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          WATCH: Dual GS Race | Skier vs Drone      Cache   Translate Page      
Its a modern day John Henry vs Steel Drill, Man vs Machine, Ski Racer vs Drone Racer. 2018 Olympic Bronze Medalist skier racer, Victor (...)
          Fish Out of Water: Using Drones to Help African Nations Spot Illegal Fishing      Cache   Translate Page      

The undulating western coast of Africa is one of the most diverse fishing zones in the world, with more than 1,000 identified fish species. It’s also one of the most at risk. One of the World Wildlife Fund’s “Critical Regions of the World,” the West African marine region has been overfished for decades, with rampant Read article >

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          At home | A Journey Back to Greece      Cache   Translate Page      

I am Nick, a freelance photographer.
In the past 10 years I‘ve been travelling and photographing around the world.
What I realized, though, was that I had gradually stopped seeking new destinations. I found a place that offered me a sense of stability and warmth where my inspiration and creativity amplified. Nature in all its’ forms was still surrounding me: Snowy landscapes, deep canyons, lakes and rivers, vast forests and of course the sea.

In the end, I think I found my destination, a place that has nurtured me, and has always been so close to me. That makes me feel home!


Produced and directed - Nick Kontostavlakis
Editing - FKY
Cinematography - Nick Kontostavlakis & Antonis Kitsikis
Voice - Dimitris Kaplanis
Camera - Antonis Kitsikis
Time-lapse - Nick Kontostavlakis & Nikos Pomonis
Drone - Nick Kontostavlakis


Music - Tony Anderson


Camera Equipment : &


You can follow me at:
Facebook -
Instagram -
Website -
Google + -


Some technical info:
Shot mostly with Canon C200 + Angenieux 30-90 EZ 1
DJI Inspire + X5s
Nikon Dslrs for timelapse.

Cast: Nick Kontostavlakis, Antonis Kitsikis, FKY, John Sapnas, DJI Pro, Canon Pro and Anima - Vision

Tags: greece, naxos, santorini, travel, Zakynthos, landscape, photographer, nature, photography, summer, sea, greek archipelago, winter, spring, summer in Greece, freedom and home

          S T A L A C T I T E S      Cache   Translate Page      

This snapshot of the Pacific Northwest is an ode to our beautiful planet, challenging our logic of how we perceive the world.


Shot on DJI Phantom 4.

Music: Michael Marantz

Grade: Jasmine Vazquez

SFX Design & Mix: One Thousand Birds

Cast: Quentin van den Bossche

Tags: environment, earth, northwest, pacific, oregon, drone, washington, aerials and perspective

          Vi har hele tiden vidst, det var en fejl, siger lokal i Espe om politiaktion      Cache   Translate Page      
Svært bevæbnet politi, en helikopter og en drone blev sendt til fynsk by for at undersøge gps-signal.
          DJI Mavic Pro drone bundles are on sale for $252 off at Best Buy and make for excellent gifts      Cache   Translate Page      

R. Kelly can believe it all he wants, but none of us can fly — even though we really, really want to. Perhaps the closest we'll get these days is by flying a drone and watching on screen through the eyes of our little toy machine. At least we can (kinda) touch the sky, right?

If you've been on the hunt for a drone — or if someone on your gift list would like one — Best Buy isn't waiting until Black Friday to give you a chance to save.

SEE ALSO: 7 of the best home security cameras to bring you peace of mind

The DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo is on sale for $1,047.99 at Best Buy, which is $252 off the original price of $1,299.99. Read more...

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          Malvinas Argentinas: carrera de drones.      Cache   Translate Page      
Llegó la primer carrera de drones en Malvinas Argentinas, que fue realizada en el predio municipal de la ciudad de Malvinas Argentinas, organizada por el Rotary Club de Los Polvorines; con el objetivo de concientizar acerca de la poliomielitis. En Malvinas Argentinas se realizó la primera carrera de drones con el objetivo de atraer la atención e informar y concientizar acerca de la poliomielitis, enfermedad viral muy contagiosa que afecta principalmente a los niños. El evento estuvo ...
          Microdrones Acquires Geomatics Service Provider Navmatica ME      Cache   Translate Page      

As part of an ongoing global expansion, Microdrones has acquired geomatics service provider Navmatica Middle East, the company announced last...

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          LUNA NERA E LUNA CRESCENTE 7-9 NOVEMBRE 2018 di Hilary di AcquafortisAstrology      Cache   Translate Page      
Qui è Hilary di AcquafortisAstrology. Come va? In questo video parleremo della Luna Nuova di Novembre 2018 dal punto di vista della astrologia tradizionale e sciamanica.
Il 7  Novembre 2018 abbiamo la Luna Nera in Scorpione alle 17:02 CET.
Questa Luna Nera in Scorpione ha delle cose interessanti da dire.
Primo: La Luna Nera in Scorpione coincide esattamente con il punto astrologico di Samhain, il punto fisso a metà fra l’Equinozio d’Autunno ed il Solstizio di’Inverno. Sono dei punti

Continua a leggere

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          Cheerwing CW4 720P Camera Drone with Altitude Hold, Bonus Battery - $26.79 + Free Shipping      Cache   Translate Page      
Cheerwing CW4 720P Camera Drone with Altitude Hold, Bonus Battery - $26.79 + Free Shipping Original Price:$39.99 Deal Price: $26.79 Code:Q6SQ27FZ ...
          EFF Unveils Virtual Reality Tool To Help People Spot Surveillance Devices in Their Communities       Cache   Translate Page      
Law Enforcement’s Deployment of High-Tech Spying Tools On the Rise

San Francisco—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) launched a virtual reality (VR) experience on its website today that teaches people how to spot and understand the surveillance technologies police are increasingly using to spy on communities.

“We are living in an age of surveillance, where hard-to-spot cameras capture our faces and our license plates, drones in the sky videotape our streets, and police carry mobile biometric devices to scan people’s fingerprints,” said EFF Senior Investigative Researcher Dave Maass. “We made our ‘Spot the Surveillance’ VR tool to help people recognize these spying technologies around them and understand what their capabilities are."

Spot the Surveillance, which works best with a VR headset but will also work on standard browsers, places users in a 360-degree street scene in San Francisco. In the scene, a young resident is in an encounter with police. Users are challenged to identify surveillance tools by looking around the scene. The experience takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The surveillance technologies featured in the scene include a body-worn camera, automated license plate readers, a drone, a mobile biometric device, and pan-tilt-zoom cameras. The project draws from years of research gathered by EFF in its Street-Level Surveillance project, which shines a light on how police use, and abuse, technology to spy on communities.

Created by EFF’s engineering and design team, the Stop the Surveillance VR experience can be found at

“One of our goals at EFF is to experiment with how emerging online technologies can help bring about awareness and change,” said EFF Web Developer Laura Schatzkin, who coded the project. “The issue of ubiquitous police surveillance was a perfect match for virtual reality. We hope that after being immersed in this digital experience users will acquire a new perspective on privacy that will stay with them when they remove the headset and go out into the real world.”

The current version is now being made publicly available for user testing, as part of the Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon festivities. EFF will be conducting live demonstrations of the project at the event on Nov. 10-11 at the Internet Archive in San Francisco. Swartz, the brilliant activist and Internet pioneer, was facing a myriad of federal charges for downloading scientific journals when he took his own life in 2013.

EFF seeks user feedback and bug reports, which will be incorporated into an updated version scheduled for release in Spring 2019. The VR project was supported during its development through the XRstudio residency program at Mozilla. The project was also made possible with the support of a 2018 Journalism 360 Challenge grant. Journalism 360 is a global network of storytellers accelerating the understanding and production of immersive journalism. Its founding partners are the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Google News Initiative, and the Online News Association.

For access to the VR experience and instructions on it use:

For details on the Aaron Swartz International Hackathon events at the Internet Archive, including talks by EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn, International Director Danny O’Brien, and Senior Investigative Researcher Dave Maass:

For more on Street Level Surveillance:

Senior Investigative Researcher

          The Failing Anglo-Zionist Empire Lashes Out In Its Frustration      Cache   Translate Page      

The Failing Anglo-Zionist Empire Lashes Out In Its Frustration “The general western public has been successfully turned into what I call ‘ideological drones’: brainwashed automatons who will wave their (Chinese made) flags to cope with any residual cognitive dissonance.  When their certitudes finally come crashing down, they will also lash out at everything and everybody…

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This post is a response to this month’s T-SQL Tuesday #108 prompt by Malathi Mahadevan.  T-SQL Tuesday is a way for the SQL Server community to share ideas about different database and professional topics every month.

This month’s topic asks to share how we learn skills other than SQL Server.

I enjoy learning to do new things; there’s a major sense of accomplishment I feel when I can tell myself, “Wow, I went from knowing almost nothing to being able to have this new skill.”

Over the years I’ve realized I’m pretty consistent in how I go about learning something new, so what follows is my process for learning a new skill.

What I Am Learning

Recently, my non-SQL Server related learning goals have been to learn to use plain old vanilla JavaScript.

In this case I’m not necessarily starting from nothing (I have been writing JavaScript for close to 20 years now…) but previously where it was necessary to use a library like jQuery to get any kind of compatibility and consistency across browsers, the time has finally come where the JavaScript (ECMAScript) standard is mostly implemented correctly in most modern browsers.  No more need for large helper libraries!

And so the appeal here is that if I can ditch the overhead of a large library, my code will be simpler, easier to maintain, and faster to load and execute.

Steps to Learning a New Skill:

1. Commitment

For me, the hardest part to learning a new skill is time management: if I don’t make time for it, it won’t happen on its own.

I think the easiest way to make time to learn a new skill is to incorporate it into a project at work.  By aligning it with your day job, you’re guaranteeing some time to work on it most days.  Yes, critical projects and deadlines do come up where learning has to be set aside temporarily, but if you can find a project that doesn’t have urgent deadlines AND aligns with learning goals, then you’ll be good to go.

For me, learning vanilla JavaScript is a great “at-work” project since I’m already developing a lot of web apps with JavaScript anyway – the main difference is I’ll be using the standard JavaScript functionality instead of working through a library like jQuery.

Now obviously this won’t work in all scenarios: if you want to learn to build drones and you do development work for a chain of grocery stores, you probably can’t figure out a way to align your interest with work (unless of course your company is trying to build out a drone delivery service).

Inthat case, you need to set aside time at home. This essentially comes down to your own discipline and timemanagement.  The key here is that youneed to set up time regularly and set yourself deadlines.  Instead of having the deadline of a workproject to help motivate you to learn, you need to tell yourself “I’mgoing to get this chunk of plastic and copper wiring up in the air by the endof the month” and try to deliver on that goal.

2. Go Cold Turkey

This is the hardest part of kicking any old habit.  Ideally when learning something new, I like to use it exclusively in all scenarios where I can.

This may not always be possible: sometimes there is a deadline you have to meet and trying a new skill that slows you down is not always the best idea.

But even if that’s your scenario, pick at least one project to go completely cold turkey on for learning your new skill.  Going cold turkey on a project will force you to work through the hurdles and actually learn the necessary skills.

Thiscan be challenging.  I have the jQuerysyntax and methods ingrained in my brain from years of use; switching to usingstandard JavaScript is tough because I’m frequently having to look up how to dothings.  But if I picked the rightproject (ie. one without urgent deadlines), then this becomes a fun learningexperience instead of something stressful.

3. Build a Collection of Resources

The internet is awesome: it contains nearly all of the information you could ever want for learning a new skill.  The internet can also be a terrible place for learning a new skills if used incorrectly.

When learning something new, I try to find resources that guide me through a topic.  Whether it’s a book, a website with a structured guide, a video course, or documentation with clear examples, it’s important to find something that will teach you the why as well as the how.  I prefer using something with structure because it helps me learn the fundamentals correctly.

With my JavaScript learning, I have been enjoying the guides and daily newsletter at .  That site also has clear documentation for the most common features.  The “official” documentation ( is good to reference too, but can be overwhelming when first starting out.

What I don’t like doing is searching for each question I have on StackOverflow.  Don’t get me wrong, I love StackOverflow, but when learning some brand new skill I don’t think it always provides the best answers.  Sometimes you get good answers, but sometimes you’ll come across answers that, while technically correct, apply to some edge case, old version of a language, etc… that make them less-than-helpful when learning a new skill.

4. Document and Share

As I learn, I document what I learn.  This could be as simple as code snippets that I find myself using all the time, or it could be links to additional helpful resources.

Eventually I like writing up what I’m learning.  Even if no one reads it, summarizing your thoughts and ideas will help clarify and retain them better.  A summarized document or blog post also provides an additional reference for you to use if you need to in the future.

I haven’t been blogging publicly about my JavaScript learning, but I have been taking notes and sharing with individuals who are learning along with me.

5. Rinse and Repeat

That’s it!  On my first pass at learning a new skill I try to finish a small project to get some immediate satisfaction.  I then pick a new project that’s a little bit more ambitious, but still be manageable because I now have some knowledge that I didn’t have before starting my first project.

Baby steps.  A little bit each day (or every other day).  Do it enough times and eventually you find yourself being fully capable of whatever skill you set out to learn.

Thanks for reading. You might also enjoy following me on Twitter.

          Senior Developer - C++ - Microdrones - Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC      Cache   Translate Page      
Knowledge of *_geomatics _*libraries (GDAL, PCL, Eigen, etc.). Present in Quebec since 2013, Microdrones Canada is a pioneer in the market of quad-copter drones...
From Indeed - Thu, 04 Oct 2018 22:02:42 GMT - View all Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC jobs
          Senior C++ Developer / Senior Software Developer - Microdrones - Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC      Cache   Translate Page      
Libraries (GDAL, PCL, Eigen, etc.). Microdrones is looking for a passionate and experienced C++ developer to work on our Windows software suite....
From Indeed - Wed, 19 Sep 2018 15:48:39 GMT - View all Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC jobs
          ’Unmanned’: The Book Stirring up the UK Drone Space Available as Free Kindle Download      Cache   Translate Page      
          General Atomics awarded $10.7M for MQ-9 Reaper drone work      Cache   Translate Page      
Washington (UPI) Nov 5, 2018
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems is receiving a $10.7 million contract for weather tolerance work on the MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle. The MQ-9 SkyGuardian, more generally known as the Reaper, is a development of the legacy MQ-1 Predator designed to be larger and able to carry bigger payloads of sensors and heavier weapons. It is designed primarily for attack missions
          Add 256GB of Storage To Your Switch, Drone, and More For Just $55      Cache   Translate Page      

SanDisk’s microSD cards are some of the most popular and highest rated on the market, and if you need a lot of extra storage for your Switch, GoPro, drone, or dash cam, this 256GB model is down to $55 today, the best price we’ve seen outside of a one-day Gold Box that brought it to $50.


          Niger turns to drones to protect precious wildlife      Cache   Translate Page      
Niger is turning to drone technology to help protect a Saharan antelope and other endangered species in Africa's largest terrestrial park. The Termit and Tin Toumma reserve in the southeast of the West African desert state is at threat from poaching, deforestation, over-grazing and armed conflict. French conservation group Noe -- its name mea ...
          Comment on Random: Fire-Breathing Spyro Drone Flying Across America to Deliver Game to Snoop Dogg by Random: Fire-Breathing Spyro Drone Flying Across America to Deliver Game to Snoop Dogg « Technology « MasMaz      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] post Random: Fire-Breathing Spyro Drone Flying Across America to Deliver Game to Snoop Dogg appeared first on […]
          Comment on Random: Fire-Breathing Spyro Drone Flying Across America to Deliver Game to Snoop Dogg by Random: Fire-Breathing Spyro Drone Flying Across America to Deliver Game to Snoop Dogg – TheTechFreaks      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] Follow this story: AlertMe […]
          Dronebeelden van laatste overblijfselen failliet Land van Ooit      Cache   Translate Page Algemeen Nieuws: Het voormalige Land van Ooit in Drunen krijgt een nieuwe toekomst. Op het terrein van het attractiepark komt in 2019 een medische campus. Dit zijn de laatste overblijfselen van het kinderpark.
Toegevoegd aan op: 06-11-2018 20:02:02
          The military drones market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.00% from 2018 to 2025      Cache   Translate Page      

NEW YORK, Nov. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The military drones market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.00% from 2018 to 2025. Read the full report: The military drones market is projected to grow from USD 12.1 billion in 2018 to USD 26.8 billion by...

          What if Amazon just built its own city for its new HQ and left the rest of us alone?      Cache   Translate Page      

Amazon is close to announcing a deal to split its new headquarters into two cities–reportedly, Long Island City in Queens and Crystal City in the D.C. suburb of Arlington, Virginia. Splitting the headquarters across two locations may help avoid some of the problems inherent in expecting one city to suddenly absorb 50,000 Amazon employees. But one expert argues–controversially–that the simplest solution is the company just building a new city from scratch instead.

Bert Sperling, founder of a website that rates cities for people who are relocating, started to consider the idea of a true company town for Amazon soon after the company released its request for proposal (RFP) for its new headquarters, which asked for a metropolitan area with more than 1 million people, the potential to attract and retain tech talent, and a high quality of life.

“What they were looking for was something that didn’t exist, which was that the city was successful and large and affordable,” he says. “When I say successful, I mean having a really good economy and lots of tech workers. The cities that fit those criteria don’t have a short commute, they don’t have affordable housing, and any successful city is being strained as far as its infrastructure.”

Adding another 50,000 workers–and tens of thousands of other people to support them or who are moving with them as family members–would just add to challenges cities are already experiencing. “It makes the commute that much worse,” he says. “You would make the unaffordability that much worse and be competing for more jobs for the workers. What they’re looking for would essentially bring any successful city to its knees.”

Even adding 25,000 new employees would strain a city, he says. Instead of Arlington, Virginia, Sperling suggests that Amazon should consider building its own community in Oatlands, Virginia, which is currently rural and undeveloped, but still relatively close to D.C.

By starting with a blank slate, the company could design a community that optimizes work-life balance, with offices near homes and recreation. Amazon could test smart homes like those from Plant Prefab, a home-building startup it invested in recently, and offer cheap or subsidized housing for workers. It could test drone delivery and its automated Amazon Go stores. Streets could be designed to support self-driving cars and electric scooters.

It’s a vision not unlike Facebook’s plans to build a new campus in Menlo Park, California, with 1,500 homes and a walkable “downtown” area including a new grocery store, pharmacy, and other retail stores. Facebook plans to eventually have 35,000 employees in Menlo Park, more than the town’s current population. But that project–like older company towns, and Sperling’s Amazon proposal–has problems.

If it’s located in an area that’s undeveloped, it could avoid displacing current residents (Facebook’s development will displace a largely Hispanic community). But building a new city around a single employer risks creating a community that will collapse if the employer ever pulls out. And some tech workers are unlikely to want to live in a sanitized neighborhood with no history or restaurants and stores that have opened organically rather than by design, though Sperling argues that the lack of a commute and a lower cost of living could tempt employees.

“These large companies are really getting constrained where people where people are commuting two hours and living five to a house,” he says. “I think everybody would be happier if they could create their own vision of a place to live and work.” A location like Oatlands, Virginia, is also close enough to D.C. that people could go there for entertainment. Amazon could invest in helping others move to the community. “They have deep enough pockets that they could sustain a diversity of population with schoolteachers, workers for retail and restaurants, etc. For not a lot of money, they could have really almost–I don’t want to get all warm and fuzzy–but more of a utopian vision of what a community should be like instead of a lot of rich and entitled tech workers.”

Of course, most past attempts at utopian communities have failed (as have most company towns, though a few, like Hershey, Pennsylvania, are still relatively economically healthy). And putting corporations in charge of city planning, instead of democratically elected officials, is a risky proposition.

For tech companies, it’s a broader issue. Many projects may not be as blatantly city building as Facebook’s, and Amazon is probably unlikely to take up Sperling’s suggestion to build a city from the ground up. But the company will still have an outsized influence on the cities where it eventually builds its new offices. Tech companies can use their expertise to look for urban solutions, as in Google’s research on how Silicon Valley could build a network of bike lanes to change transportation or its tool to help cities quickly calculate their carbon footprints.

But it’s worth questioning how far they should go, and cities are increasingly pushing back, even on smaller developments. Berlin recently rejected Google’s hopes of building a new campus. In Melbourne, people are protesting the idea of Apple taking over part of a town square. In Stockholm, the government recently blocked Apple’s plans to build a “town square,” or Apple store, in the city’s Kungsträdgården park. “You can’t privatize a park,” one Swedish activist told the Guardian. And maybe you shouldn’t privatize a city.

          ‘Unmanned’: The Book Stirring up the UK Drone Space Available as Free Kindle Download      Cache   Translate Page      
          Emmanuel Macron filmé par un drone, une première à l’Elysée      Cache   Translate Page      
Des images sans le son, une mise en scène sans intermédiaire et faite maison. Voici comment est régulièrement décryptée la communication du président Emmanuel Macron, friand de clichés officiels très léchés...
          India may not keep December 1 date with drones      Cache   Translate Page      
India announced on August 27 that it would allow operation of drones from December 1 and categorised them into five based on weight.
          Robotics and Automation Market by Cloud Robotics, UAV/Drones, Robotics Equipment, Components, Solutions, Apps and Services      Cache   Translate Page      

LONDON, Nov. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Overview: Robotics is increasingly used to improve enterprise, industrial, and military automation. In addition, robots are finding their way into more consumer use cases as the general public's concerns fade and acceptance grows in terms of benefits...

          Asaltan a cliente bancario y se llevan $110 mil      Cache   Translate Page      
Dos ladrones asaltan a un mecánico, al que despojaron de 110 mil pesos que acababa de retirar de un banco, en la Colonia Bella Vista.
          Descartan que tecnología supla labor humana en desastres naturales      Cache   Translate Page      

MÉXICO, (Notimex) 6 de Noviembre de 2018.- Los robots no pueden sustituir el trabajo de las personas o grupos de rescate, incluyendo binomios caninos, en caso de algún desastre natural, afirmó la científica de la Universidad de Texas A&M, Robin Murphy. La investigadora estadunidense explicó que los robots hechos para trabajar en derrumbes, inundaciones u otros estragos ocasionados por fenómenos naturales, pueden ayudar, pero las vidas humanas no dependen de éstos. “Los robots no salvan vidas, no son mejores que las herramientas de rescate, tampoco pueden sustituir a los perros o personas. No se pensaría que un robot sustituyera un cirujano, más bien el cirujano utiliza la tecnología”, señaló la especialista. Durante su intervención en el Seminario Académico Internacional “Cambio Tecnológico y Retos Sociales”, Robin Murphy detalló que si bien existen robots autónomos en su totalidad como los presentados en las películas, se trata de autómatas con sistemas cognitivos conjuntos que trabajan con humanos. “Todos vemos a los robots que recogen objetos, que recogen cosas. Para eso se necesitan datos que tenemos que combinar e interpretar para coordinarlos”, indicó. A pesar de que los perros de rescate son la mejor herramienta para saber si hay una persona viva en un derrumbe, los caninos tienen la limitante de que no puede dar la ubicación exacta del sujeto. Ante este panorama, la experta mencionó en conferencia, la importancia del uso de robots terrestres que pueden meterse entre el cascajo, para ubicar a la persona. Además, apuntó, este tipo de vehículos puede mapear la zona, para que el personal de rescate tenga un panorama sobre las condiciones estructurales, esto ayuda a planear de mejor forma y de manera eventual una recuperación exitosa del sujeto atrapado. La científica recordó que durante el paso del huracán “Harvey”, segundo más costoso en la historia de Estados Unidos, que azotó la costa de Texas en agosto de 2017, hubo cero rescates con drones. Lo anterior, debido a que dichos vehículos aéreos no tripulados, se usan como estrategia para obtener imágenes de la zona y poder calcular de forma rápida los estragos del fenómeno natural. En el caso de la salud, Robin Murphy acotó que los robots sirven como camillas para transportar a los pacientes de manera más rápida en terrenos difíciles. Robin Murphy destacó la importancia de los drones y brazos robóticos durante algún accidente vehicular, puesto que ambos dispositivos pueden observar y realizar funciones difíciles para los rescatistas. La científica del Universidad Texas A&M, comentó que si bien los robots deben llevar a cabo movimientos casi perfectos cuando realizan cualquier acción durante alguna misión, se debe de pensar en los robots como proveedores de datos útiles y precisos. “Tenemos que pensar en la comunicación, en llevar la información correcta a las personas adecuadas, en qué formato y fácilmente. Cómo podemos aprovechar mejor la tecnología” aseguró. Por su parte, el director del Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (Conacyt), Enrique Cabrero Mendoza, resaltó la trascendencia de este tipo de ponencias, donde se abarca la importancia de las innovaciones y su huella en la sociedad. “Muy frecuentemente hablamos de los temas de innovación tecnológica, lo importante del conocimiento, Sin embargo, no siempre hacemos la relación con el impacto social de estas innovaciones”, sostuvo. Cabrero Mendoza hizo un llamado a los jóvenes asistentes a involucrarse en este tipo de innovaciones aplicadas a la sociedad. “El espíritu innovador debe tener un impacto en la sociedad. Ver el desarrollo tecnológico como una manera de mejorar la calidad de vida de la humanidad”, subrayó. VP/Ciencia y Tecnología/CVSR

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          Dendronephthya kukenthali Gravier, 1908      Cache   Translate Page      
Taxon "Dendronephthya kukenthali Gravier, 1908" has been edited by Ralf Cordeiro via the webinterface on 2018-11-02T00:39:50+00:00
          Hoverbike te koop: een 'drone voor personen'      Cache   Translate Page      
Hij lijkt net uit een sciencefictionfilm te komen vliegen, maar bestaat echt: de Hoverbike, van de Russisch-Amerikaanse start-up Hoversurf. Voor een luttele 131.000 euro kun je vijf meter boven de grond zoeven met bijna honderd kilometer per uur. In Dubai vliegt de politie er al mee, maar is het verkeer hier er al klaar voor?
          Entraron a un boliche y se robaron todo el fernet      Cache   Translate Page      

Dos personas, uno de ellos menor de edad, entraron al local bailable "La Roka" para robarse las bebidas alcohólicas. Finalmente fueron aprehendidos los ladrones.

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          Drones and Surveillance in Our Brave New World      Cache   Translate Page      

Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity. ~ Jacques Ellul I have long had mixed feelings about technology. On the one hand, I regard the Industrial Revolution as, perhaps, the most … Continue reading "Drones and Surveillance in Our Brave New World"

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          Primera carrera de drones en Malvinas Argentinas      Cache   Translate Page      
Se realizó en el Predio Municipal de Los Polvorines. Fue organizada por el Rotary Club. El objetivo era concientizar acerca de la poliomielitis. En Malvinas Argentinas se realizó la primera carrera de drones con el [...]
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Title: The Song Of Sway Lake (Soundtrack)
Artist: GOLD, Ethan
Label: Elektrik Gold
Format: CD

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Sway Lake (feat John Grant - Lost Record version)
MP3 Sample Sway Lake (feat The Staves - Big Band version)
MP3 Sample Pure Water Opening
MP3 Sample An Empty Lodge
MP3 Sample Ghost At The Dock
MP3 Sample Ollie's Dream
MP3 Sample Glimpses
MP3 Sample Hal's Hands
MP3 Sample Starlight Reveries
MP3 Sample Guide Boat Daylight
MP3 Sample Guide Boat Moonlight
MP3 Sample Nikolai's Dream
MP3 Sample Hallways
MP3 Sample Nikolai's Row
MP3 Sample Pure Water Pills
MP3 Sample Charlie's Shame
MP3 Sample Dust
MP3 Sample Hidden In The Attic
MP3 Sample Ghost In The Mirror
MP3 Sample Orphan Waking
MP3 Sample Kiss On The Point
MP3 Sample Wet Walk
MP3 Sample Orphan Usurper
MP3 Sample Betrayal Reveries
MP3 Sample Pure Water Tears
MP3 Sample The Old Watch
MP3 Sample Blood In The Water
MP3 Sample Sway Lake Finale
MP3 Sample Issa Intermezzi (Issa El-Saieh)
MP3 Sample Bittersweet J
MP3 Sample Bittersweet Orchestra
MP3 Sample Bittersweet Finale
MP3 Sample Drone Symphone
MP3 Sample Orphan Orchestra
MP3 Sample Orphan Finale
MP3 Sample Pure Water Dark Opening
MP3 Sample Quiet Lake Orchestra
MP3 Sample Quiet Lake Finale
MP3 Sample Small Combo
MP3 Sample Family Piano Exercise
MP3 Sample Orphan Steps
MP3 Sample Mice
MP3 Sample Hymns On The Lake
MP3 Sample Ripples Electric
MP3 Sample Timmy Theme 1
MP3 Sample Timmy Theme 2
MP3 Sample Ghost Theme
MP3 Sample Sway Lake (feat Ethan Gold - Swing demo)
MP3 Sample Sway Lake (feat Ethan Gold - Rhumba demo)

          Virtuosos of Perfection Vol. 3 (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
Virtuosos of Perfection Vol. 3 (2018)
Title: Virtuosos of Perfection Vol. 3 (2018)
Genre: Ambient, Drone, Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Electronic
Year: 2018
Tracks: 10
Time: 53:20
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 123 MB

          Sweet Dreams Lounge (Chillout Your Mind) (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
Sweet Dreams Lounge (Chillout Your Mind) (2018)
Title: Sweet Dreams Lounge (Chillout Your Mind) (2018)
Genre: Ambient, Drone, Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Electronic
Year: 2018
Tracks: 16
Time: 01:17:27
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 179 MB

          Night Rhythms, Vol. 07 (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
Night Rhythms, Vol. 07 (2018)
Title: Night Rhythms, Vol. 07 (2018)
Genre: Ambient, Drone, Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Electronic
Year: 2018
Tracks: 10
Time: 01:00:20
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 140 MB

          Lounge Chillout Midnight in Paris 2018 (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
Lounge Chillout Midnight in Paris 2018 (2018)
Title: Lounge Chillout Midnight in Paris 2018 (2018)
Genre: Ambient, Drone, Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Electronic
Year: 2018
Tracks: 34
Time: 59:04
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 137 MB

          4 practical applications for drones on the ranch      Cache   Translate Page      
Would an extra set of eyes in the skies be helpful in improving land management, managing livestock and planning for future expansions and investments? Here are four ways a drone can help.
          Rosie DiManno: Why Canada must repatriate the children of jihadist nationals      Cache   Translate Page      

Can we at least save the children?

It shouldn’t even be a question — rescuing the spawn of a delusional caliphate, born to a Canadian parent.

Because the alternative is to leave these kids in detention camps overseas that are breeding grounds for the next generation of terrorists.

That too is part of the long game being played by the Islamic State. Keeping the idea alive of a proto-state sustained by a covert global network with a weakened but enduring core. Making alliances with other terrorist groups. Re-establishing a foothold in lawless states. Continuing to exploit a sophisticated social media recruitment outreach to radicalize adherents.

It is a multi-generational war requiring a multi-generational counterattack to un-indoctrinate, rehabilitate and reintegrate.

Not the fighter fathers, who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law — although Canadian officials have been confounded by the how of doing this. Perhaps not the mothers who are authors of their own misfortune, willingly or via self-ascribed ignorance. But surely the children who are innocent of crime even if they’ve committed crimes as passive or active child soldiers.

Which might very well mean, at its most stringent, separating those children from their mothers.

Most of these “caliphate” kids are far younger than the Geneva Protocol definition of child soldier as those under age 18. Some have been born to mothers already in detention.

Endangered youngsters are seized by child welfare agencies all the time, or until such time that a parent can prove fitness to rear. Fostering isn’t an optimal solution but it’s sometimes the least harmful option, particularly if the child can be placed inside his or her broader family, a grandparent, an aunt, a guardian.

Is it more inhumane to wrest a child from a mother’s arms or to leave that child in a godforsaken environment, behind barbed wire, vulnerable to disease, malnourishment and embittered ideology?

“I don’t have a good answer for that,” admits Shelly Whitman, executive director of the Romeo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

Whitman argues that these children, even if they’ve been raised to cleave to jihadist beliefs, have a better chance at rehabilitation than adults. “It’s not the fault of the child. The way the brain works, if you have experienced trauma under the age of 17, you have a good chance of overcoming it. The malleability of the brain is much more difficult the older you get.”

There are those who claim rehabilitation from radicalism is a fraud, that the metrics are unreliable. Yet Whitman and others with expertise in the area point to quantifiable success. “If this can be done in conflict zones, why would we not think we’re capable of it in a country like Canada, where those children will be exposed to people who are caring and willing to help.”

I’ve seen that myself, in reintegration camps in the Congo for children rescued from the Lord’s Resistance Army — kids who cannot return to their villages because they’ve committed horrific crimes against their families as enslaved abductees.

Children with Canadian blood in their bones simply can’t be abandoned to a grim fate.

Global News recently reported there are at least 13 Canadians — three alleged terrorists, their wives and children — currently detained by Kurdish authorities in Syria. These kids are among the detritus of a failed ambition.

ISIS — or Daesh — has been all but destroyed in northern Syria and Iraq, at least territorially, with 95 per cent of the ground it once held liberated and tens of thousands of its fighters killed by a U.S.-led coalition. But it’s definitely not dead. It’s shape-shifting. Even as a purely combat non-state army, there are still 14,000 ISIS fighters in Syria and 17,000 in Iraq, according to a Pentagon report released in August.

It is estimated that 40,000 foreigners from 110 countries travelled to Iraq and Syria to join the jihadists.

In fact, ISIS has been making a comeback of sorts in recent months, as smaller attacks have become more frequent and with the adaptation of tactics such as weaponized drones. These are the boomerang effects of making war on ISIS — they learn, they pay it back.

Among their most fertile potential conscripts are children who were either born into the war or taken to the “caliphate.” Many of the women have been widowed; some are detained separately from their captured husbands.

Nobody wants them, including their captors. Few countries have any strategy for dealing with them.

In Iraq, some 1,000 women accused of belonging to ISIS have been rounded up from the ruins of towns and cities previously held by the insurgents, More than 800 infants are being held with their mothers. On one day in May, as reported by the Guardian, following 10-minute trials, 40 of those women were sentenced to death by hanging.

Kurdish forces currently holding hundreds of women and children captured on the battlefield are determined to deport them to their countries of origin.

A couple of weeks ago, France announced that it is working on repatriating the children of jihadist nationals — about 150 have been identified — but not their mothers. Belgium and Denmark are considering similar undertakings. The United Kingdom has stripped citizenship from known terrorists with dual citizenship, including two members of the notorious “Beatles,” originally a four-man cell suspected of committed 27 beheadings and now held by Kurdish forces.

British officials have said the government will bring home of some of the jihadist widows, a group pegged at about 80, from among the 360 British terror subjects still believed to be in Syria and Iraq (from an estimated 900 British subjects who went to fight). But there was instant outrage when a Sunday Times investigation reported that, among the 80 women, some had been part of a deadly terror cell linked to Jihadi John (Mohammed Emwazi), who had performed and filmed executions for ISIS before being himself killed in a 2015 drone strike.

Britain and France are among the countries that have suffered most deeply at the hands of homegrown jihadists so the leeriness is understandable. Earlier this year, a British extremist was sentenced to life in prison upon conviction of grooming children as young as 11 at an East London mosque — showing them footage of beheadings and conducting terrorism role-play exercises.

Canada’s contribution to ISIS has been relatively small. As of last year, the government reported there were about 190 extremists “with a nexus to Canada” who’d travelled overseas to engage in terrorism and another 60 who have returned. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last month supported a Conservative-tabled motion to devise a federal strategy within 45 days to deal with Canadian jihadists who want to come home.

This came on the heels of on-the-scene reporting by Global TV’s Stewart Bell — this country’s most accomplished terrorism journalist — who’d interviewed Muhamed Ali, a.k.a. Abu Turaab Al-Kanadi, allegedly an ISIS sniper who hails from Mississauga, at a detainee facility run by the Syrian Democratic Forces, along with several wives of fighters held at another camp.

All yearn to come home.

Historically, repatriation is fundamental to the aftermath of ceasefire. Of course there has been no ceasefire with ISIS, never will be.

But a nation of mercy doesn’t visit the sins of the father or the mother upon the child.

Rosie DiManno is a columnist based in Toronto covering sports and current affairs. Follow her on Twitter: @rdimanno

          1st FAI WDRC 2018 - Shenzhen (CHN) - Overall      Cache   Translate Page      
The 15-year-old pilot beat 127 other drone racers from 34 countries to win the title and the prestigious FAI gold medal in a final race that was watch...
          1st FAI WDRC 2018 - Shenzhen (CHN) - Finals      Cache   Translate Page      
The 15-year-old pilot beat 127 other drone racers from 34 countries to win the title and the prestigious FAI gold medal in a final race that was watch...
          Comment on ROVs in the Public Safety World by John F Townend      Cache   Translate Page      
Hi I have just taken on the research and development role with the Civil Aid Volunteer Corps in the UK. I am in the very early stages of planning a research project to look at technologies in underwater search. I am going to look at rovs usvs and aerial drones to provide a unified situational awareness environmentalisms
          Comment on DJI MAVIC 2 PRO and ZOOM – FULL REVIEW by World Traveling Tv      Cache   Translate Page      
Four videos in two days? That's a lot of work! I do a video every 'SIX MONTHS" <br />Good reviews. I have seen a few reviews and most people want to see:<br />The view from the drone while in action. Cool videos.
          Comment on DJI MAVIC 2 PRO and ZOOM – FULL REVIEW by Al Castill      Cache   Translate Page      
It's camera shy drone.
          Comment on DJI MAVIC 2 PRO and ZOOM – FULL REVIEW by Carlos Mitchell      Cache   Translate Page      
take phot which i think you could do? this guy thinks people don’t use these drone for photography?
          Range of Russian drones’ electronic jamming capability increased to 100 km      Cache   Translate Page      
Radio-electronic warfare systems installed on drones are capable of jamming the enemy’s communication systems within a range of 100 kilometers
          Científicos del CERN podrían haber detectado una nueva «partícula fantasma»      Cache   Translate Page      

Por: CODIGO OCULTO. Pueden leer más en: Científicos del CERN podrían haber detectado una nueva «partícula fantasma»

Un equipo de científicos están tratando de averiguar si una nueva partícula extraña, denominada «ghost particle» (o «partícula fantasma»), ha sido detectada en el Gran Colisionador de Hadrones (LHC) del CERN en Suiza. Mediante el instrumento Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) ubicado en el acelerador de partículas, el equipo dijo que había visto una señal que podría...

La entrada Científicos del CERN podrían haber detectado una nueva «partícula fantasma» se publicó primero en CODIGO OCULTO. Autor:

          CHINESE RED DAWN: CIA PLOTTING NOVEMBER 5TH CHINESE ATTACK AND/OR INVASION OF AMERICA (NOV 5, 2018): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Pearl Harbor-Like Chinese Attack and/or Invasion on November 5, 2018, Exactly 2,062-Days After Xi Jinping Became President of China Back on March 14, 2013—Made-For-TV Chinese Aerial, Cyber, Drone, Missile and/or Naval Attack and/or Invasion Expected During Redux of US Satellite Cyber-Attack Drill ‘Schriever Wargame 2      Cache   Translate Page      
          CHINESE RED DAWN: CIA PLOTTING NOVEMBER 6TH CHINESE ATTACK AND/OR INVASION OF AUSTRALIA (NOV 5, 2018): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Pearl Harbor-Like Chinese Attack and/or Invasion on November 6, 2018, Exactly 2,063-Days After Xi Jinping Became President of China Back on March 14, 2013—Made-For-TV Chinese Aerial, Cyber, Drone, Missile and/or Naval Attack and/or Invasion Expected During Redux of US Satellite Cyber-Attack Drill ‘Schriever Wargame      Cache   Translate Page      
          Hacer mucho cardio para bajar de peso es poco útil: la adaptación metabólica tiene la culpa      Cache   Translate Page      

Hacer mucho cardio para bajar de peso es poco útil: la adaptación metabólica tiene la culpa#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Estás decidido o decidida a, esta vez sí, perder peso. Pero la realidad es que te cuesta mucho ponerte a dieta y restringir tu alimentación, así que has decidido ponerte a hacer deporte. Es posible que hayas leído que los ejercicios de cardio son los que mejor te vienen para este propósito.

Sin embargo, es posible que si nos sigues, hayas leído también que no somos demasiado eficientes gastando calorías mediante el deporte y que, a largo plazo, puede no ser suficiente. Esto se debe al funcionamiento del gasto energético y lo que se conoce como adaptación metabólica.

Qué es el gasto energético

Ayo Ogunseinde 493903 Unsplash 1

El gasto de energía se refiere, básicamente, a la cantidad de energía que gastamos en nuestras funciones y actividades diarias. Estas funciones incluyen algunas como el mantenimiento de la temperatura corporal, la digestión, la respiración, etc. Todas estas tareas conllevan gasto energético.

En lo que a la nutrición se refiere, este gasto energético se mide en calorías. El gasto energético es básicamente la forma en la que nuestro cuerpo gasta o utiliza la energía que ha ido acumulando mediante los nutrientes que ingerimos con nuestra alimentación.

En general se suelen hablar de tres tipos de gasto energético: en reposo, la actividad física voluntaria y la termogénesis causada por los alimentos.

  • Gasto energético en reposo: se trata del gasto de energía necesario para poder mantener nuestras funciones vitales y nuestra temperatura corporal en una situación de reposo. Este tipo de gasto puede suponer hasta el 75% de nuestro gasto total diario y se conoce también como gasto energético basal porque su principal componente es la tasa metabólica basal.

Tres tipos de gasto energético: en reposo, por actividad física voluntaria y el efecto térmico de los alimentos

  • Gasto energético por actividad física voluntaria: se trata del gasto de energía que hace nuestro cuerpo al realizar cualquier tipo de actividad física que sea voluntaria. Dentro de este gasto entra, por supuesto, el deporte, pero también otras actividades mucho mas sencillas como levantarnos de la cama, subir escaleras o movernos en general. Esta tasa es la que más puede variar dentro del gasto energético total. Puede suponer entre el 10% del total en una persona sedentaria hasta el 50% en una persona muy activa como un atleta.

  • Efecto térmico de los alimentos: se trata del gasto energético que realizamos al hacer la digestión, absorber los nutrientes, etc. Supone entre un 5% y un 10% del total. Hay alimentos que generan más efecto térmico que otros: por ejemplo, las proteínas son las que más generan y las grasas y carbohidratos los que menos. En cualquier caso, nuestra edad, sensibilidad a la insulina, o problemas en la digestión también pueden afectar.

Qué es la adaptación metabólica

Tikkho Maciel 72251 Unsplash

Sabemos que para perder peso es necesario que exista un déficit calórico. Es decir, la cantidad de energía que gastamos tiene que ser superior a la que ingerimos. Conociendo los diferentes tipos de gasto de energía el planteamiento parece claro: el tipo de gasto de energía que más puede variar y en el que más podemos influir es el gasto energético por actividad voluntaria.

Por tanto, a la hora de adelgazar nos podemos plantear que no queremos quitarnos de comer, pero que si comemos lo mismo que antes y hacemos una mayor actividad física, gastaremos más energía y perderemos peso. La teoría tiene sentido, sin embargo, la realidad es que los seres humanos somos muy poco eficientes gastando calorías a través del ejercicio.

Esto se debe a varias cosas: para empezar, la cantidad de ejercicio que tenemos que hacer para quemar calorías es mucho más alto de lo que podamos imaginar. Por ejemplo, según algunas investigaciones, para quemar un simple muffin tendríamos que caminar durante 48 minutos o correr durante 25. Correr durante media hora y conseguir quemar tan solo lo ingerido con un muffin.

Pero es que la cosa se complica todavía más por culpa de algo conocido como "adaptación metabólica". Al ponernos a dieta y hacer deporte empezamos a perder peso y grasa, pero esto también provoca que bajen los índices de leptina. Esto hace que se mande al cerebro la señal de que está en escasez de alimentos y grasa y, por tanto, reduce su tasa metabólica entrando en fase de aprovechamiento de toda la grasa que ingerimos. Esto hace que se dificulte más la pérdida de energía.

La pérdida de grasa provoca la baja de los niveles de leptina, mandando una señal al cerebro de que estamos en época de inanición y aprovechamiento

Además, recientes modelos que explican el gasto energético han encontrado que cuanto más deporte hacemos menos energía necesitamos para realizar la misma actividad. Es decir, que si al empezar a correr gastabas X calorías, para Y kilómetros, según te vayas adaptando al ejercicio necesitarás menos X calorías para los mismos kilómetros. Esto se debe a que nuestro cuerpo se adapta de manera que hace más esfuerzo con menos energía.

Todo esto provoca que, en general, no baste con incluir el deporte en nuestra rutina si lo que queremos es perder peso - aunque es totalmente necesario para tener una vida saludable y alargar nuestra esperanza y calidad de vida - y que, además, aunque aumentemos el esfuerzo físico progresivamente, la cantidad de energía que dedicamos al deporte no varíe mucho a largo plazo.

Imágenes | Unsplash

          Brave Rifles conduct counter-unmanned aerial system drill      Cache   Translate Page      

The U.S. Army posted a photo:

Brave Rifles conduct counter-unmanned aerial system drill

Troopers assigned to 1st Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, operate the Drone Defender during a counter-unmanned aerial system drill while deployed to Iraq, Oct. 30, 2018. The 3rd Cav. Regt. is deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, working by, with and through the Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition partners to defeat ISIS in areas of Iraq and Syria.

          Australian teen wins World Drone Racing Championship in China      Cache   Translate Page      
Australia's Rudi Browning has become the world's first overall champion at the World Drone Racing Championships in Shenzhen, China, at just 15 years of age. Rough cut (no reporter narration).
          AccessData: retrieving data from drones      Cache   Translate Page      
An article by Sam Holt on the AccessData website is headed Drone attacks. How can we fight back? Its context is the growing threat of drones being used for criminal purposes – the transport of drugs, sending material into prisons … Continue reading
          Judas.      Cache   Translate Page      

Comentario radial y escrito

Las hormigas iban ganando posiciones, la muchacha oculista me decía habrá los ojos, mire esa lamparita, yo miraba y ella repetía, habrá los ojos, yo abría los ojos, ábralos más repetía, me sentía como merluza.

Al llegar a casa, todavía escuchaba "habrá más los ojos";  en un espejo del baño me vi con los ojos casi cerrados, los abrí, quede igual, los abrí con presencia... los parpados,  caían como poncho, dejando dos rendijas.

Creo en el hombre, ese que lee la tierra, los cerros, el mar, ese que transforma las cosas, admiro a esos esas, que entregan lo mejor de si para apuntalar la libertad, "la idea", la paz y la vida.

Como puedo decir que entiendo todo clarito si veo por dos rendijas...

Por qué tanta miseria entre bienestar y sueños, porque me yunquea el alma...?

Es necesario una autocritica poderosa... tengo que estar desnudo, leal conmigo mismo.

Las rendijas que son el correo del intelecto, me abofetean con el chiste de Condorito..."Cone, si te portas mal, no te llevo al parque a  mirar, como los otros niños comen helados"

Uno transforma la pobreza, el crimen, la ignorancia en una sonrisa...

No me golpea la boca llena de agua y saliva del pobre Cone; es lo inhumano, lo bestial, lo que aterroriza, es que se acepte normal, ver en el mundo a tantos Cone

La pobreza que se desparrama por sus ojos, se encuentra fome pero normal... es parte de la vida, siempre ha sido así...

Unos tienen y otros no.


Ando picao, cachuo y violento...

No estoy chalao...escuchen Brasil.

"Los Escuadrones de la muerte" organización de civiles, mafiosos, militares y policias, asesinan a 500, 600 niños por   calendario... 15 millones de brasileños viven en la pobreza extrema... y las encuestas para las elecciones presidenciales del domingo 28, dan por ganador a un fascista revisado y en papel biblia.

La niñez vale un carajo.

Vean a miles de Hondureños abandonando sus propias brasas, para ir domesticados a infiernos ajenos.

Quien les metió en las cabezas que los gringos están bien...Pretti woman, el Capitán América...?

40 millones viven en la pobreza, 18.000, en la pobreza extrema, el resto, viven por milagro y maldición...

Y culpan a la violencia... el hacedor de esta pandemia, el neoliberalismo, "pasa piola"...

Yo entiendo que nuestros antepasados, los piriguines venidos del mar, no eran todos iguales, la vivencia les dio una actitud de reflexión, una actitud cognitiva.

Eso marco y marca quizás, una contradicción enorme...

La refleccion, el pensar subjetivo, cognitivo, con razón, son cualidades que permiten subyugar a tus semejantes...

A alguien se le ocurrió ser rey, emperador, faraón, profeta, príncipe, banquero...

A quien se le ocurrió ser explotado, esclavo, obrero.

Siempre, al menos siguiendo, lo que está escrito en las piedras, en papiros, en la biblia, en él peneca; cuando se llega, por cualquier lado, a cuestionar los contenidos del orden establecido, los privilegios, se comienza a mirar feo a tu semejante, se utiliza, en casi todo su significado, la violencia.

Los privilegios no se tocan.

La vida parece un globo, no es un palo parao, los de arriba, tienen un mirador y una escalita, cada peldaño tiene su reja... no es cuestión de subir... el mirador da "la pasá"... si te caes, te resbalas despacito, incluso puedes quedarte en una especie de campamento que hay en "la bajá"... los cristianos le llaman limbo..."ni chicha ni limona", pero es difícil que te caigas, todo está calculado, llevan como 29.000 años arriba del globo... los más numerosos, los desojados, son los  que viven por debajo, agarrados como almohadón para aguja.

Algunos de los agarrados viven tratando de sacar una aguja y reventar el globo... es una pega enorme, pero si se logra, adiós, ecaleritas, limbo y bancos extranjeros.

En América del Sur, parte del globo, se ha tenido y se tiene lideres que luchan de diferentes maneras para terminar de vivir por abajo... no quieren ver por ningún parque a ningún Cone.

Los cerros andinos tienen que haber sido muy ricos en minerales, creo que la palabra "ricos" le queda chico... el imperio levantó lineas férreas, locomotoras agarrándose al macizo andino como araña... pueblos paridos, apartheid golfero, otros pueblitos viviendo de sobras...

"El sueldo de Chile"... es decir, el sueldo de algunas familias...Matte Larrain y otras...las chauchas para el vivir obrero...

No soy cabeza y bala, pero me duele entender el hambre, me duele la alegría de cualquier dieciocho de septiembre, me duele la libertad del pueblo, me duele "el contigo pan y cebolla", la mentira de nuestra democracia..."Pá onde" se fue el sentido común.

Me almorrano al pensar que mientras Europa se moría de hambre, viviendo el pueblo en guerras para defender los privilegios de reyes y proxenetas de los cielos, nuestro sur tenía su historia, su pan, su maíz, sus tubérculos, su calendario, su cultura, sus cosas, sus creencias.

No les duelen lectores y oyentes saber que fuimos, somos complices de los crímenes horrendos cometidos por Monarquías, trasnacionales, oligarquías imperiales y banqueros...

Hablo de mi paísito, pero le pega en los cachos a otros, menos a la morena.

La oligarquía en mi país tiene conflictos internos, no se ponen de acuerdo en la forma de explotar y continuar con sus privilegios cada vez más exigentes y demandantes, se aniñan entre si, a veces se descalifican y se ponen chuecos, pero al llegar elecciones se unen como " coito y culebra".

Los del otro lado es mas que diverso, mas que oportunista, mas que sobadores, mas que judas...

Entre oligarquía, jerarcas y pueblo, hay un mundo extraño, con una capacidad cognitiva, cibernética que arrasa calendarios y forma de ser, que me deja inmensamente vulnerable.

Mi creencia, nacida en la mismita clase obrera, se ha enfrentado a toda opresión que venga de arriba...los principios morales y politicos nos llama a defender los derechos de nuestra clase, derechos y deberes que correspondan a las riquezas de mar y tierra.

Tenemos que agarrar la aguja... y al mismo tiempo agarrarnos para no caernos...

Mi creencia se ha ganado su existencia, nunca le han dado nada, todo se lo ha ganado con su propia fuerza proletaria.

Bajo la dictadura del Mussolini chileno, Carlos Ibáñez mi creencia fue en Pisagua prisionera, al mismo tiempo estaba en calles y barrios viviendo, rebelde, ganó su libertad callejera... no se la dio ningún decreto, se lo dio el pueblo... lo mismo paso con el traidor Gonzales Videla... Y en Dictadura, era más viviente que un gorrión.

Tuvo la honra de ser parte de la Unidad Popular, tuvo el orgullo de ser madera y acero, el arado de Salvador Allende...

Tiene también la tristeza grande de haber perdido tantos, tantos camaradas...

Pero no hemos podido ganarnos el poder politico, revolver la tierra, quemar la maleza, pasar la rastra, arar, sembrar y cuidar...

Una melga por adelante, dos para atrás.

El porqué, es un crimen de lesa humanidad por nosotros mismo ejecutado, un suicidio social, mentiroso, cobarde, manipulador, vanidoso.

El crimen está despuecito del martillazo de Toro y Zambrano... el comienzo de un país con una sociedad estructurada para mantener una sociedad dividida en ricos y pobres, en nuevos ricos y traidores, en proteger a grandes corporaciones, en permitir cinico y en sonrisa la existencia de Cone.

Me siento más solo que "pan que no se vende"... Me siento sufrió porque me gusta sufrir... Voy a poner en la escopeta un cartucho artesanal, los perdigones picaran por el olor...:

El presidente heroico mencionó que se tenía que tener más fuerza para incarle el diente a la Constitución politica...

Hablaba de la fuerza propia de la Unidad Popular... es decir, cada organización que formaba parte de la coalición era responsable de aumentar su poderío politico, de analizar el momento... Así lo hicieron algunos... otros se dedicaron a criticar, otros a liberar ciudades y formar parte de la historia como la Habana o Santa Clara...algunos se desparramaron y buscaron "para sol".

El Imperio es muy re poderoso... nos mataron, nos encarcelaron, nos dolieron. La Fuerza propia se fue a la chuña, todavía la andan buscando...

La rebelión popular de masas, sus ejecutadores accionaron el percutor y el fascismo cambio el letrero, pusieron  la alegría ya llega...! puta que bonito !

Mi franja lejana lleva treinta años casi de marioneta...dejan mi paisito vulnerable...  le llamamos democracia.

Ana Gonzalez decía que la democracia no llegaba, se murió esperando y luchando...

Gladys Marin decía que la oligarquía financiera y empresarial, los nuevos ricos, paridos por lo fáctico andaban por todos lados...

Sola Sierra decía "En nuestro país se cometieron delitos contra la humanidad y hay que trabajar para que no se vuelva a repetir"...

Y mi país, mi hermoso país, mi triste país, mi enfermo país le amarra la piola de O'Higgins a un "cómplice de los sepultureros"

Alejandro Fischer Alquinta

Estocolmo, octubre, 2018.

          Ladrones se disfrazan como personajes de ‘La casa de Papel’ para saquear casa      Cache   Translate Page      

Un grupo de cinco personas irrumpieron en una residencia, con máscaras de la serie ‘La casa de Papel’ para robar una casa en Pedregal, de la CDMX.

La entrada Ladrones se disfrazan como personajes de ‘La casa de Papel’ para saquear casa se publicó primero en El Big Data.

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          China unveils 'most advanced' stealth drone: Report      Cache   Translate Page      
The CH7 makes China the second country, following the US, to produce high-altitude long-endurance combat UAVs with advanced penetration capabilities.
          Bukowski - Los locos siempre me han amado      Cache   Translate Page      

Los mejores poemas y frases
de Charles Bubkowski.

y los subnormales
a lo largo de párvulos
los no queridos
se prendían
de mí.
los mancos
los epilépticos
los tartamudos
los tuertos,
y ladrones.
en el trabajo y en
el ocio
siempre atraje
a los indeseables. me encontraban
y se prendían de mí. aún lo

ahora en este vecindario
hay uno que me ha
él merodea
empujando un carrito de supermercado
lleno de basura:
latas abolladas, cintas de zapatos,
bolsas vacías de papas fritas,
envases de leche, periódicos, portaplumas...
“hey, cuate, cómo estás?”
me detengo y conversamos
un rato
luego me despido
pero él
me sigue.
paso las cantinas
y los burdeles...
“manténme informado,
cuate, manténme informado,
quiero saber qué pasa.”
él es mi novedad.
nunca lo he visto
con nadie más.
el carrito traquetea
un momento
detrás de mí
entonces algo
él se detiene
para recogerlo.
entretanto yo
camino por
la puerta principal
del hotel verde de la esquina
cruzo a lo largo
del vestíbulo
y salgo por la puerta
hay un gato
enmierdándolo todo ahí dentro
absolutamente encantador,
me sonríe.
y la luna y las estrellas y el mundo
largas caminatas
son buenas
para el
viendo furtivamente a través de las ventanas
mirando extenuadas
amas de casa
intentando escabullirse
de sus frenéticamente encervezados

Charles Bukowski

          Former Vodacom executive starts tech investment firm      Cache   Translate Page      
(Telecompaper) Called LLH Capital, the firm aims to invest in internet-related businesses and industries such as drones and car tracking, they said...
           Το Ελληνικό κράτος έχει διαλυθεί… Υπάρχουν τουλάχιστον 10-15 χιλιάδες νεαροί κουκουλοφόροι, πλήρως εκπαιδευμένοι σε τακτικές «αντάρτικου πόλης»!      Cache   Translate Page      
Του Θανάση Κ.

Το Ελληνικό κράτος έχει διαλυθεί…

Ποτέ δεν ήταν οργανωμένο. Αλλά τώρα δεν μιλάμε για κάποιες «δυσλειτουργίες». Ούτε απλώς για «παράλυση»…

Εδώ έχουμε πλήρη διάλυση!

Κι αυτό πρέπει να το γνωρίζει η επόμενη κυβέρνηση που θα αναλάβει. Γιατί, αν δεν το αντιμετωπίσει αμέσως, θα το πληρώσει ακριβά…

Η διάλυση είναι πιο έκδηλη –πασίδηλη, ακριβέστερα– σε πολύ κεντρικούς μηχανισμούς του κράτους:

Όπως η Αστυνομία, το Σωφρονιστικό Σύστημα και η (Δημόσια) Παιδεία.

Όλα αυτά πλέον συνδέονται άμεσα: Αφού τα Πανεπιστήμια έχουν γίνει τα κέντρα προστασίας παρανόμων, «ακαταδίωκτου» εγκληματικών πράξεων και ορμητήρια, από τα οποία ξεκινούν ανεμπόδιστα οι ταραξίες. Κατά βούλησιν πια…

Ενώ τα δικαστήρια καταδικάζουν πρόσωπα για συμμετοχή σε τρομοκρατικές οργανώσεις, ύστερα «τα σπάνε» οι κουκουλοφόροι, κι ύστερα… αθωώνουν παμψηφεί. Έγινε κι αυτό.

(Για τις Ένοπλες Δυνάμεις δεν θα γράψω τίποτε. Για λόγους προφανείς, μέρες που ζούμε.)

Πάμε στην Αστυνομία, λοιπόν:

* Θεμέλιο της αστυνόμευσης σε κάθε δημοκρατική κοινωνία είναι οι «κανόνες εμπλοκής» των αστυνομικών. Πότε και υπό ποιες προϋποθέσεις μπορούν να χρησιμοποιούν το μονοπώλιο της νόμιμης βίας που διαθέτουν.

Στην Ελλάδα, ήδη από τη δεκαετία του ’80, θεσπίστηκαν κανόνες εμπλοκής ουσιαστικά ανεφάρμοστοι!

Χοντρικά, πρώτα έπρεπε ο κακοποιός να πυροβολήσει στους αστυνομικούς που τον κυνηγούσαν, ύστερα έπρεπε να το… αναφέρουν εκείνοι στο αρχηγείο τους και να πάρουν άδεια, κι ύστερα να χρησιμοποιήσουν το όπλο τους για να απαντήσουν στα πυρά. Κι αυτό πάντα με οδηγία να μην σκοτώσουν…

Το αποτέλεσμα ήταν ότι οι αστυνομικοί ΔΕΝ κυνηγούσαν επικίνδυνους οπλισμένους κακοποιούς! Γιατί οι κανόνες «εμπλοκής» που είχαν ήταν ότι πρώτος θα έχει… ευκαιρία να τους σκοτώσει ο κακοποιός, κι ύστερα θα είχαν κι εκείνοι ευκαιρία να αμυνθούν – μόνον ΑΝ έπαιρναν άδεια και μόνον αν μπορούσαν να τον εξουδετερώσουν χωρίς να τον σκοτώσουν.

Ενώ εκείνος εξακολουθεί να τους πυροβολεί…

Άσε καλύτερα…

Δεν λέει κανείς να πυροβολούν οι αστυνομικοί όποτε τους έλθει, αδιακρίτως, κατά δικαίων και αδίκων…

Αλλά τέτοιοι «κανόνες εμπλοκής» δεν υπάρχουν πουθενά στον κόσμο πια…

Χώρες που κατάφεραν να ελέγξουν και να περιορίσουν το έγκλημα – κι ιδιαίτερα το «βαρύ» έγκλημα και πολύ περισσότερο το οργανωμένο έγκλημα – έχουν πολύ αυστηρότερους κανόνες εμπλοκής. Και αστυνομικούς καλά εκπαιδευμένους να τους εφαρμόζουν.

Εδώ απλά, είτε τους «δέναμε τα χέρια», είτε τους στέλναμε ως πρόβατα επί σφαγή, είτε τους αφήναμε ακάλυπτους απέναντι σε επικίνδυνους κακοποιούς…

Όμως, η κυβέρνηση ΣΥΡΙΖΑ πήγε ένα βήμα παραπέρα: ουσιαστικά θέσπισε κανόνες ΜΗ εμπλοκής! Απαγόρευσε τη χρήση βίας εκ μέρους της αστυνομίας. Τελεία και παύλα.

Όπως μετέτρεψε τους Λιμενικούς σε… «ναυγοσώστες» λαθρομεταναστών που φτάνουν από απέναντι, έτσι μετέτρεψε και τους αστυνομικούς σε «συνοδούς» κουκουλοφόρων (από μακριά)…

Ή σε «συμπαίκτες» πολεμικών ασκήσεων στα Εξάρχεια κάθε Σαββατόβραδο…

* Το πιο σημαντικό: Για την αντιμετώπιση εγκληματικών πράξεων κατά τη διάρκεια ταραχών και συγκρούσεων, όλες οι αστυνομίες του κόσμου έχουν τα λεγόμενα ΜΗ θανατηφόρα μέτρα αστυνόμευσης (Non-lethal Policing).

Δηλαδή μέσα που επιτρέπουν στις αστυνομικές δυνάμεις να διαλύσουν ταραχές και να συλλάβουν ταραξίες, χωρίς να διακινδυνεύσουν τη ζωή – ούτε τον αστυνομικών ούτε των ταραξιών. Δηλαδή χωρίς πυροβόλα όπλα.

Τα χημικά «εγγύς χρήσης» που χρησιμοποιεί σήμερα η Ελληνική αστυνομία, δεν ανήκουν στην κατηγορία αυτή. Γιατί χρησιμεύουν στο να σταματήσουν μια πορεία όταν βρίσκεται σε πλήρη εξέλιξη – όχι να την διαλύσουν πριν αρχίσει.

Εδώ και δεκαετίες η Ελληνική Αστυνομία έχει καταργήσει τις «αύρες» με τις οποίες είχε εφοδιαστεί στα πρώτα χρόνια της Μεταπολίτευσης (1975-81) – δηλαδή θωρακισμένα οχήματα που διείσδυαν στο πλήθος και πετούσαν οβίδες δακρυγόνων από μακριά για να τους διαλύσουν. Εκείνα ήταν μέσα διάλυσης διαδηλώσεων!

Τα «χημικά» που χρησιμοποιούν σήμερα τα ΜΑΤ, καθώς και οι «κροτίδες κρότου λάμψης», είναι «αμυντικά μέσα» αναχαίτισης...

Κι αφού δεν έχουν μέσα διάλυσης διαδηλώσεων, δεν μπορούν και να τις απαγορεύσουν! Απλώς προσπαθούν να προστατεύσουν την Βουλή, κάποια υπουργεία και ορισμένες πρεσβείες (κι αυτά τα τελευταία, όχι πάντα επιτυχώς).

Κατά τα άλλα αφήνουν τους διαδηλωτές να καίνε τα πάντα. Ακριβώς, γιατί δεν έχουν τα μέσα να τους διαλύσουν – κι ύστερα να τους κυνηγήσουν, να τους ακινητοποιήσουν και να τους συλλάβουν…

Η αμυντική αναδίπλωση της Ελληνικής αστυνομία διαχρονικά υπήρξε η «χαρά των μπαχαλάκηδων». Τους έδωσε «χώρο» να αναπτυχθούν και κίνητρα για να κλιμακώνουν συνεχώς. Τους αποθράσυνε και τους πολλαπλασίασε.

Αφού δεν κινδύνευαν να συλληφθούν, έγινε ένα πολύ συναρπαστικό «παιγνίδι», το οποίο εκτός από την «περιπέτεια» και την «ένταση της στιγμής» κατέληξε και πολύ «προσοδοφόρο»: Αφήνονται ανενόχλητοι να λεηλατούν μαγαζιά, αφού τα σπάνε προηγουμένως, και προτού τους βάλουν φωτιά και τα κάψουν…

Μετά το Δεκέμβριο του 2008, όταν ουσιαστικά λεηλατήθηκε και κάηκε το εμπορικό κέντρο της Αθήνας, επί μήνες η αγορά είχε γεμίσει με παράνομα προϊόντα που πουλιούνταν στη μαύρη αγορά. Οι κουκουλοφόροι έβγαλαν τότε πολύ καλό «μεροκάματο»…

* Μέτρα μη θανατηφόρας αντιμετώπισης ταραχών είναι κυρίως οι λεγόμενοι «καταβρεχτήρες», δηλαδή οχήματα που φέρουν εκτοξευτήρες νερού υπό πίεση.

Με κλιμάκωση πίεσης από τρείς ως… δεκάδες ατμόσφαιρες, μπορεί να διαλύσει οποιονδήποτε όχλο από ασφαλή απόσταση. Μπορούν να σβήσουν ακαριαία επικίνδυνες αστικές πυρκαγιές στη γένεσή τους (όχι μόνο με το νερό που ρίχνουν, αλλά και με την πίεση που κόβει το οξυγόνο).

Κινούνται ταχύτατα, υποστηρίζονται πολύ εύκολα, διεισδύουν παντού, «τρομάζουν», διαλύουν, διευκολύνουν τη σύλληψη και των πιο «θερμόαιμων» χωρίς χρήση πρόσθετης βίας, εξουδετερώνουν τις «μολότοφ» και δεν αντιμετωπίζονται με τίποτε (από τους διαδηλωτές) – ενώ διαθέτουν και αυτό-πυρόσβεση…

Όλες οι αστυνομικές δυνάμεις στον κόσμο – ιδιαίτερα στην Ευρώπη – διαθέτουν από χρόνια τέτοια απαραίτητα μέσα πολύ αποτελεσματικής, ασφαλούς και «μη θανατηφόρας» αστυνόμευσης. Όλες ΕΚΤΟΣ από την Ελλάδα…

Αν υπήρχαν δύο τέτοια οχήματα με εκτοξευτήρες νερού στη Σταδίου, το Μάϊο του 2010, δεν θα καιγόταν η Μαρφιν με τόσους ανθρώπους μέσα. Θα είχαν διαλύσει τους κουκουλοφόρους πριν επιτεθούν ή θα είχαν σβήσει την πυρκαγιά στο ισόγειο από το πρώτο λεπτό…

Στην Ελλάδα, όμως, είχαμε κάνει όλων των ειδών προμήθειες και αγορές, εκτός από το πιο στοιχειώδες μέσο αυτοπροστασίας των πολιτών και της κοινωνίας από τους μπαχαλάκηδες.

Λες και δεν θέλαμε να προστατευτούμε απ’ αυτούς.

Λες και θέλαμε να τους δώσουμε «χώρο» να εξασκούν το «θεάρεστο» έργο τους.

Λες και κάποιο μέρος της κυρίαρχης ελίτ τότε, ΔΕΝ ήθελε να τους σταματήσει. Λες και τους προστάτευαν κάποιοι…

Ο πρώτος και μόνος που έσπευσε να προμηθευθεί σύγχρονους «καταβρεχτήρες», ήταν ο Αντώνης Σαμαράς. Δεν τους αγόρασε. Μάλλον τους… «ζητιάνευσε» από δω και από κει. Δωρεάν! Γιατί τότε – καλοκαίρι του 2012, όταν ανέλαβε – το δημόσιο ταμείο ήταν άδειο…

Ζήτησε από το Ισραήλ που έσπευσε αμέσως να στείλει τέσσερα υπερσύγχρονα οχήματα – ολοκαίνουργα. Ζήτησε κι από τους Ευρωπαίους εταίρους – έστω και μεταχειρισμένα. Το άκουσαν με συμπάθεια, το υποσχέθηκαν αόριστα, αλλά δεν έστειλαν ποτέ, τίποτε.

Τελικά με τα τέσσερα από το Ισραήλ, μαζί με ένα-δύο παλαιότερα που είχαν «ξεμείνει» από την Ολυμπιάδα του 2004 και επισκευάστηκαν αμέσως, φτιάχτηκε ένας «στόλος» έξη απολύτως επιχειρησιακών τέτοιων οχημάτων.

Χρησιμοποιήθηκαν μια φορά το Σεπτέμβριο του 2012 κατά κουκουλοφόρων. Μια φορά – και δεν χρειάστηκε δεύτερη. Ακόμα προσπαθούν να συνέλθουν…

Από τότε οι κουκουλοφόροι και οι μολότοφ ουσιαστικά εξαφανίστηκαν από την Αθήνα για δυόμιση χρόνια περίπου! (Εμφανίστηκαν ξανά το Δεκέμβριο του 2014, όταν ουσιαστικά έπεφτε η κυβέρνηση Σαμαρά στα γεγονότα που σχετίζονταν με το αναρχικό φυλακισμένο Ρωμανό…)

Αμέσως μετά την εκλογή της η κυβέρνηση ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, πέραν όλων των άλλων, παρόπλισε και τους «καταβρεχτήρες» της Αστυνομίας.

Κι έτσι οι μπαχαλάκηδες καίνε ανενόχλητοι κάθε Σαββατοκύριακο το κέντρο της Αθήνας (με ορμητήριο τα Εξάρχεια – αλλά τώρα επεκτείνονται πολύ πιο πέρα)…

* Άλλα σύγχρονα μέσα αστυνόμευσης, είναι τα drones.

Μπορούν να καταγράψουν τη δράση μπαχαλάκηδων και να στοιχειοθετήσουν πλήρως συλλήψεις, παραπομπές και καταδίκες!

Λειτουργούν κυρίως αποτρεπτικά, αλλά συμπληρώνουν το κατασταλτικό έργο. Γιατί αν οι αστυνομικοί ξέρουν πως αυτός που θα συλλάβουν θα παραπεμφθεί και θα καταδικαστεί (αφού θα τον έχουν μαγνητοσκοπήσει τα drones), θα κάνουν τη δουλειά του αμέσως.

Αν, αντίθετα οι αστυνομικοί γνωρίζουν ό,τι όποιον συλλάβουν θα τον αναλάβουν μετά οι δικηγόροι του μπαμπά του και θα αποδείξουν ότι «πέρναγε τυχαία από εκεί», απλά δεν συλλαμβάνουν κανένα.

Για να αναδιαταχθεί η επιχειρησιακή τακτική της αστυνομίας, από αμυντική -παθητική, σε ενεργό και επιθετική διάλυση ταραχών, εκτός από τους «καταβρεχτήρες» χρειάζονται και μέσα που θα πιστοποιούν την συμμετοχή των παραπεμπομένων. Τα drones είναι «ιδανικά» γι’ αυτή τη δουλειά.

Χρησιμοποιούνται ήδη από πολλές χώρες και κοστίζουν ελάχιστα…

Ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ απονευρώνει πλέον το σύνολο του κράτους. Και την αστυνόμευση, και την ποινική αντιμετώπιση και το σωφρονιστικό σύστημα.

Δηλαδή αντιστρέφει το έργο του Σαμαρά, ο οποίος είχε αρχίσει σταδιακά να εξοπλίζει την αστυνομία με σύγχρονα μέσα, να καθαρίζει τα «ορμητήρια», να περισφίγγει τα «άβατα» – είχε καταργήσει το «άσυλο παρανομίας» στα Πανεπιστήμια, είχε «μαντρώσει» τους παράνομους μετανάστες στην «Αμυγδαλέζα», είχε κλείσει τα σύνορα, και είχε φτιάξει φυλακές υψίστης ασφαλείας για τους τρομοκράτες και τους «βαρυποινίτες».

Σε δυόμιση χρόνια τότε, ο Σαμαράς είχα κάνει περισσότερα για την Ασφάλεια απ’ όσα είχαν κάνει όλες οι προηγούμενες κυβερνήσεις μαζί! Κι είχε καθαρίσει περισσότερα απ’ όσα είχαν τολμήσει να αγγίξουν οι προηγούμενοι. Κι όλα αυτά χωρίς να ανοίξει ρουθούνι. Τότε…

Στα τέσσερα χρόνια του, ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ διέλυσε τα πάντα δίνοντας χώρο και κίνητρα σε κάθε είδους παρανόμους – κοινούς εγκληματίες, μαφιόζους, συμμορίες λαθρομεταναστών, τρομοκράτες και απλό έγκλημα…

Τα αποτελέσματα τα βλέπουμε καθημερινά…

Κι είναι πολύ αιματηρά.

Και δυστυχώς, πολύ σύντομα θα δούμε πολύ χειρότερα. Γιατί έχει χαθεί κάθε έλεγχος πια…

ΥΓ. Η κατάσταση δεν αντιστρέφεται εύκολα! Τουλάχιστον, όχι με απλούς τρόπους…

Σήμερα υπάρχουν τουλάχιστον 10-15 χιλιάδες νεαροί κουκουλοφόροι, πλήρως εκπαιδευμένοι σε τακτικές «αντάρτικου πόλης»!

Από αυτούς, πάνω από τους μισούς είναι λαθρομετανάστες που εκπαιδεύονται από τους «δικούς μας», αλλά συντηρούνται από τα κυκλώματα των «διακινητών» που τους έφεραν – και που διαχειρίζονται τα «περιβόητα» κονδύλια (κοινοτικά και μη).

Αν «κινηθούν» όλοι αυτοί, η Αστυνομία μας στο σύνολο της ΔΕΝ μπορεί πια να τους αντιμετωπίσει! Τουλάχιστον όχι με τα σημερινά μέσα που διαθέτει και τους κανόνες ΜΗ εμπλοκής που της έχουν επιβληθεί.

Μπορεί να υπάρξει αιματοχυσία! Αστυνομικών στην αρχή…

Στη συνέχεια, θα χαθεί η μπάλα! Και κάθε έλεγχος…

Κι αυτό μπορεί να συμβεί ανά πάσα στιγμή και «δι’ ασήμαντον αφορμήν». Που μπορεί να είναι και «προκατασκευασμένη»…

Τα κυκλώματα αυτά ΔΕΝ ελέγχονται από κανένα ορατό κέντρο. Ακόμα και ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ τους καλύπτει – αλλά ΔΕΝ τους ελέγχει!
Δεν προετοιμάζονται συνεχώς, επί τρία χρόνια, τυχαία και «από χόμπι».
Δεν χρηματοδοτούνται τόσο αδρά, χωρίς λόγο…
Δεν κλιμακώνουν συνεχώς τις προκλήσεις, έτσι «συμπτωματικά».
Δεν «δικτυώνονται» με το οργανωμένο έγκλημα, χωρίς κάτι να προετοιμάζεται…

Όλα αυτά συμβαίνουν και τα ξέρουμε.

Αλλά εμείς ΔΕΝ τα αντιμετωπίζουμε. Κάνουμε πως δεν τα βλέπουμε.

Και συζητάμε τις αστειότητες και τα προσχηματικά του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ περί «συνταγματικής αναθεώρησης».

Παιδιά, ξυπνάτε!

          'KISIWA CHA JUMA WILAYANI UKEREWE CHAPATA UFUMBUZI'       Cache   Translate Page      


Ukerewe ni kisiwa kikubwa kuliko vyote miongoni mwa visiwa vilivyomo ndani ya Ziwa Victoria na pia ni kisiwa kikubwa kuliko vyote miongoni mwa visiwa vyote vilivyomo kwenye maziwa katika bara lote la Afrika. 

Kisiwa hiki kina ukubwa wa kilometa za mraba zipatazo 530. Kisiwa hiki kinaunda wilaya ya Ukerewe ambayo ni moja wapo kati ya wilaya saba za mkoa wa Mwanza. na kipo kilomita 45 kaskazini mwa jiji la Mwanza kikimiliki visiwa vidogo zaidi ya 30. 

Baada ya kumaliza siku tatu za maonesho ya makampuni mbalimbali ya kimataifa yenye kuunda ndege zisizokuwa na rubani, Mkuu wa mkoa wa Mwanza Mhe. John Mongella ambaye ni mmoja ya wadau wakubwa wa mradi huo anasema haya......

 "Kijiografia Mwanza ni kubwa na sifa hiyo inanogeshwa na uwepo wa visiwa zaidi ya 30 vinavyomilikiwa na mkoa wetu, pamoja na juhudi kubwa za Serikali katika kuboresha huduma za mawasiliano ya miundombinu ya barabara na safari ya njia ya maji hivyo kurahisisha huduma nyingine kama biashara na uchumi lakini bado miundo mbinu hiyo haijawa suluhu linapokuja suala la afya ambalo linahitaji dharula ya haraka"

"Baada ya kuumiza kichwa kwa kufikiri tukihangaika kusaka suluhisho la kudumu litakalo harakisha huduma kwenye vituo ili kuepusha vifo vya akinamama na watoto wanaokosa huduma za haraka, tofauti na helkopta na ndege kubwa ambazo zinahitaji gharama kubwa, ndipo likaja wazo hili la kutumia ndege zisizokuwa na rubani yaani drone" ZAIDI BOFYA PLAYA 
          Se incrementan robos en provincias del Noroeste      Cache   Translate Page      
Mao-. Los robos de motocicletas y de otros tipos de pertenencias continúan en poblaciones de la región Noroeste, mientras la Policía sigue ocultando estos tipos de hechos. 

En el municipio de Esperanza, elementos desconocidos robaron la motocicleta marca Benye CG-150, color negro que su propietario César Villamán dejó estacionada frente a una pensión donde reside, ubicada en la calle La Azucarera. 

Mientras que en Santiago Rodríguez, la señora Zulema Estévez denunció la sustracción por parte de personas desconocidas de la motocicleta marca Force, modelo CG150, color negro, que dejó estacionada en frente de su vivienda. 

También en Santiago Rodríguez, una arquitecta denunció el robo de un rollo de alambre eléctrico, valorado en más de 50 mil pesos, que guardaba en una vivienda en construcción ubicada en los Multis Viejos.

          Public Middle School Girls Drone Coding Camp      Cache   Translate Page      
Connectech hosted its second all girls’ coding camp during the most recent half term school break, introducing public middle school girls to coding drones and hovercrafts at the tech incubator’s purpose-built space on Cedar Avenue in Hamilton. A spokesperson said, “Thirteen girls from Bermuda’s public middle school system attended the one-week camp funded by Hamilton […]

(Click to read the full article)

          From psychedelia to polystyrene: new sounds from Scott Lawlor and PMSFX      Cache   Translate Page      

It’s time for the round-up of some of the latest sounds we have for you and this time they come from new and active contributors Scott Lawlor and PMSFX. There’s everything from Foley and household sound effects to the sci-fi and cinematic so there will almost certainly be something you can use. 14 Sounds from Scott Scott is a prolific artist with more albums than I can count on Bandcamp. I know him for his dark ambient compositions and his emotive piano playing, so it was a surprise to find that his latest contribution is something a little different as he turns his attention to filling out our “Hits and Noises” category with some interesting retro sound design. There’s this trippy piece of time-stretched oddness, which reminds me of someone having a hallucination and this other strange sound, which wouldn’t look out of place in any episode of classic Doctor Who. There are also a couple of atmospheric drones like this one.  and also the sound of glass being emptied into a recycle bin. All in all, this is a mini collection that showcases the diversity of Scott’s talent, especially when considered alongside his other work. Five Sounds from PMSFX PMSFX just doesn’t stop and we’re really grateful for the quantity of excellent content they’ve given us from their many libraries. Again, this latest little batch really shows how diverse the sound design that comes out of PMSFX is. We have a shower curtain, a nice sonorous coin sound, polystyrene creaking and finally my two picks to show you this time round. The first is a rain storm captured in a back alley with distant thunder rumbles and nice, bright, clear rain. One of the things I really like about PMSFX’s sounds is the clarity he manages to achieve in his recordings, whether the sounds are artificial or natural and I first noticed this brightness while listening to his Back Alley rain library. The second is a cinematic hit. PMSFX’s cinematic sounds have all the oomph and hyper-reality you need for in your face stingers etc. I like the growling, powering down feel this sound has. If you like these sounds, check out Scott and PMSFx’s profiles and remember you have the chance to win all PMSFX’s sound libraries in one fell swoop by entering our competition. That’s it for now. Watch out for a post from Alan about his trip to record World War II tanks coming up very soon.

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          型男竇驍駕法拉利 Portofino 馳騁香港 航拍盡攝速度與美景      Cache   Translate Page      

法拉利日前公開新車 Portofino 的宣傳短片,找來型男竇驍作為主角,駕駛這輛價值港幣 350 萬以上的辣跑遊香江。短片穿插了不少航拍畫面,將香港繁榮的晝夜與跑車激昂的速度盡收鏡下。

這篇文章 型男竇驍駕法拉利 Portofino 馳騁香港 航拍盡攝速度與美景 最早出現於 DronesPlayer

          Comentário em DJI Flight Simulator: Simulador de voo de drone está disponível para PC por Samuel Alves      Cache   Translate Page      
Alguma possibilidade do DJI Flight Simulator para Mac OS X?
          Piano quintet: Symphony no. 10: 'Drones of druids on Celtic ruins' / Gloria Coates      Cache   Translate Page      
MEDIA PhonCD C632 insmu a
           Comer sapos es incompatible con nuestra redención moral      Cache   Translate Page      

***La pérdida de la dignidad es aún peor  que la ruina material

En un largo y bien escrito análisis sobre la situación política venezolana, ver:  Michael Penfold dice, entre otras cosas lo siguiente: “El segundo escenario de esa misma negociación implica la reinstitucionalización completa del país a cambio de amplias garantías políticas y judiciales para el chavismo…  Este intercambio pasa por comernos varios sapos: justicia transicional, sobrerrepresentación de las minorías, transferencias fiscales aseguradas y amnistías de todo tipo”. 
Y, casi al final de su análisis agrega:
Es más que evidente que la negociación es inevitable. Lo difícil es explorar la forma de condicionar lo incondicional”.
Estas son consideraciones sorprendentes, sobre todo porque en gran parte de ese mismo análisis Penfold asevera que el diálogo, la negociación, es inmoral y ha sido, hasta ahora, desastrosa para Venezuela. Dice Penfold:
“Es indudable que en Venezuela existen muy buenas razones para pensar de antemano que cualquier nuevo intento de negociación es una pésima idea. Las experiencias previas con dichos procesos terminaron más bien por desprestigiar a los partidos políticos que de buena voluntad decidieron participar en ellos, hundió en la desesperanza a la población que avaló la idea de buscar acercamientos, y también condenó al escepticismo a la misma comunidad internacional que los ha promovido. En el pasado, el Gobierno ha utilizado muy hábilmente a la negociación como una táctica para ganar más tiempo en su esfuerzo por posponer la entrega del poder y dividir al liderazgo opositor. 
Y agrega: ¿Para qué insistir en este tipo de alternativas? La pregunta no es retórica. Esto es exactamente lo que argumentan aquellos que nos recuerdan que cualquier negociación en Venezuela no sólo es inmoral, sino estructuralmente imposible.
Sin embargo, Penfold comienza a argumentar a favor de una negociación cuando dice:
Hasta ahora todos estos supuestos no han producido los resultados esperados: el chavismo ha logrado atrincherarse con cierto éxito. La ruptura final no se ha producido —lo cual no quiere decir que pueda ocurrir más adelante—. Los militares parecieran mantenerse leales o han sido efectivamente purgados. La amenaza internacional tampoco termina siendo ni suficiente, ni perfectamente creíble”.
Y agrega:
“Quienes dicen que en el país no hace falta una negociación tienden a subestimar la posibilidad de que la nefasta situación actual se siga extendiendo en el tiempo.. ….la posibilidad de que ambos grupos puedan construir una salida sin una negociación, por la vía del dominio, de la implosión o de un colapso, es algo que luce cada vez menos probable.
En base a estas consideraciones Penfold avanza un escenario de negociación, al decir:
“El segundo escenario de esa misma negociación implica la reinstitucionalización completa del país a cambio de amplias garantías políticas y judiciales para el chavismo. Este acuerdo conllevaría ineludiblemente a un cambio político. De ahí que insistir en aumentar los costos asociados a las amenazas internacionales es insuficiente sin dar claras señales de estar dispuesto a ser igualmente creíbles a la hora de otorgar ciertas concesiones. Este intercambio pasa por comernos varios sapos: justicia transicional, sobrerrepresentación de las minorías, transferencias fiscales aseguradas y amnistías de todo tipo.Bajo esta perspectiva, la negociación no sería tratada como una simple transacción comicial, sino como un mecanismo para consensuar un conjunto de instituciones constitucionales, judiciales y electorales que garanticen a ambas partes que perder la presidencia no se convierta en un drama, que ejercer el poder no sea un burdo botín y que pasar a la oposición no implique andar desnudo o preso”.  
Y termina diciendo:
Es más que evidente que la negociación es inevitable. Lo difícil es explorar la forma de condicionar lo incondicional”.
Hemos creído deseable referirnos a este escrito porque consideramos a Michael Penfold como uno de los más lúcidos y objetivos analistas políticos que tiene Venezuela. Por ello su planteamiento no debe pasar por debajo de la mesa. Es un planteamiento que refuerza, sin que ese sea su intención, la tendencia colaboracionista de un sector de lo que fuera la MUD, hoy desintegrado y con señales de haber elegido la coexistencia pacífica con el narco-régimen de Nicolás Maduro, líderes como Rosales, Falcón, Timoteo Zambrano, Ramos Allup, hasta el mismo Capriles, grupo cuyo mensaje se ha hecho menos y menos frontal y más acomodaticio con el régimen.
En particular dos párrafos en el análisis de Penfold deben ser cuestionados a fondo por quienes desean ver a Venezuela como país, libre, digno y democrático. Uno, el que dice: “Este intercambio pasa por comernos varios sapos: justicia transicional, sobrerrepresentación de las minorías, transferencias fiscales aseguradas y amnistías de todo tipo”. El otro: “Es más que evidente que la negociación es inevitable”.
Comer sapos, nunca, si es que Venezuela desea recuperar algún día su dignidad. El país está hoy destruido material y espiritualmente. Su redención futura incluye como componente fundamental, indispensable,  la recuperación de la dignidad ciudadana. Y la dignidad ciudadana de los venezolanos jamás podrá ser recuperada si comemos sapos, es decir, si dejamos de aplicar debidamente la justicia, si otorgamos amnistías  a los narcos, ladrones y asesinos del sistema chavista-madurista, si permitimos a los criminales irse impunes. De igual manera es preciso rechazar de plano las negociaciones, no importa quien las pida, así sea el Papa, así sea la Unión Europea o el difuso y desprestigiado Grupo de Boston.  Negociar con esos desalmados que han arruinado al país llevará a la prostitución y abandono de principios y valores que son sagrados.
Estamos asistiendo al derrumbe, a la implosión del narco-régimen, gracias a la presión internacional y a pesar de la parálisis de una buena parte del grupo opositor. Un masivo desconocimiento del régimen por parte del mundo civilizado debe terminar con su salida del poder. Negociar con ellos, comer sapos, es impensable. No le hagamos caso a quienes lo recomiendan, así estén animados de las mejores intenciones.

          "Let’s Have a War with Russia!: I’d Rather Be Ruled by Autistic Hamsters"      Cache   Translate Page      
The current state of the American Army. 
Troops learn the hardships of pregnancy.

"Let’s Have a War with Russia!: 
I’d Rather Be Ruled by Autistic Hamsters"
 by Fred Reed

"The United States seems to be contemplating war with Russia, Iran, China, or all three Washington pushes NATO ever closer to Russia, leaves the nuclear-missile treaty and tries to destroy both countries and China economically. Why the push for war?

Simple. Asia is awakening. China (from which I have just returned) grows economically at a scorching pace–and all power rests on economic power. China is a large country, America a medium-sized one. America’s roughly two hundred million whites do virtually all of the scientific work on which national power depends. China has a billion increasingly educated Han Chinese, a five-to-one advantage. China’s stated aim is to united Eurasia among other places in one vast commercial union. Washington’s pugnacity has pushed China, Ira, and Russia together. The chain of nations, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey all totter between looking east and looking west. If Washington doesn’t stop this growth, the American Empire will be marginalized within decades. This doesn’t threaten the American public. It threatens the Empire and Israel.

What would a war with Russia look like, even assuming that it didn’t go nuclear? A great military thinker–me, actually–once said that military stupidity comes in three levels: normally stupid; really really stupid; and invading Russia. From Chuck XII to Adolf I it has proved a poor career move.

The US military has not won a war since 1945, with the exception of the First Gulf War, which the LAPD could have won. It lost decisively in Vietnam. It got run out of Lebanon with 241 dead Marines as its only accomplishment. After seventeen years it shows no signs of defeating barely armed Afghan peasants. Iraq has been a complete botch, achieving none of its goals, control of the oil, permanent bases, and a puppet government. Just now the military is losing in Syria.

Nothing short of genius can account for losing so consistently given the enormous resources available to American forces. In light of this very low level of military competence, maybe wars are not our best choice of hobby.

What sort of war is envisaged? The United States cannot fight a sizable land war. Iran can. Russia can. The American military means air power and little else.  The Army hasn’t fought a serious war since 1973, the fleet since 1945. In long periods of inaction, things deteriorate because they do not seem important. Crucial supplies cease to exist, spare parts aren’t there, the logistics train quietly becomes inoperable.  Money goes instead to pricey weapons of little practical use.

The Army recruits from a soft millennial population. America is no longer a country of tough rural kids. Social engineering has rotted the ranks. The military has suffered years of feminization, SJW appeasement, affirmative action, lowered physical standards, and LGBTQ insertion. Conscription is politically impossible. The Army cannot defeat Afghans even with the advantages of unlimited air power, artillery, gun ships, medevac, helicopters, and drones, It would last a very short time if it had to fight the Afghans or Iranians, on even terms. Muslims are more virile than today’s Americans and have proven tenacious.

A military that never fights a war that it has to win, that never encounters an enemy that can dangerously hit back, inevitably deteriorates. Militaries come to believe their own propaganda. So, apparently, do  the feral mollycoddles in the White House and New York. The American military’s normal procedure is to overestimate American power, underestimate the enemy, and misunderstand the kind of war it is getting into. Should Washington decide on war with Iran, or Russia (unless by a surprise nuclear strike) there will be the  usual talk of the most powerful, best trained, best equipped etc., and how the Ivans and towelheads will melt away in days, a cakewalk. Bet me.

Militaries have a very poor record of predicting outcomes of wars. This might provoke thought. The American Civil War was expected to be over in an afternoon; this was wrong by 650,000 dead and four years. When Napoleon invaded Russia, he did not expect Russians to occupy Paris. Germany thought that WWI would be a war of movement over in weeks; in fact a ghastly war of attrition lasting four years. When Japan attacked Pearl, it was not intentionally inviting GIs to the geisha houses of Tokyo. When Germany invaded Poland, occupation of Germany by Russia and America was low on its list of expectations. When France re-invaded Vietnam, it did not foresee Dien Bien Phu and utter defeat by les jaunes. When America invaded Vietnam, it did not expect a decade-long losing war. When Russia invaded Afghanistan it did not expect to lose to Afghans in sandals. When America invaded Afghanistan, having seen what had happened to Russia, it did not expect the same result.

We do not know what a war with Iran, or Russia, or China  would look like or what the Iranians might do. An overconfident military and an inexperienced government in Washington will predictably predict a short war and speak of precision weapons and surgical strikes. The Navy will guarantee that it can keep the Straits open, and speak of its advanced technology. The expectation will be that there will be nothing unexpected. The White House will believe that  Iran will lie there and be bombed without response. Russia? The nukes will fall on the European countries from which the attack came. Germany might ponder this carefully.

America could of course destroy much of Iran and kill millions of the defenseless. This is what America now calls “war.” It would be amusing to see what would happen if the Air Force had to fight an enemy that could fight back, but this would mean only Russia or, perhaps, just possibly, barely, to some extent, China. It is a coward’s way of war and, to judge by South Vietnam and Afghanistan, not very effective. Killing lots of people and winning a war are not the same thing.

What if Iran did stop petroleum traffic in the Persian Gulf with, say, missiles mounted on pickup trucks. Is this possible? I don’t know. Neither, I suspect, does the Navy–which will insist that it can handle mere pickup trucks with its superb this and that, its best trained, best equipped, the only hyper-power, and so on. But tankers are not going to run even a small risk of going up in flames. How long would the Straits have to be closed with the world screaming for oil before Washington, desperate, its vanity bruised,  full of huge egos, would have to do something stupid to save face?

Further, American leadership is of dangerously low quality. An essentially absentee Congress, the sordidness and criminality of the Clintons, Trump’s utter crassness and shady past, the submission to Israel, the widespread and never punished corruption. In this sorry brew no one seems interested in the well being of the county, only unseemly grasping at benefits for the arms industry, big oil, Wall Street, Tel Aviv, and the Empire. Note that wars generate huge profits for the arms makers and the longer the war can be kept going, neither winning nor losing, the greater the profits. War against Iran would be a magnificent profit center. Since American casualties are extremely low, permanent war has few downsides.

At the top of government we have an unprepossessing bunch that would make Kaiser Wilhelm’s court seem wholesome. Their chief characteristics are pathological aggressiveness and a severe case of Beltway Bubble Syndrome. There is Trump with his weird eruptions. The ever-combative Nikki Haley. Steve Bannon, prophesying and hoping for war with China. Mike Pompeo, threatening Iran, threatening, Venezuela, threatening North Korea. John  Bolton of the codiece mustaches, always counseling a war he won’t fight in, like Trump a drat dodger with something to prove. The life of millions depends on this freak show? I need a drink.”

          Les drones US craignent les brouilleurs russes, selon The National Interest      Cache   Translate Page      
Les capacités grandissantes de la Russie pour s’attaquer aux drones ennemis pourraient avoir de graves conséquences pour les États-Unis qui tablent toujours davantage sur les aéronefs sans pilote, selon The National Interest.
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5 Ways Sports Teams Use CRM Systems ricky.ribeiro Fri, 11/02/2018 - 09:52

Sports fans are unique and devoted consumers. In one way, says customer relationship management industry analyst Paul Greenberg, a sports fan is the optimal customer, frequently promoting and communicating about their favorite brand. But harnessing that passion and learning how to “manage and communicate and embrace them in ways that satisfy both team/league/venue and the fan” is more complicated.

“The sheer quantity of fans and the sheer level of the expectations of each of these fans is breathtaking,” says Greenberg in a ZDNet article.

Many sports teams rely on CRM software to help them create, build and manage fan relationships. Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM is a popular choice. According to Greenberg, “about 65 to 70 percent of all sports including teams, leagues and venues, and over 80 percent of major league baseball use Dynamics CRM or some part of it.”

MORE FROM BIZTECH: Drones and VR are officially on the field for pro sports.

Why is CRM software so important for sports teams? Because the financial success of a team — whether it’s football, soccer, baseball or another sport — is about more than how it plays the game. It’s about keeping fans engaged.

Here are a few important ways sports teams use CRM software:

1. To Build Detailed Profiles of Fans

According to Microsoft, Britain’s Leicester City Football (that’s soccer, for those in the U.S.) uses Microsoft Dynamics to build profiles of all its supporters based on ticket and retail purchase history, demographic information, match attendance and website signups. Caroline von Schrader, senior manager for revenue strategy for the Washington Nationals, said during a 2018 panel discussion at CRM Evolution 2018 that the team collects extensive data on fans. “We know exactly what each customer is buying, how they’re interacting and engaging with the team, which emails they’re opening, what they’re buying at the team store, what food products they’re buying, which types of games and which opponents they’re coming to,” von Schrader said, according to Destination CRM.

2. To Send Customized Messages or Promotions to Targeted Groups of Fans

Leicester City Football used its detailed fan information to identify and segment audiences for engagement email campaigns. Jamie Tabor, head of marketing at the club, tells Microsoft, “We set out to provide all the key information fans are looking for before and after a game, in a nice easy to digest format. The increased click-through rates show it’s been a positive move.” Von Schrader said the Washington Nationals use data to target specific groups as well. “There’s different types of customers and we have very targeted email offers and other single-game ticket offers that we're constantly trying to target these specific fans for and see how they respond, and then what we can continue to learn about these fans and our new fans that we’re acquiring.”

3. To Increase Ticket Sales

Von Schrader said the Washington Nationals’ data is used to promote ticket sales. “By having a 360-degree view of the customer, we’re able to know which customers would be the best fit for which packages, which season plans, which single-game ticket offers, and things like that,” she said. Similarly, Linda Rosencrance tells MS Dynamics World that a National Football League team used the CRM to help gauge individual customers’ ability to pay for season tickets, ensuring the team’s sales force had the right data when approaching a potential season ticket holder. Russell Scibetti, president of KORE Planning & Insights, notes customers are 35 percent more likely to buy a ticket plan if they feel the message they receive was customized to them.

4. To Get Support from Sponsors

CRM manager Kristian Gotsch tells The Business of Sports blog that sponsors are no longer satisfied with being tangentially connected with a team brand. They desire deeper and more intricate integration with fans. “Today’s sponsors are more demanding when it comes to understanding the customers of the club (i.e. the fans),” Gotsch says. “Sponsors want to know the details of the supporters (e.g. demographics, behavior, preferences) and see how they match with the company’s brand, image and messaging. Furthermore, clubs who understand their fan base are able to proactively provide sponsors and partners with much better propositions and insights than their competitors.”

5. To Keep Fans Engaged

There are plenty of distractions, even for loyal sports fans. Instead of attending games in person, they can watch at home or online or turn to any one of hundreds of other entertainment options, which means sports teams have to try harder than ever to get fans into the stadium. “Clubs have to offer the fan more if they want to keep them interested in the stadium experience,” Gotsch says. “What strategy and activities a club will choose to entertain and engage with fans (before, during and after a game) are determined through data analysis and interpretation.” Knowing what fans want and how they behave and how those factors influence each other is a core factor in CRM.

          #11: Drones — “The Flying IoT”      Cache   Translate Page      
Flying IoT: Drones are not just for delivering your Amazon packages, eliminating terrorist threats across the globe and spying on your neighbors. Did you know that they can be used to get a leg up on hunting feral pigs? Or that starting your own drone business could be the next hottest startup? Charles and Andreea […]
          Medical applications of drones for disaster relief: a review of the literature - Rosser JB, Parker BC, Vignesh V.       Cache   Translate Page      
INTRODUCTION: Rapid progress has been made with unmanned aerial systems (UAS), which are now used in a wide variety of different fields, including media, agriculture, wildlife, and infrastructure. However, the application of UAS for medical purposes, and i...
          Komatsu to Distribute Skycatch Solution Globally      Cache   Translate Page      
Komatsu and Skycatch jointly announced the global availability of the Explore1 high precision RTK drone, Edge1 GNSS base station, on-premise data processing and aerial analytics unit, now available through the Komatsu global distribution channels. Komatsu has been pioneering job site automation in Construction since 1921, providing savvy construction workers across the globe the ability to […]
          China Releases CH-5 Video      Cache   Translate Page      
 China has released a new propaganda video of its deadly unmanned fighter jet, which shows the aircraft striking still and moving targets. CH-5, also known as Rainbow-5, was unveiled in 2016 and is said to be China’s largest and most powerful drone bomber. The aircraft can carry 16 missiles and strike targets while flying at an […]
          New Drone Speed World Record Set at the FAI World Drone Racing Championships      Cache   Translate Page      
Switzerland’s Timothy Trowbridge is the holder of the new FAI world record for speed over 100m with a racing drone. The drone racing pilot hit an average speed of 114.2382 km/h across two separate runs of the 100m track, which was specially constructed for the FAI World Drone Racing Championships here at the Shenzhen Universiade […]
          Terra Drone Expands into African Market      Cache   Translate Page      
Terra Drone Corporation established a new branch in South Africa specializing in drone solutions for underground and surface mining. Terra Drone focuses on providing cutting-edge, smart-mining solutions, which improve safety, reduce down-time, reduce costs, and increase the quality of data so better business decisions can be made. Terra Drone aims at further development of drone […]
          Iris Automation, Kansas DOT Begin Test Flights for Drone Integration Pilot Program      Cache   Translate Page      
The Kansas Department of Transportation is starting the testing phase of the Integration Pilot Program this week. Flights by Iris Automation will focus on enabling new detect and avoid capabilities for drones. Iris Automation will be testing its collision avoidance technology in the airspace above Gypsum’s farmlands. The technology uses computer vision and artificial intelligence […]
          Are drivers ready for traffic enforcement drones? - Rosenfeld A.       Cache   Translate Page      
Traffic enforcement drones reduce high-risk driving behavior which often leads to traffic crashes. However, the introduction of drones may face a public acceptance challenge which may severely hinder their potential impact. In this paper, we report and dis...
          Comment on A drone is flying Snoop Dogg Spyro Reignited Trilogy from NYC to LA by Rhys Harrod      Cache   Translate Page      
Darrell Kiely we will never be Snoop Dogg cool 😢
          Comment on A drone is flying Snoop Dogg Spyro Reignited Trilogy from NYC to LA by Mark Nonyo      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on A drone is flying Snoop Dogg Spyro Reignited Trilogy from NYC to LA by Aaron Desveaux      Cache   Translate Page      
Ellie White
          Nebo-M Radar Complex: The Stealth Buster      Cache   Translate Page      
Hello Komrads, for you is latest Russian propaganda which say about how to see for f-35. The Nebo-M is a Russian radar station that detects and tracks airborne targets, including ballistic missiles, stealth aircraft and even tiny drones. The system boasts unparalleled range: up to 1,800 km and a maximum altitude of 1,200 km. It has two radar systems that use different frequency ranges. The Nebo-M, mounted on three trucks, is also mobile and quick to deploy. Combat Approved takes a look and puts this mighty beast to the test.
          Launching Honor 8x: Smartphone Berfitur Flagship Berpadu dengan Harga Terbaik      Cache   Translate Page, Jakarta Honor sebagai e-brand smartphone terkemuka secara resmi meluncurkan Honor 8X bertempat di The Hall, Senayan City, Selasa (06/11/2018). Mengusung slogan "Beyonds limits" atau berarti "Melampaui Batas," Honor 8X digadang menjadi amunisi baru untuk menantang smartphone flagship dengan harga kompetitif.

Peluncuran ini sekaligus menjadi langkah penting bagi Honor yang menargetkan jadi Top 3 smartphone terbaik dalam tiga tahun ke depan. Ya, bukan tanpa alasan Honor mendapuk Honor 8X  menjadi penantang smartphone flagship brand ternama lainnya.

Dilihat dari spesifikasinya, Honor 8X memang terbilang tak biasa untuk smartphone dengan rentang harga di kelasnya. Honor 8X dibekali  layar berukuran 6,5 inci, screen-to-body ratio hingga 91%, kamera ganda di bagian belakang beresolusi 20MP dan 2MP ditunjang teknologi Artificial Intelligence (AI), serta prosesor berkinerja tinggi Kirin 710. Tentu saja Honor 8X menawarkan proposisi nilai dengan harga yang tak tersaingi oleh smartphone flagship sekalipun.

“Secara internal, kami menyebut Honor 8X ini sebagai flagship killer, karena produk ini memiliki banyak fitur unggulan layaknya smartphone kelas atas, namun harganya sangat terjangkau,” kata James Yang, Presiden Honor Indonesia.

James menambahkan, bahwa popularitas Honor 8X sudah dikenal hampir di seluruh dunia, sebut saja di Rusia, kawasan Timur Tengah, dan negara-negara Eropa Barat membuat smartphone ini laris manis. Tentu ini menjadi bukti bahwa para pengguna telah mengakui Honor 8X sebagai handphone dengan nilai terbaik saat ini.

Saat acara peluncuran, Honor berkolaborasi dengan pemimpin pasar drone dan sistem fotografi udara, DJI dengan meluncurkan kotak khusus co-branding. Kotak yang memuat logo Honor 8X dan DJI Spark tersebut bertujuan untuk menciptakan gaya hidup baru bagi anak muda Indonesia, terutama dengan bantuan teknologi yang kian canggih.  Selain itu, ada juga beberapa kerjasama offline antara Honor 8X dan DJI di toko ritel resmi DJI di Jakarta.

Untuk menyediakan lebih banyak hiburan bagi konsumen, Honor juga bermitra dengan Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, arena permainan online multiplayer yang populer di smartphone.

Menurut Adrian Alpin, Direktur Pemasaran Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, kerja sama ini bertujuan untuk menyediakan lebih banyak hiburan bagi konsumen dan memenuhi kebutuhan anak muda Indonesia yang ingin mengoptimalkan pengalaman gaming mereka.

Konsistensi memproduksi jajaran produk inovatif disertai strategi pemasaran yang tepat, Honor sebagai e-brand smartphone nomor satu di negeri tirai bambu juga berharap bisa menjadi pemimpin industri smartphone di tanah air.

Tak hanya itu Honor terus memperluas pasarnya ke negara-negara lain, dalam semester pertama tahun 2018, Honor telah berhasil mencatatkan pertumbuhan volume penjualan internasional hingga 150% year-on-year di luar pasar China.

Di Indonesia sendiri, Honor meraih pencapaian yang luar biasa, dengan pertumbuhan bulanan sebesar 100% di paruh pertama tahun ini. Pada bulan Mei 2018, Honor bahkan telah melampaui Apple sebagai merek smartphone nomor 2 di Rusia dalam hal volume penjualan, setelah berada di posisi ke 3 dalam waktu 13 bulan sebelumnya.

Honor juga merupakan vendor smartphone dengan pertumbuhan terpesat di India, yakni sebesar 300% dalam volume penjualan dan pendapatan di paruh pertama tahun 2018.



          This Company Wants to Make the Internet Load Faster      Cache   Translate Page      

The internet went down on February 28, 2017. Or at least that's how it seemed to some users as sites and apps like Slack and Medium went offline or malfunctioned for four hours. What actually happened is that Amazon's enormously popular S3 cloud storage service experienced an outage , affecting everything that depended on it.

It was a reminder of the risks when too much of the internet relies on a single service. Amazon gives customers the option of storing their data in different "availability regions" around the world, and within those regions it has multiple data centers in case something goes wrong. But last year's outage knocked out S3 in the entire North Virginia region. Customers could of course use other regions, or other clouds, as backups, but that involves extra work, including possibly managing accounts with multiple cloud providers.

A San Francisco based startup called Netlify wants to make it easier to avoid these sorts of outages by automatically distributing its customers’ content to multiple cloud computing providers. Users don't need accounts with Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, or any other cloud company―Netlify maintains relationships with those services. You just sign-up for Netlify, and it handles the rest.

You can think of the company's core service as a cross between traditional web hosting providers and content delivery networks, like Akamai, that cache content on servers around the world to speed up websites and apps. Netlify has already attracted some big tech names as customers, often to host websites related to open source projects. For example, Google uses Netlify for the website for its infrastructure management tool Kubernetes, and Facebook uses the service for its programming framework React. But Netlify founders Christian Bach and Mathias Biilmann don't want to just be middlemen for cloud hosting. They want to fundamentally change how web applications are built, and put Netlify at the center.

Traditionally, web applications have run mostly on servers. The applications run their code in the cloud, or in a company's own data center, assemble a web page based on the results, and send the result to your browser. But as browsers have grown more sophisticated, web developers have begun shifting computing workloads to the browser. Today, browser-based apps like Google Docs or Facebook feel like desktop applications. Netlify aims to make it easier to build, publish, and maintain these types of sites.

Back to the Static Future

Markus Seyfferth, the COO of Smashing Media, was converted to Netlify's vision when he saw Biilman speak at a conference in 2016. Smashing Media, which publishes the web design and development publication Smashing Magazine and organizes the Smashing Conference, was looking to change the way it managed its roughly 3,200-page website.

Since its inception in 2006, Smashing Magazine had been powered by WordPress, the content management system that runs about 32 percent of the web according to technology survey outfit W3Techs, along with e-commerce tools to handle sales of books and conference tickets and a third application for managing its job listing site. Using three different systems was unwieldy, and the company's servers struggled to handle the site’s traffic, so Seyfferth was looking for a new approach.

When you write or edit a blog post in WordPress or similar applications, the software stores your content in a database. When someone visits your site, the server runs WordPress to pull the latest version from the database, along with any comments that have been posted, and assembles it into a page that it sends to the browser.

Building pages on the fly like this ensures that users always see the most recent version of a page, but it's slower than serving prebuilt "static" pages that have been generated in advance. And when lots of people are trying to visit a site at the same time, servers can bog down trying to build pages on the fly for each visitor, which can lead to outages. That leads companies to buy more servers than they typically need; what’s more, servers can still be overloaded at times.

"When we had a new product on the shop, it needed only a couple hundred orders in one hour and the shop would go down," Seyfferth says.

WordPress and similar applications try to make things faster and more efficient by "caching" content to reduce how often the software has to query the database, but it's still not as fast as serving static content.

Static content is also more secure. Using WordPress or similar content managers exposes at least two "attack surfaces" for hackers: the server itself, and the content management software. By removing the content management layer, and simply serving static content, the overall "attack surface" shrinks, meaning hackers have fewer ways to exploit software.

The security and performance advantages of static websites have made them increasingly popular with software developers in recent years, first for personal blogs and now for the websites for popular open source projects.

In a way, these static sites are a throwback to the early days of the web, when practically all content was static. Web developers updated pages manually and uploaded pre-built pages to the web. But the rise of blogs and other interactive websites in the early 2000s popularized server-side applications that made it possible for non-technical users to add or edit content, without special software. The same software also allowed readers to add comments or contribute content directly to a site.

At Smashing Media, Seyfferth didn't initially think static was an option. The company needed interactive features, to accept comments, process credit cards, and allow users to post job listings. So Netlify built several new features into its platform to make a primarily static approach more viable for Smashing Media.

The Glue in the Cloud

Biilmann, a native of Denmark, spotted the trend back to static sites while running a content management startup in San Francisco, and started a predecessor to Netlify called Bit Balloon in 2013. He invited Bach, his childhood best friend who was then working as an executive at a creative services agency in Denmark, to join him in 2015 and Netlify was born.

Initially, Netlify focused on hosting static sites. The company quickly attracted high-profile open source users, but Biilman and Bach wanted Netlify to be more than just another web-hosting company; they sought to make static sites viable for interactive websites.

Open source programming frameworks have made it easier to build sophisticated applications in the browser . And there's a growing ecosystem of services like Stripe for payments, Auth0 for user authentication, and Amazon Lambda for running small chunks of custom code, that make it possible to outsource many interactive features to the cloud. But these types of services can be hard to use with static sites because some sort of server side application is often needed to act as a middleman between the cloud and the browser.

Biilmann and Bach want Netlify to be that middleman, or as they put it, the "glue" between disparate cloud computing services. For example, they built an e-commerce feature for Smashing Media, now available to all Netlify customers, that integrates with Stripe. It also offers tools for managing code that runs on Lambda.

Smashing Media switched to Netlify about a year ago, and Seyfferth says it's been a success. It's much cheaper and more stable than traditional web application hosting. "Now the site pretty much always stays up no matter how many users," he says. "We'd never want to look back to what we were using before."

There are still some downsides. WordPress makes it easy for non-technical users to add, edit, and manage content. Static site software tends to be less sophisticated and harder to use. Netlify is trying to address that with its own open source static content management interface called Netlify CMS. But it's still rough.

Seyfferth says for many publications, it makes more sense to stick with WordPress for now because Netlify can still be challenging for non-technical users.

And while Netlify is a developer darling today, it's possible that major cloud providers could replicate some of its features. Google already offers a service called Firebase Hosting that offers some similar functionality.

For now, though, Bach and Biilmann say they're just focused on making their serverless vision practical for more companies. The more people who come around to this new approach, the more opportunities there are not just for Netlify, but for the entire new ecosystem.

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          Alibaba rival plays the long-game on technology investment      Cache   Translate Page      
China’s  has made it clear recently that it’s venturing into artificial intelligence and automation. Every few months over the past year, the online retailer – China’s second-largest by transactions after Alibaba – has unveiled new products based on cutting-edge technology: for example drone delivery, self-driving trucks, fully automated warehouses, to name a few. Most […]
          Australian teenager crowned overall champion at World Drone Racing Championships in China      Cache   Translate Page      

Rudi Browning, 15, beats 127 competitors of all ages from across the world to clinch the individual title and help Australia to the team title at the Shenzhen Universiade Centre Stadium.

          Easy Way, Vol. 05 (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
Artist:VA Title: Easy Way, Vol. 05 (2018) Genre: Ambient, Drone, Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Electronic Year: 2018 Tracks: 10 Time: 45:00 Format: MP3 Quality: 320kbps Size: 105 MB Tracklist: 01. Eugene Kush – Sad Summer [00:04:35] 02. N.K. – One (Original Mix) [00:05:26] 03. Seven24 – Nothing (Original Mix) [00:02:38] 04. Soundpill – Gray Landscape [00:06:19] 05.
          Deepfono Ground, Vol. 2 (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
Artist:VA Title: Deepfono Ground, Vol. 2 (2018) Genre: Ambient, Drone, Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Electronic Year: 2018 Tracks: 10 Time: 01:04:12 Format: MP3 Quality: 320kbps Size: 148 MB Tracklist: 01. Autumn Arctic – Doppler (Original Mix) [00:07:01] 02. Wormhole Hitchhiker – Theta [00:07:51] 03. Aschella – Une Belle Rencontre [00:06:30] 04. 8Lives – FM (Original Mix) [00:06:42]
          Different Styles Vol. 5 (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
Artist:VA Title: Different Styles Vol. 5 (2018) Genre: Ambient, Drone, Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Electronic Year: 2018 Tracks: 14 Time: 01:25:20 Format: MP3 Quality: 320kbps Size: 198 MB Tracklist: 01. Rayan Myers – I’m Gonna Feel Them [00:06:10] 02. Alex SkyWalker – Awakening [00:06:55] 03. Alisher – Temple of Love [00:04:44] 04. Al Nael – Dubai Midnight
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Artist:VA Title: Chillout X Beats (2018) Genre: Ambient, Drone, Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Electronic Year: 2018 Tracks: 18 Time: 01:42:26 Format: MP3 Quality: 320kbps Size: 240 MB Tracklist: 01. Sonnenburg – Keep on Smiling [00:05:54] 02. Vis et Spes – Alameda [00:05:30] 03. Sweetadelic – Overlaid [00:05:42] 04. Adaptationes Mirabiles – Wheeling [00:05:45] 05. Logophilia – Only
          Breakfast Lounge Chillout 2018 (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
Artist:VA Title: Breakfast Lounge Chillout 2018 (2018) Genre: Ambient, Drone, Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Electronic Year: 2018 Tracks: 33 Time: 01:25:54 Format: MP3 Quality: 320kbps Size: 198 MB Tracklist: 01. Andrea Castello – Stint [00:02:25] 02. Magmot – Starter [00:01:02] 03. Aguas Pura – Touching Myself [00:02:51] 04. Debris of Theia – Parsifal Secrets [00:02:43] 05. Claude
          11/06 Links Pt2: The Future of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre; On Bari Weiss, Franklin Foer and the Values that Sustain Our People; 4,000 college students from 60 nations sing as one in TLV      Cache   Translate Page      
From Ian:

The Future of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre
In America, Jews have always been able to fight back against anti-Semitism freely. Never having received their emancipation as an “award” (which was the case in Europe), Jews have had no fears of losing it. Instead, from the beginning, they made full use of their freedom, especially freedom of speech. As early as 1784, a “Jew Broker,” probably the famed Revolutionary-era Jewish bond dealer, Haym Salomon, responded publicly and forcefully to the anti-Semitic charges of a prominent Quaker lawyer, not hesitating to remind him that his “own religious sectary” could also form ”very proper subjects of criticism and animadversion.” A few years later, Christian missionaries and their supporters faced Jewish polemics no less strident in tone. Where European Jews often prided themselves on their ”forbearance” in the face of attack, Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, the great Reform Jewish leader, once boasted that he was a “malicious, biting, pugnacious, challenging, and mocking monster of the pen.” In more recent times, Jewish defense organizations have taken on anyone who maligned Jews, including national heroes like Henry Ford and General George S. Patton, as well as presidents of the United States.

American anti-Semitism has always had to compete with other forms of animus. Racism, nativism, anti-Quakerism, Anglophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Catholicism, anti-Masonry, anti-Mormonism, anti-Orientalism, , anti-Teutonism—these and other waves of hatred have periodically swept over the American landscape, scarring and battering citizens. Americans have long been extraordinarily pluralistic in their hatreds. Precisely because the objects of hatred have been so varied, hatred has generally been diffused. No one outgroup experiences the full brunt of national odium. Furthermore, most Americans retain bitter memories of days past when they or their ancestors were themselves the objects of malevolence. The American strain of anti-Semitism is thus less potent than its European counterpart, and it faces a larger number of natural competitors. To reach epidemic proportions, it must first crowd out a vast number of contending hatreds.

Anti-Semitism is more foreign to American ideals than to European ones. The central documents of the Republic assure Jews of liberty; its first president, in his famous letter to the Jews of Newport, conferred upon them his blessing. The fact that anti-Semitism can properly be branded “un-American,” although no protection in the formal sense—the nation has betrayed its ideals innumerable times including in our own day—still grants Jews a measure of protection. Elsewhere anti-Semites could always claim legitimacy stemming from times past when the Volk ruled and Jews knew their place. Americans could point to nothing even remotely similar to that in their own past.

America’s religious tradition—what has been called “the great tradition of the American churches”—is inhospitable to anti-Semitism. Religious freedom and diversity, church-state separation, denominationalism, and voluntarism, the key components of this tradition, militate against the kinds of us-them dichotomies (“Germans and Jews,” “Poles and Jews,” etc.) so common in Europe. In America, where religious pluralism rules supreme, there has never been a single national church from which Jews stand apart. People speak instead of American Protestants, American Catholics, American Jews, American Muslims, and American Buddhists—implying, at least as an ideal, that all faiths stand equal in the eyes of the law.

American politics resists anti-Semitism. In a two-party system where close elections are the rule, neither party can long afford to alienate any major bloc of voters—another reason why it is so critical that everyone take the time and trouble to actually vote. For the most part, the politics of hatred have been confined to nonvoters like African Americans, until they won the vote, or to nonvoting immigrants, or to noisy third parties like the anti-Catholic Know Nothings in the 19th century, or to single-issue fringe groups. America’s most successful politicians, now and in the past, have more commonly sought support from respectable elements across the political spectrum. Appeals to national unity, even in the era of Donald Trump, win more elections than appeals to narrow provincialism or to bigotry.

Of course, the fact that America has been “exceptional” in relation to Jews should not obscure the sad reality that there has always been anti-Semitism in America, as well as violence directed against other minority faiths. That history, as I read it, gives cause neither for undue celebration nor for undue alarm.

Alan Dershowitz on Trump, Israel, and Antisemitism
I recently spoke with Alan Dershowitz at the ZOA Gala at the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan, where he was set to make a prominent speech.

Below is an edited transcript of our conversation.

Hannah Grossman: Mr. Dershowitz, can you give us a little preview of what you will be talking about tonight?

Alan Dershowitz: I’m talking about how important it is to have dialogue among people who may not agree. Mort Klein and I don’t agree about a great many things. He’s way to the right of me, but we talk to each other. We dialogue with each other. And I’m here to promote dialogue between the right, the left, [and] the center — not only within the Jewish community, but the more general political community. It’s a tragedy that we now shout at each other, demonize each other, [and] yell slogans instead of having reasoned discourse. We can learn from each other, and I think we ought to.

HG: Where do you think that changed, between the right and left, where the divide became so extreme that it seems that it is impossible to have some dialogue or commonality?

AD: Well, I think there a lot of contributing factors. I think the movement of the left to the hard left in the Democratic Party. I think the movement of the right to the hard right within the Republican Party. I don’t think President Trump has helped with his choice of language, and I don’t think that some of the Democrats have helped with their choice of language. I crave the old days when my friends Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch could sit together, and when Senator McCain could sit and work together with Joe Biden. Those days seem long gone, and I want to do everything in my power to bring them back.

HG: Bret Stephens said today at a panel that Donald Trump’s rhetoric has an effect on the culture. Can you describe that; what you think that is?

AD: I think that’s right. Look, I think President Trump has a mixed record. I think he’s done some very good things. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem was a terrific thing. I think his tough negotiating stance toward Iran has been very good. I don’t approve of his policies toward immigration. I certainly don’t approve of separating families the way he did early on, but you know, I’ve never agreed with anything any president did 100 percent.

I disagreed with a great deal of what President Obama did and if Hillary Clinton had been elected, I’m sure I would’ve disagreed with a lot of what she would do. But you don’t demonize, and he’s still the president, and you respect the office of the president. I was appalled at the so-called leaders in Pittsburgh who refused to welcome the president. I think everybody should welcome the president when there’s a tragedy and allow him to serve in his role as a mourner or bereaver-in-chief.
Qanta Ahmed: The ECHR’s ruling on defaming Mohammed is bad news for Muslims
In a monumental irony, the ECHR’s agreement with an Austrian court that offensive comments about the Prophet Mohammed were ‘beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate’ has handed a big victory to both Islamists and Islamophobes – while infantilising believing Muslims everywhere.

The case concerns an unnamed Austrian woman who held a number of seminars during which she portrayed the Prophet as a paedophile. After she was convicted by an Austrian court of ‘disparaging religion’ (and fined nearly €500), she appealed to the ECHR claiming the punishment breached her right to free expression. The court disagreed.

As a practising Muslim, I find this notion – that the Prophet was a paedophile – to be as abhorrent and nasty as they come; not to mention completely false. Yet I could not disagree more with the ECHR’s ruling.

For a start, it implies there is somehow a balance to be struck between people’s freedom of expression and the right of Muslims not to be offended. I just don’t understand this: how can the views of another individual possibly affect my faith or beliefs? Her ignorance – or anyone else’s for that matter – does not equate to my persecution.

Ben Shapiro: Voting for Democrats Isn’t Going to Curb Anti-Semitism
Trump is not the source of the true threats to Jews — anti-Semites are more prominent on the left than the right.

Over the weekend, Bari Weiss, a friend who writes for the New York Times, appeared on Bill Maher’s HBO show. Bari was bat mitzvahed at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh; she knew many of those who were shot and killed by a white supremacist two weeks ago. Her writing on the subject has been beautiful; she’s obviously both raw and real about the situation.

On Maher’s show, she made a number of good points about anti-Semitism more broadly and its rising threat both in the United States and across the world. But then she concluded with this calculation:

One thing that I think was made stark this week is that there are many Jews, including Jews that I know, who have liked many of Trump’s policies regarding Israel and the Middle East . . . but I hope this week that American Jews have woken up to the price of that bargain. They have traded policies that they like for the values that have sustained the Jewish people and frankly, this country, for forever. Welcoming the stranger, dignity for all human beings, equality under the law, respect for dissent, love of truth, these are the things we are losing under this president, and no policy is worth that price.

I have a number of problems with this statement.

To start, the part with which I agree: There’s no justification for Trump’s callous disregard for the truth, which I’ve criticized routinely. Nor is there justification for Trump’s treatment of the alt-Right from 2015 to 2017.

But Bari is wrong in two areas: First, she suggests that Trump presents a unique threat to Jews and Jewish values that outweighs the threat to Jews from other arenas; second, she links Judaism with her preferred immigration policies.
On Bari Weiss, Franklin Foer and the Values that Sustain Our People
So, for Jews who are appalled by Trump’s incendiary rhetoric but who still appreciate his policies on Israel, what should they do? Tell the president not to bother trying to “woo” us with Israel? That he so violates Jewish values that his favorable actions on Israel just aren’t worth it? That after Pittsburgh, we’re no longer willing to pay the price of that bargain?

And how would that work exactly? Weiss didn’t specify, but Franklin Foer, writing in the Atlantic, did have a suggestion to enhance Jewish security after Pittsburgh:

“Any strategy for enhancing the security of American Jewry should involve shunning Trump’s Jewish enablers. Their money should be refused, their presence in synagogues not welcome. They have placed their community in danger.”

Never mind that after Pittsburgh, the President said: “Anti-Semitism represents one of the ugliest and darkest features of human history. Anti-Semitism must be condemned anywhere and everywhere. There must be no tolerance for it.”

According to Foer, however, any Jew who still supports the president must be ostracized and shunned.

I wonder if Foer would be willing to stand outside a synagogue on Saturday morning with a sign repeating his message: “If you support Trump, your presence is not welcome. You have placed your community in danger.”
Amb. Alan Baker: After the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre, It’s Time to Adopt an International Convention on the Crime of Anti-Semitism
This proposal comprises the following unique elements, tailored to deal with anti-Semitism:
  • detailed preambular paragraphs documenting the history of anti-Semitism and recalling references to it in international instruments, in statements by senior international figures, and in relevant resolutions of international bodies;
  • an all-embracing definition of the crime of anti-Semitism and its component elements, based upon the various definitions adopted over the past years by various groups and institutions;
  • criminalization of manifestations of anti-Semitism that result in or are intended to result in violence;
  • action by countries to criminalize anti-Semitism in their own domestic law and to prosecute or extradite perpetrators;
  • international cooperation and exchange information on perpetrators and actions taken;
  • establishment by states of appropriate national educational programs to combat anti-Semitism;
  • establishment of an International Anti-Semitism Monitoring Forum for monitoring and coordinating actions by states and international organizations.
With the evident support of the UN Secretary-General and the challenge he placed before the international community, this proposal should be brought before the appropriate UN legal bodies for consideration, with a view to its being studied, amended, and accepted as an international treaty, criminalizing and punishing anti-Semitism.
It’s the antisemitism, stupid
In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, two things are irrefutable: There are 11 dead innocent Jews and there is one hateful murderer. All else, as they say, is commentary.

The murderer is a classic antisemite of the most despicable sort. Regardless of the political contours of his warped mind, he believes one thing is certain: Jews have no right to live.

Sadly, this horror has brought forth a spate of finger pointing where people are looking to score political points by somehow attributing the deed to those they politically oppose.

This is harmful and wrong. If you want to look behind the curtain, beyond just the actions of the murderer, then you must conclude that the perpetrator here is antisemitism itself – a hatred that enables its adherents to blame anything and everything on Jews, attributing to them all the paranoid delusions that the irrationally hateful suffer from.

I have spent the last two years immersed in American college campuses helping to make the existential case for Israel. I have encountered not just rejection of Israel’s legitimacy, but the most vile Jew-hatred, over and over again, with little pushback from decent people.

There is a big distinction between free speech and moral conduct. I understand and support the right to voice your opinion, no matter how much I might disagree with it. But I also know that free speech cannot be the rationale for not calling out vile and hateful accusations.
An International View of the Pittsburgh Murders
The killing of 11 Jews at an American synagogue has now inserted itself into a sequence of other murders targeting Jews and their institutions in past decades.

Among the list of murders of Jews outside of Israel, the most lethal tragedy took place in South America in 1984. In the bombing of the AMIA building in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 85 people were killed. The largest terrorist murder aimed at Jews in Africa was the 2002 bombing of the Israeli-owned Paradise Hotel in Mombassa, Kenya, where 13 people were killed. In Europe, two of the most deadly attacks against a Jewish target took place at the Goldenberg restaurant in Paris, where six people were murdered in 1982 — and in a 2012 terrorist attack on a bus transporting Israelis near the Burgas airport in Bulgaria, where another six people were killed.

There is one major difference between the murders of Jews in the US and the three other continents. In Pittsburgh, the murderer was a white supremacist. In the other attacks, the perpetrators were Muslims. Even a superficial look at mega-antisemitism in the world shows that antisemitism coming out of parts of the Muslim world is currently the greatest threat to the Jewish people. Only there does one find heads of state who promote extreme hatred not only against Israel, but also against Jews. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, for instance, has a long record of verbally attacking all Jews. There is nothing similar among heads of state in much of the Western world.

Liberalism and democracy by necessity overlap to a substantial extent. But they are not identical. France and Germany have learned from their pasts. Both limit hate speech. In Germany, one can spend a number of years in jail for insulting a part of the population. Many Europeans understand that the principle of free speech doesn’t mean that hate speech should also be tolerated.
Israel Plays an Important Role in Fighting Antisemitism
Today, everybody agrees that combating “cyber-hate,” including antisemitism and anti-Zionism, is a top priority. Israel’s Justice Ministry even has a department dedicated to the fight against online incitement. And the Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism, now under the auspices of the Israeli foreign affairs and diaspora ministries, is tackling Christian theological antisemitism, Holocaust revisionism, Palestinian denial of Jewish history, campus antisemitism, legislative assaults on Jewish practices like ritual slaughter and circumcision, and even antisemitism in sports.

Some experts warn that, unless the rising tide of hate crimes in the US is turned back, American Jewry will have to undergo a process of adopting European-style security measures. Synagogues and Jewish community centers in the United States may need to be protected from neo-Nazis, just as synagogues and Jewish community centers in Europe are protected from radical Islamists.

This means the adding of multilayered defenses to Jewish sites, including security screening with armed guards, surveillance systems, panic rooms, and sterile zones. If this is the unfortunate fate of American Jewish institutional life (I hope not), Israeli security expertise undoubtedly will prove helpful.

In the meantime, Israeli and Diaspora Jews should band together to draw strength from solidarity, jointly combat hate, and raise the flag of unafraid and vibrant Jewish life everywhere. Keep partisan politics out of it.
Democrats’ Deputy Comms Director Laughs About Rising Anti-Semitism in America
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's deputy communications director laughed about charges of anti-Semitism and the growing racism in America that many observers have pinned on a Democratic Party that is increasingly lurching leftwards.

Patrick Burgwinkle‏, a deputy communications director at the DCCC, responded to a tweet decrying the rise of anti-Semitism in America—which has appeared back on the radar in recent days after controversial National Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan took a trip to Iran and led chants of "Death to America"—by responding, "lol," an acronym for "laughing out loud."

The initial tweet, sent by veteran Congressional staffer Matt Wolking, decried the rise of anti-Semitism and included a link to a Slate article claiming, "The story of the midterms is about how Americans will respond to racism, bigotry, and hate."

"So true," Wolking wrote. "The racism endorsed and tolerated by the Farrakhan Democrats, the bigotry the establishment media exhibits against half the country, and the hatred of Christians, conservatives, and men smeared by the radical left as rubes and rapists."

The DCCC's Burgwinkle, in response to that tweet, wrote, "lol," raising eyebrows among some observers.
Pope Francis: A Christian cannot be an anti-Semite
Pope Francis lamented anti-Semitic attacks and remarked that “a Christian cannot be an anti-Semite” during an audience with Jewish emissaries on Monday.

The pope received four first time delegates of the World Congress of Mountain Jews at the Vatican.

Two weeks after the attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue that killed 11 worshipers Francis said in a statement: “Sadly, anti-Semitic attitudes are also present in our own times,” during his meeting with the emissaries of the Mountain Jews, the descendants of Jews who left ancient Persia and settled in the Caucasus.

“A Christian cannot be an anti-Semite; we share the same roots. It would be a contradiction of faith and life. Rather, we are called to commit ourselves to ensure anti-Semitism is banned from the human community,” he said.

The day after the Pittsburgh attack, the head of the Catholic Church said in his weekly prayers that “all of us are wounded by this inhuman act of violence.”
Trump yet to appoint traditional envoys amid antisemitism crisis
In the wake of a mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, last weekend, White House officials debated who they should send to the grief-stricken town as a representative of the administration.

Their choice was not obvious. The administration has, for two years, declined to appoint traditional envoys to the fight against antisemitism here and around the globe, despite calls from Jewish organizations and a bipartisan group in Congress to do so.

US President Donald Trump has tapped neither a White House Jewish liaison, a post that has been responsible for communicating with the American Jewish community since the 1970s, nor a special envoy at the State Department to monitor and combat antisemitism, a congressionally-mandated position devoted to the fight against antisemitism overseas.

Administration officials instead chose to send Jason Greenblatt, the president's chief envoy for international negotiations, who– while an observant Orthodox Jew and an adviser on Jewish world issues to Trump during the campaign– has neither studied the issue nor spent his time at the White House engaging in outreach with the wider diaspora community.

White House officials tell The Jerusalem Post that in lieu of a formal liaison the president relies on decades-old relationships with Greenblatt and other close advisers, such as his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, for guidance on Israel policy and Jewish world concerns.
Why Linda Sarsour’s Denunciation of Pittsburgh Shooter is Meaningless
On the last Saturday in October, Robert Bowers shot and killed eleven members of the Pittsburgh Jewish community, physically injured six other people, including law enforcement officers, and created distress and turmoil for the entire American Jewish community. He’s been indicted in federal court on 44 counts, and may face the death penalty.

Bowers killed eleven Jews solely due to his annihilationist anti-Semitism, which was of the neo-Nazi variety. He provided a political cover – he wrote that he didn’t like the political positions held by some other Jews (not the ones he killed), who support certain immigration policies in this country. But as Alana Newhouse noted in Tablet Magazine, the truth was simply that “he had reached the end point of a brain-eating disease called anti-Semitism.”

One day after these brutal murders, Linda Sarsour once again put herself in the spotlight. She did so while attempting to portray herself as a defender of Jews.

While Sarsour denounced Bowers, she has, in the past, embraced a different unrepentant killer of Jews, Rasmeah Odeh.

Many of us, by now, may have forgotten about Odeh. However, just over a year ago she was deported from the United States, after admitting that she lied on her citizenship application. Odeh also killed two Jews, Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner, who were students at Israel’s Hebrew University in 1969. She was convicted in a trial that was observed and deemed fair by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Shmuley Boteach: No Holds Barred: Will Clinton, Schumer, Booker finally condemn Farrakhan?
Throughout history, antisemites of all stripes have sought to cast the Jews as something utterly worthless yet massively destructive. It was a way of making the act of killing a Jew something that was not only necessary but meaningless. Hitler’s SS troops, therefore, were able to exterminate tens of thousands of Jews in a day. You see, they were killing an infestation, not people.

It may be extreme to compare Farrakhan to Hitler. But he did it himself. During a radio interview, Farrakhan acknowledged the fact. “[T]he Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler.” Instead of rebuffing the comparison, he embraced it. “That’s a good name,” he said, “Hitler was a very great man.” He then reinforced it. “[Hitler] raised Germany up from nothing,” he explained, adding, “In a sense, you could say there’s a similarity in that we are raising our people up from nothing.” He’s also used the Holocaust as a metaphor to describe what awaited the Jews in hell. My late friend Christopher Hitchens personally heard Farrakhan punctuate a tirade against Jews with this: “And don’t you forget, when it’s God who puts you in the ovens, it’s forever!”

The only question that remains is this: how could leading political figures like Bill Clinton have agreed to legitimize such genocidal hate by recently appearing on the same stage as Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin’s funeral? And given the unfortunate association, why didn’t Clinton immediately condemn Farrakhan’s genocidal Jewish reference?

Just days before his “termites” slur, Farrakhan announced the release of a new music album made in collaboration with some of the most powerful men in music, including Stevie Wonder, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg and Common. At least seven members of Congress — including Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Danny Davis, Andre Carson, Gregory Meeks, Al Green and most famously, DNC whip Keith Ellison, have all sat down for personal meetings with Farrakhan while representing the American people in Congress. Farrakhan even attended a 2005 meeting of the Black Congressional Caucus. At that meeting, former president Barack Obama even smiled for a photograph with Farrakhan just three years before becoming president.

American Jews need to draw a line.

It is not only neo-Nazis that need to be condemned by Republicans. It is Farrakhan and his ilk who should be repudiated utterly by Democrats. Never again must mean exactly that: Never Again.
‘Ocasio-Cortez in a Scarf’
He [Denver Riggleman] views this as a big advantage over Cockburn, a former journalist who has treated Virginia's 5th more like a research project, telling The Intercept she spent three months investigating the district before announcing her run.

"I'm Virginian to the core," he said. "She lives in Georgetown and doesn't have a clue what's happening in the 5th district."

He thinks the media have left a lot of ground uncovered on his opponent.

"Her books are used by Stormfront and white anarchist groups to explain why the Jewish people are trying to take over," he said, referencing the anti-Semitic book Cockburn wrote with her British-born husband Andrew Cockburn. "That got less attention than jokes about Big Foot."

Riggleman read her book and said it was shocking. "She really believes that Israel has orchestrated a cabal to control U.S. foreign policy."

He described Cockburn as "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a scarf," saying she's run a far-left campaign calling for "Medicare for all, open borders, forgiveness of student debt, and free college."
PreOccupiedTerritory: J Street Vows Investigation After Endorsed Candidate Makes Pro-Israel Statement (satire)
A progressive political advocacy group calling itself “pro-Israel, pro-peace” promised today to get to the bottom of an emerging scandal, in which a politician the group supports in this week’s elections was recorded agreeing that the Jewish State has an unequivocal right to exist, defend itself, and determine its own character, organization sources reported today.

J Street executive director Jeremy Ben-Ami issued a statement to the organization’s donors and employees Tuesday acknowledging that Mike Rotch, a Democratic Congressional candidate running for office in California, had signed a petition circulating in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings two weekends ago, that called on American public officials to denounce antisemitism, including delegitimization of Israel.

“It has come to our attention that Mike Rotch may support Israel in ways that do not reflect the values of this organization,” the statement began. “We have made it clear on several occasions that our mission requires paying only lip-service to a secure Israel, while in reality pursuing an outcome that effectively destroys Israel as a Jewish State. If the reports of Mr. Rotch’s remarks are accurate, they call into question his suitability as a candidate for the sixty-ninth Congressional District. J Street will conduct a full investigation of Mike Rotch and then make its recommendations.”
Conspiracy theorist selected as Labour candidate in safe ward
It’s pretty shocking that cases like this no longer even seem surprising. But the views of Liam Moore are so outrageous I thought this latest example of Labour’s failure to deal with antisemitism warranted a post. Moore, who is an evangelical vicar (and part-time Phil Collins tribune act) has been selected as the Labour councillor candidate for Norris Green in Liverpool – close to Luciana Berger’s constituency. In 2014 he tweeted that “Rothschilds Zionist run Israel and world governments” and earlier this year compared Zionists – or simply those worried about antisemitism – to Judas:

‘We are seeing a very English right wing Zionist coup mate and sadly the Labour Party is infiltrated by sellouts who would sacrifice a labour government for their 30 pieces of silver.’

Sometimes, when challenged over antisemitism, Labour supporters point out that the number of cases identified reflects only a tiny proportion of the membership. But the real problem isn’t that a few members hold such vile views, but that they are able to spout them without being reported and dealt with by others, and are even, as in this case, thought suitable for elected office.

University investigates professor who claims Israel was behind 9/11 Twin Towers attacks 'with help from Zionists in US government'
Sussex University is investigating a professor after he claimed Israel were behind the September 11 attacks 'with help from Zionists in the US government'.

Professor Kees van der Pijl, the former head of its international relations department, used as his source an article entitled '9-11/Israel did it' by conspiracy theory site Wiki Spooks, which also claims Al-Qaeda is a front for Mossad, the Israeli spy service.

The retired academic, who was responding to an article criticising US sanctions on Iran, was immediately inundated with a storm of mocking tweets, including one that joked, 'Yes, and Bruce Lee was the first man on the moon, damn media!'

Sussex University said it is aware of the post and has not yet decided whether to take further action.

Van der Pijl tweet was posted on November 3 and read: 'Not Saudis, Israelis blew up Twin Towers with help from Zionists in US gov.'
Professor: BDS Panel at University of Michigan Was an ‘Unrelentingly Anti-Israel Propaganda Fete’
A professor at the University of Michigan said a recent panel hosted by the school on the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign was “a totally one-sided propaganda fete.”

Victor Lieberman, who teaches a popular history course on the Arab-Israeli conflict, said he was one of some 70 people who attended last week’s “Teach-In Town Hall,” which was organized by U-M’s Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies (CMENAS) after the university sanctioned a BDS-supporting professor who denied a letter of recommendation to a student who sought to study in Israel.

CMENAS director Samer Mahdy Ali said the event, which was backed financially by multiple U-M departments, would include a “decidedly pro-BDS” panel, followed by a discussion.

Lieberman estimated that less than two dozen undergraduates showed up on Monday morning, two days after a gunman killed 11 worshippers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh while shouting antisemitic epithets.
Regev demands Spanish minister intervene in water polo BDS fracas
Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev demanded from her Spanish counterpart to move a women’s water polo match between Israel and Spain back to its original venue, after Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions activists had forced its relocation.

“The BDS movements are clearly antisemitic in nature and operate to harm the State of Israel and its citizens,” Regev wrote. “It is my expectation that the government of Spain will take all the necessary steps in order to reverse the decision of the Municipality of Molins de Rei.”

Planned demonstrations by Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions activists led the municipality, just outside Barcelona, where the match was scheduled to take place, to move the game to a different venue and bar supporters.

Regev said Israel expected the organizers to “operate in accordance with the International Olympic Charter, [to] enable all sportsmen to compete as equals in the games.”

As of Tuesday noon, it was still unclear where the game would take place, if at all. Some sources reported that the game was canceled, but a PR company working on behalf of the Culture and Sport Ministry said the game was still on, in a new venue, with supporters banned. The ministry was still working to reverse the decision, the company said.

NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based watchdog that analyzes and reports on international NGO activity in regards to Israel, said the decision by the Spanish municipality came as no surprise, as funding of anti-Israel groups by the Catalonian government are no rarity.
Sky News Arabia report on Druze elections in Golan is riddled with distortions and falsehoods
The six falsehoods in the report are as follows:
Falsehood #1: “Israeli elections were forced upon the residents.”

Sky reports without challenge the claim from the Syrian government’s official news service (SANA) that the Israeli government forced elections upon residents of the Druze towns. In fact, the impetus for the elections elections was the effort of group of Druze residents of the Golan who fought in Israeli courts for the change of policy. An article in the Israeli “Walla” website elaborates (CAMERA’s translation):

“During the past eighteen months, six Druze petitions were brought before the supreme court, opposing the way the town council members and heads were appointed [prior to 2018, Israel’s Interior Ministry appointed them], and demanding that open municipal elections be held in their communities as well,” lawyer Fahd Safdi from Mas’adeh tells Walla News. “At the same time we launched letters to the Interior Ministry and applied heavy pressure so it would enable us to exercise our right to vote.”

Falsehood #2: “The voter participation rate ranged from between 0% and 1.5%.”

According to official Israeli statistics (in Hebrew), the participation rate in Majdal Shams was 3.3 percent, and 1.3 percent in ‘Ein Qenya. In Mas’adeh and Buq’atha the participation rate was indeed 0 percent, but, as the report itself points out, this was because the election process was cancelled in advance.

Falsehood #3: Israel has been engaged in “Judaization” in the Golan.

“Judaization” (Tahweed in Arabic) is a vague term among Arabic speakers than can signify any increase of either the physical, metaphorical or imagined presence of Jews in a given place; it is often used in the context of Jerusalem. This includes but is not limited to: Scholars searching for archeological findings in the Old City and its surroundings, visitors walking peacefully around the Temple Mount compound, or even a Christian individual trying to set the Al-Aqsa mosque on fire. The question of what “Judaization attempts” the report is alluding to goes unanswered. In 51 years of Israeli control, the construction of Jewish villages in the Golan Heights has rarely faced Druze opposition of any kind. Moreover, how a democratic process initiated by Druze, in which both the voters and the candidates are Druze, can be labeled “Judaization” is a mystery.
French Police Investigating Violent Assaults on Two Young Jews in Paris in Single Week
Two separate assaults on Jewish teenagers in the Paris area during the last week are being investigated by police as hate crimes, French news outlets reported on Monday.

The first incident occurred last Tuesday in Sarcelles — about ten miles north of the capital. According to news magazine Le Point, a young schoolgirl wearing the uniform of the Jewish school that she attends was approached by an older man who spoke to her in Arabic before punching her hard in the back. The girl told police that her assailant had also mimed the action of shooting a gun at her with his fingers.

Traditionally the home of a large North African Jewish community, tensions have increased markedly in Sarcelles over the last decade between Jews and a growing Muslim population. The neighborhood was the site of a full scale antisemitic riot in July 2014, when 300 mainly Muslims youths looted Jewish-owned shops and attacked a synagogue during a solidarity protest with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

A separate incident the following day was reported in the 19th arrondissement in northeastern Paris. A young man wearing a yarmulke was assaulted by three youths at a bus stop after he noticed that one of them was trying to pickpocket a laptop computer from his bag. After they spotted the young man’s yarmulke, the youths shouted antisemitic insults and pushed him to the ground, punching and kicking him as he fell.

Meanwhile, doctors, nurses, patients and other visitors to the Rothschild Hospital in Paris — named for the illustrious French-Jewish family — were greeted on Sunday morning with a lengthy antisemitic screed scrawled on one of the entrance walls.
Former Nazi SS concentration camp guard, 94, goes on trial in Germany
A 94-year-old former enlisted SS man went on trial Tuesday in Germany, charged with being an accessory to murder for crimes committed during the years he served as a guard at the Nazis’ Stutthof concentration camp.

Johann Rehbogen is accused of working as a guard at the camp east of Danzig, which is today the Polish city of Gdansk, from June 1942 to about the beginning of September 1944.

There is no evidence linking him to a specific crime, but more than 60,000 people were killed at Stutthof and prosecutors argue that as a guard, he was an accessory to at least hundreds of those deaths.

Stutthof prisoners were killed in a gas chamber, with deadly injections of gasoline or phenol directly to their hearts or shot, starved and even forced outside in winter without clothes until they died of exposure, prosecutor Andreas Brendel said.

The former SS Sturmmann, roughly equivalent to the US Army rank of specialist, does not deny serving in the camp during the war but has told investigators he was not aware of the killings and did not participate in them, Brendel said.
Doll that survived Holocaust goes on display at Yad Vashem
A doll called Inge that survived the looting during Kristallnacht in November 1938 was recently handed over to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem by its owner and is now on display there.

Lore Mayerfield Stern, a Holocaust survivor from Kassel, Germany, was just 2 years old when the anti-Jewish riots known as Kristallnacht, the "Night of Broken Glass," caused massive destruction to Jewish property in her city and across Nazi Germany and Austria. During the pogrom, which took place on Nov. 9-10, 1938, at least 90 Jews were killed, 30,000 Jewish men were rounded up and sent to concentration camps, almost 300 synagogues were destroyed and thousands of Jewish homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed.

Inge, along with personal letters Stern had kept from that era, is now part of Yad Vashem's It Came From Within online exhibition, which marks the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

During Kristallnacht, Stern's father, Markus Stern, was one of the Jewish men arrested and was sent to Buchenwald concentration camp. Young Lore and her mother, Kaetchen, were taken in and hidden by neighbors, who kept them safe during the riots.

"Lore, already in pajamas, hid with her mother at the neighbors' house until the pogrom was over. When they returned home, they found that the place had been torn apart and was not habitable," Yad Vashem states on its website.
Hyundai venture arm invests in Israeli computer vision startup
The corporate venture arm of Hyundai Motor Company has made a strategic investment of an undisclosed amount into Israeli startup, a developer of computer vision technologies based on deep learning, the companies said in a joint statement on Monday.

The partnership with will allow Hyundai to “speed up deployment of AI technology in many business areas,” improving the quality of its products and creating “a safer driving environment,” Hyundai CRADLE and said.

Founded in 2016, offers software that simplifies the process of developing and managing solutions and products, such as autonomous vehicles, drones, security and logistics systems, that are powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning. The software also allows customers to update their devices and their learning capabilities while in use, so every device can continue to improve its operations.

“Deep learning computer vision is one of the core technologies that can be applied to autonomous driving to navigate roads and make quick decisions in real-time – and is clearly an innovation leader in that field,” said Ruby Chen, head of Investment at Hyundai CRADLE Tel Aviv.

“Our investment in is a further step in enhancing our presence in the Israeli market, a global leader of technological innovation in the fields of automation, artificial intelligence and deep learning,” he said. “This is our fifth investment in an Israeli company and our activities will continue to grow the coming year.”
IsraellyCool: Pharrell Williams at FIDF Gala: “You Guys Show An Incredible Resilience”
A few days ago I posted about the FIDF Gala that saw celebrities help raise $60 million for Israel’s IDF. The incredibly talented Pharrell Williams was the musical act, but what I did not know at the time were the touching words he said about the Jewish people, in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

Providing entertainment was musical guest Pharrell Williams, who took a moment to share a few words about last week’s deadly shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

“Look, what happened in that synagogue was incredibly cruel, it was wrong, and it’s not supposed to be what our nation is,” Williams said. “This group of people have been tested over and over and over again … but you guys show an incredible resilience.”

This makes me happy.
4,000 college students from 60 nations sing as one in TLV
Four thousand college students from 60 countries gathered in Tel Aviv in October for the latest mass singalong sponsored by the social music project, Koolulam.

The event, at Ganei Yehoshua, was attended by GA 2018 participants, graduates of MASA programs, MASA CEO Liran Avisar Ben Horin, Jewish Agency Chairman Yitzchak Herzog, Government Secretary Tzahi Braverman, and Masa Chairman Ilan Cohen.

Koolulam was founded with the goal of strengthening society through mass singing events in which large groups of non-professionals come together to create a collaborative happening.

The organization gathers as many as 12,000 people at a time from a broad spectrum of Israeli life, and then films the joint singing productions to share on social media.

In June this year, Jews, Muslims and Christians joined together at the Jerusalem Tower of David Museum to sing Bob Marley’s “One Love” in three languages as a show of unity from Israel. The video of the event went viral.

After 56 years of searching, IDF finds remains of pilot in Sea of Galilee
The Israeli military recently discovered the remains of a pilot, Lt. Yakir Naveh, who has been missing since his plane crashed into the Sea of Galilee 56 years ago, the army said Tuesday.

The remains were discovered on October 25 on the bottom of the Sea of Galilee, along with pieces of the aircraft.

Once they were found, the remains were sent to a forensic laboratory for identification, the army said.

The military’s Manpower Directorate informed the pilot’s family that his remains had been found, the army said.

His funeral was scheduled for November 13 at 3 p.m. at Tel Aviv’s Kiryat Shaul military cemetery.

On May 6, 1962, Naveh was training a cadet on a Fouga Magister when their plane got too low over the water and the engine cut out. The nose of the plane hit the water, sending them into a fierce spin, wing over wing.

A year later, a search team found the body of the cadet who had been flying the plane, Oded Kouton, but no trace of Naveh.

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Los robos a estudiantes en zona universitaria no dan tregua. Ayer por la tarde, una joven caminaba por calle 12 entre 9 y 11 del Ensanche Sur cuando fue víctima del violento accionar de dos delincuentes, que le apoyaron un arma de fuego en la cabeza para robarle su teléfono celular y 400 pesos. Una motociclista que pasaba por el lugar observó la escena y socorrió a la víctima, poniendo en fuga a los ladrones.

Fuentes consultadas por Periodismo365 explicaron que este domingo a las 14 horas, una estudiante de 20 años de edad caminaba por calle 12 a esperar el colectivo en la plaza del Ensanche Sur.  En ese momento observó que dos sujetos circulaban en una motocicleta de 150 cc., color negro; también en sentido hacia el centro.

Los individuos se detuvieron en un kiosco en cercanías a una agencia de quiniela, uno entró a comprar y el otro quedó afuera sobre la moto, pero metros más adelante alcanzaron a su víctima y con extrema violencia, uno de ellos la agarró de atrás, del cuello; y empuñando una pistola le apoyó el arma sobre la cabeza, amenazándola para que le entregue todo lo que llevaba mientras el otro gritaba que "la mate si no le entregaba la mochila".

La estudiante accedió a entregarle todas sus pertenencias, un teléfono celular y $400 (cuatrocientos pesos) que llevaba para pagar unos libros de estudio. Casualmente, por el lugar pasaba otra estudiante en motocicleta; y al ver la violenta escena acudió en ayuda de la joven poniendo en fuga a los motochorros, que en el momento de la retirada seguían amenazando con la pistola en la mano, apuntando a las chicas desde la motocicleta hasta perderse de vista.

Como el asalto fue en horas de la siesta, casi no había transeúntes en la calle. Tras el mal momento sufrido, la joven pidió a un vecino un teléfono prestado para llamar a sus familiares, y más tarde formalizaron la correspondiente denuncia penal en Comisaría 2º. Por el hecho, afortunadamente la estudiante no resultó con lesiones.

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          Carnival Fête Foraine est disponible      Cache   Translate Page      

Paris, le 6 novembre 2018 – 2K annonce que Carnival Fête Foraine, tiré de la célèbre franchise qui a été vendue à plus de 9,5 millions d'exemplaires dans le monde, est disponible sur Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One et PlayStation 4. Carnival Fête Foraine est un jeu amusant, qui s’adresse à l’ensemble de la famille et peut se jouer seul ou à 4 joueurs en simultané. Le jeu compte 20 jeux fun et réinventés dans 4 environnements uniques à jouer en famille ou entre amis.

Lien pour visualiser le trailer :

Comme une vraie fête foraine, Carnival Fête Foraine vous propulse dans des mini-jeux passionnants auxquels vous pourrez jouer encore et encore.  Des mini-jeux classiques tels que le basketball ("Paniers parfaits") et attaquer des vilains clowns ("Clowns à claquer") sont rejoints par de nouvelles attractions comme le drone volant ("Course de drones") et le bowling cosmique ("Bowling cosmique"). Quatre environnements à thèmes entièrement nouveaux – Au Coeur de la Jungle, la Station Saturn, le Ravin des vautours et l'Allée des Écrous et boulons – apportent un nouveau look et un ressenti différent à chaque partie. Les joueurs ont l’opportunité de gagner des tickets en jouant à chacun des 20 jeux et de les échanger contre d’autres jeux ou des tenues pour leur Avatar Carnival Fête Foraine personnalisable.

Carnival Games est disponible en sortie mondiale chez les revendeurs participants en version physique et numérique dans le monde sur Nintendo Switch, Xbox One et PlayStation 4 au prix public conseillé de 39.99€.

Basé sur une idée originale de Cat Daddy Games, développé par Mass Media Games, Carnival Fête Foraine a reçu la classification PEGI 3+. Pour plus d’informations sur Carnival Fête Foraine, abonnez-vous à la chaîne YouTube, suivez-nous sur Twitter, aimez la page Facebook et visitez le site

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Important Current Affairs 21st October 2018
Important Miscellaneous News (15-20 Oct 2018)
The 6th edition of India International Silk Fair was inaugurated in New Delhi on October 16, 2018.Man-animal conflict will now be considered as ‘State Declared Disaster’ in Uttar Pradesh.Virtual currency exchange ‘Unocoin’ has installed India’s first cryptocurrency ATM in Bengaluru.The Government of India will organise the ‘First National Summit on Invest in AYUSH’ on 4 November 2018.
Important Science & Tech News (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (CSIR-IITR) have developed ‘Oneer’ for disinfecting water
·       The European Space Agency launched a scientific mission named ‘BepiColombo’ to Mercury.
·       China successfully launched twin BeiDou-3 navigation satellites into space on 15 October 2018 to strengthen its satellite navigation network.
Imp Govt Policies & Schemes (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       The government of India has announced 100 crore rupee award scheme under Saubhagya scheme.
·       The government of India has launched the ‘Youth Road Safety Learners Licence’ programme on 15 October 2018.
·       Earth Sciences Minister Dr Harshvardhan unveiled an Air Quality early warning system for Delhi.
·       The government of India launched ‘Swasth Bharat Yatra’ campaign on 16 October 2018.
Important India & World News (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       India and China have launched their first joint programme for Afghanistan to train its diplomats.
·       The sixth meeting of the UAE – India High-Level Joint Task Force on Investments (‘the Joint Task Force’) was held in Mumbai on 15 October 2018.
·       Defence Minister NirmalaSitharaman attended 12th ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting (ADMM) and the 5th ADMM-Plus in Singapore on 19 and 20 October 2018.
Important Books & Authors (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       “Brief Answers to the Big Questions” written by Stephen Hawking was launched on 15 October 2018.
·       A new book was released on Maharana Pratap titled “Maharana Pratap: The Invincible Warrior” written by Rima Hooja.
·       “Indian Sports: Conversations and Reflections” written by Vijayan Bala was released on 18 October 2018.
Important National Affairs (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       IRCTC launched a chatbot named ‘Ask Disha’ which will answer users’ queries.
·       The Shahi litchi of North Bihar has got the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.
·       The North Central Railways (NCR) launched two apps – ‘NCR RASTA’ (Railway assets Summarised Tracking Application) and ‘Yatri RASTA’ (Railway Approach to Station Tracking Application) for its staff and passengers respectively.
Imp Business & Economy News (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       The RBI purchased government securities (g-secs) worth ₹120 billion under Open Market Operations.
·       Kreditech has got the license from RBI to operate as Non-Banking Financial Company for digital lending business and app-based financing.
·       RBI has released the guidelines for interoperability between Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs).RBI eased liquidity coverage ratio norms for banks.
Important Indexes & Reports (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       India has been ranked as the 58th most competitive economy on the World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness index for 2018.
·       According to the Rural Development Ministry survey, Kuligod in Karnataka is the India’s best-developed village.
·       According to Credit Suisse’s 2018 Global Wealth Report, wealth in India grew a modest 2.6% and wealth per adult stayed flat at US$ 7,020.
Important Days & Events (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       International Day of Rural Women is observed on 15 October every year.
·       RashtriyaMahilaKisanDiwas is observed on 15 October in India.
·       World Food Day is held annually on the 16th of October.
·       International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is observed every year on 17 October.
·       World Osteoporosis Day 2018 is observed on October 20.
Important Defence News (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       The Indian Air Force (IAF) has announced India’s first competition in the defence sector, the Mehar Baba Prize.
·       India and China will resume the annual joint Army exercise ‘Hand-in-Hand’ in December 2018 in China’s Chengdu region.
·       India and Japan will hold the joint military exercise ‘DHARMA GUARDIAN-2018’ at Vairengte, Mizoram from 1 November to 14 November 2018.
Imp International News-2 (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       Lieutenant General Laura J. Richardson has become the first woman Commanding General of the United States Army Forces Command (FORSCOM).
·       The world’s longest sea bridge ‘Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge’ will be opened on 24 October 2018.
·       China’s indigenously designed and built amphibious aircraft ‘AG600’ successfully carried out its first take-off and landing tests on 20 October 2018.
Imp International News-1 (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       The 6th RCEP Inter-sessional Ministerial Meeting (IMM) was held in Singapore.
·       Canada has become the second country to legalise possession and use of recreational marijuana.
·       Palestine will lead the ‘Group of 77 plus China’ at the United Nations.
·       China has successfully tested the world’s largest unmanned transport drone which can carry a payload of 1.5 tonnes.
Important Sport News-2 (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       Akash Malik became the first Indian to win a silver medal in archery at the 2018 Youth Olympics.
·       The 2019 Military World Games will be held in China.
·       The organisers of Wimbledon have introduced a final set tie-breaker in all the events from 2019. A tiebreaker match will be played when the score reaches 12-12 in the final set.
Important Sport News-1 (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       Tennis player Leander Paes won the Santo Domingo Open trophy.
·       Tennis player Novak Djokovic won the Shanghai Masters title.
·       In Hockey, Great Britain won the 2018 Sultan of Johor Cup.
·       SurajPanwar won the silver medal in men’s 5000m race walk event in Youth Olympic Games 2018.
·       Praveen Chitravel won the bronze medal in triple jump at the Youth Olympics Games 2018.
Important Awards & Honours-2 (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       Suheil Tandon has won the International Olympic Committee’s Sport and Active Society Commission’s Grant Award.
·       Minal Patel Davis has been honoured with a Presidential award for her contribution towards combatting human trafficking in Houston, USA.
·       Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania awarded ‘Carnot Prize’ to Union Minister Piyush Goyal.
Important Awards & Honours-1 (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       Sikkim has won 2018 UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s Future Policy for Gold Award.
·       Author MaryseConde won an alternative award formed in protest to the Nobel Literature Prize which got cancelled in 2018.
·       Author Anna Burns won the Man Booker Prize for her novel “Milkman”.
·       Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi has been named for 2018 Hridaynath Award for Lifetime Achievement.
Important Appointments (15-20 Oct 2018)
·       ShekharMande has been appointed as Director-General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.
·       Nimesh Shah has been elected as Chairman of Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI).
·       RBI has approved Sandeep Bakshi’s appointment as MD and CEO of the ICICI bank for three years.
·       World Steel Association has elected JSW Steel CMD Sajjan Jindal as its treasurer.

Important Current Affairs 22nd October 2018
Indian Carpet Expo in Varanasi inaugurated
Prime Minister NarendraModi Inaugurated 36th Indian Carpet Expo in Varanasi on 21 Octber 2018.The expo is being organised under the aegis of the Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul – a trade facilitation centre for handicrafts – at Varanasi..The expo has become a world-famous international fair amongst the buyers of Handmade carpets, rugs and other floor coverings.
200 ‘Nirmal’ Ganga projects to be completed
Union Minister NitinGadkari said that the government intends to complete 200 projects for ghats and crematoria.The government is taking various measures to ensure ecological flow or the minimum quantity of water at different stretches of the Ganga.The government had in May 2015 approved Rs 20,000 crore under its ambitious ‘Namami Gange’.
#MeToo: SC declined urgent hearing of PIL
The Supreme Court declined urgent hearing on a PIL seeking the registration of FIRs based on allegations of sexual misconduct and assault levelled by women across various sectors,It is a part of what is being referred to as India’s #MeToo movement.#MeToo spread virally in October 2017 on social media in an attempt to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment.
Nobel chemistry laureate Shimomura passed away
Japanese-born Marine biologist Osamu Shimomura, who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry, has died.Shimomura and two American scientists shared the 2008 Nobel prize for the discovery and development of a jellyfish protein that later contributed to cancer studies.In 1962, Shimomura isolated green fluorescent protein from jellyfish.
NASA names gamma-ray constellations
NASA scientists have devised a new set of 21 modern gamma-ray constellations and named them after fictional characters such as the Hulk and Godzilla.The constellations were devised to celebrate the completion of 10 years of operations of the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope.Fermi’s Large Area Telescope has been scanning the entire sky each day, mapping and measuring sources of gamma rays.
Paytm launched PayPay in Japan
Paytm has launched a payment service called ‘PayPay’ in Japan.PayPay is based on QR (quick-response) code technology.The payment service has been launched in association with SoftBank Corporation and Yahoo Japan Corporation.SoftBank Group is one of the largest investors in Paytm.PayPay Corporation was established in June 2018.
27th Fusion Energy Conference inaugurated
The 27th Fusion Energy Conference (FEC) was inaugurated in Gandhinagar, Gujarat on 22 October 2018.The six-day event is organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and hosted by the Department of Atomic Energy and Gandhinagar-based Institute of Plasma Research.FEC aims to provide a forum for the discussion of key physics and technology issues.
NITI Lecture Series on artificial intelligence
Prime Minister NarendraModi attended the fourth edition of the NITI Lecture Series focussed on ‘leveraging artificial intelligence for inclusive growth’ on 22 October 2018.The 2018 theme for the lecture series was ‘AI for All: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Inclusive Growth’.The lecture series is part of the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.
Hurricane Willa approaching towards Mexico
Hurricane Willa has grown rapidly into an ‘extremely dangerous’ near-Category 5 storm in the eastern Pacific and is moving towards Mexico’s western coast.The hurricane was recognised as ‘life-threatening’ by the US National Hurricane Center (NHC).It has maximum sustained winds of about 130 miles per hour (209 km).
Sujatha Gidla won Shakti Bhatt Prize
SujathaGidla has won the 2018 Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize.She won the award for her book, ‘Ants Among Elephants: An Untouchable Family and the Making of Modern India’.The Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize is funded by the Shakti Bhatt Foundation.It was set up in 2008 in memory of writer Shakti.It carries a cash prize of Rs 2 lakh.
Global meet on maternal, child health


Important Current Affairs 11th October 2018
‘Olly’ made Hockey World Cup mascot
Turtle ‘Olly’ has been declared as the official mascot for the Odisha Men’s Hockey World Cup.Hockey World Cup is scheduled to be held at the Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar from November 28 to December 16, 2018.‘Olly’ represents the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles.Olly was also the mascot for Asian Athletics Championships held in 2017.
INS & Aircraft reach for IND-INDO CORPAT
Indian Naval Ship (INS) Kulish and an Indian Dornier (naval maritime time patrol aircraft) from Andaman and Nicobar command entered Belawan harbour, IndonesiaINS Kulish and Indian Dornier will attend the 32nd edition of ‘India – Indonesia coordinated patrol’ (IND-INDO CORPAT).IND-INDO CORPAT began on 11 October 2018 and will end on 27 October 2018.
Pravin appointed as Chief Statistician
The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has appointed Pravin Srivastava as Chief Statistician of India, and Secretary of the Statistics Ministry.Before this, he worked as additional director general in the national accounts division of the Statistics Ministry.Pravin Srivastava is the 1983-batch Indian Statistical Service officer.
‘Bioelectronic medicine’ which repair nerves        
Researchers at Washington University have developed the first bioelectronic medicine.The medicine is an implantable, biodegradable wireless device that speeds nerve regeneration and improves the healing of a damaged nerve.The device provides therapy and treatment over a clinically relevant period of time and directly at the site where it’s needed.
Nirmala on a 3-day visit to France
Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman began a three-day visit to France on 11 October 2018.Ms Sitharaman will hold wide-ranging talks with her French counterpart Florence Parly on ways to deepen strategic cooperation between the two countries.Ms Sitharaman will also take stock of progress in the supply of 36 Rafale jets by Dassault to the Indian Air Force under a Rs. 58,000 crore deal.
Sundar Singh won silver in javelin throw
Indian javelin thrower Sundar Singh Gurjar won a silver medal in the men’s F46 category of the Asian Para Games in Jakarta, Indonesia.The F46 category of disability covers upper limb deficiency, impaired muscle power or impaired range of movement.Gurjar won the silver medal with an effort of 61.33m in his fifth attempt.
32nd conference of WUWM inaugurated
Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Purushottam Rupala inaugurated the 32nd world conference of ‘World Union of Wholesale Markets’ (WUWM).The Conference was held at Gurugram, Haryana on 11 October 2018.The theme of the conference is  ‘The Wholesale Markets in the Digital Era: Challenges and Opportunities’.
Sunil Bhaskaran to head AirAsia India
Sunil Bhaskaran has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of low-cost carrier AirAsia India with effect from November 15, 2018.The AirAsia airline is jointly owned by Tata Sons and Air Asia Bhd.Mr Bhaskaran is currently vice-president, Corporate Services at Tata Steel.AirAsia India has a market share of less than 5% and a fleet of 19 aircraft.
RBI board gets two new directors
The government has appointed Sachin Chaturvedi to the central board of the Reserve Bank of India.Revathy Iyer, a former Indian Audit and Accounts Services officer, was also nominated to the RBI board.Both are appointed for a period of four years with effect from September 19, 2018.With these appointments, RBI will now have 18 members on its central board.
International Day of the Girl Child:11 October
International Day of the Girl is observed on 11 October 2018.The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights.The theme for 2018 is ‘With Her: A Skilled Girl Force’.October 11, 2012, was the first International Day of the Girl Child.
Sushma Swaraj to attend SCO meeting
External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj participated in the 17th Council of Heads of Government (CHG) meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.The meeting was held in Tajikistan on 11 October 2018.This is the second CHG meeting since India became a full member of SCO in June 2017.In 2017, CHG meeting was held in Sochi, Russia.
Online Assurances Monitoring System inagurated
Minister of State (MoS) for Parliamentary Affairs Vijay Goel inaugurated the Online Assurances Monitoring System (OAMS).OAMS has been developed by the Parliamentary Affairs Ministry.This system has made the information regarding assurances given on the floor of the Houses of Parliament paperless and available in digital format.
Cabinet approved the merger of NCVT & NSDA
The Union Cabinet has approved the merger of the regulatory institutions in the skills space – National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) and the National Skill Development Agency (NSDA).The new merged will be named as National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET).NCVET will regulate the functioning of entities engaged in vocational education and training.
IWAI launched Ro-Ro service to Majuli Island
Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) started Roll on-Roll off (Ro-Ro) facility in collaboration with the Government of Assam for Majuli Island.IWAI has procured a new vessel ‘MV Bhupen Hazarika’ for the new Ro-Ro service.Majuli is one of the biggest riverine islands in the world located on river Brahmaputra in Assam.
Cabinet approves MoC between India and Finland
The government approved an agreement between India and Finland on cooperation in environment protection in both the countries.The agreement is expected to bring in the latest technologies and best practices suited for bringing about better environment protection.The areas of cooperation also includes air and water pollution prevention and purification, remediation of contaminated soils.
Goa Maritime Symposium – 2018
The Indian Navy will host the ‘Goa Maritime Symposium’ on 16 October 2018.The event is a follow-on to the maiden Goa Maritime Conclave held in 2017.The theme for the one day symposium is “Building Stronger Maritime Partnerships in Indian Ocean Region”.The focus of the symposium is on capacity building among Indian Ocean Region navies to tackle emerging maritime threats,
MoU between India and Lebanon approved
The Union Cabinet has approved the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and Lebanon for cooperation in the field of agriculture and allied sectors.The MoU will promote understanding of best Agricultural practices in the two countries.The MoU will also help in better productivity at farmer fields as well as improved global market.
Tushar Mehta is the new Solicitor General
The Government of India has appointed Tushar Mehta as the Solicitor General of India.At present, Tushar Mehta holds the charge of Additional Solicitor General.He will remain in office till 30th of June, 2020 or till further orders.Solicitor General of India is the second highest ranking law officer of the government.
Saurabh Chaudhary won gold in 10m air pistol      
Indian shooter Saurabh Chaudhary clinched the gold medal in the 10m air pistol event at the Youth Olympic Games on 10 October 2018.Saurabh also won gold medal in the Asian Games and Junior ISSF World Championship.This is India’s third gold medal in Buenos Aires and the fourth medal overall for the shooting contingent.
Govt sets ‘minimum river flows’ for the Ganga
The government of India had notified the minimum ‘environmental flows’ for Ganga river.Environmental flows are the acceptable flow regimes that are required to maintain a river in the desired environmental state or predetermined state.The upper stretches of the Ganga would have to maintain 20% of the monthly average flow between November and March.

Important Current Affairs 12th October 2018
Centre approved land pooling policy for Delhi
The government of India has approved a land pooling policy for Delhi.The policy was approved by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) under the chairmanship of Lt Governor Anil Baijal in September 2018.Under the policy, agencies will develop infrastructures like roads, schools, hospitals, community centres and stadia on part of the pooled land
Over 900 prisoners get special remission
As part of the commemoration of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, over 900 prisoners have been released in the first phase of the Government’s scheme for grant of special remission to specific categories of prisoners.The decision was taken by the Union Cabinet on July 18, 2018.The prisoners will be released in three phases- October 2, 2018, April 6, 2019, and October 2, 2019.
Silver Jubilee celebrations of NHRC began
Silver Jubilee celebrations of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) began on 12 October 2018.The Commission will organize a ‘Human Rights Mela’ and ‘Human Rights Street Theatre Festival’.NHRC is an autonomous public body responsible for the protection and promotion of human rights.Retired Justice HL Dattu is the Chairperson of NHRC.
Govt hiked import duty on electronic items
The government has increased basic customs duty on electronic and telecom equipment to 20% from the current 10%.The items that will face customs duty hike include smartwatches, optical transport equipment and voice over internet protocol equipment.The hike will come into effect on 12 October 2018.Restricting imports is a part of the government’s strategy to arrest the rupee’s fall.
World Arthritis Day observed on October 12
World Arthritis Day is observed on the 12th of October every year.The theme of World Arthritis Day 2018 is “It’s in your hands, take action”.World Arthritis Day was launched by the Arthritis Foundation.The objective of the day is to spread awareness about arthritis, and how it affects the lives of those that suffer with it.
India suffered economic loss due to disasters
The report titled ‘Economic Losses, Poverty and Disasters 1998-2017’ was released by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.According to the report, India suffered a $79.5 billion economic loss due to climate-related disasters in the last 20 years.The greatest economic losses have been experienced by the US at $944.8 billion, followed by China, Japan, India and Puerto Rico.
WB to provide $195 million to Nepal
The World Bank (WB) has announced that it will provide around US$195 million concessional loans to Nepal.The loan amount will be used by Nepal to reform the country’s financial and energy sectors.An agreement to this effect was reached during the ongoing annual meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) at Bali in Indonesia.
Arun Kumar appointed as Bhilai Steel Plant CEO
Arun Kumar Rath took charge as the new CEO of Bhilai Steel plant on 11 October 2018.He succeeds M Ravi who was removed from the post on October 10 after the fire accident at Bhilai Steel Plant.Rath was earlier the CEO of Durgapur Steel Plant.Anirban Dasgupta, CEO of SAIL’s IISCO Steel Plant at Burnpur, takes additional charge of Durgapur Plant.
Centre for 4th Industrial Revolution launched
The World Economic Forum launched its new Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in India.The centre would be based in Maharashtra.It has selected drones, artificial intelligence and blockchain as the first three project areas.The WEF has also entered into partnerships with the Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh governments for the new initiative
Amway hires Milind Pant as first global CEO
Direct selling company Amway has announced Milind Pant as its Chief Executive Officer.Mr. Pant will report directly to Amway’s Board of Directors effective January 2, 2019.Amway has been co-led by Van Andel who has served as Amway Chairman since 1995 and Doug DeVos who has served as Amway’s president since 2002.
BoB CEO P.S. Jayakumar gets one-year extension
The government extended the tenure of Bank of Baroda Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer P.S. Jayakumar by one year.Before joining Bank of Baroda, Jayakumar founded VBHC Value Homes Pvt. Ltd along with Jaithirth Rao and worked with Citigroup bank.Jayakumar is a chartered accountant by qualification.
21% Indian children are under-weight: GHI
According to the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2018, at least one in five Indian children under the age of five are wasted, which means they have extremely low weight for their height, reflecting acute under-nutrition.Overall, India has been ranked at 103 out of 119 countries in the Index.GHI is a peer-reviewed publication released annually by ‘Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide.
Punjab govt released 3 apps
Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh launched three mobile apps aimed at checking crop residue burning.The apps also aim to create awareness about the effects of crop residue burning on the environment and human health.The three Android mobile applications have been developed by Punjab Remote Sensing Centre (PRSC).The three apps are i-Khet Machine, e-PEHaL and e-Prevent.
Sushil Modi released book ‘Lalu Leela’
Bihar deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi has come out with a nearly 200-page book titled “Lalu Leela”.The book documents “benami” land deals allegedly involving the RJD national president, Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family members.The preface has been penned by another Union minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad.
‘Save Ganga’ crusader Agarwal dead
GD Agarwal who devoted his life to the cause of saving river Ganga, died on 11 October 2018.Agarwal was on a fast-unto-death for the last 111 days.He was a former professor at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur.In 2012, he formally renounced the world and adopted the name Swami Gyanswaroop Sanand.
Malaysia abolishes capital punishment
Malaysia’s cabinet has agreed to abolish the death penalty and halt pending executions.Capital punishment in Malaysia is currently mandatory for murder, kidnapping, possession of firearms and drug trafficking, among other crimes.In April 2017, human rights group Amnesty International ranked Malaysia 10th in the use of the death penalty.
Govt package for footwear and leather sector
The Central Government has approved a special package for employment generation in leather and footwear sector.The package involves implementation of Central Sector Scheme – Indian Footwear, Leather & Accessories Development Programme (IFLADP) with an approved expenditure of Rs. 2600 Crore for 2017-20.The scheme aims at development of infrastructure for the leather sector.
Space centre to be set up at Jammu University
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) signed a MoU with the Central University of Jammu (CUJ) in Jammu for setting up of the Satish Dhawan Center for Space Science in the University.The centre will take care of the emerging geospatial and space technology requirements for the development of the region.Apart from this, the disaster management centre will also be set up.
World Bank’s Human Capital Index released
The World Bank released a Human Capital Index (HCI) as part of the World Development Report 2019.The broader theme of the World Development Report (WDR) 2018 is “The Changing Nature of Work”.India is ranked at 115.The report almost reiterated that Indian children are not learning enough in schools.
AIM & IBM India design Internship Programme
NITI Aayog and IBM India announced a first-of-its-kind internship programme for students selected by Atal Innovation Mission (AIM).The Atal Innovation Mission conducted the Atal Tinkering Marathon in 2017.The students will be equipped with the skills in areas like artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things, cybersecurity, cloud computing and blockchain.

Important Current Affairs 13th October 2018
Hurricane Leslie heading to Portugal, Spain
Hurricane Leslie is heading toward Portugal and Spain.The Category 1 storm was about 910 km southwest of Lisbon, Portugal, and about 320 km northwest of Madeira, the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said.Leslie is moving northeast at 36 mph and it has maximum sustained winds of 80 mph.The storm is expected to pass north of Madeira.
Archer Harvinder Singh clinched gold
Archer Harvinder Singh notched up the men’s individual recurve gold, while track-and-field athletes added a silver and a bronze to India’s tally in the Asian Para-Games in Jakarta.Harvinder defeated China’s Zhao Lixue 6-0 in the W2/ST category final to claim the top honours and take India’s gold tally to seven.Monu Ghangas claimed the silver in the men’s discus throw F11 category.
PM Modi to visit Japan for India-Japan Summit
Modi will visit Japan on 28-29 of this month for the 13th India-Japan Annual Summit.This will be the fifth Annual Summit meeting between Modi and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and their twelfth meeting overall since 2014.Prime Minister’s visit will reaffirm the traditional bonds of friendship between the two countries and strengthen their multifaceted cooperation in diverse fields
Saurabh clinched gold in 10-m air pistol
Pistol shooter Saurabh Chaudhary bagged the Gold Medal in the 10-metre air pistol event in the ongoing Youth Olympic Games in Argentina.In Buenos Aires, the 16-year old blew the field away in the final as he finished a massive Seven and a half points ahead of his closest rival.It is India’s 3rd gold in the history of Youth Olympic Games and all 3 have come in this edition in Buenos Aires.
Deepa clinched bronze in Asian Para Games
At the Asian Para Games in Jakarta, Rio Paralympics medallist Deepa Malik bagged her second medal as she clinched a bronze in the women’s F51/52/53 discus throw event.Deepa produced her best effort in her fourth attempt, a 9.67 metre to claim the third spot.Elnaz Darabian of Iran took home the gold and set a new Asian record with her best throw of 10.71 meters.
ICC launched women’s T20I ranking
In the newly launched ICC global Women’s T20I Team Rankings, India is placed fifth while three-time champions Australia topped the 46-team table.The ICC’s move to launch the women’s T20I rankings follows its decision earlier this year to award international status to all T20 matches.An ICC release in Dubai said all women’s T20 matches between members have international status.
5 gold for India on penultimate day
India grabbed 5 gold medals on the penultimate day of the Asian Para Games at Jakarta.K Jennitha Anto clinched the gold in women’s individual rapid P1 chess event while Kishan Gangolli got the better of Majid Bagheri in the men’s individual event to claim the top spot.In para-badminton, Parul Parmar notched up a victory over Wandee Kamtam to win the gold medal in the women’s singles event.
Cyclone Luban in Oman
Oman has closed schools and ports in the southern part of the country while Yemen’s local authorities prepared health facilities ahead of cyclone Luban.Luban is currently a category one cyclone, which is likely to develop into a Category 2 cyclone within the next 48 hours.\ Luban is travelling northwest, and cloud bands of the cyclone are currently 327 kilometres away from the coast of Oman.
International Day for Disaster Reduction
The International Day for Disaster Reduction was started in 1989, after a call by the United Nations General Assembly for a day to promote a global culture of risk-awareness and disaster reduction.It is held every year on 13 October.The 2018 theme continues as part of the “Sendai Seven” campaign, centred on the seven targets of the Sendai Framework.
India-Azerbaijan signed protocol
The 5th meeting of India-Azerbaijan Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade and Economic, Science and Technology Cooperation (IA-IGC) was held on 11-12 October 2018 in New Delhi.Both sides agreed to take measures to enhance trade relations and expand business relations.Novruz Mammadov is the PM of Azerbaijan.
Online portal for grant of IEM and IL
Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion has developed a new online portal for facilitating the filing of online applications for IEM and Industrial Licence (IL) under Arms Act as well as Industries (Development & Regulation)[I(D&R)] Act, 1951 at portal will be available for public with effect from 16th October 2018 for filing application.
Word Egg day celebrated
The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries organized “World Egg Day” on 12 October.A booklet on poultry entrepreneurs’ success stories was released.International Egg Commission has declared the second Friday of October every year as World Egg Day.This is a unique opportunity to help raise awareness of the nutritional benefits of eggs.
13th convention of CIC inaugurated
Shri Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated the 13th Convention of the Central Information Commission in New Delhi.The Convention will deliberate on three specific subjects – Data privacy and Right to Information, Amendment in the RTI Act and Implementation of the RTI Act.The Central Information Commission set up under the Right to Information Act is the authorised body, established in 2005.
SBI signed MoU with Nepal’s NBI
State Bank of India has signed an MoU with Kathmandu-based National Banking Institute (NBI) for the development of human resources of the latter.Under the MoU, the strategic training unit of SBI will impart education, training and development to facilitate transformation of NBI’s HR department.SBI signed the three-year MoU with NBI to establish a mutually beneficial strategic alliance.
India remains polio-free: UNICEF, WHO
The UNICEF and the WHO reiterated India’s status as a polio-free country.This came after some oral polio vaccine vials were found contaminated with the type-2 polio virus last month.India has a high routine immunisation coverage and so the risk of children getting vaccine-derived polio virus was “minimal”, said the two global organisations in a joint statement.
India’s biggest Zika outbreak in Jaipur
Fifty cases of Zika have been confirmed in Jaipur in India’s biggest outbreak of the disease with 11 pregnant women among them.The mosquito-borne virus puts the unborn child at risk of microcephaly, a birth defect where the baby’s head is smaller than normal.The symptoms include high fever, rash, joint and muscle pain, headache and conjunctivitis.
First IIIC Opened in Bengaluru
The country’s first India-Israel Innovation Centre (IIIC), an entrepreneurial technology hub, was launched in Bengaluru.The IIIC is a significant step towards facilitating penetration of Israeli companies in India.It aims to forge local partnerships and joint ventures between companies from the two countries.It will provide an ecosystem to support entrepreneurship.
NSE signed a pact with Uttarakhand
Leading stock exchange NSE has signed a pact with the Uttarakhand government to provide access to capital to MSMEs.This which will fuel the growth of such entities in the state.The bourse will play an active role in nurturing the SMEs and start-ups by increasing awareness.NSE’s SME Platform has currently 182 companies listed, which together raised over Rs 2,850 crore.
India elected to UNHRC
India has been elected to the United Nations’ Human Rights Council with the highest vote among all candidates.It secured 188 votes in the Asia-Pacific category for a period of three years beginning January 1, 2019.In the Asia Pacific category, India got 188 votes followed by Fiji with 187 and Bangladesh 178 votes.
Legendary musician Annapurna Devi passed away
Legendary musician Annapurna Devi has passed away in Mumbai. She was 91.Annapurna Devi was an Indian surbahar player of Hindustani classical music and she was the daughter and disciple of Allauddin Khan.She was married to sitar maestro Ravi Shankar.

Important Current Affairs 14th October 2018
Important sports News (8-13 Oct 2018)
          Who Knew? Weird But True--300 Outrageous Facts       Cache   Translate Page      

The planet Venus may have one been habitable.

And, yes, some mosquitoes would rather have cat blood. than people blood! (Are they known as Cat-ula mosquitoes?)

One of King Tut's daggers was made from a meteorite. (Did E.T. drop in on an early visit to Tut's house?)

Three hundred weird and wonderful facts are included in National Geographics Kids'compendium of curious and wonderful things, Weird But True! 2: 300 Outrageous Facts (National Geographic Kids, 2018).

Who knew there is a town in Idaho named "Good Grief" for Charlie Brown? Or that marine scientists use drones called "snotbots" to collect specimens from whales' blowholes? This awesome, actual, and amazing miscellany is full of facts and fun for all ages. Oh, and if you think you can't remember all 300 facts, try listening to Mozart while reading this book. It works for rats learning to run mazes! Strange but true!
          2,5 milioni di dollari per il drone che crea mappe sotto terra      Cache   Translate Page      

Mappare sottoterra non è uno scherzo, ma è importantissimo per l’industria mineraria che deve sapere esattamente come sono fatti i cuniculi che ogni giorno vengono scavati, senza contare le necessità della speleologia e dell’industria petrolifera, che spesso ha bisogno di sapere in che stato è ‘interno di gasdotti e oleodotti. I droni possono dare una [...]

L'articolo 2,5 milioni di dollari per il drone che crea mappe sotto terra proviene da Tutte le news sul mondo dei droni, APR, UAV, regolamento e database operatori.

          Problemi DJI Matrice, la colpa è delle batterie      Cache   Translate Page      
matrice 200 problema batterie

Dopo le cadute sospette rilevate dalla polizia inglese sui droni DJI Matrice, arriva una prima (e forse ultima conferma): il problema riguarda le batterie TB50 e TB55 e la loro comunicazione col drone. Lo ammette la stessa DJI con un comunicato intitolato “DJI Advises Customers To Fly With Caution When Using TB50 And TB55 Batteries In [...]

L'articolo Problemi DJI Matrice, la colpa è delle batterie proviene da Tutte le news sul mondo dei droni, APR, UAV, regolamento e database operatori.

          Rumors of AI Wars: Where Google and the Bible Agree      Cache   Translate Page      

An understanding of human dignity and responsibility belongs in the development of artificial intelligence for military uses.

Recently, Google hit the pause button on a military artificial intelligence project amidst thorny ethical questions raised by its own employees. Increasingly in new drone and surveillance systems, human knowledge and actions are augmented and soon might be sidelined altogether. Should we shirk our responsibility and pass authority onto these machines? For Christians, the complex conversation about how AI should be developed as weapons centers on a biblical understanding of human dignity and responsibility.

For Google employees, protest began in April 2018 over involvement in a program to continue work on an AI-based image recognition program for the Department of Defense arguing that Google should not be in the business of war since the company’s historic slogan has been “Do no evil.”

The program, simply referred to as “Project Maven,” is designed to be used in identifying enemy targets on the battlefield. The research would improve an AI system, which processes a massive amount of video data captured every day by US military drones and reports back to military and civilian analysts with potential targets for future military engagement. The New York Timesreported that the Pentagon has spent billions of dollars in recent years to develop these systems and often partners with leading technology firms.

Yet, thousands of Google’s employees, including many senior engineers, signed a letter to CEO Sundar Pichai in protest of the firm’s involvement in Project Maven. In June, Google announced that it would not renew the government contract for Project Maven. Employees rejoiced at this decision, but Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and others have criticized the move arguing that dropping the ...

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          Niger turns to drones to protect precious wildlife      Cache   Translate Page      
Niamey (AFP) Nov 6, 2018
Niger is turning to drone technology to help protect a Saharan antelope and other endangered species in Africa's largest terrestrial park. The Termit and Tin Toumma reserve in the southeast of the West African desert state is at threat from poaching, deforestation, over-grazing and armed conflict. French conservation group Noe - its name means "Noah" - will provide drone surveillance u
          EIT Digital’s latest innovations for cities to be presented at Smart City Expo World Congress      Cache   Translate Page      
For the third year in a row, EIT Digital is exhibiting at SCEWC and will proudly present to the thousands of visitors its 2018 supported scaleups and Innovation Activities on Digital Cities, a pillar Action Line that leverages the digital...

Smart Cities, Smart City, Digital, Cities, City, Innovation, Startups, Scaleups, Technology, Europe, Barcelona, Spain, 5G, Connected Cars, Drones, MobilitySmart City Expo World Congress 2018
          Random: Fire-Breathing Spyro Drone Flying Across America to Deliver Game to Snoop Dogg      Cache   Translate Page      

The post Random: Fire-Breathing Spyro Drone Flying Across America to Deliver Game to Snoop Dogg appeared first on TechnoBuffalo.

          Ladrones saquean "Mr. Papa's" luego de clausurado en zona norte de Veracruz Puerto      Cache   Translate Page      
Veracruz, Ver.- Luego que el pasado miércoles fuera clausurado por presuntamente no cumplir con disposiciones del reglamento de Comercio municipal, los ladrones aprovecharon los sellos de clausura y que no había vigilancia para robar el restaurante y botanero Mr. Papa’s, sitio que se hizo viral luego de los vídeos en que un trasvesti conocido como “Lady Audios”, se besara con algunos jóvenes en el sitio tras realizar dinámicas y juegos.

Lo anterior fue confirmado por el dueño de este local comercial, ubicado en la avenida Miguel Ángel de Quevedo a unos metros del Tecnológico de Veracruz, y que fue clausurado desde el pasado miércoles, al parecer por incumplir algunos lineamientos de la dirección de comercio.
Aunque otras personas y los propios empleados del lugar, señalan que la clausura se dio luego que en redes sociales se hiciera viral un video, donde un conocido trasvesti realizara un show y se besara con algunos jóvenes.

La versión oficial de las autoridades de Comercio es que estaban operando con faltas al reglamento y sólo aplicaron la ley, dejándolo cerrado hasta pagar la multa, que fue finiquitada este lunes y cuando el personal de Comercio procedió a retirar los sellos, el dueño se percató del robo.
“Se llevaron todo el equipo de sonido, las pantallas de arriba, de abajo y todas las botellas, sólo nos dejaron las sillas y las mesas”, explicó Quirino Ramírez dueño del sitio de la polémica.

Finalmente, luego de dar parte a la Policía Naval, procedieron a interponer la denuncia correspondiente ante la Unidad Integral de Procuración de Justicia, exigiendo a las autoridades que realizan la vigilancia necesaria para evitar otro robo.

Fuente: CronicaVeracruz

          Alibaba rival plays the long-game on technology investment      Cache   Translate Page      
China’s  has made it clear recently that it’s venturing into artificial intelligence and automation. Every few months over the past year, the online retailer – China’s second-largest by transactions after Alibaba – has unveiled new products based on cutting-edge technology: for example drone delivery, self-driving trucks, fully automated warehouses, to name a few. Most […]
          AWS, Veritone: Machine Learning, AI Can Help Monetize Ads, Content      Cache   Translate Page      
Its new drone initiative is “driven by deep learning and machine learning capabilities” also, he said, noting the company has “thousands of ...
          Now / Teraz      Cache   Translate Page      
Now / Teraz
Photo taken by Matrice 600pro with Sony a7R, 85mm Sigma Art 1.4. on fashion meeting in Palace Bernatówka
          Orange Muse      Cache   Translate Page      
Orange Muse
Photo taken by Matrice 600pro with Sony a7R, 85mm Sigma Art 1.4. on fashion meeting in Palace Bernatówka
          Pak Fu Shan, Sai Kung, Hong Kong      Cache   Translate Page      
Pak Fu Shan, Sai Kung, Hong Kong
Pak Fu Shan is situated in Leung Shuen Wan, High Island. It is 156m high. Pak Lap Village was previously located under the valley of Pak Fu Shan, for the reason of ‘Fung Shui’ the village was moved behind Pak Lap Wan.
          Daniele Perozzo      Cache   Translate Page      
Daniele Perozzo
Ancient Austrian fort on the Laveno Mombello hill (Italy) City : Laveno MombelloStreet : Via alla TorreCounty or State : VACountry : Italy
          CIUDAD DE SAN GIMIGNANO, TOSCANA, ITALIA      Cache   Translate Page      
          TORRES DE SAN GIMIGNANO, TOSCANA, ITALIA      Cache   Translate Page      
          MONTAÑAS Moraine en el Parque Nacional Banff, en Alberta, Canadá      Cache   Translate Page      
MONTAÑAS Moraine en el Parque Nacional Banff, en Alberta, Canadá
VISTA PANORAMICA DE​ MONTAÑAS Moraine en el Parque Nacional Banff, en Alberta, Canadá PANORAMIC VIEW OF Moraine Mountains in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
          Lower Kananaskis Lake, ALBERTA, CANADA      Cache   Translate Page      
Lower Kananaskis Lake, ALBERTA, CANADA
          VISTA DE KANANASKI, CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA      Cache   Translate Page      
          MONUMENTO A COLON, BARCELONA, ESPAÑA      Cache   Translate Page      
          CIUDAD DE LOURDES, FRANCIA      Cache   Translate Page      
          BASILICA DE LOURDES, FRANCIA      Cache   Translate Page      
          CASTILLO DE LOURDES, FRANCIA, A CONTRALUZ      Cache   Translate Page      
          CASTILLO DE LOURDES, FRANCIA      Cache   Translate Page      
          CARCASSONNE, FRANCIA      Cache   Translate Page      
          Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, FRANCIA      Cache   Translate Page      
Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, FRANCIA
VISTA PANORAMICA DE Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, FRANCIA PANORAMIC VIEW OF​ ​Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, FRANCE
          Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, FRANCIA      Cache   Translate Page      
Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, FRANCIA
VISTA PANORAMICA DE Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, FRANCIA PANORAMIC VIEW OF Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, FRANCE
          Seagull above salines      Cache   Translate Page      
Seagull above salines
What I like most about working with drones is that we can see things we normally don’t have access to. We can capture and reveal the world from above all the year, while implementing our photography visions from the bird’s-eye-view. Here a seagull flying above the salt marshes of Noirmoutiers en l’île (France). City : GruissanStreet : Salin […]
          Silok system: Αυτός είναι ο Ρώσος “εξολοθρευτής” των αμερικανικών drones - ΦΩΤΟ - ΒΙΝΤΕΟ      Cache   Translate Page      
Ο ρωσικός στρατός βελτιώνεται συνεχώς στον τρόπο που αντιμετωπίζει και καταστρέφει τα εχθρικά αεροσκάφη και τα drones. Αυτό θα μπορούσε να έχει σοβαρές συνέπειες για τις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες καθώς χρησιμοποιεί όλο και περισσότερο τα μη επανδρωμένα αεροσκάφη.


Τα πληρώματα των οχημάτων ηλεκτρονικού πολέμου “Silok " του ρωσικού Στρατού αντιμετώπισαν επιτυχώς μη επανδρωμένα εναέρια αεροσκάφη κατά τη διάρκεια ασκήσεων κοντά στο Λένινγκραντ, όπως ανακοίνωσε το Κρεμλίνο στις 2 Νοεμβρίου.

Το Silok είναι η πιο πρόσφατη προσθήκη σε μια μακρά σειρά συστημάτων που παρεμποδίζουν τη ραδιοσυχνότητα (jamming) που ο ρωσικός στρατός έχει αναπτύξει από τον Ψυχρό Πόλεμο, προκειμένου να μπλοκάρει τις εχθρικές επικοινωνίες, που επιτρέπουν στους χειριστές να ελέγχουν τα αεροσκάφη, καθώς επίσης τα βίντεο και άλλα δεδομένα πληροφοριών που τους προσφέρουν τα drones.

Sthn sygkekrim;enh ;askhsh, "τα μη αναγνωρισμένα UAV προσπάθησαν να εισέλθουν στον κλειστό εναέριο χώρο τους πεδίου της μάχης", δήλωσε το Κρεμλίνο. "Οι ρωσικές δυνάμεις χρησιμοποίησαν το σύστημα Silok για να εντοπίσουν αυτά τα αεροσκάφη και τα ανάγκασαν να προσγειωθούν.

"Στη συνέχεια, οι δυνάμεις μηχανικού απάλλαξαν τις αυτοσχέδιες εκρηκτικές συσκευές που έφεραν τα UAV και στις συνέχεια δυνάμεις ταχείας ανταπόκρισης προχώρησαν στην σύλληψη των χειριστών τους".

Ενώ ο ρωσικός Στρατός και πιο πριν ο σοβιετικός Στρατός επιχειρούσαν για πολύ καιρό με τέτοια συστήματα jamming, τον Οκτώβριο του 2017, το Κρεμλίνο αποφάσισε στην ανάπτυξη της πρώτης μονάδας Στρατού Ξηράς που θα ήταν εξειδικευμένη με την αντιμετώπιση αυτών των απειλών.

Οι Ρώσοι χρησιμοποίησαν αυτά τα συστήματα στη Συρία για να προστατεύσουν τις ρωσικές δυνάμεις και τις βάσεις στις οποίες ήταν εδραιωμένες. Το νέο σύστημα jamming “Silok” εντάχθηκε στο ρωσικό οπλοστάσιο και ενσωματώθηκε για πρώτη φορά στις ρωσικές δυνάμεις στη Συρία τον Αύγουστο του 2018.

Τα drones είναι μια από τις μεγαλύτερες απειλές στη Συρία. Στις 5 Ιανουαρίου 2018, ένα σμήνος μικρών μη επανδρωμένων εναέριων οχημάτων με εκρηκτικά, προφανώς ελεγχόμενα από αντικαθεστωτικούς , επιτέθηκαν σε δύο ρωσικές βάσεις στη δυτική Συρία.

Δέκα από τα αεροσκάφη, επιτέθηκαν στην αεροπορική βάση Khmeimim, όπου η Ρωσία έχει εγκαταστήσει το μεγαλύτερο μέρος της αεροπορικής της δύναμης στη Συρία, ενώ τρια drones επιτέθηκαν σε ρωσικές εγκαταστάσεις στο κοντινό λιμάνι του Τάρτου.

Ένα σύστημα αεροπορικής άμυνας τύπου Pantsir-S κατέστρεψε επτά από τα αεροσκάφη, ενώ ρωσικές δυνάμεις ηλεκτρονικού πολέμου ανάγκασαν έξι από τα UAV να προσγειωθούν, χρησιμοποιώντας πιθανώς συστήματα jamming μπλοκάροντας την διασύνδεσή με τους χειριστές τους.

Η αναβάθμιση των ρωσικών δυνατοτήτων στον ηλεκτρονικό πόλεμο θα μπορούσε να απειλήσει τον αναπτυσσόμενο στόλο UAV των στρατιωτικών δυνάμεων των ΗΠΑ. Σύμφωνα με πληροφορίες, στην Ουκρανία το 2014 “μπλόκαρε” αμερικανικά UAVs.

Το Πεντάγωνο έχει επίγνωση του κινδύνου, με την DARPA να έχει ξεκινήσει μια σειρά πρωτοβουλιών για την βελτίωση των διασυνδέσεων drones και χειριστών καθώς και άλλα προγράμματα που στοχεύουν στην ανάπτυξη τεχνολογίας ανίχνευσης που θα επιτρέπουν στους Αμερικανούς να εντοπίζουν ενδεχόμενα συστήματα jamming, προφυλάσσοντας έτσι τα drones, προτού αναχαιτισθούν και εξουδετερωθούν από τον εχθρό.

Όσο λιγότερες πληροφορίες αναμεταδίδει ένα drone, τόσο λιγότερο ευάλωτο είναι να γίνει αντιληπτό, να εντοπιστεί από τον εχθρό και να εξουδετερωθεί.

Ωστόσο όσο περισσότερο ένα UAV μπορεί να επιχειρεί αυτόνομα, από την στιγμή δηλαδή που απογειωθεί, εκτελέσει την αποστολή και προσγειωθεί, , τόσο λιγότερο χρειάζεται μια ισχυρή συχνότητα διασύνδεσης με τον χειριστή του. Κάτι τέτοιο συνέβη για πρώτη φορά τον Αύγουστο του 2018 με ένα drone της Πολεμικής Αεροπορίας των ΗΠΑ.

Όμως όσο κι αν εξελιχθεί η αυτονομία στη χρήση των drones, πάντα θα υπάρχει ένας βαθμός διασύνδεσης με τους χειριστές και κατ’ επέκταση ένα “παραθυράκι” για τη δυνατότητα jamming από τον εχθρό. Αυτή είναι μια αδυναμία που θα μπορούσε να συνεχίσει να εκμεταλλεύεται η Ρωσία.

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Πηγή: National Interest

          ‘Homecoming’, série estrelada por Julia Roberts, é uma aula de cinema      Cache   Translate Page      
‘Homecoming’, série estrelada por Julia Roberts, é uma aula de cinema (Foto: Amazon Studios/Divulgação)


Não é novidade que Sam Esmail curte questões psicológicas, teorias da conspiração e análises de tempo e espaço. Com seu filme de estreia, Comet, e sua série magnífica na FX, Mr. Robot, ele conquistou os olhos da Amazon Studios, que cresce cada vez mais, agregando nomes de peso à sua cartela de produções disponíveis no streaming Prime Video. Com Homecoming, eles provam mais uma vez que a liberdade criativa e estética fica a cargo do diretor e roteirista. A história é contada a partir da psicóloga Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts), contratada pela Geist, empresa por trás de uma casa de “reabilitação” e “reintegração” de membros do exército norte-americano.

+ ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ se destaca pela atuação de Rami Malek e a direção de arte
+ ‘O Mundo Sombrio de Sabrina’: 6 detalhes sobre a nova série da Netflix
+ Cinema e arquitetura: os prédios mais icônicos de ‘Missão: Impossível’

‘Homecoming’, série estrelada por Julia Roberts, é uma aula de cinema (Foto: Amazon Studios/Divulgação)


Dividida em dois tempos, presente e passado (datado no primeiro semestre de 2018), a série nos coloca como parte do mistério, já que ficamos a todo momento tentando desvendar o que deu de errado na iniciativa privada envolvendo cobaias humanas. Como a protagonista sofre com perda de memória pós-traumática, os tempos da história vão se encontrando à medida que a série avança (são 10 episódios de 28 minutos cada). Além de Julia Roberts, dando uma aula de atuação em sua primeira série, Homecoming possui personagens sólidos e essenciais para a qualidade do desenvolvimento do roteiro. O investigador Thomas Carrasco (Shea Whigham) é o nosso aliado nesse misto de mistério psicológico com teoria da conspiração governamental. Ele é o olhar do espectador na série, sabemos tanto quanto ele, queremos compreender tudo quanto ele quer. É uma transferência quase que psicanalítica com a figura. Bobby Cannavale, que trabalha com Sam Esmail em Mr. Robot, é Colin Belfast. Sua energia frenética cabe como uma luva no ambíguo chefe e coordenador do programa Homecoming. O coadjuvante, Walter Cruz (Stephan James), é um dos militares pacientes de Heidi e peça-chave no mistério. Um casting e tanto.

‘Homecoming’, série estrelada por Julia Roberts, é uma aula de cinema (Foto: Amazon Studios/Divulgação)

O roteiro bem estruturado, claro, contribui para uma experiência cinematográfica feliz. Contudo, a aula de cinema vem também com uma equipe técnica de tirar o chapéu. As transições, que seriam tidas como kitsch nos anos 2000, flertam com a estética que consagrou Alfred Hitchcock. O uso de música clássica dramática para indicar cenas de tensão, zoom in e zoom out, a diferenciação de tempos marcada pela fotografia (no passado, em wide, no presente, em 16 mm), o melhor operador de drone dos Estados Unidos - sério, não tenho palavras para as cenas externas -, são algumas das regalias visuais que merecem ser aclamadas.

‘Homecoming’, série estrelada por Julia Roberts, é uma aula de cinema (Foto: Amazon Studios/Divulgação)


No cenário, tudo parece falso, parece render de projeto de arquitetura, transmitindo a sensação de falta de compreensão que temos ao longo da trama. O prédio onde o programa Homecoming fica é totalmente espelhado, com salas milimetricamente pensadas e decoradas. A paleta de cor terrosa e pastel lembra os antigos hospitais e salões de festa, dando a impressão de que aquilo pode ou não ser real. Já no tempo presente, como tudo é um grande fog mental, o cinza e o preto predominam. E o ponto de encontro entre a direção de fotografia de Tod Campbell (Mr. Robot e Boyhood) e do design de produção de Anastasia White (Mr. Robot e Moonrise Kingdom) é justamente essa plasticidade da vida. Os cenários foram pensados como recortes visuais, ou seja, a câmera passeia por todos os ângulos, inclusive o “vista de cima”, como se estivessemos brincando de The Sims com os personagens. A câmera passeia pelos ambientes em planos sequência surpreendentes - para quem viu Mr. Robot, sabe que é um recurso queridinho de Sam Esmail, que fez um episódio inteiro sem cortes na terceira temporada.

‘Homecoming’, série estrelada por Julia Roberts, é uma aula de cinema (Foto: Amazon Studios/Divulgação)


‘Homecoming’, série estrelada por Julia Roberts, é uma aula de cinema (Foto: Amazon Studios/Divulgação)


Homecoming é uma aula de como as séries de TV podem ser originais com muita qualidade não só na história, mas também na estética. Os testes, as experimentações e a mistura de técnicas cinematográficas transformam a experiência em algo muito mais imersivo e especial. Atenta, aguardando a segunda temporada.

_DSF0316.RAF (Foto: Amazon Studios/Divulgação)



Quer acessar mais conteúdos da Casa Vogue? Baixe já o aplicativo Globo Mais. Nele você tem acesso a reportagens exclusivas e às edições das melhores publicações do Brasil. Cadastre-se agora e experimente 30 dias grátis.


          Stunning drone videos of humpback and gray whales aid new UH marine mammal research      Cache   Translate Page      
The overall mission of the Marine Mammal Research Program is the conservation of marine mammals.
          China unveils stealth combat drone in development      Cache   Translate Page      

ZHUHAI, China (AP) — A Chinese state-owned company says it is developing a stealth combat drone in the latest sign of the country’s growing aerospace prowess. The CH-7 unmanned aerial vehicle also underscores China’s growing competitiveness in the expanding global market for drones. The drone’s chief designer Shi Wen says it can “fly long hours, […]
          Review – Tello, o poderoso mini drone da Ryze (com tecnologia DJI)      Cache   Translate Page      
Testei por alguns meses o pequeno e simpaticíssimo drone Tello, que foi criado pela Ryzer Tech, e é equipado com tecnologia de voo da DJI e um processador da Intel. Como ele tem um tamanho tão reduzido e pesa somente 80 gramas, os mais desavisados podem até descobrir que se trata de um brinquedo, mas [...]
          DOC, DOI Bromo DragonFly      Cache   Translate Page      
We sell and supply high quality and purity research chemicals and plant food(Mephedrone),in both large and small quantities.below is a list of our products... Mephedrone (4-MMC) Methylone (bk-MDMA) Methedrone (bk-PMMA) Bulytone (bk-MBDB) Flephed...
          Hiểm họa toàn cầu từ nền chuyên chế kỹ thuật số của Trung Quốc      Cache   Translate Page      
Hoàng Trang – biên dịch từ nhật báo Bưu điện Washington

Trung Quốc đã xây dựng hệ thống theo dõi các công dân của mình để quản lý mọi hoạt động của đời sống

Dù cuộc chiến thương mại giữa Mỹ – Trung chỉ tập trung vào các mặt hàng từ nông sản cho đến đồ gia dụng, thì Hoa Kỳ và các nước dân chủ khác cũng nên lo lắng về một loại hàng hóa xuất khẩu khác của Trung Quốc, đó là: nền chuyên chế/chủ nghĩa độc tài kỹ thuật số (digital authoritarianism).

Giới chức Bắc Kinh đang cung cấp công nghệ và các khóa huấn luyện cho các chính phủ trên khắp thế giới để họ có thể kiểm soát công dân nước họ. Trong khi các công ty Trung Quốc đang cạnh tranh với các tập đoàn quốc tế trong lĩnh vực quan trọng như trí tuệ nhân tạo và dịch vụ mạng 5G, thì quy tắc dân chủ, vốn đã thống trị mạng Internet toàn cầu bấy lâu, dường như đang dần thất thế. Khi đề cập đến vấn đề tự do Internet, rất nhiều chính phủ đã háo hức mua ngay các mô hình kiểm soát mà phía Trung Quốc đang rao bán.

Hàng ngũ lãnh đạo đảng Cộng sản Trung Quốc cực kỳ hào hứng với ý định thay thế trật tự tự do quốc tế bằng nền độc tài chuyên chế của họ bằng kế hoạch mở rộng sang cả lĩnh vực kỹ thuật số.

Sáng kiến “Một vành đai, một con đường”, một nỗ lực đầy tham vọng nhằm đưa ảnh hưởng của Trung Quốc lên toàn thế giới thông qua các khoản vay song phương và dự án xây dựng cơ sở hạ tầng, bao gồm cả sự tập trung chủ yếu vào lĩnh vực công nghệ thông tin. Theo bản điều tra “Freedom on the Net”, một bản đánh giá toàn cầu của Freedom House được công bố vào thứ Năm vừa qua, 38 trong số 65 quốc gia trong bản đánh giá đã bắt đầu sử dụng các trang thiết bị viễn thông được cung cấp bởi các công ty lớn của Trung Quốc như Huawei, ZTE hoặc các tập đoàn nhà nước như China Telecom. Hiện Huawei đang xây dựng mạng lưới WiFi công cộng lớn nhất Nam Mỹ tại Mexico, mạng di động 5G tại Bangladesh và dịch vụ 4.5G tại Campuchia cũng như đang tư vấn cho chính phủ Kenya về “kế hoạch vĩ đại” trong lĩnh vực công nghệ thông tin và truyền thông.

Khi các công ty này xây dựng “con đường tơ lụa kỹ thuật số” nối liền các nước chủ quản thông qua cáp quang, các chuyên gia đã cảnh báo rằng những trang thiết bị này có thể sẽ làm gia tăng sự giám sát của hệ thống tình báo của Trung Quốc. Vào tháng Một vừa qua, người ta phát hiện rằng mạng lưới IT do Trung Quốc xây dựng tại trụ sở của Liên minh châu Phi tại Ethiopia đã truyền dữ liệu mật đến Thượng Hải hằng ngày trong suốt 5 năm qua. Một số công ty Trung Quốc luôn tập trung vào xuất khẩu công nghệ giám sát. Tại 18 trong số 64 quốc gia được đánh giá bởi Freedom House – bao gồm cả Zimbabwe, Singapore một vài nước Á – Âu, các công ty như Yitu, CloudWalk and Hikvision đang kết hợp các tính năng trí tuệ nhân tạo và nhận diện khuôn mặt để tạo ra dự án “Thành phố Thông minh” (Smart Cities) và hệ thống giám sát cực kỳ tinh vi. Nó cho phép các chính phủ này có thể nhận diện và theo dõi từng hành động của mỗi công dân.

Những khu phố của người Uyghurs ở Tân Cương, Trung Quốc bị giám sát chặt chẽ và treo đầy cờ đỏ

Quân đội Trung Quốc luôn sẵn sàng đàn áp đẫm máu người Duy Ngô Nhĩ ở Tân Cương

Việc các chính quyền Trung Quốc liên tục khủng bố người Hồi giáo ở khu vực Tân Cương cho thấy một bức tranh cực kỳ u ám về tiềm năng của những công cụ này. Nhiều người dân đã bị theo dõi bằng drone, camera trên đường phố và các ứng dụng theo dõi bắt buộc cài đặt trên điện thoại của họ. Những người bị nghi là “không đáng tin cậy” có thể bị đưa vào các trại cải tạo bí mật ở Tân Cương.

Chính quyền Bắc Kinh không chỉ truyền bá công nghệ đàn áp đến các nước có chung tư tưởng như họ, mà còn mời các quan chức chính phủ và những người có ảnh hưởng về mặt truyền thông đến Trung Quốc để huấn luyện các cách kiểm soát người đối lập và thao túng dư luận trên mạng. Giới chức Trung Quốc đã tổ chức các khóa huấn luyện về quản lý thông tin và truyền thông cho các đại diện đến từ 36 trong số 65 quốc gia trong bản khảo sát của Freedom House. Trong chuyên đề kéo dài 2 tuần hồi năm ngoái, các quan chức được mời đến Trung Quốc đã tham quan trụ sở của một công ty có tham gia vào “hệ thống quản lý công luận dựa vào dữ liệu lớn (big data)”.

Các nước dân chủ cần hành động ngay lập tức để ngăn chặn sự bành trướng của công nghệ đen tối đến từ Trung Quốc. Các chính phủ nên áp đặt lệnh trừng phạt lên các công ty cung cấp công nghệ để phục vụ cho chính quyền Trung Quốc đàn áp ở những nơi như Tân Cương. Các nhà làm luật ở Hoa Kỳ nên tái thảo luận và thông qua Đạo luật Tự do Mạng Toàn cầu, cho phép ngoại trưởng xác định được các quốc gia hạn chế tự do Internet và cấm xuất khẩu đến những nước này các mặt hàng được sử dụng để kiểm soát kiểm duyệt, giám sát và đàn áp. Đạo luật này cũng yêu cầu các công ty công nghệ hoạt động trong lĩnh vực này phải báo cào hằng năm về những việc họ đang làm để bảo vệ nhân quyền và tự do thông tin.

Tuy nhiên, cách tốt nhất để các nước dân chủ ngăn chặn sự trỗi dậy của nền chuyên chế kỹ thuật số chính là chứng minh rằng họ có mô hình quản lý Internet tân tiến hơn. Chúng ta sẽ phải giải quyết vấn đề thao túng mạng xã hội và sử dụng dữ liệu sai mục đích mà vẫn tôn trọng nhân quyền và đảm bảo rằng mạng Internet luôn miễn phí và đảm bảo an toàn cho tất cả mọi người.

Các nhà hoạch định chính sách cần nỗ lực nghiêm túc hơn để bảo vệ cơ sở hạ tầng quan trọng và dữ liệu cá nhân của người dân khỏi việc bị chính phủ, các công ty và các loại tội phạm sử dụng sai mục đích. Các công ty công nghệ cũng nên hợp tác chặt chẽ hơn với các chuyên gia xã hội dân sự để tối đa hóa tính minh bạch và đảm bảo rằng nền tảng công nghệ của họ không bị lợi dụng để phát tán các thông tin xấu và sai sự thật. Cuộc bầu cử năm 2016 của Mỹ đã cho thấy việc quản lý mạng xã hội có trách nhiệm và nhiều quyền riêng tư hơn là rất cần thiết để ngăn chặn các hành động lợi dụng sự tự do trong xã hội và phá hoại nền dân chủ.

Chính quyền Bắc Kinh đang rất nỗ lực để trải rộng hệ thống này trên khắp thế giới. Nếu các nước dân chủ thất bại trong việc thúc đẩy các quy tắc và lợi ích với sự quyết tâm như nhau, thì nền chuyên chế kỹ thuật số sẽ trở thành hiểm họa thực cho tất cả chúng ta.

Luật An ninh mạng chuẩn bị đưa vào áp dụng tại Việt Nam sẽ chồng chéo lên Luật An toàn thông tin mạng

Hình ảnh người dân Việt Nam Biểu tình hôm 10.6.2018 phản đối Luật Đặc khu được chia sẻ rộng rãi trên mạng xã hội. Cùng thời điểm trên 800 tờ báo, kênh truyền hình nhà nước lại im lặng 

H.T. Nguồn bản gốc: Nguồn bản dịch:
          DoD Issues Special Notice for Commercial Short Range Reconnaissance Drone Launcher      Cache   Translate Page      
The Defense Department plans to procure an industry-built system that can launch the U.S. Army’s short range reconnaissance unmanned aircraft for situational awareness purposes. A FedBizOpps notice posted Monday states that DoD seeks an autonomous drone that can perform vertical take-offs and landings, fly for 30 minutes, operate in 15 knot winds or greater and […]
          Policiais detectam drones do PCC sobrevoando Presidente Venceslau      Cache   Translate Page      
Batalhão de Infantaria Leve em Lins é usado para treinamento de PMs; não há envolvimento de efetivo das Forças Armadas nesta ação Foto: J.SERAFIM SHOW
As forças de segurança que ocupam o perímetro da Penitenciária 2 de Presidente Venceslau, no oeste paulista, detectaram na noite desta segunda-feira, 5, o sobrevoo de dois drones na região. A suspeita é que os aparelhos tenham sido usados por integrantes do Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) para verificar o dispositivo de segurança desdobrado nas proximidades da penitenciária que abriga a cúpula da facção criminosa.
Na tentativa de abatê-los, viaturas das Rondas Ostensivas Tobias de Aguiar (Rota)perseguiram os drones até a cidade vizinha de Caiuá. Os policiais, no entanto, perderam o contato com os aparelhos. 
Estado apurou que a informação sobre a presença dos drones foi repassadas às agências de inteligência envolvidas na operação criada para impedir o plano de resgate de Marco Willians Herbas Camacho, o Marcola, líder máximo da facção. Descoberto pela inteligência policial, o plano prevê a contratação de mercenários que usariam armas de guerra, como lançadores de foguetes e metralhadoras.
Em razão disso, o Comando da Policia Militar de São Paulo solicitou ao Comando Militar do Sudeste (CMSE) o empréstimo de metralhadoras de calibre .50 para que sejam usadas na segurança do presídio. A ideia era ter o equipamento para dissuadir qualquer ataque ao presídio.
Na semana passada, policiais da Rota foram treinados no 37° Batalhão de Infantaria Leve (BIL), em Lins, no interior paulista, para usar o equipamento. Entretanto, o CMSE considera difícil o empréstimo das metralhadoras por razões legais. A arma seria de guerra e, portanto, não poderia ser usada por a força policial. Por enquanto, os homens do Comando de Operações Especiais (COE), da PM, transportaram até Presidente Venceslau metralhadoras MAG, de calibre 7,62 mm.
O governo de São Paulo estuda transferir a cúpula do PCC para presídios federais diante da ameaça da facção de fazer uma ação de guerra para tomar o presídio e soltar seus líderes. O PCC é a única organização do crime organizado do País cuja cúpula não está no sistema prisional federal.
Os que defendem a transferência imediata de Marcola e de seus colegas alegam que isso desmontaria o plano de resgate do grupo. Outros acreditam que a presença de Marcola em São Paulo permite ao governo combater melhor o crime organizado nas prisões. (Estadão Conteúdo)

          Pilot Built His Own Personal Aircraft Based On Drone Technology      Cache   Translate Page      
This professional drone builder built a drone he can fly in. 🆒. Read more
           3 espécies invasoras que ameaçam a natureza nativa da África do Sul      Cache   Translate Page      
Dominando o pedaço alheio

Espécies invasoras, para quem não sabe, são aquelas que foram introduzidas em ecossistemas que não pertenciam, originalmente, em seus habitats naturais. Pela falta de predadores naturais, maior capacidade de reprodução ou outra característica adaptativa, essas criaturas se instalam na nova área e podem ameaçar a biodiversidade, a saúde humana e até mesmo a economia local.

Este ano, a Cidade do Cabo, capital legislativa da África do Sul, quase se tornou a primeira grande cidade do mundo a ficar sem água. Uma das causas que podem ser apontadas para a catástrofe foi o possível aumento na presença de espécies invasoras na região, incluindo de plantas e insetos.

Leia mais...

          Visite de la centrale de Fukushima | 40 000 étrangers en plus | Des drones de surveillance      Cache   Translate Page      
Dans cette revue de presse du lundi 5 novembre, nous aborderons : les visites virtuelles de la centrale de Fukushima, 40 000 travailleurs étrangers attendus et des drones pour surveiller les eaux japonaises. Visite virtuelle de la centrale de Fukushima Tepco, l’opérateur de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima, a mis en place le site Inside Fukushima […]
          Alpine dronem...      Cache   Translate Page      

Alpine dronem...

          China unveils stealth combat drone in development      Cache   Translate Page      

ZHUHAI, China (AP) - A Chinese state-owned company says it is developing a stealth combat drone in the latest sign of the country's growing aerospace prowess.

The CH-7 unmanned aerial vehicle also underscores China's growing competitiveness in the expanding global market for drones. China has won sales in the Middle ...

          Robotics and Automation Market by Cloud Robotics, UAV/Drones, Robotics Equipment, Components, Solutions, Apps and Services      Cache   Translate Page      
...usage will rapidly increase with improvements to artificial intelligence, robotic form factors and fitness for use, cloud computing and related business models, such as robotics as a service. Download the full report: This research evaluates ...

          Camera AC / Video Equipment Manager      Cache   Translate Page      
Seeking a full time SALT LAKE CITY BASED swiss army knife! It's that simple. Need a very organized, tech savvy person to work on projects around the world. One day you'll be assisting on shoots with cameras, lenses and lighting gear, and the next flying a drone , the next researching and purchasing new gear, the next rigging car mounts for a TV series, the next editing a complete video, you getting the picture? If you are looking for a regular gig with a ton of variety, travel, working with...
          Yemeni Forces Kill, Arrest Dozens of Saudi-led Mercenaries in Al-Baydaa: Military Spokesman      Cache   Translate Page      

Yemeni Forces Kill, Arrest Dozens of Saudi-led Mercenaries in Al-Baydaa: Military Spokesman
November 5, 2018
The Yemeni army and popular committees managed to kill, injure or arrest scores of the Saudi-led mercenaries after carrying out a special operation against their sites in the central province of Al-Baydaa, according to a military spokesman.
General Yehya Saree’a added that the Yemeni army and popular committees destroyed and seized a large number of vehicles for the mercenaries during the operation which claimed major commanders among the Saudi-led forces.
Yemen has been since March 2015 under a brutal aggression by Saudi-led coalition, in a bid to restore power to fugitive former president Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.
Tens of thousands of Yemenis have been injured and martyred in Saudi-led strikes, with the vast majority of them are civilians.
However, the allied forces of the Yemeni army and popular committees established by Ansarullah revolutionaries have been heroically confronting the aggression with all means, inflicting huge losses upon Saudi-led forces.
The Saudi-led coalition – which also includes UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan and Kuwait – has been also imposing a blockade on the impoverished country’s ports and airports as a part of the aggression.

Yemeni Forces Repel Saudi-led Renewed Offensive on Hodeidah

November 5, 2018
Yemeni forces managed to repel a wide-scale offensive by the Saudi-led coalition on the port city of Hodeidah, inflicting losses upon the aggression forces on Sunday.
Spokesman of Yemeni armed forces Brigadier General Yehya Sarih said that aggression forces were inflicted heavy losses in the last 24 hours, noting that the number of those killed in the foiled offensive surpassed 200.
Dozens of vehicles were also destroyed by the Yemeni forces, Sarih said, pointing out to the intensified strikes by the Saudi-led coalition.
The Saudi-led warplanes waged more than 65 airstrikes on al-Mandhar, Hodeidah airport, Killo-16 in al-Duraihmi district, Yemeni media reported.
“Committed to Escalation”
On Monday, the Saudi-led coalition claimed it was “committed to de-escalating hostilities” in the Arab impoverished country.
“The coalition is committed to de-escalating hostilities in Yemen and is strongly supportive of the UN envoy’s political process,” a source in the Saudi-led coalition told AFP on condition of anonymity.
The coalition’s remarks come few days after US officials were talking about halting the war on Yemen.
US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the US had been watching the conflict “for long enough,” and that he believed Saudi Arabia and the UAE were “ready” for talks.
Mattis’ call was later echoed by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who urged the coalition to stop airstrikes in Yemen’s populated areas, saying the “time is now for the cessation of hostilities.”
“Escalation Evidence of US Remarks Falseness”
For his part, Head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, on Monday considered the military escalation an attempt to hinder any talks aimed at stopping the war and bringing peace.
“This escalation is evidence of the falseness of US statements demanding an immediate cessation of hostilities, while it is the actual commander in the war ” al-Houthi said in a statement.
He added that when the coalition countries failed to achieve any victory in the western coast, they started to bomb the residential neighborhoods in Hodeidah city committing new massacres against civilians, including women and children.
“It was customary to have a military escalation following any US statement of peace or talk about the humanitarian side,” al-Houthi said.
Source: Agencies
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          #16 Este vídeo de osos en la nieve no es un canto a la persistencia: sólo un dron irresponsable      Cache   Translate Page      

Los drones no son irresponsables

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          Consumer Drones Targeting by Sodar (Acoustic Radar)      Cache   Translate Page      
Consumer drones have recently become a threat in many real scenarios, since they are difficult to detect and track, and can be easily used to perform criminal activities such as smuggling of illicit materials, surveillance operations or network hacking, and stealing data. Existing technologies are either not suitable to detect an object that can be as small as 10 cm, or quite expensive and complicated to deploy. We carried out a field experiment to explore the possibility of tuning a well-known, low-cost acoustic radar (sodar), commonly used in atmospheric physics, to detect and track consumer drones. The vertical position of a small drone retrieved by a single-sodar antenna turned out to be in good agreement with that measured by its onboard GPS (correlation coefficient 0.93), and no significant bias was observed. Despite being preliminary, these results support the use of such a technique to retrieve reliably the position of small unmanned aerial vehicles.
          Madre desesperada suplica a ladrones que le devuelvan cenizas de su hija      Cache   Translate Page      
"Lo que pido es solamente recuperar lo único que tengo de mi bebé".
          "Only 52 percent of the state’s homicides result in an arrest when the victim is black. Could [using drones] help?"      Cache   Translate Page      
Earlier this year, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charity organization founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, gave Louisville’s Office of Civic Innovation and Technology $100,000 to tackle they city’s spiking homicide rate. Over a four-year period, the office will test the feasibility of using self-guided drones to investigate shootings: According to the proposal, the drones would be sent the GPS coordinates of a shooting location, then they would take pictures and videos ahead of first responders, complementing location data with visuals.

          No se acaba la energía de los ladrones de cables - El Diario de Otún      Cache   Translate Page      

El Diario de Otún

No se acaba la energía de los ladrones de cables
El Diario de Otún
En 2018 la Empresa de Energía de Pereira ha interpuesto más de 131 denuncias por hurto de cable, un incremento del 53 % con respecto a las cifras presentadas en el 2017. Este hecho delictivo ha generado pérdidas económicas por más de $ 52 millones ...

          Hombres arrancan puerta de licorería para robarla      Cache   Translate Page      
Un video captado por cámaras de seguridad muestra cómo una camioneta es conducida en reversa en el estacionamiento frente a la licorería. Estados Unidos.- Dos ladrones robaron una licorería en el condado de Lexington, Carolina del Sur, utilizando una camioneta para arrancar las puertas del establecimiento. Un video captado por cámaras de seguridad muestra cómo […]
          ¡Alerta! en zona de compra      Cache   Translate Page      
JD.Com (JD), conocido como el "Amazon Chino" es una empresa de comercio en línea que invierte en robótica, inteligencia artificial, big data, vehículos autónomos, drones y en el Internet de las Cosas. La cotización de JD ha caído 44% en bolsa YTD.
          Красноярский школьник занял 51 место на гонках дронов в Китае      Cache   Translate Page      
16-летний красноярский гимназист Александр Ганин занял 51-е место на чемпионате мира по Drone Racing в Китае, а также стал лучшим среди участников сборной России.
          The New Gulag Archipelago: How China “Reeducates” the Uyghurs and Why the World Should Be Alarmed      Cache   Translate Page      
Featuring Nury Turkel, Chairman, Uyghur Human Rights Project; Sophie Richardson, China Director, Human Rights Watch; and Sigal Samuel, Religion Editor, The Atlantic; moderated by Mustafa Akyol, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute.

Hayek Auditorium, Cato Institute

The Uyghurs, a Turkic Muslim people who primarily live in Xinjiang, a northwestern region in China, have long suffered the repressive regime of the Chinese Communist Party. Since early 2017, however, a new wave of repression began, as Chinese authorities initiated a comprehensive “reeducation” program involving state propaganda, mass surveillance, and the internment of hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs in concentration camps. Using the handful of violent extremists among Uyghurs as a pretext, the Beijing government, as observed by international media and human rights organizations, has embarked on a crusade to erase the identity, religion, culture, and language of a minority.

This story is a major human rights crisis in itself, yet it also signals a broader threat to freedom in other parts of the world. In Xinjiang, Chinese authorities are testing their new products for social control, such as drones disguised as birds to surveil citizens and state-issued tracking devices on human bodies. This cutting-edge totalitarianism can easily be exported to other regimes around the world that are eager to spy on their citizens and persecute their dissidents.

If you can’t make it to the event, you can watch it live online at and join the conversation on Twitter using #CatoEvents. Follow @CatoEvents on Twitter to get future event updates, live streams, and videos from the Cato Institute.

          賞著紅葉吃便當 愛知縣紅葉名所試用無人機送午餐      Cache   Translate Page      


這篇文章 賞著紅葉吃便當 愛知縣紅葉名所試用無人機送午餐 最早出現於 DronesPlayer

          Amazing drone footage of an £8billion Chinese high-speed railway      Cache   Translate Page      
The clip shows trains running along the now completed 411-mile Xi’an to Chengdu high-speed line, which was started in October 2012.
          Alibaba rival plays the long-game on technology investment      Cache   Translate Page      

China’s  has made it clear recently that it’s venturing into artificial intelligence and automation. Every few months over the past year, the online retailer – China’s second-largest by transactions after Alibaba – has unveiled new products based on cutting-edge technology: for example drone delivery, self-driving trucks, fully automated warehouses, to name a few. Most […]

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           China unveils stealth combat drone in development       Cache   Translate Page      
ZHUHAI, China (AP) - A Chinese state-owned company says it is developing a stealth combat drone in the latest sign of the country's growing aerospace...
          No se acaba la energía de los ladrones de cables - El Diario de Otún      Cache   Translate Page      

El Diario de Otún

No se acaba la energía de los ladrones de cables
El Diario de Otún
En 2018 la Empresa de Energía de Pereira ha interpuesto más de 131 denuncias por hurto de cable, un incremento del 53 % con respecto a las cifras presentadas en el 2017. Este hecho delictivo ha generado pérdidas económicas por más de $ 52 millones ...

          U.S. Militia Groups Head to Border, Stirred by Trump’s Call to Arms      Cache   Translate Page      
3 Nov 2018 — Gun-carrying civilian groups and border vigilantes have heard a call to arms in President Trump’s warnings about threats to American security posed by caravans of Central American migrants moving through Mexico. They’re packing coolers and tents, oiling rifles and tuning up aerial drones, with plans to form caravans of their own and trail American troops to the border.
          TYPHOON H DRONE      Cache   Translate Page      
Used 3 times 6 eng's new battery retracts camera video object avoidance system follow you while videoing pre-set way points large st16 screen
          Drone companies are scaling up      Cache   Translate Page      
After the Federal Aviation Administration approved commercial use of drones two years ago, many drone companies started scali -More

          This Weekend's Kids & Family Activities in Queens      Cache   Translate Page      
This Weekend's Kids & Family Activities in Queens — Drone Tec
          Μοναχισμός στις όχθες του ποταμού Αλιάκμονα      Cache   Translate Page      
Δείτε ένα μαγικό video με Drone
Η ονομασία «Καλλίπετρα» (όμορφη πέτρα) προέρχεται από τον βράχινο όγκο που την σκιάζει (στα Τουρκικά «Τζαμάλα»). Αποτελεί ένα από τα παλιά μοναστήρια, με παλαιότερη πληροφορία ύπαρξης προ του 1.100. Το μοναστήρι γνώρισε μεγάλη
Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια
          Cheerwing CW4 720P Camera Drone with Altitude Hold, Bonus Battery - $26.79 + Free Shipping      Cache   Translate Page      
Cheerwing CW4 720P Camera Drone with Altitude Hold, Bonus Battery - $26.79 + Free Shipping Original Price:$39.99 Deal Price: $26.79 Code:Q6SQ27FZ ...
          El pedido de una madre por el robo de las cenizas de su hija fallecida      Cache   Translate Page      
Los ladrones se llevaron dinero de la vivienda de San Carlos y se quedaron con un cofre azul donde estaba el recuerdo de María Luján.
          Asesinan a un hombre por robarle un perro en su propia casa      Cache   Translate Page      

Un hombre de 30 años, quien publicó para la venta a un cachorro de raza Bulldog Inglés Merle en una página de internet, fue asesinado cuando dos supuestos clientes ingresaron a su vivienda para ver al perro.

Según relató la esposa de la víctima mortal, todo empezó cuando recibieron una llamada de personas interesadas en el cachorro y quienes dijeron que irían el sábado 3 de noviembre a las 3 p.m. con una niña para que ella lo viera y decidiera si le gustaba o no.

Sin embargo, horas después, en otra llamada, los interesados dijeron que la pequeña estaba con su mamá por lo que solo podrían llegar a las 6 de la tarde. Las víctimas, confiadas en hacer el negocio, aceptaron el retraso.

  A la hora pactada, dos hombres, sin la niña, llegaron a la vivienda ubicada en el barrio Santa Rita, en la localidad de Puente Aranda. Ingresaron y, por prevención, la mujer decidió poner candado a la puerta de la casa.

Ya en el segundo piso, donde estaba el perro, los delincuentes sacaron armas de fuego y amenazaron a la mujer y su esposo. En la vivienda también estaba el hermano del propietario del cachorro. 

"Uno de los tipos bajó corriendo y el otro nos dijo que nos tiráramos al suelo, que no gritáramos o que nos disparaba. Entonces yo le entregué el cachorro y se fue al primer piso", contó la mujer, quien añadió que su pareja bajó corriendo detrás de los ladrones mientras ella le pedía auxilio a su cuñado, quien se unió a su hermano para ir tras los asaltantes.

Los delincuentes quedaron atrapados porque la puerta estaba con candado. Los hermanos llegaron hasta donde ellos estaban y en ese momento fue cuando los criminales les dispararon, asesinando a John Alexander Barón y dejando gravemente herido a su hermano, quien en este momento está en cuidados intensivos en el hospital de Kennedy.

Finalmente, los agresores salieron de la vivienda con el cachorro avaluado en unos 8 millones de pesos y huyeron en una motocicleta. Sin embargo, en su escape, olvidaron los cascos de la moto que ahora son pieza clave en las investigaciones que ya están adelantando las autoridades para dar con su paradero.

          Fire drone gives birds-eye view of Dawson Road fire fight      Cache   Translate Page      
Video footage from the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service’s drone shows an aerial view of the fire that destroyed the Friendly Family Farms seed processing plant in St. Boniface Monday. …read more Global News Winnipeg: Fire drone gives birds-eye view of Dawson Road fire fight
          Дроны найдут потерянных в лесу людей      Cache   Translate Page      

Для этого используют ту же технологию, что применяется в самоуправляемых автомобилях.

Сообщение Дроны найдут потерянных в лесу людей появились сначала на Чудо техники.

          Carnival Games è disponibile oggi su PS4, Xbox One e Switch      Cache   Translate Page      
2K annuncia che Carnival Games, il nuovo arrivato del popolare franchise che ha venduto oltre 9.5 milioni di copie nel mondo, sarà disponibile a partire da oggi per Nintendo Switch, Xbox One e PlayStation 4. Carnival Games offre divertimento per tutta la famiglia e può essere giocato da solo o fino a quattro giocatori, con ben 20 mini-giochi disponibili. Come una vera e propria fiera di paese, Carnival Games permette a giocatori di ogni età di sfidarsi a grandi classici come: i tiri a canestro (“Swish”), far cadere gli antipatici pagliacci (“Tiro al clown”), la corsa del drone volante (“Veloce come la luce”) e il bowling cosmico (“Strike cosmico”). Giocando potrai vincere biglietti e scambiarli per ottenere nuovi abbigliamenti carnival per i tuoi personaggi. Carnival Games è ora disponibile su Switch, Xbox One e PS4. Scarica questa pagina in formato PDF
          Η Ζωή και ο Θάνατος ενός Έλληνα στην Αλβανία      Cache   Translate Page      
Μια φρεσκοβαμμένη ελληνική σημαία και πάνω της η ονομασία «ΒΟΥΛΙΑΡΑΤΕΣ» -στην πρόσοψη του Δημοτικού Σχολείου στο κέντρο του βορειοηπειρώτικου χωριού- φαίνεται πως ήταν η αρχή του τέλους για τον 35χρονο ομογενή Κωνσταντίνο Κατσίφα, που ανήμερα της Εθνικής Επετείου 28ης Οκτωβρίου εκτελέστηκε ψυχρά απο τις επίλεκτες δυνάμεις της αλβανικής αστυνομίας.

Την ελληνική σημαία ζωγράφισε στον τοίχο του σχολείου, τα ξημερώματα της 28ης Οκτωβρίου ο ίδιος ο Κωνσταντίνος Κατσίφας, προκειμένου να τιμήσει του Έλληνες στρατιώτες που είναι θαμμένοι στο Στρατιωτικό Κοιμητήριο του χωριού -πεσόντες κατά τον ελληνοϊταλικό πόλεμο του 1940-1941- αλλά και για να υπενθυμίσει πως η ιδιαίτερη πατρίδα του κατοικείται από Έλληνες, σε πείσμα των συνεχιζόμενων αλβανικών μεθοδεύσεων. Την προηγούμενη ίδιος με φίλους του, είχαν σημαιοστολίσει –όπως σε κάθε Εθνική Επέτειο- την κεντρική οδό του χωριού έως το Στρατιωτικό Κοιμητήριο. Σημαίες που ο ίδιος αγόραζε κάθε χρόνο από την Ελλάδα και ιστούς που ο ίδιος κατασκεύαζε, διαθέτοντας τα μεροκάματά του.

Οι Βουλαριάτες είναι σήμερα ένα μικρό μειονοτικό χωριό 300 περίπου κατοίκων του δήμου Δρόπολης, 8 χλμ μετά τα ελληνοαλβανικά σύνορα στην Κακαβιά, και ανήκει στην επίσημη μειονοτικη ζώνη που αναγνωρίζει θεωρητικά τα Τίρανα. Οι ομογενείς της περιοχής, έχουν –βάση νομοθεσίας- το δικαίωμα να τιμούν τις Εθνικές Επετείους τους και βέβαια τα εθνικά τους σύμβολα. Ωστόσο οι πολλές ελληνικές σημαίες στους Βουλιαράτες, φαίνεται πως ενοχλούσαν την αλβανική αισθητική.

Οι «προφητικές» αναρτήσεις του στα social media
Το ιδιαίτερο πάθος του Κωνσταντίνου Κατσίφα για τις ελληνικές σημαίες ήταν γνωστό και στις αλβανικές Αρχές, οπως και ο ιδιαίτερος ζήλος του να υπερασπίζεται και να προβάλλει τις πατριωτικές του ευαισθησίες –ακραίες για πολλούς- μέσω αναρτήσεων στα social media και όχι μόνο. Μιλούσε ευθέως για δικαίωμα αυτοδιάθεσης των Βορειοηπειρωτών, ζητώντας ουσιαστικά ότι τα Τίρανα για το Κοσσυφοπέδιο. «Η ζωή κάτω από το ζυγό της τυραννίας δεν έχει νόημα και αξία. Η ελευθερία δε χαρίζεται, αλλά είναι έπαθλο που το κερδίζει ο άνθρωπος με τον αγώνα του» έγραψε παλαιότερα στον προσωπικό του λογαριασμό στο facebook. Παρακολουθώντας κανείς τα όσα κατα καιρούς έχει γράψει στα social media -όσο και εαν διαφωνεί μαζί του- εύκολα αντιλαμβάνεται τη μεγάλο του πάθος για την Ελλάδα και την επίμονη προσπαθειά του να ευαισθητοποιήσει τους συμπατριώτες του -και τους υπόλοιπους Έλληνες- για τη συνεχιζόμενη συρίκνωση του βορειοηπειρωτικού Ελληνισμού.

Ο Κατσίφας έζησε και μεγάλωσε στην Ελλάδα αποκτώντας νοοτροοπία και ψυχολογία ενός Έλληνα και όχι ενός «μειονοτικού» στην Αλβανία, που τα Τίρανα αντιμετωπίζει διαχρονικά ως .. ξενιστή". Δεν είχε ουσιαστικά συμβιβαστεί με την ιδέα, πως το χωριό του –λίγα μόλις χιλιόμετρα απο την Ελλάδα που τα φώτα των χωριών της φαίνονται το βράδυ- απειλούνταν με αφανισμό.

Μία τελευταία ανάρτηση, λίγες μέρες πριν το περιστατικό, προκαλεί –εκ των υστέρων πλέον- ανατριχίλα. «Τσίπρας και Ράμα κάνουν σχέδια χωρίς το Νοικοκύρη. Για ένα πράγμα να είναι σίγουροι. Η σκληροπυρηνική Νεολαία τής Βορείου Ηπείρου δεν θα μείνη θεατής. Καλούνται όλοι Έλληνες τής Βορείου Ηπείρου 28η Οκτωβρίου να στείλουμε ένα μήνυμα προς πάσα κατεύθυνση. ΕΛΛΑΣ Η ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ» έγραψε, με το ερώτημα να παραμένει αναπάντητο εάν τελικά με το θανατό του, επιχείρησε να στείλει το δικό του «μήνημα», σε μια εποχή που για κάποιους οι έννοιες «Πατρίδα» και «Έθνος» προκαλούν αλλεργία.

Η σημαία στον τοίχο και ο Αλβανός «σερίφης»
Νωρίς το πρωί της περασμένης Κυριακής, περιμένοντας να ξεκινήσει η δοξολογία για την Επέτειο της 28ης Οκτωβρίου στην εκκλησία του χωριού, ο Κατσίφας –σύμφωνα με μαρτυρίες- διαπληκτίστηκε μ’ έναν Αλβανό αστυνομικό, που υπηρετεί χρόνια στην περιοχή γνωρίζοντας πρόσωπα και καταστασεις. Έχοντας αέρα ... «σερίφη», ο Q.P. ζήτησε μ’ επιτακτικό ύφος από τον ομογενή, εξηγήσεις για την ελληνική σημαία που ζωγράφισε λίγες ώρες νωρίτερα στον τοίχο του σχολείου. Ο Κατσίφας του απάντησε πως πρόκειται για το εθνικό σύμβολο των κατοίκων του χωριού, που θα πρέπει να γίνει σεβαστό. Συνεχίζοντας στο ίδιο έντονο ύφος, ο αστυνομικός του έδειξε με το δάχτυλο την ελληνική σημαία στην κορυφή του λόφου –επάνω απο το Στρατιωτικό Κοιμητηρίο- λεγοντάς του πως «θα κατέβει σύντομα», κουνώντας επιδεικτικά το υπηρεσιακό του περίστροφο. Δεν ήταν πρώτη φορά που ο Κατσίφας δεχόταν συστάσεις από τον «σερίφη» για τις ελληνικές σημαίες στο χωριό, σε μια προσπάθεια εκφοβισμού του.

Ο συγκεκριμένος αστυνομικός έχει σοβαρές ευθύνες για τα όσα ακολούθηαν. Αντί να προσπαθήσει να χαμηλώσει τους τόνους, ερέθισε ακόμη περισσότερο με τα λόγια και τις κινήσεις του, τον 35χρονο ομογενή που απομακρύνθηκε φανερα εκνευρισμένος και αναστατωμένος από την πλατεία. Ήταν η αρχή της τραγωδίας.

Η συνέχεια λίγο πολύ είναι γνωστή. Ο Κατσίφας επέστρεψε στην πλατεία του χωριού κρατώντας ένα τροποποιημένο –και με διόπτρα- τυφέκιο καλάσνικοφ. Για οσους απορούν που το βρήκε , να υπενθυμίσουμε πως στην Αλβανία δεν ειναι ιδιαίτερα δύσκολο να γίνει κάποιος –παράνομα- κάτοχος όπλου. Ακολούθησε πανικός με τον 35χρονο να πυροβολεί στον αέρα και τους Αλβανούς αστυνομικούς ν’ απαντούν με τα υπηρεσιακά τους περίτροφα. Στο βίντεο απο κάμερα κινητού, που δημοσιοποιήθηκε σε αλβανικά ΜΜΕ, εικονίζεται ο Κατσίφας να προσπαθεί να καλυφθεί πίσω απο αυτοκίνητα κρατώντας χαμηλά το τυφεκιό του και χωρίς να απαντάει στις βολές των αστυνομικών. Το «σκηνικό» στην πλατεία δεν διήρκησε περισσότερα απο 5’ λεπτά. Χωρίς να υπάρξει κανένας απολύτως τραυματισμός, παρά τα όσα αρχικά μετέδωσαν εσκεμμενα τα κατευθυνόμενα αλβανικά ΜΜΕ, ο Κατσίφας απομακρύνθηκε ανηφορίζοντας τα στενά σοκκάκια του χωριού. Το ερώτημα που τίθεται είναι γιατί δεν διαχειρίστηκε το περιστατικό η ομάδα της τοπικής αστυνομίας, όταν μάλιστα δεν υπήρξε κανένας νεκρός ή τραυματίας προηγουμένως- και ειδοποιήθηκε άμεσα να φτάσει στο σημείο η αερομεταφερούμενη επίλεκτη μονάδα της αλβανικής αστυνομίας, γνωστή ως RENEA.

Οι “επίλεκτοι” της RENEA και τα αναπάντητα ερωτήματα
Γρήγορα ομάδες της RENEA εισέβαλλαν πάνοπλοι στους Βουλιαράτες, αναζητώντας τον Κατσίφα και ρωτώντας κατοίκους –δείχνοντάς τους φωτογραφία του που κρατούσαν στα χέρια τους- που είναι το σπίτι του. Άλλοι κινήθηκαν προς εκεί και άλλοι προς το βουνό Τσούκλισα, που δεσπόζει επάνω απο το χωριό και νωρίτερα είχε καταφύγει ο 35χρονος, άγνωστο τελικά τι έχοντας στο νου του.

Στο σπίτι του θύματος, σύμφωνα με καταγγελίες, οι αστυνομικοί της RENEA, βιαιοπράγησαν κατά της μητέρας του Κατσίφα, ζητώντας την να αποκαλύψει που κρύβεται ο γιος της. Η ίδια βεβαια δεν γνωριζε το παραμικρό για όσα είχαν προηγηθεί.

Οι υπολοιπες δυνάμεις κινήθηκαν, με την καλυψη ελικοπτέρου, προς την Τσούκλισα, αναζητώντας τα ίχνη του 35χρονου συνοδεία ειδικού σκύλου.

Σύμφωνα με μαρτυρία βοσκού της περιοχής, ο Κατσίφας έφτασε έως την κορυφή του βουνού. Εκεί τον συνάντησε ο βοσκός, που του έδωσε νερό να πιεί και ενα τζάκετ επειδή είχε ιδρώσει. Άγνωστο γιατί, αντί να συνεχίσει την πορεία του πίσω απο το βουνό για να διαφυγει, ο 35χρονος ομογενής επέλεξε να επιστρέψει πίσω κατηφορίζοντας προς τους Βουλιαριάτες έρχοντας τετ α τετ με τους επίλεκτους της αλβανικής αστυνομίας που τον καταζητούσαν. Mόνο εάν δημοσιοποιηθούν ποτε τα πλάνα που κατεγραψαν οι κάμερες του ελικοπτέρου, του drone και των κράνων που φέρουν οι επίλεκτοι της RENEA, μάθουμε τι ακριβώς έγινε στην Τσούκλισα το μεσημέρι της 28ης Οκτωβρίου. Σύμφωνα με τον ιατροδικαστή Θεόδωρο Βουγιουκλάκη, που εξέτασε μακροσπικά τη σωρό του 35χρονου μόλις για 5’- το θύμα φερει δύο διαμπερή τραυματα κοντά στην καρδιά. Δέχτηκε τις βολές σε όρθια στάση, απο ισχυρό όπλο και από κοντινή απόσταση, χωρίς κανενα άλλο σημάδι τραυματισμού στο σώμα, που να αποδεικνύει πως οι «επίλεκτοι», και άρτια εκπαιδευμένοι για τετοιες καταστάσεις της αλβανικής αστυνομίας, δεν επιχείρησαν να τον ακινητοποιήσουν τραυματιζοντάς τον σε μη ζωτικά σημεία του σωματός του.

Αρχικά τα αλβανικά ΜΜΕ έκαναν λόγο για σύλληψη του “Greke extremist» λέγοντας πως κατα τη συλληψή του φώναξε : “Zήτω η Ελλάδα. Ζήτω ο Ελληνισμός». Μισή ώρα αργότερα –ταυτόχρονα- οι τίτλοι άλλαξαν σε «Νεκρός ο Ελληνας εξτρεμιστής». Τι μεσολάβησε εκείνα τα λεπτά και ο Κατσίφας από «συλληφθέντας» κατεληξε «νεκρός» ίσως να μη το μάθουμε ποτέ. Ο ένοπλος 35χρονος, που είχε υπηρετήσει και ως καταδρομέας στις Ε.Δ., εάν ήθελε να αφαιρέσει ζωές, μπορούσε να το κάνει χωρίς ιδιαίτερη δυσκολία. Δεν το έκανε.

Οι αλβανικές Αρχές καλούνται να δώσουν μία σειρά απο πειστικές εξηγήσεις, γιατί δεν ακολουθήθηκαν όλες οι προβλεπόμενες διαδικασίες και γιατί εκτελέστηκε ψυχρά ο 35χρονος ομογενής, όταν βρισκόταν 1,5 χλμ μακριά απο κατοικημένη περιοχή, σε μια γυμνή πλαγιά χωρίς ούτε ένα δέντρο κσι χωρίς –όπως προκύπυπτει- να προσπαθήσει να αμυνθεί. «Είναι σαν να βγήκε και να τους είπε: "Εδω είμαι, δεν φοβάμαι, μπορείτε να με σκοτώσετε αν έχετε τα κότσια" και τον σκότωσαν» δήλωσε ο γαμπρός του θύματος Βαγγέλης Σακελλαράκης.

Δεν ειναι λίγοι εκείνοι που υποστηρίζουν πως ο Κατσίφας επεδίωξε αυτό το τέλος, για να στείλει ένα ηχηρό μήνυμα με πολλούς αποδέκτες. Σε μία απο τις αναρτήσεις του στο facebook έγραψε : «H ζωή μας δεν είναι παρά μία πρόβα στο έργο που θα ακολουθήσει : Ειναι το ίδιο το έργο με μία και μοναδική παράσταση ! Εμείς γράφουμε την πλοκή, εμείς οριοθετούμε το διάλειμμα, εμείς ορίζουμε το φινάλε». Το εάν όρισε ο ίδιος το δικό του «φινάλε» ίσως να μη το μάθουμε ποτέ.

«Παιδί της προσφοράς»
Συγχωριανοί και φίλοι μιλούν με τα καλύτερα λόγια για τον 35χρονο ομογενή, που ήταν «κινητήρια» δύναμη στους Βουλιαράτες. Χαμογελαστός και ευδιάθετος, βοηθούσε όποιον του το ζητούσε, χωρίς δεύτερη κουβέντα. Ο ίδιος συντόνιζε με τους φίλους του εξωραϊστικές δράσεις και πρωτοστατούσε κάθε Δεκαπενταύγουστο στο φημισμένο παραδοσιακό ηπειρωτικο πανηγύρι του χωριού.

Σε ηλικία 7 ετών, και μετά την πτώση του καθεστώτος του Ενβέρ Χότζα στην Αλβανία το 1990, εγκαταστάθηκε με τους γονείς του και τις τρεις αδελφές του στην Αθηνα. Μοναχογιός της οικογένειας, μεγάλωσε με αγάπη και υποτήριξη και πολλές ιστορίες απο τους Βουλιαράτες που επισκεπτόντουσαν σε κάθε ευκαιρία. Στην αρχή η ζωή στην Ελλάδα ήταν δύσκολη, αλλά με πολύ δουλειά και αλληλοϋποστήριξη η οικογένεια του Ιωάννη και της Βασιλικής Κατσίφα κατάφεραν να τα βγάλει πέρα. Ο Κωνσταντίνος μεγάλωσε ως περήφανος Βορειοηπειρώτης. Με καμάρι κάθε 28η Οκτωβρίου στο σχολείο, έλεγε σε δασκαλους και συμμαθητές για το ελληνικό Στρατιωτικό Κοιμητήριο του χωριού του, που είναι θαμμένοι Έλληνες στρατιώτες που σκοτώθηκαν στον πόλεμο με την Ιταλία. Το επισκεπτόταν και το φρόντιζε κάθε φορά που βρισκόταν στο χωριό. Ειχε ακούσει τόσα πολλά απο τους παππούδες του για τα παλικάρια αυτά, που ήρθαν απο μακριά για να πέσουν για τη λευτεριά της Ελλάδας.

Παιδί απλό, καθημερινό με αίσθηση του χιούμορ και ευγένεια. Υπεράσπιζε με πάθος τις ιδέες και τα πιστεύω του με διάλογο και επιχειρήματα. Τις πρώτες ώρες μετά το περιστατικό στους Βουλιαράτες, αλβανικά ΜΜΕ επιχείρησαν να τον παρουσιάσουν ως άτομο με ψυχολογικά προβλήματα και στη συνέχεια ως «εξτρεμιστή» και μέλος της Χρυσής Αυγής. Στο μύλο της αλβανικής παραπληροφόρησης βοήθησε σημαντικά και η «διαρροή» της ΕΛ.ΑΣ. μέσω του ΑΠΕ για εμπλοκή του 35χρονου σε υπόθεση εμπορίας χασίς, πριν απο δέκα χρόνια, αν και είχε απαλαγεί πανηγυρικά των κατηγοριών.

Ήταν πολυτεχνίτης με μεγάλη του αγάπη την ξυλογλυπτική, σκαλίζοντας συνήθως μ’ επιμονή και μεράκι τέμπλα εκκλησιών. Στο εργαστηριο του στους Βουλιαράτες, είχε στήσει το «στρατηγειο» του όπως το αποκαλούσε. Εκει κατασκεύασε τις βάσεις και τα κοντάρια των σημαιών. Εκει έραψε την τεράστια σημαία που εγινε viral στα τελευταια μεγάλα συλαλλητηρια για τη Μακεδονία σε Θεσσαλονίκη και Αθήνα που πρωτοστάτησε με άλλους συμπατριώτες τους κατά την Συμφωνίας των Πρεσπών.

Άτομο με ιδιαίτερη πίστη και σεβσμό στα Θεία, όπως λένε δεν θα μπορούσε να βλάψει ούτε μυρμήγκι, προγραμμάτιζε το επόμενο διάστημα να ταξιδέψει στο Άγιο Όρος. Μεγάλη του επιθυμία ήταν να κτιστεί στο χωριό μια νεα μεγάλη εκκλησία. Μιλούσε με πάθος για το σχέδιο αυτό, ζητώντας απο τους συγχωριανούς του να κινητοποιηθούν ώστε να γίνει πραγματικότητα,

Λάτρευε –και μιλούσε σε όλους- για την 14χρονη κόρη του, καρπό ενός μεγάλου έρωτα στα σχολικά θρανία, που κατέληξε στα σκαλιά της εκκλησίας.

Τα τελευταία χρόνια, και λόγω της ανεργίας, εργαζόταν κάθε καλοκαίρι ως barman σε club της Μυκόνου, ευδιάθετος και χαμογελαστός, περιμένοντας υπομονετικά τη λήξη της περιόδου για να επιστρέψει στους Βουλιαράτες. Το ενδιαφέρον του για το χωριό, τον οδήγησε να ασχοληθεί με τα κοινά στις τελευταίες δημοτικές εκλογές. Αν και ηττήθηκε απο τον σημερινό πρόεδρο , κ.Δημήτρη Κουρεμένο, στην πορεία έγιναν οι καλύτεροι συνεργάτες και φίλοι. Αυτός του «έκλεισε» και τα μάτια, λίγη ωρα μετά την εκτελεσή του απο τους άνδρες της RENEA, όταν αψηφώντας τις απαγορεύσεις έφτασε στο σημείο για να τον δει νεκρό σωριασμένο στο έδαφος. Στη γη που λάτρεψε και αγάπησε ως το τέλος. «Η Γη μας είναι η Ψυχή μας. Είναι οι μνήμες των προγόνων μας και των θυσιών τους» έγραψε ο ίδιος. Έπεσε όρθιος στον τόπο που λάτρεψε με τελευταίες του εικόνες τα βουνά της Ελλάδας.

Πηγή: Εφημερίδα το Πρώτο Θέμα

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10am- 40 Offshore Bottlenose Dolphin (T)

1pm- 5 Humpback Whales, 1,000 Common Dolphin (T, A)

3:30pm- 1 Minke Whale, 100 Common Dolphin, 1 Elephant Seal (T,A)

Featured photo taken today by Chelsea M. aboard our boat from her DRONE. Amazing …

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Remote Pilot FAA Test Prep 2.9.0

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Education
Price: $34.99, Version: 2.8.0 -> 2.9.0 (iTunes)


Test preparation for both the initial and recertification FAA exams.

FlightReady helps you prepare for the FAA exam by testing your knowledge against a question bank of over 400 questions, including questions from the official FAA question bank.

Note that this app is only test prep for the FAA exam--it is not an ab initio training course. For our complete training course see our Ground School app. If you purchases this app, and later decide that you need a complete course, you may upgrade for the price difference at any time by tapping the Store icon in the app.

We offer two separate apps to prepare for the Remote Pilot exam:

◗ Remote Pilot Test Prep (this app) - Test preparation questions only
◗ Remote Pilot Ground School - Complete training course plus test prep questions

This app (Test Prep) requires knowledge of drone operations and the relevant FAA regulations (or self study using publicly available resources). This app does not include any training content other than explanations for each answer.

If you are new to drone flying, we suggest our Remote Pilot Ground School app, which includes nearly 15 hours of lesson content for those who are new to drone flying and the regulatory framework of Part 107


Over 400 questions covering all subject areas listed in the FAA's Airmen Certification Standards for Remote Pilot.

Use Study Mode to create question sessions based on topics, session size, and your overall mastery. Filters allow you to include or exclude questions that require the use of figures or an E6B.

Use Exam Mode to take simulated FAA exams administered in a timed environment under the same rules as the real FAA exam


Gauge your progress and identify weak areas. Create and send reports of your exam history to anyone.


This app includes three free sample lessons from the complete ground school course, and you can upgrade to the complete ground school course at any time via in-app purchase.


You will be able to use this app to prepare for the recurrent exam required every two years. The question bank for the recurrent exam will be released no later than June 2018.


Subject matter is categorized into discrete topics, enabling focused study sessions and better insight into weak areas.

Explanations consisting of text, graphic, applicable regulation, or a combination thereof.

Multi-tasking support allows you to use FlightReady side by side with any FAA references and your favorite E6B app

Proficiency is tracked using a proprietary algorithm that assigns a mastery level to each question.

Figures and charts are presented in the same screen so that you can view both the question and the figure.

Quickly create new sessions from missed questions, or review missed questions and explanations.

Swipe left in the question view to reveal question list showing progress, marked questions, and more.


▸ Airspace
▸ Emergency Procedures
▸ Human Factors
▸ Loading
▸ Maintenance
▸ Operations
▸ Performance
▸ Pilot Certification
▸ Regulations
▸ Weather Services
▸ Weather Theory

What's New

This update address a couple of issues on iOS 12 devices. Also fixed is an issue where the question figure in the next question disappeared if user switched from app to home screen, and then back to the app.

Remote Pilot FAA Test Prep

          La oposición de Nicaragua fraterniza con los verdugos de Monseñor Romero      Cache   Translate Page      

El 2 de julio de este año, cuando la derecha terrorista opositora en Nicaragua, apoyada virtualmente por poderosas fuerzas políticas y económicas del mundo, pensó que era solo cuestión de días antes de que fuera derrocado el gobierno de Daniel Ortega. Y aterrizó el avión que llevaba a dos de los negociadores nicaragüenses al aeropuerto internacional de San Salvador, Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

"Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres"

Hay fuerzas políticas en Nicaragua y el mundo que hacen una comparación degradante entre el mártir Monseñor Romero y un obispo de la clase pudiente nicaragüense que, como los inquisidores, quieren ver al presidente electo frente al paredón.

El 2 de julio de este año, cuando la derecha terrorista opositora en Nicaragua, apoyada virtualmente por poderosas fuerzas políticas y económicas del mundo, pensó que era solo cuestión de días antes de que fuera derrocado el gobierno de Daniel Ortega. Y aterrizó el avión que llevaba a dos de los negociadores nicaragüenses al aeropuerto internacional de San Salvador, Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

En el aeropuerto fueron recibidos por un diputado del partido Arena. Posteriormente fueron invitados por el alcalde de la capital, Ernesto Muyshondt quien elogió su lucha para derrocar a la “dictadura de Ortega”. El alcalde representa también al partido Arena, el mismo que surgió de los escuadrones de la muerte que el 24 de marzo de 1980 asesinó al mártir salvadoreño, Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

Entra en alianza con el diablo

Fuerzas vergonzosas, incluido cronistas de la ´izquierda´ light internacional han comparado al adorado Monseñor Romero con el golpista Silvio Báez, obispo auxiliar en Managua, Nicaragua. Mientras Romero fue el auténtico representante de una “Iglesia de los Pobres” en El Salvador, Báez es un prelado católico de clase alta y al servicio de una oligarquía latinoamericana llena de odio de clase.

Dice este obispo ser capaz de ir con todos, desde la narco-mafia de los Capos, los partidarios del derecho al aborto hasta los altos políticos y líderes empresariales con el objetivo común de derrocar al gobierno del sandinista de Daniel Ortega.

En una grabación [1] que se filtró hace dos semanas, Baez incluso accedió a hacer un convenio con el mismo Diablo para derrocar al gobierno de Ortega, elegido por el voto popular:

“La UNAB (nueva agrupación fundada por el grupo antisandinista MRS) debe incluir a todos los opositores al gobierno, aunque haya sospecha de que sean oportunistas, abortistas, homosexuales, narcotraficantes... para lograr el objetivo final. . .”, que es el derrocamiento del gobierno sandinista.

“Tenemos todas las ganas de llevarlo al paredón de fusilamiento”, dice Báez, refiriéndose al presidente de Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega. La iglesia está nuevamente utilizando los mecanismos de la gran inquisición para usar el nombre de Dios para matar.

La alianza golpista de los Obispos

Esta sería la visión y subjetividad que impregna las acciones y operaciones de Báez.También afirmó que fueron los obispos quienes tomaron la iniciativa en la formación de la alianza civil de la oposición, que reúne a todos los enemigos del gobierno en un frente, con el objetivo de derrocar al gobierno. La discusión es cómo y con qué medios deben ir, pero la Alianza tiene detrás a los Estados Unidos y al resto de los gobiernos de derecha del mundo.

“La Alianza sabe que los obispos la creamos, si la alianza existe es porque nosotros la hicimos”, dice Báez, mientras cuenta que le ha dicho a los miembros de esta institución que le escriban una carta formal a la Conferencia Episcopal de Nicaragua para que se vea mediáticamente el apoyo que solicita “el pueblo” a la iglesia [2].

Baez tiene relaciones con toda la oposición y se ha convertido en uno de los más agresivos, junto al obispo Juan Abelardo Mata en la ciudad de Esteli, en el centro de Nicaragua. Esto es más ´Contras´ que obispo, dicen sus detractores. Mata amenaza regularmente al gobierno de izquierda en Managua con una nueva guerra de reciclados ´Contras´ versión 2018-2019 en Nicaragua.

Los ´Contras´ operaron durante toda la década de los 80´ y fueron creados por los Estados Unidos que los prepararon, los financiaron y los ubicaron desde las bases en territorio hondureño. Los Contras asesinaron a 50,000 civiles nicaragüenses en esa sangrienta década.

El Papa canoniza a Monseñor Romero

Cuando Oscar Arnulfo Romero fue canonizado hace un par de semanas, fue para todos los creyentes y católicos progresistas una gran alegría. La alegría fue moderada entre quienes sostenían que Romero era el “brazo prolongado de la guerrilla del FMLN” al comienzo de la insurgencia armada contra la dictadura apoyada por Estados Unidos, que entre 1979 y 1982 estaba bajo una “Junta Militar”. Sin el apoyo económico, político y militar de los Estados Unidos, esta junta se habría derrumbado como.

Castillo de naipes

Fue bajo este régimen, con el apoyo del Pentágono, cuando Romero fue asesinado por un escuadrón de la muerte al servicio del fascista militar Roberto d'Aubuisson Arrieta, muy parecido al actual Jair Bolsonaro de Brasil.

Escuela de las Américas y el “Partido del Escuadrón de la Muerte”

D’Aubuisson era el militar que se preparó en la Escuela de las Américas, la Academia de Guerra de Estados Unidos donde se entrenaban futuros torturadores y hasta a dictadores militares. Los manuales [3] incluidos en los cursos de la Escuela de las Américas describen cómo los presos políticos deben ser torturados. Este manual fue filtrado y publicado en 1996.

El adoctrinamiento político consistía en “luchar contra el enemigo interno”, es decir combatir a los comunistas, líderes sindicales y revolucionarios en la oposición política, todo de acuerdo con la “Doctrina de Seguridad Nacional”.

D’Aubuisson regresó a El Salvador en 1972 y se convirtió en responsable de la policía secreta, Agencia Nacional de Seguridad Salvadoreña [ANSESAL], un cargo y archivo del que se benefició cuando él, como líder de los escuadrones de la muerte de El Salvador, inició una cacería de brujas para eliminar físicamente la oposición de la izquierda política sin precedentes en Latinoamérica. En total fueron más de 80,000 civiles asesinados hasta 1982 por estos escuadrones en un país de 21.041 km². Entre los muertos se encontraba el valiente y queridísimo Monseñor Romero.

D’Aubuisson fundó Arena, Alianza Republicana Nacionalista, 1981, en medio de la guerra. Pero nunca pudo limpiarse del sello “Partido del Escuadrón de la Muerte”.

Freedom House pagó y planificó el viaje a Estados Unidos.

Y fue con este partido que Zaida Hernández y Víctor Cuadras, estudiantes que representan a la oposición nicaragüense, fraternizaron durante su estadía en la capital salvadoreña a principios de julio de este año. No todos en la oposición nicaragüense observaron con simpatía ésta polémica visita, especialmente considerando que los mismos estudiantes habían visitado el Congreso de los Estados Unidos un mes antes.

Los vuelos Nicaragua-Estados Unidos los pagó Freedom House, antiguo y confiable manto de cobertura de las operaciones de la CIA para financiar la oposición de la derecha en los países socialistas durante la Guerra Fría.

El programa en los Estados Unidos fue compilado por el cubanoamericano, congresista republicano anticomunista, Marco Rubio. Entre los anfitriones que recibieron a estos dos estudiantes de la derecha nicaragüense se encontraba Eliana Ros Lehtinen, quien, como Rubio, también es un congresista republicano fanático. Su padre era oficial en el Ejército de la dictadura de Batista y al llegar a los Estados Unidos después de la Revolución en Cuba, se convirtió en un agente de la CIA.

Lehtinen se convirtió en un apoyo entusiasta de los Contras durante la guerra de los años 80 contra el gobierno sandinista en Managua y es señalada de ser encargada de crear una nueva versión de Contras entre 2018-2019 [4].

FMLN rechaza intento de golpe de estado de la oposición

En su cuenta de Twitter con tres fotografías donde los tres posan sin problemas, el alcalde de San Salvador, Muyshondt, escribió:

“Tuve el gusto de reunirme hoy con líderes universitarios nicaragüenses de la Alianza Cívica por la Justicia y la Democracia (ACJD). Admirado por su valiente lucha por la democracia y la libertad, en contra de la cruel, represiva y asesina dictadura Ortega-Murillo”.

Los dos estudiantes de la oposición afirman a los reporteros del periódico salvadoreño El Faro, Carlos Dada y Gabriel Labrador, que también recurrieron al partido gubernamental FMLN y su federación juvenil. Sin embargo, FMLN ni siquiera respondió cuando los estudiantes “tocaron” la puerta para pedir una entrevista.

En cambio la Juventud del Frente Farabundo Martí criticó la visita de los universitarios:

“Rechazamos la visita de estos jóvenes a nuestro país como un medio de desinformación y articulación con la derecha salvadoreña representada por el partido Arena, dejando clara su posición política”, decía un comunicado difundido en redes sociales el 3 de julio.

Una visita y opaca escondida

Los dos reporteros salvadoreños de El Faro que hablaron con Cuadra, Hernández, el alcalde y otros que participaron como anfitriones de los dos nicas golpistas, afirman que “La responsabilidad sobre la organización del viaje de estudiantes nicaragüenses a El Salvador es un asunto opaco. Nadie quiere decir quién organizó la gira ni cómo se coordinaron con Arena".

Tanto Cuadras como Hernández no quieren decir quién fue en su propio grupo el que diseñó los detalles para su viaje. “Los dirigentes del MU-19 responden que tienen derecho a hablar con quien sea para promover la salida del régimen orteguista”, citan los dos reporteros de El Faro a Cuadras y Hernandez.

El Faro relata que intentó hablar con Bosco Noguera, uno de los consejeros estudiantiles que, según Freedom House, participó en la planificación del viaje a Washington de los mismos dos voceros de la oposición golpista nicaragüense. “Pero no respondió a nuestra solicitud" de información, registran los reporteros de El Faro el misterio delicado ¿QUIÉN ESTUVO DETRÁS LA GIRA?.

Recibidos en el aeropuerto por diputado de Arena

La delicada pregunta política sobre los Verdugos del Monseñor Romero no solo se detiene con la visita al alcalde de Arena en San Salvador. Los dos reporteros de El Faro han tratado en vano de encontrar el hilo sobre quién estaba encargado de la visita de los dos estudiantes a El Salvador.

La persona que recibió a Cuadras y Hernández en el Aeropuerto Internacional Monseñor Romero fue Gustavo Escalante, diputado de Arena en la Asamblea Legislativa de la República de El Salvador desde el 2012. Es también yerno de Milagro Navas, miembro del Consejo Ejecutivo Nacional de Arena y Alcaldesa del municipio de Antiguo en el departamento de Cuscatlán.

Escalante pertenece a la dirección nacional de la Federación Juvenil de Arena, un movimiento agresivo, muy bien organizado y que amenaza a sus enemigos políticos, vistiendo Camisetas Negras similares a los fascistas italianos bajo el gobierno fascista de Mussolini (1922-1943).

FMLN repudia Arena y respalda al gobierno Sandinista

Al día siguiente de la reunión entre el alcalde Muyshondt y los dos golpistas nicaragüenses, la Liga Juvenil del FMLN publicó una fuerte declaración en contra de la visita de los dos estudiantes nicaragüenses:

“Nos alejamos de la visita de estos dos jóvenes a nuestro país como parte de la desinformación y articulación de la derecha salvadoreña, representada por Arena”.

El Coordinador General del FLMN, Medardo González, dijo a finales de junio que su partido se solidarizaba “categóricamente con el gobierno del presidente Ortega” y que la actual crisis respondía a una planificación de “intereses creados” para terminar con el mandato del comandante sandinista y para derrocar al gobierno.

Olvidar la visita con “Los verdugos de Romero”

Unas semanas después de la visita de los opositores nicaragüenses al partido Arena de San Salvador, monseñor Romero fue canonizado por el Papa. Nadie en la oposición nicaragüense, ni en sus medios de comunicación, quiso recordar la vergonzosa y penosa visita de dos estudiantes que comenzó el 2 de julio. Es como si no hubiera existido.

Todos aclamaron a Romero, incluido el hipócrita obispo Silvio Báez. En los dos diarios de la oposición, La Prensa y El Nuevo Diario, no queda rastro de la visita en San Salvador de los dos voceros opositores nicaragüenses. Es imposible encontrar recortes o enlaces en los archivos digitales públicos de los dos diarios. Del mismo modo es con los canales de televisión de la oposición.

Los mismos medios, así como algunas fuerzas políticas en el exterior, pretenden que está lloviendo y que el evento podría haber sido desplazado mentalmente por aquellos que respondieron a la visita de “estudiantes pacíficos” a El Salvador con aquellos sindicados como seguidores de Romero.
Y es un poco irrisorio, si no estuviera tan lleno de cinismo, cuando hay personas y poderes que igualan el terror que sufrió Monseñor Romero y que lo llevó a su terrible muerte, con la crítica popular y de las bases católicas al golpista y obispo Silvio Báez.

Las terribles declaraciones grabadas de Baez fueron confirmadas por el líder del grupo de siete campesinos que son enemigos de la construcción de un canal interoceánico. Ellos participaron en la reunión conspirativa con Báez para planificar cómo seguir la lucha contra el gobierno sandinista. ¿Cuál de los siete que grabó y filtró las grabaciones es la gran incógnita? Esa persona probablemente tenga razón en no darse a conocer porque su propia seguridad personal estaría seriamente en peligro.

Conflicto derecha-izquierda  

Hay corrientes de la oposición nicaragüense que afirman seriamente que la crisis en el país no debe verse como un conflicto de izquierda a derecha, sino como una lucha entre un pueblo y un régimen autoritario. Es la imagen que los dos estudiantes han difundido durante una pequeña gira mundial en la que fueron recibidos por las fuerzas más retrógradas de la extrema derecha mundial. Consiguieron grandes titulares en los medios internacionales.

La meta estratégica ha sido presentar a Nicaragua como un estado fallido donde las Naciones Unidas, la OEA y los Estados Unidos deberían intervenir para presionar al gobierno de Ortega que renuncie.

Durante tres meses la oposición intentó utilizar todos los medios y aplicar el Manual de Cinco Pasos del estadounidense Gene Sharp para derrocar a un gobierno elegido en elecciones populares.

No lo logró porque los nicaragüenses se unieron y coordinaron su contraofensiva con las balas y unidad. El pueblo y los sandinistas arrasaron las más de 100 barricadas que mantuvieron a las personas prácticamente como rehenes durante tres meses.

Algo ha demostrado la crisis en Nicaragua a partir del 18 de abril cuándo el tema de la seguridad social, (salud y pensiones) debería ser fragmentado para luego privatizarse como aseguraba la oposición neoliberal. Ahora, en cambio, el sector público queda sin nexos con las aseguradoras transnacionales o empresas de la salud pública.

El gobierno Sandinista rechazó las demandas de la organización empresarial Cosep y el FMI que querían un aumento de cinco años en las pensiones y la duplicación del número de semanas laboradas para obtener acceso a la jubilación. Para los empresarios significaría un aumento de las tarifas con tres por ciento y los más ricos del país ya no podrían parasitar en una reforma de pensiones donde los más ricos pagaron muy poco pero sacaron el mayor provecho.

El pacto con Cosep y la cúpula de la Iglesia Católica se rompió, ya que mostraron el color de su bandera del golpismo.

Los dos estudiantes elegieron viajar a El Salvador para frotarse con los verdugos de Monseñor Romero en vez de decir qué propuestas quieren ver ellos y la Alianza Civil en un sistema de seguridad social y de pensiones.

Mientras tanto, el obispo Báez conspiró en vez de actuar como mediador en el Diálogo que el gobierno de Daniel Ortega había propouesto.

[1]. La primera grabación con declaraciones de Silvio Baez:

La segunda grabación con declaraciones de Silvio Baez:

[2] Silvio Báez confiesa y amenaza
Managua. Radio La Primerísima | 23 de Octubre de 2018.

[3] The Torture Manuals

[4]. ¿Ros-Lehtinen intenta crear un nuevo grupo de Contras y en Nicaragua?




Fuente: TeleSUR

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Η Σίλικον Βάλεϊ σίγουρα δεν είναι ένα μέρος όπου θα περίμενε να ακούσει προβληματισμούς για την πρόοδο και εξάπλωση τεχνολογίας- ωστόσο, φαίνεται σε κάποιες περιπτώσεις αυτοί που βρίσκονται πιο κοντά σε κάτι είναι αυτοί που προβληματίζονται περισσότερο για αυτό.

Όπως αναφέρεται σε εκτενές δημοσίευμα των New York Times, είναι πολλοί αυτοί στη Σίλικον Βάλεϊ οι οποίοι εργάζονται στον κλάδο, γνωρίζοντας ακριβώς πώς λειτουργούν τα τηλέφωνα, που δεν θέλουν τα παιδιά τους να έχουν και πολλή σχέση με αυτά. Ο προβληματισμός τους είναι πως υπάρχει υπερβολή όσον αφορά στα οφέλη των οθονών ως εκπαιδευτικού εργαλείου, τη στιγμή που ο κίνδυνος εξάρτησης και αρνητικής επίδρασης στην ανάπτυξη είναι υψηλότερος από ό,τι θα έπρεπε. Οπότε, το debate στη Σίλικον Βάλεϊ αυτή τη στιγμή είναι ως προς το μέχρι ποιο σημείο η έκθεση σε τηλέφωνα είναι ασφαλής.

«Το να μην περνούν καθόλου χρόνο στην οθόνη είναι σχεδόν ευκολότερο από το να μην περνούν καθόλου» είπε η Κριστίν Στέτσερ, πρώην ερευνήτρια social computing παντρεμένη με μηχανικό του Facebook. «Αν τα παιδιά μου έχουν λίγο, απλά θέλουν περισσότερο».

Η 37χρονη Στέτσερ και ο σύζυγός της, Ρούσαμπ Ντόσι, έκαναν έρευνα πάνω στο θέμα και κατέληξαν σε ένα απλό συμπέρασμα: Δεν το θέλουν στο σπίτι τους. Οι κόρες τους, ηλικιών 5 και 3 ετών, δεν έχουν «προϋπολογισμό» χρόνου στην οθόνη, ούτε ώρες που τους επιτρέπεται να είναι μπροστά τους. Ο μόνος χρόνος που χρησιμοποιείται οθόνη είναι κατά τη διάρκεια μεγάλων ταξιδιών με το αυτοκίνητο ή το αεροπλάνο.

Κάποιοι από αυτούς που δημιουργούν προγράμματα είναι πλέον τρομαγμένοι από το πόσα είναι τα μέρη όπου ένα παιδί μπορεί πλέον να παρακολουθήσει βίντεο. Ερωτηθείς για τον περιορισμό του χρόνου που περνούν τα παιδιά μπροστά στην οθόνη, ο Χάντερ Γουόκ, venture capitalist που επί σειρά ετών εργαζόταν στο YouTube, έστειλε μια φωτογραφία «γιογιό» με ένα iPad προσαρμοσμένο πάνω τηςκαι τη σημείωση «προϊόντα που δεν αγοράσαμε». Η Αθηνά Καβάρια, που είχε εργαστεί ως executive assistant στο Facebook και πλέον δουλεύει στον φιλανθρωπικό βραχίονα του Μαρκ Ζάκερμπεργκ, το Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, είπε πως «είμαι πεπεισμένη ότι ο διάβολος ζει στα τηλέφωνά μας και καταστρέφει τα παιδιά μας». Η ίδια είπε πως δεν άφηνε τα παιδιά της να έχουν κινητά μέχρι το λύκειο, και ακόμα και τώρα απαγορεύει τη χρήση τους στο αυτοκίνητο και επιβάλλει περιορισμούς στο σπίτι. «Άλλοι γονείς ρωτούν, “δεν ανησυχείς που δεν ξέρεις πού είναι τα παιδιά σου, όταν δεν μπορείς να τα βρεις;”. Εγώ απαντώ “όχι, δεν χρειάζεται να ξέρω πού είναι κάθε δευτερόλεπτο της ημέρας».



Ο Κρις Άντερσον, που ήταν στο Wired και πλέον διευθύνων σύμβουλος εταιρείας ρομποτικής και drones και ιδρυτής του, σοκαρίστηκε από το πόσο τα εργαλεία της δουλειάς του επηρέαζαν τα παιδιά του. «Σε μια κλίμακα μεταξύ γλυκών και κρακ κοκαΐνης, είναι πιο κοντά στο κρακ κοκαΐνης» λέει σχετικά για τις οθόνες. «Νομίζαμε πως μπορούσαμε να το ελέγξουμε. Είναι πέραν των δυνατοτήτων ελέγχου μας. Πηγαίνει απευθείας στα κέντρα ευχαρίστησης του αναπτυσσόμενου εγκεφάλου. Είναι πέρα από τις δυνατότητές μας ως κανονικοί γονείς να τα κατανοήσουμε» λέει σχετικά. Ο ίδιος έχει πέντε παιδιά και 12 κανόνες, μεταξύ των οποίων όχι κινητά μέχρι το καλοκαίρι πριν το λύκειο, όχι οθόνες σε υπνοδωμάτια, όχι social media μέχρι τα 13, όχι iPads κ.α. Σε περίπτωση που παραβιαστεί κάποιος κανόνας, το παιδί αποκόπτεται από το δίκτυο για 24 ώρες.

«Δεν ξέραμε τι έκαναν στο μυαλό τους, μέχρι που άρχισα να βλέπω τα συμπτώματα και τις συνέπειες...βρεθήκαμε στο χείλος της εξάρτησης, και υπήρχαν κάποια χαμένα χρόνια, για τα οποία νιώθουμε άσχημα» σημειώνει, τονίζοντας πως τα παιδιά του πήγαν σε ιδιωτικό δημοτικό σχολείο, όπου είδε τη διεύθυνση να χρησιμοποιεί iPads και «έξυπνους» πίνακες, με μόνο αποτέλεσμα τη δημιουργία χάους.

Η ιδέα πως στη Σίλικον Βάλεϊ πολλοί ανησυχούν για το τι κάνει στα παιδιά η τεχνολογία δεν είναι καινούρια. Ο Τιμ Κουκ, διευθύνων σύμβουλος της Apple, είπε νωρίτερα μέσα στο έτος πως δεν θα άφηνε τον ανιψιό του να μπει στα κοινωνικά δίκτυα, ενώ ο Μπιλ Γκέιτς απαγόρευσε στα παιδιά του τα κινητά μέχρι να μπουν στην εφηβεία (η σύζυγός του, Μελίντα, είπε πως θα ήταν καλύτερα να είχαν περιμένει λίγο ακόμα). Ακόμη, ο Στιβ Τζομπς δεν άφηνε τα παιδιά του να πλησιάζουν τα iPads. Ωστόσο, τον τελευταίο καιρό οι αντιδράσεις στη Σίλικον Βάλεϊ εντείνονται, ακόμα και στα χαμηλότερα κλιμάκια των εργαζομένων.

Ο Τζον Λίλι, venture capitalist της Σίλικον Βάλεϊ και πρώην διευθύνων σύμβουλος της Mozilla, λέει πως προσπαθεί να βοηθήσει τον 13χρονο γιο του να καταλάβει πως χειραγωγείται από αυτούς που ανέπτυξαν την τεχνολογία. «Προσπαθώ να του πω ότι κάποιος έγραψε κώδικα για να τον κάνει να νιώθει έτσι. Προσπαθώ να τον βοηθήσω να καταλάβει πώς γίνονται τα πράγματα, οι αξίες που δίνονται σε αυτά, και τι κάνουν οι άνθρωποι για να δημιουργήσουν αυτό το συναίσθημα. Και αυτός λέει απλά πως θέλει να ξοδέψει 20 δολάρια για να πάρει skins στο παιχνίδι Fortnite».

          Hijo del vigilador asesinado: "Lo acribillaron de tres balazos por $ 300"       Cache   Translate Page      

Hijo del vigilador asesinado en Tres de Febrero, inseguridad


El sábado por la noche un vigilador privado fue asesinado de un balazo tras intentar evitar que dos delincuentes que circulaban en motocicleta robaran el auto de un vecino. El hecho tuvo lugar en la localidad de Martín Coronado, partido bonaerense de Tres de Febrero.


Ramón de Jesús Quintana, de 68 años de edad, se encontraba cumpliendo funciones de vigilancia en una garita cuando advirtió que dos malvivientes, en moto, abordaron a un automovilista para robarle. Quintana intervino y finalmente se terminó enfrentando con los ladrones.


Este lunes, aún en medio de la conmoción por el hecho, habló Ramón, el hijo del vigilador asesinado.


"Nadie se nos acercó a ayudarnos", dijo el hombre ante la prensa. Y agregó: "Sólo nos llamaron para ampliar declaración en la comisaría y para saber de dónde había sacado el arma mi papá".



De acuerdo a lo comentado por algunos testigos del hecho, que sucedió cerca
de las 20:30 horas del sábado, el vigilador sacó un arma de fuego y hubo un intercambio de disparos que terminó cuando recibió un balazo en la cabeza y otros en el cuerpo.


Los delincuentes huyeron sin haber robado nada; en tanto que Quintana quedó muerto en la vereda, junto al auto del vecino que había sido asaltado. La policía procuraba conseguir imágenes de las cámaras de seguridad del lugar.


Muy conmovido, dijo el hijo del vigilador asesinado: "Lo fusilaron de tres balazos por $ 300 (que era lo que le pagaban los vecinos para cuidarlos)".


Ramón de Jesús Quintana vivía en la localidad de Pablo Podestá, en el mismo partido de Tres de Febrero, y hacía cuatro años que se desempeñaba como vigilador en la zona donde fue asesinado.

          Asesinaron a vigilador privado que trató de evitar un robo en Tres de Febrero      Cache   Translate Page      

Vigilador, seguridad, controles


El sábado por la noche tuvo lugar un nuevo hecho de inseguridad, cuando un vigilador privado fue asesinado de un balazo tras intentar evitar que dos delincuentes que circulaban en motocicleta robaran el auto de un vecino. El hecho tuvo lugar en la localidad de Martín Coronado, partido bonaerense de Tres de Febrero.


Ramón de Jesús Quintana, de 68 años de edad, se encontraba cumpliendo funciones de vigilancia en una garita cuando advirtió que dos malvivientes, en moto, abordaron a un automovilista para robarle. Quintana intervino y finalmente se terminó enfrentando con los ladrones.


De acuerdo a lo comentado por algunos testigos del hecho, que sucedió cerca
de las 20:30 horas del sábado, el vigilador sacó un arma de fuego y hubo un intercambio de disparos que terminó cuando recibió un balazo en la cabeza.


Los delincuentes huyeron sin haber robado nada; en tanto que Quintana quedó muerto en la vereda, junto al auto del vecino que había sido asaltado. La policía procuraba conseguir imágenes de las cámaras de seguridad del lugar.


Ramón de Jesús Quintana vivía en la localidad de Pablo Podestá, en el mismo partido de Tres de Febrero, y hacía cuatro años que se desempeñaba como vigilador en la zona donde fue asesinado.

          Координационное совещание и семинар проекта «eDrone» программы ERASMUS+ проходит в БГУ      Cache   Translate Page      

 Двухдневный семинар «Образовательная среда по дронам» проходит в БГУ. Его участниками стали студенты и преподаватели БГУ и БНТУ. Проводится семинар в рамках проекта «eDrone» (Educational for Drones) программы ERASMUS+.
В программу мероприятия включены мастер-классы и лекции ученых, преподавателей из Италии, Грузии, Армении и Беларуси. Слушатели узнают о будущем беспилотных летательных аппаратов, технологических тенденциях, новых и инновационных подходах и требованиях к подготовке специалистов в области беспилотных технологий.
Также в эти дни состоится координационное совещание проекта «eDrone» программы ERASMUS+. В повестку включены вопросы степени реализации проекта, его текущего состояния и решение возможных проблем по его осуществлению. В обсуждении примут участие представители вузов, входящих в состав консорциума проекта. В частности, планируется детально рассмотреть стадии выполнения проекта в Армении, Беларуси, Грузии и Молдове. Также участники заседания посетят Центра аэрокосмического образования БГУ.

Проект «eDrone» направлен на создание условий формирования у студентов новых компетенций в области беспилотных технологий, а также развитие отрасли по использованию современных информационно-телекоммуникационных технологий для беспилотных летательных аппаратов и данных, полученных в результате их эксплуатации.
Реализация проекта позволит сформировать у студентов практические и теоретические знания по управлению и обслуживанию дронов, пройти обучение по их использованию. Учебный курс подготовлен специалистами европейских стран. Параллельно, планируется разработать учебный модуль по подготовке специалистов по использованию дронов для каждого университета-партнера.
Партнерами проекта являются вузы и организации: БГУ, БНТУ, Университет Саннио (Италия), Университет Эври-Валь-д'Эссонн (Франция), Компания «Бизнес для инженерии» (B4Eng, Франция), Государственный университет им. Ильи Чавчавадзе (Грузия), Тбилисский государственный университет имени Иванэ Джавахишвили (Грузия), Армянский государственный экономический университет (Армения), Армянский национальный политехнический университет (Армения), Молдавский государственный университет, Орган Гражданской Авиации Республики Молдова, Академия «Штефан чел Маре» МВД Республики Молдова, Государственный аграрный университет Молдовы, Академия публичного управления при Президенте Республики Молдова, Военно-техническая академия им. Ярослава Домбровского (Польша), Университет Галаца (Румыния), Некоммерческая ассоциация UVS (Румыния).












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With surveillance technology becoming ever more ubiquitous, it would be useful to know where to look for it. At least that's the thinking behind the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Spot the Surveillance VR experience. It puts users in a virtual neighborhood as a young resident navigates an encounter with police, and it challenges users to spot all of the various surveillance technology that surrounds them. That includes devices like body cameras, automated license plate readers, drones and biometric devices.

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Good morning! Your 5G iPhone is unlikely to appear until 2020, an asteroid mining company gets some help from a new Blockchain owner, and drones get smarter at search and rescue.

          Sky Viper Journey Pro Video GPS Drone V2700 -It's HERE!      Cache   Translate Page      

Sorry Steve, I don’t have a 2700 . I thought the claim was the frame was stiffer but I could be wrong.

Fly/wrench ratio! Indeed :slight_smile:#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

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Have almost read every post relating to the scout and journey drones, on this site. I still don’t have one, been doing the whole Tello thing which is super cool and fun, but I want to now move into the ardupilot GPS skyviper journey or 2450.

Get a prop balancer 90% of oem props regardless of manufacturer can not balance a prop from a mold when formed.
Balance each prop then try your experiments again, I bet your vibration will go away and flight time increase.

          Not getting as much thrust as I would expect when flying 37 kg AUW      Cache   Translate Page      


These days I have been testing a heavy lifter multicopter, 37 kg AUW. I would like to share with you my concerns regarding what we saw after running several flight tests on the field, to see if you can help me with some tips that allow me to understand what is going on with the thrust, and how I can fix it. This is my setup:

  • FRAME: Gryphon Dynamics 1400SP
  • PROPS: T-MOTOR 26” x 8.5 folding
  • BATTERY: TATTU 12S 32.000 mAh

It is important to highlight two aspects of the flight tests that are crucial for the next discussion:

  • Octocopter on a coaxial configuration (thrust penalization due to interference)
  • Flight tests were done at 2800 m above sea level (thrust penalization due to lower air density)

Another thing to notice is that I had completed two successful AUTOTUNE procedure in serie:

  • First, with 22 kg AUW (no payload)
  • Second, with 32 kg AUW (10 kg payload)

My issue, in summary, is: I am not getting as much thrust as I would expect, according to the manufacturer motor data, when flying 37 kg AUW (15 kg payload).


This is the manufacturer motor data for the motor-prop combination it is used in my setup, i.e, U11 + 26x8.5:


This is my reasoning (please, If any of you notice any mistake in this reasoning, please let me know):

  • My setup should give, at sea level and in absence of interference (ideal conditions), 99.360 kg of total thrust.
  • What is the % of thrust losses due to the combination of the two effects: coaxial configuration + high altitude? This is the BIG question here. Any of you know any kind of predictive method to estimate this figure before hand? I would assume a total losses due to both effects combined in 30%. Is this a reasonable assumption? In this case, with 30% losses, I would have a total thrust of 69.552 kg.
  • Finally, let say that I would like to devote 70% of my total thrust for altitude control and the remaining 30% for attitude control. That means that my setup should be able to lift, safely, in the aforementioned scenario, up to 48.686 kg


First time I flew my setup with 37 kg AUW, it was obvious right away that the dron was getting trouble maintaining the altitude in both, ALTHOLD and LOITER flight modes. As soon as I lower the throttle stick a little, the dron tended to land, no matter if I applied 100% throttle (hopefully it was very close to the floor, so no damage to regret).

After reading about this issue, I concluded that the answer may be in the parameter which controls the throttle vs attitude priorisation, ATC_THR_MIX_MAN, which was set at his default value 0.5. I read here that somebody tried to lower this value (even going lower that the minimum value recommended, which was in fact 0.5), and it worked, so I set it at 0.35 and test it again.

This time it was better, we managed to lift very easily, at least apparently. We switch to ALTHOLD and LOITER several times. It is true that we noticed the drone this time a little bit shaky, in LOITER, but It may be explained due to the reduced attitude control priorisation. However, after 5 mins, I started to experiencing the same synthoms as in my previous flight: difficulties to maintain altitude and tendency to land. We decided to abort the mission at this point.

And one last thing, after both flights, the motors were cold, which I guess is because they were not working as much as one would assume, after noticing the problem with the altitude control.

Here I am sharing the logs from this last flight and some pics with comments:

150A average

Failsafe was set at 42 V (3.5 V per cells). As you can see, we stopped before reaching that point

As you can see, the eight motors are performing quite similar and the signal don’t look saturated

Most of the flight the throttle output was almost 0.5.


As you can see from the last picture, most the flight the throttle output was at 0.5, meaning that there was plenty of room for maneuver. Why then did it start to fail to maintain altitude properly after 5 mins?

Why is that happening? Any clue? Any recommendation?

Thanks in advance,


          Sky Viper Journey Pro Video GPS Drone V2700 -It's HERE!      Cache   Translate Page      


I didn’t notice a stiffer frame on the 2700. My 2700 had a motor fail at only :30 which is how I learned that the motor leads are soldered to the board. Have you put new motor in and do you know the tooth count on the main gear(s)? I’d like a better fly/wrench ratio and am building a similar bird (5.5" pixhawk).

Thanks se

          Pre armed hardware safety sw      Cache   Translate Page      


this is actually a tlog but a dataflash log would be a lot more useful…

          Campaign Against Killer Robots Depicts Bleak Future as Nations Meet      Cache   Translate Page      
This video is the stuff of nightmares. It depicts A.I.-directed drones loaded with small amounts of explosive, seeking out and killing targets autonomously. A slick tech executive makes his (for now) fictional pitch of this “improvement” on the large, Predator-style military drones that are familiar today. He shows a bomber flying over a city, dropping […]
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Great expectations: The general predictions for Tuesday are that Democrats will take the House of Representatives while Republicans will hold onto control of the Senate. However, as we’re all painfully aware of by now, sometimes these things don’t quite go as anticipated. Josh Voorhees imagines two different outcomes that could occur on election night and analyzes the specific results that would need to fall into place for these hypotheticals to become reality.

Leave ’em to the wolves: Trump has made immigration fearmongering his go-to shtick as the midterms cycle winds down, even though his insistence on this messaging is causing trouble for House Republicans in competitive districts. Jim Newell thinks this is an intentional move on Trump’s part: This way, he can claim his plan was to target promising Senate gains from red states, while distancing himself from potential House losses.

Florida, Florida, Florida: Before the Magic Wall and the hologram, there was just a simple chalkboard displaying vote totals. Madeline Kaplan takes us back through the history of election night TV gimmicks.

Bear with me here: Lots of people on the internet were inspired by the viral video of a cub climbing up a snowy ridge back to its mother. However, it’s actually a key example of the sort of irresponsible drone-filming practices that often affect wildlife in adverse ways, as Faine Greenwood writes.

For fun: Videos for when you need a break from that needle.

Needledee, needledum,

          Don’t Harass Wildlife With Drones      Cache   Translate Page      

On Sunday and Monday, Twitter was abuzz over a harrowing Russian video, obviously shot with a drone, that showed a mother bear and cub making their way across a steep, snowy ridge. As the drone films, the cub falls down the ridge and laboriously makes its way up to its worried mother, sliding back down onto the rock on multiple occasions. The cub finally makes it to the top of the ridge, and both mother and cub dart off into the brush, the mother glancing over her shoulder in concern as the drone follows them.

Many Twitter users found the video to be inspiring, in a way: Look, that baby bear never gave up! Many wildlife biologists, however, saw something rather different. They saw a disturbing example of how some irresponsible drone pilots are happy to harass wildlife to get a perfect picture, putting animals at risk and tarnishing the reputation of all users of the technology.

If you don’t know wildlife (or bears) well, you might look at the video and think that it’s perfectly fine—that bothering some bears for a few seconds certainly couldn’t cause them any long-lasting harm. You’d be dead wrong about that. A number of biologists and zoologists pointed out that the drone likely frightened the bears into taking that risky route across the mountainside in the first place. “A lot of people don’t understand that there are consequences for animals when they change their behavior,” says David W. Johnston, director of the Duke Marine Lab’s unmanned-aerial-vehicle program and a pioneer in the use of drone technology for whale research. “When you startle them and harass them with drones, you’re essentially distracting them from their work.” Over time, animals that are consistently bothered by drones may develop maladaptive behaviors, like responding incorrectly to other threats in their environment, or they may waste precious energy by attempting to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, wildlife harassment via drone isn’t exactly rare. The marine sanctuary in Monterey Bay, California, recently was forced to crack down on drones after authorities received complaints about them being used to harass seals, and numerous recent instances of wildlife harassment have taken place in national wildlife refuges and parks. Wildlife ecologist Sophie Gilbert has assembled a collection of videos that show horrible drone pilots tormenting animals in the name of YouTube views, showing creatures from moose to pronghorn antelope to bighorn sheep responding angrily to drone intrusion. Yes, some of these videos do show animals getting “revenge” by taking down drones with a well-placed swipe of the paw or head-butt, and it can be rather satisfying to watch a wild thing destroy a blinking human-built flying robot. But almost all those videos, too, wouldn’t exist if the drone pilot who filmed them wasn’t acting like a gigantic jerk. There are pretty much no excuses for getting so close to a wild animal with a drone that it is capable of taking it down (with the exception, perhaps, of some of those videos depicting angry birds of prey attempting to shove a drone out of their airspace).

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Wildlife researchers were among the first to realize how useful drones can be for scientific research, and many have adopted the technology for doing things like counting leopard seals hauled out on the beach, collecting humpback-whale snot, and searching for orangutan nests. These researchers also take the welfare of the animals they study very seriously, and some have completed studies that explore how different species—including nesting eagles and hawks and marine mammals—respond to drone intrusion, with the ultimate goal of figuring out how drones can be used in the least stressful way possible. This research is particularly important because every animal likely has a different “stress” level. There is never going to be a one-size-fits-all “It’s OK to fly drones at this altitude” standard for wildlife researchers. As ornithologist Samantha Hauser observed on Twitter, “It doesn’t matter if it’s X meters away, if the animal is showing signs of stress, it is too close.”

We even have specific information on how bears feel about drones: In 2015, University of Minnesota researchers specifically in