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          Macronove priprave na stoletnico konca prve svetovne vojne       Cache   Translate Page      
Francoski predsednik je začel turnejo po prizoriščih velikih bitk prve svetovne vojne pred nedeljsko stoto obletnico njenega konca, ki jo bo v Franciji zaznamovalo 84 državnih voditeljev.
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st denis france

  • JPMorgan Chase is investing $30 million over the next five years in the Greater Paris region of Seine-Saint-Denis.
  • The money will be in the form of grants for job training and mentorship.
  • It is the first investment of the $500 million global AdvancingCities initiative.
  • This article is part of Business Insider's ongoing series on Better Capitalism.

JPMorgan Chase announced Monday that starting January it will begin a five-year, $30 million dollar investment in Seine-Saint-Denis, a region of France to the northeast of Paris. It's an area marked by high unemployment, crime, and homelessness, and has 28% of its population living below the poverty line.

It also, however, is on the cusp of two developments that JPMorgan wants to take advantage of: the 2024 Olympics  — Seine-Saint-Denis is home to France's national soccer and rugby stadium — and the Grand Paris Express rapid transit line that will connect Greater Paris

As Stephanie Mestrallet, JPMorgan's vice president of global philanthropy in Europe, told Business Insider, "OK, we know that there are these issues, we know that a lot of people are going to invest in these areas — can we add to this effort that is currently happening?"

The money will go toward apprenticeship programs for young people, job retraining programs for older adults, and small business development.

The investment is a continuation of JPMorgan's philanthropic commitment to the region and will be the first made from the $500 million AdvancingCities initiative when it begins in January. AdvancingCities is itself a five-year program that the bank developed as an extension of investments into Detroit in 2013, after CEO Jamie Dimon decided to assist the city after it declared bankruptcy.

The bank found its Detroit project so successful that it made similar investments in Chicago, Washington, DC, and the New York City borough of the Bronx. Advancing Cities is built upon the lessons learned in these American cities over the last five years.

The initiative has two components, involving a competition among cities around the world that want help with kickstarting their economies, as well as investments outside of the contest. Seine-Saint-Denis falls into the latter, and Peter Scher, JPMorgan's head of corporate responsibility, said that the 150-year anniversary of JPMorgan's involvement in France (when JPMorgan's business partner opened a firm there) this November was a great occasion to move forward with a project they deemed ready to go.

JPMorgan had sent 16 employees to the area this past spring to get familiar with the area and see if there were necessary conditions for successful investments. They decided there indeed were. And though the AdvancingCities competition is still fielding proposals from more than 1,000 cities for the rest of the month, Scher said, "When we feel like we're ready and we can make the investments we do."

Using lessons from Detroit and London

When Scher explained AdvancingCities to us in September, he said that one of the key takeaways from their initial work in Detroit was that the level of partnerships on the ground is contingent on the success of the investments. That is, the bank's team has to rely on business and government leaders in each respective region to determine where money will be best spent and loaned.

In Seine-Saint-Denis, the French President Emmanuel Macron's administration is involved in the project, and the minister of employment, Muriel Penicaud, will join Dimon on Tuesday in an announcement press conference at the Les Compagnons du Devoir (LCD) charity in the region. JPMorgan partnered with the charity last fall and made a 460,000-euro investment into apprenticeship programs.

The AdvancingCities initiative as a whole utilizes both low-cost loans and philanthropic spending, but this upcoming $30 million investment will be entirely in the form of grants. They will support more apprenticeship programs like those offered by LCD, as well as small business accelerators like Impact Partenaire and Pact PME.

Scher said the JPMorgan will send around 100 employees from its global offices to assist with these programs over the next five years, as it has done with its previous city investments.

He said that the Great Paris initiative's success will be measured by effects on employment rates and small business growth, particularly in the poorest sections of the region. The AdvancingCities team is using its insights from its American projects, as well as how the bank's investments in East London during the 2012 London Summer Olympics affected the city's economy, for Seine-Saint-Denis' benefit.

"I think it demonstrates that not just the challenges are quite similar wherever you go, but many of the solutions are quite similar," Scher said.

SEE ALSO: JPMorgan's experimental investment in Detroit was so successful that it's decided to invest $500 million in up-and-coming cities

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          Detenidos en Francia seis sospechosos de preparar un ataque contra Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Seis personas fueron detenidas en distintos puntos de Francia como sospechosas de planear un ataque contra el presidente del país, Emmanuel Macron, informaron a EFE fuentes judiciales.
          Rebus Midterm: la mappa per investire dopo la notte del voto USA –      Cache   Translate Page      

Trend-online.comTale scenario di base rappresenterebbe a giudizio della banca d’affari un esito positivo, perché i mercati hanno storicamente ben performato nei casi di ‘gridlock’ (camere divise tra GOP e DEM). Quanto all’ipotesi di una vittoria piena dei repubblicani …Analisi macroeconomiche e di mercato in previsione delle elezioni …lamiafinanza tutte le notizie (622)

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          Preparavano attentato contro Macron, 6 arresti        Cache   Translate Page      
          Macron wants 'a real European army' to combat Russian threat, end reliance on US      Cache   Translate Page      
French President Emmanuel Macron is pushing for a "real European army" to better defend the continent against Russia. He also said Europe, which mainly depends on the US for security, won't rely solely on its overseas ally. In a lengthy interview to Europe 1 radio, the French president once again revived his ambitious plans for a combined EU military force. "We won't protect Europeans if we don't decide to have a real European army. Russia... is near our borders and has shown it could be threatening." Macron wants the EU military to be independent from its key partner on the other side of the Atlantic. "We must have a Europe that can defend itself on its own without relying only on the United States," he said, echoing earlier statements.
          Six alleged members of 'ultra-right' arrested for plotting violent attacks against Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Six people, suspected of plotting a "violent action" plan against Emmanuel Macron, have been arrested, French media reported, adding that the men are allegedly members of the ultra-right. The operation was conducted by the General Directorate for Internal Security, a French intelligence service which is charged with counter-espionage and counter-terrorism. The men, allegedly members of the ultra-right, were arrested in three different locations across France on Tuesday. They are suspected of undertaking an "imprecise and loosely-formed" plan for "violent action" against the president, sources close to the investigation told media.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack France’s President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
The arrests were made in different locations across the country.
          Six far-right suspects held over 'plot' against Macron      Cache   Translate Page      

Six far-right suspects held over 'plot' against MacronSix people linked to French extreme right movements were detained Tuesday on suspicions they were preparing a "violent" plot against President Emmanuel Macron, sources close to the case told AFP. The five men and one woman, aged 22 to 62, were seized by France's DGSI domestic intelligence agency, which did not release their identities, one of the sources said. Four suspects were picked up in the northeastern city of Moselle, a little more than an hour's drive from Verdun, which Macron was visiting Tuesday as part of weeklong commemorations of the World War I centenary.

          Decenas de detenidos en una operación contra la explotación laboral en centros estéticos      Cache   Translate Page      
   La Policía Nacional ha realizado este martes decenas de detenciones en una macrooperación contra la explotación laboral en centros estéticos en diferentes provincias españolas y con especial incidencia en Barcelona, donde hay el grueso de la operación, han informado a Europa Press fuentes de la investigación.
          Six far-right suspects held over 'plot' against Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Six people linked to French extreme right movements were detained Tuesday on suspicions they were preparing a "violent" plot against President Emmanuel Macron, sources close to the case told AFP.
          Sechs Personen wegen Anschlagsplänen gegen Macron festgenommen      Cache   Translate Page      
In Frankreich ist offenbar ein Anschlag auf den Staatspräsidenten Emmanuel Macron vereitelt worden. Sechs Verdächtige seien am Dienstagmo [...]

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          France’s Macron calls for ‘real European army’ without US      Cache   Translate Page      
Jim W. Dean - Always missing in these "reaction" policy statements is any real statesmanship. There is not a word about the need to create a new treaty with verifiable provisions.
          Six people arrested over attack plans against President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Six people have been arrested as part of a preliminary investigation into a suspected plan to attack French President Emmanuel Macron, an official close to the probe said.
          Marin Le Pen populärare än Macron i Frankrike – Läs på      Cache   Translate Page      
Jag har som redan sagt nyligen öppnat den nya bloggen Kolla den! Den ska ersätta, som blir arkiv. Här den senaste artikeln. ”Marin Le Pen populärare än Macron i Frankrike! Ett sammandrag I en ny mätning från opinionsinstitutet Ifop säger 19 procent av väljarna att de tänker rösta på LREM medan 21 procent…
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack France’s President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
The arrests were made in different locations across the country.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack France’s President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
The arrests were made in different locations across the country.
          6 Arrested in Suspected Terror Plot to Attack French President Emmanuel Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Authorities said the six were between 22 and 62 years old, and included one woman
          Six arrested in plan to attack Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Forum: Newslinks & Articles Posted By: vagg Post Time: 11-06-2018 at 04:48 PM
          Contabilidad. Clases particulares      Cache   Translate Page      
Licenciado en ciencias económicas y empresariales. Desde el 2011 dedico parte de mi tiempo a impartir clases de contabilidad, macroeconomía, microeconomía, administración de empresas, matemáticas financieras,..., a alumnos que necesitan un apoyo. Todos han quedado muy satisfechos. He conseguido resultados muy favorables en todos los casos.
          French foil attack targeting Macron, charge 6 in terror plot      Cache   Translate Page      

A French judicial official says six people have been arrested on preliminary terrorism charges, suspected of plotting to attack French President Emmanuel Macron.

          Macron aura accordé autant d'interviews en une semaine qu'en six mois      Cache   Translate Page      
Ces derniers jours, Emmanuel Macron a multiplié les interventions médiatiques : cinq au total, soit presque autant d'entretiens que lors des six mois qui viennent de s'écouler.
          Egalité salariale femmes-hommes : Macron avait promis le "name and shame", où en est-on?      Cache   Translate Page      
Depuis mardi, au vu des écarts de salaires entre les hommes et les femmes, les Françaises travaillent gratuitement jusqu'à la fin de l'année. Des entrepreneures rappellent à Emmanuel Macron sa promesse de campagne : publier le nom des entreprises qui ne respectent pas l’égalité salariale.
          Macron par Ricœur : le philosophe et le politique      Cache   Translate Page      
Pierre-Olivier Monteil.. Paris : Lemieux éditeur [2017] -- Lettres et sciences humaines : DC 435 M66 2017
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Простое приложение для автоматизации вашего смартфона.
          La nostra recensione di “The Block” – L’evento Blockchain ad Hannover      Cache   Translate Page      
Ieri la rivista online t3n e la società di consulenza PEY hanno organizzato con successo un evento di blockchain ad Hannover. Anche noi di BTC-ECHO eravamo presenti come media partner e vorremmo parlarvi dei momenti salienti della riunione Blockchain. A differenza della maggior parte delle altre conferenze Blockchain, il pubblico era composto da persone che già conoscevano molto bene Blockchain. Di conseguenza, dopo una breve introduzione, è stato possibile entrare direttamente nell’argomento. Catena di blocchi dalla prospettiva macro Bitcoin code Lezioni apprese. Il primo servizio è stato fatto da Andrei Martchouk, che ha parlato dei... Read Article →
          Cameroun, mon Pays L’heure de l’éveil a sonné Par Me BLACK YONDO      Cache   Translate Page      
Résultat de recherche d'images
J’ai dit en son temps que l’heure de l’éveil a sonné.

Mes chers compatriotes, si d’aventure nos hommes politiques ont semblé prendre la politique pour un jeu, il apparaît aujourd’hui que l’heure est grave, l’avenir du pays est sombre, bien sombre.
Et si, sous ses apparences bon enfant, Paul BIYA semble avoir envoûté tout un pays pour ses intérêts égoïstes, il ne faut surtout pas sous-estimer l’homme, ce meilleur élève de la France qui, au grand jour, apparaît fort redoutable pour le pays et prêt à tout pour conserver le pouvoir.
Tenez : On est parti d’une lettre censée être une lettre de félicitations du Président MACRON au Président BIYA, mais celle-ci est devenue tout d’un coup une vraie fausse lettre, une lettre non officielle, nous dit-on. C’est sans doute ainsi que ça se passe entre coquins. On est loin, bien loin du respect et de la considération que l’on est en droit d’attendre entre deux Etats souverains, où les dirigeants ont constamment à rendre compte à leurs peuples !
C’est de la démocratie à l’ancienne, il faut le dire, une démocratie qui s’accompagne d’hommes en uniformes, d’arrestations pour murer au silence tous ceux qui osent dire non, de procès devant des juridictions sous influences.
Tel est le paysage politique du moment.
Et Vous me demandez ce que je pense depuis la proclamation des résultats de l’élection présidentielle par le Conseil Constitutionnel !
Louable préoccupation.
Mais camerounais comme moi vous l’êtes, et ce que je ressens, vous devez le ressentir, car j’ose croire que vous n’êtes pas pour le pays un touriste indifférent et insensible à tout.
Pour moi, l’élection présidentielle de 2018 est loin d’être terminée. N’en déplaise à Monsieur ATANGA NJI.
Le Cameroun, notre pays, a signé des conventions qui le soumettent à des juridictions supranationales, aussi bien dans le cadre de l’Union Africaine qu’au niveau de l’Organisation des Nations Unies, et sur ce terrain des voies de recours restent possibles, sans oublier que le dernier mot reste et restera toujours au peuple souverain.
Ce n’est pas du Professeur Maurice KAMTO dont il s’agit, ni de l’avènement à la tête de l’Etat d’un Camerounais de telle ou telle origine ethnique jugée indésirable, mais tout simplement de la question de savoir si le scrutin jusqu’à sa dernière opération peut être considérée comme juste, impartial et transparent.
Sur ce terrain, le débat reste largement ouvert et c’est bien pour l’éviter que vous voyez sillonner sur l’étendue du territoire gendarmes, militaires et policiers, armés jusqu‘aux dents comme si le pays était assiégé par une puissance ennemie dont il fallait le libérer.
Mais tous autant que nous sommes, nous devons faire attention aux actes que nous posons et aux paroles que nous laissons prospérer pour maintenir le peuple dans une pseudo balkanisation qui installe division et haine dans l’ensemble du corps social. Et le responsable en chef reste et demeure celui-là même qui devrait frapper du poing sur la table pour qu’enfin règnent le droit et la justice et que tout ce cirque prenne fin.
A la place, il s’en accommode et mieux, il semble prendre un malin plaisir à voir ses compatriotes s’étriper : on comprend ainsi le véritable sens qu’il donne à l'expression ‘’Le père de la nation’’ !
Il oublie cependant qu’il est seul responsable devant l’Histoire, responsable de la déflagration du pays, responsable de la destruction du tissu social.
Mais il y a longtemps que ce pays n’intéresse plus celui qui a montré sa vraie relation avec le pouvoir : jouir des avantages sans jamais en assumer les charges, tout en agissant comme si tout lui était dû.
Comment comprendre qu’un homme proclamé élu avec un tel score n’ait pas manifesté à cette date le moindre signe de remerciement à l’endroit de ceux de ses compatriotes qui l’ont plébiscité de la sorte.
Il y a forcément un peu de gêne dans l’air, et tout le monde l’aura ressenti, surtout après l’embarras observé lors des joutes au Conseil Constitutionnel. Ce fut un grand moment à tous points de vue.
La force de l’argumentaire a poussé les membres de ce Conseil dans leurs derniers retranchements, ne leur laissant que le choix extrême de faire constater au monde entier que pour comprendre le Droit et ses techniques, il fallait absolument être du parti au pouvoir.
On en est bien arrivé là, et le Cameroun a ainsi été ridiculisé, bien ridiculisé par des hommes et des femmes qui pourtant tenaient là l’opportunité d’entrer dans l’Histoire en usant simplement de la sagesse et en prenant leurs responsabilités, toutes leurs responsabilités. Mais les forces occultes ont été plus fortes que tout.
Et tout ceci relève d’un conditionnement tout à fait inacceptable :
Comment peut-on imaginer que l’armée, la Police, la g
Gendarmerie et toute l’Administration d’un pays moderne soient au service d’un seul individu, d’un homme qui ne le leur rend que par le mépris et l’indifférence. Ils s’obligent à s’investir dans des missions qui ne leur sont pourtant prescrites nulle part dans l’engagement qu’ils ont souscrit, lesquelles missions consistent pour l’essentiel à traquer le petit citoyen, à casser de l’opposant politique qui évolue pourtant dans un espace bien défini par la Constitution et les lois de notre pays.
C’est affligeant de voir d’un autre côté tous ceux de la préfectorale manipuler les textes et restreindre l’exercice des libertés chèrement acquises par le vaillant peuple qu’ils vont finir par pousser à bout et là, le pire peut arriver et ils en porteront l’entière responsabilité.
Mais les forces occultes ont été plus fortes que tout, dans un pays où tous les enseignants d’université, toute la haute Administration, tous les hommes d’affaires, toutes les chefferies traditionnelles, toutes les associations tribales n’ont d’yeux que pour une divinité, un totem : Paul BIYA, qui aura réussi l’exploit de nous ramener de fait au parti unique nouvelle version avec un créateur et ses créatures…
Pitoyable tout simplement, et la Divinité bombe le torse autour de concepts sans emprise aucune avec la réalité vécue par les Camerounais.
La guerre civile sévit dans deux régions du pays, le septentrion croule sous une extrême pauvreté sur fond d’insécurité, le soleil peine à se lever à l’est, de tous les coins du pays monte une colère sourde et le premier des Camerounais a tenu à organiser une élection dans une forme d’inconscience qui démontre à souhait qu’il n’est plus l’homme de la situation.
L’heure est venue de lui signifier que nous avons décidé d’arrêter les frais en lui montrant que sa prétendue victoire est une forfaiture de trop. Il s’est longtemps servi de nos divisions que son système a organisées
L’âge que je porte aujourd'hui ne m’autorise pas à jouer avec le destin de notre pays.
Au cours des derniers mois j’ai attiré l’attention du président de la République sur les dangers que son attitude faisait courir au pays face aux problèmes de l’heure que sa stratégie de pourrissement n’a pas su contenir.
On dit qu’il est l’homme le mieux renseigné du pays, j’en déduis donc qu’il a reçu tout ce que je lui ai adressé.
J’ai toujours aimé à rappeler qu’il y a un temps pour tout….
Voici venu le temps de se réveiller, de sortir de l’envoûtement collectif pour prendre notre destin en mains. Il nous sera sans doute rétorqué, selon la même rengaine : on veut envoyer les gens dans la rue. Dans la rue ?... Mais il y a longtemps que le peuple est dans la rue, vit dans la rue… Donc rien de nouveau sous le soleil !
Comment peut-on raisonnablement penser que le Peuple puisse à nouveau confier son destin pour sept longues années à un homme de 85 ans qui, en 36 ans, a largement montré ses limites en violant régulièrement et allègrement la Constitution, en semant misère, division, désolation et haine avec en prime une libre pratique du tribalisme qui nous oppose les uns aux autres tandis qu’il vaque à ses occupations.
Ce peuple à qui il n’a offert que jeux, alcool… sur les trottoirs, et stupéfiants et libertinage pour nos enfants tandis que son entourage est en permanence englué dans la luxure au point qu’il n’a pas effectué le moindre préparatif pour la campagne de son champion absent de tout et qui dilapide l’argent de tous les Camerounais dans des hôtels de luxe en Suisse et autres pays d'Europe sans être dérangé le moins du monde.
Nous allons désormais lui opposer une nouvelle forme de résistance inédite en appelant à la responsabilité de l’ensemble des corps habillés qui doit comprendre que son sort est lié à celui du peuple qu’il est censé protéger.
Nous ne pouvons plus accepter de nous laisser manipuler par un homme sur le déclin qui n’a même pas su susciter des hommes et des femmes capables d’assurer la relève : y-a-t-il pire échec ?
Nous sommes des Africains et nous savons qu’un coq à qui on a coupé la tête continue de chanter, mais il finit au fond de la marmite.
La nuit a été longue, mais le soleil se lève enfin sur le Cameroun, notre beau pays.
Debout comme un seul homme, soyons les dignes descendants des UM NYOBE, Martin Paul SAMBA, Rudolf MANGA BELL, Félix MOUMIE, Ernest OUANDIE et de tous nos héros que le monde entier nous envie.
J'ai dit./
(*) Ancien Bâtonnier de l'ordre
693 05 65 70 – 696 35 92 71

          Centenaire de l’Armistice : l'hommage de Macron à "Ceux de 14" et à Maurice Genevoix      Cache   Translate Page      
SOUVENIR - Ce mardi 6 novembre 2018 à Verdun, Emmanuel Macron a rendu hommage à l'écrivain Maurice Genevoix, ainsi qu’à tous les Français qui ont combattu entre 1914 et 1918.
          Carburant : l'inquiétude des entreprises      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - Ce mardi 6 novembre, Emmanuel Macron a suggéré que les entreprises aident les salariés qui se rendent au travail en voiture. Une proposition qui n'est pas pour rassurer ces dernières.
          Public visé, montant... comment fonctionne le chèque énergie ?      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - L’énergie est l’un de nos principaux postes de dépenses. Pour compenser la hausse de la fiscalité sur le carburant, Emmanuel Macron a donc annoncé la revalorisation du chèque énergie. Alors, en quoi consiste ce dispositif ?
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack France’s President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
The arrests were made in different locations across the country.
          Enmmanuel Macron conjura en Verdún los demonios de la Europa de 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
          French President Emmanuel Macron Proposes Creation of ‘Real European Army’      Cache   Translate Page      

from Sputnik News: French President Emmanuel Macron gave a candid interview to the French radio station Europe 1, in which he spoke about school violence, European elections, and the EU’s military policy. Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that the EU should create a “real European army” and called the bloc the main victim of Washington’s decision to scrap […]

The post French President Emmanuel Macron Proposes Creation of ‘Real European Army’ appeared first on SGT Report.

          Marine Le Pen moves ahead of Macron in European Elections      Cache   Translate Page      
The left continue to label anyone conservative as ‘far-right’ in their attempt to smear and discredit conservatives. It hasn’t slowed the rise of the right, one jot. Polls in France now reveal that Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN) moves ahead of Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche (LREM). The right-wing parties gained a 30 […]
          Mögliche Gewalttat gegen Macron: Sechs Personen festgenommen      Cache   Translate Page      
Die Festgenommenen haben womöglich einen Anschlag auf Frankreichs Präsidenten Macron geplant. Es gibt Mutmaßungen über einen rechtsextremen Hintergrund. mehr...
          « Comme dans les années 1930, la montée des populismes est une révolte électorale contre les politiques d’austérité »      Cache   Translate Page      
L’économiste Dominique Plihon estime, dans une tribune au « Monde », que s’il existe un point commun entre l’époque actuelle et l’entre-deux-guerres comme l’a suggéré Emmanuel Macron, il réside dans l’échec de politiques libérales.
          Rechtsextreme planten möglicherweise Anschlag auf Präsident Macron       Cache   Translate Page      
Französische Antiterror-Einheiten haben sechs Verdächtige aus der rechtsextremen Szene festgenommen.
          Macron fordert eine «wahre europäische Armee»      Cache   Translate Page      
Frankreichs Präsident sorgt sich um die Verteidigung Europas. «Wir können uns nicht alleine auf die USA verlassen», sagt er.
          Emmanuel Macron rattrapé par la colère des Français      Cache   Translate Page      
« Vous ne sentez pas le malaise qui monte en France ? Vous allez le sentir le 17 novembre (NDLR : jour de mobilisation des gilets jaunes)…» lâche un retraité -militant de droite- à Emmanuel Macron, devant...
          Emmanuel Macron filmé par un drone, une première à l’Elysée      Cache   Translate Page      
Des images sans le son, une mise en scène sans intermédiaire et faite maison. Voici comment est régulièrement décryptée la communication du président Emmanuel Macron, friand de clichés officiels très léchés...
          Prix des carburants : Macron tente d’apaiser les esprits      Cache   Translate Page      
Un grand brouillard continue de flotter au-dessus des mesures évoquées par Emmanuel Macron pour apaiser la colère des Français confrontés à la hausse des prix de l’énergie. Mais le chef de l’État a tenté...
          Le 3e jour de marathon mémoriel de Macron en images      Cache   Translate Page      
Il a commencé sa journée par une grande annonce, notamment pour les habitants de la Meuse, depuis Les Eparges. Ce mardi matin, le président de la République a en effet annoncé qu’il allait panthéoniser...
          A quoi pourrait ressembler l’armée européenne voulue par Emmanuel Macron ?      Cache   Translate Page      
C’est une vieille chimère qu’Emmanuel Macron a relancée ce mardi matin. Interviewé sur Europe 1, le chef de l’État a (re) dit vouloir la création d’« une vraie armée européenne ». « Face à la Russie qui...
          Prix des carburants : «Je sens le malaise», assure Macron à un retraité      Cache   Translate Page      
Interview dans la presse régionale puis sur Europe 1 ce mardi matin.... Emmanuel Macron tente de déminer la grogne des Français, face notamment à la hausse des prix des carburants. Présent à Verdun dans...
          Prix des carburants : l’opposition juge «insuffisantes» les annonces de Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Les critiques fusent mardi, aussi bien à gauche qu’à droite, depuis l’annonce par Emmanuel Macron sur Europe 1 d’étendre à l’ensemble de la France l’aide au transport, mise en place par la région Hauts-de-France...
          Pourquoi Macron va faire entrer Maurice Genevoix et «ceux de 14» au Panthéon      Cache   Translate Page      
« Il ne faut pas nécessairement être connu de tous mais surtout représenter quelque chose », défend le petit-fils du futur panthéonisé, bien conscient que si Maurice Genevoix est très connu dans la Meuse,...
          Carburants : Macron veut étendre l’aide aux transports mise en place dans les Hauts-de-France      Cache   Translate Page      
Un geste en faveur des automobilistes. Emmanuel Macron laisse entendre ce mardi, sur Europe 1, qu’une aide de 20 € pourrait être fournie, sous conditions, dans le cadre des déplacements domicile-travail.Le...
          Emmanuel Macron propose «une vraie armée européenne»      Cache   Translate Page      
L'Europe ne pourra pas se défendre sans «une vraie armée européenne», a défendu Emmanuel Macron dans une interview diffusée mardi par Europe 1. «On ne protégera pas les Européens si on ne décide pas d'avoir...
          Carburants, policiers à l’école, Benalla : ce qu’il faut retenir de l’intervention de Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
C’est à Verdun (Meuse), alors qu’il a tout juste commencé son itinérance commémorative dans le cadre du centenaire de la Grande Guerre, que le président de la République a répondu aux questions de Nikos...
          Prix des carburants : dans le Grand Est, Macron marche sur des œufs      Cache   Translate Page      
D’un parvis désert à l’autre. Et toujours des centaines de mètres de barrières. Comme à Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) la veille, le centre de Pont-à-Mousson est sous cloche ce lundi lorsqu’arrive Emmanuel Macron....
          « On peut douter que sa longue semaine au “front” suffise à M. Macron pour restaurer une confiance en berne »      Cache   Translate Page      
Dans sa chronique, Gérard Courtois, éditorialiste au « Monde », observe que le chef de l’Etat tente de reconquérir une opinion publique critique dans des territoires dont les élus et les habitants s’estiment négligés par la politique du gouvernement.
          Centenaire du 11-Novembre : « Tu étais ami avec notre poilu à nous ? »      Cache   Translate Page      
Florence Aubenas suit Emmanuel Macron dans son « itinérance mémorielle ». Deuxième étape à Verdun et ses environs.
          Presidente Macron pide crear un ejército europeo para defenderse de “EEUU”      Cache   Translate Page      
“No podremos proteger a los europeos si no decidimos crear un verdadero ejército común europeo”.
          Prix des carburants : pourquoi le gouvernement n'entend pas céder      Cache   Translate Page      
Selon l'exécutif, l'augmentation des taxes doit permettre la transition écologique et est compensée par une baisse de la fiscalité qui pèse sur le travail. Que faire face à la grogne des « gilets jaunes » sur les prix du carburant ? Emmanuel Macron et son...
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          GBP / USD. November 6th. The trading system. "Regression Channels". The pound continues to grow amid expectations of signing      Cache   Translate Page      

4-hour timeframe


Technical details:

The senior linear regression channel: direction - up.

The younger linear regression channel: direction - down.

Moving average (20; smoothed) - up.

CCI: 87.0873

The GBP / USD currency pair rolled back on Monday, November 5, resumed an upward movement, as evidenced by the purple bars of the Heikin Ashi indicator. Traders continue to buy a pound sterling on the next wave of rumors that London and Brussels are close to concluding a "deal". The more interesting the situation becomes, as we have repeatedly seen that the rumors about Brexit do not always correspond to the truth. One way or another, if the parties succeed in reaching a consensus on the issue of the Northern Ireland border, this will be a huge step towards signing a "deal". In this case, the reasons for buying a pound will be obvious. Otherwise, the British currency may come under new pressure from the market. In general, in recent years, a downtrend has formed on the pound, and it is possible that we will still see its new round. In general, for the British currency, X is approaching. Eternally, delaying the negotiations and postponing the final decision will not work. Theresa May's position, despite her assurances of progress, continues to fall. They are already talking about her resignation, and many people are dissatisfied with her plan for leaving the EU. Today, neither in the UK nor in the USA are there any planned macroeconomic publications, but the pound sterling can still continue its growth for the reasons described above.

Nearest support levels:

S1 - 1.3000

S2 - 1.2939

S3 - 1.2878

Nearest resistance levels:

R1 - 1.3062

R2 - 1.3123

R3 - 1.3184

Trading recommendations:

The currency pair GBP / USD resumed the upward movement. Thus, it is now recommended to trade on the increase with the objectives of 1.3062 and 1.3123. A reversal of the Heikin Ashi indicator will indicate a downward correction round.

Orders for sale with the aim of 1.2878 will become relevant not earlier than the pair is fixed below the moving average line. Only in this case it will be possible to talk about a change in the direction of the trend to the downward.

In addition to the technical picture should also take into account the fundamental data and the time of their release.

Explanations for illustrations:

The senior linear regression channel is the blue lines of the unidirectional movement.

The junior linear channel is the purple lines of the unidirectional movement.

CCI is the blue line in the indicator regression window.

The moving average (20; smoothed) is the blue line on the price chart.

Murray levels - multi-colored horizontal stripes.

Heikin Ashi is an indicator that colors bars in blue or purple.

The material has been provided by InstaForex Company -
          EUR / USD. November 6th. The trading system. "Regression Channels". Volatility is reduced due to the lack of important news.      Cache   Translate Page      

4-hour timeframe


Technical details:

The senior linear regression channel: direction - down.

The younger linear regression channel: direction - down.

Moving average (20; smoothed) - sideways.

CCI: 71.6576

The currency pair EUR / USD on Monday, November 5, tried to resume the downtrend, but the first attempt ended in failure. The pair returned to the area above the moving average line, but the Murray's level of "3/8" could not be overcome. Thus, now there is uncertainty about the instrument, as the pair is stuck between Murray levels of "2/8" and "3/8". Today in the eurozone, data on the indices of business activity in the areas of production and services Markit will be published. The strong values of these indexes can support the Eurocurrency and help overcome the Murray level of "3/8". Conversely, weak actual values will help the US currency. No important macroeconomic information is expected from the States today. Thus, pair volatility may remain relatively low. In addition to the lack of important macroeconomic statistics, traders are clearly waiting for new information on the topic of Brexit. There is a situation when it is simply impossible to ignore the negotiations between the EU and the UK. The talks themselves are dragged out and are accompanied by a whole mass of various disagreements between the parties, rallies in London, the outright displeasure of the Parliament and the British population with the position of Theresa May, as well as talks about the possible resignation of the prime minister. All these events affect not only the pound, but also the euro.

Nearest support levels:

S1 - 1.1353

S2 - 1,1292

S3 - 1.1230

Nearest resistance levels:

R1 - 1,1414

R2 - 1.1475

R3 - 1.1536

Trading recommendations:

The currency pair EUR / USD is trying to resume movement up. We recommend waiting to overcome the level of 1.1414, then open new long positions with a target of 1.1475. There is a high probability of a new round of corrective movement.

Short positions are recommended to open with the target of 1.1353, if the pair consolidates below the MA. However, before the price fixes below the Murray's level of "2/8", it will be premature to talk about a trend change to a downward trend.

In addition to the technical picture should also take into account the fundamental data and the time of their release.

Explanations for illustrations:

The senior linear regression channel is the blue lines of the unidirectional movement.

The junior linear regression channel is the purple lines of the unidirectional movement.

CCI - blue line in the indicator window.

The moving average (20; smoothed) is the blue line on the price chart.

Murray levels - multi-colored horizontal stripes.

Heikin Ashi is an indicator that colors bars in blue or purple.

The material has been provided by InstaForex Company -
          Dollar on the threshold of midterm elections      Cache   Translate Page      


The dollar slowed down after three consecutive weeks of growth, because investors are fully focused on the special elections in the United States, which could lead to volatility in world markets.

Despite the sale of the dollar in the second half of last week, hedge funds have added their dollar reserves, making a bet on the highest levels since December 2016, as the latest macroeconomic indicators encourage bullish rates.

The market analysts warn that an unexpected result in the US midterm elections could provoke a massive cessation of long positions in dollars and undermine the dollar, which rose 7% from April lows against its competitors.

It is expected that the elections to the US Congress will help the Democratic Party, which has strong chances to gain control of the House of Representatives, and the Republicans, most likely, will retain an advantage in the Senate.

The material has been provided by InstaForex Company -
          Tiny houses multiply amid big issues as communities tackle homelessness      Cache   Translate Page      
In a country where more than half a million people experienced homelessness last year, there’s tension even among supporters over what constitutes a tiny house and how much of a macro-level solution it can try to be.
          Top 10 Romantically Rejected Heroines      Cache   Translate Page      
Anime girls romantically rejected by the male protagonist that voters still like and support have been sorted into a ranking, leading to one green-haired idol nabbing the top spot whilst likely bringing back fond memories. The ranking:   1. Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier) 2. Hanekawa Tsubasa (Monogatari) 3. Lynn Minmay (Choujikuu Yousai Macross ~Ai Oboete […]
          Six arrested over far-right anti-Macron plot      Cache   Translate Page      
Five men and one woman have been detained on suspicion of planning violent action against French President Emmanuel Macron. They are reported to be connected with small ultra-right groups. Four of the suspects were rounded up by anti-terror police in the eastern Moselle département, another in Ile et Vilaine in western France and the last in I ...
          Macron calls for European army on WWI battlefields tour      Cache   Translate Page      
French President Emmanuel Macron called for a real European army for defence against Russia, China and even the US during a tour of World War I battlefields ahead of Sunday's Armistice Day commemoration. As his popularity continues to decline, he also commented on domestic politics, notably petrol price rises and violence in schools and deprived ...
          Health Benefits Of Seafood      Cache   Translate Page      
Seafood for ages has remained to be one of the most delicious of foods that man has come across. It could be freshwater seafood or saltwater seafood. They are considered to be very tasty, delicious and are also one of the best sources of various types of macro and micronutrients. They help you meet the requirement of the body as far as vitamins, proteins, minerals and other such things are considered. They are also famous for being one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. They are known for treating various kinds of common diseases and are also a cost-effective source for meeting multiple nutrients. Hence it would not be a bad idea to spend some time and look for the best seafood delivery in Bangkok. Bangkok in particular and Thailand, in general, is known for a variety of seafood including exotic varieties of fishes, lobsters, prawns, crabs and even perhaps octopuses amongst others. We will be spending some time getting to know more about the various advantages of eating seafood on a regular basis.

It Provides Essential Nutrients

For generations, seafood has been used because it is considered to be one of the best sources of vitamins, minerals, trace materials, protein and healthy carbohydrates. It also is a good source of various essential fatty acids like Omega-3. Fishes such as salmon are considered to be an excellent source of vitamin A, which could help to improve the reproductive system and immune capabilities. Vitamin D is also found in reasonable quantities in fishes like tuna and salmon. Further fishes and seafood are one of the healthiest sources of protein that is easy to digest and metabolise in the body.

It Could Promote Heart Health

Seafood has enough nutrition in eat in the form of low fat, saturated items. Many studies have been conducted regarding the health benefits of seafood on the heart and cardiovascular systems. It is known to play a significant role in improving the circulatory functions of the heart. It does so by adjusting the mix of LDL and HDL and keeps the HDL ratio at the optimum level. This could prevent hardening of the arteries and could also prevent the formation of plaque and other such hardening substances in the heart.

It Also Is Very Good For The Joints

Eating seafood regularly could also lead to better joint health. It could help reduce the symptoms and problems associated with arthritis. This is again possible because seafood has a rich concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and these can help ease the pain and inflammation associated with tender joints. It also could heal morning stiffness for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
Additionally, it is considered very good for eyesight and could prevent age-related macular degeneration. This could often lead to loss of vision. It also could play a significant role in improving your night vision.

It Is Very Good For Skin

If you wish to enjoy the best of skin that is glowing and young, it makes a lot of sense to go in for omega 3 fatty, fatty foods. It is known to reduce the damages caused by UV rays produced by the sun. Further, there are some recent studies to prove that regular consumption of fish oil could also reduce the intensity and severity of acne, pimples and other such skin problems. Also read: Top Five foods that are good for your skin

Improves Brainpower And Could Fight Depression

There are some recent research studies to show that consumption of omega 3 fatty substances in seafood could reduce the risk of depression and also improve brain function quite a bit. It helps you to feel positive and have a better view of life. Further people who suffer from strokes could even stand benefitted by consumption of omega 3 fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals available in seafood.

It Is Tasty And Delicious

Apart from the above, there are many other benefits and advantages associated with seafood from the health perspective. More importantly, it also is considered to be one of the tastiest of foods, and it can be cooked in as many ways as one could think of. Hence, when all the above factors are taken into account, there are reasons to believe that it does make a lot of sense to consume seafood from good restaurants in the country and city.
          France: arrestation de six personnes liées à l'ultra-droite       Cache   Translate Page      
En France, six suspects en lien avec les milieux de l'ultra-droite ont été interpellés ce mardi dans une enquête sur des menaces d'attaque visant Emmanuel Macron. Un projet « imprécis » que les enquêteurs doivent encore éclaircir.
          Purification and identification of an actinomycin D analogue from actinomycetes associated with Ganoderma applanatum via magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers and tandem mass spectrometry.      Cache   Translate Page      
Icon for Elsevier Science Related Articles

Purification and identification of an actinomycin D analogue from actinomycetes associated with Ganoderma applanatum via magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers and tandem mass spectrometry.

Food Chem Toxicol. 2018 Sep;119:150-160

Authors: Li CG, Yuan B, Dong MM, Zhou PY, Hao YX, Sun YY, Xu MK, Li D, Kai GY, Jiang JH

Actinomycetes are main producers of antibiotics and targeted screening could improve the efficiency of discovering new drugs. This study describes, for the first time, the isolation of endophytic actinomycetes from the macrofungus Ganoderma applanatum. To increase the efficiency of screening, novel actinomycin D (Act D) molecularly-imprinted polymers were adsorbed to the surface of Fe3O4@SiO2 magnetic microspheres (MMIPs) and using in the isolation. A monolithic column prepared with magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers was employed to adsorb actinomycin D and its analogues for selective analysis and identification via MS/MS spectroscopy. The MMIP-monolithic column was selective for the structural features of Act D and its analogue, and the maximum loading of the MMIPs for Act D was ∼23.5 μg/g. The recognition time of the Act D was 20-30 min and had good discriminative ability. A new analogue was identified from endophytic actinomycetes KLBMP 2541, and it was purified using MMIPs comparison with MMIPs-solid phase extraction. Structural identification analysis confirmed that the new analogue was 2-methyl-actinomycin D, which has better anti-tumor activity than Act D. The presented method combines the advantages of MMIPs and MS with popular solutions to enable high affinity and selectivity screening of specific antibiotics from endophytic actinomycetes.

PMID: 29777719 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

          5 trends that will reshape media and advertising in 2019, including Facebook's next moves      Cache   Translate Page      

mark zuckerberg facebookChip Somodevilla/Getty Images

  • The advertising and media industries will continue to see seismic changes in 2019, according to a new report by market research firm Forrester.
  • AT&T will buy Roku and Google will acquire LiveRamp in 2019, Forrester predicts.
  • Additionally, blockchain will become increasingly mainstream, and hyper-targeting will give way to contextual creative, the report says.

From a bevy of M&A deals and consolidation on one end, to Facebook's Cambridge-Analytica scandal and GDPR on another, there were a lot of shake-ups in the advertising and media industries in 2018.

2019 will continue that trend, according to a new report by market research firm Forrester, which predicts not only more M&A action, but also trends like blockchain becoming more mainstream.

"We feel that there are specific events and trends that will take place in 2019 – specifically around further M&A, blockchain introducing itself into advertising, creative supporting personalization and Facebook having to rely more heavily on Instagram and WhatsApp for growth," Collin Colburn, B2C marketing analyst at Forrester, told Business Insider.

But on a macro level, the biggest battleground for media in 2019 will be control for digital advertising dollars, he said. Amazon, AT&T, Verizon, and Disney have all made moves to counter the Facebook-Google duopoly, and will vie for their position with their technology stacks, distribution, and content capabilities.

"Google and Facebook will start to feel this competition in 2019, and we will be watching to see if cracks begin forming in the foundation of the empires they have both built," Colburn said.

Here are the five events that will reshape media ad advertising in 2o19, according to Forrester:

AT&T will buy Roku to become a TV platform

By snapping up Time Warner, AppNexus, and DirectTV, AT&T pieced together the content, technology, and distribution pipes needed to challenge the duopoly as well as rival TV networks. But to truly become a viable threat, it needs to become a bigger part of consumers' daily lives. 

AT&T will do that by acquiring Roku, Forrester predicts, as the acquisition will not only give it tremendous scale but also help it complement its new targeted advertising division, Xandr.

"Buying Roku is a natural next step for AT&T after their acquisitions of Time Warner and AppNexus in 2018," Colburn said.

Instagram and WhatsApp will save Facebook 

From the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, to a cyber attack that impacted nearly 50 million user accounts, Facebook battled a spate of brand crises in 2018, severely impacting its brand reputation.

The platform isn't growing at the pace it once was either, with monthly active users (MAUs) being flat in the second quarter of 2018 in North America and falling in Europe, coupled with decelerated ad revenue growth. 

But the company can't be dismissed yet, according to Forrester, with Instagram quickly emerging as its shining star with more than 1 billion monthly active users and a user growth rate outpacing Facebook's.

"In 2019, we predict that Instagram will continue to pick up the slack while Facebook hones in on Messenger and WhatsApp to accelerate user and ad revenue growth for the parent company," the authors of the report write. "Messaging apps for one-on-one consumer interactions and advertising are still uncertain territory for brands but are increasing in interest — and Facebook will deliver."

Blockchain will become mainstream in advertising

From ads that get clicked on by bots, to hidden fees and an overall lack of transparency, the digital ad ecosystem has been under fire of late on a number of fronts. 

A number of big brands and marketers are attempting to fight that by betting on blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that underpins the cryptocurrency bitcoin. 

By the end of 2019, advertisers will be able to follow every dollar that leaves their coffers, Forrester predicts, and be able to see exactly how much they are paying, and for what, at every step of the way.

Big brands like Kellogg's, Kimberly-Clark, Pfizer, and Unilever are already leading the way by participating in a blockchain pilot program powered by IBM and Media Ocean that aims to bring complete transparency to media-buying.

"Blockchain will make an important entrance in 2018, by exposing the value and costs of all the steps in the media supply chain," Colburn said. "But it will be a couple of years before blockchain is ready to make the impact that marketers are really looking for – impression-level reporting that will expose advertising fraud."

Hyper-targeting will give way to hyper-focus on creative

The rollout of GDPR sent many advertisers scrambling, casting a shadow on a future where they could hyper-target media, especially those brands lacking in first-party customer data.

But as the use of consumer data comes under increasing scrutiny, the focus, at least for advertisers, will turn back to powerful creative, according to Forrester.

In 2019, advertisers will start turning to creative adtech vendors like RevJet and Thunder to create contextually relevant ads cued by both first-party data, as well as data around the weather, time of day, and live events. 

Creative adtech will also improve ad quality and cross-channel storytelling. More brands will refrain from stalking consumers around the internet with cheap-looking, product-focused display ads, according to Forrester. 

"Despite what marketers and advertisers think, the media industry isn't nearly as customer-obsessed as it could be," Colburn said. "I am most bullish on advertisers trading in their hyper-targeting obsession for a hyper-focus on creative in advertising – it will improve both the customer experience and overall results."

A bidding war will break out for LiveRamp, and Google will take the cake

Several players – from Adobe and Salesforce to ad holding companies – have had their eyes on LiveRamp since Axciom's data marketing services were acquired by IPG. 

The competition is only going to heat up more, with a huge bidding war breaking out for LiveRamp, according to Forrester.

Forrester thinks the ultimate winner at the end though will be Google, which will outbid everyone with its trove of cash, making LiveRamp's data available for customers using its newly branded and consolidated adtech stack, Google Marketing Platform.

"With these acquisitions, the big keep getting bigger," Colburn said.

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           Ultrarechte unter Verdacht: Festnahmen wegen möglicher Anschlagspläne auf Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Frankreich wurde in den vergangenen Jahren von einer islamistischen Terrorwelle heimgesucht. Nun soll auch ein Anschlag auf den Präsidenten geplant gewesen sein. Im Visier der Ermittler sind allerdings keine Islamisten, sondern Rechtsextreme.
          11/7/2018: LA UNE: CARBURANT : MACRON TENTE DE REPRENDRE LA MAIN      Cache   Translate Page      
L’exécutif travaille à une amélioration du chèque énergie et à une réforme de l’indemnité kilométrique, en réponse à la fronde sur la hausse du prix des carburants.
          11/7/2018: FRANCE: CharlevilleMézières accueille le Conseil des ministres      Cache   Translate Page      
Elle est la ville natale du poète Arthur Rimbaud, ce qui n’a pu laisser indifférent Emmanuel Macron. Charleville-Mézières est aussi la ville emblématique de l’itinérance du chef de l’Etat cette semaine pour le centenaire de l’armistice du 11 novembre...
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      

French security agents have arrested six people on suspicion of plotting to attack President Emmanuel Macron, according to a judicial official. Prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation of alleged criminal terrorist association, the official said. Intelligence agents detained the six suspects in three scattered regions: one in the Alps, another in Brittany and four near the Belgian border in Moselle, the official added.The alleged plan to target the French president appeared to be vague and unfinished but violent, the official said. Authorities said the six were aged between 22 and 62 and included one woman. Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters they are believed to be far-right activists. Authorities feared “concrete threats” from the group, Mr Castaner said. French presidents have been targeted several times over the decades. In 2002, a far-right sympathiser tried to attack Jacques Chirac on the Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris during Bastille Day celebrations. Mr Macron was in the north-eastern French city of Verdun on Tuesday as part of centenary commemorations for the end of the First World War. The alleged plot was uncovered days before US President Donald Trump and dozens of other world leaders are due in France for weekend observances marking the signing 100 years ago of the November 11 armistice that ended the First World War.

The post Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron appeared first on London Glossy Post.

          11/7/2018: MONDE: L’Allemagne sourde aux appels de la France à une Europe souveraine      Cache   Translate Page      
Emmanuel Macron, à Verdun, Bruno Le Maire, à Bruxelles, ont démontré mardi à quel point les destins de la France et de l’Allemagne restent inextricablement liés. Unis au siècle dernier par deux guerres meurtrières et barbares, ces deux pays sont...
          En France, IBK rend hommage aux Maliens tombés pendant la Première Guerre mondiale (Autre presse)      Cache   Translate Page      
Cent ans après la fin de la première guerre mondiale en 1918, le président français Emmanuel Macron et son homologue malien, Ibrahim Boubakar Keïta rendent hommage aux tirailleurs africains de la Première guerre mondiale, dans la ville de Reims, en France. Cette ville abrite un monument aux tirailleurs en bronze, installé depuis 2013 et qui n’avait jamais été inauguré. L’œuvre du sculpteur Paul Moreau-Vauthier, représente quatre soldats africains aux côtés d’un officier français datant de la [...]
          Macron et le président malien honorent la mémoire de l’Armée noire de 14-18 (AFP)      Cache   Translate Page      
Reims - Emmanuel Macron et le président malien Ibrahim Boubakar Keïta ont salué mardi à Reims la mémoire des quelque 200.000 combattants africains ayant combattu dans l'armée française durant la Première guerre mondiale. Au troisième jour de "l'itinérance mémorielle" d'Emmanuel Macron sur les hauts lieux de la Grande Guerre, les deux dirigeants ont inauguré le nouveau monuments aux héros de "l'Armée noire", qui est installé depuis 2013 dans un parc de Reims. "Nous honorons aujourd'h [...]
          Dating in Mid-Life: fear, growth and (hopefully!) a bit of romance       Cache   Translate Page      
Me, 46 years old, getting ready to go into the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, Hallowe'en 2018
I have been single for a long time.  Separated since 2007, formally divorced in 2013, I have only dated two people in that entire time. One was on-and off (mostly off) during 2010-11.  The other was more recent. I waited 7 years to dip a toe back into the dating pool for many reasons.  The most important was that my daughter (now in secondary school) was young and it was of considerable importance to me that 1) I focus completely on her and 2) not have a revolving door of 'uncles' come through her life.  But in addition to that, I've been very happy and content with the life I have.  Its a good one. Its only very recently that I've allowed a seed of 'what if?' to be nurtured in my head.

Also, during those 7 years, I have attempted to work on myself. To work on my own emotional sobriety, and work on my self-worth.  I am in recovery for alcoholism since 2003 and completely sober since 31 August, 2011 (I had a series of short but significant relapses from 2009-2011).  I use the term 'self-worth' because I really do believe like attracts like.  When I was drinking, I was ashamed of myself and didn't value who I was.  It was natural to set the bar very low when it came to romantic interests.  I had hoped that in the ensuing years, as I've settled into sobriety, have raised a beautiful, kind, smart and compassionate small human, am capable of looking after and running my own home,  have established community roots and strong friendships with sound people and have had a really wonderful opportunity to grow into the person I always wanted to become...I thought, maybe I would like some romantic companionship in my life?  Maybe this is the right time?

I still have much to learn.  From my recent foray back into the world of romance and rejection I've learned a lot about myself.  Mainly, I take people at face value when I should be more wary.  If someone tells me something about themselves, I tend to believe them (instead of waiting and seeing if their actions match their words).  I don't want to become naturally distrustful of people but as the universe has tried to teach me over and over again...I really need to slow down, be less impatient and really give someone the time to show me who they are.  And when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Reykjavík, Iceland Hallowe'en 2018

I've learned that emotional sobriety / maturity is a must-have for me and if someone doesn't have it, that's a deal breaker.  'Emotional sobriety' refers to someone in recovery (like me) who doesn't just stop drinking but takes the time to be unflinching honest with themselves and work on personal growth.  I have learned that just because someone says they are honest, you really have to pay attention, over a good amount of time, to see if that's true.  That sounds so obvious but this is a lesson I am still learning. Some people are so caught up in their own reality that they don't even realise they are incapable of being truthful with themselves.  Don't ignore red flags and listen to your instincts.  If you're getting to know/dating someone in recovery (whether you are in recovery yourself or not) and that person claims to have been sober for X amount of time but doesn't include slips (slips change your sobriety date, non negotiable), this may be a sign that they are incapable of being honest with themselves, never mind anyone else.  The equivalent term for someone not in recovery is 'emotional maturity'. It basically means someone who can show up for life and doesn't allow themselves to be paralysed by insecurities (we all have them!) or fear of emotions (deeply connecting with other human beings is scary for all of us!).

Listen to your gut. I was getting to know someone recently over about a month or so and found it so anxiety driven and not fun to the point I became physically sick and I think my body was literally trying to tell me how not-right this other person was for me.  I called it off and have been amazed at how much better I'm sleeping and feeling (both mentally and physically) since.  Getting to know someone / the early stages of a relationship, that should be the fun part. That's the exciting part and if its miserable or hard work even then, that may be a glaring sign something isn't right.  Don't ignore your gut.

From that brief encounter I also learned that I am absolutely ready to be in a proper, healthy relationship and give myself to that completely.  I was so happy being single that when I decided to open myself up to dating again I thought that seeing someone a couple times a month would be the most I could handle. Nope.  If anything, being willing to open up my heart again to someone has shown me I am 100% ready for the full deal...a committed, monogamous relationship with the right man whom I can share every aspect of my life with.  That is what I am ready for.

So how do you navigate the dating world in your mid 40s? Its changed so much since I was young & single in my late 20s! I did try dating websites, briefly, but was overwhelmed at how fast they work.  I signed up to one of the big dating websites and within hours had loads of messages. Too fast for me. Plus, I felt like the profiles told me very little about people, just what they wanted others to know. One fella, who was 32 had an opening line of "In the age of Macron..." props for that. I don't think we were a match but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't complimented by an eloquent 32 tech industry worker messaging me with elegant flattery.

Blue Lagoon (amazing!), Iceland Hallowe'en 2018

I decided to take to twitter, which is a platform I'm familiar with and trust, and create a thread being very specific about what I'm looking for in a romantic partner.  I found this process to be wholly empowering.  The motivation behind it wasn't even getting loads of likes or dates but formally articulating to the universe what I want.  If I don't know what I want or can't articulate it, how can I ever expect to receive it?

And I've had a very supportive, good response so far.  Everyone has been very mature and sound. I don't know what's going to happen but I know I am open to opening my heart more and meeting / getting to know more people.  I know the best is yet to come.

          11/7/2018: IDÉES&DÉBATS: LES ARTICLES LES PLUS PARTAGÉS SUR LES RÉSEAUX SOCIAUX      Cache   Translate Page      
1. Brexit : aujourd’hui, les Britanniques préféreraient rester dans l’UE 2. Transports, énergie : Macron veut améliorer les aides 3. Opinion : L’explosion démographique, un fléau pour la planète 4. Opinion : La retraite est un privilège, pas un...
          11/7/2018: IDÉES&DÉBATS: UN PROJET D’« ACTION VIOLENTE » CONTRE MACRON AURAIT ÉTÉ DÉJOUÉ      Cache   Translate Page      
Six personnes soupçonnées de préparer une action violente contre Emmanuel Macron ont été arrêtées mardi dans l’Isère, en Ille-et-Vilaine et en Moselle, par la Direction générale de la sécurité intérieure. Selon BFM TV, elles appartiendraient à la...
          11/7/2018: IDÉES&DÉBATS: MAURICE GENEVOIX BIENTÔT AU PANTHÉON      Cache   Translate Page      
Emmanuel Macron a annoncé mardi l’entrée au Panthéon, l’an prochain, de l’écrivain Maurice Genevoix et, « à titre collectif », de « ceux celles de 14 », afin de rendre hommage à « l’armée victorieuse » de la Grande Guerre. Il y a aura ainsi deux...
          Macron pide crear un ejército europeo para defenderse de EE.UU.      Cache   Translate Page      
En una entrevista con la radio local Europa 1, el mandatario galo, Emmanuel Macron, ha destacado la importancia de que Europa pueda defenderse independientemente y sin la ayuda de Estados Unidos.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack France’s President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
The arrests were made in different locations across the country.
          11/7/2018: FLOTTES D'ENTREPRISE ENJEUX: FrancisDuseux Président de l’Union française des industries pétrolières      Cache   Translate Page      

CARBURANTS Face à la grogne suscitée par la hausse des prix des carburants, Emmanuel Macron a annoncé vouloir améliorer le chèque énergie et étendre la défiscalisation de l’aide au transport dans les Hauts-de-France. « 85 % des gens ont besoin de leur...
          Frankreichs Präsident will EU-Armee: Macrons kalter Krieg      Cache   Translate Page      
Frankreichs Präsident fordert eine »europäische Armee«. Der Feind heißt Russland
          Macro Photography, White Spider Mum, Flower Wall Art, Nursery Decor, Romantic Prints, Bedroom Photograph, 8x10 8x12 9x12, 10x13 11x14 by HeartlandPhotoBySJW      Cache   Translate Page      

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This is a macro photography image of a white spider mum.

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Title "Jun14 - 0824"

          Rencontre Bussereau / Macron : « Un certain nombre de décisions actées »      Cache   Translate Page      
Lors de l’ouverture de la session d’automne du Département, qui se tient du 22 au 26 octobre à La Rochelle, Dominique Bussereau est revenu longuement sur sa rencontre en tant que président de l'association des Départements avec Emmanuel Macron, mardi 19 octobre. Un rendez-vous à huis clos à l’Elysée, en compagnie notamment d'autres présidents d'associations d'élus, François Baroin (maires), d’Hervé Morin (régions) et en présence du président du Sénat Gérard Larcher.
          [ASAP] Exploiting Macromolecular Design To Optimize the Antibacterial Activity of Alkylated Cationic Oligomers      Cache   Translate Page      

TOC Graphic

DOI: 10.1021/acs.biomac.8b01317

          [ASAP] Cellulose-Derived Nanographene Oxide Surface-Functionalized Three-Dimensional Scaffolds with Drug Delivery Capability      Cache   Translate Page      

TOC Graphic

DOI: 10.1021/acs.biomac.8b01421

           Ermittlungen: Anschlagspläne auf Macron? Sechs Festnahmen in Frankreich      Cache   Translate Page      
Französische Behörden haben sechs Verdächtige festgenommen, die einen Anschlag auf Macron geplant haben könnten. Ermittlungen laufen.
          《飓风奇劫》:当飓风营救遭遇速度与激情      Cache   Translate Page      

不管是否有人真的想看一部更拙劣更廉价的混搭克里斯汀·史莱特经典洪水劫案电影《大雨成灾》的重启版《龙卷风》, 至少今年这部非常平庸但具有迷人老派风格的灾难动作片《飓风奇劫》足以满足他们的愿望。这部电影似乎严格遵循了90年代的动作片套路——《虎胆龙威》式的剧情设定, 直接采用灾难片吸引眼球的视觉场面和震耳欲聋的音效——所有这些都特意以剥削怀旧的方式呈现出来, 就好像在幕后主创的印象中, 过去二十年里大片制作行当所经历的的重大转变根本没有发生过。

导演罗布·科恩在90年代执导了一系列A级动作冒险片, 他毫不犹豫地采用夸张过火的类型片套路, 而且不管叙事是否需要, 全面接受当时创新的CGI特效, 在90年代这些正好与他的风格相得益彰。没错, 他还执导了第一部《快速与激情》, 事实上, 《飓风奇劫》的营销人员都非常愿意在每一张海报上标明这一点,但作为一个明目张胆的山寨版《惊爆点》, 《快速与激情》的类型风格依然牢牢地扎根于上世纪 9 0年代。尽管罗布·科恩在全盛时期后一直在工作, 但他并没有赶上时代的变化, 随后既尝试制作了一些像《亚历克斯·克洛斯》这样平庸而令人遗忘的动作片, 也拍出了像《隔壁的男孩》这样重复90年代初精神病邻居题材色情惊悚片的廉价娱乐片。

在很多方面, 《飓风奇劫》都缺乏自知之明, 不知道它所张扬的卖点有多么过时。如果你打算找一部没有《死侍》这种戏谑搞怪幽默风格的9 0年代大预算CG特效电影, 那么这部从另一个时代穿越来的电影应该会让你相当满意。在影片中, 罗布·科恩除了兑现了简单但引人注目的片名的承诺外, 没有再尝试做其他任何事情。

在飓风方面, 由威尔 (托比·凯贝尔)负责, 他就像是《龙卷风》中比尔·帕克斯顿和海伦·亨特所扮演的两个角色的合体, 让人震惊的是幕后主创竟然没有想到把《飓风奇劫》变成《龙卷风》的续集, 顺理成章把这个角色当成他们的儿子。就像《龙卷风》一样, 《飓风奇劫》以闪回的方式开场, 回顾了威尔的爸爸被飓风吞没。几十年后, 威尔成为了一个追逐飓风的气象学家, 为了找出飓风的真正构成, 从而对付自己过去的心魔。这听起来是不是很熟悉?

在奇劫方面, 负责人是凯西 (玛姬·格雷斯), 她是一个强悍的联邦特工, 发现一帮劫匪计划利用即将到来的飓风所造成的混乱打劫国库, 将6亿美元现金藏在三辆巨型卡车上溜之大吉, 为了不辱使命她不得不背水一战。和90年代的所有动作片主角一样, 凯西也是一个天生的女汉子, 因为一时疏忽导致她的搭档被杀, 于是被降职, 现在为了捍卫正义再次体会到枪支令人欣慰的冰冷金属感, 她还是有点小心翼翼。如果这样的剧情对你来说太俗套了, 那就没必要看了。

选玛姬·格雷斯担任主演显然是个错误——这个角色需要一个更自信的人, 比如丽贝卡·弗格森, 但不得不承认, 玛姬·格雷斯确实全力以赴了, 而且尝试为这个麻木的角色增添了戏剧性的分量。这个角色究竟有多无趣?最初我们看到凯西显然将密码藏在了国库保险库里, 而她最终不得不向坏人透露密码的位置,所以她的任务其实就是讲出 "它一直就在这里" 这句蹩脚的台词。你说对不?

在威尔懒散的哥哥布雷兹(瑞恩·科万腾)被劫匪扣为人质后, 威尔别无选择, 只能与凯西合作, 将他对飓风的科学知识与凯西的战斗技能结合起来, 险中求胜。两人合作很快引出了一系列真实特技与过分渲染的CG风暴特效相结合、可以预料到但切实有效的花哨汽车追逐和枪战。(另外, 在第一幕中已经透露曾经当过老兵的布雷兹后来也发挥了写作用。)尽管一些疯狂的细节发展美妙地将影片基调推至了更任性的状态,就像其中惊艳的一幕, 轮毂罩被当做飞镖一样丢出去, 但除此之外, 这基本上还是一部简单的传统类型片。

《飓风奇劫》一本正经地延续从前的黄金时代的电影套路, 似乎很让人嘲讽, 但我希望你知道, 这不是缺点, 而是它的特色。如果连这一特色也失去了, 那么这部黯然失色的电影就更不值得一看了。

[十级风劫] 香港预告片

           Ultrarechte unter Verdacht: Festnahmen wegen möglicher Anschlagspläne auf Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Frankreich wurde in den vergangenen Jahren von einer islamistischen Terrorwelle heimgesucht. Nun soll auch ein Anschlag auf den Präsidenten geplant gewesen sein. Im Visier der Ermittler sind allerdings keine Islamisten, sondern Rechtsextreme.
          05.11.2018 – Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten      Cache   Translate Page      
Trainiere dein Hörverstehen mit den Nachrichten der Deutschen Welle von Montag – als Text und als verständlich gesprochene Audio-Datei.USA setzen weitere Iran-Sanktionen in Kraft Die USA setzen an diesem Montag die zweite und letzte Stufe ihrer Sanktionen gegen den Iran wieder in Kraft. Im Fokus steht die Ölindustrie der Islamischen Republik. Die Regierung von US-Präsident Donald Trump will mit den Strafmaßnahmen nach eigenen Angaben die Regierung in Teheran unter anderem dazu bringen, ihre Atom- und Raketenprogramme aufzugeben. Trump hatte im Mai das internationale Atomabkommen mit dem Iran aufgekündigt. Betroffen von den Sanktionen sind auch deutsche Firmen. Unternehmen, die sich nicht an den Sanktionen beteiligen, werden von den USA bestraft. Chinas Staatschef verspricht weitere wirtschaftliche Öffnung Chinas Staatschef Xi Jinping will sein Land weiter für den Weltmarkt öffnen. Bei der Eröffnung einer internationalen Importmesse in Shanghai wandte sich Xi gegen Protektionismus und plädierte für ein freies weltweites Handelssystem. China selbst wolle seine Einfuhren erhöhen, den heimischen Konsum steigern wie auch den Schutz der Urheberrechte verbessern. Xi sprach sich zudem gegen Unilateralismus aus, was auf die "Amerika zuerst"-Politik von US-Präsident Donald Trump zielt. Konkreter wurde er nicht. Etwa 3600 Unternehmen aus rund 130 Ländern stellen auf der Messe bis Samstag aus. Khashoggis Söhne fordern von Saudi-Arabien Leichnam ihres Vaters Die Söhne des getöteten saudi-arabischen Journalisten Jamal Khashoggi haben die Führung in Riad aufgefordert, ihnen den Leichnam ihres Vaters zu übergeben. Sie wollten ihn auf einem Friedhof in Medina beisetzen, sagte Salah Khashoggi dem US-Nachrichtensender CNN. Sein Bruder Abdullah erklärte, er hoffe, dass sein Vater "ohne Schmerz oder schnell" gestorben sei. Khashoggi war Anfang Oktober im Konsulat seines Landes in Istanbul von saudischen Agenten ermordet worden. Nach türkischen Angaben wurde die Leiche des Regierungskritikers anschließend zerstückelt und mit Säure zersetzt. Deutschland und Frankreich gedenken Endes des Ersten Weltkriegs Der französische Staatschef Emmanuel Macron und sein deutscher Amtskollege Frank-Walter Steinmeier haben bei einem Friedenskonzert im Elsass des Endes des Ersten Weltkrieges vor 100 Jahren gedacht. Das Treffen im Straßburger Münster war Auftakt für eine ganze Serie von Gedenkveranstaltungen in Frankreich. Diese sollen erst am 11. November mit einem Treffen von rund 60 Staats- und Regierungschefs in Paris abgeschlossen werden. Der Erste Weltkrieg war vor allem zwischen Deutschland und Frankreich sehr verbissen geführt worden - die jahrelange Schlacht bei Verdun steht bis heute stellvertretend für die Schrecken des Krieges. Die Zukunft von Verfassungsschutz-Chef Maaßen ist wieder offen Der Streit um den bisherigen Verfassungsschutzpräsidenten Hans-Georg Maaßen geht in eine neue Runde: Wie am Sonntag aus Koalitionskreisen verlautete, soll Maaßen nun doch in den einstweiligen Ruhestand versetzt werden. Mit kritischen Äußerungen über die große Koalition soll sich der 55-Jährige, der eigentlich als Sonderberater ins Bundesinnenministerium wechseln sollte, erneut in die Schusslinie gebracht haben. Laut dem Nachrichtenmagazin "Der Spiegel" hatte sich Maaßen Mitte Oktober bei einer Rede vor den Chefs der europäischen Inlandsgeheimdienste als Opfer einer Verschwörung dargestellt. Koalition in Bayern kann starten Gut drei Wochen nach der Landtagswahl kommt an diesem Montag das neugewählte Parlament in Bayern zu seiner ersten Sitzung zusammen. Schon am Vormittag soll die Regierungsbildung von CSU und Freien Wählern offiziell ihren Abschluss finden. Nach der Zustimmung der Parteigremien am Sonntagabend wollen Ministerpräsident Markus Söder und der Chef der Freien Wähler, Hubert Aiwanger, den Koalitionsvertrag unterzeichnen. Bereits am Dienstagmorgen soll Söder dann im Landtag wieder zum Ministerpräsidenten gewählt werden.
          Son dakika!.. Macron'a suikast...      Cache   Translate Page      
Fransa Güvenlik Hizmeti, Cumhurbaşkanı Emmanuel Macron'a suikast planlayan altı kişiyi gözaltına aldıklarını duyurdu.
          Fransen leggen heel land plat wegens dure diesel      Cache   Translate Page      

Franse automobilisten slikken de stijgende brandstofprijzen en de bijkomende belastingen niet langer. Op meer dan 500 plaatsen in het land willen ze het verkeer lamleggen. President Macron zegt de woede te begrijpen, maar wil niet inbinden. “Ik voer liever extra belastingen in op brandstof dan op werk.”

           Ultrarechte unter Verdacht: Festnahmen wegen möglicher Anschlagspläne auf Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Frankreich wurde in den vergangenen Jahren von einer islamistischen Terrorwelle heimgesucht. Nun soll auch ein Anschlag auf den Präsidenten geplant gewesen sein. Im Visier der Ermittler sind allerdings keine Islamisten, sondern Rechtsextreme.
          Ve Francii policie zadržela šest lidí, údajně plánovali útok na prezidenta Macrona      Cache   Translate Page      
Šest lidí zadržela v úterý ráno francouzská policie pro podezření, že plánovali útok na prezidenta Emmanuela Macrona. S odvoláním na zdroj z vyšetřování o tom informovala agentura AFP, podle které mají zadržení vazby na krajní pravici.
          Nacionalistické sdružení Le Penové v průzkumech porazilo stranu Macrona o dvě procenta      Cache   Translate Page      
Francouzské nacionalistické Národní sdružení (RN, dříve Národní fronta) Marine Le Penové vůbec poprvé v průzkumu pro květnové volby do Evropského parlamentu předběhlo stranu prezidenta Emmanuela Macrona Republika v pohybu (LREM). Vyplývá to z nedělního průzkumu veřejného mínění institutu Ifop, o kterém informovala agentura Reuters.
          Tiny houses multiply amid big issues as communities tackle homelessness      Cache   Translate Page      
In a country where more than half a million people experienced homelessness last year, there’s tension even among supporters over what constitutes a tiny house and how much of a macro-level solution it can try to be.
          Macron plaide pour une "armée européenne" capable d'agir      Cache   Translate Page      
Paris - Le président français, Emmanuel Macron, a appelé mardi de ses voeux la création d'une "véritable armée européenne" pour mieux protéger ce continent, rappelant son ambition de donner corps à une Europe de la Défense qui peine à émerger.
          Place publique, un nouveau parti dans un paysage déjà très émietté à gauche      Cache   Translate Page      
Paris - Raphaël Glucksmann et une vingtaine de personnalités de la société civile ont lancé mardi un nouveau parti, Place publique, qui veut donner corps à l'espace politique situé entre Emmanuel Macron et Jean-Luc Mélenchon - au risque d'une plus grande fragmentation encore.
          Coup de filet antiterroriste dans l'ultradroite pour des menaces d'attaque contre Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Paris - Six suspects en lien avec les milieux de l'ultradroite ont été interpellés mardi dans une enquête sur des menaces d'attaque visant Emmanuel Macron, un projet "imprécis" que les enquêteurs doivent encore éclaircir.
          Macron på turné för att fira världsfreden      Cache   Translate Page      
Vägen till Paris går via västfronten när Frankrikes president Emmanuel Macron laddar för hundraårsdagen av första världskrigets slut. Säkerhetsuppbådet är tungt – och leder till och med till varningar för souvenirer. I den elfte timmen på den elfte dage.

By Jason Lemon 

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 10:41

French President Emmanuel Macron reviews French navy personnel as he arrives aboard the French Mistral-class assault ship and helicopter carrier Dixmude to attend a ceremony to present his wishes to the armed forces at the Toulon Naval Base in Toulon, France, on January 19.PHOTO: CLAUDE PARIS/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

French President Emmanuel Macron has urged the creation of a “true, European army” to protect the continent from Russia, China and the United States.

"We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America," Macron told Europe 1 radio on Tuesday, Agence France-Presse reported.

Pointing to recent decisions by President Donald Trump, the 40-year-old French leader warned that European security is at risk.

“When I see President Trump announcing that he's quitting a major disarmament treaty which was formed after the 1980s Euro-missile crisis that hit Europe, who is the main victim?” he asked. “Europe and its security.” The French president concluded that Europe needed a unified military in order to “protect” itself.

Macron has previously expressed his view that Europe should jointly coordinate military actions, the BBC reported. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has also backed such a plan, saying in June that it would be part of "the structure of defense cooperation.”

“It is up to us to guarantee European security,” Macron said in an August speech, adding that the continent could no longer rely on the U.S. for protection.

“President Macron's call for a greater European effort in defense derives from two sets of factors,” the BBC’s defense correspondent Jonathan Marcus explained, “his support for the greater European project on the one hand, but also horror at much that the Trump administration is doing on the other, with its overturning of treaties and so on.”

While Macron, who took office in May 2017, just a few months after Trump, initially appeared to have a positive relationship with the American president, they have since sparred publicly over numerous issues such as the Paris climate accords, trade tariffs and the Iran nuclear agreement. Last month, the French president stressed the importance of the Cold War–era Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in a direct discussion with Trump, after the White House signaled it would withdraw from the decades-old agreement.

Despite the French president’s warnings and concerns, he will host Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I on November 11 in Paris. At the end of October, Trump described the upcoming trip as “very exciting” in a tweet, and said he had just spoken to the French president to discuss the celebration.

However, Trump also described the European Union as a “foe” last summer. When asked about world powers he saw as threats to the U.S., the president mentioned the longtime U.S. allies first, before also pointing to Russia and China.

“Well, I think we have a lot of foes. I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade,” he said. “Now you wouldn't think of the European Union, but they're a foe."

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These are the interesting links from the past 24 hours:
כי לה' המלוכה על ידי מערכת כי לה' המלוכה
אירוע מוזר: דגים בים המלח – תאונות בכביש 90 | רמזים לגאולה

Security Incidents by
IDF Stops Arab Attempt to Stab Soldier In Kiryat Arba - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Terror Attack Averted In Kfar Adumim
Hamodia by Dov Benovadia
Border Guards Foil Stabbing in Maale Adumim
כיכר השבת על ידי דניאל הרץ
ניסיון דקירה נכשל: המחבלת נורתה ונוטרלה
כיכר השבת על ידי כיכר השבת
מזרח ירושלים: 3 ערבים נעצרו לאחר שיידו בקבוקי תבערה - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
French Police Investigating Violent Assaults on Two Young Jews in Paris in Single Week - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Terrorist Shot During Stabbing Attack Near Kiryat Arba by Algemeiner Staff
French Police Investigating Violent Assaults on Two Young Jews in Paris in Single Week
Yeshiva World News by Y.W. Editor
HATE IN LONG BEACH: Three Yeshiva Bochrim Shot With BB Gun

Iran by
With US Sanctions In Place, SWIFT Suspends Access to Certain Iranian Banks by
Pompeo: Iranian Economy Will ‘Crumble’ Under Newly Imposed US Sanctions
Hamodia by Hamodia
Iranian VP: Iran Able to Sell as Much Oil as It Needs Despite U.S. Pressure
Yeshiva World News by ZalmyX
WATCH THIS: Farrakhan Visits Iran, Calls America “Great Satan”; Leads ‘Death to Israel, Death to America’ Chants
Hamodia by Zalman Ahnsaf
Israel to Help U.S. Enforce Iran Sanctions - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Iran President Rouhani Warns Country Faces ‘War Situation’ As He Vows To Bypass New US Sanctions
worldtorahnews by Fox News
Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader, leads 'Death to America' chant in Iran by Algemeiner Staff
As Renewed US Sanctions Hit, Iranian Regime Test-Fires Missiles in Major Military Exercise Led by IRGC by Algemeiner Staff
Israeli PM Netanyahu Hails ‘Historic’ Reimposition of US Sanctions on Iran
Daily Wire by Hank Berrien
Trump Reimposes Sanctions On Iran. Iran Official Blusters U.S., Not Iran, Will Be Isolated
Yeshiva World News by Yekusiel
Iran Blames Denmark Assassination Plot On Alleged Israeli Conspiracy - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Iran Vows To Defy Us Sanctions And Resist ‘psychological Warfare’ As Embargo Takes Hold
Daily Wire by James Barrett
Farrakhan Leads 'Death To America, Israel' Chant In Iran
Hamodia by Hamodia
Iran Accuses Israel of Failed Cyberattack - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Guards Chief Says Iran Will Resist, Defeat US Sanctions
worldtorahnews by Fox News
Israeli PM praises US sanctions on Iran
worldtorahnews by Fox News
Iranians chant ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Down with US’ to mark anniversary of embassy takeover
Yeshiva World News by Yekusiel
Iran President Warns Of ‘War Situation’ As Sanctions Resume by Jonathan S. Tobin /
Did Trump Blink on Iran Sanctions? by Reuters and Algemeiner Staff
Iran Accuses Israel of Failed Cyber Attack

Asian-Australian Terrorism and Anti-Semitism by Reuters and Algemeiner Staff
Taliban Officials Say They Will Attend Moscow Peace Talks

European Terrorism and Anti-Semitism by
Dutch Parliament to Hold Hearing on PA Program Rewarding Terrorism by
Labour Party Branch Defeats Motion Condemning Tree of Life Antisemitic Shooting
Hamodia by Hamodia
Six People Arrested in France Over ‘Loose’ Plan to Attack Macron
כיכר השבת על ידי יוחנן בלייך
שרד את השואה: בגטו, בצריף מט ליפול: נחשף ספר תורה עתיק - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Watch: Egyptian Reporter Talks About His Trip To The Death Camps
Hamodia by Hamodia
Germany Tries 94-Year-Old Accused of Helping Nazis in Camp Murders - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
French Police Investigating Violent Assaults on Two Young Jews in Paris in Single Week by Algemeiner Staff
French Police Investigating Violent Assaults on Two Young Jews in Paris in Single Week

Mideast Terrorism and Anti-Semitism by
IDF Stops Arab Attempt to Stab Soldier In Kiryat Arba - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Terror Attack Averted In Kfar Adumim
Hamodia by Dov Benovadia
Border Guards Foil Stabbing in Maale Adumim
כיכר השבת על ידי דניאל הרץ
ניסיון דקירה נכשל: המחבלת נורתה ונוטרלה
Hamodia by Dov Benovadia
Shin Bet Head: Hundreds of Terror Attacks Thwarted This Year
Hamodia by Dov Benovadia
Partial Demolition Order Issued for Home of Barkan Terrorist
כיכר השבת על ידי כיכר השבת
מזרח ירושלים: 3 ערבים נעצרו לאחר שיידו בקבוקי תבערה
כיכר השבת על ידי ב. ניסני
"סיכלנו 480 פיגועים": ראש השב"כ ארגמן: "השקט היחסי מתעתע"
כיכר השבת על ידי דניאל הרץ
חודש אחרי: בית המחבל הרוצח מהפיגוע בברקן ייהרס
Yeshiva World News by Spira
PM Netanyahu Now Backs Bill Facilitating The Death Penalty For Terrorists - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Terrorist Shot During Stabbing Attack Near Kiryat Arba by
Bill Authorizing Death Penalty for Palestinian Murderers Given OK by Netanyahu

North American Terrorism and Anti-Semitism by Hannah Grossman
Alan Dershowitz on Trump, Israel, and Antisemitism by Manfred Gerstenfeld
An International View of the Pittsburgh Murders by
Labour Party Branch Defeats Motion Condemning Tree of Life Antisemitic Shooting by David M. Weinberg /
Israel Plays an Important Role in Fighting Antisemitism - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by Editor
Am Echad Letter to MKs Re Government Recognition of Reform and Conservative Movements in the Wake of the Pittsburgh Massacre
Yeshiva World News by Yekusiel
Police Accuse NC Man Of Threatening Synagogue, Burning Cross
Hamodia by Hamodia
Pipe Bomb Suspect Scheduled for Election Day Court Hearing
Yeshiva World News by ZalmyX
WATCH THIS: Farrakhan Visits Iran, Calls America “Great Satan”; Leads ‘Death to Israel, Death to America’ Chants
Hamodia by Hamodia
A Remarkable Reaction to a Horrible Event
Hamodia by Hamodia
Letter by Am Echad to Members of the Israeli Knesset - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Mother Of Mail Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc Says, ‘This Is Not How I Raised Him’ by Shiri Moshe
Professor: BDS Panel at University of Michigan Was an ‘Unrelentingly Anti-Israel Propaganda Fete’
Yeshiva World News by ZalmyX
HATE IN NYC: NYPD Looking For Suspects Who Threw Metal Pipe at Williamsburg Shul; Swastika Drawers Arrested [VIDEO]
Yeshiva World News by ZalmyX
Steelers’ Quarterback Wears Special Cleats to Honor Pittsburgh Victims
Yeshiva World News by Y.W. Editor
HATE IN LONG BEACH: Three Yeshiva Bochrim Shot With BB Gun
worldtorahnews by Fox News
Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader, leads 'Death to America' chant in Iran - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Twitter Apologizes After ‘Kill All Jews’ Becomes A Trending Topic - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
FAKE NEWS! Rumors Of A Bris At The Tree Of Life Synagogue Confirmed As False
Hamodia by Mordechai Wincorn
Jackson Mayor Calls out “Anti-Semitic” Campaign Material
Daily Wire by James Barrett
Farrakhan Leads 'Death To America, Israel' Chant In Iran

Prayers for Those in Need by
Israeli Health Ministry Launches Emergency Measles Vaccinations In Jerusalem
כיכר השבת על ידי דניאל הרץ
גבר חרדי נפצע בינוני לאחר שרכבו נפל עליו
כיכר השבת על ידי אלי רוטמן
עקב מות הפעוטה: פאניקה בשכונה: כך הילדים יחוסנו מחצבת - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Hundreds Gather In Mir’s Bais Yeshaya To Receive Vaccinations After Eight Talmidim Were Hospitalized With The Measles
Hamodia by Hamodia Staff
Eight Mir Yeshivah Bachurim Hospitalized With Measles - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Fire Breaks Out At Kosher Butcher Shop In Montreal
כיכר השבת על ידי דניאל הרץ
המלחמה בחצבת: משרד הבריאות התגייס
Yeshiva World News by Y.W. Editor
MAILBAG: Time to Stand Up to the Anti-Vaxxers
Hamodia by Mordechai Wincorn
Medical Organizations in Lakewood Respond to Measles Outbreak
Yeshiva World News by Poch854
Israel: Health Ministry Begins Taking Action Against Non-Vaccinated Children; Yeshivas Mir Urges Vaccinations

כיכר השבת על ידי כיכר השבת
בתוך הכינרת: לאחר 56 שנה: אותרה גופת הטייס הישראלי
כיכר השבת על ידי אלי רוטמן
עקב מות הפעוטה: פאניקה בשכונה: כך הילדים יחוסנו מחצבת
כיכר השבת על ידי ישי כהן
תיעוד: עצרת במלאות השבעה לפטירת השר דוד אזולאי
Hamodia by Dov Benovadia
Partial Demolition Order Issued for Home of Barkan Terrorist
Hamodia by Dror Halavy
Police: 40 People Killed in Road Accidents in October
כיכר השבת על ידי דניאל הרץ
חודש אחרי: בית המחבל הרוצח מהפיגוע בברקן ייהרס
כיכר השבת על ידי דניאל הרץ
תאונת עבודה?: טבריה: גבר נהרג ככל הנראה מנפילת אבנים
Yeshiva World News by Spira
Driver Involved In Fatal Crash That Killed The Atar Family Did Not Have A Medical Marijuana License
Hamodia by Hamodia Staff
Harav Binem Levin Z”l
Yeshiva World News by Spira
VIDEO: Police Arrest Mafia Suspect in Targeted Vehicle Explosion That Killed 2 in Tel Aviv - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Two Dead In Car Explosion In Southern Tel Aviv

Great Rabbis
כיכר השבת על ידי אריאל אלחרר
גלריה: הברית לנין מרן הגר"ע יוסף זיע"א - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Leading Poskim In Yerushalayim Rule That Everyone Must Be Vaccinated
כיכר השבת על ידי ישי כהן
תיעוד: נשיא בית הדין הגר"ד לאו ביקר בארצות הברית
כיכר השבת על ידי שאול כהנא
מתקפה חריפה: הרבי מערלוי על הריקוד במטה 'דגל' בחיפה: "צלם בהיכל"
Hamodia by Hamodia Staff
Harav Binem Levin Z”l

Miracles by
Dutch Parliament to Hold Hearing on PA Program Rewarding Terrorism - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Terrorist Shot During Stabbing Attack Near Kiryat Arba

Judaism - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Watch: R’ Yossi Serebryanski Shares His Inspiring Story
כיכר השבת על ידי יוחנן בלייך
ב'כינוס השלוחים': שליח חב"ד הפתיע את הנוכחים בכינוס בביצוע ראפ • צפו - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Watch: Chabad Speaker Raps Onstage At The Kinnus Shluchim - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by Editor
Am Echad Letter to MKs Re Government Recognition of Reform and Conservative Movements in the Wake of the Pittsburgh Massacre
כיכר השבת על ידי יוחנן בלייך
שרד את השואה: בגטו, בצריף מט ליפול: נחשף ספר תורה עתיק - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Leading Poskim In Yerushalayim Rule That Everyone Must Be Vaccinated - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
Photo: Orthodox Jews Spotted In The VIP Section Behind The President During A MAGA Rally In Cleveland
Myrtle Rising - Blog by Unknown
Rav Avigdor Miller on Non-Domestic Roles for Women
Hamodia by Hamodia Staff
Rabbinical Council of Europe Convened to Tackle the Challenges of the New Generation
כיכר השבת על ידי ישי כהן
בדיון חריג: בית הדין גזר שנת מאסר והסרבן הסכים לגרש
כיכר השבת על ידי כיכר השבת
חצות לילה בכותל: גשם ומתפללים • גלריה
Yeshiva World News by Y.W. Editor
5,600 Chabad Shluchim And Guests Reflect And Celebrate At International Banquet [VIDEOS & PHOTOS] - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
FAKE NEWS! Rumors Of A Bris At The Tree Of Life Synagogue Confirmed As False
Shirat Devorah by Devorah
Thoughts on the Migrant Caravan
Going Home ... To Yerushalayim by Neshama
Rabbi Mizrachi on Parshas Toldot
Yeshiva World News by Y.W. Editor
Photo Essay Part 1: Annual Chabad Kinnus Hashluchim Held In Rockland County; Attended By Nearly 6,000
worldtorahnews by JTA
At least 40,000 Jews gather in Hebron to mark biblical purchase of Cave of the Patriarchs

Election Stuff - The Online Voice of Torah Jewry by editor
ELECTION DAY: Control of Congress, and Verdict on Trump, at Stake in Midterm Elections by Reuters and Algemeiner Staff
Control of Congress, and Verdict on Trump, at Stake in US Elections
Yeshiva World News by Y.W. Editor
BLUE WAVE OR RED TSUNAMI? Americans Are Casting Votes To Decide
כיכר השבת על ידי שאול כהנא
מתקפה חריפה: הרבי מערלוי על הריקוד במטה 'דגל' בחיפה: "צלם בהיכל"
Emes Ve-Emunah by Harry Maryles
It's the Economy, Stupid! by
The Top 10 House Races of Concern to Jewish Voters

          SIGMA Released 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM Firmware Update for Canon      Cache   Translate Page      

Sigma announced that a new firmware update for the SIGMA 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM | Contemporary for Canon…

Continue reading

The post SIGMA Released 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM Firmware Update for Canon appeared first on Daily Camera News.

          Un projet d'"action violente" contre Macron déjoué      Cache   Translate Page      
Six personnes soupçonnées de préparer une action violente contre Emmanuel Macron ont été arrêtées mardi par les services antiterroristes. Elles appartiennent à la mouvance d'extrême droite.
           UE. Un disparado Macron aboga por la creación de â€Å“un verdadero ejército europeo†      Cache   Translate Page      
          Next Generation Sequencing Market Share,Trends,Business Strategy and Forecast to 2025      Cache   Translate Page      
(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 06, 2018 ) An exclusive Next Generation Sequencing Market research report created through broad primary research (inputs from industry experts, companies, and stakeholders) and secondary research, the report aims to present the analysis of Global Next Generation Sequencing Market by Type, By Application, By Region - North America, Europe, South America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The report intends to provide cutting-edge market intelligence and help decision makers take sound investment evaluation. Besides, the report also identifies and analyses the emerging trends along with major drivers, challenges and opportunities in the global Next Generation Sequencing Market. Additionally, the report also highlights market entry strategies for various companies across the globe.

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Leading Next Generation Sequencing Market Players:
1. Illumina, Inc.
2. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
3. Qiagen N.V.
4. Beijing Genomics Institute
5. Perkinelmer, Inc.
6. F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
7. Agilent Technologies
8. Eurofins Scientific
9. Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Ltd.
10. Macrogen, Inc.

Worldwide Next Generation Sequencing Market Analysis to 2025 is a specialized and in-depth study of the Next Generation Sequencing industry with a focus on the global market trend. The report aims to provide an overview of global Next Generation Sequencing Market with detailed market segmentation by product/application and geography. The global Next Generation Sequencing Market is expected to witness high growth during the forecast period. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the players and offers key trends and opportunities in the market.

The report provides a detailed overview of the industry including both qualitative and quantitative information. It provides overview and forecast of the global Next Generation Sequencing Market based on product and application. It also provides market size and forecast till 2025 for overall Next Generation Sequencing Market with respect to five major regions, namely; North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (MEA) and South America (SAM), which is later sub-segmented by respective countries and segments. The report evaluates market dynamics effecting the market during the forecast period i.e., drivers, restraints, opportunities, and future trend and provides exhaustive PEST analysis for all five regions.

Also, key Next Generation Sequencing Market players influencing the market are profiled in the study along with their SWOT analysis and market strategies. The report also focuses on leading industry players with information such as company profiles, products and services offered, financial information of last 3 years, key development in past five years.

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Complete Report is Available at

Sameer Joshi

Source: EmailWire.Com
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De Franse auto­mobilisten slikken de ­stijgende brand­stofprijzen niet ­langer. Op meer dan 500 plaatsen in het land willen ze het verkeer lamleggen. President Emmanuel Macron zegt de ­woede te ­begrijpen, maar wil niet in­binden. “Ik voer liever extra ­belastingen in op brandstof dan op werk.”

          Attack on President Macron foiled after police arrest six members of the 'far-right' across France      Cache   Translate Page      
French security services arrested the six in three separate areas of France: Isere, southeast of Lyon; Moselle, on the border with Germany and Luxembourg; and in Ille-et-Vilaine, in the northwest.
          Macron calls for 'European army' to 'protect against China, Russia'      Cache   Translate Page      
The French President said China and Russia were becoming increasingly powerful, and that the U.S. under President Donald Trump could not be relied upon for defence.
          Misión argentina viaja a China en busca de inversiones para infraestructura      Cache   Translate Page      

Macri y presidente de China, Argentina y China, política


Tras el nuevo acuerdo con el Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI), una misión oficial viajará a China esta semana, en un "road show", cuyo objetivo principal es el de brindar información sobre el contexto macroeconómico argentino y sus perspectivas en un intento por fortalecer los lazos con el Gobierno, bancos e inversores de ese país.


La comitiva estará integrada por el asesor presidencial y presidente del BICE, Francisco Cabrera; el titular del Banco Central, Guido Sandleris; y el secretario de Finanzas, Santiago Bausili; entre otros funcionarios.


Las actividades comenzarán el 7 de noviembre en la ciudad de Pekin y se prolongarán durante tres días, con una agenda que incluye un encuentro con empresas chinas y cerca de diez reuniones con diversas entidades públicas y privadas.


Los funcionarios nacionales también mantendrán encuentros con Exim Bank, la entidad ejecutora de la política gubernamental de industria, comercio internacional, diplomacia y economía; el Banco de Desarrollo de China, responsable de recaudar los fondos para financiar grandes proyectos de infraestructura; y Bank of China, uno de los cuatro bancos comerciales del Estado más grandes del gigante asiático.


El Gobierno destacó que "la inversión china en la Argentina se ha incrementado significativamente en los últimos años, al pasar de USD 21 millones en 2005 a USD 1.246 millones en 2016.

          Empresas argentinas, investigadas por Estados Unidos en causa de Cuadernos K      Cache   Translate Page      

 Cuadernos de coimas K - Justicia


El gobierno de Estados Unidos activó sus mecanismos contra la corrupción a raíz de los casos derivados de los Cuadernos de Coimas K en la Argentina.


La Adminsitración de Donald Trump mandó a Buenos Aires a varios emisarios para reunir información del caso y poner la lupa sobrevarias empresas argentinas.


Uno de los enviados es del Departamento de Justicia; y el otro perteneces a la Comisión de Valores. Ambos mantuvieron varias reuniones en nuestro país; como por ejemplo, las que tuvieron con investigadores de la pesquisa que dio inicio con las anotaciones del chofer del Ministerio de Planificación, Oscar Centeno en sus cuadernos, y también otras con los fiscales locales que llevan el caso Techint.


Los emisarios del Gobierno estadounidense llegaron a Buenos Aires para articipar en un evento sobre "soborno trasnacional" de la Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económicos (OCDE), que incluyó a la Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV) local y a la Procuraduría de Criminalidad Económica y Lavado de Activos (Procelac). Pero ya en Buenos Aires pidieron reunirse con quienes investigan a empresas argentinas que cotizan en Wall Street con acciones conocidas como "ADRs".


Las empresas que están siendo observadas de cerca por el Gobierno de Trump son Techint -mediante Ternium y Tenaris-, Corporación América y Pampa Energía, por coimas, y el Banco Macro, por la causa Ciccone.


Los enviados norteamericanos quiere determinar si abren investigaciones basadas en la ley de prácticas corruptas en el extranjero" (FCPA, en inglés); una norma que establece sanciones civiles y penales para las firmas que pueden ir desde multas millonarias hasta la suspensión para conseguir contratos con el gobierno de los Estados Unidos y otros organismos multilaterales. También multas y penas de hasta 20 años de prisión para sus accionistas, ejecutivos e intermediarios.


Una investigación conjunta puede derivar perfectamente en sanciones por sus ilícitos comprobados en la Argentina o con el archivo del expediente.


Por eso, además de su reunión con los fiscales de la causa de los cuadernos de las coimas, Carlos Stornelli y Carlos Rívolo, los enviados se reunieron con los fiscales Paloma Ochoa y Eduardo Taiano, que impulsan causas por sospechas de sobornos vinculados a Techint en Brasil e Italia.

puntual sobre dos ejecutivos de Techint, Héctor Zabaleta y Luis Betnaza, que ya reconocieron ante el juez Claudio Bonadio que le dieron dinero "sucio" a Roberto Baratta , colaborador del entonces ministro Julio De Vido . Betnaza dijo que lo había hecho por razones "humanitarias" para permitir la salida de Venezuela de empleados de Sidor acosados por el gobierno chavista. Esa empresa, que era de Techint, terminó estatizada (y finalmente el holding recibió 1900 millones de dólares).


Luego de las confesiones de Zabaleta y Betnaza, Bonadio citó a Paolo Rocca, que no es un arrepentido, el 5 de octubre. Contrariamebte, sostuvo que se enteró de esos pagos ilegales por la prensa y que Betnaza actuó con "autonomía", incluso para disponer de fondos que extrajo de los "dividendos de los socios".


Los voceros de Techint -consultados por un medio periodístico- han expresado que hasta ahora, el holding "no recibió ningún contacto de ningún emisario del Departamento de Justicia o de la SEC".


El grupo afronta investigaciones judiciales en Italia y Brasil por presuntos pagos de sobornos, con distintos grados de avance procesal. En Milán, el fiscal Fabio Di Pasquale, requirió la indagatoria de Rocca, mientras que el Tribunal de Cuentas de la Unión (TCU) brasileño le prohibió a Techint presentarse a licitaciones federales durante cinco años, decisión que el holding busca revertir en sede judicial.


El viaje de los emisarios a la Argentina es la primera movida que se conoce de parte de organismos de Estados Unidos desde que se hizo público el escándalo de los cuadernos.


Hace pocos días, otros abogados de otros estudios norteamericanos también pasaron por Buenos Aires para estudiar la situación.


Algunos de estos buffetes de abogados sugirieron medidas "protectivas" o "de cobertura" a sus clientes, mientras que otros desembarcaron en la Argentina en busca de denunciantes que quieran presentarse como "whistleblovers" ante la SEC para, si prospera la denuncia que radiquen en Washington, cobrar una jugosa recompensa.


También afectó las fuentes extyranjeras de financiamiento de los proyectos de participación público-privada, que la Casa Rosada busca reforzar con garantías que podría aportar el Banco Nación, con la supervisión del Banco Central.

          Coopération franco-allemande : Jean Rottner et Tobias Hans adressent un courrier à Emmanuel Macron      Cache   Translate Page      

Ce mardi 6 novembre 2018, la Région Grand Est a accueilli pour la 1ère fois à Strasbourg le gouvernement du Land de Sarre pour la tenue d’un Conseil des Ministres décentralisé et la signature d’un accord portant sur l’amélioration des transports ferroviaires transfrontaliers. A cette occasion et en perspective du nouveau Traité de l’Elysée, qui […]

Cet article Coopération franco-allemande : Jean Rottner et Tobias Hans adressent un courrier à Emmanuel Macron est apparu en premier sur Remiremont Info.

          Le champ pénal et ses hybridations « en actes » : institutions et expériences des publics      Cache   Translate Page      
Tsantsa, la revue de la Société suisse d’ethnologie lance un appel à contribution pour le dossier « Le champ pénal et ses hybridations “en actes” : institutions et expériences des publics ». Les auteur∙e∙s sont invité∙e∙s à soumettre des propositions qui explorent les diverses relations entre logique pénale et sociale au sein du champ pénal en se référant à différentes perspectives en sciences sociales. Nous privilégierons des contributions empiriques utilisant un dispositif de recherche ethnographique conséquent, portant sur des terrains d’enquête situés tant en Suisse que dans d’autres contextes nationaux. Les contributions de tout niveau analytique sont les bienvenues : micro , méso ou macro.
           Cum ar putea arăta armata europeană dorită de Emmanuel Macron?      Cache   Translate Page      
Pe plan operaţional, o asemenea armată ar putea funcţiona pe modelul NATO. Organizaţia Tratatului Atlanticului de Nord, care reuneşte Statele Unite, Canada şi numeroase ţări europene, poate trimite în operaţiuni externe în străinătate soldaţi din diferite ţări. Dar mai trebuie creat un comandament european, adică un fel de stat major comun, potrivit Le Parisien, citat de Rador.

          Aide aux transports : une usine à gaz pour faire redescendre la pression      Cache   Translate Page      
Pour desamorcer le mouvement des << gilets jaunes >>, Emmanuel Macron pourrait generaliser une aide destinee a compenser la hausse des taxes sur les carburants.
           Comment on About by Pail Writer       Cache   Translate Page      
Holly SQL Macros, Thanks for the caution. I didn't know. Okay, I'll stick with MeasureUp and my books. On a side note, there's you a subject for an article, SQL macros and macro sets.
          US decision to quit INF Treaty puts Europe at risk — Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
          File: Brikks:: Brikks - Excel Version - Solo Play - Formulas only - No Macros      Cache   Translate Page      

by buckeTde

New File: Brikks - Excel Version - Solo Play - Formulas only - No Macros for Board Game: Brikks
          Amadou Lamarana Diallo, président de l'association des enfants des tirailleurs sénégalais de Guinée est notre inivté      Cache   Translate Page      
Le président de l'association des enfants des tirailleurs sénégalais de Guinée Amadou Lamarana Diallo réagit à l’inauguration par Emmanuel Macron d’un monument en mémoire aux soldats africains de la première guerre mondiale.
          French Authorities Make Arrests In Alleged Plot Against Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Watch Video French authorities have arrested six people in connection to a suspected plot to attack French President Emmanuel Macron.  According to French intelligence officials, one woman and five men were taken into custody Tuesday in three separate regions of the ...
          6 arrested in suspected plot to attack French leader Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
French security agents arrested six people Tuesday on suspicion of plotting to attack French President Emmanuel Macron, according to a French judicial official. Prosecutors have opened a preliminary…
          Egy Macron ellen tervezett merénylet miatt fogtak el hat szélsőjobboldalit Franciaországban      Cache   Translate Page      

Különböző helyszíneken csaptak le rájuk.

          Attack Planned And Foiled Against French President      Cache   Translate Page      
Politics in France are a bit of an issue, with an attack planned on President Macron. Thankfully it did not happen. Here's the story.
          France Arrests Six Over Plot To Attack Macron: Official      Cache   Translate Page      
French police on Tuesday arrested five men and a woman, all from the radical far right, suspected of plotting to attack French President Emmanuel Macron. Sources say France’s domestic spy agency (DGSI) ordered the raids in three different regions. The agency reportedly obtained intelligence ...
          Re: [PATCH] apparmor: Change to use DEFINE_SHOW_ATTRIBUTE macro      Cache   Translate Page      
Frank Lee writes: Sorry,I will send the second version of the patch.
On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 9:17 AM kbuild test robot <> wrote: Intel Corporation Intel Corporation
          Re: [PATCH] apparmor: Change to use DEFINE_SHOW_ATTRIBUTE macro      Cache   Translate Page      
kbuild test robot writes: (Summary) Yet something to improve:
[auto build test ERROR on security/next-testing]
[also build test ERROR on v4.20-rc1 next-20181106]
[if your patch is applied to the wrong git tree, please drop us a note to help improve the system] [if your patch is applied to the wrong git tree, please drop us a note to help improve the system] url: base: next-testing config: ia64-allmodconfig (attached as .config)
compiler: ia64-linux-gcc (GCC) 8.1.0
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack France’s President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
The arrests were made in different locations across the country.
           668- For Sale Two Attaches Villas in Saar – Saraya 1       Cache   Translate Page      
السعر: 170,000 د. ب, غرف نوم: 4, الحمامات: 4, المساحة (م٢): 227,
For Sale Two Attaches Villas in Saar – Saraya 1
Near Macro Mart
With high standard finishing
Each with separate title deed
Villa Consist of:
4 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
3 kitchens
Maid’s room
Laundry room
Garage for 2 Cars
Land Size: 227 sqm
Build up Area: 400 sqm
Asking Price: BD 170...
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Tổng thống Pháp kêu gọi châu Âu chống lại Trung Cộng, Nga, và cả Hoa Kỳ      Cache   Translate Page      
Paris, Pháp – Tổng thống Pháp Emmanuel Macron, vào Thứ Ba (6 tháng 11), đã kêu gọi các quân đội của châu Âu nên tự vệ chống lại Nga và thậm chí cả Hoa Kỳ. Ông Macro nói, châu Âu cần giảm phụ thuộc vào sức mạnh của Hoa Kỳ, nhất là sau khi Tổng thống […]
          Emmanuel Macron revives idea of 'true European' army outside NATO      Cache   Translate Page      

French President Emmanuel Macron is once again stoking debate over the need for a Europe-wide military force to defend against an increasingly aggressive Russia, a force that critics fear could undercut and compete with the transatlantic NATO alliance.

Mr. Macron in a radio interview this week voiced the need for ...

          Macron wants 'Euro army' to combat China, Russia and US      Cache   Translate Page      

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, has called for a "real European army" to defend the continent against Russia, China and even the US.
          Members of French 'far-right' arrested over suspected plot to attack Macron      Cache   Translate Page      

A gun and grenade material was found at home of an alleged terror ringleader plotting to attach the French President.
          Molde Porta Moedas Maçã 🍎 🍏 Money Zippered Apple Pouch      Cache   Translate Page      
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          IRIX 150mm f/2.8 MACRO 1:1 lens additional coverage      Cache   Translate Page      

The new Irix 150mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 lens for Nikon F-mount will start shipping in December - the current date listed at the B&H pre-order page is December 26th. Some more information on the new lens (see also this post): Irix 150mm f/2.8 is a modern and versatile macro telephoto lens designed for full-frame high-resolution […]

The post IRIX 150mm f/2.8 MACRO 1:1 lens additional coverage appeared first on Nikon Rumors.

          Sur le terrain, les députés macronistes sont confrontés à la colère des Français      Cache   Translate Page      
Des élus de la majorité mettent en garde contre le risque d'un mécontentement durable lié au pouvoir d'achat.
          Carburants : les pistes du gouvernement pour calmer la grogne se précisent      Cache   Translate Page      
Chèque énergie, barème des frais kilométriques... Emmanuel Macron a annoncé une série de mesures pour compenser la hausse des prix du diesel et de l'essence.
          Jérôme Jaffré : «Les Français ont le sentiment d'une impasse politique»      Cache   Translate Page      
INTERVIEW - Le directeur du Centre d'études et de connaissances sur l'opinion publique (Cecop) analyse l'impopularité d'Emmanuel Macron. Il souligne le désarroi du peuple à l'égard de la politique.
          Des Éparges à Verdun, Macron rattrapé par le coût du carburant      Cache   Translate Page      
REPORTAGE - Au troisième jour de son «itinérance mémorielle», le chef de l'État a été vivement interpellé sur l'augmentation de la CSG et sur la hausse des prix du gasoil.
          UN ADOLESCENTE FUERA DE SERIE      Cache   Translate Page      

(Tercera parte)(Tercera parte)

Como es común en estos niños, la cavidad oral se encuentra algo más cerrada y la lengua algo más "grande", sin embargo, el pequeño Roberto no presentó la macroglosis casi habitual que presentan muchos de estos niños, pero si el paladar algo más limitado, por lo que a través de su tía, Diana Gloria, dentista profesional, y de una ortodoncista, se le coloca una pieza de plástico fija con la cual la cavidad oral en general se fue expandiendo hasta alcanzar el tamaño requerido.

"Mudó" al tiempo que se presenta habitualmente y con los cuidados odontológicos que recibió durante estos años, podemos decir que posee una dentadura "casi perfecta". Durante tres años, los pasó en maternal, después es inscrito en una escuela primera donde cursó los seis años de primaria; al llegar a los 13 años, ingresa a una escuela secundaria privada en la cual sus compañeros de grupo se convirtieron "en sus ángeles guardianes", pues se ganó la estimación de todos ellos y cada uno de los mismos se encargaron de orientarlo de donde se encontraban, por decir, los sanitarios y otros salones más.

Con las limitaciones propias de su síndrome, el pequeño Roberto, pero con un entusiasmo sorprendente, ve transcurrir el paso de los años, pero gracias a las atenciones que ha recibido de sus padres y demás familiares, cursó la instrucción primaria; como perteneciente a una familia con costumbres religiosas, un día llevó a cabo la Primera Comunión en la Iglesia del Dulce Corazón de María allá por 2014, siendo su madrina su querida tía Diana Gloria.

De igual forma, lo orientaron a llevar a cabo algún deporte y este consistió en correr, por lo que en compañía de sus padres, participa en carreras pedestres. Observando sus padres que al pequeño Roberto le encantaba la música, ya que veían que cualquier objeto lo utilizaba como "instrumento musical", lo ingresaron a una academia de música durante dos años, en los cuales llegó a tocar varios instrumentos musicales, entre los cuales destacó en guitarra, pero sobre todo, en batería.

También, se le orientó en tocar alguno de ellos, sobre todo, el joven Roberto se aficionó a todos los instrumentos que componen la batería, al grado que en un aniversario de vida le regalaron una batería musical, obsequio que mucho complació al joven Roberto.

Sus caracteres sexuales secundarios fueron apareciendo en los tiempos en que suelen presentarse, y vale la pena mencionar que desde muy joven empezó a presentar un notorio bigote que le hacía sentirse muy bien. Sin ahondar en este tema, sus padres consideran que todos ellos se vienen presentando en los momentos en que suelen hacerlo.

Cerca de llegar a los 15 años de edad, sus padres le ofrecen como regalo un viaje por el interior del país, o bien, a alguna playa; sin embargo, Roberto les manifestó su deseo de que se le organizara una fiesta de aniversario; no hubo poder humano que le hiciera desistir de esta idea, de este deseo y sus padres entusiasmados por el deseo de su hijo de celebrar este acontecimiento, pusieron de su parte toda la imaginación con tal de complacer a su hijo en esta fecha tan especial, y se dieron a la tarea de organizar la más hermosa e inolvidable de las fiestas de aniversario que pudiera vivir su amado hijo.

Más información en El Siglo de Torreón

          "Macron'a suikast girişimi" iddiası!      Cache   Translate Page      
Gözaltına alınan 6 kişinin aşırı sağcı oldukları belirtildi
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          China promete abrir su mercado frente al proteccionismo de Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
Pekín organiza una macroferia para subrayar su rol de comprador global
          Suikast planlayan 6 kişi yakalandı      Cache   Translate Page      
Suikast planlayan 6 kişi yakalandı
Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Emmanuel Macron'a suikast planladıkları belirtilen 6 kişinin yakalandığı açıklandı. Uyrukları ve herhangi bir terör örgütüne üye olup olmadıkları konusunda detay verilmeyen 6 kişinin...Devamı için tıklayınız
          Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Macron'a suikast girişimi!      Cache   Translate Page      
Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Macron'a suikast girişimi!
Fransa'da aşırı sağcı olduğu iddia edilen altı kişi Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Emmanuel Macron'a saldırı planladığı gerekçesi ile gözaltına alındı.Devamı için tıklayınız
          Macron'dan 'Avrupa Birliği ordusu' çıkışı      Cache   Translate Page      
Macron'dan 'Avrupa Birliği ordusu' çıkışı
Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Emmanuel Macron, Avrupa güvenliği sorununa bir kez daha değindi. Macron; Rusya tehlikesine dikkat çekerek Avrupa Birliği'nin kendisine ait bir ordusu olmadığı sürece Avrupalıların...Devamı için tıklayınız
          France's Macron pushes for 'true European army'      Cache   Translate Page      
French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that Europeans cannot be protected without a "true, European army", as he marks the centenary of the World War One Armistice.
          Tin vắn 06.11.2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Nhóm Spice Girls trình diễn tại Vancouver ngày 02/12/2007.

(AFP)Spice Girls tái hợp

Nhóm nhạc pop nữ nổi tiếng của Anh quốc trong thập niên 90 hôm qua 05/11/2018 loan báo sẽ tái hợp trong sáu buổi trình diễn vào tháng 6/2019 tại Anh.

Lần này chỉ còn bốn gương mặt Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton và Geri Halliwell, nhưng Victoria Beckham rất có thể sẽ tham gia vòng lưu diễn.

Hai tổng thống Donald Trump và Vladimir Putin tại Helsinki, Phần Lan ngày 03/07/2018.
(Reuters)Kremlin : Trump và Putin chỉ tiếp xúc ngắn tại Paris

Điện Kremlin hôm nay 06/11/2018 cho biết tổng thống Nga Vladimir Putin và đồng nhiệm Hoa Kỳ Donald Trump chỉ gặp gỡ chớp nhoáng vào cuối tuần tới ở Paris để thảo luận về một cuộc gặp thượng đỉnh song phương trong tương lai.

Theo phía Nga, một cuộc tay đôi Trump-Putin bên lề lễ kỷ niệm 100 năm Đệ nhất Thế chiến kết thúc, vào ngày 11/11, không thể tổ chức được vì quá phức tạp.

Đoàn di dân đến Mexico City ngày 05/11/2018.
(AFP)Honduras và Guatemala muốn chặn luồng di dân sang Mỹ

Tổng thống Honduras, Juan Orlando và đồng nhiệm Guatemala, Jimmy Morales hôm qua 05/11/2018 đã thỏa thuận về một kế hoạch hành động nhằm giải quyết tận gốc các nguyên nhân khiến công dân nước mình kéo nhau thành đoàn sang Mỹ, chủ yếu là đầu tư tạo công ăn việc làm.

Các đoàn di dân đã gây phẫn nộ cho tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump trong bối cảnh cuộc bầu cử giữa kỳ. Đoàn đầu tiên gồm 4.000 người chiều qua đã đến Mêhicô.

Người nhập cư Venezuela xếp hàng xin giấy tạm trú tại Peru, 30/10/2018.
(AFP)Châu Âu gia hạn trừng phạt một năm đối với Venezuela

Hôm nay 06/11/2018, 28 nước Liên hiệp Châu Âu (EU) loan báo kéo dài thêm một năm, đến tháng 11/2019, các biện pháp trừng phạt để buộc chế độ của ông Nicolas Maduro phải tôn trọng Nhà nước pháp quyền và dân chủ.

Năm 2017, EU đã cấm vận vũ khí và các vật liệu có thể dùng để đàn áp, đưa ra danh sách đen 18 quan chức bị cấm nhập cảnh và phong tỏa tài sản, trong đó có phó tổng thống Delcy Rodriguez.

Những xác người được khai quật từ một hố chôn tập thể ở Irak.
(Reuters)Irak : Phát hiện trên 200 hố chôn tập thể các nạn nhân của Daech

Có 202 hố chôn tập thể chứa 6.000 đến 12.000 xác người đã được Liên Hiệp Quốc phát hiện hôm nay 06/11/2018 tại bốn tỉnh ở miền bắc và miền tây Irak, nơi quân thánh chiến của tổ chức Nhà nước Hồi giáo (IS, Daech) chiếm giữ đến tháng 12/2017.

Các nạn nhân gồm phụ nữ, trẻ em, người già, người tàn tật, nhưng có cả quân nhân và cảnh sát.

Áp-phích chỉ trích thủ tướng Hungary bên ngoài Nghị viện Châu Âu, 06/11/2018.
(AFP)Hungary tổ chức tham vấn về gia đình, chỉ trích EU

Hungary hôm qua 05/11/2018 khởi động một cuộc thăm dò ý kiến trên cả nước về chính sách gia đình, đồng thời tố cáo Liên Hiệp Châu Âu muốn giải quyết vấn đề dân số thông qua nhập cư.

Khoảng 8 triệu cử tri được yêu cầu cho biết ý kiến : để giải quyết vấn đề dân số giảm, nên chăng tăng trợ giúp cho các gia đình, coi thời kỳ thai nghén là việc làm toàn thời gian, thay vì chấp nhận di dân.

          Multiculturalismul a dat faliment. Până și elitele globaliste au început să se teamă că imigranții din Orientul Mijlociu și Africa de Nord nu pot fi integrați cu succes în societatea europeană      Cache   Translate Page      
“Multiculturalismul a dat faliment. Până și elitele globaliste au început să se teamă că imigranții din Orientul Mijlociu și Africa de Nord nu pot fi integrați cu succes în societatea europeană. Președintele francez Emmanuel Macron spunea în martie anul trecut … Continuă lectura
          Les Eparges: Macron annonce l'entrée au Panthéon de "ceux de 14"      Cache   Translate Page      
Depuis les Eparges, dans la Meuse, Emmanuel Macron annonce l'entrée l'an prochain au Panthéon de l'écrivain Maurice Genevoix et, à titre...
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Berencana Serang Presiden, Polisi Prancis Tangkap Enam Orang      Cache   Translate Page      
Enam orang ini diduga terlibat jaringan terorisme dan ingin menyerang Presiden Emmanuel Macron. 
          Revamping the White Garden      Cache   Translate Page      

It happens all the time…I plant and plant and plant, and then 5 years later I end up removing half of what I’ve planted because its all got overgrown and messy! I bet none of you ever do this…..;)

Not only that, but I’ve been experimenting with some herbaceous perennials, which I never really had room for in my first two gardens. I’ve now decided that a lot of them aren’t for me. They are too much work, they grow too big and they only flower once, some for a brief time. The kind of herbaceous perennials I like are things like some Hardy Geraniums, Phlox, Scabious, Erigeron, Alstoemerias, perennial Nemesia…things that flower on and on.

So here’s what I’ve done with half of the white garden. First, a shot of how it was in August this year. A lot of green!

And now…ready for the winter…

The Carex ‘Evereste’ is invaluable for winter interest. I’ve moved the Camellia and removed the sprawling flowering currant bush. The Lilac ‘Madame Lemoine’ looks smaller because I removed the lowest branches. Out came Fuchsia ‘Hawkshead’ which was far too crowded out to thrive. I’ve also removed the conifer and replaced it with a white-flowering Pieris that I had in a container. Out came an old and failing Heuchera ‘Thomas’ and I’ve moved a few things around to fill in gaps. Out came spent aquilegias, very tall Japanese Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ which spreads all over the place, and a geranium macrorrhizum that was also all over the place. This has made room for a small Sarcococca which was very unhappy in the sunnier front garden. They need shade. There was a lot of creeping buttercup, nettle and Ground Elder, but they will come back no matter how often I weed. Now there’s room to enjoy the hellebores, the spring bulbs and the white rose can breathe at last. I just hope I can stop myself filling it all up again! I will look out for a smaller Anemone for late Summer…perhaps ‘Whirlygig’ which I loved in my last garden.

The other half of the white garden is where all the ferns are. there are also some taller shrubs, and although it is a bit crammed, the birds really enjoy the shrubs for cover as they feed from the bird table in there. I might remove another fern, but apart from that I’m happy with it at the moment.

Its a long haul till Spring, but this is what I have to look forward to….

          Macron’a suikast planı suçlamasıyla 6 kişi gözaltına alındı      Cache   Translate Page      

Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Emmanuel Macron’a suikast planladıkları iddiasıyla 6 kişi gözaltına alındı. Fransa İçişleri Bakanlığı şüphelilerin aşırı sağ gruplarla bağlantılarının olduğunu açıkladı.

Fransa'da Cumhurbaşkanı Emmanuel Macron’a suikast planladıkları suçlamasıyla altı kişi gözaltına alındı.

Fransız istihbarat servisi DGSI’nin yürüttüğü soruşturma kapsamında Isere, Ille-et-Vilaine ve Moselle bölgelerinde yapılan operasyonlarda biri kadın 6 kişi gözaltına alındı. Gözaltına alınanların aşırı sağcı gruplarla bağlantıları olduğu ve yaşlarının 22 ile 62 arasında değiştiği açıklandı. 

CNN International’a ismini vermeden konuşan bir emniyet yetkilisine göre, soruşturma Fransa Cumhurbaşkanına yönelik şiddet eylemi için yapılan “özensiz ve gevşek” bir plan hakkında yürütülüyor.

Fransa'da sosyal güvenlik reformu nedeniyle protestolar yükselirken, Macron'un halk desteği düşüyor. Faşist parti Ulusal Birlik lideri Marine Le Pen ise son yapılan anketlerde Macron'un önünde gözüküyor.


          AB Komisyonu Genişlemeden Sorumlu üyesi: Türkiye'yle müzakere sonlansın      Cache   Translate Page      

AB Komisyonu'nun Genişlemeden Sorumlu üyesi Hahn, Türkiye üyelik müzakerelerinin nihai olarak sonlandırılmasını istedi. Hahn, müzaekerelerin 'gerçek stratejik partnerlik yolunu kapattığını' savundu.

Avrupa Birliği Komisyonu'nun Genişlemeden Sorumlu üyesi Johannes Hahn, Die Welt gazetesine verdiği demeçte Türkiye'nin AB üyelik müzakerelerinin nihai olarak sonlandırılması gerektiğini söyledi. Hahn, "Türkiye'nin AB'ye öngörülebilecek bir tarihte üye olması gerçekçi değil. Türkiye ve AB için uzun vadede yeni yollara girilmesi ve üyelik müzakerelerinin bitirilmesi daha dürüstçe olur" dedi.   

DW Türkçe'nin haberine göre AB Komisyonu'nun Avusturyalı üyesi Hahn, Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Emmanuel Macron'un AB üyelik müzakerelerinde ilerleme sağlanma şansına şüpheyle yaklaşan açıklamalarına da atıfta bulundu. Hahn, "Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Macron'un açıklamalarına ve AB üyesi diğer ülkelerdeki havaya baktığımda Türkiye'nin öngörülen bir zamanda AB'ye üye olması gerçekçi değil" diye konuştu.


Türkiye ile 2005 yılından bu yana devam eden üyelik müzakerelerine bağlı kalınmasının "gerçekçi stratejik partnerlik yolunu kapattığını" ifade eden Hahn, "AB ve Türkiye her iki tarafın da çıkarlarına uygun olarak yeni, stratejik bir partnerlik için çabalamalı" dedi.

Hahn tarafların enerji, göç, Suriye'nin yeniden inşası ve Gümrük Birliği gibi alanlarda işbirliği yapabileceğini belirtti. AB üyesi ülkeler Haziran ayında Türkiye ile Gümrük Birliği'nin genişletilmesine yönelik müzakerelere başlamama kararı almıştı.

          Anschlag auf Emmanuel Macron geplant? - Sechs Verdächtige festgenommen      Cache   Translate Page      
Frankreichs Präsident Emmanuel Macron ist Medienberichten zufolge einem geplanten Anschlag entgangen. Sechs Verdächtige wurden festgenommen.
          Soul Survivors      Cache   Translate Page      
How saving even unsung historic buildings keeps the city’s character intact.

Our town is nothing if not giddy these days with each announcement of a planning or development scheme. Vision statements and building starts percolate daily from many directions, or so it seems. A James River Park System plan, revising the downtown plan, a proposal to eliminate Monroe Ward's surface parking lots, the $1.4 billion dollar Coliseum-Navy Hill redevelopment, replacing the Diamond, establishing a historic district in Blackwell, and a sweeping, updated master plan for Virginia Commonwealth University are all in the works.

Then there are ideas to improve the Jefferson Davis Highway corridor, build new housing on the site of old Armstrong High School, develop a medical building at the former Westhampton School, and conducting an international design competition for re-imagining Confederate-infused Monument Avenue.

Scott's Addition and Manchester continue to blossom, while along Brookland Park Boulevard and its vicinity, developers are shifting pedestrian-scaled projects into gear. Meanwhile building cranes loom over downtown, Jackson Ward and the flood wall on both sides of the river. Newly topped-off buildings punctuate the Manchester and Financial District skylines as site plans are flying off drawing boards for taller residential buildings along the path of the Pulse.

And this just in: Public input from a recent Richmond Times-Dispatch public square meeting included one on the 75 item wish list: to ramp up the city's population to 500,000.


But here's the thing, in our rush to be macro — that is, taller, faster, denser, more intensive and more inclusive — we need to keep a cautious and protective focus on the micro. That entails holding tightly to the things that make Richmond, well, Richmond.

Of course, a list of what those things entail varies depending on whom you ask, but many agree that Richmond is predisposed to conservatism, for better or worse. This go-slowly attitude means that the region is emerging from some relatively sleepy decades, compared to the go-go, boom-boom aggressiveness of such cities to the south as Charlotte, Atlanta and Miami. This also means that Richmond has maintained much of the architectural soul of what makes it special, even quirky. Many of our old and newer historic neighborhoods, from Church Hill and Woodland Heights to Barton Heights, Hermitage Road and Lakeside to Scott's Addition, have never looked better.

However, disturbing things can accompany so-called progress, even in a city that proceeds with caution.

While the dizzying growth of VCU is, on balance, positive, the population and physical expansion have presented some cautionary situations. In Oregon Hill, after years of attempting to balance town vs. gown dynamics while repenting for the sins of demolishing hundreds of houses for the Downtown Expressway, for instance, something unfortunate occurred recently. This past spring, a solidly built row of modest but dignified and handsome antebellum buildings in the 800 block of West Cary Street was demolished. It is being replaced with a 100-unit apartment building — providing needed housing, of course — but offering zilch in architectural interest in exchange for the loss. With a modicum of imagination, and another pass or two at tweaking the design, the irreplaceable historic structures could have been woven into the plan, maintaining a link to the neighborhood's past and applying historic preservation tax credits to financing the project. It would have been the right thing to do.

While the Pulse bus system has added new visual energy to a 7-mile urban and suburban corridor from Willow Lawn to Rocketts Landing, planners are seeking to intensify housing along the route with taller buildings within a zone that planners are calling a "transit-oriented nodal district."

It didn't take long for one developer to announce his concept for building a 12-story chain hotel a block north of the 17th Street Farmers' Market at 127 N. 17th Street. Sadly, this would inject the first high-rise building into the tissue of Shockoe Bottom, a district of old, low-lying buildings, mostly fewer than five stories. It is one of our city's most evocative places, and probably sacred as well, with the still-untapped reservoir of painful stories to be researched and told regarding decades of slave trading that occurred here.

The developer of the proposed hotel did offer an extenuating olive branch: His intent is to weave the century-old Weiman's Bakery building that occupies the site into the plan — and gain historic tax credits for the gesture. Would that other developers showed the same, well, if in not quite sensitivity, at least savvy.

Three projects now in the works provide similar cases.

Arguments are back and forth on the fate of the Intermediate Terminal No. 3 near Rocketts Landing. Stone Brewing Co. had promised to convert the concrete warehouse, built in 1939, into a destination pub and restaurant at the hulking remnant from Richmond's time as a transfer point for sugar from the Caribbean. But it reneged, citing the structure's instability. Meanwhile opposing lines have been drawn to whether the building is even historic or not.

Since officials at the state's Department of Historic Resources withheld its approval of a historic designation, corporate and city officials consider this a pass.

"The complex has lost integrity of setting, design, materials, workmanship, feeling and appreciation," weighed in another local historian, "Interpreting and advancing the story of the commercial shipping history in Richmond does not hinge on salvaging a structure that rests in a flood plain and is beset by numerous structural issues. The history of Rockets Landing and its environs can be told eloquently and artfully absent this decaying building."

But in determining what is historic we might apply United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart's 1964 definition of pornography to what is old and historic: "I know it when I see it." If the Intermediate Terminal is the last survivor of what were once scores of riverfront buildings serving Richmond's maritime glory days, come on folks, it's historic.

And why would we even consider tearing down this 79-year-old commercial building? Restored, or left as a glorious empty vessel, it can be the building block, if not centerpiece, of whatever Stone Brewing might build nearby. Rather than either or, let's have old and new.

Consider. One reason our community has been slow to appropriately develop a visual narrative of the slave trade in Shockoe Bottom is that only one building still stands related to the heinous business. Old and historic buildings, architecturally distinguished or not, can be critical starting points when seeking to link the present and past. Lose the buildings and we lose that connection.

The same holds true of a threatened, 168-year-old building on West Cary Street near Nansemond Street that most recently housed a popular restaurant, Carytown Burger & Fries. The general consensus has long been that this worthy and solid, if battered, brick structure was a toll house during much of the 19th century when Cary was named the Westham Plank Road. The rustic highway, laid in dirt and wooden boards, connected Richmond with points west to the mountains along the James River.

Whether or not the toll taker actually lived here, is no big deal here in the 21st century. Today, it is the oldest house in the Museum District and more solid than most of the mid-20th centuries buildings that surround it. The historic resources department has decreed that it's not distinguished enough to receive historic designation. Maybe not, but it's at least 178 years old, for crying out loud. We're not going to have any more like it. Come on, save the darn building. The developer's description of the architectural plan for the proposed complex — a grocery store, parking deck and strip of shops— waxes poetic about how it will fit in with the historic aspects of Carytown. Such banter is cringe-worthy in the face of the loss of this tiny survivor of an important chapter in the neighborhood's history.

Similar goofiness is afoot in Scott's Addition.

It's shocking that a new apartment complex planned for Scott's Addition at West Broad and Summit calls for demolishing an architecturally elegant former SunTrust branch bank now on the site. The one-story, 10,000-square-foot building, built in 1948, is a top-notch colonial revival building that was built on the eve of modernism in Richmond. Its doorways and windows are handsome and its red bricks are laid in the Flemish bond pattern. If one squinted, it wouldn't be hard to imagine this as a house in Windsor Farms or Westmoreland Place where it would fetch $2 million and upwards. In fact, it was probably designed to catch the eye and serve folks who lived in those and less grand West End neighborhoods.

But despite it being a contributing historic structure to the official Scott's Addition Historic District, it is considered expendable to make way for a 166-unit apartment complex. The Summit, from what one can tell from a published rendering, has all the heft and charm of an Ocean City, Maryland, motel, complete with the name of the complex displayed in stacked letters on a prominent exterior wall.

Along with the glorious Handcraft Cleaners Building, a moderne masterwork, and the Blue Bee Cidery, with its rusticated cobblestone walls, this former bank is among the handsomest buildings in Scott's Addition. So why is it being demolished?

Probably for lack of effort or thought. Like the doomed, so-called toll house in Carytown, this classical gem, for some the gold standard in what Richmond domestic-scaled architecture is all about, could easily have been woven into the fabric of the larger development — and add grace notes to an otherwise ordinary design.

I know. We can't save everything. But that's the point: In the case of the Intermediate Terminal and the toll keeper's house everything else is gone. They are sole survivors. The former branch bank, that channels the spirit of Sir Christopher Wren, a late Renaissance English architect, is a standout because it is 180 degrees different from the stash of undistinguished midcentury modern warehouses that populate most of Scott's Addition. Ironically, it is the rare architectural outlier in a neighborhood that prides itself on being über cool.

These and other survivors and outliers are at risk. We shouldn't sacrifice what's left of our distinctive architectural patrimony for a transit-oriented nodal district. S

          EU needs to protect workers more, France's Macron says      Cache   Translate Page      
French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday the European Union has failed to protect the less well off as it pushes a neo-liberal agenda, signalling a more critical stance as eurosceptics make gains before elections next spring.
          Mahasiswa UNPAB Raih Juara 3 Pada Pertandingan Southeast Asian Karate Championship “Yogyakarta State University (YSU) Cup VIII” 2018.      Cache   Translate Page      

Mahasiswa Universitas Pembangunan Panca Budi (UNPAB) Medan kembali meraih prestasi di kancah olahraga. Mahasiswa UNPAB atas nama Wahyu Rizky siregar Fakultas Sosial sains program studi ilmu hokum ini berhasil meraih juara 3 dan mendapatkan medali perunggu pada pertandingan Southeast Asian Karate Championship “Yogyakarta State University (YSU) Cup VIII” 2018.

Southeast Asian Karate Championship “Yogyakarta State University (YSU) CUP VIII” 2018 merupakan kejuaraan karate yang diselenggarakan oleh Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Karate “INKAI” Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta periode 2018.

Mengusung tema “Become A Hero with Spirit of Bushido”,  kejuaraan ini berlangsung selama dua hari, 27-28 Oktober 2018 dan berlokasi di GOR Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. Kejuaraan yang bertepatan dengan hari sumpah pemuda ini terbuka untuk umum, dapat diikuti oleh seluruh perguruan karate yang bernaung di bawah WKF.

          In warning about far-right in Europe, Macron mentions Hitler      Cache   Translate Page      
President Emmanuel Macron has ratcheted up warnings about the rising threat of far-right nationalism, saying in an interview with a regional French newspaper that complacency was what allowed for the rise of Hitler and Mussolini.
          French police arrest six suspects in far-right plot against Emmanuel Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
SIX people linked to the far-right have been detained in connection with a plot to attack French President Emmanuel Macron.
          Six arrested in alleged plot to attack Macron days before Trump, world leaders visit      Cache   Translate Page      
French security officials on Tuesday arrested six people in connection with an alleged plan to attack French President Emmanuel Macron, a French judicial official told The Associated Press. The official also said prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation into alleged criminal terrorist associations, adding that the plot was still in the developmental stages. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists. The official told the AP that the plans appeared to be unfinished, but violent. Macron was visiting the city of Verdun on Tuesday as part of celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the...
          Populist Le Pen Edges Ahead of Globalist Macron as French President’s Approval Hits All-Time Low      Cache   Translate Page      
Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN, formerly Front National) party has moved ahead of beleaguered globalist Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche! (LREM) in voting intention polls for 2019’s European Union elections. The Ifop poll, published Sunday, is the first time Le Pen’s populist conservative party has moved ahead of Macron’s recently founded governing LREM centrist group in an EU elections poll, reports Euractiv. While the latest figures putting Macron at 19 percent resemble only a slight one point fall from the last polling, they see much bigger gains for Le Pen, who has jumped four points to 21 percent in three...
          6 arrested in suspected plot to attack French leader Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
APTOPIX_France_Attack_Plot_90994French security agents arrested six people Tuesday on suspicion of plotting to attack French President Emmanuel Macron, according to a French judicial official.
          Menaces contre Macron: une «manipulation», selon le Net, mais dans quel but?      Cache   Translate Page      
Une vague de questions a submergé mardi les réseaux sociaux après que six personnes suspectées d'avoir voulu s'en prendre à Emmanuel Macron ont été interpellées. Un certain nombre d'internautes ont dénoncé les manipulations des médias agissant, selon eux, dans les intérêts du gouvernement, ainsi que l'efficacité des forces de police.
          «Vous allez le sentir le gros malaise le 17 novembre»: Macron interpellé à Verdun      Cache   Translate Page      
En déplacement à Verdun pour commémorer l'Armistice, Emmanuel Macron, qui a pris un bain de foule, a été interpellé par plusieurs personnes mécontentes de la politique du gouvernement.
          Pour Macron, Benalla a «fait des fautes»: ironie et théories du complot sur le Net      Cache   Translate Page      
Affirmant sur Europe1 qu’Alexandre Benalla, son ex-conseiller mis en cause dans plusieurs affaires, dont de violences sur personnes, a «fait des fautes» mais qu’il fallait «avoir de l’indulgence» à son égard, Emmanuel Macron a provoqué un séisme de réactions sur les réseaux sociaux.
          «Face à la Russie», Macron évoque la création d'une «vraie armée européenne»      Cache   Translate Page      
Dans une interview accordée à la radio Europe 1, le chef de l’État français, Emmanuel Macron, a abordé le sujet de la création d’une «vraie armée européenne» précisant qu'une telle initiative interviendrait «face à la Russie qui est à nos frontières et qui a montré qu'elle pouvait être menaçante».
          6 personnes menaçant de s'en prendre à Emmanuel Macron auraient été arrêtées      Cache   Translate Page      
La Direction générale de la sécurité intérieure (DGSI) a interpellé six individus soupçonnés d’avoir planifié une action violente contre Emmanuel Macron, a annoncé BFM TV. Ces personnes seraient liées à l'ultra-droite, a précisé à l'AFP une source proche de l'enquête.
          Menace d'attaque contre Macron : six suspects arrêtés      Cache   Translate Page      
Les suspects, issus des milieux de l'ultradroite, ont été interpellés, pour « un possible projet d'action violente » contre le président.
          Macron aurait-il sapé la rencontre Poutine-Trump à Paris?      Cache   Translate Page      
Emmanuel Macron aurait empêché la tenue d’une rencontre plein format entre Vladimir Poutine et Donald Trump en marge des célébrations du centenaire de l'armistice du 11 novembre à Paris, a suggéré une source du journal russe Kommersant précisant que le Président français n’aurait pas voulu que cette rencontre attire toute l’attention du public.
          La France aura quatre instituts d'intelligence artificielle      Cache   Translate Page      
C'était une promesse d'Emmanuel Macron : créer des instituts interdisciplinaires de l'intelligence artificielle (3IA). Plusieurs établissements d'enseignement supérieur avaient candidaté, les heureux élus ont été annoncés ce mardi.
          «Face à la Russie», Macron évoque la création d'une «vraie armée européenne»      Cache   Translate Page      
Dans une interview accordée à la radio Europe 1, le chef de l’État français, Emmanuel Macron, a abordé le sujet de la création d’une «vraie armée européenne» précisant qu'une telle initiative interviendrait «face à la Russie qui est à nos frontières et qui a montré qu'elle pouvait être menaçante».
          «Deux petits mots à dire»: une citoyenne reproche la hausse du carburant à Macron (vidéo)      Cache   Translate Page      
Dans une vidéo postée sur Facebook, une Française, originaire de Bretagne, a posé crûment la question de la hausse des taxes sur le carburant, dénonçant les mesures du gouvernement, et ce, directement au Président Emmanuel Macron. Un discours qui a reçu un énorme soutien.
          Quand Emmanuel Macron veut manipuler une histoire qu’il ne connaît pas      Cache   Translate Page      
Emmanuel Macron, dans le journal Ouest-France, a indiqué que la période actuelle ressemblerait aux années trente (1). Comparaison n’est pas raison, on le sait. Et l’on voit bien ce qui boite dans cette comparaison, par ailleurs.
          L’opposition monténégrine appelle Poutine et Macron à l’aide      Cache   Translate Page      
Andrija Mandic et Milan Knezevic, leaders du principal parti d'opposition au Monténégro, ont publié une lettre ouverte aux Présidents russe et français, ainsi qu'à plusieurs autres responsables politiques européens, se plaignant des agissements des autorités de leur pays qui restreignent leur liberté de mouvement.
          Macron plaide pour une «armée européenne» capable d'agir      Cache   Translate Page      
PARIS | Le président français Emmanuel Macron a appelé mardi de ses voeux la création d'une « véritable armée européenne » pour mieux protéger le Vieux Continent, rappelant son ambition de donner corps à une Europe de la Défense qui peine à émerger. Des propos tenus à la veille de la première réunion à Paris d'une coalition de neuf pays, signataires (Agence QMI)

          Hovorca Európskej komisie pripúšťa: Spoločná armáda EÚ raz môže byť vytvorená      Cache   Translate Page      
BRUSEL - Je možné, že jedného dňa dôjde k vytvoreniu spoločnej armády Európskej únie. Podľa tlačovej agentúry Reuters to v utorok uviedol hovorca Európskej komisie (EK) Margaritis Schinas. Išlo o reakciu na skoršie vyhlásenie francúzskeho prezidenta Emmanuela Macrona.
          Six people, allegedly members of the far-right, arrested in France over ‘loose’ plan to attack President Emmanuel Macron      Cache   Translate Page      

Six people have been arrested as part of a preliminary investigation into a suspected plan to attack French President Emmanuel Macron, an official close to the probe said. The source said French security services arrested the six on Tuesday on suspicion of undertaking an “imprecise and loosely-forme...

The post Six people, allegedly members of the far-right, arrested in France over ‘loose’ plan to attack President Emmanuel Macron appeared first on Raw Story.

          French president Macron revives idea of 'true European' army outside NATO      Cache   Translate Page      

French President Emmanuel Macron is once again stoking debate over the need for a Europe-wide military force to defend against an increasingly aggressive Russia, a force that critics fear could undercut and compete with the transatlantic NATO alliance.

The post French president Macron revives idea of 'true European' army outside NATO appeared first on Worthy Christian News.

          Financial review Prima pagină a presei străine: Noi ntrebări pentru Goldman Sachs. Dominația Amazon n Germania. Proiectul GAFA se ndepărtează. Procurorul General al Ucrainei şi-a anunţat demisia      Cache   Translate Page      

Financial Times: Goldman Sachs are de răspuns unor noi întrebări ● Operațiunile lui Arron Banks au permis ca datele clienților săi din asigurări să fie utilizate ilegal în scopuri politice  ●    Handelsblatt: Dominația Amazon. Un studiu arată cât de puternic este puterea gigantului american din retail ● Les Echos: Taxa Gafa: proiectul european se îndepărtează ● Le Figaro: Şase persoane având legături cu extrema dreaptă arestate pentru un proiect de acţiune violentă contra lui Macron ● Korrespondent: Procurorul General al Ucrainei şi-a anunţat demisia, pe fondul mai multor atacuri asupra activiştilor civici. Lectură plăcută!

Articol original

          Affaire Khashoggi : faut-il prendre nos distances avec Ryad ?      Cache   Translate Page      

Le candidat Macron avait été très clair : face à la guerre froide opposant Iran et Arabie saoudite, il appelait à un dialogue équilibré avec les deux pays. Hélas, le président s’est retrouvé devant une diplomatie qui, sous les présidents Sarkozy et Hollande au moins, est allé à l’inverse de son sage conseil : l’alignement sur […]

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          IRIX 150mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 Lens now Available for Pre-order, Price $595      Cache   Translate Page      

Optimized for close-up shooting, the new IRIX 150mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 lens is now available for pre-order at B&H. The US price is $595. Shipping is scheduled to start December 26, 2018. This new IRIX 150mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 lens is available in Canon EF, Nikon F, and Pentax K mount options. IRIX 150mm f/2.8 […]

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          Macro Color      Cache   Translate Page      

{ macro color } | image via: @kloka

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          France's Macron Calls for Creating a 'European Army' - Wall Street Journal      Cache   Translate Page      

Wall Street Journal

France's Macron Calls for Creating a 'European Army'
Wall Street Journal
French President Emmanuel Macron called for the creation of a “true European army,” issuing a sharp critique of trans-Atlantic security ties days before U.S. President Trump is due to visit France. Europe's security ties with the U.S., which have been ...
French President Emmanuel Macron Calls for a 'European Army' to Defend Against China, Russia and the USTIME
Six arrested in alleged plot to attack Macron days before Trump, world leaders visitThe Hill (blog)
French authorities arrest six suspects in an alleged plot to attack President MacronLos Angeles Times
The Guardian -The Columbian -The Week Magazine
all 729 news articles »

          French President Emmanuel Macron Proposes Creation of ‘Real European Army’      Cache   Translate Page      
Sputnik | French President Emmanuel Macron gave a candid interview to the French radio station Europe 1, in which he spoke about school violence, European elections, and the EU's military policy.
          France detains 6 over plot to attack Emmanuel Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Police in France have arrested six people over alleged plans to stage a "violent" attack against President Emmanuel Macron. Security sources say the suspects are members of the radical far right. Reported by Deutsche Welle 35 minutes ago.
          Environmental Scientist I - Dieffenbauch & Hritz, LLC. - Morgantown, WV      Cache   Translate Page      
The Environmental Scientist I will perform stream and wetland delineations, habitat assessments, botanical surveys, macroinvertebrate surveys, fish surveys,...
From Indeed - Tue, 16 Oct 2018 16:48:47 GMT - View all Morgantown, WV jobs
          Raw Politics: EU PR battles, tighter tech regulations and US midterms      Cache   Translate Page      
On Raw Politics this Tuesday: PR battle between Verhofstadt and Orban: With European elections looming, PR battles are coming into the fold with Guy Verhofstadt becoming the latest MEP to take aim at Hungary's Viktor Orb'an through a striking campaign outside the European Parliament. As liberal MEPs and the Hungarian prime minister spar, the panel debates political stunts and PR moves. EEP candidates launch video campaigns: Hopefuls Alexander Stubb and Manfred Weber have launched video campaigns ahead of their bid to clinch the EPP candidate position for the upcoming European Commission presidential race. The panel discusses their video campaigns. Tighter tech regulations: With the Web Summit well underway in Lisbon, Justice Commissioner Verra Jourova has called for tighter web regulations. Meanwhile, CNBC talked to Tim Bernes-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, who has launched a campaign for a so-called "contract for the Web". Other topics discussed in this episode include 'junk news' ahead of the US midterm elections and French President Emmanuel Macron's call for a European army, with guests including the Sunday Times' Andrew Byrne, MEP Eva Kaili and Director of Red Thread Communications Laura Shields.
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          Paris: Anschlag auf Macron vereitelt      Cache   Translate Page      
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          A Quadrans of Claudius and the Bible      Cache   Translate Page      
Recently I was looking at a quadrans of Claudius (AD 41–54) and on this particular coin there is an image of a hand holding a pair of scales (see picture below). Since coins were one way for leaders to project a particular image, I was interested in the significance of the image. My initial two guesses were that it was an economical symbol or a judicial symbol. But, significant help is provided by paying attention to the Latin inscription containing three letters, PNR between the scale’s pans. The meaning of the letters is understood in at least two ways, Pondus Nummi Restitutum, meaning, “the weight of the coinage restored” or Ponderum Norma Restituta, meaning, “the standard of the weights restored.”[1] “This interesting obverse likely commemorates a weight improvement for certain denominations.”[2] So apparently the scales are about the assurance that the coins weigh as they should.

I see at least two illustrative uses of this coin in biblical teaching and preaching. It could be used to provide an image of what at least some handheld scales looked like in the first century for a passage like Revelation 6:5. Also, both the image and the inscription could be used illustrate biblical passages relating to dishonest scales (e.g., Ezek 45:10; Hos 12:7; Amos 8:5; Mic 6:11). 

(2) Ibid.

          SWR2 Zeitgenossen: Michaela Wiegel, Frankreich-Expertin.      Cache   Translate Page      
Michaela Wiegel, seit 1998 politische Korrespondentin der FAZ in Paris, schrieb schon als Schülerin für ihr Lokalblatt, die Nordsee-Zeitung. Nach dem Abitur in Bremerhaven studierte Wiegel an der Pariser Elite-Hochschule Sciences Po. Es folgten Harvard als Studienort und ein Master in Public Administration an der Kennedy School of Government als Mc Cloy Scholar der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. Vor kurzem hat Michaela Wiegel ein vielbeachtetes Buch vorgelegt: "Emmanuel Macron. Ein Visionär für Europa - eine Herausforderung für Deutschland" (Europa Verlag 2018). Michaela Wiegel, 2012 zur Ritterin der Légion d'onneur ernannt, ist verheiratet und Mutter von vier Kindern.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Despite 'no' vote, keeping New Caledonia remains a challenge for France      Cache   Translate Page      
France may have declared that independence lies in the hands of New Caledonians, but President Emmanuel Macron has also made it clear that he would like the territory to remain.
          Magnetismo e Espiritismo      Cache   Translate Page      

O Magnetismo existe desde a origem do universo. Em todos os corpos, todas as partículas existentes na natureza, no micro e macro universo, o magnetismo se faz presente e é através desse “fluído elétrico”, que todos nós, os seres pensantes se atraem ou se repelem, se influenciando mutuamente de acordo com suas emoções, pensamentos e sentimentos.

Desde os mais remotos registros antropológicos e sociológicos podemos observar a utilização do magnetismo como método de cura, fortalecimento orgânico e fisiológico e também como forma de conservação de corpos, como por exemplo, o comportamento mortuário das antigas civilizações com os embalsamentos de cadáveres.

Em “O Livro dos Espíritos” (Allan Kardec), os espíritos já nos sinalizavam para o magnetismo na resposta ao item 388 do capítulo “Simpatias e Antipatias Terrenas”:

388- Os encontros que se dão algumas vezes entre certas pessoas, e que se atribuem ao acaso, não seriam o efeito de uma espécie de relações simpáticas?

– Há entre os seres pensantes, ligações que ainda não conheceis. O Magnetismo é a bússola desta ciência, que mais tarde compreendereis melhor.

Essa resposta coloca o magnetismo como o impulso dessa ciência, ou seja, ele é o comando que age para que haja esses encontros quando necessitamos da convivência com alguém, sempre visando o progresso espiritual de todos. Convém, por outro lado ressaltar, fazendo aqui uma citação a Jacob Melo, em seu livro “Cure-se e Cure pelos Passes”, que “sempre que os espíritos se referem ao fluído magnético, estão fazendo referência aos fluídos vitais e espirituais e não aos campos magnéticos como a Física determina e domina”.

Estamos todos nós, o tempo todo, numa constante troca de energia que se dá através de ondas eletromagnéticas, e essas ondas são constituídas de fótons, que atuam sobre as partículas do ambiente e dos corpos, tendo o pensamento como o veículo que determina a sua ação, podendo ser benéfica ou maléfica, conforme a fonte que o irradia.

Por fim, não podemos desvincular o magnetismo da ciência espírita, uma vez que, todas as manifestações espíritas têm a sua origem e fundamentação nos fenômenos de ordem magnética. Como a doutrina espírita poderia em seu aspecto científico estudar as manifestações mediúnicas, o passe, as curas, sem adentrar nesse mister?

Carlos Pereira

Livro dos Espíritos (Allan Kardec)
Cure-se e Cure pelos Passes (Jacob Melo)
Revista Cristã de Espiritismo, Nelson Moraes, edição 46

           6 ‘ultra-right’ arrested over plans to attack Macron       Cache   Translate Page      

Six people, suspected of plotting a “violent action” plan against Emmanuel Macron, have been arrested, French media reported, adding that the men are allegedly members of the ultra-right. The operation was conducted by the General Directorate for Internal Security, a French intelligence service which is charged with counter-espionage and counter-terrorism. 

          Frankräich: Attentat op Macron verhënnert, Täter ënner anerem aus der Moselle      Cache   Translate Page      
6 presuméiert Terroriste goufe bei eisen Nopere festgeholl.
          C'est l'heure du BIM: Les ambulanciers bloquent le périph' parisien, Macron et les «gilets jaunes», et Trump surjoue la peur      Cache   Translate Page      
Actualités du 6 novembre: «20 Minutes» compile pour vous les infos qu'il ne faut pas manquer ce matin dans votre Bulletin d'information matinal (BIM)...
          Six ‘Far-Right’ Individuals Arrested In Alleged Plot Against French President Emmanuel Macron      Cache   Translate Page      

French President Emmanuel Macron.

Six individuals have been arrested by French authorities in what appears to have been an alleged plot against that nation’s centrist President Emmanuel Macron, law enforcement in that country reported on Tuesday.

Five male suspects and one female suspect were arrested in three different locations across France. Arrests were made near Lyon, near the border with Luxembourg and Germany in Moselle, and in Ille-et-Vilaine as well, according to reporting from NBC News.

Macron was himself not far from Moselle when the arrests were made, visiting sites in Verdun while commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I. American President Donald Trump is also scheduled to visit France this weekend to take part in the ceremonies.

Authorities said that the suspects had an “imprecise and loosely-formed” plan to take “violent action” against the French president.

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          La justicia francesa arrestó a 6 personas que planeaban un atentado contra la vida de Emmanuel Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Las autoridades se refirieron a un "proyecto de acción violenta contra el presidente de la República", aunque no dieron más precisiones
          Rencanakan Serang Terhadap Presiden Prancis, 6 Orang Ditahan      Cache   Translate Page      
Enam orang ditahan di Prancis karena dicurigai berencana melakukan serangan terhadap Presiden Emmanuel Macron.
          Maurice Genevoix entrera au Panthéon en 2019 comme “porte-parole”      Cache   Translate Page      

C’était attendu, c’est confirmé : Maurice Genevoix, auteur très prisé d’Emmanuel Macron, fera son entrée au Panthéon l’an prochain. L’écrivain deviendra ainsi le porte-parole des Poilus, des morts de la Guerre de 14, et des victimes de la Grande Guerre...

Nichole Brown, CC BY 2.0


« Au moment où les voix des Poilus se sont éteintes pour toujours il est incompréhensible que “Ceux de 14” ne figurent pas au Panthéon. Ils en franchiront tous le seuil avec leur porte-voix que fut Maurice Genevoix », indique le président de la République dans son discours à Éparges (Meuse).



Parce que c’est en ce lieu du Panthéon que la France et la République honorent leurs « grands hommes », le président souhaite apporter une pierre à l’édifice. Et il ne suffit pas, ajoute le président, de rendre hommage aux femmes et hommes de cette époque : il faut également que les générations sachent s’en rendre dignes. 

La panthéonisation de Maurice Genevoix interviendra en 2019.

          En témoin de la guerre de 14-18, Maurice Genevoix irait au Panthéon      Cache   Translate Page      

L’écrivain Maurice Genevoix a-t-il sa place au Panthéon ? En tout cas, la place de choix qu’il occupe dans le cœur d’Emmanuel Macron lecteur justifierait la réflexion que mène l’Élysée. Le président envisage en effet une panthéonisation, alors que se préparent les célébrations de la fin de la Première Guerre mondiale.


Wikos152, CC BY SA 4.0



Auteur de la guerre, à travers les multiples récits qu’il a rédigés, Maurice Genevoix est assez naturellement associé à cette période. Dans son autobiographie, Trente mille jours, parue en 1980, il explorait intimement cette période. Comme une réponse au livre Ceux de 14 qu’il avait sorti en 1949, rassemblant des textes sur la guerre des tranchées. 


D’après le Figaro, le président de la République cherche « une geste fort », qui doit être présenté ce 6 novembre. Lors du  déplacement du PR à Éparges (Meuse), une annonce aura lieu.


La rencontre entre Emmanuel Macron et l’écrivain se fit alors qu’il était jeune, précise-t-on : c’est sa grand-mère qui lui aurait mis un de ses livres dans les mains. Maurice Genevoix ne serait cependant pas le seul à faire son entrée au Panthéon. C’est toute la période de 14-18 que le président souhaiterait commémorer – d’ailleurs, il ne serait pas forcément question de faire venir la dépouille de l’écrivain. 


Pascal Bruckner et Benoît Duteurtre
candidats à l'Académie française


Associer l’auteur, sans qu’il soit le seul ainsi relié à ce lieu de mémoire. Julien Larere-Genevoix, petit fils de l’écrivain, explique : « C’est un combat que nous menons depuis longtemps, un chemin que nous espérons voir prendre depuis longtemps. Ce serait une véritable satisfaction, mais je ne peux pas dire que c’est une totale surprise. Si l'on parle de panthéonisation, c’est qu’il y a une demande au départ. Ce vœu avait été formulé par ma mère, je l’ai repris après elle. » (via France Bleu)

          Commenti su Nutrirsi come l’homo sapiens tre milioni di anni fa di Sasà      Cache   Translate Page      
Le persone che guariscono grazie ai suggerimenti alimentari del giornalista, oppure quelle che si convincono a farlo, dopo aver guardato le persuasive testimonianze, dovrebbero chiedersi: com'è possibile che stili alimentari tremendamente diversi tra loro ( es,vegana, macrobiotica, fruttariana, crudista, paleo, ) riescono a produrre eccezionali risultati di guarigioni? Non vi chiedo di credere unicamente alla scienza, ma di avere più spirito critico e di allargare gli orizzonti, e quindi far funzionare il cervello.
          Mapping the economy in real time is almost ‘within our grasp’       Cache   Translate Page      

Andy Haldane, BoE chief economist, says economists should embrace data flood
It should be said here that Andy Haldane also knows about Transfinancial Economics, and the notion of "mapping the economy in real time..." is clearly indicated in the following article. Though Big Data is part of the TFE Paradigm it is only part of the whole picture for a modern futuristic economics...  See

The goal of mapping economic activity in real time, just as we do for weather or traffic, is “closer than ever to being within our grasp”, according to Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s chief economist. In recent years, “data has become the new oil . . . and data companies have become the new oil giants”, Mr Haldane told an audience at King’s Business School earlier this month and released on Monday. But economics and finance have been “rather reticent about fully embracing this oil-rush”, partly because economists have tended to prefer a deductive approach that puts theory ahead of measurement. This needs to change, he said, because relying too much on either theory or real-world data in isolation can lead to serious mistakes in policymaking — as was seen when the global financial crisis exposed the “empirical fragility” of macroeconomic models.

 Parts of the private sector and academia have been far swifter to exploit the vast troves of ever-accumulating data now available — 90 per cent of which has been created in the last two years alone.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s “Billion Prices Project”, name-checked in Mr Haldane’s speech, now collects enough data from online retailers for its commercial arm to provide daily inflation updates for 22 economies. The Alan Turing Institute — the UK’s new national institute for data science — runs a programme, with funding from HSBC, which aims to use new data to measure economic activity faster and more precisely than was previously possible. National statisticians are taking tentative steps in the same direction. The UK’s Office for National Statistics — which has faced heavy criticism over the quality of its data in recent years — is experimenting with “web-scraping” to collect price quotes for food and groceries, for example, and making use of VAT data from small businesses to improve its output-based estimates of gross domestic product. In both cases, the increased sample size and granularity could bring considerable benefits on top of existing surveys, Mr Haldane said. The BoE itself is trying to make better use of financial data — for example, by using administrative data on owner-occupied mortgages to better understand pricing decisions in the UK housing market. Recommended Analysis UK politics & policy Starting gun prepped in race to replace Mark Carney at Bank of England Mr Haldane sees scope to go further with the new data coming on stream on payment, credit and banking flows. “Almost all economic activity leaves a financial footprint,” he said. “In time, it is possible that these sorts of data could help to create a real-time map of financial and activity flows across the economy, in much the same way as is already done for flows of traffic or information or weather.

Once mapped, there would then be scope to model and, through policy, modify these flows.” New data sources and techniques could also help policymakers think about human decision-making — which rarely conforms with the rational process assumed in many economic models. Data on music downloads from Spotify, used as an indicator of sentiment, has recently been shown to do at least as well as a standard consumer confidence survey in tracking consumer spending. “Why stop at music?” Mr Haldane asked. He saw potential to create a gaming environment “to explore behaviour in a virtual economy where players can spend or save, and one could test their reactions to monetary and regulatory policy intervention”.

File:Andy Haldane - Festival Economia 2013.JPG

          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          France’s Macron Calls for Creating a ‘European Army’      Cache   Translate Page      

France’s Macron Calls for Creating a ‘European Army’  Wall Street Journal Emmanuel Macron Calls for ‘True, European Army’ to Protect Against

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          Algae Industry Global Production Analysis, Demand By Regions, Segments And Applications 2018-2023      Cache   Translate Page      
WiseGuyReports.Com Publish a New Market Research Report On –“ Algae Industry Global Production Analysis, Demand By Regions, Segments And Applications 2018-2023”.   Description:- Algae are simple plants that can range from the microscopic (microalgae), to large seaweeds (macroalgae), such as giant kelp more than one hundred feet in length. Microalgae include both cyanobacteria, (similar to … Continue reading Algae Industry Global Production Analysis, Demand By Regions, Segments And Applications 2018-2023
          MacroDroid – Device Automation v3.29.1 Apk is Available !      Cache   Translate Page      

Perform Auto-Tasks on the phone with MacroDroid Premium features Unlocked MacroDroid – Device Automation is a popular application for Android phones that lets you automate many tasks on your Android mobile device. It supports a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Turkish. In other words, this program will activate the Macro on […]

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          Quatre enjeux pour l’itinérance macronienne.      Cache   Translate Page      
Le Président de la République vient célébrer le centenaire de la fin de la Première guerre...

Economie régionale - Divers
Source : L'UNION du 06/11/2018 en page 2-6

          Aula: Macron - Hoffnungsträger für Frankreich und Europa?      Cache   Translate Page      
Ein charismatischer, intellektuell überragender Präsident Macron hat das Bild unseres Nachbarlandes um 180 Grad gedreht. Doch wie tickt er, was sind seine Ziele?
          Arrestohen 6 persona në Francë, planifikuan sulm ndaj Presidentit      Cache   Translate Page      
Policia e Franceze ka arrestuar ditën e sotme gjashtë  persona, të cilët dyshohen se se kishin përgatitur një plan për të sulmuar presidentin Emmanuel Macron. Sipas kanalit francez “BMF TV”
          France detains 6 over plot to attack Emmanuel Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Police in France have arrested six people over alleged plans to stage a "violent" attack against President Emmanuel Macron. Security sources say the suspects are members of the radical far right.
          Detenidos en Francia seis sospechosos de preparar un ataque contra Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Seis personas fueron detenidas hoy en distintos puntos de Francia como sospechosas de planear un ataque contra el presidente del país, Emmanuel Macron, informaron hoy fuentes judiciales.
          Resources Group: Senior Economist (Nordic/Swiss) - Macroeconomic Consultancy      Cache   Translate Page      
£60 - 100,000: Resources Group: Cover the Nordic/Swiss Economies for this world leading macroeconomic research consultancy! London (Central), London (Greater)
          马克龙、特朗普与1918年的教训      Cache   Translate Page      


在第一次世界大战结束100周年之际,埃马纽埃尔•马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)将获得一个抵制民族主义的平台。60多位世界领导人将于周日齐聚巴黎,法国总统希望确保他们回国时,不仅仅带着一个礼品袋,而且要带回去一条明确的信息。

法国正利用这一机会举办一场国际和平会议,并计划将其变成一年一度的活动。“巴黎和平论坛”(Paris Peace Forum)是在略显温和的“和平与...

          Axelle Tessandier, l’affranchie      Cache   Translate Page      
Ancienne Marcheuse (elle a été déléguée nationale de la campagne d’Emmanuel Macron), entrepreneure (elle a fondé son agence AXL Agency), auteure (elle a publié un ouvrage chez Albin Michel), Axelle Tessandier se lance dans un nouveau projet : la rédaction en chef de WondHer, média nouvelle génération créé avec Golden Network. Histoire peu ordinaire d’une jeune femme pour le moins singulière.
          À Reims, IBK et Emmanuel Macron rendent hommage aux "héros de l'Armée noire"      Cache   Translate Page      
À l'occasion des commémorations du centenaire de l'armistice, les présidents français et malien ont inauguré le monument aux héros de l'Armée noire de Reims. Symbole de la bravoure des tirailleurs en 14-18, il a connu une histoire tumultueuse.
          Ve Francii zasahovala policie. Prý se chystal atentát na Macrona      Cache   Translate Page      
Francouzský televizní kanál BFM TV přinesl informaci o tom, že policie zatkla šest příznivců krajní pravice, kteří podle všeho chystali atentát na francouzského prezidenta Emmanuela Macrona. Informaci převzala agentura Reuters.
          TextMate 2.0 RC17 macOS      Cache   Translate Page

TextMate 2.0 RC17 | macOS | 20 mb
TextMate brings Apple's approach to operating systems into the world of text editors. By bridging UNIX underpinnings and GUI, TextMate cherry-picks the best of both worlds to the benefit of expert scripters and novice users alike.

A list of highlights follow, you can follow the links to learn more.

- Ability to Search and Replace in a Project
- Auto-Indent for Common Actions                                                                                                                                    Like Pasting Text
- Auto-Pairing of Brackets and Other Characters
- Clipboard History
- Column Selections and Column Typing
- Completion of Words from Current Document
- CSS-like Selectors to Pinpoint the Scope of Actions and Settings
- Declarative Language Grammars for Graceful Mixing and Hacking
- Dynamic Outline for Working With Multiple Files
- Expand Trigger Words to Code Blocks With Tab-able Placeholders
- File Tabs when Working With Projects
- Foldable Code Blocks
- Function Pop-up for Quick Overview and Navigation
- Plug-able Through Your Favorite Scripting Language
- Recordable Macros With No Programming Required
- Regular Expression Search and Replace (grep)
- Run Shell Commands from Within a Document
- Support for Darcs, Perforce, SVK, and Subversion
- Support for More Than 50 Languages
- Switch Between Files in Projects With a Minimum of Key Strokes
- Themable Syntax Highlight Colors
- Visual Bookmarks to Jump Between Places in a File
- Works As External Editor for (s)ftp Programs
- Works Together With Xcode and Can Build Xcode Projects

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit

Download link:

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          Two-photon fluorescence imaging reveals a Golgi apparatus superoxide anion-mediated hepatic ischaemia-reperfusion signalling pathway      Cache   Translate Page      
Chem. Sci., 2019, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C8SC03917H, Edge Article
Open Access Open Access
Creative Commons Licence  This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported Licence.
Wen Zhang, Jiao Zhang, Ping Li, Jihong Liu, Di Su, Bo Tang
Hepatic ischaemia-reperfusion (IR) injury is mainly attributed to a burst of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that attacks biological macromolecules and leads to cell death. Superoxide anion (O2•−) is the first...
The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry

          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Ryhmä suunnitteli väkivaltaista iskua presidentti Emmanuel Macronia vastaan – kuusi henkilöä pidätetty Ranskassa      Cache   Translate Page      
Ranskassa pidätettiin tiistaina kuusi ihmistä, joiden epäillään suunnitelleen väkivaltaista iskua presidentti Emmanuel Macronia vastaan, kertoivat viranomaiset. BBC:n mukaan pidätetyistä viisi on miehiä ja yksi nainen, jotka terrorismin vastaiset joukot ottivat kiinni Mosellen alueella Ranskan koillisosassa. Viranomaislähteen mukaan suunnitelma oli epämääräinen, ja sen kohteena oli presidentti. Pidätetyt on uutistoimisto AFP:n mukaan liitetty äärioikeistoon. Heinäkuussa 2017 äärioikeistolaista […]
          Macron échappe à un …attentat      Cache   Translate Page      

Six suspects, en lien avec la mouvance de l’ultra droite, ont été interpellés ce mardi 6 novembre par des policiers de la Direction générale de la sécurité intérieure (DGSI), dans le cadre d’une investigation sur un projet d’action violente visant le président Emmanuel Macron. Ces personnes âgées de 22 à 62 ans, ont été arrêtées dans …

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          Associate Professor - Applied Economics - University of Toronto - Toronto, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
She or he must be able to teach micro and macroeconomics to MGA and MPP students with a wide range of backgrounds and interests, as well as applied economics...
From University of Toronto - Wed, 31 Oct 2018 01:10:24 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Macrogenics Inc Has Returned 17.6% Since SmarTrend Recommendation (MGNX)       Cache   Translate Page      
SmarTrend identified a Downtrend for Macrogenics Inc (NASDAQ:MGNX) on October 8th, 2018 at $20.42. In approximately 4 weeks, Macrogenics Inc has returned 17.59% as of today's recent price of...
           Detenidos en Francia seis sospechosos de planear un ataque contra Macron       Cache   Translate Page      
Los arrestados están relacionados con la extrema derecha y preparaban una acción violenta contra el presidente galo, según ha informado la cadena de televisión BFM
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Ve Francii zadrželi šest osob, plánovali prý útok na Macrona      Cache   Translate Page      
Paříž - Šest lidí zadržela dnes ráno francouzská policie pro podezření, že plánovali útok na prezidenta Emmanuela Macrona. S odvoláním na zdroj z vyšetřování o tom informovala agentura...
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Tổng thống Pháp kêu gọi châu Âu thành lập quân đội riêng      Cache   Translate Page      
Tổng thống Pháp Emmanuel Macron nói châu Âu là nạn nhân chính của quyết định của Tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump rút ra khỏi một thỏa thuận vũ khí với Moscow cho nên lục địa này cần phải tự vệ.
          Pháp bắt giữ 6 nghi phạm âm mưu tấn công ông Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Các điệp viên an ninh của Pháp hôm 6/11đã bắt giữ sáu người bị tình nghi tấn công Tổng thống Pháp Emmanuel Macron, một quan chức tư pháp của Pháp cho biết.
          Australian dollar shorts puke as Democrats seize US House      Cache   Translate Page      

It’s now a crushing defeat for the Republicans in the House: Goldman saw this outcome this way: Divided Congress Is the Base Case A Democratic House and Republican Senate is the clear consensus view among market participants and political analysts. As such, we would not expect a substantial market reaction to this result. From a

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          Chinese specufestors mass defaulting on apartments      Cache   Translate Page      

Have a listen in to Roger Montgomery on the on ABC yesterday here. Fast forward to Sally at 24 minutes who is a realtor managing some large settling apartment blocks in South Bank, Melbourne. Her story of Chinese buyers left high and dry should give everyone pause for what’s coming down the pipe in terms

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          Aussie females to live 4.1 years longer than males      Cache   Translate Page      

By Leith van Onselen All the hoopla over gender equality curiously fails to ever mention that Australian women live on average four years longer than Australian males. From The ABS: Life expectancy at birth estimates represent the average number of years that a newborn baby could expect to live, assuming current age-specific death rates are

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          BCA attacks greedy demand-driven universities      Cache   Translate Page      

By Leith van Onselen Following the Productivity Commission’s attack last week, the Business Council of Australia (BCA) chief executive, Jennifer Westacott, has lambasted Australia’s universities, slamming their opposition to levelling the playing field and removing the distortions pushing students into universities over vocational education and training (VET). From The AFR: Ms Westacott told a group

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          Carburants : Macron peine à apaiser la colère - Le Figaro      Cache   Translate Page      

Le Figaro

Carburants : Macron peine à apaiser la colère
Le Figaro
Alors qu'un appel à bloquer les routes le 17 novembre a été lancé sur les réseaux sociaux contre la hausse du prix du diesel, le chef de l'État tente de justifier sa politique. Un an et demi après l'élection d'Emmanuel Macron, les Français ne s'y ...
Chèque énergie, chèque carburant : deux aides aux montants bien différentsLe Monde
Fronde sur les carburants: le gouvernement cherche une sortie de criseLe Point
Emmanuel Macron quitte la Lorraine : revivez les temps forts de son séjourEst Républicain
Libération -Europe1 -Le Parisien -BFMTV.COM
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          Macron, la mémoire et l'essence - L'Express      Cache   Translate Page      


Macron, la mémoire et l'essence
Il décide l'entrée au Panthéon de Maurice Genevoix. On lui parle encore essence. Troisième journée de l'itinérance mémorielle. C'est une journée totalement consacrée à la mémoire de la Grande guerre, c'est une journée dédiée à Maurice Genevoix, ...
EN DIRECT - Commémorations de la Grande Guerre : Emmanuel Macron en visite à ReimsLe Figaro
Emmanuel Macron aux Éparges : « Ici l'histoire s'est faite mémoire »Est Républicain
Immeubles effondrés à Marseille, arrestations dans l'ultradroite, midterms : l'essentiel de l'actu de ce mardiLibération
Franceinfo -Le Télégramme -France Bleu -Reuters
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          Six personnes liées à l'ultradroite interpellées pour un projet d'action violente contre Emmanuel Macron - Franceinfo      Cache   Translate Page      


          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack French president Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Interior minister Christophe Castaner told reporters the suspects are believed to be far-right activists.
          Macron ou Jupiter intermittent      Cache   Translate Page      

Jupiter aurait pu prolonger ses vacances, pour le bien des Français.

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          Carburant ou travail, nous ne préférons aucune taxe, Monsieur Macron !      Cache   Translate Page      

Énorme ! Emmanuel Macron préfère pénaliser les automobilistes que les travailleurs. Les uns et les autres (qui sont souvent les mêmes) apprécieront.

L’article Carburant ou travail, nous ne préférons aucune taxe, Monsieur Macron ! est apparu en premier sur Contrepoints.

          Franse president Macron pleit voor een Europees leger - Joop      Cache   Translate Page      
Om die reden zou daarom een Europees leger moeten worden opgetuigd, vindt de Franse president Emmanuel Macron. “Zodat we onszelf kunnen beschermen tegen China, Rusland en zelfs de Verenigde Staten.” Dit zei hij tijdens een interview aan de ...
Macron pleit in interview voor “echt” Europees leger De Morgen
Macron pleit in interview voor Europees leger Metro België

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          'Zes rechts-extremisten opgepakt voor plannen aanslag Franse president Macron' - RTL Nieuws      Cache   Translate Page      
De verdachten zijn aangehouden in de oostelijke departementen Moselle en Isère en in Bretagne in het westen van Frankrijk. Bronnen bij de inlichtingendienst DGSI zeiden dat de arrestanten tussen de 22 en 62 jaar oud zijn. Het gaat om vijf mannen en een ...

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          Violences : l’école n’est que le reflet de la société      Cache   Translate Page      
Créteil : un élève braque son professeur en plein cours

Il ne sert à rien de réformer l'école sans réformer la société.
Les violences dont sont victimes professeurs et élèves à l’école ne sont pas le fait de l’école, mais celui d’une société qui transpire la brutalité.

Tant que des voitures seront brûlées sur un terrain vague ou sur un parking en banlieue, que de modestes habitants des cités seront forcés pour rentrer chez eux de montrer patte blanche à des trafiquants de stupéfiants, que la police, les pompiers ou des soignants ne pourront pas pénétrer en sécurité dans ces zones perdues de la République, que le voile féminin intégral sera de facto toléré sur certaines parties du territoire, il serait absolument inutile, et parfaitement ridicule, vaste et vain gaspillage des deniers de l’Etat, comme de la confiance des citoyens dans les pouvoirs publics, que l’Etat tente, fût-ce à grands frais, de remettre notre école sur la bonne voie : ce serait cataplasme sur jambe de bois.

- fin des extraits - 

Par Gérard Mamou - 30 octobre 2018

Lire l'article en entier.

Débat sur le communautarisme islamique à l'école (CNEWS, 11/10/18, 18h39)

Débat chaud bouillant sur le communautarisme islamique à l'école, présenté par Laurence Ferrari, avec :
- Ivan Rioufol (Journaliste au Figaro)
- Charlotte d'Ornellas (Journaliste à Valeurs Actuelles)
- Clément Viktorovitch (Docteur en Science Politique)
- Jean-Claude Dassier (Editorialiste politique à CNEWS)
- Igor Zamichiei (Secrétaire départemental Communiste)
- Brigitte Boucher (Journaliste LCP)

Dans le domaine éducatif, chacun sait qu’il faut s’y prendre le plus tôt possible, et avec une ferme autorité, pour ancrer dans l’esprit et les pratiques des enfants les habitudes et les réflexes les plus sains et les plus indispensables à la vie commune – familiale, amicale, sociale. Qu’il faille dans le même mouvement respecter la nature singulière de chaque enfant, et ne rien faire qui puisse entraver son adaptation au monde nouveau qui l’attend, est une évidence morale, même si pour les adultes la synthèse relève d’une quasi aporie. Ce défi devient crucial lorsque les enfants prennent le dessus sur les adultes, mais le principe reste déterminant. C’est pourquoi, de toute la profondeur de sa compréhension, Hannah Arendt pouvait porter, dans Reflections on Little Rock, ces jugements objectifs, tranchés et assez cruels :

« L’éducation progressiste, […] en abolissant l’autorité des adultes, nie implicitement leur responsabilité à l’égard du monde dans lequel ils ont fait naître leurs enfants, et refuse le devoir de les guider dans ce monde. »

Et dans La Crise de la culture :

« Avec la conception et la naissance, les parents n’ont pas seulement donné la vie à leurs enfants ; ils les ont en même temps introduits dans un monde. En les éduquant, ils assument la responsabilité de la vie et du développement de l’enfant, mais aussi celle de la continuité du monde. Ces deux responsabilités ne coïncident aucunement et peuvent même entrer en conflit. En un certain sens, cette responsabilité du développement de l’enfant va contre le monde : l’enfant a besoin d’être tout particulièrement protégé et soigné pour éviter que le monde puisse le détruire. Mais ce monde aussi a besoin d’une protection qui l’empêche d’être dévasté et détruit par la vague des nouveaux venus qui déferle sur lui à chaque nouvelle génération. » « L’école n’est en aucune façon le monde », mais « l’institution qui s’intercale entre le monde et le domaine privé que constitue le foyer pour permettre la transition entre la famille et le monde ». « Vis-à-vis des jeunes, les éducateurs font figure de représentants d’un monde dont […] ils doivent assumer la responsabilité, même si, secrètement ou ouvertement, ils le souhaitent différent de ce qu’il est. Cette responsabilité n’est pas imposée arbitrairement aux éducateurs ; elle est implicite du fait que les jeunes sont introduits par les adultes dans un monde en perpétuel changement. Qui refuse d’assumer cette responsabilité du monde ne devrait ni avoir d’enfant, ni avoir le droit de prendre part à leur éducation. »

L’école crève de ses lâchetés…

Durant les quarante-deux années qu’a duré ma carrière professionnelle, j’ai exercé successivement les fonctions de professeur de lettres, de proviseur de cités scolaires, d’inspecteur général, de conseiller de ministre. J’ai beaucoup publié, notamment sur la pratique éthique et professionnelle du chef d’établissement scolaire. J’ai donc eu l’occasion de témoigner de la qualité, de l’écoute et du courage de belles personnalités de notre système éducatif, auxquelles je dois beaucoup, – mais surtout qui ont permis à notre école de résister aux coups de boutoir et aux lâchetés qui ont jalonné son existence, et qui hypothèquent lourdement son avenir. Il s’agit, en particulier, de la dévalorisation et du désinvestissement de la pratique des sanctions, sinon même des obstacles fréquemment mis à leur application par la hiérarchie supérieure, « pour des raisons politiques », comme on me l’a souvent signifié, parfois de façon risible.

Je n’en fournirai ici que deux brèves illustrations, concernant la conduite inadmissible, en l’occurrence, d’adultes en charge d’élèves (l’équivalent se retrouve naturellement quant au comportement d’élèves dans les textes et structures officiels, comme dans les instructions circonstancielles émanant des autorités supérieures).

L’intendant d’un des lycées que j’ai dirigés, homme d’une haute valeur professionnelle et morale, excédé par l’incompétence, la mauvaise volonté et le comportement asocial d’un personnel pourtant essentiel à la bonne marche de son service, rédige à son sujet un rapport parfaitement objectif et circonstancié. Il le signe. J’y ajoute, manuscrite, la mention suivante : « En accord total avec l’ensemble des termes de ce rapport », je contresigne le document et l’adresse à mon supérieur hiérarchique. Ce dernier, quelques jours plus tard, me joint au téléphone et me pose immédiatement la question suivante : « Dites-moi : il est comment, votre intendant ? »

Je résume le deuxième épisode. Pour me faire enfin céder à sa demande de suppression d’un rapport très sévère que j’avais rédigé sur un personnel « protégé » par sa fonction syndicale, mon supérieur hiérarchique me convoque toutes affaires cessantes dans son bureau. Devant mon refus d’obtempérer à son injonction répétée, et faute d’arguments recevables, il me lance tout à coup : « Je sais que vous êtes un proviseur reconnu, mais on me dit que les résultats de votre lycée sont en baisse ! » (ce qui, en l’occurrence, n’était pas le cas)

…qui sont celles de la société

Ce type de comportement, assez induré, peut en partie expliquer l’état de déréliction croissante où se trouve notre système éducatif, quant à son niveau de qualité et de réussite : les comparaisons internationales en fournissent, chaque année davantage, une preuve indiscutable. Mais c’est aussi le cas des questions de sécurité, morale comme physique, et de discipline : la comptabilité officielle des incidents journaliers, par hypothèse incomplète, en atteste amplement. – Et cependant, le fond de la question n’est plus du tout celui-là.

En réalité, dans la période si troublée et désaxée que nous connaissons aujourd’hui, il est proprement impossible, impensable même, que notre école puisse se rétablir par elle-même : cette crise s’inscrit dans un contexte bien plus large. J’aimerais pouvoir dire qu’il y suffirait que n’y soient nommés que des responsables académiques et départementaux, mais d’abord nationaux, hyper déterminés à la redresser, dotés du courage et de l’énergie nécessaires, et surtout soutenus par leur ministre. Ce n’est hélas plus du tout la question ! En effet, l’Education nationale, aujourd’hui, ne constitue plus un domaine séparé, comme par miracle, du reste de la communauté nationale, et de toutes les autres responsabilités de l’Etat ! Si elle l’a jamais été, l’école n’est plus ce lieu quasi sacré, où n’entrent ni les disputes ni la violence de la vie sociale et politique : chaque jour qui passe montre désormais, sur quasiment tous les plans, y compris les plus triviaux, que notre vie sociale et politique et la réalité de notre institution scolaire sont étroitement imbriquées. Et que donc leur destinée même sera conjointe, dans notre pays, pour le pire ou pour le meilleur.

De ce fait fondamental découle une évidence aveuglante. La priorité politique absolue est que l’Etat, sous toutes ses formes et par toutes ses forces, se fasse enfin respecter, sur la totalité des territoires de notre pays, dans tous les domaines de la vie civile et sociale, et y assure l’ordre républicain et la sécurité, matrices de toutes les libertés publiques et privées. Pour nos dirigeants, faire mine d’essayer, ou même essayer loyalement de rétablir, dans la seule éducation, l’ordre et la sécurité nécessaires aux études, comme si cela pouvait s’effectuer indépendamment de ses autres fonctions régaliennes, s’avèrera pour l’école comme pour le pays tout entier d’une parfaite et coûteuse inutilité – temps et énergie gaspillés en pure perte, voire pire. Tant que des voitures seront brûlées sur un terrain vague ou sur un parking en banlieue, que de modestes habitants des cités seront forcés pour rentrer chez eux de montrer patte blanche à des trafiquants de stupéfiants, que la police, les pompiers ou des soignants ne pourront pas pénétrer en sécurité dans ces zones perdues de la République, que le voile féminin intégral sera de facto toléré sur certaines parties du territoire, il serait absolument inutile, et parfaitement ridicule, vaste et vain gaspillage des deniers de l’Etat, comme de la confiance des citoyens dans les pouvoirs publics, que l’Etat tente, fût-ce à grands frais, de remettre notre école sur la bonne voie : ce serait cataplasme sur jambe de bois.

« L’effondrement de l’autorité n’est-elle pas la vraie et seule crise de civilisation ? »

Sur ce champ crucial, déterminant, je veux citer ces propos de Raymond Aron, comme si souvent d’une clairvoyance et d’une honnêteté intellectuelle hors de pair. Ils pourraient s’appliquer à la très grave situation où se trouvent actuellement la France et notre pauvre Europe :

« Si des pères, des maîtres, des supérieurs hiérarchiques, des prêtres n’inspirent plus de respect, il ne subsiste que la puissance nue ou l’anarchie. »1

« L’effondrement de l’autorité n’est-elle pas la vraie et seule crise de civilisation ? »2

Et peut-être surtout ce dur constat, si actuel :

« Pendant ces années de décadence3, […] quel gouvernement pouvait sortir de la compétition entre des partis qui se perdaient dans des intrigues parlementaires et qui refusaient d’ouvrir les yeux ? Baisse de la natalité, baisse de la production, effondrement de la volonté nationale : il m’est arrivé par instants de penser, peut-être de dire tout haut : s’il faut un régime autoritaire pour sauver la France, soit, acceptons-le tout en le détestant. »4

Pour qu’un esprit tel que Raymond Aron, si affectivement et intellectuellement attaché aux libertés publiques et privées, en vienne à se résoudre, certes douloureusement, à leur réduction, il fallait que la menace fût exceptionnellement grave et imminente. Et elle l’était ! C’est à nous aujourd’hui qu’il incombe de prendre la mesure des dangers que traversent la France et l’Europe, pour les affronter, avec la lucidité, la détermination et les moyens nécessaires.

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          EU-Politiker Brok (CDU), Brexit-Koordinator der EVP zu Brexit-Gesprächen      Cache   Translate Page      
Interview mit Mirjam Meinhardt | Im SWR-Tagesgespräch mit Mirjam Meinhardt hat der CDU-EU-Politiker Elmar Brok das Brexit-Teffen zwischen Frankreichs Präsident Macron mit der britischen Regierungschefin May als "nicht hilfreich" kritisiert. Gespräche seien "selbstverständlich". Die Briten versuchten aber immer wieder, Sonderdeals auszuhandeln. Das ginge immer wieder schief. Insgesamt aber seien die Brexit-Verträge "mit etwas gutem Willen" bis Oktober fertig verhandelbar.
          France arrests six far-right militants who plotted to kill President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Authorities in France have announced the arrest of six individuals who were allegedly involved in a plot to kill French President Emmanuel Macron.
          Enam Orang Ditangkap karena Berencana Serang Presiden Prancis      Cache   Translate Page      

Paris | rakyatmedan – Setidaknya enam orang yang diduga terlibat terorisme ditangkap otoritas Prancis. Mereka juga diduga sedang mempersiapkan serangan terhadap Presiden Prancis Emmanuel Macron. Dilansir dari Guardian, Rabu (7/11), lima pria dan satu wanita dengan rentang usia 22 hingga 62 tahun tersebut kini ditahan di badan intelijen Prancis. Menurut laporan, empat dari mereka dijemput […]

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          Selecionar Hojas seguidas en excell      Cache   Translate Page      

Selecionar Hojas seguidas en excell

Hola Estimados estoy revisando si es posible seleccionar un rango de hojas para una macro en excel, tengo un query donde pongo todo de manera manual pero si cambia de una hoja a otro este cambio lo tengo que hacer de forma manual

les mando mi codig como ejemplo

Sheets(Array("Dist1", "Terr_1", "Terr_5", "Terr_7", "Terr_11", "Terr_12")).Select
Sheets(Array("Dist1", "Terr_1",...

Publicado el 06 de Noviembre del 2018 por Josue

          ¿Como puedo hacer que si solver no encuentra una solución viable me lo señale el codigo ?      Cache   Translate Page      

¿Como puedo hacer que si solver no encuentra una solución viable me lo señale el codigo ?

Respuesta a ¿Como puedo hacer que si solver no encuentra una solución viable me lo señale el codigo ?

Gracias, ya había podido resolver este problema, les dejo aqui la solucion por si a laguien le puede servir.
Sub PMPa_vs_PMPa() ' ' Macro12 Macro ' Dim solve As Byte Dim LibroComponente As String Dim i 'Application.ScreenUpdating = False LibroComponente = ActiveWorkbook.Name For i = 1 To 135 Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic Windows(LibroComponente).Activate Range(Cells(i + 143, 1), Cells(i + 143, 3)).Copy Windows("...

Publicado el 06 de Noviembre del 2018 por Jesús

          VIX Could Go Much Lower Just as Hedge Funds Bet on Its Futures      Cache   Translate Page      
(Bloomberg) A fair-value model based on economic fundamentals suggests that the Cboe Volatility Index — the equity market’s “fear gauge” — should be at a much lower level, according to Vinay Viswanathan and Dean Curnutt of Macro Risk Advisors To […]
          "Guardar como" con macros      Cache   Translate Page      

"Guardar como" con macros

Respuesta a "Guardar como" con macros

te dejo un par de opciones para que investigues...


ThisWorkbook.SaveAs "sfilename"

Publicado el 05 de Noviembre del 2018 por JuanC

          Transatlantik-Koordinator Beyer (CDU) dämpft Erwartungen an Besuche bei Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
Interview mit Mirjam Meinhardt | Im SWR Tagesgespräch mit Mirjam Meinhardt dämpft der Transatlantik-Koordinator der Bundesregierung die Erwartungen an die Besuche von Emmanuel Macron und Angela Merkel bei US-Präsident Trump. Mit dem Iran-Abkommen lägen schwierige Themen auf dem Tisch. Bewegung könne es aber im Handelskonflikt geben.
          IdW mit Jürgen Hardt, Außenpolitischer Sprecher der CDU/CSU-Fraktion      Cache   Translate Page      
mit Alfred Schmit. | Der außenpolitische Sprecher der CDU/CSU-Fraktion im Bundestag, Jürgen Hardt, blickt optimistisch auf den EU-Gipfel im Juni. Frankreichs Präsident Macron und Kanzlerin Merkel würden bald gemeinsame Pläne für EU-Reformen präsentieren. In Sachen Wirtschaft und Finanzen sei eine Einigung möglich, bei außen- und sicherheitspolitischen Fragen seien Paris und Berlin auf einer Linie, so Hardt. Beim Thema Friedenslösung für Syrien bekräftigte Hardt, dass es keinen tragfähigen Frieden unter Einbeziehung des Machthabers Assad geben könne.
          Brasileiros já pagaram R$ 2 trilhões em impostos em 2018, porém dívida pública chega próximo aos 4 trilhões      Cache   Translate Page      

O valor pago pelos brasileiros em impostos neste ano superou R$ 2 trilhões nesta terça-feira (6), segundo o “Impostômetro” da Associação Comercial de São Paulo (ACSP). A marca chega um mês antes do que foi registrado ano passado, o que indica aumento na arrecadação tributária.

“A arrecadação está subindo, porém fecharemos o ano com déficit de mais de R$ 100 bilhões. Por isso a equipe econômica do próximo governo precisa focar no controle das contas públicas, manter o teto dos gastos e estimular a privatização de empresas estatais, diminuindo o tamanho do Estado”, comenta Alencar Burti, presidente da ACSP e da Federação das Associações Comerciais do Estado de São Paulo (Facesp).

A estimativa da entidade para arrecadação total em 2018 é de R$ 2,388 trilhões (contra R$ 2,172 trilhões no ano passado).

Dívida Pública

Após crescer R$ 447 bilhões em 2017 e atingir um total de R$ 3,55 trilhões, a dívida pública do governo federal continuará a crescer e poderá chegar a quase 4 trilhões no fim de 2018, de acordo com números divulgados pela Secretaria do Tesouro Nacional.

Se o patamar máximo de até R$ 3,98 trilhões se confirmar, a alta da dívida, neste ano, será de R$ 421 bilhões, o equivalente a 11,8% de aumento. Os números constam no Plano Anual de Financiamento (PAF) da dívida pública.

O nível de quase R$ 4 trilhões para a dívida no fim deste ano, porém, é o teto. O Tesouro Nacional também informou que o crescimento pode ser menor, de R$ 221 bilhões, para R$ 3,78 trilhões, que é o piso para o patamar da dívida no fim de 2018, ou seja, a alta mínima prevista. Neste caso, a elevação seria de 6,2%.

A dívida pública federal é a contraída pelo Tesouro Nacional para financiar o déficit orçamentário do governo federal, ou seja, pagar pelas despesas que ficam acima da arrecadação com impostos e contribuições.

Quando os pagamentos e recebimentos são realizados em real, é chamada de interna. Quando tais operações financeiras ocorrem em moeda estrangeira, usualmente o dólar norte-americano, a dívida é classificada como externa.

Necessidades de financiamento
Segundo o Tesouro Nacional, os vencimentos da dívida pública neste ano somam R$ 710 bilhões, dos quais R$ 9,5 bilhões são da dívida externa e R$ 84 bilhões em encargos do Banco Central. Além disso, há uma estimativa de que sejam necessários mais R$ 108 bilhões para "cobertura parcial" do déficit das contas do governo.

Para financiar esses compromissos, estão previstos R$ 186 bilhões em recursos orçamentários (dos quais R$ 130 bilhões em devolução de recursos do BNDES). Com isso, a necessidade líquida de financiamento cai para R$ 637 bilhões em 2017.

Retomada do crescimento
O Tesouro Nacional avaliou que o ano de 2018 será de retomada do crescimento econômico, maior estabilidade de preços e taxas de juros mais baixas.

"Permanecem, contudo, os esforços direcionados à consolidação fiscal [das contas públicas], que ensejam avanços nas reformas necessárias para o equilíbrio das contas públicas e a sustentabilidade da dívida pública", acrescentou.

Ainda de acordo com o Tesouro, nesse contexto a administração da dívida pública contribui para o "equilíbrio macroeconômico ao pautar sua estratégia de financiamento pelo objetivo de redução de custos, concomitantemente à manutenção de níveis prudentes de risco".

O Tesouro Nacional concluiu informando que as diretrizes dessa gestão da dívida pública têm conduzido o perfil da dívida em favor de "baixa exposição cambial" (atrelado ao dólar) e de "participação relevante de dívida com taxas de juros prefixadas ou remuneradas por índices de preços [inflação], sendo estes últimos instrumentos de mais longo prazo".

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Nguyễn Đình Cống

Ngày 4/11/2018 BCT ĐCSVN họp, cử ra Ban chỉ đạo quy hoạch cán bộ cấp chiến lược giai đoạn 2021-2026, gồm 6 người: Nguyễn Phú Trọng, Trần Quốc Vượng, Phạm Minh Chính, Tòng Thị Phóng,  Trương Hòa Bình, Trần Cẩm Tú. Lại có bộ phận giúp việc 12 người. Họ có nhiệm vụ làm quy hoạch, lập danh sách những người được họ lựa chọn để các Đại hội bầu. Lại xuất hiện một Ban chỉ đạo quái gở, một địa chỉ cho các cuộc chạy chức chạy quyền.

Thời  quân chủ, thường có chuyện chọn thái tử trong các hoàng tử hoặc hoàng thân quốc thích. Khi thái tử còn nhỏ cần phải cử thái phó, làm thầy dạy. Đó là kiểu quy hoạch và bồi dưỡng cán bộ cấp đại chiến lược của chế độ cha truyền con nối đã bị chôn vùi. Ngày nay trong các nước dân chủ văn minh hình như không còn đảng cầm quyền nào làm cái trò quy hoạch và bồi dưỡng cán bộ kiểu như vậy. Nếu đảng cầm quyền mà quy hoạch cán bộ thì Mỹ không có Trump, Pháp không có Macron,  Malaysia không bầu Mahathir, Bonsonaro không thắng cử ở Brazil, v.v.

Mới xem qua cách mà Ban chỉ đạo sẽ làm thấy rất hay. Nào là “phải thận trọng, chặt chẽ, tập trung, dân chủ, công tâm khách quan, tuyệt đối không được thiên vị, giữ gìn kỷ luật thông tin, bước đi phải chặt chẽ, bởi đây là công việc phức tạp, hệ trọng…, cần chú ý đào tạo, bồi dưỡng nhiều hơn những cán bộ có trình độ, hiểu biết về xây dựng Đảng, luật pháp, các trí thức tiêu biểu, các nhà văn hóa, nhà khoa học có uy tín… Dứt khoát không đưa vào Quy hoạch những người có biểu hiện suy thoái về tư tưởng chính trị, mất đoàn kết, gây rối nội bộ, tham nhũng tiêu cực,… Nếu phát hiện cán bộ nào có vấn đề sẽ đưa ra khỏi quy hoạch ngay…”.

Chỉ những người có tên trong quy hoạch mới hy vọng được đề cử để bầu bán.

Đã có khá nhiều bài ca tụng việc làm quy hoạch cán bộ, nhưng xem ra chỉ là những lời phụ họa ngây ngô, sáo vẹt. Tôi viết Ban chỉ đạo quy hoạch cán bộ là quái gở vì cách làm là phản tiến bộ. Người ta định thắp đuốc lên giữa ban ngày để tìm người hiền tài trong giới tinh hoa, đưa ra làm lãnh đạo, nhưng cách làm, đặc biệt là tiêu chuẩn lựa chọn chỉ có thể tìm được những kẻ có nhiều mưu ma chước quỷ, là tinh ma chứ không phải tinh hoa. Đã một số lần tôi phát biểu: “ Cách lựa chọn cán bộ của ĐCSVN là sai từ gốc”.  Sẽ có người phê phán: “ Ông bảo người ta sai, sao chỉ biết phê phán mà không nói ra cách làm đúng”. Thưa rằng, tôi đã vài lần góp ý kiến nhưng vì chất kiêu ngạo cộng sản mà họ không nghe. Còn cách làm đúng không phải tìm đâu xa, chỉ cần từ bỏ độc tài toàn trị, tôn trọng quyền của người dân và chịu khó suy nghĩ một chút là sẽ tìm được.

Vì kém trí tuệ, vì bảo thủ mà BCT ĐCSVN lập ra Ban chỉ đạo quy hoạch cán bộ cấp chiến lược thì xin hãy  quy hoạch riêng cho Đảng mà thôi. Những cán bộ thuộc hệ thống Nhà nước như Chủ tịch nước, Thủ tướng và các thành viên chính phủ, Chủ tịch Quốc hội và các nghị sĩ, Chủ tịch các UBND các cấp… xin hãy để cho Nhân dân được dân chủ bầu chọn. Trước hết là hãy để bầu ra một Quốc hội thực sự đại diện cho dân chứ không phải là bù nhìn của đảng.

Dựa vào điều 4 của Hiến pháp do một Quốc hội bù nhìn thông qua, ĐCSVN cướp quyền của Dân, trong đó có quyền thiêng liêng được chọn người đại diện cho mình trong đời sống chính trị. Quyền ấy bị ĐCS cướp và giao vào tay một nhóm người, gọi là Ban chỉ đạo quy hoạch cán bộ. Bộ chính trị đã công bố địa chỉ để chạy chức chạy quyền. Một cuộc chạy không phát động, không trống giong cờ mở, chỉ ngấm ngầm, nhưng rất quyết liệt đã bắt đầu.


Tác giả gửi BVN

          Interview der Woche mit Alexander Dobrindt, CSU-Landesgruppenchef      Cache   Translate Page      
mit Stephan Ueberbach | CSU-Landesgruppenchef Dobrindt unterstützt die von Bundesinnenminister Seehofer angestoßene erneute Islamdebatte. Dobrindt sagte im SWR Interview der Woche, für eine deutliche Mehrheit der CSU sei klar, "der Islam gehört nicht zu Deutschland". Dobrindt bekräftigt im SWR seine Absage an Fahrverbote. Das sei der "vollkommen falsche Weg". Die Pläne von Frankreichs Staatspräsident Macron für eine Reform der EU bewertet der CSU-Politiker zurückhaltend. Nicht alle Vorschläge seien im Sinne Deutschlands.
          Sonesson: Centern vill ha statsministerposten      Cache   Translate Page      
Centern planerar att rita om den politiska kartan och drömmer om att återskapa Fälldins storhetstid då en centerpartist, inte en moderat eller socialdemokrat, ledde landet. Om Annie Lööf (C) vill bli en svensk Macron borde hon hederligt börja spela med öppna kort gentemot sina, snart forna, allianskamrater..
          SAP Hybris - Developer Toolset      Cache   Translate Page      
Date Updated: 
Tue, 2018-11-06 03:56
EPAM Systems
Date Created: 
Mon, 2017-02-06 12:53

SAP Hybris - Developer Toolset Plugin for hybris developers, that allows you to reduce waste during your day to day hybris work and increase your working productivity. Built by EPAM Hybris developers for Hybris developers. Results. Relentlessly. More details : Features set: Impex Editor - Suggestions/auto-completions of commands, types, attributes, modifiers and macroses. - Configurable highlighting - Formatting - Outline view integration - Datalines folding - Hyperlinks to item types and attributes declaration Impex Run, validation on remote hybris instance Projects import - Importing based on build analyze - Workspace sync - Classpaths with required extensions sync Flexible Search Editor View - Suggestion of commands, types, attributes. - Highlighting - Executing on remote instance - Flexible Search Result View Flexible Search Builder Hybris class creation wizard - Interceptor creation - Populator creation - Spring beans suggestion and injection during class creation Hybris extension generation wizard Hybris module generation wizard EPAM has a long history of Hybris development expertise and is a longstanding partner of SAP Hybris. Find out more about EPAM’s Hybris capabilities at Want to spend time with Hybris Experts - go to get involved. Send your feedback and requests to

          Macron želi evropsko vojsko za obrambo pred Rusijo in ZDA      Cache   Translate Page      
Francoski predsednik Emmanuel Macron se je zavzel za ustanovitev "prave evropske vojske", s katero bi se Evropa lahko branila pred Rusijo, Kitajsko in ZDA.
          Macron populista, xenofobo razzista? I conti non tornano      Cache   Translate Page

Il vertice sui migranti voluto dall’Italia con la Germania e la Francia è fallito miseramente. Macron ha detto esplicitamente che chiuderà i suoi porti, seguito a ruota dalla Spagna. In pratica masse di migranti si stanno riversando sulle nostre coste e non si capisce bene come fare per gestire l’accoglienza. I comuni sono sempre più in difficoltà, per non parlare di città divenute tendopoli a cielo aperto. Se si osservano le rotte su Google si possono osservareci  navi di ONG schierate in prossimità della riva libica per prendersi il carico umano e sbarcarlo tra la Sicilia e la Calabria. Per non parlare dei droni che mostrano un intero continente in marcia diretto ovviamente da noi, il paese di Pulcinella e Cicirinnella. Il problema è reale, apocalittico, di non facile gestione e non si può chiedere all’Italia di farsi carico da sola nell’affrontare  l’ingestibile. Quanto costa accogliere. Quanti i quattrini investiti quando questa gente arriva a terra e deve essere smistata in ospedali, sempre più fatiscenti, con pronto soccorsi ridotti all’osso, con gente stesa a terra, nei corridoi, su barelle strapiene?Ignorare questi dettagli significa essere folli, non capire in che modo la gente si senta vessata, specie poi quando i migranti una volta sistemati,  cominciano  a vagare per le strade impossessandosi di parcheggi davanti ai supermercati o bar per chiedere soldi. Soldi che nemmeno noi abbiamo più,per i continui licenziamenti o la disoccupazione giovanile, che condanna all’inerzia ragazzi che avrebbero voglia di lavorare ma a cui il lavoro viene continuamente negato. Quanti sono i profughi che avrebbero diritto ad essere accolti e quanti i migranti economici? Da noi arrivano solo quest’ultimi andando a ingrossare un esercito di  disperati provocati da una situazione economica senza precedenti che ci sta strangolando, grazie ad un’Europa che pretende soldi, licenziamenti e che adesso ci regala anche la massa di nuovi schiavi. Schiavi che stanno determinando la fortuna dei nuovi negrieri, delle ONG che si caricano di africani e subito dopo si presentano dai prefetti per portare all’incasso la cambiale. Ma se le ONG sono così solidali e ci tengono tanto a salvare  vite, come mai non disubbidiscono ai dicktat dei loro stati puntando su Nizza, sulle Baleari, su Malta? No, qui c’è qualcosa che non va e siamo stanchi di essere inondati di notizie  che ci raccontano quello che vogliono, ci mostrano solo una parte della realtà, tacendo indegnamente sul reale problema e chiamando razzisti, populisti, xenofobi, chiunque ponga in evidenza la questione. Se così stanno le cose, se la Francia ci tiene alle sue frontiere allora Macron attualmente incarna il populismo il razzismo? Pietosa la giustificazione di Boeri, secondo il quale chiudere le frontiere significa trovarsi con 38mld in meno sulle pensioni. Dal suo punto di vista il ragionamento è ineccepibile. Prendete 10 nuovi schiavi che fanno il lavoro di un solo operaio italiano,arricchiranno le casse  dell’Inps per versamenti congrui  , la schiavitù sarà legalizzata, la finanza e le multinazionali si ingrasseranno e la gente povera aumenterà senza che freghi niente  a nessuno. Un mondo alla rovescia, un mondo dove le identità dei popoli sono alla mercè di tagliagole e dove contano  sempre meno i bisogni o dare risposte concrete ai disagi delle masse. Innegabile che siamo difronte ad una nuova guerra combattuta a colpi d’invasione da parte  di altri popoli che dovranno necessariamente prendere il nostro posto, abbassare la testa e andare avanti.

Cambiano i tempi e cambia la forma della schiavitù. Un tempo erano importati per la lavorazione del cotone in America, oggi li si fa arrivare da noi per ingrassare le multinazionali, impoverire i territori e far si che i nostri diritti vadano al diavolo accettando forme di contratto sempre più miserrime  e al  ribasso ovviamente..

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          Read Caribbean @ Miami Book Fair 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Miami Book Fair

ReadCaribbean programming features extensive Caribbean-specific events, including readings and panel discussions, storytelling for children, music and more, plus publishers at Street Fair. When appropriate, author events will take place in Creole or French with simultaneous translation into English.

A very special thank you to Jan Mapou, Myrtha Wroy, Jerry Delince, Cergine Cator, and Sherley Louis members, of Sosyete Koukouy who collaborate with Miami Book Fair on ReadCaribbean programs, including the Little Haiti Book Festival, that takes place annually in May. Established in 1985, Sosyete Koukouy is dedicated to preserving Haitian culture in the United States . Their mission is the preservation, perpetuation and presentation of Haitian cultural performances and exhibitions, to Creole and non-Creole-speaking audiences.

After Irma, After Maria: Caribbean Women Writing the Storms
Saturday, November 17 @ 11:30 am
Room 8301 [Building 8, 3rd Floor)

Modern Caribbean literature captures not just the endemic mismanagement of natural resources and public projects, but also the enduring chasm between promises of progress through major infrastructures and the outcomes of natural disasters for average citizens. 

In this panel, four Caribbean writers reflect on the devastation from Hurricanes Irma and Maria to many Caribbean islands whose economies rely on tourism; they pay considerable attention to the Caribbean bodies caught in the crosscurrents of a catastrophic natural history. With Edwidge Danticat (Haiti), Loretta Collins Klobah (Puerto Rico), Tiphanie Yanique (Virgin Islands), and Jessica Pabón-Colón (Puerto Rico).

Unknown Histories of the Caribbean
Saturday, November 17 @ 1:30 pm
Room 8301 [Building 8, 3rd Floor)

This panel will discuss how writers from the Caribbean have attempted to construct alternative images of the present and future from the histories of slavery and colonialism that haunt the Caribbean and its diasporas. In parallel with these invented stories, archival registers give unexpected details of the unknown histories of the Caribbean and allow for scrupulously researched literary works to emerge alongside tales of imagination. 

With Natalie Hopkinson (Guyana), author of A Mouth is Always Muzzled; Patrick Bellegarde-Smith (Haiti), author of In the Shadow of Powers; Dantes Bellegarde in Haitian Social Thought; Michael Barnett (Jamaica), author of The Rastafari Movement: A North American and Caribbean Perspective, and Judy Raymond (Trinidad), author of The Colour of Shadows. Moderated by Donna Aza Weir-Soley, author of Eroticism, Spirituality, and Resistance in Black Women’s Writings.

Murder and Mayhem in the Caribbean
Saturday, November 17 @ 3:30 pm
Room 8301 [Building 8, 3rd Floor)

Writers with roots in Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Trinidad and Tobago present masterful and unvarnished literary crime fiction and wildly transgressive noir from the Caribbean. With Kevin Jared Hosein, The Repenters and The Beast of Kukuyo; Hector Duarte Jr., Desperate Times Call, and Nicholas Laughlin, editor of the anthology, So Many Islands. Moderated by Manny Duran.

ReadCaribbean Presents Adventures for Kids
Saturday, November 17 @ 4:00 pm
Wembly's Author Tent
Upper plaza of Children’s Alley

Two friends search for a long-lost quilt patch in Marjuan Canady’s Callaloo: The Trickster and the Magic Quilt; an Arctic seal tries to get back home in Joanne C. Hillhouse’s Lost!,and discoveries abound during a simple walk through the neighborhood in Paula-Anne Porter Jones’ Sandy, Tosh and the Moo Cow, and a family’s history comes alive in Francie Latour’s Auntie Luce’s Talking Paintings.

Reading Jamaica
Saturday, November 17 @ 5:30 pm
Room 8301 [Building 8, 3rd Floor]

Reading stories that explore such themes as racial identity, gender and sexuality, family and alienation, exile and history, this panel brings to life the richness and diversity of writing from and/or about Jamaica. With Marcia Douglas, author of The Marvellous Equations of the Dread: A Novel in Bass Riddim, Alecia McKenzie, author of Sweetheart, and Alexia Arthurs, author of How to Love a Jamaican. Moderated by Geoffrey Philp, author of Garvey’s Ghost.

Haitian Identities and Caribbean Aesthetics/ Idantite Ayisyen Ak Estetik Karibeyen
Sunday, November 18 @ 11:30 am
Room 8301 [Building 8, 3rd Floor)

In English with simultaneous interpretation into Haitian Creole

This panel of four Haitian women writers will address the impact of their Haitian and Haitian-American identity(ies) on their writing and the ways they navigate (hyper)visibility and erasure to honor Caribbean aesthetics. Join Marilène Phipps, author of Unseen Worlds; Katia D. Ulysse, author of Mouths Don’t Speak, and Fabienne Josaphat, author of Dancing in the Baron’s Shadow, as they discuss the ways in which their writings respond to cultural presumptions about Haitian identity. Moderated by Edwidge Danticat.

Compelling Stories from the French Caribbean/Des Histoires Captivantes de la CaraÏbe Française
Sunday, November 18 @ 1:30 pm
Room 8301 [Building 8, 3rd Floor)

In French with simultaneous interpretation into English

Writers from the French Caribbean create and chisel narratives that are vibrant and compelling as their Caribbean identity shapes and informs the stories they choose to tell. 

This panel will focus on choices writers make in telling and reporting stories that embody the depth and breadth of French-Caribbean life and imagination. With Gerty Dambury (Guadeloupe), author of The Restless;  Mehdi Chalmers (Haiti), author of À Partir du mensonge; Monique Clesca (Haiti), author of La Confession; and Serge Bilé (Martinique), author of Yasuké (a true story about the first recorded Japanese black samurai). Moderated by Vanessa Selk, Cultural and Education Attaché (Florida and Puerto Rico) of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States.

ReadCaribbean Presents Three Groundbreaking Poets
Sunday, November 18 @ 1:30 pm
Room 6100 [Building 6, 1st Floor]

Ruth Behar explores the sacrifices of her exiled Cuban ancestors alongside her own vulnerabilities in Everything I Kept/Todo Lo Que Guardé. Loretta Collins Klobah reveals the secret heart of Puerto Rico in Ricantations, where shiny modernity gives way to spirit presences before and after Hurricane Maria. I Even Regret Night: Holi Songs of Demerara is Rajiv Mohabir’s translation of the only known literary work written in 1916 by an indentured servant in British Guyana.

The Realities of Haitian Migrations
Sunday, November 18 @ 3:30 pm
Room 8301 [Building 8, 3rd Floor]

In Haitian Creole with simultaneous interpretation into English

Individuals who migrate often experience the loss of cultural norms, religious customs, and social support systems. The adjustment to a new culture brings forth changes in identity and concept of self. In the case of Haiti, how do these changes affect the motherland – and the Haitian communities of the Diaspora?
In this panel, academics and experts in the literary field will speak to the issue of Haitian migration, racial, gender, and national identity, and ultimately, of life in the balance. With Pauris Jean-Baptiste (writer), Pierre Buteau (historian), Inéma Jeudi (journalist), and Claude Charles (ethnologist). Moderated by Marleine Bastien, Executive Director of FANM

#MeToo Movement in the Afro-Caribbean Communities
Sunday, November 18 @ 5:30 pm
Room 8301 (Building 8, 3rd Floor)

In many African-Caribbean communities, reactions to the #MeToo movement often reflect a lack of adequate thought about abuse; in fact, these reactions can even indicate increasing levels of gender-based violence as a norm. Women brave enough to come out with their ordeals are often silenced or made to face backlash for their choice to demand justice. Academics and writing professionals will discuss the blurry lines between abuse and what is considered “normal” gender relations and “natural”’ male behavior in Haiti and other African-Caribbean countries, and present ideas on ways that literature can support the women in impoverished/conflict countries. With Judite Blanc (research psychologist), Monique Clesca (UN Specialist), Marlene Chouloute-Hyppolite (writer), and Georges Bossous (human rights activist). Moderated by Anaïse Chavenet (literary publicist). [In Haitian Creole with simultaneous interpretation into English]

For more information, please follow this link:

          Frankreich: Der Präsident gibt nach      Cache   Translate Page      

Emmanuel Macron kündigt Hilfen gegen hohe Energiepreise an. Der Präsident steht unter Druck. Ihm haftet das Image eines unsozialen Präsidenten an.

          Scottish Politican, Scholar Suggest NATO 'the Only Credible Force' in EU      Cache   Translate Page      
'Europe needs a real army' according to Emmanuel Macron in a candid interview with French radio station Europe 1 on Tuesday. The French President explained he was concerned about Europe’s security after the United States decision to disband the 30-year-old nuclear non-proliferation treaty with Russia.
           Brèves du jour: 06/11/2018      Cache   Translate Page      
  Macron nous prend vraiment pour des benêts: "je préfère la taxation des carburants à la taxation du travail". On lui rappelle que les cotisations sociales sont du salaire différé et pas des taxes, on lui demande pourquoi il a mis fin à l'ISF, la flat tax, taxe sur les dividendes, baisse de l'impôt sur les sociétés. Il n'y en a que pour 7 milliards!     Et le premier sinistre qui "entend la grogne mais il n'y a pas de solution magique pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique."Et autoriser Total à forer en Guyane, valider CETA et JEFTA, importer de l'Huile de palme, refuser de taxer le kérosène, construire les autoroutes GCO, A69, fermer petites gares, ça fait partie de la solution ça?     Macron veut améliorer le chèque énergie. Le truc qui est fait pour les riens afin qu'il ne soient pas...
          Themes from Third Quarter 2018       Cache   Translate Page      

In this month’s edition of Business Insights, we review the highlights from the third quarter results of the top five publicly-traded solid waste companies.

In this month’s edition of Business Insights, we review the highlights, as well as compare the similarities and differences, from the third quarter results and follow-up conference calls of the top five publicly-traded solid waste companies.

Strong Price-led Organic Growth with Mixed Volume Results

Across the board, solid waste companies reported strong and sequentially elevated pricing results. Waste Management (WM) and Republic Services (RSG) reported yield of 2.5 percent and 2.4 percent, respectively, up sequentially. Waste Connections (WCN), Advanced Disposal Services (ADSW) and Casella Waste Systems (CWST) all reported solid waste pricing at or north of 4 percent, at 4 percent, 4.3 percent and 4.8 percent, respectively. A very supportive macro environment, an uptick in CPI-indexed pricing and cost inflation were all cited as drivers. Additionally, it was noted that the private sector haulers, particularly hit by labor cost inflation and increased fuel costs, were also raising prices, as the commercial and roll-off lines of business were characterized at full capacity by several players. As none of these factors are expected to change (if anything, cost pressures may worsen), the outlook for pricing heading into 2019 is strong.

The volume results were more mixed. WM was the standout, with volume up 3.2 percent in its traditional solid waste business. WCN and RSG hovered around flat volumes—minus 10 basis points for both. Solid waste volumes for ADSW and CWST were about a negative 1.0 percent. That said, management teams attributed negative volumes to company-specific reasons—not the underlying solid waste market. Both WCN and RSG attributed relatively flat volumes, in part, to the continued, purposeful shedding of “non-regrettable” business, while ADSW noted difficult comparison issues, and CWST attributed the bulk of the decline to a transfer station fire. Management teams put underlying volume growth somewhere in the 1 to 2 percent range consistently. The fact that parts of the system seem to be at full capacity, as previously noted, coupled with cost inflation, has encouraged a pricing push—versus chasing volume—although again, the macro economy continues to drive strong demand for all service lines by all reports.

Recycling Appears to Have Bottomed

In a pleasant change from the quarterly conference calls over the past year, recycling operations were not the primary focus. Recycled commodity prices appear to have stabilized in the third quarter, and none of the companies had to change guidance for expected 2018 recycling results, though they still remained a major drag in the quarter. As recycling commodity prices anniversary last fall’s price plummet, coupled with the contamination and processing cost fees all the companies are instituting where possible, it was generally agreed that recycling operations had bottomed, and most of the companies actually reported a slight sequential improvement. That is generally expected to turn into a tailwind as we move into 2019, assuming continued stabilization in recycled commodity prices.

Margins Remain Under Pressure as Cost Inflation Rears its Head

Overall EBITDA margins were relatively unchanged (WM up 20 basis points) or down between 10 and 70 basis points for the other companies, though all were largely in line with expectations. The main culprit remained the drag from recycling operations, which was characterized as anywhere from a 40-basis point to 150-basis point negative, and also largely unsurprising. However, the new twist this quarter was escalating cost inflation, particularly in the direct labor, subcontractor/third-party transportation, and to a lesser extent, the repairs and maintenance lines (also labor related)—all stemming from increasing labor shortages and wage pressure due to a seemingly full-employment economy, coupled with an increase in fuel prices. Therefore, though once again, overall trends were characterized as very strong solid waste results more than offsetting the earnings drag from recycling, underlying solid waste margins were generally put in a range of a 20- to 60-basis point improvement, which was similar to the second quarter, despite generally better-than-expected pricing. This prompted some consternation in a few cases from analysts who would have expected better margin results given the strong pricing numbers.

Investment and Capital Expenditures Elevated

As a result of the aforementioned labor-related issues, a major theme on the conference calls was the need for increased investment in people—both from an expense standpoint and in higher capital expenditures for fleet and/or facility upgrades. WM called out $135 million in incremental spending on its employees, in the form of the hourly bonus, benefits and market-driven wage increases. RSG noted that it expected to invest an incremental $50 million in 2019 on its fleet and front-line employee facilities. ADSW highlighted the extra training and recruiting efforts it is now making.

Guidance Remains in Narrowed Range or Modestly Increased

Although there were a number of company-specific puts and takes and some sharp stock price moves in response, generally, guidance was reaffirmed in a narrower range or increased. WM raised its EPS guidance on a lower expected tax rate but narrowed its EBITDA and FCF guidance. ADSW raised its revenue guidance but also narrowed EBITDA and FCF guidance. RSG reaffirmed guidance but with more comfort in the mid-to-high end of its target ranges for EPS and FCF, respectively. WCN expects to meet or, more likely, exceed 2018 guidance, while CWST raised its guidance parameters across the board.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Accelerated and Likely to Remain So  

The GFL Environmental/Waste Industries merger was certainly the largest, and its estimated purchase multiple prompted questions as to whether it would raise sellers’ expectations unrealistically. That said, the third quarter demonstrated very strong M&A activity for all the companies. RSG expects to invest $200 million in tuck-in acquisitions in 2018, while WM has spent $350 million year-to-date. CWST now expects to acquire $70 million in annualized revenues, versus its original guidance of $20 to $40 million. WCN prompted speculation by saying it had signed a large deal with $175 million of revenues, noting the target company was in the top 10 of private companies. Even with a slow start, ADSW expects to hit the low end of its targeted acquisition range. M&A activity is generally expected to remain strong in 2019—potential sellers are increasingly pressured by recycling woes and now heightened cost inflation, while at the same time, the underlying business is robust—so it’s a good time to sell!

Sneak Peek Into 2019

Although formal guidance will not be forthcoming until the fourth quarter is reported, preliminary comments on 2019 abounded. WM noted that it expects its EBITDA to grow 5 percent or better in 2019. WCN put 2019 revenue growth at 8 to 10 percent, with 4 to 6 percent organic, and it expects margins to be up 30 to 50 basis points and free cash flow to grow double digits. As typical in the third quarter, RSG put out EPS guidance of $3.23 to $3.28 and FCF guidance of $1.125 billion to $1.175 billion, both implying double-digit growth, when excluding the impact of an expected higher tax rate. CWST sees 2019 rollover revenue growth of 5.5 percent from acquisitions completed in 2018. All the companies noted that all their macro indicators (even housing) were still flashing green for 2019, notwithstanding Wall Street handwringing to the contrary.

Leone Young is the principal of LTY ERC, LLC, providing consulting and research services to, and conducting special projects for, the environmental services industry, primarily the solid waste sector.

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The arrest was made as a part of a special operation conducted Tuesday by Main Directorate of Internal Security law enforcement, BFM TV reports.
          Comment on Museveni déclare que les hommes qui cuisinent sont des “travestis”. by Lili Makaku      Cache   Translate Page      
Politique eleki bilanga na pasi : Emmanuel Macron en une année à la présidence, Macron a perdu beaucoup du poids, il ressemble à quelqu'un qui souffre du kwashacore En une année, Macron est devenu vieux. Par contre notre jo kabila, en 18 ans, il a beaucoup beaucoup grossi, il a pris beaucoup du poids cela veut qu'en RDC, on travaille moins ou on travaille pas. .. Obama était jeune en entrant, il est sorti vieillard,on sent le poids du travail .. Jo kabila l'homme qui n'a jamais eu des vacances...quand on voit jo kabila, on dirait qu'il est en vacances permanent. .. Ces présidents africains, il font comment pour tenir éternellement au pouvoir. ..Donc, il y a moins de travail en Afrique toute entière qu'il y a en France ? Voilà un example des présidents africains, il se croit Roi dans sa propre maison, il ne peut même pas faire sa propre tasse de thé ...Je suis sûre que Mobutu, lui aussi a mobilisé beaucoup d'argent pour ses funérailles, pour qu'il soit enterré comme roi en présence de tous les grandes de ce monde, cet argent pourrait se servir au développement du peuple Ougandais. ..
          Comment on Moise a lobi a ko tcha mbongo en jeux, victoire ya opposition eza sûr! by Lili Makaku      Cache   Translate Page      
Politique eleki bilanga na pasi : Emmanuel Macron en une année à la présidence, Macron a perdu beaucoup du poids, il ressemble à quelqu'un qui souffre du kwashacore En une année, Macron est devenu vieux. Par contre notre jo kabila, en 18 ans, il a beaucoup beaucoup grossi, il a pris beaucoup du poids cela veut qu'en RDC, on travaille moins ou on travaille pas. .. Obama était jeune en entrant, il est sorti vieillard,on sent le poids du travail .. Jo kabila l'homme qui n'a jamais eu des vacances...quand on voit jo kabila, on dirait qu'il est en vacances permanent. .. Ces présidents africains, il font comment pour tenir éternellement au pouvoir. ..Donc, il y a moins de travail en Afrique toute entière qu'il y a en France ? Kie kie kie
          Comment on Werrason a yembi na anglais, Match e bebi! by Lili Makaku      Cache   Translate Page      
Politique eleki bilanga na pasi : Emmanuel Macron en une année à la présidence, Macron a perdu beaucoup du poids, il ressemble à quelqu'un qui souffre du kwashacore En une année, Macron est devenu vieux. Par contre notre jo kabila, en 18 ans, il a beaucoup beaucoup grossi, il a pris beaucoup du poids cela veut qu'en RDC, on travaille moins ou on travaille pas. .. Obama était jeune en entrant, il est sorti vieillard,on sent le poids du travail .. Jo kabila l'homme qui n'a jamais eu des vacances...quand on voit jo kabila, on dirait qu'il est en vacances permanent. .. Ces présidents africains, il font comment pour tenir éternellement au pouvoir. ..Donc, il y a moins de travail en Afrique toute entière qu'il y a en France ?
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Controlling Cosette (My Beautiful Suicide, #2)

Review: Controlling Cosette - Book #2 My Beautiful Suicide - Atty Eve - December 2014
At the end of Book #1, we had a failed suicide attempt by murderer which OMG turned out to be her boyfriend Chris and the people she killed -most of them had been his family WTF. I didn't see that coming to be honest. In this book, Hilda has been kidnapped by Chris and Ben. Cosette is feeling guilty that shealter ego Bonnie made more killings and more so the fact that her suicide mission failed. She didn't want to be in this world, and she is trying so hard not to let Bonnie out again. During this book, Cosette's friends will discover hers and Chris's secrets and to their surprise want to be part of their group. This will lead to a weird reverse harem sort of relationship and massive orgies etc. and kissing one another.
Meanwhile, one of the officers will discover Cosette's secret and use her for their advantage to help kill criminals and those who deserve it. I have to admit, I was enjoying this book until about halfway, and then the characters just started to frustrate me, and the book seemed to drag on and on and just go full on weird for me and entirely off tangent - like seriously how are the parents and police this stupid to see what is happening. I am now questioning whether to continue with the next book as this is turning out weirder than I expected initially.

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My Beautiful Suicide (My Beautiful Suicide, #1)

Review: My Beautiful Suicide - Book #1 My Beautiful Suicide Series - Atty Eve - October 2013

Reginae Carter is looking to make her own lane and make a name for herself outside of just being Lil Wayne & Toya Wright's daughter.

On "Friends & Family Hustle," Reginae broke the news to her mother that she was dropping out of college to pursue an acting career. Chile...

As expected, Toya wasn't happy about it. But, Reginae feels like she's grown and she needs to live for her.

Well, things are already looking up for her. According to Deadline, Reginae is set to star in the LIFETIME original movie, Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta, contemporary take on Jane Austen’s early 19th century classic, following the 2005 adaptation film, Pride and Prejudice.

Here's a quick synopsis of the film and other actors starring in it:

Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta features an African-American cast led by Reginald VelJohnson as Reverend Bennet, a pastor of a prominent Southern Baptist church, and his wife, Mrs. Bennet (Jackée Harry), author of a self-help book on how to find the perfect husband. Needless to say, Mrs. Bennet is less than thrilled that all five of their daughters — Lizzie (Tiffany Hines), Jane (Raney Branch), Mary (Brittney Level), Lydia (Reginae Carter) and Kitty (Alexia Bailey) — are still single. When the very eligible Will Darcy (Juan Antonio) arrives in town, Mrs. Bennet sets her sights on the handsome bachelor for daughter Lizzie, leading to a comedic modern-day take on themes familiar to fans of the novel.

 photo keshiaknightlifetimegig.png

Other castmates include Keshia Knight Pulliam, Kellee Stewart, and Victoria Rowell.