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          Builder Brothers: Big Plans Book written by Jonathan and Drew Scott | Property Brothers      Cache   Translate Page      
Big Plans Property Brothers

When our 3rd grader received the book Builder Brothers Big Plans, he read it in one sitting. The book about twin brothers made him curious. From the cover Teddy realized that in the story boys are going to build something special, but he was not sure what. When our boy finished reading the book and turned the final page, he realized that the story was about real brothers when they were little. Teddy was surprised because he saw Property Brothers almost everywhere, on TV, live shows, books and printing materials.

"The story is about two brothers who are determined to build something big. A treehouse? A castle? A catapult? They have a whole lot of big ideas! But no one, not even the grownups, think they can do it. They brainstorm, sketch out designs, and tinker until they have the perfect plan – a doubledecker dog house for their two dogs, Gracie and Stewie. But what will the brothers do when their big plans don’t go exactly as they had hoped?"

When Jonathan and Drew were little they had big plans for building something enormous and extraordinary. They started with the house for their dogs, worked on it, failed and started over again. Not everything was smooth and right; it took knowledge, patience, right measurements, thinking and a lot more to build something valuable. I think the book sends the good message to young kids. Every big plan starts with a dream, it may not go easily but everything is possible, and Property Brothers are the real example to follow. From design, making shopping list and building - we liked every moment of the efforts twin brothers made. They were so kind to help others.

Teddy enjoyed reading the book and recognized the cover of the book saying, he knows who illustrated this book, same who did Home Alone, amazing Kim Smith!!!

Builder Brothers Big Plans

If you find it challenging to recognize who is Jonathan and who is Drew in this story, Jonathan has a bang and Drew is not in the book.

Builder Brothers: Big Plans book comes with an original do-it-yourself building project that parents and kids can do together at home. And we are going to build it too. The book makes wonderful gift for kids this holiday season.
          Dirty Weekend, Chapter 32 by Brownfoxx [E]      Cache   Translate Page      

Carol attends a business conference and unexpectedly hooks up with Daryl.  Neither of them expect their hot weekend getaway to turn into an addictive habit that leads to the altar!  AU Caryl ADULT ONLY Romance!

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I finally did it. I finally picked a color and painted our dining chairs.

There's nothing like impending winter to kick me into gear, and this was one project I knew I needed to get done before the cold! So this is the story of how I painted them, and the silly, indecisive journey that made the process take so long. But after 30 years, I know indecisive is the way I work so I'm just rolling with the (very slow) punches over here.

Whether you're indecisive or not, painting is always a great way to freshen things up on a low budget, and dining chairs are no exception! This is a perfect project for spray paint because you don't have to worry about streaks, drips, or getting a brush around all those spindles and nooks. 

But before can paint, you need some chairs. Obviously *said in my best Prof. Snape voice*. For me, that meant starting with a hunt for a new set of chairs. We had a set of DIY industrial chairs from our last house, but they just weren't fitting my style any more. Ever since we moved in and built our extra-wide farmhouse table, I'd been dreaming of a set that better fit the style of our new table and new house.

I did a little poking around sites like wayfair and overstock, but deep down I knew that my thrifty roots couldn't abide new chairs when there were so many second-hand options out there for a fraction of the price. You know what they say: "Buy used and save the difference!" So I put most of my efforts into Craigslist and fb marketplace. I knew I wanted something simple, not too formal, with a classic style. And I didn't want to spend a fortune. During my long search for chairs, I also looked at tons of dining room inspirations on pinterest (part of the reason my search was so long was because I couldn't lock down quite exactly what I wanted) and, at long last, I started to hope for a classic Windsor-style chair. The one day, these guys popped up:

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In 2018 I want to fill my life with things and people I LOVE and let things go that I do not love. I want to show more LOVE to others and accept more LOVE. I want my life to be full of LOVE.

My word of the year and goals have been on my mind, but I definitely have not been as intentional as I would like to be. With 2 months left in the year, I want to make the most of the next two months. 2 months is still plenty of time to accomplish a lot, and I am determined to do it.

*attend temple 12 times-I need to go this month
*send birthday and other cards monthly✔
*nightly gratitude journal✔ kind of but I want to do better
*love my body by continuing health and fitness goals-I have not focused on this goal like I want, and I am excited to focus more this month
*monthly savings/budget goal to be more accountable for my spending and save more-I need to fully commit to this again,

*clean up my nutrition-clean eating
*increase intensity of workouts
*put phone down by 10:30 (I did a 10 day social media cleanse last month. I missed sharing my life with friends and family and keeping up with friends and family, but I did not miss the aimless scrolling or time I spend on social media when I should be sleeping. I still really love social media, but I need to prioritize sleep.)

 photo aubrey-sig_zps0ck6qpqn.png

          Music Review // Crooked Flower "Into The Light"      Cache   Translate Page //

Right away, the sound of Crooked Flower makes me think of Letters to Cleo.   Though, the more I listen to it, the less I hear of them and the more I hear of some combination of something else.   This has this psychedelic feel to it throughout which makes me think it could've been from that Woodstock they did in the 1990's with Nine Inch Nails, Green Day and all them.    There is some element of No Doubt in here as well and I want to say this certain groove reminds me of Poe.

Along with a little bit of Dead Sara, on "Around and Around" I can hear elements of Save Ferris.   "10 Million Seeds" has a strong ska/reggae vibe as it has me thinking of RxBandits and then somehow "Falling" becomes a much catchier song.   "Own World" has an overall Tom Petty theme to it though at first it can sound like Tori Amos and/or Jewel.    Though there are some modern influences here I feel they are minimal and this goes back to a time before even the year 2000 for its roots.

Lyrically, I enjoy a song such as "Freedom" which says "Thank God for the government / taking care of me", something everyone needs to keep a close eye on at all times (And also fits in with my whole Woodstock theme of this album)  And then I hear a line which gets quiet and grows louder like: "That job of yours isn't going to make you rich / you suck and you're a bitch" and I fall in love with this album all over again because these words, which should ring true with you, hit in such a melodic way that you cannot help but embrace them.

"Into The Light" is some combination of a band from the 1990's (or before that) which could've been on a soundtrack like "10 Things I Hate About You" or even "Empire Records".   It has that feeling where you want to put it with other bands with women but at the same time it could just as easily be that one band with women playing with all the men.   Back in some odd year I saw Poe open for the band Seven Mary Three at Toad's Place in New Haven.  I feel like Crooked Flower could have that same kind of connection except instead of being a memory they are aimed more towards the future.

          Cassette Review // United Power Soul "Moving Fast 4 U"      Cache   Translate Page      

$12 // //

At first, this cassette began with this R&B feel to me.   Mainly because of it being on cassette, I was taken back to the 1990's when my tape deck was ruled by Boyz II Men, ABC and BBD-- the East Coast Family.   There was that feeling where it could've been on that one soundtrack from that movie from the 1990's that wasn't really a good movie but the soundtrack was right on (You know, I think Eddie Murphy was in it)   But as the cassette goes on and the more times I listen to it, the less I think back to my initial thoughts and hear something else.

With killer guitar riffs, this is a combination of funk and soul that has only a few other influences within it.    The song "Peace Sign", for example, has the melody of Better Than Ezra mixed with the fire of RxBandits.   That isn't to say that this couldn't be something like Kool & the Gang or Morris Day and the Time, those sorts of solid R&B bands that just jam and make you want to listen to them because sometimes music can be fun and make you want to dance.

The lyrics are definitely interesting, to say the least.   I'm not one to judge love songs as I, myself, am not considered to be any sort of spokesperson on the subject, but from "Strawberry Ice Cream" we go into a song called "Dirty Compliments" which suggests we should take a shower together and, I mean, you have to applaud their forward approach if nothing else.   Might as well just be blunt and put it right out there, right?

Then a song like "Peace Sign" sings about how the hippies might have had it right and though it does have more of a dub/reggae vibe to it I feel the lyrics are more of something you might hear from a jam band, which adds layers to this overall cassette and just leaves me unable to place it within a single genre and I certainly enjoy that about it.   I hold nothing against music which is just straight up in one genre but I've always found music which defies genres to be more appealing.

          Movie Review // Here to Be Heard: The Story of the Slits      Cache   Translate Page //

If I've never said this before I will say it now but I am someone who watches documentaries because I enjoy learning new things, but I also will watch just about any documentary you want me to that is about music.    That being said, I also firmly believe that not every artist has a documentary made about them and that is for a rather specific reason.   I feel as if it is only those special artists who stand out from the rest who get to have the documentaries tell their story further, beyond the music.

How do you describe The Slits to someone who has never heard of them before?  I told someone I was watching this documentary and my short paragraph of explaining it said that The Slits were an all girl punk group in the 1970's but eventually became reggae/experimental later on, constantly redefining the way things were not just for women but music on the whole.   Isn't it funny how you look at The Slits now in 2018 and they just seem so... I don't want to say common because Ari Up would still stand out in a crowd today if she was alive, but they were doing things back then no one else was doing which feel more commonplace now.

Aside from the style, aside from breaking of fashion barriers, The Slits created incredible music.   One thing I feel I constantly struggle with is comparison points for musicians who are female.   There are only so many you go back to-- and it's not that bands went unnoticed it's just that for such a long time, as this documentary points out, music (and punk) was dominated by men.   Watch as The Slits discuss bands like Sex Pistols and The Clash.   They went on tour with Buzzcocks, for example, but you won't really see as many other women in the scene, it wasn't like "Well, of all the other bands of women out there we chose the best to go on tour with us".  No.  They were really the only ones.

Ok, I'm willing to admit that if you know your punk history they weren't the *only* ones so much as that they were the definitive ones.   People came out to see them based on word of mouth.   This is something where it's before the Internet, before Bandcamp and SoundCloud, so people weren't saying "Oh yeah, I streamed some of their songs and they sounded cool"   They didn't even have a record out and people were showing up to see them and really digging what they were doing!    The very concept of that in 2018 would result in an artist having next to no one come out for their show.

Many times, I wish music went back to what it was like before The Beatles, before there were records.   If you wanted to hear an artist, you had to go see them perform live because there was no recorded music of them.   But even just to go back before the Internet... It's crazy to me, because even in the late 1990's when I began going to see live music all the time I had people give me sampler CDs so I'd go see a band based upon knowing one of their songs.   And then there was Napster.   But it's difficult for me to think about seeing a band based upon word of mouth and I wish we could somehow get back to that.

The Slits were a special band.   They still are.  Everything that everyone attributes to Sex Pistols and punk rock should be attributed to The Slits ten times over because they just weren't opening doors for women, they were opening doors for music.   I actually prefer the later sound of The Slits to their earlier music but it's all just so wild and crazy you have to really take it all in, song by song.   Even in 2018, these songs still hold up-- they're still somehow top of the class if they were released today.

At the end of this film is a quote by someone saying that you should do whatever makes you happy.   You should find your passion and embrace it, and other people might not like it but it will be rewarding for you.    That really kind of hit me hard.   I know I messed up the paraphrasing on it and I don't even remember who said it, but it still had this profound impact on me because it's what I'm doing with my life.   I'm not the most popular writer by far, but I'm fine with that.   I think we all need to kind of dissolve the myth of popularity and do what makes us happy.    That and hear The Slits in every band we listen to from now on.
          Cassette Review // Apeface "Ape No More" (Hand' Solo Records)      Cache   Translate Page      

$12 //
Edition of 50 //

One of the things I like most about hip hop is that you can really hear different voices.   It's not like singing, it's not like talking, but it's some sort of combination of the two.   So when I hear people speak just in every day conversations, I tend to think they have a voice where they should try and start rhyming because it might lead to something interesting.   When you really think about it, the best rappers have always had unique voices and Apeface is no exception to that.

From elements of clipping. to 2Pac, there are pianos with an old school feel, like something from Death Row.    From a song about records to audio clips from movies such as "CB4" and "Meatballs", Apeface touches upon a wide variety of subjects while also noting that "Everything is wrong, nothing ever seems to get right"   "Nightmare Camp" starts with the lines "You have just played out the American dream and now we're going to turn it into a nightmare" which strikes me as a tribute to Dusty Rhodes and Cody Rhodes in some way.

I wouldn't normally go the reference to professional wrestling (Maybe I would?) but on the song "Captains" there is a verse by Definite which gives a shout out to the Iron Shiek and so that helps me to make that connection.    I might be stretching a bit with it, but the other wrestling fans listening to this cassette just might hear the same thing.   Sometimes you think your ears are unique until you find out everyone else is hearing the same things or that they were intended.

With a little bit of jazz, I can hear lines like "Whatchyou doin' with your life that's so special?" and think of Kyle Hubbard.   The final track has this sax which makes me think of De La Soul/Tribe and perhaps not just one of the greatest lines on this cassette but in general is: "We used to smoke to get high / Now I smoke to get by"   On the flip side is the instrumental version, as if you had any doubt how special this sounds even without the words over it, but yes, with the words over it I can only think of those cassettes from my youth and how each of them still is with me to this day.  

          Music Review // Midwest Soul Xchange "Weakened at the Asylum"       Cache   Translate Page //

When listening to music, my first concern is always that of the music itself.   Fortunately, I've never really come across an album where the music was just all right but I was really into lyrics, but if you listen to as much instrumental music as I do you tend to put that focus on the music over the words.   With elements of Pink Floyd, Elliott Smith and Queen, Midwest Soul Xchange have crafted a rock opera based around the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.    There is a spoken word part on the first song which explains a lot of this, it sets up the story.

Music aside, the lyrics in here are worth quoting quite a bit.   Perhaps more importantly though, they tend to have a focus on how something so simple (see: the song called "Simple") can have such an impact on people.  It's something that someone such as me would take for granted on a daily basis.   I use the public water in Meriden, Connecticut to shower, do dishes, brush my teeth, clean in various other ways, cook and, yes, I even drink the tap water.    Without it, I don't know what I would do and constantly buying bottled water would become too expensive.

Sometimes this can sound like The Beatles and other times it has just stand out acoustics.    "The Loser Illusion" is one of the best examples of what you'll be in store for when listening to this entire album, though it really should be taken in a song by song way, meaning listening to just one song could have it feeling out of place.   On "Dear Sarah," the titular line of "Weakened at the asylum" is repeated near the end.   "Molehill Mountain" has a banjo feel to it while "Name Like A Symbol" becomes rather operatic, a true sign that this could be a complete stage show.

As far as music goes, this is one of those albums you're likely going to hear about- or should hear about- because it has that "American Idiot" / "Killer Queen" vibe to it that not every artist attempts because, let's face it, this is not the easiest sound to pull off for an entire album, but Midwest Soul Xchange are bold enough to do it.  On top of that I feel like this will (hopefully) bring more attention to something which most people take for granted every day and the more discussions we are having about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan the better it is because that will hopefully bring it closer to being resolved.   Also, in years to come this will serve as a reminder (as all history tends to do) of mistakes which should not be repeated in a civilized city. 
          Bontrager ISIS 170mm 104BCD      Cache   Translate Page Cranks USA Set of nice cranks. Used on my kids bike as a 1x9 setup. 104 BCD. Uses ISIS splined BB. 170mm. $30 mailed ... Price: $30.00
          Reginae Carter Lands Debut 'Pride & Prejudice' Role For LIFETIME Alongside Keshia Knight Pulliam + Anika Noni Rose Set To Box It Out + 'Grown-ish' Season 2 Sneak Peek + Tinashe Joins 'Rent'       Cache   Translate Page      

 photo reginaecartermovie.png

Reginae Carter and Keshia Knight Pulliam are coming to LIFETIME. Anika Noni Rose is ready to box it out in the ring, a sneak peek at season 2 of "Grown-ish" just dropped and Tinashe is joining "Rent." Everything inside...

Reginae Carter is looking to make her own lane and make a name for herself outside of just being Lil Wayne & Toya Wright's daughter.

On "Friends & Family Hustle," Reginae broke the news to her mother that she was dropping out of college to pursue an acting career. Chile...

As expected, Toya wasn't happy about it. But, Reginae feels like she's grown and she needs to live for her.

Well, things are already looking up for her. According to Deadline, Reginae is set to star in the LIFETIME original movie, Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta, contemporary take on Jane Austen’s early 19th century classic, following the 2005 adaptation film, Pride and Prejudice.

Here's a quick synopsis of the film and other actors starring in it:

Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta features an African-American cast led by Reginald VelJohnson as Reverend Bennet, a pastor of a prominent Southern Baptist church, and his wife, Mrs. Bennet (Jackée Harry), author of a self-help book on how to find the perfect husband. Needless to say, Mrs. Bennet is less than thrilled that all five of their daughters — Lizzie (Tiffany Hines), Jane (Raney Branch), Mary (Brittney Level), Lydia (Reginae Carter) and Kitty (Alexia Bailey) — are still single. When the very eligible Will Darcy (Juan Antonio) arrives in town, Mrs. Bennet sets her sights on the handsome bachelor for daughter Lizzie, leading to a comedic modern-day take on themes familiar to fans of the novel.

 photo keshiaknightlifetimegig.png

Other castmates include Keshia Knight Pulliam, Kellee Stewart, and Victoria RowellRhonda Baraka will helm the film from a script by Tracy McMillan. The film will be produced by Big Dreams Entertainment and Swirl Films, with Leslie Greif, Naomi Despres and Tracy McMillan serving as executive producers.

Sounds like something we would watch. Good luck Reginae on your acting debut!

 photo anikaboxer.png


Anika Noni Rose is gearing up to whoop some ***.

The YBF actress has landed the lead in TNT's drama pilot, "Beast Mode." And get this...

It's inspired by living boxing trainer legend Ann Wolfe. It's a story about a strong mother who pulls herself and her two daughters from the gutta to make a name for herself.

Deadline has the details:

Pulling herself and her two daughters up from poverty, abuse, homelessness, and criminality, Marsha Blackstone (Rose) reached the pinnacle of boxing as a fighter and has become equally as successful a trainer known for unconventional methods and a fiercely combative style. Driven by the belief that any step backward is a slippery slope to her former life, when the boxer Marsha trained to a world title fires her, this complex and inspiring woman is determined to find a new fighter to eclipse the one she lost, but her emotional baggage and militant style could be her undoing in her professional and personal life, especially with her two grown daughters, and a new baby on the way.

"Beast Mode" is the working title as of now. Tina Mabry is set to direct the pilot. David Schneiderman will write it and he'll also produce it alongside Ann Wolfe and MACRO in association with Studio T.


Speaking of television...

Before season 2 of "Grown-ish" premieres in January, fans get the first sneak peek at what the new season will bring.

Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) is now a sophomore and viewers will get to see what life is like after summer break. Especially, her love life, since she decided Luca (played by Luka Sabbat) is the one she wants to be with. In the clip, Zoey appears to be ready to kick off her sophomore year with positivity and on the right foot and she's optimistic about her relationship with Luca.

At the end, there's a quick PSA to remind folks to get out and vote during the midterm elections. Check it above.

Also coming to television...

 photo tinasherent.png

Tinashe is ready to flex her singing and dancing skills for FOX's live rendition of RENT.

The "2 On" singer who was robbed on "DWTS" will be joined by Kiersey Clemons (Dope), singer/actor Mario (Empire), Vanessa Hudgens (Grease Live), Valentina (RuPaul's Drag Race), Brandon Victor Dixon (Jesus Christ Superstar Live), Jordan Fisher (Grease Live), and Brennin Hunt (Walking With Herb. 

THR reports:

Based on Larson's Tony-winning musical, Rent is a rock musical loosely based on La Boheme that tells the story of a group of impoverished young artists struggling to survive and create a life in New York's East Village in the days of the Bohemian Alphabet City and under the shadow of HIV/AIDS. Tinashe will portray Mimi Marquez, a dancer who struggles with addiction. Mario will take on the role of Benjamin Coffin III, Mark and Roger’s former roommate-turned-landlord, who is after their rent.

Hudgens will play Maureen Johnson, an outgoing performance artist who is not afraid to take on the establishment. Clemons will play Joanne Jefferson, Maureen's girlfriend and an Ivy League-educated lawyer.

Dixon is set as Tom Collins, a computer scientist who returns to New York after being expelled from MIT. Valentina will play Angel Dumont Schunard, a young drag queen and street percussionist who embraces life and lives it to its fullest.

Fisher is the central character of Mark Cohen, an aspiring filmmaker, who serves as the show’s narrator, while filming the lives of his friends. Hunt plays Roger Davis, a struggling musician and Mark’s roommate and best friend.

This sounds like the makings of a good live production. RENT is scheduled to air January 27th on FOX. Will you be tuning in?

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           Comentariu la BUN VENIT IN CAFENEA ! de anitanna       Cache   Translate Page .................................... Se pare ca de multe ori trecem rapid ,noi oamenii,peste frumusetea vietii…iar de cele mai multe ori,poate ca mi se pare, tanjim sau suntem plini de o nostalgie insatiabila ..dupa timpul ce a trecut !? : O ZI PLACUTA !
           Comentariu la DIVERSE STIRI SI INFO…… : de anitanna       Cache   Translate Page      
<div style="background:#cc99ff;border:24px ridge #cc99ff;margin:0;padding:13px;vertical-align:baseline;color:#333;font-family:Georgia, 'Bitstream Charter', serif;font-size:16px;text-align:center;"> <div style="background:transparent;border:6px ridge # cc99ff;margin:0;padding:10px;vertical-align:baseline;"> <p style="background:transparent;border:0;margin:0 0 6px;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;"> </p> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Buna dimineata ,oameni buni si frumosi la suflet va spun pentru a suta de mii... oara ! "? :P Va doresc o zi de miercuri-mov in cafenea doar astazi- minunata si o dimineata cat mai placuta, reusita dar si insorita fiindca de cateva zile nu mai apare soarele sa ne incalzeasca si sa straluceasca ! A fost ceata si cer acoperit... mai ales dimineata,iar la Meteo ne anunta ca spre sfarsitul lunii va veni iarna,vremea se va raci considerabil... :? ! Se pare ca dupa spusele specialistilor vom avea anul acesta o iarna cu fenomene extreme ...brr cu -20 si chiar - 30 de grade !? :P Va invit cu drag un ceai ori o cafea si va aduc in atentie si stirile zilei... !? STIATI CA,astazi ,soarele a rasarit la orele,8:00 si va apun la orele 17:58 ? 😀 …ca au trecut 311 zile din an si au mai rama,54 ? Stiati ca pana la venirea Mosului si a Nasterii Mantuitorului mai avem 47 de zile ??? Stiati ca marti seara pe 13 noiembrie se lasa sec pentru Postul nasterii Domnului , ca de miercuri 14 noiembrie incepe postul Craciunului ??? si ca…. 2018 » Ziua consensului si a reconcilierii – Rusia 2018 » Sf. m din Melitene si cuv. Lazar Taumaturgul (sarbatori greco catolice) 2018» Sf. treizeci si trei de Mucenici din Melitina, Ieron si cu ceilalti (sarbatoare orotodoxa) 2018 » Sf. Carina (sarbatoare romano catolica) 2012 » In SUA, candidatul democrat Presedintele Barack Obama, castiga cel de al doilea mandat prezindetial 2002 » In Iran, sunt interzise reclamele la toate produsele din SUA 2001 » In Belgia, compania nationala de aviatie, Sabena, intra in faliment 2000 » In SUA, Hillary Clinton, este aleasa senator, devenind prima fosta prima doamna, aleasa care castiga o functie publica 1996 » Este lansata misiunea spatiala americana Mars Global Surveyor 1996 » In Nigeria, un avion Boeing 727, se prabuseste, ducand la moartea celor 143 de oameni aflati la bord 1989 » In SUA, in New York, David Dinkins, devine primul afro-american, care castiga functia de Primar al New York-ului 1983 » A decedat Ion Jalea, sculptor român, membru al Academiei Române 1980 » A decedat Steve McQueen, actor american (n. 1930) 1970 » S-a nascut Marc Rosset, jucator elvetian de tenis 1967 » S-a nascut David Guetta, House-DJ si producator francez 1962 » A decedat Eleanor Roosevelt, prima doamna a SUA (n. 1884) 1944 » In SUA, Presedintele Franklin Delano Roosevelt a câstigat cel de-al patrulea mandat de Presedinte SUA 1941 » In timpul celui de al Doilea Razboi Mondial, vasul sovietc de cruce rosie, Armenia, este scufundat de catre aviata germana, cauzand peste 5000 de victime 1940 » S-a nascut Dorina Lazar, actrita românca de teatru si film Dorina Lazăr este o actriță de film/teatru, televiziune, radio și voce-over română. Wikipedia Născută: 7 noiembrie 1940 (vârsta 78 de ani), Hunedoara Soț: Mihai Lazăr (căs. ?–1992) Nominalizări: Gopo pentru cea mai bună actriță în rol secundar 1936 » S-a nascut Gwyneth Jones, cântareata britanica de opera 1929 » In SUA, la New York, este inaugurat Museum of Modern Art 1923 » S-a nascut Rudolf Augstein, publicist german, fondatorul revistei „Der Spiegel” 1921 » 2 melodii de George Gershwin au premiera , ca parte integranta a unui muzical, „The Perfect Fool”, in teatrul George M. Cohan din New York. Melodiile sunt „My Log-Cabin Home” si „No One Else but that Girl of Mine” 1917 » In Rusia, la Petrograd, incepe Revolutia din Octombrie 1917 » Rusia, este proclamata in mod oficial republica 1913 » S-a nascut Albert Camus, scriitor francez, laureat al Premiului Nobel Albert Camus a fost un romancier, dramaturg și filozof francez, reprezentant al existențialismului. Wikipedia Născut: 7 noiembrie 1913, Drean, Algeria Decedat: 4 ianuarie 1960, Villeblevin, Franța Piese: Caligula, Cei drepți, Neînțelegerea, Starea de asediu, Posedaţii Filme: Străinul, Departe de oameni, The First Man, Fate, Ciuma, MAI MULTE Soții: Francine Faure (căs. 1940–1960), Simone Hié (căs. 1934–1940) 1912 » In Germania, la Berlin, este inaugrata Opera de stat cu lucrarea Fidelio de Ludwig van Beethoven 1903 » S-a nascut Konrad Lorenz, zoolog austriac, laureat al Premiului Nobel 1901 » In cadrul unui dineu, in casa unui anatomist vienez pe nume Emil Zuckerkandl, Gustav Mahler, in varsta de 41 de ani, o intalneste pe fiica pictorului Anton Schindler, Alma Maria Schindler 1888 » S-a nascut Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, fizician indiann, laureat al Premiului Nobel 1880 » Valsul „Rosen aus dem Süden” op.388 de Johann Strauss are premiera in Musikverein din Viena 1877 » In Lamberk, Bedrich Smetana realizeaza o operatie efectuata de un impostor, Dr. Klima. Scopul este sa scape de surzenie. Bineinteles operatia esueaza 1877 » In timpul Razboiului de Independenta, incepe Batalia de al Rahova, dintre armatele Ruso-Romane si armata Otomana 1876 » Opera cu accente populare „Sarutul” de Bedrich Smetana are premiera in Teatrul Provizoriu din Praga Prague Provisional Theater (este un adevarat triumf) 1876 » S-a nascut Marie Curie, savanta poloneza, dublu laureata a Premiului Nobel 1874 » In SUA, Partidul Republican, a fost personificat de imaginea unui elefant, de catre revista Harper’s Weekly: Imaginea elefantului va fi adoptata de republicani ca simbol al partiduli 1872 » In varsta de 10 ani, Claude Debussy participa la prima sa lectie de solfegiu in cadrul Conservatorului 1871 » Orasul Bayreuth ii aproba planul realizarii unui nou teatru lui Richard Wagner 1857 » „Eine Symphonie zu Dantes Divina Commedia” de Franz Liszt are premiera in Dresda, sub bagheta compozitorului. Totul este un dezastru, pentru ca inainte de spectacol s-a realizat o singura repetitie 1855 » S-a nascut Edwin Hall, fizician american 1847 » 3 zile dupa moartea lui Felix Mendelssohn, mii de oameni insotesc corpul neinsufletit pe durmul dinspre casa spre Paulinerkirche din Leipzig unde are loc slujba funerara. Printre cei care poarta cosciugul se numara Robert Schumann si Ignaz Moscheles 1844 » Franz Liszt sustine un concert la Palatul Regal din Madrid. Regina Isabella a-II-a, in varsta de 14 ani, ii confera Crucea lui Carlos al-III-lea 1830 » „Ouverture pour La Tempête de Shakespeare” pentru cor si orchestra de Hector 1801 » Alessandro Volta prezinta prima baterie electrica 1722 » In Marea Britanie, la Londra, are loc premiera lucrarii Conscious Lovers, de Richard Steele 1667 » In Franta, la Paris, are loc premiera piesei Andromaque, de Jean Racine 1665 » In Marea Britanie, la Londra, apare prima editie a London Gazette, cel mai vechi ziar din Marea Britanie 1558 » Elizabeta I urca pe tronul Angliei dupa moartea Reginei Mary 1476 » In Tara Romaneasca, la Bucuresti, are loc Batalia de la Bucuresti, dintre oastea Moldovei sprijinita de oastea Transilvaniei impotriva lui DomnuluI Tarii Romanesti Laiota Basarab 520 » Regele Christian al-II-lea al Suediei executa 600 de nobili 392 » In Imperiul Roman, Imparatul Teodosius I, declara crestinismul ca si religie de stat… 😕 lol! drunken Sleep No Question Razz Very Happy si pagina anitanna 2016<br /> </a></div> </div> <p></p>
          Tea & Biscuits Brigade :: RE: LAST PERSON TO POST WINS      Cache   Translate Page      
Author: Damien
Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:19 am (GMT -1)


          Comment on If All You See… by William Teach      Cache   Translate Page      
I should have known better with the original photo: something about it sets the Photobucket censors off. Certainly not the content, much worse at PB, has to be something. Second or third time it's been tagged. I have one of a girl at the gas pump that does the same.
          W4157 "Barabara Mary" WS-V      Cache   Translate Page      

W4157 "Barabara Mary" WS-V - W4157009.jpg

On the reverse of this Picture it reads "Many thanks for all the work you did on "Barbara Mary", we are deeply grateful to you from - The crew who were lucky enough to fly her. Jim Cowan Capt This photo was given to my grandfather LAC A A Williams by Flight Lieutenant James Cowan DFC

          No cambian: Todos igual de delincuentes y maricas      Cache   Translate Page      
Decíamos el lunes que hay dos formas de ser un miserable: Siendo un cura vasco y siendo de la PSOE.

Pues bien, tengo que ampliar lo dicho: Y siendo como Errejón.

 "En Venezuela se respetan los derechos de la oposición" y la gente hace "tres comidas al día"

 Los "importantísimos avances" chavistas que aplaude Errejón: hambre, miseria y éxodo

Ojalá el día de mañana se tenga que exiliar en Venezuela  photo icon_dedo.gif

          Cuando Carmen Calvo no era Carmen Calvo,      Cache   Translate Page      
era solo una espermatozoida, se produjo el bombardeo de su pueblo por parte de la aviación republicana que arrojó más de seis toneladas de bombas sobre la población civil que estaba en poder del bando nacional, alejada del frente y sin ningún valor estratégico. Se concentró sobre el mercado de abastos y sobre un barrio humilde, 109 muertos, entre ellos 14 niños, y más de 200 heridos. 

Ahora que la ultaiZmierda está empeñada en exijir que los demás pidan perdón, ¿Habría alguien del Frente Popular (y el Gobierno actual está en ello y cada día lo disimula menos) que piense en pedir perdón*.

MEMORIA HISTÓRICA: Nombre de las víctimas:

  1. Aguilar Gallego, Petra. Obrera, 68. 
  2. Alonso Bonilla, Manuel. Soldado. 
  3. Aranda Serrano, Rafael. Obrero, 32. 
  4. Ariza Aguilera, Cristóbal. Obrero, 50. 
  5. Arriaga Castro, Cristóbal, 50 años. 
  6. Arévalo Camacho, Antonio. Hortelano, 66. 
  7. Barba Cubero, José. Hortelano, 63. 
  8. Bernal Gil, José. Cabo. 
  9. Borjas Mesa, José. Sargento de la Guardia Civil retirado, 57. 
  10. Borrallo Baena, Antonio. Obrero, 35. 
  11. Carabel de la Rosa, Manuel. Soldado. 
  12. Carrillo Cañero, José. 15. 
  13. Carrillo Ruiz, Celedonio. Obrero, 40. 
  14. Castillo Basurte, Rafael. 8. 
  15. Castro Arroyo, Rafael. Industrial, 43. 
  16. Castro Montero, Antonio. Soldado. 
  17. Castro Peña, Ana. Obrera, 48. 
  18. Cecilla Lama, Vicente. Hortelano, 50. 
  19. Cuevas Salazar, Rafael. Jornalero, 60. 
  20. Cumplido Valle, Natividad. Obrera, 21. 
  21. Córdoba Espinar, Antonia. Obrera, 17. 
  22. De la Rosa Moreno, Francisco, 55 años 
  23. Delgado Hoyos, Manuel. Soldado. 
  24. Estacio Muñoz, Francisco. Prisionero, 29. 
  25. Fernández Morales, Eduardo. Soldado. 
  26. Fuentes Jiménez, Gabriela. Obrera, 60. 
  27. García Moral, Joaquín. Jornalero, 38. 
  28. García Reyes, Joaquín. Obrero, 63. 
  29. González Agudo, Carmen. Obrera, 43. 
  30. González Castro, Soledad. 24. 
  31. González Guardeño, José. Obrero, 35. 
  32. Guardeño Castro, Antonio. Obrero, 35. 
  33. Guardeño Córdoba, Francisco. Obrero, 60. 
  34. Guardeño Guardeño, Antonia. 21. 
  35. Guardeño Guardeño, Antonio. 8. 
  36. Guardeño Guardeño, Juliana. 13. 
  37. Guardeño Guardeño, Mercedes. 13 meses. 
  38. Guardeño Santiago, Juliana. 43. 
  39. Guerrero Corpas, Francisco. Obrero, 73. 
  40. Guerrero Lama, Josefa. 70. 
  41. Guzmán Jiménez, Antonia. Obrera, 50. 
  42. Gómez Castro, Francisco. Hortelano, 73. 
  43. Herrero Galisteo, Eusebio. Espartero, 54. 
  44. Hurtado Calzado, Diego. Herrero, 48. 
  45. Jiménez Fernández, Mariana. 10. 
  46. Jurado Ceballos, Antonio. Obrero, 70. 
  47. León Márquez, Manuel. Soldado. 
  48. López Chaves, José. Obrero, 48. 
  49. López Moya, Pedro. Obrero, 33. 
  50. López Ordóñez, Josefa. Obrera, 51. 
  51. López Ordóñez, Manuela. 40. 
  52. López del Valle, Antonio. Corredor, 43. 
  53. López Álvarez, Emilio. Prisionero, 17. 
  54. Manchado Valverde, José. 65. 
  55. Maíz Nieto, Antonio. Obrero, 56. 
  56. Medina Grande, Manuel. Obrero, 35. 
  57. Medina Oteros, Lorenza. Hortelana, 30. 
  58. Medina Oteros, Sierra. 21. 
  59. Mejías de Mora, Juan. Soldado. 
  60. Mesa Gaspar, Francisco, 53 años. 
  61. Montero Molina, Antonio. 10. 
  62. Montero Molina, Ángel. 11. 
  63. Montes Montes, Rafael. Jornalero, 45. 
  64. Montoya Villasán, Enrique. Alférez GFRI "Alhucemas" nº 5. 
  65. Moral Barranco, José. Zapatero, 50. 
  66. Morel Soto, Carmen. 14. 
  67. Moreno Arroyo, Antonio. 52. 
  68. Moreno Arroyo, José. 59. 
  69. Moreno Sabariego, Juan. Obrero, 65. 
  70. Moreno Vilchez, Manuel. Zapatero, 41. 
  71. Morillo Gaspar, Sierra. Obrera, 51. 
  72. Morillo Vera, Antonio. Obrero, 60. 
  73. Moro Bonilla, Manuel, soldado. 
  74. Moñiz Cecilla, Rafael. Industrial, 43. 
  75. Muñiz Marzo, Rafael. Obrero, 60. 
  76. Muñoz Castro, Luis. Obrero, 16. 
  77. Muñoz Morillo, Antonia. Revendedora, 45. 
  78. Ordóñez Castro, Manuel. Obrero, 60. 
  79. Ortiz Flores, Rafael. Obrero, 50. 
  80. Ortiz Gómez, Francisco. Hortelano, 42. 
  81. Payar Ruiz, Rafael. Guardia municipal, 40. 
  82. Peña Campos, Francisco. Obrero, 73. 
  83. Pocero Valverde, Carmen. 
  84. Porras Arroyo, Joaquín. Obrero, 55. 
  85. Porras Bermúdez, Vicente. Obrero, 36. 
  86. Pérez Bermúdez, Ángel. Jornalero, 36. 
  87. Pérez Flores, Rosario, 55 años. 
  88. Pérez Ruiz, Ángel. Obrero, 51. 
  89. Quero Hinestrosa, Antonio. Obrero, 50. 
  90. Rodríguez Moral, Francisco. Barbero, 45. 
  91. Roldán Alcántara, Manuel. Hortelano, 34. 
  92. Roldán González, Antonio.40. 
  93. Roldán Ortiz, Francisco. Obrero, 70. 
  94. Romero Ramírez, Diego. Obrero, 14. 
  95. Romero Roldán, Juan. Obrero, 60. 
  96. Rosa Flores, Sierra. Obrera, 50. 
  97. Rovira González, José 
  98. Ruiz Cuevas, Jesús. 9. 
  99. Ruiz Yedra, Antonia. 48. 
  100. Salcedo Pérez, Andrés. 30. 
  101. Serrano Córdoba, Antolín. 56. 
  102. Serrano Pulido, Francisco. Del campo, 48. 
  103. Sánchez Sánchez, Antonio. Cabo. 
  104. Urbano Serrano, Felipe. Obrero, 55. 
  105. Valle Valverde, Domingo. Obrero, 56. 
  106. Vega Benítez, Narciso. Soldado. 
  107. Zamorano Almagro, Domingo. Obrero, 58
  108. No se indica.
  109. No se indica.
Fuente: Tontipedia
información photo information2-1.gifEl Ayuntamiento dice que va a colocar un "azulejo" conmemorativo que habrá que ver de qué va porque curiosamente hace tiempo quitó una cruz que existía a la memoria de los fallecidos. Claro que ahora el Ayuntamiento es del PP y antes sería, digo yo, de ultraizquierda.

* O alguno de sus nietos. Cosa que dudo, ya que están más preocupados en ver como se deshacen de la Guardia Civil en Navarra.

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_slideshow.swf flashvars rssFeed F Ffeed.photobucket Falbums Fff Fdoncory FChevrolet Tahoe Ffeed .rss type application x
          Chrysler Crossfire quot; down and in house      Cache   Translate Page      
_slideshow.swf flashvars rssFeed F Ffeed.photobucket Falbums Fff Fdoncory F Chrysler Cros sfire Ffeed.rss type application
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          Всё_для_блога: рамка"грусть осенняя"      Cache   Translate Page      



          it's better in the wind      Cache   Translate Page      

it's better in the wind - curtis-014Medium.jpg


          Pros & Julie's Room Decorating Contest      Cache   Translate Page      
[img][/img] [size=3][b]Situation: [/b] Prosperity and Julie are hosting a ?”nonsensical”? room decorating contest! Yay! Entries should be one single room within a house, shoppe, or stall. [b]Background: [/b] Prosperity and Julie have been faithful players of what they know as "Pretty Pirates" for over 13 years. ...
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          Airplane Door      Cache   Translate Page      

I was sitting in the emergency exit aisle on the flight home from Seattle. I did my magic trick for the 2 Jamaican guys sitting next to me, where I make the emergency door slowly appear on a blank page in my sketchbook.
          Fashion Kills      Cache   Translate Page      

More than 50 million animals are killed for fashion every year.
          Brett Neufeld Presents: Holy Filler Art      Cache   Translate Page      
Brett Neufeld Presents: Holy Filler ArtPublisher: Misfit Studios

 Brett Neufeld Presents: Holy Filler Art Brett Neufeld SignatureThis stock set by Brett Neufeld presents a Holy Filler Art consisting of six separate pieces, in color and as line art: an angel, holy text, chalice, flock of holy creatures, blessed helmet, relic, and holy sword.

The images are of various sizes.<s/p>

This purchase includes six color and six line art images in TIFF format, each at 300 dpi.

All art files are bundled in a ZIP file.

Brett Neufeld Stock Art License Summary

All stock art is licensed for use in professional publications. Brett Neufeld retains ownership of the work, meaning you cannot resell the art in your own art packs or the like, and may be required to post an artist credit. There are limits regarding how this art may be edited for use.

You must include the artist's copyright statement in all publications using the art under certain terms and conditions. You obtain a license to use the art, but do not own any rights to it beyond that.

Price: $10.00
          ēt. eļļas      Cache   Translate Page      
Pārdodu dažādas ēteriskās eļļas ļoti labā stāvoklī, rūpīgi glabātas prom no saules stariem / karstuma

Ārstn. vīraks (boswelia carterii) 8ml, 7 €
Bergamote 7ml, 4.5€
Sandalkoks Amyris 6ml, 2 €
Petitgreins - izlietoti daži pilieni no 10ml, 3 €
Apelsīns 8ml, 1.50 €
Citronzāle 4ml, 1.50 €
Ilang Ilang extra 6.5ml, 5 €
Benzoe absolūts ar vaniļu 8ml, 4 €
Pačūlija 5ml, 2 €
Ingvers 3.5ml, 3 € 
Vācu kumelīte 1.5ml, 6 €
Mirte 4ml, 3 €
Mimoza absolūts 5% jojobā 3.5ml, 4.50 €
Vetivērija 2.5ml, 2.50 €
Neroli Light 2ml, 2 €
Jasmīns Sambac absolūts 5% jojobā - izlietoti daži pilieni no 5ml, 7 €
Alkohola bāze smaržām 55ml, 1.50 €

pārdodu atsevišķi vai visu kopā pa 50 €.
varu nodot ķepās Rīgas centrā. Gadījumā, ja grib ņemt visu kopā, varu nosūtīt ar omnivu.
dot ziņu te vai uz ieva.hle (at)

          Derek Fisher Shows Up In Court With Gloria Govan After Matt Barnes Brings Up DUI, Matt Wants Support Slashed + Rick Ross Welcomes New Son, Drops Final MILL On Tax Bill      Cache   Translate Page      

 photo mattgloriaderek.png

Derek Fisher showed up in court with fiance Gloria Govan after Matt Barnes brought up his DUI arrests in their custody battle. Get those deets, plus the latest on Rick Ross' tax drama and his new baby inside...

The Matt Barnes vs. Gloria Govan custody battle continues! And this time, Derek Fisher is getting in the mix.

Derek Fisher popped up in court to support his fiancé Gloria Govan as she goes to war with her ex (and Derek's former teammate) Matt Barnes over custody of their 9-year-old twin boys.

Gloria and Matt were due for another hearing in their ongoing battle inside the L.A. County Superior Court on Tuesday morning (November 6th).

The timing of it all ...

Two weeks ago, Matt filed paperwork to discredit Derek as a viable witness in their ongoing divorce case due to his DUI conviction. Apparently, Gloria petitioned him as a witness to testify in their divorce case, but Matt isn't having it.

The Blast reports:

He [Derek]did not take the stand to testify, and was asked to leave the courtroom shortly after the hearing started, because he is not a party to the case.

You'll recall, Derek was arrested and charged in June 2017 after he flipped an SUV (that was registered in Matt's name) on the freeway in LA with Gloria riding in the passenger seat. He pled no contest and was sentenced to 100-hours of community service.

In the child support case...

Matt reportedly filed to have his $20,000/month child support payment lowered since he now has full custody of the kids, he believes his payments should be decreased. Along with the $20K/month payment, he also pays the boys' private school tuition. Matt received full custody of the kids after Gloria was arrested at their kids' school for blocking Matt from getting the kids on his supposed custodial day. He filed a restraining order against her following the incident. She was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the kids. She was granted permission to see the kids once a week for four hours with a professional monitor. She can only be near Matt when she gets the kids and she can not take them outside of L.A.

The L.A. County D.A. rejected criminal charges against the former "Basketball Wives" star after she was arrested on a felony child endangerment charge. Apparently, she wasn't just going off on Matt in front of their kids for nothing. She claims it was actually HER weekend and not his.

According to The Blast, closing arguments will soon be heard and a final decision on the restraining order will be given. After the restraining order deal, a permanent custody order will be decided.

In other legal news...

 photo rickrosstaxbill.png

Rick Ross and Uncle Sam are cool now.

The MMG honcho just coughed up $1.1 million to pay off the rest of his tax bill after recently paying $4,617,370.86. Now, the tax lien that was filed against him has been lifted.

The Blast reports:

On October 23, the IRS filed a release of a federal tax lien that had originally been filed against Ross back in 2016.

The rapper owed a total of $1,147,141.77 in back taxes for the years 2013 ($576,441.53) and 2014 ($570,700.24). Ross forked over the $1.1 million and the IRS has released the lien as a result. The rapper is on a roll with paying off his debts after he paid the IRS a whopping $4.6 million in October for a lien over unpaid 2012 taxes. Ross has now handed over a total of $5,764,512.63 to the IRS in the past couple of months but at least he no longer has to fear the feds coming after his property or assets.

By the way, Rozay became a dad again recently. His daughter's momm Briana Camille just gave birth to a baby boy they named Billion Leonard Roberts. Yes, Billion.  He'll join big sister Berkeley Hermes Roberts, brother William Roberts III, and sister Toie Roberts.


Welcome to the world Billii!




1. Rapper YG was involved in a car accident after his Uber driver crashed into the yard of a home in LA. STORY

Photos: Getty

          SURROGATE NEWS! Kandi Burruss' Daughter Said She Didn't Need Anymore Kids, But She's Having One Anyway!       Cache   Translate Page      

 photo kandisurrogate.png

Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker are gearing up for another baby. The couple has found a surrogate and are planning to welcome a new bundle of joy in their home, despite Kandi's daughter Riley Burruss saying they didn't need anymore children. Deets inside...


Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are looking to expand their family unit, despite Kandi's daughter Riley Burruss' disapproval.  And despite the ridiculously busy schedule Kandi always talks about having.

During the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" season 11 premiere, Riley told her mother and step-father that they shouldn't have any more children. The reason? She said Kandi works too much and wouldn't have time to properly care for a newborn. However, Kandi said she felt bad leaving her and Todd's two embryos "in the freezer."

If you didn't know, Kandi and Todd used IVF to have their son, Ace Tucker, and they have two female embryos left over from the process.

With Kandi being 42-years-old, the couple decided to use a surrogate this time around and they have already found one!

“Yeah, yeah, we’re moving forward,” the Bedroom Kandi honcho told US Weekly. “We’ve decided we wanted to … get a surrogate.”

The Grammy Award winning songwriter said she's a little "nervous about it," but they're currently in the process to expanding their brood.

“We did find someone, and right now we are in the process — you know it hasn’t been done — but we’re in the process.”

With IVF, Kandi said she had friends she could call up and ask questions. With surrogacy, she said she doesn't have anyone in her circle she can talk to about it, so that makes her more anxious.

“Like, I don’t have anybody who can tell me [about it]. When we were going through the IVF process, I did have a couple of friends who had done it, so, you know, I could talk to them, but this is a situation where I don’t have anybody I can talk to.”

Sorry, Rilez. Looks like you're getting a little sister. In case you missed, see the conversation Kandi had with Riley about a new baby HERE.

Photo: Kandi's IG

          Normani Set To Tour With Ariana Grande + Viola Davis, Janelle Monae & More Are Women Of The Year + Danielle Brooks Fan Girls Over Maxine Waters      Cache   Translate Page      

 photo glam1.png

Glamour magazine's Women of the Year list features a FAB line up of ladies who totally deserve the honor. Go inside to see their covers, plus deets on Normani hitting the road with Ariana Grande and Danielle Brooks having a fan girl moment with Maxine Waters inside...

When you think of FAB chicks currently taking over the world with their brains, beauty and talent, the line up of ladies on Glamour magazine's Women of the Year list fit the bill.

It's no surprise "How To Get Away With Murder" star Viola Davis made the list. The Oscar winner has been putting in work for nearly three decades, and not just for her own benefit. She's actively putting in work to help make the diversity shift in Hollywood and the world while giving young girls a role model to be proud to look up to.

The magazine is awarding the Fences star with the ICON Awards and it's much deserved. She knew women's stories needed to be seen and heard and she made sure to bring them to the forefront.

“I’ve heard less than one percent of our profession makes more than $50,000 a year," she said. "If you’re that actor who’s actually making a living—that’s what sustained me. Even if the work was bad, I was working.”


 photo glam2.png

Janelle Monáe will be awarded the Visionary award as she's always reinventing herself and living outside of what society deems as "normal."

"I’ve always taken issue with people trying to place an image on what a young girl could be," she said. “Early on I told my parents that I was going to decide that for myself.”

She's championing a future that celebrates all kinds of female power.

"We are going to have to figure out how to protect each other better than we have been. We have to prioritize that," she said.

 photo glam4.png

No surprise that Senator Kamala Harris will be receiving the Advocate Award.

“My mother always told me, ‘You may be the first to do many things. Make sure you’re not the last," she said. “One of the things that all leaders need to do is speak truth, even if it’s an uncomfortable truth. I think it is really important that we are fighting for the best of who we are as a country, and I do believe we are better than this.”

 photo glam3.png

Model/Mom Chrissy Teigen will be awarded with the Influencer Award. The undisputed Queen of Twitter always serves up her unfiltered opinion and easily became the unofficial spokesperson for Generation Fed Up.

 photo glam5.png

Glamour’s Women of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award will go to 97-year-old Betty Reid Soskin, the oldest park ranger in the United States.

“When I’m on the streets or on an escalator, I am making every little girl of color aware of a career choice she may not have known she had,” she said. “Democracy has been experiencing these periods of chaos since 1776. They come and go. And it’s in those periods that democracy is redefined. History has been written by people who got it wrong, but the people who are always trying to get it right have prevailed,” she said. “What gets remembered is determined by who is in the room doing the remembering.”


The young student activists of March For Our Lives, including 11-year-old Naomi Wadler, have been making their voices heard in the face of tragedy caused by gun violence. They're demanding change and will not stop until they get it:

View this post on Instagram

“We knew it was time to reclaim that power and hold it. No one is free until we all are free.” In the face of a tragedy caused by gun violence, students around the country said #NeverAgain by demanding change. The women activists of @marchforourlives—Samantha Fuentes (top left), Emma González (top right), Jaclyn Corin (bottom left), Edna Chavez (middle), and Naomi Wadler (bottom right) made it clear that they wouldn’t take no for an answer, and now they are Glamour’s Women of the Year. Tap the #linkinbio for the full list of game changers, rule breakers, and trailblazers who make up our 2018 #GlamourWOTY class. #voteforourlives PHOTOGRAPHS BY: @daniellelevitt STYLED BY: @lara_backmender

A post shared by Glamour (@glamourmag) on

In music news...

 photo normanip3.png

Normani is gearing up to slay the stage, joining Ariana Grande on the first leg of The Sweetener World Tour.



The former Fifth Harmony singer will join the "Thank You, Next" singer on her tour that kicks off in March 2019 and will continue to run through June 18th, wrapping up at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

On the magazine front...

 photo noarmanip1.png

Normani is definitely making her way to being a household name, often being dubbed a mini Beyonce. That's awarding in itself. Now that she's solo, she's ready to take the music industry by storm. In her PAPER magazine cover story, she opened up about going solo and being hands-on with her career.

"It's a brand new world of self-discovery for me, and I'm still in the process of that. There's been so many things that I've been able to do. I've been able to write more, and I've even been having fun in terms of producing. I've learned that I actually have that ear and that I know what I want. I'm learning the terminology and all the technical side of it. I'm really hands on in every single aspect of my music."

 photo normanip6.png

 photo normanip5.png

 photo normanip4.png

"I loved and really owned more as I've become an adult that my power is in me being me," she said. "There's just so much that I'm figuring out and learning about myself each and every day. It's like an outer body experience. I'm proud of myself, and I've grown in so many ways. I've always dreamt of being in this position, but I didn't necessarily know how I was going to get here. So the fact that I am and people are rooting for me so heavily... it's really something."

 photo normanip2.png

We can't wait to see Normani blow up into the worldwide superstar we know she is.

At a recent event...

 photo WWC2.jpg

"Orange Is The New Black" actress Danielle Brooks could hardly contain herself when she ran into U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters at the 2018 Women's Media Awards held at Capitale in NYC:

 photo WWC1.jpg


 photo 2018WomenMediaAwardsArrivalsOG2mkRJPtDVl-2.jpg

Auntie Maxine hit the carpet with her husband Sid Williams, feminist/journalist Gloria Steinem, and "OITNB" actress Uzo Aduba before speaking during the event: 

 photo 2018WomenMediaAwardsArrivalsP0hDOhu4pF0l.jpg

 photo 2018WomenMediaAwardsArrivalsHyUeaJk1WLhl.jpg

 photo 2018WomenMediaAwardsArrivalsMR5zAwIDWBCl.jpg

 photo 2018WomenMediaAwardsArrivalsXZMW0TteZEUl.jpg

 photo 2018WomenMediaAwardsArrivalsj4ghlrIA4-Il.jpg

"OITNB" actress Dascha Polanco and "EXTRA" host AJ Calloway were also in the mix.

 photo 2018WomenMediaAwardsInsidelNHhZK8LP80l.jpg

 photo 2018WomenMediaAwardsInsideilCXmMpAo1il.jpg

 photo 2018WomenMediaAwardsInsidecHf0BJlIA8Ul.jpg

 photo 2018WomenMediaAwardsInsideZXHC5B9qiMKl.jpg

Fun times.


Photos: Glamour magazine/PAPER magazine/Getty


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