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          JPMorgan is investing $30 million in Greater Paris over the next 5 years as the first investment of an ambitious $500 million worldwide plan      Cache   Translate Page      

st denis france

  • JPMorgan Chase is investing $30 million over the next five years in the Greater Paris region of Seine-Saint-Denis.
  • The money will be in the form of grants for job training and mentorship.
  • It is the first investment of the $500 million global AdvancingCities initiative.
  • This article is part of Business Insider's ongoing series on Better Capitalism.

JPMorgan Chase announced Monday that starting January it will begin a five-year, $30 million dollar investment in Seine-Saint-Denis, a region of France to the northeast of Paris. It's an area marked by high unemployment, crime, and homelessness, and has 28% of its population living below the poverty line.

It also, however, is on the cusp of two developments that JPMorgan wants to take advantage of: the 2024 Olympics  — Seine-Saint-Denis is home to France's national soccer and rugby stadium — and the Grand Paris Express rapid transit line that will connect Greater Paris

As Stephanie Mestrallet, JPMorgan's vice president of global philanthropy in Europe, told Business Insider, "OK, we know that there are these issues, we know that a lot of people are going to invest in these areas — can we add to this effort that is currently happening?"

The money will go toward apprenticeship programs for young people, job retraining programs for older adults, and small business development.

The investment is a continuation of JPMorgan's philanthropic commitment to the region and will be the first made from the $500 million AdvancingCities initiative when it begins in January. AdvancingCities is itself a five-year program that the bank developed as an extension of investments into Detroit in 2013, after CEO Jamie Dimon decided to assist the city after it declared bankruptcy.

The bank found its Detroit project so successful that it made similar investments in Chicago, Washington, DC, and the New York City borough of the Bronx. Advancing Cities is built upon the lessons learned in these American cities over the last five years.

The initiative has two components, involving a competition among cities around the world that want help with kickstarting their economies, as well as investments outside of the contest. Seine-Saint-Denis falls into the latter, and Peter Scher, JPMorgan's head of corporate responsibility, said that the 150-year anniversary of JPMorgan's involvement in France (when JPMorgan's business partner opened a firm there) this November was a great occasion to move forward with a project they deemed ready to go.

JPMorgan had sent 16 employees to the area this past spring to get familiar with the area and see if there were necessary conditions for successful investments. They decided there indeed were. And though the AdvancingCities competition is still fielding proposals from more than 1,000 cities for the rest of the month, Scher said, "When we feel like we're ready and we can make the investments we do."

Using lessons from Detroit and London

When Scher explained AdvancingCities to us in September, he said that one of the key takeaways from their initial work in Detroit was that the level of partnerships on the ground is contingent on the success of the investments. That is, the bank's team has to rely on business and government leaders in each respective region to determine where money will be best spent and loaned.

In Seine-Saint-Denis, the French President Emmanuel Macron's administration is involved in the project, and the minister of employment, Muriel Penicaud, will join Dimon on Tuesday in an announcement press conference at the Les Compagnons du Devoir (LCD) charity in the region. JPMorgan partnered with the charity last fall and made a 460,000-euro investment into apprenticeship programs.

The AdvancingCities initiative as a whole utilizes both low-cost loans and philanthropic spending, but this upcoming $30 million investment will be entirely in the form of grants. They will support more apprenticeship programs like those offered by LCD, as well as small business accelerators like Impact Partenaire and Pact PME.

Scher said the JPMorgan will send around 100 employees from its global offices to assist with these programs over the next five years, as it has done with its previous city investments.

He said that the Great Paris initiative's success will be measured by effects on employment rates and small business growth, particularly in the poorest sections of the region. The AdvancingCities team is using its insights from its American projects, as well as how the bank's investments in East London during the 2012 London Summer Olympics affected the city's economy, for Seine-Saint-Denis' benefit.

"I think it demonstrates that not just the challenges are quite similar wherever you go, but many of the solutions are quite similar," Scher said.

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          Journalist from Gilgit-Baltistan Shortlisted for the Foreign Press Association Media Awards 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Gohar Abbas from Hunza district of Gilgit-Baltistan has been shortlisted for Foreign Press Association Media Awards 2018 for his story Heaven and Hell: ancient Silk Road barter trade continues. Gohar works for Agence France-Presse (AFP) in Islamabad. He has been shortlisted under the category “travel and tourism story of the year”. Gohar is competing against Fuchsia […]

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PYRÉNÉES SEVEN-HOUR SLOW-COOKED LEG OF LAMB Gigot D’Agneau des Pyrénées Cuisson Sept Heures Recipe Author: Tania Teschke This simple leg of lamb recipe originates from the Pyrénées mountain in Southwestern France and is adapted from our August 2017 Featured Chef Tania Teschke’s book, The Bordeaux Kitchen, published by Primal Blueprint. The cooking time may be […]

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          4 Bodies Found After Apartment Buildings Collapse In Marseille, France      Cache   Translate Page      
A woman who lived in one of the buildings said she stayed with her parents the night before the collapse because many of the doors in her building wouldn't close. "It could have been me," she said.
          Prairie State did its part in the Great War      Cache   Translate Page      
Editor’s note: The Illinois Press Association and the Illinois Associated Press Media Editors present this Illinois Bicentennial feature in advance of the state’s 200th birthday on Dec. 3. Stories published up to this date can be found at

Artie Bennett, a Marine from Clinton, Ill., was cut down by a hail of bullets 100 years ago in a far-flung foreign field, giving his life for his country in America’s first global war.

A letter home from a fellow soldier said Bennett, 18, had been attacking a machine gun nest as the Marines fought, successfully, to stem a German advance threatening the French capital of Paris in June 1918, the last summer of World War I.

The fallen Marine had lingered for an hour before dying, one of the first casualties from Illinois. The letter honoring him, typed by fellow Marine Pvt. John W. Olsen, read: “He passed away quietly, without a complaint, and was laid to rest near where he fell.”

Immaculately tended American cemeteries in France, and faded memorials at home, are among the few tangible reminders of the “Great War” that began on July 28, 1914, and ended, after 18 million soldiers and civilians had died on all sides, with an armistice that went into effect at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 1918.

Now, nearing the 100th anniversary of the war’s end, the push is on to recall and honor the men and women of Illinois, and all across America, who suffered and sacrificed for their nation.

Congress has created a United States World War I Centennial Commission, which is overseeing commemorations and fundraising for a World War I memorial in Washington, D.C.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a proclamation announcing the Illinois National Guard and Chicago’s Pritzker Military Museum & Library will lead the effort to ensure the Land of Lincoln remembers its role in the Great War.

A World War I Centennial Committee has been drafted to aid in that state mission, and it’s chaired by Jeanne Hamacher, who has taught high school history classes. She said the key lesson to learn is that Illinois went to extraordinary efforts to support a war that shaped the world we live in, right up through today.

“When I was teaching, I did a lesson where I could link basically every conflict the United States has had (since World War I) back to World War I in some shape or form,” Hamacher said. She said Illinois had helped win the war, and the war changed the world forever.

“Schools need to teach this, we need to remember,” she added.

The United States declared war on Germany and its Central Powers allies on April 6, 1917, and Illinois became part of the vast conflict that would mark America’s emergence as a global superpower.

The United States sent 4,734,991 soldiers and sailors to Europe and suffered 116,516 deaths, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Records from the Illinois Office of the Adjutant General list more than 351,000 Illinois men who served in the Army, Navy and Marines during World War I, and some 5,000 of them died.

One of every 12 enlistees in the Army hailed from Illinois, and each left a mark.

The American Legion Post in Clinton is Crang-Bennett Post 103, named for the fallen Marine and also Army Sgt. 1st Class Welby Crang, who lived about a block from Bennett and died in France in 1917 from pneumonia.

Ron Devore, 86, is a member of the Post 103 executive board and a former post commander who has fought to keep the memory of the World War I soldiers alive. He said the post was founded in 1919 not just to honor fallen veterans, but to help and lobby for those who returned home alive, if not always in one piece.

“Some of these guys had been gassed, their lungs were burned, they had missing limbs and disabilities; they were messed up for life, and they weren’t getting anything from the government,” Devore said. “Veterans knew that, if there was a bunch of them banded together, they could have a voice in Washington, D.C.”

Devore’s wife, Marjorie, whose father was a World War I veteran, vividly recalls the returned soldiers’ sense of pride despite all their trials and tribulations. She said that pride had been matched by the patriotic fervor of their communities at home. “My dad always said everybody had supported the war effort,” she said.

The civilian push to buoy the troops with maximum support on the home front was extraordinary. Illinois mobilized vast forces of industry, and especially industrialized agriculture, and turned them into an arsenal of democracy that flooded the American war effort with food, war materiel and cash.

Illinois created the State Council of Defense, the job of which was to persuade, corral and control civilian production, from engineering to seed corn, to fuel the war machine. When the council produced its wrap-up report in 1919, it was suffused with pride at the sheer wartime output from the people of Illinois.

It pointed out that the state’s agricultural production for 1918 had been geared to meet the needs of the wartime “national food authorities” and had been the third-largest crop harvest in state history, worth close to $880 million (about $15 billion in today’s dollars).

“Notwithstanding the drain upon manpower, the state in 1918 turned out manufactured products valued at $6 billion. ... Of these, $2 billion-worth were on direct war contracts, but virtually all were war contributions, for Illinois factories are not largely given to the production of luxuries or non-essentials,” the council reported.

It also lauded the generosity of Illinois citizens, who raised $45 million during the war to support everything from the Red Cross to the YMCA and the Salvation Army.

Timothy Kovalcik, associate professor of history at Millikin University, said it’s important to understand the wartime atmosphere gripping Illinois and the entire nation.

“Support for the war was at fever pitch, and the propaganda was incredibly successful,” Kovalcik said.

A state with a significant population of Germanic ancestry (Teutopolis in Effingham County, for example, means “City of the Teutons,” or Germans, and is typical of many towns founded by German settlers) had no trouble raising troops.

“The population of German ancestry volunteered at massive rates to show their patriotism,” Kovalcik said. “They wanted to prove they were true Americans.”

With troops rushing forward and humming factories full of nose-to-grindstone workers who had shunted aside labor grumbles for the greater patriotic good, the State Council of Defense believed it had glimpsed capitalism’s promised land.

“All war undertakings succeeded by virtue of the spirit of cooperation,” it concluded in its final 1919 report. “Since this unity of thought and purpose can be achieved under stress of war, why can it not be approximated, at least, in time of peace?”

But it was not to be. Kovalcik said a big influence that had pushed President Woodrow Wilson to steer America into the war is that much of it on the British side had been financed by American banks. They stood to lose their shirts big time if Britain and its Allies, fatigued with crippling losses by 1917, were defeated. And yet when the American intervention was over and the war won, the demand that had quadrupled the U.S. economy between 1914 and 1917 suddenly collapsed, taking jobs with it.

By the dawn of the Great Depression in the 1930s, jobless and hungry World War I veterans and their families, some 17,000 of them, had marched on Washington, D.C. They were demanding early payment of war service bonuses promised by Congress but not due to be distributed until 1945. On July 28, President Herbert Hoover ordered in the Army to help the police clear the protesters and, in street battles that followed, two veterans were killed.

Finally, in 1936, Congress overrode the veto of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the veterans were paid their bonuses nine years early.

          Roma, la trasferta di Mosca penultima spiaggia per Di Francesco      Cache   Translate Page      
Secondo quanto riportato dall'edizione romana del Corriere della Sera, la sfida di domani contro il CSKA Mosca in Champions League ha il sapore della penultima spiaggia per Eusebio Di Francesco, tecnico che continua a essere difeso dai.
          RMC SPORT - Ghirelli: "Capotondi? Non è mossa commerciale, ama il calcio"      Cache   Translate Page      
L'elezione di Cristiana Capotondi a vicepresidente di Lega Pro, è solo una mossa pubblicitaria? Il presidente Francesco Ghirelli assicura di no: "No.
          Apartamento, 1 quarto, 1 wc, 63m2, Santa Maria Maior.      Cache   Translate Page      
T1 situado a 5 minutos a pé do Miradouro das Portas do Sol, com 64m2. Apartamento com muito charme e bastante luminosidade, com 2 varandas francesas. Caixilharia, oscilo-batente, com vidro duplo. Cozinha totalmente equipada em open space. Zona...
1 dormitórios 1 banheiros 63 m2 19 EUR/m² terraço
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 17:15:36 +0100
          TMW - Lega Pro, Ghirelli: "Ci aspettavamo una chiamata dalla Lega B"      Cache   Translate Page      
Un nuovo presidente per la Lega Pro: come previsto, l'ex segretario Francesco Ghirelli, in carriera anche ex amministratore delegato del Bari e direttore generale del Perugia, è stato eletto al termine di un'assemblea particolarmente vivace:.
          Tickets For The Canadian Premiere Of THE LAST SHIP, Starring Sting, Go On Sale Monday      Cache   Translate Page      

Tickets for the Canadian premiere of Sting's acclaimed musical The Last Ship will go on public sale Monday November 12. Presented by David Mirvish and produced by Karl Sydow and Kathryn Schenker, the limited six-week engagement runs February 9 through March 24, 2019 at Toronto's Princess of Wales Theatre.

Featuring original music and lyrics by multiple Grammy Award winner Sting, this new epic production of The Last Ship will star Sting in the role of shipyard foreman Jackie White in Toronto. Further casting to be announced.

To purchase individual tickets:

Tuesday November 6

American Express Cardmembers can purchase Front Of The Line Presale tickets between Tuesday, November 6 at 12PM and Wednesday, November 7 at 10PM.

Monday November 12

Tickets will go on public sale Monday November 12, 2018 at 12:01AM at the only authorized online source.

At 9AM by phone through TicketKing at 416-872-1212 or 1-800-461-3333. TicketKing is the only authorized phone source.

Tickets can be purchased in-person at all Mirvish Theatres during regular box office hours.

Group orders of 15 or more may be placed by calling 416-593-4142 or 1-800-724-6420.

The Last Ship is part of the 2018/19 Mirvish Subscription Season.

The Last Ship, which was initially inspired by Sting's 1991 album The Soul Cages and his own childhood experiences, tells the story of a community amid the demise of the shipbuilding industry in Tyne and Wear, with the closure of the Swan Hunter shipyard.

When a sailor named Gideon Fletcher returns home after seventeen years at sea, tensions between past and future flare in both his family and his town. The local shipyard, around which the community has always revolved, is closing and no-one knows what will come next, only that a half-built ship towers over the terraces. With the engine fired and pistons in motion, picket lines are drawn as foreman Jackie White and his wife Peggy fight to hold their community together in the face of the gathering storm.

This personal, political and passionate new musical from multiple Grammy Award winner Sting, is an epic account of a family, a community and a great act of defiance. The Last Ship features an original score with music and lyrics by Sting as well as a few of his best-loved songs; Island of Souls, All This Timeand When We Dance. It is the proud story of when the last ship sails.

The show is directed by Lorne Campbell, the artistic director of Northern Stage and has set design by the Tony Award-winning 59 Productions- team behind the video design for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The Last Ship has a new book by Lorne Campbell, original book by John Logan and Brian Yorkey, orchestrations by Rob Mathes, musical direction by Richard John, costume design by Molly Einchcomb, movement direction by Lucy Hind, lighting design by Matt Daw and sound design by Seb Frost. Other members of the creative team are dramaturg Selma Dimitrijevic, associate director Jake Smith, casting director Jenkins McShane Casting and associate musical director Sam Sommerfeld.

The Last Ship is produced by Karl Sydow and Kathryn Schenker.

Sting was born Gordon Matthew Sumner on 2 October, 1951 in Wallsend, North Tyneside, Tyne and Wear, England, the eldest of four children of Audrey (Cowell), a hairdresser, and Ernest Matthew Sumner, an engineer and milkman.

He grew up in the turmoil of the ship-building industry and wanted to become a musician very early having developed a love for the bass guitar. He played in jazz/rock bands such as "The Last Exit" and other various outfits, including a Dixieland jazz group, and in 1977, he formed the rock trio, The Police with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers.

In 1984, he went on to record solo albums, and has evolved in to one of the most prolific songwriters and musicians in the world. His latest album, 57th & 9th, was released in November, 2016 followed by the critically-acclaimed 57th& 9thWorld Tour which recently concluded having performed 115 concerts throughout North America, Asia, Latin America & Europe. Hailed "the show of a lifetime" (The Vancouver Globe & Mail), Sting: Live at The Olympia Paris will be released November 10 on DVD and captures the musician's guitar-driven rock tour as it hit the French capital at the iconic venue in April, 2017.

Throughout his illustrious career, Sting has sold close to 100 million albums from his combined work with The Police and as a solo artist. He has also delved into acting, having appeared in over 15 films such as Quadrophenia (1979) and Bring on the Night (1984) and has published a memoir entitled Broken Music in 2003, which spent 13 weeks on The New York Times Best Sellers list. He has received honorary Doctorate of Music degrees from Northumbria University in October 1992, Berklee College of Music in May 1994 and from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 2006.

Karl Sydow has produced Dirty Dancing, the Classic Story Live on Stage across the UK for the past 11 years.

Other credits in the UK include Sinatra: The Man and His Music directed by David Gilmore, Backbeat directed by David Leveaux; Dish of Tea With Dr Johnson directed by Max Stafford-Clark; Tritych by Edna O'Brien; Memory directed by Terry Hands; The Line directed by Matthew Lloyd and Jen?fa directed by Irina Brown, both written by Timberlake Wertenbaker (Arcola); Ring Round the Moon directed by Sean Mathias (Playhouse); Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage (Piccadilly, Aldwych, UK tour, Germany, France, Australia and Italy); the spectacular multimedia production Sinatra at the London Palladium directed by David Leveaux with choreography by Stephen Mear; And Then There Were None with Tara Fitzgerald (Gielgud); the London and Sydney production of Dance of Death with Sir Ian McKellen, Frances de la Tour and Owen Teale; Bea Arthur (Savoy); Auntie and Me with Alan Davies and Margaret Tyzack (Wyndham's); Michael Moore,Live! (Roundhouse); the West End Premiere of Noël Coward's Semi-Monde; Kevin Elyot's Mouth to Mouth with Lindsay Duncan and Michael Maloney (Albery); David Mamet's Speed-the-Plow with Mark Strong, Patrick Marber and Kimberly Williams; Drummers by Simon Bennet and Some Explicit Polaroids by Mark Ravenhill - winner of the Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Newcomer - both directed by Max Stafford- Clark for Out of Joint; Macbeth with Rufus Sewell (Queen's); A Swell Party - A Celebration of Cole Porter (Vaudeville); Timberlake Wertenbaker's Our Country's Good (Olivier Award for Best Play); Hysteria (Olivier Award for Best Comedy) and an adaptation of Sue Townsend's novel The Queen and I which was Out of Joint's inaugural production.

In North America he has produced Backbeat (Royal Alexandra, Toronto and Ahmanson, Los Angeles) directed by David Leveaux with international tours includingThe Last Confession with David Suchet; the centennial production of Under Milk Wood; and the Out of Joint revival of Our Country's Good.

In 2018, Karl has produced Alan Ayckbourn's The Divide with The Old Vic and Edinburgh International Festival and David Hare's The Moderate Soprano at the Duke of York's.

Kathryn Schenker was Sting's longtime manager and has more than 30 years' experience in the entertainment business. She has produced three Emmy Award-winning musical specials and numerous music documentaries, including the BBC One program, Sting: When The Last Ship Sails. She was the lead producer of the Broadway production of The Last Ship.

          More Africa, Less Ghana--Part 2      Cache   Translate Page      
133 years ago, on November 5, 1885, delegates from various European countries met in Berlin (in Germany), took a map of Africa and divided it among themselves. Britain and France took a lot. They call it The Scramble for Africa. No indigenous African person attended the Berlin Conference, yet many decades after liberation, Africans still defin ...
          Les Brodeuses, de Cantorbéry à Bayeux 1066-1071      Cache   Translate Page      


Roman (broché). Paru en 10/2018

Les Brodeuses, de Cantorbéry à Bayeux 1066-1071

Yves Aubard

Les Brodeuses, de Cantorbéry à Bayeux, est le tome 13 de La Saga des Limousins, il se déroule entre les années 1066 et 1071. Guillaume de Normandie devra faire face à de nombreuses diffi cultés pour asseoir son autorité sur l’Angleterre dont il vient d’accaparer la couronne. Les femmes de la famille, quant à elles, trouvent un moyen original pour immortaliser les préparatifs et la conquête de l’Angleterre par les Normands : elles vont réaliser une immense broderie qui relatera chaque étape de cette épopée. Le jeune roi Philippe de France, en manque de conseillers qualifi és à ses côtés, va recruter son cousin Vladimir et sa cousine Ingrid, qui vont prendre ses affaires en main en commençant par lui trouver une épouse.

Né en 1957, Yves Aubard est professeur de gynécologie au CHU de Limoges. Originaire de Châlus, célèbre pour son château, du haut duquel fut tiré le trait d’arbalète qui blessa mortellement Richard Cœur de Lion à la fin du xiie siècle. Yves Aubard est passionné d’histoire en général et d’histoire de la médecine en particulier comme en témoigne le titre de sa thèse de Doctorat en médecine : « historique de l’opération césarienne ». Il vit à Verneuil-sur-Vienne. Pour en savoir plus :

          Incontri con il Teatro, a Palazzo Piacentini c’è Francesco Pannofino      Cache   Translate Page      

In occasione del primo spettacolo in cartellone, la commedia «Bukurosh, mio nipote» di Gianni Clementi in scena giovedì 8 e venerdì 9 novembre

L'articolo Incontri con il Teatro, a Palazzo Piacentini c’è Francesco Pannofino proviene da Riviera Oggi.

          Morto Orlando Marconi, il “Re del Freddo” e grande imprenditore sambenedettese      Cache   Translate Page      

Era nato il 25 agosto 1927 e aveva fondato la sua azienda, il "Gruppo Marconi", nel 1962. A maggio aveva ceduto le sue quote ai francesi della Stef. E' morto nella sua abitazione, sul lungomare di San Benedetto

L'articolo Morto Orlando Marconi, il “Re del Freddo” e grande imprenditore sambenedettese proviene da Riviera Oggi.

          Il Concordia “apre” con ‘Bukurosh, mio nipote’: a San Benedetto arriva Francesco Pannofino      Cache   Translate Page      

In scena pure Emanuela Rossi gli attori Andrea Lolli, Silvia Brogi, Maurizio Pepe, Filippo Laganà, Elisabetta Clementi. Tutte le info utili

L'articolo Il Concordia “apre” con ‘Bukurosh, mio nipote’: a San Benedetto arriva Francesco Pannofino proviene da Riviera Oggi.

           Comment on Mélenchon and la France insoumise in Free-fall. by Andrew Coates       Cache   Translate Page      
Splits grow in la France insoumise, beginning with divisions over whether to back far-right protests against fuel prices rises, or rather to welcome them, and "participation" in them without formal suppor. LFI loyalist and director of Merci Patron François Ruffin, says that if there are fafs there, you have to "understand" these people before judging them, ": “Ah, il y a des fachos”. (…) Il faut d’abord comprendre avant de juger." Yup just like a certain Berlin Transport strike....
          Millions in Yemen are starving and UK, US & France are 'behind this' - Oxfam representative to RT      Cache   Translate Page      
© Reuters / Khaled Abdullah FILE PHOTO A man receives food ration from a charity food distribution in Sanaa, Yemen The US, UK, and French governments are behind millions of people starving in Yemen because they are "supporting this war," an Oxfam representative told RT, urging London to stop beefing up Saudi Arabia's military. "We have 14 million people starving," Richard Stanforth, Oxfam UK's regional policy officer for the Middle East, said. "British, French, American governments are all behind this, they are all supporting this war." Stanforth blamed the British government in particular, saying that London should stop its arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which is accused of targeting food supplies and even no-strike locations in Yemen. "We've seen attacks on water infrastructure, on hospitals, warehouses of food. This pattern is continuing. Certainly, it's the airstrikes that are killing most civilians," he said. Stanforth says Riyadh's bombing is not sparing humanitarian sites...
          Six alleged members of 'ultra-right' arrested for plotting violent attacks against Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Six people, suspected of plotting a "violent action" plan against Emmanuel Macron, have been arrested, French media reported, adding that the men are allegedly members of the ultra-right. The operation was conducted by the General Directorate for Internal Security, a French intelligence service which is charged with counter-espionage and counter-terrorism. The men, allegedly members of the ultra-right, were arrested in three different locations across France on Tuesday. They are suspected of undertaking an "imprecise and loosely-formed" plan for "violent action" against the president, sources close to the investigation told media.
          Gaza's iconic 'liberty protester' shot in the leg by Israeli forces      Cache   Translate Page      
Aed Abu Amro, 20, is the owner of a small kiosk that sells cigarettes in the al-Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City's south side. On October 22 he reached internet infamy after photographer for Anadolu Agency Mustafa Hassouna captured a shirtless Abu Amro gripping a Palestinian flag firmly in one hand and a slingshot in the other during a protest at the fence that divides the Gaza Strip and Israel. The picture has been shared more than 50,000 times. When the image went viral it was compared to Eugène Delacroix's famed painting "Liberty Leading the People" where lady liberty incarnate leads an armed crowd to oust King Charles X during the Second French Revolution while clutching what later became the flag of France.
          La légende du blues John Mayall en concert en France avril 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
Véritable pionnier du blues anglais, John Mayall a lancé des guitaristes comme Mick Taylor, Peter Green et...
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack France’s President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
The arrests were made in different locations across the country.
          We Will Rock You, la comédie musicale de retour au Casino de Paris en février 2019       Cache   Translate Page      
La célèbre comédie musicale "We Will Rock You" bâtie autour des chansons de Queen est enfin adaptée en France ! Après des représentations à l'automne 2018, elle sera de nouveau à l'affiche du Casino de Paris à partir du 8 février 2019. Quel régal de réentendre les plus grands titres de l'immense groupe de rock.
          Marche mondiale pour le climat : le 8 décembre 2018 à Paris      Cache   Translate Page      
Suite au succès des marches du 8 septembre et du 13 octobre, une nouvelle mobilisation se prépare au moment même où la Pologne accueillera la COP24. Pour marcher à nouveau pour le climat, rendez-vous donc à Paris mais aussi dans de nombreuses autres villes de France et du monde le samedi 8 décembre 2018.
          Six far-right suspects held over 'plot' against Macron      Cache   Translate Page      

Six far-right suspects held over 'plot' against MacronSix people linked to French extreme right movements were detained Tuesday on suspicions they were preparing a "violent" plot against President Emmanuel Macron, sources close to the case told AFP. The five men and one woman, aged 22 to 62, were seized by France's DGSI domestic intelligence agency, which did not release their identities, one of the sources said. Four suspects were picked up in the northeastern city of Moselle, a little more than an hour's drive from Verdun, which Macron was visiting Tuesday as part of weeklong commemorations of the World War I centenary.

          Bordeaux, c'est l'Amérique       Cache   Translate Page      
Adieu M6, welcome GACP ! Après des mois de discussions et de suspense, le fonds d'investissement américain GACP est devenu mardi le nouveau propriétaire des Girondins de Bordeaux, succédant au groupe de télévision M6 pour 100 millions d'euros. En place depuis 1999, M6 a donc cédé, lors d'une ultime réunion au siège du cabinet d'avocats parisien Winston et Straw, son joyau sextuple champion de France (dont deux titres sous son ère, plus 3 coupes de la Ligue et 1 coupe de France), devenu un fardeau déficitaire ces dernières saisons.
          XV de France: "Cela restera une frustration toute ma carrière", estime Camille Lopez      Cache   Translate Page      
Encore amer après sa non sélection en XV de France pour la Coupe du monde 2015, l'ouvreur Camille Lopez s'est confié, en exclusivité pour l'AFP, sur son parcours sinueux avec les Bleus, à quelques jours du Test contre l'Afrique du Sud. Ses blessures l'ont empêché, à 29 ans, de compter plus de 16 sélections. La dernière en date, qui l'a privé des trois derniers rendez-vous des Bleus, est derrière lui.
          Jeremiah Hurst Adds His Name To The List Of All Iowa Points Late Model Champions      Cache   Translate Page      
In the fifty-second season of compiling the All Iowa Points Jeremiah Hurst becomes the twenty-third different driver to earn the title of Late Model champion. The list of champions includes ten National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame members Red Droste, Verlin Eaker, Ed Sanger, Curt Hansen, Gary Webb, Tom Hearst, Ken Walton, Roger Dolan,  Ray Guss Jr. and Joe Kosiski, and if not for health reasons Hurst might have been an All Iowa champion a few years earlier as he was the point leader mid-season before having to step away from the sport for a bit.

Teaming up with the Roberts Racing Team car #58, a team that won four straight All Iowa Points titles with Ray Guss Jr. from 2009 through 2012, Hurst had a stellar 2018 season taking seven feature wins and finishing in the top five an impressive forty-two times. Seventeen of those were runner-up finishes allowing him to edge out the defending champion Matt Ryan by eighteen points. It was another great year for Ryan with eleven feature victories in thirty-seven top five runs.

Three time All Iowa Points Modified champion Ryan Dolan (2010 - 2012) had his best season in a Late Model finishing in the third position with ten wins to his credit while early season leader Andy Nezworski ranked fourth taking nine feature wins. Todd Cooney who is still chasing his first AIP title despite having the most points accumulated in the division since the 2000 season rounds out the top five with eleven wins this year. Four time champion Rob Toland (2004, 2006-07, 2016) finished tenth.

The "Newcomer of the Year", or the driver who has never had a top five finish in the division until 2018 is Mike Mills who raced in the 9:1 Late Model division in Dubuque this season. Mills was tied for the 53rd position on the list.

We will continue to release the final 2018 All Iowa Points by division as this week goes on with the Modifieds up next.

All Iowa Points Final 2018
Late Model Iowa
Pos. Driver Hometown Points
1 . Jeremiah Hurst Dubuque 151
2 . Matt Ryan Davenport 133
3 . Ryan Dolan Lisbon 113
4 . Andy Nezworski Buffalo 112
5 . Todd Cooney Des Moines 100
6 . Darrel DeFrance Marshalltown 91
7 . Tommy Elston Keokuk 87
8 . John Emerson Waterloo 81
9 . Billy Leighton  Omaha NE 79
10 . Rob Toland Hillsdale IL 74
11 . Chuck Hanna Port Byron IL 72
12 . Jacob Brown Omaha NE 70
13 . Tyler Bruening Decorah 66
14 . Tad Pospisil Norfolk NE 65
15 . Ben Schaller Omaha NE 60
16 . Jeff Tilley Omaha NE 58
17 . Denny Woodworth Mendon IL 53
18 . Sam Halstead New London 53
19 . Andrew Kosiski Omaha NE 52
20 . Justin Kay Wheatland 52
21 . Jason Robbins Belmont WI 47
22 . Jamie Pfeiffer Freeport IL 46
23 . Jason O'Brien Atlantic 42
24 . Chad Holladay Muscatine 40
25 . Jason Hahne Webster City 38
26 . Lee Kinsella Dubuque 38
27 . Corey Zeitner Omaha NE 36
28 . Ryan Griffith Webster City 36
29 . Kyle Berck Marquette NE 34
30 . Pat Quinn Epworth 30
31 . Ron Boyse Kalona 30
32 . Vance Wilson Bowling Green MO 30
33 . Andy Eckrich Cosgrove 27
34 . Steve Schueller Dubuque 27
35 . Terry Neal Ely 27
36 . Ben Sukup Norfolk NE 26
37 . Charlie McKenna Clear Lake 25
38 . Nick Marolf Moscow 25
39 . Andrew Tilley Glenwood 24
40 . Joel Callahan Dubuque 24
41 . Sean Johnson Independence 24
42 . Gunnar Frank Montrose 23
43 . Chad Simpson Mount Vernon 22
44 . Joe Zrostlik Long Grove 22
45 . Nick Beyenhof Rock Rapids 22
46 . Jeff Tharp Dubuque 21
47 . Jonathan Davenport Mount Airy NC 21
48 . Chris Simpson Oxford 20
49 . Eric Pollard Dubuque 20
50 . Gary Brown Jr. Brandon SD 20
51 . Jeff Guengerich Washington 20
52 . Todd Frank Montrose 20
53 . Curt Martin Independence 19
54 . Gabe Umbarger Garner 19
55 . Mike Mills Dubuque 19
56 . Darren Ackerman Waterloo 18
57 . Jay Johnson West Burlington 18
58 . Jeff Schmidt Rock City IL 18
59 . Scott Fitzpatrick Urbandale 18
60 . D.J. Sweet Platteville WI 17
61 . Ben Seemann Waterloo 16
62 . Brandon Sheppard New Berlin IL 16
63 . Joe Ross Thompson IL 16
64 . Nate Beyenhof Rock Rapids 16
65 . Paul Glendenning Mount Ayr 16
66 . Paul Nagle Nevada 16
67 . Kyle Hinrichs Swisher 15
68 . Rick Wendling Hazelton 15
69 . Dave Cook Lincoln NE 14
70 . John Anderson Omaha NE 14
71 . Josh Krug Omaha NE 14
72 . A.J. Jorgensen Elkhorn NE 12
73 . Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg TN 12
74 . Doug Nigh Eldridge 11
75 . Jake Neal Omaha NE 11
76 . Jeff Parks 11
77 . Zach Zentner Cedar Rapids NE 11
78 . Allan Hopp Harlan 10
79 . Brian Shirley Chatham IL 10
80 . Clint Kirkham Camden IL 10
81 . Jimmy Owens Newport TN 10
82 . Kelly Pestka DeWitt 10
83 . Ron Klein Sherrill 10
84 . Shawn Cooney Des Moines 10
85 . Cliff Powell Hannibal MO 9
86 . Don O'Neal Martinsville IN 9
87 . Jason Udelhofen Potosi WI 9
88 . Karl Getzschman Council Bluffs 9
89 . Luke Pestka Robins 9
90 . Nick Deal Walnut 9
91 . Robbie Jorgenson Elkhorn NE 9
92 . Tyler Erb New Waverly TX 9
93 . Brandon Savage Keokuk 8
94 . Brett Hopp Harlan 8
95 . Charles VanZandt Camp Point IL 8
96 . Curt Schroeder Newton 8
97 . Jake Bridge Waverly NE 8
98 . Jordan Heiman Sioux Falls SD 8
99 . Laine VanZandt Camp Point IL 8
100 . Quinten Meyers Pukwana SD 8
101 . Rich Picha Prairie Du Chien WI 8
102 . Rusty Patterson Mason City 8
103 . Sterling Perkins Lamoni 8
104 . Travis Johnson 8
105 . Brad Perdue Council Bluffs 7
106 . Brian Kosiski Omaha NE 7
107 . Colton Leal Pacific Junction 7
108 . Denny Eckrich Tiffin 7
109 . Lyle Klein Dubuque 7
110 . Mike Marlar Winfield TN 7
111 . Tim Simpson Iowa City 7
112 . Blair Northdurft Sioux Falls SD 6
113 . Bobby Pierce Oakwood IL 6
114 . Gary Webb Blue Grass 6
115 . Jon Poll Delmar 6
116 . Josh Richards Shinnston WV 6
117 . Justin Zeitner Omaha NE 6
118 . Kale Kosiski Ralston NE 6
119 . Mitch Current Maquoketa 6
120 . Payton Looney Republic MO 6
121 . Randy Archer Council Bluffs 6
122 . Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville FL 5
123 . Eric Vanosdall Hoskins NE 5
124 . Frank Heckenast Jr. Frankfort IL 5
125 . Jeff Aikey Cedar Falls 5
126 . Jesse Sobbing Malvern 5
127 . Lance Matthees Winona MN 5
128 . Paul Conrad Colo 5
129 . Shannon Babb Mowequa IL 5
130 . Steve Hunter Hopkington 5
131 . Travis Smock Independence 5
132 . Will Vaught Aurora MO 5
133 . Blake Anderson Omaha NE 4
134 . Cayden Carter Oskaloosa 4
135 . Chris Madden Gray Court SC 4
136 . Dave Wada Muscatine 4
137 . Don Pataska Miles 4
138 . J.C. Wyman Griswold 4
139 . Jason Rauen Farley 4
140 . Jeff Provinzino Hibbing MN 4
141 . Jeremy Grady Story City 4
142 . Jim Hendricks Pardeeville WI 4
143 . Melvin Linder Mendon IL 4
144 . Ricky Weiss Headingly MB 4
145 . Rory Metcalf West Union 4
146 . Ryan Hill Dubuque 4
147 . Shane Clanton Zebulon GA 4
148 . Steven Roberts Jesup GA 4
149 . Zach Zeitner Bellevue NE 4
150 . B.J. Jackson Clinton 3
151 . Brian Harris Davenport 3
152 . Chris Horn Marion 3
153 . Chris Spieker Massena 3
154 . Cory Dumpert York NE 3
155 . Curtis Glover Des Moines 3
156 . Darren Mish Hazel Green WI 3
157 . Dirk Hamilton Waterloo 3
158 . Jay Stewart Blair NE 3
159 . Jimmy Mars Menomonie WI 3
160 . John Squires Shannon IL 3
161 . Kirby Schultz Albion 3
162 . Kyle Krampe Baxter 3
163 . Logan Duffy Urbana 3
164 . Luke Goedert Guttenberg 3
165 . Matt Buller Lincoln NE 3
166 . Mitch McGrath Waukesha WI 3
167 . Richie Gustin Gilman 3
168 . Ron Carey Nashua 3
169 . Rusty Schlenk McClure OH 3
170 . Todd Bell Omaha NE 3
171 . Billy Drake Bloomington IL 2
172 . Bobby Hansen Center Point 2
173 . Brian Birkhofer Muscatine 2
174 . Carey Umbarger Garner 2
175 . Chad Coyne Moline IL 2
176 . Chad Olsen Hendricks MN 2
177 . Chuck Mitchell Jacksonville IL 2
178 . Curran Beckler Tiffin 2
179 . Don Beckstrom Carroll 2
180 . Gale Vogt Yankton SD 2
181 . Graham Fate Peoria IL 2
182 . Hudson O'Neal Martinsville IN 2
183 . Jason Feger Bloomington IL 2
184 . Luke Merfeld Dubuque 2
185 . Matt Furman Iowa City 2
186 . Mike Guldenpfennig Davenport 2
187 . Rece Vaught Aurora NE 2
188 . Shawn Mulvaney Moline IL 2
189 . Tony Jackson Jr. Lebanon MO 2
190 . Travis Birkley Wakefield NE 2
191 . Troy Northdurft Sioux Falls SD 2
192 . Tucker Finch Jacksonville IL 2
193 . Barry Sorenson Harlan 1
194 . Brandon Queen Keokuk 1
195 . Brian Diveley Springfield IL 1
196 . Curt Beckler Tiffin 1
197 . Darrell Lanigan Union KY 1
198 . Dave Eckrich Cosgrove 1
199 . Devin Moran Dresden OH 1
200 . Eric Sanders  Colona IL 1
201 . Jenna Johnson Mitchellville 1
202 . John Hoefert Sioux Falls SD 1
203 . Michael Leal Pacific Junction 1
204 . Mike Kline Browntown WI 1
205 . Mike Morton Jr. Omaha NE 1
206 . Mitch Manternach Earlville 1
207 . Randy Faux Earlham 1
208 . Rick Eckert York PA 1
209 . Ryan Mitchell Webster City 1
210 . Ryan Picha Prairie Du Chien WI 1
211 . Scott Welsh Cedar Rapids 1
212 . Tim McCreadie Watertown NY 1
213 . Todd Malmstrom Moline IL 1
214 . Trevor Gundaker St. Charles MO 1

          La journée du XV de France: reprise en douceur, Vahaamahina toujours ménagé      Cache   Translate Page      
Après une journée de repos dimanche, le XV de France a entamé lundi sans forcer sur les organismes la semaine qui mène à son premier test-match de novembre, samedi contre l'Afrique du Sud au Stade de France, en prévision duquel Sébastien Vahaamahina a de nouveau été ménagé. Le deuxième ligne de Clermont, qui ressent des douleurs lombaires depuis la semaine dernière, s'est de nouveau contenté d'exercices à l'écart de ses coéquipiers à Marcoussis (Essonne), a-t-on appris auprès de l'encadrement. Il a seulement participé à l'échauffement de la matinée, autour notamment d'un ballon de football puis d'un tennis-ballon.
          XV de France: des nuages à dissiper à l'horizon Soleil levant      Cache   Translate Page      
Le Japon en ligne de mire: le XV de France attaque samedi contre l'Afrique du Sud une longue saison, qui le mènera à la Coupe du monde 2019 (20 septembre-2 novembre). Avec la nécessité, sans plusieurs titulaires, d'engranger résultats et certitudes. Les années se suivent et se ressemblent au Centre national du rugby de Marcoussis (Essonne): chaque rassemblement est précédé de son lot de blessés et de questions sur la nécessité d'engranger des victoires pour cimenter le socle commun.
          Tournée: "un match serré" contre les Bleus, selon l'entraîneur d'Afrique du Sud Erasmus      Cache   Translate Page      
L'entraîneur du XV d'Afrique du Sud Rassie Erasmus a assuré lundi qu'il s'attendait à "un match serré" contre la France, samedi, au Stade de France, même s'il donne l'avantage à ses Springboks. "Ce sera un match serré. On a progressé, eux aussi.
          Mooney, Marilyn      Cache   Translate Page      
Mooney, Marilyn Marilyn Frances Mooney, age 91, of Hilliard, passed away on Saturday, November 3, 2018. Born July 31, 1927 to John Francis and Verna...
          Graziani: “Uno di questi giorni chiamo Corvino per dirgli che serve un attaccante serio. Se Vlahovic non gioca mai un problema c’è e se viene un raffreddore a Chiesa…”      Cache   Translate Page      
Intervenuto a Radio Bruno Toscana, l’ex attaccante viola Francesco Graziani ha parlato della situazione in casa viola: “Ritengo Pioli un ottimo allenatore e secondo me è stato sfortunato con Pjaca e Mirallas. La Fiorentina ha bisogno di un attaccante serio. Uno di questi giorni chiamo Corvino e glielo dico, – ha scherzato Graziani – la ...
          Di Francesco: “Il rigore con la Fiorentina non c’era. A me delle frasi di Paulo Sousa non me ne frega nulla perchè…”      Cache   Translate Page      
Durante la conferenza stampa prima di Roma-CSKA Mosca, Eusebio Di Francesco ha voluto rimarcare la sua contrarietà al rigore di sabato contro la Fiorentina: “Le immagini credo che parlino chiaro, abbiamo preso un rigore che non c’era. Dove dobbiamo migliorare è di non fermarsi agli episodi, abbiamo aspettato troppo per ricominciare a giocare. La squadra ...
          France says 85 million euros paid to victims of 2015 terror attack      Cache   Translate Page      
Victims and relatives of the 130 people killed by jihadist attackers in and around Paris in November 2015 have received 85 million euros ($97 million) in compensation to date, the fund managing the payments said Tuesday.
          France addresses painful history of African WWI troops      Cache   Translate Page      
Is France guilty of "amnesia" when it comes to the role of African troops who fought in World War I? The organisers of an exhibition on colonial fighters near Paris think so.
          Corriere dello Sport-Stadio: Un Chiesa al sapore di Cristiano Ronaldo      Cache   Translate Page      
In prima pagina sul Corriere dello Sport-Stadio leggiamo le parole di Sousa che dice: “Chiesa mi ricorda CR7”. A pagina 22 un confronto che anima la prossima sfida di campionato della Fiorentina: “Lafont–Sportiello, il francese allunga”. In taglio basso la probabile formazione: “Cambiano centrocampo e attacco”. In altra pagina ecco le parole di Sousa: “Chiesa come ...
          France’s Macron calls for ‘real European army’ without US      Cache   Translate Page      
Jim W. Dean - Always missing in these "reaction" policy statements is any real statesmanship. There is not a word about the need to create a new treaty with verifiable provisions.
          Petzl test Lampes frontales Bindi Actik Core Snell Sports Chamonix Mont-Blanc montagne course à pied      Cache   Translate Page      
Octobre 2018, course à pied, trail, montagne... Petzl, test lampes frontales Bindi, Actik, Actik Core... Soirée Snell Sports Chamonix Mont-Blanc... Quelques mots d'Olivier Malegue Petzl France sur ces nouvelles lampes frontales... BINDI Ultra-légère avec 35 g, la lampe BINDI tient dans le creux de la main. Avec une puissance de 200 lumens, elle est idéale pour les déplacements quotidiens et les entraînements réguliers, en ville ou en montagne. Pratique, elle est rechargeable directement par câble USB. Le bandeau, fin et rapidement ajustable, permet aussi de la porter aisément autour du cou. ACTIK CORE Lampe frontale rechargeable, compacte et multifaisceau avec éclairage rouge, destinée aux activités outdoor. 350 lumens. La lampe frontale rechargeable ACTIK CORE offre une puissance de 350 lumens qui, combinée avec son faisceau mixte, la rend idéale pour les activités outdoor comme l'alpinisme, le running, la randonnée et le bivouac. Lampe HYBRID, elle est fournie avec CORE, une batterie rechargeable via port USB standard. Elle est compatible avec des piles sans avoir besoin d'un adaptateur. L'éclairage rouge permet de préserver la vision nocturne et ne pas s'éblouir lors des évolutions en groupe. Son bandeau réfléchissant permet d'être bien vu lorsqu'éclairé par un faisceau lumineux et est équipé d'un sifflet de secours pour les situations d'urgence.
          Un jeune Suédois arrêté en France pour un crime commis à Malines      Cache   Translate Page      
Johanna Jostameling, âgée de 58 ans, a été assassinée de plusieurs coups de couteau le 24 octobre. Le parquet de Malines a annoncé qu'un suspect
           "Cats" - cast: Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, James Corden, Ian McKellen, Laurie Davidson, Mette Towley, Judi Dench, Francesca Hayward      Cache   Translate Page      

Release date : December 20, 2019
Synopsis : "Cats" is based on T.S. Eliot's poetry collection 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats' and centers on a tribe of ...

           "A Violent Separation" - cast: Brenton Thwaites, Ben Robson, Bowen Hoover, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Claire Holt, Francesca Eastwood, Gerald McRaney, Ted Levine      Cache   Translate Page      

Release date : TBA 2019
Synopsis : A Violent Separation tells the story of a quiet Midwestern town, where Norman (Thwaites), a young deputy sheriff, covers up ...

          Concerti - Furiosi Affetti all'Ambasciata di Monaco      Cache   Translate Page      

Verrano eseguite le musiche di Francesco Onofrio Manfredini
Il 06/11/2018
Ambasciata del Principato di Monaco

          Inter, perché aspettare 150 minuti? Mentre a Napoli il confine è solo il cielo. Ecco perché alla Juventus la vittoria contro il Manchester United serve…contro l’Inter. Davvero Mosca ultima chiamata per la Roma e Di Francesco?      Cache   Translate Page      
Il calcio è questione di punti di vista, certamente.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack France’s President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
The arrests were made in different locations across the country.
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack France’s President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
The arrests were made in different locations across the country.
          PA Headline      Cache   Translate Page      
The former world number one will play in the Open Sud de France for the first time.
          Thermal Batteries Market Competitive Dynamics & Global Outlook 2026      Cache   Translate Page      

Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2018 -- Thermal battery is a primary reserve battery used to store and release thermal energy. It is a physical cylindrical structure comprising a stack of electrochemical cells, cathode, anode, pyrotechnic thermal energy source, and electrolyte sealed in a hermetic container. Thermal batteries, also referred as molten salt batteries or liquid sodium batteries, may compose a single series of stack of cells, or two or more parallel stacks of series cells depending upon their application. The metallic salt electrolyte in thermal batteries is solid at room temperature and exhibits excellent ionic conducting properties at molten state. Thermal batteries are primarily used in ammunition, space launching, and guided rocket applications owing to their long storage life and high energy density characteristics.

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Thermal Batteries Market: Drivers & Restraints

Thermal batteries are widely used in military, defense, and aerospace industries due to their high thermal capacity per unit volume, high power density, quick activation rate, uniform internal impedance, and better adaptability to robust environments. Increase in utilization of thermal batteries in military, defense, and aerospace industries owing to their exceptional properties and favorable attributes is anticipated to drive the global thermal batteries market. Advancement in material and chemical properties of thermal batteries in order to make them multifunctional is expected to offer lucrative opportunities to the global thermal batteries market during the forecast period.

Thermal Batteries Market: Key Segments

In terms of type, the global thermal batteries market can be divided into unencapsulated thermal batteries, encapsulated thermal batteries, phase change thermal batteries, and others. Phase change thermal batteries comprise phase change materials that are used to store and release thermal energy at a wide range of temperatures. Encapsulated thermal batteries possess high volumetric heat capacity, enabling electricity generation without inducing a phase change of the battery material.

Based on end-use industry, the thermal batteries market can be segregated into aerospace & aviation, military & defense, automotive & transportation, marine, utility, and others. The military & defense segment accounted for major share of the global thermal batteries market in 2017. Thermal batteries are widely used in artillery and smart ammunitions, bomb kits, guided rockets, tactical missiles, sonobuoys & decoys, and torpedoes owing to the long operating durations and multiple output voltages & polarities. The automotive & transportation segment is anticipated to expand at a rapid pace due to the rise in demand for thermal batteries enabled electric vehicles.

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Thermal Batteries Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of geography, the thermal batteries market can be split into North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa. North America and Europe constituted significant share of the global thermal batteries market in 2017 due to the presence of major aircraft manufacturers in these regions. The U.S., Canada, the U.K., and France are the leading aeronautics and aerospace component manufacturers. Increase in demand for civil and fighter aircraft is projected to propel the demand for thermal batteries market in these countries. Furthermore, rise in demand for electric vehicles is anticipated to boost the demand for thermal batteries market. Asia Pacific and Europe are prominent producers of electric vehicles; therefore, demand for thermal batteries market is estimated to increase significantly in these regions.

Thermal Batteries Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global thermal batteries market include Advanced Thermal Batteries, Inc., APS-ASB India Pvt Ltd, DfR Solutions, Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG, EaglePicher Technologies, EnergyNest AS., EnerSys, MISSILES & SPACE BATTERIES LTD, SINOEV Technologies, Inc, TUeB?TAK, and Wuhan JOHO Technology Co., Ltd. These players are focusing on expanding their capabilities in research, design, and development of manufacturing technologies of thermal batteries through mergers and collaborations with other stakeholders.

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          Ewing Sarcoma Treatment Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2025      Cache   Translate Page      

Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2018 -- Ewing sarcoma is a destructive sarcoma of the soft tissue and the bones, which can occur at any age with the maximum rate of incidence recorded in young adults and adolescents. The treatment of Ewing sarcoma depends on multiple approaches, including risk-adapted, intensive, adjuvant and neo-adjuvant chemotherapies with radiotherapy and/or surgery for control of the possible metastatic and primary sites of the disease.

The optimization of Ewing sarcoma multiple modalities of therapeutic strategies has rose from efforts of numerous national and international groups in North America and Europe to form cooperation between medical oncologists and pediatrics. Ewing sarcoma is the second most frequently diagnosed form of primary bone cancer in children and young adults. The disease can occur in any individual at any age, but it is uncommon in people aged over 30 years. It develops most commonly in individuals aged between 10 and 20 years, who are witnessing rapid growth of bones.

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Increasing incidence of Ewing sarcoma worldwide and initiatives taken by government organizations to reduce the rate of morbidity caused by Ewing sarcoma are factors driving the Ewing sarcoma treatment market. Currently, no approved treatments are available for Ewing sarcoma. This has led to increase in research and development activities to launch an approved treatment for Ewing sarcoma by leading players.

The global market for Ewing sarcoma treatment can be segmented based on type, diagnostic test, treatment, end-user, and geography. Based on type, the market has been categorized into extra osseous Ewing sarcoma, Askin tumor, and primitive neuroectodermal tumor. Extra osseous Ewing sarcoma is related with tumor in soft tissue, while Askin tumor is related with Ewing sarcoma that appears in the chest wall.

Primitive neuroectodermal tumor is related with Ewing sarcoma wherein cells looks like nerve cells. Based on diagnostic test, the Ewing sarcoma treatment market has been segmented into CT scan, MRI scan, biopsy of the bone marrow, and blood tests. Based on treatment, the market has been divided into chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy. Based on end-user, the Ewing sarcoma treatment market has been classified into hospitals, cancer treating centers, and specialty clinics.

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Based on geography, the global Ewing sarcoma treatment market can be segmented into five major regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Furthermore, the North America Ewing Sarcoma treatment market has been sub-segmented into U.S. and Canada. The Ewing sarcoma treatment market in Europe has been sub-divided into Germany, U.K., France, Spain, Italy, and Rest of Europe. The Ewing sarcoma treatment market in Asia Pacific has been sub-segmented into China, Japan, India, Australia & New Zealand, and Rest of Asia Pacific.

The Latin America Ewing sarcoma treatment market has been sub-divided into Brazil, Mexico, and Rest of Latin America. The Ewing sarcoma treatment market in Middle East & Africa has been sub-segmented into GCC, South Africa, Israel, and Rest of Middle East & Africa. North America dominates the global Ewing sarcoma treatment market, followed by Europe. Key factors driving the market in these two regions are growing awareness about Ewing Sarcoma amongst adults and availability of sophisticated and technologically advanced treatment options in these regions. The rate of incidence of Ewing sarcoma is lower in Asia and Africa.

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Some of the top players operating in the global Ewing sarcoma treatment market are Gradalis, Pfizer Inc., Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited, Genzyme Corporation, NantPharma, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Celgene Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company, Bayer AG, Novartis AG, Ignyta, and Esai Co., Ltd.

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          The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Maryland Can Display a 40-Foot Latin Cross      Cache   Translate Page      
The case could drastically alter longstanding precedent protecting the separation of church and state and send a devastating message to non-Christians

Last Friday, the Supreme Court announced that it will decide whether a state government’s display of a gigantic, 40-foot Latin cross as a war memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland, violates the separation of church and state.

On the surface, the case appears to be about one religious monument located at one busy intersection in one town but the stakes are, in fact, much higher. A Supreme Court decision upholding the Bladensburg cross could upend nearly 50 years of First Amendment law and risk further marginalizing religious minorities who are already facing growing bigotry, discrimination, and violence.

In the wake of last year’s Muslim ban ruling, many have come to question the Supreme Court’s fidelity to a core First Amendment principle — official religious neutrality. The First Amendment promises equality and liberty for all people, regardless of faith. That promise is carried out, in part, by the Establishment Clause, which requires the government to remain impartial when it comes to matters of religion.

The Constitution’s framers bore witness to the discord and even violence that occurs when the government singles out one religion for disfavor or gives preference to one faith or to religion generally. They sought to avoid that divisiveness by laying the foundation for a robust wall of separation between church and state.

In effectively ignoring the anti-Muslim bigotry at the heart of President Trump’s executive order, the Supreme Court tarnished these principles. The decision to hear Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission v. American Humanist Association could present a timely and desperately needed opportunity for the court to recommit to the religious-freedom ideals enshrined in the First Amendment. Or it could be just the chance longtime opponents of the separation of church and state have been waiting for: an opportunity to strike another serious blow against the constitutional rules that have long curbed the government’s power to signal approval of one religious denomination over others.

The state of Maryland, which took over ownership and management of the Bladensburg cross in 1961, maintains that the cross was intended to honor the sacrifice made by soldiers of every faith who fought in World War I. It is simply, according to the state, an homage to the rows of white crosses that memorialize the American dead at Flanders Field in Belgium or at Suresnes or Belleau Wood in France.

But even if this were true, it tells only part of the story. The graves of Jewish soldiers in those cemeteries overseas “are marked with the Star of David, not a Christian cross,” as one group of Jewish war veterans previously explained to the Supreme Court. And some of those who served and died during World War I were surely Muslim. American Muslims have served honorably in every war from the American Revolution to today. 

These details will be glossed over in service of the state’s argument that the display of a 40-foot Latin cross is secular. Nonsense. The cross is the preeminent symbol of Christianity. Its display by the government sends the unmistakable message that Christians are officially favored and that non-Christians are second-class citizens who don’t belong.

As religion-law scholar Douglas Laycock put it, writing in another case on behalf of Muslim American veterans: “If government can sponsor a Christian cross and deny that it has done anything religious, then words and symbols have no meaning and the Court has consigned the Establishment Clause to the world of Alice in Wonderland.”

That’s exactly what some advocates are hoping will happen, however. The Supreme Court has long made clear that the Establishment Clause prohibits government from acting in a way that has the purpose or effect of advancing or endorsing religion, including by sponsoring an official display that promotes one particular faith. These constitutional rules recognize that, when it comes to protecting and maximizing religious freedom, words and symbols do matter.

Even if no one is formally coerced into religious exercise, when government promotes a religious message, it improperly ties religious beliefs to political standing. Those who follow the promoted faith are favored; those who don’t — well, we’ve seen what happens to them

Critics of these rules will urge the court to use the Bladensburg cross case to overturn or nullify them. If that happens, it will open the door for government officials across the country to erect religious displays that promote the majority faith and send the message that religious minorities are not welcome in their communities.

No matter how you spin it, the state of Maryland’s display of a 40-foot Latin cross promotes Christianity. It has the effect of denigrating non-Christians and plays into the hands of those who are prejudiced against them. A Supreme Court ruling that permits the state government to continue sponsoring the Bladensburg cross would unwisely turn its back on our most treasured and enduring religious-freedom principles. 

We hope the Court does not repeat its mistakes of last term and affirms the lower court’s decision, which held that the state of Maryland’s display of the cross unconstitutionally “endorses Christianity -- not only above all other faiths, but also to their exclusion.”

           Diwali Bonanza! Jet Airways extends its sale due to overwhelming demand; discounts even on Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines      Cache   Translate Page      
Now Jet Airways sale would be available till November 11 and a passenger can save up to Rs 54,680 on premiere class bookings and massive Rs 25,390 on economy class bookings for international return tickets.   
          European 'clearing house' to bypass US sanctions against Iran - The Guardian      Cache   Translate Page      

The Guardian

European 'clearing house' to bypass US sanctions against Iran
The Guardian
A special clearing house designed to allow European companies that trade with Iran to bypass newly reimposed US sanctions will be set up in Europe within months, possibly in France or Germany. The clearing house, known as a special purpose vehicle ...
Iran oil exports to plummet in November, then rebound as buyers use waiversReuters
Turkey sees US resumption of oil, gas sanctions on Iran as wrong, destabilizingDaily Sabah
Iran officials mock, warn US over renewed sanctionsWashington Post
WLOX -Wall Street Journal -RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty -The National Interest Online
all 435 news articles »

          La femminista Lecoq non porta il figlio dal pediatra: ma il papà che faceva?      Cache   Translate Page      

La Lecoq non porta il figlio dal pediatra pur di “educare” il compagno alla parità – di Lucia Scozzoli No, care femministe, l’amore non ha conseguenze terribili da combattere ma meravigliosi effetti collaterali che ci salvano da una guerra senza quartiere dentro le mura di casa Un anno fa sul sito della francese OBS è apparso un […]

L'articolo La femminista Lecoq non porta il figlio dal pediatra: ma il papà che faceva? proviene da IxR.

          Europa-Park: Un projet de téléphérique entre le parc d'attractions et l'Alsace dévoilé      Cache   Translate Page      
Le parc d'attraction allemand, situé à Rust à la frontière avec la France, a présenté son projet transfrontalier de liaison téléphérique au-dessus du Rhin...
          Marsiglia: anche un’italiana tra i dispersi delle palazzine crollate      Cache   Translate Page      

Palazzine crollate: un’italiana fra i dispersi – di Francesco volpe – Proseguono le ricerche tra le macerie a Marsiglia: estratto il corpo di un uomo Anche una giovane italiana risulta fra i dispersi nel crollo di due palazzine nel centro di Marsiglia. A lanciare l’allarme è stato un barista che lavora nei pressi e che conosce bene […]

L'articolo Marsiglia: anche un’italiana tra i dispersi delle palazzine crollate proviene da IxR.

          Casteldaccia, è strage di bambini: Rachele (1) Francesco (3) Federico (15)      Cache   Translate Page      

Maltempo, a Palermo è strage di bambini: Rachele, Federico e Francesco tra i morti di Casteldaccia – di Ida Artiaco Tra le nove vittime di Casteldaccia, dove il fiume Milicia è esondato travolgendo una villetta, ci sono tre bambini: Rachele, 1 anno, il fratello Federico, di 15, e il piccolo Francesco, di 3. Sono morti insieme […]

L'articolo Casteldaccia, è strage di bambini: Rachele (1) Francesco (3) Federico (15) proviene da IxR.

          0R840 Francis Lascour rőzsehordó terrakotta szobor - Jelenlegi ára: 12 000 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      
Hibátlan állapotú, jelzett francia terrakotta szobor.
Rőzsehordó nő.
Alján körpecsétes jelzés:
LASCOURMagasság: 11. 5 cmSúly: 0. 15 kg
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0R840 Francis Lascour rőzsehordó terrakotta szobor
Jelenlegi ára: 12 000 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-11-07 00:56
          0R839 Francis Lascour rőzsehordó terrakotta szobor - Jelenlegi ára: 12 000 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      
Hibátlan állapotú, jelzett francia terrakotta szobor.
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A termékről további nagy felbontású képek!
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0R839 Francis Lascour rőzsehordó terrakotta szobor
Jelenlegi ára: 12 000 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-11-07 00:56
          În Spania, conținutul interceptărilor realizate de serviciile secrete este clasificat și nu poate fi, drept urmare, folosit în instanță      Cache   Translate Page      
Like France, Spanish procedural legislation provides only for the general obligation to report facts on a possible crime to the police, prosecutor, or investigating judge. In addition there is a general provision on cooperation in Article 4 of the law on the National Intelligence Centre (CNI), which refers to the coordination of action between different...

          7 Great Books Hitting Shelves Today      Cache   Translate Page      

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

You should read this book if you like: Fiction, Big Little Lies, health resorts, wickedly smart writing, people who seem to have all the answers, rebooting your life

About: Could ten days at a health resort really change you forever? In Liane Moriarty’s latest page-turner, nine perfect strangers are about to find out...

Nine people gather at a remote health resort. Some are here to lose weight, some are here to get a reboot on life, some are here for reasons they can’t even admit to themselves. Amidst all of the luxury and pampering, the mindfulness and meditation, they know these ten days might involve some real work. But none of them could imagine just how challenging the next ten days are going to be.

Frances Welty, the formerly best-selling romantic novelist, arrives at Tranquillum House nursing a bad back, a broken heart, and an exquisitely painful paper cut. She’s immediately intrigued by her fellow guests. Most of them don’t look to be in need of a health resort at all. But the person that intrigues her most is the strange and charismatic owner/director of Tranquillum House. Could this person really have the answers Frances didn’t even know she was seeking? Should Frances put aside her doubts and immerse herself in everything Tranquillum House has to offer – or should she run while she still can?

It’s not long before every guest at Tranquillum House is asking exactly the same question.

Combining all of the hallmarks that have made her writing a go-to for anyone looking for wickedly smart, page-turning fiction that will make you laugh and gasp, Liane Moriarty’s Nine Perfect Strangers once again shows why she is a master of her craft.

Heads You Win: A Novel by Jeffrey Archer

You should read this book if you like: Historical fiction, Kane and Abel, the Cold War, KGB assassination plots, stories that span decades and continents, shocking twists of fate

About: Leningrad, Russia, 1968. Alexander Karpenko is no ordinary child, and from an early age, it is clear he is destined to lead his countrymen. But when his father is assassinated by the KGB for defying the state, he and his mother will have to escape from Russia if they hope to survive. At the docks, they are confronted with an irreversible choice: should they board a container ship bound for America, or Great Britain? Alexander leaves that choice to the toss of a coin . . .

In a single moment, a double twist decides Alexander’s future. During an epic tale of fate and fortune, spanning two continents and thirty years, we follow his triumphs and defeats as he struggles as an immigrant to conquer his new world. As this unique story unfolds, Alexander comes to realize where his destiny lies, and accepts that he must face the past he left behind in Russia.

With a final twist that will shock even his most ardent fans, this is #1 New York Times bestseller Jeffrey Archer’s most ambitious and creative work since Kane and Abel.

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

About: Spensa's world has been under attack for hundreds of years. An alien race called the Krell leads onslaught after onslaught from the sky in a never-ending campaign to destroy humankind. Humanity's only defense is to take to their ships and combat the Krell. Pilots are the heroes of what's left of the human race.

Becoming a pilot has always been Spensa's dream. Since she was a little girl, she has imagined soaring above the earth and proving her bravery. But her fate is intertwined with that of her father--a pilot himself who was killed years ago when he abruptly deserted his team, leaving Spensa's chances of attending Flight School at slim to none.

No one will let Spensa forget what her father did, but she is determined to fly. And the Krell just made that a possibility. They've doubled their fleet, which will make Spensa's world twice as deadly . . . but just might take her skyward.

Someone Like Me by M.R. Carey

You should read this book if you like: Horror, The Girl with All the Gifts, mothers with a dark side, chills and thrills, exploring two very different sides of the same story

About: From the author of the million-copy bestseller The Girl With All the Gifts comes a heart-stopping thriller with twists you won't see coming and a heroine you can't trust.

Liz Kendall wouldn't hurt a fly. Even when times get tough, she's devoted to bringing up her two kids in a loving home.

But there's another side to Liz---one that's dark and malicious. She will do anything to get her way, no matter how extreme.

And when this other side of her takes control, the consequences are devastating.

Love her or hate her: there are two sides to every story....

source 1 2 3 4

Book Post?? 📚
          Sandra Rumolino - Por la vuelta      Cache   Translate Page      

Genero: Tango, Cancionistas de tango
MP3-CBR 192 kbps-Lame 3.99.5-Total Size: 68.1 Mb/Total time: 48:41

En los archivos y tags se pueden leer:  Autores, genero y fecha exacta de grabación
Gentileza de Daniel Cavo
Sandra Rumolino: Voz
Osvaldo Calo: Piano
Cyril Garac: Violin
Eric Chalan: Bajo

1 Cancion desesperada
2 Malena
3 Por la vuelta
4 Chacarera de carton
5 Oblivion(en frances)
6 Piedra y camino - Eric Chalan (Bajo)
7 Bien criolla y bien porteña
8 El ultimo organito
9 Los tambores del retorno
10 Nostalgias
11 Fuimos - Osvaldo Calo (Piano)
          Algo para fermentar      Cache   Translate Page      
Volta e meia repito uma frase que aprendi em São João da Madeira:
"O boi cresce mais com o olhar do dono do que com a erva do pasto"
Ainda ontem de manhã, em Felgueiras, a usei para resumir o que me estavam a contar. Fui com um controlador da qualidade de calçado visitar várias pequenas empresas que trabalham como costuras subcontratadas. Contou-me como em algumas costuras, a patroa olha para um modelo e visualiza logo a sequência de trabalho, alterando o posicionamento das máquinas para minimizar operações e tempos sem acrescento de valor.

No dia anterior tinha lido mais uma porção de "Reinventing Organizations: An Illustrated Invitation to Join the Conversation on Next-Stage Organizations" de Frederic Laloux:
"Self-management has proven itself in many industries. There are, for instance, a number of very successful factories that operate in this way. One of them is FAVI, a five hundred-person brass foundry in the north of France that produces gearbox forks for the automotive industry, among others."
Estas pequenas unidades não têm nada a ver com o conceito de "self-management", mas é interessante como conseguem que muitas decisões cheguem mais próximo da trabalhadora da linha do que na produção de uma empresa de maior dimensão.

Entretanto, encontrei esta reflexão, "We need to shift our focus from competencies to agency":
"In mass-production, work corresponds mainly with what has been planned and budgeted. But today, knowledge work is understood as creative work we do in interaction. Unlike the repetitive business processes we know so well, where inputs are acted on in some predictable, structured way and converted into outputs, the inputs and outputs of knowledge work are problem definitions and exploration for solutions. Even more, there are no predetermined task sequences that, if executed, would guarantee success.
Due to the variety of contexts people link to and work in, work requires interpretation, exploration and negotiation, work requires a new kind agency. What defines most problems today is that they are not isolated and independent. To solve them, a person has to think not only about what she believes the right answer is, but also about what other people think the right answers might be. Work, then, is exploration both what comes to defining the problems and finding the solutions.
The industrial make-and-sell model required categorical skills, as we still know them. The decisive thing was your individual knowledge and individual education. Today, in new creative spaces you work more from your presence and network than your explicit skills. Agency is more important than education.
The most important reason why we need a new concept of agency insted of competences is because the workers and their contributions in the post-industrial world are contextual and, at best, too diverse to rank. They are, and should be, too qualitatively different to compare quantitatively.
Instead of talking about generic competences we need to focus on continuously developing agency."
Decididamente algo para fermentar.
          Fugitive’s French Funds Left Fraught: Ninth Circuit BAP Authorizes Compelled Consent Directives      Cache   Translate Page      
When Michael Mastro fled to France to avoid turning over assets in an involuntary bankruptcy case filed against him, the chapter 7 trustee appointed in his case turned to the bankruptcy court for help in retrieving those assets. To do so, the trustee...
By: Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
          3.7V Samsung T4800E Batteria per Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4" SM-T325 T320 T321      Cache   Translate Page      
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4800mAh 3.7V Samsung T4800E Batteria per Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4" SM-T325 T320 T321

4800mAh 3.7V Samsung T4800E Batteria
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6800MAH/25.84Wh 3.8V Samsung EB-BT530FBC Batteria
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          Piso en venta en BARCELONA, , 165000 euros y 3 dormitorios      Cache   Translate Page      
Al acceder nos encontramos un amplio salón comedor de 28 m2 con salida al balcón que ofrece vistas a la Rambla Francesc Macià. Después encontramos el pasillo y a mano derecha una bonita cocina totalmente equipada con acceso a un práctico...
3 habitaciones 1 baño 84 m² 1.964 EUR/m² bañera cocina balcón aparcamiento
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 18:48:00 +0100
          Piso en venta en BARCELONA, , 165000 euros y 3 dormitorios      Cache   Translate Page      
Al acceder nos encontramos un amplio salón comedor de 28 m2 con salida al balcón que ofrece vistas a la Rambla Francesc Macià. Después encontramos el pasillo y a mano derecha una bonita cocina totalmente equipada con acceso a un práctico...
3 habitaciones 1 baño 84 m² 1.964 EUR/m² bañera cocina balcón aparcamiento
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 18:48:00 +0100
          Piso en venta en BARCELONA, , 165000 euros y 3 dormitorios      Cache   Translate Page      
Al acceder nos encontramos un amplio salón comedor de 28 m2 con salida al balcón que ofrece vistas a la Rambla Francesc Macià. Después encontramos el pasillo y a mano derecha una bonita cocina totalmente equipada con acceso a un práctico...
3 habitaciones 1 baño 84 m² 1.964 EUR/m² bañera cocina balcón aparcamiento
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 18:48:00 +0100
          Piso en venta en BARCELONA, , 165000 euros y 3 dormitorios      Cache   Translate Page      
Al acceder nos encontramos un amplio salón comedor de 28 m2 con salida al balcón que ofrece vistas a la Rambla Francesc Macià. Después encontramos el pasillo y a mano derecha una bonita cocina totalmente equipada con acceso a un práctico...
3 habitaciones 1 baño 84 m² 1.964 EUR/m² bañera cocina balcón aparcamiento
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 18:48:00 +0100
          Vietjet Orders 50 more A321neo Aircraft      Cache   Translate Page      
Vietnamese carrier Vietjet has placed a firm order with Airbus for an additional 50 A321neo single aisle aircraft, finalising an MOU signed at the Farnborough International Airshow last July. The purchase agreement was signed in Hanoi today by Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Vietjet President and CEO and Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer. The signing was witnessed by Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Prime Minister of Vietnam and Edouard Philippe, Prime Minister of France, during his official visit
          Airbus A330-800 completes first flight over France       Cache   Translate Page      
An Airbus A330-800 test aircraft completed its maiden flight Nov. 6 from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport over southwestern France, which lasted 4 hrs. and 4 min.

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          Music is the experience between the notes      Cache   Translate Page      

In Memory, Music and Religion Earle H. Waugh identifies how music functions as a tool for subconsciously reclaiming the past. Based on research with the mystical chanters of Morocco's Sufi brotherhoods, he proposes that music releases deep-rooted formative memories. Readers who, like me, have deep-rooted memories of the time when the comfort limits of Proms audiences stretched beyond Rodgers and Hammerstein may well be interested in Sony's 5 CD Soft Machine bargain box seen above.

On 13th August 1970 there was an all-Bach Prom at 7.00pm in the Royal Albert Hall with a star-studded cast including Neville Mariner, Philip Ledger, David Munrow, James Bowman, Simon Preston and the Academy of St Martin in the Fields. This was followed at 10.00pm by a late-night Prom with Soft Machine, the BBC Symphony Orchestra and conductors David Atherton, and Elgar Howarth. This concert, which was broadcast on BBC TV, opened with works by Terry Riley and Tim Souster, and then showcased three tracks from Soft Machine's Third album. Soft Machine was a progressive jazz-rock ensemble formed in 1966 and named after William Burrough's novel. It underwent numerous changes of personnel and name, and its heyday was from 1968 to 1972 when Kevin Ayers and Robert Wyatt were among those who entered and left through the band's constantly revolving doors.

My memories of Soft Machine stretch back even further than that 1970 Prom. Starting in the summer of 1967 I took a year out between school and university. That July I was in the south of France and so were Soft Machine, who were literally providing the vibes in St Tropez. (My post I am a camera - St Tropez 1967 has some period photos, and there is detail about that extraordinary summer in an article on the Kevin Ayers tribute website.)

The Soft Machine anthology spans their CBS years from 1970 to 1973 and reproduces the albums' original artwork. Earle H. Waugh starts his book by saying: "We are condemned to remember. Even when we wish to forget, to discover that we have forgotten, memory shapes our being". Listening to these Soft Machine albums again and revisiting their distinctive artwork reclaimed for me the formative experiences I have touched on in this post.

The anthology was released in 2010 as part of the Original Album Classics series that mined the Columbia back catalogue. Eight years ago the record industry was still fighting downloads with imaginative repackaging of physical product, and Spotify was still a very minor player. So even this post is subconsciously reclaiming the past. Despite an unexpected resurgence in vinyl and surprising resilience in CD sales, the mainstream record industry has today effectively given up on value added physical product such as the Original Album Classics series.

Which leaves me, and I wonder how many others, feeling alienated. I am an incurable music addict; but for me Spotify streams can never reclaim the past in the way that the physical time capsule of Sony's boxed set does. Music is the experience between the notes. Streaming services offer instant experiential gratification but little more. The fundamental problem with online music delivery is that there is not enough space between the music to relive old experiences, let alone embark on new ones.

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          Farewell Wolfgang      Cache   Translate Page      

My photos shows Wolfgang Zuckermann who has died at the age of 96. During the second half of the twentieth century the harpsichord made the remarkable transition from almost extinct historical curiosity to concert hall staple; not just for early music, but also for new music from composers including John Cage, Elliott Carter and Maurice Ohana. Wolfgang Zuckermann's $150 harpsichord kits, which were launched in 1959, were a major factor in the rehabilitation of the harpsichord, and Zuckermann supplied instruments to John Cage and many other musicians from his workshop in Greenwich Village, New York.

The legendary 'Model T' harpsichord kit is Wolfgang Zuckermann's best known contribution to music history. But he had been making high quality finished instruments for a decade before entering the self-assembly market and his manufacturing business continues today under different ownership. In 1969 he published his influential book The Modern Harpsichord. This advocated a return to authentic specifications for contemporary instruments and rejected the 'romantic' approach pioneered by Landa Landowska and her Pleyel instruments.

Wolfgang Joachim Zuckermann was born in Berlin in 1922, and after his family emigrated to America he became a US citizen in 1938. He saw action in the Second World War in the US Army, but in 1969 he sold his harpsichord business and left America because of his opposition to the war in Vietnam. After a period in England he settled in France where he developed a successful second career as a social activist, early environmentalist and author. He was active drawing attention to the environmental impact of the internal combustion engine and was one of the team who created Buy Nothing Day, an international day of protest against consumerism. One of his famous quotes from decades ago was "It is no doubt ironic that the motorcar, superstar of the capitalist system, expects to live rent free."

As well as continuing his environmental and social activism Wolfgang Zuckermann founded the Librairie Shakespeare English language bookshop in the university district of Avignon, France in 1994. In 2012 he sold Librairie Shakespeare and the bookshop thrives today under its new owner Camille Vourc’h. The two later photos were taken in 2008 in Librairie Shakespeare on one of my frequent visits to Avignon. I first met Wolfgang years earlier while passing through the city en route to stay at the nearby Benedictine Abbey of Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux. In subsequent years I made it a point to drop in at his eclectically stocked bookshop, and a number of prized purchases from there now grace my library.

Wolfgang Zuckermann enjoyed a long and full life, and I am privileged to have known him. His contributions to music history and to environmentalism made him a legend in his own lifetime. But what made him particularly special to me was his principled stand against the US government's escalation of the Vietnam War. In 1969 there was no email, no Skype and no mobile phones, and cultures were far more insular. Permanently leaving his native America and his successful business for Europe on a point of ethical principle was truly courageous. How starkly it contrasts with the political dissidents who today do no more than air their principles in social media rants while staying firmly and comfortably put under a political regime they claim to despise.

Farewell Wolfgang, thank you for showing us how it should be done.

Wolfgang Zuckermann's funeral is on November 5th at the crematorium in Orange (84087)

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          Nicaragüenses víctimas de pesticida apelan a justicia francesa para conseguir indemnización      Cache   Translate Page      
Más de 1.200 trabajadores nicaragüenses víctimas del pesticida Nemagón apelaron a la justicia francesa para forzar a tres multinacionales a pagarles la millonaria indemnización ya dictada en su país, pero que nunca fue aplicada, anunciaron sus abogados el martes en París. Shell, Dow Chemical y Occidental Chemical fueron condenadas en 2006 por la justicia nicaragüense a pagar 805 millones de dolares a 1.234 antiguos trabajadores de fincas bananeras.
          France addresses painful history of African WWI troops      Cache   Translate Page      
Is France guilty of amnesia when it comes to the role of African troops who fought in World War I? The organisers of an exhibition on colonial fighters near Paris think so. A collection of photos has been shown since mid-October in the town hall of Bondy, a multiracial suburb of the French capital best known as the home of French football star ...
          Dictionnaire des monnaies découvertes en Gaule méditerranéenne : 530-27 av. notre ère      Cache   Translate Page      
Michel Feugère, Michel Py ; préface de Michel Amandry.. Montagnac : Éditions Monique Mergoil ; Paris : Bibliothèque nationale de France 2011 -- Lettres et sciences humaines : Référence CJ 2681 F48 2011
          Écrits de résistance      Cache   Translate Page      
Pierre Mendès France ; édition établie par Vincent Duclert ; avec la collaboration de Joan et Michel Mendès France et de Simone Gros ; postface de Vincent Duclert et de Denis Salas.. Paris : CNRS éditions [2018] -- Lettres et sciences humaines : DC 407 M4 A25 2018
          Visages villages      Cache   Translate Page      
un film de Agnès Varda et JR ; produit par Rosalie Varda ; une co-production Ciné Tamaris, Social Animals, Rouge International, Arte France Cinéma, Arches Films.. [Paris] : Le Pacte [2017] -- Lettres et sciences humaines : MEDIA DVD 9358
           Let's perform: Making literature education alive       Cache   Translate Page      
Abdul Halim, H. (2008) Let's perform: Making literature education alive. In: International Conference on Education, Economy & Society, 17-19 July 2008, Paris, France. (Submitted)
          La question de l'intime : génétique et biographie      Cache   Translate Page      
Daniel Delas (dir.).. Limoges, France : Pulim [2018] -- Lettres et sciences humaines : PQ 145.6 S32 Q47 2018
          You Me At Six Talk ‘Take Off Your Colours’ On Set Of Their Cover Shoot      Cache   Translate Page      

You Me At Six are celebrating 10 years since their debut album in the latest issue of Rock Sound.

We sit down with Josh Franceschi and Max Helyer on set of You Me At Six's Rock Sound cover shoot to talk returning to the 'Take Off Your Colours' era for the album's tenth anniversary tour. What were their stand-out memories of the recording studio? What did they learn from touring with some of the scene's biggest artists? And which song are they be most excited to play live once again?

Check out part 1 of our chat with You Me At Six below:

You Me At Six make their long-awaited return to the cover of Rock Sound! Get it now at SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV

To celebrate the tenth birthday of their classic debut album ‘Take Off Your Colours’, we joined the band for an exclusive, no-holds-barred look back at the album that defined an entire generation of young rock fans, complete with a stunning new photo shoot to create 18 pages of essential content.

          China to overtake France as top travel destination by 2030      Cache   Translate Page      
Tourists ascend steps on the Great Wall at Juyong Pass.

Asia has benefited from rapidly growing economies as well as an expanding middle class that seeks to spend disposable income on leisure.

          Amazing Arab Dicks      Cache   Translate Page      
Amazing Arab Dicks
Release Year: 2010
Cast: Adam , Alessio Romero, Antonio Biaggi, Aybars, Bruno Bond, Damien Crosse, David Dirdam, Dominic Pacifico, Francesco D'Macho, Tony Aziz
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Hairy, Muscle, Rimming, Daddies/Men
Video language: English

In the arid dry heat of the desert, Tony Aziz and Aybars are relaxing, taking refuge from the sun, and discussing current events over afternoon tea. Aziz asks the man servant, who is serving them, Dominic Pacifico, to give him a massage. Pacifico obediently obliges. Aybars sits back, as he watches this scene unfold. Pacifico massages Aziz’s feet, moving up his leg, massaging the muscles along the way. Aziz pulls back his robe to reveal another muscle that needs to be worked on. Pacifico looks at Aziz, and knows what he’s after, intuitively reaching for Aziz’s cock. Speaking in Arabic, Aziz tells him ‘how good it feels’, as Aybars watches from across the room, stroking his thickening fat meat. Pacifico begins to devour Aziz’s throbbing cock, getting it all wet. Aybars decides to join in, and walks over and facing Aziz, presents his own cock to be serviced. Soon, they are wildly sucking each other. Aybars proves to be a great cocksucker, when he takes both Aziz’s and Pacifico’s cocks in his mouth, at the same time. A switch of positions, and Pacifico is on his back, with one cock in his mouth, and one in his ass. Pacifico reclines in rapture, as Aybars fucks him with his big thick cock. They take turns swapping positions on Pacifico, both getting a chance to penetrate his ass.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:43:27
Video: 480x320, AVC (H.264), 996kbps
Audio: 124kbps

Amazing Arab Dicks Amazing Arab Dicks
Amazing Arab Dicks Amazing Arab Dicks

Amazing Arab Dicks
File size: 1.3 GB

Amazing Arab Dicks

Amazing Arab Dicks
          Ambasadori francez: Nuk kemi vija të kuqe, gjejeni zgjidhjen përfundimtare të dialogut      Cache   Translate Page      

Ambasadori i Francës në Beograd, Frederik Mondolini, ka thënë se vendi i tij nuk ka asnjë vijë të kuqe për marrëveshjen e mundshme nga bisedimet mes Kosovës dhe Serbisë, raporton Periskopi. Sipas tij, Kosova dhe Serbia duhet të gjejnë një zgjidhje të përbashkët e cila do të kontribuojë në stabilitetin e rajonit dhe do të […]

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          Cameroun, mon Pays L’heure de l’éveil a sonné Par Me BLACK YONDO      Cache   Translate Page      
Résultat de recherche d'images
J’ai dit en son temps que l’heure de l’éveil a sonné.

Mes chers compatriotes, si d’aventure nos hommes politiques ont semblé prendre la politique pour un jeu, il apparaît aujourd’hui que l’heure est grave, l’avenir du pays est sombre, bien sombre.
Et si, sous ses apparences bon enfant, Paul BIYA semble avoir envoûté tout un pays pour ses intérêts égoïstes, il ne faut surtout pas sous-estimer l’homme, ce meilleur élève de la France qui, au grand jour, apparaît fort redoutable pour le pays et prêt à tout pour conserver le pouvoir.
Tenez : On est parti d’une lettre censée être une lettre de félicitations du Président MACRON au Président BIYA, mais celle-ci est devenue tout d’un coup une vraie fausse lettre, une lettre non officielle, nous dit-on. C’est sans doute ainsi que ça se passe entre coquins. On est loin, bien loin du respect et de la considération que l’on est en droit d’attendre entre deux Etats souverains, où les dirigeants ont constamment à rendre compte à leurs peuples !
C’est de la démocratie à l’ancienne, il faut le dire, une démocratie qui s’accompagne d’hommes en uniformes, d’arrestations pour murer au silence tous ceux qui osent dire non, de procès devant des juridictions sous influences.
Tel est le paysage politique du moment.
Et Vous me demandez ce que je pense depuis la proclamation des résultats de l’élection présidentielle par le Conseil Constitutionnel !
Louable préoccupation.
Mais camerounais comme moi vous l’êtes, et ce que je ressens, vous devez le ressentir, car j’ose croire que vous n’êtes pas pour le pays un touriste indifférent et insensible à tout.
Pour moi, l’élection présidentielle de 2018 est loin d’être terminée. N’en déplaise à Monsieur ATANGA NJI.
Le Cameroun, notre pays, a signé des conventions qui le soumettent à des juridictions supranationales, aussi bien dans le cadre de l’Union Africaine qu’au niveau de l’Organisation des Nations Unies, et sur ce terrain des voies de recours restent possibles, sans oublier que le dernier mot reste et restera toujours au peuple souverain.
Ce n’est pas du Professeur Maurice KAMTO dont il s’agit, ni de l’avènement à la tête de l’Etat d’un Camerounais de telle ou telle origine ethnique jugée indésirable, mais tout simplement de la question de savoir si le scrutin jusqu’à sa dernière opération peut être considérée comme juste, impartial et transparent.
Sur ce terrain, le débat reste largement ouvert et c’est bien pour l’éviter que vous voyez sillonner sur l’étendue du territoire gendarmes, militaires et policiers, armés jusqu‘aux dents comme si le pays était assiégé par une puissance ennemie dont il fallait le libérer.
Mais tous autant que nous sommes, nous devons faire attention aux actes que nous posons et aux paroles que nous laissons prospérer pour maintenir le peuple dans une pseudo balkanisation qui installe division et haine dans l’ensemble du corps social. Et le responsable en chef reste et demeure celui-là même qui devrait frapper du poing sur la table pour qu’enfin règnent le droit et la justice et que tout ce cirque prenne fin.
A la place, il s’en accommode et mieux, il semble prendre un malin plaisir à voir ses compatriotes s’étriper : on comprend ainsi le véritable sens qu’il donne à l'expression ‘’Le père de la nation’’ !
Il oublie cependant qu’il est seul responsable devant l’Histoire, responsable de la déflagration du pays, responsable de la destruction du tissu social.
Mais il y a longtemps que ce pays n’intéresse plus celui qui a montré sa vraie relation avec le pouvoir : jouir des avantages sans jamais en assumer les charges, tout en agissant comme si tout lui était dû.
Comment comprendre qu’un homme proclamé élu avec un tel score n’ait pas manifesté à cette date le moindre signe de remerciement à l’endroit de ceux de ses compatriotes qui l’ont plébiscité de la sorte.
Il y a forcément un peu de gêne dans l’air, et tout le monde l’aura ressenti, surtout après l’embarras observé lors des joutes au Conseil Constitutionnel. Ce fut un grand moment à tous points de vue.
La force de l’argumentaire a poussé les membres de ce Conseil dans leurs derniers retranchements, ne leur laissant que le choix extrême de faire constater au monde entier que pour comprendre le Droit et ses techniques, il fallait absolument être du parti au pouvoir.
On en est bien arrivé là, et le Cameroun a ainsi été ridiculisé, bien ridiculisé par des hommes et des femmes qui pourtant tenaient là l’opportunité d’entrer dans l’Histoire en usant simplement de la sagesse et en prenant leurs responsabilités, toutes leurs responsabilités. Mais les forces occultes ont été plus fortes que tout.
Et tout ceci relève d’un conditionnement tout à fait inacceptable :
Comment peut-on imaginer que l’armée, la Police, la g
Gendarmerie et toute l’Administration d’un pays moderne soient au service d’un seul individu, d’un homme qui ne le leur rend que par le mépris et l’indifférence. Ils s’obligent à s’investir dans des missions qui ne leur sont pourtant prescrites nulle part dans l’engagement qu’ils ont souscrit, lesquelles missions consistent pour l’essentiel à traquer le petit citoyen, à casser de l’opposant politique qui évolue pourtant dans un espace bien défini par la Constitution et les lois de notre pays.
C’est affligeant de voir d’un autre côté tous ceux de la préfectorale manipuler les textes et restreindre l’exercice des libertés chèrement acquises par le vaillant peuple qu’ils vont finir par pousser à bout et là, le pire peut arriver et ils en porteront l’entière responsabilité.
Mais les forces occultes ont été plus fortes que tout, dans un pays où tous les enseignants d’université, toute la haute Administration, tous les hommes d’affaires, toutes les chefferies traditionnelles, toutes les associations tribales n’ont d’yeux que pour une divinité, un totem : Paul BIYA, qui aura réussi l’exploit de nous ramener de fait au parti unique nouvelle version avec un créateur et ses créatures…
Pitoyable tout simplement, et la Divinité bombe le torse autour de concepts sans emprise aucune avec la réalité vécue par les Camerounais.
La guerre civile sévit dans deux régions du pays, le septentrion croule sous une extrême pauvreté sur fond d’insécurité, le soleil peine à se lever à l’est, de tous les coins du pays monte une colère sourde et le premier des Camerounais a tenu à organiser une élection dans une forme d’inconscience qui démontre à souhait qu’il n’est plus l’homme de la situation.
L’heure est venue de lui signifier que nous avons décidé d’arrêter les frais en lui montrant que sa prétendue victoire est une forfaiture de trop. Il s’est longtemps servi de nos divisions que son système a organisées
L’âge que je porte aujourd'hui ne m’autorise pas à jouer avec le destin de notre pays.
Au cours des derniers mois j’ai attiré l’attention du président de la République sur les dangers que son attitude faisait courir au pays face aux problèmes de l’heure que sa stratégie de pourrissement n’a pas su contenir.
On dit qu’il est l’homme le mieux renseigné du pays, j’en déduis donc qu’il a reçu tout ce que je lui ai adressé.
J’ai toujours aimé à rappeler qu’il y a un temps pour tout….
Voici venu le temps de se réveiller, de sortir de l’envoûtement collectif pour prendre notre destin en mains. Il nous sera sans doute rétorqué, selon la même rengaine : on veut envoyer les gens dans la rue. Dans la rue ?... Mais il y a longtemps que le peuple est dans la rue, vit dans la rue… Donc rien de nouveau sous le soleil !
Comment peut-on raisonnablement penser que le Peuple puisse à nouveau confier son destin pour sept longues années à un homme de 85 ans qui, en 36 ans, a largement montré ses limites en violant régulièrement et allègrement la Constitution, en semant misère, division, désolation et haine avec en prime une libre pratique du tribalisme qui nous oppose les uns aux autres tandis qu’il vaque à ses occupations.
Ce peuple à qui il n’a offert que jeux, alcool… sur les trottoirs, et stupéfiants et libertinage pour nos enfants tandis que son entourage est en permanence englué dans la luxure au point qu’il n’a pas effectué le moindre préparatif pour la campagne de son champion absent de tout et qui dilapide l’argent de tous les Camerounais dans des hôtels de luxe en Suisse et autres pays d'Europe sans être dérangé le moins du monde.
Nous allons désormais lui opposer une nouvelle forme de résistance inédite en appelant à la responsabilité de l’ensemble des corps habillés qui doit comprendre que son sort est lié à celui du peuple qu’il est censé protéger.
Nous ne pouvons plus accepter de nous laisser manipuler par un homme sur le déclin qui n’a même pas su susciter des hommes et des femmes capables d’assurer la relève : y-a-t-il pire échec ?
Nous sommes des Africains et nous savons qu’un coq à qui on a coupé la tête continue de chanter, mais il finit au fond de la marmite.
La nuit a été longue, mais le soleil se lève enfin sur le Cameroun, notre beau pays.
Debout comme un seul homme, soyons les dignes descendants des UM NYOBE, Martin Paul SAMBA, Rudolf MANGA BELL, Félix MOUMIE, Ernest OUANDIE et de tous nos héros que le monde entier nous envie.
J'ai dit./
(*) Ancien Bâtonnier de l'ordre
693 05 65 70 – 696 35 92 71

          South African, French companies collaborate on sustainable cities      Cache   Translate Page      
While there has been an ongoing push for environment-friendly practices and reducing harmful greenhouse-gas emissions, in Africa, South Africa and France, growing urbanisation requires further efforts and an approach to engender sustainable cities for all citizens. This was outlined during the French-South African Sustainable City conference, in Johannesburg, on Tuesday.
          Vacances D'ete Avec Ma Mere      Cache   Translate Page      
Vacances D'ete Avec Ma Mere
Release Year: 2018
Studio: Made in France
Cast: Clea Gaultier, Caro LPB, Rachel,Anthony Gaultier, Lorenzo Viota.

Genres: Etero, French Girls, Mature, MILF, Big Tits, Anal, Oral, Cum Shots.

Video language: French

Cléa débarque avec sa mère dans un petit complexe hôtelier sur la côte pour y passer des vacances au soleil bien méritées. Dès leur arrivée, elles flashent littéralement sur leurs hôtes, deux beaux jeunes hommes que convoite aussi Rachel, une célibataire particulièrement sexy. Dans ce petit hôtel, les rapprochements sont inévitables ?

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:35:59
Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264)

Vacances D'ete Avec Ma Mere Vacances D'ete Avec Ma Mere
Vacances D'ete Avec Ma Mere Vacances D'ete Avec Ma Mere

Vacances D'ete Avec Ma Mere
File size: 3.5 GB

Vacances D'ete Avec Ma Mere

Vacances D'ete Avec Ma Mere
          11/6/2018: CITY: Drug-trafficking grandma avoids jail sentence      Cache   Translate Page      

Frances Richardson, who saw two of her grandchildren attacked by a dog she was looking after, has been sentenced to perform 100 hours of community service for drug trafficking. The 62-year-old St-Michel resident made headlines this summer when the dog...
          11/6/2018: CITY: Descendants of Vimy Ridge oaks back in France      Cache   Translate Page      

In April 1917, a Canadian soldier standing on a war-ravaged battlefield in France pocketed a souvenir to send home: a handful of acorns from a downed oak tree at Vimy Ridge. Now, a century after the First World War ended, oaks descended from those...
          11/6/2018: WORLD: SEARCH ON FOR SURVIVORS AS BUILDINGS COLLAPSE      Cache   Translate Page      

MARSEILLE, FRANCE Two buildings collapsed into a pile of rubble and beams Monday in the French city of Marseille, where authorities spoke of a race against time to find people possibly trapped in the ruins. The buildings — one condemned and supposedly...
          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack France’s President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
The arrests were made in different locations across the country.
          Next Gen Finals 2018: De Minaur sconfigge Caruana. Bene Tiafoe      Cache   Translate Page      

Nel match di esordio Liam Caruana è stato sconfitto nettamente in tre set da Alex De Minaur. Mentre Frances Tiafoe ha avuto ragione di Hubert Hurkacz al quarto set.

L'articolo Next Gen Finals 2018: De Minaur sconfigge Caruana. Bene Tiafoe sembra essere il primo su Tennis Circus.

          Keiyra Lina — Learning New Tricks FullHD 1080p      Cache   Translate Page      
Keiyra Lina — Learning New Tricks FullHD 1080p
Release Year: 2018
Cast: Keiyra Lina and J Mac
Genres: Amateur, Big Tits, Blowjob, Brunette, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Facial
Video language: English

Swallow most of it; Diddle: 2-3 nights a week. Keiyra is an exchange student from Paris, France, who is studying in the U.S. for two years. It didn«t take very long for the sexy Parisian to get a boyfriend who is a Miami guy through and through. «After we had been having sex for a few weeks, he showed me naughty,» Keiyra said. «He was very pleased when I said I wanted to look at it with him, and he was shocked and delighted when I said I wanted to have sex with one of the studs. My boyfriend»s cock is nice, but I had to try out a super-sized one when I got the opportunity. I enjoyed being totally stuffed and I learned some things from JMac that will make sex with my boyfriend a lot better.» .

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:28
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7812kbps
Audio: 103kbps

Keiyra Lina — Learning New Tricks FullHD 1080p Keiyra Lina — Learning New Tricks FullHD 1080p
Keiyra Lina — Learning New Tricks FullHD 1080p Keiyra Lina — Learning New Tricks FullHD 1080p

Keiyra Lina — Learning New Tricks FullHD 1080p
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Keiyra Lina — Learning New Tricks FullHD 1080p

Keiyra Lina — Learning New Tricks FullHD 1080p
          I musicanti di Brema      Cache   Translate Page      
11/11/2018 - Domenica 11 novembre inizierà al Teatro Testori la rassegna “Le domeniche per le famiglie”, dedicata ai più piccoli, ma anche agli adulti che li accompagnano. Per questo primo appuntamento sarà in scena la Compagnia Kosmocomico Teatro con lo spettacolo I MUSICANTI DI BREMA. “A Brema la città dove tutto è Musica e Gioia, tutti! ma proprio tutti: bambini, vecchi, cani, gatti, asini, ammalati, sani, tutti! possono trovare quello che hanno sempre cercato: la FELICITÀ!” Questo c’era scritto all’ingresso della città di Brema: “unico requisito: suonare uno strumento! per divertirsi e divertire!” Con queste parole inizia lo spettacolo I Musicanti di Brema della compagnia Kosmocomico Teatro. Si racconta di un Nonno che diceva sempre: “solo tre cose sono vere: la Musica è bella, gli Animali parlano, gli Angeli esistono”. Dell’Asino che diceva sempre: “suonare, divertirsi e divertire é la Felicità”. Del Cane che ha bisogno del Ritmo per vivere. Del Gatto che canta canzoni d’amore. Del Gallo, che suona la sveglia con la sua cornamusa. E si racconta del viaggio verso quella città, Brema, dove i bambini ridono, i vecchi suonano, i malati guariscono, i poveri mangiano. “Ma! - dice il Nonno - tutte le storie, anche le più belle, anche quelle più gentili, prima o poi diventano cattive, amare, pericolose! La musica cambia e quello che era bello diventa brutto, quello che era chiaro diventa oscuro. I quattro amici non potevano sapere che quella era la casa dei Briganti!” In scena, un campo di papaveri a perdita d’occhio, Brema all’orizzonte e pupazzi che suonano (veramente!) meravigliose musiche della tradizione folk francese. L’Asino suona l’organetto, il Cane la grancassa, il Gatto l’ukulele, il Gallo la cornamusa. Anche i briganti suonano: la chitarra elettrica! Con questo spettacolo Valentino Dragano aggiunge un ulteriore, poetico tassello, alla propria ricerca comica, musicale e teatrale, per il mondo dell’infanzia. Uno spettacolo denso, poetico, evocativo, divertente. Dai 3 anni.
          Trail bike survival      Cache   Translate Page      
18/11/2018 - Survival Bushcraft Italia è lieta di invitarti Domenica 18 novembre e di passare una Domenica divertente ed istruttiva, illustrando tecniche di sopravvivenza e sicurezza per promuovere i nostri corsi con esempi pratici e dimostrazioni. Che cosa proponiamo: Esploreremo la Val Marecchia a due ruote fermandoci di tanto in tanto con interventi divulgativi riguardanti la flora e la fauna locale. Ci concentriamo inoltre su come e a cosa serve i kit di sopravvivenza e di primo soccorso, la multifunzionalità dei suoi elementi, come chiamare i soccorsi in caso di emergenza, l’uso del gps e come realizzare un riparo di emergenza. Il numero di partecipanti al corso è limitato, saranno accettate solo le richieste d’iscrizione con caparra. - Quota: 15 € Durata : escursione giornaliera Km 25 circa Difficoltà : E Ritrovo ore: 09:30 al parcheggio del ponte di Tiberio o La quota comprende: servizio di guida ambientale escursionista per tutta la durata dell'iniziativa. La quota NON COMPRENDE: tutto quello non definito nella “quota comprende”, il viaggio da e per punto di ritrovo, il pranzo al sacco, snack, ecc. - COSA PORTARE - borraccia piena - pranzo al sacco - abbigliamento adatto alla stagione, impermeabile, giacca a vento e pile consigliato un cambio completo da lasciare in auto (comprese le scarpe) È importante che la bicicletta sia sempre in perfetta efficienza in particolare copertoni e camere d’aria) ed è opportuno avere una camera d’aria di scorta. L’uso del casco è sempre raccomandato. - COME ISCRIVERSI Evento a numero chiuso Numero dei partecipanti : 20 max Info e prenotazione: e-mail a o Francesco 3496163042 Carlo: 3207011248 indicando numero di partecipanti, numero telefonico di riferimento. Prenotazione Obbligatoria entro le ore 21.00 di Venerdì 16 novembre (salvo esaurimento posti). - AVVERTENZE In caso di maltempo l’escursione potrà essere annullata. Le guide si riservano la facoltà di modificare il programma dell’escursione senza preavviso qualora lo ritenessero opportuno per la salvaguardia e sicurezza dei singoli e del gruppo e di escludere persone non adeguatamente equipaggiate o che non abbiano effettuato la prenotazione. In caso di motivata esclusione non sono previsti rimborsi di viaggi e di nessun altro tipo, se non l'eventuale quota di partecipazione versata, anticipi compresi. Si chiede di avvertire il prima possibile in caso di rinuncia all'escursione. - Le escursioni verranno condotte da D’Agostino Francesco, Istruttore di sopravvivenza e Guida Ambientale Escursionistica (GAE) Carlo Lisi Guida Ambientale Escursionistica (GAE) Associati AIGAE Coordinamento Emilia Romagna, assicurati ed autorizzati all’esercizio della professione, in applicazione della Legge Regionale Emilia Romagna - n.4 del 1/2/2000 e successive modifiche, Web:
          CESARONE, JOSEPH      Cache   Translate Page      
Age 80. Beloved Son of the late Americo and Frances. Dearest brother of Maryterese DeBeneditto and Teresa Levak. Devoted Uncle of Many. VISITATION...
          Elli de mon, mr deadly, isak suzzi, tdrock      Cache   Translate Page      
24/11/2018 - SUPERMEGABOMBA! Tre concerti (Elli De Mon con il nuovo disco Songs of Mercy and Desire, fresco fresco di stampa) e dj set! Ne uscirete innamorati, amati e sudati! Scaletta: - Isak Suzzi in solo, - Mr. Deadly one BAD man - Elli de Mon - onewomanband - presentazione NUOVO ALBUM - TDROCK dj set Apertura ore 21 Ingresso con tessera arci + contributo di 5€ Elli de Mon - onewomanband è chitarre, grancassa, rullante, sonagli, suoni saturi e psichedelia indiana. Attingendo a piene mani dalla tradizione sciamanica di lontani incantatori come Bessie Smith, Fred McDowell e Son House, Elli combatte i suoi demoni con lo strumento a lei più congeniale: la musica. Un blues nuovo, fatto di slide selvaggi e contaminato da infuenze punk (Elli militava anche negli Almandino Quite Deluxe), e dalla musica indiana, grande amore di Elli. A Marzo 2013 debutta con il 7” Leave this town. Fin da subito inizia a macinare concerti su concerti, tra cui un tour americano in compagnia dell’amico Phill Reynolds. Nel Febbraio 2014 è uscito per CORPOC e Otis Recordings il suo primo album, dal titolo omonimo, registrato da Bruno Barcella e Alessio Lonati al TUP studio di Brescia. Nel Febbraio 2015 è uscito II per Pitshark Records, etichetta francese al lavoro con band come Radio Birdman, Motorheads, Cosmic Psychos, mentre il disco di debutto di Elli de Mon viene ristampato dall’italiana Ammonia Records (Shandon, Peawees, Manges, The Hormonauts). Nel 2016 è uscito sempre per Ammonia lo split VS con un altro one man band, Diego Deadman Potron, mentre nel 2017 è arrivato alle stampe un nuovo lavoro per Pitshark, Blues tapes: the indian sessions, incentrato sulla fusione del blues con la musica indiana. Elli ha suonato ovunque, dividendo il palco con artisti come The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Afterhours, Reverend Beatman, the Monsters, Molly Gene onewoamanband, Big John Bates, Chuck Ragan, Larry and His Flask, Cedric Burnside, Bror Gunnar Jansson, Carmen Consoli. Ha partecipato a numerosi festival nazionali, come Radio Onda D’Urto, Sherwood Festival, Mojostation Blues Festival, To.t.em. Festival, Musicaw Festival, Nistoc, Salone del Libro di Torino (Radio Tre) ed internazionali come il festival blues di Lugano, di Cognac e il Berlin Fest. Elli ha portato il suo album in tour anche in Spagna, Francia, Germania, Belgio e Svizzera. A novembre 2018 esce il suo quinto lavoro e terzo full lenght, ancora per Pitshark Records, intitolato Songs of Mercy and Desire, che segna il suo ritorno a canzoni più folk e blues rock. E alla fine si ritorna a casa. Il nuovo disco di Elli de Mon è una ricerca delle radici da cui tutto è partito. Songs of Mercy and Desire parla di questo, di evoluzione, di cambiamento e di accettazione, di resilienza e di riscatto. è un disco autobiografico, che racconta dei luoghi dove Elli è nata e cresciuta. Radici legate alla sua storia personale quindi, ma anche musicale. Le canzoni sono nate infatti attraverso i suoni minimali della chitarra acustica e della sua amata weissenborn, che Elli ha riscoperto e rispolverato. Il suono acustico e intimo riflette anche il periodo particolare in cui le canzoni sono state scritte e registrate, ossia la sua gravidanza. Le sferzate slide dei dischi precedenti ci sono anche qui, ma questa volta Elli ha voluto lasciare spazio anche a ballads più intime, scritte cullando la sua pancia. è un disco più articolato rispetto ai precedenti, meno viscerale ma più variegato, dove hanno trovato spazio anche la voce di Phill Reynolds, in un pezzo dedicato alla violenza domestica e i sax di Matt Bordin (the Mojomatics, Squadra Omega), che ha registrato il disco nel suo Outside Inside Studio. Blues, folk e sonagli sciamanici. Da una costola dei Gentlemens, Daniele Fioretti aka Mr. Deadly one BAD man dà sfogo alle sue voglie in un frenetico e vorticoso garage blues, dove la musica del delta del Missisippi si incontra con il punk, dando vita a un sound che si ispira a Oblivians e Jon Spencer. La musica del giovane e fenomenale Isak Suzzi si immerge nell'hill-country delle aperte praterie per poi far ritorno nel tepore intimistico del dark-blues e delle ballate notturne. Attraverso sospiri ermetici e ritmi incalzanti, questa metonimia di chitarra e voce dà origine a un genere del tutto personale che evoca le memorie di una natura ormai perduta e i frammenti di un'era post-apocalittica. Una musica romantica che si infrange al vento del crepuscolo e si risveglia nella quiete dell'alba. Una musica prorompente in cui la miseria morale dell'uomo viene estirpata dalla sublime potenza della natura. Dj set TDROCK: i nostri amatissimi montanari, una consolle, la pista, le luci, la macchina del fumo. E volendo c'è pure la mirror ball!
          Marine Le Pen moves ahead of Macron in European Elections      Cache   Translate Page      
The left continue to label anyone conservative as ‘far-right’ in their attempt to smear and discredit conservatives. It hasn’t slowed the rise of the right, one jot. Polls in France now reveal that Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN) moves ahead of Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche (LREM). The right-wing parties gained a 30 […]
          XV de France: Jouer comme Toulouse? «C’est un rugby périlleux à mettre en place»      Cache   Translate Page      
Le retour en force des Toulousains en équipe de France invite autant à la nostalgie qu’à l’espoir…
          10 Top Things to do in Pisa      Cache   Translate Page      

I visited Pisa in September at the end of a week long Mediterranean Cruise around Europe, stopped at France, Italy and Spain. For our final day of the trip we explored the wonderful Italian city of Pisa! The Leaning Tower has made Pisa famous all over the world, and in addition to the tower, the city offers many other interesting things to see worth at least an day (click here for the latest cruise offers and discounts). And the best bit? We explored this gorgeous city by segway! This wouldn’t have been an excursion I would have usually chosen myself, but I am super happy we did it as it was so much fun! And bonus: I didn’t fall off either… It was a wonderful day as we explored the lesser known areas of the city, visited a few markets, took our Instagram shots in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Piazza dei Cavalieri and stopped for a bite to eat at a local Pizzeria restaurant. READ MORE: Ultimate Guide to a 7-Day Cruise in the Mediterranean Top things to do in Pisa Leaning Tower of Pisa and Campo dei Miracoli When the building complex at Field […]

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          XV de France: Toujours en lutte contre la FFR, Guy Novès a refusé «un des grands clubs français»      Cache   Translate Page      
L’ancien sélectionneur du XV de France n’est pas encore prêt à prendre sa retraite…
          Varane: France team-mates happy whoever wins Ballon d´Or      Cache   Translate Page      


Raphael Varane says his France team-mates will be happy whichever of them wins this year’s hotly contested Ballon d’Or award. Real Madrid defender Varane has been backed by France icon Michel Platini for the prize after winning both the Champions League and the World Cup […]

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          Le journaliste Bernard Guetta candidat LRM aux élections européennes ?      Cache   Translate Page      
Le nom de l’ancien chroniqueur de France Inter revient avec insistance pour figurer sur la liste de La République en marche aux élections de mai 2019.
          VANO, MARY JO A.      Cache   Translate Page      
age 67, cherished daughter of the late Andrew P. and Genevieve T. (nee Kavalecz) Vano; dearest sister of Frances Vano and the late James (wife...
          Names in the News: Aneurin, Onyx, Suharsi      Cache   Translate Page      
Some recent and not-so-recent baby names from the news… Ambre (rejected): A baby boy born in France in January of 2018 was almost named Ambre (French for “amber”) but the French government rejected the name, claiming it could cause gender confusion. (The Local) Aneurin: A baby boy born in Wales on June 26, 2018 — […]
          France's Mental Health Professionals Are On the Verge of a Breakdown      Cache   Translate Page      
With a megaphone in one hand and leaflets in the other, Isabelle Bouligaud walks back and forth in front of a crowd of nurses and healthcare assistants stretched out on the road in Saint-Etienne, in central France. One by one, she reels off the ills plaguing her profession: the shortages of staff, hospital places and resources. Psychiatric care, once the pride of France, as mirrored by this "die-in," now finds itself decimated.
          PSG, Al Khelaifi furioso: "Persi 2 punti per l'arbitro. Serve subito il VAR"      Cache   Translate Page      
Il presidente del Paris Saint-Germain Nasser Al Khelaifi non ha preso bene la direzione di gara della sfida contro il Napoli e ai media francesi a espresso tutta la propria rabbia: “Siamo venuti qui per vincere questa partita, ma sfortunatamente abbiamo...
          My Brilliant Friend estreia em novembro na HBO      Cache   Translate Page      

My Brilliant Friend, série dramática de oito episódios baseada no best-seller de Elena Ferrante, estreia em 25 de novembro, às 22h no canal HBO. Nos três domingos seguintes a HBO exibirá dois episódios consecutivos e no dia 16 de dezembro vai ao ar o final da trama.

A série conta a trajetória de duas amigas, Elena Greco (Lenu) e Raffaella Cerullo (Lila), que vivem na cidade de Nápoles e se conhecem desde a infância. Quando Lila desaparece sem deixar rastros, Lenu começa a escrever uma história inspirada em sua melhor amiga. Ela narra como a amizade começou, na década de 1950, em um ambiente perigoso, mas fascinante. O relato abrange os 60 anos de amizade da dupla e tenta descobrir o mistério de Lila, a brilhante amiga de Elena e também a sua pior inimiga.

Com direção de Saverio Costanzo, My Brilliant Friend foi filmada na Itália, desenvolvida com atores locais e tem uma cinematografia feita especialmente para retratar a cidade de Nápoles do pós-guerra. A série é uma produção da HBO-RAI Fiction, TIMVISION e Wildside-Fandango, em coprodução com a Umedia. A história e o roteiro são de Elena Ferrante, Francesco Piccolo, Laura Paolucci e Saverio Costanzo. Paolo Sorrentino e Jennifer Schuur são os produtores executivos.

          MetOp-C pronto para o grande dia      Cache   Translate Page      

Com decolagem marcada para 7 de novembro, o último satélite meteorológico MetOp foi levado para a plataforma de lançamento e posicionado no foguetão Soyuz para a sua viagem ao espaço, a partir da Guiana Francesa.

          Gala France - 7 Novembre 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Gala France - 7 Novembre 2018

          Pesticides : des Nicaraguayens se tournent vers la France pour faire appliquer un jugement      Cache   Translate Page      
Reconnus victimes d’un pesticide dans leur pays, des ouvriers agricoles recourent à la justice française pour forcer trois géants mondiaux de la chimie à les indemniser.
          Emmanuel Macron rattrapé par la colère des Français      Cache   Translate Page      
« Vous ne sentez pas le malaise qui monte en France ? Vous allez le sentir le 17 novembre (NDLR : jour de mobilisation des gilets jaunes)…» lâche un retraité -militant de droite- à Emmanuel Macron, devant...
          La nuit avalera le mal      Cache   Translate Page      


Roman (Poche). Paru en 10/2018

La nuit avalera le mal

Marie Compagne

Dans la nuit, un homme se meurt après avoir été torturé. Seul témoin de la scène, son fils Théo. Sa vie est épargnée parce qu’il ne représente pas pour l’assassin une menace réelle : enfant polyhandicapé, Théo est privé de parole. Alors que la capitaine Sybille Lievic prend en charge l’affaire, Emma, l’orthophoniste du garçon, retrouve son jeune patient terriblement anxieux. Pour le calmer, elle expérimente avec lui une méthode contestée en France : la communication facilitée. Peu à peu, l’enfant raconte ce qu’il a vu ce soir-là. Emma ne se doute alors pas qu’en recueillant son témoignage, c’est sa propre vie qu’elle met en danger.

          Prix des carburants : l’opposition juge «insuffisantes» les annonces de Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
Les critiques fusent mardi, aussi bien à gauche qu’à droite, depuis l’annonce par Emmanuel Macron sur Europe 1 d’étendre à l’ensemble de la France l’aide au transport, mise en place par la région Hauts-de-France...
          Carburants : Macron veut étendre l’aide aux transports mise en place dans les Hauts-de-France      Cache   Translate Page      
Un geste en faveur des automobilistes. Emmanuel Macron laisse entendre ce mardi, sur Europe 1, qu’une aide de 20 € pourrait être fournie, sous conditions, dans le cadre des déplacements domicile-travail.Le...
          EU, France, Germany, and UK Regret US Decision to Impose Iran Sanctions      Cache   Translate Page      

EU, France, Germany, and UK Regret US Decision to Impose Iran Sanctions | Europe determined to keep trading with Iran despite US demands

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          El Ángel Ximénez ficha al gijonés Víctor Alonso, procedente del Créteil galo      Cache   Translate Page      
Córdoba, 6 nov (EFE).- El Ángel Ximénez-Avia anunció este lunes el fichaje del lateral zurdo gijonés Víctor Alonso, que, procedente del US Créteil HB, de la Primera división francesa, regresa cuatro temporadas después a la Liga Asobal. El asturiano,...
          Ο Βενγκέρ κοντά στη Μίλαν      Cache   Translate Page      

Σύμφωνα με το «France Football», ο Αρσέν Βενγκέρ βρίσκεται σε προχωρημένες επαφές με τους Ροσονέρι, για να αντικαταστήσει τον Τζενάρο Γκατούζο. Σε πρόσφατη συνέντευξή του στο «SkySports», ο Αρσέν Βενγκέρ εξηγούσε ότι: «Δεν ξέρω που, αλλά μέσα στη σεζόν θα βρεθώ σε κάποιον πάγκο και πάλι. Μου έχει λείψει». Ο Αλσατός τεχνικός που το περασμένο […]

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          11/4/2018: Business: France to lure private equity with post-Brexit tax break      Cache   Translate Page      

FRANCE has stepped up efforts to lure UKbased private-equity executives into relocating to Paris after Brexit by pledging to slash the tax rate on the cut of profits managers share with their investors, to the chagrin of some local rivals. Paris is...
          11/4/2018: Bondings: Reaping rewards of mistaken identity      Cache   Translate Page      

THERE is a restaurant in France where I enjoy passing the time. I watch cars and I watch people. They have always taken excellent care of me. A few weeks ago a new waitress arrived who continued the tradition of feeding and watering me with a smile...
          11/4/2018: Review: Slip to Sneem      Cache   Translate Page      
Sneem International Storytelling & Folklore Festival runs from November 9–11, with storytellers including Frances Kennedy and Tom Moore from Listowel and Pat Speight from Cork.
          France: Urwandiko yanditse agiye kwiyahura rwaguzwe miliyoni 230frw #Rwanda via @kigalitoday      Cache   Translate Page      

Urwandiko umusizi w'Umufaransa wo mu kinyejana cya 19 witwa Charles Baudelaire yanditse avuga ko agiye kwiyahura rwaguzwe ibihumbi 267$ ahwanye na miliyoni zisaga 230Frw.

- Ntibisanzwe / Gasana Marcelin
          Prix du carburant : où trouver l'essence à prix coûtant en novembre ?      Cache   Translate Page      
Face à la hausse du prix des carburants et la grogne des automobilistes, plusieurs enseignes de la grande distribution ont décidé de vendre l'essence à prix coûtant en novembre 2018. Découvrez les offres proposées par Carrefour, E.Leclerc ou encore Interm...
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          China to overtake France as top travel destination by 2030      Cache   Translate Page      

LONDON (AP) — China is set to overtake France as the world’s number one tourist destination by 2030 as a growing middle class in Asia looks to spend more on travel, according to experts at market research group Euromonitor International. In a report published Tuesday at an industry conference in London, Euromonitor said it is […]
          Quelle Ford Fiesta choisir ?      Cache   Translate Page      
La Ford Fiesta fait partie de notre vie depuis les années soixante-dix. C'est l'une des stars de la catégorie en Europe. En France, elle fait face avec brio aux Citroën C3, Peugeot 208 et Renault Clio. Elle se montre à la hauteur, grâce à une belle dotati...
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          Six arrested over far-right anti-Macron plot      Cache   Translate Page      
Five men and one woman have been detained on suspicion of planning violent action against French President Emmanuel Macron. They are reported to be connected with small ultra-right groups. Four of the suspects were rounded up by anti-terror police in the eastern Moselle département, another in Ile et Vilaine in western France and the last in I ...
          Paris mayor, right-wing leader call on France to take in Asia Bibi      Cache   Translate Page      
Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo says she is ready to welcome Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi to the French capital and mainstream-right leader Laurent Wauquiez has called for her to be granted asylum. Despite being acquitted on blasphemy charges, Bibi is still in jail and has received numerous death threats, as have her family. Pakistan's Supreme Court a ...
          Local, 2 wc, 563m2, Barcelona.      Cache   Translate Page      
GARRODS Real Estate.DESCRIPCIÓN: Local comercial en Planta Baja ubicada en edificio residencial de la Avenida Diagonal, cerca de Plaça Francesc Macià y Avinguda Sarrià. Área comercial, empresarial y residencial de primer nivel con buena oferta de...
2 baños 563 m² 2.220 EUR/m² trastero bien comunicado aparcamiento
Wed, 07 Nov 2018 00:11:52 +0100
          First Photos: Celebrity Edge      Cache   Translate Page      

Published in: Cruise News

Celebrity Edge

The Celebrity Edge is now on her way to Terminal 25, located at Port Everglades in Hollywood, Fla.

Slated for arrival on Monday, November 19, 2018, the ship set sail from the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France, on Sunday, November 4, 2018, for her first transatlantic voyage.

Celebrity Edge

As of November 6, 2018, the 2,900-guest Celebrity Edge was 3,300 nautical miles from her destination, positioned at 37 degrees 58 minutes north latitude and 17 degrees 9 minutes west longitude.

Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge


          Onorato: MSC Committed to Sustainable Growth in China      Cache   Translate Page      

Published in: Cruise News

Gianni Onorato, CEO

“We are very satisfied with the outcome of 2018 in China,” said Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises. “We are expecting an even better 2019 with the capacity changes.”

Speaking to Cruise Industry News in Shenzhen, Onorato said there is plenty of demand in the market, and MSC was managing it in a sustainable way, as opposed to the aggressive build up that other operators had tried.

The MSC Splendida was in the market seasonally in 2018, and will extend her program in 2019, staying for the winter ahead of being replaced by the new and larger Bellissima in 2020.

Onorato said the market was moving from the charter model to more block bookings, and MSC has also started taking direct sales as well.

The booking window is also moving out for the Swiss-based brand.

“We are on the right track,” Onorato said. “We have already seen a strong improvement in the booking window in the last 12 to 18 months. We are in good shape for 2019.”

Festivities at China Cruise Shipping 13

Among the challenges are limited deployment options with South Korea off the table, temporarily.

Opportunities include cabotage, which is an ongoing topic. Embarking Chinese guests in multiple homeports, a strategy MSC uses to its advantage in the Mediterranean, could prove to be a huge momentum boost.

The company is adding more nights to sailings in 2019, with additional five-night cruises on its schedule, and even a six-night sailing. Come winter 2019-2020, new deployments will see the Splendida sail from Shenzhen and Xiamen, calling mostly on Japan but also introducing Vietnam.

The new Bellissima will debut in the market in early 2020. Under construction at Chantiers in France, the 4,500-guest ship will be the largest in China, and feature MSC’s personal digital assistant, Zoe, in every stateroom.

MSC Splendida

Onorato commended Chinese travel agencies and government officials for playing a major role in developing the cruise industry in China.

Agencies, he said, created cruise departments from nothing and took huge risks chartering ships.

As for government officials, they have pushed through terminal development and key policy changes.

“I see a bright future,” Onorato explained. “Every cruise line makes their own decisions, and we do not have enough ships to move more to China today. But, we are growing and this is an important sign to the market that we are here, serious, growing and committed.”

          Atrani, si è spento a Parigi Antonio Perrotta      Cache   Translate Page      
Lutto ad Atrani per la scomparsa di Antonio Perrotta, avvenuta questa mattina a Parigi dove viveva stabilmente da anni. Si era trasferito nella capitale francese lavorando al fianco del più celebre fratello Vittorio, l'inventore degli outlet di moda. Da tempo conviveva con problemi di salute che non...
          Saint Jean-Theophane Venard      Cache   Translate Page      
On November 6, the Church celebrates the feast of St. Jean-Théophane Vénard, a French missionary to Vietnam who was martyred for the faith. Famous for having inspired St. Therese of Lisieux, who said of St. Jean-Théophane that he was someone who had lived her own image of a martyr and missionary, St. Jean was born in France, became a priest in the Society of Foreign Missions, and was sent to Vietnam. Due to the persecutions of the anti-Christian emperor Minh-Menh, priests were forced to hide in the forest and live in caves. They were able to sneak out at night and minster to the people. Eventually someone betrayed St. Jean, and he was arrested. During his trail, he refused to renounce his faith in order to save his life. He was condemned to death, and spent the last few weeks of his life locked in a cage. It was during his incarceration that he wrote many letters, some to his family. His most famous line is from a letter to his father in which he said, “We are all flowers planted on this earth, which God plucks in His own good time: some a little sooner, some a little later . . . Father and son may we meet in Paradise. I, poor little moth, go first. Adieu." In reading these letters, St. Therese the Little Flower came to understand and use the image of being a little flower, whom God nevertheless cared for and cultivated, despite her minute size. St. Jean-Théophane Vénard was beheaded Feb. 2, 1861.  His severed head was later recovered and is preserved as a relic in Vietnam. The rest of his body rests in the crypt of the Missions Etrangères in Paris.
          [ACTU] Alice in Chains - Concert à Paris      Cache   Translate Page      
Les Américains de Alice In Chains viendront fouler les planches de l'Olympia, le 28 mai 2019. En effet, Jerry Cantrell, Mike Inez, Sean Kinney et William DuVall feront une halte d'une soirée en France avec une unique date programmée à l'Olympia de Paris. Alice In Chains viendra présenter son dernier opus, Rainier Fog sorti le 24 août 2018. Le petit plus qui ne gâche rien, bien au contraire, c'est Black Rebel Motorcycle Club qui ouvrira le bal !
          [ACTU] Muse : les dates françaises de Simulation Theory !      Cache   Translate Page      
Simulation Theory sort le 9 novembre. Et sept jours plus tard, on pourra aller se jeter sur les places pour les trois dates françaises annoncées. Le trio sera en concert le 6 juillet au Stade de France, le 9 au Vélodrome de Marseille et le 16 à la Matmut Atlantique bordelaise.
          L'annulation d'une délibération d'assemblée doit être demandée dans les trois ans, sauf dissimulation      Cache   Translate Page      


Les actions en nullité d'une société ou d'actes et délibérations postérieurs à sa constitution se prescrivent par trois ans à compter du jour où la nullité est encourue (C. civ. art. 1844-14 pour les sociétés civiles ; C. com. art. L 235-9 pour les sociétés commerciales).

Il en résulte, juge la Cour de cassation, que l'action en nullité d'une délibération sociale se prescrit par trois ans à compter du jour où elle est prise, sauf dissimulation entraînant une impossibilité d'agir.

Ayant énoncé ce principe pour la première fois, la Cour de cassation censure un arrêt d'appel ayant déclaré un associé recevable à demander en 2012 l'annulation d'assemblées qui s'étaient tenues plus de trois ans auparavant et auxquelles il n'avait pas été convoqué : la cour d'appel avait retenu que l'associé n'avait pas eu connaissance des assemblées litigieuses avant 2011 et en avait conclu à tort que l'action engagée en 2012 n'était pas prescrite, sans rechercher si ces assemblées avaient été dissimulées à l'associé.

A noter : Le principe ci-dessus, retenu dans une affaire concernant une société commerciale sur le fondement de l'article L 235-9 du Code de commerce, mais transposable à une société civile par identité de ce texte avec l'article 1844-14 du Code civil, peut surprendre dans la mesure où le texte ne prévoit pas que le point de départ de la prescription soit retardé en cas de dissimulation. Toutefois, la solution n'est pas nouvelle et la Cour de cassation l'avait déjà énoncée en matière de nullité d'une délibération de conseil d'administration (Cass. com. 4-7-1995 n° 93-17.969 P : RJDA 8-9/95 n° 994).

A notre avis, la Cour transpose ici à la prescription de l'action en nullité la règle légale applicable à l'action en responsabilité, selon laquelle cette action se prescrit à compter du fait dommageable, « ou, s'il a été dissimulé, de sa révélation » (C. com. art. L 223-23 pour les SARL ; art. L 225-254 pour les sociétés par actions). Cette transposition procède, semble-t-il, de l'application du principe procédural interdisant de faire courir la prescription contre celui qui est dans l'incapacité d'agir en justice, ce principe étant consacré en ces termes par le Code civil : « les actions personnelles ou mobilières se prescrivent (...) à compter du jour où le titulaire d'un droit a connu ou aurait dû connaître les faits lui permettant de l'exercer » (art. 2224).

En l'espèce, la Cour de cassation considère que le seul fait pour l'associé de ne pas avoir été convoqué aux assemblées ne suffit pas à établir la dissimulation de celles-ci, laquelle implique, comme pour la dissimulation de la faute d'un dirigeant (Cass. com. 13-6-2018 n° 16-26.323 F-D : BRDA 14/18 inf. 5), un élément intentionnel, ici caractérisé par la volonté de cacher la tenue des assemblées à l'associé.

Pour en savoir plus sur cette question : voir Mémento Sociétés commerciales n° 89450

Cass. com. 26-9-2018 n° 16-13.917 F-D
          Souffrance, anxiété et dépression pour les enfants migrants placés en détention      Cache   Translate Page      
Les nombreuses études sur le sujet sont formelles : à aucun moment dans le processus d'immigration les enfants ne devraient être séparés de leurs parents. Explications avec Valérie Borde.
          Tim Berners-Lee l’inventeur du web lance un contrat pour sauver Internet, soutenu par la France      Cache   Translate Page      

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, présenté comme l’inventeur du web et du premier navigateur, est depuis de longues années un fervent défenseur des droits des internautes, notamment face aux GAFAM. Lors de l’ouverture du Web Summit à Lisbonne, ce dernier a présenté son « contrat pour sauver Internet ». La France a annoncé soutenir cette initiative. Pour un internet […]

The post Tim Berners-Lee l’inventeur du web lance un contrat pour sauver Internet, soutenu par la France appeared first on Blog du Modérateur.

          Βλέπουν τον Βενγκέρ στη Μίλαν      Cache   Translate Page      

Βλέπουν τον Βενγκέρ στη Μίλαν

Ο Αρσέν Βενγκέρ θα αντικαταστήσει τον Τζενάρο Γκατούζο, αποκαλύπτει το France Football.  Θα έχει επίσης επαυξημένο ρόλο μαζί με τα καθήκοντά του ως προπονητή, σε…


          France: arrestation de six personnes liées à l'ultra-droite       Cache   Translate Page      
En France, six suspects en lien avec les milieux de l'ultra-droite ont été interpellés ce mardi dans une enquête sur des menaces d'attaque visant Emmanuel Macron. Un projet « imprécis » que les enquêteurs doivent encore éclaircir.
          Re: France : Il commande un maillot de l'OM et des chaussettes taille 46 mais... [par Kirouille]      Cache   Translate Page      
La chambre des Liens::[Vidéo] France : Il commande un maillot de l'OM et des chaussettes taille 46 mais...


By Jason Lemon 

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 10:41

French President Emmanuel Macron reviews French navy personnel as he arrives aboard the French Mistral-class assault ship and helicopter carrier Dixmude to attend a ceremony to present his wishes to the armed forces at the Toulon Naval Base in Toulon, France, on January 19.PHOTO: CLAUDE PARIS/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

French President Emmanuel Macron has urged the creation of a “true, European army” to protect the continent from Russia, China and the United States.

"We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America," Macron told Europe 1 radio on Tuesday, Agence France-Presse reported.

Pointing to recent decisions by President Donald Trump, the 40-year-old French leader warned that European security is at risk.

“When I see President Trump announcing that he's quitting a major disarmament treaty which was formed after the 1980s Euro-missile crisis that hit Europe, who is the main victim?” he asked. “Europe and its security.” The French president concluded that Europe needed a unified military in order to “protect” itself.

Macron has previously expressed his view that Europe should jointly coordinate military actions, the BBC reported. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has also backed such a plan, saying in June that it would be part of "the structure of defense cooperation.”

“It is up to us to guarantee European security,” Macron said in an August speech, adding that the continent could no longer rely on the U.S. for protection.

“President Macron's call for a greater European effort in defense derives from two sets of factors,” the BBC’s defense correspondent Jonathan Marcus explained, “his support for the greater European project on the one hand, but also horror at much that the Trump administration is doing on the other, with its overturning of treaties and so on.”

While Macron, who took office in May 2017, just a few months after Trump, initially appeared to have a positive relationship with the American president, they have since sparred publicly over numerous issues such as the Paris climate accords, trade tariffs and the Iran nuclear agreement. Last month, the French president stressed the importance of the Cold War–era Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in a direct discussion with Trump, after the White House signaled it would withdraw from the decades-old agreement.

Despite the French president’s warnings and concerns, he will host Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I on November 11 in Paris. At the end of October, Trump described the upcoming trip as “very exciting” in a tweet, and said he had just spoken to the French president to discuss the celebration.

However, Trump also described the European Union as a “foe” last summer. When asked about world powers he saw as threats to the U.S., the president mentioned the longtime U.S. allies first, before also pointing to Russia and China.

“Well, I think we have a lot of foes. I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade,” he said. “Now you wouldn't think of the European Union, but they're a foe."

          Asia Bibi, Christian woman accused of blasphemy, seeks asylum amid violent protests      Cache   Translate Page      

Published November 04, 2018

Last Update 5 hrs ago

By Travis Fedschun | Fox News

The Christian woman in Pakistan who was on death row for nearly a decade before being acquitted by the country's top court last week is now seeking asylum elsewhere, after widespread violent protests throughout the country.

Asia Bibi was convicted in 2010 after she allegedly contaminated a water jug -- an offense viewed as blasphemy in the Muslim country.

Pakistan's top court acquitted the 47-year-old on Wednesday and ordered her release in a move that infuriated the country's hard-line Islamists, who have held nationwide protests demanding her execution.

Bibi's husband, Ashiq Masih, released a video in Punjabi on Saturday asking the U.K. to grant his family asylum amid fears for their safety, Sky News reported.

"I am requesting the prime minister of the UK help us and as far as possible grant us freedom," he said in a message directly to British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Pakistani protesters burn a poster image of Christian woman Asia Bibi in Hyderabad, Pakistan. (AP Photo/Pervez Masih)

Masih also called for asylum from President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the clip, according to Sky News. France and Spain have offered Bibi asylum, but her path out of the country may have grown more complicated.


After three days of nationwide protests demanding her execution, the Islamists ended the violent clashes after the government agreed to impose a travel ban on Bibi and to allow her case to be reviewed.

On Sunday, police said that more than 150 people have been arrested on charges of arson, vandalism and violence during the protests.

Protesters shout slogans during a rally to condemn a Supreme Court decision that acquitted Asia Bibi, a Christian woman, who spent eight years on death row accused of blasphemy, in Lahore, Pakistan, Friday, Nov. 2, 2018. (AP Photo/K.M. Chaudary)

Her lawyer, Saiful Malook, left Pakistan abruptly after fearing for his safety. Malook told The Associated Press earlier this week that he would have to leave Pakistan because the followers of hard-line cleric Khadim Hussain Rizvi had threatened to kill him as well as the judges who acquitted Bibi.

Blasphemy against Islam is punishable by death in Pakistan, and the mere rumor has caused lynchings. Islamists have made the blasphemy law a central rallying cry.

Pakistan's top court acquitted Bibi who was sentenced to death in 2010 on blasphemy charges, a landmark ruling that could ignite mass protests or violence by hard-line Islamists. (AP Photo)

Rights groups have called for Bibi's release and criticized the blasphemy law, saying it has been used to settle scores or abuse religious minorities. The court upheld the blasphemy law, but said there was not enough evidence to convict Bibi.

Pakistan's Supreme Court has not been known to reverse its decisions, but court reviews typically take years, according to the AP. Bibi's ordeal looks set to continue until the review is completed.

Travis Fedschun is a reporter for Follow him on Twitter @travfed


          Un viaggio nelle migliori colonne sonore jazz. Nel weekend l'arte si anima      Cache   Translate Page      


Museo di Roma - Palazzo Braschi

Concerti a cura della Casa del Jazz per la Fondazione Musica per Roma nell'ambito della iniziativa Nel weekend l'arte si anima e apertura straordinaria del museo dalle ore 20 alle ore 24, con la mostra Il Sorpasso

Questo nuovo appuntamento vede l’impegno artistico della Casa del Jazz per la Fondazione Musica per Roma che anima la serata con un programma musicale totalmente dedicato alle sonorità della musica jazz. Protagonisti  il duo composto da Mario Raja (sax tenore) e Francesco Poeti (chitarra e basso) che, all’interno del salone del secondo piano (ore 21 e 22.45), ripercorrono la storia del jazz attraverso la riproposizione di storici classici e la rivisitazione di composizioni di Thelonious Monk e Steve Lacy e la Massimo Nunzi Observation Orchestra che si cimenta nel concerto dal titolo Jazz in Cinemascope – La colonna sonora del Boom economico.

Nel salone d’onore, alle ore 21.00 alle ore 22.45, l’ensemble diretto da Massimo Nunzi guida i visitatori in un viaggio musicale che ripercorre la storia d’Italia del dopoguerra e del boom economico attraverso le più suggestive incursioni jazz nelle colonne sonore dei film del periodo. Un concerto realizzato appositamente sui temi della mostra fotografica Il Sorpasso. Quando l’Italia si mise a correre, 1946 – 1961, che i visitatori possono ammirare nel corso della stessa serata. La band, formata da alcuni dei migliori giovani musicisti della scena italiana, segue un percorso filologico rigoroso rendendo omaggio ad alcuni dei più grandi maestri come Piero Umiliani, Riz Ortolani, Bruno Canfora, Bruno Martino e solisti di jazz come Oscar Valdambrini, Nunzio Rotondo e Chet Baker.

Ore 20.15 e 22.00 - Salone del secondo piano - Mario Raja/Francesco Poeti Duo
Il Mario Raja/Francesco Poeti duo esegue un repertorio di brani originali e classici del jazz uniti alle particolari composizioni di Thelonious Monk e Steve Lacy. La musica è affrontata con grande fantasia e libertà, in modo da dare a ogni pezzo un carattere unico.
Con: Mario Raja (sax tenore) e Francesco Poeti (chitarra / basso)
Ore 21.00 e 22.45 - Salone d’Onore - Massimo Nunzi Observatorium Orchestra
Jazz in Cinemascope - La colonna sonora del Boom economico
La band formata da alcuni dei migliori giovani musicisti della scena italiana, ripercorre gli anni del boom economico attraverso l’esecuzione di brani jazz tratti dalle colonne sonore cinematografiche di quegli anni. Il direttore Massimo Nunzi segue un percorso filologico molto rigoroso che unisce brani molto rari, trascritti con precisione, ad altri materiali che rendono il progetto curioso e innovativo.
Con: Massimo Nunzi (direzione e arrangiamenti), Francesco Lento e Francesco Fratini (trombe), Carlo Conti e Claudio Giusti (sassofoni), Andrea Angeloni (trombone), Domenico Sanna (pianoforte), Jacopo Ferrazza (contrabbasso), Valerio Vantaggio (batteria).

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Written in 1789, the very year that the French Revolution set off a quarter of a century of war across Europe. It was also 73 years before Bismarck's "blood and iron" speech. How quaint in retrospect to think of England's relationship with France as the crux of the problem of war and peace.
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Watson, then, was not unusual in the respect of opposing earlier, smaller wars, then throwing in his lot with the Great War. Many a British writer who had opposed the Afghan, Sudanese and Boer wars did so; on this side of the Atlantic many who opposed the war with Spain and the Philippines counterinsurgency campaign (e.g., William Dean Howells, Henry James, etc.) did the same. I suppose the overwhelming sweep of the beginning of World War I was too much to withstand. Only Romain Rolland, Georg Brandes, Arthur Schnitzler, Maxim Gorky and a small handful of others, and even that sometimes fairly timidly, stood against the war. Though many - Anatole France and Upton Sinclair among them - condemned the war after the fact.
           Comment on William Watson: Curse my country for its military victory by richardrozoff       Cache   Translate Page      
There was actually an earlier violent campaign against the Armenians (and the Macedonians) in the 1890s, against which to his great credit Anatole France spoke out publicly. "I am not defending them because they are Christians, but because they are men." Given Britain's support of the Ottomans during the Crimean War (and before and after as well), it was a simple matter of the UK withholding military and diplomatic support rather than directly intervening, I suppose.
          Chase Ink Preferred Benefits      Cache   Translate Page      

Chase Ink Business Preferred has benefits you may not know about. Don't waste these valuable perks. Read this guide to understand your benefits and get the most value.

Chase Ink Business Preferred is one of the best small business credit cards on the market, especially for business travelers.

It offers a huge signup bonus, good reward structure, and flexible redemption options.

It also has many business, purchase, and travel benefits you need to know about.

Read on to learn about them.

Redeem for: Points are worth 25% more value when you redeem for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Points can also be transferred 1:1 to airline and hotel partners. Redeem for cashback at a rate of 1 cent = 1 point.
Annual fee: $95

Chase Ink Business Preferred Overview

Don't have the Chase Ink Business Preferred yet? Click here to visit Chase's secure website for the online application.

Purchase Benefits

  • Cell Phone Protection
    If you pay your cell phone bills with this card, you and your employees listed on your phone bill will be protected against covered cell phone theft or damage. You can get up to $600 per claim (after a $100 deductible). You're allowed to submit 3 claims in a 12-month period.

  • Purchase Protection
    If an item is damaged, stolen, or lost within 120 days from purchase, you can be reimbursed up to $10,000 per claim, with a max of $50,000 per account. This is for eligible purchases made in the U.S. The Benefit Administrator will determine if the item is to be repaired, replaced, or reimbursed. If the item was stolen, you must file a police report within 48 hours of the theft.

  • Extended Warranty
    For eligible purchases with a U.S. warranty of 3 years or less, you get an additional one year warranty added. You must have purchased the item with the card. You get up to $10,000 per claim, with a maximum $50,000 per account. Make sure you keep the receipts.

For questions about your benefits or to file a claim, call the Chase Benefit Administrator at 1-888-320-9956.

Travel Benefits

  • Primary Car Rental Insurance
    The Ink Preferred offers primary collision and damage insurance for most rental cars rented for business purposes. Rental period must not exceed 31 consecutive days. You must pay the entire car rental fee in full and decline the rental company's insurance. Coverage is up to the actual cash value of the car for theft and collision in the U.S. and abroad.

    If renting for personal use, then this coverage is secondary. Coverage does not include expensive, exotic, or antique vehicles.

  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption
    If you've paid for your travel with the card, you can get reimbursed if your eligible trip is interrupted by weather, illness, or other covered circumstances. This applies for pre-paid, non-refundable expenses, including airfare, hotels, and tours. You can be reimbursed up to up to $5,000 per person.

    If there are multiple people on the trip, the maximum covered is up to $10,000 per occurrence, and $20,000 in a 12-month period. Coverage is eligible for the cardholder, immediate family members, and employees of the company.

  • Lost baggage reimbursement
    You, your immediate family members, and company employees can be reimbursed for check-in or carry-on luggage that is damaged or lost by the airline. You can get up to $3,000 per passenger (including up to $500 per person for jewelry, watches, and electronics).

  • Trip delay reimbursement
    If your common airline is delayed more than 12 hours or overnight, you can be reimbursed up to $500 each person for eligible expenses such as lodging, meals, and toiletries.

  • Baggage delay reimbursement
    If your baggage is delayed for over 6 hours after you arrive, you can be reimbursed up to $100/day for 5 days for essentials, such as toiletries and clothes.

  • Travel Accident Insurance
    When you pay for your air, bus, train or cruise transportation with your card, you are eligible to receive accidental death or dismemberment coverage up to $500,000.

  • Roadside Dispatch
    If you find yourself needing help on the side of the road, there is a 24-hour hotline. Roadside service fees will be billed to your card. Services include:

    • Towing up to 5 miles
    • Jumpstarting
    • Tire change (provided you have a spare)
    • Locksmith services
    • Gas fill-ups up to 5 gallons

    The number is 1-800-847-2869.

  • Emergency Assistance Referral
    If you need any emergency help while away from home, Chase will provide referrals and assistance for free. The services include:

    • Referring you to English-speaking doctors or hospitals
    • Referring you to English-speaking attorneys or U.S. embassies or consulates
    • Arranging for emergency transportation home or to a hospital
    • Transporting vital documents you may have left at home
    • Arranging for delivery of a replacement ticket

    You will have to pay for the cost of any services. But the assistance and referrals are free of charge.

Business Benefits

  • Free employee cards. Track each employee's spending, set spending limits, and earn rewards from their purchases.

  • Free statements and reports. You get free monthly statements and quarterly management reports, with itemized and categorized expenses.

  • Zero Liability Protection. You will not be held responsible for unauthorized charges made with your card or account information.

  • Fraud alerts. Chase will alert you by phone, text, or email if they detect unusual account activity or charges.

How to Make the Most of the Card

  • Pair with Chase Ink Cash for bonus point in more categories. The Chase Ink Cash gives you 5x bonus points at office supply stores, and 2x points on dining and gas (up to certain amounts). If your business spends in those categories as well, this would make an ideal card combo. It has no annual fee.

  • Pair with Chase Ink Unlimited for points on everything. The Chase Ink Unlimited gives you 1.5 points per dollar on all purchases. You can use it on any other purchases that would otherwise just be 1x point. It also has no annual fee.

    You can combine your Ultimate Rewards points with your Ink Preferred card. Then use them for higher value for travel purchases.

  • More points when you Shop Through Chase. Chase has a "Shop Through Chase" feature that awards bonus points for shopping at partner merchants. There are over 200 popular stores. Most stores offer 2x-5x points per $1, but some stores go as high as 15x or 20x points. This will allow you to earn bonus points on shopping that would otherwise be just 1x points.

  • Use your points for travel. Your points are worth more when you redeem for travel. If you use your points to book travel on the Chase travel portal, your points are worth 25% more (80,000 points = $1,000). And they can be worth even more by transferring to airline and hotel partners. Redemption values for Business Class seats are often exceptional.

Common Questions

Do I have to be a corporation to apply?
No. You can get a business credit card even if you're a freelancer or have a small Etsy shop. Basically, if you do anything for profit, it can be considered a small business. Other examples are driving Uber, tutoring math, or running a blog.

Can I apply even if I'm not yet earning income?
Yes. You can apply as long as you have a reasonable intention to make a profit. You would just put "0" for the annual business revenue on the application.

What is the annual fee for Chase Ink Business Preferred?
The annual fee is $95, and it is not waived for the first year.

Do points expire on Chase Ink Business Preferred?
No, your points never expire as long as your account is active and in good standing.

Can you redeem points for cash?
Yes. You can redeem for statement credit or direct deposit into your bank account. The redemption value for cash is 1 point = 1 cent. You need at least 2,000 points ($20) to start redeeming for cash back.

Does Chase Ink Business Preferred count towards 5/24?
The Ink Preferred is affected by the 5/24 policy. This means you will not be approved if you have opened 5 new card accounts within the past 24 months. However, once you have been approved, the Ink Preferred will not add to the 5-card limit, since Chase business cards don't report to personal credit bureaus.

Which airlines does Chase Ink Business Preferred partner with?
Here is the list of current Chase airline transfer partners:

But you can book travel on any airline by redeeming your points on the Chase travel portal for 25% more value.

Does Chase Ink Preferred have Airport Lounge access?
No, Chase Ink Preferred does not offer lounge access or Priority Pass membership.

Bottom Line

Chase Ink Business Preferred is one of the best business cards on the market. Besides a huge sign-up bonus and great rewards structure, it offers a lot of valuable benefits and protections.

The cell phone protection is a great benefit not offered by a lot of cards. This alone saves you money by no longer having to purchase the phone company's pricey insurance. Other benefits, like purchase protection, will give you peace of mind when making business purchases. And if you travel often for business, you'll feel safe knowing you're covered.

Restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply. There may be time limits and documentation requirements. Please check with the issuer's guide to benefits for a full explanation.

Chase Ink Preferred Benefits appeared first on CreditDonkey

Editorial Note: This content is not provided by Chase. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by Chase. This site may be compensated through the Advertiser's affiliate programs.

Disclaimer: This content was first published on November 6, 2018. Information including APR, terms and benefits may vary, be out of date, or not applicable to you. Information is provided without warranty. Please check Chase website for updated information.

Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer. This site may be compensated through the Advertiser's affiliate programs.

Disclaimer: The information for the Ink Business Cash Credit Card and Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card has been collected independently by CreditDonkey. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

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(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 06, 2018 ) Drain cleaning equipment market is experiencing growth all across the globe, driven by growing construction sector and rising demand to improve the infrastructures in the developing countries. Moreover, rise in the conceptualization of smart cities is also propelling the construction sector which further encourage development of public projects. Furthermore, adoption of sectional machines is increasing due to high safety of operations, minimal maintenance, and ease of transport. These factors are anticipated to drive the drain cleaning equipment market during the forecast period.

Get sample PDF copy @

The report focuses on an in-depth segmentation of drain cleaning equipment market based on product type, power source, end-use, and sales channel. The geographic segmentation of the report covers five major regions including; North Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (MEA) and South America (SA). The regional market has been further bifurcated by respective countries. By product type segment, jetters is accounted for largest share in the drain cleaning equipment market in 2017; whereas sectional machines is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

The report aims to provide an overview of global drain cleaning equipment market with detailed market segmentation. Also, it analyzes the current market scenario of drain cleaning equipment market and forecasts the market till 2025. The report covers market dynamics affecting the drain cleaning equipment market during the forecast period. Furthermore, the report analyzes the competitive scenario, geographic trends, and opportunities in the drain cleaning equipment market with respect to all geographic regions. The report also includes the detailed company profiles of the key players in the drain cleaning equipment market along with their market strategies. The report also provides value chain along with the SWOT analysis for all company profiled in the report.

The Europe is one of the prominent regions in drain cleaning equipment market which is contributing highest revenue globally due to increase in the construction of residential, private, and public infrastructures. Also, rapidly growing economies in Europe is experiencing a number of initiatives undertaken by government to accelerate construction in the countries to propel growth for drain cleaning equipment market. Low mortgage rates, demographic trends, and increasing disposable income of individuals are responsible to boost the residential construction in the European countries.

Make Purchase Inquiry @

Rest of Europe holds a high market followed by Germany and France. Owing to this, several global providers of drain cleaning related equipment are willing to invest in this region. some of the key players operating in the drain cleaning equipment market includes Aussie Pumps.; Flowplant Group Ltd.; Duracable Manufacturing Co.; General Wire Spring Co.; Nilfisk AS; Goodway Technologies Corp.; RIDGID; Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc.; Electric Eel Manufacturing Co., and Spartan Tool L.L.C. among others.

Company: The Insight Partners
Contact: Sameer Joshi
Phone: +1-646-491-9876
Email: sam[@]

Sameer Joshi

Source: EmailWire.Com
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Al acceder nos encontramos un amplio salón comedor de 28 m2 con salida al balcón que ofrece vistas a la Rambla Francesc Macià. Después encontramos el pasillo y a mano derecha una bonita cocina totalmente equipada con acceso a un práctico...
3 habitaciones 1 baño 84 m² 1.964 EUR/m² bañera cocina balcón aparcamiento
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 18:48:00 +0100
          Piso en venta en BARCELONA, , 165000 euros y 3 dormitorios      Cache   Translate Page      
Al acceder nos encontramos un amplio salón comedor de 28 m2 con salida al balcón que ofrece vistas a la Rambla Francesc Macià. Después encontramos el pasillo y a mano derecha una bonita cocina totalmente equipada con acceso a un práctico...
3 habitaciones 1 baño 84 m² 1.964 EUR/m² bañera cocina balcón aparcamiento
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 18:48:00 +0100
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Al acceder nos encontramos un amplio salón comedor de 28 m2 con salida al balcón que ofrece vistas a la Rambla Francesc Macià. Después encontramos el pasillo y a mano derecha una bonita cocina totalmente equipada con acceso a un práctico...
3 habitaciones 1 baño 84 m² 1.964 EUR/m² bañera cocina balcón aparcamiento
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 18:48:00 +0100
          Thank you all      Cache   Translate Page      
Allemaal bedankt voor de verjaardagswensen, het was een super gezellige dag. En dan krijg je van je petekind een cadeau met je verjaardag, verpakt als een echt Harry Potter verzendstuk en dan mag je het pas open maken op 1 december 😀

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I had a wonderful day. I got a present from my niece for my birthday, it looks like a true Harry Potter piece and then I have to wait till December 1 before I may open it 😀

Gisteren kwam mijn advent kalender binnen van Atelier Het Wolbeest (klik), maar ook het oktober wolletje van haar Warme Voetenclub. Een prachtige kleur met een mini streng (donkerpaars), super leuke halloween stitchmarkers en snoepjes.

Yesterday I got my advent calendar from Atelier Het Wolbeest (click), but also the october skein from het Warm Feet club. A beautiful color with a mini skein (dark purple), some halloween stitchmarkers and candy.

En een lieve internet vriendin heeft voor me gekeken in Frankrijk en ze vond daar de thee waar ik dit voorjaar naar vroeg. Vorige week kwam de doos aan met 8 pakjes en inmiddels heb ik van mijn 1e bakkie thee genoten. 

A dear internet friend looked for me when she was in France and found the tea which I was looking for this spring. Last week the box with 8 little boxes of tea came and I already enjoyed my first mug of tea. 

Vorige week ontving ik ook mijn 12 days of Christmas advent kalender van Chapel view crafts (klik). Zij maakt prachtige stitchmarkers en progresskeepers. Ik vind haar cadeaupapier ook geweldig.

Last week I recieved my 12 days of Christmas advent calendar from Chapel view crafts (click). I love her knitting wrapping paper too.

Het kerst breien gaat door aan de Planina wrap van Shara_made (klik). Deze 3 kleuren zijn: 70's snow suits, Hot cocoa, On a cold winters day. 

Christmas knitting continues on the Planina wrap from Shara_made (click). These 3 colors are: 70's snow suits, Hot cocoa, On a cold winters day.

Daarna kwamen er deze 3 kleuren: Golden Hour, 80's snow suits, Gingerbread House. 

Then I added these 3 colors:  Golden Hour, 80's snow suits, Gingerbread House.

De laatste 3 kleuren die gebreid zijn aan de Planina wrap zijn: Rotkohl, Making cozy memories and Schmuddelwetter. De mini strengen zijn van de 2017 advent kalender van Herbstblatt Regina (klik).

The last 3 colors that are knitted on the Planina wrap  are: Rotkohl, Making cozy memories and Schmuddelwetter. The mini skeins are from the 2017 advent calendar of Herbstblatt Regina (click).

Wat betreft de Strickmich Club van Martina Behm: Inmiddels zijn alle 4 de wol verfsters voor 2019 bekend. Ik heb me inmiddels weer opgegeven voor het 3e jaar, want elke keer weer is het zo mooi garen met een bijpassend patroon. Nieuwe leden kunnen zich vanaf 5 november weer aanmelden op de website (klik).

About the Strickmich club from Martina Behm: All 4 dyers for 2019 are announced. I already sign-up for next year. This will be my 3th year that I joined, each time I enjoy the beautiful yarn with a matching pattern. Sign-ups are now open for new members on the website (click).

          Rosie DiManno: Why Canada must repatriate the children of jihadist nationals      Cache   Translate Page      

Can we at least save the children?

It shouldn’t even be a question — rescuing the spawn of a delusional caliphate, born to a Canadian parent.

Because the alternative is to leave these kids in detention camps overseas that are breeding grounds for the next generation of terrorists.

That too is part of the long game being played by the Islamic State. Keeping the idea alive of a proto-state sustained by a covert global network with a weakened but enduring core. Making alliances with other terrorist groups. Re-establishing a foothold in lawless states. Continuing to exploit a sophisticated social media recruitment outreach to radicalize adherents.

It is a multi-generational war requiring a multi-generational counterattack to un-indoctrinate, rehabilitate and reintegrate.

Not the fighter fathers, who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law — although Canadian officials have been confounded by the how of doing this. Perhaps not the mothers who are authors of their own misfortune, willingly or via self-ascribed ignorance. But surely the children who are innocent of crime even if they’ve committed crimes as passive or active child soldiers.

Which might very well mean, at its most stringent, separating those children from their mothers.

Most of these “caliphate” kids are far younger than the Geneva Protocol definition of child soldier as those under age 18. Some have been born to mothers already in detention.

Endangered youngsters are seized by child welfare agencies all the time, or until such time that a parent can prove fitness to rear. Fostering isn’t an optimal solution but it’s sometimes the least harmful option, particularly if the child can be placed inside his or her broader family, a grandparent, an aunt, a guardian.

Is it more inhumane to wrest a child from a mother’s arms or to leave that child in a godforsaken environment, behind barbed wire, vulnerable to disease, malnourishment and embittered ideology?

“I don’t have a good answer for that,” admits Shelly Whitman, executive director of the Romeo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

Whitman argues that these children, even if they’ve been raised to cleave to jihadist beliefs, have a better chance at rehabilitation than adults. “It’s not the fault of the child. The way the brain works, if you have experienced trauma under the age of 17, you have a good chance of overcoming it. The malleability of the brain is much more difficult the older you get.”

There are those who claim rehabilitation from radicalism is a fraud, that the metrics are unreliable. Yet Whitman and others with expertise in the area point to quantifiable success. “If this can be done in conflict zones, why would we not think we’re capable of it in a country like Canada, where those children will be exposed to people who are caring and willing to help.”

I’ve seen that myself, in reintegration camps in the Congo for children rescued from the Lord’s Resistance Army — kids who cannot return to their villages because they’ve committed horrific crimes against their families as enslaved abductees.

Children with Canadian blood in their bones simply can’t be abandoned to a grim fate.

Global News recently reported there are at least 13 Canadians — three alleged terrorists, their wives and children — currently detained by Kurdish authorities in Syria. These kids are among the detritus of a failed ambition.

ISIS — or Daesh — has been all but destroyed in northern Syria and Iraq, at least territorially, with 95 per cent of the ground it once held liberated and tens of thousands of its fighters killed by a U.S.-led coalition. But it’s definitely not dead. It’s shape-shifting. Even as a purely combat non-state army, there are still 14,000 ISIS fighters in Syria and 17,000 in Iraq, according to a Pentagon report released in August.

It is estimated that 40,000 foreigners from 110 countries travelled to Iraq and Syria to join the jihadists.

In fact, ISIS has been making a comeback of sorts in recent months, as smaller attacks have become more frequent and with the adaptation of tactics such as weaponized drones. These are the boomerang effects of making war on ISIS — they learn, they pay it back.

Among their most fertile potential conscripts are children who were either born into the war or taken to the “caliphate.” Many of the women have been widowed; some are detained separately from their captured husbands.

Nobody wants them, including their captors. Few countries have any strategy for dealing with them.

In Iraq, some 1,000 women accused of belonging to ISIS have been rounded up from the ruins of towns and cities previously held by the insurgents, More than 800 infants are being held with their mothers. On one day in May, as reported by the Guardian, following 10-minute trials, 40 of those women were sentenced to death by hanging.

Kurdish forces currently holding hundreds of women and children captured on the battlefield are determined to deport them to their countries of origin.

A couple of weeks ago, France announced that it is working on repatriating the children of jihadist nationals — about 150 have been identified — but not their mothers. Belgium and Denmark are considering similar undertakings. The United Kingdom has stripped citizenship from known terrorists with dual citizenship, including two members of the notorious “Beatles,” originally a four-man cell suspected of committed 27 beheadings and now held by Kurdish forces.

British officials have said the government will bring home of some of the jihadist widows, a group pegged at about 80, from among the 360 British terror subjects still believed to be in Syria and Iraq (from an estimated 900 British subjects who went to fight). But there was instant outrage when a Sunday Times investigation reported that, among the 80 women, some had been part of a deadly terror cell linked to Jihadi John (Mohammed Emwazi), who had performed and filmed executions for ISIS before being himself killed in a 2015 drone strike.

Britain and France are among the countries that have suffered most deeply at the hands of homegrown jihadists so the leeriness is understandable. Earlier this year, a British extremist was sentenced to life in prison upon conviction of grooming children as young as 11 at an East London mosque — showing them footage of beheadings and conducting terrorism role-play exercises.

Canada’s contribution to ISIS has been relatively small. As of last year, the government reported there were about 190 extremists “with a nexus to Canada” who’d travelled overseas to engage in terrorism and another 60 who have returned. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last month supported a Conservative-tabled motion to devise a federal strategy within 45 days to deal with Canadian jihadists who want to come home.

This came on the heels of on-the-scene reporting by Global TV’s Stewart Bell — this country’s most accomplished terrorism journalist — who’d interviewed Muhamed Ali, a.k.a. Abu Turaab Al-Kanadi, allegedly an ISIS sniper who hails from Mississauga, at a detainee facility run by the Syrian Democratic Forces, along with several wives of fighters held at another camp.

All yearn to come home.

Historically, repatriation is fundamental to the aftermath of ceasefire. Of course there has been no ceasefire with ISIS, never will be.

But a nation of mercy doesn’t visit the sins of the father or the mother upon the child.

Rosie DiManno is a columnist based in Toronto covering sports and current affairs. Follow her on Twitter: @rdimanno

          Murray set to return at Open Sur de France      Cache   Translate Page      
Andy Murray has confirmed that he will return to action at the Open Sur de France next year in February.
          Il senso dell’amicizia, la guerra non è mai bella, l’uccisione di Kennedy, Treia: avanti con la Fierucola 2018, la vera causa della devastazione ambientale, l’ultima arma di guerra, no Muos ora e sempre, la nuova “religione” della Natura…      Cache   Translate Page      

Il Giornaletto di Saul del 6 novembre 2018 – Il senso dell’amicizia, la guerra non è mai bella, l’uccisione di Kennedy, Treia: avanti con la Fierucola 2018, la vera causa della devastazione ambientale, l’ultima arma di guerra, no Muos ora e sempre, la nuova “religione” della Natura…

Care, cari, giorni addietro avevo visto che domenica 4 novembre 2018, a casa di una cara Amica, ci sarebbe stato un incontro di condivisione, di quelli che lei spesso organizza a casa sua, e questa volta l’argomento di cui parlare era “L’Amicizia”. (…) Quale migliore occasione per sviscerare un tema tanto delicato, lasciando uscire tante emozioni, con la certezza di non essere giudicata e di ricevere parole sagge e sentite da una persona che dire che è sensibile è poco?… (Caterina Regazzi)… – Continua:

Uomo violento e donna paziente – Scrive Maurizio Angeletti Concordo con la rabbia femminile, per le violenze a cui la donna è sottoposta da maschi violenti ma il mondo maschile che non la pensa così è minoritario alquanto, quindi ridotto al silenzio vessatorio, oppure, causa fraintendimento, ad un adeguamento formale seppure apparente ed ipocrita. Mi sento di dire, personalmente, che ammiro talmente la donna per quello che riesce a fare nel quotidiano da rimanere ‘interdetto’ (sorpreso) per queste sue capacità. Penso che la maggior parte delle donne ami gli uomini nonostante tutti i loro difetti e carenze partorite da un sistema patriarcale assurdo, iniquo ed anche favorito dalla stupidità di varie forme di religione…”

La guerra non è mai bella – Scrive Marinella Correggia: “Ci si sente schiacciati dallo sfoggio di sciovinismo bellicoso del “giorno della vittoria nel centenario della grande guerra”. Un’intossicazione di bellicosi inni di Mameli, marce militari con divise della prima guerra mondiale (quelle non crivellate di colpi), celebrazioni di generali “eroi”… Un’esaltazione indecente, di fronte a sedici milioni di morti, sia militari che civili, e 20 milioni di feriti (compresi gli amputati e gli sfigurati)…” – Continua:

Bari. Fermare il consumo dei suoli – Scrive Salviamo il Paesaggio: “La Consulta Comunale per l’Ambiente di Bari, ha sottoposto un proprio documento di indirizzo per orientare il PUG (Piano Urbanistico Generale) – attualmente in corso di definizione – a tutela del suolo. Tra i suggerimenti: l’eliminazione delle previsioni edificabili che individuano interventi di destinazione comportanti consumo di suolo, la sospensione degli strumenti urbanistici e delle eventuali varianti per interventi che comportano consumo di suolo in aree agricole ed in aree naturali e seminaturali”

L’uccisione di Kennedy. E la manina di sion – Scrive Sail Alami: “Tra poco ricorre l’anniversario dell’assassinio del presidente degli USA John F. Kennedy, il 22 Novembre 1963 nella cittadina texana di Dallas. Non spiegheremo come si sono svolti i fatti, ma faremo luce sul ruolo, più che ipotetico, che hanno avuto nell’assassinio i servizi segreti israeliani, tanto che nel mondo nessuno ha beneficiato di questo avvenimento come Israele. Tuttavia la stampa americana ignorò questo fatto e di conseguenza i media europei fecero lo stesso…” – Continua:

Integrazione di J.M.: “…la probabilità delle coincidenze, – leggi Oswald in grado di centrare obiettivo mobile, e rapidamente ricaricare un fucile italiano del 1940, che Mussolini aveva scartato per l’esercito come non affidabile – già eccede il probabile. Che un mafioso (Ruby) con una fedina e un passato da criminale DOC, si impietosisca per la vedova Kennedy al punto di ammazzarne il presunto assassino, moltiplica vieppiù l’improbabilità. Se poi si aggiungono le teorie (seriamente sostenute) che quando un proiettile colpisce un obiettivo (nel caso la testa di Kennedy), l’obiettivo invece di essere spinto avanti, viene spinto indietro, si raggiunge l’impossibile…” – Continua al link soprastante con altri commenti utili

Treia. Avanti con la Fierucola dell’8 dicembre 2018 – L’organizzazione della quarta edizione della Fierucola delle Eccellenze Bioregionali, che si tiene anche quest’anno a Chiesanuova di Treia, l’8 dicembre 2018, procede. Questa vuole essere una chiamata a raccolta rivolta ai treiesi di buona volontà per invitarli a dare una mano. Uniti si ottengono migliori risultati e si consolida il senso della Comunità!… – Continua:

Napoli. Cercasi ospitalità per tre giorni – Scrive Giulietta: “siamo Giulietta e Jasvir abbiamo bisogno di qualcuno che ci ospiti a Napoli dal 16 al 19 nov, saremo tutto il giorno a scuola dalle 9.00 alle 19.30, siamo disposti a cucinare la sera, c’è anche una altra amica che ha bisogno grazie di cuore. Info:”

Gufi per le foreste – Scrive Martina Camarda: “Segnalo la nascita del Gruppo Unitario per le Foreste Italiane. Chi volesse inviare la propria adesione può farlo scrivendo a:”

La vera causa della devastazione ambientale – Scrive Giuseppe Altieri: “La principale causa della devastazione planetaria è rappresentata dagli allevamenti industriali (non quelli biologici al pascolo) e dall’agricoltura chimica e OGM loro collegata. Dopo 70 anni di devastazione chimica dei suoli con pesticidi e disseccanti/diserbanti, oltre a minare irreversibilmente la nostra salute ambientale le industrie chimiche hanno massacrato l’humus e la fertilità dei terreni. Pertanto i terreni non trattengono più acqua (l’humus è come una spugna che trattiene acqua fino a 10 volte il suo peso e ne abbiamo perso almeno il 50% negli ultimi 50 anni), provocando frane e smottamenti e ulteriore perdita di strato fertile… il fango che tutti vediamo sulle strade e nelle case allagate…” – Continua:

Commento di Francesca Rossetti: “Mi sorprende che nessun giornale ne parli, e dire che solo pochi mesi fa l’università di Oxford ha pubblicato uno studio sulla rivista scientifica Science che mostrava che l’industria zootecnica a livello globale é responsabile del 73% delle emissioni di gas serra nell’atmosfera e chiariva che la manovra più significativa per ridurre le nostre emissioni sarebbe quella di eliminare almeno carne di manzo, vitello e latticini…”

Lazio. Appuntamenti su libri e musica – Scrive Stefano Panzarasa: “Cari amici e amiche, ecco alcuni appuntamenti a cui ho il piacere di invitarvi… Accompagnerò le presentazioni con le mie canzoni da testi di Gianni Rodari e di Eleonora Bellini.” – Continua:

Pianeta terra. L’ultima arma di guerra. Recensione – “Rosalie Bertell, eminente scienziata, esperta di radiazioni e vincitrice di premi scientifici internazionali importanti, è forse una delle poche persone al mondo che poteva scrivere questo libro. La Bertell traccia il quadro terribile degli esperimenti militari condotti da decenni che hanno danneggiato gli strati vitali dell’atmosfera e la biosfera nel suo insieme. Militari, corporazioni e governi hanno manipolato il meteo e il clima intenzionalmente per decenni e influenzandolo in svariati modi…”

No Muos. Ora e sempre – Scrive Fulvio Grimaldi: “Comitati in rivolta dopo che la ministra Trenta deposita una memoria che smonta il lavoro durato anni di ambientalisti e grillini. Il Muos c’è, esiste. A Niscemi lo sanno tutti. Un dato incontrovertibile. Sull’operatività del sistema radar invece tante ombre. Certo è che il satellite è stato collegato alle antenne per smistare le comunicazioni militari a forze navali, aeree e terrestri in movimento in qualsiasi parte del mondo…” – Continua:

Roma. Gettiamo le basi… – Scrive Mirella Cao: “Augurandomi che qualcuno possa recarsi a Roma il 10 novembre e partecipare all’iniziativa “Gettiamo le basi”, di alto spessore culturale, inserita nell’ambito di una festa in ricordo del prof Mauro Cristaldi. 10 novembre dalle 10 alle 12. Alla Biblioteca Cartiera Latina al Parco dell’Appia Vecchia, Roma, vicino a porta San Sebastiano. Info:”

La nuova “religione” della Natura – Bioregionalismo, ecologia profonda e spiritualità laica sono la trinità della nuova filosofia o religione della natura. L’ecologia profonda analizza l’organismo, le componenti vitali e geomorfologiche, le loro correlazioni e il loro funzionamento organico, mentre il bioregionalismo riconosce gli ambiti territoriali (bioregioni) in cui tali processi si manifestano in forma qualificata di «organi» territoriali e culturali. Come terzo elemento componente c’è «l’osservatore», cioè l’intelligenza, coscienza che anima il processo conoscitivo, che si manifesta in forma di biospiritualità (o spiritualità laica), ovvero la capacità della vita di osservare se stessa e la messa in pratica del suo funzionamento… – Continua:

Ciao, Paolo/Saul


Pensiero poetico del dopo Giornaletto:

“Sentimenti, pensieri e azioni corrono davanti all’osservatore in successione senza fine, lasciando delle tracce nel cervello e creando l’illusione di continuità. In realtà non c’è nessuna persona, c’è solo l’osservatore che si identifica con l’”io” e il “mio”. Il maestro dice all’osservatore: tu non sei questo, non c’è nulla di tuo in ciò, tranne l’”io sono”: il puntolino che fa da ponte tra l’osservatore e il suo sogno. “Io sono questo”, “io sono quello” è sogno, mentre l’”io sono”, puro e semplice ha impresso su di se il marchio della realtà…” (Nisargadatta Maharaj)

          NTCHAM TUG-OF-WAR      Cache   Translate Page      
OLIVIER NTCHAM is on the brink of becoming involved in a remarkable international tug-of-war between France and Cameroon. The Celtic midfielder is a regular in the French Under-21 team, but he is now on the wanted list of new Indomitable Lions Head Coach Clarence Seedorf. The Dutch icon has been tasked with rebuilding the national [...]
          Free Cameroon’s Kidnapped School Children       Cache   Translate Page      

A school classroom in the Anglophone region of Cameroon.

© 2018 Bede Sheppard/Human Rights Watch

Just before dawn on Monday, November 5, unknown gunmen abducted around 79 school children from dormitories at Presbyterian Secondary School Nkwen in Bamenda, a town in Cameroon’s Anglophone North-West region. This horrific kidnapping is the latest escalation in the country’s spiraling violence.

Over the past two years, a political standoff between Cameroon’s Francophone dominated government and the country’s Anglophone minority – some of whom are seeking independence – has become a full-fledged human rights crisis. Hundreds are thought to have been killed, over a thousand homes burned, and dozens of schools attacked. An estimated 250,000 people have fled their homes.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for Monday’s mass kidnapping. One government official blamed Anglophone separatist groups, but the largest separatist groups have denied involvement and condemned the attack, insisting that they do not attack civilians. Others have accused pro-government forces of kidnapping the children in order to sully the separatists’ reputation. Neither the government nor the separatist groups provided evidence to substantiate their accusations.

The government has pledged to investigate the kidnapping, but its own forces have committed grave abuses in the conflict, including attacks on villages and extrajudicial killings of civilians, without any investigation or anyone being held responsible.

Yesterday’s kidnapping may only be the tip of the iceberg, and without swift international action, the crisis will likely worsen. International actors – especially the African Union, the United Nations, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States – should unanimously condemn violence against civilians and make clear that no political objective justifies tampering with the right to education and abducting sleeping schoolchildren from their beds. But they should also ensure that this horrific event doesn’t become a justification for further abuses by any of the parties to this crisis. 

          El liderato de grupo se queda en Francia en un duelo duro y ajustado (73-69)      Cache   Translate Page      

Valencia Basket cae en los últimos minutos en la pista de ASVEL en un partido que pudo muy igualado que pudo caer para cualquier lado y que se llevaron los franceses en las últimas acciones. Louis Labeyrie fue el jugador más destacado con 17 puntos y 9 rebotes Jaume Ponsarnau comenzó el partido con el […]

La entrada El liderato de grupo se queda en Francia en un duelo duro y ajustado (73-69) se publicó primero en Piratas del Basket.

          Champions League, il Napoli si qualifica agli ottavi di finale se… Tutte le combinazioni: sfida cruciale con la Stella Rossa      Cache   Translate Page      
Il Napoli ora è davvero vicino alla qualificazione agli ottavi di finale della Champions League 2018-2019 di calcio. I partenopei, grazie al pareggio casalingo contro il PSG, sono balzati al comando del gruppo C con 6 punti alla pari del Liverpool (battuto nello scontro diretto), con una lunghezza di vantaggio sui francesi e due sulla […]
          Bonne cueillette sous un beau soleil comme celui sur L'olivier      Cache   Translate Page      
Bonne cueillette sous un beau soleil comme celui que nous avons dans le Sud (de l'aisne) aujourd'hui.
Bises à vous deux et à bientôt dans le Nord (de la France). Bernard
          Raymond Février. Archives, histoire et mémoire d'une figure de l'INRA      Cache   Translate Page      
La présente rencontre, organisée par les Archives nationales et le Comité d’histoire de l’Institut national de la rechercher agronomique (INRA) et du Centre international de recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD), avec le concours du laboratoire d’études rurales de l’université Lyon 2 et de l’Académie d’agriculture de France, se propose de dresser un premier état des perspectives de recherche et de croisement des regards ouvertes par les archives dont Raymond Février, ancien directeur général de l'INRA, a fait don récemment aux Archives nationales.
           VIDEO Next Gen ATP Finals: Stefanos Tsitsipas, victorie n fața lui Jaume Munar (Rezultatele zilei)      Cache   Translate Page      
Stefanos Tsitsipas, locul 15 ATP, a trecut în patru seturi de Jaume Munar, scor 4-3(5), 4-3(3), (4)3-4, 4-2, în primul meci din Grupa A a turneului Next Gen disputat la Milano. Andrey Rublev, Frances Tiafoe și Alex De Minaur au obținut și ei victorii în prima zi a competiției dedicate tinerelor talente din tenis.
          Cosmétiques minimalistes avec des plantes médicinales 100% françaises et bio !      Cache   Translate Page      
Soutenez Les Simples de Charlotte et aidez-moi à participer au salon du Made in France de Paris !
          Les perf’ de l’ASG en Finale Coupe de France de Canoë-Kayak Descente      Cache   Translate Page      

Au terme d’une saison palpitante et pleine de suspense et malgré de très belles perormences, la victoire finale au classement des clubs échappe de quelques points à l’ASG C-K. L’ASG Canoë-Kayak organisait un triple événement national pendant ce week-end de la Toussaint : – Le Championnat de France Minimes des Régions, vendredi – La finale […]

Cet article Les perf’ de l’ASG en Finale Coupe de France de Canoë-Kayak Descente est apparu en premier sur Gerardmer info.

          Cosa si nasconde dietro al colore? Dialogo scientifico al Vetrya Corporate Campus      Cache   Translate Page      

Sabato 10 novembre alle 17 un affascinante dialogo scientifico tra il professor Francesco Orzi e il pittore Michael Franke.

L'articolo Cosa si nasconde dietro al colore? Dialogo scientifico al Vetrya Corporate Campus proviene da Orvietosì.it.

          The changing world (215) Aug 1998      Cache   Translate Page      
Aug 1st Wedding of Christine wells and Christopher Rinaldi at Laeaham Parish Church then Wraysbury Village hall . I did grace and Hausa blessing.
2nd        Preached on The bread of life. Good music group from Memphis, PCA. Paid granted for his Metro.
5th         Housegroup at Margery's. She has agreed to chemotherapy.
6th         David back from Birmingham to prepare to be best man for Richard in Nottingham.
8th         Took Deb to Shelford. Drove to Harrogate. Geoffrey took us for illegal T-bone steak at The Drovers. The landlord was charged by trading standards. he opted for jury trial hoping for a reverse verdict from a sympathetic jury. But before it was due in court the law was abolished prohibiting meat on the bone.
9th          Took Dorothy to Thirsk Methodist. Awful liberal woman speaking. Visited Neil and Vera. Dorothy wanted to be home by 3pm so we went on to Muker, Hawes, Kettlewell and Nixons at Kanaresborough.
10th           Took Dorothy to Aysgarth, Keld, Wensleydale Cheese centre, Hawse, Low Row.
11th           Picked up deb at Shelford. Miriam upset she is to be made redundant. Rachel happy in new work despite mental health this time. David delivering paint. Very hot.
12th           Packed for Austria, out first European holiday.
13th           Oak Hall coach through Channel tunnel and France through the night.
14th           We are in a wealthy Austrian ski resort. Sunburned by the pool.
15th            To Salzburg, cathedral, shops, Mozart birthplace, funicular railway.
16th            Two services. Day by the pool.
17th             Raadstadt via Zul am Zee lake. Very hot. Opted out of Oak Hall devotions.
18th             To Hauser linley via cable car. Excellent views. My snack which I thought has grated cheese blew my head off with it being horseradish. Breakfasts and lunches are boring here and booze is banned.
19th             Down salt mine. 28 killed by Omagh bomb.
20th             Boat trip on Holstein lake. Bad Ischl but did nor see where WWI declaration was signed. Saw where Bruckner was organist and Lehar wrote.Climbed hill to what I thought was Calvin Kirke only to find it was the RC Calvaria Kirke.
21st            Finding the food insipidly English.
22nd           Coach through Germany and France to Victoria where David met us. Rachel with Joanne in Coventry.
23rd            SC on Ps 57 then evening on NT use of OT. David preached twice at Surbiton Baptist. Rachel back home from Coventry.
24th             Last week at mattock lane.
25th             Deb has passed her course with merit.
26th             Ran into back of a car with my bike and his back light cost me £166.67. Housegroup.
28th             Russel's surgery gave me lunch and bubbly. Granville Harvester to celebrate deb's results.
29th             My last day at mattock Lane. All the others to Great Shelford.
30th             Grandad here with his sister Myra from Canada. Kurt Peistrup to lunch and Melissa part of a team from Birmingham Alabama who took the evening service.

          The changing world (214) Jul 1998      Cache   Translate Page      
Jul 1st  After work to Katy who hopes to be home from hospital tomorrow. Asked public question at Education Committee concerning when Oldfield will have a new building. David had a day driving a Mercedes delivery van.
2nd       Katy home from hospital.
3rd        Found Katy had decamped downstairs at night due to my snoring so went to bed downstairs at night. Halletts visited Katy. France beat Italy and Brazil beat Denmark.
4th         Session discussed a letter to members about LD's discipline.Beldams visited Katy. David to Farnborough. Holland beat Argies. Big shock Croatia 3 Germany 0.
5th        Katy up all day. David took his grandad back home. Members meeting about LD. Tasted thimblefuls of 22 malts at Babcocks and brought all the bottles home as they are leaving the country. This probably was one reason why the CPS never proceeded against LD. But years later I had two CID at the door with an account of two other teenagers with accusations against LD. He was very scared but nothing came of it. He was scared he would lose his tenancy. Years later he did but that was when he was taken into care for dementia. he died in a council home and no-one was informed. I had expected to be asked to take his funeral service but I was spared that service.
6th         Nicki are brought food. England drew with SA at Old Trafford. Deb visited the twins. David drinking with Richard for he is to be best man. Still sleeping downstairs.
7th         Constables visited. Skiotis brought food. Holland lose to Brazil on penalties.
8th         Pasta from Clowneys.
9th         With boss to visit two homes. Oldfield Annual Parents evening poorly attended. Deb received student of the year award at course awards evening. Chicken meal from Hosiers.
10th       Put weekly quotes on web. Rachel to New Forest with Rob. Lasagne from Constables.
11th       Pizza to celebrate Deb's college success. Croatia beat Holland for World Cup third place.
12th       A few only at my sermon on forgiveness as most were at Less. Rachel home from New Forest. David to friend CJ in Watford. France won world cup beating Brazil. Took Mr O home and took his Metro.
13th       David on his second week of van driving job. Back to sleeping in our bed.
14th       Took Katy to visit Margery.
15th       With Katy and Deb to Brent Cross and bought a vase as wedding present for Christine Wells. Housegroup.
16th        Took Katy to ladies Bible study. Deb looking after the twins.
17th         Last day of Selma on WE. Deb babysat Jonny Constable as his mother is in USA and SC cannot go due to green card problems.
18th         J&M came to visit recovering Katy.
19th         Rob Leveret from Georgia and with World Harvest preached. Carl larson to lunch. I preached on hermeneutics. Halletts brought food.
20th         First time in six months no WE help. Hot but then cooled by rain.
21st         In the town hall gallery to see Labour resist calls for Liz Brookes, chair of SS, to resign.
22nd        Housegroup at Judy's. The Lords reject the bill setting the homosexual age of consent at 16.
23rd         Still cycling to work.
24th         Letter published in Gazette on SS chair not resigning.
25th         David to Scripture Union mission in Birmingham. Rachel to Hertford, us to Braithwaite's.
26th         Led for Paul. Spoke on prophecy and culture in the evening. Rachel back home.
29th         Housegroup.
30th         Katy and Deb to Judy Cradock's cottage with the ladies Bible study group.

          Russian consulate in Marseille says no info about billionaire Rybolovlev’s detention      Cache   Translate Page      
France’s Le Monde said citing its sources that Russian billionaire and owner of the AS Monaco Football Club Dmitry Ryboloblev had been detained in Monaco to be questioned on a corruption-related case
          Les botigues de sempre: la Floristeria Mirabent, des del 1935 al carrer Sant Francesc      Cache   Translate Page      

La floristeria Mirabent ‘Ca l’eixut’ és la floristeria de tota la vida. Des del seu petit aparador, al carrer Sant Francesc número 27, quatre generacions de floristes han vist canviar el carrer, la vila i la gent. Els propietaris, Manel Martí Mirabent i Nuri Figuerola Coll porten tota la vida dedicats a la flor, un producte agraït i que “serveix per a tot”, ara però s’han jubilat i són les filles, Judith i Vinyet qui han pres el relleu de la floristeria. Hem conversat amb aquesta família que porta tota la vida entre flors.


. . . → Llegir més: Les botigues de sempre: la Floristeria Mirabent, des del 1935 al carrer Sant Francesc

L'entrada Les botigues de sempre: la Floristeria Mirabent, des del 1935 al carrer Sant Francesc ha aparegut primer a Ràdio Maricel de Sitges. 107.8 FM.

          En plein centre ville, Place de stationnement. parking Rambouillet      Cache   Translate Page      

parking Rambouillet (78120) En plein centre ville, Place de stationnement dans parking privé en sous-sol sécurisé. Située proche de lentrée du Parc du Château et à 15 min de la gare SNCF. Yvelines (78) Ile-de-France
Wed, 31 Oct 2018 13:00:03 -0400
          Ocon punta su Leclerc in lotta per il Titolo nel 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
Secondo Esteban Ocon, nel 2019 Charles Leclerc potrebbe essere uno dei candidati più seri a diventare campione. Se per il francese ormai non sembrano esserci più speranze di un sedile per la prossima stagione, il 21enne monegasco sarà al fianco di Vettel in Ferrari. “Charles lotterà per il Titolo il prossimo anno“, ha detto Ocon […]

L'articolo Ocon punta su Leclerc in lotta per il Titolo nel 2019 sembra essere il primo su MotoriNoLimits | Auto, F1, motori, turismo, stili di vita.

          Russian envoy, Iranian senior security official hold talks on Syria in Tehran      Cache   Translate Page      
The Russian presidential envoy for Syria has arrived in Iran to deliver a report on the recent quadrilateral summit of Russia, Turkey, France and Germany held in Istanbul
          Report: China Will Be The World's No. 1 Tourist Destination By 2030      Cache   Translate Page      
Watch Video A market research group predicts China will be the world's No. 1 tourist destination by the year 2030, taking the top spot from France. And most of those tourists will reportedly come from other Asian countries, according to research firm Euromonitor.  That's because ...
          Amazon como editor, ¿el nuevo ogro del sector del libro?      Cache   Translate Page      
Los libreros en Francia o España alzan la voz contra la plataforma, que empieza a situar sus libros autoeditados en las finales de premios de prestigio, como ha ocurrido con el Renaudot El premio Renaudot, que se falla el próximo miércoles, es uno de los más prestigiosos de las letras francesas junto al Goncourt y tiene entre […]
          RE: Точное знание цели - половина успеха :: Работа с Oriflame      Cache   Translate Page      
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          Floresta: Conclusa “Ottobrando 2018”, il bilancio      Cache   Translate Page      

Malgrado il vento, dopo il precedente rinvio, si è conclusa domenica scorsa “Ottobrando 2018” a Floresta. Foto in alto, da sx: GIUSY MANIACI, MASSIMO SCAFFIDI, il sindaco ANTONINO CAPPADONA, il presidente di Gal Nebrodi Plus FRANCESCO CALANNA e il responsabile della comunicazione e a capo dell’organizzazione dell’evento PIERO RIDOLFO, durante la presentazione del libro “Selvatica”… […]
Continua a leggere...

L'articolo Floresta: Conclusa “Ottobrando 2018”, il bilancio sembra essere il primo su GLPress.

          Beko met la dose en TV      Cache   Translate Page      
La marque d’électroménager Beko lance une gamme de lave- vaisselle équipée d’une technologie de dosage automatique. Pour le faire savoir, le fabricant communique sur les écrans TV jusqu’au 2 décembre (avec son partenaire Finish). Cette nouvelle campagne TV s’installe sur TF1, France 2, France 3, rance 5, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films... Selon Beko, sur
          11/6/2018: Equilíbrio Esporte: 12 gols      Cache   Translate Page      
Neymar marcou em 14 jogos na temporada, somando liga francesa e Champions League
          Comment on The Brand New Fully Mastered Vol. 14 is Ready for you now! by Carla Chazottes      Cache   Translate Page      
Hi Richard, I would love to buy the new volume, but I've a problem, I bought the volume 13 in the past, but I never managed to include this volume upto my screen. I also have the impression that the screen changed a lot and I'm still with the old one. Would it be possible to get the new update version and with a very simple way to download it... I'm indeed starting to prepare my Christmas lessons from today, so it would be very usefull. Thanks for your help and I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Warm rgds, Carla Chazottes France
          OMAGGIO A CAMILLO ZUCCHELLI      Cache   Translate Page      
Continue reading
          FOTOGALLERIA: IN DIALOGO CON UGO MORELLI      Cache   Translate Page      
Qualche scatto dal pomeriggio “Di che cosa parliamo quando parliamo di paesaggio?” alla libreria Due punti di Trento, il 5 novembre 2018. Continue reading
          Building collapse in Marseille, France      Cache   Translate Page      
French authorities say a building has collapsed in the southern city of Marseille, but they have no immediate word on any casualties.The regional prefecture tweeted a photo that showed just a pile of rubble and wooden beams.It...
          China May Be World's No. 1 Tourist Destination by 2030      Cache   Translate Page      
Market research group Euromonitor says China will beat out the current No. 1 destination, France.
          Attack Planned And Foiled Against French President      Cache   Translate Page      
Politics in France are a bit of an issue, with an attack planned on President Macron. Thankfully it did not happen. Here's the story.
          France Arrests Six Over Plot To Attack Macron: Official      Cache   Translate Page      
French police on Tuesday arrested five men and a woman, all from the radical far right, suspected of plotting to attack French President Emmanuel Macron. Sources say France’s domestic spy agency (DGSI) ordered the raids in three different regions. The agency reportedly obtained intelligence ...
          Pasted paper by De Casa [Lyon, France]      Cache   Translate Page      

biphop has added a photo to the pool:

Pasted paper by De Casa [Lyon, France]

Lyon 1er, Croix-Rousse

          Pasted paper by Nkl [Lyon, France]      Cache   Translate Page      

biphop has added a photo to the pool:

Pasted paper by Nkl [Lyon, France]

Lyon 1er, Croix-Rousse

          France bans crop pesticide metam sodium after people fall ill      Cache   Translate Page      
France's health safety watchdog Anses ordered a ban on products containing metam sodium, widely used in vegetable farming, on Monday after several people fell ill, saying it poses a risk to human health and the environment.

          Six held over ‘plot’ to attack France’s President Macron      Cache   Translate Page      
The arrests were made in different locations across the country.
          Ingénieur Systèmes Linux F/H - Sopra Steria - Toulouse      Cache   Translate Page      
Sopra Steria, fort de près de 42 000 collaborateurs dans plus de 20 pays, propose l'un des portefeuilles d'offres les plus complets du marché : conseil, intégration de systèmes, édition de solutions métier, infrastructure management et business process services. En forte croissance, le Groupe accueillera 3 100 talents en 2018 en France pour participer à ses projets d'envergure sur l'ensemble de ses métiers. L'émergence du Cloud, de l'internet des objets et du Big Data pousse nos...
          Ingénieur de Production IT F/H - Sopra Steria - Toulouse      Cache   Translate Page      
Sopra Steria, fort de près de 42 000 collaborateurs dans plus de 20 pays, propose l'un des portefeuilles d'offres les plus complets du marché : conseil, intégration de systèmes, édition de solutions métier, infrastructure management et business process services. En forte croissance, le Groupe accueillera 3 100 talents en 2018 en France pour participer à ses projets d'envergure sur l'ensemble de ses métiers.Vous aussi, rejoignez-nous et participez au monde numérique de demain ! ...
          Ingénieur Systèmes Linux F/H - Sopra Steria - Toulouse      Cache   Translate Page      
Sopra Steria, fort de près de 42 000 collaborateurs dans plus de 20 pays, propose l'un des portefeuilles d'offres les plus complets du marché : conseil, intégration de systèmes, édition de solutions métier, infrastructure management et business process services. En forte croissance, le Groupe accueillera 3 100 talents en 2018 en France pour participer à ses projets d'envergure sur l'ensemble de ses métiers. L'émergence du Cloud, de l'internet des objets et du Big Data pousse nos...
          Au CEFAM, obtenez un double diplôme 100 % franco-américain pour viser l’international !      Cache   Translate Page      
Le CEFAM est la seule école en France qui vous prépare à 2 diplômes, l’un français certifié niveau I par l’État, l’autre américain : le BBA, obtenu dans une des 5 universités américaines partenaires accréditées AACSB, au terme de 4 années d’études. À l’issue de votre double diplôme, vous êtes autonome, bilingue et prêt(e) à être recruté(e) sur les 5 continents. L’essentiel à savoir ici !
          Lite Fiano-Businarolo. Il dem: “Torna all’asilo”. Poi si scusa. Ma la grillina le rifiuta      Cache   Translate Page      

Emanuele Fiano tende la mano ma Francesca Businarolo la rifiuta. La deputata grillina è stata irremovibile e ha respinto le…

L'articolo Lite Fiano-Businarolo. Il dem: “Torna all’asilo”. Poi si scusa. Ma la grillina le rifiuta sembra essere il primo su Secolo d'Italia.

          Local, 2 wc, 563m2, Barcelona.      Cache   Translate Page      
GARRODS Real Estate.DESCRIPCIÓN: Local comercial en Planta Baja ubicada en edificio residencial de la Avenida Diagonal, cerca de Plaça Francesc Macià y Avinguda Sarrià. Área comercial, empresarial y residencial de primer nivel con buena oferta de...
2 baños 563 m² 2.220 EUR/m² trastero bien comunicado aparcamiento
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 18:11:52 -0500
          The Slave Trade      Cache   Translate Page      
Maggs are happy to present its latest catalogue documenting the slave trade and its abolition, 1690-1880. The items are drawn from the United States and England, France and Spain, Liberia and Ghana. The period covers the American, French, and Haiti … Continue reading
          Francesco Monte bacia Giulia Salemi. Ma poi la gela così      Cache   Translate Page      
Un nuovo bacio tra Giulia Salemi e Francesco Monte. Da quando sono entrati nella casa, i due continuano a pungolarsi. Lui continua a interpretare la parte del duro, mentre lei spera, prima o poi, che Francesco cada tra le sue braccia. Chi vincerà? Difficile dirlo, ma pare proprio che Monte stia per cedere.Proprio questa sera, infatti, l'ex di Cecilia Rodriguez ha baciato sulle labbra Giulia. Certo, un bacio a stampo. Ma è già qualcosa. Monte, però, ha subito detto: "Così stai un po' zitta...". Non proprio parole d'amore, insomma.La storia (difficile) tra Francesco Monte e Giulia SalemiFrancesco, infatti, sembra non essere affatto intenzionato ad avere una storia seria. Nei giorni scorsi aveva confidato: "Prendiamo confidenza a livello fisico, tra abbracci e baci. Con le mie amiche sono così: accarezzo, coccolo, ci dormo insieme. Ci piacciamo ma è pur sempre un rapporto d"amicizia che stiamo vivendo naturalmente. Non ci sono sentimenti da parte mia e nemmeno da parte sua".E, sul futuro di questa relazione, aveva aggiunto: "Desidero innamorarmi, voglio stare con una persona con la quale non sia destinata a finire tra due mesi. Se dovessi cercare un"avventura, non la cercherei qua e soprattutto non con una persona verso la quale ho una stima assurda". Insomma, chi vivrà, vedrà.I fan del Gf però non hanno preso bene la mossa di Monte. Molti infatti lo hanno criticato, dicendo che dietro queste aperture a Giulia ci sarebbe una precisa strategia: "Ha dato il contentino così stai un po" zitta,ma si può baciare una donna e poi dirgli così,e lei che fa ride come una scema ma non si rende conto che la sta usando per il suo scopo andare avanti per fare bella figura giovedì". Visualizza questo post su Instagram Nuovo bacio tra Francesco Monte e Giulia Salemi.. #GossipTvOfficialUn post condiviso da Gossip Tv Official (@gossiptvofficial) in data: Nov 6, 2018 at 1:40 PST
          “Hipster Terrorist” Pleads Guilty      Cache   Translate Page      

“He’s been dubbed the ‘hipster terrorist’ for the glamorous social media shots of him posing in snazzy shirts and designer sunglasses, an iced latte in hand and jacket slung casually over a shoulder,” the Chicago Tribune reports. The hipster terrorist is Aws Mohammed Younis al-Jayab, and last week in Chicago he pleaded guilty to aiding a terrorist organization and lying to U.S. immigration officials.

Though also described as a “California man,” al-Jayab came to the United States in 2012 as a refugee from Syria, Agence France-Presse reported, and later returned there to fight with al Qaeda affiliate Ansar al-Islam. Al-Jayab told immigration officials he was going to Turkey to visit his grandmother. When the Islamic fighter returned to the USA he moved to Sacramento, California, took courses at American River College, and worked at a Ramada Inn.

After his arrest in early 2016, the Sacramento Bee reported, “On the surface, Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab appears to be a typical young man trying to make it in America.” He was a student, worked at a hotel and judging by photos on Facebook “he evidently likes sleek, fast cars,” and “has a penchant for posing before the Golden Gate Bridge and elsewhere wearing the chic clothing you might see young hipsters wearing at any American shopping mall.” But as federal officials charged, al-Jayab has “another, darker side.”

The Bee cited al-Jayab’s public defender, Benjamin Galloway, that “there is no indication that Mr. Al-Jayab planned any acts of terror in this country.” In similar style, U.S. Attorney, Benjamin Wagner, an appointee of POTUS 44, said al-Jayab represented “a potential safety threat” but “there is no indication that he planned any acts of terrorism in this country.” This was not the first time Wagner had played down the prospects of terrorism.

In early 2015 a Bee reporter asked him, what is our first line of defense?  Wagner cited a “community resilience exercise” at Sacramento State University with 30 members of the Muslim community along with law enforcement. The Muslim community, Wagner said, wants to be seen as “part of the solution.”

By Wagner’s count, about 150 Americans had tried to join ISIS but “a lot of people who have been recruited didn’t have a long-term, religious involvement. A lot of this seems to be a teenaged fantasy.” Recruiters “have an appeal to angry, disaffected young people, and that really doesn’t have much to do with religion.” The Bee reporter then asked Wager if Californians were in danger from the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

“I would say it’s not a very high threat,” Wagner responded. “What I’m more concerned about is some sort of backlash crime here – something gruesome will happen in Syria and someone will take revenge on the local community.” Wagner quoted POTUS 44 that “We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with people who have perverted Islam.” Religion doesn’t cause terrorism, Wagner said, and “with grisly story after grisly story, there’s been a growth in Europe of xenophobic, anti-Islamic political movements.” Someone in his community project said “negative feelings toward Muslims in the U.S. are even worse than they were after 9/11.”

In August, 2018, the FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce arrested Omar Abdulsattar Ameen, 45, an accused ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorist who lied about his background to gain entry to the United States. Ameen had been an al-Qaeda member since 2004 and teamed with ISIS in Iraq.

In 2012, Ameen showed up in Turkey asking for asylum in the United States, claiming that his father had been killed because he had cooperated with U.S. forces.  In June, 2014, Ameen gained approval to come to the United States as a refugee but he returned to Iraq many times. At the time of his arrest Ameen was living in Sacramento, taking college classes, and working an at auto body shop.

In 2005, federal officials broke up an al-Qaeda cell in Lodi, California and charged Hamid Hayat, 22, with traveling to Pakistan for terrorist training. Hayat was born in California but attended a madrassa in Pakistan and never considered himself American. In recorded interviews, Hayat said he was “so pleased” that jihadis had cut “Jewish” Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl “into pieces,” which was a “good job.”

CAIR and the Muslim Legal Fund of America pushed for a new trial in and last January federal judge Deborah Barnes ordered an evidentiary hearing. Hayat’s defenders charged “anti-Muslim bias in American courtrooms” and contended that his 2006 attorney Wazhma Mojaddidi, a former CAIR president in Sacramento, failed to provide adequate defense. The hearing allowed friends and relatives of Hayat to testify in a live video feed from Pakistan.

In March, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Hayat’s 2006 conviction. Current U.S Attorney McGregor Scott, who served in that office at the time of Hayat’s conviction, told reporters, “Hamid Hayat remains a terrorist convicted in the open courts of this country,” and described the prosecution as “righteous” and the result “just.”

Meanwhile, “hipster terrorist” Aws Mohammed Younis al-Jayab will be sentenced on April 26, 2019.

          Océan Antarctique : échec des négociations      Cache   Translate Page      

Ces deux dernières semaines, la communauté internationale était réunie en Australie pour négocier la création d’une vaste réserve marine dans l’océan Antarctique. Ces négociations ont échoué. Malgré notre mobilisation, l’océan Antarctique et sa biodiversité exceptionnelle vont donc continuer à subir les pressions de la pêche industrielle, de la pollution et des changements climatiques. Mais le combat n’est pas terminé, et des victoires d’étape ont été acquises…

Cet article Océan Antarctique : échec des négociations est apparu en premier sur Greenpeace France.

          2017-02-05_18-29-35_ILCE-6500_DSC01092      Cache   Translate Page      

Miguel Discart (Photos Vrac) posted a photo:


Noob est une web-serie francaise creee par Fabien Fournier, originaire de Toulon, et diffusee depuis le 7 novembre 2008 sur la chaine Nolife disponible sur les chaines de television par ADSL francais.

Derriere son ecran, une jeune femme voit une video promotionnelle d'un MMORPG nomme Horizon 1.0.

Immediatement captivee par la realite virtuelle que propose le monde du jeu baptise Olydri, elle l'achete et commence une partie. Malheureusement pour elle le mecanisme du jeu repose surtout sur la collaboration et, le jeu ayant deja une certaine duree d'existence, les joueurs de bas-niveau sont devenus rares et les guildes ne les acceptent plus... sauf une : la Guilde Noob, pire guilde de tout Horizon qui compte Artheon l'ancien guerrier niveau 100 dechu et traumatise par cette experience, Omega Zell l'assassin arrogant et machiste et Sparadrap, naif et le pire soigneur du jeu.

Elle va, bon gre mal gre, entrer dans cette guilde au nom peu glorieux composee de bras-casses pour le meilleur (et surtout pour le pire).
Comme les deux dernieres fois, nous vous proposerons un show interactif en live sur la scene, des bonus video (diffusion d'un episode inedit de Flander's Company en presence de l'equipe), un concert des Neko Light Orchestra, des guests, une exposition, un sac avec des cadeaux, des photos, des dedicaces et une conference, entre autres surprises liees a nos futures productions. Bref ! Une ambiance de folie pour le grand final de NOOB apres une aventure de plus de huit ans ! Avec tous les Haut faits que vous connaissez deja : Precurseur transmedia made in Internet, record d'Europe de Crowdfunding, web-serie la plus vue en France avec 85 millions de vues, Awards de la meilleure web-serie internationale 2014 decerne par les Streamy d'Hollywood, etc... Un parcours totalement fou grace a vous !!!! Il faut feter ca avec une conclusion a la hauteur !!!!
17h00 - Reception pour tous les billets dans le hall (tout pareil) et installation dans la salle
18h00 - Decouverte de votre sac rempli de cadeaux depose a votre place
18h00 - Accueil du public par Fabien Fournier
18h05 - La team Flander's Company - La serie. prend possession du Grand Rex et monte sur scene
18h10 - Diffusion d'un episode inedit special de Flander's Company se deroulant apres la saison 4
18h30 - Concert du The Neko Light Orchestra axe sur l'univers Noob avec les acteurs et des guests surprise
19h15 - Entracte 1 avec plein de videos de nos partenaires of the dead
19h30 - Show Noob avec les acteurs en costume de la trilogie et des guests mega trop bien
20h30 - Entracte 2 avec des videos dont les trailers de Purgatoire, Challenger, Cluster Agency et Ulysse
20h50 - Fabien Fournier lance le film 3 de Noob (pas sur le public, rassurez-vous)
20h55 - Diffusion de Noob film 3 (saison 8)
22h30 - Conference avec les acteurs de Noob pour se dire au revoir en attendant Noob Rush
22h50 - Fin, retour a la maison pour un gros dodo avec des etoiles plein les yeux

          Un doc interessant, Emmanuel Todd      Cache   Translate Page      
A quoi ressemblent les élections et le pouvoir politique en France dans l'UE et l'euro ? Par Emmanuel ToddA partager !La suite ici : à @FabienneVaulot pour la vidéo. — Critique de la Raison Européenne (@CRE_SciencesPo) November 5, 2018
          Finding Malcolm      Cache   Translate Page      
When Ron Hubbs lays a wreath at Sunday’s Remembrance Day service in Belleville, he’ll also be carrying thoughts of an uncle lost to war. Since childhood, the Ameliasburgh resident has been fascinated by the First World War service of his great-uncle, Malcolm Linford French, who was killed in France 100 years ago. He works at […]
          Korn Ferry : Pascal Gibert, l'alchimie entre la chasse de tête et le conseil      Cache   Translate Page      
Cet Hec, directeur général de Korn ferry France, qui prend la co-présidence de la zone EMEA, doit accélérer la mutation du géant de la chasse de tête en cabinet de conseil «à l'intersection de la stratégie , de l'organisation et des hommes ».
          «Les investissements d'aujourd'hui sont les touristes de demain»      Cache   Translate Page      
INTERVIEW - Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, secrétaire d'État au Tourisme, estime que la France doit développer une offre de game.
          Champions League: Barca through, Griezmann scores, Monaco out      Cache   Translate Page      
With voting for the 2018 Ballon d'Or closing this week, Antoine Griezmann boosted his chances of lifting the most prestigious individual trophy in soccer with an inspired display and a goal in his 50th Champions League game on Tuesday. Reported by France 24 2 hours ago.
          “El soldado desconocido” de la Primera Guerra Mundial - El Nuevo Diario      Cache   Translate Page      

Salomón de la Selva, el nicaragüense que con la poesía logró liberar a su padre de las cárceles del régimen de José Santos Zelaya, con sus versos sorprendió también a las letras hispanas, cantando al mejor estilo de los rapsodas griegos, la vida desde los campos de batalla de la Primera Guerra Mundial.

El poeta leonés sintió que su llamado para participar en la guerra fue una obligación moral y hasta divina, dando paso a una raigambre mística en torno al conflicto bélico.

Sobre su participación en la llamada “Gran Guerra” y la trascendencia de su obra “El soldado desconocido”, a propósito del centenario del fin de esa guerra, conversamos con la doctora María Augusta Montealegre, cuya tesis: “Ideas estéticas y políticas de las vanguardias en Nicaragua (1918-1933). Salomón de la Selva Tomo I”, mereció “cum laude” de la Universidad de Salamanca.

Montealegre explicó que en abril de 1917, Estados Unidos le declara la guerra a Alemania. Salomón de la Selva vivía en ese país y acababa de cumplir 24 años. “Es lógico que el entusiasmo y la propaganda de guerra contagiara su juventud. A esa edad publicó su primer libro y ya incluía poemas sobre la guerra. Durante un conflicto bélico es común pensar que la potestad de escribir sobre la guerra se gana en el frente de batalla”, dijo. 

Además señaló que desde 1917, De la Selva hizo todos los intentos posibles por ser reclutado como voluntario, desde la Cruz Roja hasta la Legión Extranjera. Finalmente logra enlistarse en Estados Unidos y debido a una nota anónima depositada en la oficina de reclutamiento, fue expulsado. El anónimo rezaba que De la Selva era antinorteamericano, por ello se abre una investigación en su contra. Nunca pudieron probarle nada.


Montealegre considera que lo que estaba ya muy bien documentado por su poesía era su protesta por la intervención norteamericana en Nicaragua. Es lógico que entonces sus reclutas le plantearan que para ser parte del Ejército norteamericano debía renunciar a la ciudadanía nicaragüense. Salomón se negó y fue expulsado del campo de entrenamiento. Debido a que su abuela fue británica; De la Selva encontró la posibilidad de enlistarse con Inglaterra. 

Ante la interrogante: ¿Es en realidad “El soldado desconocido” la muestra más diáfana de la literatura hispánica de la Gran Guerra? 

La escritora manifestó que la obra es un claro testimonio del único escritor hispanoamericano que se enlista como soldado en la Primera Guerra Mundial. De la Selva como narrador de “El soldado desconocido” es admitido junto al maestro y el sabio al contar su relato sobre la guerra y reivindicar al soldado porque “¡ese fetiche era de carne y hueso, humano y muy humano!”.

Además, expresó que si bien en la obra narra su testimonio desde las trincheras de Flandes. Estas son usadas en el poemario como recurso poético, como una licencia del autor para hacer llegar de la manera más efectiva posible su testimonio. Salomón de la Selva. Archivo\END

“En realidad, la guerra se acaba antes de que Salomón de la Selva pueda ser movilizado al frente de batalla. Un hecho que en sus cartas de guerra lamenta mucho, pero que no le impide desarrollar su testimonio de soldado durante la Primera Guerra Mundial, ya que la voz poética rescata a los que ya no pueden hablar. Los soldados que cayeron en combate y que no se constituyen en héroes, sino antihéroes. ‘El soldado desconocido’ es un monumento de papel a los individuos versus el hombre-masa. En otras palabras, ‘El soldado desconocido’ es un antimonumento, frente a monumentos de cemento que los gobiernos ofrecen a las familias de las víctimas, obras destinadas a preparar al mundo para la Segunda Guerra Mundial”, expresó Montealegre. 

Asimismo señala que las cartas de guerra de Salomón de la Selva revelan su probidad moral y su valentía, pues en ellas podemos comprobar que no fue un cobarde, como algunos quieren dibujarle, que siempre estuvo dispuesto a ir al frente de guerra, que esperó su traslado a las trincheras día con día y que mientras tanto demostraba su valor y su tesón en cada una de las tareas que se le asignaba.

De igual manera aclara que el hecho de que fuese un soldado no combatiente, no afecta el género testimonial del poemario. En realidad sigue siendo muy valioso como depositario de la memoria individual y colectiva.

Conmemorarán centenario del final de la Gran Guerra

El próximo 11 de noviembre se cumplirán cien años desde que se firmó el armisticio que puso fin a la Primera Guerra Mundial (1914-1918). Una fecha que será conmemorada a nivel mundial y Nicaragua no es la excepción, por ello a partir de hoy y hasta el próximo sábado se realizarán una serie de actividades culturales y académicas.

La conmemoración en Nicaragua está siendo organizada por las Embajadas de Francia y Alemania. Esta noche a partir de las 6:00 p.m. en la sede de la Alianza Francesa, el embajador francés Philippe Létrilliart y la representante diplomática alemana Ute König, inaugurarán la semana de conmemoraciones, y la exposición fotográfica “Clemenceau, el jefe de guerra (Clemenceau, chef de guerre). 

Cuando la Primera Guerra Mundial estalló el 29 de junio de 1914, Georges Benjamin Clemenceau ocupó el puesto como ministro de guerra de Francia. En la exposición fotográfica se le puede ver durante visitas que realizó a los frentes de guerra y se narran anécdotas con otros políticos franceses.

Ciclo de cine y conferencia

Posteriormente el jueves 8 y el viernes 9 se presentarán dos películas ambientadas en el conflicto: “Capitán Conan, y la vida” y “La vida y nada más”. Ambos filmes serán transmitidos a partir de las 6: 00 p.m. en la sede de la Alianza Francesa en Managua.

De igual manera el sábado 10, a las 4:00 p.m. se realizará una conferencia a cargo del historiador e investigador François Pernot, la cual se ha denominado“¿1918 y después? Un fin de guerra que no termina”. Pernot imparte cursos de Historia Moderna en la Universidad de Cergy- Pontoise.

La semana de conmemoraciones concluirá el próximo domingo 11 de noviembre, con un acto oficial en la Catedral de León a las 9:30 a.m. En este se rendirá un homenaje al poeta nicaragüense Salomón de la Selva (León 1893- París 1959).

De la Selva había pasado su adolescencia en Estados Unidos, en 1918 publicó su primer libro “Tropical Town and Other Poems”, unas semanas después, el literato se enlistaría como voluntario para ser parte de las fuerzas británicas que combatirían en Flandes (una de las tres regiones que hoy integran Bélgica), durante el conflicto bélico.

De esa experiencia surgió la obra literaria más representativa del poeta: “El soldado desconocido”.

          Mostra "Il Trionfo del colore. Da Tiepolo a Canaletto e Guardi"      Cache   Translate Page      
Per la presentazione di promozioni collegate alla mostra "Il Trionfo del colore. Da Tiepolo a Canaletto e Guardi", è convocata una conferenza stampa  mercoledì 7 novembrealle 12nella sala degli Stucchidi Palazzo Trissino Saranno presenti il sindaco di Vicenza Francesco Rucco e i partner aderenti all'iniziativa.
          Empresarios catalanes confirman el pago de comisiones ilegales a De Miguel       Cache   Translate Page      

Los empresarios Francesc Fernández y Plàcid Casas han confirmado este martes el pago de comisiones ilegales por un total de 320.000 euros al exdirigente del PNV.
          ALGHERO Turismo dei Cammini: incontro ad Alghero      Cache   Translate Page      
Dalla progettualita' alla piena fruibilita' dell'offerta francescana, un'esperienza intima ed autentica alla scoperta di paesaggio e cultura, incentrata su spiritualita', accoglienza e turismo "lento". Con la prospettiva di completare questo fondamentale passaggio, domani mattina, al convento di San Francesco, alla presenza dei referenti del progetto dell'Assessorato regionale del Turismo, si riuniranno i sindaci dei Comuni coinvolti nella rete "Luoghi francescani in Sardegna"
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#stcastleguildo #surftrip #watersports #robitojunior #surflife #severinmuet #ocean #swell #zeverin #surfers #surfing #nature #style #watersports #surftrip #campers #camping #’ature #france#surfers #e#naturephotographer #surfphotography #surf #surfcamp#running #shore #beach #beachday#photooftheday #photography
          #shore - akinshuk      Cache   Translate Page      
#throwback2014 #Mumbai #MarineDrive Ever Wondered Why The #Rocks Alongside Marine Drive Are Shaped Like That? Well, these are called #tetrapods and they serve a purpose! Now we all know that gigantic waves splash and hit the #shore hard. They have high energy in them. When these tetra-pods are placed in an #interlocking #pattern they tend to form a #porous boundary. So, when the roaring #waves travel till this boundary, a portion of its #energy is absorbed by the rocks. Being porous, they let some water flow around, rather than against it. Originated in #France tetrapods popped up in Mumbai in around the late 1950s. Each weighing about 2 tons, there are about 6500 of them costing more than Rs.5000 per tetra-pod. #travel #travelblogger #Travellers #india #selfie #travelphotography #nature #ocean #water #sea #Environment #Engineering #seaside #MarineEngineering #queensnecklace #tbt #instagood #civilengineering
          Condannato per 'ndrangheta prende 5 ostaggi alle poste - il Giornale      Cache   Translate Page      

il Giornale

Condannato per 'ndrangheta prende 5 ostaggi alle poste
il Giornale
Prendere cinque ostaggi in un ufficio postale. È questo il gesto choc che ha compiuto uno dei condannati nel maxi-processo contro la 'ndrangheta "Aemilia". . "Ora voglio parlare con Salvini" · Ecco chi è Francesco Amato · L'ostaggio: "Ha un coltello in ...
Barricato alle Poste con ostaggi. Si è arreso il sequestratoreIl Secolo XIX
Processo Aemilia, uno dei condannati prende ostaggi in ufficio postaleRai News
Si barrica alle Poste con 4 ostaggi: la resa dopo 8 ore di pauraIl Messaggero
La Repubblica -TGCOM -Il Post
tutte le notizie (329) »

          El absurdo ataque de Henry Gunther: el soldado que murió en el último minuto de la IGM      Cache   Translate Page      

Las muertes de George Edwin Ellison, Augustin Trébuchon, George Lawrence Price, Henry Gunther y otros 2.500 soldados más caídos en las últimas seis horas de la Primera Guerra Mundial no tendrían que haberse producido. Eran, a todas luces, innecesarias, puesto que ya nada podían cambiar. «Los hombres que fallecieron o quedaron mutilados en esos últimos instantes sufrieron sin necesidad», escribía el historiador estadounidense Donald Smythe en 1986.

En la mañana del 9 de noviembre de 1918, dos días antes de que se firmara el armisticio, los negociadores alemanes habían llegado al bosque de Compiègne (región de Hauts-de-France, Francia) para encontrarse con el mariscal Ferdinand Foch. «El cansancio de la guerra», titulaba ABC, dando cuenta de las «postreras sacudidas» que estaba dando el conflicto más mortífero de la historia de la humanidad hasta ese momento: las cifras más pesimistas hablan de 31 ​millones de fallecidos en cuatro años. Cuando los germanos llegaron al vagón del ferrocarril donde se encontraba el jefe de los ejércitos aliados, era evidente que no llevaban consigo más que el aura de la derrota. «Los vi delante de mí al otro lado de la mesa y dije para mis adentros: “¡He aquí el imperio alemán!”», escribiría más tarde Foch con mucho sarcasmo.

[Las causas del derrumbe alemán que impidieron que ganara la Primera Guerra Mundial]

En las trincheras seguían haciéndose prisioneros y muriendo soldados, a pesar de que ya todos en el frente esperaban como agua de mayo que se produjera la maldita firma de una vez. Alemania sabía que con sus últimos ataques a la desesperada ya no podría influir en el resultado del armisticio. De hecho, solo desde agosto, 363.000 de sus hombres habían sido hechos prisioneros por parte de Gran Bretaña, Francia, Estados Unidos y Bélgica, quienes le habían confiscado, además, más de 6.400 piezas de artillería. eso significaba una cuarta parte de su ejército en el campo de batalla y la mitad de su material de guerra.

La capacidad bélica de los germanos agonizaba. Por eso, nada más llegar al vagón, el representante enviado por Berlín, Matthias Erzberger, solicitó inmediatamente un alto el fuego en el frente occidental al general Foch, con el objetivo de que pudieran negociar los últimos flecos sin presión: «No. Yo represento aquí a los gobiernos aliados, que ya han impuesto sus condiciones. Las hostilidades no pueden cesar hasta que no se produzca la firma», respondió este y los combates continuaron durante dos días más. «La Entente quiere y espera la destrucción del Ejército alemán, y el generalísimo Foch lo intenta con nuevos ataques en masa», apuntaba este periódico.

Los últimos minutos

Durante la noche del 10 al 11 de noviembre de 1918, los delegados alemanes de Compiègne trabajaron sin parar en los últimos detalles. El armisticio se firmó finalmente a las 5.10 de la madrugada. «Una nación de 70 millones sufre, pero no muere», justificó Matthias Erzberger en el vagón, aunque añadió que los puntos que acababan de firmar provocarían el hambre y la anarquía en Alemania. Mientras, Foch enviaba rápidamente un mensaje por telegrama y teléfono a todos los comandantes aliados: «Cesen las hostilidades en todo el frente el 11 de noviembre a las 11 de la mañana, horas francesa».

Aquella firma, sin embargo, no paralizó las batallas al instante en el frente occidental. Desde ese momento hasta la hora en que oficialmente entraba en vigor la paz transcurrieron seis horas en las cuales las órdenes para los oficiales no quedaron lo suficientemente precisas, de modo que cada cual hizo lo que creyó conveniente. El comportamiento de la mayoría de ellos fue el lógico: dejar que pasaran las horas tranquilamente en las trincheras y no arriesgar ninguna vida más. Pero hubo oficiales irresponsables que quisieron aprovechar su última oportunidad para dar un impulso a su carrera militar, aunque corriera la sangre. El mismo futuro presidente de Estados Unidos, Harry Truman, que fue oficial de artillería durante aquella guerra, fue de los que apuró hasta el último momento: «Disparé la batería, según las órdenes, hasta las 10.45. En ese minuto disparé mi último tiro», recordaría años después.

Gunther, en el último minuto

En aquellos 15 minutos entre el último disparo de Truman y las 11 de la mañana se produjeron más bajas innecesarias. Entre ellas, la de Henry Gunther, que tiene el dudoso honor de ser la última víctima oficial de la Gran Guerra, al perder la vida de una manera temeraria y ciertamente estúpida cuando quedaba un solo minuto para que entrara en vigor el alto el fuego.

Henry Gunther
Henry Gunther

Se trataba de un soldado estadounidense de 23 años que había sido degradado del rango de sargento durante el conflicto por un hecho bastante desafortunado: el contenido de una carta enviada a unos amigos, en la que criticaba las condiciones en las que se encontraban las tropas en las trincheras y les aconsejaba que no se les ocurriera enrolarse al ejército. Gunther tuvo la mala suerte de que aquella misiva fue interceptada por la censores militares y fue castigado.

Aquello hirió su orgullo de tal manera que en la mañana del 11 de noviembre, armándose de valor, decidió desobedecer las órdenes de su sargento y cargar con su bayoneta para intentar tomar una trinchera enemiga. En su cabeza solo rondaba la idea de volver a hacer méritos para recuperar su rango, ya que consideraba un deshonor lo que le había ocurrido. Temía, además, ser considerado un traidor por sus compañeros, ya que era hijo de inmigrantes alemanes. Pero ni estos ni los alemanes, que estaban dejando pasar las horas para entregarse sin que hubiese más víctimas, consiguieron detenerle. Horrorizados, puesto que sabían que la guerra estaba a punto de terminar, avisaron a los estadounidenses para que este regresara a sus líneas e, incluso, dispararon varias veces por encima de su cabeza para asustarle y que volviera con su tropa.

Gunther, sin embargo, siguió avanzando y recibió un disparo que lo mató al instante. El momento de su muerte se registró posteriormente como las 10.59 horas. Curiosamente, se salió con la suya, porque de forma póstuma el Ejército le restauró el grado de sargento.

George Lawrence Price, dos minutos antes

Otra de las muertes sin sentido de aquella noche fue la de George Lawrence Price, la última baja canadiense y uno de los 60.661 compatriotas muertos en la Primera Guerra Mundial. Se produjo mientras los delegados alemanes y el mariscal Foch negociaban a toda velocidad, cuando su compañía recibió la orden de avanzar desde Frameries (al sur de Mons) hasta Havre, para asegurar los puentes que había en el Canal du Centre. Y, ciertamente, no tardaron muchas horas conseguir su objetivo.

En ese momento, Price y un compañero fueron mandados junto a una patrulla a inspeccionar las casas que había al otro lado del canal. Al llegar, sorprendieron a un grupo de soldados alemanes que estaban montando un nido de ametralladoras. Cuando estos se percataron de su presencia, los germanos iniciaron la huida mientras eran cubiertos por el fuego de varios francotiradores, con tan mala suerte, que una bala alcanzó el pecho a Price. Su muerte también fue instantánea. Exactamente a las 10.58 horas.

Trébuchon, en los último diez minutos

Augustin Trébuchon, en una imagen de la Primera Guerra Mundial
Augustin Trébuchon, en una imagen de la Primera Guerra Mundial - AFP

El último soldado francés muerto fue Augustin Trébuchon. Nunca se supo el punto exacto donde fue abatido, pero sí su hora: las 10.50 de la mañana. Se cree que fue abatido en un lugar indeterminado entre el ferrocarril y el río Mosa cerca de Vrigne-Meuse, un pueblo de 350 habitantes de la región de Champaña-Ardenas. El mismo pueblo donde se desarrollaron las últimas hostilidades del frente occidental.

Trébuchon era un campesino del centro de Francia que llevaba luchando en la guerra desde el principio. Había sobrevivido a cuatro años de bombas y ametralladoras, pero no logró aguantar los últimos diez minutos en los que un disparo inesperado le alcanzó en la cabeza matándolo al instante. Poco después, a las 11.00 en punto, sonó la corneta que anunciaba que la guerra había acabado. Él no la escuchó.

Edwin Ellison, noventa minutos antes

Por último, George Edwin Ellison, el último inglés muerto en combate. Otro trágico e irónico final para un soldado raso, puesto que perdió la vida noventa minutos antes del final, en el mismo lugar donde Inglaterra había sufrido su primera derrota del conflicto: la batalla de Mons, el 23 de agosto de 1914.

Ellison estuvo presente en aquel primer varapalo, pero al igual que los anteriores ejemplos, sobrevivió durante cuatro años a varias batallas tan importantes como las de Ypres, Amentières, Loos, Lens o Cambrai. Pero una hora y media antes de que oficialmente se proclamara la paz, este soldado británico cayó abatido por un disparo enemigo, después de que uno de sus superiores ordenara un último y absurdo ataque a las afueras de la localidad belga de Mons. La idea que tenía en la cabeza era recuperar el control de aquella localidad perdida al comienzo de la guerra, como un acto de fuerza simbólico, antes de que entrase en vigor el alto al fuego. George Edwin Ellison tenía 40 años.

Como contó el novelista y político escocés John Buchan sobre aquellos últimos instantes, tras su experiencia en la Gran Guerra: «Los oficiales tenían el reloj en la mano y las tropas esperaban con la misma gravedad y compostura con las que habían combatido. Cuando faltaban dos minutos para las 11.00, enfrente de la brigada sudafricana, en el punto más oriental al que habían llegado los ejércitos británicos , vieron a un ametrallador alemán que, después de disparar una cinta entera sin parar, se puso de pie junto a su arma, se quitó el casco, se inclinó y se alejó lentamente hacia la retaguardia». Poco después, las manecillas del reloj marcaron la hora esperada. Buchan, cuyo hermano había muerto en acción dos años antes, escribió: «Se produjo un segundo de silencio expectante y, después, un curioso sonido como un susurro que los observadores que estaban detrás del frente compararon con el ruido de un viento suave. Era el sonido de los hombres que daban vítores desde los Vosgos hasta el mar».

          ¿Qué españoles están en la lista de las 100 mejores películas de habla no inglesa?      Cache   Translate Page      

209 críticos de 43 países han seleccionado para la BBC las que, a su juicio, son las 100 mejores películas de habla no inglesa de la historia. «Viridiana», de Luis Buñuel (España-México, 1961) se ha colado en el puesto 48. En el puesto 32 está «Todo sobre mi madre», de Pedro Almodóvar (España, 1999) y en el 27 «El espíritu de la colmena», de Víctor Erice (España, 1973). No está, por ejemplo, «Volver a empezar», de José Luis Garci, que ganó el Oscar a mejor película extranjera en 1982. Buñuel también está con «El discreto encanto de la burguesía» y «Belle de jour», aunque son películas francesas; y con «Los olvidados» y «El ángel exterminador», producciones exclusivamente mexicanas.

La cinta con capital español mejor calificada es «El laberinto del fauno», en el puesto 22, dirigida por el mexicano Guillermo del Toro.


Llama la atención que entre las cien películas seleccionadas por los críticos, tan solo cuatro han sido dirigidas por mujeres. El resto son todos hombres, hasta 67, ya que hay varios que cuelan más de una película en la lista. En cuanto a las cinematografías más potentes está Francia, con 27 películas entre las 100, seguida por China (12) e Italia y Japón con 11. Que sus protagonistas hablen español solo hay siete: además de las ya mencionadas, está también «Y Tu Mamá También», de Alfonso Cuarón, en el puesto 76.

En cuanto a la escasa presencia de directoras, la BBC ha aducido que el 45 por ciento de los críticos consultados son mujeres. Hay que mirar a causas históricas para encontrar la respuesta a la poca representación femenina.

El top diez final se completa con las siguientes películas:

10. «La dolce vita» (Italia), de Federico Fellini.

9. «Deseando amar» (China), de Wong Kar-wai.

8. «Los 400 golpes» (Francia), de François Truffaut.

7. «Ocho y medio» (Italia), de Federico Fellini.

6. «Persona» (Suecia), de Ingmar Bergman.

5. «Las leyes del juego» (Francia), de Jean Renoir.

4. «Rashomon» (Japón), de Akira Kurosawa.

3. «Tokyo Story» (Japón), de Yasujirô Ozu.

2. «El ladrón de bicicletas» (Italia), de Vittorio de Sica.

1. «Los sietes samuráis» (Japón), de Akira Kurosawa.

«Los sietes samuráis»
«Los sietes samuráis» -

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Avec de tels engagements, qui peut encore croire que le gouvernement lutte VRAIMENT contre le chômage ???? L'Etat est le plus gros employeur de France il est l'entreprise qui licencie le plus aussi !!! Quel bel exemple !!! Et après ça, il nous fait croire qu'il lutte contre le chômage ?????? C'est du foutage de gueule ou je ne m'y connais pas ! Bande d'en... foirés !!!
          Commentaires sur Philippe de Villiers: “Emmanuel, si tu ne donnes pas tout de suite des signes aux Français qui sont dans le désespoir et dans le désarroi, tu seras balayé !” par desnos      Cache   Translate Page      
QUE RACONTEZ VOus là. Le mec court t il aprets un mandat vit il des deniers de l'état, que nenni, il pleure le devenir de la France ? Vous contez sur un Mélenchon ? lui se fout du monde, baltringue va?
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A health expert is warning the government would be negligent if it did not investigate the use of a pesticide banned by France after dozens of reported incidents of intoxication.
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