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Video: Basic Flamenco Moves - A Flamenco Workout
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Studio: ICRR
This offers women and men a challenging opportunity to learn authentic Flamenco dance moves while building up endurance and strengthening hands, arm and feet coordination. It is choreographed into a systematic, effective, artistic, professional flamenco workout, for both high and low impact. It is broken down into three main workout segments.
Part One - Warm up. The program begins with a "Flamenco Floreo" exercise, essential to the Spanish Dance. It also focuses on neck exercises, knee bends, ankle flexes, lunges, and side stretches. Part Two - Footwork. Flexing the foot and striking the floor with the ball of the foot, then bringing down the heel to make two separate sounds - known as the Classic Flamenco Toe-Heel Step and Sound. Then, you learn how to embellish the Toe-Heel dance steps with combinations of arms and footwork. Part Three - The Spanish Jota. The Jota is the name of a Regional Dance in Spain, with many variations. Learning and practicing the Jota with us will help improve your endurance, as it naturally requires cardio-vascular progression. Ballet terms and techniques are used to teach these specialized movements properly.

Stars: Amanda, Ricardo Ramirez, Ms. Eva Amador, Riena Contreras

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Accuracy of the Narrow-band Imaging International Colorectal Endoscopic Classification System in Identification of Deep Invasion in Colorectal Polyps.

Gastroenterology. 2018 Oct 05;:

Authors: Puig I, López-Cerón M, Arnau A, Rosiñol Ò, Cuatrecasas M, Herreros-de-Tejada A, Ferrández Á, Serra-Burriel M, Nogales Ó, Vida F, de Castro L, López-Vicente J, Vega P, Álvarez-González MA, González-Santiago J, Hernández-Conde M, Díez-Redondo P, Sánchez LR, Gimeno-García AZ, Burgos A, García-Alonso FJ, Bustamante-Balén M, Martínez-Bauer E, Peñas B, Pellise M, EndoCAR group, Spanish Gastroenterological Association and the Spanish Digestive Endoscopy Society. Collaborators

BACKGROUND & AIMS: T1 colorectal polyps with at least 1 risk factor for metastasis to lymph node should be treated surgically and are considered endoscopically unresectable. Optical analysis, based on the narrow-band imaging international colorectal endoscopic (NICE) classification system, is used to identify neoplasias with invasion of the submucosa that require endoscopic treatment. We assessed the accuracy of the NICE classification, along with other morphologic characteristics, in identifying invasive polys that are endoscopically unresectable (have at least 1 risk factor for metastasis to lymph node).
METHODS: We performed a multicenter, prospective study of data collected by 58 endoscopists, from 1634 consecutive patients (examining 2123 lesions) at 17 university and community hospitals in Spain, from July 2014 through June 2016. All consecutive lesions >10 mm assessed with narrow-band imaging were included. The primary endpoint was the accuracy of the NICE classification for identifying lesions with deep invasion, using findings from histology analysis as the reference standard. Conditional inference trees were fitted for the analysis of diagnostic accuracy.
RESULTS: Of the 2123 lesions analyzed, 89 (4.2%) had features of deep invasion and 91 (4.3%) were endoscopically unresectable. The NICE classification system identified lesions with deep invasion with 58.4% sensitivity (95% CI, 47.5-68.8), 96.4% specificity (95% CI, 95.5-97.2), a positive-predictive value of 41.6% (95% CI, 32.9-50.8), and a negative-predictive value of 98.1% (95% CI, 97.5-98.7). A conditional inference tree that included all variables found the NICE classification to most accurately identify lesions with deep invasion (P<.001). However, pedunculated morphology (P<.007), ulceration (P=.026), depressed areas (P<.001), or nodular mixed type (P<.001) affected accuracy of identification. Results were comparable for identifying lesions that were endoscopically unresectable.
CONCLUSIONS: In an analysis of 2123 colon lesions >10 mm, we found the NICE classification and morphologic features to identify those with deep lesions with greater than 96% specificity-even in non-expert hands and without magnification. number, NCT02328066.

PMID: 30296432 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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Foreign Editions Executive Spain / LATAM
Location: Main
Starting: A.S.A.P. 3 month contract
Hours: 35

An independent children's publishing company in central London is looking for a Foreign Editions Executive to join their team. The successful candidate will act as the day-to-day contact for distributors and book clubs for Spain and Latin America.

Your main responsibilities will be to coordinate effectively, send out advance material, keep customers informed on production schedules and despatch dates, organise shipments and invoicing, perform stock analysis, organise stock transfers, arrange and create publicity schedules for export trade, launch reprints, analyse sales figures, attend meetings (both in the UK and occasionally in Spain), liaise closely internally and externally, and you will be involved in the budgeting and forecasting.

The successful candidate will be bi-lingual Spanish/English (ideally mother-tongue Spanish), be a commercially-driven team player and have a passion for Children's books. Proven experience in a Rights or Export Sales role, preferably within a Children's Publisher, is a must. You will have strong administrative and IT skills (advanced Excel, Word, Outlook), the ability to work both in a team and to your own initiative, and you will have an excellent command of the English language. Some customer service experience would also be an advantage and you will have the ability to coordinate and multitask your workload efficiently. The Foreign Editions Executive will be confident at working calmly under pressure and able to meet deadlines and liaise confidently with all levels. You should be able to start in the role ASAP. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to progress in their career within Children's Publishing and take on a new challenge.

For a full description of the role, please send your CV with a brief paragraph outlining your relevant skills Jennie Hooper, email:

For a full description of the role, please send your CV with a brief paragraph outlining your relevant skills. Closing Date: Early applications may be prioritised.

**Inspired Selection operates an Equal Opportunities policy. We treat all employees and job applicants fairly and equally regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, age, disability or union membership status.

Inspired Search and Selection
Location (from list): 
London, UK
Executive, Publishing
Job sector: 

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The Dr Zak’s Barn Farmed Liquid Egg White is popular with people on a calorie-controlled diet or trying to eat healthily. The product is imported from France but the eggs come from Spain.
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Source: F16 Click The official promotional film for the Fujifilm GFX 50R with me and my family in Mizala, Spain. The post My Official Video for the Fujifilm GFX 50R by Fujifilm UK appeared first on Fujifilm X-Photography. My Official Video for the Fujifilm GFX...
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История часов. История изобретения часов

Первая наука о времени – астрономия. Результаты наблюдений в древних обсерваториях использовались для ведения сельского хозяйства и отправления религиозных обрядов. Однако с развитием ремесел возникла необходимость в измерении коротких промежутков времени. Таким образом человечество пришло к изобретению часов. Процесс был долгим, наполненным напряженным трудом лучших умов. История часов насчитывает много веков, это старейшее изобретение человечества. От воткнутой в землю палки до сверхточного хронометра – путь длиною в сотни поколений. Если составить рейтинг достижений человеческой цивилизации, то в номинации «великие изобретения» часы окажутся на втором месте после колеса.

Было время, когда людям было достаточно календаря. Но появились ремесла, возникла необходимость в фиксации длительности технологических процессов. Потребовались часы, назначение которых – измерение промежутков времени короче суток. Для этого человек на протяжении веков использовал различные физические процессы. Соответственными были и конструкции, их реализующие. История часов делится на два больших периода. Первый – длиной в несколько тысячелетий, второй – меньше одного.

1. История возникновения часов, называемых простейшими. К этой категории относятся солнечные, водяные, огневые и песочные приборы. Период заканчивается изучением механических часов домаятникового периода. Это были средневековые куранты.
2. Новая история часов, начинающаяся с изобретения маятника и баланса, ознаменовавшего начало развития классической колебательной хронометрии. Этот период пока не закончен.

Солнечные часы

Самые древние, дошедшие до нас. Поэтому именно история солнечных часов открывает парад великих изобретений в области хронометрии. Несмотря на кажущуюся простоту, их отличало большое разнообразие конструкций.

В основу солнечных часов положено кажущееся движение Солнца на протяжении суток. Отсчет ведется по тени, отбрасываемой осью. Их использование возможно лишь в солнечный день. Древний Египет имел благоприятные климатические условия для этого. Наибольшее распространение на берегах Нила получили солнечные часы, имевшие вид обелисков. Их устанавливали у входа в храмы. Гномон в виде вертикального обелиска и шкала, нанесенная на земле, – так выглядели древние солнечные часы. Фото, представленное ниже, демонстрирует один из них. До наших дней сохранился один из египетских обелисков, перевезенных в Европу. Гномон высотой 34 метра в настоящее время возвышается на одной из площадей в Риме.

Обычные солнечные часы обладали существенным недостатком. О нем знали, но долго мирились. В разные сезоны, то есть летом и зимой, продолжительность часа была неодинаковой. Но в период, когда господствовали аграрный строй и ремесленные отношения, в точном измерении времен нужды не было. Поэтому солнечные часы благополучно просуществовали до позднего Средневековья. На смену гномону пришли более прогрессивные конструкции. Усовершенствованные солнечные часы, в которых этот недостаток был устранен, имели шкалы криволинейной формы. Кроме этого усовершенствования, использовались различные варианты исполнения. Так, в Европе были распространены настенные и оконные солнечные часы.

Дальнейшее усовершенствование имело место в 1431 году. Заключалось оно в ориентировании теневой стрелки параллельно земной оси. Такая стрелка называлась полуосью. Теперь тень, вращаясь вокруг полуоси, двигалась равномерно, поворачиваясь за час на 15°. Подобная конструкция позволяла изготовить достаточно точные для своего времени солнечные часы. Фото демонстрирует один из таких приборов, сохранившихся в Китае.

Для правильной установки конструкцию стали снабжать компасом. Появилась возможность использовать часы повсеместно. Удалось изготовить даже переносные модели. С 1445 года солнечные часы стали строить в виде полой полусферы, снабженной стрелкой, тень от которой падала на внутреннюю поверхность.


За водяными часами закрепилось название «клепсидры», поэтому бытует заблуждение о том, что впервые изобрели их в Греции. В действительности было не так. Самая древняя, очень примитивная клепсидра была найдена в храме Амона в Фебах и хранится в музее Каира.

При создании водяных часов необходимо обеспечить равномерное снижение уровня воды в сосуде при ее истечении через донное калиброванное отверстие. Достигалось это за счет придания сосуду формы конуса, суживающегося ближе ко дну. Получить закономерность, описывающую скорость вытекания жидкости в зависимости от ее уровня и формы емкости, удалось лишь в Средневековье. До этого форма сосуда для водяных часов подбиралась опытным путем. Например, египетская клепсидра, о которой говорилось выше, давала равномерное снижение уровня. Пусть и с некоторой погрешностью.

Поскольку клепсидра не зависела от времени суток и погоды, она максимально отвечала требованиям непрерывного измерения времени. Кроме того, необходимость дальнейшего усовершенствования прибора, добавления различных функций предоставляла простор для полета фантазии конструкторам. Так, клепсидры арабского происхождения представляли собой художественные произведения в сочетании с высокой функциональностью. Они были снабжены дополнительными гидравлическими и пневматическими механизмами: звуковой сигнализатор времени, система ночного освещения.

Не много имен создателей водяных часов сохранила история. Их изготовлением занимались не только в Европе, но и в Китае, в Индии. До нас дошла информация о греческом механике по имени Ктесибий Александрийский, жившем за 150 лет до новой эры. В клепсидрах Ктесибий использовал зубчатые передачи, теоретические разработки которых были выполнены еще Аристотелем.

Огневые часы

Эта группа появилась в начале 13 века. Первыми огневыми часами были тонкие свечи до 1 метра высотой с нанесенными на них метками. Иногда определенные деления оснащали металлическими штырьками, которые, падая на металлическую подставку при выгорании вокруг них воска, издавали отчетливый звук.Такие устройства послужили прообразом будильника.

С появлением прозрачного стекла огневые часы трансформируются в лампадные. На стенке наносилась шкала, по которой, по мере выгорания масла, и определялось время. Наибольшее распространение такие устройства получили в Китае.

Наряду с лампадными в этой стране была распространена другая разновидность огневых часов - фитильные. Можно сказать, что это была тупиковая ветвь.

Песочные часы

Когда они появились на свет, точно не известно. Можно с уверенностью утверждать лишь то, что они не могли появиться раньше изобретения стекла.

Песочные часы представляют собой две прозрачные стеклянные колбы. Через соединительную горловину содержимое пересыпается из верхней колбы в нижнюю. И в наше время все еще можно встретить песочные часы. Фото изображает одну из моделей, стилизованную под старину.

Средневековые мастера при изготовлении приборов украшали песочные часы изысканным декором. Их использовали не только для измерения отрезков времени, но и в качестве украшения интерьера. В домах многих вельмож и сановников можно было увидеть роскошные песочные часы. Фото представляет одну из таких моделей.

В Европу песочные часы попали достаточно поздно – в конце Средневековья, однако распространение их было стремительным. Благодаря простоте, возможности использования в любое время они быстро стали очень популярными.

Один из недостатков песочных часов – довольно короткий отрезок времени, измеряемый без их переворачивания. Не прижились кассеты, составленные из них. Тормозили распространение таких моделей их невысокая точность, а также износ при длительной эксплуатации. Происходило это следующим образом. Калиброванное отверстие в диафрагме между колбами истиралось, увеличиваясь в диаметре, частицы песка – наоборот, дробились, уменьшаясь в размере. Скорость истечения увеличивалась, время – уменьшалось.

Механические часы: предпосылки появления

Потребность в более точном измерении отрезков времени с развитием производства и общественных отношений неуклонно возрастала. Лучшие умы работали над решением этой проблемы.

Изобретение механических часов – эпохальное событие, которое произошло в Средние века, ведь они – самый сложный прибор, созданный в те годы. В свою очередь, это послужило толчком к дальнейшему развитию науки и техники.

Изобретение часов и их совершенствование требовало более совершенного, точного и высокопроизводительного технологического оборудования, новых методов расчета и конструирования. Это стало началом новой эпохи.

Создание механических часов стало возможным с изобретением шпиндельного спуска. Это устройство преобразовывало поступательное движение висящей на веревке гири в колебательное движение взад-вперед часового колеса. Здесь четко прослеживается преемственность – ведь сложные модели клепсидр уже имели и циферблат, и зубчатую передачу, и бой. Нужно было только поменять движущую силу: заменить струю воды тяжелой гирей, с которой проще было обращаться, и добавить спусковое устройство и регулятор хода.

На этой основе были созданы механизмы для башенных часов. Куранты со шпиндельным регулятором вошли в обиход примерно с 1340 года и стали гордостью многих городов и соборов.

Становление классической колебательной хронометрии

История возникновения часов сохранила для потомков имена ученых и изобретателей, которые сделали возможным их создание. Теоретической базой послужило открытие, которое сделал Галилео Галилей, озвучив законы, описывающие колебания маятника. Он же - автор идеи механических маятниковых часов.

Реализовать идею Галилея удалось в 1658 году талантливому голландцу Христиану Гюйгенсу. Он же - автор изобретения балансового регулятора, что позволило создать карманные, а затем и наручные часы. В 1674 году Гюйгенс разработал усовершенствованный регулятор за счет присоединения к колесику-маховику спиральной пружинки в виде волоска.

Другое знаковое изобретение принадлежит часовому мастеру из Нюрнберга по имени Петер Генлейн. Он изобрел заводную пружину, а в 1500 году на ее основе создал карманные часы.

Параллельно происходили изменения внешнего вида. Сначала было достаточно одной стрелки. Но так как часы стали очень точными, они требовали соответствующей индикации. В 1680 году была добавлена минутная стрелка, и циферблат обрел привычный нам вид. В восемнадцатом веке стали устанавливать секундную стрелку. Вначале боковую, а позже она стала центральной.

В семнадцатом веке создание часов было переведено в категорию искусства. Изысканно декорированные корпуса, украшенные эмалью циферблаты, которые к тому времени накрывали стеклом, - все это превращало механизмы в предмет роскоши.

Работа по усовершенствованию и усложнению приборов продолжалась непрерывно. Повышалась точность хода. В начале восемнадцатого века стали использовать в качестве опор для балансира и шестерен камни – рубиновые и сапфировые. Это позволило снизить трение, повысить точность и увеличить запас хода. Появились интересные усложнения – вечный календарь, автоматический завод, указатель запаса хода.

Толчком к развитию маятниковых часов послужило изобретение английского часовщика Клемента. Примерно в 1676 году он разработал якорно-анкерный спуск. Это устройство хорошо подходило к маятниковым часам, которые имели небольшую амплитуду колебаний.

Кварцевые часы

Дальнейшее совершенствование приборов для измерения времени происходило лавинообразно. Развитие электроники и радиотехники подготовило почву для появления кварцевых часов. Их работа основана на пьезоэлектрическом эффекте. Он был обнаружен в 1880 году, но кварцевые часы изготовили лишь в 1937 году. От классических механических вновь созданные кварцевые модели отличались поразительной точностью. Началась эра часов электронных. В чем их особенность?

Кварцевые часы имеют механизм, состоящий из электронного блока и так называемого шагового электродвигателя. Как это работает? Двигатель, получая сигнал от электронного блока, передвигает стрелки. Вместо привычного циферблата в кварцевых часах может использоваться цифровой дисплей. У нас их называют электронными. На Западе - кварцевыми с цифровой индикацией. Сути это не меняет.

Фактически, кварцевые часы – это мини-компьютер. Очень легко добавляются дополнительные функции: секундомер, указатель фаз Луны, календарь, будильник. Цена часов при этом, в отличие от механики, возрастает не так сильно. Это делает их более доступными.

Кварцевые часы очень точные. Их погрешность составляет ±15 секунд/месяц. Корректировать показания приборов достаточно дважды в год.

Настенные электронные часы

Цифровая индикация и компактность – вот отличительная особенность такого рода механизмов. Электронные часы повсеместно используются в качестве интегрированных. Их можно увидеть на приборной доске автомобиля, в мобильном телефоне, в микроволновке и телевизоре.

Как элемент интерьера чаще можно встретить более популярное классическое исполнение, то есть со стрелочной индикацией.

Часы электронные настенные органично вписываются в интерьер в стиле хай-тек, модерн, техно. Они привлекают прежде всего своей функциональностью.

По типу дисплея электронные часы бывают жидкокристаллическими и светодиодными. Последние более функциональны, так как имеют подсветку.

По типу источника питания часы электронные (настенные и настольные) делятся на сетевые, работающие от сети 220В, и батареечные. Более удобны приборы второго типа, так как не требуют наличия поблизости розетки.

Настенные часы с кукушкой

Германские мастера начали изготавливать их с начала восемнадцатого века. Традиционно настенные часы с кукушкой изготавливались из древесины. Богато декорированные резьбой, выполненные в виде домика для птички, они были украшением богатых особняков.

В свое время недорогие модели были популярны в СССР и на постсоветском пространстве. Долгие годы настенные часы с кукушкой марки «Маяк» выпускал завод в российском городе Сердобск. Гирьки в виде еловых шишек, украшенный незамысловатой резьбой домик, бумажные меха звукового механизма – такими запомнились они представителям старшего поколения.

Сейчас классические настенные часы с кукушкой – редкость. Связано это с высокой ценой качественных моделей. Если не принимать во внимание кварцевые поделки азиатских умельцев, изготовленные из пластика, сказочные кукушки кукуют только в домах истинных ценителей часовой экзотики. Точный, сложный механизм, кожаные меха, изысканная резьба на корпусе – все это требует большого объема ручного высококвалифицированного труда. Лишь самые солидные производители могут выпускать такие модели.


Это самые распространенные «ходики» в интерьере.

Будильник – первая дополнительная функция, которая была реализована в часах. Запатентован в 1847 году французом Антуаном Редье.

В классическом механическом настольном будильнике звук производится за счет ударов молоточком по металлическим тарелочкам. Электронные модели более мелодичны.

По исполнению будильники разделяются на малогабаритные и крупногабаритные, настольные и дорожные.

Настольные часы-будильник изготавливают с раздельными двигателями для часового механизма и сигнала. Заводятся они по отдельности.

С появлением кварцевых часов популярность механических будильников упала. Причин тому несколько. Настольные часы-будильник с кварцевым механизмом имеют перед классическими механическими приборами ряд преимуществ: они более точные, не требуют ежедневного завода, их легко подобрать под дизайн помещения. Кроме того, они легкие, не так боятся ударов и падений.

Наручные механические часы с будильником обычно называют «сигнал». Подобные модели выпускают немногие фирмы. Так, коллекционерам известна модель под названием «президентский сверчок»

«Сверчок» (по англ. cricket) – под этим названием швейцарская компания Vulcain выпускала наручные часы с функцией будильника. Известны они тем, что их владельцами были американские президенты: Дуайт Эйзенхауэр, Гарри Трумэн, Ричард Никсон и Линдон Джонсон.

История изобретения часов наглядно показывает преемственность поколений, ее изучение - эффективное средство формирования мировоззрения молодого человека.

Краткая история создания и развития часов

История создания часов насчитывает несколько тысяч лет. Издавна человек пытался измерить время, сначала по дневному и ночному светилам и звездам, затем с помощью примитивных приспособлений и, наконец, применяя современные высокоточные сложнейшие механизмы, электронику и даже ядерную физику.

История развития часов это непрерывное совершенствование точности измерения времени. Достоверно известно, что в Древнем Египте измеряли время в сутках, разделяя его на два периода по 12 часов. Есть также сведения, что современная шестидесятиричная модель измерения пришла из Шумерского Царства около 2000 года до нашей эры.

Солнечные часы.
Принято считать, что история создания часов начинается с изобретения солнечных часов или гномона. Такими часами представлялось возможным измерять только дневное время, так как в основе принципа их действия лежала зависимость расположения и длины тени от положения солнца.

Водяные часы.
История создания водяных часов начинается в Древней Персии и Китае около 2500 - 1600 года до нашей эры. А оттуда, вполне вероятно с торговыми караванами, водяные часы были завезены в Египет и Грецию.

Огневые часы.
Огненными часами пользовались около 3000 лет тому назад в Китае, во времена первого императора этой страны по имени Фо-хи. Распространены огневые часы были в Японии и Персии.

Песочные часы.
Создание песочных часов датируется приблизительно около III века до нашей эры во времена ученого Архимеда. Местом их изобретения долгое время считалась Древняя Греция, однако некоторые археологические находки позволяют предполагать, что первые песочные часы были созданы жителями Ближнего Востока.

Механические часы.
История создания первых механических часов начинается в 725 году нашей эры в Китае и является значимым событием в истории развития часов. Хотя, еще ранее, предположительно во II-м веке до нашей эры в Древней Греции, был создан механизм, позволяющий отслеживать с большой точностью положения небесных тел. Этот механизм состоял из 30 шестеренок помещенных в корпус из дерева, на лицевой и тыльной сторонах которого имелись циферблаты со стрелками. Этот древнейший механический календарь можно определить как прототип первых механических часов.

Электрические часы.
С открытием электричества берет свое начало история электрических часов, изобретенных в середине XIX века. Создание и дальнейшее развитие электрических часов положило конец неудобству по синхронизации времени в разных частях света.

В 1847 году миру были представлены электрические часы, разработанные англичанином А. Бейном, в основу которых был положен следующий принцип: раскачивающийся посредством электромагнита маятник периодически замыкал контакт, а электромагнитный счетчик, который соединен был системой шестерен со стрелками часов, считывал и ссумировал количество колебаний.

Атомные часы.
В 1955 году история развития часов совершила крутой поворот. Британец Луи Эссен заявил о создании первых атомных часов на цезии-133. Они обладали небывалой точностью. Погрешность составляла одну секунду на миллион лет. Устройство стали считать цезиевым эталоном частоты. Всемирным стандартом времени стал эталон атомных часов.

Электронные часы.
Начало 70-х годов 20-го века является точкой отчета истории создания и развития электронных часов, осуществляющих показ времени не стрелками, а при помощи светодиодов, которые, хотя и были изобретены в середине 20-х годов, практическое применение нашли лишь через десятилетия.

Серия сообщений "Из истории вещей":
Часть 1 - Пояс верности
Часть 2 - Роковые украшения.
Часть 30 - Майолика
Часть 31 - Эволюция долларовых банкнот
Часть 32 - История часов. История изобретения часов

          An Archeologist Explains How 'Narcissist' Christopher Columbus Became a National Symbol      Cache   Translate Page      
Christopher Columbus likely would have slipped back into obscurity if not for American hubris.

Christopher Columbus was a narcissist.

He believed he was personally chosen by God for a mission that no one else could achieve. After 1493, he signed his name “xpo ferens” – “the Christbearer.” His stated goal was to accumulate enough wealth to recapture Jerusalem. His arrogance led to his downfall, that of millions of Native Americans – and eventually fostered his resurrection as the most enduring icon of the Americas.

Columbus in chains

In 1496, Columbus was the governor of a colony based at Santo Domingo, in what is now the modern Dominican Republic – a job he hated. He could not convince the other “colonists,” especially those with noble titles, to follow his leadership.

They were not colonists in the traditional sense of the word. They had gone to the Indies to get rich quick. Because Columbus was unable to temper their lust, the Crown viewed him as an incompetent administrator. The colony was largely a social and economic failure. The wealth that Columbus promised the Spanish monarchs failed to materialize, and he made continuous requests for additional financial support, which the monarchs reluctantly provided.

By 1500, conditions in Hispaniola were so dire that the Crown sent Francisco de Bobadilla to investigate. Bobadilla’s first sight, at the mouth of the Ozama River, was four Spanish “mutineers” hanging from gallows. Under authority from the king, Bobadilla arrested Columbus and his brothers for malfeasance and sent them to Spain in chains. Columbus waited seven months for an audience at the court. He refused to have his chains removed until the meeting, and even asked in his will to be buried with the chains.

Although the Spanish rulers wanted Columbus to disappear, he was allowed one final voyage from 1502 to 1504. He died in 1506, and went virtually unmentioned by historians until he was resurrected as a symbol of the United States.

Inventing Columbus

In the mid-18th century, scholars brought to light long-forgotten documents about Columbus and the early history of the New World.

One of the most important was Bartolome de las Casas’ three-volume “Historia de las Indias.” This book was suppressed in Spain because it documented Spain’s harsh treatment of the native peoples. His depiction of Spanish mistreatment of the Indians provided the foundation for the “Black Legend.” His account “blackened” Spanish character by depicting it as repressive, brutal, intolerant and intellectually and artistically backward. Whatever Spain’s motives, the conquest of the Americas destroyed native cultures and ushered in centuries of African enslavement.

Another was the personal journal of Christopher Columbus from his first voyage, published in 1880. The journal captured the attention of Gustavus Fox, Abraham Lincoln’s assistant secretary of the Navy, who made the first attempt to reconstruct the route of Columbus’s first voyage.

Renewed scholarly interest in Columbus coincided with political motives to deny Spain any remaining claims in the Americas. Spain’s American colonies declared independence, one by one, from the beginning of the 19th century. Simón Bolivar, and other Creole revolutionary leaders, embraced a classical philosophy that highlighted their Roman ancestry to a degree that “Spanish America” was converted to Latin America. The final assault came with the U.S. invasion of Cuba and the six-month Spanish-American War in 1898. Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory, and this year marks the 100th anniversary of the purchase of the U.S. Virgin Islands from Denmark.

Columbus likely would have slipped back into obscurity if not for American hubris.

The Columbian Exposition

In 1889, France put on what reviewers described as the most spectacular World’s Fair possible. Held on the Champs de Mars in Paris, its crowning achievement was the Eiffel Tower.

After Paris, the United States set out to prove to the world it was the equal of Europe by staging its own World’s Fair. No one has claimed credit for the theme of the Exposition, but the stage was set when American writer and author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” Washington Irving, attempted to revive his flagging career by writing the first biography of Christopher Columbus in English, published in 1828.

His embellishments created the great hero whose legend the fair celebrated: “He was one of those men of strong natural genius, who appear to form themselves; who, from having to contend at their very outset with privations and impediments, acquire an intrepidity in braving and a facility in vanquishing difficulties.”

The Columbian Exposition and World’s Fair was timed to coincide with the 400th anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in the New World. President Benjamin Harrison presided over opening ceremonies on Oct. 12, 1892. That same day, the Pledge of Allegiance was introduced in American schools.

Chicago created the “White City” – a collection of nine “palaces” designed by America’s greatest architects, conceived and constructed in only 26 months. Outside the White City was the grittier Midway, which is now a common feature of carnivals and fairs. The fair gave visitors their first taste of carbonated soda, Cracker Jacks and Juicy Fruit chewing gum. An enormous 264-foot-tall Ferris wheel transported 36 cars each carrying up to 60 people on a 20-minute ride. More than 28 million tickets were sold during the six months the Columbian Exposition was open. Columbus was the darling of 19th-century mass media.

Seventy-one portraits of Columbus, all posthumous, hung in a Grand Gallery. Following Irving’s descriptions, Columbus became the embodiment of the American Dream. The son of simple wool weavers and someone who had a great dream challenged the greatest scholars of his day, and boldly went where no man had gone before. Better yet, he was Italian. America could deny that Spain had any part in the discovery of the New World.

President Harrison declared a national holiday to coincide with opening of the Columbian Exposition – Columbus Day. It was officially recognized by Congress in 1937.

In 1992, as the United States prepared for the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in the Americas, the pendulum swung again. The devastating impact of his “discovery” on native peoples throughout the Americas led protesters to decry Columbus as a “terrorist.”

Columbus the man died more than 500 years ago. Columbus the legend is still being dismantled. His story illustrates the blurred borders between myth and history – how an architect of destruction was turned into a national symbol.

This is an updated version of an article originally published on Oct. 10, 2016.

This article has been updated to correct the name of the president who presided over the Columbian Exposition’s opening ceremonies.

William Francis Keegan, Curator of Caribbean Archaeology, University of Florida

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

          Why We Shouldn’t Celebrate Christopher Columbus      Cache   Translate Page      
This past October 8th, Americans got a holiday to celebrate Christopher Columbus Day.  Columbus sailed from Spain with the intention of traveling to India.   He took the route which took him to the New World, the Americas. October 12, 1492 was the day he had landed on  the Bahamas. We celebrate this day because Columbus […]
          King Felipe and Queen Letizia held a lunch for President of Chile      Cache   Translate Page      
President of Chile Sebastian Pinera and his wife Cecilia Morel Montes are making a two day work visit to Spain. On October 9, 2018, King Felipe of Spain and Queen Letizia of Spain held a lunch at Madrid Zarzuela Palace in honour of President Sebastian Pinera and Cecilia Morel Montes. (In the morning, the Queen took part in a conference on the subject of "inclusive education, positive mental health" at the Parliament).
Queen Letizia wore Hugo Boss Seplea colorblock leather skirt, Boss Felisabeth Short sleeved sweater. President Sebastian Pinera and Cecilia Morel

          Barcelona tendrá una nueva estrategia de marketing turístico en 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

Barcelona tendrá un nuevo plan de marketing turístico a partir del año que viene. Esta hoja de ruta, que mirará más allá de los límites geográficos de la ciudad, contará con las aportaciones de múltiples actores y pretende ser una visión a largo plazo.

El plan será desarrollado por una UTE constituida por la empresa ALS y la Fundación Eurecat. Contará además con la participación de inAtlas como expertos en big data; Momentum como expertos en procesos participativos; y del Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Turismo y Ocio de la Universidad Rovira i Virgili así como de la Universidad de Girona como instituciones académicas.

A través de esta nueva estrategia de marketing, Barcelona quiere apostar por un turismo que "garantice la sostenibilidad" de la ciudad y que "asegure el máximo retorno social".

Igualmente se pretende "potenciar el efecto multiplicador del turismo en sectores estratégicos", promover "la gestión integrada del destino" e "integrar" sus "distintas voces".

Las instituciones que impulsan la nueva hoja son el Ayuntamiento (a través de Turisme de Barcelona), la Cámara de Comercio y la Diputación.

La nueva estrategia de marketing de Barcelona fue presentada el lunes por la tarde.

Cuatro fases previas

La estrategia comenzará a implementarse en el primer trimestre de 2019, ya que antes deberá pasar por cuatro fases.

En primer lugar, la "diagnosis del destino", que durará tres meses y constará, entre otros, de sesiones participativas, seminarios y talleres.

Después llegará la fase del "posicionamiento y la estrategia", un documento que se preparará durante un mes.

Posteriormente se diseñaran el "plan operativo de marketing turístico", que se trabajará durante dos meses; y el "acompañamiento a la implementación".

Visión a largo plazo

La alcaldesa de Barcelona, Ada Colau, ha destacado que el nuevo programa "no es una estrategia aislada si no que se enmarca en una visión amplia".

Ada Colau: "Lo primordial es lograr "el máximo retorno económico y social para el conjunto de la ciudad"

Colau dicho que el nuevo plan busca hacer "un análisis de larga duración, ambicioso", como hiciera el gobierno municipal del ex alcalde socialista Pasqual Maragall después de las Olimpiadas de 1992.

"Pensaron en la ciudad del presente y del futuro", ha elogiado la alcaldesa, que ha indicado que el objetivo de su Ejecutivo ahora es "no solo gestionar y hacer pequeñas enmiendas" a ese plan, sino "ver cuál es el estado de la Barcelona del siglo XXI en un mundo globalizado en el que han cambiado muchas cosas".

Por su parte, el presidente del Comité Ejecutivo del Consorcio de Turismo de Barcelona, Joan Gaspart, ha asegurado, asimismo, que "los empresarios tienen muy claro que el éxito del turismo no va solamente en beneficio de una parte, sino que va en beneficio de todo el mundo".

Más allá de Barcelona ciudad

La nueva estrategia de marketing forma parte del Plan Estratégico 2020 de Turismo para Barcelona, un documento que fue presentado en diciembre del año pasado.

El propósito de ese plan 2020 es "gestionar el destino velando por su sostenibilidad, promoviendo el mayor retorno social de las actividades turísticas y satisfaciendo al mismo tiempo el disfrute de los visitantes de Barcelona", según informe entonces el gobierno municipal de la ciudad. Ver también Barcelona: empate entre partidarios y detractores del crecimiento turístico.

Además, la nueva estrategia de marketing quiere promocionar Barcelona como un destino que va más allá del término municipal. Para lograr dicho objetivo, la Diputación de Barcelona se ha involucrado de lleno en el proyecto.

Consejo asesor

Para definir la nueva estrategia de marketing turístico de Barcelona se ha creado además un consejo asesor, formado por las siguientes personas:

  • María Abellanet. Directora General Grup CETT
  • Tomás Azcárate, Presidente Responsible Tourism Institute
  • Francisco Caro, Director General Equipo Singular
  • Greg Clark, Owner, GC Sole Trader
  • José Antonio Donaire, Vicerector, Universitat de Girona
  • Luis Falcón, CEO InAtlas
  • Elena Foguet, Business Director, Value Retail Management Spain
  • Xavier Font, Profesor de Marketing Sostenible, Surrey University
  • Toni Mascaró, CEO eMascaró
  • Antonio Monerris, CEO, Brand & Communication
  • Montse Peñarroya, Directora General 3i sic
  • Ana Rivero, Directora General ALS
  • Antonio Russo, profesor, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Gildo Seisdedos, profesor, Instituto de Empresa.

          House-Villa For sell in Alhaurin El Grande in Málaga      Cache   Translate Page      
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          Inger-Maria Mahlke Wins the 2018 German Book Prize      Cache   Translate Page      

German author Inger-Maria Mahlke is the winner of the 2018 German Book Prize for her novel, Archipel, a family saga set in Tenerife, Spain.

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'We knew publishers from different countries could benefit from having their own online sales channels,' says Pablo Laurino, the founder of based in Argentina, with offices in Spain and the USA.

The post At Frankfurt’s ‘The Markets’ Today: Pablo Laurino of Argentina’s appeared first on Publishing Perspectives.

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          Madrid (Spain) from the US from $338 round-trip      Cache   Translate Page      
Madrid (Spain) from the US from $338 round-trip

Amazing deal: US to Madrid (Spain) flights round-trip as low as $338.

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Its Back! Nonstop via AA! New York to Barcelona (Spain) for $317 round-trip

Amazing deal: New York to Barcelona (Spain) flight round-trip as low as $317.

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          Museu Frederic Marès in Barcelona, Spain      Cache   Translate Page      

Housed in part of the Palau Reial Major, a palace that dates back to the Spanish Inquisition, the Museu Frederic Marès is a giant wunderkammer of sculptures, art, and everyday objects amassed by the sculptor and avid collector Frederic Marès during his long life. 

The main sculpture exhibit is an extensive array of medieval Spanish pieces, generally dating between the 15th and 19th centuries. There is also the wonderful "Collector's Cabinet," an assortment of Marès' collection of household items from daily Spanish life, which fills up 17 halls in the museum.

Tobacco pipes, dolls, ladies' fans, walking sticks, pocket watches, seashell-encrusted vases, keys, and more line the walls of this oddly fascinating space. Of particular interest are the collection of bouquet holders—small receptacles that enabled women to wear small floral arrangements on their hands as accessories—and the display of embroideries made with human hair.

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Two urban parks—Levy Park in Houston and Madrid Río Park in Madrid, Spain—have been selected as winners of the ULI Urban Open Space Award. The award recognizes outstanding examples of successful large- and small-scale public spaces that have socially enriched and revitalized the economy of their surrounding communities. Ricardo Lara Park in Los Angeles was also honored with a Special Community Impact recognition.

The post Parks in Houston and Madrid Selected as Winners of ULI Urban Open Space Award appeared first on Urban Land Magazine.

          Strategic and tactical planning to improve suppression efforts against large forest fires in the Catalonia region of Spain      Cache   Translate Page      

Publication date: 15 January 2019

Source: Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 432

Author(s): José Ramón Gonzalez-Olabarria, Keith M. Reynolds, Asier Larrañaga, Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo, Eduard Busquets, Miriam Pique


The study explores use of the Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) System to standardize the process of allocating Management Areas for Fire Suppression Support (MASSs) in Catalonia, Spain. MASSs are defined as those areas in the landscape that change fire behavior, reducing the magnitude of the wildfire, and improve significantly fire suppression effectiveness/capacity. Considerations for allocating MASSs include high likelihood of large fires in the vicinity, potential for spread, proximity of the location to valuable resources at risk, proximity to adequate water supply, accessibility by mechanized means, and fuel management opportunities. The combination of accessibility, water supply and fuel management opportunities, when allocating MAASs, provide the minimum requirements to allow fire suppression actions, while improving effectiveness and safety levels. For these purposes, we combine the newest data available, outputs from fire simulators and expert knowledge to define a problem that could be solved using EMDS within a participatory planning framework. To support the fire suppression mission of the firefighting service in Catalonia, this study uses a combination of strategic and tactical solutions, in which the strategic solution identifies high priority locations within the landscape for fire suppression activities, and tactical solutions identify high priority management activities within specific locations.

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Eight ingredients, plus pantry staples. That's all it takes to make an entire meal from scratch. Add in a good bottle of wine for less than $20, and you've got a feast for family or friends.

I love it when you can get multiple uses out of one ingredient—extra bang for the buck! This recipe for sweet, juicy, spiced pork chops extends the use of two different ingredients: beets for a nutrient-packed side and bacon for added depth of flavor.

Beets, it may surprise you to learn, are members of the same species as leafy chard, so the greens can be prepared in much the same way. Their light bitterness provides a counterpoint to the sweeter root. (I used a mix of golden and red beets here.) Look for beets with leaves still attached that are in good condition, but if you can only find beets with the leaves removed or the greens look less than appetizing, simply substitute chard. Greens such as kale and spinach will also work as well, but for some, you may not need to trim the stems and fleshy ribs from the leafy part and cook them first.

Bacon gives the dish a decadent touch. Crisp up strips in a pan to make bacon bits, and you’ll have the fat left over to cook the greens in. (If you're aiming to make your meal on the healthier side, swap in another cooking oil or omit the bacon completely.) Goat cheese and toasted pecan pieces provide final embellishments for this autumnal dish.

A lightly spiced, fruit-forward red wine seemed ideal for this recipe. I decided to try a California Pinot Noir, a classic match for pork, and a more robust Monastrell (Mourvèdre) from Spain’s Alicante region. The Monastrell was rich and ripe, with dark plum and blackberry notes, but the tannins, while smooth, were a bit heavy for light pork meat.

The Pinot Noir was also ripe and lightly spiced, but it showcased red berry and cherry fruit. Lighter in body than the Monastrell, the wine’s weight and subtler tannins were ultimately a better fit for the pork chops.

Pork Chops with Roasted Beets and Beet Greens

Pair with a medium-bodied red such as Rickshaw Pinot Noir California 2014 (87 points, $15). Additional Wine Spectator suggestions from recently rated releases: The Crusher Pinot Noir California 2016 (87, $15), Edna Valley Pinot Noir Central Coast 2016 (87, $17) and Murphy-Goode Pinot Noir California 2016 (87, $15).

Prep time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 40 to 55 minutes
Total time: 60 to 75 minutes
Approximate food costs: $22

  • 3 bunches, or about 9 medium to large, beets (such as a mix of red and golden) with greens, scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly
  • 2 tablespoons cooking oil, such as canola
  • 4 slices of bacon
  • 4 bone-in pork chops, 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick
  • 1/4 teaspoon allspice
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 shallot, diced
  • 1/8 cup toasted pecan pieces (optional)
  • 2 ounces goat cheese, crumbled
  • Salt
  • Pepper

1. Preheat oven to 425 F. Separate the beets, stems and leaves. (Check that the stems and leaves are free of grit and rinse again, if needed.) Peel the beets and cut them into small wedges. Slice the stems into small pieces and the leaves into shreds, keeping them separate.

2. Place beets in a roasting pan. Lightly drizzle beets with cooking oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Loosely cover pan with foil. Place the beets in the oven. Cook for 30 minutes, turning once midway through, for beets that are fork-tender, and up to 45 minutes for beets that are more candied and browned.

3. Once the beets have been in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, add bacon to a cold pan and cook over medium heat until browned and crisp, flipping once. Transfer the bacon to a plate lined with paper towels. Once cool enough to handle, crumble bacon into pieces and set aside. Reserve a couple tablespoons of bacon fat in the pan. (If there is additional bacon fat left over, save it for another use.)

4. Season the pork chops with salt and pepper to taste and 1/4 teaspoon allspice. Add chops to the pan and cook over medium-high heat for about 3 minutes per side, until golden-brown. Work in batches if necessary to avoid overcrowding the pan. Transfer pork chops to a platter and set aside.

5. Deglaze the pan with apple cider vinegar, scraping up any brown bits. (If there are blackened bits in the pan, wipe out before adding the vinegar.) Add the shallots and the beet stems to the pan, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook for 5 to 7 minutes, until the stems start to soften. Add the leaves and sauté until the leaves are wilted and tender. Taste and adjust seasoning if needed. Remove pan from heat.

6. Serve the chops with greens and beet wedges. Garnish with the bacon crumble, pecan pieces and goat cheese. Serves 4.

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David: There is no inherent nobiltiy in indigenous people, gender, race, or ethnicity. There are differences in culture and society, but human nature is the same everywhere. Tribes were not pacifists handing out flowers. Every tribe was different. They warred with each other over resources. Many kept slaves, especially sex slaves of female captives. Some tribes revered bravery in the face of pain. What they did to prisoners makes the worst Chainsaw Massacre movie look tame. Some kept scalps to prove their bravery. There were stories of cannibalism. Native Americans used technology and other assets they got from Europeans to wage war on each other. The horse came from the Conquistadors. Mounted tribes promptly overwhelmed those without the horse. Guns were used against each other once they got them from Europeans. The Apache rode their horses into the ground, ate them, and then just stole another one. The Nez Pearce were famous horsemen, by comparison. The Iriquois Nation terrorized surrounding tribes. Archeologists unearthed towers made up of hundreds of thousands of human bones, and they confirmed that Aztecs did indeed tear the beating hearts from the chest of their sacrifices, including many children. Wtihout the Conquistadors, the Aztecs would be stilll merrily terrorizing the entire region, slaughtering millions of people. Indigenous people were also not "First Nation." That was the Neanderthals, which were discovered to have existed in North America. They were wiped out in their contact with Cro Magnon. The Clovis Indians were Second Nation. They were displaced by immigrants from Asia, who are Third Nation indigenous people. Later colonizers were Fourth Nation. Those values will probably be reshuffled over and over again the more we learn about ancient migrations and displacement. The Fourth Nation people adopted the conquered Third Nation into their tribe, but many live separately in reservations. They are administered many socialis programs, are not allowed to own tribal land, and are treated like children by the government. Consequently, they live in abject poverty with terrible education. By contrast, the tribes who do not live under the Bureau of Indian Affairs, own land and have a high median income. That's without casino revenue. In addition, why does the government help the Sioux hold the Black Hills? They took it from the Cheyanne, who also took it from other tribes. The land changed hands multiple times that we know of. Why do the Sioux claim ownership? Native tribes did not believe in deeded land ownership that can be passed down in perpetuity. Tribes held land until and unless they lost it to a stronger tribe. The explanation for why the Sioux took the Black Hills from other tribes was that it was strong. The Fourth Nation is just a strong tribe that overpowered all others, and introduced them to the wheel. I do not condone any of the savegery that both sides did to each other. It was grievous. I also do not subscribe to the attitude that Native Americans were peace loving pacifists who cared for the land. They were fierce fighers, and if they needed to make a fire, they burned wood. Greenhouse gas producing wood burning. In fact, they would put land to the flame to create more open hunting ground. This was not a holier than thou war, but one of a fight for survival and resources. I believe that Reservations should be done away with, and the land divided up among members of the tribe to do with as each individual wishes. Just being allowed to own their land would be a huge step forward in improving thier circumstances. It is unacceptable that tribes STILL live in poverty in these failed Progressive plantations of Reservations. Immigrants come here with the equivalent of 50 cents in their pocketes, and live far better than the Res within a year. If Colombus had not arrived, then the Aztecs would have murdered millions more people. If there was no United States, there would have not been the key Ally that helped defeat Hitler. Without the US, all of Europe would be Nazis and the Jews might have been wiped out. Without the US, there would not be our trillions of dollars spent on global environmental, humanitarian, and military aid. We float the budget for the UN and various environmental initiatives. I also do not believe for one instant that if Spain had not colonized America, that the rest of the world would have ignored our enormous, resource rich continent and genteely starved to death in their overcrowded countries, where class was an insurmountable barrier. People didn't have the land to grow a head of cabbage for themselves. But people with superior mlitary might were going to leave open, unworked, fertile land to those who didn't have the wheel, or steel, and were still using bows and arrows? No way. No. Way. A superior tribe would have taken the land from the less advanced tribe, just as the Native Americans had been doing to each other for thousands of years. Perhaps even the Aztecs would have expanded, and we'd have our own mountains of bones.
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Kids get sick. That's just kinda what they do, and anyone who works with kids is forced to deal with the inevitable spread of minor illnesses on a near constant basis. Teaching children the importance of washing their hands is a big deal for parents and those lessons carry over to schools and daycare centers as well. Now, a new study from Spain suggests that alcohol-based hand sanitizers might be significantly better at halting the spread of infection than soap and water. The study, which followed over 900 kids ages three and younger, saw a noticeable decrease in illness in daycare centers which replaced hand washing with hand sanitizer application. As CNN reports, the study broke the kids into three groups based on whether their daycare centers used hand sanitizers or soap and water as the main method of keeping the kids free of illness. One group used hand sanitizers liberally and another adopted a rigorous hand washing routine. Both groups were taught the importance of personal hygiene and given strict schedules to ensure all the kids were doing their part. A third control group which relied on soap and water was given no additional coaching beyond the initial briefing. At the end of the eight-month study, 5,211 respiratory infections were documented leading to 5,186 sick days, but the hand sanitizer group had a clear advantage. On average, the children using hand sanitizer missed 3.25% of days due to illness while the soap and water group missed 3.9% of days. The control group missed 4.2% of days. The data shows that the children using soap and water had a 21% greater chance of coming down with cold-like symptoms than the kids using hand sanitizer. The kids using soap and water were also prescribed medications 31% more often. The numbers were even more disparate when the hand sanitizer group was compared with the control group. So if you're a parent who hates sick days, it might be a good idea to stock up on sanitizer, especially with flu season right around the corner.
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I need 75 answers to questions translated to Spanish. It is a total of 14 pages. It is for my law office. You can review the attachment with what needs to be translated. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: English (US), Spanish, Spanish (Spain), Translation)
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An eclectic mix of harp music from around the world. You'll hear music throughout the ages, from the very beginnings of written music to pieces by contemporary composers. Harps have been incorporated into the musics of surprisingly diverse countries. While the music of Ireland is closely associated with the harp, it can also be found in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Paraguay, Italy and even the Far East countries such as Burma, China and Japan. Hosted by Valerie Green.
          Lecture: Postcolonial identities Seen from Europe and Africa      Cache   Translate Page      
Yolanda Aixela-Cabre is a cultural anthropologist, tenured scientist and vice director of research for the State Agency for Superior Scientific Research in Spain. In this lecture, she will tackle social identity through the lens of postcolonial societies.
          TRANSLATION TO SPANISH OF 75 ANSWERS      Cache   Translate Page      
I need 75 answers to questions translated to Spanish. It is a total of 14 pages. It is for my law office. You can review the attachment with what needs to be translated. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: English (US), Spanish, Spanish (Spain), Translation)
           First coaching changes in Italy, Spain and Germany       Cache   Translate Page      
Genoa and Chievo Verona have made the first coaching changes of this season's Serie A
          Meet Chasky The Bunny And Pelu The Cat, Two Inseparable Friends      Cache   Translate Page      
Meet Chasky The Bunny And Pelu The Cat, Two Inseparable Friends

Life in any form can be tough. At least, being the apex predator helps, even if this means living in a dead gig-economy which wrings your dreams dry and kills all your relationships: just because you get so used to competition that you refuse to live for anybody other than yourself.

It's like we have let go of their humanity nowadays; be it climate change or wars or poverty, the apathy in the common human is just appalling.

But humans can learn from all sources. It's no surprise that the earliest of morality books were animal fables. Perhaps that's the case with humans; they need something not-human to do what was human, to understand what they must live up to.

Meet Chasky The Bunny And Pelu The Cat, Two Inseparable Friends

Hoping that is the case, we may have something which will make you go “aww” and maybe make you think about your humanity for some time.

Animals often end up showing more kindness than humans do, to other animals. That's evidenced by several viral videos of pets doing things even we would not if we were in a similar circumstance.

Meet Chasky The Bunny And Pelu The Cat, Two Inseparable Friends

One of the more popular ones was Charlie the dog, that waited till his human mom helped a tiny fawn get freed after it got stuck in their fence. Highlight: there was a huge storm brewing, but it didn’t perturb Charlie at all.

Recently, another such video has been making the rounds of social media. It too has an unlikely pair: a cat and a bunny rabbit that have a fantastic friendship.

Meet Chasky The Bunny And Pelu The Cat, Two Inseparable Friends

The thing happened in Spain, where a cat named Pelu had gotten trapped in a construction site. Now cats belong to an exceptional class of animals who have evolved being prey and predator both. As a result, despite their calm nature, they get very agitated whenever confronted with a stressful situation.

This too was no cakewalk for Pelu.

As he was trying his best to get out, his friend, an unlikely one at that, a rabbit named Chasky saw his plight and got to work.

Forgive our Aesop’s fables kind of tone, but hear us out. This bunny was no ordinary bunny. It figured out for itself that building a tunnel would work fine and the cat would be able to squeeze itself out.

And that is what he did, using his paws. He dug a tunnel from under the wall that separated them and helped Pelu squeeze out. After, Chasky was seen resting as Pelu came by to thank his savior.

The lesson is pretty clear here too: cooperation wins the day and a thank you is a long way to go concerning valuing friendships.

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No one here saw Scent of Mystery in a theatre save for me. I think that's been pretty well established. And yes, Holiday in Spain is very different from Scent of Mystery. The latter was twenty minutes longer, had its intermission in a different place, had no stupid narration, and was quite delightful in its original form and I thought the smells worked great. BTW, re the seeming poster above - they did no traditional posters for this film, just window cards rather like showcards for B'way shows. And the ad line at the top was replaced by a snipe that said: The fun show of the year! - because someone wised up and figured that "Now they smell" was bait for the critics.
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At the time the United States joined WWII the main anti-tank gun of the American army was the 37 mm M3 gun. As experience in North Africa showed, this gun could not successfully combat modern tanks. While the 37 mm gun was replaced by more powerful weapons in Europe, the US Army and Marines used these guns in the Pacific theatre until the end of the war.

The United States was far behind European nations in anti-tank weapon development. Leading European armies were beginning to adopt small caliber AT guns by the start of the 1930s, while the Americans only began thinking about adopting them in the middle of the decade. To start, the Americans decided to research foreign experience. One French Canon 25 mm S.A. Mle 1934 gun was purchased in 1935. This gun did not leave a good impression on the Americans: despite its excellent penetration, it was considered too heavy (475 kg, more than the Swedish or German 37 mm gun).

The first battles of the Spanish Civil War showed how important anti-tank artillery was. Successful use of armour did not evade the attention of the Americans either, and in January of 1937 the US Army command decided to develop a 37 mm gun. The gun was supposed to have a low mass (no more than 1000 pounds or 454 kg) and its shell had to penetrate 20 mm of armour at 800-1000 meters. These parameters were based on the thickness of armour of modern tanks and the maximum range of their machineguns, which was 800 meters. In Spain, the Americans took note of the German 3.7 cm Pak anti-tank gun, and bought a sample later. This fact led some historians to insist that the American gun is a copy of the German weapon, but in reality it is an independent design.

Design and improvement

Three branches of the military (cavalry, infantry, and artillery) met at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in May of 1937 to discuss the development of anti-tank weapons. This discussion defined the requirements for the prospective gun. Having examined the 3.7 cm Pak, the participants decided to borrow the design of the sight, somewhat reminiscent of a submarine periscope, which allowed the gunner to aim while still being protected by the gun shield. The artillery branch insisted on a layout similar to field guns, with two gunners to the left and right of the breech, one of which would aim the gun vertically and the other horizontally. The infantry protested, defending the layout where only one gunner was necessary. The most important result of this meeting was to give the development of the new gun to the infantry command. This made it an infantry weapon, and not an artillery one. The Bennet laboratory, a part of the Watervliet arsenal, took up the development.

The design was finished quickly. On September 9th, 1937, the blueprints for the future weapon were approved, and trials of a prototype began at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds on September 9th, 1937. The gun and carriage received the indexes T3 and T1 respectively.

T3 gun on the T1 carriage.

The first trials showed the drawbacks of the gun, or rather the carriage: poor stability when aiming away from the main axis and slow speed of horizontal aiming. The next modification, indexed T1E1, attempted to resolve these problems. It received a two-speed horizontal aiming mechanism (one speed for rough and one speed for precise aiming), but the stability was not improved. In addition, the penetration was insufficient, and the gun jammed often. The customer rejected this gun. The designers rolled up their sleeves and put out three more prototypes with different breech designs: the T7 had a horizontal semiautomatic sliding breech, the T8 had a Nordenfelt eccentric screw breech, and the T10 had a classic vertical sliding breech. All three had the new T5 carriage. The T10 gun showed the best results, and on December 15th 1938 it was standardized as the 37 mm Gun M3 and recommended for mass production. The T5 carriage was named M4 Gun Carriage.


The M3 gun had a monobloc 2.1 meter (56.6 calibers) barrel with 12 right hand rifling grooves. The breech was a vertical sliding breech, hand operated. The firing mechanism was hand fired, spring loaded, and had to be cocked manually after loading. Overall, the design of the breech and firing mechanism was simple and reliable. Despite a lack of automatic mechanism, a well trained crew could make 25 shots per minute.

M3 gun on the M4 carriage.

The recoil system combined springs and hydraulics. The carriage had a split trail with a hitch on the right spade. The wheels had pneumatic tires, the axle was unsprung. Extra trails could be flipped down under the wheels to give the gun additional stability when firing. On January 29th, 1942, the M4A1 carriage was standardized, which gave additional aiming speed. To achieve this, the aiming mechanism could be disengaged, and the gunner could turn the barrel by hand using a special grip on top and to the left of the breech. The gun was aimed using the M6 telescopic sight. A 12.7 mm shield protected the crew.

The crew of the M3 consisted of five men: the commander, gunner, loader, and two ammunition carriers.

The crew could move the gun by hand over short distances/

The gun fired fixed ammunition. There were five types of ammunition: M74 AP and M51 APC were shot without explosive filler. They weighed 870 and 940 grams respectively, and the mass of the whole round was 1.51 and 1.58 kg. The muzzle velocity was 870 m/s. The penetration for the M51 round at 30 degrees was 53 mm at 500 yards (457 m) and 46 at 1000 yards (914 m). The M63 and Mk.II HE shells weighed 730 and 560 grams respectively, and were filled with 39 and 27 grams of explosives. The whole round weighed 1.42 and 1.23 kg. The muzzle velocity of the M63 was 782 m/s. The effectiveness was about the same as that of a hand grenade, which meant the ammunition could be used to destroy MG nests and unarmoured vehicles. The fifth type of ammunition was the M2 canister shot, armed with 126 round steel pellets.

The training tracer TP M51 ammunition was used for training, as well as the M13 and T5 dummies (matching the shape of the M51 and M63 rounds), as well as the M2 blank round weighing 930 grams.

On March 5th, 1942, the M3A1 gun was standardized, which had a threading on the barrel for the attachment of a Solothurn muzzle brake. However, practice showed that it led to preemptive detonation of HE ammunition, and the muzzle brake fell out of use.

In October of 1942, airborne command proposed a carriage design with detachable trails so it could be dropped from the air. Such a carriage was built and tested, but rejected in June of 1943 due to a "lack of need". The Marine Corps also tried to "tune" the M3 for their needs. The Marines were dissatisfied with the small gun shield, and in May of 1944 a larger shield with irregular edges was proposed. The edges made hiding the gun easier. A few prototypes were produced and built in late 1944, but that was the end of it. By this time 37 mm guns were useless even in the Pacific.

A "customized" M3 equipped with an enlarged gun shield with an irregular outline. Iwo Jima, February 21st, 1945.

Production of the M3 began in 1940. The guns were built at the Watervliet arsenal, and the carriages at Rock Island Arsenal. 18,072 guns were built (340 in 1940, 2252 in 1941, 11,812 in 1942, and 4298 in 1943).


The 37 mm anti-tank guns were included in the TO&E of American infantry divisions in 1941. Each infantry battalion received a platoon with three M3 guns, and each infantry regiment received a nine gun company. 3/4 ton Dodge WC-51 trucks were used to tow them, but lighter jeeps were also successfully used. This had an impact on the altered TO&E adopted in April of 1942: now platoons had their guns towed by jeeps, but the companies retained their Dodges. At the same time, the number of guns increased to four per platoon and 12 per company. Now each regiment contained 24 M3 guns. Each of the four artillery squadrons of the artillery regiment received a six-gun platoon. They were supposed to be used to protect artillery positions from tank attacks. Engineer battalions had anti-tank companies with nine M3 guns towed by M2 halftracks. Finally, six guns were kept at the division HQ. Each US infantry division totalled 111 37 mm guns. In addition, at the start of the war the divisions had anti-tank battalions (two companies of 12 M3 guns and one with 12 75 mm M1897A4 guns), but these were quickly taken out and turned into independent tank destroyer battalions.

The 3/4 ton truck was the standard tractor for the gun.

The 37 mm gun could also be towed with a jeep (in this case an American Bantam).

According to the TO&E issued in October 1942, each airborne division received an anti-tank battalion with two companies of 12 M3 guns each and a platoon with four guns in the artillery squadron. The glider regiment had a company with 8 M3s. A division that had one glider regiment would have 36 M3 guns, and a division with two of them would have 44.

M3 gun crew on maneuvers, Tennesee, June 1941.

As of March of 1942, tank divisions had the following distribution of 37 mm guns: 37 in the motorized regiment (four in each motorized infantry company and one in the HQ), 27 in the engineer battalion, and 4 in command units. In total, the division had 68 M3 guns, but in 1943, when tank divisions were refactored from a regimental to a battalion structure, the 37 mm guns vanished from their ranks.

M3 guns served in Alaska, although they didn't encounter enemy tanks here.

The Marine Corps had the same number of M3 guns as the army in their battalion-regiment units: 4 guns per battalion (in the weapons company) plus 12 at the regimental level (in the anti-tank company of the weapons battalion). In addition, the division had a three-battery squadron of M6 SPGs (M3 guns mounted on a Dodge truck), 18 in total. 37 mm guns were taken out of battalions in April of 1943, and the SPG squadron was moved over to towed M3 guns, more suitable for fighting in the jungle. In May of the next year they were removed due to a lack of necessity. The odds of meeting tanks in the Pacific were slim compared to Europe or North Africa. A Marine division had 90 M3 guns in 1942 (18 of them self propelled), but only 36 in 1944.

Use in battle

The combat debut of the M3 happened in December of 1941 during the defense of the Philippines. Information on their use in this battle is sparse, but one episode demands closer attention. On February 8th, 1942, a squad of 20 airmen left without a ride and fighting as infantry landed at Agloloma Bay, on the south of Bataan, in the rear of the Japanese forces. Thanks to an attack by the American landing force, the Japanese were beaten back from favourable positions and lost 600 men. The landing was entirely improvised. The troops landed on two whale boats towed by 11 meter motorboats. The motorboats were equipped with improvised armour made of steel plates and each had a 37 mm gun installed. The gunboats offered fire support for the landing force with a 10 minute artillery barrage. This landing was the first American amphibious operation in WWII.

Fillipino scouts train with an M3 gun, 1941.

The US Marines used M3 guns starting with October of 1942 in the battles for Guadalcanal. Defending their positions at the Matanikau river, the Marines destroyed the Japanese 1st Independent Tank Company armed with Chi-Ha medium tanks. The 37 mm guns also proved effective at defending against infantry attacks. Canister shot mowed down the attackers.

Jungle warfare was not an easy task. A crew from the 7th Infantry Division pulls their M3 gun behind them. Kwajalein, February 1944.

An M3 gun supports Marines at Saipan, June 1944.

While the Japanese possessed only a handful of thin-skinned tanks, the Americans encountered a more serious opponent in November of 1942, after landing in North Africa. The Germans had PzIII and PzIV tanks, and the M3 could do little against their front armour. By then, both the allied British and the Germans had more powerful anti-tank guns (57 mm and 50 mm respectively), while the Americans had to settle for 37 mm cannons. The result was predictable: at the battle for Kasserine Pass 67 M3 guns were destroyed or captured. The commission that studied the result of fighting in Tunisia was ruthless in its conclusions, given on March 5th, 1943.
"These guns were useless as anti-tank weapons and we insist that they are disposed of. They cannot penetrate the front armour or turret of German medium tanks, their rounds bounce off their armour like peas, while German tanks crush our positions..."
To be fair, there was also another opinion. Brigadier Thomas Louis wrote after observing trials against a captured German PzIII tank:
"The 37 mm gun, used with caution, meaning firing at the flanks and avoiding fire from excessive distances, is an effective anti-tank measure." 
The M3's size made it easy to conceal.

New TO&E issued in May of 1943 replaced the M3s with 57 mm M1 guns (copies of British 6-pounders). However, these weapons only appeared in large amounts in early 1944. The campaign in Sicily was fought with 37 mm guns, which were still effective against Italian tanks and captured French Renault R35s. When German tanks appeared on the battlefield, the infantry's only hope was their tank destroyer battalions, armed with M10 SPGs.

By the landings in Normandy, the 57 mm M1 was already the infantry's main anti-tank weapon. In the Pacific theater the guns remained in use until the end of the war. Their small size came in handy when fighting in the jungle.

An M3 gun crew of the 7th Cavalry Regiment at a checkpoint near Santo-Tomas (Luzon, Philippines). March 25th, 1945.

The only notable receiver of this gun through the Lend Lease program was China (1669 units). The second largest supply was to Chile, who received 198 guns. Small batches ended up in other Latin American countries: Paraguay (12), El Salvador (9), Columbia and Bolivia (4 each). Cuba received one single M3. The Free French received 130 of these guns, Great Britain got 78, the USSR 63, and Canada 3.

37 mm M3A1 with a Solothurn muzzle brake and the M5 3" gun. The difference can be seen with the naked eye.

The American 37 mm gun arrived on the scene much later than its analogues, especially the German 3.7 cm Pak "doorknocker". As a result, it was obsolete by the time it entered service, which guaranteed its relatively short and unsuccessful career.

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Las misiones de la Agencia Espacial Europea usarán sensores del ...
La Agencia Espacial Europea (ESA) ha dado luz verde para que sus próximas misiones espaciales incorporen un tipo especial de sensores que están desarrollando investigadores del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) y que son ...

           2018 Global GCC Slide Valve Industry Report – History, Present and Future      Cache   Translate Page      
(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 10, 2018 ) The key countries in each region are taken into consideration as well, such as United States, China, Japan, India, Korea, ASEAN, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, CIS, and Brazil etc. Get Sample Report at There...
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Overview Add an annual turnover of $22.3 billion to a rental and leasing fleet of over 1.9 million vehicles spread across 9,900 locations worldwide and you get Enterprise Rent-A-Car – a business that’s grown into the largest global mobility provider in the world. Enterprise’s internships give you the chance to get ahead in the job market - but don’t just take our word for it; our interns have been voted Best Intern of the Year at the National Undergraduate Employability awards. It’s learning by doing, not by getting coffee all day. It’s learning by doing, not by getting coffee all day. From winning regular diversity awards to being a Top 50 Place for Women to Work for 12 years running, it’s no surprise that we were also voted the Graduate Employer of the Year last year. We are excited to announce the position of Information Security Intern; this placement is specifically designed for MSc students. This opportunity is based at Enterprise Holdings' European Head Office in Egham, Surrey. This role has a European focus and will work with our corporately owned entities across the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, and Spain as well as liaise with our corporate Security, Privacy and Compliance teams based in Saint Louis, Missouri. The Information Security team is responsible for safeguarding our customer’s data, and ensuring that we have the proper people, processes and technology in place to protect against both current and emerging threats. You will be working on a range of areas which include Security Strategy & Transformation, Cyber Maturity Assessments & Third Party Assurance, Business Resilience, Privacy, Cyber Defence & Security Testing and Records Management. Responsibilities Stay up to date on cyber security news and cyber-attack trends, while offering suggestions to keep the company environment secure Investigate and resolve security threats reported by employees Assist the Information Security Office with day-to-day activities Collaborate with internal teams including Application Development, Infrastructure, IT Communication, Privacy/Data Governance and Marketing/Communications As assigned, participate in various Information Security projects Adhere to technology standards and follow documented procedures Establish and maintain effective working relationships with peers and end users Assist with task automation and process improvement Prepare Documentation and Reports for use by EHI internal stakeholders Qualifications Must be a current MSc student looking to undertake an industrial placement year Good knowledge of Microsoft Office applications – Word, Excel & PowerPoint Excellent verbal and written communications skills Excellent time management skills and punctuality Ability to prioritise work and meet timelines Self motivated and self disciplined Additional Information Please do let us know about any accommodations you may need to participate in the recruitment process; contact our Talent Acquisition Specialist Georgina Crockford. Application Deadline : 30th October 2018 (this is subject to change, early applications are wholly encouraged) Assessment Centre Date : 26th November 2018, Egham, Surrey. (This assessment date is fixed) Hours : 40 per week Salary : £22,000.00 per annum Duration : The internship will run from August 2019 to August 2020 We accept applications for our Placement Programme from university students that are due to take undertake a placement year starting summer 2019, regardless of university attended and subjects being studied. Our assessment is only based on how you perform against the competencies that are required for your role. How to Apply We take great care in our recruitment process to find the ideal candidate. But it’s not all about us; we want you to have the chance to find out what we’re all about. The first step is our application form, which takes about 30 minutes to complete. As well as telling us lots about you, it helps us identify the kind of competencies in you that we look for in our placement students. If your application is successful one of our Talent Acquisition team will be in contact to arrange a competency based telephone interview. Finally, you will be invited to attend one of our assessment days. Through the day, you’ll tackle a number of exercises designed around life at Enterprise. Don’t worry – it’s not too formal and most of our applicants agree it’s a great platform for you to shine. It’s also a chance to meet some of the people you’ll be working with as well as our current interns.
          Cracks appear within Catalan coalition seeking split from Spain      Cache   Translate Page      
MADRID: The two main Catalan secessionist parties on Tuesday voted against each other in the regional parliament for the first time in three years, a sign that tensions over the strategy to adopt towards Spain's central government are becoming more serious. Quim Torra, the Catalan regional head ...
          Player To Continue Having Treatment Over International Break      Cache   Translate Page      
Paul Dummett has missed the last two games for Newcastle with a hamstring injury, and he has wisely withdrawn from Welsh squad to face Spain and the Republic of Ireland. Paul instead [...]
          Economist on "How common are interracial relationships in your countries bros?"      Cache   Translate Page      

more common
UK France



Very rare
Italy Portugal Spain

          10/10/2018: NEWS: SPAIN BIDS FAREWELL TO SOPRANO      Cache   Translate Page      

SPAIN’s world-famous opera singer Montserrat Caballe has been laid to rest at a funeral in Barcelona where tenor Jose Carreras hailed her as “the greatest soprano of the 20th century”. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Catalonia’s separatist president...
          Seven Britons fall ill with salmonella      Cache   Translate Page      
The Dr Zak’s Barn Farmed Liquid Egg White is popular with people on a calorie-controlled diet or trying to eat healthily. The product is imported from France but the eggs come from Spain. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
          Comment on FCC might reduce AM clear channel power by dl4no      Cache   Translate Page      
50 kW a "monster station"? From a European perspective this is somehow anachronistic: When we had AM stations here in Germany only a few gap-filling stations worked with less than 1 kW and about every German state (200-400 km diameter) had at least one 100 kW station. Stations like Radio Luxemburg or WDR (less than 200 km apart) were in the 500 kW to 1 MW (output!) range. Even Radio Tirana was in this class, distributing communist propaganda all over Europe. There are still AM stations in this power class like Radio Romania. From what I can receive from Spain at night they also have such stations. The argument "no programs for remote audiences" is astonishing to me: Many people move around in your country. I could imagine not every move is from one coast to the other. These clear-channel stations should be an important link to the past for many listeners. At least for me, my roots are important! Compare to the discussion here about Irish radio in the UK.
          10/10/2018: HIT TV: THE HAIRY BIKERS’ MEDITERRANEAN ADVENTURE      Cache   Translate Page      
What’s big and hairy and covered in mud? David Myers and Si King, aka The Hairy Bikers. They are in Southern Spain, travelling from Valencia to Torremolinos in the footsteps of the Moors. The lads are eating their way through the spicy delights of...
          Urban land For sell in Alhaurin El Grande in Málaga      Cache   Translate Page      
Plots in luxury residential in the Guadalhorce Valley from 154000 euros Plots in luxury residential in the Guadalhorce Valley from 154000 euros. Ref. HS000111 HARMONY SPAIN REAL ESTATE There are several plots available to build wonderful luxury...
Mon, 08 Oct 2018 12:00:52 -0400
          House-Villa For sell in Alhaurin El Grande in Málaga      Cache   Translate Page      
Elegant luxury villa in the Guadalhorce Valley Elegant luxury villa in the Guadalhorce Valley Ref. HS000110 HARMONY SPAIN REAL ESTATE In a luxury residential at the foot of the Sierra de Mijas and overlooking the entire valley of the Guadalhorce....
4 rooms 4 bathrooms fireplace garden
Mon, 08 Oct 2018 12:00:52 -0400
          House-Villa For sell in Alhaurin El Grande in Málaga      Cache   Translate Page      
Luxury villa to finish building in the Guadalhorce Valley Luxury villa to finish building in the Guadalhorce Valley Ref. HS000109 HARMONY SPAIN REAL ESTATE In a luxury residential at the foot of the Sierra de Mijas and overlooking the entire...
9 rooms 9 bathrooms fireplace
Mon, 08 Oct 2018 12:00:51 -0400
          House-Villa For sell in Alhaurin El Grande in Málaga      Cache   Translate Page      
Impressive luxury villa in the Guadalhorce Valley, ideal also for boutique hotel Impressive luxury villa in the Guadalhorce Valley, ideal also for boutique hotel Ref. HS000107 HARMONY SPAIN REAL ESTATE Located on the highest part of a luxury...
Mon, 08 Oct 2018 12:00:50 -0400
          Three Spanish wind farms totaling 128 megawatts set to open in 2019      Cache   Translate Page      
Enel Green Power España is working on a number of renewable energy projects in Spain.
          10/9/2018: SPORT: Walcott wants Sancho to strut his stuff after England call      Cache   Translate Page      

THEO Walcott has backed Jadon Sancho to thrive with England after his shock selection. Borussia Dortmund forward Sancho (inset), 18, has been called up for Nations League games in Croatia on Friday and Spain on Monday. He has started just once in...
          House-Villa For sell in Alhaurin El Grande in Málaga      Cache   Translate Page      
Impressive luxury villa in the Guadalhorce Valley, ideal also for boutique hotel Impressive luxury villa in the Guadalhorce Valley, ideal also for boutique hotel Ref. HS000107 HARMONY SPAIN REAL ESTATE Located on the highest part of a luxury...
Mon, 08 Oct 2018 12:00:50 -0400
          Inger-Maria Mahlke Wins the 2018 German Book Prize      Cache   Translate Page      

German author Inger-Maria Mahlke is the winner of the 2018 German Book Prize for her novel, Archipel, a family saga set in Tenerife, Spain.

The post Inger-Maria Mahlke Wins the 2018 German Book Prize appeared first on Publishing Perspectives.

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'We knew publishers from different countries could benefit from having their own online sales channels,' says Pablo Laurino, the founder of based in Argentina, with offices in Spain and the USA.

The post At Frankfurt’s ‘The Markets’ Today: Pablo Laurino of Argentina’s appeared first on Publishing Perspectives.

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Baron Corbin pensou que estava indo muito bem no RAW nesta semana, ao apresentar um grupo de talentos internacionais, incluindo o Conquistador para uma battle royal.

O Conquistador saiu do ringue ainda no começo da batalha, enquanto Corbin eliminava todos os wrestlers indie que a WWE foi capaz de chamar para o angle. O Conquitador voltou ao ringue, assim então, eliminando Corbin e vencendo a battle royal.

O combate valia uma vaga na WWE World Cup. Logo após o combate, o Conquistador tirou a máscara e revelou sua verdadeira identidade - Kurt Angle.

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WAMC's David Guistina speaks with Mike Spain, Associate Editor of The Times Union, about the investigation into Saturday's limo crash in Schoharie, N.Y.
          Gareth Bale offers Wales fans hope he'll be fit for glamour Spain friendly after weekend injury scare      Cache   Translate Page      
Real Madrid star joined in Tuesday training ahead of Thursday match expected to draw 50,000 to the Principality Stadium
           Gareth Bale set to win fitness battle and play in against Republic of Ireland       Cache   Translate Page      
Gareth Bale is set to win his fitness battle and play in Wales' Nations League tie against the Republic of Ireland. Bale remains doubtful for the Cardiff friendly with Spain on Thursday.
          Spain and Portugal march on      Cache   Translate Page      

H: Spain and Portugal march on

           First coaching changes in Italy, Spain and Germany       Cache   Translate Page      
Less than two months in the season, the first coaching changes came in Germany, Italy and Spain on Tuesday.Genoa, which is mid-table in Serie A, fired Davide...
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Kitap Fuarı #author #paris #roma #madrid#netherlands #switzerland #croatia #hungary #belgium #australia #newzealand #sweden #germany #czech #bulgaria #greece #scotland #england #spain #portugal #kiev #moscow #yerevan #baku #prag#astana #barcelona #deutchland #iran#usa🇺🇸
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Seafood Sinigang: Sour and Savory Seafood Soup Seasoned with Gremolata

Seafood Sinigang recipe

There are cookbooks you only cook from and cookbooks you both cook from and actually read. The New Filipino Kitchen, a culinary anthology edited by Jacqueline Chio-Lauri, falls into the latter category with engrossing stories and delicious recipes from Filipinos (some chefs, some not) around the world. The powerful food stories within range from heartbreaking separation and abandonment to finding love and acceptance and so much more.

Before their untimely deaths, food critic Jonathan Gold claimed that "the time for Filipino cuisine is now," and Anthony Bourdain had said he expected Filipino cuisine to "explode" in America. So what is Filipino cuisine? In some ways it defies definition. Its indigenous dishes (sinigang (recipe below), adobo, lumpia, to name a few) meld together influences from across Asia all the way to Spain, and as Filipinos left the islands to make new homes around the world, their food has adapted to new flavors and ingredients, making it a highly-adaptable cuisine. For this reason, Chio-Lauri chose to highlight the recipes and stories of the book's 30 contributors in order to provide a better understanding of the history, traditions, and culture of the Filipino people.

Chio-Lauri says the recipes in the book are "developed with you in mind - an open-minded person, who, every now and then, is in search of heightened food experiences." If this speaks to you, then this is the book for you!

In The Making of Lumpia, chef and food truck owner Alexa Alfaro worries how she can tell her father she was quitting school to start a food truck without breaking his heart (or worse, killing her!). So she tries the same tactic her father used decades ago to win her mother's heart and also shares her Pork and Vegetable Egg Rolls recipe. 

Melissa Sipin, a social action and creative writing instructor, tells the tender and heartbreaking story of being abandoned by her biological mother at a young age and raised by her grandmother (lola) who teaches her everything, except how to cook. From fractured memories from her father and a deep longing for her grandmother, she found the will to recreate her lola's Baked Chicken Adobo Infused with Coconut Milk recipe.

In A Plain Bowl of Noodles, Saudi-raised New Yorker Paolo Espanola believes that food can be used to solve most of the world's problems and muses over a bowl of Pansit Molo: Meat and Shrimp Dumpling Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms.

Jacqueline Chio-Lauri, the editor of The New Filipino Kitchen, shares the story of her 20-something self compulsively looking for Mr. Right while admitting she hated being around couples. After two failed engagements, she heads to Dubia to manage a high-end restaurant catering to couples. In time, she learns to combat her fear of inadequacy and to hold her head high as a single Asian woman in the Middle East. Through this self-acceptance and bravery, she finds the man of her dreams. Get the recipe for her Seafood Sinigang: Sour and Savory Seafood Soup Seasoned with Gremolata below.

Sour and Savory Seafood Soup Seasoned with Gremolata

YIELD: 4 servings

Sinigang is adobo’s close contender for the title of National Dish of the Philippines. It has many variants, depending on the fruit that sours the dish. Commonly used are sampaloc (tamarind), kamias (bilimbi), bayabas (guava), and calamansi (Philippine lime)—fruits grown in Philippine soil. Unfortunately, these fruits are difficult to find in the countries where I’ve lived. Hence, I recreated this dish using the all-year-round, easy-to-find lemon. Like many Filipino dishes, this soup is bold in taste: sour, salty, slightly sweet, spicy, and umami. For a more flavorful stock, reserve the shells and heads of the shrimp or prawns, simmer with the stock for at least 10 minutes, then strain. For an extra zing, I season sinigang with what I call a Filipinized gremolata, a mildly modified version of the Italian condiment made with parsley, lemon zest, and fried—instead of raw—garlic. This dish, which reminds me of home and heritage, can be prepared using just one pot. The recipe is easy to scale, whether you’re cooking for a village or just for one. ~Jacqueline Chio-Lauri

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
4 small cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 bunch flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped
Grated zest of 2 lemons

4 cups seafood stock or water with dissolved fish bouillon cubes
Juice of 1 lemon, plus more to taste
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
2 red onions, chopped
4 tomatoes, chopped
1 pound fish fillets (such as salmon, monkfish, or cod), cut into 4 pieces
½ pound long beans or green beans, trimmed and cut into 1-inch pieces
4 fresh whole chiles of your choice
1 bunch water spinach or spinach, thick stems removed
Fish sauce, to taste
1 pound mixed shellfish (such as prawns, shrimp, and crab claws), shelled and cooked
Cooked rice or crusty bread, for serving

Make the gremolata: In a 3-quart saucepan, heat the olive oil over medium heat until it shimmers. Add the garlic and cook until it is light golden, then immediately remove the pot from the heat. Transfer the garlic mixture to a bowl and let it cool for 1 minute. Mix with the parsley and lemon zest. Set it aside.

Make the sinigang: Pour the seafood stock into the same saucepan used to fry the garlic. Add the lemon juice and sugar and bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat. Add the onions and tomatoes. Cover the pan, reduce the heat to low, and simmer for 5 minutes, or until the onions are translucent and the tomatoes are mushy.

Put the fish in a strainer or colander and dunk it into the simmering broth. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes, until opaque throughout. Be careful not to overcook it. Immediately transfer the fish to a plate and set it aside.

Put the beans in the strainer and dunk it into the simmering broth. Cook for about 5 minutes, or until the beans are tender but still vibrant green. Transfer the beans to a plate and set it aside.

Put the chiles and water spinach in the strainer and dunk it into the simmering broth. Cook for about a minute, or until they are tender but still vibrant in color. Transfer the chiles and spinach to a plate and set it aside.

While the broth continues to simmer, taste and add fish sauce and more lemon juice as needed. Distribute and arrange the fish, shellfish, and vegetables into each of four bowls.

Remove the broth from the heat and ladle it into the bowls with the seafood and vegetables. Sprinkle each serving with the gremolata. Serve the soup piping hot, with rice or crusty bread.

Reprinted with permission from The New Filipino Kitchen edited by Jacqueline Chio-Lauri, Agate Surrey, 2018

The New Filipino Kitchen

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Thanks, Mike (from Spain)  
          Comment on Seasonal Layers Thinlits Dies Retirement Card by Pamela Cluney      Cache   Translate Page      
I'm English & live near Alicante, Spain & been trying to find a supplier of Seasonal Layers Thinlits Dies in UK, especially the lovely chair but no luck so far - is it possible to buy the set from the US? Not sure how I would pay. Your help would be so much appreciated.
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Frontier has unveiled Planet Coaster's new World's Fair Pack, an internationally flavoured DLC expansion coming to PC next week, on October 16th.

The World's Fair Pack takes Frontier's theme park sim on a globe-hopping tour of ten different countries. The result is a brand-new collection of over 360 building and scenery items - including shops, restaurants, and billboards - inspired by the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, China, and the USA. Ideal if you fancy attempting to build your own version of Disney's Epcot or, you know, the world.

There's the briefest glimpse of the new themes in the teaser trailer below.

Read more…

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Hello, Im Spanish lady (35) wanting to make contact with african men interested in private encounters for sexual experiences. I will enter and write now in the forum so you can read more about my experience. contact me at sandraspain2020 gmail com
          Wales confident Gareth Bale will be fit to face Ireland      Cache   Translate Page      
GARETH Bale could miss the friendly against Spain but Wales boss Ryan Giggs hopes to have his star man back for next week’s trip to face the Republic of Ireland
          On This Day in Math - October 10      Cache   Translate Page      
Met this guy on the road coming across the Dartmore Forest in the fog one day.

Mathematicians have tried in vain to this day to discover some order in the sequence of prime numbers, and we have reason to believe that it is a mystery into which the human mind will never penetrate.
~Leonhard Euler

The 283rd day of the year; 283 is a twin prime. Also it can be expressed as powers of its digits, 283 = 25 + 81 + 35. (Curious students might seek the first multi-digit number for which this is possible)

283 can be expressed as nn + (n+1)n+1 (Find n!)

283 = (6! - 5! - 4! - 3! - 2! - 1! - 0!)/2.

283 is a prime of the form 4n+3, Bernard Frénicle de Bessy discovered that such primes cannot be the hypotenuse of a Pythagorean triangle (1676), as opposed to primes of the form 4n+1, which Fermat conjectured always were in 1640.


1580 Tycho observes a comet and follows it until November 25. and in the morning of December 13. He measured the distance to a comet and thereby demonstrated that comets were beyond the Moon. The Broadside from the British Museum was done about 1580, but was based on an earlier woodcut so it is probably not the comet that Tycho measured, (or perhaps any other actual comet). In January of the following year (still 1580 in England) a pamphlet of warning was written by "Francis Shakelton, minister and preacher of the worde of God":
"A blazyng starre or burnyng beacon, seene the 10. of October laste (and yet continewyng) set on fire by Gods prouidence, to call all sinners to earnest [and] speedie repentance."

1580 John Dee became one of the few commoners visited by Queen Elizabeth. Just hours after the death of his second wife the Queen and her entire privy council showed up at his door. Dee tried to entertain her using the "magical mirror" he had been given by William Pickering who had once been Elizabeth's suitor. The mirror, made of highly-polished obsidian (volcanic glass), was one of many Mexica cult objects and treasures brought to Europe after the conquest of Mexico by Cortés between 1527 and 1530. It is now in the British Museum. *Benjamin Wooley, The Queen's Conjuror

1641 Torricelli arrives in Arcetri to study with Galileo. ".. postpone his arrival at Arcetri until 10 October 1641. He took up residence in Galileo’s house, where Vincenzo Viviani was already living, and stayed there in close friendship with Galileo until the latter’s death on 8 January 1642. " *

In 1796, according to tradition, the metric system was born. The Oct 10 (10/10) date was chosen since it seems to signify the base 10 way of using measurements.*TIS (tradition perhaps, but I can find no event that took place regarding metric system on this date. France would adopt system on Dec 10th of 1796. Can anyone verify a reason for this "traditional" date. although Dec 10 has a nice ring)

1844 Michael Faraday gets a scare. After a deadly explosion in a collary in Haswell, he was asked to participate in a commission to examine the incident. They examined the mine, and asked questions about air flow and other issues. Satisfied, Faraday's last series of Q & A went something like:

Faraday: Where do you store the dynamite?
A : "In a bag, tightly tied," was the reply.
Faraday: "Yes, but where do you keep the bag?"
A : "You are sitting on it."
They had apparently honored Faraday with the most comfortable cushion available. He supposedly jumped up quickly and admonished them for their carelessness, especially since the explanation about air flow included tests with an open flame candle. *The Correspondence of Michael Faraday, Volume 3: (There are many variations on this anecdote, one here that conflates the mine incident with events in court on the previous day)

1845 Naval School (now Naval Academy) opened at Annapolis, MD. *VFR

In 1846, Neptune's moon, Triton, is discovered by William Lassell while he was observing the newly discovered planet Neptune. He was attempting to confirm his observation of the previous week, that Neptune had a ring. Instead he discovered that Neptune had a satellite, Triton. Lassell soon proved that the ring he thought he had seen was a product of his new telescope's distortion. This picture of Triton was taken in 1989 by the only spacecraft ever to pass Triton: Voyager 2, which found fascinating terrain, a thin atmosphere, and even evidence for ice volcanoes on this world of peculiar orbit and spin. Ironically, Voyager 2 also confirmed the existence of complete thin rings around Neptune - but these would have been quite invisible to Lassell! *TIS

1931 Spain issued a stamp picturing the Fountain of Lions at the Alhambra in Granada. The Alhambra is famous for its use of tessellations. [Scott #491] *VFR

1971 The rebuilt London Bridge was completed and dedicated in Arizona.   In 1831, New London Bridge had opened to traffic in London. In 1821, a committee was formed by Parliament to consider the poor condition of the existing centuries-old bridge. The arches had been badly damaged by the Great Freeze, so it was decided to build a new bridge. Building commenced under John Rennie in 1825, and completed in 1831, at the expense of the city. The bridge is composed of five arches, and built of Dartmoor granite. It was opened with great splendor by King William the fourth, accompanied by Queen Adelaide, and many of the members of the royal family, August 1st, 1831. In the 1960's it was auctioned and sold for $2,460,000 to Robert McCulloch who moved it to Havasu City, Arizona. The rebuilt London Bridge was completed and dedicated on 10 Oct 1971.*TIS

1980 Midway releases the video game Pac-Man to arcades in North America, "Let the games begin"
*Michael Esposito I‏ @espofootball

1986, a tiny asteroid, Asteroid 3753, was found orbiting the Earth - a body in addition to the Moon - by J. D. Waldron at Siding Spring Observatory. It was called Cruithne, (pronounced "Croo-een-ya") after Celtic tribes who came to Britain between about 880 and 500 BC. It is pulled alternately by the Sun and Earth. When viewed from the Earth, its 770-year orbit appears to be horseshoe shaped, but this is an effect of viewing an orbit from a rotating planet. It actually passes closer to the Earth than the Moon. At its closest approach it only gets to within about 15 million km (9 million miles) of our planet. Its diameter ranges between 2.9 - 6.4 km diameter wide. Cruithne will remain in a suspended state around Earth for at least 5,000 years. *TIS

In 2001, construction on the Viaduc de Millau (Millau Viaduct) began to bridge the River Tarn in Southern France. Finished in 38 months, it was opened 14 Dec 2004. The Millau Viaduct, designed by Sir Norman Foster, is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world. Taller than the Eiffel Tower, the tallest pylon is 340m high, making it the world's highest road bridge. It carries the A75 motorway from Clermont-Ferraud south to Beziers, crosses 2.5-km and rises 270m above the valley. It was to replace the motor route through the town of Millau with continual traffic jams, shorten the journey by 100 km and save 4 hours of driving time. It was built using a steel deck, rather than concrete roadbed. *TIS


Drawing of Cavendish torsion device *Yovisto
1731 Henry Cavendish (10 Oct 1731; 24 Feb 1810) English chemist and physicist who conducted experiments with diverse interests in his private laboratory. Most notably, he determined the mass and density of the Earth. He investigated the properties of hydrogen and carbon dioxide, including comparing their density to that of air. Cavendish also showed that water was a compound and measured the specific heat of various substances. His manuscripts (published 1879) revealed discoveries he made in electrostatics before Coulomb, Ohm and Faraday - including deducing the inverse square law of electrostatic attraction and repulsion. He also found specific inductive capacity. His family name is attached to the Cavendish Laboratory (founded 1871, funded by a later family member) at Cambridge University. *TIS Cavendish was supposedly so shy that for his only portrait the artist painted his coat from a hook in the hall, then painted Cavendish body from memory. *"Shock and Awe", BBC broadcast on the history of electricity)

1817 Christophorus Henricus Didericus Buys Ballot (10 Oct 1817; 3 Feb 1890) was a Dutch meteorologist who is remembered for his observation in 1857 that the wind blows at right angles to the atmospheric pressure gradient. He showed that northern hemisphere winds circulate counter-clockwise around low pressure areas and clockwise around high pressure areas. The reverse is true in the southern hemisphere. Although not the first to make this discovery, his name remains attached to it as Buys Ballot's law. He studied and taught at the University of Utrecht, and founded the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute in 1854. He was the inventor of the aeroklinoscope and of a system of weather signals.*TIS

1861 Heinrich Friedrich Karl Ludwig Burkhardt (10 Oct 1861, 2 Nov 1914) His main work was in analysis, particularly the theory of trigonometric series, and on the history of mathematics. Other topics on which Burkhardt published papers included groups, differential equations, differential geometry and mathematical physics.*SAU

1896 Lester Halbert Germer (10 Oct 1896; 10 Mar 1971) was a American physicist who, with his colleague Clinton Joseph Davisson, conducted an experiment (1927) that first demonstrated the wave properties of the electron. They showed that a beam of electrons scattered by a crystal produces a diffraction pattern characteristic of a wave. This experiment confirmed the hypothesis of Louis-Victor de Broglie, a founder of wave mechanics, that the electron should show the properties of an electromagnetic wave as well as a particle. He also studied thermionics, erosion of metals, and contact physics.*TIS

1919 William Henry Kruskal (October 10, 1919 – April 21, 2005) was an American mathematician and statistician. He is best known for having formulated the Kruskal–Wallis one-way analysis of variance (together with W. Allen Wallis), a widely-used nonparametric statistical method.
Kruskal was born in New York City to a successful fur wholesaler. His mother, Lillian Rose Vorhaus Kruskal Oppenheimer, became a noted promoter of Origami during the early era of television. She is credited with introduction the Japanese term "Origami" into the Enlish lexicon to replace the then common term, "paper folding". He was the oldest of five children, three of whom, including himself, became researchers in mathematics and physics; see Joseph Kruskal and Martin Kruskal. Kruskal left Antioch College to attend Harvard University, receiving Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mathematics in 1940 and 1941. He pursued a Ph. D. in Mathematical Sciences at Columbia University, graduating in 1955.
During the Second World War, Kruskal served at the U.S. Naval Proving Ground in Dahlgren, Virginia. After brief stints working for his father and lecturing at Columbia, he joined the University of Chicago faculty as an instructor in statistics in 1950. He edited the Annals of Mathematical Statistics from 1958 to 1961, served as president of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics in 1971, and of the American Statistical Association in 1982. Kruskal retired as Professor Emeritus in 1990. He died in Chicago.*Wik


1708 David Gregory (3 Jun 1659, 10 Oct 1708) Scottish mathematician and astronomer. In 1702 he published a book Astronomiae physicae et geometricae elementa, an effort in the popularization of Newtonian science. However, in the matter of chromatic aberration, Gregory noted something that Newton had missed. Different kinds of glass spread the colours of the spectrum by different amounts. He suggested a suitable combination of two different kinds of glass might eliminate chromatic aberration. (A half century later, Dollond accomplished this result.) Telescopes were a special interest of his, and Gregory also experimented with making an achromatic telescope. Gregory also did important work on series.*TIS

1925 Andrew Gray (2 July 1847, 10 Oct 1925) graduated from Glasgow University and was appointed assistant and secretary to Lord Kelvin. He became Professor of Physics at University College Bangor and then returned to Glasgow as Kelvin's successor. He produced many books and papers in both mathematics and physics.*SAU

1940 Vito Volterra (1860–1940) died in Rome. Best known for his early contributions to functional analysis: he introduced the concept of functional in 1887. He also gave an example of a function with a bounded derivative that is not Riemann integrable. He took a prominent role in public life, being President of the Accademia dei Lincei and also a Senator. When the Fascists’ came to power he opposed them and so lost his positions. Consequently his death was not announced in Italian newspapers. This had an ironic sequel: In October 1943 an SS detachment called at his house to arrest him and send him to a concentration camp. *VFR

1888 Sir Thomas Ralph Merton KBE, DSc, FRS (12 January 1888–10 October 1969) was an English physicist, inventor and art collector. He is particularly noted for his work on spectroscopy and diffraction gratings. Diffraction gratings were one of his lifelong interests and here his inventive genius best showed itself. The rarity and expense of good diffraction gratings led him to devise, in 1935, a method of copying them without loss of optical quality, by applying a thin layer of a cellulose ester solution to an original plane grating. When the solvent had evaporated he detached this pellicle and applied its grooved surface to a moist gelatine film on a glass plate. When dry, the gelatine bore a faithful record of the original rulings.
In 1948 Merton made an important basic advance in the art of ruling diffraction gratings. Since 1880 these had been ruled groove by groove by the method used by Rowlands. In place of this, Merton ruled a very fine helix continuously on a steel cylinder which he then opened out upon a plane gelatine-coated surface by his copying method. No lathe could, however, rule a helix free from errors of pitch and these Merton eliminated by an ingenious device. It consisted of a ‘chasing lathe’ by which he cut a secondary helix on the same cylinder with a tool mounted on a ‘nut’ lined with strips of cork pressed upon the primary lathe-cut helix. Periodic errors were thus averaged and eliminated by the elasticity of the cork.
In 1969 Merton bought Stubbings House, at Maidenhead Thicket, Berkshire. Its spacious rooms made an appropriate setting for his collection of pictures. As a man of considerable wealth, he maintained what was probably the last private physics laboratory in Britain. Papers and patents continued to appear, based on his researches there. In 1957 he had several serious operations and thereafter he rarely left his home, where he died on 10 October 1969.*Wik

1971 Sir Cyril Burt (3 Mar 1883, 10 Oct 1971) British psychologist who was a leader in developing methods of statistical data analysis, particularly factor analysis, in psychological testing. He investigated the role of heredity in intelligence with twin studies and the role of nuture in juvenile deliquency. In 1913, he was appointed thea school psychologist for the schools administered by the London County Council (LCC) This was the first appointment of this kind in the U.K. In 1926, he proposed a national testing program of intelligence tests on children at about age 11. Subsequently, the national "Eleven-Plus" exam was used to identify whether children were high scorers suitable for education at a grammar schools, or not. After Burt's death his later work on twins was questioned as flawed or fraud.*TIS

1975 Norman Levinson (August 11, 1912, Lynn, Massachusetts – October 10, 1975, Boston) was an American mathematician. Some of his major contributions were in the study of Fourier transforms, complex analysis, non-linear differential equations, number theory, and signal processing. He worked closely with Norbert Wiener in his early career. He joined the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1937. In 1954, he was awarded the Bôcher Memorial Prize of the American Mathematical Society. In 1974 he published a paper proving that more than a third of the zeros of the Riemann zeta function lie on the critical line, a result later improved to two fifths by Conrey.
He received both his bachelor's degree and his master's degree in electrical engineering from MIT in 1934, where he had studied under Norbert Wiener and took almost all of the graduate-level courses in mathematics. He received the MIT Redfield Proctor Traveling Fellowship to study at the University of Cambridge, with the assurance that MIT would reward him with a PhD upon his return regardless of whatever he produced at Cambridge. Within the first four months in Cambridge, he had already produced two papers. In 1935, MIT awarded him with the PhD in mathematics.
His death in 1975 was caused by a brain tumor.*Wik

1984 British geneticist Sir Alec Jeffreys discovered DNA fingerprinting on this date. He identified that every individual has a unique genetic code, so people could be identified by their genetic fingerprints. The technique has since helped to solve crime investigations and allowed the identification of family members in paternity cases. *

2007 Karl Walter Gruenberg, (3 June 1928; 10 October 2007) Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics of Queen Mary, London University, was a much respected algebraist, being a leading light in the London algebra research community, with many professional contacts across the globe.
For his PhD he worked under Philip Hall, the UK's leading algebraist at the time, submitting a thesis in the theory of groups (a branch of algebra concerned with an abstract study of symmetry). He moved to Queen Mary College, London University, temporarily in 1953 and permanently in 1957. There Kurt Hirsch was slowly building up a world-class algebra research centre and Gruenberg rapidly became a leading member of this group.
Gruenberg remained at Queen Mary all his working life, apart from leaves of absence mostly taken at North American universities. He was made Professor in 1967, and was Head of the Pure Mathematics Department from 1973 until 1978.
After leaving Cambridge he continued his research in abstract group theory into the 1960s, becoming a leading expert at the time on the Engel theory of groups, which is concerned with extracting global information from certain types of local data.
From about 1960 or so, his main research interest moved into homological algebra and its applications, particularly to group theory. In mathematics, frequently unsuspected connections arise between quite separate and apparently unrelated areas. In this work Gruenberg was concerned with applying to group theory techniques originally developed for the "geometry of continuity". In this field he was a major, in many ways the major, pioneer. This work led him over the years towards representation theory, especially integral representation theory, and more latterly number theory. He published many research articles both singularly and jointly.
He was a talented and very successful teacher, especially of graduate students and his many innovative graduate courses were regularly attended by students, visitors and staff from Queen Mary and other London institutions. His books, Linear Geometry (1967, an undergraduate text written with Alan Weir), Cohomological Topics in Group Theory (1970) and Relation Modules of Finite Groups (1976), were all very well received. He continued his research to the end. He published a joint paper with Alfred Weiss in the Journal of Algebra in 2006, was working on further joint work with Weiss in the summer of 2007 both at Queen Mary and at the University of Alberta in Canada. He had been due to address the Queen Mary Pure Mathematics Seminar.* B.A.F. Wehrfritz Obituary in The Independent

Credits :
*CHM=Computer History Museum
*FFF=Kane, Famous First Facts
*NSEC= NASA Solar Eclipse Calendar
*RMAT= The Renaissance Mathematicus, Thony Christie
*SAU=St Andrews Univ. Math History
*TIA = Today in Astronomy
*TIS= Today in Science History
*VFR = V Frederick Rickey, USMA
*Wik = Wikipedia
*WM = Women of Mathematics, Grinstein & Campbell
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Video: Basic Flamenco Moves - A Flamenco Workout
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This offers women and men a challenging opportunity to learn authentic Flamenco dance moves while building up endurance and strengthening hands, arm and feet coordination. It is choreographed into a systematic, effective, artistic, professional flamenco workout, for both high and low impact. It is broken down into three main workout segments.
Part One - Warm up. The program begins with a "Flamenco Floreo" exercise, essential to the Spanish Dance. It also focuses on neck exercises, knee bends, ankle flexes, lunges, and side stretches. Part Two - Footwork. Flexing the foot and striking the floor with the ball of the foot, then bringing down the heel to make two separate sounds - known as the Classic Flamenco Toe-Heel Step and Sound. Then, you learn how to embellish the Toe-Heel dance steps with combinations of arms and footwork. Part Three - The Spanish Jota. The Jota is the name of a Regional Dance in Spain, with many variations. Learning and practicing the Jota with us will help improve your endurance, as it naturally requires cardio-vascular progression. Ballet terms and techniques are used to teach these specialized movements properly.

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Paco Alcacer admits he left Barcelona to join Borussia Dortmund in order to "feel happy playing" after a difficult time at Camp Nou. The striker has been a huge hit in the Bundesliga since joining on an initial loan deal in August, becoming only the second player after Gert Dorfel to score six goals in his first three games in the division. Alcacer's impressive run, which included scoring a hat-trick as a substitute in last Saturday's dramatic 4-3 win over Augsburg, earned the 25-year-old a recall to the Spain squad for this month's matches with Wales and England. The former Valencia man admits he had reached a point where he knew he needed to leave Barca, having made only 14 starts in LaLiga in two seasons. "In the end, it all comes down to making decisions," he told a news conference. "Being at Barcelona for years, not having a leading role, not everything going as I had wanted... "I decided to look for minutes elsewhere. A player with confidence is better than one without confidence. I left in order to feel happy playing. "The decisions I was able to make, I made. The conversations with [coach] Ernesto [Valverde] were private and I decided to look for minutes elsewhere. At Barca, with Luis Suarez, [Lionel] Messi, [Ousmane] Dembele... it's tough to play." Alcacer credited his Dortmund form to the fact his new team-mates have helped him to settle quickly. "All my team-mates have helped me a lot since the first day," he said. "I had difficulty with the language and with the change. They've made it really easy for me and I've adapted well." 6 - @paco93alcacer (@BVB) is the only player beside Gert Dörfel (Hamburg, 1963) to score 6 goals in his first 3 #Bundesliga appearances. Historic. #BVBFCA — OptaFranz (@OptaFranz) October 6, 2018
          Kiernan Shipka In Prada – New York Comic Con 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Kiernan Shipka attended the Netflix & Chills panel during New York Comic Con on Friday (October 5) in New York City, prior to the photocall in Spain. I adore her style, as you know, and this green and black floral-jacquard Prada Resort 2019 dress is another example why as it blends romanticism with a 1950s […]

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The feed flavors & sweeteners market was valued at USD 1,198.9 Million in 2016. It is further projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.4% from 2017 to 2022, to reach USD 1,463.0 Million by 2022.

Northbrook, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2018 -- The report "Feed Flavors and Sweeteners Market by Type (Feed Flavors and Feed Sweeteners), Livestock (Ruminants, Swine, Poultry, Aquatic Animals), Form (Dry and Liquid), Source (Natural and Synthetic) and Region - Global Forecast to 2022", The feed flavors & sweeteners market is estimated to value at USD 1,236.1 Million in 2017. It is further projected to reach a value of USD 1,463.0 Million by 2022, at a CAGR of 3.4% from 2017. The market is driven by factors such as increasing demand for palatability boosting ingredients, growing meat and dairy products industries, and increasing awareness of consumers towards quality meat products. Additionally, the implementation of innovative husbandry practices to improve quality of meat product provide feed flavors and sweeteners producers and distributors with lucrative opportunities.

Browse 102 Market Data Tables and 44 Figures spread through 153 Pages and in-depth TOC on "Feed Flavors and Sweeteners Market - Global Forecast to 2022"

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Feed flavors segment, by type, is estimated to dominate the feed flavors & sweeteners market in 2017

The feed flavors segment, by type, is estimated to be the largest in the feed flavors & sweeteners market. Feed flavor enhances the taste and smell of feed that leads to the increase in feed intake of livestock and overall improved growth performance as well. Thus, feed flavors are largely utilized by feed producing companies to improve the efficacy of feed products. Further, flavors such as citrus and vanilla show effective results in terms of voluntary feed intake by animals especially in crucial conditions such as postweaning or lactation period wherein animals experience extreme weight loss. Hence, this segment is anticipated to acquire the largest share of global feed flavors & sweeteners market by 2022.

Dry segment is estimated to be the largest segment in the feed flavors & sweeteners market in 2017

Flavors & sweeteners in dry form are easy to mix with feed. Advantages offered by dry forms such as ease of storage & handling and cost advantage over liquid form are some of the factors that have increased the demand for these products. In addition, these flavors & sweeteners protect feed products from processing heat. Thus, the dry segment is expected to continue its dominance throughout the forecast period.

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The ruminant segment is projected to be the fastest growing segment during the review period.

Ruminants are highly sensitive to feed palatability, which is one of the main reasons driving the demand for feed flavors & sweeteners for the ruminant class of livestock. Palatable additives such as flavors and sweeteners stimulate the ruminants' appetite for feed and aids in enhancing their growth performance. Thus, livestock producers have constantly been demanding flavored feed products for ruminants. Also, exponentially growing demand for ruminant-based products such as beef and processed dairy is another factor that has been fueling the demand for flavors and sweeteners products.

Asia-Pacific region is estimated to dominate the feed flavors & sweeteners market in 2017

The Asia-Pacific region is projected to be the fastest-growing, which includes India, China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam between the years 2017 and 2022. The major driving factors for the market in this region are the continuous modernization of animal production techniques and the growing awareness among the consumers regarding the impact of quality feed provided to the livestock on the animal-based products such as meat and dairy products.

This report includes the study of marketing and development strategies, along with the product portfolios of the leading companies. It includes the profiles of leading companies such as Nutriad (Belgium), Pancosma (Switzerland), Alltech (US), FeedStimulants (the Netherlands), BIOMIN Holding (Austria), DuPont (US), Norel (Spain), Prinova Group (US), Agri-Flavors (US), Origination O2D (US), Kerry Group (Ireland), and Pestell Minerals & Ingredients (Canada) are some of the major feed flavors & sweeteners market participants.

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Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery

The Gambia is a source, transit, and destination country for children and women trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Within The Gambia, women and girls, and to a lesser extent boys, are trafficked for sexual exploitation, in particular to meet the demand for European sex tourism, and for domestic servitude. Boys are trafficked within the country for forced begging by religious teachers and for street vending. Transnationally, women, girls and boys from neighboring countries are trafficked to The Gambia for the same purposes listed above. Primary source countries are Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Benin. Trafficking of Gambian boys to Senegal for forced begging and Senegalese boys to The Gambia for the same purpose is particularly prevalent. Gambian women and girls are trafficked to Senegal for domestic servitude, and possibly for sexual exploitation. Gambian women and children may be trafficked to Europe through trafficking schemes disguised as migrant smuggling. Reports in the last two years of Gambian, Senegalese, and nationals of other neighboring countries being transported from The Gambia to Spain by boat appear to be predominantly cases of smuggling rather than trafficking. - U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2008 [
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Title: Inalare EP
Artist: DE ANGELIS, Antonio
Label: Discografica 71 Spain
Format: 12"

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Inalare
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          NZTrio: Exotica      Cache   Translate Page      

NZTrio, critically acclaimed as 'a national treasure' and 'this country's most indispensable ensemble', present a tapas-style feast of music with vibrant and piquant sounds from Spain, Argentina, Brazil and beyond. ...

Gisborne | Thursday, 11 October 2018

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Euskal presoen zigorrak metatu edo pilatzera behartu dezake estatu espainiarra Estrasburgok. Urriaren 23an emango du Giza Eskubideen Europako Auzitegiak euskal presoek ezarritako salaketaren epaia.

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Randy Durrum posted a photo:

Horreo along the Camino Primitivo on the way to Melide, Spain

          Democracy Now: Ten Years Since Economic Collapse Sparked Occupy Wall Street, the Cooperative Movement Is Surging      Cache   Translate Page      

This week marks the seventh anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement and 10 years since the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers, which triggered the onset of the global financial crisis. The crisis also sparked massive global anti-capitalist movements, including Occupy Wall Street, the M-15 movement in Spain and the anti-austerity movements in Greece. “It’s striking how little we are marking these anniversaries,” says author and activist Nathan Schneider. “I think … we recognize we really haven’t done anything serious to deal with the causes of this crash.” Schneider’s new book outlines an alternative economic model based on cooperative ownership that saw a resurgence since the 2008 financial crisis. It’s titled “Everything for Everyone: The Radical Tradition That Is Shaping the Next Economy.”

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           Rock star memorabilia auction will be biggest ever seen in Spain       Cache   Translate Page      
Tuesday 9 October, 2018

Barcelona (SPAIN) 09/10/2018 — is auctioning the famous music journalist Jordi Tardà’s collection of memorabilia. One of the most important collections in Europe related to the world of rock, it is made up of more than 10,000 items that at the time were the reason for the creation of the Rock Museum in Barcelona.

Setdart is offering collectors an excellent opportunity to acquire objects related to rock legends such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Prince, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Madonna, Guns and Roses, ACDC, U2, Metallica, The Police, Dire Straits, Elton John, Oasis, Aerosmith, among others. The items being auctioned include signed guitars, original manuscripts, golden records, personal items, garments, autographs and lots more mementos related to the great rock stars that Jordi Tardà had the opportunity to meet through his work as a music journalist and promoter. All the legendary rock bands that performed in Barcelona throughout the thirty years of his emblematic radio show, “TardaTardà”, stopped by the radio station to be interviewed face to face by the charismatic journalist, who was a regular backstage at concerts and shared historic tours with the great ones.

His penchant for collecting became evident when he created the Rock Museum of Barcelona in 2011 featuring a large part of his collection, and when he created the Collector’s Record Fair, also in Barcelona, which is considered one of the world’s best.The Important collection of memorabilia will be up for auction from mid October 2018 to January 2019.

Visit the website: Other: <iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>
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          This dizzying labyrinth will host next year’s party for math’s ‘Nobel’ prize | Math - Science Magazine      Cache   Translate Page      
New maze mimics mathematical patterns in nature and the ancient world, inform Allyn Jackson, writer and editor specializing in mathematics.

Photo: Arne Ristesund
When mathematician Hans Munthe-Kaas of the University of Bergen in Norway was asked to help design a new botanical garden for his school, he had absolutely no idea what he could contribute. 

One year later, he has devised a wonder: a math-based labyrinth (above) that will feature in next year’s celebration for the winner of the Abel Prize.
Called the Archimedes Labyrinth, the maze occupies 800 square meters in Adiabata, a rain garden that takes its name from the adiabatic process that occurs when moist sea air is pushed over mountains.

To design the labyrinth, Munthe-Kaas started with spirals. He took particular inspiration from the Archimedes spiral, a curve that appears throughout the natural world, including in fiddlehead ferns. He next looked to the symmetrical, infinitely repeating, 2D patterns known as “wallpaper groups,” which can be seen in mosaics common in ancient and medieval buildings, like Spain’s Alhambra...

The walls of the maze are made of yew trees, including several potted yews that can be moved around to change the arrangement of the maze. And because the labyrinth is so close to the Bergen airport, the striking design can be seen from the air.
The unique garden, which opened last weekend, will host part of next year’s celebration for the Abel Prize, often called the “Nobel” of math. Visitors will be invited to solve a puzzle based on clues scattered throughout the maze.

Source: Science Magazine

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Buscamos redactores originales para lanzamiento web. Temática anime comics. 350 a 400 palabras 4 fotos por artículo en español. (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Article Writing, Content Writing, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Spanish (Spain))
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Buscamos redactores originales para lanzamiento web. Temática anime comics. 350 a 400 palabras 4 fotos por artículo en español. (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Article Writing, Content Writing, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Spanish (Spain))
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          Delta – Starting $518 (Regular Economy) / $338 (Basic Economy): Chicago / Dallas / Philadelphia – Madrid, Spain. Roundtrip, including all Taxes      Cache   Translate Page      
Delta – Starting $518 (Regular Economy) / $338 (Basic Economy): Chicago / Dallas / Philadelphia – Madrid, Spain. Roundtrip, including all Taxes
A good sale to Madrid. Pricing is as follows: Chicago [ORD]: ITA will price the basic economy fare as $411 or $484, using those dates on Delta should reprice to $518 (Regular Economy) / $338 (Basic Economy) Dallas [DFW] ITA will price the basic economy fare as $429, using those dates on Delta should reprice […]
          Delta – $429: Baltimore – Barcelona, Spain. Roundtrip, including all Taxes      Cache   Translate Page      
Delta – $429: Baltimore – Barcelona, Spain. Roundtrip, including all Taxes
A good sale to Barcelona. Pricing will vary slightly depending on routing. American / British Airways / Finnair / Iberia also have a $429 fare, but it is a Basic Economy / Economy Light fare. These Basic Economy / Economy Light fares DO NOT: Allow for advance seat assignment Include checked bags – they are […]
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 (447x698, 94Kb)
Изабелла II (Isabel II)
королева Испании из династии Бурбонов, правившая в 1833-1868 годах. Дочь Фердинанда VII и Марии Христины Сицилийской. Замужем с 1846 года за герцогом Кадисским Франциском (1822-1902). Изабелла стала королевой в возрасте трех лет, что уже само по себе не сулило ей спокойного царствования. В довершение несчастья, ее права на престол были далеко не бесспорны. Чтобы передать корону дочери, Фердинанд VII специальным декретом 1830 года восстановил старинный кастильский закон, разрешавший наследование по женской линии. Брат короля дон Карлос, имевший среди ультра-роялистов многочисленных сторонников, протестовал против узурпации своих прав и в октябре 1833 года призвал своих сторонников к оружию. Так споры о престоле стали поводом к гражданской войне. Она продолжалась семь лет и была чрезвычайно кровопролитной. Мать Изабеллы, королева Мария Христина, должна была в борьбе с доном Карлосом опереться на либеральную часть испанского общества. В 1837 году в стране была введена умеренная конституция. Но в дальнейшем между регентшей и прогрессивистами произошел разлад. К тому же популярность Марии Христины сильно упала из-за ее тайного брака с камерграфом Фернандо Муньосом. В 1840 году она должна была отказаться от власти и уехала во Францию. Регентство перешло к генералу Эспартеро, а в 1843 году королеву объявили совершеннолетней. Изабелла была до глубины души испанкой: открытая, общительная, с большим чувством юмора. Ее очень любили мадридцы. Однако, несмотря на доброту и милосердие, она не обладала ни политическим умом, ни волей и вплоть до своего низвержения оставалась игрушкой в руках честолюбцев, оспаривавших друг у друга ее милости. К тому же она проявила склонность к интригам, коварству и была очень неразборчива в любовных связях. Последнее, впрочем, до некоторой степени извинялось ее неудачным браком, который был устроен из чисто политических соображений консервативным министром Истурисом. Муж Изабеллы, дон Франсиско де Асис, был человеком хворым, тщедушным и никчемным. Королева не испытывала к нему ничего, кроме презрения, и вскоре после свадьбы приблизила к себе молодого генерала Серано, который открыл длинный список ее любовников. Изабелла любила роскошь и веселье. Старый этикет при ней мало-помалу становился менее строгим, во дворце и летних резиденциях постоянно устраивались балы и концерты. Королева любила оперу и Корриду. Расточительность ее превосходила все разумные пределы. На первый взгляд, история всего царствования Изабеллы являла собой картину смятения и беспорядка. Постоянно происходили перевороты, передававшие власть то одному, то другому генералу, вспыхивали мятежи, вводились и отменялись конституции.
10 октября 1830 года родилась — Изабелла II post-13108-131829018961 (700x348, 282Kb)
Вмешательство военных в политику сделалось обычным явлением. Но все это были поверхностные явления. Средневековый облик Испании менялся медленно и мучительно трудно. Кумир прогрессивистов Эспартеро был вскоре заменен умеренным генералом Нарваэсом. Он был толковым политиком и пользовался к тому же популярностью в народе. Однако с годами его взгляды становились все более реакционными. Ему удалось добиться стабилизации и в 1845 году реформировать конституцию, проведя принцип полной централизации власти. В 1851 году он подал в отставку в знак протеста против сокращения расходов на армию. Три следующих года власть принадлежала крайним реакционерам. Королева была исполнена предрассудков, считала либерализм и парламентаризм ересью и была не прочь вовсе упразднить кортесы. Но все ее попытки следовать этим курсом наталкивались на упорное сопротивление либералов. В июне 1854 года им удалось поднять восстание в Мадриде. Столица покрылась баррикадами. Изабелла даже помышляла о бегстве, но потом решила пойти на уступки. Были проведены выборы в Учредительные кортесы, которые приняли в 1855 году новую конституцию и закон о продаже церковных земель. Революционный подъем быстро пошел на убыль. Уже в 1856 году возглавлявший правительство генерал О'Доннель приостановил продажу земель и вернулся к консервативной конституции 1845 года. В течение следующих десяти лет О'Доннель и Нарваэс правили, сменяя друг друга. При этом первый старался проводить либеральные реформы, а второй неизменно являлся после него, чтобы жесткой рукой восстанавливать порядок. В апреле 1868 года Нарваэс умер, и это была большая потеря для королевы. При всех своих недостатках генерал твердо держал в подчинении армию и до самой кончины оставался опорой трона. С его смертью дела пришли в полное расстройство. В сентябре, когда королева вместе со своим любовником Марфори находилась в Сан-Себастьяне, восстали моряки Кадиса. За несколько дней революция охватила всю Андалусию и перекинулась в Мадрид. Образовавшаяся здесь временная хунта 30 сентября объявила Изабеллу и всех Бурбонов лишенными престола. С пестрой толпой своих приближенных королева удалилась во Францию, где Наполеон III отдал в ее распоряжение замок По. В 1878 году, после того как на престол взошел ее сын Альфонс, Изабелла вернулась в Испанию. Она намного пережила его и скончалась в Париже, в своей резиденции 9 апреля 1904 года. Литература: Марта Шад: серия "Власть и мифы. Королевский дом Испании". /Москва. Издательство Мой Мир. 2005г./ ISBN 3-938209-97-6; Серия "Исторические силуэты. Испанские короли". /Ростов-на-Дону. Издательство Феникс. 1998г./ ISBN 5-222-00028-1.

Aleksis_Kivi (573x700, 86Kb)
Алексис Киви (финское имя - Aleksis Kivi; настоящая фамилия – Стенвалль; шведское имя - Stenvall)
финский писатель, основоположник реалистической литературы на финском языке. Алексис Стенвалль (Киви — его литературный псевдоним) родился в семье деревенского портного Ээрика Йохана Стенвалля. Предки писателя происходили из старинных финских родов Пеккола (по отцовской линии), Ханнула, Симола и Маула (по материнской линии). Выучившись шведскому языку у старого матроса, он лишь с 12 лет начал учиться в одной из хельсинкских школ и после окончания её в возрасте 23 лет поступил в университет. Болезни и бедность помешали регулярным занятиям начинающего писателя; основу своих обширных знаний Киви заложил самообразованием, много и интенсивно читая Сервантеса, Шекспира, Хольберга, «Калевалу». На один из сюжетов финского народного эпоса он написал романтическую трагедию о рабе-бунтаре («Куллерво», 1860), удостоившуюся премии Финляндского литературного общества. После нескольких лет скитаний Киви обосновался в деревенской местности Шундео неподалёку от Хельсинки, где всецело занялся литературным творчеством. Здесь он написал превосходную «комедию характеров» «Сапожники Нумми» (1864), сборник лирических стихотворений «Карневала» (1866) и одноактную лирическую пьесу на библейскую тему «Лия» (1869). С её постановки в том же 1869 г. ведет свое начало финноязычный театр страны. Венцом реалистических тенденций в творчестве Киви стал роман «Семеро братьев», законченный им за два года до смерти, последовавшей от тяжёлого душевного заболевания. Лишь в краткие промежутки просветления писатель узнавал о всеобщем признании, которое получило его творчество. Киви написал двенадцать пьес, один роман, и также немного рассказов — четырнадцать работ за семь лет. «Семеро братьев» — первый финский роман, написанный по-фински, а не по-шведски. Поэтому в настоящее время он считается одним из самых важных романов финской литературы.
10 октября 1834 года родился — Алексис Кивиpost-13108-128666040503 (700x362, 238Kb)
Писатель сам рассказывает в конце книги: «И вот я рассказал о семи братьях из лесов Финляндии. А что ещё мне можно рассказать об их жизни на земле?» Тем не менее, сразу после опубликования романа вокруг него разразились большие дебаты. Критики разделились на два лагеря — одни отнеслись с симпатией и возлагали на роман большие надежды, подчёркивая, что роман может дать большой импульс развитию финской литературы; другие восприняли роман весьма скептически. Так, известный критик, исследователь финно-угорских языков и поэт Август Альквист написал: «Наш народ совсем не такой, каковы герои этой книги. Спокойный и серьёзный народ, возделавший поля Финляндии, не имеет ничего общего с ново-поселенцами Импиваара»; он также назвал роман «нелепостью» и «пятном позора на финской литературе». В настоящее время роман «Семеро братьев» переведён уже на двадцать пять языков мира. Умер 31 декабря 1872 года. Киви до сих пор считается непревзойдённым мастером прозы. Он — первый профессиональный писатель страны, писавший на финском языке, и один из основоположников финского литературного языка. Памятники этому писателю установлены перед Национальным Театром в Хельсинки, в Нурмиярви, Туусула, в Тампере. В Хельсинки и Турку действуют сообщества его имени. Установлен день памяти Киви — ежегодно проводятся любительские спектакли по пьесам Киви. Дом, в котором жил писатель, реконструирован и превращён в музей, а дом, где он закончил свой жизненный путь, и его могила стали объектами паломничества. Сочинения: Kootut teokset, osa 1 - 4, Hels. 1915 - 1919. Литература: Сто замечательных финнов. Калейдоскоп биографий = 100 suomalaista pienoiselämäkertaa venäjäksi / Редактор Тимо Вихавайнен (Timo Vihavainen); перевод с финского И.М.Соломеща — Хельсинки: Общество финской литературы (Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura), 2004. — 814 страницы. — ISBN 951-746-522-X; (Творчество А.Киви), в книге.: Карху Э.Г., Финляндская литература и Россия. 1850 - 1900, Москва - Ленинград, 1964, страницы 85 - 122; Viljanen L., Aleksis Kiven runomaailma, Porvoo, 1953; Kinnunen A., Aleksis Kiven näytelmät, Porvoo - Hels., (1967) (библиография страницы 309 - 315).

Слепцов  (420x700, 55Kb)
Александр Александрович Слепцов
русский революционный деятель. Сын помещика. Окончил Александровский лицей (1856), служил во 2-м отделении Собственной его императорского величества канцелярии. Один из организаторов и основателей «Земли и воли» 1860-х гг., член ЦК общества. В январе 1863 г. выехал за границу, где был близок редакции «Колокола» и участвовал в деятельности «молодой эмиграции». В 1868 г. вернулся в Россию; служил в министерствах просвещения и финансов, занимался преподаванием и журналистикой. В конце 1870 г. от имени научного журнала «Знание» обращался к К.Марксу с предложением о сотрудничестве. Его записки, написанные в 1905-1906 гг., важнейший источник для изучения истории «Земли и воли» 1860-х гг. Умер 5 июля 1906 года. Литература: Рейсер С.А., Воспоминания А.А.Слепцова, в сборнике: Н.Г.Чернышевский. Статьи, исследования и материалы, том 3, Саратов, 1962; Коротков Ю.Н., У истоков первой "Земли и воли", в сборнике: Исторические записки, том 79, Москва, 1966.

Vikenti_Vasilyevich_Makushev_1883_Biza copy (550x700, 99Kb)
Викентий Васильевич Макушев
русский историк-славист; славянофил. Родился в Брест-Литовске, ныне Брест. Окончил курс в Санкт-Петербургском университете на историко-филологическом факультете, с 1862 по 1865 г. был секретарем консульства в Дубровнике, где при помощи богатого архива основательно изучал историю Дубровницкой республики. Результатом этого изучения были «Очерк дипломатических сношений России с Дубровницкой республикой» (1865), статьи о югославянских землях «Русском вестнике» и других журналах 1866 г. и магистерская диссертация «Исследования об исторических памятниках и бытописателях Дубровника» (Санкт-Петербург, 1867). С 1868 по 1871 г. Макушев работал в разных итальянских архивах и библиотеках и собрал огромный материал, преимущественно для истории южных славян, небольшая часть которого напечатана в «Исторических памятниках южных славян» (1-й том в Варшаве, 2-й в Белграде), а все другое остается пока неизданным. Остальные труды Макушева: «Итальянские архивы и хранящиеся в них материалы для славянской истории» (1870—1871), «Исторические разыскания о славянах в Албании в средние века» (1871), «Болгария в конце XII и в первой половине XIII в.» (1872), «Болгария под турецким владычеством, преимущественно в XV и в XVI в.» и многое другое. Вернувшись из-за границы, Макушев получил кафедру в Варшавском университете; часть его чтений по славяноведению напечатана. Отличительные черты работ Макушева — необыкновенная критическая точность, ясность, сжатость. Автор многих исторических исследований (в том числе "Исторические разыскания о славянах в Албании в средние века", 1871; "Болгария под турецким владычеством, преимущественно в ХV и ХVI веках", 1872; "О иронии в древней Сербии", 1874), издатель документов (из итальянский архивов: "Исторические памятники Южных славян...", части 1-2, 1874-1882 и др.). Полный перечень сочинений Макушева приведён в его некрологе, составленный А.Смирновым («Русский филологический вестник», 1883 г., книга 1). Умер в Старой Варшаве 2 марта 1883 года. Литература: Флоринский Т.Д., В.В.Макушев, "Славянский ежегодник". Киев, 1883; Очерки истории исторической науки в СССР, том 2, Москва, 1960.

avenariu (587x700, 54Kb)
Василий (Вильгельм) Петрович Авенариус
русский писатель для детей и юношества. Родился в Царском Селе, в семье лютеранского пастора. Повесть «Современная идиллия» впервые помещена в «Всемирном труде» (1865). Отрицательное отношение к революционным стремлениям шестидесятых годов XIX века вызвали жестокие нападки критики как на эту, так и на следующую его повесть («Поветрие», 1867), и он скоро оставил общую литературу, только изредка возвращаясь к ней впоследствии. Его имя стало известно почти исключительно в детской литературе. Он не был писателем по профессии и работал над своими произведениями очень медленно. Авенариус переложил, или вернее издал в приспособленном для детей виде, русские былины — «Книга о киевских богатырях» (1875). Эта книга приобрела большую популярность и много раз переиздавалась. Затем последовал ряд оригинальных сказок для детей («О пчёлке Мохнатке», «О муравье-богатыре» и др.). В середине 1880-х годов XIX века Авенариус начал издавать ряд повестей из жизни писателей и иных известных персон: «Отроческие годы Пушкина» (1886); «Юношеские годы Пушкина» (1888); «Гоголь-гимназист» (1897); «Гоголь-студент» (1898); «Школа жизни великого юмориста» (1899); «Детские годы Моцарта» (1901); «Создатель русской оперы — Глинка» (1903); «Молодость Пирогова» (1909). Другая группа сочинений Авенариуса — его исторические произведения (например, роман-трилогия «За царевича»), не поднимавшиеся выше обычных в то время исторических повестей и романов Г.Данилевского, Вс.Соловьёва, Д.Мордовцева и других. Но все они были приспособлены к чтению подростками. В них больше рассказа о приключениях и описаний быта, чем психологии действующих лиц. Третью группу представляют воспоминания детства и молодости («Листки из детских воспоминаний» и др.), о виденном и пережитом («Перед рассветом», «За тридцать лет»). Повесть «Перед рассветом» рисует картины крепостного быта накануне отмены крепостного права и воспроизводит психологию сторонников и врагов этой отмены в помещичьей среде. Цель писательской деятельности Авенариуса — передача полезных сведений юным читателям. Его произведения проникнуты «благонамеренными» взглядами, что в своё время и облегчило им доступ в царскую школу в качестве «рекомендованной» литературы. Умер в Петрограде 9 ноября 1923 года. Литература: Венгеров С.А. Критико-биографический словарь. том I. — Санкт-Петербург, 1915; Чехов Н.В. Василий Петрович Авенариус. «Педагогический листок», книга 5, 1915 (в статье имеется хронологический перечень произведений); Авенариус, Василий Петрович, Книга былин. Свод избранных образцов русской народной эпической поэзии на сайте "Руниверс"; Авенариус, Василий Петрович, Книга о киевских богатырях. Свод 24 избранных былин древнекиевского эпоса на сайте "Руниверс".

Лордкипанидзе (503x700, 53Kb)
Кирилл Бежанович Лордкипанидзе (грузинское имя - კირილე ლორთქიფანიძე)
журналист и общественный деятель, представитель тергдалеулеби - общественно-литературного течения грузинской интеллигенции 1860-х гг. Родился в село Дихашхо, ныне Ванского района Грузии. Студентом Санкт-Петербургского университета участвовал в студенческих волнениях 1861 г. В 1864 г. подготовил и издал в Санкт-Петербурге на грузинском языке сборник стихов грузинских поэтов-шестидесятников "Чонгури". Сотрудничал в их журнале "Сакартвелос моамбе" ("Вестник Грузии"), в 1873-1874 гг. — редактор газеты "Дроеба", в 1881-1883 гг. — работал в газете грузинских народников "Шрома" ("Труд"). Умер в Кутаиси 12 мая 1919 года. Литература: Ратиани П. К., Грузинские шестидесятники в русском освободительном движении, перевод с грузинского, Тбилиси, 1968.

Iwao_Oyama_2 (476x700, 157Kb)
Ивао Ояма (японское имя - 大山 巌)
японский военный деятель, маршал Японии (1898), сыграл важную роль в создании японской армии современного типа. Родился в городе Кагосима в княжестве Сацума (ныне — префектура Кагосима), в семье древнего самурайского рода. Отличился во время реставрационной войны 1868 года в рядах сторонников императора. Во время франко-прусской войны находился при прусских войсках, изучая передовой опыт ведения войны. В 1871—1874 годах получил военное образование во Франции и Швейцарии. Когда в 1877 году его близкий родственник Сайго Такамори поднял самурайское восстание в Сацуме (к которому присоединился также старший брат Оямы), остался верен правительству — командовал бригадой при подавлении мятежа, используя при этом полученный в Европе опыт. В 1879 году был назначен заместителем министра внутренних дел и начальником столичной (токийской) полиции. С 1880 года — министр армии, с 1882 года — начальник генерального штаба. В 1883 году совершил путешествие в Европу для изучения организации армий. После возвращения, в 1885—96 годах (с небольшим перерывом), — вновь министр армии, проводил милитаризацию страны. После начала в 1894 году японо-китайской войны (1894—1895) — командовал 2-й армией, высадившейся на Ляодунском полуострове, штурмом взявшей Люйшунь. Затем армия пересекла Жёлтое море и захватила крепость Вэйхайвэй. По итогам этой кампании получил титул маркиза и стал членом Тайного совета при императоре. 20 января 1898 года стал маршалом Японской империи. В 1899—1904 годах — вновь начальник Генштаба. Под его руководством был разработан план войны с Россией и проведена тщательная подготовка японской армии к кампании. В июне 1904 года был назначен главнокомандующим японскими войсками в Маньчжурии и на Ляодунском полуострове. Под его общим командованием японские войска победили в Ляоянском сражении, отбили наступление русских при реке Шахе и с помощью прибывшей из-под Порт-Артура 4-й армии Ноги одержали решительную победу под Мукденом. В 1906 году стал почётным членом британского Ордена Заслуг (Order of Merit). В 1907 году император пожаловал Ояме титул князя. С 1912 года был лордом-хранителем императорской печати и гэнро. Умер в префектуре Фукуока 10 декабря 1916 года.

ghoergedima-big (460x700, 47Kb)
Георг Дима (румынское имя - Gheorghe Dima)
румынский композитор, хоровой дирижёр, педагог. Музыке обучался в Бадене, Вене, Граце. В 1872-1874 и 1878-1880 учился в Лейпцигской консерватории у К.Рейнеке (композиция) и С.Ядассона (гармония). Одновременно выступал как певец. Дирижёр "Румынского объединения певцов" в Брашове (1875-1879 и 1899-1914), дирижёр и директор Румынского музыкального объединения в Сибиу (1880-14899). Преподавал в лицеях Брашова (1874-1878) и Сибиу (1883-1889 и в 1892-1899); профессор хоровой музыки и директор консерватории в Клуже (1919-1925). Деятельность Димы способствовала развитию музыкального образования в Румынии. Дима одним из первых музыкантов в Румынии изучал фольклор Трансильвании, обрабатывал народные песни и популяризировал их силами руководимых им хоров. Сочинения Димч, в основном хоровые, раскрывают национальные образы. Автор многих вокальных, вокально-симфонических и хоровых сочинений, среди них: баллада для солистов, хора и оркестра "Мать Штефана Великого" (1884), баллада для голоса с оркестром "Воевода Штефан и лес" (1904), кантаты и др. Умер в городе Клуж 4 июня 1925 года. Литература: Vоi1еanu-Niсоа ra A., G. Dima. Viata. Opera, Buc., 1957; Zamfir С., Atitudinea lui G. Dima fata de muzica populara, "Revista de folclor", 1958, No 1; Weinberg J., Momente si figuri din trecutul muzicii romвnesti, Buc., 1967, p. 150-155; Vanсea Z., Creatia muzicala romвneasca, v. I, Buc., 1968, p. 134-145.

Фернандо Сааведра (испанское имя - Fernando Saavedra)
испанский шахматист и католический священник. Родился в Севилье. В 1871 году римско-католической церковью был послан проповедовать в Англию, где сначала проживал в Дублине, а потом в Глазго (1892—1898). Всемирную известность ему принёс один ход, сделанный в Шотландии — превращение пешки в ладью. Умер в Дублине (Дублин, Ленстер, Ирландия) 1 мая 1922 года. Литература: Миронов Г.А. Размышления любителя шахматных этюдов, Библиотечка шахматиста, Москва, Физкультура и спорт, 1975, Страницы 30—31.

Александр Парфеньевич Бородин1  (499x700, 121Kb)
Александр Парфеньевич Бородин
русский инженер и учёный в области железнодорожного транспорта, один из основоположников паровозостроения в России. Родился в Санкт-Петербурге. После окончания в Санкт-Петербурге Технологического института (1870) и Института путей сообщения (1872) работал на руководящих инженерных должностях Ряжско-Вяземской (до 1877), Киево-Брестской (1877-1878), Юго-Западной (1878-1896) и Московско-Виндаво-Рыбинской (1896-1898) железных дорогах. В 90-х гг. XIX в. его научные работы оказали существенное влияние на развитие техники железнодорожного транспорта. В 1880-1882 гг. на базе Киевских мастерских Юго-Западной железной дороги он создал первую в мире стационарную лабораторию по испытанию паровозов. Им проведены крупные теоретические и экспериментальные работы в области создания локомотивных паровых машин с двойным расширением пара. По его инициативе был построен первый быстроходный 4-цилиндровый паровоз системы тандем-компаунд; в 1896 г. выдвинул идею применения конденсации пара на паровозах. Им был внесён ряд предложений по унификации локомотивного и вагонного парка, а также автотормозов; предложены рациональные схемы размещения пунктов водоснабжения на железных дорогах. Был бессменным председателем съездов инженеров службы тяги железных дорог России. Активно участвовал в работах Русского технического общества. Бородин - один из основателей журнала "Инженер" (1882), издававшегося в Киеве, а с 1889 г. - его главный редактор. Русское техническое общество в 1897 г. учредило золотую медаль имени Бородина за лучшие изобретения и исследования в области железнодорожного транспорта. Умер 7 апреля 1898 года. Литература.: Житков С.М., Биографии инженеров путей сообщения, выпуск 3, Санкт-Петербург, 1902: Романов В., Ткаченко Ф., Бородин Александр Парфеньевич, Москва, 1949.

000Gerónimo Giménez (525x700, 207Kb)
Херонимо Хименес-и-Беллидо (испанское имя - Jerónimo Jiménez y Bellido)
испанский дирижер и композитор. Родился в Севильею Свою карьеру посвятил созданию сарсуэл - испанских музыкально-драматических произведений, близких к оперетте. К самым известным произведениям можно отнести сарсуэлы «La tempranica» и «La boda de Luis Alonso». Умер в Мадриде 19 февраля 1923 года.

Prendergast 1913 (522x700, 179Kb)
Морис Брэзил Прендергаст (Maurice Brazil Prendergast)
американский художник. Родился в Канаде, но ребёнком переехал с родителями в Бостон. Юношей он познакомился здесь с художницей и меценаткой Сарой Чоуэйт Сирс, которая оказала ему покровительство и материально поддержала во время учёбы в Париже. Там, в академии Жюлиана, он познакомился с Обри Бёрдслеем и Уолтером Сикертом и отчасти благодаря этому знакомству подпал под влияние живописи Уистлера. Затем до некоторой степени сблизился с Пьером Боннаром и Эдуаром Вюйаром, благодаря чему был причислен к постимпрессионистам. Оставил несколько видов Венеции, где побывал в 1898. В 1920-е гг. считался участником группы американских художников, получившей название «школа мусорных вёдер», хотя по своей манере был гораздо тоньше и деликатней. Типичный сюжет живописи Прендергаста — праздные, отдыхающие, нарядно одетые люди. Прендергаст считается одним из лучших американских акварелистов своего времени, хотя в поздние годы он всё более тяготел к живописи маслом. Умер в Нью-Йорке 1 февраля 1924 года.

 (699x583, 83Kb)
Фритьоф Нансен (норвежское имя - Fridtjof Nansen; полное имя - Фритьоф Ведель-Ярлсберг Нансен,Fridtjof Wedel-Jarlsberg Nansen)
норвежский полярный исследователь. Родился близ Кристиании (ныне Осло). По окончании университета Кристиании в 1883 совершил путешествие в воды Гренландии на зверобойном судне «Викинг», год спустя был назначен куратором отдела зоологии в музее города Берген. Нансен решил пересечь Гренландию с востока на запад. Вместе с пятью товарищами пытался высадиться на побережье Гренландии близ Ангмагсалика. Группа пробилась сквозь льды, вышла к побережью, отправилась на лыжах через неизвестную территорию, а 3 октября 1888 достигла Готхоба, совершив первый переход через льды Гренландии. По возвращении Нансен был назначен куратором по зоологии университета Кристиании (в 1897 получил должность профессора). Решив пересечь Северный Ледовитый океан, Нансен построил корабль «Фрам», способный во время дрейфа по течению противостоять давлению паковых льдов. Начав плавание от берегов Норвегии 24 июня 1893, обогнул мыс Нордкап, прошел вблизи берегов Сибири и 28 сентября 1895 вошел в паковые льды. Убедившись в прочности судна, Нансен сошел с корабля и решил подойти на санях как можно ближе к Северному полюсу. 7 апреля 1895 вместе с Фредериком Иохансеном достиг 86°13'36'' северной широты Нансен добрался до суши и перезимовал на Земле Франца-Иосифа. На следующее лето, через несколько дней после возвращения Нансена в Норвегию, «Фрам» освободился от ледовой блокады и в августе 1896 благополучно пришел в Норвегию под командованием О.Свердрупа. Несколько лет Нансен занимался обработкой результатов экспедиции, особенно в области океанографии, и написал несколько работ, включая Первое пересечение Гренландии (The First Crossing of Greenland, 1890) и Крайний Север (Farthest North, 1897). Не прекращая океанографических исследований, Нансен занялся общественной деятельностью. В 1906–1908 был назначен послом Норвегии в Великобритании. В конце Первой мировой войны был представителем Норвегии в США, в 1920–1922 верховным комиссаром Лиги наций по делам репатриации военнопленных из России. В 1921 по поручению Международного Красного креста создал комитет «Помощь Нансена» для спасения голодающих Поволжья. В следующем году стал верховным комиссаром по делам беженцев и учредил Нансеновское паспортное бюро. В 1922 был удостоен Нобелевской премии мира, а в 1938 Нобелевской премии мира было удостоено Нансеновское международное агентство по делам беженцев в Женеве, основанное в 1931. Умер в Люсакере близ Осло 13 мая 1930 года. Сочинения: The Norwegian North polar expedition 1893—1896. Scientific results, v. 1—6, L. — . ., 1900—1906; в русском переводе — Собрание сочинений, том 1—5, Москва — Ленинград, 1937—1940; В страну будущего, Петроград, 1915; "Фрам" в Полярном море, Москва, 1956. Литература: Зубов Н.Н., В центре Арктики. Очерки по истории исследований и физической географии Центральной Арктики, Москва — Ленинград, 19371948; Таланов А., Нансен, Москва, 1937, 1960; Нансен-Хейер Л., Книга об отце, перевод с норвежского, Ленинград, 1937, 1971.
Нансе_в_Красноярске (544x700, 441Kb)
Памятная доска на стене Красноярского государственного художественного музея имени В.И.Сурикова. Надпись гласит: «Здесь с 12 по 16 сентября 1913 г. во время своего путешествия в Восточную Сибирь и на Дальний Восток жил крупный норвежский учёный Фритьоф Нансен»
Moscow,_Bolshoy_Levshinsky_4_(1) (700x359, 297Kb)
Памятник Нансену в Москве, открытый в 2002 году.
В 1954 году ООН учредила Медаль Нансена, которая была преобразована в 1979 году в премию его имени, присуждаемую ежегодно от имени Верховного комиссара ООН по делам беженцев. В честь Нансена названы многочисленные географические объекты: Бассейн Нансена и Хребет Нансена-Гаккеля в Северном Ледовитом океане; в центральном Юконе именем Нансена назван стратовулкан. В Антарктиде именем Нансена названы две горы, открытые в своё время Робертом Скоттом и Руалем Амундсеном, и остров. В честь Нансена также названы острова на Земле Франца-Иосифа и в архипелаге Норденшельда. Всего имя Нансена на карте Арктики и Антарктики упоминается 25 раз. Астроном Сергей Белявский назвал открытый им 2 апреля 1916 года астероид — (853) Нансения. В 1964 году Международный астрономический союз присвоил имя Нансена ударному кратеру близ Северного полюса Луны. Памятная доска на стене Красноярского государственного художественного музея имени В.И.Сурикова. Надпись гласит: «Здесь с 12 по 16 сентября 1913 г. во время своего путешествия в Восточную Сибирь и на Дальний Восток жил крупный норвежский учёный Фритьоф Нансен». В бывшей усадьбе Нансена «Пульхёгда» с 1948 года располагается Институт Фритьофа Нансена — независимое учреждение, занимающееся исследованиями в области защиты окружающей среды, энергетики и разработки методов и политики управления использованием ресурсов. В честь учёного получила имя Nansenia — мезопелагическая рыба рода Microstomatidae. В 1968 году советский режиссёр Сергей Микаэлян создал совместно с норвежскими кинематографистами фильм «Есть только жизнь — история Фритьофа Нансена» (норв. Bare et liv – Historien om Fridtjof Nansen). Сюжет фильма включает три ключевых эпизода: экспедицию Нансена к Северному полюсу, его работу в Лиге Наций и участие в ликвидации голода в России. В главной роли — Кнут Вигерт. В 1985 году образ Нансена был воплощён Максом фон Сюдовым в мини-сериале «Последнее место на Земле». В начале 2000-х годов на вооружение ВМФ Норвегии поступили фрегаты типа «Фритьоф Нансен». Головное судно «Фритьоф Нансен» вступило в строй в 2003 году, два следующих судна получили имена «Отто Свердруп» и «Руаль Амундсен». Ещё в 1930 году Московский совет рабочих и красногвардейских депутатов принял решение установить Нансену памятник, но планы не были реализованы. И только спустя 72 года, 18 сентября 2002 года в Большом Лёвшинском переулке, напротив здания Российского Международного Красного Креста, был установлен памятник работы народного художника СССР В.Г.Цигаля. Памятник изготовлен на пожертвования от UDI (норв. Utlendingsdirektoratet — Норвежского директората по делам иностранцев), «Музея Фрама», Союза армян России и коммерческих фирм. Расходы по установке взяло на себя Правительство Москвы. В 1995 году по инициативе Николая Рыжкова был создан Фонд имени Фритьофа Нансена, который в 2002 году был перемещён в Армению и зарегистрирован в Ереване[285].
ArmenianStamps-095 (700x598, 408Kb)
Марка Армении, 1996, 135 лет со дня рождения.
26 января 2011 года было объявлено о том, что в Армении в городе Гюмри будет открыт дом-музей, посвящённый норвежскому гуманисту, а также были отпечатаны памятные медали и монеты. В ноябре 2011 года в Армении широко праздновалось 150-летие Нансена. В рамках мероприятия в Ереване, в присутствии высокопоставленных лиц армянского и норвежского государств, был открыт памятник Фритьофу Нансену. После этого президент Армении вручил его внучке Марит Грев паспорт статуса специального проживания в Республике Армения. Выразив благодарность, он отметил, что подобным паспортом Фритьоф Нансен дал тысячам армян возможность найти своё место в мире В этот же день министрами иностранных дел Армении и Норвегии была погашена почтовая марка. В связи с юбилеем норвежца президент Армении Серж Саргсян выпустил специальное послание, в котором отмечал, что «для армянского народа имя Фритьофа Нансена останется символом сконцентрированного воплощения совести и доброты мира». На 2011 год в Армении имя Нансена носит детский дом в Гюмри, школы в Армавире, Ереване, Спитаке, Степанаване и специальная школа-интернат в Дилижане. В Спитаке при содействии Норвежского Красного Креста открыта больница имени Нансена. 23 января 2011 года в Тромсё официально открылся юбилейный год Нансена — Амундсена, поскольку в 2011 году совпали две великие для норвежцев даты — 150-летие со дня рождения Фритьофа Нансена и 100-летие со дня достижения экспедицией Руаля Амундсена Южного полюса. Об открытии года объявил министр иностранных дел Норвегии Йонас Гар Стёре. Церемония проходила под открытым небом рядом с центром «Фрам», названным в честь знаменитого корабля, и арктическим музеем «Полярия». 14 апреля 2012 года глава Дагестана Магомедсалам Магомедов подписал указ об открытии мемориальной плиты на здании № 10 по улице Горького в Махачкале, напоминающей, что именно в этом доме в 1925 году останавливался Фритьоф Нансен, во время его недельного визита в Дагестан. Свой визит в Дагестан он подробно описал в книге «Через Кавказ на Волгу» (норв. Gjennem Kaukasus til Volga), изданной на норвежском, немецком и английском языках в 1929 году. Нансен отзывался о Дагестане как об очень интересной ему стране с большими экономическими возможностями. Библиография важнейших работ Нансена: Paa ski over Grønland. En skildring af Den norske Grønlands-ekspedition 1888—1889. — Kristiania: Aschehoug, 1890. — 704 s; Eskimoliv. — Kristiania: Aschehoug, 1891. — 293 s; Fram over Polhavet. Den norske polarfærd 1893—1896. — Kristiania: Aschehoug, 1897. — 2 bind. — 1. bind, 2. bind; Norge og foreningen med Sverige. — Kristiania: Jacob Dybwads Forlag, 1905. — 88 s; Nord i tåkeheimen. Utforskningen av jordens nordlige strøk i tidlige tider. — Kristiania: Jacob Dybwads Forlag, 1911. — 603 s; Gjennem Sibirien. — Kristiania: Jacob Dybwads forlag, 1914. — 386 s; Frilufts-liv. — Kristiania: Jacob Dybwads Forlag, 1916. — 233 s; En ferd til Spitsbergen. — Kristiania: Jacob Dybwads Forlag, 1920. — 279 s;Rusland og freden. — Kristiania: Jacob Dybwads Forlag, 1923. — 151 s; Blant sel og bjørn. Min første Ishavs-ferd. — Kristiania: Jacob Dybwads Forlag, 1924. — 285 s; Gjennem Armenia. — Oslo: Jacob Dybwads Forlag, 1927. — 247 s; Gjennem Kaukasus til Volga. — Oslo: Jacob Dybwads Forlag, 1929. — 162 s.
10 октября 1861 года родился — Фритьоф Нансен.post-13108-128666013394 (700x350, 164Kb)
Литература на русском языке: Анненская А. Н. Фритиоф Нансен и его путешествия в Гренландию и к северному полюсу. — Новая Москва, 1922; Броггер В.Г., Рольфсен Н. Фритьоф Нансен / Перевод с датского А. и П.Ганзен. — Санкт-Петербург: А.Ф.Девриен, 1896; Будур Н. Нансен. Человек и миф. — Москва: Игра слов, 2011; Буманн-Ларсен, Тур. Амундсен. — Москва: Молодая гвардия, 2005; Визе В.Ю. Вступительная статья // Нансен Ф. «Фрам» в полярном море. — Москва: Географгиз, 1956; Ладлэм Г. Капитан Скотт. — Ленинград: Гидрометеоиздат, 1989; Нансен Ф
          Las misiones de la Agencia Espacial Europea usarán sensores del ... - innovaspain      Cache   Translate Page      


Las misiones de la Agencia Espacial Europea usarán sensores del ...
La Agencia Espacial Europea (ESA) ha dado luz verde para que sus próximas misiones espaciales incorporen un tipo especial de sensores que están desarrollando investigadores del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) y que son ...

          UBA Foundation and Gavi Launch a New Partnership for Africa      Cache   Translate Page      

The UBA Foundation and Gavi will leverage the United Bank for Africa’s network and expertise to invest in Africa’s health system, starting with Nigeria.

Dr Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and Mr. Kennedy Uzoka, UBA Group CEO and Chairman of the UBA Foundation as they announce the partnership agreement between the two institutions towards strengthening health systems and raise awareness of immunisation across Africa, starting in 2018 with Nigeria

New York, 28 September 2018 - Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and the UBA Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the United Bank for Africa Group, have joined together to strengthen health systems and raise awareness of immunisation across Africa, starting in 2018 with Nigeria.

“We are delighted to work with the UBA Foundation to help protect children across Nigeria against some of the world’s deadliest diseases,” said Dr Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi the Vaccine Alliance. “Strong, sustainable health systems are key to ensuring no child misses out on lifesaving vaccines which is why this partnership will make a real difference, reducing child mortality and helping to meet the Sustainable Development Goals in 2030."

The partnership with the UBA Foundation aims to raise US$ 1.5 million over the next two years by leveraging UBA’s network of partners to support Gavi’s immunisation programmes in Nigeria. The UBA Foundation will also advocate for immunisation in Nigeria, which has one of the lowest vaccine coverage rates in the world.

“The United Bank for Africa and the UBA Foundation have been impacting lives positively in Nigeria and across the African continent for several decades, and this is another opportunity to make a difference in the lives of millions of Africans," said Kennedy Uzoka, UBA Group CEO and Chairman of the UBA Foundation. “We are proud of the partnership with Gavi which will run until the end of 2020, with both institutions focused on the overall aim to provide innovative solutions that can increase the capacity of healthcare systems in Nigeria and across Africa."

In the last five years over 14 million children in Nigeria have been vaccinated against some of the world’s deadliest diseases with support from Gavi. If Nigeria meets its targets for vaccine coverage, it will be able to prevent at least one million deaths by 2028.

"However, Nigeria needs to invest more domestic resources in health and immunisation,” said Dr Berkley. ”The private sector can be a crucial partner to help leverage expertise and provide new solutions to ensure children across Nigeria have the opportunity to lead long, healthy lives.”


United Bank for Africa (UBA), Africa’s global bank, is committed to being a socially responsible company and role model for all businesses in Africa. UBA recognises the need for a social contract between the bank, the community and its people. To this end, UBA became one of the first banks in Africa to institute a Foundation, the UBA Foundation. UBA Foundation has been impacting lives positively on the African continent for over a decade.

ABOUT Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is supported by donor governments (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, the People’s Republic of China, Principality of Monaco, Republic of Korea, Russia, South Africa, Spain, the State of Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States), the European Commission, Alwaleed Philanthropies, the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, as well as private and corporate partners (Absolute Return for Kids, Anglo American plc., The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, China Merchants Group, Comic Relief, Deutsche Post DHL, the ELMA Vaccines and Immunization Foundation, Girl Effect, The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (IFPW), the Gulf Youth Alliance, JP Morgan, “la Caixa” Foundation, LDS Charities, Lions Clubs International Foundation, Majid Al Futtaim, Orange, Philips, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, UPS and Vodafone).

          Europe forecast: Rain in Spain - Fine in central Europe, Oct 09 - 06:43      Cache   Translate Page      

Rain in eastern Spain and the Balearics, fine in much of central Europe Tuesday Dry with sunshine in the north and west of Portugal and Spain but showers, perhaps locally heavy and thundery in the south and east will extend east across into the Balearics and towards Corsica and Sardinia. Spells of sunshine for Italy and the Adriatic and while a few showers will crop up they will be mostly light. Sunny spells for Greece and Turkey but with a scattering of light showers. Heavy, possibly thundery showers in the south of France but much of France, together with the Low Countries, Germany and Poland will be dry with a good deal of sunshine. Austria, Switzerland and other central parts, across to the Black Sea coast will be dry too, with a fair bit of sunshine. Breezy across Norway, Sweden and Finland with some rain at times but Denmark and the Baltic States will stay dry with hazy sunshine. Temperatures hold at the low to mid 20s in central and southern areas, locally a shade warmer in the south of Portugal, Spain and Turkey but becoming cooler further north and rather cold in Northern Scandinavia.

Wednesday A few showers over southern coasts of Spain and Portugal with rain into northwest Spain. Fair for most of Spain with lots of sunshine. Showery bursts of rain in the balearics. Unsettled with rain in Sardinia and Corsica. Italy will have a mix of sunshine and showers. fair for Greece with plenty of sunshine. Some showers affecting the south of Turkey. Rain and some cloud in France, heavy in the west. The Low Countries and Germany should be dry with good spells of sunshine. Staying fine in Austria and Hungary with more sunshine. Scattered showers over the southern Alps. Fine weather and breezy conditions for Denmark. Plenty of sunshine for the Baltic States and Finland. A fine day in Sweden with more sunshine. Scattered showers in northern Norway but good spells of sunshine in the south.

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Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying their night! ❤️ These pet portrait blocks were created for our amazing friend @melanie_2571 of her 2 new adopted fur babies Jesse & Remi! 🐱🐱❤️❤️ Victoria @vicspaintings did an amazing job! These blocks will be added to the set we created for Melanie last year! Thank you Melanie for your orders and continued support!!! We love you!!! 😘😘 . . #blocks #pet #petportrait #handpainted #handmade #blockset #cat #cats #furbabies #adoption #sothankful #friend #create #woodenblocks #display #family #furfamily #makersgonnamake #makersofinstagram #order #customorder #madetoorder #support #blessed #rescue #hero #kitten #tuesday #haveagreatnight
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First coaching changes in Italy, Spain and Germany
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⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵💙💜💛💚 👉👉 Follow : @its.camil 👈👈 👉👉 Follow : @goldprofile 👈 👈💙💜💛💚 ⤴ ⤴ ⤴ ⤴ ⤴ ⤴ ⤴ ⤴ #honduras #arab #belgium #italy #germany #spain #venezuela #london #poland #ecuador #like4like #paraguay #Portugal #uruguay #россия #australia #russia #colombia #belgrade #israel #quebec #chile #likeforlike #argentina #brazil #mexico #Москва #france #panama #venezuela
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          Paramount Recruitment: Full Stack Software Developer - Barcelona       Cache   Translate Page      
Negotiable: Paramount Recruitment: Full Stack Software Developer - Barcelona A new opportunity with an awesome Biotech based in Barcelona has just become available for an experience Full Stack Software Developer. Barcelona, Spain
          Ritz-Carlton Vessel Hits the Water at Barreras Shipyard      Cache   Translate Page      

Published in: Cruise News

Ritz-Carlton Vessel Launch

Under near perfect conditions in Vigo, Spain, the first Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection vessel was floated out in a ceremony at the Barreras Shipyard.


Company executives, VIPs, media and press and other key parties were on hand to witness the historical moment as the 298-guest ship touched the water for the first time. Now, the ship moves to an outfitting pier ahead of its launch into service in early 2020.


          MSC Grandiosa Maiden Voyage Open for Sale      Cache   Translate Page      

Published in: Cruise News

MSC Grandiosa

MSC Cruises announced that sales for MSC Grandiosa’s maiden voyage are now open exclusively for MSC Voyagers Club members through October 21, according to a press release.

During this period, members will not only have the first selection of staterooms, but also receive a special 5 percent discount on top of their 5 percent loyalty discount, MSC said.

Sales will open for all other guests on October 22, 2018.

Launching in November 2019, MSC Grandiosa will become the company’s newest flagship, as the largest in the MSC fleet.

The megaship is currently under construction at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, France.

Departing on November 10, 2019, MSC Grandiosa will sail an itinerary through Northern Europe as well as the Mediterranean. Guests can choose a 10- or 13-night sailing, embarking in Hamburg and disembarking in Genoa, Italy or Marseille, France.

The MSC Grandiosa will also call Southampton, UK, Lisbon, Portugal and Barcelona, Spain, with overnight stays in all three ports. 

The MSC Grandiosa will be the second ship to feature the Zoe – the first cruise digital assistant, MSC said.

The MSC Grandiosa will be christened in Hamburg on November 9, 2019 and will make the maiden voyage to her new homeport of Genoa, where she will begin 7-night sailings in the Mediterranean from Genoa starting on November 23, 2019. Ports on the itinerary include Genoa, Civitavecchia, Palermo, Valletta, Barcelona and Marseille. 



          Comment on Revealed: The Run on Banks in Catalonia after Independence Vote was Fomented by Madrid by Crysangle      Cache   Translate Page      
I don't blame the move out by depositors, as their funds would then have been being held in an unknown jurisdiction. Access to EU or Euro was/is not clear either if there were secession. The same goes for businesses who wanted to be sure to maintain same jurisdiction. Spain had no reason not to help it all in this direction. I don't know who internationally would recognise Cataluña without Spanish approval , that makes its quest a bit difficult, and Spanish nationalism is not going to dissappear any time soon I think, even if the country swings further left, Andalucia being next to fully reclaim its left government it appears. I think most Spanish, no matter their political leaning, do not want to see Spain disassembled. The rest of the confrontation is what it is though. I had to stop reading ara because I get an endlessly hung pageload (in Portugal), tried VPN and it loads. I ended up using naciodigital as reference but even that hung when I tried it now.
          Wales confident Gareth Bale will be fit to face Ireland      Cache   Translate Page      
GARETH Bale could miss the friendly against Spain but Wales boss Ryan Giggs hopes to have his star man back for next week’s trip to face the Republic of Ireland
          Statistical method recreates the history of a long-abandoned village      Cache   Translate Page      
(Springer) Archaeologists now have new tools for studying the development of medieval villages and the transformation of the historical landscapes surrounding them. In a study recently published in EPJ Plus, scientists have attempted to reconstruct the history of Zornoztegi, an abandoned medieval village located in the Basque Country, Spain. (Source: EurekAlert! - Social and Behavioral Science)
          HYBRIDS making of      Cache   Translate Page      

Facebook: (News, Bonus, Making of ... )

------------------- SYNOPSIS -------------------

When marine wildlife suffer the pollution surrounding it, the rules of survival change...

------------------- DIRECTED BY -------------------

Florian Brauch -
Matthieu Pujol -
Kim Tailhades -
Yohan Thireau -
Romain Thirion -

------------------- MUSIC BY -------------------

Vincent Govindin -

------------------- DONE AT -------------------


------------------- AWARDS -------------------

Best In Show, Siggraph, 2018
Anima’t Best Animated Short Film, Sitges, Spain, 2017
Award for the Outstanding effect in a student project, VES, US, 2018
Amazon Prime Award, International TrickFilm Stuttgart, Germany, 2018
Grand Jury’s Prize, Utopiales Nantes, France, 2017
Best Animated Short, Colcoa French Festival, US, 2018
Best Animated Short, Underexposed Film Festival, US, 2018
Best Animated Short, Filmchella, US, 2017
Best Animated Short, Sklap’it, France, 2017
Best Animated Short, Unrestricted View Film Festival, UK, 2018
Best Animated Short, NanoCon Internatonal SciFi Festival, US, 2018
Best School Project, Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada, Brazil, 2017
So French Award from an Highschool Jury, Poitiers Film Festival, France, 2017
So French Award from the Audience, Poitiers Film Festival, France, 2017
Audience Award, Festival du Film Court de Maison Laffitte, France, 2018
Audience Award, Cineclass, France, 2018
Audience Award for a Fantastic Film, Les Nuits Magiques, France, 2017
Award form a School Jury, Rencontres Cinema-Nature, France, 2018
Best Art Direction, Multivision, Russia, 2017
Special Mention, Academia Film Olomuc, Czech Republic, 2018
Special Mention, Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne, France, 2017
Honorable Mention, Nashville Film Festival, US, may 2018

------------------- SELECTIONS -------------------

7 Petits Cailloux, France, may 2018
Academia Film Olomuc, Czech Republic, 2018
Anima, Belgium, 2018
Animages, Brazil, 2017
Animakom, Spain, 2018
Animateka, Slovenia, 2017
Annecy International Animated Film Festival, France, june 2018
ANNY (Animation Nights in New-York), US, 2018
Artfutura, Spain, 2018
Aspen ShortFest, US, 2018
Athens Film Festival, US, 2018
Athens Digital Arts festival, Greece, 2018
Cardiff Night, Ireland, 2018
Carrefour de l’Animation, France, 2017
Cineclass, France, 2018
CinemAmbiente, Italia, jun 2018
Cinequest, US, 2018
Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2018
Cleveland, US, 2018
Colcoa French Festival, US, 2018
Cortoons Festival Grandia, Spain, 2018
Courts Bouillon, France, 2018
DC Independent Film Festival, US, 2018
Ecozine, Spain,2018
Eye Candy (Shelley Page), World, 2017-2018
Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada, Brazil, 2017
Festival du ciné court animé de Roanne, France, 2018
Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne, France, 2017
Festival du Rocher, France, 2017
Filmchella, US, 2017
International Animation Festival Chilemonos, Chile, 2018
International Children Film Festival of Galicia, Spain, 2018
International New York Festival, US, june 2018
International TrickFilm Stuttgart, Germany, 2018
KDIAF Kuandu International Animation Festival, Taiwan, 2017
Les Nuits Magiques, France, 2017
Manchester Animation Festival, UK, 2017
Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia, june 2018
Même Pas Peur, France, 2018
Multivision, Russia, 2017
NanoCon Internatonal SciFi Festival, US, 2018
Nashville Film Festival, US, may 2018
New Horizon Film Festival, Russia, 2018
Odense Film Festival, Denmark, august 2018
Paris Court Devant, France, 2017
Poitiers Film Festival, France, 2017
Posidonia Green Festival, Spain, 2018
PSIAF (Palm Springs International Animation Festival), US, 2017
Rencontres Cinema-Nature, France, 2018
SBIFF Santa Barbara, US, 2018
SF Film, US, 2018
Short Shorts Festival & Asia, Japan, june 2018
Sitges, Spain, 2017
Smaragdni Eco Film Festival, Croatia, june 2018
Trois Jours Trop Courts, France, 2018
Siggraph, Canada, 2018
Underexposed Film Festival, US, 2018
Unrestricted View Film Festival, UK, 2018
Utopiales Nantes, France, 2017
VES, US, 2018

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Making Of - Underwater Sequence: Rick Horner


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Lawfare Project fights pro-Israel battles in Spain, Germany The Lawfare Project is now celebrating a string of major victories in Spain. A court in Barcelona last week voided a BDS measure passed by the city’s council of arts, a court in Andalusia last month suspended a large city’s boycott of companies that engage in free […]
          Wales captain Williams back to his best - Allen      Cache   Translate Page      
Wales can expect captain Ashley Williams to be at his best against Spain in Cardiff on Thursday, midfielder Joe Allen says.
          Dengue fever detected in Spaniards who have never been in the tropics      Cache   Translate Page      
TWO cases of dengue fever have been confirmed in Spain for the first time ever - and experts say they are 'not surprised' it has put in an appearance in the ...
          Wales confident Gareth Bale will be fit to face Ireland      Cache   Translate Page      
GARETH Bale could miss the friendly against Spain but Wales boss Ryan Giggs hopes to have his star man back for next week’s trip to face the Republic of Ireland
          Genes responsible for difference in flower color of snapdragons identified      Cache   Translate Page      
Snapdragons are tall plants, and flower in a range of colors. In Spain, where snapdragons grow wild, these flower colors show a remarkable pattern: areas of magenta and yellow blooming flowers are sep ... - Source:
          Wales ready to test Spain regardless of Bale’s fitness      Cache   Translate Page      
Cardiff (United Kingdom) (AFP) – Spain might not have to face Gareth Bale in Thursday’s glamour friendly, but Wales striker Sam Vokes insists the Real Madrid star’s absence won’t give the visitors an easy ride...
          Red-hot Alcacer ready to seize chance on return to Spain fold      Cache   Translate Page      
Las Rozas de Madrid (Spain) (AFP) – Red-hot Borussia Dortmund striker Paco Alcacer said he is ready to seize the chance to grab Spain’s number nine shirt after returning to the national team following a...
          International Foundation to train doctors to detect donors      Cache   Translate Page      

International Foundation to train doctors to detect donorsMexico, Oct. 9 (Notimex).- The Donation and Transplantation Institute (DTI) will give a course to 60 Mexican doctors in order to improve the techniques of donor detection and procurement of organs, and of that way to increase the transplants that are performed in the country. This international foundation, based in Barcelona, ​​Spain, has trained 14 thousand health professionals from 100 countries, and joins Mexico for the first time in this effort. From October 17 to 21, in Queretaro, the Intermediate Course in Transplant Coordination will be held, aimed at health professionals linked to the intensive care, resuscitation and emergency units where the active screening of potential donors can take place. This activity, which will be carried out with the support of the Stella Vega Foundation and PiSA Farmaceutica in coordination with the National Transplant Centers (Cenatra), which pretends to increase the cadaveric donation of organs in Mexico. Countries like Portugal, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Thailand, Iran, China and Spain that have applied the formula of this course have improved their results in this area. The president of the Mexican Society of Transplants (SMT, for its acronym in Spanish), Josefina Alberu Gomez, said that the training will help health professionals involved in the whole process of organ donation and transplantation. NTX/MPG/MAG/BBF

          10/10/2018: SPORT: Late call on Bale      Cache   Translate Page      
WALES manager Ryan Giggs will make a late call on Gareth Bale’s fitness to face Spain. Wales’ record scorer had to come off in the late stages of Real Madrid’s 1-0 loss to Alaves on Saturday. It was thought to be a recurrence of a groin injury, but...
          10/10/2018: SPORT: SOUTHGATE IS TAKING A LOAD OFF HIS BUSY HITMAN      Cache   Translate Page      

HARRY KANE is being wrapped in cotton wool ahead of England’s key Nations League clashes with Croatia and Spain. The Tottenham striker trained for only 20 minutes at St George’s Park yesterday, having played the full 90 for his club on Saturday. Kane...
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#poland #germany #germanygirl #greece #uk #ukraine #usa #goodmorningamerica #foodnetwork #spain #hungary #swedengirl #france #tokyo #japan #denmark #slovakia #slovenia #uruguay #finland #iceland #ireland #dublin #bulgaria #norway
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#poland #germany #germanygirl #greece #uk #ukraine #usa #goodmorningamerica #foodnetwork #spain #hungary #swedengirl #france #tokyo #japan #denmark #slovakia #slovenia #uruguay #finland #iceland #ireland #dublin #bulgaria #norway
          #bulgaria - dpark426      Cache   Translate Page      
#poland #germany #germanygirl #greece #uk #ukraine #usa #goodmorningamerica #foodnetwork #spain #hungary #swedengirl #france #tokyo #japan #denmark #slovakia #slovenia #uruguay #finland #iceland #ireland #dublin #bulgaria #norway
          The Hobo Guide to Wild Camping in Europe      Cache   Translate Page      

I’m camping in Europe at the moment. Pitching my tent at rest stops, in the mountains and inconspicuously behind bushes on private land. I’m camping because there are some day hikes I can’t bear to leave after only a few hours. I want to wake up in the fog and sleep amongst all the creatures that explore the land at night. I’m also doing it to stretch the little money I flew to Europe with.

Each country has its own laws when it comes to wild camping. Here’s a list, but please do your own research if you’re really concerned.

Wild camping is legal in: Sweden, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Scotland

Wild camping is a bit of a grey area in: France, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech, Hungary, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland

Wild camping is totally illegal in: Italy, Aldorra, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain (they’re really complicated), England, Wales

However, if you’re setting up shop just to rest your head for the night, camping is generally permissible. Pitch at dark and leave in the morning and nobody’s going to bat an eyelid, especially if you’re out of sight. How many times do you drive on a highway or pass a mountain and look for a tent? Worst case scenario: plead ignorance. You’re a tourist.

Here are my packing essentials:

1. A tent

If you’re heading over in summer, you can probably get away with a festival tent, especially if you’ve got some cash in the bank to splurge on accommodation when there’s a stormy night. I use a lightweight two-person Vango Bravo 200, because I need something I can carry on my back with the rest of my stuff that can also accommodate a mate, should I meet one on my journey.

If you’re wild camping, especially in places where wild camping is considered illegal or a grey area, maybe invest in something a little more inconspicuous than the blue one I’ve gone for. You can spot that baby from a mile away.


          House-Villa For sell in Alhaurin El Grande in Málaga      Cache   Translate Page      
Exclusive luxury villa with andalusian patio in the Guadalhorce Valley Exclusive luxury villa with andalusian patio in the Guadalhorce Valley Ref. HS000108 HARMONY SPAIN REAL ESTATE It is an ideal villa to live in and also for a nice boutique...
5 rooms 5 bathrooms garden swimming pool
Mon, 08 Oct 2018 12:00:51 -0400
          House-Villa For sell in Alhaurin El Grande in Málaga      Cache   Translate Page      
Impressive luxury villa in the Guadalhorce Valley, ideal also for boutique hotel Impressive luxury villa in the Guadalhorce Valley, ideal also for boutique hotel Ref. HS000107 HARMONY SPAIN REAL ESTATE Located on the highest part of a luxury...
Mon, 08 Oct 2018 12:00:50 -0400
          Argentina: A Phantom UFO?      Cache   Translate Page      

Source: Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 10.09.2018

Argentina: A Phantom UFO?

Luis Burgos writes: "An interesting photograph taken at random on Sunday, October 7, at the Gualeguay River (Entre Rios) by Laura Marcocich of the Villaguay Kayak Club. It is not included in the 2018 wave by virtue of being an artifact not visually detected. It even bears a certain similarity with the object photographed in Tucumán and published by Javier López Posse (GIOT) which we include here (courtsy of Yamil López Bantar)."

For more information on the Tucumán photos, our readers are invited to visit:
Gualeguay is a location that has been featured regularly in INEXPLICATA:

Our thanks as always to Mr. Burgos and Guillermo Giménez.
          Barcelona: Our anarchist comrade Lisa is about to be transferred to Spain      Cache   Translate Page      
The first Saturday after the comrade’s transfer, concentration in front of Wad Ras. Stay tuned for new information that may be coming!! 2018/10/08  Solidaritat Rebel
          The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Remains A Major Piece Of Legislation With Effects That Reverberate Across The Entire Ophthalmic Ecosystem      Cache   Translate Page      
(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 10, 2018 ) North America has dominated ophthalmic diagnostic equipment market with over 33% value share in 2016 and is expected to remain dominant region throughout the forecast period. Developed nations such as Germany, France, Spain, Singapore and Japan together accounted...
          Basic Flamenco Moves - A Flamenco Workout      Cache   Translate Page      
Video: Basic Flamenco Moves - A Flamenco Workout
Watch This Video!
Studio: ICRR
This offers women and men a challenging opportunity to learn authentic Flamenco dance moves while building up endurance and strengthening hands, arm and feet coordination. It is choreographed into a systematic, effective, artistic, professional flamenco workout, for both high and low impact. It is broken down into three main workout segments.
Part One - Warm up. The program begins with a "Flamenco Floreo" exercise, essential to the Spanish Dance. It also focuses on neck exercises, knee bends, ankle flexes, lunges, and side stretches. Part Two - Footwork. Flexing the foot and striking the floor with the ball of the foot, then bringing down the heel to make two separate sounds - known as the Classic Flamenco Toe-Heel Step and Sound. Then, you learn how to embellish the Toe-Heel dance steps with combinations of arms and footwork. Part Three - The Spanish Jota. The Jota is the name of a Regional Dance in Spain, with many variations. Learning and practicing the Jota with us will help improve your endurance, as it naturally requires cardio-vascular progression. Ballet terms and techniques are used to teach these specialized movements properly.

Stars: Amanda, Ricardo Ramirez, Ms. Eva Amador, Riena Contreras

          Africa:Fiba Wants Africans to Emulate Nigeria, Senegal      Cache   Translate Page      
[Leadership] FIBA Africa President,Hamane Niang has urged African countries to build on Nigeria and Senegal's successful outing at the just concluded FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2018 in Tenerife, Spain. For the first time in the competition's history, two African nations achieved a milestone by moving out of the group phase and more importantly proved to be the equals of their European and American counterparts. Although both Senegal and Nigeria opened their campaigns in Tenerife on the losing side - with defeats
          American Minute for October 10th      Cache   Translate Page      
A case of misplaced blame. All those blaming Columbus for sailing west must turn one chapter back in the history books to find that it was actually Islamic jihad disrupting the land routes from Europe to India and China that resulted in Columbus looking for a sea route. Nearly two centuries before Columbus, the 17-years-old Marco Polo left Venice for India and China with his father, Niccolo Polo, and uncle, Matteo Polo, in 1271. Together they traveled 5,600 miles to the east to meet Kublai Khan, the grandson of Ghengis Khan. Kublai Khan was Emperor of China, Korea, North India, Persia, Russia and Hungary. Marco Polo's father and uncle had met the Kublai Khan on a previous journey. Kublai Khan had requested that they bring back 100 teachers of the Holy Christian Faith and a flask of oil from Christ's empty tomb in Jerusalem. Because of wars in Europe and the death of Pope Clement IV, only two preaching Dominican friars were sent by the new Pope, Gregory X. These friars became afraid and turned back after crossing an area being attacked by Turkish Muslims. Nevertheless, the Polos returned to China where Marco Polo was employed by Kublai Khan as an envoy for over 20 years. Finally returning to Italy, Marco Polo was captured during the Battle of Curzola in 1298. While imprisoned in Genoa, Marco Polo dictated his stories of Persia, China, Mongolia, the Far East and India to a fellow prisoner, Rustichello da Pisa, who wrote them down into what became Medieval Europe's best-seller, The Travels of Marco Polo. Marco Polo's book was nicknamed "Il Milione" or One Million Lies, as it described many things unbelievable to Europeans, such as: India's worship of cattle homes smeared with cow dung, naked holy men, exotic herbs and spices, indigo blue dye, fields of cotton cloth being dyed; China's spaghetti noodles, compass, gunpowder, paper from tree pulp, paper currency, ice-cream, eye glasses, wheelbarrow, thread from worms (silk), porcelain dishes (china), burning black stones (coal), pinatas, wine from rice, asbestos from a mineral, women's feet bound since childhood, arrows shot from a recurve bow, and an imperial "pony-express" style postal system. Marco Polo surprised Europeans with a report that the Magi, who brought gifts to baby Jesus, were buried in Saveh, a town in Persia south of Tehran, Iran. Marco Polo stated regarding his return to Europe from China: "I believe it was God's will that we should come back, so that men might know the things that are in the world, since, as we have said in the first chapter of this book, no other man, Christian or Saracen, Mongol or pagan, has explored so much of the world as Messer Marco, son of Messer Niccolo Polo, great and noble citizen of the city of Venice." In Genoa, 127 years after Marco Polo's death, Christopher Columbus was born in 1451. When Columbus was two years old, in 1453, the Muslim Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II conquered Constantinople. Muslim Turkish crusaders proceeded to invade Eastern Europe and dominate the Mediterranean. These aggressive military acts effectively curtailed trade from Western Europe to India and China. As Muslim warriors expanded their Islamic State, they raided caravans that had crossed the China Silk Road. This made the minimal trade over land routes notoriously more dangerous. Caravans were raided by "thugs," a word meaning "deceivers," first mentioned by Ziya-ud-Din in his History of Furuz Shah, 1356, which originated from seven Muslim tribes. Their method was to join an unsuspecting caravan on its journey through a remote area, riding with them for days in order to gain their trust. When travelers let down their guard, thugs would distract them with loud music or point at the sky allowing a fellow thug to sneak up behind and strangle the victim. This continued until every member of the caravan was killed. Thugs were careful to bury all the bodies so their evil deeds would not alert other caravans. Their method was later adopted by Hindu followers of Kali, An estimated 2 million were killed by thugs over 600 years. Efforts to eradicate the thugs were finally begun in the 1830s, after British took control of India, being led by Governor-General William Bentinck and Captain William Henry Sleeman. To deal with this cult of highway robbers, the British formed a "Thuggee and Dacoity (Banditry) Department, which was renamed in 1904 as the Central Criminal Intelligence Department. Mark Twain wrote in Following the Equator (1897): "Nobody could travel the Indian roads unprotected and live to get through; that the Thugs respected no quality, no vocation, no religion, nobody; that they killed every unarmed man that came in their way ... This cancerous organization ... doing its devastating work in secrecy, and assisted, protected, sheltered, and hidden by innumerable confederates--big and little native chiefs, customs officers, village officials, and native police, all ready to lie for it ... through fear ... This condition of things had existed for generations, and was formidable with the sanctions of age and old custom." A best-selling English novel was Confessions of a Thug (1839), based on the life of infamous thug Syeed Amir Ali. Once land trade routes were ended, Europeans began looking for a sea route. Vasco de Gama sailed from Portugal to India in 1498, but six years earlier, Columbus set sail. Growing up in Genoa, the city where Marco Polo had been held captive nearly two centuries earlier, Columbus grew up hearing stories of the Grand Khan in a very strange land on the other side of the world. Columbus owned a copy of Marco Polo's book, and wrote numerous personal notes in the margins. At the age of 41, Christopher Columbus wrote to the King and Queen of Spain in 1492: "Concerning the lands of India, and a Prince called Gran Khan ... How many times he sent to Rome to seek doctors in our Holy Faith to instruct him and that never had the Holy Father provided them, and thus so many people were lost through lapsing into idolatries ... And Your Highnesses, as Catholic Christians and Princes devoted to the Holy Christian Faith and the propagators thereof, and enemies of the sect of Mahomet and of all idolatries and heresies, resolved to send me, Christopher Columbus, to the said regions of India, to see the said princes and peoples and lands and the dispositions of them and of all, and the manner in which may be undertaken their conversion to our Holy Faith ..." Columbus continued: "And ordained that I should not go by land (the usual way) to the Orient, but by the route of the Occident, by which no one to this day knows for sure that anyone has gone." On OCTOBER 10, 1492, Columbus wrote of his journey to India and China, of how the sailors were growing tired and scared, being on such a long journey -- in fact, it was the longest voyage out of the sight of land to that date. Answering the sailors who wanted to turn back, Columbus wrote: "Here the people could stand it no longer and complained of the long voyage ... but the Admiral ... added that it was useless to complain. He had come to the Indies, and so had to continue until he found them, with the help of Our Lord."
          Basic Flamenco Moves - A Flamenco Workout      Cache   Translate Page      
Video: Basic Flamenco Moves - A Flamenco Workout
Watch This Video!
Studio: ICRR
This offers women and men a challenging opportunity to learn authentic Flamenco dance moves while building up endurance and strengthening hands, arm and feet coordination. It is choreographed into a systematic, effective, artistic, professional flamenco workout, for both high and low impact. It is broken down into three main workout segments.
Part One - Warm up. The program begins with a "Flamenco Floreo" exercise, essential to the Spanish Dance. It also focuses on neck exercises, knee bends, ankle flexes, lunges, and side stretches. Part Two - Footwork. Flexing the foot and striking the floor with the ball of the foot, then bringing down the heel to make two separate sounds - known as the Classic Flamenco Toe-Heel Step and Sound. Then, you learn how to embellish the Toe-Heel dance steps with combinations of arms and footwork. Part Three - The Spanish Jota. The Jota is the name of a Regional Dance in Spain, with many variations. Learning and practicing the Jota with us will help improve your endurance, as it naturally requires cardio-vascular progression. Ballet terms and techniques are used to teach these specialized movements properly.

Stars: Amanda, Ricardo Ramirez, Ms. Eva Amador, Riena Contreras

          Lonely Planet Named This Irish Region As The World's Number One Place To Visit In 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Belfast and the Causeway Coast have been named the Number One Region in the world to visit in 2018 by Lonely Planet. The area came in ahead of places like Alaska, the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France and the Aeolian islands in Italy. The news was welcomed by Tourism Ireland who plan to roll out a promotional campaign in 14 different markets including Britain, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Nordic region, Australia, New Zealand, India and the Middle East.

          Work abroad or be unemployed here?      Cache   Translate Page      
I have recently finished a seasonal job and unable to get a new job here have now been offered work in Spain, but the pay is low and I would need to pay for separate accommodation. My wife and three primary-aged children will still be here. Would taking the job mean that the working tax credits and child tax credits we receive get cut completely because I would be working abroad? Or would they simply be recalculated based on my earnings?
          Leicester’s Ben Chilwell gets England call as Luke Shaw pulls out through injury      Cache   Translate Page      
The 21-year-old has been added to the party for the matches with Croatia and Spain.
          Small Business Development Committee calls for complete overhaul of cooperatives development approach      Cache   Translate Page      
The Portfolio Committee on Small Business Development has called for a complete overhaul of the cooperatives development approach in South Africa, following its study tour to the Basque country and Madrid in Spain. The week-long study tour, which took place from 15 to 22 September 2018, included a visit to the Mondragon Corporation; Basque Ministry […]
          Spain scraps “sun tax,” moves to boost solar self-consumption      Cache   Translate Page      

Spanish government agrees to scrap much-reviled tax on solar self-consumption, brings in new rules removing all costs and barriers to self-consumed power.

The post Spain scraps “sun tax,” moves to boost solar self-consumption appeared first on RenewEconomy.

          Ignored History: Columbus Sought to End Islamic Tyranny      Cache   Translate Page      
When President Benjamin Harrison issued his “Proclamation 335 -- 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of America by Columbus,” on July 21, 1892, he emphasized how the great discoverer pioneered “progress and enlightenment,” reflected four centuries later in America’s system of universal education:
Columbus stood in his age as the pioneer of progress and enlightenment. The system of universal education is in our age the most prominent and salutary feature of the spirit of enlightenment, and it is peculiarly appropriate that the schools be made by the people the center of the day's demonstration.
President Harrison also highlighted the patriotic motivations for the holiday, and the shared “devout faith” -- Christianity -- of Columbus and the American people, so abundantly blessed by “Divine Providence”:
Let the national flag float over every schoolhouse in the country and the exercises be such as shall impress upon our youth the patriotic duties of American citizenship. In the churches and in the other places of assembly of the people let there be expressions of gratitude to Divine Providence for the devout faith of the discoverer and for the divine care and guidance which has directed our history and so abundantly blessed our people.
As we celebrate Columbus Day -- for those of us still inoculated enough against cultural relativist depravity to do so -- it is also worth recapturing concretely the specific late 15th century religious motivations for Columbus’ voyage. Simply put, Columbus sought “eastern (even far eastern) alliances” to end a millennium of Islam’s jihad-imposed tyranny against Christendom. Louis Bertrand’s scholarly 1934 tome, The History of Spain, elegantly -- and unapologetically -- characterized the now well-nigh forgotten, or ignored, historical context.

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by red_gamster

Related Item: Pax Porfiriana

sprocket314 wrote:

Well, I'm from Sevilla and have been in Estepa buying the "mantecados" and "polvorones" (traditional Christmas cakes we eat in Spain).

I was in Terrassa myself in 2000, visiting my friend Carme and the Salon del Comic.

But if you want to meet, I live in Woking, Surrey (U.K.).

If you plan to visit Sevilla, let me know and I can give you a list of places to visit and where to eat.

I played a Subbuteo tournament in Estepa. They have one of the largest clubs in the world, I'd say. Great experience, although I was roundly thrashed.

I spent a week in Sevilla three years ago. Absolutely loved it. Stayed in the Jewish Quarter and soaked it all in. I really like Andalusian culture, from flamenco to bull fighting, much to my wife's disgust (both flamenco and the bull fighting). Loved the Alcazar especially.

Also enjoyed the town of Carmona, not so much during the day but at night. Lovely whitewashed buildings.

Bit of difference between Woking and Sevilla. How do you cope with the weather?

I don't like cities much but there are 3 that I love and sevilla might be top of the list.

Agreed. It's my in top five in Europe. My wife is Spanish so we travel to Europe every three-four years. What's your other favourites? Mine are Stockholm, Prague and Berlin. Also love Dubrovnik, if you can call it a city. But like you, I do like getting out the city when I can.
          Username: Ceara1      Cache   Translate Page      
Gender: Woman Age: 41 Located in: Port of Spain, NA, Trinidad & Tobago Title:
          1492: Conquest of Paradise      Cache   Translate Page      
1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)

Runtime: A long 150 minutes

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Starring: Gerard Depardieu, Michael Wincott, Armand Assante, Frank Langella, Sigourney Weaver

From: Paramount

This was an appropriate movie to see last night... just not a good one: 

What better day to watch this film than last night, which was both Columbus Day and the 69th birthday of Sigourney Weaver? I figured going in this wouldn't be among her best movies-it certainly was not-nor one of Ridley Scott's best... this is not awful but it has its problems and yes I do have to bring up the modern controversy over Columbus and whether or not he should be celebrated.

I cannot speak worldwide but in the United States, there has been a modern controversy over Christopher Columbus and whether or not his landing in “The New World” should be celebrated. The people that lived here already certainly wouldn't, due to how their peoples were forever changed by Europeans coming over here. Admittedly, it would have happened eventually and probably also the rape/murder/genocide that Columbus did during his voyages, but I do understand why there are plenty that wish for an Indigenous Peoples Day to replace Columbus Day. The events of 1492 are an important moments in world history yet between the Vikings having a brief settlement in Canada a few centuries prior and rumors of others (Chinese, Polynesian, Irish, etc.) having done so decades prior... what was taught in schools to kids like me was not entirely accurate.

Of course, this film lionizes him and says he was just an explorer who was a dreamer and he treated the people of the Caribbean very well; furthermore, it was only a creepy-looking Michael Wincott who committed atrocities and Chris tried to stop him. Um, no. What was incredibly bold was a moment late in the film where it was explained why Columbus was replaced as the leader in the region and the charges-which were true-were mentioned but couched in such a way that 1492 made it look as if they were false charges. Talk about rich...

Another big problem is that this 2 ½ hour epic movie is too often not that exciting and at times is downright boring. Those issues with 1492 is disappointing as it has nice cinematography, has a quality score from Vangelis and I can't complain about any of the performances from the cast full of famous faces; Weaver's role is small yet still memorable as Queen Isabella of Spain. I do not know if there's been a good movie made about Columbus... I understand that the same year's Christopher Columbus: The Discovery sure as hell ain't it as apparently that competing film is clearly worse. At least there's various books-or heck,even Wikipedia-that provide plenty of accurate information about Chris and why this movie is an incredibly romanticized version of history.

          Comment on “London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together” by joanofark06      Cache   Translate Page      
That's what you think? Dang, that means all of these countries did the same thing: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Brussels, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland... Let's try to rethink that, shall we?
          Mauricio Pochettino and Spurs Coach Take In Match in Spain      Cache   Translate Page      
Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino watched Atletico Madrid in action against Real Betis on Sunday.
          Will Criminal Charges Against Cruise Ship Captain Make a Difference?      Cache   Translate Page      
A cruise ship captain is on trial in France on charges of violating pollution laws designed to address health concerns over air pollution caused by ferries and huge cruise ships.  According to the Telegraph newspaper, France has charged U.S. captain Evans Hoyt, age  58, for breaking Europe’s air emission laws by authorizing the burning of bunker fuel containing sulphur above the European limit of 1.5%. Mr. Hoyt was employed as the master of P&O Cruises’ Azura cruise ship, when he oversaw the loading of 900 tons of cheap heavy-sulphur fuel onto the cruise ship when it was in Barcelona, Spain. The next port in Marseilles, France  charged him and cruise giant, Carnival Corporation, and its P&O Cruises brand, of using the low-cost high-sulphur fuel. The “heavy” fuel  produces non-combustible soot particles and oxides that contribute to acid rain and the pollution of the oceans. The heavy fuel used by one cruise ship…
           Gareth Bale set to win fitness battle and play in against Republic of Ireland       Cache   Translate Page      
Gareth Bale is set to win his fitness battle and play in Wales' Nations League tie against the Republic of Ireland. Bale remains doubtful for the Cardiff friendly with Spain on Thursday.
          Sweden's New Hybrid Icebreaking Tug Launched      Cache   Translate Page      

A new hybrid-electric icebreaking escort tug for Sweden's Port of Luleå was launched on Monday at GONDAN Shipyard in Figueras, Spain. The new …

The post <b>Sweden's</b> New Hybrid Icebreaking Tug Launched appeared first on Nordic Design Blog.

          Socovos magazine 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Contributed by Julián Garnés García

License: All Rights Reserved.

A passport-like program magazine for the 2018 edition of the holiday fair and festivities in the village of Socovos. See also the posts about the La imagen del tiempo and the magazine from 2014 for more publications about Socovos by Rubio & del Amo.

Socovos is a municipality in Albacete, Castile-La Mancha, Spain. It has a population of 1,986. — Wikipedia

License: All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Julián Garnés García. License: All Rights Reserved.

License: All Rights Reserved.

License: All Rights Reserved.

License: All Rights Reserved.

License: All Rights Reserved.

License: All Rights Reserved.

          Leicester’s Ben Chilwell gets England call as Luke Shaw pulls out through injury      Cache   Translate Page      
The 21-year-old has been added to the party for the matches with Croatia and Spain.
          Leicester’s Ben Chilwell gets England call as Luke Shaw pulls out through injury      Cache   Translate Page      
The 21-year-old has been added to the party for the matches with Croatia and Spain.
          The Reset: Jags volleyball knocks off Mountain Brook      Cache   Translate Page      
Hoover and Spain Park's high school sports teams were in action last week.
          St. Francis Borgia      Cache   Translate Page      
Francis was born the first of 17 children to a noble family in Valencia, Spain. Though his family had a tumultuous ancestry, several of his relatives became priests — even two popes — and sisters, often leaders of their abbeys. Francis was a young nobleman at the court of the King of Spain. He became the […]
          Dead Poets' Society Memorials - Dr. José P. Rizal - Juneau, AK      Cache   Translate Page      

In Dr.José P. Rizal was a polymath who not only practiced medicine but also wrote novels, poetry, and plays and even did sculpting. Many of his writings were on behalf of civil rights and the freedom of the Filipino people. He is the national hero of the Philippines.

A monument honoring Dr.José P. Rizal contains a bronze bust of the national hero of the Philippines mounted on a tapered block stone base containing three bronze plaques. Dr.Jose P. Rizal is depicted from the chest up. He is wearing a jacket with wide lapels, a high split collar and an ascot.

Below the bust on the tapered part of the base is a bronze plaque inscribed: Dr.Jose P. Rizal. Below is a second plaque inscribed:

AUGUST 19, 2002

On the lower part of the base in a plaque with the inscription:






José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda was born in Calamba, Philippines on June 19, 1861. He attended school in the Philippines before travelling to Spain, in 1882, to earn a medical degree from the Universidad Central de Madrid. He became leader of the reform movement of Filipino students in Spain. He contributed essays, allegories, poems, and editorials to the Spanish newspaper La Solidaridad in Barcelona espousing liberal and progressive ideas of individual rights and freedom for the Filipino people.

In 1896, a revolution erupted in the Philippines. While on route to Cuba through Spain, Rizal was arrested and imprisoned in Barcelona. He was sent to Manila, tried before a court-martial for rebellion, sedition, and conspiracy, convicted, and executed on December 30, 1896 at age thirty-five.

Works of José Rizal from his biography in Wikipedia:

Novels and essays:

Noli Me Tángere (Touch Me Not), novel, 1887
El Filibusterismo (sequel to Noli Me Tángere), novel, 1891
"Alin Mang Lahi" ("Whate'er the Race"), a traditional Filipino love song
The Friars and the Filipinos (Unfinished work)
"Toast to Juan Luna and Felix Hidalgo", speech, 1884
The Diaries of José Rizal
Rizal's Letters a compendium of Dr. Jose Rizal's letters to his family members, Blumentritt, Fr. Pablo Pastells and other reformers
"Come se gobiernan las Filipinas" (Governing the Philippine Islands)
"Filipinas dentro de cien años" (The Philippines a Century Hence), essay, 1889–90
"La Indolencia de los Filipinos" (The indolence of Filipinos), essay, 1890
Makamisa unfinished novel
"Sa Mga Kababaihang Taga Malolos" (To the Young Women of Malolos), essay, 1889,
"Annotations to Antonio de Moragas, Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas" (Events in the Philippine Islands), essay, 1889


"A La Juventud Filipina"
"El Canto Del Viajero"
"Briayle Crismarl"
"Canto de María Clara"
"Himno Al Trabajo"
"Me Piden Versos"
"Mi primera inspiracion"
"Mi Retiro"
"Mi Ultimo Adiós"
"Por La Educación"
"Sa Sanggol na si Jesus"
"A Mi Musa"
"Un Recuerdo A Mi Pueblo"
"A Man in Dapitan"


El Consejo de los Dioses (The council of Gods)
Junto Al Pasig (Along the Pasig)
San Euistaquio, Mártyr (Saint Eustache, the martyr)


The Triumph of Science over Death

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Spain might not have to face Gareth Bale, but Wales striker Sam Vokes insists the Real Madrid star's absence won't give the visitors an easy ride in Cardiff.
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J/70 Africa wins J/70 Worlds(Marblehead, MA)- The 2018 edition of the J/70 World Championship, sponsored by WEST MARINE, was hosted by Eastern YC in Marblehead, MA for a fleet of ninety-one teams from around the world. It was the most unprecedented assemblage of world-class talent ever gathered together in a single one-design regatta in history- keelboat or dinghy. Teams traveled thousands of miles, from as far away as Australia, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Monaco, Russia, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Turkey. Plus, J/70 competed from all over South America including; Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay.

After an eleven-race series that was cut short by a no-wind finale on Saturday, it was local “home-boy” rock-star Juddie Smith that was crowned the 2018 J/70 World Champion with his incredibly capable crew on AFRICA- Lucas Calabrese (main/ tactician), Will Felder and Marc Gauthier. There’s was not an easy win by any stretch of the imagination, considering that they averaged 10.5 pts per race over 10 races counted, never won a race, had only four top 10 finishes in 11 races, and included a tally of 14-11-22-15-13-35 in their scoreline.  In fact, their win was determined by the outcome of the final race on Friday, when their 10th was enough to eke out a 1 pt victory over Bruno Pasquinelli’s STAMPEDE crew (Max Skelley, Eric Doyle, & Nathan Wilmot) that took a 7th and just 3 pts above Jack Franco’s crew on 3 BALL JT (Bill Hardesty, Lior Lavie, & Al Terhune) that took an 8th!!

J70s sailing WorldsHow deep and talented was the fleet? Well, Paul Goodison from the United Kingdom sailed as main/tactics on Vincenzo Onorato’s MASCALZONE LATINO team (Paul is an Olympic Gold Medallist in Lasers and 2x Moth World Champion) that included fellow top pro’s like Flavio Favini from Italy. After the first day, they had two 1sts and a 13th- just one point off the lead. However, from there on end, their “flash-in-the-pan”, near “runaway shopping trolley” went out of control, never garnering much above the mid-thirties and remaining the only boat in the fleet with two bullets!  Nevertheless, that merely earned them an 18th place… 

The same held true for many other deeply-talented teams in the incredibly competitive fleet. Consider the tale of the two famous Wilmot brothers from Australia- Nathan and Jeremy.  One finished second sailing on Bruno Pasquinelli’s STAMPEDE, the other finished 16th sailing on the Troutman’s PIED PIPER.

J70s sailing WorldsThen again, other past J/World Champions and famous team-pairings faired not much better. Tim Healy and John Mollicone’s NEW ENGLAND ROPES USA 2 managed a 9th place (first J/70 Worlds 2014, 4x J/24 World Champs). Glenn Darden and Jonathan McKee’s HOSS were 14th (J/80 World Champ, J/105 NA Champ, and Olympic Gold Medallist). Peter Cunningham and Chris Rast’s POWERPLAY were 17th (Chris was multiple Farr 30 and M24 World Champs). Doug Clark and Geoff Becker’s POLAR were 19th (Geoff is Lighting World Champ).  Joel Ronning and John Kostecki’s CATAPULT settled for 20th (J/70 World Champions and J/24 World Champ). John Brim and Taylor Canfield’s RIMETTE were 22nd (Offshore Storm Trysail Club Champ, 3x Match Racing World Champ, 2x Congressional Cup Champ). And, the list goes on….

For the third year in a row, it was top Italian woman sailor Claudia Rossi on PETITE TERRIBLE that won the top Women’s Skipper Trophy for the Worlds- the Helen Johnstone Memorial Award.

J70s sailing Worlds sunsetThe winners of the Corinthian Division were Luis Bagallo’s MARNATURA from Spain, with crew of Enrique Freire Faria, Gerardo Prego Menor, Alberto Basadre Lopez, and Jorge Lorenzo Roman.  Second was Jim Cunningham’s American crew on LIFTED (Mikee Anderson-Mittering, Jon Ziskind, and Dave Hochart), and third was Aldo Centaro’s PURA JODA from Punta del Este, Uruguay (Bruno Centaro, Marco Centaro, and Mauro Leite).

Some interesting facts on fleet depth for 91 boats total:
  • How many boats had top 3 podium finishes? 21 total (23%), lowest finisher was 62nd
  • How many boats had top 5 finishes?  30 total (33%), lowest finisher was 62nd
  • How many boats had top 10 finishes? 41 total (45%), lowest finisher was 62nd
Sailing photo credits- Allen Clarke- PHOTOBOAT.COM and Sharon Green- and Tim Wilkes-  For more J/70 World Championship sailing informationAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

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MANCHESTER, England -- Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw could be forced to pull out of the England squad after suffering an injury against Newcastle United, sources have told ESPN FC. Shaw completed 90 minutes in the 3-2 win at Old Trafford on Saturday evening but is a doubt for Nations League games against Croatia and Spain during the international break. He will be assessed by the United medical staff on Sunday before a decision is made about whether the defender can join up with England...
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What is a RESTful API?

It’s a myth.

If you think that your project has a RESTfulAPI, you are most likely mistaken. The idea behind a RESTful API is to develop in a way that follows all the architectural rules and limitations that are described in the REST specification. Realistically, however, this is largely impossible in practice.

On the one hand, REST contains too many blurry and ambiguous definitions. For example, in practice, some terms from the HTTP method and status code dictionaries are used contrary to their intended purposes, or not used at all.

On the other hand, REST development creates too many limitations. For example, atomic resource use is suboptimal for real-world APIs that are used in mobile applications. Full denial of data storage between requests essentially bans the “user session” mechanism seen just about everywhere.

But wait, it’s not that bad!

What Do You Need A REST API Specification for?

Despite these drawbacks, with a sensible approach, REST is still an amazing concept for creating really great APIs . These APIs can be consistent and have a clear structure, good documentation, and high unit test coverage. You can achieve all of this with a high-quality API specification .

Usually a REST API specification is associated with its documentation . Unlike a specification―a formal description of your API―documentation is meant to be human-readable: for example, read by the developers of the mobile or web application that uses your API.

A correct API description isn’t just about writing API documentation well. In this article I want to share examples of how you can:

Make your unit tests simpler and more reliable; Set up user input preprocessing and validation; Automate serialization and ensure response consistency; and even Enjoy the benefits of static typing.

But first, let’s start with an introduction to the API specification world.


OpenAPI is currently the most widely accepted format for REST API specifications. The specification is written in a single file in JSON or YAML format consisting of three sections:

A header with the API name, description, and version, as well as any additional information. Descriptions of all resources, including identifiers, HTTP methods, all input parameters, response codes, and body data types, with links to definitions. All definitions that can be used for input or output, in JSON Schema format (which, yes, can also be represented in YAML.)

OpenAPI’s structure has two significant drawbacks: It’s too complex and sometimes redundant. A small project can have a JSON specification of thousands of lines. Maintaining this file manually becomes impossible. This is a significant threat to the idea of keeping the specification up-to-date while the API is being developed.

There are multiple editors that allow you to describe an API and produce OpenAPI output. Additional services and cloud solutions based on them include Swagger, Apiary, Stoplight, Restlet, and many others.

However, these services were inconvenient for me due to the complexity of quick specification editing and aligning it with code changes. Additionally, the list of features was dependant on a specific service. For example, creating full-fledged unit tests based on the tools of a cloud service is next to impossible. Code generation and mocking endpoints, while seeming to be practical, turn out to be mostly useless in practice. This is mostly because endpoint behavior usually depends on various things such as user permissions and input parameters, which may be obvious to an API architect but are not easy to automatically generate from an OpenAPI spec.


In this article, I will use examples based on my own REST API definition format, tinyspec . Definitions consist of small files with an intuitive syntax. They describe endpoints and data models that are used in a project. Files are stored next to code, providing a quick reference and the ability to be edited during code writing. Tinyspec is automatically compiled into a full-fledged OpenAPI format that can be immediately used in your project.

I will also use Node.js (Koa, Express) and Ruby on Rails examples, but the practices I will demonstrate are applicable to most technologies, including python, php, and Java.

Where API Specification Rocks

Now that we have some background, we can explore how to get the most out of a properly specified API.

1. Endpoint Unit Tests

Behavior-driven development (BDD) is ideal for developing REST APIs. It is best to write unit tests not for separate classes, models, or controllers, but for particular endpoints. In each test you emulate a real HTTP request and verify the server’s response. For Node.js there are the supertest and chai-http packages for emulating requests, and for Ruby on Rails there is airborne .

Let’s say we have a User schema and a GET /users endpoint that returns all users. Here is some tinyspec syntax that describes this:

# user.models.tinyspec User {name, isAdmin: b, age?: i} # users.endpoints.tinyspec GET /users => {users: User[]}

And here is how we would write the corresponding test:

Node.js describe('/users', () => { it('List all users', async () => { const { status, body: { users } } = request.get('/users'); expect(status).to.equal(200); expect(users[0].name)'string'); expect(users[0].isAdmin)'boolean'); expect(users[0].age)['boolean', null]); }); }); Ruby on Rails describe 'GET /users' do it 'List all users' do get '/users' expect_status(200) expect_json_types('users.*', { name: :string, isAdmin: :boolean, age: :integer_or_null, }) end end

When we already have the specification that describes server responses, we can simplify the test and just check if the response follows the specification. We can use tinyspec models, each of which can be transformed into an OpenAPI specification that follows the JSON Schema format.

Any literal object in JS (or Hash in Ruby, dict in Python, associative array in PHP, and even Map in Java) can be validated for JSON Schema compliance. There are even appropriate plugins for testing frameworks, for example jest-ajv (npm), chai-ajv-json-schema (npm), and json_matchers for RSpec (rubygem).

Before using schemas, let’s import them into the project. First, generate the openapi.json file based on the tinyspec specification (you can do this automatically before each test run):

tinyspec -j -o openapi.json Node.js Now you can use the generated JSON in the project and get the definitions key from it. This key contains all JSON schemas. Schemas may contain cross-references ( $ref ), so if you have any embedded schemas (for example, Blog {posts: Post[]} ), you need to unwrap them for use in validation. For this, we will use json-schema-deref-sync (npm). import deref from 'json-schema-deref-sync'; const spec = require('./openapi.json'); const schemas = deref(spec).definitions; describe('/users', () => { it('List all users', async () => { const { status, body: { users } } = request.get('/users'); expect(status).to.equal(200); // Chai expect(users[0]); // Jest expect(users[0]).toMatchSchema(schemas.User); }); }); Ruby on Rails

The json_matchers module knows how to handle $ref references, but requires separate schema files in the specified location, so you will need to split the swagger.json file into multiple smaller files first :

# ./spec/support/json_schemas.rb require 'json' require 'json_matchers/rspec' JsonMatchers.schema_root = 'spec/schemas' # Fix for json_matchers single-file restriction file = 'spec/schemas/openapi.json' swagger = JSON.parse(file, symbolize_names: true) swagger[:definitions].keys.each do |key|"spec/schemas/#{key}.json", 'w') do |f| f.write(JSON.pretty_generate({ '$ref': "swagger.json#/definitions/#{key}" })) end end

Here is how the test will look like:

describe 'GET /users' do it 'List all users' do get '/users' expect_status(200) expect(result[:users][0]).to match_json_schema('User') end end

Writing tests this way is incredibly convenient. Especially so if your IDE supports running tests and debugging (for example, WebStorm, RubyMine, and Visual Studio). This way you can avoid using other software , and the entire API development cycle is limited to three steps:

Designing the specification in tinyspec files. Writing a full set of tests for added/edited endpoints. Implementing the code that satisfies the tests. 2. Validating Input Data

OpenAPI describes not only the response format, but also the input data. This allows you to validate user-sent data at runtime and ensure consistent andsecure database updates.

Let’s say that we have the following specification, which describes the patching of a user record and all available fields that are allowed to be updated:

# user.models.tinyspec UserUpdate !{name?, age?: i} # users.endpoints.tinyspec PATCH /users/:id {user: UserUpdate} => {success: b}

Previously, we explored the plugins for in-test validation, but for more general cases, there are the ajv (npm) and json-schema (rubygem) validation modules. Let’s use them to write a controller with validation:

Node.js (Koa)

This is an example for Koa, the successor to Express―but the equivalent Express code would look similar.

import Router from 'koa-router'; import Ajv from 'ajv'; import { schemas } from './schemas'; const router = new Router(); // Standard resource update action in Koa. router.patch('/:id', async (ctx) => { const updateData = ctx.body.user; // Validation using JSON schema from API specification. await validate(schemas.UserUpdate, updateData); const user = await User.findById(; await user.update(updateData); ctx.body = { success: true }; }); async function validate(schema, data) { const ajv = new Ajv(); if (!ajv.validate(schema, data)) { const err = new Error(); err.errors = ajv.errors; throw err; } }

In this example, the server returns a 500 Internal Server Error response if the input does not match the specification. To avoid this, we can catch the validator error and form our own answer that will contain more detailed information about specific fields that failed validation, and follow the specification.

Let’s add the definition for the FieldsValidationError :

# error.models.tinyspec Error {error: b, message} InvalidField {name, message} FieldsValidationError < Error {fields: InvalidField[]}

And now let’s list it as one of the possible endpoint responses:

# users.endpoints.tinyspec PATCH /users/:id {user: UserUpdate} => 200 {success: b} => 422 FieldsValidationError

This approach allows you to write unit tests that test the correctness of error scenarios when invalid data comes from the client.

3. Model Serialization

Almost all modern server frameworks use object-relational mapping (ORM) in one way or another. This means that the majority of resources that an API uses are represented by models and their instances and collections.

The process of forming the JSON representations for these entities to be sent in the response is called serialization .

There are a number of plugins for doing serialization: For example, sequelize-to-json (npm), acts_as_api (rubygem), and jsonapi-rails (rubygem). Basically, these plugins allow you to provide the list of fields for a specific model that must be included in the JSON object, as well as additional rules. For example, you can rename fields and calculate their values dynamically.

It gets harder when you need several different JSON representations for one model, or when the object contains nested entities―associations. Then you start needing features like inheritance, reuse, and serializer linking.

Different modules provide different solutions, but let’s consider this: Can the specification help out again? Basically all the information about the requirements for JSON representations, all possible field combinations, including embedded entities, are already in it. And this means that we can write a single automated serializer.

Let me present the small sequelize-serialize (npm) module, which supports doing this for Sequelize models. It accepts a model instance or an array, and the required schema, and then iterates through it to build the serialized object. It also accounts for all the required fields and uses nested schemas for their associated entities.

So, let’s say we need to return all users with posts in the blog, including the comments to these posts, from the API. Let’s describe it with the following specification:

# models.tinyspec Comment {authorId: i, message} Post {topic, message, comments?: Comment[]} User {name, isAdmin: b, age?: i} UserWithPosts < User {posts: Post[]} # blogUsers.endpoints.tinyspec GET /blog/users => {users: UserWithPosts[]}

Now we can build the request with Sequelize and return the serialized object that corresponds to the specification described above exactly:

import Router from 'koa-router'; import serialize from 'sequelize-serialize'; import { schemas } from './schemas'; const router = new Router(); router.get('/blog/users', async (ctx) => { const users = await User.findAll({ include: [{ association: User.posts, required: true, include: [Post.comments] }] }); ctx.body = serialize(users, schemas.UserWithPosts); });

This is almost magical, isn’t it?

4. Static Typing

If you are cool enough to use TypeScript or Flow, you might have already asked, “What of my precious static types?!” With the sw2dts or swagger-to-flowtype modules you can generate all necessary static types based on JSON schemas and use them in tests, controllers, and serializers.

tinyspec -j sw2dts ./swagger.json -o Api.d.ts --namespace Api

Now we can use types in controllers:

router.patch('/users/:id', async (ctx) => { // Specify type for request data object const userData: Api.UserUpdate = ctx.request.body.user; // Run spec validation await validate(schemas.UserUpdate, userData); // Query the database const user = await User.findById(; await user.update(userData); // Return serialized result const serialized: Api.User = serialize(user, schemas.User); ctx.body = { user: serialized }; });

And tests:

it('Update user', async () => { // Static check for test input data. const updateData: Api.UserUpdate = { name: MODIFIED }; const res = await request.patch('/users/1', { user: updateData }); // Type helper for request response: const user: Api.User = res.body.user; expect(user); expect(user).to.containSubset(updateData); });

Note that the generated type definitions can be used not only in the API project, but also in client application projects to describe types in functions that work with the API. (Angular developers will be especially happy about this.)

5. Casting Query String Types

If your API for some reason consumes requests with the application/x-www-form-urlencoded MIME type instead of application/json , the request body will look like this:


The same goes for query parameters (for example, in GET requests). In this case, the web server will fail to automatically recognize types: All data will be in string format , so after parsing you will get this object:

{ param1: 'value', param2: '777', param3: 'false' }

In this case, the request will fail schema validation, so you need to verify the correct parameters’ formats manually and cast them to the correct types.

As you can guess, you can do it with our good old schemas from the specification. Let’s say we have this endpoint and the following schema:

# posts.endpoints.tinyspec GET /posts?PostsQuery # post.models.tinyspec PostsQuery { search, limit: i, offset: i, filter: { isRead: b } }

Here is how the request to this endpoint looks:

GET /posts?search=needle&offset=10&limit=1&filter[isRead]=true

Let’s write the castQuery function to cast all parameters to required types:

function castQuery(query, schema) { _.mapValues(query, (value, key) => { const { type } =[key] || {}; if (!value || !type) { return value; } switch (type) { case 'integer': return parseInt(value, 10); case 'number': return parseFloat(value); case 'boolean': return value !== 'false'; default: return value; } }); }

A fuller implementation with support for nested schemas, arrays, and null types is available in the cast-with-schema (npm) module. Now let’s use it in our code:

router.get('/posts', async (ctx) => { // Cast parameters to expected types const query = castQuery(ctx.query, schemas.PostsQuery); // Run spec validation await validate(schemas.PostsQuery, query); // Query the database const posts = await; // Return serialized result ctx.body = { posts: serialize(posts, schemas.Post) }; });

Note that three of the four lines of code use specification schemas.

Best Practices

There are a number of best practices we can follow here.

Use Separate Create and Edit Schemas

Usually the schemas that describe server responses are different from those that describe inputs and are used to create and edit models. For example, the list of fields available in POST and PATCH requests must be strictly limited, and PATCH usually has all fields marked optional. The schemas that describe the response can be more freeform.

When you generate CRUDL endpoints automatically , tinyspec uses New and Update postfixes. User* schemas can be defined in the following way:

User {id, email, name, isAdmin: b} UserNew !{email, name} UserUpdate !{email?, name?}

Try to not use the same schemas for different action types to avoid accidental security issues due to the reuse or inheritance of older schemas.

Follow Schema Naming Conventions

The content of the same models may vary for different endpoints. Use With* and For* postfixes in schema names to show the difference and purpose. In tinyspec, models can also inherit from each other. For example:

User {name, surname} UserWithPhotos < User {photos: Photo[]} UserForAdmin < User {id, email, lastLoginAt: d}

Postfixes can be varied and combined. Their name must still reflect the essence and make the documentation simpler to read.

Separating Endpoints Based on Client Type

Often the same endpoint returns different data based on client type, or the role of the user who sent the request. For example, the GET /users and GET /messages endpoints can be significantly different for mobile application users and back office managers. The change of the endpoint name can be overhead.

To describe the same endpoint multiple times you can add its type in parentheses after the path. This also makes tag use easy: You split endpoint documentation into groups, each of which is intended for a specific API client group. For example:

Mobile app: GET /users (mobile) => UserForMobile[] CRM admin panel: GET /users (admin) => UserForAdmin[] REST API Documentation Tools

After you get the specification in tinyspec or OpenAPI format, you can generate nice-looking documentation in HTML format and publish it. This will make developers who use your API happy, and it sure beats filling in a REST API documentation template by hand.

Apart from the cloud services mentioned earlier, there are CLI tools that convert OpenAPI 2.0 to HTML and PDF, which can be deployed to any static hosting. Here are some examples:

bootprint-openapi (npm, used by default in tinyspec) swagger2markup-cli (jar, there is a usage example , will be used in tinyspec Cloud ) redoc-cli (npm) widdershins (npm)

Do you have more examples? Share them in the comments.

Sadly, despite being released a year ago, OpenAPI 3.0 is still poorly supported and I failed to find proper examples of documentation based on it both in cloud solutions and in CLI tools. For the same reason, tinyspec does not support OpenAPI 3.0 yet.

Publishing on GitHub

One of the simplest ways to publish the documentation is GitHub Pages . Just enable support for static pages for your /docs folder in the repository settings and store HTML documentation in this folder.

5 Things You Have Never Done with a REST Specification

You can add the command to generate documentation through tinyspec or a different CLI tool in your scripts/package.json file to update the documentation automatically after each commit:

"scripts": { "docs": "tinyspec -h -o docs/", "precommit": "npm run docs" } Continuous Integration

You can add documentation generation to your CI cycle and publish it, for example, to Amazon S3 under different addresses depending on the environment or API version (like /docs/2.0 , /docs/stable , and /docs/staging .)

Tinyspec Cloud

If you like the tinyspec syntax, you can become an early adopter for . We plan to build a cloud service based on it and a CLI for automated deployment of documentation with a wide choice of templates and the ability to develop personalized templates.

REST Specification: A Marvelous Myth

REST API development is probably one of the most pleasant processes in modern web and mobile services development. There are no browser, operating system, and screen-size zoos, and everything is fully under your control, at your fingertips.

This process is made even easier by the support for automation and up-to-date specifications. An API using the approaches I’ve described becomes well-structured, transparent, and reliable.

The bottom line is, if we are making a myth, why not make it a marvelous myth?

Understanding the Basics What is REST?

REST is a web service architectural style defining a set of required constraints. It is based around resources with unique identifiers (URIs) and the operations with said resources. Additionally, a REST specification requires a client-server model, a uniform interface, and the absence of server-stored state.

What is the OpenAPI specification?

The OpenAPI Specification is a generally accepted format for describing REST APIs. The specification consists of a single JSON or YAML file with general API information, descriptions for all used resources, and data in JSON Schema format.

What is Swagger?

Swagger is the name of the Open API specification prior to 2016. Currently Swagger is a separate project, with a number of open-source and commercial tools and cloud services for drafting and developing OpenAPI specifications. It also provides tools for server code generation and automated endpoint testing.

What is JSON Schema?

JSON Schema is a specification of a JSON object (document). It consists of a list of all available properties and their types, including the list of required properties.

What exactly is an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a way of communicating between units of software. Usually, it's a set of available methods, commands, and definitions that one software component provides to the others.

What is an API specification?

An API specification is a specially formatted document that provides clear definitions of an API's methods and features, as well as their possible configurations.

What is meant by API documentation?

API documentation is a human-readable document intended for third-party developers to learn API features and build their own software that makes use of the described API.

What makes a RESTful API?

It's an HTTP API where it's implied that it follows standards and constraints defined by the REST architectural style. In practice, however, hardly any APIs are 100% RESTful.

What is meant by behavior-driven development?

BDD is a software development technique implying that every small program change must be tested against pre-designated behavior. So developers first define аn expected behavior, often in the form of automated unit test, and then implement the code, making sure all behavior tests are passing.

What is tinyspec?

Tinyspec is a shorthand for REST API documentation, compilable into OpenAPI format. It's intended to make specification design and development easier. For example, it lets you split endpoint (resource) definitions and store data models in separate smaller files next to your source code.

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Las misiones de la Agencia Espacial Europea usarán sensores del ...
La Agencia Espacial Europea (ESA) ha dado luz verde para que sus próximas misiones espaciales incorporen un tipo especial de sensores que están desarrollando investigadores del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) y que son ...


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"Waking Tide" by Courtney Spainhower/Пуловер без швов от Кортни Спейнхауэр.

waking_tide_crop2_medium (500x495, 213Kb)

image_medium (500x375, 126Kb)

Waking_Tide1_medium2 (640x480, 227Kb)

Измерения готового пуловера:

Приблизительно 36 (40, 44, 48, 52, 56) дюймов по бюсту с положительным припуском на свободу облегания 4-6 дюймов - на бюст 30/32 (34/36, 38/40, 42/44, 46/48, 50/52) дюймов. На фото пуловер в размере 40.



Waking_Tide_1 (493x700, 218Kb)

Waking_Tide_2 (493x700, 256Kb)

Waking_Tide_3 (493x700, 257Kb)

Waking_Tide_shema (493x700, 167Kb)


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Canadian aerospace manufacturer Bombardier Business Aircraft’s new Learjet service facility at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport will bring not only $100 million in capital investment and 300 jobs but also an engagement with local schools to train its future workforce. “You’ll see Bombardier very active with high schools and colleges to create the right curriculum with […]

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Google took its spotlight to reveal its new flagship smartphones – the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Google Launches Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL
Google Launches Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Let’s focus first on the regular Google Pixel 3. The device is dressed with a matte coating complemented with its glass back. Its front is dominated by its 5.5-inch 18:9 P-OLED display with a deep notch on top. Its panel also has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

Under the hood, the Pixel 3 carries Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor paired with Adreno 630 graphics. It s 4GB RAM can be coupled with up to 128GB of internal storage. Powering up the device, however, is an underwhelming 2915mAh battery with fast charging and wireless charging support.

Jumping off to its photography department, the device is armed with 12.2-megapixel f/1.8 rear camera with dual LED flash. It can record 4K videos at 30fps. For selfies, it sports 8-megapixel f/1.8 + 8-megapixel f/2.2 wide-angle shooters. It can take 1080p videos at 30fps, too.

Google Pixel 3 Specifications:

  • Nano SIM + eSIM, supports LTE connectivity
  • 5.5-inch P-OLED (2160 x 1080) capacitive touchscreen, 18:9 aspect ratio, Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • Dimensions: 145.6mm x 68.2mm x 7.9mm
  • Weight: 148 grams
  • Android 9.0 Pie
  • 2.8GHz octa-core (4x2.5GHz Kryo 385 Gold + 4x1.6GHz Kryo 385 Silver) CPU, Snapdragon 845 chipset, Adreno 630 GPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB/128GB internal storage
  • 12.2MP f/1.8 main camera with dual LED flash, 4K video recording at 30fps
  • 8MP f/1.8 + 8MP f/2.2 front cameras, 1080p video recording at 30fps
  • Multimedia Player
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • NFC
  • USB Type-C
  • Chrome Cast
  • Active Edge
  • Google Assistant with Duplex Technology
  • Call Screen, Flip to Shhh
  • Titan Security
  • IP68 water- and dust-resistance
  • Battery: 2915mAhLi-Ion, non-removable
  • Wireless Charging and Fast Charging support
  • Colors: Clearly White, Just Black, Not Pink
  • Price: USD 799

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL
Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

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On the other hand, the Pixel 3 XL flashes a larger 6.3-inch edge-to-edge OLED display. Just like the regular variant, it also packs Snapdragon 845 octa-core chipset, Adreno 630 GPU, 4GB RAM, and up to 128GB of internal storage. However, it has a bigger 3430mAh juice with fast charging and wireless charging support.

The same camera setup is also found on the Pixel 3 XL. It is equipped with 12.2-megapixel f/1.8 main shooter, and dual 8-megapixel front snappers that come with various modes to elevate your mobile photography.

Google Pixel 3 Specifications:

  • Nano SIM + eSIM, supports LTE connectivity
  • 6.3-inch P-OLED (2960 x 1440) capacitive touchscreen, 18.5:9 aspect ratio, Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • Dimensions: 158mm x 76.7mm x 7.9mm
  • Weight: 184 grams
  • Android 9.0 Pie
  • 2.8GHz octa-core (4x2.5GHz Kryo 385 Gold + 4x1.6GHz Kryo 385 Silver) CPU, Snapdragon 845 chipset, Adreno 630 GPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB/128GB internal storage
  • 12.2MP f/1.8 main camera with dual LED flash, 4K video recording at 30fps
  • 8MP f/1.8 + 8MP f/2.2 front cameras, 1080p video recording at 30fps
  • Multimedia Player
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • NFC
  • USB Type-C
  • Chrome Cast
  • Active Edge
  • Google Assistant with Duplex Technology
  • Call Screen, Flip to Shhh
  • Titan Security
  • IP68 water- and dust-resistance
  • Battery: 3430mAhLi-Ion, non-removable
  • Wireless Charging and Fast Charging support
  • Colors: Clearly White, Just Black, Not Pink
  • Price: USD 899

Both smartphones are running on Android 9.0 Pie O.S.

The Google Pixel 3 is priced at USD 799 (~Php43K), while the Pixel 3 XL costs USD 899 (~Php49K). Google confirmed that its latest flag-bearer devices will arrive on October 18 in the U.S. via Verizon, while it will be available on November 1 in the following countries: Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, India, Japan, Taiwan, France, Ireland, Singapore, and U.K.

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Дворец Гуэляв Барселоне является одной из первых крупных работ великого архитектора Антонио Гауди, порученных ему известным промышленником Эусеби Гуэлем, который одним из первых заметил талант и стиль гениального Антонио Гауди и спонсировал его работу. .


Граф Эусеби Гуэль-и-Басигалупи — каталонский промышленник, меценат и политик и Антонио Гауди

Он был построен Гауди в 1885—1890 годы  рядом с центральным бульваром Ла Рамбла – на улице Каррер-Ноу-де-ла-Рамбла и должен был стать парадной резиденцией Гуэля.

Сегодня Дворец Гуэля по праву считается одной из самых значимых достопримечательностей города. Строительство и оформление внутренних помещений приходится на период 1886-1889 годов, и у Гауди было достаточно времени, чтобы проявить фантазию при выполнении этого заказа.


Гуэль чётко знал, что хотел получить в итоге, поэтому Гауди отнёсся к строительству Дворца Гуэля с полной серьёзностью, создав поистине шедевр архитектуры. В работе над Дворцом четко прослеживается желание Гауди уйти от заявленных архитектурных стилей к своим собственным формам и решениям.

Место, выбранное для строительства Дворца Гуэля, также было необычно. Великолепный дом появился на весьма бедной улице Конде дель Асальто (Conde del Asalto) (в то время она носила такое название), расположенной в не совсем благоприятном районе.

Но руководствуясь семейными традициями, Гуэль выбрал именно это место, находящееся рядом с домом родителей. Гауди отлично справился с этим поручением и более того ему удалось соединить особняки через крыши при помощи крытых мостов-коридоров.

Проект по строительству Дворца Гуэля был довольно сложным. Заказчик и архитектор пытались максимально учесть общие пожелания и возможности. Гауди мечтал варьировать формами и пространством, а Гуэль хотел сохранить традиции, но при этом добавить что-то ультрасовременное.

В итоге Дворец Гуэля стал похож на венецианский дворец, заключенный в небольшое пространство. Площадка между двумя соседними домами была всего лишь 22 на 18 метров. Но, не смотря на такое небольшое пространство, Гауди удалось создать гостиную 9 на 9 метров в самом центре дворца, а высота потолка под главным куполом составила 20 метров.

При строительстве фасада Дворца Гуэля Гауди решил отойти от эклектического стиля, создав проект в стиле неоготики и арт нуво. В качестве строительного материала был использован серый геррафский мрамор. На входе выросли две больших арки, которые запирались двумя парами резных металлических ворот.

Такая необычная контрастность с бедностью, окружающей Дворец Гуэля, вызывало насмешки у жителей Барселоны. Но главной особенностью стал необычный герб с изображением орла, располагающийся между двумя арками. Весь Дворец Гуэля как будто пронизан светом, благодаря огромному количеству окон на фасаде.

Внутреннее убранство Дворца Гуэля неизменно вызывает восторг у туристов. Дом связан изнутри благодаря параболическому куполу, проходящему сразу через несколько этажей. Величественная лестница ведёт на самые верхние этажи.

Гауди спроектировал единую систему отопления вместе с вентиляцией. Благодаря ей во Дворце Гуэля были созданы по-настоящему комфортные условия.


Очень просто и в тоже время необычно продумана система освещения во Дворце Гуэля. Купол, возвышающийся над гостиной, имеет небольшие отверстия, через которые проникает и рассеивается солнечный свет. Параболические арки встречаются по всему дворцу в качестве фигур интерьера.

Главной особенностью гостиной являются большие двойные двери, украшенные потрясающей инкрустацией. За ними находится небольшая домашняя часовня и молебна, которая, к сожалению, была уничтожена во время гражданской войны. Сама часовня была похожа на арабский хамам (турецкая баня).

Целиком оценить внешний вид всего Дворца Гуэля нельзя ни с одной точки, так улица Каррер-Ноу-де-ла-Рамбла очень густо застроена. С центрального бульвара Ла Рамбла виднеется лишь крыша Дворца. Чтобы удивить зрителей, находящихся на большом расстоянии от здания, Гауди сконструировал необычные башни-дымоходы.

Благодаря им крыша превращается в сказочный мир. В своих более поздних работах архитектор также использовал эту технологию.

Дворец Гуэля построен очень качественно, но при этом характерный почерк Гауди в нём не так заметен как в его других творениях. Он раскрывается для зрителя поэтапно, в процессе путешествия с первого этажа до самой крыши.

Гений Гауди не только упорядочивает пространство, но и предлагает увидеть «мировой порядок» с толикой католицизма. При этом погреб является символом ада, а крыша — рая. Просторная гостиная изображает слияние неба и земли. Символизм присутствует практически в каждой детали. Именно так Дворец Гуэля представлялся в воображении архитектора.

Дворец Гуэля ворота/" target="_blank#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000"> 300w" style="width: 800px; height: 524px;" />

Дворец Гуэля должен был стать именно королевским дворцом, поэтому Гауди отображал его величественный вид с помощью разнообразных королевских иллюзий и декораций.

Обилие колонн, которых в здании более 120, — напоминание о Педро Жестоком.

Деревянные потолки отражают эпохи Фердинанда и Изабеллы.

Мрачность геррафского мрамора являются отражением суровости Эскориала Филиппа II.

Главные ворота, оформленные в виде параболических арок из кованого железа, были предназначены для того, чтобы во Дворец могли попасть гости в своих каретах и упряжках. Лошадей отводили в подвальные конюшни, где также обитали слуги, а гостей провожали по роскошной лестнице в приемный зал.

На высоком потолке банкетного зала были предусмотрены небольшие отверстия, куда вставлялись фонари, создающие в помещении эффект звездного неба.

Дворец Гуэля имеет стандартное размещение комнат и залов, чем отличается от более поздних работ Гауди. Здесь использовалось традиционное размещение залов на бельэтаже, на втором этаже находятся спальни, на третьем – подсобные помещения. При этом конструкции самих комнат очень необычны, в том числе присутствие большого количества колонн. В подвале они сделаны в форме грибов.

Интерьер дворца получился совершенно оригинальным.
Сто двадцать семь известняковых колонн, каждая – отличная от других, замысловатые конструкции из металла, которыми декорировались комнаты, деревянные детали инкрустировались фрагментами из черепахового панциря, чёрного дерева и слоновой кости.
Одна комната была декорирована буком, другая облицована эвкалиптом, в двух гостиных потолки были украшены резным рисунком из дерева, на балках элементы декора в виде листьев из серебра и золота.

Этот дом был не просто дворцом, а одновременно метафорой, напоминавшей о социальном и экономическом восхождении самого Гуэля: из темного подземелья бедности к празднику жизни и достатка. Нижний этаж, отмеченный суровостью серого мрамора, ярко контрастирует с буйством цветов и причудливых форм каминных труб верхней террасы.

На семейном гербе, который Гауди создал для Гуэля красуется неожиданно откровенный девиз: «Ahir Pastor Avui Senyor» — «Вчера пастух, сегодня господин.»

Неоднократно дворец Гуэля менял владельцев и служил пристанищем различным организациям. В 1944 году один американский мультимиллионер хотел приобрести дворец в свою собственность, чтобы затем разобрать его по камешку и вывезти к себе в Америку — но, к счастью, этого не случилось. В 1984 здание было включено в список ЮНЕСКО

В 1975 была проведена реставрация Дворца Гуэля. Во время неё была обнаружена неизвестная ранее технология Гауди.

При создании декораций для потолка на третьем этаже он использовал сложную конструкцию решётки, состоящую из вертикальных и горизонтальных декоративных стержней. Это помогло архитектору в очередной раз опередить время развития технологий строительства.

Благодаря смешению стилей, Дворец Гуэля поражает своей внешней скромностью и многообразием внутреннего убранства. 

Eusebi Güell

Joan Bergós i Massó / Joan Bassegoda i Nonell / Maria A. Crippa: Gaudí. Der Mensch und das Werk. Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern 2000, 
Xavier Güell: Antoni Gaudí. Verlag für Architektur Artemis, Zürich 1987
Весь Гауди. Издательство Editorial Escudo de Oro, S.A. Barcelona

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Flat, Independent Kitchen, Ample Parking, Facing: East and South
          776115 - Ground Floor For sale in La Teulera, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain      Cache   Translate Page      

Ground Floor, Kitchen-lounge, Communal Pool, Facing: East and South
          776114 - Atico - Penthouse For sale in Eusebio Estada, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain      Cache   Translate Page      

Atico - Penthouse, Independent Kitchen, Parking: Optional
          776112 - Business Premises For sale in Pont d´Inca, Marratxí, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain      Cache   Translate Page      

Business Premises
          776111 - Ground Floor For sale in Els Hostalets, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain      Cache   Translate Page      

Ground Floor, Independent Kitchen, Facing: East
          776110 - Land For sale in Marratxí, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain      Cache   Translate Page      

          776103 - Penthouse For sale in Riviera del Sol, Mijas, Málaga, Spain      Cache   Translate Page      

Completely refurbished penthouse in Riviera del sol only 12 minutes walking to the beach. Close to all amenities - bars, shops, beach clubs etc. Has 2
          776105 - Garden Apartment For sale in La Cala de Mijas, Mijas, Málaga, Spain      Cache   Translate Page      

Garden Apartment, Close to Town, Furnished: Negotiable, Fitted Kitchen, Parking: Underground parking, Communal Pool, Garden: Community with Pool, Facing
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Distribution "Spain" for taxon Zospeum bellesi E. Gittenberger, 1973 has been added by Philippe Bouchet via the webinterface on 2018-10-10T01:26:13+00:00
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A grandmother on my wife's side who lived during Churchill's time in England said he was a womenizer (and drunk). He was too drunk to utter the words, "if the British empire should last 1,000 years.....". An imitator had to say the words. No other nation other than Britain has colonized the world for the benefit of the upper echelons of (British) society, and no other nation other than Britain has also destroyed the White Race in the process. The annihilation of innocent German citizens was Churchill's idea. The theft of Palestinian land for Zionism. The opposition against European brethren in two world wars. Against France. Against Spain. Against American colonists. And against the Boers. Shame. And look at what Britain is doing today to its own brethren.
          St. Francis Borgia: Saint of the Day for Wednesday, October 10, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Francis was a young nobleman at the court of the King of Spain. He became a Duke when he was only thirty-three and lived a happy, peaceful life with ...
          CNMC fines four companies for 902 premium number breach      Cache   Translate Page      
(Telecompaper) Spain's communications and competition regulator CNMC has fined the companies Digital Virgo Spain, Eagertech 21, Masvoz Telecomunicaciones...
          Spring Valencia Trip // 4 Nights in Gorgeous Spanish City Centre B&B // only 130€      Cache   Translate Page      

An absolutely stunning seaside city on the south coast of Spain. This offer gives you 4 nights to explore this gem. Find it here!

Der Beitrag Spring Valencia Trip // 4 Nights in Gorgeous Spanish City Centre B&B // only 130€ erschien zuerst auf

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Earliest known stone carving of Hebrew word 'Jerusalem' found near city entrance Unearthed in what was an artisan's village 2.5 km from ancient Temple, inscribed column from 100 BCE features Aramaic, Hebrew, two of the languages used by Jerusalemites of the era.

Barkan attack terrorist to be paid monthly salary - for life Foreign ministry launches Twitter campaign to encourage international pressure on PA to stop paying terrorist salaries.

A powder keg in the West Bank Analysis: The IDF must reexamine the security arrangements at the industrial zones and find out how the Barkan terrorist got a rifle in despite metal detectors.

PA curriculum inciting terrorism David Bedein, Director Of Israel Resource News Agency, speaks about the search for any education aimed at peacefully solving the conflict.

Nikki Haley resigns as UN ambassador, stays mum on next move Nikki Haley abruptly announced her resignation Tuesday as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, catching staff and lawmakers by surprise and leaving Washington guessing about the next move for one of the administration's most prominent figures.

Christopher Columbus - the hidden Jew? With a murky past, theories abound for the origin story of the intrepid explorer - from pirate to crypto-Jew.

Goodbye to a friend: Israel thanks Nikki Haley PM Netanyahu, Israeli leaders thank outgoing US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley for her support. 'We will never forget you.'

This is how Europe's national borders could be redrawn after Brexit These three regions of Western Europe could look very different within 10 years if the secessionists find new support in the wake of economic crisis and a rising tide of nationalism.

How Iran Plans to Take Gaza The situation in the Gaza Strip is unlikely to witness any positive changes.

Jihadism, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the "Frontier States" The continuing radicalization of Islam, which presents a fundamental security challenge for the western world, gives new dimension to the term "frontier state."

          Barcelona-based marketplace builder Shopery raises €1.2 million      Cache   Translate Page      

Shopery, a SaaS startup for marketplace building, has landed a €1.2 million funding round from Antai and K Fund. The company is targeting the 112,000 small businesses across Spain that aren’t represented online due to lack of knowledge and experience, setup and maintenance time, and budget constraints. Instead of helping merchants to build separate online […]

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           Queen Letizia of Spain attends a World Mental Health day event in Madrid        Cache   Translate Page      
Queen Letizia of Spain wore a printed navy and orange knitted top with co-ordinating leather-effect skirt as she attended a World Mental Health Day event in Madrid.
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Showers in western Europe, warm and dry to the east Wednesday A few showers over southern coasts of Spain and Portugal with rain into northwest Spain. Fair for most of Spain with lots of sunshine. Showery bursts of rain in the balearics. Unsettled with rain in Sardinia and Corsica. Italy will have a mix of sunshine and showers. fair for Greece with plenty of sunshine. Some showers affecting the south of Turkey. Rain and some cloud in France, heavy in the west. The Low Countries and Germany should be dry with good spells of sunshine. Staying fine in Austria and Hungary with more sunshine. Scattered showers over the southern Alps. Fine weather and breezy conditions for Denmark. Plenty of sunshine for the Baltic States and Finland. A fine day in Sweden with more sunshine. Scattered showers in northern Norway but good spells of sunshine in the south.

Thursday Soe cloud in southern parts of Spain but rain and cloud to the north. Some showers in the central mediterranean Islands and these affecting northern Italy too. Southern Italy should be dry with sunny spells. Greece will be fair with more sunshine to come here. Turkey will have heavy showers and thunderstorms. Rain afecting central and western parts of France while the east is likely to be dry. The Low Countries and Germany as well as Poland will be dry with lots of sunshine. Austria and Hungary should be dry and sunny although some rain in parts of southern Switzerland. Breezy with sunshine and warm weather in Denmark. More sunshine to come over the Baltic States and Finland and staying warm. More warm weather in Sweden with Norway also being dry and breezy as well as warm.

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gawd, they just sell their kids info for free to the WHAT!? to da masons. im done, i mean cmon they didnt learn anything. been living under a rock. they like to do this sh!t where stuff happend in the past to make it happen nowadays. be it in connection with names or numbers. columbus - columbia good catch. and from what i read that fukin columbus was a joo being kicked out of spain at that time.
          'Messi can lead Argentina to World Cup glory in 2022'      Cache   Translate Page      
[Spain], Oct 10 (ANI): Former Argentina coach Jorge Luis Sampaoli believes that star striker Lionel Messi could lead the team to a World Cup glory in 2022.
          Santiago Abascal, el Le Pen vasco criado por el aznarismo      Cache   Translate Page      

Santi, el de Amurrio (Araba), el del PP vasco en los años de plomo, es hoy el rostro fácilmente reconocible de la extrema derecha española. No de la vieja ultraderecha casposa, franquista y de brazo en alto, sino de una diferente, nueva, limpia. Moderna incluso, a su manera. Es la “alt-right” de EE UU, esa misma que se nutrió de Donald Trump, la que hoy encarnan Abascal y Vox. Es la versión made in Spain del Frente Nacional de Le Pen o del mal llamado Partido de la Libertad del neerlandés Geert Wilders —con quienes ya tiene relación—.

etiquetas: santiago abascal, le pen, vasco, aznarismo, vox, pp, aznar

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Showers in western Europe, warm and dry to the east Wednesday A few showers over southern coasts of Spain and Portugal with rain into northwest Spain. Fair for most of Spain with lots of sunshine. Showery bursts of rain in the balearics. Unsettled with rain in Sardinia and Corsica. Italy will have a mix of sunshine and showers. fair for Greece with plenty of sunshine. Some showers affecting the south of Turkey. Rain and some cloud in France, heavy in the west. The Low Countries and Germany should be dry with good spells of sunshine. Staying fine in Austria and Hungary with more sunshine. Scattered showers over the southern Alps. Fine weather and breezy conditions for Denmark. Plenty of sunshine for the Baltic States and Finland. A fine day in Sweden with more sunshine. Scattered showers in northern Norway but good spells of sunshine in the south.

Thursday Soe cloud in southern parts of Spain but rain and cloud to the north. Some showers in the central mediterranean Islands and these affecting northern Italy too. Southern Italy should be dry with sunny spells. Greece will be fair with more sunshine to come here. Turkey will have heavy showers and thunderstorms. Rain afecting central and western parts of France while the east is likely to be dry. The Low Countries and Germany as well as Poland will be dry with lots of sunshine. Austria and Hungary should be dry and sunny although some rain in parts of southern Switzerland. Breezy with sunshine and warm weather in Denmark. More sunshine to come over the Baltic States and Finland and staying warm. More warm weather in Sweden with Norway also being dry and breezy as well as warm.

          Flash flood kills at least five on Majorca Spain      Cache   Translate Page      
Cars were washed away as huge waves of muddy water engulfed the east of the island, reports say.
          Track of the Day – THE ELECTRIC ALLEY “I’ve Been Taught”      Cache   Translate Page      
The Electric Alley is a band that started out in the Zona Franca neighbourhood of Cádiz, Spain.
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Flash flood kills at least five on Majorca Spain #animals #bhfyp #bible #bird #books #celibrity #church #city #diet #draw #education #freemason #hiking #instagood #jobs #love #news #pastor #pets #picture #priest #principal #print #publish #read #religion #scholar #school #scriptures #teacher
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The “tres” time is the charm for the owner of Kiboko Tres. This SW105 is his third delivery from Southern Wind Shipyard. En route to her home port of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, she will serve as a family cruiser and competitive racer. At nearly 106 feet (32.27 meters), Kiboko Tres is the owner’s largest Continue reading

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Video: Basic Flamenco Moves - A Flamenco Workout
Watch This Video!
Studio: ICRR
This offers women and men a challenging opportunity to learn authentic Flamenco dance moves while building up endurance and strengthening hands, arm and feet coordination. It is choreographed into a systematic, effective, artistic, professional flamenco workout, for both high and low impact. It is broken down into three main workout segments.
Part One - Warm up. The program begins with a "Flamenco Floreo" exercise, essential to the Spanish Dance. It also focuses on neck exercises, knee bends, ankle flexes, lunges, and side stretches. Part Two - Footwork. Flexing the foot and striking the floor with the ball of the foot, then bringing down the heel to make two separate sounds - known as the Classic Flamenco Toe-Heel Step and Sound. Then, you learn how to embellish the Toe-Heel dance steps with combinations of arms and footwork. Part Three - The Spanish Jota. The Jota is the name of a Regional Dance in Spain, with many variations. Learning and practicing the Jota with us will help improve your endurance, as it naturally requires cardio-vascular progression. Ballet terms and techniques are used to teach these specialized movements properly.

Stars: Amanda, Ricardo Ramirez, Ms. Eva Amador, Riena Contreras

          Jadon Sancho: England new boy speaks out on shock call-up by Gareth Southgate      Cache   Translate Page      

JADON SANCHO insists he won't be fazed if England boss Gareth Southgate throws him in at the deep end against Croatia or Spain.
          Greek Cycladic marble figure could reach $100K-$150K at Artemis Gallery auction      Cache   Translate Page      

Greek Cycladic Marble Figure of the Spedos Type, Ancient Greece, Cyclades, ca. 2500 to 2400 BCE. 6.5" H (16.5 cm). Estimate $100,000 - $150,000. Image provided by Artemis Gallery.

BOULDER, COLO.- World renowned for their expertly curated ancient and cultural art auctions, Bob and Teresa Dodge of Artemis Gallery will host a Thursday, October 11 sale comprising 417 lots of exceptional antiquities, Asian and ethnographic art. Each item boasts impeccable provenance and is offered with the gallery’s unconditional guarantee that it is authentic and legal to purchase, own, and if desired, resell. 

The highly anticipated auction, which invites absentee, phone and Internet live bidding, is a virtual timeline of the most significant civilizations of the past 4,000 years. As is the case with all of its sales, Artemis Gallery has organized the upcoming auction in a chronological manner, starting with the earliest pieces, from Ancient Egypt, and progressing through the modern era. 

The auction opens with Egyptian marble and pottery vessels, including a huge Pre-dynastic black-top jar, TL tested and estimated at $17,500-$25,000. A visually captivating, larger-than-lifesize Egyptian sarcophagus fragment of carved and painted cedar depicts a male head with bold facial features. Dating to 664-332 BCE, its auction estimate is $6,000-$8,000. Another fascinating relic is a beautifully painted circa-2nd century CE Romano-Egyptian plaster funerary head of a woman with a haunting facial expression. Estimate: $10,000-$15,000.  


Lot 1A. Huge Black-Top Pottery Jar w/ TL, Ancient Egypt, Predynastic period, late Naqada II to Naqada III, ca. 3200 to 3000 BCE. Size: 8.7" W x 18.875" H (22.1 cm x 47.9 cm); 19.4" H (49.3 cm) on included custom stand. Estimate $17,500 - $25,000Image courtesy Artemis Gallery.

An enormous hand-built marl clay jar with a russet-hued surface made with a thin iron-oxide slip. The burnished vessel has a tapering ovoid form with a petite circular rim and a rounded shoulder leading to a round, everted rim. The upper black-hued portion is comprised of thick carbon deposits formed by administering the top to thick clouds of smoke for extended periods of time in an oxygen-deprived environment. Black-top vessels originally rose in popularity during the early Naqada I, a culture which inhabited ancient Egypt during its predynastic period. The Naqada were first described by famed archaeologist William Flinders Petrie; however, relatively little is known about them except that they were focused around the site of El-Amra in central Egypt, west of the Nile River. Custom metal display stand included.

Note: Predynastic Egyptian black-topped vessels were traditionally made from silt deposits taken from the Nile river due to their abundance in iron and silica. After the pot had dried but before it was fired, it would first be burnished and rubbed smooth with a small stone to create the pinstripe vertical striations still visible today. An iron-rich slip would then be applied just before firing; when placed in an oxygen-rich environment, the elevated temperatures would create the vessels' signature red-orange hue.

After the end of the Naqada III period around 3,000 BCE, the use of Nile silt in pottery creations fell out of favor with the Predynastic Egyptians. This was due to the increase in the popularity of marl clay, a newly-discovered mixture of clay and lime used for creating terracotta objects. Marl vessels like this example were generally easier to form, required higher temperatures when firing which allowed for more controlled kiln environments, and were more receptive to applied decorations than the inferior, highly-porous Nile silt. A few blacktop examples have been found from later Dynastic periods, however they were likely used solely for ritualistic and/or ceremonial purposes.

For a stylistically-similar example from the Naqada II, please see The British Museum, museum number EA58522:


Burnished black-topped redware jar, circa 3300 BC, Predynastic (Naqada IID), Height: 31.5 cm Width: 17.7 cm (max), EA58522. © The Trustees of the British Museum.

Another stylistically-similar example from the Naqada I hammered for GBP 12,500 ($16,181.22) at Christie's, London, South Kensington Antiquities Auction (sale 7207, October 25, 2012, lot 31).


An Egyptian black-topped redware jar, Predynastic, Naqada I, circa 4000-3600 B.C.; 12¾ in. (32 cm.) high. Sold for 12,500 GBP at Christie's, London, October 25, 2012, lot 31. Courtesy Christie's.

This piece has been tested using thermoluminescence (TL) analysis and has been found to be ancient and of the period stated. A full report will accompany purchase.

Provenance: private East Coast, USA collection; ex-Norman Blankman collection, New York, USA, acquired 1959.

Lot 6B. Egyptian Wooden Sarcophagus Head Fragment, Ancient Egypt, Late Period, ca. 664 to 332 BCE. Size: 15.25" W x 13.5" H (38.7 cm x 34.3 cm); 16.125" H (41 cm) on included custom stand. Estimate $6,000 - $8,000. Image courtesy Artemis Gallery.

This mask and others like it were traditionally carved from cedar. Interestingly, cedar wood was not native to Egypt. Egypt did not have verdant forests filled with tall trees, and unfortunately most of its native lumber was of relatively poor quality. Thus, they relied on importing to acquire hardwoods - ebony imported from Africa, cedar and pine from Lebanon. One fabulous obelisk inscription by Thutmose III attests to the luxury of treasured hardwoods. It reads as follows, "They brought to me the choicest products . . . consisting of cedar, juniper and of meru wood . . . all the good sweet woods of God's Land." The rarity of cedar meant that masks like this one were reserved for those who could afford them.

Provenance: private East Coast, USA collection; ex-private Pennsylvania, USA collection, acquired 35 years ago.

Lot 7A. Romano-Egyptian Plaster Head of a Woman, Roman controlled Egypt, ca. 2nd century CE. Size: 9.5" H (24.1 cm); 12" H (30.5 cm) on included custom stand. Estimate $10,000 - $15,000Image courtesy Artemis Gallery.

A hauntingly lifelike sculpted plaster funerary head of a young female presenting a beautiful face with a dimpled chin, her visage comprised of lined and lashed, large eyes, arched brows, an aquiline nose, closed ruby red lips, and smooth cheeks. Her elaborate, centrally parted coiffure features rolled tresses lining her forehead and running around her head to a braided bun at the back. Her skin is painted in peachy flesh tones, and she wears two necklaces (a green as well as a pink and red painted 'beaded' strand), hoop earrings, and a rose red garment. 

Note: Heads like this one reflect the profound change that the Greco-Roman world brought to Egypt. The naturalistic depiction of a person's face as a plaster mask or even full head replaced the stylized art of dynastic Egypt; hieroglyphs and other symbols painted on elaborate sarcophagi fell out of favor, and this head would have been a memorial alongside a simple wooden coffin. These heads were reserved for the elite, who were buried in small chapels, usually mummified and with other members of their family and/or town.

Provenance: private East Coast, USA collection; ex-Arte Primitivo Gallery, New York, New York, USA; ex-private New York, USA collection; ex-Sotheby's, New York "Antiquities and Islamic Art" Auction (sale 5288, February 8, 1985, lot 275)

Unquestionably the star of the Ancient Greek art and antiquities section, a finely carved marble figure of a reclining female dates to circa 2500-2400 BCE and is typical of the sculpture of the Cyclades (island of Naxos). Its distinctive characteristics are known as the Spedos type, and the figure is stylistically similar to an example in The Getty museum. With a line of provenance that includes Jens Rid, an avid German collector of ancient idols, this important figure is expected to make $100,000-$150,000. A stunning 15.125-inch Greek Early Attic amphora, circa 530-520 BCE, displays captivating images of Athena, Ajax, Achilles and Herakles. Estimate: $50,000-$70,000.


Lot 8A. Greek Cycladic Marble Figure of the Spedos Type, Ancient Greece, Cyclades, ca. 2500 to 2400 BCE. 6.5" H (16.5 cm). Estimate $100,000 - $150,000. Image provided by Artemis Gallery.

Finely carved from marble, a reclining female figure with her arms crossed, typical of the sculpture of the Cyclades in the mid-2000s BCE known as the Spedos variety, this name derived from an Early Cycladic cemetery on the island of Naxos. This canonical type is characterized by an elongated slender body with folded arms, a U-shaped head, and a sharply incised cleft between the legs. The anatomical details are characteristically minimized presenting a ?at, geometric quality. Incisions on the body delineate the arms crossed over the chest, define the abdomen and pubic triangle, and indicate knees. The breasts gently rendered as well. On the face, the protruding nose is pronounced, and it is possible that other details originally may have been delineated with brightly colored pigments. When viewed from the side, the back is straight and continues the line of the neck, while the head is dramatically arched and the knees bent and flexed, another characteristic trait of the Spedos type. 

Note: See a stylistically similar female Late Spedos Type with folded arms in the Getty Museum:

Female Figure of the Late Spedos Type; Attributed to the Steiner Master (Cycladic, active 2500 - 2400 B.C.); Cyclades, Greece; 2500–2400 B.C.; Marble; 59.9 × 12.2 × 4.5 cm (23 9/16 × 4 13/16 × 1 3/4 in.); 88.AA.80; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California

No description of this image is available.

No description of this image is available.

Female Figure of the Late Spedos Type, Attributed to the Steiner Master (Cycladic, active 2500 - 2400 B.C.), Cycladic, Cyclades, Greece, 2500–2400 B.C. Marble, 59.9 × 12.2 × 4.5 cm, 88.AA.80 © J. Paul Getty Trust

Provenance: private East Coast, USA collection; ex-collection of Mr. Jens Rid of Germany who has owned the idol since the 1980s, and is an avid collector of ancient idols.

Lot 12. Greek Attic Amphora - Athena, Ajax, Achilles, Herakles, Ancient Greece, Athens, Early Attic, ca. 530 to 520 BCE. Size: 9.75" in diameter at widest point x 15.125" H (24.8 cm x 38.4 cm). Estimate $50,000 - $70,000. Image courtesy Artemis Gallery.

A very large and incredibly fine black-figure neck amphora of an exceptionally elegant, classic form - both sides expertly painted with mesmerizing mythological scenes. Side A features Herakles wrestling either the sea-god Triton or Nereus, the latter morphing into the former. The figures are engaged in an action-packed struggle involving major physical contortions - with details incised as well as delineated in red and white pigments. Side B presents an elaborately dressed Athena standing in composite profile as an interceder between a pair of fighting warriors - perhaps Ajax and Achilles - both donning helmets and wielding spears and shields (one shield adorned by an image of a roaring lion, an animal associated with Achilles). Athena is positioned between these leading men of the Greek army holding a spear of her own between them and raising her left hand in a gesture of protest. 

Note: Interestingly, other Attic vases depict Athena between a gaming Achilles and Ajax, but these warriors, in contrast, are fighting. In this context, it is more customary to see a bearded herald as the interceder, as on a neck amphora in the Victoria and Albert Museum, which also has Herakles and Triton on the obverse.

Adding to the piece is the rich decorative program: the register of stylized palmettes adorning the neck; bands of tongue motifs just below; symmetrical floral vines below each tripartite handle; and beneath the pictorial imagery a register of fine-line, stylized laurel buds with looping stems followed by rays emerging from the base below.

Ancient Athenian painters, including the painter of this vessel, took advantage of the large size of Attic vases which gave them more room to explore their techniques, overlap figures, present complex interactions between figures, create depth and attempt renderings of perspective, as well as add other colors such as the red and white pigments on the scene of Herakles vs. the Sea God as well as Athena and the fighting soldiers.

An Attic black-figure neck amphora at the J. Paul Getty Museum features a somewhat similar scene attributed to the Leagros Group (active 525 to 500 BCE), though with the warriors sitting rather than standing. The curatorial staff writes, "This scene was very popular in Athenian vase-painting of the late 500s B.C. and was a favorite of the painters in the Leagros Group. Some scholars believe that this mythological scene also served as a contemporary political parable on the value of staying alert, since the tyrant Peisistratos had been able to take control of the city of Athens while the army was distracted."

Attic Black-Figure Neck Amphora; Attributed to Leagros Group (Greek (Attic), active 525 - 500 B.C.); Athens, Greece, Europe; about 510 B.C.; Terracotta; 30.4 × 45.3 cm (11 15/16 × 17 13/16 in.); 86.AE.81; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California

Attic Black-Figure Neck Amphora. Attributed to Leagros Group (Greek (Attic), active 525 - 500 B.C.), Greek (Attic), Athens, Greece, about 510 B.C. Terracotta, 30.4 × 45.3 cm, 86.AE.81. © J. Paul Getty Trust.

This piece has been tested by Oxford Authentication using thermoluminescence (TL) and has been found to be ancient and of the period stated. A full report will accompany purchase.

Provenance: private Keating collection, Mill Valley, California, USA; ex-George T. Keating collection, acquired early 1950s

Moving on to art of the Roman Empire, the auction includes marbles, jewelry, stone mosaics, and coveted glass objects. One of top highlights in this category, a matched pair of hand-carved marble sarcophagus panels, circa 2nd-3rd century CE, depicts two youthful fishermen in relief. The skillfully executed panels could reach $8,000-$12,000 for the pair. 

Near Eastern treasures include an Anatolian marble Kusura-Beycesultan idol, ex Christies, $5,000-$7,000; a massive Phoenician stone vessel from the 1st millennium BCE, $15,000-$25,000; and a published byzantine marble reliquary with a gabled cover, $12,000-$15,000. 

The Asian art realm is culturally deep and geographically wide, as evidenced by the superb selection chosen for Artemis Gallery’s October 11 sale. A monumental TL-tested Chinese Han Dynasty terracotta horse, circa 206 BCE to 220 CE, is entered with a $150,000-$225,000 estimate, while a gorgeous 3rd to 5th-century Gandharan seated Buddha Shakyamuni, carved of stucco, is entered with a $15,000-$20,000 estimate. There are also several lots of precious antique Indian jewelry and a circa-1850 Indian bronze chari bottle with 24K gold lid, $30,000-$45,000. 

Monumental TL-tested terracotta horse, China, Han Dynasty, ca

Lot 53D. Monumental TL-tested terracotta horse, China, Han Dynasty, ca. 206 BCE to 220 CE. Size: 51" H (129.5 cm); 58" H (147.3 cm) on included custom stand. Estimate $150,000 - $225,000. Image courtesy Artemis Gallery

An incredible Han Dynasty Horse, striding forward with his front right hoof lifted, presenting an expressive visage with wide-open eyes, a pronounced snout with flared nostrils and an open mouth revealing his teeth, raised alert ears, a neatly manicured mane, raised and curled tail, and a finely delineated relief bridle. During the Han dynasty, the ancients placed such model figures in tombs to ensure a safe journey to the afterlife. Note how the sculptor skillfully delineated the muscular body of this noble steed. 

Note: During this period of Chinese history, horses came from the Ferghama Valley in Central Asia - present day Afghanistan. When elite individuals passed away, large "walking" terracotta Ferghama horses displaying an immense degree of attention to detail, like this example, were created to carry the deceased into the hereafter. The horse, second only in importance to the dragon, was believed to possess magical powers. The number of horses owned by an individual ensured his high status in the afterlife.

Funerary sculptures like this piece are part of a class of artifacts called mingqi - sometimes known as "spirit utensils" or "vessels for ghosts". They became popular in the Han Dynasty and would persist for several centuries. Alongside figures like this one were musicians, athletes, animals, structures … Even though they were mass produced, mingqi of the Han Dynasty often show a high level of detail and naturalism. These were designed to assist the po, the part of the soul of the deceased that remained underground with the body while the hun, the other part of the soul, ascended. Caring for the po seems to have taken on a new level of meaning in the Han period, with more elaborate rituals and tomb construction arising.

This piece has been tested using thermoluminescence (TL) twice - by QED Laboratoire and Artemis Testing Lab. According to both tests, the piece has been found to be ancient and of the period stated. A full report will accompany purchase. This piece was tested in 5 separate locations, all confirming the piece is authentic and ancient

Provenance: private collection of the late Karming Wong; approximate date of acquisition: late 1970 to early 1980. Horse was purchased by Karming Wong, who after leaving China during the Cultural Revolution became a private collector. Item was purchased from a dealer in Hong Kong and was transferred to Karming Wong's descendants upon his death in 2012.

Lot 47E. Gorgeous Gandharan Stucco Seated Buddha Shakyamuni, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Gandharan Empire, ca. 3rd to mid 5th century CE. Size: 9" L x 20.75" W x 27.5" H (22.9 cm x 52.7 cm x 69.8 cm); 30" H (76.2 cm) on included custom stand. Estimate $15,000 - $20,000Image courtesy Artemis Gallery.

A fantastic stucco portrayal of a youthful Buddha, known as Shakyamuni Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama, the crown prince of the Shakya Kingdom. He sits with his legs crossed, as if he is beneath a tree, meditating - how he would eventually come to enlightenment. He is seated on a low plinth and his hands rest in his lap in the Dhyana Mudra, used for meditation and deep concentration. His ears are long, emphasizing his wealth - they have been stretched from wearing large earrings. Here he is shown after his enlightenment, as evidenced by his large ushnisha, the rounded projection from the top of his head that symbolizes his newfound knowledge. Remains of a pale red pigment is on his hair, with black details on the eyebrows and eyelids. Mahayana Buddhism was very important in this region. Parthian, Greek, Roman, and Bactrian influences combined to create naturalistic human figures like this one. 

Note: Gandharans are famous for schist and stucco carvings, with stucco replacing schist as the dominant material around the 3rd century CE. Vast monastic institutions like those at Takht-i-Bahi, Sahri-Bahlol, Jamal Garhi, Ranigat, and Thareli were decorated by skilled artisans with stucco representations of important figures, religious scenes, and artistic dedications. Stucco allowed artists more freedom in portraying lifelike features, as shown in the gentle curve of the brow here. During this time, Gandhara was exceptionally wealthy, profiting from trade along the Silk Road; patrons had resources to spend on the arts, creating a flowering of stucco artwork.

Provenance: private East Coast, USA collection.

The Pre-Columbian art category features a rare and fine 12-inch Tonosi (Panama, circa 600-800 CE bi-chrome double-tiered olla. This massive vessel is painted with the image of an enormous tarantula on each side and exhibits a form known as the “Metropolitan Vessel,” so named because a similar example is held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s distinguished collection. Formerly owned by private collectors in Hawaii and Florida, this remarkable piece is entered in the auction with a $15,000-$20,000 estimate. 

Lot 90. Rare Tonosi Bi-Chrome Double Tiered Vessel w/ Tarantula, Pre-Columbian, Panama, Tonosi, ca. 600 to 800 CE. Size: 12" H (30.5 cm). Estimate $15,000 - $20,000. Image courtesy Artemis Gallery

A sizeable bi-chrome pottery vessel, its massive form comprised of a double-tiered olla and beautifully painted with an enormous tarantula spider on each side - head, thorax, and outspread legs covering the entire surface! This very large double-tiered, round-bottomed, globular polychrome pottery vessel is a form dubbed the "Metropolitan Vessel" because the Metropolitan Museum of Art has a similar vessel - only with a different iconographic program. The bold depiction of each arachnid is quite expressive with a wide-eyed visage, outspread legs with ridged edges that connote kinetic energy and magical dynamism! Though it was created more than 1000 years ago, the imagery conjures depictions of spiders in modern art such as Louise Bourgeois' striking, nearly 9 meters tall sculpture entitled "Maman" which graces the exterior of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. 

See the Metropolitan Museum of Art's double-tiered Tonosi jar

Double-tiered jar, 3rd–4th century, Panama, Tonosi, Ceramic. H. 8 x W. 8 1/2 in. (20.3 x 21.6 cm). Purchase, Arthur M. Bullowa Bequest, 2007; 2007.297. © 2000–2018 The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

For additional examples of tri-color, double-tiered vessels see Armande Labbe's, "Guardians of the Stream: Shamans, Art and Power in Prehispanic Central Panama" (The Bowers Museum of Cultural Art; University of Washington Press, 1995, p. 127).

Provenance: private Hawaii, USA collection; ex-J. Berryman collection, Florida, USA 

Other categories and selected highlights include Viking arms and jewelry; fine art, a fantastic array of fossils, an 18th-century Hebrew Torah scroll from Morocco, a 19th-century Italian giltwood and glass reliquary cabinet, and a framed 19th-century Mexican ex voto on canvas, ex Sotheby’s. 

There are many ways in which to bid in the Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 auction, including absentee, by phone (please reserve line in advance), or live via the Internet. The sale starts at 10 a.m. Eastern Time and will be conducted simultaneously on three bidding platforms:,, and An Artemis Gallery COA will accompany each and every purchase. Artemis Gallery ships worldwide and has its own in-house packing and shipping department to ensure quality control.

           New boy Jadon Sancho is relishing 'dream' England call-up       Cache   Translate Page      
Gareth Southgate doubled down on his focus on youth with his squad selection for the upcoming Nations League double-header away to Croatia and Spain.
          Chelsea ace Marcos Alonso shows off OUTRAGEOUS skills in Spain training: Fans LOVE this      Cache   Translate Page      

CHELSEA ace Marcos Alonso has been lacing up his shooting boots in Spain training – and fans absolutely love it.
          Morocco navy says 615 migrants saved in weekend ops      Cache   Translate Page      
Rabat (AFP) Oct 8, 2018
Morocco's Royal Navy said Monday its forces rescued 615 migrants from 31 boats that ran into trouble in the Mediterranean at the weekend while trying to reach Spain. The Spanish coastguard announced on Sunday that in 48 hours it had rescued nearly 1,200 migrants bound for its shores - a main entry point for clandestine migration into Europe. All of the would-be migrants rescued by the M
          ΑΥΤΟ το Κόμικ Έδειχνε «το Πρόσωπο στον Άρη» 18 Χρόνια Πριν Ανακαλυφθεί      Cache   Translate Page      
Το λεγόμενο «Πρόσωπο στον Άρη» είναι η πιο αμφιλεγόμενη δομή που ανακαλύφθηκε ποτέ στον Κόκκινο Πλανήτη. Πρόκειται για ένα ιδιαίτερα χαρακτηριστικό γνώρισμα στην επιφάνεια του πλανήτη Άρη που βρίσκεται στην περιοχή Cidonia και πολλοί ισχυρίζονται ότι μοιάζει με ένα ανθρώπινο πρόσωπο.
Υπολογίζεται ότι έχει μήκος περίπου 3 χιλιόμετρα και πλάτος 1,5. Οι συντεταγμένες του είναι 41º05′ N και 9º50′ E. Φωτογραφήθηκε για πρώτη φορά στις 25 Ιουλίου 1976 από το Viking 1. Το γεγονός προσέλκυσε άμεσα την προσοχή τόσο του κόσμου όσο και της NASA που έξι μέρες αργότερα εξέδωσε σχετική ανακοίνωση. Κάπως έτσι, ξεκίνησε μία μεγάλη διαμάχη για το εάν επρόκειτο για μία τεχνητή δομή που κάποιοι δημιούργησαν στον πλανήτη Άρη, ή εάν ήταν ένας φυσικός γεωλογικός σχηματισμός που ξεγελούσε τα μάτια μας.

ΑΥΤΟ το Κόμικ Έδειχνε «το Πρόσωπο στον Άρη» 18 Χρόνια Πριν Ανακαλυφθεί
Είναι μία παρειδωλία ή μία κατασκευή από νοήμονα όντα η οποία υπέστη διάβρωση εκατοντάδων χιλιάδων ή εκατομμυρίων ετών;
Χρόνια μετά, νεότερες φωτογραφίες από άλλη οπτική γωνία έδειξαν ότι είναι ένας φυσικός σχηματισμός. Όμως, πολλοί συνομωσιογράφοι ισχυρίστηκαν ότι η NASA απέκρυψε και διαστρέβλωσε από τις εικόνες αυτές την πραγματικότητα.
ΑΥΤΟ το Κόμικ Έδειχνε «το Πρόσωπο στον Άρη» 18 Χρόνια Πριν Ανακαλυφθεί
Πέρα από το τι υπάρχει στην επιφάνεια του πλανήτη Άρη στην περιοχή Κυδωνία, αν πρόκειται για φιλοτεχνημένο «πρόσωπο», ή όχι, συναντούμε ένα ακόμα παράδοξο.
Όπως μας αποκαλύπτει το, σε ένα κόμικ του 1958, με τίτλο ακριβώς «Το Πρόσωπο στον Άρη», στο δεύτερο τεύχος της σειράς Carrera της Harvey’s Comics, ο συγγραφέας Jack Kirby αναφέρει πώς μια ομάδα εξερευνητών βρίσκει μια τεχνητή δομή στον Άρη που έχει το σχήμα ενός ανθρώπινου πρόσωπο. Αλλά δεν είναι μόνο αυτό.
ΑΥΤΟ το Κόμικ Έδειχνε «το Πρόσωπο στον Άρη» 18 Χρόνια Πριν Ανακαλυφθεί
Αφού η ομάδα σκαρφαλώνει επάνω στην δομή, ανακαλύπτει ότι τα μάτια αυτής της κατασκευής είναι κούφια και οδηγούν σε έναν υπόγειο κόσμο. Εκεί που ήταν ο τελικός προορισμός του Άρειανού πολιτισμού, ύστερα από ένα διαπλανητικό πόλεμο που τελείωσε, αλλά ήδη το μεγαλύτερο μέρος της ατμόσφαιρας είχε χαθεί και οι λίγοι επιζώντες που απέμειναν κατέφυγαν σε ένα υπόγειο βασίλειο.
ΑΥΤΟ το Κόμικ Έδειχνε «το Πρόσωπο στον Άρη» 18 Χρόνια Πριν Ανακαλυφθεί
Όλα αυτά, φυσικά, είναι φανταστικά, αλλά έρχονται σε μία κάποια συμφωνία με σύγχρονους επιστήμονες που υποστηρίζουν αυτή την υπόθεση, ότι δηλαδή αν υπήρχε νοήμονα ζωή στον Άρη πιθανόν να βρίσκεται κάτω από την επιφάνεια του.
Πρόσφατα, ο φυσικός Δρ John Brandenburg παρουσίασε ένα έγγραφο που λέει ότι τα πυρηνικά ισότοπα στην ατμόσφαιρα του κόκκινου πλανήτη μοιάζουν με αυτά της βόμβας υδρογόνου, οπότε ενδεχομένως υπήρξε μια πυρηνική επίθεση στον Άρη, με βάση στοιχεία που συλλέχθηκαν από το Mars Odyssey της NASA.

Άραγε, τι έχουμε εδώ; Υπάρχει ή όχι στην πραγματικότητα «το Πρόσωπο στον Άρη»; Αν πράγματι υπάρχει, τότε, πόση σύμπτωση μπορεί να βρίσκεται στο κόμικ του 1958 που 18 χρόνια πριν το Viking 1 απεικονίζει ένα «Πρόσωπο στον Άρη»; Μπορεί η έμπνευση που είχε ο συγγραφέας να αντλήθηκε από Αρχεία μίας Παγκόσμιας Συλλογικής Μνήμης, ή είχε προνομιακές πληροφορίες που «πέρασε» στον κόσμο με τη μορφή της μυθοπλασίας;
Εσείς τι πιστεύετε για όλα αυτά; Ποιά είναι η γνώμη σας;

          Cheap flights from USA to Madrid or Barcelona, Spain from only $337!      Cache   Translate Page      
Cheap flights to Spain!
          An incredible view of Pamplona(bask. Iruña) in Northern Spain after start from Pamplona Airport(IATA: PNA, ICAO: LEPP).      Cache   Translate Page      

arwed.kubisch1 posted a photo:

An incredible view of Pamplona(bask. Iruña) in Northern Spain after start from Pamplona Airport(IATA: PNA, ICAO: LEPP).

You can see religious architecture, mediaeval structures, new block of flats and the famous citadel or star fort with little modifications + the surrounding countryside of the Pyrenees.

          5 dead in torrential flooding in Spain’s Mallorca island      Cache   Translate Page      
At least five people were confirmed dead and five more remained missing on Wednesday after torrential rainstorms caused flash flooding on the Spanish island of Mallorca, authorities said. Two of … Click to Continue »
          Dortmund's 18-year-old Jadon Sancho 'surprised' after first England call-up      Cache   Translate Page      
Ross Dyer and Paul Mariner face off ahead of the latest round of UEFA Nations League qualifiers. Paul Mariner is delighted for Gareth Southgate's England extension and breaks down the UEFA Nations League roster to face Croatia and Spain. England's Gareth Southgate insists players such as Chelsea's Ross Barkley must take his chance and prove he deserves a spot in the squad in the UEFA Nations League against Croatia and Spain. BURTON UPON TRENT, England -- Borussia Dortmund forward Jadon Sancho was just as surprised as everyone else at his call-up to the senior England team this week. Sancho, 18, was selected in Gareth Southgate's squad for the UEFA Nations League games against Croatia and Spain, despite only making one Bundesliga start so far this season and having bypassed England's under-21s. However, despite most of his domestic action coming from the bench, Sancho has already starred in the Champions League, contributed...
          World's Most Powerful Passport Revealed As Countries' Global Rankings Shift      Cache   Translate Page      
Japan passport holders will find it easier than ever to travel the world, as their travel documents have just moved up in the global Henley Passport Index to take the top spot.

The Henley Passport Index is a ranking of all of the passports in the world based on the number of countries their holders can travel to visa-free.

Until now Japan had been sharing joint first place with Singapore, which gained visa-free access to Uzbekistan earlier this year bringing its total to 189 countries.

However, earlier this month Japan gained visa-free access to Myanmar bringing its total to 190 - once again taking it to the top spot.

It's still a milestone for both Japan and Singapore, as 2018 is the first year in the index's 13-year history that either of them has had the most powerful passport in the world.
Both are way ahead of the UK and US which share fifth place with Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria and Luxembourg - but it's worth noting that the top four spots are shared by 10 countries.

Experts had previously revealed that the UK ranking is unlikely to increase until there is certainty regarding Brexit.
Full Henley Passport Index 2018

    Japan (190 countries)
    Singapore (189 countries)
    Germany, France, South Korea (188 countries)
    Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Spain (187 countries)
    Norway, UK, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, USA (186 countries)
    Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada (185 countries)
    Australia, Greece, Malta (183 countries)
    New Zealand, Czech Republic (182 countries)
    Iceland (181 countries)
    Hungary, Slovenia, Malyasia (180 countries)
    Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania (179 countries)
    Liechtenstein, Estonia (178 countries)
    Poland (175 countries)
    Monaco, Chile (174 countries)
    Cyprus (173 countries)
    Brazil (171 countries)
    Argentina, Hong Kong (170 countries)
    Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania (169 countries)
    Andorra, San Marino (168 countries)
    Brunei (165 countries)
    Israel, Barbados, UAE (161 countries)
    Mexico (158 countries)
    Bahamas (155 countries)
    Uruguay (154 countries)
    Seychelles (152 countries)
    St Kitts & Nevis (151 countries)
    Antigua (150 countries)
    Costa Rica (149 countries)
    Vatican City, Taiwan (148 countries)
    Trinidad and Tobago (147 countries)
    Mauritius, St Lucia (146 countries)
    St Vincent and the Grenadines (145 countries)
    Macao, Grenada (144 countries)
    Paraguay (143 countries)
    Panama (141 countries)
    Venezulea, Honduras (138 countries)
    Dominica, Guatemala, El Savador (137 countries)
    Peru (135 countries)
    Serbia, Solomon Islands (130 countries)
    Samoa, Vanuatu (129 countries)
    Nicaragua, Ukraine (128 countries)
    Colombia, Tuvalu (127 countries)
    Macedonia (125 countries)
    Marshall Islands, Tonga (124 countries)
    Kiribati, Montenegro (123 countries)
    Micronesia, Moldova (122 countries)
    Russia, Palau Islands (119 countries)
    Bosnia and Herzegovina (118 countries)
    Albania (114 countries)
    Georgia (112 countries)
    Turkey (111 countries)
    South Africa (102 countries)
    Belize (101 countries)
    Timor-Leste (98 countries)
    Ecuador, Kuwait (93 countries)
    Fiji (90 countries)
    Guyana (88 countries)
    Maldives (87 countries)
    Nauru (86 countries)
    Qatar (85 countries)
    Jamaica (84 countries)
    Papua New Guinea (83 countries)
    Botswana (82 countries)
    Bahrain (81 countries)
    Suriname (80 countries)
    Bolivia (79 countries)
    Oman (78 countries)
    Belarus, Thailand (77 countries)
    Namibia, Kazakhstan (76 countries)
    Saudi Arabia (75 countries)
    Lesotho, China (74 countries)
    Indonesia (73 countries)
    Swaziland, Kenya, Malawi (71 countries)
    Gambia, Tanzania, Zambia (68 countries)
    Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Philippines, Dominican Republic (66 countries)
    Cape Verde, Cuba (65 countries)
    Uganda, Zimbabwe (64 countries)
    Ghana, Kyrgyzstan (63 countries)
    Sierra Leone (62 countries)
    Armenia, Benin, Morocco, Mongolia (61 countries)
    India (60 countries)
    Uzbekistan (59 countries)
    Sao Tome, Mauritania, Mozambique, Tajikistan (58 countries)
    Burkina Faso (57 countries)
    Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea (56 countries)
    Mali, Gabon, Bhutan (55 countries)
    Togo, Niger, Cambodia, Rwanda (54 countries)
    Chad, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau, Turkmenistan (53 countries)
    Comores Islands, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Laos (52 countries)
    Vietnam (51 countries)
    Algeria, Jordan (50 countries)
    Central African Republic, Angola, Egypt (49 countries)
    Cameroon, Myanmar (48 countries)
    Liberia, Nigeria, Congo (Republic) (47 countries)
    Burundi (46 countries)
    Djibouti (45 countries)
    Kosovo (44 countries)
    Congo (Democratic Republic), Iran (43 countries)
    Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, North Korea (42 countries)
    South Sudan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Libya (41 countries)
    Nepal (40 countries)
    Sudan, Eritrea, Palestinian Territory (39 countries)
    Yemen (37 countries)
    Pakistan (33 countries)
    Somalia, Syria (32 countries)
    Iraq, Afghanistan (30 countries)

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Just easy as A.B.C. J U S T I C E . . . Museo ABC de Dibujo e Ilustración Arquitecto: Aranguren & Gallegos (reforma) . . . #culturalheritage #museo #museum #design #facade #geometric #triangle #view #overlooking #building #abc #architecture #arquitectura #architettura #architecturephotography #architecturelovers #minimal #rsa_minimal #photography #photo #canon #canonphotography #amazing #awesome #figatapazzesca #sky #nelbludipintodiblu #madrid #spain #españa
          Casa en venta en Málaga, , 975000 euros y 4 dormitorios      Cache   Translate Page      
Preciosa villa de artista en Alhaurín El Grande. Ref. HS000106 HARMONY SPAIN REAL ESTATE Situada en una urbanización de lujo al pie de la Sierra de Mijas y con vistas a todo el valle del Guadalhorce. En una comunidad de vecinos totalmente...
4 habitaciones 4 baños 490 m² 1.989 EUR/m² cocina jardín piscina chimenea
Wed, 10 Oct 2018 09:56:31 +0200
          5 dead in torrential flooding in Spain’s Mallorca island      Cache   Translate Page      

Emergency services in Spain's Balearic islands say at least five people have died overnight in flooding caused by a torrential rainstorm, with rescuers looking for an unaccounted number of people disappeared

The post 5 dead in torrential flooding in Spain’s Mallorca island appeared first on Federal News Network.

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SimpleSoft Simple Invoice 3.13 | 1.8 Mb
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Support multiple bank accounts.
Import and Export tool.

Operating System: Windows 7 (Microsoft .Net 4.5 required), 8/8.1, 10

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           Heavy rains, floods kill at least five on Spain's Mallorca       Cache   Translate Page      
MADRID, Oct 10 (Reuters) - At least five people were killed as heavy rain and flash floods hit Sant Llorenc on the Spanish island of Mallorca late on...
           5 dead in torrential flooding in Spain's Mallorca island       Cache   Translate Page      
MADRID (AP) - Emergency services in Spain's Balearic islands say at least five people have died in flooding caused by a torrential rainstorm, with rescuers...
          Gedeon Richter Plc.: Cariprazine Shows Favorable Safety Parameters and Efficacy in Reducing Schizophrenia Negative Symptoms Compared to Aripiprazole      Cache   Translate Page      
BUDAPEST, Hungary, Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On 6-9 October 2018, during the 31th congress of European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) in Barcelona, Spain, new post hoc analysis of cariprazine studies in negative symptoms of schizophrenia was presented. According to the...
          Jose Sala Sala and the Sanctuary of Mary Magdalena in Novelda, Spain      Cache   Translate Page      
The Santuario de Santa Maria Magdalena is stunning! This modernist church built in the 1900s was des
           At least five killed as heavy rains hit Spain's Mallorca       Cache   Translate Page      
MADRID, Oct 10 (Reuters) - At least five people were killed as heavy rains and floods hit Sant Llorenc on the Spanish island of Mallorca overnight,...
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          An Interview With Matt Brooks of Sofar Sounds      Cache   Translate Page      

written by Candice Triche

Inspiration to pursue your passion can come from places we least expect. When I went to my first Sofar Sounds show, I was both impressed and in awe of how effortless it all seemed to go down. Putting together a secret show, wrangling a curious crowd and making sure the bands are set to go cannot be done without knowing a thing or two and hard work.

Matt Brooks is the City Director for Sofar Sounds Chicago market, and along with a stellar group of others, they put together awesome shows multiple times a month around the city of Chicago. I was hooked since that first show in October and have been to a few more since then. Discovering new bands, meeting new people, and dancing without a care (BYOB!), has made for many a great weeknight for me this summer!

From my first experience, Matt has been front and center, meeting and greeting, and making things happen. On Sept 20th, Sofar will be debuting a series of shows across the world, including 8 shows in Chicago, that will surely put them on top of intimate music venues everywhere and will be talked about for a long time to come. They are indeed changing the way we listen to live music, one show at a time.

Before the big show in September, I wanted to get his take on how he started and why he has such a passion for Sofar Sounds.

What was your first Sofar Sounds show/experience?

The first Sofar Sounds show I ever attended was in Chicago on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2015. I was attending in preparations of starting up a new Sofar city in Indianapolis, and this experience immediately thrust me into the wonderful community that I have the pleasure of working with every day now. The show was a beautiful, unfamiliar, yet refreshing experience that only gets more special as time goes on. We hosted in the Sq3 Whiteroom, a beautiful studio space run by a friend of ours near Goose Island that is no longer in that location, though we certainly miss it. The artists were SKYLR, KSRA, and Quinn Tsan, some of which still perform with us today. I can remember this distinct moment that is not so uncommon at Sofar shows, when I felt like I had discovered the best kept secret in the city.

What’s your role? How did you get involved?

My role is that of City Director for Chicago. While Sofar Sounds is running in over 350 cities around the world, we have a few markets in the UK and U.S., hopefully soon to be Spain as well, that have a full-time team in place to host more amazing artists per month than would be possible otherwise. My involvement begun as nearly all Sofar employees do, as an ambassador. I stumbled across Sofar’s YouTube channel while interning at Do317 in Indianapolis, and upon realizing that the shows weren’t happening in Indianapolis, I interviewed a representative to help spread the word through the Do Stuff Network. I spoke with Dean Davis, Community Manager at Sofar at the time and he now leads Sofar in San Francisco, but by the end of the conversation, I realized that I didn’t want to spread the word to try and find a team to do the shows at all. I wanted to do them myself.

So that’s what I did. I built a team of close friends around the city that I knew would love to get involved in such a community-driven music movement, and we started hosting shows in May 2016. I was lucky enough to be considered for the full-time opportunity in Chicago in the new year and haven’t looked back since.

What has been your most memorable experience with Sofar Sounds?

My most memorable experience was when I spent a night in Athens, Greece during a layover on my way home from Cyprus visiting family. I had reached out to the local team a few weeks prior to see if they happened to be hosting a show, which is a very common instance in our community and is how I’ve been able to spontaneously attend gigs in London, Los Angeles, Dublin, Cleveland, and soon to be Toronto. In this case, there wasn’t a show happening, but that didn’t stop the leader, who at the time wasn’t in town, from connecting me with the rest of her team to meet up for a drink.

We set up a spot to meet near my hotel so I couldn’t get lost, and I found myself anxiously awaiting these mysterious music lovers on a tiny street across the world from home. Although I didn’t know what they looked like, I knew them the second I saw them, and we greeted with hugs that I could only compare to one with an old friend when you reconnect after years apart. We spent the evening talking over drinks and walking around viewing Athenian ruins, just like old friends, even though we had never met before. These moments happen all over the world every day, but this one is mine to share today.

This seems to be a pretty demanding job, do you work a 9-5 as well?

Sofar Sounds is, at its core, still a start-up. It takes a certain type of person with a certain level of passion and commitment to what we do to work at Sofar. We have an office space in WeWork Fulton Market where we spend at least some time every weekday, but given the nature of our work with shows, late-night meetings, and so on, it’s certainly a kind of job that you have to be available at any time. That’s how we like it though, because we know that’s what it takes to make a difference and support the arts in the way that we do.

What’s the main way you get artists to perform?

We have an artist application platform on the website that artists can provide us with the necessary pieces for consideration. We also commonly get references and recommendations from past artists, alongside of course artists that we like and reach out to ourselves. All artists go through an internal review team that is in place not only to ask is an artist is talented enough for Sofar, but if they are the right fit for the format.

It’s important to remember that the majority of our gigs are without any PA system or vocal amplification, so it’s a reality that some artists would be unwilling, and unfitting for that type of setup. That’s a very important distinction in what we do, because some artists that we really love wouldn’t work because we can’t envision them in a living room. It’s one of the things that makes Sofar even more unique in terms of the music industry standards.

What would you say is the main “mission” for Sofar Sounds?

The common tagline of Sofar is “bringing the magic back to live music.” While I certainly agree with that, I think Sofar goes beyond that. We are community builders. We are music discoverers. We have the ability to support the arts on a hyper-local and global level at the same time, with the platforms in place to expose those artists, no matter what level of following that they have, to anyone around the world. I think our mission is ever-changing as well, which is what makes the question so difficult.

In September of this year, for example, we will be hosting over 300 shows in one night, all to benefit Amnesty International and the world’s refugees. It’s called Give a Home, and we couldn’t be more excited because it is truly the first time we’ve been able to fully harness the power of our global community in the name of a cause. When I think about our mission, I begin to think about what this partnership can mean for what Sofar stands for in the coming years, and that’s truly exciting for all of us involved.

Sofar Sounds seems to be growing fast, what would you say is the end game? Is there one? How big would you want it to be, it being based on smaller, more intimate events across the world?

I think that the beauty is that there is no end game. Last November, we hosted 500 shows in one month for the first time ever, which was daunting to say the least when it was first brought up as a goal. A year ago, we would’ve been astounded at the idea of hosting 30 gigs in one month in Chicago, but now we will be doing just that in August. The partnership in September will be another one of those moments where we outdo what some thought was ever possible for Sofar.

As we grow, the intimacy of our shows does not change. Sofar gigs will always be in living rooms and other intimate spaces around the world, for anywhere from 50-150 guests, and the latter end of that is quite rare and only allowed in Chicago’s case for gigs like The Willis Tower or Brooklyn Boulders, which we have done a few times.

Beyond this, the hope is that Sofar can expand beyond just throwing shows eventually. Why can’t we do tour management for our favorite artists that we want to succeed? Why can’t we act as a PR agency for them? Why can’t we go bigger, like starting a hostel that hosts shows every night? The possibilities are endless, and the true magnificence of it is that not even someone in my position knows what our true boundaries are, if they exist.

As you can read, passion can fuel and propel you into a journey that can take you places unforeseen. Matt, along with his awesome team are doing their thing and it shows. The hard work and dedication excudes throughout each show and I’m excited to see the future for this company. See you at the next show!

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Following the controversial departure of Julen Lopetegui from Spain days before the commencement of the World Cup and their abysmal showing in the tournament, (oh, and the retirements of David Silva and Gerard Pique, two key players for the Spanish team for over a decade) we all thought that Luis Enrique, as good a coach

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UEFA Euro U21, Albania U21 – Spain U21, Thursday, 1:00 pm ET Score, Highlights Probability of winning Albania U21 5.65% Draw 11.05% Spain U21 83.29% Short Preview In this match Spain U21 is absolute favorite.Last 3 head-to-head matches Albania U21 won 0 matches, drawn 0 matches, lost 3 matches and goals 0-9. Prediction (the most…
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Fantastic place! Thanks for sharing! You shared great guide with us. Nice information and its really very helpful for us.
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Cars were washed away as huge waves of muddy water engulfed the east of the island, reports say.
          The Rough Guide to Andalucia (Rough Guides), 9th Edition      Cache   Translate Page      

The Rough Guide to Andalucia (Rough Guides), 9th Edition#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

The Rough Guide to Andalucia (Rough Guides), 9th Edition by Rough Guides
English | August 1st, 2018 | ISBN: 0241308399 | 618 Pages | True PDF | 32.23 MB
Discover this mesmerising region of Spain with the most incisive and entertaining guidebook on the market. Whether you plan to hike in the Sierra Nevada National Park, marvel at the world-famous Alhambra or discover Malaga's burgeoning art scene, The Rough Guide to Andalucia will show you the ideal places to sleep, eat, drink, shop and visit along the way.

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(Telecompaper) Orange Spain has announced that it will be the exclusive Spanish network partner for the new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones...
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First time I arrived at JFK was in 1979. Arriving at NY by plane and watching the street scenes for a 14yo guy arriving from --transitioning to democracy-- Spain was an amazing experience. We both have changed and it seems JFK is aging worse than I do. I stayed for a month near Boston with an american family. It was a nice experience. Obviously those times will never come back but I think the US was a happier place to visit. OK, I was too young and memory saves mainly good feelings but yet I believe those were happier times.
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*Capital España - Octubre 2018 (PDF)* ...
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          Electrostatic Precipitator Market will register 5% CAGR to surpass $8 billion by 2024: Global Market Insights, Inc.      Cache   Translate Page      
Electrostatic Precipitator Market By Systems, By Designs, By Emitting industry, Regional Outlook (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru), Growth Potential, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2018 – 2024 Sellbyville, Delaware, Oct. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Electrostatic Precipitator Market is poised to cross the revenue of USD 8 billion by 2024, as reported in the latest study by Global Market Insights, Inc. Rising concerns pertaining to limit Sulphur and NOx emissions complemented by increasing stringency […]
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Denim Market by Product (Jeans, Jackets & Shirts, Dresses), by Segment (Mass Market, Standard, Premium), by Consumer Type (Men, Women, Children), by Distribution Channel (Specialty Stores, Department Stores, Hypermarkets & Supermarkets, Online, Exclusive Stores), by Geography (U.S., Canada, Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, China, Japan, India, Philippines, South Korea, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, South Africa) – Global Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast, 2013 – 2023 NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to the market research report published by P&S Intelligence, global Denim market is […]
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In the U.S., today is "Columbus Day". Not much is done to celebrate it, although most schools and government jobs have the day off. It occurred to me that in part, it is due to Spain and Queen Isabella, Christopher Columbus and the discoveries of the New World that has led most of us to even be interested in this site. Just think of how many millions of people speak Spanish now around the world as a result of this discovery. When you think of most of the continent of South America, Central America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic,...
          UK couple among five people dead in floods in Mallorca      Cache   Translate Page      

Deputy mayor says British nationals and local residents died as town was engulfed

A British couple are among five people who have died in flash flooding in Mallorca.

They were said to have drowned in a taxi as flood water engulfed the town of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, about 40 miles east of the capital, Palma, on Tuesday evening.

Continue reading...
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[Spain], Oct 10 (ANI): Former Argentina coach Jorge Luis Sampaoli believes that star striker Lionel Messi could lead the team to a World Cup glory in 2022.
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European Union environment ministers will seek a compromise on Tuesday over how tough to be on curbing carbon dioxide emissions from cars and vans, with Germany warning too tough targets could harm industry and cost jobs. In a clash between concerns over the environmental risk of emissions and industry competitiveness, European Union governments remained divided ahead of talks over what 2030 limits to impose on Europe's powerful carmakers. Germany, with its big auto sector, has backed the EU executives proposed target of a 30 percent reduction by 2030, compared to 2021 levels. France, Netherlands and a number of other countries, however, are pushing for a stricter limit of 40 percent, in line with higher climate targets backed by EU lawmakers last week. "It's too close to call," said Greg Archer, an expert with Brussels-based campaign group Transport & Environment, adding that a number of nations such as Spain have yet to chose a camp. Austria, which holds the EU's rotating presidency, has proposed a compromise of 35 percent in hopes of reaching an agreement among the bloc's 28 nations on Tuesday. If they reach an agreement, negotiations on the final law could begin with the...
          At least five killed as heavy rains hit Spain's Mallorca       Cache   Translate Page      

At least five people were killed as heavy rains and floods hit Sant Llorenc on the Spanish island of Mallorca overnight, emergency services said. At least another 12 people were still missing after the downpours, local media reported. The regional government called an emergency meeting to coordinate rescue efforts and authorities said rescue workers and military units were heading to the area to help. "My solidarity and support goes out to the families and friends of victims and all those affected by these tragic floods," Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tweeted early on Wednesday.
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I called the Aventador Superveloce Lamborghini’s “bloodiest axe” when I first drove it a little more than three years ago just outside Barcelona, Spain. Further exposure back in America to that 740-horsepower rolling weapon confirmed, if not strengthened, my thoughts and feelings. Going with that metaphor, the new Aventador LP 770-4 Superveloce Jota (SVJ for […]

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NATIONS LEAGUE: England are gearing up for a crunch double header against Croatia and Spain.
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Parcelas en urbanización de lujo en el Valle del Guadalhorce desde 154000 euros Parcelas en urbanización de lujo en el Valle del Guadalhorce desde 154000 euros. Ref. HS000111 HARMONY SPAIN REAL ESTATE Hay varias parcelas disponibles para...
Wed, 10 Oct 2018 03:55:30 -0400
          Terreno en venta en ALICANTE, , 925000 euros y 4 dormitorios      Cache   Translate Page      
Minimal VILLAS de LUJO en Javea ? Alto Standing a Estrenar con 4 dormitorios en PIVER · Javea COSTA BLANCA Spain?? ¡ Exclusivas Villas de Lujo en una ubicación Única! ??COSTA HOUSES · Real Estate | Inmobiliaria de Lujo en Javea COSTA BLANCA...
4 habitaciones 4 baños 380 m² 2.434 EUR/m² obra nueva aire acondicionado sistema de alarma calefacción
Wed, 10 Oct 2018 04:57:05 -0400
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          In Spanish America, Cartographers Hand-Drew Maps Inspired by Printed Ones      Cache   Translate Page      

Late in the 16th century, mapmakers in Spanish Empire, working on continents across the ocean from Europe, didn't have access to the age's best technology. Though the first printed maps in Europe had been made a century before, map printing had yet to make it to the Spanish American colonies. When they needed to make maps, they still made them by hand.

This was at the height of Spain’s global influence, what’s sometimes called the Siglo de Oro, the country’s golden age. To better understand and control the vast areas the Spanish Crown had claimed around the world, King Philip II ordered a survey. Each local administrator had to send back a map detailing the land he oversaw.

The dozens of maps were sent back to Spain. But among these, Manuel Morato-Moreno, of the University of Seville’s Department of Graphic Engineering, discovered a small set unlike the rest. Drawing from ways of mapmaking old and new, influences from Europe and from Central America, these maps adopted and imitated techniques specific to printed maps—but were all hand-drawn.


It’s as if a magazine designer in the 1990s tried to imitate the style of a early website. (And surely that must have happened? Clue us in if you know the perfect example.) Only, these maps had other unique characteristics, too, drawn from the place they were made. They mixed the conventions of the time’s European cartography with indigenous influences and earlier European map and illustration tropes.

These maps—seven in all, made in 1579 and 1580—“present a peculiar style,” says Morato-Moreno, with a “dose of ingenuity” unparalleled in the whole, extensive corpus of maps made of Spanish America in the 16th century.

Morato-Moreno describes the maps in a paper for the journal Cartographica. Two describe the settlement of Ixcatlán, in an area that today is the province of Oaxaca. The other five are of towns in the Temascaltepec region, where the Spanish opened silver mines, not far from Mexico City. It's not known for sure who made these maps, though scholars think a chief magistrate, responsible for the survey, may have been responsible for the first two, and that a traveling Spanish scribe may have drawn the other five.

The Ixcatlán maps adopted a technique popular in printed maps, in which a black-and-white, inked map is later colored with paint. All of them use a hatching technique to create depth that is distinctive of etched, printed maps. The maps also repeat the same symbols to signify small towns, larger settlements, trees, and other features, another technique that would have been common on printed maps. Barbara Mundy, a scholar who previously analyzed a subset of these maps, wrote that they resemble landscape prints more than maps. The Temascaltepec maps go even further toward imitating printed products—they are bound together like a book.

The map of Texcaltitlán, with an oversized deer and tiny figures of indigenous people, is trying to do more than document practical geography. The figures are as much artistic flourishes as pieces of important information. They’re meant to create depth and possibly to “enliven the middle distance and foreground,” Morato-Moreno writes. In the bottom left corner of the map, the artist has added Mexico City. If the map were drawn to scale, or with an eye towards geographic accuracy (as some of the maps were), Mexico City would never have been included. But the poetic and political aims of the mapmaker extended beyond navigation. The map tries to show the importance of Texcaltitlán by emphasizing its economic connection with the most important city in this part of the world, from Spain’s perspective, at least.


The map of Tuzantla is notable for a different reason. It communicates economic information through the images of leafy trees: Bananas were an important resources in the area. The river that flows through the map has unusual details, too. The water flows with eddies and squiggles. This way of representing water wasn’t a convention of European printed maps, but rather of indigenous cartography.

“These indigenous conventions in coexistence with European cartographic practices suggest an effort at accommodation between the two cartographic modes,” writes Morato-Moreno. “The authors of these maps may have unconsciously mixed European and native conventions.”

These striking maps are a product of a specific time and place, in which old and new influences, technologies, and techniques muddled together into unique representations of geography. Funnily enough, as Morato-Moreno points out, the first printed maps tried to imitate hand-drawn maps. These 16th century maps flipped this influence, drawing on the conventions of European printed maps and indigenous methods of representing geography. “They are a hybrid product,” says Morato-Moreno. There’s been nothing exactly like them before or since.

          : Warm, fine east - Showers in west, 10 Out - 05:43      Cache   Translate Page      

Showers in western Europe, warm and dry to the east Wednesday A few showers over southern coasts of Spain and Portugal with rain into northwest Spain. Fair for most of Spain with lots of sunshine. Showery bursts of rain in the balearics. Unsettled with rain in Sardinia and Corsica. Italy will have a mix of sunshine and showers. fair for Greece with plenty of sunshine. Some showers affecting the south of Turkey. Rain and some cloud in France, heavy in the west. The Low Countries and Germany should be dry with good spells of sunshine. Staying fine in Austria and Hungary with more sunshine. Scattered showers over the southern Alps. Fine weather and breezy conditions for Denmark. Plenty of sunshine for the Baltic States and Finland. A fine day in Sweden with more sunshine. Scattered showers in northern Norway but good spells of sunshine in the south.

Thursday Soe cloud in southern parts of Spain but rain and cloud to the north. Some showers in the central mediterranean Islands and these affecting northern Italy too. Southern Italy should be dry with sunny spells. Greece will be fair with more sunshine to come here. Turkey will have heavy showers and thunderstorms. Rain afecting central and western parts of France while the east is likely to be dry. The Low Countries and Germany as well as Poland will be dry with lots of sunshine. Austria and Hungary should be dry and sunny although some rain in parts of southern Switzerland. Breezy with sunshine and warm weather in Denmark. More sunshine to come over the Baltic States and Finland and staying warm. More warm weather in Sweden with Norway also being dry and breezy as well as warm.

          Taller 'Lienzo estratégico para tu negocio' - Murcia Empresa      Cache   Translate Page      
Enfrentarse a un problema en la empresa siempre es un reto difícil, es como enfrentarse a un lienzo en blanco. Pero si lo dividimos, analizamos sus partes individualmente y luego vemos cómo se relacionan entre sí, todo comienza a tener sentido y la respuesta puede estar delante de nuestros ojos muy rápidamente. El proceso es el mismo que cuando nos enfrentamos a nuestro modelo de negocio, proyecto emprendedor o empresa mediante el lienzo estratégico o "canvas". AJE Región de Murcia te va a ayudar a analizar tu proyecto o idea de negocio con el modelo de "Lienzo Estratégico" o "Canvas Model" adaptado a tu problema. Ven a este nuevo taller y comprueba de forma práctica cómo se puede mejorar tu gestión y toma de decisiones. Si aún no has comenzado tu proyecto, este también es tu taller, pues aprenderás qué tener en cuenta a la hora de desarrollarlo. Además será totalmente práctico y dinámico, compartiendo nuestras experiencias y dudas. DIRIGIDO A: Emprendedores menores de 35 años. PONENTES: Javier Fernández Gallardo, Tras formarse en ICADE E-4 y trabajar en BCG, Apax, ABN Amro e Inforges entre otros, dirige iCoach, consultora de transformación digital, organización y estrategia. Profesor de estrategia en programas MBA de la UCAM en español e inglés entre otros programas. Es formador y mentor de emprendedores en AJE. Es inversor activo y mentor de emprendedores en SpainStartupFactory y Wannaseed. FECHA: 17 OCTUBRE HORARIO: 16:30 A 19:30H. LUGAR: Centro de Iniciativas Municipales Murcia - CIMM. Carretera de Churra nº 96.3007. Información e Inscripciones:
          One Checklist That You Should Keep In Mind Before Attending Medium Painting | medium painting      Cache   Translate Page      

artpaintingg posted a photo:

One Checklist That You Should Keep In Mind Before Attending Medium Painting | medium painting

via WordPress

Courtesy of Sotheby’s

De Mayerne Medium in America | Marc Dalessio – medium painting | medium painting

Girl With Balloon awash for 1.04 actor afore it started shredding during a Sotheby’s bargain on Oct. 5.

The bargain and self-shredding of Banksy’s Girl With Balloon over the weekend both abashed assemblage in the allowance and larboard countless questions about the abstruse artist’s stunt.

The 2006 painting by the famed, ambiguous British artery artisan and activist was the aftermost allotment of artwork auctioned at Sotheby’s abreast art bargain in London on Oct. 5. The behest went on as it commonly does. Two bidders aggressive by buzz pushed the bang price, including commission, to £1.04 actor (US$1.4 million). Moments later, the painting started self-destructing to the shock of a roomful of auction-goers.

Soon afterwards the auction, Banksy claimed the shredding was his own achievement in a video acquaint on his Instagram account.

“A few years ago I secretly congenital a shredder into a painting in case it was anytime put up for auction,” he says in the video. The column was captioned with a Picasso quote: “The appetite to abort is additionally a artistic urge.”

“It was an amazing stunt, thought-provoking, but legal,” says John Brandler, client of London-based Brandler Galleries, which sells some of Banksy’s works and prints.

Mixed Media Painting With Winter Trees Stock Illustration … – medium painting | medium painting

According to Brandler, Banksy’s cachet as an artisan and the amount of his works, including Girl With Balloon, will absolutely acceleration as a aftereffect of this, and the absorption the ambush got.

“The achievement will accomplish him a absolutely all-embracing artist, whose top almanac will go from US$1 million, to US$5 actor to US$10 million,” he says, abacus that the amount of Girl With Balloon itself could go up to US$5 actor to US$7 million.

“We had abounding bodies to appear bottomward to my arcade to attending at Banksy in the accomplished brace of days. They never looked at Banksy before, now they appetite to advance in Banksy,” Brandler says.

However, Todd Levin, administrator of New York-based Levin Art Group, disagrees.

“It was a archetypal Banksy shtick, anon agreeable and conspicuously forgettable,” says Levin, “Like bistro a baby allotment of candy, it tastes adorable for a moment, again disappears and is gone.”

“In the abbreviate term, conceivably this disconnected painting is adorable to a assertive blazon of trendy, chic collector,” he says. “Five years from now, it’s absolutely not a acute art actual moment. This painting will not be of above artful accent in the average to continued term.”

Modern Italian Landscape Trees Paintings Triptych Abstract … – medium painting | medium painting

“You could altercate that the assignment is now added valuable,” Alex Branczik, arch of abreast art of Sotheby’s Europe, said in an email statement. “It’s absolutely the aboriginal assignment to be spontaneously disconnected as an bargain ends.”

While the approaching amount of the painting is still up in the air, with bisected of it shredded, a added apropos catechism is whether the bargain of Girl With Balloon will absolutely go through.

Levin believes there are two possibilities. One altercation is that the painting is damaged and destroyed, so the bargain can be canceled. But the client can artlessly go advanced with the purchase, not because its amount ability increase, but because the shredding ability be accepted as the final accompaniment of the work.

Sotheby’s says it is in discussions with the client about abutting steps. “We accept talked with the acknowledged client who was afraid by the story,” Branczik says.

Did Sotheby’s accept above-mentioned ability about the shredding? Experts say it ability have.

It is not archetypal for a painting with a presale appraisal of amid £200,000 and £300,000 to be installed in a acutely arresting and axial position and accent as the aftermost allotment to be auctioned, Levin says.

# 1469 ” The Pet Store(Beastie Party)” – medium painting | medium painting

“From the actuality that it was installed at a axial pride of abode in the bargain allowance with all eyes on it, back compared to added expensive, and added historically important pieces in the black sale, I feel this was an organized prearranged action, a accessible affected achievement primarily to accumulate columnist and promotion,” Levin says.

In a statement, Sotheby’s denied it had any above-mentioned ability of this accident and that it was in any way involved.

“You apperceive what, I’ll be absolutely honest. We accept not accomplished this bearings the past…where a painting spontaneously shredded, aloft accomplishing a almanac for the artist. We are busily addition out what this agency in an bargain context,” Branczik says.

It was aloof “a ablaze Banksy moment,” adds Oliver Barker, administrator of Sotheby’s Europe who led the abreast art bargain on Oct. 5.

Banksy’s spokesperson, Joanna Brooks, couldn’t be anon accomplished for comment.

Banksy, whose character charcoal a secret, is accepted for application a signature graffiti arrangement appearance to actualize art with anti-establishment, anti-war, and anti-capitalist overtones.

Art Therapy Therapeutic Discipline Visual – medium painting | medium painting

In 2005, he afraid one of his “modified canvases,” assuming a 19th-century woman cutting a 20th-century gas mask, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for two hours. In 2006, he larboard an inflatable baby dressed as a Guantánamo Bay captive in Disneyland.

One Checklist That You Should Keep In Mind Before Attending Medium Painting | medium painting – medium painting
| Welcome to help the blog, in this occasion We’ll show you concerning keyword. And now, this is actually the 1st impression:

Trending in the Art World | Beasley & Henley Interior Design – medium painting | medium painting

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Lonely Ship – Original Oil Painting Modern Landscape Medium Size … – medium painting | medium painting

Burden Mixed media painting by Thespoena McLaughlin … – medium painting | medium painting

Paintings and Illustrations by the artist Araceli Requena, Spain … – medium painting | medium painting

DecoArt – Paint Pouring Medium – medium painting | medium painting

Art Pourings: Fluid Acrylic Pouring with Liquitex Pouring Medium … – medium painting | medium painting

Italian Wax Painting Medium Old Masters Maroger Titian Painting … – medium painting | medium painting

Virginia Heffernan – The Medium – Television – Internet … – medium painting | medium painting

pouring medium – medium painting | medium painting

Mona Lisa – Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – Liberty Puzzles – Made … – medium painting | medium painting

Oil Painting Mediums Explained – medium painting | medium painting

powertex mixed media painting starter kit – medium painting | medium painting

Pouring a Painting using Liquitex Pouring Medium w/ Sarah Fezio … – medium painting | medium painting

“I imagine” – medium painting | medium painting

Learn Oil Painting – The Best First Medium To Teach You the … – medium painting | medium painting

Flemish Maroger Painting Medium – Old Masters Maroger – medium painting | medium painting

Flemish Maroger Painting Medium – Old Masters Maroger – medium painting | medium painting

Pebeo Mixed Media | Art For Everyone – Pullingers Blog – medium painting | medium painting

Art Therapy Therapeutic Discipline Visual – medium painting | medium painting

mixed media painting | Creating Mixed Media Art – medium painting | medium painting

Sandra Chevrier's Mixed Media Art – medium painting | medium painting

Cold Wax Painting with Gamblin Cold Wax Medium – medium painting | medium painting

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          Dortmund’s Paco Alcacer ready to be Spain’s ace in the hole      Cache   Translate Page      
Paco Alcacer has been in blistering form after making the 'right step' in joining Borussia Dortmund on loan. Europe’s deadliest striker now wants to hit the heights on the international circuit.
          Apartment - Punta Prima - € 69950      Cache   Translate Page      
#Punta Prima Punta Prima 1 bed apartment for sale priced at just 69.950 euros on the 2nd floor facing west with pool views.. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, good size bright living area, fitted open plan kitchen, west ...
          Penthouse - Punta Prima - € 115000      Cache   Translate Page      
#Punta Prima Punta Prima 2 bed top floor apartment for sale with rooftop solarium overlooking the communal pool.. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with ensuite to the master bedroom, spacious lounge dining area, indep...
          Urban land For sell in Alhaurin El Grande in Málaga      Cache   Translate Page      
Plots in luxury residential in the Guadalhorce Valley from 154000 euros Plots in luxury residential in the Guadalhorce Valley from 154000 euros. Ref. HS000111 HARMONY SPAIN REAL ESTATE There are several plots available to build wonderful luxury...
Mon, 08 Oct 2018 18:00:52 +0200
          776141 - Country Home For sale in Alhaurín el Grande, Málaga, Spain      Cache   Translate Page      

This beautiful country house sits in a very private location with views to the surrounding mountains and countryside yet is less than a 10 minute drive
          Septima Winery      Cache   Translate Page      

Design: ASTOR Branding
Directors: Federico Poscek, Matías Frade
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bodega Septima
Location: Argentina
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Offset

The Badge of Bodega Septima
Bodega Septima, is the seventh addition of the Codorníu Raventós group (Founded in 1551, it is the oldest active winery in Spain), it is located in Mendoza, Argentina, next to the eastern mountain range of the Andes.

In ASTOR Branding we work on the redesign of this prestigious winery to reinforce its values, its “Passion and respect for the land” and to update it based on an identity more connected to the earth and its origins, both in the old European world and in the new American world.

Read more

          Welsh Environmental Scheme, Waste-free farming, Seafood exports      Cache   Translate Page      
A major environmental project has been launched in Wales, after securing £3.4m in funding from a charity. The Summit to Sea scheme will create a corridor of 10,000 hectares across Wales, and the land will primarily be managed with the environment in mind. The project is backed by Rewilding Britain and the Woodland Trust. Anna finds out what farmers think of it, after first hearing how it will work from one of the people behind the scheme. Yesterday we heard how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is encouraging farmers to take action now to farm in a more sustainable way. Anna visits one family in Norfolk which has been working for decades to achieve a sustainable and waste-free farm. This week we're exploring how UK trade with the rest of the world could fare after Brexit. Seafood caught off the coast of Wales is regularly exported to France and Spain, could new markets be found if there is a so-called hard Brexit without a deal with Europe? Presented by Anna Hill Produced by Alun Beach.
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Try here:


          5 dead in torrential flooding in Spain’s Mallorca island      Cache   Translate Page      

MADRID (AP) — At least five people were confirmed dead and five more remained missing on Wednesday after torrential rainstorms caused flash flooding on the Spanish island of Mallorca, authorities said. Two of the victims were British nationals, said Antonia Bauza, the deputy mayor of Sant Llorenc, the town hardest hit by the downpours, which […]
          Piso en alquiler en MADRID, , 825 euros y 3 dormitorios      Cache   Translate Page      
3 habitaciones 1 baño 85 m² 9 EUR/m² parquet cocina terraza aire acondicionado reformado calefacción aparcamiento ducha
Wed, 10 Oct 2018 11:21:20 +0200
          Jadon Sancho: England new boy speaks out on shock call-up by Gareth Southgate      Cache   Translate Page      

JADON SANCHO insists he won't be fazed if England boss Gareth Southgate throws him in at the deep end against Croatia or Spain.
          10/10/2018: ENTERTAINMENT: 'Great lady of opera’ mourned      Cache   Translate Page      

BARCELONA, Spain — Spain and the opera world are in mourning at the news that Montserrat Caballé, a Spanish opera singer renowned for her bel canto technique and her interpretations of the roles of Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti, has died. She was...
          Europe Forecast: Warm, fine east - Showers in west, Oct 10 - 10:13      Cache   Translate Page      

Showers in western Europe, warm and dry to the east Wednesday A few showers over southern coasts of Spain and Portugal with rain into northwest Spain. Fair for most of Spain with lots of sunshine. Showery bursts of rain in the balearics. Unsettled with rain in Sardinia and Corsica. Italy will have a mix of sunshine and showers. fair for Greece with plenty of sunshine. Some showers affecting the south of Turkey. Rain and some cloud in France, heavy in the west. The Low Countries and Germany should be dry with good spells of sunshine. Staying fine in Austria and Hungary with more sunshine. Scattered showers over the southern Alps. Fine weather and breezy conditions for Denmark. Plenty of sunshine for the Baltic States and Finland. A fine day in Sweden with more sunshine. Scattered showers in northern Norway but good spells of sunshine in the south.

Thursday Soe cloud in southern parts of Spain but rain and cloud to the north. Some showers in the central mediterranean Islands and these affecting northern Italy too. Southern Italy should be dry with sunny spells. Greece will be fair with more sunshine to come here. Turkey will have heavy showers and thunderstorms. Rain afecting central and western parts of France while the east is likely to be dry. The Low Countries and Germany as well as Poland will be dry with lots of sunshine. Austria and Hungary should be dry and sunny although some rain in parts of southern Switzerland. Breezy with sunshine and warm weather in Denmark. More sunshine to come over the Baltic States and Finland and staying warm. More warm weather in Sweden with Norway also being dry and breezy as well as warm.

          Frontotemporal Dementia Caused by the P301L Mutation in the MAPT Gene: Clinicopathological Features of 13 Cases from the Same Geographical Origin in Barcelona, Spain.      Cache   Translate Page      
Icon for S. Karger AG, Basel, Switzerland Related Articles

Frontotemporal Dementia Caused by the P301L Mutation in the MAPT Gene: Clinicopathological Features of 13 Cases from the Same Geographical Origin in Barcelona, Spain.

Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord. 2017;44(3-4):213-221

Authors: Borrego-Écija S, Morgado J, Palencia-Madrid L, Grau-Rivera O, Reñé R, Hernández I, Almenar C, Balasa M, Antonell A, Molinuevo JL, Lladó A, Martínez de Pancorbo M, Gelpi E, Sánchez-Valle R

BACKGROUND/AIMS: We identified and studied 13 patients carrying the P301L mutation in the MAPT gene from the same area (Baix Llobregat County) in Barcelona, Spain.
METHODS: The demographic and clinical features were reviewed retrospectively. Detailed neuropathological characterization was obtained in 9 subjects. To investigate the origin of the P301L mutation in these families, 20 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the MAPT gene were analyzed.
RESULTS: The mean age at disease onset was 51 years and the mean disease duration was 7 years. The most common initial symptoms were behavioral changes (54%), followed by language disturbances (31%) and memory loss (15%). 46% developed parkinsonism. Neuropathology showed an extensive neuronal and glial 4-repeat (4R) tauopathy with "mini-Pick"-like bodies in the dentate gyrus as the characteristic underlying pathology in all cases. In 1 subject, additional 4R globular glial inclusions were observed. All the mutation carriers showed the same haplotype for the SNPs analyzed, suggesting a common ancestor.
CONCLUSION: These findings suggest a relative homogeneous clinicopathological phenotype in P301L MAPT mutation carriers in our series. This phenotype might help in the differential diagnosis from other tauopathies and be a morphological hint for genetic testing. The haplotype analysis results suggest a founder effect of the P301L mutation in this area.

PMID: 28934750 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

          IKEA montre que le luxe ne peut lui échapper      Cache   Translate Page      
Après le retour de la fameuse lampe, la marque suédoise revient plus taquine que jamais. Dans cette nouvelle série de trois épisodes, IKEA n’hésite pas à se tourner en autodérision pour la promotion de ses produits. Le monde du luxe … Continuer la lecture
          Diez consejos útiles sobre seguridad online en el Mes de la Concienciación en Ciberseguridad      Cache   Translate Page      

Diez consejos para el Mes de la Concienciación en Ciberseguridad

Para el Mes de la Concienciación sobre la Ciberseguridad, compartimos unos consejos para fomentar una mayor seguridad para los usuarios de ordenadores.

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          Fluid and free-scoring – A closer look at Luis Enrique’s Spain      Cache   Translate Page      
Luis Enrique’s side play England in the Nations League on Monday.
          Offer - Lottery money jackpot ((How to join the illuminati society drmamasuzzan +27782842465 - FINLAND      Cache   Translate Page      
          Real Madrid defender Carvajal wants to play in England      Cache   Translate Page      
Madrid, Oct 10: Real Madrid’s Spain international full back Dani Carvajal has said that he would one day like to play in England. Speaking in the magazine ‘Libero’, Carvajal, who is currently out with a muscle
          The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Lost Songs of Fake Unicorns      Cache   Translate Page      

Russen Disko. The Freak Fandango Orchestra is a multi-ethnic band from Barcelona (Spain). The band exists since 2006 and is performing live since 2007. Their music is an explosive mixture of folk, polka, gypsy music from the Balkans and punk-rock. Lost Songs of Fake Unicorns is probably their last album, so you should dance as long as you can. Download ... Read More

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          Lesson #093, Wednesday      Cache   Translate Page      

Inghilterra = England

Germania = Germany

Francia = France

Spagna = Spain

Svizzera = Switzerland

Irlanda = Ireland

Stati Uniti = United States

legno = wood

plastica = plastic

oro = gold

argento = silver

vetro = glass

amore = love

pace = peace

coraggio = courage

bottiglia = bottle

scatola = box

ombrello = umbrella

appartamento = apartment

palazzo = apartment building

          17 interesting facts about Catalonia      Cache   Translate Page      

We share the most interesting facts about Catalonia we learnt during our recent trip to the Catalan Pyrenees.

Located in Spain's far northeast corner, Catalonia is bordered by the Pyrenean mountains from southern France and Andorra. Catalonia is both an autonomous community within Spain and a historic principality that once extended into France.

Much has been reported of Catalonia's politics: the region's failed attempt to break away from Spain in October 2017 and its ongoing bid for independence. We could write an entire piece on political facts about Catalonia alone. However, the news reports do the region an injustice – there is so much more to Catalonia than protest and politics.

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          The cosmological lithium problem      Cache   Translate Page      
The cosmological lithium problem#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000 Seville, Spain (SPX) Oct 10, 2018

The international collaboration n_TOF, in which a group of University of Seville researchers participated, has made use of the unique capacities of three of the world's nuclear facilities, such as PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute, Suiza), ISOLDE (ISotope On-Line ... Reported by Space Daily 9 hours ago.
          Real Madrid 'block Marcos Llorente loan exit'      Cache   Translate Page      
Real Madrid reportedly reject a loan approach from Valencia for Spain Under-21 international Marcos Llorente.
          Fluid and free-scoring – A closer look at Luis Enrique’s Spain      Cache   Translate Page      
Luis Enrique’s side play England in the Nations League on Monday.
          La Liga Team of the Week – Week 14      Cache   Translate Page      
Sports Mole picks its latest La Liga Team of the Week following another pulsating round of action in Spain's top flight.
          Heavy rains, floods kill at least six on Spain's Mallorca      Cache   Translate Page      
At least six people including two Britons were killed as heavy rain and flash floods hit the Spanish island of Mallorca late on Tuesday, authorities said.

          10/10/2018: YOU: ‘GREAT LADY OF OPERA’      Cache   Translate Page      

Spain and the opera world are in mourning at the news that Montserrat Caballé, a Spanish opera singer renowned for her bel canto technique and her interpretations of the roles of Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti, has died. She was 85. Caballé died early...
          Five dead in Majorca flash floods as torrent invades homes and sweeps cars out to sea      Cache   Translate Page      
Costa del Sol and Barcelona also remain on high alert as horrendous storms continue to batter Spain.
          Joe Allen believes the time is right as Wales make return to Principality Stadium      Cache   Translate Page      
Joe Allen feels Welsh football is in the right place to return to the Principality Stadium. Wales return to the 74,500-capacity rugby ground on Thursday for an international friendly against Spain.
          Upturned Cars and Debris Line Road After Majorca Flooding      Cache   Translate Page      
Officials in Spain said at least five people were killed in Majorca, including at least two British nationals, after heavy rain caused flash flooding on October 9 and 10.These videos, shared by Twitter user @C0L1N92, show the aftermath of the flooding on the road to the island’s airport. ...
          Allen backs Principality return      Cache   Translate Page      
Joe Allen feels the time is right for Wales to return to the Principality Stadium. They face Spain there on Thursday, live on Sky Sports.
          Liverpool senior man was number one target for Euro giants last summer - Report      Cache   Translate Page      
Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was Real Madrid&#8217;s first choice to replace manager Zinedine Zidane this summer, according to Spanish outlet Mundo Deportivo. The newspaper claims that despite reports linking the Champions League holders with Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino, the Anfield incumbent was actually their number one target. The job was eventually given to then-Spain chief Julien Lopetegui, after Madrid discovered that Klopp could not be prised away from Merseyside. Lopetegui has since come under intense pressure at the Santiago Bernabeu after the team&#8217;s poor start to the seas...

          Nations League: England new boys look serious in training ahead of Croatia and Spain game      Cache   Translate Page      
NATIONS LEAGUE: England are gearing up for a crunch double header against Croatia and Spain....

          October 10, 732: Battle of Tours      Cache   Translate Page      
    “A victorious line of march had been prolonged above a thousand miles from the rock of Gibraltar in Spain to the banks of the Loire in France; the repetition of an equal space would have carried the Saracens… Continue Reading

          Fluid and free-scoring – A closer look at Luis Enrique’s Spain      Cache   Translate Page      
Luis Enrique’s side play England in the Nations League on Monday.
          Comment on Mr Fixit’s Top Tips: Ukraine can pain Mancini by kelly.d      Cache   Translate Page      
€50 spain u19 game over 2.5 fhg returns €91.66
          House-Villa For sell in Alhaurin El Grande in Málaga      Cache   Translate Page