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          Trump says he doesn't like what the Fed is doing, central bank is going too fast in raising rates      Cache   Translate Page      
"I think we don't have to go as fast," the president answered to a question about the Fed raising rates by CNBC from the south lawn of the White House.
          UPDATE 2-Trump raises ethanol use in gasoline, appeases farmers ahead of elections      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump launched an effort on Tuesday to increase ethanol use in the nation's gasoline pool, delivering a long-sought political victory to the nation's Farm Belt and angering refiners ahead of November's Congressional elections.

          Trump officials have talked to Goldman Sachs' Dina Powell about possibly replacing Haley in UN role      Cache   Translate Page      
Former deputy National Security advisor Dina Powell could be on the verge of rejoining President Donald Trump's administration as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. 
          Republican senators say Trump lifting summer ban on higher-ethanol gasoline      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced plans to lift a ban on summer sales of higher-ethanol blend of gasoline, known as E15, Republican senators said.

          Trump to lift summer ban on higher-ethanol gasoline ahead of elections      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday plans to lift a ban on summer sales of higher-ethanol blend of gasoline, known as E15, delivering a long-sought win to the Farm Belt ahead of November's midterm elections and angering the refining industry.

          The Noose Tightens! Former FBI lawyer: Plot to record, remove Trump not a joke      Cache   Translate Page      
Don't tell former FBI general counsel James Baker that those now-infamous discussions about secretly recording President Trump and using the tapes to remove him from office were a joke. He apparently doesn't believe it. And he held quite the vantage point - he was on the inside of the bureau's leadership in May 2017, when the discussions occurred. Baker told Congress last week that his boss - then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe - was dead serious about the idea of surreptitiously recording the 45th president and using the evidence to make the case that Trump should be removed from office, according to my sources. Baker told lawmakers he wasn't in the meeting McCabe had with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in which the subject came up. But he did have firsthand conversations with McCabe and the FBI lawyer assigned to McCabe, Lisa Page, about the issue. "As far as Baker was concerned, this was a real plan being discussed," said a source directly familiar with the congressional investigation. "It was no laughing matter for the FBI." Word of Baker's testimony surfaced just days before Rosenstein was set to be interviewed in private on Thursday by House Judiciary Committee lawmakers.
          Komentar Trump Soal Pembunuhan Jurnalis Saudi      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON – Presiden Amerika Serikat Donald Trump pada hari Senin mengatakan bahwa dia khawatir tentang laporan hilangnya jurnalis Arab Jamal Khashoggi di Turki, seperti dilansir Alalam (08/10). Trump menjelaskan kepada wartawan di Gedung Putih bahwa ia prihatin masalah laporan berkenaan wartawan Saudi Jamal Khashoggi yang menghilang sejak pekan lalu  dan pernyataan sumber-sumber Turki bahwa pihak berwenang percaya […]
          Kanye West Will Have a Meeting w/ President Donald Trump at The White House      Cache   Translate Page      

Will he wear the MAGA hat? Ardent Donald Trump supporter Kanye West will make a visit to The White House on Thursday (October 9th) according to the NYTimes. There, West will have a meeting with Trump and his son-in-law (who also happens to be a senior advisor) Jared Kushner. READ: Hey, Kanye, Here’s a List […]

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           Comment on The face of patriarchy and power when challenged. by Anon       Cache   Translate Page      
There goes the supreme court for decades! Trump can now do anything and get away with it, because any legal actions against Trump will be appealed to the supreme court. The new lifetime appointee is a confirmed violent alky and serial rapist since high school. He does not hesitate to make politics the factor of his rulings, he will twist the constitution to fit the Trump/Republicans political agenda. Total lack of integrity, committing perjury, and contempt for a legal senate process confirmed what we already suspected about him. He lied under oath, belongs in jail, but he had no worries about it. If he was held accountable, Trump would have simply pardoned him. So he lied and lied and lied. He would say anything to get confirmed, and he did. How could Senator Collins, and every Republican Senator fall for it? Were they somehow threatened?
          It's The Enthusiasm That's Scary      Cache   Translate Page      
Even I was surprised when miserable failure George W. Bush's polls dropped down to the magic 27% level. Absent economic catastrophe, I don't really expect any president's approval numbers to fall below 35% ever again. Similarly, absent some rally around the flag event, I don't expect them to go above 55%. Republicans are going to like Republicans and Democrats are going to like Democrats, and while there's a bit of wiggle room, we're basically not going to get a super popular or super unpopular president.

I have no idea precisely why the press does all the tautological "people who like Trump like Trump" stories, but it isn't surprising that his approval numbers are around 40%. My point is in this era basically any president can have approval numbers around 40%. It didn't make Obama particularly unpopular (as he was portrayed) and it certainly doesn't make Trump particularly popular (as the focus on his fans portrays him).

That Trump is inspiring the worst people to be emboldened, and that the mainstream press helps to embolden them, is what's scary. Not that 40% approve.

          UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Resigns      Cache   Translate Page      
US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley resigned Tuesday directly to President Donald Trump, according to multiple sources familiar with her decision. A senior State Department official said Haley told her staff this morning. A source familiar with the matter said Haley’s resignation caught national security adviser John Bolton and Sec. of State Mike Pompeo by surprise. Teasing an announcement in the Oval Office this morning, Trump called Haley “my friend.” “Big announcement with my friend Ambassador Nikki Haley […]
          Trump declara estado de emergencia en Florida ante amenaza de Michael      Cache   Translate Page      
El presidente, Donald Trump, aprobó este martes la declaración de estado de emergencia para Florida ante la llegada del huracán Michael, de categoría 3 que, según los pronósticos, tocará tierra en el noroeste de este estado el miércoles. Michael se convirtió en un huracán mayor, con vientos de 192 km/h (120 mph) mientras se acercaba […]
          Monica Says Kanye’s Relationship With Trump Is Doing More Harm Than Good      Cache   Translate Page      

Singer Monica is not in support of Kanye West’ relationship with President Trump. In fact, the “So Gone” singer says their relationship is doing more harm than good. RELATED: Kanye West To Meet With Trump At The White House TMZ caught up with R&B singer at LAX Tuesday and asked about Kanye and Trump’s Thursday lunch […]

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          Trump Urges Chicago to Adopt ‘Stop and Frisk’ Policies      Cache   Translate Page      

President Trump continues to slam gun violence in Chicago and has urged the city’s police to implement the controversial “stop and frisk” policy.  RELATED: Chicago Officer Jason Van Dyke Found Guilty For Murder Of Laquan McDonald “I have directed the Attorney General’s Office to immediately go to the great city of Chicago to help straighten out […]

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          10/10/2018: The Edit Page: With a Strategic Ally Like This…      Cache   Translate Page      

Nafta (North American Free Trade Agreement) is dead. Long live USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement). US President Donald Trump has bullied Mexico and Canada into a new free trade agreement to replace the old one. What lessons flow from this...
          10/10/2018: Around The World: Nikki Haley Quits as US Envoy to UN, Denies 2020 Ambitions      Cache   Translate Page      

Washington: The US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, announced on Tuesday she is resigning, and immediately denied she was preparing to challenge President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Sitting beside Trump in the Oval...
          UN Panel on Climate Change Says We're Fucked      Cache   Translate Page      
by Katie Herzog
Welcome to the future.
Welcome to the future. Karl Spencer/Getty Images

Time to take up smoking, everyone! The planet is going to shit so fast, drought will probably get to you before the cancer does.

On Monday, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a depressing new report about just how fucked we are when it comes to global climate change. According to the IPCC, on the path we're currently careening down, the planet will increase in temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by 2030, a mere 12 years away.

One-and-a-half degrees Celsius (or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) might not sound significant, but it is, and we're already two-thirds of the way there. A temperature increase of this magnitude will, according to the IPCC lead to an increase in catastrophic storms, floods, wildfires, droughts, and food shortages for hundreds of millions of people, particularly those in already vulnerable areas, like Cape Town, South Africa, which nearly ran out of water this year. While people living in poverty and vulnerable areas are more fucked than we are in Seattle, the U.S. is already seeing the effects of climate change, from hurricanes in North Carolina to wildfires in California and floods in Houston.

Keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels was the goal of the agreement that resulted from the Paris Climate Accords—which, of course, Donald Trump refused to ratify, one of only three countries on the entire planet to refuse to go along. (The others were Syria and Nicaragua. Even North Korea agreed to comply.) Without drastic action—not now, but yesterday—the Earth will, in all likelihood, reach the 1.5 degree threshold in the next 12 years. And then it will get worse. At 1.5 degrees, an estimated 10 percent of coral reefs will survive ocean acidification; at 2 degrees, only 1 percent will. In other words, we're fucked.

The White House, of course, is too busy throwing campaign rallies and blowing the coal industry to give a shit, but climate change is real, it's here, and it will not get better with Donald Trump in office and the GOP running the show. Remember that 1.5 degrees when it comes time to vote.

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          Was Melania Trump an einem Tag isst      Cache   Translate Page      

          Das lässt Trump nicht auf sich sitzen      Cache   Translate Page      

          Nikki Haley Resigns As UN Ambassador, To Leave At End Of The Year      Cache   Translate Page      
U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is leaving the administration at the end of the year, she and President Donald Trump announced Tuesday.
          Trump says he would consider former adviser Dina Powell for UN      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he would consider selecting Goldman Sachs executive and former White House adviser Dina Powell as the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and he shot down speculation he would tap his daughter Ivanka for the post.

          In boon for farmers, Trump to lift restrictions on ethanol      Cache   Translate Page      

WASHINGTON >> The Trump administration is moving to allow year-round sales of gasoline with higher blends of ethanol, a boon for Iowa and other farm states that have pushed for greater sales of the corn-based fuel.

          VIDÉO - L'ouragan Michael passe en catégorie 3, la Floride en alerte      Cache   Translate Page      
PHÉNOMÈNE CLIMATIQUE - Les habitants de l'Etat de Floride - pour laquelle Donald Trump a déclaré l'état d'urgence - et de l'Alabama se préparent à l'arrivée de l'ouragan Michael sur le sol américain. Plusieurs foyers ont d'ores et déjà été évacués et des moyens supplémentaires ont été débloqués pour faire face à ce nouvel ouragan.
          Re: Good Morning, News: Nikki Haley Quits, Taylor Swift Rocks the Vote, and GOP Petrified of Snowflake Mob      Cache   Translate Page      

I find it profoundly disturbing that people will register to vote because of something Taylor Swift said and not because Donald Fucking Trump is president or the GOP is destroying the country or that an alcoholic and rapist was just put on the SCOTUS. And we wonder why this country is so fucked up beyond belief.

Posted by Christina Rae
          U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley resigns in latest Trump shakeup      Cache   Translate Page      

WASHINGTON >> U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is resigning, she and President Donald Trump announced today, blindsiding many administration officials and stirring speculation in the White House and beyond about the timing and reasons for the latest Trump shake-up just weeks before the November midterm elections.

          Trump's White House: Who has been fired or left so far?      Cache   Translate Page      
From Rex Tillerson to Sean Spicer, Al Jazeera looks at the most notable Trump administration departures so far.
          Latinoamérica busca su propio Trump y con Bolsonaro en Brasil están a punto de conseguirlo      Cache   Translate Page      
El candidato acusado de misógino, homofóbico, racista y que alaba la dictadura militar se ha encargo de dejar muy atrás al ‘heredero de Lula’ en la primera vuelta de las elecciones presidenciales brasileñas. No deja de sorprenderme cómo la...
           Melania Trump tells all: First Lady sits down for interview and talks about husband's infidelity       Cache   Translate Page      
Being Melania – The First Lady will air this Friday at 10pm on ABC, and no question was off the table. The First Lady is asked about the state of her marriage, her husband's infidelity and more.
          Pese a denuncias de abuso sexual, el nominado de Donald Trump va a la Corte Suprema      Cache   Translate Page      
Con la entrada del juez Brett Kavanaugh –confirmado en el Senado en una reñida votación de 50 a 48–, el alto tribunal queda escorado hacia las posiciones de derecha.
          Trump Says He Will Announce Replacement For U.N. Ambassador In Coming Weeks      Cache   Translate Page      
United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley announced on Tuesday that she is leaving her post at the end of the year. President Trump, calling her his friend, says he will announce a replacement in weeks.
          Chretien calls U.S. president 'unspeakable'      Cache   Translate Page      
Former prime minister Jean Chretien is photographed as he promotes his new book in Ottawa on Friday, Oct. 5, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

Chretien says rise of 'unspeakable' Trump marks end of the American empire

          CareMount moves into Manhattan, adding Murray Hill practice      Cache   Translate Page      

Murray Hill Medical Group, which has more than 40 physicians in Manhattan, has agreed to join CareMount Medical, giving the Chappaqua-based group practice its first locations in New York City.

Founded in 1992, Murray Hill's main office is at 317 East 34th St. and houses 14 specialties. It also has a gastroenterology and cardiology procedure site on East 37th Street.

"As we continue to grow, its important we have a connection to the city when our patients are down in the city working," said Dr. Scott Hayworth, CareMount's president and CEO. "Likewise, when Murray Hill residents move out of the city, we're here for them as well."

Manhattan marks the sixth county for CareMount, which has more than 40 locations and 550,000 patients in Columbia, Dutchess, Putnam, Ulster and Westchester counties.

As Manhattan's major medical centers open offices in the suburbs, Hudson Valley medical groups are laying claim to parts of Manhattan. Westmed Medical Group has offices on Park Avenue and on East 88th Street, and Crystal Run Healthcare has locations on East 71st and East 76th streets.

Murray Hill, which sees more than 140,000 patients annually, ultimately chose 560-provider CareMount over other bidders, including health systems.

"What we saw in them was basically a larger version of ourselves," Dr. Rajiv Kinkhabwala, president of Murray Hill, said. "We're both independent, physician-born-and-bred practices."

Hayworth said Murray Hill's physician-owners would become shareholders of CareMount Medical.

Crain's reported in July that CareMount would take on financial risk for Medicare Advantage patients covered by Aetna and Empire BlueCross BlueShield next year.

Preparing to enter value-based contracts was a major factor in Murray Hill's decision to join a larger medical group, which it considered for two to three years, Kinkhabwala said.

"Even as a 40-provider group in Manhattan, we found us to be on the small side to take the next step in terms of providing value-based care," he said. He cited the cost of IT systems and personnel needed to track and manage the cost of patient care.

The Murray Hill practices employ more than 100 people. Staff members will be asked to interview for open positions, according to CareMount. The deal will be effective Jan. 1. 

CareMount has affiliations with Mount Sinai Health System and Massachusetts General Hospital. Hayworth said Murray Hill will continue its long-term relationship with NYU Langone Medical Center and will admit its patients there. Many of Murray Hill's physicians were trained at NYU Langone, including some who served as chief residents at the hospital.

Hayworth said that CareMount would add doctors to fill additional specialties in Manhattan, such as general surgery, orthopedics and hematology/oncology.

"The long-term plan is to plug in the holes and make sure we have everything we need in Manhattan," Hayworth said. —Jonathan LaMantia


Affinity to shut down Medicare Advantage plans

Bronx-based nonprofit insurer Affinity Health Plan will get out of the Medicare Advantage business by the end of the year, the company confirmed Monday.

Its Medicare plans currently serve about 13,600 recipients, the company said.

The insurer first disclosed it was shutting down its Medicare product line in a filing with the state Department of Labor, noting that 28 employees of its 566 employees would be affected by the closure. Layoffs are scheduled to take place Dec. 31.

"We're entertaining what options we have," said Michael Murphy, president and CEO of Affinity, in an interview.

In any case, the company will not be in the Medicare business in 2019, he said. He said some parties have expressed interest in acquiring the business but declined to give more details.

A spokeswoman at Affinity Health Plan said in an email that that employees were notified on Oct. 1 of the shutdown. "The decision to exit Medicare occurred some time ago as part of Affinity's desire to focus on our core business—serving the most needy populations of New York through primary care," she wrote.

Affinity is currently working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on the best way to transition members, possibly to other plans, Murphy said.

This is the second product to be discontinued by Affinity. About a year ago, the state Department of Health told Crain's the insurer would not sell qualified health plans on the New York State of Health marketplace in 2018. At the time, the Health Department said the state marketplace could not certify Affinity because the insurer's cash reserves had fallen below requirements.

Murphy said the cessation of Affinity's Medicare product line was not at the direction of CMS.

Affinity lost $73.6 million on $1.46 billion in revenue in 2016, the most recent year for which financial data are available online. The insurer's Medicaid business accounted for about 75% of its revenue.

"We're not planning any other exits at this point," Murphy said. —Jennifer Henderson


UHF report suggests options to stabilize state's indy market

New York largely has fended off the Trump administration's efforts to unwind the Affordable Care Act through existing laws and lawsuits against the federal government, according to a new United Hospital Fund analysis.

But the elimination of the financial penalty for going without insurance in 2019 will test the viability of the state's individual insurance market, according to the report.

It showed New York has the 38th-ranked medical risk profile in the country, indicating the group is sicker than most.

The average monthly premium price in New York's individual market increased 10.5% to $525 in 2017, compared with a U.S. average of $500.

Subsidies are available to people earning up to 400% of the federal poverty level, or $100,400 for a four-person household. A family earning above that would pay more than double for the lowest-cost, or bronze, plan in Manhattan.

UHF offered several options for New York to draw more people into the individual market by making coverage more affordable: The state could start its own reinsurance program to reimburse plans for high-cost members; it could implement a state individual mandate penalty; or it could expand premium subsidies to cover more residents.

"New York has a pretty good track record of defending ACA coverage gains either though regulation or litigation," said Peter Newell, director of UHF's Health Insurance Project and co-author of the report. "Seeing the same sense of urgency to keep the individual market on track would be very positive." —J.L.


Church-based programs help reduce blood pressure in black communities

Lifestyle interventions delivered in churches can aid in managing high blood pressure in black communities, according to a study led by NYU School of Medicine researchers and published online today in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes.

Churches are integral components of black communities nationwide. The study authors hope that faith-based intervention to manage high blood pressure and ward off heart disease will scale to other communities, NYU said.

From 2010 to 2014, the study's researchers collected data from 373 participants who identified as black and belonged to 32 New York City churches, according to NYU. They all reported a diagnosis of high, uncontrolled blood pressure. After six months, participants that received community health-worker intervention at churches saw a net reduction of 5.8 mm Hg in systolic blood pressure—the pressure in blood vessels when the heart beats —compared to the control group that received health education alone. After nine months, the treatment effect persisted, but with reduced significance of 5.2 mm Hg, researchers wrote.

"We think this is very important and should be scaled up," said Dr. Gbenga Ogedegbe, professor of population health and medicine at NYU School of Medicine and the study's lead author. To expand the program it will be important to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of this type of disease management to insurers, he said.

The study's co-authors were Antoinette Schoenthaler, Mark Butler, and Jessica Forsyth at the Center for Healthful Behavior Change at NYU School of Medicine, Kristie Lancaster at New York University, and William Chaplin at St. John's University.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, supported the research. —J.H.



PRIVATE EQUITY: Investors have set their sights on orthopedic practices as more surgeries are performed in outpatient practices and the volume of procedures rises, .

CARDIAC KIDS: A group of Columbia-trained cardiologists have started Heartbeat, a network of clinics catering to people at risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions, raising $2.5 million from venture capitalists, reported. A proposed rule in the works to implement a federal law would allow the CMS to impose enforcement actions on nursing home staff in cases of elder abuse or other illegal activities. 

TYPHUS OUTBREAK: Los Angeles is experiencing an epidemic of flea-borne typhus cases,

          Trump demands death penalty for cop killers      Cache   Translate Page      
          Building morale through activism (just don't call it politics)      Cache   Translate Page      

When the partners at Work & Co arrived at their Brooklyn headquarters the day after Donald Trump was elected president, they found much of their staff crying. The digital product agency's talent, about half of whom are immigrants and 20% of whom are first-generation Americans, felt their world had been turned upside down.

"Events like that make you re- evaluate what's important," said Mohan Ramaswamy, one of the agency's founding partners, "and we were at a point when we could think about how we could bring more meaning to the work we were doing."

The fast-growing firm already had decided it wanted to provide more opportunities for its employees to do pro bono work, both because of the social good and because it would help with retention. A survey showed the company's staff overwhelmingly cared about three issues: immigration, women's health and climate change.

Two months after the election, the company chartered buses for people who wanted to attend the Women's March in Washington. It signed on to amicus briefs in immigration cases, focusing on those being heard by federal courts in California. It ramped up its work on environmental issues. Most of all, it donated work worth $800,000 to Planned Parenthood: creating a tracking tool to keep tabs on administration actions regarding reproductive rights, as well as improving other digital tools. Work & Co plans to unveil another major Planned Parenthood initiative next month.

It isn't clear how many New York companies have taken similar steps, even among the tech sector, where it is common practice to give employees time to work on their own projects. But Work & Co is a good example of a company willing to stretch traditional boundaries of what is possible when it comes to advocacy.

Ramaswamy is uncomfortable with the notion that he has plunged into politics. "Typically you don't want politics to be muddled with your job," he said. "But I think for us it was less about politics than about the kind of topics that interact with our staff." He shrugged his shoulders when reminded that few issues are more politically contentious than the three to which Work & Co has committed.

The pro bono projects that the company takes on are just like the ones it handles for clients: product design and development of digital tools for the web and mobile applications. It has grown from five employees to almost 260 in a little more than five years, serves large clients such as Apple and Google and has outposts in Portland, Ore., and Brazil. The firm wants its staff to be close-knit, ordering in lunch every day so people eat together (but they go home at night, unlike at other tech shops—so there are no pool tables).

Although large companies worry about alienating customers with political activity, Ramaswamy said his clients have been supportive, in part because Work & Co is doing what customers believe they can't.

The upcoming election results are unlikely to change Work & Co's efforts, he said, except maybe someday the firm can provide governments with tools to make their efforts more effective.

Is Work & Co an outlier in New York or is your company doing something similar? Tell me about it:

          Tales from the trade war: Businesses caught between retailers and a hard place      Cache   Translate Page      

The past few years have been good for OMG Accessories, the teenage-girl-centered lifestyle brand that fashion industry veteran Anne Harper founded in 2009. And she owes much of that success to China.

By producing handbags and backpacks at a Chinese factory that provided a quick turnaround on small orders, the company has been able to test the market and build up a line of products that is now carried in thousands of stores across the United States. Sales this year have tripled over last year, bringing total revenue to more than $10 million. Harper is now set to move OMG and its 14 employees into a larger showroom in its West 33rd Street building.

Her industry, however, has been caught in the crossfire of an escalating trade war that could put the brakes on any kind of growth. Handbags and backpacks made in China are among the $200 million worth of goods that recently became subject to a trade tariff scheduled to jump to 25% in January.

But OMG is in an unusual position, and not just because of how quickly it's been growing. Last year, in an effort to diversify production for mass orders, Harper and an overseas partner bought a factory in a low-wage, Southeast Asian country that she prefers, for competitive reasons, not to name. About six months ago, as the trade war began heating up, she shifted production to the new factory. About 95% of her fourth-quarter inventory escaped the 10% duty that went into effect in September. She's now positioned to avoid the devastating levy set for 2019.

Harper has been forced to take bigger gambles on her orders, but overall she is glad she planned ahead.

"If I didn't have this factory, [the tariffs] could have destroyed me," she said. "That's how I know that people who are not in my position are in big trouble."

The trade war, which has so far encompassed everything from imported steel and aluminum to electrical equipment and microscopes, began to hit New York's fashion industry in July, when luggage, handbags, footwear, textiles, and leather and faux-leather apparel were listed as being in the next round of restrictions.

Industry representatives have spoken up about fashion's unique reliance on a complex supply chain rooted in China and the difficulties of finding alternatives. But not all of the industry will be hurt in the same way. Some large brands, such as Coach and Kate Spade, began shifting production out of China years ago and moving it to low-wage facilities in Southeast Asia and India. Other companies, such as Steve Madden, ramped up a shift to Cambodia that was already in motion.

In addition, some well-known brands may have big enough margins and a loyal enough customer base to absorb some portion of the tariff and pass along the rest.

But OMG and other brands with price-sensitive products are in no position to experiment. Their retail buyers are saying suppliers will have to eat the cost of the tariff, as the stores have no intention of raising prices.

"If they are selling a bag of mine at $20 and then it goes over $20, even by a dollar, the customer has a different perspective," Harper said. "Shoppers are used to getting a bargain."

There are also drawbacks for small companies that work with factories in low-wage countries. Those nations lack the industrial expertise and transportation infrastructure that China has developed and take roughly double the time to turn around an order—six months as opposed to three. That means Harper is banking that what's "on trend" today, such as her unicorn-decorated handbags, will be just as popular next year.

What's more, the new factory can do only mass-volume production: a minimum of 3,000 units per color and style. That works for what she's selling now, but it would be too big of an order if she wanted to venture into new markets, such as bags for women or backpacks for boys. In fact, most retailers, Harper said, are taking few large orders of any kind.

"Even Kohl's—which has 1,100 stores—once something's proven, they'll order 3,000," Harper said, "but most of the time they're ordering one or two bags for each store. It used to be you'd have 10 of a style, but stores don't have traffic like that anymore."

For many local fashion brands—most of which do not own a factory in a low-wage Asian country—the biggest issue is the uncertainty surrounding the tariffs. "Do you want to disrupt your entire supply chain when there could be an agreement next month?" asked Julia Hughes, president of the United States Fashion Industry Association.

She thinks that the uncertainty has been exacerbated by the lack of clear direction or precise goals in the Trump administration's approach. "In past administrations and trade disputes, almost everybody felt they had a sense of what the outcome would be," Hughes said. "That's not the case here, and that makes it more complicated."

But the administration's defenders argue that President Donald Trump is trying to reverse decades of failed trade policy that allowed China to undermine American manufacturing and appropriate companies' intellectual property as a condition for operating in the country. The short-term pain of higher prices and rearranged supply chains, they say, will yield fairer trade rules for U.S. companies and new life for domestic factories.

Economist Ed Yardeni says American companies doing business with China have in effect supported its expansionist plans and superpower ambitions. He said the 25% tariff is aimed at weakening the country and keeping it from challenging American interests.

"The goal isn't to force concessions out of China but rather to get manufacturers out of China and into either the U.S. (ideally) or to countries such as Mexico that do agree to the terms of bilateral trade deals with the U.S.," Yardeni wrote in a recent report.

But a large-scale return of garment factories to the United States is simply not in the cards, experts said.

"We would have to rebuild a vast infrastructure and find people who actually want to sit at sewing machines, which would require a dramatic increase in immigration," said Susan Scafidi, director of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law School. "People who are born in the U.S. typically don't aspire to work in garment factories."

She added that it was possible other countries, including Mexico, could expand their manufacturing capacity, but those changes would take a lot more time to put in place than a trade deal.

For now some fashion companies are simply looking to manage their business in the short term.

Urban Expressions, which produces a popular line of vegan, faux-leather handbags, took a gamble in July and sped up its production for next year.

"We landed 50% of the goods we planned for Q1 before the first tariff took effect, and most of the other 50% will have landed before the 25% tariff goes into effect," noted Farbod Shakouri, co-founder of the Los Angeles–based company, which has its showroom in New York. He figures that he can keep his retailers supplied through the first nine months of 2019.

He is also holding down costs. Earlier this year Urban Expressions was planning to buy an entire floor of a West 33rd Street building for its New York operations. It put the purchase on hold and is instead moving into a larger showroom in its current building, on West 32nd Street.

Shakouri has no desire to shift production from China. He has tried out factories in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Myanmar and was dissatisfied with the long lead times and their inability to do small production runs. A tariff might make him more receptive to a move, but he would prefer to see a compromise on absorbing the costs.

"A lot of the strategies are going to revolve around the retailers and what they're going to do," Shakouri said. "If they increase prices, then there could be a partnership along the supply chain where everyone eats a little bit into their margins to keep the status quo—until somehow there's a resolution."

          The Trailer: How eight years – and President Trump – have changed the GOP's tune on Medicare      Cache   Translate Page      
In this edition: The party of Medicare, the persistence of Trump in blue states, the legal marijuana boom, and the Chapo vote.
          Trump raises ethanol use in gasoline, appeases farmers ahead of elections      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump launched an effort on Tuesday to increase ethanol use in the nation's gasoline pool, delivering a long-sought political victory to the nation's Farm Belt and angering refiners ahead of November's Congressional elections.

          Republican senators say Trump lifting summer ban on higher-ethanol gasoline      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced plans to lift a ban on summer sales of higher-ethanol blend of gasoline, known as E15, Republican senators said.

          President Trump, Stop and Frisk Is Both Unconstitutional and Ineffective      Cache   Translate Page      
Whether in Chicago, New York, or any city, indiscriminate stop and frisk is riddled with racial disparities and is unconstitutional.

On Monday, President Trump gave a speech to the nation’s police chiefs. Like so many of his “law and order” speeches, it was fueled by bravado and falsehoods.  

In the speech, Trump defended stop-and-frisk policies that have been ruled unconstitutional and rejected by communities in numerous cities. He also urged the city of Chicago to “try to change the terrible deal the city of Chicago entered into with ACLU” on tracking the use of stop and frisk. Trump railed against “efforts from politicians to shackle local police departments” by limiting their cooperation with ICE, and he touted his record of providing surplus military equipment to local police departments.

Trump’s distortions must be called out one by one. Here is a breakdown of the most dangerous falsehoods in his speech:

Trump claim: “Before I took office less than two years ago, our nation was experiencing a historic surge in violent crime.”

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, the U.S. violent crime rate peaked in 1991 and has remained stable at about half that rate for the past several years. In 2016 and 2017, the violent crime rate remained essentially stable at near the bottom of this three-decade downward trend, and preliminary indications are that these low crime rates are continuing to remain stable and low.

In other words, there was no historic surge in violent crime because crime was stable at historically low levels when Trump first took office.

Trump claim: Indiscriminate stop-and-frisk “works, and it was meant for problems like Chicago,” which is why he is asking Attorney General Sessions to “work with local authorities to try to change the terrible deal the city of Chicago entered into with ACLU, which ties law enforcement’s hands.”

Indiscriminate stop-and-frisk does not stop violent crime. Indeed, after New York City ended its stop-and-frisk policies under court supervision, the number of street stops by police fell dramatically — the number of stops in 2015 was less than 5 percent of the number of stops in 2011 — and as those stops fell, the homicide rate also continued to fall to record lows.

Aside from being ineffective in limiting crime, indiscriminate stop-and-frisk is unconstitutional, results in enormous racial disparities, erodes community trust in the police, and makes people of color less likely to report crimes. A 2013 study by the Vera Institute of Justice found that each time a young person is stopped and frisked by police, it makes them 8 percent less likely to report a future violent crime against them to police. Nearly 60 percent of the young people surveyed by the Vera Institute stated that they would not feel comfortable asking a police officer for help if they were in trouble.

That’s why the ACLU has repeatedly sued to end indiscriminate stop-and-frisk policies. We’ve reached settlements that require police to abide by constitutional limits in their stop-and-frisk activities in Milwaukee, New York City, and Philadelphia. Meanwhile, our 2015 settlement in Chicago required data collection and oversight of stop and frisk, and we are pushing for adoption of a broader consent decree there.

Notably, none of these lawsuits seek to prohibit all police stops and frisks. They simply require that these actions be supported by the reasonable suspicion required by the Fourth Amendment and prohibit racially biased patterns of enforcement that are patently unconstitutional.

Trump claim: “[S]anctuary city policies force the release of criminal aliens and gang members right back onto our streets, putting innocent civilians at grave risk — many people being killed.”

So-called “sanctuary city” policies are not targeted at people who have committed crimes, quite the contrary. They are intended to safeguard immigrant victims of crime — particularly survivors of sexual assault, trafficking survivors, and domestic violence survivors — by ensuring that they trust police enough to report these crimes to local authorities without being turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This claim is not a one-off, but, in fact, part of Trump’s long-running campaign to bully local communities to become extensions of the federal deportation system. While the Trump administration claims that its continued harassment of these jurisdictions is driven by public safety concerns, we know that’s just an excuse. In fact, pro-immigrant jurisdictions have lower rates of crime than jurisdictions that actively assist federal immigration agents.

Trump claim: His administration’s new policies providing surplus military equipment to local police departments is just “making sure you have the equipment you need to do the job.”

Trump is referring here to the 1033 program, which came under heavy criticism from the ACLU and others for providing weapons of war — including bayonets, grenade launchers, and armored vehicles — to local police departments. After the nation expressed horror at these weapons of war being turned on protesters at Ferguson, President Obama imposed much-needed controls on the 1033 program, including prohibiting certain military-grade weapons altogether and requiring police departments to account for how armored vehicles and other war gear were being used.

President Trump rescinded all of these rules last year, leaving no controls or limits in place. Trump’s policies are not providing necessary equipment. Instead, they are ensuring that local law enforcement agencies will have a free hand to treat their communities like war zones, with zero oversight or accountability.

Once again President Trump has the facts wrong. And along with his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Trump is attempting to roll back recent reforms and promote the kind of race-based, unconstitutional police abuse that recently gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement. Indiscriminate stop and frisk is just one of those practices, and it needs to end across the country, not get an endorsement from the White House.

          US First Lady in Cairo on Final Leg of Africa Trip      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. first lady Melania Trump arrived Saturday in Cairo, Egypt, where she was greeted at an arrival ceremony by President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi and his wife, Entissar Mohameed Amer. After a visit to the presidential palace and a stop at the U.S. embassy in Cairo, the first lady visited the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx.
          US planning to hold second summit with North Korea “as soon as possible”      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump spoke about the possible meeting during Nikki Haley's press conference.
          UN-Botschafterin der USA hört auf: Nikki Haley will eine „Auszeit“      Cache   Translate Page      
Die UN-Botschafterin der USA, Nikki Haley, hört zum Jahresende auf. US-Präsident Trump zufolge will sie nun einige Zeit frei nehmen. mehr...
          AAFP to Protect All Patients      Cache   Translate Page      
(MedPage Today) -- Current, past, and future AAFP presidents push back against Trump administration policies
          Nikki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador effective year end, will campaign for Trump in 2020      Cache   Translate Page      
Feels it's time to move on after two intense years as Ambassador and six years as SC Governor.
          Nikki Haley Leaving U.N. Ambassador, Dina Powell NOT Ivanka Trump Is Being Considered As Replacement      Cache   Translate Page      
Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is leaving her post at the end of the year, President Trump announced in the Oval Office Tuesday morning. Haley’s replacement is unclear, although Mr. Trump said he will likely select the new ambassador in the next two or three weeks. Haley told reporters she will not run
          A lesson from Bush 41: How we wish President Trump had handled Kavanaugh’s swearing-in      Cache   Translate Page      
          Why is the Trump administration quiet on Jamal Khashoggi's alleged murder?      Cache   Translate Page      

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi is believed to have been tortured, murdered, and dismembered inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey. This image appears to show him entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week. He hasn't came out, and is believed to have been murdered or disappeared by Saudi officials.

Other than a “I heard a report” from Donald, a “we're monitoring the situation closely” from James Mattis, and similar mumblings from others here and there, why is this tough-on-mideast-bad-guys administration so hushed on the apparent execution of the Saudi reporter who contributed to U.S. news organizations?

On MSBNC, Richard Engel says Istanbul security officials have two theories: One, they grabbed him and killed him inside the embassy. The other theory is that Khashoggi was the subject of an attempted rendition to Saudi Arabia, and he died in the process.

Here's the short version of why Trump and his version of the U.S. government isn't going to do anything about it.

MBS, the Sunni prince of Saudi Arabia, has powerful allies in the Trump administration like the president himself, and Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner, none of whom are likely to want to piss off their ally for personal financial reasons.

“If they can't find a body, it'll be difficult to make Saudi Arabia pay a price,” says Richard Engel in this two-way with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press. Read the rest

          Trump calls Kanye West 'terrific' ahead of White House meeting      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump praised Kanye West on Oct. 9, saying West "loves" what his administration is doing for African Americans and the economy. The rapper is scheduled to eat lunch at the White House on Oct. 11.
          Trump claims anti-Kavanaugh protesters in Capitol were 'paid'      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump told reporters Oct. 9 that "a lot" of the protesters on Capitol Hill during Brett M. Kavanaugh's confirmation proceedings were "professional" and "paid."
          Saudi Prince and Trump Adviser Uncover 'Putin's Dark Secret'      Cache   Translate Page      
In a striking coincidence, both Saudi Prince Mohammad Al Saud and US presidential adviser on economics Larry Kudlow made statements mere days apart forecasting the dire prospects of the Russian economy in general and the prospects for Russia as an energy superpower in particular.
           Comment on Final Thoughts on Nikki Haley… by Elizabeth Carter       Cache   Translate Page      
Nikki Haley did better than I expected at the UN. To think that would qualify her as President is a bridge too far. President Trump has spent his whole life preparing for this time. Planning and working every day. Pence is too weak. Pompeo is a good guy but he is not nearly as versatile. I giggle when I see how many people think that President Trump could easily be replaced. He is like the Olympics World Gold Medal winner who has practiced so long that when he does his routine it looks easy. Thinking Nikki could be President is like the Democrats thinking Obama was the Messiah. My belief is that by 2024 when President Trump must be replaced, he will have made it clear what a competent President who believes in God and loves America can do and what to look for in his successor. He will have trained "We the People" to pay attention, stand up, speak up and do our part so that we never get ourselves into this mess again. We barely got out alive this time. I sincerely believe that God sent us President Trump to act as His leader for us at this time and in this place. People keep saying that we were weak or asleep or stupid to allow this to happen. The fact is that as a Christian it is just very difficult to believe that there are people who will do anything to destroy us. It is just not who we are, it is not how we think and it is sickening when we realize who our enemies are and the lengths they will go to in order to destroy us. Jesus actually told us they were evil. They killed Him. He rose again. Right now, I believe we have been given this opportunity to rise up and restore America. We are One Nation Under God and as far as I know we are the only nation in the world who even makes that claim. We must always trust God, pray unceasingly, walk in the Spirit, be vigilant and teach our history so that we do not fall into their trap again. God Bless President Trump God Bless America MAGA
           Comment on October 9th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #628 by phoenixRising       Cache   Translate Page
           Comment on October 9th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #628 by Henry       Cache   Translate Page      
Well now Obama Can choose his official gender
          Trump diz que pode considerar ex-assessora Dina Powell para cargo na ONU      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - O presidente dos Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, disse nesta terça-feira que irá considerar selecionar a ex-executiva do Goldman Sachs e ex-assessora da Casa Branca Dina Powell para o cargo de...

Leia mais

           Comment on Behold the Hairy Men. by JMS       Cache   Translate Page      
You have made many good points. I believe that the opprobrium directed at the justices for overturning the economic programs that were needed to bring the country out of the Great Depression may have played a part in the resignation of the justices over time. At the time FDR took office in 1933, at the worst part of the Great Depression, the Federal government was not a great presence in the lives of people. There was Congress, SCOTUS, the postal service and the armed forces. Efforts to relieve suffering were at the level of state government. It was perhaps novel that FDR was attempting to institute the nationwide programs and the justices did not see that it was constitutional for the Federal government to do this. I agree that Gorsuch, Alito, Thomas and Kavanaugh are partisans as was Scalia. I think that Roberts has the ability and the obligation to be less partisan as the Chief Justice. It is his reputation on the line in history if he cannot steer the court to moderation. FDR's plan to pack the court with additional justices may have worked as a threat and a message that the obstructionist justices would become irrelevant. I agree with you regarding the legitimacy of the Supreme Court as constituted now with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. Reagan was the one who reached out to the evangelical voters because he saw it was a way to win elections. I believe the leaders in the Revolution and the effort to create the Constitution, who knew of the Glorious Revolution and Jacobite Rebellions of 1715 and 1745, put the prohibition of a state religion in the First Amendment to prevent religious strife. I do not want the country to be a religious oligarchy. I do not want to see students forced to pray or public meetings begin with a convocation. (Full disclosure-I became a Buddhist over 45 years ago.) I'm not sure that additing additional justices to the Supreme Court is the way to go. I think that if the House goes to a Democratic majority it should investigate Kavanaugh going back to the stolen documents during W's administration. If he resigns or is successfully impeached, then there is an open seat. If there is a sufficient Democratic majority in the Senate, then the Senate could reject any additional tRump appointment. In 1987, I remember reading in The Atlantic Monthly stories about whether the Democrats were doomed to be a minority party as they had lost the presidential elections in 1980 and 1984. The Rethuglicans won again in 1988. Part of the pushback on Bill Clinton was because the Rethuglicans had come to believe that they were entitled to the presidency. The Rethuglicans never wrote off parts of the country deeming any victory worthwhile, while the Democrats wrote off most of the red states especially during Obama's administration. The upcoming mid-terms are another battle to limit the damage the Rethuglicans can do. Increasing the number of justices on SCOTUS would be like the arms race. We do it so they do it. Democrats have started to realize the importance of winning at the state level. It will unfortunately take us time to catch up. It would help immensely if the Rethuglicans implode through because the public begins, through better civics education, to see through them.
          Trump diz que segunda cúpula com líder norte-coreano está sendo organizada      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - O presidente dos Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, confirmou nesta terça-feira que realizará uma segunda reunião com o líder norte-coreano, Kim Jong Un, dizendo que autoridades de ambos os países estão...

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          Nikki Haley resigns from UN post      Cache   Translate Page      
Nikki Haley
IRNA – The United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley resigned on Tuesday, and the US President Donald Trump accepted her resignation. It is unclear whether Trump government...
          Trump says UN ambassador Nikki Haley to leave at end of year      Cache   Translate Page      
The president called the senior diplomat a ‘very special’ person.
          How Disaster Capitalism Has Ruined Puerto Rico      Cache   Translate Page      
And what Cuba can teach the world about going a different route.

Amnesty International’s Secretary General Kumi Naidoo was recently in Puerto Rico. During his trip, Naidoo looked carefully at the aftermath of Hurricane Maria—the Category 4 hurricane in 2017 that tore through the Caribbean. No island in its path was spared, with Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit rightly calling the damage “mindboggling.” Puerto Rico, a part of the United States of America, was struck hard, but not much harder than the other islands. Yet, the relief, rehabilitation and recovery on this island have been slow—paralytically slow. Naidoo’s visit to Puerto Rico comes a year after Hurricane Maria and yet, as he wrote, “it is shocking that so many people are forced to live in such a precarious situation; even worse when they are part of one of the richest nations in the world.”

In January 2018, the Canadian journalist Naomi Klein spent a week in Puerto Rico as a guest of Professors Self-Assembled in Solidarity Resistance (PAReS). In 2017, before the hurricane, students at the University of Puerto Rico had gone on strike to defend public education. PAReS was created by some professors as a way to join the student struggle. Puerto Rico, over the course of the past decade, has been locked in a series of impressive battles over the suffocation of its public institutions by its local government and by its imperial overlords in Washington, D.C. (Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States).

During her visit, Naomi Klein visited not only areas hit hard by the storm and by the planned disregard by the state, but also places of imagination that try to create popular relief and reconstruction. These places included Casa Pueblo (Adjuntas), Dalma Cartagena’s Agriculture in Harmony with the Environment project (Orocovis) and the Mutual Aid Project (Mariana). It is here, in these places of experimentation and love, that Naomi Klein finds the antidote to the disaster capitalism that ruins Puerto Rico—ruined it before the hurricane, ruined it just after the hurricane and proceeds to ruin it for the future. Her report—first published in the Intercept—has now been released in the form of a small book by Haymarket Books.

Puerto Rico’s disaster is clear. Here is an island, part of the United States since the U.S. war on the Spanish Empire in 1898, where the people have little democratic control of its institutions and resources. Public finances in the island are a mess—the island is overwhelmed by $120 billion in debt and pension liabilities. Payment of these debts is constitutionally mandated, with debt servicing draining the state government of the ability to move an agenda to benefit the just over three million Puerto Ricans. Half the population could not find work before the hurricane struck, with public facilities killed off as the local government throttled them of funds. No wonder, then, that protests across the island had become a normal feature of life before Hurricane Maria.

One area of concern had been Puerto Rico’s electricity grid. As Naomi Klein reports, a shocking 98 percent of its electricity comes from fossil fuels. Without any local oil, gas or coal, Puerto Rico receives its fuel by ship, the people buying electricity at rates higher than paid for on the U.S. mainland. The imported fossil fuels and a centralized electricity grid left the island vulnerable to the shock of the hurricane. The grid collapsed in the hurricane, electricity not available for months and even now spotty in many places. Desire to privatize the electricity company is at the top of the list of desires by the U.S. government. Naomi Klein’s concept of disaster capitalism is made for this situation—as a disaster strikes, money is to be made by the oligarchy on the disaster, both on the defaulted bonds and on the privatization of public resources.

Disaster Socialism

Naomi Klein reports on the small voices of hope from Puerto Rico—organic farming that was able to feed people even as industrial food could not be distributed, solar panels on the roofs of cultural centers that provided energy for communities with no power for months on end. These little pockets of an alternative are precisely the norm in another island in the Caribbean—Cuba.

Cuba, like Puerto Rico, was struck hard by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, but the situation there was utterly different. Suffocated by the U.S. embargo and penalized by centuries of colonial plunder, Cuba—after the revolution—has struggled to create new pathways for its people. When a hurricane comes, Cuba prepares by moving its vulnerable population to safety and by detaching its already decentralized power system. The devastation is managed, the recovery as swift as possible. It should startle the reader that even though Cuba was hit by the same hurricane, it offered to send medical personnel and electrical workers to help the people of Puerto Rico (as it had offered help to the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, a storm that also struck Cuba with equal velocity).

Disaster socialism is a key part of Cuba’s landscape. Its people are organized into voluntary units and its infrastructure is decentralized to mirror the decentralization of governance on the island.

Pushed by the blockade (since 1963) and by a deep interest in sections of the Cuban Communist Party in ecological socialism, the Cubans held an ecological conference in 1980, created the National Commission for the Protection of the Environment and the Preservation of Natural Resources and passed Law no. 31 in 1981 to protect the environment. It was based on this current inside Cuba that Fidel Castro made the comment at the 1992 UN Rio Conference on Environment and Development, “Tomorrow will be too late to do what we should have done a long time ago.”

Cuba offers a window into country-wide projects based on the principles of agro-ecology—urban farming with biopesticides, farmers cooperatives, ban on construction of homes in coastal areas, Integrated Neighborhood Transformation Workshops (TTIB) that bring together neighbors who have a range of skills to solve problems for their own area. There are limits placed by the embargo and by history—reliance upon fossil fuels is one, while reliance upon food imports is another. But, in terms of the energy grid, after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Cuba reformed its entire system, phasing out incandescent bulbs and breaking up the energy grid. Cuba plans to have a quarter of its energy needs from renewable sources in the next decades and hopes to deepen its use of renewable energy in the years to come.

What was experienced in Cuba was also experienced recently when the left-government in Kerala, India, and the socially conscious people of Kerala worked hard against the catastrophic floods that struck the state. At Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, there is a full dossier on that flood and on the efforts of the left government and of Kerala’s society. The experience in Cuba, in other words, is not cultural—something about the Cuban people. It is structural—something about the benefits of a socialist society and state.

Naomi Klein rightly points out that the Puertopians—the libertarian anti-social capitalists who want to devour the world—seek to turn Puerto Rico into their little paradise. Their vision for Puerto Rico resembles what Cuba was under the control of the U.S. mafia and monopoly capital before the revolution. Their utopia is Cuba, c. 1958. Klein writes of the confrontation between two utopias, that of the Puertopians and that of the agro-ecological forces from Casa Pueblo and Organización Boricuá. But, there is a wider choice—between the savage disaster capitalism pushed by the U.S. government or the socialist experiments in Cuba and Kerala. The former—disaster capitalism—is a vision of states and corporations that drain social energy. The latter—socialism—works alongside social dynamism to create a new world.

This article was produced by Globetrotter, a project of the Independent Media Institute.


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          Here's Why I Love Iran — Even When My Country Sees It as an Enemy      Cache   Translate Page      
Wondering about American indifference about the war we're ramping up for has had me thinking about why I love Iran.

I was living in Harlem.

It was a few weeks after 9/11 and when Mahsa rang and let me know that she would be in New York, I was happy and excited.

Her brother and I had been friends for over ten years.

We always said our meeting was destined.

As the only two kids of color—I am Black American and he is Persian—in an otherwise all-white Women in Religion class at DePaul University, something in my heart knew he would be my friend for life. I’ll never forget the look of agony in his big blue eyes when after opening the door to that crammed classroom he encountered a sea a white faces looking back at him, no one budging to indicate they would make room as he courageously closed the door behind him, turned and bared the stark gaze of the tall, lanky, pasty professor with the thick Eastern European accent, intensifying the mood with “Why don’t we wait to continue since some of us don’t know how to get to here on time.”

Somehow in that moment, our eyes locked and I hurriedly moved my bag and beckoned him to come sit next to me. Shaun made his way through the sea of kids, barely letting him through the tight aisles. By the time he sat down, sweat trickling from his brow, he was relieved and I was relieved for him and we both laughed under our breath. When he rifled through his bag looking for a pen and couldn’t find one—another long pause from our professor—we both laughed again as I handed him one of mine.

We become one in that moment, representing a warm cocoon of support to protect us through the white supremacist death by a thousand cuts that can choke and kill with its vicious silences and pauses that wither you from the inside out and have no balm but the knowing, empathetic understanding that laughter and friendship can heal.

Even though he was born in Iran, I here in America, we had many things in common. He was organized into his understanding of Whiteness in Wilmette and I got my credentials in Fairfield, Connecticut. Different places, same stuff. Our families were the only people of color in extremely affluent communities and the day to day experiences, that remind you every day of how alien and unlovable you are, would leave their mark on our psyches, well after we’d graduated high school and found one another in that classroom at DePaul University.

Getting together was healing. He and his cousins became fixtures at my house whenever there were barbeques, family get-togethers and parties. When I met Shaun I didn’t know much about Persian history and culture, just what I remembered from what became known as the “hostage crisis,” and the Shah of Iran, years before.

I was eight years old when a group of Iranian college students shut down a building in a place called Tehran. They were holding fifty or so Americans inside the embassy and wouldn’t release them until their demands were met. My mother said the students were standing up for themselves because America was “doing them like they do us” and “they know how it is.” My mom and the Iranian kids seemed to be on the same page because at some point, soon after the “crisis” began, the students released the women and the Black Americans, let them walk right out of the embassy. It made so much sense and I was so impressed with the reasonableness of their actions. “Women hold a special place in our society and Blacks live under American oppression and tyranny.”

Even though the white broadcasters tried to reduce the gesture to a publicity stunt, watching those people march out of the building, the women coming home to their children and the Black Brothers with their afros, coming home to their families, after that the students had my vote. And I got the message, for the first time in my life, that Black people in America had something in common with Black people and other people of color, all over the world.

We were one.

The students knew it. They said it for everyone to hear and now I knew it too.

Hanging out with Shaun reminded me of that. We had good times together and my mom and dad adored him, treated him like he was one of their own. We danced, partied, ate as much barbeque as we could hold, had great cocktails and just enjoyed life together. My parents taught him how to play Bid Whist, Black folk’s version of Bridge. Going to Shaun’s place, either his parents' house out in Wilmette or his apartment down the street from our place in Lincoln Park, was just the same. Just good times. When he cooked, my gosh, the food was magnificent! Well-seasoned meats with fresh, delicious herbs, perfectly cooked fluffy rice with these gorgeous, aromatic dips and sauces. The art on his walls was impeccable and the energy in his apartment was always flowing. Like my family, Shaun was hospitable, caring, a lovely conversationalist and knew how to have a good time, and he cared about people.

Photo Credit: CODEPINK

We had so many things in common.

So of course, years later when his baby sister Mahsa came to New York, I was excited to host.

She arrived, smartly dressed like a low-key, genius poet in her well-tailored men’s sports jacket, a black turtleneck, jeans and expensive but understated loafers. Mahsa had always been elegant and gorgeous. We walked down to People’s Choice, the most delicious homemade Jamaican food in New York City. I think we got oxtails with peas and rice and cabbage. Neither one of us could get over how extraordinarily delicious the food was. We ate and we talked about her work and mine. We’d all since left Chicago, years ago. Shaun to Los Angeles, me to New York City and Mahsa to Tehran. She’d done a women’s magazine, Bad Jens, and had become a serious organizer of community over there. On this trip she was working at the UN with Shirin Ebadi, doing translation work for her papers, books and speeches. Even though Mahsa was really humble about it, which was her way, I knew from her proud brother that her work with Shirin Ebadi was a really big deal.

Since 9/11 had just gone down, and Bush was pushing us to go to war with Iraq, I took the opportunity to make sense of all that had happened in that part of the world. “Why are we always fighting and complaining about Iraq and Iran?” I asked as we chomped away. “And what’s the deal with Afghanistan?” I admitted to her something that I had hidden from myself, that even though I was pretty active in international situations that impacted Black people and people of color globally, Haiti, South Africa, Venezuela, that I knew very little about the Middle East. It just became something that was always already happening… so ongoing that I just tuned out. Mahsa was one of those people, that even though she was crazy smart, brilliant really, you didn’t have to pretend that you knew something that you did not.

She explained about the oil. She explained about the pipelines. She explained the grip of American imperialism, the destruction of the cities of Middle Eastern antiquity and the pillaging of museums and libraries by American armed forces throughout the years and the slow, steady march to Iraq that the U.S. was directing to Iran. That seemed outlandish to me, that Iran would ever be treated in that fashion. When she started talking about the incessant bombing, the destruction of Beirut came up and I informed her that back in the early '80s, Black folks likened the most cracked-out, left behind areas of our own communities to this city, “South Side of Chicago lookin’ like Beirut,” I’d hear brothers and sisters say.

Mahsa shook her head and smiled slightly and then gave me a glimpse of the history of the beauty and majesty of this gorgeous Lebanese city. She was clearly disturbed by the information, but her gentle, non-judgmental telling of these things, in a tone demonstrative of patience and inner peace, her deep intellect and elegance, amplified a sense of what Americans did not know or like to think about, that ours was a young, foolish country… a big, ignorant, bully baby and that we had lost our way. Completely. Most of us unaware of what was really happening in our names, and for oil, imperialism and what Bush kept calling “our way of life,” around the world, especially in the Middle East, with people, who like my mother’d said all those years ago “know how it is.”

We do not like to even consider what we have destroyed and in that destruction what has been lost, forever, to the world. What we have lost is friendship, culture, love, peace, endless possibilities and all of the wonderful things that come from life when you are trying to crush, kill, and control. Somewhere along the way, in a quest for assimilation, peace and acceptance, and just probably worn downness, Black Americans forgot too, that we have something in common with our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. The greatest blow from the War Economy is that it separates us. Eventually, it separated Shaun and I… understandably. After all, it is difficult to maintain friendships with folks when your country makes habit of lying, stealing, cheating, murdering and spreading hate, making their lives here and back home, a misery.

America was and still is running around, destructively taking… snatching things... from people, with whom Black folks, Native people, LatinX in the land known as the United States have something in common.

As I look at the bombed-out streets of the countries that the United States has attacked, and ripped apart, dusty, dirt heaps where gardens used to grow, I have to look at my own communities, here in the United States. Areas with no green spaces or parks and the prisons swollen with human energy relegated to slavery. Flint, Michigan, with no drinkable water source, Deep East Oakland with nowhere to buy living foods and soil so destroyed by pollution that you can’t grow any… children climbing out of tents in homeless encampments in downtown Oakland, while tech millionaires look down on them from their sprawling condo apartment windows. The United States is waging the same war on the people of the Middle East, that it is waging here on Black folks, LatinX, Indigenous people and poor Whites, here in our local communities.

This truth takes me back to that look on Mahsa’s face when she told me of the beauty of precious Beirut and the pure glory of what stood there before the dust and the rubble.

I have always had the sense that being reminded of what we have in common, (in addition to being targeted by the most destructive force on the planet… the American government…) would create a solidarity that could truly organize peace on its own, between the people most heavily enslaved, marginalized and victimized by the virus of War Economy which spreads by keeping us fearful of one another and separates us. I have always had the sense that if the Black and LatinX children on the South Side of Chicago understood that the bullets flying by and through their heads and the food deserts in which they reside are a construction of the engineers of the War Economy, which inflict death upon all that they cannot control, as they do today to the children of Yemen and Afghanistan, and God forbid, Iran, that they would have a different sense of their possibilities and self-worth in the world. I have always had the sense that if we remembered what the Iranian students were really saying and doing when they released the folks who “suffered under American oppression and tyranny,” just like they did… that we would all be unstoppable… together… because knowing that we all have something in common is the first step towards growing and sustaining a local peace economy.

The good news is that we get a chance to start again, everytime we open our eyes and begin a new day.

When I tell people that our government is ramping up to a war with Iran, a glaze comes over their eyes. It’s like yelling fire in a crowded theater but nobody moves because they’re too busy enjoying their buttered popcorn and watching the movie… so you have to start explaining that fire not only burns… but it can kill you.

Get up and run!

Are we that used to waging war in America that no one even bats an eye?

Photo Credit: CODEPINK

Or is it because Iran is this faraway place where they’re not like us... and practice a different religion… have different values… a place where the people have nothing in common with us? This glaze over the eyes thing has happened so much that I have to wonder what has happened in my life that makes me understand that loving the Iranian people is as natural as loving my own people... as natural as knowing that they are my people.

Wondering why my fellow countrymen and women do not connect in the same way has shaken me up a little… a lot... and had me thinking about why I love Iran.

I want to dedicate this piece to Mahsa Shekarloo, who left our world on September 5, 2014. May all the girls and women, around the world and especially Iran… Persia, know that she organized, loved and sacrificed so that they could be free. And to her dear brother, Arash, aka Shaun, who is my friend… for life.

Learn more and join CODEPINK's We Love Iranians campaign here.

This article was produced by Local Peace Economy, a project of the Independent Media Institute.


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I'm afraid she's got historical illiteracy to go along with her economic illiteracy.  There are a number of reasons we set up the Electoral College, and there are decent arguments pro and con, but to emphasize slavery's power, and not the fears of small states forced to go along with mob rule (not to mention the Founders being a little frightened of pure democracy) is just weird.

But the complaints don't stop there.  Democrats also want to change the rules of the Senate--why should Wyoming and California get the same number of senators?  Well, whether or not you think this is a good idea, it was a compromise that allowed this nation to be formed.  And, of course, since it can't be changed without the consent of these small states, don't hold your breath.

Then we get to the real bone of contention at present.  They're unhappy with Bret Kavanaugh's confirmation.  There's a tweet going around that wraps it up pretty well:

We are a country where two presidents who both lost the popular vote have now placed four justices on the Supreme Court.  Democracy in action.

Of course, this is all sour grapes. They're not complaining out of principle, but because they believe the system isn't working for them (and the GOP defends the system not out of principle, but because they believe it's a good deal for them).  I bet if we did make radical change, the Democrats might get some unpleasant surprises, and could just as quickly wish for the old days.

In any case, I question their reading of the stats.  Look at the tweet directly above.  They give a false impression of the numbers.  For one thing, George W. Bush actually won a majority of the popular vote in 2004, after which he got to make his two picks for the Supreme Court, Roberts and Alito.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton was elected in 1992 with only 43% of the vote--far less than Bush or Trump got--yet he followed that election with his two picks for the highest court. (Note he also got less than a majority in his 1996 reelection).  Would the Democrats really be happier if they had been denied Ginsburg and Breyer?
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Maybe Ivanka will go to the UN. by Chase Burns
What a fart.
What a fart. Getty Images

Another day, another Trumpddate. Was it really just a week ago that the NY Times's bombshell reporting on Trump's finances came out? Whatever happened with all that? Oh yeah. Nothing.

The big news of today, so far, is that Nikki Haley—"one of Trump’s many dignity beards," as Rich Smith calls her—is leaving her position as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. From CBS News:

Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is leaving her post at the end of the year, President Trump announced in the Oval Office Tuesday morning. Haley's replacement is unclear, although Mr. Trump said he will likely select the new ambassador in the next two or three weeks.

Haley told reporters she will not run for office in 2020 and instead campaign for the president, in an attempt to quash speculation that she might chart her own political course challenging him.


Mr. Trump said a number of people would like to do Haley's job, and claimed it's a more "glamorous" position than it was a couple years ago.

Who will take that glam position? Maybe someone from Goldman Sachs! From CNBC:

Dina Powell, a Goldman Sachs executive and former deputy national security advisor to President Donald Trump, has had discussions with senior members of the administration about possibly succeeding Nikki Haley as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

In the days leading up to Haley's sudden and surprising resignation Tuesday, senior White House officials reached out to Powell about possibly taking the role, according to three people with direct knowledge of the matter.

But maybe Ivanka will take Haley's place! Per NBC News:

"How good would Ivanka be?" he asked rhetorically before dismissing the idea.

"I think Ivanka would be incredible but it doesn't mean [I would name her]," Trump said. "I would be accused of nepotism." He added that he thought there was no one "more competent in the world" than Ivanka Trump.

Yeah... that wouldn't just be nepotism:

But wait wait wait! Why is Haley leaving if she's not trying to run for president? Are we supposed to buy that she's just tired? Maybe it has something to do with this... per HuffPo:

A watchdog organization is calling for an investigation into seven private flights taken by United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley that were paid for by South Carolina business executives.

The 2017 flights, which Haley listed on her public financial disclosure report this year, were between New York, Washington and three cities in her home state of South Carolina, where she was governor before joining the Trump administration. The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said the flights were likely worth about $24,000 and should be investigated by the State Department’s inspector general.

While the Haley news was breaking, Trump tweeted this nonsense:

The Washington Post breaks it down:

The tweet appears to be rare multilayered nonsense. Nonsense within older nonsense.

The base layer is the false premise that hundreds of protesters who swarmed the Capitol during Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings were “paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad,” as Trump put it in another pronouncement last week, in contradiction to all known facts.

Onto this original falsehood, Trump has now stacked the baffling claim that the paid protesters were not, in fact, paid — “they haven’t gotten their checks,” as he wrote.

This is the conundrum the world is trying to solve.

They go on to decipher the whole mess here.

His Twitter today hasn't been complete multilayered nonsense*. He's also getting out the vote:

*Well, the "Vote.GOP" part definitely counts as multilayered nonsense.

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          UN Panel on Climate Change Says We're Fucked      Cache   Translate Page      
by Katie Herzog
Welcome to the future.
Welcome to the future. Karl Spencer/Getty Images

Time to take up smoking, everyone! The planet is going to shit so fast, drought will probably get to you before the cancer does.

On Monday, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a depressing new report about just how fucked we are when it comes to global climate change. According to the IPCC, on the path we're currently careening down, the planet will increase in temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by 2030, a mere 12 years away.

One-and-a-half degrees Celsius (or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) might not sound significant, but it is, and we're already two-thirds of the way there. A temperature increase of this magnitude will, according to the IPCC lead to an increase in catastrophic storms, floods, wildfires, droughts, and food shortages for hundreds of millions of people, particularly those in already vulnerable areas, like Cape Town, South Africa, which nearly ran out of water this year. While people living in poverty and vulnerable areas are more fucked than we are in Seattle, the U.S. is already seeing the effects of climate change, from hurricanes in North Carolina to wildfires in California and floods in Houston.

Keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels was the goal of the agreement that resulted from the Paris Climate Accords—which, of course, Donald Trump refused to ratify, one of only three countries on the entire planet to refuse to go along. (The others were Syria and Nicaragua. Even North Korea agreed to comply.) Without drastic action—not now, but yesterday—the Earth will, in all likelihood, reach the 1.5 degree threshold in the next 12 years. And then it will get worse. At 1.5 degrees, an estimated 10 percent of coral reefs will survive ocean acidification; at 2 degrees, only 1 percent will. In other words, we're fucked.

The White House, of course, is too busy throwing campaign rallies and blowing the coal industry to give a shit, but climate change is real, it's here, and it will not get better with Donald Trump in office and the GOP running the show. Remember that 1.5 degrees when it comes time to vote.

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“It’s not NAFTA redone. It’s a brand new deal,” President Donald Trump declared triumphantly at the White House last week, announcing the revised free trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. But the new agreement is really just the Trans-Pacific Partnership with a few tweaks, and many fewer countries.

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Kanye West may be getting his wish of meeting with Donald Trump this week. According to the New work Times, Kanye is scheduled to meet with the President and his son-in-law/senior adviser Jared Kushner this Thursday at The White House. Kanye, who has faced a backlash over his vocal support of the President & for wearing MAGA hats, will meet with Mr. Kushner first to talk about criminal justice system, before going on to have lunch with President Trump.


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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is heading to Iowa to boost Republican candidates and roll out new summer fuel standards. Trump’s rally in Council Bluffs is the latest stop on a busy tour campaigning for Republican candidates in the lead-up to November’s midterm congressional elections. Trump is expected to announce a long-expected move lifting […]
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NIKKI Haley resigned as US Ambassador to the United Nations today. She went to the White House to personally deliver her letter of resignation to President Donald Trump today. Here’s what we know. Why has Nikki Haley resigned? Rumours of Haley’s resignation began circulating on social media earlier today after Axios claimed two sources said […]
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As I write this column, the GOP has won the most brutal political battle in history. Brett Kavanaugh...
          Florida se prepara para el embate del huracán Michael      Cache   Translate Page      

El estado de Florida, en los Estados Unidos, se ha preparado para el embate del huracán Michael, calificado de "monstruoso". Según los cáculos del Centro Nacional de Huracanes (NHC), con sede en esa entidad federal, la fuerte tormenta tocará tierra este miércoles como huracán de categoría 3 en una escala de 5, con vientos sostenidos de 120 millas por hora (193 km/h), marejadas ciclónicas y lluvias intensas que, combinadas, pueden ocasionar peligrosas inundaciones en una zona que hace décadas que no se ve amenazada por un ciclón tan potente.

Así lo ha explicado el gobernador de Florida, Rick Scott, en una conferencia de prensa en la que ha afirmado que hay vidas en riesgo a causa de Michael.

Declaran estado de emergencia en 35 condados de Florida por el paso del huracán Michael.

El fin de semana, Scott declaró en emergencia a 35 condados de los 67 que tiene el estado y pidió al Gobierno de Donald Trump que haga lo propio para que Florida pueda recibir fondos federales para asistencia de damnificados y reparación de daños.En nueve condados, se han emitido ya órdenes de evacuación obligatoria para los residentes en zonas bajas e inundables, y además se ha instado a la evacuación voluntaria en áreas de otros nueve.

"Es un ciclón monstruoso, y los pronósticos dicen que será aun más peligroso", señaló hoy el gobernador de Florida, Rick Scott, en una conferencia de prensa en la que destacó que hay vidas en riesgo a causa de Michael.

Según el boletín más reciente del NHC, emitido a las 11.00 hora local (15.00 GMT), Michael se ha adentrado en la parte suroriental del Golfo de México tras haber pasado por el extremo occidental de Cuba y avanza con vientos máximos reforzados a 110 millas por hora (175 km/h) en dirección norte.

Patrón de trayacetoria de Mchael, según el Centro Nacional de Huracanes.

El NHC emitió avisos y advertencias de varias categorías para toda la costa oeste de Florida, parte de la costa de Alabama y zonas de Misisipi y Carolina del Sur.

El patrón de trayectoria indica que el ojo de Michael, que se desplazaba hacia la parte oriental del Golfo de México en dirección norte, este miércoles tocará tierra en la zona del Panhandle o del Big Bend, la esquina noroccidental del estado, y luego cruzará debilitado el sureste de los EEUU.

Antes de llegar a tierra la fuerza de sus vientos aumentará, señaló el NHC.

Imagen satelital de Michael (Foto: AFP).

Las oficinas públicas están cerradas de martes a jueves en los condados, al igual que la mayoría de las escuelas y universidades.

En las autopistas de algunas zonas del noroeste no se cobra ya peaje para facilitar que la población de las zonas amenazadas busque refugio en lugares seguros y en las ciudades y pueblos se distribuyen sacos de arena para frenar el avance de las aguas en caso de crecida del mar e inundaciones por lluvias.

Entre los mayores peligros que entraña Michael para zonas pobladas esta la combinación de una fuerte marejada ciclónica con la marea, que puede provocar una subida del nivel del mar de hasta 12 pies (3,66 metros) y por consiguiente inundaciones en zonas costeras, advierte el NHC.

          Who bombed Syria? Was Israel behind the 2018 attack and what has Donald Trump said about ‘animal Assad’?      Cache   Translate Page      
RUSSIA claimed Israel carried out air strikes in Syria hours after an alleged horror chemical attack on civilians. Syria’s state-run news agency said its air defences downed eight missiles targeted at a military base in the early hours of April, 9 2018. Did the US or Israel order the new missile strike in Syria? The Russian military […]
          Hillary Clinton dice que Trump atacó a las mujeres con el caso Kavanaugh      Cache   Translate Page      

La excandidata presidencial Hillary Clinton ofreció su opinión sobre el politizado caso de Brett Kavanaugh, el cual generó una fuerte polémica sobre el valor de las acusaciones de la profesora de psicología Christine Blasey Ford. En una entrevista realizada por Christiane Amanpour, de la cadena CNN, Clinton indicó que con su apoyo a Kavanaugh, el presidente Donald Trump continúa con […]

La entrada Hillary Clinton dice que Trump atacó a las mujeres con el caso Kavanaugh aparece primero en Radio Huancavilca 830AM.

          Trump declara estado de emergencia en Florida ante amenaza de huracán Michael      Cache   Translate Page      

Washington.- El presidente Donald Trump aprobó hoy la declaración de estado de emergencia para Florida ante la llegada del huracán Michael, que, según los pronósticos, tocará tierra en el noroeste de este estado el miércoles con vientos de unas 120 millas por hora (193 km/h). Esta declaración autoriza al Departamento de Seguridad Nacional (DHS, en […]

La entrada Trump declara estado de emergencia en Florida ante amenaza de huracán Michael aparece primero en Radio Huancavilca 830AM.

          Today on The Michelangelo Signorile Show on SiriusXM PROGRESS ch.127      Cache   Translate Page      
Since we last spoke with Mark Joseph Stern of Slate last week a lot has happened, Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the new Supreme Court justice, the swing vote senators revealed their true colors, and the American Bar Association has reopened an investigation into Kavanaugh. Mark returns to the show today to talk all about these issues and so much more.

California’s congressional district 22, situated in the heart of the Central Valley, has been held by Republican incumbent and Trump ally Devin Nunes since 2002. Fresno County Deputy District Attorney and Democratic candidate for CA-22 Andrew Janz is campaigning to change that, and the Fresno Bee has endorsed him over Nunes, "for the good of the 22nd District and the nation, the choice is clear." He joins me on the show today to talk all about his exciting campaign.

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          New UN Report Predicts Climate Crisis by 2040. Now What?       Cache   Translate Page      

New UN Report Predicts Climate Crisis by 2040. Now What?

A new UN climate report predicts catastrophic damage by climate change by the year 2040. So what do we do now? We talk about technological and political solutions.

Trump Declares War on Poverty Over; Residents of Rural North Carolina Still Struggling to Get By

Battered by both hurricanes Maria and Florence, rural Lumberton, North Carolina, feels politically disconnected from Washington, DC.

Nikki Haley Announces She's Stepping Down as UN Ambassador

How will Nikki Haley's resignation impact the United States' relationships with the rest of the world?

Officer Who Shot 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice is Now Working for Another Police Force

What does the community think of this officer working for their department?

Are We Seeing Voter Disenfranchisement Leading Up to the Midterms? 

As registration deadlines close in before the midterms, we look at what trends may be happening with voter disenfranchisement.

Can the Partisan Empathy Gap Be Fixed?

In the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation, there are deep feelings of resentment on both sides of the aisle. Is that growing anger something that can or should be solved?


Megan Mullin

Mark Jacobson

Ashley Balcerzak

Ambassador Michael McFaul

Greg Roby

Jessica Huseman

Lilliana Mason

          Re: Nikki Haley to resign and leave Trump administration at the end of 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Nimrata may have realized she'd been promoted above her level of competence. If so, good for her.
Posted by Charlotte Edwards
          Re: Nikki Haley to resign and leave Trump administration at the end of 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
She does care! She is a super intelligent and attractive person, but I couldn't do that job either even if I had half of her abilities and a million dollars.
Posted by zee
          Trump klagt weiter über Zinserhöhungen der US-Notenbank      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) - US-Präsident Donald Trump lässt mit seiner Kritik an den Leitzinserhöhungen der Notenbank Federal Reserve (Fed) nicht locker. Es gefalle ihm nicht, was die Fed mache, sagte Trump am Dienstag in Washington. Mit Blick auf das Tempo, mit dem die Notenbank derzeit ihre Geldpolitik strafft, ergänzte er...
          Election Countdown: Big fundraising numbers in fight for Senate | Haley resigns in surprise move | Says she will back Trump in 2020 | Sanders hitting midterm trail | Collins becomes top Dem target | Takeaways from Indiana Senate debate      Cache   Translate Page      
House candidates have been announcing jaw-dropping fundraising hauls, a trend we're now seeing in the battle for the Senate.
          Ivanka Trump shuts down speculation she will replace Haley      Cache   Translate Page      
Ivanka Trump on Tuesday ruled out the possibility that she will replace outgoing U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley shortly after her father did the same."It is an honor to serve in the White House a...
          Trump dismisses talk of Graham joining Cabinet      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump on Tuesday dismissed talk of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) joining his Cabinet, telling reporters that he believes the senator "wants to stay right where he is.""Certainly I would," Trump said when a...
          Trump: Ivanka would be 'incredible' at UN if not for accusations of nepotism      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump said Tuesday that his daughter Ivanka Trump would be "dynamite" as an ambassador to the United Nations, but conceded that he would be accused of nepotism if he appointed her to replace outgoing Ambassador...
          Trump Criticizes Fed Rate Increases Again      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump repeated his frustration over higher short-term interest rates set by the Federal Reserve, but said he hadn’t spoken with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell because he wanted to stay “uninvolved” in monetary policy.
          Nikki Haley resigns as US ambassador to UN      Cache   Translate Page      
The United States' ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has unexpectedly resigned. She made the announcement with President Donald Trump by her side earlier this morning, rejecting the suggestion that she was preparing to challenge Mr Trump in the 2020 election. Ms Haley has been the face of Trump's "America First" policy at the United Nations, leading the country's withdrawal from several UN programmes and defending Mr Trump's hard-line policies against Iran and North Korea.
          Trump Organization extends losses at Turnberry, Aberdeen golf resorts      Cache   Translate Page      
The Trump Organization has yet to turn a profit its new and elaborate resorts in Scotland, according to financial filings in the United (...)
          News Wrap: States declare emergencies over Hurricane Michael      Cache   Translate Page      
In our news wrap Monday, Hurricane Michael is heading toward the Florida Panhandle, and is expected to make landfall midweek. Forecasters say it could become a major hurricane with winds topping 110 miles an hour. Also, President Trump predicted the battle over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will spur Democrats to vote Republican in the midterm
          Michael Lewis traces the ‘gutting of the civil service’ under Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
Bestselling author Michael Lewis says the idea that civil servants are “lazy or stupid or dead weight on the society is...the most sinister idea alive in this country right now." In his new book, “The Fifth Risk,” Lewis examines how the Trump administration has been staffing the federal government, and its “ignorance of the mission.” Lewis sits down with William Brangham for a conversation.
          Decisão do governo Trump ameaça a conservação ambiental, denunciam cientistas      Cache   Translate Page      
Urso-negro é encontrado em quase todo território dos EUA.  (Foto: Creative Commons / werner22brigitte)


A decisão de priorizar a ciência “publicamente disponível, reproduzível e revisada por pares” para tomar decisões foi assinada pelo vice-secretário do Departamento do Interior do governo Trump, David Bernhardt, em 28 de setembro, visando aumentar a confiança da agência na "melhor ciência disponível", de acordo com comunicado.

Parece uma iniciativa lógica até, afinal sempre é melhor contar com a melhor ciência possível, mas a medida gerou protestos dentro dos Estados Unidos. Isso porque a medida pode fazer, na verdade, o oposto, denunciam cientistas. Ela pode afastar os funcionários do Departamento do Interior de estudos que confiam em informações frequentemente mantidas em sigilo para proteger espécies ameaçadas, como dados de localização e detalhes de proprietários de terra. Ou os cientistas tornam públicas informações sensíveis como essas ou não podem continuar esses dados em estudos.

Leia também:
Trump cancela programa da NASA que pesquisa aquecimento global
A psicologia por trás das pessoas que apoiam Donald Trump

“Na superfície, parece uma regra para aumentar a transparência, mas pelo histórico não parece provável", disse ao BuzzFeed News Charise Johnson, pesquisadora da União dos Cientistas Preocupados (UCS). Uma pesquisa da UCS com cientistas federais, publicada em agosto, mostrou que muitos no Departamento do Interior relataram ter sofrido censura e interferência política no trabalho.

“Essa ordem surgiu em resposta a preocupações perenes de que o Departamento não forneceu informações suficientes ao público para explicar como e por que ele chega a certas conclusões, ou que é uma ciência seletiva para apoiar resultados pré-determinados”, Heather Swift, porta-voz da agência disse ao BuzzFeed News.

Essa regra é similar a outra proposta controversa, feita pela Agência de Proteção Ambiental (EPA), que restringiria a ciência usada para as regras ambientais e de saúde pública, alertam cientistas. E-mails internos recém-divulgados mostram que os próprios cientistas da EPA não estavam envolvidos na elaboração da regra, que tem sido contestada pela Associação Americana para o Avanço da Ciência (AAAS), pela Associação Americana de Saúde Pública e por mais de 60 outros cientistas, médicos e grupos acadêmicos.

Em uma audiência no Congresso na quarta-feira sobre a regra de transparência científica da EPA, o diretor executivo da AAAS, Rush Holt, ex-membro do Congresso de Nova Jersey, disse que a proposta "não é sobre transparência ou ciência sólida". "Trata-se de reduzir as regulamentações e essa mudança provavelmente resultaria em danos às pessoas e ao meio ambiente”, afirmou.

A diretriz do Interior não é tão restritiva quanto a da EPA, dando ao pessoal uma oportunidade de usar qualquer ciência que julgue apropriada, desde que explique seu raciocínio.

"Qualquer decisão baseada em conclusões científicas que não sejam apoiadas por dados brutos publicamente disponíveis, análise ou metodologia, não tenham sido revisadas por pares ou não sejam prontamente reproduzíveis deve incluir uma explicação de por que essa ciência é a melhor informação disponível", diz a ordem.

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          Administration Implements Smith Proposal to Expand Availability of E15 Year-Round      Cache   Translate Page      

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) praised President Trump’s decision to allow the year-round sale of E15 in accordance with legislation introduced by Smith. In a White House announcement today, the president directed the EPA to begin rulemaking to allow E15 to be sold during the summer months.

“The year-round availability of higher ethanol blends such as E15 is a simple, common sense measure which I have long championed for its benefits to producers, refiners, and consumers across America. In addition to introducing legislation requiring the EPA to allow the sale of E15 throughout the year, I have sent multiple letters and consulted administration officials on numerous occasions to this end. President Trump has long stated his support for renewable fuels, and I appreciate him following through on this commitment.”

To download an audio clip of Rep. Smith’s comments, click here.

To read about Rep. Smith’s bill to allow year-round sales of E15, click here.

To read Rep. Smith’s latest column on E15, click here.

To read Rep. Smith’s latest letter to the administration on E15 and 2019 RVOs, click here.

          Comment on At least Americans choose top judges in public by Nico      Cache   Translate Page      
@Snorri Godhi, the irony is that this was Trump's most dignified fight so far, I think. He stayed above the fray for quite some time, and only at the very end did he get dirty (by mocking Ford). The ones who fought like bulls, like Lindsey Graham or Kavanaugh, did not look as dignified as Trump did up to that point.
          Trump Renews Fed Criticism, Says Raising Rates Too Fast      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday again criticized the Federal Reserve, telling reporters the central bank is going too fast in raising rates when inflation is minimal and government data points to a strong economy. Reported by Newsmax 23 minutes ago.
          NHTSA: Self-Driving Cars May Hit US Roads in Pilot Program      Cache   Translate Page      
Fully self-driving cars may be on the fast lane to U.S. roads under a pilot program the Trump administration said on Tuesday it was considering, which would allow real-world road testing for a limited number of the vehicles. Reported by Newsmax 36 minutes ago.
          President Trump: Ivanka Would Be “Dynamite” as U.N. Ambassador, if It Weren’t for the Complaints of Nepotism      Cache   Translate Page      

Ivanka Trump would make a great ambassador to the United Nations, President Trump said Tuesday, but he would be accused of nepotism if he nominated her.

Wait, what?

No, really. Almost immediately after news broke that Nikki Haley would step down as ambassador to the United Nations, the name of a woman who literally grew up in a luxury New York City penthouse was floated as the next person to occupy another one professionally on behalf of the United States. This isn’t the first time her name has been floated for the job—Ivanka was rumored late last year to be a potential replacement for Haley if she took the secretary of state job from Rex Tillerson.

The rumors were only stoked further when Haley praised Ivanka and called Jared a “hidden genius that no one understands” while speaking with Trump in the Oval Office.

While some have tried to tamp down the speculation, the president amped it up when he said Tuesday afternoon that Ivanka would be a “dynamite” pick, “but I’d then be accused of nepotism.” Trump then layered on the praise for his daughter, saying “I’m not sure there’s anyone more competent in the world.” Trump also said that his former foreign policy adviser Dina Powell—and friend of Ivanka and Jared—was “under consideration.”

So the onus fell to Ivanka herself to put an end to the speculation:

          Brett Kavanaugh’s First Day on the Bench Was Disturbingly Normal      Cache   Translate Page      

On Monday night, Donald Trump led the entire U.S. Supreme Court into an ambush. At a ceremonial swearing-in for Trump’s latest appointee, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the president launched into a political diatribe that made a majority of the court visibly uncomfortable. “On behalf of our nation,” Trump declared, “I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure.” He decried the “campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception,” and asserted that Kavanaugh had been “proven innocent” of sexual assault allegations. Then he praised Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Sen. Susan Collins, the latter of whom he credited for supporting Kavanaugh in a “brave and eloquent speech.”

Fifteen hours after this GOP pep rally, the justices assembled at the Supreme Court to hear arguments in two criminal sentencing cases, marking the first time Kavanaugh took his new seat on the bench. If Chief Justice John Roberts hadn’t formally welcomed his new colleague—“We wish you a long and happy career in our common calling”—it would’ve been tough to tell that anything had changed. The justices settled into their groove, and Kavanaugh jumped into the action, seemingly right at home. While the rest of the country continues to convulse over his confirmation, the justices seem determined to move past Monday’s partisan spectacle and go about their business as usual.

This projection of continuity—of legitimacy, really—stood in remarkable contrast to the bizarre White House event the entire court had been forced to endure. Before waxing lyrical about his Republican allies, Trump thanked each member of the court individually for attending the ceremony. The justices, unsure how to respond to this scripted demonstration of gratitude, took turns awkwardly acknowledging the president. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg looked up, then away from Trump. Justice Stephen Breyer flashed a nervous grin. Justice Samuel Alito appeared to be in physical pain.

After that, the justices mostly clasped their hands together and stared at the ground. They looked uneasy before Trump started commending the (Republican) lawmakers who’d helped elevate Kavanaugh to the bench. Once those blandishments began, the justices either held their applause or clapped with polite restraint, like a parent applauding someone else’s kid at a recital. Only Justice Clarence Thomas, a friend of the Trump administration, heartily applauded each politician, clapping with special vigor for Mitch McConnell.

It’s safe to assume that none of the justices expected to be used as props at a small-scale Trump rally. (“Joining us for tonight’s ceremony is every sitting Supreme Court justice!” Trump announced before the painful thank-a-thon.) Justice Neil Gorsuch’s 2017 White House ceremony was, by comparison, a muted affair; back then, Trump refrained from attacking Democrats or exalting in the glory of every Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee. But Kavanaugh’s confirmation was much harder fought than Gorsuch’s and hit closer to home for Trump. The accusations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh clearly rankled the president on a personal level. And he couldn’t resist reminding Democrats that their “lies and deception” had failed to foil his second Supreme Court pick.

The justices looked much more comfortable as they filed onto the bench Tuesday morning. Before arguments began, Kavanaugh chatted amiably with his new seatmate, Justice Elena Kagan; the two whispered and laughed like old friends. When Kavanaugh asked his questions, he appeared determined to prove he was prepared, even citing the exact page of a precedent to prove a point. But he was also respectful to his colleagues and courteous with attorneys—a stark contrast with Gorsuch’s notorious early days on the bench, when he subtweeted Alito and talked over everyone.

Tuesday’s cases are not blockbusters, but they will provide a glimpse into what kind of conservative Kavanaugh will be: a law-and-order stickler (like Alito) or a libertarian formalist (like Gorsuch). Both involve the Armed Career Criminal Act, a draconian federal law that jacks up sentences for repeat offenders. ACCA is plagued by maddeningly hazy language, and the court has already lopped off a key provision, ruling that it violated due process. The latest cases require the court to determine how much “physical force” a defendant must employ during the commission of his crime to qualify for ACCA’s sentence enhancement and whether burglary of a vehicle triggers its penalties.

ACCA’s only consistent defender on the Supreme Court is Alito, who did not attempt to conceal his frustration with the court’s gradual demolition of the law. “You’re not exactly on a winning streak here in ACCA cases,” Alito told Erica Ross, a government attorney. “You might have gotten a hint that a majority of the court really hates ACCA and is picking it apart bit by bit by bit.” He added: “In my humble opinion, in this area, we have made one royal mess. Maybe we ought to go back and correct our own mess.”

Alito must have been pleased, then, when Kavanaugh asked a series of questions that evinced skepticism toward criminal defense attorneys’ efforts to narrow ACCA’s scope. Kavanaugh is not a tactical questioner; he doesn’t try to shatter an argument he disagrees with and bolster one he likes. But he was notably deferential to the Justice Department lawyers who are trying to prop up ACCA—another stark comparison with Gorsuch, who peppered the DOJ attorneys with sharp inquiries.

Although everybody leaned forward in anticipation the first few times Kavanaugh spoke up, he seemed like an old hand. The other justices slipped into their routines, too. Ginsburg quibbled with Alito. Breyer asked a quixotic, multipart question that was really more of a cry for help. Justice Sonia Sotomayor leaned over and pinched Gorsuch to illustrate a hypothetical, and Gorsuch made a funny face. Thomas leaned back and closed his eyes for several minutes.

The court, in short, tried very hard to ignore the months of political warfare and emotional agony that preceded Kavanaugh’s admission to its private club. Democrats hoping for the liberal bloc to disregard or ostracize the newest justice will be sorely disappointed. These justices recognize that Kavanaugh throws the court’s legitimacy in peril, and are eager to shore up its institutional prestige. That requires playing nice with Kavanaugh. These justices could have declined their invite to the White House on Monday night or given their new colleague the cold shoulder on Tuesday morning. They did not. Instead, they embraced him as one of their own.

Progressives may find Kavanaugh’s warm reception at the court objectionable, even repulsive. They may believe that, by treating him with such respect, the liberal justices are legitimizing him, helping him to cast off the cloud of doubt that followed him to the bench. But these justices do not want to lose any hope of grabbing his vote in a closely divided case—and they all place the court’s eminence above their own proclivities. A large portion of the country may still condemn him. But within the Supreme Court, there will be no resistance to Justice Kavanaugh.

          Why More Dictators Are Killing and Abducting Dissidents Abroad      Cache   Translate Page      

In Sheridan Circle on Washington’s Embassy Row lies a small plaque, little noticed by both tourists and locals, marking the spot where a car bomb killed Chilean diplomat-turned-think-tanker Orlando Letelier along with his American co-worker Ronni Moffitt in 1976. Letelier, since leaving Chile, had become a leading critic of Augusto Pinochet’s regime, and declassified documents later showed that the dictator had directly ordered the killing.

A dictatorship killing one of its citizens on the streets of a foreign capital is a brazen act but is by no means unheard of. Social scientists have traditionally defined a state as the entity that controls the use of physical force for domination within a given territory. But states, particularly those of an authoritarian bent, have frequently sought to project violence against dissidents and defectors far beyond their borders. An effective authoritarian state needs its most prominent critics to know that an ice ax in the back is still a possibility, even if they leave.

While it’s not exactly a new phenomenon, as Letelier and numerous other historical cases prove, the killing or abduction of foreign critics by authoritarian regimes appears to be alarmingly normalized today. Also alarming: Some of the countries where these crimes take place seem uninterested in doing anything to stop them.

Last week, Jamal Khashoggi, a prominent Saudi journalist and critic of its ruling royal family living in exile in the United States, visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain a document related to his upcoming wedding. He has not been heard from since then, and Turkish officials reportedly believe he was murdered by a special team sent from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s government has been brutal to dissidents and opponents, and technically speaking Khashoggi entered Saudi territory when he went inside the consulate building, but he had apparently been unconcerned, telling friends before his disappearance that he had been treated well during previous visits to Saudi embassies and consulates. His fiancée says he told her not to worry, since “they would not dare attempt anything within Turkey’s borders.”

Then again, perhaps no one should assume they are safe from a government that more or less took the prime minister of Lebanon hostage for several days last year. Ghanem al-Dosary, a London-based Saudi dissident, told the New York Times that Khashoggi’s disappearance was a message from the regime to its critics “that our hands can reach you wherever you are.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has demanded that the Saudi government prove its claim that Khashoggi walked out of the consulate unharmed. While a reasonable request, this umbrage is somewhat ironic given Turkey’s own pursuit of its critics abroad. Under Erdogan, the Turkish government has launched an aggressive crackdown on supporters of Fethullah Gülen, the influential and controversial cleric it accuses of orchestrating a failed 2016 coup. Thousands of accused Gülenists, including U.S. citizens, have been arrested, and the manhunt has gone global as well. Often, this is a matter of pushing foreign governments to extradite Gülenists back to Turkey, but sometimes the line between arrest and abduction has been blurred. In March, six Gülenists in Kosovo were shipped back to Turkey after being arrested over links to Gülenists schools, but Kosovo’s prime minister said he had not been aware of the operation, and local media dubbed it a “kidnapping.” In July, the government of Mongolia prevented what appeared to be an attempted abduction of a Gülenist school leader. Then there’s Gülen himself: Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly looking into allegations, corroborated by former CIA Director James Woolsey, that Turkish officials had met with former U.S. National Security Adviser and unacknowledged Turkey lobbyist Michael Flynn to discuss a plan to abduct the cleric from his compound in Pennsylvania and deliver him back to Turkey. And that’s not to mention the beating of protesters in Washington by Erdogan’s own bodyguards in 2017.

Of course, the most prominent recent attack by an authoritarian government on an exiled critic was the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in England in March, an attack that Vladimir Putin’s government has only half-heartedly tried to deny. According to a BuzzFeed investigation last year, U.S. authorities believe that as many as 14 people, including billionaire Boris Berezovsky, whose death had been ruled a suicide in 2013, had been killed by Russian secret services in Britain in recent years. Dozens more opponents of the Putin regime have been killed under suspicious circumstances abroad.

China has also been reaching across borders to pursue its critics. Prominent dissidents have been reportedly abducted from Thailand and sent back to China for detention. As for foreign-residing Uighurs—the Muslim minority that Beijing has recently been repressing in a brutal campaign that’s been dubbed a “cultural genocide”—the authorities’ preferred tactic appears to be threatening their families living within China unless they return home.

Last week also saw the bizarre disappearance and resignation of Meng Hongwei, the Chinese official who led Interpol, in what appeared to be a highly unusual move by a state government against the leader of a major international organization, all the more troubling since the exact charges against Meng have not been made public.

Numerous other examples abound. Two women are currently on trial in Malaysia over the killing—likely in cooperation, willing or not, with North Korean operatives—of Kim Jong-nam, brother of the current North Korean leader. The government of Iran stands accused by French authorities of orchestrating the attempted bombing of a meeting of a prominent exile group in Paris.

The response of the governments of countries where these incidents happen has often been muted—and that’s a problem. The British government’s tepid reaction to the 2006 poisoning of former FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko very well could have led Vladimir Putin to conclude there would be little consequence for pulling the same stunt there again.

Often diplomatic considerations are behind these muted reactions. France, for instance, is unlikely to press its case against Iran too hard, given that it’s currently trying to preserve what’s left of the 2015 nuclear deal.

It’s hard to make those sorts of excuses for President Donald Trump, who has spoken approvingly of how leaders like Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, and Erdogan conduct their business. When Putin suggested allowing Russian investigators to question 11 U.S. citizens he views as enemies, including former Ambassador Michael McFaul, in exchange for “cooperation” in the investigation of 2016 election interference, Trump called it an “incredible offer.” Trump was also reportedly reluctant and angry about the expulsion of Russian diplomats in response to the Skripal poisoning.

After days of silence over the alleged abduction and possible murder of Khashoggi, Trump, who often touts his close relationship with the Saudi royal family, finally acknowledged that there were some “pretty bad stories” going around about the journalist and U.S.
resident’s fate and said, “Hopefully that will sort itself out.” The Saudis are probably not too worried about a fierce U.S. response at this point.

But if we’re going to fault Trump’s rhetoric for contributing to the sense of impunity felt by authoritarian governments, we should also acknowledge Barack Obama’s covert drone campaign in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. This isn’t to draw any moral equivalence between the targeting of members of groups like al-Qaida, the Taliban, and ISIS and the murders and abductions of dissidents and journalists by dictatorships. But the targeted killing of a country’s enemies outside a declared battlefield was once considered exceptional, and the U.S. has helped make it routine.

More disturbing still may be the possibility that state violence is becoming globalized. The human rights community, more often than not, views the world in terms of distinct countries, classifying them as “free” or “unfree.” The much-maligned International Criminal Court is hamstrung by the fact that its jurisdiction is limited to only the countries that accept it.

Once upon a time, it was thought that globalization would undermine authoritarian systems in individual states as economic liberalization and new forms of communications overwhelm their defenses against outside influence. But the influence, of course, ended up going both ways. Today, we live in a world where China’s economic clout influences what classes are taught at U.S. universities and what movies are produced by Hollywood. The same internet that brings Western media into Russia allows the Russian state to influence elections around the world.

Authoritarian states clearly do not feel their authority is limited by state borders. So it’s no surprise they don’t feel their ability to inflict violence is limited either.

          Behind the Trump Administration's 'Brutal' Decision to Remove Its Federal Personnel Chief       Cache   Translate Page      
The former OPM director is said to have clashed with the administration over its agenda, leading to his ouster.
          El frenazo de Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
El FMI hace oficial la desaceleración económica y responsabiliza a Trump de ralentizar el comercio mundial
          Pruitt's Gone, But Wheeler Carries on Agenda      Cache   Translate Page      

Scott Pruitt’s 16-month tenure as EPA administrator turned out to be a mixed bag. When President-elect Trump nominated Pruitt, he thought he was getting exactly what he wanted: an ag­gressive outsider; an able public advocate; and, most importantly, someone who as Oklahoma’s attor­ney general had shown that he was just as opposed to Obama’s climate agenda and regulatory onslaught as was Trump.

Pruitt turned out to be suitably aggressive and an energetic promot­er of Trump’s policies. Most notably, he provided stalwart support inside the administration and in public of the president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate treaty. But he also turned out not to be a hands-on administrator. Repeals of major rules were regularly announced, but the legal paperwork often turned out to be sloppy and the process of moving rulemakings forward often seemed stuck in neutral.

Pruitt came to the job without any experience of working inside the EPA or of managing a large organization. What he needed was a competent deputy administrator who had worked at EPA and knew how it operated and where the roadblocks were. That person was Andrew Wheeler, but the president’s dysfunctional personnel process didn’t manage to nominate Wheeler until October 2017 and the Senate didn’t confirm him until April.

By the time Wheeler was sworn in, Pruitt was under assault for ethi­cal lapses by environmental pres­sure groups and the mainstream media. The charges against him were mostly small potatoes, some were ridiculous, and even the seri­ous ones were hardly unusual. One of the most serious was that he rent­ed a bedroom in a condo on a $50 nightly basis from a K Street power couple. It does look improper, but it had been cleared by EPA’s ethics counsel. Compare the endless recy­cling of this story to the big news in 2010 that Treasury Secretary Timo­thy Geithner had lived rent-free for nine months in a $3.5 million house owned by a Wall Street executive. But the story of Geithner’s special deal (which also had been cleared by his agency’s ethics counsel) dis­appeared in a couple days.

Regardless of the magnitude of the offenses, Pruitt did a poor job defending himself. Time and again, he appeared arrogant and tone deaf. And he should have been prepared for the unrelenting attacks, but was not. In particular, in taking on the EPA bureaucracy, Pruitt seemed unaware of the magnitude of the chal­lenge. He would have done well to study what hap­pened to the only previous administrator who tried. Anne Gorsuch Burford was an outsider picked by Pres­ident Reagan in 1981 to reform what was already an out-of-control bureaucracy. She was run out of town in 1983.

Andrew Wheeler is now act­ing administrator and may be nominated after the election to be administrator. I have known and oc­casionally worked with Wheeler for two decades and can attest to his commitment to and competence in getting the job done. It is a high rec­ommendation that he has worked in his career for two great Americans — for Senator James M. Inhofe on the staff of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and for Bob Murray of Murray Energy as a lobbyist.

There is no doubt that Wheeler will continue to implement the de­regulatory agenda. That’s because it’s President Trump’s agenda, which is based on a coherent set of campaign promises. The Waters of the United States Rule will be replaced with something that is constitutional. The so-called Clean Power Plan will be replaced with something that is legal. And so on.

On whether Wheeler succeeds in his second main charge — reforming the worst aspects of the agency in terms of mismanagement, lack of accountability, and freelance regu­lating far beyond what Congress has authorized — history says no (see Pruitt and Burford). On the other hand, Pruitt hired an expert in man­agement and re-organization from Arizona state government, Henry Darwin, as chief operating officer. Darwin has now been named acting deputy administrator.

To reform one of the swampiest bureaucra­cies is a challenge. As a former official who served under Carol Browner in the Clinton EPA said to me at the height of the Pruitt furor, “We learned early on that you don’t ever want to cross senior EPA career staff.” To make progress, Wheeler and Darwin are going to need help from Con­gress. The signs are not good. OMB Director Mick Mulvaney requested a 31 percent cut in EPA’s budget for FY 2017. The Republican Congress pulled that back to 6 percent.

It’s not going to be possible to re­form EPA’s recalcitrant bureaucracy without deep staff cuts. Much of the agency’s work, especially in terms of monitoring and enforcement, has been turned over to state agencies. Having lots of spare regulators with time on their hands and mischief on their minds will always lead to free­lancing and over-regulation.

You can view this piece online at

Myron Ebell
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Media appearance type: 
Scott Pruitt’s 16-month tenure as EPA administrator turned out to be a mixed bag. When President-elect Trump nominated Pruitt, he thought he was getting exactly what he wanted: an ag¬gressive outsider; an able public advocate; and, most importantly, someone who as Oklahoma’s attor¬ney general had shown that he was just as opposed to Obama’s climate agenda and regulatory onslaught as was Trump.

          CEI: Reported Trump Administration Plan to Boost E-15 Would Be a Step Backwards       Cache   Translate Page      

According to reports, the Trump Administration is set to announce a new policy intended to boost use of E-15, an ethanol-blended gasoline.

CEI Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis said:

“The corn lobby will be the only winner if EPA lifts the federal ban on sales of E-15 in summer driving season. E-15 can cause engine damage and void the warranties of millions of vehicles on the road. E-15’s inferior fuel economy will force motorists to fill up more often and get fewer miles to the gallon. Allowing E-15 sales in summer driving season is also unlawful under the plain language of section 211(h)(4) of the Clean Air Act. EPA got it right in its 2010 and 2011 rulemakings (76 FR 44433-35). An unlawful sop to the corn lobby at the expense of consumers is no way to drain the swamp. President Trump should reconsider this ill-advised move.”

CEI Senior Fellow Ben Lieberman said:

“The Trump Administration’s reported decision to facilitate greater use of E-15 ethanol is bad policy. There are many good reasons to repeal or substantially reform the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) rather than encourage greater use of E-15. This program was a bad idea when it was enacted more than a decade ago and the program’s performance over the years proves it. The economic, consumer, national security, and environmental justifications provided by its supporters have simply failed to materialize and this move by the Trump Administration would be a step backwards.”

Read more:

Marlo Lewis, Jr.
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Referenced experts: 
Ben Lieberman
Media appearance type: 
According to reports, the Trump Administration is set to announce a new policy intended to boost use of E-15, an ethanol-blended gasoline.

          Nikki Haley Resigns as UN Ambassador      Cache   Translate Page      

The toughest, most pro-Israel UN Ambassador we’ve ever had resigned, effective at the end of the year. Nikki Haley has stood firmly against the constant barrage of anti-US, anti-Israel hate since appointed in 2017. President Trump said that she had approached him six months ago about needing a break, so he accepted her resignation. He […]

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           Kim Jong Un wants Pope Francis to visit North Korea      Cache   Translate Page      

By Associated Press

October 9, 2018 | 10:13am

Getty Images

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wants Pope Francis to visit the officially atheist country, South Korea said Tuesday.

South Korea’s presidential office said in a statement that Kim told President Moon Jae-in during their summit last month that the pope would be “enthusiastically” welcomed in North Korea.

Kim has been intensely engaged in diplomacy in recent months in what’s seen as an effort to leverage his nuclear weapons program for an easing of economic sanctions and military pressure.

North Korea strictly controls the religious activities of its people, and a similar invitation for then-Pope John Paul II to visit after a 2000 inter-Korean summit never resulted in a meeting. The Vatican insisted at the time that a papal visit would only be possible if Catholic priests were accepted in North Korea.

Moon plans to convey Kim’s desire for a papal visit when he travels to the Vatican next week. Moon said on Monday that he expects Kim to visit Russia soon and possibly hold a summit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The Vatican did not comment on the possibility of a papal visit. But immediately after the news, the Vatican press office released a statement confirming that the pope would receive South Korea’s president in an audience at the Vatican on Oct. 18.

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said the audience will come a day after the Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, celebrates a Mass for peace on the Korean Peninsula in St. Peter’s Basilica, where Moon will participate.

Francis visited South Korea in August 2014. On the plane ride back to Rome, he expressed hope that the divisions would be overcome, saying “the two Koreas are brothers, they speak the same language.”

“When you speak the same language it is because you have the same mother, and this gives us hope,” the pope said. “The suffering of the division is great, and I understand this and pray that it ends.”

North Korea’s reported overture comes a few weeks after the Vatican signed a landmark deal with Communist China, North Korea’s closest ally, over bishop nominations, aimed at ending decades of tensions that contributed to dividing the Chinese church and hampered efforts at improving relations between China and the Vatican.

Following an unusually provocative run of weapons tests last year, Kim has been on a diplomatic offensive since the start of this year.

He initiated offers for summits with Seoul and Washington, which led to three meetings with Moon and a highly choreographed June summitwith U.S. President Donald Trump at which they issued an aspirational goal of a nuclear-free peninsula, without describing how or when it would occur.

Kim has presented himself as an international statesman, sharing food, wine and laughs with South Korean officials and appearing thoroughly at ease during his meeting with Trump in Singapore.

But post-summit nuclear negotiations between North Korea and the United States got off to a rocky start, with the North accusing Washington of making “gangster-like” unilateral demands for denuclearization, and calling for sanctions to be lifted before any further progress in nuclear talks.

There are doubts whether Kim is willing to fully relinquish his country’s nuclear weapons, which he may see as a stronger guarantee of survival than whatever security assurances the United States could provide.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Kim in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, on Sunday for talks on setting up a second summit with Trump.

The Vatican’s priests were expelled by North Korea long ago and state-appointed laymen officiate services.

Estimates of the number of North Korean Catholics range from 800 to about 3,000, compared to more than 5 million in South Korea.


          You don’t hand over control of the government to a tax cheat      Cache   Translate Page      
Gaslighting. A few days ago: Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump You don’t hand matches to an arsonist, and you don’t give …

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          WHO GOES FIRST, TRUMP OR THE IRANIAN AYATOLLAHS?      Cache   Translate Page      

From an Israeli perspective, the race is now on. Will US President Donald Trump succeed in reigning in the fanatical regime in Iran that is bent on destroying Israel, or will he himself be toppled from power? At this point, it is impossible to predict. But for the vast majority of Israelis, there is no doubt that the current US President is a far better friend to Israel than his predecessor Barack Obama, who extended the Islamist regime a ten-year reprice (now down to seven) to start up again their nuclear weapons program. In return, Obama led a huge international bailout program for Iran that enables the regime to make more mischief throughout the Middle East and one day acquire nuclear weapons to attack the Jewish state. Can anyone in their right mind doubt that the Iranian regime, which persecutes its own people, is any less racist than Adolf Hitler and his Nazi cohorts? Yet, former US President Barack Obama and his sidekick, John Kerry, only reacted, when prodded several years ago by Bibi Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, to launch a preemptive strike against Iran if nothing was done to prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons. But Obama and his international partners took the easy way out by simply kicking the can down the road and leaving it to a future president, in this case, Donald Trump, to handle the threat.


          Gender pronouns: What are your pronouns?      Cache   Translate Page      

you’re using spray paint like a fireman who can’t control the pressure volume of water going through the hose, just wildly covering everything everywhere

          Donald Trump pushes Ivanka's suitability for UN ambassador role - video      Cache   Translate Page      

Donald Trump told reporters at the White House before embarking on Marine One that his daughter, Ivanka, would be 'incredible' for the role of US ambassador to the UN but he would face accusations of nepotism if he selected her. 'I'm not sure there's anybody more competent in the world, but that's OK,' the US president said. 'But we are looking at numerous people.' Nikki Haley announced her resignation from the post earlier in the day.

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          Embajadora de EU en la ONU renuncia a su cargo      Cache   Translate Page      
Por: Alina Espinoza Estados Unidos ( Este martes, la embajadora de Estados Unidosante las Naciones Unidas, Nikki Haley ha decidido dejar su cargo. Haley se reunió hoy en la Casa Blanca con el presidente Donald Trump para dar a conocer su renuncia y que permanecerá hasta finales de 2018. El mandatario estadounidense consideró a Haley como una persona muy especial y aseguró
          Does 'Winning' Make you Soft?      Cache   Translate Page      

A day late and a dollar short. In another month we’ll see if the voters buy it.

Trump needs nothing from the establishment. The establishment brings nothing to the table but a whole lot of connections that just aren’t worth what they used to be.

Nearly two years ago, I agreed tacitly to a principle: after one year, the current president can no longer credibly blame his predecessor. We’re well past that mark now, and things are going nicely.

But the debt - both public and private -is problematic.

When you own something and it falls apart, you put it back together. If you’re smart, you use the opportunity to redesign it and make it better. The 2008 crisis should have been a teachable moment, but those is charge did not see fit to learn from it, and those who replaced them didn’t actually care. Maybe second time around the lesson will sink in with the voters.

Trump is really good at owning issues. When a problem comes along, he rides it like a bucking bronco. If it crumbles, and Trump owns it as he’s owned so many other things, the country will emerge stronger. I’m all for that. How about you?

If winning makes you soft, then a good crisis is what’s needed to toughen us up again.

          Mystery as top Trump pick quits      Cache   Translate Page      
UNITED Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has announced her shock resignation from the Trump administration.
          Autoengaño, vieja adicción de ciertos políticos      Cache   Translate Page      

La Piedra en el Zapato Por Abraham García Ibarra Si un joven loco enamorado se pone de novio solo y no es correspondido, diez años después en que ve a su pretendida doncella, casada y con tres hijos, exclama aliviado: ¡De la que me escapé! No ocurre lo mismo con los políticos y burócratas que asumen responsabilidades de Estado: Su autoengaño deja profundos e irreparables traumas en el cuerpo de la República y en la sociedad. Por autoengaño entendemos aquella autocomplaciente actitud ante problemas de grueso calibre al que se responde con monstruosas falacias para taparle el ojo al macho o, peor aún, para satisfacer perversos designios propios o de los intereses creados. Cuando padecimos “sólo un problema de caja” Hagamos el recorrido de rigor: En    1982, en que la Tesorería de la Federación se quedó sin una josefita, el secretario de Hacienda, Jesús Silva Herzog Flores, exclamó paladinamente: Es sólo un  problema de caja. La crisis financiera nacional se profundizó y se prolongó, acelerada por el saqueo de dólares: El 1 de septiembre se decretó la Expropiación bancaria. Al arrancar el sexenio 1988-1994 se propuso la Reforma del Estado con estos objetivos y metas: 1) La defensa de la soberanía nacional y la promoción de los intereses de México en el mundo; 2) La ampliación de la vida democrática) 3) El crecimiento económico con estabilidad de precios; y 4) El mejoramiento productivo del nivel de vida de la población; es decir, la promoción del bienestar social. En mayo de 1990, como imperativo de la Reforma del Estado, el secretario de Hacienda, Pedro Aspe Armella se presentó ante la Cámara de Diputados a defender la reforma al artículo 28 de la Constitución, para revertir la expropiación bancaria y disponer la reprivatización del sistema de banca y crédito. La banca, controlada por mexicanos y para beneficio de los mexicanos Aspe dijo que los bancos mexicanos quedarían controlados por los mexicanos y para beneficio de los mexicanos. Fue la inauguración del proceso de desnacionalización de la columna vertebral de la economía mexicana. Días después de concluido el sexenio de Carlos Salinas de Gortari estalló el maquinado error de diciembre de 1994. El bienestar para la familia que prometió Zedillo El ex secretario de Programación y Presupuesto, Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León, como candidato presidencial suplente, se abanderó con la oferta bienestar para la familia. Zedillo aceptó el salvataje de su presidencia por Washington. A cambio, como garantía de pago, embargó la factura petrolera. Durante su mandato, convirtió en deuda pública la deuda contingente del Fondo Bancario de Protección al Ahorro, donde estaban depositados papeles chatarra de banqueros y otros empresarios rescatados de la quiebra de bienes públicos que fueron puestos bajo su gestión. Zedillo liquidó el viejo Sistema de Ahorro para el Retiro para entregarlo a las administradoras privadas. Ahora, el más alto porcentaje de los recursos acumulados para asegurar a los trabajadores una vejez digna (tres y medio billones de pesos), están expuestos al mercado especulativo en el que medran el propio gobierno y las empresas privadas; no pocas, corporativos extranjeros. El bienestar para la familia es hoy privilegio exclusivo de unos cuantos plutócratas, nominados por Forbes entre las más ricas del mundo. El legado del “humanismo político” de Calderón Vicente Fox blasonó que el suyo sería el primer gobierno democrático de la historia de México. Lo patentó como el de los empresarios, por los empresarios y para los empresarios. En su campaña electoral, Felipe Calderón postuló su gobierno como el del humanismo político. Dejó el tejido social desgarrado y, al terminar su mandato, hizo alarde de que entregaba a su sucesor, en materia económica, un barco de gran calado a salvo de la tempestad. Enrique Peña Nieto, exultante, prometió el 1 de diciembre de 2012 un México en paz y un modelo de desarrollo incluyente. El país naufraga en un podrido  pantano de sangre y las finanzas del Estado cargan el fardo de una deuda pública de casi once billones de pesos con cargo a los contribuyentes cautivos. Contra el autoengaño de los hombres públicos,  pues, no hay vacuna patentada. El síndrome es problema de la siquiatría. México rendido gratuitamente a los corporativos trasnacionales En el otoño de 2016, escribimos algunas notas de alerta. Transcribimos una advertencia conjunta del  Premio Nobel de Economía, Joseph E. Stiglitz y Adam S. Hersh, economista e investigador visitante en la Iniciativa para el Diálogo Político de la Universidad de Columbia (USA), a saber: “El señor Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, secretario de Economía del presidente Enrique Peña Nieto, se está apresurando a viajar a Atlanta con la esperanza de finalizar un nuevo acuerdo (el ATP), que ampliará el Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN) a otras nueve economías de Asia y Pacífico. “A partir de la experiencia pasada con acuerdos comerciales liderados por los Estados Unidos y lo que hemos podido deducir de documentos filtrados de debates de carácter confidencial, es claro que las esperanzas del presidente Peña Nieto se encuentran fuera de lugar. Los negociadores de México parecen estar a punto de rendirse ante las demandas de empresas de los países avanzados, sin beneficios para su país”. Sostenían entonces esas autorizadas voces que la crisis financiera (el error de diciembre) ocurrida un año después de la firma del trilateral Tratado de Libre Comercio, se debió a este acuerdo: Los agricultores mexicanos de maíz pobres debieron competir con agricultores estadunidenses que recibían altos subsidios. Era vergonzoso incluso llamarlo de libre comercio”. Proclama el inquilino de la Casa Blanca: ¡Yo gané! El peñismo siguió montado en su macho aún después de que Donald Trump retiró a los Estados Unidos del Acuerdo Transpacífico de Asociación Económica y empezó la demolición del TLCAN. Ha pasado el verano ardiente. México, representado por el salinista Guajardo Villarreal, fue empinado a firmar un arreglo comercial bilateral con Washington. Con la rendición de Canadá a fines de septiembre, aquí se le dieron ensordecedores decibles a las fanfarrias, a pesar de que Trump se regodeó: ¡Yo gané! Hoy, el especializado diario...

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          Nikki Haley renuncia como embajadora de Estados Unidos ante la ONU      Cache   Translate Page      

MÉXICO, (HUFFINGTONPOSTMX), 9 de Octubre de 2018 .- Haley dejará el cargo en las Naciones Unidas a finales de este año, anunció Donald Trump el martes. Nikki Haley, embajadora de Estados Unidos ante las Naciones Unidas ofreció su renuncia al presidente Donald Trump. Haley dejará el cargo en la ONU a finales de este año, aseguró Trump durante una reunión con la embajadora, el martes en la mañana en la Oficina Oval. El presidente estaría contento de recibirla de vuelta en cualquier capacidad, dijo, y agregó que Hailey le había dicho hace seis meses que quería dejar el cargo después de dos años de servicio. El martes, Trump dijo que Haley había hecho “un increíble trabajo” como embajadora. “Nikki Haley, embajadora de las Naciones Unidas, ha sido muy especial para mí”, le dijo Trump a los reporteros. “Es una persona fantástica, muy importante, pero también alguien que lo entiende”. Haley fue confirmada como embajadora de la ONU en enero de 2017. Anteriormente era gobernadora de Carolina del Sur. Haley fue una de las primeras críticas de Trump durante la campaña presidencial de 2016. Lo llamó “todo lo que un gobernador no quiere en un presidente” en febrero de 2016. El mes pasado, Haley encendió las redes después de afirmar que los líderes mundiales reunidos en la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas se habían reído de Trump porque “respetaban” su “honestidad”, no porque estuvieran en desacuerdo con él cuando proclamó que su gobierno era uno de los más exitosos en la historia de Estados Unidos. La aparentemente repentina resignación de Haley provocó la especulación de que podría estar considerando una candidatura presidencial para 2020, aunque disipó estos rumores el martes, indicando que planea hacer campaña para la reelección de Trump. VP/Internacional/SOH

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          Nepotul lui Hitler a fost gasit dupa zeci de ani in SUA! Numele sau mijlociu e ADOLF si spune ca Trump e un mincinos - FOTO      Cache   Translate Page      
  Stranepotul lui Hitler a acordat primul interviu dupa zeci de ani in care a stat ascuns. Numele
          CNN's Angela Rye Wants To Keep Black People Enslaved      Cache   Translate Page      
CNN'S Angela Rye was asked to specify when America was great. She makes a false smear against Trump supporters by claiming they want to return to the days of racial segregation. Owen Shroyer reveals this is a leftist tactic to keep black people on the "Democratic plantation".
          Nikki Haley resigns as US ambassador to United Nations      Cache   Translate Page      

Haley to leave post at the end of the year, denies 2020 presidential ambitions.

 Donald Trump and Nikki Haley

          Trump's White House: Who has been fired or left so far?      Cache   Translate Page      

From Rex Tillerson to Sean Spicer, A looks at the most notable Trump administration departures so far.


          Extra Extra: Trump Thinks Ivanka Would Be A Great UN Ambassador (If Only People Didn't Care About Nepotism)      Cache   Translate Page      
Extra Extra: Trump Thinks Ivanka Would Be A Great UN Ambassador (If Only People Didn't Care About Nepotism) Because Trump wants to hire his daughter to do everything, check out today's end-of-day links: new Elvis Costello, Met Gala 2019 theme, James Gunn's new gig, calling 911 on whales, and dogs of the sea. [ more › ]
          Trump Wishes He Could Pick Ivanka As U.N. Ambassador      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump said he wanted to nominate Ivanka as United Nations ambassador, but won’t because he wouldn’t want to be “accused of nepotism.”
          Trump calls Kavanaugh accusations a ‘hoax,’ blames ‘evil’ people      Cache   Translate Page      
"The things they said about him, I don't even think he ever heard of the words. It was all made up. It was fabricated and it's a disgrace and I think it's gonna really show you something come November 6th."
          Trump: summit with North Korea's Kim will be after U.S. elections on November 6      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday his second summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be held after the U.S. midterm elections on Nov. 6.

          Trump's U.N. envoy Haley resigns, rules out 2020 run for office      Cache   Translate Page      
Nikki Haley, a rising Republican star, said on Tuesday she was stepping down as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, but knocked down speculation that she might challenge President Donald Trump at the next election.

          Comment on “I’m Just Glad We Ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s Life”: Colbert Writer Tweets Out A Celebration Of The Politics Of Personal Destruction by enigmainblackcom      Cache   Translate Page      
There was never a question that whoever Trump got confirmed for the opening, a "white guy" would ultimately have won. That was never in doubt.
          Comment on Taylor Swift Votes The GOP by Rich      Cache   Translate Page      
When Donald J. Trump rants at his rallies about “fake news” and claims that the media is not just biased but lies, Americans wince — but now more so at the accuracy of his charges and no longer so much at the crassness with which he delivers them.
          Comment on “I’m Just Glad We Ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s Life”: Colbert Writer Tweets Out A Celebration Of The Politics Of Personal Destruction by Karen S      Cache   Translate Page      
That story about his perjuring himself about SpyGate has been debunked. Read the actual email. He forwarded an email with the subject line "spying". It was an email that said that someone in the Democratic Party had told her that a big Soros fund was being put together, so they should move quickly. It would be difficult to fight that kind of outside money. There was zero mention of stolen documents. It was just discussing a leak, like the many leaks out of the Trump Administration that have been reported on. There was no stolen document in the email, no stolen document referenced, and no stolen document forwarded. But, like so many lies, this one got legs. The email was called a smoking gun, and people heard through the grapevine that Kavanaugh received a stolen document. He didn't. The email in question is out there for you to read, and I encourage you to do so, instead of forwarding misinformation. Kavanaugh did not perjur himself. He did not receive stolen documents. Why does this lie persist? My question is if you finally read the actual email that he forwarded, will you do the right thing and correct your statement, or continue to claim he perjured himself for political expediency? I hope you do the right thing.
          El príncipe saudí y un asesor de Trump sacan a la luz el "terrible secreto" de Putin      Cache   Translate Page      

El príncipe heredero saudí, Mohamed bin Salman Saud, y el asesor económico del presidente de EEUU, Larry Kudlow, revelaron en sus recientes declaraciones las terribles perspectivas de futuro de la economía rusa y del país como superpotencia energética. "Increíble coincidencia", ironiza Iván Danílov, columnista de Sputnik.

Mohamed bin Salman Saud afirmó que, en los próximos 19 años, la producción de petróleo en Rusia sufrirá una drástica reducción, e incluso podría desaparecer por completo del mercado global. Mientras tanto, Larry Kudlow declaró que "la mejor manera de desafiar a Rusia" es convertir a EEUU en una poderosa potencia energética y expulsar a Moscú del mercado energético europeo.

A algunos les gustaría creer que salió a la luz un terrible secreto del presidente ruso, Vladímir Putin. Pero me veo obligado a decepcionar a los que sueñan con eliminar a Rusia como potencia energética", comenta Iván Danílov.

Si uno intenta comparar las palabras del príncipe árabe con las cifras de la producción y las reservas rusas, puede llegar a una explicación lógica de su posición: por ejemplo, si se toman en consideración los datos de las reservas de petróleo rusas probadas de BP del 2015 y se dividen por el nivel actual de extracción, serán aquellos 19-20 años de los que habló Mohamed, explica el columnista.

"Es posible que haya llegado a esta cifra de alguna otra manera, pero, en cualquier caso, sus palabras son muy aventuradas y poco realistas, porque se basan en la idea de que nunca jamás se encontrará más petróleo en ninguna parte de Rusia, de que sus reservas probables y posibles nunca cristalizarán en algo real, y de que Rusia permanecerá en el mismo nivel de tecnologías de producción, lo que impedirá el acceso a las reservas", señala Danílov.

Según el periodista, este guion apocalíptico no puede considerarse en absoluto viable, especialmente teniendo en cuenta las perspectivas de los proyectos rusos de petróleo y gas en el Ártico y Siberia. Como evidencia de su enorme potencial, basta ver lo populares que son las ideas de quitarle a Rusia sus posesiones árticas entre los expertos estadounidenses y canadienses.

Sin embargo, resulta difícil creer que un funcionario de tan alto nivel no se dé cuenta de lo controvertidas que son sus ideas, observa Danílov, y recuerda que las declaraciones del príncipe casi coincidieron con una decisión muy interesante de las autoridades saudíes, que anunciaron oficialmente que la empresa petrolera estatal saudí Aramco cotizará en bolsa en 2021. Esto significa que Riad está extremadamente interesado en subir el precio de sus acciones. En este contexto, queda claro que el príncipe Mohamed bin Salman Saud trató de promocionar las acciones de Aramco y dio una evaluación negativa a las perspectivas de Rusia para promover su producto y presentar a la empresa saudí como una inversión fiable y prometedora, opina el columnista.

En cuanto a los pronósticos del asesor de Trump, esta situación es totalmente diferente. Se trata de un plan extremadamente hostil contra Moscú, asegura Danílov.

"Necesitamos una infraestructura (…), debemos entregar el gas a Europa y desafiar la hegemonía rusa en el gas natural y el GNL. (…) Esto se puede hacer. Necesitamos concentrarnos en el sector energético", declaró Kudlow en una entrevista a Hill.TV.

También enfatizó que EEUU ya es una superpotencia energética y pronto podrá producir 15 millones de barriles de petróleo al día. Y esto significa que Estados Unidos "ya está superando a Arabia Saudí y a Rusia".

De esta manera, el alto cargo admitió que todas las declaraciones de EEUU sobre la "independencia energética de Europa" y el deseo de luchar por los intereses de Ucrania como Estado de tránsito del gas ruso no son más que mentiras. Estados Unidos está interesado ​​en reemplazar el gas ruso con el GNL estadounidense y nada más, subraya Danílov.
En realidad, las ideas de Kudlow tienen dos problemas serios. A pesar de la presión de EEUU sobre la Unión Europea, el Nord Stream 2 se está construyendo y, según Gazprom, las inversiones requeridas para el proyecto del gasoducto se han financiado en casi el 70%. Será muy difícil detenerlo en esta etapa y, si es necesario, la parte rusa puede completarlo por su propia cuenta.

Además, el intento de obligar a los europeos a comprar el costoso GNL estadounidense a expensas de sus propios intereses económicos está prácticamente condenado al fracaso en el contexto de unas relaciones complicadas euroamericanas y la guerra comercial ya iniciada entre EEUU y la UE. El columnista también menciona la política de desdolarización anunciada recientemente por el presidente de la Comisión Europea, Jean-Claude Juncker.

En cuanto al pronóstico de crecimiento de la producción estadounidense hasta 15 millones de barriles por día, hay que tener en cuenta que incluso el Departamento de Energía de EEUU menciona un crecimiento hasta este nivel solo en el más optimista de los tres casos considerados, que supone un aumento importante de los precios del petróleo y un gran avance de la tecnología minera. En los demás casos, incluido el básico, la extracción estadounidense no solo no alcanza este nivel, sino que también comienza a caer en 12-15 años.

Resulta que, sobre la base de los datos oficiales de EEUU, Kudlow presenta lo deseado como algo real. Su propuesta de expulsar a Rusia del mercado mundial del gas fracasa en una realidad donde el GNL ruso producido en un proyecto del Ártico se dirigió a Estados Unidos.

"Rusia es una superpotencia energética, y el hecho de que algunos funcionarios extranjeros sueñen con su retirada del mercado solo confirma la importancia de la presencia rusa en los mercados energéticos clave del planeta", concluye Iván Danílov.

          Kanye West Is Headed To The White House      Cache   Translate Page      
Kanye West will meet with President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner at the White House on Thursday. Source: Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesKanye West will meet with President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner at the White House on Thursday.
          Comment on Google Staff about SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh: ‘F—. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.’ by Kathleen10      Cache   Translate Page      
We use Bing. We have used it for a few years and don't miss Google. Also Bing does not track you or sell your data. Obama's presidency was a miserable time for us. We really did not like his presidency or him personally, frankly. Too divisive. But at no time did we start lathering and foaming at the mouth and cursing people or wishing them dead. We carried on with life and hoped for better things. The demonic is being revealed right in front of our eyes. This is not about political differences, it is about the walking dead that are all around us. When you are so soul-dead you are screaming about SCOTUS confirmations and swearing or threatening about political appointments you are in zombie-land. There is a total breakdown in use of reason and logic at play here. It's all hatred, even violence. I've never seen so much hatred at any point in my life in these here United States. I don't recognize these crazed people as my fellow countrymen. A teacher somewhere just needed to resign, having tweeted the question "ok who is going to take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?". I mean, kill Kavanaugh. And this is a teacher. I can tell you there is a visceral hatred of Donald Trump in educational circles. People have lost their minds. But it's so much more than that. All conservative justices will need to be extremely careful, especially if a Democrat president is elected, because then of course he or she would get to nominate who they want. I do believe these people are thinking along those lines, and murder for revenge or political gain is to them, reasonable. Scary times.
          Comment on Google Staff about SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh: ‘F—. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.’ by Anita Moore, O.P.(lay)      Cache   Translate Page      
iamlucky13 says: <i>This can’t be the start of anybody’s concerns about how the views of companies that specialize in the management of data we all use might affect how that data is handled and presented to us. This doesn’t change my view of Google. It fits what I already expected. If anyone believes there is any large business in the US free from significant numbers of employees with similar views, you might want to reconsider how you arrived at that expectation. This is simply a reflection of the US society as a whole right now....With regards to the basic fact that he is upset: I think we would be well served to keep in mind that these people believe we just appointed an attempted rapist to the Supreme Court. While there’s little more than one person’s word against another, and political biases influencing everybody’s credulity and level of conviction one way or the other, that is the conclusion millions of people have arrived at. For anybody who genuinely believes that, how could their response be anything short of being outraged? I would be highly disturbed by anybody who believes the accusations against Justice Kavanaugh and was not angry, which would be a righteous anger.</i> I don’t agree that Google reflects the thinking of the nation as a whole. Otherwise, Trump would never have won the election in 2016. I think the people who voted for Trump did so to stop the country going in the direction it had been going. It was an effort to take the country back. You can bring up the popular vote versus the electoral votes, but the difference between Trump and Clinton in the popular vote was only about 3 million votes. Secondly, I think you give the ululating opposition too much credit for nobility of motive. I doubt that the hard left sincerely believes the accusations against Justice Kavanaugh, or even cares whether they were true. They just want to thwart Trump, and protect the courts as an institution that advances their agenda. They have spent decades proving that (a) they really don’t have a problem with sexual deviancy, and (b) ideology for them always trumps the good and the legitimate interests of flesh-and-blood human beings.
          Nikki Haley: la sorpresiva renuncia de la embajadora de Estados Unidos ante la ONU      Cache   Translate Page      
Nikki Haley no explicó por qué había decidido renunciar al cargo de embajadora ante Naciones Unidas, pero descartó los rumores que aseguraban que se enfrentaría a Donald Trump en las elecciones presidenciales de 2020.
          WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: Did Cold War II break out last week while no one was watching? The Trump adm…      Cache   Translate Page      
WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: Did Cold War II break out last week while no one was watching? The Trump administration’s China policy swam into view, and it’s a humdinger. Vice President Mike Pence gave a guide to the approach in a speech last week at the Hudson Institute (where I am a fellow). Denouncing what he called China’s “whole of government” approach to its rivalry with the U.S., Mr. Pence vowed the Trump administration will respond in kind. He denounced China’s suppression of the Tibetans and Uighurs, its “Made in China 2025” plan for tech dominance, and its “debt diplomacy” through the Belt and Road initiative. The speech sounded like something Ronald Reagan could have delivered against the Soviet Union: Mr. Xi, tear down this wall! Mr. Pence also detailed an integrated, cross-government strategy to counter what the administration considers Chinese military, economic, political and ideological aggression. In the same…
          Trump 'Ivanka would be dynamite' at the UN      Cache   Translate Page      
But President Trump says he can't give his daughter the UN ambassadorship because he would be accused of nepotism.
          USAs FN-ambassadør Nikki Hayley trekker seg      Cache   Translate Page      
Donald Trump bekrefter at Nikki Haley vil trekke seg som FN-ambassadør mot slutten av 2018.
          Light in Darkness by David Palumbo-Liu       Cache   Translate Page      

Light in Darkness
by David Palumbo-Liu | @palumboliu | special to NewBlackMan (in Exile)

It’s actually a very small gesture, but it was one that I thought made a lot of sense and that would carry me through the days, and years to come.  I decided to get a tattoo a few days before the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Kavanaugh, as I saw hopes of justice fade.  So now, on my left forearm, there is a tattoo that reads “Fiat Lux,” which means, “Let There Be Light.”  It comes from the Bible, Genesis 1:3—“And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.  And God seeing that light was good, God separated the light from the darkness.”  It is also the motto of the University of California, where I was educated.  In that context it refers to something like an Enlightenment principle—that education can illuminate the world for us and lend us understanding.  It is also an expression that supporters of victims of sexual violence have used.  
Kavanaugh’s confirmation—despite credible testimony of his sexual violence and numerous cases of perjury—ushers in an extremely dark period in US history.  The FBI investigation—that was supposed to shed light on the accusations and rebuttals of two individuals with diametrically opposed versions of the truth--was rushed, constrained, and made extremely narrow by the White House.  Key people who said they had close knowledge of the candidate and evidence to prove it were not interviewed by the FBI.  In an effort to reach the eyes and ears of the senators who would decide on Kavanaugh’s fitness for office, thousands of lawyers, the American Law Association, church groups, survivors’ rights groups, Yale graduates, the Dean of the Yale Law School, and even a former Supreme Court Justice nominated by a Republican president advised against Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  Their reasons went far beyond the alleged sexual violence—they focused on Kavanaugh’s behavior and his evasions upon even being questioned.  This evidence was plain to see for anyone who had access to the Internet or a television.  His partisan bias, his contempt for due process, and his antagonism toward women were all patently clear, as was his inability to control his temper, even to save his own cause.  Yet all that was plain to see was buried under a deeply flawed process and spun into lies.  Darkness, darkness, darkness.  Not light.  And the darkness is spreading.
Donald Trump has adopted Ronald Reagan’s tactic of infusing our core institutions with people who bear animus toward those very institutions. Trump seeks to destroy from within.  Regulatory agencies are now led by people who despise regulation.  The protection of the environment has been given over to someone who hates the environment—he sees it simply as something else to be monetized. The Secretary of the Department of Education is a for-profit “educator” who likewise sees students as customers and teachers as workers to be bullied and intimidated into teaching the lesson plans she decrees to be “useful.”   And now the scales of justice will be balanced by an intemperate perjurer and an alleged sexual harasser. The rot starts at the core and works its way out.
Any attempt to shine a light into those depths—to cut through the obfuscation and sophistry--is met with violence and contempt.  When confronted by protesters who screamed to be heard, demanded to remind senators that Kavanaugh had lied to them and to the world sequentially, they were told to “grow up” by Senator Orin Hatch.
What he means of course is that they, and we, accept the bitter and cynical and dark version of the world that this administration has produced and maintained.  To give up “youthful” idealism.  But in his famous essay, “What is Enlightenment,” Immanuel Kant had a very different notion of youth and maturity.  He told people to stop being children, youths, in following the marching orders of authority—the church and the state.  Kant believed that “adulthood” meant exerting one’s own critical and rational capacities to ascertain for oneself what was true.  In this case, Enlightenment means standing up for oneself and not bowing to power.  Not accepting the idea that darkness is light, that there are “alternate facts,” and that, according to the President’s lawyer, there is no such thing as the truth.
My greatest fear is that children growing up today will accept the horrible dark, un-Enlightened frame that is now in place as the norm. This norm says that mendacity from the mouths of some people is excusable, that cruelty at the expense of others is comic, that critical thinking itself is inconsequential.
The fact that thousands protested, agitated, and led the way in civil disobedience, and lent their voices of rage and indignation to each other gives me hope.  But the most important kind of hope lies not in sporadic marches and protests.  It comes back to the idea that we carry goodness and the hunger for justice inside us, and that in so doing--in acting as if decency, goodness, empathy, mattered to us--we give support to those who feel the same.  We need to embody, especially in times of crisis but also and importantly in every day encounters and instances, those things that are part of the world we wish to retain and nurture, and not let be submerged in darkness. In that we repudiate the inevitability of darkness and carry light with us.
Aidan Hill writes in UC Berkeley’s student newspaper, The Daily Cal, a passage worth quoting at length: 
…now more than ever we must take to the streets and demand justice for all survivors regardless of how they identify. As the founder of the #MeToo movement Tarana Burke states, it’s time for us to show up “in person with our feet to the streets to say we won’t be treated this way and we won’t stand for another survivor to be treated this way.” The time is now to declare that we, especially students, are not put on this earth for anyone’s consumption, entertainment or impregnation; we are here to learn how to love ourselves.
Fellow students of UC Berkeley, please do not forget that while they have guns, we have flowers — and through the concrete, we will bloom. Our greatest strength is our community. From People’s Park to the Lawrence Hall of Science, for 150 years Berkeley has pioneered a way forward, bringing the hard light of knowledge and resistance to our world. Citizens of Berkeley, the time is now to remember our history and resistance. We must remember that the fight for free speech was a fight for silence breakers demanding to be heard. And we are not going back into the silence. Fiat Lux.

 David Palumbo-Liu is the Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor at Stanford University

          Trump beklaget til Kavanaugh på vegne av hele USA i en egen seremoni      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump holdt en egen seremoni for Brett Kavanaugh i Det hvite hus hvor han gikk hardt ut mot behandlingen av den nye høyesterettsdommeren.
          Democrats Counter Trump Push for Cheaper, Limited Health Plans      Cache   Translate Page      
Democrats are fighting to derail the White House’s push for cheaper, less-robust health plans, seeking to leverage the issue for advantage over the Republicans ahead of the mid-term elections.
          Trump Criticizes Fed Rate Increases Again      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump repeated his frustration over higher short-term interest rates set by the Federal Reserve, but said he hadn’t spoken with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell because he wanted to stay “uninvolved” in monetary policy.
          Comment on BBC's Tony Hall: Journalists must do everything we can to combat suggestion we 'peddle fake news' by Paul Leeson      Cache   Translate Page      
This would be Tony Hall of the BBC that was forced to apologise & retract after it told the world President Trump had said "War will follow", when the truth is he had said "More will follow". The same BBC who were this week accused by Peston of patronising it's viewers and of not knowing the meaning of impartial. Mr Hall should put his own BBC house in order before mounting the soapbox.
          Trump Criticizes Fed Rate Increases Again      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump repeated his frustration over higher short-term interest rates set by the Federal Reserve, but said he hadn’t spoken with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell because he wanted to stay “uninvolved” in monetary policy.

          The ‘He Fights’ Mantra Of Trump Supporters Pays Off With Big Wins      Cache   Translate Page      
The Democrats are rocking on their heels. Via The Federalist: It is a common thing for supporters of President Trump, even as early as when he was a candidate, to say “He Fights”. And yes, he does fight. He fights everyone. He gets into all kinds of scraps that are pointless and unnecessary. He insults […]
          MHP TBMM Grup Toplantısı      Cache   Translate Page      
MHP Genel Başkanı Devlet Bahçeli: (2) - "Be hey zır cahiller, pek çok ülkede faaliyeti olan, ülkemizde de yıllardır faal halde bulunan McKinsey bir denetim ve danışmanlık şirketidir. Akıl ve irade milli olduktan sonra istişari nitelikli sunduğu teklif ve görüşlerine ister uyar ve uygularsınız, isterse de teşekkür edip gerisin geriye iade edersiniz" - "Hükümet McKinsey yollarını ayırsa da bizim düşüncelerimiz, değerlendirmelerimiz asla değişmeyecek, tutarlı ve gerçekçi tespitlerimiz hükmünü muhafaza edecektir" - "Madem dünya beşten büyükse, Türkiye de her rezil örgütten üstünse, PKK’nın 5 tepe yöneticisinin bir gece ansızın karga tulumba ülkemize getirilmesinin önünde de herhangi bir mani hal bulunmayacaktır" - "Trump geldiğimiz bu aşamada küresel güvenlik sorunu haline dönüşmüştür. Bu malum sorun giderek derinleşmekte, giderek genişlemektedir"
          Trump To Have Lunch With Kanye West, Discuss Chicago Shootings, Prison Reform      Cache   Translate Page      
Well, no one could do any worse than the Chicago Democrats have done. Via Daily Wire: Rapper Kanye West, who has said that he and President Trump both share “dragon energy,” will drop by the White House this week to have lunch with the president, the White House said Tuesday. Presidential son-in-law and senior adviser […]
          Breaking: Nikki Haley Resigns As U.S. Ambassador To U.N….Update: Trump, Haley Speak      Cache   Translate Page      
Not clear why, we’ll update more as more comes in. Via KSTP: United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley will resign from her post, the Associated Press reports. Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, was confirmed for the U.N. post just after President Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2017. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said […]
          Appeals Court Sets Up Supreme Court Showdown Over Census Question      Cache   Translate Page      
A three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected the Trump administration's effort to stop Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross from having to sit for questioning under oath as part of the multiple lawsuits across the country over his decision to add a question about U.S. citizenship status to the 2020 census. But the judges have kept Ross' Oct. 11 deposition temporarily on hold to allow either the administration or the lawsuits' plaintiffs "to seek relief from the Supreme Court," according to the order released Tuesday . The 2nd Circuit order comes amid a last-minute scramble by the Trump administration's attorneys to stop Ross and another key official behind the citizenship question — Justice Department official John Gore — from having to testify out of court in the two lead lawsuits in New York. Evidence gathering for the two lawsuits is set to end this week. The decision upholds an earlier ruling by U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman , who wrote : "Secretary Ross
          Hot Latina Woman Dubbing Herself A ‘Mexican Racist’ Goes Viral With Video Rant Defending Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
Not a fan of Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke, either. Via Daily Mail: A Mexican woman alleging to be a ‘racist’ and showering Donald Trump with praise has drawn the ire of the Latino community after a video of her screaming and shouting at a recent rally went viral. The Trump supporter also attacked former United States […]
          Trump Calls On Chicago Police To Renew ‘Stop And Frisk’ Program, End ‘Terrible Deal’ With ACLU      Cache   Translate Page      
Chicago values. Via CNS News: On Monday, President Donald Trump called for the Chicago Police Department to end its “terrible deal” with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) preventing police from using “stop-and-frisk” measures to deter crime. Addressing the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Convention in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, […]
          Nikki Haley Resigns As U.N. Ambassador      Cache   Translate Page      
Updated 4:55 p.m. ET Nikki Haley is resigning as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and will leave the Trump administration at the end of the year, she said Tuesday. It is not immediately clear what prompted the move. She informed her staff Tuesday, NPR's Michele Kelemen reports. Haley appeared with President Trump on Tuesday morning at the Oval Office, where he called her a "fantastic person" and said Haley had told him six months ago that she might take time off at the end of the year. Trump praised Haley, saying she has done an "incredible job" and is "somebody who gets it." He said he hoped she would come back to the administration in another capacity, adding, "You can have your pick." "It has been the honor of a lifetime," Haley said. "It has really been a blessing." She thanked the president, as well as first lady Melania Trump and the president's daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, whom she singled out as a "hidden genius" who had done significant behind
          Donald Trump dédramatise le départ surprise de Nikki Haley      Cache   Translate Page      
La démission de l’ambassadrice des Etats-Unis à l’ONU prive d’une figure féminine de premier plan une administration qui en compte peu.
          Manipulation des réseaux sociaux, achats d’informations, faux profils... les propositions de Psy Group au candidat Trump      Cache   Translate Page      
Le « New York Times » a révélé trois devis par lesquels la société israélienne a proposé ses services à l’équipe de campagne de Donald Trump en 2016.
          Démission de Nikki Haley, ambassadrice des Etats-Unis à l’ONU      Cache   Translate Page      
Nommée par Donald Trump en janvier 2017, Nikki Haley a notamment pesé sur les dossiers israéliens au sein des Nations unies.
          Trump: Haley odejdzie ze stanowiska z końcem roku      Cache   Translate Page      

Prezydent USA Donald Trump poinformował we wtorek, że ambasador USA przy ONZ Nikki Haley odejdzie z tego stanowiska z końcem roku. Na wspólnej z Haley konferencji w Białym Domu Trump

The post Trump: Haley odejdzie ze stanowiska z końcem roku appeared first on Dziennik Związkowy.

          Ninguém nos pode parar. ["Seria incapaz de amar um filho homossexual" - palavras de Jair Bolsonaro, o preferido de muitos milhões de Brasileiros]      Cache   Translate Page      

No outro dia recebi, via YouTube, notícia de um novo vídeo da União das Tribos. Fui vê-lo. Curioso: justamente no dia em que pessoa amiga me disse que tinha estado a almoçar com um conhecido nosso que eu pensava que ainda estaria a viver em Berlim.

Vendo o filme perceberão melhor a relação com o que vou escrever a seguir.

Como ontem referi, vou escrever com pinças. Não quero que alguém consiga saber de quem vou falar.
Lembro-me sempre de que uma vez escrevi aqui um texto violento, insurgindo-me contra uma situação que muito me abalou. Pelo tema que era, não disse o nome da pessoa envolvida nem, em meu entender, disse fosse o que fosse que a pudesse identificar. Mas penso que deixei transparecer o meu asco por quem tinha praticado tais actos. Pois bem: no dia seguinte recebi um mail da dita pessoa. Fiquei estupefacta. Era uma carta sentida. Dizia que se tinha reconhecido no que eu tinha escrito. Negava o seu envolvimento no caso e dizia que, de tudo aquilo pelo que tinha passado (e era muito), nunca nada o tinha feito sofrer tanto como as minhas palavras. Quando acabei de ler o mail, eu estava petrificada. Poderia ser que ele estivesse inocente? Seria possível que estivessem todos enganados, acusando-o injustamente, e que eu também estivesse a cometer uma tremenda injustiça? Li e reli. Eram palavras toldadas pela mágoa e nelas reconheci a verdade.
E, no entanto, relendo as minhas palavras, ninguém poderia adivinhar que era ele. Só ele. Escusado será dizer que fui alterar o meu texto e lhe pedi mil desculpas. E nunca mais deixei de me lembrar: toda agente é inocente até prova em contrário. E à Justiça o que é da Justiça. De facto, foi ilibado. De facto, eu e meio mundo estávamos enganados. Nunca me arrependerei o suficiente: como fui capaz de fazer sofrer tanto uma pessoa, ainda por cima uma pessoa inocente?

E nunca mais me esqueci de outra coisa: tem que se ter cuidado com o que se escreve aqui.
Outra vez falei aqui de uma pessoa com quem trabalhei, a pessoa com quem, até hoje, mais aprendi a todos os níveis. Um senhor. Um grande amigo. Aprendi o que é a confiança absoluta. Nunca ninguém confiou tanto em mim. Tinha defeitos e algumas pessoas odiavam-no. Eu reconhecia os seus defeitos mas gostava dele a ponto de tudo lhe desculpar. Nunca conheci ninguém tão inteligente, tão descarado, com tanto sentido de humor. Um sedutor. Um estratega. Um desafiador.
Não referi nome, traços fisionómicos, dados pessoais. Nada. No dia seguinte tinha um mail de uma Leitora que me dizia: conheci a pessoa de que falou, era exactamente assim. E dizia o nome e qual a empresa onde o tinha conhecido. Era verdade. Era ele e de facto, antes de ter trabalhado na empresa onde eu trabalhava, ele tinha trabalhado nessa empresa.
Mas isto para dizer que tenho que ter cuidado quando falo de alguém pois pode essa pessoa reconhecer-se e não gostar que eu esteja a fazer revelações sobre ela.
É o caso.

Conheci esse jovem de que falo lá em cima há uns anos. Discreto, afável, inteligente. Começou a progredir. Toda a gente lhe reconhecia valor. Passou a viajar bastante, em serviço. Era muito eficaz e alguém em quem se podia confiar para levar a cabo missões mais difíceis. Falava inglês fluente, tinha à vontade a falar em público. Low profile mas seguro, tranquilo. Almocei várias vezes com ele. Boa conversa, simpático. Os outros homens contavam viagens comuns, relatavam feitos. Sempre discreto, ele era um bom parceiro. Nada exibicionista mas também não excessivamente reservado. Lembro-me de um jantar no Porto, num restaurante escolhido por ele, o vinho escolhido por ele. Tudo irrepreensível.

Até que, um dia, um outro com quem tenho uma relação de uma certa cumplicidade, me disse: 'Cá para mim ele é gay'. Achei um disparate. Protestei: que disparate. Nem sinal disso. Nem um trejeito, nem um maneirismo, nada, nada, nada. Ele disse-me: 'Fui a um bar na sexta à noite e vi-o, numa mesa ao canto, estava com outro e tinham a mão em cima da mesa, como se estivessem prestes a dar a mão. Não me viu'. Achei uma conclusão despropositada. Às tantas tinha calhado porem o braço na mesa e ele ali, logo, a lançar tal suspeita. É que nunca, nunca, nada, nem uma forma de rir, nem um olhar suspeito, nada. 

De quando em quando, voltava à carga: 'Nunca se lhe ouve uma palavra de uma namorada, nada. Nunca nem uma palavra da vida privada. Não acha esquisito?'. Respondia: 'Não. Não acho nada. É discreto. E faz ele bem'

Pois bem. Continuou a sua justa progressão profissional, sem ninguém saber o que quer que fosse da sua vida. Sabia-se apenas que vivia num belo e caro apartamento numa das melhores zonas de Lisboa.

Até que um dia, do nada, a novidade estalou: demitiu-se. Pasmei. Toda a gente pasmou. Perguntei: Mas porquê? O que aconteceu? Faz aquilo de que gosta, parece sempre tão motivado, ganha tão bem. Disseram-me: 'Diz que vai viver para Berlim, diz que vai ter com a namorada. Diz que lá ia de vez em quando, ao fim de semana, mas que quer ir viver para junto dela'. Perguntei: Mas tem lá trabalho? Que não, que ia sem nada, simplesmente queria fazer lá a sua vida, e que arranjaria qualquer coisa. Fiquei admirada. Eu e toda a gente. Se houve ascensão meteórica, foi a dele. Toda a gente reconhecia o seu valor e era recompensado principescamente.

Mas foi.

Há uns anos. Esqueci-me dele. Pois bem, para minha surpresa, disse-me agora o meu amigo: 'Sabe com quem almocei?' E contou: 'Regressou. Telefonou-me. Fomos almoçar'. Perguntei: Mas então? O que aconteceu? Ele explicou-me: 'Parece que não conseguiu arranjar trabalho que lhe agradasse. E parece que o namoro também não correu bem. O não ter trabalho fez com que as coisas se degradassem. Voltou sozinho. Está a tentar montar a sua própria empresa'. Pensei logo que, se quisesse voltar, teria as portas abertas. O meu amigo disse: 'Também lhe disse isso mas ele disse categoricamente que não'.

Fiquei calada, sem perceber.

O meu amigo disse-me, então: 'Eu tinha razão. Ele é gay. Ele não diz nada e eu também não falo nada. Uma amiga contou-me. Contou-me que não era uma namorada coisa nenhuma em Berlim, era um namorado. Contou-me que ele saíu de cá porque vivia apavorado com medo que descobrissem'. Respondi: Mas que mal teria? Ele disse-me: 'Reconheça: é um meio conservador, machista. A minha amiga disse-me que ele não conseguia imaginar o que pensariam quando descobrissem. Tornou-se insuportável para ele manter a capa, esconder. Não conseguia mais. Ele diz que nunca ninguém desconfiou mas ele tinha horror de que um dia percebesse uma piada, de que desconfiasse de que os outros sabiam e falavam pelas costas'

E eu fiquei a pensar como deve ser horrível a vida das pessoas que se sentem obrigadas a esconder a sua natureza com medo da rejeição.


A afirmação completa de Jair Bolsonaro, o candidato mais votado nas eleições do Brasil, é a seguinte:
"Seria incapaz de amar um filho homossexual. Não vou dar uma de hipócrita aqui. Prefiro que um filho meu morra num acidente do que apareça com um bigodudo por aí" 
Bolsonaro, a par de Trump e de outros, é mais um caso extremo entre os políticos civilizados do nosso tempo --  mas a verdade é que a maioria dos votantes brasileiros escolheu-o a ele. E, para angústia dos democratas e das pessoas que prezam a liberdade e a tolerância humanista, pode acontecer que seja o próximo presidente do Brasil. 

Terá, com ele, milhões de pessoas que apoiam as suas ideias cavernícolas e assassinas. Parece mentira, parece uma loucura -- mas é o mundo perverso em que vivemos, um mundo a ser devorado pelo populismo.

Qual a vida das pessoas como aquele meu conhecido que, apesar de viver num meio civilizado e tolerante, teve medo que descobrissem a sua orientação sexual e fugiu? Como será para um homossexual viver num país presidido por um perigoso troglodita como Bolsonaro?

Quantos se esconderão atrás de máscaras --  em segredo sussurrando as palavras do refrão de 'Ninguém nos pode parar'?

Vamos fugir
Vamos deixar que as estrelas nos guiem
Vamos tentar
E começar noutro lugar
E vamos fugir
Vamos deixar que as estrelas nos guiem
Vamos lutar
E encontrar outro lugar 


Não levem a mal que hoje não responda aos vossos comentários (e que bons eles eram...). O meu dia não foi fácil e, ainda por cima, foi longo. Cheguei a casa muito tarde e muito cansada. E ainda quero forçosamente tratar de um assunto profissional antes de me ir deitar; e, como um mal nunca vem só, amanhã tenho que madrugar. Por isso, desculpem-me mas não consigo. Se amanhã tiver a cabeça mais fresca, tentarei responder.


          Trump says Ivanka would be ‘incredible’ as UN ambassador      Cache   Translate Page      
But the US president said he would be accused of nepotism if he selected her as Nikki Haley’s replacement.
          4 Questions About Nikki Haley’s Departure as UN Ambassador      Cache   Translate Page      

The Trump presidency has been full of surprises, but personnel changes typically are telegraphed or leaked well in advance. Nikki Haley’s announcement of her resignation... Read More

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A máfia khazariana vem torturando, assassinando e canibalizando crianças numa escala horrorosa, que e o mundo está prestes a descobrir, quando os tribunais militares começarem. Algumas imagens e testemunhos muito perturbadores enviados pelo Departamento de Polícia de Nova York e pela CIA mostram o quanto a máfia khazariana, realmente, é má. Essas pessoas estão além da verdade e da reconciliação e não merecedoras, sequer, de uma morte rápida.

Vamos começar com as estatísticas do FBI sobre crianças desaparecidas nos EUA, para que os céticos possam evitar que o completo mal desses atos obstruam suas mentes. Em 2015, 442.032 jovens desapareceram; desses, 42.032 não foram encontrados.

Em comparação, no mesmo ano, no Japão, 17.971 crianças (o equivalente a 44.927 nos EUA quando ajustadas pela diferença de população) desapareceram, onde, aproximadamente, 99% dessas crianças foram encontradas.

As fotos abaixo, enviadas pela CIA, estão ligadas ao astro da CNN e herdeiro do FRB Vanderbilt, Anderson Cooper, e podem dar uma dica sobre o que aconteceu com pelo menos algumas dessas crianças.

Ainda mais horripilante, é o vídeo ainda gravado abaixo, enviado à CIA, via correio pelo NYPD. Ele mostra uma menina cujo rosto foi supostamente arrancado por Hillary Clinton num ritual satânico. Estejam avisados, é impressionante e parei de assistir logo após a marca de 2 minutos.

Agora, começo a entender o olhar de puro horror na face de George Soros quando, lhe fiz uma pergunta numa conferência de imprensa sobre as famílias que são proprietárias do Federal Reserve Board (FRB). Ele provavelmente tinha visto algumas dessas coisas em primeira mão.

A acusação contra esses criminosos está programada para finalmente começar, agora, que o apoio do governo militar dos EUA ao presidente Donald Trump garantiu a maioria na Suprema Corte com a confirmação do Juiz, Brett Kavanaugh, segundo fontes do Pentágono. "O Procurador-Geral Jeff Sessions, já se reuniu com o real promotor especial, o advogado norte-americano John Huber, em Utah, para que as 57 mil acusações possam ser reveladas", explicam as fontes.

Na Suprema Corte, a posse de Kavanaugh deve desencadear a desclassificação do FISA e outros documentos, bem como tribunais militares", dizem as fontes que, além disso, acrescentam: "O Senado aprovou por unanimidade uma resolução pedindo a desclassificação dos documentos do 11 de Setembro, de modo que o cenário está pronto para a derrubada dos Sionistas e do estado profundo".

Outro aspecto para iniciar o processo contra esses criminosos, é a ação militar em andamento, dos EUA e Rússia, contra o estado pária de Israel, dizem as fontes. Em particular, “uma guerra eletrônica russa que visa não apenas impor uma zona de exclusão aérea sobre Israel, mas também impedir que os ICBMs e outros mísseis sejam lançados, tornando uma opção Sansão obsoleta e tornando o desarmamento, a única opção viável”, explicam fontes do Pentágono. Em outras palavras, Israel não pode mais usar chantagem nuclear para proteger os satanistas nos EUA. Além disso, fontes da P2 do Vaticano, confirmam que o primeiro-ministro israelense, Benjamin Netanyahu, é um satanista e assassino em massa, que precisa ser preso ou morto o mais rápido possível.

EUA e a Rússia, também, estão considerando impor um bloqueio naval e terrestre a Israel, para forçar aquele estado a parar com suas atividades criminosas, continuam as fontes que, inclusive, enviaram a foto abaixo com a explicação de que: “Até a Casa Branca declarou o Outubro Vermelho”.

As fontes do Pentágono, também, disseram que: "Parece que a cabala escura pode ter perdido uma base submarina ou submersa e retaliado, enviando ricina para o Secretário de Defesa James Mattis e ao Chefe Naval John Richardson".

O que as fontes do Pentágono estavam se referindo, foi a destruição de uma "residência de fuga de Clinton com sua comitiva, incluindo um bunker subterrâneo, construído para armazenar seu ouro", segundo fontes da CIA, na Indonésia.

Essa destruição está nas notícias como o recente tsunami que atingiu a Indonésia, que mesmo os especialistas citados pelo Washington Post notam "... não foi um evento direto", disse Adam Switzer, investigador principal do Earth Observatory, em Cingapura. "Este terremoto foi além dos limites dos sistemas de alerta disponíveis”.

Aqui a explicação real, segundo a CIA:

“Clinton estava no controle do ouro que sai da mina de Grasberg/Freeport. A Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative, com um escritório em Papua, foi o veículo para a lavagem do dinheiro obtido com a venda do ouro não declarado. (Um lote desse ouro era off-ledger).

Clinton fez negócios com uma certa facção de militares indonésios durante anos - aqueles que controlam o acesso lá.

Os chineses confirmaram tudo isso e sabiam que o único jeito era inundá-lo. Um tsunami foi desencadeado pelos chineses.

“Um tsunami – cientificamente - impossível. Tudo foi cuidadosamente feito e, em seguida, culparam a tecnologia defeituosa e um ângulo de deslizamento de falhas "estranho". Todavia, a razão desse ângulo de falha “estranho” (se você perguntar aos geólogos) é porque não foi natural.

Sistemas de comunicação podem ser manipulados. É por isso que não conseguiu mostrar o terceiro tsunami. Esse sistema de alerta de tsunamis funcionou desde que o desenvolveram após o desastre de Natal de 2004.

“Existem lasers não visíveis que não têm cor no espectro visível. Isso vai além do DEW (Armas de Energia Dirigida), além de uma DEW, um laser não visível. Os militares chineses são inteligentes – um laser indetectável. Pegaram a tecnologia DEW e a tornaram melhor.

“Este foi um golpe direto de uma arma a laser não visível disparado de um satélite. Tirou do mapa a residência de fuga de Clinton, o séquito que vivia lá e o bunker subterrâneo. Infelizmente, houve sérios danos colaterais”.

Fontes da CIA dizem que cerca de US $ 500 milhões em dinheiro (não US $ 270 milhões, como foi divulgado na semana passada) foram apreendidos pelas Forças Especiais na operação contra o esconderijo de Clinton, antes de sua destruição. Uma captura de tela do Google Earth do complexo destruído está abaixo.

O dinheiro foi dividido “entre um certo grupo de altos funcionários do governo indonésio - sendo um deles o Vice-Presidente Jusuf Kalla - e o círculo interno de Trump, incluindo militares”, dizem as fontes. Então, agora sabemos por que a ricina foi enviadaparaos generais.

Também nos foi permitido dar aos nossos leitores mais informações sobre uma de nossas fontes da CIA,  encarregada dos serviços clandestinos da agência em Jacarta, trabalhando na Embaixada dos EUA, de 1965 a 1985.

“Quando estava lá, ele me disse que havia apenas 20 cidadãos americanos permanentemente vivendo em Jacarta. Todos trabalhavam na embaixada sob cobertura diplomática. Ele me disse, e esta é uma citação, "Nossa equipe tirou Bung Karno (Presidente Sukarno) para fora e instalamos Soeharto no poder".

“Sim, sua equipe, bem como a sede de Langley e outras agências do alfabeto estiveram envolvidas na assistência de Soeharto no assassinato de até 1 milhão de chineses indonésios, que foram rotulados como PKI (Partai Komunis Indonesia). Esta foi uma derrubada bem planejada de toda, assim chamada, oposição a Soeharto, que, também, foi planejado com o governo australiano, que estava fortemente envolvido nessa tentativa de genocídio. Foi nessa época que Soeharto entregou o controle de Freeport à Agência. Há muito mais para isso, todavia, isso é o suficiente, por enquanto.”

“Perguntei ao caubói por que ele fez isso e sua resposta foi: "Era o meu trabalho. Eu trabalhei para o governo dos EUA. Você não me perguntou naquela época. Se tivesse feito isso isso, você sumiu.”Ele disse que pessoalmente estava envolvido no envio de dois navios cargueiros, carregados de arroz para Kalimantan, pois eles não tinham comida e os Dayaks e Malays estavam morrendo de fome durante a crise, assim, que todos os embarques de arroz de Jacarta foi paralisado. (Ele fez isso com pessoal privado). E, acrescentou mais, sim, ele estave próximo do cartel de Bush pai, no passado. Ele fazia parte da velha guarda. Agora, não sobraram muitos.”

Numa nota final, nossa fonte que está conectada às bases secretas da Antártida (ele é um parente do almirante Richard Byrd famoso na exploração da Antártica) voltou a nós, para insistir que algo realmente estranho estava acontecendo lá, dizendo que a citação abaixo da última a semana foi verdadeira:

“Está se abrindo um BURACO DE MINHOCA na Antártida. Sim, uma "abertura" para outras dimensões lá embaixo, devido às mudanças magnéticas extremamente altas ACONTECENDO em e nas proximidades da Antártida que, literalmente, está"rasgando um novo tecido" no campo dimensional. Esta é a razão pela qual todos esses líderes de governo foram até lá. É por isso que eles isolaram a Antártica para o público e assim por diante. O público recebe apenas 5% da "história". E agora, temos o outro lado."

Essa fonte observou que até mesmo publicações conceituadas como a Scientific American informavam: "Há algo misterioso vindo do solo congelado na Antártida e que poderia quebrar os conceitos da fisica como a conhecemos".

Vamos tentar novamente visitar a Antártica neste verão do Hemisfério Sul e reportar diretamente de lá, para nossos leitores o que realmente está acontecendo. Se, realmente, existe uma anomalia como um buraco de minhoca se abrindo lá, toda a população do planeta deve ser informada e mostrada as provas, não apenas para alguns líderes.

Vincenzo Mazzara, Cavaleiro Teutônico e um dos principais membros da loja maçônica P2, do Vaticano, diz que estão sendo feitos preparativos para a humanidade começar a construir uma frota naves mães e se expandir para o Universo.

Como sempre, minha reação a esse tipo de coisa é ver para crer. Por enquanto, a Sociedade Dragão Branco está trabalhando para obter financiamento multimilionário para uma campanha massiva com os pés na Terra, para acabar com a pobreza e deter a destruição ambiental.

Auxilie curtindo e compartilhando essa publicação no rodapé da postagem, para que ela possa alcançar cada vez mais Sementes! Gratidão! ❤

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Maybe Ivanka will go to the UN. by Chase Burns
What a fart.
What a fart. Getty Images

Another day, another Trumpddate. Was it really just a week ago that the NY Times's bombshell reporting on Trump's finances came out? Whatever happened with all that? Oh yeah. Nothing.

The big news of today, so far, is that Nikki Haley—"one of Trump’s many dignity beards," as Rich Smith calls her—is leaving her position as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. From CBS News:

Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is leaving her post at the end of the year, President Trump announced in the Oval Office Tuesday morning. Haley's replacement is unclear, although Mr. Trump said he will likely select the new ambassador in the next two or three weeks.

Haley told reporters she will not run for office in 2020 and instead campaign for the president, in an attempt to quash speculation that she might chart her own political course challenging him.


Mr. Trump said a number of people would like to do Haley's job, and claimed it's a more "glamorous" position than it was a couple years ago.

Who will take that glam position? Maybe someone from Goldman Sachs! From CNBC:

Dina Powell, a Goldman Sachs executive and former deputy national security advisor to President Donald Trump, has had discussions with senior members of the administration about possibly succeeding Nikki Haley as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

In the days leading up to Haley's sudden and surprising resignation Tuesday, senior White House officials reached out to Powell about possibly taking the role, according to three people with direct knowledge of the matter.

But maybe Ivanka will take Haley's place! Per NBC News:

"How good would Ivanka be?" he asked rhetorically before dismissing the idea.

"I think Ivanka would be incredible but it doesn't mean [I would name her]," Trump said. "I would be accused of nepotism." He added that he thought there was no one "more competent in the world" than Ivanka Trump.

Yeah... that wouldn't just be nepotism:

But wait wait wait! Why is Haley leaving if she's not trying to run for president? Are we supposed to buy that she's just tired? Maybe it has something to do with this... per HuffPo:

A watchdog organization is calling for an investigation into seven private flights taken by United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley that were paid for by South Carolina business executives.

The 2017 flights, which Haley listed on her public financial disclosure report this year, were between New York, Washington and three cities in her home state of South Carolina, where she was governor before joining the Trump administration. The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said the flights were likely worth about $24,000 and should be investigated by the State Department’s inspector general.

While the Haley news was breaking, Trump tweeted this nonsense:

The Washington Post breaks it down:

The tweet appears to be rare multilayered nonsense. Nonsense within older nonsense.

The base layer is the false premise that hundreds of protesters who swarmed the Capitol during Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings were “paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad,” as Trump put it in another pronouncement last week, in contradiction to all known facts.

Onto this original falsehood, Trump has now stacked the baffling claim that the paid protesters were not, in fact, paid — “they haven’t gotten their checks,” as he wrote.

This is the conundrum the world is trying to solve.

They go on to decipher the whole mess here.

His Twitter today hasn't been complete multilayered nonsense*. He's also getting out the vote:

*Well, the "Vote.GOP" part definitely counts as multilayered nonsense.

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President Trump Has Thoughts About Taylor Swift Criticizing a Candidate He SupportsA reporter explained the pop star's endorsement of Democratic candidates

          A disturbing plunge into protectionism….. - Publications – AEI      Cache   Translate Page      

A disturbing plunge into protectionism…..

… is the title of George Will’s latest column in the Washington Post, here’s an excerpt: “China,” says President Trump strangely, “is now paying us billions of dollars in tariffs.” Tariffs are taxes collected at the border and paid in one way or another by various residents of the importing nation. Bloomberg Businessweek notes that [...]

A disturbing plunge into protectionism…..
Mark Perry

          The Numbers Are Better for Donald Trump Than You Think. Here's Why      Cache   Translate Page      

The Numbers Are Better for Donald Trump Than You Think. Here's WhyThere are a few numbers that might leave Trump optimistic

          Appeals Court Sets Up Supreme Court Showdown Over Census Question      Cache   Translate Page      
A three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected the Trump administration's effort to stop Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross from having to sit for questioning under oath as part of the multiple lawsuits across the country over his decision to add a question about U.S....

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President Trump Will Have Lunch With Kanye West This WeekJared Kushner will join them

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Ich fordere den Trump Train YouTube an!
          UPDATE 3-Trump raises ethanol use in gasoline, appeases farmers ahead of elections      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump announced the lifting of a ban on summer sales of gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol, known as E15, at a closed-door meeting at the White House, Republican senators told reporters after the meeting. The announcement caps a months-long effort by the White House to thread the needle between rival corn and oil industry interests, by boosting ethanol...
          UPDATE 1-Self-driving cars may hit U.S. roads in pilot program -NHTSA      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON, Oct 9- Fully self-driving cars may be on the fast lane to U.S. roads under a pilot program the Trump administration said on Tuesday it was considering, which would allow real-world road testing for a limited number of the vehicles. Self-driving cars used in the program would potentially need to have technology disabling the vehicle if a sensor fails...
          US STOCKS-Wall Street edges lower on global worries despite falling yields      Cache   Translate Page      
The International Monetary Fund cut global economic growth forecasts for 2018 and 2019 and its 2019 U.S. and China estimates, saying the two countries would feel the brunt of their trade war next year. President Donald Trump repeated a threat to impose tariffs on $267 billion worth of additional Chinese imports if Beijing retaliates for the recent levies and...
          UPDATE 1-Trump renews Fed criticism, says raising rates too fast      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump on Tuesday again criticized the Federal Reserve, telling reporters the central bank is going too fast in raising rates when inflation is minimal and government data points to a strong economy. The Fed is doing what it thinks is necessary but I don't like what they're doing because we have inflation really checked, and we have a lot of good...
          UPDATE 1-Trump raises ethanol use in gasoline, appeases farmers ahead of elections      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump announced the lifting of a ban on summer sales of gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol, known as E15, at a closed-door meeting at the White House, Republican senators told reporters after the meeting. The announcement caps a months-long effort by the White House to thread the needle between rival corn and oil industry interests, in an attempt to boost...
          Self-driving cars may hit U.S. roads in pilot program -NHTSA      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON, Oct 9- Fully self-driving cars may be on the fast lane to U.S. roads under a pilot program the Trump administration said on Tuesday it was considering, which would allow real-world road testing for a limited number of the vehicles. Self-driving cars used in the program would potentially need to have technology disabling the vehicle if a sensor fails...
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Posted by pennstateugk:

          Kanye West Is Headed To The White House      Cache   Translate Page      
Kanye West will meet with President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner at the White House on Thursday.
          Comment on Ocasio-Cortez and other new Dems ‘need to be educated’ on Israel, says Rep. Eliot Engel by Kay24      Cache   Translate Page      
So it seems the Hasbara pests do other evil projects too. WASHINGTON — A top Trump campaign official requested proposals in 2016 from an Israeli company to create fake online identities, to use social media manipulation and to gather intelligence to help defeat Republican primary race opponents and Hillary Clinton, according to interviews and copies of the proposals. The Trump campaign’s interest in the work began as Russians were escalating their effort to aid Donald J. Trump. Though the Israeli company’s pitches were narrower than Moscow’s interference campaign and appear unconnected, the documents show that a senior Trump aide saw the promise of a disruption effort to swing voters in Mr. Trump’s favor." NYT
          Comment on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, lionized by U.S. pundits and politicians, is a — suspected murderer by Atlantaiconoclast      Cache   Translate Page      
Uh, our press IS the enemy of the people, but not because they oppose Trump, but because they cover for Zionist war crimes and the Empire's war crimes, and constantly demonize any nation that does not tow the line. You guys hate Trump for all the wrong reasons. Yes, he is icky, but I oppose him for many of his policies, mostly his neocon hijacked foreign policy. But our press does not have to be the enemy. A fair press is NEVER the enemy of the people We don't have a fair press.
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PBC News & Comment, 10.9.18: Trump Declares Kavanaugh “Innocent” In tawdry photo op with former Justice Kennedy, Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh and rewrites confirmation hearings as “hoax” by Democrats….
          Trump's UN envoy Nikki Haley quits, denies 2020 ambitions      Cache   Translate Page      
Sitting beside Trump in the Oval Office, Haley said her 18-month stint at the United Nations had been "an honour of a lifetime" and said she would stay on until the end of the year.
          Do the facts of the Kavanaugh Affair even matter?      Cache   Translate Page      
Before last week was out, The New York Times released a report detailing how President Trump likely engaged in hundreds of millions of dollars of tax evasion before his election. In any prior time, a bombshell like that about a sitting President would’ve warranted an address to the nation. It would have been not quite Watergate, but […]
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It’s weird how the people overly preoccupied with the erosion of "norms" under Trump tend to also oppose acts of public shaming of GOP leaders, like running them out of restaurants. Shame and shunning are how norms are enforced! — The Discourse Lover (@Trillburne) September 25, 2018
          Appeals Court Sets Up Supreme Court Showdown Over Census Question      Cache   Translate Page      
A three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected the Trump administration's effort to stop Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross from having to sit for questioning under oath as part of the multiple lawsuits across the country over his decision to add a question about U.S. citizenship status to the 2020 census. But the judges have kept Ross' Oct. 11 deposition temporarily on hold to allow either the administration or the lawsuits' plaintiffs "to seek relief from the Supreme Court," according to the order released Tuesday . The 2nd Circuit order comes amid a last-minute scramble by the Trump administration's attorneys to stop Ross and another key official behind the citizenship question — Justice Department official John Gore — from having to testify out of court in the two lead lawsuits in New York. Evidence gathering for the two lawsuits is set to end this week. The decision upholds an earlier ruling by U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman , who wrote : "Secretary Ross
          Evangelical Extremist: Kavanaugh Confirmation Was ‘A Victory of Jesus Christ Over Satan’      Cache   Translate Page      

The Republican War on Women is rapidly reaching new heights. Donald Trump, who has been accused of sexual assault and bragged about grabbing women’s genitals, made it to the Oval Office, and yesterday, accused rapist Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice. Evangelical Christians are doing a happy dance because candidate Trump […]

The post Evangelical Extremist: Kavanaugh Confirmation Was ‘A Victory of Jesus Christ Over Satan’ appeared first on Liberals Unite.

          Barbra Streisand Smashes Trump: ‘How did this happen?’      Cache   Translate Page      

Barbra Streisand rips Donald Trump to shreds during a recent interview promoting her new album, “Walls.” Legendary actress and singer Barbra Streisand explained why she thinks “We’re in a war for the soul of America” during a recent interview that aired on British television network ITV at the end of September. People Magazine discussed the interview, […]

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          Trump Apologizes to Brett Kavanaugh At Ceremonial Swearing-In      Cache   Translate Page      
"I would like to apologize to Brett and his family for the terrible pain and suffering that you have been forced to endure,” the president told his new Supreme Court justice.
          Trump says 'no one more competent in the world' than daughter Ivanka to replace Nikki Haley as UN ambassador      Cache   Translate Page      
Nikki Haley announced she would be resigning from the role today
          Trump warns Hurricane Michael is 'more intense' than Florence as storm barrels towards US      Cache   Translate Page      
20 million people across five states are in the path of the storm
          Stormy Daniels forgives Michael Cohen after he admits 'Trump ordered him' to make hush money deal      Cache   Translate Page      
The adult film actress is softening her tone towards the president's former lawyer, saying 'he kinda did the right thing'
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US President Donald Trump had said she would be incredible in the post.
          Chính Trị Mỹ Với Chính Trị Việt Nam.      Cache   Translate Page      

Nguyễn Quang Duy

Thứ bảy 6/10/2018 vừa qua cánh bảo thủ Mỹ vượt qua sóng gió tạo thành tích mới khi Thượng viện bỏ phiếu với tỷ lệ 50-48 chấp nhận ông Brett Kavanaugh vào vai trò thẩm phán Tối Cao Pháp Viện.

Như vậy 5 trong số 9 thẩm phán Tối Cao Pháp Viện nay thuộc thuộc cánh bảo thủ, vì thế sẽ ảnh hưởng rất lớn đến chính trị và cấu trúc xã hội Mỹ.

Còn ở Việt Nam, đảng Cộng sản loan báo “100 phần 100” đại biểu tại Hội nghị Trung ương 8 đã "tín nhiệm giới thiệu" Tổng Bí thư Nguyễn Phú Trọng để đưa ra Quốc hội bầu làm Chủ tịch Nước.

Cả hai đều có liên quan chặt chẽ đến Hiến Pháp và đều có những điều đáng để tìm hiểu.

Vì sao gọi là bảo thủ Mỹ

Tối cao Pháp Viện là cơ quan có quyền lực cao nhất của Hoa Kỳ, giữ quyền quyết định các tranh tụng về luật liên bang và luật xuyên tiểu bang.

Đồng thời có thẩm quyền giải thích Hiến pháp, tuyên bố các đạo luật liên bang, đạo luật tiểu bang là vi hiến, hoặc tuyên bố các hoạt động của hành pháp liên bang và tiểu bang là vi hiến.

Thẩm phán Tối cao Pháp Viện gồm chín người được bổ nhiệm trọn đời bởi Tổng Thống và được phê chuẩn bởi Thượng viện.

Các thẩm phán giải thích Hiến Pháp và các đạo luật theo nghĩa gốc ban đầu tạo ra chính nó được xem là theo khuynh hướng bảo thủ.

Còn các thẩm phán giải thích ý nghĩa của Hiến Pháp theo hoàn cảnh, theo thời gian hoặc theo các tài liệu chứng cứ xung quanh việc ban hành một đạo luật được xem là theo khuynh hướng tự do cá nhân.

Cánh bảo thủ muốn duy trì một xã hội truyền thống chống lại những người theo chủ nghĩa tự do cá nhân đang được nhiều người trẻ thuộc đảng Dân Chủ ủng hộ.

Ông Kavanaugh là thẩm phán theo khuynh hướng bảo thủ, phục vụ tại Tòa Phúc thẩm Washington, DC từ năm 2006 tới nay nên khi Tổng Thống Trump bổ nhiệm đã gặp rất nhiều chống đối.

Việc ông Kavanaugh gia nhập Tối Cao Pháp Viện làm nghiêng cán cân Tối Cao Pháp Viện với tỷ lệ 5-4 về phía những thẩm phán bảo thủ.

Vì thế nhiều vấn đề đang gây tranh cãi như quyền phá thai, quyền hôn nhân đồng tính, quyền nhập cư, quyền chuyển giới tham gia quân đội Mỹ… nay phía bảo thủ có nhiều cơ hội để thắng thế hơn.

Thậm chí nhiều đạo luật đã thông qua nhưng còn nhiều tranh cãi nay có thể sẽ được mang ra xét lại.

Và khi một đạo luật liên bang được Tối Cao Pháp Viện thông qua đương nhiên sẽ áp dụng cho tất cả các tiểu bang.

Nhiều ý kiến cho rằng Tối cao Pháp viện Hoa Kỳ luôn bị “chính trị hóa” theo quyết định đảng chính trị đang thắng thế.

4 lý do tạo thành khuyết điểm kể trên là (1) thẩm phán do Tổng thống bổ nhiệm; (2) chỉ cần quá bán Thượng viện đồng thuận với Tổng Thống; (3) nhiệm kỳ cho các thẩm phán là trọn đời; và (4) mọi quyết định của Tối Cao Pháp Viện chỉ cần quá bán đồng thuận.

Muốn thay đổi Tối Cao Pháp Viện cần thay đổi Hiến pháp Hoa Kỳ một điều gần như không thể xảy ra.

Việt Nam Ngày Nay …

Khác với ở Mỹ, cánh bảo thủ tại Việt Nam bảo vệ chủ nghĩa xã hội, nếu có thay đổi tạm thời thì phải lấy mô hình thể chế của Trung cộng làm định hướng.

Trên danh nghĩa Quốc Hội là cơ quan quyền lực tối cao, không ai có quyền kiểm soát hoạt động của Quốc hội, phủ quyết các đạo luật, các quyết định của Quốc hội.

Trên thực tế, quyền lực tối cao thuộc về Bộ Chính Trị, Trung Ương Đảng biểu quyết theo thủ tục và Quốc Hội luật hóa quyết định Bộ Chính Trị.

Tư Pháp, Lập Pháp, Hành Pháp, Mặt Trận, Báo Chí, Toàn Xã Hội… đều do Bộ Chính Trị quyết định.

Quyết định Bộ Chính Trị “vi hiến” hay không là điều không cần phải bàn tới vì Hiến Pháp chỉ là hình thức.

Bởi thế mới có việc Tổng bí thư Nguyễn Phú Trọng vừa nắm tổ chức đảng, vừa nắm quân đội, lại vừa nắm công an, trong “tình huống” hiện nay phải nắm luôn vai trò Chủ tịch Nước.

Hội nghị Trung ương 8 còn quyết định thành lập 5 tiểu ban chuẩn bị cho Đại hội lần thứ 13, trong đó Tổng Bí thư Nguyễn Phú Trọng nắm luôn hai tiểu ban là Trưởng Tiểu ban Văn kiện và Trưởng Tiểu ban Nhân sự.

Dường như đảng Cộng sản nay không còn ai có đủ tài, đủ đức, đủ lý luận để bảo vệ chủ nghĩa xã hội nên ít nhất 6 chức vụ quan trọng phải trao cho ông Trọng đã 74 tuổi đời.

Việt Nam Cộng Hòa khi xưa…

Trong hoàn cảnh chiến tranh Hiến pháp Việt Nam Cộng Hòa khi xưa quy định thẩm phán cho Tối cao Pháp viện có nhiệm kỳ sáu năm, luân phiên mỗi ba năm bầu lại 6 người.

Ứng cử viên thẩm phán phải là (1) công dân Việt Nam; (2) 10 năm thâm niên làm chánh án, biện lý, hoặc luật sư; (3) không có quá khứ chống chính phủ hoặc hoạt động thân cộng; và (4) nếu là phái nam thì phải hợp lệ quân dịch.

Các ứng cử viên được Luật sư đoàn, Công tố đoàn và Thẩm phán đoàn cứu xét. Mỗi Đoàn chọn 50 hội viên, tổng cộng là 150 người xem xét danh sách ứng cử viên, bàn thảo và chọn lấy 30 người để trình lên Quốc hội.

Quốc hội sẽ bỏ phiếu chọn 6 người rồi chuyển sang Phủ Tổng thống phê chuẩn.

Những quyết định của Tối cao Pháp Viện như tuyên bố một đạo luật bất hợp hiến hoặc giải tán một chánh đảng phải hội đủ đa số ba phần tư (3/4) tổng số Thẩm phán Tối cao Pháp Viện đồng thuận.

Vụ án Dân biểu Trần Ngọc Châu bị bắt vào tháng 2/1970 vì tội liên lạc với một gián điệp cộng sản Bắc Việt là một vụ án điển hình cho thấy cách làm việc của Tối Cao Pháp Viện.

Khi ông Châu bị bắt với bằng chứng được quay phim, việc trước tiên là Tổng thống Nguyễn Văn Thiệu kêu gọi Hạ viện truất bỏ đặc quyền miễn tố của Dân biểu Châu.

Hạ viện chấp thuận và thông qua với 102/135 phiếu thuận.

Do trước khi được bầu làm Dân biểu, ông Châu là Trung tá Quân đội nên ông được trả về Quân Đội và Tòa án Quân sự tuyên án ông Châu 20 năm tù.

Thượng viện đệ đơn lên Tối cao Pháp viện để xét lại vụ án vì cho là “bất hợp hiến”.

Tòa Tối cao Pháp viện xem xét và tuyên bố việc truất bỏ đặc quyền miễn tố của Hạ viện là bất hợp hiến vì Hạ viện chỉ bỏ phiếu kín mà không mang ra Quốc Hội tranh luận công khai.

Tòa Tối cao Pháp viện còn tuyên bố tòa án quân sự chỉ có quyền trên giới quân nhân tại ngũ, ông Châu phạm luật khi đang là dân sự, nên tòa án quân sự không có quyền tuyên án ông Châu.

Tòa Tối Cao Pháp Viện quyết định thả ông Châu, nhưng Bộ Quốc phòng viện cớ an ninh quốc gia nên vẫn giam Châu đợi ngày tái xét.

Vào tháng 1-1973, ông Châu được trao trả như tù binh cho phía Bắc Việt, nhưng ông Châu cương quyết không chịu theo cộng sản và Trưởng uỷ ban tù binh Bắc Việt không nhận ông Châu.

Đến tháng 6-1974, ông Châu được chính quyền miền Nam trả tự do.

Sau 30/4/1975, ông Châu bị cộng sản bắt tù “cải tạo” 3 năm vì tội là cựu Trung Tá và cựu Dân Biểu Việt Nam Cộng Hòa.

Khi được thả ông cùng gia đình vượt biên sang Mỹ và hiện đang sống tại Los Angeles.

Trong hoàn cảnh chiến tranh vụ án cho thấy Tối Cao Pháp Viện quyết định theo đúng Hiến Pháp và luật pháp Việt Nam Cộng Hòa. Một bài học đáng được ghi nhận.

Tổng Thống Trump Liên Tục Thắng Thế

Chỉ chưa đầy 2 năm tại chức ông đã bổ nhiệm được 2 thẩm phán vào Tối Cao Pháp Viện mang lại nhiều lợi thế cho ông về tư pháp cũng như về chính trị.

Kinh tế Hoa Kỳ tăng trưởng với tỷ lệ 4,1%, tỷ lệ thất nghiệp giảm xuống chỉ còn 3,7% trong tháng 9, đạt mức thấp nhất kể từ tháng 12/1969.

Kinh tế phát triển tạo niềm tin của người tiêu dùng, niềm tin cho doanh nghiệp và niềm tin cho thị trường chứng khoán liên tục gia tăng đạt những mức kỷ lục mới.

Các hiệp định thương mại lần lượt được Tổng thống Trump thương lượng lại với các nước, như Nam Hàn, Mexico, Canada, EU, Nhật, Ấn,… đang mang lại nhiều lợi ích hơn cho nước Mỹ.

Bắc Hàn ngừng thử hỏa tiễn, vào bàn đàm phán, và hôm qua 8/10/2018 Ngoại trưởng Mỹ Mike Pompeo loan báo ông Kim Jong-un sẵn sàng cho phép các phái đoàn quốc tế vào thanh tra các điểm thử hạt nhân và hỏa tiễn.

Khủng bố quốc tế mất khả năng ngóc đầu dậy.

Nhật, Nam Hàn, Đài Loan và cả Âu Châu đồng ý tăng ngân sách Quốc Phòng chia sẻ gánh nặng Quân Sự với Mỹ.

Đồng thời, Mỹ đã tạo dựng một liên minh nhiều quốc gia bao vây quân sự Trung cộng tại Biển Đông.

Với Trung cộng ngoài việc trừng phạt thương mãi, việc trừng phạt tài chính đang được mở ra.

Hoa Kỳ cho đóng băng tài sản tại Mỹ của quan chức cấp cao và doanh nghiệp nhà nước có liên quan đến mua bán vũ khí với Nga. Đồng thời giới hạn chính phủ các nước đồng minh thương mãi, doanh nghiệp hoặc cá nhân giao thương với Trung cộng. Và có thể cấm Trung cộng sử dụng đồng Mỹ Kim trong các giao dịch ngoại hối.

Trên diễn đàn Liên Hiệp Quốc Tổng Thống Trump công khai kêu gọi tất cả các quốc gia trên thế giới chống lại chủ nghĩa xã hội và những khổ nạn mà chủ nghĩa xã hội mang đến cho con người.

Lời kêu gọi của ông Trump không chỉ nhắm đến các quốc gia như Venezuela, Trung cộng, Việt Nam,… mà còn nhắm đến khuynh hướng xã hội chủ nghĩa thuộc cánh tả của đảng Dân Chủ đang được giới trẻ Mỹ ủng hộ.

Những ngày sắp tới ông Trump và đảng Cộng Hòa sẽ phải nỗ lực thêm để trong kỳ bầu cử tháng tới có thể giữ được các ghế ở cả Thượng viện lẫn Hạ viện để tiếp tục điều hành quốc gia trong thế mạnh.

Nhìn chung Mỹ là quốc gia dân chủ nên sinh hoạt chính trị lúc nào cũng sôi nổi, những chính trị gia lúc nào cũng phải năng nổ để liên tục chiến thắng, để được quyền tiếp tục điều hành đất nước.

Trở lại với Việt Nam…

Cũng chỉ hơn 2 năm từ ngày Thủ Tướng Nguyễn Tấn Dũng bỏ cuộc chơi thì tình trạng "chán Đảng, khô Đoàn, nhạt chính trị" càng ngày càng trở nên thảm khốc.

Chính trị Việt Nam ở cấp tối cao lọt vào “tình huống” vô cùng bế tắc, Tổng Bí Thư Nguyễn Phú Trọng phải nhận lãnh 6 chức vụ mà chức vụ nào cũng đều rất quan trọng không ai có thể thay thế được.

Các quốc gia cộng sản, trong đó có cộng sản Việt Nam, đang là điểm nhắm của Tổng Thống Trump.

Chính trị nước Mỹ vì thế đều ảnh hưởng đến chính trị thế giới và ảnh hưởng mạnh đến chính trị Việt Nam.

Thắng lợi của ông Trump đồng thời cũng là thắng lợi của người dân tại các quốc gia cộng sản.

Cơ hội để Việt Nam có tự do dân chủ mỗi lúc một rõ hơn, đòi hỏi người Việt cả trong lẫn ngoài nước nỗ lực hơn đẩy mạnh tiến trình dân chủ hóa Việt Nam.

Nguyễn Quang Duy

Melbourne, Úc Đại Lợi


          Trump says Ivanka would be ‘incredible’ as UN ambassador      Cache   Translate Page      
But the US president said he would be accused of nepotism if he selected her as Nikki Haley’s replacement.
          Dimite por sorpresa la embajadora de Trump ante la ONU      Cache   Translate Page      

El historiador y filósofo Will Durant escribió que no decir nada, especialmente cuando se está hablando, es la mitad del arte de la diplomacia. Y este martes, cuando ha saltado por sorpresa la noticia de la dimisión de Nikki Haley, la embajadora de Donald Trump ante Naciones Unidas, ha quedado en evidencia que la exgobernadora de Carolina del Sur, que llegó a la ONU sin experiencia en política exterior, ha perfeccionado, cuando menos, esa mitad. Su adiós está lleno de interrogantes sobre motivos e intenciones y sacude de nuevo una Administración en constante mutación y cuya política exterior crea tanto desconcierto como sacudidas globales.

Seguir leyendo....

          Badai Michael dan Penurunan Ekspor Iran Dongkrak Harga Minyak      Cache   Translate Page, Jakarta - Harga minyak naik sekitar 1 persen pada penutupan perdagangan Selasa (Rabu pagi waktu Jakarta). Sentimen yang menjadi katalis harga minyak adalah penurunan ekspor minyak mentah Iran sebelum adanya pengenaan sanksi dari Amerika Serikat (AS) dan juga penutupan produksi di Teluk Meksiko karena Badai Michael.

Mengutip Reuters, Rabu (10/10/2018), harga minyak Brent berjangka yang menjadi patokan harga dunia naik ISD 1,09 dan menetap di USD 85 per barel. Harga minyak ini mencapai nilai tertinggi dalam mepat tahun di angka USD 86,74 per barel pada pekan lalu tetapi pada perdagangan Senin kemarin tergelincir ke USD 82,66 per barel.

Sedangkan harga minyak berjangka West Texas Intermediate (WTI) AS naik 67 sen menjadi menetap di USD 74,96 per barel. Angka ini naik 0,90 persen dibanding dengan perdagangan sehari sebelumnya.

Data dari industri minyak dan gas (migas) ekspor miyak Iran mengalami kejatuhan pada minggu pertama di Oktober inni karena pembeli sudah mencari alternatif menjelang pengenaan sanksi oleh AS pada 4 November nanti.

Iran merupakan salah satu produsen minyak terbesar yang tergabung dalam organisasi eksportir minyak (OPEC). Negara ini mengekspor 1,1 juta barel per hari minyak mentah. Beberapa sumber menyebutkan bahwa pada Oktober awal pengiriman minyak Iran sudah berada di bawah 1 juta barel per hari.

Angka tersebut turun 2,5 juta bare per hari jika dibandingkan dengan pengiriman pada April kemarin. Saat itu Presiden AS Donald Trump belum memberikan kembali sanksi kepada Iran.

Arab Saudi, produsen terbesar di OPEC pekan lalu mengatakan akan meningkatkan produksi minyak mentah bulan depan menjadi 10,7 juta barel per hari.

Menteri Perminyakan Iran Bijan Zanganeh pada hari Senin mengatakan bahwa klaim Arab Saudi dapat menggantikan ekspor minyak mentah Iran sulit terbukti dan merupakan omong kosong besar.

"Ada kekhawatiran bahwa pemasok seperti Arab Saudi dan Rusia akan berjuang untuk mengkompensasi penurunan produksi potensial dari Iran dan Venezuela, yang telah mendukung harga minyak dalam sesi perdagangan Selasa ini," kata Abhishek Kumar, analis energi senior di Interfax Energy, London. 


* Update Terkini Asian Para Games 2018 Mulai dari Jadwal Pertandingan, Perolehan Medali hingga Informasi Terbaru di Sini.

Badai Michael

Ilustrasi tambang migas  (iStockPhoto)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Sementara, para produsen minyak di Teluk Meksiko memangkas produksi mereka sekitar 40 persen ketika Badai Michael melanda. Saat ini badai tersebut sudah mendekati Pantai Florida.

Jika perhitungan analis terbukti akurat, badai tersebut akan sangat mempengaruhi produksi minyak di AS dan akan berdapak lebih luas ke harga karena penurunan produksi akan sangat besar.

Saksikan Video Pilihan di Bawah Ini:

          Wall Street Tertekan Kekhawatiran Pelemahan Ekonomi Global      Cache   Translate Page, Jakarta Wall Street harus berakhir melemah pada penutupan perdagangan Selasa (Rabu pagi waktu Jakarta). Salah satu sentimen penekan bursa saham di Amerika Serikat (AS) adalah kekhawatiran investor akan prospek pertumbuhan ekonomi global.

Mengutip Reuters, Rabu (10/10/2018), Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) turun 56,21 poin, atau 0,21 persen menjadi 26.430,57. Untuk S&P 500 kehilangan 4,09 poin atau 0,14 persen menjadi 2.880,34. Berbeda, Nasdaq Composite menambahkan 2,07 poin atau 0,03 persen menjadi 7.738,02.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) memotong perkiraan pertumbuhan ekonomi global  untuk 2018 dan 2019. Lembaga ekonomi dunia tersebut menyatakan ekonomi global akan tumbuh 3,7 persen pada akhir 2018, turun dari perkiraan Juli lalau yang ada di angka 3,9 persen.

IMF juga memotong estimasi pertumbuhan ekonomi AS dan China di 2019. IMF mengatakan bahwa kedua negara tersebut akan mengalami tekanan karena adanya perang dagang.

Sementara Presiden AS Donald Trump mengulanhi ancaman untuk mengenakan tarif tambahan impor China senilai USD 267 miliar Jika Beijing kembali menerapkan retribusi baru.

Sentimen tersebut mempengaruhi saham-saham sektor material yang mengalami penurunan 3,4 persen. Pelemahan ini merupakan penurunan harian terbesar sejak 8 Februari lalu. Saham perusahaan kimia PPG Industries menjadi saham yang mengalami pelemahan terbesar yaitu jatuh 10 persen.

Perusahaan yang terdaftar di Wall Street ini sangat terpengaruh dengan perang dagang AS dengan China karena perang dagang membuat bahan baku lebih mahal dan permintaan dari China juga mengalami pelemahan.

"Dengan penurunan prediksi pertumbuhan ekonomi global ini sangat berpengaruh kepada indeks S&P 500 karena sebagian besar saham di indeks ini memiliki orientasi ekspor," jelas Mark Luschini, chief investment strategist di Janney Montgomery Scott, Philadelphia, AS.

Namun memang, pelemahan Wall Street tidak terlalu besar karena memperoleh dukungan dari penurunan imbal hasil obligasi berjangka waktu 10 tahun pemerintah AS. Setelah mengalami lonjakan yang cukup tinggi pada pekan lalu, imbal hasil obligasi pemerintah ini mengalami penurunan dan memberikan angin segar kepada pasar ekuitas.

"Dengan adanya penurunan imbal hasil ini maka pasar saham bisa sedikit bernafas lega," kata Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist di Invesco, New York, AS.


* Update Terkini Asian Para Games 2018 Mulai dari Jadwal Pertandingan, Perolehan Medali hingga Informasi Terbaru di Sini.

Kinerja Sektoral

Ilustrasi Foto Perdagangan Saham dan Bursa (iStockphoto)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Sektor industri yang merupakan sektor yang sangat sensitif terhadap perdagangan kehilangan 1,5 persen. Saham maskapai penerbangan mengalami pelemahan terbesar dengan jatuh 3 persen.

American Airlines mengalami presentase penurunan terbesar dengan turun 6,5 persen setelah mengatakan bahwa harga bahan bakar yang lebih tinggi akan mempengaruhi kinerja perusahaan di kuartal III.

Sedangkan indeks energi menjadi penyelamat indeks S&P 500 dengan mengalami kenaikan 1 persen karena harga minyak naik di tengah penurunan ekspor minyak mentah Iran dan penutupan sebagian besar produksi di Teluk Meksiko karena adanya badai Michael.


Saksikan Video Pilihan di Bawah Ini:

          Trump gives reporters info about who he is and isn’t considering for Haley replacement      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump spoke to reporters on AF1 today about his potential considerations for Nikki Haley’s replacement. Watch the first couple minutes: President Trump says five people are on his list to succeed US . . .
          Lindsey Graham says Trump jokingly asked if he wanted to be attorney general      Cache   Translate Page      
Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told CNN on Tuesday that President Donald Trump asked him while they were playing golf over the weekend: "You wouldn't want to be attorney general, would you?"

          Actually, Mr. President, two states won’t ‘work best’ - by Stephen M. Flatow      Cache   Translate Page      
There may be no solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in our generation; not all international conflicts have one. But certainly whittling Israel down to nine miles wide is not the answer.

Stephen M. Flatow..
08 October '18..

How did U.S. President Donald Trump go from “People have been talking about [the two-state solution] for so many years now; it so far hasn’t worked” in February to last week’s “I like a two-state solution. That’s what I think works best”?

The answer, as with so many things involving Donald Trump, is that we just don’t know. But one thing is certain: He didn’t arrive at this new position after looking at any actual maps of what Israel would look like if a Palestinian state were created.

Because nobody who realizes that establishing a Palestinian state would reduce Israel to just nine miles wide could possibly advocate such an outcome—except, of course, somebody who seeks to facilitate Israel’s destruction.

Take a look at a map of Judea-Samaria (the “West Bank”).

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          Vukmir rolls out Trump-like Lie campaign against Baldwin!      Cache   Translate Page      
After last nights Senate candidates debate between incumbent Tammy Baldwin and Trumpian challenger Leah Vukmir, it seems more obvious than ever that Vukmir is an untrustworthy State Senator as well. 

Thanks to PolitiFact, we're able to see "lying" Leah's record of false statements. She's breathtakingly nuts on every issue. Why would anyone vote for someone this deceptive?

Oral Chemo: When it came to voting against requiring insurance coverage for oral chemotherapy, Vukmir made this completely nonsensical statement:
Vukmir: "I was very concerned that the unintended consequence of that bill would be that the very people who wanted that care would be restricted from that care."
Baldwin's simple comeback:
"A vote is a vote, and Leah Vukmir voted with insurance companies to prevent oral chemo from being covered. I don't know how you can run away from the vote."
Universal Health Care: Remember, Vukmir's Trump Party still don't have an alternative plan to replace the ACA or protect pre-existing conditions, so the following statement from Vukmir is an empty outright lie, that laughably plays off the GOP's successful branding of the ACA as ObamaCare:
Vukmir said she would "fall in front of a truck" before she let people with pre-existing conditions go without insurance coverage. Vukmir charged that Baldwin's support for a "Medicare for all" universal health care plan would upend the entire health care system. "I'm going to call it 'BaldwinCare,'" Vukmir said. "Because under her plan, the Affordable Care Act goes away. Medicare goes away. Everything we know about insurance goes away."
"Everything we know about insurance goes away" is a BAD thing? Gotta let insurers make obscene profits from sick people, right Leah?

Baldwin instead is already on this...

This is a pattern for Vukmir on every one of the biggest issues in the election. Vukmir's only option now is to lie:
Tomah VA: Says Tammy Baldwin was the only member of the Wisconsin congressional delegation "to have a report outlining that a doctor was overprescribing opioids" at the Tomah VA, "later a veteran died" and Baldwin "covered it up." Mostly False.

Capitol protests: Says "I have been through the gauntlet, when we had riots in that Capitol." Pants on Fire.

Donor: On conservative mega-donor Richard Uihlein. Full Flop.

Trump: "I have always been there with" Donald Trump. False.

Immigration: Says Mark Pocan’s proposal to eliminate the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would "eliminate border enforcement." Pants on Fire.

Immigration: On separating families at the border. Half Flip.

Patriotism: Says Tammy Baldwin "opposed displaying the flag and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or singing the National Anthem in our classrooms." Mostly False.

Terrorism: Says Tammy Baldwin is "more worried about the mastermind of 9/11" than supporting CIA director nominee Gina Haspel. Pants on Fire.

‘Buy America’: Says Sen. Tammy Baldwin "claims to support a 'Buy America' philosophy, but her actions speak louder than her empty words." False.

Attacks by others on Vukmir:

Open records: Club for Growth says Leah Vukmir "claimed the open records law didn't apply to her, got sued, lost and cost taxpayers $15,000 in legal fees." True.

'Leniency': Claim by Club for Growth says Leah Vukmir "wrote a letter seeking leniency for a fellow state legislator convicted of sexual assault." Mostly True.
Vukmir Sides with White Male Abusers: Vukmir even brought up the well documented State Supreme Court choking incident, saying it never really happened. Why even go there...?
Vukmir: "The state courts weren’t immune to these ridiculous and slanderous attacks. In 2011, during an election that was largely seen as a referendum on our reforms, extremely liberal state Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley accused Justice David Prosser of choking her. In the end, this was just another smear. No charges were filed, but sadly his legacy has been blemished."
Other Lies about Baldwin: Seriously conservative voters, are incrementally small tax cuts worth supporting candidates that aren't being honest with you? Note: Baldwin was even criticized for proposing a Department of Peace and Nonviolence...
Iran: Kevin Nicholson says the Iran deal "handed billions of dollars of cash on cargo planes, sent it to a state sponsor of terror, and Tammy Baldwin was one of the first U.S. senators to get on board and support that." Mostly False.

Peace: Kevin Nicholson: "Tammy Baldwin cosponsored legislation that wanted to establish the Department of Peace and Nonviolence." Mostly True.

Taxes: Freedom Partners: "Tammy Baldwin voted for $5 trillion in higher taxes." Half True.

Tomah VA: Americas PAC says Tammy Baldwin was told by a whistleblower about "overmedicated veterans," she made "deadly mistakes" and "three veterans died" at the Tomah VA hospital. False.

Defense funding: Restoration PAC says Tammy Baldwin "supported legislation allowing citizens to withhold funding for our troops." Mostly False.

Sex education: Restore American Freedom and Liberty says Tammy Baldwin "wants to require children starting at age 5 to learn about gay sex!" False.

 | President Trump says he now likes Taylor Swift's music 25% less      Cache   Translate Page      
… superstar Taylor Swift's music "about 25 percent less … I like Taylor's music about 25 percent less now …
          Nikki Haley resigned today.       Cache   Translate Page      
She probabbly had doubts about representing Donald Trump at the U.N. General Assembly on November 1st, 2018, when that body will discuss Cuba's Resolution in regards to the Blockade/Embargo against the Caribbean nation.

Last year the U.S. was repudiated/condemned in a 191-2 vote. Only Zionist Israel kissed the ass of the Americans.

She is resigning by the end of 2018. People generally do not like working for Donald Trump.

Does Donald Trump has doubts about her loyalty?
          10/10/2018: NEWS: TAY TAY NO LONGER TOP OF TRUMP’S POPS      Cache   Translate Page      

TAYLOR Swift’s decision to speak out on politics has triggered a storm, with even US President Donald Trump weighing in on the pop star’s remarks in support of the Democrats. Swift, 28, has stayed out of the political fray in contrast with some of her...
          UN Ambassador Nikki Haley resigns      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump addressed speculation he many name his daughter, Ivanka, to replace UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who unexpectedly announced her resignation. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

          Taylor Swift breaks her political silence, and America erupts      Cache   Translate Page      

  • Taylor Swift breaks her political silence by endorsing Tennessee Democratic candidates.
  • Mistakenly believing her to be one of theirs, the Alt-Right is furious.
  • New voter registrations have spiked since her announcement

In their heyday, The Beatles never told anyone how to vote, fearful as they were of their own power over their fan base. As one of their promoters put it, "Only Hitler ever duplicated their power over crowds." Such were the times that they felt safe keeping their views mostly to themselves, only occasionally implying them in song lyrics.

These are not those times, though, and The Beatles of today, Taylor Swift, this week stepped into the political fray by endorsing Democratic candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives candidates in her home state of Tennessee. She also strongly criticized the voting record of Republican Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn.

That Swift has spoken up in these troubled times confirms her image as an "All-American girl." The tweet in which she made her endorsement speaks eloquently in support of traditional American ideals.

I'm writing this post about the upcoming midterm elections on November 6th, in which I'll be voting in the state of Tennessee. In the past I've been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions, but due to several events in my life and in the world in the past two years, I feel very differently about that now. I always have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this country. I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights, and that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is WRONG. I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent.
I cannot vote for someone who will not be willing to fight for dignity for ALL Americans, no matter their skin color, gender or who they love. Running for Senate in the state of Tennessee is a woman named Marsha Blackburn. As much as I have in the past and would like to continue voting for women in office, I cannot support Marsha Blackburn. Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me. She voted against equal pay for women. She voted against the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which attempts to protect women from domestic violence, stalking, and date rape. She believes businesses have a right to refuse service to gay couples. She also believes they should not have the right to marry. These are not MY Tennessee values. I will be voting for Phil Bredesen for Senate and Jim Cooper for House of Representatives. Please, please educate yourself on the candidates running in your state and vote based on who most closely represents your values. For a lot of us, we may never find a candidate or party with whom we agree 100% on every issue, but we have to vote anyway.
So many intelligent, thoughtful, self-possessed people have turned 18 in the past two years and now have the right and privilege to make their vote count. But first you need to register, which is quick and easy to do. October 9th is the LAST DAY to register to vote in the state of TN. Go to and you can find all the info. Happy Voting!

Photo that accompanied Swift's tweet.

True to the times in which we live, the faction so out-of-step with traditional American ideals, the Alt-Right, exploded in rage. On the other hand, according to, new voter registrations since Swift's tweet have also exploded, with 65,000 signups in just the first 24 hours after her tweet, demonstrating the powerful and emotional bond Swift maintains with her audience.

The fallout is a stunning collision of the power of hate and celebrity that so characterize today's U.S.A.

Nobody's Aryan princess

The Alt-Right movement has for several years believed the blonde, blue-eyed, Southern Swift to be their "Aryan Princess." In the absence of a full-throated rejection from the pop star, their faith in Swift's presumed agreement with their radical views has become more and more entrenched over time.

Never mind that it began as a joke when a November 2011 4chan kitten-naming contest decided on a name Swift herself had chosen for her own feline. Additional "clues" supporting Swift's alleged All-Right leanings appeared over time, culminating in a ne-Nazi's article reposting a mashup of Hitler quotes over an image of Swift. His post was titled, "Aryan Goddess Taylor Swift: Nazi Avatar of the White European People."

In tweets, such as one describing Swift's endoresment as a "betrayal beyond words. On Reddit, things grew even darker, with one poster claiming, "Nobody pisses off 4chan. She will regret this move for that reason alone." Another informs her, "you just lost over half of your fanbase, including me." One Alt-Right commenter with a user name containing "taytay4ever" wondered, "Son of a do I change usernames???"

Donald Trump defended Blackburn as a "tremendous woman," and shared his unique conception of math by telling supporters, "Let's say that I like Taylor's music about 25% less now."

There are performers and then there’s Taylor

No other artist has remotely as emotionally resonant relationship with her fans as Taylor Swift does these days. Many, though by no means all, of her adorers are teenage girls who look to Swift for guidance in matters big and small during this charged time of life. From song lyrics to one-on-one fan surprises, Swift clearly works hard and reciprocate the adulation she receives. As she noted in her tweet, a sizable portion of her base has just come of voting age, and she clearly wanted to use her influence with them for positive change. That her reasons involved standing up for human rights and making clear that this includes various groups whose rights are in question these days fits in perfectly with her long-time message to fans. As Mary Mancini of tells Buzzfeed, "Having her come out and say this so publicly will make people sit up and say, ya know what, I'm not alone here."

According to Mancini, of the 5,183 new registrations in Tennessee so far this month, 2,144 were from the period following Swift's tweet. itself saw 155,940 unique visitors in the first post-tweet day, the largest group of visitors since National Voter Registration Day in September.

A gamble worth taking

Swift has really stepped up as a young American here, taking a real risk with her career and her personal safety to simply help her generation do what she feels is obviously right. That thousands are willingly following her guidance at the same time as others are demonizing her fits this American moment, sadly. To provide some light in this wilderness is why she spoke up.

          10/10/2018: WORLD: APOLOGY TO KAVANAUGH      Cache   Translate Page      
SUPREME Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been sworn in a second time at a White House event, at which President Donald Trump slammed a “campaign of personal destruction”. Mr Trump apologised to Justice Kavanaugh and his family for “the terrible...
          Buffoon Jackass Kanye West To Meet With Racist President and Adviser Jared Kushner Wednesday At The White House      Cache   Translate Page      
Following in the steps of his reality TV star wife-turned-activist Kim Kardashian West, rapper Kanye West will be meeting with President Trump and the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner at the White House on Thursday.   White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed to the White House TV pool that West will be joining the
          Who might replace Nikki Haley as UN ambassador?      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump accepted Haley's resignation Tuesday, and she will serve through the end of the year

          Trump's U.N. envoy Haley resigns, rules out 2020 run for office      Cache   Translate Page      
Nikki Haley, a rising Republican star, said on Tuesday she was stepping down as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, but knocked down speculation that she might challenge President Donald Trump at the next election.

          Trump says he would consider former adviser Dina Powell for UN      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he would consider selecting Goldman Sachs executive and former White House adviser Dina Powell as the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and he shot down speculation he would tap his daughter Ivanka for the post.

          L’ouragan «Michael» se hisse en catégorie 3      Cache   Translate Page      
La Floride, pour laquelle le président Donald Trump a déclaré l’état d’urgence mardi après-midi, se...
          Trump looks to lift restrictions on year-round sale of gasoline with ethanol      Cache   Translate Page      

          Les préparatifs du deuxième sommet Trump-Kim avancent      Cache   Translate Page      
Donald Trump a annoncé mardi que les préparatifs pour son nouveau sommet avec le dirigeant...
          Trump says Haley will leave U.N. post at end of year      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he has accepted the resignation of U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who will be leaving at the end of the year.

          U.N. envoy Haley is latest in parade of White House departees      Cache   Translate Page      
Nikki Haley became the latest senior official to exit the Trump administration when she said on Tuesday she will resign at year-end as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

          Nikki Haley to leave role as UN ambassador      Cache   Translate Page      

Washington D.C., Oct 9, 2018 / 11:00 am (CNA).- Nikki Haley will leave her post as the United States’ ambassador to the United Nations at the end of the year, it was announced Tuesday. Haley has been a vocal champion of religious freedom during her time at the UN.

Speaking during a joint announcement from the Oval Office Oct. 9, President Donald Trump said that Haley first told him six months ago that she would look to “take a break” after two years on the job. The president said that Ambassador Haley had done an “incredible job” during her time in post and was “very special.”

“She’s a fantastic person, very importantly, but she also is somebody that gets it,” said  Trump.

During her time at the United Nations, Haley spoke frequently in defense of persecuted Christian communities in the Middle East, and delivered the closing keynote at July’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom.

She also had a hand in the implementation of major policies, including the relocation of the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, fulfilling campaign promise made by successive presidential candidates.

“As Americans, we have been given a great set of tools with which to build a more perfect union. The protection of our religious freedom – our right to worship, and believe, and even instruct our children – in the manner in which we choose and to live our faith is first among these tools,” said Haley in July.

“We will continue to forcefully advocate for religious tolerance in the international arena. Not just because so many people are being denied this right, but because defending religious freedom makes for a safer and more peaceful world for all of us.”

During the announcement of her departure, Haley dismissed speculation that she would be seeking to challenge Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination. “No, I am not running for 2020,” she said while repeating her support for Trump’s reelection.

As former governor of South Carolina and a prominent member of the Trump administration’s foreign policy team, Haley has been widely tipped as a potential future presidential candidate.

She said it was an “honor of a lifetime” to serve in the United Nations, and that there was “no personal reason” for her choosing to step down at this time. Instead, she said that it was important for politicians to know when to step back from a particular role.

Trump expressed remorse at Haley’s departure, saying “We’re all happy for you in one way, but we hate to lose (you).” He also kept the door open for her return to the administration, “at some point but in a different capacity.”

If she were to do so, Trump said, she “can have (her) pick” of positions.

Prior to being appointed ambassador, Haley was the first female governor to be elected in South Carolina, and first Indian-American female governor in the country.

President Trump said he would announce Haley’s replacement within a few weeks. 

          Kim Jong Un invites Pope Francis to meet in Pyongyang      Cache   Translate Page      

Seoul, South Korea, Oct 9, 2018 / 05:40 am (CNA/EWTN News).- North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has invited Pope Francis to meet in Pyongyang, a South Korean spokesman said Tuesday.

Pope Francis is already set to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in Oct. 18 for an audience at the Vatican Apostolic Palace, where Moon will personally deliver the invitation from Kim Jong Un.

President Moon, a Catholic, will also participate in a Mass for peace on the Korean peninsula in St. Peter’s Basilica on Oct. 17 celebrated by the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. 

During the most recent summit between Korean leaders in September, Kim told Moon that he would “greatly welcome” the pope Pyongyang, according to South Korea’s presidential office. 

On Oct. 7, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un in North Korea to discuss details for a second summit between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim to continue negotiation of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, according to the State Department.

“One of the key pillars of the statement between Chairman Kim and President Trump was that we would have better relationships, confidence-building measures. We would fundamentally change the nature of North Korea’s relationship with the rest of the world,” Secretary Pompeo told press in South Korea on Oct. 8 after the meeting with Kim.

Vatican Secretary for Relations with States Paul Gallagher visited the Joint Security Area on the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea on July 5, where he said, “it is a very historic period, a period of hope and the Holy Father is supporting that movement.”

“I am sure with the prayers and support of Christians and other men and women in good faith around the world that many good things will be achieved in the coming months. We pray for that,” Archbishop Gallagher said during the visit.

Diplomatic negotiations continued at the third inter-Korean summit between Kim and Moon, which took place on Sept. 18 in Pyongyang during a week in which Catholics in South Korea celebrated the peninsula's martyr saints.

The First Lady of South Korea, Kim Jung-sook, participated in the Mass with Korean bishops as a part of the festivities. She asked for prayers for the diplomatic negotiations at Seoul’s Myeongdong Cathedral days prior to heading to Pyongyang for the summit.

Twenty-five million people live in North Korea, which has one of the worst human rights records in the world. A United Nations investigation in 2014 produced a 372-page report that documented crimes against humanity, including execution, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, forced abortions, and knowingly causing prolonged starvation.

There are currently an estimated 80,000 to 120,000 people in North Korea’s six political prison camps, in which the U.S. State Department has found evidence of starvation, forced labor, and torture.

South Korean bishops have been leading Catholics in prayer for the reconciliation and unity of the divided Korean peninsula for decades. 

“Since 1965, the Korean Catholic Church has been praying for the true peace of the two Koreas and the reconciliation of the nation,” Archbishop Kim Hee-Jung of Gwangju wrote in April following the first meeting between the Korean leaders. chairman of the Korean bishops’ conference in April.

“Through these prayers, something miraculous is happening in this land by the help of God for whom nothing will be impossible,” Archbishop Kim continued.

“Until the day when complete peace is established on the Korean peninsula and divided peoples are united, the Catholic Church of Korea will accompany the journey for reconciliation of the people in unity.”

          "Americans Are More Radicalized Than Ever, Country Spiraling Toward Civil War"      Cache   Translate Page      
"Americans Are More Radicalized Than Ever, 
Country Spiraling Toward Civil War"
by Michael Snyder

"Now that Brett Kavanaugh has officially been confirmed, it is a good time to reflect upon where we are at as a nation. And where we are at is a nation that is rapidly moving toward a state of civil war. At one time we were a nation that was united by shared values, a shared purpose and a shared destiny, but now all of that has been replaced by anger, frustration, bitterness, strife and discord. The left hates the right and vice versa, and both sides are becoming increasingly radicalized. And without a doubt we are in a life or death battle for the future of America. Eventually one side or the other will emerge victorious, and their ideology will become dominant in this country.

Up to this point, there has been a lot of screaming, yelling and protesting, but it isn’t going to take very much to push the nation over the edge into violence. On a daily basis the pot is being stirred by our leading politicians and the mainstream media, and it is very difficult to see any way that this story is going to end well.
Early on Sunday, the Drudge Report was being headlined by an Axios story about “the radicalization of our public lives”: "It’s going to get worse. Virtually every major American institution is being radicalized - or being reshaped by the radicalization of our public lives. You see this most vividly in politics, where the White House and Congress are often the cause and effect of the radicalization. You now see it in the courts and the Supreme Court, in particular, where a narrow, party-line vote made Brett Kavanaugh the next justice after a nasty, personal political brawl. Already, lawyer Michael Avenatti is calling for a new Democratic litmus test: increasing the size of the court to 11 from nine."

In particular, it is on the left where we have seen the most extreme radicalization. This is something that President Trump commented on during his most recent rally: “Just imagine the devastation they would cause if they of their obtained the power they so desperately want and crave,” Trump added. “You don’t hand matches to an arsonist and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob, and that’s what they have become.”

Trump then used Kavanaugh’s example to illustrate why conservatives need to vote during the midterm elections in four weeks so that Democrats don’t take back the House: “You have to vote,” Trump insisted. “On November 6 you will have the chance to stop the radical Democrats - and that’s what they have become - by electing a Republican House and a Republican Senate. We will increase our majorities. We need more Republicans. We need more Republicans.” “The Democrats have become too extreme and too dangerous to govern,” Trump continued. “Republicans believe in the rule of law not the rule of the mob.”

Of course if Hillary Clinton had won the election, there are millions upon millions of Americans that would not have been willing to be governed by her either. We are rapidly getting to the point where America is simply going to be ungovernable.

In order for any government to function, a certain percentage of the population must be willing to recognize that government as legitimate. For example, if everybody in the country suddenly decided to quit paying taxes there wouldn’t be too much that the federal government could do about it. They could put some of us in prison to try to scare the rest of us back in line, but if the rest of us refused to be intimidated our system of taxation would collapse.

Every system of government depends upon the fact that most people will willingly submit to it, and we are rapidly getting to the point where a large portion of the population will not submit to being governed. Just consider what just took place in Washington. As Brett Kavanaugh was being sworn in, protesters were literally banging on and clawing the doors of the Supreme Court building: "But perhaps no incident better expressed the protesters’ tenuous hold on sanity than a demonstration at the Supreme Court, where protesters - mostly women - broke through a police line and barged to the Court’s chamber, where they proceeded to wail, gnash teeth, and pound at the doors while Kavanaugh was being sworn in inside.

Some of the protesters, who managed to get all the way through to the doors themselves, tried desperately to claw their way in, even though the doors were clearly locked (and look very heavy). If you have not seen this yet, you can watch footage of this happening on Facebook right here.

And Chad Pergram is reporting that Republican senators had death threats texted to their personal phones: "Colleague Peter Doocy reports a GOP senator says senators have had death threats texted to their person phones. Calls that “unusual.” Also says some senators who flew home after Kavanaugh vote were accompanied by police for protection.

In a subsequent tweet, Pergram also reported that a gruesome beheading video was actually sent to the phone of Cory Gardner’s wife: "Amid Kavanaugh furor & threats to members, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) tells Fox that his wife received a text with a video attachment showing a gruesome beheading. Someone has also released the names of and addresses of his family members." Can you imagine how you would feel if that happened to you?

Many of these leftist protesters are extremely passionate about protecting abortion rights. To be honest, I wish that those on the right were just as passionate about defending the lives of the unborn. Because the truth is that Brett Kavanaugh has never said that he intends to overturn Roe v. Wade. In fact, during her speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate explaining why she was voting for Kavanaugh, U.S. Senator Susan Collins admitted that Kavanaugh essentially promised her that he would not vote to overturn Roe v. Wade:

Most notably, Collins said in her explanation of why she was not worried that Kavanaugh would overturn Roe that Kavanaugh had told her when they were discussing his nomination that he did not think five sitting justices - a majority of the nine member court - would be a sufficient number “to overturn long-established precedent.” This was after he had testified, she noted, that Roe–upheld by Casey–was “precedent on precedent.”

“Finally, in his testimony, he noted repeatedly that Roe had been upheld by Planned Parenthood v. Casey, describing it as precedent on precedent,” said Collins in her floor speech. “When I asked him whether it would be sufficient to overturn a long-established precedent if five current Justices believed it was wrongly decided, he emphatically said no.” Kavanaugh didn’t just say no. He “emphatically said no“.

After everything that happened, the ironic thing is that Kavanaugh getting on to the Supreme Court is a loss for conservatives, but nobody on the right wants to admit this.  We got fooled by Justice Kennedy, we got fooled by Sandra Day O’Connor, we got fooled by David Souter, and now we have just been fooled again.

Kavanaugh clerked for Justice Kennedy, and he is cut from the exact same cloth as his mentor.  Kennedy was one of the key votes to uphold Roe v. Wade in the Casey decision, and he actually wrote the opinion for the case that legalized gay marriage in America.  It is rumored that Kennedy would not retire until he was assured that Kavanaugh would be nominated in his place, because he knew that Kavanaugh would be the exact same type of Supreme Court justice that he had been. So conservatives should not be celebrating this “victory” at all.

But what this confirmation process did prove is that we are closer to chaos on the streets of America than ever before.  In fact, a recent New York Post article suggested that America “could be sleepwalking into a second civil war”: "To be clear, what we just witnessed, and what we have seen for two years, is not a case of mere political differences, which the Founders recognized as inevitable and even desirable. Instead, we face something more akin to the combustible climate historian Christopher Clark described as the origins of World War I. In his book, “The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914,” Clark illustrates how none of the great powers wanted war, but all felt free to escalate the build-up in the certainty that the other side would back down."

Something similar is happening here, and our nation could be sleepwalking into a second civil war. Even though justice and fairness prevailed this time, the stained confirmation process must serve as a wake-up alarm. This time around, however, it won’t be a battle between two opposing armies from two distinct geographic regions. Instead, it will be a conflict between two very different ideologies. So far, it has mostly been a “cold war”, but as both sides become increasingly radicalized I fear for what the future may soon bring…"

"Martial Law by Executive Order- You Didn't Know?"

          Ex-Trump Aide Hope Hicks Joins Fox As Communications Chief      Cache   Translate Page      
The new Fox has named former White House communications director Hope Hicks as chief communications officer. Fox, the new company created after 21st Century Fox sells assets to the Walt Disney Co., also named Danny O’Brien as executive VP and head of governmental relations. O’Brien had been with ...
          Trump raises ethanol use in gasoline, appeases farmers ahead of elections      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump launched an effort on Tuesday to increase ethanol use in the nation's gasoline pool, delivering a long-sought political victory to the nation's Farm Belt and angering oil refiners ahead of November's Congressional elections.

          GOP's Kavanaugh Victory Is A Midterm Motivator, Lotter Says      Cache   Translate Page      
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit DAVID GREENE, HOST: Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in to the U.S. Supreme Court over the weekend, ending a toxic confirmation process. The 50-48 Senate vote to confirm was one of the closest in history, and it fell largely along party lines, with only one Republican voting against Kavanaugh and one Democrat voting in his favor. Now there's debate over how Kavanaugh's appointment might impact the midterm elections in November. And joining us now is Marc Lotter. He's a former special assistant to President Trump and also an adviser to the president's 2020 campaign. He joins us from our New York studios. Mr. Lotter, good morning. MARC LOTTER: Good morning. Thanks for having me. GREENE: Well, thanks for coming on. So I know President Trump is going to be holding rallies in support of Republican candidates throughout this month as we get closer to the election. How will Justice Kavanaugh's appointment play into his message? LOTTER: I think it'll be a major
          Self-driving cars may hit US roads in pilot program: NHTSA      Cache   Translate Page      
Fully self-driving cars may be on the fast lane to U.S. roads under a pilot program the Trump administration said on Tuesday it was considering, which would allow real-world road testing for a limited number of the vehicles.
          National heavyweights drop in on Georgia governor’s race      Cache   Translate Page      

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) — The winning can all go away in an instant. That was the message that Donald Trump Jr. had for Georgia Republicans as he urged them to support Brian Kemp for governor. With less than a month before November’s election, the hotly contested race is attracting visits from national heavyweights that show […]
          Trump administration opposes Chicago police reform plan      Cache   Translate Page      

CHICAGO (AP) — The Trump administration is opposing a draft plan hammered out by Chicago and the state of Illinois for far-reaching reforms of Chicago police under federal court supervision. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a brief written statement Tuesday saying the Justice Department will file “a statement of interest” opposing the plan. Sessions says […]
          Trump accepts Haley's resignation as U.S. envoy to UN      Cache   Translate Page      

Trump accepts Haley's resignation as U.S. envoy to UN

DF-Xinhua Report

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he has accepted Nikki Haley's resignation as the country's ambassador to the United Nations.

   Trump told reporters on Tuesday morning at the oval office that Haley will be leaving at the end of the year. He added that Haley told him six months ago about her intention to leave the post.

   Haley, seen as one of Trump's most trusted advisers, had reportedly discussed her resignation with Trump last week during her visit to the White House.

   Haley used to serve as the governor of South Carolina. She was confirmed days after Trump's inauguration in January 2017.


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Christmas came very early this year for ethanol stakeholders who have been pressing for sales of E15 to be allowed year round, as President Trump announced he was instructing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to initiate a rulemaking process that would extend the summer Reid Vapor Pressure waiver to E15. “What it really means is that we’re helping our farmers,” ...
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          Il prigioniero dell'isola. La storia di Behrouz Boochani al festival di Internazionale      Cache   Translate Page      

di Riccardo Bottazzo

Il prigioniero dell'isola. La storia di Behrouz Boochani al festival di Internazionale

Per Donald Trump era un complimento. “Però! Voi australiani siete anche peggio di noi!” ha sparato in un botto di ammirazione all’allora primo ministro australiano, Malcolm Turnbull. Il presidente degli Stati Uniti si riferiva alle politiche sull’immigrazione. E c’è da dire che i complimenti di Trump, l’Australia, se li merita tutti. E non solo, quelli di Trump. Anche noti esponenti del Governo italiano hanno più volte manifestato tutta la loro simpatia per il cosiddetto “modello australiano”. Un modello che, in poche parole, si traduce così: bisogna rendere la vita talmente infernale ai richiedenti asilo che tutti coloro che meditano di partire preferiranno rimanersene a casa.E c’è anche da dire che il modello è efficace. Si intende, efficace non tanto per limitare, contenere o scoraggiare la cosiddetta “invasione” - che non c’è - di migranti ma efficace per promuovere i veri obiettivi di questa politica migratoria assassina: “E’ una precisa ...

          Jean Chrétien calls Donald Trump ‘fanatical’      Cache   Translate Page      

OTTAWA—The United States is led by a “fanatical” and “unspeakable” president whose election marks the “true end of the American Empire,” former prime minister Jean Chrétien says.

Chrétien, who served as prime minister between 1993 and 2003, has no kind words for U.S. President Donald Trump, expressing amazement that a world leader could so willingly lie and distort facts.

“Can you believe it when he talks? That’s the fundamental question. For me, I never suspected that Clinton or Bush were lying to me,” Chrétien said of former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

“We might not talk about something, refuse to talk about something. But lying? I never expected any of them not to talk truthfully with me,” Chrétien said in an interview to mark the release of his latest book, “My Stories, My Times,” later this month.

“For me, in the House of Commons to be accused of lying, it would have been a terrible offence. For him, it’s so what,” Chrétien said.

Chrétien has written two previous books on his four decades in political life. He describes this most recent offering as a series of short vignettes and anecdotes.

“When I was fed up listening to the nonsense ... of the President of the United States, I decided to gain my sanity in going to my table with my pen in my study,” he said.

The book relates meetings with French President Jacques Chirac, the influence of mentor Mitchell Sharp, his dealings with Pierre Trudeau and his time as Minister of Indian Affairs, as the post was once known.

But the book is a burnishing of his legacy too, as he describes his role in everything from the naming of Air Canada to the creation of national parks and constitutional talks.

In the latest book, Chrétien writes that Americans made a “monumental error” in voting for Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

“I fear that Hillary’s defeat, and the arrival of the fanatical Trump, mark the true end of the American Empire,” Chrétien wrote.

He praised Clinton as “very intelligent, very knowledgeable, always asking pertinent questions.”

Asked whether Clinton would have made a good president, he replied, “I think so.

“I would have voted for her because I thought she would have been better than the one they have now,” he told the Star.

In his book, Chrétien highlights his warm relationship with the Clintons, writing about a day he spent with the couple and their family in Quebec’s Eastern Township, a visit that had locals buzzing at the time.

He laments that it’s a “bad time for democracy” but so far does not see a rise of a right wing here in Canada that has seen elsewhere.

“You never have to take everything for granted. I don’t feel that you have a strong movement that way but you never know,” Chrétien said. “Compared to anybody else, we’re in a very good situation.”

Chrétien insists he was never worried about the negotiations for a revised North American Free Trade Agreement, saying that the deeply integrated trade ties between Canada and the United States made it virtually impossible for Trump to make good on his vow to rip up the pact.

“He didn’t do it. He talked a lot ... at the end he could not undo the omelette. The Auto Pact exists since 1965, long before NAFTA and it was working well. And he could not undo that,” Chrétien said.

He said the new deal, known as United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, is the “same deal as before with two or three little changes.”

He said the “little bit” of concessions on dairy to allow U.S. producers more access to the Canadian market were in line with previous trade deals with the European Union and the Pacific trade agreement.

Chrétien writes in the book about some of the backroom discussions around the patriation of the constitution and his own push to include the notwithstanding clause in order to get provincial backing for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Chrétien says he has no regrets about the inclusion of the clause, despite recent threats by Ontario and Quebec to use the controversial measure. But Chrétien says there’s good reason it’s been so rarely used.

“That means you have to say ‘notwithstanding the Charter of Rights, I’m doing this.’ So you’re saying ‘I’m not respecting the Charter of Rights. I’m discriminating.’ So you need good reason to discriminate,” Chrétien said.

Premier Doug Ford’s government in Ontario moved to use the notwithstanding clause to push ahead its legislation to shrink the size of Toronto’s city council but stood down when a court ruling backed the provincial position.

Quebec’s incoming Coalition Avenir Québec government — which won the province’s election last week — is threatening to use it to make good on its vow to ban some public servants from wearing religious symbols.

“When Ford tried to do it, there was quite a lot of storm. He could have done it but he would have to pay a political price. I’m sure the people around him are very relieved they didn’t have to use it,” Chrétien said.

Chrétien, now 84 and 15 years out of politics, says he doesn’t watch much of the political debates today, just “enough to remain informed. Not enough to be preoccupied.”

He demurs when asked for his observations. “I’m not a Monday morning quarterback.” He says he talks “once in a while” with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“But we don’t have a regular thing and I don’t think it is advisable,” he said, noting the advice Pierre Trudeau gave him when he took over the reins of the Liberal Party, and later became prime minister.

“He said ‘Jean, you will do it differently than I would do it. Don’t feel obliged to talk to me’,” Chrétien said. “He did not want to interfere.”

Bruce Campion-Smith is an Ottawa-based reporter covering national politics. Follow him on Twitter: @yowflier

          Melania's trip to Africa says a lot about US foreign policy under Trump - Vox      Cache   Translate Page      


Melania's trip to Africa says a lot about US foreign policy under Trump
First lady Melania Trump has wrapped up her first solo trip to Africa, where she made stops in Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt — a subtle rejection of her husband's nationalist and xenophobic worldview. The point of Trump's tour was to highlight all ...
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          Pompeo Cites 'Real Progress' on North Korea Trip - Wall Street Journal      Cache   Translate Page      

Wall Street Journal

Pompeo Cites 'Real Progress' on North Korea Trip
Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON—Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he made “real progress” on his most recent trip to North Korea, where he met with Kim Jong Un and other officials to discuss denuclearization and plans for a second summit with President Trump.
Another Trump-Kim summit has both dangers and opportunitiesThe Hill
Will Pope Francis Accept Kim Jong Un's Invitation? North Korean Leader Would 'Ardently Welcome' VisitNewsweek
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          Trump declares state of emergency in Florida ahead of Hurricane Michael      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump on Tuesday declared a state of emergency in Florida as it prepares for Hurricane Michael to make landfall later this week.The emergency declaration, which is retroactive to Sunday, will provide additional federal assistance and...
          Trump will Forderung der US-Bauern nach mehr Ethanol-Benzin erfüllen (Reuters)      Cache   Translate Page      
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
          Declara Trump emergencia en Florida      Cache   Translate Page      
Ante la llegada del huracán de categoría 2 'Michael', el Presidente de EU aprobó una declaratoria federal de emergencia en Florida.
          National heavyweights drop in on Georgia governor’s race      Cache   Translate Page      
ATHENS, Ga. — The winning can all go away in an instant. That was the message that Donald Trump Jr. had for Georgia Republicans as he urged them to support Brian Kemp for governor. With less than a month before November’s election, the hotly contested race is attracting visits from national heavyweights that show just […]
          Border Wall Funding Bill Set to Hit Congress Any Moment      Cache   Translate Page      

As Americans, we have a very real right to be concerned about the security on our border, and the election of President Trump proves that.

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          El juez de Trump crea un equipo de mujeres      Cache   Translate Page      
La primera decisión del nuevo juez del Tribunal Supremo de EE.UU., Brett Kavanaugh, ha sido crear un equipo de apoyo legal compuesto únicamente de mujeres -cuatro-, la primera vez que esto sucede en la historia de la más alta instancia judicial del país. Es un gesto casi electoralista, la decisión de alguien que quiere reparar un daño de tipo político a una institución que por definición no debería verse afectada por esos vaivenes. Ayer, Kavanaugh participó por primera vez en las vistas del tribunal, preguntando activamente a los procuradores y abogados en un caso sobre condenas en delitos de robo. Que Kavanaugh y el presidente que lo eligió, Donald Trump, se hayan visto obligados a lanzar ese tipo de guiños al electorado femenino obedece a la crisis provocada por las varias acusaciones de agresión sexual contra el juez, de las que el FBI le ha exonerado en una rápida investigación, pero que siguen muy presentes en la vida política de EE.UU. En menos de un mes, el 6 de noviembre, habrá elecciones legislativas, y los sondeos prevén una mayoría de los demócratas, que sopesan recusar al juez si logran controlar la Cámara de Representantes. Los republicanos creen que el giro conservador que Kavanaugh le puede dar a la corte puede ser decisivo en su intento de revocar decisiones polémicas como la legalización del aborto de 1973. De hecho, Trump hizo campaña prometiendo que sólo elegiría a magistrados conservadores para el Supremo, rompiendo la tradición de buscar candidatos centristas de consenso. El nuevo juez fue confirmado por el Senado el sábado con el menor número de votos de la historia: 50, con una inmensa mayoría de apoyo republicano y solo un voto demócrata. Mientras Kavanaugh asistía a su primera vista en el Supremo, afuera un grupo de mujeres se manifestaba contra él, un hecho poco común en una institución tradicionalmente al margen de elecciones.
          Is the Midwest really Trump country?      Cache   Translate Page      
It appears that Republicans are set to sustain major losses in the states where Trump cracked the "blue wall."
          Kanye West’s Latest Presidential Move is a DOOZY!      Cache   Translate Page      

In the Trump Era, it seems that almost all things are possible.

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          Melania Trump wants our respect. Here’s how she could earn it.      Cache   Translate Page      
Where Melania Trump often ends up in the headlines -- to her stated frustration and to the consternation of her critics -- is in a tendency towards the theatrical.
          Nikki Haley Makes Cordial Departure From Trump Administration      Cache   Translate Page      

Today, in a surprise announcement that has rocked the nation, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has resigned.

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          Dimite Nikki Haley, la cara amable del «trumpismo»      Cache   Translate Page      
Las dimisiones, despidos o una mezcla de ambos no son novedad en el Gobierno de Donald Trump. Una treintena de salidas de altos cargos -incluidos media docena de miembros del Gabinete- en menos de dos años de presidencia han sacudido periódicamente a la Administración Trump. El adiós de Nikki Haley, que ayer anunció su abandono como embajadora de EE.UU. ante Naciones Unidas, sí tuvo algo novedoso: no estuvo envuelto en drama ni en grandes polémicas. Haley, una política hábil con grandes ambiciones, abandona el «trumpismo» entre sonrisas, vítoreada por su jefe y con una imagen positiva en buena parte del país. Una salida limpia de una presidencia volcánica que le deja intacta para futuras aventuras políticas. El anuncio del adiós de Haley fue por sorpresa. Nada hacía presagiar que la embajadora dejara su cargo cuando todavía no se ha cumplido la mitad del primer mandato de Trump y sin que haya sido protagonista de grandes controversias en una presidencia atiborrada de ellas. Las explicaciones de Haley, ofrecidas en una comparecencia junto a Trump en el Despacho Oval, no fueron contundentes. «Es importante que los cargos gubernamentales entiendan cuándo hay que echarse a un lado», dijo desde la Casa Blanca. «Lo he dado todo en estos últimos ocho años y creo que a veces es bueno que entre otra gente que ponga la misma energía y poder en ello», añadió sobre el tiempo que ha sido gobernadora de Carolina del Sur y su destino diplomático ante Naciones Unidas. «La verdad es que quiero que esta administración y este presidente tenga la persona más fuerte para la lucha». Trump se deshizo en elogios hacia Haley: «Ha sido muy especial para mí», «ha hecho un trabajo increíble», «es una persona fantástica», «entiende de qué va esto», «te echaremos de menos»… La embajadora respondió asegurando que ha sido «el honor de mi vida» trabajar para Trump, «una bendición» y que, con la política exterior del presidente, «ahora a EE.UU. se le respeta». El presidente aseguró que Haley ya le había adelantado hace seis meses que quería dejar el cargo a finales de este año y anunció que se anunciará un sustituto «en las dos o tres próximas semanas». Las flores que se lanzaron el uno al otro no ocultan que Trump y Haley han tenido diferencias. La embajadora ha sido una voz crítica con Rusia, en la línea tradicional del republicanismo, diferente a la política laxa que favorece Trump, que ha pasado de puntillas ante las evidencias de las interferencias de Moscú en las elecciones presidenciales que él ganó, ha buscado moderar las sanciones contra autoridades y empresas rusas y ha favorecido el acercamiento a Vladimir Putin, rematado con la cumbre entre ambos en Helsinki el año pasado. Su principal choque en este capítulo fue cuando el pasado abril Haley anunció sanciones a compañías rusas que habían colaborado en el arsenal de armas químicas de Siria. La Casa Blanca contradijo su anuncio, desechó las sanciones y un alto cargo aseguró que la embajadora sufrió «una confusión momentánea». «Con todo respeto, yo no me confundo»; respondió con personalidad Haley. Más allá de estos roces, Haley ha desplegado con vehemencia la política exterior de Trump en la ONU: atacó a Corea del Norte cuando el presidente intercambia insultos con Kim Jong-un, ha sido el azote de lo que ella ha llamado «el prejuicio antiisraelí» en la organización internacional, ha sacado al país de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos y ha sido una defensora feroz de la salida de EE.UU. del acuerdo con Irán, una de las grandes líneas exteriores de Trump. En el último año, sin embargo, su perfil político había perdido brillo. Haley gozó de mucho protagonismo en el año escaso que Rex Tillerson, un empresario que rehuía la atención pública, estuvo como secretario de Estado. La llegada de Mike Pompeo como jefe diplomático de EE.UU. y de John Bolton, un diplomático agresivo que tuvo su cargo en la ONU bajo la presidencia de George W. Bush, como asesor de seguridad nacional, redujeron su poder de decisión y su influencia sobre Trump. «No tengo nada decidido sobre qué haré a partir de ahora», aseguró Haley en la comparecencia. Lo que nadie duda es de que, antes o después, volverá a la política, después de haberse convertido en un valor en alza en el partido republicano en sus años de gobernadora y salir de la Administración Trump apenas sin mácula. «No me voy a presentar a las elecciones de 2020», insistió para desechar rumores sobre una candidatura contra Trump. «Prometo que lo que haré es hacer campaña por est»”, dijo señalando a Trump. El valor de esas promesas es discutible, pero no lo es la importancia del momento en el que dice adió. Se produce al día siguiente de la jura de Brett Kavanaugh como juez del Tribunal Supremo, después de que el elegido por Trump tuviera un proceso de confirmación sacudido por acusaciones de ataques sexuales y de que el propio presidente se mofara de una de las acusadoras y de sus alegaciones. Haley ha sido una de las pocas voces discordantes en el «trumpismo»: «Hay que escuchar a esas mujeres», llegó a decir sobre las acusaciones de agresiones sexuales que recibió el propio Trump durante la campaña. Haley es una excepción en el Gobierno de Trump por ser mujer -hay cinco-, pero, sobre todo, por tener el favor de la opinión pública. En una encuesta de abril de la Universidad Quinnipiac la colocaba como la mejor valorada del Gobierno, con una aprobación del 63%, unos números con los que Trump solo puede soñar. Quizá en el futuro Haley sea su pesadilla política.
          FBI Officials Rat on Rosenstein, Believe He Was ‘Serious’ About Secretly Recording Trump      Cache   Translate Page      

The phrase “there is no honor among thieves” comes to mind when thinking about the latest story of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the FBI rats who are all now seemingly trying to stay out of hot water as the Trump administration moves closer to uncovering bits and pieces of what seems to be…

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          Hillary Uses Absurd Sexual Assault Double Standard To Defend Bill      Cache   Translate Page      

Hillary Clinton isn’t letting go of her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. That’s not necessarily unexpected. What’s somewhat unexpected is the new battleground on which she wants this contest fought: sexual misconduct allegations. You’ve probably already guessed why this is problematic, given that her husband spent the vast majority of the…

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          Wells Fargo Ignores Liberal Mob To Help Gun Manufacturer      Cache   Translate Page      

Wells Fargo is not a perfect bank. It’s dealt with numerous scandals in recent years, whether it was sales goals forcing employees to open up fraudulent accounts or various data breaches. The bank’s issues have been big enough for even President Donald Trump to comment on them. Fines and penalties against Wells Fargo Bank for their…

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          Bombshell Study Suggests Trump’s Wall Could Actually Save America Money      Cache   Translate Page      

One of President Donald Trump’s most polarizing campaign promises involves his proposed border wall separating the U.S. from Mexico. For Trump supporters, it’s a symbol of hope for actually enforcing immigration laws. It’s a hope for actual secured borders, a requirement for any sovereign nation. For Trump detractors, the wall represents the very worst of…

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          Trump Casts Doubt On New UN Report That Sounds Climate Change Alarm      Cache   Translate Page      
Some reports are "fabulous" and some "aren't so good," the president said.
          Trump says next summit with North Korea's Kim to come after November U.S. elections      Cache   Translate Page      
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday his second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would be held after U.S. congressional elections on Nov. 6.

          GREAT MOMENTS IN SOVIET PSYCHIATRY: The View Hosts Write Off Kanye’s Trump Openness As Mental Illn…      Cache   Translate Page      
GREAT MOMENTS IN SOVIET PSYCHIATRY: The View Hosts Write Off Kanye’s Trump Openness As Mental Illness. This type of discussion is not just denigrating to people who suffer from bipolar disorder and their families, by implying they are incapable of thinking for themselves or floating ideas, but it is also writing off black Republicans or any […]
          Trump Apologizes to Kavanaugh      Cache   Translate Page      
President Donald Trump offered a public apology to Brett Kavanaugh on Monday evening for the humiliation that his wife and daughters were subjected to during one of the most brutal battles over a Supreme Court seat that the nation has ever seen.
          Reminder: Exactly One Week Ago The New York Times Exposed Trump's Tax "Fraud"      Cache   Translate Page      
Trump continues to be a DDoS-style attack on our democracy's normal circuits of accountability. by Eli Sanders
Trumps small loan of $1 million from his dad was, in truth, worth more than $60 million.
Trump's "small loan" of $1 million from his dad was, in truth, worth more than $60 million. Joe Raedle / Getty Images

One week ago today, The New York Times demolished the self-made billionaire myth that helped Donald Trump become president. How come it already feels as if the Times story never happened?

Yes, there's a lot else going on. Yes, a lot of people already assumed (correctly) that Trump, who lies about pretty much everything, probably lied about his origin story, too. But it takes a certain "method" to make sure a story as big as this Times investigation disappears quickly from the public consciousness, argues journalism professor Jay Rosen:

Read Rosen's whole thread here. He's describing what other people have cast as kind of DDoS attack on our democracy's normal circuits of accountability.

"Flooding the system with too much news, much of it misleading or simply false, not only reduces the weight of any individual story; it has the further effect of keeping opponents in a pop-eyed state of outrage, which in turns shows supporters a hateful image of the other side," Rosen writes.

In this light, patient focus—including the focus it takes to read an article as long as this one—constitutes a form of resistance.

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          PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: ● Shot: Hillary: ‘You cannot be civil with …      Cache   Translate Page      
PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: ● Shot: Hillary: ‘You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.’  —, today. ● Chaser: “Hillary Clinton told Ohio voters that Donald Trump is threatening America’s democracy by not promising to accept the results of the presidential election.”  —The […]
                Cache   Translate Page      
SURPRISING EXACTLY NOBODY: FBI’s smoking gun: Redactions protected political embarrassment, not ‘national security.’ From the heavy redactions, all one could tell is that FBI general counsel James Baker met with an unnamed person who provided some information in September 2016 about Russia, email hacking and a possible link to the Trump campaign. Not a reporter […]
          WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: Did Cold War II break out last week while no one was watching? The Trump adm…      Cache   Translate Page      
WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: Did Cold War II break out last week while no one was watching? The Trump administration’s China policy swam into view, and it’s a humdinger. Vice President Mike Pence gave a guide to the approach in a speech last week at the Hudson Institute (where I am a fellow). Denouncing what he […]
          ERIC DREIBAND AND JEFF CLARK WILL FINALLY GET A FLOOR VOTE: Well, it’s about time. I can’t imagi…      Cache   Translate Page      
ERIC DREIBAND AND JEFF CLARK WILL FINALLY GET A FLOOR VOTE: Well, it’s about time. I can’t imagine a good reason for the Trump Administration to want to allow DOJ’s Civil Rights Division or its Environmental and Natural Resources Division to go without a leader for this long.
          Trump está considerando a exconsejera Dina Powell como embajadora EEUU en ONU      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — El presidente de EEUU, Donald Trump, dijo a periodistas que está considerando a su exconsejera adjunta de Seguridad Nacional, Dina Powell, para el cargo de embajadora ante la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) tras la renuncia de Nikki Haley.
          Cuestionan a SRE por Trump y migrantes      Cache   Translate Page      
En comparecencia de Canciller, senadores cuestionaron visita de Trump a México cuando era candidato y acciones ante separación de migrantes.
          Read Nikki Haley's resignation letter      Cache   Translate Page      
US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has resigned her post and will leave the Trump administration by the end of the year.

          Trump: I won't choose her, but Ivanka would be dynamite at the UN      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump spoke to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House about a possible replacement for Nikki Haley after she announced her resignation as US Ambassador to the United Nations.

          Graham says Trump jokingly asked if he wanted to be attorney general      Cache   Translate Page      
Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told CNN on Tuesday that President Donald Trump asked him while they were playing golf over the weekend: "You wouldn't want to be attorney general, would you?"

          Hillary Clinton rejects Trump comparisons to her husband      Cache   Translate Page      
Responding to a question about allegations of misconduct against her husband, Hillary Clinton says that he faced a long investigation, and that if Republicans "want a comparison, they should welcome such an investigation themselves."

          Felix Sater on money laundering at Trump properties: “I think he just didn’t care”      Cache   Translate Page      
According to Felix Sater, who built the Trump Soho condominium tower in Lower Manhattan and partnered with President Trump on several other projects, Trump didn’t lose sleep over where the money to build his branded properties came from. “I would show him a deal and he’d say ‘let’s go,’” recalled Sater, who once occupied an office down the hall from the future president in Trump Tower. “The due diligence part was kind of light.” At […]
          Iran Sues US Over Re-Imposition of Sanctions and EU Reactivates Blocking Regulation      Cache   Translate Page      
On August 6, 2018 President Trump issued an executive order re-imposing certain sanctions that were lifted under the 2016 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ('JCPOA'). These include the prohibition of......
By: Sullivan & Worcester
          Congress approves 650-page bill to attack opioid crisis, as doubts abound      Cache   Translate Page      
Congress has approved a major new push to deal with the opioid crisis that kills tens of thousands of Americans annually. Voters can expect President Trump to sign the big bill, passed easily and with rare bipartisan support in the House and Senate,...
By: Patrick Malone & Associates P.C. | DC Injury
          Trump Administration Seeks to Stifle Protests Near White House and on National Mall      Cache   Translate Page      
A government proposal mirrors Trump’s hostility to the First Amendment.

President Trump has a record of attacking the rights of protesters, from suggesting that protest be illegal to praising dictators who crush any kind of dissent.

Now, the Trump administration proposes to dramatically limit the right to demonstrate near the White House and on the National Mall, including in ways that would violate court orders that have stood for decades. The proposal would close 80 percent of the White House sidewalk, put new limits on spontaneous demonstrations, and open the door to charging fees for protesting.

Fee requirements could make mass protests like Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic 1963 March on Washington and its “I have a dream” speech too expensive to happen.

The public has until October 15 to comment on the plans, and on Monday, we submitted our formal written comment explaining why the planned changes are unconstitutional.

In 1967, in the middle of the Vietnam War, the federal government tried to impose severe limits on protests near the White House. The ACLU of the District of Columbia sued, and after years of litigation, the courts rebuffed the government’s effort and reminded the National Park Service, which administers these areas, that Lafayette Park is not Yellowstone and that the White House area and the National Mall “constitute a unique [site] for the exercise of First Amendment rights.” Under court orders, the park service issued regulations allowing large demonstrations, guaranteeing quick action on applications for permits, and accommodating spontaneous protests as much as possible.

Closing the White House sidewalk                                  

The park service plans to close 20 feet of the 25-foot-wide White House sidewalk, limiting demonstrators to a 5-foot sliver along Pennsylvania Avenue. This is perhaps the most iconic public forum in America, allowing “We the People” to express our views directly to the chief executive, going back at least to the women’s suffrage movement 100 years ago.

Suffragettes protesting outside of the White House

The closure would violate the earlier court order, which permits demonstrations by at least 750 people on the White House sidewalk and declares that any lower limit is “invalid and void as an unconstitutional infringement of plaintiffs’ rights to freedom of speech and to assemble peaceably and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”         

Existing fence outside of the White House   

The existing fence outside of the White House

Proposed fence outside of the White House         

The proposed fence outside of the White House

The park service didn’t offer any justification for closing the sidewalk. Even if it were based on security grounds, that wouldn’t pass muster because the White House fence is about to be replaced with a new, taller fence with special anti-climbing features, approved last year specifically to “meet contemporary security standards” while allowing the sidewalk to remain open.

As the Secret Service stated when the plans for the new fence were submitted for approval, “Our priority is to maintain the public’s access ... It is in fact a quintessential First Amendment site.” The Secret Service got it right. The park service proposal has no valid basis in security — it’s just an effort to keep the pesky protesters away.

Charging for free speech

An even more effective way to keep the pesky protesters away is to charge a fee for the right to protest. According to the new proposal, the park service is considering charging demonstrators for things like “sanitation and trash removal” and “harm to turf.” But of course, the park service does not plan to charge the 45 million non-demonstrators who visit the National Mall every year for the fencing and sanitation their presence requires or for the harm to the turf that they cause.

Park service regulations distinguish between demonstrations and “special events” — things like sports events, historical reenactments, and festivals. The park service has always charged for the costs of special events, but it now claims that some demonstrations have “elements that are special events” and that it is free to charge “administrative, equipment, and monitoring costs” for those “elements.” The proposal gives no clue about what those “elements” may be, but the courts have made clear that things like singing, dancing, and music in the context of demonstrations are fully protected by the First Amendment. Such “elements” shouldn’t make a demonstration subject to fees.

Managing public lands for the benefit of the American people is what Congress funds the National Park Service to do. That includes demonstrators just as much as tourists or hikers. While the park service may be strapped for funds, it cannot balance its budget on the backs of people seeking to exercise their constitutional rights.

Limiting spontaneous demonstrations

The right to protest now in response to unfolding events is a key part of freedom of speech. As Judge J. Skelly Wright recognized in the ACLU-DC lawsuit against the 1967 restrictions, “Timeliness is essential to effective dissent. Delay may stifle protest as effectively as outright censorship.”

In general, people must apply for National Park Service demonstration permits 48 hours in advance. But that requirement can be waived in urgent situations. Current regulations provide that the park service will accommodate spontaneous demonstrations if necessary resources and personnel “can reasonably be made available.” The proposed regulations would change that to “provided the NPS has the resources and personnel available to manage the activity.” (emphasis added)

The proposed regulations would also ban the use of a small stage or sound system unless a permit has been sought 48 hours in advance. The park service says it needs a minimum of 48 hours to evaluate the “safety concerns and resource impacts” of structures, but the park service doesn’t need 48 hours to know that a small stage or sound system on the Mall is safe.

In addition to these lowlights, there are many other serious problems with the government’s proposed changes, which we detail in our written comments. The heart of the matter is clear: President Trump might not like having protesters on his doorstep, but the First Amendment guarantees their right to be there.


          Report reveals Israeli firm pitched Trump campaign on ‘manipulation’      Cache   Translate Page      
Former US attorney Joyce Vance, The Atlantic’s Todd Purdum, WaPo’s Aaron Blake and former Obama advisor Ben Rhodes on the New York Times detailing Trump campaign aide Rick Gates’ contact with Israeli firm, Psy-Group, regarding social media...
          White House: Kanye West will have lunch with Trump Thursday      Cache   Translate Page      
Rap mogul wore a 'Make America Great Again' hat on 'Saturday Night Live' last month.
          Llegada de Bolsonaro a presidencia de Brasil consolidaría influencia de Trump en la región      Cache   Translate Page      
BOGOTÁ (Sputnik) — La eventual llegada de Jair Bolsonaro a la presidencia de Brasil significaría la implementación de una política de retroceso, típica del presidente estadounidense Donald Trump, con amplia repercusión en la dinámica social y económica de los países vecinos, dijo a Sputnik el internacionalista colombiano Alonso Ojeda.
          Fmr. Obama aide targeted by Israeli spies: ‘obvious’ who was behind it      Cache   Translate Page      
Ben Rhodes reacts to the New York Times report revealing ties between the Trump campaign and an Israeli firm, Psy-group
          Sabato: ‘Red wave ain’t gonna happen, it’s just a question of how big the blue wave is’      Cache   Translate Page      
UVA Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato joins MTP Daily to discuss the Republicans struggling in states Trump won in 2016.
          While Mueller Stays Quiet, Suspicious Trump–Russia Clues Keep Popping Up      Cache   Translate Page      
Wow. Jonathan Chait writes in New York: “I think we’ll be treated very fairly,” President Trump told reporters yesterday, after meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. “Everybody understands there was no collusion, there’s no Russia. It was all made up by the Democrats.” If Trump is going to shut down the Russia investigation, he is probably […]
          The Trump administration’s social media manipulation plan      Cache   Translate Page      
The New York Times reports that Rick Gates, deputy chairman of the Trump campaign, asked an Israeli company for proposals on how to use social media to help Trump defeat his 2016 opponents. Kasie Hunt takes a closer look at this with New York Times
          2019 Met Gala Theme & Hosts Announced       Cache   Translate Page      

- For its' Spring 2019 exhibition, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute presents “Camp: Notes on Fashion”
- The Co-Chairs for the Gala on Monday, May 6th will be Lady Gaga, Alessandro Michele, Harry Styles, Serena Williams, and Anna Wintour.
- The exhibit is sponsored by Gucci
- This theme was structured around Susan Sontag’s seminal 1964 essay “Notes on ‘Camp"
- Andrew Bolton, the curator for the Costume Institute, said of the theme: “We are going through an extreme camp moment, and it felt very relevant to the cultural conversation to look at what is often dismissed as empty frivolity but can be actually a very sophisticated and powerful political tool, especially for marginalized cultures. Whether it’s pop camp, queer camp, high camp or political camp — Trump is a very camp figure — I think it’s very timely.”

          Comment on Jenny Beth Martin is in Redlands, CA speaking at a Redlands Tea Party Patriots meeting. Do you want some election season motivation, check this out! #maga #makeamericagreatagain #takebackcalifornia #c… by Anonymous      Cache   Translate Page      
proof that the presidents moronism is catching... you guys have got to be smarter than this.... trump is a con.... he always was.... and you have been paying his taxes for years.... who the hell do you think is making up for the difference that he's not paying... you and you kids and grand kids are
          Ex-embaixadora dos EUA na ONU pode estar em busca de voos mais altos      Cache   Translate Page      
Desde que Donald Trump assumiu a presidência dos Estados Unidos, em 20 de janeiro de 2017, 23 altos funcionários ? entre assessores e ?ministros?  -  deixaram o governo ou foram demitidos. É uma rotatividade inédita no governo americano, alimentada por conflitos internos e acusações de corrupção (caso do ex-secretário de Saúde, Tom Price, e do ex-chefe da agência de proteção ao meio ambiente, Scott Pruitt). Leia mais (10/09/2018 - 19h08)
          Carteros neoyorquinos advierten que intenciones de privatizar el correo son una afrenta a la clase trabajadora      Cache   Translate Page      

Junto a líderes políticos hicieron un llamado a la movilización para evitar que la Administración Trump dé luz verde al plan, que aumentaría costos del servicio y afectaría a 7 millones de trabajadores.

etiquetas: carteros neoyorquinos, privatización, correos, clase trabajadora

» noticia original (

          Trump llama a residentes del estado de Florida a protegerse por llegada de huracán Michael      Cache   Translate Page      
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — El presidente de EEUU, Donald Trump, llamó a los habitantes del estado de Florida (sureste) a resguardarse en lugares seguros ante la inminente llegada del huracán Michael, que ya alcanzó la categoría 2, con vientos sostenidos de 175 kilómetros por hora.
          Trump says Ivanka would be ‘incredible’ as UN ambassador      Cache   Translate Page      
But the US president said he would be accused of nepotism if he selected her as Nikki Haley’s replacement.
          Three Who Could Maybe Get U N Post      Cache   Translate Page      
1. Ethical one. 2. One who agrees that Trump was not laughed at via U N. 3. Relative. ========================== To take to task- How about those gifted Chinese trademarks to simply ask?    
          U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley to leave post at the end of the year      Cache   Translate Page      
President Trump has accepted the resignation of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley. Haley announced that her departure will take place at the end of this year. Stephanie Ruhle gives us the latest. Weighing in: Foreign policy expert David
          Nation: Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley set to resign      Cache   Translate Page      
From the Trussville Tribune staff reports NEW YORK, NY — Nikki Haley is set to resign as the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., according to WBRC. President Donald Trump and Haley told reporters that she is leaving “at the end of the year.” “She’s done a fantastic job, and we’ve done a fantastic job together,” more »
          US Trump doubles down on Fed criticism over rising rates      Cache   Translate Page      

US President Donald Trump informed reporters on Tuesday that he's unhappy with the US Federal Reserve's pace of interest rate hikes following the Fed's September rate lift.

With Trump's statements comes some confusion from onlookers, given that the US Federal Reserve is mandated by Congress to target low inflation and keeping unemployment under check; US inflation currently sits just above 2% on an annualized basis, while unemployment is currently sitting at a four-decade low.

According to Donald Trump, before departing for another campaign event in Iowa: “well, I like to see low interest rates. The Fed is doing what it thinks is necessary but I don’t like what they’re doing because we have inflation really checked, and we have a lot of good things happening. I just don’t think it’s necessary to go as fast.”

          US Pres. Trump: Don't like what the Fed is doing      Cache   Translate Page      

US President Donald Trump recently crossed the wires voicing his displeasure with the Fed's monetary policy. "I don't like what the Fed is doing, we don't have to go as fast on rates," Trump said and argued that they didn't have a problem of inflation, as reported by LiveSquawk.

The US Dollar Index, which edged lower on these remarks, was last seen down 0.1% on the day at 95.65.

          “The Time Will Come When This Is a Digital-Only News Organization”: A.G. Sulzberger, Sam Dolnick, and David Perpich Open Up About Succession, Trump, and the Eventual End of Print      Cache   Translate Page      
“Obviously, Trump is the biggest story out there right now, and of our lifetime possibly, so people are turning to the news to make sense of the world,” said Perpich.
          CNN admits, Trump is winning      Cache   Translate Page      
Good day all. In a column sure to shock many Americans, CNN finally admits to what we’ve always know. President Trump is winning. CNN, also known as the Communist News Network, formally known as the Clinton News network and now known as the Corrupt News Network, has been making things up about President Trump since […]
          USA:s FN-ambassadör avgår      Cache   Translate Page      
Republikanen Nikki Haley hoppar av som Trumps FN-ambassadör. Det har förekommit spekulationer kring om hon tänker sig en presidentvalskampanj om några år. Dock inte 2020 eftersom hon nu också säger att hon planerar att kampanja för Trump inför det valet. Haley väntas avgå officiellt i slutet på året. Tidigare har 46-åriga Haley varit guvernör i … Fortsätt läsa USA:s FN-ambassadör avgår
          USD/JPY bears to have their cake and eat it? Watching China, the world growth story and US CPI this week - DXY 23.6% Fibo is key      Cache   Translate Page      
  • USD/JPY has been consolidating the vicious cycle of supply from as high as 114.55 that has formed in a spiral of offers since Oct. 3rd down to a low of 112.82 when the pair broke below the key support line of the 23.6% Fibo.
  • The pair dropped below the pivot and came into the 38.2% zone, 112.97, with sell stop slippage occurring to mark the aforementioned low.  

The price has since accumulated here with lower lows and a higher corrective high to 113.39. The bulls have some work to do if they are to convince with a break above R1 located at 113.77. Such an achievement will be a tall order considering we are in a climate of poor risk appetite. 

Just recently, as already well telegraphed, the IMF cut its global growth forecast from 3.9% to 3.7%, noting the ongoing trade tensions. Earlier today, Trump was reported saying that the Chinese are not ready to come to the negotiating table - "Not ready to make a deal", where his exact words. However, White House CEA Chair, Hassett, said that he sees a lot of progress with Europe on trade. But trade is just the half of it. 

Eyes on China's 'CSI 300 Index'

While there is a big focus on Italy and Brexit, the European banking, it is emerging markets and China risk that should be considered as like a time bomb. The Hang Seng is already at multi-year lows and the recent 4.3% sell-off in the China 300 was a three Z-score event.  We also have USD/CNH in the troublesome territory for EM-FX, even while the Chinese authorities have been cutting Reserve Ratio Requirement’s by 100 basis points - yet, still, the CNH is on the floor - A telling sign that sentiment in the market is not about to change and that should be Yen bullish on Japanese repatriation flows alone. Eyes are also on the CSI 300 index.  3,200 as a floor - Another break there as we saw in mid-late Sep, but with a subsequent follow through, (often takes a few attempts for key levels to break), all hell could break loose in global equities and that could also spell trouble for USD/JPY bulls. However, with respect to EMs, the dollar shortfall had been something that was giving the greenback a boost, so without the support of a synchronised growth pact on a global macro basis, then the dollar may still shine once the yen repatriation flows dry up and once it has found a fair value with respect to the economic divergence between the US and Japanese growth story. Indeed, the US/JP spread will likely come back to the fore in favour of the dollar. 

US CPI, US yields and DXY in focus

Indeed, the focus will be on the US CPI data this week as well as US fixed income. We have a very large $230b in paper being auction this week alone - Such supply could elevate US yields even higher. However,  there has been a decoupling between the DXY and US yields of late. What bulls want to see is the DXY break that key 96.240 Fibonacci level, a 76.4 percent retrace of the 96.991 to 93.808 (August to September) decline. Depending on the outcome of the US CPI this week, should the dollar fail to play catch up with yields and be unable to cross over this critical level, USD/JPY bears could well have their cake and eat it, for now, with an unwinding of an overcrowded dollar speculative long position. 

Analysts at Nomura noted the key US CPI this week offered a preview (Key event for the week: US CPI - Nomura):

Key Quotes:

"CPI (Thursday): We forecast 0.2% (0.244%) m-o-m increase in core CPI inflation for September following a 0.082% advance in August. On a 12-month change basis, our forecast would be equivalent to 2.304% advance in September, up slightly from a 2.190% pace in August. The relative softness in core CPI inflation in August was mostly concentrated certain volatile core goods prices."

USD/JPY levels

  • Support levels: 112.80 112.50 112.20
  • Resistance levels: 113.40 113.75 114.10

Valeria Bednarik, Chief Analyst at FXStreet, explained that the pair has spent the day hovering around a mild-bullish 100 SMA in its 4 hours chart, losing ground below it in the American afternoon:

"Technical indicators resume their declines well into negative territory following a correction of oversold conditions, in line with further declines, particularly on a break below Monday's low at 112.81, with scope then to  extend its decline down to 112.00/20."


          Nikki Haley to resign as Trump's U.N. ambassador      Cache   Translate Page      
The former S.C. governor insists she's not angling to challenge Trump in 2020.
          Kommentar zu Im Fall des verschwundenen Journalisten Dschamal Chaschukdschi: Türkei erhöht Druck – Trump besorgt von RTE2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Laangweilig. Da gibt es nichts zu sehen. Wenn Donald Trump einen Journalisten in den USA schief anschaut, ist das eine viel größere Gefahr für die Pressefreiheit, wieso wird darüber nicht viel mehr berichtet?
          Rupert Everett’s Oscar Wilde Movie Is a “Film for the Trump Era”      Cache   Translate Page      
The actor, writer, and director on The Happy Prince, a movie he says is perfect for our uncertain times.
          Saudi Arabia to let Turkey search consulate over missing journalist      Cache   Translate Page      
ISTANBUL: Saudi Arabia on Tuesday agreed to let Turkish authorities search its Istanbul consulate as part of the investigation into the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a critic of the kingdom's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

There has been fierce speculation over what happened to Khashoggi, a Washington Post contributor who wrote for Arab and Western media, after he vanished last Tuesday following a visit to the consulate to obtain official documents.

While Riyadh claimed he had left the consulate after his visit, Turkish police said Khashoggi did not emerge from the building.

Government sources said police believe the journalist was killed inside the consulate, claims which Riyadh dismissed as "baseless".

"Saudi authorities said they were open to cooperation and that a search can be conducted at the consulate building," the Turkish foreign ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said in a statement.

The search will take place as part of the official investigation, which was being conducted "in an intense manner", he said without giving any date.

Turkish police were looking into two private aircraft which landed at Istanbul's Ataturk airport on Tuesday at different times carrying 15 people of interest in the case, as well as the possibility that Khashoggi was kidnapped and taken aboard one of the planes, local media reported.

Previously the crown prince told Bloomberg that Riyadh would be ready to welcome Turkish officials to search the premises.

'Share CCTV footage'

Turan Kislakci, a friend of Khashoggi and chief of the Turkish-Arab Media Association, urged the Turkish authorities not to search the consulate.

"We ask the consulate and officials to share the footage of his exit. We don't want the search or inspection of the consulate. We don't have such a demand," he told AFP.

Ankara sought permission Sunday to carry out a search after the foreign ministry summoned the Saudi ambassador for a second time, Turkish television reported.

Riyadh's envoy in Ankara was first called to the ministry on Wednesday.

Khashoggi, a former Saudi government adviser, had been living in self-imposed exile in the United States since last year fearing possible arrest.

He has been critical of some policies of the crown prince and Riyadh's intervention in the war in Yemen.

Mystery team of 15

Police also said a team of 15 Saudis were sent to Istanbul and were in the building at the same time as Khashoggi.

Turkish security officials were working to identify the 15 individuals, English-language state broadcaster TRT World reported, adding that Turkish officials believe the Saudis may have taken the consulate's CCTV footage with them when they returned to Saudi Arabia.

According to pro-government daily Sabah, the team arrived in Istanbul on two private planes, one which landed after 03h00 (0000 GMT) on Tuesday while the second plane landed around 17h00 (1400 GMT) after Khashoggi entered the consulate.

The individuals checked into two hotels close to the consulate, the daily said.

Both planes later returned to Riyadh with one stopping in Dubai and the other in Egypt, Sabah reported, adding the police were looking into the possibility that Khashoggi was kidnapped.

The planes belonged to a company based in Saudi Arabia which has links to the state.

Istanbul police experts were analysing vehicles which entered and left the consulate, some of which were then seen on camera last Tuesday at the consul-general's residence, 200m away, the daily said.

The newspaper also claimed that Turkish employees at the residence were "hastily" told to take a holiday on the day Khashoggi went missing.

'Thorough' investigation

US President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday that he was "concerned", adding: "I don't like hearing about it. Hopefully that will sort itself out."

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the same day called for "a thorough investigation of Mr Khashoggi's disappearance and to be transparent about the results" of the probe.

UN rights office spokeswoman, Ravina Shamdasani, on Tuesday echoed calls for "a prompt, impartial and independent investigation of the circumstances of Mr Khashoggi's disappearance and to keep the findings public" in comments to journalists in Geneva.

"We are 100% behind the American position. We expect a thorough investigation and total transparency from the Saudi authorities on what happened," European Union's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini told reporters in Lisbon.

Meanwhile, in London, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt met the Saudi ambassador on Tuesday to "seek urgent answers", according to a post on Twitter. — AFP
          US: S&P 500, wage growth, Trump tariffs buoy economic optimism - IBD      Cache   Translate Page      

"Americans felt better about their personal finances at the start of October than at any time in the 18-plus years of the IBD/TIPP Poll," Investor's Business Daily reported on Tuesday.

Key takeaways from the official press release

  • Trump tariffs also got a vote of confidence as support for federal economic policies hit the highest level since 2005.
  • Overall, the IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index rose 1.9 points to 57.8, just off the 14-year high of 58.0 touched in August.
  • The six-month economic outlook gauge held at 53.3. 
  • The six-month personal financial outlook index jumped 4.1 points to 66.7, easily clearing August's 14-year high of 65.1.

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