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          Silent Night by Lara Hawthorne      Cache   Translate Page      

Hawthorne, Lara. Silent Night. London: Lincoln's Children Books, 2018.

I loved the illustrations in this picture book illustrated the beloved Christmas carol. While Mary and Joseph look more African than Jewish, the illustrations are charming, reflecting the peace of Christmas.  I would eventually like to purchase my own copy, but for now I'll keep this one until it expires so I may enjoy it for this Christmas season. This was a "read now" title at NetGalley. I downloaded it with the expectation of writing an honest review. I would eventually like to purchase my own copy, but for now I'll keep this one until it expires so I may enjoy it for this Christmas season.
          Živí mrtví: Rick Grimes je sice ze hry, ale i tak ho v sérii čeká velká budoucnost      Cache   Translate Page      
Andrew Lincoln se dobrovolně po devíti sezónách vzdal hlavní role v seriálu Živí mrtví a nelze se mu divit. V show byl od počátku a to už je osm let. A protože podobný projekt zabere čas, neměl Lincoln prostor pro to hrát kdekoli jinde.
          Prairie State did its part in the Great War      Cache   Translate Page      
Editor’s note: The Illinois Press Association and the Illinois Associated Press Media Editors present this Illinois Bicentennial feature in advance of the state’s 200th birthday on Dec. 3. Stories published up to this date can be found at

Artie Bennett, a Marine from Clinton, Ill., was cut down by a hail of bullets 100 years ago in a far-flung foreign field, giving his life for his country in America’s first global war.

A letter home from a fellow soldier said Bennett, 18, had been attacking a machine gun nest as the Marines fought, successfully, to stem a German advance threatening the French capital of Paris in June 1918, the last summer of World War I.

The fallen Marine had lingered for an hour before dying, one of the first casualties from Illinois. The letter honoring him, typed by fellow Marine Pvt. John W. Olsen, read: “He passed away quietly, without a complaint, and was laid to rest near where he fell.”

Immaculately tended American cemeteries in France, and faded memorials at home, are among the few tangible reminders of the “Great War” that began on July 28, 1914, and ended, after 18 million soldiers and civilians had died on all sides, with an armistice that went into effect at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 1918.

Now, nearing the 100th anniversary of the war’s end, the push is on to recall and honor the men and women of Illinois, and all across America, who suffered and sacrificed for their nation.

Congress has created a United States World War I Centennial Commission, which is overseeing commemorations and fundraising for a World War I memorial in Washington, D.C.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a proclamation announcing the Illinois National Guard and Chicago’s Pritzker Military Museum & Library will lead the effort to ensure the Land of Lincoln remembers its role in the Great War.

A World War I Centennial Committee has been drafted to aid in that state mission, and it’s chaired by Jeanne Hamacher, who has taught high school history classes. She said the key lesson to learn is that Illinois went to extraordinary efforts to support a war that shaped the world we live in, right up through today.

“When I was teaching, I did a lesson where I could link basically every conflict the United States has had (since World War I) back to World War I in some shape or form,” Hamacher said. She said Illinois had helped win the war, and the war changed the world forever.

“Schools need to teach this, we need to remember,” she added.

The United States declared war on Germany and its Central Powers allies on April 6, 1917, and Illinois became part of the vast conflict that would mark America’s emergence as a global superpower.

The United States sent 4,734,991 soldiers and sailors to Europe and suffered 116,516 deaths, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Records from the Illinois Office of the Adjutant General list more than 351,000 Illinois men who served in the Army, Navy and Marines during World War I, and some 5,000 of them died.

One of every 12 enlistees in the Army hailed from Illinois, and each left a mark.

The American Legion Post in Clinton is Crang-Bennett Post 103, named for the fallen Marine and also Army Sgt. 1st Class Welby Crang, who lived about a block from Bennett and died in France in 1917 from pneumonia.

Ron Devore, 86, is a member of the Post 103 executive board and a former post commander who has fought to keep the memory of the World War I soldiers alive. He said the post was founded in 1919 not just to honor fallen veterans, but to help and lobby for those who returned home alive, if not always in one piece.

“Some of these guys had been gassed, their lungs were burned, they had missing limbs and disabilities; they were messed up for life, and they weren’t getting anything from the government,” Devore said. “Veterans knew that, if there was a bunch of them banded together, they could have a voice in Washington, D.C.”

Devore’s wife, Marjorie, whose father was a World War I veteran, vividly recalls the returned soldiers’ sense of pride despite all their trials and tribulations. She said that pride had been matched by the patriotic fervor of their communities at home. “My dad always said everybody had supported the war effort,” she said.

The civilian push to buoy the troops with maximum support on the home front was extraordinary. Illinois mobilized vast forces of industry, and especially industrialized agriculture, and turned them into an arsenal of democracy that flooded the American war effort with food, war materiel and cash.

Illinois created the State Council of Defense, the job of which was to persuade, corral and control civilian production, from engineering to seed corn, to fuel the war machine. When the council produced its wrap-up report in 1919, it was suffused with pride at the sheer wartime output from the people of Illinois.

It pointed out that the state’s agricultural production for 1918 had been geared to meet the needs of the wartime “national food authorities” and had been the third-largest crop harvest in state history, worth close to $880 million (about $15 billion in today’s dollars).

“Notwithstanding the drain upon manpower, the state in 1918 turned out manufactured products valued at $6 billion. ... Of these, $2 billion-worth were on direct war contracts, but virtually all were war contributions, for Illinois factories are not largely given to the production of luxuries or non-essentials,” the council reported.

It also lauded the generosity of Illinois citizens, who raised $45 million during the war to support everything from the Red Cross to the YMCA and the Salvation Army.

Timothy Kovalcik, associate professor of history at Millikin University, said it’s important to understand the wartime atmosphere gripping Illinois and the entire nation.

“Support for the war was at fever pitch, and the propaganda was incredibly successful,” Kovalcik said.

A state with a significant population of Germanic ancestry (Teutopolis in Effingham County, for example, means “City of the Teutons,” or Germans, and is typical of many towns founded by German settlers) had no trouble raising troops.

“The population of German ancestry volunteered at massive rates to show their patriotism,” Kovalcik said. “They wanted to prove they were true Americans.”

With troops rushing forward and humming factories full of nose-to-grindstone workers who had shunted aside labor grumbles for the greater patriotic good, the State Council of Defense believed it had glimpsed capitalism’s promised land.

“All war undertakings succeeded by virtue of the spirit of cooperation,” it concluded in its final 1919 report. “Since this unity of thought and purpose can be achieved under stress of war, why can it not be approximated, at least, in time of peace?”

But it was not to be. Kovalcik said a big influence that had pushed President Woodrow Wilson to steer America into the war is that much of it on the British side had been financed by American banks. They stood to lose their shirts big time if Britain and its Allies, fatigued with crippling losses by 1917, were defeated. And yet when the American intervention was over and the war won, the demand that had quadrupled the U.S. economy between 1914 and 1917 suddenly collapsed, taking jobs with it.

By the dawn of the Great Depression in the 1930s, jobless and hungry World War I veterans and their families, some 17,000 of them, had marched on Washington, D.C. They were demanding early payment of war service bonuses promised by Congress but not due to be distributed until 1945. On July 28, President Herbert Hoover ordered in the Army to help the police clear the protesters and, in street battles that followed, two veterans were killed.

Finally, in 1936, Congress overrode the veto of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the veterans were paid their bonuses nine years early.

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AMC announced the first projects in development from CCO Scott M. Gimple for The Walking Dead universe, including original films starring Lincoln as Grimes.

The post Andrew Lincoln Starring in “The Walking Dead” Films appeared first on Cablefax.

           GOTV Strategies; Turnout History; Charitable Tendencies; Lincoln's Crucible      Cache   Translate Page      
Good morning. It’s Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Election Day. Although Americans are choosing a new Congress, along with governors in 36 states -- and not a president -- Donald J. Trump is very...

           The Donald Made Them Do It      Cache   Translate Page      
If Abraham Lincoln were alive today, as Yogi Berra might put it, he’d be spinning in his grave. Lincoln was more than America’s greatest rhetorician; before Donald J. Trump came along, he...

          Everything We Know About Judith Grimes on The Walking Dead      Cache   Translate Page      

Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes, The Walking Dead | Photo Credits: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead's "What Comes After," marked the expected departure of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), albeit in a way that shocked viewers, but that wasn't the only surprise of the hour: The episode ended with the sight of a tween Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) -- the first character born into his


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          The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus 'Cried Like a Baby' on Andrew Lincoln's Last Day      Cache   Translate Page      

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead | Photo Credits: Gene Page/AMC

The last scene Andrew Lincoln shot for The Walking Dead was a reprise of the first. The opening scene of his final episode, "What Comes After," is a fantasy sequence in which Rick Grimes wakes up in the same hospital bed he woke up in the pilot. But Season 9 Rick Grimes has a much fuller beard than


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          Shryock Defends His All Iowa Points Modified Title By Just One Point      Cache   Translate Page      
One point made all the difference for Kelly Shryock as the veteran driver from Fertile captured his second straight and third overall All Iowa Points Modified championship in 2018. His first AIP title came in 1989 showing just how long he had been one of the top Modified drivers in the nation.

Eleven feature wins and thirty-four top five finishes racked up 120 points in the All Iowa Points 5-point scale system allowing Shryock to edge out Jesse Dennis by just one at the end of the season. Dennis had more feature wins with fourteen, but had four fewer top five finishes than the champion. Hinton's Jay Noteboom was close behind in third after taking fifteen feature wins in twenty-eight top five finishes. This solid season will move Noteboom to the top of the list when the cumulative points for the division from 2000 to 2018 is released during the holiday season.

Placing his focus on the Modified in 2018 Jeff Aikey had a strong finish including a win in the IMCA Super Nationals to rank fourth in the final standings. The 1984 All Iowa Points Sportsman champion and the 2003 Late Model champ, Aikey had nine wins in his Modified this season. Troy Cordes posted a solid fifth-place showing, early season point leader Bryce Garnhart was sixth and three-time champion Chris Abelson (2014-2016) filled out the top ten.

Looking for the "Newcomer of the Year", or the driver who has never had a top five finish in the Modifieds before is a bit of a search in this class as the first three on the list Shadren Turner (85th), Chad Clancy (109th) and Richard Spriggs (118th) are on the list for the first time due to regular racing returning to the Bethany Speedway in northwest Missouri this season. (And if you are wondering why that would matter to the "All Iowa Points" please read the Other States section here). Next in line is former Late Model driver Ben Nading in the 136th position on the list so you have to go all the way down to two drivers tied for 144th in the standings, Keegan Nordquist and Logan Anderson for someone who "moved up" from a support class to the Modifieds.

The final 2018 All Iowa Points standings will continue with the Stock Cars on Wednesday here on the Back Stretch.

All Iowa Points Final 2018
Pos. Driver Hometown Points
1 . Kelly Shryock Fertile 120
2 . Jesse Dennis Corning 119
3 . Jay Noteboom Hinton 106
4 . Jeff Aikey Cedar Falls 104
5 . Troy Cordes Raymond 100
6 . Bryce Garnhart Shannon IL 98
7 . Joel Rust Grundy Center 97
8 . Tim Ward Gilbert AZ 97
9 . Jeff Larson Freeport IL 90
10 . Chris Abelson Sioux City 86
11 . Jordan Grabouski Beatrice NE 85
12 . Jeff James Stanton 84
13 . Ricky Thornton Jr. Chandler AZ 84
14 . Jeff Waterman Quincy IL 82
15 . Hunter Marriott Brookfield MO 76
16 . Justin Kay Wheatland 76
17 . David Wietholder Liberty IL 74
18 . Ryan Jenkins Omaha NE 72
19 . Clint Luellen Minburn 70
20 . Nick Deal Walnut 69
21 . Eric Barnes Colona IL 66
22 . Richie Gustin Gilman 65
23 . Craig Reetz Dunlap 64
24 . Brandon Beckendorf Danube MN 63
25 . Cayden Carter Oskaloosa 63
26 . Rob Toland Colona IL 59
27 . Ethan Dotson Bakersfield CA 57
28 . Jeremy Mills Garner 57
29 . J.D. Auringer Waterloo 56
30 . Jarrett Brown Ainsworth 55
31 . Shane Demey Denison 55
32 . Kyle Brown Kellogg 54
33 . Bill Roberts Jr. Burlington 53
34 . Bob Moore Sioux City 53
35 . Jim Thies Mapleton 53
36 . Josh Gilman Stuart 52
37 . Corey Dripps Waterloo 51
38 . Nick Meyer Whittemore 51
39 . Nick Roberts Des Moines 50
40 . Ronn Lauritzen Jesup 49
41 . Chris Zogg New Liberty 48
42 . Todd Boulware Jefferson SD 48
43 . Chad Andersen Omaha NE 45
44 . Rodney Sanders Happy TX 45
45 . Steve Stewart Burlington 45
46 . Johnny Scott Las Cruces NM 44
47 . Brandon Durbin Silvis IL 42
48 . Tyler Madigan Dubuque 42
49 . Brennen Chipp Waterloo 41
50 . Jeff Stephens Arion 41
51 . Mark Schulte Delhi 40
52 . Ryan Ruter Kanawha 40
53 . Shane Hiatt Rising City NE 39
54 . Sean Barragan Sioux City 38
55 . Austin Moyer Dubuque 37
56 . Carter Vandenberg Oskaloosa 37
57 . Darin Duffy Hazelton 37
58 . Kurt Kile West Liberty 37
59 . Matt Werner Silvis IL 37
60 . Brad Waits Rochester MN 36
61 . Bruce Hanford Davenport 36
62 . Michael Long Fowler IL 36
63 . Milo Veloz Jr. Colona IL 35
64 . Scott Hogan Vinton 35
65 . Anthony Roth Columbus NE 34
66 . Brandon Monson Harlan 34
67 . Lucas Schott Chatfield MN 34
68 . Mark Elliott Webster City 34
69 . Nate Hughes Humboldt 34
70 . Colby Springsteen Wapello 33
71 . Shawn Deering Quincy IL 33
72 . Cody Knecht Whittemore 32
73 . Dennis LaVeine Burlington 32
74 . Jim Cole Sioux City 32
75 . Tad Reutzel Burt 32
76 . Chris Mills Sioux City 31
77 . Greg Durbin Silvis IL 31
78 . Mike Densberger Lincoln NE 31
79 . Stormy Scott Las Cruces NM 31
80 . Derrick Stewart Ainsworth 30
81 . Bob Zoubek Dorchester NE 29
82 . Brandon Davis Hayfield MN 29
83 . Josh Angst Rochester MN 29
84 . Kenny Kostenbader Freeport IL 28
85 . Shadren Turner St. Joseph MO 28
86 . Clayton Christensen Spencer 27
87 . Jeff Wiggens Greenfield 27
88 . Josh Most Red Oak 27
89 . Terry Phillips Springfield MO 27
90 . Todd Van Eaton Prescott 27
91 . Zack VanderBeek New Sharon 27
92 . Chris Lawrence 26
93 . Jason Fisher Lakefield MN 26
94 . Kevin Blackburn Fulton MO 26
95 . Matt Bodman Muscatine 26
96 . Matthew Meinecke Madrid 25
97 . Scott Olson Ellsworth 25
98 . Zach Less Manchester 25
99 . Brandon Rothzen Raritan IL 24
100 . Darwin Karau Kasson MN 24
101 . Jake Timm Winona MN 24
102 . Mitch Morris Long Grove 24
103 . Nate Wasmund Rochester MN 24
104 . Travis Denning Sterling IL 24
105 . Eric Elliott Boone 23
106 . Jacob Hobscheidt Nehawka NE 23
107 . Jimmy Gustin Marshalltown 23
108 . Austin Wolf Algona 22
109 . Chad Clancy Polo MO 22
110 . Dustin Sorenson Rochester MN 22
111 . Jason Schneiders Sioux City 22
112 . Chad Ten Napel Hawarden 21
113 . Jed Freiburger Dubuque 21
114 . Kyle Strickler Mooresville NC 21
115 . Dakota Simmons Douds 20
116 . Dan Menk Franklin MN 20
117 . Ray Bollinger Kewanee IL 20
118 . Richard Spriggs Savannah MO 20
119 . Rob Hughes Humboldt 20
120 . Ron Ver Beek Oskaloosa 20
121 . Ryan Topf Charter Oak 20
122 . Brad Bergren Stanton 19
123 . Jason Cummins New Richland MN 19
124 . Jason Pershy Colona IL 19
125 . Jesse Rogotzke Sanborn MN 19
126 . Mark Noble Blooming Prairie MN 19
127 . Ryan Gustin Marshalltown 19
128 . Tony Hofbauer Huxley 19
129 . Derek Thompson Monroe WI 18
130 . Joel Bushore Boone 18
131 . Joel Callahan Dubuque 18
132 . Josh Truman Indianola 18
133 . Justin Gregg Hastings NE 18
134 . Randy Foote Stanton 18
135 . Adam Hensel Baldwin WI 17
136 . Ben Nading Ankeny 17
137 . Dan Nelson Holmesville NE 17
138 . Don Gerritsen Jr. Rock Rapids 17
139 . Jordan Hicks Lost Nation 17
140 . Justin Sackett Moville 17
141 . Matt Gansen Zwingle 17
142 . Mike VanGenderen Newton 17
143 . Travis Hatcher Honey Creek 17
144 . Chris Palsrok Sibley 16
145 . Keegan Nordquist Beresford SD 16
146 . Logan Anderson Eddyville 16
147 . Mike Fryer Freeport IL 16
148 . Dean McGee Galesburg IL 15
149 . Jim Sandusky Coal Valley IL 15
150 . Josh Foster Newton 15
151 . Josh Ruby Lakota 15
152 . Mike Burbridge Delhi 15
153 . Patrick Flannagan Cedar Rapids 15
154 . Bill Crimmins Fort Dodge 14
155 . Brad Diercks Clarence 14
156 . Brandon Banks Washington 14
157 . Chad Holladay Muscatine 14
158 . Cory Wray Trenton MO 14
159 . Jacob Bleess Chatfield MN 14
160 . Racer Hulin Laurel 14
161 . Ray Cox Jr. Maquoketa 14
162 . Christopher Elliott Webster City 13
163 . Jacob Murray Hartford 13
164 . Johnny Saathoff Beatrice NE 13
165 . Keith Foss Winona MN 13
166 . Mat Hollerich Good Thunder MN 13
167 . Oliver Kollofski Fairmont MN 13
168 . R.J. Merchant Sioux City 13
169 . Steve Grotz Quincy IL 13
170 . Cody Laney Torrance CA 12
171 . Dan Brockert Grandview 12
172 . David Brown Kellogg 12
173 . Doug Crampton Rock Island IL 12
174 . Dustin Smith Taylor Ridge IL 12
175 . Dylan Smith Osceola NE 12
176 . Jim Richert Springfield MN 12
177 . Justin Wulf Arlington NE 12
178 . Kory Meyer Big Rock 12
179 . Ricky Stephan South Sioux City NE 12
180 . Ryan DeShaw Farley 12
181 . Jason Briese Cleghorn 11
182 . Jason Schueller Dubuque 11
183 . Jordy Nelson Marysville KS 11
184 . Josh May DeSoto 11
185 . Mitch Boles New London 11
186 . Alex Reetz Dunlap 10
187 . Jaden Fryer Freeport IL 10
188 . James Slawson Spirit Lake 10
189 . Joe Horgdal Kasson MN 10
190 . Joey Gower Quincy IL 10
191 . Josh Newman Fulton MO 10
192 . Kevin Stoa Albert Lea MN 10
193 . Larry Herring Lone Tree 10
194 . Matt Short Maquoketa 10
195 . Nate Thompson Fremont NE 10
196 . Randy Havlik Ankeny 10
197 . Russ Dickerson Ames 10
198 . Scott Simatovich State Center 10
199 . Ben Kraus Garner 9
200 . Blake Arndt Brownsdale MN 9
201 . Garrett Wilson Carlisle 9
202 . Jon Snyder Ames 9
203 . Josh Rogotzke Sanborn MN 9
204 . Kyle Madden Oxford 9
205 . Nick Marolf Moscow 9
206 . R.C. Whitwell Tucson AZ 9
207 . Spencer Havermale Quincy IL 9
208 . Trey Kline Schleswig 9
209 . Aaron Benson Clear Lake 8
210 . Bob Dominacki Bettendorf 8
211 . Cory Crapser Chippewa Falls MN 8
212 . Craig Crawford Geneseo IL 8
213 . Dereck Ramirez Woodward OK 8
214 . Dugan Thye Burlington 8
215 . Eric Dailey Armstrong 8
216 . Greg Pfeifer Jr. Brownsdale MN 8
217 . Harvey Vandeweerd Alton 8
218 . Jason Wolla Ray ND 8
219 . Mark Enk St. Ann MO 8
220 . Nathan Hall Silvis IL 8
221 . Steven Bowers Jr. Topeka KS 8
222 . Tim Hamburg Dixon IL 8
223 . Tyler Limoges Redwood Falls MN 8
224 . Tyler Prochaska Iowa Falls 8
225 . Aaron Krohn Slayton MN 7
226 . Cameron Kuxhouse 7
227 . Clay Hale Cameron MO 7
228 . D.J. Shannon Merced CA 7
229 . Dalton Magers Redwood Falls MN 7
230 . Jared Fuller Memphis MO 7
231 . Jared Hoefelman Columbus NE 7
232 . Jesse Sobbing Malvern 7
233 . Mark Leiting Lincoln NE 7
234 . Timmy Current Bernard 7
235 . Tony Cox Ames 7
236 . Charlie Steinberg Kasson MN 6
237 . Chase Ellingsen Williams 6
238 . Chris Simpson Marion
          Jeremiah Hurst Adds His Name To The List Of All Iowa Points Late Model Champions      Cache   Translate Page      
In the fifty-second season of compiling the All Iowa Points Jeremiah Hurst becomes the twenty-third different driver to earn the title of Late Model champion. The list of champions includes ten National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame members Red Droste, Verlin Eaker, Ed Sanger, Curt Hansen, Gary Webb, Tom Hearst, Ken Walton, Roger Dolan,  Ray Guss Jr. and Joe Kosiski, and if not for health reasons Hurst might have been an All Iowa champion a few years earlier as he was the point leader mid-season before having to step away from the sport for a bit.

Teaming up with the Roberts Racing Team car #58, a team that won four straight All Iowa Points titles with Ray Guss Jr. from 2009 through 2012, Hurst had a stellar 2018 season taking seven feature wins and finishing in the top five an impressive forty-two times. Seventeen of those were runner-up finishes allowing him to edge out the defending champion Matt Ryan by eighteen points. It was another great year for Ryan with eleven feature victories in thirty-seven top five runs.

Three time All Iowa Points Modified champion Ryan Dolan (2010 - 2012) had his best season in a Late Model finishing in the third position with ten wins to his credit while early season leader Andy Nezworski ranked fourth taking nine feature wins. Todd Cooney who is still chasing his first AIP title despite having the most points accumulated in the division since the 2000 season rounds out the top five with eleven wins this year. Four time champion Rob Toland (2004, 2006-07, 2016) finished tenth.

The "Newcomer of the Year", or the driver who has never had a top five finish in the division until 2018 is Mike Mills who raced in the 9:1 Late Model division in Dubuque this season. Mills was tied for the 53rd position on the list.

We will continue to release the final 2018 All Iowa Points by division as this week goes on with the Modifieds up next.

All Iowa Points Final 2018
Late Model Iowa
Pos. Driver Hometown Points
1 . Jeremiah Hurst Dubuque 151
2 . Matt Ryan Davenport 133
3 . Ryan Dolan Lisbon 113
4 . Andy Nezworski Buffalo 112
5 . Todd Cooney Des Moines 100
6 . Darrel DeFrance Marshalltown 91
7 . Tommy Elston Keokuk 87
8 . John Emerson Waterloo 81
9 . Billy Leighton  Omaha NE 79
10 . Rob Toland Hillsdale IL 74
11 . Chuck Hanna Port Byron IL 72
12 . Jacob Brown Omaha NE 70
13 . Tyler Bruening Decorah 66
14 . Tad Pospisil Norfolk NE 65
15 . Ben Schaller Omaha NE 60
16 . Jeff Tilley Omaha NE 58
17 . Denny Woodworth Mendon IL 53
18 . Sam Halstead New London 53
19 . Andrew Kosiski Omaha NE 52
20 . Justin Kay Wheatland 52
21 . Jason Robbins Belmont WI 47
22 . Jamie Pfeiffer Freeport IL 46
23 . Jason O'Brien Atlantic 42
24 . Chad Holladay Muscatine 40
25 . Jason Hahne Webster City 38
26 . Lee Kinsella Dubuque 38
27 . Corey Zeitner Omaha NE 36
28 . Ryan Griffith Webster City 36
29 . Kyle Berck Marquette NE 34
30 . Pat Quinn Epworth 30
31 . Ron Boyse Kalona 30
32 . Vance Wilson Bowling Green MO 30
33 . Andy Eckrich Cosgrove 27
34 . Steve Schueller Dubuque 27
35 . Terry Neal Ely 27
36 . Ben Sukup Norfolk NE 26
37 . Charlie McKenna Clear Lake 25
38 . Nick Marolf Moscow 25
39 . Andrew Tilley Glenwood 24
40 . Joel Callahan Dubuque 24
41 . Sean Johnson Independence 24
42 . Gunnar Frank Montrose 23
43 . Chad Simpson Mount Vernon 22
44 . Joe Zrostlik Long Grove 22
45 . Nick Beyenhof Rock Rapids 22
46 . Jeff Tharp Dubuque 21
47 . Jonathan Davenport Mount Airy NC 21
48 . Chris Simpson Oxford 20
49 . Eric Pollard Dubuque 20
50 . Gary Brown Jr. Brandon SD 20
51 . Jeff Guengerich Washington 20
52 . Todd Frank Montrose 20
53 . Curt Martin Independence 19
54 . Gabe Umbarger Garner 19
55 . Mike Mills Dubuque 19
56 . Darren Ackerman Waterloo 18
57 . Jay Johnson West Burlington 18
58 . Jeff Schmidt Rock City IL 18
59 . Scott Fitzpatrick Urbandale 18
60 . D.J. Sweet Platteville WI 17
61 . Ben Seemann Waterloo 16
62 . Brandon Sheppard New Berlin IL 16
63 . Joe Ross Thompson IL 16
64 . Nate Beyenhof Rock Rapids 16
65 . Paul Glendenning Mount Ayr 16
66 . Paul Nagle Nevada 16
67 . Kyle Hinrichs Swisher 15
68 . Rick Wendling Hazelton 15
69 . Dave Cook Lincoln NE 14
70 . John Anderson Omaha NE 14
71 . Josh Krug Omaha NE 14
72 . A.J. Jorgensen Elkhorn NE 12
73 . Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg TN 12
74 . Doug Nigh Eldridge 11
75 . Jake Neal Omaha NE 11
76 . Jeff Parks 11
77 . Zach Zentner Cedar Rapids NE 11
78 . Allan Hopp Harlan 10
79 . Brian Shirley Chatham IL 10
80 . Clint Kirkham Camden IL 10
81 . Jimmy Owens Newport TN 10
82 . Kelly Pestka DeWitt 10
83 . Ron Klein Sherrill 10
84 . Shawn Cooney Des Moines 10
85 . Cliff Powell Hannibal MO 9
86 . Don O'Neal Martinsville IN 9
87 . Jason Udelhofen Potosi WI 9
88 . Karl Getzschman Council Bluffs 9
89 . Luke Pestka Robins 9
90 . Nick Deal Walnut 9
91 . Robbie Jorgenson Elkhorn NE 9
92 . Tyler Erb New Waverly TX 9
93 . Brandon Savage Keokuk 8
94 . Brett Hopp Harlan 8
95 . Charles VanZandt Camp Point IL 8
96 . Curt Schroeder Newton 8
97 . Jake Bridge Waverly NE 8
98 . Jordan Heiman Sioux Falls SD 8
99 . Laine VanZandt Camp Point IL 8
100 . Quinten Meyers Pukwana SD 8
101 . Rich Picha Prairie Du Chien WI 8
102 . Rusty Patterson Mason City 8
103 . Sterling Perkins Lamoni 8
104 . Travis Johnson 8
105 . Brad Perdue Council Bluffs 7
106 . Brian Kosiski Omaha NE 7
107 . Colton Leal Pacific Junction 7
108 . Denny Eckrich Tiffin 7
109 . Lyle Klein Dubuque 7
110 . Mike Marlar Winfield TN 7
111 . Tim Simpson Iowa City 7
112 . Blair Northdurft Sioux Falls SD 6
113 . Bobby Pierce Oakwood IL 6
114 . Gary Webb Blue Grass 6
115 . Jon Poll Delmar 6
116 . Josh Richards Shinnston WV 6
117 . Justin Zeitner Omaha NE 6
118 . Kale Kosiski Ralston NE 6
119 . Mitch Current Maquoketa 6
120 . Payton Looney Republic MO 6
121 . Randy Archer Council Bluffs 6
122 . Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville FL 5
123 . Eric Vanosdall Hoskins NE 5
124 . Frank Heckenast Jr. Frankfort IL 5
125 . Jeff Aikey Cedar Falls 5
126 . Jesse Sobbing Malvern 5
127 . Lance Matthees Winona MN 5
128 . Paul Conrad Colo 5
129 . Shannon Babb Mowequa IL 5
130 . Steve Hunter Hopkington 5
131 . Travis Smock Independence 5
132 . Will Vaught Aurora MO 5
133 . Blake Anderson Omaha NE 4
134 . Cayden Carter Oskaloosa 4
135 . Chris Madden Gray Court SC 4
136 . Dave Wada Muscatine 4
137 . Don Pataska Miles 4
138 . J.C. Wyman Griswold 4
139 . Jason Rauen Farley 4
140 . Jeff Provinzino Hibbing MN 4
141 . Jeremy Grady Story City 4
142 . Jim Hendricks Pardeeville WI 4
143 . Melvin Linder Mendon IL 4
144 . Ricky Weiss Headingly MB 4
145 . Rory Metcalf West Union 4
146 . Ryan Hill Dubuque 4
147 . Shane Clanton Zebulon GA 4
148 . Steven Roberts Jesup GA 4
149 . Zach Zeitner Bellevue NE 4
150 . B.J. Jackson Clinton 3
151 . Brian Harris Davenport 3
152 . Chris Horn Marion 3
153 . Chris Spieker Massena 3
154 . Cory Dumpert York NE 3
155 . Curtis Glover Des Moines 3
156 . Darren Mish Hazel Green WI 3
157 . Dirk Hamilton Waterloo 3
158 . Jay Stewart Blair NE 3
159 . Jimmy Mars Menomonie WI 3
160 . John Squires Shannon IL 3
161 . Kirby Schultz Albion 3
162 . Kyle Krampe Baxter 3
163 . Logan Duffy Urbana 3
164 . Luke Goedert Guttenberg 3
165 . Matt Buller Lincoln NE 3
166 . Mitch McGrath Waukesha WI 3
167 . Richie Gustin Gilman 3
168 . Ron Carey Nashua 3
169 . Rusty Schlenk McClure OH 3
170 . Todd Bell Omaha NE 3
171 . Billy Drake Bloomington IL 2
172 . Bobby Hansen Center Point 2
173 . Brian Birkhofer Muscatine 2
174 . Carey Umbarger Garner 2
175 . Chad Coyne Moline IL 2
176 . Chad Olsen Hendricks MN 2
177 . Chuck Mitchell Jacksonville IL 2
178 . Curran Beckler Tiffin 2
179 . Don Beckstrom Carroll 2
180 . Gale Vogt Yankton SD 2
181 . Graham Fate Peoria IL 2
182 . Hudson O'Neal Martinsville IN 2
183 . Jason Feger Bloomington IL 2
184 . Luke Merfeld Dubuque 2
185 . Matt Furman Iowa City 2
186 . Mike Guldenpfennig Davenport 2
187 . Rece Vaught Aurora NE 2
188 . Shawn Mulvaney Moline IL 2
189 . Tony Jackson Jr. Lebanon MO 2
190 . Travis Birkley Wakefield NE 2
191 . Troy Northdurft Sioux Falls SD 2
192 . Tucker Finch Jacksonville IL 2
193 . Barry Sorenson Harlan 1
194 . Brandon Queen Keokuk 1
195 . Brian Diveley Springfield IL 1
196 . Curt Beckler Tiffin 1
197 . Darrell Lanigan Union KY 1
198 . Dave Eckrich Cosgrove 1
199 . Devin Moran Dresden OH 1
200 . Eric Sanders  Colona IL 1
201 . Jenna Johnson Mitchellville 1
202 . John Hoefert Sioux Falls SD 1
203 . Michael Leal Pacific Junction 1
204 . Mike Kline Browntown WI 1
205 . Mike Morton Jr. Omaha NE 1
206 . Mitch Manternach Earlville 1
207 . Randy Faux Earlham 1
208 . Rick Eckert York PA 1
209 . Ryan Mitchell Webster City 1
210 . Ryan Picha Prairie Du Chien WI 1
211 . Scott Welsh Cedar Rapids 1
212 . Tim McCreadie Watertown NY 1
213 . Todd Malmstrom Moline IL 1
214 . Trevor Gundaker St. Charles MO 1

          Andrew Lincoln to Star in Three The Walking Dead Movies      Cache   Translate Page      

Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead | Photo Credits: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Rick Grimes may be leaving The Walking Dead, but his story is far from over. Although Sunday marked Andrew Lincoln's final episode of the hit post-apocalyptic AMC series, he will reprise the character of Rick Grimes in a trilogy of TV movies for the network, AMC announced.

The idea to continue


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          Here's How Rick Grimes Left The Walking Dead      Cache   Translate Page      

Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead | Photo Credits: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Read at your own risk!]

Andrew Lincoln performed his last episode as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead Sunday night, and the way the show wrote him off -- with Rick getting into a helicopter and flying away -- is


Read More >

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          The Walking Dead Fans React to Rick's Final Episode      Cache   Translate Page      

Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead | Photo Credits: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Rick Grimes' (Andrew Lincoln) last episode of The Walking Dead was an exhilarating episode of television. Fans were stressed all throughout, but they enjoyed the emotional roller coaster the episode sent them on, which included hallucinatory visits from old friends, a time jump way into the future


Read More >

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          Allstate Insurance Company.: Operations Associate Manager      Cache   Translate Page      
Not Specified: Allstate Insurance Company.: Where good people build rewarding careers.Think that working in the insurance field cant be exciting, rewarding and challenging? Think again. Youll he Lincoln, Nebraska
          Licensed Automotive Technicians - Downtown Automotive Group - Downtown Toyota - Toronto, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Ford, Genesis, Hyundai, Infiniti, Lincoln, Nissan, and Toyota. Downtown Automotive Group*represents a number of the most recognized and respected brands in the...
From Indeed - Tue, 06 Nov 2018 21:42:36 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Onstage This Week: James Whiteside Stars in "The Tenant," The Mikhailovsky Returns to California, World Premieres and More!      Cache   Translate Page      

Wonder what's going on in ballet this week? In addition to the seven performances listed below, John Neumeier's Anna Karenina makes its North American premiere at National Ballet of Canada November 10-18, and Hungarian National Ballet makes its U.S. debut with three performances at Lincoln Center's Koch Theater November 7-11.

James Whiteside Stars in New Dance Play by Arthur Pita

American Ballet Theatre principal James Whiteside stars in The Tenant, a new dance play choreographed by Arthur Pita running at New York's Joyce Theater November 6-11. Also featuring dancer and model Kibrea Carmichael and ABT soloist (and former Pointe cover star) Cassandra Trenary, The Tenant is based on a novel by the same name by French surrealist writer Roland Topor.

Pennsylvania Ballet's Mixed Rep Program Highlights Two World Premieres

Pennsylvania Ballet shows off its contemporary prowess November 8-11 with a mixed repertoire program featuring Jiří Kylián's Petite Mort alongside world premieres by Andrea Miller and Russell Ducker. Both choreographers will be creating work on PAB for the first time: Ducker is a member of PAB's corps de ballet, and Miller is the artistic director of the Brooklyn-based contemporary company Gallim Dance.

Ballet Idaho's Season Opener Includes a World Premiere by Lauren Edson

Ballet Idaho's first season under the leadership of Garrett Anderson opens with NewDance: Form and Concept, running November 8-11. The program features works by six dancemakers that utilize conceptual approaches to choreography. The program includes a world premiere by Boise's own Lauren Edson and works by Robyn Mineko Williams, Penny Saunders, Dana Genchaft and excerpts from pieces by Danielle Rowe and Craig Davidson.

Richmond Ballet Studio Series Opens With Jerome Robbins and a World Premiere

November 6-11, Richmond Ballet's 2018-19 studio series opens with Studio One. The program features Jerome Robbins' In the Night and a world premiere by Nicole Haskins titled Requiem. Haskins, a dancer with Smuin Ballet, last choreographed for RB in 2015 to great acclaim as part of the company's New Works Festival.

Indianapolis Ballet Adds Joshua Bergasse's "Aspects of Andy" To Its Repertoire

Indianapolis Ballet's New Works Showcase runs November 8-11, featuring acclaimed Broadway choreographer Joshua Bergasse's Aspects of Andy and Roberta Wong's new work to Indiana jazz saxophonist Rob Dixon's "Blues for Velez." Also on the program are artistic director Victoria Lyras' Caprice & Variations and Diana & Aceton Pas de Deux, as well as IB ballet master Paul Vitali's Take it from Tony.

St. Petersburg's Mikhailovsky Ballet Returns to California's Segerstrom Center 

St. Petersburg's Mikhailovsky Ballet and Orchestra make their way to the Costa Mesa, CA-based Segerstrom Center November 9-11 to present Don Quixote staged by artistic director Mikhail Messerer. Principals Ivan Vasiliev and Victor Lebedev will both have their turn in the lead role of Basilio, and Angelina Vorontsova and Anastasia Soboleva will dance the role of Kitri. According to the above trailer, a horse and a donkey might grace the Segerstrom stage too.

Tom Gold Dance Presents the New York Debut of "Apparatus Hominus" 

Former New York City Ballet soloist Tom Gold founded Tom Gold Dance in 2008. November 9-10, the company presents its inaugural fall season at Florence Gould Hall with the New York debut of Gold's Apparatus Hominus, which the company premiered last summer outdoors at a sculpture garden in the Berkshires. Gold's company includes a handful of accomplished freelance dancers as well as New York City Ballet's Mary Elizabeth Sell and American Ballet Theatre's Stephanie Williams.

          Why These Rising Hungarian National Ballet Stars (And Newlyweds) Can't Wait for The Company's First U.S. Tour      Cache   Translate Page      

As the Hungarian National Ballet prepares its first U.S. tour to New York City's Lincoln Center this week amid a busy fall season in Budapest, first soloist Lili Felméry and principal dancer Gergő Ármin Balázsi have a lot on their plates. But adapting to the unknown is nothing new; since joining the company, both Hungarian dancers have tackled impressive lists of classical and contemporary roles. Just recently married, they're bursting with excitement to perform in New York together, where the company is performing Swan Lake, Don Quixote and an all Hans van Manen program. Pointe caught up with the newlyweds to hear about some of their favorite onstage moments, honing the details of style, and favorite memories learning from some of the dance world's greatest masters.

Felméry and Balázsi in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Photo by Attila Nagy, Courtesy Hungarian National Ballet.

How did the two of you get together?

Lili Felméry: A few years ago, the company staged a new version of The Nutcracker. We were cast to dance the Sugar Plum pas de deux together, so we spent lots of time in rehearsals together. Before long, we were spending time together after rehearsals ended. The holiday atmosphere made the time especially memorable for us.

How does it feel to be back in the studio at the start of a new season?

Gergő Ármin Balázsi: The summer was incredible, but it's good to be back working again. We performed a premiere this fall, and I got to learn William Forsythe's The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude. We also did a few pas de deux for some local tours in Hungary before coming to New York. It's a ton of work. We have to make sure to take care of our bodies so that we don't get injured.

Felméry: I've been busy rehearsing for the New York tour this fall. I'm dancing "little swans" in Swan Lake, one of the two friends in Don Quixote, and two pieces by Hans van Manen: Trois Gnossiennes (in last's night's gala) and Black Cake on November 11.

You both danced principal roles with the company early on in your careers. What was that like?

Felméry: I joined the company as a demi-soloist after graduating from The Royal Ballet School in London. I had to choose between contracts with The Royal Ballet or with Hungarian National Ballet, my home company. I was so grateful for those early chances because they pushed me to continue improving.

Balázsi: Joining my home company was always a big dream for me. I entered in the corps de ballet, but danced solos during my first season. I danced so much during that first year that I barely had time to think about it. It was only that summer, when I looked back at all I'd done, that I realized how much I'd actually danced. I really admire how our director Tamás Solymosi pushes new company members with big responsibilities onstage.

Felméry and Balázsi in "Sleeping Beauty." Photo by Attila Nagy, Courtesy Hungarian National Ballet.

Lili, was it challenging to adjust between the styles at Royal Ballet School and at Hungarian National Ballet?

Felméry: It took some getting used to, sure. At Royal Ballet School, I learned to prepare for a pirouette from fourth position with rounded arms, while the Vaganova-style pirouette that we learn in Budapest starts with straight arms. But the time in London was very inspiring for me; I watched company rehearsals and performances, and tried to absorb everything I could. And I think adjusting to different styles has helped me overall. In the company, we work with so many different choreographers, and it's useful to be able to adapt.

Are the two of you dancing together in New York?

Balázsi: Yes, we'll dance the duet from Hans van Manen's Black Cake. I love dancing with Lili. I feel so comfortable with her. Every time I catch her eye onstage, I relax.

Felméry: That's true. We don't always get to dance together, so we always really appreciate the opportunities.

Felméry and Balázsi in "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai." Photo by Attila Nagy, Courtesy Hungarian National Ballet.

Can you describe learning Hans van Manen's style? Is it very strict?

Felméry: I wouldn't call it strict. There are specific hand positions, a way of turning the wrist in, and ways to direct your focus. But once you learn those details, the choreography is very comfortable. And van Manen isn't strict at all as a person! He came to Budapest to work with us before the premiere. In rehearsal for Trois Gnoissiennes, he was so funny!

Balázsi: He's an old man, but he was so playful! My favorite choreography of his to dance is the solo couple in 5 Tangos. It's really tough, stamina-wise. You have to maintain a lot of power up until the end. But it's so energetic, and sexy. And the music is so powerful.

Are you looking forward to performing in New York?

Balázsi: So much! I can't wait to experience America for the first time.

Felméry: The girls can't stop talking about it in the dressing room!

Felméry and Balázsi in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Photo by Attila Nagy, Courtesy Hungarian National Ballet.

Have you made any plans for what you'd like to do in the city?

Felméry: I'll be dancing in every performance. So, between rehearsals and shows, I'm not sure how much time I'll have. I guess I'll have to leave it open.

Balázsi: I'll have a bit of free time, so I'll try to explore and report back. I definitely want to eat all the hamburgers I possibly can!

          BELL III, PAUL      Cache   Translate Page      
BELL PAUL, III Peacefully on October 30, 2018. Visitation Tuesday 4 to 8 p.m. at the COSTON FUNERAL HOME, INC., 427 Lincoln Ave. 15206. Funeral...
          $8000 / Three BR - 980ft² - Fleetwood Mobile Home (Lincolnton ) Three BR bedroom (American Listed) $8,000      Cache   Translate Page      
For Sale 1996 Fleetwood, Olympic Special, fourteen X70 mobile home in fair condition. It has 3 beds, two full bathrooms and is located in the Cherokee Retreat Subdivision in Lincoln County. Trailer must be moved. For more details and photos you can contact me by email or 907-301-XXXX...Thanks Location: Lincolnton

          $8000 / 3 BR - 980ft² - Fleetwood Mobile Home (Lincolnton ) 3 BR (Dealslister)      Cache   Translate Page      
For Sale 1996 Fleetwood, Olympic Special, fourteen X70 mobile home in fair condition. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 fullsize baths and is located in the Cherokee Retreat Subdivision in Lincoln County. Trailer must be moved. For more details and pictures you can contact me by email or 907-301-XXXX...ThanksLocation: Lincolnton

          West Lincoln Memorial Hospital citizens group quickly organizing      Cache   Translate Page      
— They had support and energy. Commitment and work ethic. What citizens of West Niagara concerned with the future of their hospital didn’t have was time.

          Paris Lincoln — The Girl With No Gag Reflex      Cache   Translate Page      
Paris Lincoln — The Girl With No Gag Reflex

Her bend over poses are the highlight of this video. Also included is an unusual upside down.

Format: mp4
Duration: 12:55
Video: 1920x1080, HEVC, 3164kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Paris Lincoln — The Girl With No Gag Reflex Paris Lincoln — The Girl With No Gag Reflex
Paris Lincoln — The Girl With No Gag Reflex Paris Lincoln — The Girl With No Gag Reflex

Paris Lincoln — The Girl With No Gag Reflex
File size: 317.6 MB

Paris Lincoln — The Girl With No Gag Reflex

Paris Lincoln — The Girl With No Gag Reflex
          Coconut-Derived Insect Repellent More Effective than the Hazardous DEET      Cache   Translate Page      

(Beyond Pesticides, November 6, 2018) Scientists working for USDA’s Agricultural Research Service in Lincoln, Nebraska have discovered natural compounds derived from coconut oil that are more effective than DEET at repelling mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, bed bugs and other insects. Given the long-lasting efficacy of the compounds researchers tested, commercialization could make the regular use of toxic insect repellents, like DEET, obsolete. Advocates are praising USDA researchers for the results, indicating that this is exactly the type of research government agencies should be funding and promoting. It is important to note that USDA scientists did not find coconut oil itself to be an effective repellent. Lab equipment was used to analyze and isolate medium chain fatty acids within coconut oil for their repellent properties. Scientists zeroed in on a blend of C8 (caprylic acid), C10 (capric acid), and C12 (lauric acid) fatty acids as the most effective repellent mixture. Individually, only C12 exhibited anywhere near the same efficacy as the specific blend identified. The study indicates that more research is needed to understand why coconut oil itself was ineffective, and how the synergy between the fatty acid combinations resulted in such effective repellency. To verify their hypothesis on the efficacy […]

The post Coconut-Derived Insect Repellent More Effective than the Hazardous DEET appeared first on Beyond Pesticides Daily News Blog.

          11/6/2018: CITY: ARTIST TRIBUTE      Cache   Translate Page      

A mural honours Abenaki filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin. It was designed by Atikamekw artist Meky Ottawa and inaugurated on Lincoln Avenue in Montreal on Monday.
          11/6/2018: YOU: Lincoln inks zombie deal      Cache   Translate Page      
Andrew Lincoln will star as Rick Grimes in three Walking Dead movies for AMC, written by the show’s producer and writer Scott M. Gimple. The actor starred in his last episode of Walking Dead on Sunday. “These films are going to be big evolutions of...
          PepsiCo set to buy UK Pipers Crisps      Cache   Translate Page      
The Walkers and Doritos maker has announced its intention to acquire the flourishing Lincolnshire business for an undisclosed sum.
          The Linc charges Eagles fans the most for beer of all NFL stadiums      Cache   Translate Page      
At Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia Eagles fans are paying the highest price per fluid ounce of beer in the National Football League.
          Lincoln Aviator warning and alert sounds are played by an orchestra      Cache   Translate Page      

Filed under: Weird Car News,LA Auto Show,Lincoln,Technology,Crossover,SUV,Luxury

New Aviator SUV to be revealed at LA Auto Show.

Continue reading Lincoln Aviator warning and alert sounds are played by an orchestra

Lincoln Aviator warning and alert sounds are played by an orchestra originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 05 Nov 2018 15:26:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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          „The Walking Dead“: Rick verlässt die Serie und bekommt eigene Filme      Cache   Translate Page      
Mit viel Getöse wurde der Ausstieg von Hauptdarsteller Andrew Lincoln angekündigt. Und jetzt das.

Die aktuelle Staffel der AMC-Serie „The Walking Dead“ wurde schon seit Monaten mit dem Ausstieg von Hauptdarsteller Andrew Lincoln beworben. Und nun, Sonntagnacht in den USA, verabschiedete sich Lincolns Figur tatsächlich aus der Welt von „The Walking Dead“. Vorerst zumindest. Achtung: Spoiler In seiner letzten Szene wird der schwer verwundete Rick Grimes von einem...
          National Research Corporation Announces Third Quarter 2018 Results      Cache   Translate Page      
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — National Research Corporation (NASDAQ:NRC) today announced results for the third quarter of 2018. Net New Sales of $6.2 million Revenue up 4% to $30 million Operating Income up 29% to $9.2 million Voice of Customer platform contract value increased to $37 million Third quarter platform revenue increased […]
          BWW Review: SPAMALOT at Lied Center For Performing Arts, Lincoln      Cache   Translate Page      

I don't like Spam. To me, it's mystery meat and I don't like the taste. I looked it up on the internet to see what it is made from. It was introduced by Hormel in 1937 to increase the sale of pork shoulder. Few know the true origination of the name "Spam," but suggestions include "Specially Processed Army Meat." My favorite more colorful descriptions are "meatloaf without basic training" and "ham that didn't pass its physical." Spam has recently been adopted as the term for inappropriate or irrelevant messages that flood our inboxes. This all fits.

Contrary to my aforementioned comment, I do like SPAM...A-LOT. It's a real treat precisely because it is tasteless. It's crazy fun with zingers shooting all over the place, people doing the bizarre, and clever little inappropriate messages conveyed with tongue in cheek.

SPAMALOT, also billed as "Monty Python's SPAMALOT, A new musical lovingly ripped off from the motion picture Monty Python and the Holy Grail," is two full hours of delightful nonsense.

The original screenplay was a collaboration of Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin. I can only imagine how much fun these men had as they crafted this piece. Perhaps they even formed a dance line and sang silly songs as they marched up to their round table.

John DuPrez and Eric Idle wrote the music and Eric Idle wrote the book and lyrics. The musical opened on Broadway in 2005 and won a Tony Award for Best Musical while being nominated for a total of 14 awards. It went on to capture a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album. SPAMALOT has played in London's West End, Broadway, all across the US and UK, Las Vegas, and at a variety of international locations. It's still going strong. But why? What's in this show?

SPAMALOT is a can filled with a little bit of everything. There are references to scenes from well known musicals such as the bottle dance in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, the dancing rivalry between the gangs in WEST SIDE STORY, and Barbra Streisand's "People," from FUNNY GIRL. I even sensed a nod to WIZARD OF OZ with their guards and their man behind the puppet. There's a dash of intrigue with James Bond, and a smattering of Las Vegas with glitzy showgirls and inappropriate shenanigans. There's a hint of social issues such as gender identification and same sex marriage, an autocratic government, and differences in religion.

The story heads straight for (well, maybe tipsily toward) a big musical finish. The problem is that Jews are a necessary ingredient for any successful musical. King Arthur and his knights are hard pressed to find Jews in their quest for the Holy Grail. One of the biggest laughs of the evening was King Arthur's sidekick, coconut clapping Patsy telling him that he didn't confess that he himself was Jewish because "it's not the sort of thing you say to a heavily armed Christian."

You may not need Andrew Lloyd Weber for a successful musical, but you do need performers who can play off this offbeat humor with seriousness, sing extremely well, and dance like pros. Steve McCoy (King Arthur) and Kasidy Devlin (Sir Robin) are definitely up to the task and lead a great cast.

Satire, slapstick,'s all mixed up to build a ridiculously successful show that appeals to the crowd. There are too many good jokes to cover them all. My favorite, though, is Not Dead Fred.

The question of not being dead reappears throughout the show. After being around for the past 13 years, SPAMALOT is clearly not dead yet. What a way to bring the new 2018/2019 season to life!

Photo Credit: Scott Suchman

          Popular Restaurant/Bar in Bergen County New Jersey      Cache   Translate Page      

Popular restaurant lounge minutes from the New Jersey Giant Stadium located in southern Bergen County which offers an exceptional service to its many customers. The business presently functions as a successful restaurant; however, it has entertainment approval and can be fully converted to a tavern with a sports theme. The business is conveniently near to the Lincoln tunnel, NJ Turnpike and Teterboro airport. The consumption liquor license is very limited in that area has a substantial value and cannot be easily replaced. The business also offers live jazz Wednesday thru Saturday which can be expanded. This industry does require government licensing approval to purchase or operate due to the New Jersey issued consumption liquor license. This company has four full/part time employees who are unaware of the pending sale, fully expected to remain post-closing, and the monthly payroll expense is approximately $6,800. The business has an assignable commercial lease which expires 2025-01-01, plus additional options, with a monthly rent of $3,850, cost per square foot is estimated at $29.50 and rent security of approximately $4,000. The business fixed assets has an estimated value of approximately $145,000 which is based on equipment and licensing replacement cost. This successful bar restaurant business operation is active six days per week, closed Sunday, with hours from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm. This is a dependable safe business opportunity and based on the asking price, required down payment and yearly net income, this business expects to supply a consistent return on investment to the owner operator. Please do not disturb business, this sale is confidential, the employees are Unaware of the pending sale, all viewings are by appointment only and photo does Not represent this particular business opportunity.
          Ford Lincoln Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Auto Franchise in Indiana      Cache   Translate Page      

After over 50 years of selling and satisfying customers, this well established successful automotive business is available for sale to the motivated buyer seeking a proven winner. The operation has become a respected hallmark in the community -- well known for having a professional team, offering a wide range of available products and services and taking excellent care of customers.The business features products from two powerhouse automotive companies, Ford and Fiat Chrysler, showcased under one roof and situated in one convenient location. The dealership offers nameplates from the Ford, Lincoln, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram brands. This incredible line-up of popular vehicles covers the full spectrum of consumer tastes from the Built Ford Tough F-150, the popular Mustang pony car, the luxurious Lincoln Continental, the versatile Chrysler Pacifica, the fun-to-drive Dodge Charger, the legendary Jeep Wrangler and the powerful Hemi-equipped Ram trucks. This unbeatable top to bottom line-up is sure to keep a steady flow of customers coming into a just-completed $2.5 million newly renovated, world class facility. During 2017, the business generated over $15.5 million in top line revenues retailing 188 new and 335 used vehicles. Parts, Service and Body Shop sales were $1,800,000, $735,000 and $333,000 respectively. Over the last 4 years, bottomline net cash flow has averaged $750,000. The business is the definition of a turn-key operation: 50 year plus legacy, professional management team, loyal, repeat customers, solid profitability, newly renovated facility and six high demand automotive brands.SPECIAL FINANCING ... this business has been lender pre-qualified and available for special financing. Term sheet is included in marketing materials.
          The Walking Dead Star Andrew Lincoln Signs Deal For Three Movies In The Series      Cache   Translate Page      

Warning! There's spoilers for AMC's The Walking Dead in this story, particularly concerning the most recent episode. Turn away now if you're trying to remain spoiler-free.


With it being known for some time that actor Andrew Lincoln, who has long played protagonist Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, was planning to exit the series. Now that the episode has aired, Rick has disappeared from the story without definition of what exactly happened to him. Immediately after, dismissing pretty much all mystery, AMC announced that Rick will continue through three made-for-AMC movies over the next few years.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movies will begin production next year in 2019. AMC is planning to make the movies with an apparently theatrical movie budget, but airing them exclusively on the network. 

You might ask the question of, why bother to write Rick out from the series if Lincoln was just going to continue creating new stories in The Walking Dead? It is mostly so Lincoln can spend time with his family and deal with the more flexible nature of filming movies rather than being on a TV series in perpetuity.

The Walking Dead is currently in its ninth season.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

          11/6/2018: REMEMBERING: Lincoln inks zombie deal      Cache   Translate Page      
Andrew Lincoln will star as Rick Grimes in three Walking Dead movies for AMC, written by the show’s producer and writer Scott M. Gimple. The actor starred in his last episode of Walking Dead on Sunday. “These films are going to be big evolutions of...
          The Lincoln Aviator plays actual orchestral music when the door’s ajar      Cache   Translate Page      
With the sounds of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra chiming, you may want to leave your seatbelt off on purpose
          The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln nei film ispirati alla serie tv horror      Cache   Translate Page      

AMC ha annunciato che tra i primi progetti in sviluppo per The Walking Dead, la serie AMC Studios Original Films, con Andrew Lincoln, scritta da Gimple, dovrebbe continuare la storia di Rick Grimes già nel 2019. Nell’ultima apparizione di Lincoln nella fortunata serie The Walking Dead, il personaggio di Rick Grimes viene ferito mortalmente e si vede per l’ultima […]

L'articolo The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln nei film ispirati alla serie tv horror proviene da NewsCinema.

          Comment on Palm Coast Approves Cultural Grants. Just Don’t Call It “Religious Outreach.” by Sherry      Cache   Translate Page      
Mark. . . you do understand "WE" citizens are the government, right? It's not really made of of "old white men" from the moon. . . although often "lunacy" prevails. We should be trying to preserve the government Lincoln talked about in his Gettysburg address "Of The People, For The People, and By The People". Unless that is "you", Mark, want to do things like single handedly building your very own roads or maybe single handedly protecting us all from Russia. I would like that. . . and, I thank you!!! I'm thinking lunacy prevails in more than just our government officials. LOL! LOL! LOL! GEEZ!
          Scott Gimple sheds light on the Rick Grimes-centric Walking Dead movies      Cache   Translate Page      
SPOILERS for the last episode of The Walking Dead. Having announced that he would be leaving the series earlier this year, we all knew that Andrew Lincoln's days on The Walking Dead were numbered, and Sunday's episode served as Rick Grimes' exit from the long-running series. However, it turned out that Grimes' exit was setting up something much bigger.… Read More...
          Andrew Lincoln to Star in Three The Walking Dead Movies      Cache   Translate Page      
Rick Grimes may be leaving The Walking Dead, but his story is far from over. Although Sunday marked Andrew Lincoln's [...]
          The Walking Dead Fans React to Rick's Final Episode      Cache   Translate Page      
Rick Grimes' (Andrew Lincoln) last episode of The Walking Dead was an [...]
          Sunday cable ratings: ‘The Walking Dead’ ticks up again, ‘Outlander’ premieres down      Cache   Translate Page      
Andrew Lincoln’s farewell episode of “The Walking Dead” helped the…
          Presidente do PRB presta solidariedade e apoio a prefeita interina de Guamaré      Cache   Translate Page      
A prefeita interina de Guamaré, Diva Maria de Araújo, recebeu neste sábado (3), o apoio do presidente do Partido Republicano Brasileiro no RN, Abraão Lincoln. Em nome do partido, o presidente disponibilizou a assessoria necessária para que a gestora interina do município consiga superar a fase de instabilidade política que a cidade vivencia após o […]
          Land for sale      Cache   Translate Page      
PLANNING PERMISSION PASSED for residential development - Ref: PA/2017/1301 through North Lincolnshire Council. Approximate frontage of 18m narrowing to approx. 12.5m to the rear and an average depth of approximately 23.6m
Fri, 02 Nov 2018 19:01:20 +0100
          ‘Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln and Rick Grimes Will Return in a Series of TV Movies      Cache   Translate Page      
(Spoilers ahead for the Nov. 4 episode of “The Walking Dead”) “Walking Dead” Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple appeared on “Talking Dead” Sunday night after the purported final episode for star Andrew Lincoln and announced that the story of Rick Grimes will continue, but in a ...
          Andrew Lincoln to Return as Rick Grimes for 'The Walking Dead' Movies      Cache   Translate Page      
Rick’s story is not over. EW can report that Andrew Lincoln will be back in the role for a series of Walking Dead movies for AMC.
          1 Bed Flat for Sale      Cache   Translate Page      
Charles Derby Estates are pleased to present for sale this one bedroom, investment/residential apartment located in the heart of Highfields, Leicester. The property is situated on Lincoln Street, within walking distance to the city centre and...
1 bathroom fitted kitchen
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 11:24:25 +0100
          1 Bed Flat for Sale      Cache   Translate Page      
Charles Derby Estates are pleased to present for sale this one bedroom, investment/residential apartment located in the heart of Highfields, Leicester. The property is situated on Lincoln Street, within walking distance to the city centre and...
1 bathroom fitted kitchen
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 11:24:25 +0100
          1 Bed Flat for Sale      Cache   Translate Page      
Charles Derby Estates are pleased to present for sale this one bedroom, investment/residential apartment located in the heart of Highfields, Leicester. The property is situated on Lincoln Street, within walking distance to the city centre and...
1 bathroom fitted kitchen
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 11:24:25 +0100
          1 Bed Flat for Sale      Cache   Translate Page      
Charles Derby Estates are pleased to present for sale this one bedroom, investment/residential apartment located in the heart of Highfields, Leicester. The property is situated on Lincoln Street, within walking distance to the city centre and...
1 bathroom fitted kitchen
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 11:24:25 +0100
          Band Performs at Lincoln Memorial      Cache   Translate Page      
Band Performs at Lincoln Memorial
          EMS Provider - Emergency Services - South Lincoln Medical Center - Kemmerer, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Wyoming EMT certification or a willingness to become certified within 2 years, current CPR Certification and current driver's license with a clean driving...
From South Lincoln Medical Center - Sat, 20 Oct 2018 13:01:30 GMT - View all Kemmerer, WY jobs
          The future of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' includes movies      Cache   Translate Page      
Lead character Rick Grimes made his final appearance on the zombie-fighting TV show over the week, but the world hasn't seen the end of him. AMC announced Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, will appear in a trio of upcoming movies.
          In the courts of Lincolnshire      Cache   Translate Page      
The following cases have been heard at magistrates courts in Lincolnshire: Nectario Greenfield, 42, of 1 Shackleton Close, Spalding, pleaded guilty to driving in excess of 60mph on the A16. He was fined £138, ordered to pay a surcharge to fund...
          The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln exits series but will return in three spin-off movies      Cache   Translate Page      
          The Walking Dead y Rick Grimes regresarán en filmes      Cache   Translate Page      
El actor británico Andrew Lincoln, seguirá entre los muertos caminantes, esta vez en proyectos cinematográficos. El actor principal de la serie de holocausto, The Walking Dead, finalizó su larga participación en el capítulo del pasado domingo. Al final del quinto episodio, de la última temporada, Rick Grimes, no muere, sino que es rescatado en un […]
          [Freelancer] Using Unity 3D Replicate a Video Adding a View to a Lincoln Continental Presidential Automobile      Cache   Translate Page      
From Freelancer // Your job will be to replicate and improve this video: In addition to that basic scene, you will point the camera to Elm Street, viewing the approaching presidential vehicle....
          “The Walking Dead”: Andrew Lincoln volverá a encarnar a ‘Rick Grimes’ en tres películas      Cache   Translate Page      

Según The Hollywood Reporter, el actor será el protagonista de las cintas sobre la saga de terror que se emitirán por la cadena AMC.

          Rick Grimes torna per tre film      Cache   Translate Page      

Andrew Lincoln, come sappiamo già da svariati mesi, lascia la serie The Walking Dead ma non il franchise: Rick Grimes …

L'articolo Rick Grimes torna per tre film sembra essere il primo su Players.

          2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Review      Cache   Translate Page      
2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Review 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Review
The first time in a long time that a Lincoln felt like it was worthy of a six-digit price tag. more
          DISHWASHER-Full Time-varied 6:00am-4:30pm, days off vary at John C Lincoln - HonorHealth - Phoenix, AZ      Cache   Translate Page      
Monitor the doctors lounge dirty dish return cart. Cleans all drains in dish machine, dishroom and kitchen....
From HonorHealth - Tue, 25 Sep 2018 00:52:43 GMT - View all Phoenix, AZ jobs
          Locals vote in the race for governor      Cache   Translate Page      
Residents in Knox, Lincoln and Waldo counties are voting in the three-way race for governor. Seeking a term in the Blaine House are Independent Terry Hayes, Democrat Janet Mills and Republican Shawn Moody. *Independent Alan Caron dropped out of the race in late October, too late to remove his name from the ballot. Votes for him will likely be counted as blank votes. We kept him on the chart because we thought ...
          Results from district attorney race      Cache   Translate Page      
Incumbent District Attorney Jonathan Liberman, a Republican, faces a challenge from Democrat Natasha Irving in the race for district attorney of Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc and Waldo counties. See results in the chart below. This chart will be updated throughout the night, so check back for more results.
          The Walking Dead Wrote Maggie Out So Badly You Didn't Even Notice      Cache   Translate Page      
The fifth episode of <a href=""><strong><em>The Walking Dead</em></strong></a> season 9, "What Comes After," wasn't just Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) farewell to the series - it was also Lauren Cohan's last episode as Maggie. You could be forgiven for not realizing, though, since the last time we see Maggie she's with the others, distraught over <a href="">Rick's supposed death</a>, with no immediate intentions of leaving the community. Apparently, though, Maggie disappears from the show during <a href="">the big time jump</a> at the end of "What Comes After."
          The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln Regrets Glenn's Gory Death      Cache   Translate Page      
<em><strong><a href="">The Walking Dead</a> </strong></em>star Andrew Lincoln regrets the gory demise of Glenn. It didn’t take long for <em>The Walking Dead</em> to blossom from cult curiosity to a full-blown success story. While the show had to weather high-profile behind the scenes drama in the early years, such as the departure of original showrunner <a href="">Frank Darabont</a>, fans couldn’t get enough of it. Just like the comic that inspired it, the series soon became infamous for killing off beloved characters in creatively bloody ways.
          Walking Dead Showrunner Reveals Why Carl Didn't Appear in Rick's Final Episode      Cache   Translate Page      
<a href=""><strong><em>The Walking Dead</em></strong></a>'s latest episode said goodbye to Rick (Andrew Lincoln); here's why it didn't include Carl (Chandler Riggs). AMC's post-apocalyptic series is entering uncharted territory as it goes on without its primary protagonist. And while many were initially skeptical about how things would all play out, the show was able to craft what many consider a proper send-off for the character.
          Live: Updates from McHenry County election night 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
For a look at the live McHenry County election results, click here:

10:01 p.m. - Democrat Lauren Underwood wins election to U.S. House in Illinois's 14th congressional district, per the Associated Press. As of this time, Randy Hultgren was winning the McHenry County portion of the race with 51.67 percent (25,582) of the vote to Underwood's 48.33 percent (23,931) with 94 percent of precincts reporting.

“As a registered nurse and lifelong health care advocate, Lauren Underwood has a tremendous record of service to her community and a deep understanding of the challenges they face. She’ll bring that needed perspective and experience to Congress,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Charlie Kelly. “The voters of IL-14 saw Randy Hultgren for what he was – an out-of-touch career politician – and chose to elect a new generation of leadership and a champion for hardworking families in Lauren Underwood.”

9:49 p.m. – With 100 percent of precincts reporting in the McHenry County Board’s District 6, unofficial results showed Republican incumbents holding on to their seats. Michele Aavang grabbed 32.6 percent of the vote (7,862 votes) while Larry Smith tallied 30 percent (7,422 votes). Democratic challengers Buffy Brasile and Larry Spaeth fell short with 17.9 percent and 18.7 percent of the vote respectively. 

– Ed Komenda

9:33 p.m. – It appears Joe Tirio will be the next McHenry County Clerk. As of 9:30 p.m., with 93 percent of McHenry County precincts reporting, the sitting recorder had 56.6 percent of the vote, or 39,856 votes. Democratic challenger Andrew Georgi has 43.4 percent of the vote, or 30,536 votes.

– Ed Komenda

9:31 p.m. - Democrat Sean Casten has defeated six-term Republican Rep. Peter Roskam to flip a suburban Chicago district the GOP has held for more than four decades. Democrats targeted the seat in Chicago's west and northwest suburbs in an effort to win control of the House. It was Roskam's toughest challenge since the Wheaton lawmaker was first elected to Congress in 2006. Casten, a scientist and businessman from Downers Grove, argued Roskam was too conservative for a district that supported Hillary Clinton over President Donald Trump in 2016. He pointed to Roskam's record of opposing abortion and his record of voting along with Trump. Roskam insisted he's a moderate who opposed Trump when necessary. He criticized Casten as wanting to raise taxes and for name-calling and "embracing the politics of ridicule."

- Associated Press

9:02 p.m. - McHenry County voters have spoken and the referenda on the ballot have clear winners. The heavily debated McHenry Township Road District abolishment was voted down, the McHenry Rec Center was too but the McHenry District 156 referendum passed.

Also, both McHenry County Board term limits passed with more than 91 percent of the vote.

- Jon Styf

8:49 p.m. - McHenry County results certainly don’t mirror the statewide results. By 8:45 p.m., Republicans Erika Harold (attorney general) and Bruce Rauner had conceded their races despite winning McHenry County. Harold was up with 56.6 percent of the McHenry County vote while Rauner took 55.5 percent of it with 93 percent of precincts reporting.

Jesse White (secretary of state) is the only Democrat in a statewide race who will win the McHenry County vote. White took 58 percent of the vote in the county.

- Jon Styf

8:40 p.m. - Republican Erika Harold has conceded to Democrat Kwame Raoul in their battle for Illinois attorney general.

- Associated Press

8:17 p.m. – On behalf of the Democratic Governors Association, Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) issued a statement on Democrat JB Pritzker’s victory in the Illinois’ governor race:

“Congratulations to Governor-Elect JB Pritzker for his commanding victory in Illinois. JB ran a model campaign, focused on the issues that matter to Illinois voters: strengthening health care, investing in education, and fixing the budget mess that Governor Bruce Rauner left. JB also built a strong campaign infrastructure to help up-and-down the ticket.

“Illinois voters spoke loudly today by overwhelmingly supporting JB’s plans to bring much needed change to the Land of Lincoln. JB will turn the page from the last four years in Illinois, and get the state moving in the right direction again.

“JB Pritzker has served his community as a national advocate for early childhood education and started a non-profit business incubator to bring tech jobs to Illinois. Now, as governor he will continue his record of service for Illinois families, focusing on creating jobs, expanding quality health care and investing in education. This is a much-welcomed turn around for Illinois. I’m honored to have worked with JB to add Illinois back to the Democratic column.”

Rauner posted this Tweet shortly before 8:30 p.m.: "It’s been an honor to serve. Thank you, Illinois."

– Ed Komenda

8:12 p.m. – Early results show voters favor McHenry District 156’s proposed $44 million referendum. The district has received 3,792 in favor of the proposal and 2,948 votes against. McHenry County has 93 percent of its precincts reported on this question.

– Brittany Keeperman

8:09 p.m. – With nearly 16 percent reporting in McHenry County, in Illinois’ 32nd Senate District, State. Sen. Craig Wilcox, R-McHenry, is ahead of Mary Mahady, D-McHenry.

McHenry County shows Wilcox has a total of 10,811 votes with Mahady trailing with 7,778.

In Lake County with 27 percent reporting, Wilcox is leading with 6,957 votes compared to Mahady’s 5,365.

– Daniel Gaitan

8:06 p.m. – Early results have shown Illinois District 6 Congressional Candidate Sean Casten has taken a lead over opponent Peter Roskam. Current totals across DuPage, Kane, McHenry and Lake counties show Casten has received 40,400 votes to Roskam's 33,172 votes. Cook County has not reported.

– Brittany Keeperman

7:57 p.m. – Less than an hour after polls closed, Gov. Bruce Rauner conceded the Illinois governor election to Democrat J.B. Pritzker. With 698 of 10,114 precincts reporting, Pritzker had 64 percent of the vote to Rauner's 31 percent.

– Ed Komenda

7:48 p.m. – A possible midterm story line is a “blue wave” narrative that includes Democrats taking multiple seats on the McHenry County Board. In the March primary, District 2 Democrat Suzanne Ness turned heads when she received more votes than any of the Republicans in the race. 

At the close of the polls Tuesday, District 2 candidate Josh Howell had 98 roadside signs and 300 yard signs planted around town. What did Ness’ campaign look like? The Woodstock Democrat gave a glimpse in a day-before-the-election note to her supporters: 

“[We] put out close to 300 signs, 12,000 mailers, 2500 postcards to targeted households, and knocked on close to 8000 doors. We held a dozen meet and greets, marched in the Crystal Lake parade and by all accounts over 250 people participated in my campaign between yard signs, donations, canvassers, and attendees at fundraising events.”

– Ed Komenda

7:41 p.m. – Early reports show State Sen. Dan McConchie, R-Hawthorn Woods, has taken a lead over Tom Georges, D-Mundelein, in Lake County. Lake County shows McConchie has a total of 16,079 votes with Georges trailing with 10,433 votes.

Lake County voted for McConchie with current vote totals at 24.95 percent.

McHenry and Cook counties have not posted results.

– Daniel Gaitan

7:36 p.m. – Early reports show Illinois District 6 Congressional Candidate Sean Casten has taken a slight lead over opponent Peter Roskam. Lake and Kane counties show Casten has a total of 16,180 votes with Roskam trailing behind with 14,972 votes.

Lake County voted for Roskam with current vote totals at 56.22 percent, or 5,064 votes against Casten's 3,944 votes.

In Kane County, early result totals show Casten took 54.56 percent of votes, with 12,236 votes for him and 9,908 votes for Roskam.

Lake County totals don't include early votes, votes by mail, provisional or late votes by mail, according to the website.

Not all counties in the 6th District have posted early results yet.

– Brittany Keeperman

7:08 p.m. – As part of one of the closest Congressional races in the country, Democrat Lauren Underwood made one last push in the 14th District to unseat Rep. Randy Hultgren, R-Plano, after casting her vote in her hometown of Naperville Tuesday morning.

Underwood and Hultgren have both made appearances in McHenry County the week leading up to the election. Hultgren visited a Spring Grove manufacturer on Friday with U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan to rally voters while Underwood urged supporters to vote at her Woodstock office in Monday.

– Drew Zimmerman

7:06 p.m. – McHenry County Recorder Joe Tirio and a large group of local Republicans will be watching election results at the Bulldog Ale House in McHenry. Before the polls closed Tuesday, Tirio spent his day visiting polling places. "At least 50," he said.

– Ed Komenda

6:45 p.m. – 110,402 people or 45.8 percent of registered voters in McHenry County have voted so far, with about 15 minutes left before the polls close, according to the county clerk's website.

– Katie Smith

6:24 p.m. – McHenry County Board District 2 candidate Josh Howell plans to hit the road when the polls close at 7 p.m. to pick up the 98 4x4 political signs his campaign planted before the election.

After the signs are packed away, he plans to visit polling places such as Main Beach and West Main Beach to get an idea how the race turned out long before McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan posts results. Polling places post their results on the outside of the building on "white receipt paper," Howell said.

– Ed Komenda

1:32 p.m. – 36 percent of registered voters in McHenry County have cast ballots. Election judges are attributing the turnout to increased campaign advertising and the overall sentiment that individual votes count. Lots of places also reported seeing more young voters than usual

– Katie Smith

          Ford Recalls Fusion and Lincoln MKZ Vehicles      Cache   Translate Page      

Ford is recalling more than 200 model year 2010 Ford Fusion and 2010-2012 Lincoln MKZ vehicles to fix problems that may cause the passenger airbags to fail.

The automaker says a bracket that holds the airbag inflator to the airbag module housing can deform and allow gas to leak during a crash.

The passenger airbag may inflate but only partially, likely not enough to protect a passenger in a crash.

According to Ford, the company isn't aware of any crashes or injuries related to the airbag issues.

The 2010 Ford Fusions were built between February 26, 2010, and June 21, 2010, and the 2010-2012 Lincoln MKZs were manufactured from March 10, 2009, through July 16, 2012.

Ford dealers will replace the passenger airbag modules, but Ford didn't say when the recall will begin.

Customers with questions should call 866-436-7332 and refer to recall number 18S34. has complaints about the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ.

          Peter Lucas: Take a deep breath, America, the sky isn't falling      Cache   Translate Page      
United we stand, divided we fall. It is a handy political phrase that goes back to the Ancient Greeks and makes its way through Revolutionary War patriot Patrick Henry, Civil War-era President Abraham Lincoln and onto Pink Floyd's "Hey You".
          Andrew Lincoln se despide de “The Walking Dead” pero dice hola a “The Walking Dead Universe” (una serie de películas con él como protagonista), James Wan confirma que Aquaman está 100% terminada y que ahora toca esperar al día de su estreno, y Fede Álvarez habla de Don’t Breathe 2 (posible) y Evil Dead 2 (lejos de serlo)…      Cache   Translate Page      

Se ve que este pasado fin de semana Andrew Lincoln ha abandonado de forma definitiva "The Walking Dead"… más o menos. Ya en su novena temporada, la serie sigue viviendo pese a los muchos estertores de muerte que la han rodeando de forma constante durante sus inicios, todos ellos debido a su notable irregularidad (una […]

La entrada Andrew Lincoln se despide de “The Walking Dead” pero dice hola a “The Walking Dead Universe” (una serie de películas con él como protagonista), James Wan confirma que Aquaman está 100% terminada y que ahora toca esperar al día de su estreno, y Fede Álvarez habla de Don’t Breathe 2 (posible) y Evil Dead 2 (lejos de serlo)… se publicó primero en Uruloki :: Blog.

          Megyn Kelly Was Going To Headline NBC Election Coverage Before ‘Today’ Controversy      Cache   Translate Page      

Megyn Kelly attends the 2018 Time 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center on April 24, 2018 in New York City.

As NBC and Megyn Kelly remain locked in negotiations regarding her future, the network has been removing any signs of the host’s involvement in their news coverage in the wake of Kelly’s controversial comments regarding blackface, according to reports from Page Six.

A source revealed to Page Six that since she was originally hired, NBC had plans for Kelly to be heavily featured in their coverage of the midterm elections, which will kick off on Tuesday night, with the network even sending out a press release prior to her removal advertising Kelly’s involvement in the evening’s proceedings, alongside the network’s political heavyweights Lester Holt of the network’s Nightly News, Today host Savannah Guthrie, and Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd.

Kelly’s lack of involvement was confirmed on Monday, when NBC released a video promotion for “The Vote: America’s Future” special live broadcast including only Holt, Guthrie, and Todd.

Click here to continue and

          Irving widens lead in district attorney race      Cache   Translate Page      
Natasha Irving of Waldoboro holds a nearly 5,000 vote lead in her bid to become the first Democrat to be elected district attorney in the Midcoast. Many of the larger communities have yet to submit their results but the current tally as of 11:20 p.m. Tuesday had Irving with 16,431 votes compared to 11,694 for the incumbent Republican District Attorney Jonathan Liberman. The district covers Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc...
          Lincoln County General Election Results 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
2018 GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS NOVEMBER 6, 2018 Updated 11-6-18 @ 10:05  PM 5 of 25 Precincts U.S. Senator Deb Fischer – R 2712 Jane Raybould – D 1157 Jim Schultz – L 179 Write-Ins 4 Congress – District 3 Adrian Smith – R 2897 Paul Theobald – D 1154 Write-Ins 4 Governor and Lt. Governor […]
          Lincoln display ‘one of our best’ says Archibald      Cache   Translate Page      
Theo Archibald thought Forest Green’s display at Lincoln was one of their best performances of the season despite the 2-1 defeat.
          Physical Therapist - Physical Therapy - South Lincoln Medical Center - Kemmerer, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Skills in performance of mechanical manipulation, massage, initiation of electro-stimulation, exercise, stretching and strength conditioning therapies....
From South Lincoln Medical Center - Wed, 03 Oct 2018 19:01:37 GMT - View all Kemmerer, WY jobs
          11/6/2018: CITY+REGION: Sandwich’s Top 14 heritage stories chosen to adorn new archway      Cache   Translate Page      

Abraham Lincoln’s possible connection to Sandwich — he may have briefly stepped ashore when his steamship ran aground in the Detroit River in 1849 — failed to make the cut when citizens rated the neighbourhood’s top heritage stories. That tells a lot...
          11/6/2018: YOU: Lincoln inks zombie deal      Cache   Translate Page      
Andrew Lincoln will star as Rick Grimes in three Walking Dead movies for AMC, written by the show’s producer and writer Scott M. Gimple. The actor starred in his last episode of Walking Dead on Sunday. “These films are going to be big evolutions of...
          Caffeinated Politics: Democracy Coffee Raises Money for Campaign Finance Reform      Cache   Translate Page      
Company using proceeds from their growing operation to promote publicly funded elections through online advertising and coffee. by Luke Stoddard Nathan Democracy Coffee's packaging doesn't say much about the product itself. Rather than rhapsodize about the coffee's flavor profile, the back of a 16-ounce bag of "People Power," one of the local brand's roasts, depicts an argument about publicly funded elections between a cartoon dinosaur and Abraham Lincoln.…

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          Man fatally shot in Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Northeast D.C.      Cache   Translate Page      
Police say the victim is the third to be fatally shot this year in a two-block area.
          Techdirt Podcast Episode 188: Government, Activism & Silicon Valley      Cache   Translate Page      

In late September, Mike joined a panel at the Lincoln Network's Reboot conference to tackle the question "will rising activism limit government’s access to Silicon Valley?" along with Trae Stephens, Pablo E. Carrillo, with moderator Katie McAuliffe. For this week's episode, we've got the full audio from that panel plus an additional introduction from Mike with some thoughts after the fact. Enjoy!

Follow the Techdirt Podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe via iTunes or Google Play, or grab the RSS feed. You can also keep up with all the latest episodes right here on Techdirt.

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          Richard Thompson Electric Trio at The Lincoln Theatre on 11/08/2018 06:30 PM EST      Cache   Translate Page      
          Looking for board game characters      Cache   Translate Page      
Looking to have famous historical figures resembled through animals. Would prefer animals and Historical figures that almost worked as a pun. The historical figures I'm thinking about would be: Potential Good Guys (smaller/weaker animals...moles, squirrels, etc: George Washington Winston Churchill Napoleon Martin Luther King Jr. General Patton Shakespeare John Rockefeller Nikola Tesla Thomas Edison Abraham Lincoln CoCo Chanel Joan of Arc Florence Nightingale Teddy Roosevelt Amelia Earhart Rosa Parks Cornelius Vanderbilt Annie Oakley Potential Bad guys (would prefer some meaner looking the top of the food chain..owls, hawks, etc: Adolf Hitler Osama Bin Laden Al Capone Pol Pot Saddam Hussein Idi Amin No preference on the style of illustration! I have attached the prospective game board and color scheme. (Prize: 10)
          "I am not a Know Nothing. That is certain…. Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty..."      Cache   Translate Page      
“I am not a Know Nothing. That is certain…. Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a nation, we began by declaring that ‘all men are created equal.’ We now practically read it ‘all men are created equal, except negroes.’ When the Know Nothings get control, it will read ‘all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.’ When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretence of loving liberty – to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocracy.”

- Abraham Lincoln
          How Many References Did You Catch?      Cache   Translate Page      

It's been no secret that Andrew Lincoln - AKA Rick Grimes - was set to leave The Walking Dead during its ninth season. AMC touted the episode as "Rick Grimes's Last Episode," and plenty of nostalgic callbacks and Easter eggs popped up during Rick's final hour. 

Many of Rick Grimes's Easter eggs referenced the character's nine-season journey. Many came from the show's first episode, replicating famous shots and bringing back early characters. Others referenced Rick's actions in later seasons and saw newer faces return. Whether or not you're excited for Rick's departure, these The Walking Dead Easter eggs were a fun trip down memory lane. 

How Many References Did You Catch?
          Deputy Sheriff - Lincoln County WI - Merrill, WI      Cache   Translate Page      
Lateral transfers accepted. Applications are being accepted to fill vacancies in 2019 with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.... $21.04 an hour
From Indeed - Fri, 12 Oct 2018 20:40:19 GMT - View all Merrill, WI jobs
          15.04.1865: Abraham Lincoln wird ermordet      Cache   Translate Page      
Von Bertram Quadt
          automotive repairer - The Belanger Ford Lincoln Centre - Chelmsford, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Steel-toed safety boots Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities Fast-paced environment Work Location Information In shop Automotive Service Technician... $14 - $16 an hour
From Canadian Job Bank - Tue, 30 Oct 2018 23:59:31 GMT - View all Chelmsford, ON jobs
          Detroit Symphony Turns Lincoln Warning Buzzers into Sweet Music      Cache   Translate Page      
Warning sounds are, by definition, designed to draw your attention, but they often can get on your nerves, as well. Looking to create a "symphonic landscape" that was less jarring but equally effective, Lincoln turned to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to create 25 warning alerts. More from
          Count Basie by Alun Morgan - Part 4      Cache   Translate Page      
© -  Steven A. Cerra, copyright protected; all rights reserved.

Born in Wales in 1928, Alun Morgan became a Jazz fan as a teenage and was an early devotee of the bebop movement. In the 1950s he began contributing articles to Melody Maker, Jazz Journal, Jazz Monthly, and Gramophone and for twenty years, beginning in 1969, he wrote a regular column for a local newspaper in Kent. From 1954 onward he contributed to BBC programs on Jazz, authored and co-authored books on modern Jazz and Jazz in England and wrote over 2,500 liner notes for Jazz recordings.

"I probably don't need to tell you that Alun Morgan was one of the most gifted and knowledgeable of all jazz writers. He wrote the most beautiful English and what he had to say was communicated flawlessly to his readers. He was comprehensively generous to other writers, and it was at his instigation that I wrote my book on Woody Herman. Once I decided to write it, he shovelled  to me the information that he had acquired for his own use on Woody at an amazing rate. Try to find anything he has written and you will be deeply rewarded if you succeed. His book on Modern Jazz was an early primer on the subject, and you'll find the one on Basie, despite its great age, is as relevant as it ever was." -  Steve Voce

Chapter Four

“For much of the first half of 1940 Basie worked around New York and Boston. He was at the Apollo Theatre on at least three occasions and the Golden Gate Ballroom, both venues in New York City, and at Boston's Southland Ballroom, from which latter location an excellent broadcast transcription dating from February 20 has been released on a number of labels. By now the powerful trumpet of Al Killian had replaced Shad Collins and the distinctive Vic Dickenson had joined the trombones, taking the place of Benny Morton who left to join pianist Joe Sullivan's band.

In May Milton Ebbins took over as manager from Jack Kearney and Tab Smith was in and out of the band as a fifth saxophonist. The band was still being booked through MCA but Willard Alexander's move to the William Morris agency was having an effect on Count's business. It was not that the band had no work, it was simply that it was not getting the air time which Alexander had considered so important. There have been a few indications that, away from the piano keyboard, Basie's acumen and sense of timing left a lot to be desired. Apart from the unfortunate terms of the Decca contract Basie entered into, the sharp nose-dive of his fortunes with MCA once Alexander left was most noticeable. Both Count and his manager. Milt Ebbins, formally accused MCA of serious charges and the November 15, 1940 issue of Down Beat carried the news that Basie felt the agency was guilty of:

a.   Failure to book the band into spots with radio wires.
b.   General handling of the band: for example it was recently booked for the Paramount Theatre (LA) for two weeks. 'It was the only date we played out there, and it cost us two thousand dollars to send the band there. It doesn't make sense.'
c.   Long jumps on tour: 500 miles a night 'not unusual. We've jumped from New York to Chicago in one night'.
d.   The band has been a big grosser everywhere it's played (including a recent Southern tour) but 'MCA got some nineteen thousand dollars in commission last year. Basie got seven thousand himself and the band got five thousand. Does that make sense?

Basie threatened to break up his band, presumably in order to sever his relationship with MCA. Count did a number of one night stands with
Benny Goodman (and played on some of Benny's sextet recording dates) while the rest of the Basie men 'loafed around New York'. Manager Milt Ebbins said he was taking the mismanagement case to James Petrillo, head of the American Federation of Musicians. 'We haven't had a location job with air time for a year. Some weeks we work every night, jumping 500 miles a night. Other weeks we lay off No one seems interested in Basie at MCA'.

By the end of the year an uneasy truce was proposed with MCA taking less commission from the band's bookings. But Basie suffered another setback a couple of weeks before Christmas. Columbia had set up a recording session for Friday, 13th December, 1940 in order to record four titles (It's the same old South, Stampede in G minor, Who am I? and Rockin' the blues); on the day of the session Basie's star soloist, Lester Young, failed to show up. Rumour has it that he objected to making records on Friday The Thirteenth but those close to the event deny it. In any case Basie was forced, at short notice, to bring in Paul Bascombe on loan from the Erskine Hawkins band, and to allocate the tenor solos on the date to Buddy Tate. It was the parting of the ways, at least temporarily, for Lester and Basie and while the precise reasons for Young's departure may never be known, it is worth recording that Lester's wife, Mary, wrote a letter to Down Beat magazine stating the Lester left Basie of his own accord and was not fired.

Another Down Beat report of interest occurs in the January 15, 1941 issue referring to the months of wrangling between Basie and MCA. Count bought his release from the agency for ten thousand dollars and joined William Morris. 'Willard Alexander, Morris band department executive, will personally guide Basie and the band just as he has been doing for the past four years, even though he and Basie were with rival booking offices. Also in the picture is Milton Keith Ebbins, youthful Basie road manager and former band leader, who now becomes personal manager of the Basie outfit. Alexander and Ebbins together will accept or reject all bookings offered. Basie's band hasn't been working much lately. On January 3rd he started a theatre tour, opening at the Apollo in Harlem - the first job to be booked by Morris'. Following the departure of Lester Young, Count used a number of temporary substitutes in his reed section then, at the end of February, 1941, Don Byas took over on a permanent basis.

With Willard Alexander now officially back at the helm the bands fortunes improved. Most of its work was still in ballrooms and theatres where it was expected to provide music not only for dancers but also as the backing for all manner of variety acts and vocalists. What happened in the recording studios was not always necessarily a true reflection of the working band schedule. Jimmy Rushing and Helen Humes were a great success as singers with the band but Helen found the strain of touring too great and left around the time Don Byas came into the band. 'I used to pretend I was asleep on the Basie bus' Helen told Stanley Dance, 'so the boys wouldn't think I was hearing their rough talk. I'd sew buttons on, and cook for them too. I used to carry pots and a little hot plate around, and I'd fix up some food backstage or in places where it was difficult to get anything to eat when we were down South. Playing cards was the best way of passing time on those long trips, but sometimes when I won money from them I found I had to lend it back! I wasn't interested in drinking and keeping late hours, so that part didn't hurt me. But my kidneys couldn't stand the punishment of those long rides. I was too timid to ask the driver to stop when I should have. Then, too, I got tired of singing the same songs year after year.’

Miss Humes's eloquent statement tells us more about the reverse side of the show-biz coin than a wealth of conjecture. Life on the road with a touring band has never been good but for girl singers the pressures were greater.

Basie brought in Pearl White, a former singer and dancer at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, as a temporary replacement for Helen and later in the year, Lynne Sherman, one-time vocalist with the Sonny Burke band and now married to Basie's manager Milt Ebbins, sang with the band at an engagement at Boston's Ritz-Carlton. (Lynne also recorded a couple of sides with the band at the end of 1941.) But Jimmy Rushing was still the major attraction in the vocal department, singing the blues and generally giving the band its deeply committed Kansas City sound. Ballads on records were handled by Earl Warren, who was also leading the sax team. The Okeh releases of 78rpm discs usually had an Earl Warren vocal on one side and a more extrovert instrumental number on the other. British EMI, which then had a contract with American Columbia, parent company of Okeh, released Basie records in Britain during World War Two on its Parlophone label and invariably cross-backed the instrumentals, omitting most records with a vocal. One Basie performance with a singer which was issued both in the US and Britain was the two-sided King Joe, a somewhat unexpected pairing of the Count's orchestra and the vibrant voice of Paul Robeson.

Some of the arrangements for the vocals brought in unexpected names; Hugo Winterhalter, for example, scored some of the Earl Warren features. Basie was also using compositions and arrangements from unusual sources for his instrumentals too; Stampede in G minor was written by Clinton P. Brewer, a convicted murderer then serving a 19 year jail sentence while Beau Brummel was by the diminutive Margie Gibson. It is likely, however, that many of the titles which the band recorded for Okeh/Columbia were seldom played in public for the band was still working predominantly hotel ballrooms and theatres where the programme of music was certainly less experimental.

Years later the same pattern could be observed when comparing the band's recorded output with any listing of tunes played in public. Metronome magazine's Bill Coss spent some time travelling with the band at the end of 1956 and his observations are probably typical of almost any period in the orchestra's existence: 'It's interesting to look through the band's arrangements. There are about 180 scores in the library and, at most, only sixty of these are played. Out of that number, there are perhaps twenty or thirty which are played over and over;-the others are mostly dance arrangements, ballads by Edgar Sampson, etc. Of that outside figure of thirty, there are only two or three which have any real musical worth; those the musicians really like to play, but they generally have to badger the Count into playing them. Basie doesn't like to play new arrangements. Like most of jazz, like most jazz musicians, the arrangements written and played are of familiar blues and standard tunes. Aside from the fact of sheer boredom and over-familiar material, many of the musicians have an artist's interest in new material; but to no avail. Yet they accept it with fortitude, knowing that that is very much the way it is, turning with a wry smile when I would ask them about any new arrangements being in the book and answering "Yep, there's a new arrangement of Moten swing"'

Basie, like Duke Ellington, may have felt that he was working for two audiences, those who paid at the door to hear the band 'live' and those who wanted a more permanent reminder of the band on record. During the nineteen-forties the band was recording excellent scores by men such as Jimmy Mundy (Fiesta in blue, Something new, Feather merchant etc.), Eddie Durham, Buster Harding, Buck Clayton and, occasionally, Skip Martin, Tadd Dameron and Tab Smith. Most of the writers seemed to write with the established sound of the band in mind. (Perhaps they knew that such scores had a better chance of finding their way into the book!) Basie was very much the leader, rejecting anything which he did not feel was right. Buck Clayton told Stanley Dance '(Count) was nice to work for, but he always knew what he wanted from the band and the arrangers. At the beginning, it used to take us so long to get through the arrangements. We'd have to help guys who didn't do so much reading, but who were great soloists and were accustomed to the head arrangements. The only reason I played all those things with a mute with Basie was because he asked me to, and as he was the leader his wishes were like commands. When I came out of the army I was my own judge and I played like I wanted to. The funny thing about Basie was that he'd ask me to record with a mute, but when we got on one-nighters he'd have me play the same thing open'.

Clayton stayed with Basie until November, 1943 when he was called up by the US Army. The Count's band lost a number of men to the armed forces but there is evidence that the US authorities called more whites than Negroes, proportionately speaking, and some of the white bands of the day suffered greater losses of key personnel than either Basie or Duke Ellington.

When the V Disc programme of recordings was launched, Ellington and his men made it clear that they were not prepared to take part, as a protest against the way coloured troops were treated. (The Ellington material which does exist on V Disc is generally from public concerts.) Basie, on the other hand, took part in a number of these sessions, a fact which enables us to hear the development of the band during an extended ban on commercial recordings which commenced on August 1,1942 and, in the case of Basie's recording company, did not end until December, 1944. During this period a number of important personnel changes took place. Don Byas left and Lester Young took his place, having presumably patched up his previous difference with Basie.

Buddy Tate remembers that Byas left after an incident one night when Ben Webster sat in with the Count. 'I never heard anyone sound like that in my life, and all the cats flipped over Ben. Poor Don went across the street and got stoned!' Lester came into the band in December, 1943 and stayed until the following September when the army almost literally took him off the bandstand. Lester had been ignoring his call-up papers, using the excuse that, as a member of a touring band, the papers had not reached him. 'When we opened in Los Angeles that year,’ recalls Tate, 'there was a sharp young cat there who kept looking at Prez and Jo Jones. That wasn't unusual because they were stars. He sat there drinking whiskey all night, but when we got though he came over and said "You, Lester Young, and you, Jo Jones, I have to serve you with these papers. Be down at the Induction Centre tomorrow morning!" '. Their places were taken immediately by drummer Buddy Rich (who succeeded in playing with Tommy Dorsey in the early part of each evening then with Basie at ten o'clock) and Artie Shaw, who played Lester's tenor parts on clarinet. This was, of course, only a temporary arrangement until Shadow Wilson and Lucky Thompson, on drums and tenor respectively, joined on a more permanent basis. 'When Lucky arrived, he continued the Byas approach' maintains Buddy Tale. 'Lester had naturally been featured more than me, and Lucky was in his chair. Lucky quit when he decided he wanted to stay on the Coast'. Basie's visits to Los Angeles had given him the opportunity of working in films and as early as April, 1943 Down Beat was reporting that 'the Basie band can currently be seen in three films, "Hit Parade of 1943" (Republic), "Reveille With Beverley" (Columbia) and "Stage Door Canteen" (United Artists)'.

The following August the band was working on three film assignments at Universal, the Donald O'Connor comedy musical 'Man Of The Family' (also known as 'Top Man'), the Olsen and Johnson sequel to 'Hellzapoppin' titled 'Crazy House' (and sometimes 'Funzapoopin') and a Will Cowan short.

But perhaps the most significant event was that on November 5, 1943 Count Basie opened at the Lincoln Hotel in New York for an eight week engagement. On the face of it this may seem fairly innocuous but it was the breaking down of a number of barriers. It was Count's first booking into a New York hotel and the first time the Lincoln had ever played host to a coloured band. No doubt Willard Alexander was the power behind the move and the Lincoln booking was an immediate success. In fact the band returned again later and a number of excellent broadcast transcriptions exist from the Lincoln's 'Blue Room' which indicate that Basie did not have to make any concessions to the hotel guests; numbers such as Harvard blues, Kansas City stride, Dance of the gremlins and Rock-a-bye-Basie abound.”

To be continued ….

          The Hotwire #43: October 31, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

From CrimethInc.

Interviews: Anarchist Jews on Tree of Life massacre—Brazil: Bolsonaro wins

Rate us on iTunes and let us know what you think, or send us an email to

Listen to the Episode



No news is good news. 60% of wildlife has been wiped off the planet since 1970. Mexican police kill a man in the migrant caravan on the border with Guatemala. Ever since Trump openly declared himself a nationalist last week, there has been an escalation of far-right violence. We interview an anarchist who works at the Tree of Life synagogue where an anti-Semite massacred 11 people on Saturday, as well as two people in the Outlive Them network about the upcoming International Days of Action against Fascism and Anti-Semitism. We also draw connections between the election of Bolsonaro in Brazil and anarchist resistance to Trump and democracy itself in the United States. Send us news, events, or ideas on how our show can better serve anarchist activity in your town by emailing us at

Notes and Links

  • Table of Contents:
    • Introduction {0:00}
    • Headlines {1:12}
    • Tree of Life massacre {5:10}
    • Bolsonaro, democracy, elections {24:00}
    • Resistance roundup {33:50}
    • Repression roundup {37:50}
    • Next Week’s News {43:15}
  • Download 29:30 minutes long version.

  • The latest episode of Sub.Media’s webseries Trouble deals with the J20 protests and ensuing legal battle. If anyone out there can help translate the subtitles to Brazilian Portuguese, we know that comrades there would appreciate it! E-mail us at podcast[at]crimethinc[dot]com.

  • Upcoming events/demos/etc:
    • November 2: A call for counter protests against Steve Bannon and David Frum in Toronto. Meet at 5pm outside Ray Thomson Hall located at 60 Simcoe St.
    • November 6: an anti-ICE march in Portland, Oregon at 6pm. Meet at City Hall and check out @OccupyICEPDX on twitter for more information.
    • November 8–11: International Days of Action against Fascism and Anti-Semitism, including this action in New York City on November 10.
    • November 10: A call for counter demos against PEGIDA’s anti-Muslim and anti-refugee demonstration, also in Toronto. Meet at 12pm in Mel Lastman Square.
    • November 16–18: School of the Americas Watch is hosting a border encuentro directly on the US/Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona and Sonora.
    • November 17: A Stand Against Proud Boys action in Philadelpha, to counter Proud Boys who are planning to attend a rally called We the People. Meet at Washington Square Park at 6th and Walnut Streets.
  • Upcoming anarchist book fairs and gatherings:
  • More about the unpermitted crowd that forced Trump’s motorcade to turn around in Pittsburgh.

  • The Claws of Empire, the Rise of Fascism: Brazilian Anarchist Statement on Bolsonaro

  • Another anarchist perspective on the upcoming midterm elections.

  • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief are still looking for accomplices in their autonomous relief work in North Carolina, as well as supplies. They need:
  • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is on tour until late November! This week’s dates:
    • October 31: Olympia, WA. 3:00 pm PDT @ Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia, WA 98505
    • November 1: Seattle, WA. 7:00 pm PDT @ Pipsqueak Gallery, 173 16th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
    • November 6: Fort Collins, CO. 7:00 pm MST @ Poudre Valley Public Library, 201 Peterson St, Fort Collins, CO 80524
    • November 7: Fort Collins, CO. 4:00 pm MST @ Cafe Foco, 201 Peterson St, Fort Collins, CO 80524
    • A complete list of tour dates and locations can be found here.
  • Duluth, Minnesota: Anti-fascist and anti-white supremacy People’s General Assemblies will be taking place weekly, Tuesdays at 6 PM in People’s Power Plaza

  • Political Prisoner Malik Washington has announced a hunger strike, not only against his conditions, but also against police brutality on streets and inside prison walls, against prison slavery, and against patriarchy and imperialism. If you’d like to send him written messages of support, you can write him at:

    Keith H. Washington #1487958

    McConnell Unit

    3100 South Emily Drive

    Beeville, TX 78103

  • Write a letter to anarchist prisoner Eric King at:

    Eric King

    # 27090045



    P.O. BOX 1000


  • Rashid Johnson, a revolutionary prisoner who is a founding member, and Minister of Defense, of the Prison Chapter of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party, is asking for your help! As de facto retribution for his relentless activism and exposure of the prison system, Rashid is being held in awful repressive conditions. Especially importantly, he takes medication for his blood pressure and the prison is withholding his medicine. Supporters can call Warden Beth Cabell, any day other than Friday, at (804) 834–2678. The focus should be on his medical emergency, as Rashid needs to have his blood pressure checked in order for any adjustments to be made to his medications.

  • A trans woman of color and water protector was arrested on bogus charges in Louisiana on last week. She has since been released, but you can still donate to the ongoing fight at

  • In the Philippines, Food Not Bombs volunteer Marco is still in prison awaiting trial on drug charges. His supporters vehemently maintain that he had drugs planted on him and that he is being framed. You can donate to his legal fund here.

  • Friends of Tim Brown Jr are raising legal funds on his behalf for charges he incurred while in jail after being arrested in Charlottesville. The new charges are for allegedly beating up James Fields, the neo-Nazi who murdered Heather Heyer. If you have a few bucks, here’s the link to his gofundme.

  • Use this straightforward guide to writing prisoners from New York City Anarchist Black Cross to write a birthday message for Ed Poindexter, who celebrates a birthday next week:

    Ed Poindexter


    Nebraska State Penitentiary

    Post Office Box 2500

    Lincoln, Nebraska 68542

    {Birthday: November 1}

  • Sales are OPEN for the 2019 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar! The theme of next year’s calendar is Health/Care, and it features art and writing from current and former political prisoners like David Gilbert, Mike and Chuck Africa, and Laura Whitehorn. If you buy 10 or more, be sure to use the discount code “BULK” to get 10 or more calendars for $10 each—you can then sell the calendars to fundraise for your own organizing.


          دانلود سریال The Walking Dead فصل 9      Cache   Translate Page      
دانلود سریال The Walking Dead فصل نهم با لینک مستقیم و رایگان , دانلود رایگان فصل جدید و قسمت جدید سریال مردگان متحرک با کیفیتهای مختلف و امکان تماشای انلاین سریال در سایت .<br> <br>بازیگران : Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal and Sarah Wayne Callies<br>خلاصه داستان : «ریک» یک افسر پلیس است که بعد از گلوله خوردن در حین ماموریت
           Comment on Virtual Book Tour: Verse for the Day, by Lincoln S. Kokaram by Verse for the Day – His Business Partners       Cache   Translate Page      
[…] We are living a world of separation. People are drifting apart more and more. Families are being separated. Organizations are that were unified are breaking apart. Even churches are splitting apart. Our God is a God of unity. He created family. He created nations. He created different races. He did this for His purpose and our survival. When our Lord looks down at this world, He does not see differences. He sees His children. May we too seek unity and not separation. May we look upon one another as brothers and sisters of our Lord. When we start doing this there will be peace on this earth. Remember the greatest commandment – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and your neighbor as yourself.’ Have a Blessed Day! Follow Him! One Less Day to Go! Y.B.I.C. Lincoln S. Kokaram 404-229-5603 Virtual Book Tour link: […]
           Comment on Virtual Book Tour: Verse for the Day, by Lincoln S. Kokaram by Verse for the day – His Business Partners       Cache   Translate Page      
[…] Follow Him! One Less Day to Go! Y.B.I.C. Lincoln S. Kokaram 404-229-5603 Virtual Book Tour link: Pray for a safe and peaceful elections in the USA. Let us pray for all the leaders who will be […]
           Comment on Virtual Book Tour: Verse for the Day, by Lincoln S. Kokaram by Verse for the Day – His Business Partners       Cache   Translate Page      
[…] When Jesus walked on the earth over 2000 years ago, crowds gathered around Him. Some out of curiousity; and many out of need. ‘He could not keep His presence secret.’ When we accept Him as Lord and Savior and invite Him to come and dwell inside of us; we cannot keep His presence in our lives a secret. Out thoughts, words and actions will reflect His Holy Spirit. There should be no doubt that we belong to Jesus and we are His servants. May His Holy Spirit be revealed in you and me at all times. Have a Blessed Day! Follow Him! One Less Day to Go! Y.B.I.C. Lincoln S. Kokaram 404-229-5603 Virtual Book Tour link: […]
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For Sale 1996 Fleetwood, Olympic Special, fourteen X70 mobile home in fair condition. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 fullsize baths and is located in the Cherokee Retreat Subdivision in Lincoln County. Trailer must be moved. For more details and pictures you can contact me by email or 907-301-XXXX...ThanksLocation: Lincolnton

          Whatever the outcome of Election Day, keep confidence in America      Cache   Translate Page      
Even if we struggle sometimes to be friends, we must not, as Abraham Lincoln counseled, be enemies.
          Youth Program Coordinator- Lincoln Hills - Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council, Inc. - Lac du Flambeau, WI      Cache   Translate Page      
Disabled applicants may request a needed accommodation from the representative of the Human Resource Department, PO Box 9 Lac Du Flambeau, WI 54538 or phone... $18 - $22 an hour
From Indeed - Thu, 18 Oct 2018 15:19:38 GMT - View all Lac du Flambeau, WI jobs
          Lincoln Once Made A Goofy Short Movie With Over-The-Top Soviets About the Continental      Cache   Translate Page      

The world was a very different place back during the height of the Cold War. America had a very clear, uncomplicated rival in the Soviet Union, but our relationship with the USSR wasn’t one that always demanded seriousness and fear. Sometimes, goofy versions of our sworn enemies could be trotted out to help sell cars.…


          Whatever the outcome of Election Day, keep confidence in America      Cache   Translate Page      
Even if we struggle sometimes to be friends, we must not, as Abraham Lincoln counseled, be enemies.
          Comment of the Day: Tone It Down, Ford      Cache   Translate Page      

Today’s story about Lincoln’s new door chime really struck a chord with many of you. Apparently, Lincoln engineers aren’t the only ones who have strong opinions about the sound their cars make. I mean, besides under the hood and from the speakers. It makes me wonder what other possible annoyances I’m missing out on. 


          Cuando tienes más enemigos que amigos, las probabilidades son de una en mil de convertirlos en tus amigos      Cache   Translate Page      
Abraham Lincoln alguna vez dijo: “Puedes hacer tonta a algunas gentes por algún tiempo, puedes incluso engañarlos a esos pocos durante todo el tiempo; pero no podrás hacer tontos a todos por todo el tiempo”. Independientemente de lo inteligente que puedas ser, siempre habrá gentes que en su momento descubrirán tus intenciones y te desenmascaran [...]
           Andrew Lincoln protagonizará las películas de 'The Walking Dead'       Cache   Translate Page      
El actor británico se acaba de despedir de la serie después de nueve temporadas interpretando al protagonista Rick Grimes
           Comment on Andrew Lincoln to reprise role of Rick Grimes for Walking Dead movies by Breaking Bad Movie Reportedly In The Works | Film News | Daily Grime News       Cache   Translate Page      
[…] AMC announced it’s in the business of making feature films, as the network plans on rolling out not one, not two, but three goddamn movies based on The Walking Dead. So, this would fit that model, […]
          Lincoln gets orchestral chimes      Cache   Translate Page      

Lincoln Aviator first to get orchestra of tunes.

Read more

           Comment on Andrew Lincoln to reprise role of Rick Grimes for Walking Dead movies by Breaking Bad movie reportedly in the works – The Flipped Side       Cache   Translate Page      
[…] confirmed they’re now in the business of making feature films, as they plan on rolling out not one, not two, but three goddamn movies based on The Walking Dead. So, this would fit that model, […]
           Comment on Andrew Lincoln to reprise role of Rick Grimes for Walking Dead movies by Breaking Bad movie reportedly in the works – Site Title       Cache   Translate Page      
[…] confirmed they’re now in the business of making feature films, as they plan on rolling out not one, not two, but three goddamn movies based on The Walking Dead. So, this would fit that model, […]
          Camper Repair and Maintenance Specialist - Link Ford Lincoln and RV - Rice Lake, WI      Cache   Translate Page      
Employee pricing on vehicle and RV purchases. Service discounts on RV and vehicle service. Link Ford &amp; RV • 2700 Decker Drive • Rice Lake, WI 54868....
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           Comment on Andrew Lincoln to reprise role of Rick Grimes for Walking Dead movies by Breaking Bad movie reportedly in the works – mrbillbrazil       Cache   Translate Page      
[…] confirmed they’re now in the business of making feature films, as they plan on rolling out not one, not two, but three goddamn movies based on The Walking Dead. So, this would fit that model, […]
          Rick Grimes' Walking Dead Adventures Will Continue in Movies      Cache   Translate Page      
Last night's episode of The Walking Dead may have seen the exit of Andrew Lincoln’s lead character Rick, but he’ll be back and bigger than ever.
          Consultant, Business Analytics & Data Science - Lincoln Financial - Boston, MA      Cache   Translate Page      
Phoenix, AZ (Arizona). Knowledge and experience on applying statistical and machine learning techniques on real business data....
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Phoenix, AZ (Arizona). Implements and maintains predictive and statistical models to identify business opportunities and solve complex business problems....
From Lincoln Financial Group - Tue, 16 Oct 2018 20:54:14 GMT - View all Boston, MA jobs
          The Talking Dead #404: s9e5 – “What Comes After”      Cache   Translate Page      
The Walking Dead season 9 episode 5 is Andrew Lincoln’s swan song as Rick Grimes. Tune in for for our thoughts as we recap the episode, read some of your holy crap moments, and chat about what the future holds. — Please send us your comments, thoughts and feedback. Email us at, or post comments...
          Techdirt Podcast Episode 188: Government, Activism & Silicon Valley      Cache   Translate Page      

In late September, Mike joined a panel at the Lincoln Network's Reboot conference to tackle the question "will rising activism limit government’s access to Silicon Valley?" along with Trae Stephens, Pablo E. Carrillo, with moderator Katie McAuliffe. For this week's episode, we've got the full audio from that panel plus an additional introduction from Mike with some thoughts after the fact. Enjoy!

Follow the Techdirt Podcast on Soundcloud, subscribe via iTunes or Google Play, or grab the RSS feed. You can also keep up with all the latest episodes right here on Techdirt.

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          Congressman Luetkemeyer retains office      Cache   Translate Page      
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Associated Press is reporting that US Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer has won a sixth term representing Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District, which includes parts of St. Charles, Franklin, and Lincoln counties, defeating Democrat Katy Geppert and Libertarian Donald Stolle. Reuters reports that Luetkemeyer, a former state lawmaker and banker, stands to take on a larger role on the House Financial Services Committee, regardless of which party ends up in control of Congress after Tuesday’s midterm elections. Luetkemeye, 66, […]
          Even with a boost from Rick's exit, The Walking Dead may continue to struggle with ratings      Cache   Translate Page      

On Sunday, The Walking Dead said goodbye to Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes, the show's central protragonist since its inception in 2010.

          Andrew Lincoln hints at what’s next for Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead movie trilogy      Cache   Translate Page      

He’s finally gone from the TV show, but after nine years, Rick Grimes’ story in The Walking Dead universe is really only getting started.

          The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan officially done for now, but a Maggie movie might be in the cards      Cache   Translate Page      

The Walking Dead may have bid farewell to Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes on last night's Season 9 episode, but it wasn't the only character you won't be seeing from here on out. According to showrunner Angela Kang, Lauren Cohan's Maggie Greene has also wrapped up her character arc — at least for the time being. 

          Rick Grimes to return in trilogy of Walking Dead movies and the Whisperers come to the main series      Cache   Translate Page      

Tonight, viewers said goodbye to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in a landmark episode of The Walking Dead. While fans poured out their support, things didn't turn out exactly as many of us expected.

          Rick Grimes' 15 greatest moments on The Walking Dead      Cache   Translate Page      

After nine seasons and 120 episodes, Andrew Lincoln’s time on The Walking Dead is about to come to an end. Lincoln originated the role of Rick Grimes in 2010, bringing Robert Kirkman’s flawed hero to life in unforgettable fashion. The humanity and gravitas of Lincoln’s performance went a long way towards winning over fans, especially in the show’s earliest days. It may seem difficult to believe now, but The Walking Dead was once considered a gamble for AMC.

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          El Lincoln Aviator será un SUV híbrido enchufable de lujo... con sonidos de orquesta      Cache   Translate Page      

El Lincoln Aviator será un SUV híbrido enchufable de lujo... con sonidos de orquesta#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

No queda nada para que la versión definitiva del Lincoln Aviator se presente al mundo. Será en el Salón de Los Ángeles 2018 y su primer teaser oficial no se ha hecho esperar. La marca norteamericana ha desvelado este vídeo en el que no sólo vemos la primera imagen oficial de su nuevo SUV premium, sino que además nos confirma que sus alertas y sonidos están interpretadas por la Orquesta Sinfónica de Detroit.

En el primer adelanto del Lincoln Aviator, que se desvelaba el pasado marzo, el fabricante norteamericano venía a confirmar que su todocamino sería todo un dechado de lujo. Si bien se trataba de un concept, lo cierto es que daba la sensación que estábamos ante un modelo de producción y no ante un aspiracional prototipo.

Su primera imagen nos lo confirma: calca prácticamente el frontal de aquel primer aperitivo, por lo que es de esperar que sea igual de continuista en su aspecto exterior, así como en su espectacular habitáculo donde reinaban materiales nobles como la piel o los insertos en madera y aluminio, junto con avanzadas tecnologías al servicio el confort.

Alertas de lujo para un SUV de altos vuelos

Lincoln Aviator

Concebido sobre la plataforma D6 de Ford, el Lincoln Aviator será un híbrido enchufable, lo que supone el estreno del fabricante estadounidense en esta categoría. Sin embargo de esta mecánica no se conocen detalles: habrá que esperar a su debut, que tendrá lugar a finales de mes en la cita angelina.

De hecho, lo único que sabemos hasta el momento del Aviator es que contará con tres filas de asientos, dando cabida a siete ocupantes, que será tracción total y que contará con un notable arsenal tecnológico con avanzados sistemas de seguridad activa.

Y ahora lo que también sabemos es que sus alertas y sonidos han sido interpretados por la Orquesta Sinfónica de Detroit. El honorable conjunto de músicos grabó un total de 125 cortes, de los cuales se escogieron entre seis finalistas para dar vida a las 25 alertas de las que dispondrá el Lincoln Aviator.

Por poner algunos ejemplos, hablamos de avisos acústicos como el de no llevar el cinturón puesto, dejar la puerta abierta o los faros encendidos, así como el indicador de combustible bajo. Todos ellos, tal y como demuestra el vídeo, han sido interpretados por una mezcla de instrumentos de cuerda, concretamente un violín y una viola, y percusión. El Aviator será el primer Lincoln en estrenar estos sonidos, pero sus próximos retoños también se sumarán a esta moda.

El resto de detalles de este SUV premium los conoceremos muy pronto, que será cuando también se confirme si contará con bondades como los 30 ajustes diferentes para los asientos delanteros, con función de masaje incluida, la instrumentación digital o la avanzada suspensión adaptativa inteligente que incluía el prototipo. Muchas ganas de conocerlo al completo.

También te recomendamos

Renault sorprende con el teaser de un nuevo crossover, ¿estamos ante un posible SUV coupé?

Elige tu proyector ideal en función de tus necesidades

Volkswagen T-Cross: el más pequeño de la familia SUV de la marca, dice hola en este primer teaser

La noticia El Lincoln Aviator será un SUV híbrido enchufable de lujo... con sonidos de orquesta fue publicada originalmente en Motorpasion por Alejandra Otero .

          "Lincoln in the Bardo" by George Saunders Evening Book Discussion      Cache   Translate Page      
Tuesday,November 13, 2018, 6:30 p.m., at the Schweitzer Brentwood Branch Library.
          The Talking Dead #404: s9e5 – “What Comes After”      Cache   Translate Page      
The Walking Dead season 9 episode 5 is Andrew Lincoln’s swan song as Rick Grimes. Tune in for for our thoughts as we recap the episode, read some of your holy crap moments, and chat about what the future holds. — Please send us your comments, thoughts and feedback. Email us at, or post comments...
          High turnout has Missouri polling places running out of ballots      Cache   Translate Page      
LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. — At least three polling places in Lincoln County have run out of paper ballots. The Cuivre Park Elementary in Troy, Missouri is experiencing their highest general election turnout ever, which they had been expected today. The previous record was 56 percent, it’s well over 60 percent now. The other locations that have run out of paper ballots are New Salem Baptist Church in Winfield, and Old Monroe Knights of Columbus Hall. This picture is from New […]
          1 Bed Flat for Sale      Cache   Translate Page      
This wonderful one bedroom period conversion is set on the ground floor and benefits a lovely bay-fronted reception room, stylish modern dcor throughout, a sleek kitchen and contemporary bathroom, with a large garden.Lincoln Street is ideally...
1 room
Sat, 20 Oct 2018 11:58:03 -0400
          Nov 16, 2018: Student Recital - Lewis Fowler at School of Jazz Performance Space, Room I531, Arnhold Hall      Cache   Translate Page      


On November 16th, 2018, saxophonist Lewis Fowler’s time at The New School will culminate in his senior recital. Catch this once-in-a-lifetime event in the performance space at 55 W 13th St. at 7pm.

This hour-long concert will consist of a body of original work, written during Lewis’ time at The New School. The performance will feature Kaelen Ghandhi on tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, Baptiste Horcholle on tenor saxophone, Assa Kook on trumpet, Clifford Cameron and Nick Augusta on piano, Hattie Simon on voice, Henry Mermer on drums, Warren Galea on guitar, Gabe Seymour on bass, and Valerio Alemán on trombone.

“My time at The New School has been very formative for me as an artist, and I wish to showcase that growth, both as a saxophonist and composer, in this performance,” says Lewis. “Influenced by my college experience, I wish to portray certain stages of my life and artistic development that the audience can witness vicariously through the music.”


Lewis Fowler is an up-and-coming saxophonist, educator, and composer from Los Gatos, California. Currently living in Brooklyn, New York, Lewis is currently pursuing a graduate degree in music education while simultaneously honing his craft in instrumental performance and composition.

Lewis’ true passion is for education, actively pursuing a master’s degree in music education and hoping to teach music at either the high school or college level. He recently received a full scholarship to attend the Conn Selmer Institute, an education conference hosted by Conn Selmer geared towards current and aspiring music educators. Lewis has held internships at both the Stanford Jazz Workshop, working with artists such as Kendrick Scott, Ravi Coltrane, George Cables, Camila Meza, Charles Altura, and Ambrose Akinmusire, as well as at The New York Jazz Workshop, working alongside saxophonist-composer, Marc Mommaas. He has also worked closely with educators at the Academy of the City Charter School and the Calhoun School to hone his craft in the classroom. Lewis also actively teaches on his own, giving private instruction, leading an adult big band, giving improvisation clinics to middle schools and high schools, and working as a high school marching band technician.

Lewis is also an active composer, writing for different improvisational ensembles in a variety of styles. He has studied composition under jazz innovators such as Dave Douglas and Jane Ira Bloom during his study, always looking to push boundaries and incorporate new influences. He recently performed a composition at Bruno Walter Auditorium, Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Performing Arts Library concert venue, presenting a piece influenced by research into Carla Bley and the doctrines of Calvinism. Lewis hopes to continue his pursuits in composition along his educational career.

Presented by The New School's Mannes School of Music.

View on site | Email this event

          Federal appellate court won't reconsider risk-corridor payment decision      Cache   Translate Page      
A federal appellate court refused to rehear Moda Health Plan and Land of Lincoln's appeal to recoup billions of dollars in unpaid risk-corridor payments. The case could head to the U.S. Supreme Court.
          Lincoln - Forest Green Rovers 2:1 (1:1)      Cache   Translate Page      
Tore: 1:0 John Akinde (8., Lincoln), 1:1 Reece Brown (12., Forest Green), 2:1 Kellan Gordon (72., Lincoln)
          Auto Body Technician or Apprentice - Peninsula Ford Lincoln - Owen Sound, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Peninsula Ford in Owen Sound*. Peninsula Ford requires a Body Shop Tech or Apprentice for our high-volume dealership....
From Indeed - Mon, 01 Oct 2018 19:30:29 GMT - View all Owen Sound, ON jobs
          Mineral de retour avec un nouveau single, le premier en 20 ans !      Cache   Translate Page      
A l'occasion de leur 25 ans de carrière, les emo-rockers texans de Mineral sont de retour avec un tout nouveau single nommé "Aurora". C'est leur premier titre en 20 ans et ce dernier sortira le 4 janvier 2019 sous la forme d'un 10', comprenant un second inédit "Your Body Is The World", ainsi qu'un livre. Pour finir, le groupe partira en tournée et sera même en Europe en mai 2019 (mais pas en France...). Le titre s'écoute dans le post complet.

5/29 MUNICH, DE @ HANSA 39

          Comment on Thank you, Coach Q by goforfour      Cache   Translate Page      
Tho I called for exactly this in this blog just days ago, I still must salute Joel on his way out and thank him for doing the best job of any coach in hockey while on this Hawks run. I still feel it is the first of a number of difficult moves that have to happen for the good of the team, but it is painful to see such a fine person and coach have to move on after such success here. But father time moves on and what and who gets you to the top in one era, often doesn't work in other eras and that is the case here. This was true when Q replaced the beloved Dennis Savard and it is true as Q himself is replaced. As Lincoln said. long ago, a house divided. against itself cannot stand, and I have plenty of info pointing towards the B's and Q being sideways for years: One key moment early on was SB bringing Barry Smith onto practice ice to teach PP in 2011 or 2012. Q arrived to find another man coaching his team with no notice to him....that would get most. coaches goats. On the other hand, with all the talent he had, Q could only coach an effective PP in one year of the entire 10 year. run, cause he wouldn't make them go to the paint, stand in the paint, screen in the paint, tip in the paint, get hit while in the paint and of course, score while in the paint. Q never forced the paint and Barry Smith was teaching the paint when Q arrived that morning, yet another reason it was time to move on from Q now. If he wants to, Joel will be coaching in the show as soon as he wants: In the mean time Joel, enjoy the ponies and rest well as you have earned it. You have Chicago Hawks fans respect and gratitude forever, and I wouldn't move away anytime soon: You will never buy another drink or meal in Chicago in your life. GFF
          Lincolnshire 5 Bolingbroke Castle a load of Bolingbrokesan all day breakfast swopping tomatoes and black puddingsHenry IV      Cache   Translate Page      
Somehow the name Bolingbroke and a load of them remind me of the character of Shakespeare in the comedy Upstart Crow written by Ben Elton . The word is used rather in a derogatory fashion referring to a part of the male anatomy . If you have not watched Up
          SORRY DÉVOILE SON NOUVEAU SINGLE & CONCERT À PARIS LE 14.12      Cache   Translate Page      

Sorry publie aujourd’hui “Starstruck”, son nouveau single chez Domino. Il fait suite à son 45 tours ‘Showgirl’/’Twinkle’ sorti plus tôt dans l’année et encensé par Pitchfork, Stereogum, Dazed, BBC Radio 1 et BBC 6 Music.
Réalisée par la chanteuse du groupe, Asha Lorenz, avec l’aide de Flo Webb, collaborateur régulier de Sorry, la vidéo, sensuelle et pixellisée, a été dévoilée sur The Fader : « Le flirt et la tension sexuelle sont présents tout au long du clip, les pixels apparaissent de plus en plus à mesure que l’hédonisme s’amplifie ». Lorenz explique : « Starstruck est notre ode, faite maison, aux vieux clips osés ».

Ecoutez "Starstruck" en streaming

Après plusieurs concerts à guichets fermés aux The Whirled Cinema et The Courtyard Theatre, Sorry vient d’annoncer sa prochaine date à Londres au Dingwalls à Camden le 28 mars 2019 – billets disponibles ici. Sorry assurera les premières parties de la tournée de Shame cet automne, avec une date à Paris le 14 décembre à l’Elysée Montmartre.

Sorry a publié deux mixtapes vidéos - Home Demo/ns Vol I et IIaccompagnant ainsi sa musique viscérale d’un univers graphique joliment déformé et enivrant – convaincant avec ses singles comme ‘Wished’, ‘2 Down 2 Dance’ et plus récemment ‘Showgirl’.

Centré autour de Lorenz et Louis O'Bryen, amis d’enfance ayant respectivement 20 et 21 ans, Sorry a signé chez Domino après s’être forgé une solide réputation de nouveau groupe le plus excitant de la scène underground londonienne. Rejoint par Lincoln Barrett (batterie) et Campbell Baum (basse), le groupe a déjà tourné avec Sunflower Bean, Shame, Childhood, PIXX, et cet été avec (Sandy) Alex G.



Tournée :

9 Nov | Iceland Airwaves
22 Nov | O2 Ritz, Manchester*
23 Nov | Newcastle University, Newcastle*
24 Nov | O2 ABC, Glasgow*
26 Nov | Waterfront, Norwich*
27 Nov | O2 Academy, Oxford*
28 Nov | O2 Institute, Birmingham*
30 Nov | O2 Forum Kentish Town, London*
14 Déc| Elysée Montmartre, Paris*
28 Mar | Dingwalls, London

* en première partie de Shame

Sorry -
Starstruck - disponible

          NYC Trip 10/24/18 Departure Day, Carnegie Hall, & Bomb Scares      Cache   Translate Page      
Last day in NYC!

We had packed up and left our bags at checkout to squeeze in one more diner and one more tour before the end of the trip.

Applejack Diner first...

And one more trip through the southwest corner of Central Park, to visit the pidgeons, mostly

One last architectural marvel near our destination, Alwyn Court

look at those awesome fire breathing salamanders!

no, LOOK! I need you to appreciate their awesomeness

This is French Renaissance style of Francis (as in King Francis I) whose personal symbol was the salamander. See the crowns over their heads?  This has got to be the most embellished building in the city. It's NUTS. And I love it. So much to see. 

Built between 1907 - 1909 it was always designed as an apartment building, but an apartment building for the ultra-rich before the Great Crash kind of rich. 

Twelve floors: only two apartments on each floor, so that the majority of them boasted 14 rooms, 11 of which had windows, and five bathrooms, with elevators, parquet flooring, inidividual wine vaults, its own vaccum cleaning system, and millinery closets (the only way to store your gigantic Edwardian fashion hats, my dear.)

Some included billiard rooms and music conservatories, because we need the full layout of a Clue game here.

The largest apartment, though, put those little peons to shame. It boasted 32 rooms, and 1910 rent of $22k a year, or roughly $585 million a year in 2018.

The fact that you see window AC units should clue you in that this did not last. 

By the Great Depression the building was vacant and subdivided into smaller apartments that a few more people could afford.  

Its nearby neighbor is Carnegie Hall, which was our tour destination.

Carnegie Hall opened in 1891, back when it was simply called the Music Hall. It was almost in the middle of nowhere that year, so far uptown people laughed. 

the original building prior to the towers being erected a few years later

And Carnegie went to the bank, buying up "cheap" parcels, ahead of the curve in real estate where he often resided. Andrew Carnegie, who lived in a one room cottage in Scotland before emigrating, had grown his fortune into untold wealth. And then, with his descendents set for lifetimes, at the age of 66, he started giving the rest away. All told, his charitable contributions are estimated to be 90% of his total wealth. (That 10% could set up your great-great-great grandchildren also says a lot.)

He gave $5,000,000 to the New York Public Library and thanks to his philanthropy opened another 2800 libraries around the country. And he gave the city of New York an incredible music hall.

Tchaikovsky directed a portion of the opening night on May 5, 1891 and he became the first of thousands of musicians to autograph his photo for the Hall. And more than once. The 1892 autographed photo resides in the museum.

The names of those who have performed here are legend. The number of those with live recordings from the Hall are a who's who. It boggles the mind. 


This is because the theater has been and continues to be one of the most acoustically perfect stages in the world, so that even after the advent of sound systems, other halls cannot match it. 

Shockingly, it nearly met the wrecking ball in the 1950s. 

Isaac Stern spearheaded the effort to save the Hall when a developer announced plans to erect a red skyscraper in its place. The general thinking was that the Hall was finished because of the imminent opening of Lincoln Center.

Stern had to convince Mayor Wagner that Carnegie Hall would not compete with Lincoln Center, but could instead be saved to serve as a national center for teaching music and the development of young artists. The 1956 Bard Act, which allowed New York City to protect buildings of “special character, or special historical or aesthetic interest or value,” and 1960 amendment by New York State Senator MacNeil Mitchell—championed by Stern—permitting the City to acquire such buildings by purchase or condemnation provided the legal means for Stern and his committee to spring into action. Read the full story here.

And so, we found ourselves in Carnegie Hall for the 11:30 tour, with tons of additional security milling about. 

We'd been hearing a lot more sirens that morning as we roamed Central Park. One of the security people told us about the live explosive device found at CNN that morning. 

Our tour guide was Jerry, who was clearly pissing one woman off with his very direct New York style at the start, but who clearly knew exactly what he was doing. The main hall was being set up for a recording session that would take place that night. The Union is very strict about not allowing photographs while any teamster is working, so it was going to be a toss up whether we would actually get to photograph the gem of the building on the tour. To say I was anxious about this would be an understatement.

Up and away to the Balcony!

Teamsters still going on the stage, no photos!

Down at the Dress Circle, we were allowed to photograph behind us, but not forward


The halls are lined with the photographs, most autographed to Carnegie Hall, but many others to John Totten. Fun story. John started as an usher in 1903 working his way up to house manager in the 20s until 1968. For almost 50 years, he had acquired the autographed photo from each performer to Carnegie Hall. And he had secretly asked they sign a second, autographed to him. And amazing, for 50 years, everyone kept the secret. After his death a few other workers must have been in on it, because the rumor had stuck around. It wasn't until the later 1980s that any real effort to archive and preserve Carnegie memorabilia materialized. (This was the most shocking thing I heard.)

Mr. Francesconi, who himself started as an usher and who unearthed a trove of old programs in an air vent to start the preservation movement in 1986, went on the hunt for the whispered "second set." In the years that the Hall was in danger of being demolished, hundreds of the Carnegie photographs had been removed and never returned. When he tracked down the family of Mr. Totten, 200 of the autographs that had disappeared had been duplicated in the Totten collection. (His total collection of duplicates had approached 1000. I asked this on the tour, but Jerry wasn't sure. So I turned to Google after the fact.) It's 1000, Jerry.

Jerry letting us peek into the center prime seat box, complete with a second door. When you dressed to the nines and everyone would be seeing you in your box, you needed an area with a mirror and a hook for your coat before emerging. These usually are not unlocked, but with today's set up for recording, this one had been propped to keep from locking. 

We were toward the end of the tour, having worked our way down to the floor and as Jerry was talking, the last teamster left the stage and closed the door. It was lunch break. About half of us raised our hands to interrupt him. "Can we take pictures NOW?"

He looked around nonchalantly, like a man who is here everyday and doesn't consider the fact that most of the people he's leading around are going to have exactly one opportunity to take a photo. 

"Oh, yes, if they're all gone, go ahead."

Renowned violinist, Isaac Stern, one of the saviors of the Hall, is immortalized just outside the main hall, which now bears his name. It is called the Isaac Stern Auditorium

The museum is where we finished our tour.  Lined along the walls in glass cases, all the recordings made live at Carnegie Hall. Along other walls, history and photographs and programs from more than a century of music and history makers.

That's Booker T. Washington speaking. There's Mark Twain seated behind him. (1906)

Lionel Hampton's mallets, Benny Goodman's clarinet, Gene Krupa's drumsticks

A piece of the stage after it was remodeled, that held one of the nails that marked exactly there Vladimir Horowitz would find the "perfect acoustic" for his grand piano. 

His piano. 

Carnegie Hall's own Steinway was not acceptable. 

And when he was playing, his own grand piano had to be transported from his place in New York to the Hall, before there was even an easy way to move a piano into the hall, at which point he would sit down and begin the dance, telling the hands to move a little to the left, a little forward, no backward, for hours until he hit the acoustically perfect spot. 

One of the hands got the bright idea to mark the floor with nails for the next time. 

But the dance continued. And none of the hands pointed out that every single time, the piano would end up exactly where it had started, on those nails marking it. They just kept moving it around until he ended up back where it began. 


 As much as I'd have like to have lingered, the bomb threats led us to worry about how long it might take to get to the airport, and get through security, so we headed back to the St. James to retrieve our luggage and catch the uber back to LaGuardia.  

As it turned out, since Marci was staying on to go to Boston the next day, I arrived at my gate very early and with no slow downs at all. I watched the sun start to set over the city from my window seat. 

And just like that, it was over. 

Chicago from the air

versus Des Moines from the air

and back on the ground in Denver under a full moon. (and the laptop reflection from the seat beside me)

          Konec Ricka Grimese v The Walking Dead: Zemřel, nebo ne?       Cache   Translate Page      
Již mnoho měsíců dopředu bylo jasné, že herec Andrew Lincoln (45, Láska nebeská) opustí svou nejslavnější roli Ricka Grimese – hlavního hrdinu seriálu The Walking Dead (Živí mrtví) v jeho deváté řadě. Vzhledem k tomu, že jde o seriál, který má koule a nebojí se zabíjet ani hlavní postavy, všichni předpokládali, že zemře brutální smrtí. Nakonec to všechno skončilo jinak. Článek obsahuje spoilery.
          11/6/2018: YOU: Lincoln inks zombie deal      Cache   Translate Page      
Andrew Lincoln will star as Rick Grimes in three Walking Dead movies for AMC, written by the show’s producer and writer Scott M. Gimple. The actor starred in his last episode of Walking Dead on Sunday. “These films are going to be big evolutions of...
          Sorry release video for new track, Starstruck      Cache   Translate Page      

Sorry have today shared ‘Starstruck’, their new single on Domino and the follow up to 2018 7” release ‘Showgirl’/’Twinkle’ - which received glowing praise from Pitchfork, Stereogum, Dazed, BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music. The pixelated sultry video for ‘Starstruck’ was directed by the band’s Asha Lorenz and frequent Sorry visuals collaborator Flo Webb, and received its premiere via The FADER who said “Flirtation and sexual tension are rife throughout the whole affair, with the pixels becoming more and more prominent as the hedonism increases.” While Lorenz explains, “‘Starstruck’ is is our homemade ode to saucy old pop videos.”


Following a brace of sold-out headline dates at The Whirled Cinema and The Courtyard Theatre, Sorry have announced their next headline show at Dingwalls in Camden on 28 March 2019 - tickets are available here. The band will also head out on tour with Shame in November, beginning with a date at Manchester’s o2 Ritz on 22 November and culminating in a huge show at The Forum in London on 30 November.


Sorry have already aired two rapturously received visual mixtapes Home Demo/ns Vol I and II - creating a beautifully distorted and intoxicating world around their visceral music - and gaining fans across tastemaker press and radio with singles including debut ‘Wished’, ‘2 Down 2 Dance’ and recent cut ‘Showgirl’.


Centred around Lorenz & Louis O'Bryen, two 20 and 21-year-old childhood best friends, Sorry were signed by Domino after developing a reputation as the most thrilling new band on London’s underground circuit. Joined by Lincoln Barrett (drums) and Campbell Baum (bass), the band have already toured with Sunflower Bean, Shame, Childhood, PIXX, and this summer with (Sandy) Alex G.



See Sorry at the following live dates:


9 Nov | Iceland Airwaves

22 Nov | O2 Ritz, Manchester*

23 Nov | Newcastle University, Newcastle*

24 Nov | O2 ABC, Glasgow*

26 Nov | Waterfront, Norwich*

27 Nov | O2 Academy, Oxford*

28 Nov | O2 Institute, Birmingham*

30 Nov | O2 Forum Kentish Town, London*

28 Mar | Dingwalls, London


* with Shame


Sorry - Starstruck - available now

          National Research Corporation Announces Third Quarter 2018 Results      Cache   Translate Page      
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — National Research Corporation (NASDAQ:NRC) today announced results for the third quarter of 2018. Net New Sales of $6.2 million Revenue up 4% to $30 million Operating Income up 29% to $9.2 million Voice of Customer platform contract value increased to $37 million Third quarter platform revenue increased to 27% of total revenue, up from 15% in the same period 2017 Remarking on Company performance, Michael D. Hays, chief executive officer of National Research Corporation said, “We welcome MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins and Cedars-Sinai to our growing list of new and expanded NRC […]
          UNL ranks lowest in LGBTQ friendliness in Big Ten with 3.5 of 5 stars      Cache   Translate Page      
UNL ranks lowest in LGBTQ friendliness in Big Ten with 3.5 of 5 stars
- Campus Pride, a website that ranks universities for their LGBTQ acceptance, reports that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has the Big Ten's lowest ...

          2020 Lincoln Aviator sings with orchestral luxury for the ears      Cache   Translate Page      
What does a car sound like? Sure, there’s the growl of a gas engine, or the electric thrum of an EV’s motors, but all the other noises – alerts, reminders, and general chimes – have to come from somewhere. In the 2020 Lincoln Aviator, due to make its debut later this month, they’re the handiwork of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. … Continue reading
          11th Annual Woodbridge College Invitational Draw      Cache   Translate Page      
Game #1 - 9:00am Woodbridge College vs West Humber Game #2 - 10:00 am Holy Cross(YRAA) vs Lincoln Alexander Game #3 - 11:00 am ‎Middlefield vs GL Roberts Game #4 - 12:00 pm Maple vs Fr. Michael McGivney Game #5 - 1:00pm - Consolation Semi #1 Game #6 - 2:00pm - Consolation Semi #2 Game #7 - 3:00pm - Championship Semi #1 Game #8 - 4:00pm - Championship Semi #2 Game #9 - 5:00pm - Consolation Final Game #10 - 6:00pm - Championship
           Lincolnshire farmer trio bags £20million selling independent crisp brand Pipers to US giant Pepsico       Cache   Translate Page      
A Lincolnshire crisp maker that vowed never to supply the UK’s big supermarkets has been sold to US food and drinks group Pepsico for more than £20million.
           Comment on ‘Walking Dead’ Ratings Steady For Andrew Lincoln’s Exit; ‘Talking Dead’ Surges Up by Anonymous       Cache   Translate Page      
"Time Jump" Copernicus.
          Comment on Lincoln Brewster Reveals What It Looks Like to Be Made New by Fodboldtrøjer      Cache   Translate Page      
<strong>Fodboldtrøjer</strong> vx7qhi 6ls29qpvz maglie del calcio b4ngaiuve5 5enmf87\n rmpb8t5oi 4won17 Fodboldtrøjer Børn tg67e913p n37ymb6ra\n zvwjlfi7 ajev8u fotbollströjor 7uk0mxafjs lko3csup4t\n
          "The Walking Dead" - Exit 'Rick Grimes'      Cache   Translate Page      

Sneak Peek extended footage from "The Walking Dead" episode "What Comes After", marking the last appearance of Andrew Lincoln as 'Rick Grimes', written by Matthew Negrete and directed by Greg Nicotero, that aired November 4, 2018 on AMC:

"...'Rick' wakes from his last lucid dream, with 'walkers' closing in on him, as he leads them towards the bridge. 

"He stumbles just short of the bridge, but just as the walkers get close, 'Michonne' leads a large group of his allies to take out the horde. 

"Michonne urges Rick to keep on fighting, as he realizes Michonne is now his only family. 

"But this is just another vision; he then finds himself alone just off the bridge with the horde still following him. 

"He gets back up and continues to lead the walkers across the bridge as the river waters rise.

"But to Rick's dismay, the weight of the walkers is not sufficient to cause the bridge to fall.

"Just then, the group from 'Alexandria' arrives, killing off the walkers near Rick. 

"'Maggie' worries that if the walkers cross, they will continue onto 'Hilltop' and she leads a group to try to turn the horde around, but Rick waves them off, muttering to himself that he found his family.

"Rick sees dynamite left on the bridge and fires at it, destroying the bridge and most of the walker horde, with the remaining walkers falling into the river. 

"To his allies, Rick appears to have been lost in the explosion, as several break out in tears and grief at his loss.

"'Anne' sees the smoke from the explosion and hears chatter over the walkie-talkies about Rick's action while a helicopter lands nearby. She sees Rick on the bank of the river, still alive. She convinces the helicopter to rescue Rick. She and Rick are airlifted away.

"Six years later, survivors 'Magna', 'Connie', 'Kelly', 'Yumiko' and 'Mark' are trying to hold off a walker horde when a few are shot from a forest nearby. The group is told to take cover, and find that they have been rescued by Rick's daughter, the now preteen 'Judith Grimes'..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Walking Dead: What Comes After"...

          Young in Love      Cache   Translate Page      
shawnmendes8898 / 30 pages
What if Christian and Ana met in high school? What if Elena Lincoln never got her claws in Christian? What if Ana was able to help him with his issues and fear of touch? In my story, Ana is not shy or naïve, she's confident and outgoing. Christian...
          Upcoming Events of Note      Cache   Translate Page      
Tuesday, November 6th 
Are you interested in the dual language/immersion program at Lincoln High School? Michele Aoki and dual language pathways principals will be there, including Ruth Medsker. Come learn and ask your questions about dual language at Lincoln. 

6:30 pm at John Stanford International School.  
Spanish and Japanese interpreters will be there. Childcare will be provided.

Sponsored by the JSIS, McD and HIMS PTAs.

Wednesday, November 7th
First of two meetings about Robert Eagle Staff Middle School crowding problems.

This one is at RESMS from 6:30-7:30 pm.

Potential options:
  • Create an additional Highly Capable pathway at Whitman Middle School and assign students receiving Highly Capable (HC) services to Robert Eagle Staff Middle School and Whitman Middle School based on where students live. HC eligible students living in the Whitman attendance area would receive HC services at Whitman, and students living in the Robert Eagle Staff attendance area would continue to receive HC services at Robert Eagle Staff.
  • Move Licton Springs K-8 school to the Webster School building in Fall 2020. As a result of this move, both Licton Springs and Robert Eagle Staff would have their own buildings rather than be co-located.
  • Make Licton Springs a K-5 school given the lower enrollment at grades 6-8.
  • Adjust Olympic View Elementary feeder pattern so that all Olympic View students would be assigned to Jane Addams Middle School rather than the current split of Olympic View between Robert Eagle Staff and Jane Addams Middle School. 
Any changes will take effect in school year 2019-20 if approved by the Seattle School Board.

Tuesday, November 13th
Second of two meetings about Robert Eagle Staff Middle School crowding problems.

This meeting is at Whitman Middle School from 6:30-7:30 pm.

Thursday, November 15th
Via Facebook:

The Whittier Elementary PTA's Diversity and Inclusion Committee is pleased to welcome Seattle-based author and activist Sharon H Chang for a community dialogue, "Talking To Our Kids About Race."  

We cannot work together to dismantle racism if we are not grounded in who we are. Sharon's presentation will delve into a discussion of deeper racial identity understanding for us and our children. We will develop shared language around privilege and oppression, build tools for having tough talks, and equip ourselves not only to have more transformative race conversations within our families, but also to act for change.

This is a free event for not only families of Whittier Elementary but for all parents and community members who would like to join us.

          Newcastle Rejects Character Code, Approves Plastic Ban - The Lincoln County News      Cache   Translate Page      

The Lincoln County News

Newcastle Rejects Character Code, Approves Plastic Ban
The Lincoln County News
Newcastle residents approved a ban on certain plastics and rejected a new land use ordinance, or character code, Tuesday, Nov. 6. The town voted 623-488 against the code, which the Newcastle Local Planning Committee began working on 2 1/2 years ago ...

          EgyptAir says flight from Paris to Cairo missing      Cache   Translate Page      
National carrier EgyptAir said a plane carrying 69 passengers and crew on a flight from Paris to Cairo had gone missing on Thursday, disappearing from radar over the Mediterranean Sea. "An official source at EgyptAir stated that Flight MS804, which departed Paris at 23:09 (CEST), heading to Cairo has disappeared from radar," the airline said on its official Twitter account. Later Tweets by EgyptAir said the plane, which was traveling at an altitude of 37,000 feet (11,280 meters), disappeared soon after entering Egyptian airspace. The aircraft was carrying 59 passengers and 10 crew. According to, the plane was an Airbus A320 and its last known position was above the Mediterranean Sea. An Airbus A321 operated by Russia's Metrojet crashed in the Sinai in 31 October 2015, killing all 224 people on board. Russia and Western governments have said the plane was likely brought down by a bomb, and the Islamic State militant group said it had smuggled an explosive on board. Reuters reported in January that an EgyptAir mechanic, whose cousin joined Islamic State in Syria, is suspected of planting the bomb, according to sources familiar with the matter. In March, an EgyptAir plane flying from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked and forced to land in Cyprus by a man with what authorities said was a fake suicide belt. He was arrested after giving himself up. France's aviation authority could not immediately be reached for comment. (Reporting by Lin Noueihad, Lincoln Feast, Siva Govindasamy; Editing by Paul Tait and Bill Tarrant.)
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Wise Software (UK) Limited are an award winning modern, exciting, growing and forward thinking company who make a class leading business management software system called OrderWise. OrderWise is used by small, medium and large businesses and has over 15,000 users from many different industry sectors throughout the UK. High profile clients include, John Lewis, local authorities, the MOD and police forces. Currently Wise Software turns over £12m and has approximately 200 staff working as Developers, Testers, Project Managers, Trainers, Sales People, Technical Support and Administration Services all whom enjoy working from the purpose built Head Office in Saxilby near Lincoln. The OrderWise team is dynamic, creative, dedicated and diverse with a positive attitude and we are looking for the best people to join us in taking The Company to its next phase of growth. This is an opportunity to start a new career within a family business with strong employee focused ethics. Everyone is treated as an individual and everyone's career path is determined by themselves with the support of Management. By working for Wise Software (UK) Ltd, all staff enjoy the following: Playing a valuable, recognised, part in a family company Competitive annual salary Regular performance and salary reviews Attendance bonus scheme Easily accessible working location Smart / Casual Dress Code Weekly baskets of fruit for each department Childcare Voucher Scheme Company Pension Scheme Free parking Modern, warm and friendly working environment Access to fully equipped private Company Gym with Personal Trainer Subsidised on-site Staff Café offering coffees, breakfasts, weekly lunch specials and home made cakes. Flexi-Breaks allowing you to take your breaks whenever you prefer Regular staff activity nights Once you've been with us two years we'll give you your Birthday off too! JOB DESCRIPTION How our building looks and how it is maintained is very important to us. We operate from three buildings and there are always small "handy person" type jobs to be done. The jobs are wide ranging but would suit anyone who is very capable with DIY. We a looking for a part time proactive person who will take great care of our facilities and keep everything presentable and fully working. Key Responsibilities: To perform small DIY tasks in and around the building and grounds making sure our working environment is perfect for all those who enjoy it. Knowledge Skills: Must be a very capable DIY person with a wide skill set including decorating, flooring, gardening and small electrical works. Well organised with good prioritisation skills Be motivated and focused A team player with ability to work on own initiative and as part of the team Excellent communication skills Approachable with a willingness to help others Ability to learn quickly and accurately Have previous building maintenance experience Hours: 20 hours per week (Monday to Friday). For more information Wise Software (UK) Ltd and OrderWise please visit our website where you can also find information on additional career opportunities in our careers section. For Consideration: Please submit your CV using the Apply button and include a Covering Letter outlining your experience and goals and the reason why you are the right candidate for this position. If you are not local to Lincoln please ensure you detail in the cover letter how you propose to commute to the office on a daily basis.
          Your Wise Guide To Audiobook: The life of the 'Reporter' - Wicked Local      Cache   Translate Page      

Wicked Local

Your Wise Guide To Audiobook: The life of the 'Reporter'
Wicked Local
Seymour M. Hersh, one of the most brilliant investigative journalists of the last 60 years, shares his life. Arthur Morey's masterful reading of “Reporter” is an exceptionally outstanding listen. “The Washington Spectator” (October 2018 issue) recently ...

          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by emru      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by Lacey      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by emru      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by emru      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by emru      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by Lacey      Cache   Translate Page      
Missing you!
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by emru      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by emru      Cache   Translate Page      
Gonna get you tonight y'all
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by emru      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by emru      Cache   Translate Page      
See you sometime
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by Lacey      Cache   Translate Page      
Hi, I won't be on this evening after the game, going to dinner with a friend. Talk to you tomorrow.
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by Lacey      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Why Abraham Lincoln Decided War With the South Was His Only Choice by emru      Cache   Translate Page      
          11/6/2018: TRUCKING | THE TRUCK GAL: Lincoln keeps rolling with Nautilus      Cache   Translate Page      

Automakers like numbers and letters for their vehicle names; they’re simple and don’t need to be translated for sale in different markets. But they’re also sterile, and even seasoned auto writers sometimes forget which combination denotes which model,...
          Sales Specialist - Commercial and Industrial Print      Cache   Translate Page      
NE-Omaha, Territory is Omaha/Lincoln, NE and Western IA POSITION PROFILE The Sales Specialist (SS) is responsible for driving business results by achieving sales targets within a defined account assignment. The primary focus of the SS is to drive net new business revenues by leveraging the RICOH Commercial and Industrial Printing Solutions portfolio inside of CRD, Creative Departments, Data Centers and In-P
          Coin Bracelet Lincoln Penny Solid Copper Bracelet Birthday, Anniversary, USA Bracelet by expressyourself      Cache   Translate Page      

19.00 USD

Copper penny coin bracelet with round copper links.
The hook and the links made from copper wire.
United States Lincoln coin penny.

The bracelet measures 7.5 inches.

I can adjust the bracelet to fit your wrist if you need.

          Winter Training Series (WTS) #9: Vashon & Maury Islands      Cache   Translate Page      
Name of Ride: 

Winter Training Series (WTS) #9: Vashon & Maury Islands

Date and Time: 
Saturday, March 2, 2019 - 8:20am
Start Location: 
Fauntleroy Ferry Landing
4829 SW Barton St
Seattle, WA 98136
Contact Information: 
Ralph Nussbaum
50.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 
5,000 feet
Weather Cancels?: 
Ride Description: 

This is the ninth ride of this year's  Winter Training Series Rides hosted jointly by CBC and the Seattle Randonneurs. This year there's a gap between the last of the Winter Training Series Rides and the start of Seattle Randonneurs brevet season with the Spring Populaire.  We have decided to fill that gap with one more ride, a reprise of a WTS ride of old, a hilly jaunt around Vashon Island.  Although fewer miles than the century the weekend before we make up for that with 5,000 feet of climbing!  We will be taking the 8:25 AM ferry out of Fauntleroy 

Please be at the start early enough to sign in, pump up your tires, adjust your fenders, and put all your warm clothes on. Sign-in starts at 8:30 AM on the Vashion Ferry, ride announcements are at 8:40 AM, and we start promptly at 9 AM--when we land on Vashon Island. Though there will usually be a number of ride leaders on the course, these are self-paced ride and self-guided rides with friendly encouragement and lots of camaraderie. THERE ARE NO REGROUPS IN THIS SERIES.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you want a cue sheet, please go to the RideWithGPS link below and print one out for yourself.  There won't be any available from the ride leaders.

All rides are rain or shine. We might shorten a route for really foul weather, but the only outright cancellation will be for snow or ice.  We may delay the start if we believe that the conditions will be safer a bit later in the day.  CHECK THIS WEBPAGE BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME.

To save time and to make the sign-in process much easier, please register for this ride. If you already have a Cascade account make sure you are logged in and click the <Register> button at the top of the ride description, then make sure to check the box indicating you have read the Waiver & Release, add your emergency phone number and click <Save Registration> button. Don’t worry if you can’t make the ride, you don't need to unregister. If you don’t have a Cascade account, consider setting one up! It only takes a couple of minutes and costs you nothing. If you’ve pre-registered all you need to do is check off your name at the start of the ride – no lengthy sign-in procedure.    

Directions to Start: Park in the upper lot of Lincoln Park and roll on down to the ferry landing.  Remember to bring some money to pay for your ferry ride (and that of your bike).  You won't need to pay for the ride back to Fauntleroy in the afternoon.  Make sure you are at the Fauntleroy Ferry landing at least 15 minutes before the ferry departure time of 8:25AM

           Comment on Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum hosting symposium on faith in Lincoln’s America Nov. 16 by Michael Lynch       Cache   Translate Page      
I think the sessions will be recorded.
           Comment on Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum hosting symposium on faith in Lincoln’s America Nov. 16 by Hugh Poland       Cache   Translate Page      
Hi Michael, thanks so much for the info. I would so love to attend, as this is right up my alley. But there’s no way I will be able to make it. Is there any chance that the lectures will be recorded for those of us who can’t attend, for purchase or viewing on YouTube or something like that?
          Comment on Nine candidates vie for two seats in Oceanside by Nadine Scott      Cache   Translate Page      
And the dirty candidates are Lowery, Custer and Rodriguez taking huge support from outside developers who want to run our towns. From Don Burton: his is going on all over North County. Real estate developers and their allies create these PACs and use the same Republican-affiliated political strategists to create phony hitpiece mailers that do nothing but bombard people with lies. It’s all orchestrated by the SD Republican Party, the SD Lincoln Club, the Building Industry Association, etal all of whom want to promote their own agenda. It all goes back to Citizens United. When are we as a county going to wake up and put a stop to this, at least on the local level. Get the money out of politics. No more stupid signs and mailers. Let the candidates speak directly to the people and tell us what you are for instead of letting outside parties with whom you are supposedly not coordinating (right, like we believe that) bash your opponent with lies. We’re fed up with it here in Carlsbad and we see the same thing going on in every single North county community. Not surprisingly it is all being done by the same people operating in the shadows. Time to shed some light on this. Go to and search for these PACs. Follow the money. Educate yourself. It’s our only defense against this invasion (and that is what it is, an invasion of money)
          Time's up! Cease and Desist!      Cache   Translate Page      
SUBHEAD: Be carbon neutral and shelter in place. The storm is about to descend upon us.

By Juan Wilson on 6 November 2018 for Island Breath -

Image above:Ted Kaczynski as an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkley in 1967... the Summer of Love. From (

If you don't know about Ted Kaczynski you should. He was a young professor at UC Berkley in the late 1960's. Ted was a brilliant mathematician and observer of the scene.

After realizing the likely destruction of life on Earth due to modern industrialization he abandoned an academic career in 1969 to pursue a primitive lifestyle.

He moved to a remote cabin without electricity or running water near Lincoln, Nebraska, where he lived as a recluse while learning survival skills in an attempt to become self-sufficient.

After witnessing the destruction of the wilderness surrounding his cabin he became deranged and engaged in a terror campaign.  He became the Unabomber. Between 1978 and 1995, he killed three people and injured 23 others mailing explosives packages to those he deemed agents of the industrial destruction of nature. 

He issued a social critique in the form of a manifesto that he submitted to the New York Times and Washington Post opposing industrialization and advancing a nature-centered form of anarchism.

It's past time to come to grips with what Ted Kaczynski realized (before the Club of Rome Report) a half century ago.

In my opinion he was right about the industrial destruction - but he was wrong about fixing things by mailing bombs. My advice...

"Cease and Desist!"
A cease and desist order is sent to individuals or businesses to stop purportedly illegal or undesirable activity ("cease") and not to restart it ("desist").

Yes, this means you (and me)!

This article is not meant to be a warning. It's an instruction. Immediately cease and desist all activities producing a net loss of thriving biosphere.

To the degree that is possible stop eating packaged food, stop using disposable products, stop going places you are not needed, stop depending on the power-grid and information networks for all your information and entertainment... including this blog.

"Be Carbon Neutral!"
Make no net release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, especially through offsetting emissions by planting trees.

If what you are doing is not Carbon Neutral or better you are actively contributing to the near term extinction of life on Earth as we know it.

What this means is you personally achieving within the next two years a change in your life that will increase the living biosphere to a degree that outpaces your consumption of energy and natural resources.

"Shelter in Place!"
Already it is getting too late for many. If your not in a place that can be made self-sustaining it is already too late. Act now! Are there friends or relatives in sustainable places with whom you could contribute to a livable future? If so get in touch now.

If you are in a sustainable place, but not off the grid and growing your own food already, there is little time left. Act now! Get the tools you need. Plant the garden - Store fresh water - Capture energy. It take time and effort, with trials and errors, to make a place provide for life support. Get going!

The implications of the changes coming are massive.
  • It would mean abandoning access to automobiles for the purpose daily commuting, errands,  shopping or recreation. 
  • It would mean having an occupation, getting services, and obtaining food within walking distance from your home.
  • It would mean changes in lifestyle that would include an end to regular air travel for business or pleasure. 
  • It would mean an end to universal access to the Power Grid (most people would need to cleanly produce their own power).
  • It would mean a return to small family farming for the vast majority of people (about 90% in America before World War One).  
  • It would mean making and repairing the things you need in your daily life (meals, clothing, furniture, shelter.
My most optimistic future vision is one in which the future supports and sustains oases of biodiverse environments where living things can flourish. Including some humans. Each oasis may be far from one another, but an experienced traveler might wend their way from one to another.

My advice is to treat this information like a hurricane emergency alert that you find yourself in the path of. Act now and avoid the rush.

See also:
Ea O Ka Aina: Biodiversity loss is our extinction 11/6/18
Ea O Ka Aina: Earth • Water • Fire • Air 11/2/18
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Ea O Ka Aina: 'Shrinking the Technosphere' review
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Ea O Ka Aina: Planet Kaauai 2/26/16
Ea O Ka Aina: Oases on a future Eaarth
Ea O Ka Aina: Dark Ecology
Ea O Ka Aina: The Luddite Rebellion 11/14/12


          Help Wanted - Ozen Sushi - Buena Park, CA      Cache   Translate Page      
Now hiring at 7185 Lincoln Ave, Buena...
From Job Spotter - Sun, 05 Aug 2018 12:11:54 GMT - View all Buena Park, CA jobs
          Comment on Andrew Lincoln set for 3 Walking Dead telemovies by David Knox      Cache   Translate Page      
Agreed. I actually thought 'Oh so it wasn't his finale?'
          Comment on Andrew Lincoln set for 3 Walking Dead telemovies by Pertinax      Cache   Translate Page      
The ending made no sense with in the context of the story, only with the information about this deal.
          Part Time Pharmacy Assistant - NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy and Clinic - Ottawa, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Located in the West-End of Ottawa within walking distance of Lincoln Heights OC Transpo Bus Station, free parking on site for staff....
From Indeed - Tue, 09 Oct 2018 15:31:18 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
          Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter TV-Reeks in de maak      Cache   Translate Page      
Jammer genoeg wordt dit een politiereeks in navolging van "Lucifer"...
          Nebraska Auto Body Association Conference December 1st in Lincoln      Cache   Translate Page      

The 2018 Annual Nebraska Auto Body Association (NABA) Conference will be held Saturday, December 1st at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lincoln, Neb. This is the Annual Business Meeting for the NABA and will include education day that brings relevant up to date information on the industry to attendees. Details and registration information is available […]

The post Nebraska Auto Body Association Conference December 1st in Lincoln appeared first on CollisionWeek.

          Comment on Andrew Lincoln set for 3 Walking Dead telemovies by simmo3      Cache   Translate Page      
totally agree !
          Gas Prices Lower This Week, But Higher Than Last Year      Cache   Translate Page      
Gas prices are on the decline this week in eastern Nebraska. Gas-Buddy's daily survey shows gas prices in Lincoln have fallen over six-cents on average over the last week to two-dollars and 76-cents-per-gallon. The average in Omaha is also down by three-cents to two-dollars and 72-cents-per-gallon. However, these are both higher than the average price from this time last year.
          Today's the Day - Vote!      Cache   Translate Page      
Today is Election Day in Nebraska. Voters will head to the polls to decide several key races. Incumbent Republican Governor Pete Ricketts takes on Democratic challenger Bob Krist, incumbent Republican Senator Deb Fischer faces Democratic Lincoln City Council Member Jane Raybould and all three of the state's U.S. House seats will be decided. Polls will be open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. central time. Voters in Council Bluffs and Pottawattamie County are also headed to the polls to decide several key races in today's general election. Incumbent Republican Congressman David Young takes on Democratic challenger Cindy Axne in Iowa's Third Congressional District race. Pottawattamie County voters will also decide if incumbent Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds should get a full-term in office, or if Democrat Fred Hubbell will become the state's next governor. Polls in Iowa, however, are open until 9:00 p.m.
          EMS Provider - Emergency Services - South Lincoln Medical Center - Kemmerer, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Wyoming EMT certification or a willingness to become certified within 2 years, current CPR Certification and current driver's license with a clean driving...
From South Lincoln Medical Center - Sat, 20 Oct 2018 13:01:30 GMT - View all Kemmerer, WY jobs
          Nursing Supervisor - LTC - South Lincoln Medical Center - Kemmerer, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Nurse supervisor will act in the capacity of &quot;Nursing Director&quot; for SLNC and is responsible for all of the auditing and tracking of quality assurance and...
From South Lincoln Medical Center - Sat, 29 Sep 2018 01:02:05 GMT - View all Kemmerer, WY jobs
          Respiratory Therapist - Respiratory Therapy - South Lincoln Medical Center - Kemmerer, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Perform duties willingly and with initiative; The Respiratory Therapist is responsible for providing cardiopulmonary care services in accordance with specific...
From South Lincoln Medical Center - Thu, 20 Sep 2018 19:01:28 GMT - View all Kemmerer, WY jobs
          Andrew Lincoln deve voltar para The Walking Dead, mas apenas em filme      Cache   Translate Page      

Se você não está em dia com os episódios de The Walking Dead, não siga adiante. Este texto contém spoilers!

A AMC, emissora televisiva que exibe a série The Walking Dead nos Estados Unidos, tem três filmes da franquia encomendados, com as filmagens do primeiro marcadas para algum momento de 2019. Segundo informações publicadas pelo site Entertainment Weekly, os três filmes abordarão o legado do protagonista Rick Grimes (vivido por Andrew Lincoln) após os acontecimentos mais recentes que tiraram o personagem da série em caráter definitivo.

Em conversa com o site, o chefe de produção de conteúdo de The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple, confirmou a produção dos três filmes, além de dizer que eles serão feitos aos moldes das produções originais que a Netflix vem lançando pelo seu serviço de streaming. Segundo Gimple, a própria AMC ficaria encarregada pelas produções.

Atenção: há nos próximos parágrafos - não espalhe-os sem avisar antes, ou Negan vai lhe apresentar à Lucille (Imagem: Divulgação/AMC)

O quinto episódio da nona temporada de The Walking Dead foi ao ar na noite do último domingo (5) e mostrou o que já vinha sendo anunciado: a “morte” do personagem Rick Grimes, que protagonizou a série durante toda a sua extensão até aqui. Note que “morte” está entre aspas pois, mesmo diante de uma tragédia anunciada, The Walking Dead ainda conseguiu surpreender os fãs.

A partir daqui, spoilers: nós avisamos (Foto: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC)

Rick, de fato, deixa a série em caráter permanente. Contudo, ao contrário do que se esperava, ele não morreu. A produção da série aproveitou-se de um “salto temporal” que mostra o legado de Rick Grimes em um mundo totalmente novo do apocalipse zumbi.

Ferido gravemente, o personagem tenta, a cavalo, atrair a atenção de um enorme grupo de zumbis para uma ponte, onde ele aparentemente se sacrifica após explodi-la, efetivamente destruindo parte do grupo de monstros e impedindo seu avanço. Sem que os outros percebam, porém, Rick sobrevive à explosão e seus ferimentos, sendo encontrado e resgatado por Anne, que contata seus aliados e, por meio de um helicóptero, voam com os dois para uma área desconhecida. O episódio então dá um salto de vários anos no futuro, mostrando Judith Grimes, a filha de Rick, resgatando um grupo de sobreviventes de uma manada de zumbis.

Scott Gimple disse em entrevista que os três filmes planejados vão preencher esse espaço de diversos anos entre a “quase morte” de Rick e o crescimento e liderança de Judith, como uma espécie de “passada de tocha” entre um personagem e outro. Dada a obrigatória presença de Rick Grimes em pelo menos parte dessa narrativa, Gimple confirmou que Andrew Lincoln fará parte de pelo menos um dos filmes.

          Σαν σήμερα 6 Νοεμβρίου      Cache   Translate Page      
ΚΑΘΕ ΠΡΩΪ στο σας γράφω τα γεγονότα, τις γεννήσεις και τους θανάτους της ημέρας, ΣΑΝ ΣΗΜΕΡΑ 6 Νοεμβρίου, Αβραάμ Λίνκολν, Abraham Lincoln, Μαρία Ιορδανίδου, Maria Iordanidou, Αντόλφ Σαξ, Adolphe Sax, Πλημμύρες στην Αθήνα, ΤΟ BLOG ΤΟΥ ΝΙΚΟΥ ΜΟΥΡΑΤΙΔΗ, Τα Γ ε γ ο ν ό τ α της ημέρας 1528 – Ο ναυαγός […]
          The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus 'Cried Like a Baby' on Andrew Lincoln's Last Day      Cache   Translate Page      
The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus 'Cried Like a Baby' on Andrew Lincoln's Last Day
          Andrew Lincoln to Star in Three The Walking Dead Movies as the Franchise World Expands      Cache   Translate Page      
Andrew Lincoln to Star in Three The Walking Dead Movies as the Franchise World Expands
          The Walking Dead Fans React to Andrew Lincoln's Last Episode      Cache   Translate Page      
The Walking Dead Fans React to Andrew Lincoln's Last Episode
          WALKING DEAD Rick Final Episode Explained! Details You Missed!      Cache   Translate Page      
Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 5 Breakdown! What happened to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in his final episode on The Walking Dead? Did Rick die, or survive? Where did Rick go? What will happen in the three Walking Dead Rick movies that AMC announced? Erik Voss briefly dives back into Walking Dead analysis to explain […]
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My grandkids would incorporate building blocks, Lincoln Logs, Little People, and train tracks and trains. It would be awesome 😎
          O destino de Rick Grimes em The Walking Dead      Cache   Translate Page      

Blog Farofeiros Blog Farofeiros - Blog sobre Quadrinhos, Filmes, Séries, Games, Cerveja quente e Farofa gelada.

O destino de Rick Grimes em The Walking Dead - Blog Farofeiros

O destino de Rick Grimes em The Walking Dead - Blog Farofeiros

Se você não faz ideia do que estou falando talvez não fique tão chocado. A seguir trarei spoilers quando ao destino de Rick Grimes em The Walking Dead. O ator Andrew Lincoln fala de sua saída da série faz tempo e agora… Bem, ele saiu.  O destino de Rick Grimes em The Walking Dead é …

O destino de Rick Grimes em The Walking Dead

          November Online - Capac MI - Saturday November 10th, 2018 - Ron and Ray Tosch and Assoc.      Cache   Translate Page      
Auction - Capac MI - Saturday November 10th, 2018 - Ron and Ray Tosch & Assoc. | nbsp Lot 10 nbsp 1988 Lincoln Town Car 89 000 Miles 5 Ltr nbsp Lot 11 nbsp 1997 Layton Travel Camper Trailer nbsp Lot 12 nbsp 1939 Allis Chalmers B parts tractor nbsp Lot 13 nbsp Allis Chalmers Hay Rake nbsp Lot 14 nbsp 2001 Trailer air brakes new good deck and cross nbsp Lot 15 nbsp Howard Rotavator HR20 nbsp Lot 16 nbsp Original Pony Cart nbsp Lot 17 nbsp 1998 Dodge Ram 4x4 Pick Up Truck nbsp Lot 18 nbsp Sherline Model 2000 Mill on Cart with Some nbsp Lot 19 nbsp FMC Sprayer carbure
          Joy Reid May Lose Defamation Case With Trump Supporter      Cache   Translate Page      
Joy Reid’s defamation case with a Donald Trump supporter is intensifying and entertainment litigator Lincoln Bandlow predicts the MSNBC anchor will lose the case on summary judgment. As we previously reported, according to court documents obtained by The Blast, Roslyn La Liberte claims Reid used “her substantial social media presence, fame, and reputation as a hard-hitting journalist” to publish “fake news” to her followers that La […]
          Circumnaviga a nuoto la Gran Bretagna, 155 giorni consecutivi in mare      Cache   Translate Page      

Ross Edgley è il primo uomo a circumnavigare a nuoto la Gran Bretagna e iscrive il suo nome nel Guinness dei primati. Il nuotatore inglese di 33 anni ha compiuto un totale di 1.780 miglia (2.865 km) percorsi in senso orario, restando 5 mesi in mare, dove ha affrontato forti correnti, mare agitato e temporali acque gelide e meduse, senza mai toccare terra.

Ross Edgley, di Grantham, nel Lincolnshire, ha infranto tutti i record, a cominciare dal 74/esimo giorno, quando ha battuto quello della più lunga nuotata assistita continuativa, al quale ha aggiunto più altri 82 giorni.

Edgley è infatti partito il primo giugno da Margate, nel Kent e ha nuotato ogni giorno per almeno 12 ore, uscendo dall'acqua solo per dormire sul catamarano di supporto che lo seguiva, e mangiando un totale di 500 banane. Ogni giorno - scrivono i media britannici - aveva programmato di consumare tante calorie quante quelle fornite da cinque pranzi di Natale.

Oggi ha tagliato il traguardo a Margate alle 9 di mattina (le 10 italiane), insieme ad altri 300 nuotatori che si sono uniti a lui nell'ultimo miglio della sua impresa.

Edgley, che ha compiuto anche l'ascensione dell'Everest e ha nuotato per 100 km nel Mare dei Caraibi, ha coperto a nuoto una media di 11 miglia al giorno e in totale, seguendo la linea della costa dell'isola britannica, ha percorso una distanza equivalente a 85 traversate della Manica.

          Consultant, Business Analytics & Data Science - Lincoln Financial - Boston, MA      Cache   Translate Page      
Phoenix, AZ (Arizona). Knowledge and experience on applying statistical and machine learning techniques on real business data....
From Lincoln Financial Group - Fri, 02 Nov 2018 02:54:18 GMT - View all Boston, MA jobs
          Sr. Consultant, Business Analytics & Data Science - Lincoln Financial - Boston, MA      Cache   Translate Page      
Phoenix, AZ (Arizona). Implements and maintains predictive and statistical models to identify business opportunities and solve complex business problems....
From Lincoln Financial Group - Tue, 16 Oct 2018 20:54:14 GMT - View all Boston, MA jobs
          Lincolnshire farmer trio bags £20million selling independent crisp brand Pipers to US giant Pepsico      Cache   Translate Page      
A Lincolnshire crisp maker that vowed never to supply the UK’s big supermarkets has been sold to US food and drinks group Pepsico for more than £20million.
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How a Windows Update Can Spark New IoT Services on Campuses eli.zimmerman_9856 Tue, 11/06/2018 - 13:29

Microsoft announced a new update to its Windows 10 OS in October that will open doors to a new level of connectedness on college campuses.

Integration of the Internet of Things has become a common goal for higher education institutions as universities strive for a connected campus model. 

While many colleges are focusing heavily on IoT as part of their digital transformation initiatives, administrators and IT leaders are facing certain hurdles, particularly concerning data quality and management, which has slowed down campus innovation.

"Data management is the biggest obstacle we have right now," Gerry Hamilton, director of facilities energy management at Stanford University tells Campus Technology. "It all comes down to scalability and sustainability. We have found there is an exponential growth of effort that happens every time you deploy one more system."

The new update promises to bring “edge intelligence with machine learning, industrial strength security” and “diverse silicon options” to users. 

MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out how universities are preparing their networks for IoT integration!

Machine Learning Improves IoT Management

To help users get a firm grasp on their IoT data management, the new Windows 10 update will employ Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and Windows machine learning.

“Windows 10 IoT enables you to do more at the edge including machine learning, event processing, image recognition and other high-value artificial intelligence without developing it in-house,” according to Microsoft’s announcement. “Seamless integration with Azure IoT Edge brings cloud intelligence and analytics securely to Windows 10 IoT devices at scale.”

Azure’s IoT Edge service will allow campus IT teams to run AI workloads and Azure services on Windows 10 IoT devices locally and remotely, easing the burden on campuses to create a web of connected devices. 

At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, campus staff members are looking into using Azure IoT Edge to help manage sensors that detect facility issues on campus, EdTech reports

“Cloud-based machine learning applications in Microsoft Azure and similar technologies may help systems learn how to reduce the time needed to identify HVAC faults,” says Lalit Agarwal, the university’s director of utility and energy management. “That is definitely an area for us to investigate for the future.”

In addition, the integration of Azure IoT Device Management and Microsoft Intune simplifies device monitoring, allowing campus IT teams to develop management solutions and consolidate device management across a single interface.

Integrate and Analyze Data from Campus Points of Sale

Digital kiosks have become key additions to campus stores, restaurants and stadiums in support of universities’ digital transformation agendas. 

At Clemson University, kiosks in campus mailrooms have helped cut wait times for packages down from 40 minutes to an average of one minute

Through the Windows 10 update, IT teams will find it easier to customize and manage kiosks on campus. Through assigned access, managers can “customize the functionality exposed by kiosks and other fixed-function devices, providing a streamlined, intuitive user experience that is focused on specific tasks,” according to Microsoft.

The update will also provide enhanced status reporting, automatically alerting IT teams when a kiosk is experiencing problems, as well as initiating corrective responses like restarting the device.


Eli has been eagerly pursuing a journalistic career since he left the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill School of Journalism. Previously, Eli was a staff reporter for medical trade publication Frontline Medical News, where he experienced the impact of continuous education and evolving teaching methods through the medical lens. When not in the office, Eli is busy scanning the web for the latest podcasts or stepping into the boxing ring for a few rounds.

          Game at Nebraska like a 'homecoming' for Illinois' AJ Bush      Cache   Translate Page      
LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — AJ Bush finally will get to play a game at Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium.
          Whoa! This Program on Sunday Night Drew TV’s Biggest Audience Since the Oscars in March      Cache   Translate Page      
“Andrew Lincoln’s highly hyped exit from ‘The Walking Dead’ caught a lot of people’s attention” this past Sunday night, but that wasn’t the huge ratings winner of the evening, reports Deadline. “Scoring a TV touchdown” – as Deadline put it...
          Bonsoni Lincoln 7 Drawer Narrow Chest of Drawers in Sonama Oak By Fern Taylor Goran      Cache   Translate Page      

Price: £211.00 Special Price: £132.00

          Bonsoni Lincoln Low Wide Bookcase in Pearl White By Fern Taylor Goran      Cache   Translate Page      

Price: £115.00 Special Price: £72.00

          Bonsoni Lincoln Tall 2 Door 2 Drawer Cupboard in Sonama Oak By Fern Taylor Goran      Cache   Translate Page      

Price: £250.00 Special Price: £156.00

          Bonsoni Lincoln Tall Wide Bookcase in Sonama Oak By Fern Taylor Goran      Cache   Translate Page      

Price: £211.00 Special Price: £132.00

          (Lincoln) 5rd AR mag - Offer      Cache   Translate Page      
ISO 5rd AR15 magazine.
          Comment on Ever wonder why someone becomes a Republican? Hint: it’s disgusting. by Leon Foonman M.D.      Cache   Translate Page      
Sorry , but the GOP adopted the bigots with Nixon's Southern Strategy. You embraced them , and now you ARE them. Oh well, you know LIncoln would be horrified by the disgusting, racist creepy GOP, now, just like a lot of us conservatives who now have no party.
          CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, CROWBAR And MOTHERSHIP To Team Up For North American Tour      Cache   Translate Page      
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, CROWBAR and MOTHERSHIP will join forces for a North American tour in early 2019. WEEDEATER and THE OBSESSED will provide support on select dates. The details are as follows: With WEEDEATER: Jan. 19 - San Antonio, TX - Alamo City Music Hall Jan. 20 - Oklahoma City, OK - Diamond Ballroom Jan. 21 - Kansas City, MO - The Riot Room Jan. 22 - Denver, CO - Gothic Theatre Jan. 24 - Phoenix, AZ - Crescent Ballroom Jan. 25 - Las Vegas, NV - Fremont Country Club Jan. 26 - San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick Jan. 27 - Los Angeles, CA - Teragram Ballroom Jan. 29 - San Francisco, CA - Slim’s Jan. 31 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre Feb. 01 - Seattle, WA - Neumos Feb. 02 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre Feb. 04 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room Feb. 05 - Calgary, AB - Marquee Feb. 07 - Winnipeg, MB - Park Theatre Feb. 08 - Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line Feb. 09 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge Feb. 10 - Flint, MI - Machine Shop Feb. 12 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom Feb. 13 - New York, NY - The Gramercy Theatre With THE OBSESSED: Feb. 16 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall Feb. 17 - Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts Feb. 18 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar Feb. 20 - Toronto, ON - Opera House Feb. 21 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls Theatre Feb. 22 - Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theatre Feb. 23 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade Feb. 24 - Tampa, FL - Orpheum Feb. 26 - Pensacola, FL - Vinyl Music Hall Feb. 27 - Nashville, TN - The Cowan CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's latest album, "No Cross No Crown", came out in January via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The LP is the group's first studio effort with guitarist/vocalist Pepper Keenan in more than a decade. "No Cross No Crown" was recorded in North Carolina with longtime producer John Custer. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY cut the disc in about forty days over the course of a year. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY guitarist Woody Weatherman told Guitar Interactive Magazine about "No Cross No Crown": "This record was approached a little differently than previous [albums]. We didn't spend a lot of… There was, like, no pre-production; we didn't have much of an idea of shit before we all showed up. It was, like, just… we showed up, [and] we'd do four- or five-day sessions." "As we were writing the songs, it started to take shape," Pepper added. "And once again, it was becoming something more than we… as a unit, it became bigger than the sum of its parts. And so once you get to that thing where it's in your head and you're consumed by it, if it ain't right, it's wrong. You've just gotta keep going at it." "There were several things that we threw in the trash," Woody continued. "We'd spend half a day on somebody's idea, and if it wasn't working after half a fucking day, throw it in the fucking trash and move to the next thing." Pepper went on to say that CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's music still sounds as valid today as it did when it was first recorded. "I think we can look back at C.O.C.'s career, you can look at [all the albums] and go… It sounds weird to say it, but they stand the test of time," he said. "And it's really important that it doesn't sound dated. I don't want it to sound like it's the new millennium or the '90s or whatever; it's gotta sound like… when you play it 20 years later, it still sounds correct." "It's been a conscious thought of ours for a long time," Woody added. "'Let's not make a record that sounds like it was made in 1991 or something. Although we're making a record in 1991, let's try not to do that. Let's make it sounds like it's…' Like Pep said, in 20 or 30 years, it still sounds relevant."
          AARON LAZAR: BROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD Comes to Catalina Bar & Grill      Cache   Translate Page      

Broadway heartthrob Aaron Lazar, currently starring in the smash hit musical Dear Evan Hansen at the Ahmanson Theatre, will make his Los Angeles concert debut in his show Broadway to Hollywood for one performance only at Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood on Monday, November 19, at 8:30pm, it was announced today by Chris Isaacson Presents.

Lazar will perform an evening of comedy and romance featuring many of the greatest songs from Broadway and films. Written by Lazar and famed comedy scribe Bruce Vilanch, this is a not- to-be-missed night of entertainment.

Aaron Lazar: 11 Broadway productions. Highlights include debuting in The Phantom of the Opera, originating roles in the world premieres of A Tale of Two Cities, Impressionism, and The Last Ship; starring in the revivals of A Little Night Music and Les Misérables; and romancing audiences in The Light in the Piazza at Lincoln Center and Live from Lincoln Center Theater on PBS. On film, he has worked with acclaimed directors Clint Eastwood, Mary Harron, Shawn Levy, Martin Scorcese, and the Russo brothers. Television guest star appearances include NBC's The Blacklist, CBS's Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, and Bull, FOX's The Following, and recurring roles on Disney's Girl Meets World, Season Three of FX's The Strain, and IFC's The Onion News Network. Lazar has been a guest artist with some of the world's finest symphonies including The New York Philharmonic, The New York Pops at Carnegie Hall, The National Symphony Orchestra at The Kennedy Center, The Boston Pops, The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra at Masada, The English National Opera Orchestra, and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. He can be heard on dozens of Broadway cast albums and television commercials. Broadway to Hollywood has played cabarets and Performing Arts Centers around the country.

Chris Isaacson Presents (CIP) has created, produced, and promoted over 700 events since the company's founding in 2004. From small clubs to major theatres, CIP has presented some of the most influential stars of this generation. Most recently, CIP coordinated and produced an elaborate extravaganza for the new series POSE (FX Networks) at LA Pride 2018 and co-produced the Grammy Award-nominated Considering Matthew Shepard at Ford Theatres (earning CIP a proclamation from the City of West Hollywood for its work in the arts and honoring Matthew Shepard). For more information on upcoming CIP events, including Aussie stage sensation Catherine Alcorn as The Divine Miss Bette (November 8 in Hollywood), Emmy Award-winner Leslie Jordan (November 18 in Hollywood), Verve recording artist Brenna Whitaker (November 28 in San Diego; November 29 in Hollywood), and Amy & Freddy's A Very Diva-licious California Christmas (December 18 in Hollywood), go to

Admission for Aaron Lazar: Broadway to Hollywood at Catalina Bar & Grill is $25-$35 and tickets may be purchased online at or or by phone at (866) 468-3399. Doors open at 7pm for cocktail and dinner service (minimums apply) and show time is 8:30pm. Catalina Bar & Grill is located at 6725 W. Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

           Marquise Brown: Nearing return to full health       Cache   Translate Page      
Marquise Brown: Brown is not at full health as he continues to play for the Sooners, Eric Bailey of the Tulsa World reports. "I would expect he'll be pretty close to top speed this week," coach Lincoln Riley said Monday. Visit for more analysis on this update.
          Lincoln MKC 2019, a prueba: un SUV de lujo con mucho que ofrecer a un precio justo      Cache   Translate Page      

Lincoln MKC 2019, a prueba: un SUV de lujo con mucho que ofrecer a un precio justo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Hay gente que desde joven ve muy claro el emblema del auto que quiere conducir cuando sea mayor y enfoca todos sus esfuerzos en alcanzar su sueño. Siempre he escuchado a personas que fantasean con Audi, Mercedes o BMW... pero jamás con un Lincoln. No los culpo. La división de lujo de Ford no es un top of mind dentro del mercado de lujo, sin embargo, el Lincoln MKC tiene todo para plantearnos una pregunta: ¿quieres un vehículo premium o sólo un emblema?

La expansión del mercado de lujo ha traído consigo un amplio abanico de alternativas dentro de todas las categorías. En medio de la fiebre por los SUV, las propuestas de marcas japonesas y estadounidenses han evolucionado lo suficiente para convencer a quienes sólo se planteaban una firma alemana, y aunque no alcancen por completo su nivel, el precio se vuelve un factor determinante.

Lincoln Mkc 2019 9

La gama del MKC va de 610,000 a 710,000 pesos. El base lleva motor de 240 hp.

El Lincoln MKC apunta, justamente, a quienes buscan un C-SUV de lujo a un precio razonable. Quizá a nadie le sobren 710,000 pesos, sin embargo, la cantidad de equipamiento y el nivel de conducción lo colocan en una posición cómoda frente a lo que ofrecen sus competidores por ese precio. ¿Estamos ante el ejemplar más sensato de su categoría? Lo hemos puesto a prueba.

Lincoln Mkc 2019 3

Más que un Ford Escape con esmoquin

El Lincoln MKC recibió recientemente un facelift ligerísimo. Su generación actual data de 2015 y comparte muchos componentes con el Ford Escape. No lo notarás a simple vista, porque el MKC no quiere ser un Escape superdotado, sino un SUV que pinte su raya a las marcas de volumen para ofrecer un producto elegante, con alto sentido de pertenencia al segmento premium.

Lincoln Mkc 2019 6

La plataforma es compartida con Ford Escape, aunque en calidad, diseño y manejo no lo parezca del todo.

Su apariencia es sofisticada. Viste la cantidad correcta de cromo y recibe rasgos atractivos, sin caer en trazos excéntricos. El frente es tan robusto como elegante, en buena medida gracias al diseño de la parrilla, con un acabado que replica el contorno del emblema de Lincoln. Su parte trasera recibe todo el ADN de la marca en un juego de calaveras en una sola pieza y de iluminación de LED que recorre transversalmente el portón de la cajuela.

Si miras con atención, encontrarás que la tapa de la cajuela abre en una sola pieza, que abarca todo el ancho del vehículo, lo que mejora su capacidad a la hora de cargar objetos anchos. El espacio en la cabina es bueno, aunque los pasajeros más altos pueden sufrir por sólo unos cuantos centímetros de espacio para piernas y cabeza. Nada para espantarse considerando que se trata de un SUV compacto.

Lincoln Mkc 2019 10

Equipamiento y tecnología abundantes

A lo largo de la cabina encontraremos buenos acabados. Quizá la apariencia del plástico negro que domina el tablero no luzca tan bien terminado como el de un Audi Q5 o un BMW X3, pero dista de parecerse al de un Ford. La combinación de detalles cromados, iluminación ambiental e insertos de madera crean una atmósfera de elegancia que cumple cabalmente con lo esperado de un vehículo premium, y no deja espacio para reproches cuando recordamos que, además, se trata de un SUV de lujo que inicia su gama en 610,000 pesos.

Lincoln Mkc 2019 12

La ventaja del MKC es que incluye de serie lo que algunos de sus competidores ofrecen como opción.

Y es que si hablamos de precio, encontramos la carta más fuerte del Lincoln MKC. Su nivel de equipamiento es realmente bueno en relación con lo que hay que pagar; incluye de serie lo que algunos de sus competidores dejan en el plano de lo opcional. Encontraremos asientos delanteros y traseros con calefacción —al frente también llevan ventilación—, techo panorámico, llave inteligente con encendido remoto, memoria para ajuste de asientos y espejos, sistema de sonido THX con 14 bocinas, tapicería en piel, portón trasero de apertura manos libres e infotenimiento SYNC 3 con navegación y pantalla de 8 pulgadas.

Además de la generosa cantidad de comodidades, el Lincoln MKC incluye un alto nivel de tecnología de seguridad, que va más allá de las tradicionales bolsas de aire y control de estabilidad. Incorpora alerta de colisión frontal con freno autónomo de emergencia, detección de peatones, control de velocidad crucero adaptativo, monitor de punto ciego con alerta de tráfico cruzado trasero, sistema de conservación de carril y asistente de estacionamiento automático.

Lincoln Mkc 2019 4

Una conducción cómoda animada por un motor EcoBoost

Al volante, el Lincoln MKC sorprende por varias razones. Hasta hace no muchos años, los coches estadounidenses tenían fama de ser torpes y pesados. El MKC rompe la regla con una conducción que equilibra la agilidad con el confort, y que incluso da paso a un manejo divertido.

Ojo. Lo anterior no significa que sea un SUV deportivo o de alto desempeño, pero con 285 hp bajo el cofre, provenientes de un motor turbo de 2.3 litros que prácticamente no sufre de retraso en su entrega de poder, la respuesta es francamente buena. El conjunto es operado por una transmisión automática de seis velocidades y un sistema de tracción integral.

Lincoln Mkc 2019 18

No es un SUV de alto desempeño y, sin embargo, su comportamiento dinámico deja muy buen sabor de boca.

Otro factor que influye favorablemente en el manejo del Lincoln MKC es la suspensión. Tanto el tope de gama, como la versión base, incluyen amortiguación adaptativa, por lo que se puede oscilar entre un paso rígido en modo Sport y uno más blando en Confort. Con la configuración más deportiva, la tracción integral y la firmeza de la suspensión provocan un comportamiento bastante neutral en curvas. Es cierto que no alcanza el nivel de precisión del comportamiento de sus contrapartes europeas, aunque sí las rebasa en materia de confort —y de insonorización.

Lincoln Mkc 2019 5

Un SUV premium sin despilfarro

Quienes buscan lujo, sin pensar en un emblema que arrebate suspiros, encontrarán una gran opción en el Lincoln MKC. No es un SUV con el que debes conformarte por el precio; es una alternativa completa con gran conducción, buenos acabados y equipamiento completísimo. En pocas palabras, una compra sensata para quien quiere salir de las marcas de volumen en busca de mayor refinamiento y más comodidad.

Sus principales competidores son el Acura RDX, que recientemente estrenó generación y se volvió altamente competitivo. En su espectro de rivales también figuran el Buick Envision, el Audi Q5, el BMW X3, el Volvo XC60 y el Mercedes-Benz GLC.


Espacio interior8

A favor

  • La relación valor/precio es muy buena.
  • Hay mucha carga tecnológica en favor de la seguridad.
  • La respuesta del motor, muy buena.

En contra

  • Algunos acabados pueden mejorar.

Lincoln MKC

Lincoln MKC Reserve


  • Motor: 4 cilindros turbo de 2.3 litros
  • Potencia máxima: 285 hp @ 5,500 rpm
  • Par máximo: 305 lb-pie @ 2,750 rpm
  • Transmisión: Automática de 6 vels.
  • Tracción: Integral
  • Frenos: Disco / Disco
  • Peso: 1,800 kg
  • Aceleración de 0 a 96 km/h': 6.6 s
  • Velocidad máxima': N.D.
  • Suspensión delantera: Independiente tipo McPherson
  • Suspensión trasera: Independiente multibrazo
  • Longitud: 4,551 mm
  • Cajuela: 713 litros
  • Consumo urbano: 7.5 km/l
  • Consumo en carretera: N.D.
  • Consumo combinado: N.D.
  • Emisiones de CO2: N.D.
  • Capacidad del tanque: 60 litros

' Cifras anunciadas por el fabricante

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En Motorpasión México aceptamos vehículos de prueba sólo con fines editoriales. No aceptamos contenido patrocinado a menos que sea claramente especificado como tal. Para más información, consulta nuestra guía de relaciones con empresas.

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La noticia Lincoln MKC 2019, a prueba: un SUV de lujo con mucho que ofrecer a un precio justo fue publicada originalmente en Motorpasión México por Gerardo García .

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Our brave leader looked set to exit the zombiefest like so many of his followers. But did we really expect it to be so simple?

  • Warning: contains spoilers. Do not read unless you are up to date with The Walking Dead

To quote, quite aptly, Johnny Rotten: ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Yes, it turns out all the media-courting blather about this being Andrew Lincoln’s final outing as Rick Grimes wasn’t entirely accurate. In as much as it was a great big porkie pie. Sure, Rick has presumably hung up his hat from the TV show proper, but we now know this is far from the end for him.

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These are much, much nicer than a Jag S-type (a car which always looked like a fat, fake copy of the '60's original from some worker-endangering 3rd-world sweat shop) but I had no idea it actually had Jag mechanicals. Ford had their perfectly good V8: why on earth go fitting this design? One thing expected of big US cars would at minimum be toughness of the basic components. Two odd Australian connections here. One is that at the time these, er, imperfect decisions were being made - arguably bad decisions including the formation of the PAG Group itself - an Australian ran Ford, and history hasn't been kind to him. Second, I have driven part of this car in Aus; that is, I have driven the rear-end and subframe of it, because it was fitted holus-bolus to local upscale Falcons. It was for sure nicer than the live-axle in lesser ones, but (it seems, inevitably in this tale) it was problematic in that it ate through bushings, was too heavy, and was not used on the next model for those reasons. I do see the appeal this quite elegant Lincoln has to you, btw. For these low prices, I would have given one a go too.
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Welcome, welcome! Loved your piece because it seems our automotive interests align closely. Ok, so I'm more of a Cadillac man but a Mark VIII remains a permanent fixture in my fantasy classic car garage. And a few years back, I strongly considered getting a LS should I return to the US to live. Specifically, a 2006 LS Sport as you're absolutely right: it was the best-looking LS by far. And I agree wholeheartedly that the 2003 was a very conservative refresh. The LS was graced with sublime rear-wheel-drive proportions and yet Ford's designers chose to give it details that were either Town Car-derivative (grille), chintzy (the chrome trim on 2000-02 models) or anonymous (2003-06 taillights). Nevertheless, it still looks great... especially in Black Cherry! Great find! I can't say the same about the interior with its fiddly buttons, though. It's not awful but it's not a patch on, say, a BMW interior of the same era. What eventually dissuaded me from the LS was a combination of the reliability record, parts costs, and my realization that buying a 10+ year old car means replacing a lot of those rubber and plastic items that just inevitably give up the ghost all at once. A rubber hose failure destroyed the radiator in my '07 Calais, for example. Now, my '09 Falcon has a sagging headliner which is annoying me no end. I'm still extremely frustrated that Ford left the LS as a development dead end. It was such a promising car and really signalled something different for the Lincoln brand... and they just gave up. Thinly veiled Fords were more profitable, I guess (although at least they're trying harder now). Very curious to read about your experiences with the MKZ and MKS. If I found myself living in the US again soon, I'd be looking at either an ATS AWD or a 2013 MKS EcoBoost. Talk about a contrast!
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(Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen Sunday night’s episode of “The Walking Dead” stop reading now).

Rick Grimes may have been unkillable. But he still got written off.

If you’re a character on a show about the zombie apocalypse, death is really the only way out. You don’t accept a transfer to...

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◆【経営コンサルタントの独り言】 リンカーンデイに人間性について考えさせられる


    俺様の名は「ブロッグ」   経営士ブログに登場するドッグじゃ!!     きょうは豪勢にも   焼きたてのステーキ    外はこんがり、中はジューシー   こんな贅沢をしていて   いいのかな    でも、誘惑には、勝てない!  





■ リンカーンデイに人間性について考えさせられる

















6 ■ リンカーンデイ    今年も余すところ55にちとなりました。11月6日はアブラハム・リンカーン(Abraham Lincoln、1809~1865)が、1860年のアメリカ大統領選挙で、共和党初代となる第16代大統領に選ばれました。





      since 1951 特定非営利活動法人・日本経営士協会        日本経営士協会は、戦後復興期に当時の通産省や産業界の勧奨を受け、日本公認会計士協会と母体を同じくする、日本で最初にできた経営コンサルタント団体です。    詳しくは、サイトでご覧下さい。            ↓ ↓  クリック    日本最古の経営コンサルタント団体・日本経営士協会とは   資格取得についてや入会の手続等   コンサルタントへの依頼、講師捜しに関する情報   コンサルタントとして成功するための各種情報   経営や管理などに関する各種有益情報   経営コンサルタントによるセミナー   お問い合わせや入会・資格取得のお申し込み   会員専用のID/パスワードが必要です

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Ophthalmology practice seeking experienced and enthusiastic Ophthalmic Technician. The practice has four ophthalmologists and two locations. 

Our primary office is in Lincoln Park, and our satellite office is in Skokie. 

Skills should include (but are not limited to): history taking, refraction, applanation tonometry, topography, and OCT. The candidate should be able to multi-task and be a team player.

Flexibility and the ability to work at both locations is highly desirable.

Working hours will require two Saturday mornings per month. Salary will be commensurate with skills and experience. Candidates with experience as Ophthalmic Technician or Ophthalmic Assistant will be considered.

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■【経営士ブログ 今日は何の日】 11月6日 お見合い記念日 その始まりと歴史 リンカーンデイ


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■ お見合い記念日 その始まりと歴史








■ リンカーンデイ    今年も余すところ55にちとなりました。11月6日はアブラハム・リンカーン(Abraham Lincoln、1809~1865)が、1860年のアメリカ大統領選挙で、共和党初代となる第16代大統領に選ばれました。    奴隷制に反対し、これが契機で南部9州が連邦を離脱し、後に南北戦争に繋がるのです。    では、奴隷制に反対する契機は何だったのか、子供の頃読んだ伝記を思い出すと、たしかミシシッピー川で船による運送業をやっていと記憶しています。おそらく、その時に南部での黒人奴隷の売買現場を見たのではないかと思います。    民主主義の本質を表すということから、誰もが知っている「人民の人民による人民のための政治(government of the people, by the people, for the people)は、1863年11月19日にゲティスバーグで戦没者国立墓地開所式での短い「ゲティスバーグ演説」と呼ばれる挨拶のなかの言葉です。    1865年4月14日劇場で観劇中、北軍に属した俳優ブースに至近距離から銃撃されて、56歳の生涯を終えました。同伴していた奥さんにはつらい事件ですが、奥さんが身近にいて息を引き取れたことは不幸中の幸いと私は思います。    因みに、林間とは無関係ですが、この日は「戦争と武力紛争による環境搾取防止のための国際デー(International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict)」でもあります。    戦争の悲惨さを考えると、この国際デーの精神である勃発防止、早期終結を願います。
  ■■ 経営コンサルタントをめざす人の情報源  ←クリック  コンサルタントのコンサルタントがあなたにヒントを提供


 since 1951 特定非営利活動法人・日本経営士協会

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 日本最古の経営コンサルタント団体・日本経営士協会とは  資格取得についてや入会の手続等  コンサルタントへの依頼、講師捜しに関する情報  コンサルタントとして成功するための各種情報  経営や管理などに関する各種有益情報  経営コンサルタントによるセミナー  お問い合わせや入会・資格取得のお申し込み  会員専用のID/パスワードが必要です


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