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Hello guys!
I'm quite new here, so i'm just gonna give it a shot.
I found this object while digging around on my property, and i wondered what you think this might be!
I've just started Metal detecting and i've got no real experience yet, but i'm trying to improve and gain some more Knowledge.
I live in Austria, so my biggest hope of course would be that it's gonna turn out a Roman coin or something, but it might also just be a piece of something else.
Anyways. Thanks so much for helping me out!
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Hey there, You've done a great job. I'll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I'm sure they will be benefited from this web site.
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by Josh Jardine
I didn't realize it until I woke up this morning, but was anyone else aware there's an election today? It hasn't been much in the news, and the TV commercials have been few and far between, but I did some digging, called a few sources for confirmation, and sure enough, there is an election that you can vote in today! It seems that it's in a few places, and not just Oregon.

(But seriously—please vote. No, really: It's more important than ever and there is no excuse not to. So please, please, please, take the limited amount of effort and time to be a good citizen, recognizing that in other parts of our troubled globe people quite literally die for this right.)

There are four states with cannabis issues on the ballot—two states have recreational cannabis programs to be voted on, and two additional states decide if medical cannabis programs are what they want. How do they look? Thanks for asking!

The website Marijuana Business Daily did a great wrap-up yesterday, and overall the outlook is good. But if the election of 2016 taught me anything, it's that there is no God, and poll numbers can be wrong. So fingers crossed that those who support medical and recreational cannabis show up at the polls.

Michigan—The numbers looks good for their recreational adult-use cannabis program, with recent polls showing approval of 60 percent of voters. For those ages 18 to 29 (AKA the kids who need to get off the lawns), approval is a whopping 86 percent. For those 65 and over who enjoy telling dope-smoking punks to leave said lawns, approval drops to 40 percent.

Missouri—Three measures involving medical cannabis programs qualified for the ballot, with the one receiving the greatest number of votes being the winner. All three measures have more than 60 percent support, so it looks good. You know what else looked great? 2016. VOTE.

North Dakota—It's not looking great for their ballot measure to create an adult-use recreational program. The disparate results from two recent polls have the measure failing by nearly 75 percent, while another had support pegged at 51 percent. Have you ever been to North Dakota? Those people deserve cannabis. And if they do pass it, South Dakota could be next, in which case my dream of opening a dispensary there called "Budlands" can finally come to fruition.

Utah—Sigh. This has been a fascinating journey of ups and downs, and because it's Utah, you can thank the Mormon Church of Latter-Day Saints (COLDS) for that. Initially, the ballot measure for a medical cannabis program was polling high at 77 percent. Then the COLDS weighed in heavily against the measure, which saw support plunge to 51 percent, because special underwear and such. But even if the ballot measure does fail, Utahns (yes, it's a thing) will still have a semblance of an MMJ program. With the input from cannabis advocates, a compromise medical program was designed, and it's better than nothing, but sounds like, well, something designed by the COLDS.

The program will be enacted by the legislature later this month, and looks... interesting. According to Marijuana Business Daily, the compromise measure will:
• "Initially limit the number of dispensaries, called pharmacies, to five statewide, with a licensed pharmacist at each." (A whole five, for the whole state. Nothing someone in pain likes more than a long drive.)
• "Establish a single, state-owned central pharmacy that would supply health departments with MMJ products with certain dosage limits." (Who knows the most about producing top-quality cannabis? The Utah government, that's who!)
• "Permit MMJ to be consumed as a tablet, capsule, concentrated oil, liquid suspension, topical substance, a skin patch, a sublingual pill, a chewable or dissolvable cube, or unprocessed marijuana flower packaged in a blister pack in which each blister contains no more than 1 gram." (One gram really should be enough, right? Any more is just using it to get your jollies, which as we know, is not a COLDS-approved activity.)
• "Ban home cultivation." (Good. The idea of people growing their own plants is an affront to God.)

Marijuana Business Daily continues:

"Marijuana resin or wax could be used in limited circumstances, according to the Deseret News. Chronic pain, which is the most common ailment among MMJ patients, would remain a qualifying medical condition under the agreement. But it’s not clear how MMJ cultivation would be set up. Leaders of the Republican-dominated Legislature say the deal guards against the possibility of broad legalization. Medical marijuana advocates say they’re backing it to avoid continued fighting and uncertainty."
So that's the state of today's pot races. But there's something more important than any single ballot measure and it's this:

Please vote today. Help someone else vote if they need assistance. Offer to drop off a busy single parent's ballot, or any neighbors/friends with mobility issues. Just make your voice heard—it's crucial.

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Extracting a dollar's worth of cryptocurrency requires up to three times more energy than digging up a dollar's worth of gold, according to a new international study. Decentralized cryptocurrencies have been hailed as revolutionary economic disruptors, powered by an unknown number of server farms manned by an unknown number of crypto 'miner' machines working around the clock to produce more blockchain-protected finance. The environmental impact of such huge processing requirements has yet to be fully accounted for, however, global bitcoin mining has surpassed the energy consumption of entire nations in recent years.
Coloro che nascono durante il giorno 29 Novembre di un qualsiasi anno sotto quale segno dello zodiaco nascono e soprattutto che carattere possiedono? Oggi vediamo di capire e comprendere come sia possibile leggere pregi e difetti di una persona analizzando alcuni elementi astrologici e partendo dalla data di nascita con solo giorno e mese e quindi escludendo l'anno di nascita. Ecco che potremo anche valutare quale angelo custode possa essere particolarmente protettore di queste persone. Dunque chi nasce il ...

FONTE  »  segno zodiacale oroscopo 29 novembre
          L'OROSCOPO DI DOMANI MARTEDI 6 NOVEMBRE 2018 - TUTTI I SEGNI      Cache   Translate Page      
Come ormai consuetudine, eccoci a parlare di oroscopo del giorno dopo. Ci occupiamo dell'oroscopo di domani, martedi 6 novembre 2018. . Cosa ci riserveranno gli astri per la giornata di domani? Saranno stati clementi e ci regaleranno una bellissima giornata? Ariete, Toro, Gemelli, Cancro, Leone, Vergine, Bilancia, Scorpione, Sagittario, Capricorno, Acquario, Pesci ... Segno per segno, andiamo a leggere insieme quello che gli astri hanno predisposto per quanto riguarda: amore, salute, lavoro, soldi...

          AMY WINEHOUSE E IL SUO SEGNO DELLO ZODIACO      Cache   Translate Page      
Dunque oggi vediamo di capire e comprendere sotto quale segno dello zodiaco è nata una delle personalità musicali più influenti del nostro seconlo e cioè Amy Winehouse purtroppo scomparsa prematuramente, molto giovane, per problemi vari. Bellissiam voce che probabilmente si legge anche nei suoi astri. Vediamo di capire sotto quale segno dello zodiaco era nata e possibilimente di sapere anche sotto quale ascendente, altrettando importante quanto il segno solare. Non dimentichiamo che per conoscere ...

FONTE  »  amy winehouse segno zodiacale ascenden
          L'OROSCOPO DI DOMANI LUNEDI 5 NOVEMBRE 2018 - TUTTI I SEGNI      Cache   Translate Page      
Come ormai consuetudine, eccoci a parlare di oroscopo del giorno dopo. Ci occupiamo dell'oroscopo di domani, lunedi 5 novembre 2018. . Cosa ci riserveranno gli astri per la giornata di domani? Saranno stati clementi e ci regaleranno una bellissima giornata? Ariete, Toro, Gemelli, Cancro, Leone, Vergine, Bilancia, Scorpione, Sagittario, Capricorno, Acquario, Pesci ... Segno per segno, andiamo a leggere insieme quello che gli astri hanno predisposto per quanto riguarda: amore, salute, lavoro, soldi

          CHI NASCE IL GIORNO 28 NOVEMBRE CHE CARATTERE POSSIEDE?      Cache   Translate Page      
Benissimo siamo giunti a parlare di coloro che sono nati e nascono durante il ventottesimo giorno del mese di Novembre di un anno qualsiasi. Nel tipo di analisi che facciamo oggi non c'è infatti bisogno dell'anno di nascita e quindi cerchiamo di capire il carattere con pregi e difetti di una persona, soltanto analizzando giorno e mese di nascita. In questo articolo potrete anche leggere alcuni nomi di personaggi famosi che sono nati durante il giorno 28 Novembre e anche il nome dell'angelo che governa queste persone e cioè le protegge ...

FONTE  »  28 novembre carattere sagittario
Bene oggi parliamo di un altro famosissimo attore statunitense, molto famoso per il suo ruolo nella saga di Henry Potter. L'attore in questione si Chiama Andrew Garfield ed è anche stato protagonista di altri film molto interessanti oltre la saga appena citata. Ma vediamo di capire oggi sotto quale segno dello zodiaco occidentale è nato questo attore e quale ascendente possiede. Ovviamente per conoscere il segno zodiacale ci basta sapere la sua data di nascita completa di giorno e mese mentre per l'ascendente e il suo calcolo ci servono anche l'anno di nascita e soprattutto l'orario di nascita nonchè il luogo di nascita. Vedremo ...

FONTE  »  andrew garfield segno ascendente
          ECCO IL MESE DI NOVEMBRE PER IL SEGNO DEI PESCI      Cache   Translate Page      
Benissimo oggi vediamo di parlare del segno zodiacale dei Pesci relativamente al mese di Novembre che oramai è iniziato da qualche giorno. Vedremo di capire come sia possibile studiare il cielo astrologico e trarre alcune previsioni che riguardano questo segno di acqua. In qeusto penultimo mese dell'anno cosa sarà possibile fare per questo segno dello zodiaco? Vediamo di capire e comprendere se nel lavoro e in amore il nuovo passaggio astrologico di Giove che avviene durante il giorno 8 Novembre, potrà ...

FONTE  »  oroscopo pesci novembre
          Weekend Fun: Mermaids, Train Festival, Frosty and Rudolph       Cache   Translate Page      

The second weekend of November features visits from Frosty, Rudolph, Harry Potter, and mermaids!  Get a jump on the holidays with Thanksgiving activities like NJ Audubon: Turkey Talk and Alstede's Pie Tasting Experience, plus pre-Christmas excitement at a production of Frosty & Rudolph.

Have sky-high fun at Teterboro's Open Cockpit Weekend and RVCC Planetarium's Skies over Hogwarts, and see some underwater action at Adventure Aquarium's Mermaids. Train enthusiasts won't want to miss the Train Festival at Camden Children's Garden, and it's the last weekend to catch Diggerfest. Crafty kids have plenty of opportunity to create at Ancient Technologies: Making an Amulet Necklace, Art for Families, and Montclair Art Museum's Drop-In Studio.

Find even more options in our Fall Fun Guide for NJ Kids, and take in the sights of the season at Paterson Great Falls and Tenafly Nature Center. And look to our November GoList and event calendar for a complete listing of happenings this weekend and beyond.

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Yeah I remember those good old days when penetration in various materials was all the info we needed. Of course none of the BB gun makers published velocity data for their BB guns, usually. For me, the thin tin beverage can was the main power media. A regular Daisy BB lever action, when new, would penetrate one side of the can and just dimple the other. A model 25 would go through one side and crack the other, and if powerful enough, would go completely through at short distances. I still have a Benji model 3030 I bought back in '69. The Benji brochure advertised a muzzle velocity of 650 fps, which made it the most powerful C02 BB gun made at the time. I never shot a 5 gal. paint can with it, but I did shoot a 1 gal. metal paint can, and it did shoot clear through. And on a hot 95 degree afternoon, I had it chronograph it exceeding 670 fps. I never shot it much since I couldnt hit anything with it unless it was only 20-25 ft. away-and pop sized cans at that. But it accepts only those little 8 gram cartidges and they run empty pretty fast in that gun. Still diggin' this stuff after all these years
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KO Company — Narcissus B
Release Year: 2018
Genres: Bareback Porn
Video language: English

The first bullet «Narcissus» is a narcissistic subject, to the ultimate erotic world that will get by myself ... Naoto who gets excited about his nipple while digging. Koji kissing oneself to mirror on masturbation and covered with oil. Mr. Sohumohi who spits on myself in the mirror with «Suzueh!» The boy who excitedly excited meself with the joined part looking out. Men who are going on their own appearance, «Wow, I am cool, are not you ...?»

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:52:23
Video: 640x480, MP4V

KO Company — Narcissus B KO Company — Narcissus B
KO Company — Narcissus B KO Company — Narcissus B

KO Company — Narcissus B
File size: 1.2 GB

KO Company — Narcissus B

KO Company — Narcissus B
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Hey there, You have done an incredible job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this web site.
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Games — Prurient Dudes in Summer Kimono
Release Year: 2018
Genres: Bareback Porn
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Ultra-popular muscle model Ikuya is disoriented in the yukata this time!Live outdoor open-air bath and live digging without worrying about people's attention!In addition, cocks of the big cock are grueling with goggle man and exciting,Yukata fellows are disturbed and all 4 stories!null

Format: mp4
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Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4045kbps
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Games — Prurient Dudes in Summer Kimono Games — Prurient Dudes in Summer Kimono
Games — Prurient Dudes in Summer Kimono Games — Prurient Dudes in Summer Kimono

Games — Prurient Dudes in Summer Kimono
File size: 4.4 GB

Games — Prurient Dudes in Summer Kimono

Games — Prurient Dudes in Summer Kimono
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Pleasure That Money Buys
Release Year: 2018
Cast: Afrodite, Vicky Love
Genres: All sex, Blowjob, Hardcore, Cowgirl, Straight, Rimming, Threesome, Big Tits
Video language: English

Money feeds the decadence and Cicero, the famous dentist, has a lot of money. He has a hard time to drive away all the gold-digging whores. So instead he spends his money to satisfy his special interests. Rimming, dirty threesomes, taste perversion… anything that makes a man happy. And for that, he found two of the hottest bitches in town…

Format: mp4
Duration: 30:10
Video: 854x480, AVC (H.264), 2919kbps
Audio: 124kbps

Pleasure That Money Buys Pleasure That Money Buys
Pleasure That Money Buys Pleasure That Money Buys

Pleasure That Money Buys
File size: 674.0 MB

Pleasure That Money Buys

Pleasure That Money Buys
          SOEN To Release Fourth Album, Lotus, In February; Cover Art Revealed      Cache   Translate Page      
On February 1st, 2019, Swedish-based progressive metal group, Soen, will release their fourth album, Lotus, via Silver Lining Music with pre-orders available on November 16th.    Having spent the last six months digging deep into the muddy depths of their emotions, the nine songs comprising Soen's Lotus are intoxicating...
          Fantasy football Week 10 injuries: Updates on A.J. Green, Leonard Fournette, Stefon Diggs and more      Cache   Translate Page      
As Week 10 approaches there is a long list of injured fantasy stars to navigate, including A.J. Green, Rob Gronkowski, Chris Carson, A.J. Green, Stefon Diggs, Sammy Watkins, Josh Gordon, Marlon Mack and more.
          Dear Mr. Malfoy      Cache   Translate Page      
Bogus_Tranquility / 2 pages
Summer comes to an end, and another year at Hogwarts starts. Melancholy emotions sweep the students as they still recover from the tragic death of Cedric Diggory, and a new pink, plump, defense against the dark arts teacher comes into the picture....
          Construction Crew Member - Morton Buildings - Clinton, OK      Cache   Translate Page      
Must possess a valid driver’s license, Class B CDL is highly desired. Digging and installing footings, framing walls and roof structures, installing windows,... $16 - $20 an hour
From Morton Buildings - Wed, 17 Oct 2018 03:09:10 GMT - View all Clinton, OK jobs
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(Download TVTAP) Guarda la Champions League in streaming gratis

Guarda la Champions League in streaming gratis \\r\\nSe stai cercando un\\\'applicazione gratuita per guardare il meglio della champions league allora devi assolutamente provare TVTAP\\r\\nTVTAP è una delle migliori applicazioni streaming per android che consente di vedere il meglio della tv italia

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          NAPOLI - PSG in Diretta Streaming      Cache   Translate Page      

NAPOLI - PSG in Diretta Streaming

Il Paris Saint-Germain è riuscito a mantenere la porta inviolata in due delle tre partite contro il Napoli nelle competizioni europee, compreso l’unico precedente al San Paolo (2-0 nell’ottobre 1992). Il Napoli è imbattuto nelle ultime tre partite in Champions League (1 vittoria, 2 pareggi). I part

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          INTER - BARCELLONA in Diretta Streaming      Cache   Translate Page      

INTER - BARCELLONA in Diretta Streaming

Il Barcellona ha vinto sei volte contro l’Inter nelle competizioni europee, ma solo una di queste vittorie è arrivata a San Siro (4-2 nel settembre 1959 in Coppa delle Fiere). L’Inter non è riuscita a segnare in sei delle sette partite giocate contro il Barcellona in Champions League (1 vittoria, 2

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          (Albbox TV) App android con canali sportivi satellitari italiani ed esteri gratis      Cache   Translate Page      

(Albbox TV) App android con canali sportivi satellitari italiani ed esteri gratis

Ottima Applicazione android con canali sportivi satellitari italiani ed esteri gratis Ritorniamo a parlare di app , oggi vogliamo segnalarvi Albbox TV una nuova ed ottima appliazione disponibile anche tramite google play store che consente di guardare gratuitamente i migliori canali sportivi grati

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          Where Do Royals Get Their Money?      Cache   Translate Page      

The world still has monarchies, but the vast majority of them have little political power over their countries these days. See, some nations like their traditions as long as they aren't dangerous. Royal families are fabulously wealthy. Many royals derive income from government funds, but that will only last as long as the nation wants to keep a traditional monarchy. Yet even if government allowances were taken away, they'd still get along just fine. (via Digg)

          Comment on Being Trans in America Was Already Scary. Now It’s Terrifying. by Pierre Tristam      Cache   Translate Page      
FlaglerRedo, the number you seem to object to is that "one in four transgender people have been assaulted because they are trans," and that that's based on a survey. Did you care to note that the survey sample "included 27,715 respondents from all fifty states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and U.S. military bases overseas," or that it consisted of 80,000 written responses? We're not talking Rasmussen Reports here with a margin of error of plus or minus six light years. But let's assume that, since they're trans, they're screwed up lying little bastards and only, say, one in 10 transgender people have been assaulted because they're trans. Just 10 percent. Is that better? Does that in any way improve conditions, when you have <em>just</em> a 10 percent chance of being <em>assaulted</em>? As to your second point: you're conflating sex and age as if they're in the same category, a seemingly aw-shucks-of-course sort of suggestion at first, but obviously not when you give it a split second's thought: conflating the two is like conflating what you're born with: like being born with five toes on one's left foot (assuming you're not trans, in which case who knows) and being born, say, in a shithole country. You can change one and, strictly speaking, not the other. I was born with five toes on my left foot and in a shithole country. I couldn't change my toe census but I did change my nationality, because I could (ironically opting for a nation that's done an excellent job at digging itself into a shithole, so go figure), just as I changed my religion and let my allegiance to the Yankees lapse, again because I could, or wanted to, or needed to: the reason isn't anyone's business but my own, as it is with sexuality, considering that what we're born with in that regard doesn't necessarily correspond with what we're born with between the legs. Surely you don't think that, having screwed up everything else about Man, god couldn't screw up penises and vaginas? I'm happy for you that every cell in your body is hardwired to be a man, but surely your wires don't extend to the next man or woman, or however an individual identifies. Respect and dignity is not a condescending proposition, and it's meaningless when it rests on qualifiers that scream contempt.
          Construction Crew Member - Morton Buildings - Clinton, OK      Cache   Translate Page      
Must possess a valid driver’s license, Class B CDL is highly desired. Digging and installing footings, framing walls and roof structures, installing windows,... $16 - $20 an hour
From Morton Buildings - Wed, 17 Oct 2018 03:09:10 GMT - View all Clinton, OK jobs
          KUDZU The Musical Celebrates Local Folklore And Weirdness      Cache   Translate Page      

"Kudzu Covers the South." That's the on-air slogan for WKDZ, a Columbus radio station at the center of the action of the Springer's original musical comedy opening November 8.

KUDZU, The Musical takes place in Columbus during a massive flood on the Chattahoochee River in the summer of 1954. The setting is a tiny radio station - WKDZ - Kudzu Radio - which has scheduled a broadcast of its popular Vine Time Variety Hour just as the river gushes into the flood plain.

When all the other radio stations are knocked off the air, WKDZ becomes the community's sole lifeline during the disaster. Since the station broadcasts from the third floor of Shipley's Mortuary and Life Insurance Agency, the broadcasters, musicians and live studio audience are safe from the flood. So the station's owners, Preacher T.J. Allred and his wife, Jackie, decide to go ahead with the big show even as the storm rages outside.

Kudzu, The Musical features Southern legends, tall tales, rural humor, and local news - woven together with the Lost Dog Report, Recipes and Home Remedies, a call-in show called Ask the Preacher and WKDZ's popular mystery series, Frank Cutter: Phenix City Private Eye.

Legendary Georgia songsmith, Allen Levi, has written original bluegrass, country, blues, gospel and comedy tunes for the production.

Kudzu's playwright and director, Paul Pierce, collaborated with Levi to produce a musical comedy that explores life in the Chattahoochee Valley in the 1950's - an era in which Phenix City was in its "Sin City" phase, when Digger O'Dell buried himself alive, when the Goat Man made frequent visits, when Eddie Owens Martin was working out his Pasaquoyan visions, when the textile mills, RC Cola and Tom's Peanuts were still humming, when mysterious blue fireballs danced on the surface of the river, when UFO's were commonly reported and when Jim Crow laws were being challenged.

"The idea for this started back in the 1990's when Allen and I first got to know each other," Pierce said. "I began meeting regularly with a group of local historians and folklorists like Kaffie Sledge and Cathy Fussell and collected local legends, tall tales and, well, weirdness. Then I spent months at the library going through newspaper archives and began distilling it all into one very weird evening in 1954.

"After I wrote the first draft of the script, I invited Allen to write original songs and jingles for this mythical Southern radio station. He delivered some brilliant tunes. We workshopped the show in 1995 and even toured it a little in the Southeast. Last year when the Springer decided to revive the show and give a full professional treatment, Allen and I decided that the script and the score could use some improvements. As Allen said, 'We're both better writers now than we were twenty years ago.' So this is a fresh take on the story and Allen has written four amazing new songs for the show. We are excited to share our work this November."

The cast, led by a Springer stage veteran Keith McCoy, plays Preacher Allred, the owner WKDZ. Allred's no-nonsense wife, Jacquie, is played by Chelsy Cutwright. Ned Bridges plays Joe D. Wood, the station's general manager and announcer and Debbie Anderson is Joe's wife, Charlynn, who is also a singer and musician in the studio band. Kerry Phillips plays Ken Kines, the bandleader and the orchestra is completed by Justin Balew, George Miles and Steve Thompson.

Kudzu, The Musical will be performed in the intimate Dorothy McClure Theatre (aka, "The Dot") at the Springer Opera House with a set that resembles the Chattahoochee riverfront. The show opens November 8,9,10,15,16,17 at 7:30 pm and November 11 and 18 at 2:30 pm. To reserve tickets, call the Springer box office at 706-327-3688 or visit

          "Deadwood" Film Cast Announcement Will have Fans Smiling!      Cache   Translate Page      

Click now! "Deadwood" Film Cast Announcement Will have Fans Smiling!

Read the full article on AICN

Hola Dannie aqui,
After a tediously long twelve year wait in limbo fans of the HBO hit series "DEADWOOD" rejoice as filming has begun on a feature-length film, and the recent casting announcement has us all ready for a shindig. 
Returning to write the "DEADWOOD" film is the shows creative mastermind David Milch ("Hill Street Blues," "NYPD Blue," and "Brooklyn South") and taking the directors chair is Daniel Minahan who previously directed four episodes of "DEADWOOD" as well as "Series 7:The Contenders," "Six Feet Under," "Greys Anatomy," "True Blood," and "Game of Thrones."

Returning to Deadwood, South Dakota are Gerald McRaney (George Hearst), Ian McShane (Al Swearengen),  Kim Dickens (Joanie Stubbs), Timothy Olyphant (Seth Bullock),  William Sanderson (E.B. Farnum), Molly Parker (Alma Ellsworth), Brad Dourif (Doc Cochran), Paula Malcomson (Trixie),  Dayton Callie (Charlie Utter),  John Hawkes (Sol Star), Anna Gunn (Martha Bullock), and Robin Weigert (“Calamity” Jane Canary).

Joining the Deadwood show veterans will be actress Jade Pettyjohn, who many may remember from her work on televisions "Revolution," "The Last Ship," "School of Rock" and look forward to seeing in the upcoming film "Destroyer" that stars Nicole Kidman and is coming out on December 25th of this year.  Jade Pettyjohn set to portray the character of Caroline. The studios are keeping the details of this new character under wraps so it leaves us all digging through Deadwood's notorious history like Mr. Wu's infamous ravenous pigs. 

HBO describes the new "DEADWOOD" film as-
 "The indelible characters of the series are reunited after ten years to celebrate South Dakota’s statehood. Former rivalries are reignited, alliances are tested, and old wounds are reopened, as all are left to navigate the inevitable changes that modernity and time have wrought."


Finish the article on AICN

          鱼真的可以感受到痛苦吗?      Cache   Translate Page      


科学界关于这个话题的争论非常激烈。2016年,科学期刊发表了澳大利亚神经科学家布莱恩·基(Brian Key)的论文《为什么鱼感觉不到疼痛》。早些时候他曾在论文中提到,鱼的感觉不同于其他动物。哺乳动物有感觉,是因为它们的大脑有一种叫做新皮质的结构,而鱼恰好缺乏这种新皮质。


尽管包括英国和挪威在内的少数几个国家的水产养殖场必须遵循人道屠宰准则,但对于每秒捕获的数万条野生鱼类来说却没有标准。澳大利亚研究人员库勒·布朗(Culum Brown)指出,全球捕鱼业的庞大规模,使得通过立法对鱼实行人道待遇的想法不太实际。


鱼是所有其他脊椎动物的祖先。利物浦大学(Liverpool University)生物兽医科学系主任林恩·斯奈登(Lynne Sneddon)是第一个发现鱼类具有可传递疼痛神经的科学家。2002年,她在鱼身上发现了和人类身上感受疼痛刺激相同的神经。我们把这种神经称为“疼痛感受器”。斯奈登证明了夹鱼和刺鱼可以激活这些神经纤维。“我的研究表明,鱼与哺乳动物有着惊人相似的神经系统,”她说。



“它们怎么会没有感觉呢?”著名海洋学家西尔维娅·厄尔(Sylvia Earle)说到,“许多人似乎对鱼有感觉这件事感到震惊。”

鱼有时能认出特定的潜水员或饲养员,并靠近他们,希望被抚摸。厄尔将石斑鱼称为“大海的拉布拉多猎犬”。她的女儿莉兹·泰勒(Liz Taylor)现在是潜艇制造商的总裁,她也提到了自己的亲身体验:“石斑鱼遇到喜欢的人时,会张大嘴巴来到他们身边。当它明显不喜欢某些人时,会用水冲他们。”

专家雪莉·迪尔哈特(Shelley Dearhart)回忆说:“百慕大水族馆里有一条巨大的石斑鱼,如果码头上的任何人不给它的头部稍加按摩,它就会向他喷水。”




雪莱·迪尔哈特(Shelley Dearhart)曾在水族馆工作过:“在喂食的时候,更小的军曹鱼会冒险往下游,把年长的军曹鱼推到水面上来喂食。它们会一前一后地游,直到喂食时间结束。然后幼鱼会把老鱼带回水底。而且每天都是这样。”





动物卫生专家本·迪格尔(Ben Diggles)表示,养鱼户“需要在鱼的所有生长阶段都避免压力,以优化健康、生长和屠宰后的产品质量”。他补充说,“使用最佳实践指南可以最大限度的减少娱乐钓鱼给鱼类带来的痛苦”。但他也承认,“通过渔网捕捞大量鱼类,无法控制伤害和人道宰杀可能是一个棘手的问题”。


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The filmmakers drop their patented irony into this Western anthology movie about gunfighters, gold diggers and frontier fatalism Read More At Article Source | Article Attribution

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Originally posted on:

Last time I have shown how to have a look GC issues with my simplified WPA profile. But there is much more in this profile which will make it a lot easier to analyze standard issues. In general when you are dealing with performance you need to search for

  • CPU
  • Disk
  • Wait
  • Memory

issues. A special case is network which falls into the wait issue category where we wait for some external resource.

When you download my simplified profile and apply it to the the provided sample ETL file you get can analyze any of the above issues within much less time. Here is a screen shot of the default tab you will see when you open the ETL file.

Stack Tags are Important


The first and most important graph is CPU Usage Sampled with "Utilization by Process And StackTags" which is a customized view. It is usable for C++ as well as for .NET applications. If you ever did wonder what stack tags are good for you can see it for yourself. I have added a stack tag named Regular Expression which is set for all all calls to the .NET Regex class like this:

<Tag Name=".NET">
    <Tag Name="Regular Expression">
        <Entrypoint Module="" Method="*System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex*"/>
        <Entrypoint Module="System.dll" Method="*System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex*"/>

If more than one tag can match the deepest method with the first stack tag is used. This is the reason why the default stack tag file is pretty much useless. If you add tags for your application they will never match because the low level tags will match long before the tags in your own code could ever match. You have to uncomment all predefined stuff in it. If you use my stack tag file you need to remove WPA provided default.stacktags under Trace - Trace Properties - Stack Tags Definitions. In practice I overwrite the default file to get rid of it. If you leave it you will get e.g. very cheap CPU times for a GC heavy application because all call stacks of your application which will trigger GC stuff are added to the GC stack tag. This makes your application specific stack tags look much slimmer than they really are because your application tags come later in the call stack which are not used to tag your stacks.  

Why would I need a custom stack tag file? It makes it much easier to tag high level expensive operations of your application so you can see how much time you were spending with e.g. loading game data, decompressing things, rendering, … This makes it easy to detect patterns what your application was doing at a high level. Besides if you find a CPU bottleneck in your application you can add it under a e.g. a "Problems" node so you can document already known issues which are now easy to spot.

For our problematic application PerformanceIssuesGenerator.exe we see that it was doing for 17,5s CPU Regex stuff (Weight in View is ms in time units). To see how long the actual running time was we need to add the Thread ID column since currently we sum the CPU time of all threads which is not the actual clock time we spent waiting for completion.



The context menu is actually customized. It is much shorter and contains the most relevant columns I find useful. If you want more of the old columns then you can simply drag and drop columns from the View Editor menu which is part of all WPA tables. If you want to remove additional columns you can also drag and drop columns back to the left again. This way you can streamline all of your column selection context menus which is especially useful for the CPU Usage Precise context menu which is huge.

Select A Time Range to Analyze

Now we see that we have two large Regex CPU consumers with a large time gap in between. But what was the application actually doing? This is where marker events from your own application come in handy so you know what high level operation e.g. the user did trigger and how long it did take. This can be achieved with a custom ETW event provider or the special ETW marker events which WPA can display in the Marks graph if any of them are present in your ETL file. To be able to use them to navigate in the ETL file your application must of write them at interesting high level time points which indicate for example the start and stop of a user initiated action. For .NET applications the EventSource class is perfectly suited for this task. Marker events can be written with a custom PInvoke call to

Here is the code to write a marker event in C# which shows up in all kernel sessions. The TraceSession.GetKernelSessionHandles is adapted from the TraceEvent library. If you have "NT Kernel Logger" sessions only (e.g. if you use xperf) then you can use 0 as session handle to write to it. 

    /// <summary> Write to Windows Event Tracing a Marker string which does show up in the Marker tab when 
    /// you view the trace. This makes navigation in ETL files much easier. 
    /// </summary>
    public static class EtwMarker
        #region Fields
        const int FixedBufferSize = 512;

        [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, Pack = 1, CharSet = CharSet.Ansi)]
        unsafe struct ETWString
            public Int32 Prefix;
            public unsafe fixed byte String[FixedBufferSize];

        /// <summary>Write a marker string to ETW to enable easier navigation in ETL files in the viewer.</summary>
        /// <param name="str">String to write</param>
        /// <exception cref="Win32Exception">When string could not be written.</exception>
        public static unsafe void WriteMark(string fmt, params object[] args)
            String str = String.Format(fmt, args);
            ETWString etwStr = new ETWString();
            int len = CreateFromString(str, ref etwStr);
            var sessionHandles = TraceSession.GetKernelSessionHandles();

            // Write to all enabled kernel sessions so this marker shows up everywhere.
            foreach (var handle in sessionHandles)
                int ret = EtwSetMark(handle, &etwStr, len);
                if (ret != 0)
                    throw new Win32Exception(ret);

        /// <summary>
        /// Create an ETWString from a .NET string. The struct is fixed size.
        /// Only the first 511 bytes are copied from the ASCII string.
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="str">String to convert</param>
        /// <param name="data">Reference to ETWString struct</param>
        /// <returns>Length of ETWString</returns>
        static unsafe int CreateFromString(string str, ref ETWString data)
            var bytes = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(str);
            int copyLen = bytes.Length < FixedBufferSize ? bytes.Length : FixedBufferSize - 1;

            fixed (void* p = &data)
                IntPtr dest = IntPtr.Add(new IntPtr(p), 4); // pointer to String buffer

                // copy at most Length-1 bytes of string to keep the terminating null char
                Marshal.Copy(bytes, 0, dest, copyLen);
                int length = 4 + copyLen + 1; // Prefix DWORD + string length + closing \0 char
                return length;

        /// <summary>
        /// Undocumented method of the kernel to write an ETW marker which does show
        /// up in the WPA viewer under the Marks tab. This makes navigation in trace files
        /// much easier to find important time marks.
        /// This is the same as xperf -m "string" which writes only to the "NT Kernel Logger" session.
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="sessionHandle">if 0 the NT Kernel Logger Session is written to. Otherwise you need to use supply a handle to a kernel ETW session.</param>
        /// <param name="pStr">Ascii encoded string with a DWORD prefix</param>
        /// <param name="length">Length of complete string including the prefix and terminating \0 char</param>
        /// <returns>0 on success, otherwise a WIN32 error code</returns>
        extern unsafe static int EtwSetMark(ulong sessionHandle, ETWString* pStr, int length);

Now that we have our marks we can use them to navigate to key time points in our trace session:


We see that the first CPU spike comes comes from RegexProcessing which did take 3,1s. The second regex block was active between the Hang_Start/Stop events which did take 2,7s. This looks like we have some real problems in our PerformanceIssueGenerator code. Since we have according to our ETW marks Regex processing, many small objects, many large objects and a hang with simultaneous regex processing we need to select one problem after the other so we can look at each issue in isolation. That is the power which custom ETW providers or ETW Marks can give you. Normally you are lost if you know that you have several issues to follow up. But with application specific context marker events you can navigate to the first regex processing issue. To do that select the first event by and then hold down the Ctrl key while clicking at the stop event to multi select events. Then you can right click on the graph to zoom into the region defined by the first and last event.


Analyze CPU Issue

When you now look at the CPU consumption of the busiest threads we find 2,7s of CPU time. At the bottom WPA displays the selected duration which is 3,158s which matches quite well the reported timing of 3,178s. But the reported thread time of 2,7s is not quite the observed duration. In the graph you see some drops of the CPU graph which indicates that for some short time the thread was not active possibly waiting for something else.


Wait Chain Analysis

That calls for a Wait Chain Analysis. If you scroll down you will find a second CPU graph with the name CPU Usage (Precise) Waits. This customized graph is perfectly suited to find not only how much CPU was consumed but also how long any thread was waiting for something. Please note that this graph does not replace the CPU Usage Sampled graph. I have explained the difference between both CPU graphs already earlier. The column selection context menu of this graph has been massively thinned out to keep only the most relevant columns. Otherwise you would have to choose from over 50 items and the context menu even has scroll bars! Now we have only process, thread id, thread stack as groupings. Next comes a list of fixed columns which are always visible because they are so important. There we see how long each thread did wait for something (WaitForSingleObject …) as total and maximum wait time and the CPU usage in milliseconds. If we sum up for the most expensive thread the wait time of 0,385s and 2,726s of CPU time we get 3,111s which is within a small error margin exactly the time we did get by measuring the start and stop of our regex processing operation.


Is this conclusion correct? Not so fast since a thread can be only running or waiting (it can also wait in the ready queue which is only relevant if you have more threads running than cores) the sum of CPU and Wait times for each thread will always add up to 3,1s because this is the time range you did zoom into. To actually prove that this time is really waited while we were regex processing we have to sort by the wait column and then drill down for the thread 10764.


When we do this we see that all waiting did occur while the DoRegexProcessing delegate was called. It was waiting on the regular expression JIT compilation to complete. Now we have proven that that wait time is really spent while executing the regex processing stuff. If we would like to optimize the total running time we have two options: Either we could use more threads to parallelize even further or we need to tune our Regular expression or replace it by something else. Before going down that route you should always check if this string processing is necessary at all. Perhaps strings are not the best data structure and you should think about your data structures. If you need to sue strings you still should verify that the regex processing was really necessary at this point of time. Eventually you do not need the results of this regex processing stuff right now.

A Garbage Collection Issue?

In the list of marker events we see that the first regex issue overlaps with a GenerateManySmallObjects operation. Lets zoom into that one and check out the what we see under CPU usage. There we see that we are consuming a significant amount of CPU in the Other stack tag which categorizes unnamed stacks into its own node. If we drill into it we find out allocating method PerformanceIssueGenerator.exe!PerformanceIssueGenerator.IssueGenerator::GenerateManySmallObjects. That is interesting. Was it called on more than one thread?


To answer that question it is beneficial to select the method in question and open from the context menu View Callers- By Function


This will let you start to drill up to all callers of that method which is useful to find the total cost of a commonly used method (e.g. garbage_collect …). This is still the total sum for all threads. Now we need to bring back out Thread Ids to see on which threads this methods was called.


If the Thread ID column has more than one node beneath it it will be expandable like I have shown above. This proves that only one thread was calling this method and it did use 1,3s of CPU time. But there are still 0,4s of wait time missing. Where was the rest spent? We could use the Wait graph again to see where the wait operation was hanging around but since we know that it was allocating things we can open the Region for Garbage collections


And we just have found that during that time the garbage collector did block our application of 0,4s which explains the missing time in our CPU graph. We also know that we had 75 GCs during that time which is a rather high number. We can even see how many GCs of which generation we did have during that time by using my (also hand rolled) Generic Events GC Generations graph:


That's all about the small object allocation issue. Now lets go back by doing "Undo Zoom" in the graph to get our previous time range back where we can do the same analysis for the Generate Many Large objects issue. This is not terribly interesting which I leave to you as exercise.

UI Hang (2,727s) Analysis

Now lets investigate why our UI did hang. The hang operation has nice markers which we can use to zoom into the region of interest.


We are having a lot of CPU intensive threads here. If the UI was hung it must either using much CPU on the UI thread or the UI thread was blocked for some reason. If you know that the UI thread was started on your Main method you can search for CorExeMain which is the CLR method which calls into your main method. Or you search for a typical window method like user32.dll!DispatchMessageWorker. With that we quickly find thread 11972 as the thread which was hung in:


Obviously it was waiting for a task to complete. If you call Task.Wait on your UI thread you will block further UI message processing and your UI will not be able to redraw anymore. At least that was the visible observation. The Hang did take 2,727s which exactly matches up the total summation of all wait operations with 2,724s. If that is true we should see as maximum wait time the same the same time but there we have only 1,383s. When using WPA you can look deep into the inner workings of Windows and .NET. Lets be a little curious and check out why there were not one Wait operation but 30 waits while we were blocked in Taks.Wait. We observere that Task.Wait calls into the current Dispatcher to delegate the wait to its SynchronizationContext. This in turn calls into the current CLR thread to DoAppropriateWait which in turn calls on the UI thread MsgWaitForMultipleObjectEx. This method can block a UI thread but leave e.g. mouse events or COM messages through. Depending on which which parameters you call it it can even pump your UI thread with message which is sometimes necessary. This can lead to unintended side effects that you can execute code while you were waiting for a blocking operation. I have found such issues in Can You Execute Code While Waiting For A Lock? and Unexpected Window Message Pumping Part 2.

Digging Deeper

We know that MsgWaitForMultipleObjects can pump messages with the right flags. So what was happening in these 30 wait operations? If you open the column context menu you can add Ready Thread Stack which gives you all call stacks which did cause MsgWaitForMultpleObjects or its child methods to wake up.


Poor other tools. They will never be able to tell you that MsgWaitForMultipleObjects was woken up 28 times to by dwm.exe which is the Desktop Window Manager to tell our wait method: Here you have 28 mouse events which you can process or not depending on how your wait flags were configured. The last event which did finally end our Task.Wait operation was the last thread that did finish processing. This is the call where our Wait operation did wake up our blocked message loop.



You can ask: How do you know that? Well the Switch-In Time column of our event in the table which is to the right of the yellow bar with 14,425 tells me this. This is were our wait operation did end and our thread was woken up again. This is also the time where the CPU consumption has a sharp drop which is no coincidence. If you have sharp eyes you will notice in the graph at the right a blue line. This is when our thread was woken up. Every thread wake up is displayed in the graph which makes it much easier to spot regular patterns of activity. It is this wealth of information which makes WPA so powerful. But the default profile is mainly aimed at kernel developers which is a pity because it is an excellent system wide profiling tool which gives you deep insights into how Windows really works and sometimes how Windows or your application breaks.

If you have counted you will still miss one ready event. This one was Visual Studio which did send us a window message from vslog.dll!VSResponsiveness::Detours::DetourPeekMessageW. I am not sure why Visual Studio does this but if you profile your system more often you will notice that the Visual Studio responsiveness stuff gets from time to time into a loop and all Visual Studio instances will send each other messages (still the case with VS2015). This does not show up as a surge of CPU consumption. But it will increase your ETL file size considerably because you will get millions of context switches. This is not a big problem except for battery powered devices which have a higher power consumption than they could have and for people profiling their machines getting huge files.


.NET Exception Analysis

The previous analysis was a bit complex. Now for something nice and simple. You can easily check if your .NET application throws exceptions if you enable the .NET provider. With WPRUI you need to check ".NET Activity" to get these events and many others. For a short list of interesting .NET events you can check out the ETW manifest of .NET for yourself or you read Which Keywords Has An ETW Provider Enabled? which covers the most interesting .NET events as well. If you zoom into the Do Failing Things region which is visible as ETW Marker event in the Marks graph. Then you need to add a Generic Events Graph and change the graph type from "Activty by Provider, Task, Opcode" to .NET Exceptions which is only part of my WPA profile.


This gives you a nice view of all thrown exceptions in all .NET applications. You can play with the groupings and group e.g. by exception type and message to see how many different ones you have. To do that you only need to Drag the "Exception Message (Field 2)" and drop it to the right of ExceptionType. Now you have Process - Exception Type - ExceptionMessage in a nice cohesive view. You just have to remember that all columns to the left of the yellow bar are the columns which are grouped together by their values.

Starting with .NET 4.6 you can also use the .NET Exceptions Caught  view which shows you all thrown exceptions and in which method these exceptions were caught.


This can be interesting for automated regression tests if something breaks because an exception which was always happening is now caught in a different method which might be too late in the call chain. Having an exception is nice but the most interesting part of it is its call stack. From this graph we know the Thread on which it was happening. We do not need the process id because each thread Id is unique across all processes. Then you can zoom to a specific exception an investigate in CPU Usage (Precise or Sampled) the call stacks if something related to exception handling shows up. Searching for the method KernelBase.dll!RaiseException is usually a good way to find it. If that did not help you need to enable stack walking for the .NET provider. I blogged about how to do that a long time ago for a custom provider with xperf in Semantic Tracing for .NET 4.0. If you did record the provider "Microsoft-Windows-DotNETRuntime" with stack walking enabled you can add in the View Editor from the column context menu


the Stack column to display the call stack of all thrown exceptions. An alternative is to enable the StackKeyword+ExceptionKeyword  of the "Microsoft-Windows-DotNETRuntime" ETW provider. This will cause .NET to write an additional ETW event for every .NET event with a managed stackwalk event. This event is not human readable but PerfView can decode it. This is one of the things where PerfView is still the best tool to investigate managed application issues.


Although this is already a rather long post you still have only seen a small fraction of what you can do with ETW profiling and the WPA tool. I hope that I have convinced a few more people out there to try it out because it can help you to find the problems you never knew that they existed. But these problems might be ones your customers are always complaining about.

          CIA's 'Surveillance State' Is Operating Against Us All      Cache   Translate Page      

Authored by Sharyl Attkisson, op-ed via The Hill,

Maybe you once thought the CIA wasn’t supposed to spy on Americans here in the United States.

That concept is so yesteryear...

Over time, the CIA upper echelon has secretly developed all kinds of policy statements and legal rationales to justify routine, widespread surveillance on U.S. soil of citizens who aren’t suspected of terrorism or being a spy.

The latest outrage is found in newly declassified documents from 2014. They reveal the CIA not only intercepted emails of U.S. citizens but they were emails of the most sensitive kind — written to Congress and involving whistleblowers reporting alleged wrongdoing within the Intelligence Community.

The disclosures, kept secret until now, are two letters of “congressional notification” from the Intelligence Community inspector general at the time, Charles McCullough. He stated that during “routine counterintelligence monitoring of government computer systems,” the CIA collected emails between congressional staff and the CIA’s head of whistleblowing and source protection.

McCullough added that he was concerned about the CIA’s “potential compromise to whistleblower confidentiality and the consequent ‘chilling effect’ that the present [counterintelligence] monitoring system might have on Intelligence Community whistleblowing.”

“Most of these emails concerned pending and developing whistleblower complaints,” McCullough stated in the letters to lead Democrats and Republicans at the time on the House and Senate Intelligence Committees — Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), and Reps. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) and Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.).

The March 2014 intercepts, conducted under the leadership of CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, happened amid what’s widely referred to as the Obama administration’s war on whistleblowers and mass surveillance scandals.

Is that legal?

According to the CIA, the spy agency has been limited since the 1970s to collecting intelligence “only for an authorized intelligence purpose; for example, if there is a reason to believe that an individual is involved in espionage or international terrorist activities” and “procedures require senior approval for any such collection that is allowed.”

But here’s where it gets slippery. It turns out the CIA claims it must engage in “routine counterintelligence monitoring of government computers” to make sure certain employees aren’t doing bad things. Poof! Now, all kinds of U.S. citizens and their communications can be swept into the dragnet — and it’s deemed perfectly legal. It’s just an accident or “incidental,” after all, if the CIA happens to pick up whistleblower communications with the legislative branch.

Or maybe it’s a lucky break for certain CIA officials.

The only reason we know any of this now is thanks to Sen. Chuck Grassley(R-Iowa), whose staffers were among those spied on. Grassley says it took four years for him to get the shocking “congressional notifications” declassified so they could be made public. First, Grassley says, Clapper and Brennan dragged their feet, blocking their release. Their successors in the Trump administration were no more responsive. Only when Grassley recently appealed to current Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who was sworn in on May 17, was the material finally declassified.

“The fact that the CIA under the Obama administration was reading congressional staff’s emails about Intelligence Community whistleblowers raises serious policy concerns, as well as potential constitutional separation-of-powers issues that must be discussed publicly,” wrote Grassley in a statement.

Legal or not, there was a time when this news would have so shocked our sensibilities — and would have been considered so antithetical to our Constitution by so many — that it would have prompted a swift, national outcry.

But today, we’ve grown numb. Outrage has been replaced by a cynical, “Who’s surprised about that?” or the persistent belief that “Nothing’s really going to be done about it,” and, worst of all, “What’s so bad about it, anyway?”

Some see the intel community’s alleged abuses during campaign 2016 as its own major scandal. But I see it as a crucial piece of a puzzle.

The evidence points to bad actors targeting candidate Donald Trump and his associates in part to keep them — and us — from learning about and digging into an even bigger scandal: our Intelligence Community increasingly spying on its own citizens, journalists, members of Congress and political enemies for the better part of two decades, if not longer.

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          Construction Crew Member - Morton Buildings - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Digging and installing footings, framing walls and roof structures, installing windows, entry and other doors and door openings, installing various siding and... $18 - $22 an hour
From Morton Buildings - Wed, 17 Oct 2018 03:08:47 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          Tussentijdse verkiezingen VS: waar moeten we deze nacht op letten?      Cache   Translate Page      

De tussentijdse Congresverkiezingen zijn natuurlijk anders dan een presidentsverkiezing waar er maar één winnaar is. Bij tussentijdse verkiezingen zijn er honderden winnaars en verliezers op landelijk en regionaal niveau. We proberen duidelijkheid te scheppen in deze brij aan verkiezingen en aan te geven wat belangrijk is.

Let op de opkomstcijfers

Amerikanen zijn anders dan Nederlanders geen trouwe kiezers. Bij tussentijdse Congresverkiezingen is de opkomst doorgaans dramatisch laag. Vier jaar geleden bracht slechts 36,4% van de kiezers een stem uit. De opkomst is dan ook de doorslaggevende factor. De partij die de meeste kiezers weet op te trommelen, wint de verkiezingen.

Neem een staat als Texas, die steevast beschreven wordt als een Republikeins bolwerk. In 2014 kwam slechts 28% van de Texaanse kiezers opdagen. In Texas is bijna 40% van de bevolking latino, die doorgaans Democratisch stemmen. Als de Democraten de Texaanse latino's naar de stembus weten te lokken, kunnen ze de hele staat Texas blauw kleuren (spoiler alert: de opkomst onder latino's is notoir laag).

Democraten staan meer bekend als thuisblijvers dan Republikeinse kiezers, maar dit keer wijzen alle peilingen erop dat de Democraten supergemotiveerd zijn om te gaan stemmen. Maar het zijn niet alleen Democraten; ook Republikeinse kiezers laten zich gelden.

De Blauwe Muur

De staten Michigan, Wisconsin en Pennsylvania vormden in 2016 de Blauwe Muur, die Hillary Clinton moest beschermen tegen een verkiezingsnederlaag. Clinton was er zo van overtuigd dat ze daar zou winnen, dat ze niet eens campagne voerde in Michigan en Wisconsin. Trump voelde echter goed aan dat hij daar een slag kon slaan en was er vaak te zien.

Trump sloeg de Blue Wall aan diggelen en zijn verrassende winst in Michigan, Wisconsin en Pennsylvania bezorgde hem de verkiezingszege. De verschillen waren echter minimaal. Bij elkaar opgeteld won Trump deze drie staten met slechts 77.744 stemmen verschil.

Het wordt interessant om te zien of de president deze staten weet vast te houden met de Congresverkiezingen. De peilingen wijzen vooralsnog op verlies voor de Republikeinen.

Gouverneursverkiezingen zijn belangrijk

Laten we niet de vele verkiezingen om het gouverneurschap en de staatsparlementen vergeten. De uitslag op staatsniveau kan ook verstrekkende gevolgen hebben voor de landelijke politiek.

In Amerika moeten de Congresdistricten volgens de wet even groot zijn qua bevolkingsaantal. Omdat sommige regio's groeien en andere weer krimpen, worden de kiesdistricten na elke tienjaarlijkse volkstelling aangepast. Het zijn de staatsparlementen en de gouverneurs die deze grenzen intekenen.

De laatste volkstelling was in 2010 en die viel samen met een Republikeinse golf in tal van staten. De Republikeinen grepen dat aan om het kiessysteem in hun voordeel te manipuleren met het omstreden gerrymandering.

De volgende volkstelling is in 2020. Wie bij deze verkiezingen de macht grijpt, heeft grote invloed op de vorming van de kiesdistricten, maar ook bijvoorbeeld op wetgeving die het voor bepaalde groepen kiezers moeilijker maakt om naar de stembus te gaan.

Georgia en Florida

Twee gouverneursverkiezingen zijn bijzonder interessant: Florida en Georgia. In deze twee staten neemt een uiterst linkse, zwarte kandidaat het op tegen een Trumpiaanse Republikein.

Georgia springt in het oog door de pogingen van de Republikeinse kandidaat om grote aantallen burgers, onder wie veel zwarte kiezers, van de kieslijsten te schrappen. Als de Democratische kandidate Stacey Abrams wint, zou ze de eerste zwarte, vrouwelijke gouverneur van Amerika worden.

Florida is altijd interessant, omdat het de belangrijkste swingstate is van de Verenigde Staten. Het is geen toeval dat Trump juist hier veel zijn gezicht laat zien, omdat winst voor de Republikeinen ook hem kan helpen bij zijn herverkiezingscampagne in 2020. In zowel Georgia als Florida is het een nek-aan-nekrace.

Een verkiezing met veel primeurs

De Midterms van 2018 kunnen een verkiezing van vele primeurs worden. Een recordaantal vrouwen doet mee aan deze verkiezingen. Kandidaten uit minderhedengroepen laten zich luid en duidelijk horen. In Vermont kan Christine Hallquist de eerste transgender gouverneur van Amerika worden. Jared Polis kan de eerste gouverneur worden die openlijk homo is.

Veronica Escobar gaat vrijwel zeker haar kiesdistrict winnen in El Paso, Texas. Daarmee wordt ze de eerste latina die namens Texas in het Huis van Afgevaardigden plaatsneemt.

Ilhan Omar en Rashida Tlaib worden waarschijnlijk de eerste moslima's die in het Congres komen. Stacey Abrams kan de eerste vrouwelijke, zwarte gouverneur van Amerika worden. En de kans is groot dat voor eerst een native American verkozen wordt in het Huis van Afgevaardigden.

De Senaat en de rechterlijke macht

De verkiezingen in een aantal staten gaan bepalen welke partij de macht grijpt in de Senaat. De Republikeinen hebben volgens de peilingen goede kansen om hun meerderheid te behouden of misschien zelfs uit te breiden. Dit heeft vooral te maken met een tiental Democratische senatoren die hun zetels moeten verdedigen in staten die twee jaar geleden naar Trump gingen.

De Republikeinen hechten veel waarde aan het behoud van hun meerderheid in de Senaat. De Grand Old Party heeft zich voorgenomen de gehele rechterlijke macht te hervormen. De partij die zowel de Senaat als het Witte Huis in handen heeft, heeft min of meer vrij spel bij de benoeming van federale rechters. Immers, de president draagt rechters voor en de Senaat keurt ze goed. De Republikeinen hebben al grote vorderingen gemaakt in hun project, maar als ze de Senaat zouden verliezen, dan komt daar een abrupt einde aan.

          We Are Not Prepared For The Upcoming Dementia Crisis, Expert Warns      Cache   Translate Page      
en former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor recently announced that she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, she became the public face of a growing health crisis that we are still poorly prepared to handle. While the 88-year-old O'Connor...

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Domenica 11 novembre a Roma ci sarà l'attesissimo referendum per la liberalizzazione del Trasporto pubblico, importante non solo per la Capitale. Qui trovi tutte le informazioni su come, dove e quando votare, le opinioni del Fronte del Si e del Fronte del No, in pratica tutto quello che ti serve per andare a votare. Utile anche per chi non di Roma - per cui non titolato a votare - volesse capire la situazione nella Capitale, che ormai sta diventando esplosiva e probabilmente a seconda del risultato, capace di spostare equilibri anche nazionali.Nbs0fwCqN3c

FONTE  »  atac trasporto pubblico referendum
Tutto quello che devi sapere sul Referendum per la liberalizzazione del Trasporto pubblico a Roma
          [큐오 JOB] 비트 메이킹, 미디 작편곡 & 재즈피아노/ 화성학 레슨합니다.      Cache   Translate Page      
Instrumental Hip hop Producer  윤이상입니다. 
힙합 비트 프로덕션과 재즈 피아노 레슨 안내 드립니다.
학력 및 전공
  Berklee College of Music  우등졸업 (Cum Laude)
      - Bachelor of Music in Music Business & Management
      - Jazz Studies / Piano Performance: Joanne Brackeen, (RIP) Ray Santisi  사사
      - Music Production & Engineering Studies
레슨 과목 및 커리큘럼
*    기본적으로 수강생께서는 1) Hip hop beat production과 함께  2) Jazz studies (piano & harmony) 를 함께 배우게 됩니다.
**    Beat Production 을 배우고자 하는 수강생께서는 필수적으로 Jazz Study를 병행하시는 것을 추천해드리며 Jazz Piano 만을 배우길 원하는 분은 따로 상담 부탁드립니다.
***  아래의 학습 계획은 레슨에서 수강생이 배우게 될 내용들을 나열한 것으로, 그 순서는 수강생의 레벨 또는 지향하는 목표에 따라, 수강생과의 협의를 통해 달리 편성 됩니다. 
1) Hip-hop Beat Production
    Ableton Live 를 메인 DAW로 사용 하며, DAW 의 이해 부터 유통 까지의 힙합 비트 제작 및 유통 전반에 대한 내용을 다룹니다. 수강생은 레슨 Day 1 부터 비트를 제작하게
    되오며, 아래의 학습 계획은 비트 프로덕션을 위한 필수적인 항목들로써, 개별적으로 또는 비트를 만드는 과정 속에서 병행하여 학습하게 됩니다.
      -  힙합 101
        •장르의 개괄적 이해와 서브 장르  및 그 특성 (Boom bap, Trap, Ratchet, G-funk, Dirty South…) 스터디
        •각 서브 장르 별 대표적 프로듀서의 음악과 특성 스터디를 통하여 장르 별 특징 및 핵심 요소를 이해하고 자신의 비트에 표현 하는 방법을 습득
      -  DAW의이해
        •뮤직 프로덕션 과정의 이해 (워크플로우)
        •오디오 : 레코딩및편집 , 미디 : 레코딩및편집 , 믹싱 , 믹싱오토메이션
      -  악기론
        •악기별 개론 (종류와 구분, 레인지, 노테이션, 주법, 편곡시 역할 등) 과 가상악기를 이용한 프로그래밍 (편곡)
      -  믹싱 / 마스터링
        •Gain / Pan / EQ / Delay/ Reverb/ 다이나믹 이펙터 / 마스터링 이펙터/의 이해 및 활용
        •Bus 와 Aux 채널의 이해와 활용, 서브 그룹 믹싱, 시그널 체인, 사이드 체인의 이해 와 활용
      -  샘플링
        • 샘플러의 기능과 사용법
        • 샘플 Digging, Chopping, Processing 테크닉을 다루며, 대표적 프로듀서들의 샘플링 프로세스를 학습
        • 추가적으로 올드 스쿨 비트 프로덕션 프로세스인 Vinyl Records + Turntable + MPC3000 으로 프로듀싱 해보며 동 프로세스를 사용한 Pete Rock, J Dilla,
            Damu the fudgemunk 등의 비트 질감을 구현해 봄
      -  신디사이징
        •신디사이져의 구분 및 이해,  신디사이징의  원리와 그 원리를 이용한 사운드 메이킹을 학습
        •추가적으로 Moog Sub 37을 이용하여 사운드를 만들어보며, 사운드 별 연주법을 학습
      - 뮤직 비지니스
        •한국과 미국 내의 관련 법률 및 협회에 대한 이해, 유통 과정과 유통업체의 활용,  프로모션을 학습하고, 추가적으로 원하는 수강생에 한해 실제 발매
2) Jazz Studies : Jazz Piano Performance & Jazz Harmony
  재즈 피아노 수업은 재즈 화성학 수업과 병행되며, 재즈 스터디와 함께 피아노 연주법을 배우게 됩니다.
  피아노를 한번도 다루어 본 적이 없는 초심자로 하여금 재즈를 연주하게 하는것을 목표로합니다.
  그 과정 속에서 다양한 장르별 리듬과 주법을 학습하여 수강생은 자연스럽게 작곡 및 편곡, 보컬 반주 또는 다양한 장르의 합주를 할 수 있게 됩니다.
      - Jazz 피아노의 구조적 스터디와 연습
        •Mastering Chords
        •Bass Parts
        •Harmonizing the Melody
        •Tension Substitutions
        •Walking Bass Lines
        •Open Voicings
        •5 Part Fourth Voicings
        •Upper-Structure Triads
        •Approach Note Harmonizations
      - Jazz 피아노의 역사 / 스타일 스터디와 연습
        •Rag time
    - Jazz  피아노의 리듬별 장르 스터디와 연습
      •Latin jazz (Bossa nova ,Samba, Afro-Cuban)
      •Jazz funk
      •Fusion Jazz 등
레슨은 매주 1회 / 월 4회 / 20만원에 진행되며,
광명시 철산역 도보 3분 거리에 위치한 저의 작업실에서 진행합니다.
연락처 : 010 - 3094 - 0213  또는 카카오톡 ID: veasel 로 문의 바랍니다 :)

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The most-celebrated resistance in Australian history is probably the Eureka Stockade Rebellion of 1854 when miners, also known as “diggers,” had had enough of exorbitant prospecting-license fees, police brutality in collecting those fees, and having no representation, let alone a vote, in the Legislative Council. It was the murder of a digger named James Scobie, and the […]

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Control the spread of germs Cold and flu season is in full swing and all around you has begun to sound like a symphony of sniffles and coughs. Moms dont get sick days, so it is up to you to control the spread of germs and keep yourself healthy and ready for the season ahead. Wash your hands consistently and correctly as the first defense against a sickness that could take you down. Be sure to use warm water and lather up with soap for at least 20 seconds. When using a public restroom, use the towel you grabbed to dry your hands to turn sink handles and doorknobs. Carry travel tissues wherever you go to stop sneezes in their tracks. Make sure to cover your sneezes and teach little ones this practice as well. RELATED: Me Time Just for Women Surviving Sick  Days                                                                                           If you do come down with a cold or the flu this season, make sure to give yourself the time to get better. Stay home from work and settle in for a long winters nap. Hydration and healthy foods are a huge part of fueling yourself back to full potential so make sure you are giving your body what it needs. Most moms know how hard it is to carve out the time needed to get yourself better. The kids still need food and entertainment, the household still needs to run and so on While days spent at home recouping with children might seem like they last forever take a deep breath, give yourself a huge break and refocus what is most important, like keeping them fed and changed. Everything else can be let go for now. Here are some tips for surviving a mom sick day: Call in reinforcements Now is not the time to be too proud to call family or friends for help. You can ask a neighbor to put the kids on the bus or a grandparent to stop by with fluids and a meal. If family and friends arent around for a quick favor see if there is a teenager in the neighborhood you can pay a small amount to for a few hours of PB & J Sandwiches and entertainment while you get a warm shower and a nap. READ MORE: How to know if your child is too sick for school Simple meals Taking a sick day unfortunately doesnt mean all responsibilities are out the window. It does however mean that you are allowed to cut corners. Let the kids grab their own cereal for breakfast, dry, right out of the box (no ones judging!) The old standby- PB &J is a quick and easy lunch and dont be afraid to call the pizza delivery guy for dinner! Youre off the hook! Keep it simple. Have tricks up your sleeve One of the hardest parts of having the kids home when you just want to lay on the couch and binge Netflix all day is keeping them entertained. Digging out some old toys sometimes makes them feel like new. Ask the kids to put on a puppet show for you, read stories, make a playdoh mess and its okay to let your usual tablet time rules go for the day. The idea is to keep them busy and quiet while you rest. Here are 7 great ways to entertain a sick kid when you are sick too! Flexibility is key Let your normal fly right out the window. Tight schedules, limited TV time, fancy dinners thats all great if you can swing it but when you are sick you will stress yourself out trying to do it all. Hang your super mom cape on the bathroom door for the day and give yourself a break. The goal is to get better and keep those tiny humans alive if that means a few extra hours of cartoons for the day it will be alright. I promise.
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One of the bloodiest battles of the Kokoda campaign in World War II, where 133 Australian soldiers were killed, is finally recognised after a Queensland farmer made it his mission to have a monument erected in honour of the fallen.

          Seasons of the Runewild: Bonedigger      Cache   Translate Page      
Seasons of the Runewild: BonediggerPublisher: Sneak Attack Press

Fifty years ago, a hag named Speckled Hester was burned at the stake near the town of Ill Hollow. As the flames consumed her, Hester vowed to share her greatest secret with whoever first contacted her spirit.

Not a word has been heard from Hester since, but the ghost of her most faithful servant, a hound named Bonedigger, haunts Ill Hollow to this day. The townsfolk believe Bonedigger seeks to lead others to Hester’s grave. To keep Hester in the ground where she belongs, the people of Ill Hollow began a strange tradition.

On the first night of Harvestide, they bury the bones of a horse or pig in a grave marked with Hester’s name. Rather than finding Hester’s bones, each year Bonedigger digs up the contents of the false grave instead.

The ruse has fooled Bonedigger, until now.

Bonedigger is an adventure for three to five 1st level characters. It is designed to be played over the course of a single session. The adventure takes place near an enchanted forest known as the Runewild and can serve as an introduction to the Runewild Campaign Setting (coming spring 2019). You can also drop the adventure into an existing campaign without much trouble.

Book contains

  • A complete adventure
  • Advice for scaling to higher levels
  • Stats for two new monsters: the fiddlehead and Bonedigger
  • Two new magic items Hestor's black book and harvestide cookie
Price: $2.99
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The action-RPG Path of Exile will be available as a free-to-play game on PS4 in December.

          Pipe Layer: Prince Frederick, MD - Total Civil Construction & Engineering, LLC - Prince Frederick, MD      Cache   Translate Page      
Possess physical strength dig and perform general labor with laborer crews, including digging by hand. **********THIS JOB REQUIRES PRIOR EXPERIENCE WITH WET...
From Total Civil Construction & Engineering, LLC - Fri, 19 Oct 2018 12:37:28 GMT - View all Prince Frederick, MD jobs
          Heavy Equipment Operator: Prince Frederick MD - Total Civil Construction & Engineering, LLC - Prince Frederick, MD      Cache   Translate Page      
Works with and assists crew in digging ditches and trenches, (un)loading materials, hoisting material, tools, equipment, and any related work....
From Total Civil Construction & Engineering, LLC - Thu, 18 Oct 2018 12:35:46 GMT - View all Prince Frederick, MD jobs
          Construction Crew Member - Morton Buildings - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Digging and installing footings, framing walls and roof structures, installing windows, entry and other doors and door openings, installing various siding and... $18 - $22 an hour
From Morton Buildings - Wed, 17 Oct 2018 03:08:47 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
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Diggy diggy Song: @xxxtentacion - #proudcatowner Credit: @trippyjahseh Tags: #gn #post #funny #edit #edits #xxxtentacion #x #😂 #😂😂 #video #explore #explorepage #🤣 #😆 #👍 #goodnight #a #b #d #i
          Movie Review // Here to Be Heard: The Story of the Slits      Cache   Translate Page //

If I've never said this before I will say it now but I am someone who watches documentaries because I enjoy learning new things, but I also will watch just about any documentary you want me to that is about music.    That being said, I also firmly believe that not every artist has a documentary made about them and that is for a rather specific reason.   I feel as if it is only those special artists who stand out from the rest who get to have the documentaries tell their story further, beyond the music.

How do you describe The Slits to someone who has never heard of them before?  I told someone I was watching this documentary and my short paragraph of explaining it said that The Slits were an all girl punk group in the 1970's but eventually became reggae/experimental later on, constantly redefining the way things were not just for women but music on the whole.   Isn't it funny how you look at The Slits now in 2018 and they just seem so... I don't want to say common because Ari Up would still stand out in a crowd today if she was alive, but they were doing things back then no one else was doing which feel more commonplace now.

Aside from the style, aside from breaking of fashion barriers, The Slits created incredible music.   One thing I feel I constantly struggle with is comparison points for musicians who are female.   There are only so many you go back to-- and it's not that bands went unnoticed it's just that for such a long time, as this documentary points out, music (and punk) was dominated by men.   Watch as The Slits discuss bands like Sex Pistols and The Clash.   They went on tour with Buzzcocks, for example, but you won't really see as many other women in the scene, it wasn't like "Well, of all the other bands of women out there we chose the best to go on tour with us".  No.  They were really the only ones.

Ok, I'm willing to admit that if you know your punk history they weren't the *only* ones so much as that they were the definitive ones.   People came out to see them based on word of mouth.   This is something where it's before the Internet, before Bandcamp and SoundCloud, so people weren't saying "Oh yeah, I streamed some of their songs and they sounded cool"   They didn't even have a record out and people were showing up to see them and really digging what they were doing!    The very concept of that in 2018 would result in an artist having next to no one come out for their show.

Many times, I wish music went back to what it was like before The Beatles, before there were records.   If you wanted to hear an artist, you had to go see them perform live because there was no recorded music of them.   But even just to go back before the Internet... It's crazy to me, because even in the late 1990's when I began going to see live music all the time I had people give me sampler CDs so I'd go see a band based upon knowing one of their songs.   And then there was Napster.   But it's difficult for me to think about seeing a band based upon word of mouth and I wish we could somehow get back to that.

The Slits were a special band.   They still are.  Everything that everyone attributes to Sex Pistols and punk rock should be attributed to The Slits ten times over because they just weren't opening doors for women, they were opening doors for music.   I actually prefer the later sound of The Slits to their earlier music but it's all just so wild and crazy you have to really take it all in, song by song.   Even in 2018, these songs still hold up-- they're still somehow top of the class if they were released today.

At the end of this film is a quote by someone saying that you should do whatever makes you happy.   You should find your passion and embrace it, and other people might not like it but it will be rewarding for you.    That really kind of hit me hard.   I know I messed up the paraphrasing on it and I don't even remember who said it, but it still had this profound impact on me because it's what I'm doing with my life.   I'm not the most popular writer by far, but I'm fine with that.   I think we all need to kind of dissolve the myth of popularity and do what makes us happy.    That and hear The Slits in every band we listen to from now on.
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Recently a client reported that checkout was broken on their ecommerce website.

After some quick investigation, I found that the application code responsible for speaking with the payment gateway was logging the following error:

CURL Connection error: (77)

Here, I’ll outline my approach to solving this problem.

Hitting the Payment Gateway’s endpoint using the curl Executable

The site was using was Authorize.NET as its payment gateway. The code was specifically hitting an endpoint at . I tried hitting the endpoint myself using the curl executable while SSH-ed into one of their web servers to see if the issue would reproduce…

$ curl {"messages":{"resultCode":"Error","message":[{"code":"E00003","text":"Root element is missing."}]}}

No cURL error 77…the problem did not seem to reproduce…

Invoking cURL through php-FPM

The application code, of course, wasn’t running curl via command line invocation of the curl executable. Instead, a PHP-FPM process was executing a script that was using PHP cURL functions .

As such as decided to test that way. I quickly created a testing script…

<?php $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, ""); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); $output = curl_exec($ch); var_dump($output) . PHP_EOL; var_dump(curl_error($ch)) . PHP_EOL; var_dump(curl_errno($ch)) . PHP_EOL;

I put it in the webroot of the server I was SSH-ed into and ran it via a PHP-FPM process as follows:

$ curl --resolve bool(false) string(0) "" int(77)

Bingo, I got the error.

What Had Changed Recently?

This reminded me of an issue I had seen not long ago where DNS lookups failed only when running curl via a script executed by PHP-FPM. In that case I had tracked it back to a yum update.

As such, I decided to check /var/log/yum.log to see if any packages had been update recently….

Oct 24 03:53:38 Updated: nspr.x86_64 4.19.0-1.43.amzn1 Oct 24 03:53:39 Updated: nss-util.x86_64 3.36.0-1.54.amzn1 Oct 24 03:53:39 Updated: nss-softokn-freebl.x86_64 3.36.0-5.42.amzn1 Oct 24 03:53:39 Updated: nss-softokn.x86_64 3.36.0-5.42.amzn1 Oct 24 03:53:39 Updated: nss-sysinit.x86_64 3.36.0-5.82.amzn1 Oct 24 03:53:39 Updated: nss.x86_64 3.36.0-5.82.amzn1 Oct 24 03:53:39 Updated: nss-tools.x86_64 3.36.0-5.82.amzn1 Oct 24 03:53:39 Updated: python26-paramiko.noarch 1.15.1-2.7.amzn1 Oct 24 03:53:39 Updated: python27-paramiko.noarch 1.15.1-2.7.amzn1

Bingo again! A yum update had run the night before…

The Fix

Going off my experience with the DNS issue, I guessed that restarting php-fpm might fix the issue. As such, I decided to give it a try…

$ sudo service php-fpm restart

Then, I re-ran my testing script

$ curl --resolve string(1233) "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"/> <title>403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.</title> ... " string(0) "" int(0)

Issue resolved.

The Return Of The Issue

This project was running a fleet of AWS EC2 instances and we manually restarted php-fpm across all. However, later that same day the client reported the issue had reared its ugly head again. This time, however it was only occurring sporadicly.

Digging in, I found this was due a fresh EC2 instance being introducing into the auto scaling group .

What was happening was…

Instance comes online with old NSS packages PHP-FPM starts yum update runs Bad times
cURL error 77 with PHP-FPM after yumupdate

In order to fix this we baked a new AMI with the NSS packages already updated. Now, when a new EC2 instance came online this would happen…

Instance comes online with new NSS packages PHP-FPM starts
cURL error 77 with PHP-FPM after yumupdate
The True Root Cause

While I would love to know exactly why updating those packages caused the error when running curl via PHP-FPM unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to truly get to the bottom of it. If you’ve run into this same issue and went deeper on it than I did I’d love to hear about it in the comments below…

          Knott's Haunted Shack Brochures      Cache   Translate Page      
Digging through my box of non-Disney brochure and flyers, I discovered that I had three different handouts for Knott's Berry Farm's much-missed "Haunted Shack". Variations are something I love! Unfortunately none of these are dated, though I am guessing that they are all from the 1950's, and might have been used into the early 1960's. 

For those that don't already know, the Haunted Shack was similar to Santa Cruz's famous "Mystery Spot", in which gravity seemed to misbehave (water would flow "uphill", a broom would stand at a crazy angle), while optical illusions made people appear to grow or shrink. It was lots of fun!

This first flyer might be the oldest - it has a very spooky drawing of what appears to be a wailing ghoul clawing at the window. Yikes!

It's only a single-fold flyer - the back cover tells the "Legend of the Haunted Shack". I've always loved the names "Slanty Sam" and "Shaky Sadie". It sounds like the property has seen some pretty weird stuff over the years, going all the way back to the Nevada's Gold Rush.

Here's the inside spread. Look at those people. Witches, I say! That same pretty lady appears on a Haunted Shack postcard.

This next version seems to be a little bit scarcer than the others - it is printed on coated stock, which gives it a better print quality. The drawing of the ghost on the first version has been replaced with this crude, grinning weirdo. Is it Shaky Sadie herself?

Bonus points for "The Haunted Shack: By The Railroad Track".

Oo-la-la, this one is a three-panel (two fold) flyer! So fancy. They've added a photo of two carpenters standing at an impossible angle. Why did they have to throw their levels away? I'd like to think that one of the workmen needed to change his coveralls because of all the BLOOD!

The text on the inside spread is basically identical to the first version. Incidentally, that photo is the same one that's on the vintage postcard.

And finally, this is what I believe is the most common version. Shaky Sadie now dominates the front cover - perhaps she was drawn by a local high school student (remember, this was before everyone drew the Van Halen logo on their desks). The shack is "AMAZING, AMUZING, CONFUZING". Ghosts were never good at spelling.

"Men are fascinated, women adore it". So great. "Scientists and Engineers Baffled and Frustrated in this EMPORIUM of BEWILDERMENT"!. P.T. Barnum, eat your heart out.

And the back has more Grade "A" ballyhoo.

I hope you have enjoyed these Knott's items!

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Willie Desjardins’ Medicine Hat and Texas teams were known for their attacking, go-go-go mindset. In the increasingly pace-driven National Hockey League, in which speed is more and more of a weaponized asset, such aggressive tactics align well with league trends. Those thrusts were very apparent, even to a goaltender (and the lone player on the […]

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          Tuesday Tales ~ Summer BlockBuster 2018 ~ The Clockwurk Labyrinth Chapter 19 **THE FINAL CHAPTER**      Cache   Translate Page      
Welcome to

Tuesday Tales

Tuesday Tails Summer BlockBuster 2018 - The Clockwurk Labyrinth Chapters 10 ~ 11

this is going to be one crazy-insane rescue oppurration!!!

The Clockwurk Labyrinth 

If mew missed the thrilling start of our latest adventure, here are the catch up links...


~ Chapter 19 ~ 

The Final Showdown

        I glanced offur my shoulder and looked at my team; they were positioned in a circle almost back to back weapons ready, as Fudges rescuees hunkered down safely in the middle. 

An eerie chittering noise started and then I heard the buzzing-sound of the Yelfs wild hunt getting closer.  Taking a breath, I turned to the fuzzy pom pom on my shoulder and whispered to the creature. “Little dude, mew couldn’t have picked a wurse place to be right now.” 

The Old One was strutting around like some self-impawtant god, inciting his minions and I could feel the arrogance and hubris oozing from his inky aura. He believed he was truly invicible.  

He called to his minions, gesturing and postulating. “Am I not lord and dominion here? Am I not your faithful keeper? Have I not cared for all of you here?” 

The creatures made all kinds of weird sounds as they cheered their eveel master. The Wild Hunt was drawing closer and fur a moment I wundered what was going to happen when they got here but I decided to wurry about that in roughly 45 seconds. 

“Hey mew ugly freaker!” I shouted as I walked towards The Old One. 

The Old One spun around and snarled at me. “You puny creature, give in now and I may be lenient with you... perhaps let my pets feast upon you and your friends instead of my usual objective.” He pointed behind me at my team and leered, his forked-tongue flicking around his maw with glee. 

My hackles bristled and the pink pom pom chirruped softly in my ear and don’t ask me how but I knew what he said and it was this. “I will help you defeat him, trust me.”  I winked and nodded just a fraction. 

Standing not 10 feet from The Old One I held Humphrey’s katana loosely in my paw and said dryly. “Come on big guy, show me what mew’ve got! I’m only a puny little creature, so let’s get this offur with because I’m really sick of this cesspit!” 

The Old One took a step closer and I could see his glowing-red eyes flicker. 

“And while I think this cesspit is purrfect fur mew, to be honest it’s just not my thing...” I grinned my toothiest grin and continued. “I can see the allure fur mew, a pathetic old has-been who can’t make it in the real wurld of gods, mew have to keep yourself holed up here where there's no competition, no one to challenge mew...” I could see I was pressing some really big buttons now. “These creatures mew’ve got, is that the best mew can do, honestly dude, I’m so disappointed!” 

The Old One shrieked and his minions joined in, and then he made a sweeping gesture and it all went silent again as he snarled. “I’m going to rip your heart out and feast upon it while you look on in your dying moments.” 

I let out a weary sigh and growled. “I’m waiting mew fugly freaker, bring it on!”  I stepped forward; one step, two steps, three steps and halted.  

Something flickered across The Old Ones face, I knew that tiny tell only too well; it was uncertainty.  This thing had ruled by absolute fear and now it didn’t know what to make of my show. 

I checked my watch and looked at him. “Tick tock dude, I’m not getting any younger and your minions will think you’re weak and pathetic because that’s what mew really are, nothing but a cowardly bully and I hate bullies!” 

The Old One lifted his hand and shot a barrage of purple motes at me, but before I could react the pom pom creature placed us inside a glowing pink bubble, like a force-field and the motes fizzled out on contact. 

“That was purretty cool, thanks!” I whispered to the pom pom on my shoulder, it chirruped in reply.

I could see the bafflement spread across The Old Ones face as I took 3 more steps towards him. We were now only a swords distance apart as he loomed offur me. 

The chittering began again and I could feel the shift of energy fill the stone circle, it was ambivalence towards their master. I heard Smooch mutter through my comms set that The Wild Hunt were landing and lining the top of the wall above us, he got another pile of grenades out and made ready.  I glance briefly upwards and that's when The Old One reached forward and tried to snatch my new pal off my shoulder and I twisted sharply, ducking under his gnarled hand. 

Changing my grip on the katana, I started to bring it up as inky-black tendrils shot out from The Old Ones aura, trying to wrap me up tighter than a new Mummy in ancient Egypt. 

“Oh no mew don’t!” I heard Pandora shout, and Bast knows what she did but the icy cold tendrils shot back like they’d been zapped with 50,000 volts. 

The Old One stepped back with start, the look on his face was utter outrage and in that moment it gave me the time and room needed to bring the sword up and strike him straight through the heart. He neffur saw it coming. 

His blood–red eyes bulged in abject hatred as the realisation of what had happened filtered through his mind, he looked down at the sword sticking out of his chest and made a grab for it in one gnarled hand, while trying to seize me in his other.  As his hand gripped the blade he growled; his ear-to-ear maw wide open revealing a set of gnashers that would make Jaws weep and said. “You can't hurt me with this worthless trinket!” 

Suddenly the sword began to glow: brilliant white light dazzled filling the arena, blinding The Old One and his minions. They began to wail and screech as the intense glow burned them, though I felt no effect.  The Old One tried to pull it out of his chest, and in that moment I heard something else; singing. It was the most beautiful sound effur to fill my ears and then I realised why Humphreys' sword was called, The Sword of Angels.   

The sword began to tremble in my firm grip as the light dazzled brighter and brighter, and the song of the angels rang out like the most divine aria I’d effur heard, their seraphic chorale resonating throughout the entire labyrinth.  

The Old One screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" As I twisted the blade in his chest; the light briefly intensified, and winked out the moment I withdrew it in one swift motion. The sword was covered in black, steaming ichor as I looked up and met The Old Ones gaze. I could see the light dimming in his eyes as he clutched the open wound, the life-blood pumping through his fingers and he stumbled, falling to his knees before me. 

Lifting the blade again, I swung it in a high-arc as the eveel creatures started to bolt fur the exit. Their terrified howls and cries were deafening as they trampled each other to flee. 

The sword came down and The Old One screamed again; the shriek drowning out effurything else in the labyrinth.   

The blade connected with The Old Ones neck; passing completely through the skin, muscle and bone as though it was still gliding through thin-air, his head landing with a rather unceremonious thud a few feet away. 

*    *    * 

       Horice opened the door to BD1 [Bomb Disposal Room 1] and entered still carrying Snowie and Posie. He gently placed them on the ground and said in his soft rumble. “Tis time little ones, we need to be opening that door post-haste.” His trunk gestured towards the eveel Grandfather clock still sitting in the centre of the room, radiating the same sense of smugness. 

“Mew want us to open that door?” Posie asked, her eyes-wide. 

Horice nodded and then the strangest thing happened; the orb they’d been searching fur suddenly appeared in the room. 

“But that’s the...” Snowie began in shock. 

“Aye little’un that indeed is thee orb,” Horice chuckled softly. “Basil knew ye’d be looking for it and asked me to make certain that ye’d all be together at exactly the right time, and that time is now!”   

“But how are we going to get them out of there and back here?” Posie wundered aloud. 

Snowie was staring at the eveel clock and reached out a tentative paw to touch it.  “STOP!” Horice bellowed and took a step closer, adding in his softer tone. “Miss Snowie, let me be checking it first.” Using his trunk he gingerly touched the clock and was suddenly stuck, completely riveted to the spot. The huge sapphire in his forehead, usually invisible unless he’s using his magick, popped up and began to glow with its ethereal blue light.  “Ahhhhh,” he mused thoughtfully as his psyche fully connected with the clocks’ and the door flew open. When no adverse reaction happened, he withdrew his trunk and instructed. “Now little’uns, throw the orb through the doorway.” 

Without a moments hesitation, Posie reached up, grabbed the orb which was suspended mid-air and tossed the small, glowing sphere into the eveel dimension through the clocks’ open-door just as it began to chime Midnight. **BONG**

*    *    * 

      The entire labyrinth began to shake with even more vehemence than before.  I turned to see my team opening fire on some of the creatures; who instead of trying to escape with the others, headed our way to take revenge fur their slain master. 

“B Team, we need a way out NOW!” I yelled as walls began to topple and fall all around us. 

Looking up something caught my eye and I raised the blade again, but stopped mid-swing when I recognised the object and I smiled inwardly as I knew in that moment Horice, Posie and Snowie had come through and I whooped loudly.  The orb was on a direct course to me and I stretched out my left paw and it landed with a gentle thwump.  I gripped it tightly and its power coursed through me, filling effury fibre of my being with a power so old, that there were no wurds to describe other than to say, it was the primal power of the divine Creator himself.  

Amber was trying to make her way towards me when a troll-guard suddenly leapt out of the rubble and thrust a spear at her. Pandora who was following, waved her paw to the right and the troll guard tumbled away, the spear falling to the ground as Amber stood stock-still waiting fur the inevitable. Two seconds later when she realised that she was in fact, not harpooned or kebabbed she jumped the last remaining steps towards me. “Phew that was close!” she muttered and then said. “Humphrey reckons this place is going to collapse in on itself and we need to go now, any ideas?” 

I opened my paw and she smiled when she saw the orb. “Bloody brilliant Basil!” she grinned and then yelled. “B Team and anyone else that wants to escape, come forward now!” 

The Nisse, Camomile appeared at my side and behind her I could see a rag-taggle assemblage of creatures forming and she said, “Basil these are all the creatures who have been trapped in here, they need a safe-haven.”  I nodded and replied. “Of course they can come with us and I have just the place fur them!” 

Fudge was next at my side with his colourful menagerie and, he still had the pom pom creatures on his back and I suddenly remembered the one on my shoulder and glanced to make sure it was still there.  It was, and chirruped loudly as Fudge approached, before jumping onto his shoulder and snuggling close.  

Chuffer, Solitaire, GD, Winston and Mad Cat clambered offur the fallen columns, followed by Diggs with The B Team bringing up the rear. 

Things were getting decidedly dangerous as the last remaining minions of The Old One tried in vain to avenge their fallen master.  But Smooch, Parsley and Humphrey were having none of it as they unleashed the grenades at them.  **BOOM** **BOOM** **BOOM** They were toast in less time than it took to say, ‘make mine a niptini, shaken not stirred!’ and the last remaining foe was eradicated. 

I could feel the orb start to pulse in my paw and I shouted above the sound of crashing, falling blocks. “Effurypurrdy join paws now, if mew’re not holding onto to somepurrdy who’s holding onto me, mew’ll be left behind!”  Amber gripped my right paw and we both held onto the sword of angels. 

Moments later I could see the creatures all hanging onto each other.  Paw on paw, mitten on mitten as we created an unbreakable chain-loop and I yelled.  “This is the final call fur freedom...” I took one last look around the vile labyrinth, at The Old One laying beneath a pile of rubble, The Wild Hunt had vanished and from all indications we were now the only living things left in the crumbling amphitheater. “Is effurypurrdy holding on tight?” 

I got a definitive yes as a response, and the labyrinth shook with even more vigour as an icy-wind began to whip up and swirl around us.  Dust and debris started to fly in all directions as the wind picked up speed, howling like a demented banshee as it swirled with malevolent intent. 

“Whateffur mew do don’t let go, no matter what happens!” I called, and I closed my eyes and gripped the pulsing orb tightly in my paw.  I concentrated, letting my energy wrap itself around effuryone in the chain until finally the loop was complete and as a single entity we all began to rise off the floor, slowly at furst but then faster and faster we shot skywards towards freedom. 

I felt cold-rushing air bristle my fur in so many disconcerting ways as we hurtled towards a tiny patch of black; the doorway to home high-up in the distance. I glanced down briefly and saw the entire labyrinth folding in on itself and begin sucking effurything in like a black-hole. 

Suddenly I felt a sharp tug backwards, using effury ounce of my strength and will-power I propelled us upwards and out of the gravitational pull. “HOLD ON!” I cried out as we zoomed up and were pulled through the open clock-door into BD1. 

Our rag-taggle assemblage crashed in an ungainly heap on the metal-grid floor and I let the breath out I didn’t know I was holding with a definitive whoosh.  Jumping to my paws I spun around trying avoid all manner of creatures and cats as I rushed towards the Grandfather clock, which by the way was not looking so smug now, and I reached into my inside pocket and pulled out a bag, tossing it through the open clock-door in one smooth movement.  Humphrey was by my side and zapped the bag with his ray gun, slammed the door and began to herd effuryone out of the room. 

With the room now empty, the door to BD1 closed with a soft whooshing-sound just as the clock struck twelve.

The B Team and I watched with intense curiosity through the bomb-proof windows as the eveel relic began to disintegrate, swirling like a mini-tornado until a few moments later it vanished into the ether with an almost ear-splitting pop.

Turning to my team, letting out a huge sigh I said. "Dudes, I really need a vay-cay!"



Now we know mew're gonna have more questions than mew can shake your tail at right now, but don't fret, because on Thursday we'll be sharing the epilogue...


The Clockwurk Labyrinth

This is 

 Commander Basil and The B Team
Offur and Out until Thursday

Graphics created with paid licence

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John Chester's The Biggest Little Farm, the Opening Night 2018 DOC NYC selection; Mark Cousins' The Eyes Of Orson Welles with Beatrice Welles and executive produced by Michael Moore; Pope Francis: A Man Of His Word directed by Wim Wenders with an original song by Patti Smith, and Morgan Neville's Won’t You Be My Neighbor? on the legacy of Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks is set to star in Marielle Heller's take on Rogers) are four of the early bird highlights.

Tom Hanks is set to star in Marielle Heller's take on Fred Rogers#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000
Tom Hanks is set to star in Marielle Heller's take on Fred Rogers Photo: Anne-Katrin Titze

Ben Niles's The 5 Browns: Digging Through The Darkness (on siblings Deondra Brown, Desirae Brown, Melody Brown, Gregory Brown, Ryan Brown who confront family abuse) and Jeremy Workman's The World Before Your Feet on Matt Green's feat of attempting to walk every block of New York City, are two other films of note.

The Oscar-winning director (for 20 Feet From Stardom) Morgan...

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Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Google Plus Share Share on Pinterest Share Share on LinkedIn Share Share on Digg Share Send email Mail In this tutorial I’ll explain how to create responsive SVG images; more specifically, I’ll explain how to create SVG logos, icons, and images, which change depending on the […]

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Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Google Plus Share Share on Pinterest Share Share on LinkedIn Share Share on Digg Share Send email Mail Improve Animated GIF Performance With HTML5 video Improve Animated GIF Performance With HTML5 video Ayo Isaiah 2018-11-05T14:30:14+01:00 2018-11-05T14:45:15+00:00 Animated GIFs have a lot going for them; they’re easy […]

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Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Google Plus Share Share on Pinterest Share Share on LinkedIn Share Share on Digg Share Send email Mail Landing pages are a valuable marketing asset that can be used to promote your services, products, webinars, lead magnets, and more. They can help you grow your email […]

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Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Google Plus Share Share on Pinterest Share Share on LinkedIn Share Share on Digg Share Send email Mail Frames allow you to combine layers together under a single parent. Unlike groups, frames in Figma have explicitly set dimensions (much like an HTML iframe). Here are some great […]

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video is up on the tube........... gravediggermax


hunted 3 areas all bleak......sheer blind luck today
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I decided to clean the nickels that I have been finding with the Equinox. I might have too much time on my hands digging nickels but the Equinox makes it fun. I run in Park 1 and usually make use of the notching feature by setting the detector up to only hear 12 and 13 and everything higher than 18. Total nickels found - 72... One Buffalo - two War nickels - 2 others from the 1940's - 2 from the 1950's - 8 from the 1960's -8 from the 1970's - 16 from the 80's - 26 from the 90's - and only 6 greater than 2000. I did have three other Jefferson's that were in bad shape and I could not read the date. I have never found a nickel over about 4 1/2" deep with the Equinox. It is nice to read posts with other people finding them much deeper.
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A civic message to the young from the old farts of America. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th. That’s tomorrow. ______________ Short Link: Comments are welcome if they are on-topic, substantive, concise, and not boring or obscene. Comments may be edited for clarity and length. Add to: Facebook | Digg | | Stumbleupon | […]
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Why American voter registrations are disappearing,  and how to avoid the purge. A Vox video by Ranjani Chakraborty and Mallory Brangan. _____________ Short Link: Comments are welcome if they are on-topic, substantive, concise, and not boring or obscene. Comments may be edited for clarity and length. Add to: Facebook | Digg | | Stumbleupon | […]
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“Atomic Nightmare,” by The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda, 1957. ______________ Short Link: Comments are welcome if they are on-topic, substantive, concise, and not boring or obscene. Comments may be edited for clarity and length. Add to: Facebook | Digg | | Stumbleupon | Reddit | Blinklist | Twitter | Technorati | Yahoo Buzz | […]
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“Atom Bomb Baby,” written by John F. Young, recorded by The Five Stars, 1957. ____________ Short link: Comments are welcome if they are on-topic, substantive, concise, and not boring or obscene. Comments may be edited for clarity and length. Add to: Facebook | Digg | | Stumbleupon | Reddit | Blinklist | Twitter | […]
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“I’ll Make It Up To You,” written and performed by Clay Hammond, 1968. What a voice. ______________ Short link: Comments are welcome if they are on-topic, substantive, concise, and not boring or obscene. Comments may be edited for clarity and length. Add to: Facebook | Digg | | Stumbleupon | Reddit | Blinklist | Twitter […]
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Originally posted on:

Image result for reboot

It has been nearly six months since I blogged last.  Thankfully this means I have been busy working on client projects.  It is a new year and just back from spring break so I think it is time to start digging into technical topics again.  This post will actually help to do some testing for an Azure Logic App POC that I am working on.  Watch for a future post on this and other Azure topics. Until then …

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Here’s today’s inactives for the Lions and Vikings NFC North matchup in Minnesota Lions RB Ameer Abdullah OG Joe Dahl OT Andrew Donnal DE Kerry Hyder DE Eric Lee LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin LB Kelvin Sheppard Vikings LB Anthony Barr DE Tashawn Bower OG Tom Compton WR Stefon Diggs S Andrew Sendejo QB Kyle Sloter RB […]

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This photo, which is routinely circulated on Diwali, is described as a picture of India from space taken by NASA during the festival of lights. It's probably been shared millions of times, but it's actually a composite image, not a satellite photo on Diwali.

On Diwali, many people will be putting up lights and lighting candles and diyas in their homes. Even with some limitations, firecrackers will also light up the cities. It will all look pretty bright and so, when you get a WhatsApp forward with the above picture, claiming to be a satellite photo of India taken by NASA on Diwali, you might believe it. And you'll probably be tempted to hit the forward button as well so others can appreciate how beautiful it is.

But don't, because that photo is a fake. This shouldn't really need to be pointed out anymore after all these years, but going by our WhatsApp inboxes, that isn't the case. A little digging quickly shows that this picture is not, in fact, a satellite photo of India on Diwali, but rather, a composite image made with overflights from multiple years, which leads to the detailed light map you can see above.

This image was actually created by the US Defense Meteorological Satellite Program to show the growth of population over time, with the different colours showing when regions began registering a sharp increase in population, from 1992 to 2003.

This picture doesn't show India on Diwali either:

Google's Me Too Rising visualisation shows all of India brightly lit up with people searching for information about the movement.

This photo comes from Google's brilliant visualisation of interest in the #MeToo movement, with lights placed to show where search interest was rising. All of India was awash in light a few weeks ago, and you can easily imagine this photo doing the rounds as well on Diwali.

So is there a real picture of India on Diwali? If you thought it was this photo, you're wrong again:

A real satellite photo of India at night. Just not on Diwali.

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli of the European Space Agency tweeted a Happy Diwali message last year—the photo itself is actually from a little before Diwali, but the picture was put up on Diwali and a lot of people, even news publications, misunderstood and started saying 'here's the "real" Diwali satellite photo'.

Sorry but that's just how India looks at night when seen from space, which is pretty impressive in and of itself. If you've got to forward photos of India, why not send this one after all—even if it's not Diwali, it still looks beautiful.

          annagybe on "Help me find the mother of all HEWI's...."      Cache   Translate Page      

Might have to do some digging, but Vivienne Westwood might be right up your alley;sizeI

          Castel Bolognese (Ra): 23 edizione della Festa de’ Brazadèl e del Vino Novello, Domenica 11 novembre 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Si svolgerà Domenica 11 Novembre 2018 a Castel Bolognese la tradizionale FESTA Dè BRAZADèL D’LA CROS E DEL VINO NOVELLO che quest’anno giunge alla 23° edizione. Il motore trainante di questo evento è la PRO LOCO che in collaborazione con l’AMMINISTRAZIONE COMUNALE sono impegnate nella salvaguardia della tipicità del ciambello secco della croce, per tutti, “brazadèl d’la cros”. E’ questo un patrimonio dell’arte antica di panificazione castellana, la ricetta è ancora oggi proposta da due forni del paese che la custodiscono gelosamente continuandone la produzione. A fianco hanno un ruolo importante le cantine vitivinicole locali che abbinano al “brazadèl d’la cros una vasta scelta di vini di qualità fra cui spicca il vino novello, nettare d’uva ottenuto con procedimento di macerazione carbonica. Ricca programmazione giornaliera che fin dalle 9,00 del mattino accoglie nel centro di Castel Bolognese con Via Emila chiusa al traffico, la mostra mercato dell’usato, i produttori agricoli, le bancarelle del mercato, la giostrina per i più piccoli. Dalle 11,30, sotto al chiostro comunale, apertura dello stand gastronomico con menù variegato, servizio self service e da asporto. Mescita vini delle cantine locali. Nel pomeriggio intrattenimento musicale con Primo Galeati, animazione bimbi, artista di strada e non mancheranno le” Fruste di Romagna “ accompagnate dalla “Come eravamo Valle Senio Band” STAND GASTRONOMICO FUNZIONANTE ANCHE PER LA CENA fino al termine della festa. Si ringraziano tutti i volontari per il prezioso sostegno a favore dell’iniziativa.

FONTE  »  castel bolognese brazadel festa
Castel Bolognese (Ra): 23 edizione della Festa de’ Brazadèl e del Vino Novello, Domenica 11 novembre 2018
          Gold Diggers      Cache   Translate Page Gold Diggers is an Gold Mining Game. Use your snake like suction machine to exploit all the gold in the mines before the time runs out. The mines are infested by deadly monsters, so dont let them bite your pipes otherwise you will lose the game. On the other hand you can suck them up to clear your way. Also avoid the bombs or they will blow up your pipes.

          Fiscal Phil’s fan club of one awards a gold star for the budget | John Crace      Cache   Translate Page      

Chancellor bigs himself up but then starts digging himself into a hole on Brexit

There was a time when you could rely on the government benches being almost full for Treasury questions. A chance for MPs to acquire some gravitas by appearing to look economically literate while showing their support for the chancellor. But the Philip Hammond fan club has been shrinking rapidly – most Tories assume he will be out of his job by this time next year – and currently has only one member: Hammond himself. And while Hammond’s self-love is normally more than enough to satisfy his ego, it does sometimes leave him rather short-handed in the Commons.

So there were no more than a few dozen Conservatives to hear the chancellor answer his first departmental questions since the budget. Hammond tried to affect his usual indifference but couldn’t help sounding a little piqued. After all, this was the first budget he had delivered that had taken more than 24 hours to unravel and he felt he deserved some acknowledgement. A gold star at the very least.

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          Iran will break US sanctions: President Rouhani      Cache   Translate Page      

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gestures during a meeting with the directors and deputies of Iran's Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, in Tehran, the Iranian capital, on November 5, 2018. (Photo by IRNA)

Iran will break US sanctions: President Rouhani

Mon Nov 5, 2018 08:19AM
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says Iran will break the sanctions imposed by the United States on Tehran as well as on countries that do business with it, shortly after a round of anti-Iran sanctions by America took effect.
Speaking at a meeting with the directors and deputies of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance on Monday, President Rouhani said, “We should break the sanctions very well, and we will do that.”
“With the help of the people, and the unity that exists in our society, we have to make the Americans understand that they must not use the language of force, pressure, and threats to speak to the great Iranian nation. They must be punished once and for all,” the Iranian president said.
The meeting and remarks came shortly after a new round of US sanctions took effect. The new bans target, among other things, Iran’s oil sales and Central Bank. More Iranian individuals have also been targeted by the US Department of the Treasury.
The US measures also include so-called secondary sanctions — punitive measures against third countries doing business with Iran.

Iranians trample on huge prints of US 100-dollar banknote images during a demonstration outside the former US embassy in the capital, Tehran, on November 4, 2018, to mark the anniversary of its takeover in 1979. (Photo by AFP)
US President Donald Trump introduced a first round of “primary” and “secondary” sanctions against Iran and its trade partners in August.
In May, he unilaterally pulled the US out of a multilateral deal with Iran. Two months later, footage reportedly came out in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed he had personally convinced Trump to withdraw from the Iran deal.
Iran struck the deal with originally six world powers and the European Union (EU) back in 2015, agreeing to curb its nuclear program in return for the lifting of restrictions mainly on its oil sales.
Despite the US withdrawal, Iran has stayed in the deal but has stressed that the other parties to the agreement have to work to offset the negative impacts of the US pullout. Europe has been taking a range of measures to meet the Iranian demand for practical guarantees.
President Rouhani said Europe, too, was angry at US policies.
“Today, what the Americans are doing is merely pressure [ordinary] people, and no one else. It’s pressure [that is being put] on [the Iranian] people, other nations, other [foreign] businesses, and other governments,” he said. “Today, we are not the only ones who are angry at US policies; even European businesses and governments are angered by US policies, too.”
The US had since the May 8 withdrawal designated November 4 as the date when it aimed to bring Iran’s oil sales down to “zero.” However, three days ahead of that much-advertised deadline, the US granted waivers to eight major state buyers of Iranian crude.
President Rouhani said US officials had in fact conceded defeat.
“They (the Americans) saw that they couldn’t replace [Iranian oil on the market]; and even assuming they did not concede defeat and did not grant waivers to countries, we would still be able to sell our oil [because] we have adequate capabilities to do that,” the Iranian president said.
‘Europeans want Trump gone’
In his Monday remarks, President Rouhani also said he believed that America had never before seen as lawless an administration as that of Trump’s.
He said all US administrations had violated international law, but “these (current officials) score on top on the lawlessness rankings.”
“I don’t recall a group assuming power at the White House that was racist as these,” the Iranian president said.
“This is not [just] us who wish for the life of this incumbent administration in the US to become shorter and shorter; their (the Americans’) own European allies have told me in [private] meetings that that is one of their wishes,” President Rouhani said.
‘Dialog needs no intermediary, but US must honor promises’
President Rouhani said that when he was in New York for the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in September, “the leaders of four major countries” sought to broker a meeting between him and the US president. He did not name those leaders.
The Iranian chief executive said, however, that there was no need for mediation.
“Honor your obligations first! We will speak then,” Rouhani said, addressing American officials. “We have no problem with talking. If our interlocutor honors its word and promises, what will be wrong with talking?”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani meets with United Nations (UN) Secretary General Antonio Guterres in New York, the US, on September 26, 2018, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. (Photo by AFP)
He noted that the unilateral withdrawal from the Iran deal has isolated the US.
“Just look at how many countries support the US move and how many don’t,” he said. “The fact America insists on something and the entire European Union resists that same thing is nothing simple. That means victory for [our] diplomacy and foreign policy.”
Earlier, President Rouhani’s chief of staff announced that Trump had eight times requested a meeting with the Iranian president while he was in New York but had been rejected all eight times.
‘Iran in economic war with US’ & ‘Iran’s economic problems will end’
President Rouhani also said that the Islamic Republic was engaged in “an economic war” with the US.
“We have to stand and fight, and win,” he said. “God will make us win.”
The Iranian president also said the current economic problems faced by Iran will not continue.
“We will re-launch economic growth. No one should think the trend we have been seeing in the past several months will continue like that. This trend will be stopped.”
Iran’s national currency has lost some of its value against the US dollar over the past months. While the Iranian rial has partially rebounded, it continues to be at a low exchange rate against the US dollar.
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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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The Pentagon Realised What It Has Done – the Chinese Put the US Army on Its Knees
November 04, 2018
In the system of national defense of the US a gaping vulnerability was found that is very difficult to close. The reaction of the Pentagon is reminiscent of badly hidden panic, and journalists who examined the results of the research of American experts, who thoroughly studied the condition of the American army and defensive industry, admit that there is iron logic in the recent “strange” actions of president Trump — he wants to save America from transforming into a cardboard tiger with paper claws.
The essence of the problem, according to the retelling of the columnist of the Reuters agency Andy Home, who obtained a copy of the September report of the US Department of Defence on the situation concerning key deliveries necessary for the American army, is reduced to one important figure. More than 300 (!) key elements necessary for the normal functioning of the US Armed Forces and defensive industry are under threat: American producers are either on the verge of bankruptcy or were already replaced by suppliers from China or other countries because of the deindustrialisation of national economy and the relocation of production to the countries of Southeast Asia.
Mr. Home gives as a striking and clear example the amusing (of course, if you are not a US military man) fact from the report: it turns out that the last American producer of the synthetic threads necessary for the production of army tents “died” quite recently. This means that in the event that the US will fall under such a “textile embargo”, for some American soldiers they will seriously face the prospect of sleeping in the open-air. It is difficult not to notice that such a prospect looks slightly humiliating for an army that claims to be the most hi-tech on the planet.
The situation could be considered as funny if it didn’t affect such a wide range of requirements of the American army and military-industrial complex. In the declassified part of the research of the American Department of Defence it is mentioned that in the US there are difficulties with future deliveries of the power switches that nearly all American missiles are equipped with. As officials of the Pentagon report, the producer of these switches was closed down, but the highest military ranks learned about it only after it became clear that the power switches ended. And there is nowhere to take new ones from, because the producer disappeared into thin air a whole 2 years ago. One more striking example: the country’s only producer of solid rocket motors for “air-to-air” missiles, as the American officials write, “encountered technical production issues”, the reasons for which couldn’t be found even after government and military experts were involved. Attempts to restart production failed, and the Pentagon was obliged to employ a Norwegian company to ensure uninterrupted deliveries. Obviously, this indicates a certain technical degradation of the entire American system, because only the loss of some key competencies can explain a situation in which production cannot be restored and the problem cannot even be determined.
Whilst becoming acquainted with the complaints of the leadership of the American army it is difficult to rid oneself of the impression that it isn’t a document of the US Department of Defence dated September, 2018 that is in front of your eyes, but a description of the problems of the Russian army from the era of the dashing 90’s. Literally there is no direction in which there would be no serious or very serious problems, and often they even can’t be solved at the expense of the bottomless military budget.
In the section on nuclear weapon problems the Pentagon complains that in the US there isn’t the necessary number of engineers and technicians who would have the corresponding education, training, and US citizenship that are necessary for working with army nuclear objects. The mention of nationality is of importance, because American higher education institutions produce enough engineers, physicists, and representatives of other technical specialties and exact sciences, however a disproportionately large number of these graduates are foreigners, most often from the People’s Republic of China.
Americans can’t find not only the necessary engineers, but also the necessary microelectronics for nuclear weapons. And they complain that they no longer have the right to trust suppliers of electronic components – after all,
“the supply chain is globalised”. In translation from American bureaucratese into colloquial Russian it means: “the microelectronics for our nuclear missiles are made in China, and we don’t know what the Chinese have stuffed in it”.
There are serious difficulties even concerning issues that should be solved very easily in the conditions of hi-tech American economy. For example, the Pentagon complains about a lack of tools for the development of software, as well as the management of data and production, that could be trusted. The situation is exacerbated by “poor cybersecurity practices by many key software vendors”. This, when translated from American bureaucratese into colloquial Russian, means: “concerning cybersecurity, our vendors are so bad that we don’t know what the Chinese and Russian hackers cram into the software that our military use”.
Main conclusion of the report:
“China represents a significant and growing risk to the supply of materials deemed strategic and critical to U.S. national security. <…> Areas of concern to America’s manufacturing and defense industrial base include a growing number of both widely used and specialized metals, alloys and other materials, including rare earths and permanent magnets”.
In general everything is bad, starting with aluminium and ending with cybersecurity, from power switches for missiles to engineers and drill operators, and from computer numerical control machines to synthetic fabric for military tents. The greed of American business, the ideology of globalisation, and the iron belief that history, as Fukuyama predicted, is about to end collectively caused such damage to the defense capability of the US that the geopolitical opponents couldn’t even dream of. It is precisely by understanding this fact that explains Donald Trump’s attempts to carry out the reindustrialisation of America almost by force.
However, there is every reason to believe that, taking into account the present economic difficulties, it’s unlikely that Trump’s administration will be able to fix what its predecessors broke 20 years. And we [Russians – ed] and our Chinese partners need, on the one hand, not to repeat the mistakes of Americans, and on the other hand — to make the most of these mistakes. Judging by what is happening now on the world stage, this is exactly what Moscow and Beijing are doing.

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          Sr. System Development Engineer - AWS Pinpoint - - Seattle, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
Are comfortable with Java and digging into any programming language in order to understand the internals of an application....
From - Fri, 24 Aug 2018 01:23:08 GMT - View all Seattle, WA jobs
          Gravedigger by Ceeree Fields Tour & #Giveaway      Cache   Translate Page      

The Rayburn Mysteries Book 1
by Ceeree Fields
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Hunting a killer is easy. Learning to love is hard. 

Josephine 'Jo' Rayburn has no luck with love. Between the demands of her job as a homicide detective, finding the perfect yarn for her knitting projects, and her nosy family, she doesn't have time to find her happily ever after, nor does she really believe it exists. Until she's assigned to the Gravedigger task force where she meets Rhysian 'Rhys' Harrison, the sexy Coroner's assistant.

Rhys Harrison thought he had found love with the perfect woman. But his parents' deaths forced him to choose between his fiancée and caring for his brother, he chose his brother. His only regret, the medical degree he abandoned to work in the Coroner's office. When the Gravedigger leaves his latest victim at the gates of a cemetery, Rhys and Jo are thrown together, her prickly personality interests him, but it's her deeply hidden romantic side that captivates him.

After one of the task force members is shot, Rhys's fears of losing Jo, like he's lost so much already, threaten to rip them apart. Can she convince him that love is worth having no matter the risk? Or will he play it safe, leaving before his heart becomes too attached?

CeeRee Fields currently lives in Groningen, the Netherlands with her husband and cat. Since she was born in Alabama and moved to the Netherlands, Dutch is nother first language which gets her into mischief in various stores around town when she tries to speak it.

She loves writing, building worlds that her characters can explore and break if they feel the need.

 Action, adventure and love are her favorite things. And when stuff gets blown up who says the guy is 

the only one who gets to do it?

Website* Facebook * Twitter * Pinterest* Amazon* Goodreads

Follow the tour HEREfor exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

FOUR winners of a $10 Amazon Gift Card!
Ends November 12, 2018
a Rafflecopter giveaway

          #Celiachia: è il momento di fare un pò di chiarezza      Cache   Translate Page      
Celiachia al centro del dibattito. Tra diete prive di glutine, sensibilità al glutine non celiaca e diete prive di glutine fai da te cresce il numero di chi si preoccupa dell’intolleranza al glutine. È necessario per questo fare oggi un po’ di chiarezza sull’argomento grazie all’aiuto di professori e ricercatori che hanno dedicato una vita all’argomento. Celiachia in Italia Nel nostro Paese ad oggi sono stati diagnosticati 198.427 celiaci. Il fenomeno è in crescita del 9% su base annua secondo l’ultimo rapporto del Ministero della Salute. La crescita della commercializzazione di diete e prodotti privi di glutine dimostra poi che sono in tanti oggi a preoccuparsi dell’intolleranza al glutine. Tuttavia in molti non sanno che si può soffrire veramente di celiachia o si può essere solo sensibili al glutine.

FONTE  »  celiachia aic senza glutine
#Celiachia: è il momento di fare un pò di chiarezza
          Seasons of the Runewild: Bonedigger      Cache   Translate Page      
Seasons of the Runewild: BonediggerPublisher: Sneak Attack Press

Fifty years ago, a hag named Speckled Hester was burned at the stake near the town of Ill Hollow. As the flames consumed her, Hester vowed to share her greatest secret with whoever first contacted her spirit.

Not a word has been heard from Hester since, but the ghost of her most faithful servant, a hound named Bonedigger, haunts Ill Hollow to this day. The townsfolk believe Bonedigger seeks to lead others to Hester and rsquo;s grave. To keep Hester in the ground where she belongs, the people of Ill Hollow began a strange tradition.

On the first night of Harvestide, they bury the bones of a horse or pig in a grave marked with Hester and rsquo;s name. Rather than finding Hester and rsquo;s bones, each year Bonedigger digs up the contents of the false grave instead.

The ruse has fooled Bonedigger, until now.

Bonedigger is an adventure for three to five 1st level characters. It is designed to be played over the course of a single session. The adventure takes place near an enchanted forest known as the Runewild and can serve as an introduction to the Runewild Campaign Setting (coming spring 2019). You can also drop the adventure into an existing campaign without much trouble.

Book contains

  • A complete adventure
  • Advice for scaling to higher levels
  • Stats for two new monsters: the fiddlehead and Bonedigger
  • Two new magic items Hestor's black book and harvestide cookie

          "How to Manage Holiday Sales Temptation" - TDS Photo Podcast 660      Cache   Translate Page      

This is The Digital Story Podcast #660, Nov. 6, 2018. Today's theme is "How to Manage Holiday Sales Temptation." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

We're entering that time of year when retailers dangle tempting deals before our eyes in the hopes that we'll make a big ticket purchase. More often than not, these items are a bit past their prime, but still quite serviceable. So, what's the best strategy for evaluating what is a great deal and a perfect fit, as opposed to a mere impulse buy? I'll share my sure-fire approach on today's TDS Photography Podcast.

How to Manage Holiday Sales Temptation

I've already fought off my first impulse buy of the season. And it required some discipline to do so.


B&H Photo is offering the Sony Alpha a7 II Mirrorless Digital Camera with 28-70mm Lens Deluxe Kit for $998. The kit included the full frame Sony, a Sony 28-70mm zoom, spare battery, charger, and 64GB memory card for less than a grand. If you buy the camera alone with no lens or accessories, it's $1,400. You can see why my pulse started racing.

But I have a system for evaluating such mind-bending deals. Five steps to sane purchasing. So let's see where we end up after walking through the process.

  • Learn more about the camera - I pulled up a few reviews about the Alpha a7 II. First of all, it's not one of Sony's best low-light performers. It was release in 2015 and has had a couple firmware updates. But if I were to go full frame, I would want to shoot at high ISOs. And 24MP isn't more than I already have.
  • Is the 28-70mm a lens that I would buy normally? - Again, after some research, many users feel that it's soft at the corners. It's a tad bulky, but not exceptionally well made. And its maximum aperture is f/3.5-5.6. I would rather have a compact, sharp, fast, prime.
  • How would I use it, exactly? - It wouldn't be for commercial shoots because I don't have any glass besides the mediocre zoom. It's too big for travel photography. The shutter is too loud for street photography. So it doesn't fill a gap in my equipment arsenal.
  • Do I have a $1,000 to burn? - Well, now that you mentioned it, I don't. If I were purchasing an item that could generate more work or better art, yes, I could afford the grand as a business investment. But I don't have that kind of money to spend on a whim.
  • Would I regret my purchase after the thrill is gone? - Most likely yes. I just went through this process with the Fujifilm XF10. After a month of answering the above questions and shooting with the camera, I opted to buy it. Two weeks later, I'm more thrilled than ever to have it. I don't think that would be the case with the Sony.

Don't get caught off guard. Build your vetting process now, so when that super-tempting offer appears before your eyes, you have a system to determine if it's the right bargain for you.

The Portfoliobox Inspirational Photographer

I got to thinking about some of the great PortfolioBox photographers out there, and how they could inspire us both artistically, but also in terms of our presentation online. So I started digging.

Each week for the month of November, I'm going to feature an inspirational photographer who uses Portfoliobox as his/her platform for presenting their work. This week I want to point you to Raphaël Heymann. His still lives are incredible, true works of art. And his use of Portfoliobox complements his work. You've got to check out his site.

If you've signed up for a Portfoliobox Pro account, and have published at least one page, then send me the link to that site. Use the Contact Form on the Nimble Photographer and provide your name, the link, and the subject of the page or site you've published. I will add it to our PortfolioBox Pro Directory.

To create your own Portfoliobox site, click on the tile or use this link to get started. If you upgrade to a Pro site, you'll save 20 percent off the $83 annual price.

Capture One Pro 11.3 and Fujifilm RAW Processing

I was among the many pleased photographers who exclaimed, "Finally!" when Phase One announced their improved Fujifilm RAW support with version 11.3.

This highlight, of course, is bringing the Fujifilm GFX 50S into the mix. But a dozen Fujifilm cameras and another half dozen lenses were included as well. Among them was my humble, but loved, Fujifilm XF10 compact with APS-C sensor. I was dying to seeing how its RAW files were decoded with Capture One Pro. I was not disappointed.

The XF10 Jpegs are beautiful. And I shoot in that mode most of the time. But I've programmed the back Function button to switch to RAW+Jpeg when I want to extract as much image information as possible. And now, thanks to Capture One Pro 11.3, I can do so with confidence.

Coming Next Week - The 2019 TDS Workshop Season

Is 2019 the year that you will join me and your peers for a photo adventure? I hope so. Next week I will lay out the entire 2019 season for you, and open the reserve list so you can secure your spot. Be a part of the action!

Updates and Such

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And finally, be sure to visit our friends at Red River Paper for all of your inkjet supply needs.

See you next week!

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          11/6/2018: NEWS: It wasn’t easy digging into the party flight      Cache   Translate Page      

The December 2017 “Team Canada” tour — now more popularly known in some quarters in the military as “the party flight” — has without a doubt been a major public relations black eye for the Canadian Forces. The tour, with VIPs who were supposed to...
          Comment on November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month by Diane      Cache   Translate Page      
I adopted Chloe when she was around 8. She was abused and thrown out of her home. I started feeding her on my porch when she was digging in my recycle bin looking for food. She also was pregnant. I set up a "cat room" and she had 5 babies. Buffalo Humane helped me out. They had them all to the vet and put them up for adoption on their site. Chloe died last year from lymphoma. I kept her alive as long as I could. She even had surgery but it still spread. I have one of her kittens who is now 7-1/2. Then I found Mandy on my porch. She came to eat but finally stayed and refused to leave so I took her in. She is just so sweet. I'm old too, so I would not want a kitten that would outlive me.
          Animali - Scoperta l'origine dell'uccello più Inaccessibile al mondo (Zarlock)      Cache   Translate Page      
Zarlock scrive nella categoria Animali che: "Preso, finalmente!" Sembra quasi di udire ancora tra i ventosi promontori, situati a picco sul mare, dell'isola il cui nome contiene una dichiarazione programmatica d'intenti. Inaccessibile, anche nei fatti a causa della sua particolare posizione geografica, le condizioni meteorologiche e la natur
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Scoperta l
          Borsa e Finanza - Mercati, clima teso tra Governi e molte banche centrali (HelyRicci)      Cache   Translate Page      
HelyRicci scrive nella categoria Borsa e Finanza che: Stiamo sentendo sempre più di frequente i governatori delle banche centrali rivendicare l'indipendenza degli istituti dalle pressioni della politica. Un fenomeno che di certo non è nuovo, ma di recente ha praticamente coinvolto tutti le banche centrali occidentali. La FED è stata accusata da Trump
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Mercati, clima teso tra Governi e molte banche centrali.
Mercati, clima teso tra Governi e molte banche centrali
          Cellulari - Ufficiale l'Oppo RX17, Pro e Neo: top gamma economico con tripla o doppia fotocamera posteriore (MarquisPhoenix)      Cache   Translate Page      
MarquisPhoenix scrive nella categoria Cellulari che: FABRIZIO FERRARA - Devo dire che l'ambiente in cui si è tenuto l'evento milanese di Oppo era davvero bello a vedersi, e rendeva bene l'idea: colorato, immerso nella notte, ottimo per la funzionalità di scatto notturno del device Oppo RX17. Quest'ultimo, già nella variante Neo, prezzata a poco meno
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Ufficiale l'Oppo RX17, Pro e Neo: top gamma economico con tripla o doppia fotocamera posteriore.
Ufficiale l
          Champions League - Juventus vs Manchester United: il nostro pronostico e le probabili formazioni (camilliadi)      Cache   Translate Page      
camilliadi scrive nella categoria Champions League che: Allo Juventus Stadium la Juventus potrebbe già chiudere il discorso qualificazione agli ottavi di Champions League battendo i Red Devils. All'andato si sono imposti i bianconeri per 0-1 lasciando così a meno quattro in classifica lo United e a meno sette il Valencia. Oggi, quindi, non solo lo Unite
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Juventus vs Manchester United: il nostro pronostico e le probabili formazioni.
Juventus vs Manchester United: il nostro pronostico e le probabili formazioni
          Champions League - CSKA vs Roma il nostro pronostico e le probabili formazioni (camilliadi)      Cache   Translate Page      
camilliadi scrive nella categoria Champions League che: Partita decisiva per i giallorossi di Di Francesco che si troveranno di fronte, in terra russa, il CSKA già regolato 3-0 all'Olimpico e che si trova a meno due dalla Roma, una vittoria questa sera avvicinerebbe moltissimo all'obbiettivo degli ottavi di finale. Ma attenzione perchè se il CSKA in tra
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Vai all'articolo completo » .CSKA vs Roma il nostro pronostico e le probabili formazioni.
CSKA vs Roma il nostro pronostico e le probabili formazioni
          Palermo - Palermo: la “Camera delle Meraviglie” e il segreto della sua melodia giunta dal passato (tanogabo)      Cache   Translate Page      
tanogabo scrive nella categoria Palermo che: Fu in un giorno come un altro, nel corso delle operazioni di restauro, che oltre l’intonaco sedimentatosi sulle mura consunte di una saletta interna, apparvero quelle che erano le prime avvisaglie di un antico mistero legato alla struttura. Dapprima sembravano strane miniature, sorte di geroglifici
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Palermo: la “Camera delle Meraviglie” e il segreto della sua melodia giunta dal passato.
Palermo: la “Camera delle Meraviglie” e il segreto della sua melodia giunta dal passato
          Astronomia - I pianeti del sistema solare – Generalità (tanogabo)      Cache   Translate Page      
tanogabo scrive nella categoria Astronomia che: I pianeti del sistema solare si distinguono in pianeti interni, o terrestri, e pianeti esterni, o gioviani: i primi (Mercurio, Venere, Terra, Marte) si trovano all’interno della fascia degli asteroidi e sono costituiti essenzialmente da materiale roccioso; i secondi (Giove, Saturno, Urano, Nettuno)
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I pianeti del sistema solare – Generalità
          Roma - Un bel viaggio rinfrescante... sul bus (iltrenoromalido)      Cache   Translate Page      
iltrenoromalido scrive nella categoria Roma che: Un bel viaggio rinfrescante a bordo di un bus! Linea 721 zona Laurentina questa mattina, approfittando del sole, una vettura, la 9749, ha fatto passare un'esperienza unica ai passeggeri (video) Dopo diversi minuti di discussione con la centrale operativa, all'autista viene intimato di proseguire
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Un bel viaggio rinfrescante... sul bus.
Un bel viaggio rinfrescante... sul bus
          Notizie locali - DAL 10 NOVEMBRE A CAVOUR TORNA AD ESSERE IL “CUORE DELLE MELE” CON “TUTTOMELE” (viaggiemiraggi)      Cache   Translate Page      
viaggiemiraggi scrive nella categoria Notizie locali che: Si inaugura Sabato 10 novembre alle 14,30 in piazza Sforzini a Cavour la trentanovesima edizione di “Tuttomele”, tradizionale manifestazione autunnale dedicata alla frutta del Pinerolese, che proseguirà sino a domenica 18, proponendo la mostra mercato frutticola, gastronomica e commerciale, con ol
vai agli ultimi aggiornamenti su: cavour mele
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          Hardware - Huawei MateBook 13, ultrabook Windows 10 con 10 ore di autonomia (MarquisPhoenix)      Cache   Translate Page      
MarquisPhoenix scrive nella categoria Hardware che: FABRIZIO FERRARA - Lo Huawei MateBook 13 è davvero splendido a vedersi, e già basterebbe questo a giustificarne l'acquisto: la cura nella dieta dell'ultrabook, però, tradisce una cura progettuale che lascia intravvedere come il device sia stato rinnovato anche all'interno, ora più potente ed effici
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Huawei MateBook 13, ultrabook Windows 10 con 10 ore di autonomia.
Huawei MateBook 13, ultrabook Windows 10 con 10 ore di autonomia
          Champions League - Napoli vs PSG - diretta streaming e tv - hd (mastone)      Cache   Translate Page      
mastone scrive nella categoria Champions League che: Napoli, 6 novembre 2018 - Il Napoli ospita il Psg oggi (ore 21) nel match già decisivo per il futuro dei partenopei in Champions League 2018-19. Al San Paolo va in scena una finale anticipata: in caso di vittoria difatti i ragazzi di Ancelotti spingerebbero i parigini a -4 in classifica mettendo pi
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Napoli vs PSG - diretta streaming e tv - hd.
Napoli vs PSG - diretta streaming e tv - hd
          Champions League - Inter vs Barcellona / diretta live streaming e TV / hd (mastone)      Cache   Translate Page      
mastone scrive nella categoria Champions League che: Il bicchiere è mezzo pieno: oggi Inter e Napoli possono dare lo strappo decisivo al discorso qualificazione. La metà vuota, però, si può riempire dei fantasmi di Barcellona e Psg. Una doppia sfida di lusso, in una serata che può diventare epica, ma anche trasformarsi in un incubo. Spalletti e Ancel
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Inter vs Barcellona / diretta live streaming e TV / hd
          Champions League - STREAMING DIRETTA GOL [partite ore 21] in ITALIANO per PC-Smartphone-Tablet (RuggieroDambra)      Cache   Translate Page      
RuggieroDambra scrive nella categoria Champions League che: Ecco lo streaming sicuro al 100% e sempre in chiaro con la disponibilità della lingua ITALIANA e con la variante anche in HD (ALTA DEFINIZIONE), non mancano i link in lingua inglese per chi vuole cimentarsi nella realtà. All’interno di questo articolo oltre ai link, troverete anche tutti gli orari
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Vai all'articolo completo » .STREAMING DIRETTA GOL [partite ore 21] in ITALIANO per PC-Smartphone-Tablet.
STREAMING DIRETTA GOL [partite ore 21] in ITALIANO per PC-Smartphone-Tablet
          Champions League - STREAMING Champions League INTER-Barcellona in ITALIANO per PC-Smartphone-Tablet (RuggieroDambra)      Cache   Translate Page      
RuggieroDambra scrive nella categoria Champions League che: Ecco lo streaming sicuro al 100% e sempre in chiaro con la disponibilità della lingua ITALIANA e con la variante anche in HD (ALTA DEFINIZIONE), non mancano i link in lingua inglese per chi vuole cimentarsi nella realtà. All’interno di questo articolo oltre ai link, troverete anche tutti gli orari
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Vai all'articolo completo » .STREAMING Champions League INTER-Barcellona in ITALIANO per PC-Smartphone-Tablet.
STREAMING Champions League INTER-Barcellona in ITALIANO per PC-Smartphone-Tablet
          Basket - ANALISI SULLA 5-6 GIORNATA DI A1-A2 (MassimilianoAmatosport)      Cache   Translate Page      
Dal sito https:/, MassimilianoAmatosport scrive nella categoria Basket che: Quinta vittoria consecutiva, per Milano-Venezia, che hanno dominato i big match, contro Torino-Virtus Bologna, mantenendo imbattibilità e primo posto in classifica. Alle loro spalle, sale in terza posizione Cremona, battendo Sassari, tutto facile invece per Avellino-Brindisi-Trieste, in casa con T
SI parla anche di Basket

Vai all'articolo completo » .ANALISI SULLA 5-6 GIORNATA DI A1-A2.
          Automobili - Jaguar I-Pace: autonomia non eccezionale... (lormar71)      Cache   Translate Page      
lormar71 scrive nella categoria Automobili che: Secondo le valutazioni diffuse in questi giorni dall'Agenzia americana per la Protezione dell'Ambiente (EPA), l'autonomia con singola ricarica del crossover elettrico Jaguar I-Pace - che monta un pacco batteria bello 'capiente' da 90 kWh - è di soli 376 kilometri. Non molto per un EV con una batter
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Jaguar I-Pace: autonomia non eccezionale....
Jaguar I-Pace: autonomia non eccezionale...
          Champions League - STREAMING Diretta gol [ore18.55] Champions League in ITALIANO per PC-Smartphone-Tablet (RuggieroDambra)      Cache   Translate Page      
RuggieroDambra scrive nella categoria Champions League che: Ecco lo streaming sicuro al 100% e sempre in chiaro con la disponibilità della lingua ITALIANA e con la variante anche in HD (ALTA DEFINIZIONE), non mancano i link in lingua inglese per chi vuole cimentarsi nella realtà. All’interno di questo articolo oltre ai link, troverete anche tutti gli orari
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Vai all'articolo completo » .STREAMING Diretta gol [ore18.55] Champions League in ITALIANO per PC-Smartphone-Tablet.
STREAMING Diretta gol [ore18.55] Champions League in ITALIANO per PC-Smartphone-Tablet
          Mobile games - Da Niantic il nuovo Ingress Prime, videogame basato sulla realtà aumentata (MarquisPhoenix)      Cache   Translate Page      
MarquisPhoenix scrive nella categoria Mobile games che: FABRIZIO FERRARA (autore) - Non essendo stato un fan di Pokémon, ho finito per non apprezzare il gioco che ne è nato: un peccato, considerando che si tratta di uno dei pochi giochi che invita a muoversi, ed a fare quanti più passi reali possibile, per collezionare i vari personaggi della serie anim
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Da Niantic il nuovo Ingress Prime, videogame basato sulla realtà aumentata.
Da Niantic il nuovo Ingress Prime, videogame basato sulla realtà aumentata
          Gadget - LEMFO LEM X, AllCall W1, NO.1 F13 e No.1 F6: ecco i nuovi smartwatch protagonisti ai nostri polsi (MarquisPhoenix)      Cache   Translate Page      
MarquisPhoenix scrive nella categoria Gadget che: FABRIZIO FERRARA - Gli smartwatch in questione si dividono in due categorie: i primi due, per prezzi, sono assimilabili a quelli di marche blasonate e, vista la qualità costruttiva, meritano quanto richiesto: personalmente, sono rimasto molto colpito anche dall'ultimo modello citato che, pur econom
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Vai all'articolo completo » .LEMFO LEM X, AllCall W1, NO.1 F13 e No.1 F6: ecco i nuovi smartwatch protagonisti ai nostri polsi.
LEMFO LEM X, AllCall W1, NO.1 F13 e No.1 F6: ecco i nuovi smartwatch protagonisti ai nostri polsi
          Audio - Tarah Pro: le cuffie wireless da Logitech con 14 ore d'autonomia (MarquisPhoenix)      Cache   Translate Page      
MarquisPhoenix scrive nella categoria Audio che: FABRIZIO FERRARA - Direi che il lavoro fatto da Jaybird sulle Tarah può dirsi ora ottimale: l\'autonomia è stata più che raddoppiata con trucco che non è solo pratico, ma anche intelligente (permetterà di non perdersi una canzone solo perché si è concluso il proprio allenament). L\'altro punto meri
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Tarah Pro: le cuffie wireless da Logitech con 14 ore d'autonomia.
Tarah Pro: le cuffie wireless da Logitech con 14 ore d
          WhatsApp - WhatsApp: novità per iOS, nuove regole per i nomi in WhatsApp for Business (MarquisPhoenix)      Cache   Translate Page      
MarquisPhoenix scrive nella categoria WhatsApp che: FABRIZIO FERRARA - WhatsApp ha rilasciato davvero tantissime novità nella sua versione iOS. Addirittura, WABetaInfo non si è potuta limitare a illustrarle via tweet, come fa di solito, ma - per spiegarle - ha dovuto allestire un corposo post illustrativo, nel suo blog ufficiale. Da quel che si vede
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Vai all'articolo completo » .WhatsApp: novità per iOS, nuove regole per i nomi in WhatsApp for Business.
WhatsApp: novità per iOS, nuove regole per i nomi in WhatsApp for Business
          Astrologia - L'OROSCOPO DI DOMANI MERCOLEDI 7 NOVEMBRE 2018 - TUTTI I SEGNI (coccinella2)      Cache   Translate Page      
Dal sito https:/, coccinella2 scrive nella categoria Astrologia che: Come ormai consuetudine, eccoci a parlare di oroscopo del giorno dopo. Ci occupiamo dell'oroscopo di domani, mercoledì 7 novembre 2018. Cosa ci riserveranno gli astri per la giornata di domani? Saranno stati clementi e ci regaleranno una bellissima giornata? Ariete, Toro, Gemelli, Cancro, Leone, Ve
SI parla anche di Astrologia

Vai all'articolo completo » .L'OROSCOPO DI DOMANI MERCOLEDI 7 NOVEMBRE 2018 - TUTTI I SEGNI.
          Calcio - Lavorare come procuratore sportivo (myfootballmarket)      Cache   Translate Page      
myfootballmarket scrive nella categoria Calcio che: Lavorare come procuratore sportivo, aspetti normativi contenuti nel Regolamento dei Procuratori Sportivi emanato dalla FIGC nel 2015, dove si legge che: "si intende il soggetto che anche per il tramite di una persona giuridica o una società di persone o altro ente associativo, professionalmente o a
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Lavorare come procuratore sportivo.
Lavorare come procuratore sportivo
          第93位:【R6S】デス負債を完済したい茜ちゃん【VOICELOID実況】      Cache   Translate Page      


初投稿です 。解説動画とか言っていますが解説動画としては赤点以下です。 修正点やガバなどがありましたら、コメントで指摘していただけると嬉しいです。 ※以下書ききれなかった注意事項です。・動画はパッチY3S3.2実装以前の動画 ・カジュアルでのマッチ 【動画使用曲】OP:魔王魂「村08」1R:Jazzotron 「Let's Go (ft_ Sofija Knezevic)」2R:Swingrowers 「That's Right (Catjam Remix)」3R:DJ Farrapo feat_ Cico 「I Want You Babe (11 Acorn Lane Remix)」4R:Caravan Palace 「Lone Digger」ED:Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie 「On the sunny side of the street (ProleteR tribute)」

4pts.|12:262018年11月07日 03:11:02 投稿
合計  再生:1,017  コメント:44  マイリスト:23
毎時  再生:102  コメント:3  マイリスト:4

          Torres Strait diggers commemorated      Cache   Translate Page      
A statue in honour of Torres Strait Island diggers will be unveiled on Thursday Island marking the end of commemorations for the 75th anniversary of Australia's first and only all-indigenous army unit.
          Congratulations! Kandi Confirms That She’s Found A Surrogate To Carry Her Baby Girl      Cache   Translate Page      


Kandi Says She’s Having A Baby Via Surrogate

Kandi’s getting her wish to have another baby. As previously reported the RHOA star said she was hoping to conceive with her husband Todd Tucker but was having difficulty getting pregnant.

          Winter Control Seasonal Operators - Township of Wellington North - Kenilworth, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Manual lifting, digging and shovelling of snow and ice; Safe and effective operation of winter control truck(s) with computerized material applicator, plow and... $20.10 - $25.12 an hour
From Indeed - Fri, 02 Nov 2018 17:30:50 GMT - View all Kenilworth, ON jobs
          The Dreaming #3 Review and **SPOILERS**      Cache   Translate Page      

Judge and Jury

Written By: Simon Spurrier 
Illustrated By: Bilquis Evely 
Colors By: Mat Lopes 
Letters By: Simon Bowland 
Cover By: Jae Lee & June Chung 
Variant Cover By: Yanick Paquette & Nathan Fairbairn 
Edited By: Molly Mahan 
Associate Editor: Amedeo Turturro 
Assistant Editor: Maggie Howell 
Executive Editor: Mark Doyle 
Cover Price: $3.99 
On Sale Date: November 7, 2018


Last time we checked in on the Dreamspace, the crotchety old Judge Gallows had been installed as the new boss of operations. So how do you think he’s cozying up to the job? Find out in my review of The Dreaming #3, posted right here for your convenience.

Explain It!

Hard-assed ball-breaking Judge Gallows is in the Dreaming, released from the Black Crate by Mervyn the Pumpkin Head, and that means that fun time is…allowed. For now. Gallows merely wants to observe, and take an advisory role in running the Dreaming, leaving Lucien to continue his capable efforts that are literally killing him. So the first order of business is to give Lucien a leave of absence where he can collect his thoughts and commiserate with a therapist. On a tour, Judge Gallows notes how screwed up everything is, then begins slaughtering the Blanks congregating in some area, awaiting instructions. Dora’s unique Black Ziggy spies this infiltration and shoots Gallows right in the side of the head with his blunderbuss, before scampering away.
You can’t kill a Nightmare, but it won’t do to let assassins take potshots at the Honorable Judge Gallows. He and Mervyn, along with the other denizens of the Dreaming lurking at the fringes, head to Dora’s tree and insist that she give up her Blank for judgment. Dora won’t release Ziggy—on principle, more than anything—so Gallows opens the Black Chest and reveals Brute, the character from Kirby and Simon’s late 1970s revamp of Sandman! Where Brute is, Glob cannot be far behind, and he was indeed acting as Lucien’s therapist, mining him for information that would get through to Dora. And he’s got it.
Dora proved resilient enough to push Brute back with her monster form, but when Mervyn storms up and tells Dora that she isn’t real. This sends her into some kind of panic attack, rendering her world all white and creepy and making Dora herself inert. Without her protection, it’s nothing for Brute and Glob to grab Ziggy and string him up by his neck—forever, since Blanks cannot actually die. I think. Lucien shows up just in time to hear Judge Gallows give a speech about the new rule of law and order—and for Gallows to whack Lucien out of the picture with his skull-tipped gavel, snatching Dream’s helm for himself!
Lots of cool and interesting moments in this issue, but not a whole lot of story advancement overall. I suppose it’s intriguing enough, what will come of the Dreaming under the cruel gavel of Judge Gallows. It just feels like we’re strolling around a dying dimension, carrying on as normally as possible while gelatinous humanoids come from nowhere and the sky looks like the inside of poorly-glazed pottery. I think the time of getting hints about Dora has concluded, and the time of getting a full backstory of Dora has commenced, so if that happens next issue, then all is well and good. I am still really digging the series, but it is beginning to feel like something better consumed in one sitting, rather than parceled out month-to-month.

Bits and Pieces:

You'd think a guy named Judge Gallows would be kindly and fair, but it turns out he's got a real penchant for hanging people. Or pseudo-people, in this case. He's been tasked with cleaning up the Dreaming, and it looks like things are gonna get a whole lot messier before that.

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Digging and installing footings, framing walls and roof structures, installing windows, entry and other doors and door openings, installing various siding and... $18 - $22 an hour
From Morton Buildings - Wed, 17 Oct 2018 03:08:47 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
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With this transition Cook is making Apple as beloved as the local cable company, digging into your pocket every month no matter what. I miss the old Apple that actually acted on its promise to delight customers.
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Iris Sierra Diggory is the school's weird girl. Even before people talk to her, they assume her to be Rude, Self-centered,Shy and Crazy. But What will happen when this lonely and shy girl meet the most famous people in the History of Hogwarts?
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ALAN JONES: Prime Minister, good morning.


JONES: Prime Minister, just getting the message across before we go onto this other stuff. Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, has signed up to a secret agreement with China on a global infrastructure program. Has that been discussed with your Government?

PRIME MINISTER: It hasn’t been discussed with me, no, and that was a bit of a surprise when I saw it the other day. You know, we’ve had a very consistent policy on the Belt and Road Initiative now for years and we don’t have an MOU with the Chinese Government on those things. We’re getting on with business with China as you know, I mean Marise Payne will be up there, she is on her way up there today and Trade Minister Simon Birmingham, he has been there. You know, China is a very important business partner to Australia and that’s going well and that’s great. But we’ve always had a very consistent position on this and we’ve always been clear about it and when these things happen, then that creates mixed messages and it would have been helpful I think is they had been a bit more engaging on that.

JONES: Have you spoken to Andrews?

PRIME MINISTER: No I haven’t, he hasn’t spoken to me about it either.

JONES: But he’s signed an MOU, he’s signed an MOU – a Memorandum of Understanding – without raising this with the Federal Government and won’t release the details.

PRIME MINISTER: Well he should, and he should be upfront with the Victorian electors, he’s in the middle of an election at the moment. He doesn’t seem to have even explained it to his own Labor colleagues. I mean, foreign policy is the domain of the Commonwealth Government. I’d like to give him a few tips on how he should be running his police force down there because if you’re living in Victoria, he hasn’t been doing a pretty crash hot job on that. So if we want to start going over each other’s lines and giving advice about how we should run each other’s shows, how about having a police force in Victoria like the one we have in NSW. That might do a lot to give safety to people in Victoria.

JONES: Prime Minister, you’re past involvement in tourism – and this is of interest to all Australians – the Gold Coast is an important destination. I note you’ve tipped in $112 million of federal money for this what I think is the 3A project for the Light Rail and that’ll take it from Pacific Fair down to Burleigh Heads.


JONES: Surely there’s got to be infrastructure money to knock down Coolangatta Airport in the interests of tourism and build something that is international, and then to get the Light Rail down to Coolangatta Airport. I mean how… why is that impossible?

PRIME MINISTER: Well first of all on the Light Rail, that’s the next stage. I think there are plans to take it all the way down. Now we’ve put $112 million as you say to get it down to Burleigh, going from Broadbeach down to Burleigh. Now we’ve put our money in, the state government yet hasn’t put their money in. It’s a bit like, you know, what we’ve been trying to do with Pines River up north on the Bruce Highway. I mean, we’ve put our money in and we’ve been trying to get the state government to do it for years. And so I’ve just announced up here today – we’re in Rockhampton today – we’re putting $800 million into the ring road project up here in Rockhampton which will be enormously important for their future economy and how things are going to operate up here. And as you know, we’ve put the investment into the pipeline project to secure Townsville’s future water supply, that’s $200 million. So we’re investing in the infrastructure that is going to make a very big difference to Queensland and we want the state government to pony up as well.

JONES: Sure, but I’m just saying, as a former tourism bloke, Coolangatta Airport, this is a mecca, the Gold Coast. People come from all over the world to go to the Gold Coast and it’s just a mess. A mess. Why can’t there be infrastructure money to rebuild Coolangatta Airport?

PRIME MINISTER: Well the owners of the airport I’m sure if they want to take it further would put forward proposals and they’d discuss that with the state government in particular and with the Commonwealth as is necessary. I mean, it is a very important part of the infrastructure of the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is going to continue to be a very big city.

JONES: Absolutely.

PRIME MINISTER: And the light rail, which we have already invested in. This will take our investment to about $570 million in that Gold Coast project and you know, it’s a linear city, it’s not like Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane for that matter. It’s a long strip as we know, and what it didn’t have was a spine in terms of a public transport spine, and that’s what we’ve been investing in. Now you know, it’s the biggest investment our Government has made in light rail anywhere in the country and I thought it was a very… the right place to do it, because you’ve got to build the infrastructure for the people and that’s what we’re doing there. And Coolangatta Airport, you know that will continue to grow and take international flights and if there’s further work that needs to be there I’m sure the Gold Coast Council and the state government will get together and start working on that project.

JONES: Can I just make this point to you, because the bus is about campaigning. You’re starting on the campaign trail, obviously they are now voting in America as to the future of Donald Trump. But his campaign was nothing if it wasn’t an attempt to differentiate in a big, big way how he was different from his opponents. Now, I don’t know whether you have noted or your staff have pointed out to you the recent provincial elections in Canada in the biggest province, Ontario. Now there was a bloke who was almost, I mean I have to say, incoherent in speech but nonetheless the Ontario economy was fantastic. Unemployment terrific, the lowest for several decades, GDP growth was 2 per cent, but the Ontario Financial Post wrote, “When voters looked at the economy this time, they plainly couldn’t get past one aspect of it that was actually in horrible shape – energy affordability.” Now this Kathleen Wynne was the Liberal leader – the equivalent for my listeners to the Labor Party – and the Financial Post, “Despite a favourable economic situation in Kathleen Wynne’s favour, it was her Party’s epic mismanagement of the electricity file in particular that dominated her opponents platform and captured voters’ minds. Meanwhile, her cap and trade system of carbon dioxide taxes was slowly making most other forms of energy needlessly more expensive as well. Liberal clownery on electricity prices almost defies description. Between 2008 and 2016, Ontario’s residential electricity costs grew by more than 70 per cent.” Now, ours have grown by more than 100 per cent.

In terms of differentiating yourself from the other side, why wouldn’t you say simply well look, we’re out of Paris, instead of just saying we’re going to go after the big generator companies. We’re going to slash billions of dollars from the subsidies, get rid of these renewable energy subsidies and you’ve made a massive differentiation from the other crowd.

PRIME MINISTER: Well Alan, we are getting rid of the subsidies. The subsidies are going out.

JONES: 2020.

PRIME MINISTER: What we don’t have…

JONES: 2020.

PRIME MINISTER: Is a reductions target that actually goes to 45 per cent. I mean, 26 per cent doesn’t make any difference to electricity prices at all, we’ve talked about that before. A 45 per cent emissions reductions target, which is Labor’s plan if they’re elected, then that will see an increase in electricity prices greater than what we saw from Julia Gillard’s carbon tax. So that’s the difference. There’ll be higher electricity prices under Labor and they’ll have a renewable energy target of 50 per cent.

JONES: It’s just that Paris, the name, the word Paris is a metaphor for hanging onto a past which has failed us. They are saying if you could just get out of this Paris thing, which is non-binding, but it is a metaphor and while ever you hang onto Paris and the signatories to Paris, people say, “Oh well he’s clinging to the past.” To carve a new future, right.

PRIME MINISTER: I’m not though, Alan. I’m not stuck in the past. I’m not interested in symbolism, I’m not interested in metaphors, I’m interested in electricity prices going down and what I’m telling you that 26 per cent we’re going to hit in a canter, it’s not going to make any difference to electricity prices. Angus Taylor is…

JONES: Then you don’t need Paris, rip it up.

PRIME MINISTER: Well Paris is also important to all of our Pacific neighbours, Alan, as I have discussed with you before. This is a very important issue within our own region and there are concerns…

JONES: Why, because global warming… what, because global warming is going to wash away the islands in the Pacific? That’s crap.

PRIME MINISTER: Well Alan, you’re entitled to that view and they’re entitled to their view where they live.

JONES: What, do you think that’s going to happen?

PRIME MINISTER: That’s not the point Alan.

JONES: Do you think that Bondi Beach is going to finish up at Bathurst?

PRIME MINISTER: No I don’t think that Alan, I don’t think that at all. But what I am saying is we have real strategic issues in the Pacific and the south-west Pacific, and all of these things have to be managed. I don’t think there’s any value, any value at all on electricity prices, it’s not going to change electricity prices one jot. Absolutely one jot.

JONES: No, but do you think all these rent-seekers in the Pacific should get money that you’ve said you’re not going to contribute to Paris. We’ve already tipped in $200 million. They’re rent-seekers, they just want money.

PRIME MINISTER: No I don’t think that’s very respectful to the Pacific Islands, Alan, I really don’t, and I don’t share that view. They’re part of the world in which we live here and we’ve always been doing the right thing by them and we think back to Papua New Guinea, they did the right thing by us when it came to our Diggers. So we have a very special relationship with the Pacific and we need to, for our own interest as well as that it’s part of the community and family of nations we live in in this part of the world. We do the right thing by them, they’ll do the right thing by us.

JONES: Ok two ones. The other things I talk about a major differentiation. Will you be cutting back, publicly and significantly, because we’ve got the world’s highest per capita immigration intake. Are you going to reduce the rate of immigration? This is a big issue out there, it’s all my correspondence, that’s what they’re talking about.

PRIME MINISTER: Alan, what our immigration policy is going to be, they are going to be built from the ground up. You’ve heard what Gladys has been saying in NSW, you’ve heard what has been said in other states and what our immigration policy should be is the sum of the number of people that our infrastructure can support. And instead of doing a top-down approach, what I’m doing with the states and territories now is saying, “You tell me how many people you can accommodate in your state and around your state.” And our immigration numbers will be based on how many people those states can support with the infrastructure and services they can provide.

JONES: So people listening to you will say well therefore it’s got to be cut because they know that they can’t accommodate what they’ve got now.

PRIME MINISTER: Well we’ll do the sums. In Sydney and in Melbourne I think that’s true.

JONES: When will you have them done?

PRIME MINISTER: Well the immigration programs are set in every Budget, Alan, but what happens here, I’m up in North Queensland, Rockhampton – Central Queensland I should say – North Queensland later today. But they say they can take another 10,000 people here in Rockhampton with the existing services and infrastructure they have. In Adelaide, they want more people… and the jobs. That’s why we’re putting the ring road in at $800 million. In Tasmania, their population is increasing and they want to increase it more. In South Australia, it’s the same. In Western Australia…

JONES: Do you think that’s what the people want, is that what the public are telling you?

PRIME MINISTER: That’s what they’re telling me in those states Alan, it is.

JONES: Ok. Righto, I want to get something before we go. Negative gearing, this is another big, big issue out there. There’s two big issues, population and Paris are two big issues. Negative gearing and stealing money from retirees. We’ll talk again next week I know but can I have a word from you on those two issues, negative gearing and Labor and stealing the money from the retirees.

PRIME MINISTER: Well, on negative gearing and increasing the capital gains tax by 50 per cent too, by the way, that’s a lose-lose. It’s a lose if you own a home and it’s a lose if you’re renting a home because your rent will go up and the value of the home you’re in or own as an investment property will go down. Now the Labor Party seems to think this is the best time in the world to do this because, you know, the market’s soft. Well, that’s what they thought about the mining industry when they came up with that stupid idea of the mining tax.

The Labor Party has a knack of finding the worst possible time to hit people with ridiculous taxes. And on the self-funded retirees, and retirees more generally, I mean there are literally a million people who are going to be hit by this $5 billion tax on retirees who did nothing other than buy Australian shares through their tax refund, they get some extra money. I mean, there’s thousands of people.

JONES: Right, we’ll start there next week. We’ll start there next week. You go, I’ve got to go and thank you for your time, talk to you next week.

PRIME MINISTER: Good on you Alan, cheers. Bye.

          Radio interview with Central Queensland Radio 990 AM 4RO      Cache   Translate Page      

PRIME MINISTER: It’s great to be here with Michelle Landry, it’s tremendous to be back here in Rocky.

AARON STEVENS: Absolutely. Michelle, good morning to you too.

MICHELLE LANDRY: Good morning Aaron good to see you face to face.

STEVENS: Absolutely, Prime Minister first of all, first thing is first. How did you go on the Cup yesterday?

PRIME MINISTER: We came 6th yesterday. But it was great to be backing Youngstar. There was a great story behind Youngstar, and the family. A great Aussie mare. She was the only girl in the field, so I was backing her. Backing the girls. I’ve got two daughters so I’ve got to look them in the eye when I go home.

STEVENS: Always. Good to have you in central Queensland. First official visit but as we were saying just a moment ago, you were only here after the budget a little while ago, and great to see you back in CQ. Terrific that you can bring an announcement with you.

PRIME MINISTER: It’s tremendous, 800 million reasons to be here today with Michelle and that’s to fund the ring road that’s going to take out 18 sets of traffic lights out of the way for road trains and other heavy vehicles that will be coming through and making their way up the coast and I think that’s going to be tremendous for safety too through Rocky throughout the town, I think it’s going to be great for the growth of the town. But it’s also great for the region and the jobs that are going to come just from the construction. More generally I think from the boost to the economy that these big projects give, it’s an 80/20 split. So 80 per cent of this will be funded by the Commonwealth, and that’s the real deal. That’s the real dollars. It’s in the budget. I actually put it in the Budget in May.

STEVENS: Well done.

PRIME MINISTER: So it is locked away, the funding is there, this isn’t a promise this is doing.

STEVENS: This is it.

PRIME MINISTER: This is doing now.

STEVENS: Once again, we see this money come into the region which is fantastic, but we wait for the digging to actually start. When will we see this project start?

PRIME MINISTER: I’ll let Michelle talk a bit about that. There’s all the planning phases to go through and there’s already been some work done on that. The state have got to commit to their 20 per cent.

STEVENS: Exactly.

PRIME MINISTER: Bill Shorten was banging on about this project, didn’t put any money up and at best they only do 50/50. 50/50 the State Government doesn’t come up with the other 50, and that means the projects never happen. Right across the Bruce highway, we’re putting $10 billion into boosting the Bruce. From one end of the state to the other. This is real money. But Michelle did you want to talk about the process and the planning?

LANDRY: Yes, so there’s already $65 million on the table and that’s for the corridor, that’s so that there was no housing developments built in the way of where the corridor was to go. If people are facing difficulties of where the land is and all the rest of it. It’s under the state government with main roads and they are the ones that do up the plans, and all the rest of it, so there is a lot of work that’s been done on this, I haven’t got an actual date on when things are starting but with the work that we’ve already done, all that will go in together and also we have fast tracked the four lanes on the northern access to Rocky and that’s all to link in with it. So this bypass, the ring road, will actually go to the Yeppoon turnoff there, so that’s going to be fantastic for everybody and I’ve actually had some emails yesterday from the Gracemere Industrial estate saying, this is fabulous, we just avoid all those traffic lights, gets the big trucks out of town, and it’s just a win for everybody.

STEVENS: No question and not taking anything away from that investment, which is fantastic, but we know that the member for Capricornia and also the member for Flynn have got a long list of projects that they want to talk to you about. Why was the ring road number one on the list?

PRIME MINISTER: Because this is a project that not only deals with the safety issues and the flood proofing issues and these sorts of things but it is a massive economic (inaudible) for the region, this is what links the agricultural sector to the rest of the country, this is linking up jobs, linking up industries, it’s doing the right thing in terms of congestion management within Rockhampton, sure you don’t have traffic jams like you do in Sydney and Melbourne, I get that. But more people are going to come and base themselves and live here in Rocky and in central Queensland and we do want to see that.

We want to see more people come and live in regional parts of the country. I was just saying earlier this week further down the coast, I want to see a billion dollar spent by backpacker tourists in regional Australia. We’re just over $920 million at the moment, I want to see us hit a billion every year. That means places like Rocky, and right across Queensland, here in central Queensland, we are going to get the economic benefit of that and you need the infrastructure that’s going to support that growth, but there are going to be a lot of things we are doing. The Peak Downs highway, the bypass, the duplication of the Capricorn highway from Rocky up to Gracemere. Those three projects alone we are talking about $300 million which we are already in for. Another one which is the south Rockhampton flood levy. That project is now proceeding to a full business case under the regional growth fund. What that is, is a list of what Michelle and Ken have been doing for Central Queensland. These guys are relentless. They are relentless, I knew that as a Treasurer, gosh I know it as a Prime Minister now.

STEVENS: I knew that word was coming. While we are knocking on the door then we need to talk about things like Kepple, the convention centre for Yeppoon. Rookwood is obviously high up on the list.

PRIME MINISTER: We are already funding there, Rookwood.

STEVENS: I mean water infrastructure, we have had this spoken about a short time ago, is so important for central Queensland. So, Dominic Doblo actually asked me to ask you this question, when is the Federal Government to take control of all water in this country to make sure that it does get the sustainable direction that is deserves?

PRIME MINISTER: Just this week, I announced $200 million up in Townsville for the pipeline project and that’s in response to a taskforce report that we commissioned. We are getting on with that. We are committing to the real projects. Again, they’re not promises, they are real money in the Budget. So these are things we are delivering, not promising. Water infrastructure, particularly in the North and in Central Queensland are really important. That’s why we are on the weir here, we had to drag the state government kicking and screaming into that project an Michelle was there upfront and early and securing the commitment to the Rookwood weir and that’s just an indication of practical support. I’m talking about, when I’m going through Queensland, I’m listening and I’m hearing and when I come here and do, with $800 million for the Ring road project, on top of all of the other commitments, Michelle is a billion dollar deliverer up here.

STEVENS: The billion dollar woman.

PRIME MINISTER: The billion dollar woman. There you go.

LANDRY: Can I just touch base quickly on the Keppel Bay Sailing Club and Great Keppel Island, so Matthew Canavan and I have been to see Keppel Bay Sailing Club and it’s a fantastic project, we’re looking at avenues of how we can get the funding for that. With regards to Great Keppel Island, I was talking with Pat O'Driscoll, the real estate agent that is involved with that last night, those people are very passionate about getting this up and going, as am I. This has become very political, the member for Keppel but $25 million on the table in the dying days of the last state election, and that’s not going to cover anywhere near the cost of putting the power, the water, to that island, as well as the infrastructure at Emu Park, jetties and toilets and all this sort of stuff that they were going to build and then, after she wins the election on a promise of a lie really, because $25 million was never going to cut that. Then she says, “Oh well Michelle Landry should be putting $25 million on the table.” Well, I’ve never seen one single costing for this, and the experts and engineers that I’ve been speaking to are saying this will be $100 million plus. So, the state government need to get their act together on this, and actually get the figures, but we need to talk to those people are the island because they might use solar energy, for anything over there, so I just don’t think throwing more and more money into this bottomless pit that they seem to think that we have is going to solve the situation, they actually have to work out how much this is going to cost, and then come to the table and talk to us instead of playing politics on it, and smashing me in state parliament.

STEVENS: There you go, laying down gauntlet, if you get that fixed.

PRIME MINISTER: But Aaron, there are broader issues here with the economy which, I mean, the infrastructure projects are critically important, but also getting taxes down. There are 17,000 small businesses and family businesses here in Michelle’s electorate that benefit from the tax cuts that we’ve delivered to small and family businesses right across the area, I was up here, with one of my favourite businesses in the country, Coxon’s Radiators, last time, and we’ve been backing them in while they’ve had a turnover of less than $50 million, and we’re going to keep backing those small businesses in. There’s another real pernicious tax that Labor want to put on Australians and that’s the retiree tax. This is the tax, and there’s some 5,500 people here in Michelle’s electorate and in Ken’s electorate, a similar number, and these are electorates where people who get their share dividends, and their franked, and if they haven’t got a lot of money, and they’ve got no taxable income, what they get is a tax refund. It’s thousands, and thousands of dollars every year, and Bill Shorten is going to take that away. He is just going to take it away. And that’s thousands of dollars, that these retires have, and a lot of small and family businesses have these investments as well, that they don’t get to spend, as they go into Christmas o the kids presents, or taking that trip down to see their family, or fly them up and see them here. Pay their power bill, to get around, and the other one is, we back mining jobs, and I’m happy to say that here in the middle of Rockhampton, and I’m happy to say it in the middle of Perth, the middle of Sydney, or down in Melbourne, but you won’t hear Bill Shorten say that. He’ll come up here and he’ll talk about it perhaps, but you won’t hear him say it where it really matters, where you’ve got to support mining jobs, and that is back in the southern states, and in the southern capitals, and mining jobs are great for this region, we back them in, that’s a huge part of our future. I was making the same point at the pub last night, and mining is a big part of Queensland’s future of Australia’s future, and I’m not going to run the mining industry down, I’m going to talk it up.

STEVENS: That’s the reason for the uncertainty in central Queensland is around the future of mining and you can say, you back the mining industry in central Queensland?

PRIME MINISTER: Absolutely. 100 per cent. This is good for jobs, it’s good for the economy, it’s been good for the Australian economy ever since we learnt how to use a shovel.

STEVENS: Absolutely.

PRIME MINISTER: It is absolutely the right thing for Australia and you’ve got to do it practically, and environmentally sustainably and you’ve got to comply with all the conditions and that’s fair enough. And mining companies understand that. You people going into the mining industry who are becoming the engineers and the mine managers and workers of the future, they get that too. They live here. They want the quality of the environment to be great.

STEVENS: So Adani has got your support?

PRIME MINISTER: The Carmichael mine has always had our support, and to facilitate it. The approvals have been provided, and the approvals have to be delivered on, by the company, and of course that has to be. Right across the Galilee Basin, we want to see the continued growth of this industry, it is supporting the livelihood of Queenslanders. It says it on the side of the bus – I’m backing Queenslanders, and if you back Queenslanders, then you don’t run down the mining industry, like the Labor party and Bill Shorten does any time he is having an almond latte in the suburbs of Melbourne. 

STEVENS: I hope that boosts the confidence of people listening this morning, now, what’s next for you, you do head to Gladstone about midday today, what between now and then.

PRIME MINISTER: We’ve got the announcement today, which is exciting, and sorry to Labor it, but I’ve got to give Michelle a huge rap here because…

STEVENS: The one billion dollar woman.

PRIME MINISTER: She has really fought hard for this. You’d understand, all around the country there are a lot of competing demands this is a very big commitment and for Michelle to be able to be able to prevail and make the case and not just to me, not just to me as Treasurer previously, but now as Prime Minister, but with her colleagues, because she has got to stand up in that party room and say – look, I’ve been able to secure this, and for the rest of the party room to be able to go, good on you Michelle. So she’s been able to bring not just obviously me, but Michael McCormack, the leader of the National Party along on this, and now Josh Frydenberg as the Treasurer, but she has been able to bring our colleagues and our party room behind what we are going up here in central Queensland. Our party gets it – the LNP gets it about central Queensland and we’ll be here and we’ll be saying the same thing today, yesterday, and tomorrow, whether it’s about the mining industry or infrastructure or central Queensland’s future.

STEVENS: Keep knocking Michelle.

LANDRY: I will, I have a pathway to the Prime Minister’s office.

STEVENS: STEVENS: Well he says he backs the ladies.

PRIME MINISTER: I do, she’s my Youngstar.

STEVENS: Prime Minister Scott Morrison a pleasure, Michelle Landry, thank you very much for your time.


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Brilliant dude manually digs shit out her ass

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Seasons of the Runewild: BonediggerPublisher: Sneak Attack Press

Fifty years ago, a hag named Speckled Hester was burned at the stake near the town of Ill Hollow. As the flames consumed her, Hester vowed to share her greatest secret with whoever first contacted her spirit.

Not a word has been heard from Hester since, but the ghost of her most faithful servant, a hound named Bonedigger, haunts Ill Hollow to this day. The townsfolk believe Bonedigger seeks to lead others to Hester’s grave. To keep Hester in the ground where she belongs, the people of Ill Hollow began a strange tradition.

On the first night of Harvestide, they bury the bones of a horse or pig in a grave marked with Hester’s name. Rather than finding Hester’s bones, each year Bonedigger digs up the contents of the false grave instead.

The ruse has fooled Bonedigger, until now.

Bonedigger is an adventure for three to five 1st level characters. It is designed to be played over the course of a single session. The adventure takes place near an enchanted forest known as the Runewild and can serve as an introduction to the Runewild Campaign Setting (coming spring 2019). You can also drop the adventure into an existing campaign without much trouble.

Book contains

  • A complete adventure
  • Advice for scaling to higher levels
  • Stats for two new monsters: the fiddlehead and Bonedigger
  • Two new magic items Hestor's black book and harvestide cookie
Price: $2.99
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Duration : 4:26 min

          Seasons of the Runewild: Bonedigger      Cache   Translate Page      
Seasons of the Runewild: BonediggerPublisher: Sneak Attack Press

Fifty years ago, a hag named Speckled Hester was burned at the stake near the town of Ill Hollow. As the flames consumed her, Hester vowed to share her greatest secret with whoever first contacted her spirit.

Not a word has been heard from Hester since, but the ghost of her most faithful servant, a hound named Bonedigger, haunts Ill Hollow to this day. The townsfolk believe Bonedigger seeks to lead others to Hester’s grave. To keep Hester in the ground where she belongs, the people of Ill Hollow began a strange tradition.

On the first night of Harvestide, they bury the bones of a horse or pig in a grave marked with Hester’s name. Rather than finding Hester’s bones, each year Bonedigger digs up the contents of the false grave instead.

The ruse has fooled Bonedigger, until now.

Bonedigger is an adventure for three to five 1st level characters. It is designed to be played over the course of a single session. The adventure takes place near an enchanted forest known as the Runewild and can serve as an introduction to the Runewild Campaign Setting (coming spring 2019). You can also drop the adventure into an existing campaign without much trouble.

Book contains

  • A complete adventure
  • Advice for scaling to higher levels
  • Stats for two new monsters: the fiddlehead and Bonedigger
  • Two new magic items Hestor's black book and harvestide cookie
Price: $2.99
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Elephant Games presents a magical tale in their popular series Chimeras! Astrid and Greta are the best of friends, but when Greta doesn’t report in for her semester break at their school of magic, everyone knows something's wrong. As you begin digging deeper, you'll discover the hallowed halls of Heavenfall hold many secrets. And someone will do anything to keep you from finding the truth, guarding the mysteries laid dormant in Heavenfall's darkest corners for years. Can you bring the truth to light, and help find Greta? Find out in this enchanting hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
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I’ll let you in on a secret: in most organizations, marketing is a cost center. We’re the department of spending money. The department of pretty pictures and “branding” campaigns. The department where budget goes to disappear.


The good news is we can beat that perception by better putting to use the CRM Campaigns entity—all it takes is a little strategic thinking and some calculations of the data you already have available to you inside Dynamics. Here’s how to prove your worth as a marketer by using the Campaigns entity:


First, the Basics

“Campaign” can have a different meaning in the context of marketing than what you might find in the context of your CRM. In marketing, a campaign is a series of activities organized to work toward a particular goal, like sales. In the context of your CRM, a Campaign is a record that gives you a place to keep track of activities, costs, responses, and potential ROI of marketing spend.


There are occasions in CRM where a Campaign will not fit the standard definition of a marketing campaign—but we’ll get to that a bit later.


For the purpose of this post, we’ll focus on the CRM definition of Campaign. In Dynamics, this could be one of two types: either a Campaign or a Quick Campaign.


The differences are as follows:


A Quick Campaign is a great way to run a one-time offer or a flash sale, but if you’re looking for long-term tracking of a marketing activity (i.e., something you’d want to track an ROI to), your best bet is to create a Campaign.


With each new Campaign you build, you’ll want to add the following pieces of information (at a minimum):

  • Name
  • Actual Start/End
  • Estimated Revenue
  • Marketing Lists
  • Campaign Activities (for tracking true cost)
  • Offer
  • Allocated Budget


We’ll get to gathering that information a bit later, but keep in mind these fields will help you keep track of your marketing successes in the long run. Plan on needing that information as you move forward.


The Architecture

Now that you’re oriented in the Campaigns Entity, you can create the architecture for your success. Dynamics has two layers of tracking available out of the box:

  • Lead Source (an option set)
  • Source Campaign (a pick list that pulls from new campaigns created in the Campaigns Entity)


Think of Lead Source as your big bucket—this is where you track the success of marketing activities as a category, like Events, Trade Shows, Paid Search, or Website Lead. This layer of tracking will help you understand what types of marketing events are performing well for your company.


Think of Source Campaign as your little bucket—here’s where you’re digging in at the campaign level to determine if a specific trade show or a specific paid search campaign was worth the investment. Your measurement here is the ROI on a specific campaign. This layer of reporting is great for you to know as you plan your next marketing budget, but it probably isn’t the type of report you would take to a financials meeting.


Once you select your Lead Source categories, be sure to map them to the appropriate Source Campaigns or campaign types. You’ll want to share this information with your sales team, like so:


Start Your Marketing Plan

You should have a marketing plan before you get your hands into the Campaigns entity. But getting this plan together will involve a dive into what’s happened historically on the Lead and Opportunity side of your CRM. In order to get the numbers you’ll need to prove your worth, you need to know the following:

  • What’s your Lead to Opportunity conversion rate?
  • What’s your Opportunity to Closed/Won rate?
  • What’s your average deal size? Per product/service?
  • What worked last year (e.g., where did your sales come from)?
  • What do you want to try this year, and how much do you think it will cost?


This exercise does two things—first, you can set expectations for your leadership, yourself, and your sales team, and second, you can give yourself some baseline numbers to track your success. You might put these numbers into an Excel spreadsheet, where each Lead Source is a table and each row is a Source Campaign, like so:

In the Campaign entity, these numbers will be reflected in:

  • Estimated Revenue
  • Expected Response
  • Budget ROI


This exercise is also useful for showing your sales team what success looks like from each event (how many Leads do we need? How many Opportunities do we need?) and for determining if the response you need to get your target ROI on an event is even possible.


Put Those Campaigns to Work!

Once you’ve built your budget, upload each row in your spreadsheet as a Source Campaign, along with the appropriate numbers from above. Keep in mind you will likely want to track additional sources that are not ROI-oriented, and that’s okay.


You can create perennial campaigns, like Referral, that don’t have an associated cost or projected ROI. All you’re trying to do here is figure out where your successes come from, and sometimes those successes aren’t from a true marketing campaign.


Proving Your Worth

You’ve got data—now you need reports. Think of your Little Buckets—your Source Campaigns—as what Marketing cares about, and your Lead Sources as what the executive team cares about, and create reports accordingly. You’ll need to know what’s working at the campaign level as you build out your budget proposal, but you can report to your executive team on the overall success of events as a strategy, or memberships as a strategy, and so on.


You can also use the numbers in your spreadsheet to set KPIs for your Marketing Department—how many total leads were driven in by Marketing last year, based on Source Campaign? That’s your starting point for creating a goal for this year. Similarly, how many Closed as Won Opportunities came from a Source Campaign that was a marketing activity? You now know what Marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline is.


These are numbers that transform the Marketing Department from a cost center into a ROI-tracking machine—all the while proving the worth of the activities you’re running.


Want to see the calculations behind that sample budget spreadsheet? Ping me on LinkedIn with your email address, and I will send a sample sheet your way. You can also learn more about how to better talk to your CRM admins by reading this post here.


Natalie Jackson is the Marketing Director at emfluence and a resident CRM + Marketing Automation Software geek.

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Seasons of the Runewild: BonediggerPublisher: Sneak Attack Press

Fifty years ago, a hag named Speckled Hester was burned at the stake near the town of Ill Hollow. As the flames consumed her, Hester vowed to share her greatest secret with whoever first contacted her spirit.

Not a word has been heard from Hester since, but the ghost of her most faithful servant, a hound named Bonedigger, haunts Ill Hollow to this day. The townsfolk believe Bonedigger seeks to lead others to Hester and rsquo;s grave. To keep Hester in the ground where she belongs, the people of Ill Hollow began a strange tradition.

On the first night of Harvestide, they bury the bones of a horse or pig in a grave marked with Hester and rsquo;s name. Rather than finding Hester and rsquo;s bones, each year Bonedigger digs up the contents of the false grave instead.

The ruse has fooled Bonedigger, until now.

Bonedigger is an adventure for three to five 1st level characters. It is designed to be played over the course of a single session. The adventure takes place near an enchanted forest known as the Runewild and can serve as an introduction to the Runewild Campaign Setting (coming spring 2019). You can also drop the adventure into an existing campaign without much trouble.

Book contains

  • A complete adventure
  • Advice for scaling to higher levels
  • Stats for two new monsters: the fiddlehead and Bonedigger
  • Two new magic items Hestor's black book and harvestide cookie

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MjYj ~ IamJ posted a photo:

Little Explorer ~ MjYj

Little Explorer ~ MjYj
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Little Explorer ~ MjYj
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media without my explicit permission.
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Admin PanelRoundup
Admin Panel Roundup

Note: this was originally published on the Retool blog .

Let’s say you need to moderate content on your platform, delete somebody’s account, or find out which of your users are most active. An admin panel is where you’d do it!

They’re good for a few things:

Housekeeping ― keeping your app running smoothly with tasks involving human input. Fire fighting ― manually fixing unintended problems that occur in your app. Monitoring ― tracking your app’s metrics.

There are a few off the shelf options for building admin interfaces:

Database GUI Clients Frontend admin libraries Backend admin frameworks 3rd-party admin tools

They’re all good at specific things. Let’s see how you can decide between them.

Database GUIClients
Admin Panel Roundup

Database clients are just spreadsheet-like interfaces on top of your database that let you perform CRUD operations easily. They aren’t really an “admin panel”, but they do the job if all you want is raw database access. Here are our recommendations:

SQL: Free: Postico (PostgreSQL), Sequel Pro (mysql) Paid: DataGrip mongoDB: Free: Robo 3T Paid: Studio 3T

Database clients are good for firefighting.They give you complete control over your data, so you can do whatever it takes to fix problems. This is a double-edged sword though ― you might accidentally break something in the process. And if you’re scaling this out to your team, you probably don’t want everybody to have raw SQL access to your database. They could insert data that bypasses your app’s validations, delete rows accidentally, etc.

Database clients are bad for housekeeping.Their UIs aren’t optimized for data entry, so doing it regularly will be unpleasant. There’s also no way to automate common workflows ― you won’t be able to, say, approve a new comment on your blog in one click.

Database clients are bad for monitoring.At a stretch, you might be able to save queries that output your key metrics, but you’ll have to run these manually and visualize the results elsewhere.

Database clients are impossible to extend.Extending them beyond the standard CRUD use case is impossible, and involves building ETL pipelines to get the data out.

A database client makes a good admin panel if

Your project will be used infrequently You don’t need to monitor your project’s usage and metrics Your project will only be used by people who are technical Frontend Admin Templates

There are lots of templates and libraries out there that provide frontend components and layouts that you can use to build admin panels. You can find templates for whichever frontend framework you use ― Bootstrap , React , Angular , you name it.

You’ll have to write code to connect the frontend to your databases and APIs, but you’ll get a decent UX out-of-the-box without much CSS and JS fiddling.

There’s one big trap to watch out for with frontend templates ― visuals.

When you’re choosing a library, the options will seem endless. Each will look better than the last. Progress bars, graphs, widgets ― they’ll promise to turn your admin panel into NASA mission control . The truth is more mundane ― you don’t need a progress bar, you might need a graph.

Admin Panel Roundup

It’s important to optimize for utility over visuals. Your frontend admin template should work with the technologies you already use (even if it’s not the hottest JS framework), and should be easy to maintain and extend as your app evolves. Choose the boring template that does the job over the trending template that comes with 3 icon sets.

Frontend templates are great for housekeeping.They provide a good UX for data entry and editing (including data validation), and you can hook them up to trigger custom workflows.

Frontend templates are great for monitoring.You can set them up to display metrics for your business, easily visualized in charts.

Frontend templates are okay for firefighting.You can set them up to give you a lot of control in editing data, but they won’t be as flexible as a database client and you may face novel problems that require manually digging into the database to solve.

Frontend templates can be difficult to maintain and extend. Because these libraries only give you the components, you have to write custom code to put them together and connect them to your backend. Custom code has an up-front cost to write, and a continual cost to maintain.

Frontend libraries are a good option that reduce the amount of work it takes to build your own admin panel. They’re great once they’re set up, but it does take some work to get started and maintain.

Backend Admin Libraries

Popular backend frameworks have libraries that make it easy to build admin panels for your app. In some cases, they work like magic ― they can generate an entire admin panel without any extra code. In other cases, you might have to write some backend code or combine them with a frontend library.

All libraries have a trade-off between automation and customizability. We recommend a bias towards automation ― the less code you write, the smaller the surface area for errors.

Django ― DjangoAdmin
Admin Panel Roundup

Django Admin is a no-brainer if you have a Django backend. It automatically generates an admin site for your app, letting you perform CRUD operations for your database models. It comes with user authentication and permissions out of the box, as well as an audit log of “recent actions” ― useful if you have multiple admin users.

Django Admin is really extensible ― you can customize it to do pretty much anything with code. The default UI it generates won’t be as “sexy” as some of the frontend admin libraries, but it’s usable and refreshingly simple.

Django Admin is much like a database GUI client, though, in the sense that it only supports CRUD out of the box. It comes with all the validations you have in your Django app, but no more. The main advantage is that you can write custom code to add validations. But once you start writing custom code, you’re basically building most of your admin panel from
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A young rich kid has some much money that he got two gold diggers always hanging around. These two girls love to fuck together, and they felt like fucking on this particular day. The girls found him chilling in the bedroom on his bed, so they immediately threw themselves on the bed and started to […]
           War and peaceful gardens: in the land of Tolstoy. BBC:Pernicious Ambition and Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”       Cache   Translate Page      

"The cudgel of the people's war was lifted with all its menacing and majestic might, and caring nothing for good taste and procedure, with dull-witted simplicity but sound judgement it rose and fell, making no distinctions." - Leo Tolstoy
Have you ever wanted to read 'War and Peace' but find this magnificent novel somewhat daunting? Our audio guide presented by Amy Mandelker suggests ways of approaching this masterpiece for first-time readers. Amy is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

"Perhaps having intuited Tolstoy’s disdain for ambition, the creators of the BBC series focused most of their attention on the realm of home. The disease of Napoleonism is largely absent from the Davies adaptation, where Napoleon emerges as a pedestrian villain. In minimizing Napoleon and the Napoleonic quest, the series’s directors domesticate male characters, robbing them of the outward ambition so apparent in Tolstoy’s novel: Andrei (James Norton) seems bored and restless, while Pierre’s (Paul Dano) primary motivation appears to be a very contemporary kind of anxiety."

Ani Kokobobo laments the muting of Napoleonism in the latest adaptation of…


War and peaceful gardens: in the land of Tolstoy

A visit to Tolstoy’s country estate gives writer and gardener Charlotte Mendelson an insight into the relationship between nature and creativity

Country life … Tolstoy in the grounds of his estate, Yasnaya Polyana. Photograph: George Rinhart/Corbis/Getty

Charlotte Mendelson
Saturday 15 October 2016 11.00 BST

Springtime can kill you, but autumn is worse. If one’s soul responds to nature – and, as Louis Armstrong said of jazz, if you have to ask what that means, you’ll never know – then its beauty is painful. Whatever TS Eliot thought (the poor man was wrong about so much), autumn is the most painful time of all. Walking in the grounds of Tolstoy’s country estate at Yasnaya Polyana, yellow birch leaves turning gently as they fall, is almost too much, particularly for an oversensitive novelist. Five of us are here, imported by the British Council to broaden Russian conceptions of British literature. We have worked – by God we have worked – but, this morning, among the wooded paths and ripe, rich leaf mould, nothing else seems to matter, not even fiction.

For cramped city-dwellers, the incomprehensible excess of space is dazzling: the “cascade of three ponds”, each more invitingly cool and swimmable than the last; the fir woods thick with fungal life; the juicy grass. Even the ponies have had a surfeit. There is so much silken birch bark, pinkly tender beneath its epidermis; so many fallen, unregarded apples and ancient, lichen-spattered branches: mustard, pigeon, rose. One wants to sniff and wallow; at least, I do. Surely this is normal? A reasonable response to being knee-deep in the dew and bracken: surrendering to the space, the wildness?

Of course not. My fellow writers return home with translators’ business cards and ecclesiastical souvenirs. My case is full of Japanese quinces, oak leaves, almond shells, calendula seeds and, most worrying of all, a knobbly fir branch, as long as my arm, stolen from the forest floor and slipped past the cold-eyed, epauletted customs boys at Domodedovo airport. Did the other novelists find themselves embarrassingly weeping at the perfect transparency of a plantation of firs, bare-trunked and widely spaced to allow, as Sofia and Leo Tolstoy had intended, the pale September sunlight to pour in? They did not.

Like his grandfather, Prince Volkonsky, who first developed the estate in Tula region, 120 miles south of Moscow, Leo Tolstoy was an enthusiast. His wife, Sofia, may also have been, in her spare moments between bearing his 13 children, copying and editing War and Peace seven times and documenting every minute of their lives in diaries and photographs. Sofia’s husband had no time for such fripperies. He was busy, trying to create a new breed of horse by crossing English thoroughbred stallions with their Kirgizian cousins; following developments in fruit-tree breeding; buying Japanese pigs (“I feel I cannot be happy in life until I get some of my own”); downing healthy bowlfuls of fermented mare’s milk; maddening Sofia with his “purely verbal” renunciation of worldly goods; spending too many roubles on attempting to grow watermelons, coffee and pineapples in his hothouse. Anything, one suspects, could have captured his attention: dog-racing, topiary, needlepoint.

Tolstoy derided his early works as an awkward mixture of fact and fiction, yet they offer an insight into what made him

But, although it’s easy to dismiss him as a Professor Branestawm crank, to laugh at the old man who lifted weights in his study and hung, red-faced, from a bar while instructing his staff, Tolstoy’s passionate engagement with the land around him was his life’s joy. Like all but the unluckiest children, even today, he knew the tannic bite of currant leaves, the rumpled gloss of worm casts, the hayish sweetness of a grass stem. Childhood, boyhood, youth is thick with the sensual thrills of the outdoors: the damply shaded raspberry thicket, alive with sparrows, and the taste of accidentally ingested wood beetles, the cobwebs, the dense, dank soil. And, even though he famously derided his early works as “an awkward mixture of fact and fiction”, they offer a moving insight into what made him.

Monet wrote: “Je dois peut-être aux fleurs d’avoir été peintre” – I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers. Writers are often asked what made them write; I can’t answer that for myself, let alone for Monet, but, surely, the intense feelings evoked by colour and form made him need to express himself, in paint. He also became a wonderful gardener. Edith Wharton’s first published short story, Mrs Manstey’s View, describes how a glimpse of shabby town garden is all that keeps old Mrs Mantsey alive. Later, of the grand Italianate gardens, all rustic rock fountains and pleaching, which she designed for The Mount, her home in Massachusetts, she wrote: “I’m a better landscape gardener than novelist, and this place, every line of which is my own work, far surpasses The House of Mirth.”

Wharton was wrong about the novels, and The Mount is too neat for me: where is the sledge requisitioned as a plant crutch? However, we would agree, I think, about the soothing power of gardens: loneliness and sadness are horrible, but they feed us, teach us to comfort ourselves with alertness, and to look – what the poet Mary Oliver calls paying attention. When at school I encountered Gerard Manley Hopkins’s “worlds of wanwood leafmeal” in “Spring and Fall: To a Young Child”, or Laurie Lee’s morning in “April Rise” – “lemon-green the vaporous morning drips / wet sunlight on the powder of my eye” – I recognised that precision, the thrilling focus on nature, close up. Don’t other children, on the rare occasions when they’re not reading, fall in love with the blistered, sun-warmed paint on a door, the beauty of old, lichened bricks, or susurrating grasses? We didn’t have grateful serfs or 100 acres of orchards, but there were new worlds among the wild strawberries and, possibly, ichthyosaur bones in the sandpit.

I had no interest in gardens until my mid-30s but, I now realise, I had fallen in love with leaves, twigs and decay long ago, and it made me need to write. Tolstoy may have found apiaries so absorbing, he claimed he could barely remember the author of The Cossacks but, as he told an old friend: “Whatever I do, somewhere between the dung and the dirt I keep starting to weave words.”

***Count Tolstoy would probably not have recognised my tiny outdoor space as a garden. Largely paved, entirely overlooked, without bluebells or coppicing or even a simple wildflower meadow, my six square metres of polluted soil he would consider to be unworthy of the most pitiful peasant schoolteacher: where is the pig? The walnut tree? Oh Leo, I know; I’m disappointed too.

This may be why, for me, garden writing is a sensitive subject. As a writer and a gardener, albeit of an experimental jungle allotment, the classics of domestic horticulture leave me embarrassingly cold. Gertrude Jekyll, Elizabeth von Arnim, Margery Fish, Mirabel Osler, even Christopher Lloyd, the Mae West of garden writers, all had acres, staff, greenhice. Their vision was inspiring, their metaphors exciting (I particularly love Lloyd’s division of smells into “moral and immoral”), but their rambling rhododendron groves and stone walkways were alienating to a novice. Reading about their tree‑surgery crises was like owning a carnivorous Shetland pony while reading about Olympic dressage: all very lovely but not for the likes of me. Besides, my ever more rampaging obsession was for growing fruit and vegetables, now well over 100 different kinds and the more unusual the better, yet most garden writing focused either on shrubbery and flowers, or on an alien world of double digging potato trenches, superphosphate and basic pruning, apparently a simple twice-yearly process of shortening main central leaders, side-branch leaders to the third tier and laterals, then spurring back and tying in, which, to a person unable to tell their left from their right, was of limited value.

At the other end of the gamut of garden writing lies seed catalogues: during times of stress or in deepest midwinter, they are perfect for reading in the bath. At least, they should be. But, for the novelist-gardener, trauma lies ahead. I hope I am not alone in finding certain words and phrases unbearable: “veggies”, “a bake”, “eat happy”, “hue”. Unfortunately, seed catalogues are worse, full of showy choice fluoroselect picotee bicoloured collarette pastel novelties. Perfectly ordinary varieties of flowers, fruit and vegetables bear names for which there is no excuse: Naughty Marietta, Slap ’n’ Tickle, Tendersnax, Bright Bikini, Nonstop® Rose Petticoat. They make me want to die.

Noël Coward described Vita Sackville-West as 'Lady Chatterley above the waist and the gamekeeper below'
And so, needing both comradeship and advice, I have found my gardening friends in unlikely places: horticulturally minded food writers; Joy Larkcom’s and her masterpiece, Oriental Vegetables; poor murdered Karel Čapek, author of my beloved The Gardener’s Year; and Ursula Buchan’s Garden People, for sartorial guidance. Who needs advice about vine weevils when one can gaze at photographs of interior designer and gardener Nancy Lancaster’s sexy yellow scarf, or the rakish gaucho hat of Rhoda, Lady Birley, as she firmly grips those scarlet parrot-bill loppers? Noël Coward described Vita Sackville-West as “Lady Chatterley above the waist and the gamekeeper below”, which is good enough for me.

And now, after a decade of increasingly demented growing, I have at last found my gardening sibling: Leo Tolstoy. At Yasnaya Polyana, inspecting the fat yellow squashes growing on the compost heap, sensing the curvature of the earth as we reached the bare brim of a wooded hill, I suddenly understood that in one respect, if, irritatingly, none other, I and the great beardy genius are alike. We are enthusiasts. Fine, so my garden isn’t an arrangement of colours and textures to please an artist’s, or even a normal gardener’s, eye. Who cares if it’s not reflected in any book I’ve read, or if few others garden purely for taste, smell, sensual pleasure: the warm pepper of tomato leaves, curling courgette tendrils, the corduroy ridges on a coriander seed. My tiny green and fragrant world would definitely not have been admired by Tolstoy’s guests from the drawing-room windows, but I think the man himself would have understood the passion behind it. Please ignore the broom handles and recycled windows; I’m sorry that there is nowhere to sit. But just taste this Crimean tomato, this purple bean, this golden raspberry. Look into the translucent depths of this whitecurrant. Pay attention. It brings such peace.

• Rhapsody in Green is published by Kyle Books. To order a copy for £12.99 (RRP £16.99) go to or call 0330 333 6846. Free UK p&p over £10, online orders only. Phone orders min p&p of £1.99.

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Hey dear readers, Gwyneth here!  I haven't had a guest post in 7 or so years, but I thought this was such a great idea I begged my dear fellow HCPSS Teacher Librarian, Danielle Du Puis, (and my former student teacher!) to let me share this super ....actually, ......marvelous Maker Idea! Perfect for the Fall season...from September to December, a Book Page Pumpkin is great to create! Now, for the details.

Book Page Pumpkins
At the beginning of the school year I started my 9th year as a high school media specialist (14th year as a media specialist overall). I did what I do at the start of every year - unpacked my desk, ordered new books, prepped for my first week of lessons, talked with teachers to schedule media orientations, and got ready to greet our new students. However, after unpacking my things from the summer school pack up, I had some difficulty finding supplies that I needed that I knew I had previously purchased.
As I began digging through media closets, I teetered between shame and excitement at the things I found - pens and projector lamps from the late 70’s still in their original packaging and transparency film and pens to name a few. So, I figured it was time to address our packrat tendencies and jump full force into a closet clean-out. I didn’t really have the time, but knew I needed to make the time in order to have a more functional media space.

How could I get rid of this… “stuff?” Old Magill Survey’s [see image 2 above] with the most recent publication date of 1980 were lining the depths of the closet shelves.

First of all, why were they even in the closet, and second of all, what could I do with them aside from warehousing them for recycling? As I made my way through each shelf and cabinet, I found a treasure trove that would bring joy to even the newest librarian. I found boxes upon boxes of book check-out cards for a system that hadn’t been used since I was in high school. Librarians are archivists by nature, but even this had gotten a little out of hand. How had I not addressed this sooner? I even found a lovely little book stamp carousel which I just had to keep and re-purpose. It now sits on my desk to hold various loose cords.

After seeing the variety of items from the closet, I started to think about how I could re-purpose these items.

Last year we tried to create a Maker Space in our Media Center which we rotated with supplies and instructions, but it was rarely used. So, I thought more about the Maker Space concept and decided that instead of purchasing new items for Maker Spaces, we would re-purpose the old ones. And instead of offering a Maker Space during the school day, one day a month I would hold a “Crafternoon” where students and staff could join me in making a fun project. That would give me a full month to advertise through posters, morning announcements, and school newsletters.

I recently saw a Book Page Pumpkin in a library forum and thought that maybe I could replicate it, which I did. Surprisingly it was fairly easy. I found the craft to be a great way to re-purpose old books and to make them live on in another form. After coming up with my first month’s idea of the Book Page Pumpkin, I sat down and thought about what I could have students and staff create for each month and planned out the entire school year based on our supply inventory and what seemed to relate to each month.
I advertised our first Maker Monday Crafternoon event with our students and staff through email and social media, and our first event brought in a baker’s dozen students and staff. While I was hoping for more attendees, I do have to remind myself that many of our students have after school activities and jobs that prevent them from staying after, so I was happy with our first turn out. I think that with a consistent social media presence and with visibility in our school through posters and announcements, that more students and staff will learn about the Crafternoons and come to our programs. I look forward to seeing the creativity continue with our future programs.

End note:

For our first Crafternoon of 2019, we’re already planning a reading log using recycled scrap paper, repurposed borrower cards, and our book binding machine . If you’d like to stay apprised of our other Crafternoons and events, check us out online and/or give as a follow on Instagram @hahsmedia or my personal Twitter @L4librarian.

We’ve created an instructional video for how to make your own Book Page Pumpkin as well as footage from our event here:

About Our Guest Post Author:

Danielle DuPuis has worked with books and children for the last 19 years and is currently a Media Specialist at Hammond High School where she also teaches Video Production. She is the author of several professional resource books for teachers and librarians including Adventures of Super3 and Big6 Large and in Charge. Coincidentally, she has one super 6-year-old and two large and in charge 3-year-olds (yes, they’re twins). She enjoys reading, writing, and adventuring in National Parks with her children. Most recently, she won $5000 for the IPOEF charity contest in which all of the money was donated to the National Park Foundation. Danielle also teaches graduate classes at McDaniel College for the School Librarianship program.

All photos by Danielle DuPuis
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ANDROID – tanti giochi e tante app in SCONTO (AGG. 03/11/2018)
          Digging Deep into Geosciences with Minecraft      Cache   Translate Page      
          'Four More Years!' Trump Rallygoers As Stupid As Trump      Cache   Translate Page      

Donald Trump wrapped up his reelection campaign Monday night with yet another big crazypants rally, this time in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Before you put on your fedora and correct us that Trump was campaigning for the midterm elections, and ostensibly in support of Republican US Senate candidate Josh Hawley, you'd better have a chat with Trump's crowd, who kept chanting "Four more years! Four more years!" We don't know what happens to him in '22, but then, neither do they.

In addition to Hawley -- who was mostly an afterthought, as are most beneficiaries of Trump's campaign appearances -- the rally featured Lee Greenwood performing a medley of his patriotic hit, Rush Limbaugh spouting lies, Sean Hannity onstage campaigning for Trump less than 12 hours after saying he'd do no such thing, and White House employees Ivanka Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Kellyanne Conway illegally at a campaign appearance, because what is the Hatch Act anyway?

Well, yes, Trump HAD promised that morning that anyone violating federal election law would be "subject to the Maximum Criminal Penalties," but he meant illegal immigrants voting, not his own staff.

The rally was the usual weird bullshit, but turned up to 11 because crunch time. Before the rally, Sean Hannity "interviewed" Trump by asking him a bunch of tough questions about how Trump manages to be so awesome. Trump bragged that he'd now turned the southern border of the USA into a land of beautiful barbed wire, and who knows, maybe a recreation of World War I trench warfare: "We have a barbed wire wall, you see that, what they're doing, highest level [...] a lot of digging going on, a lot of trenching, and people aren't going to come into our country without the legal process."

Once the rally actually got going, Rush Limbaugh came onstage and explained the REAL collusion in 2016 was by Hillary Clinton, as you'd expect, because if she weren't a criminal, why would people chant "Lock her up," huh?

"Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia. Hillary Clinton rigged that election," insisted Limbaugh, which makes all sorts of sense because clearly she rigged it so she'd lose and then secretly undermine Trump from the Deep State. Talk about nefarious!

Trump also acted very surprised that Lee Greenwood had casually dropped by for the rally, although the appearance had been announced Sunday. Then Trump called Sean Hannity to the stage -- he was another guest the campaign had announced in advance, but Monday morning, Hannity had indignantly insisted he would simply be doing his normal work of covering Trump like the hardworking journamalist he is:

Gee, that was a quick turnaround!

After getting on stage to campaign with the "president," the most trusted man in rightwing news pointed at the back of the auditorium and said, "By the way, all those people in the back are fake news." And again, despite denying the campaign's announcement he'd be joining Trump, he also said he was surprised Trump had called him up on stage. That's a weird little dance, and we're frankly not sure why any of these idiots even try to pretend they're not lying, since the Trump/Fox crowd is perfectly fine with being lied to anyway.

Trump finally got the attention back on himself, at which point he explained that actually, everyone who voted for Trump is much smarter, better-educated, and in fact has far better stuff than any of the "elites," who are actually kind of trashy tacky people. Why does anyone pay attention to "the elites" when the REAL elites are Ivanka and all of you in your MAGA hats and "Life's a bitch, don't vote for one" t-shirts.

I know all of the elites. They're not very smart in many cases. They have a lot of hatred in their hearts. I don't know about you, but many of you went to better schools than they did...we have better houses, homes, boats. We do better than they do, we work harder than they do, we make more money than they do [...] We are the super-elites. We are the super-elites!

In fact, you might even wonder why the Trump Super-Elites even let the rest of us losers continue to live here. Probably because they're so nice. The rally continued on for a while with the usual string of lies, punctuated by some concerned silence when an audience member needed medical attention -- perhaps to grant succor to the person who'd fainted, someone in the crowd shouted "CNN SUCCCKS!!" and the crowd cheered, which almost certainly helped.

Trump, a little punchy, even got mixed up about what those evil Democrats want to destroy and what the brave GOP will protect, at least until today's votes are counted:

[If] Democrats gain power on Tuesday, one of their very first projects will be a socialist takeover of health care... The Democrat plan would obliterate Obamacare.

Now, of course he meant Medicare, because Medicare for All would destroy Medicare, you know, that's just a fact. (Except that it would actually save trillions over all US healthcare spending.) But because Donald Trump is incapable of admitting he's wrong, the Great Man didn't bother with a hasty "err, Medicare." Instead, he explained the Dems WOULD destroy Obamacare and that would be good, but even once Obamacare was destroyed the Dems would "leave the bad parts behind."

Trump then closed with a familiar line about how he avoided all the phone calls from foreign leaders who tried to tell him not to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, he said he'd call back in a week, after he'd very ingeniously already signed the order! SMART! But this time, the story had an interesting variation:

So when I called them back, I said, "Mr. King, Mr. Queen, Mr. Whatever," I said, listen, Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister [...] I wish you'd gotten to me sooner! [huge laugh at how clever this was!!]

So don't you go saying Donald Trump isn't all that bright, because he knows ALL the titles for world leaders.

And that was the last Trump midterms rally until probably next week when he decides he really likes doing them more than anything else. FOUR MORE YEARS!

[WaPo / Politico / Guardian / Daniel Dale on Twitter / Aaron Rupar on Twitter]

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          Kris Kobach Has A Black Staffer, So Forget About His White Nationalist Friends!      Cache   Translate Page      

Sit down, Wonkers, we have some sad news. It looks as if Kansas's favorite votefucker Kris Kobach may be just a wee smidge racist. The Guardian dug through Kobach's campaign finance disclosures, and produced a list of all the people who are SUPER PROUD TO BE WHITE and also super proud to donate to Kobach's gubernatorial bid. Check out these winners!

There's Peter Brimelow, founder of the white nationalist group VDare which seeks to preserve America as a bastion of white culture and protect it from degradation by non-white immigrants and Jews. The site, which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is named for Virginia Dare, the first white baby born to English colonists who disappeared with the whole Roanoke colony. Leave aside the irony of a bunch of lunatics screaming about illegal immigration under the banner of an immigrant child whose entire culture disappeared 400 years ago because they couldn't hack it in this country. Kobach was endorsed by Brimelow to be Trump's vice president -- so it's a safe bet that the guy obsessed with that dead white baby thinks Kris Kobach bats for Team Racist.

Movin' on! Remember that Trump lackey who got fired for hanging around with all the white nationalists? No, not the speechwriter. Ian Smith, the former DHS guy who went to Judenfrei dinner parties. He's also a big fan of Kris Kobach's. Go figure.

And hey, look it's notorious immigrant hater KC McAlpin of The Social Contract, a website flogging conspiracy theories about HIAS, Facebook protecting Mexican child molesters, and Al Sharpton supporting an immigration cohort of "Hispanics, Asians, blacks, and other nonwhites, an amalgam known in Leftspeak as 'people of color.'" Meth and cornflakes: Two great tastes that taste great together! Between McAlpin and someone who appears to be his wife, they've donated $15,000 to Kobach in this electoral cycle alone. Probably because they like his cool hair, not because they think he agrees with their racist rhetoric, right? Oh, and by the way, Kobach was a paid speaker at The Social Contract's "writers workshop" in 2015.

Anyway, Kobach can prove that he's not racist! He has a black staffer to vouch for him, SO THERE. Spokeswoman Danedri Herbert told The Guardian,

I am black and I am his closest staff member. I spend more time with him than any member on his staff. He is not a racist.

Which is pretty much what she told The Topeka Capital-Journal this summer when they asked why the Kobach campaign was paying three staffers who belonged to American Heritage Initiative, a splinter group of white nationalist Identity Evropa.

Herbert said none of the men are members of the American Heritage Initiative, and that she doesn't believe it exists. Two of the men are members of a Christian organization called the American Heartland Institute, she said.

"Secretary Kobach isn't a racist, and obviously, the campaign will not tolerate racism," Herbert said. "It is baffling to me, a black woman who serves as Secretary of State Kris Kobach's spokeswoman, that so many in the media are digging up fake news when they should be investigating real stories."

Doesn't exist? Can't wait for all the nutbags to start using the Snuffleupagus defense when they get caught palling around with Nazis.

Here's what one of the men, Colin Gustin, said last year when chatting up his fellow Kansas College Republicans.

These people know they're not oppressed. They just hate white people and are jealous of us. They know they can bully us with the oppression stuff until they're granted EXTRA rights, because most have been brainwashed with disingenuous, weaponized, cherry picked history into white guilt. They won't stop until we grow a spine. The USA is the least racist country in the world. We have so much racial tension because we ALLOW and SUBSIDIZE tens of millions of people from other groups to come here.

He seems nice.

And it seems that Kansans got the memo that there's something deeply wrong and gross about their Secretary of State, who narrowly edged out sitting Governor Jeff Colyer in the GOP primary thanks to Trump's late endorsement. Currently, the polling is dead even between Kobach and totally normal human being and non-racist, nice lady Laura Kelly. Which should not happen In a state which Donald Trump won by 20 points. It's a weird year!

To paraphrase Florida's next governor, we're not sure what's in Kris Kobach's closet, but the racists seem pretty confident that it's a white hood. Come on, Kansas, Vote Blue! YOU CAN DO IT!

[The Guardian / Topeka Capital-Journal]

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          Don't Boo, Vote! Wonkagenda For Mon., Nov. 5, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

Trump wanted the Pentagon to order some of the soldiers being sent to the border to serve as "crowd and traffic control," and to protect Customs and Border Patrol agents from the Middle Eastern Mexican taco trucks threatening to invade, but the Pentagon rejected the insane clown Posse Comitatus violation.

During a GOTV in Chicago, Obama encouraged people to vote tomorrow, and stated, "the character of our nation is on the ballot." Oh, Bamz, we miss you!

At a rally in Montana over the weekend, Trump said Democrats will just blame Russia if they fail to wash away Republicans in a #BlueWave. He then called the Trump-Russia investigation a "hoax," and bragged about his crowd size.

Fearing unemployment, House Republicans desperately want Trump to change the subject to the economy instead of making the midterms about spooky brown refugees. However, some Senate Republicans are cool with referendum on race, and Trump officials are even making robocalls about the "cotton-pickin'" importance of voting for Ron DeSantis over Andrew Gillum.

Georgia's shifty Secretary of State and Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp says he caught Democrats trying to hack the state voter registration system (again). Kemp's accusation comes shortly after Democratic officials and election security advocates told the FBI about a glitch in the voter registration system that potentially exposes voter information. Kemp's office (not federal authorities) is investigating, and now he's screaming that Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams is under investigation without any evidence to corroborate the accusation. During his time as Secretary of State, Kemp has repeatedly refused federal audits of the state's voting systems despite a decade of shenanigans from the state Republican Party. Earlier this year Kemp told the DHS to fuck off when it offered aid to shore up the state voting systems from election fuckery.

The Boston Globe reports DHS is investigating a rash of election hacking attempts, and notes that hackers haven't been very successful. Concerns about voter fuckery are rampant this election, but mountains of historical evidence show it's far more likely that you'll be a victim of voter suppression than election meddling.

Axios says there's a growing distrust in election integrity. Fueling that dumpster fire are garbage headlines from Axios about techno fuckery that don't cite identifiable sources, as usual. Be Smart: Axios is brown nosing and sensationalist crap.

Trump threw a laughably hypocritical tantrum and accused Indiana Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly of buying Facebook ads targeting conservative voters that urges them to vote for the Libertarian candidate. The state Democratic party says they're only telling Republicans to vote for the "true conservative." Remember when the Russians bought Facebook ads and told progressives to vote for Jill Stein and Smokey McPot?

Surprise! Financial disclosures from Kris Kobach show that he's accepted thousands of Ameros from white nationalist groups that have been secretly supporting Kobach's political career since at least 2004.

After the Democrats take the House, Trump will run away to Not America for the rest of the month. First he'll head to France and stroke his war boner during the the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. After that, he'll head to Buenos Aires to shit-talk the G20, eat subpar chocolate cake with Xi Jinping, and get orders from Vladimir Putin.

China is raking in tons of cash by frontloading exports in advance of Trump's trade war -- the trade war that was supposed to be really easy to win. Earlier this morning Xi Jinping said, "Great winds and storms may upset a pond, but not an ocean," which was a nice way of telling Trump to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.

Marine Le Pen's European neo-Nazis far-right nationalists are rising in the polls, now ahead of French President Emmanuel Macron's En Marche party for the first time and exacerbating fears of a "Frexit" following next year's European Parliamentary elections. Earlier this weekend, the French territory of New Caledonia rejected a referendum to break off from France.

Ukrainian anti-corruption journalist Kateryna Handzyuk has died. The 33-year-old activist was the victim of an acid attack that left burns on 40 percent of her body earlier this year.

A bunch of filthy rich Muscovites were doxxed this weekend after hackers stole personal information, like names, addresses, and cell phone numbers, and dumped it onto a public database.

Youtube deleted a video from a known Russian troll who claimed USCyberCom reached out and poked his digital bits. In the video, the troll says he and other trolls have been dicking around in US midterm elections, and holds up some papers with candidate names, but foreign policy nerds and computer geeks are skeptical and think it may just be a double-reverse trolling attempting.

Vanity Fair has a bunch of gossip about CNN's love/hate relationship with Trump talking heads, why cable news is dominated by wall to wall Trump coverage, and why Jake Tapper thinks things aren't ever going back to "normal." At least CNN didn't air that super racist Trump ad, unlike NBC.

Author Stephen King is tired of being confused with "racist dumbbell" Steve King, and would really appreciate if you stopped voting for him.

West Point is SUPER SORRY it accidentally hurt the Air Force Academy mascot, Aurora, during its annual prank. The 22-year-old white gyrfalcon had initially been reported to have suffered life threatening injuries after cadets threw sweaters over the bird and stuffed it into a dog crate, but the bird is now expected to make a full recovery.

Here's SNL riding the blue wave...

Midterm Ad - SNL

And here's your morning Nice Time! The Galapagos Reef!

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          Comment on Tuesday 6 November 2018 by thedirtydigger      Cache   Translate Page      
Well I take it that the re-heated left-over and well past its use by date Family Food Fight was best served DOA again last night David ?
          Contiguity and Displacement and the Rise of Contagious Violence      Cache   Translate Page      

Hate crimes against minority groups are rising, with attributions made to the rhetorical tone set by the nation's leadership:
Burke, Daniel (2018, November 3). Pittsburgh rabbi told Trump that hate speech led to synagogue massacre. CNN
Pittsburgh (CNN)In a short but impassioned sermon Saturday, Rabbi Jeffrey Myers blamed politicians for a rise in hateful rhetoric, saying it led to the massacre at his synagogue last week in which 11 Jews were slain in the worst anti-Semitic attack in US history.
Myers said he delivered that message personally to President Donald Trump when he and first lady Melania Trump visited Tree of Life/Or L'Simcha, the site of the shooting, on Tuesday.
"I said to him, 'Mr. President, hate speech leads to hateful actions. Hate speech leads to what happened in my sanctuary, where seven of my congregants were slaughtered. I witnessed it with my eyes."
Globally, we see intolerance amplify for minorities and those with differing political views:
Taylor, Rob (2018, November 2). China Said to Expand Detention Camps. The Wall Street Journal: A8.
US officials and United Nations experts estimate that hundreds of thousands of people, mainly from the largely Muslim Ulghur ethnic group, may have been incarcerated in the detention centers.
Migrants are being treated as criminals in many places, including the US with the troop deployment at the border being sensationalized as a weaponized response to a group of deeply impoverished and traumatized refugees whose caravan should be regarded as an act of desperation rather than an act of war....

Those who would seek to elevate human rights and reduce human suffering by expanding access to resources and political power are being monitored, and in some places detained.

In Egypt, "security" forces arrested at least 19 human rights activists, in a round-up described by the Wall Street Journal as "striking" in its scale (Malsin, Jared Nov 3-4 2018 WSJ p. A5).

In the US, right wing activists are encouraging students to film and upload video clips of so-called "Marxists Professors," a tactic which targets faculty and incites violence against them.

CONTIGUITY - from Latin contiguus ‘touching’
All of these illustrations share contiguities in their logics, which seek to repress pluralism, enforce homogenization around authoritarian hierarchies, and punish resistance through exposure, stigmatization, and finally disappearances.

In my opinion, the logical contiguities express a pattern of DISPLACEMENT of alienation and rage wrought by neoliberal economic and political changes (e.g., collapse of white, lower-middle class).

The values and identities targeted by displaced rage are often coded as feminine, including, for example, values promoting equality, tolerance, and social welfare.

In effect, rage against an exploitative and increasingly authoritarian global order is being displaced upon those most victimized by it, and upon those struggling against it.

I've noticed this pattern so often that I wonder about its social origins.

Meanwhile crimes by individuals and organizations with empirically demonstrable impacts, such as financial heist of the Asian Development Fund by insiders (including head of Goldman Sach's Southeast Asia operations) are marginalized (see here).

Likewise, catastrophic risks posed by the ongoing Fukushima crisis rarely are addressed in mainstream news:

consolationwall posted a photo:

The Reason Why Everyone Love Contemporary Gardening Ideas | contemporary gardening ideas

via WordPress

When we purchased our home, I didn’t alike attending at the house, the aboriginal affair I looked at was the garden.

Modern Garden Ideas | Ideas – Contemporary Gardening Ideas | Home … – contemporary gardening ideas | contemporary gardening ideas

With bristles kids active around, age-old 9 months to 11 years old, I can cautiously say that the garden is the best important amplitude in our home.

Not alone does it accommodate a playground, a amplitude for chance and a abode for memories to be made, it can additionally be enjoyed and acclimated by the absolute ancestors if advised and created in the appropriate way, with the appropriate purpose.

I would say that the kids may accept affiliated my adulation for the outdoors, accepting been a mural artist for over 10 years, but regardless, there is absolutely article appropriate about application the garden as a ancestors space.

READ MORE:* Get the garden accessible for alfresco entertaining* An close burghal garden cleverly advised to fit a growing family* The abstruse to creating simple alfresco spaces* How to alpha your own vege garden

Ten years ago, about anybody capital low aliment gardens. With the acceleration of active advantageous and amoebic lifestyles, this has now advance into the garden which has acquired a improvement in favour of gardening.

Families now appetite to be in the garden, utilising and adequate their alfresco spaces.


Dan with four of his bristles children, (L-R) Rocco, Wolf, Sailor Grace and River.

With this in mind, I generally get asked what is the best way to maximise an alfresco space? How can a garden be advised to clothing the accomplished family?

At this year’s New Zealand Flower and Garden Show, my display will be a avant-garde aberration on a ancestors garden, complete with a ambit of abstracts including water, fire, steel, concrete, balk and plants, to name but a few.

While I can’t accord abroad too abundant of my aggressive affairs absolutely yet, actuality are my top tips on how to actualize a garden the accomplished ancestors can enjoy.


50 Modern Garden Design Ideas to Try in 2017 | Landscape … – contemporary gardening ideas | contemporary gardening ideas

This is the best important aspect to my own garden, and I anticipate it should be the aforementioned for any family, abnormally if you accept adolescent children.

Back designing our garden, I approved to actualize an aspect of fun in every corner. Don’t be abashed to get artistic – bethink the fun you had in your garden as a child.

At the Mackay household, we accept a skate access out the aback and a sandpit breadth the adolescent kids absorb time creating beach cakes while the earlier ancestors accomplish arresting structures. Out the front, they can ascend up bedrock aggressive holds and use the swings we absorbed to the pergola.

The fun doesn’t alone accept to be for the accouchement though. The accession of the swings agency they are multi-functional and can additionally be acclimated as basement – you would be abashed how abounding of our developed accompany accept the swings over the seats!


The skate access was a accepted accession to Dan’s garden.

For alfresco fun all year round, we placed bogus accommodation beneath the pergola to actualize an addendum of the lounge, so the kids can still comedy alfresco behindhand of the weather.

Obviously not every home can baby to bringing the outdoors in, but I acclaim accepting a paved breadth or aisle that ensures some genitalia of the garden can still be used.

We accept paving from the advanced of the abode to the back, so the kids can get to their comedy accessories after biking through the addled backyard in winter.


While it is simple abundant to ample the garden with activities for the kids, it’s important it is still a adapted amplitude for the accomplished family. This agency the adjustment of your garden is key.


Garden Design For Beginners Traditional Landscape By, Contemporary … – contemporary gardening ideas | contemporary gardening ideas

Skate ramps can be fun for all ages, but they’re not essential. Bethink the fun you had in the garden as a adolescent and don’t be abashed to get creative.

Any garden accouterment for a ancestors should be a big accessible space. Any altar such as trampolines, sandpits or jungle gyms, as able-bodied as plantings, are bigger placed about the boundaries, abrogation amplitude for a bright lawn.

Back you put these things in the middle, you ultimately cut the amplitude in bisected and can’t utilise your garden to its abounding potential. Plus, it agency that already the accouchement accept developed up and accept no use for their garden toys any more, you still accept your garden.



Creating a vege application breadth kids can get complex in growing their own herbs and vegetables is important, says Dan.

I am a close accepter that alfresco dining spaces are important for families and acclaim creating a committed breadth breadth your ancestors and accompany can appear calm – and don’t balloon to accommodate a appropriate barbie.

Upcycling can additionally be a absurd way of creating a fun dining space.

Don’t be abashed to pop out to the bounded austerity boutique or attending for added duke items online. Board beams, altered chairs or a behemothic board slab can be reinvented to actualize your own altered dining setting.

For our alfresco dining, we begin a continued wooden, pew-like bank so we had abundant basement to fit up to 10 kids about the table.


One of the best accepted appearance I am asked for back designing and creating breadth is a vegetable plot.

50 Modern Garden Design Ideas to Try in 2017 – contemporary gardening ideas | contemporary gardening ideas

While it is accessible to “throw in” a vegetable garden, creating it in a way that kids can get complex in growing their own vegetables and herbs is important.

Try a aloft bed for the vegetable garden (around 200-450mm aerial off the ground) and put ample capping surrounding the bed so that the kids can sit forth the ancillary or lie on their bellies to ability in and get to the plants. This can additionally be acclimated as added alfresco seating.

Encourage the kids to do the planting, weeding and watering. Back they see their vegetables grow, the action again spills into actuality able to eat them.


Having a aisle in your garden can advice abstain accepting to attack beyond a addled lawn, a minimise blurred aisle indoors!

At the moment, our kids are best aflame about the excellent and rocket which has aloof sprouted, and the blow won’t be far away.


The aboriginal affair to do back digging into your garden is to eradicate any awful weeds and, although it may assume obvious, analysis that there are no plants that ability account allergies for your family.

Burying deciduous copse is consistently a acceptable best as they let sun in during the winter and action adumbration in summer. Accepting a sun-protected atom is article the accomplished ancestors will acknowledge during the hotter months.

Bake-apple copse additionally accomplish a absurd accession to any garden and like the vegetable gardens, will hopefully affect the kids to get in their 5 a day. If you accept bound space, you could espalier the bake-apple copse instead and still get affluence of fruit.

While there are abounding altered architecture and mural options for an alfresco space, for families my capital adage is to bethink that the garden should be about fun, because beat out kids are usually blessed kids at the end of the day.


15 best CONTEMPORARY GARDENS images on Pinterest | Garden deco … – contemporary gardening ideas | contemporary gardening ideas

Creating a fun ancestors amplitude that can additionally be anatomic is what it’s all about.

You can see Dan’s family-friendly garden display appear to activity at this year’s New Zealand Flower & Garden Show at Auckland’s The Trusts Arena, from 28 November – 02 December.

The Reason Why Everyone Love Contemporary Gardening Ideas | contemporary gardening ideas – contemporary gardening ideas
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          Democrats neutralize Scott’s veto threat with down-ballot blue wave      Cache   Translate Page      

House Democrats picked up enough seats Tuesday to override Gov. Phil Scott’s veto pen, a tool he used frequently in his first term to kill progressive legislation.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Democrats neutralize Scott’s veto threat with down-ballot blue wave.

          Burlington OKs bonds to renovate high school, fix stormwater system      Cache   Translate Page      

Approval was by a wider than expected margin, while South Burlington approved ballot measures to fund a new community center.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Burlington OKs bonds to renovate high school, fix stormwater system.

          Zuckerman re-elected lieutenant governor, handily beating Turner      Cache   Translate Page      

Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, who garnered almost 60 percent of the vote, says will focus on progressive issues in the upcoming legislative session.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Zuckerman re-elected lieutenant governor, handily beating Turner.

          School district mergers fail at the ballot box      Cache   Translate Page      

The votes in Barre City and Barre Town and the Orleans Central Supervisory Union were the last possibility for voluntary mergers under Act 46.

Read the story on VTDigger here: School district mergers fail at the ballot box.

          Democratic incumbents sweep statewide races      Cache   Translate Page      

Candidates for secretary of state, auditor of accounts, treasurer and attorney general all received more than 60 percent of the vote.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Democratic incumbents sweep statewide races.

          Democrats grab Senate seat in Rutland County, win one of three spots      Cache   Translate Page      

Cheryl Hooker, a write-in candidate, secured second place in the six-person field, becoming the first Democratic to win a Senate seat in Rutland County since Bill Carris won election in 2012.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Democrats grab Senate seat in Rutland County, win one of three spots.

          Montpelier first in state to approve noncitizen voting      Cache   Translate Page      

The measure that will give noncitizens the right to vote easily passed 2,857 to 1,488, but the charter change needs to be OK'd by the Legislature.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Montpelier first in state to approve noncitizen voting.

          Democrat Ruth Hardy claims open Addison Senate seat      Cache   Translate Page      

She joins fellow Democrat Christopher Bray in the delegation after one of the state’s most highly charged state Senate races.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Democrat Ruth Hardy claims open Addison Senate seat.

          Brattleboro Museum and Art Center to host LEGO contest      Cache   Translate Page      

News Release — Brattleboro Museum and Art Center Oct. 25, 2018 Contact: Erin Jenkins 802-257-0124, ext. 113 Brattleboro Museum & Art Center to host Eleventh Annual LEGO Contest & Exhibit, Nov. 9-11 Builders of all ages invited to submit original LEGO sculptures Click to see photos from the 2017 Tenth Annual LEGO Contest and […]

Read the story on VTDigger here: Brattleboro Museum and Art Center to host LEGO contest.

          Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets to host watershed tour      Cache   Translate Page      

News Release — Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets Nov. 1, 2018 Contact: Ryan Patch 802-272-0323 State Water Quality Partnership Hosts East Creek Watershed Tour Legislators and officials see benefits first-hand of soil and water conservation efforts November 1, 2018, Montpelier VT – Change is happening on the land and that’s good news […]

Read the story on VTDigger here: Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets to host watershed tour.

          Scott wins re-election to 2nd term as governor      Cache   Translate Page      

In defeating Democrat Christine Hallquist, the Republican chief executive was the only member of his party to win statewide office.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Scott wins re-election to 2nd term as governor.

          Vermonters casting state ballots voice national concerns      Cache   Translate Page      

Voters surveyed in cities and towns across the state talked more about President Donald Trump than any of the Green Mountain candidates seeking election.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Vermonters casting state ballots voice national concerns.

          Sanders, Welch easily re-elected to congressional seats      Cache   Translate Page      

None of their opponents seemed to be able to gain any traction in either the primary or general election campaigns.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Sanders, Welch easily re-elected to congressional seats.

          John McClaughry: Trump’s ill-conceived drug price proposal      Cache   Translate Page      

Trump’s proposal would in effect import foreign price controls into the American pharmaceutical market.

Read the story on VTDigger here: John McClaughry: Trump’s ill-conceived drug price proposal.

          Ansley Bloomer: Never a better time to heat with wood      Cache   Translate Page      

Advanced wood heating is a new take on a long Vermont tradition of meeting with wood that requires less effort of homeowners.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Ansley Bloomer: Never a better time to heat with wood.

          Both deaths in Woodbury blazes are ruled homicides      Cache   Translate Page      

Police says the victims, whose bodies were found last week in separate nearby residences that were damaged by fire, had both been shot.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Both deaths in Woodbury blazes are ruled homicides.

          Voter turnout around Vermont at ‘presidential levels,’ clerks say      Cache   Translate Page      

Voter turnout is way up at polling places across Vermont. That could be good news for Democrats in a mostly blue state.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Voter turnout around Vermont at ‘presidential levels,’ clerks say.

          VTDigger’s Election 2018 Live Blog: Updates from across Vermont      Cache   Translate Page      

It's smooth sailing so far for Gov. Phil Scott, but he'll be up against an even stronger Democratic majority in the House.

Read the story on VTDigger here: VTDigger’s Election 2018 Live Blog: Updates from across Vermont.

          Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets partnership hosts watershed tour      Cache   Translate Page      

News Release — Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets Nov. 1, 2018 Contact: Ryan Patch 802-272-0323 State Water Quality Partnership Hosts East Creek Watershed Tour Legislators and officials see benefits first-hand of soil and water conservation efforts November 1, 2018, Montpelier VT – Change is happening on the land and that’s good news […]

Read the story on VTDigger here: Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets partnership hosts watershed tour.

          Federal judge blocks questioning of top state EB-5 officials, for now      Cache   Translate Page      

Judge Christina Reiss has ruled that Barr Law Group must depose Jiangming Shen before taking testimony from more state officials. Brent Raymond, the former director of the state EB-5 program, has testified that he urged the state to look into the fraud in 2012.

Read the story on VTDigger here: Federal judge blocks questioning of top state EB-5 officials, for now.

          Comment on Thom Hogan: “Let me state right up front: the best all-around full frame camera you can buy at the end of 2018 is the Nikon D850. Still.” by Chewy      Cache   Translate Page      
22mm and 11-22mm lenses are actually pretty darn nice. I’m digging the Canon colors. There is some truth to that hype. It’s funny, it was Thom Hogan who gave the camera good marks and one of the reasons I wanted to check it out. I tried it out and liked it over other more feature rich cameras. Seems to get out of the way and that’s a good thing. If they fill out the lenses more I think it’s a nice, affordable crop system.
          11/7/2018: NEWS: Behind the scenes of the Times’ Trump tax investigation      Cache   Translate Page      

The Globe speaks with Susanne Craig, one of the journalists who spent 18 months digging in to the President’s past It was a journalistic bombshell, exposing the foundational lie of Donald Trump’s biography: Last month, The New York Times published a...
          KeenLab Jailbreaks iPhone XS Max On iOS 12.1 [Image]      Cache   Translate Page      

KeenLab has jailbroken the new iPhone XS Max running iOS 12.1.

Liang Chen, a member of the Keen Security Lab, revealed the accomplishment on Twitter and announced he would be presenting the pwn at POC 2018.

iOS 12.1 + A12 == the end of iOS war? I will be presenting at POC 2018 this Friday with latest iPhone XS Max pwn.

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          Procreate Gets a Major Update With QuickShape, Gallery Preview, More      Cache   Translate Page      

The popular Procreate sketching, painting, and illustration app has received a major update with new features including QuickShape, Gallery Preview, and many improvements.

Apple Design Award winner and App Store Essential – Procreate is the most powerful sketching, painting and illustration app ever designed for a mobile device, built for creative professionals. This complete artist’s toolbox helps you create beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations anywhere you are. Procreate features ground-breaking canvas resolution, 136 incredible brushes, an advanced layer system, and is powered by Silica M: the fastest 64-bit painting engine on iOS.

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          Siri Shortcuts App Gains Support for New iPad Pro      Cache   Translate Page      

Apple has updated its Siri Shortcuts app with support for the new iPad Pros.

Siri Shortcuts deliver a quick way to get things done with your apps with just a tap or by asking Siri. The Shortcuts app enables you to create personal shortcuts with multiple steps from your favorite apps. Start from hundreds of examples in the Gallery or drag and drop to create your own. 

Shortcuts includes over 300 built-in actions and works with many of your favorite apps including Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, Health as well as any app that supports Siri Shortcuts. 

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          Ecobee4 Thermostat With HomeKit and Alexa On Sale for $209 [Deal]      Cache   Translate Page      

The ecobee4 smart thermostat with built-in Alexa and support for Apple HomeKit is on sale for $209. That's $40 off its list price of $249.

With a built-in speaker and microphone, ecobee4 can be controlled through its touch-screen, a smart device or voice. Alexa voice service allows customers to simply ask their ecobee4 to adjust the temperature of the home, in addition to the growing list of Alexa skills such as setting a timer, helping plan your commute or playing the news. Through far-field voice recognition, ecobee4 will conveniently respond to voice commands from anywhere in the room. ecobee4 is also compatible with the company’s signature room sensor technology, which measures occupancy and temperature to deliver comfort when the customer is home and energy savings when they’re away.

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          Dropbox Introduces Extensions [Video]      Cache   Translate Page      

Dropbox has announced the launch of Dropbox Extensions, a series of new integrations that let users start workflows from within the platform.

These no-fuss workflows are only possible because we’ve built deep product partnerships with leading productivity companies that include Adobe, Autodesk, DocuSign, Vimeo, airSlate, HelloSign, Nitro, Smallpdf, and Pixlr. We want users to have the ability to move fluidly from one task to the next without breaking their flow. It should be just as easy to use a combination of tools and apps as it is to use the same suite of tools from a legacy provider.

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          New 2018 Mac Mini Review Roundup [Video]      Cache   Translate Page      

Apple's long overdue update to the Mac mini arrives tomorrow. Early reviews of the small desktop computer have hit the web ahead of its release.

Check out our roundup below and click here to learn more about the 2018 Mac mini.

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          New 2018 MacBook Air Review Roundup [Video]      Cache   Translate Page      

Apple has lifted the embargo on reviews of the new 2018 MacBook Air. The thin notebook will be released tomorrow November 7th.

You can find a roundup of reviews from across the web below. Click here to learn more about the new 13-inch MacBook Air.

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          iOttie Launches iTap Magnetic 2 Car Mounts for iPhone      Cache   Translate Page      

iOttie has announced the launch of new iTap Magnetic 2 Car Mounts that let you easily mount your iPhone to the dashboard, windshield, air-vent, or CD slot of your vehicle.

This line of smartphone car mounts features stronger magnets to safely secure any mobile device, including larger models, to a dashboard, air vent or CD slot while you drive. The three different mounts accommodate a variety of preferences and are each thoughtfully designed to complement any automotive interior and enhance a user’s driving experience.

“The iTap Magnetic 2 Car Mount Series has been completely redesigned to offer smartphone users a sleek mounting solution that offers convenience on the road,” said Eric Kang, Senior Director at iOttie. “With the iTap Magnetic 2, drivers will be able to mount large or small smartphones with a simple tap for a safer driving experience.”

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          “Making America Great Again”–Part 9      Cache   Translate Page      
A cute slogan…..but personally America has always been great…no need for a gutless slogan. The series now moves to our first president….Washington and the days of a new republic…..the series written by Danny Sjursen moves from the war to the governing and the problems that arise…… Part 9 of “American History for Truthdiggers.” * * … Continue reading “Making America Great Again”–Part 9
          Olympic Gold Medalist told Police Driver Could have Killed her in Road Rage Incident      Cache   Translate Page      
A criminal complaint provides new details on an incident last month involving Olympic gold medal cross country skier Jessie Diggins that led to multiple charges against a 37-year-old St. Mary's Point man ...
          Film Preview: River Runs Red (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
Page Revisions: (November 4, 2018) Original Release Date: November 9, 2018 Synopsis: From IMDb: “When the son of a successful judge (Taye Diggs) is killed by two police officers (Luke Hemsworth/Gianni Capaldi) and the system sets them free, a hardened veteran detective (John Cusack) finds some incriminating files on the officers and the judge teams […]
          Many renters struggle to meet basic needs: study      Cache   Translate Page      
According to new research from the Urban Institute, renters are not only more likely than homeowners to find themselves in distress, they are also more likely to have difficulty digging themselves out of their financial issues.
          Seasons of the Runewild: Bonedigger      Cache   Translate Page      
Seasons of the Runewild: BonediggerPublisher: Sneak Attack Press

Fifty years ago, a hag named Speckled Hester was burned at the stake near the town of Ill Hollow. As the flames consumed her, Hester vowed to share her greatest secret with whoever first contacted her spirit.

Not a word has been heard from Hester since, but the ghost of her most faithful servant, a hound named Bonedigger, haunts Ill Hollow to this day. The townsfolk believe Bonedigger seeks to lead others to Hester’s grave. To keep Hester in the ground where she belongs, the people of Ill Hollow began a strange tradition.

On the first night of Harvestide, they bury the bones of a horse or pig in a grave marked with Hester’s name. Rather than finding Hester’s bones, each year Bonedigger digs up the contents of the false grave instead.

The ruse has fooled Bonedigger, until now.

Bonedigger is an adventure for three to five 1st level characters. It is designed to be played over the course of a single session. The adventure takes place near an enchanted forest known as the Runewild and can serve as an introduction to the Runewild Campaign Setting (coming spring 2019). You can also drop the adventure into an existing campaign without much trouble.

Book contains

  • A complete adventure
  • Advice for scaling to higher levels
  • Stats for two new monsters: the fiddlehead and Bonedigger
  • Two new magic items Hestor's black book and harvestide cookie
Price: $2.99
          Celebrate Lit Presents: The Kitchen Marriage by Bina Welborn & Becca Whitham      Cache   Translate Page      
The Kitchen Marriage FB Banner copy

About the Book

The Kitchen Marriage

Book: The Kitchen Marriage
Author: Gina Welborn & Beccan Whitham
Publisher: Kensington Publishers
Genre: Inspirational romance/Historical America set in the old west
Release Date: September 25, 2018
A bright future awaits the women of courage and faith who boldly chase their dreams across the wide-open Montana Territory, prepared to embrace adventure and forge their own destinies . . .
When French immigrant Zoe de Fleur is forced out of her position as household cook for a high society New Yorker, the pretty and talented chef seizes an unexpected chance to head west for a new beginning. She pursues what she thinks is a prestigious job in the frontier’s “finest kitchen,” but instead finds herself in a matchmaker’s agency . . .
Isaak Gunderson is one of Helena, Montana’s most eligible bachelors, but he’s too focused on running for mayor and his family’s business to think about a wife and family. His twin brother, Jakob, is supposed to be too busy as well, yet sends for a mail-order bride anyway. Isaak doesn’t want to fuel an ongoing rivalry with his twin, but this tempting newcomer can’t be ignored. If only she’d come to Helena a different way and loving her wasn’t a betrayal . . .

Click here to purchase your copy!

About the Author

Gina Welborn & Becca Whitham 

GINA WELBORN is the bestselling author of sixteen inspirational romances. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers, and serves on the ACFW Foundation Board. Sharing her husband’s passion for the premier American sports car, she is a lifetime member of the National Corvette Museum and a founding member of the Southwest Oklahoma Corvette Club. Gina lives with her husband, three of their five children, several rabbits and guinea pigs, and a dog that doesn’t realize rabbits and pigs are edible. Visit her online at

BECCA WHITHAM (WIT-um) Multi-published author, paper crafter, and Chai tea lover, Becca and her twelve-foot-long craft cabinet follow her husband of more than thirty years to wherever the army currently needs a chaplain. In between moves from one part of the country to the other, she writes stories of faith that touch the heart. She’s a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and a Genesis Contest finalist. Connect with her online at

Guest post from Gina & Becca

Dear Reader,
What’s better than fulfilling a dream? Why…taking the journey with a friend, of course. And we have the army to thank for it. Gina, whose father spent most of his army career at Fort Sill, had just moved back to Lawton, Oklahoma when Becca’s husband received orders to Sill. We were both looking for friendship and found a kindred spirit.
When we first conceived the Montana Brides series over Frappuccinos (Gina) and Chai Tea Lattes (Becca) at our local Starbucks, we set out to make our make our mail-order bride stories different.
The first thing we decided on was setting our series in Helena, Montana because, in 1888, the city boasted the most millionaires per capita in the United States. We liked the idea of a former mining town grown into a cultured city and that it wasn’t the usual isolated ranch setting for a Western.
We also wanted to create stories of mail-order bride romances gone wrong. In fact, our original series title was Mail (Dis) Order Brides. We brainstormed all the ways a mail-order bride story could go sideways and settled on our top three: a widow before a wife; two brothers, one bride; and a deceitful—though well-meaning—matchmaker. The Kitchen Marriage is the second book in this series and puts our heroine, Zoe de Fleur, between twin brothers, Isaak and Jakob Gunderson. Like our first bride, Emilia Stanek (The Promise Bride), Zoe shows up in town knowing no one. Does that sound familiar? As a former military kid and current military wife, we are very familiar with needing to start over, forge new friendships, and make strangers into family.
Thank you for taking a journey into the past with us. We pray you find our stories filled with hope, humor, and happily-ever-afters.
Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham

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To celebrate her their tour, Gina and Becca are giving away a copy of The Kitchen Marriage to ten lucky winners!!
Be sure to comment of the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.

My Review

A very different type of mail order bride story, especially when the perspective bride is lied to when she only reads French. Now who was the culprit who lied? Well, a delightful youngster who is very street smart, and becomes our Zoe’s unofficial brother, or a brother of the heart.
This is the second book in this series that I have read, and as enjoyable as the first. When our Zoe arrives, she is pledged to a twin brother, one who seems to like her and the other thinks she is a gold digger.
There is a theme of danger here, and if you read the first book you know what is happening, but if now there is enough information provided. Will Zoe find her happiness ever after? I found her speaking English with her French accent delightful, and she sure found food as a way into the hearts of the locals, but as you will see she needs to be careful of whom she trusts, not all are as they appear.
Will Jakob wake up and see what a treasure he is being offered, and will Isaak wake up and realize whom Zoe really is? There are answers here, but there is also danger, and our girl is way too trusting and loving!
A read you don’t want to miss, and yes, it can be read alone.

I received this book through Celebrate Lit, and was not required to give a positive review.

          Construction Crew Member - Morton Buildings - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Digging and installing footings, framing walls and roof structures, installing windows, entry and other doors and door openings, installing various siding and... $18 - $22 an hour
From Morton Buildings - Wed, 17 Oct 2018 03:08:47 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          Cryptocurrency mining surpasses energy consumption of entire countries – study      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Extracting a dollar’s worth of cryptocurrency requires up to three times more energy than digging up a dollar’s worth of gold, according to a new international study.
Read Full Article at
          Watch as the I-Team uncovers more so-called puppy mills in Ohio      Cache   Translate Page      
KNOX COUNTY, Ohio — The FOX 8 I-Team investigating even more local large volume dog breeders. Our first two reports sparked so many tips from you, we decided to do more digging. We found more dogs in the hills of Ohio Amish country as well as more state inspection reports, with breeders cited in the past for how they are raising the dogs they sell. So we continued to ask tough questions and tried to get a look at the […]
          Mining bitcoin uses more energy than Denmark: study      Cache   Translate Page      
Mining bitcoin uses more energy than Denmark: study#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000 Paris (AFP) Nov 5, 2018

Extracting a dollar's worth of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin from the deep Web consumes three times more energy than digging up a dollar's worth of gold, researchers said Monday. There are now hundreds of virtual currencies and an unknown number of server farms ... Reported by Terra Daily 4 hours ago.
          Construction Crew Member - Morton Buildings - Clinton, OK      Cache   Translate Page      
Must possess a valid driver’s license, Class B CDL is highly desired. Digging and installing footings, framing walls and roof structures, installing windows,... $16 - $20 an hour
From Morton Buildings - Wed, 17 Oct 2018 03:09:10 GMT - View all Clinton, OK jobs
          After Further Review: Packers vs. Patriots      Cache   Translate Page      

Ross will provide a few observations every Monday afternoon following a Packers game based on a few viewings of the condensed version of the game on NFL GamePass.  While this might not be the All-22 camera deep dive that might be more "educational", it should provide a conversation point for the rest of the week.

They were tied at 17 in the fourth quarter with the ball in Patriots territory.  Again, the team showed that they have the talent to play with anyone anywhere.  Throw out the injuries, throw out the bad call(s), throw out the Jones fumble yadda yadda yadda and the game was competitive.  The problem is there are no participation trophies.  There are only wins and losses (unless you are a Vikings fan then there are hypothetical chapmionships and stuff that you would've won if a bunch of teams didn't cheat).  They now have to win or not participate in the playoffs.  It's that simple.
Rodgers isn't quite there yet.  You can see it on the 3rd and 2 read option.  The DE is crashing.  A healthy Rodgers easily outruns that EDGE to the first down but he just can't.  He's spinning his wheels.   There are also a number of throws where he didn't step into them.  With all that said Rodgers is still on pace to throw for 5,084 yards, 30 TDs and 2 interceptions.  For all the talk about how "crap" he is and how terrible he's playing if Favre would've played like that at any point in his mid 30s we'd have throw him a parade.
NFL Categories: 
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  • 2 points