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          Menghitung Detik Lazada 11.11 Shopping Festival Dan Secara Langsung Super Show       Cache   Translate Page      
Salam sejahtera kepada semua pembaca setia blog makan Mahamahu dan juga rakan-rakan sekalian. Korang mesti hari-hari tengok kat tv, sosial media dan juga semua platform digital dan media cetak mempromosikan tarikh hebat iaitu Lazada 11.11 Shopping Festival. Jualan satu hari SALE di Malaysia secara besar-besaran hanya di laman web dan aplikasi Lazada.

Lazada 11.11 Shopping Festival Beli-Belah Menarik Satu Hari

Maha sendiri tak sabar untuk menantikan tarikh tersebut kerana waktu itu lah kita dapat membeli belah dengan diskaun sehingga 90%. Ada juga sesetengah barang itu boleh dapat Crazy Flash Sales serendah RM1. Sapa tak nak rebut peluang untuk harga paling murah macam tu dalam satu hari sahaja.

Waktu tu bukan setakat korang boleh beli belah dengan murah tapi sebenarnya korang boleh kolek baucer sehingga RM111 melalui permainan Shake It. Ada waktu tertentu untuk korang standby nak Shake It melalui aplikasi Lazada. Jangan shake laptop lak nanti orang kata gilerr lak hehehe. Juga ada permainan Slash It serendah RM1 yang membawa korang untuk slash dan invite kawan untuk join slash juga.

Korang juga boleh kutip baucar bernilai sehingga RM11,000,000. Masa ini lah nak dapatkan banyak baucer yang boleh guna untuk dapatkan Produk Buy Group dengan harga yang sangat rendah. Semua ni dalam satu hari sahaja 24 jam tau so jangan ketinggalan. Juga banyak lagi ciri-ciri yang menyeronokkan untuk korang dalam aplikasi dan laman web Lazada. Mesti berebut orang nak masuk Lazada tarikh 11.11 tu.

Acara Lazada 11.11 Super Show Secara Langsung

Juga turut akan ada  pre event bersempena akan tiba tarikh 11.11 Shopping Festival ni. Lazada bakal mengadakan acara live countdown mereka seperti detail di bawah :

Tarikh: 10 November 2018
Waktu: 10.00 malam 
Siaran Lansung: Aplikasi Lazada, TV 3 dan NTV 7
Lokasi: Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur

Dalam acara ini akan ada hampir 180 selebriti dari dalam dan luar negara juga turut sama menjayakan program live ini. barisan artis yang akan terlibat seperti KARD, Wany Hasrita, Aiman ​​Tino, Haqiem Rusli, Ayda Jebat, Altimet, Ella, Ziana Zain dan ramai lagi. Korang juga boleh meraikan malam tu dengan sertai peraduan yang dianjurkan dan ada banyak hadiah yang boleh dimenangi bernilai RM11juta

Wow sehari sebelum 11.11 pun dah boleh dapat banyak hadiah apatah lagi tarikh yang di nantikan. Jadi jangan lupa untuk terus menonton rancangan ini kat aplikasi Lazada dan juga secara langsung di TV3 dan NTV7 hanya dirumah. Lepas tonton tu habis jer terus boleh shopping kat Lazada 11.11 Shopping Festival. Memang menarik sangat kat Lazada pada tarikh keramat ini nantikan 11.11.

          Mountain Man Shouted Abortions, IUDs, and Condoms in Seattle, They Play Portland Tonight      Cache   Translate Page      
by Rich Smith
Mountain Man, doing the Lords work.
Mountain Man, doing the Lord's work. Rich Smith

Editor's note: This show review is from our Seattle-based sister paper The Stranger and describes Mountain Man's show last night in Seattle. Mountain Man play the Doug Fir tonight.

Well, okay, the three singers that form the folk group Mountain Man didn't "shout" about their reproductive health so much as they told charming stories about it.

When introducing a song about "deciding maybe not to have a baby," Amelia Meath, who's also the lead singer of Sylvan Esso, said, "I have to get my IUD replaced soon. Hopefully they're still legal." She then launched into a funny story about a gynecologist who referred to her copper IUD as "a little goddess woman who sits in your cervix and says 'no babies,'" holding out both arms to her side as if blocking eggs descending from two giant, invisible fallopian tubes. Another member of the group, Molly Erin Sarle, told an instructive anecdote about a pregnancy scare that involved a call to Planned Parenthood and also to her mother, plus a panic-purchase of a 32-pack of condoms. The band implored the sold-out crowd to vote, rightly suggesting that protections for women's health are on the ballot. They are. They always are. Now vote, damn it.

Judging by the applause and laughter and warm smiles from the pews, the stories were a welcome bit of blasphemy beneath the deconstructed rose window of Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral.

(Before I get a bunch of Episcopalians blowing up the comments: according to Pew, the Episcopal church "supports abortion rights with some limits." And Saint Mark's in particular is known as a pretty progressive parish, all things considered.)

But Mountain Man didn't only stop by Seattle to preach (in this case, to the choir). They're also touring the country with a new album, Magic Ship. The sophomore effort dropped in late September, nearly a decade after 2010's Made The Harbor.

The new songs, like the old songs, are portals to a gentle, pastoral world pierced occasionally by memento mori and the pangs of fuckboydom. But the new stuff feels more mature—less about dating and hanging out in the woods, and more about navigating guilt, the real value of adult friendships, and nature's mix of grace and indifference. There's lust, life, death, Fiona Apple covers, and mountains with blueberries in bloom.

Onstage at Saint Mark's, with arms wrapped around each other's waists, the ensemble played with and against that type. In-between three part harmonies, they detailed the tiny drama of a stink bug that had crawled onto their microphone. They also talked about fucking and politics and abortion. That juxtaposition of the contemporary-urban with the backyard-bucolic characterizes their particular brand of Appalachian folk, which comes tinged with witchiness and irreverence. Their harmonies reflect this dynamic, too. Alexandra Sauser-Monnig lays a solid foundation, Meath adds playfulness and sweetness, and Sarle variously spikes the blend with welcomely sour notes and crystalline brightnesses.

Here's a premium example from the latest record:

This one gives you a sense of the kind of sisterhood energy Mountain Man is pumping out:

And in this song from the old album, one of the singers makes the noise a loon makes on a quiet lake, enacting the strangeness of the natural world freaking forth from nothingness. Or something. It sounds good:

Hearing Mountain Man sing is just a pleasant thing to happen in your life, and last night was a welcome hour of solace and comfort and humor the day before one of the most consequential elections in the history of the country—one of those things that reminds you that life isn't just a swirling hell of bad news and disappointment. Portlanders, definitely go to the show tonight and catch up on the 2018 results after.

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          W jakim świecie obecnie żyjemy? (dr Jan Przybył)      Cache   Translate Page      

Zapis wystąpienia dr Jana Przybyła podczas pobytu w Glasgow. (Szkocja, 2018)

          NA ŻYWO: Promocja książki Bronisława Wildsteina „O kulturze i rewolucji” (godz. 18:00)      Cache   Translate Page      

W rozmowie udział wezmą: Autor, dr Dariusz Karłowicz („Teologia Polityczna”) i dr Krzysztof Dorosz. Spotkanie poprowadzi dr Łukasz Michalski, dyrektor Państwowego Instytutu Wydawniczego.

6 listopada (wtorek) o godz. 18.00 zapraszamy do Stowarzyszenia Dziennikarzy Polskich na ul. Foksal 3/5 w Warszawie na dyskusję o książce „O kulturze i rewolucji”. W rozmowie udział wezmą: Autor, dr Dariusz Karłowicz („Teologia Polityczna”) i dr Krzysztof Dorosz. Spotkanie poprowadzi dr Łukasz Michalski, dyrektor Państwowego Instytutu Wydawniczego.

„O kulturze i rewolucji” to zbiór tekstów tworzących opowieść o oglądanej z Polski epoce, w której zdaniem autora porządek kultury fundujący cywilizację zachodnią podważany jest przez rewolucyjne prądy. Według Bronisława Wildsteina to one przekształciły się w dominującą dziś w Europie ideologię, która bezwzględnie eliminuje swoich tradycyjnych przeciwników, likwiduje pluralizm i realną debatę oraz efektywnie homogenizuje naszą rzeczywistość.

Najdłuższy esej jest poświęcony myśli Karola Marksa i jej skutkom. Mimo zakwestionowania ekonomicznego determinizmu, to charakterystyczne dla marksistów fundamentalne burzycielskie podejście do rzeczywistości i tradycyjnej, a więc istniejącej kultury, tworzy ideologię, której przygląda się autor.

Bronisław Wildstein przywołuje tych, którzy przeciwstawiają się kontrkulturze, zarówno myślicieli, jak i pisarzy i artystów. Autor pisze zarówno o niebezpiecznych tendencjach we współczesnej – także wybitnej – literaturze, jak i groteskowych zjawiskach, które odsłaniają podszewkę owej obyczajowej rewolucji. Szczególną uwagę Wildstein poświęca jednak sprawom poważnym, w tym filozofii, literaturze i historii, z ich perspektywy można bowiem zrozumieć współczesną codzienność.

          Nieznane losy Bruno Müllera znanego z Sonderaktion Krakau      Cache   Translate Page      

          Krakowska frakcja antypolska w działaniu      Cache   Translate Page      

          NA ŻYWO: Spotkanie w klubie Ronina, w tym analiza przebiegu wyborów samorządowych (od godz. 19)      Cache   Translate Page      

cz. 1: godz. 19:
Przegląd Tygodnia: analiza przebiegu wyborów samorządowych wg Roninów

cz. 2: godz. 20:
Wieczór autorski prof. Kazimierza Koraba, "Polityka. Zmierzch czy Odrodzenie?”

          Warszawska premiera książki Wojciecha Sumlińskiego "Niebezpieczne związki Donalda Tuska"      Cache   Translate Page      

"Nie boimy się z Tomkiem Budzyńskim żadnego procesu, jesteśmy w stanie udowodnić każde zdanie, jakie napisaliśmy w książce. Zachowaliśmy też parę asów w rękawie. Czekamy na Donalda Tuska, zobaczymy co on zrobi". 18 października w Auli im. bł. księdza Jerzego Popiełuszki w Centrum Kultury-Dobre Miejsce odbyła się premiera najnowszej książki duetu Tomasz Budzyński i Wojciech Sumliński. Ci dwaj autorzy wspólnie napisali wcześniej kilka innych poczytnych książek, "Oficer", "ABW" i "Niebezpieczne związki Sławomira Petelickiego". Sala na Dewajtis pomieściła kilkaset osób, które przybyły na spotkanie z autorem. Rozmowę z Wojciechem Sumlińskim prowadził Marcin Rola.

Jednak początek spotkania zdominował temat 34. rocznicy porwania ks. Jerzego Popiełuszki. Wojciech Sumliński odniósł się do informacji, która pojawiła się w mediach, że do Archiwum Instytutu Pamięci Narodowej trafiły nowe materiały ws. zabójstwa ks. Jerzego Popiełuszki. Tak skomentował te medialne rewelacje: "Te wszystkie nowe informacje, o których wczoraj pisały media są zawarte w książce "Kto naprawdę go zabił?" mojego autorstwa z 2005 roku. (..) To ogłupianie społeczeństwa. (..) Przy rokrocznym powrocie do tych wydarzeń z 19 października słyszymy zapewnienia, że już za chwileczkę będziemy wszystko wiedzieć, bo oto mamy przełom; media to podnoszą i przez następny rok panuje całkowita cisza. Potem za rok historia wraca do punktu wyjścia, czyli znowu słyszymy, że już jesteśmy blisko, i przez rok kompletnie nic się nie dzieje. Lata mijają, świadkowie umierają, dokumenty znikają. Nikt nie wie, co się w tej sprawie naprawdę dzieje. Taka historia bez końca i o to tak naprawdę wielu osobom chodzi".

Dodał: "To wielka tragedia. To jest święty naszych czasów, opinia publiczna zasługuje na to, żeby wreszcie pokazano prawdę, a to jest w zasięgu ręki".

Obecny na spotkaniu ks. Stanisław Małkowski powiedział: "Kłamstwo w sprawie męczeńskiej śmierci ks. Jerzego trwa. Wielkie dzięki Wojciechowi Sumlińskiemu, że odważył się na tyle ujawnić, że każdy kto przeczyta książkę "Kto naprawdę go zabił?" i pozna inne publiczne wystąpienia Wojciecha nie będzie miał wątpliwości, że żyjemy w kłamstwie. A ks. Jerzy był do końca wiernym obrońcą prawdy, prawdy, która wyzwala, prawdy,która nas zobowiązuje, aby nawet za cenę życia jej bronić tak, jak uczynił to ks. Jerzy w całej swojej kapłańskiej postawie i w swoim ostatnim świadectwie męczeństwa".


Wojciech Sumliński przeszedł następnie do tematu głównego tj. świeżo wydanej książki. Opowiadał o działalności tzw. konsultantów i doradców rozmaitych fundacji, którzy według niego "mieli się zajmować działalnością dobroczynną, a bliżej im było do działalności szpiegowskiej". Jak zauważył: "Tak to wyglądało na początku lat 90., gdzie fundacje niemieckie działały jak takie zwyczajne firmy przykrywkowe". Wyjaśnił: "Tylko dziecko może myśleć w tych kategoriach. że z takiej instytucji, jak wywiad niemiecki BND ktoś wciska guzik i płyną pieniążki na konto polityka czy jakiejś firmy czy partii. Tak się nie dzieje. Są firmy przykrywkowe, to jest pośrednicy, którzy są pomiędzy wywiadem a pomiędzy odbiorcą danych środków".

Sumliński przywołał fakty z biografii Donalda Tuska. Mówił o jego znajomości z Wiktorem Kubiakiem, osobą powiązaną z komunistycznymi służbami specjalnymi, a jednocześnie współpracownikiem Grzegorza Żemka (dyrektora generalnego FOZZ, skazanego w 2005 r. za defraudację publicznych pieniędzy przeznaczonych na spłatę długu zagranicznego).

Sumliński pytał: "Skąd Donald Tusk, skromny opozycjonista, który mieszkał w hotelowym pokoiku na kształt hotelu robotniczego zna Wiktora Kubiaka, człowieka wywiadu PRL? Jak Donald Tusk poznał Wiktora Kubiaka? Są pytania, na które nie znamy odpowiedzi. Ale wiadomo, że Donald Tusk przyprowadza Wiktora Kubiaka na spotkanie z J.K. Bieleckim, z J. Lewandowskim, z Krzysztofem Wyszkowskim, wieloma innymi i mówi: To jest człowiek, za którego ja ręczę. Od tego momentu zmienia się wszystko, ludzie, którzy chcą coś robić w polityce, ale nie mają grosza, nagle pieniądze przestają być dla nich problemem. Nie ma problemu z tym, żeby kupować, wynajmować lokale na biura, żeby robić gigantyczną kampanię, żeby mieć samochody. Nawet postkomuniści, którzy sięgnęli po moskiewską pożyczkę patrzą z zazdrością na te pieniądze, którymi dysponuje Kongres Liberalno-Demokratyczny. Ci ludzie, dzięki pieniądzom Wiktora Kubiaka, za chwile przejmą w Polsce władzę".

Stwierdził: "Na 18 piętrze hotelu Marriot, gdzie firma Batax [której właścicielem był Wiktor Kubiak] miała swoją siedzibę tworzy się rzeczywistość, która zdecyduje o tym, jaka będzie Polska przez następne dziesięciolecia. Tam pojawiają się agenci Mossadu, oficerowie KGB, GRU, ludzie, którzy mówią po niemiecku".

Sumliński powoływał się na relacje osób, które były wówczas blisko z KLD i Donaldem Tuskiem, ale także na słowa Jarosława Sokołowskiego ps. "Masa", który był ochroniarzem Wojciecha Paradowskiego, współpracownika biznesowego Kubiaka.

Autor książki "Niebezpieczne związki Donalda Tuska" przypomniał wydarzenia z początku lat 90.: rząd J.K. Bieleckiego, prywatyzację, wyprzedaż majątku narodowego częstokroć poniżej wartości gruntów, na których stały te zakłady, np. Polkolor (jak stwierdził, był to zakład przy którego prywatyzacji doradcą ministra ds. przekształceń własnościowych J. Lewandowskiego był Wiktor Kubiak). Według Sumlińskiego, rząd Jana Olszewskiego nie tylko upadł z powodu lustracji, ale dlatego, że zatrzymał prywatyzację, która po jego obaleniu mogła być kontynuowana.
Zaznaczył: "To Niemcy byli głównym beneficjentem prywatyzacji".


Wojciech Sumliński wymienił nazwisko Detlefa Rusera, naukowca, agenta STASI, który mieszkał w Polsce i nawiązał znajomość z Bogdanem Borusewiczem i Donaldem Tuskiem. Ruser w 1986 roku podobno zerwał znajomość z Tuskiem, ale może tylko oficjalnie?

Autor książki "Niebezpieczne związki Donalda Tuska" opowiadał o zagadkowym zniknięciu z Urzędu Gaucka dwóch teczek dotyczących pracy Rusera po 1986 r. po tym, jak zorganizowano w Berlinie wystawę, na której pojawiły się zdjęcia gdańskich opozycjonistów... i Detlefa Rusera. Co dokładnie było w tych teczkach? Autorzy książki sugerują, że mają na ten temat wiedzę.
Dlaczego teczki Rusera zginęły? W 1990 r. STASI przestało istnieć, jednak - według Sumlińskiego - BND przejęło agentów STASI.

Kolejnym podjętym przez Sumlińskiego wątkiem była sprawa Ryszarda Tomaszka - niemieckiego szpiega, który był ważnym elementem siatki szpiegowskiej, a który został przedwcześnie aresztowany. "Tomaszek mógł doprowadzić do innych osób, które z nim w tej siatce współpracowały". Jak zapewnia Sumliński, Tomaszek miał kontakty z biznesmenem Paulem Roglerem, którego głównym wspólnikiem był Paweł Graś.

Sumliński dodał: "Okazuje się, że Detlef Ruser co najmniej siedmiokrotnie spotyka się z Paulem Roglerem. (..) Co łączy tych dwóch Niemców, którzy za każdym razem kiedy idą na spotkanie robią ścieżkę sprawdzeniową, sprawdzają czy nie są śledzeni?".

"Wszystkie szczegóły znajdziecie Państwo w książce" - mówił Wojciech Sumliński.

Relacja: Margotte i Bernard






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          Comment on Continued fraction cryptography by Patrick Stein      Cache   Translate Page      
You could easily make it a shared key encryption system though by multiplying the fraction by some secret (rational) number. Unfortunately, the continued fraction expansion of the resulting number would probably have some numbers outside of the range of the input plaintext characters. It feels like it would be hard to use that to find the secret rational, but maybe not. You could even encode a secret pass phrase this way to come up with the secret rational.
          BTCC Announces the "Indefinite" Closure of Its Mining Pool      Cache   Translate Page      
BTCC Mining Pool

BTCC will be shutting down its mining pool by the end of the month.

According to a recent notice made by the Hong Kong-based exchange, BTCC will deactivate its mining pool servers on November 15, 2018, and cease all operations entirely come November 30.

Citing “business adjustments,” the notice was generally vague about the exact reason for this particular closure. Having started operations in 2014, the mining pool is one of the oldest in the space, while BTCC itself is China’s oldest crypto exchange.

BTCC’s mining pool was one of the world’s more prominent mining pools as recently as June of 2018, but, in the latter half of the year, its hashrate has steadily decreased. BTCC has requested that all current miners “complete the power switch by November 15th” and has stated that they will eventually “release the profits of all miners in time.”

It is unclear at this time what impact this shutdown will have on the regular operations of BTCC’s exchange. The announcement did not go into any specific detail on their other functions, and they have not made any similar announcements about the functionality of the company.

Still, the notice for the shutdown did end on a hopeful note, as the exchange proclaimed, “We firmly believe that the digital encryption assets and blockchain industry represented by Bitcoin will continue to develop and improve!” The announcement even concluded with an optimistic final farewell to the BTCC community that said, “We will see you again!”

At the time of publication, BTCC has not responded to Bitcoin Magazine’s request for comment.

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

          Prognosticators Have Never Learned How To Rate Races In A Wave Election-- And Pollsters Can't Get Their Models Straight      Cache   Translate Page      

Polls are all based on "likely voters." A campaign manager I was talking to last week was in a rush because he was still dragging homeless people onto buses to feed them sandwiches, etc and get them to the early voting stations. Over a thousand. Likely voters? Not a chance. Early voting shows "unexpected" upturns for women voters, black voters, Latino voters and millennials voters. How many extra seats is that worth to the Democrats beyond what the pollsters and prognosticators predicted? 10? 20? 30?

Last week Time Magazine warned them: Youth Voter Turnout in the Midterm Elections Could Be Historic, According to a New Poll. "Young voters could turn out to vote at record-breaking levels in the midterm elections next month, according to a new poll. The poll, released Monday by the Institute of Politics at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, found 40% of 18 to 29-year-olds say they will 'definitely vote' in the midterm elections on Nov. 6. Youth voter turnout has historically been dismal in midterm elections, which tend to draw fewer voters overall than presidential election years. The highest rate of youth voter turnout in past midterm elections was 21% in both 1986 and 1994, according to the Harvard report... In the 2014 midterm elections, 19.9% of adults under 30 voted-- 'the lowest rate of youth turnout recorded in the past 40 years.' In the 2016 presidential election, 46.1% of adults under 30 voted-- an increase from 2012, but still the lowest turnout rate of any age group."
In this year’s poll, a larger percentage of young Democrats (54%) than young Republicans (43%) indicated they were likely to vote.. Overall, 66% of respondents supported Democrats taking back control of Congress, compared to 32% for Republican control.
So how's that working out today? We don't know yet, but what we do know is that millennials turned out big in early voting. Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that early voting is pointing to a "Youth Wave."
Youth turnout rates in the midterm early vote are up by 125 percent compared to 2014, according to Catalist, a voter database servicing progressive organizations-- an eye-popping and historically high figure, say strategists on both the left and the right.

Young Americans ages 18 to 29 who say they are definitely voting tilt leftward, according to polls. But the data also shows young Republicans are bubbling with enthusiasm headed into tomorrow.

...2020 implications: Among young people polled, 59 percent said they would “never” vote for President Trump vs. 11 percent who said they'd be “sure to” vote for him.

... GOP pollster Chris Wilson, the CEO of WPA Intelligence, told us he thought it was a “bit too much” to call the turnout “historic.” But he said the electorate is looking younger “than both the 2016 and 2014 general elections. “Voters under 25 are outpacing their vote share from both the 2016 and 2014 general. Proportionately it’s not enough to make a huge difference, but it’s more,” Wilson said.

Nine months after 17 students were killed in a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., Della Volpe's firm, SocialSphere, found that school shootings are the most worrisome issue to young Americans.

Surge in activism = a surge in voting: Tom Bonier, a Democratic  strategist and head of the firm Targetsmart, told us that skeptics initially cast doubt on the firm's findings that the “share of youth registrants nationwide increased by 2.16 percent” after the Parkland shooting in February.  A September memo showed that turnout among young people increased by an average of 4 percent in the 2018 primaries vs. 2014 primaries-- and doubled in some battleground states compared to 2014. Per Bonier, “Pennsylvania . . . has seen youth voter registration surge by 10 points after [Parkland]. Youth voters make up nearly 60 percent of all new Pennsylvania registrants.”

The mass shooting generation is showing up: We spoke with Jackie Corin, co-founder of March for Our Lives, who voted for the first time last week. Corin, along with a handful of her peers, has been traveling the country, meeting with lawmakers and mass shooting survivors, speaking on college campuses and visiting communities to build what the group calls a “youth infrastructure” to carry over into 2020. 
Civic engagement is cool: “Activism is becoming more of a normalized activity for teenagers-- they are seeing their friends get involved with campaigns and issues and it’s spreading like wildfire,” Corin added.
Twitter working against Trump?: Corin also credited the spike in awareness and engagement to Trump's Twitter habits. “The president uses Twitter as main source of communication and that’s something that young people see every single day-- they’re always on Twitter and Instagram so they're more engaged about what's going on.”
Real progress: Since the Parkland shooting that killed 17, over 60 state laws have been passed tightening gun control. “The constant mass shootings are large motivators … it’s what has activated thousands and thousands of people across this country,” Corin said.
We still don't know if the shift pollsters are seeing in early voting will be reflected at the ballot box.

So far today, it very much looks like it is. Meanwhile, everyone agrees that the likeliest of likely voters are seniors, particularly retirees. It's undeniable that they vote more than any other age group and that in recent decades that have been more prone to vote Republican. That party preference seems to have flipped on its head this cycle. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that campaign donors "who identify their occupation as 'retired' gave 52% of the $326 million they contributed through Oct. 17 to Democrats, compared with 48% to Republicans according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. That is a reversal of their split four years ago-- and it’s a record amount of midterm money from retirees. This is the first midterms since the group began keeping donor industry data in 1990 in which retirees favor Democrats over Republicans. That year, retirees gave 76% of their $15 million in contributions to Republicans and 24% to Democrats. As social security and Medicare have become hot-button political issues, retiree donors have steadily crept toward Democrats, the center’s data show. By 2002, the GOP advantage among retiree donors had declined to 63% versus 36%. Eight years later, the split was 55%-44%."

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Politico: "The general consensus among Republicans is that they will lose the House, and end up in at least a five-seat minority-- that would correspond to a 28-seat loss. Senior Republicans tell us that even in a worst-case scenario, they do not expect to lose 40 seats. A prescient prediction or famous last words?"

Of all the senior Republican lawmakers they spoke with over the weekend, "only one made the case that the GOP will keep the House." If it's who I think it was, he was staggering drunk for the entire weekend. Many Republicans expected the House races to tighten up by election day. Instead the generic ballot polls have gotten even worse for them. The last one for CNN by SSRS shows an absolutely massive 55% to 42% preference for Democrats among likely voters. As I've said before, the pollsters' likely vote modeling is wrong because it is not taking increased Latino and millennial voting into account. Polls predicting less than 30 flipped seats will all be off by as much as 100% tonight.

Let's look at Florida. Yesterday's Marist poll shows Andrew Gillum leading Ron DeSantis in the gubernatorial race-- 50% to 46%-- and Bill Nelson leading Scott in the Senate race by the same 50% to 46%. Democrats are very lucky to have Gillum at the head of the ticket instead of dull conservative Gwen Graham, who had been the establishment candidate and who would have dragged the party down the toilet with her. But it's a shame Florida doesn't have any good congressional candidates who could ride the wave and Andrew's coattails into office. Instead, it's a bunch of DCCC-recruited backs from the Republican wing of the party-- New Dems and Blue Dogs. This is the key today: "Democrats in both races are performing better than their Republican counterparts with likely voters who are independents, minorities and women."

Stoking domestic terrorism goes over especially badly with independent voters

Results from Quinnipiac are nearly identical: seven point leads for both Gillum and Nelson, entirely because of double-digit leads for both among women, minorities and independent voters. Writing Sunday for the Miami Herald Steve Bousquet reported on the surge in early voting for Democrats. On Sunday, "Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Hillsborough and Orange, the five biggest 'blue' counties, all reported their highest one-day early voting totals of the 2018 campaign. As a result, on a day when President Donald Trump rallied thousands of Republicans in Pensacola, the GOP’s ballot advantage over the Democrats shrank to six-tenths of 1 percentage point (0.6), with GOP ballots at 40.8 percent of the statewide total and Democrats at 40.2 percent." By Monday morning Dems had a +0.5% lead over Republicans in ballots cast. In 2014 Republicans held almost a 6% lead over Dems going into election day.

So how many Democratic candidates will Gillum's coattails and the anti-red wave drag to victory in Florida today? Most of the candidates are so terrible that it's hard to say-- but even the worst of them are less horrible than the Republicans they're opposing. Donna Shalala, as bad a candidate as you'll find anywhere, will probably beat Maria Salazar in bright blue FL-27 (PVI- D+5) despite herself. Nate Silver gives her a 6 in 7 chance to win (84.7%). Next door in Carlos Curbelo's district (FL-26-- where the DCCC and Pelosi's PAC have spent $7,175,066 attacking Curbelo-- another weak Democrat, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell looks like she'll take the seat (PVI is D+6). Silver gives her a 5 in 9 chance (55.6%). The other Republican-held Miami-Dade seat, Mario Diaz-Balart's 25th district (PVI- R+4) has the best of the 3 Democratic challengers, Mary Barzee Flores, but in the toughest race. Silver gives her a 2 in 7 chance (27.8%) to beat Diaz-Balart. The wave will have had to have turned into a tsunami tonight for her to win.

Silver gives Wasserman Schultz a 99.9% chance of retaining her seat in a 3-way contest against progressive Tim Canova and some Republican sacrificial lamb, more or less the same chance Joe Crowley had in beating Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The only polling in the district-- by a GOP firm-- shows Wasserman Schultz exactly tied with Canova.

The DCCC has 4 other Democratic candidates on their Red to Blue page-- Nancy Soderberg (FL-06, Ron DiSantis' open seat with an R+7 PVI), Kristen Carlsen (FL-15, Dennis Ross' open seat stretching from the Tampa suburbs to the Orlando area with an R+6 PVI), David Shapiro (FL-16, Vern Buchanan's Sarasota, Bradenton seat with an R+7 PVI) and Lauren Baer (FL-18, Brian Mast's Treasure Coast district with an R+5 PVI). Silver doesn't give any of them much of a chance to win. Soderberg 1 in 4, Carlsen 3 in 7, Shapiro 1 in 7, and Baer 1 in 12. Soderberg, Baer and Shapiro (as well as Mucarsel-Powell) are all New Dems. The 2 Florida candidates in red districts with the best shot are 2 normal Dems, Kristen Carlsen and Mary Barzee Flores. The DCCC has spent modestly in a few of the races-- $499,932 in FL-06, $146,362 in FL-16, $868,290 in FL-18, and $694,360 in FL-15

Matt Haggman is one of the progressive Democrats Blue America endorsed this cycle but who didn't win his primary, losing out, in this case, to an establishment nothing with lots of name recognition and money but with nothing to offer the voters except that she's not a Trumpist. Tragic waste of a blue seat but Matt has been good sport about it, endorsed her and has been working to help elect her. He agreed to catch us up on what he's been up to down in South Florida. He reiterated that "This is the most important mid-term election in our lifetimes. It’s a moment when we will decide as a country who we are and who we are not. Here in Florida I have been working to help Andrew Gillum, Donna Shalala, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, Mary Barzee Flores and Bill Nelson all win. Just this weekend I was out canvassing. But, before this, I was a candidate. I was one of the many across the country who left good jobs to up and run for Congress following the 2016 presidential election. For me, it didn’t go as hoped. I lost to Donna Shalala in Florida’s Congressional District 27. Howie asked that I share a blog post I wrote in the weeks after the Aug. 28 Florida primary. It’s a reminder of the reasons why this mid-term is so important. Why each of us can have a big impact even if we’re not on the ballot. And why, whether a candidate or supporter, we must do all we can to ensure everyone gets out to vote this Election Day to turn a new page in our politics."

Until Next Time, Thank you

It’s been a few weeks since the primary election. Obviously, for me, it was a disappointment. But the many great wishes since election night from friends and supporters has been wonderful. I wanted to write a post and say thank you. And also reflect a bit on the past 13 months campaigning for US Congress.

Before doing that, I again congratulate Donna Shalala on her victory. This is a moment in our politics that is bigger than any individual and it’s critical that the Democratic party take control of the U.S. House of Representatives. We must unite behind her. In addition, we have to elect Andrew Gillum as our next Governor! His campaign has energized us all, and it’s time to bring it home.

Looking back on the primary, my overriding feeling is gratitude. I’m extremely thankful to my wife Danet, who supported me in this effort, and thankful to all of the people who propelled our campaign--  the volunteers, fellows, staff, donors and, ultimately, voters. I had never run for any elected office, yet so many went all-in supporting our campaign. Thank you very, very much.

Our fellows were, in particular, an inspiration to me. We recruited more than 50. Most were in college, some still in high school. Working on the campaign after class or full-time during summer break. Weekends, nights. Calling voters, knocking on doors. They were passionate and dedicated. Now, they are back on campus. At schools from Miami Dade College and Michigan to Boston University and Palmetto Senior High School. At a time when our political system badly needs a reset, they showed what it means to take hold of our democracy. With them, our future is so blazingly bright.

Along with our fellows, what I loved about being a candidate was talking with voters and being out in the community. I loved it. Going door to door on sweltering summer afternoons in Kendall, or Little Havana, or Richmond Heights. Evenings canvassing in Westchester or Palmetto Bay. Unfiltered and alone, it was just us; talking about our community and country. On those days and nights there was no place I would rather be.

Life revealed itself in its many forms on these unannounced visits. The couple celebrating their daughter who was headed to college. The single mom working three jobs to keep current on her mortgage. The middle-aged woman who tried to chat amiably but, after a time, couldn’t hold it back any longer, sharing that she’d just been diagnosed with cancer. “I need a hug,” she said, a tear running down her cheek, which she quickly and defiantly wiped away.

The conversations were always so real--  standing at front doors, sitting in living rooms, meeting people where they are, learning about their hopes and concerns, aspirations and struggles. At a time when Washington has so fundamentally and collectively lost its way, at the grassroots people are making sense. We need to spend more time listening to them.

Indeed, throughout the campaign I often said the best ideas come from the community, not candidates. I really meant it. Change happens from the ground up, and that’s never been more true than today. From start to finish, our campaign sought to stay true to that ethos. Namely, we focused on voters, rather than cutting down competitors as a means to win.

We visited every precinct, we knocked on some 45,000 doors. Again and again, I found a sincerity, thoughtfulness and a belief that things will get better. I always thought we lived in a special community, but over the last year I’ve vividly seen it with my own eyes in one neighborhood after another. Those thousands of conversations leave me today more hopeful and optimistic than ever.

If only our politics can be as good as them. I think it can, but we are going to have to change in big ways.

To me, election night 2016 was a shattering moment--  and it’s what ultimately prompted me to run. I had believed that America would never elect a person who said and did the things that Donald Trump said and did. I believed that America today would never elect a bully, a liar, someone who preyed upon our worst fears and sought to divide us to win support. We might come close to electing such a demagogue, but at this stage in our country’s history we would never actually do it. I was obviously wrong.

The better angels of our nature had given way to our most base sensibilities. A presidency built on hope was followed by one grounded in our worst fears.

In early January, as President Obama prepared to leave office, he gave his farewell address, warning that we can’t take democracy for granted. That it “falls on each of us to be anxious, jealous guardians of our democracy.” What the speech said to me is that, yes, America is a special place. But it’s only special because generation after generation has continually engaged in making it so--  even as there are setbacks, sometimes dramatic setbacks, along the way.

Then, at Danet’s urging, on January 21st we attended the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. My sister Meghan and our friend Lissette went too. It was an extraordinary day as millions around the world rose up. It was there that I thought to myself that this remarkable moment of protest must also be a moment of real and lasting change--  and wondered how to try and live that. It was there that I decided to run.

The reason I decided to drop everything, leave my job at Knight Foundation and do something I’d never done before was because I believed we were--  and are--  at a pivotal moment. This is not a normal election year.

I firmly believe that years from now people will ask about this time, what did we do?

What did we do when a President--  along with a compliant Republican-controlled Congress--  called for border walls, Muslim bans, tore thousands of immigrant children from their parents, bowed to a foreign power that meddled in our election, sympathized with neo-Nazis, sought to use law enforcement as a means to settle political scores, and declared the press an enemy of the state.

This election is our moment to reaffirm and declare who we are-- and who we are not--  as a country.

But, in doing so, we have to realize that this election is about what’s next. It can’t just be about what we’re against, but it has to be about what we’re for. Indeed, while Donald Trump has contributed much to our dysfunctional politics, the truth is that he’s the result of a dysfunctional system that has been spiraling for some time.

We are only going to achieve the change we need if we dispense with the incrementalism that has defined our politics for so long and think--  and do--  in dramatic new ways. And allow new leaders to emerge in a political system that’s long become stuck.

Put another way, it’s a two-part challenge: ensure that today does not become the new normal, and provide a vision for what tomorrow will look like. With that in mind, we sought to run a campaign that actually represented the change we seek.

At a time when money is undermining our democracy, we didn’t accept any funding from political action committees, federal lobbyists or special interests like big sugar.

At a time when so many have given up on politics, our campaign was powered by extraordinary campaign fellows who were the heart and soul of our effort.

At a time when so many are disconnected from our government, we built a field program that sought to personally engage voters in every neighborhood in every part of the district.

At a time when the leadership in Congress hasn’t changed in years, we called for an entirely new slate of people in leadership roles in the House. The new faces in the next Congress must not be just newly elected members, but the leaders at the top too.

Of course, our efforts did not result in a victory. But I have no regrets. After all, this is a moment to take chances. And throughout my life I’ve always sought to take chances by diving into entirely new things; and going all-in when I do.

Whether it was going to New Orleans to write a biography on Professor Longhair (still unfinished). Or moving to Miami-- where I didn’t know a soul (but met my soulmate)--  to become a journalist (where I had a great run that lasted nearly a decade). Or leaving the Miami Herald to join Knight Foundation (where I had an even better run), in which I launched an entirely new program that planted the seeds and propelled Miami’s rapidly emerging startup and entrepreneurial community.

I want to stretch myself, test boundaries and be willing to do entirely new things. Incumbent to that approach will be wins and losses. It’s the in-between that I want to avoid.

Make no mistake, I dearly wish I was part of the Blue Wave at this critical point in our country’s history. But I’m not. This moment belongs to candidates with names like Gillum, O’Rourke, Pressley, Lamb, Ocasio-Cortez, and so many others. I will be cheering every one of them on, and support in any way I can. We need them to win and be good leaders when a new Congress is sworn in in January.

And, each in our own way, we all need to lean in and help. The moment is too important. The challenges are too great. The stakes too high. No one can sit this out.

So what’s next? The short answer is, I don’t know.

I do know that I have many people to thank. I remember when I decided to run, a friend advised that people look at you differently when you’re a political candidate. He cautioned that you’ll be disappointed by friends you thought would be there. But he also said you’ll be surprised by the support from those you didn’t know before or never expected. Focus and delight in the latter, he said. And I will.

(One quick note: Danet and I took some time away after the election. If you haven’t heard from me yet, you’ll be hearing from me soon.)

After such an all-consuming period I also have many friendships to renew, which I am looking forward to doing.

Life is about chapters and seasons. The thing about political campaigns is the chapter ends so suddenly. After such an intense period, it’s quickly and suddenly over. It’s a crash landing. But a new chapter begins. There is power in blank canvases. I’ve experienced it before. It’s at moments like these when you can edit your life and think completely anew. It’s often at these moments when the unimagined happens, when you follow completely new paths and find unexpected success.

I have no idea what this next chapter will bring, but I’m excited to find out.

After the race, I spoke with Reggie, who is a great friend and the father of Joshua, my little through Big Brother Big Sister for more than a decade. Reggie said to me: “You gotta keep pressing on my man. It’s all good.”

That pretty much says it all. Keep pressing on.

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We all want Trump and his servile, enabling Republicans to lose control of Congress. But many of us feel the Democrats are nothing more than the lesser evil, with a leadership that pursues opportunism and careerism rather than the party's values and principles. How do we change that? One way is to elect as many members of Congress we can who are not beholden to the corrupt party leadership. For example, these are progressive candidates who won their primaries and who the DCCC and Nancy Pelosi have refused to support:
Randy Bryce (WI-01)
Ammar Campa-Najjar (CA-50)
Audrey Denney (CA-01)
Kara Eastman (NE-02)
Kendra Fershee (WV-01)
Jess King (PA-11)
Nate MuMurray (NY-27)
J.D. Scholten (IA-04)
Mike Siegel (TX-10)
Dayna Steele (TX-36)
James Thompson (KS-04)
Instead, the DCCC and Pelosi are spending tens of millions of dollars on New Dems and Blue Dogs from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party, consciously shifting the congressional caucus in a sharply rightward.corporate direction-- in the opposite direction the Democratic base wishes it to move.

Today we have to deal with an existential problem-- Trump and his GOP enablers. But we should concentrate on making sure the progressives running for Congress today have every chance possible to win. Think back to when you were in school or the military or at summer camp. Did you have any pals back then who like in Omaha? Can you call them and ask them to vote for Kara Eastman? Sunday Kara told her supporters that her race "is one of the most closely watched in the entire country. Everyone’s eyes are on this district, waiting to see what happens on election day. If we can win here, it’s proof that our common-sense progressive platform can work around the rest of the country as well. We have grown this small grassroots movement into something bigger than all of us. We are ready to make history and create meaningful change in our country. Your vote matters. This race will be incredibly close, and we need you to show up and be counted on election day. Make sure you have a plan to get to the polls on Tuesday, November 6th and make your voice heard. Your vote would be the best birthday gift I could get this year." And her win would be a gift for every progressive in America. Think again... maybe you have a cousin in Omaha? No? Perhaps an old chum you haven't talk to in years who lives in Gretna or La Vista or Papillion? Today, only phone calls can help, not checks; too late for that.

How about someone who lives in Racine or Kenosha or Janesville, Wisconsin? Those are the 3 biggest towns in Randy Bryce's district. A persuasive GOTV call to someone you know, is worth more than any financial contribution right now. Maybe someone who moved to Elkhorn or Burlington? Lake Geneva? Muskego? Or maybe the suburbs south of Milwaukee-- Oak Creek, Franklin, Greendale, Caldonia? This is going to be a close race. Every vote counts.

In western New York, there's a big space with lots of suburbs and small towns between Buffalo and Rochester. Anyone you know up there who you could talk to about Nate McMurray. Most people who hear that Chris Collins is an extreme Trumpist and that he was arrested for corruption charges and is out on bail, are very open to hearing reasons to vote for Nate McMurray.

Same in Escondido, Ramona, Lakeside, Santee and the other suburbs east and north of San Diego. And Temecula... and the eastern parts of El Cajon-- that's all Ammar Campa-Najjar's district, where the incumbent, Druncan Hunter, is also an extreme Trumpist out on bail after being arrested by the FBI.

And on the exact opposite end of California, up in the northeast... maybe you know someone with a phone who moved to Grass Valley? Oroville, Redding, Chico, Paradise, Yreka, Red Bluff? Someone living on a houseboat in Lake Shasta or Goose Lake? That's all part of CA-01, where Berniecrat Audrey Denney is making tremendous headway against Doug LaMalfa and can use every vote she can get.

Don't tell me you don't know anyone in Austin. Everyone does... just think. Mike Siegel's district includes lots of Austin neighborhoods-- The Triangle, Rosedale, Ridge Top, Coronado Hills, St Johns, Broadacres, Brentwood, Oakmont Heights, Balcones Park, Abercrombe, Skyview, Crestview, Allandale, Wooten, North Shoal Creek, Mesa Forest, Quail Hollow, Gracywoods, North Oaks, up into Pflugerville and then out towards Houston in towns like Bastrop, La Grange, Brenham, Sealy, Weimar, as well as towns like Tombatt, Cypress, Prairie View and Fairfield on the outskirts of Houston. Mike's race to replace the Trumpist incumbent-- who helped formulate the babies in cages policy-- is going to depend on getting people to come out to vote today in those Austin neighborhoods, Houston suburbs and everything in between. Know anyone there you could call?

And on the other side of Houston... maybe you know someone from a past life who went to work for NASA? Dayna Steele's race is going to be decided tonight by voters in Seabook, Deer Park, Channelview, Sheldon and Crosby on the outskirts of Houston-- as well as by folks living in La Porte, Baytown, Beach City and up in Lumberton, Liberty, Livingston, Jasper, Bon Wier (right on the Louisiana border), Kirbyville, and in the Beaumont suburbs like Vidor and Rose City.

Maybe you know people in Lancaster, Pennsylvania or up in Ephrata or Elizabethtown or down in Hanover in York County. Call them and persuade them to vote for Jess King.

Is it possible you know someone teaching at Iowa State in Ames? Steve King's district isn't 100% farmland. Anyone in your phonebook from Sioux City? Mason City? Forest City? Rockwell City? How about Fort Dodge or Pocahontas? For J.D. to win today, he's going to need votes from all those places. Think! Anyone? A sister's old boyfriend? The coach of your high school basketball team?

Maybe coach moved to Kansas, not Iowa. James Thomson's district is mostly Wichita and Sedgewick County but he's going to need whatever votes he can pick up in Eureka, Howard nd Sedan in the east, Kinsley, Greensburg, Goldwater in the west and towns like Kingman, Medicine Lodge and Winfield in between.

That leaves us with the toughest district we're trying to flip this cycle, WV-01 (PVI R+19), where Kendra Fershee is running a progressive campaign in a district where Bernie did incredibly well. It includes Wheeling, Parkersburg and Morgantown (West Virginia University's Evansdale campus). Maybe an old babysitter? I used to volunteer at a People for the American Way office and I met a young woman there who helped me figure out what I was doing. She lives in that district now. In fact... she's the candidate!

A friend of mine, Richard Foos, worked with his wife and Ted Lieu and another friend of ours, Jody Uttal, and me, to put on a fundraising event for Ammar Campa-Najjar and Randy Bryce. We raised them each some money but that didn't feel proactive enough for Richard. He wanted to do something way more visceral. So... he called a dozen friends, printed up some voter guides and called up Katie Hill's campaign manager and offered to stand outside a dozen polling places and hand out the guides. He's done it before-- and it works, especially well for down-ballot candidates and propositions on the ballot. I asked him to explain what it's like doing this kind of volunteer work. He told me he believes "that the most effective thing we can do today is to work at a polling place with a three fold plus purpose.
1) hand out voter guides for the congressional Dems (not as important for the congressional race, but very important for down ballot candidates, non-partisan candidates and propositions.
2) Catch any voter irregularities by ensuring all Dems successfully voted on the way out of the polls.
3) Check the voter roles which are posted inside the polling place every couple hours and tell headquarters who has not voted yet so that they can get their GOTV team to remind the ones who didn't vote to do so.
I am going to be doing it for Katie Hill’s campaign and if interested email Otherwise call your local Dem office or congressional candidate’s campaign headquarters."

Voter Suppression by Nancy Ohanian

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Alan Grayson's grassroots PAC, The Resistance, did a final appeal for Randy Bryce Sunday evening. At this point, forget about the contribution part, just try to remember if you know anyone who lives in Racine, Kenosha, Janesville, the suburbs south of Milwaukee... and call them and tell them why they should vote for @IronStache. Meanwhile, though Grayson's PAC made some good points.
When no one else was willing to take on the Speaker of the House, Randy Bryce took on the Speaker of the House.  He put his hand right next to the woodchipper, filing to run against Paul Ryan in Ryan's Wisconsin Congressional district.

Ryan couldn't take the heat.  He quit the race, and he's stepping down as Speaker of the House two months from now.

Randy Bryce beat the second most powerful person in Washington, DC, a current Speaker and former Vice Presidential nominee. Bryce chased Paul Ryan out of politics.

But that is not the end of the story.
"You come at the king, you best not miss."
- Omar, The Wire (2006)
Paul Ryan's Super PAC, the "Congressional Leadership Fund," has spent $2.7 million in the last two months, relentlessly smearing Randy Bryce in order to hand Ryan's seat to Ryan's hand-picked successor.

We can't let Ryan beat Bryce from beyond the political grave.  Ryan wouldn't stand and fight for his seat; instead, he hides behind his Super PAC to fling mud at Bryce. Let's show our support for the candidate who stepped up to face Paul Ryan, and beat him.

Randy Bryce: Ironworker, veteran and cancer-survivor. A true Man of the People.

But now that Paul Ryan's Super PAC is spending $2.7 million to smear him, no one has come to Randy's defense.

Here is a list of Super PAC expenditures in Bryce's campaign. The blue ones are for Bryce, and the red ones against him:

Paul Ryan's Super PAC has outspent all the pro-Bryce Super PACs by nine to one-- combined!

(And by the way, there's no shortage of blue money available to help Bryce, The Democratic counterpart to Ryan's Super PAC has spent $72 million so far this year. None of that has gone to defend Randy Bryce.)

We can't let Republican sewer money defeat our Working Class Champion.

Yep, not a dime from the DCCC, not a dime from Pelosi's House Majority PAC-- both of which have been spending millions of Blue Dogs and New Dems from coast to coast. Fine, if Randy wins today, he won't owe them a nod.

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This isn't a new poll but it could be the numbers we see on our TV screens tonight. Say a prayer. A result like that in Texas today is going to be dependent on, among other things, Latino turnout. Virtually all polling models assume Latinos will not turn out in large numbers. If that changes today, say goodbye to Ted Cruz and... HELLO BETO! Nearly 39% of Texans are Latino. BETO will win if they vote today in larger numbers than has been usual. AND, a big Latino turnout in Texas today could also help in more than a few districts with big Hispanic populations-- here's who has the most to gain:
TX-02- 29.6% Todd Litton
TX-07- 31.5% Lizzie Fletcher
TX-10- 25.9% Mike Siegel
TX-21- 27.7% Joseph Kopser
TX-23- 70.8% Gina Jones
TX-27- 50.8% Eric Holguin
TX-32- 28.3% Colin Allred

California is another state with a huge Hispanic population-- like Texas, around 39%-- where an oversized Latino turnout today could be determinative, maybe even electing a progressive senator, Kevin de León, instead of reelecting the conservative Dianne Feinstein, with a shameful anti-immigrant history unworthy of our state. In California congressional races, a big Latino turnout will make all the difference in 7 close, key races:
CA-10- 40.0% Josh Harder
CA-21- 72.1% TJ Cox
CA-22- 45.9% Andrew Janz (Devin Nunes' district)
CA-25- 37.9% Katie Hill
CA-39- 34.6% Gil Cisneros
CA-49- 25.7% Mike Levin
CA-50- 29.7% Ammar Campa-Najjar
And then there are the key Senate races in Arizona (30.1% Latino) and Nevada (27.1% Latino) which have both tightened up in the last month.

So... has Trump been enough of a determinant to rouse Latino voters up in big numbers tomorrow? All cycle, the answer has been a disappointing "NO!" But that seems to have changed in the last few weeks. Yesterday, Chris Kahn and Dan Trotta, reporting for Reuters, wrote that a new IPSOS tracking poll shows a 
marked increase in Latino enthusiasm for voting this week.

Hispanics are more interested in voting this year than in the last U.S. congressional midterm elections in 2014 and their enthusiasm outpaces that of all U.S. adults, according to a Reuters/Ipsos national tracking poll released on Sunday.

The poll also found likely Hispanic voters nearly twice as inclined to support Democrats for the House of Representatives as Republicans in Tuesday's elections.

Voter registration groups are using Republican President Donald Trump's nationalist, anti-immigrant rhetoric as an opportunity to drive up Latino enthusiasm. In an illustration of their passion, one group that is part of an alliance that has reached out to more than 1 million potential voters in Arizona took its name from the Spanish word for "fight."

...Latinos could play a crucial role in several races, from tight Senate battles in Arizona and Texas to Florida's close Senate and governor's races. In California, the flourishing Latino population has helped put in play some Republican-controlled House districts Democrats hope to flip.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll, taken Sept. 1 to Oct. 29, found that 36 percent of Hispanic voters said they were "certain" to vote, up from 27 percent in 2014. That increase is nearly double the five percentage point rise in voter enthusiasm among all Americans over the same period, the poll showed.

Enthusiasm appears especially high among Hispanic Democrats.

Forty-two percent of Hispanic Democrats said they were "certain" to vote, up from 29 percent in 2014. Among likely Hispanic voters, 60 percent said they will vote for a Democratic candidate for the House, and 32 percent would back a Republican.

Hispanics are a politically diverse group, with 55 percent of likely voters identifying as Democrats, 31 percent as Republicans and 12 percent as independent, the poll showed.

Just over half, 53 percent, of likely Hispanic voters said they were "very motivated" to pick a candidate for Congress who opposes Trump, compared with 43 percent of all likely voters, 75 percent of likely Democratic voters and 9 percent of likely Republican voters.

...America's 29 million Latinos account for nearly 13 percent of eligible voters this year, but their turnout rate has declined since 2006, according to the Pew Research Center. Only 27 percent of eligible Latinos voted in the last midterm elections in 2014, and only 16 percent of those aged 18 to 35, Pew said.

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by Noah

I've lived in New York City for 39 years so I've gotten to see the Statue Of Liberty innumerable times. She's an elderly woman and frequently in need of repairs. She's a metaphor in that sense. But, the important thing is: She gets those repairs, imperfect though they may be. Most of us, in fact, gladly pay for those repairs. Sometimes, the repairs are only of the stop gap variety. Sometimes they are extensive and deep. Consider today, Election Day, a day for those repairs.

There are however many in our country who would prefer to preserve other statues; statues that stand for something quite the opposite of the Statue Of Liberty. They'll tell you it's their birthright. They'll tell you it's their heritage, even though (or especially) when that heritage that they so cherish includes hanging black people from trees. They make no bones about protecting that heritage, especially when protecting that heritage means depriving people of their constitutional right to vote if not their right to breathe. The Republican Party and their severely mentally ill leader have thrown their lot in with those who embrace that heritage. They even call them very fine people, even as they do their bidding and run over people in the streets, shoot up synagogues, shoot up and burn down African-American churches, and mail pipe bombs to democrats. The party that once ran against terrorism now runs with terrorism. Some of them deny that they do, while they smirk at us, and cross their fingers behind their backs.

The only legal power we have to rid ourselves of such people; the only legal power we have to rid ourselves of the Steve Kings, Duncan Hunters, Dave Brats, and Scott Walkers of our government is to vote them out. The same is true of those who don't even consider our government to be their government or our country to be their country: people like Devin Nunes and Dana Rhohrabacher. That's what election days are for. Vote with a vengeance. Which torch do you choose?

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We published this a few weeks ago for early voters but I figured I'd run it again-- with a bonus video at the end-- for Californians going to the polls on Tuesday. First and foremost on our list is the U.S. Senate race, in which we strongly back Kevin de León against fossilized conservative incumbent Dianne Feinstein.

Goal ThermometerWe don't usually back better of two evil candidates-- which is what the Democratic Party usually encourages, particularly on the federal level. But, this year, because of the existential threat from Trump, we are doing just that. Vote for every Democrat and against every Republican-- even for candidates as lacking in anything to recommend them as Andrew Janz and Gil Cisneros. There I said it!. That said, we are genuinely excited about some Democrats, especially Katie Porter, the progressive running in Orange County (CA-45), Ammar Campa-Najjar, the progressive running for Congress in San Diego County (CA-50) and Jovanka Beckles, the progressive running for state Assembly in the East Bay. All of our California faves are on the Blue America thermometer on the right. Prediction: Gavin Newsom will win and any progressive who voted for him will be very, very sorry. For state Superintendent of Schools, there's a really good candidate: Tony Thurmond and a really bad canddiate, the charter school guy, Marshall Tuck. OK, that's the easy stuff. Now the statewide propositions:
Prop 1- YES-- authorizes $4 billion in bonds to fund affordable housing for low-income families, seniors, people with disabilities, farmworkers and veterans.
Prop 2- YES-- authorizes $2 billion in bonds to provide supportive housing (i.e. ,mental health and drug rehab) for homeless Californians with mental illness.
Prop 3- NO-- an $8 billion boondoggle for Big Agriculture, while causing environmental problems.
Prop 4- YES-- authorizes $1.5 billion in bonds to fund building, renovating and equipping children’s hospitals.
Prop 5- NO-- another boondoggle, this one for wealthy developers and older rich homeowners-- expands Prop 13.
Prop 6- NO-- overturns the increase in gas taxes and vehicle fees that fund transportation infrastructure. Bad for Climate Change and deincentivizes electric car development.
Prop 7- YES or NO-- empowers the legislature to adopt permanent daylight saving time, eliminating standard time in the future if it Congress gives the OK.
Prop 8- YES-- requires notoriously profiteering dialysis centers to stop cheating their patients and to accept Medicare and Medicaid without discrimination.
Prop 10- YES-- allows cities, towns and counties to pass and strengthen rent control laws by repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.
Prop 11- NO-- An anti-union proposal that allows private ambulance companies to require workers to remain on-call during meal and rest breaks.
Prop 12- YES-- an animal welfare measure set ting reasonable minimum floor space for pigs, calves and hens at one square foot.

L.A. County has Measure W, an excellent idea to fund rainwater capture, cleaning and storage projects in order to grow the county's local water supply. Vote YES.

And the city of L.A. has two measures, both worth supporting. Measure B amends the City’s charter to permit Los Angeles to establish a public bank. Vote YES.

Measure E sets the City’s primary election on the same date as the State’s primary election. Vote YES.

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Perhaps trying to torture Señor Trumpanzee, a 4 month old Pew Research poll was widely circulated on the internet over the weekend, showing that President Obama, by far, is the president who the most Americans think was the best in their lifetimes (31%) followed by Reagan (21%) and Clinton (13%).

I didn't have time to conduct a poll, but I'm going to tell you who the best non-incumbent candidates running for Congress on Tuesday are. In alphabetical order-- based strictly on how well they will perform in Congress if they are elected. These are a dozen potential superstars:
Lisa Brown (WA-05)
Randy Bryce (WI-01)
Kara Eastman (NE-02)
Jared Golden (ME-02)
Jess King (PA-11)
Nate McMurray (NY-27)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14)
Katie Porter (CA-45)
JD Scholten (IA-04)
Mike Siegel (TX-10)
James Thompson (KS-04)
Rashida Tlaib (MI-13)
Nor did I poll anyone about who the worst Democrats are running for the House. I'm tempted to put this list in order of horribleness but I'll keep it alphabetical, so I don't get into any arguments about why I say Jeff Van Drew (NJ-02) is worse than, for example, Abigail Spanberger (VA-07). Hard to narrow it down to just 12 and I was tempted to sneak in another, calling it a baker's dozen, but I'll save Paul Davis (KS-02) and Anne Kirkpatrick (AZ-02) for another time. 12 Democrats-- bolstering and strengthening the Republican wing of the Democratic Part-- who will make Congress a far worse and less productive place than it would be without them:
Anthony Brindisi (NY-22)
Gil Cisneros (CA-39)
Jason Crow (CO-06)
Gretchen Driskell (MI-07)
Brendan Kelly (IL-12)
Joseph Kopser (TX-21)
Susie Lee (NV-03)
Kathy Manning (NC-13)
Dan McCready (NC-09)
Max Rose (NY-11)
Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11)
Abigail Spanberger (VA-07)
[Oops, I forgot New Jersey Blue Dog Jeff Van Drew... probably because I don't even think of him as a Democrat. But he's the worst Democratic candidate this cycle. The DCCC begged him to run. And he has absolutely no chance of being defeated. He will be in Congress next year, a real tragedy.]

Hold your nose and vote for these lunks so Trump winds up getting checked and balanced. The only horrible Democrat running for the House who I would not hold my nose, shut my eyes, vomit in my mouth and vote for is an incumbent, the shockingly Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23). But in that case, the alternative is a progressive running as an independent, Tim Canova, who will caucus with the Democrats, making not just the House, but the wretched party, a better institution. The video message from Elizabeth Warren below is specifically about the Senate but... same, same; the principle works for the House as well. I have a question for progressives-- real ones only, please-- in Arizona: Are you going to vote for Sinema?

One more thing about the Senate. With a horrible map for Democrats, the likelihood of it flipping from red to blue in minimal-- though not impossible. Trump is counting on ignoring his likely evisceration in the House by claiming he saved the GOP from doom in both houses. That will be fun.

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To follow-up, the samples provided did help.  There are encrypted (protected stored procedures) that can be used to create various entities and pre and post procs that can modified.  So, we examined the existing items tracing the various pieces of data and created a loop pulling in the data we wanted to use and supplied it to the procedure that corresponded to the item we were trying to create.

Thank you.

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I have no idea why American Digest posted a lip-sync version of Jimmy Webb's classic: MacArthur Park yesterday. And yet, it seems strangely, even surreally apt, so here's what AD posted:

This version is abbreviated, so why not also post the full song, sung by the man who first performed it, actor Richard Harris. There is no decent visual where Harris is singing the song, so here's an audio:

          The Haunting of Hill House Explained: 8 Burning Questions Answered      Cache   Translate Page      

The Haunting of Hill House | Photo Credits: Netflix

It's been nearly a month since The Haunting of Hill House hit Netflix, but fans are still deep in discussion as they attempt to parse through the complex tale of grief and ghosts. The 10-episode series left viewers with a lot of burning questions and few neatly wrapped up answers. While some may


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          The Trailer for You're the Worst's Final Season Is Here!      Cache   Translate Page      

You're the Worst | Photo Credits: FXX

Trash juice for everyone! The wait is over and the final season of You're the Worst, FXX's totally un-romantic comedy, finally has a premiere date. So set your DVRs for Wednesday, Jan. 9.

FXX also debuted -- or should we say unveiled -- a new trailer for the final season (above). It teases Gretchen (


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          Shaq and Ken Jeong Are Teaming Up for a The Simple Life-Style Reality Show      Cache   Translate Page      

Ken Jeong and Shaquille O'Neal, Drop the Mic | Photo Credits: TBS

Shaq and Dr. Ken are the new Paris and Nicole. Shaquille O'Neal and Ken Jeong are teaming up for an unscripted TBS comedy pilot with the working title Unqualified, the network announced Monday. On the show, the enormous retired basketball player and the tiny former physician will try jobs that


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Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario, Shadowhunters | Photo Credits: Ian Watson, Freeform

Nothing is more powerful than the Shadowhunters fandom -- particularly Malec stans -- and Freeform is ready to use that power to get out the vote!

The hiatus ahead of the final episodes has been a brutal one, which is why we're so grateful that Freeform has blessed us with an exclusive sneak peek of


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          Pete Davidson Under Fire for SNL Joke About a Wounded Veteran Running for Congress      Cache   Translate Page      

Pete Davidson may have received positive marks for his gentlemanly treatment of his breakup with Ariana Grande during his appearance on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update," but his comments about one GOP candidate's wartime injury have a lot of viewers crying foul.

In the segment, he lampooned


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          Jonah Hill's Induction Into Saturday Night Live's Five-Timer Club Was a Star-Studded Affair      Cache   Translate Page      

Jonah Hill's latest turn as host of Saturday Night Live was a pretty big deal because it meant he got to join the illustrious "Five-Timers Club" -- of which recent inductees include Justin Timberlake and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson -- after having hosted the show four times previously, in 2008, 2012,


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          ‘Saturday Night Live’ Got It Right: New Gallup Poll Finds High Anxiety Among Democrats on Election Day      Cache   Translate Page      
There's a lot at stake.

NBC’s long-running “Saturday Night Live” has never been shy about making fun of Democrats along with Republicans. A hilarious “SNL” skit that aired on November 3 depicted Democratic voters as being in a state of maximum anxiety over the 2018 midterms no matter how much they tried to pretend they were feeling optimistic—and according to a new Gallup survey, that skit isn’t off base. Gallup, on Election Day, reported that 81% of voters it described as either Democrats or “Democratic leaners” are “very or somewhat worried” about what will happen in the U.S. if Republicans maintain their majority in either the House of Representatives or the Senate. And only 19% of them are “not too or not at all worried” about the results of that possibility.

However, Gallup finds that Republicans and “Republican leaners,” in contrast, are less worried about what will happen in the U.S. if Democrats obtain a majority in either house of Congress. According to Gallup, 66% of Republicans or “Republican leaners” are “very or somewhat worried” about what would happen with a Democratic majority in the House or Senate—while 34% are “not too or not at all worried.”

Gallup also found that Democrats are less optimistic than Republicans when it comes to their chances of having a majority in the House in 2019.

Of the Republicans surveyed, 87% predicted that the GOP would maintain its House majority on Election Day, while only 74% of Democrats believed that their party would retake the House. And Democrats were even less optimistic about the Senate.

Gallup found that 83% of Republicans predicted that the GOP would keep its Senate majority on Election Day, while only 49% of Democrats believed their party would obtain a majority in the Upper House.

In order to achieve a Senate majority this year, Democrats would need to maintain every seat they presently hold while capturing two Republican-held seats. If Democrats could capture the Republican-held seats in Arizona and Nevada and not lose any seats, they would obtain a narrow Senate majority. But those races, according to many polls, are close—and Democratic incumbent Sen. Heidi Heitkamp has been trailing Republican Kevin Cramer in North Dakota’s Senate race.

The morning of Election Day, pollster Nate Silver’s found that Democrats had an 87% chance of retaking the House but only a 19% chance of retaking the Senate. All 435 House seats are up for grabs today. 

Watch the SNL skit below:


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          The View’s Abby Huntsman Praises Trump for Motivating People to Vote — And Gets Immediately Shut Down by Whoopi Goldberg      Cache   Translate Page      
“I don’t know if that’s worth the tone,” Whoopi Goldberg said.

“The View” co-host Abby Huntsman insisted voter intensity was worth President Donald Trump’s blistering rhetoric, but host Whoopi Goldberg set her straight.

The president claimed he regrets the tone he’s set so far in the White House, and co-host Joy Behar argued Trump only said that to reassure women voters.

“He said it because he realizes that women like him less than menstrual cramps,” Behar said. “That’s why he said it.”

Huntsman tried to find a silver lining in Trump’s falsehoods and partisan attacks.

“I try to find the positive in these moments,” Huntsman said, “and I think the one thing about his tone that has been helpful for this country is it motivated people to get out and vote. Whether you like the tone or you hate the tone, people are voting. We’re already seeing this — 31 million people have already cast their ballots for this election.”

Goldberg wasn’t so sure.

“I don’t know if that’s worth the tone,” she said. “I don’t know if that’s worth it. I don’t know if him calling people names and talking about families and, you know, scaring people into thinking that brown people are coming to get them and take their jobs.”

Huntsman insisted that voting shows Americans care.

“No,” Goldberg said. “It shows that people are scared and they know that this is not what you want in the guy that’s supposed to be running stuff, but I don’t know if the tone is — I can take a lot of stuff. As I said weeks ago, you know, when you start the conversation with, they are murderers and rapists or they are this or they are that, for me that shuts everything down. I can’t hear anything.”


          'One of the Biggest Fraud Cases Ever': Trump Biographer David Cay Johnston Uncovers Rudy Giuliani's Alleged Role In Massive $10 Billion Theft      Cache   Translate Page      
The complaint is aimed at uncovering the full details of Russian money flowing to various Trump projects using so-called anonymous wealth companies.

A human rights organization has asked Dutch prosecutors to open a criminal investigation into multi-billion dollar money laundering schemes that they say were aided by Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and his old law firm.

This story first appeared at DC Report.

The complaint is clearly aimed at examining how much money stolen from a former Soviet satellite ended up benefitting Trump. He is named 16 times in the complaint’s footnotes.

The complaint describes “one of the biggest fraud cases ever” in which “some of these money flows ultimately ended up in the Netherlands” because “Dutch service providers helped to cover up the money laundering acts.”

Watch David Cay Johnston’s Video Commentary Below:

“The money laundering network started in Kazakhstan, where a figure of up to USD 10 billion was purportedly embezzled,” the complaint asserts. “This money was subsequently circulated by two Kazakh oligarch families via a worldwide network of shell companies. A number of these companies were established in the Netherlands. The money was subsequently invested in real estate projects in the United States and Europe, after which it was paid out as ‘profits’ via – once again – a network of shell companies.”

Netherlands banks and other firms play a significant role in illicit flows of cash around the world through sophisticated techniques to hide income and corporate profits. Many of these techniques appear to push the envelope on legal tax avoidance. When money laundering is involved these aggressive techniques could cross a line into aiding and abetting criminal tax evasion.

The complaint asserts that a small slice of the missing billions was run through Dutch shell corporations with help from Rudy Giuliani’s old law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani. Until 2016, Giuliani was a partner in the 470-lawyer firm.

Neither Giuliani nor anyone at his firm Giuliani Security & Safety LLC responded to requests for his side of the story. Multiple requests for comment prompted no response from Greg M. Bopp, managing partner of what was then Bracewell & Giuliani but is now called only Bracewell.

The complaint was filed by Avaaz, a global human rights organization in Washington which claims 48 million members. It has issued an open call to prosecutors around the world to investigate “the giant web of corruption” that it says propelled Trump’s rise.

Avaaz says it has approximately 290,000 members in the Netherlands. The complaint was filed Oct. 22 with J.J.M. van Dis-Setz of the Dutch Public Prosecution Service by Barbara van Straaten, a lawyer in Amsterdam.

The complaint filed with the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service in Amsterdam relies on court records from several countries that were dug up by investigative journalists, including James S. Henry, the investigative economics editor of DCReport.

The Dutch television program Zembla aired an investigative piece on Trump and his Russian associates in 2017. It followed up with an expose of a Trump business partner’s role in a Dutch money laundering scheme.

The complaint is aimed at uncovering the full details of Russian money flowing to various Trump projects using so-called anonymous wealth companies. Those are shell companies created to hide the identities of the owners. Trump and his family are known to have received vast sums from shell companies and have bragged about how much of it came from people in Russia and other parts of the former Soviet empire. Trump contends the deals were all lawful and he has no knowledge of any money laundering.

A criminal investigation by Dutch prosecutors could help that country avoid banking sanctions and loss of reputation by showing that Amsterdam enforces its own laws and respects laws on transnational crimes.

Roughly $10 billion was stolen from Kazakhstan, a former Soviet satellite located in Central Asia. The current Kazakh government is in court in Switzerland and elsewhere trying to recover the money and prosecute members of two families it says stole the money and laundered it in the West. Other lawsuits connected to the stolen money are being litigated in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

The $10 billion theft was uncovered by PricewaterhouseCoopers during its 2009 audit of BTA Bank, the largest in Kazakhstan. In addition, there is about $300 million missing from Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan.

Court documents identify the suspected thieves as Viktor Khrapunov and Mukhtar Ablyazov, oligarchs whose families are bound not just by extensive business ties, but also by marriage. Khrapunov is the former mayor of Almaty. His son Illyas is married to Ablyazov’s daughter.

“There are strong indications that the revenues of these crimes were probably mixed via a complex money-laundering network, and there was a great deal of mutual overlap” between the companies and people suspected of the crimes, the complaint states.

Both Khrapunov and Ablyazov are fugitives.

Khrapunov, who was tried in absentia in Kazakhstan, has been convicted of corruption.

Ablyazov, who was president of the looted bank, had his worldwide assets with an estimated value of $4.9 billion frozen six years ago by a British High Court.

Trump has done business since 1983 with Russian oligarchs and wealthy former officials and business people in former Soviet satellites, including Kazakhstan, Georgia and Azerbaijan. A number of mobsters – American, Russian and others – live in Trump Tower apartments. The building has long been known to local, federal and international law enforcement as a nest of criminal residences.

In 1987 the Kremlin, then still a communist state, provided Trump and his first wife Ivana with a luxury trip to Russia.

While a number of journalistic investigations have looked into Trump’s dealings with oligarchs and their money using public records and sources they were limited to public records, which are often scant. Dutch prosecutors, however, have the power to subpoena banking and other records, forcing their disclosure to prosecutors and, potentially, the public.

Trump is known to have done deals with some of those mentioned in the complaint, including Felix Sater, a violent Long Island felon who was born in Russia. For years Sater traveled extensively with Trump working on deals named in the complaint and handing out his Trump Organization business card. Despite these long ties and both videos and still photos showing the men together, Trump claimed during the presidential campaign that he would not recognize Sater if they were in the same room.

Sater is believed to be cooperating with Robert Mueller, the American special prosecutor investigating Trump.

In one deal involving Sater, millions of dollars from the Trump SoHo hotel and apartment tower disappeared into an Icelandic bank that was under the control of a Russian oligarch. That bank was part of a multi-billion-dollar scheme to defraud Dutch and British pension funds. Trump has testified that he was due 18% of profits from the building.

The faux gold letters bearing the name, under an agreement reached a year ago, have been pried from the building façade.

Just three weeks before the 2016 election, a massive expose of Trump’s role in helping Kazakh oligarchs hide their illicit money appeared in The Financial Times, a British business newspaper.

“Dirty Money: Trump and the Kazakh Connection” described “evidence a Trump venture has links to alleged laundering network.”

The newspaper said its investigation found that Trump had “assembled an eclectic collection of backers and collaborators. Some had chequered pasts, with links to organized crime or fraud schemes. But perhaps the biggest risk for Mr. Trump’s complex, often opaque, business empire was that it might be used for a purpose US officials fear is rife in the country’s real estate sector: laundering dirty money.”

Trump’s SoHo project “has multiple ties to an alleged international money laundering network. Title deeds, bank records and correspondence show that a Kazakh family accused of laundering hundreds of millions of stolen dollars bought luxury apartments in a Manhattan tower part-owned by Mr. Trump and embarked on major business ventures with one of the tycoon’s partners,” the British newspaper The Financial Timesreported after an extensive investigation.

Trump and his partners, the FT asserted, engaged in condo sales that appear to have violated the Patriot Act, the post 9/11 law that requires banks, developers and others to know who their customers are and the sources of their money.

Investigations to identify anonymous buyers of luxury apartments in New York and Florida to determine the extent of any money laundering were announced in January 2016 by the federal government’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Three months later the FinCEN director, Jennifer Shasky Calvery, spoke about her years of work on transnational Russian organized crime networks. Much of her work involved Russian crime families “laundering their funds through the U.S. financial system. Often, this involved the suspected purchase of personal residences with criminal proceeds.”

In July 2016, the month the GOP nominated Trump, FinCen announced it would be investigating sales of luxury apartments beyond New York and Florida because of its growing concern about flows of illicit cash disguised in real estate deals.

While Giuliani calls himself Trump’s personal lawyer, his role is primarily to spread Trumpian disinformation about Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigations into Russian collusion and related matters concerning Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign. Because Giuliani appears on so many cable and other television shows, but not in court, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell calls the former New York City mayor “Trump’s TV lawyer.”

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Radboud University has discovered a significant security flaw in self-encrypting solid state drives.
          Πλημμελή προκαταρκτική εξέταση για την πλημμύρα στην Μάνδρα....      Cache   Translate Page      
Σακκάς Ι. και Γεωργαντα Ζ. στην Μάνδρα : Πλημμελή προκαταρκτική εξέταση για την πλημμύρα στην Μάνδρα.... 4-11-2018

          Concierto de Luis Miguel en Guatemala | 26 de Marzo 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
Hoy por hoy a nivel mundial Luis Miguel no sólo es el cantante en idioma español con mayor prestigio, si no también se ha convertido en el artista con mayor impacto, trascendencia y vigencia internacional en el ámbito contemporáneo. Y es que "el sol" no deja de brillar y en el 2018 impone un nuevo record de escuchas en plataformas digitales.

Con más de 22 discos de estudio, más de 100 millones de discos vendidos en su carrera, una serie biográfica en Netflix y un amplio catálogo que recorre diferentes géneros que van del bolero, pasando por baladas pop y Mariachi, Luis Miguel demuestra que es uno de los artistas más importantes de todos los tiempos.

Con el tour ¡MÉXICO por Siempre!, Luis Miguel se propone romper todos los records posibles, uno de ellos, su propio récord de mayor número de presentaciones ininterrumpidas en el Auditorio Nacional de México. El cantante, que inició sus presentaciones en febrero pasado, ya recorrió el interior la República Mexicana y las principales ciudades de Estados Unidos y España. Todo esto con un éxito rotundo. Una vez más, el intérprete se encuentra en los cuernos de la luna al llevarse los primeros lugares de las plataformas digitales. Además, su serie ocupó, por varias semanas, el primer sitio de audiencia en televisión de paga.

La visita de la gira ¡MÉXICO por Siempre! de Luis Miguel en Guatemala se ha confirmado en las redes sociales y sitio web del artista para el 26 de marzo del año 2019 y la Explanada Cardales de Cayalá. Pronto más información!

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Instant Messaging (IM) server for internal and encrypted business communications
          JOBS Not MOBS - GOP Ad      Cache   Translate Page      
The GOP released a brand new closing argument ad, with the slogan, "JOBS Not MOBS" ad. Its gained national attention.  SPREAD THE WORD!


          PragerU Video - The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party      Cache   Translate Page      
Did you know that the Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. history? Watch as Carol Swain, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University, shares the inconvenient history of the Democratic Party. 
Donate today to PragerU!

PragerU Video - The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party

          Election Eve Wrangle      Cache   Translate Page      
Whatever happened to 'vote your hopes and dreams'?

There will be a blue wave, unless there isn't.  The red firewall will break the azure tsunami, unless Trump's hate spew has punched suburban holes in it.  The US House flips (but maybe not), and the Senate stays in Mitch McConnell's terrapin-like appendages, except maybe for a systematic polling error, a la 2016.

No wonder Team Donkey is experiencing some cognitive dissonance.

Who, or what, gets the blame if the Ds can't get it done tomorrow?  Voter suppression, from Georgia to North Dakota to Texas college campuses like Prairie View A&M and Texas State?  Voting machines flipping straight-ticket votes (to Ted Cruz?)  There will still be plenty of finger-pointing at Russian hackers and Green candidates, I feel certain.  Even if some dropped out of their race and endorsed the Democrat.

[The old Catch-22: "Greens should run in state and local races and build up to presidential races" instead of playing spoiler (sic) every four years.  "Greens should drop out and endorse Democrats because this is the most important election of our lifetime".  You know, since the one two years ago.  That was their fault Democrats lost.  Blah blah.]

There may be some less nefarious, more legitimate reasons the election will be won -- or lost; for example, the strength of women voters.  Notable for the demographers, moderate Republican women who live in suburban America turning out to cast their ballots against Trump and the GOP.  No, wait; it's the youth vote.  That's it *snaps fingers*, the children are our future.  Either is better than blaming the Latinxs, after all.  We're all tired of hearing that.

Hold on a minute: this is a midterm election, and Texas Democrats who haven't elected one of theirs since, you know, Jim Hightower was Ag Commissioner always lose because they can't raise any money for consultants, advisers, pollsters, etc.  Except they did, a shitpot full of dough, in 2018 -- at least those running for Congress; not so much the statewides save Congressman SuperBeto, whose massive Bernie-like ATM machine reversed both the prevailing Texas narrative and the cash flow, doubling the take of Senator Serpent Covered in Vaseline.

The Cult of RFO'R aims for the upset tomorrow evening.  Rumor has it happening.

So as President Shitler is fond of saying: we'll see what happens.  I'm ready it to be over; how about you?  Here's your roundup of lefty blog posts and news from the final week before E-Day.


One unplumbed premise that the midterms might reveal is whether the strength of the Lone Star grassroots has shifted from one major party to the other, either because of 'outsiders' becoming 'insiders' or because there needs to be a "bad guy" to focus on and motivate the base.

Jim Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin, says Democrats nationally — and in some parts of Texas — have unleashed the kind of intensity we used to see from the tea party.

“So the question of whether there is still that ability to motivate Republican voters on the other side is the big question going into this cycle,” Henson said.

Henson believes one reason the tea party’s galvanizing force has slipped in local and congressional races is that conservatives no longer have Barack Obama to target. And Donald Trump has taken over the role of chief agitator of conservatives.

Tea party-backed candidates have also been elected. In Texas, the movement has been changed by that success.

“I think once you have people who are part of institutions, it inevitably looks different, because you aren’t banging from the outside,” Henson said. “Like it or not, you are part of the status quo, and you are part of the establishment.”

Perhaps the only competitive statewide contest down the ballot shows signs of GOP panic, as indicted felon/AG Ken Paxton digs in to the deepest pockets of the friends he has left.

In addition to the TV ads, Paxton’s recent campaign finance filings have indicated that Republicans in high places are tuned in to the race in its home stretch. In recent days, the attorney general has received a $282,000 in-kind donation from Gov. Greg Abbott’s campaign; more than $350,000 in in-kind contributions from Texas for Lawsuit Reform, the political arm of the tort reform group; and $10,000 each from two of the biggest donors in the Republican Party: Sheldon and Miriam Adelson.

Millard Fillmore's Bathtub linked to a picture of Sweaty Beto, which may have been the Halloween costume of the year.

Stirred by Trump's call, armed militia groups head south to welcome the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free intercept the invading (sic) migrant caravan.

Asked whether his group planned to deploy with weapons, McGauley laughed. “This is Texas, man,” he said.

Off the Kuff examined a pair of statewide judicial races.

In Harris County, the Texas Observer foresees a day of reckoning for Republican judges who have held fast to the money bail system, rewarding their friends and penalizing the poor.

Isiah Carey of Fox26 was first with the news that Houston mayor Sylvester Turner's first announced challenger next year will be former Democrat*, now (?) not-Trump Republican, non-DWI-convict and megawealthy trial lawyer -- Rick Perry's defense attorney, for those catching up -- Tony Buzbee.  *Lookie here, from Texpatriate:

(D)espite being the one-time Chairman of the Galveston County Democratic Party, a two-time Democrat nominee for the State Legislature and the once rumored Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor. However, of late, Buzbee has been appointed to the Board of Regents of his alma matter, Texas A&M University, and become a key financial supporter of both Perry and (Gov. Greg) Abbott.

Durrel Douglas at Houston Justice blogged the 2019 Houston City Council District B early line.  And in an excellent explainer, described how the local activist/consultant game -- getting paid to do politics, that is -- is a lot like having the app on your phone for the jukebox down at the local bar.

Socratic Gadfly, returning from a recent vacation, took a look at a major nature and environment issue that fired up up opposition to Trump — the Bears Ears downsizing — and offered his thoughts on the value of the original national monument site versus critics of several angles, and things that could make it even better.

Therese Odell at Foolish Watcher also leavens the politics with some Game of Thrones news.

And Harry Hamid's midnight tale from last week moves ahead to 1 a.m. (with no accounting for Daylight Savings Time and 'falling back' noted).

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Aperfectday2018 – What is it? Aperfectday2018 alerts appeal to users with encrypted files in the system. This has become possible due to ransomware penetration. Ransomware is a form of malware which asks to pay money to get an unlocking key. We classify this malicious software as dangerous one and say … Continue reading

The post How to fix Aperfectday2018 ransomware alerts? appeared first on Malware Removal Solution.

          ΜΙΚΡΑ ΚΕΙΜΕΝΑ ΑΠΟ ΤΟ FACEBOOK 127      Cache   Translate Page      
Το απόγευμα άκουγα ένα άλμπουμ του Keith Tippett, του πολύ σημαντικού αυτού άγγλου πιανίστα της progressive και improv jazz και ανάμεσα στο (διπλό) εξώφυλλο βρήκα μια φωτογραφία του, που θα πρέπει να την είχα βάλει εκεί πριν από καμμιά 15αριά χρόνια – γιατί τόσα πάνω-κάτω είχα ν’ ακούσω το δίσκο. Η φωτογραφία είχε κολλήσει στο εξώφυλλο και με δυσκολία κατόρθωσα να την ξεκολλήσω, ώστε να μην καταστρέψω ή το εξώφυλλο ή τη φωτογραφία. Έχω χώσει κι άλλες φωτογραφίες μέσα σε δίσκους ή και αποκόμματα από περιοδικά κι εφημερίδες και ελπίζω να μην έχει γίνει καμμιά ζημιά – γιατί βαριέμαι τώρα να τα ψάξω.
Η φωτoγραφία τού Tippett που βλέπετε δεν είναι τυχαία. Ανήκει στον φωτογράφο της τζαζ Νίκο Χριστοδουλάκη και είναι τραβηγμένη στα τέλη του ’70 ή στις αρχές του ’80. Το λέω γιατί ο Χριστοδουλάκης σκοτώθηκε πολύ νέος, κάτω από τα 30 του, σε αυτοκινητικό, στο Βερολίνο (αν δεν κάνω κάποιο λάθος), στις αρχές των έιτις. 

Κακή είδηση. Πολύ κακή. Πέθανε στα 49 του, νέο παιδί, ο άσσος τρομπετίστας της τζαζ Roy Hargrove. Αν είναι δυνατόν... Απολαύστε τον εδώ, στο μέρος του, στο "Summer night city" των ABBA, όταν τον καλεί ο Nils Landgren ν' ανεβεί στη σκηνή, την οποία και πυρπολεί.  

Πέθανε ο "εγκέφαλος" των Residents από... καρκίνο στον εγκέφαλο. Εγκεφαλικά... γενικώς. [Ποιος το έγραψε;]

«Αρχές ’70 ήταν της μόδας οι Chicago Transit Authority, το πρώτο και το δεύτερο διπλό άλμπουμ με τα φοβερά μανιφέστα του James Guercio. Μου τηλεφώνησε ο φίλος μου ο Θόδωρος Σαραντής και μου λέει είναι οι Chicago στην Αθήνα, θα τους κάνουμε περιήγηση μ’ ένα λεωφορείο. Πάω πράγματι εκεί και αντιμετωπίζω κάτι τεράστιους Αμερικάνους, ακριβώς όμοιους με τους τουρίστες που λυμαίνονται κάθε χρόνο τις ακτές μας. Ο Παττακός με μακριά μαλλιά. Προφανώς οι άνθρωποι είχαν σπουδάσει σε κάποια μουσική σχολή, τους έκαναν εντύπωση οι τσολιάδες και η μυζήθρα, όσο για επανάσταση –που μας έκαιγε– η μόνη επανάσταση που ξέραμε ήταν αυτή του ‘Σκοπευτηρίου’ (σ.σ. εννοεί τον Τσιτσάνη στο Χάραμα της Καισαριανής, δίπλα στο Σκοπευτήριο). Το επεισόδιο αυτό(…) μας δημιούργησε τη βεβαιότητα ότι εκτός από ορισμένα και δοκιμασμένα δικά μας πράγματα, όλα τα υπόλοιπα (με εξαίρεση δέκα ονόματα) ήταν ένα βιομηχανικό σκουπίδι της Δύσης. Οι πολυεθνικές είχαν επιβάλλει ξανά το ύφος, το στυλ και το ρυθμό τους, όποιος δε γούσταρε διεγράφετο, έτσι κι εμείς σταματήσαμε ν’ ακούμε rock και αρχίσαμε να χασκογελάμε με τα περισσότερα από τα ξένα συγκροτήματα».
(Ήχος & Hi-Fi τεύχος 287, 2/1997) 

Ο Τζάρβις δουλεύει σ’ ένα μουσείο σαν ξεναγός και του αρέσει, όταν δεν έχει δουλειά, να κάθεται και να κοιτάει τους αγαπημένους του πίνακες. Ειδικά έναν σκοτεινό, μ’ ένα σπίτι στο βάθος… Κάποια μέρα, ενώ κοιτάζει τον πίνακα, κάθεται δίπλα του ένας παράξενος τύπος και αρχίζει να του λέει κάτι περίεργα λόγια... για ένα φως σ' ένα από τα παράθυρα του πίνακα κ.λπ. Μετά από τα λόγια, όμως, σειρά έχουν τα έργα…
Όποιος / όποια γουστάρει να τρομάξει ελαφρώς, απόψε... λίγο πριν τις 12 τα μεσάνυχτα (ή και πιο μετά), μ’ εκείνον τον παλιό εγγλέζικο τρόπο, ας δει το κλιπ μέχρι το τέλος...

          οι DILEMMA μελοποιούν Κατερίνα Αγγελάκη-Ρουκ       Cache   Translate Page      
Οι Dilemma (Σωτήρης Τράγκας φωνή, τενόρο σαξόφωνο, ενορχήστρωση πνευστών, πλήκτρα, κρουστά, σύνθεση, Πόπη Νταλαχάνη φωνή, κιθάρες, λούπες, πλήκτρα, κρουστά, γιουκαλίλι, σύνθεση) είναι ένα από τα πιο αθόρυβα και συγχρόνως πιο ουσιαστικά ελληνικά σχήματα (ντούο για την ακρίβεια) αυτή την τελευταία δεκαετία. Το λέω, επειδή σε κάθε ένα από τα έξι έως σήμερα άλμπουμ τους (για τα πέντε προηγούμενα υπάρχουν οι σχετικές κριτικές στο δισκορυχείον, οι οποίες εντοπίζονται εύκολα μ’ ένα search στο blog) έχουν και κάτι διαφορετικό να προτείνουν, κάτι που να τοποθετεί τις μουσικές και τα τραγούδια τους κάπου… πιο κάτω και πιο πέρα. Οι Τράγκας και Νταλαχάνη δεν επαναπαύονται, εννοώ, σε κάτι που έχει «πιάσει» και «κυλάει», έχοντας σταθερά την αγωνία τού πώς θα επανεμφανισθούν στη δισκογραφία με κάτι αληθινά καινούριο – και τούτο, χωρίς να κάνουν αισθητικές παραχωρήσεις, που θα αλλοίωναν το στυλ τους και που θα τους κατέτασσαν κάπου αλλού, από εκεί όπου (και από πάντα) ανήκουν. «Σκάβουν» με άλλα λόγια στο ίδιο «χωράφι», επινοώντας διαρκώς νέους… τρόπους καλλιέργειας.
Στην «Τέλεια Εξαφάνιση» [Ankh Productions, 2018] οι Dilemma ασχολούνται με την ποίηση της Κατερίνας Αγγελάκη-Ρουκ. Και δεν θυμάμαι –δεν έρχεται αυτή τη στιγμή τουλάχιστον κάτι στο μυαλό μου– αν η συγκεκριμένη (και σημαντική) ποιήτρια έχει απασχολήσει ξανά, και σε τέτοιο βαθμό τη δισκογραφία. Κάποια ποιήματά της έχουν μελοποιηθεί στο παρελθόν, αλλά κάτι συνολικό για το έργο της (και με τις ευλογίες της) δεν ξέρω αν έχει ξαναϋπάρξει.
Οι Dilemmaαντιμετωπίζουν το λόγο της Αγγελάκη-Ρουκ με δύο τρόπους. Και μελοποιώντας τον και απαγγέλλοντάς τον (ραπάροντας τρόπον τινά). Έτσι προκύπτουν και τραγούδια, και πλαίσια, εντός των οποίων αφήνεται ο συγκεκριμένος λόγος.
Δεν είναι εύκολη η ποίηση της Αγγελάκη-Ρουκ. Δεν είναι «εύκολη» στο να μετατραπεί σε τραγούδι. Και προς τούτο οι Τράγκας και Νταλαχάνη εφαρμόζουν διάφορα τινά (τεχνάσματα να τα πούμε), προκειμένου να κάνουν κάτι τέτοιο εφικτό. Είτε «τραβώντας» τις λέξεις, είτε επαναλαμβάνοντας λέξεις, στίχους ή και ολόκληρες προτάσεις (στροφές ας τις πούμε), είτε ανατρέποντας την ροή του ποιήματος, δημιουργώντας ιδιότυπα ρεφραίν (με τη σύμφωνη γνώμη της ποιήτριας προφανώς), κατορθώνοντας τελικά, και σε κάθε περίπτωση, να «δέσουν» τον ποιητικό λόγο με τους ρυθμούς και τις μελωδίες (που εμπνέονται από ’κείνον), προτείνοντας κάτι δικό τους, κάτι καινούριο. Και αυτό το «καινούριο» δεν γίνεται κατανοητό μόνον από ’κείνους κι από εμάς τους ακροατές, αλλά και από την ίδια την Κατερίνα Αγγελάκη-Ρουκ, η οποία γράφει στο booklet: «Η ποίηση είναι λογοδοσία της ψυχής και στη ψυχή ποίηση και μουσική γίνονται ένα. Αλλά, όπως και πολλά άλλα που συμβαίνουν στην ψυχή, δεν το συνειδητοποιεί κανείς πάντα. Χάρη στην Πόπη και στον Σωτήρη και στη μουσική αναγέννηση του στίχου που κατόρθωσαν, είναι σαν να βλέπω ένα καινούριο τοπείο και να ταξιδεύω σε μια μαγική χώρα. Τους ευχαριστώ πολύ».
Ισχύει. Ο λόγος της ποιήτριας στην «Τέλεια Εξαφάνιση» αποκτά άλλη διάσταση, άλλες διαστάσεις καλύτερα, καθώς η μουσική, η συγκεκριμένη μουσική των Dilemma (με τα dark, rock, jazz, μπαλαντικά και άλλα διάφορα στοιχεία της), έρχεται να προβάλλει όχι μόνο τους στίχους αυτούς καθ’ αυτούς, αλλά και να μετατοπίσει τη νοηματική υπόστασή τους σε άλλους «τόπους» και σε άλλα «περιβάλλοντα». Έτσι, ο λόγος αποκτά συχνά ομιχλώδη, «εσωτερικά» χαρακτηριστικά, άλλοτε δραματικά, άλλοτε σαρκαστικά-υπαρξιακά κ.λπ., επιτείνοντας την πρωταρχική ένταση και το πάθος. Το ίδιο θα έλεγα πως συμβαίνει και με τις φιλοσοφικές αποχρώσεις του, που, και αυτές, γίνονται… κατανοητότερες, θα προσέθετα, εντός των ηχητικών πλαισίων, που κάθε φορά υφαίνονται (πάντα με ιδιαίτερη επιμέλεια και γνώση).
Είναι λίγες, μετρημένες στα δάκτυλα του ενός χεριού, οι περιπτώσεις σύγχρονου, μελοποιημένου ποιητικού λόγου, που να διαθέτουν τη βαρύτητα και την ακεραιότητα της «τελευταίας εξαφάνισης» (μπορώ να θυμηθώ ένα-δυο, αλλά δεν είναι αυτή τη στιγμή, στο τέλος του κειμένου, η… ώρα). Αρκεί ν’ ακούσει κάποιος τον «Μαύρο άγγελο», τη «Νομοτέλεια των δακρύων» και την «Έμιλυ» (ανάμεσα σε άλλα εξ ίσου εμπνευσμένα tracks), για να το διαπιστώσει.

          Pai dos irmãos suspeitos de matar criança em Mossoró está desesperado pois sua filha de 12 anos foi sequestrada      Cache   Translate Page      
Do Passando na Hora - O pai dos dois irmão presos pela PRF, acusados de ter matado uma criança de um ano e meio, baleado a mãe que está em estado grave e baleado o pai também, está em total desespero na Delegacia, pois segundo informações dele, sua filha de 12 anos foi sequestrada na madrugada desta segunda feira 05 novembro 2018. Segundo ele homens fortemente armados invadiram a sua casa no Dom Jaime Câmara, e levaram a menina que não tem nada haver com o caso. Os irmãos foram presos tentando fugir para Natal. Segundo pai dos acusados, uma informação que sua filha estaria em uma casa na Favela do Velho, após as Malvinas sendo torturada. G.T.O, Força Tática e viatura da área foram averiguar a informação repassada por ele, na tentativa de resgatar a filha. Um dos irmãos presos confirmaram em depoimento a participação de outro menor no crime de domingo, e diligências foram realizadas pela DH (Delegacia de Homicídios), na tentativa de apreender o menor, assim como a moto utilizada na ação. Segundo os irmãos o crime era de vingança, pois o pai da criança teria matado um irmão deles Jean de Melo Nogueira 18 anos no dia 10 de agosto de 2018.(RELEMBRE)

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You Me At Six are celebrating 10 years since their debut album in the latest issue of Rock Sound.

We sit down with Josh Franceschi and Max Helyer on set of You Me At Six's Rock Sound cover shoot to talk returning to the 'Take Off Your Colours' era for the album's tenth anniversary tour. What were their stand-out memories of the recording studio? What did they learn from touring with some of the scene's biggest artists? And which song are they be most excited to play live once again?

Check out part 1 of our chat with You Me At Six below:

You Me At Six make their long-awaited return to the cover of Rock Sound! Get it now at SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV

To celebrate the tenth birthday of their classic debut album ‘Take Off Your Colours’, we joined the band for an exclusive, no-holds-barred look back at the album that defined an entire generation of young rock fans, complete with a stunning new photo shoot to create 18 pages of essential content.

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It's time for our latest game of 'Title Fight'.

One band. One minute. Name as many of your own songs as you can. Derek DiScanio and Tyler Szalkowski go from 'The Finer Things' to 'Living Proof' as they name all the State Champs songs they can remember in the latest round of 'Title Fight'.

Check out the video below:

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EU:ssa on päätetty kaikessa viisaudessa, että verkossa liikkuvan kansalaisen tulee tietää sivustojen tallentavan hänen liikkeistään tietokoneelle väliaikaistiedostoja. Hyvää tahtova säädös on kuitenkin johtanut siihen, että käytännössä jokainen verkkosivu tiedottaa näiden keksitiedostojen tallentamisesta ja sinun pitää klikata ilmoitus pois.

Valistuneelle verkkoselaajalle ilmoitukset ottavat pannuun pidemmän päälle, minkä takia ilmoitukset olisi mukava estää kokonaan. Silloin voisi keskittyä olennaiseen. Operan Android-selaimeen on lisätty uusi ominaisuus, joka toimii juuri näin: se estää sivuille lisätyt keksi-ilmoitukset CSS- ja JavaScript-analyysin avulla. Tässä tapauksessa tosin annat Operalle luvan hyväksyä kaikkien verkkosivujen keksitiedostot.

Operan uusimman Android-selaimen voit ladata Google Playstä.

Pysyvä linkki uutiseen | Käyttäjäkommentit

          Astrofísicos da Universidade de Harvard: "o objeto espacial 'Oumuamua' era uma nave alienígena"      Cache   Translate Page      
No ano passado, a comunidade científica ficou maravilhada com o aparecimento de uma estranha rocha alongada e inesperada que surgira no nosso sistema solar, 'Oumuamua'. Naquela época, os cientistas não podiam determinar o que era, seja um cometa ou um asteroide, ou se era uma espaçonave alienígena danificada, como disseram alguns pesquisadores.

No entanto, o mistério continuou até agora. Agora, um novo estudo científico da prestigiosa Universidade de Harvard de astrofísica, o Dr. Shmuel Bialy e Dr. Abraham Loeb, oferece hipótese surpreendente: 'Oumuamua' poderia ter sido um misterioso artefato, um pedaço de uma tecnologia real e que pertence a uma civilização interestelar. Esta não é mais uma simples especulação infundada, é apoiada por um estudo científico conduzido por dois respeitados cientistas. Os autores deste estudo científico começaram com uma ideia simples: e se a pressão da radiação solar causou a aceleração inesperada de Oumunanua? Parece bastante razoável.
Mas como a radiação do Sol causa a aceleração observada pelos cientistas, "Oumunanua" deveria ter uma forma muito estranha. Paul Gilster, um blogueiro que escreve sobre pesquisas astronômicas revisadas por pares, explicou: "Podemos resolver restrições na área do objeto por meio de sua magnitude observada. O documento pretende mostrar que uma folha fina de cerca de 0,3 mm de espessura e um raio de cerca de 20 metros permitirá a aceleração não gravitacional calculada no papel de Micheli. Portanto, considerando o objeto como uma superfície fina, podemos imaginar uma forma cilíndrica oca ou cônica. Você pode facilmente imaginar virar um pedaço de papel curvo e olhar para a superfície da rede a partir de diferentes ângulos de visão. "

Sob essa hipótese, os cientistas escreveram em seu estudo: 'Oumuamua' é uma sonda destinada a uma missão de reconhecimento e não um membro de uma população aleatória de objetos estelares (asteroides, cometas, etc.). "Sim! Embora pareça incrível, é isso que os astrofísicos escreveram. Existem, é claro, muitas razões para o ceticismo. Por um lado, existem explicações alternativas plausíveis para a aceleração do 'Oumuamua diferente da pressão da radiação solar. Jet Propulsion Laboratory da David Farnocchia NASA formulada a hipótese: "Esta força adicional em Oumuamua fina provavelmente é causado por jatos de material gasoso ejectados a partir da sua superfície. Esse mesmo tipo de desgaseificação afeta o movimento de muitos cometas em nosso sistema solar. "
No entanto, mesmo esse ponto de vista não foi totalmente satisfatório. Passou através do nosso sistema solar, 'Oumauamua' não mostrou nenhum sinal de ter uma cauda como um cometa, o que provavelmente acompanhar um objeto acelerando devido aos jatos de gás.

Frustrante, parece que nunca teremos uma resposta definitiva sobre o que era "Oumuamua". Ele deixou nosso sistema solar e está muito longe para ver isso agora. Os cientistas ficaram surpresos quando viram que Oumauamua havia acelerado quando estava perto do Sol, praticamente zerando sua poderosa atração gravitacional. Mesmo quando estava perto, nossa tecnologia de radar e observação telescópica só conseguia capturar imagens borradas do objeto. Então ainda estamos na maior parte no escuro. Mas se pudéssemos confirmar que um objeto alienígena visitou nosso sistema solar no final, teríamos uma resposta para o famoso paradoxo do físico Enrico Fermi.
Dada a hipótese de que é improvável que os humanos sejam um único evento no universo, e desde que eras se passaram desde que a vida se tornou possível no universo, por que eles não encontraram nenhum sinal de vida extraterrestre? "Talvez já tenhamos feito isso, simplesmente não percebemos naquele momento. O estudo científico foi publicado no site arXiv. org .
Mais um post by: UFOS ONLINE

                                                  Veja o Vídeo Abaixo:

          Mistério envolve luzes roxas no céu sobre os EUA      Cache   Translate Page      
No começo eu pensei que era apenas um caso incidental, mas o fato de que essas luzes roxas estão aparecendo cada vez mais no céu sobre os EUA é motivo de preocupação.

Abaixo relatos de testemunhas oculares sobre a estranha luz roxa no céu relatada nas últimas semanas:

13 de outubro - Localização: Cuyahoga River, Ohio -: eu fui para fora para ter certeza de que não era uma lâmpada e notei que o céu roxo estava em apenas um área “. vídeo

13 de outubro - Localização: Cleveland, Ohio -‘ Eu estava indo para o posto de gasolina quando vejo esta cor diferente no céu que nunca foi visto com meus próprios olhos’veja abaixo vídeo.

26 de outubro - Local: Dayton, Ohio - “Acabei de registrar isso no meu caminho para o trabalho, vi uma luz brilhante na estrada. Parecia que estava sobre as nuvens e não embaixo e estava parado. Estranho, mas achei que vocês podem gostar. Poderia ser qualquer coisa e eu pode ser apenas um mergulhão louco, mas o que quer.” Vídeo

27 de outubro - Local: Cleveland, Ohio - Um dia depois, outra pessoa testemunhou a luz roxa no céu. Ele disse: “Eu continuo vendo esta cor roxa estranhas nuvens hmmm o que faz com que isso aconteça?” Vídeo

31 de outubro - Localização Bellevue, WA - Testemunha disse: “A maioria dos povos têm visto isso, e não é dos arranha-céus, nem de quaisquer edifícios. ” Vídeo

04 de novembro - Localização: Wisconsin -‘Eu nunca tinha visto o céu como este antes - Apenas dirigindo para casa e lá estava ela’. Vídeo

é difícil dizer o que faz com que essas luzes aparecer, mas parece-me que algo está acontecendo na atmosfera o que não sabemos.
Mais um post by: UFOS ONLINE

                                                 Veja o Vídeo Abaixo:

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O Antagonista, 6-11-2018

          Cameroun: la propriétaire du Palenke de K-Tino s'excuse auprès du peuple Camerounais et demande pardon au brigade anti-sardinard" je ne suis pas RDPC" (Vidéo)      Cache   Translate Page      

          Cameroun, mon Pays L’heure de l’éveil a sonné Par Me BLACK YONDO      Cache   Translate Page      
Résultat de recherche d'images
J’ai dit en son temps que l’heure de l’éveil a sonné.

Mes chers compatriotes, si d’aventure nos hommes politiques ont semblé prendre la politique pour un jeu, il apparaît aujourd’hui que l’heure est grave, l’avenir du pays est sombre, bien sombre.
Et si, sous ses apparences bon enfant, Paul BIYA semble avoir envoûté tout un pays pour ses intérêts égoïstes, il ne faut surtout pas sous-estimer l’homme, ce meilleur élève de la France qui, au grand jour, apparaît fort redoutable pour le pays et prêt à tout pour conserver le pouvoir.
Tenez : On est parti d’une lettre censée être une lettre de félicitations du Président MACRON au Président BIYA, mais celle-ci est devenue tout d’un coup une vraie fausse lettre, une lettre non officielle, nous dit-on. C’est sans doute ainsi que ça se passe entre coquins. On est loin, bien loin du respect et de la considération que l’on est en droit d’attendre entre deux Etats souverains, où les dirigeants ont constamment à rendre compte à leurs peuples !
C’est de la démocratie à l’ancienne, il faut le dire, une démocratie qui s’accompagne d’hommes en uniformes, d’arrestations pour murer au silence tous ceux qui osent dire non, de procès devant des juridictions sous influences.
Tel est le paysage politique du moment.
Et Vous me demandez ce que je pense depuis la proclamation des résultats de l’élection présidentielle par le Conseil Constitutionnel !
Louable préoccupation.
Mais camerounais comme moi vous l’êtes, et ce que je ressens, vous devez le ressentir, car j’ose croire que vous n’êtes pas pour le pays un touriste indifférent et insensible à tout.
Pour moi, l’élection présidentielle de 2018 est loin d’être terminée. N’en déplaise à Monsieur ATANGA NJI.
Le Cameroun, notre pays, a signé des conventions qui le soumettent à des juridictions supranationales, aussi bien dans le cadre de l’Union Africaine qu’au niveau de l’Organisation des Nations Unies, et sur ce terrain des voies de recours restent possibles, sans oublier que le dernier mot reste et restera toujours au peuple souverain.
Ce n’est pas du Professeur Maurice KAMTO dont il s’agit, ni de l’avènement à la tête de l’Etat d’un Camerounais de telle ou telle origine ethnique jugée indésirable, mais tout simplement de la question de savoir si le scrutin jusqu’à sa dernière opération peut être considérée comme juste, impartial et transparent.
Sur ce terrain, le débat reste largement ouvert et c’est bien pour l’éviter que vous voyez sillonner sur l’étendue du territoire gendarmes, militaires et policiers, armés jusqu‘aux dents comme si le pays était assiégé par une puissance ennemie dont il fallait le libérer.
Mais tous autant que nous sommes, nous devons faire attention aux actes que nous posons et aux paroles que nous laissons prospérer pour maintenir le peuple dans une pseudo balkanisation qui installe division et haine dans l’ensemble du corps social. Et le responsable en chef reste et demeure celui-là même qui devrait frapper du poing sur la table pour qu’enfin règnent le droit et la justice et que tout ce cirque prenne fin.
A la place, il s’en accommode et mieux, il semble prendre un malin plaisir à voir ses compatriotes s’étriper : on comprend ainsi le véritable sens qu’il donne à l'expression ‘’Le père de la nation’’ !
Il oublie cependant qu’il est seul responsable devant l’Histoire, responsable de la déflagration du pays, responsable de la destruction du tissu social.
Mais il y a longtemps que ce pays n’intéresse plus celui qui a montré sa vraie relation avec le pouvoir : jouir des avantages sans jamais en assumer les charges, tout en agissant comme si tout lui était dû.
Comment comprendre qu’un homme proclamé élu avec un tel score n’ait pas manifesté à cette date le moindre signe de remerciement à l’endroit de ceux de ses compatriotes qui l’ont plébiscité de la sorte.
Il y a forcément un peu de gêne dans l’air, et tout le monde l’aura ressenti, surtout après l’embarras observé lors des joutes au Conseil Constitutionnel. Ce fut un grand moment à tous points de vue.
La force de l’argumentaire a poussé les membres de ce Conseil dans leurs derniers retranchements, ne leur laissant que le choix extrême de faire constater au monde entier que pour comprendre le Droit et ses techniques, il fallait absolument être du parti au pouvoir.
On en est bien arrivé là, et le Cameroun a ainsi été ridiculisé, bien ridiculisé par des hommes et des femmes qui pourtant tenaient là l’opportunité d’entrer dans l’Histoire en usant simplement de la sagesse et en prenant leurs responsabilités, toutes leurs responsabilités. Mais les forces occultes ont été plus fortes que tout.
Et tout ceci relève d’un conditionnement tout à fait inacceptable :
Comment peut-on imaginer que l’armée, la Police, la g
Gendarmerie et toute l’Administration d’un pays moderne soient au service d’un seul individu, d’un homme qui ne le leur rend que par le mépris et l’indifférence. Ils s’obligent à s’investir dans des missions qui ne leur sont pourtant prescrites nulle part dans l’engagement qu’ils ont souscrit, lesquelles missions consistent pour l’essentiel à traquer le petit citoyen, à casser de l’opposant politique qui évolue pourtant dans un espace bien défini par la Constitution et les lois de notre pays.
C’est affligeant de voir d’un autre côté tous ceux de la préfectorale manipuler les textes et restreindre l’exercice des libertés chèrement acquises par le vaillant peuple qu’ils vont finir par pousser à bout et là, le pire peut arriver et ils en porteront l’entière responsabilité.
Mais les forces occultes ont été plus fortes que tout, dans un pays où tous les enseignants d’université, toute la haute Administration, tous les hommes d’affaires, toutes les chefferies traditionnelles, toutes les associations tribales n’ont d’yeux que pour une divinité, un totem : Paul BIYA, qui aura réussi l’exploit de nous ramener de fait au parti unique nouvelle version avec un créateur et ses créatures…
Pitoyable tout simplement, et la Divinité bombe le torse autour de concepts sans emprise aucune avec la réalité vécue par les Camerounais.
La guerre civile sévit dans deux régions du pays, le septentrion croule sous une extrême pauvreté sur fond d’insécurité, le soleil peine à se lever à l’est, de tous les coins du pays monte une colère sourde et le premier des Camerounais a tenu à organiser une élection dans une forme d’inconscience qui démontre à souhait qu’il n’est plus l’homme de la situation.
L’heure est venue de lui signifier que nous avons décidé d’arrêter les frais en lui montrant que sa prétendue victoire est une forfaiture de trop. Il s’est longtemps servi de nos divisions que son système a organisées
L’âge que je porte aujourd'hui ne m’autorise pas à jouer avec le destin de notre pays.
Au cours des derniers mois j’ai attiré l’attention du président de la République sur les dangers que son attitude faisait courir au pays face aux problèmes de l’heure que sa stratégie de pourrissement n’a pas su contenir.
On dit qu’il est l’homme le mieux renseigné du pays, j’en déduis donc qu’il a reçu tout ce que je lui ai adressé.
J’ai toujours aimé à rappeler qu’il y a un temps pour tout….
Voici venu le temps de se réveiller, de sortir de l’envoûtement collectif pour prendre notre destin en mains. Il nous sera sans doute rétorqué, selon la même rengaine : on veut envoyer les gens dans la rue. Dans la rue ?... Mais il y a longtemps que le peuple est dans la rue, vit dans la rue… Donc rien de nouveau sous le soleil !
Comment peut-on raisonnablement penser que le Peuple puisse à nouveau confier son destin pour sept longues années à un homme de 85 ans qui, en 36 ans, a largement montré ses limites en violant régulièrement et allègrement la Constitution, en semant misère, division, désolation et haine avec en prime une libre pratique du tribalisme qui nous oppose les uns aux autres tandis qu’il vaque à ses occupations.
Ce peuple à qui il n’a offert que jeux, alcool… sur les trottoirs, et stupéfiants et libertinage pour nos enfants tandis que son entourage est en permanence englué dans la luxure au point qu’il n’a pas effectué le moindre préparatif pour la campagne de son champion absent de tout et qui dilapide l’argent de tous les Camerounais dans des hôtels de luxe en Suisse et autres pays d'Europe sans être dérangé le moins du monde.
Nous allons désormais lui opposer une nouvelle forme de résistance inédite en appelant à la responsabilité de l’ensemble des corps habillés qui doit comprendre que son sort est lié à celui du peuple qu’il est censé protéger.
Nous ne pouvons plus accepter de nous laisser manipuler par un homme sur le déclin qui n’a même pas su susciter des hommes et des femmes capables d’assurer la relève : y-a-t-il pire échec ?
Nous sommes des Africains et nous savons qu’un coq à qui on a coupé la tête continue de chanter, mais il finit au fond de la marmite.
La nuit a été longue, mais le soleil se lève enfin sur le Cameroun, notre beau pays.
Debout comme un seul homme, soyons les dignes descendants des UM NYOBE, Martin Paul SAMBA, Rudolf MANGA BELL, Félix MOUMIE, Ernest OUANDIE et de tous nos héros que le monde entier nous envie.
J'ai dit./
(*) Ancien Bâtonnier de l'ordre
693 05 65 70 – 696 35 92 71

          Ivy メイベル (Mabel)      Cache   Translate Page      
遺伝子の力です!90年代の有名なアーティストとしてNeneh Cherryを知り,彼女のBuffalo Stanceをこちらで取り上げた時には,自分が彼女の娘のことをすでに知っていると思いもしませんでしたが,今となっては母娘が似ていることに気付かずにはいられません。
The power of genes!  When I knew a name Neneh Cherry as a legendary singer in '90s and picked up her Buffalo Stance here, it never occurred to me that I'd already known of her daughter.  Now I can't unsee the resemblance between a mother and her daughter.
Ivy  (Mabel)

[Verse 1]
You can't keep your feet on the ground
Your head's in the sky, just so you can look down
But you never notice and I keep on hoping
I get what the joke is
I stay wide awake while you're asleep
Hold everything down just so you can find peace
I know you deserve it, I hope it was worth it
'Cause you got me hurting

You don't call me anymore
'Cause you're scare of what to say
I'm hearing rumors through the walls
About the way you misbehave
You don't wanna let me know
But I'm with you anyway
I'm with you anyway

And we grow, yeah, we grow
We're growing like Ivy, growing like Ivy
And we grow, yeah, we grow
We're growing like Ivy, growing like Ivy

[Verse 2]
A half way moment we live
I can't forget by can always forgive
You need to tell me
Why can't I just say?
Why can't we just be?

You don't call me anymore
'Cause you're scare of what to say
I'm hearing rumors through the walls
About the way you misbehave
You don't wanna let me know
But I'm with you anyway
I'm with you anyway

And we grow, yeah, we grow
We're growing like Ivy, growing like Ivy
And we grow, yeah, we grow
We're growing like Ivy, growing like Ivy

I'm a part of you, because you're a part of me
Yeah, no matter what we do, babe
We'll keep on growing like Ivy, growing like Ivy
I'm a part of you, because you're a part of me
Yeah, no matter what we do, babe
We'll keep on growing like Ivy, growing like Ivy

Ooh, ooh
We're growing like Ivy

[Verse 1]



[Verse 2]






この曲に使われている「蔦 (ivy)」のメタファーは主人公と相手との関係を表していると思われます。



          Автоспорт и туризм :: Шатак      Cache   Translate Page      
Автор: Pilott
Добавлено: Ср Ноя 07, 2018 12:51 am (GMT 6)

          PELÍCULA COMPLETA 'Star Crash' (1978) | Caroline Munro y Nadia Cassini como 'Mitos eróticos' de la serie B europea | Sexploitation      Cache   Translate Page      

El cine de culto es difícil de definir ya que una obra tanto puede ser elegida como tal por su gran calidad, como por su despropósito. El caso es que en ambos caso, es el público el que por una desconocida razón, le otorga ese título de obra especial distinta y por alguna razón magnética para él. Hoy vamos a hablar de Star Crash, una película que queda muy claro que su condecoración de filme de culto no es claramente pos su calidad ya que estamos posiblemente ante una de las peores películas de la historia. Eso sí, una vez que la pones algo te obliga a terminarla.

Si los italianos fueron capaces de dejar obras notables al imitar al cine norteamericano en géneros como el oeste o el terror, en la ciencia ficción los resultados fueron casi siempre catastróficos. Y no es que “Choque de Galaxias” sea la excepción, ni mucho menos, pero de entre toda la chatarra parida tras la estela de “La Guerra de las Galaxias” merece destacar por los siguientes puntos:

  • Caroline Munro. Musa de la Hammer y que aquí vuelve a demostrar que sus dotes físicas son inversamente proporcionales a su talento interpretativo.
  • Christopher Plummer. El principal responsable del pésimo nivel de los efectos especiales y del tropel de chicas en bikini, ya que su sueldo se comió el presupuesto para maquetas, decorados y vestuario. Su arenga final mirando a cámara es uno de los alegatos más estremecedores contra el consumo de drogas que se haya filmado jamás.
  • David Hasselhoff. Debutaba en un título a su altura para demostrar que la suya ha sido la carrera más constante de la Historia del Cine: siempre ha sido igual de malo.
  • John Barry. Deja una muy meritoria banda sonora que hubiera ganado un par de puntos si hubiera prescindido de unos arreglos setenteros. Años después, una elaborada variación del tema central le valdría el Oscar por “Memorias de África”.

Pero posiblemete, la gracia de este filme reside en un aspecto: Su impresionante estética pop y es que, vista hoy, la película sigue siendo un auténtico festival para los sentidos. El 'Pop Art' o arte Pop se desarrolló dentro de la cultura de masas y del marco del capitalismo y la reproducción industrial haciendo que todo el mundo pueda acceder a él y conocerlo. Las obras nacidas al abrigo de esta corriente, se basaban, principalmente, en la carga visual y el lenguaje figurativo y además, no hay que olvidar el tono humorístico e irónico del que se cargan estas obras. Y eso es perfecto lo que mejor define a Star Crash, una oda a al color y a lo cotidiano hecho arte que sin darse cuenta abraza los cánones del humor para crear lo que es. Uma misteriosa obra de culto que te hipnotiza sin darte cuenta. Y es que, hasta la galaxia es de colores.


Caroline Munro, la estrella de las estrellas de colores

Y ya de paso, aprovechamos uno de los clásicos pulp de la ciencia ficción de los 70 para hablar de Caroline Munro, una de las grandes reinas de la serie B de los años 70 y 80, una actriz y modelo inglesa, conocida por su participación en películas de terror y ciencia ficción de las décadas de aquellos años, y por su papel como la chica Bond Naomi en La espía que me amó de 007. Su otra gran aportación a la industria fue como decimos 'Star Crash, choque de galaxias', un film nacido bajo la sombra de La Guerra de la Galaxias y que sirvió de puente e inspiración para ese otro gran clásico Pulp llamado Flash Gordon. Ahora es uno de los nombres más buscados de IMDb.
Aunque actualmente Star Crash es un despropósito como gran producción, no hay que desestimar que en su día se quiso contar con lo mejorcito para competir con el film galáctico por excelencia, por otro lado de una poderosa y lógica influencia. Por un lado se contrató como ya hemos dicho al mismísimo John Barry para la banda sonora y al cual no se le dejaba ver la película durante su producción por si aquél decidía abandonar el proyecto. Y en su reparto estaban como también hemos dicho, nuestra protagonista Caroline Munro, el mismo David Hasselhoff y los serios Christopher Plummer y Marjoe Gortner.

Añadir siempre que la gracia de esta película está en verla con un amplio sentido de la perspectiva y con sentido del humor, algo que no creo pueda conseguir todo el mundo. Los conjuntos que luce Munro son para recordar, otras cosas para divertir.
Por cierto, no queremos olvidar la aparición de Nadia Cassini, una preciososa pin-up de aquellos años que aquí hace un cameo como reina Corelia y a la que al final le dedicamos otra galería sexy in hot by Cinematte.

Caroline Munro, la B Queen europeo de los 70 y 80

Caroline Munro nació el 16 de enero de 1949 en Inglaterra. Comenzó su carrera en el medio artístico en 1966, cuando su madre y un fotógrafo amigo del colegio de artes donde estudiaba, enviaron unas fotos para el concurso "Face of the Year" del diario Evening News y ganó, siendo elegida por el famoso fotógrafo David Bailey. Esto la llevó a una carrera como modelo, en la que su primer trabajo fue para la revista Vogue británica, a los 17 años. Luego se mudó de Windsor a Londres, donde hizo varios anuncios para TV, fotos para portadas de revistas y cameos en algunas películas los cuales fueron el inicio de su carrera como B Queen de los 70 y 80. En 1971, el presidente de Hammer Productions, antigua y famosa productora de películas de terror y ciencia ficción de Inglaterra, le ofreció un contrato y Munro comenzó a hacer películas, por lo cual sería mejor conocida como el clásico El abominable Dr. Phibes, con el nombre más grande en el género, Vincent Price. Fue la única actriz en tener un contrato a largo plazo con Hammer en toda la historia de la productora. Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter y The Golden Voyage of Sinbad en 1974 fueron dos éxitos de público en el género de terror y ciencia ficción de bajo presupuesto entre los varios que protagonizó en los años 70, hasta llegar al papel que la haría popular en todo el mundo. 

En 1977, Munro rechazó la oportunidad del papel de la villana Ursa en Superman, para hacer la que sería su aparición más célebre de la película, como Naomi, la piloto de helicóptero y asistente del villano Karl Stromberg, que coquetea con James Bond mientras intentaba dispararle desde su helicóptero en La espía que me amó. Cubby Broccoli, productor de las películas de 007, impresionado con su fotogenia, le aconsejó firmemente ir a los Estados Unidos a intentar una carrera más lucrativa, pero Munro decidió quedarse en Europa junto a su familia. Munro continuó trabajando en numerosas películas de horror y ciencia ficción británicas y europeas a través de los años 70 y 80, en particular Starcrash (1979) con David Hasselhoff y Christopher Plummer. El diálogo de Munro fue redoblado completamente por otra actriz, incluso para las impresiones en idioma inglés de la película. La carrera de Munro continuó prosperando en los años 80, continuando haciendo películas de terror y ciencia ficción de bajo presupuesto en Europa, principalmente en Italia, y en un trabajo constante aunque de poca proyección, filmando también Estados Unidos en la segunda mitad de la década, en cine B. 

Durante estos años también aparece en la televisión y fue una famosa pin-up en los medios, aunque nunca posando desnuda, apareciendo en videoclips musicales para estrellas de rock como Adam Ant y Meat Loaf. Desde los años 90, ha limitado su trabajo en la pantalla a apariciones en películas para televisión y documentales.

Galería sexy in hot by Cinematte de Caroline Munro

Galería de Nadia Cassini, la otra estrella de las estrellas

          181104 레드벨벳 제주 KMF 직캠      Cache   Translate Page      

          Ônibus cai de ponte após briga entre passageira e motorista e mata 13 pessoas; veja vídeo      Cache   Translate Page      

Uma briga entre um motorista e uma passageira de um ônibus na China fez o veículo cair em um rio na manhã do último domingo (28). O acidente matou pelo menos 13 pessoas e deixou duas desaparecidas. O acidente ocorreu em em Chongqing, no sudoeste da China e foi registrado por câmeras de segurança e divulgado no jornal oficial chinês.

Segundo a polícia chinesa, a briga ocorreu após uma discussão entre o motorista e a passageira, que não conseguiu descer no ponto de ônibus que desejava. O vídeo foi encontrado só depois que o veículo foi retirado do rio Yangtze, o mais longo da China.

O ônibus foi achado só dois dias depois do acidente, na terça-feira (30). As equipes de resgate utilizaram o sistema sonar para que o ônibus fosse localizado.

Fonte: Uol Notícias

          Jacobina: Prefeito Luciano fala da satisfação de visitar as obras das Futuras Instalações da Faculdade Ages      Cache   Translate Page      

A Prefeitura de Jacobina divulgou em sua página oficial no Facebook (@PrefeituraDeJacobina) um vídeo onde o Prefeito Luciano Pinheiro, fala da enorme satisfação de estar visitando as obras das Futuras Instalações da Faculdade Ages e da expectativa que fica em Jacobina, que está se tornando uma cidade pólo em referência de Ensino Superior.


          Natal Premiado Master Magazine; Confira!      Cache   Translate Page      

Natal Premiado Master Magazine! Nossa coleção de Natal chega com uma surpresa incrível.

A cada R$100,00 em compras, você leva um cupom para concorrer a um Jeep Renegade 0km e 5 TVs Smart.

Natal Premiado, é na Master Magazine.

          Conheça o Ingrid Bronze, o primeiro espaço de bronzeamento de Jacobina      Cache   Translate Page      

Quem coordena o espaço é a empresária Ingrid Miranda, que oferece às jacobinenses a experiência que virou febre nacional, o primeiro espaço de bronzeamento natural de Jacobina, abre das 7h às 11h da manhã, oferecendo Bronzeamento Natural, Bronzeamento a Jato e Banho de Lua, além de oferecer as suas clientes o biquíni adesivo que deixa a maquinha bem uniforme na pele.


Ingrid Bronze
Contatos: (74) 99102-1504 / 99817-1165
Rua Otacílio Souza, 72, Bairro da Estação, Jacobina/BA

          Ministra Muñoz sobre reducción del plástico de un solo uso en dependencias del Ejecutivo      Cache   Translate Page      

La ministra del Ambiente, Fabiola Munoz, brindó una entrevista en RPP TV sobre promulgación del Decreto Supremo publicado hoy que aprueba la reducción del plástico de un solo uso en las dependencias del Poder Ejecutivo. Además, informó sobre la campaña 'No quiero esto en mi ceviche', cuyo objetivo es concientizar sobre el daño que causa la contaminación del plástico desechable en nuestra gastronomía.

          R.C.D.C.全日本RCドリフト競技委員会「All Japan E-Drift Championship 2018」プロモーション映像公開      Cache   Translate Page      

R.C.D.C.全日本RCドリフト競技委員会が「All Japan E-Drift Championship 2018」のプロモーション映像を公開しました。


          レディオガガ「とても大事な話をします。」動画公開      Cache   Translate Page      



          谷田部アリーナ R40オフロードチャンピオンシップ 4WDクラス決勝映像      Cache   Translate Page      



          谷田部アリーナ R40オフロードチャンピオンシップ 2WDクラス決勝映像      Cache   Translate Page      



          TOP LINE マッキーちゃんねるはじまる。第1回「Nモデルver,3ホイル」      Cache   Translate Page      




          有名メーカーのハードウェア暗号対応SSDで容易に暗号が解読される脆弱性が判明      Cache   Translate Page      


          Kyrie Irving fined $25,000 for giving the ball what it deserved      Cache   Translate Page      

Jamal Murray had a huge 48 performance in last night's win over the Celtics. 50 has a nicer ring to it, so Murray launched a shot at the buzzer instead of letting the clock run out, which is the unwritten NBA rule.

Kyrie Iriving was none too pleased, but he also was just trying to give the ball what it deserved. The NBA today apparently disagreed with Kyrie.

Honestly if it was Kyrie with 48, I wouldn't mind him having shot it either. Give the fans a 50 point experience as well. Not everyone was as upset with Murray as Kyrie:

Kyrie will now only make $20,074,189 on the year after the $25k deduction. GoFundMe page soon to come.

Related: Boston Celtics get smoked by red-hot Denver Nuggets 115-107
          Flaws in Popular SSD Drives Bypass Hardware Disk Encryption      Cache   Translate Page      
Researchers have found flaws that can be exploited to bypass hardware decryption without a password in well known and popular SSD drives. [...]
          Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Crashes Into a House & The Driver Flees On Foot      Cache   Translate Page      
  A vehicle crashes into a house and the driver flees on foot just after 8 AM this morning sources are reporting a vehicle has crashed into a house in the 1100 block of Rose in Rockford. The driver got out and fled on foot. No suspect information due to the police encryption. The vehicle …
          Groenten uit Balen - Frank van Mechelen      Cache   Translate Page      
una storia ambientata negli anni ' una fabbrica si sciopera tutti, e praticamente tutto il paese si ferma, per molto tempo.
a metà fra Ken Loach e la commedia italiana dello stesso periodo.
politica, famiglia, amore.
se vi capita a portata di mano non trascuratelo, è meglio di quello che sembra - Ismaele

Commedia sociale sulle nove settimane che sconvolgono la vita di una famiglia belga sullo sfondo delle lotte operaie degli anni '70, tra scioperi e primi amori.

          Medeni meseci (Honeymoons) - Goran Paskaljević      Cache   Translate Page      
due storie gemelle, due giovani coppie che dai Balcani vogliono farsi una nuova vita in Europa.
praticamente impossibile, non sono graditi, l'Europa non li vuole, e li prende anche per culo.
un film non perfetto ma necessario, mettersi nei panni dell'altro è il primo passo per capire qualcosa, qualsiasi cosa.
un film da non perdere, secondo me - Ismaele

Un racconto crudo e disilluso che si svolge a pochi passi da casa nostra ed i cui risvolti drammatici sono poco conosciuti in Italia. Siamo infatti poco abituati a metterci nei panni dell’immigrato e ad immaginare le minacce e le difficoltà in cui si imbatte una volta raggiunta la meta, sia questa la frontiera italiana o quella ungherese. Ad accogliere i protagonisti c’è la scortesia provinciale dei poliziotti di frontiera e la sopraffazione inflitta dagli stessi connazionali. Avere i documenti in regola di per sé non garantisce nulla, si evince che prima di essere persone si è immigrati. Pur forzando in maniera manichea la caratterizzazione dei personaggi, è evidente come la corsa verso una vita migliore si riveli essere solitaria e senza alleati.
Un film che sancisce la malvagità della divisione (dei popoli, delle famiglie) e l’utopia dell’unione, sia essa familiare o politica. Il destino riservato dal regista serbo nei confronti di coloro che cercano di cambiare il loro destino e di opporsi ad una realtà crudele asservita all’odio e al razzismo è tutt’altro che serena.
da qui

Ci sono film che forse non sono bellissimi, ma che hanno una loro utilità. Honeymoons è uno di questi, perché racconta due storie di migrazioni. Finora al cinema siamo stati abituati a vederle dall’interno, dal nostro punto di vista, mostrando chi arriva in Italia (Vesna va veloceQuando sei nato non puoi più nasconderti), ma mai dall’esterno, dal punto di vista di chi parte, e inizia a pensare il viaggio dal suo paese d’origine. Honeymoons ci mostra due coppie, una albanese e una serba, che vogliono venire in Italia e in Austria, passando per l’Ungheria.

Le due storie si sviluppano in maniera speculare, partendo da due matrimoni. Non quello dei quattro protagonisti, però: due sono già sposati, due intendono farlo presto. Nell’episodio in Serbia, la scena è quella che siamo abituati a vedere nei film di Kusturica. Il suo stile lha lasciato il segno: musica, alcol a fiumi e spari per aria. Anche se non c’è lo stesso movimento nello spazio e la grande maestria di Kusturica nel dirigere le scene di massa.

Se si supera lo stile un po’ sciatto del film (è girato in digitale e le immagini hanno colori piuttosto sbiaditi sui toni del marrone), Honeymoons è un film che qualche insegnamento può darlo. Sarebbe utile per tutti vedere le scene dei migranti nei loro paesi d’origine, i sogni e le speranze che associano al loro viaggio. E quello che succede alla frontiera. I quattro protagonisti sono belli, giovani, innamorati, fiduciosi. A nessuno verrebbe in mente di infliggere loro le pene a cui sono costretti varcando la frontiera. L’Italia e l’Europa che si aspettano non è quella che troveranno. E stiamo attenti: l’immagine dell’Italia che cominciano ad avere all’estero è tutt’altro che quella di un “bel paese”.
da qui

La storia si svolge contemporanea in Albania e in Serbia dove seguiamo le vicende di due giovani coppie che decidono di abbandonare le loro reciproche abitazioni per cercare di avere una vita migliore nell'Europa Occidentale. Quando la coppia albanese, dopo una serie di contrattempi, raggiunge un porto dell'Italia del sud hanno inizio i problemi. Lo stesso accadrà, anche se con modalità diverse, alla coppia serba al momento dell'ingresso in Europa attraverso l'Ungheria. In Kosovo sono stati uccisi due soldati italiani e chiunque provenga dall'area è considerato un sospetto anche se con i documenti in regola.
Goran Paskaljevic non ha mai abbandonato un modo di fare cinema che, sin dagli esordi, ha trattato le tematiche sociali della sua terra di origine (la Serbia) filtrandole sempre attraverso una profonda pietas. Paskaljevic non è mai stato tenero con i suoi conterranei (basti ricordare La polveriera) ma anche nel momento della polemica più forte non ha mai dimenticato di guardare alle origini del disagio e della sofferenza della comunità e dei singoli.
È quanto fa con la descrizione delle vite di due giovani coppie che non riescono a trovare in patria le condizioni per poter pensare a un futuro. Le tensioni familiari e le pressioni dall'esterno diventano insostenibili. Come risolvere se non cercando una speranza nell'Europa dei popoli e delle nazioni? Non sono i poveri boat people che cercano di attraccare sulle coste della Sicilia. Hanno dei visti regolari, hanno un progetto (uno di loro è un musicista che si reca a un'audizione che potrebbe aprirgli le porte al mondo dei concerti). 
Ma il pregiudizio è un muro molto più alto e solido di quello caduto a Berlino. Paskaljevic riesce a di-mostrarlo senza fare retorica, con la forza di un umanesimo che unisce al pessimismo della ragione la speranza di una volontà che, proprio perché non accetta lo status quo, si fa cinema.

A double header with similar themes, Honeymoons exposes the depth of dysfunction between traditional Balkan society and post Soviet global greed. In both, young love has no currency compared to dirty currency and freedom is a dream rather than a promise.
There are two weddings, one in Albania and the other in Serbia. Both are ostentatious affairs, given by men who have become rich on the back of the new order. It is not they, nor their arrogant acolytes, who matter so much as their underappreciated cousins and brothers, who remain true to their beliefs and, as a result, poor.

Rok and Vevo are Albanian peasants, living in a village that has no telephone. Three years ago their eldest son Ilir attempted to escape to Italy in a rubber boat, but was never heard of again. His fiancée Majilinda stays with them, as is the custom, but cannot entertain thoughts of another romance until Ilir’s fate has been confirmed. Nik, the younger son, loves her and plans to take her to Italy to start a new life. The family travel to Tirana by bus for the wedding of Rok’s brother’s daughter, where they are treated by the rowdier guests as a reminder of rural poverty’s deep rooted backwardness, while Nik uses family contacts to advance his plans for Majilinda.
In the second story, Marko is a budding cellist, living in Belgrade with Vera, to whom he is secretly married. He has been invited to an audition with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, but first they must go to her cousin’s wedding, where he meets her family, especially her father who remains embittered by his brother’s capitulation to the corrupt world of national politics. Again there is evidence of cultural snobbery against those who do not flaunt wealth as the 21st century beacon of Western-style success.
In the end, this is a film, not so much about the destruction of values in a materialistic world, but the meaning of freedom for the powerless. When the young couples reach Italian shores, they find themselves at the mercy of circumstance and border guards. Nothing, even that which appears greener on the other side, is what it seems. Disappointment may be the pale shadow of fulfilment when love fails, through no fault of its own, to conquer all.

…it’s the cinematic equivalent of a Theodore Dreiser novel, a social-justice story with its heart planted firmly in the right place but its author’s heavy hand too much in evidence. The interactions too often feel contrived, the dialogue is clumsily expository, and the camera keeps pushing into people’s faces to focus on welling tears or thousand-yard stares of despair.
The honeymoons of the ironic title are those of two young couples, one from a small town in Albania and the other from Belgrade. In typically literal-minded fashion, the screenplay underscores the similarities between these young innocents from warring cultures by sending each to a lavish family wedding before they try to escape to Western Europe. By the time they head out, you understand why they need to leave a place where murderous enmities divide people even within families, corruption runs rampant (even a bus driver expects a bribe), and nothing quite works the way it’s supposed to. So we root for these four underdeveloped but clearly sensitive and sympathetic young people—mournful Maylinda, gallant young Nick, musician Marko, and bravely smiling Vera—to get to a better place, even as we know that vicious thugs, cruel cops, opportunistic fellow refugees, and deterministic filmmakers will get between them and their freedom…

          Belle - André Delvaux      Cache   Translate Page      
uno strano film, con un Jean Luc Bideau (Mathieu) bravo come sempre.
è uno scrittore, solita vita, amici (Roger Coggio, che interpreta Victor) fino a che, nella campagna trova una donna (che lo aspetta?), che non parla la sua lingua e lui la chiama Belle.
è disposto a tutto per lei, ma succedono delle cose tragiche.
intanto la figlia sta con un giovane ribelle (sembra) e lo sposerà.
poi tutto tornerà come prima, se possibile, per Mathieu.
un film che merita, sicuro.

In a cultural context, Delvaux had created a work entirely congruent with the concerns of two of Belgium’s greatest dramatists, Maeterlinck and Ghelderode: the juxtaposition of the medieval with the modern, the dressing up of primeval concerns in modern dress – the pursuit of a mysterious woman by a schlemiel in a Volvo.
All this said, with allowances made for a faulty memory, I must admit that little in the way of motivation was offered by Delvaux for Mathieu’s surreptitious double life. Jeanne was patently lovely and in love with her husband. His daughter may have been a trifle flaky, but the man she married, while unkempt, was far from what one might consider a bad choice. And the life of an archivist in provincial Belgium must have had its own rewards, what with local records going back to feudal times.
Then why did Mathieu succumb so quickly to the dubious yet pulchritudinous attractions of this unwashed foreign Beauty? And why did it become such an overpowering escape for him? The surrealist Amour fou explanation of the irrational male attraction to a beautiful yet speechless woman is insufficient. Mathieu was already married to a beautiful and articulate woman who obviously loved him. There is always the entomological explanation – the male who mates with the female within her lair only to be eaten by her. And yet men and women are somewhat more sophisticated in their matings.
And yet. And yet. Such are the doubts that a jealous memory sometimes elicits. The characters in a film, unlike those on stage, always seem to have lives that came before and that continue after the film has ended. We cannot leave poor Mathieu, as Andre Delvaux – or Belle – did, standing on the brink of a frozen bog, anticipating what the Spring might reveal of his faithlessness.

          Megacities - Michael Glawogger      Cache   Translate Page      
Michael Glawogger gira il mondo e ci mostra gli ultimi degli ultimi.
film terribile e necessario, a Bombay, Città del Messico, Mosca e New York, luoghi dove la sopravvivenza è quasi impossibile e a prezzi incommensurabili.
un film che merita molto, come tutti quelli di Michael Glawogger - Ismaele

QUI il film completo con sottotitoli in spagnolo

Un viaggio attraverso la vita quotidiana dei ghetti di quattro megalopoli, Bombay, Città del Messico, Mosca e New York.
A Bombay si sopravvive cercando rifiuti nelle fogne a cielo aperto, a New York si possono vendere prostitute immaginarie, a Città del Messico raccoglie la spazzatura in un carro e la si schiaccia con i piedi, mentre a Mosca si dorme nei canali e nelle fogne.
Il racconto scioccante di Cassandra, che per mantenere il figlio danza seminuda in un teatrino in cui gli uomini gli si attaccano addosso succhiando. O il terrificante circolo di maschi nel quale le donne sono costrette a sfilare in un edificio abbandonato, finché qualcuna riesce ad uscire dal patibolo andando a vendersi a qualcuno degli astanti.
Il film riprende angoli della vita di persone che, con orgoglio e coraggio, vivono come possono in città che sono la loro unica fonte di sopravvivenza, ma anche il crogiolo delle loro sofferenze. La città infatti è diventata il sostituto dell’ambiente naturale, della giungla dove sopravvive il più forte, o il più furbo. Ma la foresta creata dall’uomo è ben più disumana di quella naturale… Un film scioccante!

Made more than a decade back, MEGACITIES is a strange yet impressionistic urban anthropology, more like a jagged juxtaposition of twelve episodes that unfold the stories of survival. It travels through Bombay, Mexico City, Moscow & New York ~ documenting the tales of invisible people trying to survive within miserable conditions. One encounters the dye worker from the slums of Bombay, the garbage pickers who are barked upon in the streets of Mexico City, ‘Cassandra’, the stripper who lets the men ogle, grope & bite her with joy, the drug addict-hustler in the mean streets of New York, the run-away boys in Moscow underground… each unfolding into an act of survival & a story of human existence.
It’s difficult to “Like” Megacities, it leaves you unsettled & even claustrophobic at times ~ yet, it’s a reflection of life around us, which we mostly pretend not to see. On another level, the film is a visual poetry, sad yet soulful ~ resonating the slow decay within urban lives & the relentless spirit to survive. Captured brilliantly on film by fellow Austrian cinematographer, Wolfgang Thaler – Megacities leaps in rich saturated colors & drowns in cold grainy textures ~ a treat to those searching for beauty in the most unfamiliar of places.

La proiezione in piazza Grande ieri sera è stata cruda davvero, giusto prima della cena credo abbia fatto passare l'appetito a molti...
Passato per documentario, in realtà chiaramente di fiction, Megacities sarebbe stato a quanto afferma il produttore il frutto di una indagine sociologica sulla popolazione di Città del Messico. Studio involontariamente ampliatosi, per associazione di idee, ad altre zone del mondo costruisce un ritratto orribile di più di metà delle sciagure umane concentrate in meno di un'ora e proiettate su schermo gigante. New York come Mosca e come Città del Messico (tutto il mondo è paese, anzi città), come Bombay... tutte Megacities pronte ad ospitare il brutto umano, la miseria, l'abbandono di chi la città la stenta a vivere e così sotto la voce "protagonisti, interpreti" il catalogo non dice niente, perchè tutti gli attori sono anonimi come nella vita.
Gente imbruttita dal degrado morale, dall'alcool e dall'eroina, senza più dignità, filmata da vicino e magari pagata per dire che è tutto vero, gente che non fa pensare a quanto stiamo bene noialtri, uomini inseriti, ma a quanto sia ipocrita servirsi di loro per farci un film da presentare al Festival Internazionale del film nientemeno che di Locarno (dove un panino costa in media sei settemila lire). E' un film triste che non insegna niente che fa male perché il dolore degli altri farebbe male comunque ma tuttavia di una violenza gratuita e per niente poetica... è mostruoso pensare che qualcuno la trovi poetica... e allora anche la fotografia apparentemente bella di un uomo coperto di polvere azzurra (e che speriamo di farvi vedere al nostro ritorno) non è più bella, perchè quella polvere che cambia colore a seconda delle esigenze del mercato, quell'uomo la respira anche ora e lo porterà a morirne davvero.
Film come questo no grazie. E non per volersi nascondere la tristezza ma perchè sappiamo aimè essere tristi già da soli senza che per questo nessuno ci guadagni 

Both fascinating and shocking at once, MEGACITIES explores the contradictions the inhabitants of Mumbai, New York, Mexico City and Moscow have to live with day in, day out. The first film in Michael Glawogger's trilogy is a tale in 12 episodes about people at work across the globe as they struggle to survive through resourcefulness, humour and dignity. There is one hope they all share: the dream of a better life. A vivid urban anthropological film about human beauty.

Irregular mas recomendável, «Megacities» vale pelos episódios em que consegue transmitir a sensação de urgência e claustrofobia de algumas situações que relata sem que para isso se apoie numa exibicionista montra de decadência. Infelizmente, contudo, estes não ocorrem com a frequência suficiente para que o filme chegue ao brilhante retrato cujo potencial sugeria.

Twelve stories of survival set in Moscow, Manhattan, Mexico City and Bombay. While some of the scenes were "staged" they used real people and recorded real events. The gritty realism of some of the moments seemed improbable that they could happen in front of a camera and they were either faked or the Germans knew how to be silent but welcome observers of life as it happened. The sum total of the footage is a tale of human survival that is neither pathetic nor gratuitous but is simply a record.
In Moscow we meet a group of street kids hustling in subways, a drunk tank, street musicians and factory workers set against the rich and diverse modern literary heritage of the Russian people. The insight, sentiment and existential optimism of the voiced-over passages lays bare the soul of the contrast between the harsh, unrelenting drudgery of factory work and the intangible rewards derived from meeting the challenges of private life…

          Δηλωσεις Προπονητη Ατρομητος Πειραια Ακαδημιες 06/11/2018..(Βιντεο)!!      Cache   Translate Page      

Ο Προπονητής της ακαδημίας Ατρόμητου Πειραιά μας μιλάει για την καλή δουλειά που γίνεται στις ακαδημίες..ότι τα παιδιά έχουν ότι χρειάζονται..για το έργο της προπονητικής σε αυτή την ηλικία που δεν είναι καθόλου εύκολο ..και άλλα πολλά στο βίντεο που ακολουθεί :

          Μοσχατο - Εθνικος 3-2!!Ακολουθουν Δηλωσεις των πρωταγωνιστων(βιντεο)..!!      Cache   Translate Page      

Ένα παιχνίδι για δυνατές καρδιές παρακολουθήσαμε το Σάββατο που μας πέρασε στο κλειστό
γήπεδο του Μοσχάτου..που τελικά βρήκε νικητή την ομάδα του Μοσχάτου με σκορ 3-2!!

Μας μίλησαν οι πρωταγωνιστές και των 2 ομάδων για τους στόχους για τις δυσκολίες
αλλά και που κρίθηκε το παιχνίδι..

Τι ακολουθεί από δω και πέρα και αν υπάρχει ταβάνι στην βελτίωση των 2 ομάδων!!

όλα αυτά στο βίντεο που ακολουθεί : 

          Software Protection USB Dongle       Cache   Translate Page      
Smart Lock Standard SL20 is based on Smart Card technology, the combination of the special hardware and software technology makes it a powerful software encryption function and security function, the ...Shenzhen TAT Electronics Co.,Ltd
          Фільм "Дике Поле" за романом Жадана показали у Києві: що цікавого було на прем'єрі      Cache   Translate Page      
Українсько-нідерландсько-швейцарський фільм "Дике Поле" сьогодні уперше показали у Києві. Творча група відсвяткувала прем'єру гучною вечіркою разом із столичним глядачем.

Стрічка – дебют режисера Ярослава Лодигіна, над якою той працював сім років.

Сюжет засновано на культовому романі відомого українського письменника Сергія Жадана "Ворошиловград". За його творами вже знімали короткометражки, але повнометражне кіно для широкого прокату – вперше.

Творча команда

Творча команда

Сергій Жадан

І режисер, і письменник наполягають: фільм і книга  дві окремих історії. Бо у кіно, на відміну від роману, не можна багато ідей розкрити якісно. Тому й довелось концентруватись на одній.

Ми вирішили, що ідеєю фільму має бути захист свого. Це найголовніше. Захист заправки, яка наче нікому не потрібна, символізує мені нашу країну. Там круті люди, крута дружба та справжня любов. І раптом хтось переходить червону межу: на твоє каже, що це не твоє. Як діяти далі? 
 привідкриває завісу Лодигін.

Зйомки відбулись там, де й тривали події книги – рідному містечку Жадана – Старобільську. Примітно, що простіше та дешевше було б зняти фільм деінде, а не на Сході. Але колорит Луганщини не відпустив.

Ці місяця ідеально підходили фільму. Бо у книзі місто описане аж до найдрібніших деталей. Ми мали божевільні ідеї, де саме знімати у Старобільську! Це має бути там, де річка Айдар, де Холм, де та заправка!
 говорить продюсер Володимир Яценко.

Актор Володимир Ямненко додав, що не хотів спочатку зніматись у Старобільську. Але коли туди приїхав, подумав, що не хоче звідти їхати. Настільки колоритно.

Актори розповідають про досвід

"Ми зробили хороший подарунок місту. Місто другий рік відходить від того подарунку", – жартує Жадан.

Письменник також зіграв епізодичну роль – на кілька секунд з'являється у кадрі з одною реплікою.

Це найкращі три секунди мого життя. Я їхав в Інтерсіті і насолоджувався трейлером, який сьогодні з 20 разів крутили. Там моя роль ніби довша. Вона з одного слова. Я не буду його зараз озвучувати, бо зірвемо презентацію, 
– іронізує Жадан.

Розповідає про роль Жадан


Фільм переповнено суржиком і колоритною лайкою. Цим він не відрізняється від роману. Щоправда, у ньому лише кілька героїв говорять українською, більшість – російською.

Мені подобається, як звучить мат на великому екрані у діалозі, який написав класик сучасної літератури. У нас є примітка 16+, тому глядач матиме вибір не піти на фільм з матюками. Я за матюки в кіно, якщо вони є виправданими героєм, ситуацією та створеним світом! Бо пропаганда матюків – все наше життя...
– коментує режисер.

"Дике Поле" занурює в іронічну атмосферу особливих порядків Луганщини і показує колоритних персонажів. Настільки, що жителі Сходу впізнають людей зі свого дитинства.

Фільм реально зайшов. Настільки органічно показано, що немає дисонансу. Актори вписалися в роль донбаських хлопців – реальних мужиків. Чорт, це реально персонажі з мого дитинства! 
– коментує глядачка Юлія.

Бюджет стрічки – 31 мільйон гривень. 16 мільйонів з них покрило Держкіно. Інші гроші дали іноземні копродюсери із Швейцарії та Нідерландів.

Цей фільм – сміливий експеримент. Не зовсім жанрове кіно. Це незвичайний приклад, коли ми робимо атмосферне, але доволі складне кіно з позицій серйозного національного релізу. Маю надію, що воно свого глядача знайте,
 завершує продюсер Яценко.

Як презентували стрічку "Дике поле" 

Як презентували фільм

В українських кінотеатрах "Дике Поле" можна побачити з 8 листопада орієнтовно до 16 листопада.

Трейлер стрічки "Дике поле": дивіться відео: 

А сьогоднішня прем'єра закінчилась алкогольним фуршетом, концертом співака Олега Каданова – автором саундтреку "Буда" і виконавцем епізодичної ролі, та жвавим обговоренням стрічки у фойє кінотеатру.

Олег Каданов

Глядачам фільм сподобався

          Хто замовник і організатор вбивства Катерини Гандзюк: Луценко оприлюднив гучні деталі слідства      Cache   Translate Page      
Генеральний прокурор Юрій Луценко розповів "про реальний стан справ" у провадженні щодо смерті активістки Катерини Гандзюк". Також він закликав громадськість не піддаватися на провокації та не вчиняти дій, які можуть зашкодити розслідуванню.

Відповідну інформацію очільник ГПУ написав у своєму блозі на "Українській правді".

"У зв'язку з недовірою, яку пані Гандзюк мала до слідства Національної поліції, наразі ведеться два провадження: щодо виконавців та організаторів (їх оперативно встановила Національна поліція) та щодо пошуку замовників злочину, яке веде СБУ", – зазначив Луценко.

Як зауважив він, у результаті професійних дій Національної поліції, було встановлено, що злочин спланували та реалізували особи, яких власне й затримали правоохоронці.

"Запобіжні заходи щодо деяких із них було змінено через співпрацю зі слідством. Це громадянин Торбін – 1977 року народження, якого розглядає слідство як організатора злочину та який перебуває у слідчому ізоляторі; громадянин Горбунов – 1991 року народження; громадянин Вишневський – 1990 року народження; громадянин Гравчук – 1995 року та громадянин Васенович – 1994 року народження", – додав генпрокурор.

Також Луценко розповів, що усі підозрювані є учасниками АТО, а одного із них зазнав навіть важке поранення: у нього фактично є відсутньою гомілка.

"Більшість затриманих, а саме чотири особи – визнали свою участь у злочині та вказали на ролі усіх співучасників. У зв'язку з цим слідство обґрунтовано вважає громадянина Торбіна організатором злочину, а інших, найнятих ним осіб, – виконавцями", – переконує голова Генпрокуратури.

Також Луценко повідомив, що під час перевірки цієї та інших версій слідство загалом провело 367 допитів осіб та 21 експертизу, відтак сьогодні є підозри щодо 12 осіб, які, ймовірно, були замовниками цього злочину.

Особисто Катерина Гандзюк мені вона розповідала про трьох із них, слідству – дещо більше. Наразі майже доведено провину виконавців та організатора. Тривають остаточні експертизи: молекулярно-генетична експертиза частинок кислоти на тілі одного із учасників; комп'ютерно-технічна – огляд комп'ютера та мобільного телефону – який має точно довести підготовку до використання кислоти і саме щодо Гандзюк; судово-медична – призначена вчора для кваліфікації злочину та встановлення причин смерті Катерини Гандзюк. Після їхнього завершення цю частину справи буде передано до суду. Розраховую, що це відбудеться до кінця цього року. Остаточний термін залежатиме від тривалості вказаних експертиз. Ми плануємо, що це буде дещо швидше,
– констатував генпрокурор.


          У Львові запрацював цікавий водограй після 20 років простою: фото, відео      Cache   Translate Page      
6 листопада у Львові на вулиці Коперніка, навпроти пам'ятника Маркіянові Шашкевичу, після капітального ремонту увімкнули фонтан "Водолій". До цього часу водограй не працював 20 років.

Як повідомляє прес-служба Львівської міської ради, відповідно до проекту, тепер вода тече позаду скульптури Водолія та підсвічується, а з глечика міфічного персонажа витікає питна вода, яка починає текти лише тоді, коли хтось підходить до фонтану.

Водолій, Львів, культура, Коперніка, фонтан
З глечика міфічного Водолія тепер витікає питна вода

"У 70-х роках стіну цієї композиції облицювали пісковиком. Скульптура Водолія тут була також. Тому ми вирішили оновити фонтан: бетонну стіну зробити мінімалістичною, без декору, щоби закцентувати на скульптурі, відтінити її. А ще ‒ облаштувати підсвітку", – зазначила архітекторка Ольга Криворучко у коментарі ZAXID.NET.

Що відомо про відновлений фонтан "Водолій" у Львові: дивіться відео

Зауважимо, що роботи з відновлення фонтану тривали чотири місяці. За цей час тут замінили цегляну кладку, гідроізоляцію та плитку, відремонтували чашу фонтану, зробили каналізування, а також встановили освітлення та фотоелементи.

Водолій, Львів, культура, Коперніка, фонтан
Фонтан не працює, коли біля нього немає жодної людини, а коли хтось підходить, починає текти вода 

Загалом вартість ремонтних робіт становить майже 615 тисяч гривень: будівельні роботи – понад 453 тисячі гривень, інші витрати – більше ніж 161 тисяча гривень. Усі кошти було виділено з бюджету розвитку Львова.

У Львові увімкнули фонтан "Водолій", який був на реконструкції 20 років: дивіться відео 

          Автокефалія для України: Болгарська православна церква готує відповідь на рішення Варфоломія      Cache   Translate Page      
Ієрархи Болгарської православної церкви занепокоєні "теперішньою ситуацією у православ'ї", зумовленою діями Константинополя. Синод Болгарської православної церкви в грудні обговорить дії Константинопольського патріархату щодо надання автокефалії Україні.

Про це повідомляє Болгарське телеграфне агентство.

Так, митрополит Старозагорський Кипріан зазначає, що до прийняття рішення синод церкви повинен розглянути багато документів.

Це важке рішення, яке повинен прийняти синод БПЦ. Ймовірно, ми розглянемо його на засіданні в грудні, до цього нашої комісії належить розглянути безліч документів. Це займе багато часу,
– сказав Кипріан.

Окрім того, патріарх Неофіт висловив сподівання, що все "завершиться миром".

"Ми обговорюємо ці важливі питання. Коли будемо готові, то оголосимо про своє рішення. Моя думка – це думка синоду, дуже б хотілося, щоб все завершилося миром і доброю волею", – наголосив він.

Натомість митрополит Варненський та Велико-Преславський визначив "нинішню ситуацію в ситуацію вправослав'ї" як трагічну.

На мою думку, це питання дуже складне. Через нього трапився глибокий розподіл – і сьогодні 300 мільйонів православних не можуть разом служити на одній святій літургії з Московською і Вселенською патріархіями. Це трагічний момент,
– зазначив митрополит Йоан.

Як створюватимуть Єдину помісну церкву в Україні?9 жовтня у Стамбулі розпочалося триденне засідання Синоду Вселенського патріархату. 10 жовтня на цих зборах церковники заслухали звіт посланців патріарха Варфоломія (екзархів), які майже місяць провели в Україні. Екзархи їздили по українських церквах, розмовляли зі священиками. Саме за результатами їхнього звіту Україні й був ухвалений дозвіл на створення Єдиної Помісної Церкви. Пізніше у Києві проведуть об'єднавчий Собор, на якому оголосять про створення нової автокефальної Православної церкви і оберуть її предстоятеля. Про зібрання Собору вже найближчим часом оголосив глава УПЦ КП Філарет.

          Двох українських хокеїстів дискваліфікували через бійку під час матчу: відео сутички      Cache   Translate Page      
Спортивно-дисциплінарний комітет Української хокейної ліги дискваліфікував гравця "Кременчука" Всеволода Толстушка та гравця "Донбасу" Віталія Кірющенкова.

Причиною стала бійка між хокеїстами у матчі між "Кременчуком" та "Донбасом", яка сталася ще на 9-ій хвилині зустрічі. До кінця матчу обоє хокеїстів були оштрафовані.

Сама гра закінчилася перемогою "Кременчука" 3:1.

Відео бійки хокеїстів Толстушка та Кірющенкова

Таким чином, Всеволод Толстушко не зіграє в матчі "Кременчука" проти "Дніпра", який відбудеться 8 листопада. Віталій Кирющенков також не допоможе своїй команді в матчі 10 листопада проти МХК "Динамо".

          Paul Schaub: QR-Code Generator for OMEMO      Cache   Translate Page      

OMEMO is, like any other encryption protocol based on trust. The user has to make sure, that the keys they are trusting belong to the right users. Otherwise a so called Man-in-the-Middle attack is possible. An attacker might pretend to be your contact and secretly steal all the messages you thought were encrypted. They are, just to the wrong recipient.

To counteract such attacks, OMEMO encourages the user to verify their contacts fingerprints. A fingerprint can be considered the name of a contacts key. The user has to make sure, that the key A he is presented with really belongs to contact C by checking, if the fingerprints match. As those fingerprints are usually long, random series of characters, this is a tedious task. Luckily there are techniques like QR codes, which make our lifes easier. Instead of comparing two long strings character by character, you just scan a code and are done.

The QR-Code contains the Jabber-ID of the owner, as well as all of their fingerprints. So by scanning your code, a friend might automatically add you to their contact list and mark your devices as trusted. You can also put the QR-Code on your personal website, so people who want to reach out to you can easily establish a secure connection to you.

I spent the last few days looking into JavaFX (I have no real UI designing experience in Java, apart from Android), designing a small tool that can generate OMEMO fingerprint QR-Codes. This is what I came up with:

QR-Code generator with selectable fingerprints

The tool logs into your XMPP account and fetches all your published keys. Then it presents you with a list in which you can select, which fingerprints you want to include in the QR-Code.

There are still a lot of features missing and I consider the tool in no means as completed. My plans are to add the possibility to export QR-Codes to file, as well as to copy the text content of the code to clipboard. You see, there is a lot of work left to do, however I wanted to share my thoughts with you, so maybe client developers can adopt my idea.

          Late Night      Cache   Translate Page      
Rock on.

          Jun Takes His Cats for a Walk      Cache   Translate Page      

Jun Yoshizuki of JunsKitchen takes his well-trained cats Nagi and Haku for an outing. For some reason, Poki was not invited. The cats and the gorgeous landscape make this video altogether beautiful and soothing, just the thing to calm you down on election day. (via Tastefully Offensive)

          Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Meets Beto And Cruz      Cache   Translate Page      

This is too funny not to share, even if you watched it last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Triumph is a treasure. This time, he managed to talk directly to both candidates.

          The Turkey Stuffer      Cache   Translate Page      

Joseph from Joseph's Machines, and his dog Matthew, show us his easy method of preparing a Thanksgiving turkey. (via reddit)
          True Facts : Dragonflies & Damselflies      Cache   Translate Page      

Ze Frank is back to drop some True Facts about an order of predatory insects called Odonata, which includes dragonflies and damselflies. These goofy-looking bugs are voracious and not at all picky about what they eat. Their anatomy and lifestyle become more ridiculous and horrifying as the video progresses. Warning: contains a graphic description of insects mating. -via Laughing Squid

          Where Do Royals Get Their Money?      Cache   Translate Page      

The world still has monarchies, but the vast majority of them have little political power over their countries these days. See, some nations like their traditions as long as they aren't dangerous. Royal families are fabulously wealthy. Many royals derive income from government funds, but that will only last as long as the nation wants to keep a traditional monarchy. Yet even if government allowances were taken away, they'd still get along just fine. (via Digg)

          Cow-Powered Carousel      Cache   Translate Page      

To be honest, this thing is powered by a pull on a rope, so it doesn't really matter whether it's pulled by cows or by a rugby team. Doesn't it look fun? You have to wonder what happens when one person can't hold on any longer. A machine translation from the French YouTube description explains.
The craziest project of the summer! The first turnstile towed by oxen in the middle of a lake. The rules of the game are simple on this funny ride: who will hold the longest! Thanks to a trigger system made with 2 release carabiners, as soon as a person loose, the rope slips and the other is automatically dropped. In the end, the centrifugal force was such that nobody managed to hold beyond 30/35 km / h!
(via Metafilter)

          How To Pirouette      Cache   Translate Page      

Ballet dancers are amazing, and their moves are even more amazing when they are broken down into pieces we can understand. Well, maybe we can understand what's happening when we see it explained to us, but we still can't understand how they manage to do it. Alexandra Macdonald also explains the move called a French fouetté at The Kid Should See This. You can also see why a ballerina goes through so many of those expensive toe shoes.

          A Cockroach's Defense Against Zombification      Cache   Translate Page      

The emerald jewel wasp is a parasite that stings a cockroach to turn it into a zombie. It chews off half the roach's antennae, then leads it by the antenna to the wasp's nest, where it lays an egg inside the roach. The whole dreadful story is at Wikipedia. However, cockroaches have developed a defense against the wasp that resembles a martial arts film. It's hard to pick a champion when a cockroach fights a wasp, but this footage from Vanderbilt University is pretty cool. (via Metafilter)

          Giant Panda vs. Snowman      Cache   Translate Page      

What does a panda do with a snowman? The Toronto Zoo trained their panda cam on their giant panda Da Mao to see. If you asked Da Mao, he'd say his aim is to climb on top of the snowman. If you asked anyone else, they'd say his aim was to make us laugh. (via reddit)

          the censored documentary and the 1st joni mitchell song that blew me away      Cache   Translate Page      
break the media silence and check out this documentary:

  •   Retweeted
    Watch: speaks to about Al Jazeera 's censored bombshell undercover film on the Israel lobby. The Electronic Intifada and have made the first two episodes available online. Background:
  • Censored AJ “The Lobby” documentary provides damning evidence of Israeli interference in American politics and civic life. Now that professional hasbarists can’t ignore it anymore, they’ve resorted to downplaying and straight up lying about it.
  •   Retweeted
    Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see (part 1/4) Background:

  • now music, lana e-mailed asking me what was the 1st song of joni mitchell's that made me really think and appreciate her?  'cactus tree' from joni's 1st album.

    that's some amazing guitar work.  joni's 1 of the best guitar players around.  and i love her vocal as well as the lyrics.

    what do i hate?

    barbra streisand's new album.  Kat's "Kat's Korner: Barbra Streisand, the Ethel Merman of the 21st century" captures it very well.

    i think it should be called 'frau schlock.'  that's a good name for babs' new album.

    she has become a parody of herself.  and if you want to hear some 1 murder a song, listen to her try to sing 'imagine' (while mixing in 'what a wonderful world').

    let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'

    Monday, November 5, 2018.  The latest bad news from Iraq is the dying fish.  That and an Agricultural Minister who doesn't attend an emergency Cabinet meeting.

    'Liberated' Iraq.

    "The collapse of sanitary facilities in 's schools has put more than 277,000 children in danger. Overcrowded classrooms make the situation even worse with immediate risk of diarrhoea and Cholera outbreaks," says 's
              The Greatest TV Intro to a Game in History...      Cache   Translate Page      

    I was reminded of this, after seeing my colleague here at Notre Dame -- Brian Fremeau (@ndfremeau), post this on his Twitter feed...

              Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again #Movie      Cache   Translate Page      



    113 minutes


    Discover Donna's (Meryl Streep, Lily James) young life, experiencing the fun she had with the three possible dads of Sophie (Amanda Seyfriend). As she reflects on her mom's journey, Sophie finds herself to be more like her mother than she ever even realized.

    Great story and sing-a-long!!
    Cher singing Fernando was literally everything to me. She is freaking amazing!!
    I was surprised at how great the actual story was in addition to the singing of Abba's songs. The songs coincided very well with whatever was happening at the time too.
    I loved how the film floated between the two eras and story lines. One being the current day with the daughter finding out why her mom went to Greece in the first place, and then back in time when the mom was young and arrived with her choices that led up to everything.
    It was so good. One of my favorite musicals to date now.


    **A copy was received to facilitate a review. Opinions are owned by Freda's Voice.

              Untagging Tor: A Formal Treatment of Onion Encryption, by Jean Paul Degabriele and Martijn Stam      Cache   Translate Page      
    Tor is a primary tool for maintaining anonymity online. It provides a low-latency, circuit-based, bidirectional secure channel between two parties through a network of onion routers, with the aim of obscuring exactly who is talking to whom, even to adversaries controlling part of the network. Tor relies heavily on cryptographic techniques, yet its onion encryption scheme is susceptible to tagging attacks (Fu and Ling, 2009), which allow an active adversary controlling the first and last node of a circuit to deanonymize with near-certainty. This contrasts with less active traffic correlation attacks, where the same adversary can at best deanonymize with high probability. The Tor project has been actively looking to defend against tagging attacks and its most concrete alternative is proposal 261, which specifies a new onion encryption scheme based on a variable-input-length tweakable cipher. We provide a formal treatment of low-latency, circuit-based onion encryption, relaxed to the unidirectional setting, by expanding existing secure channel notions to the new setting and introducing circuit hiding to capture the anonymity aspect of Tor. We demonstrate that circuit hiding prevents tagging attacks and show proposal 261's relay protocol is circuit hiding and thus resistant against tagging attacks.
              MERDADA - FOGO DA CACHAÇA       Cache   Translate Page      

              DCRTR-WDM Ransomware      Cache   Translate Page      
    The DCRTR-WDM Ransomware file-locker is a slightly modified variant of the DCRTR Ransomware. It appears that the operators of this file-encryption Trojan have also adopted the payment page used by the infamous GandCrab Ransomware, but you can rest assured that these two projects do not share any other code. Unfortunately, both GandCrab and DCRTR-WDM Ransomware […]
              M@r1a Ransomware      Cache   Translate Page      
    The M@r1a Ransomware (also seen as the BlackHeart Ransomware) is a threatening file-encryption Trojan, which is not spread very widely, and the number of its victims is rather small for now. The bad news is that the file-encryption algorithm that the M@r1a Ransomware uses is very secure, therefore making it impossible for malware researchers to […]
              ‘’ Ransomware      Cache   Translate Page      
    The ‘’ Ransomware is a file-locker, which operates by downloading a legitimate disk encryption software suite that is then used to lock the victim’s computer. When the ‘’ Ransomware is initialized, it will deploy a valid variant of the DIskCryptor application, which is meant to encrypt files and overwrite the Master Boot Record (MBR), therefore […]
              Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3NX: An ultra-secure 256-bit AES XTS hardware-encrypted USB flash drive [Review]      Cache   Translate Page      
    Storing files in the cloud means they are easily accessible from anywhere, but if you have private data that you can’t afford to fall into the wrong hands, this might not be the best option for you, especially given the number of data breaches we see on a regular basis. An alternative option is to carry those files with you on a USB flash drive, protecting them with encryption. While software encryption methods are better than nothing, a hardware encrypted solution, like the Aegis Secure Key 3NX, is a much more advisable choice. The new USB 3.1 thumbdrive from Apricorn… [Continue Reading]
              Update: Timeport. (Productivity)      Cache   Translate Page      

    Timeport. 2.7.2

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Productivity
    Price: Free, Version: 2.7.1 -> 2.7.2 (iTunes)


    - Private photo and video galleries.
    - All your accounts and strong passwords.
    - FOLDERS.
    - Cards.
    - Real documents.
    - Notes, ideas.
    If you liked our app, please write a review, or send some offers by:
    Thank you :)
    Have you ever forgotten your password, the serial number of your passport, or the pin code for your credit card? In today's Internet space, we are constantly confronted with different forms to fill out and passwords to come up with and remember.
    Try the free Timeport app now!
    It has an exceptionally original design. It is reliable, safe and High Tech. There is nothing like it! Timeport also features sound effect buttons and pleasant background music which can be easily disabled if desired.
    Important! In addition Timeport, unlike other similar applications, does not have a server, which means that developers do not get and do not collect personal information about you and your family.
    The application works without Internet access; all data is stored on your device.
    Your vital information is protected by Timeport.
    ▪ Encrypts all your data using authenticated AES 256-bit encryption.
    ▪ Password Generator creates a complex and unique Timeport password.
    ▪ Keep the number and pin code of your credit card by assigning the status of your card.
    ▪ Use original and realistic templates of documents (passport, driver license and many others…)
    ▪ Write secret notes, ideas, thoughts, other writing.
    ▪ Send documents to print directly from your device.
    ▪ Do or transfer photos and videos must be accessible only place for you.
    ▪ Edit and share your documents and cards via SMS, iMessage, E-Mail, Air Drop
    ▪ Safe and convenient entry into the application with Touch ID
    ▪ Synchronization with other devices via iCloud
    ▪ Automatic locking program
    ▪ Notification Center will always remind you about the duration of validity of your documents and cards

    What's New

    Fix for FaceID, minor bugs fixed, general optimization.


              Update: My Data Manager - Track Usage (Utilities)      Cache   Translate Page      

    My Data Manager - Track Usage 7.11.4

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Utilities
    Price: Free, Version: 7.11.3 -> 7.11.4 (iTunes)


    Trusted by over 14.8 million users worldwide, My Data Manager is the best app to help you take control of your mobile data usage, save money on your monthly phone bill and protect your online privacy. My Data Manager tracks how much data you use per app, secures your internet traffic with VPN technology and encrypts your unprotected data.

    Key features of My Data Manager:
    • Data Tracking: Monitor your data usage on mobile, Wi-Fi, and roaming
    • App Tracker: Find out which apps are eating up your mobile data
    • Data Shield: Browse securely on public Wi-Fi and protect your personal information with VPN
    • Alarms: Set custom usage alarms to avoid overage charges and “bill shock”
    • Shared Plans: Set up a shared or family plan and track usage across all members of your data plan
    • Across Devices: Manage data across multiple devices
    • History: Track historical consumption to ensure you are on the right mobile data plan

    What are people saying about My Data Manager?

    “Monitoring your data use has become an essential task ... which is why apps like My Data Manager are becoming so important.” – ZDNet

    “My Data Manager is an incredibly convenient tool” – CNET

    Our goal is to provide you with a free, simple service without ads. To keep our service free, we provide research on market trends to help create better apps.

    We value your feedback and would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the feedback button in the app.

    What's New

    - We've added support for iOS 12.
    - We've made some minor stability improvements.

    My Data Manager - Track Usage

              What’s missing? True repentance!--Force and fatigue during ceaseless praying      Cache   Translate Page      


    What’s missing? True repentance!
    - Why do we, the faithful, go back and forth (in our spiritual lives)?
    - Because we do not REALLY repent. You know what we do? We just regret?
    We go to our spiritual father and say “You know, I am very sad, I have done such and such… I did it again”, but we do not sincerely repent, we do not make a solid decision to allow for an explosion inside our souls and say “That’s it; enough is enough. From now on, I will force my nous to pray.”
    You might ask “Should this be done by force?”And the answer is “YES, by force!” We must cut deep down within our soul, to start the procedure of katharsis, purification.
    Force and fatigue during ceaseless praying
    For the noetic prayer, as I have already mentioned, in the beginning (but also afterwards) we need to apply force. At this point, we need faith. If you believe in it, you will do it. If you believe in God, you will do the Jesus Prayer.
    And this, because God gave it as an order. God demands from us to pray ceaselessly. Do you know where this is written? Ok, it is in St. Paul’s letters. But Christ said it also. Where?

    St. Paul the Apostle said [Thess. 5:17] “pray without ceasing”.Ceaselessly means not only 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening, but 24h a day! I ask again, where in the Bible does our Lord Jesus Christ say that we have to pray ceaselessly? It is in Luke 18:1 about the Persistent Widow and the Unjust Judge, where it says, “And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;”. As it is explained by the Evangelist, Christ told us this parable, so that we always pray and not give up.

    f. Savvas Agioreitis

    To be continued...

              Πῶς μποροῦμε νά γνωρίσουμε τόν Θεό; Ἀρχιμ. Σάββα Ἁγιορείτη      Cache   Translate Page      
    Πῶς μποροῦμε νά γνωρίσουμε τόν Θεό; Ἀρχιμ. Σάββα Ἁγιορείτη, 22-10-2018, ζωντανή μετάδοση, Ἱ.Μ. Ἁγίας ΤριάδοςἘδέσσης,, καί τό νέο ἱστολόγιο http://agiapsychanalysi.blogspot.grΚατέβασμα ὁμιλιῶν ἀπό τό YouTube σέ mp3

              Ἡ θεραπεία τοῦ δαιμονιζομένου τῶν Γαδαρηνῶν, Ἁγ. Νικολάου Ἁχρίδος, Ἀρχιμ. Σάββα Ἁγιορείτη      Cache   Translate Page      
    Ἡ θεραπεία τοῦ δαιμονιζομένου τῶν Γαδαρηνῶν, Ἁγ. Νικολάου Ἁχρίδος, Ἀρχιμ. Σάββα Ἁγιορείτη, 21-10-2018, ζωντανή μετάδοση, Ἱ.Μ. Ἁγίας Τριάδος Ἐδέσσης,, καί τό νέο ἱστολόγιο http://agiapsychanalysi.blogspot.grΚατέβασμα ὁμιλιῶν ἀπό τό YouTube σέ mp3

              «Ἔσεισας, ἀλλ’ ἔσωσας …» (Σάββας Ηλιάδης, Δάσκαλος)      Cache   Translate Page      

      Είναι δυνατόν να οργίζεται ο Θεός;

    Γιατί ο Θεός επιτρέπει φυσικές καταστροφές (σεισμοί, πλημμύρες,..);

    Βρίσκομαι στο ψαλτικό αναλόγιο από μικρό παιδί. Έχω διαβάσει και ξαναδιαβάσει την υμνολογία της Εκκλησίας μας, άλλοτε με την δέουσα προσοχή, άλλοτε μηχανικά, άλλοτε με τον νου διεσπαρμένο. Κάθε φορά που διαβάζω, θα αντικρίσουν τα μάτια μου «κάτι», που θα «φρενάρει» τον νου, θα κολλήσει η γλώσσα μου, θα  κοντοσταθώ, για να συλλαβίσω, να επιτονίσω αυτό το «κάτι»,  να σταματήσω ακόμη ακόμη το διάβασμα για λίγα δευτερόλεπτα και να ψελλίσω συντομότατα δυο λέξεις έκπληξης, απορίας και θαυμασμού. Και ενώ θα συνεχίσω παρακάτω, θα μείνουν εκεί ο νους και η σκέψη, μέχρι να βρω τον κατάλληλο χρόνο, να επανέλθω και να αποσπάσω αυτό το «κάτι» στη μνήμη ή στο χαρτί, για να σκύψω επάνω του και να το «χορτάσω» εν καιρώ, με την ησυχία μου και με την άνεσή μου.
    Αυτό ακριβώς το ίδιο μου συνέβη και εχθές  στην εορτή του αγίου Δημητρίου, μαζί με την οποία επιτελούμε την μνήμη του μεγάλου σεισμού, ο οποίος έγινε στην Κωνσταντινούπολη στους χρόνους του Λέοντος του Ισαύρου (740), προκαλώντας μεγάλες καταστροφές.
    Γράφει ο Συναξαριστής:
    Τῇ αὐτῇ ἡμέρᾳ, (ΚΣΤ΄Οκτωβρίου) Μνήμη τοῦ μεγάλου καὶ φρικώδους σεισμοῦ.
    Στίχοι Ἔσεισας, ἀλλ’ ἔσωσας αὖθις γῆν Λόγε. Τῆς σῆς γὰρ ὀργῆς οἶκτός ἐστι τὸ πλέον.
    Με ελάχιστες λέξεις οι δυο στίχοι μας διδάσκουν δύο βασικά πράγματα της πίστης μας. Α) Ο Θεός είναι ο παντοδύναμος Δημιουργός της φύσεως και αυτός είναι που καταργεί την τάξη και τη σειρά της, όπου, όπως και όποτε βούλεται. Ο Θεός παρακολουθεί, προνοεί, σκεπάζει  και συντηρεί αδιαλείπτως τα δημιουργήματά του. Β) Οργίζεται, όταν τα λογικά πλάσματά του παραβαίνουν τον νόμο του και χρησιμοποιεί ακόμη και φοβερούς τρόπους, όπως τον σεισμό, για να τα επαναφέρει στην αγκαλιά του. Όμως επιτρέπει τον πειρασμό, τον πόνο και τη θλίψη, μέχρι εκεί που αντέχει ο άνθρωπος. Δηλαδή, η αγάπη του πάντοτε υπερβαίνει την οργή του, τον θυμό του: «Τῆς σῆς γὰρ ὀργῆς οἶκτός ἐστι τὸ πλέον», δηλαδή, όση και αν είναι η οργή σου, η αγάπη σου πάντοτε βγαίνει περισσευούμενη.

    Θα αναρωτηθούμε βέβαια πολλοί: Είναι δυνατόν να οργίζεται ο Θεός; Λέει οΜ. Αντώνιος: «Ο Θεός είναι αγαθός και απαθής και αμετάβλητος». Ανθρωπίνως είναι δικαιολογημένη η ερώτηση, αλλά η έκφραση αυτή του Συναξαριστή είναι ανθρωποπαθής. Θα φέρουμε εδώ ένα παράδειγμα, για να κάνουμε τον παραλληλισμό. Σε πολλές περιοχές της Ελλάδος, όταν ο ήλιος σκεπάζεται από σύννεφα, λένε την εξής λαϊκή φράση: «Οργίστηκε ο ήλιος». Με τη φράση αυτή τι θέλουν να πουν; Ότι θύμωσε ο ήλιος; Είναι δυνατόν; Όχι, βέβαια! Αλλά τι; Ότι τον ήλιο τον έκρυψαν τα σύννεφα και δεν μπορούν να τον δουν οι άνθρωποι και έτσι στερούνται και το φως και τη ζέστη του. Το ίδιο ακριβώς συμβαίνει και με την «οργή» του Θεού. Τα σύννεφα είναι οι αμαρτίες μας, οι οποίες μπαίνουν ανάμεσα σε μας και στον Θεό και  εμποδίζουν την ύπαρξή μας να νοιώσει την ευεργετική και σωστική παρουσία του στη ζωή μας. Αυτό ο Θεός δεν το «ανέχεται», δεν το αντέχει! Θέλει με κάθε τρόπο να το διορθώσει. Γι` αυτό προλαβαίνει ο Συναξαριστής το λογισμό μας: «Ἔσεισας, ἀλλ’ ἔσωσας αὖθις γῆν Λόγε», δηλαδή, συντάραξες τη γη με το σεισμό, Κύριε Ιησού Χριστέ, αλλά πάλι αμέσως την έσωσες.
    Όλα τα τροπάρια του κανόνος του σεισμού περιστρέφονται γύρω από αυτήν την αιτιολόγηση του κακού, δηλαδή, την απομάκρυνση του ανθρώπου από τον Θεό! Όπως μας υπενθυμίζουν πάλι πολύ χαριτωμένα πως, όποιον σεισμό κι αν επιτρέψει ο Θεός στη ζωή μας, ο «σεισμός» της καρδιά μας θα είναι αυτός που θα δώσει τη λύση και την έκβαση.
    Μερικά από αυτά προχωρούν στα ενδότερα της καρδιάς και της υπάρξεως και μας παρακινούν να εγερθούμε, να γίνει σεισμός και στις καρδιές μας, ώστε με το μυστήριο της Μετανοίας και Εξομολογήσεως και με την προσευχή να άρει ο Θεός την δίκαιη οργή του:
    1. Τῇ θείᾳ νεύσει σου, κλονεῖς τὰ σύμπαντα, καὶ δονεῖς τὰς καρδίας τῶν ἐπὶ γῆς, κατοικούντων Δέσποτα· τῆς οὖν δικαίας σου ὀργῆς, ἄνες Κύριε τὰ κύματα. (Με ένα σου νεύμα, Θεέ μου, γκρεμίζεις τα σύμπαντα και ταρακουνάς τις καρδιές των ανθρώπων, που κατοικούν στη γη. Αλλά, Κύριε, απόσυρε τα κύματα της δίκαιης οργής σου).
    2. Καὶ σὺ καρδία σείσθητι νῦν, βλέπουσα Θεοῦ τὴν ἀπειλήν, ἐπικειμένην καὶ βόησον· Φεῖσαι τοῦ λαοῦ σου Δέσποτα Κύριε, καὶ παῦσον τὴν δικαίαν ὀργὴν σου εὔσπλαγχνε. (Και συ καρδιά μου, ταρακουνήσου τώρα, που βλέπεις την απειλή του Θεού να κρέμεται από πάνω σου και φώναξε` προστάτεψε και μην καταστρέψεις τον λαό σου, Δέσποτα Κύριε και σταμάτησε την δίκαιη οργή σου, Εύσπλαχνε). Παρακάτω έχουμε και ένα άλλο πλεονέκτημα, έναν σύμμαχο από τον πνευματικό κόσμο. Μαζί μας είναι και οι θείες πνευματικές δυνάμεις, οι οποίες παρακαλούν τον Θεό και μας παραστέκονται στον αγώνα, αν θελήσουμε να προσπαθήσουμε με ταπείνωση και φιλότιμο:
    3. Χιλιάδες Ἀγγέλων, Μαρτύρων σύλλογος, Προφητῶν Ἀποστόλων, Ὁσίων Ἱεραρχῶν, ἅγιος χορός, ἱκετεύει σε Δέσποτα· Φεῖσαι τοῦ λαοῦ σου, τοῦ τεταπεινωμένου.
    Στους αμέτρητους φυσικούς σεισμούς, που δονούν συνεχώς τη γη και προκαλούν τρόμο και καταστροφές, αλλά και σε αυτούς τους πνευματικούς, που αισθανόμαστε να δονούν την ύπαρξή μας σήμερα, δεν είμαστε άοπλοι. Έχουμε την απάντηση και τη λύση από την δοκιμασμένη ανά τους αιώνες υμνολογία της Εκκλησίας μας. Διότι είναι η κατάθεση της εμπειρικής εφαρμογής της διδασκαλίας του Ευαγγελίου του Χριστού από τους αγίους μας. Την εμπιστευόμαστε και σπεύδουμε να την υπακούσουμε και να την εφαρμόσουμε κι εμείς στο κατά δύναμη, ώστε να διέλθουμε, θεία Χάριτι, εκ του πυρός της παρούσης κολάσεως στην αναψυχή της εν Χριστώ ζωής.

    Κιλκίς, 27-8-2018

              “Ὀρθοδοξία καί φιλοπατρία". ''ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΑ 2018'' 17η ΜΕΡΑ - ΟΜΙΛΙΑ ΑΙΔΕΣΙΜΟΛΟΓΙΩΤΑΤΟΥ ΠΡΩΤΟΠΡΕΣΒΥΤΕΡΟΥ π. ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ ΜΕΤΑΛΛΗΝΟΥ      Cache   Translate Page  

              Enrichir une mindmap avec l'intelligence artificielle      Cache   Translate Page      

    On parle de plus en plus de l'intelligence artificielle.  Elle est déjà à l'oeuvre avec les applications mobiles de navigation GPS comme Waze ou la reconnaissance vocale chez Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana ou encore Amazon Echo. 

    Parmi les outils visuels, le mind mapping est un des domaines d'application de l'intelligence artificielle. Découvrons ici un exemple concret avec le logiciel en ligne MindMeister.

    Voici une vidéo explicative qui permet de découvrir comment des fonctionnalités mettant en oeuvre l'intelligence artificielle nous aide à enrichir une mindmap. 

    Le logiciel de mind mapping MindMeister établit des connexions entre l'information que nous écrivons dans la carte et des contenus disponibles sur internet: textes, images et vidéos. 

    Enfin, dernière fonctionnalité qui intègre l'intelligence artificielle, l'assistant de présentation qui peut organiser les vues de la carte pour la convertir en une présentation.

    Je suis convaincu que d'autres fonctionnalités liées à l'intelligence artificielle vont prochainement voir le jour afin de nous  assister dans la création de cartes heuristiques, comme le propose déjà MindMeister. Nous ne manquerons pas d'en parler ici.

              Politie keek mee met chatberichten van criminelen door toegang tot server      Cache   Translate Page      
    De Nederlandse politie heeft de encryptiesleutels van Iron Chat in handen gekregen, chatprogramma dat gebruikt werd door criminelen. De politie kon live meekijken met gesprekken en kreeg inzage in 258.000 berichten van meer dan honderd mensen.
              "The Jews Are Coming" - Controversial Israeli Sketch Comedy Series - Abraham and Seinfeld      Cache   Translate Page      

    In 2014 Israeli satire on TV took a bold step forward with the airing of a new series of sketches called HaYehudim Ba'im (The Jews Are Coming).Written by Natalie Marcus and Asaf Beiser, the show asks questions about everything, from the Bible to Ben Gurion to the Ashkenazi leadership. 

    Their approach is to  go into the texts and make you think. They say that they give all their subjects a critical look, but they're not attacking, just giving the story a fresh, modern look.

    The series ran for three seasons on Israeli TV, all in Hebrew. Some of the half-hour episodes were divided into video clips and published on YouTube with English subtitles. We found a few new ones and we'll continue to share them with you. Today we're posting a parody that imagines a conversation between Abraham and a character based on the Seinfeld TV show.

    In the clip (in Hebrew with English subtitles) Abraham tells an idol worshipper that he has an idea about starting a new religion about nothing, a nod to the oft-quoted comment by Jerry Seinfeld that his show is a show about nothing. 

    The idol worshipper venerates the goddess Ashtoret (also known as Astarte and Ishtar) but is open to following Abraham in his new religion until he hears that joining the religion requires him to "cut the tip of the thingy" and decides that he'll stay with Ashtoret. 

    This video clip, like all the others in the series, may offend some readers who are not open to satirical interpretations of the scriptures and satirical views of Jewish life through the ages, but we believe that there's a place for humor everywhere and we hope you'll find the satire amusing.



              Мой доклад на конференции «Цифровое государство: новые подходы к управлению и безопасности»      Cache   Translate Page      

    17-18 октября в Ярославле прошла X юбилейная конференция «Цифровое государство: новые подходы к управлению и безопасности», организованная Ассоциацией электронных торговых площадок (АЭТП), Ассоциацией разработчиков и операторов систем электронных услуг (Ассоциация РОСЭУ), Ассоциацией «РусКрипто», а также компаниями «Академия Информационных Систем» и «Цифровые технологии».

    На этой конференции я выступала на пленарной сессии с докладом «Цифровая экономика: Риски, связанные с использованием электронных документов и информации», который был посвящен вопросам документирования деловой деятельности в электронной среде и тем рискам, которые связаны с плохой организацией этой работы.

    Отмечу, что большая часть докладов была посвящена вопросам обеспечения информационной безопасности, но организаторы конференции смотрят на данный вопрос широко и поэтому стараются освещать его с различных точек зрения.

    Видеозапись доклада доступна по адресу:

    Также выложена презентация к докладу:

    Источник: Youtube / Google Диск

              O REINO DE PONTA-CABEÇA      Cache   Translate Page      
    Resultado de imagem para O REINO DE PONTA-CABEÇA

    No célebre Sermão do Monte, Jesus mostrou, de forma eloquente, que o reino de Deus é um reino de ponta-cabeça. A pirâmide está invertida. Feliz é  aquele que nada ostenta diante de Deus e ainda chora pelos seus pecados. Feliz é aquele que abre mão dos seus direitos em vez de oprimir o fraco para reivindicar até direitos que não tem. Feliz é o que abre sua mão ao necessitado e não o que explora para enriquecer-se. Feliz é o que constrói pontes de contato entre as pessoas e não aquele que cava abismos de inimizades entre as pessoas. Feliz é o que ama e pratica a justiça e não aquele que usa as filagranas da lei para auferir vantagens próprias. Feliz é aquele que busca a santidade e não aquele que rasga a cara em ruidosas gargalhadas carregadas de lascívia. No reino de Deus ser perseguido por causa da justiça é melhor do que fazer injustiça e pousar de benemérito da sociedade.

    A ética do reino de Deus não afrouxa as exigências da lei para render-se à licenciosidade sem freios. Se nos reinos do mundo, o forte prevalece sobre o fraco e o poder da vingança esmaga até os inocentes, no reino de Deus, o perdão é maior do que a vingança e a busca da reconciliação é melhor do que a vitória num tribunal. Nos reinos do mundo, os homens se satisfazem com as ações certas sob a investigação da lei, no reino de Deus, até mesmo as motivações do coração são contadas. Odiar alguém é matá-lo no coração; olhar para uma mulher com intenção pura é adulterar com ela. Se os tribunais da terra só podem julgar palavras e ações; no reino de Deus, o tribunal divino julga até mesmo as intenções.

    Na ética do mundo, o casamento está cada vez mais enfraquecido e o divórcio cada vez mais robusto. No reino de Deus, divorciar-se por qualquer motivo é entrar pelos corredores escuros do adultério e arruinar não apenas a própria vida, mas também a família. Na ética do mundo, o sexo tornou-se banal e promíscuo. Toda sorte de aberrações sexuais são aplaudidos e incentivados, mas no reino de Deus, exige-se a pureza no coração e a fidelidade nos relacionamentos.

    Na ética do mundo, a espiritualidade é uma encenação na passarela da vaidade. Os homens são aplaudidos por aquilo que aparentam ser e não pelo que de fato são. No reino de Deus, a espiritualidade verdadeira não busca holofotes nem aplauso dos homens, porque visa exclusivamente agradar a Deus, que tudo vê em secreto e a todos sonda. Na ética do mundo, os homens julgam temerariamente e ao mesmo tempo que expõem os pecados do próximo, promovem a si mesmos. No reino de Deus, o indivíduo é rigoroso ao tratar seus próprios pecados, mas é compassivo para lidar com os pecados do próximo. Na ética do mundo, ser grande é acumular riquezas na terra, construir impérios financeiros e ostentar poder econômico. No reino de Deus, ser rico é ajuntar tesouros no céu, onde os ladrões não roubam nem a traça e a ferrugem corroem. Nos reinos do mundo, os homens vivem ansiosos pelas coisas que perecem, enquanto os filhos de Deus buscam em primeiro lugar o reino de Deus que é eterno. No ética do mundo, os falsos profetas são tidos em alta conta e recebem dos homens todo prestígio e acolhida. Mas, para os filhos do reino eles são falsos ministros, que pregam um falso evangelho, produzindo falsos crentes.

    Na ética do mundo, o que importa é aparência. Por isso, a insensatez prevalece. Os homens escutam a verdade, mas não a colocam em prática. Constroem sua casa sobre a areia, para vê-la desmoronar na chegada da tempestade.  No reino de Deus não basta ouvir ou conhecer, é preciso praticar. Não basta construir sua casa, é preciso construí-la sobre a rocha. Não basta ter uma casa segura aos olhos dos homens, é preciso que essa casa permaneça inabalável diante das tempestades da vida.

    O reino de Deus está em oposição aos reinos deste mundo. Os reinos deste mundo são aplaudidos agora, mas entrarão em colapso depois. Ostentam sua riqueza agora, mas depois ficarão completamente desamparados. Drapejam suas bandeiras de sucesso agora, mas serão cobertos de opróbrio na manifestação de nosso glorioso Redentor. Então, todos os reinos deste mundo passarão, mas o reino de Cristo, mesmo sendo agora um reino de ponta-cabeça, jamais findará.

    Rev. Hernandes Dias Lopes

              Has Mike Bloomberg Begun The Battle For 2020?      Cache   Translate Page      

    Authored by Patrick Buchanan via,

    Did former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg just take a page out of the playbook of Sen. Ed Muskie from half a century ago?

    In his first off-year election in 1970, President Richard Nixon ran a tough attack campaign to hold the 52 House seats the GOP had added in ’66 and ’68, and to pick up a few more seats in the Senate.

    The issue: law and order. The targets: the “radical liberals.”

    In that campaign’s final hours, Muskie delivered a statesmanlike address from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, excoriating the “unprecedented volume” of “name-calling” and “deceptions” from the “highest offices in the land.”

    Nixon picked up a pair of Senate seats, but Democrats gained a dozen House seats, and the press scored it as a victory for Muskie, who was vaulted into the lead position for the 1972 Democratic nomination.

    In the final days of this election, Bloomberg just invested $5 million to air, twice nationally, a two-minute ad for the Democratic Party that features Bloomberg himself denouncing the “fear-mongering,” and “shouting and hysterics” coming out of Washington.

    “Americans are neither naive nor heartless,” says the mayor. “We can be a nation of immigrants while also securing our borders.”

    That $5 million ad buy was only Bloomberg’s latest contribution to the Democratic Party during an election campaign into which he had already plunged $110 million of his own money.

    Contributions of this magnitude support the idea that Bloomberg will seek the presidential nomination as a Democrat. With resources like this at his disposal, and a willingness to spend into the hundreds of millions, he could last in the primaries as long as he wants.

    Yet, Bloomberg is no Ed Muskie, who had been Hubert Humphrey’s running mate in 1968 and was widely regarded a top contender for 1972.

    The mayor has been a Republican and independent as well as a Democrat. And as The Washington Post’s Robert Costa relates, Bloomberg has drawbacks:

    “He speaks flatly with the faded Boston accent from his youth, devoid of partisan passion and with a technocratic emphasis.”

    With the energy of the Democratic Party coming from militants, minorities and millennials, would these true believers rally to a 76-year-old Manhattan media magnate who wants to make their party more centrist and problem-solving, and to start beavering away at cutting the deficit?

    Yet Bloomberg’s opening move may force the pace of the politics of 2020. Should he announce, and start spending on ads, he could force the hand of Vice President Joe Biden, who appears the Democrats’ strongest candidate in taking back Pennsylvania, and the states of the industrial Midwest, from Trump.

    On the left wing of the Democratic Party, which seems certain to have a finalist in the run for the 2020 nomination, the competition is stiff and the pressure to move early equally great.

    If Socialist Bernie Sanders is not to lock up this wing of the party as he did in 2016, Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kamala Harris of California, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts may have to move soon.

    But even before attention can turn to the presidential race, the U.S. House of Representatives seems certain to witness a leadership battle.

    Nancy Pelosi is determined to become speaker again if Democrats take the House today, while the Congressional Black Caucus has entered a demand for one of the two top positions in the House.

    Millennials also want new leadership. And to many centrist Democrats in swing districts, Pelosi as the visible voice and face of the national party remains a perpetual problem.

    If the Democrats fail to recapture the House, the recriminations will be sweeping and the demand for new leadership overwhelming.

    But even if they do capture the House, the rewards may be fleeting.

    A Democratic House will be a natural foil for President Trump, an institution with responsibility but without real power.

    And should the economy, which has been running splendidly under a Republican Congress and president start to sputter under a divided Congress, there is no doubt that the Democratic House majority, with its anti-capitalist left and socialist ideology, would emerge as the primary suspect.

    Also, if Democrats win the House, Maxine Waters could be the new chair of the House Committee on Financial Services, Adam Schiff the chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and Jerrold Nadler of New York the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, the repository for resolutions of impeachment. Does that look like a winning lineup?

    2019 is thus shaping up to be a year of gridlock on Capitol Hill, with the Senate attempting to expeditiously move through Trump’s nominated judges, and a Democratic House potentially hassling the White House and Trump administration with a snowstorm of subpoenas.

    This could be the kind of battleground Donald Trump relishes.

    A victorious Democratic Party today could be set up to take the fall, both for gridlock and any major reversal in the progress of the economy.

              11月5日(月)のつぶやき      Cache   Translate Page      

    @Travelitwell 日本酒もお召し上がりになるのですね!

    — あおわら (@aowara) 2018年11月5日 - 15:51


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    @shuttle_hnd そういうことでしたか…

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    @CTSFUK_LOUNGE 広島イイですね!

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    @Kalischt @shuttle_hnd ○○プカットしてたんですね!(違

    — あおわら (@aowara) 2018年11月5日 - 22:25

    @shuttle_hnd @Kalischt いえいえ、キップです。駅の改札によくいた人です…

    — あおわら (@aowara) 2018年11月5日 - 22:30

    @shuttle_hnd @Kalischt キセルはダメです!(駅員さんの立場として…)

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    @shuttle_hnd @Kalischt ですです!(ようやく着地)

    — あおわら (@aowara) 2018年11月5日 - 22:32

    @shuttle_hnd @Kalischt やっぱり、テープカットの方がいいですね!

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    @sk55_komon @shuttle_hnd @Kalischt きっと、そうだと思います!!

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    「Let’s Encrypt」って素晴らしいな。(意味深

    — あおわら (@aowara) 2018年11月5日 - 23:33

    手元にあるヤツを手放そうかな… || 航空株主優待券、金券店で異例の高値:日本経済新聞…

    — あおわら (@aowara) 2018年11月5日 - 23:34
              Homenaje a los héroes y heroínas del Pueblo      Cache   Translate Page      

              DOCUMENTAL "MEMORIAS DE UNA GUERRA COTIDIANA"      Cache   Translate Page      

    Amigos y compañeros.


    Como homenaje a Ana González. vean por lo menos desde el comienzo hasta el minuto 5.30...

    Si quieren saber o recordar más, la película dura 59 minutos. No esta demás recordar.

    Rene Davila

              Cơ quan Mỹ công bố bản đồ tài nguyên dầu khí ở Biển Đông      Cache   Translate Page      

    08:28, 06/11/2018

    Biển Đông
    Một bức ảnh chụp từ CSIS cho thấy hoạt động xây dựng trái phép của Trung Quốc trên bãi Đá Chữ Thập, thuộc quần đảo Trường Sa, Biển Đông (Ảnh: CSIS)
    Tổ chức Sáng kiến Minh bạch Hàng hải Á Châu (AMTI) thuộc Trung tâm Nghiên cứu Chiến lược và Quốc tế (CSIS), một cơ quan nghiên cứu độc lập có trụ sở tại thủ đô Washington, Hoa Kỳ, đã công bố một tấm bản đồ điện tử mô tả các khu vực có dầu khí ở Biển Đông.
    Viết thông báo trên mạng xã hội Twitter, AMTI cho biết tổ chức này đã đưa ra một bản đồ mới cho thấy các khu vực có chứa dầu và khí đốt ở Biển Đông được phân khúc thành các lô. Với bản đồ này, người dùng có thể tùy chọn hiển thị bản đồ theo quốc gia, tên lô, có bao gồm hoặc không bao gồm đường tuyên bố chủ quyền của các bên có liên quan, v.v.
    Theo AMTI, Cơ quan Thông tin Năng lượng Hoa Kỳ ước tính rằng Biển Đông có khoảng 190 nghìn tỷ feet khối khí tự nhiên và 11 tỷ thùng dầu trong các trữ lượng đã được chứng minh và có thể khai thác, phần lớn nằm dọc theo đường ranh giới Biển Đông chứ không phải bên dưới các hòn đảo và rạn san hô đang tranh chấp.

    Khảo sát địa chất Hoa Kỳ năm 2012 ước tính có thể có thêm 160 nghìn tỷ feet khối khí thiên nhiên và 12 tỷ thùng dầu chưa được khám phá ở Biển Đông.
    AMTI thực hiện bản đồ này dựa trên dữ liệu được thu thập từ các nguồn có sẵn và công khai, bao gồm Oil and Gas Year, DrillingInfo, IHS Markit, Shell International E & P, và Bộ Năng lượng của Philippines.
    AMTI cho biết tấm bản đồ này vẫn đang trong quá trình cập nhật, với nhiều lô dầu khí chưa có thông tin đầy đủ. Trong lời giới thiệu bản đồ trang web của AMTI, tổ chức này bày tỏ hy vọng những người có thông tin có thể chia sẻ những dữ liệu còn thiếu qua địa chỉ email
    Đường link tới bản đồ của AMTI:
    Thu Phương
    Có thể bạn quan tâm:

              Đường hướng nào cho ASEAN trong cuộc xung đột Mỹ – Trung?      Cache   Translate Page      

    08:59, 06/11/2018

    Tàu sân bay Liêu Ninh của Trung Quốc tập trận trên Biển Đông
    Tàu sân bay Liêu Ninh của Trung Quốc tập trận trên Biển Đông (Ảnh: VCG/Getty/Kyodo)

    Tóm tắt bài viết

    • Trong cuộc xung đột Mỹ - Trung sẽ kéo dài, khi mà Mỹ và Trung Quốc sẽ không thể nhanh chóng hoặc dễ dàng, đạt được một thỏa thuận mới, cựu ngoại trưởng Singapore Bilahari Kausikan cho rằng các nước ASEAN phải tìm ra một con đường dung hòa. 
    • ASEAN cần phải hành động dứt khoát để bảo vệ mình trước những bất ổn dài hạn, trong khi tận dụng các cơ hội sẵn có. 
    • ASEAN cần loại bỏ các rào cản phi thuế quan, hài hòa hóa phương thức tiếp cận đối với dịch vụ và di chuyển lao động, thu hút đầu tư nước ngoài cấp cao qua việc cải thiện cơ sở hạ tầng, nâng cao kỹ năng, đảm bảo rằng công nghệ của các nhà đầu tư nước ngoài được bảo vệ.
    Tờ Nikkei Asian Review gần đây cho đăng một bài viết của ông Bilahari Kausikan, cựu ngoại trưởng Singapore, hiện là chủ tịch của Viện nghiên cứu Trung Đông, Đại học Quốc gia Singapore, trong đó cho rằng ASEAN phải tìm ra con đường dung hòa trong cuộc xung đột Mỹ – Trung.

    Theo ông Kausikan, trong gần một thập kỷ, vấn đề chiến lược cơ bản cho Đông Nam Á là ứng phó thế nào trước sự thay đổi về quan điểm trong mối quan hệ Mỹ – Trung, khi 2 nước bước vào một giai đoạn mới của sự cạnh tranh lâu dài.
    Với quan điểm và lợi ích khác nhau, Mỹ và Trung Quốc sẽ không nhanh chóng hoặc dễ dàng đạt được một thỏa thuận mới. Các nước Đông Nam Á sẽ phải hoạt động trong một thời gian kéo dài với những bất ổn bất thường.
    Ông Kausikan cho rằng sự kình địch giữa Mỹ và Trung Quốc ở Biển Đông đã nổi lên như một điều đại diện cho sự cạnh tranh giữa 2 nước. Tình hình là một sự bế tắc về chiến lược. Trung Quốc sẽ không từ bỏ các yêu sách lãnh thổ [phi lý] của mình, và từ bỏ việc triển khai các tài sản quân sự ở Biển Đông. Nhưng Trung Quốc cũng không thể ngăn chặn Mỹ và các đồng minh hoạt động trong khu vực mà không có rủi ro chiến tranh, một điều mà Bắc Kinh không mong muốn vì không thể chiến thắng.
    Chính quyền của ông Trump đã cho Hạm đội 7 thêm thẩm quyền rộng rãi, được phép tiến hành các Hoạt động Tự do Hàng hải ở Biển Đông (FNOS). Nhật Bản và các đồng minh khác của Mỹ đang bắt đầu chống lại những tuyên bố của Trung Quốc. Mỹ đã đưa ra những tín hiệu về ý định của mình, thậm chí tiến hành những cuộc phô diễn lực lượng lớn hơn. Điều này làm tăng nguy cơ xảy ra đụng độ bất ngờ. Tuy nhiên, hiện tại rủi ro đó dường như ở mức chấp nhận được, ông Kausikan nhận xét.
    Theo ông Kausikan, một cuộc chiến tranh có kế hoạch trước là điều không thể xảy ra. Trung Quốc cảm thấy họ sẽ phải gây chiến nếu như Mỹ ủng hộ nềnđộc lập của Đài Loan. Điều này có lẽ không xảy ra. Nếu một cuộc đụng độ bất ngờ xảy ra ở Biển Đông hoặc một nơi khác nào đó, cả 2 bên có lẽ sẽ tìm cách ngăn chặn. Theo ông Kausikan, Hiệp hội các quốc gia Đông Nam (ASEAN) phải có khả năng đối phó với các tình huống chưa đến mức xảy ra chiến tranh Mỹ -Trung. Trước đây, ASEAN đã giải quyết được các tình huống nguy hiểm hơn nhiều. Nhưng điều đó đòi hỏi sự nhạy bén, đoàn kết và quyết tâm lớn hơn những gì mà ASEAN gần đây đã thể hiện, ông Kausikan lưu ý.
    Biểu hiện rõ ràng nhất về sự cạnh tranh Trung – Mỹ gia tăng là “cuộc chiến tranh thương mại” của Tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump. Thương mại là phương tiện. Mục tiêu là cạnh tranh chiến lược. Bắc Kinh cáo buộc Mỹ sử dụng thương mại để cản trở sự phát triển của Trung Quốc.
    Ông Bilahari Kausikan, cựu ngoại trưởng Singapore, hiện là chủ tịch của Viện nghiên cứu Trung Đông tại Đại học Quốc gia Singapore (NUS).
    Ông Kausikan cho rằng mặc dù sự chú ý tập trung vào việc áp đặt thuế quan trả đũa, nhưng yếu tố quan trọng hơn là đạo luật mới của Mỹ nhằm hạn chế việc chuyển giao công nghệ của các công ty Mỹ vào Trung Quốc. Đạo luật này đưa ra những quy định mới, mà những chính quyền Mỹ trong tương lai sẽ rất khó thay đổi.
    Quan điểm của ông Trump đối với Trung Quốc không phải là ‘sự lầm lạc’ nhất thời, mà phản ánh quan điểm chung của cả 2 đảng Dân chủ và Cộng hòa, được chia sẻ rộng rãi trong giới kinh doanh cũng như giới chính trị, rằng Mỹ đã quá dễ dãi đối với Bắc Kinh dưới các chính quyền Mỹ trước đây.
    Theo ông Kausikan, chính quyền của Tổng thống Trump thường được mô tả là những người theo chủ nghĩa biệt lập, nhưng đó là một nhận xét xuyên tạc. Thay vào đó, người ta tin rằng đây là một kỷ nguyên cạnh tranh của những thế lực lớn, quyết tâm cạnh tranh mạnh mẽ, với sự ưu tiên cho chủ nghĩa song phương trước chủ nghĩa đa phương, và sự trở lại quan điểm “hòa bình thông qua sức mạnh”.
    Trung Quốc đã hiểu sai hệ quả của cuộc khủng hoảng tài chính toàn cầu năm 2008-2009, bằng cách tin vào tuyên truyền của riêng họ rằng Mỹ đang bị suy giảm không thể tránh khỏi. Bắc Kinh đã không hiểu được tâm trạng bất bình của các doanh nghiệp Mỹ đối với Trung Quốc, trước tình trạng đánh cắp tài sản trí tuệ và ép buộc chuyển giao công nghệ. Những mối quan tâm này được chia sẻ bởi các doanh nghiệp ở các nền kinh tế phát triển khác, những nước ủng hộ các mục tiêu của Tổng thống Trump, mặc dù họ có thể không đồng ý về các phương pháp của ông.
    Trong bài diễn văn tại Đại hội Đảng Cộng sản Trung Quốc lần thứ 19 cách đây 1 năm, Chủ tịch Tập Cận Bình đã từ bỏ chiến lược “giấu mình, chờ thời” của ông Đặng Tiểu Bình, và tập trung chủ yếu vào những vấn đề trong nước. Ông Tập cho rằng “mâu thuẫn chủ yếu” của Trung Quốc là giữa “sự phát triển không cân bằng và đầy đủ, với nhu cầu ngày càng tăng của người dân về một cuộc sống tốt đẹp hơn”. Điều này đặt ra một thách thức cơ bản: Nếu những nhu cầu đó của người dân không được đáp ứng, sự lãnh đạo của Đảng Cộng sản Trung Quốc (ĐCSTQ) có thể gặp rủi ro.
    Theo ông Kausikan, để tìm ra mô hình tăng trưởng mới, ĐCSTQ phải cân bằng quyền kiểm soát và hiệu quả thị trường. Đẩy mạnh vai trò của thị trường có nghĩa là phải nới lỏng sự kiểm soát. Người ta vẫn phải chờ xem ông Tập sẽ làm gì. Cho đến nay, ông Tập dường như đã chọn cách kiểm soát mạnh mẽ hơn, và có thể đã làm cho những vấn đề mà ông Tập đối mặt, lại trở nên gay ngắt hơn.
    Sáng kiến Vành đai và Con đường (BRI) là một tham vọng toàn cầu của Trung Quốc, xuất khẩu mô hình tăng trưởng cũ, dựa trên đầu tư cơ sở hạ tầng do nhà nước quản lý. Ở trong nước, BRI còn nhằm ứng phó với thách thức nói trên của ĐCSTQ, đó là một phương cách “câu giờ” để chờ đợi đạt được sự cân bằng mới giữa thị trường và sự kiểm soát của ĐCSTQ, theo ông Kausikan.
    Cựu ngoại trưởng Singapore cho rằng BRI ban đầu dựa trên nền tảng toàn cầu hóa do Mỹ dẫn đầu. Liệu BRI có thể thành công nếu như thế giới chuyển sang chủ nghĩa bảo hộ? Trung Quốc có thể là kẻ thua cuộc chính nếu như trật tự thế giới thay đổi. Trung Quốc không thể thay thế sự lãnh đạo của Mỹ. Một trật tự thế giới mở không thể dựa trên mô hình ‘đóng kín’ là chủ yếu của Trung Quốc. Các nước đối tác trong BRI, bao gồm các nước Đông Nam Á, đang trì hoãn việc thực hiện các dự án. Việc triển khai BRI sẽ có vấn đề.
    Trung Quốc không hài lòng với mọi khía cạnh của trật tự hậu Chiến tranh Lạnh, dựa trên toàn cầu hóa do Mỹ dẫn đầu. Trung Quốc muốn địa vị mới của họ được thừa nhận. Nhưng ông Tập đã ủng hộ và hưởng lợi từ toàn cầu hóa. Cuộc chiến thương mại đang làm tổn hại đến Trung Quốc, và làm chậm tăng trưởng. Trung Quốc có thể tìm cách để có thể ‘tự cung tự cấp’ nhiều hơn về công nghệ, nhưng điều này sẽ đòi hỏi thời gian, trong khi áp lực ngay lập tức là rất lớn.
    Một số người suy đoán rằng có thể có những cơ hội cho ASEAN, nếu các công ty nước ngoài chuyển dịch sản xuất từ Trung Quốc sang các nước thành viên ASEAN. Điều này là có thể. Nhưng nói thì dễ hơn làm, và không ai sẽ từ bỏ thị trường Trung Quốc. Các thành viên ASEAN cũng phải chống lại những cám dỗ, hoạt động như một cửa sau cho các công ty Trung Quốc, đưa hàng hóa vào Mỹ.
    Ông Kausikan nhận thấy một cuộc chiến thương mại kéo dài, và những quan ngại rằng Trung Quốc có thể gây tổn hại đến an toàn của các chuỗi cung ứng, có khả năng sẽ thay đổi hoàn toàn các liên kết cung ứng hiện có. Điều này có thể làm phức tạp nghiêm trọng các nỗ lực của các thành viên ASEAN, trong việc gia tăng chuỗi giá trị, ví dụ như các công ty Mỹ di dời cơ sở kinh doanh về Mỹ. Đáp lại, ông Kausikan cho rằng ASEAN phải thu hút đầu tư cấp cao hơn, bằng cách cải thiện cơ sở hạ tầng và kỹ năng, và đảm bảo cho các nhà đầu tư nước ngoài rằng công nghệ của họ được bảo vệ.
    Chi phí lao động thấp và một thị trường tiềm năng 700 triệu người tiêu dùng không còn đủ để khiến Đông Nam Á trở thành điểm đến đầu tư hấp dẫn. Thái độ của các thành viên ASEAN đối với Trung Quốc và mức độ họ xem trọng nó có khả năng trở thành những cân nhắc quan trọng trong các quyết định đầu tư.
    Ông Kausikan cho rằng ASEAN cần phải hành động dứt khoát để tự bảo vệ mình trước những bất ổn dài hạn, trong khi tận dụng các cơ hội sẵn có.
    Những cải cách như loại bỏ các rào cản phi thuế quan, và hài hòa hóa phương thức tiếp cận của ASEAN đối với dịch vụ và di chuyển lao động, có thể giúp Đông Nam Á trở thành một khu vực sản xuất chung. Trong khi đó, các nước thành viên cần thực hiện các kế hoạch nâng cao kỹ năng và cơ sở hạ tầng. Nhưng những thay đổi chính trị nội bộ ở một số nước thành viên, có thể làm suy yếu mục tiêu hội nhập kinh tế chặt chẽ hơn. Thật không may, trong những năm gần đây ASEAN đã trở nên quá ‘nhút nhát’ cho lợi ích của chính mình, ông Kausikan nhận xét.
    Phạm Duy
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              HUKUM MAKAN DAGING TUPAI      Cache   Translate Page      
    HUKUM MAKAN DAGING TUPAI.  Serius wei tak pernah terfikir & tak pernah nak ambil tahu pun sebelum ni pasal daging tupai ni boleh ke tidak di makan. Sebab den rasa kita bukan di zaman darurat.. Tak ada keperluan sampai perlu makan haiwan haiwan macam tupai. Sebab banyak lagi daging haiwan lain yang tak jadi kontroversi untuk di makan & sedap.

    Tadi ternampak ada dalam friendlist saya share anak dia makan daging tupai.. Ternampak tu ingat dia silap tulis caption makan tapai jadi tupai ke hapa.. Baca komen2 yang dia reply Yes daging tupai. What?? Daging tupai?? Boleh ke makan.. Tapi den ni tak la terus jatuh huku.. So try google cari info. Yelah nak merujuk terus kepada ahlinya.. Takde pulak contact number kita guna ilmu dari google dulu lah yer..

    Kebanyakkan menyatakan daging Tupai halal di makan tapi sebahagian ulama yang kata tidak halal atas alasan haiwan ni ni makan dengan cara menggigit guna taring. Ada juga yang cakap makruh..

    Sedutan Video Ustaz Azhar Idrus Hukum Makan Tupai

    Kat sini saya tak berani la nak kata halal ke haram ke makruh ke. Di nasihatkan hangpa pi la rujuk kepada ahli ilmuan. merujuk kepada mereka yang berilmu tentangnya.

    Tapi kalau saya la.. Selagi rasanya tak darurat & tak memerlukan saya makan haiwan haiwan macam tupai ni.. Memang tidak la nak makan. Yelah.. kita pun tak membesar makan haiwan haiwan macam tu kan.. Rasa macam pelik pulak nak makan. Tapi bagi mereka yang suka makan.. Jangan la kita mencemuh ye dak. Biarlah citarasa masing masing.

    Tapi bagus juga kita ambil tahu perkara perkara macam ni... Manatau tersesat dalam hutan. Makanan takde... So, kita tahu juga apa haiwan haiwan yang halal di makan yang ada dalam hutan. At least masa darurat boleh elak makan haiwan yang haram even di boleh kan jika itu je yang ada untuk makan.

    Semoga perkongsian ni memberi manafaat kepada orang lain. Kalau rasa berinfo boleh je share kekekeke
              BTS acaba de lanzar un nuevo MV y se prepara para recibir millones de visitas      Cache   Translate Page      
    BTS acaba de lanzar un nuevo MV y se prepara para recibir millones de visita. Antes del lanzamiento completo del noveno single japonés, 'Fake Love / Airplane pt.2', BTS reveló el MV oficial de la versión japonesa "Airplane pt.2".

    'Fake Love / Airplane pt.2' también contiene las versiones remixes japonesas y de "Fake Love" e "IDOL". El nuevo single japonés saldrá completamente el 7 de noviembre. Mientras tanto, echa un vistazo al nuevo MV a continuacion.

              Kang Daniel ha vuelto a poner su hechizo mágico y se levantola remera.. sus abs ahora son 100% definidos      Cache   Translate Page      
    Kang Daniel ha vuelto a poner su hechizo mágico para hacer que los fanáticos se enamoren de él. El 4 de noviembre, Wanna One llegó al 'Festival Jeju Hallyu' y realizó varios de sus éxitos.

    El grupo proyecto entusiasmó a los fanáticos con 'Light', 'I Promise You', así como 'Burn It Up'. Durante 'Burn It Up', Kang Daniel ha vuelto a sorprender a los fanáticos con su actuación al levantar su camisa y revelar sus abdominales de chocolate 100% definidos. Si bien no es algo nuevo para los fanáticos, Kang Daniel parece haber trabajado más duro para sus abdominales, ya que parece más definido que nunca.

    También puedes ver el fancam de abajo para ver los abdominales 100% definidos y sexys

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    Αρναούτογλου: Ελάχιστες βροχές και μετά πάλι λιακάδες (βίντεο)
    Είναι χαρακτηριστικό της απροσδόκητα ζεστής περιόδου που βιώνει ολόκληρη η Ευρώπη την πρώτη εβδομάδα του Νοέμβρη, πως παρατηρήθηκαν θερμοκρασίες ρεκόρ άνω των 32 βαθμών στα Βαλκάνια.

    Πώς θα εξελιχθεί ο καιρός στη χώρα μας;

    Αν εξαιρέσει κανείς ένα μίνι διάστημα με ασθενέστατες βροχές σε ανατολικές περιοχές της χώρας την Τετάρτη, η συνέχεια προβλέπεται και πάλι με λιακάδες.

    Για αρκετές μάλιστα ημέρες, σύμφωνα με τα τελευταία προγνωστικά στοιχεία και τη θερμοκρασία σε πιο χαμηλά -από τα σημερινά- επίπεδα.

    Δείτε την ανάλυση του Σάκη Αρναούτογλου για τον καιρό των επόμενων ημερών...

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    BNZ Mobile Business Banking 6.3.0

    Device: iOS iPhone
    Category: Finance
    Price: Free, Version: 6.1.1 -> 6.3.0 (iTunes)


    Banking should never get in the way of your business. Our app is a secure and easy way to manage your business’ finances on the go - you just need to be an Internet Banking for Business customer to use it.

    • Touch ID, PIN or password login (after initial set up)
    • Check balances, make transfers and pay existing bill payees
    • Authorise same-day cleared payments, international payments and transfers, direct credit, direct debit, payroll and tax payments
    • Create and authorise one off payments and edit statement details on the fly
    • Edit a payment date on most payment types
    • Make changes to payees
    • Authorise domestic payments and transfers in advance of incoming funds
    • View your foreign exchange (FX) rates
    • Search transactions within accounts and check their details
    • Find your nearest BNZ Partners Centre, store or ATM

    Get started now

    • If you’re already a BNZ Internet Banking for Business customer, simply install this app and start managing your business’ finances on the go.
    • If you’re not a BNZ Internet Banking for Business customer, visit to register.


    Activate Mobile NetGuard using your NetGuard token the first time you use Mobile Business Banking, and for future logins you’ll only need your Internet Banking for Business password, PIN or fingerprint.

    Other security features include 128-bit encryption and lock-out and time-out safeguards, but you should log out as soon as you’ve finished your banking and never store your BNZ access number, PIN, password or NetGuard details on your device in any form. Access IDs, passwords and personal information won’t be stored on the app. If you lose your phone, contact your Internet Banking for Business Administrator to disable your access, log in with another device or call 0800 269 4242 (+64 4 931 8234 if you're overseas).

    What's New

    Download the app and make a statement – literally.

    Your business statements are now available to view on mobile.

    BNZ Mobile Business Banking

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              Ohio Electioneering: Election Off. Recommends Vote for Sherrod Brown "I'm a Democrat, I'll admit it"      Cache   Translate Page      

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    What's Happening In California?

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    Jeshi la Polisi Mkoa wa Mwanza tunamshikilia mwanamke mmoja aitwaye RAHEL MATALAKA, miaka 41, mkazi wa kijiji cha lugenge, kwa tuhuma za kumpiga hadi kumuua mtoto wake wa kiumeaitwaye MALIATABU CONSTANTINE, miaka 10, mwanafunza wa darasa la pili shule ya msingi Ikeleg,Wilayani Misungwi.

    Tukio hilo la mauaji limetokea tarehe 03.11.2018 majira ya 19:00hrs usiku, hii ni baada ya mama wa marehemu kuletewa malalamiko kuwa mtoto wake alikua akiangusha na kuiba maembe kwa jirani. Ndipo mtuhumiwa alipatwa na hasira na kumpiga mtoto kwa kutumia fimbo sehemu mbalimbali za mwili wake hali iliyopelekea mtoto kupoteza fahamu na baadae kufariki dunia.

    Mtuhumiwa alipoona mtoto amepoteza maisha alimchukua na kumtundika juu ya mwembe kwa kutumia kipande cha khanga ili apoteze ushahidi ili baadae ionekane kuwa amejinyonga. Ndipo majirani walipoona tukio hilo walitoa taarifa kituo cha Polisi.  Aidha baada ya polisi kupata taarifa hizo tulifanya ufuatiliaji wa haraka hadi eneo la tukio na kufanikiwa kumkamata mtuhumiwa.

    Polisi tunaendelea na mahojiano na mtuhumiwa pindi uchunguzi ukikamilika mtuhumiwa atafikishwa mahakamani. Mwili wa marehemu tayari umefanyiwa uchunguzi na kukabidhiwa kwa  ndugu wa marehemu kwa ajili ya mazishi.

    Katika tukio la pili, Jeshi la Polisi Mkoa wa Mwanza tumefanikiwa kukamata gari moja lililoibiwa lenye namba T.233 CDG aina ya Toyota Carina mali ya RENATUS ELIUS, mkazi wa mtaa wa Ghana, likiwa limetelekezwa kando ya barabara huko maeneo ya Kitangiri Wilayani Ilemela.

    Gari hilo liliibiwa tarehe 01.11.2018, ndipo mmiliki wa gari alitoa taarifa polisi juu ya kuibiwa kwa gari lake. Polisi baada ya kupata taarifa hizo tulifanya msako mkali kwa kushirikisha vikosi vyetu vya askari wa kufuatilia wezi wa magari na Intelejensia. Ndipo tarehe 04.11.2018 majira ya mchana tulifanikiwa kulikamata gari hilo likiwa limetelekezwa kando ya barabara huko mtaa wa kitangiri huku wezi wakiwa wametoroka.

    Aidha baada ya kulikamata gari hilo, tulilifanyia ukaguzi na kugundua baadhi ya vifaa vya gari hilo vimetolewa ambavyo ni betrii ya gari moja, tairi  ya gari moja, jeki moja, radio ya gari, power window na show ya mbele ya gari. Polisi tunaendelea na msako mkali wa kuhakikisha wezi hao wanapatikana.

    Katika tukio la tatu, Jeshi la Polisi Mkoa wa Mwanza tunamshikilia mwanamke mmoja aitwaye MALAGALITA MATHIAS, miaka 55, mkazi wa kijiji cha Nyatukala, kwa kosa la kupatikana na pombe ya moshi (gongo) kiasi cha lita 20 na dawa za kulevya aina ya mirungi kiasi cha kilo moja, huko maene ya kijiji cha Nyatukala Wilayani Sengerema.

    Tukio hilo limetokea tarehe 05/11/2018 majira ya 17:00hrs jioni, hii ni baada ya kupatikana kwa taarifa kwamba katika Vijiji vya Nyamizeze na Nyatukala vilivyopo Wilayani Sengerema wapo watu wanaojihusisha na uuzaji pamoja na utengenezaji wa pombe ya gongo na dawa za kulevya aina ya mirungi.

    Aidha baada ya kupatikana kwa taarifa hizo Polisi tulifanya msako mkali katika vijiji hivyo na kufanikiwa kumkamata mtuhumiwa tajwa hapo juu akiwa na kiasi hicho cha pombe ya moshi na mirungi huku wenzake wakifanikiwa kutoroka.

    Polisi tunaendelea na mahojiano na mtuhumiwa ili kuweza kubaini wenzake anaoshirikiana nao katika biashara hiyo haramu ya gongo na mirungu, pindi uchunguzi ukikamilika mtuhumiwa atafikishwa mahakamani.

    Katika tukio la nne, mtoto mmoja wa kike anayekadiriwa kuwa na umri wa siku 2 hadi 3ameokotwa akiwa hai baada ya kutupwa kichakani kandokando mwa ziwa Victoria na mtu asiyefahamika, huko maeneo ya Bwiru ziwani Wilayani Ilemela.

    Tukio hilo limetokea tarehe 01.11.2018 majira ya 14:00hrs, hii ni baada ya watu waliokua wakipita njiani kusikia sauti ya mtoto akilia toka kichakani ndipo walifuatilia na walipoona ni mtoto walitoa taatifa polisi.

    Polisi tulifanya ufuatiliaji wa haraka hadi eneo la tukio na kukuta mtoto wa kike akiwa ametupwa kichakani hapo akiwa hai huku mwiliwake ukiwa umeviringishwa kwenye mfuko wa sandarusi.

    Mtoto amepata matibabu na hali yake inaendelea vizuri amekabidhiwa katika shirika la Forever Angel lililopo Bwiru Wilayani  Ilemela  kwa ajili ya hifadhi. Polisi tunaendelea na upelelezi pamoja  na msako mkali wa kumtafuta mama wa mtoto huyo.

    Katika tukio la tano; Jeshi la Polisi Mkoa wa Mwanza tunamshikilia tapeli/mwizi mmoja aliyefahamika kwa jina la BENEDICTO BAHATI, miaka 29, mkazi wa kiloleli, kwa tuhuma za kujifanya afisa wa TCRA, kitendo ambacho ni kosa la jinai.

    Tukio hilo limetokea tarehe 02.11.2018, majira ya 16:30hrs, hii ni baada ya mtuhumiwa kwenda kwa mtumishi wa benki ya CRDB tawi la Nyegezi -Malimbe na kumtapeli kuwa yeye ni afisa wa TCRA Mkoa wa Mwanza, hivyo amefika hapo akidai anazo taarifa zake ambazo zinaonesha amekuwa akifanya mawasiliano yasiyo rasmi.

     Hivyo ametumwa na ofisi ya TCRA Mwanza kufuatilia taarifa hizo, na kumtaka atoe fedha kiasi cha laki tano ili aweze kumfichia siri ili asitoe taarifa hizo kwa mamlaka inayohusika yaani TCRA.

    Baada ya hapo mlalamikaji alitoa taarifa kwa Jeshi la Polisi ambapo Polisi tulituma askari makachero na wamakosa ya mtandao na badae tulifanikiwa kumtia tapeli huyo nguvuni. Polisi tunaendelea na mahojiano na mtuhumiwa pindi uchunguzi ukikamilika Mtuhumiwa atafikishwa mahakamani.Aidha msako mkali wa kuwatafuta wenzeka anaoshirikiana nao katika uhalifu huo bado unaendelea.

    Tukio la sita, Mafanikio ya misako Jeshi la Polisi Mkoa wa Mwanza tumefanikiwa kukamata gari moja aina ya IST rangi ya Silver lenye nambaT.892 DFY/DKY na pikipiki mbili moja inanamba MC.836 ASK aina ya BOXERna nyingine aina ya FEKON lakini haina namba. Gari na pikipiki hizo zimekamatwa baada ya kutumika katika matukio ya kiuhalifu katika maeneo mbalimbali ya Jiji na Mkoa wa Mwanza.

    Jeshi la Polisi Mkoa wa Mwanza, tunatoa onyo kwa wakazi wa Jiji na Mkoa wa Mwanza tukiwataka waache vitendo vya ukatili dhidi ya watoto, pindi mtoto anapokosea apewe  kalipio na akanywe na kuonyeshwa madhara ya wizi ili atambue kosa na wala sio vipigo. Sambamba na hilo tunawataka vijana waache tabia ya kujihusisha na uhalifu kwani utawagharimu.

    Imetolewa na:
    Jonathan Shanna – ACP
    Kamanda wa Polisi (M) Mwanza
    06 November, 2018.

              Η Αγία Ρωσία που αγαπάμε. Συγκλονιστικό trailer για την νέα παραγωγή της Ρωσικής τηλεόρασης με θέμα τον Μοναχισμό      Cache   Translate Page      
     Μεγάλη πρεμιέρα ντοκιμαντέρ στην κρατική ρωσική τηλεόραση με θέμα τον μοναχισμό στην Ρωσία με εμφάνιση και στήριξη στο έργο των μοναχών 
     Β.Πούτιν.: "Η μοίρα της Ρωσίας είναι ταυτισμένη με την μοίρα της Ιεράς Μονής Βαλαάμ "



    Wanafunzi wa Kidato cha Nne kwa shule za Sekondari zaidi ya 250 mkoani Mwanza, mapema leo asubuhi wameanza kufanya mtihani wao wa kuhitimu ngazi hiyo.

    Nimebahatisha kutembelea shule kadhaa kutizama ulinzi na hali inavyoendelea na taratibu zake hatimaye nikapata fursa ya kufanya mazungumzo kiduchu na wanafunzi wa Mwanza Sec.

    Mkuu wa mkoa wa Mwanza, Mheshimiwa John Mongella, akikata utepe wakati wa hafla ya makabidhiano ya magari yaliyotolewa na AGPAHI kwa ajili ya kuboresha huduma za VVU na UKIMWI katika halmashauri ya wilaya ya Buchosa na Misungwi mkoani Mwanza.

    Asasi ya Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Health Initiative (AGPAHI) inayolenga kutokomeza UKIMWI kwa watoto na familia nchini Tanzania imetoa msaada wa magari mawili aina ya Nissan Patrol kwa halmashauri za wilaya za Buchosa na Misungwi mkoani Mwanza kwa ajili ya kuboresha utoaji wa huduma za VVU na UKIMWI katika halmashauri hizo.

    Magari hayo yenye namba za usajili DFPA 7015 na DFPA 7016 yana thamani ya shilingi milioni 186 yamenunuliwa na shirika la AGPAHI kwa ufadhili wa Watu wa Marekani kupitia Mfuko wa Dharura wa Rais wa Marekani wa Kupambana na UKIMWI (PEPFAR) chini ya vituo vya Kudhibiti Magonjwa na Kinga (CDC).

    Hafla fupi ya Makabidhiano ya magari, imefanyika leo Jumatatu Novemba 5,2018 wakati wa kikao cha wadau wa afya na ustawi wa jamii mkoa wa Mwanza kilichofanyika katika ukumbi wa Hoteli ya Gold Crest jijini Mwanza ambapo mgeni rasmi alikuwa Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Mwanza, Mheshimiwa John Mongella.

    Akizungumza wakati wa kukabidhi magari hayo kwa Mkuu huyo wa mkoa, Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa AGPAHI, Dkt. Sekela Mwakyusa alisema msaada huo wa magari ni kwa ajili ya kuboresha utoaji huduma za afya hususani za VVU na UKIMWI kwenye vituo vya kutolea huduma.

    Dkt. Mwakyusa alisema, AGPAHI imekuwa ikifanya kazi kwa karibu na halmashauri katika kuboresha huduma za VVU na UKIMWI kwa ajili ya ustawi wa wananchi na taifa kwa ujumla.

    “Magari tuliyokabidhi leo yana thamani ya shilingi milioni 186, na hii ni sehemu ya vyombo vya usafiri (magari,pikipiki na baiskeli) vyenye thamani ya shilingi milioni 900.2 tulivyonunua katika kipindi cha kuanzia Oktoba 2017 hadi Septemba 2018 kwa ajili ya kuleta tija kwenye utendaji kazi ili kuboresha huduma za VVU na UKIMWI katika halmashauri ambazo AGPAHI inafanya kazi,” alieleza Dkt. Mwakyusa.

    Aliongeza kuwa katika jitihada za kuboresha utoaji wa huduma za VVU na UKIMWI, katika kipindi hicho, AGPAHI imefanyia ukarabati vituo 146 vya kutolea huduma vikiwemo 36 vya mkoa wa Mwanza. Pia imeweka mifumo ya umeme jua kwenye vituo 40 vya kutolea huduma kwenye halmashauri mbalimbali.

    Akipokea magari hayo, Mkuu wa mkoa, Mheshimiwa Mongella aliishukuru AGPAHI kwa kuwa mdau muhimu katika sekta ya afya na kuomba waendelee kushirikiana na serikali katika kuboresha huduma za afya kwa wananchi.

    Mheshimiwa Mongella aliwataka watendaji wa halmashauri zilizopewa magari kutunza na kuyatumia magari hayo kwa kazi za afya na maendeleo ya halmashauri na siyo vinginevyo.

    Muonekano wa nyuma magari yaliyotolewa na AGPAHI.
     Mkurugenzi wa AMREF Tanzania Florence Temu akiwasilisha jinsi shirika lake lilivyo shiriki katika utoaji huduma za Afya na Kupambana na VVU, kuelekea Disemba mosi 2018.


    Naibu Waziri wa Ardhi Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi Dkt. Angeline Mabula, leo Jumapili ya Tarehe 4 Novemba 2018 amekabidhi zawadi kwa washindi wa nafasi za juu katika Bonanza la Michezo la Chuo Cha Mipango Mwanza, lililofanyika kwa takribani wiki nzima na sasa kuhitimishwa kwenye viwanja vya chuo hicho.

    Sanjari na kukabidhi zawadi za fedha taslimu kwa washindi mbalimbali pia Mama Angeline ametia chachu kwa wanamichezo wa timu za soka wanawake na wanaume kwa kuwakabidhi seti mpya za jezi kwa kila timu washindi ikiwa ni pamoja na mipira.
    Naibu Waziri wa Ardhi Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi Dkt. Angeline Mabula, akihutubia  Bonanza la Michezo la Chuo Cha Mipango Mwanza, lililofanyika kwa takribani wiki nzima na sasa kuhitimishwa kwenye viwanja vya chuo hicho kilichopo wilayani Ilemela mkoani Mwanza.
    Sehemu ya kusanyiko la wanafunzi Bonanza la Michezo la Chuo Cha Mipango Mwanza.
    Naibu Waziri wa Ardhi Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi Dkt. Angeline Mabula, akimkabidhi zawadi ya shilingi 150,000/= mshindi wa kwanza wa mbio za mita 100 wasichana Tabu Magesa katika Bonanza la Michezo la Chuo Cha Mipango Mwanza
    Mpira wa Miguu wavulana washindi walikuwa Tiger Fc, 
    Mpira wa Miguu wasichana washindi ni Golden Star Fc,
    Mpira wa Pete (Netball) washindi ni Shooter Girls,
    Mpira wa Kikapu washindi ni GIM
    Riadha mita 100 wavulana mshindi ni Elisha John.
    Pia katika Bonanza la Michezo la Chuo Cha Mipango Mwanza upande wa Elimu washindi mbalimbali wamepatikana.

    Proposal Writing:- Mshindi ni Joseph M. Japan

    Presentation Writing:- Mshindi ni Petro Mchumi

    Computer:- Mshindi ni Shahban Abdalah

    Map Drawing:- Mshindi ni Hashimu Munis

    Sehemu ya kusanyiko la wanafunzi Bonanza la Michezo la Chuo Cha Mipango Mwanza.
    Sehemu ya kusanyiko la wanafunzi Bonanza la Michezo la Chuo Cha Mipango Mwanza.
    Sehemu ya kusanyiko la wanafunzi Bonanza la Michezo la Chuo Cha Mipango Mwanza.
    Sehemu ya kusanyiko la wanafunzi Bonanza la Michezo la Chuo Cha Mipango Mwanza.
    Sehemu ya kusanyiko la wanafunzi Bonanza la Michezo la Chuo Cha Mipango Mwanza.
    Sehemu ya kusanyiko la wanafunzi Bonanza la Michezo la Chuo Cha Mipango Mwanza.
    Picha ya pamoja na mgeni rasmi.
    Na George Binagi-GB Pazzo

    Naibu Waziri wa Madini, Doto Biteko ameitaka kampuni ya Nyati Resources inayofanya shughuli za uchimbaji dhahabu katika Kijiji cha Ngula wilayani Geita, kusitisha mara moja kutoa gawio la umiliki wa ardhi kwa serikali ya Kijiji hicho baada ya mjane mmoja kulalamika kunyang’anywa ardhi hiyo kwa madai kuwa ndiye mmiliki halali.

    Biteko ametoa zuio hilo Novemba 02, 2018 baada ya kufanya ziara katika mgodi wa Ngula kukagua shughuli za uchimbaji madini, kusikiliza na kutatua kero zinazohusiana na sekta ya madini pamoja na kuzungumza na wachimbaji wadogo katika mgodi huo.

    Akisikiliza mgogoro wa umiliki wa ardhi katika mgodi huo, mjane huyo Bi. Mindi Masasi anayekadiriwa kuwa na zaidi ya miaka 80 alieleza kuwa mmiliki halali wa ardhi hiyo tangu mwaka 1954, na kwamba kampuni ya Nyati Resources ilipoanza shughuli zake mwaka jana ilikuwa ikimlipa gawio la umiliki wa ardhi lakini mwezi April mwaka huu serikali ya Kijiji cha Ngula kupitia Mwenyekiti wake Symphorian Mchael ilidai kumiliki ardhi hiyo na hivyo kuanza kupokea gawio kutoka kwa kampuni hiyo.

    Kufuatia malalamiko hayo, Biteko alimwagiza Christopher Nilla ambaye ni Meneja wa kampuni ya Nyati Resources kusitisha utoaji wa gawio hilo hadi pale tume huru ya uchunguzi itakapoundwa na kutoa majibu sahihi nani mmiliki wa ardhi hiyo inayokadiriwa kufikia heka 350.

    Naye Mwenyekiti wa Kijiji cha Ngulla, Symphorian Mchael kuchukua maamuzi ya kuweka zuio kwa kampuni ya Nyati Resources kutoa gawio kwa Bi. Mindi Masasi anayedai kumiliki eneo hilo baada ya vikao vyote vya kutafuta mmiliki halali kukaa na kubaini kwamba eneo hilo ni la Serikali ya Kijiji.

    Naibu Waziri wa Madini, Mhe. Doto Biteko (kushoto), akimsikiliza mjane Bi. Mindi Masasi (kulia) anayedai kuwa mmiliki halali wa eneo la mgodi wa Ngula uliopo katika Kijiji cha Ngula wilayani Geita. Eneo hilo limechukuliwa na Serikali ya Kijiji cha Ngula na hivyo kuibua mgogoro baina ya bibi huyu na serikali ya Kijiji.
    Naibu Waziri wa Madini, Mhe. Doto Biteko (kushoto), akimsikiliza Habi Makanika (kulia) ambaye ni kijana wa Bi.Mindi Masasi (katikati) wakati akisikiliza mgogoro wa umiliki wa ardhi baina ya bibi huyo na serikali ya Kijiji cha Ngula wilayani Geita.
    Naibu Waziri wa Madini, Mhe. Doto Biteko (kushoto), akizungumza na wachimbaji wadogo wa dhahabu katika mgodi wa Ngula wilayani Geita.
    Mwenyekiti Kijiji cha Ngula, Symphorian Mchael (kushoto), Mjane Bi.Mindi Masasi anayedai kuwa mmiliki halali wa eneo la mgodi wa Ngula (katikati) pamoja na Diwani Kata ya Bujula (kulia), wakisikiliza maamuzi ya Naibu Waziri wa Madini, Mhe. Doto Biteko (hayupo pichani) baada ya kusikiliza mgogoro wa umiliki wa eneo la mgodi wa Ngula.
    Baadhi ya wachimbaji wadogo katika machimbo ya Ngula wilayani Geita, wakimsikiliza Naibu Waziri wa Madini Mhe. Doto Biteko (hayupo pichani).
    Tazama Video hapa chini


    Siku Moja baada ya Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Arumeru Mhe Jerry  Muro kukabidhiwa orodha ya Majina ya Vigogo ambao baadhi ni viongozi wa Kanisa la Baptist wanaotuhumiwa kutumia vibaya Fedha Za Chuo Kikuu Cha Mount Meru kiasi Cha Bilioni 3 tayari kazi ya kuwatafuta imeanza na tayari aliekuwa mkuu wa kwanza wa chuo hicho Bwana HARRISON OLAN’G amekamatwa na jeshi Polisi Wilayani Arumeru Kwa ajili ya Mahojiano.

    Akizungumzia tukio la kukamwata Kwa mtuhumiwa huyo wa kwanza Muhimu, Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Arumeru Mhe Jerry Muro amesema wao walipokea maombi kutoka kwa Mwangalizi Mkuu wa Kanisa la Baptist Tanzania Mchungaji ARNOLD MANASE kuwatafuta na kuwakamata watuhumiwa wote wa Ubadhirifu wa Mali Za chuo Kikuu Cha Kanisa la Baptist Cha  Mount Meru University ambao wanatuhumiwa kuhujumu zaidi ya Shilingi Bilioni 3 Za chuo hatua iliyosababisha chuo kushindwa kujiendesha na hatimae kufungiwa na TCU 

    Mhe Muro amesema wao kama serikali wanatekeleza ombi la Kanisa la kuomba kuingilia kati sakata hilo ili haki itendeke na kusisitiza kuwa tayari ameshatoa maelekezo Kwa jeshi la Polisi kuendelea kuwasaka watuhumiwa wengine na kuwafikisha katika vyombo vya Sheria ili haki itendeke.

    “Kazi inaendelea, tunaomba ushirikiano wa wananchi katika kuwabaini wengine” amesema Mhe Muro.
              KILICHOTOKEA CHUO CHA UVUVI MWANZA.      Cache   Translate Page      


    Jana hali ya hewa ilibadilishwa na Dj mwenye kijiji chake, mitaa ilisimama !! Mbunge kutoka chuo cha Fisheries Mwanza @mustaphakinkulah Mita 500 kutoka kambi ya #JembekaCampusJam ilipo, historia inatengenezwa lakini tarehe 10/11/2018 ndio record zote hadharani.

    Jeh inavunjwa au haivunjwi? Tukutane Jembe Beach Resort . 


    ✍🏻.....Maadhimisho ya siku ya waalimu duniani, kitaifa yanafanyika jana jijini Mwanza, baada ya kuahirishwa  kama ilivyo ada kwa miaka yote kufanyika tarehe 05 Oct 2018 kwa maandalizi yake kuingiliwa tukio la ajali ya Mv Nyerere ambayo pia inatajwa kusababisha vifo vya waalimu kadhaa.

    Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Rais Tawala za Mikoa Mhe Seleman Jafo, amehutubia maelfu ya walimu wa mikoa mbalimbali waliojitokeza katika uwanja wa CCM Kirumba jijini hapa.

    Akimwakilisha Waziri Mkuu wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Mhe. Kassim Majaliwa, waziri Jafo amefunguka mengi yaliyofanywa kwa walimu na Serikali ya awamu ya 5, chini ya Jemedari Rais Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli, akisema kuwa siyo yote husemwa hadharani bali mengine kama stahiki za walimu hutendeka kimya kimya.

    Suala la kupandishwa madaraja kwa walimu amelizungumzia.

    "Hata hivyo nikiri wazi hatutomaliza shida hizi, mwaka huu peke yake, lakini mpango wa Serikali tutafanya kila liwezekanalo kwaajili ya kwenda kutatua matatizo ya walimu....."


              NENO LA ZITTO BAADA YA KUACHIWA KWA DHAMANA.      Cache   Translate Page      

              'KISIWA CHA JUMA WILAYANI UKEREWE CHAPATA UFUMBUZI'       Cache   Translate Page      


    Ukerewe ni kisiwa kikubwa kuliko vyote miongoni mwa visiwa vilivyomo ndani ya Ziwa Victoria na pia ni kisiwa kikubwa kuliko vyote miongoni mwa visiwa vyote vilivyomo kwenye maziwa katika bara lote la Afrika. 

    Kisiwa hiki kina ukubwa wa kilometa za mraba zipatazo 530. Kisiwa hiki kinaunda wilaya ya Ukerewe ambayo ni moja wapo kati ya wilaya saba za mkoa wa Mwanza. na kipo kilomita 45 kaskazini mwa jiji la Mwanza kikimiliki visiwa vidogo zaidi ya 30. 

    Baada ya kumaliza siku tatu za maonesho ya makampuni mbalimbali ya kimataifa yenye kuunda ndege zisizokuwa na rubani, Mkuu wa mkoa wa Mwanza Mhe. John Mongella ambaye ni mmoja ya wadau wakubwa wa mradi huo anasema haya......

     "Kijiografia Mwanza ni kubwa na sifa hiyo inanogeshwa na uwepo wa visiwa zaidi ya 30 vinavyomilikiwa na mkoa wetu, pamoja na juhudi kubwa za Serikali katika kuboresha huduma za mawasiliano ya miundombinu ya barabara na safari ya njia ya maji hivyo kurahisisha huduma nyingine kama biashara na uchumi lakini bado miundo mbinu hiyo haijawa suluhu linapokuja suala la afya ambalo linahitaji dharula ya haraka"

    "Baada ya kuumiza kichwa kwa kufikiri tukihangaika kusaka suluhisho la kudumu litakalo harakisha huduma kwenye vituo ili kuepusha vifo vya akinamama na watoto wanaokosa huduma za haraka, tofauti na helkopta na ndege kubwa ambazo zinahitaji gharama kubwa, ndipo likaja wazo hili la kutumia ndege zisizokuwa na rubani yaani drone" ZAIDI BOFYA PLAYA 


    Vyovyote iwavyo, maisha lazima yaendelee licha ya changamoto zitakazojitokeza katika safari hiyo. Bila kujali umri, kila mmoja anayo malengo anayokusudia kuyatimiza.
    Kati ya mambo yanayowakabili vijana ni namna ya kukabiliana na maisha kiuchumi. Jambo hili linatokana na ugumu wa kuajiriwa au kujiajiri. Kutokana na ugumu wa kuajiriwa, wahitimu wa ngazi mbalimbali hutafuta ajira hasa rasmi lakini wanapozikosa, kama mbadala wa kuajiriwa, baadhi hulazimika kujiajiri.
    Hata hivyo wapo wanaoamua kutoajiriwa badala yake kujiajiri hata kama wanapata kazi za kuajiriwa.
    Pia wapo waliowahi kuajiriwa lakini wakaacha na kujiajiri au kuchanganya kuajiriwa na kujiajiri. Vijana wengi wanakumbana na changamoto kubwa katika azma ya kujiajiri. Kubwa ni upatikanaji wa mtaji.
    Kwa kuliona hilo baada ya kumalizika kwa wiki ya mteja, Benki ya NBC Tawi la Mwanza imezindua huduma ya Kikundi Mobile kwa wateja wake wote wenye akaunti ya kikundi ili kurahisisha upatikanaji wa miamala kwa wanakikundi wenye akaunti NBC bila kufika tawini.