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          Are US millennials the new superpower voting bloc?      Cache   Translate Page      
Millennials have been pushed to the left in the face of low wages, high debt and political disillusionment.
          Morgan Stanley brokers, bankers to get new tech-friendly offices      Cache   Translate Page      

Morgan Stanley is remodeling.

About 1.2 million square feet of office space will get an overhaul in the next 15 months to put technology experts closer to brokers, traders and bankers, the firm’s head of technology, Rob Rooney, said in an interview. After changes to wealth-management operations, trading floors, investment-banking offices and space tied to asset management will all get a remake.

“The workplace needed to be designed around a much more dynamic, millennial kind of workforce,” said Rooney, 51, who stepped into the technology role this year. “We’re trying to attract the next generation of the best and brightest.”

Demolition work in lower Manhattan has already created open floor plans that give more employees views of the Statue of Liberty and Hudson River, a perk previously reserved for senior executives cloistered in their wood-walled offices. Now, glass partitions and interactive whiteboards abound, and the dress code is decidedly more casual.

The first phase represents about 9,000 seats around the world, though the project may expand, Rooney said.

Morgan Stanley’s past technology investments helped make it the biggest stock-trading firm in the world, and Chief Executive Officer James Gorman has said it’s a major priority to replicate that success in bond markets. The bank, which also has a $2.4 trillion wealth-management division, is spending $4 billion annually on the effort, including the building of what it calls “Centers of Excellence” to focus on blockchain, automation and other technologies.

With 18 million transactions a day on the firm’s electronic-trading platform for equities, pushing the efficiency envelope “is kind of challenging the speed of light,” Rooney said. “If you’re an engineer, these are real problems you’re trying to solve.”

In wealth management, where a lot of the initial office changes will roll out, the bank built algorithms and is using machine learning to help more than 15,000 brokers make trade suggestions for clients and handle more routine tasks.

The overhaul is one of Wall Street’s biggest. WeWork Cos. last year began helping UBS Group AG update wealth-management offices in Weehawken, New Jersey. Also in 2017, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. unveiled the largest revamp of its trading hub since 2009, when about 500 asset managers were moved into an open floor plan.

Modernization isn’t optional for a firm like Morgan Stanley, said Ekene Ezulike, global head of corporate services. “The question is how quickly we do it, versus whether we should do it,” he said.

As little as 60% of Morgan Stanley’s work space is occupied at any given time, according to Ezulike, who said the changes will push that rate as high as 90% as options such as desk sharing let more people use fewer seats.

Despite the less stuffy dress code and other updates, Morgan Stanley shouldn’t be confused with a Silicon Valley startup, Rooney said.

“We’re not a technology firm, we’re a bank,” Rooney said. “We don’t sell technology, we sell advice.”

While there’s no kombucha on tap as there is at Goldman Sachs’s revamped San Francisco offices, there are common dining rooms, and the firm hired its first-ever community manager, Fiona Thomas. She helps plan office get-togethers and is overseeing a meditation event that was oversubscribed.

Morgan Stanley’s executives approved the project, called “Workplace Evolution,” in March and some spaces were fully revamped in months, with help from WeWork and the architectural firm Gensler. The first set of changes included offices in New York, Houston, Frankfurt, Chicago, Glasgow, Budapest, London, Mumbai and Bangalore.

The firm’s headquarters in Times Square—which is about 1.3 million square feet—will also see changes, Rooney said. The capital-markets division for the wealth-management unit will be revamped this year. The technology division and back-office functions tied to finance are also being renovated.

“Our traders need to be with our techies,” Rooney said. “You’ll see a very different trading floor in five years time than you see today.”

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The new comedy 'Wobble Palace' is a tale of bad breakups and broke artists.
          Absentee Voting: Everything You Need to Know but Were Afraid to Ask      Cache   Translate Page      

Everyone remembers their first time. It's exciting and nerve-wracking. There are so many options. You are never sure what to expect afterwards. So finally, you just do it. You vote.

But what if you are out of state or out of the country during the election? Then what happens? We talked to Micheala Bethune from and learned everything you need to know about how to vote via absentee ballot.

All Things Absentee

"Working with over six million young people for the past 25 years, we noticed that young people prefer voting absentee, but they don't know how," Bethune says. believes that young people should be shaping the future, as they will be the ones living in it. "We have over six million members between the ages of 13 to 25 who signed up to take a social action. These members push for change in their communities."

DoSomething created National Absentee Ballot Day on Oct. 9 and launched to inform young voters about the process. This website provides you with all the necessary information related to absentee voting. In only two minutes, you can register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and help your friends get registered with no cost.

"You can host an event on National Absentee Ballot Day, a party on your campus with your friends," Bethune says.

When you fill out your ballot on National Absentee Voting Day, Bethune suggests taking a selfie and sending it to "If you do, we will put your picture up on our homepage and share it on our social channels, which have millions of followers. This website will amplify all the young people who are voting or requesting their absentee ballots on this day."

Target: College Students

In 2019, millennials are expected to surpass baby boomers as the largest generation of Americans eligible to vote, according to the nonpartisan Pew Research Center. "In the last presidential election, almost 40 percent of votes were cast before the election day," Bethune continues. "This is why it's incredibly important for college students who are away from home to have the tools they need to request an absentee ballot, learn everything, and send in their votes in time. So their voices can be heard."

People over the age of 60 vote nearly twice as much as people under the age of 29.

"So many local elections in your towns and in your communities are just decided by a handful of votes," Bethune says. "Your voice really makes a difference there."

People over the age of 60 vote nearly twice as much as people under the age of 29. The goal is to get just as many young people voting as people over 60. Then, Bethune says, "politicians will start listening. They will start working on issues young people care about. Because they look at the people who participate in our democracy. So it's important as an entire movement for us to show old people that young people aren't to be forgotten. We turn out to vote."

Don't Make These Common Mistakes

"The biggest mistake you can make is not knowing if you can vote absentee at your college campus," Bethune says. "You can vote in every single state if you have a permanent mailing address." If you don't want your absentee ballot request to get rejected, you should make sure to mail in your ballot on time.

"This is why we picked Oct. 9 as National Absentee Ballot Day," Bethune explains. "On this day, people can either mail their ballots in or request an absentee ballot. Either way, they would have enough time to get their ballot in the mail, sit with it, and do some research."

To avoid any other rejections, you need to fill out your absentee ballot request form completely. But you can always go on and ask the on-call experts to break down the rules and regulations and what's going on in your state.

Basic Checklist ✔️

  1. Go on, and register to vote.
  2. Request your absentee ballot.
  3. Wait until your ballot arrives.
  4. Sit with your ballot, and do some research using's guides to help you understand all the different issues and what they mean.
  5. Vote, and mail your ballot in.
  6. Take a selfie, and get excited!

          The Angle: Your Emotions Edition      Cache   Translate Page      

“The Democratic Party is a girl”: Why can’t people on the left, who are plenty mad, harness the political power of anger the way Republicans can? It’s because they’ve been coded as female, Jess Zimmerman writes—and in a patriarchal culture, women’s emotions don’t “count.”

Safe place: Discord, where gamers gather, has become a haven for white supremacy and anti-Semitism, April Glaser reports. What standards should a company much smaller than Facebook or Google enforce for those who use its private chat spaces?

Doing it better: How can you help your boys grow into young men who don’t sexually assault people? Melinda Wenner Moyer has concrete advice, starting with Let them feel their feelings.

She’s the one: The A Star Is Born soundtrack shows how much better the Lady Gaga parts of the movie’s music are than the Bradley Cooper bits, Carl Wilson writes. That’s funny, because the film itself was pretty convinced that his rock was far superior to her pop.

For fun: The Jersey Shore crew hit their 30s.

All that baggage,


          Mix & Match      Cache   Translate Page      

Maybe that’s one of those hip new-aged millennial clowns? New Jersey

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          Tips For Staying Motivated During A Sales Slump      Cache   Translate Page      
At some point, every real estate agent goes through a slump period. Even the best agents sometimes experience a slow sales period or two. But if you don’t stay motivated that slump can really knock you off your game and that will make it harder to recover from a sales slump. Here are some expert tips from other agents that you can use to stay motivated and keep yourself in good spirits during a sales slump: Stay Active on Social Media One of the best ways to weather a sales slump is to take that time to build new relationships on social media. When things are busy you probably don’t have a lot of time to spend on social media, but the connections that you make on social media can become solid leads for buying and selling homes in your area. So, when things slow down and you feel like you’re not getting anywhere take advantage of that extra time and be more active on social media. Catch up with your social media friends and find some interesting things to post. Read More: Social Media Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Update Your Website Another important marketing tool that often gets overlooked is your personal website. When was the last time you updated your website or gave it a facelift? If things are slow that means you have the time to invest in creating a new look for your website, updating all the information on the site, and making sure that your site has lots of great information for both buyers and sellers. Write Guides Have you ever written an eBook or guide? Guides and eBooks that provide valuable information for buyers and sellers are a fantastic way to connect with potential clients. You can use them as an added value gift to get people to sign up for your newsletter and follow you on social media. Buying guides, selling guides, neighborhood guides, guides for first-time buyers, and buying guides for specific groups like Millennials or Baby Boomers are a smart way to offer your clients and potential clients a little something extra. And your guides will establish you as an expert in the local real estate. Helping people become more informed about buying and selling homes can lead to new clients for you and end that slump. Take A Break You can also embrace periods of slow sales and use them as a chance to recover and regroup from a busy sales period. Treat yourself to a day at the spa or a mini-vacation. Or head out of town to see family or friends. You can use that downtime to make sure that you’re excited and ready to go when things start to pick up again.  Read more about living in Edmonton, AB, or Looking For Edmonton Real Estate Agent.  Gurpreet Ghatehora & Associates Remax River City Edmonton. Looking To Buy Home In Edmonton & Area. Browse All Update MLS Listings Now.
          La rebequita de la abuela se vuelve trendy en el último look de Kendall Jenner, ¡no la dejes en casa!       Cache   Translate Page      

La rebequita de la abuela se vuelve trendy en el último look de Kendall Jenner, ¡no la dejes en casa! #source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Puede que te hayas hartado de oír repetir a tu madre un millón de veces que cojas la rebequita antes de salir, por si refresca. Pero claro, es que ella nunca te había dicho que la combinaras de una forma tan genial como la de Kendall Jenner. Ni que esta chaqueta de punto podría ser la prenda millennial más it de la temporada. No cabe duda, con inspiración como esta no volveremos a irnos de casa sin ella puesta. ¡Es la estrella del estilismo!

kendall jenner look#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

La celebrity ha lucido esta chaqueta de punto oversize en tonos mostaza y formato XXL, que bien podría ser un vestido para este otoño. Pero ella le ha dado mucha más vidilla, combinándolo con unos jeans ligeramente anchos de diseño mom y un crop-top muy sofisticado, con escote cuadrado y esos tirantes extra finos que resultan tan chic. Un look todoterreno que podemos copiar con botines, como hace Kendall, o con deportivas y estar siempre ideales.

kendall jenner look#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Además, ella ha añadido un toque de color con complementos en rojo, con ese bolsito de estampado de cerezas que lleva en la mano. Una forma perfecta de crear contrastes cromáticos en un estilismo, a golpe de complementos. ¿Ya estás buscando el cárdigan que sabes que guardaste al fondo del armario hace cien temporadas? ¡Nosotras también!

Fotos | Gtres.

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          Imjoying, el nuevo buscador de ocio para la generación millennial       Cache   Translate Page      

Imjoying, el nuevo buscador de ocio para la generación millennial #source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Llega el jueves y tus amigas dejan caer sobre ti la responsabilidad de elegir plan para el fin de semana. Pero tú estás seca de ideas y lo que menos te apetece es ponerte a buscar en el gigante Google todo lo que podéis hacer, y perder tres horas de tu vida en internet. Don't worry, Imjoying ha llegado para salvarte. Te presentamos, el nuevo buscador de ocio donde puedes encontrar fiestas, conciertos, eventos culturales y toda la oferta de ocio imaginable en una única web.

Estos gallegos han decidido dar respuesta a una demanda silenciosa de la generación millennial. Según declaró Antonio García, uno de los fundadores, en una entrevista a La Voz de Galicia, Imjoying nace de esa necesidad: «Disponemos de muy poco tiempo. Y la sociedad lo que está pidiendo es, “por favor, dámelo todo hecho y no me hagas perder tres horas buscando en infinidad de sitios información que puedo tener en un único lugar”».

Imjoying Buscador De Ocio En Espana Interfaz Mapa#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Aunque de momento solo está disponible para Madrid y Pontevedra, Imjoying ha comunicado que en enero ampliarán a toda Galicia, Cantabria y Málaga, y cada tres meses irán añadiendo cinco provincias hasta completar todo el territorio español.

Imjoying es el único buscador que abarcará toda la oferta festiva española en un único portal. Romerías, conciertos, fiestas patronales, festivales, mercados, obras de teatro, conferencias o exposiciones, serán algunos de los planes que podremos encontrar en este buscador de ocio.

Ahora los millennials no nos perderemos nada, el Harry Potter Film Fest, el Festival de la Lavanda, las Fiestas de Valdemorillo o la Exposición del Museo de Traje. Seas como seas y busques el ocio que busques, seguro que encuentras algo que hacer este fin de semana en Imjoying. Y a un solo click.

Foto| Unsplahs, Imjoying

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La noticia Imjoying, el nuevo buscador de ocio para la generación millennial fue publicada originalmente en Trendencias por Anabel Palomares .

          Most U.S. young people prefer to stay single: Survey      Cache   Translate Page      

Most U.S. young people prefer to stay single: Survey

DF-Xinhua Report

Most American millennials ages 18-25 are making the choice to live life solo intentionally, according to a USA Today report on Monday, citing a new survey by the dating app Tinder.

   The survey found 72 percent of more than 1,000 single American youths Tinder questioned "have made a conscious decision" to stay single for a period of time. 

   Moreover, as high as 81 percent of them see being single as beneficial in ways beyond just their love lives, the survey found.

   More than half said other young single people were more open to new experiences and that they view themselves as more fun due to their single status, according to the survey.

   "Historically, people blindly set out to cross off items on their young-adult-to-do list: Go to school. Work hard. Find a partner. Get married. Have children. Encourage your children to do the same. Rinse and repeat," said Darcy Sterling, a licensed clinical social worker and Tinder's "relationship expert.

   "This trend for Millennials is a 'paradigm shift'," she told the USA Today, noting that Millennials invest more time in careers, social lives and personal time when single.

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          Global Video Games Market Report Based on Industry Size, Share, Growth, Analysis & Regional Demand Till 2022      Cache   Translate Page      
(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 10, 2018 ) Digital gaming is not mere fad, fueled by the groundswell of interest among millennials and the like in consumer demographic, world over. Video games with the vast array of engaging hardware and immersive user interfaces have gained wide popularity among generation...
As millennials, we have become so accustomed to creating rigid checklists of qualities that we expect to find in our significant other. This can include anything from preferred hair color to skin tone and occupation to neighborhood of residence. However, from the … Continue reading
          Millennials explain why they have nothing saved for retirement      Cache   Translate Page      

          Dane Saville posted a blog post      Cache   Translate Page      
Dane Saville posted a blog post

How to Build an Effective Buyer Persona for Car Shoppers

According to a CBS News study, today’s consumer sees 5,000 ads per day. That breaks down to 3.5 every single minute. On average, people spend 41 minutes on social media each day. That means we’re all exposed to an overwhelming number of ads during that time.With all of those ads you’ve viewed on social media, has one compelled you to buy something?If you did, chances are the ad spoke to you. Maybe you discovered that your dog can have the same fresh food you cook for your family:Or maybe you’re passionate about buying from companies who give back (data suggests many millennials are). This Bombas ad would remind you that a pair of socks is donated for every pair purchased.Therein lies the problem for marketers: Not everyone wants to buy homemade dog food, and not everyone feels charitable.So, you’re wondering what this has to do with buying a car.Buyer Personas for Car DealershipsThese same principles apply to the purchase of a vehicle. A 22-year old recent college graduate, without children, will likely laugh at the idea of buying a minivan. While there are exceptions to every rule, the data suggests that most minivans are bought by parents or elderly couples. By not narrowing your focus to this ideal target consumer, you’re wasting ad spend on targets who will never convert to customers.Social media marketing has an advantage over many other channels: the ability to hyper-target an audience. Social media advertisements let you identify and target someone who’s most likely to purchase a luxury car because they fit the description of the ideal target buyer.How? People on social media often have specific interests on their profiles that help marketers identify them.For the luxury buyer, they probably prefer brands like Chanel or Burberry — not TJMaxx and Great Value.Narrowing the focus of your stimulus marketing with robust demographic and psychographic targeting will increase the likelihood that your content reaches the most anxious buyer.That’s why buyer personas are vital. Ask yourself:What makes your target consumer tick?What do they enjoy in their free time?What types of products do they buy?What stores do they frequent?What brands do they advocate?The answers to these questions elevate themes that are important to target your ideal customer.Have More Questions About Social Media?You can get more information and data about the power of social media by subscribing to our monthly educational newsletter. You’ll regularly receive a collection of our month’s best content about social media, search engine optimization, paid search, and more.See More

          Will Cadillac XT4 Rollout Lure Millennial Buyers?      Cache   Translate Page      
2019 Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury

The eagerly anticipated 2019 Cadillac XT4 will start showing up at dealerships over the next few weeks. To coincide with the all-new luxury crossover’s arrival, Cadillac is planning television ads that appeal to potential customers — especially millennial women. Crossovers are among the hottest-selling vehicles right now. Cadillac is hoping to make a splash in that […]

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          10/9/2018: CANADA: Buying home out of reach, say 9 of 10 millennials      Cache   Translate Page      
More than nine in 10 millennials are concerned people their age won’t be able to afford to buy a home in the GTA, according to a new poll. Eighty-five per cent of GTA residents of all ages said they are concerned about young people’s ability to buy a...
          Los millennials se quejan de los precios de las casas en Londres      Cache   Translate Page      
Incluso las casas más baratas de Londres están fuera del alcance de la mayoría de los adultos jóvenes.
          Doubling in the number of teetotal millennials        Cache   Translate Page      
          Millennials Are Disrupting Business…In a Positive Way!      Cache   Translate Page      

By John Wysseier, President and Chief Executive Officer, The CEI Group, Inc.

For the past decade or so, the press has been filled with stories about how difficult millennials are to manage. We're talking about people born approximately between 1980 and 1996, and the complaints about them are legion: They lack a work ethic, question and disrespect authority, are needy, and want to be pampered.

The description sounds like a nightmare. But as a business leader for a number of years, that negative portrayal doesn’t fit. That's not to say I haven't come across individual employees with those traits, but I don't think they are any more prevalent among people between the ages of 22 and 38 than they are among any other age group.

The reason I don't share the negative perception of millennials is because I’ve seen a very different type of millennial.


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          #927 Ambitions As A Mayor      Cache   Translate Page      
The guys open the show by going straight to the phones and speaking to a caller with a question about Outrage Culture and his opinion on it as a member of the millennial age group. They also speak with a caller who has grand ambitions but it worried be may be dreaming too big, they also speak to a caller who has two younger brothers that have self-diagnosed themselves with disorders and refuse to do much of anything. They also talk to a caller who is trying to convince her husband to try out online support groups.
          Comment on The Versatility of Ankle Boots for Fall by Carina      Cache   Translate Page      
Those glitter boots make your legs so much longer babe! I love it! Obsessed with that pink and yellow combo! Love you and your style as always! 😍Have an amazing week! Carina
          The Latest Thing Millennials Are Killing? The Primary Care Doctor      Cache   Translate Page      
Add the family physician to millennials' ever-growing list of "victims."
          Brainstorm Health: Millennials and Primary Care, Climate Change and Mental Health, Pfizer Shakeup      Cache   Translate Page      
Brainstorm Health Daily: October 9, 2018
          10/10/2018: Fashion: 5 SUMMER WARDROBE UPDATES      Cache   Translate Page      

1. ORANGE ZEST Move over Millennial pink and Gen Z yellow, the next colour you’ll be seeing everywhere is one we’re naming hyperactive orange. You know, kind of how you feel once you’ve downed a few glasses of Fanta. Don’t worry, there is a...
          Headless human-shaped pillow by Aseptic Studio designed to reduce urban loneliness      Cache   Translate Page      

Aseptic Studio creates headless man-shaped pillow to reduce loneliness

London-based Aseptic Studio has designed an ergonomic cushion in the shape of a headless torso to provide physical and emotional support for lonely millennials living in cities. Read more

          Money And Life Lessons Baby Boomers Can Learn From Millennials      Cache   Translate Page      
Look to tear down the walls between the generations that focus on our differences and not our common bonds.
          Here’s What Millennials Think About Voting For A Black Candidate      Cache   Translate Page      
A new survey of millennials reveals their attitudes about race and politics.
          Pew Poll: 62% of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization      Cache   Translate Page      
A new Pew Research Center survey revealed that 62% of Americans support marijuana legalization. This is an increase from Pew’s 2017 survey in which 61% of Americans claimed support for legalization. The majority of the support still comes from Millennials, with 74% of those surveyed voicing support for legalization. According to Pew Research Center, this ...
          US Mortgages Hit 5% Prices Expected to Drop      Cache   Translate Page      
Some of us out there still remember when the average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage hit 9 percent, but we are not the bulk of today’s buyers. Millennials, now in their prime home buying years, may be in for the rude awakening that credit isn’t always cheap. The average rate on the 30-year fixed […]
          FREEDOM FORCE 10/09/2018 HOME DEPOT FOUNDER OFFERS MILLENNIALS FLIGHTS TO VENEZUELA (one way?)      Cache   Translate Page      
          The young Americans who are bucking the divorce trend      Cache   Translate Page      
New data shows the US divorce rate falling and "millennial marriage" may be a factor. How come?
          19 Things You Won’t Miss Out If You Attend Free Online Room Designer | free online room designer      Cache   Translate Page      

housedesgn posted a photo:

19 Things You Won’t Miss Out If You Attend Free Online Room Designer | free online room designer

via WordPress

You apparently haven’t paid abundant apperception to this, but if you’re on your buzz at the banquet table consistently or if you appear home from assignment and analysis out of your accord by acrimonious up one of your accessories instead, it’s affliction you. And it’s affliction the man in your activity too.

Virtual living room design – free online room designer | free online room designer

It ability not assume like a big accord at first, but all that time you absorb on your phone, or amusing media, or online aloof adds up to accepting in the way of accepting a advantageous relationship. All your buzz time cuts aback on the absolute face time you absorb with your cogent other, and it can absolutely advance to activity broken from one addition and like things are aloof off.

It’s important to accomplish time to put your buzz bottomward and accomplish the man in your activity the centermost of your attention! A accessory chargeless date night is absolutely what you charge and actuality are a few account for how to adore your buzz chargeless time. I alike accept a buzz chargeless tip for every one!

A fun night out on the boondocks area you both can get dressed up for anniversary added is consistently a acceptable time. Analysis out a new restaurant! I apperceive I consistently end up activity to my admired Mexican abode because the Margaritas are killer, and again I don’t appetite to try new things!

Great Online Room Designer Tool Free 88 cum bedroom ideas … – free online room designer | free online room designer

People, this is not a drill, you charge to absolutely leave your buzz at home for this date night idea, so you don’t focus on annihilation but one another!

Fall is here, and so is the colder weather. There’s article to be said for a night in area you get comfortable on the couch and aloof adjustment takeout! After a crazy anniversary at work, this absolutely is my admired date night idea.

Make this date night buzz chargeless by both axis your phones absolutely off so you can’t get absent and put them in a altered allowance than the one you’re in!

Stunning Free Living Room Design 97 on Home Remodel Ideas … – free online room designer | free online room designer

Going for a backpack is a absolute date abstraction because you’re in attributes for some accord and quiet and time alone. It’s additionally abundant to get affective and do article calm that’s added active!

If you arch to the Hudson Valley, there are affluence of attractive places to analysis out and you can bolt the admirable leaves alteration colors too.

Free yourself from your buzz by abrogation it in the car (and your man’s too).

Virtual Room Planner | Interior – free online room designer | free online room designer

Bre is a changeable millennial go getter residing in New York. One allotment entrepreneur, one allotment geek, she acquired her amount in Textile/Surface Design from The Appearance Institute of Technology.

She has captivated some agitative roles in both appearance as a artist alive for brands like Victoria’s Secret and Henri Bendel, as able-bodied as in ad tech alive for publishers like Ziff Davis.

Free D Room Planner 19d Room Design Free Luxury Small Living Room … – free online room designer | free online room designer

Today she operates her own affluence characterization and is additionally the Chief Chick at which alcove millions of women anniversary month.

Bre is amorous about befitting women abreast of the latest technology trends and articles to advance their affairs and believes in accouterment real, advantageous admonition and admonition to her readers.

19 Things You Won’t Miss Out If You Attend Free Online Room Designer | free online room designer – free online room designer
| Allowed to help my personal blog, on this time period I will teach you in relation to keyword. And after this, this can be a 1st image:

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          Millennials experimentan más riesgos en línea, de acuerdo con nueva investigación de Microsoft      Cache   Translate Page      
Por: Jacqueline Beauchere, jefa de seguridad en línea en Microsoft Un nuevo estudio de Microsoft muestra que los millennials en el mundo (aquellos entre 18 y 34 años) están expuestos a los más altos niveles de riesgos en línea y sufren las consecuencias más severas de esos riesgos comparados con otros grupos. Además, una vez...
          62% of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization, New Pew Poll Shows      Cache   Translate Page      
Today, the Pew Research Center released the results of their newest study, which found that 62 percent of Americans now support the legalization of marijuana. Millennials were found to show the strongest support, with 74 percent in favor of ending marijuana prohibition. The least supportive group was the Silent Generation at only 39 percent — […]
          “Selfies mortales” Rusia lideriza tendencia convertida en tragedia      Cache   Translate Page      
Un estudio realizado por científicos indios muestra que entre el 2017 y noviembre de 2018 se produjeron alrededor de 259 selfies mortales, siendo Rusia el país con mas tragedias de este tipo. Los autorretratos o mejor conocidos como “selfies” son una de las cosas propias de los millennials, centennialls y todo el que esté fuera […]
          Home Depot Founder Slams Socialist Millennials: “I’ll put you on my plane and fly you to Venezuela”      Cache   Translate Page      
Ken Langone - the billionaire investor, businessman, and philanthropist co-founder of Home Depot - has a message for millennials who believe socialism is a good economic system for America. - Source:
PatriciaCotaRobles Published on Oct 8, 2018
          Technology Was Supposed To Save Us. It Hasn’t.      Cache   Translate Page      

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org:

I’m GenX, born in 1971. I grew up with a black-and-white television. When our first color TV came into the home as I was approaching...

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          Sabe as mini geladeiras de drinks? Elas também servem para armazenar cosméticos!       Cache   Translate Page      
Mini geladeira de skincare (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)


Você sabia que alguns produtos de beleza podem (e devem) ser armazenados na geladeira? A Glamour conversou com o dermatologista Jardis Volpe, membro da Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia e da Academia Americana de Dermatologia, para tirar todas as dúvidas sobre esse novo ritual de skincare. Para se ter uma ideia, a hashtag #skincarefridge é sensação na gringa. E nós aqui já queremos colocar uma mini geladeira fofa dessas nas nossas bancadas <3. 

+ Conheça a Drunk Elephant, marca de beleza natural que já é hit de vendas
+ Bakuchiol: conheça o "novo" retinol natural que é febre na gringa
+ Chic! 15 penteados feitos (apenas!) com grampos

Mas, será que todos os itens da sua coleção podem ser refrigerados? Segundo Volpe, depende muito do tipo de produto e de seus componentes. "Geralmente isso pode ser feito, sim. Itens com ácidos e vitamina C, água termal, creme para área dos olhos, principalmente os roll-on, loção pós-sol e cremes para acne têm efeito pontencializado quando colocados na geladeira", explica. 

+ Vanessa Rozan explica (de uma vez por todas) porque hidratar a pele é essencial
+ Pele oleosa: os melhores tratamentos, produtos e dicas
+ Óleos essenciais para a pele: descubra os benefícios e saiba como usá-los a seu favor!

Porém, cuidado redobrado ao iniciar a mania de skincare em casa. "Muitas vezes os ativos desses produtos podem ser cristalizados em temperaturas muito baixas. O mesmo vale para temperaturas muito altas ", conta Volpe. Com o tempo, manter um produto incorretamente na geladeira pode degradar os ingredientes ativos na formulação ou alterar sua estabilidade. Então, se ele não for selado e armazenado adequadamente, o excesso de umidade pode entrar em contato com o produto mudando sua textura, aroma e desempenho. Anotou?

Geladeira repleta de produtos de beleza  (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)


E quais serão os proibidões, aqueles que não podem entrar na geladeirinha? Perfumes, pó compacto, hidratantes e anti-idade ricos em óleo devem ficar longe do refrigerador, segundo o dermatologista. Torná-los frios dificulta a absorção e cremes muito pesados, especialmente desenvolvidos para pele seca, devem ficar fora desse "ritual".

Os benefícios são mil! Segundo Volpe, os produtos refrigerados ajudam a acalmar a pele mais do que quando estão na temperatura ambiente. "A temperatura fria pode acalmar os nervos que causam coceira e desconforto na cútis. Isso é interessante para quem tem rosácea ou a pele mais sensível, mas vale conversar com o seu dermatologista para confirmar", conta Volpe. 

Mini geladeira de skincare (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)


Além disso, o frio ajuda na vasoconstrição, que colabora para diminuir o inchaço. Mas, segundo Volpe, não é comprovado cientificamente que o cosmético refrigerado é melhor absorvido pela pele.

+ Vagina tem cheiro, sim! E você não precisa ter vergonha disso
+ BodyTalk: a terapia que pode ser a solução para suas dores físicas e emocionais
+ O que acontece com seu corpo quando você para de se depilar?

Resumindo: creme para a área dos olhos, de preferência nas versões roll-on, tornam-se mais refrescantes quando frios, além de descongestionar, aliviar e drenar a região dos olhos. Então, esse ritual é especialmente indicado para quem sofre com olheiras, bolsas e inchaço.

Geladeira repleta de produtos de beleza  (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)


Bom, se você já quer se jogar na tendência, que é febre no oriente millennial, atenta! Você pode adquirir uma da marca Cooluli, que tem até uma versão rosa. O modelo custa em média U$45. E aí, curtiu a tendência? 

Mini geladeira de skincare (Foto: Reprodução/Instagram)

Curte o conteúdo da Glamour? Ele também está no Globo Mais, o app que é muito mais do que uma banca. Nele você tem acesso a um conteúdo exclusivo em tempo real e às edições das melhores publicações do Brasil. Cadastre-se agora e experimente 30 dias grátis.

          #MulherBacanaLê: Livro ajuda a aceitar os problemas da vida adulta      Cache   Translate Page      
Anda rindo, mas de nervoso? O livro abaixo vai te ajudar a relaxar um pouquinho (Foto: Reprodução)

A porta de entrada do apê está cheia de boletos? As festinhas do vizinho no domingo à noite te tiram do sério? E aquele cansaço surreal (e até então desconhecido) que, segundo o seu ginecologista, é fruto do seu "novo-velho" metabolismo? Parabéns, a vida adulta chegou! E é justamente sobre esta fase que Camila Fremder escreve (e nos diverte) em Adulta sim, madura nem sempre (R$ 40), novo lançamento da Companhia das Letras.

Em 120 páginas, Camila faz reflexões e escreve sobre os problemas da vida adulta de maneira leve e muito divertida. Segundo ela, é um "livro que você não vai conseguir largar. A menos que o bebê acorde ou esteja na hora de você correr para o batente". Gostou? Confira abaixo um trecho - exclusivo! - da obra:

+ 7 livros leves e divertidos para devorar na beira da praia
+ Gosta de correr? Então você precisa ler este livro!
+ 7 livros engraçados para quem gosta de ler e dar boas risadas

16. Banco imobiliário da vida real

— Oi, moça. Quanto tá o lençol?
— Noventa reais.
— E vem com quantas fronhas?
— Não, esse é o preço do lençol avulso. Vem só ele.
— Ah, tá, brigada. Qualquer coisa eu volto.

Ser adulto é achar que você sabe quanto as coisas custam, quando na verdade você vive ficando chocado com o preço de tudo. É usar a frase “tô só olhando” para não precisar dizer o que está procurando com medo do item custar o triplo do que você pensava. É ouvir o valor de um produto e não gaguejar ao dizer que vai pensar mais um pouco e que qualquer coisa volta.

Dinheiro é um tema constante da vida adulta, você tendo muito ou pouco. Convivo com os dois grupos: os que têm muito vivem falando de aplicações, bolsas de valores e, nos dias de hoje, até de bitcoin. E os que têm pouco falam de empréstimos, poupança e dívidas caducadas. Dinheiro é uma pauta eterna da maturidade. Você quer que ele renda, você quer que ele pare de sumir, você quer que ele apareça e quem sabe até que caia do céu. A coisa mais cruel relacionada ao dinheiro na vida adulta para mim é a Mega-Sena porque, depois que você joga uma vez, vem aquele momento em que a gente volta a ser criança e fica olhando para o nada fazendo planos de comprar a casa em não sei qual praia e o barco com quartos para toda a família. Como se fosse fácil ganhar na Mega-Sena. Aliás, é na vida adulta que você tem a triste constatação de que ganhar dinheiro é bem difícil.

A vida adulta não tem mais volta quando você precisa contratar um contador. Ele é o marco da sua maturidade. Uma vez que contadores passam a fazer parte do seu dia a dia, você percebe que todo mundo está sempre atrás de um, principalmente no Facebook: “Gente, alguém tem um bom contador pra me indicar?”. Mas aprendi do pior jeito que contador não se indica, pois pode ser pior que sugerir um médico. Tudo bem que, se você indicar um médico e ele errar feio no diagnóstico de alguém, a pessoa pode até morrer. Mas ainda é mais seguro uma pessoa que passou dessa para a melhor do que alguém vivinho da silva reclamando diariamente do contador que você indicou.

Camila Fremder (Foto: Divulgação)


Eu não indico a minha contadora para mais ninguém. Acho que ela é boa, mas na verdade não dá para ter certeza porque nunca entendo realmente o que ela diz. Eu só torço para que ela esteja me mandando pagar o imposto certo e fico aliviada quando diz que já fez o meu imposto de renda. Pelo menos até o momento ainda não fui presa e não precisei dos serviços de um advogado, outro tipo de profissional que também nunca entendo o que está dizendo (e isso não é uma coisa muito adulta de se confessar em um livro). Outra coisa nem um pouco adulta é não saber conferir o troco, mas só quem é de humanas compreende a dificuldade que é. Ainda mais quando vem moeda no meio. Às vezes, até finjo que estou conferindo, como se a pessoa fosse dizer “Tá bom, você me pegou, tá faltando essa moeda aqui ó…”.

+ 30 conselhos de finanças para colocar em prática antes dos 30 anos
+ Guia millennial de como economizar dinheiro e investir além da poupança
+ Você consegue guardar dinheiro? 71% das leitoras da Glamour, não!

Ao mesmo tempo que pagar boleto é chato, ter todas as contas pagas sem nenhum atraso é uma das sensações mais tranquilizantes do mundo. Mas é normal que você sinta um pouco de raiva ao ter que pagar certas contas, tipo quando você tem TV a cabo com trezentos canais, mas só assiste quatro. Quem nunca ligou para a operadora e reclamou: “Mas eu não assisto desenho. Por que no meu plano tem onze canais infantis?”. Eu te digo por quê: do nada você pode ter um filho, assim como eu tive, e num dia em que o pequeno está em fúria você liga a TV e percebe que o choro para. E aí você lembra daqueles onze canais que antes eram inúteis e agora te ajudam a ter tempo para dar uma arrumada na bagunça da casa.

Outras coisas de que sinto raiva de ter que pagar: meu condomínio, que eu acho um roubo, pois o prédio não tem nem uma piscininha para refrescar; o plano extra de internet no celular, porque ele sempre acaba antes; produto de limpeza, que, além de estar caro, ainda te faz lembrar que você precisa fazer faxina; fio dental, que é chato de passar e tem o mesmo efeito que uma linha que saiu da sua roupa e ainda te mandam passar três vezes ao dia (se a gente pegar o que já usamos de fio dental nessa vida, dá para costurar o Brasil na África).

Bom, minha lista é bem absurda e extensa, mas cada um tem a sua, né? O fato é que ser adulto é constatar que o dinheiro é uma parte muito importante da vida, e que a gente só não diz que ele compra felicidade para não pegar mal para a gente…

"Adulta sim, madura nem sempre", de Camila Fremder (Foto: Divulgação)


Curte o conteúdo da Glamour? Ele também está no Globo Mais, o app que é muito mais do que uma banca. Nele você tem acesso a um conteúdo exclusivo em tempo real e às edições das melhores publicações do Brasil. Cadastre-se agora e experimente 30 dias grátis.

          Excem, la socimi de alquiler de habitaciones para estudiantes, amplía su capital en 6 millones de euros      Cache   Translate Page      
Excem Socimi SIR, la socimi de alquiler de habitaciones para estudiantes y jóvenes profesionales, los denominados 'millennials' ha ampliado su capital en 6 millones de euros.
          Home Depot Founder Slams Socialist Millennials: “I’ll put you on my plane and fly you to Venezuela”      Cache   Translate Page      
Mac Slavo | For some reason, many millennials (and even some older adults, like the actor Jim Carrey and politician Bernie Sanders) believe that capitalism is the cause of all of America’s woes, and that socialism is the solution.
          Add a Dash of Professional Development to Your Blended-Learning Program      Cache   Translate Page      
Add a Dash of Professional Development to Your Blended-Learning Program eli.zimmerman_9856 Tue, 10/09/2018 - 09:00

When Cincinnati Public School teachers need extra training to help them better run their blended-learning classrooms, the ­professional development sometimes comes to them — rolling up in the ­district’s Tech Truck, a training center on wheels, outfitted with current and emerging classroom teaching tools and a one-on-one coach for the educators.

Advertising its unique purpose with an eye-catching exterior, the large, boxy Tech Truck travels around the city and makes a stop two or three times a year at each of the district’s 63 schools. 

That gives busy teachers a chance to tweak their skills with a minisession before and after school and during planning periods.

The Tech Truck is just one of many professional development formats that CPS leaders have deployed to provide the ongoing and in-depth PD that teachers need to fully embrace and succeed with the technology they’re expected to incorporate into their pedagogy, says Erin Heinrich, one of the district’s blended-learning coordinators.

Cincinnati Public Schools’ Tech Truck takes professional development to go. Photography by: Jonathan Robert Willis

That technology includes HP and Lenovo laptops, tablets, G Suite for Education, NEC projectors, eBeam, Schoology learning management system, LanSchool classroom management software and Kajeet hotspots (for students to use at home). Teachers also have a range of digital curricula at their disposal.

“A lot of the challenge is helping teachers make the transition from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side, in addition to helping them understand and leverage technology tools in the best possible way,” Heinrich says. “In doing that, we realize there’s no ­one-size-fits-all. So, we try to meet our teachers where they are because, just like our students, not every teacher learns in the same way.”

Blended learning, where students split their time between in-class lessons and online work, has become increasingly popular in K–12 education due to its success. Realizing this, school districts like CPS have invested in training for teachers to get with the program. 

MORE FROM EDTECH: Read about the five key areas of professional development for K–12 teachers!

Take a Multifaceted Approach to Professional Development

CPS teachers can participate in traditional group-based workshops, ­one-on-one coaching, live webinars and self-paced online courses for their PD. 

In addition, at the end of the school year, the district puts on a two-day Innovative Practices Conference to give teachers new ideas on how to integrate technology into their pedagogy.

And within each school, technology coordinators and “rock star” teachers with blended-learning experience are available as mentors for other teachers.

This multipronged PD approach is working, says CPS CIO Sarah Trimble-Oliver: “We now have enough sustainability in the schools and enough teachers in every building with the know-how and experience to help other teachers. But we’re still on the journey to making the transition. Helping our teachers using a blended-learning approach is an ongoing effort.”

Teachers Need Exposure to Technology to Learn the Ropes

Most schools recognize they need PD to support teachers as they work to incorporate technology into the classroom, but schools too often use a strategy that lacks diversity and is one-stop in nature, says Amy Valentine, executive director of the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning.

“Teachers need to have exposure at least 20 times — at least 20 touchpoints of how to integrate this new approach into their ­classroom,” she says. “It takes very strong training to give teachers the tools and support they need to feel empowered and to empower their students. Without it, it’s just too easy to default to the traditional educational approach, which relies mostly on books and worksheets and using technology from a superficial perspective.”

Officials at Highline Public Schools in Burien, Wash., agree that more is better when training teachers. 

The district, which has 20,000 students and 900 teachers, put PD front and center as it gradually incorporates blended-learning ­programs across its 32 schools.

Highline’s Superintendent Susan Enfield says the school district realized early on that, despite the myths, PD begins with the recognition that teachers have varying comfort levels with blended-teaching practices. Even millennials who grew up with technology, she says, may struggle with the ­paradigm shift.

Photography by: Jonathan Robert Willis

“It’s important to acknowledge that challenge up front so the discomfort our teachers may feel is allayed a bit because we’re saying, ‘Look, we get it. This is new, it’s different, it’s big,’ ” says Enfield. “Part of our strategy was, how do we provide multiple entry points for teachers who are at different places on that comfort continuum?”

To ensure that their PD strategy met varying needs across the district, each school is asked to identify a teacher leader to take part in the districtwide Personalized Learning Cohort, which also includes participants from the district’s departments of technology, curriculum and instruction and career technical education, as well as the personalized-­learning team.

“Our vision is that those teachers go back to their school leadership and see where they need to home in on specific areas of work that are relevant to each school’s goals. Our team then supports cohort members to help lead the work at their sites,” says Rebekah Kim, Highline’s executive director of teaching, learning and leadership.

To measure progress and ensure that training options are effective, the district seeks feedback from cohort participants and leaders to ensure ­content and learning is relevant and aligned to the work taking place in schools. “We want to know what they got out of it, what worked and what didn’t,” Kim says.

VIDEO: See where K–12 schools should invest to start a successful blended learning program!

Teacher-Led Professional Development Programs Are Effective

Enfield and Kim say that tapping into and supporting teacher leadership is the single most important step for ensuring a successful — and lasting — transition to blended learning. 

“If teachers are part of leading the initiative, their colleagues are going to respond very differently than if it’s a central office person or an outside partner,” Enfield says.

Let Teachers Set the Pace for Their Own Development

This concept is so important that Argosy Collegiate Charter School in Fall River, Mass., made it a point to give teachers a strong say in how and at what pace blended learning was implemented in their classrooms. 

“In the first year, it was really up to the teachers to figure out what it looked like for them,” says Joshua Miranda, blended and online learning coordinator and a history teacher at ACCS. 

Teachers are also playing a more predominant role in ACCS training ­sessions. The school initially brought in a Google instructor to help teachers understand how to effectively use Google classroom and sharpen their ­understanding of ­blended-learning concepts.

After that, Miranda and other teachers took over the training. “If it’s a teacher doing the training and saying, ‘This is really cool,’ then other teachers are more apt to listen,” Miranda says. 

The teacher-centric training approach worked for Argosy Collegiate. By the end of the first year, 100 percent of teachers were effectively using technology in various ways within their classrooms, says Miranda.

“Now our professional development efforts will be focused on how to make blended learning that much better and that much more effective,” he says.

Heather B. Hayes has been covering technology, business and education topics for more than 20 years and has written more than 2,000 published articles. She lives in Virginia.

          #herbs - sundaytableco      Cache   Translate Page      
for some reason this little set of three is super calming to me 💆‍♀️ makes me want to diffuse some of my oils that have been untouched for months. . . 🌿🤷‍♀️ #badmillennial . . . #sundaytableco #richmondva #rva #handdrawnart #etsyfinds #etsyshop #customprints #papergoods #madeinrva #handmade #liveslow #humpday #makersmovement #keepitsimple #handlettered #illustrations #herbs #smallbiz #itsthelittlethings
          Mortgage rates jump past 5%, signaling more home price cuts ahead      Cache   Translate Page      
Mortgage rates moved to the highest level in 8 years, and confidence in housing is now slipping. This as millennials are smack in the middle of their prime home buying years. Rates are expected to move even higher headed into next year. ...(read more)

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          2 big things young people would sacrifice to buy a home—and 1 they can't live without      Cache   Translate Page      
Millennials and those in Generation Z have strong feelings about what they would and wouldn't give up to own their own place....(read more)

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          Mortgage rates top 5 percent, signaling more home price cuts      Cache   Translate Page      
Mortgage rates moved to the highest level in 8 years, and confidence in housing is now slipping. This comes as millennials are smack in the middle of their prime home buying years. Rates are expected to move even higher headed into next year. That could, however, throw cold water on today's very hot home prices.
          Nearly 40% of Millennials Believe Retirement Saving Can Wait      Cache   Translate Page      
Even among young adults who are making smart financial choices, a majority value nearer-term goals over retirement planning.
          The Left’s Icarus SyndromeThe American Spectator      Cache   Translate Page      
The Left’s Icarus SyndromeThe American Spectator: Going into the 2016 presidential election, the Left had all of the advantages working in their favor. They had a majority of the young people behind them; the Left controlled the Pop Culture; they controlled the media; most corporations kowtowedto the Left; they held positions of power within the government; and the Left controlled academia. In fact, for three generations, Cultural Marxism has been force fed to our children in major films, in the schools, and in every facet of life (which explains why so many of my fellow Millennials support socialism). It wasn’t only Millennials who were more sympathetic to the Left than the Right. More troublingly, many Baby Boomers were nominally center-Left.
          Dua Lipa Proves Gen Z Yellow and Millennial Pink Aren’t Mutually Exclusive      Cache   Translate Page      
Meet your favorite new color combo.
          Economics of Sustainable Energy      Cache   Translate Page      


Every year, as soon as reports on global economic inequality remind us about the direction our civilization is heading, there is a hysterical reaction, but hysteria dies down within weeks and we go back to the lifestyle that brought us here today. Often the blame is laid on the Millennial generation for their “apathy,” “lust for comfort,” and “bratty” attitude. Yet, business insider surveys indicate it’s the same Millennial generation that overwhelmingly


          Petrol Pump Politics.      Cache   Translate Page      
Unaffordable?  Labour supporters should brace themselves for a National Party-driven social media campaign built around the slogan: “At $2.40 a litre, we can’t afford Jacinda.” Re-cycled though this catch-phrase may be, for Kiwis on low incomes paying far too much for gas it’s likely to have a catchy ring to it. (And anyone on the Labour team thinking about telling these folk to “go electric” should, perhaps, recall the effect on the breadless masses of the thoughtless suggestion that they should consider eating cake!)

“AT A DOLLAR a gallon we can’t afford Rowling.” Given his latest media release (8/10/18)  “Government Pricing Kiwis Out Of Their Cars”, someone’s obviously been schooling up young Simon Bridges on the way Rob Muldoon smashed Labour in 1975.

[Bill Rowling, for all you millennials out there, was the Labour Prime Minister of New Zealand from September 1974 until December 1975, and a gallon (4.5 litres) was the unit of measure at the petrol pump. So, yes, you’re right, the motorists of 1975 paid roughly a tenth of what we pay today to fill up our tanks! – C.T.]

But even back when petrol was only a dollar a gallon, Kiwi motorists were hurting. Ever since the Yom Kippur War of October 1973, during which Egypt and Syria came within an ace of destroying the State of Israel, the price of oil had soared. Saudi Arabia and the other Arab oil-exporters had imposed an embargo on the USA and its allies for resupplying the Israelis with arms and ammunition. The resulting price-hikes delivered a stunning blow to the Western economy. The so-called “Oil Shocks” of 1973-79 marked the end of the Great Post-War Boom. Almost overnight, New Zealanders – along with just about everyone else in the Western World – lost confidence in the future. Even worse, they began casting about for someone to blame.

Hence, the National Party’s propaganda blaming soaring oil prices on Bill Rowling. Of course, anybody who had been following current affairs over the previous two years knew perfectly well that National was peddling what today we would call “fake news”. But, those weren’t the people Muldoon was after. The voters he was seeking to enlist alongside National’s habitual supporters were the disoriented, frustrated and just flat-out angry working-class Kiwis who were struggling to work out what had all-of-a-sudden gone wrong with their world.

Like the former Democratic Party supporters backing Trump in 2016, these bewildered Labour voters found it increasingly difficult to identify with “their” party. Labour was supposed to stand for “the working man” and his values, but now, following the tragic death of that quintessential working-class battler, “Big Norm” Kirk in August 1974, the party was led by a training-college lecturer. What’s more, he and his colleagues were advancing policies which seemed to have more in common with the demands of the long-haired hippies and protesters in the streets than they did with the “ordinary Kiwi joker” and his concerns. Not the least of these being the soaring price of petrol.

Muldoon and his campaign advisers were only too aware of the culture war that was brewing in the Labour Party and they couldn’t wait to exploit it.

Over the course of the 1960s and 70s, Labour’s membership had dwindled. The party branches were peopled predominantly by people who may have been young and radical in the 1930s and 40s but who were now very settled in their ways – and views – which tended towards the socially conservative. Many Labour stalwarts were Roman Catholics, Baptists and Salvation Army members. They bitterly resented the small but active groups of liberals and radicals who had begun drifting into Labour from 1969 onwards. They were seen as middle-class carpet-baggers without the slightest idea of what it meant to be a working-class Kiwi.

These were the people for whom National’s election slogan, “New Zealand the way YOU want it”, was created. The people who had begun to feel neglected, misunderstood and even a little bit despised by the people at the top of the Labour Party – and their intellectual friends. Some of the more prominent of these had banded together in the group called “Citizens for Rowling”. In the ears of a great many Kiwis, that sounded a lot more like “Citizens Against Muldoon”.

It was a huge strategic error on the part of Labour’s hifalutin supporters. Instead of turning people against the pugnacious National leader, it drew them towards him. Just as liberal America’s hatred of Trump only served to entrench his support among aggrieved Americans without college degrees or six-figure salaries, Labour’s near-obsession with Rob Muldoon proved to be one of the key factors in the growth of “Rob’s Mob”. This was the peculiar assemblage of “ordinary blokes and blokesses” for whom Muldoon felt more like a Labour leader than the thoroughly decent but doggedly uninspiring Rowling.

Forty years on, Labour supporters should brace themselves for a National Party-driven social media campaign built around the slogan: “At $2.40 a litre, we can’t afford Jacinda.” Second-hand though it may be, it’s bound to acquire some measure of political purchase. How could it not when, for Kiwis on low incomes, $2.40 a litre for gas is just one more burden for them to bear. (And anyone on the Labour team thinking about telling these folk to “go electric” should, perhaps, recall the effect on the breadless masses of the thoughtless suggestion that they should consider eating cake!)

National’s big problem is that Simon Bridges is not Rob Muldoon. Bridges simply does not possess Muldoon’s ability to inspire both confidence and hope, fear and dread. Nor is Jacinda Ardern even remotely like Bill Rowling. The latter always came across as the person for whom the saying “nice guys finish last” was invented. And although stardust was intermittently available to politicians back in 1975, the historical record makes it very clear that nobody ever got so much as a speck of it to Bill.

About the only thing Bridges has got going for him is that, unlike the 1973-79 oil shocks, the steady rise in the price of petrol over the period 2018-2021 cannot be sheeted home to greedy Arab oil magnates. This time, a large measure of it is Labour’s own work.

This essay was originally posted on The Daily Blogof Tuesday, 9 October 2018.

          Recent Links of Interest to Tax Resisters · TPL      Cache   Translate Page      

Today I’ll share some links about tax policy and tax resistance in the United States that have caught my attention recently.

First, though: I’ve started a Wikipedia page on Tax resistance in the United States that covers how theories about tax resistance have shaped (and been shaped in) the U.S., and how tax resistance in practice has played out in the country. Wikipedia is an open, collaborative project that anyone can help to edit, so I encourage you to learn what it’s all about and how to help make it better.

Now on to the links:

Tax Evasion

  • The New York Times got its hands on a trove of financial documents concerning the real estate empire of Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump’s father, and published a well-done exposé on what they found. From the point of view of today’s political squabbles and tomorrow’s history lessons, the takeaway is that Donald Trump’s brand, in which he is represented as a self-made business prodigy, is a laughable con job. From our vantage, however, what’s interesting is the extent to which the Trump family used legal, effectively-legal, and illegal methods to evade taxes. They paid a fraction of what they owed, again and again. This may help bolster the widespread feeling that rich people commonly get away with tax evasion, sticking it to the little guy. This in turn erodes “tax morale” which causes voluntary tax compliance to fall.
  • Another bit of journalism hammering on this theme (though more free-wheeling and not as methodically precise) comes from GQ: “How Puerto Rico Became the Newest Tax Haven for the Super Rich”. Apparently if you can convince the IRS that you’ve become a permanent resident of the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico, you’ll find yourself in “the only place on U.S. soil where personal income from capital gains, interest, and dividends are untaxed.”

General Government Failure

IRS Follies


  • Republicans are prone to complain about the percentage of U.S. households who are so poor they don’t have to pay income tax (remember Mitt Romney’s revealing “47%” comments way back when? Or the Wall Street Journal’s “lucky duckies” editorials?). But that didn’t stop them from crafting their major tax legislation (the recent “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”) in such a way that it will increase the percentage of American households who pay no federal income tax. The Tax Policy Center estimates that fully 44% of American households will pay no federal income taxes at all (2% more than ). About 25% will pay no payroll tax either, or their payroll tax will be offset by a refundable income tax credit.
  • “Millennials” (says the New York Times) are joining together to swap techniques for quitting the rat race and retiring early, in something called “the FIRE movement.” They begin to live more frugally, squirrel things away, take greater care of their investment decisions, and eye an early modest retirement or semi-retirement. Most of the examples in the article are of pretty well-off people who really just needed to stop living at or above the lifestyle they could afford. But it’s people like them who pay the taxes, and by stepping off the treadmill, they stop doing so or at least stop doing so much. So if you know anyone in that category, send them a link.
  • About ten years ago the number of Americans renouncing their U.S. citizenship began to shoot up, from what had been a normal range of two to eight hundred people a year to a high of 5,409 people in . But things seem to have leveled off since then. Why? Your guess is as good as mine, maybe better.

          U.S. student detained for alleged boycott support      Cache   Translate Page      
JERUSALEM – In a groundbreaking case, Israel has detained an American graduate student at its international airport for the past week, accusing her of supporting a Palestinian-led boycott campaign against the Jewish state.

The case highlights Israel’s concerns about the boycott movement and the great efforts it has made to stop it. The grass-roots campaign has made significant inroads in recent years, particularly among university students and millennials.

Lara Alqasem, a 22-year-old U.S. citizen with Palestinian grandparents, landed at Ben-Gurion Airport last Tuesday with a valid student visa. But she was barred from entering the country and ordered deported, based on suspicions she is a boycott supporter.

An Israeli court has ordered that she remain in custody while she appeals. The weeklong detention is the longest anyone has been held in a boycott-related case, and it was not immediately clear on Tuesday when a final decision would be made.

In the meantime, she has been spending her days in a closed area with little access to a telephone, no internet and a bed that was infested with bedbugs, according to people who have spoken to her.

Alqasem, from the Fort Lauderdale suburb of Southwest Ranches, Florida, is a former president of the University of Florida chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine. The group is a branch of the BDS movement, whose name comes from its calls for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

BDS supporters say that in urging businesses, artists and universities to sever ties with Israel, they are using nonviolent means to resist unjust policies toward Palestinians. Israel says the movement masks its motives to delegitimize or destroy the Jewish state.

“Lara served as president of a chapter of one of the most extreme and hate-filled anti-Israel BDS groups in the U.S.,” said Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan, who spearheads the Israeli government’s efforts against the boycott. “Israel will not allow entry to those who work to harm the country, whatever their excuse.”

The ministry said that during Alqasem’s involvement with Students for Justice in Palestine, the club advocated a boycott against Sabra hummus, an Israeli-owned brand of chickpea dip.

On Tuesday, Erdan floated a possible compromise, saying in a radio interview that he would rethink his decision to expel her if she apologizes and renounces her support for BDS.

“If Lara Alqasem will tomorrow in her own voice, not through all kinds of lawyers or statements that can be misconstrued, say that support for BDS is not legitimate and she regrets what she did, we will certainly reconsider our position,” he said.

Israel enacted a law last year banning any foreigner who “knowingly issues a public call for boycotting Israel” from entering the country. It also has identified 20 activist groups from around the world whose members can be denied entry upon arrival. It so far has blocked 15 people from entering, according to Erdan’s ministry.

The ministry uses a variety of sources to identify BDS activists, including tips from informants and social media posts. The ministry says its suspicions were deepened after learning that Alqasem recently deleted all of her social media accounts.

In her appeal, Alqasem has argued that she never actively participated in boycott campaigns, and promised the court that she would not promote them in the future.

“We’re talking about someone who simply wants to study in Israel, who is not boycotting anything,” said her lawyer, Yotam Ben-Hillel. “She’s not even part of the student organization anymore.”

Alqasem is registered to study human rights at Israel’s Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The university has thrown its support behind her, announcing on Monday it would join Alqasem’s appeal.

She also received a boost from her former Hebrew professor at the University of Florida, who described her as an exceptional and curious student. In a letter to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Dror Abend-David said she had an “open and positive attitude toward Judaism, Jews, and the State of Israel.”

In an interview from Florida, her mother, Karen Alqasem, affirmed her daughter’s tolerance and intellectual drive.

“Studying and getting to know the country was Lara’s dream for as long as I can remember,” she told The Associated Press. “She may have been critical of some of Israel’s policies in the past but she respects Israeli society and culture. To her, this isn’t a contradiction.”

Her lawyer and a group of opposition lawmakers have visited Alqasem and say she is in safe, but subpar, conditions.

In a conversation with her daughter last Friday, Alqasem said Lara complained of a bedbug infestation in her cell. With her phone confiscated and communication mostly restricted to calls with her lawyer, Lara has felt “completely cut off from the world,” she said.

The United States Embassy has visited Alqasem in detention to ensure that she has food and water. While the embassy is following Alqasem’s case, it cannot legally advocate on her behalf, spokeswoman Valerie O’Brien said.

Mossi Raz, an opposition lawmaker who visited her, said she told him that without books or any forms of entertainment, she spends her time talking with other women being held in the same cell for various visa-related issues.

In addition to the anti-BDS campaign, Israel has detained or interrogated a number of vocal Jewish critics, both Israeli and foreign, about their political views while entering the country in recent months. These tactics, along with legislation curbing the influence of anti-occupation advocacy groups, have raised concerns that the nationalist government is trying to stifle dissent.

The Strategic Affairs Ministry said it deals only with BDS cases. The Shin Bet, which oversees security procedures at border crossings, says it stops people only over security matters, not their political views.

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Every year, as soon as reports on global economic inequality remind us about the direction our civilization is heading, there is a hysterical reaction, but hysteria dies down within weeks and we go back to the lifestyle that brought us here today. Often the blame is laid on the Millennial generation for their “apathy,” “lust for comfort,” and “bratty” attitude. Yet, business insider surveys indicate it’s the same Millennial generation that overwhelmingly


          Millennials Are In UNPAYABLE Levels of Debt! Student Loans + Credit Cards = Crisis!      Cache   Translate Page      
          Under-25s turning their backs on alcohol, study suggests - BBC News      Cache   Translate Page      

BBC News

Under-25s turning their backs on alcohol, study suggests
BBC News
Young people are turning their backs on alcohol, a new study has suggested. Researchers looked at official health data from the last decade and found almost a third of 16 to 24-year-olds in 2015 said they didn't drink, compared with around one in five ...
Doubling in the number of teetotal
Shunning alcohol becomes 'mainstream' among young people as a third are now teetotal, new study findsThe Independent

all 56 news articles »

          Successfully managing a multi-generational workforce      Cache   Translate Page      
Baby boomers want respect, Generation X wants to be left alone, millennials want to be included.
          4 Tips On Online Reputation Management For Real Estate Agents      Cache   Translate Page      

Online reputation management for real estate agents is more important than ever. One of the major deciding factors for millennials – who are reaching the age when they’re thinking of buying a home – are online reviews at 61 percent as they tend to look online as their primary source of information on real estate…

The post 4 Tips On Online Reputation Management For Real Estate Agents appeared first on ReviewTrackers.

          "Guayaquil, el musical", a la medida de un público millennial      Cache   Translate Page      
A Daniela Cevallos la idea de un Julio Jaramillo para un público millennial nunca le sonó descabellada. Por ello, junto con Manuel Valdivieso (director ejecutivo de la obra) creó a Juan Amores, el personaje central de Guayaquil, el musical, una obra que a más de conectar a las generaciones actuales con la música tradicional guayaquileña, muestra las diversas formas de lidiar con la muerte.
          QUIZ: Guess These Viral Dances And We’ll Tell You If You’re Young & Lit — Or Old & Out Of Touch      Cache   Translate Page      
As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it’s pretty normal that people start to contemplate the year ahead of them, and the one they’re leaving behind.   For millennials especially, this time of year always sparks the nostalgia of getting ready to head back to school when you were younger or preparing your Halloween costume to […]
          Training for Millennials and Beyond      Cache   Translate Page      
Training Millennials makes for a great, high-energy session. But it should not be a training event—it needs to be an experience for them.

Every generation is different. They each grow up experiencing different cultural shifts and advances in technology that affect everything from the way they live to the way they learn.

Over the last couple of years, training has been focused on how to engage Millennials as the up-and-coming generation—and the one that began the shakeup in traditional training methodology. The trend is going to continue beyond Millennials with future generations and it is important that we, as training professionals, continue to adapt and nurture them in their learning.

Training Millennials makes for a great, high-energy session. We must realize a couple of things that make this event very different than a normal training event. In fact, it should not be a training event at all—it needs to be an experience for them.

Preparing for the Experience

So how do you create that experience? Here are some things I’ve found to be invaluable when preparing to train:

1. Create visuals: Visual aids are a must. But don’t set it up so all you’re doing is reading the exact same thing that is written on the PowerPoint slide. PowerPoint slides are still great visual aids, but that’s what they are—aids. You should share examples or real-world stories that complement the slides, as well, and remember: The PowerPoint should never take the place of the presenter.

If you can include video clips, you will now be talking Millennials’ language. Any video clips you use should not be longer than two minutes, or you risk having their attention drift away.

2. Stay current and relevant: Keep the information you are presenting in bite-sized bits and be prepared to be interrupted with questions. Millennials are used to technology (more on that in a moment) and could use their mobile device to verify your opinions and answers. Ensure you have the correct information in order to retain your credibility with them since they could be fact checking you.

Sometimes, if we are not part of the generation we are training, we tend to use their words or slang in an effort to fit in and build rapport. But this can have the opposite effect, and you could look out of place or make a comment that comes across as politically incorrect. Make sure to review your presentation and notes to remove any dated references. Speaking of being dated…

As the presenter, you must be up to date with the information you are going to deliver and speak to. Make sure you let participants know where your data came from and share links to different articles. Millennials are curious and will challenge you to verify your data.

3. Include technology: Incorporate technology into your training and allow participants to use it. Make them research the answers and share them with their peers. They like collaboration and group research, as well. Asking Millennials to share information they have researched is a great training tool, and it gives you the chance to offer positive feedback.

4. Set expectations: Once you’re in front of everyone, you should explain why everyone is together and, specifically, how this event will benefit them (this is the “me” generation). If they understand this point, the event will go smoother. So cover the goals and the whys and hows from the beginning.

5. Be flexible: According to some studies, the human attention span is at its lowest point ever. Easy to believe with the ease of finding information and how quickly we can jump from Website to video to e-mail and so on. So keep in mind that your participants will tend to get bored if the same subject is covered for more than a few minutes.

Sometimes agendas are difficult to follow because their participation and questions will take you down different roads. This is fine; the order is not always as important as the content you want to cover.

6. Encourage participation: Millennials like and use e-learning. It works on their time and at their speed and can be stopped and continued at their leisure. However, you’re live and in person. Remember to take breaks, change subjects, and check for understanding so you can give them positive feedback. Add role-play, have face-to-face interactions, include activities that utilize their electronic devices, and appeal to them by leveraging nonverbal communications.

If your training event includes participants from many different generations, challenge the Millennials to assist those who might not feel as comfortable with technology.

Answer whatever question is presented to you on the spot. The old “parking lot” system is no longer the best way to handle questions that are posed and can’t initially be answered. You must keep up with the questions and keep the attendees engaged.

Make It Fun!

In closing, check often for understanding among the participants and allow them to be themselves. One thing I really enjoy in working with Millennials is that things are not black and white for them. They are all presented with the same information, and each person could interpret it in a different way. Finding mutual ground to collaborate makes the challenge positive, and they will give you feedback that just might surprise you.

As a Signature Worldwide Training account manager, Rafael Perez Otero energizes clients who may also have language barriers that lead to service gaps in training. He is certified to deliver Signature programming in both English and Spanish, which allows participants to be fully engaged and exposed to how impactful the training can be for their properties and roles. Otero’s background includes a diverse company and property level array with a range of properties throughout the United States. He has provided Signature training services for 12 years, and his his ability to relate to the new and ongoing demands that Signature’s clientele encounter daily provides an opportunity for him to coach and personally expand upon these during interactive training sessions.



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Elections have consequences and Kavanaugh is the worst of them

The post Dear millennials: Please vote appeared first on Washington Blade: Gay News, Politics, LGBT Rights.

          Planet Ant Announce November Double Feature      Cache   Translate Page      

Planet Ant Theatre continues their high-speed 25th season with a fourth installment of the new Black Box Double Feature Series. The November block features two all-original one-acts, showcasing the riotous combined forces of Detroit comedy legends and up-and-coming local talent:

Second City Detroit alum and Planet Ant institution Quintin Hicks brings the fourth chapter of his Wilde-Award winning one-man show, "Fish Dinner" back to the Planet Ant black box theater. Stretching the limits of character performance and improv to introduce you to a world of unique and unforgettable characters, "Fish Dinner 4: Thanksgiving Feast," is side-splittingly hysterical with pockets of poignant tragedy. Expect to see some familiar faces and a few new ones! Written and performed by Hicks, "Fish Dinner 4" is directed by Dave Davies and stage managed by Tommy LeRoy, with musical direction by Mikey Brown.

"For anyone who has not seen or does not know him, Quintin Hicks is one of the essential Detroit legends of character and comedy work," said Planet Ant Executive Director, Darren Shelton. "This is an incredible opportunity to see a one-of-a-kind performer in action. Quintin is one of the best in the world at inhabiting a wide variety of characters, and using the characters he builds to somehow string together a heartwarming narrative in a world where characters play off of and into each other loosely enough to tell the story that needs to be told."

"I can't wait for you to meet some of these new characters stuck my head," said Hicks.

Opening the Double Feature, Planet Ant Colony Fest winners (improv troupe, Dinner at Eight) present an original one-act comedy, "The Quickening." The story follows an underemployed, millennial lifeguard who's been stuck living in his Dad's basement since graduating college. Written by Nick Boulahanis, Adam Bacigal, and Mike McGettigan; directed by Mike McGettigan; starring Boulahanis and Bacigal; introducing Alex Raskov; stage managed by Joey Morse.

"The show is like a reverse Invasion of the Body Snatchers," said writer and actor Nick Boulahanis. "It's a play about a guy who wants to break into a hive mind that really doesn't want him there."

Max (Boulahanis), encouraged by his best friend (Bacigal), begrudgingly trades in his ideals for his very first corporate job at Quicken Loans. He quickly discovers that Quicken is home to an unsettling array of supernaturally identical coworkers. Max, attempts to not get fired, show his Dad (Raskovich) that he can hold down a "real" job, repair his friendship with his best friend, and retain his sanity.

"I think It's a fun, original idea; I've never gotten the opportunity to write and star in a play before," said writer and actor Adam Bacigal. "I love getting to play a variety of characters that all look like me. I actually work at Quicken - if anyone there is reading this, please don't fire me."

"I love working with Nick and Adam, they're smart and hilarious" said the show's director and Planet Ant Training Center Director / Home Team member, Mike McGettigan. "It's an exhilarating challenge to help give a voice to their original ideas. There's an amazing amount of talent in this town and that never ceases to impress me."

Both shows run back-to-back as part of the Planet Ant Double Feature Series. The show begins at 8pm with "The Quickening," followed by a short intermission and then "Fish Dinner" closes the show.

"The Quickening" and "Fish Dinner 4: Thanksgiving Feast" runs November 9-24 in the Plant Ant Black Box Theater. Performances are Friday and Saturday at 8pm, with one Sunday performance on November 18 at 6pm. Tickets are $20 with half-off performances on opening night and Sunday. Advance tickets are available at

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How the baby boomers — not millennials — screwed America
Death by selfie: why are so many people dying so needlessly?
Tsukiji: Japan's famed fish market to relocateToday marked the last day of operation for Tsukiji Fish Market in its traditional location. Tsukiji, which has been in operation for 83 years, thus making it the oldest commercial fish market in the world, will be relocated due to redevelopment projects for the 2020 Olympics. It’ll move to a more modern facility about 2km away. This heavily debated, contested, and controversial move has angered and upset many of the fishmongers and locals, who feared contamination of the fish due to the new location, which previously was a chemical plant.
This Chevy Van Is Listed on AirBnB as a New York City "Apartment"

          DeFrates column: Working remotely has challenges across generations      Cache   Translate Page      
Today's topic on the Ante-Millennial is remote work. It is just one of the many aspects of workplace expectations that fuels contention between generations. I could dive down the rabbit hole of office tensions and address everything from dress codes and decorum to coffee breaks, […]
           Comment on ANALYSIS: The beastly debollocking of a once bold Britain by Peter C       Cache   Translate Page      
I totally agree with all of that. <i>"We have lost our way when it comes to the love of independent freedom."</i> I think this is a natural consequence of affluence and do not make a mistake here, we are all far more affluent than we were pre WW2 and the 1950s, even the poor. The ordinary working man and family then lived pretty much hand to mouth. There was virtually no disposable income, you had enough for just about enough food, rent, clothes and heating providing you were careful and not wasteful, although another 5 shillings a week would have been a God send for almost everyone. Many people also supplemented their bought food even in cities with vegetable gardens/allotments, rabbits and/or chickens, even kids from ten or so were often entrepreneurial in their own little ways. We did our own decorating, repairs and maintenance whether it was in the house, in the garden or on the car or bike and taught the kids how to do it as well. Most males above the age of 14 could cope with basic carpentry and likely engineering, knew how to mix cement and concrete, run an electric cable or water pipe, replace a broken window, use common tools and so on. And we could use a needle and thread if needed. Just as the ladies could all knit and at the least, take in, repair or patch worn clothes, bed sheets etc. If something broke you either fixed it, got a mate to fix it or went without until you could afford to replace it. Even today when an appliance breaks down my first thought is to repair it, before I inevitably discover that the necessary part is unique and unobtainable or a ridiculous sum like £79.99 and a replacement appliance scarcely more expensive. Contrast that ability to cope with the millennials of today. Modern affluence has made our lives far easier and ushered us into the throw away economy and left us impotent without money. Our descendants have also been brainwashed to expect the necessities to be available to everyone on demand, many of which are luxuries you were lucky to get even a chance of having for my generation. Educationally they have also been deprived, they learn to recite not understand, to blindly accept what they are told not how to think critically and come to their own conclusion. Adopting the Social Democratic way with its extensive government provision and heavy regulation has also done much to emasculate us. It is now not even legal to do much of what a typical 1950s individual would do as a matter of course. As a nation we have lost the ability to be self-reliant and given up the right to self-determination and with them our appreciation of independence and freedom. I honestly believe that if a 'back to the stone age' event was to happen, in the 1950s probably 85% of town dwellers and 95% of country dwellers would have coped and survived. Today, I doubt 15% of town dwellers and less than 50% of country dwellers would.
          Comment on RedTube Generations – Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers by minecraft free download 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i am really pleassant to read everthing at one place.
          PAID SHORT FILM      Cache   Translate Page      
SHORT FILM CASTING CALL The short film is about two strangers both experiencing personal crises flirting with the idea of cheating after meeting at a corporate conference. The short film is one long dialogue scene to be shot in Seattle at night. This would be a one day shoot to happen in the next few weeks. Theater actors are highly encouraged to submit. CASTING ROLES OF: GEORGE - An African-American millennial who works as a corporate trainer/motivational speaker who struggles personally with depression and self-esteem. Weeks of traveling have put a strain on his relationship at home. This is his first time in Seattle. SAM - A millennial bisexual woman who's married to a woman who changed careers from being a nurse to working in big tech. Her wife's career is taking off and a few weeks ago her house was broken into which adds to her current stress. Pay is $150/Day. Please submit headshot, resume, and reel for consideration.
          10/10/2018: FRONT PAGE: Survey: Millennials choose ‘single, not sorry’      Cache   Translate Page      

Millennials are “single, not sorry,” and they’re making the choice to live life solo intentionally, according to a new survey from the dating app Tinder. In a survey of more than 1,000 single people ages 18-25, Tinder found 72 percent of the surveyed...
          220: Building Community as the Foundation for a Successful Content Business, With Carly Zakin & Danielle Weisberg of theSkimm      Cache   Translate Page      

Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg started their business as good friends on a couch, with nothing but their laptops and a healthy dose of hustle. Today, their millennial women-focused media company theSkimm serves seven million daily subscribers, employs 70 people, and boasts more than 30,000 enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

The company also just closed a round of Series C funding led by GV (formerly Google Ventures) and a group of mainly female investors—including the likes of Shonda Rhimes, Tyra Banks, and Spanx founder Sara Blakely.

Weisberg and Zakin have maintained a close friendship and strong collaboration throughout their six years in business. This dynamic forms the backbone of their company and sets the tone for daily operations, which is largely focused on supporting and empowering women.

In this interview, learn about the early days of theSkimm, the power of community and connection, and how the brand monetizes its content to build a sustainable media business.

The company publishes news that fits into the daily routines of its members, continually nodding to its mission statement of making it easier for people to live smarter, more connected lives. But if you ask us, these powerful founders are the smart ones, effectively proving the mantra, “We are all stronger when we work together.”

Key Takeaways

  • How and why they waited two and a half years to monetize their community of loyal followers
  • How they monetize their content with multiple income streams to build a sustainable, well-rounded business
  • Details of the Skimm’bassadors program and why it has grown so rapidly
  • Zakin and Weisberg’s top tips for growing a content-based business

          Iberostar Las Letras Gran Vía: todos quieren bodas urbanas      Cache   Translate Page      
Llegan las bodas urbanas de la generación millennial. Tenemos una terraza increíble con vistas a la Gran Vía madrileña.
          Visit Orlando Updates: October 5      Cache   Translate Page      
Aguel Earns Recognition From BizBash Magazine

Congratulations to Visit Orlando President & CEO George Aguel for being named among the "Top 500 People in Events" by BizBash magazine. "Representing corporate events, associations, trade shows, social events, and more, these people represent the best of the meeting and event industry across North America," according to BizBash.

Visit Orlando Board Members Helping New Mayor's Transition

Visit Orlando board members Harold Mills, vice chairman of Zero Chaos, Tim Giuliani, president of Orlando Economic Partnership, and Jay Leonard, general manager of Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort, will serve as advisers to Orange County Mayor-Elect Jerry Demings during his transition into office. The 37-member transition team consists of leaders in government, business, education and nonprofits.

UK's Top Travel Pros Visit VIP Super Fam

Visit Orlando, along with its partners, welcomed 50 of the UK's top-selling travel professionals to the 2018 Visit Orlando VIP Super Fam Sept. 24-Oct. 1. The group connected with 14 member companies at the Visit Orlando Marketplace, learning about the destination's hotels, attractions and shopping. The delegates returned to the UK equipped with the best knowledge and experience to sell Orlando to our No.1. international source market.

Promoting Orlando at Tradeshows in Brazil

In September, Visit Orlando participated in a pair of three-day consumer tradeshows in our key market of Brazil. More than 77,000 consumers and travel professionals attended the Flytour MMT Consumer & Trade show in the cities of Santos and Campinas. The event in Campinas saw an 11 percent yearly increase in attendance and a boost in product sales.

Orlando's Halloween Offerings on WKMG

Visit Orlando's senior director of public relations, Denise Spiegel, recently appeared on WKMG Channel 6 to promote Orlando's many Halloween offerings. The segment covered theme park events such as SeaWorld's Spooktacular, Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, as well as events beyond the parks, including the Crayola Experience and the horror-themed convention Spooky Empire.

Canadian Influencer Loves Orlando's Romantic Side

Visit Orlando targeted top-tier lifestyle and travel influencer @ThatsoTee (195,000 followers) to showcase Orlando as an ideal destination for couples. Tee experienced the theme parks, unique dining and Insta-worthy attractions, sharing more than a dozen posts and stories on social media. The coverage resulted from a destination orientation led by Visit Orlando's public relations team to target Canadian millennials ahead of a key booking period.

Brazilian Celebrities Experience Orlando

Visit Orlando partnered with Brazil's CARAS Magazine to bring 11 celebrities from Globo TV, the XFactor and the Voice Brasil to Orlando in September to promote the destination's diverse attractions, activities and dining. Their experiences will be showcased on CARAS's TV show, magazine, blog, website and social media, in addition to each celebrity's social media platforms.

26K Return for Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite - Microsoft's largest event for developers and IT professionals - recently wrapped up a sold-out conference at the Orange County Convention Center. More than 26,000 people were in attendance, generating $51 million in economic impact for our destination. The event, which first came to Orlando last year, will return again in November 2019.

          Bolsa pendurada no pescoço é a nova mania do street style. Será que pega?      Cache   Translate Page      
Bolsa no pescoço (Foto: Imaxtree)


A bolsa virou colar (e não, nós não estamos brincando)! Depois da febre de carregar duas ao mesmo tempo, andar com o acessório cruzado no ombro, pendurado no pulso ou a tira colo, a moda agora é passear por aí com a ir-bag pendurada no pescoço. Dica de amiga: quem aderir deve dar uma editada nas coisas que carrega, viu?

+ Você conhece a Disc Bag? A bolsa é a escolha da vez entre as fashionistas
As bolsas para a próxima temporada são o toque fun que faltava no look
É real! O chapéu de pescador é tendência!

Desfile de verão 2019 da Chanel (Foto: ImaxTree)


Alinhada com a onda que nasceu nas ruas, a Chanel apresentou as suas versões do acessório em Paris, durante o desfile da coleção de verão 2019 da grife. Outra grife francesa que já tinha apostado na trend é a Jacquemus, que tem em suas linhas mini versões para pendurar.

Saiba como usar na vida real:

Bolsa no pescoço (Foto: ImaxTree)


O modelo da Jacquemus é tipo um porta moedas e tem de várias cores. (Foto: Imaxtree)

A versão da Prada é perfeita para carregar o celular, apesar da fashionista estar carregando na mão. Quem nunca? (Foto: Imaxtree)


Olha as duas bolsas aí! No pescoço, só o essencial. (Foto: Imaxtree)


E os formatos podem ser variados, hein? Essa que parece um cilindro fica diferentona. (Foto: Imaxtree)


O que você levaria no modelo da Jacquemus? Cartão, talvez? (Foto: Imaxtree)


A turma dos acessórios personalizados podem reproduzir essa de metal em casa.

Curte o conteúdo da Glamour? Ele também está no Globo Mais, o app que é muito mais do que uma banca. Nele você tem acesso a um conteúdo exclusivo em tempo real e às edições das melhores publicações do Brasil. Cadastre-se agora e experimente 30 dias grátis.

          aLL - The Plus Size Store to launch Festive Collection      Cache   Translate Page      

[India], Oct 10 (NewsVoir): aLL - The Plus Size Store will be launching their new Festive Collection through a Facebook Live fashion show on October 11. The Plus Size Store by Future Lifestyle Fashions, a part of Future Group, will be exclusively launching their collection through the fashion show at 5:30 pm on the said date.

The live fashion show by aLL - The Plus Size Store, will showcase 17 looks in ethnic, semi-casual and party wear. The new collection has been designed keeping in mind the trendy millennial customers who want to look their best throughout the festive season.

Fashion lovers can buy the new collection by aLL from its physical as well as online store. During the fashion show, customers will be given a toll-free number on which they need to give a missed call. On giving the missed call, they will receive a coupon code via SMS which can be redeemed at the store or online. Three lucky winners from the registered users will also get a festive wardrobe worth Rs. 10,000 from aLL.

Hetal Kotak - CEO at aLL - The Plus Size Store, says, "Festive season is one of the most awaited time of the year when customers want to dress their best. With the Facebook Live fashion show of the new collection, we are trying to bridge the gap with millenials and making our products easily accessible."

The Plus Size Store also has a post-launch offer from October 11-15 for online customers. As part of the offer, customers can avail Rs. 250 discount on shopping of Rs. 2500 of the new festive collection. (NewsVoir)

          Is walking the new holiday of choice for millennials?      Cache   Translate Page      
Swapping a city break for a country stomp isn't without its challenges, but it's definitely worth the sore feet, says Helen Coffey
          Webserie Lekker dan voor en door millennials      Cache   Translate Page      
Als Lykke (Chloe Leenheer) uit het niets wordt ontslagen bij haar eerste baan komt ze in een zwart gat. Want wat is een carrièretijger zonder carrière? Wie ben je nog als je kansen niet meer voor het grijpen liggen, als je de eeuwige sollicitatiemolen in moet en als je ambitie niveau noodgedwongen teruggebracht wordt naar […]
          Are wine hybrids and ‘non-conforming beverages’ ideal for the elusive millennial market?      Cache   Translate Page      

Wine/beer hybrids may be the way to tap into the elusive and modern millennial market. Many people believe the wine industry must not be afraid to break tradition and lean in to unconventional products. “I think the younger generation really wants an experience more than they want to drink; they want the next newest thing,” […]

The post Are wine hybrids and ‘non-conforming beverages’ ideal for the elusive millennial market? appeared first on Winetitles.

          Comment on Millennialism in La Union, Philippines and the reverse culture shock by lucas      Cache   Translate Page      
Philippines is among the most amazing places I have visited in the past year and indeed these places mentioned in the post are very good for sightseeing and sightseeing. I like the region because of the variety of options for having fun with friends.
          Three weekends, three AirBNB rentals, three reasons to get your friends together and travel!      Cache   Translate Page      
As has been the hot trend among millennials for a few years now, when my husband and I travel, we te
          Millennials explain why they have nothing saved for retirement      Cache   Translate Page      

          Economics of Sustainable Energy      Cache   Translate Page      


Every year, as soon as reports on global economic inequality remind us about the direction our civilization is heading, there is a hysterical reaction, but hysteria dies down within weeks and we go back to the lifestyle that brought us here today. Often the blame is laid on the Millennial generation for their “apathy,” “lust for comfort,” and “bratty” attitude. Yet, business insider surveys indicate it’s the same Millennial generation that overwhelmingly


          Nearly 30% of young people in England do not drink, study finds - The Guardian      Cache   Translate Page      

The Guardian

Nearly 30% of young people in England do not drink, study finds
The Guardian
A large proportion of young people in England are shunning alcohol completely, a study has suggested. Researchers said abstaining from alcohol was becoming “more mainstream” among people aged 16 to 24 after the analysis showed a rise in the ...
A sobering study: 30% of young adults are shunning boozeSky News
Under-25s turning their backs on alcohol, study suggestsBBC News
Millennials shunning alcohol as getting drunk is no longer
The Sun
all 76 news articles »

          Playboy Club returns to Manhattan      Cache   Translate Page      
After 32 years, Playboy Club reopened in Midtown. The club hopes to attract a new crowd, but old traditions and high prices might turn away millennials.
          New voices: Millennials and the future of public health      Cache   Translate Page      
The de Beaumont Foundation is looking forward to a lively panel discussion on Millennials in the public health workforce at the APHA Annual Meeting and Expo in November. Here's our preview!
          10/10/2018: SPORTS: NHL changing in age of millennials      Cache   Translate Page      

RALEIGH, N.C. — If you’re asked to name a “boring, old-fashioned company,” you might find yourself saying “IBM.” If you don’t, that’s OK, but please do accept the premise. It’s a tech company, but it sure isn’t the first place you think of when you...
          A Note To Millennials      Cache   Translate Page      

          Mortgage rates touch 5% again      Cache   Translate Page      
From CNBC: Mortgage rates jump past 5%, signaling more home price cuts ahead Millennials are in their prime homebuying years, and they’re used to cheap credit. So they might be in for a rude awakening as mortgage rates jump. The … Continue reading
          ГОРОСКОП НА 11 ОКТЯБРЯ      Cache   Translate Page      
Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Овен

День благоприятный для вступления в брак, зачатия. Крупные покупки могут быть удачными. Сегодня вы сможете почувствовать себя хозяином положения, все, как вам будет казаться, подчинено вашей воле и согласно с вашими желаниями. Пройдет то состояние, когда вам казалось, что все настроены против вас. На службе и дома вы почувствуете взаимопонимание.

Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Телец

Сегодня вам придется сделать трудный выбор в жизни. Надейтесь только на себя, не пытайтесь слишком опираться на партнеров и не ждите помощи от близких. Все это только помешает делу и вызовет у вас лишнее раздражение. Возможно, вам удастся решить личные проблемы. Но ощущение того, что мечты вашей жизни не реализовались, принесет некоторое разочарование. Не все вас будет устраивать в отношениях с партнером, ибо ваши требования слишком высоки.

Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Близнецы

День благоприятный для планирования деятельности и оценки собственного положения. Старайтесь быть приветливым с окружающими. Проявите мудрость и выдержку. Ваши подвижность, живой и проницательный ум, качества интересного собеседника станут центром внимания. Если не потеряете решимости, то возможны договоренности о выгодном деле. Вторую половину дня посвятите укреплению своего здоровья.

Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Рак

Действия окружающих вас людей будут носить непредсказуемый, импульсивный характер. События внешней жизни потребуют от вас бесстрашия, настойчивости. Вы будете готовы отстаивать свою правоту любыми средствами, невзирая на последствия, что может осложнить и без того тяжелую ситуацию. Не стоит расширять сферу деятельности, принимать важные решения; не все будет получаться. Вам необходимы отдых и внимательное отношение к своему здоровью.

Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Лев

Интеллектуальная жизнь Львов будет живой и конкретной, основанной на наблюдениях. Вы будете иметь склонность к мечтательности, философским раздумьям, будете способны лечить души близких вам людей. Полное развитие способностей будет зависеть от понимания и уважения окружающих.

Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Дева

Хорошее настроение и желание работать будут содействовать вашему обаянию и располагать к вам окружающих. Рекомендуется не навязывать своих мыслей друзьям и коллегам по работе. Сегодня используйте любую возможность изменить к лучшему свою личную жизнь.

Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Весы

Вы сможете навести порядок не только в доме или на дачном участке, но и в собственных чувствах. В результате увеличится энергетический потенциал, вы можете стать увереннее в завтрашнем дне. Во второй половине дня вы можете столкнуться с неожиданностями, не все из которых окажутся приятными. Вероятно вам придется уделить все свое внимание старшим родственникам.

Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Скорпион

Возможен неожиданный поворот событий не в вашу пользу. Постарайтесь, несмотря ни на что, владеть собой и не принимать поспешных, необдуманных решений. Вероятно, вам придется приложить некоторые усилия, отстаивая стабильность своего положения. Если вы вовремя не сориентируетесь или будете пассивны, то окажетесь уязвимыми и подчиненными чужой воле.

Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Стрелец

Сегодня ваши чувства могут приобрести необыкновенную остроту. Усилятся интуиция, дар предвидения. Возможности ваши велики – вы сможете предугадать события скорого времени, верно определить положение и суть вещей. Возможно, что к вам обратятся за помощью. Нельзя отказывать. Вы сможете снять создавшееся напряжение, занявшись любимым делом.

Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Козерог

Первая половина дня будет связана с финансовыми проблемами. Сейчас важно сконцентрироваться на главном, проникнуть в суть вещей, претворить задуманное в действительность. Вы сможете объединить в себе желание обновления и трезвый, рассудительный взгляд на вещи. В результате этого во второй половине дня велика вероятность материального успеха.

Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Водолей

Извинитесь, если считаете себя виноватым перед кем-либо и простите виноватых перед вами. Не стоит повторять прежних ошибок, и тогда отношения с давними знакомыми могут качественно измениться. Благодаря этому вторая половина дня будет располагать к покою и равновесию.

Гороскоп на 11 октября 2018 Рыбы

День не благоприятен для установления контактов и активного общения. Вы не сможете прийти в себя и по-новому взглянуть на мир, по-прежнему вероятны столкновения с проблемой взаимоотношений с окружающими. Дальнейшее развитие событий потребует от вас осторожности и взвешенности.

© Гороскоп на сегодня 11.10.2018 года составлен астрологом Мариной Александровой 

          ГОРОСКОП НА 10 ОКТЯБРЯ      Cache   Translate Page      
Овен (21.03 - 20.04)

Для Овнов это напряженный и даже кризисный день. Чем глубже материальная заинтересованность и эмоциональная вовлеченность, тем сильнее переживания и выше риски. Острый кризис особенно вероятен, если семена раздора упали на подготовленную почву: накопились негативные чувства, взаимные претензии. Актуальны темы налогов, передела бюджета, перераспределения прибыли. Любовь будет подстегиваться ревностью.

Телец (21.04 - 21.05)

Сегодня Тельцы в зоне волнений против своей воли, но возможно, по своей вине. День располагает к нервозности, непредсказуемости. Вы рискуете стать жертвой агрессии или объектом навязчивого внимания. Негативную реакцию может вызвать спор, предложение, критика. Возрастет риск конфликтов в любом союзе, включая любовный и брачный. Не рекомендуются знакомства, свидания, переговоры, вступление в альянс.

Близнецы (22.05 - 21.06)

Близнецов ждет кризис даже в рядовой обстановке или ситуации: в дороге, на службе, в офисе. Возрастает риск травм, поломок, ссор, обострения болезней и других неприятных сюрпризов при выполнении рутинных процедур, включая уборку, лечение, ремонт. Возможны тревога и суета в связи с работой, здоровьем, домашним делом, судьбой питомца. Непросто сложится общение с коллегами, медицинским и другим персоналом.

Рак (22.06 - 23.07)

Атмосфера этих суток подпитывает эмоциональность и азарт Раков. Могут усилиться волнения в связи с деловой, любовной, творческой, финансовой стороной жизни. Энергию, даруемую стрессом, можно использовать с толком и направить на решение какого-либо острого нетривиального вопроса, но даже в этом случае день окажется напряженным, не обойдется без внезапных потерь. Важно, чтобы жертвы стоили результата.

Лев (24.07 - 23.08)

Сегодня Львам трудно оставаться безучастными к тому, что происходит в их владениях, в семье или на родине. Возрастает риск аврала, конкуренции, войны привычек или собственнических запросов. Эмоционально заряженный разговор чреват скандалом, особенно, если вы спорите с родителями, друзьями, соотечественниками, соседями, домочадцами. Агрессивные выпады грозят разрывом отношений, разделом территории.

Дева (24.08 - 23.09)

Девам стоит лучше готовиться к поездкам и контактам. По возможности, вообще отказаться от них, особенно во второй части дня. Сегодня не все пойдет гладко в дороге, работе, общении. На фоне непредсказуемости и нервозности возможны технические и психологические трудности. Любая информация заденет за живое. Даже при наличии симпатии и добрых намерений, вы и собеседники может быть не в меру язвительны.

Весы (24.09 - 23.10)

Внимания Весов сегодня требуют материальные вопросы: купля-продажа, обмен, взаморасчеты, налоги. Звезды советуют начать с необходимого и обязательного, а удовлетворение капризов оставить на потом. Вероятность осложнений выше, если у вас совместный бюджет, выросли траты, появились экстравагантные прихоти, есть кредиты и займы. Может зайти речь о возврате купленного, возмещении убытков, закрытии долга.

Скорпион (24.10 - 22.11)

Скорпионам с самого утра стоит следить за своей устной и письменной речью, контролировать спонтанные эмоциональные реакции. Любое ваше слово сегодня способно спровоцировать новый виток конфликта, причем к проблемам могут вести даже самые благие намерения. Возможно, окружающих будет раздражать ваша лень, успех, набор привычек и претензий. Нежелательны покупки, обновления имиджа, финансовые операции.

Стрелец (23.11 - 21.12)

Сегодня Стрельцам мешает инертность мышления. Дать пищу эмоциям может слух, сон, приватное письмо. Есть риск зациклиться на вредной привычке, порочном мыслеобразе. В переписке высок риск проговориться о том, за что позже будет стыдно. Возможны непредвиденные приключения в бизнесе и поездках, небезопасно вести дела и путешествовать даже с друзьями. Полезно разобраться в финансовых делах, личной жизни.

Козерог (22.12 - 20.01)

Сегодня Козероги чувствительны, что может вести к приключениям и осложнениям. Возможно, вас взволнуют вести от старых знакомых. Сюрприз может не только спровоцировать эмоциональный всплеск, но и подтолкнуть к экстравагантному шагу. Риск утратить самообладание выше вечером. Вы поступите мудро и дальновидно, если ограничитесь насыщенной внутренней жизнью и воздержитесь от спонтанных внешних экспромтов.

Водолей (21.01 - 19.02)

Сегодня Водолеи подвержены обострению своих хронических зависимостей, корни которых следует поискать в прошлом. Может возникнуть тема долга, компенсации, несбывшейся мечты. В непростом положении окажутся Водолеи, которых связывает что-то личное с начальством. Стоит отказаться от бесед на болезненные темы, если они чересчур глубоко задевают: высок риск потери контроля, неадекватных решений и реакций.

Рыбы (20.02 - 20.03)

Сегодня Рыбы на верном пути, но непредвиденные обстоятельства мешают идти нужным курсом. Риски выше, если вы путешествуете или находитесь в чуждой среде, заняты социальной деятельностью, благотворительностью, внедрением новшеств, коллективным экспериментом. Минимизировать проблемы поможет верность знакомому маршруту, близким ценностям или иному надежному стандарту. Сработает данная тактика и в любви.

          Millennials ‘say no to booze’ as a third of under-25s don’t start drinking at all      Cache   Translate Page      
What is HAPPENING to the younger generation?
          Watch: ABC Reporter Shocked That Millennials Wouldn’t Vote, Don’t Care About Russia, Kavanaugh      Cache   Translate Page      
WATCH: ABC reporter shocked when group of millennials say they won't vote in the midterms, don't care about Russia collusion conspiracy theories. — Sourced Reports (@SourcedReports) October 9, 2018
          El mundo que sueñan los nativos digitales      Cache   Translate Page      

“Google y Wildpedia son la Biblia de los millennials”, dice el investigador César Ulloa, doctor en Ciencias Sociales por la Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Flacso, y autor del libro “Los millennials frente al espejo: tecnología, jóvenes y educación”. En Ecuador, hay 3,9 millones de millennials, que representan el 23 por ciento de la población […]

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          Domani al Teatro San Massimo l'evento finale del progetto #Millennials-Z vs Sesso       Cache   Translate Page      
I temi trattati spazieranno dal dating up cybersex ai ruoli nel rapporto di coppia, fino alla...
          Do You Budget Like Generation X? Here's How to Tell      Cache   Translate Page      
The generation between Baby Boomers and Millennials has a unique attitude toward personal finances.
          Millennials overtake the Super Bowl halftime show      Cache   Translate Page      
by Melissa Mora On Sept. 19, Variety addressed the topic of the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show and announced that Maroon 5 is said to be the headlining performer, with Cardi B and Travis Scott as special guests. Billboard then confirmed it, but the artists themselves and the NFL have yet to make any confirmation of the rumor. The 53rd annual championship game will take place on Feb. 3, 2019, at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Mainstream artists such as Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Coldplay and Beyoncé have performed at the Super Bowl in recent years. It would be a big deal for new artists like Cardi B and Travis Scott to be performing at the same level as those musicians. Over the past few years, it’s been millennials showing the most interest in the halftime show. Because of this, the performers have transitioned from artists of the Rock genre to Pop or R&B music to fit the viewers’ demands. A Forbes article pointed out that Adam Levine, Maroon 5’s frontman, has been a coach on The Voice for eight years now, since its debut back in 2011. The talent show airs on NBC [...]
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Today the company is announcing new original programming that puts users inside the story. Is it prestige TV, social storytelling, or a whole new medium?

I’m standing on a beach, and a group of beautiful twentysomethings gather round a bonfire. There’s Dylan, a passionate dreamer, who strums at an acoustic guitar in his millennial pink hoodie. And Summer, she’s an ambitious life-lover, who dons red Chuck Taylors that match her jacket.

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          Luvstay clocks USD 1 mn revenue in FY 2017-18      Cache   Translate Page      

[India], Oct 10 (NewsVoir): While most Indian startups are struggling to make revenues Luvstay has disrupted the hospitality industry by clocking USD 1 million revenue in the FY 2017-18.

Luvstay which is India's first budgeted couple - friendly hotel chain is breaking the taboos around love, sex and relationships even LGBTs.

This year they have added more than 600 hotel properties pan India and expanding to other cities like Agra, Amritsar, Faridabad, Kochi, Vijayawada.

According to IAMAI projection, the country will have 478 million web users with millions of young users looking to connect through mobile devices. Thus increasing usage of smartphones has helped Luvstay to expand fast with 50,000 number of downloads and 5000 number of visitors on their web page daily.

The competition in this segment is intensifying but Luvstay has already captured market share, now aims to target the Tier II and III cities in the next financial year.

Nishchhal Bharadwaj, Co-founder & COO of Luvstay observed that the millennials themselves appreciate their concept and visit their properties which has helped them to break this existing taboo amongst the society and achieve this kind of revenue within no time. They don't see premarital sex as a crime or taboo. In fact, they believe in knowing more about their partners before they get into this huge institution of marriage.

He also, observed that most of the parents think that such concept is exposing their children to a wrong culture but Luvstay as a concept wanted to break this myth and provide a positive mindset like creating awareness on practices of safe sex, AIDS and STDs. Thus we plan to conduct workshops in schools and colleges on these critical issues.

Mayank Sahai has a first-hand experience with Luvstay says, "It's a very novel idea as Indians shy away from talking about love, sex and relationships." He praises the concept as there is a demand and people of his age needs privacy and non-judgment from orthodox mindsets. He also adds that love is love and society should accept it and change their views on the same. (NewsVoir)

          Thanh niên Mỹ thích sống độc thân      Cache   Translate Page      
Hầu hết thanh niên Mỹ thuộc thế hệ Millennial, tức những người hiện có độ tuổi từ 18 đến 25 đều có ý định lựa chọn cuộc sống độc thân. Đây là kết quả của một cuộc khảo sát qua ứng dụng hẹn hò trực tuyếnTinder vừa được công bố.
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Posted by Redline_Si:

          Spiritual Tips to Help Moms Balance Career and Family      Cache   Translate Page      

The fall air was crisp and clean as I lunched in a tranquil vineyard setting with a pastor's wife in Queenstown, New Zealand, this past May.

Their seasons are opposite ours in the U.S., but our conversation was about something that is the same around the world and hasn't changed since I was a young woman.

How do moms balance work and home and handle the constant tension and stress?

The pastor's wife was frustrated. "Mothers don't listen to wisdom today, only information they get off the internet. They read opinions on social media or listen to TV shows on how to have a successful career, be a great wife or parent—but no two marriages, kids or careers are the same. So they end up at church each Sunday frazzled and stressed out."

I had to nod because my job as mom has shifted in recent years to grandmother, but I've seen firsthand the struggle in my own daughter's life trying to juggle it all. Extra stress has been added to women today as this generation places more emphasis on health, safety and measuring up to cultural demands blasted at them endlessly through their ever-present digital devices. It can be overwhelming.

I'm a Baby Boomer. Our generation rejected much of our parent's values and turned our parental advice phones to silent to embrace personal and sexual freedom. But the result of that is a generation of children who grew up in households with failed marriages and little guidance about life.

Boomers didn't believe in absolutes and wanted our kids to be free to choose their own paths and beliefs. So most Millennials have grown up looking for that information on the internet, social media and following what the culture dictates or whichever solution makes the biggest noise. They've been left not knowing how to navigate life or find lasting truth in a very uncertain world.

Millennials question everything and trust nothing. They search for scientific facts and some kind of moral standard but often, in frustration, just give up. Tragically in the U.S., depression rates are soaring as is substance abuse and pornography, and many have only found relief by taking their lives.

Our world is broken. The brokenness was caused by the evil one that continues to deceive today, but now that evil has more platforms than ever. His sole purpose is to dump guilt in our lives, keep us off balance and numb us to God's direction and divine wisdom. Life, especially today, comes at us hard.

It may initially look easier to go with the flow, but in Matthew 7:13, Jesus tells us about a narrow gate not taken because the road to destruction is easier. Or you might compare it to junk food. It seems easy but a well-planned, nutritious meal will infinitely give you a better healthier life.

Is it time to cut back on the smartphone, social media, Google treadmill?

When culture slams you hard against the wall, God's wisdom says to trust that He has your back. Put your smartphone down for a bit, put a hold on social media, and more importantly, stop striving. God has given us minds and hearts and expects us to use them. We have to apply what seems to the non-believing world as unnatural wisdom and often the opposite of what culture dictates. But when we do, it allows for new paths to be taken with often out of the box solutions. It takes brave and courageous individuals to beat a different path through the world's misguided wilderness, and it may take putting earplugs in to silence the cultural noise so that we can hear God's still small but powerful voice.

Women who have discovered the value in prioritizing Bible engagement stand out. They're able to handle the uncertainties thrown at them and have discovered that staying connected with the Creator brings knowledge and wisdom beyond their years.

This grandma says to not fall for the trap of bigger or faster and that a temporary pullback or self-denial may actually be smarter. Take an honest look at yourself and see at what you really need as opposed to what you want. Confess your human limitations and embrace God's extraordinary limitless ones. Be fully present with your husband, kids or friends. You don't have to wear designer clothes, carpool in the newest car or take out a loan so you can brag on Instagram that you went on a Disney cruise ship.

Take a different kind of cruise. One that gets you off the treadmill and seeks the wisdom and grace of God who guides us to a "peace that passes all understanding." When you stay engaged with God and commit your ways to Him, He somehow stretches time and money and brings answers to questions that can't be found with quick digital solutions. It's a mystery that you have to step into and trust.

Look beyond the small screen and think outside of this world. {eoa}

Kathleen Cooke's new devotional is called Hope 4 Today: Stay Connected to God in a Distracted Culture. Find out more at

          Die Betreiber von Snapchat haben einen völlig neuen Plan, um Facebook wieder Konkurrenz zu machen      Cache   Translate Page      

FILE PHOTO: The Snapchat app logo is seen on a smartphone in this picture illustration taken September 15, 2017. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo

Der Betreiber des Messengerdienstes Snapchat will seinen sinkenden Nutzerzahlen mit neuen Kurz-Serien beikommen. Im Herbst würden neue Shows — darunter auch Dokumentationsserien — eingeführt, an denen zusammen mit Hollywood-Produktionsfirmen gearbeitet werde, kündigte Snap am Mittwoch an. Snap kämpft seit einiger Zeit damit, neue Nutzer zu locken. Die Aktie ist seit Jahresbeginn um 52 Prozent gefallen.

Snap will bei den neuen Serien täglich eine fünfminütige Folge veröffentlichen, die auch sechs Sekunden Werbung enthält, die der Zuschauer nicht wegdrücken kann. In der vergangenen Woche wurde eine Mitteilung von Snap-Firmenchef Evan Spiegel an seine Mitarbeiter bekannt, in der er seine Strategie darlegte, um im kommenden Jahr schwarze Zahlen zu schreiben. Demnach will er unter anderem ältere Nutzer anwerben.

Lest auch: Ranking: Über diese 10 Marken sprechen Millennials derzeit am häufigsten

Bislang spricht Snap vor allem Unter-30-Jährige an. Aktuell ist Snap weit davon entfernt, die Gewinnschwelle zu knacken. Michael Nathanson vom Analysehaus MoffettNathanson geht sogar davon aus, dass die Firma im kommenden Jahr mehr als 1,5 Milliarden Dollar verliert.

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 Die Akte Facebook: Wie das Soziale Netzwerk während der WM Putin-Kritiker stumm stellte

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          Progetto Millennials-Z vs Sesso, giovedì 11 ottobre al Teatro San Massimo via Provana 6 Torino      Cache   Translate Page      

Progetto Millennials-Z vs Sesso

Prolungata la Settimana del Benessere Sessuale fino all' 11 ottobre e si va verso il Pre Off evento di giovedì 11 ottobre al Teatro San Massimo per confrontarsi sui temi più attuali del sesso.



#Millennials-Z vs Sesso. Come vivono il rapporto con il sesso i ragazzi che sono nati nel nuovo millennio? Abituati a consumare tutto e subito anche il rapporto affettivo rischia di non avere più valore e per superare la paura dell'insuccesso si abusa di alcol e droghe..


Dall'11 al 13 di ottobre alla Cavallerizza di Torino, in via Verdi 9 si riuniranno gli specialisti del settore per discutere sul rapporto tra gli italiani e il sesso e dal 1 al 11 ottobre con l'Associazione EloVir92 l'apertura straordinaria di consultazioni gratuite per i ragazzi con gli specialisti del settore.




Torino, ottobre 2018 – La Settimana del Benessere Sessuale prevista nel Progetto Millennials vs Sesso dall' 1 al 6 ottobre è stata prolungata per le diverse richieste di prenotazione fino all' 11 ottobre. Per cui si potrà prenotare telefonando allo 011 59 17 09. L''evento finale del intero Progetto Millennials vs Sesso invece arriverà nella sua fase conclusiva la mattina dell' 11 ottobre dalle h 9 alle h 13 al Teatro San Massimo di via Provana 6 per un confronto diretto sui temi più sensibili del mondo del sesso e dei millennials-Z. Saranno ospiti in questo confronto interattivo con i ragazzi artisti come Joshua Held, Andrea Villa, NeroArgento, Rödja, Ema Olly, Associazioni Studentesche del mondo universitario, VolTo con il suo Presidente Silvio Magliano, la Croce Rossa Giovani, il Progetto Itinerante Notturno e il SISM.

I temi trattati durante il confronto vanno dal dating up cybersex ai ruoli ne rapporto fra due persone, alla sessualità 4.0 ovvero la fluidità di genere.

Proprio in questa data aprirà dall' 11/13 ottobre il Congresso Nazionale di Sessuologia Scientifica organizzato dalla FISS (Federazione Italiana di Sessuologia Scientifica) diretto dal Dott. Giorgio Del Noce specialista in andrologia e sessuologia, tre giorni in cui i protagonisti del mondo scientifico della sessuologia, ginecologia, andrologia e psicologia a livello Internazionale si confronteranno su di un tema di grande valore sociale e strutturale per la persona: il rapporto con il sesso.



Il progetto #Millennials-Z vs Sesso vuole portare e comunicare alla generazione Millennials un diverso atteggiamento per invogliarla ad accrescere la loro visione sentimentale e per agire e pensare in modo costruttivo. Tutte queste domande e tematiche hanno portato l'Associazione EloVir92 a considerare importante costruire, per la prima volta in Italia, un progetto innovativo ed unico in occasione del Congresso Nazionale FISS che si potesse interfacciare direttamente

con le nuove realtà e dimensioni del rapporto sentimentale sia tra giovani che non  e in modo interattivo con il territorio.



I giovani delle Facoltà dell'Università degli Studi di Torino (Economia, Campus Einaudi, Psicologia), del Politecnico di Torino e della Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia sono stati pronti ad accogliere in maniera costruttiva e positiva quest'iniziativa pilota a livello Nazionale ideata e organizzata dall'Associazione EloVir92 in concomitanza con la Settimana del Benessere Sessuale Nazionale dall'1 al 6 ottobre 2018.



Il Progetto Millennials Vs Sesso è stato ideato e realizzato dall' Associazione EloVir92, approvato e supportato dal Dott. Giorgio Del Noce in qualità di Presidente del Congresso, con il contributo dell' Ordine degli Psicologi del Piemonte, sostenuto dalle Associazioni Studentesche delle varie Facoltà Universitarie del territorio, dal Progetto Itinerante Notturno(PIN), dal Segretariato Italiano Student di Medicina(SISM) e dalla Croce Rossa Giovani Un  ringraziamento a TorinOggi  come media partner per aver sostenuto il progetto nel suo intero percorso e alla IIS Bodoni-Paravia e ai propri studenti per i loro reportage foto/video.



Ha ottenuto i Patrocini della Regione Piemonte, del Consiglio Regionale, della Città Metropolitana di Torino e della Città di Torino.



Per info e prenotazioni


011 59 17 09 / 335 6466233

          Millennials Are Saving Marriage      Cache   Translate Page      
          10/10/2018: Ilifestyle: Suitably slouchy: How millennials are reinventing tailoring      Cache   Translate Page      

Millennials have been blamed for the demise of many things, among them package holidays, voicemails, and golf. And now it looks as though they have another staple in their sights: the traditional suit. The athleisure trend has slowly gained pace over...
          Snap is making whatever comes after TV      Cache   Translate Page      

Today the company is announcing new original programming that puts users inside the story. Is it prestige TV, social storytelling, or a whole new medium?

I’m standing on a beach, and a group of beautiful twentysomethings gather round a bonfire. There’s Dylan, a passionate dreamer, who strums at an acoustic guitar in his millennial pink hoodie. And Summer, she’s an ambitious life-lover, who dons red Chuck Taylors that match her jacket.

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          Pallanuoto, Serie A1 2018-2019: i giovani italiani che si metteranno in luce. Il futuro del Settebello è qui!      Cache   Translate Page      
Quest’anno avremo modo di vedere nella Serie A1 di pallanuoto diversi millennials molto interessanti, soprattutto nelle formazioni non di primissima fascia, dove avranno anche modo di trovare spazio e mettersi in mostra. Chissà che nel futuro di alcuni di questi non ci sia il Settebello! Inciderà molto sulla loro stagione il minutaggio, ma la BPM […]
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Happy businesswoman using phone

There are many smartphone apps designed to help make our financial lives easier. It’s now possible to manage nearly all aspects of our money — from budgeting, to investing, to sending money and making payments — through an app. And since many of these apps are free to use, it prompts the question as to how the operators make any money.

The business model for apps varies, but there are a variety of revenue streams ranging from advertising and referrals to subscription premium services. Let’s take a quick look at a half dozen of the most common financial app categories and their business models.

1. Money transfer apps

Do you need to pay someone, but don’t have cash and don’t want to bother with a check or money order? You can use money transfer apps to make payments and transfer cash instantly. In most cases, the app links to a bank account or credit card.

Some of the more popular money transfer apps include PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Dwolla, though there are many others. They are usually free to use, and they make money by charging a percentage of every transaction involving a credit card. Some apps, such as Venmo, also have a social feed component that could eventually lead to advertising revenue. (See also: The 5 Millennial Money Apps Everyone Should Use)

2. Account aggregators

These apps, which often also have desktop versions, allow users to link all of their financial accounts in order to see their full monetary situation in one view. This allows for easier tracking of spending and income, and there are some handy budgeting tools. Mint and Personal Capital are two of the more popular account aggregators.

Mint makes its money from a number of different sources, including advertising, product referrals (including credit cards), and from selling users’ aggregated financial data. Personal Capital, meanwhile, gets its revenue from the management fees tied to its separate robo-advising service. It collects 0.89 percent of the size of each portfolio under $1,000,000, and less as accounts grow larger. (See also: These 5 Apps Will Help You Finally Organize Your Money)

3. Investment apps

There are a number of new apps designed to make it easier for people to invest, including some that allow users to invest with small quantities of money. Acorns, for example, will round the cost of your purchases up to the nearest dollar and invest the difference. Acorns and its competitor Stash charge $1 per month until you have $5,000 in a portfolio (and in Stash's case, $2 a month for IRA balances under $5,000). After that, both services charge 0.25 percent of your account balance. (See also: How to Start Investing With Just $100)

4. Credit score checkers

There are a number of apps that allow users to learn their credit score and get alerts for any unusual activity on their credit report. Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, and WalletHub are popular apps that are free to use, but make money from targeted advertising, loan management, and referral partnerships with credit card providers. (See also: I Checked My Credit Score in 11 Places — Here's What I Learned)

5. Billing, invoicing, and time tracking

This group includes apps such as Harvest, which allows for time-sheet tracking, billing, online invoicing, and other services. Harvest is free for one person and two projects, but $12 per month, per person for unlimited projects. Similar apps have similar charges, but also make money if you use their payment processing features or pay for other upgrades. (See also: 5 Free Accounting Tools for Freelancers)

6. Bill paying

These apps can be similar to account aggregators, but allow users to make payments. Doxo is one app that allows for bill paying and offers a “digital filing cabinet.” Bill paying is often free, but users may be charged a fee if the provider is not part of the app’s network, or you pay using a credit card. (In the case of Doxo, this could be as much as 3.5 percent.)

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How Free Money Management Apps Make Money

          UK millennials are drinking less alcohol, study finds      Cache   Translate Page      

          Millennials Kill Again. The Latest Victim? American Cheese      Cache   Translate Page      
American cheese will never die. It has too many preservatives
          Study shows older consumers have higher credit scores      Cache   Translate Page      

Cultural differences may partly explain it

By Mark Huffman of ConsumerAffairs
October 10, 2018

PhotoWhen LendingTree set out to discover who has the best credit scores in America, it found that the older you are the more likely you are to look better to the credit reporting agencies.

When it broke down its survey of consumers by generations, it found the silent generation people born before 1946 have the best credit scores with an average of 734.

The next best scores belong to baby boomers, the next-oldest generation. Boomers have an average credit score of 696, which is considered good.

Next in line is GenX, with an average score of of 653, which is slipping into the fair category. Millennials have the lowest average credit score, 634 also in the fair range.

Cultural differences

Kali McFadden, senior research analyst at LendingTree, says generational cultural differences may influence the credit score cap. Older consumers may be less dependent on credit and may exercise more discipline when it comes to saving and spending.

Older consumers also tend to be more financially settled. They've already purchased a home and might even have it paid for by now. They have little or no student loan debt. They aren't shopping for furniture as much and aren't paying for child care.

If older consumers aren't spending as much as their younger peers, they're less likely to run up large credit card balances that can put a strain on monthly cash flow.

It's no secret that younger consumers tend to have more debt since they have more recently embraced adulthood and the financial pressures it brings. If millennials are saving less money than their parents' generation, they don't have the financial resources to tap when an unexpected expense arises.

Time makes a difference

There's also the matter of time. The longer a credit account has been open, the more points it can potentially add to your credit score.

"Even someone who has handled their finances impeccably will have lower credit scores until they've demonstrated that across a mix of debt products over an extended period of time," McFadden said.

Regardless of age, anyone can improve their credit score. It starts with paying bills on time each month and never skipping payments.

Another major contributor to credit scores is credit utilization. If you have a credit card with a $5,000 credit limit and your balance is $4,200 you'll be penalized, since you have used nearly all of your allotted credit.

By applying for another credit card with a $5,000 credit limit but not using any of it, you lower your credit utilization and raise your credit score.

          How Blogs Can Get You in Google’s Top 10: Improve Your Ranking with Quality Content      Cache   Translate Page      
If you want your site on the first page of Google results but haven’t had success, it might be your online marketing approach. One way to get noticed by Google is blogging. As a blogger yourself, you know that blogging isn’t only for “emo millennials” sharing their angst online. On the contrary, it’s an effective […]
          Battle of the earbuds: Dueling podcasts outgrow new-media platform and head for TV      Cache   Translate Page      
LOS ANGELES - In a drab office building across from a used-car lot in the San Fernando Valley, the host of the nation's most popular conservative podcast was preparing to interpret reality for his listeners.

"These are one of those days where you think, 'Maybe I should've gone on Wall Street,' " joked Ben Shapiro, glaring at a torrent of tweets on his laptop in a cramped, windowless studio. "This news cycle is - " " - the wildest thing since Trump winning," said Jon Favreau. The former speechwriter for Barack Obama was just a few miles away from Shapiro, in an airy, sunlit Hollywood office, as he, too, processed the day's news into analysis and talking points for his own podcast listeners, on the liberal end of the spectrum. It was Thursday, Sept. 27, and 2,500 miles away, Washington was stricken by the unprecedented spectacle of a Supreme Court nominee answering to a decades-old allegation of attempted rape. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., was on the flat-screen TVs in Los Angeles, sputtering, "This is hell!" "I can't believe this is happening," muttered Tommy Vietor, Favreau's colleague, formerly at the White House and now at their new venture, Crooked Media. Meanwhile, Shapiro - who had just published a 673-word piece on "How Republicans Blew The Christine Blasey Ford Hearing" - saw his side regaining the upper hand. "Good for Lindsey Graham," he tweeted. The hearing was drawing to a close, but it was barely past lunchtime in Los Angeles, and for these two offices - major hubs for a rising new breed of punditry - there was work to do, messages to craft, content to shovel. "What time are you guys recording?" Crooked Media's Dan Pfeiffer, another Obama alumnus, asked Jon Lovett, another former White House speechwriter. On the TV, Brett Kavanaugh and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., jousted over whether they had ever blacked out from drinking alcohol. "Four," Lovett said, as his goldendoodle Pundit licked empty takeout containers. "We're running out of time." "DID YOU HAVE A FART JOKE IN YOUR YEARBOOK? DO YOU, SIR?" Shapiro tweeted, mocking Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's line of questioning. He would soon write another piece, this one for Newsweek, and appear that night on Laura Ingraham's Fox show to lament the assassination of Kavanaugh's character. The guys at Crooked Media would record two podcasts - including one titled "We believe Christine Blasey Ford" - and prepare for a dress rehearsal for their new HBO special. The Republicans are "incapable of acting with seriousness, compassion and empathy," said Pfeiffer on their "Pod Save America" podcast. "I hope you bring all your friends to vote," Shapiro said the next morning on his show, "because [Democrats] cannot have power." - - - Of the Crooked Media guys, Ben Shapiro says: "I disagree with everything they say, but I think they're good at what they do." Told that a visiting journalist is seeing Shapiro first, Tommy Vietor says: "Please tell Baby Steve Bannon I say hello." Their operations, methods and goals are different, yet both have leveraged podcasting into niche stardom, becoming powerful brands with franchises and spinoffs and corporate sponsors (including, for both, a brand of tailored men's underwear that bills itself as "life-changing"). Their shared business model is no-nonsense political analysis and a commitment to "intellectual honesty" - a term they use to distance themselves from their stodgy elders. "On cable news, you have talking-point machine A versus talking-point machine B, or greenroom fixture A versus Bill Kristol, who lives in a green room," says Vietor, 38. "And they playact politics. They say their stilted bulls--- talking points, and then David Gergen comes in with his 'both sides' broom to mop up when they're done." Now, both Crooked and Shapiro are expanding beyond their new-media platforms into the establishment world of television, with the goal of influencing the midterm elections. Shapiro is wrapping up a four-show special on Fox News just as "Pod Save America" begins its own temporary run on HBO Friday. Each is "emblematic of an astounding level of political polarization in the United States right now," says Dannagal Young, an associate professor of communication at the University of Delaware. They are united, though, by the ingratiating powers of their increasingly popular medium. The percentage of Americans listening to a podcast every week has more than doubled in the past five years, according to Edison Research. "Podcasts have become this really viable and popular form of intimate, discursive experience," Young says. "People are in their cars or at the gym, and listening, and you feel like it's them talking to you." Fans wearing "Friend of the Pod" T-shirts crowd the front rows at live events with the Crooked guys, who are greeted like rock stars instead of the political nerds they are. On liberal college campuses, lonely conservatives draw strength from YouTube clips of Shapiro dismantling progressive arguments like a hunter field-dressing an elk. On his show, Shapiro reads ads from a sponsor that sells a three-month emergency food supply, plus seed packets, for when things finally go south. "Pod Save America" shills for a company that delivers fresh ingredients to your doorstep so that you can cook yourself a single, healthy meal - lentils and quinoa dressed in tahini, perhaps - as the world burns. - - - America through the Crooked lens is a grand experiment, ever more perfect and expansive, but endangered by ancient prejudices, persistent injustices and a despotic dunce in the White House. Crooked Media's headquarters has the look of a start-up and the feel of a small-town newsroom. A George Washington silhouette, rendered in yellow neon, hangs in the reception area. Conference rooms are named LIL MARCO and COLLUSION. The 25 employees are within earshot of one another but chat on various Slack channels, including one labeled "newsnewsnews." The junior staff is majority female, but its nucleus is three men in their 30s: cofounders and officemates Vietor, Lovett and Favreau, with an assist from 42-year-old Pfeiffer, a "Pod Save America" cohost who lives in San Francisco. They've created a company with "media" in its name, and its main product is a suite of podcasts. But it's more of a rolling campaign than a reinvention of journalism. "We're not traditional reporters. We're storytellers," says Tanya Somanader, Crooked's chief content officer. "What we're trying to do is have a no-bulls--- conversation about what's happening in the world and what people can do to shape it." Since its January 2017 debut, "Pod Save America" has been downloaded more than 320 million times. What began as a hobby for Obama alumni has morphed into a thriving business that is also a crusade to save a teetering republic. "If [Trump] left the White House tomorrow, democracy would still be threatened in a whole bunch of ways," says Favreau, 37. "Politics is not transactional. It is not about you handing your vote to a politician, and a politician fixing all your problems, and you going back to your life." Alongside their media ventures, they have launched Vote Save America, an online portal for voter registration and civic engagement. In 2016, millennial and Gen X voters surpassed older generations at the polls for the first time; Crooked wants to harness that trend to rebuild the liberal coalition that elected Obama twice. The Democratic establishment seems happy to have them. "Talk radio just reminds you that you are outraged," says Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez. "Crooked Media reminds you to take action." To be fair, outrage fuels Crooked, too. Typical episode titles include "An orgy of corruption" and "A potpourri of stupid." GOP leaders are referred to as "scummy" and "depraved." Do they ever worry about behaving like the smug partisan hacks they professed to hate? "Yes," Pfeiffer says. "Every day." - - - America through the Shapiro lens is civilization's greatest triumph - a beacon of liberty and opportunity that is under assault from an evil, self-victimizing cabal of leftist baby killers. Shapiro's headquarters has the look of a think tank and the feel of a refurbished doctor's office. A reproduction of "Washington Crossing the Delaware" hangs in the waiting area; an issue of Cigar Aficionado sits on a coffee table. About 55 employees work for him under the banner of Forward Publishing, producing his Daily Wire website and three other podcasts, all hosted by conservative men. A "Never Trumper" who in early 2016 resigned from Breitbart, partly over objections to Stephen Bannon's leadership, Shapiro has become a "Sometimes Trumper" who was surprised to see President Trump govern conservatively. A Harvard Law grad, Shapiro is 34, has two children under 5, writes more than a dozen articles a week and produces at least one podcast every weekday (his show gets around 20 million downloads a month). In April, Westwood One began syndicating his podcast on the radio; now it's aired by 60 affiliates. He speaks regularly on college campuses, where he's greeted by long lines of fans and groups of animated protesters who accuse him of racism, sexism and transphobia. In January, he will start doing two additional hours of live radio a day, on top of the podcasting. "It's his intellect. He commands the audience," says Suzanne Grimes, president of Westwood One, who also praises "the rapidity with which he speaks. You feel as if you're swept along in the conversation in a very moving way." Whereas the Crooked podcasts are playful, pondering conversations, Shapiro lectures sternly, with sermons that paint the world as black and white, good vs. evil. His prevailing on-air tone is one of scorn and disgust. Jim Acosta of CNN is a "garbage human being." Barbara Boxer was "the stupidest woman in the Senate," and Obama was a "racist" and "lawless" president. It's working for him. His podcast was No. 8 overall for August. "Pod Save America," while the second most-downloaded new show on Apple Podcasts in 2017, didn't rank in the top 20 that month. Shapiro melds the tactics of two previous generations of conservatives, according to Reece Peck, an assistant professor in the department of media culture at CUNY's College of Staten Island: the calculated, Ivy League debate style of a William F. Buckley Jr. and the pugilistic drive for a humiliating knockout, a la Rush Limbaugh. If streaming is the platform of choice for a new generation of conservative activists, Peck says, "I think Ben Shapiro is the brightest star." The second episode of Fox's "Ben Shapiro Election Special" was the highest-rated show on cable news in its time slot, and the second-highest cable show overall on Sept. 30, according to Nielsen Media Research. "I'm just hungry to put out the message to the broadest population I can," Shapiro says. Last year, he invited the Crooked guys for a civil dialogue on his weekly Sunday show. Lovett said he'd think about it, Shapiro says, but then didn't reply to a follow-up. (Lovett says that his tendency to drop the ball on replying to people "is incredibly bipartisan.") - - - George Washington, again - this time a giant, scarred bust looming over the stage at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, Calif., where the Crooked guys were taping a rehearsal for their HBO show. Five chairs were surrounded by cracked Styrofoam made to look like marble ruins. "Get the subtle message?" Vietor said during the sound check. "Our democracy is dying." The HBO show will be an extension of their podcasts - a casserole of rant, humor, interviews and impassioned pleas to vote. They will tape each episode in a different city - Miami, Austin, Philadelphia and Irvine, California - and hope to help strengthen the anticipated blue wave. "They're reminding people that the work of politics doesn't happen just around elections or at the presidential level," said Adina Brin, 25, an L.A. activist who arrived to watch the rehearsal. "Politics is every day." The show had an extemporaneous feel, though many of the arguments and punch lines had been refined over 36 hours of tweeting, chatting and podcasting at Crooked headquarters. The chaos of the Kavanaugh hearings had, by showtime, been repurposed into precision entertainment: a narrative about a "raving lunatic" in the Oval Office, an unfit nominee to the Supreme Court and the merry band of voters who - with an assist from Vote Save America - would call them to account in November. "Donald Trump can perform this circus, and make everyone feel cynical about politics, and if a bunch of people don't vote or a bunch of people don't trust government anymore, then that's okay for the Republican Party, because that's their ideology," Favreau said backstage. "Democrats have a different challenge, which is: We have to make people pay attention, but not make it so much of a circus that people are turned off by politics and government." Meanwhile, over in the Valley, Shapiro powered down for the Jewish Sabbath - perhaps the kind of break everybody needs - and waited to emerge Sunday to tape his second Fox show, on which he would try to frighten viewers with visions of a Democrat-controlled Congress. "I literally have no clue what is going on in the world until I turn on the phone Saturday night," he says. "There's always a feeling of trepidation half an hour before the end of the Sabbath because, oh God, I'm going to turn on the phone - and it's just going to be garbage."

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Young British people are drinking less alcohol than a decade ago, with abstinence becoming "mainstream" amongst teenagers and young adults, a new study has found.

          Don%26#x27;t blame millennials for the decline in the liberal arts — blame baby boomers      Cache   Translate Page      
Don%26#x27;t blame millennials for the decline in the liberal arts — blame baby boomers
          Why talking about retirement makes millennials mad      Cache   Translate Page      
Millennials born in the 80s are among the brokest Americans. So you can imagine how outraged they got when we published a story on how retirement experts recommend that by age 35, you should have twice your salary saved.
          Unions should learn from Momentum if they want to mobilise millennials | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett      Cache   Translate Page      
The Uber action and McStrike suggest young people are increasingly seeing the benefits of fighting for their rights

As a semi-regular Uber user, I listened to calls by drivers on Tuesday not to cross a digital picket line during their 24-hour strike – the latest attempt to unionise the gig economy. Members of United Private Hire Drivers (UPHD), a branch of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain, are campaigning for a higher rate per mile, an end to what they claim are unfair deactivations, and a reduction in the commission that they have to pay. Drivers staged rallies outside Uber offices in London, Birmingham and Nottingham, and many logged off the app and stayed home.

Related: Wetherspoons dishes out poverty wages. That’s why I’m striking | Katie Southworth

Continue reading...
          Filtrado el Galaxy A9 Pro: el primer teléfono con cuatro cámaras traseras es un gama media      Cache   Translate Page      
Filtrado el Galaxy A9 Pro: el primer teléfono con cuatro cámaras traseras es un gama media#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\

Samsung lo presentará mañana de forma oficial.

Samsung anunciaba de manera inesperada hace unas semanas un evento dedicado al universo Galaxy con una críptica imagen de la que, en base a los rumores e informaciones previas, pudimos deducir que todo apuntaba a un teléfono con cuatro lentes en la parte trasera. Finalmente, una nueva filtración revela que el Galaxy A9 Pro, que será presentado mañana, cuenta con esta configuración en su cámara.

Ha sido Evan Blass, reputado filtrador en el sector de la tecnología de consumo, quien ha publicado una imagen que pone de manifiesto las cuatro lentes que traerá el Galaxy A9 Pro, las cuales se encuentran en una perfecta hilera vertical. Un diseño, dicho sea de paso, muy similar al que ya vimos recientemente en el A7, que dispone de tres.

Único en la gama media

El CEO de la división Electronics de Samsung ya había avisado de que preparaban grandes novedades para sus smartphones enfocados al sector medio del mercado, incluyendo primero en estos características inéditas en sus terminales de gama alta para llamar la atención del público millennial. De esta forma, el primer teléfono con cuatro cámaras de la compañía surcoreana llegará a un gama media sobre el que recaen muchas expectativas en este apartado y tiene la complicada tarea de demostrar que más sí es mejor.

Por lo pronto, tal y como indica la imagen, las lentes incorporadas serán un gran angular de 8 MP y apertura f/2.4, un telefoto de 10 MP f/2.4 con zoom de doble aumento sin pérdida de calidad, una cámara principal de 24 MP f/1.7 y una última destinada a medir la profundidad de 5 MP f/2.2. Una apuesta sólida donde la mayor de las intrigas recae sobre el trabajo conjunto que pueden realizar dichas lentes a la hora de ofrecer resultados que sena superiores a las combinaciones vistas hasta el momento.

Naturalmente, si se quiere mantener un precio de gama media, Samsung habrá de recortar en las especificaciones restantes. A falta de confirmación, se posicionan como probables los procesadores Snapdragon 660 y 710 –según variantes–, junto a 4 y 6 GB de memoria RAM, desconociéndose aún las capacidades de almacenamiento. Todo esto y mucho más lo sabremos mañana a partir de las 11:00 horas en España (Península) o 4:00 horas en Ciudad de México.

          Cosa abbiamo ascoltato in 10 anni di Spotify, da Ed Sheeran a Rihanna: le top10 di artisti, album, canzoni      Cache   Translate Page      

10 anni di Spotify hanno certamente rivoluzionato il modo di fruire la musica non solo presso i millennials: la più grande piattaforma di musica streaming al mondo ha raggiunto il traguardo della sua prima decade attraversando alti e bassi, proteste da parte di artisti del peso di Taylor Swift ed elogi da parte di emergenti in cerca di fortuna cui ha dato grande visibilità.

In occasione del decennale di attività, Spotify ha realizzato una grande retrospettiva su artisti, album e canzoni più popolari sulla piattaforma del 2008 ad oggi.

Secondo la nota condivisa sul suo sito ufficiale, Spotify conta ora 180 milioni di utenti in 65 paesi e afferma di aver pagato oltre 10 miliardi di euro di diritti d'autore (la questione forse più controversa) dalla sua nascita ad oggi. Il catalogo di Spotify annovera 40 milioni di canzoni e podcast, 3 miliardi di playlist create e oltre duemila generi musicali differenti.

Ma ovviamente i nomi e le canzoni più popolari sulla piattaforma nei 10 anni di Spotify sono stati gli artisti del pop internazionale con le loro hit e i loro album di maggior successo.

Ecco una lista dei brani più ascoltati in ciascuno degli anni di attività di Spotify, in cui si va dai The Killes alla coppia d'oro Eminem e Rihanna fino alla superstar della musica inglese Ed Sheeran.

2008: The Killers – “Human”
2009: The Black Eyed Peas – “I Gotta Feeling”
2010: Eminem, Rihanna – “Love The Way You Lie”
2011: Don Omar, Lucenzo – “Danza Kuduro”
2012: Gotye, Kimbra – “Somebody That I Used To Know”
2013: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Can’t Hold Us” (feat. Ray Dalton)
2014: Pharrell Williams – “Happy” – from Despicable Me 2
2015: Major Lazer, MØ, DJ Snake – “Lean On”
2016: Drake – “One Dance”
2017: Ed Sheeran – “Shape of You”

Tra gli artisti più ascoltati in streaming negli ultimi dieci anni, Sheeran viene però battuto dal rapper Drake, che scalza anche Eminem relegandolo al terzo posto. Tra le voci femminili è immancabile quella di Rihanna, ma anche Ariana Grande, che dal 2017 a causa dell'attentato di Manchester ad un suo concerto ha visto la sua notorietà espandersi ben oltre il suo pubblico di giovanissimi, è entrata nella top10.

1. Drake
2. Ed Sheeran
3. Eminem
4. The Weeknd
5. Rihanna
6. Kanye West
7. Coldplay
8. Justin Bieber
9. Calvin Harris
10. Ariana Grande

La lista delle canzoni più ascoltate di tutti i tempi su Spotify, ad oggi, incorona però proprio Ed Sheeran grazie alla hit Shape of You, tratta dall'ultimo album Divide, mentre Drake si ferma al secondo posto con One Dance. Sheeran è presente anche con Thinking Out Loud e contano ben due presenze in top10 anche i Chainsmokers e Justin Bieber.

1. Ed Sheeran – “Shape Of You’”
2. Drake – “One Dance”
3. The Chainsmokers, Halsey – “Closer”
4. Post Malone – “rockstar” (feat. 21 Savage)
5. Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”
6. Major Lazer, MØ, DJ Snake – “Lean On”
7. Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber – “Despacito – Remix’”
8. Justin Bieber – “Love Yourself”
9. Justin Bieber – “Sorry”
10. The Chainsmokers – “Don’t Let Me Down”

Sempre Ed Sheeran, con Divide, si aggiudica il primato dell'album più ascoltato globalmente.

1. Ed Sheeran – “÷”
2. Justin Bieber – “Purpose”
3. Drake – “Views”
4. Ed Sheeran – “x”
5. Post Malone – “beerbongs & bentleys”
6. The Weeknd – “Starboy”
7. Drake – “Scorpion”
8. The Weeknd – “Beauty Behind The Madness”
9. Post Malone – “Stoney”
10. Kendrick Lamar – “DAMN.”

Rihanna risulta primatista tra i primi 10 artisti a raggiungere 1 miliardo di ascolti streaming su Spotify.

1. Rihanna (2013)
2. David Guetta (2013)
3. Eminem (2013)
4. Kanye West (2014)
5. Avicii (2014)
6. Coldplay (2014)
7. JAY Z (2014)
8. Katy Perry (2014)
9. Drake (2014)
10. Pitbull (2014)

La stessa Rihanna è la prima tra le artiste femminili più ascoltate globalmente, seguita da Ariana Grande e Sia.

1. Rihanna
2. Ariana Grande
3. Sia
4. Beyoncé
5. Nicki Minaj
6. Adele
7. Taylor Swift
8. Selena Gomez
9. Katy Perry
10. Shakira

Ecco l'infografica che racconta i primi 10 anni di Spotify.

L'articolo Cosa abbiamo ascoltato in 10 anni di Spotify, da Ed Sheeran a Rihanna: le top10 di artisti, album, canzoni proviene da Optimagazine - webzine di Optima Italia.

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American cheese will never die. It has too many preservatives.
          Affluent millennials say 'it's just a matter of time' before next financial crisis strikes      Cache   Translate Page      

Affluent millennials, while upbeat about their own finances, see another financial crisis looming, a new survey found.        

The post Affluent millennials say &apos;it&apos;s just a matter of time&apos; before next financial crisis strikes appeared first on RocketNews | Top News Stories From Around the Globe.

          I'm a millennial and I just bought a home — here's what I wish I knew when I started the process      Cache   Translate Page      

594403859a7af51b008b4c84 960 720

  • Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most people will make.
  • There are many things millennials must consider when buying a home, like speaking with a mortgage broker rather than relying on real estate websites, finding an inspector, and sticking to a budget.
  • After a year and a half of searching, my partner and I finally bought a house, though there are a number of things I wish we had known before starting the process.

I've always thought buying a house was a milestone I would reach by 30. I'd own that perfect, stately colonial on a beautiful tree-lined street in a nice suburban town.

I'm turning 30 this year, and the search for my perfect home has been complicated beyond measure, with the foremost obstacle being affordability. It turns out I'm not alone among people of my generation — according to CNBC, a growing number of millennials are struggling to save any money at all, nevermind enough for a down payment.

And it doesn't help that, as of 2018, US home prices are the least affordable since 2008, according to Attom Data Solutions.

I live in New Jersey, and looking for a home in a town with a good school district that's within a reasonable commuting distance to New York City is a tall order at any budget. According to the 2019 Best School Districts in New Jersey list from Niche, only a handful of towns within a 30-40 mile radius of NYC rank in the top 25 school districts. When you cross reference that list with the average sales price of homes in the area, affordability plummets.

After a year and a half of searching through half a dozen New Jersey towns, my husband and I are finally ready to close on our first home.

As a millennial, here's what I learned about buying a house that I wish I knew when I started the process.

1. Review your finances and talk with a mortgage broker before you start hunting

With websites like Zillow just a click away, it's easy to start shopping for a house immediately. But it can be helpful to get realistic by reviewing your finances and your credit score and talking with a mortgage broker first to see what you can actually afford with your income and lifestyle.

I became self-employed about a year before my husband and I started looking for a house, but our lender required that I have two years of self-employment before we could use my income for our mortgage. This meant we would be reliant on a single income to look for a home, which didn’t allow us to afford the towns we were looking to purchase in.

Our broker's advice at this point was invaluable, and while we could have purchased something, we decided to wait until we had a better story to tell through our finances. The numbers are the numbers, and we appreciated the candid conversations and wouldn't have known to wait had we not had a reputable mortgage broker to talk with.

2. Check your credit score

When you want to buy a home, your credit score is more important than ever. Sites like Credit Karma offer lets you see where you stand for free.

This way, you'll know if there's anything wild on your credit report, like a fraudulent credit card or outstanding utility bills from an old apartment, that you weren't aware of. These are things you should address before moving forward in your search.

3. Go to as many open houses as possible

We saw nearly a hundred homes, both with and without our agent. Every weekend, we would drive out of the city and hop from one open house to another.

Zillow is a great resource for finding potential homes, but until you see a house in person, you may not know if it's the right fit. For instance, a number of homes we viewed were seemingly perfect online but completely disappointing in person.

Lastly, you never know what you'll fall in love with — our new home was one of those open houses that we ended up visiting but perhaps wouldn’t have gone to see with our agent because it was priced outside of our budget.

It was only after visiting and talking with the agent that we were compelled to make an offer we were comfortable with. We wouldn’t have wanted to waste our agent's time, but were totally fine doing the legwork on our own.

See the rest of the story at INSIDER
          Comment on Tech’s Continuing Diversity Problem by Allen      Cache   Translate Page      
Millennial here. Did not get a degree in this field, spent Friday and Saturday nights taking free or torrented classes on programming for 4-5 years. Built my own reputation in the industry. I worked my white neh nehs off for FREE and to this day, every team I’ve worked with I was one (2max) of white color. There’s always been at least 2 or more non white team members. If you’re a woman or a minority, and you feel that you deserve a job because of it, you DO NOT without having a track record to back your skills. Sit and understand you may not be paid and you may give up your social life and maybe you can build a rep. Race/gender don’t matter if you think you deserve what others sacrifice for then your lack of skills are better used elsewhere, not the smallest violin will be played.
          Rising Interest Rates Start Popping Bubbles - The End Of This Expansion Is Now In Sight      Cache   Translate Page      

Authored by John Rubino via,

Towards the end of economic expansions, interest rates usually start to rise as strong loan demand bumps up against central bank tightening.

At first the effect on the broader economy is minimal, so consumers, companies and governments don’t let a slight uptick in financing costs interfere with their borrowing and spending. But eventually rising rates begin to bite and borrowers get skittish, throwing the leverage machine into reverse and producing an equities bear market and Main Street recession.

We are there. After a year of gradual increases, interest rates are finally high enough to start popping bubbles. Consider housing and autos:

Mortgage Rates Up, Affordability Down, Housing Party Over

The past few years’ housing boom has been relatively quiet, but a boom nonetheless. Mortgage rates in the 3% – 4% range made houses widely affordable, so demand exceeded supply and prices rose, eventually surpassing 2006 bubble levels in hot markets like Denver and Seattle.

But this week mortgages hit 5% ...

... and people have begun to notice. Here’s an example of the resulting media coverage:

Mortgage rates top 5 percent, signaling more home price cuts

Some of us out there still remember when the average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage hit 9 percent, but we are not the bulk of today’s buyers. Millennials, now in their prime homebuying years, may be in for the rude awakening that credit isn’t always cheap.

The average rate on the 30-year fixed loan sat just below 4 percent a year ago, after dropping below 3.5 percent in 2016. It just crossed the 5 percent mark, according to Mortgage News Daily. That is the first time in 8 years, and it is poised to move higher. Five percent may still be historically cheap, but higher rates, combined with other challenges facing today’s housing market could cause potential buyers to pull back.

“Five percent is definitely an emotional level inasmuch as it scares prospective buyers about how high rates may continue to go,” said Matthew Graham, chief operating officer of MND.

Home sales have been sliding for much of this year, and total annual sales are expected to come in lower than last year. Affordability is the clear culprit. With rates now more than a full percentage point higher than a year ago, that adds at least $200 more to a monthly mortgage payment for a $300,000 loan. It also knocks some borrowers out of qualification because lenders are strict on how much debt a borrower can carry in relation to his or her income.

Some recent headlines illustrate the sudden shift in housing sentiment:

Manhattan home sales tumble in market clogged with listings

Vancouver home sales mark steady decline

For-Sale home supply surges in hot West Coast markets

Bond-market bloodbath likely to hit mortgage rates soon

Auto Sales Run Out Of Gas

For autos, it’s the same general story, as low interest rates – in the form of 0% financing and too-good-to-be-true lease terms – produced the highest sales ever in 2016.

But lately a couple of things have happened: Everyone who could possibly qualify for a 7-year car mortgage has done so, depleting the pool of potential buyers. And interest rates have risen enough to make it uneconomic for car companies to keep offering yesterday’s crazy-low rates. From today’s Wall Street Journal:

Zero-Percent Financing Deals Fade From the New-Car Lot as Interest Rates Rise

Car buyers on the hunt for a 0% financing deal are going to have to look harder.

Auto lenders are pulling back on the no-interest financing offers that had become widespread in new-car ads and dealer showrooms for much of this decade. Cheap financing reinvigorated the U.S. auto industry’s sales following the recession, helping to keep monthly payments affordable and draw buyers from the used-car market, where lending rates are usually higher.

But as interest rates rose, the cost of such deals has increased, pinching profits for car makers that finance vehicles through their lending arms and must pay the difference to keep the rate at zero for the customer. With U.S. auto industry sales slowing, car companies are turning to other types of sale incentives, such as cash rebates and discount lease rates, to lure buyers to showrooms, dealers and industry analysts say.

“For a long time, everything was 0%,” said Adam Lee, chairman of Lee Auto Malls, a dealership chain in Maine. At first, buyers could find 0% finance deals on 48-month car loans, and then auto lenders started extending those deals to 60-month loans and eventually 72-month loans, he said. “There are fewer and fewer of those deals now,” Mr. Lee added.

In September, the percentage of new cars financed with an interest rate of 1% or less fell to 5.3% for the month, down from 8.2% in September 2017 and 11.7% in September 2016, the year U.S. auto sales peaked, according to market research firm J.D. Power.

No-interest loans have become even scarcer, accounting for 3.4% of all new-car financing in September, down from 9.1% two years ago, J.D. Power said.

The average financing rate for a new-car purchase was 5.75% in the second quarter, up from 4.82% two years ago when auto sales were at their strongest, according to Experian Automotive.

“You’re definitely seeing the entire industry pulling back,” said Jack Hollis, general manager of Toyota North America, of the scaling back of interest-free auto loans. “Obviously, interest rates rising is a reality in the marketplace, and we’re going to react.”

As this post was being written, Ford announced an 11% drop in monthly sales.

To sum this up, millions of Americans who were happily signing on the dotted line because of irresistibly cheap financing are done with that kind of thing. The companies selling cars and houses to these people are now desperately trying to cut their expenses to fit their much lower year-ahead sales projections. Those companies’ suppliers are scaling back in response, and so on down the line as two major industries go from boom to bust.

Housing and autos aren’t the only ones hitting a brick wall of higher interest rates. Lots of other businesses depend on their customers’ ability and willingness to borrow. They’ll be the subject of future posts in this series.

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American cheese will never die. It has too many preservatives
          The 3 Unstoppable Forces Transforming Shopping Right Now      Cache   Translate Page      
This infographic, courtesy of the folks at Elastic Path, shows how Millennials are driving some dramatic changes in how shopping is done. It's good to note that Millennials currently account for 50% of the world’s retail spending.
          Munich Dispatch: Bavarian Millennials Embrace Tradition — Dirndls, Lederhosen and All      Cache   Translate Page      
Not so long ago, the 19th-century peasant garb was considered the uniform of older, more conservative folk. Now it is all the rage with millennials.
          Millennials drop primary care docs      Cache   Translate Page      
Posted by HoustonFocusST:

          President Oaks’ much-needed Conference address      Cache   Translate Page      
A friend of mine pointed out after General Conference that the title of President Oaks’ talk could have been: “No, our position hasn’t changed, why do you ask?” Left-wing Latter-day Saints, questioning Latter-day Saints and former Latter-day Saints keep on … Continue reading

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Increasing college tuition means adults have more power over their children for longer.
          Early Addition: Are Millennials Killing American Cheese?      Cache   Translate Page      
Early Addition: Are Millennials Killing American Cheese? Because Trump is now joking about being impeached, check out today's midday links: millennials killing American cheese, thumbsuckers, Sheldon Adelson's influence on Trump administration, Lana del Rey feuds with Azealia Banks, weed beer, and good vibes dog. [ more › ]
          Key read of the day on your kids, “Growing Up in the Digital Age”(from the NCHSAA/NFHS)      Cache   Translate Page      
Growing Up in the Digital Age By Karissa Niehoff, Executive Director of the National Federation of State High School Associations and Que Tucker, Commissioner of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. From the Greatest Generation to Baby Boomers, Generation X to Millennials, teenagers in every era have had challenges growing up. In today’s digital ...Read the Rest...
          Not just student loans: Millennials are also loading up on this kind of debt      Cache   Translate Page      
The 35-and-under crowd is ramping up on personal loans, according to data from LendingPoint. Here's why they're borrowing.
          Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sjizzarto must tell Cardinal Pietro Parolin to end the Leftist version of Catholicism in Hungary      Cache   Translate Page      
The Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sjizzarto must observe  that during the millennial when Hungary was Christian(as he has mentioned in the video),Hungary was really Catholic and this was not the Leftist Catholicism of the present- day- Vatican.

He must tell Cardinal Pietro Parolin to end the Leftist version of Catholicism in Hungary, Poland and the rest of East Europe.
Since George  Soros and the Left control the Vatican, the Catholic Church in Hungary has to use an irrational premise which contradicts common sense.Only in this way the Leftists  can change traditional Catholic Church- teaching, which was common during the time of the Austro Hungarian Empire.
Image result for Photos of the Habsburg Catholics
At the time of the Austro Hungarian Empire the Hapsburg family taught that outside the Catholic Church there was no salvation and that Jesus should be the centre of all social and political legislation with the non separation of the Catholic Church and State. The Catholic monarchy worked in harmony with the popes.
Today the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) is rejected by the Catholic Church in Hungary, which is controlled by the Vatican.This has happened since the Left insists that Catholics interpret Vatican Council II with irrational Cushingite philosophy and theology, instead of the traditional and rational Feeneyite version. 
So Catholics in Hungary have to accept a rupture with the dogma EENS, the past exclusive ecclesiology of the Church and the traditional doctrines on mission and salvation. 
The Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin must be asked not to impose this Leftist, political correctness on the Catholic Church in general and especially, the Church in Hungary, Poland and the rest of East Europe.
The Catholic Church must once again be free to say that all non Catholics and non Christians need to convert into the Catholic Church for salvation.
The Leftists must not change Catholic doctrine on mission and salvation to meet their agenda of a New World Order with a new One World Religion.
Image result for Photos of the Habsburg Catholics
The Hungarian Foreign Minister could help by announcing:-  1.There are no known cases of the baptism of desire(BOD), baptism of blood(BOB) and being saved in invincible ignorance(I.I), with or without the baptism of water, which he knows of in 2018. This is common sense.
Risultati immagini per Cardinal Parolin
He could also ask Cardinal Pietro Parolin to make this same announcement.
2.He could announce that in the text of Vatican Council II, LG 8, LG 14, LG 16, UR 3, NA 2, GS 22 etc refer to hypothetical cases, only. This is common sense. So Vatican Council II does not contradict the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus as it was known over the centuries.
3.So it is false for the Left to insist that the Catholic Church claim BOD, BOB and I.I refer to objective people saved outside the Church and that these are personally known  exceptions to the teaching on all needing to be members of the Catholic Church for salvation.
4.It is also false for the Left to insist that Vatican Council II is a rupture with the past exclusivist ecclesiology of the Catholic Church, since LG 8,LG 16, etc refer to known non Catholics saved outside the Church. Since if there were any such people they could only be known to God. We humans cannot see or meet any one saved outside the Church. So this is an irrational premise and inference being promoted by the Left and it is being imposed upon the whole Catholic Church including those in Hungary.
5.Also those who do not accept this Leftist interpretation of Vatican Council II and EENS are threathened with the Anti-Semitic charge.We Catholics should be free to follow our Catholic doctrines with traditional theology.Non Catholics must not us what we should believe and what is permitted by them.They are also using this coercion on Catholics in Hungary.Why must Catholics repeat irrationally, that invisible for us BOD, BOB and I.I refer to visible people saved outside the Church? Invisible cases are invisible! Why must Catholics repeat that unknown cases of non Catholics saved in invincible ignorance(LG 16) or seeds of the Word(AG 11) are personally known and visible non Catholics saved outside the Church ? This is deception. There are no such known people.-Lionel Andrades

When the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto says that Hungarian has been a Christian country for a millennium he means it has been a Catholic country - without the leftist doctrines on salvation of the present- day Vatican.

Hungary has been a Christian(Catholic) country for a millennium & will stay that way.”-Hungary Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto.


Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, shocks CNN’s Christine Amanpour: “We reject multiculturalism”! “Hungary has been a Christian country for a millennium & will stay that way.”

OCTOBER 2, 2018

Image result for Viktor Orban photo

They have a choice in Hungary and Prime Minister Viktor Orban can ask that catechesis and catechism classes for children and adults be based on Vatican Council II Feeneyite and not Vatican Council II Cushingite

OCTOBER 2, 2018

Image result for Photos of the Habsburg Catholics

When the Catholic Church in Hungary and Poland affirm Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite) then the Church's doctrine and theology would be the same as during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

          Study reveals misconceptions about millennials' investing habits      Cache   Translate Page      
A study released by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and the CFA Institute reveals several misconceptions about millen -More

          ARMR Report - Investing in the Millennial Market: Change in Risk Exposure      Cache   Translate Page      
The ARMR Report covers Stock Market investing through the millennial lens. This isn't your Dad's stock market and it certainly isn't your Granddad's. This is the millennial market and it requires millennial tools to excel. We will be sharing with you information directly off our trading desk with a focus on the interaction between traditional fundamental analysis and millennial execution. We begin each show by grinding the news of the day grist through the algorithmic mill. Our desire is to help you reduce the noise and manage your investments through the lens of reward vs risk instead of traditional fear vs greed.  Today's focus: DOW Jones DIA hits Trailed Stop Bottom line: Now only S&P500 SPY remains in the Risk On category with reduced exposure. 4 of 5 big indexes are in cash positions based on ARMR algo You have heard the terms “Risk On” or “Risk Off” but what does that mean and how does it effect your investing portfolio?  The ARMR Report has the answers and will help you manage risk to improve your investment results no matter what strategy you employ. Algorithms are required to effectively manage investment risk and the ARMR Report is your all access pass into the realm of high speed computer modeling and mathematical calculations designed to help you protect capital when necessary and capture upside when possible.
          Teens Are Making Instagram Hate Pages About Each Other (Taylor Lorenz/The Atlantic)      Cache   Translate Page      

Taylor Lorenz / The Atlantic:
Teens Are Making Instagram Hate Pages About Each Other  —  No app is more integral to teens' social lives than Instagram.  While Millennials relied on Facebook to navigate high school and college, connect with friends, and express themselves online, Gen Z's networks exist almost entirely on Instagram.

          Bugs Bunny's Critique of Pure Reason; a guest blog by Jeff Cohen and EJ Copperman      Cache   Translate Page      
JULIA SPENCER-FLEMING: Usually, when we have a guest who writes as part of a team, we like to explore how the dynamic works. Since Jeff Cohen is collaborating with E.J. Copperman, who is... Jeff Cohen... I'm not going to ask. I don't want to disturb the delicate balance.

We have several prolific writers here at Jungle Reds who produce two to three books a year, including Jenn McKinlay, Rhys Bowen, and Edith Maxwell. I can, however, honestly state none of them has ever released books in two different series on the same day. Thank heavens, we always say writers aren't competing against one another. I hope your monthly book budget runs to more than one purchase, because you're going to want to get both BIRD, BATH AND BEYOND and THE QUESTION OF THE DEAD MISTRESS from two of the funniest cozy mystery writers around.

At a conference recently I was asked (as authors occasionally are) to name my influences. And I always cringe at the question because the artists who actually have influenced me had virtually nothing to do with the kind of thing I have ended up writing. My influences are notAgatha Christie, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett or Tony Hillerman. I admire the work of each of those masters, but they didn’t set me on any path other than to want to read more of their books.
When I was writing a Capstone project for my master’s degree about six years ago (a non-mystery novel that was never published, possibly for good reason) I was required to list in the bibliography works that had influenced my thinking for the project and my style in writing it. Mostly I lied. I brought up Cicero and Kierkegaard and Kant, for goodness’ sake, all of whom I had read strictly for courses in the master’s program and have completely forgotten about since.

The conference panel at which I was asked the question was about writing books in the mystery genre that are also (hopefully) funny. So I finally felt comfortable uttering the one name that really has had an influence on my writing since I picked up a crayon in second grade. The one artist whose style I might not have directly emulated, but who definitely has had an impact on every work I’ve ever written.
That’s right. Bugs Bunny.

Bugs is a demon, a wiseguy, the kind of comic nuisance you’d never want to face as an adversary. But he never punches down. That is, he doesn’t use his lethal wit on anyone who hasn’t directly come after him. He doesn’t attack the defenseless or the weak—he only makes fun of those who deserve it.
I’ve always tried to create characters who follow the same code. They’re smart and funny, but they don’t ridicule anyone who isn’t flat-out asking for it. I have two books that were published on October 9 (it’s a long story, and it gives me headaches, so don’t ask), and their main characters are very different, but they hold to the code.
Kay Powell, the main character in BIRD, BATH AND BEYOND, is a theatrical agent whose clients are all animals. The non-human kind. In this, the second book in the series, she’s representing a parrot who might be the only witness to a murder. And Kay, a showbiz kid who left the act to get a law degree and become an agent, runs into a lot of people who think the bird should just speak up and name the killer.
She hears that from police detectives and reporters. To the cops she explains what is and is not possible with parrots. To the reporters, whom she sees as crass leeches trying to destroy her privacy, she’s slightly less patient.
So she tries to defuse the situation:
Is this going live to any of your affiliates?”
Yes!” a couple of the reporters yelled out.
It was a pity. Because I didn’t want to get in trouble with the FCC, my planned two-word statement was not going to be usable.

Samuel Hoenig, on the other hand, is not trying to be a rapier wit. Samuel, who is the narrator of THE QUESTION OF THE DEAD MISTRESS (also published October 9, and it’s still a good policy not to ask me why), has an autism-spectrum disorder and answers questions for a living. When a woman asks whether her husband is having an affair with his college sweetheart, who happens to be dead, Samuel does not try to ridicule her motives. But he doesn’t understand them.

I do not expect any payment from you, Ms. Fontaine,” I said. “And you may rest assured that any client who walks through that door will get my full attention and an accurate answer to his or her question. In your case the answer was so obvious that it seemed foolish to continue with the interview. No. Your husband is not having an affair with his dead girlfriend.”
I’m going to ask you again,” Virginia said. “How can you be so sure?”
Because it is physically impossible for a living man to have a mutual relationship with a dead person,” I said, marveling at the idea that I even had to point out such an obvious fact.
They approach things differently. Samuel isn’t trying to make you laugh; it wouldn’t occur to him to do that. Kay uses humor to deflect and get the upper hand. But neither one of them will take advantage of someone weak or unfortunate.
It’s Bugs Bunny as a philosophy. You can keep your Kierkegaard.

E.J.Copperman writes a bunch of mystery series, but the two coming out on the SAME DAY in October are BIRD, BATH AND BEYOND in the Agent to thePaws series and THE QUESTION OF THE DEAD MISTRESS in the Asperger’sMystery series.

By the way, one of the most moving, affecting things I’ve read recently was a column by @MaineMillenial.

JULIA: Thank you for the shout out for the Smithie, Jeff! Readers, you can learn more about Jeff Cohen at his web site, and also friend him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter as @JeffCohenWriter. E.J. Copperman, who is on Twitter as @ejcop, also has a web site and a blog, SLICED BREAD.

          WATCH: NBC Reporter’s Interview With Millennials About Midterms Doesn’t Go As Planned      Cache   Translate Page      

With the midterm elections just weeks away, NBC’s Jacob Soboroff heads to Orange County, California, a stronghold Republican area just south of the Democratic Los Angeles, to find out what matters most to voters.

The post WATCH: NBC Reporter’s Interview With Millennials About Midterms Doesn’t Go As Planned appeared first on Breaking911.

          UN Climate Report: You Know, Guys, We *CAN* Still Fix This!!      Cache   Translate Page      

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a major new report Monday on what needs to be done to prevent the Earth's average temperature from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius -- or, if you prefer your numbers less communist, 2.7 degrees David Fahrenthold -- since the start of the industrial age. The report also compares the difference between halting that increase at 1.5 degrees C, and letting average temperatures increase two degrees C, because the Paris climate goal was to limit the change to 2 C but try for 1.5. Turns out half a degree Celsius is the difference between bad things happening and extremely bad things happening to cities, agriculture, endangered species, and yes, entire nations. But there's a bit of good news: It's not inevitable, and it's not too late. Humans were smart enough to build the industrial and political systems that brought this mess, and we're also smart enough to do something about it!

Of course, one major challenge in doing something about it is electing leaders who are willing to even recognize that it's real. That means voting for people who know our survival as a species is at stake -- not just quarterly profits for the oil industry. Just a little something to remind you to get millennials out to vote. It's going to be their world, after all.

It will, of course, take more than installing curly lightbulbs or getting a more fuel-efficient car, although those are still better than doing nothing. Like, a lot more, and we have about 12 years to get our planetary shit together.

Temperatures are currently about 1° C higher than preindustrial levels. At the current rate of warming, the world as a whole will reach the 1.5° mark between 2030 and 2052, the report concludes. (Many regions have already experienced this condition on a short-term basis.)

To curb the trend, governments will have to spearhead "rapid and unprecedented societal transformation," including major reductions in their carbon emissions. The world currently pumps more than 40 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year; the IPCC calls for that number to be cut by more than 1 billion tons per year over the next decade. By 2050, the report says, the burning of coal for fuel should be all but abandoned.

Oh, yes, and more than that: We also have to get serious about phasing out fossil fuels worldwide, which won't be easy, but doesn't mean living in caves. It means vastly expanding funding of research and development of alternative fuels. It means doing all the stuff we should have been doing for decades, but haven't, because however much politicians may talk about generations yet to come, the little bastards haven't yet managed to find a way to send campaign donations back in time. It's a good time to talk about how much money there is to be made in green energy. Or maybe seizing the means of production -- that has a certain ring to it.

The point here is that climate scientists don't believe the tipping point is here just yet, but we're running out of time to turn this supertanker around:

The IPCC maps out four pathways to achieve 1.5C, with different combinations of land use and technological change. Reforestation is essential to all of them as are shifts to electric transport systems and greater adoption of carbon capture technology.

Carbon pollution would have to be cut by 45% by 2030 – compared with a 20% cut under the 2C pathway – and come down to zero by 2050, compared with 2075 for 2C. This would require carbon prices that are three to four times higher than for a 2C target. But the costs of doing nothing would be far higher.

"We have presented governments with pretty hard choices. We have pointed out the enormous benefits of keeping to 1.5C, and also the unprecedented shift in energy systems and transport that would be needed to achieve that," said Jim Skea, a co-chair of the working group on mitigation. "We show it can be done within laws of physics and chemistry. Then the final tick box is political will. We cannot answer that. Only our audience can – and that is the governments that receive it."

The differences between 1.5 degrees of total change and two degrees is huge. Here, have a graphic. Come the revolution, we'll require that it be laminated on gas pumps.


The Paris Climate agreement's goal is, as we said, limiting world temperature increase to between 1.5 and two degrees -- and, oops, if current trends continue, we'll blow straight past that and on to three degrees of warming, which is your basic end of civilization stuff. But the report's authors are convinced that now that the effects of climate change are becoming visible -- more severe storms and wildfire seasons, fucked up growing seasons, and the like -- political will to limit greenhouse gases will also grow.

And of course there are the things individuals can do, regardless of what our governments do. Eat less meat, because producing meat causes deforestation and wastes water.

Eating less meat is one of a number of mitigation strategies suggested by the IPCC to overhaul agricultural and land-use practices, including the protection of forests. The livestock sector is estimated to account for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, more than direct emissions from the transport sector.

Walk or bike or take public transit when you can. Get an electric or hybrid car. Improve your home's energy efficiency. If you can afford a home solar system, do that. You know most of this stuff already. But the biggest thing is to vote. Vote for national leaders who know science is real. And vote for state and local leaders who'll commit to clean energy goals. California is a hell of a nice role model there.

Yes of course the corporate greedheads are fighting to maintain their power. But science is real, and international action can still take place to reduce the damage. Remember, the nations of the world took on the Ozone Hole and nailed that sucker closed. We mostly stopped acid rain in the Northeast. Hell, if nothing else, maybe we can point out to Trump that China's kicking our ass in clean energy.

And it is your Open Thread!

[UN climate report / UN news release / Vox / Guardian / CNN / The Scientist]

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          In praise of single Mormons      Cache   Translate Page      

Dallin Oaks wants young adult Mormons to hurry up and get married. But I think many single Millennials are delaying marriage for excellent reasons.

The post In praise of single Mormons appeared first on Religion News Service.

          Manchester Offices + Workspace | Summary, slides & photos      Cache   Translate Page      

The rise of WeWork, the demands of a growing millennial workforce, and Manchester’s next top area for office space were the hot topics discussed by a panel of experts at this Place North West event.

The post Manchester Offices + Workspace | Summary, slides & photos appeared first on Place North West.

          Millennials Kill Again. The Latest Victim? American Cheese      Cache   Translate Page      
One by one, America's food outlets are abandoning the century-old American staple. In many cases, they're replacing it with fancier cheeses.
          Millennials Kill Again. The Latest Victim? American Cheese      Cache   Translate Page      
American cheese will never die. It has too many preservatives
          Deep House Cat Show - Microplastics Mix - feat. Josso      Cache   Translate Page      

DJ and Radio journalist Joss from Cologne presents you deep and melodic deep house vibes featuring tracks by Hraach & Armen Miran, Alien Alien, Stephan Bodzin and many more.

DOWNLOAD (from our website):
Deep House Cat Show - Microplastics Mix - feat. Josso

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Deep House Cat Show - Microplastics Mix - feat. Josso

01. Hraach & Armen Miran - Aldebaran
02. Zigan Aldi - Fidale
03. Eli and Fur - Chlo (Extended Mix)
04. Rebolledo - Discotico Plexico (Maceo Plex Remix)
05. Alien Alien - Uhura
06. Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder - Indio Hindu
07. Pablo Bolivar - Dahnser
08. GHEIST - Axelot
09. Stephan Bodzin - Wir (Synthapella)

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          Deep House Cat Show - Millennial Award Mix - with Alex B. Groove      Cache   Translate Page      

Latin America goes crazy. So Alex B. Groove does. Enjoy funky 60 minutes of deep and soulful house music feat. tracks by Lavan, Freiboitar, Bwi-Bwi, Larry Cadge, Mousse T. and many more!

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Deep House Cat Show - Millennial Award Mix - with Alex B. Groove

01. Lavan - The Right Thing (The Hardest Thing) [00:00]
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04. Midland People - Deep Dancing [16:34]
05. Chrissy - Back In Time (feat. Miles Bonny) [Crackazat Extended Remix] [21:00]
06. Bwi-Bwi - Insight [27:15]
07. Larry Cadge - Hoofer (Original Mix) [33:37]
08. Mousse T. - Call It a Day (feat. Leela James) [38:45]
09. Angelo Ferreri - Want To Say [42:19]
10. ATFC - No Victim Song (feat. Hannah Williams) [47:20]
11. Julyan Dubson - Funky [53:24]
12. Cheek - Venus (Sunshine People) (DJ Gregory Radio Edit) [56:36]

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          Millennials drop primary care docs      Cache   Translate Page      
Posted by HX_Guy:

          I’m a millennial and I just bought a home — here’s what I wish I knew when I started the process      Cache   Translate Page      
There are many things millennials must consider when buying a home, like speaking with a mortgage broker rather than relying on real estate websites, finding an inspector, and sticking to a budget.
          Why millennials are ‘consciously’ choosing to remain single      Cache   Translate Page      
Millennials are ditching relationships and embracing singledom, according to a new survey. Tinder and consulting firm Morar HPI surveyed 1,000 singles between 18 to 25 years old and found that 72 percent “have made a conscious decision” to stay single. “Solo status gives young adults a sense of adventure, independence and empowerment,” the dating app...
          How teens are using Instagram to bully each other, including making dedicated hate accounts, sometimes with a mass audience, and how Instagram is addressing it (Taylor Lorenz/The Atlantic)      Cache   Translate Page      

Taylor Lorenz / The Atlantic:
How teens are using Instagram to bully each other, including making dedicated hate accounts, sometimes with a mass audience, and how Instagram is addressing it  —  No app is more integral to teens' social lives than Instagram.  While Millennials relied on Facebook to navigate high school and college …

          Kristina Martic posted a blog post      Cache   Translate Page      
Kristina Martic posted a blog post

4 Ways to Promote Your Open Job Positions on Facebook

How do you promote your open job positions on Facebook? You’re probably missing out on afew effective, free ways to reach more of your perfect candidates!Do you promote your open job positions on Facebook?These days, if you want to find and hire the right job candidates, you simply have to post your jobs on Facebook - the world’s largest social media network in 2018.More and more job seekers are turning to social media to find jobs. LinkedIn’s research, nearly half of all professionals (49%) are following companies on social media with the intent to stay aware of their open job positions.Younger generations live, breathe and find jobs on Facebook. As Aberdeen Group has found out, an overwhelming majority (73%) of millennials found their last position through social media!These findings offer clear proof that social media recruiting is absolutely necessary if you want to hire the best people. This is especially so because your best job candidates are passive job seekers. These people won’t visit job boards or your career site, so Facebook is your chance to reach them. If you put in some effort into promoting your employer brand on social media, you may be able to convince them to leave their current job and join your company!How do you promote your open job positions on Facebook?So how do you promote your open job positions on Facebook?Do you publish a post on your company’s Facebook profile? Eventually, promote that post if your budget allows it?That’s what most companies do. And they’re missing out!Facebook offers many more opportunities to reach more of your perfect job candidates - for free! Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of promoting your open job positions on Facebook!4 ways to promote your open job positions on FacebookThere are 4 main ways to promote your open job positions on Facebook:1. Ask your current employees to share your job postAsk your current employees to share your job posts via their personal Facebook profiles. That way your job posts will be seen by much larger audience - for free!According to Social Media Today:Content shared by employees receives 8X more engagement than content shared by brand channels.Messages shared by employees went 561% further than the same message shared on a brand owned channel.Besides, your potential candidates place much greater trust in your employees.According to Edelman Trust Barometer:Employee voice is 3x more credible than the CEO’s when it comes to talking about working condition in that company.Your employees are your best employer brand ambassadors!2. Promote your open job positions in Facebook groupsYou can also post your job posts in different Facebook groups. There are many Facebook groups dedicated to different professional interest and areas. In these groups, you can find a large number of professionals. Posting your job in Facebook groups is a unique way to reach your target population fast, easy and completely for free!Here are a few examples of Facebook groups that can help you recruit the right people for your company:Social Media ManagersFull Stack Developers / DevOps / Software Designers and ArchitectsPython-Software/Web Developers|Programmers|Machine LearningUI/UX designersWeb DesignersGraphic DesignersData Scientists & Statisticians3. Promote your open job positions using Facebook adsIf you're willing to invest some money in promoting your Facebook job posts, you can do that using the paid Facebook ads.Using paid Facebook ads to promote your job posts on Facebook has 2 main advantages:Greater reach (more people will see your job posts) Facebook is a great recruiting channel because you can use it to reach passive job seekers. These are the people who already have a job. That’s why they don’t visit the job board or your career site. However, you will find them on Facebook. If your Facebook job ad catches their attention, they might reconsider applying for your open job positions.Advanced targeting (your job posts will be shown only to your perfect job candidates) You can choose who will see your Facebook job ads. You can select people from the certain geographical area, based on their education level and type, current and past employers, interests, etc. Consequently, you won’t waste your money on candidates that are not a good fit for your company and your needs!4. Promote your open job positions with the Facebook job tabIf you want to make your open job positions more visible, you can add a Facebook job tab to your Facebook profile. With recruitment software such as TalentLyft, you can easily create and set up your Facebook job tab in just a few clicks! Once you add it to your Facebook profile, your open job positions will be automatically updated.See More

          28 Things That Happen When You Are In Paints Bedrooms Ideas | paints bedrooms ideas      Cache   Translate Page      

wallpaperpainting posted a photo:

28 Things That Happen When You Are In Paints Bedrooms Ideas | paints bedrooms ideas

via WordPress

1 of 50

New false ceiling designs ideas for bedroom 2019 with LED … – paints bedrooms ideas | paints bedrooms ideas

Statement-Making Lighting

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3 of 50

Use Jewel Tones

Deep blues, purples, and jewel-tone greens activate up a abrupt white room. To up the vibe alike more, add in assumption accents like a lamp, drawer pulls, and a chandelier.

See added at Emily Henderson.

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Backwoods Accordance

Unexpected, totally, but an earthy, backwoods blooming is actively all the comfortable feels. Combine it with rich, blooming bolt and we’re done for.

See added at Amber Interiors.

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Southwestern Chichi

Livestock drawings, blooming pillows, air-conditioned textiles—check, check, check. This Southwestern bedchamber is so chic, it’s authoritative us amend our accomplished architecture aesthetic.

See added at Nicole Franzen.

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The Bolder, The Better

Not alone do these ablaze azure walls add color, but the vibrant, blooming pillows accomplish it feel added fun. A ample window and white bedding accumulate it activity ablaze & airy.

See added at Old Brand New.

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Actualize A Reading Nook

If you’re activity to be blind out in your bedroom, you charge a atom to sit added than your bed. This armchair with a comfortable affidavit bandy and a blooming pillow is alarming us to absolutely accomplishment that book.

See added at Amber Interiors.

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Ombre Is In

Monochromatic walls are over. Try an ombre aftereffect on your wall, again aces up the hues in your bedding.

See added at Veneer Designs.

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Au Naturel

Even if your amplitude is mostly neutral, you can add character—and coziness—thanks to accustomed textures. This allowance appearance alpaca pillows & a throw, a suede shade, and linen.

See added at Rip & Tan.

Cool Painting Ideas for Your Sweet Home – paints bedrooms ideas | paints bedrooms ideas

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Accomplish A Headboard Bank

If you appetite to absolutely accomplish a statement, skip the army headboard and use your bank instead. We’re bedeviled with this DIY copse account wall.

Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

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Get Low With Your Appliance

Instead of colossal furniture, opt for minimalist, low-to-the-ground beds and nightstands. Not alone will your allowance attending beneath cluttered, but it’s additionally a life-saver if you’ve got a baby bedroom.

See added at Veneer Designs.

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Laid-Back Abreast

A sea dejected rug and white walls and beams actualize a ablaze and aerial feel in this bedroom. The apparent copse accents and avant-garde art up the abreast vibes.

See added at Lark & Linen.

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Artsy Fartsy

Your headboard isn’t the alone affair that can accomplish a account on your bed wall. Opt for a low headboard and adhere pictures aloft your bed to mix it up.

See added at Nicole Franzen.

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Bed Goals

A headboard is cool, but this is a allowance you absorb a lot of time in, so go all out and add a footboard too. A adventurous arrangement and blush accomplish an all-white allowance pop.

See added at Emily Henderson.

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Chill Out

Want to accomplish abiding you absolutely get candied dreams? You charge a cool abstracted acrylic color, like this sky blue.

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Boho Perfection

With eight walls to assignment with in this octagonal bedroom, a adventurous wallpaper was acclimated to abate acrid angles. Ablaze pillows comedy up the boho feel.

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Special Bedroom Paint Ideas Beauteous Bedroom Painting Design Ideas … – paints bedrooms ideas | paints bedrooms ideas

Blooming Dream

In the adept bedchamber of a Swedish summer home, the steeply pitched roof became alike added affecting with the accession of blooming panels. A anemic blooming makes it feel like summer, no amount what division it absolutely is.

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Bungalow Brilliance

Don’t discount a DIY project. Justina Blakeney advised the ample headboard with congenital nightstands for her “Jungalow”.

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Aloof Never Fails

Neutrals colors were acclimated to actualize a abstracted atmosphere in a California home—even the attic was corrective gray. A pom pom bedding and costly rug add comfortable texture.

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A Little Bit Alien

All the blush and arrangement absolutely accomplish this allowance pop. A best headboard and Moroccan rugs up the alien vibes.

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This bedchamber is giving off austere Spanish accordance acknowledgment to comfortable bed curtains and a four-poster bed. They advice accommodate a balmy adverse to the black-and-white in the room.

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Two-Tones Are Better Than One

In a Florida bedroom, acceptable walls adverse with blooming curtains. A atramentous and white striped rug adds dimension.

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Beachy Keen

In a Florida bedroom, a clear arrangement on the bank was fabricated out of best spools of thread. Coastal accents, like a approach blade and rattan stool, add to the beachy effect.

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Glam It Up

This adept bedchamber has a cocooned, timberline abode feel acknowledgment to the gold bamboo affiche bed. A account chaplet adds OTT glam.

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All The Abstracted Accordance

This adept bedchamber is all about softness. The adipose headboard and bedding are all kinds of comfy, while the bendable gray palette contributes to the tranquility.

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Room Paint Colors Effective Cool Popular For Bedrooms Ideas … – paints bedrooms ideas | paints bedrooms ideas

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Account Alcove

Bold wallpaper frames a alcove in a Texas home’s bedfellow bedroom. Antique appliance and white bedding balances out the adventurous walls.

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Not Basic Atramentous & White

With so abounding adornment accents, like sculptures, art, and pottery, this black-and-white bedchamber feels the antipode of boring. Patterns and bolt advice add beheld interst.

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Lilac Is The New Millennial Pink

Lilac runs throughout this bedroom, from the headboard to the wallpaper. The rug helps add a aloof counterpoint to the adventurous color.

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28 Things That Happen When You Are In Paints Bedrooms Ideas | paints bedrooms ideas – paints bedrooms ideas
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Relaxing master bedroom ideas, paint color for master … – paints bedrooms ideas | paints bedrooms ideas

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What Color to Paint Your Bedroom: Pictures, Options, Tips & Ideas | HGTV – paints bedrooms ideas | paints bedrooms ideas

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Elegant VASTU Friendly BEDROOMS – Renomania – paints bedrooms ideas | paints bedrooms ideas

The post 28 Things That Happen When You Are In Paints Bedrooms Ideas | paints bedrooms ideas appeared first on Wall Painting.

          Not just student loans: Millennials are also loading up on this kind of debt      Cache   Translate Page      
Personal loans are becoming popular among borrowers who are 35 and under, according to new data from LendingPoint....(read more)

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          Millennials drop primary care docs      Cache   Translate Page      
Posted by OB1 back:

          Millennial Generation Customer Service – The Ultimate Guide      Cache   Translate Page      

To provide best-in-class Millennial customer service, companies must understand the demographic’s unique habits as well as their tech preferences.

The post Millennial Generation Customer Service – The Ultimate Guide appeared first on Techsee.

          4 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Charity In Your Business      Cache   Translate Page      

Customers want to buy from companies that do good. We all know this. But despite the hype surrounding millennials and their buying habits, this is not a new trend. Charity is important for all your customers In fact, according to YouGov, 79% of millennials and 78% of  Generation X say that they prefer to buy […]

The post 4 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Charity In Your Business appeared first on TweakYourBiz.

          Re: Millennials & Money Data      Cache   Translate Page      
mmmodem wrote:
Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:29 pm

liamb86 wrote:
Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:28 am
I think it is safe to assume 20-30% of millennial have $50k in investable assets

Why would you assume this? According to the article below, most Americans don't have $500 to cover an emergency. I would be shocked if 20% of millennials or Gen Xers has $50k in investable assets. ... index.html

Correct - every time these threads come up we need to remind ourselves that this website is a self selecting group of very above average investors.

DQYDJ has some nice tools that will split out the information we seek:


An age 30 millennial making 100k is earning more income than 92% of their peers.

Assets: ... ed-states/

Its hard to find statistics on "invetible assets" but if you use net worth excluding home equity asa proxy, Age 30-34 with $50k net worth is doing better than 72% of peers.

So I think the OP can breathe easy...

BTW as a relative 'old man' (Gen Xer) I can say all you folks in your 20s that are already making 6 figures and maxing your 401k... chill out and be happy. Many of us Xers where not able to do that until much later in age. Programmer jobs didn't pay 6 figures right out of college 20 years ago, plus many of us lived though both the DotCom and Great Recession wealth implosions.... Be glad for what you have....
          How Blogs Can Get You in Google’s Top 10: Improve Your Ranking with Quality Content      Cache   Translate Page      
If you want your site on the first page of Google results but haven’t had success, it might be your online marketing approach. One way to get noticed by Google is blogging. As a blogger yourself, you know that blogging isn’t only for “emo millennials” sharing their angst online. On the contrary, it’s an effective […]
          UK millennials are drinking less alcohol, study finds      Cache   Translate Page      
Young British people are drinking less alcohol than a decade ago, with abstinence becoming "mainstream" among teenagers and young adults, a new study reveals.

          Millennials Kill Again. The Latest Victim? American Cheese      Cache   Translate Page      
American cheese will never die. It has too many preservatives
          I'm a millennial and I just bought a home — here's what I wish I knew when I started the process      Cache   Translate Page      

594403859a7af51b008b4c84 960 720

  • Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most people will make.
  • There are many things millennials must consider when buying a home, like speaking with a mortgage broker rather than relying on real estate websites, finding an inspector, and sticking to a budget.
  • After a year and a half of searching, my partner and I finally bought a house, though there are a number of things I wish we had known before starting the process.

I've always thought buying a house was a milestone I would reach by 30. I'd own that perfect, stately colonial on a beautiful tree-lined street in a nice suburban town.

I'm turning 30 this year, and the search for my perfect home has been complicated beyond measure, with the foremost obstacle being affordability. It turns out I'm not alone among people of my generation — according to CNBC, a growing number of millennials are struggling to save any money at all, nevermind enough for a down payment.

And it doesn't help that, as of 2018, US home prices are the least affordable since 2008, according to Attom Data Solutions.

I live in New Jersey, and looking for a home in a town with a good school district that's within a reasonable commuting distance to New York City is a tall order at any budget. According to the 2019 Best School Districts in New Jersey list from Niche, only a handful of towns within a 30-40 mile radius of NYC rank in the top 25 school districts. When you cross reference that list with the average sales price of homes in the area, affordability plummets.

After a year and a half of searching through half a dozen New Jersey towns, my husband and I are finally ready to close on our first home.

As a millennial, here's what I learned about buying a house that I wish I knew when I started the process.

SEE ALSO: 10 things people deal with in the city that people in the suburbs don't understand

1. Review your finances and talk with a mortgage broker before you start hunting

With websites like Zillow just a click away, it's easy to start shopping for a house immediately. But it can be helpful to get realistic by reviewing your finances and your credit score and talking with a mortgage broker first to see what you can actually afford with your income and lifestyle.

I became self-employed about a year before my husband and I started looking for a house, but our lender required that I have two years of self-employment before we could use my income for our mortgage. This meant we would be reliant on a single income to look for a home, which didn’t allow us to afford the towns we were looking to purchase in.

Our broker's advice at this point was invaluable, and while we could have purchased something, we decided to wait until we had a better story to tell through our finances. The numbers are the numbers, and we appreciated the candid conversations and wouldn't have known to wait had we not had a reputable mortgage broker to talk with.

2. Check your credit score

When you want to buy a home, your credit score is more important than ever. Sites like Credit Karma offer lets you see where you stand for free.

This way, you'll know if there's anything wild on your credit report, like a fraudulent credit card or outstanding utility bills from an old apartment, that you weren't aware of. These are things you should address before moving forward in your search.

3. Go to as many open houses as possible

We saw nearly a hundred homes, both with and without our agent. Every weekend, we would drive out of the city and hop from one open house to another.

Zillow is a great resource for finding potential homes, but until you see a house in person, you may not know if it's the right fit. For instance, a number of homes we viewed were seemingly perfect online but completely disappointing in person.

Lastly, you never know what you'll fall in love with — our new home was one of those open houses that we ended up visiting but perhaps wouldn’t have gone to see with our agent because it was priced outside of our budget.

It was only after visiting and talking with the agent that we were compelled to make an offer we were comfortable with. We wouldn’t have wanted to waste our agent's time, but were totally fine doing the legwork on our own.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider
          84位:GQ JAPAN 15th Anniversary Special Edition Millennials Catal 2018年 11月号 [雑誌]      Cache   Translate Page      
          How to Grow a Church: 5 Engagement Tips to Boost Your Congregation      Cache   Translate Page      

by Robert Clough


If you're wondering how to grow a church, increasing your engagement both online and off is the way to go. Click here for 5 proven tips!

growachurch.jpg Are you a church struggling to grow your membership? If so, you are not alone. Many churches are facing declining membership in the digital age. Digital programming is one reason people are staying home and logged into their computers. Other reasons include a lack of engagement. Where most churches fail is that they spend too much time getting people through the door, and little to keep them excited about Christ. When a church lacks enthusiasm and passion it impacts both members and visitors. If church growth is a struggle for your congregation, continue reading for our five tips on how to grow a church.

1. Develop a Mission and Vision You Believe In

An important step to make your church grow is to have a realistic mission and vision. Often churches use their mission and vision statement as an item on their to-do list. When your church's actions don't line up, people see it. Having core values that are genuine will flow over to your congregation and grow passionate people that want to adhere to those promises.

2. Choose Committed Leadership Teams

Before choosing individuals to serve in leadership roles, they must first show their commitment to the goals of the church. Leaders should have a heart for the people they are serving. Your leadership should also be able to brainstorm ways on how to grow a church membership for the future church, not the current church. You also want leaders who are passionate about growing the church with people that are willing to serve and one day lead.

3. Reaching Millennials is How to Grow a Church

How do we reach Millennials? This is a question that should be on every church leader's mind. Without the next generation there is no future. With many Millennials leaving church there is a void being left. Engagement and retention go hand-in-hand. If you're not converting younger members you are probably not seeing significant growth.

4. Incorporate Life Groups

Now that people can receive religious programming online, pastors are wondering, how can I help my church to grow? One way is by creating life groups that speak to specific needs. People who are looking for more than a Sunday sermon often want to engage with others on a deeper level. Life groups are growing on church campuses and are a very popular connection tool.

5. Build an Interactive Website

A church website builder is instrumental in growing church membership. Church websites are extensions of the church building. Today many offer the same interactions as social media sites. You can live stream services, create online groups, offer online giving, market upcoming events and increase brand awareness.

We Hope these Tips Have Been Useful

Now that you have these five tips on how to grow a church, it's time to focus on getting new people through the door. A good way to reach new people is by incorporating SEO strategies into your marketing plan. Click here to join our mailing list to receive great SEO tips on using search engines to market your church website.

Be sure and visit our small business news site.

          The Democrats Have a Latino Problem      Cache   Translate Page      

If the Democratic Party is to regain control of Congress or win back the White House, it will need the support of women and minorities. Almost 7 out of 10 women who are registered to vote disapprove of Donald Trump’s performance in office. The black vote will surely favor the Democratic Party as well. Only 10 percent of black voters support Trump. Then, there is the Hispanic vote. It would seem reasonable to assume that after three uninterrupted years of demonizing, ostracizing, and persecuting the country’s Hispanic immigrants, Trump and his nativist enablers would have hell to pay with Latinos at the ballot box, come November and beyond. Trouble is, they might not. Hispanic voters have become a maddening puzzle for the Democratic Party.

2016 was supposed to be the year America’s great demographic “sleeping giant” would finally awake, shaken out of its slumber by Trump’s rhetoric. Some predicted a massive “We have arrived” moment that would include a surge in voter registration and a dramatic increase in turnout at the polls. A “Latino wave,” an overoptimistic colleague told me, would come ashore and prove that Hispanic voters truly held the key to the White House.

On Election Day, the wave was merely a splash. There were certainly stories of accomplishment, like the Latino vote in Colorado and Nevada, but Hispanics did not reject Trump in the resounding, almost absolute way that, say, black Americans did. According to exit polls, Trump won 29 percent of the Hispanic vote, outperforming Mitt Romney’s tally by 2 points.

Two things have happened since then. First, Trump’s attacks on Hispanics immigrants have reached an astounding degree of cruelty. He has used the individual cases of gang members to demonize the wider population of hardworking immigrants who lead peaceful, unassuming lives in this country. He has turned the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency into a fearsome deportation machine. He has ended protection for Dreamers and separated immigrant families at the border. He has given men like Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions free rein to execute their punitive fantasies.

Latinos have not responded in kind. While Trump was enacting his anti-immigrant agenda, Latino voters seemed to have slowly warmed up to the president. In last week’s NPR/PBS/Marist poll, 41 percent of Hispanics approved of Trump’s performance (black Americans? 12 percent).  This is no outlier. Another recent poll put Trump’s approval among Latinos at 35 percent. An average of both would put Trump—again, an overtly nativist president—within about 10 points of Barack Obama’s 49 percent approval among Hispanic at roughly the same time in his presidency.

This does not mean Donald Trump is a popular president among Hispanics. He is not. But he is not repudiated, either, not by a mile. In a recent interview with Vox, University of Southern California professor Roberto Suro explained that while Latino voters “hold negative views toward Trump,” they do so “by a much smaller margin than Democrats overall.” Suro suggests that Latinos more closely resemble independent voters rather than “a steadfast Democratic constituency.” The polls, says Suro, also dispute “the presumption that Trump’s immigration policies have alienated large numbers of Latinos.”

The fact that Donald Trump is viewed in a relatively favorable light by as many as 1 in 4 Hispanic voters should be alarming for Democrats, but it’s not even their biggest problem. That would be turnout.

Latino voters make up about 12 percent of the American electorate, with more than 27 million eligible voters. Those numbers will continue to grow in the coming years. The question is whether Hispanic turnout will increase as well. So far, it doesn’t look promising. In California, the state with the country’s largest Latino population, Hispanic turnout in this year’s early summer primaries improved in numbers that might, at first, seem significant. A study led by Hispanic vote expert Matt Barreto found double digit increases in some areas of Southern California, impressive if not for the original variable: Latino turnout during the 2014 midterms in California sat at a dismal 12 percent. At a national level, Hispanics have consistently registered lower turnouts that white, black, or Asian voters. As a matter of fact, more eligible Hispanic voters have decided to stay home rather than vote in every election since 1996. To make matters potentially worse, more than 40 percent of potential Hispanic voters are millennials, another dispirited demographic.

Hispanic apathy toward voting is no laughing matter for the Democrats, but it should be even less so for the Latino community itself. I have heard many explanations for it over the years. Perhaps, some say, Hispanics simply shun civic engagement or lack political education. Others say Latinos have deep misgivings about the democratic process after having seen it fail in their countries of origin. None of the explanations satisfy me. Most of them, frankly, anger me. Whatever the reason for its depressing lethargy may be, the Hispanic electorate must unshackle itself, even if, in extremis, it means favoring a man whose sole project has been to question the right of millions of immigrants to belong in the United States.

Whatever their preference, Latinos must vote, now. The place of our entire community within the fabric of American life depends on it.

          Is walking the new holiday of choice for millennials?      Cache   Translate Page      
Scrambling down the banks of the River Wye, contemplating the sudden drop into the murky water below – which looks an awful lot deeper now that we’re closer to it – I find myself questioning our idea of “just wading across” in lieu of an actual bridge. And as my partner starts to remove his shoes and socks, I reflect that we may have been just a bit cocky in thinking we wouldn’t have to do any preparation for our first ever walking holiday....
          Le fromage américain est de moins en moins populaire      Cache   Translate Page      
Une chose de plus à ajouter à la liste qui semble interminable de ce qu’ont tué les millennials. Après avoir tourné le dos à la mayonnaise, aux serviettes en papier, au golf et même à leurs boss, les jeunes délaissent dérsormais le (mauvais) fromage américain. ... Lire la suite

          Specialty grocer hungry for more metro Orlando real estate      Cache   Translate Page      
Lucky's Market was attracted to Central Florida due to its demographics and large millennial population.

          How Millennials Are Killing American Cheese      Cache   Translate Page      
          25 reasons to play hooky and come to the Fast Company Innovation Festival      Cache   Translate Page      

The Fast Company Innovation Festival is back for its fourth year and is poised to be bigger and better than ever. This year’s lineup promises to inspire, energize, and excite. There’s something for everyone, with a wide array of thought-provoking panels and unique events. International leaders in business, design, and culture will share their insights alongside Fast Company editors onstage at the renowned 92nd Street Y (1395 Lexington Ave.) on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Specially themed networking opportunities and panel discussions will take place at Convene (237 Park Ave.), an imaginative event space conveniently located next to Grand Central Station that’s ideal for meaningful connections, illuminating live journalism, and immersive experiences.

Festival attendees can also participate in more than 100 Fast Tracks, Fast Company‘s popular field trips that go inside the labs, studios, and offices of New York’s most cutting-edge companies.

But if you need some more convincing, here are 25 reasons to ditch work and come join us at #FCFESTIVAL.

  1. Learn why live performances still rule in an age of screens with the incomparable Kerry Washington.
  2. Listen to Pharrell Williams discuss the power of collaboration and creativity with Illumination’s Chris Meledandri.
  3. Laugh your lanyard off with Larry Wilmore, who will be hosting a live version of his hit show Black on the Air.
  4. Get an inside look at how Amazon Studios and Blumhouse are changing how we consume media.
  5. Find out how to bridge entrepreneurship and empowerment with two powerhouses: designer Diane von Furstenberg and Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and CEO of Bumble.
  6. Hear celebrity chef Dan Barber and Sweetgreen cofounder Nic Jammett discuss how the future of food looks a lot like the future of the planet.
  7. Shapewear doyenne and founder of Spanx Sara Blakely will discus how leadership can provide stability in uncertain times with Delta CEO Ed Bastian.
  8. Take a deeper look at design with Michael Hendrix, partner and executive design director of renowned design agency Ideo.
  9. See why Drybar is about more than just great blowouts with founder Alli Webb.
  10. Worried about fake news? Listen to Hany Farid, professor at Dartmouth College, and photojournalist John Moore discuss how “deep fakes” are making the truth harder to discern than ever.
  11. Hear how fashion designer Tory Burch turned her company into a $3 billion business.
  12. Find out what it takes to take a cult brand beyond the die-hards with Jen Berrent, COO of WeWork, and the founders of the Skimm, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg.
  13. Sprint through product development with Market Gravity and Deloitte Digital as they teach you how to go from Post-it Note to prototype.
  14. Plan your future with Prudential as it hosts an “escape room” workshop that will help you understand how to meet your financial challenges.
  15. Explore the ethical implications of artificial intelligence with senior executives from Intel and some of the top AI researchers from across the industry.
  16. Head to Lippincott’s Park Avenue lab to discover how it’s designing the workplace of the future.
  17. Bang the gavel with online auction house Paddle8 and learn about fundraising in the digital age.
  18. It may not be breakfast in bed, but you can still learn where your bed linens come from with Parachute, which will be hosting a breakfast.
  19. Get an inside look at how Giphy and Lemonade have captured the imagination of millennials.
  20. Grab a beer with Ceros and learn about the differences between creating content and creating real experiences.
  21. Absorb some lessons about why you should be designing for your employees rather than your company from the design geniuses at Frog.
  22. Go inside the news with a hosted tour of the Mic newsroom with cofounder and editor-at-large Jake Horowitz.
  23. Hang with some pups and learn how Bark designs its products with our canine friends in mind.
  24. Take a stroll around Central Park and learn about urban flora from a certified arborist with the Arbor Day Foundation. Picnic included!
  25. Snack, chat, and refuel at Convene, the Innovation Festival Hub conveniently located a stone’s throw from Grand Central Terminal.

          You’ll never believe what millennials killed this time      Cache   Translate Page      

As a millennial, I would like to apologize. If you’ve been reading the headlines lately, all the destruction caused by people in my vague age group should be abundantly clear. We have killed so many things, and today is no different. According to Bloomberg, the latest fatality caused by millennials is American cheese.

The article makes a clear case: American cheese consumption has fallen 1.6% this past year… something something something… millennials are to blame. “The product, made famous by the greatest generation, devoured by boomers on the go and touted as the basis for macaroni and cheese, the well-documented love object of Gen X,” the article writes, “has met its match with millennials demanding nourishment from ingredients that are both recognizable and pronounceable.

As far as I can tell, the proof that people born between 1981 and 1996 are destroying this once-beloved food item is that sales have been down for the last four consecutive years. It’s unclear if the problem is that the people who died of old age over the last half decade were known for their processed-cheese purchase volume, or if millennials in 2014 all attended the same “down with Kraft” meeting. Whatever the answer, it’s clear my generation has done goofed again. What’s more, Bloomberg is on it.

We can add American cheese to the long list of things millennials have killed. They include divorce, mayonnaise, the primary care physician, beer, and napkins. As someone who likes Tex-Mex queso, this news is an especially harsh blow. (I also do really like mayonnaise!) It’s true I don’t put Kraft singles on every one of my sandwiches, but it is necessary for the spicy dip. However, now that I’ve received the memo to kill American cheese, I suppose I have to stop.

The question remains: What will we kill next?

          Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio      Cache   Translate Page      

“A Strong Case”

New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio

Established in 2011 (originally as Casetagram), Casetify is a lifestyle fashion brand that specializes in phone cases and other tech accessories. Casetify was the first company to bring to the mainstream the ability to turn your Insta photos into durable cases. While still providing that option, it now also produces a vast amount of fashionable design cases, many of which can be personalized with your name, initials, or some ironic word. The company has put a strong focus on celebrity collaborations and have launched both Sarah Jessica Parker and Pharrell William's first tech accessories collections. It's also a company that knows who its audience is, proudly stating that it reaches "1 in 7 millennials". Recently Casetify introduced a new identity designed by Portland, OR-based AfterAll Studio.

Through many conversations and strategy discussions, we determined that CASETiFY's brand is one that is bold but not outlandish. It has to feel energetic but not goofy. […] Our inspiration for the logo was based around the idea of stamps, stickers, and tape--which are all things people use to personalize things they own. We wanted to design a logo that spoke to CASETiFY's spirit of individualism and how CASETiFY empowers people to express themselves. The logo is at an angle to feel like a sticker and the dot in the "i" is meant to look like a person.

Casetify news page

New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
Pangram Black is the main font used for Casetify. It forms some of the letters used in the Casetify logo, thus making it a natural pairing. Pangram is bold, blocky, and a little quirky. Its slightly squished "S", which can also be seen in the logo, is one of the more recognizable features of the font. Also, the letter forms are constructed from perfect circles, which relate back to the dot of the lower case "i" in the Casetify logo and the brand's alignment with dots and circles as a graphic element.

Casetify provided text

The old logo was a modified version of Bello Pro -- the same font the old Airbnb logo used -- which, in principle, is fine since it's a charming, fun, lively script but a little overused and dated by now. The new logo is pretty good and achieves a successful balance of heading in the direction of dry sans serif fashion logos but adding some playfulness by simply angling it a bit. The lowercase "i" -- whether it looks like a person or not (it doesn't) -- is nicely done and well integrated with the tittle's center hitting the top of the X-height and breaking the rhythm of the uppercase in a good way. The spacing around the type on the sides is wrong, though, with too much on the left and far too much on the right. An easy fix that should have been fixed (or gotten right from the beginning). In general it's a very good logo for this brand and it extends into some great patterns to extend its playfulness.

New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
The Casetify Brand color palette is bold, playful, and fun. It is intended to work with a strong black presence at all times to help balance the poppiness and add the finesse. This palette is for use in overarching or general brand work. Seasonal color palettes can be generated based on product assortment, but should still be vibrant and bold and include a strong dose of black.

Casetify provided text

New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
Color palette.
New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
Sample cases.
New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
Case details.

I love how they have applied the logo around the camera ring. It's something they introduced before the redesign but it's a super clever way of branding their cases. With cases showing up on so many Instagram photos it's a great way to get free impressions. The simplicity of the wordmark works great in the awkward curve and the lowercase "i" keeps its distinctiveness.

New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio

I'm not the target audience. I'm not the target audience. I'm not the targ... I can't stand these campaign photos. Also, OMG with the kerning on the typography -- so much for "finesse". I am sure there is a way to get the same deadpan-I-care-so-much-but-I-don't-want-to-look-like-I-care vibe with less annoying art directing and styling. I'm not the target audience though.

New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
New Logo and Identity for Casetify by AfterAll Studio
Promo images.

Overall, this is a strong redesign and very appropriate for the brand and the time. It's a big improvement from the old logo and now the company appears to have more stature and a more confident position in being one of the leaders in a highly competitive category.

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ดังนั้นการแบ่งเป็นมาร์กซ์หนุ่มกับมาร์กซ์แก่ ซึ่งมาร์กซ์แก่มีความคิดแข็งทื่อตายตัวและนำมาสู่ปัญหาอีกเยอะแยะนั้น มันไม่ใช่ ตัดอันนี้ออกไป

สิ่งที่จะพูดในครั้งนี้เจาะจงปรัชญาประวัติศาสตร์ คำอธิบายประวัติศาสตร์ ความคิดของคาร์ล มาร์กซ์ ในแง่มุมต่างๆ สุดท้ายแล้วเหมือนกับติ่งหรือส่วนหนึ่งในระบบความคิดเป็นชุดรวบยอด คือ การมองประวัติศาสตร์ของมนุษย์ว่า สุดท้ายประวัติของมนุษย์มีกฎเกณฑ์ไหม มีทิศทางหรือไม่ หรือเป็นแค่ความบังเอิญของเหตุการณ์ ไปของมันเรื่อยแล้วแต่ว่าใครจะพาไป เป็นอุบัติเหตุไปเรื่อยไม่มีทิศทาง หรือประวัติศาสตร์ก็เหมือนสังคมมนุษย์สามารถเอาหลักวิทยาศาสตร์เข้าไปจับ แล้วก็กำหนดกฎเกณฑ์หรือค้นคว้าหากฎเกณฑ์ เช่นเดียวกับที่นักวิทยาศาสตร์มองไปในโลกธรรมชาติแล้วสามารถค้นคว้าเอากฎเกณฑ์ออกมาก เช่น ทฤษฎีแรงโน้มถ่วงของนิวตัน ทฤษฎีการหักเหแสงของกาลิเลโอ มาร์กซ์ก็อยู่ในกระแสนี้ที่สามารถเอารูปแบบหรือวิธีการของยุคนั้นมาประยุกต์ใช้กับประวัติศาสตร์มนุษย์เพื่อสร้างกรอบทฤษฎีอันหนึ่งเพื่ออธิบายว่า การพัฒนาของสังคมมนุษย์ก็มีกฎเกณฑ์ที่เป็นวิทยาศาสตร์เหมือนในโลกธรรมชาติ 

ต้องเข้าใจก่อนว่า ทำไมมาร์กซ์จึงหมกมุ่นเหลือเกินที่จะทำให้แนวความคิดของตัวเองเป็นวิทยาศาสตร์ เขาเขียนไว้เยอะเลย เพราะมาร์กซ์พัฒนาแนวคิดขึ้นมาจากกระแสก่อนหน้านี้ที่เป็นสังคมนิยมเพ้อฝัน สังคมนิยมยูโทเปีย ความคิดสังคมนิยมไม่ได้มีเฉพาะคาร์ล มาร์กซ์ เท่านั้น มาร์กซ์เป็นแค่สำนักหนึ่งภายใต้แนวคิดสังคมนิยมอันใหญ่เบ้อเร้อ ลัทธิสังคมนิยมก่อนมาร์กซ์มีปัญหาอยู่อย่างหนึ่งคือ เป็นสังคมที่วิพากษ์และปฏิเสธทุนนิยมบนพื้นฐานของศีลธรรมและจริยธรรม ใช้ข้ออ้างเชิงศีลธรรมหรือศาสนามาวิพากษ์ทุนนิยม เป็นโลกที่เต็มไปด้วยความละโมบโลภมาก ความฉ้อฉล ความเลวร้าย จึงมองว่ามันต้องเปลี่ยนเป็นสังคมที่ดีกว่าในเชิงศีลธรรม แต่มาร์กซ์บอกว่า ไม่ได้ จะเอาทุนนิยมไปวางบนพื้นฐานศีลธรรมความดีความชั่วไม่ได้ เพราะมาตรฐานศีลธรรมมันเปลี่ยนไปตามกาลเวลา ท้ายสุด ทุนนิยมมีพื้นฐานที่มั่นคงแน่นอนชัดเจนเถียงไม่ได้ก็ต้องทำให้ทุนนิยมเป็นพื้นฐานทางวิทยาศาสตร์ที่พิสูจน์ได้ นี่คือความหมกมุ่นของมาร์กซ์ เขาเขียนไว้เยอะเลยที่เยาะเย้ยถากถางนักสังคมนิยมรุ่นเก่า เขาพยายามทำให้สังคมนิยมเป็นวิทยาศาสตร์โดยผนวกกับการที่สังคมมนุษยอยู่ภายใต้กฎเกณฑ์ทางวิทยาศาสตร์กายภาพแบบเดียวกับฟิสิกส์ เคมี ฯลฯ แต่ก็ต้องบอกว่า ความเป็นวิทยาศาสตร์ ที่คาร์ล มาร์กซ์ พูดถึงเป็นคอนเซ็ปท์วิทยาศาสตร์ในปี 1850 หรือ 150 ปีมาแล้ว แล้ววิทยาศาสตร์ทุกวันนี้มันก็เป็นคนละอย่างเลย ความเป็นวิทยาศาสตร์ที่มาร์กซ์พูดถึงเป็นวิทยาศาสตร์ที่ตกทอดมาจาก ไอแซค นิวตัน คือ เชื่อว่าวิทยาศาสตร์เป็นความเข้าใจต่อโลกความเป็นจริง โลกเป็นอย่างนั้นจริงๆ การที่ไอแซค นิวตัน ค้นพบกฎแรงโน้มถ่วงในศรีษะของเขา หมายความว่ามันมีแรงโน้มถ่วงจริงๆ อยู่ข้างนอกที่ไม่เกี่ยวกับตัวเรา ถึงมนุษยชาติจะสูญหายไปหมดแล้ว กฎแรงโน้มถ่วงก็ยังอยู่ ฉะนั้น วิทยาศาสตร์สามารถเข้าใจถึงความเป็นจริงสัมบูรณ์ได้ แต่ความเป็นวิทยาศาสตร์ในยุคของเรานี้เป็นอีกแบบหนึ่งแล้ว มันอ่อนน้อมถ่อมตนกว่านี้เยอะ ไม่มองว่ารู้จักโลกความจริงทั้งหมด เรารู้แค่ส่วนเดียว และความรู้ที่เรามีอยู่นั้นไม่แน่ว่าจะถูกต้องเสมอไป แม้แต่สิ่งที่เกิดจากความเปลี่ยนผัน เช่น ทฤษฎีกายภาพของนิวตันก็ถูกข้ามพ้นโดยทฤษฎีสัมพันธภาพของไอน์สไตน์ เป็นต้น กลายเป็นว่าทฤษฎีวิทยาศาสตร์ไม่ว่าจะล้ำหน้าแค่ไหนก็มีโอกาสจะไม่สอดคล้องกับความเป็นจริงในวันใดวันหนึ่งแม้แต่ทฤษฎีสัมพันธภาพทุกวันนี้ก็เป็นเพียงแค่ว่า ที่ผ่านมาเราทดสอบแล้วมันไม่ผิด แต่ไม่ได้หมายความว่าในอนาคตแล้วมันจะถูกเสมอไป

แล้วมาร์กซ์มองประวัติศาสตร์มนุษย์อย่างไร สังคมที่เป็นวิทยาศาสตร์แบบที่ไม่ต้องพึ่งศาสนา ไม่ต้องพึ่งความดีความชั่ว แต่วิเคราะห์สังคมทุนนิยมในเชิงกลไกว่ามันมีจุดบกพร่องภายในอย่างไร เหมือนวิเคราะห์เครื่องยนต์ ดูระบบภายในแล้วบอกว่าเดี๋ยววิ่งไปสัก 100 กม.มันต้องพังแน่ๆ ไม่เกี่ยวกับว่าคนทำเครื่องยนต์เป็นนักบวชหรือใคร นี่คือสิ่งที่มาร์กซ์พยายามจะทำกับการวิเคราะห์ระบบทุนนิยม

ทีนี้การมองเชิงประวัติศาสตร์ล่ะ มาร์กซ์ก็ได้มุมมองเชิงประวัติศาสตร์มาจากอาจารย์ของตนเองชื่อ วิลเฮห์ม เฮเกล (Wilhelm Hegel) เป็นนักปรัชญาชาวเยอรมันรุ่นก่อน เขียนอะไรไว้เยอะแยะ มุมมองของเขาคือ มองโลกทั้งโลกเป็นองค์รวมหนึ่งเดียว แล้วมีการพัฒนาไปขั้นสูง ตัวการก็คือ the idea หรือความคิดของพวกเราทั้งหมดรวมเป็นความคิดองค์รวม พัฒนาจากการไม่รู้อะไรเลยจนเป็น self consciousness การรู้จักตัวเอง การพัฒนาจิตสำนึกนี้เกิดจากความขัดแย้งภายใน คือ เรารับรู้อะไรบางอย่าง เรามองไปแล้วรับรู้ว่า กอไก่คือกอไก่ สีดำคือสีดำ แล้วนั่งวิเคราะห์ไปเรื่อยๆ จนพบว่าสีดำไม่เป็นความจริง ไล่ไปจนถึงโมเลกุล อะตอม สีดำมันไม่เป็นสีดำแล้ว กลายเป็นไม่มีสี ความรับรู้ของเราจะพัฒนาขึ้นเรื่อยๆ จากที่ยึดติดความเป็นสีดำก็ข้ามพ้นความเป็นสีดำไปสู่ความคิดอื่นๆ ไล่ไปเรื่อย

การเปลี่ยนแปลงและการพัฒนาเกิดจากความขัดแย้ง หลักนี้คือหัวใจ การพัฒนาหรือการเปลี่ยนแปลงไม่ได้เกิดขึ้นอย่างราบรื่น สวยงาม สุภาพเรียบร้อย แต่เกิดจากความขัดแย้งถกเถียงกันเพื่อค้นพบคำตอบเพื่อไปสู่ขั้นใหม่ ขั้นใหม่ก็เกิดความขัดแย้งใหม่อีก ไล่ไปเรื่อยๆ การพัฒนาจากขั้นต่ำไปสู่ขั้นสูง ปรัชญาแบบนี้คาร์ล มาร์กซ์ เรียนมาตั้งแต่เด็ก เป็นศิษย์เอกคนหนึ่ง และสิ่งที่มีผลมากคือ ปรัชญาประวัติศาสตร์ซึ่งเฮเกลอธิบายปรัชญาประวัติศาสตร์ แล้วความคิดที่เป็นนามธรรม เป็นขั้นตอน มีความขัดแย้งแล้วพัฒนาไปเรื่อยๆ ทำให้ความคิดสูงขึ้นเรื่อยๆ นั้นในโลกความเป็นจริงเราเห็นได้ที่ไหนหรือ ที่เฮเกลเขียนมันเป็นเรื่องความคิดล้วนๆ ในโลกแห่งความเป็นจริงสังเกตได้ไหม ได้ ดูได้จากประวัติศาสตร์มนุษย์ มันพัฒนามาหลายหมื่นปี จากสังคมที่เป็นขั้นต้นมากจนเป็นสังคมที่มีความซับซ้อนมาก เจริญมาก แล้วตัวเอกในวิวัฒนาการทางประวัติศาสตร์ของมนุษย์ก็คือ The State หรือ รัฐ (รัด-ถะ) อำนาจรัฐ อำนาจการปกครอง อำนาจที่คนกลุ่มหนึ่งมีเหนือคนอีกกลุ่มแล้วนำพาให้สังคมมนุษย์ในรูปของรัฐพัฒนาไปเรื่อย จากรัฐหรือรูปแบบการปกครองแบบเผ่า ยุคหิน เกิดเป็นอาณาจักร ระบบศักดิดา จนกระทั่งเป็นระบบรัฐบาลสมัยใหม่แบบที่เราเห็นอยู่ทุกวันนี้

ฉะนั้น การพัฒนารูปแบบของรัฐจากที่ง่ายๆ โบราณมาสู่รูปแบบที่ซับซ้อน นี่คือพัฒนาการของความคิดของมนุษย์ซึ่งสะท้อนมาเป็นการพัฒนารัฐ หรือรูปแบบการปกครองขึ้นมา การพัฒนาประวัติศาสตร์ที่มีรัฐ แล้วบทบาทของตัวบุคคล คุณ ผม อยู่ตรงไหน เวลาเฮเกลมองรัฐ มองแบบองค์รวมหมดเลย ไม่ได้มองแต่ละคน แต่ถามว่าคนแต่ละคน คุณ ผม มีความสำคัญหรือเปล่าหรือเป็นมดปลวก เฮเกลบอกว่าคนแต่ละคนมีความสำคัญ แต่มีความสำคัญภายใต้บริบทของการวิวัฒนาการทางสังคมหรือขั้นตอนนั้น ถ้าคุณเป็นคนที่เข้าใจวิวัฒนาการทางสังคมอย่างทุกถูกต้อง เข้าใจว่าทิศทางมันจะไปอย่างนี้แล้วคุณก็ดำเนินการให้สอดคล้องไปตามนั้น คุณก็มีส่วนในการให้สังคมมันเดินไป แต่ไม่ว่าอย่างไรก็ตาม เจตจำนงหรือความต้องการของคุณมันไม่สามารถข้ามพ้นยุคสมัยไปได้ ถ้ายุคสมัยนี้มันต้องเกิดรัฐแบบคุณประยุทธ์ ถ้ามันจะต้องเกิดอย่างนั้น ไม่ว่าคุณจะพยายามฝืนยังไง ก็ไม่ได้ผล ยังไงคุณประยุทธ์ก็ต้องมา ฉะนั้น ปัจเจกชนแต่ละคนจึงมีสถานะเชิงสัมพัทธ์ที่จะสัมพันธ์กับเหตุการณ์หรือภาพรวมนี้ทั้งหมด ปัจเจกชนบางทีอาจไม่รู้ตัวด้วยซ้ำ ยกเว้นปัจเจกชนที่เป็นรัฐบุรุษ เป็นผู้ปกครอง เป็นจักรพรรดิ เป็นประธานาธิบดี นักการเมืองใหญ่ เขาอาจจะดำเนินการเพื่อประโยชน์ส่วนตัว เพื่ออำนาจของเขา แต่ถ้าการกระทำของเขามันสอดคล้องกับทิศทางของสังคมที่กำลังจะไป ก็ถือว่าคนคนนั้นมีผลต่อความก้าวหน้าของสังคม แม้ว่าโดยตัวบุคคลจะน่ารังเกียจ มีพฤติกรรมที่ย่ำแย่แค่ไหน

ยกตัวอย่าง นโปเลียน โตขึ้นมาจากการปฏิวัติฝรั่งเศส แต่แล้วก็ทรยศต่อการปฏิวัติฝรั่งเศสเป็นจักพรรดิ กลายเป็นนโปเลียนที่ 1 ยาตราทัพบุกยุโรปไปทั่ว หิวในอำนาจ ต้องการเป็นเจ้าแห่งยุโรป เป็นคำอธิบายว่า ใช่ ตัวนโปเลียนอาจหิวอำนาจ บ้าคลั่ง อะไรแล้วแต่ แต่สิ่งที่ นโปเลียนทำมันทำให้สังคมยุโรปก้าวหน้าไป เพราะเวลานโปเลียนยาตราทัพในประเทศไหนก็เอาระบบฝรั่งเศสไปใช้ด้วย ระบบที่ตกทอดมาจากการปฏิวัติฝรั่งเศส เช่น ระบบกฎหมายแพ่งและอาญา เป็นต้น ฉะนั้น แม้ภายหลังตัวนโปเลียนจะแพ้ถูกไล่กลับ ผู้ปกครองศักดินาเก่ากลับเข้ามายึดอำนาจ ผู้ปกครองในออสเตรีย เยอรมัน โปแลนด์ ไม่สามารถจะฟื้นระบอบศักดินาเก่าขึ้นมาได้ กลายเป็นว่าระบบที่นโปเลียนนำเข้ามายังอยู่ต่อ และระบบไพร่ติดที่ดินในยุโรปเสื่อมสลายลงในเวลาอันรวดเร็ว นี่คือคุณูปการของนโปเลียน

ทีนี้มาที่คาร์ล มาร์กซ์ เขาก็ถอดแบบปรัชญาประวัติศาสตร์ของเฮเกลเข้ามาใช้กับสังคมมนุษย์ว่า สังคมมนุษย์ก็มีการพัฒนาเป็นขั้นๆ เหมือนกันและเป็นขั้นตอน เป็นกระบวนการพัฒนาเชิงวิทยาศาสตร์ มาร์กซ์ใช้คำอธิบายเชิงวิทยาศาสตร์ คือ การพัฒนาทางด้านเศรษฐกิจ ความสามารถในการผลิตของมนุษย์พัฒนามาเรื่อย เมื่อเราพัฒนาเทคโนโลยีดีขึ้น สังคมก็ต้องเปลี่ยนไป ยกตัวอย่าง คุณมีเครื่องจักรไอน้ำ จะตั้งโรงงานต้องมีโรงงาน ต้องการแรงงาน แต่ถ้าประชากรส่วนใหญ่ยังเป็นไพร่ติดที่ดินอยู่คุณตั้งโรงงานไม่ได้ ดังนั้น การมีโรงงานอุตสาหกรรม คุณต้องมีคนงานซึ่งสามารถย้ายถิ่นย้ายที่ได้ ระบบไพร่ศักดินาจึงอยู่ไม่ได้ถ้าระบบอุตสาหกรรมพัฒนาขึ้น

มาร์กซ์จึงมองว่า สังคมมนุษย์เป็นพันปีร้อยปีมีการพัฒนาความสามารถในการผลิตขึ้นมาเรื่อยๆ ระบบสังคมก็ต้องเปลี่ยนตาม การเปลี่ยนก็ต้องเป็นการปฏิวัติเพื่อเปลี่ยนแปลง และการเปลี่ยนแปลงนี้ก็เกิดจากการต่อสู้ทางชนชั้น เพราะสังคมมันแบ่งชนชั้นทางเศรษฐกิจ สมัยก่อนมีเจ้าศักดินา มีไพร่ติดที่ดิน แต่ทุนนิยมมีคนงาน มีนายทุน การต่อสู้สทางชนชั้นสำหรับเฮเกล ตัวเอกของเขาคือ รัฐ (รัด-ถะ) แต่ในมุมของมาร์กซ์ ตัวเอกไม่ใช่รัฐ แต่เป็นชนชั้น (Class) โดยเฉพาะชนชั้นคนงานที่จะทำไปสู่การเปลี่ยนแปลง และการต่อสู้ที่ทำให้เกิดการเปลี่ยนแปลงสังคม

มาร์กซ์เคลมว่าที่ตัวเองวิเคราะห์สังคมจากยุคหินมาเรื่อยจนถึงยุคศักดินาของยุโรป จนถึงยุคของมาร์กซ์ คือ ทฤษฎีวิทยาศาสตร์ การวิเคราะห์ที่เป็นขั้นตอนของเขาเป็นวิทยาศาสตร์เทียบเท่ากับวิทยาศาสตร์เคมี ฟิสิกส์ และเนื่องจากมันเป็นวิทยาศาสตร์ คุณสามารถที่จะใช้มันทำทนายอนาคตได้ เหมือนทฤษฎีแรงดึงดูดของนิวตันคุณสามารถทำนายการโคจรของดาวเคราะห์ได้ เขาทำนายว่า ทุนนิยมก็เหมือนสังคมก่อนหน้านี้ มันไม่ยั่งยืน สุดท้ายก็จะเกิดความขัดแย้ง เกิดการต่อสู้ทางชนชั้น เกิดการปฏิวัติ แล้วก็ถูกแทนที่ด้วยสังคมที่ดีกว่า มีเทคโนโลยีที่ดีกว่า มีคุณภาพชีวิตที่ดีกว่า มีเสรีภาพที่มากกว่า แล้วมาร์กซ์ก็เรียกว่า สังคมนิยมและคอมมิวนิสต์อย่างที่เรารู้กัน

นี่คือภาพรวม น่าเสียดายว่าภาพรวมนี้นักวิชาการพูดน้อยไปหน่อย แต่พูดเพียงแง่มุมบางแง่มุม บทบาทของปัจเจกชน ในเฮเกลบอกแล้วว่า ปัจเจกชนมีบทบาทสัมพัทธ์ เพราะรัฐเป็นตัวเอก ปัจเจกชนในทัศนะของมาร์กซ์ก็เช่นกัน มาร์กซ์พูดเหมือนเฮเกลเลย คุณและผมจะมีความสำคัญต่อประวัติศาสตร์ต่อเมื่อคุณรับรู้ทิศทางที่ถูกต้อง เมื่อคุณรับรู้ว่าทุนนิยมไม่ยั่งยืน สักวันหนึ่งก็ต้องไม่อยู่และถูกแทนที่ด้วยสังคมที่ดีกว่า คุณเข้าใจสิ่งนั้นแล้วเข้าร่วมผลักดันคุณก็สอดคล้องกับประวัติศาสตร์ แต่ถึงแม้คุณจะไม่เข้าใจ แต่ถ้าการกระทำของคุณมันบังเอิญช่วยผลักสังคมไปในทิศทางนั้นก็เป็นไปได้เหมือนกัน ปัจเจกชนแต่ละคนก็เป็นหน่วยหนึ่งในเชิงสัมพัทธ์ภายใต้ระบบทั้งหมด ปัจเจกชนไม่ได้เป็นอิสระ ปัจเจกชนไม่ได้แยกออกจากสังคม

ทีนี้มาร์กซ์เคลมว่ากรอบความคิดนี้เป็นวิทยาศาสตร์ คนที่ไม่เข้าใจเรื่องนี้ก็คือคนที่ไม่เข้าใจวิทยาศาสตร์ ถ้าคุณไม่เชื่อก็เท่ากับคุณไม่เชื่อทฤษฎีแรงโน้มถ่วง แล้วในที่สุด หลายคนอาจบอกว่า เปล่า มาร์กซ์ไม่ได้อ้างทฤษฎีของตัวเองเป็นขนาดนั้น ช้าก่อน คำหนึ่งที่มาร์กซ์ใช้บ่อยมากแม้กระทั่งในงานเริ่มต้นคือ false consciousness จิตสำนึกที่ผิดพลาด จิตสำนึกที่รับรู้อย่างไม่ถูกต้อง ในเมืองไทยอาจเรียก มิจฉาทิฐิ คนที่ไม่เข้าใจ คนที่มองว่าระบบทุนนิยมคือระบบที่ยั่งยืน คือความเป็นธรรมชาติ เราเป็นทุนนิยมมาตั้งแต่เกิด ย้อนหลังไปสามสี่พันปี เอามนุษย์ยุคหินมานักวิจัยสมองก็ยังเจอระบบทุนนิยมในสมองของมนุษย์ยุคหิน

อีกคำหนึ่งที่มาร์กซ์ใช้บ่อยมากในการพูดถึงชนชั้นแรงงาน เพราะในทฤษฎีของมาร์กซ์ พระเอกที่จะนำมาซึ่งการเปลี่ยนแปลงก็คือชนชั้นกรรมาชีพ คนงานในโรงงานอุตสาหกรรมสมัยใหม่ที่จะทำงานเปลี่ยนสังคมจากทุนนิยมไปสู่สังคมที่เลิศกว่า แต่มาร์กซ์ก็ยอมรับว่า ถ้าไปถามคนงานในโรงงานในสมัยของมาร์กซ์เองก็เถอะ ไม่มีใครรู้จักคาร์ล มาร์กซ์ และถ้าถามว่าอยากได้อะไรในชีวิต เขาก็จะตอบว่าอยากได้ค่าแรงสูงๆ อยากให้ชั่วโมงทำงานน้อยลง อยากได้วันหยุดวันอาทิตย์ ฯลฯ สมัยนั้นทำงานกันวันละ 14 ชม. วันเสาร์ไม่หยุด ไม่มีสวัสดิการอะไรทั้งสิ้น ทำงานแล้วแขนขาดก็ไล่ออก คนงานยุคนั้นไม่มีใครรู้จักสังคมนิยม เขาอยากได้แค่นั้น มาร์กซ์ก็เห็นด้วย มาร์กซ์ใช้คำว่า class in itself and class for itself

Class in itself ก็คือ ชนชั้นในตน ชนชั้นที่เกิดขึ้นมาแล้วแต่ไม่รู้ว่าผลประโยชน์ตัวเองอยู่ที่ไหน เช่น คนงานในโรงงานที่ทำงานวันละ 14 ชม.แล้วหวังอย่างเดียวอยากได้ค่าแรงงานแพงขึ้น เปรียบเทียบกับคนงานอีกประเภทหนึ่ง class for itself  คือชนชั้นคนงานที่บรรลุแล้ว คนที่เข้าใจแล้วว่าผลประโยชน์ของฉันไม่ใช่แค่เอาค่าจ้างสูงขึ้น สวัสดิการดีขึ้น มีกฎหมายคุ้มครองแรงงาน มีสิทธิตั้งสหภาพแรงงาน ไม่ใช่แค่นั้น ผลประโยชน์ของฉันคือต้องกำจัดนายทุนออกไปให้หมด แล้วพวกฉันซึ่งก็คือคนงานเข้ายึดกุมการผลิตด้วยตัวเอง นี่คือผลประโยชน์ที่แท้จริงของคนงาน ถ้าคนงานบรรลุถึงจุดนี้ คุณคือ class for itself

ปัญหาเกิดขึ้นคือ ภาพที่เป็นแบบนี้มันมีศัพท์ในทางปรัชญาเรียก Historicism คือการมองว่าประวัติศาสตร์มีกฎเกณฑ์แน่นอน เป็นขั้นๆ แล้วสามาถรทำนายอนาคตได้ว่าจะเกิดอะไรขึ้น การมองประวัติศาสตร์มนุษย์เทียบเท่าวิทยาศาสตร์ธรรมชาติ มีวิวัฒนาการของมัน การมองว่าประวัติศาสตร์เป็นขั้นๆ นี้ไปจบที่โลกพระศรีอาริย์ สังคมออุดมคติที่มาร์กซ์เรียกสังคมคอมมิวนิสต์สมบูรณ์ ไม่มีรัฐ ไม่มีกฎหมาย ไม่มีคุกตะราง ไม่มีตำรวจ อัยการ ศาล แล้วมนุษย์ใช้เวลาทำการผลิต 1-2 ชม. ที่เหลือไปเขียนกลอน เล่นเปียโน วาดภาพ เล่นไวโอลิน ความคิดแบบนี้เรียก Millennialism

สองคำนี้ ไม่ได้มีเฉพาะคาร์ล มาร์กซ์ แต่เป็นลักษณะร่วมกันของลัทธิต่างๆ หลายลัทธิ เช่น ลัทธินาซี เขามองว่าสังคมพัฒนาจากสังคมป่าเถื่อนมาจนเป็นสังคมปัจจุบัน เพียงแต่การต่อสู้ทางชนชั้นถูกแทนที่ด้วยเชื้อชาติ นำไปสู่สังคมอุดมคติที่เผ่าพันธุ์ที่บริสุทธิ์ที่สุดครองโลก นอกจากนี้ยังมีบรรดาศาสตร์ทั้งหลาย โดยเฉพาะศาสนาที่นับถือพระเจ้า ไม่ว่า ศาสนา ยิว คริสต์ หรืออิสลาม ต้องขออภัยผู้นับถือ นี่เป็นการเล่าเชิงวิชาการไม่ใช่การดูหมิ่นดูแคลนกัน ความคิดทางศาสนาเป็นอย่างนี้เหมือนกัน แม้กระทั่งศาสนาพุทธส่วนที่นำเชื้อมูลของพราหมณ์หรือฮินดูเข้ามา ก็มีแนวโน้มจะเป็น Millennialism เหมือนกัน มีพระพุทธเจ้าหลายองค์และนำไปสู่ยุคพระศรีอาริย์ แต่อาจจะต่างที่มองเป็นวัฏจักร วนซ้ำๆ มากกว่าจะมองว่าเป็นพัฒนาการที่สูงขึ้น

ตอนอาจารย์ไชยันต์พูดว่า เคยฟังผมพูดแล้วตกใจที่ผมพูดว่า ลัทธิมาร์กซ์มีลักษณะเหมือนศาสนา ผมหมายความว่ามันคล้ายในความหมายนี้ คือ Historicism, Millennialism ในแง่ที่มันกระตุ้นให้คนทำอะไรบางอย่าง คนที่เชื่อในลัทธิมาร์กซ์ก็จะเหมือนคนที่เชื่อในศาสนา ต่อสู้เพราะมีความคิดว่าสังคมในวันนี้สักวันหนึ่งจะต้องล่มจมจบไป เราจะเปลี่ยนแปลงไปสู่วันข้างหน้าและเราเป็นฝ่ายถูก เราจะแพ้จะถูกกระทำอย่างไรก็ตามแต่เราคือคนถูกต้องเพราะเราเข้าใจถูกต้องว่าประวัติศาสตร์กำลังจะไปทางนี้ คนอื่นที่เป็นศัตรูกับเราไม่เข้าใจ คนที่เชื่อในลัทธิมาร์กซ์อย่างมากจะมีลักษณะเหมือนคนที่เชื่อในศาสนาแม้เขาจะบอกว่าเขาไม่ใช่

เวลาบอกว่าคิดแบบศาสนาเหมือนเป็นการดูถูกกัน แต่ไม่ใช่ ทุกวันนี้มีการดีเบตกันว่า ศาสนาที่เกิดขึ้นในสังคมมนุษย์เกิดขึ้นมาได้ยังไง ทำไมสังคมมนุษย์ต้องมีศาสนาทุกสังคม แม้แต่สังคมดึกดำบรรพ์ก็มีเช่นกัน มีคำอธิบายหลายแบบ ตั้งแต่ศาสนาเป็นสิ่งหลอกลวง ศาสนาเป็นเรื่องของความไม่เข้าใจ ไม่เข้าใจมนุษย์ ไม่เข้าใจปรากฏการณ์ธรรมชาติ เลยเอาศาสนาเข้ามาอธิบายเพราะวิทยาศาสตร์ยังไม่เจริญ หรืออธิบายว่า สังคมต้องมีศาสนาเพราะมันมีฟังก์ชันของมัน กฎหมายอย่างเดียวไม่ทำให้สังคมอยู่ได้โดยสันติสุข เพราะกฎหมายควบคุมได้เฉพาะพฤติการณ์ภายนอก แต่ศาสนามันเข้าไปถึงข้างใน กฎหมายควบคุมได้เฉพาะภายนอก ถ้าไม่มีตำรวจ ไม่มีกล้องวงจรปิด คุณก็ลักขโมยไปแล้ว แต่ศาสนาเป็นกลไกทางสังคมที่ควบคุมถึงข้างใน ถึงไม่มีคนเห็นคุณก็จะไม่ทำความผิด ไม่ขโมย ไม่โกหก ไปจนกระทั่งคำอธิบายว่า ศาสนาเป็นข้อผิดพลาดของวิวัฒนาการของมนุษย์ เพราะวิวัฒนาการของมนุษย์ทำให้มนุษย์ยอมรับฟังคนที่เป็นผู้นำกลุ่ม ซึ่งทำให้สังคมมนุษย์อยู่รอดมาได้ แต่บังเอิญว่าคนที่เป็นผู้นำสร้างพระเจ้าขึ้นมาแล้วเอามาหลอกใช้ จริงๆ แล้วถ้าเป็นสมัยนี้เราก้าวหน้าไปเยอะเราไม่ได้มองว่าศาสนาเป็นเรื่องเหลวไหล เรื่องเข้าใจผิด ไสยศาสตร์ แต่ศาสนามีฟังก์ชันอะไรบางอย่างหรือไม่ ดังนั้น ที่ผมบอกว่ามาร์กซ์คล้ายศาสนา ไม่ได้มีความหมายในทางลบใดๆ ทั้งสิ้น หลายคนอาจมองว่า คนคนหนึ่งต้องมีจุดมุ่งหมายในชีวิต มีเป้าหมาย ไม่ใช่เกิดมากินนอนสืบพันธุ์ หลายคนคิดแบบนั้น มันจึงต้องมีอุดมการณ์อะไรบางอย่าง

ติดตามประชาไทอัพเดท ได้ที่เฟซบุ๊ก : ทวิตเตอร์ : LINE ไอดี = @prachatai

          Re: Millennials & Money Data      Cache   Translate Page      
Just this morning, I went to out of curiosity since they mailed me a flyer about it. While I have no idea where their data came from, they report that an average 30 year old making $100k only has $77k of current savings, is contributing 8% of their income toward retirement savings, and is forecasted to have $931,500 at retirement.

That doesn't describe me perfectly well, but let's just say that I'm above average. :wink:
          Millennials And The Labor Force: A Look At The Trends - Wednesday, Oct. 10      Cache   Translate Page      
Millennials make up the largest percentage of our population today, yet have seen some of the lowest labor force participation growth and highest unemployment out of all age groups since the turn of the century.
          7 Fall Fashion Trends That Should Be On Your Radar      Cache   Translate Page      

Pumpkin spice lattes and sweater weather are upon us! If you’re wondering what you should be wearing to get knee-deep in fall ASAP, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Tried-and-true favorites are making a comeback this season, but the latest trends to keep your Insta feed glowing all through the fall. You might already have some of these looks in your closet, but this is also a great excuse to go shopping for some new pieces. You can find these styles right in your favorite stores and you might even be able to hunt some down in a vintage shop (or your mom’s closet).

1. Slip dresses

Slip dresses are the perfect transition piece in your fall wardrobe. Dresses like this Berri Slip from Endless Summer are easy and breathable in the hotter temperatures, but in the fall you can accessorize them with a denim jacket and some booties for a chic, cold-weather look. They have been spotted on several fashion tastemakers recently, like Instagram’s favorite French darling Jeanne Damas. This ‘90s throwback trend is cute and sexy for almost any occasion.



Bonsoir Paris 💙

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2. Transparent accessories

Transparent accessories are all the rage on the runways of New York this season. Mix it up with a peek of see-through plastic on your bag or at the top of your shoes to make a daring statement. These accessories will make any outfit seem avant-garde, and trust us, you can definitely make this look work with your wardrobe. If you're on the hunt for some great pieces to incorporate, try out these ones from Thomas James LA, Zara, and Call It Spring.



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3. Red statement coats

Statement coats are the perfect fall look, so this season keep it chic by continuing this colorful trend. Whether it’s a pop of bright red or a deeper crimson, statement coats will elevate any look and keep you warm all season. Try this double-breasted coat from Macy’s to help you stand out from the crowd when heading back to school this year. You can polish off your outfit with a small handbag and heels and make yourself feel just like Meghan Markle.

4. ‘80’s revival looks

This trend was hot on the runways and the streets during NY fashion week, so you will no doubt see it around this fall. From leather jackets to metallic details, the ‘80s was definitely a decade of bold fashion trends. Mixing some throwback inspo into your wardrobe is a great way to brighten it up this season. Try asking your mom or family friends if they have any vintage pieces you can borrow to really get into this style.



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5. Playing with prints

This fall, preppy prints like  herringbone and plaid get a twist with bright colors and unique combos. Go back to school in style with these dressy looks and classic prints that remind us of a crisp fall day. But if you’re not into wearing jut one statement pattern, you can always mix it up and wear a patchwork of multiple patterns at once.

6. Cinched waists

Looks with cinched waists or bustier bodices are giving us major ‘90s nostalgia this fall. Celebrities like Kat Graham love the girly yet chic look for the red carpet, and style bloggers have been showing off how to incorporate it into your street style, too. One of the most interesting  ways to wear this look is in your professional wardrobe. Adding a cinched waist to a classic white button down can make a bold statement in the office and keep your classic pieces from getting boring.



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7. Mad for mauve

Millennial pink has ruled the fashion world for the past few years. But this fall, fuchsias and bright purples are popping up on Instagram in place of the (dare we say) overdone pink. This color can be a fun trend to play with, especially for accessories. Whether it’s a brightly-colored purse or a pair of berry sunglasses, adding in a pop of the right shade of purple can make your outfit seem girly and trendy all at once

Check out this sheer lace turtleneck and zip-up fleece hoodie from Target to give you some inspiration! 

Fall promises some super fun trends that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe with a few key pieces. Hopefully this guide will give you some inspiration and keep you in the know when it comes to all things fashion.

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          Millennials want a house soon, but some buying into purchase myths      Cache   Translate Page      
Millennials are targeting homeownership within the next few years, but many are buying into certain house-purchasing myths, according to Bank of America.
          Witt: per over 50. La chiave del successo? La funzionalità      Cache   Translate Page      

Chi ha detto che il futuro è dei nativi digitali? I retailer online non mirano solo ai Millennials, ma a tutte le generazioni, ormai consapevoli che anche gli “over” sono a proprio agio con social ed eCommerce. Forse non tutti, ma molti certamente sì. Tra questi certo, il gruppo Witt, che, con l’eCommerce si rivolge prima di tutto al mondo delle donne over 50 con un’offerta di abbigliamento che le faccia apparire “sofisticate al di là della taglia, dell’età e delle forme” con l’obiettivo di essere a proprio agio in ogni occasione.

L’eTailer, in realtà una rete multiservizio di un colosso come Otto Group (vedi box a pagina 32) che va dai servizi finanziari al retail fisico, punta sulla facilità e sulla chiarezza come carte vincenti per parlare con il proprio target e soddisfare esigenze e bisogni.

In questo senso, l’organizzazione dell’offerta è contraddistinta da una grande semplicità: la home page si apre con un’offerta d’ingresso a tutta pagina e un’evidenziazione delle sezioni del menu, poche, chiare e facilmente leggibili: donna, casa, uomo, benessere, saldi e il blog Witt-life.

Al di sopra del menu appare, inoltre, un ulteriore menu, sempre orizzontale, che mostra tutti i siti del gruppo in versione inglese, che, a livello globale, sono molti di più. Il vantaggio però è che si può acquistare in tutti, qualunque sia il Paese d’origine, registrando un unico account.

Tornando all’offerta, chiaramente orientata all’abbigliamento femminile, la ricerca dei capi può essere eseguita classicamente per categoria (per esempio accessori, giacche, abiti, scarpe) oppure per look: si va dagli abiti per le occasioni a quelli per la crociera, dai capi in denim agli abiti con elastico in vita, fino ai look da vacanza. Una volta entrati nella categoria, è possibile raffinare la ricerca in base a vari parametri: una prima selezione può essere effettuata per novità, prezzo più basso (anche se l’intera offerta appartiene a una fascia media, con prezzi più che accessibili anche nel caso di abiti più lussuosi), capi più popolari e quelli più graditi ai clienti, sulla base delle recensioni inviate. Ma esistono altre opzioni più originali, come lo stile, la lunghezza, il collo, la taglia, il brand, il colore e la vestibilità (fitting). Interessante anche la proposta di selezione in base alla consegna il giorno successivo: per una urgenza mondana. Inoltre, viene sempre evidenziato un “prodotto della settimana” con fotografia.

Per l’uomo la navigazione è analoga, nel senso di molto basica e lineare, mentre per la casa, invece, la scelta dell’offerta viene effettuata in base o al locale -dal giardino alla cucina-, oppure al brand. Anche in questo caso, sempre in evidenza l’opzione “consegna il giorno successivo”.

Accesso riservato

L'articolo Witt: per over 50. La chiave del successo? La funzionalità è un contenuto originale di Gdoweek.

          19: Debunked: 7 Myths about Millennials—the Underinvested Generation      Cache   Translate Page      
Millennials are on the cusp of surpassing Baby Boomers as the largest adult generation in America, yet they remain substantially under-invested. The FINRA Foundation and CFA Institute teamed up to investigate why. Today, Gerri Walsh and Gary Mottola join us to discuss their recent report, "Uncertain Futures: Seven Myths about Millennials and Investing," and uncover the misconceptions and roadblocks millennials face in their path to becoming investors.
          You’ll never believe what millennials killed this time      Cache   Translate Page      

Millennials have done goofed again.

As a millennial, I would like to apologize. If you’ve been reading the headlines lately, all the destruction caused by people in my vague age group should be abundantly clear. We have killed so many things, and today is no different. According to Bloomberg, the latest fatality caused by millennials is American cheese.

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          10 modern furniture stores in Toronto that will make you forget Ikea      Cache   Translate Page      

Modern furniture stores in Toronto may seem miniscule compared to your favourite big box Swedish brand, but in terms of style and functionality, they've got a lot going for them. You won't always beat the low Ikea prices, but at least sofas comes fully assembled. 

Here's a round-up of modern furniture stores in Toronto that will make you forget Ikea. 


This Ossington store has two floors of furniture that is perfect for the modern Canadian. Most of the stuff here is locally-made—albeit typically running a grand and up—plus their eco-friendly in-store brand Gus* uses sustainable lumber and vegan down. 

Elte MKT

Take a trip to the Castlefield Design District and peruse the massive selection of Elte MKT, the budget-friendly offshoot of next-door ELTE. It's rugs, chairs, and space-saving beds galore at reasonable prices. 


While certainly not affordable by any means, those with a big furniture budget will have the time of their lives browsing through this King East store's stock of super-stylish pieces. Does Ikea carry circus hoop ceiling lights? I think not. 


It's all class at this store on Gladstone West Queen West. There's usually stock on clearance, but they specialize in sofas, beds and coffee tables made in Canada on the west coast.

Dreschel Studio

If you've got an office that needs sprucing up, this King East store has a big selection of functional yet stylish pieces that'll add some fun to your workspace. Furniture comes via nearly every Nordic country (so you know it's minimalist) plus imports from Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Quasi Modo

This long-standing store on West Queen West holds the loyalty of interior designers citywide for their diverse stock of contemporary brands. They've got classic brands like Herman Miller and Knoll, and an impressive collection of lamps from brands like Akari.


Sitting in what used to be a venue for raves is this sprawling two-storey store at the corner of Queen and Bathurst. Perfect for the destitute millennial beyond their means, CB2 carries relatively cheap essentials for condo-living.

Urban Mode

For such a small store, this furniture purveyor on Tecumseth has an eclectic stock of chairs, beds, lights, and decorative wares that range from reasonable to pricey. You'll never know you needed a blue retro phone until you spot it here. 


Modern Danish pieces are the move at this store near Ave and Dav, where everything is priced pretty accordingly. That's not to say it's cheap, but it is possible to find some cool home decor for low prices alongside sleek Scandinavian chairs and an interesting jewellery section.

Design Within Reach

There's no denying this King East store is costly, but if you're prowling for some really unique pieces, this is the place to look. DWR is an American brand and offers everything from storage to chairs and lighting. Try scouring their deals section for affordable finds.

          États-Unis : explosion de l’homosexualité chez les Millennials (20-38 ans) américains      Cache   Translate Page      

La propagande homosexuelle au cinéma et dans les séries, ça marche très bien : Source.

L’article États-Unis : explosion de l’homosexualité chez les Millennials (20-38 ans) américains est apparu en premier sur Nouvelles de France Portail libéral-conservateur.

          Vivint brings the smart home to renters      Cache   Translate Page      
Multifamily and rental property owners can now offer services through Vivint’s Smart Properties program
Paul Ragusa

PROVO, Utah—Vivint Smart Home is giving multifamily and rental property owners the ability to offer smart home services to their residents through its Smart Properties program that it has been developing over the past year.

Harrison Jenkins, senior director, Vivint Smart Home Multifamily Products, told Security Systems News that the lynchpin for the program is Site Manager, a web portal that Vivint created on top of its smart home platform to help property managers easily start offering and managing smart home services for their renters and residents.

“With that portal, or web application, a property manager can quickly connect a resident to their smart home when they move in and wipe it clean when they move out,” Jenkins said. “They can also control vacant units so that HVAC and electricity costs are kept down during a time of vacancy.”

Jenkins pointed out that offering smart home services can help property owners to differentiate themselves from the competition, as well as rent units faster and for a higher cost, becoming an additional amenity that can be offered, in line with things like a pool and a dog park, for example.

“We noticed an unmet need in the multifamily space with renters who wanted to use our technology, but we didn’t really have a good way of offering it to them,” he explained. “And on the flipside, project management companies, owners, developers and managers were looking for ways to not only differentiate their property but also be the provider of that smart-home experience for their community.”

Vivint is working with community developers like Christopher Todd Communities, a Phoenix-based developer of rental smart home communities that recently signed a four-year agreement with Vivint to provide integrated smart home systems for its residents.

“We chose Vivint Smart Properties because it’s the only solution that gives us all the technology, tools and customer service we were looking for in a single package from a trusted brand,” Chad Bowman, vice president of operations at Christopher Todd Communities, told SSN. “We pride ourselves on offering our residents an innovative, luxurious way of living, and we now consider Vivint Smart Properties vital in doing that.”

Todd Wood, CEO of Christopher Todd Communities, said in the announcement of the Vivint agreement, that the ability to control climate, lighting and door access from a single app on a mobile device was a key consideration. "Technology gives them peace of mind, package delivery to the door and saves up to 12% on heating and cooling costs," he said.

Christopher Todd Communities noted that additional benefits of offering Vivint smart home services have included:

  • Faster lease-up velocity: Homes in the Greenway community lease more than three times faster than comparable market rate communities in the same market.
  • Higher acceptable rental and amenity rates: The Greenway units with the technology package rent for 30 percent more per square foot than average.
  • Increased property value: Installing Vivint Smart Home packages with other key technology enhancements has increased the valuation per unit, with some valued at $16,000 more than comparable rental units.
  • Improved operational efficiency: Vivint Site Manager has reduced time spent on administrative and maintenance tasks by 10 percent.

"The advantages of smart home technology are no longer exclusive to homeowners—multi-family and rental communities are the next evolution of smart home," Thomas Few, vice president of business development at Vivint, said in a prepared statement. "Christopher Todd Communities is ahead of the curve and its residents will benefit."

Jenkins continues to see growth within multifamily units and rental properties, extending the reach of the smart home beyond just homeowners.

“There is some macroeconomic data that is pretty compelling around home ownership rates declining and rental population growing over the next few years,” he explained. “Plus, there are microeconomic factors such as this generation of millennials who are going to be expecting smart home tech wherever they live. So it is the market for smart home combined with the macroeconomics combined with the fact that we are just tapping into the early adopters right now in this space.”

          Is it better to raise kids in the suburbs or downtown? Neither — and that’s a problem for all of us      Cache   Translate Page      

As Premier Doug Ford’s decision to cut council almost in half reignites talk of the urban-suburban divide, the Star finds the old differences aren’t what they used to be. In an occasional series, One Toronto, we take a look at what divides us and what we share, no matter where the ward lines fall.

On a chilly October afternoon, Nicole Engelmann-Fuller is pushing her 9-month-old son Eero on a swing in Corktown Common, an east-end park built on old industrial land that opened in 2013.

The pair often come to the West Don Lands park, nestled where the Gardiner Exwy. meets the Don Valley Pkwy., enjoying the playground with a sweeping view of downtown’s skyscrapers and the CN Tower in the background.

Having a kid has made the new mom appreciate open spaces more. But she said she’s not tempted by the idea of the suburbs.

“You have to drive everywhere, and we’re not white picket fence people, which is why we live downtown,” Engelmann-Fuller said, as a GoTrain rumbled by on the nearby tracks.

“In lots of cities in the world they do it, kids in New York grow up in apartments.”

The adage is that it’s better to raise kids in the suburbs, with its big backyards and sleepy streets. But aside from schools and safe neighbourhoods, experts say walkable streets, parks, green spaces and other amenities that encourage physical activity such as pools and arenas are the things that children want and need, and make them healthier.

The suburbs, with its car-centric sprawl, aren’t exactly walkable and their green spaces sometimes don’t have the amenities kids need. But downtown isn’t perfect either — it has walkable neighbourhoods, but its parks and green spaces are often overused, as park advocates say the city hasn’t prioritized parks for the growing population.

That makes neither place the ideal location to raise a kid in Toronto — and that’s bad for all of us.

“It’s important not to create a completely adult-centric city. Or even a city where the kids come in for a few hours and then leave,” said Shauna Brail, director of the University of Toronto’s urban studies program.

“From the perspective of exposure and tolerance and sort of whimsy and fun, it’s important to have kids around.”

Of the six former preamalgamation municipalities, unsurprisingly, the city of old Toronto has the lowest percentage of the population that’s under 18, according to Statistics Canada data, at just 13.7 per cent.

Scarborough is almost on track with Canada (20 per cent) at 19.5 per cent, and East York is slightly above with 21.8. Etobicoke is 18.5, York is 19, and North York 18.8.

In all areas except East York (where it went up 1.7 percentage points), the percentage dropped by between 3.3 and 4.1 percentage points from 1996, following a similar trend across Canada as the population ages.

An older population can tip the scales at City Hall — since seniors vote — leading to the issues that matter to that segment of the population dominating discussion. While those that affect younger people, and the amenities they want for their kids, can get shut out, said Myer Siemiatycki, a professor in the politics department at Ryerson University who has studied voting patterns.

It’s a clash exemplified this spring when Cabbagetown residents blocked a daycare over worries about noise, traffic and jungle gyms.

Younger voters don’t necessarily see themselves in issues or politicians and it becomes “a bit of a vicious cycle,” while politicians pitch to older adults and tailor policies to them, Siemiatycki said.

But amenities such as parks, that get kids outside and moving, pay off down the road with a healthier population — both physically and mentally, said Jake Tobin Garrett of the park advocacy non-profit Park People.

He said the city has underinvested in parkland across the board and has “fallen very far behind” in maintenance funding, which plays out differently in different areas.

“In the downtown people generally live pretty near some sort of park, but when they get there it’s often extremely packed and not well maintained because there’s too many people using it,” he said.

“Whereas in the outer areas of the city, parks are often a lot larger and don’t really sometimes contain the amenities that people are looking for.”

Parks seem fairly equitably distributed across Toronto on a map on the city’s website. But there’s actually less parkland per person in the old city of Toronto and East York (21 m2), compared to Scarborough (45 m2), Etobicoke and York (36 m2) and North York (29 m2).

Across the city, there’s 28 m2 per person of parkland, which is comparable to Vancouver, higher than San Francisco and lower than Los Angeles.

But in the densest part of the core, Toronto has less parkland per person than New York, Chicago and Houston, according to information compiled in a November 2017 city staff report.

As for the suburbs, there are plenty of playgrounds in Scarborough on the city’s own map, but playgrounds with washrooms are much more sparse.

Wading pools are more concentrated in the old city of Toronto, while splash pads were more equally distributed. Indoor pools are more concentrated in the downtown core, and there are fewer outdoor pools in Scarborough.

City staff have been working on a 20-year Parkland Strategy, a plan to guide decision-making about new parks and expand ones the city already has, recognizing the need to reinvest in green space as the city grows. But the final plan has not yet been approved by council.

And Toronto’s park operations budget rose by $8 million since 2015 to $155.2 million in 2018, which Garrett calls “a drop in the bucket” considering the population growth, inflation and new parks in the city that need to be maintained.

“I think in order for us to have an equitable city, we need to make sure that people have the things that they need to live their lives, wherever they are in the city, whether that’s inside the downtown or outside the downtown,” he said.

Back at Corktown Common, almost 6-year-old Charlie Grant whips down the slide as his grandfather David Mitchell looks on.

They find the park is one of the better ones in the city.

“Some parks are just wastelands with play structures,” Mitchell says, but adds the Common does sometimes get “absolutely” crowded at “certain times of the day.”

Charlie and his little brother get lots of exercise, not just from visiting parks around “North York, East York and the city,” but from walking as a way to get around.

“He loves to run. We’re walking, he’s running,” said Mitchell with a laugh. “They manage to wear me out.”

It’s not just the green space that leads to healthier kids — the walkable streets around Corktown Common can also make a huge difference when it comes to keeping kids healthy, said Leigh Vanderloo, an exercise scientist with national healthy living non-profit ParticipACTION.

Children who grow up in areas with “gridlike” streets, like those found in the downtown core, tend to have higher levels of physical activity, than those in suburban “loops and lollipops,” she said.

Although they don’t have Toronto-specific numbers, ParticipACTION’s 2018 report card on physical activity found Canadian kids are not getting enough exercise and are spending too much time in cars.

The report found only 20 per cent of 5 to 11-year-olds spend more than two hours a day doing an unorganized activity, according to their parents. Only 21 per cent of 5 to 19-year-olds use active modes of transportation, such as walking and biking, to get to school.

In more suburban neighbourhoods, where distances are farther, kids end up being chauffeured from school to activities to home. That’s now much more the reality, instead of the old idea of playing outside until dark, Vanderloo said.

“Given that kids are spending so little time outside and are actually indoors much more and in front of screens, I don’t know if that trend (of playing outside in the suburbs) still rings true,” she said.

As for downtown, those walkable streets and amenities are only advantageous if kids have the freedom to use them.

Kids that have “independent mobility,” such as being able to walk to a friend’s house or school, tend to be more active than the ones that don’t and are “bubble wrapped” by their parents, Vanderloo said.

She said “stranger danger,” one of the excuses for keeping kids inside, doesn’t add up, as the likelihood of a child being the victim of random crime on the streets is very low.

“We actually know that those occurrences actually happen so infrequently and that we’re actually doing so much more harm to them, not only physically, but mentally and psychologically by taking away those opportunities, and keeping them more indoors,” Vanderloo said.

But even for families who want to be downtown and let their kids roam, the high costs of housing makes it tough.

That’s another area where the city needs to step up, says Gil Penalosa, founder and chair of 8 80 Cities, a non-profit which works to improve cities for all ages.

He said it can be hard for families to live downtown because there’s not enough family-friendly housing, too many one-bedroom condos and not enough bigger, affordable units being built.

“(The city) really needs to work on making sure that there is enough supply of family condos and not just for single millennials or boomers,” Penalosa said.

And voters should remember that what’s good for kids ends up benefiting everyone else, he said.

Those green spaces and safer, walkable streets that kids need are the same things that seniors enjoy. And a world without children can actually make the rest of us less tolerant, he said.

“If the city is not good for children, then it’s not good, period.”

May Warren’s One Toronto series

Part 1: Are Toronto’s elites really downtown? It’s not so simple

Part 2: People used to move to the suburbs to save money. Now, nearly every corner of Toronto has downtown rent

Part 3: Toronto is more diverse than ever, but downtown is falling behind

Part 4: Meet Toronto’s ‘reverse commuters,’ the people going the other way while you’re stuck in traffic

Part 5: All of Toronto is getting older, but it’s tougher to age in the suburbs

Part 6: Downtown Toronto is becoming like ‘Downton Abbey’ as service workers get pushed farther from the core

Part 7: Toronto’s political divide is real, but it can change — especially in the suburbs

Part 8: More development means more money, thanks to Section 37. Is it an unfair perk for downtown or compensation for endless construction?

May Warren is a breaking news reporter based in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @maywarren11

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