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Big Boss ex-Contestant Hina Khan is currently enjoying holidays with her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal. Recently, the photo of Hina in Monokini has viral on social media. Now a video of Hina and her boyfriend is getting boisterous on social media. These videos belong to the Maldives.

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​PM Modi is yet to visit Maldives - the only South Asian country which he has not yet visited. Maldives president-elect Solih invited Modi to his swearing-in when the latter called to congratulate him. Solih is a newbie, even though he has been in parliament for a long time, one of the founding members of MDP.
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Glamorous Liz this week posted an Instagram video of herself doing a striptease amid the palm trees of the Maldives; teasingly slipping off a silk mini-robe to reveal a bikini from her swimwear range.
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By Brigitte Leoni

NEW YORK, 6 November, 2018 - There were repeated calls for greater attention to the needs of those most vulnerable in disaster situations, at a high-level event yesterday to mark the 3rd edition of World Tsunami Awareness Day.

Representatives of tsunami-exposed countries including Indonesia, Japan, the Maldives and Chile spoke about the need for a more people-centred, inclusive approach in line with the guidance contained in the global plan for reducing disaster losses, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

“The huge losses experienced in Indonesia last September remind us of the need to continue raising awareness on tsunamis and to have more inclusive policies in place to take into account the most vulnerable as disasters have long-term economic and social impacts on people and their communities,” said Ms. María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, President of the UN General Assembly, opening the panel discussion at UN HQ in New York.

Over the past 100 years, 58 tsunamis have claimed more than 260,000 lives, averaging 4,600 lives per occurrence; a higher mortality rate than any other natural hazard. It is estimated that for every person killed in a disaster, another three are injured or left with a permanent disability.

“We have invested a lot in early warning systems and resilient infrastructure but we need to invest more in people,” said Mr. Jorge Andrés Iglesias Mori, Deputy Permanent Representative of Chile to the UN in New York who explained how Chile is now working on enforcing new laws to better protect and include persons living with disabilities in their disaster management policies.

In Japan, many new initiatives are also in place to better include vulnerable people in disaster management policy. Rikuzentakata, a city that was almost completely “wiped out” by a 47-foot wall of water during the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami is now becoming “a global model of inclusiveness” catering to all the needs of different vulnerable groups particularly older women and persons living with disabilities who were among the most affected by the 2011 event.

“Recovering from the massive devastation is a long and difficult process,“said Mayor Futoshi Toba. “There is no manual telling you what to do or how to do it. We learned along the way but we now want to make it right and create an inclusive society that is accessible for all.”

Thailand also stressed the importance of including vulnerable groups in disaster management to build a more resilient world.

“We have now very good inclusive community programmes allowing persons with disabilities to be part of the disaster planning process and people feel more resilient and cooperative,” said Ms. Arunee Limmanee, from the Faculty of Social Policy and Administration, Thammasat University, and Chair of the Children, Youth, Women and Vulnerable Groups, Disability Council in Thailand.

Ms. Mami Mizutori, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction who moderated the session, concluded: “To be efficient and effective, national and local disaster risk reduction strategies, need to be multi-hazard, multi-sectorial and inclusive, and ensure the full participation of all relevant stakeholders, including those groups with higher vulnerability and exposure to the impact of hazards.”

She also cited the need for inclusion in the national and local strategies for disaster risk reduction which should be in place by 2020, according to target (e) of the Sendai Framework.

The panel discussion in New York also included Mr. Teru Fukui, Member of the House of Representatives of the National Diet of Japan; Mr. Arata Takebe, Member of the House of Representatives of the National Diet of Japan; Mr. Dian Triansyah Djani, Permanent Representative of Indonesia to the United Nations in New York; Mr. Ali Naseer Mohamed, Permanent Representative of Maldives to the United Nations in New York, and Ms. Asako Okai, ASG and Director of Crisis Bureau, UNDP.

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Hello there! I hope all is well! I am here today featuring some items from some of my fav stores today. Chez Moi with the Rounded bed, Kalopsia with the 7 Years bad luck mirror and frames, DRD with my fav straight drapes (Gacha Item) and Jian with many different fur friends. I don't even think I had a round bed before now. The ones I have seen prior were just not attractive. So, imagine my delight at seeing this one! It comes with a hud to change the bedding to several different colors. I went with the black option. It's really a nice and unique bed with beautiful textures. It is new from Chez Moi at the Ultra event. The wall mirror and frame are from Kalopsia at Collabor 88. It comes in more textures including gold. It's a very Ornate piece and will fit into many diff spaces. I felt they fit perfectly in this bedroom. I am such a pet person on SL. I have a nice collection of Jian pets that I enjoy rezzing and I have quite a few here. They just add personality to any space. I got the drapes from a DRD Gacha and turned them in to get them copy. They are low land impact even when I stretch them to the top of the world. LOL I rezzed a tree and it was 18 prims but the size I needed was 41 prims. I knew it was gonna be a long day then yall. LOL SO, I am a huge fan of low land impact items. The topiaries are from Raindale. I got this set awhile back and hadn't used them before today and they add some sparkle to the space. The fancy statue is one of my all time favs I use it alot. You can see it here and there throughout my blog posts and in spaces I have decorated. A staple item.
Mood is a big thing for me. I love showing a specific mood in any space. It just brings the space alive. This bedroom is located in the Marcus Apartment skybox. The ceilings are tall like a nice big warehouse. I am a huge fan of tall ceilings in homes. I am not a fan of what they call avatar size. LOL But everyone has their own personal preference. I call that cozy. I am not gonna ramble long today yall. I put all of the credits below of course! Thank you for ths support. Everyone is blowing up Flickr with these I moved to Instagram pics.LOL My eyes! I do have a IG but I haven't had the time to work on it and I am not gonna add to the many IG pics all down your timeline. I will post a link eventually but I am still chilling at Flickr. lol Feel free to bookmark my blog and follow me on Flickr!!!! Thank you so much everyone have a blessed weekend! xoxo <3333 Ebony

Stay Fierce*Stay Blessed


Rounded Bed (Adult) CHEZ MOI- Ultra Event-
Chez Moi Mainstore-
Kalopsia - 7 Years Bad Luck Mirror (texture change)
Kalopsia - 7 Years Bad Luck Frames (Faded Black)
New at Collabor88-
Kalopsia - Fancy Statue
Kalopsia Mainstore-
14 - DRD - AE - Train Car - Straight Drapes c/m
DRD Mainstore-
JIAN Love Pugs 2. Sleepy Treater RARE
Jian Puff Pups :: Duke Puffington, Esq.
JIAN Chubby Loaf Cat (Placer)
JIAN 'dorable Danes 15. Triple Baby Bed
Jian Mainstore-

Raindale - Grassmere - tall vase with boxwood
Raindale - Grassmere - vase with boxwood
Raindale - Grassmere - boxwood lantern
dust bunny . tabletop plants . sword leaf
floorplan. scattered sheet music
floorplan. studio light sign v2 / gold
~BAZAR~Maldives - Night Stand
[Tia] Bear floor rug 4
{moss&mink} Hung globe light (Left) - Black
:CP: Taylor Hanging Light String
tarte. marquee letters (steel)
Fancy Decor: Marble Lamp
Fancy Decor: Callot Cabinet
Fancy Decor: Cloche Clock (silver)
Fancy Decor: Bonham Chandelier (gold)
Fancy Decor: B&W Rug
Fancy Decor: Birch Candles
Fancy Decor: Books & Bookends (white & gold)
Fancy Decor: Tortoise Shell Frame (gold)
Fancy Decor: Tartt Mirror (square)
Pixel Mode Marcus Skybox

  Majesty- Inworld Showroom Location at Fruitatious-
  Majesty-Inworld Showroom Location-[Cynful] Location-

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Roxanne Holman, Lawrence, Janet Lee Chapman and 1 more joined

          VÀNH ĐAI - CON ĐƯỜNG : ĐIỀU GÌ XẢY RA KHI CON NỢ DÂN CHỦ HƠN CHỦ NỢ ? (Nguyễn Quốc Tấn Trung)       Cache   Translate Page      

Posted on 02/11/2018

Sáng kiến Vành đai và Con đường (Belt and Road Initiative – BRI) là một dự án đầu tư khổng lồ được Chủ tịch Trung Quốc Tập Cận Bình thúc đẩy, với kỳ vọng sẽ tạo dựng được quyền lực mềm cho quốc gia này. Từ cuối những năm 2013, Bắc Kinh đã rót gần 700 tỷ USD ngân sách vào hơn 60 quốc gia, mà đại đa số trong số đó là những dự án hạ tầng khổng lồ cùng những khoản vay hậu hĩnh ban đầu cho đến khi các chính phủ nhận ra họ đều đang “há miệng mắc quai”. Mục tiêu, cuối cùng, có vẻ chỉ là kéo những quốc gia này lại gần Bắc Kinh hơn trong khi vẫn gia tăng được quyền lực mềm Trung Hoa trên thế giới.

Nhưng điều bất ngờ là Trung Quốc hiện đang phải đối mặt với những phản ứng tiêu cực từ cả trong và ngoài nước đối với đại dự án Vành đai – Con đường. Một bộ phận người Trung Quốc bắt đầu phàn nàn rằng nó chỉ phí phạm tiền của quốc gia. Mặt khác, trên trường quốc tế, các yếu tố địa chính trị khiến càng ngày càng nhiều quốc gia dè chừng ảnh hưởng ngày càng gia tăng của Trung Quốc.

Khác với những chủ nợ phương Tây – vốn yêu cầu bên vay phải đáp ứng những tiêu chuẩn nghiêm ngặt về kiểm soát tham nhũng, về bảo vệ nhân quyền hay kiểm soát thu chi ngân sách để hướng tới tài chính bền vững – Trung Quốc hầu như không đòi hỏi gì cả. Chính sách đầu tư “không ràng buộc” này châm thêm dầu vào ngọn lửa tham nhũng ở nhiều quốc gia, trong khi cho phép những chính phủ này vung tay quá trán với những khoản nợ họ biết rằng mình không thể trả.

Công dân của rất nhiều quốc gia nhận nợ vay đang thể hiện sự tức giận của mình đối với Trung Quốc bằng nhiều cách, và có thể cảm nhận được cơn giận dữ đó trong các cuộc bầu cử gần đây. Thay vì mở rộng quyền lực mềm Trung Quốc, Vành đai và Con đường dường như đang làm những điều hoàn toàn ngược lại.

Cuộc bầu cử ở Malaysia tháng 5 năm 2018 là một minh chứng không thể rõ ràng hơn về sự hoài nghi nói chung dành cho quyền lực mềm Trung Quốc. Cựu Thủ tướng Mahathir Mohamad chiến thắng trước đương kiêm Thủ tướng Najib Razak với một chiến dịch phản đối một cách trực diện ảnh hưởng của Trung Quốc trên quốc gia này. Ông Mahathir khẳng định Thủ tướng Najib đang cố tình chấp thuận những dự án hạ tầng đắt đỏ thuộc BRI để tạo nên một ảo giác tăng trưởng cho dân chúng, trong khi tiếp tục tham ô ngân sách quốc gia vào túi riêng của mình. Nói là làm, ngay sau khi nhậm chức, ông Mahathir đã hủy bỏ thỏa thuận đối với hai dự án lớn nhất của Trung Quốc ở Malaysia – với 20 tỷ USD cho hệ thống đường sắt và 2,3 tỷ USD cho đường ống dẫn dầu, khí – với lý do đất nước ông không có khả năng để trả khoản nợ này trong tương lai.

Thủ tướng Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad (trái) tỏ ra rất cứng rắn với các dự án Vành đai – Con đường của Trung Quốc. Ảnh: The Star.

Nhưng câu chuyện không dừng lại ở đó. Pakistan đã nhận hơn 62 tỷ USD từ Trung Quốc cho các dự án tương tự như đường cao tốc, đường sắt và cảng Gwadar. Quốc gia này thường xuyên được các ngân hàng Trung Quốc bảo lãnh và giải cứu. Sự hào phóng chính trị này dẫn đến bong bóng nợ công Pakistan đạt tới mức gần như không thể kiểm soát, cùng sự trỗi dậy của các nhóm chống BRI nói riêng và chống Trung Quốc nói chung.

Tháng 7 năm nay, chính phủ mới của Thủ tướng Imran Khan, dù không theo phương pháp quyết liệt như của Malaysia, cũng buộc phải cân nhắc lại toàn bộ các phương án trả nợ vay cho Bắc Kinh, bao gồm cả khả năng đơn phương dừng hoặc kéo dài kỳ hạn trả nợ. Và cũng trớ trêu là vì mắc nợ Trung Quốc mà nay Pakistan đang lên kế hoạch đàm phán với Tổ chức Tiền tệ Quốc tế nhằm cấp cứu thanh khoản cho nước này khỏi các khoản nợ vay Trung Quốc, điều mà chính Thủ tướng Khan ban đầu cũng không muốn làm.

Quốc đảo Maldives đến gần đây cũng đang chịu nhiều áp lực phải kiểm tra, giám sát lại các dự án BRI. Chỉ trong tháng 9 vừa qua, cử tri đã loại vị tổng thống võ biền Abdulla Yameen và chọn nhà cải cách dân chủ Ibrahim Solih. Chiến thắng này tạo cơ hội cho các nhóm chuyên gia đánh giá lại chính sách vay nợ Trung Quốc một cách không kiểm soát dưới thời cựu Tổng thống Yameen, vốn được cho là sẽ dẫn đến tham nhũng và lệ thuộc vào Trung Quốc. Tân Tổng thống Solih đã thể hiện rõ quan điểm rằng ông sẽ phải thẩm tra lại tất cả những dự án BRI hiện hành. Dù có vẻ là Maldives không thể cắt đứt những thoả thuận lớn trị giá tới 1,3 tỷ USD với Trung Quốc, trong đó có cả công trình cầu nối sân bay Maldives đến thủ đô nước này, Tổng thống Solih rõ ràng đang đánh giá lại mối quan hệ của nước ông với Bắc Kinh.

Ngay cả khi vài chính phủ may mắn sống sót qua khỏi làn sóng “bài BRI” trong các cuộc bầu cử quốc gia cũng trở nên lo ngại hơn với các khoản vay từ Trung Quốc.

Tháng 8 vừa qua, Kenya bắt đầu chiến dịch bố ráp tham nhũng liên quan đến các dự án BRIs do nhà thầu Trung Quốc xây dựng kết nối hai tỉnh Nairobi và Mombasa. Nhiều quan chức địa phương bị bắt. Một số quốc gia khác, như Uganda hay Zambia, cũng bắt đầu lo lắng.

Vào tháng 6, một học giả người Zambia, ông Trevor Simumba, đã lên tiếng cảnh báo chính phủ nước ông rằng các khoản vay mà Zambia nhận từ Trung Quốc đang dần trở nên không bền vững, mặt khác có quá nhiều điều khoản không rõ ràng, thiếu minh bạch liên quan đến những vấn đề mấu chốt trong hợp đồng vay nợ. Chính phủ Uganda thì bị chỉ trích vì vay nợ Trung Quốc nhưng lại phải thuê lại các công ty Trung Quốc thực hiện dự án với mức vượt quá giá thị trường, trong khi lợi ích mà họ được nhận từ những dự án này thì không hiện hữu một cách rõ ràng.

Tham vọng Vành đai – Con đường của Trung Quốc. Ảnh: Bloomberg.

Chuyện gì đã xảy ra?

Làm sao vụ đầu tư đắt giá để giành được quyền lực mềm của Trung Quốc lại khiến Trung Quốc lạc lõng với chính những quốc gia mà Vành đai và Con đường giúp đỡ?

Một lý do rõ ràng nhất là các quốc gia đã trở nên thông minh hơn khi tiếp cận các điều khoản đính kèm trong BRI.

Ở buổi bình minh của BRI, nhiều người tin rằng tiền từ Trung Quốc sẽ là miễn phí, hoặc chí ít là có phí thấp nhất. Nhưng thực tế, những khoản vay này có giá cao hơn rất nhiều so với các khoản vay phát triển từ các tổ chức thế giới như Ngân hàng Thế giới. Đối với Pakistan, mức lãi suất quốc gia chính thức được ngân hàng trung ương nước này xác định chỉ khoảng 5%, trong khi nhiều khoản vay Trung Quốc bị bắt buộc bảo đảm lãi suất không dưới 30%.

Nhiều quốc nằm trong Vành đai và Con đường cũng ngờ vực cách hành xử của Trung Quốc như là một đối tác đầu tư. Năm 2017, Sri Lanka đã chấp thuận cho Trung Quốc thuê 99 năm một trong những cảng đáng giá nhất của mình để tránh vi phạm các khoản nợ thuộc BRI. Từ đó, nhiều quốc gia bắt đầu lo lắng về viễn cảnh không trả được nợ cho Bắc Kinh, cũng như lo ngại về tính thiếu chuyên nghiệp của chính phủ nước sở tại khi thực hiện đánh giá tác động và sự áp đặt một chiều hầu hết những hợp đồng vay phải đính kèm với việc sử dụng nhà thầu Trung Quốc, với bất lợi bị đẩy hết cho quốc gia nhận khoản vay.

Một điểm yếu chí tử khác của các khoản vay BRI, cũng chính là ưu điểm khiến BRI “cháy hàng” trước đó: Bắc Kinh không đòi hỏi hay yêu cầu cải cách, minh bạch gì từ quốc gia nước nhận.

Các quốc gia đang phát triển thường khó vay tiền từ các định chế tài chính phương Tây như Tổ chức Tiền tệ Quốc tế (IMF), Ngân hàng Thế giới (WB), hay kể cả Cơ quan Phát triển Quốc tế Hoa Kỳ (USAID). Các điều khoản đảm bảo như phát triển bền vững, báo cáo tác động môi trường và cơ chế kiểm soát tham nhũng có thể khiến việc nhận hỗ trợ tài chính rất khó khăn, nhưng nó cũng làm giảm rủi ro thất bại cho các dự án này.

Ngược lại, việc Trung Quốc từ bỏ những hàng rào kiểm soát nói trên khiến đồng tiền Trung Quốc tại những quốc gia tiếp nhận lại dẫn đến tham nhũng, độc tài, nợ công, lạm phát, các dự án thiếu hiệu quả kinh tế và không khả thi, v.v.

Công dân ở nhiều quốc gia đang xem Bắc Kinh vừa là thủ phạm, vừa là người hưởng lợi từ tình trạng tham nhũng tại quốc gia họ. Tại những quốc gia có ít nhất một số cơ chế kiểm soát dân chủ như Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan và Zambia, cử tri đang bắt các lãnh đạo của họ phải chịu trách nhiệm. Các chính phủ may mắn tại vị thì bắt đầu cẩn trọng hơn với các dự án BRI, kiểm tra và đánh giá các dự án, chi phí, mức tổng nợ kỹ càng hơn.

Nếu chủ nợ Trung Quốc muốn không đòi hỏi quốc gia vay nợ phải có trách nhiệm giải trình, cử tri của những quốc gia đó đang làm việc này thay cho họ.

Nền dân chủ Maldives đã đưa Ibrahim Solih lên làm tổng thống, và đây là tin không vui với Bắc Kinh. Ảnh: DNA India.

Học cách yêu dân chủ

Những phản ứng quốc tế không phải là vấn đề duy nhất mà Vành đai – Con đường phải đối mặt. Ngay bên trong Trung Quốc, càng ngày càng nhiều người phàn nàn về kiểu chi tiền hào phóng dành cho các quốc gia thuộc nhóm Vành đai và Con đường. Khi mà Bắc Kinh tiếp tục chào hàng và quảng bá việc chính phủ đang chi tiêu hàng tỷ USD ở nước ngoài, người dân Trung Quốc đang bắt đầu tự hỏi vì sao số tiền này không được sử dụng để giải quyết các vấn đề trong nước như chăm sóc sức khỏe cộng đồng, nhà ở hay giáo dục.

Thật ra, các ngân hàng Trung Quốc đang phải chạy vạy khắp nơi để vay tiền USD cho các dự án BRI, họ không sử dụng dự trữ ngoại tệ quốc gia cho các hoạt động này. Nhưng không thể trách giới phê bình Trung Quốc không hiểu được những yếu tố phức tạp của thị trường vốn toàn cầu khi mà chính phủ nước này cứ tiếp tục đăng tải những thông tin hào nhoáng về các khoản đầu tư ra nước ngoài như thế.

Giới trí thức, như Giáo sư Xu Xangrun của Đại học Luật Thanh Hoa (Tsinghua) tại Trung Quốc, cũng thể hiện sự dè dặt của mình về cách mà Trung Quốc một mặt thúc đẩy tham vọng chi viện trợ ra nước ngoài, mặt khác đánh đổi việc chi tiêu cho các vấn đề trong nước. Số khác như nhà khoa học chính trị Zheng Yongnian thì cảnh báo lối khoa trương thiếu căn cứ xung quanh các dự án BRI sẽ chỉ khiến nhiều quốc gia tin rằng Trung Quốc đang ôm mộng bá quyền. Nhiều nhà phân tích khác thì chỉ trích việc các quốc gia tiếp nhận vốn không có được những tiêu chuẩn căn bản từ tài chính bền vững cho đến tác động môi trường.

Trong bối cảnh hệ thống truyền thông bị kiểm soát chặt chẽ tại Trung Quốc, nhiều người có thể cho rằng những lời phản đối công khai dành cho chính sách và sáng kiến ngoại giao của Tập Cận Bình thật ra chỉ là Chủ tịch Tập đang tự phê phán chính mình mà thôi. Dù sao chăng nữa, chính sách được dự định tăng cường quyền lực mềm Trung Hoa lại dẫn đến mức độ quan ngại cả trong và ngoài nước chưa từng có cho thấy ông Tập rõ ràng không dự trù trước được việc này.

Dù các lãnh đạo Trung Quốc đang đưa ra nhiều quan điểm nhằm cải thiện cái nhìn của các quốc gia đối tác trong chương trình BRI, không có bằng chứng cho thấy họ đang kiểm soát được thực tế tài chính và chính trị trong làn sóng phản đối Vành đai và Con đường. Việc cho vay bằng đồng USD khiến các quốc gia vay nợ buộc phải kiểm soát và tăng cường thặng dư USD, nhưng rõ ràng không phải quốc gia nào cũng đủ năng lực kiểm soát cán cân ngoại tệ. Hầu hết các dự án của BRI đều là các dự án hạ tầng dài hạn, mất nhiều năm để hoàn thành với nhiều lần các ngân hàng Trung Quốc sẽ phải chuyển nợ, đáo nợ. Nhưng Bắc Kinh đã tỏ rõ thái độ hoặc thu tiền đúng hạn, hoặc sử dụng các biện pháp chế tài như họ đã áp dụng tại Sri Lanka.

Điểm cuối cùng là rất nhiều quốc gia thuộc sáng kiến Vành đai và Con đường có mô hình nhà nước cấp tiến, cho phép công dân biểu đạt sự không hài lòng của mình, dù bằng báo chí hay con đường bầu cử. Không quen với hoạt động giám sát và phê bình dân chủ, Trung Quốc đang gặp rất nhiều khó khăn trong việc chào mời món hàng quyền lực mềm Trung Hoa.

Trong thời kỳ bình minh của Vành đai và Con đường, Bắc Kinh bao giờ cũng xem những luận điểm phê bình và chỉ trích dành cho sáng kiến này là việc phương Tây phủ nhận sự trỗi dậy của Trung Quốc, không hơn không kém. Nhưng cho đến nay, mối quan ngại và sự phản đối không đến từ phương Tây, mà từ các quốc gia Châu Phi và Châu Á, nơi mà chính phủ đang tuyệt vọng tìm cách kiểm soát mức nợ tăng cao cùng với những cơn thịnh nộ của công chúng. Nếu thật sự muốn xuất khẩu “mô hình” Trung Hoa, hay chí ít là đánh bóng tên tuổi của mình trên trường quốc tế, Bắc Kinh sẽ phải học làm quen với dân chủ, dù họ có thích nó hay không.

Lược dịch từ bài Why Democracies Are Turning Against Belt and Road, được đăng trên tờ Foreign Affairs ngày 24-10-2018. Bài được dịch theo phương pháp giữ nguyên ý gốc và diễn đạt lại bằng tiếng Việt nên không nhất thiết phải sát theo lời văn của bản gốc. Tựa đề bản dịch do Luật Khoa đặt. 

          Maldives holiday offers      Cache   Translate Page      
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People want that their vacations should be spent amidst the enjoyable locations, overwhelming hotel stays, trying unusual worldwide cuisines, sea cruises, and adventures. These opportunities are a lot from just a simple tour but all inclusive holidays where family cater to travel aficionados, in a similar way.

          Republican Josh Hawley unseats incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in highly contested Missouri race      Cache   Translate Page      

Josh Hawley Missouri

  • Republican state attorney general Josh Hawley won a Senate seat in Missouri on Tuesday following a highly contested race against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.
  • The race was one of the most closely watched contests of the 2018 midterm election season, and a RealClearPolitics average of the most recent polls had McCaskill and Hawley in a dead heat.
  • McCaskill campaigned by painting herself as independent from mainstream Democratic thinking and true to Missouri values, while Hawley aligned himself closely with President Donald Trump.

Republican attorney general Josh Hawley won a highly contested race for a Senate seat in Missouri following Tuesday’s midterm elections, unseating Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.

The race between Hawley and McCaskill was one of the most closely watched contests of the 2018 election season. A RealClearPolitics average of the most recent polls had the two candidates in a dead heat, at 46% each. And according to RealClearPolitics polling data, neither candidate has had a lead of more than four points in any poll over the whole year, which places the race within the margin of error.

During her concession speech Tuesday night, McCaskill thanked the people of Missouri for allowing her "to serve the public, to serve them, to be a public servant."

She added: "It has been such an honor, and this state drives me crazy, but I love every corner of it. I really do. I mean, I even love the reddest of the red counties."

President Donald Trump campaigned hard for Hawley in recent days — he held two rallies in Missouri to boost support for the Republican attorney general. While McCaskill has painted herself as independent from mainstream Democratic thinking in an effort to draw more undecided voters, Hawley has aligned himself closely with the president in order to draw more support from the Republican base.

Two key issues that Republicans are seizing on going into the midterms are the migrant caravan from Honduras headed toward the US’s southern border, and the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Hawley and Trump have focused, in particular, on McCaskill’s vote against Kavanaugh to portray her as a hardline Democrat.

McCaskill was first elected to the Senate in 2006, when she defeated Missouri Republican incumbent Jim Talent. In 2012, it looked like McCaskill may lose her seat to her Republican opponent, GOP Rep. Todd Akin, until he claimed in an interview that a woman could not get pregnant as a result of a “legitimate rape.”

This year, McCaskill faced more of an uphill battle, particularly in a state that Trump won by 20 points in the 2016 US presidential election.

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          Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis defeats Democrat Andrew Gillum to become Florida's next governor      Cache   Translate Page      

Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum

  • Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis defeated Florida's first-ever black nominee for governor, Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, on Tuesday in a contentious — at times nasty— and closely-watched race. 
  • The race — widely viewed as a proxy war between the progressive left and the hard right — was also a victory for President Donald Trump, who threw his support behind DeSantis. 
  • Florida saw a surge in voter turnout, with a nine-point jump over the 2014 midterm elections. 

Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis defeated Florida's first-ever black nominee for governor, Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, on Tuesday in a tight, closely-watched race. 

The congressman's win is also a victory for President Donald Trump, who threw his support behind DeSantis, repeatedly rallying with and tweeting about the candidate. Gillum conceded the race with 49 percent of the vote, to DeSantis' 50 percent, shortly before 11 p.m. on Tuesday. 

The competitive race — widely viewed as a proxy war between the progressive left and the hard right — attracted intense national scrutiny, with Democrats hopeful for a win amid a surge in voter turnout.

The candidates — both 39-year-old dads of young children — ran on radically different agendas in the country's third-most populous state. And the race exposed personal differences between the two. 

Just days into the general election campaign, DeSantis called Gillum an "articulate spokesman" for the Democratic Party and warned that the state would "monkey up" its economy by putting a "socialist" in office — comments many interpreted as racist. And Gillum faced multiple race-based attacks in the form of white supremacist robocalls

DeSantis, a member of the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus who saturated his campaign with mention of Trump, campaigned on his military background and deeply conservative positions on abortion, gun rights, and illegal immigration.

Gillum, the son of a bus driver and construction worker, highlighted his working-class roots, with promises to invest heavily in the state's public schools and fight for stricter gun regulations and Medicare-for-all.

While gubernatorial candidates are often characterized by their centrism, Florida is yet more proof of the ascendance of the progressive left and Trumpian right this year. Both candidates defeated establishment favorites in their respective primaries — Gillum with the support of the left-wing of the Democratic Party, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, and DeSantis with Trump's strong endorsement.

Gillum, who Republicans characterized as far left of Florida's mainstream, ran on a deeply progressive platform, which included the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — a call that's gained traction on the left — and Medicare for All. His primary win — along with several insurgent upsets from the left this cycle — represented an increased schism between progressivism and Clinton-style centrism in the Democratic Party. 

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          Elizabeth Hurley Is Back With the Busty Bikini Photos!      Cache   Translate Page      
View this post on Instagram #KashmirRobe #KashmirPinkBikini @milaidhoo @elizabethhurleybeach ???? A post shared by Elizabeth Hurley (@elizabethhurley1) on Nov 5, 2018 at 12:11am PST View this post on Instagram Ninja Halloween Maldives style @elizabethhurleybeach...
          â€˜Maldives of Chanthaburi’ resort shut down over sea encroachment      Cache   Translate Page      
Officials on Wednesday morning raided and shut down a popular island resort that was advertised as “the Maldives of Chanthaburi”, saying it encroached on the sea.
          Rick Scott claims victory in Florida Senate race over longtime Sen. Bill Nelson      Cache   Translate Page      

rick scott

  • Florida Gov. Rick Scott claimed victory in the US Senate race in Florida.
  • The state had been recently ravaged by a hurricane, which put much of the campaign activities for both candidates on hold.
  • Scott would serve alongside Republican Marco Rubio in the Senate, who won reelection in 2016.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott claimed victory in the US Senate race in Florida, where he would unseat Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson.

Scott, the Republican candidate, had been serving as governor since 2011, but was barred from running for reelection again due to Florida's swift term limits. Nelson conceded after midnight, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

"Congratulations to Governor Rick Scott on his hard-fought victory tonight. During his time as Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott has worked tirelessly to turn around Florida’s economy and create good-paying jobs across the state. It’s clear his leadership has not gone unnoticed by Floridians," National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Cory Gardner said in a statement.

He added: "Tonight, voters have sent a strong message that they want a proven leader representing them in Washington, and we have no doubt that Governor Scott will continue to deliver for Floridians in the U.S. Senate."

During the course of the election cycle, Scott spent tens of millions of dollars from his vast personal fortune to bolster his own campaign. In the final two weeks, he spent nearly $12.5 million, bringing the total to over $64 million of his own money, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Nelson, the incumbent Democrat, has been serving in the Senate since 2001. Though at the start of the 2018 campaign, Nelson still had a relatively low level of name recognition in his state.

Nelson regularly hit Scott for his environmental record, and enlisted the help of former President Barack Obama, who made a last-minute swing through the state on Friday for the several candidates on the ballot in Florida.

At the Miami rally, Obama bolstered Nelson keeping his Senate seat a key component of uniting Americans from the sharp racial and political divides plaguing the country.

"In four days you can choose a bigger, more prosperous, more generous vision of America — an America where love and hope conquer hate," he said.

Read more: A Democratic senator in a tight re-election race says Russians are interfering in his campaign — but some top officials say they don't know what he's talking about

Florida, one of the most crucial swing states, had been hit with a hurricane just several weeks before Election Day. During the cleanup effort, both candidates sparred with each other as they attempted to fulfill the duties to their constituents.

The state was a hotbed for highly contested races in 2018, with many swing districts battling it out for House seats. In addition, the gubernatorial race between Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum became one of the most heated in the country.

Gillum sparred with DeSantis over campaign tactics and rhetoric, which he said made racists and white nationalists very fond of the Republican Trump ally.

"Now, I'm not calling Mr. DeSantis a racist, I'm simply saying the racists believe he's a racist," Gillum said during a heated debate.

DeSantis ultimately defeated Gillum, who conceded earlier Tuesday evening.

Trump won Florida in 2016, convincing Republicans to go all in on the swing state's Senate race

The Sunshine State went for President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, handing him a key victory in his path to winning the presidency.

Trump traveled to Florida at the end of October during his final stint on the campaign trail to bolster Republicans. During a rally, Trump bashed Nelson as "a vote for Chuck Schumer."

"I am here a lot and I never see Sen. Nelson until six months before the election," Trump added. 

The fate of Nelson's seat was another key component in Republicans' ability to strengthen their majority in the Senate. Florida was among the high priority targets for the National Republican Senatorial Committee in their endeavor to flip several seats from blue to red.

In unseating Nelson, Scott has solidified Florida as a Republican stronghold in the Senate for several years to come. Scott is also primed to position himself as another crucial ally for Trump in the Senate, which will no doubt continue its breakneck speed of confirming judicial nominees, a top priority for the White House and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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          Manchester United not in top 10 of European fan club Power Rankings      Cache   Translate Page      
Manchester United took on Liverpool in the 2018 International Champions Cup at the Michigan Stadium. With global fan bases more important to big clubs than ever before -- as well as the revenue streams in lucrative foreign markets they bring, of course -- Europe's superpowers are all striving to rule the world. Liverpool recently announced the welcome addition of 18 new official supporters' clubs dotted around the globe and there are now pockets of assembled Reds fans located in countries as diverse as the United States, Montenegro, Canada, Tanzania, China, Malaysia, Costa Rica and the Maldives...
          LCQ1: Problems in economic development of Hong Kong      Cache   Translate Page      
     Following is a question by the Hon Paul Tse and a written reply by the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Edward Yau, in the Legislative Council today (November 7):

     Recently, several think tanks and economists have coincidentally pointed out that with dark clouds of a trade war between China and the United States (US) hovering, there are concerns about the way forward for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) in the context of national development strategies and international politics.  In the event that the US authorities take any targeted measures, Hong Kong may lose the tariff exemption arrangement for its exports to US.  They are also worried that the reclamation works for the construction of artificial islands under the "Lantau Tomorrow Vision" announced in this year's Policy Address may cost hundreds of billions, or even trillions, of dollars (i.e. the bulk of the fiscal reserves), which may undermine the confidence of foreign investors in, and cause depreciation in the value of, the Hong Kong dollar and induce attacks on the Linked Exchange Rate (LER) System by foreign exchange speculators.  In this connection, will the Government inform this Council:
(1) whether it has studied how Hong Kong should position itself while it is caught in the long-standing political arm-wrestling and trade war between China and US, so as to align itself with the national strategic initiatives on the one hand and strive for the continuation of the various types of preferential treatments on tariffs, visas, etc. that Hong Kong has been enjoying for many years on the other;
(2) of the mechanisms put in place, and the officials and policy bureaux tasked, by the SAR Government to study matters relating to the positioning of Hong Kong's development; the corresponding policy bureaux, officials or mechanisms in the SAR Government to conduct appropriate discussion and consultation with the various think tanks and academics regarding the findings of their studies and their recommendations on the positioning of Hong Kong's development in the context of national policies and international politics;
(3) given that the detention of a former Hong Kong senior official by the US authorities for an alleged offence of brokering arms transactions, the inclusion of five locally registered companies in the sanctions list by the US authorities for their alleged role in aiding North Korea in evading international embargoes, and the SAR Government's refusal to renew the work visa of a journalist of the Financial Times, have aroused international concerns, whether the Government has assessed how the ongoing development of those incidents will affect Hong Kong's economy, including whether such incidents will trigger the US authorities to take targeted measures by imposing punitive tariffs on SAR's exports, and made a truthful report of the assessment results to the Central Authorities as soon as possible; and
(4) whether it has studied if spending a substantial amount of the fiscal reserves on implementing the "Lantau Tomorrow Vision" will undermine the confidence of foreign investors in, and cause depreciation in the value of, the Hong Kong dollar and induce attacks on the LER System by foreign exchange speculators, as well as the corresponding countermeasures?

     Having consulted the Development Bureau and the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, our consolidated reply for the four parts of the question is as follows:
     Hong Kong enjoys unique status and advantages under the Basic Law and "one country, two systems".  According to Article 116 of the Basic Law, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is a separate customs territory.  Article 151 of the Basic Law provides that Hong Kong may participate in international organisations, including participation in the World Trade Organization (WTO) as a separate member and maintaining economic and trade relationships with the other 163 members of the WTO. 
     We have been promoting Hong Kong's unique advantages to the world and promoting bilateral and multilateral ties through various channels, such as overseas visits of government officials and overseas Economic and Trade Offices (ETOs).  Since taking office in July last year, the Chief Executive has attended a number of international conferences and paid visits to more than ten countries.  Similarly, the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development has also actively participated in international conferences and paid visits to a number of countries, including his visit to Washington DC, the United States (US), in September 2018, during which he met with government officials, members of the Congress, think tanks as well as the business community, and explained clearly Hong Kong's unique status under the Basic Law.
     Hong Kong's unique status under the Basic Law is well recognised and respected by the international community.  Building on this foundation, Hong Kong's trading partners around the world have been conducting trade, commerce and investment with us.  This is evident from the setting up of regional headquarters by international companies in Hong Kong. We provide a level playing field for all companies.  Together with our competitive and the most free and open business environment, Hong Kong has always been commended by the international community.
     As for the Hong Kong-US economic and trade relation, since Hong Kong's return to the Motherland, the US has continued to maintain and expand economic and trade ties with Hong Kong based on our unique status.  The US side also reiterated earlier that the US continues to have deep economic and cultural interests in Hong Kong.  Counting on the basis of individual economies, the US is Hong Kong's 2nd largest merchandise trading partner in the world, while Hong Kong is the US' 9th largest export market. According to US statistics, the total merchandise and services trade between the US and Hong Kong in 2017 reached US$69 billion.  The US has been enjoying the highest trade surplus with Hong Kong among its global trading partners, valued at US$34.5 billion in 2017, of which US$32.5 billion was surplus in merchandise trade.  In addition, Hong Kong and the US maintain close investment relations.  In 2016, the US was the 6th major source of inward direct investment into Hong Kong while the US was the 8th major destination of outward direct investment from Hong Kong.  It is in the US and Hong Kong's mutual interest to maintain and promote our bilateral relations.  The Government will continue to enhance Hong Kong's economic and trade ties with the US.
     Nevertheless, since the beginning of this year, the US has initiated conflicts in international trade, trade protectionism has risen, and the trade conflict between China and the US has been escalating.  Apart from the direct impact on trade in goods, the impact on Hong Kong as a whole and on the global economy has begun to emerge.  The uncertainties of the external environment have increased markedly, and the global economy as well as trade and investment sentiment have also deteriorated.  Although the current economic data are still good, the outlook is not optimistic.  Many institutions have lowered their forecasts for global economic growth next year and Hong Kong economy cannot stay immune.
     The Government has been closely monitoring developments of the China-US trade conflict and their impact on Hong Kong economy, maintaining close communication and exchanging information with the trade, and responding promptly to their needs.  In the short to medium term, the Government has announced and implemented a number of targeted measures in response to the trade's needs, including strengthening various SME funding schemes to assist the trade in market promotion and development of the Mainland and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) markets; enhancing the special concessionary measures of the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme operated by the HKMC Insurance Limited to further alleviate the financing burden of local enterprises; strengthening protection of Hong Kong exporters affected by the US tariff measures through the Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation; and assisting the trade to develop markets and transfer production base through the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.
     In the medium to long term, as pointed out by the Chief Executive in her Policy Address, leveraging on our unique strength under "one country, two systems", we will continue to respect economic principles, uphold operation of the market and promote free trade.  We will also strive to develop new areas of economic growth.  The National 13th Five-Year Plan pledges support for Hong Kong to reinforce and enhance its status as an international financial, transportation and trade centre; develop its innovation and technology industry; and establish itself as a centre for international legal and dispute resolution services in the Asia-Pacific region.  The Belt and Road Initiative of our country as well as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development have brought enormous opportunities for the economic development of Hong Kong.  The Government will do its best as a "facilitator" and "promotor", seizing opportunities to capitalise on Hong Kong's strengths to serve the country's needs, and seeking active liaison with the world to explore more business opportunities.
     At the international level, the Government will continue to actively forge free trade agreements (FTAs) and investment agreements with our trading partners.  We have already signed FTAs with ASEAN and Georgia respectively and have concluded negotiations with the Maldives. Our bilateral negotiations with Australia are ongoing, and we will explore FTAs with the United Kingdom and the Pacific Alliance and seek accession to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.  We will also expand our network of ETOs, and we expect to set up the ETO in Bangkok early next year and the ETO in Dubai as soon as possible.  We will continue our discussion with the respective governments on setting up the ETOs in Moscow, Mumbai and Seoul.
     Regarding the "Lantau Tomorrow Vision" promulgated by the Government, the major consideration is the long-term development need of Hong Kong.  The Government does not have an estimate of the relevant project cost at this stage.  Since the proposed projects will be implemented in phases, the project cost will be spread over many years.  In formulating the implementation strategy for the "Lantau Tomorrow Vision", the Government will take into account relevant factors like the fiscal sustainability and conduct detailed financial assessment to ensure that the project expenditure is fiscally affordable by the Government.

     As for the Linked Exchange Rate System (LERS), it has served as a strong anchor for Hong Kong's monetary and financial stability.  It has proved to be highly resilient in a series of regional and global financial crises.  We will continue to uphold our firm commitment to ensuring the effective operation of the LERS in maintaining monetary and financial stability of Hong Kong.
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Be a part of a resort and hotel pre-opening that you can be proud of!LUX North Male&rsquo Atoll Maldives is opening on 1 February 2019 New Team Members commencement date is schedule in November and December 2018 We are currently recruiting a Chef De Cuisine for our INTI Restaurant The Peruvian - Japanese Culinary SensationSee below profile o
          Das Resort begrüßt unter anderem den ehemaligen deutschen Tennisprofi Rainer Schüttler zum Tenniscamp auf den Malediven      Cache   Translate Page      

Slice, Slice, Baby im Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen FushiSpiel, Satz und Sieg heißt es ab sofort im Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi. Wer träumt nicht davon, die Bälle mit einem Slice über das Netz zu setzen, wie es die Tennis-Profis mit scheinbarer Leichtigkeit vollbringen? Gäste des maledivischen Luxusresorts im Shaviyani Atoll nördlich von Malé können […]

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          11/7/2018: | POLITICS POLICY: Modi set to visit Maldives for Solih’s swearing-in, reset ties PM’s Visit To Serve As Vote Of Confidence      Cache   Translate Page      

New Delhi: Strongly signalling its support to the democratic process in Maldives and its new president, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to the island nation for inauguration of Ibrahim “Ibu” Solih next week. Apart from the solidarity for...
          'Welcome to gridlock': Stock traders cheer, dollar investors jeer US midterm results      Cache   Translate Page      

donald trump shrug

  • Global markets are mixed on Wednesday after, as expected,  Democrats take control of the US House of Representatives, while the Republicans retain control of the senate.
  • This outcome could lead to "gridlock" with legislation harder to pass.
  • Chinese stocks suffered, with worries that the result could lead President Trump to double down on his trade war, which does not require Congressional support.
  • US stock futures are pointing to a higher open, with the Nasdaq set to rise about 1.2%. European stocks are climbing higher.  
  • One casualty of the results: The dollar, which dropped 0.4%. The Mexican peso is rallying.

Global markets are broadly higher on Wednesday, but reaction to news overnight that the Democratic Party has taken control of the US House of Representatives seems to have had little major impact on sentiment.

The Democrats had been widely expected to flip the house, with the Republican Party retaining control of the Senate, and that is how things appear to have panned out, with the Democrats reaching the 218 seat mark needed for a majority just after 3:00 a.m. Eastern Time. 

"Welcome to gridlock," Paul Donovan, chief economist at UBS Wealth Management said on Wednesday morning. "Trump may now fall back on policy areas that do not require Congress, like trade." 

Individual race upsets aside, the lack of a broad surprise means that markets have remained fairly sanguine.

"As this outcome was widely anticipated, we see little immediate market impact," UBS Wealth Management said in a note issued by its chief investment office.

Here's the markets scoreboard:

  • Nasdaq futures up 1.2%, S&P 500 up 0.7%, and the Dow is up 0.6%
  • The Shanghai Composite Index closed down 0.6%
  • The US dollar index is down 0.4%. The dollar is down 0.5% against the euro and is down 0.3% versus the yen. The Mexican peso is up 0.6% against the US dollar. 
  • The benchmark Euro Stoxx 50 is up 1.3%. Britain's FTSE 100 is up 0.9% , and Germany's DAX is up 0.9% 
  • Gold was up 0.7%, while Brent oil fell slightly, 0.2% lower. 

Overnight in Asia, most major indexes fell, perhaps reflecting worries that the increased strength of the Democrats will lead Republican President Donald Trump to double down on some of his core policies, including his trade war with China. China's benchmark index, the Shanghai Composite, was 0.7% lower at the close.

Read more: Midterms 2018 LIVE: Democrats take the House, GOP holds the Senate in a wild election night

Donovan's view was issued by his colleagues in the chief investment office who note that an "increase in gridlock is likely, making it difficult to pass legislation."

"Without common ground on areas to cut spending, the budget deficit is likely to remain higher than usual, keeping upward pressure on long-term government bond yields."

The prospect of gridlock seems to have impacted the US dollar, with the dollar index — which tracks the currency against a basket of its peers — dropping around 0.4%.

"The USD has edged gradually lower against many of its counterparts over the course of this week, with this related to expectations that the Democrats winning some influence could provide some legislative resistance towards Trump further pushing forward pro-America policies," FXTM's Jameel Ahmed said in an email.

Screen Shot 2018 11 07 at 08.47.34

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          Boeing is said to be warning its 737 Max customers about erroneous cockpit readings that could make the passenger jet 'aggressively dive'      Cache   Translate Page      

Boeing 737 Max

  • Boeing is preparing to send a warning to all the operators that have taken delivery of its new 737 Max aircraft, according to an anonymous source cited by Bloomberg.
  • Exhibiting similar problems, a recently delivered Lion Air Boeing 737 Max 8 passenger plane crashed into the sea off Jakarta, Indonesia almost two weeks ago with 189 people onboard.
  • The warning comes as Indonesia’s transport ministry has scheduled a briefing to share the latest information on the Lion Air tragedy.

Boeing is reportedly preparing a bulletin to all operators of the new 737 model warning that erroneous readings from a flight-monitoring system can cause the planes to aggressively dive, Bloomberg quoted a person familiar with the matter.

Boeing will caution its customers of "erroneous readings" from a flight-monitoring system can cause the planes to abruptly dive, Bloomberg quoted an anonymous source as saying.

Boeing will also warn pilots to follow an existing procedure to handle the problem.

The bulletin is being prepared based on preliminary findings from the crash of one of the planes off the coast of Indonesia, said the person, who asked not to be named discussing the inquiry.

According to a company statement as of September 30, Boeing had 4,783 firm orders from 98 identified customers for the 737 Max.

According to Bloomberg there are over 200 737 Max jets already in use in commercial aviation.

Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas told Business Insider that Boeing has around 9,000 737s in the sky at any given time.

Representatives of 737 Max operators, Singapore Airlines offshoot SilkAir, Garuda Indonesia and Canada's WestJet, said they had not yet received a bulletin from Boeing, Reuters reports.

Data from the black box of the Lion Air 737 Max that fell into the sea with 189 people onboard has confirmed there was an issue with the plane’s airspeed indicator.

Soerjanto Tjahjono, the head of Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee, said on Monday that the flight data recorder from the crashed plane shows that the problem occurred in its last four flights, including the fatal flight on October 29.

Without an accurate airspeed reading, planes are at serious risk of crashing. Jets flying too slowly can stall, and ones accelerating too much can tear themselves apart from the force.

A faulty airspeed instrument was a factor in the loss of Air France Flight 447, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on its way from Brazil to Paris in 2009.

The Lion Air 737 Max 8 speared into the coastal waters off Java on Oct. 29, just 13 minutes after takeoff.

Bloomberg says the plane's velocity was uncharacteristically high, possibly touching speeds of 600 miles an hour as it hit the water.

Certainly, Indonesian search and rescue officials had trouble locating the wreck, despite encountering a large amount of wreckage in the four days leading up to the discovery of the fuselage.

Flight JT610 radioed a request to return to Jakarta to land, but never turned back toward the airport, according to Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee.

The committee has said they were dealing with an "erroneous airspeed indication."

Indonesia’s transport ministry has scheduled a briefing at 12:30 p.m. in Jakarta on Wednesday to share updated information on the Lion Air accident, Bloomberg reports.

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          11/6 Tues. Hr. 2 - The Go-Go's musical is really, really bad.      Cache   Translate Page      
A big Powerball winner in Iowa. Many of us will need glasses by age 35. We blink every 4 seconds and have 100 eyelashes. An undersea hotel in the Maldives. $50,000 a night. Teresa Guidice talks to GMA. The Go-Go's musical is really, really bad.
          Everything you need to know about LUX Maldives South Ari Atoll      Cache   Translate Page      

LUX Maldives South Ari Atoll featureLUX* Maldives includes two properties in the Maldives, this article talks about the property in South Ari Atoll. See my detailed review of LUX Maldives South Ari Atoll here with insights and considerations when booking your stay.

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          Christine Douglass-Williams, Jihad Watch: Saudi Arabia the worst country for atheists, followed by nine other Muslim countries      Cache   Translate Page

Saudi Arabia the worst country for atheists, followed by nine other Muslim countries

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) released “its seventh annual Freedom of Thought Report at the U.N. General Assembly in New York City.” It listed the 10 best and the 10 worst countries for atheists.
The US ranked among the best, while Muslim countries, and particularly Sharia states, were the worst. No surprise there.
Belgium, the Netherlands, and Taiwan shared the No. 1 spot in the Top 10 best countries for nonreligious people list, followed by France, Japan, Nauru, São Tomé and Príncipe, Norway, the United States, and Saint Kitts and Nevis. Saudi Arabia was identified as the worst country for atheists, followed by Iran, Afghanistan, Maldives, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Mauritania, Malaysia, Sudan, and Brunei.
The IHEU report was in effect, a test of the tolerance of the citizens of various countries worldwide. Let’s keep in mind, meanwhile, that fascists deem freedom of thought and freedom of speech to be threatening to their rule. As we hear tale-bearers in Western societies incessantly tout “diversity,” “multiculturalism,” “tolerance,” and wide-open immigration policies, one wonders if they themselves actually believe what they are saying, since they routinely embrace the worst elements of humanity — those who in fact flatly reject “diversity” and are defiantly intolerant. As a result, Western societies are in grave danger of losing their status as havens of tolerance, pluralism, and freedom, thanks to globalists who think that migrants from the most intolerant nations will magically integrate, give up their faith in the Sharia, and accept Judeo-Christian values as their new norm.
What was the purpose of the study? And what will Western policymakers and so-called human rights activists actually do about it, if anything? The results of this study will likely lead to nowhere. The willfully blind will continue to promote their fanciful utopian worldview and blame truth-tellers for trying to wake people up.
“Top 10 Best, Worst Countries for Atheists Ranked: USA Among Best, Islamic Regimes the Worst,” by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post, October 30, 2018:
A secular watchdog group has ranked the best and worst countries for atheists and non-religious people, finding the United States to be among the best, with Islamic regimes making up the worst.
The International Humanist and Ethical Union released on Monday its seventh annual Freedom of Thought Report at the U.N. General Assembly in New York City, which for the first time included national rankings.
“This is a world’s first. For the first time our report will show, with authority and accuracy, the discrimination faced by people around the world because of their nonreligious beliefs. This report paints a dark picture, with significant discrimination faced by our nonreligious friends and colleagues around the world,” said Andrew Copson, president of the IHEU.
“At a time of growing nationalism, we continue to see those who are brave enough to criticize and critique conservative religious leaders demonized as ‘unpatriotic’ and ‘subversive,'” he added.
The rankings included considerations such as the approach to religious freedom by governments, as well as educational, societal, and freedom of expression issues.
Belgium, the Netherlands, and Taiwan shared the No. 1 spot in the Top 10 best countries for nonreligious people list, followed by France, Japan, Nauru, São Tomé and Príncipe, Norway, the United States, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.
Saudi Arabia was identified as the worst country for atheists, followed by Iran, Afghanistan, Maldives, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Mauritania, Malaysia, Sudan, and Brunei.
“In the worst spot, Saudi Arabia comes into particular criticism for a 2014 law defining the ‘promotion of atheist thought in any form’ as terrorism, and for the prosecution of liberal activists and campaigners generally, including a death sentence handed down in 2017 for an alleged ‘apostate,’ Ahmad Al-Shamri, on the accusation of atheism,” IHEU noted….

Christine Douglass-Williams
Christine Douglass-Williams is a nine-time international award-winning broadcast journalist and author of the book The Challenge of Modernizing IslamShe is a former Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, appointed by the Harper Conservative government, but terminated by the Trudeau government for her writings against political Islam on Jihad Watch. She was also an advisor to the Conservative Government’s Office of Religious Freedom, shut down by the Trudeau Liberal government.
To book Christine Douglass-Williams to speak, write to
Before it’s too late for Western Europe and the United States, which gave birth to the traditions of freedom and equality of rights for all that shine today as lights in the entire world, this must be stopped. Therefore Jihad Watch seeks to bring public attention to:
  • The plight of the dhimmis, an immense but almost completely ignored ongoing scandal that continues in Muslim countries today;
  • The plight of women under Sharia provisions, similar to conditions imposed on dhimmis, in the denial of equal rights and dignity;
  • Slavery in Islamic lands, which continues today, justified by Sharia-‘s dhimmi codes;
  • The integral role of jihad and dhimmitude ideology in global terrorism today;
  • The license that academic and journalistic whitewashes of dhimmitude gives to radical jihadist enemies of human rights for all.
Jihad Watch fights to ensure that deeds done in the darkness for so long will not continue to be done. The light of world attention is anathema to the proponents of jihad and dhimmitude: we have seen in recent years that women sentenced to stoning for adultery, often victims of rape unjustly accused thanks to Sharia laws disallowing rape victims’ testimony, were freed following international outcry. Jihad Watch seeks to provoke similar, continuous and increasing outcry wherever and whenever the Sharia’s institutionalized injustices threaten dhimmis and women.

May the truth prevail.

          Мальдивские острова оставляют за собой наименование как лучшее СПА направление      Cache   Translate Page      
Мальдивы снова завоевали престижную награду «Лучшее СПА направление в мире» на 4-ой ежегодной премии World Spa Award, которая прошла на Мальдивах в отеле St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort 26 Октября. В мероприятии приняли участие более ста представителей туристической индустрии. Мальдивы заявлены на номинацию среди таких участников как Таиланд, Гавайские острова, Маврикий, Австралия, Сейшельские острова, США и ОАЭ. Кроме того, Министерство по Туризму Мальдив получило другие, не менее престижные награды в различных категориях во время мероприятия. Международная премия СПА проходит с 2015 года и берет свое начало от премии World Travel Awards, известные как "Оскар" в туристической индустрии. Премия The Spa становится новым каноном для подражания в туризме. СПА и релаксация - это основные сегменты островного государства Мальдивы, которое известно как самое популярное СПА направление. Награды такого уровня поддерживают имидж люксового направления для Мальдив. Эти награды также подтверждают преданность туристов направлению. /вОтпуск.ру/.
          Elizabeth Hurley thrills fans as she skips to the beach in a white swimsuit on holiday in the Maldives      Cache   Translate Page      
ELIZABETH Hurley showed off her sensational figure in her swimwear on holiday in the Maldives. The 53-year-old actress shared a video of her skipping along in a white, one shoulder swimsuit on her Instagram account. Liz’s one-piece is from her eponymous label, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. The star captioned the post : “#AthenaOnePiece @milaidhoo @elizabethhurleybeach.” The […]
          ‘Maldives’ style resort in Chanthaburi closed down after raid      Cache   Translate Page      

Officials have raided and shut down a popular island resort that was advertised as “the Maldives of Chanthaburi”, saying it encroached on the sea. Chanthaburi is south east of Pattaya, about an hours drive from the Cambodian border. Pongpat Wongtrakul, the Provincial deputy governor, led marines of the Chanthaburi and Trat Protection Taskforce, marine park […]

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          Осознанный отдых на Мальдивах: как провести время с пользой для себя и природы      Cache   Translate Page      
Осознанный отдых на Мальдивах: как провести время с пользой для себя и природы

          The Muraka at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island      Cache   Translate Page      
Discover a new perspective on life above and below the ocean at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Nestled in a private area of the shimmering lagoon, The Muraka is a first of its kind residence featuring fully integrated living, dining, entertaining and sleeping above and below the Indian Ocean.
          4 Great Dive Destinations to Escape the Winter Blues      Cache   Translate Page      
Maldives divingDiving at this time of year is the perfect way to escape the winter blues and enjoy the holiday season. From thousands of humpback whales in Mexico to the start of the Maldives calm season, there is something for every diver to enjoy.
          Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Announces Groundbreaking Opening of the World's First-of-its-Kind Residence, THE MURAKA      Cache   Translate Page      

RANGALI, Maldives, Nov. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Hilton (NYSE: HLT)'s hotel portfolio for the smart luxury traveler, announces the official debut of THE MURAKA this month at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Now welcoming guests to dive into an extraordinary...

          Maldives Christmas Holiday Packages      Cache   Translate Page      
Maldives Christmas Holiday Packages
          Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Announces Groundbreaking Opening Of The World's First-of-its-Kind Residence, THE MURAKA      Cache   Translate Page      

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          Stunning Maldives Holiday // 7 Nights Stay in a Luxurious 4* Hotel at an All Inclusive Rate incl. Two Excursions, Return Flights & Seaplane Transfers // only 1535£      Cache   Translate Page      

Book yourself the holiday of a lifetime with this stunning Maldives holiday! You'll remember this holiday for the rest of your life so start planning today!

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          First Man      Cache   Translate Page      

I’ve spent many hours and more than a few cans of La Croix trying to understand First Man, and I remain befuddled. Whiplash, another film by director Damien Chazelle, was a masterpiece of framing, lighting, sound, and motion. La La Land was a spectacle that more than made up for in ambition what it lost in subtlety. And then we have Chazelle’s latest feature, written by Josh Singer, YC ’94, which, like a burrito from Taco Bell, fails to impress.

The movie portrays an abbreviated version of Neil Armstrong’s transition from test pilot to astronaut, his entry into the Apollo Program, and finally his climactic landing on the moon in 1969 with the Apollo 11 mission. It sheds light on his emotional struggles around the death of his daughter, and the toll his frequent brushes with danger take on his family.

The premise of the movie might have doomed it from the beginning. One thing the movie — which is based on James R. Hansen’s eponymous biography of Neil Armstrong — makes painfully clear is that Armstrong himself is the least interesting thing about the Apollo Program. Ryan Gosling’s performance as Armstrong, which is understated to the point of absurdity, does nothing to make him more likeable. Yes, Armstrong is supposed to be depicted as a quiet, yet soulful man with hidden depths, but those depths are very well hidden indeed; the inane repetition of the motif of Gosling staring wistfully at the moon erases not only any veneer of true nuance but also the audience’s desire to understand the personality within the man. Claire Foy’s performance as Armstrong’s wife, Janet, brings a little energy into the frequent scenes of domesticity chez Armstrong, but her irrepressible passion only underscores Gosling’s passivity at every moment they interact. Frankly, watching them talk at home, I found myself much more interested in her than in him, which in an Armstrong biopic might be a problem.

Aside from some truly interesting sequences — for example, the opening, which is set in Armstrong’s cockpit on a dangerous test flight — the movie is disappointingly predictable. Chazelle’s framing isn’t bad, but the shots he chooses to return to in nearly every scene in the movie — the shaky movement, the conversations, the wistful staring — are uninspiring. Shots of people framed against windows with rain pattering against them were interesting when Kurosawa first did them in the 1950s, but, by now they’ve risen to the level of cliche. If the movie were catastrophically terrible — if it showed the signs of a vision that failed to execute, like an unwieldy structure or an excessive visual style — that at least would have implied that a singular, unique vision existed, even if it failed to translate to the screen. First Man lacks that sort of ambition. It’s bland. And from a director who built his reputation on unpredictability — whose first two major features are as different from Hollywood standards as they are from each other — that mediocrity is heartbreaking.

Richard Brody, in the New Yorker, has called First Man a “Right-Wing Fetish Object,” claiming that, in its obsession with the valor of the Space Race, it takes a “regressive emotional perspective” that glorifies white men and their achievements. This may be true, but I don’t believe that the movie takes sides as strongly as Brody suggests; the film simply lacks the ambition to be a true ideological work. Depressingly enough, its dullness is its salvation.

Much like a Tide Pod lunch, First Man looks much better than it tastes and feels. I’ve been increasingly worried about the Hollywood obsession with biopics, docudramas, remakes, and sequels, and with Damien Chazelle joining the bandwagon, my hopes of a recovery of the spec market sink even lower than the Maldives. What does it take for someone to make an original idea? Why are people funding unoriginal ideas? Where did all my Tide Pods go? Among all these questions without answers, one thing is clear: First Man is the herald of a Dark Age of Hollywood filmmaking, and it is dreadful in my sight. Fallen, fallen is Babylon.

Seriously, I hear Scandi-noir is taking off. They have good healthcare in Norway, right?

First Man was originally published in The Yale Herald on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

          watson71: Вопросы к Мале      Cache   Translate Page      

Все знают про этот город в океане. Но я все же не могу найти ответы на некоторые вопросы:

1. Как они вырабатывают электричество для нужд города?
2. Откуда берут пресную питьевую воду?
3. Куда сливается канализация?
4. Что тут происходит во время шторма?

А так конечно да, красиво…

Мале (произносится как «Маа-лэй» (Maa-Lay) — столица и крупнейший город Мальдивской республики. Город Мале расположен на острове, в Каафу Атолле (Kaafu Atoll). Население Мале насчитывает 104 400 человек (2006 год). Традиционно Мале считается Королевским островом, с которого, Мальдивами управляли династии королевских семей с древних времён.



Название столицы Мальдив происходит от слова «Mahaalay», пришедшего из Санскрита (древний язык), что означает «Maha» — «большой» или «великий» и «aalay» — «дом». На Санскрите словом «Mahaalay» называли королевский дворец. Так и сложилось название Мале.

А всю группу островов Мальдивы (Maldives) и назвали благодоря названию столицы. Слово «Maldives» означает «Острова (Dives) Мале (Male)» — Male Dives.


Остров Мале всего 2 километра в длину и 1 километр в ширину, полностью застроен зданиями, покрыт дорогами, и поэтому здесь очень мало открытых мест. При этом Мале остается чистым и опрятным городом с мечетями, рынками, лабиринтом маленьких улиц, закутанный в покрывало обаяния. Хотя Мале иногда вызывает впечатление тихого провинциального города, но повсюду строятся новые современные здания и жизнь бьет ключом. Официально, население столицы составляет около 65000 человек, но вместе с иностранными рабочими, туристами и жителями других островов, часто приезжающих сюда, в городе обычно находится 100000.


Размер острова был удвоен посредством внедрения проектов по восстановлению земли, а близлежащие острова используются для разных целей, а на одном из островов расположен аэропорт. Правительство планирует развивать и другие острова для сокращения давления на остров Мале. В прошлом остров Мале был известен как остров Султана. В столице имеется все, что положено иметь восточному городу: мечети, рынок, множество магазинов с сувенирами, маленькие кафе с экзотическими яствами и прочее.


Прямо перед пристанью, напротив Джумури Майдан, или Республиканского парка, находится Исламский центр, главное здание которого — Большая мечеть. Ее золотые купола сверкают настолько ярко, что их можно увидеть с моря, когда с севера приближаешься к Мале. Большая мечеть, вмещающая 5 тысяч человек, — потрясающее сооружение. Ее интерьер украшен деревянной резьбой и арабской каллиграфией, искусно выполненными местными мастерами. Помните, мечеть — место для молитвы, и толпы туристов здесь нежелательны. Если вы все-таки решите туда зайти, лучше это сделать в сопровождении мальдивца. Посетители должны быть одеты соответственно и сохранять полную тишину. Через дорогу — Султанский парк и Национальный музей.

В его экспозиции представлена большая коллекция одежды и украшений султанов, рукописи Корана и интересные доисламские статуи, найденные во время археологических раскопок Тура Хейердала; большинство древних находок и каменных статуэток описаны в его книге «Тайна Мальдивских островов». Вокруг Мале расположено еще около 20 мечетей, некоторые из них представляют собой просто коралловые комнаты с железной крышей. Старейшая из них, Хукуру Миски, знаменита своими резными каменными панелями. Серия панелей, вырезанная в 13 веке посвящена приходу Ислама на Мальдивы, а на кладбище находиться могила Абу Аль-Бараката и надгробные плиты бывших султанов.


Среди уникальных памятников — голова статуи Будды с острова Тодду, относящаяся к доисламскому периоду, и деревянная панель XIII века, покрытая старинными письменами. Фруктовый, овощнойи дровяной рынки никогда не пустуют и представляют живописные места, где островитяне с других атоллов торгуют своими товарами. Рыбный рынок, расположенный неподалеку, поначалу пустует, пока ловится рыба, и после обеда сюда начинают стекаться рыбаки со своей добычей. Рыбаки, режущие и чистящие рыбу, превратили этот процесс в искусство. Это чистая и хорошо освоенная область, которая привлекает многих туристов и дает представление о жизни типичного мальдивского рыбака. Другими достопримечательностями являются Сингапурский базар — скопление магазинов — продающих качественные изделия местных народных промыслов и Мальдивские и ввозимые безделушки и сувениры. Кроме того, здесь есть магазины, торгующие электроникой,морским оборудованием, рыболовным снаряжением и бытовыми товарами для местных деревень. Во множестве маленьких чайных можно перекусить, покурить и пообщаться с местными жителями.


Здесь нет высоких зданий, а велосипедов намного больше, чем автомобилей. В Мале практически невозможно заблудиться, все улочки выходят на три большие дороги. На острове много отелей. Каждый отель имеет свою прогулочную лодку, на которой можно отправиться в круиз по архипелагу на несколько дней.


Развлечений в Мале просто великое множество. Достаточно будет упомянуть только о нескольких из них. Самое интересное, по признанию многих, это вечерняя рыбалка. Персонал, обслуживающий катер, поможет вам справиться с первоначальными трудностями, а дальше все будет зависеть от вашей сноровки! На следующий вечер вас ждет ужин-барбекью из улова, который вы поймали. Можно будет также поохотится и на крупную промысловую рыбу. Выезд на такое мероприятие происходит на специальных катерах далеко за территорию атоллов. Интересно будет прокатиться на лодке со стеклянным дном. Благодаря такому чуду можно сделать много красочных фотографий подводного мира. А можно и самому заняться дайвингом — подводным плаванием. В каждом отеле есть центр обучения дайвингу, где вы по окончанию курсов получите специальный сертификат.


Здесь также предлагаются такие развлечения, как виндсерфинг, катание на катамаране, каноэ, «водным банане», водных лыжах и т.п. Верхом удовольствия станет вертолетная экскурсия.

В Мале можно найти недорогие гостиницы и забегаловки, но ночная жизнь ограничена чайными и несколькими ресторанчиками в западном стиле. В двух кинотеатрах показывают индийские и голливудские фильмы.


Искусственный пляж – это словосочетание может удивить в стране, известной природными пляжами, но жители Мале действительно облюбовали искусственный пляж, построенный с восточной стороны столицы. Пляж идеально подходит для любителей плавания и тех, у кого нет возможности добраться до близлежащих островов. Там же можно перекусить и просто отдохнуть на одной из скамеек с видом на океан.

На севере Мале находится парк артакционов, там также расположены ресторанчики, кафе, магазины…


Одни рестораны Мале оборудованы кондиционерами, другие предлагают более расслабленную обстановку на открытом воздухе. Выбор кухни довольно щирок: от изысканного интернационального меню до местных версий азиатских и европейских блюд. Некоторые рестораны открыты с самого утра, другие с обеда. Все рестораны закрываются в 1 час ночи.

Традиционные чайные до сих пор пользуются у жителей Мале огромной популярностью. Здесь вы можете попробовать различные местные угощения, хоть иногда и в шумной обстановке. Многочисленные чайные разбросаны по всему острову. Если вы спешите, вам действительно стоит туда заскочить – эти закусочные выполняют роль фаст-фудов. Чайные обычно открываются рано утром (некоторые даже в 5 часов утра) и закрываются в 1 час ночи.

Кофейня – более современный вариант мальдивской чайной. Хдесь подают разнообразные закуски и блюда быстрого питания по невысоким ценам. Открываются между 8 и 9 утра и работают без перерыва до 1 часа ночи.



Несмотря на скромные размеры Мале, такси в городе вам может пригодиться, особенно если идет дождь. Стоимость услуг такси колеблется в пределах 15-20 руфий за проезд в любую точку города, с доплатой 5 руфий за каждое место багажа. Такси можно поймать на улице, но в Мале принято вызывать машину, позвонив в одну из многочисленных служб такси.

Стоимость проезда на пароме 10 руфий до полуночи и 20 руфий после полуночи. Если вы путешествуете большой группой, выгоднее заказать отдельный паромный рейс – его стоимость в течение дня 250 руфий, после полуночи 350 руфий. Пристань номер 9, где швартуется паром в аэропорт, расположена на набережной Boduthakurufaanu Magu, недалеко от отеля Nasandhura Palace Hotel.



В стране имеется четыре аэропорта местного назначения. Местная авиакомпания Island Aviation выполняет регулярные рейсы из международного аэропорта Мале на острова Ган в атолле Сиину, Кадхду в атолле Лааму, Каадедхду в атолле Гаафу Даалу и Ханимадху в атолле Хаа Дхалу. Между Мале и атоллами нет курсирующих по расписанию пассажирских и грузовых морских судов, хотя морские перевозки осуществляются довольно часто.

Забронировать место на гидросамолет и заказать отдельный рейс можно в Мале, в аэропорту или находясь на курорте.

Моторные лодки-дони удобны только для перемещения на короткие расстояния, главным образом из-за тихоходности. Они идеально подходят для выездов на дайв-погружения. В Мале есть несколько компаний, предоставляющих в аренду скоростные катеры и лодки-дони.


Официальная денежная единица Мальдивов – руфия. Одна руфия равняется 100 лаари. В обращении находятся банкноты номиналом 500, 100, 50, 20, 10 и 5 руфий и монеты номиналом 1 и 2 руфии и 50, 25, 10, 5, 2 и 1 лаари. Курс обмена по данным на декабрь 2004 составляет 12,75 руфий за 1 американский доллар. Все курорты, отели, крупные магазины и рестораны имеют разрешение на предоставление услуг по обмену валюты и принимают к оплате денежные единицы многих стран, а также кредитные карты.

Отделение Мальдивского Банка (Bank of Maldives), расположенное в терминале прилета международного аэропорта, также предоставляет услуги по обмену валюты. Если вам понадобятся руфии во время пребывания в Мале, вы всегда можете обратиться в один из местных банков.


Государственный банк Мальдивов The Bank of Maldives располагает несколькими отделениями в Мале. Его филиалы находятся также на атоллах Сиину (остров Hithadhoo), Xaa Дхалу (остров Kulhudhufushi) и Лавиани (остров Naifaru). Отделение банка расположено также в международном аэропорту Мале. В числе других банков, имеющих представительства в Мале, банк HSBC, State Bank of India, Bank of Ceylon и Habib Bank.

Большинство банков, имеющих представительства в Мале, предлагают услуги автоматических кассовых автоматов (ATM). Банкоматы The Bank of Maldives и других банков достаточно удобно расположены и обслуживают наиболее распространенные кредитные карты.


Услуги телефонной и мобильной связи в стране осуществляются мальдивской телекомунникационной компанией Дираагу (Dhiraagu). Услуги мобильной связи GSM предоставляют два оператора – Дираагу (Dhiraagu) и Ватания Телекомс (Wataniyya Telecoms). Возможна как предоплата, так и оплата услуг по факту. Действует международная мобильная связь (роуминг).

Интернет кафе можно найти в разных точках города. Услуги интернет связи предоставляют два провайдера, владеющих государственной лицензией.

Компания Maldives Post Limited предоставляет услуги обычной и экспресс-почты EMS. Большинство международных курьерских служб имеют в Мале свои представительства.


Мале – торговый центр страны с немалым выбором магазинов, отвечающих потребностям 100 тысяч жителей и еще тысяч покупателей, прибывающих с островов. Небольшие лавки на окраинах столицы могут принимать посетителей уже в 6-7 часов утра, в то время как на главных улицах магазины открываются около 9-10 часов. Все магазины закрываются в 11 часов вечера, а также на небольшие 15-минутные перерывы на время молитв.


Северная часть улицы Чандани Магу (Chaandhanee Magu) известна скоплением сувенирных магазинов, хотя подобные им встречаются и в других концах города. Вниманию покупателей здесь предлагают изделия местных мастеров, футболки, батики и широкий ассортимент книг о Мальдивах на разных языках.


В Мале несколько книжных магазинов и лазок канцелярских принадлежностей. Торгуют они в основном учебными пособиями, художественной и научной литературой, переводными книгами для детей известных международных изданий.

На Маджиди Mary (Majeedee Magu) и других центральных улицах города немало магазинов, предлагающих одежду, обувь, аксессуары. Среди них и специализирующиеся на продаже спортивных товаров, одежды электроники от всемирно известных брендов. Магазины открыты с утра до 11 часов вечера.









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The Maldives is facing a serious crisis since the beginning of this month when the country’s Supreme Court overturned the convictions of several opposition politicians, including the President Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s main rival exiled former...

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