one more time-jump further back, 500 or more years earlier.

500 Years Before That: Moses and the Law (Leviticus 23)

The first five books of our Bible and of the Hebrew scriptures are known as the Pentateuch (five books) or the Torah (Law) and record, among other things, the Laws God gave to Moses to govern the life and health of God’s people. It is there that God established the great feasts, including the Feast of Tabernacles. The details are recorded in Leviticus 23 and the intent of the Feast is to recall to God’s people the time of wandering in the wilderness on the way to the Promised Land. It was a time when the housing and shelter was temporary and the tabernacles or booths were meant to re-enact that experience and call forth the hope of God’s faithfulness in providing, leading, and keeping the Covenant. It also corresponded with the fall harvest, as the hope of planting was fulfilled in harvesting crops. The water-drawing festival developed in Jewish practice as a symbol of that hope and God’s faithfulness.

1500 years after Moses, in Jesus’ day, the Jewish people were still observing the Feast of Tabernacles and the water-drawing festival, and still expressing hope that God would lead them through deserts to a promised future of hope, salvation, and blessing. And it was into that very moment of hope that Jesus stood up and spoke.

Forgiveness and New Start (John 8:10-11)

“Where are they? Did no one condemn you? I do not condemn you, either. Go. From now on sin no more.” (vv.10-11)

This is such a powerful story, especially if you read it as one who recognizes their own sinfulness and need for forgiveness and a new start. But it is more than a point in time story about Jesus and one woman. It captures up the whole of biblical history, the whole of God’s sweep of redemption and salvation, the whole of God’s promise that there is more on the other side of wandering, wilderness, desert, and thirst. God gave His Law not as an end in itself, but as a teacher to show us what His faithful love looks like. God’s preachers and prophets spoke of these powerful images not to earn a name for themselves, but to draw people to faith and hope in the God who provides and the God who saves. Like Jason shared last week about the Operation Christmas Child boxes, even the great Feast of Tabernacles wasn’t a self-contained end in itself, but a “GO Box” – a Gospel or Good News opportunity to believe in something beyond the present drought and suffering. Jesus stood up and claimed it and then offered a personal experience of that living water and new life to one woman whose shame and guilt were exposed. And he did not condemn, but offered a new start.

That’s the Good Word in all of this today, especially if you are experiencing drought or suffering, wilderness or wandering, or just need a glimpse of a hopeful future. Jesus not only has living water; he IS living water. He does not condemn, he washes us clean and gives us new life.  For those with ears to hear, come and see, come and believe, come and drink from the fountain of living water. Amen.
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How many characters is too many? Ensemble casts can be fun and the interaction between characters can be more interesting than the actual plot of a story! But keeping track of characters from the audience point of view or even from the creator's perspective can be hard when you have a lot. Characters can copy each other and just become bad clones or you can forget what some are meant to be doing and create plot holes, audiences can stop caring about some of them or just become really confused. So how do you keep track? I think breaking them into small groups can be one good way to do it… What are some others?

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Ray Gun: This one’s a slow burn, like the rise of a distant star over the cold, crater-pocked landscape of a desolate grey moon… This sound is as cool as the environment outside your spacesuit. Blast off and enjoy the view!

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Nine To Noon – Kathryn Ryan talks to AMP MD Blair Vernon AMP’s managing director Blair Vernon on all the changes ahead, including selling on AMP’s life insurance business in NZ and plans to spin out its New Zealand wealth management arm, through an initial public offering. The moves affect hundreds of thousands of […]
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We had a request to talk about Storybricks on the streaming podcast, so we'll do that tonight. We'll be starting around 8 PM Eastern and going for about hours as we talk about Storybricks while playing a game. We'll likely be playing Minecraft, which seems appropriate for talking about Storybricks! :) Watch it at: I've been bad about linking prior Streaming podcasts, so let me embed some of the ones from recent weeks below the break.

Post copyright Brian 'Psychochild' Green. Visit the post to participate in the comments:

Streaming Podcast tonight: Storybricks

          Stackery CEO on the AWS Serverless Application Model      Cache   Translate Page      

On this newest episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, TNS founder Alex Williams is joined by Stackery CEO Nate Taggart, at ServerlessConf San Francisco, to discuss the makings of Stackery, and how it has standardized on top of the AWS Serverless Application Model to the benefit of both its developers and enterprise customers. Prior […]

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          Wolverine: The Long Night podcast getting a second season for 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
The cinematic future of Wolverine/Logan may be a bit uncertain after Hugh Jackman ended his tenure as the character last year in LOGAN, but the character is going strong in the podcast arena. Now that the 10-episode scripted podcast – WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT – has debuted and is approaching its finale, Marvel Entertainment and Stitcher have confirmed (via THR) a… Read More...
          Comment on February Online Income Report by Mel      Cache   Translate Page      
Hi Kristin, I just want to say that I love how down to earth and open you are with your writing. I am a new blogger/podcaster and feel overwhelmed with facebook. I heard from Amy Porterfield about pinterest being a viable option to drive traffic. In setting up my boards for the very first time I came across your content. Hopefully with your help, I will be able to get my pinterest going and generate traffic to my services and convert viewers. Great post.
          Podcast: Kevin Cramer, Eric Trump, Kelly Armstrong, Tom Emmer      Cache   Translate Page      

On the radio show today, Congressman Kevin Cramer took calls and questions during his last appearance on the show before election day. Eric Trump made the case for sending Republican majorities back to Congress to support his father’s agenda. Also North Dakota and Minnesota U.S. House candidates Kelly Armstrong and Tom Emmer talked about their...

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          Comedy Podcasts For Your Commute      Cache   Translate Page      

The rising popularity of podcasts over the last five or so years has made it a lot easier for people to access information on politics, pop culture, sports, music and much more. Podcasts give people an outlet to express their opinions and instigate discussions with peers. This medium is a new way to absorb comedy...

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image from
Welcome to podcast Saturday! (Also a thing.) NXIVM is (was?) a multi-level marketing self-help system (cult?) that recently imploded. Its senior officers are now waiting for their trials. This podcast tells the story of one senior member who left (escaped?) before the end. I hesitate to recommend this podcast because it requires some serious psychic energy to stay involved. There are descriptions of physical and mental abuse and it gets to be too much at times. Plus it's one of those crime podcasts where you're not sure the protagonist is a protagonist. It is seven episodes of a riveting, difficult story.

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image from
Here's another great article by linguist George Lakoff about our current media environment. It's frustrating to see the same dynamics play out over and over again. It's like seeing legacy code in action while lives depend on refactoring. Two other folks I tune into for analysis of the media are Ezra Klein and Jay Rosen and they recently had a conversation about what's happening now. Also also, don't miss Klein's article about Enemy of the People. And after you digest all of that important garbage, a reminder from Warren Ellis: You can tune your Internet connection until it is useful and fun.

          Amanda and Jesse Podcast 11/6/18      Cache   Translate Page      
Amanda has a dilemma involving flu-shots. Listen now. Also, we found out that some Fantasy Football leagues punish the person who finishes last.
          Pound This Podcast: Daily Weigh In – What If I Don’t Like Vegetables?      Cache   Translate Page      
Answering your questions! Today’s question: What if I don’t like vegetables? Find my Instagram HERE! You can listen to this podcast here on the B-105 website, the B-105 mobile app, iTunes, PodcastOne or your preferred podcast app.
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In this episode of the Packernet Podcast I discuss the current dispute amongst fans regarding Aaron Rodgers and his greatness as well as talk about McCarthy. Is everything his fault? How much is his fault? Maybe we should calm it … Continue reading

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          Packernet Podcast 11/5: It’s Time for a Change      Cache   Translate Page      

In this episode of the Packernet Podcast I talk about what was yet another poor showing by the Packers. The players and McCarthy seem to want to put the loss on execution. I’m not really sure I’m buying it. Support … Continue reading

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          CyclingTips Podcast: A helmet question and SRAM’s new drivetrain      Cache   Translate Page      

Caley and Neal open this week’s show by calling Peter Flax and asking him why stopped wearing a helmet a few months ago. Then, Caley calls up James to chat about the new SRAM 12-speed cassette that was spotted over the weekend at the Saitama Criterium in Japan. The nerd alert duo discusses the other new …

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          Genealogy News Bytes - 6 November 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Some of the genealogy news items across my desktop the last three days include:

1)  News Articles:

New Season of Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC Begins December 3rd, 2018

*  FREE ACCESS to Military Records at Ancestry for Veterans Day

*  The 1926 Canadian Census of the Prairie Provinces is to Be Released by March 2019

*  MyHeritage LIVE 2018 Conference in Oslo, Norway was a Success!

2)  New or Updated Record Databases:

Added or Updated Record Collections at - Week of 28 October to 3 November 2018

*  Added and Updated Record Collections - Week of 28 October to 3 November 2018

Friday Finds 2 Nov 2018

3)  Genealogy Education:

 GeneaWebinars Calendar

*  MyHeritage LIVE 2018 Conference Video and Blog Compendium

*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Wednesday, 7 November, 11 a.m. PST: Using Voting and Election Records to Find Your Ancestor, by Melissa Barker

*  Research Like A Pro Podcast:  RLP 17: Discovering Ancestor Actions – WWII War Mothers

*  Extreme Genes Podcast/Radio Show:  Episode 258 – Nationally Renowned Storyteller Kim Weitkamp On The Art Of Telling Family Stories

*  Fisher’s Top Tips Podcast:  #016 – Marriage Bonds And What They Can Reveal

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube:  Mondays with Myrt - 8 Oct 2018

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube:  WACKY Wednesday - Q & A

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube:  Mondays with Myrt 22 Oct 2018 (Part 1) and Mondays with Myrt 22 Oct 2018 (Part 2)

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube:  The Archive Lady - American Archives Month (Oct 2018)

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube:  AmericaGen Study Group - Chapter 11

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube:  AmericaGen Study Group - Chapter 12 Compiled Sources & Newspapers

*  DearMYRTLE YouTube:  Mondays with Myrt - 5 Nov 2018

*  Ancestral Findings YouTube:  AF-203: 10 "Must Do" Genealogy Projects for November

*  Genetic Genealogy Ireland YouTube:  Using DNA to identify offenders & victims of violent crime (Barbara Rae Venter)

4)  Bargains:

 Genealogy Bargains for Friday, November 6,  2018

5)  DNA Success Stories:

*  Former sheriff, brother connected by DNA tests after 63 years

*  'A story you couldn't believe': Brothers meet for first time

6)  Did you miss the last Genealogy News Bytes - 2 November 2018?


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          All Chapo, no Trap House: Vice News’ bilingual podcast offers extra content for Spanish-speaking listeners      Cache   Translate Page      
Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 184, published November 6, 2018. Good Tuesday, everyone. It’s midterm elections here in the United States, which means, naturally, I’m dedicating a good chunk of this newsletter to Canada. Anyway, if you’re an American reader, I hope you’ve already voted, or plan to. I...
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O ecosistema de Apple facilitou a popularización do podcasting, mentres que no mundo Android non había unha aplicación oficial para acceder a este tipo de contidos sonoros até que no mes de xuño estre ... - Fuente:
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Savage Love Letter of the Day by Dan Savage

I really need your help. I met a man in Feb last year. We were swimming and he asked me to his place to play backgammon. So I went and one thing lead to another and he got me really drunk and all of a sudden we were having sex a lot.

I hadn't been with a man since 2011, when my last partner died a horrific accident. In the beginning this guy reassured me that I was safe and in good hands. He also hadn't been romantically involved with anyone since his wife who he'd been broken up with 4 years earlier. He's only had a couple of girlfriends since.

So time went by and he revealed that he had a hair cutting fetish.

He asked me if I would help him with it. I said I would. So we did. But soon we started to use cocaine while acting out this fetish. In the beginning this was sort of fun. He was constantly stretching my boundaries with his fetish, which was exciting in the beginning . But then it started to rapidly affect my life. He was cutting my hair with clippers—it was all staged in front of the mirror—and I realized I wasn't enjoying it because we weren't communicating very well. And being high for me didn't allow me to get aroused.

He is almost 50 and has children and told me he didn't want more, which was a huge thing for me because I'm 40 and this would mean making a huge sacrifice on my part. So he said he would get a vasectomy. But he didn't. Then he did that thing men do where they don't want to wear a condom. It happened so often that I thought that he might actually want a child. I fell pregnant two times in ten months and had two terminations.

The fetish and the cocaine continued until I saw that his compulsion was almost pathological when he was so high one night seemed completely lost in it. Another night he cut my scalp because he was way too high and pushed too hard with the clippers.

I had to end the relationship. I wasn't happy and I'd completely lost myself in his world and life. I felt him to be really controlling. He was also gaslighting me about many things. He would continually tell me to fuck off if I didn't suck him off, which was usually after I was spent from orgasming. Then denied he'd ever said it. It was so abusive.

Then I lost my job and had to move away and live with my family. That's when my mother confronted me about wanting to bring charges against the person who sexually abused me as a child. The time with my family faced a whole lot of issues.

I've spent months feeling angry about how this all went down for me. Angry with this man, the hair cutting fetishist, a man who continually took from me until I fell apart. Then he didn't support me when I fell apart. I feel stupid for being so naive. But when I was able to return I decided to tell him I had moved back to town so that I didn't have to cross the street or feel uncomfortable when I saw him and mutual friends.

But now I'm feeling like I've made a mistake. I'm so angry.

Can you please give me some insight as to how to deal with this? And how to move on. I just want to enjoy my life in my community. I worked so hard to heal after my last partner dying and this has been really traumatic. And I'd really like to try and meet someone again but I feel too nervous to do so now that I've got a taste for certain kinks. How do I establish this again if I ever meet another man again? I feel like this relationship unlocked something deep in me. I would like to experience this again. But under way safer circumstances.

I really love your show and I would love to hear what you would say about this man.

Fan From Australia

There's an awful lot going on in your letter, FFA, and I'm hoping you're back in therapy—because a history of sexual trauma, the traumatic death of your partner, a toxic relationship with someone whose drug use contributed to him injuring you during sex is an awful lot to process. I'm not sure I could even help you unpack much less resolve all of that in this space.

Actually, I am sure: I can't. But I can say this...

This man—that man, the man with the clippers and the cocaine problem—sounds like an asshole. I would say you're well rid of him and that you should continue to steer clear of him.

As for the taste for kink you developed—or surfaced—during your relationship with that cocaine-abusing asshole...

Often when someone has a bad experience with kinky sex—or a bad experience with a kinky sex partner—that person will swear off kinky sex forever. (If people did the same thing after a bad experience with vanilla sex in the missionary position, FFA, human beings would've gone extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago.) But the problem usually isn't the kinky sex, FFA, but the person with whom that kinky sex was had, i.e. an asshole.

It's not impossible to swear off kinky sex, of course, particularly if you're an otherwise/mostly vanilla person who was merely indulging someone else's kinks. But it's harder to run away from your own kinks. Much like being gay, being kinky is "hardwired" and can't be willed away or sworn off; suppressing kinks works about as well in the long run as suppressing same-sex desire. (This was your first experience with kinky sex, FFA, but it would seem that it resonated for you and awakened something that was in you all along—and that's not an uncommon route to sexual self-discovery. The kinky wiring was already there, this relationship activated it, now you gotta have it.)

The sex we wanna/gotta have has a way of winning in the end, FFA, so we're better off working with instead of fighting our desires. That means finding a way to act on them responsibly—and it sure doesn't sound like you and your most recent ex were acting responsibly.

Now for the good news: it is possible to have good-to-great kinky sex, FFA, and safe, sane, and responsible partners make it possible—finding one and being one. And when it comes to kinks that involve blades and cutting implements (even relatively safe ones like clippers), responsible = sober and sober = responsible. That goes for the bottom as well as the top.

So here's what you'll wanna establish prior to engaging in kinky sex with your next sex partner: a real connection and open lines of communication. You'll wanna find and be the kind of partner who can calmly negotiate for the kind of sex you wanna have. You're gonnawanna have more than one convo about safety, limits, boundaries, sobriety, and safe words—and when you're ready to get kinky, FFA, you're gonnawanna take it slow. Baby steps. Taking it slow will allow your new partner to prove that he's capable of respecting your limits—and once he's demonstrated that, FFA, once he's really earned your trust, you can expand or push those limits.


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          Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do This Week      Cache   Translate Page      
Unusual, offbeat, quirky events you might not otherwise know about. by Stranger Things To Do Staff To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary events from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from Goodwill's 35th Annual Glitter Sale to an Armistice Day Centennial Commemoration, and from Good Mourning: An Interactive Arts Festival About Grief to Pray for Snow.



1. Civic Cocktail: Protecting Orcas + Election Review
For this installment of Civic Cocktail, Q13 News analyst C.R. Douglas and Seattle Times reporter Lynda Mapes will serve as guest panelists in a discussion on two important topics: Southern Resident Killer Whale recovery and a review of the midterm elections (during which time Pramila Jayapal, KTTH radio host Jason Rantz, and Seattle University political science professor Marco Lowe will join in).


2. Far Out
Saturate your eyeballs with sweeping views of a remote and largely unexplored mountain range, the Albanian Alps, as well as the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia, the Crazy Mountains in Montana, the Slovenian Alps, Jackson Hole, and more, as explored by athletic adventurers. Proceeds from the screening will benefit the Northwest Avalanche Center.

3. The Reluctant Radical
Environmental activist Ken Ward commits crimes against the fossil fuel industry in order to fight against climate change. Join Ward himself, along with filmmaker Lindsey Grayzel, for a post-film Q&A.

4. Somm 3: Seattle Premiere
Three wine connoisseurs meet in Paris to drink the rarest bottles of vin, while blind tasters in New York settle an age-old argument about the drink. This screening of Somm 3 will also feature a Q&A with three newly minted Seattle sommeliers, as well as a Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon toast.


5. New Belgium and Theo's Beer and Chocolate Pairing
Sate your chocolate cravings with a side of suds, with four New Belgium Brewing beers paired with four chocolates from Theo Chocolate.

6. A Night of Coffee Beers feat. Caffe Vita
Seattle loves its coffee and its beer, so Redhook has combined the two for their two coffee beers: Kaffenator, a small-batch coffee dopplebock made in collaboration with Caffe Vita, and Continuous Revelation Coffee IPA, a new limited release. They'll have both available for happy hour, along with food pairings and Caffe Vita swag and coffee samples.

7. Plenty Pop-Up: Indoor Farmed Produce for a Sustainable Future
Try sustainably grown, "hyper-local" produce from Plenty's vertical indoor farm 20 miles away from the city.

8. Science of Coffee: Sustainability
At this workshop hosted by Onda Coffee and Ada's, listen to environment and agriculture experts discuss how climate change is affecting the future of coffee and how sustainable farming practices can help.

9. Scotch and Oysters
Indulge in the somewhat peculiar pairing of briny oysters and peaty Scotch.


10. Harry Potter Trivia
Take advantage of an opportunity to briefly escape the muggle world at this Harry Potter trivia night.


11. ElectroThrust
Watch sexy persons pay tribute to electronica with signature slinky moves. Admire Jonny Porkpie (your MC), Queen Inga, Dee Flowered (all the way from Georgia)!, Di Lovely (from San Diego!), Indy Fire (Denver), and many other beauties from across the US and even that most torrid of countries, Canada.

12. SuicideGirls: Blackheart Burlesque
SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque promises a "geeky twist" on burlesque performance, with pop culture references including Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Stranger Things, and Rick & Morty.


13. ALT Poetry Reading and Open Mic
Head to a night of poetry readings with A Gallo-Brown, L Swartz, and T Clear, and read your own in an open mic if you're brave.

14. L.A. Kauffman: How to Read a Protest
At this Town Hall talk, author and activist L.A. Kauffman will outline the history of America's most important protest movements from the 1963 March on Washington on. If you're curious about whether protests achieve anything, how they've changed, and what messages they carry, this is for you.

15. Paul Dorpat and Jean Sherrard on Now and Then
Historian Paul Dorpat has been collecting photo columns in Seattle for years. Join him as he presents a retrospective of his work—you'll learn some interesting things about the historical trajectory of Seattle.

16. Suzanne M. Wolfe: A Murder by Any Name
If you love historical fiction set in Elizabethan England, join Suzanne M. Wolfe as she reads from her latest novel about the murder of Queen Elizabeth I's most beloved lady-in-waiting, A Murder by Any Name.

17. Suzanne Matson: Ultraviolet
In Suzanne Matson’s new novel, Ultraviolet, we meet three generations of women in 1930s India. Hear the author read.



18. Good Mourning: An Interactive Arts Festival About Grief
This series invites artists from Seattle and beyond to show work across mediums that addresses grief. Pieces include a panel from the NAMES Project's AIDS memorial quilt; a video game called "Loss Levels" by digital artist Dan Hett; a community art piece called "Arts & Casket," where visitors can decorate a cardboard cremation casket; zines by Christina Tran; a soft sculpture by Elise Bernal; jewelry about "parental fears" by Sara Eileen; and more.
Opening Wednesday



19. Eli Wolff
Eli Wolff takes off on cartoons, horror movies, video games, and other childhood influences to craft fun monster-y art.
Closing reception Saturday

20. Visions of Pasifika: Light from Another World
This exhibit focuses on Pacific Islander artists, incorporating tradition while looking to the future.
Closing Sunday


21. On the Battlefront and the Homefront: Rentonites in the Great War
Discover how Rentonites took part in World War I, whether by enlisting or by working on the home front as farmers, draft board workers, or nurses.


22. The 35th Annual Olympia Film Festival
The 35th Annual Olympia Film Festival will work with the theme “Inclusion, Independence, Discovery,” with 50 features and shorts created by a diverse range of filmmakers and artists.


23. Roald Dahl's 'Matilda'
A psychokinetic genius girl faces down an evil, bullying school principal in the musical based on Roald Dahl's messed-up kids' novel.



24. Art for All Ball
Enjoy an evening of "Painting! Music! Poetry! Performance! Community! Bubbles! Dinner! Dancing!" with Path With Art students (all of whom are working to overcome homelessness, addiction, and other trauma) as they celebrate 10 years of creativity.

25. Intro to Calligraphy
Impress your holiday card recipients by learning to write out the alphabet in beautiful, swirly strokes.


26. From the CEO's Perspective
A panel of CEOs (Scott McFarlane of Avalara, Sharelle Klaus of Dry Soda Co., and Aaron Easterly of will talk about how their Northwest businesses are addressing the tough times brought on by our current administration.

27. Honoring the Wisdom of Our Elders
Local Native elders will share their stories and experiences.


28. Free Screening of “Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey”
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center will screen the award-winning documentary Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey, about one very courageous and pioneering mountain climber, as a "thank you" to the Fred Hutch-affiliated organization Climb to Fight.

29. Hecklevision: Dune
a If you haven't playfully jeered—if not aggressively ridiculed—the screen while watching David Lynch's film adaption of Dune, we respect your tolerance for cheesiness. If you have, here's your chance to send your heckling texts straight to the big screen for the rest of the audience to enjoy.


30. American Purple Limited Edition Release
Be the first to try Elysian's new extremely limited American Purple beer, an American-Style Flanders Red aged in Chardonnay barrels with blackberry puree and a blend of yeasts, and tap into your painterly side with art supplies to customize your own growler.


31. The Detention Lottery
In this educational and interactive theater project, you or your randomly selected fictional family member from the audience will be detained and have to stand before an immigration judge, who will determine your fate.

32. Pregnancy and Infant Loss: A Night of Storytelling
As part of Good Mourning: An Interactive Arts Festival About Grief, Stephanie Dethlefs, Heather Paul, Sam IAm, Ella Jarman-Pinto, and Elena Martinez will perform stories about miscarriage and infant loss.


33. David Skover: Robotica
Local authors David Skover and Ronald Collins will explore the relationship bettween "machine speech" and artificial intelligence in relation to free speech. The authors ask: "Is robotic expression 'speech' within the meaning of the First Amendment?"

34. Dr. Tilman Ruff: Safeguarding Health and Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe
Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility will host Dr. Tilman Ruff for a talk titled "Safeguarding Health and Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe."

35. An Evening with Grace Bonney
Join Design*Sponge founder and In the Company of Women author Grace Bonney for a reception and live taping for the first season of her new podcast, discussing various challenges faced by entrepreneurs and creatives. The event will also celebrate the release of the second issue of her new magazine, Good Company (the "Fearless Issue").

36. Jill Lightner: Scraps, Peels, and Stems
According to the organizers, every person in the United States throws out nearly 20 pounds of food each month. Join Jill Lightner, author of Scraps, Peels, and Stems, for some tips on how to make use of all that good stuff.

37. NW Literary Survival Kit
Expand your knowledge of Northwest authors with the best teachers in town: Local librarians.

38. Renee Simms: Meet Behind Mars
Welcome Renee Simms, who teaches African American Studies at the University of Puget Sound, for a reading of her first book of stories, which covers a variety of genres (realist, satirical, and "fabulist" according to novelist Dr. Asali Solomon) with African American characters.

39. Sarah Cannon: The Shame of Losing
At the age of 32, Sarah Cannon's husband Matt was badly injured by a falling tree branch. In this memoir, which she'll read from tonight, the prominent Edmonds-based essayist uses diary entries, introspective letters, and other non-linear devices to flesh out themes of pain, loss, and difficult choices.


40. Pray for Snow
Summon a snowy winter on the mountain by busting out your '80s neon ski garb, dancing to live music by Nite Wave, seeing an "epic ski film" and a retro ski fashion show, and filling up on fried confections in a Twinkie Roast. Proceeds will benefit the Northwest Avalanche Center.



41. American Horror Story: Drag Show
Admit it, American Horror Story has been screaming for a drag tribute ever since the ghost in the gimp suit showed up in Season One. Irene Dubois and SHE will host this post-Halloween fright fest, featuring special guest Bosco.

42. Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker
A cast of touring ballet dancers from Moscow will take their 26th tour across the United States to perform the Great Russian Nutcracker, which promises puppets and amazing costumes.



43. Michael Doyle: Pantry
Explore domestic spaces and more with Michael Doyle's paintings and works on paper.
Closing Saturday



44. Burlycon
Meet and learn from experienced burlesque performers at this four-day educational convention. Special guests include Brandy Wilde (the first burlesque dancer of Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse Paris), Angie Pontani, and Lisa Petrucci.

45. LIFT
The action of LIFT takes place over a mere minute among riders of a London tube passing through Covent Garden, but this time stretches through the mental existence of the characters. Gregory Award-winning actor/director Richard Gray will direct.

46. Much Ado About Nothing
Continuing their "Pursuit" series, indie company Fern Shakespeare will stage Much Ado About Nothing with an all-womxn cast. Everything ends well in this comedy of hearsay, but not before gossip and malice nearly ruin some innocent lives.



47. Washington Wild Photography Exhibition with Stretch and Staple
Washington Wild and Snapshot Collective will collaborate on an exhibition of wildlife photography, with proceeds benefitting the preservation of local lands and waters.

48. Homelessness: the Disgrace of a Wealthy Nation
Keith Artz's installation inside the Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, which has hosted a tent city and hosts a shelter, addresses one of the most urgent problems in our city.
Closing Friday


49. Adultarama
Two Seattle comics will make jokes about growing up.


50. Adult Swim
If you have kids, leave 'em at home and experience the Seattle Aquarium after hours. KEXP DJ Troy Nelson will spin party jams, and you can enjoy you fill of drinks and hors d’oeuvres while you visit with a giant Pacific octopus, among other things.

51. Coastal Carnivore Conservation in the Pacific Northwest
Join the Raincoast Conservation Foundation for an evening dedicated to permanently protecting the coastal carnivores of the Great Bear Rainforest.


52. Wine Women & Shoes
For wine enthusiasts and shoe fetishists of Sex and the City proportions, this fundraiser raising money for foster kids in Washington will include wine and culinary tastings, auctions, shopping, a raffle, a "Best in Shoe" competition, a fashion show, and hunky "Shoe Guys."


53. Meaningful Movies: To Err Is Human
At this Meaningful Movies screening, see a documentary about "the silent epidemic" of patient harm and other flaws in the US healthcare system.


54. Essen Import Party
Open your game-loving mind to titles from all over the world, as showcased in Essen, Germany's SPIEL trade show.


55. Beyonce vs. Rihanna
Dance to the hits of two R&B/hiphop icons, Beyoncé and Rihanna.

56. Nearly Dan
Steely Dan were one of the smartest bands to consistently rack up platinum records. They got away with singing blisteringly acerbic lyrics and executing complex key changes and tricky time signatures while accruing crazy air time on commercial radio, back when that meant something. So a band dedicated to paying tribute to Steely Dan has to be sharper than your typical homage outfit. Nearly Dan’s 12 members (who’ve played with Ray Charles, the Four Tops, the Temptations, Gladys Knight, and, most importantly, Huey Lewis) are up to the task, interpreting the hits and deep cuts with a professionalism that would impress Donald Fagen and the late Walter Becker’s accountants. DAVE SEGAL


57. Abby London is "Miss-Chievous"
Idahoan musician Abby London will bring her one-woman variety show filled with "costumes, baton, piano, guitar, vocals, and then some" to Greenwood.

58. Epicuriositease: A Sampling of Earthly Delights
Kevin Incroyable will host a night of live music, burlesque, and circus arts, paired with an optional wine tasting. Your slinky purveyors of visual pleasure will be La Petite Mort, Nina Nightshade, Sage Viniconis, Holly Dai, and Anna Clara Buoyant.

59. The Lalas
The Lalas of LA, seen in Justin Timberlake videos and at the Emmys, promise a sexy, interactive, comedic show.

60. Watch What Crappens
A podcast for Bravo junkies and skeptics will visit Seattle fans. Hosts Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam are guaranteed to go into exhaustive detail.


61. Blair Imani: Modern HerStory
Blair Imani will be ready to educate you with her book Modern HerStory, all about the women, people of color, queers, disabled people, and others who've been sidelined by traditional narratives of progress.

62. Coffee & Concepts
UW School of Drama hosts this series of talks by scholars and practitioners, aimed at students and the general public. The series will wrap up with drama scholar Stefka Mihaylova.

63. A Kink in the Cure
Tim Murray's multimedia show is a sex-positive story of healing through kink.

64. Reading with Ravenna Press
Join contributors of Ravenna Press, which "prides itself on bringing together the discerning reader and the stimulating book," for a reading.



65. Mark Normand
Mark Normand can boast appearances on Comedy Central, Conan, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Inside Amy Schumer, and many other hit shows. He's also won first place at the Great American Comedy Festival. He'll share some of that Brooklynite humor.


66. Women in Song Series
Celebrate womxn musicians at this six-part live music series, this time with Annie Phalen Group, Five Letter Word, Del Rey, and Salt Luck.


67. Bindlestiff Seattle
Amoy Barya, Godsilya and Chunky Chonkeez will help document the lives of 1930s Filipino farm workers with a performance of Carlos Bulosan’s America is in the Heart.


68. The Great Junk Hunt
Scavenge for vintage and repurposed goods of all kinds at this traveling market.

69. Newport Ski and Snowboard Swap 2018
Winter sports season is fast approaching, so now's a good time to swap gear you don't want for gear you do want. Here you can find over 10,000 new and used snow sport items.



70. Fortune House: Tarot & Palm Readings by Cindy Mochizuki
As part of the Group Therapy exhibition, Vancouver psychic Cindy Mochizuki will set up a trade: If you tell her about a personal monster of yours, she'll bestow upon you a tarot reading and translate your words into a work of art.


71. Seattle International Auto Show
This isn't your typical neighborhood car display—the Seattle International Auto Show provides rodders and gearheads with four days of luxury test drives, demos, family activities, and more from tons of exhibitors. Don't miss Women's Day on Friday.


72. Discover Science Weekend
Engage in interactive experiments with aquatic researchers.


73. Framed
Art criticism's stakes grow unnaturally high in Y York's play about love and rivalry amongst two artists and their husbands, one of whom is a mob boss, the other a wannabe made man. A production by Snowflake Avalanche.

74. Something Unspoken and Other One-Act Plays by Tennessee Williams
Best-known for longer contributions to the American canon like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams also wrote some incisive one-acts. Civic Rep will pay tribute to the Southern maven.

75. Too Much Information
These nine short plays by local writers Patty Carlson, Lyn Coffin, Josephine DeLellis, Karen DeMasters, Oneda Harris, Chris Mathews, Jorj Savage, and Donna Van Norman cover everything from "grammar nazis" to "lost drivers."


76. 30th Annual Best of the Northwest Art and Fine Craft Show
See and shop work by over 100 local artists and artisans at this annual market.



77. George Jennings: Diverse Beauty
Jennings's solo exhibition celebrates racially diverse beauty in works inspired by Mucha, Parrish, and others.

78. The Universal Works Repaired Event
Universal Works debut a collaboration of repurposed garments with design company Atelier & Repairs for guests to peruse and purchase. The pieces in this trunk show widely feature the Japanese-style Sashiko repair stitch, hand painting, and second-hand trims and fabrics.

79. Yarn Revolution Indie Fiber Market
Fifteen local and regional indie dyers and makers will hawk their fiber wares. Stock up on scarves for winter and win door prizes.


80. Intentional Joy Noise Student Showcase
Budding comics who have spent eight weeks studying the craft of stand-up with delightful local comic Emmett Montgomery will showcase their newly refined talents.


81. Filipino Christmas Lantern Workshop
Make a star-shaped Parol (a Filipino Christmas lantern) at this holiday workshop.

82. Seattle Black Panther Party Youth Empowerment Summit
Young people continue to show up at the helm of social justice movements, from Black Lives Matter to #MeToo to March for our Lives. The Youth Empowerment Summit continues the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party's Seattle branch, where youth community organizers from around the city gather to share political education, organize around important causes, and build relationships.

83. Seattle Celebration for the Animals!
Snack on tasty vegan snacks, drinks, and desserts, bid on items in a silent auction, and join a dance party in support of the Humane League efforts "to reduce animal suffering."

84. Wreath Making Workshop
Make a festive holiday wreath using real pine cones and acorns, cool ribbon, and a fresh assortment of Evergreen trimmings.


85. 2 Year AnniFREEsary
To celebrate two years of business, Ounces will buy Delfino's Chicago-Style Pizza for 200 customers and release their anniversary beer brewed in collaboration with Matchless Brewing and Chainline Brewing Company, in addition to giving away more freebies and swag.

86. BBIS Release Party - Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
Try Reuben's much-anticipated 2018 release of their award-winning Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout.

87. The Big Lebrewski Winter Beer Taste
Warm up with 10 tastes of winter ales and ciders from over 35 local breweries, plus pub snacks and homemade treats.

88. Eat Like Your ORIJEN Dog
This brunch hosted by the "biologically appropriate" ORIJEN dog food brand invites you to "eat like your dog" with a menu inspired by the fresh, local ingredients in their dog food, accompanied by beer, wine, and coffee. The first 50 guests will receive a "doggie bag" of party favors to take home.

89. Eleventh Anniversary Party
Turn it up to 11 with Two Beers's anniversary party, which will include a celebratory Birthday Cake IPA brewed with lactose sugar and vanilla bean, plus special beers on tap, actual cake, and gastropub grub from the Bread and Circuses food truck.

90. Populuxe Beer Can Derby
To celebrate the can release of Populuxe Brewing's IPA and CDA, test your engineering skills by crafting your own beer can car and racing it down a pinewood derby track.

91. Wink Doughnuts Pop-Up
Start off your Saturday with gluten-free, organic, and plant-based doughnuts from Wink, with an exclusive coffee and doughnut pairing from Broadcast Coffee Roasters.


92. Harry Potter Films Trivia Night
Harry Potter fans who appreciate the movies just as much as the books can answer trivia questions based on the eight films.


93. From The Silver Screen
In a program directed by maestro Alan Futterman, the Bremerton Symphony will perform a triad of pieces from 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Blue Danube by J. Strauss, Zarathustra Opening by R. Strauss, Ligeti's Lux Aeterna, Bach's Passacaglia, Leopold Stokowski's Fugue in C Minor from The Godfather, and John Williams's E.T. theme.

94. Girls! Girls! Girls! with Fishlure & Mother Church
Join Fishlure & Mother Church in celebrating the great femmes of our time, from Debbie Harry to Stevie Nicks.

95. The High Council, The Jauntee
Ultimate Phish-head reggae-rock weed-centric jam band the High Council will take over Ballard for a THC-infused set with the Jauntee.

96. I Want It That Way: '90s/'00s Night with #All4Doras, DJ Pryma, DJ Lo Knows
Relive your millennial childhood with Seattle's only boy band #All4Doras as they perform hits from the '90s and '00s alongside DJ Pryme and DJ Lo Knows.

97. WAVES Presents: Biolumina
Immerse yourself in a bioluminescent space by pretending you're a glowing sea creature at this dreamy electronic dance party and installation.


98. CoCA and La Sala present: Literary Readings and Discussion
Artists J.A. Dela Cruz-Smith and Maiah A Merino will talk about their creative processes in a Q&A moderated by Catalina Cantu of La Sala. In addition, representatives of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project will talk about their organization.

99. Not Just for Kids: Inspiring Bold Conversations about Children's Books
Dr. Anu Taranath, a professor of children's lit at the University of Washington, will discuss the genre's value for both young and old.

100. Saturday University: South Indian Court Dance
Learn about South Indian courtly dance traditions in a lecture and demonstration with Hari Krishnan.


101. HYEI Studio Launch Party
Shop apparel, sneakers, and accessories at this HYEI studio pop-up by Guillermo Bravo x SILVAE. Stay on for a dance party into the wee hours.



102. Political Therapy Workshop with Liz Magic Laser and Valerie Bell
"Certified professional life coach" Valerie Bell will lead a "curative drama workshop" to help participants find connections between their political affiliations and feelings.


103. Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival
This festival used to only show films made by Bainbridge Island filmmakers, but it's since expanded to include work from Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and British Columbia. This year brings a 20th anniversary retrospective (on Sunday), which will revisit highlights from year's past, including Boomtown, Outsourced, The Gefilte Fish Chronicles, and Birth of a Salesman.


104. 14/48:HS
Support talented local teens by watching 14 world-premiere plays written, directed, produced, and performed by high schoolers.


105. 35th Annual Glitter Sale
Seattle's Goodwill flagship store will be filled with the absolute sparkliest clothes, shoes, and accessories for its glorious annual two-day Glitter Sale. Whether you're looking to find something flashy for a big event or you want the contents of your closet to better resemble a sea of gems, this is the place to go.

106. Latvian Christmas Bazaar
While you shop for handmade crafts and jewelry by local Latvian artists, try cakes, piragi (rolled bread), and Christmas cookies, and take in a traditional dance performance.

107. Oddmall Emporium of the Weird
Shop for goods from over 85 indie artisans to sate all your kitschy needs and desires.



108. Opening Reception: Kiliii Yuyan - On the Sea Ice, We Wear White
Discover the indigenous lands of the Arctic at the opening reception of this photography exhibit by Kiliii Yuyan.


109. Armistice Day Centennial Commemoration
Armistice Day turns 100 years old this year, and this celebration will mark the centennial with an opening ceremony, featuring the ringing of the historic Great Seattle Fire bell and a wreath-laying ceremony. Afterwards, there will be special events at the museum including historical presentations and viewing opportunities for their WW1 America archival exhibition, and a round-trip cruise on Lake Union to UW’s WWI Navy seaplane hangar. 

110. NW Marxism Conference 2018
This conference offers educational sessions that combat the far-right sensibilities of the current administration. Stop by "From #MeToo to Women's Liberation," "Revolutionary Socialism, Democratic Socialism, and Social Democracy," "Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It," and more.


111. Seattle Slack Key Festival
This all-day music festival is dedicated to Kanikapila-style Hawaiian music, which makes use of the open-tuned slack key guitar (as well as the steel guitar and the ukulele). A few of this year's musicians include Ledward Kaapana, George Kuo, Jeff Peterson, Kunia Galdeira, Sonny Lim, and Jeff Au Hoy.


112. Hecklevision: Starship Troopers
Rather than make fun of the '90s mystery/thriller Starship Troopers out loud, send your snarky texts straight to the big screen for the rest of the audience to see.

113. Moving History: Sticky Shed Syndrome - An Archival Screening
Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound presents the latest installment of Moving History: an archival screening called Sticky Shed Syndrome, featuring footage collected from the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum, the King County Archives, the Museum of History and Industry, Scarecrow Video, and elsewhere.


114. Bizzarro Bizarre Bazaar and Wine Tasting
While you taste wine for free (!), peruse paintings by Chris Crites, jewelry by LM-Inspired, knitwear by Ravel and Unravel, holiday gifts by Wabi and Sabi Co., and magnets by Denise Reed.


115. 1111: Raygun Orchestra, Pink Void, Glacial, NV
Local noise artists like Professor Raygun will perform their experimental sounds.

116. Childsplay: Fiddlers, Fiddles, and Fiddlemaker with Karan Casey
Folksy supergroup Childsplay is comprised of fiddlers from across the Celtic world and the U.S., featuring Irish singer Karan Casey. They'll celebrate their first show in Seattle since 1992 with their band of 14 fiddlers and nine instrumentalists, dancers, and singers.

117. Neil Young's Birthday Show with Rubies in the Dust
Rubies in the Dust will play all your Neil Young favorites.

118. Oleaje Flamenco
Oleaje Flamenco will welcome their new guitarist, Israel Heredia, and guest dancer Talia Ortega Vestal, for a special show.


119. The BurlyCon Burlesque Benefit
Raise money for the BurlyCon burlesque conference.

120. The DA (Dumbledore's Army)
This all-ages fundraiser for the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle (who provide funds for local LGBTQ+ services) will take the form of a Harry Potter drag show with kings and queens alike.

121. Stormy Daniels DREAM GIRLS at Sodo
Stormy Daniels will perform in Sodo on her Support the Troops tour, where veterans and active military personnel will get free admission.  READINGS & TALKS

122. Asia Talks: Sari Stories
Local women will share personal stories about wearing saris as part of the Peacock in the Desert exhibit.

123. Grieving the Loss of Companion Animals: A Panel Discussion
How do you cope with the loss of a beloved pet? As part of Good Mourning: An Interactive Arts Festival About Grief, join panelists Heather Woodke (a veterinarian studying medical ethics) and Sonja Furney (who runs the dog-training company Get Your Sit Together) for a discussion. 

124. Madeline DeFrees: Subjective Geography: A Poet's Thoughts on Life and Craft
Poets Laura Jensen, Sharon Bryan, and Jennifer Maier (and editor Anne McDuffie) will celebrate the release of a new anthology, Subjective Geography: A Poet's Thoughts on Life and Craft, with a group reading.

125. Rita Wirkala
Seattle-based Argentinian writer Rita Wirkala is responsible for a wide range of novels, poetry, literary essays, and textbooks. Tonight, she'll read from her most recent English-language book of short stories, Tales for The Dreamer.

          Dance Par-Tay (Vote Dammit! Version) On DustyRadio Valencia Podcast!      Cache   Translate Page      
As Mr. Beau Dayshus knocks on doors in Georgia with Oprah, his pal Russ T sits in for a special VOTE Dammit episode of DRV.  He argues somewhat coherently that White Male Patriarchy is bad even for old white men like himself, and that voting for and empowering women is the perfect antidote.  And women […]
          Comment on Good Company Podcast #7: Tuesday Bassen by Brittany M. McCue      Cache   Translate Page      
met her once through a friend at SDCC :) love her stuff, also love her pup Baby Tiny!!
          Tim Benz podcast: Steelers Roundtable tackles Big Ben, Panthers, Cam Newton      Cache   Translate Page      
Keith Srakocic/AP<br/>Carolina Panthers running back Cameron Artis-Payne is tackled by Pittsburgh Steelers linebackers during the first half of a preseason meeting between the teams in Pittsburgh, Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018.
In this week’s Steelers roundtable, Trib columnist Kevin Gorman joins me. So does Steelers writer Chris Adamski. Among other Steelers topics, we dive into… *The ...

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This week, the Water Cooler Podcast gang catches up on a few random topics (including the importance of voting) and discuss Sam Esmail's Homecoming.

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          Kommentar zu Musk verrät erste Details zur chinesischen “Gigafactory” von Sean Wagner      Cache   Translate Page      
Das Originalinterview mit Elon Musk wurde von Kara Swisher für gemacht. Zum Nachhören [es ist die Zeit wert]:
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          “The Service Agreement Does Not Cover What Happens During Sleep” by R. Mac Jones, Read by Ciro Faienza      Cache   Translate Page      

In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Ciro Faienza presents R. Mac Jones’s “The Service Agreement Does Not Cover What Happens During Sleep”. You can read the full text of the poem and more about Jones here.

          “Some Personal Arguments in Support of the BetterYou (Based on Early Interactions)” by Debbie Urbansky, read by Anaea Lay      Cache   Translate Page      

In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Debbie Urbansky's “Some Personal Arguments in Support of the BetterYou (Based on Early Interactions).” You can read the full text of the story here.

          Macworld Podcast: Join us on Wednesday, Nov. 7, at 9 a.m.      Cache   Translate Page      

The Macworld staff talks about the new iPhone XR, new MacBook Air, and new Mac mini. What’s going on with Apple’s stock price? We also respond to your comments and questions for Leif Johnson, Dan Masaoka, and Michael Simon in the Macworld Podcast, episode 629.

Watch us live

Due to scheduling conflicts this week, the Macworld Podcast will broadcast an hour earlier than its usual time. This episode will air on Wednesday, November 7, at 9 a.m. Pacific. You can watch on Twitter via Periscope or on the Macworld YouTube channel.

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Welcome to the third episode of our Amerks Weekly podcast on Beyond The Blade between myself, Keith Wozniak, and Chad DeDominicis from Die By the Blade. We’re getting into a groove to make sure this really is every week. This week we talk about Zach Redmond, consistency and the lack of for some players, being an elite ...
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Ein (mehr oder weniger) kleiner Gedanke von Buddha verhalf ihm am Ende zum Erwachen und zur Erleuchtung. Aber auch für uns und unseren Alltag, unser weltliches Leben kann dieser Gedanke sehr nützlich sein. Es leichter machen und ausgewogener. Du kannst den Podcast sofort auf jedem Smartphone, Tablet, Computer oder MP3-Player hören. Und jetzt gibt’s ihn […]
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Heute im Angebot: eine kleine Meditation, mit der Du im Alltag jederzeit durchatmen, abschalten und neue Kraft tanken kannst. Du kannst den Podcast sofort auf jedem Smartphone, Tablet, Computer oder MP3-Player hören. Und jetzt gibt’s ihn übrigens auch bei Spotify. Folge 51: Die 1-Wort-Meditation Zum Streamen klicke einfach auf Play (oder hier) Hör Dir den […]
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Vier „Tendenzen“ gibt es – unterschiedliche Weisen, mit Erwartungen von uns selbst und von außen umzugehen. Wenn Du weißt, zu welcher Tendenz zu gehörst, kannst Du Dinge in Deinem Leben viel leichter ändern (und Dir frustrierende erfolglose Versuche in Zukunft sparen). Du kannst den Podcast sofort auf jedem Smartphone, Tablet, Computer oder MP3-Player hören. Und […]
          QandA: Kalki Koechlin on #MeToo, social media and why she doesn’t need PR      Cache   Translate Page      
Kalki is one of the few Bollywood actors who doesn’t stick to just films. She has hosted TV shows, a podcast with the BBC, does theatre and goes on biking holidays whenever she can.
          174: Google election coverage, Pixel Slate pre-orders, Pixel 3 bug fixes | 9to5Google Daily      Cache   Translate Page      
Today we’ve got Google’s coverage of the midterm election, a Pixel 3 update that fixes a wireless charging issue, and Google Pixel Slate is now up for pre-order. 9to5Google Daily is available on Google Play, iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, or through our dedicated RSS ...
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When starting any new life activity - prison included - you have GOT to make a great first impression. One well-known way to do that it is a sucker-punk the biggest prisoner in the place. In this episode we go ahead and explore that space. Oh, and Skud is back. Oh, and what's up with Frank's new friends?  

The adventure continues with Skud Derringer (Mike Bachmann), Rowan Grey(Jennifer Cheek), Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain (Nika Howard), Toby Treacletart (Tim Lanning) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro). Don’t forget to follow our regular editor David Stewart (@spudcam), and also our junior editor Alan Mathews (@JAlanMathewsJr)!  

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          Николай Егоров      Cache   Translate Page      

          Евгений Сатановский и Ольга Подолян      Cache   Translate Page      

          Евгений Сатановский и Ольга Подолян      Cache   Translate Page      

          "У Ирана осталось два-три года"      Cache   Translate Page      

          "Наш народ не прощает политикам слабости"      Cache   Translate Page      

          Протестные гастролеры – теперь и в Петербурге      Cache   Translate Page      

          "Государство нам должно" – а что мы должны государству?      Cache   Translate Page      

          Interview: John Sayles on ‘The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot’      Cache   Translate Page      
In his latest podcast/interview, host Stuart Wright talks to the legendary John Sayles about his first memory of watching horror films, exec-producing The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot and even offers one or two writing tips! Decades after ending World War II by assassinating Adolf Hitler in an undercover operation so covert it […]
          Superhero Bits: Wolverine Podcast Second Season Details, ‘Hellboy’ Test Screening Reactions & More      Cache   Translate Page      

Will Batman have any part in the Elseworlds crossover coming to the Arrowverse? What do early reactions from a test screening of Hellboy have to say? Want to see Roger Corman‘s awful adaptation of Fantastic Four? Why didn’t Superman use his powers to find Martha in Batman v Superman? What can we expect from the […]

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          Comment on True Blue Mormon Podcast, Episode 7 (SPECIAL GENERAL CONFERENCE REVIEW EPISODE!!!) by Ugly Mahana      Cache   Translate Page      
Podcast TBM: faithfully awaiting the second coming of Jesus Christ
          Comment on True Blue Mormon Podcast, Episode 7 (SPECIAL GENERAL CONFERENCE REVIEW EPISODE!!!) by Ugly Mahana      Cache   Translate Page      
Or, in the spirit of 2 Nephi 6:14 and 3 Nephi 29:2 or Doctrine and Covenants 45:26: The true blue Mormon podcast: Faithfully waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ
          Comment on True Blue Mormon Podcast, Episode 7 (SPECIAL GENERAL CONFERENCE REVIEW EPISODE!!!) by Ugly Mahana      Cache   Translate Page      
Some to (probably) cross off your list Podcast tbm (similar to Scouts bsa) The Sheeplecast Some actual proposals for y’all: The true blue faith podcast The true blue restored Christian podcast The woolly podcast (I like this one. It has layers of meaning. Like an onion.) Restoring Christianity Also, I think it (might) be appropriate to keep the name of you were to add a tag line, thusly: True Blue Mormon: keeping revelation real Another podcast of (believers in the latter-day restored church and gospel of) Jesus Christ Dyed blue wool: A restored Christian podcast Also, to riff on Pres. Nelson’s recent advice to take our vitamins in order to keep up with the pace of revelation: The true blue vitamin podcast A vitamin to dye your wool with: A podcast preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ —- You have my sympathies in wrestling with the name change. It must be difficult to think how to take upon your podcast the name of Christ and (perhaps be humorous, but also) be neither sacrilegious nor vainglorious.
          Comment on True Blue Mormon Podcast, Episode 7 (SPECIAL GENERAL CONFERENCE REVIEW EPISODE!!!) by bobdaduck      Cache   Translate Page      
36:00 I think there's a danger in abusing "Latter Day Saint"; it seems like a way to circumnavigate the point of trying to get us to do the hard thing of not mentioning the church without connecting it to Christ. 40:00 Salient thoughts on suicide. "They Just Know" How suicide works; absolutely. They know Oaks suicided those kids, and they know this without any basis other than it is agendalogically convenient. White men having the highest suicide rates is an important statistic I doubt they would care about. I occasionally try to point out that altitude being one of the highest factors in high suicide rates, yet Utah has *lower* suicide rates than the states around it. Someone I follow on twitter posted: "Anyone who treats a suicide like a martyr is formally, although not necessarily materially, praising suicide." "...There will always be people who attempt to turn a suicide into a martyr for ideological points. To do this, one has to paint the suicide as something done to the person, as a victim. This dehumanizes the person by willfully removing their agency."
          Les éphémérides du 7 novembre      Cache   Translate Page      
Aujourd'hui 16e jour du signe astrologique du Scorpion. Selon le dicton, "à la Saint-Ernest, abats les pommes qui te restent".
Sont nés notamment ce jour: le peintre Pierre Mignard, la physicienne Marie Curie, le physicien Chandrashekhara Venkata Râman, le biologiste Konrad Lorenz, l'actrice Grace Stafford, l'homme de lettres Albert Camus.

Journée internationale de l'écrivain africain.
En Argentine journée de la presse sportive et au Bangladesh journée nationale de la révolution et de l...

Podcast Journal Journal international diffusé en podcast et portail multimédia interactif de proximité:

          Mega64 Podcast 502: Everyone in Smash Brothers is dead?      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on 017: Yes, You Really Can Make 3x – 5x More Income From Your Rentals. Here’s How It’s Done… by Malina      Cache   Translate Page      
I’m in the vacation rental industry managing over 170 properties. I haven’t gotten into land wholesaling but I’m interested in starting and why I’m listening to your podcast (which I have been enjoying!). I also own a vacation rental property that we built that is above our garage. Although your guest had some great points, I politely disagree with several things that have been said. For example - IKEA. I would never recommend purchasing anything but decor for a home and it just doesn’t last especially with the wear and tear with a VR. I’d be happy to discuss more, and I appreciate that you had this type of real estate investing on your podcast.
          14 Tips for Maintaining Work Life Balance      Cache   Translate Page      
Maintaining balance when the demands of work and life are pulling you in different directions can be a bit challenging at times. What’s at the heart of finding balance in your life? Peace, happiness, rest, health? The definition of balance is different for everyone: What may be balance to me may not be balance to you; which is why it’s important to get to the heart of what’s uniquely important in your life. Let’s talk about 14 tips for maintaining work/life balance. 1. Identify Your Core Values (what is truly important to you in life) Above all, honoring your core values is vital to maintaining a sense of balance because it directly affects your quality of life. Identify your core values and make the necessary life/work changes that honor them, so you can enjoy the kind of life you truly want and deserve. To help you identify your core values, you will find an effective exercise in the No Excuses Program (located in the Store at 2. Know Your Priorities – and Schedule Them If it’s really important, it must be scheduled. As I often say, honor thy calendar. Work and family are not the only important priorities, so be sure to schedule “you” time where you can to refuel, rejuvenate and tend to your own health and well-being. I believe that in order to stay focused on your high payoff activities and achieve your goals you must schedule everything on your calendar. 3. Establish a Home Office If you struggle with traveling to and from an office away from home, save time and get even more done by establishing a home office. Word of caution: it can be easy to get distracted by personal matters and family members when working from home, so set clear “office hours” where you can focus on work and will not be disturbed. Certainly, working virtually is much more common today than it used to be. 4. Work Remotely 1-2 Days per Week If you work best outdoors or in your favorite peaceful environment, schedule “remote” days where you can head to your favorite destination to brainstorm new business ideas or boost production. 5. Reduce Your Expenses It’s easy to get caught up in all the “doing” of life, only to lose track of how much you have to do to keep up with all the “having.” Look around you and ask, “Do I really want or need that _________?” If it’s a financial burden, and provides little or no fulfillment or return, it’s time to dump or downsize. When you don’t have to keep up with all the “having,” you can reduce the “doing” time and be even more profitable. 6. Raise Your Prices As an entrepreneur, raising your prices is one of the easiest and fastest ways to find more life/work balance. It’s pretty simple; when you’re generating more revenue, you have more of an opportunity to work less. Always make sure the value you provide exceeds the price you are charging (perceived value can be different for different people). Increasing value doesn’t mean adding more work time. There are many ways to increase value without adding your time to the equation. 7. Request a Salary Increase As a small business owner, you can always give yourself a raise, assuming there is enough profit in the business. Do the math and make sure the numbers work and give yourself that well-deserved salary increase. 8. Outsource Domestic Chores If domestic chores aren’t your cup of tea – consider delegating them. Unless household chores bring you a sense of pleasure or satisfaction, there is simply no reason to spend your valuable time tending to them. Remember, the name of the game is finding life and work balance. Hiring domestic help is an easy solution to finding more balance. Typically this is a good investment in your life. 9. Hire Personal or Professional Support Success requires assertiveness, and as a successful professional you’re likely to be effective at getting things done. But are you trying to do it all? Are you still doing too much of the low payoff activities yourself? Hiring a personal or professional support person can help you regain balance but picking up some of the slack – even if it’s only a few hours per week. You should be doing what only you can do and delegating the rest. Successful people are excellent delegators. 10. Reduce Travel Time Are you constantly racing from one client meeting to another? Reduce travel time by “chunking” client meetings together either by area or days of the week. Better yet, have them come to you, if at all possible! 11. Offer Virtual/Remote Services It may not be necessary to always meet face-to-face with clients and business partners. Explore virtual or remote services that can still be effective in order to relieve the stress and expense of travel/commute time. There are several web conferencing services available – all you need is a computer and internet connection. A few examples you may want to review are,, skype, and 12. Integrate the Weisure Lifestyle In 2009, a CNN article, “Welcome to the Weisure Lifestyle,” highlighted a growing trend among entrepreneurs that blurred the lines between work and lifestyle. Today, that trend continues as more professionals and entrepreneurs find enjoyable ways to (and locations) to combine business and leisure. This might be something you should consider exploring. You can find this source information at: 13. Know When to Say YES Struggling to find balance may be the result of saying yes to the wrong things. Your time is valuable, so only say yes to the things that are in alignment with your core values and help put you in the highest probability of achieving your goals. The things that are not important or are done out of obligation are better to be delegated or deleted from your task list. 14. Know When to Say NO It can be difficult to say no, but it is absolutely vital to maintaining life/work balance. We often carry an irrational thoughts and emotions when it comes to saying no. Whether it’s a fear of rejection or criticism, we often say yes when we really want to say no. If you are not willing to honor your own well-being and happiness, how can you effectively do it for anyone else? It’s up to you to say no to the things that cause havoc on your life balance. Saying ‘no’ now doesn’t mean ‘no’ forever. You can always say ‘yes’ later when it fits better into your life. We all need to make a living – and there are a myriad of ways to generate revenue in enjoyable and productive ways, other than traditional means. Opportunities to integrate the “weisure” lifestyle are vast, which creates more time to honor the perfect work/life balance that works for you. Get creative. Think outside the box. Brainstorm innovative ideas. It’s your life; create it the way that it works best for you! If you get value from these Podcasts, please take a minute to leave us a short rating and review. I’d appreciate it and love to hear your thoughts on other topics you would find valuable. Go to and get 3 FREE gifts including a special report on 10 Power Tips for Getting Focused, Organized, and Achieving Your Goals Now. Join the Silver Inner Circle (IT’S FREE) and receive 10% off on all products and services in addition to having access to many assessments and complimentary resources so you can begin achieving your goals in the timeframe you want, so you can have the life you desire. Get started today by going to and Join the FREE Silver Inner Circle. Aim for what you want each and every day! Anne Bachrach The Accountability Coach™ The Results Accelerator™ To help you stay focused and on track to achieving your goals, check out these other high-value resources. - Subscribe to my YouTube channel ( - Subscribe to my Blog ( - My Facebook page ( - My Linked-in page Business professionals who utilize my proven business-success systems make more money, work less, and enjoy better work life balance. Author of Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule, Live Life with No Regrets, No Excuses, and the Work Life Balance Emergency Kit, The Roadmap To Success with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard, and more.
          Travel Genius, a New Show From Bloomberg      Cache   Translate Page      
What’s the most sure-fire way to get a flight upgrade? How can you find the best, secret local restaurants by asking just one question? What's the first thing you should do when you get into a hotel room? On Bloomberg's new podcast Travel Genius, we'll give you those answers—and plenty more—as hosts Nikki Ekstein and Mark Ellwood quiz the world’s most experienced globetrotters for their tried-and-true travel hacks. Listen weekly, and even your work trips will go from a necessary evil to an expert art form. Plus, you'll be padding out your bucket list with dreams of amazing future vacations. 
          God’s Anchor In Life’s Storms      Cache   Translate Page      
Hebrews 6:9-20 Someone has said, “Man is able to go 40 days without food, 8 days without water, and 4 minutes without air. But man can only last a few seconds without hope.” Today we will discover that hope is not … Continue reading
          How to get started with iTunes for Mac      Cache   Translate Page      
If you're new to the Mac—or simply new to iTunes—we're here to help get you started! iTunes on the Mac has played a number of different roles over the years. First, it was a jukebox to play, store, and organize music copied from CDs to your Mac's hard disk. Soon after it became the means for transferring your music from your Mac to an iPod, so you could take your music collection with you anywhere you wanted to go. Then iTunes became the storefront for purchasing and downloading music...and movies, television shows, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. It was the conduit for syncing information between your Mac and iOS devices. It became the way to store all your music in the cloud and, most recently, the doorway into Apple Music and the world of streaming content. Whew. So what's the best way to get started with all this? With an Apple ID. What's an Apple ID? The key to doing many things with iTunes--particularly things that have to do with the internet--is an Apple ID....
          Jiří Fabián: Tvorba podcastu CZpodcast, prodej firmy za desítky milionů, rozjezd startupu      Cache   Translate Page      
Jiří Fabián je tak trochu můj kolega. Stejně jako já totiž vytváří vlastní podcast, který společně se svým kolegou pojmenoval CZpodcast. Je to jeden z...
          Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals Shawn Booth Forgot Their Anniversary Last Year      Cache   Translate Page      

Kaitlyn Bristowe is sharing some more details about events that could have led up to her breakup with Shawn Booth.

Kaitlyn caught up with fellow Bachelor Nation alum and perpetual Sarah Hyland body-defender Wells Adams on her podcastOff the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe. Wells is currently dating and living with the Modern Family star, although the two of them differ on when their official  anniversary date is. Adams believes it to be the day of their first kiss, and Hyland sees it as the day they made things "official." 

The Bachelorette star shared similar ideas. She and Shawn tried to figure out their anniversary as well. Was it the day they got engaged? "We met and had our first date, but I was also dating multiple men," she explained. "So does that count as our anniversary? Or does our anniversary count as the time we got engaged?"

Needless to say, the timeline is rather muddled for the Bachelorette couple. "He actually forgot our anniversary last year," Kaitlyn revealed.

Why Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth's Split Might Be Bachelor Nation's Most Devastating Breakup Ever

She continued with her ex-fiancé's reason for forgetting the day. "He was like, 'To be fair, you had just dumped a guy five minutes before deciding I guess I'll pick this guy,'" she added. "Okay at the end of the day, you forgot our anniversary. You're being a dick right now. Just own that."

Granted, she and Wells recorded the podcast in October on his and Sarah's anniversary, but there could have been some foreshadowing there. Last year, she got Shawn's birthday wrong and bought balloons that said "32" instead of "31." Oops!

Shawn and Kaitlyn called it quits Nov. 2 after three years together. They wrote about why they decided to "go our separate ways" in a statement to People. It said, "This difficult decision comes after thoughtful, respectful consideration. Even though we are parting as a couple, we're very much committed to remaining friends. We have both evolved as people, which is taking us in different directions, but with the hope that we will continue to support each other in new ways."

One day before the Bachelor Nation favorites announced their split, E! News exclusively reported that their separation could be on the horizon. One source told E! News they were having "major issues" and have been "spending a lot of time apart." A second source revealed to E! News that their career paths were diverging, which caused some difficulties. "He's focused on the gym and building his business and she wants to be out and about. Their priorities are more different than they've ever been. They used to do everything together—both in personal and business. Now, a lot of their time is being spent apart," the insider said.

Kaitlyn had talked about breakup speculation on another podcast episode before and immediately shut down those rumors, but did address some dilemmas in their relationship. "We are both so busy and unfortunately that means that we are spending all of this time apart," she said. "If you've ever been a person who is running a successful brand or business and with someone who is doing the same, but in a different career path, you know that times can be tough. You're both always away. You're exhausted at the end of the day. Sometimes the relationship isn't being put first, but does that mean, 'Oh, you call it quits?' No."

Despite the collective hearts breaking around Bachelor Nation and with its fans, many Bachelor alums were expecting it. "It was not a shock," one former contestant told E! News. "No one in our circle is surprised by their decision to split." The source added, "Everyone knew they have been having problems, but they weren't ready to address it and we respected that. Kaitlyn and Shawn are great people on their own but you could tell they weren't going to ever make it down the aisle together."

Another Bachelor Nation fan favorite couple, Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti, spoke to E! News about Kaitlyn and Shawn's breakup. "We're just so sad, we always looked at them as such an ideal couple," Ashley told us. "We always strived to have their playfulness, it's just really sad."

According to Jared and Ashley, fellow Bachelor Nation couples really looked to Shawn and Kaitlyn as "ideal." Jared explained to E! News, "I think it might be the most heart-wrenching break-up."

Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals Shawn Booth Forgot Their Anniversary Last Year originally appeared on
          HLS Podcast: Week 10 Recap of Chicago’s Football Team (and the Rest of College Football)      Cache   Translate Page      

With week 10 now in the books, the majority of the playoff picture is coming into focus. Unless you are in the Pac 12 or Big 12, in which case, things are still insane. Speaking of, anyone want to win the Pac 12 South? How about the ACC Coastal? Meanwhile, Notre Dame, even after a...

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          Growing as a Creative with Phil Cooke: Podcast 260      Cache   Translate Page      

In this episode, we’re once again joined by my good friend, media producer, consultant and author, Phil Cooke.  Phil shares with us significant steps that are key to getting the...

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          'Off the Chain' Crypto Podcast Apparently Blocked on Apple iTunes      Cache   Translate Page      
The "Off the Chain" crypto podcast by Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano appears to have been blocked on Apple's iTunes app on Monday.
          Ultrageek 362 – Bissexualidade      Cache   Translate Page      
Ultrageek 362 - Bissexualidade

No Ultrageek dessa semana vamos falar sobre bissexualidade! Aquele podcast pra quem está muito indeciso ou decidido demais...e se Richard Gere aparecesse?

Continue lendo em: Ultrageek 362 – Bissexualidade

          Fake news, sustainable investments and graduate job hunts      Cache   Translate Page      
Here are some of the stories we’ll be following the week of November 5. ​​​​​​​Monday As Americans vote in highly anticipated mid-terms, across the Atlantic there is growing concern over disinformation and manipulation derailing democratic processes. Will Switzerland be spared the onslaught of “fake news” campaigns ahead of next year’s general elections? Tuesday Our podcast looks at how the internet is changing science funding – and revolutionising the way scientists interact with the public and each other. Wednesday The fallout from the deadliest garment factory accident in history shows the role that investors can have in changing business practices. Pressures have mounted on traditionally conservative Swiss pension funds to make an impact of their own. Thursday Getting a job after graduating from a Swiss university can be tough for international students from outside the European Union. We compare restrictions and opportunities in Switzerland, US and Britain. Sunday ...
          "El futuro de las 3 BIOS" [Vídeo] #Scientia #noticias      Cache   Translate Page      

Hace unas semanas tuve la suerte de participar en #Naukas Valladolid 2018, un evento de divulgación organizado por la plataforma de divulgación Naukas en colaboración con el Parque Científico de la Universidad de Valladolid y con la ayuda de la Diputación de Valladolid. Fue una jornada muy especial para mí. Reaparecía en los escenarios tras una inoportuna neumonía que me dejó KO durante tres semanas. Además, volvía a encontrarme con muchos compañer@ que hace tiempo que no veía y, sobre todo, regresaba a una de las ciudades que más me gustan de España: Valladolid.

Captura de pantalla 2018-11-06 a las 11.26.42.png

La jornada, que se celebró en el histórico Teatro Zorrilla, tuvo como nexo común "La ciencia del futuro". En ella brillantes divulgadores y divulgadoras hablaron sobre lo que puede suceder en su área de investigación en los próximos 20 años. Citaron los descubrimientos que podrían revolucionar en las próximas dos décadas la nutrición, la física, la meteorología, etc.

Pues bien, en el marco de Naukas Valladolid 2018 impartí la conferencia "EL futuro de las 3 BIOS". ¿De qué hablé? Si quieren saberlo solamente tienen que dedicar 20 minutos a ver la charla…en la que tenia una sorpresa guardada para Don José Zorrilla y otra para el resto de ponentes que me precedieron. Espero que les guste.

¿Qué les ha parecido? Espero sus comentarios.


          CPR News: Weekday World, November 6, 2018, Segment 1      Cache   Translate Page      

          CPR News: Weekday World, November 6, 2018, Segment 2      Cache   Translate Page      

          CPR News: Weekday World, November 6, 2018, Segment 3      Cache   Translate Page      

          This Way Out: Hope Trumps Hate + global LGBTQ news + more!, Segment 1      Cache   Translate Page      
Young people against hate indict Trump; finding shaky sanctuaries in "Our Happy Hours"; a singing Nashville grandma salutes LGBTQ pioneers; Dar es Salaam’s Governor announces an all-out queer purge in Tanzania, while a multi-national security group probes alleged Chechen atrocities, Taipei Pride is tempered by marriage equality anxiety, library books abound in Iowa after a fiery "Drag Queen Story Time" protest, and more global LGBTQ news!

          Joe and Anthony on Chiampa Radio : Episode 153 - Inflatable Meth Head Monkeys, Segment 1      Cache   Translate Page      
Joe and Anthony recap some of the craziest news possible that defies expectations and reason! What the hell is an inflatable colon used for? Tune in Monday nights at 8pm

          Tapes To Astonish: Walkuman Style #215, Segment 1      Cache   Translate Page      
(1.) Overtime - Profound Beats (2.) Busta's Lament - The Ummah (3.) Val In Time - Eric Lau (4.) Feather - Odyssee ft. Blue Wednesday (5.) Night Ballad - Alcynoos (6.) Jazzy Vibes - Type.Raw (of Loop.Holes) (7.) Fallen - Hazy Year (8.) K.O.S. (Determination) - Hi-Tek (9.) Call The Doc - Kuddie Fresh (10.) Bullsh*ttin' - N'Dea Davenport (*mixed by Jay Dee) (11.) Like Butter - Vandolizm (12.) Track 78 - Pete Rock (13.) Ballroom - Dweeb (14.) Timeless - Jay Dee aka J Dilla (15.) Ruska - Kupla (16.) Landstreicher - Snares (17.) Moistmaker - Philanthrope and Yasper and Mo Anando (18.) Salted - Sakura (19.) Cold As Eyes - AK420 (20.) Couldcruisin - Devaloop (21.) theatre - The Cancel (22.) Two Hundred Thousand Miles - Waldo & Homage (23.) Hibaru - Mujo(Qíngkuàng)

          CPR News: CPR News, November 5, 2018, Segment 1      Cache   Translate Page      

          Furious George Show: Trumpacolypse Now: Midterm Madness , Segment 1      Cache   Translate Page      
Here is the show following the fascist murders of 11 Jews, 15+ pipe-bombs sent to Trump critics, and the traveling caravan of starving/homeless refugees, on the eve of the 2018 elections, full of Trumpian fear-mongering, robot guerrillas, terror speech, and help from T Noah, Sam B, and plenty of tun smacking down hate.

          Classics and Beyond: Classics and Beyond 1811, Segment 1      Cache   Translate Page      
Segment One Huw Watkins: Symphony I. Allegro Molto II. Lento BBC Symphony Orchestra Edward Gardner: Conductor CD: Watkins: Flute Concerto, Violin Concerto, Symphony (NMC) Segment Two Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Concerto for Flute and Harp in C Major, KV299 I. Allegro II. Andantino III. Rondo Allegro Jean-Pierre Rampal: Flute Lily Laskine: Harp The Jean-Francois Paillard Chamber Orchestra Jean-Francois Paillard: Conductor CD: Mozart: Concerto for Flute and Harp in C Major, Concerto for Clarinet in A Major (Esoteric)

          CPR News: Weekday World, November 5, 2018, Segment 1      Cache   Translate Page      

          CPR News: Weekday World, November 5, 2018, Segment 2      Cache   Translate Page      

          CPR News: Weekday World, November 5, 2018, Segment 3      Cache   Translate Page      

          Cool Jazz Set: A Cool Walk; 11/4/18; set 1, Segment 1      Cache   Translate Page      

          Cool Jazz Set: A Cool Walk; 11/4/18; set 2, Segment 1      Cache   Translate Page      

          20 Jahre Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder - Schröder: Für Merkel hat das Ende begonnen      Cache   Translate Page      
Gerhard Schröder (li.) und Franz Müntefering jubeln nach gewonnener Bundestagswahl auf der Bühne vor der SPD-Parteizentrale 1998 in Bonn. (Ulrich Baumgarten)20 Jahre nach der Wahl von Gerhard Schröder (SPD) zum Bundeskanzler schwelgten die Beteiligten von damals auf einem Festakt in Erinnerungen. Schröder nutzte die Gelegenheit und teilte gegen seine Nachfolgerin im Amt aus.

Von Frank Capellan, Informationen am Morgen
Hören bis: 15.05.2019 09:39
Direkter Link zur Audiodatei

          Vor den Kongresswahlen - Wie Wähler in den USA am Urnengang gehindert werden       Cache   Translate Page      
US-Wähler bei der Stimmabgabe in Greensboro, North Carolina (dpa / picture alliance / John Taggart)Vor den Zwischenwahlen warnte der US-Präsident Donald Trump vor massiven Wahlbetrug. Doch wird bereits der Urnengang für viele Wähler erschwert: Wahllokale werden weit vor die Stadt verlegt oder neue Wahlgesetze erlassen, die plötzlich spezielle Ausweise erfordern.

Von Thilo Kößler, Informationen am Morgen
Hören bis: 15.05.2019 09:22
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          Vor den Kongresswahlen in den USA - Was bei den Midterms auf dem Spiel steht      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump-Anhänger im US-Staat Georgia zwei Tage vor den Kongresswahlen (imago / Zuma Press)Blaue Welle, blauer Tsunami oder rote Wand: Die Kongresswahlen sind traditionell eine Abrechnung mit der Politik der US-Regierung und seiner Partei in Washington. Nach der Niederlage 2016 hoffen die Demokraten auf einen großen Sieg. Doch die Propheten sind vorsichtig geworden.

Von Jasper Barenberg, Informationen am Morgen
Hören bis: 15.05.2019 07:12
Direkter Link zur Audiodatei

          "Once upon a time in Barfland" (Kitchener)      Cache   Translate Page      

Stephanie shops for underwear, Sean re-writes “The Three Little Pigs,” Tanis dreams of Jonathan Brandis, and much more. Recorded live at The Walper Hotel in Kitchener.

Show notes

          TM 781 Impellitteri, Jake E Lee and Mark Hunter      Cache   Translate Page      

Chris Impellitteri of Impellitteri, Jake E Lee of Red Dragon Cratel and Mark Hunter of Chimaera join Mark Strigl on this episode of the podcast.

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          Spring Tube 9th Anniversary Compilation Pt.1 (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
Spring Tube 9th Anniversary Compilation Pt.1 (2018)

As every year, in the first days of November, we celebrate our anniversary. November of 2018 marks already 9 years of Spring Tube! And we present you label's traditional anniversary compilation. The compilation consist of 2-part selection of our brightest works which have been released during Spring Tube's year 9. Besides unmixed tracks both the compilations parts as always are supplemented with a continuous DJ mixes. Part 1 is compiled and mixed by Spring Tubes owner/A&R - Sergey Slang. Whereas part 2 is compiled and mixed by labels artist and our podcast's co-host Technodreamer. Hope you'll enjoy the results of our 9th year. Thanks to all for being with us, thanks for your continued support as well, and see you with lots of new goodness in the Spring Tube' year 10!

Spring Tube 9th Anniversary Compilation Pt.1 (2018)
Progressive, Melodic, Deep, Beach House | Spring Tube Records
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 05-11-2018 | 04:08:13 | 571 Mb

          Midday open thread. Ignore the lines, ignore the weather, and pay attention to John Lewis: Vote.      Cache   Translate Page      

Today’s comic by Jen Sorensen is Get off my precinct!

Cartoon by Jen Sorensen

• Have problems or questions about voting? Call the nonpartisan hotline:

There are thousands of trained nonpartisan volunteers staffing these hotlines—open now through election day—to answer questions and help address any problems voters have.

English 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683)
Spanish 888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682)
Arabic 844-YALLA-US (844-925-5287)
Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Tagalog 888-API-VOTE (888-274-8683) –
American Sign Language video call number: 301-818-VOTE (301-818-8683)
SMS (text message) hotline (English): text OUR VOTE to 97779

If you’re not sure where you are supposed to vote, click this.

Election Day ride discounts: Uber—$10 off. Code—Vote2018; Lyft—50 percent off single ride; Lime Bike/Scooter—Free 30-minute ride. Code: Lime2Vote18; ZIP Car—6 PM-10 PM Get $20 Credit; Capital Bikeshare: Free with code—Biketovote.

Friends Help Friends to Vote: See which of your friends live in swing districts and need your reminder to vote. This free app gives you the power to have  influence all over the country by motivating friends who can vote in competitive elections.



Please don’t say you haven’t voted yet because it’s raining too much. 

Ozone layer shows continuing signs of recovery from human-caused damage and could be healed worldwide by 2060:

The measures taken to repair the damage will also have an important beneficial effect on climate change, as some of the gases that caused the ozone layer to thin and in places disappear also contribute to warming the atmosphere. Phasing them out could avoid as much as 0.5C (0.9F) of warming this century

Recovery from the holes and thinning caused by aerosol chemicals has progressed at a rate of about 1% to 3% a decade since 2000, meaning the ozone layer over the northern hemisphere and mid-latitudes should heal completely by the 2030s, if current rates are sustained.

Oral arguments made to Fifth Circuit panel in fight over Texas ban on D&E abortion method: 

The case at issue, Whole Woman’s Health v. Paxton, involves the dilation and evacuation procedure, which is used to completely remove live fetal tissue from a woman’s uterus during abortions performed after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Texas lawmakers banned the procedure last year as part of Senate Bill 8, but U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel in Austin blocked the ban, finding it creates an unconstitutional burden to accessing abortion.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: This is it! Election Day! Need to find the fortitude to stay in line wherever you are? Armando joins in to help round up the entertaining and/or infuriating stories of the day to help get you keep working, cast those ballots, and make it through to tonight.

          Matt Slick Live 10-23-2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Matt Slick Live 10-23-2018

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE, in the studio with open questions.

1: What are your thoughts on church discipline and barring the unrepentant from communion.

2: What Bible software do you use?

3: Biblically, is a husband accountable for his wife's actions?

4: What is your experience with a direct connection to God? How do you maintain that connection?

5: How do you decide which textual variant is the correct one?

6: Are there any internal logical contradictions within Buddhism?

          La app Podcasts de Google añade nuevas funciones      Cache   Translate Page      
La propuesta de Google para escuchar podcasts desde Android ha mantenido un estilo simple, libre de múltiples opciones, y alejado de dinámica de la competencia. Sin embargo, de a poco va añadiendo algunas de las características más solicitadas. Por ejemplo, el mes pasado, la app añadió soporte para Chromecast, permitiendo escuchar los podcasts desde cualquier altavoz
          Features Week #1 November 2018: The Derailers Podcast      Cache   Translate Page      
How long have you had your podcast? A year and a half   What inspired you to become a podcast?
          How to Customize Skip Length in Your iPhone's Podcasts App      Cache   Translate Page      

Apple's stock Podcasts app in iOS remains my go-to for all of my podcast listening needs, but skipping around during a podcast can be frustrating. Scrubbing audio along the timeline is often an imprecise maneuver, which is why the skip buttons can be so useful (and efficient). Without customizing skip lengths, however, you may find yourself tapping far more than you need to. The skip back and forward buttons in the Podcasts app were set at 15 seconds in iOS 11 and lower, and this could not be changed. In iOS 12 and higher, the default skip lengths were updated; Skipping backward is still 15... more

          REPORTERS NOTEBOOK: ELECTION DAY 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
It's Election Day 2018 in the United States. CBS News Correspondent Steve Futterman offers some thoughts on the potential impact of this election in today's "Reporter's Notebook."

          REPORTERS NOTEBOOK: MISSOURI SENATE RACE      Cache   Translate Page      
In today's "Reporter's Notebook," CBS News Correspondent Matt Pieper previews the critical Missouri Senate race between Democrat Claire McCaskill and Republican Josh Hawley.

          NEW PODCAST: Jason Eaker, Oklahoma Baptist Men’s Basketball Coach (Part 2)      Cache   Translate Page      

THIS IS EPISODE 183 OF THE SPORTS SPECTRUM PODCAST Jason Eaker joined Oklahoma Baptist as the head men’s basketball coach in April 2018. Eaker, who spent one season in a Bison uniform before finishing his playing days at Hardin-Simmons University, grew up attending to OBU games. His father, Allen Eaker, is an OBU Athletics Hall of … Read more

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          267. Dear Cheap Astronomy - Episode 50 - 4 November 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Fifty episodes that raised a hundred questions.

          Mobelized Vibez 010      Cache   Translate Page      

Mobelizer (Raleigh, NC) presents “Mobelized Vibez” every second and fourth Saturday at 6pm EST on! Tracklisting:

The post Mobelized Vibez 010 appeared first on DanceGruv Radio.

          Mobelized Vibez 009      Cache   Translate Page      

Mobelizer (Raleigh, NC) presents “Mobelized Vibez” every second and fourth Saturday at 6pm EST on! Tracklisting:

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          House Nation 032      Cache   Translate Page      

Miss Voltaghe (Mexico City, Mexico) presents “House Nation” every third Wednesday at 11pm EST on! Tracklisting:

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          House Nation 031      Cache   Translate Page      

Miss Voltaghe (Mexico City, Mexico) presents “House Nation” every third Wednesday at 11pm EST on! Tracklisting:

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          House Nation 030      Cache   Translate Page      

Miss Voltaghe (Mexico City, Mexico) presents “House Nation” every third Wednesday at 11pm EST on! Tracklisting:

The post House Nation 030 appeared first on DanceGruv Radio.

          The Mexican Rhythm 007 ft. Jose Alanisz      Cache   Translate Page      

Mike Rosales (Mexico City, MX) presents “The Mexican Rhythm” every first and third Sunday at 2pm EST on! Tracklist:

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          The Mexican Rhythm 003      Cache   Translate Page      

Mike Rosales (Mexico City, MX) presents “The Mexican Rhythm” every first and third Sunday at 2pm EST on! Tracklist: 1. Bugzy Siegel – Glitterbox (Extended Mix) | C-Electronics LTD 2. Krozz – VuDú (Vocal Mix) 3. Soft House Company – What You Need (Micky More & Andy Tee Remix)[...]

The post The Mexican Rhythm 003 appeared first on DanceGruv Radio.

          Subterranean Live 011      Cache   Translate Page      

Matthew Play (New Orleans, LA) presents “Subterranean Live” every second Tuesday at 12pm EST on! Tracklisting:

The post Subterranean Live 011 appeared first on DanceGruv Radio.

          Subterranean Live 010      Cache   Translate Page      

Matthew Play (New Orleans, LA) presents “Subterranean Live” every second Tuesday at 12pm EST on! Tracklisting:

The post Subterranean Live 010 appeared first on DanceGruv Radio.

          Vibe Sessions 015      Cache   Translate Page      

Kenmimi DeeJay (Marseille, France) presents “Vibe Sessions” every second Friday at 3pm EST on! tracklisting:

The post Vibe Sessions 015 appeared first on DanceGruv Radio.

          Marvel anuncia nova temporada de áudio drama do Wolverine      Cache   Translate Page      

Com o sucesso de Wolverine: A Longa Noite (The Long Night), a Marvel anunciou uma nova temporada com Wolverine: The Lost trail (A trilha perdida), uma nova aventura que terá eventos acontecido após o Longa Noite.

Nessa temporada, Wolverine terá de encarar um vilão bem conhecido do universo mutante, Jason Wyngarde, o Mestre Mental. E claro, que na história, Wolverine contará com o apoio de um certo cajun, Remy LeBeau, Gambit.

Segundo o resumo oficial liberado pela Marvel, “Wolverine: The Lost Trail da Marvel é uma missão épica que acontece no baía da Louisiana. Após os eventos de Wolverine da Marvel: A Longa Noite, Logan (Richard Armitage) retorna a Nova Orleans em busca de redenção, apenas para descobrir que sua ex-amante, Maureen, não está em lugar algum. E ela não é a única. Dezenas de humanos e mutantes desapareceram, incluindo a mãe de um adolescente, Marcus Baptiste. Com Arma X em perseguição, Logan e Marcus devem se unir e seguir um rastro de pistas que os leva ao fundo do coração gótico da baía, onde eles encontram gangues de motoqueiros, ladrões de Cajun e um mundo de maravilhas que desafia a explicação. É aqui que eles encontram Greenhaven - um refúgio represado administrado por um poderoso mutante chamado Jason Wyngarde.”

"Depois de ver o enorme apoio ao Wolverine: A Longa Noite, da Marvel, estamos empolgados em apresentar aos ouvintes outra experiência única de narração de áudio", comentou o atual presidente da Marvel, Dan Buckley, em um comunicado. “Wolverine da Marvel: A Trilha Perdida continuará a expandir a história de Logan e a apresentar mais elementos do Universo Marvel. Estamos ansiosos para expandir nosso conteúdo para os fãs da Marvel e para a comunidade de podcasts.”

“Os fãs reagiram tão poderosa e positivamente à primeira temporada que realmente não tivemos escolha - tivemos que manter a história e os personagens vivos (bem, a maioria deles) por mais uma temporada”, comentou o diretor de conteúdo da Stitcher, Chris Bannon. “Felizmente, a excelente equipe criativa que tornou a primeira temporada memorável assinou imediatamente! E eu não podia esperar por um elenco melhor de grandes vozes, incluindo Richard Armitage como Logan. Juntos, eles estão fazendo uma história que os fãs da Marvel vão ouvir mais e mais, eu sei."

Wolverine: The Lost Trail será lançado primeiro na plataforma Stitcher Premium no começo do inverno de 2019 nos EUA e só depois essa temporada estará disponível para outras plataformas de podcasts. No elenco de vozes estão Richard Armitage, que retorna na voz do Logan. Bill Irwin, de Legião, para a voz de Jason Wyngarde. Bill Heck como o Gambit e Blair Brown como Bonnie Roach. O roteiro fica por conta do roteirista de quadrinhos premiado, Ben Percy. A direção tem Brendan Baker, que também dirigiu A Longa Noite, assim como o retorno da designer de som Chloe Prasinos.

E para quem ainda não ouviu a primeira temporada, A Longa Noite, os nove primeiros episódios já estão liberados no Stitcher e o último episódio será liberado dia 07 de Novembro.

Eu só torço que essa temporada também ganhe uma versão em quadrinhos e coloquem o Albuquerque para ilustrar a história!

Marcus Pedro
          Aus den Feuilletons - Über die positive Kraft des negativen Denkens      Cache   Translate Page      
Michel Houellebecq in einer Szene des Films "To Stay Alive - A Method" von Erik Lieshout, 2016 (Erik Lieshout, Contactfilm, Arnhem)Ziehen wir wirklich das Positive dem Negativen vor, wie in der "NZZ" zu lesen ist? Oder beweist nicht gerade Michel Houellebecqs Erfolg das Gegenteil? Ausgerechnet bei der Überreichung des Owald-Spengler-Preises an ihn gab er sich überraschend optimistisch.

Von Adelheid Wedel, Kulturpresseschau
Hören bis: 16.05.2019 00:54
Direkter Link zur Audiodatei

          Escucha el podcast (en inglés y español) de Vice sobre El Chapo en Spotify      Cache   Translate Page      
Miguel Angel Vega se especializa en la cobertura del crimen organizado y la corrupción, y es guía a los periodistas extranjeros que cubren la guerra de las drogas.
          Halloween Podcast!!      Cache   Translate Page      
itunes pic
MINISTRY – Every Day Is Halloween (single) SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES – Halloween (Juju) SISTERS OF MERCY – Leucretia My Reflection (EP) BAUHAUS – Bela Lugosi’s Dead (12” single) WALL OF VOODOO – Ring Of Fire (12” single) SEVERED HEADS - Triangle Tangle Tango (Rotund For Success) OPAL – Happy Nightmare Baby (Happy Nightmare Baby) BOLLOCK BROTHERS - Horror Movies (single) THE CRAMPS – Rockin’ Bones (Psychedelic Jungle) THE SPECIALS - Ghost Town (single) THE SOUND – Skeletons (From The Lion’s Mouth) THE DREAM SYNDICATE - Halloween (Days of Wine & Roses) THE DAMNED – Grimly Fiendish (Phantasmagoria) LOVE N’ ROCKETS – Haunted When The Minutes Drag (Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven) OINGO BOINGO - Pictures Of You (Good For Your Soul) 45 GRAVE - Riboflavin Flavored Non-Carbonated Polyunsaturated Blood THE MISFITS - Halloween (s/t) DEAD KENNEDYS - Halloween ALIEN SEX FIEND – Nightmare Zone (Another Planet) SONIC YOUTH - Halloween (Bad Moon Rising) KILLING JOKE - The Wait (s/t) GHOST DANCE - Last Train (The Grip Of Love EP) THE HITMEN - Bates Motel (single) FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM - Moonchild (Nephilim) OINGO BOINGO - Dead Man's Party (Dead Man's Party)
          'Podcast bingo' is a perfect summation of the clichés you always hear      Cache   Translate Page      

If you ever get the feeling that many podcasts run to a formula, you're not alone.

On Twitter, Alex Sujong Laughlin posted a bingo card featuring all the podcasting clichés you've heard when listening to an episode.

SEE ALSO: 15 podcasts guaranteed to tell you a fantastic story

From that Squarespace ad, to the endless suggestions of "have you heard of Reply All," to the jangly banjo music that opens up a program — you've likely come across these at some point. 

i made this bc i'm an asshole

— Alex Sujong Laughlin (@alexlaughs) November 5, 2018

But there's a few missing tiles, as people spotted on Twitter. Read more...

More about Culture, Podcast, Culture, and Web Culture
          WWE Mixed Match Challenge 11/6/2018 Results Coverage      Cache   Translate Page      
Tonight's episode of WWE Mixed Match Challenge for November 6, 2018 is coming to you live from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. Follow along here for ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

Don't forget to keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage!

spoilers WWE Mixed Match Challenge episodes online results

  • Country Dominance (Bobby Lashley and Mickie James) defeated B'n'B (Finn Balor and Bayley)
  • Day One Glow (Jimmy Uso and Naomi) defeated Fabulous Truth (R-Truth and Carmella)


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          WWE SmackDown Live 11/6/2018 Results Coverage Highlights      Cache   Translate Page      
Tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown for November 6, 2018 is coming to you live from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. Follow along here for ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

Don't forget to keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage!

spoilers WWE Tuesday Night SmackDown episodes online results

  • Shane McMahon and Paige talk about the World Cup. The co-captains of Team SmackDown are The Miz and Daniel Bryan. They pick Shane McMahon for the team.
  • The Usos defeated The New Day by pinfall to become the captains of a tag team Survivor Series tag team elimination match. They pick The New Day to be on the squad.
  • Daniel Bryan adds Rey Mysterio to Team SmackDown.
  • Becky Lynch cuts a promo on Ronda Rousey and is asking for a fight. Nikki Cross answers the challenge. Becky Lynch defeated Nikki Cross by submission
  • Bryan and Miz pick Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe for a team qualifying match
  • Shinsuke Nakamura cuts a promo on Seth Rollins
  • Rey Mysterio defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas by pinfall. Mysterio was then hit with an RKO from Randy Orton after the match. Mysterio is confirmed to be on Team SmackDown.
  • AJ Styles cuts a promo on Brock Lesnar 
  • Paige reveals the women's Survivor Series team, including Carmella, Naomi, Sonya Deville, Asuka and Charlotte Flair. Mandy Rose is upset that she was overlooked.
  • Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Hardy by submission to become the final member of Team SmackDown


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              WWE 205 Live Spoilers: 11/7/2018 Results      Cache   Translate Page      
    This week's episode of WWE 205 Live was taped on November 6, 2018 at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England before SmackDown Live and Mixed Match Challenge.

    The following are spoilers of the results which took place during those tapings, set to air tomorrow at 7pm EST on the WWE Network:

    • The Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Kalisto) defeated TJP and Mike Kanellis by pinfall
    • Lio Rush defeated a jobber by pinfall
    • Buddy Murphy defeated Mark Andrews by pinfall


    spoilers WWE 205 Live episodes online results

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              Episode 417 | Pulling Out Profits, Building Features vs. Integrating, Marketing a Podcast, and More Listener Questions      Cache   Translate Page      
    In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob and Mike answer a number of listener questions on topics including how to market a podcast, what to do with business profits, building features and more.

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              146: GO VOTE      Cache   Translate Page      
    It's a remarkably short one this month—just over 50 minutes—because my throat was sore in what turned out to be the preface to a nasty cold that knocked me out all weekend, which is why we recorded this last week and it's only going up to day! But here it is! Also, vote!

    Helpful Links

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    - were we recording yet when we talked about Jim Steinman? Well, regardless.
    - Halloween in Randolph, VT
    - more costume pix
    - facts about 146
    - Jessamyn as a kangaroo
    - Secretariat as a snake
    - UPS dogs as UPS humans
    - Fellow Worker Gritty as himself

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    - Mmm, pie by cellar door
    - A.. AH... SOM...THI...TO...E EAT...? by Existential Dread
    - Captivating, calming competition: it's the 2018 Winter MarbleLympics! by filthy light thief
    - A veritable treasure trove of old footage by SecretAgentSockpuppet

    Ask MeFi
    - Fear of a shooting at my job is becoming debilitating by Jandoe
    - a comment by robocop is bleeding
    - What should I know about buying studio time for my 10 yr old daughter? by blackjack514
    - What blatantly ridiculous titles can I give myself? by billiebee
    - Please help an old feller with identifying this youtube demo's tune by Chitownfats
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    - Would you like a Button? by wym
    - secret quonsar 2018: Let the Niceness begin! by julen
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    - Zozosuit Check-in II by One Second Before Awakening
    - Metatalktail Hour: Halloween! by Eyebrows McGee
    - Praise for a Mefite by glasseyes

    MeFi Music
    Featured in this ep:
    - Squares are the future by umbú
    - virtual confetti by the quidnunc kid
    - 'Creep' cover on the OP-1 by TheNegativeInfluence

              The House Where Jimmy Lives      Cache   Translate Page      

    Laurel in Nashville, Ohio called in to tell of a weird experience she had:

    “This happened when my son was just starting junior high school and making friends and doing sleepovers. I lived in a kind of rural place where you’d have to drive your children there. And a friend asked him to spend the night and I said, 'Sure.' I drove him to this house - beautiful eight room house surrounded by 20 acres. The mother took me on a tour of the house. She was so proud of it. They had just moved in. He slept the night and that was it.

    A few weeks later, he said, 'Mom, can I spend the night again at Jimmy’s house?' I said, 'Sure.' He said, 'They don’t live there anymore.' I said, 'What do you mean they don’t live there anymore?' He said, 'I don’t know, they moved.' So I took him to this new house which I was kind of familiar with. It was in my area. The mom wasn’t there, so I couldn’t talk to her. The dad waved. I drove off. That was it.

    A few weeks later my son asked me if he could visit an amusement park – the big amusement park in Ohio with the family because they had to get up early and go. Well, to my surprise, the next morning, my son was walking up the lane to our farm and I’m like, 'Why aren’t you at the amusement park?' And he said, 'They had to move, somebody tried to strangle Jimmy in his sleep,' and I looked at my son. He had this red ligature mark around his neck like somebody took a magic marker. And I said, 'What happened?' And he didn’t even know it was there. (George Noory asks if an entity tried to strangle him in his sleep) And his little buddy, you know. I mean it was just crazy. No more sleeping over at Jimmy’s house, right.

    A few years later, my two sons and I were sitting at our local Dairy Queen and he goes, 'That’s the house where Jimmy lives.' He sees him in the backyard and he makes jokes to me, 'You wanna go spend the night?' He goes, I’m gonna go talk to him. So he goes and talks to him and he came back and literally two weeks later, I was driving down that road and that house was gone. It was gone! There was no rubble. There was no sign of his big beautiful house as if it was never there.”

    Source: Coast to Coast - October 31, 2018

    Beyond Creepy


    Arcane Radio is LIVE on the Paranormal King Radio Network

    Facebook event announcement: Chad Lewis - Paranormal Researcher, Author and Lecturer - Arcane Radio

    Join me as I welcome paranormal researcher, author and lecturer Chad Lewis to Arcane Radio. Chad has a background in Psychology and earned a Bachelor and Master degree in this field. But for the last 20 plus years he has traveled the globe in search of unique and bizarre stories and history. From tracking vampires in Transylvania and searching for the elusive monster of Loch Ness to investigating ghosts in Ireland's haunted castles and London's Underground, Chad has scoured the earth in search of the paranormal. He has authored over 20 books on the supernatural, and extensively lectures on his fascinating findings. The more bizarre the legend, the more likely it is that you will find Chad there. This should be a very informative and entertaining show! Join us this Friday, November 9th at 9PM ET / 6PM PT on - Meet us in the chat room...just click the banner or go to

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    Astronomers Argue 'Oumuamua' Could be an Alien Solar Sail

    What It’s Really Like To Encounter The M.I.B.

    Phantom/Black Helicopters: Not Just In The U.S.

    My Conclusions on the Chupacabra

    An Unstoppable Geyser of Mud Is Slowly Creeping Across California From The San Andreas Fault


    Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

    Genesis of the Grail Kings: The Explosive Story of Genetic Cloning and the Ancient Bloodline of Jesus

    When Bad Things Happen to Good People

    My Friend From Beyond Earth: The Wisdom of Valiant Thor

    Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident

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              'Little Bighorn' Time Slip      Cache   Translate Page      

    Dennis in Monterey, California called to tell of a weird experience he had:
    “Are you familiar with the Custer Battlefield in Montana? (Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument). Just to put things in perspective, I’m 65 years old now. This took place in the early 90s and I used to, I don’t do it so much anymore, I used to have a Dodge van and on vacation time I would always throw a futon in the back of it, a sleeping bag, my Coleman camping stuff and I’d hit the road for two or three weeks and go visit places. One trip I went back east, I’m from back east. I’m from Ohio. And I’ve in Monterey now for the last 40 years. And I visit civil war battlefields - Antietam, Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry and on one trip I went up to see Custer's Mountain up there in Montana, and where it is, it’s up there in the prairies and it’s surrounded by a lot of mountains. It is small. It’s on... the intersection of State 90 and US Route 212 which goes east and west. It’s a little east of Billings, Montana. And 212 starts at 90 and runs right behind Custer's Hill and goes to Spearfish, Sturgis, Deadwood, you know, that part of the country.

    Anyway, so I’m on the road for 4 or 5 days already on this trip and I’m tired and I need to take a shower or jump in a river, some place. I get to the park at 8:00 o’clock at night. It’s already closed so I’m not going to go in and see the monument that night. I was also really hungry. Now down where this was at is this little general store that has a cafe in it. So I pulled in the parking lot right there and they were getting ready to close. It was this guy and his wife and the guy was a retired park ranger who used take out tours of the monument and he knew it really well. And his wife was Native American and she lived there with her whole family for generations. And you know after the battle the Native Americans just didn’t go away. They all still live around there and the following generations.

    Anyway, so they make me something to eat. And I asked them if they happened to have a beer I could drink and they said no they said go up the road a couple miles to this little town called Crow Agency, buy a 12-pack, bring it back and we’ll help you drink it. So I did that. I went up there and got a 12-pack and I brought it back and for the next couple hours they told me the true story of Custer's battle and it was really riveting. Parts of the story you never heard of. It wasn’t like Errol Flynn dying on the hill like in the movies, it was a long, drawn out battle, it was multi-faceted. There were other parts of the battle. Other sections of the battle. Anyway, they were getting ready to close up. They had to go home. I asked them if I could camp out in their parking lot. They said no, I couldn't do that but there is a little access road off of route 212 about a mile down the road and it’s a dirt road and due to maintenance of the park and you can pull into that spot and nobody will bother you. I said, 'That’s great.'

    I went down the road. I found the spot, backed into it and turned off the van. It was dark, starry and it was quiet and it was just out here in the prairies. It wasn’t eerie at all. It was just neat, right, and it was dark and it was starry. So I rolled back into my sleeping bag and I went to sleep and I was out like a light. So it must have been a couple hours later, I’m sleeping, I guess I'm sleeping. Maybe I’m dreaming. I’m hearing this noise; back of my mind – small, ethereal. I'm hearing men shouting. I'm hearing horses. I'm hearing gunshots. I’m laying there thinking I gotta be dreaming this. You know how you’re in REM sleep, you can’t move, right? And it comes and it's going and it’s fading and its coming back. And its getting louder. Now I’m waking up and I’m hearing this. You know how you wake up to a bad dream and you go, 'Oh my god, that was a bad dream' and it goes away? This didn’t go away! It's getting louder. I’m hearing this. I’m looking at my hands. I’m awake. I’m hearing this. What is this?

    I throw open the side doors of the van. I jump out and there’s nothing. There’s nothing. It’s dark. It’s starry and a little cool and it’s still going on... horses and gunshots and men. I’m hearing this. Then it just started fading away. And then it was gone. The whole episode probably lasted three minutes. The whole rest of the night, I crawled back in the van. I sat there wrapped in my sleeping bag completely spooked. The next day I went and visited the park and then I left but that night it was weird.”

    Source: Coast to Coast – October 31, 2018

    Beyond Creepy


    Arcane Radio is LIVE on the Paranormal King Radio Network

    Facebook event announcement: Chad Lewis - Paranormal Researcher, Author and Lecturer - Arcane Radio

    Join me as I welcome paranormal researcher, author and lecturer Chad Lewis to Arcane Radio. Chad has a background in Psychology and earned a Bachelor and Master degree in this field. But for the last 20 plus years he has traveled the globe in search of unique and bizarre stories and history. From tracking vampires in Transylvania and searching for the elusive monster of Loch Ness to investigating ghosts in Ireland's haunted castles and London's Underground, Chad has scoured the earth in search of the paranormal. He has authored over 20 books on the supernatural, and extensively lectures on his fascinating findings. The more bizarre the legend, the more likely it is that you will find Chad there. This should be a very informative and entertaining show! Join us this Friday, November 9th at 9PM ET / 6PM PT on - Meet us in the chat room...just click the banner or go to

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    Loch Ness: A Magical and Sinister Place

    Rare set of manatee twins, mom make splash in Bayboro Harbor

    The Mystery of Witches’ Marks

    Mexico: UFO Sighting "Is The Most Shocking" in Recent Memory

    Rare zebra-donkey hybrid born


    Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster

    Strange Intruders and Leprechan Press

    Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah

    The Zozo Phenomenon

    The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities

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              #15: Michael Wolf – Founder, NextMarket Insights      Cache   Translate Page      
    This week’s podcast is our first “cross-cast” — the episode appears both in Farstuff, and in The SmartHome Show by SmartFriend™ and excellent guest Michael Wolf. Mike is one of the industry’s most well known connected home analysts, and the founder of NextMarket Insights — a research firm focused on emerging technologies. Before that he served as VP of Research for GigaOM, and created […]
              EA468 - Overcoming Jealousy, To love or not and Consentacle      Cache   Translate Page      

    ea podcast

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk about how to overcome jealousy in a polyamory relationship. 

    Plus they talk about a question of the day about power exchange - do you need love?

    PLUS sexy truth or dare AND Consentacle!

    Tags? Oh yea we got tags! #bdsm #podcast


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              #2: IoT at CES 2014 Roundup      Cache   Translate Page      
    This week we’ve got a CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014 roundup at the Internet of Things rodeo! YEEEE-HAH! We diverge wildly along the way, so we end up talking about interesting stuff other than just IoT products. Remember the official Farscape definition of the IoT from our first podcast: The Internet of Things is the ecosystem […]
              #1: What is the Internet of Things?      Cache   Translate Page      
    Welcome to Episode 1 of Farstuff: The Internet of Things podcast! Join us as we explore this new iteration of the Internet, stretching beyond just our immediate screens and creating a hyper-connected world. What are the ramifications and benefits of this brave new world? How will we establish standards and the infrastructure to make this […]
              89: You voting in 2016 vs. you voting in 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
    By the time this episode is out, midterm results will be rolling in. So let's take a pause before that wave hits to ask: How are you doing? We'll hear from some listeners about what they thought they knew and what's changed since last election. In that same spirit, we'll revisit our interview from Trump's first 100 days in office with author George Lakoff. He’s a professor emeritus at Berkeley, and he talked with us about about politics, linguistics, the way our brains are wired and how each of those affects the others. Buckle in, we're headed back to The Dark Place. Some links from this episode: Our conversation with Lakoff from 2017; how to become a much-needed poll workerKai Ryssdal's fixation about Amazon's split-up HQ2; and Molly Wood's about government fines and voter turnout. And don't forget to join our Facebook group for more Make Me Smart all week long! This episode is brought to you by Schwab, PayPal, Mailchimp and Navy Federal Credit Union.
              Guests      Cache   Translate Page      
    Hello- We run a weekly podcast that focuses on weird and unusual news stories. Do you have a weird, odd or funny story? A fun and unique project to promote? Have a unusual hobby or job? We would love to interview you for our podcast. Shoot us a message - Thanks!
              Julia en la onda 06/11/18      Cache   Translate Page      
    Podcast Julia en la onda con Julia Otero. En el Gabinete, reflexionamos sobre el papel de la justicia europea en general y para qué fue creada. En el Territorio Negro hablamos con Miguel Ángel Hernández, alguien que ha vivido el horror desde el otro lado, al ser amigo de un asesino, y quien cuenta su historia en el libro ‘El dolor de los demás’. Julia Navarro nos presenta su libro ‘Tú no matarás’.
              WDW Radio # 536 - Adventures by Disney Backstage Magic Recap and Review      Cache   Translate Page      
    WDW Radio # 536 - Adventures by Disney Backstage Magic Recap and Review

    Adventure is out there… and sometimes it’s found in places we’ve visited before, and others we can only dream of seeing. Well, thanks to Adventures by Disney, we were recently able to do both, as members of our WDW Radio family gathered together in Southern California for not just an adventure, but the making of dreams come true. Together, we experienced a very special unique tour of classic Hollywood, one of Walt Disney’s personal favorite restaurants, as well as his studio, private offices, Imagineering, the Jim Henson studios, the Walt Disney Archives, his actual apartment, onstage and backstage at the Disneyland and Disney California Adventures parks, and a continuing list of surprises. This week, we’ll share our recent trip, and invite YOU to come on future Adventures with us!

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    Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's episode of the WDW Radio show. Thanks for listening! Be sure to tune in next week!

    - Lou Mongello
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              First Draft: Christina Dalcher      Cache   Translate Page      
    Christina Dalcher is a linguist, teacher, and writer, based in Northfolk, Virginia. She earned her doctorate in theoretical linguistics from Georgetown University. Her short stories and flash fiction have been published in numerous journals. Her debut novel is entitled Vox. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes:
              Episode 576 - Missed It By That Much      Cache   Translate Page      
    Andy and Dave talk about a lot of close calls and near misses.

              Get ready for your time in the woods this fall with help from the Wild Wisconsin: Off the Record podcast      Cache   Translate Page      
    - - - - Check out the Wild Wisconsin: Off the Record Podcast for an inside look at work done by DNR staff to improve your time in the outdoors.Photo credit: DNR - - MADISON - For a behind the scenes look at work done by Department of Natural Resources staff and partners to improve your time in the outdoors, check out the Wild Wisconsin: Off the Record Podcast. - - Whether you are looking to brush up on the regulations or check out the 2018 fall deer hunting forecast, the Off the Record Podcast provides a wealth of helpful information. In addition to hunting content, other topics covered include everything from sturgeon to gray wolves.
              Beobachtung durch Verfassungsschutz - AfD geht zum Gegenangriff über      Cache   Translate Page      
    05.11.2018, Berlin: Jörg Meuthen (l-r), Alexander Gauland, Sprecher der Partei Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), und Roland Hartwig, AfD-Bundestagsabgeordneter und Rechtsanwalt, sitzen während einer Pressekonferenz zum Thema «Die AfD, der Verfassungsschutz und die Meinungsfreiheit in Deutschland» nebeneinander. Foto: Soeren Stache/dpa | Verwendung weltweit (dpa)Die AfD will mit allen Mitteln gegen eine mögliche Beobachtung durch den Verfassungsschutz vorgehen - auch vor dem Europäischen Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte. Gleichwohl räumte Parteichef Jörg Meuthen ein: Bei einigen Mitgliedern hätte man vor der Aufnahme genauer hinschauen sollen.

    Von Volker Finthammer, Informationen am Abend
    Hören bis: 15.05.2019 00:27
    Direkter Link zur Audiodatei

              PFB Podcast (Ep. 230): Eddie Radosevich Previews Bedlam 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

    Kyle Porter and Carson Cunningham are joined by Eddie Radosevich of Sooner Scoop (you may know him as EddieRado on Twitter) for a lot of Bedlam talk, some Kyler Murray takes and a breakdown of Mike Gundy’s job in Stillwater this year. Also, Carson does a lights out Les Miles. Credit: Radio Rock / Dirt […]

    The post PFB Podcast (Ep. 230): Eddie Radosevich Previews Bedlam 2018 appeared first on Pistols Firing.

              Into Thin Air      Cache   Translate Page      
    On this episode we begin by discussing the problems with setting your clocks and the excitement of local ballot initiatives. Then we get into this week's tech news including Apple's confusing laptop line up, racks of Mac Minis and why the iPad is the future of computing. Twitter: @dontpanicshow Proud member of the Coffee & Beer family of podcasts, streaming at
              Comment on Podcast: Complaints? Praise? First-Ever Real-Time Client Assessment of a Smith Publicity Book Marketing Campaign! by sa      Cache   Translate Page      
    I cannot thank you enough for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.
              Episodio 126: Podcasts de Comedia      Cache   Translate Page      

    En este episodio charlamos con Pipa Barbato (Comedy Buddy) y Nacho Arana (Hablando Para Afuera) sobre la producción de podcasts de comedia. Dejamos consejos para comediantes que están con ganas de hacer uno y compartimos recomendaciones de programas que nos … Continue reading

    La entrada Episodio 126: Podcasts de Comedia aparece primero en Club @gabou.

              Episodio 101: Nacho Arana      Cache   Translate Page      

    En el primer crossover de podcasts de comedia de Argentina entre Club @gabou y Hablando Para Afuera, charlamos con Nacho Arana sobre podcasts, su duración, la selección de invitados y cuáles escuchamos nosotros mismos. También sobre cuando nos convocan o … Continue reading

    La entrada Episodio 101: Nacho Arana aparece primero en Club @gabou.

              Trentus Magnus Jabs Reality- The Legion- Five Years Later      Cache   Translate Page      

    This week, Magnus Lad ponders (rambles about, really) the Legion Of Superheroes in general, the Five Years Later era in particular and also shoots the bull about synthwave music... and how this genre relates to Legion comics.

              Gators Breakdown: Missouri Dominates Florida 38-17      Cache   Translate Page      

    Missouri comes into Gainesville and Drew Lock throws for three touchdowns as the Tigers roll the Gators 38-17. Feleipe Franks gets benched in the loss and now the Gators must find a way to regroup to finish out the season on a positive note.

    LISTEN: Catch up on previous episodes of Gators Breakdown

    David Waters shares his reaction to the loss, and Franks benching, on this episode of Gators Breakdown.

    Follow @GatorDave_SEC to stay plugged in, or click one of the following to tune in:

    Megaphone | iTunes | YouTube | Google Play

              Gators Breakdown: Quarterback position at a crossroads      Cache   Translate Page      

    After Feleipe Franks was benched versus Missouri, and replaced with Kyle Trask, many assume Trask will be the starting quarterback this week vs South Carolina. Head coach Dan Mullen is still mum on the QB controversy as both QBs will battle it out this week in practice.

    LISTEN: Catch up on previous episodes of Gators Breakdown

    David Waters and Will Miles discuss the QB battle as well as Kadarius Toney's role in the offense moving forward.

    Follow @GatorDave_SEC to stay plugged in, or click one of the following to tune in:

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              Rick Grimes The Walking Dead      Cache   Translate Page      
    Ep 308 is us and We are the Official Live Global Radio Show and Podcast This Week We Talk====== RICK GRIMES and Halloween! Email Info@ZombieCast.NET Twitter @ZombieCastWorld facebook Search ZombieCastWorld
              Episodio 23: Fernando Sanjiao      Cache   Translate Page      

    Fer Sanjiao nos contó de la noche más mencionada en este podcast: la que explotó arriba de un escenario y de cómo fueron esos primeros tiempos. Nos explica por qué enseña que hay que ser una buena persona por sobre … Continue reading

    La entrada Episodio 23: Fernando Sanjiao aparece primero en Club @gabou.

              Episodio 1: Sebastián Wainraich      Cache   Translate Page      

    En este primer podcast hablamos con Sebastián Wainraich sobre nuevos comediantes, sobre qué material preferimos, sus inicios en el stand-up, cuánto tiempo debe durar una rutina. También si el stand-up es para bares o teatros. Hablamos sobre probar o no … Continue reading

    La entrada Episodio 1: Sebastián Wainraich aparece primero en Club @gabou.

              Podcast - Instant Analysis - Sherrell on Carolina's 78-67 Win Over Wofford      Cache   Translate Page      
    Sherrell McMillan and Tommy Ashley break down Carolina's season opening win at Wofford.
              Suite Spot      Cache   Translate Page      

    The line at the Urban Hang Suite looks longer than expected, even for a highly anticipated debut eatery from a well-liked local celebrity. It turns out that most of the visitors aren't actually in line. Instead, they're just hanging out, standing around chatting. Which is exactly what owner Kelli Lemon intends.

    The words "connections, coffee, culture" painted on the front windows welcome visitors into Lemon's casual breakfast and lunch spot. Billed as a social cafe, Urban Hang Suite is currently open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week, with plans for occasional after-hours events. The simple menu offers coffee, sandwiches and salads.

    Lemon is well-known for her Coffee with Strangers podcast, in which she interviews interesting Richmonders about what they're doing around town. She is a visible figure in the city, recognized for her smiling enthusiasm and community support. On Wednesday, her crew returned the favor at Urban Hang Suite's opening.

    "We served 200 people just for breakfast," Lemon says, stepping away from the order counter. "It's been amazing, way past my expectations."

    Facing some last-minute snafus with food service, Lemon had pared down the opening menu to just a few sandwiches. Most restaurant owners would react with panic or anger, but Lemon is all smiles.

    "We were up until 3 in the morning, and then back here at 5 a.m. to open for breakfast," she says. "Basically, I went home just to shower."

    She glosses over the opening-day challenges, projecting confidence and flexibility. "It's all new," she says. "I need to see what people like and what direction it goes."

    Urban Hang Suite's order counter is in the front room. A chalkboard menu on the back wall lists breakfast bagel sandwiches, lunch salads, sandwiches and several grain bowls. With no kitchen, the food is pre-made, with counter staff doing some assembly and additions. Lemon is applying for an ABC license and plans to serve local beers, Virginia wines and a few signature cocktails.

    "Our goal is to transition to at least 80 percent local sourcing with our vendors," Lemon explains. Currently she offers Lamplighter coffee, and relies on Richmond-based food supplier Performance Food Group. (The writer is married to someone who works for the company.) "We want to cycle the money right back into the community," she says.

    The action is through a curtained doorway into the back room. Banquette seating and small tables nestle together to encourage conversation. Eventually, Lemon plans to have DJs and live music on the small stage in a back corner.

    Bright art and antiques create an eclectic but warm vibe, while '90s R&B music plays on multiple wall monitors. The music isn't at dance volume, but it's too loud to encourage laptop work. Which is fine for Lemon, as she wants to encourage conversation.

    "I was listening yesterday, and one table was talking about what they were going to do over the weekend, another table was talking about college football, and another was talking about politics and the election," Lemon says. "You can't tell me those conversations didn't overlap or they didn't hear each other. This allows people to jump into the conversation, or maybe just listen and learn something new." S

    Urban Hang Suite
    304 E. Broad St.
    Daily 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

              Tranquility du Jour #433: Positive Psychology      Cache   Translate Page      

    In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I discuss getting a certificate in applied positive psychology with three classmates: Alisha, Alexis, and Carol. Learn our takeaways from the program and how we’re incorporating them into our daily lives. According to Psychology Today, positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth …

    The post Tranquility du Jour #433: Positive Psychology appeared first on Kimberly Wilson.

              Around the Nation Podcast 221: What do you want to know?      Cache   Translate Page      
    The number of teams in the tournament now is up to 13 teams which have clinched automatic bid to the 2018 Division III playoffs. But even though some parts of the Division III playoff picture got clearer, others got cloudier -- and that's even assuming you could see the picture on Saturday. It wouldn't be a stretch to say some of us were shut out of some of the big games. We went mailbag this week and let your Twitter questions guide us through the first half of the podcast, talking about which regions seemed most likely to get at-large bids, whether Brockport would get a No. 1 seed or two teams from the West Region might get the nod. Would Baldwin Wallace get an at-large bid with a loss on Saturday? With a win? Plus game balls, the week's interesting stats and more in the latest Around the Nation podcast. The Around the Nation Podcast is a regular conversation between Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan and guests covering the wide range of Division III football.
              Podcast lunes 5 de noviembre de 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
    DESCARGA(lunes 5): opciones aquí o Emisión en línea a través de Podomatic … esto significa en línea, sin necesidad de bajarlos al computador
              November Tuesday Matinees: Jean Harlow      Cache   Translate Page      

    For our Tuesday Matinees series in November, we’re focusing on films from Hollywood’s first “blonde bombshell”: Jean Harlow. Harlow is also one of the stars profiled in the upcoming book Seduction: Sex, Lies, and Stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood by film historian and podcaster Karina Longworth of You Must Remember This. We sat down with Karina to talk about this month’s films and how they play a role in her forthcoming book.

              Softwarová sklizeň (7. 11. 2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
    [1 minuta čtení] Sonda do světa otevřeného softwaru. Dnes budeme vizuálně programovat, podíváme se na nástroj pro psaní rour (pipes), odešleme tajné informace pomocí link serveru a nakonec si poslechneme podcasty. Multiplatformní vývojové prostředí, které vás nijak nenutí psát zdrojové kódy, neboť veškerou logiku již nabízí ve formě tzv. operátorů. Jde o jakési funkce pro řízení IoT zařízení, zpracovávání datových streamů nebo transformování dat. Slang umožní tyto funkce implementovat, tedy logicky propojit s ostatními částmi programu a nastavit vstupní parametry. Řešení si můžete vyzkoušet i přímo v prohlížeči.
              The Recession, Pop Culture and You! – Laser Time #354      Cache   Translate Page      
    It’s been ten years since the biggest economic disaster of our lifetime, so we’re gonna do our best to slap on a smile and explain how it happened, the catastrophic fallout, the recession of 2008’s impact on popular culture and... Read more
              Ist der Hype um Friedrich Merz gerechtfertigt?      Cache   Translate Page      
    Friedrich Merz ist zurück. Für viele Medien ein Segen – endlich tut sich was in der CDU. Im Podcast sprechen wir über Merz zwischen Hoffnung und Hype. Außerdem: die Telekom-Serie „Deutsch-Les-Landes“.
              NewsReal: Is War on ('Islamic') Terror Morphing Into War on 'White Nationalism'?      Cache   Translate Page      
    The evils of 'white nationalism' has been a hot topic in the mainstream media lately, especially following the phony mail-bomb campaign targeting Democratic figures and the mass shooting of Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue, sparking countless 'soul-searching' psychological profiles of 'the typical Trump supporter' ahead of the US Midterm elections. If we reflect on older events, like the Battle of Charlottesville last year, or the massacre at a black church in Charleston in 2015, and even elsewhere in 'NATOstan' - the massacre of children of Norwegian elites by Anders Breivik in 2011, for example - it's clear that this theme of 'white extremists' holding severe grudges against 'all racial and ideological enemies' has been percolating to the surface for some time. Is it mere coincidence then that - just as nationalist feeling is growing in countries the world over, and producing electoral results that 'shock' the status quo - extremist caricatures of nationalism begin proliferating, occasionally commit atrocities, and thus blacken nationalism and mandate government crackdowns on all dissent that 'smells like nationalism'? This week on NewsReal With Joe & Niall, your hosts wonder if the 'War on Terror' has become what it apparently always wanted to be: a war on political dissidents. (Live audio broadcast from 5pm UTC / 12 noon EST / 6pm CET - Video podcast available tomorrow, 5 November)
              Techdirt Podcast Episode 188: Government, Activism & Silicon Valley      Cache   Translate Page      

    In late September, Mike joined a panel at the Lincoln Network's Reboot conference to tackle the question "will rising activism limit government’s access to Silicon Valley?" along with Trae Stephens, Pablo E. Carrillo, with moderator Katie McAuliffe. For this week's episode, we've got the full audio from that panel plus an additional introduction from Mike with some thoughts after the fact. Enjoy!

    Follow the Techdirt Podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe via iTunes or Google Play, or grab the RSS feed. You can also keep up with all the latest episodes right here on Techdirt.

    Permalink | Comments | Email This Story

              The CrabFeast 340: Daniel Van Kirk      Cache   Translate Page      

    We're in the final ten and here is another fan favorite, as well as a favorite of ours, Daniel Van Kirk! Enjoy the episode and share it with your friends! #FTCF Nowadays you can get everything on demand, like our podcast for instance. You can get it whenever, wherever! And you can do the same with postage! All you need is With you can buy and print real US Postage for any letter or package. All available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just click Print, Mail and you're done. They'll even send you digital scale! You can weigh your letters or packages and print the exact amount of postage every time. Right now we have a special offer for our listeners. Go to and immediately click on the radio microphone at the top of the Homepage and type in crab and get a 4 week trial which includes postage and a digital scale!

              Cooking the Books podcast: Can buying with a friend get you a house?      Cache   Translate Page      
    Cooking the Books podcast: Can buying with a friend get you a house?#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000 Each week the NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB's Cooking The Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it's how to make shared equity work for you. Hosted by Frances Cook. Listen to "Cooking the Books: Can buying with a... Reported by New Zealand Herald 2 hours ago.
              The Autonomous Vehicle Nightmare      Cache   Translate Page      


    Beth Osborne, Director of Transportation for America, was asked: Can you paint a vivid picture of your nightmare scenario of what our cities look like when AVs are all over the roads?

    “My nightmare scenario, which I can visualize perfectly,” she responded, “is sitting in the middle of stand-still traffic in which I am the only human being there.  And all the other cars are clogging up the roads but there are no people in any of them.”

    The full response can be found here:

    It’s a podcast with Slateand this episode is the best exploration I’ve heard of the context for autonomous vehicles (and what the history of Motordom can tell us).

    Read more »
              Veterans Day is a day of lies      Cache   Translate Page      
    Tell the Truth: Veterans Day Is A National Day of Lying
    By David Swanson, World BEYOND War

    Some are inclined to recognize that Trumpies are dwelling in an alternative universe in which neither climate collapse nor nuclear apocalypse is a concern but terrifying wild hoards of Muslim Hondurans are skipping and dancing into the Fatherland armed with gang symbols, deadly rocks, and socialistic tendencies.

    Others are alert to the fact that the so-called “mainstream” — the viewpoint of pro-status-quo, anti-improvement institutions — is also fabricated in a wishful dream factory. As exhibit one, I offer: Veterans Day.

    A National Museum claiming to tell veterans’ stories and longing to become “the clearinghouse of veteran voices” where “producers or authors or podcasters in the future” come “for authentic from-the-veteran voices,” has just opened in Columbus, Ohio. The $82 million recruitment ad benefits from government funding and raises donations with this language: “Your tax-deductible gift helps to honor, connect, inspire, and educate all on the story of those who bravely served our country.” Not one word about accuracy, thoroughness, diversity of viewpoint, or independence of thought.

    “What you are going to see and here are the stories – Why did someone decide to serve? What was it like to take the oath, serve in combat? What was it like to come home?” reports one newspaper. For example? Well: “For example, there’s Deborah Sampson, a Massachusetts woman who disguised herself as a man in order to serve in the Revolutionary War (even pulling musket balls from her own thighs to avoid having to see a doctor, who might discover her true sex). Or Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez, who received the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of at least eight men during the Vietnam War in a six-hour battle, in which he sustained seven gunshot wounds and shrapnel throughout his body.”

    Do visitors obtain information, education, challenged assumptions? Maybe, but what one can read about this museum says that one will be “inspired,” like this guy: “For my own part, I find inspiration and opportunities for reflection in the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ exhibit honoring the fallen; in the sound of ‘Taps’ playing on the second floor; in the meal kits and other everyday objects carried during service and the letters sent home; in the windows striped with colors of military service ribbons through history; in the stories of transition to civilian life; in the leafy Memorial Grove outside.”

    Arguably honoring is not the same thing as studying. Without question, much participation in the military has involved bravery and much has involved cowardice. A very strong case can be made that militarism has not been a “service” in the sense of serving any useful purpose or benefitting people rather than endangering, killing, traumatizing, and impoverishing them. Indisputably, millions have not “decided” to “serve” at all but have been compelled to participate, and millions more have “chosen” to sign up principally for lack of any better source of income. Of all the veterans I’ve spoken with, those pro- and anti-war, not a one that I recall has ever mentioned the taking of an oath as a major part of the experience of war. The heartwarming stories of a woman sneaking into the military and a soldier saving lives in Vietnam can’t erase the larger story of soldiers having killed millions of people in Vietnam and tens of millions more all over the globe. Do people really “fall” in a “sacrifice,” or are they slaughtered in a stupid heartless machine? Do they “transition” to civilian life, or do they crash into an agonizing obstacle course of injury, guilt, PTSD, and culture shock? Are veterans more often disturbed by apocryphal tales of being spat on, or by naive gratitude for having committed moral atrocities?

    A war museum that is also openly a war memorial constructed by a war-making society that has normalize permawar is not going to answer those questions. But they’ve long since been answered by poor people’s museums, also known as books, and there’s a new one of those just out that I’d put up against the toxic offerings of this new museum. The book is Guys Like Me by Michael A. Messner.
    This book tells the stories of five veterans of five U.S. wars: WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq Parts I and II. We learn their stories from long before they entered the military through long after they left it. The stories are well-told, with subtlety and complexity, not museum-like propaganda. Patterns become evident without the book becoming repetitious. Each person is unique, but each confronts the same monster.

    Recent veterans’ stories alone would not have sufficed in creating this book. The stories of past wars long-since enveloped in mythology are needed if the reader is to begin questioning war itself. Such stories are also more useful as typical stories of the wars they were part of. In more recent wars, the stories of U.S. veterans amount to a tiny percentage of the stories of those impacted by the wars. But older stories alone would not have sufficed either. Recognizing the eternal horror of war in its current guises completes the powerful case presented here. This is a book to give to young people.

    The book’s first story is called “There Is No ‘Good War'” and tells the story of World War II veteran Ernie “Indio” Sanchez. Don’t take my assertion above that war involves cowardice as well as bravery from me. Read Sanchez’ story and take it from him. But cowardice was not the horror that lurked in Sanchez’ brain for decades while he kept busy and avoided it until he could avoid it no more. 

    Here’s an excerpt: “All of this—the bone-chilling fear, the guilt, the moral shame—hid out in Ernie Sanchez’s body for the remaining seven decades of his life, ambushing him when he least expected it, jabbing him like that piece of shrapnel lodged near his spine. He could never make it go away, not entirely. Eventually he learned that talking about it—testifying to anyone who would listen to his stories of the stupidity of war, the burdens of having fought and killed, and the hope of peace—was the best salve for his wounds.”

    This book is not only a model of telling the sorts of stories unwelcome in museums and NPR documentaries and Veterans Day parades, but also a model of writing about the perspective of an organization. Messner found his subjects through Veterans For Peace, on whose advisory board I serve, and accurately captures the wealth of moral and personal motivations behind the work of these veterans to rid the world of the means of creating yet more veterans.

    Sanchez’s story begins with a tough, rough, gang and prison life. But that life contains nothing like the horror of war. He recalls:
    “In two-and-a-half weeks, they had to pull out the 4th and 28th Infantry Divisions, because they were decimated. In two-and-a-half weeks, that Division lost 9,500 men, either killed or wounded. Two-and-a-half weeks I’m talking about. In this war we’re having [now] in Iraq, we haven’t killed 6,000 people yet. How many years we’ve been over there?”

    The author does not step into the story to correct the idea that over a million dead people in Iraq aren’t actually “people,” but it is a way of thinking that many participants in war work to become aware of and overcome. Sanchez, in fact, spent many years telling himself that at least he had not personally killed people because he had shot at the front of trenches so that the “enemies” wouldn’t stick their heads and guns above them. When his life became less busy, he began to think about what he had actually done decades before: “When I didn’t have all these other things I had to think about, they came back to me and then I found out. God, the psychiatrist told me that I killed between fifty and 100 Germans. But I didn’t shoot to kill. I shoot to keep the guys down from shooting back. My job was to shoot right in front of the trench so dust and rocks and everything was right over-head so the Germans [are] not gonna stick out their heads to shoot back. That was my job, to keep them down, and keep ’em from fighting back. That was my mentality. I wasn’t killing anybody. And that’s what I was saying all these years. But the goddamn Iraq War reminded me what a dirty SOB I was.”

    The stories get harder, not easier, from there. The story of the war on Korea includes a U.S. veteran apologizing in-person to a woman who was the only survivor in her village of a massacre.

    Don’t blame the veterans, we’re often told. But this is a cartoonish morality in which blaming someone bars you from also blaming someone else (such as top government and military officials and weapons makers). The fact is that many veterans blame themselves and would no matter what the rest of us did; and many move toward recovery by facing their guilt and working to balance it with work for peace and justice.

    Messner explains his perspective with an account of a conversation with his grandfather, a World War I veteran:
    “On the morning of Veterans Day in 1980, Gramps sat with his breakfast—a cup of watery coffee, a piece of burnt toast slathered with marmalade, and a single slice of cool liverwurst. A twenty-eight-year-old graduate student, I’d recently moved in with my grandparents in their Oakland, California, home. I tried to cut through Gramps’s cranky mood by wishing him a happy Veterans Day. Huge Mistake. ‘Veterans Day!’ he barked at me with the gravelly voice of a lifelong smoker. ‘It’s not Veterans Day! It’s Armistice Day. Those gawd . . . damned . . . politicians . . . changed it to Veterans Day. And they keep getting us into more wars.’ My grandfather was hyperventilating now, his liverwurst forgotten. ‘Buncha crooks! They don’t fight the wars, ya know. Guys like me fight the wars. We called it the “War to End All Wars,” and we believed it.’ He closed the conversation with a harrumph: ‘Veterans Day!’

    “Armistice Day symbolized to Gramps not just the end of his war, but the end of all war, the dawning of a lasting peace. This was not an idle dream. In fact, a mass movement for peace had pressed the U.S. government, in 1928, to sign the Kellogg-Briand Pact, an international ‘Treaty for the Renunciation of War,’ sponsored by the United States and France and subsequently signed by most nations of the world. When President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the law changing the name of the holiday to Veterans Day, to include veterans of World War II, it was a slap in the face for my grandfather. Hope evaporated, replaced with the ugly reality that politicians would continue to find reasons to send American boys— ‘guys like me’—to fight and die in wars.”

    So they will until we stop them. Guys Like Me is a great tool for that cause — and for the restoration of Armistice Day. One error I hope will be corrected is this statement: “Obama slowed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” President Obama in reality tripled the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan and made it by every measure (death, destruction, troop count, dollars) his war more than a war of Bush or Trump or the two of them combined.

    Veteran Gregory Ross read one of his poems at the 2016 Veterans For Peace Convention. It is quoted in Guys Like Me:

    The Dead
    do not require our silence to be honored
    do not require our silence to be remembered.
    do not accept our silence as remembrance, as honor.
    do not expect our silence to end
    the carnage of war
    the child starved
    the woman raped
    the virulence of intolerance
    the Earth desecrated
    It is the living who require our silence
    in a lifetime of fear and complicity

    The Dead
    do require our courage to defy the powerful and the greedy.
    do require our lives to be loud, compassionate, courageous.
    do require our anger at the continuance of war in their name.
    do require our shock at the maiming of the Earth in their name.
    do require our outrage to be honored, to be remembered.

    The Dead

    have no use for our silence

              Vuelo 180 1A - Canciones que nos hieren [PODCAST]      Cache   Translate Page      

    Un doloroso y humorístico recorrido por las peores canciones de la música española.

    etiquetas: podcast, humor, vuelo 180, canciones

    » noticia original (

              Podcast geek en el que se trata la película Venom y las nuevas temporadas de Doctor Who y Daredevil      Cache   Translate Page      

    Podcast sobre cultura geek donde se trata la crítica de Venom y se dan las primeras impresiones de las nuevas temporadas de Doctor Who y Daredevil.

    etiquetas: podcast, radio, audio, venom, doctor who, daredevil, arrowverso, dc

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              Feria Maker de tecnologías abiertas OSHWDem      Cache   Translate Page      

    Entrevista en podcast de 3 miembros de BricoLabs la asociación encargada de la organización de la OSHWDem, la feria de tecnologías abiertas más popular y más Maker de la península ibérica. Este año 2018 será el sábado 10 de noviembre en el Museo Domus de A Coruña, España. En el podcast descubrirás al grupo de personas que hay detrás de esta iniciativa, su historia y su espíritu Maker. Escucharás una y otra vez una palabra que define el secreto del éxito de la OSHWDem: comunidad. Lo importante es la gente y no tanto las herramientas.

    etiquetas: feria maker, oshwdem, tecnologías abiertas

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              Comment on October in Books by Lauren Scott      Cache   Translate Page      
    This was a record-#-finished month for me, too. Much Ado About Nothing (because I couldn't wait on The Play's the Thing podcast to finish it--this was my first time reading it). A Wonder Book by Nathaniel Hawthorne and a library cast-off book on Marco Polo (pre-reads). The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare and On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson (family read-alouds very much enjoyed). And then Archimedes and the Door of Science (Morning Time). :-) No disappointments in this list and pretty easy reading aside from Shakespeare. Currently reading: CM's Vol 6 for my local book club, The Return of the King (this is taking me all year, lol), Future Grace by John Piper, This Country of Ours (audio preread), Ouachita Trail Guide by Tim Ernst (because: backpacking), The New Way Things Work by David Macaulay (co-reading with my 9yo), Walking from East to West (autobiography of Ravi Zacharias), Trial and Triumph, and Story of the World Vol. 3 (those last two are Morning Time Read-Alouds).
              Wrestlecorner- Evolution Jewel      Cache   Translate Page      

    WWE had two jobs! Two! Put on a all-women's PPV and make sure it's good. The other was putting on a show in Saudi Arabia and make sure it's good. Well...1 outta 2. D and wife talk about Evolution and Women's wrestling. I finish the podcast with talking about Crown Jewel. Also Wrestle Kingdom news.

              Aula: Herz aus Spinnenseide: Medizinischer Fortschritt am Faden / podcast      Cache   Translate Page      
    Ein Gel aus Spinnenseide könnte in Zukunft Herzinfarktpatienten helfen. Ein Pflaster aus diesem Stoff hält Wunden keimfrei. Wie vielseitig Spinnenseide ist, erläutert Professor Thomas Scheibel
              The Ballpark podcast Episode 3.4: The Lone Star State You Don’t Know      Cache   Translate Page      
    As the midterms draw nearer, we’re zooming in on some of the most interesting races in the US. This week, we’re headed to Texas to learn about its uniquely individualist culture, what’s happening in its Senate race, and how the Lone Star State is poised to become an even more important player in national politics. This episode features Peter Trubowitz, […]
              Säkerhetspodcasten #137 - Sec-T 2018 Day 2      Cache   Translate Page      

    This episode is a collection of our interviews from day two of Sec-T 2018. Featuring interviews with Ulf Frisk, Ido Naor & Dani Goland, Stefan Tanase & Gabriel Cirlig, Steve Miller and Raul Alvarez.

              Episode 655: Sarah Reeves      Cache   Translate Page      
    This week, we talk with worship artist Sarah Reeves about her amazing new album “Easy Never Needed You.” We also talk about a superhuman football player, learn how the internet got pranked by a burrito-eating Bieber, hear why Twitter might get rid of the “Like” button and a ton more.

              Voice Actors      Cache   Translate Page      
    need 2 character actors to record in Pioneer Square area. This will be for the 2nd episode of a podcast miniseries. Character needs are as follows: 1. Male, 25-60 to voice a wizard - educated, slightly 'nerd' voice; characterization is deadpan/ 'Spoc'-like delivery. 2. Female, indeterminate age to play elderly cave-grandmother. The character is over-the-top 'old'... like a parody of a bedridden TV grandmother. Both parts should be easily completed within one hour. Both parts pay $40.
              Cautionary Tales About Church-State Romance      Cache   Translate Page      

    Doyle SagerFor 21 years, I’ve pastored a church within three blocks of our state Capitol. I’ve seen Republicans and Democrats come and go. I’ve prayed with and argued with governors and legislators from both parties. Have I handled every situation correctly? Not a chance.

    For 21 years, I’ve pastored a church within three blocks of our state Capitol. I’ve seen Republicans and Democrats come and go. I’ve prayed with and argued with governors and legislators from both parties. Have I handled every situation correctly? Not a chance. My critics from both the Right and the Left have let me know about it. But one vow I’ve tried to keep: No politician will use me and my church to bless his/ her personal ambitions and no political party will own me.

    Doyle SagerDoyle SagerThe current romance between some white evangelicals and the Trump administration borders on blind allegiance and it’s wrong. It was also wrong when Christians on the Left uncritically followed the Obama administration.

    What a shame that Baptists have stopped reading their history. Cautionary tales abound, revealing unhealthy love affairs between church and state. Some examples:

    • Jesus was executed in order to protect the cozy power cuddle of church (chief priests) and state (Roman Empire).

    • Our original thirteen colonies were populated with dissenters seeking refuge from entrenched church-state alliances that curtailed their personal liberties. Sadly, most of those colonies, once established, repeated religious persecution. (Isn’t it amazing that our zeal for everyone else’s religious liberty often ends when our personal view is supported by the state?)

    • Following the dismantling of Apartheid in South Africa, Baptists there reported great difficulty in establishing any kind of trust and credibility among the people. For many decades, the white church, aligned with a white supremacy government, had dominated the scene. The word “church” did not conjure up warm, fuzzy thoughts among the populace. When the church crawls in bed with the state, the ensuing adultery tarnishes the Bride of Christ for generations to come.

    How do our churches stay out of the seductive, alluring clutches of state? By remaining focused on our calling. That calling includes:

    1. Confessing our Lord Jesus Christ, who is above party and nation. And while we’re at it, let’s acknowledge that confessing Christ is a political statement. If Jesus is Lord, Caesar is not. This means speaking truth to power, regardless of the stance taken by our favorite cable news outlet (or that of our Facebook friends).

    2. Flexing our historic, baptistic muscle and insisting on freedom of thought and heart. When we accept human authority without thinking for ourselves or asking questions, our liberty vanishes. Freedom in Christ is not merely an Independence Day slogan. It is the life and death business of Christ’s people.

    3. Distinguishing between partisanship (electing specific candidates) and policy (advocating around issues). This difference is a key to understanding the debate over the Johnson Amendment, which does not need to be abolished. Under current law, churches are free to speak up regarding any issue; we simply are not allowed to endorse specific candidates while retaining our tax-free status.

    The “Johnson Amendment” does not curtail our freedoms; it protects them — from unscrupulous politicians and from our worst selves. We already have ample religious liberty to speak up about issues. We need to stop complaining and start using the freedoms we enjoy. The current frenzy to repeal the “Johnson Amendment” is misguided. Such a repeal could transform worship into a Sunday gathering of carnival barkers hawking their political wares.

    4. Defending the weak. In 2017, $3.37 billion was spent on federal lobbying ( That does not include lobbying at 50 state houses. Any guesses how few of those dollars were spent lobbying for the poor, elderly, chronically ill or disabled? Who will advocate for the least, last and lost? Who will speak up for those who have not yet found their own voice?

    Quoting Martin Luther King, Jr., “The church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state. It must be the guide and the critic of the state, and never its tool.” Church-state marriages never work. Let’s learn from the past and stay focused on our unique calling.

    Doyle Sager is lead pastor of First Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Mo. Hear more from Doyle Sager in episode 33 (Oct. 16) of Word&Way’s podcast “Baptist Without An Adjective,”

              How did universal credit go so badly wrong? – podcast      Cache   Translate Page      

    This week the government revealed its plan to fix some of the problems associated with the rollout of its flagship welfare policy. But how did universal credit end up in such a mess? The Guardian’s social policy editor, Patrick Butler, runs through the troubled history of the biggest reform to benefits since the creation of the welfare state. Plus: Georgina Lawton on who gets to identify as black

    The government’s universal credit policy is the biggest shake-up to benefits since the creation of the welfare state in the 1940s. It aims to simplify a sprawling system of different payments into one monthly allowance. But there is a moral mission behind it, too: to show claimants in stark terms that they will always be better off in work than on benefits.

    After years of delays, IT problems, funding cuts and political strife, the pressure has been building on the government to address public concerns. Two former prime ministers warned of the potential for social unrest. In response, the chancellor has agreed to inject new funding, but will it be enough?

    Continue reading...
              11/06/2018 - The Five Audio Podcast      Cache   Translate Page      
    The Five Daily Audio Podcast
              Podcast: Five NBA players surfacing the most in trade rumors recently      Cache   Translate Page      
              Er Berlingske “Ruslands nyttige idioter”?      Cache   Translate Page      

    Tidligere tillidsmand på Berlingske og Østeuropa-ekspert Uffe Gardel angriber Berlingske skarpt for at lægge spalteplads til debatindlæg fra Jyllands-Postens tidligere kulturredaktør, Flemming Rose. Reelt er Berlingske Ruslands nyttige idioter, mener han. Redaktør Pierre Collignon svarer på kritikken.

    Normalt har Liberal Alliance ikke meget til overs for statsfinansierede medier, men nu har de såmænd lavet deres eget. En podcast finansieret af nogle af de ganske mange offentlige million, som ruller ind på partikontoen fra statskassen hvert år. Vi spørger kulturminister og LA-folketingsmedlem Mette Bock om, hvordan det hænger sammen.

    Er dækningen af Nye Borgerlig overdreven og følgagtig? Det mener en række debattører, som anklager medierne for at give det lille parti, som end ikke er repræsenteret i folketinget, alt for megen taletid. Weekendavisens Søren Villemoes og David Trads debatterer lidt senere.

    Mere end to tredjedele af alle debatindlæg trykt i Information var i oktober måned skrevet af mænd. Men langt de fleste indlæg indsendte indlæg var også skrevet af mænd. Det ønsker avisens debatredaktør at gøre op med, og opfordrer på det kraftigste kvinder til at skrive flere indlæg ind. Hvad er det kvindelige debattører kan bidrage med, som mænd ikke kan, og er det egentlig et problem, hvis færre kvinder end mænd vælger at bruge deres tid på at kværulere i klummer og læserbreve?

              als die österreicher klug waren - 40 jahre zwentendorf      Cache   Translate Page      

    weil es halt immer die erben git – unserer guten und unserer schlechten entscheidungen!

    File Download (12:45 min / 6 MB)

              The Botanist, and the 2018 Verb For Keeping Warm Lookbook      Cache   Translate Page      

    By now, you may already have seen my latest cardigan, The Botanist.  It's part of a lovely collection from my friends at a Verb For Keeping Warm, and it's knit out of Kristine Vejar's gorgeous Pioneer yarn, dyed in the Vineyard colorway (how appropriate, right?)

    The pattern is my translation of the classic Aran cardigan - that one with the big wooden buttons, usually knit in heavy cream yarn.  I wanted to make a lighter, more delicate version - with a shorter, boxy fit, a bunch of gorgeous textures and cables, and a little bit of an interesting collar.  I especially love the little wraps around the seed cables...

    Verb still has kits for this pattern available in Tree Fort and Tortilla, and is taking pre-orders in Vineyard, Root, and Peat for December 2018 delivery.  

    The Botanist is part of Verb's first Look Book, a collection that celebrates the whole process behind our craft - from the farm to the needle. Other featured designs in the collection are by Bristol Ivy, Maryjane Mucklestone, Elizabeth Doherty, and Annie Rowden, and they are all beautiful, knit in different handdyed fibers, and also available in kits!  You can see the whole look book HERE

    As the month goes on, there will be a few other components of the project, including a few podcast interviews, an Instagram contest, a celebration at Verb's Oakland store and more.  I'll keep everyone up to date as I have info for you!

    To start with,  how about that contest? To enter, if you are an Instagram crafter, tag any of your craft projects you are working on that use Verb materials with the hashtag #verbalong, and you'll be entered to win a $50 gift certificate at the Oakland shop at the end of November.  They'll be choosing 3 winners! 

    If you want to work on The Botanist, the Ravelry page for the sweater is HERE, and it's also available on the patterns page of the website here.  The pattern is both written and charted. Sleeves are worked flat, and the sweater is knit from the bottom up.  The body is worked seamlessly to armholes and split into front/front/back to shoulders.  Once shoulders are seamed, sleeves are set in and seamed. Modifications to depth or width are easy and notes are in the pattern. 

    The Botanist is a cocktail as well, and the recipe is in the lookbook....  (so take a look? )

    And hey, did you notice the new blog layout?  I still may be working on a few things, but I wanted to  make it a little cleaner and brighter, and bring the actual blog entries up to the forefront! 

              Passion Podcast Project, producing radio bios of inspiring people      Cache   Translate Page      
    The project idea was straightforward: we wanted students to interview people that followed their passions, took the unconventional path, or decided to work in service of the greater good of an SF-based community. Audio recordings of these interviews would then get transformed into radio story profiles of our interviewees. The resulting podcast stories were just […]
              Selling On eBay - ep 14 - Succeeding on Small Business Saturday, Sales Strategies for the Holiday Season, Hottest Items for Cyberweek and Recent Seller Announcements      Cache   Translate Page      

    Give us a call - 888-723-4630

    Send us an email -

    visit us at


    Welcome to Selling on eBay! Our theme this week is Succeeding on Small Business Saturday. Our Main Story features VP Bob Kupbens talking with long time eBay seller Jack Sheng about sales strategies for the holiday season. Inside eBay focuses on winning on Small Business Saturday with VP of Soft Goods Sam Bright. In What's Hot we'll hear from Mathew Kloepfer from the eBay Deals team, predicting the hottest items and deals for Small Business Saturday and we'll discuss recent seller announcements. As always, to have your questions answered on Selling on eBay, call us at 888 723-4630 or email us at


    00:01 - Intro

    02:02 - The News

    04:56 - The Main Story - Bob Kupbens interviews Jack Sheng

    18:20 - Inside eBay - Sam Bright - How to win on SBS

    29:13 - Deals for SBS

    40:12 - Outro


    Links / Phone Numbers / Hashtags Mentioned:

    888-723-4630 - Call in Line



              'Wolverine': Marvel announces second season of scripted podcast      Cache   Translate Page      
    Marvel has announced a second season of its Wolverine, scripted podcast series titled The Lost Trail.
              From Embers: New Content in October 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

    via Northshore Info, where you can listed to the podcast!

    Submitted by From Embers

    From Embers is a regular anarchist podcast produced in Kingston, Ontario. We produce a few episodes a month about actions and projects going on in so-called Canada that inspire us, or about topics that we think will be relevant to anarchists living north of the border. We are a proud member of the Channel Zero Anarchist Podcast Network.

    Our host radio station CFRC is currently in the midst of our annual funding drive. On Wednesday November 7th from 8-9pm EST, we will be doing a special live broadcast and sharing some of our favourite clips since the podcast launched this past May. Tune in to 101.9FM in the Kingston area or online at and throw the station a few bucks if you got em.

    Usually we produce three original episodes each month. We had an interview fall through so only put out two this month. They are:

    October 3rd: Contesting “Canada’s Game”
    A conversation with podcaster and anarchist organizer Aaron Lakoff about his new podcast Changing On The Fly. We talk about sports and anarchy, the intersections between hockey and radical politics, and what to do about Canadian nationalism.

    October 19th: Schoolhouse Squat and DisconTent City
    Organizers with Alliance Against Displacement share stories about the Schoolhouse Squat as well as DisconTent City and a few other tent cities on unceded Coast Salish territories. We talk about the context of the housing crisis, how homeless indigenous and working class people are organizing to meet their immediate needs for shelter, safety, and community, building a revolutionary political force in the streets, legal and political strategies, resisting isolation and exclusion at the hands of cops and supportive housing organizations, urban indigenous political identity, ongoing state repression from city and provincial governments, community self-defence and care….and more.

    You can tune in to From Embers in the Kingston area on CFRC 101.9 FM between 8 and 9 PM on Wednesdays. You can also stream episodes directly at or subscribe and download them via any major podcatching app on your smartphone.

    If you have feedback for us, or ideas for future episodes, please get in touch! You can email us at fromembers [at] riseup [dot] net


              Anews Podcast, #88 11.2.18      Cache   Translate Page  

    Welcome to the anews podcast. This is episode 88 for November 2, 2018. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

    Editorial: Martyrs and Heroes, by chisel
    TOTW: Choice or No Choice, with Aragorn! and Ariel

    This podcast is the effort of many people. This episode was
    sound edited by Linn O’mable
    what’s new was written by jackie and narrated by chisel and Dim
    1) Deathprod – Dead People’s Things
    2) Justin Walter – Unseen Forces
    3) Lattice – Michael 808
    4) Fennesz – A Year In A Minute

    The Redacted segment is by Suds, et al.
    Contact us at


              The Hotwire #43: October 31, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

    From CrimethInc.

    Interviews: Anarchist Jews on Tree of Life massacre—Brazil: Bolsonaro wins

    Rate us on iTunes and let us know what you think, or send us an email to

    Listen to the Episode



    No news is good news. 60% of wildlife has been wiped off the planet since 1970. Mexican police kill a man in the migrant caravan on the border with Guatemala. Ever since Trump openly declared himself a nationalist last week, there has been an escalation of far-right violence. We interview an anarchist who works at the Tree of Life synagogue where an anti-Semite massacred 11 people on Saturday, as well as two people in the Outlive Them network about the upcoming International Days of Action against Fascism and Anti-Semitism. We also draw connections between the election of Bolsonaro in Brazil and anarchist resistance to Trump and democracy itself in the United States. Send us news, events, or ideas on how our show can better serve anarchist activity in your town by emailing us at

    Notes and Links

    • Table of Contents:
      • Introduction {0:00}
      • Headlines {1:12}
      • Tree of Life massacre {5:10}
      • Bolsonaro, democracy, elections {24:00}
      • Resistance roundup {33:50}
      • Repression roundup {37:50}
      • Next Week’s News {43:15}
    • Download 29:30 minutes long version.

    • The latest episode of Sub.Media’s webseries Trouble deals with the J20 protests and ensuing legal battle. If anyone out there can help translate the subtitles to Brazilian Portuguese, we know that comrades there would appreciate it! E-mail us at podcast[at]crimethinc[dot]com.

    • Upcoming events/demos/etc:
      • November 2: A call for counter protests against Steve Bannon and David Frum in Toronto. Meet at 5pm outside Ray Thomson Hall located at 60 Simcoe St.
      • November 6: an anti-ICE march in Portland, Oregon at 6pm. Meet at City Hall and check out @OccupyICEPDX on twitter for more information.
      • November 8–11: International Days of Action against Fascism and Anti-Semitism, including this action in New York City on November 10.
      • November 10: A call for counter demos against PEGIDA’s anti-Muslim and anti-refugee demonstration, also in Toronto. Meet at 12pm in Mel Lastman Square.
      • November 16–18: School of the Americas Watch is hosting a border encuentro directly on the US/Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona and Sonora.
      • November 17: A Stand Against Proud Boys action in Philadelpha, to counter Proud Boys who are planning to attend a rally called We the People. Meet at Washington Square Park at 6th and Walnut Streets.
    • Upcoming anarchist book fairs and gatherings:
    • More about the unpermitted crowd that forced Trump’s motorcade to turn around in Pittsburgh.

    • The Claws of Empire, the Rise of Fascism: Brazilian Anarchist Statement on Bolsonaro

    • Another anarchist perspective on the upcoming midterm elections.

    • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief are still looking for accomplices in their autonomous relief work in North Carolina, as well as supplies. They need:
    • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is on tour until late November! This week’s dates:
      • October 31: Olympia, WA. 3:00 pm PDT @ Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia, WA 98505
      • November 1: Seattle, WA. 7:00 pm PDT @ Pipsqueak Gallery, 173 16th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
      • November 6: Fort Collins, CO. 7:00 pm MST @ Poudre Valley Public Library, 201 Peterson St, Fort Collins, CO 80524
      • November 7: Fort Collins, CO. 4:00 pm MST @ Cafe Foco, 201 Peterson St, Fort Collins, CO 80524
      • A complete list of tour dates and locations can be found here.
    • Duluth, Minnesota: Anti-fascist and anti-white supremacy People’s General Assemblies will be taking place weekly, Tuesdays at 6 PM in People’s Power Plaza

    • Political Prisoner Malik Washington has announced a hunger strike, not only against his conditions, but also against police brutality on streets and inside prison walls, against prison slavery, and against patriarchy and imperialism. If you’d like to send him written messages of support, you can write him at:

      Keith H. Washington #1487958

      McConnell Unit

      3100 South Emily Drive

      Beeville, TX 78103

    • Write a letter to anarchist prisoner Eric King at:

      Eric King

      # 27090045



      P.O. BOX 1000

      LEAVENWORTH, KS 66048

    • Rashid Johnson, a revolutionary prisoner who is a founding member, and Minister of Defense, of the Prison Chapter of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party, is asking for your help! As de facto retribution for his relentless activism and exposure of the prison system, Rashid is being held in awful repressive conditions. Especially importantly, he takes medication for his blood pressure and the prison is withholding his medicine. Supporters can call Warden Beth Cabell, any day other than Friday, at (804) 834–2678. The focus should be on his medical emergency, as Rashid needs to have his blood pressure checked in order for any adjustments to be made to his medications.

    • A trans woman of color and water protector was arrested on bogus charges in Louisiana on last week. She has since been released, but you can still donate to the ongoing fight at

    • In the Philippines, Food Not Bombs volunteer Marco is still in prison awaiting trial on drug charges. His supporters vehemently maintain that he had drugs planted on him and that he is being framed. You can donate to his legal fund here.

    • Friends of Tim Brown Jr are raising legal funds on his behalf for charges he incurred while in jail after being arrested in Charlottesville. The new charges are for allegedly beating up James Fields, the neo-Nazi who murdered Heather Heyer. If you have a few bucks, here’s the link to his gofundme.

    • Use this straightforward guide to writing prisoners from New York City Anarchist Black Cross to write a birthday message for Ed Poindexter, who celebrates a birthday next week:

      Ed Poindexter


      Nebraska State Penitentiary

      Post Office Box 2500

      Lincoln, Nebraska 68542

      {Birthday: November 1}

    • Sales are OPEN for the 2019 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar! The theme of next year’s calendar is Health/Care, and it features art and writing from current and former political prisoners like David Gilbert, Mike and Chuck Africa, and Laura Whitehorn. If you buy 10 or more, be sure to use the discount code “BULK” to get 10 or more calendars for $10 each—you can then sell the calendars to fundraise for your own organizing.


              Seventeen Trees      Cache   Translate Page      

    Seventeen Trees is a new podcast, exploring simplicity, creativity, and living in harmony with nature.

    The post Seventeen Trees appeared first on Fernando Gros.

              Listen to Joe On These Health Podcasts      Cache   Translate Page      
    Besides making movies, I love talking to other people in the wellness world and have sat down with so many amazing folks to tell my story. I love talking about juice-related topics, and sometimes I veer off health topics to discuss life, music and so much other stuff. For some, podcasts are a daily...

    This is a summary only, click on the title above to continue reading this post, share your comments, and browse our website.

              #1225 The origins of the libertarian plan to remake America      Cache   Translate Page      

    Air Date: 11/6/2018

    Today we take a look at the movement behind the anti-government, pro-wealthy campaign to remake America that dates back much farther than the Koch Brothers. 

    Be part of the show! Leave a message at 202-999-3991


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    Ch. 1: Jane Mayer, Dark Money - @InDeepRadio w @AngieCoiro - Air Date 3-23-18

    Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah moved into prominence with the publication of investigative reporter Jane Mayer’s book, Dark Money.

    Ch. 2: Nancy MacLean on the libertarian architect of the American right's revolutionary agenda - @thisishellradio - Air Date 6-17-17

    Historian Nancy MacLean examines the libertarian right's revolutionary plan for America - from an ideological capture of think tanks and the GOP to its plan for a society stripped of social programs and democratic influence over capital

    Ch. 3: Nancy MacLean explains Democracy in Chains Part 1 - @RalphNader Radio Hour - Air Date 6-8-18

    Nancy MacLean discusses her book “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America,” which delves into the destructive “libertarian” ideology the Koch brothers fund to keep the minority in power.

    Ch. 4: Are the Libertarians Winning? - @Thom_Hartmann - Air Date 8-2-18

    Is the Libertarian plan coming into reality thanks to Ronald Reagan?

    Ch. 5: Nancy MacLean explains Democracy in Chains Part 2 - @RalphNader Radio Hour - Air Date 6-8-18

    Nancy MacLean discusses her book “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America,” which delves into the destructive “libertarian” ideology the Koch brothers fund to keep the minority in power.



    Ch. 6: Final thoughts on the litmus test - Elizabeth from Virginia


    Ch. 7: Final comments on how no one knows what “litmus test” even means



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              331: Will almost died, everyone. - Frackulous: a technology podcast for humans      Cache   Translate Page      

    LINK YOUTUBE Application data theft, iOS 12, and Digital Detox Redux Sponsors Freshbooks is the easy to use online invoicing software designed to get you paid faster. Freshbooks customers on average free up two days per month so they can spend more time focussing on the work they love to do. To try … 

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              (Lou Nanne Podcast) Three Stanley Cups not enough for you Chicago? (ep. 5)      Cache   Translate Page      

    Lou Nanne reacts to the Blackhawks’ decision to fire three-time Stanley Cup winning coach Joel Quenneville and points to a few spots where Quenneville might next find work. The former North Stars general manager also…

    The post (Lou Nanne Podcast) Three Stanley Cups not enough for you Chicago? (ep. 5) appeared first on 1500 ESPN Twin Cities.

              (Lou Nanne Podcast) Three Stanley Cups not enough for you Chicago? (ep. 5)      Cache   Translate Page      

    Lou Nanne reacts to the Blackhawks’ decision to fire three-time Stanley Cup winning coach Joel Quenneville and points to a few spots where Quenneville might next find work. The former North Stars general manager also…

    The post (Lou Nanne Podcast) Three Stanley Cups not enough for you Chicago? (ep. 5) appeared first on 1500 ESPN Twin Cities.

              Sixers podcast: Talking Brett Brown, Drew Hanlen's deleted tweet, Landry Shamet      Cache   Translate Page      
    Landry Shamet has proven to be a late-first-round steal of the draft.
              11/04 James 5:1-6 “Our Directive”      Cache   Translate Page      

    James 5:1-6 / Our Directive

    James turns his attention to the oppressive rich. They were withholding wages from the poor. In their search for wealthy, they violated God’s royal law to love their neighbor as themselves. James gives a strong word of condemnation and a glimpse of the judgment God will give because of their selfishness.… Continue reading

              Antonio Marques Talk Show estrena nueva temporada con novedades      Cache   Translate Page      
    El programa Antonio Marques Talk Show  en Brasil estrenó la segunda temporada en noviembre y ahora en un formato más interesante con la idea de crear contenido para todo tipo de oyentes. “Nuestro podcast sigue con las entrevistas, pero esta vez tendremos algo más para quien acompaña nuestro trabajo. Cada programa un tema, además de las entrevistas y las canciones “, explica Antonio Marques. Elegir temas variados a cada episodio dejará el programa más rico y también. según Antonio Marques, la idea es recibir sugerencias de los oyentes que podrán…
              Hue Jackson: Baker Mayfield has ‘It Factor,’ will overcome Cleveland Browns’ culture of losing –      Cache   Translate Page      
    WKYC.comCLEVELAND — Former Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson is confident that rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield has everything that it takes to be successful in the National Football League. In an appearance on The Adam Schefter Podcast Monday, …Hue Jackson says in a podcast he’d take a job this season ‘in a heartbeat’cleveland.comDysfunction in Cleveland: Hue […]
              Is Todd Bowles Nearing The End Of His Tenure? NY Jets Podcast      Cache   Translate Page      

    The Jets drop a 13-6 snooze fest to the Dolphins in Miami with arguably the worst quarterbacked team in the […]

    The post Is Todd Bowles Nearing The End Of His Tenure? NY Jets Podcast appeared first on (NY Jets Blog & Forum).

              Podcast: Are the Steelers finally legitimate Super Bowl contenders? – Behind the Steel Curtain      Cache   Translate Page      
    Behind the Steel CurtainOnce again, the Steelers win a divisional game and looked good doing it. But does the 23-16 win over B-More make this team a legit Lombardi threat? BTSC’s Bryan Anthony Davis and Anthony Defeo took a day to recover and asked your opinion of the … …read more Source:: Super Bowl News […]
              Overcoming Burnout with James Sabin (The Student Ministry Podcast – Episode 34)      Cache   Translate Page      
    On episode 34 of The Student Ministry Podcast, I interview James Sabin, the youth and family pastor at Kingdom Church in Westover, WV. Over the past few years, though, James has been struggling through burnout and all that has come from that. Now, on the other side of it, he shares his story to hopefully … Continue reading Overcoming Burnout with James Sabin (The Student Ministry Podcast – Episode 34)
              Re: November "Bogleheads On Investing" podcast with guest Jonathan Clements      Cache   Translate Page      
    Another great podcast, Rick. Well done; keep 'em coming.

    Best regards,

              Technology, privacy, and politics [podcast]      Cache   Translate Page      

    All eyes are on the U.S. political landscape heading into the 2018 Midterm Elections in November. With all 435 seats of the House of Representatives and about one-third of Senate spots up for grabs, the next decade of politics lies in the hands of voters.

    The post Technology, privacy, and politics [podcast] appeared first on OUPblog.

              See The Manual Podcast Crew Live at the Portland Podcast Festival      Cache   Translate Page      

    Come see The Manual podcast crew live in Portland this November!

    The post See The Manual Podcast Crew Live at the Portland Podcast Festival appeared first on The Manual.

              INTERVIEW: PODCAST: Factor Two - S2 Episode 1: More Than a Dream      Cache   Translate Page      
    In this second Factor Two podcast series, Wil Treasure shares stories from the climbing world through interviews with both well-known and lesser-known characters. In-depth, personal accounts that aren't read from a page on a variety of themes. Settle down with a cuppa and have a listen...

    The young Dave Thomas was motivated by one thing above all others – soloing. In his own words he's "Never climbed a hard route", but anyone looking at his climbing C.V. would beg to differ. I wanted to know if Dave experienced Authentic Desire for his ascents. The answer was a lot more complicated that I thought.

              La importancia de mantener el idioma materno en las familias de inmigrantes - La importancia de mantener la lengua materna en las familias de inmigrantes      Cache   Translate Page      

    Según un experto lingüista, la práctica cotidiana en casa del idioma de los padres es fundamental para que las siguientes generaciones no pierdan la identidad y la cultura de origen.


    Según un experto lingüista, la práctica cotidiana en casa del idioma de los padres es fundamental para que las siguientes generaciones no pierdan la identidad y la cultura de origen. Escucha el podcast.

              Podcast: The Service Agreement Does Not Cover What Happens During Sleep      Cache   Translate Page      
    In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Ciro Faienza presents R. Mac Jones’s “The Service Agreement Does Not Cover What Happens During Sleep”.
              Podcast: Some Personal Arguments in Support of the BetterYou (Based on Early Interactions)      Cache   Translate Page      
    In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Debbie Urbanski's “Some Personal Arguments in Support of the BetterYou (Based on Early Interactions).”
              ReelBlend Podcast #43: Gladiator 2 Problems, Netflix Changes And A New Game      Cache   Translate Page      

    The London episode of ReelBlend was so epic, the guys needed time to recuperate.

              Tu penses a quoi quand t’écris un Podcast?      Cache   Translate Page      

    Écrire un podcast, c’est comme danser avec le diable sans avoir la moindre idée de ce que ce dernier attend de nous. L’aventure en gros… Vous ne vous êtes jamais demandé ce qui se passait dans la tête d’un Podcasteur quand il écrit son texte. Est-ce qu’il improvise à fond les ballons en espérant retomber sur ses pattes et alpaguer des auditeurs aux passages ou bien est-il du genre à faire son étude de marché, étudier le terrain et s’assurer qu’il ne parlera que de sujets de société du moment. Oui, mais du coup dans ce cas-là on tombe sur une émission de talk basiques, au mieux on est Yan Barthes, au pire on se transforme en Hanouna du podcast et l’on ratisse le plus large possible pour tenter de tapiner en 1re. J’avoue c’est compliqué. Il y a encore quelques mois, je détestais m’entendre parler, je ne suis pas dans la vie de tous les jours du genre a parler sans cesse. Je peux même dire que bien au contraire, j’ai tendance à être un taiseux, j’observe, je parle peu ou du moins pas a tout le monde. J’observe les gens, je tente de les comprendre, parfois voire même […]

    The post Tu penses a quoi quand t’écris un Podcast? appeared first on Le journal des sorties.

              Fashion Friday: Edition you won’t even believe what is back in stock      Cache   Translate Page      

    I don’t know that I’ve ever loved the internet more than I did yesterday when I had no less than twenty people message me on Instagram to let me know that they noticed that Nordstrom Rack had the Sam Edelman Camellia boots in stock. If you’re new here or don’t listen to the podcast, thenRead More

    The post Fashion Friday: Edition you won’t even believe what is back in stock appeared first on Big Mama.

              323 - Davis Balestracci on "Data Sanity"      Cache   Translate Page      
    I first met Davis Balestracci at a conference a few years back, where I heard him give a very spirited and insightful presentation. That's why I'm happy to have him as my guest for Episode #323 of the podcast. We'll talk about a range of topics, including some of the key lessons that you'll find in his book (as a much deeper dive than we can get into here) Data Sanity: A Quantum Leap to Unprecedented Results (2nd edition). Davis has been a long-time columnist for Quality Digest, and you'll hear his thoughts on Process Behavior Charts, W. Edwards Deming, Lean Six Sigma, and more.
              【unwire TV】童年回憶系列 遙控越野車 實試      Cache   Translate Page      

    邊個話女人唔識揸車? 飄移、飛車都難我唔到😤 淘寶搜尋:超大RC遙控越野車 童年回憶系列 遙控越野車 實試邊個 …

    The post 【unwire TV】童年回憶系列 遙控越野車 實試 appeared first on 香港 UNWIRE.HK 玩生活.樂科技.

              【unwire TV】限定版Iron Man XLVI Hot Toys海港城專門店 搶先看      Cache   Translate Page      

    點解 雞蛋妹 – 入一入去,個銀包薄咗咁多嘅🙈🙈 佢仲話隻限定版1:6 Iro …

    The post 【unwire TV】限定版Iron Man XLVI Hot Toys海港城專門店 搶先看 appeared first on 香港 UNWIRE.HK 玩生活.樂科技.

              【unwire TV】5鏡頭靚聲王 LG V40 ThinQ 實測      Cache   Translate Page      

    改由 Meridian 調音,加上 3 + 2 鏡頭設計,📱🔉📷 會唔會令 LG V40 ThinQ 更吸引呢 …

    The post 【unwire TV】5鏡頭靚聲王 LG V40 ThinQ 實測 appeared first on 香港 UNWIRE.HK 玩生活.樂科技.

              【unwire TV】塞爆娜姐個袋大挑戰      Cache   Translate Page      

    呢個袋有防臭暗格,🎒 就算做完 GYM 先返工🏋‍♀,都唔怕啲臭衫臭親其他同事啦!💩  塞爆娜姐個袋大挑戰呢個 …

    The post 【unwire TV】塞爆娜姐個袋大挑戰 appeared first on 香港 UNWIRE.HK 玩生活.樂科技.

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    • Выборы поломали весь график.
    • Хелоуин и странные дети.
    • Русская поддержка в действии.
    • Покусанная котом за $1000.
    • Вопросы и ответы


              X-Men Monday Ep. 73: All Hail King Frost      Cache   Translate Page      
    After a long weekend, the guys settle in late Sunday night to record their thoughts on last week’s X-Men comics. Leah Williams may be the gift from mutant heaven and continue’s to wow a particular podcast host. Overall, tons of juicy … Continue reading
              Grawlix Podcast #79: Doctor Who Series 11 Pt. 1      Cache   Translate Page      
    The Grawlix Podcast discusses the first three episodes of Doctor Who (2005) Series 11 and share their general thoughts on the new Doctor, companions and season so far. Enjoy! Continue reading
              Critiquing Comics #144: Chad in Amsterdam      Cache   Translate Page      
    Chad Bilyeu sent us his autobio comic Chad in Amsterdam. As fellow expat Americans, how could we say no? And it turns out to be quite good! Tim and Mulele discuss. Then, Tim explains why his why he won’t have … Continue reading
              Frantic Woman Dials Wrong Number, But it Becomes the Perfectly Right Number (Podcast)      Cache   Translate Page      

    A frantic woman tired to contact her brother's social worker to get him a ride to the hospital, but accidentally called a wrong number, leading to a chain of kindness.

    The post Frantic Woman Dials Wrong Number, But it Becomes the Perfectly Right Number (Podcast) appeared first on Good News Network.

              UPDATE: Jimmy John’s Founder Delivers New Car to Driver Who Rescued Ailing Vet After Wrong Number      Cache   Translate Page      

    LISTEN to this story in our podcast, told by The Good News Guru (the GNN Founder) on Friday’s radio broadcast with Ellen K on KOST-103.5 — Or, READ the story below… (Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes – or for Androids, on Podbean) The Jimmy John’s delivery driver who went above and beyond the call of duty to help a fellow veteran in need has been […]

    The post UPDATE: Jimmy John’s Founder Delivers New Car to Driver Who Rescued Ailing Vet After Wrong Number appeared first on Good News Network.

              Vince Verhei on Bill Barnwell Show      Cache   Translate Page      

    I hopped on with our old buddy Bill Barnwell to discuss the Rams-Saints, Panthers-Bucs, and Ravens-Steelers games, and what they mean in the future. Are the Rams still the favorites in the NFC? Who's the better quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, or whoever's playing the Bucs? And how should the Ravens and Steelers handle Lamar Jackson and Le'Veon Bell?

    read more

              Video Podcast: Browning Buck Mark Field Target Model      Cache   Translate Page      
    Michael returns to .22 topics with some updates on 10/22 parts and a first look at the suppressor ready Browning Buck Mark Field Target pistol.
              Yankees, CC Sabathia Agree To One-Year Deal      Cache   Translate Page      
    6:53pm: Sabathia confirmed on Brandon Steiner’s podcast earlier this week that he plans for 2019 to be his final season. 5:31pm: The two sides are, in fact, in agreement on a contract, Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reports (on Twitter). The deal is pending a physical. 5:24pm: The Yankees and left-hander CC Sabathia are working…
     - My sarcastic, slanted, sophomoric, and skewed view on the world of reality television      Cache   Translate Page      

    Got a lot of stuff to get to today. It’s been a while since I’ve given you any new information regarding Colton’s season. As mentioned before, this has been the least publicly spoiled season they’ve had in probably 5 years. Once they left the country, not much has gotten out publicly. A group date in Singapore, a 1-on-1 in Denver, Caelynn’s hometown and that’s it. Which I’m fine with, since it just means when I do release the episode-by-episode spoilers, you’ll be seeing a lot of stuff for the first time. I’ve already been emailed things like “Well something must be different this season because they’ve kept it under wraps.” Nope. It’s the same thing as it always is, just with different people. There’s drama, there’s crying, there’s cattiness, etc. Just because you didn’t know what was happening every second of every moment during filming doesn’t mean the show is any different. People have become “spoiled” in every sense of the word. It’s like being spoiled isn’t good enough anymore. People expect now to know … Continue reading

              Wolverine Podcast Renewed For A Second Season      Cache   Translate Page      
    Their version of Gambit will appear before the film version.
              Mixtape Mondays: Poisonoise Music 53 – Intrip      Cache   Translate Page      
    We appear to be two for two when it comes to finding mixes with download links and a trackless to reverse engineer. This week’s pick comes by way of a dub techno podcast series called Poisonoise Music. Onto their 53rd guest mix, they invited Brasilian based producer Fernando Ribeiro, known as Intrip. Intrip provides a near hour long track, highlighting the likes of Hello Strange, Yinyang, Apnea and work from his label, subchord. Poisonoise #53 will certainly get lots of repeat play during the next few rainy days. Enjoyyy. Tracklist Heavenchord – Soundscapes Unknown Artist – Voice 02 / Hello Strange Heavenchord – Inner Waves Liuos – Serial Dilution / YINYANG Joseph Parker – Mute / subchord Jen Miras – The Other One / Apnea G.U.A – New White Horse / YINYANG Midub – Stones / Hello Strange Intrip – Enchanted Beach / subchord
              Comment on 187: How I Do (Or Don’t) Do “It All” Podcast by Elizabeth      Cache   Translate Page      
    Thanks so much for sharing your days and thoughts with us. You truly are a blessing. I look forward to hearing you each week. It's helpful to know more of your thought processes and planning behind your work. <3
              Abdul’s Pre-Election Political Podcast      Cache   Translate Page      
    While I won’t make predictions, I do have some suggestions on what you should pay attention to regarding Tuesday’s elections.  
              Comment on 187: How I Do (Or Don’t) Do “It All” Podcast by Jennifer      Cache   Translate Page      
    I had to laugh as I am a homeschooling mother of 9! That said, your books and podcasts have helped me so much! I found the last fourth of this podcast to be really good encouragement! I'm glad you're able to structure your job around your family and even friends, at times. I hadn't wondered what you did all day but I was surprised how much time a blog post takes. Fwiw, podcasts are my favorite! Feels like I'm listening to a friend talk over coffee even though I'm just doing the dishes or laundry while listening! Thanks for all of the encouragement and laughter!
              Comment on 023 Dishwashing Strategies and Tips Podcast by Julie      Cache   Translate Page      
    I have always been the gal pre-washing the dishes, AND the one saying hand washing is better for the environment. Boy was I wrong on both fronts. I recently started listening to the podcast (from the beginning) and started running the dishwasher every night. Once I got through this episode, I stopped prewashing and my dishes have never looked better. It seems crazy that they’d look cleaner this way, but they do! And less work for me! :)
              Agile Toolkit Podcast with Bob Payne      Cache   Translate Page      

    Back at Agile 2018, I had a chance to record a podcast with Bob Payne. The recording is Johanna Rothman – Agile 2018. We discussed my experience report with Mark Kilby, the geographically distributed agile teams book with Mark, and my roadmapping session. I’ve known Bob forever. I think of him as a friend and as …

    The post Agile Toolkit Podcast with Bob Payne appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant.

              Comment on 187: How I Do (Or Don’t) Do “It All” Podcast by Buffy Moore      Cache   Translate Page      
    Just dropping a quick note to say I love when your podcasts are longer than usual. It is super motivating to me when I listen to you so the longer the better. Thanks again
              Comment on 187: How I Do (Or Don’t) Do “It All” Podcast by Susan Stievenart      Cache   Translate Page      
    Hi Dana, Just two short things. I love the fact that you make time out for your friends. They are so precious and even when you’re busy they still get some time with you. I love your longer podcasts. I get loads done. When one job is finished I just go onto the next.
              Comment on 187: How I Do (Or Don’t) Do “It All” Podcast by Michelle      Cache   Translate Page      
    Everyone’s has different challenges. I appreciate hearing the details of prioritizing in real life.
              Comment on 001 Podcast – How to Start Getting Your House Under Control (Even When You’re Overwhelmed) by Rachel      Cache   Translate Page      
    This is my first interaction with your blog and podcasts and I have to say how helpful it has already been! When you describe your experience with crisis cleaning and lack of cleaning intuition I know EXACTLY what you mean. My recently developed non-negotiable has been emptying my vehicle as soon as I get home. I am notorious for having messy everything, but my vehicle was by far the most visible and embarrassing. I was constantly having to move items (and trash) to the back seat just to make room for my husband and two daughters. When I cleaned my vehicle this fall I gave myself the rule, if it doesn't belong in the vehicle it doesn't stay in the vehicle. I am happy to say that with only one relapse this past weekend of early Christmas shopping, my vehicle has been clean ever since! I have shared and can't wait to listen to Podcast 002 tomorrow.
              Mayfair Theatre Podcast 191: A Little Wild!      Cache   Translate Page      
    Listen to a brand new episode right now via your favourite podcast app, or on: Soundcloud iTunes Stitcher This week, Eric, Anya, and Josh chat about: a busy Halloween Month, visiting Philadelphia, MST3K, Raffi, Greg Sestero & Retro Puppet Master, novelizations, Ralph Bakshi’s birthday, and dating! Plus, they had to multitask the podcast while a […]
              Comment on Crockpot BBQ Chicken Sandwiches by Megan      Cache   Translate Page      
    I groaned at "put in the crockpot at noon" because I work 9-5, but I kept reading... and you had me at FROZEN! I can put frozen chicken in the crock pot??? I never (ok, rarely - I did read your always/never post) remember to defrost. This is genius. I love it. I may look for other recipes that I can start from frozen, too. Thank you! Also, thank you for this blog. I've been listening to your podcast and book and it's so nice to know I'm not alone.
              Comment on Panic at 3 a.m. by Gina K      Cache   Translate Page      
    I have only recently found your podcast, and am enjoying every minute of it. Finally, someone like me :) Thank you for your courage in sharing all of this - I look forward to listening to the podcasts, starting from #1! :)
              Comment on Five Truths about Cleaning the Kitchen that are Still True If You Don’t Have a Dishwasher by Helen      Cache   Translate Page      
    Thanks for resharing this post Dana. I’m still struggling with ’just doing the dishes’ even after following your podcast for a while and enjoying and getting loads of value from both your books. It is the most fundamental and important of routines, including the putting away (now I’m preaching to myself). I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself now because I just had a lightbulb moment: dishes math holds true whatever the size of the household. But when the household is bigger to begin with it kicks in at the MEAL level not the DAY level. We have 7 children. So doing dishes once a day for 9 people (something I still struggle with) means I’m suffering from dishes math by the evening. No wonder I don’t feel like it after the children are in bed. Now to face the inevitable: I need to do dishes after every. Single. Meal. Groannnnnnn
              Episode 1404 - Listener Questions      Cache   Translate Page      

    Mike, Rikki, and Pam are here to answer your Listener Questions! Today's topics include making it to the Christmas Party in time arriving at MCO in the afternoon, picking a resort - suites or two rooms, brunch or dinner at California Grill with a 13-year old daughter, current situation at Caribbean Beach Resort, and much more!  We hope that you enjoy today's podcast!  Please send us your question to  Please visit our website at  Thank you so much for your support of our podcast! Also, please follow the show on Twitter@BeOurGuestMike and on Facebook at    Check out Magical Mouse Radio for great Walt Disney World In-Park Audio & Music 24 Hours a day at    Thanks to our friends at for sponsoring today's podcast!

              Spotlight & Giveaway: Never Let Me Fall by Abbie Roads      Cache   Translate Page      
    Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Abbie Roads to HJ! Hi Abbie and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Never Let Me Fall!   Name two things that inspired Never Let Me Fall. 1.Helena Grayse was inspired by Podcasts! Yes, […]
              Midterm Voter Turnout: Will There Be A Blue Wave Or A Red Wall?      Cache   Translate Page      
    Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit DAVID GREENE, HOST: It is Election Day, and let's be real - polls are one thing, voting is another. So the narratives we're going to be talking about tomorrow are in many ways up to you, the voters. Whatever happens, we do know we'll be talking about which party controls the House of Representatives and what that might mean. And I'm not sure anyone follows politics and policy in the House more than the two people joining us in our studios in Washington this morning. Democratic strategist Ali Lapp and Republican strategist Liesl Hickey, thank you both so much for coming in. We appreciate it. ALI LAPP: Thanks for having us. GREENE: And we should say you're on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but you come together often to host a podcast called House Talk. So you do a lot of conversations about what's happening in the House, which is great. Liesl, let me start with you on the Republican side. What do you see is at stake in this House
              The Talking Dead #404: s9e5 – “What Comes After”      Cache   Translate Page      
    The Walking Dead season 9 episode 5 is Andrew Lincoln’s swan song as Rick Grimes. Tune in for for our thoughts as we recap the episode, read some of your holy crap moments, and chat about what the future holds. — Please send us your comments, thoughts and feedback. Email us at, or post comments...
              Chris Messina edited Government20Camp      Cache   Translate Page 
    Rock Creek Strategic Marketing
    Neighborhood America

    Johnston McLamb
    AU Small Finance IFSC Code -
    Kojo Nnamdi Show: Tech Tuesday podcast on Social Networking: Hazards and Opportunities (MPEG Layer 3 Audio, 24.1 MB)
    The Government 2.0 Best Practices Wiki - Examples of government departments actively using social media to better deliver their programs/services.
    Sistema de revisão feito pela Weblocal hospedagem de sites!

              Techdirt Podcast Episode 188: Government, Activism & Silicon Valley      Cache   Translate Page      

    In late September, Mike joined a panel at the Lincoln Network's Reboot conference to tackle the question "will rising activism limit government’s access to Silicon Valley?" along with Trae Stephens, Pablo E. Carrillo, with moderator Katie McAuliffe. For this week's episode, we've got the full audio from that panel plus an additional introduction from Mike with some thoughts after the fact. Enjoy!

    Follow the Techdirt Podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe via iTunes or Google Play, or grab the RSS feed. You can also keep up with all the latest episodes right here on Techdirt.

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              Quantum Human Biology      Cache   Translate Page      
    Expert Panel Host: Dr Brian Clement Conference Held at Adelphi University 2013. (A podcast version of this video is available on iTunes.) • Brian Clement — Learn how to transform your lifestyle from toxic and self-destructive to healthful and self-affirming, and experience renewed energy and vitality that will last a lifetime. • Hippocrates Institute director, […]
              UFC 230 Results and Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 404      Cache   Translate Page      

    UFC 230 Results and Recap #UFC 230 recap [1:40] Daniel Cormier vs Derrick Lewis [2:55] Chris Weidman vs Jacare Souza [12:21] Israel Adesanya vs Derrick Brunson [17:30] Jon Jones deadlifting 635 [20:50] Floyd Mayweather fighting in RIZIN on NYE [21:24] Conor McGregor made 50 million and Khabib wants 50 million for his next fight... Read more →

    The post UFC 230 Results and Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 404 appeared first on MMANUTS.

              What cookbooks are you lusting after or buying these days? September–October, 2018 edition!      Cache   Translate Page      
    Just bought. Thanks for the review link. Now I have a new podcast to listen to! Yay!
               Episode 042: Zack Eswine on The Busy Pastor | For The Church       Cache   Translate Page      
    On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson talks with pastor, author, and professor Zack Eswine about the problem of busy-ness in ministry and the promise of hope for the pastor who feels overwhelmed.
              Artensterben und Ökosysteme - Das Gefüge zerfällt      Cache   Translate Page      
    Ein Steinfliege sitzt auf einem grauen Stein (picture alliance / imageBROKER / Christian Hütter)Klimawandel, intensive Landwirtschaft: Menschengemachte Veränderungen bringen das Zusammenspiel von Flora und Fauna durcheinander. Jede noch so unscheinbare Art hat eine Funktion im Gefüge der Natur. Verschwindet eine, hat das Folgen.

    Von Manuel Waltz, Zeitfragen
    Hören bis: 15.05.2019 20:30
    Direkter Link zur Audiodatei

              Midterm Voter Turnout: Will There Be A Blue Wave Or A Red Wall?      Cache   Translate Page      
    Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit DAVID GREENE, HOST: It is Election Day, and let's be real - polls are one thing, voting is another. So the narratives we're going to be talking about tomorrow are in many ways up to you, the voters. Whatever happens, we do know we'll be talking about which party controls the House of Representatives and what that might mean. And I'm not sure anyone follows politics and policy in the House more than the two people joining us in our studios in Washington this morning. Democratic strategist Ali Lapp and Republican strategist Liesl Hickey, thank you both so much for coming in. We appreciate it. ALI LAPP: Thanks for having us. GREENE: And we should say you're on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but you come together often to host a podcast called House Talk. So you do a lot of conversations about what's happening in the House, which is great. Liesl, let me start with you on the Republican side. What do you see is at stake in this House
              The #1 Reason Why Your Social Media Has Zero Return on Investment in 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
    The truth is that although many marketers are "doing social media," far fewer are utilizing social media in a way that brings positive result or return on investment. Take a listen to episode 246 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast where I share with you The Number One Reason Your Social Media Has Zero Return on Investment and How to Fix it.

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              Mia Karlsson // “Mermaid Tales”      Cache   Translate Page      

    Mia 247 Art.jpg

    #247. Mia Karlsson is honored to be the FIRST guest on the new Mermaid Tales podcast, featuring tales of women who are connected in some way to the ocean, hosted by Breezy Mulligan. Here’s a rare opportunity to hear Mia on the podcast, talking about her sailing history! Subscribe to Mermaid Tales wherever you get your podcasts.

    Show Notes:

    • Check out @shesailing, Mia’s Instagram handle reserved for the celebration of amazing women on the water!

    Support the Show – Contribute

    On The Wind is the evolution of 59º North, and is, quite simply, long-form conversations with sailors from ...

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              Best tech podcasts of 2018: 10 best technology podcasts to download      Cache   Translate Page      

    Podcasts are the difference between a long dull commute and a great part of the day. Here are some of 2018’s finest

    6 Nov 2018

              Wednesday's Racing Podcast: 7th November      Cache   Translate Page      
    Tom Morley joins Alex Dunn on the latest edition of the Daily Racing Podcast. The pair take a look back at the Melbourne Cup, picking out their highlights before moving on to Wednesday's action. Tom previews the best of the action from Nottingham and Chelmsford, giving his Nap and NB for the day. Join Alex Dunn, Ross Brierley and Chris Pimlott on Racing Radio from 11:55am for live coverage of the day's action. Enjoy.
              Tuesday's Racing Podcast: 6th November      Cache   Translate Page      
    Jockey and tipster, Paddy Aspell, joins Alex Dunn to look ahead to Tuesday's racing and Paddy picks out two winners from the card at Redcar. The Monday Jury is also up for discussion as the pair talk about the Breeders' Cup, beginning with whether Enable should be retired. Join John Gibby, Jon Babb and Tom Morley on Racing Radio from 11.55pm Enjoy.
              Development roundup: Wolverine podcast regenerates; A Discovery of Witches finds two more seasons; Green Knight rides again      Cache   Translate Page      

    In our latest development roundup, that mega-popular scripted Wolverine podcast regenerates for a second season, A Discovery of Witches finds a second and third season, and David Lowery joins forces with A24 to take on Green Knight.

              Mi jefe es un algoritmo: así es como la inteligencia artificial plantea una nueva revolución industrial (Captcha 1x06)      Cache   Translate Page      

    Mi jefe es un algoritmo: así es como la inteligencia artificial plantea una nueva revolución industrial (Captcha 1x06)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

    En el siglo XIX la revolución industrial planteó cambios prodigiosos en la forma en la que concebíamos el trabajo. El mundo se transformó y se adaptó entonces, y lo hizo también con aquella otra revolución que planteó el "capitalismo fordista" y esas grandes cadenas de montaje. Hoy en día se plantea otra revolución en la que las máquinas y la inteligencia artificial sustituirán a muchos seres humanos en sus puestos de trabajo.

    Esa potencial revolución del empleo es el tema central del sexto episodio de Captcha (iVoox, iTunes y Spotify), el podcast de Xataka dedicado a esa apasionante disciplina llamada inteligencia artificial. Para acompañarnos en esta nueva entrega tenemos a Marta García Aller (@GarciaAller), autora de "El fin del mundo tal y como lo conocemos" (Planeta, 2017), profesora asociada de IE Business School, periodista en El Independiente (especializada en economía) y colaboradora en Onda Cero.

    Los algoritmos que quieren sustituirnos (o ser nuestros jefes)

    El mundo no parecía estar preparado para aquella primera revolución industrial o para la industria del automóvil que también lo cambió todo en nuestra concepción del trabajo. De los empleos masivos en el ámbito de la agricultura pasamos a los grandes procesos de fabricación en los que hubo una importante transición de la mano de obra cualificada y del segmento "artesano" a esos procesos mecánicos y rutinarios que para algunos acbarían siendo alienantes.

    Marta2 Marta García Aller.

    La revolución del "capitalismo fordista" fue similar en cuanto a la magnitud del cambio, pero esa transición demostró que tecnología y empleo resultaban complementarios. El beneficiado era el trabajador más cualificado, y tanto en uno como en otro caso hubo miedo a la transición y la solución surgió casi por sí sola: se destruyeron empleos, sí, pero se crearon otros muchos nuevos.

    Eso podría ocurrir también esta vez con esa inteligencia artificial que promete revolucionar nuestro mundo y hacerlo también en el segmento del empleo. Los estudiosos afirman que efectivamente se destruirán numerosos empleos: Marta García Aller nos explicaba cómo las tareas rutinarias serán las más afectadas, y aquellas con mucha más variabilidad de escenarios no tanto: los dentistas son un buen ejemplo, afirmaba la autora.

    Es en ese ámbito en el que aparecen amenazas como la de qué hará toda esa gente que acabe desempleada. La primera opción es la de encontrar nuevos puestos de trabajo para adaptarse a la situación, algo que sin duda llevará tiempo. La otra, la de acabar transformando su vida gracias quizá a alternativas de futuro como esa renta básica universal de la que por ahora solo se han hecho pequeñas experiencias piloto.

    En el episodio hablamos por ejemplo de segmentos como el del coche autónomo, que podría ser uno de los primeros en plantear esa revolución en servicios y empleos tradicionales (directos e indirectos) en el sector del transporte privado, y García Aller se mostraba aquí optimista con un futuro en el que cree que habrá cambios significativos a los que, eso sí, lograremos adaptarnos.

    Captcha detrás de los micros (y las cámaras)

    El equipo de presentadores que acompañan a nuestra experta vuelve a estar formado por Antonio Ortiz (@antonello), director de estrategia en Weblogs SL, y Javier Pastor (@javipas), insigne editor tecnológico en esta misma casa, Xataka. Junto a ellos Marina Such (@MissMacGuffin), redactora jefe de Fuera de Series y durante muchos editora en Espinof, que se encargará de enlazar el debate con el mundo del cine y las series televisivas.

    Captcha es un podcast patrocinado por Huawei, una empresa que hasta hace mucho conocíamos por su división de móviles y comunicaciones pero que ahora tiene mucho que decir en el segmento de la inteligencia artificial. Para ello contamos con la intervención especial de Fabio Arena (LinkedIn), Product Marketing Manager de Huawei España, que vuelve a acompañarnos brevemente. La producción corre a cargo de Santi Araujo (@santiaraujo) que también produce nuestro podcast Despeja la X y es el hilo conductor de Captcha dentro y fuera del estudio.

    Cómo puedes suscribirte

    Si te ha gustado este cuarto episodio o si deseas escuchar Captcha desde tu aplicación favorita para podcasts, puedes suscribirte a través de las principales plataformas:


    ¿Dudas sobre cómo suscribirte? Te explicamos cómo hacerlo utilizando iVoox y cómo hacerlo utilizando iTunes.

    Captcha es un podcast de Xataka patrocinado por Huawei. Xataka se encarga de todo el trabajo editorial sin pacto sobre guión o supervisión posterior de la marca.

              New blow for UK car industry as European parts factories close      Cache   Translate Page      

    Michelin and Schaeffler to close UK plants with 1,400 jobs at risk

    More than 1,400 British jobs are at risk after two European suppliers of car parts, Schaeffler and Michelin, announced plans to close UK factories in a blow to the wider automotive industry ahead of Brexit.

    Schaeffler, the German car parts supplier, said uncertainty surrounding Brexit had contributed to its decision to close two UK factories, in Llanelli, Wales, and Plymouth, where 570 people are employed. The company said the closures would take place over the next two years.

    Related: Will Nissan stay once Britain leaves? How one factory explains the Brexit business dilemma – podcast

    Continue reading...
              Squeaky-bum time for May – Brexit Means podcast      Cache   Translate Page      

    The Brexit negotiations are reaching what EU diplomats are calling squeaky-bum time. Can Theresa May pull a deal out of the bag?

    Optimism over a deal is increasing, but is it justified? As talks between the UK and the EU continue, we take a long, hard look at the issue that has always been and is still the biggest obstacle to a deal – avoiding a hard border in Ireland.

    Even if Theresa May comes back from Europe with a withdrawal agreement, the game is far from over. Is Brexit turning into a game of chicken?

    Continue reading...
              The Best Retirement Plan Ever?      Cache   Translate Page      

    This is how you do it: East Stroudsburg coach Denny Douds called timeout with 13 seconds left in a game to announce his retirement after 43 years in charge of the Warriors’ football program. Then he shook hands with players and coaches, walked out of the stadium and drove off. Douds tells PodcastOne Sports Now […]
              Executive Edition podcast: Adam Livesay of Elevat-IoT on the Internet of Things and fluid power applications      Cache   Translate Page      

    [A lightly edited transcript follows …] DW: I originally met Adam at the Fluid Power Distributor Association’s conference in Lake Tahoe earlier this year, and I thought the company gave some really interesting value propositions from the IoT for companies in the industrial space. Adam, for our audience, can you please describe for us a…

    The post Executive Edition podcast: Adam Livesay of Elevat-IoT on the Internet of Things and fluid power applications appeared first on Design World.

              Pat Robertson, Stephen Strang Unpack Why Trump Followers Are So Excited Right Now      Cache   Translate Page      

    I'm proud to announce that my latest book, Trump Aftershock, releases today. In it, I detail Trump's accomplishments since being elected and, as a result, what God is doing in our nation in this hour. You can find the book at or anywhere books are sold.

    CBN founder Pat Robertson interviewed me on The 700 Club on Monday, Nov. 5, about Trump Aftershock. One thing Robertson pointed out was that I don't simply share my opinion in this book; I report the facts and back it up with pages of research. Trump Aftershock combines my journalistic training and my Christian worldview to give readers what I hope is an honest, God-centered look at all Trump has done since he was elected president.

    Interestingly enough, one of the things I admire most about Trump is what most people hate: He's a disrupter. Since becoming president, he has exposed and uprooted much of the so-called deep state. After all, he promised during his campaign to drain the swamp, and I think he's doing just that. For example, if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, we would never have found out about Lisa Page and Peter Strzok's secret text messages. Clinton's administration would have covered the situation up, and Page and Strzok probably would have been promoted. Trump is cleaning house as no one else has because he doesn't care if people don't like him. Most other politicians, on the other hand, just want to keep everyone happy.

    As I point out to Robertson, though, Trump's lack of concern for others' opinions of him has provoked a firestorm of opposition. This opposition includes radical leftist billionaires such as George Soros, Warren Buffett and Tom Steyer. These wealthy people have put millions of dollars toward hindering Trump's agenda. And that money isn't just going to campaigns; they're setting up organizations that give money to antifa and other leftist groups. There's even evidence that the liberal protests we're seeing on the news are funded by the left—even to the point of paying protesters!

    But even billionaire radicals can't stop the enthusiasm that follows Trump. Just a few weeks ago, he and Cruz joined forces at a rally, which sold out because so many people wanted to come. And this doesn't just happen in a handful of places; it's everywhere Trump goes. He packed out a stadium of about 6,000 in a small Nevada town, whereas Joe Biden was rallying across the state and got fewer than 200 people.

    This enthusiasm, of course, isn't widely reported, but it reveals a level of excitement welling up in the American people. I can't help but think this is because Trump has kept his promises and is getting things done.

    You can read more about Trump's accomplishments and how God is using him in Trump Aftershock. Order your own copy at It's also available at Walmart, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes&Noble and The Christianbook Group.

    Click on the podcast below to hear my exciting conversation with Pat Robertson!

              Hue Jackson: Baker Mayfield has ‘It Factor,’ will overcome Cleveland Browns’ culture of losing –      Cache   Translate Page      
    WKYC.comCLEVELAND — Former Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson is confident that rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield has everything that it takes to be successful in the National Football League. In an appearance on The Adam Schefter Podcast Monday, …Hue Jackson says in a podcast he’d take a job this season ‘in a heartbeat’cleveland.comDysfunction in Cleveland: Hue […]
              What to Do with Old 401(k)       Cache   Translate Page      

    Unless you're only going to work for one employer, which is exceedingly unlikely, chances are you're going to have some old retirement plans out there. What should you do with them? Leave where they are? Roll into the new plan? Consolidate? That's the question from Lisa in New Jersey on the latest bonus call.

    Have a money question? Email me here.

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    "Better Off" theme music is by Joel Goodman,

    Connect with me at these places for all my content:

              The Talking Dead #404: s9e5 – “What Comes After”      Cache   Translate Page      
    The Walking Dead season 9 episode 5 is Andrew Lincoln’s swan song as Rick Grimes. Tune in for for our thoughts as we recap the episode, read some of your holy crap moments, and chat about what the future holds. — Please send us your comments, thoughts and feedback. Email us at, or post comments...
              Eagles podcast: Tim Jernigan takes next step toward returning to field, what the Golden Tate trade means      Cache   Translate Page      
    Jeff McLane and Zach Berman chat about Tim Jernigan's status, what Golden Tate can add to the roster and more.
              Tranquility du Jour #433: Positive Psychology      Cache   Translate Page      

    In this week's edition of Tranquility du Jour, I discuss the getting a certificate in applied positive psychology with three classmates: Alisha, Alexis, and Carol. Learn our takeaways from the program and how we're incorporating them into our daily lives.

    According to Psychology Today, positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living. It is a call for psychological science and practice to be as concerned with strength as with weakness; as interested in building the best things in life as in repairing the worst; and as concerned with making the lives of people fulfilling as with healing pathology.

    New to Tranquility du Jour? Learn more here

    Direct download: Tranquility du Jour #432: Writing


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    Year of Tranquility: Join anytime

    New Year's Mini Retreat: December 31, 2-5pm

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    TDJ Live: January 6

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    4-Week Tranquility Salon: Starts January 13

    Tranquility in the Topics: February 16-23, 2019 in Costa Rica

    Tranquility in Tuscany: July 13-20, 2019 {8 spots left}


    Carol Meyers is a Washington, DC-based life coach + mentor, positive psychology practitioner, and strategic communications consultant. She blends the science of well-being and the art of mindfulness to help clients create a joyful life in alignment with their values and purpose. Her top five VIA character strengths are gratitude, love of learning, perspective, kindness, and hope (with appreciation of beauty, creativity, and curiosity rounding out the top eight). Learn more at

    Alexis Buckles is a Health and Wellness Coach working in both private and corporate settings. In addition to being a certified health coach, she also holds a BA in Global Affairs and is certified in Applied Positive Psychology. Outside of coaching, Alexis shares her passion for holistic well-being through her Living Well + Wild community and her upcoming journal, The Book of Extraordinary Things. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband Chris Mooney and a precocious border collie mix named Ripley. Alexis enjoys eating vegan food, fencing, and reading epic fantasy stories. Learn more at

    Alisha Wielfaert is a leadership, life and creativity coach who specializes in working with women, walking as a guide with fellow women seekers on their path towards clarity of purpose. Alisha is a positive psychology practitioner and weaves positive psychology, yoga and creativity together while working with clients to ensure them a journey to flourishing. Alisha coaches individuals and groups, leads workshops and retreats that inspire you to move north of neutral.  She is the host of The Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Podcast. Alisha believes that when we as women realize and step into our own power we make the whole world a brighter place. Learn more at

    Mentioned in the Podcast

    Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology
    The concept of flow with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
    Positive Psychology + the Study of Happiness
    Via Character Strengths Assessment
    10 Positive Psychology Studies to Change Your View of Happiness
    A Compilation of Positive Psychology Articles
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              True Crime Podcast My Favorite Murder is Headed to Phoenix      Cache   Translate Page      
    Your favorite true crime podcast is headed to Comerica Theatre.
              Geektown Radio 181: Composer Pat Irwin - The B-52's, The Good Cop, Rocko's Modern Life, UK TV News & Air Dates!      Cache   Translate Page      

    After last week's Comic-Con show, things are returning to normal here at Geektown Radio podcast, as we have all the usual tv news and premiere date info, plus an interview with composer Pat Irwin.

    Pat Irwin has been living in and making music in New York City since the late 1970’s. He was a member of the band The B-52's for over 20 years (You can see him on keyboard in the famous 'Love Shack' video) and he also was the composer of classic, hit cartoon series 'Rocko's Modern Life', 'Nurse Jackie' and 'Feed the Beast' to name a few.

    More recently, Pat has been Netflix series 'The Good Cop', which stars Tony Danza as Tony Sr. (aka Big Tony), a lovable yet not exactly honourable, former NYPD officer who never followed the rules. He lives with his son, Tony Jr. (TJ), played by Josh Groban, a brilliant, straight-laced NYPD detective who makes a point of always following the rules while solving Brooklyn’s toughest cases. This “odd couple” become unofficial partners as Tony Sr. offers his overly-cautious son blunt, street-wise advice.

    Additionally, Pat has recently returned to his earlier work, as Nickelodeon brings out the film 'Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling', which sees Rocko return to O-Town after being in space for 20yrs, and having to deal with a more modern life than ever before!

    If that wasn't enough to keep Pat busy, he is also in two bands - the PI Power Trio featuring Sasha Dobson on drums and vocals and Daria Grace on bass and vocals, and SUSS featuring Bob Holmes, Gary Leib, Jonathan Gregg and William Garrett.

    Also On This Week's Show:

    I'm joined by Darryl in the co-host seat this week, so we chat about the tv shows, games, and films.

    We take a look at all the latest tv & film news, including renewals & cancellations.

    We give you our recommendations for upcoming TV in the next 7 days.

              Wednesday Morning Spice      Cache   Translate Page      
    Modack on Mihalik. US votes. Macron attack plot. Cyril - I would jail corrupt son. CT's new mayor. Russian art fraud twist. CT's best secret beaches. Man City's finances probed. Best podcasts for sleeping. People's sexiest man alive. Famous music feuds.
              Podcast: Are the Steelers finally legitimate Super Bowl contenders? – Behind the Steel Curtain      Cache   Translate Page      
    Behind the Steel CurtainOnce again, the Steelers win a divisional game and looked good doing it. But does the 23-16 win over B-More make this team a legit Lombardi threat? BTSC’s Bryan Anthony Davis and Anthony Defeo took a day to recover and asked your opinion of the … …read more Source:: Super Bowl News […]
              How to Increase Call Volume by Hosting an Entertaining Local Podcast      Cache   Translate Page      

    It always confuses me when I tell people that I’m in the death care profession and they respond: “What a great industry! You will always have customers” … because it doesn’t feel like that. We have to work just as hard to find customers as any other industry because of that pesky thing called competition. One of ...

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              Ep. #1, Monitoring Observability with Monitoring Weekly’s Mike Julian      Cache   Translate Page      

    In the first episode of High Leverage, Heavybit General Partner and host Joe Ruscio is joined by Monitoring Weekly's Mike Julian for a discussion on observability tools, trends, and changing landscapes.

    The post Ep. #1, Monitoring Observability with Monitoring Weekly’s Mike Julian appeared first on Heavybit.

              PODCAST #19 | TOUS LES CHEMINS MENENT AUX ROMs      Cache   Translate Page      
    On parle bien sur de ces jeux auxquels on joue sur des émulateurs. Ah, les ROMs ! Sujet à controvers
              PODCAST #20 | TOUJOURS DANS LA TENDANCE      Cache   Translate Page      
    Maintenant en vidéo couleur sur vos écrans ! Comme ça vous verrez à quel point Guillaume peut se fai
              CAS 465 | Recipe      Cache   Translate Page      
    itunes pic

    mpb4 | coletivo do quadrado | dj dolores | criolo | emicida | rubel | tico santa cruz and flávio renegado | melodia preto bendi | zé de riba | célia mara | o branco e o índio | curumin | dão | johnny hooker | a banda dos corações partidos | loop b and stela campos | bid | luiza lian | seu estrelo e o fuá do terreiro | comadre fulozinha | pedro luis | tom macdermott | eduardo usek | pouca chinfra




    This episode of the Caipirinha Appreciation Society podcast was broadcast before the elections in Brazil. Considering the result, a little self-censorship is required in the podcast version. We do this the exact same way Brazilian newspapers used back in the sixties. The music is still great, though! // Originally broadcast on 18/September/2018 on Contrabanda 91.4 FM.
    Essa edição do podcast Caipirinha Appreciation Society foi transmitida antes das eleições. Dado o resultado, alguma auto-censura passa a se fazer necessária na versão do podcast. Para tal, recorremos ao mesmo expediente usado por jornais durante a ditadura. Ainda bem que a música continua ótima! // Transmitido originalmente em 18/setembro/2018 na Contrabanda 91.4 FM.

              Podcast: Instant Analysis of UNC-Wofford      Cache   Translate Page      
    Sherrell McMillan of Inside Carolina joins host Tommy Ashley to provide immediate reactions from North Carolina's 78-67 season-opening win at Wofford on Tuesday night.
              Carolina Insider Podcast: Andrew Platek, Wofford Preview      Cache   Translate Page      
    Preview Tuesday's North Carolina men's basketball regular season opener at Wofford in the latest Carolina Insider podcast. Tar Heel sophomore guard Andrew Platek joins hosts Jones Angell and Adam Lucas to preview the 2018-19 season. Carolina Insider is a twice-weekly production hosted by Angell and Lucas.
              Podcast 287 – Checking Your List: Holiday and Gift Knitting      Cache   Translate Page      

    Twice as Nice Pattern Collection || Knit Picks

    The collision of the knitting and gifting seasons is a blessing or a curse, an oppression or an opportunity, all depending on your preparation. Listen along as we share our favorite tips and tricks for gifting knits to everyone on your list! Need some inspiration? Our brand new Twice as Nice holiday pattern collection is out and we compare our favorite, versatile patterns.

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    New podcast episode!
              Reverse Dieting: With Tony Stephan      Cache   Translate Page      

    This week the GymWits talk with RD and nutrition expert Tony Stephan about reverse dieting. It's a great chat about the concept and it's practical applications. For more on Tony, check out his website:

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              Comment on Live This Month: October 2018 — an audio guide to upcoming Bay Area concerts by Morgan Nilsen      Cache   Translate Page      
    Thanks again for another great podcast! We're so lucky to live in a city that has so many good events going on
              Eyeopener podcast for Tuesday November 6      Cache   Translate Page      
    Today's podcast: Calgary MLA kicked out of NDP caucus; teachers speak out against a province-wide math test; talking politics with a Republican and a Democrat living in Calgary; Crowchild Trail bridge update.
              Eyeopener podcast November 5 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
    Today's podcast: Fifth Estate investigation into seatbelts on coach buses; arthritis and Indigenous people; last Albertan standing in the Great Canadian Baking Show.
              Raptors-Jazz Reaction Podcast – Team effort      Cache   Translate Page      

    Host William Lou breaks down a gutsy win in Utah. Three stars: Kyle Lowry, Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby Gerald Henderson: Alec Burks Read Will’s 10 things: 10 things I saw from Raptors-Jazz #NBA #WeTheNorth — William Lou (@william_lou) November 6, 2018 Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. […]

    Raptors-Jazz Reaction Podcast – Team effort originated on Raptors Republic: ESPN TrueHoop Network Blog.

              Raptors Weekly Podcast – Taking stock      Cache   Translate Page      

    Host William Lou is joined by Vivek Jacob to assess the Eastern Conference and where the Raptors fit into it. Topics: – Kawhi Leonard’s injury status – What can be gleaned from this four-game road trip – How do the Bucks, Sixers, and Celtics compare as to last season