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          1,100 Camp Pendleton Marines to join border force blocking migrant caravan      Cache   Translate Page      
Approximately 1,100 Camp Pendleton Marines have been identified to assist Customs and Border Patrol Protection at the Southern Border as part of Operation Faithful Patriot, a Department of Defense spokesperson told NBC 7 on Sunday. These Marines are engineers and trained in construction for the military, the spokesperson said. At this time, they remain at Camp Pendleton awaiting orders to report to the border. Five San Diego military bases were selected by the DOD on Thursday to act as support installations, including Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Naval Base Coronado, Naval Base San Diego and Naval Base Point Loma.
          Yes, There's Still Something You Can Do Today Besides Voting      Cache   Translate Page      

We all want Trump and his servile, enabling Republicans to lose control of Congress. But many of us feel the Democrats are nothing more than the lesser evil, with a leadership that pursues opportunism and careerism rather than the party's values and principles. How do we change that? One way is to elect as many members of Congress we can who are not beholden to the corrupt party leadership. For example, these are progressive candidates who won their primaries and who the DCCC and Nancy Pelosi have refused to support:
Randy Bryce (WI-01)
Ammar Campa-Najjar (CA-50)
Audrey Denney (CA-01)
Kara Eastman (NE-02)
Kendra Fershee (WV-01)
Jess King (PA-11)
Nate MuMurray (NY-27)
J.D. Scholten (IA-04)
Mike Siegel (TX-10)
Dayna Steele (TX-36)
James Thompson (KS-04)
Instead, the DCCC and Pelosi are spending tens of millions of dollars on New Dems and Blue Dogs from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party, consciously shifting the congressional caucus in a sharply rightward.corporate direction-- in the opposite direction the Democratic base wishes it to move.

Today we have to deal with an existential problem-- Trump and his GOP enablers. But we should concentrate on making sure the progressives running for Congress today have every chance possible to win. Think back to when you were in school or the military or at summer camp. Did you have any pals back then who like in Omaha? Can you call them and ask them to vote for Kara Eastman? Sunday Kara told her supporters that her race "is one of the most closely watched in the entire country. Everyone’s eyes are on this district, waiting to see what happens on election day. If we can win here, it’s proof that our common-sense progressive platform can work around the rest of the country as well. We have grown this small grassroots movement into something bigger than all of us. We are ready to make history and create meaningful change in our country. Your vote matters. This race will be incredibly close, and we need you to show up and be counted on election day. Make sure you have a plan to get to the polls on Tuesday, November 6th and make your voice heard. Your vote would be the best birthday gift I could get this year." And her win would be a gift for every progressive in America. Think again... maybe you have a cousin in Omaha? No? Perhaps an old chum you haven't talk to in years who lives in Gretna or La Vista or Papillion? Today, only phone calls can help, not checks; too late for that.

How about someone who lives in Racine or Kenosha or Janesville, Wisconsin? Those are the 3 biggest towns in Randy Bryce's district. A persuasive GOTV call to someone you know, is worth more than any financial contribution right now. Maybe someone who moved to Elkhorn or Burlington? Lake Geneva? Muskego? Or maybe the suburbs south of Milwaukee-- Oak Creek, Franklin, Greendale, Caldonia? This is going to be a close race. Every vote counts.

In western New York, there's a big space with lots of suburbs and small towns between Buffalo and Rochester. Anyone you know up there who you could talk to about Nate McMurray. Most people who hear that Chris Collins is an extreme Trumpist and that he was arrested for corruption charges and is out on bail, are very open to hearing reasons to vote for Nate McMurray.

Same in Escondido, Ramona, Lakeside, Santee and the other suburbs east and north of San Diego. And Temecula... and the eastern parts of El Cajon-- that's all Ammar Campa-Najjar's district, where the incumbent, Druncan Hunter, is also an extreme Trumpist out on bail after being arrested by the FBI.

And on the exact opposite end of California, up in the northeast... maybe you know someone with a phone who moved to Grass Valley? Oroville, Redding, Chico, Paradise, Yreka, Red Bluff? Someone living on a houseboat in Lake Shasta or Goose Lake? That's all part of CA-01, where Berniecrat Audrey Denney is making tremendous headway against Doug LaMalfa and can use every vote she can get.

Don't tell me you don't know anyone in Austin. Everyone does... just think. Mike Siegel's district includes lots of Austin neighborhoods-- The Triangle, Rosedale, Ridge Top, Coronado Hills, St Johns, Broadacres, Brentwood, Oakmont Heights, Balcones Park, Abercrombe, Skyview, Crestview, Allandale, Wooten, North Shoal Creek, Mesa Forest, Quail Hollow, Gracywoods, North Oaks, up into Pflugerville and then out towards Houston in towns like Bastrop, La Grange, Brenham, Sealy, Weimar, as well as towns like Tombatt, Cypress, Prairie View and Fairfield on the outskirts of Houston. Mike's race to replace the Trumpist incumbent-- who helped formulate the babies in cages policy-- is going to depend on getting people to come out to vote today in those Austin neighborhoods, Houston suburbs and everything in between. Know anyone there you could call?

And on the other side of Houston... maybe you know someone from a past life who went to work for NASA? Dayna Steele's race is going to be decided tonight by voters in Seabook, Deer Park, Channelview, Sheldon and Crosby on the outskirts of Houston-- as well as by folks living in La Porte, Baytown, Beach City and up in Lumberton, Liberty, Livingston, Jasper, Bon Wier (right on the Louisiana border), Kirbyville, and in the Beaumont suburbs like Vidor and Rose City.

Maybe you know people in Lancaster, Pennsylvania or up in Ephrata or Elizabethtown or down in Hanover in York County. Call them and persuade them to vote for Jess King.

Is it possible you know someone teaching at Iowa State in Ames? Steve King's district isn't 100% farmland. Anyone in your phonebook from Sioux City? Mason City? Forest City? Rockwell City? How about Fort Dodge or Pocahontas? For J.D. to win today, he's going to need votes from all those places. Think! Anyone? A sister's old boyfriend? The coach of your high school basketball team?

Maybe coach moved to Kansas, not Iowa. James Thomson's district is mostly Wichita and Sedgewick County but he's going to need whatever votes he can pick up in Eureka, Howard nd Sedan in the east, Kinsley, Greensburg, Goldwater in the west and towns like Kingman, Medicine Lodge and Winfield in between.

That leaves us with the toughest district we're trying to flip this cycle, WV-01 (PVI R+19), where Kendra Fershee is running a progressive campaign in a district where Bernie did incredibly well. It includes Wheeling, Parkersburg and Morgantown (West Virginia University's Evansdale campus). Maybe an old babysitter? I used to volunteer at a People for the American Way office and I met a young woman there who helped me figure out what I was doing. She lives in that district now. In fact... she's the candidate!

A friend of mine, Richard Foos, worked with his wife and Ted Lieu and another friend of ours, Jody Uttal, and me, to put on a fundraising event for Ammar Campa-Najjar and Randy Bryce. We raised them each some money but that didn't feel proactive enough for Richard. He wanted to do something way more visceral. So... he called a dozen friends, printed up some voter guides and called up Katie Hill's campaign manager and offered to stand outside a dozen polling places and hand out the guides. He's done it before-- and it works, especially well for down-ballot candidates and propositions on the ballot. I asked him to explain what it's like doing this kind of volunteer work. He told me he believes "that the most effective thing we can do today is to work at a polling place with a three fold plus purpose.
1) hand out voter guides for the congressional Dems (not as important for the congressional race, but very important for down ballot candidates, non-partisan candidates and propositions.
2) Catch any voter irregularities by ensuring all Dems successfully voted on the way out of the polls.
3) Check the voter roles which are posted inside the polling place every couple hours and tell headquarters who has not voted yet so that they can get their GOTV team to remind the ones who didn't vote to do so.
I am going to be doing it for Katie Hill’s campaign and if interested email Otherwise call your local Dem office or congressional candidate’s campaign headquarters."

Voter Suppression by Nancy Ohanian

          DWT California Voter Guide For Tuesday (Reprise)      Cache   Translate Page      

We published this a few weeks ago for early voters but I figured I'd run it again-- with a bonus video at the end-- for Californians going to the polls on Tuesday. First and foremost on our list is the U.S. Senate race, in which we strongly back Kevin de León against fossilized conservative incumbent Dianne Feinstein.

Goal ThermometerWe don't usually back better of two evil candidates-- which is what the Democratic Party usually encourages, particularly on the federal level. But, this year, because of the existential threat from Trump, we are doing just that. Vote for every Democrat and against every Republican-- even for candidates as lacking in anything to recommend them as Andrew Janz and Gil Cisneros. There I said it!. That said, we are genuinely excited about some Democrats, especially Katie Porter, the progressive running in Orange County (CA-45), Ammar Campa-Najjar, the progressive running for Congress in San Diego County (CA-50) and Jovanka Beckles, the progressive running for state Assembly in the East Bay. All of our California faves are on the Blue America thermometer on the right. Prediction: Gavin Newsom will win and any progressive who voted for him will be very, very sorry. For state Superintendent of Schools, there's a really good candidate: Tony Thurmond and a really bad canddiate, the charter school guy, Marshall Tuck. OK, that's the easy stuff. Now the statewide propositions:
Prop 1- YES-- authorizes $4 billion in bonds to fund affordable housing for low-income families, seniors, people with disabilities, farmworkers and veterans.
Prop 2- YES-- authorizes $2 billion in bonds to provide supportive housing (i.e. ,mental health and drug rehab) for homeless Californians with mental illness.
Prop 3- NO-- an $8 billion boondoggle for Big Agriculture, while causing environmental problems.
Prop 4- YES-- authorizes $1.5 billion in bonds to fund building, renovating and equipping children’s hospitals.
Prop 5- NO-- another boondoggle, this one for wealthy developers and older rich homeowners-- expands Prop 13.
Prop 6- NO-- overturns the increase in gas taxes and vehicle fees that fund transportation infrastructure. Bad for Climate Change and deincentivizes electric car development.
Prop 7- YES or NO-- empowers the legislature to adopt permanent daylight saving time, eliminating standard time in the future if it Congress gives the OK.
Prop 8- YES-- requires notoriously profiteering dialysis centers to stop cheating their patients and to accept Medicare and Medicaid without discrimination.
Prop 10- YES-- allows cities, towns and counties to pass and strengthen rent control laws by repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.
Prop 11- NO-- An anti-union proposal that allows private ambulance companies to require workers to remain on-call during meal and rest breaks.
Prop 12- YES-- an animal welfare measure set ting reasonable minimum floor space for pigs, calves and hens at one square foot.

L.A. County has Measure W, an excellent idea to fund rainwater capture, cleaning and storage projects in order to grow the county's local water supply. Vote YES.

And the city of L.A. has two measures, both worth supporting. Measure B amends the City’s charter to permit Los Angeles to establish a public bank. Vote YES.

Measure E sets the City’s primary election on the same date as the State’s primary election. Vote YES.

          Business Development Assistant/ Office Support      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Urban Systems Associates, Inc. Urban Systems is a small to mid-size regional traffic engineering firm specializing in Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering and Intelligent Transportation Solutions. Our office is located in the Mira Mar in the City of San Diego. Our firm has been in business for 36 years with clients throughout Southern California and beyond. Our clients span the industry fr
          RIC Names Malkin Business Development Manager in California      Cache   Translate Page      
RIC Insurance General Agency has named Brittany Malkin business development manager. She will work to expand their commercial and personal lines marketing efforts, and work primarily with California retail insurance agents in Orange County and San Diego. Malkin previously worked …
          Sales for Reva Medical up in Q3 following launch of bioresorbable scaffold      Cache   Translate Page      

Shares in Reva Medical (ASX:RVA) rose today after the medical device maker posted its third-quarter financial results. The San Diego, Calif.-based company recorded a net loss of -$9 million on sales of $93,000 for the 3 months ended Sept. 30, for sales growth of 447% compared with the same period last year. Earnings per share were -22¢. […]

The post Sales for Reva Medical up in Q3 following launch of bioresorbable scaffold appeared first on MassDevice.

          Pat Riley Net Worth      Cache   Translate Page      

Patrick James Riley, simply known as Pat Riley, is a famous American basketball coach, a former professional basketball player, as well as a basketball executive. Pat Riley joined the NBA league in 1967, when he was chosen to play for the San Diego “Rockets” team during the NBA Draft. As a player, Pat Riley also …

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          cajero vendedor - Farmacias del Ahorro - Puebla, Pue.      Cache   Translate Page      
La Recta, Cholula, Cholula centro, San Diego, Forjadores. Descripción del empleo*.... $4,500 - $5,000 al mes
De Indeed - Tue, 09 Oct 2018 15:16:42 GMT - Ver todos los empleos en Puebla, Pue.
          In-Store Sales Representative - CAE INC. - San Diego, CA      Cache   Translate Page      
We are looking for entry level trainees to join our team! Relaxed company culture that is exciting, fun and social.... $13 - $17 an hour
From Indeed - Tue, 06 Nov 2018 22:02:55 GMT - View all San Diego, CA jobs
          Biocept Announces New Executive Hires to its Sales and Marketing Organization      Cache   Translate Page      
Appoints Scott Nicholson as Vice President of National Sales - US; Cory Dunn as Vice President of Marketing SAN DIEGO, Nov. 5, 2018 -- (Healthcare Sales & Marketing Network) -- Biocept, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOC), a leading commercial provider of liquid biops...
Diagnostics, Oncology, Personnel
Biocept, liquid biopsy, Target Selector, progesterone receptor
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Covergirl se reinventa. La marca quiere celebrar e impulsar la autoconfianza, la inclusión y la expresión única de la personalidad y por eso, este mes llega con una nueva imageny unos lanzamientos especiales.

Además comparte esta noticia con una alianza con la marca de moda éxito Arkitect, porque nada como la conexión inseparable de la moda y el maquillaje. En tres t-shirts de colores universales alusivos a la marca, con acabados especiales, los diseñadores expresaron la declaración de la marca “I am what I make up” de una forma muy estética para que al mezclarse con el estilo de cada uno se logren unos looks incleíbles.

Esta selección limitada de camisetas están disponibles a partir del 6 de noviembre en 22 almacenes del país* y por la compra de cada camiseta se entregará un descuento de $5.000 en los productos de maquillaje covergirl. También se pueden adquirir a través de

Nuevos lanzamientos de Covergirl: 

Supersizer Big Curl, esta pestañina proporciona 400% más volumen y un encrespado inmediato. Perfecta para todos los que usan lentes de contacto o tienen sensibilidad, ya que es oftalmológicamente testeada. ¡Atrévete a tener una mirada más impactante!

El modo de uso es muy simple, aplica en todas las pestañas desde la raíz y luego vuelve a aplicar una segunda capa si deseas más volumen.

Dentro de la nueva colección Superziser, se encuentran los labiales Melting Pout matte, con una fórmula cremosa, de larga duración y alto pigmento.  Dejan tus labios perfectos para cualquier ocasión, sin transferencia y con un acabado mate perfecto para cualquier look. Cinco tonos diferentes disponibles, para la más femenina, hasta la más atrevida. ¡Anímate a probarlos!

Este 2018 volvió el clásico Smokey eye. Por esto, Covergirl presenta su nueva paleta de sombras Trunaked Smoky, con colores satinados, brillantes y mate para lograr el smokey eye perfecto. Pierde el miedo a usar colores oscuros, ¡es muy fácil!

Para hacer un smokey eye no necesitas ser una maquilladora profesional, se deben tener en cuenta los pasos esenciales y ¡difuminar! La clave esta en construir el color poco a poco para que los colores se mezclen fácilmente y no se vea una línea fuerte y marcada.

Dentro de la línea Vitalist healthy elixir, llegan dos productos a complementar el look. El corrector de Vitalist y el polvo. Ambos productos contienen vitamina E, B3 Y B5, perfectas para proporcionar hidratación a la piel y conservar su luminosidad. Contienen una fórmula ligera, para que los productos no se sientan pesados en la piel.

*Medellín: Envigado, Poblado, Bello, Laureles, Colombia, Unicentro Medellín, San Diego,
Bogotá: Colina, Chapinero, Norte, Calle 80, Unicentro Bogotá, Fontanar Chía.
Ibagué: Ibagué
Cali: San Fernando, Castellana Cartagena, Chipichape, Ipiales
Bucaramanga: Oriental, Cabecera.
Barranquilla: Barranquilla, Buenavista.

          San Diego Key Replacement Now Delivers Car Transponder Key Replacement as One of Its Listed Services      Cache   Translate Page      
          My Big Gay Porn Career      Cache   Translate Page      
My Big Gay Porn Career
Release Year: 2009
Cast: Matt Woods, Enrique, Nick Ho, Tapher Blaze, Turbo, Victor Tongo
Genres: Bareback, Anal, Oral, Cumshots, Interracial, Twinks, Rimming, Outdoor, Compilation
Video language: English

San Diego's sexiest sailor Matt Woods, of the Woods Twins. Reviews five of his hottest twink scenes with Asian, Latino, and white twink co-stars. All eager to eat out that so sexy sailor ass! Hardcore sucking fucking and cum shots round out this twink treasure.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:57:44
Video: 576x416, XviD, 1544kbps
Audio: 125kbps

My Big Gay Porn Career My Big Gay Porn Career
My Big Gay Porn Career My Big Gay Porn Career

My Big Gay Porn Career
File size: 1.4 GB

My Big Gay Porn Career

My Big Gay Porn Career
          Labor Attorneys      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, a national law firm, is seeking junior, mid-level and experienced Employment/Labor Attorneys for its San Diego office. Ideal candidates must have 1-12 years of employment litigation experience. (Traditional Union/Management experience is a plus.) Qualifications Candidate must have exceptional personal interaction skills Excellent analytical and academic credentials S
          Akıllı telefon çocukların ruh sağlığına zararlı      Cache   Translate Page      
Akıllı telefon çocukların ruh sağlığına zararlı
- ABD'deki San Diego Eyalet ve Georgia üniversitelerinin ortak çalışmasına göre çocukların, akıllı telefon ve tablet gibi cihazlara erken yaşta erişimi ...

          Outstanding Powerpoint Presentation on All Things FBAR Penalties (Procopio #1) (11/5/18)      Cache   Translate Page      
I post a Powerpoint Presentation (in pdf format), here, that was offered at the 14th Annual University Of San Diego School Of Law Procopio International Tax Institute last week.  The panel was titled "Summer of Norman, Wahdan, Colliot:Defending Title 31 FBAR penalties: Pre and Post-Assessment, IRS & DOJ Policies and Strategy," and the panelists were
  • Caroline D. Ciraolo, of Kostelanetz & Fink, here.
  • Robert S. Horwitz of Hochman Salkin Toscher & Perez PC, here.
  • Patrick W. Martin of Procopio, et al., here
This is really a great current discussion on all facets of FBARS, including
  • FBAR penalties, 
  • FBAR penalty assessments, 
  • the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure programs, 
  • FBAR Audits and Litigation (including Government collection suits and FBAR penalty refund suits), 
  • FBAR willfulness and reasonable cause, 
  • FBAR administrative collection
  • And more.
When getting permission to post this, I did engage in discussing with the authors one issue related to pp. 32&33 of the PowerPoint.  The FBAR penalty refund suit as stand alone litigation is not a trial to the judge; no jury trial is available.  The FBAR penalty collection suit can be tried to a jury.  Now, as tax lawyers are familiar, subject to the Flora full payment rule in much tax litigation, when the taxpayer files a proper tax refund suit after not paying the full amount (perhaps for other events or years), the Government will counterclaim for the unpaid balance.  For example, in TFRP cases, the putative responsible person can make partial payment and the Government will counterclaim.  The counterclaim is a collection suit in response to the refund suit.  Applying those concepts to the FBAR context (although outside Title 26), in theory the FBAR penalty refund case should be decided by the judge, and the counterclaim / collection case could be tried to a jury if either side demanded a jury.  That is an odd situation and at least offers the theoretical possibility, if not mitigated somehow, that the judge could reach a decision on the refund case that is inconsistent with the jury verdict on the counterclaim / collection case.  I say it is theoretical, because I think it would be unlikely for practical reasons.  Still:

1.  All sorts of strange possibilities arise from the theoretical possibility.  For example, if the refund suit with counterclaim goes to trial, does the judge decide the refund suit with findings of fact and conclusions of law required by FRCP Rule 52(a) and the jury decide the counterclaim?

2.  Perhaps Beacon Theatres v. Westover, 359 U.S. 500 (1959), involving related claims which were, supposedly, jury trial and non-jury trials.  Those wanting to chase down that issue should read this case and see whether it really offers guidance, which, if applicable, might suggest that the presence of a counterclaim with right of jury trial forces the refund suit into a jury trial or, alternatively, requires that the jury trial on the counterclaim be tried first with potential collateral estoppel or res judicata effects on the refund claim.

3.  At least in theory, the burden imposed on the taxpayer in a refund suit is different than the burden in a collection suit, so that, since the counterclaim in a refund suit a collection suit, the burdens in the same suit are different.  That phenomenon likely would not occur in FBAR penalty refund and counterclaim suits, because the Government bears the burden of proof on the penalty.

This is sort of like the eternal reductio ad absurdum of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  Still, because of real world consequences, some litigants and some courts may someday have to grapple with that the refund /counterclaim issue.
          Quality Assurance Manager      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, We are seeking a Quality Assurance Manager to join our team. The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for establishing/monitoring a corporate quality assurance system. Continuous improvement efforts and defect reduction initiatives to establish an effective Quality Management System (QMS); initiate and implement quality improvement activities as appropriate (e.g. Kaizen, Six Sigma) to raise th
          San Diego Gulls Add Soy      Cache   Translate Page      
SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Gulls announced today that the American Hockey League (AHL) club has recalled center Tyler Soy from the Tulsa Oilers of the ... - AHL San Diego Gulls
          Anaheim Recalls De Leo      Cache   Translate Page      
SAN DIEGO - The Anaheim Ducks announced today that the National Hockey League (NHL) club has recalled center Chase De Leo from the San Diego Gulls, An... - AHL San Diego Gulls
          Research Associate II, In Vivo Drug Metabolism - San Diego, CA      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, By clicking the “Apply” button, I understand that my employment application process with Takeda will commence and that I agree with Takeda’s Privacy Notice, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Job Description Are you looking for a patient-focused company that will inspire you and support your career? If so, be empowered to take charge of your future at Takeda. Join us as a Research Associate II, In V
          Mitek Appoints Max Carnecchia as Chief Executive Officer      Cache   Translate Page      
SAN DIEGO, Nov. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mitek Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MITK,, a global leader in mobile capture and digital identity verification solutions, announced today that Max Carnecchia has been named Chief Executive Officer and appointed to the company’s Board of Directors, effective immediately.  Mr. Carnecchia brings decades of success leading enterprise software, […]
          Agricultural Underwriter - USA-CA-San Diego      Cache   Translate Page      
Agricultural Underwriter (#1,178,981,232) Job offer #1,178,981,232 in San Diego (California) USA LINQM has been engaged by a client to help with a FTE position for an AG Underwriter sitting in their S...
          New Hillcrest Coffee Shop with Amazing Build-Out! in San Diego California      Cache   Translate Page      

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! The sellers of this coffee shop invested over $500,000 in the build-out of this incredible space. Located in one of the most sought after areas of Hillcrest, this business has it all. State of the art equipment, brand new high-quality furniture, the 2000sqft. space provides customers with an amazing atmosphere to enjoy their coffee drinks, pastries, breakfast, or lunch dishes. Customers may sit at the beautifully designed bar, on the comfy couches and chairs, or enjoy the sun on the enclosed patio. There is even a separate space perfect for a small retail store or buyer can sublease to a local artist, baker, or small business owner to subsidize the rent. Talk about untapped potential! Do not miss this opportunity! For additional information, please contact listing agent Mark Flores at 760-809-1540 for NDA.
          Profitable Semi-Absentee Franchise - 2 Locations in San Diego County California      Cache   Translate Page      

Semi-Absentee two location franchise opportunity available for immediate acquisition in the San Diego market. Seller only spends 10 hours per week in the stores and another 10 hours from home doing book keeping and ordering supplies. Gross sales in 2017 were $884k with a net profit of $128k. Both revenue and net profit have been consistently trending upward. Menu includes fresh all-natural juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. One location along the I-15 corridor was recently remodeled and has been furnished with $70k of new equipment, signage and fresh look and feel. The other location has been owned by the seller for over 10 years and is centrally located in San Diego near major shopping malls and freeways. Both locations have an established customer base and trained staff. This business will sell very quickly. For additional information, please contact listing agent Sean Seaman at 858-472-3297.
          SBA Pre-Approved and E2 Visa Qualified Restaurant in San Diego County, San Diego California      Cache   Translate Page      

Established restaurant with verifiable financials that is SBA pre-qualified and E2 Visa qualified. Beautiful decor with excellent location and reputation. Currently open for dinner only, this restaurant has been in business for over 5 years with an increase in revenue and profit each year. This purchase includes highly valuable ABC Type 41 License. Seller is relocating back to his home country. For additional information, please contact listing agent Shawn Ko at 760-473-1187.
          Children’s drink line launches in Target      Cache   Translate Page      

San Diego-based Villager Goods launched Little Villager, a low-sugar and flavorful organic beverage for kids. Co-founded by active and health-conscious parents Josh Landan and Jeff Hansson, Villager Goods is also owned in partnership with a team of professional surf, skateboard, and snowboard athlete investor-ambassadors.

          Email Marketing Programmer      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Job Description Junior Email Marketing Programmer (San Diego) Description: Seeking a Junior Email Marketing Programmer to join our talented team. The position is primarily responsible for coding email messages in HTML and Text formats, and creating corresponding web pages in CMS. Secondary job function is to assist with testing or building final campaigns for launch in the company's email service
          Universal Call Center Representative I/II      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, USE Credit Union Job ID 2018-1188 Job Locations US-CA-San Diego Category Call Center Type Regular Full-Time More information about this job Overview Are you Service-Driven and Innovative? USE's Member Service Center is the perfect place for you! As a Universal Call Center Representative, you'll have the chance to build deep member relationships and create personalized solutions. Become part of a t
          Cluster of life science offices sell for $112 million      Cache   Translate Page      

A Boston company bought a cluster of San Diego office buildings this week for $112 million, one of the biggest local real estate sales of the year.

The cluster of 12 buildings had been owned by San Diego-based Parallel Capital Partners, a real estate investment firm. The total area sold equals...

          Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do This Week      Cache   Translate Page      
Unusual, offbeat, quirky events you might not otherwise know about. by Stranger Things To Do Staff To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary events from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from Goodwill's 35th Annual Glitter Sale to an Armistice Day Centennial Commemoration, and from Good Mourning: An Interactive Arts Festival About Grief to Pray for Snow.



1. Civic Cocktail: Protecting Orcas + Election Review
For this installment of Civic Cocktail, Q13 News analyst C.R. Douglas and Seattle Times reporter Lynda Mapes will serve as guest panelists in a discussion on two important topics: Southern Resident Killer Whale recovery and a review of the midterm elections (during which time Pramila Jayapal, KTTH radio host Jason Rantz, and Seattle University political science professor Marco Lowe will join in).


2. Far Out
Saturate your eyeballs with sweeping views of a remote and largely unexplored mountain range, the Albanian Alps, as well as the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia, the Crazy Mountains in Montana, the Slovenian Alps, Jackson Hole, and more, as explored by athletic adventurers. Proceeds from the screening will benefit the Northwest Avalanche Center.

3. The Reluctant Radical
Environmental activist Ken Ward commits crimes against the fossil fuel industry in order to fight against climate change. Join Ward himself, along with filmmaker Lindsey Grayzel, for a post-film Q&A.

4. Somm 3: Seattle Premiere
Three wine connoisseurs meet in Paris to drink the rarest bottles of vin, while blind tasters in New York settle an age-old argument about the drink. This screening of Somm 3 will also feature a Q&A with three newly minted Seattle sommeliers, as well as a Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon toast.


5. New Belgium and Theo's Beer and Chocolate Pairing
Sate your chocolate cravings with a side of suds, with four New Belgium Brewing beers paired with four chocolates from Theo Chocolate.

6. A Night of Coffee Beers feat. Caffe Vita
Seattle loves its coffee and its beer, so Redhook has combined the two for their two coffee beers: Kaffenator, a small-batch coffee dopplebock made in collaboration with Caffe Vita, and Continuous Revelation Coffee IPA, a new limited release. They'll have both available for happy hour, along with food pairings and Caffe Vita swag and coffee samples.

7. Plenty Pop-Up: Indoor Farmed Produce for a Sustainable Future
Try sustainably grown, "hyper-local" produce from Plenty's vertical indoor farm 20 miles away from the city.

8. Science of Coffee: Sustainability
At this workshop hosted by Onda Coffee and Ada's, listen to environment and agriculture experts discuss how climate change is affecting the future of coffee and how sustainable farming practices can help.

9. Scotch and Oysters
Indulge in the somewhat peculiar pairing of briny oysters and peaty Scotch.


10. Harry Potter Trivia
Take advantage of an opportunity to briefly escape the muggle world at this Harry Potter trivia night.


11. ElectroThrust
Watch sexy persons pay tribute to electronica with signature slinky moves. Admire Jonny Porkpie (your MC), Queen Inga, Dee Flowered (all the way from Georgia)!, Di Lovely (from San Diego!), Indy Fire (Denver), and many other beauties from across the US and even that most torrid of countries, Canada.

12. SuicideGirls: Blackheart Burlesque
SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque promises a "geeky twist" on burlesque performance, with pop culture references including Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Stranger Things, and Rick & Morty.


13. ALT Poetry Reading and Open Mic
Head to a night of poetry readings with A Gallo-Brown, L Swartz, and T Clear, and read your own in an open mic if you're brave.

14. L.A. Kauffman: How to Read a Protest
At this Town Hall talk, author and activist L.A. Kauffman will outline the history of America's most important protest movements from the 1963 March on Washington on. If you're curious about whether protests achieve anything, how they've changed, and what messages they carry, this is for you.

15. Paul Dorpat and Jean Sherrard on Now and Then
Historian Paul Dorpat has been collecting photo columns in Seattle for years. Join him as he presents a retrospective of his work—you'll learn some interesting things about the historical trajectory of Seattle.

16. Suzanne M. Wolfe: A Murder by Any Name
If you love historical fiction set in Elizabethan England, join Suzanne M. Wolfe as she reads from her latest novel about the murder of Queen Elizabeth I's most beloved lady-in-waiting, A Murder by Any Name.

17. Suzanne Matson: Ultraviolet
In Suzanne Matson’s new novel, Ultraviolet, we meet three generations of women in 1930s India. Hear the author read.



18. Good Mourning: An Interactive Arts Festival About Grief
This series invites artists from Seattle and beyond to show work across mediums that addresses grief. Pieces include a panel from the NAMES Project's AIDS memorial quilt; a video game called "Loss Levels" by digital artist Dan Hett; a community art piece called "Arts & Casket," where visitors can decorate a cardboard cremation casket; zines by Christina Tran; a soft sculpture by Elise Bernal; jewelry about "parental fears" by Sara Eileen; and more.
Opening Wednesday



19. Eli Wolff
Eli Wolff takes off on cartoons, horror movies, video games, and other childhood influences to craft fun monster-y art.
Closing reception Saturday

20. Visions of Pasifika: Light from Another World
This exhibit focuses on Pacific Islander artists, incorporating tradition while looking to the future.
Closing Sunday


21. On the Battlefront and the Homefront: Rentonites in the Great War
Discover how Rentonites took part in World War I, whether by enlisting or by working on the home front as farmers, draft board workers, or nurses.


22. The 35th Annual Olympia Film Festival
The 35th Annual Olympia Film Festival will work with the theme “Inclusion, Independence, Discovery,” with 50 features and shorts created by a diverse range of filmmakers and artists.


23. Roald Dahl's 'Matilda'
A psychokinetic genius girl faces down an evil, bullying school principal in the musical based on Roald Dahl's messed-up kids' novel.



24. Art for All Ball
Enjoy an evening of "Painting! Music! Poetry! Performance! Community! Bubbles! Dinner! Dancing!" with Path With Art students (all of whom are working to overcome homelessness, addiction, and other trauma) as they celebrate 10 years of creativity.

25. Intro to Calligraphy
Impress your holiday card recipients by learning to write out the alphabet in beautiful, swirly strokes.


26. From the CEO's Perspective
A panel of CEOs (Scott McFarlane of Avalara, Sharelle Klaus of Dry Soda Co., and Aaron Easterly of will talk about how their Northwest businesses are addressing the tough times brought on by our current administration.

27. Honoring the Wisdom of Our Elders
Local Native elders will share their stories and experiences.


28. Free Screening of “Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey”
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center will screen the award-winning documentary Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey, about one very courageous and pioneering mountain climber, as a "thank you" to the Fred Hutch-affiliated organization Climb to Fight.

29. Hecklevision: Dune
a If you haven't playfully jeered—if not aggressively ridiculed—the screen while watching David Lynch's film adaption of Dune, we respect your tolerance for cheesiness. If you have, here's your chance to send your heckling texts straight to the big screen for the rest of the audience to enjoy.


30. American Purple Limited Edition Release
Be the first to try Elysian's new extremely limited American Purple beer, an American-Style Flanders Red aged in Chardonnay barrels with blackberry puree and a blend of yeasts, and tap into your painterly side with art supplies to customize your own growler.


31. The Detention Lottery
In this educational and interactive theater project, you or your randomly selected fictional family member from the audience will be detained and have to stand before an immigration judge, who will determine your fate.

32. Pregnancy and Infant Loss: A Night of Storytelling
As part of Good Mourning: An Interactive Arts Festival About Grief, Stephanie Dethlefs, Heather Paul, Sam IAm, Ella Jarman-Pinto, and Elena Martinez will perform stories about miscarriage and infant loss.


33. David Skover: Robotica
Local authors David Skover and Ronald Collins will explore the relationship bettween "machine speech" and artificial intelligence in relation to free speech. The authors ask: "Is robotic expression 'speech' within the meaning of the First Amendment?"

34. Dr. Tilman Ruff: Safeguarding Health and Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe
Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility will host Dr. Tilman Ruff for a talk titled "Safeguarding Health and Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe."

35. An Evening with Grace Bonney
Join Design*Sponge founder and In the Company of Women author Grace Bonney for a reception and live taping for the first season of her new podcast, discussing various challenges faced by entrepreneurs and creatives. The event will also celebrate the release of the second issue of her new magazine, Good Company (the "Fearless Issue").

36. Jill Lightner: Scraps, Peels, and Stems
According to the organizers, every person in the United States throws out nearly 20 pounds of food each month. Join Jill Lightner, author of Scraps, Peels, and Stems, for some tips on how to make use of all that good stuff.

37. NW Literary Survival Kit
Expand your knowledge of Northwest authors with the best teachers in town: Local librarians.

38. Renee Simms: Meet Behind Mars
Welcome Renee Simms, who teaches African American Studies at the University of Puget Sound, for a reading of her first book of stories, which covers a variety of genres (realist, satirical, and "fabulist" according to novelist Dr. Asali Solomon) with African American characters.

39. Sarah Cannon: The Shame of Losing
At the age of 32, Sarah Cannon's husband Matt was badly injured by a falling tree branch. In this memoir, which she'll read from tonight, the prominent Edmonds-based essayist uses diary entries, introspective letters, and other non-linear devices to flesh out themes of pain, loss, and difficult choices.


40. Pray for Snow
Summon a snowy winter on the mountain by busting out your '80s neon ski garb, dancing to live music by Nite Wave, seeing an "epic ski film" and a retro ski fashion show, and filling up on fried confections in a Twinkie Roast. Proceeds will benefit the Northwest Avalanche Center.



41. American Horror Story: Drag Show
Admit it, American Horror Story has been screaming for a drag tribute ever since the ghost in the gimp suit showed up in Season One. Irene Dubois and SHE will host this post-Halloween fright fest, featuring special guest Bosco.

42. Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker
A cast of touring ballet dancers from Moscow will take their 26th tour across the United States to perform the Great Russian Nutcracker, which promises puppets and amazing costumes.



43. Michael Doyle: Pantry
Explore domestic spaces and more with Michael Doyle's paintings and works on paper.
Closing Saturday



44. Burlycon
Meet and learn from experienced burlesque performers at this four-day educational convention. Special guests include Brandy Wilde (the first burlesque dancer of Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse Paris), Angie Pontani, and Lisa Petrucci.

45. LIFT
The action of LIFT takes place over a mere minute among riders of a London tube passing through Covent Garden, but this time stretches through the mental existence of the characters. Gregory Award-winning actor/director Richard Gray will direct.

46. Much Ado About Nothing
Continuing their "Pursuit" series, indie company Fern Shakespeare will stage Much Ado About Nothing with an all-womxn cast. Everything ends well in this comedy of hearsay, but not before gossip and malice nearly ruin some innocent lives.



47. Washington Wild Photography Exhibition with Stretch and Staple
Washington Wild and Snapshot Collective will collaborate on an exhibition of wildlife photography, with proceeds benefitting the preservation of local lands and waters.

48. Homelessness: the Disgrace of a Wealthy Nation
Keith Artz's installation inside the Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, which has hosted a tent city and hosts a shelter, addresses one of the most urgent problems in our city.
Closing Friday


49. Adultarama
Two Seattle comics will make jokes about growing up.


50. Adult Swim
If you have kids, leave 'em at home and experience the Seattle Aquarium after hours. KEXP DJ Troy Nelson will spin party jams, and you can enjoy you fill of drinks and hors d’oeuvres while you visit with a giant Pacific octopus, among other things.

51. Coastal Carnivore Conservation in the Pacific Northwest
Join the Raincoast Conservation Foundation for an evening dedicated to permanently protecting the coastal carnivores of the Great Bear Rainforest.


52. Wine Women & Shoes
For wine enthusiasts and shoe fetishists of Sex and the City proportions, this fundraiser raising money for foster kids in Washington will include wine and culinary tastings, auctions, shopping, a raffle, a "Best in Shoe" competition, a fashion show, and hunky "Shoe Guys."


53. Meaningful Movies: To Err Is Human
At this Meaningful Movies screening, see a documentary about "the silent epidemic" of patient harm and other flaws in the US healthcare system.


54. Essen Import Party
Open your game-loving mind to titles from all over the world, as showcased in Essen, Germany's SPIEL trade show.


55. Beyonce vs. Rihanna
Dance to the hits of two R&B/hiphop icons, Beyoncé and Rihanna.

56. Nearly Dan
Steely Dan were one of the smartest bands to consistently rack up platinum records. They got away with singing blisteringly acerbic lyrics and executing complex key changes and tricky time signatures while accruing crazy air time on commercial radio, back when that meant something. So a band dedicated to paying tribute to Steely Dan has to be sharper than your typical homage outfit. Nearly Dan’s 12 members (who’ve played with Ray Charles, the Four Tops, the Temptations, Gladys Knight, and, most importantly, Huey Lewis) are up to the task, interpreting the hits and deep cuts with a professionalism that would impress Donald Fagen and the late Walter Becker’s accountants. DAVE SEGAL


57. Abby London is "Miss-Chievous"
Idahoan musician Abby London will bring her one-woman variety show filled with "costumes, baton, piano, guitar, vocals, and then some" to Greenwood.

58. Epicuriositease: A Sampling of Earthly Delights
Kevin Incroyable will host a night of live music, burlesque, and circus arts, paired with an optional wine tasting. Your slinky purveyors of visual pleasure will be La Petite Mort, Nina Nightshade, Sage Viniconis, Holly Dai, and Anna Clara Buoyant.

59. The Lalas
The Lalas of LA, seen in Justin Timberlake videos and at the Emmys, promise a sexy, interactive, comedic show.

60. Watch What Crappens
A podcast for Bravo junkies and skeptics will visit Seattle fans. Hosts Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam are guaranteed to go into exhaustive detail.


61. Blair Imani: Modern HerStory
Blair Imani will be ready to educate you with her book Modern HerStory, all about the women, people of color, queers, disabled people, and others who've been sidelined by traditional narratives of progress.

62. Coffee & Concepts
UW School of Drama hosts this series of talks by scholars and practitioners, aimed at students and the general public. The series will wrap up with drama scholar Stefka Mihaylova.

63. A Kink in the Cure
Tim Murray's multimedia show is a sex-positive story of healing through kink.

64. Reading with Ravenna Press
Join contributors of Ravenna Press, which "prides itself on bringing together the discerning reader and the stimulating book," for a reading.



65. Mark Normand
Mark Normand can boast appearances on Comedy Central, Conan, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Inside Amy Schumer, and many other hit shows. He's also won first place at the Great American Comedy Festival. He'll share some of that Brooklynite humor.


66. Women in Song Series
Celebrate womxn musicians at this six-part live music series, this time with Annie Phalen Group, Five Letter Word, Del Rey, and Salt Luck.


67. Bindlestiff Seattle
Amoy Barya, Godsilya and Chunky Chonkeez will help document the lives of 1930s Filipino farm workers with a performance of Carlos Bulosan’s America is in the Heart.


68. The Great Junk Hunt
Scavenge for vintage and repurposed goods of all kinds at this traveling market.

69. Newport Ski and Snowboard Swap 2018
Winter sports season is fast approaching, so now's a good time to swap gear you don't want for gear you do want. Here you can find over 10,000 new and used snow sport items.



70. Fortune House: Tarot & Palm Readings by Cindy Mochizuki
As part of the Group Therapy exhibition, Vancouver psychic Cindy Mochizuki will set up a trade: If you tell her about a personal monster of yours, she'll bestow upon you a tarot reading and translate your words into a work of art.


71. Seattle International Auto Show
This isn't your typical neighborhood car display—the Seattle International Auto Show provides rodders and gearheads with four days of luxury test drives, demos, family activities, and more from tons of exhibitors. Don't miss Women's Day on Friday.


72. Discover Science Weekend
Engage in interactive experiments with aquatic researchers.


73. Framed
Art criticism's stakes grow unnaturally high in Y York's play about love and rivalry amongst two artists and their husbands, one of whom is a mob boss, the other a wannabe made man. A production by Snowflake Avalanche.

74. Something Unspoken and Other One-Act Plays by Tennessee Williams
Best-known for longer contributions to the American canon like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams also wrote some incisive one-acts. Civic Rep will pay tribute to the Southern maven.

75. Too Much Information
These nine short plays by local writers Patty Carlson, Lyn Coffin, Josephine DeLellis, Karen DeMasters, Oneda Harris, Chris Mathews, Jorj Savage, and Donna Van Norman cover everything from "grammar nazis" to "lost drivers."


76. 30th Annual Best of the Northwest Art and Fine Craft Show
See and shop work by over 100 local artists and artisans at this annual market.



77. George Jennings: Diverse Beauty
Jennings's solo exhibition celebrates racially diverse beauty in works inspired by Mucha, Parrish, and others.

78. The Universal Works Repaired Event
Universal Works debut a collaboration of repurposed garments with design company Atelier & Repairs for guests to peruse and purchase. The pieces in this trunk show widely feature the Japanese-style Sashiko repair stitch, hand painting, and second-hand trims and fabrics.

79. Yarn Revolution Indie Fiber Market
Fifteen local and regional indie dyers and makers will hawk their fiber wares. Stock up on scarves for winter and win door prizes.


80. Intentional Joy Noise Student Showcase
Budding comics who have spent eight weeks studying the craft of stand-up with delightful local comic Emmett Montgomery will showcase their newly refined talents.


81. Filipino Christmas Lantern Workshop
Make a star-shaped Parol (a Filipino Christmas lantern) at this holiday workshop.

82. Seattle Black Panther Party Youth Empowerment Summit
Young people continue to show up at the helm of social justice movements, from Black Lives Matter to #MeToo to March for our Lives. The Youth Empowerment Summit continues the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party's Seattle branch, where youth community organizers from around the city gather to share political education, organize around important causes, and build relationships.

83. Seattle Celebration for the Animals!
Snack on tasty vegan snacks, drinks, and desserts, bid on items in a silent auction, and join a dance party in support of the Humane League efforts "to reduce animal suffering."

84. Wreath Making Workshop
Make a festive holiday wreath using real pine cones and acorns, cool ribbon, and a fresh assortment of Evergreen trimmings.


85. 2 Year AnniFREEsary
To celebrate two years of business, Ounces will buy Delfino's Chicago-Style Pizza for 200 customers and release their anniversary beer brewed in collaboration with Matchless Brewing and Chainline Brewing Company, in addition to giving away more freebies and swag.

86. BBIS Release Party - Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
Try Reuben's much-anticipated 2018 release of their award-winning Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout.

87. The Big Lebrewski Winter Beer Taste
Warm up with 10 tastes of winter ales and ciders from over 35 local breweries, plus pub snacks and homemade treats.

88. Eat Like Your ORIJEN Dog
This brunch hosted by the "biologically appropriate" ORIJEN dog food brand invites you to "eat like your dog" with a menu inspired by the fresh, local ingredients in their dog food, accompanied by beer, wine, and coffee. The first 50 guests will receive a "doggie bag" of party favors to take home.

89. Eleventh Anniversary Party
Turn it up to 11 with Two Beers's anniversary party, which will include a celebratory Birthday Cake IPA brewed with lactose sugar and vanilla bean, plus special beers on tap, actual cake, and gastropub grub from the Bread and Circuses food truck.

90. Populuxe Beer Can Derby
To celebrate the can release of Populuxe Brewing's IPA and CDA, test your engineering skills by crafting your own beer can car and racing it down a pinewood derby track.

91. Wink Doughnuts Pop-Up
Start off your Saturday with gluten-free, organic, and plant-based doughnuts from Wink, with an exclusive coffee and doughnut pairing from Broadcast Coffee Roasters.


92. Harry Potter Films Trivia Night
Harry Potter fans who appreciate the movies just as much as the books can answer trivia questions based on the eight films.


93. From The Silver Screen
In a program directed by maestro Alan Futterman, the Bremerton Symphony will perform a triad of pieces from 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Blue Danube by J. Strauss, Zarathustra Opening by R. Strauss, Ligeti's Lux Aeterna, Bach's Passacaglia, Leopold Stokowski's Fugue in C Minor from The Godfather, and John Williams's E.T. theme.

94. Girls! Girls! Girls! with Fishlure & Mother Church
Join Fishlure & Mother Church in celebrating the great femmes of our time, from Debbie Harry to Stevie Nicks.

95. The High Council, The Jauntee
Ultimate Phish-head reggae-rock weed-centric jam band the High Council will take over Ballard for a THC-infused set with the Jauntee.

96. I Want It That Way: '90s/'00s Night with #All4Doras, DJ Pryma, DJ Lo Knows
Relive your millennial childhood with Seattle's only boy band #All4Doras as they perform hits from the '90s and '00s alongside DJ Pryme and DJ Lo Knows.

97. WAVES Presents: Biolumina
Immerse yourself in a bioluminescent space by pretending you're a glowing sea creature at this dreamy electronic dance party and installation.


98. CoCA and La Sala present: Literary Readings and Discussion
Artists J.A. Dela Cruz-Smith and Maiah A Merino will talk about their creative processes in a Q&A moderated by Catalina Cantu of La Sala. In addition, representatives of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project will talk about their organization.

99. Not Just for Kids: Inspiring Bold Conversations about Children's Books
Dr. Anu Taranath, a professor of children's lit at the University of Washington, will discuss the genre's value for both young and old.

100. Saturday University: South Indian Court Dance
Learn about South Indian courtly dance traditions in a lecture and demonstration with Hari Krishnan.


101. HYEI Studio Launch Party
Shop apparel, sneakers, and accessories at this HYEI studio pop-up by Guillermo Bravo x SILVAE. Stay on for a dance party into the wee hours.



102. Political Therapy Workshop with Liz Magic Laser and Valerie Bell
"Certified professional life coach" Valerie Bell will lead a "curative drama workshop" to help participants find connections between their political affiliations and feelings.


103. Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival
This festival used to only show films made by Bainbridge Island filmmakers, but it's since expanded to include work from Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and British Columbia. This year brings a 20th anniversary retrospective (on Sunday), which will revisit highlights from year's past, including Boomtown, Outsourced, The Gefilte Fish Chronicles, and Birth of a Salesman.


104. 14/48:HS
Support talented local teens by watching 14 world-premiere plays written, directed, produced, and performed by high schoolers.


105. 35th Annual Glitter Sale
Seattle's Goodwill flagship store will be filled with the absolute sparkliest clothes, shoes, and accessories for its glorious annual two-day Glitter Sale. Whether you're looking to find something flashy for a big event or you want the contents of your closet to better resemble a sea of gems, this is the place to go.

106. Latvian Christmas Bazaar
While you shop for handmade crafts and jewelry by local Latvian artists, try cakes, piragi (rolled bread), and Christmas cookies, and take in a traditional dance performance.

107. Oddmall Emporium of the Weird
Shop for goods from over 85 indie artisans to sate all your kitschy needs and desires.



108. Opening Reception: Kiliii Yuyan - On the Sea Ice, We Wear White
Discover the indigenous lands of the Arctic at the opening reception of this photography exhibit by Kiliii Yuyan.


109. Armistice Day Centennial Commemoration
Armistice Day turns 100 years old this year, and this celebration will mark the centennial with an opening ceremony, featuring the ringing of the historic Great Seattle Fire bell and a wreath-laying ceremony. Afterwards, there will be special events at the museum including historical presentations and viewing opportunities for their WW1 America archival exhibition, and a round-trip cruise on Lake Union to UW’s WWI Navy seaplane hangar. 

110. NW Marxism Conference 2018
This conference offers educational sessions that combat the far-right sensibilities of the current administration. Stop by "From #MeToo to Women's Liberation," "Revolutionary Socialism, Democratic Socialism, and Social Democracy," "Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It," and more.


111. Seattle Slack Key Festival
This all-day music festival is dedicated to Kanikapila-style Hawaiian music, which makes use of the open-tuned slack key guitar (as well as the steel guitar and the ukulele). A few of this year's musicians include Ledward Kaapana, George Kuo, Jeff Peterson, Kunia Galdeira, Sonny Lim, and Jeff Au Hoy.


112. Hecklevision: Starship Troopers
Rather than make fun of the '90s mystery/thriller Starship Troopers out loud, send your snarky texts straight to the big screen for the rest of the audience to see.

113. Moving History: Sticky Shed Syndrome - An Archival Screening
Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound presents the latest installment of Moving History: an archival screening called Sticky Shed Syndrome, featuring footage collected from the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum, the King County Archives, the Museum of History and Industry, Scarecrow Video, and elsewhere.


114. Bizzarro Bizarre Bazaar and Wine Tasting
While you taste wine for free (!), peruse paintings by Chris Crites, jewelry by LM-Inspired, knitwear by Ravel and Unravel, holiday gifts by Wabi and Sabi Co., and magnets by Denise Reed.


115. 1111: Raygun Orchestra, Pink Void, Glacial, NV
Local noise artists like Professor Raygun will perform their experimental sounds.

116. Childsplay: Fiddlers, Fiddles, and Fiddlemaker with Karan Casey
Folksy supergroup Childsplay is comprised of fiddlers from across the Celtic world and the U.S., featuring Irish singer Karan Casey. They'll celebrate their first show in Seattle since 1992 with their band of 14 fiddlers and nine instrumentalists, dancers, and singers.

117. Neil Young's Birthday Show with Rubies in the Dust
Rubies in the Dust will play all your Neil Young favorites.

118. Oleaje Flamenco
Oleaje Flamenco will welcome their new guitarist, Israel Heredia, and guest dancer Talia Ortega Vestal, for a special show.


119. The BurlyCon Burlesque Benefit
Raise money for the BurlyCon burlesque conference.

120. The DA (Dumbledore's Army)
This all-ages fundraiser for the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle (who provide funds for local LGBTQ+ services) will take the form of a Harry Potter drag show with kings and queens alike.

121. Stormy Daniels DREAM GIRLS at Sodo
Stormy Daniels will perform in Sodo on her Support the Troops tour, where veterans and active military personnel will get free admission.  READINGS & TALKS

122. Asia Talks: Sari Stories
Local women will share personal stories about wearing saris as part of the Peacock in the Desert exhibit.

123. Grieving the Loss of Companion Animals: A Panel Discussion
How do you cope with the loss of a beloved pet? As part of Good Mourning: An Interactive Arts Festival About Grief, join panelists Heather Woodke (a veterinarian studying medical ethics) and Sonja Furney (who runs the dog-training company Get Your Sit Together) for a discussion. 

124. Madeline DeFrees: Subjective Geography: A Poet's Thoughts on Life and Craft
Poets Laura Jensen, Sharon Bryan, and Jennifer Maier (and editor Anne McDuffie) will celebrate the release of a new anthology, Subjective Geography: A Poet's Thoughts on Life and Craft, with a group reading.

125. Rita Wirkala
Seattle-based Argentinian writer Rita Wirkala is responsible for a wide range of novels, poetry, literary essays, and textbooks. Tonight, she'll read from her most recent English-language book of short stories, Tales for The Dreamer.

          U.S. court: Qualcomm must license tech to competitors      Cache   Translate Page      
A U.S. federal court has ruled that San Diego chipmaker Qualcomm must license some of its technologies to rivals such as Intel.
          San Diego Key Replacement Now Delivers Car Transponder Key Replacement as One of Its Listed Services      Cache   Translate Page      
          Credit Collections Specialist      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, We are hiring for a Credit & Collections Specialist to start ASAP The Credit & Collections Specialist will demonstrate that they are culturally aligned with the company, by displaying and working within the values of Servant Leadership, Family, People Give Back, Compassion, Accountability and Respect for their leader and their peers. They will be innovative, open to change, and display honesty and
          Principal Software Engineer - Intuit - San Diego, CA      Cache   Translate Page      
Influence typically impacts multiple related projects within a business or functional group and will often affect other business and functional groups....
From Intuit - Wed, 24 Oct 2018 01:14:59 GMT - View all San Diego, CA jobs
          SDFLA peeps in the news      Cache   Translate Page      
1. Cesar Sayoc will make his initial appearance today in magistrate court in the Southern District of Florida. The rumor mill says that Jaime Benjamin has been hired to represent him, at least for the SDFLA proceedings. He will certainly be held no bond and will be transferred to the SDNY for further proceedings.

2. Two (really great) former assistant federal defenders in Miami, now FPDs in San Diego, have been named judges. Linda Lopez has been appointed as a magistrate judge in the Southern District of California. And Shereen Charlick (the acting FPD in San Diego) has been appointed to a San Diego County Superior Court judgeship.

3. Jon Sale has been named to the Practitioners Advisory Group for the Sentencing Commission. He is the only member representing the 11th Circuit and will serve a 3-year term. It is a very prestigious position.

4. AUSA Jonathan Colan and AFPD Andy Adler just battled it out in the en banc 11th Circuit in U.S. v. Johnson on whether a police officer was entitled to seized ammunition and a holster from Johnson's pocked after he felt something during a Terry frisk. Here's the OA.  It was Britt Grant's first en banc argument.  The Court now has 12 active members.
          Tue 1/15: Seth Lerer: 'Shakespeare's Lyric Stage'       Cache   Translate Page      

When: Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Warwick's, 7812 Girard Ave., La Jolla, CA

Cost: Free

Age limit: All ages

Description: On Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 7:30 p.m., <a href="" target="_blank">Warwick's</a> will host <a href="" target="_blank">Seth Lerer</a> as he discusses and signs his new book, <strong>"<a href="" target="_blank">Shakespeare's Lyric Stage</a>."</strong>

Lerer is a distinguished professor of Literature at UC San Diego and a National Book Critics Circle Award winner.

This event is free and open to the public.

Reserved seating is available when the book is pre-ordered from Warwick's for the event. Only books purchased from Warwick's will be signed.

Please call the Warwick's Book Department at (858) 454-0347 for details.

          Exit Kurt Taylor      Cache   Translate Page      
Exit Kurt Taylor Brian November 6th, 2018 at 7:15 PM
[Patrick Barron]

A third transfer, this one more understandable:

ANN ARBOR -- The Michigan football team will be down one running back for the remainder of the season.

Reserve back Kurt Taylor recently decided to leave the program and pursue a transfer, team spokesman Dave Ablauf confirmed to MLive on Tuesday.

Taylor had fallen behind at least Christian Turner in the class after him—never a good sign—and seen Tru Wilson suck up all the designated pass blocker snaps. That latter was Taylor's most promising path to the field and Wilson would have likely blocked him for another two years.

Taylor's departure leaves Michigan with 19 currently open slots in their 2019 recruiting class, a number certain to grow by a significant number. Near as I can figure there are ~8 players likely to head for the NFL draft early or graduate and be offered a firm handshake. That would put Michigan at 27, and there will probably be another few playing time transfers and/or injury retirements. Michigan could accommodate a class of 28-30; they've got 24 commits right now.


November 6th, 2018 at 7:32 PM ^

Good man for hanging as long as he did.  No doubt a strong dedicated character for doing so and hope he lands someplace that can really use him.  

Joined: 03/29/2018

MGoPoints: 272


November 6th, 2018 at 7:39 PM ^

Coach Harbaugh has given a lot of kids the opportunity to play big-time football. I hope those who can't make the field of play cherish the opportunity. 

Joined: 01/23/2017

MGoPoints: -6


November 6th, 2018 at 7:45 PM ^

Sucks to see him leave, but wish him luck.  He's got talent, and hopefully he'll find a place where he can see the field.

Joined: 11/22/2008

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Profile picture for user Rabbit21


November 6th, 2018 at 7:46 PM ^

Too bad, he could have been a really strong veteran presence, down the line with high character and work ethic.  Shame it didn't work out and I hope he ends up somewhere great.

Joined: 11/12/2009

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Profile picture for user SMart WolveFan

SMart WolveFan

November 6th, 2018 at 7:47 PM ^

Good Luck Kurt, thanks for being a Wolverine!

Before he committed UofM hadn't had a Georgia commit in quite a while, since he committed ....well "plenty of peaches" if ya know.

Joined: 04/20/2015

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Profile picture for user San Diego Mick

San Diego Mick

November 6th, 2018 at 7:50 PM ^

I feel bad for the young man, he seems to have loved and been a fan of U-M at an early age and really wanted to be a Wolverine. 

I hope he lands at a place where he gets playing time and enjoys his career and gets his degree, GOOD LUCK KURT!

Joined: 05/11/2011

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November 6th, 2018 at 8:43 PM ^

I has a sad...  Kurt was one of the early commits and stayed through all of the higher rated guys coming and going.  Had his mind set on being a TB and great teammate.  He transferred to a bigger HS in Atlanta to prove himself.  And he made some memorable tweets and memes before arriving.  Sad it didn't work out for him, but I really hope he enjoyed the ride.  I also hope he's staying with the team until the seasons over.

I want the best of luck for him wherever he goes!

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November 6th, 2018 at 8:58 PM ^

I’ll pull for him no matter where he goes. Seems like a great kid. Too bad it didn’t pan out for him here. I know he really wanted it! Good luck to him

Joined: 07/03/2008

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November 6th, 2018 at 9:28 PM ^

Can someone explain the timing of this? It seems like he could have stayed an extra month and possibly been part of a Big 10 championship team. I understand it sucks not playing, but still, that seems like something I would want to experience.

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November 6th, 2018 at 9:51 PM ^

A high-character guy who will transfer to a minor school, get some carries and a degree. Good luck to him.

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November 6th, 2018 at 10:31 PM ^

I can understand folks leaving the program but I don't recall 3 leaving during the season. You?

          Election Day 2018: Turnout Looks Good, San Diego Free Press Midterm Coverage Sets Readership Records      Cache   Translate Page      

Election season is to San Diego Free Press is like Valentines Day is to florists. Based on what we’ve seen thus far, 2018 is looking to be a good-if-not-great election for progressives.

Since much of the next 24 hours will be like waiting for results of a biopsy, I’ve elected to skip the prognostication process share a few nuggets of info.

People who take comfort from voter turnout numbers have reason to be encouraged. Michael McDonald at the Elections Project says pre-election day votes will break the 40 million mark when all is said and done.

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Don’t let real or imagined barriers keep you from voting on election day, 2018. “Look for the helpers!” as Mr. Rogers used to say.

There are many ways to get help, and we’ve tried to put them all in one place.  

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By Gladys Limon / Executive Director of the California Environmental Justice Alliance Californians are united in our commitment to transitioning the state’s power grid to renewable energy. A strong step in that direction was the passage of SB 100 (De León) into law, which sets a goal of transforming our state’s electricity grid to zero-carbon sources by 2045, with an upgrade to the 2030 goal from 50 percent renewables to 60 percent. Many California cities, including San Diego, Del Mar, and Chula Vista have set their city targets at 100 percent renewable by 2035. Now, the real work begins: equitably implementing the transition. We need follow-up state and city regulations to ensure that the communities overburdened by fossil-fuel pollution and climate change impacts have ready access to the economic and public health benefits of this transition.   [Read more...]

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By Mona Rios

It’s been a big year for transportation in the San Diego region. Major transit lines have opened up, the public has been exploring new transportation technologies, and our transportation governing agencies have been overhauled for the better.

The year started with a bang as Assembly Bill 805 went into effect in January. This bill, authored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and signed by Governor Jerry Brown, brought needed changes to the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). It’s made our agencies more democratic, more representative of voters, and it provided more oversight of our tax dollars.

At MTS, it required the chairperson to be a democratically-elected official. The Board of MTS selected city of San Diego Councilmember Georgette Gomez as Chairperson and myself as Vice Chair. It’s been an honor to serve National City and the region as Vice Chair of MTS.

  [Read more...]

          Cook - El Toro Del Cerro - San Diego, CA      Cache   Translate Page      
Proven working experience as a cook *Familiarity with kitchen equipment and utensils *Strong attention to detail *Ability to listen and communicate effectively.... $13.00 - $14.50 an hour
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CA-San Diego, Job ID: 13397 Position Description: Position Summary: Through in-depth product knowledge, provides pre-sales technical support to the company's sales staff, channel partners and customers. Provides support in a pre-sales as well as post-sales capacity, such as product capability assessment, preventative maintenance, and upgrades. Provides, presents, and interprets design, application, and service
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CA-San Diego, JOB #: 18110601-NSC KEY WORDS: Sales HVAC- Mechanical Engineer JOB DESCRIPTION: North County Company is looking for a Sales Engineer to serve customers by identifying their needs; engineering adaptations of HVAC products, equipment, and services. Will be responsible for Business Development with various Manufacturing Companies in San Diego. Must be knowledgeable in HVAC and Pumps. Preference is a
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Early voters in Texas have reported that votes they cast for the Democrat in the U.S. Senate race were switched on screen to the Republican candidate. The machines in question in those cases are known for their glitches, but some computer scientists are warning that our confidence in high tech voting machines could be misplaced. Today on Tech Tuesday, voting machine vulnerability and more. Guests : Eric Geller , cybersecurity reporter , Politico Whitson Gordon , San Diego-based freelance writer , covering tech and consumers Russell Holly , contributing editor , Android Central
          ResMed to Boost Portfolio with MatrixCare      Cache   Translate Page      

ResMed is expanding its out-of-hospital software portfolio with the acquisition of MatrixCare. The San Diego, CA-based company will pick up MatrixCare for about $750 million. The deal is expected to close in ResMed’s 2Q19.

MatrixCare, is a specialist in long-term post-acute care software, serving more than 15,000 providers across skilled nursing, life plan communities, senior living and private duty. These care settings are complementary to ResMed’s current software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings in home medical equipment, home health and hospice, delivered through Brightree and HEALTHCAREfirst.

Last year, the company brought in about $122 million in revenue. 

“By establishing a technology footprint across these major care settings, ResMed will drive an integrated ecosystem of solutions, such as maintaining single-patient records across multiple care settings, generating analytics and insights that can be applied to individuals and whole populations, and streamlining processes for healthcare providers across the care continuum,” ResMed SaaS President Raj Sodhi, said in a release.

On completion of the transaction, MatrixCare will continue to operate as a standalone business within ResMed’s SaaS portfolio, with targeted commercial, technical and operating links to ResMed and Brightree. There will be no immediate changes to management, locations or business processes. MatrixCare CEO John Damgaard will continue in his current role, reporting to Raj Sodhi.

ResMed was one of MDDI’s 2017 Medtech company of the year 2017 Finalists. The company recently revealed it was collaborating with Verily Lifesciences to form a joint venture to develop software solutions to identify and treat sleep apnea, as well as study the financial aspects of the disease if it goes undiagnosed and untreated.

          San Diego Classical Mandolin Camp - San Diego, CA      Cache   Translate Page      
Aug. 19-25, 2019 - San Diego Classical Mandolin Camp, San Diego, CA
          Cross Border Xpress Celebra Haber Alcanzado los Cinco Millones de Pasajeros      Cache   Translate Page      
Cross Border Xpress (CBX), el primer puente peatonal que abarca la frontera entre EE. UU. y México, llevó a cabo una celebración en su terminal en honor de haber superado la marca de los cinco millones de pasajeros. Esta instalación única conecta la terminal CBX en San Diego, CA directamente con el Aeropuerto Internacional de Tijuana (TIJ) y agiliza el cruce de la frontera para sus pasajeros. Solo en 2018, se estima que más de 2.2 millones de pasajeros crucen por CBX, con más de 6,000 cruces diarios. El miércoles 24 de octubre, de 11:00 a.m. a 12:00 p.m. PT, […]
          BẦU CỬ 2018 & NGƯỜI MỸ GỐC VIỆT (Genie Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Giao)       Cache   Translate Page      

Genie Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Giao  -  Voice of Vietnamese Amerians

Ngày mai, 6 tháng 11, Hoa Kỳ sẽ có cuộc bầu cử giữa hai kỳ bầu Tổng Thống, hay còn gọi là “Bầu Cử Giữa Kỳ” (Midterm Elections). Người Mỹ gốc Việt đã có những tham gia rất tích cực vào kỳ bầu cử này. Cho đến hôm nay, vài ngày trước ngày bầu cử chính thức, người Mỹ gốc Việt cũng chia sẻ nhiều sôi động với các náo loạn của dòng chính, ngay cả chia rẽ với tinh thần đảng phái cực đoan trong cộng đồng mình.

Mong rằng sự đóng góp đầy nhiệt tình của chúng ta sẽ không đẩy cộng đồng Mỹ gốc Việt vào sự phân hoá đáng ngại giữa hai chính đảng Hoa Kỳ, rơi vào sự kỳ thị chủng tộc, kỳ thị tôn giáo, hiềm khích đầy bạo lực không nên có. Dù theo đảng nào hay ủng hộ ứng viên nào, người Việt chúng ta đều chia sẻ giá trị Tự Do, Dân Chủ, Nhân Quyền, Dân Quyền của Hoa Kỳ, và chung hoài bão muốn bảo vệ chủ quyền của Việt Nam trước sự xâm lăng của Trung Cộng.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans xin mời quý đồng hương cùng duyệt qua bức tranh chung, mong rằng qua kỳ bầu cử này người Mỹ gốc Việt sẽ chứng tỏ cho chính khách Hoa Kỳ và thế giới thấy được sự trưởng thành, lớn mạnh của người Mỹ gốc Việt và sẽ tôn trọng tiếng nói của chúng ta hơn khi quyết định các chính sách ảnh hưởng đến người Việt .

I . Cộng Đồng Mỹ Gốc Việt, dân số và lá phiếu:

Cho đến nay, trong các giống dân Mỹ gốc Á Châu Thái Bình Dương, cử tri gốc Việt đi bầu hăng hái nhất, đến 77 % . Tuy nhiên, tiếng nói của chúng ta lại chưa được hiệu quả lắm, nhất là với những chính sách đối ngoại như nhân quyền, hay đối phó với Trung Cộng trên Biển Đông.

Theo Migration Policy Institute, người Việt tập trung tại các tiểu bang California (39%), Texas (13%), Washington State (4%), và Florida (4%) . Tại các tiểu bang này chúng ta sớm có một số đại diện dân cử người Mỹ gốc Việt tại địa phương. Nhưng năm nay, số ứng viên tăng lên gấp bội, và gồm cả những tiểu bang miền Đông như Massachusetts, Viriginia, hay miền Nam như Georgia.

Theo tài liệu của Census Bureau cho đến năm 2016, thì chúng ta có khoảng 2 triệu người (2,067,000) tập trung tại các khu vực như California (Orange County, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego), Texas (Houston, Dallas – Fort Worth, Austin), Massachusetts (Boston), New Jersey, New York (New York City), Philadelphia, Virginia – Maryland – Washington D.C, Washington State (Seattle), Louisiana (New Orleans), Oregon (Portland), Oklahoma (Oklahoma City), Arizona (Phoenix), Nevada (Las Vegas), Georgia (Atlanta). Tại mỗi thành phố vừa nêu, có trên 10,000 ngàn người Việt cư ngụ . Đây là con số đáng kể nếu chúng ta đi bầu .

Theo nghiên cửu của Pew vào tháng 9/ 2017, thì 75% người Mỹ gốc Việt đã là công dân, và có thể đi bỏ phiếu. Đó là một con số đáng kể, nếu tất cả chúng ta khi có quốc tịch đều ghi danh cử tri và đi bầu .

Cuộc bầu cử giữa kỳ thường cho thấy mức ủng hộ của người dân đối với vị Tổng Thống đương nhiệm sau hai năm tại vị . Tổng Thống Trump là vị lãnh đạo không theo các tiêu chuẩn chính thống, đã tạo nhiều phân hoá trong toàn quốc trên nhiều phương diện, và có điểm tín nhiệm thấp nhất so với các vị Tổng Thống trước . Riêng với dân Mỹ gốc Việt, đài VOA ngày 26/10 đưa tin là 64% dân Việt tín nhiệm ông Trump, vì nghĩ rằng ông có thái độ cứng rắn với Trung Cộng. Nhiều người thích thú khi thấy ông Trump đánh thuế lên hàng Trung Quốc, và làm cho kinh tế Trung Cộng chao đảo, tuy Trung Cộng vẫn gia tăng áp lực lên Việt Nam và tiếp tục quân sự hoá Biển Đông.

Ngày 2/11, ông Trump tweeted rằng “các cuộc thảo luận thương mại với Trung Quốc đang diễn tiến tốt đẹp”. Trong cùng ngày, Ngoại Trưởng Vương Nghị của Trung Quốc khẳng định “Trung Quốc có chủ quyền tại Biển Đông” khi thăm New York . Đáp lại, Ngoại Trưởng Hoa Kỳ Mike Pompeo chỉ “nhắc khéo” đến thoả thuận chế tài Bình Nhưỡmg! Điều này khiến người Mỹ gốc Việt cũng cần thận trọng, xin nhớ rằng Hoa Kỳ phải đặt quyền lợi quốc gia của họ lên trên hết.

Trong bài đăng trên VOA ngày 26/10, phóng viên An Hải cũng nêu lên là “thế hệ thứ nhất ủng hộ Cộng Hoà”, còn “thế hệ thứ hai ủng hộ Dân Chủ”.

2 . Giới Trẻ tích cực ra tranh cử:

Rất đông người Mỹ gốc Việt trẻ tuổi đã tham dự cuộc biểu tình ngày 21/01/2017, một ngày ngay sau khi ông Trump đăng quang, tại Hoa Thịnh Đốn, trên các thành phố lớn toàn quốc, và trên toàn thế giới. Họ cho là ông không có đạo đức, coi thường phụ nữ, chế nhạo người tàn tật, kỳ thị người da màu, và không đủ kinh nghiệm cũng như thiếu tư cách để lãnh đạo quốc gia . Nhiều phụ nữ trẻ Mỹ gốc Việt đã chọn con đường tích cực là ra tranh cử trong các vai trò lập pháp tại tiểu bang hay liên bang, để có thể sử dụng hệ thống tam quyền phân lập trong guồng máy chính trị Hoa Kỳ hầu bảo vệ các giá trị nhân bản của Hiến Pháp Hoa Kỳ, trong đó có nhân quyền, dân quyền, và bình quyền về giới tính.

Tại Virginia, Bà Kathy Trần, một phụ nữ Việt tỵ nạn vừa sinh con gái ngày 20.1.2017, đã quyết định tranh cử vào ghế Dân Biểu Tiểu Bang Virginia để: “Bảo vệ tương lai cho con gái tôi và duy trì môi trường, nhân quyền, dân quyền cho người dân Virginia” . Kathy Trần (D) đã thắng cử ngoạn mục, thay thế ông Dave Albo (R), người từng giữ ghế này suốt 24 năm.
Kathy Trần phản đối việc Tổng Thống Trump rút ra khỏi Paris Climate Agreement, đòi huỷ Luật Bảo Hiểm Y Tế Vừa Túi Tiền, cắt ngân sách cho các chương trình bảo vệ sức khoẻ phụ nữ, chuyển ngân quỹ giáo dục công lập sang cho các trường tư thục, và có các đạo luật hành chánh vi phạm quyền của người di dân và người da màu .

Nhiều người trẻ khác cũng ra tranh cử vào các ghế lập pháp liên bang, như Bác Sĩ Mai Khanh Trần (D - địa hạt 39, California), anh Ethan Phạm (D -đia hạt 8, Texas), anh Daniel Nguyễn ( R-địa hạt 22, Texas), Bà Stephanie Ngọc-Dung Đặng Murphy (D- Dân Biêu Liên Bang từ Florida địa hạt 7) .

Quốc Hội Tiểu Bang có lẽ gần gũi hơn, và năm nay có khá nhiều ứng viên Mỹ gốc Việt tranh cử, từ California (TNS tiểu bang Janet Nguyễn (R) tái tranh cử; ứng viên Tyler Diệp (R ) tranh cử vào ghế General Assembly), đến Massachusetts (Luật sư Trâm Nguyễn- D- tranh cử vào ghế Dân Biểu Tiểu Bang từ địa hạt 18th Essex), và tại tiểu bang Washington (Bác Sĩ Savio Phạm -R, Bác Sĩ Joe Nguyễn - D - tranh cử vào thượng viện tiểu bang, Dược sĩ Mỹ-Linh Thái – D- tranh cử vào ghế dân biểu liên bang).

Tại Westminster, Orange County, nơi người Việt chiếm 1/5 dân số, có đến 6 ứng viên Mỹ gốc Việt tranh cử ghế Nghị Viên Hội Đồng Thành Phố: Khải Đào, Tài Đỗ; Chi Charlie Nguyen, Frances The-Thuy Nguyen, Samantha Bao Anh Nguyen, Andy Quach. Đó là chưa kể chúng ta đã có Thị Trưởng Tạ Đức Trí, Nghị Viên Thành Phố Nguyễn Tâm cũng đang tái tranh cử.

Tại Texas, chúng ta có Dân Biểu Tiểu Bang Hubert Võ (D) đại diện địa hạt 149 từng được tín nhiệm suốt 5 nhiệm kỳ; Commissioner Andy Nguyễn ở Taran County rất được lòng cử tri, cũng tái tranh cử . Đặc biệt có anh Danny Nguyễn (R) tranh cử kỳ sơ bộ vào ghê Dân Biểu Liên Bang từ Texas địa hạt 22, nhưng không vào chung kết . Chính tại địa hạt 22 này, chúng ta có Nathan Trương, một người Mỹ gốc Việt mới 26 tuổi, đang vận động cho ứng viên Sri Preston Kulkarni (D) và tạo nhiều tiếng vang .

Chúng ta cũng đã có một số người thắng cử các cuộc bầu cử đặc biệt và đã thắng vẻ vang, như Cô Bee Nguyễn (D), Dân Biểu Tiểu Bang Georgia địa hạt 89; Dean Tran (R) – Thượng Nghị Sĩ Tiểu Bang Massachusetts qua cuộc bầu cử đặc biệt vào tháng 12, 2017 .

Theo dõi các ứng viên Mỹ gốc Việt, chúng ta thấy tuy khác đảng phái, họ cùng chia sẻ những điểm chung sau đây:
1.    Là người Việt tỵ nạn Cộng Sản, sang Hoa Kỳ khi còn nhỏ tuổi.
2.    Hiểu được sự khó khăn của cha mẹ, gia đình trong bước đầu của người di dân .
3.    Ngoài khả năng vượt trội, họ còn có lý tưởng muốn đóng góp và tạo thay đổi .
4.    Vẫn còn mang trong người dòng máu Việt, tâm thức Việt, nhưng đã hoà nhập với đời sống Hoa Kỳ, giá trị nhân bản của Hoa Kỳ, với đầu óc rộng mở để phục vụ xứ sở này .
Sự dấn thân của người Mỹ gốc Việt vào guồng máy Lập Pháp và Hành Pháp của Hoa Kỳ từ địa phương, đến tiểu bang, liên bang, là nguồn hứng khởi cho cử tri Mỹ gốc Việt. Những ứng viên này thuộc cả đảng Dân Chủ lẫn Cộng Hoà, và đều có khả năng cùng tâm huyết vượt trội.

Nhìn chung, các ứng viên đều chủ trương tranh đấu để nói lên tiếng nói của khối dân thiểu số Mỹ gốc Việt , Mỹ gốc Á Châu Thái Bình Dương , mong đạt đến sự đối xử bình đẳng không kỳ thị cho mọi giống dân . Các ứng viên tuy khác đảng phái, nhưng cùng quan tâm đến vấn đề y tế, di dân, giáo dục, nghề nghiệp, giao thương,và gần đây nhất là chuyện sử dụng sung, và quyền có quốc tịch Hoa Kỳ.

Khi tranh cử vào dòng chính, các ứng viên khó có cơ hội đề cập đến các vần đề người Việt quan tâm, như nhân quyền cho Việt Nam, hay tranh chấp trên Biển Đông . Cử tri Mỹ gốc Việt chúng ta cần lưu ý mọi ứng viên về các quan tâm này, đưa vào trong nội dung của “giá trị nhân bản của Hoa Kỳ, và quyền lợi quốc gia Hoa Kỳ” .

Voice of Vietnamese Americans có dịp tổ chức buổi “Nói Chuyện với Ứng Cử Viện vào Hạ Viện Hoa Kỳ từ Virginia Địa Hạt 8”, giữa ứng viên Don Beyer (D)- Dân Biểu đương nhiệm, và ứng viên Thomas Oh (R ), người Mỹ gốc Đại Hàn . Khi câu hỏi đưa ra về nhân quyền, TPP, và tranh chấp trên Biển Đông, thì ông Don Beyer (D ) lại đứng về phía người Việt và người Đông Nam Á đòi Trung Cộng phải tôn trọng luật quốc tế, trong khi ông Thomas Oh trả lời không biết nhiều về các vấn đề này .

3. Vai trò của Cử Tri:

Là cử tri, chúng ta cũng cần tham dự các buổi nói chuyện với ứng viên, và chia sẻ với họ các điều chúng ta quan tâm. Như vậy, lá phiếu của người Mỹ gốc Việt sẽ có ý nghĩa hơn .

Tiếng Nói Người Mỹ Gốc Việt đề nghị chúng ta bỏ phiếu theo tiêu chuẩn : Nhiên (bảo vệ môi trường, khí hậu) – Nhân (bảo vệ nhân quyền) – Dân (bảo vệ dân quyền) để song đôi với quan tâm của đồng bào tại Việt Nam trong lúc vẫn đặt nặng giá trị của Hoa Kỳ .

Chúng ta rât may mắn có một thế hệ trẻ tài giỏi, nhiêt huyết, dấn thân. Hãy cùng nhau hỗ trợ họ để cùng đi tới. Voice of Vietnamese Americans hoan hô tất cả những ai đã dấn thân phục vụ cộng đồng.

Xin cử tri Mỹ gốc Việt hãy đi bầu thật đông năm nay, ngày 6 tháng 11, 2018..

Genie Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Giao
Voice of Vietnamese Amerians


Thứ Hai, ngày 05 tháng 11 năm 2018

Ngày 06/11/2018, cử tri tại Hoa Kỳ sẽ đi bỏ phiếu trong cuộc bầu cử giữa nhiệm kỳ. Cũng như các cuộc bầu cử khác, lá phiếu của các cộng đồng sắc tộc, tùy theo mỗi địa phương, cũng rất quan trọng. Riêng cộng đồng người Việt thì mức độ tham gia như thế nào, xu hướng bỏ phiếu của họ ra sao, hôm nay chúng ta sẽ cùng tìm hiểu với nhà báo Hà Ngọc Cư ở Houston, Texas.

Theo nhà báo Hà Ngọc Cư, bầu cử giữa kỳ năm nay rất quan trọng, vì sự thay đổi về số người được bầu trong Hạ, Thượng Viện sẽ làm thay đổi cán cân quyền lực của đảng Cộng Hòa và của tổng thống Donald Trump.

Về lá phiếu cử tri người Việt, theo nhà báo Hà Ngọc Cư, có hai vấn đề:

" Thứ nhất, trong cuộc bầu cử vào các chức vụ dân cử địa phương, lá phiếu của người Việt đương nhiên có ảnh hưởng khá lớn, nhất là ở tiểu bang California và Texas. Trong cuộc bầu cử liên bang, số người Việt ở Mỹ chưa tới 3 triệu, tức là chưa tới 1% dân số Mỹ. Số người có thể đi bầu, tức là có quốc tịch Mỹ, là chưa tới một nữa của 1% đó."

Trong cộng đồng người Việt, năm nay có nhiều người hăng hái ra tranh cử vào các chức vụ công quyền ở Orange County ( Quận Cam ), miền nam bang California và đây là điều khiến truyền thông Hoa Kỳ chú ý. Nhật báo Los Angeles Times ngày 21/10 ngạc nhiên ghi nhận có đến 24 người gốc Việt tranh cử ở Orange County và không có gì là bất ngờ lắm : hơn phân nữa, tức là 13 trong số 24 ứng cử viên gốc Việt đó là mang họ Nguyễn, một trong những họ phổ biến nhất của dân Việt Nam.

Phong trào người Việt ra tranh cử dường như bắt đầu từ năm 1992, khi nghị viên thành phố Westminster Tony Lâm trở thành người sinh ra ở Việt Nam đầu tiên đắc cử ở Hoa Kỳ. Theo tờ Los Angeles Times, các ứng cử viên gốc Việt chủ yếu tập trung ở các khu vực Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, và Westminster, tức những thành phố làm nên khu vực gọi là Little Saigon. Cư dân gốc Việt ra tranh những chức vụ quan trọng trong hội đồng thành phố hay nghị viên tiểu bang, cũng như tranh cử vào những chức vụ thấp hơn như như ủy viên giáo dục,...

Trong số 24 ứng cử viên Mỹ gốc Việt tại Quận Cam, thượng nghị sĩ tiểu bang Janet Nguyễn là một chính khách kỳ cựu, tham gia tranh cử lần thứ 9 trong cuộc bầu cử ngày mai. Nói với tờ Times, bà Janet Nguyễn tỏ ra không quá ngạc nhiên về mức độ tham gia chính trị trong cộng đồng mình. Theo thượng nghị sĩ Janet Nguyen, vốn là những người tị nạn chính trị, các đồng hương của bà biết rõ cuộc sống ở một đất nước nơi mà các quyền tự do hầu như không hiện hữu và nơi mà một chính đảng kiểm soát mọi phương diện đời sống. Bà cho rằng trải nghiệm đó đã khiến cho người Mỹ gốc Việt tương đối năng động về chính trị, đi bỏ phiếu đông đảo hơn một số nhóm cư dân khác.

Nhưng đứng từ phía Texas, tiểu bang cũng có một cộng đồng người Việt rất đông đảo, nhà báo Hà Ngọc Cư nhận xét là nhìn chung hoạt động chính trị của người Việt lại đang giảm đi :

" Ở Texas, các ứng cử viên vào những chức vụ như ủy viên hội đồng thành phố hay dân biểu tiểu bang, cũng có một vài người Việt, ví dụ như ông Hubert Võ đã đắc cử dân biểu 2, 3 lần. Ngoài ra cũng có một vài vị ra tranh cử các chức vụ địa phương và cũng có một số thành công, nhưng không nhiều lắm so với các cộng đồng thiểu số khác.
Những người lớn tuổi như chúng tôi thì bây giờ "trùm chăn", không còn tham gia vào hoạt động chính trị ở địa phương, nhưng trong giới trẻ thì có một số tham gia.
Cách đây một vài thập niên, việc tham gia hoạt động chính trị địa phương rất là mạnh là vì tinh thần chống cộng lúc đó lên rất cao, nhưng cái sự chống cộng, theo tôi, dần dần không còn mạnh mẽ như trước. Do đó, hoạt động chính trị của người Việt trên nước Mỹ cũng giảm đi".

Theo ghi nhận của các chuyên gia được tờ Los Angeles Times trích dẫn, đa số các ứng cử viên gốc Việt là theo đảng Cộng Hòa, tuy rằng thế hệ trẻ hơn nay có xu hướng theo đảng Dân Chủ hoặc tranh cử với tư cách ứng cử viên độc lập. Cử tri Mỹ gốc Việt trong quá khứ vẫn được xem là thành phần nòng cốt của đảng Cộng Hòa, nhất là những người chống cộng quyết liệt nhất. Nhưng cộng đồng người Việt tị nạn đang già đi và thế hệ con, cháu của họ nay có đầu óc cấp tiến hơn.

Tuy vậy, kết quả một cuộc khảo sát về cử tri gốc Á công bố vào tháng 10 cho thấy người Mỹ gốc Việt là cộng đồng gốc Á duy nhất có đa số là ủng hộ tổng thống Donald Trump.
Khảo sát do tổ chức thúc đẩy quyền bầu cử cho người Mỹ gốc Á và Thái Bình Dương- APIAVote, và Viện Nghiên Cứu Người Mỹ Gốc Á và Thái Bình Dương- AAPIData- thực hiện từ ngày 23/08 đến ngày 4/10/2018.

Kết quả tổng quát cho thấy chỉ có 36% cử tri gốc Á ủng hộ tổng thống Donald Trump, nhưng riêng cử tri gốc Việt ủng hộ ông Trump với tỉ lệ lên tới 64%. Ngay cả cử tri gốc Philippines, đồng minh thân cận của Mỹ, cũng chỉ có 48% ủng hộ ông Trump.

Lý do tại sao người Mỹ gốc Việt lại ủng hộ tổng thống Trump nhiều đến thế, nhà báo Hà Ngọc Cư giải thích :

" Những người Việt thế hệ đầu tiên, tức là 60, 70 tuổi, phần nhiều nghiêng về đảng Cộng Hòa. Còn thế hệ cử tri gốc Việt trình độ đại học thì thường nghiêng về phía Dân Chủ. Năm nay, đặc biệt ông Trump đối đầu về thương mại với Trung Quốc, cho nên ông được rất nhiều điểm từ cử tri gốc Việt. Người Việt chúng ta thì đại đa số là hận Trung Quốc, cho nên bất cứ người nào đập Trung Quốc là đương nhiên được cảm tình người Việt."

Cũng theo kết quả nói trên, trong khi cử tri gốc Á nói chung ủng hộ mạnh mẽ đảng Dân Chủ, thì cử tri gốc Việt lại có xu hướng dồn phiếu cho các ứng cử viên Cộng Hòa tranh cử vào Hạ Viện.

Cũng trong cộng đồng người Việt, như kết quả khảo sát ở trên cho thấy, cử tri thế hệ trẻ lại có xu hướng bầu cho Dân Chủ. Nhà báo Hà Ngọc Cư ghi nhận :

" Suy nghĩ của thế hệ trẻ hoàn toàn độc lập và hoàn toàn mang bản sắc của người Mỹ, nên suy nghĩ của họ khác hẳn với chúng tôi. Phần lớn thế hệ trẻ có trình độ đại học là hướng về phía Dân Chủ. Vì cương lĩnh của đảng Dân Chủ trước hết là liberal, mà giới trẻ thì cũng liberal, nên thường họ có khuynh hướng nghiêng về phía Dân Chủ."

Nhưng khi được hỏi về dự định đi bỏ phiếu ngày mai, chỉ có .... 64% cử tri người Việt trả lời là có, trong khi tỷ lệ này trong cộng đồng Philippines lên đến 92%. Theo nhà báo Hà Ngọc Cư, có nhiều lý do giải thích vì nhiều cử tri gốc Việt ngại đi bầu :

" Có nhiều người cho rằng lá phiếu của người Việt trong cuộc bầu cử liên bang không có ảnh hưởng gì hết, cho nên có một số người thờ ơ, ít đi bầu. Thứ hai, ngày bầu cử lại là thứ Ba. Người Việt đa số phải đi làm, xin nghỉ cũng khó khăn và có khi đi làm về trễ, cho nên cũng ngại, không đi bầu. Một số người già thì không có phương tiện đi lại, trừ một số người bỏ phiếu qua bưu điện."

          Gregory Page – One Way Journey Home (2018)      Cache   Translate Page      
320 kbps | 103 MB | LINKS During my journey as a wandering performing songwriter I am often asked “Where are you from?” The quick answer is I was born in London though I have lived in many places I currently reside in San Diego. The heart of that question is an easy one to […]
          OUT OF THE TUNNEL: BREAKING DOWN THE CFL WESTERN SEMIFINAL      Cache   Translate Page      

It's an intriguing matchup in the West Division Semi-Final this Sunday when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers come to Mosaic Stadium to face the Saskatchewan Roughriders for their fourth meeting this season (3:30 pm Sask Time, TSN, 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network).

Here is an early preview:

We say early, because no one knows the absolute health of the Roughriders starting quarterback Zach Collaros. It appears like he is healthy and ready to go as he made a fan appearance during the bye week, but the Riders did make a move that got the CFL world buzzing as career backup quarterback Drew Tate was signed on Saturday.

Tate has spent the season as a defensive analyst (college coaching staffs are huge) for the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers of the Sun Belt Conference. They have had a solid season and are two wins away from qualifying for a Bowl Game for the first time in their brief history in the FBS. But the carrot of another paycheque playing football and the potential bonus money available for playing and winning playoff games had to have been too difficult to turn down.

For the Riders, this is a sign that they are in need of someone who can execute the offence if Collaros goes down again. Looking far ahead, expect yet another year of five or six deep quarterback battles at training camp next spring.

To make it simple, let’s say Collaros is good to go Sunday. He will have to be very good for the Riders to come up with their first home playoff victory since the 2013 Grey Cup.

Going head-to-head, the Winnipeg offence would have the edge over the Riders.

Saskatchewan was dead last in offensive touchdowns while Winnipeg was tops in the league. The Riders were also last in 2-and-outs and in the bottom third of the league in yards per game, first downs and plays from scrimmage.

But don't read too deep into that. The Saskatchewan offence is built for this time of season. They are in the top three in turnovers made and in time of possession. If the Green and White offence can hold onto the football, keep their mistakes to a minimum and hold the Bomber offence off the field, it will make for a much easier game.

Defensively, everyone would give the Roughriders the edge as well. It’s a big-play defence that is able to get to the quarterback and can make things difficult for Matt Nichols. Again, this isn’t a runaway because the Winnipeg offence doesn’t make that many mistakes (except to the Riders on Labour Day and the Banjo Bowl) and overall, they led the league in turnover ratio (+14 to the Riders +6).

In the end, give the edge to Saskatchewan.

Special teams is an easy checkmark for the Craig Dickenson kicking and return units. Brett Lauther had a career season kicking, Rider returners were second in punt return average and tops in kick return yardage as well. Those are the hidden yards that can flip the field.

It’s going to be sunny and cool at Mosaic Stadium on Saturday. If Saskatchewan can ride Cam Marshall running the ball, keep mistakes at a minimum and hold the Bomber offence to only a small handful of large chunk plays, the one or two big plays Saskatchewan can always come up will be the difference.

The Riders will win 25-18.

The East Division Semifinal between the Lions and Tiger-Cats in Hamilton may not be a pretty game. After winning six of seven games to get into the playoffs, the B.C. Lions hit a wall at the end of the season getting boat-raced by both Saskatchewan and Calgary.

Hamilton lost five of their last seven to finish 8-10 and they don’t look good on either side of the football. Without their best player in Speedy Banks, look for the Lions to make the step into the East Finals.


The Toronto Argonauts didn’t waste any time relieving Marc Trestman of his head coaching duties. He went from winning the Grey Cup just one year ago to a miserable four-win season.

With the new AAF gobbling up coaches across America, the list of available head coaches is getting thinner and thinner. So, will Jim Popp do something that Winnipeg has had some success doing with Mike O’Shea and hire a Canadian head coach? Or will he go to the college coaching retirement home like Montreal and Hamilton? It will be an incredibly interesting and important hire in the CFL’s biggest market.

This Week in Canada West:

It was an all-time CanWest semifinal thriller at Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver on a cool and wet Saturday afternoon.

After a Trivel Pinto touchdown catch with 1:43 remaining and a Stavros Katsantonis interception it looked like the UBC Thunderbirds were on their way to a fourth-straight Hardy Cup Final.

But Kyle Siemens and the University of Saskatchewan offence was granted one last chance with 51-seconds remaining. He quickly engineered a drive that finished with a 14-yard touchdown pass to Jesse Kuntz to tie the game and force overtime.

In overtime, the Thunderbirds missed a field goal while fifth-year senior Sean Stenger drilled a 38-yard field goal for the Huskies first playoff win since 2009.

They will take on the Calgary Dinos who used a tremendous second half to smoke the Manitoba Bisons 37-13. Adam Sinagra was lethal again with 363-yards passing and three touchdowns in the victory.

The Dinos will be looking for their ninth Hardy Cup championship in 11 years while the Huskies last won the Canada West title in 2006.

Hardy Cup Final:

Saturday, November 10th
Saskatchewan Huskies at Calgary Dinos 1:00pm MST (McMahon Stadium)

This Week in the PFC:

The Saskatoon Hilltops now know who they will play in next weekend’s Canadian Bowl. The Langley Rams pounded the Hamilton Hurricanes 39-14 and will make the trip to SMF Field in Saskatoon.

With a win, the Hilltops will nab their fifth straight national title and ninth in ten years. It’s also a rematch of the 2014 Canadian Bowl where the Hilltops beat the Rams in Langley 39-14.

Canadian Bowl:

Saturday, November 17th
Langley Rams at Saskatoon Hilltops 1:00pm (SMF Field)

Canadian to Watch in the NCAA

Brendan O’Leary-Orange – Soph.
Receiver - Nevada
6’4”, 210lbs.
Toronto, Ontario
High School – Canadian Prep Academy

After a fantastic freshman season (618 yards receiving and four touchdowns), O’Leary-Orange has had to fight through an injury filled 2018.

In seven games this season, he has 11 catches for 152-yards and a touchdown with his best effort coming this weekend. O’Leary-Orange had four catches for 51-yards and a score in a 28-24 victory over San Diego State.

(By Staff)
          Other Than The Blow Voters Are Delivering Trump Today, Will We Defeat Any Of The Worst, Most Vile GOP?      Cache   Translate Page      

You know who I'm thinking about, not the run-of-the-mill Republican garbage who "just" want to take away peoples' healthcare and see them starving in the streets; I'm mean the real neo-Nazi's inside the pup tent. Many of them are in blood red districts that are infested with brain-washed Fox zombies, like, for example, Matt Gaetz in Florida. But there are a handful up for reelection today who could go down, as long a shot as each case is. The defeat of Chris Collins (NY-27) and Steve King (IA-04) would be immense wins for political decency. So would an abrupt end to the political career of Devin Nunes (CA-22).

No one likes being lumped into the same category as Steve King, but there is another Republican incumbent-- a substance abuser currently out on bail and kicked off his committee by Paul Ryan as a national security risk-- who has earned the company: suburban and exurban San Diego County's Druncan Hunter (CA-50). And there are still hours and hours of voting left in California. Yesterday The Atlantic allowed McKay Coppins to lay the whole ugly Trump Era mess out: Duncan Hunter Is Running the Most Anti-Muslim Campaign in the Country. Before we start down this road though, it's important to know four facts about his progressive Democratic opponent, Ammar Campa-Najjar. (Yeah, I know, tough name, but otherwise as all American a kid as anyone you'll ever meet; besides, did you pick your name?)
Ammar was born and raised a Christian and has been active in his church for his whole life
Ammar was born 16 years after his grandfather in question had died. (For any Trump fan who might be reading this: that means he never met his grandfather.)
Ammar worked in the Department of Labor and was thoroughly vetted for the Secret Service, passing a test that Druncan Hunter couldn't pass if his life depended on it
Ammar, when asked, told me his favorite band is Metallica.
Hunter's problem isn't that his R+11 district has changed, it's that he was indicted of various and sundry corruption charges, arrested by the FBI and is hoping to be reelected despite being out on bail. Coppins is a gentleman and steers clear from some of the tawdry details of Hunter's lifestyle-- the hookers, untreated alcoholism, bribery, etc-- but even the polite stuff is eye-popping enough. He explained that "on August 22, federal prosecutors charged the lawmaker and his wife with stealing $250,000 in campaign funds. In a 47-page indictment littered with galling details, the Hunters were accused of using campaign cash to fund lavish family vacations; to pay for groceries, golf outings, and tequila shots; and even to fly a pet rabbit across the country. To cover their tracks, the indictment alleged, the Hunters often claimed that their purchases were for charitable organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project. The political backlash was swift and severe. Hunter was stripped of his committee assignments in the House. His fund-raising dried up, and Democratic money flooded into the district. When he tried to defend himself on Fox News, he exacerbated the crisis by appearing to pin the blame for the scandal on his wife." You want that for a congressman?
Publicly disgraced, out of money, and facing both jail time and a suddenly surging challenger-- what was an indicted congressman to do?

Eventually, Hunter seemed to arrive at his answer: Try to eke out a win by waging one of the most brazenly anti-Muslim smear campaigns in recent history.

In the final weeks of the election, Hunter has aired ominous ads warning that his Democratic opponent, Ammar Campa-Najjar, is “working to infiltrate Congress” with the support of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has circulated campaign literature claiming the Democrat is a “national security threat” who might reveal secret U.S. troop movements to enemies abroad if elected. While Hunter himself floats conspiracy theories from the stump about a wave of “radical Muslims” running for office in America, his campaign is working overtime to cast Campa-Najjar as a nefarious figure reared and raised by terrorists.

As multiple fact-checkers in the press have noted, these smears have no basis in reality. Campa-Najjar-- a 29-year-old former Barack Obama aide who is half-Latino, half-Arab-- is a devout Christian who received security clearance when he worked in the White House. His grandfather was involved in the massacre at the 1972 Munich Olympics, but he died 16 years before Campa-Najjar was born, and the candidate has repeatedly denounced him. (Growing up, Campa-Najjar became estranged from his father, a former Palestinian Authority official, and was raised primarily by his Mexican American mother.)

But facts do not appear to be Hunter’s chief concern. The political strategy here is self-evident: Feed on anti-Muslim prejudice to scare enough conservative voters into pulling the lever for the incumbent-- indictment be damned.

California’s Fiftieth District hasn’t drawn much attention from horse-race obsessives this year. There are other races with tighter polls, other House seats more likely to flip. But what’s unfolding here in the suburbs of San Diego represents an unnerving microcosm of this campaign season: white Republicans frightened by cynical conspiracy-mongers; religious minorities frightened by the fallout; a community poisoned by Trumpian politics-- and a bitter question hovering over the whole ugly affair: Will it ever get better?

Duncan Hunter is not an easy man to find these days. He rarely holds campaign rallies, and doesn’t attend town halls or debates. When I emailed his office asking for an interview, I was politely told my request would be added to the “list”-- and then ignored when I tried to follow up.

...On the whole, Campa-Najjar said he was surprised by how ham-fisted Hunter’s strategy had been. “I thought there would be more finesse to it,” he told me.

Now, though, he was more confident than ever that victory was at hand. With Obama-esque audacity, he began ticking off all the reasons to be optimistic. The district was more diverse than many realized. “McCain Republicans” were repelled by the Muslim-bashing. While his own campaign was infused with idealism and “youth,” Hunter’s was cloaked in the stench of “desperation.”

Very soon, he assured me, the good voters of the California Fiftieth would reject the ugly politics that had permeated their community this year and send him to Congress.

Perhaps detecting my skepticism, Campa-Najjar tried to conjure an alternative happy ending. “And if we fall short,” he tried, “we proved that we exceeded expectations and that...” but then he stopped himself. He couldn’t do it.

“I think we’re going to win.”

3 more hours to vote

Come to think of it, one of the House's most horrible creatures, Marsha Blackburn is running for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee. That's a very red state-- PVI is R+14 and Trump beat Hillary there 1,522,925 (60.7%) to 870,695 (34.7%). The results between Blackburn and Bredesen won't look like that tonight. Here's why:
Early voting in Tennessee is at 95% of the total turnout for 2014.
Early vote turnout among 18 and 29 year olds is up 317% compared to 2014.
Early vote turnout among first time voters increased by 973% from 2014 (57,253). New voters represented 8% of the total early vote.
566,666 Tennesseans who did not vote in 2014 voted early this year. In other words, 40.81% of this year’s early voters did not vote in 2014.
105,487 Tennesseans (8% of the early voting electorate) did not vote in August 2018, 2016, or 2014. Half of these voters are under 50 years old.
Women 40 years and younger increased their early vote participation by 266% from 2014.
African American midterm early vote increased by 169% compared to 2014, largely due to increased participation among young African American voters.
African American women vote increased by 172% compared to 2014.

Compared to all other states, Tennessee is now:

#1 in overall increase of early votes cast compared to 2014
#1 in the increase of 18-29 year olds voting
Still... it is Tennessee, so don't get your hopes up too high.

Meanwhile, NBC News reported this morning that top Republicans are shitting a brick over Trump's racist, xenophobic closing message. He's costing them independents and he's costing them the suburbs. Most of them believe "that his campaign rhetoric has gone too far and will cost some GOP candidates their races and jobs. Trump has spent the final stretch of this election season in some of the most conservative areas in the country, rallying his base of supporters by warning that Democrats will usher in an age of 'socialism' and 'open borders' if voters put them in charge of either chamber of Congress... [A]s voters head to the polls, some Republicans worry that message could backfire and cost some of the most vulnerable GOP House incumbents and candidates in suburban districts or in districts with larger minority populations." Because the fools looking for red meat and cheap entertainment who come to his rallies cheer all his lies, Trump has lost the ability to understand that 65% of the country doesn't believe a thing he says.
One Republican strategist said that Rep. John Culberson, who is in a tough re-election bid in a solidly Republican district in the Houston area, was polling four points ahead of his opponent, Democrat Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, in the days after the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

After Trump escalated his anti-immigrant rhetoric and visited Houston, internal polling showed Culberson down three points.

In some races, including Culberson's, “the certain tone and the certain issues he’s chosen to focus on is not helpful” the Republican strategist said.

...Other vulnerable Republicans are trying to counter Trump by focusing their campaign on local issues. Rep. Jeff Denham, who represents an agriculture district with a large Hispanic population in central California, has ignored Trump's national messaging on immigration and instead focused largely on water, a crucial issue there.

But if Republicans lose a large number of seats, someone will be blamed. And some Republicans are already pointing the finger at Trump.
Food fight coming tomorrow!

          Oppo presenta el RX 17 Pro y se lanza a la conquista del mercado Europeo      Cache   Translate Page      
Oppo presenta el RX 17 Pro y se lanza a la conquista del mercado Europeo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\

La firma asiática busca penetrar en el mercado europeo con un terminal que se quiere medir con los mejores teléfonos del mercado.

Después de hacer ruido con el Find X y su cámara frontal retráctil, Oppo quiere hacer ruido en Europa con un nuevo terminal que está destinado a hacer frente a los últimos buques insignia de varios fabricantes. Atractivo, colorido, con una pantalla muy aprovechada y con importantes promesas en el apartado fotográfico, el RX 17 Pro se posiciona como uno de los más interesantes del catálogo de la firma en el viejo contienente.

Si uno observa el nuevo Oppo RX 17 Pro de frente, tendría notables motivos para dudar de si se encuentra contemplando efectivamente este modelo, un OnePlus 6T o el nuevo Huawei Mate 20. Es el último en adoptar ese peculiar formato de "gota de agua" en el notch o ceja en la parte superior, algo que permite aprovechar al máximo la pantalla AMOLED de 6,4 pulgadas sin incluir un mecanismo complejo para ocultar la cámara y que eleve su precio sobremanera –como ocurre con el Find X– y el lector de huellas integrado en la pantalla.

Una cámara frontal que, por cierto, es un gran angular de 25 megapixeles con apertura f/2.0 y que quiere sumarse de manera evidente a la tendencia por los selfies que abarcan un mayor rango y permiten a más personas sumarse a la foto. La trasera, por su parte, la componen tres lentes, dos de 12 megapíxeles (f/1.5-2.4) y una última de 20 MP, contando también con capacidad gran angular.

Pequeños compromisos

Es obligatorio hacer mención que la parte trasera está dotada de diferentes colores, según el modelo, que continúan la tendencia colorida de otros fabricantes para conseguir captar la atención de manera inmediata. Así mismo, también lo es resaltar la principal debilidad de este terminal, que no es otra que la de contar en su interior, oculto bajo esos brillantes tonos, un procesador Snapdragon 710.

Si bien es cierto que este es el mejor que manufactura la compañía de San Diego para la gama media del mercado, no lo es menos que no alcanza al 845, el más capaz del catálogo. Este se encuentra en rivales directos del RX 17 Pro, como el mencionado OnePlus 6T, y no deja en muy buen lugar al primero con un precio de venta que ronda los 600 euros.

Por fortuna, Oppo ha tenido a bien dotar al terminal de una RAM de 8 GB y una memoria interna de 128 GB, lo que eleva en cierta medida el rango del terminal. A pesar de esto, parece complicado que el sueño de Oppo por conquistar un mercado donde su presencia es aún anecdótica se vea cumplido con este dispositivo.

El RX 17 Pro estará disponible por 599 euros el 16 de noviembre. Lo podrás encontrar en varios países de Europa, incluyendo a España.

          DREAM THEATER: Στις αρχές της νέας χρονιάς ο νέος δίσκος (εξώφυλλο και teaser)      Cache   Translate Page      
DREAM THEATER: Στις αρχές της νέας χρονιάς ο νέος δίσκος (εξώφυλλο και teaser)

Δύο χρόνια έχουν περάσει από το τελευταίο album των Dream Theater με τίτλο “The Astonishing” που κυκλοφορεί από τον Ιανουάριο του 2016.

Πλέον, η μπάντα οδεύει ολοταχώς προς τον διάδοχό του που θα έχει τίτλο “Distance over Time” και θα βρεθεί στα δισκάδικα το Φεβρουάριο του 2019, αποτελώντας την πρώτη κυκλοφορία των Dream Theater υπό την ετικέτα της Inside Out.

Παρακάτω, μπορείτε να δείτε το εξώφυλλο του δίσκου και να παρακολουθήσετε ένα πρώτο teaser video με μια πρώτη γεύση από το 14ο βήμα των αμερικανών progressive μαστόρων. Για την ανακοίνωση των λεπτομερειών για το “Distance over Time”, οι Dream Theater διεξήγαγαν μια διαδικτυακή εκστρατεία με διάφορα κουίζ στα social media, με απώτερο σκοπό να εμπλακούν οι fans όσο γίνεται περισσότερο στη διαδικασία δημιουργίας του album. Αναφορικά, δε, με την περιοδεία για την προώθηση του δίσκου, αυτή θα ξεκινήσει από τις ΗΠΑ και το San Diego της California στις 20 Μαρτίου του 2019.

Εδώ μπορείτε να παρακολουθήσετε κι ένα video με τη μπάντα εν δράσει στο studio.

          The Paper Kites at House of Blues - San Diego on 11/07/2018 08:00 PM PST      Cache   Translate Page      
          SCORPFEST - Gary Wilson and The Blind Dates, Steven on the First Floor, Bueno Hearts at The Casbah - San Diego on 11/07/2018 08:30 PM PST      Cache   Translate Page      
          Football 2018: Harvard 52, Columbia 18      Cache   Translate Page      
Crimson Football 2018: Harvard 52, Columbia 18

Because Saturday’s clash with Ivy League rival Columbia was the Harvard football team’s final game at Harvard Stadium this season, it was designated Senior Day, the afternoon on which the players from the class of 2019 were honored. (The final home game, against Yale, will be at Fenway Park.) Appropriately enough, one senior had a career day and several others figured heavily in the outcome. Quarterback Tom Stewart, who during his Harvard tenure didn’t get significant playing time until the middle of this season, had quite a first quarter alone, firing three long touchdown passes (including the longest in Crimson football history) and getting Harvard off and winging to a 52-18 victory. The win raised the Crimson to 4-4 overall and 2-3 in the Ivy League. The Lions dropped to 4-4, 1-4.

Harvard Football
Sign up for Harvard Magazine’s football e-mail and follow the Crimson all season long! Dick Friedman will provide the latest news, game summaries, and insights.

Acknowledging that Columbia was a “banged-up team,” Harvard coach Tim Murphy nevertheless was happy that “this was the first game in a long time that hasn’t gone down to the wire.” He lauded his seniors: “The bottom line is, we’ve had great senior production and tremendous senior leadership all year long.” Of Stewart, Murphy said, “Since the moment I put him in, at halftime of the Cornell game, he has gotten better and better and better. He has great leadership, great poise, and great toughness and has made us a better football team. The ability to get after folks with a vertical passing game that he’s particularly good at has opened up our offense and certainly opened it up again today.” 

And how. On Saturday Stewart completed 15 of 26 passes. He threw for 393 yards—easily surpassing his previous best effort, the 272 yards amassed in the 33-31 win over Holy Cross on October 12. Stewart’s five touchdown tosses put him in a four-way tie for the Crimson single-game record. (If nothing else, those long touchdown plays are a heck of a way to bypass the season-long Harvard red-zone problems.) Just as impressive as the touchdowns was the way Stewart achieved them—in the manner of the old AFL San Diego Chargers of John Hadl-to-Lance Alworth lore. The Stadium has seen some spectacular aerial shows and this one ranks with the best. “It was pretty cool, especially on Senior Day,” said Stewart. “You couldn’t script it any better. I’m on cloud nine now.”

He didn’t waste any time, taking advantage of relatively calm conditions in the first half before the wind kicked up and made throwing long more challenging. A penalty on the opening kickoff return set Harvard back to its eight-yard line. Then—zip! On first down Stewart threw caution to the winds as well as one of the sweetest passes you’ll ever see. Dropping back, he launched a Scud missile some 65 yards in the air that hit streaking junior wideout Jack Cook in stride. In a twinkling Cook, who had beaten Columbia’s Will Allen, was over the goal on that record-breaking, longest Crimson pass play, 92 yards in all. Junior Jake McIntyre booted the extra point. Twenty seconds into the game, it was Harvard 7, Columbia 0.

Later in the first period, Lions kicker Chris Alleyne made a 32-yard field goal. Harvard 7, Columbia 3. Then—bang! On the Crimson’s first play from scrimmage following the kickoff, Stewart took the snap and scanned the field. Sophomore wideout Tyler Adams was open downfield. This time, Stewart put just the correct amount of loft on the ball and dropped it into Adams’s arms—right into the pickle barrel. Adams took it the rest of the way for a 75-yard score. McIntyre kicked. Harvard 14, Columbia 3.

The Lions responded with an 83-yard drive that produced another Alleyne field goal, this one a 29-yarder. Harvard 14, Columbia 6. Then—pow! This time the Crimson quarterback had to wait until third down to produce a big play. Seeing sophomore running back Aaron Shampklin alone near the left sideline after wheeling out of the backfield, Stewart hit him with a toss. Shampklin blazed the remainder of the 74 yards. McIntyre booted. Harvard 21, Columbia 6. Fewer than 12 minutes had been played. 


Up until now the scoreboard had been blinking like a pinball machine, but the game soon settled down and the Lions crept back. In the middle of the second quarter, Columbia’s Mike Roussos made a nifty return of a punt by Harvard freshman Jon Sot, taking the ball to the Crimson 35. Four plays later the Lions were in the end zone on a two-yard run by Kyle Castner. But on the extra-point try the snap was bungled. Harvard 21, Columbia 12. 

Would Stewart’s epic first quarter go to waste? As the half approached, another senior, defensive back Wesley Ogsbury, did his best to blunt any Lion momentum, making two interceptions. On the second pick, Ogsbury nearly took it to the house, returning the ball 42 yards to the Columbia 16. (On Monday, Obsbury was named the Ivy League’s defensive player of the week, while Stewart was named the co-offensive player of the week, with Yale freshman quarterback Griffin O’Connor.) 

Thirty-nine seconds remained till halftime. On first down, Stewart danced to his left and whipped the ball into the back of the end zone. Senior wideout Henry Taylor leaped, snagged it, and somehow kept his feet inbounds when he came down. Touchdown! McIntyre kicked. Harvard 28, Columbia 12.

As the third quarter began, the senior connection of Stewart to Taylor again provided a spark, this time with a pair of completions that helped bring the ball to the Lion six-yard-line. On first and goal, Shampklin glided up the middle and into the end zone. McIntyre converted. Harvard 35, Columbia 12. 

This touchdown took some of the pressure off, but more than 25 minutes of play remained. The rest of the third quarter produced a scoreless standstill. (Leading Harvard with eight tackles on the day was defensive back and captain Zach Miller. Yes, a senior.) On the first play of the fourth quarter, the snap sailed over the head of Columbia punter Drew Schmid and out of the end zone for a safety and two-more Crimson points. Harvard 37, Columbia 12. The Lions now would need four scores to gain the lead. They got one of them on a 20-yard pass from Ty Lenhart to Kaleb Pitts, but Lenhart failed on a two-point conversion run. Harvard 37, Columbia 18.


Stewart wasn’t through. Instead of producing a quick strike, he led the Crimson on a meticulous, 10-play, 62-yard drive that yielded another senior-connection touchdown pass to Taylor, a 10-yarder. McIntyre kicked the extra point. Harvard 44, Columbia 18. The points were welcome, but so was taking five minutes off the clock. McIntyre then blasted the ensuing kickoff through the uprights.  

The punctuation was provided by yet another senior, running back Charlie Booker III. Booker was All-Ivy in 2017 but injuries have limited his 2018 playing time. After the Crimson defense forced the Lions to surrender the ball at the Columbia 34, sophomore quarterback Jake Smith (doing mop-up duty for Stewart) handed to Booker, who barreled up the middle and accelerated into the end zone. McIntyre’s point after was blocked but tight end Cecil Williams picked up the ball and carried it into the end zone for two points. Harvard 52, Columbia 17. 

Williams is—you guessed it—a senior.


Tidbits: Harvard has not lost to Columbia at Harvard Stadium since September 16, 1995, when the Lions won 28-24….Columbia’s punter, sophomore Drew Schmid, is the brother of Zach Schmid ’18, who was Harvard’s punter from 2015 through ’17….Saturday’s victory marked the first time in two seasons that Harvard scored more than 50 points. The most recent previous occurrence came on September 16, 2016, when the Crimson beat Rhode Island 51-21.



The Real Game, 2018—The Outcome: In the Ivy League’s battle of unbeatens, Princeton outlasted Dartmouth 14-9. In our prediction we got the winner right, but we way overestimated the point total (Princeton 34, Dartmouth 20). So we will refrain from predicting the outcome of Tuesday’s midterm elections. The Tigers’ two remaining games are at Yale and back home against Penn, while the Big Green has it easier, playing at Cornell and in Hanover against Brown. 


Weekly Roundup

Princeton 14, Dartmouth 9
Penn 20, Cornell 7
Yale 46, Brown 16


Coming up: Next Saturday, for its final road game of the season, Harvard travels to Philadelphia’s Franklin Field to face Penn. Kickoff: 1 p.m. The game will be streamed on ESPN+ and broadcast on the radio on WRCA 1330 AM, 106.1 FM and 94.5 FM-HD2, and on WHRB FM 95.3. The Quakers are 6-2 overall and 3-2 in the Ivy League. The Crimson leads in the overall series 48-38-2, but Penn has won the last three, including a 23-6 victory last year at Harvard Stadium.


The score by quarters 

Columbia6606  18
Harvard217717  52

Attendance: 10,447


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Lucas Orr of San Diego, CA, member of QUAFF (Quality Ale and Fermentation Fraternity), won a gold medal in Category 28: Specialty Beer during the 2018 National Homebrew Con in Portland, OR. Orr's specialty wee heavy was chosen as the best among 181 entries.

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Last Sunday, at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego California − the biggest event in the field, attracting about 30,000 participants – a timely symposium took place. Researchers from the University of Washington and the...
          Fourth District Upholds San Diego’s Addendum for Balboa Park Revitalization Project, Validates the CEQA Addendum Process      Cache   Translate Page      
Downey Brand LLP
 Line      Cache   Translate Page      
NBA Wednesday FAVORITE LINE O/U UNDERDOG Detroit 1½ (211½) at ORLANDO at CLEVELAND OFF (OFF) Oklahoma City New York 1 (222½) at ATLANTA at MIAMI OFF (OFF) San Antonio Denver 3½ (206) at MEMPHIS at NEW ORLEANS 10 (230½) Chicago at INDIANA 2½ (216) Philadelphia at UTAH OFF (OFF) Dallas at SACRAMENTO OFF (OFF) Toronto at LA LAKERS OFF (OFF) Minnesota COLLEGE BASKETBALL Wednesday FAVORITE LINE UNDERDOG at CINCINNATI 5½ Ohio State National Hockey League Wednesday FAVORITE LINE UNDERDOG LINE at WASHINGTON -120 Pittsburgh +110 Nashville -117 at COLORADO +107 at ANAHEIM OFF Calgary OFF College Football Wednesday FAVORITE OPEN TODAY O/U UNDERDOG Ohio 2 3½ (61½) at MIAMI (OHIO) at N ILLINOIS 2 3 (55½) Toledo Thursday at NC STATE 16 17 (69) Wake Forest Friday at SYRACUSE 21½ 21 (69) Louisville Fresno St PK 3 (54) at BOISE ST Saturday at HOUSTON 7 4½ (69) Temple Michigan 36 39 (48½) at RUTGERS at PITTSBURGH 4 3 (51½) Virginia Tech Clemson 15½ 20 (58½) at BOSTON COLLEGE at TEXAS A&M 13 11½ (67) Mississippi Kentucky 3 6 (42½) at TENNESSEE BYU 13½ 14 (57½) at UMASS at VIRGINIA 24½ 23½ (58) Liberty at GEORGIA SOUTHERN 2 PK (48) Troy at IOWA ST 14 14½ (51) Baylor at UCF 25 25½ (63) Navy at WEST VIRGINIA 13½ 13 (56) TCU at GEORGIA TECH 2 3½ (55½) Miami at KANSAS ST 11½ 12 (45½) Kansas at E. MICHIGAN 13 12½ (44½) Akron at INDIANA 2 2½ (55) Maryland SMU 16 19 (66) at UCONN at DUKE 12 10½ (56½) North Carolina at OKLAHOMA 17 18½ (76½) Oklahoma St at IOWA 11 10 (46½) Northwestern at CINCINNATI 7 12 (57) South Florida Arkansas St 5 7 (61) at COASTAL CAROLINA at TULANE 14½ 13½ (55½) East Carolina at UTAH 4 3½ (56½) Oregon Washington St 4 6½ (61) at COLORADO at MARSHALL 14 14½ (44½) Charlotte North Texas 12½ 14½ (66) at OLD DOMINION at CENT. MICHIGAN 8½ 7 (51½) Bowling Green at NEVADA 12½ 14 (61½) Colorado St at STANFORD 22½ 24 (59½) Oregon St MIDDLE TENNESSEE 16 13½ (48) at UTEP at GEORGIA 14 14 (50) Auburn at PENN ST 9 8 (54) Wisconsin at ALABAMA 27 24½ (51½) Mississippi St at AIR FORCE 12½ 13½ (55) New Mexico at MISSOURI 15 17 (61) Vanderbilt at NEBRASKA 20½ 16 (68) Illinois Purdue 9 12 (58) at MINNESOTA at MEMPHIS 16½ 15½ (65½) Tulsa at FLORIDA 8 6½ (54) South Carolina at SOUTHERN CAL 5 5½ (48½) California Texas 1 1½ (64½) at TEXAS TECH LSU 16 13½ (47½) at ARKANSAS at UTAH ST 29½ 31 (63) San Jose St Appalachian St 21½ 20½ (48) at TEXAS STATE at LOUISIANA-LAFAYETTE 13 14 (67½) Georgia St at FAU 15 19½ (55) W Kentucky Louisiana-Monroe 3 5½ (62) at SOUTH ALABAMA at LOUISIANA TECH 26 25 (52) Rice FIU 12 10½ (49½) at UTSA at NOTRE DAME 16 17½ (54½) Florida St at UAB 11 12 (46½) Southern Miss Ohio State 5½ 3½ (53) at MICHIGAN ST at ARIZONA ST 9½ 12½ (59) UCLA at SAN DIEGO ST 18 22½ (54½) UNLV NFL Thursday FAVORITE OPEN TODAY O/U UNDERDOG at PITTSBURGH 5½ 4 (51½) Carolina Sunday at NY JETS 7½ 7½ (36½) Buffalo Atlanta 3 4 (50½) at CLEVELAND New Orleans 3½ 4½ (54) at CINCINNATI at TAMPA BAY 2 3 (51½) Washington New England 5½ 6½ (46½) at TENNESSEE at GREEN BAY 7 10 (47½) Miami at INDIANAPOLIS 1½ 3 (47) Jacksonville at CHICAGO 4 6½ (45) Detroit at KANSAS CITY 15 16½ (50) Arizona LA Chargers 10 10 (50) at OAKLAND at LA RAMS 8 10 (51) Seattle at PHILADELPHIA 6 6½ (43) Dallas Monday at SAN FRANCISCO 3 3 (43½) NY Giants
          Duncan Hunter leads Ammar Campa-Najjar early in fierce House race      Cache   Translate Page      
SAN DIEGO — Early results show incumbent Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine) leading his Demo
          73 Must-Try Desserts in San Diego – San Diego Magazine      Cache   Translate Page      
San Diego MagazineEvery October, she comes to San Diego from Italy for a few months to make the desserts herself. She has a new lineup this fall, including an Italian riff on cotton candy, but we love the classics, like her tiramisu, just as much. “I grew up eating this … …read more Source:: San […]
          HEAT MAP: Registered voters in San Diego County – 10News      Cache   Translate Page      
10NewsSAN DIEGO (KGTV) — 120,000 new voters registered for the midterm vote since the primaries. Where are those voters and what races will they impact? Data for Nov. 6, 2018 Gubernatorial General Election shows election precinct and district information. and more …read more Source:: San Diego News By Google News
          After a season of harsh campaigning, the nation casts its verdict on Trump – The San Diego Union-Tribune      Cache   Translate Page      
The San Diego Union-TribuneArrrived at his polling station in Fayetteville, Ga., the 54-year-old attorney said he felt a little uneasy about his vote in the state’s fiercely fought gubernatorial race between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp. “I’d probably not … and more …read more Source:: Fayetteville, Georgia News By Google News
          FMD Machine and Automation Auction | San Diego, CA - Vista CA - Wednesday November 28th, 2018 - Compass Auctions and Real Estate      Cache   Translate Page      
Auction - Vista CA - Wednesday November 28th, 2018 - Compass Auctions & Real Estate | Drill PressLathesToolsMilling MachinesSurface GrindersPrecision machinist toolsToolingMore Details Coming SoonOnline Bidding Opens November 28 1 30pm PSTLive Simulcast Auction Begins December 5 9 00am PST
          Live From John Cox Election Night HQ In San Diego      Cache   Translate Page      
Crystal Cruz is in San Diego where his campaign manager says Cox is 'cautiously optimistic' and are expecting about 1,000 people a little later this evening.
          Amazon mum on reports it will split new headquarters – The San Diego Union-Tribune      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon mum on reports it will split new headquartersThe San Diego Union-Tribune… says they’ll make an average of more than $100,000 a year. Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Privacy Policy. Copyright © 2018, The San Diego Union … and more …read more […]
          Bird has some nerve suing Beverly Hills for trying to make its sidewalks safer – Los Angeles Times      Cache   Translate Page      
Los Angeles TimesFrom my observation in San Diego, the vast majority of Bird riders use the sidewalk, not the street. I would venture to say this observation runs true in Beverly Hills and other cities as well. That is most likely why the accompanying picture to this …Bird sues Beverly Hills over ban on electric […]
          John Cox arrives in San Diego ahead of Election Night –      Cache   Translate Page      
fox5sandiego.comSAN DIEGO — California gubernatorial Republican candidate John Cox greeted his supporters at Lindbergh Field after flying into San Diego Monday night. COX told FOX 5 he’s looking forward to the big day. “We have to get this state to be affordable and … and more …read more Source:: San Diego News By Google News
          Christian Villanueva supera lesión y se viste de Yaqui      Cache   Translate Page      
Tras una destacada temporada en el beisbol de las Grandes Ligas, el tercera base Christian Villanueva está ya con el club Yaquis de Ciudad Obregón, para alistarse y ayudar a la tribu en la temporada 2018-19 de la Liga Mexicana del Pacífico.

Villanueva disparó 20 cuadrangulares con los Padres de San Diego, pese que su campaña de novato terminó en agosto debido a una lesión.

“Estoy feliz de regresar a mi segunda casa que es Yaquis y agradecido con la directiva que hizo todo lo posible para que yo volviera a Obregón. Me siento afortunado de volver a jugar aquí y espero poder estar listo lo más pronto posible para poder ayudar al equipo”, señaló.

El tapatío se convirtió en apenas el quinto mexicano con una temporada de al menos 20 cuadrangulares y el primero que lo logra como novato.

“Fue un sueño hecho realidad la temporada que tuve con Padres, fue algo que desde pequeño soñé hacer y gracias a Dios se ha cumplido. Tuve gratas experiencias que me han ayudado a ser mejor jugador y espero poner en práctica todo eso en Obregón”, explicó el beisbolista de 27 años de edad.

Una lesión en la mano derecha evitó que el pelotero mexicano finalizara la temporada en el “Big show”, sin embargo, actualmente se encuentra recuperado al 100% y listo para mostrar su poder al bat.

“Afortunadamente me siento recuperado de la lesión que sufrí y ahora espero que las cosas salgan bien aquí y llegar lejos con el equipo. Tuve muchas muestras de apoyo de la afición de Yaquis y espero poder ayudar a regresar la alegría a toda esa gente con los buenos resultados”, concluyó.

          QC Analyst (Microbiology)      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Essential Functions: * Perform routine environmental monitoring * Perform routine microbiological testing such as endotoxin and bioburden testing for GMP samples, including product and clean utilities * Trending environmental monitoring data * Create and or revise SOP(s) for microbiological operation * Assist in improving QC systems as assigned by supervisor, including revising QC system or analyt
          Helix Homes America announces portfolio acquisition      Cache   Translate Page      

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Helix Homes America announces the acquisition of 33 stabilized rental properties in Oklahoma. The Company, on behalf of its subsidiary American Residential Opportunity Fund, LLC has signed an agreement to purchase an additional 33 Single Family...

          Tight House Race Unfolds In California's 50th District      Cache   Translate Page      
Copyright 2018 KQED. To see more, visit KQED . DAVID GREENE, HOST: And I'm David Greene in Culver City, Calif. This is a state that has a number of really interesting congressional races on this midterm Election Day. And we're going to focus on one right now at a polling place outside San Diego. It is California's 50th Congressional District. Ask last year, and people would have told you this would be a cakewalk for Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter. But then he was indicted over the summer on charges of using a quarter-million dollars in campaign funds for personal expenses, and that has changed the race. KQED's John Sepulvado joins me now from El Cajon, Calif. John, good morning. JOHN SEPULVADO, BYLINE: Good morning, David. GREENE: So you're at a polling place just east of San Diego. What's it like? Are people turning out? SEPULVADO: Yeah. So this is a very traditionally Republican area. And we're seeing, you know, a lot of Republican messaging near here. But the folks who are
          Van Wagenen Gives Updates on Flores & D’Arnaud      Cache   Translate Page      
New York Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen touched on two current — for the time being — Mets players from the GM meetings in San Diego on [...]
          Alonso Will Have Opportunity to Compete for First Base Job      Cache   Translate Page      
Upon his arrival for the GM Meetings in San Diego, New York Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen met with the media. Among many topics of discussion was [...]
          Morosi: Mets Signing Machado Is A ‘Remote Possibility’      Cache   Translate Page      
This week, the GM meetings will be taking place in San Diego. With that, comes plenty of trade talks and free agent rumors. Of course the most talked [...]
          Tight House Race Unfolds In California's 50th District      Cache   Translate Page      
Copyright 2018 KQED. To see more, visit KQED . DAVID GREENE, HOST: And I'm David Greene in Culver City, Calif. This is a state that has a number of really interesting congressional races on this midterm Election Day. And we're going to focus on one right now at a polling place outside San Diego. It is California's 50th Congressional District. Ask last year, and people would have told you this would be a cakewalk for Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter. But then he was indicted over the summer on charges of using a quarter-million dollars in campaign funds for personal expenses, and that has changed the race. KQED's John Sepulvado joins me now from El Cajon, Calif. John, good morning. JOHN SEPULVADO, BYLINE: Good morning, David. GREENE: So you're at a polling place just east of San Diego. What's it like? Are people turning out? SEPULVADO: Yeah. So this is a very traditionally Republican area. And we're seeing, you know, a lot of Republican messaging near here. But the folks who are
          Adopt Sydney a Labrador Retriever (Sydney (      Cache   Translate Page      
Sydney LOVES everyone she sees and just cant wait to show you how special she is! She wiggles non-stop when she sees you coming and just wants to give you kisses all day. Sydney is super happy that she is in sunny San Diego as just a short while ago... see more at

          Adopt #hm Senorita a American Staffordshire Terrier / Mixed dog in San Diego (      Cache   Translate Page      
How I arrived: I was transferred in from Humane Society Of The United States on October, 18, 2018 as part of Hurricane Michael relief efforts. At SDHS: I have been vaccinated, spayed/neutered and micro chipped. I am now ready for my new home! Why I am the 1 for you: My Personality Color Code is Purple ; meaning I'm Happy - Go - Lucky...Carefree...Engaging...Adaptive...and Cheerful! Main color: Brindle Weight: 39.2 Age: 1 years 7 mnths 2wks

          Inventory Management Specialist      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-SAN DIEGO, Job Requisition Number: 20180921E Job Title: Inventory Management Specialist (Logistics Analyst) Salary Range: Negotiable Work Location: San Diego CA Relocation Assistance: None Employment Type: Full-Time Security Clearance: SECRET Posted Date: 21 September 2018 Closing Date: When Filled Mandatory Skill Requirements: Ability to perform physical inventory counting and labeling of material. Experien
          Collections Specialist      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, job summary: A company located in UTC is seeking a temporary Collections Specialist for a 2-3 month project. The Collections Specialist will be assisting with B2B collections and must have at least 1 year of strong experience in the field. location: San Diego, California job type: Contract salary: $20 - 22 per hour work hours: TBD education: Bachelor's degree experience: 1 Years responsibilities:
          Order Picker      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Our Client in Mission Valley is looking for Order Selectors to its Distribution Warehouse. They are determined to remain an industry leader in the distribution and logistics industry. Compensation: $12.00hr Shift - 4:00am -4:00pm As the Order Picker efficiently process order fulfillment by selecting products for shipment as indicated, arrange items efficiently on racks and stage racks in loading d
          Sr. Associate Tech Engineering      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Reference # : 18-00878 Title : Sr. Associate Tech Engineering Position Type : Full Time/Contract Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 10/29/2018 / 06/28/2019 Description Experience in the configuration, support and testing of the following systems is required: SCADA/PLC control systems in regulated manufacturing environment, preferably pharmaceuticals. Other Automated Control Systems to be s
          Production Laborer      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Make a difference, get involved! Be a part of the solution, not the problem! Our client in San Diego is currently hiring a seasonal workforce to help with FEMA disaster relief efforts for those effected by the hurricanes on the east coast. Due to the urgency of the need, we will be running 24 hour shifts and weekends. An excellent opportunity for full-time OR part-time work any time. Responsibilit
          Order Picker      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Our Client in Mission Valley is looking for Order Selectors to its Distribution Warehouse. They are determined to remain an industry leader in the distribution and logistics industry. Compensation: $12.00hr Shift - 4:00pm -4:00am As the Order Picker efficiently process order fulfillment by selecting products for shipment as indicated, arrange items efficiently on racks and stage racks in loading d
          Financial Analyst      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Acara Solutions is looking for Financial Analyst for our client located San Diego, CA Program finance support on large IDIQ contract vehicle. Job duties include detailed EAC preparation and monitoring, delivery order pricing, contract P&L forecasting, contract specific deliverables, project setup, and assist with month end close activities. Works under general supervision, reports to supervisor. R
          Global Sourcing Commodity Manager      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Job ID: 13091 Position Description: Position Summary: Manage commodities related to electronic and/or mechanical nature, striving to improve flow from the suppliers in order to meet customer needs and reduce material cost to improve bottom line. Essential Functions/Responsibilities: • Analyze commodity related data to generate strategy and action plan to improve company financial position through
          Buyer      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Permanent position: Buyer needed in the greater San Diego area to help negotiate the price of goods and services. Must have some experience as a buyer or purchasing and have the ability to communicate and work in a team environment. This will be a direct hire position with one of the largest mechanical contractors. Apply today! Responsibilities for the Buyer •Negotiate the price of goods and servi
          PCB Designer      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-POWAY, You will work as a PCB Designer using Mentor Graphics PADS S/W to do layout and design of 4-6 layer boards with mainly analog components for a hi-tech company. This is a long-term temp-hire position located in San Diego, CA. *This candidate must be a US Citizen, Green Card Holder, or Permanent Resident. No OPT/C2C/H1B.* Requirements -5 years+ experience in PCB Design -Experience with Mentor Graphi
          Customer Service Representatives !! (Start November 8th!)      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, JOB #: 18102401-SDS KEY WORDS: Customer service, CSR, full time, temp to hire, temporary, call center, inbound, outbound, auto, car JOB DESCRIPTION: Are you a customer service professional ? Do you thrive on providing great customer service, educating clients, and building long term relationships? If you would enjoy helping dealers gain customers through value added services, this could be the job
          Digital Verification Engineer for Mixed-Signals ASICs      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Digital Verification Engineer for Mixed-Signals ASICs San Diego, CA 9 Months Digital Verification Engineer for Mixed-Signals IPs used in Qualcomm's power management chip (PMIC). IPs include ADCs, fuel gauging, charging, power management. * Digital Verification aspects include all stages of the verification process from test planning, UVM-compliant testbench architecture, contrained-random stimulus
          UPS Driver Helper - Part Time - Entry Level      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, $100 weekly bonus for seasonal driver helpers. UPS is hiring individuals to work as temporary, seasonal Driver Helpers. This is a physical, fast-paced, outdoor position that involves continual lifting, lowering and carrying packages that typically weigh 25 - 35 lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. It requires excellent customer contact skills and a lot of walking. As a Driver Helper you will not drive
          Sr. Engineer      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-San Diego, Reference # : 18-01027 Title : Sr. Engineer Position Type : Full Time/Contract Experience Level : 5 Years Start Date / End Date : 11/26/2018 / 12/31/2018 Description SUMMARY Independently provides and/or directs the characterization of process optimization strategies and/or troubleshooting of operational issues in the operations, manufacturing, pilot plant or capital projects environment. Applies
          Wilshire Quinn Income Fund Added to the Charles Schwab Alternative Investment Platform      Cache   Translate Page lender , with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and typically funds loans in 5 to 7 business days. Wilshire Quinn originates loans ranging from $200,000-$10,000,000 and works with commercial and residential real estate ...

          73 Must-Try Desserts in San Diego – San Diego Magazine      Cache   Translate Page      
San Diego MagazineEvery October, she comes to San Diego from Italy for a few months to make the desserts herself. She has a new lineup this fall, including an Italian riff on cotton candy, but we love the classics, like her tiramisu, just as much. “I grew up eating this … …read more Source:: San […]
          HEAT MAP: Registered voters in San Diego County – 10News      Cache   Translate Page      
10NewsSAN DIEGO (KGTV) — 120,000 new voters registered for the midterm vote since the primaries. Where are those voters and what races will they impact? Data for Nov. 6, 2018 Gubernatorial General Election shows election precinct and district information. and more …read more Source:: San Diego News By Google News
          After a season of harsh campaigning, the nation casts its verdict on Trump – The San Diego Union-Tribune      Cache   Translate Page      
The San Diego Union-TribuneArrrived at his polling station in Fayetteville, Ga., the 54-year-old attorney said he felt a little uneasy about his vote in the state’s fiercely fought gubernatorial race between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp. “I’d probably not … and more …read more Source:: Fayetteville, Georgia News By Google News
          Car Cleaner TNC (Mon to Fri)      Cache   Translate Page      
Hertz - San Diego, CA - to Hertz, and set your goals on cruise control! The Hertz Corporation, a world leader in the car rental industry, currently seeks energetic team...
          Inventory Management Specialist      Cache   Translate Page      
CA-SAN DIEGO, Job Requisition Number: 20180921E Job Title: Inventory Management Specialist (Logistics Analyst) Salary Range: Negotiable Work Location: San Diego CA Relocation Assistance: None Employment Type: Full-Time Security Clearance: SECRET Posted Date: 21 September 2018 Closing Date: When Filled Mandatory Skill Requirements: Ability to perform physical inventory counting and labeling of material. Experien
          Amazon mum on reports it will split new headquarters – The San Diego Union-Tribune      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazon mum on reports it will split new headquartersThe San Diego Union-Tribune… says they’ll make an average of more than $100,000 a year. Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Privacy Policy. Copyright © 2018, The San Diego Union … and more …read more […]
          Bird has some nerve suing Beverly Hills for trying to make its sidewalks safer – Los Angeles Times      Cache   Translate Page      
Los Angeles TimesFrom my observation in San Diego, the vast majority of Bird riders use the sidewalk, not the street. I would venture to say this observation runs true in Beverly Hills and other cities as well. That is most likely why the accompanying picture to this …Bird sues Beverly Hills over ban on electric […]
          John Cox arrives in San Diego ahead of Election Night –      Cache   Translate Page      
fox5sandiego.comSAN DIEGO — California gubernatorial Republican candidate John Cox greeted his supporters at Lindbergh Field after flying into San Diego Monday night. COX told FOX 5 he’s looking forward to the big day. “We have to get this state to be affordable and … and more …read more Source:: San Diego News By Google News
          Catalina Offshore Products Get Opah Grant      Cache   Translate Page      
photo courtesy of Catalina Offshore Products
Catalina Offshore Products announced last week that it has been awarded a $139,700 grant from the 2018 National Marine Fisheries Service's Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program for a project to grow demand for opah and other underutilized and undervalued species. The project, which could be scaled to a national level, is based on a year-long project that may help increase revenue to local fleets while also offering consumers new options for locally sourced seafood. The project will consist of data collection, roundtables with fishermen and consumers, kitchen workshops, recipe development, culinary demonstrations, and an “Ocean to Table” finale event. During this public showcase, project outcomes will be presented along with a suite of dishes highlighting different culinary applications for opah, as well as other Pacific highly migratory species currently being discarded but identified through research as having market potential.

One of the reasons opah, also known as "moonfish," is an ideal subject for this project is that it is a fish that tends to be caught as incidental or a by-catch of tuna fishing. Historically elusive, Pacific opah has been showing up more frequently in recent years. But instead of being discarded as waste, opah, which can weigh up to 200 pounds, can be enjoyed as food and represent increased profitability to fisherman, who can responsibly harvest it. There's no need to worry about overfishing it since U.S. fisheries are regulated.

Another benefit is that opah can be fully utilized. The belly, the loin, the top back strap, and the adductor/abductor make up most of the fish, and all have unique colors, flavors, and textures and, consequently, unique applications. This is rare; the flesh of other fish species tends to be the same throughout the fish. Below you can see the belly and back tail removed to the right and the section on the left that held the lean scarlet abductor (affectionately called the "tri tip" at COP). The adductor is below the abductor and with its elongated shape, is known as the "tenderloin" given that it looks like a beef or pork tenderloin. The belly is a pale pink and very fatty--and utterly delicious.

photo courtesy Catalina Offshore Products
So, what it comes down to educating the public. Instead of choosing what we already know and buy too much of--salmon, tuna, swordfish, and halibut, for example--we should open our minds to more options that would take pressure off those fisheries.

And, as Tommy Gomes of Catalina Offshore Products, says, "The big picture is to get people to eat beyond the fillet, which is only 20 percent of a fish."

Opah, which is sustainable and versatile, is one of those options. It's also not "fishy" tasting; instead basically a blank canvas for how you want to flavor it. It's also a leaner, healthier protein than red meat--and, when cooking up the abductor, can be used in many of the same applications as red meat. Steak, meatballs, tacos, sausage, and skewers just skim the surface.

Here's a very cool short video of Gomes breaking down a huge opah:

San Diego chefs have understood the value and potential of opah for quite awhile. Big fans of opah include Davin Waite of Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub and Rob Ruiz of The Land and Water Company. The two are engaged with Catalina Offshore Products in the project.

Gomes first encountered opah back in the early 1980s as a fisherman. Working with Koreans, he found that they served the fish pickled, then barbecued on deck, served on skewers with kimchee and rice. "For them it was just an edible piece of meat," he recalled.

So, imagine dining on this poached opah belly made by chef Nick Brune.

photo by Sam Wells
Or, this slab of opah bacon togarashi.

photo courtesy of Catalina Offshore Products
I sliced a piece of the belly and fried it in peanut oil until both sides were a golden brown, then sprinkled it with sea salt. It was like the best fish stick you could imagine--moist and succulent. You can also turn the belly into chicharones. Or grind it with the abductor meat to make a full-flavored burger, meatballs, or meatloaf.

As for the abductor, I cut a portion into pieces and stir fried them with garlic, hoisin sauce, and garlic chili sauce. I had some leftover shrimp chow mein from lunch at Steamy Piggy the day before. So I emptied that into the wok with the opah to heat up for a more protein filled dish.

opah side fillet; photo courtesy of Catalina Offshore Products
Mitch Conniff of Mitch's Seafood in Point Loma, said Gomes, makes corndogs with opah. Chef Miguel Valdez makes opah carne asada and burgers.

Still not sure? Then catch one of Gomes' demos on Saturdays in the Catalina Offshore Products parking lot. Catalina Offshore Products is located at 5202 Lovelock St. in the Morena district.

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          Comment on Reds add hitting coach Turner Ward to David Bell’s coaching staff [updated] by Jeff Reed      Cache   Translate Page      
A change in Red's culture is evident with the last three major hires. Billy Hamilton should be an important part of that change by being sent westward to make spectacular catches in spacious outfields such as Kansas City, Denver or San Diego among others. His time in Cincinnati should be over.
          Watercolour Simple Is So Famous, But Why? | watercolour simple      Cache   Translate Page posted a photo:

Watercolour Simple Is So Famous, But Why? | watercolour simple

via WordPress

Panicking because you haven’t yet fabricated affairs for the weekend and you’re abbreviate on cash? Don’t worry—below, acquisition all of your options for last-minute ball that won’t amount added than $10, alignment from the Abbreviate Run Comix and Arts Anniversary to a Diwali Ancestors Festival, and from a Polish Exchange and the United Indians Art Market to the Cave Canem Writers Showcase. For alike added options, analysis out our Things To Do calendar.

FRAMED Summer Simple Watercolour Green Tree Leaves Wall Art Set HD … – watercolour simple | watercolour simple

Stay in the know! Get all this and added on the chargeless Stranger Things To Do adaptable app (available for iOS and Android), or delivered to your inbox.

1. El Centro de la Raza Día de los MuertosThis anniversary affair will acknowledgment with the affair “Long Animate the Struggle, the Resistance, and Hope.” Booty in ofrendas (altars anniversary admired ones who accept died), folk dances, and abundant more. (Beacon Hill, free)

2. Mezcaleria Oaxaca Muertos 2018 FiestaHead to the acrimonious rooftop for angel specials and blithe music from DJ Cesar Sanchez Djyambu. (Capitol Hill, free)

3. Miller Association Center Día de MuertosSeattle-based Mexican folk ball accumulation Grupo Folklorico Guadalajara Wa will accomplish a acceptable Mexican ball and acrylic people’s faces like amoroso skulls. Afterwards their set, guests can achieve bottomward for a screening of Coco. (Capitol Hill, free)

4. Election 2018 NewHolly Voting PartyFinish bushing out your election with the advice of non-partisan interpreters, afresh adore food, dancing, and ancestors activities. (Rainier Valley, free)

5. YES 50th Anniversary Anniversary and Accessible HouseYouth Eastside Services will bless 50 years of account to bounded adolescence and families with a raffle, animate music, and refreshments. (Bellevue, free)

6. BlizzCon Queer Geek Viewing PartyIf you’re clumsy to accomplish it to Burbank, California, for BlizzCon, abhorrence not: Queer geeks and accompany can still acquaintance the adventurous developers’ huge accident through basal and aggrandized absoluteness sets. Plus, you can win chargeless swag. (Capitol Hill, free)

7. Benefit for Action I-1631: Nate Chinen and Electric CircusSupport the carbon fee action on November’s election and apprehend a allocution on applesauce by critic Nate Chinen, who’s accounting for the New York Times and currently works for NPR. He may be account from his book, Playing Changes: Applesauce for the New Century. Kathy Moore, Alex Guy, Wayne Horvitz, Thione Diop, and others will accompany the Electric Circus to accomplish applesauce covers. (Columbia City, donation)

8. Crazy Eyes, GuestsCrazy Eyes accord us what not abundant Seattle bands offer: bedrock that’s as adequate accepting unhinged and appearance alfresco the curve of breeding as it is bedazzling you with melody. Their 2015 anthology Ring Ring Jingalong and Aphotic Heart Singalong is as adventuresome and alert as that appellation suggests. Feedbacking guitars in odd tonalities and tunes that absolve streamers hither and yon anamnesis aboriginal Mercury Rev, and the changeable dynamics and absonant vocals adumbration at Ty Segall at his loosest. Crazy Eyes are abacus much-needed agrarian activity and alluringly broken-down songcraft to our music scene, which is about too affable for its own good. DAVE SEGAL (University District, $8)

9. Sandi Fernandez & the Beacon Hill-Billies, Salmonberries, The Owl HeadsJoin Sandi Fernandez & the Beacon Hill-Billies, Salmonberries, and the Owl Heads for a country-rock extravaganza. (Columbia City, $8)

10. Trickbag Record PartyDance to 45s in Linda Derschang’s latest kitschy, comfortable restaurant and bar. (Belltown, free)

11. Cave Canem Writers ShowcaseSeattle borough artisan and one-woman arcane assertive Anastacia-Reneé curates and account a accumulation of advisers from Cave Canem, a arcane alignment founded in 1996 to abutment atramentous poets all over the country by hosting workshops, fellowships, and readings. If you’ve been account The Stranger like you should be, you already apperceive you adulation Anastacia-Reneé and Quenton Baker. This is your adventitious to bolt up with their assignment and additionally accustom yourself with Amanda Johnston, Dante Micheaux, and L. Lamar Wilson, who are traveling into boondocks from Texas, England, and North Carolina, respectively. RICH SMITH (Capitol Hill, free)

12. Jabari Asim: We Can’t BreatheJabari Asim will present a absolute book of eight essays that “reclaim the anecdotal of Atramentous history and ability in America, absorption on how Atramentous bodies, Atramentous words, and Atramentous ability and association accept been policed, punished, and baseborn for hundreds of years.” Capacity accommodate atramentous fatherhood, atramentous literature, and the animation of atramentous culture. (Capitol Hill, free)

13. The Claimed Genome: Sequencing, Understanding and Editing the Genome to Improve Human HealthEric Dishman, administrator of the All of Use Analysis Program, will accord a allocution on his organization’s accomplishment to accumulate genome abstracts from one actor or added bodies in the United States in adjustment to advance bloom and medical research. (University District, free)

14. Rice Baker-Yeboah: DropbackWhen gentrification armament a atramentous academy football player’s ancestors from their Venice Beach neighborhood, he’s tasked with caring for his adolescent half-sister in Rice Baker-Yeboah’s book Dropback. Accompany the columnist for a reading. (Ravenna, free)

15. Sierra Nelson: The Lachrymose ReportSierra Nelson’s assignment combines the accurate with the agreeable in means that inject admiration aback into both disciplines. And it’s attractive like her new book, The Lachrymose Report, will be added of the aforementioned greatness. Nelson’s book will be the aboriginal of hopefully abounding from aboriginal Seattle columnist PoetryNW Editions. RICH SMITH (Wallingford, free)

16. Belief Worth Choosing: A Story ConcertWriters, musicians, and artists (including biographer Stephanie Kallos, ecology activist and artisan Kiran Oommen, auto singer-songwriter and “interspiritual minister” Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil, and dancer/choreographer Lindsay Williams) will allotment belief about authoritative choices. (University District, pay what you can)

17. Lynne Hobaica: I will advice you animate foreverCeramicist Hobaica closes out her address at Ceramics Northwest with a abandoned exhibition. (Seattle Center, free)Opening Friday

18. Chargeless Beautician Boutique Hair Day!In account of the comedy Beautician Boutique Chronicles, this chargeless day of activities supports black-owned businesses and celebrates atramentous beautician boutique ability with animate music, bell-ringer booths, and barbers alms basal shape-ups and lineups on a first-come, first-served basis. (Central District, free)

19. Nightfall Abode – House HauntThink you can handle the ghosts that lurk in this apparitional orphanage? If so, you will be adored with candy. (West Seattle, free)

20. Bruce Bickford: Affiche Alternation and Adobe RelicsBruce Bickford is a adept of the active art of claymation; he’s amenable for the morphing creatures in the Frank Zappa videos Baby Snakes and The Dub Room Special, as able-bodied as Zappa’s The Amazing Mr. Bickford, which was a adapted advertise of his eccentric, autodidactic talents. Here you’ll accept the adventitious to see adobe chantry from Mr. Bickford and added films, as able-bodied as a new Zappa affiche series. For lovers of absorbing yet annoying outsider/DIY art, this is an capital stop. (Capitol Hill, free)Closing Saturday

21. David W. Lynch: GuatemalaVashon Island large-format columnist David W. Lynch shows images from Central America. (Queen Anne, free)Closing Saturday

22. Follow Me Through Four Levels, a Video InstallationEmily Tanner-McLean’s video accession “inspired by the four levels of accomplishing consciousness” creates a “room aural a room” application footage of an archetypal abundance and backwoods arena ablaze in and out. (Pioneer Square, free)Closing Saturday

23. Periphery: New Assignment by Molly MagaiMolly Magai examines factories, highways, and added manmade spaces that we about see out of the corners of our eyes. Her blurred, activating appearance imitates glimpses from a affective vehicle. (Georgetown, free)Closing Saturday

Artist Creates Beautifully Simple Watercolour Paintings of Your … – watercolour simple | watercolour simple

24. Voyager: Steve JensenThis funerary baiter carve alternation began as a accolade to a asleep friend, a Norwegian fisherman and boat-builder. It continues as Jensen’s way of arresting with claimed grief. (Everett, free)Closing Saturday

25. Adrienne Anderson-Smith, Forrest GoldadeAdrienne Anderson-Smith makes agenda and sculptural art in “Let’s Bedrock the World!” and Forrest Goldade favors impressionistic watercolors in “Northwest Impressions.” (Kirkland, free)Closing Sunday

26. Daniel Ursache: Uncanny FigmentsDaniel Ursache, a Romanian-born, Montreal-based artisan who created the beautifully awesome affiche art for the Romanian Film Anniversary Seattle, will appearance his stark, detailed, surreally absorbing pen and ink assets all month. (Seattle Center, free)Opening Friday

27. Elizabeth Murray and Anne Waldman: Her StoryElizabeth Murray and Anne Waldman’s continued accord produced a accumulating of drawings, prints, and balladry absorption on femininity, freedom, and autogenous and exoteric life. Their accommodating creation, consisting of 13 bankrupt pages, will be on view, a attestation to their friendship. (University District, $10)Closing Sunday

28. Lucas Vidaña: PortraitsThis painter, accessible artist, curator, and bottle muralist has been an apostle for bodies with disabilities and added marginalized artists. He paints soulful portraits with surreal or abstruse colors and backgrounds. This time, he focuses on bearding bodies in photographs. (Capitol Hill, free)Closing Sunday

29. Peter Ferguson: Mock RobinPeter Ferguson, a Roq la Rue regular, paints rich, imaginative, acquiescently brave pop surrealist works that arm-twist Northern Renaissance strangeness. (Capitol Hill, free)Opening Friday

30. Beyond The Tippe: Comedy ShowcaseThe November copy of this account disability-focused accessible mic will affection “downright frigid comedy” from abundant bounded banana Aila Slisco. (Beacon Hill, free)

31. Cheasty Lantern WalkHead out on a “community storytelling walk” on the Hazelnut Loop Trail, area you’ll apprehend belief of the dupe from the angle of its longtime residents, the trees. (Columbia City, free)

32. Blooming Seattle DayKick off burying division by branch to one of 15 bounded parks to bulb copse and built-in plants. DIRT Corps will accommodate coffee and snacks. (Various locations, free)

33. How to Stop a Dam with Indigenous ResistanceMaya Mam association baton José Gómez will allocution about the challenges of attention Built-in bounded acreage and amnion from corporate- and state-led development projects. (West Seattle, free)

34. RatapaloozaBallard will be ample with rats—of the ambrosial pet variety—at this two-day expo. You’ll acceptable atom breeds you’ve never apparent before—many of which will apparently be cutting admirable little costumes—and you can ask the owners about care, food, bedding, and so on. You can additionally attending into adopting a rodent of your own from bounded shelters. (Ballard, $5)

35. Team Pramila Election PartyFill out your election for the midterm elections with congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. (West Seattle, free)

36. Día de los Muertos FestivalCommemorate admired ones who accept died by bringing baby momentos to add to a association chantry (which you can retrieve later) to this family-friendly festival. There will additionally be a achievement from the CeAtl Tonalli Aztec dancers, apprentice performances, a bashful auction, Mexican folk dancing, raffles, food, and more.(Phinney, free)

37. Día de Todos los Santos Concert ft. Mozart’s RequiemThe Ballard Borough Orchestra and the Singing in the Rain Ancestors Choir will accomplish a adapted concert for Dia de todos los Santos, (All Saint’s Day), featuring Mozart’s Requiem and added Mexican agreeable music. Guests are acceptable to accompany a photo or keepsake of a ancient admired one to add to a association altar. (Downtown, free)

38. Bellevue Accumulating DiwaliHead to the Bellevue capital to booty in performances from the Urvasi Ball Ensemble, participate in a Bollywood fettle class, see a accumulating of bright sarees in a appearance show, and added in anniversary of Diwali. (Bellevue, free)

39. Diwali Anniversary & Columnist ReadingJust in time for Diwali, bounded author Gowri Nat will apprehend from her latest children’s book, Leela’s Diwali Celebration, and accompany families for crafts and treats. (Mill Creek, free)

40. Diwali Ancestors FestivalTake in animate performances, ability your own lantern, and bout the Peacock in the Desert: The Royal Arts of Jodhpur, India exhibition in account of the Hindu abatement anniversary that celebrates the anniversary of acceptable over evil. (Downtown, free)

41. Hmong New Year CelebrationCelebrate the Hmong cultural traditions of China, Laos, and Thailand with a New Year anniversary abounding with a ball-tossing ritual, anniversary bolt sessions, animate performances, and food. (Seattle Center, free)

42. Chris Cheveyo, Nick Merz, YDCFrontman for Draemhouse and ex-Rose Windows bandleader Chris Cheveyo will banderole with his abetment band, as able-bodied as abutment from Nick Merz and YDC. (Ballard, $10)

43. Electropika – Dia de los Muertos CelebrationGet bottomward to cumbia, close bass, baile funk, and dembow beats from Seattle’s Jorge Bex and Biaco Chaves and KEXP’s DJ Chilly at this Día de los Muertos ball party. (Downtown, free)

44. The Fairies (Pixies tribute), Blackheart Honeymoon, Coley MixanRock out to your admired Pixies songs as interpreted by accolade bandage the Fairies. They’ll be abutting by bounded folk-rock quintet Blackheart Honeymoon and multi-instrumentalists Coley Mixan. (University District, $10)

45. The Famished, Midnight Track, Snow White, Aint Got Time To BleedThrash to “beachy metal affair punk” with the Famished, San Diego punks from Midnight Track, bounded punks Snow White and the Baby Eaters, and Tacoma shredders Ain’t Got Time to Bleed. (University District, $7)

46. Brainard (Acoustic)Enjoy an acoustic black with Missouri indie barn rocker Mark Brainard. (Capitol Hill, free)

47. MKB Ultra, Bear Axe, GuestsEnjoy psych-infused bluesy bedrock with adept Seattle singer-songwriter Mia Katherine Boyle and accompany as MKB Ultra, including iconic bedrock ambassador and guitarist Jack Endino, diva and tambourine amateur Lisa Mansfield, bagman Patrick Lennon, and 5-Track on bass.(Fremont, $8/$10)

Sachin Naik Watercolor Paintings Landscape Paintings In Watercolour … – watercolour simple | watercolour simple

48. Nick Weaver, New Track CityUp-and-coming alt MC and ambassador Nick Weaver braids influences from the Pacific Northwest underground hiphop scene, as able-bodied as abject claimed capacity like all-overs and desire, throughout his work. He’ll be abutting by upbeat hiphop leash New Track City. (Columbia City, $10)

49. Rest As Mutes, The Revolving Bullets, DedElectric, HourglassesRowdy bedrock boys Rest As Mutes will comedy a cast new song (“Plague”) afterwards aperture sets from adolescent bounded rockers the Revolving Bullets and Hourglass. (Greenwood, $10)

50. Tellers, Maltby, Kevin MurphyTellers, an intricate indie bedrock accumulation out of Everett, accept fleshed out their calendar from singer-songwriter Sarah Feinberg to a abounding five-piece in adjustment to added advance their active accent abject and adapted anatomy centered on Feinberg’s attentive lyricism. Tellers will be abutting by Maltby and Kevin Murphy of the Moondoggies. (Ballard, $10)

51. Wig Out at the Clock-Out ’60s Soul & R&B Ball PartyDJ Kurt Bloch will accommodate tuneage for both R&B and barn bedrock lovers at this ball party. Practice your moves for the midnight ball contest. (Beacon Hill, free)

52. Botnik Live!Botnik Studios writers and engineers—who accept created a predictive argument Harry Potter affiliate and a computer-generated Coachella poster, amid added things—will host a night of readings, sketches, songs, and alternate experiments. (Capitol Hill, $7)

53. Jack Straw Writers Accumulation ReadingThis year’s Jack Straw Writers Program Babysitter Daemond Arrindell will host a account with citizen writers Daniel Atkinson, Danielle Bero, Kamari Bright, Jalayna Carter, Meredith Clark, Bryan Edenfield, Corbin Louis, Sarah Maria Medina, Natasha Kochicheril Moni, Juan Carlos Reyes, Dujie Tahat, and Rachel Trignano. (Downtown, free)

54. MoonPath Columnist ReadingPoets Carol Levin, Lorraine Ferra, Risa Denenberg, Alice Derry, Raul Sanchez, Rena Priest, Connie K Walle, Ronda Piszk Broatch, and Chris Jarmick will accumulate for a reading. (Wallingford, free)

55. Nate Chinen: Playing ChangesMusic analyzer Nate Chinen has accounting for the New York Times and currently works for NPR. His book, Playing Changes: Applesauce for the New Century, is abounding of affection for and assorted ability of the art form. (Capitol Hill, free)

56. Abbreviate Run Comix and Arts FestivalShort Run is eight years old this year and, already again, it’s bigger than ever. You’re going. You’re bringing at LEAST $50 cash. You’re acrimonious up new art books, zines, buttons, and little strips of admirable screen-printed ephemera from added than 270 internationally/nationally/locally-renowned comics creators. Attending for Jason Lutes, who’s debuting his gorgeous, sweeping, abundantly fatigued book Berlin—which is about the acceleration of absolutism and socialism in Germany afore WWII. You additionally don’t appetite to absence Mimi Pond (Over Easy), Olivier Schrauwen (Arsene Schrauwen), Anna Haifisch (The Artist), Whit Taylor (The Anthropologists, Ghost), Carol Tyler (Late Bloomer), France’s Antoine Maillard, and Rina Ayuyang (Blame This on the Boogie, a Fatigued & Quarterly–published book debuting at Abbreviate Run). Bounded stars like Spicy Metal, Cold Cube Press, and Colleen Louise Barry will additionally be peddling their wares. Okay, maybe accompany $75. RICH SMITH (Seattle Center, free)

57. Tera Hatfield, Jenny Kempson, and Natalie RossA new album of Seattle is born: Seattleness takes an anarchistic attending at our blooming and blurred city, spotlighting aggregate “from UFO sightings to pinball legacies, gray skies to borderland psychology, able women to able coffee.” The authors—artist/geographer Jenny Kempson, writer/designer Tera Hatfield, and mural artisan Natalie Ross—will acquaint you to their assignment of artistic history. (Capitol Hill, free)

58. Autograph SilenceAward-winning columnist Nancy Rawles (Love Like Gumbo, Crawfish Dreams, My Jim) will host a branch on depicting blackout in your stories. (Ballard, free)

59. 3rd Anniversary Cunning Crow Witches’ Ball & Pop-Up MarketHalloween may be over, but you don’t accept to stop actuality witchy. This anniversary fundraiser for the Witches Temple brings animate indie-rock from the Landmarks, Razor Clam, and Mud On My Bra; mystical vendors like Lightning Moon Conjure, Nomihelene, and Swamp Swag Creations; tarot and analytic readings; a apparel claiming (the categories are “favorite celebrity witch” and “zombies…but with sparkles”); and added fun for you and your coven.(Ballard, $8)

60. The HarvestFollowing their summer 2018 exhibition Veils, Seattle artisan Sequoia Day O’Conchnell has curated The Harvest: an analysis of how systems of ability “restrict evolution, blackout survivors and marginalized voices, and abide abolish cultural and airy practices in favor of ability and control” through the lens of fall. See baby works by Ko Kirk Yamahira, Markel Uriu, Taylor Hanigosky, and Charlie Crowell, forth with offerings from BBMagda and Emma Kates-Shaw, and performances by TUSK and Alex Mari. (Capitol Hill, free)

61. Kim Van Someren: Into Its Own EchoKim Van Someren’s earth-toned collages arm-twist clumsy brick or copse architectonics on the border of collapse, or defying force to abide in doubtful stasis. Van Someren, who is a printmaking adviser at the University of Washington, uses absorption to actualize impressions of heaviness, misshapenness, alike absurd maladroitness, but her action is about acutely meticulous. She uses prints on Japanese cardboard that she afresh cuts and reassembles into these awe-inspiring forms. Though the shapes themselves may be awkward, they’re built-in out of conduct and airiness accumulated with academic experimentation. JOULE ZELMAN (Georgetown, free)Closing accession Saturday

62. Level It Fundraiser PartyBoost Level It: Women’s Art Handlers Network at this music- and drink-filled party. (South Park, $10)

63. Roldy Aguero AblaoMixed-media artisan and cheat Roldy Ablao will actualize artworks aggressive by capacity of home, Indigenous identity, and ecology justice. (Downtown, free)Closing Saturday

64. Treats! Art ShowThere are no absolute comestible treats accepted at this event, but they do affiance lots of fun paintings, sculptures, dances, and added art beyond mediums. (Capitol Hill, free)

65. Diwali – Anniversary of LightsCelebrate the autumn Hindu anniversary of ablaze in Sammamish with a array of cultural activities. (Sammamish, free)

66. Handmade Asphalt and Art FestivalTile Northwest and its affiliate asphalt artists accept brought the art of tile-making to the accessible for the accomplished 13 years. This anniversary anniversary aims to “raise accessible acquaintance about the ambit and assortment of artisan tiles actuality produced in the Northwest.” (Mount Baker, free)

67. Evergreen Chrysanthemum Association ShowSee beautiful, agreeable Chrysanthemum flowers at the Evergreen Chrysanthemum Society’s anniversary abatement show.(Capitol Hill, $4)

68. Northwest Orchid Association Abatement Appearance and SaleShop for attenuate orchids and apprentice how to accumulate them animate for as continued as accessible from experts. (Crown Hill, free)

69. Polish BazaarAt this anniversary bazaar, apprentice about Polish ability and community through aliment (like bind soup, borscht, pierogi, and banknote rolls) and animate entertainment. Plus, boutique for anniversary ability like Polish clear and ceramics wares. (Capitol Hill, free)

70. Scandinavian Anniversary BazaarWhether you appetite to buy addition an aboriginal anniversary allowance or aloof eat Scandinavian treats, you’ll coffee, broiled goods, aquavit, sweaters, and added Nordic delights at this bazaar.(Queen Anne, $1 adapted donation)

71. United Indians Art MarketDiscover clothing, jewelry, drums, and art from bounded Built-in makers, watch Built-in performances, and barbecue at a apricot bake. (Magnolia, free)

Still Dreaming – watercolour simple | watercolour simple

72. Robert Hardgrave and Jeremy Eaton: hARDGRAVeATON“It’s added like arduous anniversary added to assignment off what’s in evidence,” Jeremy Eaton said aback I asked if his action with Robert Hardgrave was like that of the Dadaist admirable body game. Their growing affinity as accompany and account for anniversary added as art collaborators can be apparent in the works on cardboard they’ve co-created over the accomplished four years. Eaton’s accomplishments as a banana illustrator brings anecdotal into Hardgrave’s Xerox transfers and adventurous mark making. There is a tentativeness in their aboriginal pieces, while contempo works appearance their two styles absolutely enmeshed. It doesn’t aching that they’re neighbors, too. KATIE KURTZ (Georgetown, free)Opening Saturday

73. Abbreviate Run Marathon ExhibitionProlong the action of the year’s better indie comics accident in Seattle, Abbreviate Run, with this exhibition of anniversary guests Mimi Pond, Carol Tyler, Anna Haifisch, Olivier Schwauren, Antoine Maillard, Rina Ayuyang, Ali Fitzgerald, Eroyn Franklin, and November Garcia. (Georgetown, free)Opening Friday

74. Improvised ChekhovOnce afresh evincing absorbing ambition, this ad-lib aggregation will act out scenes based on your suggestions and archetypal Russian plays like Uncle Vanya, The Cherry Orchard, or The Three Sisters. Since the ball of Anton Chekhov relies on abysmal appearance development, circuitous amusing mores, and abiding melancholy, these performances—if successful—will absolutely be coups de thèâtre. (Downtown, $10)

75. Bunka no HiCelebrate Japanese and Japanese American cultures through performances, demonstrations, games, food, and added activities. (Chinatown-International District, free)

76. Columnist Talk: Pie Squared by Cathy BarrowA slab pie is basically a behemothic Pop-Tart: a ellipsoidal pie abounding with advantage and absolute for calmly agriculture a crowd. Columnist Cathy Barrow will altercate her new book Pie Squared, with over a dozen band recipes alignment from cookie crusts to cheddar cheese crusts and candied and agreeable bushing ideas. Plus, guests can try some pie and get their copies of the book signed. (Fremont, free)

77. #PGLFAS with Wes Sp8, Champagne Honeybee, and Andy AyersSpace-folk artisan Patrick Galactic and his Lo-Fi All-Stars will banderole this appearance with abutment from Nashville rockers Wes Sp8 and Andy Ayers of Atramentous Giraffe. (Fremont, $6/$8)

78. Bach PancakesJoin marimba amateur Erin Jorgensen as she performs a Bach suite, followed by a pancake breakfast. (Seattle Center, $10)

79. BELVA, Quiet, Ability Strip, Candied CreatureSlide through an black of addictive bedchamber bedrock from bounded artists Belva, Quiet, Ability Strip, and Candied Creature. (Ballard, $8)

80. Cornish Presents: Gamelan PacificaGamelan Pacifica will be abutting by Cornish assistant Jarrad Powell in this concert featuring Javanese music. (Capitol Hill, free)

81. Emerald Burghal Beatbox BattleCheer on bodies with percussive aperture and able larynges as they attempt in the anniversary Emerald Burghal Beatbox Battle. (West Seattle, $5)

82. Gaelic Songs of the SeaLearn Gaelic abyssal songs from singer-songwriter Fae Wiedenhoeft and Geoffrey Sammons. (Phinney, free)

83. Goodtime Hustle, Adulation Lena, This Blinding LightSpace out to an all-embracing calendar of consciousness-expanding bands, including Seattle blue folk rockers Goodtime Hustle, acoustic Hawaiian folk artisan Adulation Lena, and Seattle’s This Blinding Light. (Ballard, $8)

84. Sick Burghal Vultures/Paradise”Turn aback the alarm with rock” at this Daylight Savings Time affair with bounded rockers Paradise and Sick Burghal Vultures. (Capitol Hill, free)

85. Fly to the Assemblies: Choir from the South Seattle EmeraldAt this Boondocks Hall event, South Seattle Emerald architect Marcus Harrison Blooming will host a accumulation of activists and journalists alive to action aback adjoin the accepted administration’s around-the-clock acts of injustice. They’ll claiming sociopolitical structures and allocution about solutions for attention the country’s best marginalized communities. (Columbia City, $5)

86. How to Be an Effective Ally on the Page and in the Real World, TooSeattle Borough Artisan Anastacia-Reneé will advice you action racism in autograph and speech. (Downtown, free)

87. Mimi Pond and Rina Ayuyang in ConversationIn affiliation with Abbreviate Run, bounded artisan and animator (and Stranger favorite) Clyde Petersen and cartoonists Mimi Pond and Rina Ayuyang will altercate such capacity as musicals, archetypal movies, and celebrity autographs. Oh, and all their contempo clear novels. (Downtown, free)

88. Nathaniel Philbrick: In the Hurricane’s Eye: The Genius of George Washington and the Achievement at YorktownThe National Book Award-winning historian, columnist of In the Heart of the Sea, Mayflower, Second Wind, and added celebrated bestsellers, tackles the absolute Battle of Chesapeake, in which George Washington led American armament to achievement afterwards a distinct ship. (Capitol Hill, free)

89. Piloting A Category 5 Hurricane: Accepting Through Tough TimesSeattle artisan and author Anne Teplick will host this account with the boyhood writers who alternate in her October balladry workshops. (West Seattle, free)

90. Renata Lubinsky: Around Seattle in 80 DatesAuthor and actor banana Renata M. Lubinsky writes about her post-divorce adventurous misadventures on online dating sites afterwards 32 years as a affiliated woman in Around Seattle in 80 Dates, which she’ll apprehend from and assurance copies of tonight. (University District, free)

91. Saving the Orcas: Storytelling, Kids, and ScienceKiller Whale Tales will brainwash you and your kiddos on Southern citizen orca survival—the allocution is aimed at fourth- and fifth-graders but is adapted for all ages, including adults. (Phinney, free)

92. Autograph Affect in FictionFormer Hugo House Writer in Residence Karen Finneyfrock—a bull and funny artisan and novelist—will advice you address affect into your fiction. (Central District, free)

93. Danish Anniversary BazaarEat smørrebrød (dark rye aliment that’s buttered and smattered with assorted toppings) while you do some aboriginal arcade for anniversary ability sourced beeline from Denmark. (North Seattle, chargeless admission)

94. Abatement Fabric Sale!Planning some anniversary ability projects? Aces up all your fabrics at this pop-up sale. Fabric bolts will be 50 percent off and bank accoutrement bolts will be 20 percent off. (Greenwood, $5 adapted donation)

95. November Macabre MarketShop for gothy articles from a array of vendors, including Bone China Designs, the breeding monster, Co-op of Creation, Swamp Swag Creations, Blessed Beads Jewelry, and abounding others. (Capitol Hill, $1)

Watercolor Painting: Watercolor Flower Painting Art Print – watercolour simple | watercolour simple

96. Art Therapy Branch with Wynne GreenwoodFor this Accumulation Therapy art workshop, Wynne Greenwood assigns allegorical and pop-cartoon characters places in an centralized conversation. Greenwood will advance participants through a alternation of “thinking,” “feeling,” and “making” prompts advised to advice analyze pieces of ascendant ability that accept been internalized, and afresh brainstorm conversations that ability get those pieces aback out. (First Hill, free)

97. Hate Baby Comix and PrintsploitationAfter the carelessness of Abbreviate Run, stop by to aces up some prints, books, and artwork from Scott Miller, Printsploitation artists, and Hate Baby Comics architect Corinne Halbert. (Ballard, free)

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A l'occasion de leur 25 ans de carrière, les emo-rockers texans de Mineral sont de retour avec un tout nouveau single nommé "Aurora". C'est leur premier titre en 20 ans et ce dernier sortira le 4 janvier 2019 sous la forme d'un 10', comprenant un second inédit "Your Body Is The World", ainsi qu'un livre. Pour finir, le groupe partira en tournée et sera même en Europe en mai 2019 (mais pas en France...). Le titre s'écoute dans le post complet.

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Works with community agencies as appropriate. Provides information to members and providers regarding mental health and substance abuse benefits, community... $33.82 an hour
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Job Responsibilities in Retail Chain, Independents, Independent Compounding, Community Outpatient and Long Term Care settings:.... $55 an hour
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Exit Kurt Taylor Brian November 6th, 2018 at 7:15 PM
[Patrick Barron]

A third transfer, this one more understandable:

ANN ARBOR -- The Michigan football team will be down one running back for the remainder of the season.

Reserve back Kurt Taylor recently decided to leave the program and pursue a transfer, team spokesman Dave Ablauf confirmed to MLive on Tuesday.

Taylor had fallen behind at least Christian Turner in the class after him—never a good sign—and seen Tru Wilson suck up all the designated pass blocker snaps. That latter was Taylor's most promising path to the field and Wilson would have likely blocked him for another two years.

Taylor's departure leaves Michigan with 19 currently open slots in their 2019 recruiting class, a number certain to grow by a significant number. Near as I can figure there are ~8 players likely to head for the NFL draft early or graduate and be offered a firm handshake. That would put Michigan at 27, and there will probably be another few playing time transfers and/or injury retirements. Michigan could accommodate a class of 28-30; they've got 24 commits right now.


November 6th, 2018 at 7:32 PM ^

Good man for hanging as long as he did.  No doubt a strong dedicated character for doing so and hope he lands someplace that can really use him.  

Joined: 03/29/2018

MGoPoints: 272


November 6th, 2018 at 7:39 PM ^

Coach Harbaugh has given a lot of kids the opportunity to play big-time football. I hope those who can't make the field of play cherish the opportunity. 

Joined: 01/23/2017

MGoPoints: -6


November 6th, 2018 at 7:45 PM ^

Sucks to see him leave, but wish him luck.  He's got talent, and hopefully he'll find a place where he can see the field.

Joined: 11/22/2008

MGoPoints: 60438

Profile picture for user Rabbit21


November 6th, 2018 at 7:46 PM ^

Too bad, he could have been a really strong veteran presence, down the line with high character and work ethic.  Shame it didn't work out and I hope he ends up somewhere great.

Joined: 11/12/2009

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Profile picture for user SMart WolveFan

SMart WolveFan

November 6th, 2018 at 7:47 PM ^

Good Luck Kurt, thanks for being a Wolverine!

Before he committed UofM hadn't had a Georgia commit in quite a while, since he committed ....well "plenty of peaches" if ya know.

Joined: 04/20/2015

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Profile picture for user San Diego Mick

San Diego Mick

November 6th, 2018 at 7:50 PM ^

I feel bad for the young man, he seems to have loved and been a fan of U-M at an early age and really wanted to be a Wolverine. 

I hope he lands at a place where he gets playing time and enjoys his career and gets his degree, GOOD LUCK KURT!

Joined: 05/11/2011

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November 6th, 2018 at 8:43 PM ^

I has a sad...  Kurt was one of the early commits and stayed through all of the higher rated guys coming and going.  Had his mind set on being a TB and great teammate.  He transferred to a bigger HS in Atlanta to prove himself.  And he made some memorable tweets and memes before arriving.  Sad it didn't work out for him, but I really hope he enjoyed the ride.  I also hope he's staying with the team until the seasons over.

I want the best of luck for him wherever he goes!

Joined: 01/31/2016

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November 6th, 2018 at 8:58 PM ^

I’ll pull for him no matter where he goes. Seems like a great kid. Too bad it didn’t pan out for him here. I know he really wanted it! Good luck to him

Joined: 07/03/2008

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November 6th, 2018 at 9:28 PM ^

Can someone explain the timing of this? It seems like he could have stayed an extra month and possibly been part of a Big 10 championship team. I understand it sucks not playing, but still, that seems like something I would want to experience.

Joined: 09/11/2010

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November 6th, 2018 at 9:51 PM ^

A high-character guy who will transfer to a minor school, get some carries and a degree. Good luck to him.

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Karl Strauss Grows Hoppyalis 55 Percent; Hires Industry Veteran To Lead Sales Team; Adds 20,000 Sq. Ft. Of Warehouse Space To Meet DemandFrom Karl Strauss:

SAN DIEGO, CA — Despite softness in the beer category and the craft beer segment, Karl Strauss Brewing Company has grown off-premise dollar sales by 12.3% in Southern California through the first 3 quarters of 2019. KARL’s growth is being fueled by explosive growth for Aurora Hoppyalis, which is up 55% year to date, and Red Trolley, which is up 5% year to date. KARL’s dollar sales rate of velocity is up 14.4% year to date, meaning more people are pulling KARL beers off of retail store shelves more frequently than they were a year ago.  

To help drive continued sales growth, Karl Strauss recently hired industry veteran Chad Heath to lead the brewery’s Sales team. Heath brings more than 10 years of craft beer sales leadership experience to KARL. 

To meet growing demand, Karl Strauss recently signed a long-term lease for 20,000 square feet of additional warehouse space next to the main brewery on Santa Fe Street in Pacific Beach, San Diego. This space includes a 6,200 square foot cold box and significant dry goods storage to meet growing market demand for Karl Strauss and the brewery partners they distribute on-premise.

To learn more about Karl Strauss, visit


Source: IRI, Southern California, Grocery Channel, Year To Date Ending September 30, 2018

About Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Karl Strauss Brewing Company has been proudly independent since 1989, pioneering the craft beer scene with innovative beer releases like Aurora Hoppyalis IPA, Queen of Tarts Dark Sour, and Wreck Alley Imperial Stout. The brewery has won 110 medals since 2009 and was honored with the “Mid-Size Brewing Company of the Year” award at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016. For more information, visit or call the brewery at (858) 273-2739. Share it. Cheers.

          California election: Here's what controller, insurance commissioner, attorney general and treasurer actually do - The San Diego Union-Tribune      Cache   Translate Page      

The San Diego Union-Tribune

California election: Here's what controller, insurance commissioner, attorney general and treasurer actually do
The San Diego Union-Tribune
These are some of the many statewide elected positions Californians were asked to vote for on the 2018 general election ballot. And since voters have the power to determine who fills these roles, it's always a good time to review their responsibilities ...

          California Dreamin'? With Newsom's Win, Single-Payer Unlikely To Follow Anytime Soon - Kaiser Health News      Cache   Translate Page      

Kaiser Health News

California Dreamin'? With Newsom's Win, Single-Payer Unlikely To Follow Anytime Soon
Kaiser Health News
elect Gavin Newsom and the Democratic-controlled legislature take steps to provide more people with health insurance, they'll likely approach it piecemeal over several years. Newsom himself is already tempering expectations about California's move to a ...
Where California candidates for governor John Cox and Gavin Newsom stand on top issues in the stateLos Angeles Times
Newsom wins California governor's raceThe Hill
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Capital Public Radio News

Wildfire Risk A Key Issue In California Insurance Commissioner Race
Capital Public Radio News
Some of the big questions in the race for California's next insurance commissioner focus on how Californians can protect themselves from wildfires, and who holds responsibility when they ignite. In this age of warming temperatures and increased fire ...
Be constructive, California: Vote for Poizner and against Prop. 6The San Diego Union-Tribune

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          It's not all about Trump: California's future on the line Tuesday - San Francisco Chronicle      Cache   Translate Page      

San Francisco Chronicle

It's not all about Trump: California's future on the line Tuesday
San Francisco Chronicle
Independent power: While Republicans have little chance in any of California's statewide elections, the picture is brighter for independent candidate Steve Poizner. Poizner, a high-tech businessman, won the state insurance commissioner's job as a ...
Opinion: Why California's 'Down-Ballot State Offices Are Also ImportantTimes of San Diego

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          Purchasing Manager (Electronic Manufacturing Backgroud) - PSI Inc - San Diego, CA      Cache   Translate Page      
Administration and maintenance of the Avnet POURS web-based inventory system. Company designs, manufactures and markets precision, AC and DC programmable power... $80,000 - $120,000 a year
From Indeed - Fri, 07 Sep 2018 00:34:37 GMT - View all San Diego, CA jobs
          Cubic to Discuss the Importance of Situational Awareness for Mobility at Highways UK      Cache   Translate Page      

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Cubic Corporation (NYSE:CUB) today announced that its Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) business division will demonstrate its Transport Management Platform and provide industry insight on the mobility priorities of cities at Highways UK in...

          Alaska Air – $246: San Diego – Chicago (and vice versa). Roundtrip, including all Taxes      Cache   Translate Page      
A good fare to and from Chicago. Sample Travel Date: December 4th – 13th, 2018 This is a sample date. See below for more available travel dates Fare Availability: Valid for travel from late-November 2018 – mid-December 2018 and from mid-January 2019 – early-February 2019. Must purchase at least 21 days in advance of departure. […]
           San Diego downs Weber State 83-66 in coach Scholl's debut       Cache   Translate Page      
San Diego downs Weber State 83-66 in coach Scholl's debut
          Kelly Ripa To Play Mark Consuelos' Mistress on Riverdale      Cache   Translate Page      

First Mark, then Michael, and now Kelly.

The Consuelos-Ripa family is taking over Riverdale as Kelly Ripa joins the show in a guest-starring role as none other than her own husband's mistress. Mark Consuelos is in his second season of playing Hiram Lodge, and he's suggested several times before that if Kelly were to take a role on the show, it should be his mistress. 

Ripa announced the news on Instagram, writing, "It's a family affair........Hiram's mistress. 23 years of auditioning for a role i was born to play. Coming soon to the @thecwriverdale." 

A rep for the CW confirmed the casting news and even offered up a character description for "Mrs. Mulwray" that makes us kinda need this episode immediately:

"Confident and tough, she is Hiram Lodge's alleged mistress. She's a beautiful, icy, femme fatale who gets caught up in a conspiracy that's much bigger than she initially realized." 

Sounds excellent and we're in, thank you very much. 

Riverdale's Teens Now vs. Riverdale's Parents Then

Kelly and Mark's son Michael Consuelos is about to make his debut on the series as a young Hiram Lodge in a flashback episode, which also features the rest of the teens of Riverdale playing their on-screen parents. 

All this comes after Mark told us back at San Diego Comic-Con that he really hoped Kelly could appear on the show. 

"Maybe my mistress or something like that. That would be great," he said, either knowing something or just planting ideas in his bosses' heads. 

However, when we asked if his kids had any acting ambitions—particularly on Riverdale—he said they "hadn't indicated that desire." 

Clearly things changed! 


Ripa is already extremely close to the Riverdale cast and a fan of the show, and even moderated the show's Comic-Con panel. She has also been known for taking Buzzfeed quizzes like "Which Hot Dad of Riverdale Should You Bang?" She first got Fred Andrews (Luke Perry), and it took her three tries to get Hiram. 

Looks like the show itself will now be confirming that result, so congratulations to Kelly Ripa, and to all of us. 

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

Kelly Ripa To Play Mark Consuelos' Mistress on Riverdale originally appeared on
          No. 10 UC San Diego Will Begin Program's 30th NCAA Championship Run at Home on Saturday as West's Top Seed      Cache   Translate Page      
          California Democrats Demand Migrant Caravan Be Allowed In By Tuesday In Order To Vote       Cache   Translate Page      
San Diego, CA – (
California democrats have demanded that Donald Trump move the military and National Guard away from the borders and allow the invaders marching through Mexico to enter the country by Tuesday so that they can vote in the mid-term elections.
          Eruca Sativa llega a Chile en marco del festival Trio      Cache   Translate Page      
Después del fallido intento de traer a Chile a Eruca Sativa, la banda ha confirmado su presencia en el festival Trio que se realizará el viernes 7 de diciembre en el Espacio San Diego. (San Diego 1455). Junto a los argentinos se presentarán los trios nacionales más activos de el último tiempo, Hijos de Algo, […]
          Tight House Race Unfolds In California's 50th District      Cache   Translate Page      
Copyright 2018 KQED. To see more, visit KQED . DAVID GREENE, HOST: And I'm David Greene in Culver City, Calif. This is a state that has a number of really interesting congressional races on this midterm Election Day. And we're going to focus on one right now at a polling place outside San Diego. It is California's 50th Congressional District. Ask last year, and people would have told you this would be a cakewalk for Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter. But then he was indicted over the summer on charges of using a quarter-million dollars in campaign funds for personal expenses, and that has changed the race. KQED's John Sepulvado joins me now from El Cajon, Calif. John, good morning. JOHN SEPULVADO, BYLINE: Good morning, David. GREENE: So you're at a polling place just east of San Diego. What's it like? Are people turning out? SEPULVADO: Yeah. So this is a very traditionally Republican area. And we're seeing, you know, a lot of Republican messaging near here. But the folks who are
          Revisiting 1969 Expansion: San Diego Stadium      Cache   Translate Page      

The year 1969 was a big one in Major League Baseball, as four expansion teams were added to the mix. Over the next four weeks we’ll look back at the four expansion ballparks, starting with one still standing: the original San Diego Stadium. With referendums scheduled, the future of SDCCU Stadium—the original home of the […]
          Troye Sivan Celebrates Pride and Self-Discovery with “Bloom” Tour in San Diego      Cache   Translate Page      
Carmiya Baskin Staff Writer As part of his “Bloom” tour, gay pop star and college-kids’ favorite Troye Sivan performed at the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theater at San Diego State University on Thursday night. Sivan sang the entirety of his new album, Bloom, a collection of bops that encompass themes of sexuality, queerness, […]
          El detector de mentiras fue descartado por poco fiable, ahora llegan los polígrafos con inteligencia artificial      Cache   Translate Page      

El detector de mentiras fue descartado por poco fiable, ahora llegan los polígrafos con inteligencia artificial#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

El polígrafo o "detector de mentiras" es una vetusta tecnología capaz de detectar los cambios fisiológicos de una persona (en la presión arterial, el pulso o la sudoración) durante un interrogatorio. En tiempos se consideró una herramienta fiable para descubrir la verdad en procesos legales, y constituía una prueba relevante en los juicios, pero numerosos estudios científicos realizados en los últimos años han señalado lo dudoso de su fiabilidad (si el sujeto está nervioso, aunque sea por una razón ajena al interrogatorio, el polígrafo puede señalarlo como culpable). Todo ello ha rebajado su utilidad a lo meramente orientativo.

Pero poder contar con un detector de mentiras fiable ha seguido siendo una aspiración de las autoridades a lo ancho y largo del mundo, y no han dejado de invertir en nuevas tecnologías capaces de lograrlo. Ahora, varios países parecen estar convencidos de que la Inteligencia Artificial era la pieza faltante en esa vieja aspiración.

De AVATAR a IBORDERCTRL: polígrafos 'animados' en las fronteras

El pasado mes de mayo supimos que las autoridades de EE.UU, Canadá y la Unión Europea estaban colaborando en el desarrollo de un sistema llamado AVATAR, creado por investigadores de las universidades de San Diego y Arizona, destinado a la realización de interrogatorios por parte de 'guardias fronterizos animados': la idea era poder realizar un primer filtrado entre los viajeros, a los que se sometería a preguntas sobre la posesión de armas o drogas, en busca de elementos (gestos faciales, alteraciones en la voz o la postura) que les delatasen. Una vez saltasen las alarmas, la decisión final sobre el viajero quedaría en manos de agentes humanos.

Pero, paralelamente a su colaboración en AVATAR, la Comisión Europea ha estado financiando el desarrollo de su propia tecnología, con un funcionamiento muy similar: hablamos del proyecto IBORDERCTRL, con el que los países de la UE buscarán aligerar la creciente presión que el creciente volumen de viajeros y vehículos aplica sobre nuestras fronteras externas (700 millones de personas entran en la UE cada año).

Pero... ¿cómo será capaz de acertar allí donde los detectores de mentiras tradicionales fallaron? "Estamos empleando tecnologías, tanto existentes y probadas como otras novedosas, para ayudar a los agentes fronterizos", explica George Boultadakis, el coordinador del proyecto. "El sistema de IBORDERCTRL recopilará datos que irán más allá de la biométrica y pasarán a los biomarcadores de engaño".

Paso fronterizo Author | Konstantin (Wikipedia)

De los pasos fronterizos a los tribunales

Pero Aaron Elkins, investigador en la Univ. de San Diego y uno de los desarrolladores de AVATAR, explica que se han dado cuenta de que

"este sistema se puede usar más allá de la seguridad fronteriza, llevándolo a campos como la aplicación de la ley, las entrevistas de trabajo y otras aplicaciones de RRHH. Continuamos realizando mejoras, como el análisis de los datos recopilados mediante el uso de técnicas de Big Data, que harán de AVATAR una herramienta potencialmente valiosa en muchas industrias".

Rada Mihalcea, es profesora de ingeniería de la Universidad de Michigan, y lleva trabajando desde hace una década en la detección de engaños a través del uso de inteligencia artificial. En Popular Science explica en qué se basa el trabajo realizado por su equipo: "Lo primero que necesitan los investigadores que trabajan en inteligencia artificial y aprendizaje automático son datos".

En su caso, su labor de recopilación empezó con vídeos de casos legales reales, basándose en las declaraciones realizadas por individuos que terminaron siendo condenados, así como de los testigos que pretendieron exculparlos. Aquí se presenta, claro está una objeción básica, pues los algoritmos de aprendizaje automático sólo serán útiles si los datos son correctos: un sistema judicial que condene a muchos inocentes no puede ser fuente de datos fiables en este tipo de casos.

En cualquier caso, Mihalcea y su equipo empezaron a desarrollar su particular polígrafo inteligente a partir de 121 videoclips y sus correspondientes transcripciones: los primeros sistemas de aprendizaje automático que desarrollaron, basándose tanto en testimonios de inocentes como de culpables, tenía una precisión de entre el 60 y el 75%.

Ya en esa fase de la investigación los investigadores pudieron detectar patrones lingüísticos vinculados a la mentira, como la preferencia por expresiones categóricas (como "absolutamente") por encima de alternativas como "tal vez" o "probablemente". "Las personas que mienten tratan de compensar su mentira tratando se aparentar estar más seguros de sí mismos", explica Mihalcea.

Detector de mentiras Autor | Ed Westcott

Detectan mentiras mejor los humanos, pero aún no están listos para mandar a nadie a la cárcel

Pero su capacidad para tener en cuenta esa clase de factores no hacen que la tecnología diseñada por Mihalcea sea perfecta: "como investigadores, nos entusiasma haber podido llegar al 75 % [de precisión]". Pero eso sigue siendo una tasa de eror de 1 de cada 4 casos: "No creo que esté listo para ser usado en la práctica".

Otro equipo de investigadores, en este caso de la Univ. de Maryland, también se basó en el análisis de vídeos grabados en las salas de juicio para desarrollar DARE (siglas en inglés de "Motor de Análisis de Razonamiento y Engaño"). A DARE se le enseñó a buscar y clasificar microexpresiones humanas (ceño fruncido, labios sobresalientes, etc), así como a analizar la frecuencia de audio de la voz de los acusados, todo ello con el objetivo de revelar patrones capaces de indicar si una persona estaba o no mintiendo.

Posteriormente, se probó en vídeos protagonizados por actores a los que se había intruido para mentir: tampoco en este caso el resultado puede definirse como "preciso", si bien sus creadores destacan "una capacidad superior a la media humana para reconocer mentiras". Sin embargo, según Singh (uno de los integrantes del equipo de desarrollo), podríamos estar a tan sólo 3-4 años de que una IA sea capz de detectar sin error las mentiras humanas gracias al reconocimiento de las emociones detrás de cada microexpresión humana.

Raja Chatilla, presidente del comité ejecutivo de la Iniciativa Global para Consideraciones Éticas en Inteligencia Artificial y Sistemas Autónomos del IEEE, DARE (y otros sistemas similares deben ser usados con precaución, limitándose su uso a ayudar a humanos con formación legal (esto es, a los jueces) a tomar una decisión. "Alta probabilidad no es certeza", recuerda Chatilla, quien también nos recuerda que existe una posibilidad de sesgo en estos polígrafos inteligentes, en función de los datos utilizados para entrenar a sus IA.

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La noticia El detector de mentiras fue descartado por poco fiable, ahora llegan los polígrafos con inteligencia artificial fue publicada originalmente en Xataka por Marcos Merino .

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This summer, I attended a UC San Diego Global Seminars program in Bangkok, Thailand for five weeks. Though the UCSD Study Abroad Office

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On their 48th wedding anniversary, Herbert Wertheim and his wife Nicole Wertheim donated $25 million to UC San Diego in the area of

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From Nov. 1 to Nov. 3, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space at UC San Diego hosted this year’s SpaceVision networking

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          The game plan for the big win      Cache   Translate Page      

The game plan for the big win
By Carlos Andrade on November 5, 2018
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 The game plan for the big win

My dear empowrians, 

Many of us have been working very hard for a very long time, and we’re ready for the big win for empowr...

 ... for ourselves and our families, for our fellow empowr citizens and for the people of the world that will benefit from our mission and product.


Today, let’s discuss where we are at, and the game plan for the win.  

 But first:

 A.  We are making incredible progress

 Comparing ourselves to other crypto-focused companies, you can see below that empowr appears to be the only crypto company that has made the turn after the crypto peak that happened in the beginning of this year (2018):

The game plan for the big win    


By the way, with all crypto sites losing traffic as shown above, is crypto doomed? 

Not at all. Cryptocurrency is simply traversing along the technology hype cycle that all new technologies travel, as JC mentioned it would in this earlier post: The technology hype cycle

In the above image, compare the engagement statistics of empowr against other crypto sites. For example, the majority of visitors to all other crypto sites ‘bounce’ at the moment they visit their products, meaning that most visitors instantly find little-to-no value from those products:

The game plan for the big win    

 In comparison, only 15% of visitors to bounce. 

Most importantly, below you will notice that, on average, visitors to empowr will stay for 27 page views and 27 minutes per day.  As you can see, empowr is between 7 to 12 times more engaging than other crypto products:

 The game plan for the big win

 A big congratulations is due to everyone that’s been working on empowr for years – success coaches, citizens and employees. 

 It took years of hard work, sacrifice and innovation to achieve these engagement numbers. I am very proud of what you have accomplished here.



B. We are ready to get big – very big – and become the largest social network in the world

 If you compare empowr’s bounce, page views and daily time to that of Facebook, you will find that empowr is also now, finally, beating Facebook in user engagement:

 The game plan for the big win



empowr citizens are about 3 times more engaged than Facebook users.

  How did we accomplish this?

 Of course, empowr has spent many years innovating in the area of how to reward citizens for all their activities, from simple posting and sharing, to providing products, services and coaching to fellow citizens.

 However, unlike Facebook, empowr also uniquely: 

1) Does not use customer data illegally to make money

2) Has taken no money from Wall Street, venture capital or ANY profit-seeking investors – as the profits belong to empowr citizens, and 

3) Has its management elected by and reporting to its citizens not its shareholders

With the above numbers as our guide, it's clear that the time is now for us to scale up and become very big, very fast. 


As your newly elected president, it will be my honor to lead that process now.

So, what’s the game plan for the win?

 A big secret to our success lately has been our move to ‘on-demand education’, where Success Coaches have been conducting presentations to thousands of new empowr citizens each day, teaching them how (and why) to hit daily goals.

These educational chats are the reason behind empowr’s growth these last few months:

The game plan for the big win

What's behind this success? 

 Thanks to the hard work from our most effective success coaches, presenting and teaching students one-at-a-time, the result has been that the number of daily goal hitters is growing rapidly. 

Very specifically, Daily Goals Hit by all citizens has grown a staggering 500% in only 60 days:

 The game plan for the big win    

 Now, we will build on that success by taking our educational sessions to the next level...

... teaching our citizens how to trade coins...

... then how to become successful in the empowr marketplace...

... and then how to become success coaches themselves.


 As a result, each month we will be adding thousands of new, highly-effective success coaches to the team, beginning in the coming days.


 Here’s the 5-step process:

 1.  When a new citizen joins empowr, a success coach teaches them how to hit daily goals and experience cashing out.  As discussed, this is already happening with great success.

 2.  Then, as soon as new citizens are hitting daily goals, they will be taught (also using live success coach presentations) how to trade coins on the exchange.

 3.  Once the citizen is both hitting daily goals and trading coins successfully, they will then be taught how to become successful in the marketplace.

 4.  And finally, beginning next week, citizens that are hitting daily goals, trading coins daily and enjoying success in the marketplace will be taught how, and why, to become success coaches quickly.

 Through this educational path, we expect to add thousands of new success coaches each month.

 5.  After becoming success coaches, the most effective ones will then be invited to join the local merchant program.

 Here’s how the local merchant program will work:

 Success coaches will sign up the local merchants in their geographical area, enabling empowr citizens to receive discounts from the merchants when they use their empowr coins to shop with the merchant.

 The upside to the merchant is that they will receive customers from empowr, without spending or risking a penny on advertising. In addition, they will earn $20 for each new empowr citizen they introduce to empowr.

 The success coach that signed up the merchant will receive 10% of all the sales those merchants receive from empowr citizens.

 As you can see, local merchants will not only provide empowr citizens with valuable products and services but will also help rapidly grow the number of new empowr citizens signing up daily.

 As those new citizens sign up, they too will all be quickly taught how to hit daily goals and cash out, trade coins daily, become successful in the marketplace and become effective success coaches...

 ... at which point they too will get busy showing new citizens and local merchants how to benefit from the empowr platform.

 And the process starts all over again, leading to exponential growth in all our key success metrics...

 ... including empowr’s revenues -- which will allow us to spend a lot more on engineering, so we can rapidly improve our platform, tools and features for all citizens.


 Effect of the above game plan on the empowr coin

 Using the above 5 step process, beginning tomorrow (Tuesday, November 6, 2018) we will begin ramping up our growth, adding hundreds of thousands of new citizens and merchants to empowr in the coming months...

 ... with everyone using empowr coins, of course, to earn and spend.

 In that manner, the empowr coin will soon stand out as the only coin with real and rapidly growing usage (= adoption) for real-world transactions.

 The empowr coin will, as a side-effect, become the most widely adopted cryptocurrency in the world, eventually becoming the most-utilized currency in the world, ahead of the U.S. Dollar, Euro and Chinese RMB.

Clearly, NOW is your time to enjoy the incredibly-low prices of the empowr coin, before the world figures out that the empowr coin is the only one with a growing and succeeding platform and community behind it.

 Remember, the lower the price of the coin, the more coins you automatically earn from all your daily activities on empowr including posting and sharing, selling products and services, and coaching. 

So, make the most of the coin’s low price immediately by earning and buying as much of it as you can, while it lasts.


  Next steps

A.  In the coming days, we will be thanking our least engaged and less effective success coaches, and asking them to step down as coaches.

This is so we can make room for new, highly motivated coaches. It is critical that we solidify the coaching foundation before adding many more SCs to the program.

B.  Beginning today, all empowr citizens will have the opportunity to see their cash advances instantly grow up to 10x larger, simply by trading coins on the exchange.

 C.  Within the next few hours, our coaches will begin training thousands of citizens daily on how to grow their cash advances by 10x by trading coins. 

         If you are not yet trading coins, expect to receive an invitation to attend a quick educational chat on this topic.

D.  As soon as you are successfully increasing your cash advances by hitting daily goals and trading coins...

... beginning later this week you will be invited to the next educational chats, which will focus on marketplace, success coaching and local merchant opportunities.

Those of you that are already ahead of the game, will be able to bypass any steps you’re already mastering. The platform will automatically recognize your level of progress as a citizen and advance you to the next opportunity for you.


Exciting times ahead

We have all worked very hard and the success is beginning to show. 

We will now build on that success and accelerate our growth.


Any questions?

I am here for you.

Your president,




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Parallel Inspire building at 11750 Sorrento Valley Road.

Parallel Inspire building at 11750 Sorrento Valley Road. Parallel Capital Partners sells 12-building Sorrento Valley portfolio for $112 million Parallel...

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San Diego personal injury law firm Hamparyan Injury Lawyers has partnered with the charity Toys for Tots. As a charity partner, the law firm will serve as a convenient downtown San Diego drop-off location for new, unwrapped toys and books from kind-hearted donors.

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On October 10, 2018, ALJ MaryJoan McNamara issued Order No. 2 in Certain Sleep-Disordered Breathing Treatment Mask Systems and Components Thereof (Inv. No. 337-TA-1134).By way of background, this investigation is based on an August 31, 2018 complaint filed by ResMed Corp. and ResMed Inc. of San Diego, California, and ResMed Ltd. of Australia alleging violation of Section 337 by way of unlawful importation into the U.S., selling for importation, and/or selling within the U.S. after importation certain sleep-disordered breathing treatment mask systems and components thereof that infringe one or more claims of U.S. Patent Nos. 9,119,931 (“the ’931 patent”), 9,027,556 (“the ’556 patent”), 9,962,511 (“the ’511 patent”), 9,962,510 (“the ’510 patent”), and 9,937,315 (“the ’315 patent”). See our August 31, 2018 and October 2, 2018 posts for more details on the complaint and Notice of…
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The San Diego Union-Tribune

California Votes To Keep Gas Tax Hike To Fund Road Repairs
California voters struck down Prop 6 on Tuesday, blocking a Republican effort to repeal a gas tax hike that's funding much-needed transportation improvement projects in the state. The election results preserve legislation signed into law last year by ...
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Utilis will host water professionals from around the world at their summit with the theme “Benchmarking the Future of Leak Detection”

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          Migrants camp at Mexico City stadium as U.S. votes      Cache   Translate Page      
MEXICO CITY – Thousands of Central Americans dreaming of getting to the U.S. awoke Tuesday to donations of fruit and hot coffee at a sports stadium in Mexico’s chilly capital as the U.S. held midterm elections in which President Donald Trump has made the migrant caravan a central issue.

Authorities counted more than 2,000 migrants at the Jesus Martinez stadium late Monday, and a steady flow continued into the night. The facility has capacity to hold 6,000, officials said, and four big tents set up for sleeping filled up. Women and children slept apart from the men – who were relegated to concrete bleachers – while the city’s central market supplied 3.5 tons of bananas and guavas to refuel the crowd.

Still hundreds of miles from the U.S. border, the migrants dozed on thin mattresses with blankets to ward off the chill in a city some 7,300 feet above sea level, a big change after trudging for three weeks in tropical heat. Temperatures dropped below 52 degrees Fahrenheit during the night.

Nashieli Ramirez, ombudsman for the local human rights commission, said the city was preparing to accommodate as many as 5,000 people. The lead caravan is estimated to have about 4,000 participants and several smaller groups are trailing hundreds of miles to the south.

“We have the space in terms of humanitarian help,” Ramirez said.

Many of the migrants sought treatment for blistered and aching feet, respiratory infections, diarrhea and other maladies. City officials administered vaccines for tetanus and influenza. The Oxfam charity offered to donate 20 portable toilets.

Tania Escobar, a nurse with Mexico City’s public health department, said from a medical tent that demand was high for consultations. “Since we got here, we have not stopped,” she said.

Melvin Figueroa, a 32-year-old from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, was with his pregnant wife and two children, 6 and 8. He took the 6-year-old girl to the tent because her eyes were irritated and “she throws up everything she eats.”

More migrants were trudging along the highway between the city of Puebla and the capital, trying to hitch rides from passing vehicles.

Trump has seized on the caravan and portrayed it as a major threat, though such caravans have sprung up regularly over the years and largely passed unnoticed. He ordered thousands of troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, threatened to detain asylum seekers in tents cities and insinuated without proof that there are criminals or even terrorists in the group.

In dozens of interviews since the initial caravan set out from Honduras more than three weeks ago, migrants have said they are escaping poverty and rampant violence. Many are families traveling with small children. Some say they left because they were threatened by gang members or had lost relatives to gang violence. Others say they hope to work, secure a good education for their children and send money to support relatives back home.

Alba Zoleida Gonzalez, 48, from Valle, Honduras, said she walked for five hours Monday before catching a ride on a tractor-trailer with about 150 other migrants. Her calf muscles were aching, but that was a small price to pay for the chance at a life better than the one back home.

“I looked for work, and nothing,” Gonzalez said, adding that her husband had been robbed and had to hand over everything he made selling crabs so his assailants wouldn’t do worse. “And when one does find a little job, they kill you for the money,” she said.

Upon arrival in Mexico City, some migrants visited the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a major pilgrimage site, to thank the Virgin Mary for watching over them during the journey.

The caravan had spread out in recent days, with many participants advancing at a faster pace. The caravan now plans to regroup in Mexico City, where the migrants will rest and seek legal advice.

The 178-mile route followed Monday to Mexico City from the city of Cordoba in the Gulf state of Veracruz was the longest single-day journey attempted by the group.

There were obstacles on this latest stretch. Truck after truck denied migrants rides as they trudged along the highway into the relatively colder November temperatures of central highland Mexico. Migrants converged on tractor trailers, forcing the big rigs to stop so they could climb aboard. Such impromptu hitchhiking is precarious, with dozens scrambling onto vehicles at a time.

Mexico City is more than 600 miles from the nearest U.S. border crossing at McAllen, Texas. A caravan last spring opted for a much longer route to Tijuana in the far northwest, across from San Diego. That caravan steadily dwindled to only about 200 people by the time it reached the border.

Many in the latest group said they remain convinced that traveling together is their best hope for reaching the U.S.

But Edgar Corzo, an official with the National Human Rights Commission, said that based on experiences with previous migrant caravans, the group probably will begin to break up now that it is in the capital.

“Each one goes to the place that he considers best,” mainly wherever is closest to where they have relatives or friends already in the U.S., he said.

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          California Rep. Duncan Hunter, Charged With Embezzling Campaign Funds, Wins Re-Election      Cache   Translate Page      

Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter, who has been charged with years of embezzling campaign money to fund a lavish lifestyle, has been re-elected to his seat in a solidly Republican suburban San Diego district.

Hunter, one of the two early Trump supporters to be charged with federal crimes this summer, defeated relatively unknown former Obama administration official Ammar Campa-Najjar in a race in which he slung racist accusations portraying his opponent as a “radical Muslim” with connections to terrorism.

Hunter and his wife were indicted in August, on the same afternoon that Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was convicted on eight fraud-related counts and Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations. Both Hunter and his wife pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The 60-count indictment included allegations of conspiracy, wire fraud, falsification of records, along with the misuse of campaign contributions. Details from the indictment indicated Hunter had used the funds to facilitate extramarital affairs and to take vacations to Hawaii, London, and Las Vegas. The indictment also alleged he’d used campaign cash to buy video games, computers, and other technology, and that the couple had used the funds at hotels, the dentist, the movies, the grocery store, a golf course, the hair salon, and many bars.

The two most inflammatory details involved his wife suggesting her husband buy shorts at a golf pro shop and list the purchase as golf balls “for the wounded warriors” and an instance in which Hunter tried to get a tour of a Navy base to cover for a $14,000 family vacation in Italy and, when he was told he could only do the tour on certain days, told his chief of staff to “tell the Navy to go fuck themselves.” The couple spent hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars on personal expenses.

Hunter’s racist attacks on his opponent gathered less national attention, but it featured heavily in his campaign against Campa-Najjar. In a speech, Hunter called his opponent a “radical Muslim” trying to “infiltrate Congress.” Campa-Najjar has said he is a Christian and was raised by his Mexican American mother after his Palestinian father left. Hunter has linked him to his paternal grandfather’s role in a terrorist attack at the 1972 Munich Olympics that killed 11 Israelis, and Hunter has called Campa-Najjar a “security risk.” Campa-Najjar held a security clearance under the Obama administration.

The upper-middle-class district went for Trump by 15 percentage points, so Hunter’s win did not come as a complete surprise. Hunter had served five terms, and his father represented the district before him. The district may not stay Republican forever, though. According to the New York Times, Latinos now make up one-third of the district’s residents.

          Flexo Operator - Narrow Web - NPPS, Inc - San Diego, CA      Cache   Translate Page      
Position avialable for Narrow Web Flexo operator. Must have experience on Aquaflex. Day Shift. Pay Range $18-22 DOE. NO RELO. Contact Dawn at dmcmillin@npps1... $18 - $22 an hour
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They prefer for the technicians to have a CDL license but it isn’t a must, however you will need to have a clean driving record for insurance purposes.... $21 - $30 an hour
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Account reconciliations and monthly accruals), preparing budget vs. actual variance analyses, reviewing fixed assets, and contributing to the team.... $45,000 a year
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Xconomy asked technology and innovation leaders around our network to reflect on the most important developments in their industries during 2017, and the answers were appropriately wide-ranging. Responses from individuals in Seattle and San Diego touch on the rapid advance of machine learning, tech’s full-scale invasion of digital health, dramatic growth in blockchain and cryptocurrency, […]
          Upset Watch      Cache   Translate Page      

Election Day is upon us, and most of the major nonpartisan handicappers and number-crunching forecasters are predicting the same thing: Democrats will overcome a host of structural disadvantages to retake the House, while Republicans will hold onto the Senate, in no small part because of the quirks of the electoral calendar.

For the record, that’s what I expect to happen as well. But that established consensus can obscure a reality that can’t be ignored: The available evidence suggests those are the most likely outcomes, but it does not guarantee them—a lesson that 2016 made painfully clear. It is all but certain that there will be a few big surprises on Tuesday night that no one will have seen coming on Tuesday morning. A shocker or three in the Senate, or a whole bunch of them in the House, won’t necessarily alter the big picture. But if the surprises keep piling up and happen in just the right places, we just might be looking at a Democratic Senate, a GOP House, or both.

Here, then, are a few plausible ways the prevailing wisdom could go bust.

A Democratic Senate

Flipping the Senate was always going to be a heavy lift for Democrats, despite control of the upper chamber sitting just two seats away. More than half of the Democrats’ 49-member caucus is on the ballot on Tuesday, and 10 of those 26 incumbents are in states Donald Trump won two years ago. Republicans, meanwhile, are defending just nine of their 51 seats, only one of which is in a state Hillary Clinton won (Nevada, by 2.4 percent) and half of which are Mitt Romney–running-in-Utah safe. But while it’s a historically horrendous map for Democrats, it’s not an impossible one to navigate.

Here’s how Democrats could net the two seats they need for a 51-seat majority.

Scenario 1: Heidi holds on

Of the half-dozen or so vulnerable Democratic incumbents, North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is thought to be in the most danger. She’s down double digits in the polls to GOP Rep.
Kevin Cramer in a state Trump won by 36 percentage points. The Cook Political Report and other handicappers rate the race as “Lean Republican,” the only Democratic seat right of the tossup column. FiveThirtyEight’s classic model has Cramer as a 3-in-4 favorite. And CNN pegs Cramer’s most likely margin of victory at 8 percentage points, though its range of forecasted outcomes runs from a 19-percentage-point win by Cramer to a 4-percentage-point win by Heitkamp.

If Heitkamp were to pull this one out, though, that would fundamentally change the equation. Democrats currently have four credible chances of picking up a seat: Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Tennessee. But there’s a clear divide between the first two and the last two on that list. FiveThirtyEight and CNN both have Democrat Kyrsten Sinema as a mild favorite to win a close race against Martha McSally in Arizona. Meanwhile in Nevada, FiveThirtyEight sees Democrat Jacky Rosen as the slight favorite and CNN sees her as the tiniest of underdogs against GOP Sen. Dean Heller. Meanwhile, both sites see Beto O’Rourke and Phil Bredesen as considerably longer shots in Texas and Tennessee, respectively. If Heitkamp and the rest of the Democratic incumbents can survive, winning eminently winnable races in Arizona and Nevada would be enough to win the Senate. If Heitkamp loses, though, Democrats will need to offset it with a bona fide upset somewhere else.

Scenario 2: Beto O’Rourke to the rescue

The path to 51 gets narrower if Heitkamp or another one of her Senate colleagues goes down, but it doesn’t close completely. Democrats would need a hero to emerge, most likely either in Texas or Tennessee. Of the two, Beto is considered the slightly better bet: FiveThirtyEight’s classic model, for instance, gives the Texan a 2-in-9 chance of beating Ted Cruz, to Bredesen’s 1-in-5 chance of beating Marsha Blackburn. If Beto takes down Cruz, he’d cement his status as a progressive folk hero. But if Beto takes down Cruz and becomes the 51st Democratic senator in the process? He’d become a god to the left.

Scenario 3: A very special surprise

If Heidi falls and Beto and Bredesen come up short—or some other less likely combination of events gets Democrats to 50 seats—Democrats could still be alive. Their last hope would be Tuesday’s special election in Mississippi, which is very special indeed: There were no primaries to winnow the field, there are no party affiliations listed on the ballot to guide voters, and there will be no election-night winner unless one of the four candidates secures a majority of the vote. That means a two-person runoff on Nov. 27 remains possible—and based on limited polling, maybe even probable—between the two favorites, interim GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith and former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy.* Cook has the race leaning Republican, meaning it’s technically competitive, but other handicappers like Inside Elections and Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball disagree. Regardless of Espy’s chances, though, a runoff would keep the Democratic dream of Senate control alive for at least a little longer.

A Republican House

Republicans are running into some serious historical headwinds as they try to limit Democrats’ gains below the 23 seats they need to take the speaker’s gavel. The party that controls the presidency has lost congressional seats in 35 out of the 38 midterms dating back to the end of the Civil War. And according to the Cook Political Report’s count, there have been seven midterm elections since 1966 where a president’s approval rating “hovered” below 50 percent—a, um, generous term for where Trump’s sits at the moment—and in those, the opposing party has picked up at least two dozen House seats in all but one. The sole exception was in 2014 in the middle of Barack Obama’s second term. The GOP won “only” 13 seats that year, in no small part because Democrats didn’t have all that many to lose after getting shellacked in the 2010 midterms.

Unlike in the Senate, where roughly one-third of the seats are up at any given time, the entire lower chamber is on the ballot every two years. That makes plotting out if-then paths to a GOP House insanely complicated, so let’s instead consider the types of races Republicans will need to win on Tuesday in order to keep the House. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll work off of Cook’s ratings and FiveThirtyEight’s classic model (as of midday Monday) to plot a path to another GOP House.

Where Republicans are the favorites

Cook counts a total of 47 Republican seats as tossups or worse for the GOP, giving Democrats plenty of opportunities to pick up the 23 seats they need. But before Republicans worry about winning the bulk of those battlegrounds, first they need to lock down the seats where they have the advantage but by are no means shoe-ins—a “Lean Republican” list that includes 28 GOP seats. Republicans don’t need to win all those districts, but they’ll need to offset any losses in this column with corresponding wins in districts that aren’t nearly as friendly. A small sampling of the kind of races we’re talking about:

• Iowa’s 4th, where bigoted Rep. Steve King is a 6-in-7 favorite against former pro baseball player J.D. Scholten in a rural district that went for Trump by 27 percentage points after going for Mitt Romney by 8 percentage points six years ago.

• California’s 50th, where indicted Rep. Duncan Hunter is a 7-in-9 favorite against former Obama administration official Ammar Campa-Najjar in a suburban San Diego district that went for Trump by 15 percentage points after going for Romney by 23 percentage points.

• Wisconsin’s 1st, where Speaker Paul Ryan is retiring and his former staffer, Bryan Steil, is a 7-in-9 favorite against union steelworker Randy Bryce in a gerrymandered district Trump won by 10 after Romney (with Ryan as his running mate) won by 4.

• Nebraska’s 2nd, where Rep. Don Bacon is the 4-in-7 favorite against nonprofit executive Kara Eastman in an Omaha-area district that went for Trump by just 2 after going for Romney by 7.

Republicans can also add to their cushion by winning in Minnesota’s 8th, the only Democratic seat in the Lean Republican column and one of just two such districts where Republicans are favorites. The GOP nominee, retired police office Pete Stauber, is a 4-in-5 favorite against former state lawmaker Joe Radinovich in that rural district, which went for Trump by 16 percentage points after going for Obama by 6. (The other Democratic district where the GOP is favored is Pennsylvania’s new 14th, which became more conservative after the state supreme court redrew the state’s map earlier this year.)

Where things could go either way

From there, the GOP will need to keep the momentum going in the toss-up column, where 29 of the 30 races are for Republican seats. A sampling:

• Texas’ 23rd, where Rep. Will Hurd is a 7-in-9 favorite against Air Force vet Gina Ortiz Jones in a San Antonio–area district that went for Clinton by 4 percentage points after going for Romney by 3.

• North Carolina’s 9th, where conservative pastor Mark Harris knocked off Rep. Robert Pittenger in the GOP primary and is now a 5-in-9 favorite against veteran Dan McCready in a Charlotte-area district that went for both Trump and Romney by 12.

• Virginia’s 7th, where Rep. Dave Brat is a 4-in-7 favorite against former CIA operations officer Abigail Spanberger in a suburban and rural Richmond district that went for Trump by 7 after going for Romney by 11.

• Kentucky’s 6th, where Rep. Andy Barr is a 5-in-9 favorite against former fighter pilot and viral star Amy McGrath in a Lexington-area district that went for Trump by 15 and Romney by 14.

• Utah’s 4th, where Rep. Mia Love is a 3-in-8 underdog against Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams in a Salt Lake City–area district that went for Trump by 7 after going for Romney by 37.

• Iowa’s 3rd, where Rep. David Young is a 3-in-10 underdog against Cindy Axne in a Des Moines–area district that went for Trump by 4 percentage points after going for Obama by the same margin.

The sole Democratic toss-up? The open seat for Minnesota’s 1st, where four-time GOP candidate Jim Hagedorn is a 4-in-9 underdog against Army vet Dan Feehan in the rural district that went for Trump by 15 percentage points after going for Obama by 1 percentage point.

Where they’ll need to pull off the upsets

Barring a near-sweep of those races, the GOP will still have some work to do to keep the House. Democrats are the clear favorite in a total of 18 GOP districts; in five of them, Cook doesn’t even give the GOP a chance. In a hypothetical world, then, where Republicans hold on to each and every of the 28 GOP seats that lean their way and win two-thirds of the 30 toss-ups, they’d still need to score a handful of upsets in the group of 13 GOP seats that Lean Democrat. A sampling:

• Kansas’ 3rd, where Rep. Kevin Yoder is a 1-in-7 underdog against attorney and former MMA fighter Sharice Davids in a Kansas City–area district that went for Clinton by 1 percentage point after going for Romney by 10 in 2012.

• Colorado’s 6th, where Rep. Mike Coffman is a 1-in-9 underdog against Army veteran Jason Crow in a suburban Denver district that went for Clinton by 9 percentage points after going for Obama by 5 percentage points.

• Iowa’s 1st, where Rep. Rod Blum is a 1-in-20 underdog against state Rep. Abby Finkenauer in a Cedar Rapids–area district that went for Trump by 4 after going for Obama by 14.

• California’s 49th, where state tax official Diane Harkey is a 1-in-30 underdog against attorney Mike Levin in this San Diego–area district that went for Clinton by 8 percentage points after going for Romney by 7 percentage points.

Unlike in the Senate, there is no single House race of outsize importance, and so there are myriad ways either party can cobble together the 218 seats it needs for a majority. Like Senate Democrats, however, House Republicans are going to need to beat the odds more often than they don’t on Tuesday if they’re going to be celebrating on Wednesday.

Is that probable? By definition, no. Is it possible? By definition, yes.

Correction, Nov. 6, 2018: This article originally misstated that the runoff in Mississippi’s special election would happen in December.

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