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          Views of War and Revolution in Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
Throughout history, artists have portrayed the military events of their times. We think of images of Napoleon’s victories, the hell of the Western Front, and an aerial bombardment of a small Basque town during the Spanish Civil War. The majority of these pictures were painted with conviction and motivation, albeit for different reasons. One can …

          Ben Affleck Ends Fling with Shauna Sexton to Focus on His 'Sobriety and Family,' Source Says (Ale Russian/      Cache   Translate Page      

Ale Russian /
Ben Affleck Ends Fling with Shauna Sexton to Focus on His ‘Sobriety and Family,’ Source Says  —  Ben Affleck and Shauna Sexton are no longer seeing each other, PEOPLE has learned.  —  “There was nothing to split from as it has been casual,” a friend of Affleck's tells PEOPLE.

          Most heavy arms pulled out of planned Syria buffer zone      Cache   Translate Page      

Most heavy arms pulled out of planned Syria buffer zoneJihadists and Turkish-backed rebels in Syria's last major opposition stronghold have withdrawn heavy weapons from nearly all of a planned buffer zone, a monitor said Tuesday, a day ahead of deadline. The pullback is the first major test of a deal brokered by government ally Russia and Turkey last month to avoid what the United Nations warned would be the appalling humanitarian consequences of a major government offensive. Analysts had expected Ankara to have a difficult time enforcing the September 17 deal but by Tuesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the heavy weapons pullout was nearly complete.

          Poisoning suspect honored by Putin in 2014 after Ukraine stint, U.K. group says      Cache   Translate Page      
One of the two suspects in the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy in England is a medical doctor in Russian military intelligence who was honored ...
           Mondiali, domani l'Italia sfida la Russia. Pietrini: «Ora arriva il difficile»       Cache   Translate Page      
«Adesso arrivano due sfide molto difficili contro Russia e Stati Uniti. Abbiamo già affrontato le russe in stagione e sappiamo che sono una squadra forte. Dovremo giocare al massimo...
          Fresno's Banksy      Cache   Translate Page      

          Toy of the Day: You Can Now Buy an Action Figure of Vladimir Putin Riding a Bear      Cache   Translate Page      
Meanwhile in Russia… you can now own an action figure of your favorite Russian president Vladimir Putin, shirtless and riding a bear. Finally! Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty correspondent Robert Coalson tweeted the strange image this weekend. “For sale at the Ismailovo market in Moscow,” he wrote. You can also purchase the polyresin figure at this website, and it […]

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          10/10/2018: Companies & Economy: Indian Cos Eye Rouble Pay for Russian Imports      Cache   Translate Page      
New Delhi: Indian businesses are working out alternative payment mechanisms for trade with Russia, including payment in roubles via foreign branches of Russian banks, to get around the US-imposed sanctions on that country. This follows a successful...
          Anna      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Anna, 36 y.o. , Russia

          Russia's Whole Economy Is Based On Worst-Case Scenarios      Cache   Translate Page      
More sanctions? Collapsing oil prices? Russia's ready for it.
          Up My Russian Ass 5 (2018/WEBRip/SD)      Cache   Translate Page      

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           Driver escapes being run over by his own car as a huge transporter lorry reverses into it       Cache   Translate Page      
Shocking footage has captured the moment a 53-year-old driver in Russia is dragged under his own car after a heavy-goods vehicle accidentally reverses into it.
          Khabib Nurmagomedov faces a 'severe' punishment      Cache   Translate Page      

The expectation among some prominent combat sports regulators familiar with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s leap from the UFC octagon Saturday night after defeating Conor McGregor is that the Russian lightweight champion will face a “severe” punishment.

From preliminary assessments in reviewing television...

          Dogs vs Cats      Cache   Translate Page      

via Miss Cellania Related Laughing Squid PostsA Dog Giving a Cat a Ride on a ScooterSalvador Singing Cat, A Strange Russian Music VideoDogs vs. Cats

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          NASA Television to Air Launch of NASA Astronaut on First Space Mission      Cache   Translate Page      

Astronaut  Nick Hague, who joined NASA's astronaut corps in 2013, is preparing to launch Thursday, Oct. 11, on his first space mission – a six-month stay on the  International Space Station. The launch and arrival at the space station will air on NASA Television and the agency's  website. Hague and Alexey Ovchinin of the Russian space agency Roscosmos will launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 4:40 a.m. EDT (2:40 p.m. Kazakhstan time) on a four-orbit, six-hour journey to do...

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          #photo - apt_nupat      Cache   Translate Page      
Лебедь и ласточка😊🚂🚄 #ласточка #паровоз #поезд #train #trains #railway #station #steam #retro #locomotive #Москва #Мск #Moscow #Russia #photographer #photography #photo #picture #picsart #instaphoto #instapicture #instapic #instapramer #instagood #likeforlikes #l4l #like4likes
          Anti-Manspreading Video A Russian Hoax?      Cache   Translate Page      
No description
          Two Russian carriers involved in ground collision      Cache   Translate Page      
A Ural Airlines Airbus A321 and Pegas Fly Boeing 767-300 were involved in a ground contact incident at Zhukovsky International Airport near Moscow on Oct. 7, Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecution Service said in a statement Oct. 8. The collision happened as the two aircraft were taxiing after landing. Pegas Fly’s 266 passengers and 14 crew were not injured. The Ural Airlines A321 suffered damages, the prosecution service added. Authorities have begun an investigation.
          Moscow, Damascus Discuss Restoration of Syria's Energy Sector - Russian Minister      Cache   Translate Page      
MILAN (Sputnik) - Russian and Syrian officials have discussed on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week forum the prospects of restoring the energy sector in Syria, including the modernization of four thermal power stations and the reconstruction of the country's gas transportation system, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on Tuesday.
          Reports Alleging Moscow's Military Plans in Libya Unfounded - Contact Group      Cache   Translate Page      
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The UK media reports about Russia’s alleged plans to establish a stronghold against the West in Libya represent misinterpretation of Moscow's policy in the country, which only aims to restore economic ties with Tripoli, Lev Dengov, the head of the Russian Contact Group for intra-Libyan settlement, told Sputnik on Tuesday.
          Nord Stream 2 to Be Built Even Under Potential US Sanctions - Russian Minister      Cache   Translate Page      
MILAN (Sputnik) - The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will be built even if the United States decides to impose sanctions against companies participating in the project, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on Tuesday.
          Saudi Prince and Trump Adviser Uncover 'Putin's Dark Secret'      Cache   Translate Page      
In a striking coincidence, both Saudi Prince Mohammad Al Saud and US presidential adviser on economics Larry Kudlow made statements mere days apart forecasting the dire prospects of the Russian economy in general and the prospects for Russia as an energy superpower in particular.
          Russia Isn't Turning Libya Into the 'New Syria' But It Wouldn't Hurt if It Tried      Cache   Translate Page      
The UK Sun published a scandalous report alleging that Russia is trying to turn Libya into a “new Syria”, but objectively speaking and overlooking the unverified claims made in the piece, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Moscow tried.
          Dogs vs Cats      Cache   Translate Page      

via Miss Cellania Related Laughing Squid PostsA Dog Giving a Cat a Ride on a ScooterSalvador Singing Cat, A Strange Russian Music VideoDogs vs. Cats

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          Two Russian Footballers Reportedly Detained for Questioning Over Assault Charges      Cache   Translate Page      
This is not the first time that the two Russian athletes find themselves at the epicenter of a scandal, but it's the first one threatening them with legal charges.
          ‘British Police Have Not Confirmed Bellingcat’s Investigations’ – Researcher      Cache   Translate Page      
UK-based investigative group Bellingcat has identified Alexander Petrov, suspected of poisoning the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, as a Russian military doctor named Alexander Mishkin. The report claims that Alexander Petrov is an undercover alias for an officer of a Russian security agency.
          Moscow Doesn't Plan to Create Stronghold in Libya - Russian Embassy in UK      Cache   Translate Page      
LONDON (Sputnik) - The Russian Embassy in London on Tuesday refuted reports claiming that Moscow was allegedly plotting to get control over European immigration routes in Libya and establish a stronghold against the West.
          China to Sell Armed Drones to Pakistan to Take on India's S-400 - Analyst      Cache   Translate Page      
Pakistan is acquiring 48 Chinese armed drones along with a transfer of technology. The drones are considered a critical weapon against the Russian S-400 missile defense systems that will soon become part of Indian Air Force. The deal also ensures inter-operability between China’s People’s Liberation Army and Pakistan's military.
          Disappointed Daily Beast Bemoan Lack of Russian Interference in 2018 US Midterms      Cache   Translate Page      
All is not well at the headquarters of The Daily Beast - in an article published October 8, Contributing Editor Kevin Poulsen and National Security Correspondent Spencer Ackerman write despairingly of "an elephant in the room - or, more accurately, a bear that isn’t" in the run-up to the 2018 US elections.
           Comment on Last day to register by Catscatscats       Cache   Translate Page      
PM, more votes than any other presidential candidate in our history except for Obama in 2008. She even beat Obama's 2012 totals. Yeah, right, you Malignant Miasma of Malevolence, she doesn't get it because she was a "horrible candidate" who failed to see the power of corruption, hatred and fear. What Hillary didn't get is fair treatment from Russia, Comey, the FBI, the GOP. the SC (Citizen's United and gutting the VRA) and Sanders. She will always be a winner to me.
          Госдеп приветствовал готовность Ким Чен Ына допустить инспекторов в КНДР      Cache   Translate Page      
Официальный представитель Госдепартамента США Хезер Науэрт заявила, что в Вашингтоне рады тому, что северокорейский лидер Ким Чен Ын пригласил инспекторов для подтверждения факта ликвидации ядерного полигона Пхунгери. 
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          «Заключения под стражу ожидать не стоит»: какое наказание могут понести Кокорин и Мамаев после инцидентов с нападениями      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Футболисты Александр Кокорин и Павел Мамаев, подозреваемые в совершении двух нападений в Москве, скорее всего, избегут тюремного заключения. Такого мнения придерживается юрист Георгий Тер-Акопов. Он отметил, что, вероятно, спортсменам предъявят обвинения по статье «Хулиганство». При этом опрошенные RT специалисты также отметили, что не стоит ожидать примирения сторон. В свою очередь, адвокат одного из пострадавших заявил, что его клиент будет добиваться самого сурового наказания для футболистов.
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          Украина обратится за помощью к НАТО после взрывов на складах под Черниговом      Cache   Translate Page      
Президент Украины Пётр Порошенко заявил, что после взрывов на складах в Черниговской области он поручил Министерству обороны и МИД страны привлечь помощь НАТО в реформировании системы хранения боеприпасов.
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          Second suspect in Salisbury Skripal attack ‘was Hero of Russian Federation’      Cache   Translate Page      
Alexander Mishkin received the award personally from President Vladimir Putin, investigators claim.
          В США заявили об усилении урагана «Майкл» до третьей категории      Cache   Translate Page      
Ураган «Майкл», который движется в сторону американского штата Флорида через Мексиканский залив, усилился до третьей категории.
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          «Военная тайна на Украине отсутствует»: почему секретные материалы ВСУ оказываются на свалке      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Жители Николаева обнаружили на свалке служебную документацию Николаевского гарнизона военной прокуратуры Южного региона. Среди бумаг — данные о поставке топлива в воинские части Одесской области и о борьбе правоохранительных органов с коррупцией в формированиях Южного региона. Материалы из подструктур ВСУ пропадают уже не в первый раз. В марте этого года документы под грифом «секретно» исчезли из части в Виннице, а в апреле на свалке в Николаеве оказались личные данные военнослужащих. По мнению экспертов, подобные инциденты свидетельствуют о плачевном состоянии украинской армии, а также о попытках скрыть следы хищений в ВСУ.
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          В СК Белоруссии назвали причину задержания журналистов по делу БЕЛТА      Cache   Translate Page      
Белорусских журналистов задерживали в августе по делу о несанкционированном доступе к информации государственного агентства БЕЛТА, чтобы они не смогли уничтожить доказательства.
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          В Якутске закрыли аэропорт после инцидента с самолётом      Cache   Translate Page      
Аэропорт Якутска был закрыт после того, как пассажирский самолёт во время посадки выкатился за пределы взлётно-посадочной полосы. Об этом информирует ТАСС со ссылкой на пресс-службу ГУ МЧС по республике.
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          Фактор ограничений: как ситуация вокруг антииранских санкций может отразиться на нефтяных ценах      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Стоимость эталонной нефти марки Brent на торгах 9 октября преодолела отметку $84 за баррель после снижения накануне. Сырьё подорожало на фоне новостей о сокращении экспорта энергоресурсов из Ирана. Аналитики рынка подчёркивают, что сейчас ситуация вокруг исламской республики определяет направление движения котировок, поскольку до введения санкций США остаётся всё меньше времени. Впрочем, эксперты полагают, что у Вашингтона не получится свести поставки из ИРИ к нулю.
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          Пожар в рязанской Академии ФСИН ликвидирован      Cache   Translate Page      
Пожар в Академии Федеральной службы исполнения наказаний России в Рязани ликвидирован. Об этом сообщает ТАСС со ссылкой на представителя Единой дежурной диспетчерской службы по региону.
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          Уайт — Нурмагомедову: я обо всём расскажу твоему отцу      Cache   Translate Page      
Президент Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата (UFC) Дана Уайт отреагировал на слова российского бойца смешанного стиля и чемпиона организации в лёгком весе Хабиба Нурмагомедова о передаче ему чемпионского пояса после победы над ирландцем Конором Макгрегором в Лас-Вегасе.
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          Прядкин на 99% уверен, что Кокорин и Мамаев не смогут продолжить карьеру в клубах РПЛ      Cache   Translate Page      
Президент Российской премьер-лиги (РПЛ) Сергей Прядкин прокомментировал скандал с участием футболистов Александра Кокорина и Павла Мамаева.
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          Google представила новые гаджеты      Cache   Translate Page      
Американская корпорация Google представила новейшие смартфоны Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL и планшет Pixel Slate в Нью-Йорке.
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          В Калининградской области обсудили идею повышения возраста продажи алкоголя      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview В Общественной палате Калининградской области обсудили идею о повышении возраста продажи алкоголя, сообщает «Янтарный край» со ссылкой на пресс-службу регионального правительства.
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          Небензя назвал Хейли «харизматической личностью»      Cache   Translate Page      
Постоянный представитель России при ООН Василий Небензя прокомментировал сообщения о скорой отставке своей коллеги из США Никки Хейли.
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          Нурмагомедов — главе UFC: тебе повезло, что ты отдал мне чемпионский пояс      Cache   Translate Page      
Российский боец смешанного стиля, чемпион UFC в лёгком весе Хабиб Нурмагомедов рассказал, какие последствия ожидали бы главу организации Дану Уайта, если бы ему не отдали чемпионский пояс после победы над ирландцем Конором Макгрегором в Лас-Вегасе.
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          В Якутске у пассажирского самолёта при посадке сломалось шасси      Cache   Translate Page      
При посадке в аэропорту Якутска у пассажирского самолёта Sukhoi Superjet 100 авиакомпании «Якутия» сломалась стойка шасси, никто не пострадал.
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          Украинский футболист Воронин: не мог себе представить, что Кокорин способен такое сотворить      Cache   Translate Page      
Экс-нападающий московского «Динамо» и сборной Украины Андрей Воронин высказался о скандале с участием своего бывшего одноклубника Александра Кокорина и Павла Мамаева.
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          В Госдуме оценили возможную замену бумажных паспортов на электронные      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Депутат Госдумы от партии КПРФ Михаил Щапов в беседе с изданием «ПолитЭксперт» оценил возможную замену бумажных паспортов на электронные.
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          «Государство превратилось в рассадник терроризма»: как Запад пытается урегулировать ливийский кризис      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview В Совете Федерации раскритиковали публикацию британской газеты The Sun, в которой Россию обвинили в готовности начать военную операцию в Ливии. Сенаторы напомнили, что именно Великобритания и её союзники сыграли дестабилизирующую роль в арабской стране. После свержения Муаммара Каддафи Ливия фактически лишилась государственности: единое правительство отсутствует, а почти половину территории контролируют исламисты. По мнению экспертов, Запад не может справиться с ситуацией без участия России.
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          Трамп рассмотрит кандидатуру Дины Пауэлл на пост постпреда при ООН      Cache   Translate Page      
Президент США Дональд Трамп заявил, что рассмотрит кандидатуру Дины Пауэлл, бывшей сотрудницы Белого дома, на должность постпреда США при ООН в связи с отставкой Никки Хейли.
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          Пожар в Академии ФСИН в Рязани локализован      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview В Центральном региональном центре МЧС России заявили, что пожар в корпусе Академии Федеральной службы исполнения наказаний в Рязани локализован на площади 100 кв. м. Об этом сообщает РИА Новости.
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          #russiangirl - julietttaa      Cache   Translate Page      
Провожаю последние тёплые дни 🍁☀️ #polishgirl #russiangirl #autumn
          Трамп объявил чрезвычайное положение во Флориде       Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Президент США Дональд Трамп объявил режим чрезвычайного положения в штате Флорида из-за приближения тропического шторма «Майкл».
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          #russiangirl - tanitavena      Cache   Translate Page      
Отправила всех гостей домой. На улице дождь, серость и фу. Погода влияет на настроение с дикой силой. Грустно. Но в общем и целом многое сдвинулось с места от наших мамапосиделок🤫🤭 mihkaterina до кучи ещё тот мотиватор-не слова не сказала, приехала такая, и... я сама замотивировалась ))) посмотрим на меня спустя 1,5 мес, да?!))) самой интересно!) - Ну и, официально отказываюсь от сахара в любом виде, м?!?!🤤🤤🤤 огонь идея?!) ::: ::: ::: #мамасына #мамадочки #дваждымама #инста #инстамир #инстажизнь #цветнастроения #настроение #девушка #брюнетка #сновахудею #отказотсахара #girl #russiangirl #love #life #insta #instagram #instaworld #inst #i #me #mylife
          Сёмин заявил, что Кокорин и Мамаев предали свою профессию      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Главный тренер московского «Локомотива» Юрий Сёмин высказался о скандале с участием футболистов Александра Кокорина и Павла Мамаева.
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          #russiangirl - aydankayaa      Cache   Translate Page      
❤️ 👎🏻😛
          Постпред Швеции при ООН назвал отставку Хейли «громом среди ясного неба»      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Постоянный представитель Швеции при ООН Олоф Скуг назвал информацию об отставке своей коллеги из США Никки Хейли «громом среди ясного неба».
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          #russiangirl - katyshp      Cache   Translate Page      
Ma #habiba marocaine, trop belle et trop gentille ! C'est d'elle chante @scridge_officiel quand il parle de #samira. #russian #russiangirl #blonde #instablonde #blond #ootd #fashion #curvy #curves #model #modele #mannequin #videogirl #vixen #paris #birthday #party
          Стал известен состав сборной России по ММА на чемпионат Европы      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Пресс-служба Союза ММА России опубликовала состав национальной команды на чемпионат Европы по смешанным единоборствам в испанской Гвадалахаре.
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          #russiangirl - dinatochilina      Cache   Translate Page      
#instagood #instagram #instaselfie #vsco #vscocam #snapseed #like4like #likeforlike #follow4follow #followforfollow #followback #russiangirl #selfie #tbt #instalike #instadaily #mood #instamood #photo #photographer #photography #love
          Эксперт прокомментировал увеличение турпотока в Крым в 2018 году      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Политолог Иван Мезюхо в беседе с «Невскими новостями» прокомментировал рекордное увеличение в 2018 году числа туристов, выбравших для отдыха Крымский полуостров.
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          #russiangirl - rebeccaelliott481      Cache   Translate Page      
. 📨DМ МE❤ 👄❤FОR ÑÙDĘS👅💦 💑 #my #russiangirl #dude #all_shots #followforfollow #harrystyles #followforfollow #cashflow #illustrator #seasons #mascara #sporty
          В Москве намерены удлинить БКЛ на 57 км до конца 2021 года      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview В Москве намерены удлинить Большую кольцевую линию метро на 57 км до конца 2021 года, сообщает интернет-газета «Дни.ру».
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          #russiangirl - murzik_shine      Cache   Translate Page      
Я собираю звезды и держу их в своей ладони. Я хочу согреть их своим дыханием, чтобы они не были так холодны и одиноки. Это только кажется, что они молчаливы. На самом деле, если прислушаться, можно услышать их голоса. Они могут рассказать тебе о своих тайнах. Ты хотел увидеть падающую звезду и загадать желание. Я загадала за тебя вчера. Ведь я знаю все твои желания. Я буду дарить тебе по звездочке каждую нашу ночь. А одну обязательно оставлю себе. Я назову ее твоим именем, чтобы она навсегда осталась со мной. Все произошло так внезапно, в этот момент на небе наверное зажглась новая звезда. Это похоже на волшебство, на какую то тайну, которую даже разгадывать не хочется, чтобы ничего не нарушить. Я до сих пор ощущаю твой первый поцелуй на своих губах, твои прикосновения и незабываемые ласки, сопровождающимся чувством экстрима от окружающей нас обстановки. Это была чарующая ночь. Ночь начала нашей с тобой игры. Мне не хватает тебя. Мне не хватает тебя даже, когда ты рядом. Само твое присутствие в моей жизни делает меня невероятно счастливой. Ты сейчас так далеко от меня… и так близко. Я вижу твои глаза и слышу твой смех. Мне нравится, когда ты смеешься. Мне так хорошо с тобой. Я снова живу. Ты спас меня своим появлением в моей жизни, не дал сгореть, как сгорают тысячи звездочек в этой огромной Вселенной. Это невозможно описать. Слова всего лишь оболочка. Они мешают. Такое можно услышать только сердцем. Я уверена, ты это слышишь, ведь ты не такой, как все. Ты настоящий. И ты мой. Год. . #ялюблю #люблюнемогу #любовь #красотавкрасоте #владивосток #чувства #тымой #красота #тылучший #спасибочтоделаешьсчастливой #beautifulgirl #vladivostokgirl #followme #vladivostok #tripwithme #tripwithlove #followforfollow #красотаспасетмир #междунамикосмос #этомойрай #душа #russiangirl #wowbeautiful #русскаякрасавица #русскиедевушки #девочкитакиедевочки #такаялюбовь #девушкивладивостока #владивостоксити
          По следам слонов и единорогов: кто обитал в донских степях миллион лет назад      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Российские учёные подвели итоги 10-летних раскопок в отложениях древнего грязевого вулкана Синяя Балка на Таманском полуострове — важного палеонтологического и археологического памятника. Исследователям удалось обнаружить кости слонов и шерстяных носорогов — эласмотериев, обитавших в эпоху плейстоцена. Некоторые учёные считают, что эласмотерии могли послужить прообразом сказочных единорогов. Также археологи нашли каменные орудия труда, предположительно, созданные 1,2—1,4 млн лет назад. Именно в это время проходила миграция древних людей из Африки в Евразию. Исследователи полагают, что один из путей расселения наших предков по континенту пролегал по территории современного Краснодарского края.
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#selfie #blvck #iphoneonly #tagsforlikes #model #siguemeytesigo #czechgirl #l4l #likeforlike #recentforrecent #tagstagram #portuguesegirl #vsccam #eyebrows #followme #slovakgirl #vsco #tumblrgirl #italiangirl #tumblr #sfs #polishgirl #frenchgirl #gorgeous #germangirl #love #russiangirl #beautifulgirl #love4love
          Новак: «Северный поток — 2» будет реализован даже в случае наложения санкций      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Глава Минэнерго России Александр Новак заявил, что проект газопровода «Северный поток — 2» будет реализован даже в случае наложения санкций со стороны США.
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          #russiangirl - girl_goes_wild      Cache   Translate Page      
Flawless 🌺
          Полиция Лас-Вегаса вызовет Роналду на допрос по делу об изнасиловании      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Полиция Лас-Вегаса намерена вызвать на допрос португальского нападающего туринского «Ювентуса» Криштиану Роналду по делу об изнасиловании американки Кэтрин Майорги.
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#copenhagen #frenchgirl #polishgirl #venezuela #kingfisher #amesterdam #seagull #fish #parrot #redbrest #sparrow #russiangirl #newyork #poland #california #moldaviangirl #czechgirl #slovakgirls #девушка #buenosaires #munichgirl #deutschland #ドイツ #argentinagirl ##москва #portugal #beijing #bangkok #currency #luxembourg
          Глава WADA признался, что ему до сих пор приходится подробно объяснять причины восстановления РУСАДА      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Глава Всемирного антидопингового агентства (WADA) Крэйг Риди признался, что ему до сих пор приходится объяснять представителям различных организаций причины восстановления в правах Российского антидопингового агентства (РУСАДА).
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#bellydance #russiangirl #simplegirl #sexy #orientaldance #hotgirl #hotrussians #inthemirror #stripplastic
          Глава РПЦ заявил о притязаниях патриарха Варфоломея «на вселенскую власть»      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Патриарх Московский и всея Руси Кирилл заявил, что константинопольский патриарх Варфоломей превысил свои полномочия и «притязает на несвойственную православному архиерею вселенскую власть».
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“Take Off.” 🛬 #runway #flight #allblack
          #russiangirl - benjo.paterson      Cache   Translate Page      
Not quite the sort of architecture you’d expect in Poland, but then again this city was formerly Danzig. It’s lovely anyway #gdansk #gdańsk #danzig #baltic #bałtyk #balticsea #morze #sea #australian #australianman #polska #polski #poland #polish #summer #summertime #wanderlust #travel #fomo #yolo
          На пути к новой Джамахирии      Cache   Translate Page      
«На долгие годы Ливия превратилась в постапокалиптический мир, где правят вооружённые группировки и самопровозглашённые правительства. Испугавшись своего детища, европейцы решили забыть о проблеме: нет Ливии и не было. Но такое не забывается, и кровоточащая рана в Северной Африке нет-нет да и даёт о себе знать. Появились тревожные слухи, что изгнанное русскими из Сирии командование «Исламского государства»* решило попытать счастья именно там».
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          #russiangirl - zueczko      Cache   Translate Page      
Come over when you’re sober.
          Эксперт прокомментировал позицию Словакии по «Северному потоку — 2»      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Руководитель специальных проектов Фонда национальной энергетической безопасности Александр Перов в беседе с ФБА «Экономика сегодня» прокомментировал слова главы МИД Словакии Мирослава Лайчака о том, что для его страны важно, чтобы проект газопровода «Северный поток — 2» не ослабил энергобезопасность Европы.
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Ben oltre le idee di giusto e sbagliato c’è un campo. . Ti aspetto laggiù.
          #russiangirl -      Cache   Translate Page      
Can't wait to see it! Please @billiepiper tell us when will we be pleased to see your masterpiece?! 🙌💞 @rarebeastsmovie ❤
          «В сборной совсем другие эмоции»: национальная команда России готовится к матчу Лиги наций со Швецией      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Сборная России провела заключительную тренировку на подмосковной базе в Новогорске в преддверии матча Лиги наций с национальной командой Швеции. После занятия, в котором приняли участие все футболисты, за исключением вратаря Андрея Лунёва, команда вылетела в Калининград. Защитник Игорь Смольников рассказал о физической форме игроков, а полузащитники Алексей Миранчук и Руслан Камболов поделились мыслями о будущем сопернике.
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          Порошенко поблагодарил Хейли за поддержку Украины      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Президент Украины Пётр Порошенко поблагодарил постоянного представителя США при ООН Никки Хейли за поддержку Киева.
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#musical #türkiye #tutku #funny #istanbul #siirsokakta #kadiköy #russiangirl #summer #food #aci #hüzünn #kadın #musically #komedi #drama #club #can #anne #baba #bodrum #guzellik #kadınca #dance #ask #sevgi #kalp #para #huzur #merhamehay
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Приятный, домашний ужин в компании Вонголе#фото#модель#красота#фотомодель#топмодель#глянец#ресторан#устрицы#жемчуг#перламутр#ракушки#журнал#фотосессия#отдых#бизнес#ресторатор#photo#model#topmodel#russiangirl#photomodel#restoration#pearl#lux#millioner#fashion#money#cash#elle
          Отец Нурмагомедова заявил, что прощает Макгрегора      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Абдулманап Нурмагомедов, отец и тренер чемпиона Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата (UFC) в лёгком весе россиянина Хабиба Нурмагомедова, заявил, что прощает ирландца Конора Макгрегора за конфликт с его сыном.
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🔥 Exclusive lifestyle Brand "Sadali Fit&tattoo" @sadali_fit_tattoo ✍Fashion designer @elena_sadykova_br #sadali_fit_tattoo #fitness #tattoogirl #Moscow #Russia #russiangirl #russianmodels #beautymodel #brasil #brazil #riodejaneiro #riodejaneirotop #garotacarioca #love #life #beauty #sport #gym
          Тарханов оценил скандал с участием Кокорина и Мамаева      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Бывший наставник ЦСКА и действующий главный тренер «Урала» Александр Тарханов в беседе с Inforeactor оценил скандал с участием футболистов Александра Кокорина и Павла Мамаева.
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In realtà stavo mantenendo il cocktail a Seb #italianboy #italiangirl #turkishboy #turkishgirl #russianboy #russiangirl #auhstrianboy #austriangirl #swissboy #swissgirl #frenchboy #frenchgirl #finnishboy #finnishgirl #greekboy #greekgirl #germanboy #germangirl #latinboy #latingirl #britishboy #britishgirl #polishboy #polishgirl
          Пострадавшие в ДТП с участием троллейбуса в Орле получили тяжёлые травмы      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Пострадавшие в результате ДТП с участием троллейбуса в Орле 17-летний юноша и 24-летняя девушка получили серьёзные травмы.
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          Сессия МОК утвердила три заявки на проведение ОИ-2026      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview На 133-й сессии Международного олимпийского комитета (МОК), проходящей в аргентинском Буэнос-Айресе, был утверждён окончательный список заявок на проведение зимних Игр 2026 года.
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          В Севастополе завели дело из-за смерти беременной в больнице      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview В Севастополе завели уголовное дело по факту смерти женщины, находившейся на седьмом месяце беременности. Об этом сообщает со ссылкой на региональное СУ СК России.
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          СМИ назвали имя возможной преемницы Хейли на посту постпреда США при ООН      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Возможной преемницей постоянного представителя США при ООН Никки Хейли может стать экс-советник американского лидера Дина Пауэлл.
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          «Нужно отойти в сторону»: Трамп принял отставку постпреда США при ООН Никки Хейли      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Президент США Дональд Трамп утвердил отставку постоянного представителя США при ООН Никки Хейли, которая уйдёт с этой должности в конце года. Американский лидер пообещал найти ей замену в ближайшие недели. Сама постпред объяснила своё решение необходимостью «отойти в сторону». Как Хейли стала представителем США в международной организации и чем запомнилась на этом посту — в материале RT.
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          Голкипер «Салавата Юлаева» установил рекорд КХЛ по числу отражённых бросков      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Голкипер уфимского клуба «Салават Юлаев» Юха Метсола установил рекорд Континентальной хоккейной лиги (КХЛ) по числу отражённых бросков в основное время матча.
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          В Рязани загорелась Академия ФСИН      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview В здании Академии Федеральной службы исполнения наказаний (ФСИН) в Рязани произошёл пожар.
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          «Следует арестовать и судить»: как в мире спорта и политики отреагировали на скандал с участием Кокорина и Мамаева      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Подозреваемые в избиениях двух человек футболисты Александр Кокорин и Павел Мамаев должны понести наказание, если их вина будет доказана. Такое мнение высказали представители правительства и Госдумы. Вице-премьер Ольга Голодец заявила, что ждёт внятной реакции от РФС и РПЛ, а министр спорта Павел Колобков предположил, что тренер сборной Станислав Черчесов не вызывает Кокорина и Мамаева в сборную, поскольку не уверен в их человеческих качествах.
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          Гутерреш поблагодарил Хейли за работу в качестве постпреда США при ООН      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Генеральный секретарь ООН Антониу Гутерреш поблагодарил Никки Хейли, которая ранее подала в отставку с должности постпреда США при ООН, за проделанную работу, сообщает Associated Press.
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          СМИ: РФС рассматривает вариант пожизненной дисквалификации Мамаева и Кокорина      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Российский футбольный союз (РФС) может пожизненно дисквалифицировать футболистов Александра Кокорина и Павла Мамаева за избиение главы департамента Минпромторга Дениса Пака, а также Виктора Соловчука, водителя ведущей Первого канала.
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          Медведева заявила, что не говорила Тутберидзе, что Загитову нужно было придержать на год в юниорах      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Российская фигуристка Евгения Медведева прокомментировала слова своего бывшего тренера Этери Тутберидзе о том, что она после завоевания серебра на Олимпиаде-2018 якобы просила придержать Алину Загитову ещё на год в юниорах.
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          СМИ опубликовали первое фото Руби Роуз в образе Бэтвумен      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview В сети появилось первое фото австралийской модели Руби Роуз в образе супергероини Бэтвумен.
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           Comment on Anna Karenina: Leo Tolstoy by Lichanos       Cache   Translate Page      
I don't recall what translation I read the first time, but I just finished the P&V - my go to for Russian novels - and was enthralled with the book. Much more than on my first reading. I have trouble seeing Anna as selfish or egotistical: she seems to me almost damaged, neurotic, and largely a victim of the oppressive and limited environment allowed her in that society. A Russian, aristocratic Madame Bovary in some ways, but a far weaker and more vulnerable character. In the end of War and Peace, Tolstoy did not observe what he would later write about "all happy families being alike," and he bored me to tears with his portrait of connubial bliss between Natasha and Pierre. In Anna K., I found it hard going to slog through Levin's (Tolstoy's) spiritual crisis and redemption. Nice bit ending with trains and superficial chit chat with Oblonsky, as the story begain, and I know the novel is actually the twin tales of the two families, but I have to say I found Levin a tedious bore. Guess I wouldn't have lasted long as a supplicant in Leo's "peasant" circle. One scene that stood out for me was when Dolly is riding alone in her carriage and musing on the wretched lot of married women; envying and admiring Anna for striking out on her own. Today it sounds so true: I wonder how it sounded then or was intended? A sour, negative, wrong-headed riff by an otherwise decent character..?
          Playing Principal Viola: Baptism by 'Fire and Fantasy'      Cache   Translate Page      
By Karen Allendoerfer: Fire & Fantasy When I was in high school I had fantasies of being a concertmaster. My senior year I thought it might be a real possibility, and I was disappointed when, after the audition, I ended up “only" first stand inside, turning the pages. I was used to being a shy, quiet nerdy type who didn’t take up a lot of space. But, I had fantasies that the violin could take me out of all that. Many years and another instrument later, a lot water has flowed under that bridge. I have been a concertmaster in a volunteer community orchestra, and it is a service position. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed by administrative demands, thinking, “they pay me as much as they pay everyone else: ZERO.” But overall, I loved it. I came to think of the orchestra as a second family. I thought and worried about them outside of rehearsal. And I cried when I moved away. Tuning
Tuning the Arlington Philharmonic Orchestra for the Family Concert Having taken up the viola as my primary instrument here in California, my concertmaster days are behind me, at least for now. But last spring after my Telemann concerto performance, my stand partner for the Nova Vista Symphony asked me if I would be principal viola in that group for this concert because he had a conflict with his other orchestra. I looked at my calendar, saw that the weekend was free, and said, “sure, I’d be honored.” I think principal viola is the best seat in the orchestral house: surrounded by cellos, violins, woodwinds, right in front of the conductor, in medias res. The fantasy was back. And starting with the Bloch Concerto Grosso No. 1, the job seemed seemed manageable. I’d played the second violin part to the 4th movement Fugue of this piece in high school, and I recognized it. And there were a few nice, short solos for the principal viola. I dove right in to practicing those, took them to my teacher, figured out fingerings. Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire It took less than one tutti rehearsal before I was in over my head. Enamored of the Bloch, I had given short shrift in practice to the other two much more challenging pieces on the program: Dukas’ The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances. I felt like Mickey Mouse in the Fantasia version, helpless as everything got out of control and descended into chaos. At one point as the notes went by, my stand partner and I looked at each other and laughed nervously: “Where are we?” “I have no idea. You?” “Nope.” Goodbye to the fantasies of fun and glory, and hello to section leader as service position.

via GIPHY This concert was already going to break the difficulty record previously held by Strauss’ Till Eulenspiegel, which this group played a year and a half ago. Then I got two emails about injuries to fellow violists, including my former stand partner. The Mickey Mouse feeling intensified. I listened to the Symphonic Dances and thought, it may be in 3, but who would waltz to that? PracticeRoom
The dreaded practice room The 100-day practice challenge Facebook group that supported me through preparing for Telemann last spring was subjected to more than their share of my venting. I would watch other people post their practice videos of a nice fiddle tune, or a movement of the Bach Double, or a cello suite, or some cool ukulele riffs, and I’d be jealous. They sounded so nice, and here I was slogging my way through the impossible, alternating between trying to keep up with the metronome and with YouTube recordings set to 0.75 speed. (I'm only including a still picture here, no video, because, like Vegas, what happens in the group, stays in the group!) My part-time teaching job became less part-time this year too, with two new schools and two new co-instructors. One night I came home from work and felt so brain-dead I doubt I would have taken the viola out of its case, had it not been for the Facebook group. I recorded some brain-dead Dukas, posted it, and went to bed. Fantasia Dear Mickey Mouse, I thought to myself. You brought this on by your tendency to bite off more than you can chew. What can you do about it? Well, one choice would be cutting back. And I did that, sort of. I cut back on online debates and chores that I don’t enjoy. Another choice would be to do what I do for music that I love. I didn’t love the Symphonic Dances (yet), but what if I acted as if I did? What if this were Beethoven? I started listening to it all the time, especially in the car while I was driving. I looked at the score while I listened (not while driving). I looked up Rachmaninoff’s wikipedia page. He had a fascinating life: escaped the Russian Revolution and ended up in Hollywood. This led me to think about his stories. The woodwind melody in the first movement is sublime. Later there’s some trippy drug music. If I listen closely, I hear the ongoing struggle. Rachmaninoff suffered from depression from time to time, and this was the last piece he ever wrote, a retrospective on his life and career. Me trying on a long black dress
The good luck Telemann dress I told my teacher that my practicing of this piece reminded me of the movie “50 First Dates.” This movie stars Drew Barrymore as a woman with amnesia who must relearn her life and relationships every morning when she wakes up. I felt the same: every time I picked up “Rocky,” as I had come to affectionately refer to it, it was like I was seeing it for the first time all over again. “Well, how many pieces of his have you played before?” my teacher asked. "You don’t speak Rachmaninoff yet!” That helped me be patient. The most foreign part of it was in the right hand, not the left. The music was not square; it didn’t always land on a down bow for the strong beats. I learned to write in unexpected bowings so I wouldn’t second-guess myself when I landed on an accented up-bow. I kept at the metronome and the play alongs, as well as marking and isolating difficult passages. I counted down in the Facebook group to the last day. Concert day came and I stayed home from church in order to focus and review some spots in all 3 pieces. It felt like cramming for an exam, something I’ve done successfully many times, but which I now think results in more anxiety than is ideal. My husband made lunch. I put on my good-luck Telemann dress. Wildfire

FullSizeRender 63
West Valley College Theater
The air smelled of soot at the concert hall due to a wildfire in the East Bay. I said hi to my stand partners in crime in the viola section and we watched the pre-concert talk together. After all this, I felt pretty good about how the Bloch and Dukas went. My solos went off without a hitch. I never got lost. Even my performance in Rocky I was willing to give at least a B-minus. I missed notes here and there, but not in the exposed or important parts.
FullSizeRender 64
Assembling for the Concert
I had a small viola solo near the end of the Dukas. It is not technically difficult, but it is important, and it is just me, the only moving part. I am the Sorcerer returned, to set things back in balance after the apprentice's chaos. And I had a bow of my own, after the bassoons. It occurred to me that I’d been so focused on my own anxieties that I hadn’t given enough attention to all the great work going on around me: the cellos just a foot to my left, providing grounding, rhythm, and drive; the concertmaster, who played many solos beautifully and with whom I played a duet in octaves in the Bloch; the conductor who remained cool, composed, and accurate in spite of the too-bright lights making him and everyone else sweat; the viola section, who rose to the occasion with humor and grace, playing an exposed chorale section beautifully; the bassoons who brought the apprentice’s magic to life; the orchestra’s new President who is devoting considerable time and effort to the group; and the neighbors and friends and family who came, expected and un-, to be in the audience. I tried to take a minute to tell them all that they sounded great, to thank them. I had the best time at the reception afterwards talking with everyone. It turns out I wasn’t the only one who was anxious about the ambitious program, and the feelings of relief and celebration were palpable. To paraphrase JFK, we did this concert not because it was easy, but because it was hard. And it served to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills. It brought us a little closer to the moon and stars.
Concert Program Cover

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WomenWomen, Edie Windsor, U.S. v. Windsor, Philadelphia, Marriage Equality

Philly's gayborhood now has a street recognizing the mother of marriage equality.

Edie WindsorU.S. v. WindsorPhiladelphiaMarriage EqualityEdie Windsor Street in Philadelphia Trudy Ring

The City of Brotherly Love has bestowed an honor on the mother of marriage equality.

In a Sunday ceremony, Philadelphia unveiled a sign designating a block of South 13th Street as Edie Windsor Way, honoring the woman whose Supreme Court case brought down the main section of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Her widow, Judith Kasem-Windsor, posted photos of the event on social media. “‘Don’t Postpone Joy’ today and take a stroll,” she wrote, using one of Windsor’s favorite sayings.


While Windsor, who died in September 2017, eventually became a New Yorker, she was a native of Philadelphia and a graduate of the city’s Temple University. The Philadelphia City Council’s proclamation for the renaming of the block notes that she was born there to Russian Jewish immigrants in 1929, attended Philadelphia public schools, and overcame the poverty of her Depression-era childhood to obtain her Temple bachelor’s degree and later a master’s from New York University. She became a computer programmer for IBM.

Windsor’s first marriage was to Thea Spyer. They became partners in the 1960s and were finally able to marry in Canada in 2007. But the U.S. did not recognize their marriage, with the result that when Spyer died two years later, Windsor owed $363,000 in estate taxes — which she would not have owed if she had been married to a man. Windsor sued the federal government for a refund, and the case went all the way to the Supreme Court, which in 2013 struck down the portion of DOMA that prevented federal recognition of same-sex marriages.

“For thousands struggling for LGBTQ equality, the stakes went far beyond tax advantages available to married heterosexuals, including Social Security, health care and veterans’ benefits, protection in immigration and bankruptcy cases, and keeping a home after a spouse had died,” the city’s proclamation notes of the ruling. The decision paved the way for other barriers to marriage equality to be struck down, culminating in the Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, which established the freedom to marry nationwide.

The renamed block of 13th Street is between Walnut and Locust streets in the city’s gayborhood. It is adjacent to another block honoring an LGBTQ rights pioneer, Barbara Gittings Way.

Judith Kasen-Windsor, who married Edie Windsor in 2016, was present at the ceremony, which was part of the city’s Outfest, an annual event that takes place near National Coming Out Day. Others attending included local officials and activists as well as State Rep. Brian Sims, the first out gay man elected to the Pennsylvania legislature.

“A native Philadelphian, Edie will go down in history as one of the most energetic, empowered, and successful champions for equality in LGBTQ history,” Sims wrote on Facebook. “Her case before the U.S. Supreme Court was a game changer and honoring her in the heart of Philadelphia’s Gayborhood is something I’ll never forget.”

          “They were getting hammered like some animals” – vlogger had Mamaev and Kokorin as fellow Sapsan travelers –      Cache   Translate Page Poperechny commented on the fights involving the infamous football players and said that he had been their fellow traveler on a train. The famous video blogger Danila Poperechny wrote a tweet about the incidents involving the Zenit striker … and more …read more Source:: Vlogger News From Google News
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Finland is hosting the Arctic Biodiversity Congress this week, where 450 scientists, government officials, indigenous peoples and experts from 26 countries are discussing safeguarding the Arctic environment. Finland is chair of the Arctic Council from 2017-2019, and hosting two high-level environmental meetings this month.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö was also in attendance at this week's congress, which began, well, above the Arctic Circle, in Lapland's city of Rovaniemi on Tuesday.

Niinistö opened the four-day congress by pointing out what was likely already on many attendees' minds, a report issued Monday by the IPCC - the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - which said that avoiding global climate chaos will require an unprecedented transformation of society and the world economy, and that time is running out to avoid disaster.

The report called for radical cuts in energy consumption and a rapid shift away from fossil fuels.

"As we all know, the IPCC just yesterday published its latest special report on global warming. It had a very clear message to policymakers. We urgently need to enhance and speed up our efforts to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement," Niinistö said.

"This is particularly relevant for the Arctic. As the IPCC report points out, the Arctic region is one of the most vulnerable systems on our planet, if and when global warming continues. And on the other hand, the melting of sea ice and other changes in the Arctic region accelerate climate change on a global scale. I have said this before: if we lose the Arctic, we lose the globe," Niinistö continued.

Finland seeks action from Arctic states

Niinistö also said Finland would like to see Arctic states, at "the highest political level commit to reducing black carbon emissions. Reducing flaring in oil and gas production, switching from heavy fuels to LNG in ship engines, upgrading old-fashioned power plants, and preventing wildfires."

"The discussions I have had preparing for the possible [Arctic] summit have given me reason for some optimism. Climate change may not be the best conversation starter in every capital these days, but you can still find constructive ways to address the concrete issues behind it," Niinistö said.

"There is hope. We still have a chance to save the Arctic, and to save the globe. But there is no time to waste," he said.

Biodiversity in the Arctic

This week's congress will feature keynote speeches from prominent experts in Arctic science and policy, and global environmental cooperation.

The environment ministry's councillor on environmental biodiversity, Marina Von Weissenberg, is one of the conference organisers and said she has high hopes for the meeting, adding that the IPCC report will likely spark debate at this week's meeting.

"There will certainly be a great deal of discussion. We know that climate change is the biggest threat to the Arctic region. The official goal is [an overall] global warming limit of 1.5 degrees, which in the Arctic region means an increase in temperature of between 6-7 degrees. It is clear that the flora and fauna will suffer terribly," she said.

"I hope that the topics discussed at the conference give a little nudge to the UN system, that we have to follow up on agreements we've made on biological diversity and transport sector regulations," von Weissenberg said.

The meeting will also feature scientific reports on the acidification of the Arcitic Sea and how environmental toxins are affecting fish and other marine life.

Science rules at Arctic Council

Although research is not always taken into consideration by policy makers, von Weissenberg said the Arctic Council listens to researchers.

"The Arctic Council has done a great job. It has been a joy to observe cooperation between, for example the US, Canada, Finland and Russia, which is based on the best scientific data available," von Weissenberg said.

The Arctic region is one of the areas on the planet least affected by humans, but it is also threatened by global climate change and exploitation of resources. Local communities, as well as indigenous peoples rely on the Arctic for their livelihoods but climate change in the region also poses serious threats for the entire world, according to von Weissenberg.

"Even though it's a small number of countries we're talking about [in the Arctic region], the polar region impacts the condition of the entire planet," she said.

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By FinnishNews&NordicWeek “CRUNK” is a useful anacronym (China, Russia, North Korea) that describes well the biggest threat to democracy and ethical behavior – some will say that our largest member state of the Western world is also a threat to our security too. However, we can probably be correct in thinking that they will come to their senses soon. The same cannot be said of the CRUNK Club! This week Helsinki has hosted the AI FORUM 2018 with a full 2-day
          Tuesday's papers: Politicians vow to tackle warming, MEPs take on golden passports, new Vitamin D doses      Cache   Translate Page      

Daily Helsingin Sanomat continues coverage of Finnish reaction to Monday's IPCC climate report, which calls for a "rapid and far-reaching" global response to climate change, as "warming of 1.5°C or higher increases the risk associated with long-lasting or irreversible changes". The paper called the leaders of each of the parliamentary political parties in Finland to ask them what they plan to do.

HS notes that each of the decision-makers they contacted admitted that the onus was now on them. Finns Party chair Jussi Halla-aho said "The solution is in the hands of our country's leaders, not the regular people."

His polar opposite on Finland's political scale, Left Alliance chair Li Andersson agreed. She told the paper that although everyone's individual effort is important, "the IPCC message today speaks of the need for sizeable emissions reductions and measures that will extend to many areas, so we need to make political decisions without delay."

But the common ground ended there, because while Andersson says Finland should relinquish its reliance on peat and stop harvesting the trees in its forests, Halla-aho does not agree.

Acting Green Party chair Maria Ohisalo says she has the impression that Finnish people have long been frustrated with Finnish politicians dragging their feet on climate issues. She and Social Democrat Chair Antti Rinne agree that all is not lost, however, for as Rinne says, "We can make it happen, if we can find the political will." As a start, he proposes introducing incentives to get Finland's 200,000 homes that are still heated with oil to switch to geothermal.

Swedish People's Party chair Anna-Maja Henriksson tells the paper that "It is not necessary to eat meat every day", and Christian Democrat head Sari Essayah advises that everyone adopt a more "moderate lifestyle" when it comes to consumption. Centre-right National Coalition Party chair Petteri Orpo says it is now on Finnish decision-makers to make decisions that will assist people to make the right decisions, like making low-emission cars more readily available.

Prime Minister and Centre Party chair Juha Sipilä announced on Monday that he would be asking each of the parliamentary parties to a round-table discussion on the issue in November. "The goal is to forge a common understanding on Finland's climate change policy that is as broad as possible," he wrote in his blog, the paper reports.

MEPs demand common passport-issuing standards

The tabloid Iltalehti continues with a story from the Uutissuomalainen news service on so-called "golden passports", and a new poll that indicates that all 13 of Finland's Europarliamentarians want to crack down on the practice.

While over a dozen countries in Europe – the UK included – currently issue permanent residency "golden visas" to individuals who invest money in their country, some EU states like Malta and Cyprus go one step further and also offer citizenship.

The Finnish MEPs say that golden passports often lead to corruption and money laundering in Europe, and should therefore be monitored closely under joint game rules, such as more transparent criteria for application. The EU politicians from Finland say that the EU cannot address the problem adequately at present because each country is free to arrange the process independently.

Green Party MEP Heidi Hautala tells IL that the European Commission is currently considering a directive to give banks more authority in such matters, but Finland is at present one of the EU countries most opposed to the idea. She says Finland should "take a good look in the mirror", the tabloid reports.

Preliminary investigation into a suspected international money laundering scheme earlier this month found that the main suspect in the case, a Russian-born owner of the Airiston Helmi real estate firm, was in possession of a golden passport from Malta.

New Vitamin D recommendation for infants

And then to the Joensuu-based newspaper Karjalainen that carries an article on new Vitamin D supplement recommendations for children under one year of age in Finland.

A new EU directive on Vitamin D content in infant formula has led to an update of Finland's Vitamin D recommendations for babies in Finland, with different supplement doses determined on a case-by-case basis in future, depending on whether the infant is breastfed, drinks formula or ingests other vitamin-fortified products or formulas.

For babies that are entirely breastfed, the recommended supplement will be 10 micrograms per day. But for babies that also drink infant formula, this daily recommended dose will drop to 6 or 2 micrograms per day, depending on the amount of formula or other products in use.

Karjalainen writes that Vitamin D supplement products that comply with the new recommendations will be available in Finland's stores yet this autumn.

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Hazard admits childhood ambition to play for Real

DF-Xinhua Report

Chelsea's Belgium international forward Eden Hazard has again raised doubts over his future by admitting his childhood dream was to play for Real Madrid.

   Hazard was allegedly a target for Real Madrid over the summer following his outstanding performances in the World Cup finals in Russia. The 27-year-old has two years left on his contract with Chelsea and the club are thought to be prepared to offer him a new deal of around 300,000 pounds (391,000 US dollars) a week.

   Speaking in an interview published in the UK press on Monday, Hazard insisted he was happy at Chelsea and had no intention of trying to force through a move to Madrid as his former teammate Thibaut Courtois did this summer.

   "I don't want that. I want what's good for me, but I want what's good for the club because the club has given me everything. I don't want to say: 'Yes, I am signing a new contract' and then in the end I don't end up signing. So I will see," he commented.

   Hazard openly admitted he wasn't certain what was the right decision to make: "Sometimes in my head, I wake up in the morning and think I want to go. Sometimes I think I want to stay. It is a hard decision. It is my future. I am 27 and I will turn 28 in January," he said.

   The forward believes he is in the best form of his life and admitted there is one club he has always wanted to play for: Real Madrid.

   "I am playing good football at the moment. Real Madrid is the best club in the world. I don't want to lie today. It is my dream since I was a kid. I was dreaming about this club. We will see. I don't want to talk about this every day. I don't have time but we will talk about my future soon. I think so," he concluded.

   Real Madrid failed to sign a replacement after selling Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus over the summer and currently lie fourth in the Spanish Liga Santander after a run of four games without scoring a goal and which have led to rumors that unless results improve in the near future, coach Julen Lopetegui, who was only appointed in June, could be sacked.

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Foreign tourist inflow in August ebbs 2.6%

DF Report

The number of nights spent by foreign tourists at Finnish accommodation establishments decreased in August 2018, said the Statistics Finland.

About 754,000 nights were recorded at the establishments as spent by foreign visitors, which was 2.6 per cent lower than that in the previous month of August.

In contrast, the number of overnight stays in the month at accommodation establishments by domestic tourists increased by 2.5 per cent year-on-year to almost 1.6 million.

Overall, 2.3 million overnight stays by tourists were recorded at Finnish accommodation establishments, posting a 0.8 per cent rise than that in August 2017.

The data have been collected from accommodation establishments with at least 20 beds or caravan pitches with electricity connection.

Finnish accommodation establishments recorded close on 24,000 overnight stays for Estonian tourists, marking a y-o-y rise of 12.4 per cent, and 27,000 overnight stays, spelling a 10.0 per cent y-o-y rise for Spanish visitors, in August last.

The top three source countries continued to go strong; only the order changed. Russians were the largest group of foreign tourists with nearly 91,000 overnight stays. The number was almost the same as one year before, declining by just 0.1 per cent. Germans were the second biggest group with nearly 89,000 overnight stays recorded for them at Finnish accommodation establishments, which, however, was 7.2 per cent lower year-on-year. Swedes comprised the third largest group with close on 75,000 nights spent, posting a 2.6 per cent decline from that in August last year.

Chinese tourists took the fourth place with almost 42,000 overnight stays recorded that means a 1.6 per cent spike from the number of overnight stays by them in August 2017.

Nights spent by visitors from almost all the top source countries decreased in August. The biggest decline came from the Great Britain and the United States. The overnight stays by British visitors dropped by 16.1 per cent and by US visitors by 11.1 per cent year-on-year. Slightly over 34,000 overnight stays were recorded for British visitors and 36,000 for the visitors from the US. Despite the decline, they were still the biggest source countries of tourists after China this August.

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Russia interested in restoring links with EU: FM


DF-Xinhua Report

Russia needs to restore its relations with the European Union (EU) and believes that many governments want the same, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

   "There are already quite a few governments that understand the abnormal and unhealthy nature of the current situation," Lavrov said at a press conference after talks with his Italian counterpart Enzo Moavero Milanesi.

   According to Lavrov, these governments "are not being guided by ideological considerations, not by Euro-Atlantic solidarity, but by the fundamental, deep-rooted interests of European countries."

   He said that one such government is the new Italian administration of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, which took office on June 1, a position Russia highly appreciates.

   The EU imposed a range of economic sanctions on Russia over its annexation of Crimea, formerly part of Ukraine, in 2014 and its alleged role in the conflict in the south of the country.

   Moscow hopes that finally the interests of the European people will prevail, in particular because European businesses have suffered losses as a result of the sanctions and don't want to tolerate this situation any longer, Lavrov said.

   This is confirmed by the upward trend in trade turnover between Russia and the EU over the past two years, he said.

   Milanesi agreed that the EU and Russian needed to restore their relations.

   "We are interested in finding a way out of this situation. This is our aim, but we understand that this is not a simple process," he said at the press conference, speaking through an interpreter.

   Milanesi said that Italy is interested in playing an active role in restoring Russia-EU ties. Furthermore, both see eye-to-eye on a number of global issues, including the need to fight terrorism and drug trafficking, as well as in energy.

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          Media outlet linked to man charged by US hit by arson attack      Cache   Translate Page      

MOSCOW (AP) — A news outlet linked to a Russian multimillionaire accused of meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election has reportedly been hit by an arson attack. St. Petersburg restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozh is believed to control a media empire that includes a “troll farm” whose members were indicted in the U.S. in February for […]
          C’mon, man: New offices of infamous Russian ‘troll factory’ set on fire in St. Petersburg      Cache   Translate Page      
Moscow Times
          Who bombed Syria? Was Israel behind the 2018 attack and what has Donald Trump said about ‘animal Assad’?      Cache   Translate Page      
RUSSIA claimed Israel carried out air strikes in Syria hours after an alleged horror chemical attack on civilians. Syria’s state-run news agency said its air defences downed eight missiles targeted at a military base in the early hours of April, 9 2018. Did the US or Israel order the new missile strike in Syria? The Russian military […]
          3 Things the Church Must Do to Survive in This Culture      Cache   Translate Page      

In November, I will celebrate 50 years of being given the joy and privilege of ministering. It is and always will be the best thing that God could ever have called me to do with my life.

Over the years I've witnessed incredible miracles and walked through challenging wilderness seasons. These mountaintop and valley seasons have taught me a great deal about myself, my God and His kingdom, and they have caused me to grow and stretch in ways I never could have foreseen at the outset of my ministry career. As I look back, it's clear that my most significant lessons could be summed up in these six words of advice:

1. Be bold.

2. Be broken.

3. Be bright.

While studying the life of David and his desire for the presence of God in his life and in the lives of His people, I realized that throughout every battle and conflict, you can find the evidence of boldness, brokenness and brightness in him. These characteristics in David are what I believe made him a man after God's own heart, and they are why God was able to use him to impact the world around him, including his government. They are what will allow you and me to make an impact on our churches, our communities and our nation too.

As I was watching the Senate hearing in Washington this week, my heart was broken for where we are as a country. We are broken, divided and hostile toward each other. The enemy is saying the church is bigoted, racist, and condescending and that we doubt the Word of God. The devil wants people to believe the church is a thing of the past, so he whispers lies that cause people to question why we would pay attention to something written thousands of years ago. As for believers, even among our ranks there is little evidence of brokenness before the living, mighty, and holy God. There are very few who are willing to humble themselves and repent, or embrace God's love. Each side is flush with boldness but woefully lacking in the other two characteristics that made David so successful.

I am not at all saying the church should step back, stifling its voice in an attempt to find this balance. On the contrary. We cannot take responsibility for the actions and reactions of those with whom we are at odds, but we have a mandate to serve God obediently—and that service requires our boldness and brokenness before Him, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

Although most people who know me today wouldn't easily believe it, I was painfully shy as a child. Because of that shyness, when I was called upon to do bold things, I would cry. But here's the thing: Crying never stopped me. Even when I felt embarrassed of the spotlight or longed to disappear into the background, I knew I couldn't walk away from what I had been called to do, even if stepping out and being boldly obedient would bring painful tears that might make me the subject of ridicule. Before long I realized an important lesson, one I want you to consider today: Through my tears came the greatest breakthroughs of my life.

When our boldness comes out of brokenness before our God, the light of His presence breaks through, allowing the lost world around us to see the brightness of His glory.

The world wants to see Jesus, and right now they are more ready for Him than the church is ready for the world. But God is bringing balance to this area. I believe God is breaking the times of leanness of Spirit, and we get to witness it firsthand. He is clearing the air of a lot of junk in America. Don't be surprised but rather rejoice when you hear of outpourings of the Holy Spirit. God is birthing Holy Spirit boldness in the church, but it will only come out brokenness and humility. Watch, see, and move by faith as He releases the brightness of His glory.

The church in our nation must step up and show the world who God truly is and what the power of His love can do in our broken world. We must show them who we really are—bold, broken and bright with the love and light of Christ, the morning star.

Here's another way to put it: "You're here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We're going public with this, as public as a city on a hill. If I make you light-bearers, you don't think I'm going to hide you under a bucket, do you? I'm putting you on a light stand. Now that I've put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand—shine! Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you'll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven" (Matt. 5:16, MSG). {eoa}

Mikel French has challenged spiritual awakening all across America, where many celebrations extended into multiple weeks, and has conducted celebrations in France, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Germany, South Africa, Malawi, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Haiti, Japan, Singapore, India and Thailand. He conducted an outreach celebration in Manila, Philippines, reaching 200,000 teenagers with the Book of Hope. Through the generous support of partners, he has presented the message of Jesus Christ to millions of people in the nation of Russia through televised citywide soul-winning celebrations. Mikel considers it an honor to assist in conducting the annual pastor's conference, where thousands of pastors from Russia's 11 time zones come for training, teaching and equipping. Mikel and his wife, Marsha, reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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          Hosts dig deep, Russians impress      Cache   Translate Page      
Argentina pull off thrilling comeback to clinch draw Russia live up to status of favourites PAN 1-1 IRQ | CRC 1-6 RUS | ARG 2-2 EGY | IRN 9-2 SOL THE DAY REPLAYED – Stands full to the brim, passionate songs and chants with a distinct Argentinian flavour, and intense, high-quality matches: the opening day of the Men’s ...
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Lena Reif – Grateful In Paris Actress: Lena Reif Nationality: Description: Lena Reif is an IG model who just moved from Russia to Paris. It was a big move and took a lot financially to get there. She wants to up her photo game, so she contacts Erik Kinkaid, a famous American photographer who’s in […]

Запись Grateful In Paris – Lena Reif (Vixen) впервые появилась .

          “U largova nga Barcelona për të qenë i lumtur”      Cache   Translate Page      

Paco Alcacer pranon se është larguar nga Barcelona për t’iu bashkuar Borussia Dortmund për të qenë i lumtur pas një

The post “U largova nga Barcelona për të qenë i lumtur” appeared first on KOHA.

          Managing the Backlash? The PACE and the Question of Participation Rights for Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is currently meeting in Strasbourg for its autumn session. Today, its 306 members eligible to vote had to face a crucial choice: Should they approve the amendment on the participation rights of national delegations, thus allowing Russia’s delegation to regain at least some participation rights, and hopefully resolve the looming financial crisis faced by the Council of Europe – or not?
          Why More Dictators Are Killing and Abducting Dissidents Abroad      Cache   Translate Page      

In Sheridan Circle on Washington’s Embassy Row lies a small plaque, little noticed by both tourists and locals, marking the spot where a car bomb killed Chilean diplomat-turned-think-tanker Orlando Letelier along with his American co-worker Ronni Moffitt in 1976. Letelier, since leaving Chile, had become a leading critic of Augusto Pinochet’s regime, and declassified documents later showed that the dictator had directly ordered the killing.

A dictatorship killing one of its citizens on the streets of a foreign capital is a brazen act but is by no means unheard of. Social scientists have traditionally defined a state as the entity that controls the use of physical force for domination within a given territory. But states, particularly those of an authoritarian bent, have frequently sought to project violence against dissidents and defectors far beyond their borders. An effective authoritarian state needs its most prominent critics to know that an ice ax in the back is still a possibility, even if they leave.

While it’s not exactly a new phenomenon, as Letelier and numerous other historical cases prove, the killing or abduction of foreign critics by authoritarian regimes appears to be alarmingly normalized today. Also alarming: Some of the countries where these crimes take place seem uninterested in doing anything to stop them.

Last week, Jamal Khashoggi, a prominent Saudi journalist and critic of its ruling royal family living in exile in the United States, visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain a document related to his upcoming wedding. He has not been heard from since then, and Turkish officials reportedly believe he was murdered by a special team sent from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s government has been brutal to dissidents and opponents, and technically speaking Khashoggi entered Saudi territory when he went inside the consulate building, but he had apparently been unconcerned, telling friends before his disappearance that he had been treated well during previous visits to Saudi embassies and consulates. His fiancée says he told her not to worry, since “they would not dare attempt anything within Turkey’s borders.”

Then again, perhaps no one should assume they are safe from a government that more or less took the prime minister of Lebanon hostage for several days last year. Ghanem al-Dosary, a London-based Saudi dissident, told the New York Times that Khashoggi’s disappearance was a message from the regime to its critics “that our hands can reach you wherever you are.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has demanded that the Saudi government prove its claim that Khashoggi walked out of the consulate unharmed. While a reasonable request, this umbrage is somewhat ironic given Turkey’s own pursuit of its critics abroad. Under Erdogan, the Turkish government has launched an aggressive crackdown on supporters of Fethullah Gülen, the influential and controversial cleric it accuses of orchestrating a failed 2016 coup. Thousands of accused Gülenists, including U.S. citizens, have been arrested, and the manhunt has gone global as well. Often, this is a matter of pushing foreign governments to extradite Gülenists back to Turkey, but sometimes the line between arrest and abduction has been blurred. In March, six Gülenists in Kosovo were shipped back to Turkey after being arrested over links to Gülenists schools, but Kosovo’s prime minister said he had not been aware of the operation, and local media dubbed it a “kidnapping.” In July, the government of Mongolia prevented what appeared to be an attempted abduction of a Gülenist school leader. Then there’s Gülen himself: Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly looking into allegations, corroborated by former CIA Director James Woolsey, that Turkish officials had met with former U.S. National Security Adviser and unacknowledged Turkey lobbyist Michael Flynn to discuss a plan to abduct the cleric from his compound in Pennsylvania and deliver him back to Turkey. And that’s not to mention the beating of protesters in Washington by Erdogan’s own bodyguards in 2017.

Of course, the most prominent recent attack by an authoritarian government on an exiled critic was the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in England in March, an attack that Vladimir Putin’s government has only half-heartedly tried to deny. According to a BuzzFeed investigation last year, U.S. authorities believe that as many as 14 people, including billionaire Boris Berezovsky, whose death had been ruled a suicide in 2013, had been killed by Russian secret services in Britain in recent years. Dozens more opponents of the Putin regime have been killed under suspicious circumstances abroad.

China has also been reaching across borders to pursue its critics. Prominent dissidents have been reportedly abducted from Thailand and sent back to China for detention. As for foreign-residing Uighurs—the Muslim minority that Beijing has recently been repressing in a brutal campaign that’s been dubbed a “cultural genocide”—the authorities’ preferred tactic appears to be threatening their families living within China unless they return home.

Last week also saw the bizarre disappearance and resignation of Meng Hongwei, the Chinese official who led Interpol, in what appeared to be a highly unusual move by a state government against the leader of a major international organization, all the more troubling since the exact charges against Meng have not been made public.

Numerous other examples abound. Two women are currently on trial in Malaysia over the killing—likely in cooperation, willing or not, with North Korean operatives—of Kim Jong-nam, brother of the current North Korean leader. The government of Iran stands accused by French authorities of orchestrating the attempted bombing of a meeting of a prominent exile group in Paris.

The response of the governments of countries where these incidents happen has often been muted—and that’s a problem. The British government’s tepid reaction to the 2006 poisoning of former FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko very well could have led Vladimir Putin to conclude there would be little consequence for pulling the same stunt there again.

Often diplomatic considerations are behind these muted reactions. France, for instance, is unlikely to press its case against Iran too hard, given that it’s currently trying to preserve what’s left of the 2015 nuclear deal.

It’s hard to make those sorts of excuses for President Donald Trump, who has spoken approvingly of how leaders like Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, and Erdogan conduct their business. When Putin suggested allowing Russian investigators to question 11 U.S. citizens he views as enemies, including former Ambassador Michael McFaul, in exchange for “cooperation” in the investigation of 2016 election interference, Trump called it an “incredible offer.” Trump was also reportedly reluctant and angry about the expulsion of Russian diplomats in response to the Skripal poisoning.

After days of silence over the alleged abduction and possible murder of Khashoggi, Trump, who often touts his close relationship with the Saudi royal family, finally acknowledged that there were some “pretty bad stories” going around about the journalist and U.S.
resident’s fate and said, “Hopefully that will sort itself out.” The Saudis are probably not too worried about a fierce U.S. response at this point.

But if we’re going to fault Trump’s rhetoric for contributing to the sense of impunity felt by authoritarian governments, we should also acknowledge Barack Obama’s covert drone campaign in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. This isn’t to draw any moral equivalence between the targeting of members of groups like al-Qaida, the Taliban, and ISIS and the murders and abductions of dissidents and journalists by dictatorships. But the targeted killing of a country’s enemies outside a declared battlefield was once considered exceptional, and the U.S. has helped make it routine.

More disturbing still may be the possibility that state violence is becoming globalized. The human rights community, more often than not, views the world in terms of distinct countries, classifying them as “free” or “unfree.” The much-maligned International Criminal Court is hamstrung by the fact that its jurisdiction is limited to only the countries that accept it.

Once upon a time, it was thought that globalization would undermine authoritarian systems in individual states as economic liberalization and new forms of communications overwhelm their defenses against outside influence. But the influence, of course, ended up going both ways. Today, we live in a world where China’s economic clout influences what classes are taught at U.S. universities and what movies are produced by Hollywood. The same internet that brings Western media into Russia allows the Russian state to influence elections around the world.

Authoritarian states clearly do not feel their authority is limited by state borders. So it’s no surprise they don’t feel their ability to inflict violence is limited either.

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           Kim Jong Un wants Pope Francis to visit North Korea      Cache   Translate Page      

By Associated Press

October 9, 2018 | 10:13am

Getty Images

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wants Pope Francis to visit the officially atheist country, South Korea said Tuesday.

South Korea’s presidential office said in a statement that Kim told President Moon Jae-in during their summit last month that the pope would be “enthusiastically” welcomed in North Korea.

Kim has been intensely engaged in diplomacy in recent months in what’s seen as an effort to leverage his nuclear weapons program for an easing of economic sanctions and military pressure.

North Korea strictly controls the religious activities of its people, and a similar invitation for then-Pope John Paul II to visit after a 2000 inter-Korean summit never resulted in a meeting. The Vatican insisted at the time that a papal visit would only be possible if Catholic priests were accepted in North Korea.

Moon plans to convey Kim’s desire for a papal visit when he travels to the Vatican next week. Moon said on Monday that he expects Kim to visit Russia soon and possibly hold a summit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The Vatican did not comment on the possibility of a papal visit. But immediately after the news, the Vatican press office released a statement confirming that the pope would receive South Korea’s president in an audience at the Vatican on Oct. 18.

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said the audience will come a day after the Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, celebrates a Mass for peace on the Korean Peninsula in St. Peter’s Basilica, where Moon will participate.

Francis visited South Korea in August 2014. On the plane ride back to Rome, he expressed hope that the divisions would be overcome, saying “the two Koreas are brothers, they speak the same language.”

“When you speak the same language it is because you have the same mother, and this gives us hope,” the pope said. “The suffering of the division is great, and I understand this and pray that it ends.”

North Korea’s reported overture comes a few weeks after the Vatican signed a landmark deal with Communist China, North Korea’s closest ally, over bishop nominations, aimed at ending decades of tensions that contributed to dividing the Chinese church and hampered efforts at improving relations between China and the Vatican.

Following an unusually provocative run of weapons tests last year, Kim has been on a diplomatic offensive since the start of this year.

He initiated offers for summits with Seoul and Washington, which led to three meetings with Moon and a highly choreographed June summitwith U.S. President Donald Trump at which they issued an aspirational goal of a nuclear-free peninsula, without describing how or when it would occur.

Kim has presented himself as an international statesman, sharing food, wine and laughs with South Korean officials and appearing thoroughly at ease during his meeting with Trump in Singapore.

But post-summit nuclear negotiations between North Korea and the United States got off to a rocky start, with the North accusing Washington of making “gangster-like” unilateral demands for denuclearization, and calling for sanctions to be lifted before any further progress in nuclear talks.

There are doubts whether Kim is willing to fully relinquish his country’s nuclear weapons, which he may see as a stronger guarantee of survival than whatever security assurances the United States could provide.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Kim in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, on Sunday for talks on setting up a second summit with Trump.

The Vatican’s priests were expelled by North Korea long ago and state-appointed laymen officiate services.

Estimates of the number of North Korean Catholics range from 800 to about 3,000, compared to more than 5 million in South Korea.


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I have a sample of Smaragdite with a label saying it is from Mt.Karpinski, near Serveroulski, Urals I can't find the locality in Mindat. Does anyone know where this is? Thank you.
          Reino Unido advierte del despliegue de fuerzas rusas en Libia      Cache   Translate Page      

Las agencias de inteligencia del Reino Unido acusan a Rusia de pretender ‘convertir a Libia en su nueva Siria’ al enviar armas y tropas al país norteafricano.

“Decenas de oficiales de la Inteligencia militar rusa GRU y sus fuerzas especiales ya están en el este de Libia, las cuales inicialmente llegaron allí para entrenar y mantener un canal de comunicación”, informó el lunes el diario británico The Sun, citando a una fuente oficial que habló bajo condición de anonimato.

Ante esta situación, agregó la citada fuente, los líderes de los servicios especiales británicos han advertido a la primera ministra del Reino Unido, Theresa May, de que el presidente ruso, Vladimir Putin, “quiere convertir a Libia en “su nueva Siria y hacerse con el control de la principal ruta de migración ilegal a Europa”.

El Ejército ruso ya estaba operando en dos bases militares en las ciudades costeras de Tobruk y Bengasi (este), bajo la cobertura de una compañía militar privada rusa llamada Grupo Wagner, añadió.

Decenas de oficiales de la Inteligencia militar rusa GRU y sus fuerzas especiales ya están en el este de Libia, las cuales inicialmente llegaron allí para entrenar y mantener un canal de comunicación”, informa el diario británico The Sun, citando a una fuente oficial que habló bajo condición de anonimato.

Rusia ha desplegado, asimismo, misiles antibuques Kalibr y los avanzados sistemas de defensa antiaérea S-300 en el país africano, recalcó The Sun, antes de señalar que “lo que Putin está haciendo en Libia corresponde exactamente a la táctica que solía aplicar en Siria y Crimea (…) y lo utiliza para ejercer la máxima influencia sobre el Occidente”.

El reporte escandalizó a los miembros del Parlamento del Reino Unido, que le pidieron al Gobierno que actúe en consecuencia. Por su parte, el presidente del Comité de Asuntos Exteriores de la Cámara de los Comunes del Reino Unido (Cámara baja del Parlamento británico), Tom Tugendhat, exigió que el Gobierno reaccione a la “amenaza rusa”.

“Necesitamos una respuesta coordinada del Gobierno porque la desestabilización de este país está estrechamente vinculada a la seguridad nacional del Reino Unido”, reclamó Tugendhat.

Mientras tanto, Rusia denuncia que las políticas del Occidente y sus apoyos a los grupos terroristas en Libia han convertido a ese país en un bastión del terrorismo.
          ¿Por qué tantos países quieren comprar el S-400 ruso pese a las amenazas de EEUU?      Cache   Translate Page      

Durante los ejercicios Vostok 2018, Rusia mostró el sistema S-400, una de las armas más avanzadas y comercializables del país en los últimos años. Debido a sus capacidades, varios países, incluyendo China, Arabia Saudí, Turquía, la India y Catar están dispuestos a comprarlo, observa Yarno Ritzen, autor del artículo para Al Jazeera.

Casi todos los gobiernos que anunciaron su intención de adquirir el sistema de defensa antiaérea S-400 —actualización masiva del S-300, enviado recientemente a Siria— fueron amenazados con algún tipo de represalia por parte de EEUU, la OTAN o sus adversarios, señala el periodista.

Según varios expertos entrevistados por el medio, esta reacción se debe no solo a las características avanzadas del S-400, sino también a un riesgo potencial para las alianzas.
Sistema de defensa antiaérea más avanzado

"El S-400 es uno de los sistemas de defensa antiaérea más avanzados que existen, a la altura de los mejores que puede ofrecer Occidente", comentó Siemon Wezeman, investigador principal del programa de transferencias de armas y gastos militares del Instituto Internacional de Investigación de la Paz de Estocolmo (SIPRI).

Sus radares y otros sensores, así como sus misiles, cubren un área extensa. El radar tiene un alcance de al menos 600 km y sus proyectiles tienen un alcance de hasta 400 km", dijo Wezeman.

"Es preciso y capaz de rastrear un gran número de objetivos potenciales, incluidos aquellos sigilosos", añadió.

Otras ventajas son su estructura modular y su gran movilidad, lo que significa que puede instalarse, disparar y retirarse en cuestión de minutos.

"Es muy resistente y adaptable y es un sistema móvil, algo que muchos países están buscando", aseguró Kevin Brand, analista militar, entrevistado por Al Jazeera.
Temores políticos y técnicos de la OTAN

El interés de Turquía en el sistema de misiles ruso asustó a sus aliados occidentales de la OTAN por razones técnicas y políticas, señala el autor del artículo.

"En el sentido tecnológico, el S-400 sería sin duda un paso adelante [para Turquía], pero no es de interés de la OTAN tener ese sistema de armas integrado dentro de su arquitectura", apuntó Brand.

Sin embargo, la compra podría potencialmente ser aún más dañina para la Alianza Atlántica.

"¿Qué tipo de contratos se firmarían con los técnicos rusos que se ocupan del S-400, por ejemplo?, ¿tendría acceso a los datos de la OTAN el personal de mantenimiento ruso?", se preguntó el experto.

Represalias diplomáticas y económicas de EEUU

Para la India, Arabia Saudí y Catar, que no forman parte de una alianza como la OTAN, la compra de un sistema como el S-400 provocaría menos problemas tecnológicos, pero correrían el riesgo de tener repercusiones diplomáticas y económicas por parte de Estados Unidos.
El Departamento de Estado de EEUU declaró que las compras chinas de los aviones SU-35 y los sistemas S-400 violan la Caatsa —Ley para Contrarrestar a los Adversarios de EEUU a través de Sanciones-, unas semanas después de haber anunciado que la India podría verse sometida a medidas punitivas si continúa comprando el sistema.

Sin embargo, la India decidió comprarel sistema y firmó un acuerdo de 5.000 millones de dólares.

Según Wezeman, es poco probable que EEUU cumpla sus amenazas de sanciones, especialmente en relación con la India o Arabia Saudí.

"En realidad, las sanciones son poco probables, puesto que la India y otros países son demasiado importantes como socios militares y políticos para Estados Unidos. Incluso las sanciones limitadas probablemente harían que esos países se enfadaran lo suficiente como para dañar los intereses de EEUU", explicó.

No obstante, aunque las sanciones económicas sean poco probables, la compra de las armas rusas podría tener consecuencias diplomáticas.
También hay una cuestión diplomática, porque el acuerdo de vender una tecnología sensible a otro país implica una mayor alineación en una serie de cuestiones políticas. De ahí que EEUU está buscando aislar a Rusia", comentó al medio Charles Forrester, analista principal de la industria de defensa en el grupo mediático Jane's by IHS Markit.

Para EEUU, estas compras constituyen más que una simple amenaza militar: se trata de contrarrestar la participación de Rusia en los conflictos mundiales e impedir que Rusia reciba dinero por sus equipos, señalaron los analistas.

"EEUU ha estado trabajando para encontrar formas de fortalecer sus respuestas diplomáticas en el ámbito mundial a los países que violan el orden basado en las reglas globales", señaló Forrester.
Pese a los riesgos

"La India no quiere comprarle a un solo proveedor y ser demasiado dependiente de un solo país. Por lo tanto, desde una perspectiva geopolítica, tiene sentido que adquiera algunos sistemas a Rusia y otros a Estados Unidos", opinó Brand.
Otro motivo es compartir tecnología militar, algo que Estados Unidos no quiere hacer, a diferencia de Rusia.

"Rusia está dispuesta a suministrar el S-400 probablemente a cualquiera y a compartir tecnología hasta cierto punto", explicó Wezeman, aunque agregó que no está claro hasta dónde llegaría este intercambio.

Y para Turquía, según el experto, el S-400 se ha convertido en una especie de proyecto ambicioso.

"El no ceder ante EEUU y la OTAN demuestra que Turquía es su propio jefe, capaz de enfrentarse a ambos", concluyó Wezeman.

          Akinator VIP      Cache   Translate Page      
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          El príncipe saudí y un asesor de Trump sacan a la luz el "terrible secreto" de Putin      Cache   Translate Page      

El príncipe heredero saudí, Mohamed bin Salman Saud, y el asesor económico del presidente de EEUU, Larry Kudlow, revelaron en sus recientes declaraciones las terribles perspectivas de futuro de la economía rusa y del país como superpotencia energética. "Increíble coincidencia", ironiza Iván Danílov, columnista de Sputnik.

Mohamed bin Salman Saud afirmó que, en los próximos 19 años, la producción de petróleo en Rusia sufrirá una drástica reducción, e incluso podría desaparecer por completo del mercado global. Mientras tanto, Larry Kudlow declaró que "la mejor manera de desafiar a Rusia" es convertir a EEUU en una poderosa potencia energética y expulsar a Moscú del mercado energético europeo.

A algunos les gustaría creer que salió a la luz un terrible secreto del presidente ruso, Vladímir Putin. Pero me veo obligado a decepcionar a los que sueñan con eliminar a Rusia como potencia energética", comenta Iván Danílov.

Si uno intenta comparar las palabras del príncipe árabe con las cifras de la producción y las reservas rusas, puede llegar a una explicación lógica de su posición: por ejemplo, si se toman en consideración los datos de las reservas de petróleo rusas probadas de BP del 2015 y se dividen por el nivel actual de extracción, serán aquellos 19-20 años de los que habló Mohamed, explica el columnista.

"Es posible que haya llegado a esta cifra de alguna otra manera, pero, en cualquier caso, sus palabras son muy aventuradas y poco realistas, porque se basan en la idea de que nunca jamás se encontrará más petróleo en ninguna parte de Rusia, de que sus reservas probables y posibles nunca cristalizarán en algo real, y de que Rusia permanecerá en el mismo nivel de tecnologías de producción, lo que impedirá el acceso a las reservas", señala Danílov.

Según el periodista, este guion apocalíptico no puede considerarse en absoluto viable, especialmente teniendo en cuenta las perspectivas de los proyectos rusos de petróleo y gas en el Ártico y Siberia. Como evidencia de su enorme potencial, basta ver lo populares que son las ideas de quitarle a Rusia sus posesiones árticas entre los expertos estadounidenses y canadienses.

Sin embargo, resulta difícil creer que un funcionario de tan alto nivel no se dé cuenta de lo controvertidas que son sus ideas, observa Danílov, y recuerda que las declaraciones del príncipe casi coincidieron con una decisión muy interesante de las autoridades saudíes, que anunciaron oficialmente que la empresa petrolera estatal saudí Aramco cotizará en bolsa en 2021. Esto significa que Riad está extremadamente interesado en subir el precio de sus acciones. En este contexto, queda claro que el príncipe Mohamed bin Salman Saud trató de promocionar las acciones de Aramco y dio una evaluación negativa a las perspectivas de Rusia para promover su producto y presentar a la empresa saudí como una inversión fiable y prometedora, opina el columnista.

En cuanto a los pronósticos del asesor de Trump, esta situación es totalmente diferente. Se trata de un plan extremadamente hostil contra Moscú, asegura Danílov.

"Necesitamos una infraestructura (…), debemos entregar el gas a Europa y desafiar la hegemonía rusa en el gas natural y el GNL. (…) Esto se puede hacer. Necesitamos concentrarnos en el sector energético", declaró Kudlow en una entrevista a Hill.TV.

También enfatizó que EEUU ya es una superpotencia energética y pronto podrá producir 15 millones de barriles de petróleo al día. Y esto significa que Estados Unidos "ya está superando a Arabia Saudí y a Rusia".

De esta manera, el alto cargo admitió que todas las declaraciones de EEUU sobre la "independencia energética de Europa" y el deseo de luchar por los intereses de Ucrania como Estado de tránsito del gas ruso no son más que mentiras. Estados Unidos está interesado ​​en reemplazar el gas ruso con el GNL estadounidense y nada más, subraya Danílov.
En realidad, las ideas de Kudlow tienen dos problemas serios. A pesar de la presión de EEUU sobre la Unión Europea, el Nord Stream 2 se está construyendo y, según Gazprom, las inversiones requeridas para el proyecto del gasoducto se han financiado en casi el 70%. Será muy difícil detenerlo en esta etapa y, si es necesario, la parte rusa puede completarlo por su propia cuenta.

Además, el intento de obligar a los europeos a comprar el costoso GNL estadounidense a expensas de sus propios intereses económicos está prácticamente condenado al fracaso en el contexto de unas relaciones complicadas euroamericanas y la guerra comercial ya iniciada entre EEUU y la UE. El columnista también menciona la política de desdolarización anunciada recientemente por el presidente de la Comisión Europea, Jean-Claude Juncker.

En cuanto al pronóstico de crecimiento de la producción estadounidense hasta 15 millones de barriles por día, hay que tener en cuenta que incluso el Departamento de Energía de EEUU menciona un crecimiento hasta este nivel solo en el más optimista de los tres casos considerados, que supone un aumento importante de los precios del petróleo y un gran avance de la tecnología minera. En los demás casos, incluido el básico, la extracción estadounidense no solo no alcanza este nivel, sino que también comienza a caer en 12-15 años.

Resulta que, sobre la base de los datos oficiales de EEUU, Kudlow presenta lo deseado como algo real. Su propuesta de expulsar a Rusia del mercado mundial del gas fracasa en una realidad donde el GNL ruso producido en un proyecto del Ártico se dirigió a Estados Unidos.

"Rusia es una superpotencia energética, y el hecho de que algunos funcionarios extranjeros sueñen con su retirada del mercado solo confirma la importancia de la presencia rusa en los mercados energéticos clave del planeta", concluye Iván Danílov.

          10/10/2018: World: Oligarch’s US assets seized in FBI sanctions crackdown      Cache   Translate Page      
The FBI has reportedly frozen the US assets of Oleg Deripaska, the Russian oligarch, in a continued crackdown on Vladimir Putin’s allies. The industrialist, worth an estimated US$3.3 billion (NZ$5.1b), was placed on a list of individuals sanctioned by...
          10/10/2018: World: Poll: Stalin’s purges a mystery to young Russians      Cache   Translate Page      
Almost half of all young Russians know nothing about Stalin’s purges, a new opinion poll suggests. An estimated 20 million people were killed during the more than two decades that Stalin ruled the Soviet Union, with victims executed after summary...
          Comment on 9 Oct – Feast of Bl. J.H. Newman: “To be deep in history” Mug by Matamoros      Cache   Translate Page      
In this regard, I would recommend "Vladimir Soloviev: A Russian Newman" by Michel d'Herbigny. US <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow">HERE</a> - UK <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow">HERE</a>
          هل هو الهدوء قبل العاصفة في إدلب؟      Cache   Translate Page      

تظهر صورة ملتقطة من طائرة من دون طيار سحب مركبات مدرّعة وأسلحة ثقيلة لقوات المعارضة من إدلب في سوريا، كجزء من إنشاء منطقة منزوعة السلاح بموجب اتفاق سوتشي بين تركيا وروسيا في 8 أكتوبر/تشرين الأول 2018. 

© 2018 بوراك كاراكوغلو/وكالة الأناضول/غيتي إيمجز


خيّم هدوء مخيف على محافظة إدلب السورية، الجزء الأكبر المتبقي من البلاد حيث تواجه جماعات مسلحة عديدة الحكومة السورية وحليفتها الروسية. اختفت الطائرات المقاتلة السورية والروسية التي كانت تقصف المنطقة بلا هوادة، وتهدد بتدفق جديد وحاشد للاجئين نحو الحدود التركية المغلقة والمحصّنة بجنود يطلقون النار على مَن يحاول اجتيازها من دون إذن.

رغم أن 3 ملايين مدني نكلت بهم الحرب يتنفسون الصعداء بحذر في إدلب، يهددهم خطر حقيقي إن استؤنف القتال. لن يتخذ أحد خطوات لحمايتهم، نظرا إلى تاريخ النظام السوري الحافل بالهجمات العشوائية، وتلك الموجهة ضد المدنيين في إدلب وغيرها.

بعد أشهر من المناورات الدبلوماسية والعسكرية والضغوط الدولية المستمرة، وقّعت تركيا وروسيا في 17 سبتمبر/أيلول خطة أوقفت هجوما وشيكا للنظام السوري وروسيا ضد الجماعات المسلحة في إدلب.

اتفق الطرفان على إنشاء "منطقة منزوعة السلاح" واسعة النطاق تمتد من 15 إلى 20 كيلومترا وتمر بشكل رئيسي عبر إدلب، وعلى تحديد جميع "الجماعات الإرهابية المتطرفة" هناك. كُلّفت أنقرة بتطهير المنطقة من هذه الجماعات بحلول 15 أكتوبر/تشرين الأول، ونزع جميع الأسلحة الثقيلة من الجماعات الأخرى. رحب النظام السوري في البداية بالصفقة، لكن في 8 أكتوبر/تشرين الأول، تعهّد الرئيس بشار الأسد "بتحرير جميع المناطق التي ما زالت تحت سيطرة الإرهابيين وإعادتها إلى رعاية الدولة السورية".

حتى لو التزمت تركيا بموعدها النهائي، لا تزال هناك أسئلة بارزة. أظهر التاريخ مرارا أن "المناطق الآمنة" نادرا ما تكون آمنة بالنسبة للمدنيين. هل ستجذب المنطقة أعدادا هائلة من المدنيين الهاربين من الهجمات السورية والروسية على المقاتلين الذين ترسلهم تركيا إلى شمال إدلب؟ إذا كان الأمر كذلك، كيف ستعمل مجموعات الإغاثة التي تعاني من ضغوط كبيرة بالأصل ومن ضائقات مالية متزايدة في إدلب؟ إذا شنت الحكومة السورية والجماعات المناهضة للحكومة معركة في المنطقة، هل سيسمحون للمدنيين بالفرار، وللإغاثة بالدخول، أم سيُحاصر المدنيون تحت وابل من القنابل؟ كيف سيتعامل التحالف السوري-الروسي مع المدنيين الذين سيبقون في مناطق في إدلب خارج المنطقة منزوعة السلاح؟

بينما تتصارع الأطراف المتحاربة في سوريا، بما فيها روسيا وتركيا، على النفوذ، عليها الالتزام بحماية المدنيين في جميع أنحاء إدلب وغيرها.

          From Inside The NSA, A Call For More Whistleblowers      Cache   Translate Page The National Security Agency's Rob Storch is a talkative guy at a place that specializes in eavesdropping. "It's a big federal government agency. It spends a lot of taxpayer dollars. And so as a general matter, I think the public has a right to know how its funds are being spent," said Storch, who became the NSA's inspector general in January. Storch is an independent watchdog at the sprawling intelligence agency, and one of his favorite topics is whistleblowers. "I felt very strongly that this was a key function for an inspector general's office, to have a robust whistleblower program," Storch said in an interview at his office on one of the top floors at NSA headquarters. Headquarters is a huge, black cube of a building surrounded by endless parking lots and tight security in Fort Meade, Md., outside Washington. The agency's work touches everything from Russian hacking to cyberwarfare to the privacy of U.S. citizens. Yet the NSA rarely
          Topbot: Глава UFC заявил, что Нурмагомедов точно сохранит чемпионский пояс      Cache   Translate Page      
Глава UFC заявил, что Нурмагомедов точно сохранит чемпионский пояс

Президент Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата (UFC) Дана Уайт рассказал, какие санкции грозят чемпиону организации в лёгком весе россиянину Хабибу Нурмагомедову за потасовку после поединка с ирландцем Конором Макгрегором. Читайте полную новость на russian.rt.comПрезидент Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата (UFC) Дана Уайт рассказал, какие санкции грозят чемпиону организации в лёгком весе россиянину Хабибу Нурмагомедову за потасовку после поединка с ирландцем Конором Макгрегором.

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          Isolati, umiliati e torturati : i condannati a morte sono sottoposti a condizioni di detenzione disumane      Cache   Translate Page      
Numerosi condannati a morte sono detenuti in condizioni che costituiscono maltrattamenti fisici e psichici prima dell’esecuzione. Amnesty International, in occasione della Giornata mondiale contro la pena di morte (il 10 ottobre), dà il via a una nuova campagna per mettere sotto pressione 5 Stati – Bielorussia, Ghana, Iran, Giappone e Malaysia – affinché mettano fine alle condizioni di detenzione disumane alle quali sottopongono i detenuti del «braccio della morte » e aboliscano la pena capitale.
          Researchers identify second suspect in nerve agent poisoning as Russian doctor for military intelligence      Cache   Translate Page      
iStock/Thinkstock(MOSCOW) — The UK-based investigative website Bellingcat has said it has identified the second suspect in the Salisbury nerve agent
          Ilya Kovalchuk Net Worth      Cache   Translate Page      

This Russian athlete currently plays as left winger and alternate captain of the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils. His NHL career officially started in 2001 when he was chosen as the first overall pick of the Atlanta Thrashers in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft. Throughout his entire NHL career, Ilya Kovalchuk became a NHL …

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          20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country      Cache   Translate Page      
20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country

Japan, a country created from an archipelago off the coast of East Asia, is famous for its extraordinary and proud culture. The Japanese have a special way of doing things that may seem quirky to some, but this vibrant and prosperous nation can undoubtedly teach others a thing or two about innovation, imagination, family values, and respect for others.

Here is a list of the weird and wonderful cultural practices which make Japan so Japanese. Scroll down to check out the list for yourself, and share your thoughts in the comments!

Japanese Team Leaves A Spotless Locker Room With A "Thank You" Note In Russian Despite Their Heartbreaking 2-3 Defeat To Belgium

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


This Hand-Written Letter I Received From A Mail Order Off Amazon

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Most Organized Luggage Pickup You’ll Ever See. All Upright With Handle Facing Outward For Easy Pickup

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Rice Paddy Art Is An Art Form Originating In Japan Where People Plant Rice Of Various Types And Colors To Create Images In A Paddy Field

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


This Fountain In Kanazawa, Japan Displays The Time

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


A Hotel In Tokyo Has A Reception Desk That Is Run By Robot Dinosaurs

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Went In To A Police Booth In Tokyo To Get Directions To A Place 3 Blocks Away, The Officer Made Me A Detailed Handdrawn Map To Make Sure I Find It... Just Wow!

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


This Sign In Japan Shows The Proper Seating Etiquette

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


In Japan, Beginner Drivers Use A Shoshinsha Mark - Green And Yellow V-Shaped Symbol That New Drivers In Japan Must Display On Their Cars For One Year After They Obtain A Standard Driver's License. There Is Also A Fukushi Mark Used To Denote Elderly Drivers

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country

Tokumeigakarinoaoshima, chezfrankoi

Unattended Grocery Store. Just Pick What You Want And Leave The Money In The Jar

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Flight Delayed In Japan. Airline Employees Bow To The Passengers To Apologise

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Sticker That Was On My Package From Japan

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


This Tank Style Stairs Dolly In Japan

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


The Fire Escape For This Building Is A Slide

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


A Tiny Pocket In The Back Of Train Seat To Put Your Train Ticket In So When The Conductor Comes Round He Just Checks It Without Waking You Up

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


The Japanese Ebay Seller I Bought This PS3 Game From Also Sent Me A Japanese Tea Bag With It

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Japan’s Highest Bridge’s Height Is Compared To Godzilla

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


The Seat Pattern On The Train In Japan Tells You Where Priority Seating Is

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Real-Life Mario Kart Racing In Tokyo Traffic

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country

kisses_joy, writeoverwhite

Bus Driver Holding An Umbrella So That You Don’t Get Wet While Opening Yours

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


          Israel and Russia – back to the future - Prof. Eyal Zisser      Cache   Translate Page      
          Security bound for CTR-ACPKM internally re-keyed encryption mode, by Liliya R. Akhmetzyanova, and Evgeny K. Alekseev, and Stanislav V. Smyshlyaev      Cache   Translate Page      
In 2018 the CTR-ACPKM internally re-keyed block cipher mode was adopted in Russian Standardization System and must pass through the last formal standardization stages in IETF. The main distinctive feature of this mode is that during each message processing, the key, used for data blocks transformation, is periodically changed. In the current paper we obtained the security bound for this mode in the standard IND-CPNA security model.
          Russian MMA fighter climbs to second place in UFC ranking      Cache   Translate Page      
Russia’s MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov rose six notches to number two in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) pound-for-pound ranking, published on the official website on Tuesday, TASS reported. Nurmagomedov defeated Ireland’s Conor McGregor during the
          Re: Vermonter Writes for Russian News Website With Shady Ties      Cache   Translate Page      
"Mr. Tijerina is forthcoming about his affinity for Marxism and Russian culture. It isn't surprising that he is supported by tentacles of the Russian government."
I hate to break it to you, but today's Russian government is not Marxist.
Posted by Bryan Alexander
          Skripal attack: GRU suspect Mishkin traced to Russian village      Cache   Translate Page      

Skripal attack: GRU suspect Mishkin traced to Russian village  BBC News Poisoning suspect honored by Putin in 2014, UK group says  ABC

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           Comment on Tips & Notices – October 2018 by E.M.Smith       Cache   Translate Page      
From: We have: “In the situation Bloomberg describes, the so-called compromised servers were allegedly making outbound connections. Apple's proprietary security tools are continuously scanning for precisely this kind of outbound traffic, as it indicates the existence of malware or other malicious activity. Nothing was ever found.” My presumption was based on that "security tools" kit having caught something in time, and no foul happened then they punted to the Feds. This assertion is "nothing happened". 2 choices: 1) It happened and is being denied to let the sting play out. Very Plausible. 2) Story is wrong. Also very plausible. No way to choose absent more evidence. What I'm happy about: The Apple statement confirms their IDS / IPS is looking for that stuff. Just what I'd expect (and what I'd do...) . Unknown bit: This was directed at Siri and was pre-production in discovery. It is possible the Engineers caught it and that it never reached legal or IS&T Production... We did a LOT of stuff in ATG that never got communicated to legal or IS&T... I never told them about our Russian Hacker or the bounce off us to the Mil site in Hawaii.. So I'd add the 3rd choice of "It happened, only a few folks know"... and it's most likely IMHO.
          Photos from Anna — Take a look on RussianBrides      Cache   Translate Page      
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          July 2018 Statistics: Average Wage in Russia USD 670      Cache   Translate Page      
Wages in Russia increased considerably in recent times, according to the government’s statistics body Rosstat, although locals complain they can purchase fewer things than before due to raising prices of goods, services, and cost of living. Electricity, water, council fees, and transport, all these monthly and daily expenses went up. In fact, Russians on average pay…
          Italia Startup Visa, online il nuovo rapporto      Cache   Translate Page      
È online il nuovo rapporto trimestrale sul programma Italia Startup Visa, che prevede un visto “smart” per gli imprenditori non UE che intendono trasferirsi in Italia per avviare una startup innovativa (linee guida). Al 30 settembre 2018 sono 398 le candidature ricevute, provenienti da cittadini di 45 Paesi. La Russia continua a guidare la classifica dei Paesi più rappresentati, sia in […]
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          Sandwiched Teens From Russia 2 (2018/WEBRip/SD)      Cache   Translate Page      

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          Comment on Ocasio-Cortez and other new Dems ‘need to be educated’ on Israel, says Rep. Eliot Engel by Kay24      Cache   Translate Page      
So it seems the Hasbara pests do other evil projects too. WASHINGTON — A top Trump campaign official requested proposals in 2016 from an Israeli company to create fake online identities, to use social media manipulation and to gather intelligence to help defeat Republican primary race opponents and Hillary Clinton, according to interviews and copies of the proposals. The Trump campaign’s interest in the work began as Russians were escalating their effort to aid Donald J. Trump. Though the Israeli company’s pitches were narrower than Moscow’s interference campaign and appear unconnected, the documents show that a senior Trump aide saw the promise of a disruption effort to swing voters in Mr. Trump’s favor." NYT
          Comment on Why we can be hopeful on Palestine by CHUCKMAN      Cache   Translate Page      
The single state solution is an idea that has been around a long time. If I'm not mistaken, the late Edward Said embraced it many years ago. It's perfectly rational, but that is part of the reason that the bitter, brutal men running Israel will never accept it. They are ideologues, embracing a dark fantasy, the re-creation of an ancient land based on religious texts 2500 years, or more, old. They do not even come from the same people as the Biblical Hebrews, but they do practice the same religion. It's a preposterous and meaningless idea because Jews in fact flourish in a number of places in far better situations than they do in Israel. And if Zionists had taken Einstein’s advice, embracing the native people and living among them without iron walls, there could have been something harmonious and peaceful and constructive for everyone over the last 70 years. But they did not embrace that vision. They embraced a bitter and hostile vision of iron walls and racial segregation. And militarism and police and security forces everywhere. Israel is the most heavily subsidized entity on earth, counting both government and private subsidies. It sustains an embattled situation, making life far more difficult for most there than in Canada or the US or France or many other places. Their abuse causes them to be greatly disliked in the world, too, and I don't really think most people enjoy being disliked. The place is an armed camp, a crusader fortress. The level of military and security services make it in many ways like the old USSR. The cost of living is very high, houses are hard to buy, and career opportunities are limited. People only voluntarily live that way when a fantasy dominates rational thinking. I wouldn't care if they wanted to indulge their fantasies, but only if it meant they weren't hurting and abusing millions. But they are hurting and abusing millions. You know, it is impossible to look at images of Gaza and not immediately think of a giant concentration camp. It is Israel’s doing alone. And when peaceful, desperate people protest for rights, Israel can only think of lining up firing squads to shoot into the crowd. Where in God’s name does such behavior take you? It is a one-way ride to nowhere. The idea of a mixed state is abhorrent to a great many. It violates the confused dream that dominates their thinking. And since in general Arab birth rates are higher than Israeli ones, how long would it be before Jews became a minority? I know their leadership is keenly aware of this reality and fear it. Also, Israel has little prospect for healthy future migration of Jews. It's a relatively small group in the world, and not many would trade their prosperity and opportunity for the unpleasant realities of Israel. The Russians were the last remaining source for a big immigration, and now that's used up. Prospects are for population decline and only more of the same grief and violence. It's a bleak long-term outlook. But accept Palestinians? Whew, that's like telling devout, old-fashioned Catholics they should accept abortion and married priests and stop reciting the Rosary. Modern Israel, by all objective evidence, is in fact a pretty racist society, too. I just do not see it. But I don't see anything else either. It really was a hopeless enterprise from the beginning, creating a nation based on ancient myths and mumbo-jumbo texts. There can be no repeat of the Holocaust. It was a unique event, not to be repeated. Living your whole life as though it might be itself represents a mindset that is not completely rational.
          NATO flexes muscles in show of strength to Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
NATO's largest exercise since the end of the Cold War will see 50,000 troops deploy into the first snows of a Norwegian winter to show Russia that the alliance is ready to repel any attack, officers said Tuesday.
          Espionage scandals show Russian army's growing clout      Cache   Translate Page      
Russia's military spies are being mocked abroad as bunglers but the army's influence over Kremlin foreign policy is growing and there is little likelihood it will halt its "black operations".
          From Inside The NSA, A Call For More Whistleblowers      Cache   Translate Page The National Security Agency's Rob Storch is a talkative guy at a place that specializes in eavesdropping. "It's a big federal government agency. It spends a lot of taxpayer dollars. And so as a general matter, I think the public has a right to know how its funds are being spent," said Storch, who became the NSA's inspector general in January. Storch is an independent watchdog at the sprawling intelligence agency, and one of his favorite topics is whistleblowers. "I felt very strongly that this was a key function for an inspector general's office, to have a robust whistleblower program," Storch said in an interview at his office on one of the top floors at NSA headquarters. Headquarters is a huge, black cube of a building surrounded by endless parking lots and tight security in Fort Meade, Md., outside Washington. The agency's work touches everything from Russian hacking to cyberwarfare to the privacy of U.S. citizens. Yet the NSA rarely
          Russian Ambulance Nurse Fucked By Patient Fuck Fantasy      Cache   Translate Page      
Watch Russian Ambulance Nurse Fucked By Patient Fuck Fantasy at porn tube site
          The Romanoffs: Who are the modern descendants of the murdered Russian royal family?      Cache   Translate Page      
Prince Philip among distant relatives of tragic Tsar Nicholas II and loved ones brutally slain by Bolshevik guards a century ago
          Israel PM leh Russia President inhmu dawn      Cache   Translate Page      
Israel PM leh Russia President inhmu dawn
          Самые странные правила этикета      Cache   Translate Page      

Наиболее сложным и изысканным считается британский этикет. Например, недопустимо затевать разговор с незнакомым гостем до того, как вас представили друг другу. Вообще не принято тихо вести отдельный разговор: беседа должна быть общей. Рукопожатие должно быть кратким, а то и просто кивнуть головой в знак приветствия, а женщины между собой только имитируют поцелуй. Никакой лишней жестикуляции, чувства выражаются улыбкой. Руки держат под столом, но не в карманах. За столом не рекомендуется хвалиться, зато принято говорить комплименты. Недопустимо перебивать говорящего, даже если он явно неправ. Нужно дать ему высказаться до конца.

Даже в обычных английских семьях в повседневной жизни принято сервировать стол по правилам, и делается это с вечера. Утром выставляются готовые блюда и тарелки – охлаждённые или подогретые, смотря для какого блюда они предназначены.

У членов английской королевской семьи этикет ещё более сложный: например, они никогда не едят ракообразных и моллюсков. Ни у одной приглашённой дамы поля шляпки не должны быть больше, чем у королевы. Нельзя пожимать руку членам королевского семейства, вообще не полагается к ним прикасаться. Нельзя начинать есть раньше королевы или заканчивать позже, чем она. При этом королева всегда умеет сгладить возникшую неловкость. Например, когда на приёме оказался Юрий Гагарин, он не мог разобраться в сложном хитросплетении разнокалиберных приборов, и дабы застраховаться от косых взглядов, сразу обратился к королеве со словами, что вырос в крестьянской семье и привык пользоваться одной только ложкой. Тогда её величество Елизавета приказала убрать со стола все лишние приборы. Существует также легенда, что космонавт выловил и съел кусочек лимона из чая, чем поверг в шок высоких гостей, но королева сделала то же самое, и её примеру последовали все приглашённые.

Но во времена Средневековья английский этикет был совершенно другим. Грубые короли-рыцари ездили на лошадях по устланным соломой залам своих замков. У них вошёл в обиход обычай чокаться кружками, чтобы их содержимое выплеснулось и перемешалось: таким образом сотрапезники доказывали, что не подсыпали яд в бокал соседа.

Трапеза татаро-монголов
Полной противоположностью высокому английскому стилю является столовый этикет татаро-монголов, как их принято называть на Руси. Самым почётным блюдом был варёный глаз лошади, переданный гостю лично от хозяина застолья. Есть полагалось так, чтобы ни у кого не возникло сомнений в высоких качествах поданных блюд: громко рыгая и чавкая. Это было знаком вежливости и благодарностью за вкусное угощение. Ели руками с кожаных, металлических или керамических блюд. Оружие всегда оставляли за пределами юрты.

Обычаи народов крайнего Севера
У чукчей, эвенов и других народов, кочевавших небольшими группами, кроме угощения, ещё в XX веке практиковался обычай передачи гостю на ночь жены. Целью такой практики было избежать вырождения: ведь народы крайнего севера жили малыми общинами и практически не общались с внешним миром. Большинство браков были родственными, а ребёнок от случайного гостя добавлял в племя «свежую кровь».

Застольные обычаи в Германии
Немцам свойственна любовь к обстоятельному и приятному приёму пищи. Они не создают лишних нагромождений этикета, но соблюдают правила: первым садится за стол старший по возрасту. Собеседника можно называть по титулу или профессии. За едой говорят о приятных и незначительных вещах, шутят, смеются. Руки принято держать над столом. Сдерживать газы или отрыжку считается вредным для здоровья. Чем громче получился звук, тем больше веселья он вызывает, в такой ситуации принято обменяться диалогом «bitte schön» – «danke schön»

Правила Франции
Французы – большие любители вкусно покушать. Уличную обувь в чужом доме можно не снимать. Гостей рассаживают, чередуя мужчин и дам. Блюдо должно быть доедено до конца, а солить или перчить его не принято: это будет означать, что гость недоволен. Хлеб едят, отламывая от него маленькие кусочки. Сыр является отдельным блюдом, его подают после горячего. Подача к столу алкоголя – сигнал, что можно собираться домой.

Этикет Китая
Во время застолий применяются принципы фэн-шуй, поэтому совместная трапеза обычно проходит за круглым столом. Соблюдается довольно много примет: рыбу не принято переворачивать, съев один бок, а палочки не втыкают в горку риса. Не секрет, что китайцы мастера выпить. У них принято чокаться, но бокал нужно держать двумя руками, и выше его держит тот, кто выше статусом. Если более значимый сотрапезник желает оказать уважение, он опускает свой бокал на уровень того, с кем чокается. Вообще блюда, которые принимают или передают, нужно держать двумя руками. Ориентиром всего застолья является почётный гость: он первым занимает место и приступает к трапезе. За едой не принято заниматься чем-либо ещё: беседовать о посторонних вещах или смотреть телевизор. Всё внимание только на еду, взятие добавки приветствуется и стимулируется. В конце застолья в знак признательности нужно постучать по столу двумя пальцами.

Этикет Японии
При входе в дом принято снимать обувь, а вместо рукопожатия нужно поклониться. Прежде, чем приступать к еде, нужно обязательно сказать «Итадакимас», что означает «приятного аппетита». Едят палочками, и с ними нужно обращаться осторожно: не втыкать в еду, не махать ими во все стороны: это будет расценено как признак низкой культуры. Нельзя сидеть нога на ногу. Громкое чавканье является комплиментом, а не признаком дурного тона. Пустые стопки для сакэ сразу снова наполняют.

Правила Непала
В Непале левая рука считается нечистой и в еде не участвует. Пищевой основой является рис, который сервируется с различными добавками из овощей и гороха, называется такое блюдо «далбат». Сейчас для него подаются две ложки, а старшее поколение традиционно ест руками. Деликатесом являются огурцы, причём только ещё недавно их подавали к столу только в стадии полного созревания, и это считалось ценным и редким блюдом.

Обычаи Греции
В Древней Греции обедали лёжа на кушетках вокруг низкого стола. В богатых домах трапезу сопровождало пение, игра на флейте или декламация стихов. Было знаком хорошего тона приглашать к столу философов или риторов. Высоко ценилось хорошее, выдержанное вино, которое разбавляли водой. В наши дни хозяин застолья может нарочно испачкать скатерть, чтобы гости не переживали в случае такого же казуса.

Древний Рим и Италия
Римляне переняли у греков обычай есть лёжа. Но этот воинственный народ предпочитал иные застольные развлечения: например, в богатых домах это могло быть сражение гладиаторов, стихотворное восхваление подвигов хозяина, порка раба, а то и оргия. Триклиний – обеденный зал, украшался мозаикой и фресками. Римляне были любителями запредельно изысканной кулинарии: они разработали методики откармливания домашней живности, а также угрей и миног, бывало что им скармливали провинившихся рабов. Блюдо могло состоять из каких-то совсем мелких элементов вроде соловьиных языков. После падения Римской империи нравы изменились, но по-прежнему трапезу не принято совершать наспех. Итальянцы могут просидеть за столом часа два, а то и больше. Много времени уделяется общению. Пиццу на официальных приёмах едят ножом и вилкой, в узком кругу – руками, но сгибать её не принято.

Русские застольные обычаи
На Руси начали использовать двоезубую вилку в те времена, когда вся Европа ещё ела руками. Ложки были двух видов: большие, которые использовали как миску, зачерпывая из общего котла; или маленькие, вроде современных, для которых подавалась индивидуальная посуда. Нож для разделки мяса мужчины имели при себе свой. Реликтом язычества был обычай поцелуя: хозяйка целовала в губы вошедшего одинокого гостя-мужчину и подносила ему на блюде чарку хмельного напитка. На прощание гостям давались «подорожники»: пироги со стола. В России обычай чокаться изначально появился с целью отогнать злых духов. Выше держит рюмку тот, кто старше по возрасту или по званию; женщина всегда в приоритете перед мужчиной. Во времена СССР, когда кулинария сильно упростилась, а набор продуктов для салата был минимален, считалось признаком уважения к гостям резать овощи как можно мельче. Это было знаком того, что хозяйка в ожидании дорогих гостей трудилась день и ночь. Вообще были в моде трудоёмкие и многоэтапные блюда: студень, селёдка под шубой. Блюда, на приготовление которых было затрачено мало времени, считались неуважением к гостям. В настоящее время этикет меняется: еда повышается статус еды не обильной, но здоровой. Гости могут поинтересоваться, что принести к столу. Это могут быть домашние «фирменные» блюда, напитки, или что-то, являющееся специализацией любимого заведения.


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Иосиф Виссарионович Сталин умер на 73 году жизни. Большинство считают чудом то, что он смог дожить до таких лет. Причина этому - серьезные проблемы со здоровьем, которые начались в 1920 годах сразу же после войны. Он пережил два инсульта, третий - стал смертельным. Но многие не знают о том, что такой великий человек страдал и другими заболеваниями, которые были у него с рождения.

Изъяны на теле Сталина
Медицинская карта до настоящего времени не рассекречена. Но расшифрованные записи из его окружения и переписки с женой во время отпуска указывают на то, что Сталин болел массой различных заболеваний, среди которых были и генетические.

У него был врожденный дефект - сохнущая левая рука. Это следствие неизлечимой генетической болезни Эрба. Также Сталин страдал от полиартрита, болей мышц, как в руках, так и в ногах. С возрастом, к указанным выше болезням, добавилась бессонница, постоянные простуды, гипертония, головокружение.

Стоит отметить, что некоторые источники, объясняют дефект руки немного по-другому. В молодые годы Сталину ранили руку, из-за чего были задеты сухожилия. В последующем, одна рука двигалась хуже и медленнее другой.

По неподтвержденным данным, Сталин имел ещё один дефект. У него были сросшиеся пальцы на одной ноге. Но подтвердить или опровергнуть эту информация не представляет возможности. Следует отметить, что при составлении акта патоло-анатомического исследования, каких-либо дефектов на теле Иосифа Виссарионовича обнаружено не было. Этот факт вводит в ещё больше заблуждение, ведь каждый человек знал о его проблеме с рукой.


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The Roger Stone aide who is mounting a constitutional challenge to special counsel Robert Mueller wants to take his case to the Supreme Court and feels "great" that Justice Brett Kavanaugh will be on the bench to, hopefully, deal a major blow to the Russia investigation.

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jhfenton wrote:
Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:36 pm

I did open a position in VEGBX (Vanguard Emerging Market Bond Admiral Shares), Vanguard's active EM bond fund, when it went live last December.

Despite the fact that emerging market equities have tanked over that period, VEGBX has not. It is actually my best-performing bond fund over that period. (That is not saying much.)

(VEGBX is not connected in any way to VWOB/VGAVX, Vanguard's EM bond index funds. VEGBX is an active mutual fund. It has accumulated about $100 MM in assets.)


VWOB and VEGBX certainly approach Emerging Markets in different ways, and I think cap-weighted indexing may be problematic when it comes to EM bonds. VWOB is of course a "Government" index, but there are govt.-owned corporations issuing bonds which are also included in it. I suppose VWOB would fall under "USD sovereign" in Nisi's graphic above, contrary to VEGBX. Anyhow, here's a look at their holdings as posted in their respective Vanguard profile pages. Of course there's that elephant in the room - maybe call it a panda:

(Market allocations as of 08/31/2018)

CODE: Select all

     VWOB/VGAVX                       VEGBX 

(Vang EM Govt Bond Index) (Vang EM Bond "active")

China 17.40% Mexico 8.30%
Mexico 8.20% Indonesia 8.10%
Brazil 5.70% Argentina 7.50%
Indonesia 5.70% Chile 6.20%
Russia 4.70% Guatemala 3.60%
United Arab Emi 4.60% Ukraine 4.20%
Saudi Arabia 4.20% Colombia 4.10%
Turkey 3.80% Hungary 3.50%
Argentina 3.60% Philippines 3.20%
Qatar 3.50% Russia 3.20%
Colombia 2.40% Brazil 3.10%
Philippines 2.00% Kazakhstan 3.00%
South Africa 1.70% Egypt 2.80%
Chile 1.60% Lithuania 2.50%
Lebanon 1.60% Trinidad & Toba 2.50%
Oman 1.50% India 2.20%
Egypt 1.40% Uruguay 2.10%
India 1.40% Dominican Repub 2.00%
Kazakhstan 1.40% El Salvador 1.90%
Malaysia 1.40% Romania 1.60%
Bahrain 1.20% South Africa 1.60%
Panama 1.20% Ghana 1.50%
Ukraine 1.20% Oman 1.50%
Dominican Repub 1.10% Peru 1.50%
Ecuador 1.10% Turkey 1.50%
Hungary 1.10% United States 1.50%
Peru 1.10% Angola 1.30%
Uruguay 1.00% Honduras 1.30%
Kuwait 0.80% Sri Lanka 1.30%
Poland 0.80% Bermuda 1.10%
Sri Lanka 0.80% Paraguay 1.10%
Croatia 0.70% Mongolia 0.90%
Nigeria 0.70% Senegal 0.90%
Venezuela 0.70% Panama 0.80%
Romania 0.60% United Kingdom 0.80%
Azerbaijan 0.50% Armenia 0.70%
Costa Rica 0.50% Croatia 0.70%
Angola 0.40% Lebanon 0.60%
Ghana 0.40% Saudi Arabia 0.70%
Ivory Coast 0.40% Serbia 0.60%
Jamaica 0.40% Venezuela 0.70%
Morocco 0.40% Qatar 0.50%
Pakistan 0.40% Jordan 0.50%
El Salvador 0.30% Ivory Coast 0.40%
Iraq 0.30% Latvia 0.20%
Kenya 0.30% Costa Rica 0.20%
Mongolia 0.30%
Paraguay 0.30%
Serbia 0.30%
Belarus 0.20%
Bolivia 0.20%
Gabon 0.20%
Guatemala 0.20%
Jordan 0.20%
Senegal 0.20%
Trinidad & Toba 0.20%
United States 0.20%
Vietnam 0.20%
Zambia 0.20%
Armenia 0.10%
Bahamas 0.10%
Bermuda 0.10%
Ethiopia 0.10%
Georgia 0.10%
Honduras 0.10%
Namibia 0.10%
Thailand 0.10%
Tunisia 0.10%

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There has yet to be a thorough investigation into exactly how much the Russian influence campaign affected the outcome of the 2016 election. The national intelligence community is prohibited from looking into domestic politics and Congress has refused to take up the cause.

So, University of Pennsylvania professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson has decided to try fill that void. In a new book she attempts to find out exactly what we do, don’t, and may never know. The book is called “Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped Elect a President.”

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Russian police are investigating two international players accused of beating up an official at a Moscow cafe.
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1448807484_zakat5 (700x482, 89Kb)
Вскрыта масштабная контрабанда мигрантов в Европу

наводнение Европы беженцами является продуманной и организованной акцией западных элит, становится ясным и понятным уже простым европейцам. В западной прессе в последнее время с завидной частотой начали появляться публикации с доказательствами того, что кризис с беженцами является рукотворным явлением, причем организованным на самом высоком уровне.

Одним из китов, на котором держится нынешнее глобалистское либеральное мироустройство, (наряду с печатным станком, нефтедолларами и контролем над энергетическими потоками), являются многочисленные неправительственные организации (НПО). Эти организации выполняют всю грязную работу по раскачке законно-избранных демократических властей государств ради достижения целей финансирующей их мировой элиты.

НПО, контрабандисты и мафия, находясь в сговоре с властями Европейского Союза, перемещали тысячи нелегалов в Европу под предлогом спасения людей

Перечень НПО, о которых идет речь: MOAS, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye and Life Boat. Как мы видим, все организации имеют благородные и цивилизованные названия, способные ввести в заблуждение относительно целей, которые они преследуют, любого нормального человека.

Издание Zero Hedge утверждает, что все перечисленные четыре НПО забирали людей в ливийских территориальных водах и сообщали о своих дальнейших действиях итальянским властям за 10 часов до момента покидания иммигрантами Ливии. Итальянская береговая охрана же руководила в координации с НПО «спасением на местах». В доказательство своих слов издание приводит публикацию Caught in the act: NGOs deal in migrant smuggling.

Организация MOAS имеет тесные связи с известной американской ЧВК «Blackwater», американской армией и мальтийским флотом. Доказательства: The Americans from MOAS ferry migrants to Europe

Существует также полный отчет о судах, участвующих в транспортировке людей из Ливии, а также о том, как людей поощряют иммигрировать в Европу.

Расследование Zero Hedge лишний раз доказало, что нашествие так называемых беженцев в Европу носит организованный характер и преследует далеко идущие цели для создания на территории Евросоюза хаоса и кровавых столкновений между «беженцами» и местными жителями.

Массовая перевозка беженцев в Европу организована американцами

эксперты уже обнаружили связь некоторых организаций с частными американскими военными компаниями и крупными финансистами.

Пол Уотсон: во что превратился Париж

Родина видит
Опубликовано: 28 сент. 2018 г.

Авторский перевод студии «Родина видит».
В последние несколько десятилетий бурная деятельность США и их союзников в области перекраивания геополитической карты мира принесла немало горя, как отдельным народам, так и целым регионам.
Югославия, Ирак, Ливия, Тунис, Афганистан, Египет, Йемен, Сирия - вот лишь некоторые из тех стран, к которым успела приложить свою руку «Коалиция добра», активно применяя политтехнологии и военный потенциал.
Несомненно, все ее члены, участвовавшие в разорении других стран, руководствовались жаждой легкой наживы, но похоже не все из них понимали, чем для них может обернуться устроенный ими хаос на Ближнем Востоке.
А обернулось это масштабным наплывом в Европу беженцев со всей Африки и Центральной Азии, к которому первая была явно не готова. Это спровоцировало рост преступности, падение уровня жизни и изменение облика некогда красивейших и опрятнейших городов «Старого континента».
И если уж краткосрочные результаты выглядят настолько неутешительно, то какова тогда долгосрочная перспектива запущенных процессов?
Идя по трупам за сиюминутной выгодой, не стоит забывать о законе бумеранга.

Пол Уотсон: либеральный рай - Сан-Франциско

Авторский перевод студии «Родина видит».
На земле есть немало городов, жизнь в которых может казаться сказкой, манящим миражом, воспетым многочисленными поэтами и музыкантами.
Как раз одним из таких городов и является американский Сан-Франциско, расположенный на берегу Тихого океана.
Уж как его только не называли: и городом тысячи огней и городом в стиле диско и городом добрых людей.
Но что же на самом деле сейчас представляет из себя этот город? Если коротко, то можно сказать, что он пал жертвой излишней либерализации и неумелого руководства, со всеми вытекающими последствиями. Наркомания, бездомные, грязь и преступность - вот лишь некоторые из его хронических недугов, бороться с которыми, похоже, власти не особо торопятся.
Ну а более полную картину вам покажет британский видеоблогер и сотрудник канала INFOWARS Пол Джозеф Уотсон!
Лос Анджелес - Город Бездомных. Часть Первая.

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Лос Анджелес - Venice Beach Пэк. Часть вторая.

29. Обездоленные США. Сегрегация в Америке.

ВДУМЧИВО ОБО ВСЁМ. Авторский блог Назара Илишева
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Швеция. По законам шариата

RTД на Русском
Опубликовано: 29 июн. 2018 г.

Швеция считается самой дружелюбной к беженцам страной в Европе. Вот только они, как правило, не принимают местный уклад и даже навязывают окружающим собственный. Коренные жители всё больше опасаются за своё будущее. Прежняя Швеция исчезает, говорят они. В стране резко выросла преступность, во многих городах появились мигрантские гетто, куда опасаются выезжать «скорая помощь» и пожарные. Не надеясь на полицию, люди начинают сами патрулировать улицы. Ширится поддержка националистических движений. Похоже, мультикультурализм оборачивается здесь своей противоположностью — столкновением культур. И это признают даже сами беженцы.
Подписывайтесь на RTД Russian —

Всё что вам не рассказывают о хаосе и катастрофической ситуации в Швеции

          Bruce Arthur: Canada might have to rescue the Winter Olympics      Cache   Translate Page      

Not to put too much pressure on Canada, especially given the current state of the neighbours, but it may be up to us to save the Olympics. Not the movement itself, of course. There are lots of Canadians like Beckie Scott and Dick Pound and others who are fighting the good fight on existential underpinnings like doping. And thank goodness for them.

But for the moment they appear to have lost that fight. In some ways, the Olympics don’t want to be saved.

When it comes to the 2026 Winter Games, though, Canada may be the only hope. There are only three potential bids, which the International Olympic Committee approved Tuesday: Milan and Cortina D’Ampezzo in Italy (which could be the last Winter Games in central Europe ever, if you think about it), Stockholm in Sweden (plus some sliding in Latvia), and Calgary (plus some events in Whistler, B.C.). Turkey, the autocratic bid, was dropped last week. You know what they say about scapegoat-based autocratic populism these days: they can’t win ’em all.

The IOC, meanwhile, insists there is no Plan B, which is the kind of thing you say when you have great options, right? Salt Lake City is definitely not just sitting there, ready to be an emergency Olympic host and give NBC two straight chances to make the most patriotic possible pile of time zone-friendly money.

But other than a last-ditch Mormon option, or maybe Barcelona, Canada appears to be the safest harbour left. The IOC was effusive, of course. Vice-president Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr. said in the IOC Session in Buenos Aires, “People might say that we only have three candidates. But let me tell you, we do have three candidates … that are extraordinary.” Of Calgary he said, “Calgary is a very big city, Canada is a very developed country, and they can do that any day of the week. There is no problem there.” Of Italy he said, “No doubt they can do the Games.” Of Sweden he said, “Again, it’s a very attractive concept.”

“Any of the three would be a good, trustworthy partner for us. Legacy, guaranteed everywhere. Legacy, I repeat, guaranteed,” Samaranch said. “Nothing that would come out of ’26 would make us feel ashamed in ’46.”

Read more:

Calgary one of three cities remaining in bid race to host 2026 Winter Olympics

Opinion | Bob Hepburn: Why Toronto should bid for the 2024 Olympics

Experts question Calgary BidCo’s claims on economic benefits of Olympics

Very comforting. Toronto has successfully dodged this kind of question, because bids are hard, and getting trickier. The IOC had real trouble in 2022, which went to Beijing because the other option was Kazakhstan, which would have been the modern wagon-and-yak Olympics. Democracies dropped out of winter bidding because people have realized the Olympic Games cost a lot of money and leave you with exotic infrastructure investments whose usefulness expires with the Games. The last three Games — in Sochi, Russia, Rio de Janeiro, and Pyeongchang, South Korea — all left expensive and unwanted leftover behind.

But this time, democracies are back! Well, sort of. After every glowing review of a candidate, Samaranch would sigh and say, “politics.” In Sweden they are still sorting out the recent elections, but to this point there has been almost no government support for the bid. In Italy, it was supposed to be a three-city deal, and then Turin exited, so they are working with a plan that was literally reworked last month.

And Calgary will hold that Nov. 13 plebiscite with no vocal support from the mayor, the premier or the federal government. Still, Canada may be the best bet. Robert Livingstone, the Toronto-based journalist for, predicted this was how the bidding would come out a year ago, and thinks Calgary has the best chance.

“I think the IOC really wants Europe, if available, with priority on Sweden,” he says. “Calgary wins if it’s the only city left in the race. Which could well happen, if the plebiscite goes ‘yes.’ ”

So will it? The IOC showed a very simple video that extolled the all-too-neat economics of the new Olympics, claiming it will be profitable and clean and will make your children want to exercise. Samaranch said “it’s our job to go out and make people understand that the inspiration, the good things the Olympic Games bring to a community, come with no significant financial risks to that community.”

No significant financial risks! None! It felt like he was selling insurance.

And as the IOC was extolling the new, cheaper, less monolithic New Norm process to keep the cost and negative impact of bidding down, a report from Japan’s board of audit said the Tokyo 2020 bid will cost up to $25 billion (U.S.), up from $7.3 billion (U.S.) in 2013.

The IOC contested this, saying some of the items put under the Olympic umbrella shouldn’t be counted. But as The Associated Press reported, some of the items under dispute included “barrier-free facilities for Paralympic athletes, training programs for volunteers, and advertising and tourism plans.” Also, the audit also said the budget did not include, uh, security costs. Or upgrading the existing buildings that will used during the Games. Or running the doping lab. Well, maybe that’s optional, now.

In Calgary, meanwhile, the security budget is two-thirds that of Vancouver 2010, which seems like the tip of an accounting iceberg. So the people of Calgary will have to decide on the same essential question every non-autocratic nation has to answer: How much do you trust the IOC? Experience would tell you, not much, right? Not much.

But Italy is rickety and Sweden ain’t Eden, and the IOC is sweet-talking promises like never before. Canada might be needed to save the Olympics. Unless the good people of Calgary decide that for all the promises, it’s not worth saving at all.

          Tray Forming Machine Market: MEA, CIS and Russia Expected Moderate Growth for Worldwide       Cache   Translate Page      
(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 10, 2018 ) The global packaging industry integrates small, medium and large manufacturers and distributors to serve different sectors such as agricultural, food processing and some other areas. A tray, which is used in packaging, can be manufactured through tray forming machine...
          Skripal attack: Second Salisbury suspect 'decorated' officer - BBC News      Cache   Translate Page      

BBC News

Skripal attack: Second Salisbury suspect 'decorated' officer
BBC News
The second suspect in the Salisbury poisoning case was a doctor and highly decorated Russian military intelligence officer, an investigative website says. Bellingcat said it used a combination of online material and leaked documents to identify ...
A look at suspected Russian plots abroad _ and the plottersWashington Times
Second suspect in Skripal poisoning identified: Research
Second Skripal Poisoning Suspect Identified as Dr. Alexander Mishkinbellingcat
all 1,423 news articles »

          Poisoning suspect honored by Putin in 2014, UK group says      Cache   Translate Page      

A British investigative group says one of the two suspects in the poisoning of an ex- Russian spy in Britain is a military intelligence officer who was made a Hero of the Russian Federation by President Vladimir Putin in 2014

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          Little-known UK site Bellingcat hunts online for scoops      Cache   Translate Page      

A little-known website that fingered two Russians with military intelligence backgrounds in the poisoning of an ex-spy derived its name from an old fable about mice discussing how best to deal with a hungry cat

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          A look at suspected Russian plots abroad _ and the plotters      Cache   Translate Page      

There's a dizzying array of accusations against Russians suspected of committing crimes abroad on the Kremlin's behalf

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          The Latest: Kremlin refuses to comment on Bellingcat report      Cache   Translate Page      

The Kremlin has refused to comment on the claim by investigative group Bellingcat that one of the two suspects in the poisoning of an ex-spy in England is a doctor who works for Russian military intelligence

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          China’s Nefarious Espionage Scheme Revealed…Are You Affected?      Cache   Translate Page      

While many of our national security concerns seem to be revolving around the Russian influence in our electoral process, a new threat has emerged in the east, and it's terrifying in its magnitude.

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          Russian Troll Factory Hit with Molotov Cocktail      Cache   Translate Page      
Russia's most famous "troll factory," a building where Kremlin-financed shitposters wage a battle of words in the New Cold War, was hit with a molotov cocktail overnight. No one was injured in the attack. The English-language news site The Moscow Times reports that the St. Petersburg building was hit around 3am local time, citing the Russian-language news website and a police source.
                Cache   Translate Page      
SURPRISING EXACTLY NOBODY: FBI’s smoking gun: Redactions protected political embarrassment, not ‘national security.’ From the heavy redactions, all one could tell is that FBI general counsel James Baker met with an unnamed person who provided some information in September 2016 about Russia, email hacking and a possible link to the Trump campaign. Not a reporter […]
          Watch: LGBT Agenda Exposed in Hardhitting Documentary Banned in Canada      Cache   Translate Page      

This blockbuster, 1 hour documentary originally aired on Russian prime-time TV in May of 2015, causing a sensation in Russia at the time.   It has never appeared in English, until now, subtitled or dubbed. This translation is dubbed. It is available exclusively on the Russia Insider Youtube channel. It had a substantial 6 figure [...]

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          Enigmatica: Беляши пушистые      Cache   Translate Page      

Беляши пушистые


Беляши пушистые

Не нуждаются в представлении) они пушистые, мягенькие и с вкусным мясным соком внутри ! Божественно вкусно!!!



          The 2019 Vladimir Putin Calendar Is Here, And, Yes, He’s Shirtless Again      Cache   Translate Page      
Vladimir Putin CalendarWhat A Year October 9th, 2018 – 2019 is still 85 days away, but you can get your annual Vladimir Putin calendar ready for display today. The Russian president has graced the cover for several years, and the upcoming months again find him showing off his love of sports, animals, guns, and posing shirtless. Putin […]
          Hillicon Valley: Exclusive: Audit cleared Google's privacy practices despite security flaw | US weapon systems vulnerable to cyber attacks | Russian troll farm victim of arson attack | US telecom company finds 'manipulated' hardware      Cache   Translate Page      
Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivi...
          While Mueller Stays Quiet, Suspicious Trump–Russia Clues Keep Popping Up      Cache   Translate Page      
Wow. Jonathan Chait writes in New York: “I think we’ll be treated very fairly,” President Trump told reporters yesterday, after meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. “Everybody understands there was no collusion, there’s no Russia. It was all made up by the Democrats.” If Trump is going to shut down the Russia investigation, he is probably […]
          Shooting an advertising video by Videoroot      Cache   Translate Page      

RUSSIA, MOSCOW - August 25, 2018: The film crew shoots an advertising video for the Moscow leading event Andrei Predelin. Embankment of the Moscow River in August 2018 in Moscow Russian Federation


          libertarians rally against increasing pensions by Videoroot      Cache   Translate Page      

RUSSIA, MOSCOW - JULE 29, 2018: Agreed meeting against raising the retirement age on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow. The rally was organized by the Libertarian Party of Russia. At the rally, citizens gathered with flags and symbols of the Libertarian Party of Russia, Yabloko and Democratic Choice parties, the Open Russia movement, anarchist and feminist movements, as well as supporters of the oppositionist Alexei Navalny in Jule 28 2018 in Moscow Russian Federation


          Another Generation Of Fools      Cache   Translate Page      
From the very beginning to be deceived As the lies began to rant and were never reprieved, From the biggest inauguration ever- To all of that fake news, hoax, know no Russians, and witch hunt endeavor. Like Hitler said “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. […]
          Ari Melber on how rapper Young Dolph explains the Russia Probe      Cache   Translate Page      
Wall Street Journal’s Shelby Holliday, along with MSNBC Legal Analyst Maya Wiley and former federal prosecutor John Flannery, joins Ari Melber on her reporting that a GOP operative connected to Flynn raised $100,000 to obtain Hillary Clinton’s stolen...
          Three Really Really Really Urgent      Cache   Translate Page      
Clean up that river. NO. Clean up that air. NO. Stop that Russian investigation and WH finances. YES. =========================================== Attempts STRONG- In FULL scheme all along.  
          Front Office (Agent), Russian Speaking - Shangri-La Hotels - Abu Dhabi      Cache   Translate Page      
Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi. The hotel is located within the acclaimed Qaryat Al Beri complex, on a one-kilometre stretch of private beach...
From Shangri-la Hotels - Tue, 28 Aug 2018 16:28:33 GMT - View all Abu Dhabi jobs
          Gentoo-Based Calculate Linux 18 Released with Linux Kernel 4.18, Faster Boot      Cache   Translate Page      
Alexander Tratsevskiy announced the release of Calculate Linux 18, a major version of his Gentoo-based operating system targeting the Russian Linux community.
          The US Congress holds midterm elections on 6 November - Westpac      Cache   Translate Page      

Analysts at Westpac noted that The US Congress holds midterm elections on 6 November.

Key Quotes:

"The Republican party controls both houses. Democrats are hoping to break their grip on the levers of power. Markets should take an "as expected" outcome in their stride but midterms always produce surprises so markets and AUD could be whippy around the results."

What are the midterms?

"The US holds midterm congressional elections on Tuesday 6 November. Midterm elections are held every four years, at the halfway point between presidential elections. All 435 seats in the House and 35 of 100 Senate seats face re-election. (House members serve two-year terms with the entire chamber facing re-election at the same time while Senators serve staggered six-year terms with 1/3 up for re-election every two years)."

What’s at stake?

"While midterms usually garner much less interest than presidential elections there has been a surge in voter turnout in primaries and special elections ahead of November elections.

Midterms are typically viewed as a referendum on the president and the current presidency is among the more divisive in an already deeply polarised electorate.

Republicans controls both houses. Trump’s ability govern over the next two years hinge on the midterms. Prospects for the Republican party in the House are thought to be decidedly weak with polls, fundraising, history and Trump’s low approval rating all pointing to heavy losses. However, the Senate looks much safer for Republicans.

Taking back one or both chambers would give Democrats a louder voice in setting the legislative agenda, though the President’s veto powers would constrain them from reversing his policies.

While much of Trump's agenda for the economy has already been implemented the prospects for an extension of tax cuts, infrastructure and more deregulation hinge on the midterms.

Winning the House would give Democrats oversight power and authority to create “select committees”. A Democrat majority would likely pursue numerous controversies including Russian meddling and Trump’s personal finances. Impeachment risks are high under a Democrat led House, potentially unsettling markets, though the need for a two thirds majority in the Senate would thwart any serious attempt."

          Roger Stone associate fighting Mueller in court slams ‘problematic’ Russia probe      Cache   Translate Page      
          Novatek sees benefits of GBS for LNG plans      Cache   Translate Page      
Russian independent hopes gravity-based structures approach at Arctic LNG 2 will shorten time to future projects
          ‘Shut up that dimwit’: Khabib Nurmagomedov returns home a hero      Cache   Translate Page      
RUSSIA’S Khabib Nurmagomedov said he had ‘shut up that dimwit’ Conor McGregor as he lapped up a hero’s welcome on his return home following the successful defence of his UFC lightweight crown.
          "pRoVen INnoCeNt"      Cache   Translate Page      
Despite everything, Justice Kavanaugh was sworn in to the SCOTUS on the evening of Saturday, Oct 6, by Chief Justice John Roberts. The NY Times has reported evidence of tax fraud from the '70s and '80s; Donald Trump and his family evaded a tax bill that could have been as high as half a billion dollars. Trump is currently the President of the United States. Nikki Haley, ambassador to the U.N., has announced her resignation. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change produced a new report warning of warming by as much as 1.5°C as early as 2040. More shady shit around Trump's 2016 campaign is coming out.

To explain the title: While Kavanaugh was sworn in on Saturday, a matching public ceremony was held on Monday, where Pres. Trump made comments and said (contrary to facts) Kavanaugh had been "proven innocent".

Meanwhile, ethics complaints involving Kavanaugh have been filed with the DC Circuit Court, but will probably now be dropped.

Shady Campaign Shit:
• Trump Campaign Aide Requested Online Manipulation Plans From Israeli Intelligence Firm (NYT), in which Trump campaign official Rick Gates requested proposals to use fake online identities and social media manipulation for the campaign and a suspicious Trump Tower meeting with the owner of the intelligence firm, George Nader, Erik Prince, and Donald Trump Jr.

• GOP Operative Secretly Raised at Least $100,000 in Search for Clinton Emails; Opposition researcher's efforts are of intense interest to investigators probing Russian election interference (WSJ/@WSJ) Including his own $50K contribution Peter W. Smith raised a total of $150K for the nonexistent "the Washington Scholarship Fund for the Russian students".

• The FBI freezes the assets of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Meanwhile, onetime Deripaska employee Paul Manafort faces asset forfeiture, including his Trump Tower condo.

Other news:
ActBlue is highlighting a Great Slate of new progressive candidates.

Ted Cruz declines a debate, so challenger Beto O'Rourke gets an hour on national TV by himself. Star-Telegram with a headshot of O'Rourke that makes him look weirdly like the guy in American Psycho.

Invisible Primary 2020: Cory Booker gives 'the speech of his life' in Iowa, Kamala Harris plans an Iowa visit, and Elizabeth Warren says she'll take a 'hard look' at running for president.

Maybe Dumbing it Down is Good Politics - Martin Longman, Washington Monthly; research has emerged showing that lower verbal and cognitive ability is predictive of Trump support

Reuters, Lawrence Hurley, U.S. top court rebuffs appeal of Kavanaugh ruling nixing climate rule: a 2015 regulation on HFCs was struck down in 2017, coincidentally by Judge Kavanaugh. The SCOTUS is letting it stay struck down.

HuffPo, Mary Papenfuss, Watchdog Group Calls For Probe Of Nikki Haley Flights Funded By Businessmen

Mother Jones, Rebecca Leber, This Oil Lobbyist Is the Real Power Behind Trump's Interior Department

NY Mag's Grub Street reports, Government Drops Deportation Case Against Pizza Deliveryman Pablo Villavicencio

AP, Deported parents may lose to adoption

Buzzfeed, Hamed Aleaziz, ICE Attorneys Were Told Last Year To Stop Using Their Discretion In Immigration Cases

Taylor Swift makes an Instagram post endorsing Philip Bredesen, who is running for Congress in Tennessee. Dudes are mad about it, but she may have sparked a surge in voter registrations.

Previously in U.S. Politics FPPs: 'Indelible in the Hippocampus is the Laughter')

Remember to check your voter registration: voter registration deadlines are upon us.

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          Google Lied About "Dragonfly" China Censorship Project According To Leaked Transcript      Cache   Translate Page      

According to a leaked transcript, Google lied to the media regarding their secretive Chinese search engine, according to The Intercept.

The project, code-named Dragonfly, would blacklist phrases like "human rights," "student protest," and "Nobel Prize," and has resulted in at least seven Google employees quitting for ethical reasons. Other employees have circulated a letter recognizing a "code yellow" emergency, suggesting that the Dragonfly initiative violates Google's ethical code, which states that the company will not build or deploy technologies "whose purpose contravenes widely accepted principles of international law and human rights," according to The Intercept

The project has also drawn criticism from human rights groups, congressional legislators and Vice President Mike Pence - who called on the search engine giant to "immediately end development of the Dragonfly app that will strengthen the Communist Party’s censorship and compromise the privacy of Chinese customers."

Google, meanwhile, lied in their attempts to downplay the project

In late September, longtime Google exec and search engine chief Ben Gomes told BBC News: "Right now, all we’ve done is some exploration," adding "but since we don’t have any plans to launch something, there’s nothing much I can say about it."

That answer, according to one Google source, was "bullshit" according to The Intercept, which published a leaked transcript from a July 18 meeting that tells a completely different story

You have taken on something extremely important to the company,” Gomes declared, according to a transcript of his comments obtained by The Intercept. “I have to admit it has been a difficult journey. But I do think a very important and worthwhile one. And I wish ourselves the best of luck in actually reaching our destination as soon as possible.” -The Intercept

Gomes said he hoped the censored Chinese search engine could be launched between six and nine months, but it could be sooner. "This is a world none of us have ever lived in before," he said. "So I feel like we shouldn’t put too much definite into the timeline."

In September, Google executive Keith Enright told the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee that project Dragonfly exists, however he said "we are not close to launching a product in China," though he refused to elaborate, claiming that he was "not clear on the contours of what is in scope or out of scope for that project."

Gomes’s remarks to staff, which can be read in full below, highlight the stark contrast between Google’s public and private statements about Dragonfly. The secretive project has been underway since spring 2017 — and has involved about 300 employees, the majority of whom have worked full-time on the plan. It was far beyond an “exploration,” and the plan to launch it was well-developed, as some of Google’s own employees have themselves highlighted in recent weeks, despite the company’s efforts to suppress such information. -The Intercept

Gomes's comments also explain why Google is interested in returning to China after making a big deal about leaving the communist country in 2010 because they "could no longer continue censoring our results" over free speech and security concerns. 

In explaining to staff why the work on Dragonfly was “extremely important,” Gomes referenced the sheer size of the Chinese market, saying “we are talking about the next billion users” for Google. He also called China “the most interesting market in the world today.” “By virtue of working on this,” Gomes added, “you will act as a window onto this world of innovation that we are otherwise blind to.” -The Intercept

In other words, Google is compromising its ethical commitment for money. 

Ben Gomes Addresses Google Staff Working on Dragonfly, July 18, 2018:

"I think this has been a long haul for many of you, I just want to acknowledge that first of all. Many of you have started working on this a while back. It’s not been easy working on a project with no obvious outcome. Thank you for that. In doing so you have taken on something extremely important to the company — our basic mission of serving all of the world’s users. Along the way, I think there are many benefits that come to us that are auxiliary, not just from the direct work, but from all of the auxiliary things of working in China.

There are two ways in which I think about Google. One of them is technology and the other one is product and serving users. So from the point of view of serving users, there is no question — we are talking about the next billion users. But actually I was looking at it, there’s like 5 billion adults in the world, so why are we thinking about the next billion users? Well, some of them are not enabled, internet-enabled, and so on. And of the people who are internet-enabled, a huge fraction of the ones we are missing out are in China.

And so the opportunity there is — all of you will know this, but — it’s clearly the biggest opportunity to serve more people that we have. And if you take our mission seriously, that’s where our key focus should be. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Many of these things are not easy, and you all know this now from personal experience. Also given the political climate. The future is very unpredictable. Six to nine months [to launch]. But we couldn’t have predicted the last three days of politics, let alone the last year of politics, [or] the last two or three years of politics. So we just don’t know what the future holds in some ways. We have to be focused on what we want to enable, and then when the opening happens we are ready for it.

And you guys have been working in that capacity and it’s not easy. We are working with you to make sure your careers are not affected by this. The difficult part is to maintain motivation on such a long haul. But that’s true of many difficult and worthwhile journeys. To maintain that motivation along the way, so that when you do reach that goal, it’s all the sweeter. I also want to say — I didn’t expect we’d be able to make the changes from a search perspective that we’ve been able to. So I think there’s a slide on this? There are improvements, and I thought that because we didn’t have all the signals from China, I thought we may make marginal progress and we’ll do our best. But you guys … this is really pretty amazing to me that we made this much progress. … When you begin to pay attention to things, things really do get a lot better, and the coverage, the improvements the team has made, I am so grateful for the work you have put in.

The second part of what I think we do that is the value of going into China, is that China I think is one of the most interesting markets, arguably the most interesting market in the world today. Just by virtue of being there and paying attention to the Chinese market, we will learn things, because in many ways China was leading the world in some kinds of innovation. We need to understand what is happening there in order to inspire us. It’s not just a one-way street. China will teach us things that we don’t know. And the people, as you work on this, both in the Chinese offices and elsewhere, paying attention to the things that are happening there is incredibly valuable for us as Google, potentially not just in China, but somewhere else entirely.

Everybody is aware of some of the key models, business models, that have changed in China. But I am sure there are more, other innovations we are not aware of today. And by virtue of working on this, you will act as a window onto this world of innovation that we are otherwise blind to. So overall I just want to thank you guys for all the work you have put in. I ask for your patience for continuing on this for a while longer. And I have to admit it has been a difficult journey. But I do think a very important and worthwhile one. And I wish ourselves the best of luck in actually reaching our destination as soon as possible.

While we are saying it’s going to be six and nine months [to launch], the world is a very dynamic place. A few weeks back, nobody would have predicted that the U.S. president would blame the U.S. for issues with Russia, and the Russian foreign ministry would respond [on] Twitter saying, “We agree.” And so the good or bad thing about this is, he’s shaken things up so much that things can radically change quickly. So at some level, at our scale, we need to maintain that optionality, in case suddenly the world changes or he decides his new best friend is [Chinese President] Xi Jinping. This is a world none of us have ever lived in before. So I feel like we shouldn’t put too much definite into the timeline too.

All I am saying, we have built a set of hacks and we have kept them. If there is a way to sort of freeze some of it, so it can be brought off the shelf and quickly deployed while we are dripping it all out, and changing it, we should take the long-term view. The pace of the world is changing. There is a huge binary difference between being launched and not launched. And so we want to be careful that we don’t miss that window if it ever comes."

          The World Is Quietly Decoupling From The US... And No One Is Paying Attention      Cache   Translate Page      

Authored by Alt-Market's Brandon Smith via Birch Gold Group,

Blind faith in the U.S. dollar is perhaps one of the most crippling disabilities economists have in gauging our economic future. Historically speaking, fiat currencies are animals with very short lives, and world reserve currencies are even more prone to an early death. But, for some reason, the notion that the dollar is vulnerable at all to the same fate is deemed ridiculous by the mainstream.

This delusion has also recently bled into parts of the alternative economic movement, with some analysts hoping that the Trump Administration will somehow reverse several decades of central bank sabotage in only four to eight years.

However, this thinking requires a person to completely ignore the prevailing trend.

Years before there was ever an inkling of a trade war, multiple nations were establishing bilateral agreements that would cut the dollar as the primary exchange mechanism. China has been a leader in this effort, despite it being one of the largest buyers of U.S. Treasury debt and dollar reserves since the 2008 crash. In the past few years, these bilateral deals have been growing in scope, starting small and then expanding into massive agreements on raw commodities. China and Russia are a perfect example of the de-dollarization trend, with the two nations forming a trade alliance on natural gas as far back as 2014. That agreement, which is expected to start boosting imports to China this year, removes the need for dollars as a reserve mechanism for international purchases.

Russia and parts of Europe, including Germany, are also growing closer in terms of trade ties. With Germany and Russia entering into the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline deal despite condemnations from the Trump Administration, we can see a clear progression of nations moving away from the U.S. and the dollar, and into a “basket of currencies”.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry has suggested that sanctions are possible over the Nordstream project, but trade war policies only seem to be hastening the international departure from the U.S. as the center of trade influence. American sanctions on Iranian oil support this argument, as China, Russia and much of Europe are working together to sidestep U.S. restrictions on Iranian crude.

China has even instituted its own petroyuan market, and the first shipments of oil from the Middle East to China paid for through a petroyuan contract occurred in August of this year. Mainstream economists like to point out the small portion of the global oil market that the petroyuan represents, but they seem to have missed the bigger picture entirely. The issue is, now an alternative to the petrodollar exists where none existed before. And this is the crux of the matter that needs to be examined: The trend towards alternatives, and all alternatives leading to centralization by global banks.

Beyond the shift away from the U.S. dollar as a global reserve, there is a new matter of alternative international payment systems. SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is a global network of “financial messages” between major banks, including central banks. Transactions are recorded through the SWIFT network, which allows fast confirmation of “messages” and updates of accounts across the world.

Originally founded in Brussels, for decades SWIFT has been the only such banking network with global capacity, and until recently the primary data centers have been in the U.S. and the Netherlands.

The U.S. government has exploited extensive economic control using influence on SWIFT, including mass surveillance of international financial transactions and denying countries like Iran access to SWIFT through sanctions. In the past, the U.S. has seized or frozen funds being transferred through SWIFT between banks outside of U.S. borders, including entirely legal transactions, indicating that the U.S. has overt control over the system. The world reserve status of the dollar, combined with U.S. influence over the most important tool in international banking transactions, has solidified U.S. fiscal dominance for many years.

But the dollar’s reign is quickly coming to an end, as global banks like the IMF seek to centralize monetary authority under a single world structure. The great illusion being perpetrated is that the “multi-polar world order” that is arising is somehow “anti-globalist”. This is simply not the case.

So, what is actually happening? The world is getting smaller as everyone EXCEPT the U.S. is consolidating economically. This includes alternatives to SWIFT.

Russia dumps U.S. Treasuries but maintains close ties to the IMF and BIS, calling for a world currency system under the IMF’s control. China does the same, increasing ties to the IMF through its SDR basket system, while cutting its ties to the dollar one by one. Europe is embracing closer trade with both Russia and China, working to defy U.S. sanctions.

Now, all of these nations are building new SWIFT-like networks in order to cut the U.S. out of the loop. In other words, the U.S. is becoming the bumbling villain of our global soap opera, and through its own hubris, it is setting the stage for its own destruction. The U.S. is acting as a catalyst, helping global banks by frightening enemies and allies into further centralization. At least, that is the narrative I suspect future historians will repeat.

As part of the effort to undermine U.S. sanctions on Iranian oil, the EU has established a program to construct a new SWIFT system outside of U.S. influence. It is a model that Russia, China and Iran have agreed to participate in, and the news has gone mostly ignored by the mainstream. The Wall Street Journal begrudgingly reported on the development but dismissed it as ineffective in thwarting U.S. sanctions. And this seems to be the consensus among the MSM – to shrug off or ignore the implications of an alternative SWIFT.

Dollar bias rears its ugly head once again, and the dangers of this kind of denial are many. The dollar can be, and is being, bypassed through bilateral trade deals. U.S. dominance of oil markets is being bypassed through alternative petro-contracts. And now, U.S. control of financial networks is being bypassed through alternative SWIFT programs. The only thread that is holding the dollar and, by extension, the U.S. economy together is the fact that these alternatives are not widespread yet. This will inevitably change.

So, the question is – When will it change?

I believe the pace of the trade war will dictate the pace of the de-dollarization shift. The more aggressive that tariffs become between the U.S. and China, Iran, Europe and Russia, the faster that already existing alternative systems will be implemented. Currently, the speed of the U.S.-China conflict suggests a move away from the dollar and into an international basket of currencies by the end of 2020, with the process taking approximately another decade to become concrete.  That is to say, the SDR basket system will act as a bridge over time to a new world reserve currency; a single global currency system.

With current tariffs encompassing at least half of Chinese trade, and the other half under threat if China retaliates in any way, I believe that it is only a matter of months before China uses its own dollar and treasury reserves as a weapon against the U.S. And, when this happens, China will not announce the move publicly, nor will the mainstream media pick up on the event until it is far too late.

Do not expect Europe to come to the aid of America if this happens. To me, it seems to be clear from the EU’s recent behavior that they plan to remain neutral, at the very least during escalation, if not fully side with China and Russia out of economic necessity.

Preparing for this event requires as much financial independence as possible. This means tangible alternatives to the dollar, like precious metals, and localized economies based on barter and trade. Once the dollar loses world reserve status the transfer of price inflation into the U.S. will be immense. Dollars held overseas will come flooding back into the country as they will no longer be needed for international exchange of goods and resources. This switch could occur very quickly, like an avalanche.

Again, do not expect much of a warning before foreign creditors dump dollar-based assets, and do not expect a large window of time before the negative effects are visible on Main Street.

*  *  *

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          русалла: Как США и Канада пилят на строительстве моста (Руслан Осташко)      Cache   Translate Page      

В либеральном курятнике есть отдельная жёрдочка, которую облюбовали так называемые «финансовые аналитики». Это клоуны, с 2014 года вещающие про «доллар по 200 рублей». Теперь у них, похоже, будет траур. Ссылка на канал PolitRussia в Telegram: Руслан Осташко в социальных сетях:
          Second suspect in Salisbury Skripal attack ‘was Hero of Russian Federation’      Cache   Translate Page      
Alexander Mishkin received the award personally from President Vladimir Putin, investigators claim.
          Russian Influence Rising in Balkans, Baltics, Central Europe      Cache   Translate Page      
A week before a crucial election, Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik traveled to Russia for a Formula One race — not because he’s a big fan but for yet another meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Footage from the race in Sochi showed Putin wishing Dodik “great success” in the Bosnian election and the Serb presenting Putin with a Republika Srpska pin, the Serb-controlled autonomous region in Bosnia.  The video was a blatant display of Russia influence in one of Europe’s most sensitive regions — the fragile Balkans — where the West has sought to encourage reconciliation and reform after a brutal ethnic war in the 1990s.  The brief photo opportunity with Putin helped Dodik win the race to fill the Serb seat in Bosnia’s three-member presidency on Sunday, deepening the ethnic divisions that have held Bosnia back since its devastating 1992-1995 war. Dodik openly advocates having Serbs separate from the rest of Bosnia and has been sanctioned by the U.S. for his policies. But he has proven to be a key ally in Moscow’s efforts to undermine the Western policies of Balkan integration.  While Russian influence is the most obvious in the Balkans, an upsurge of populism in Central Europe has also played into Moscow’s hands, providing sympathetic political parties and politicians across the continent, including in European Union nations like Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic.   Pro-Russia forces also did well in another corner of Europe.  In Latvia, an opposition party favored by the country’s large ethnic Russian minority got the most votes Saturday in the Baltic nation’s parliamentary election, although the party is expected to run into difficulties in trying to form a coalition government.  Latvia’s Russian minority is a major domestic political force, accounting for about 25 percent of its nearly 2 million people, a legacy of nearly 50 years of Soviet occupation that ended in 1991. Dodik’s victory in Bosnia further strengthened Moscow’s foothold in the Western Balkans, since he can how block any strategic decision — if Putin says so. Russia staunchly opposes any more Balkan countries joining NATO. Western officials have expressed fear that Russia has used its historic Slavic and Orthodox Christian ties in the region to undermine Western policies of integration.  Sarajevo-based political analyst Adan Huskic said Moscow’s influence was also growing in the parts of Europe that don’t have those identity links.  What these countries have in common are “high levels of nepotism, corruption” so bonding more closely with Western democracies is “by nature, very difficult for them,” he said.  Russia’s strategic aim is not to assert authority over the Balkans but to “harness and magnify existing tensions,” the European Council on Foreign Relations said in a report.  “In Russian eyes, the EU’s approach toward the Western Balkans is neither serious nor systematic, and so offers Moscow opportunities to create leverage,” the report added. Russian allies in the Balkans have been actively sowing mistrust in Western democracies, presenting Washington and Brussels as enemies who want to strip nations of their identity and national pride by pushing for EU integration. Dodik is a perfect example. For him, the West and NATO are enemies while Russia is a friend full of respect for the Slavic “brethren.” Absorbed in own problems — the euro debt crisis, immigration or Britain’s impending Brexit departure — the EU for years has neglected the Balkans. Alarmed, some EU officials now fear that Balkans could plunge into renewed conflict unless it's quickly embraced by the 28-nation bloc.  “If such a complex European region gets an impression that we are not serious with the European perspective, we will experience, sooner rather than later, what we saw in the Balkans during the 1990s,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker recently said. Those fears are not groundless. Tensions between Serbia and its former province of Kosovo, which declared independence in 2008, have been on the rise despite efforts by the EU to hammer out a lasting solution between the two former war foes. Belgrade raised the combat readiness of its troops two weeks ago over Kosovo special police presence in its Serb-populated north. In Macedonia, U.S. and EU hopes for swift passage of a deal between Macedonia and Greece to change Macedonia’s name to North Macedonia so it can join NATO suffered a blow when a Sept. 30 referendum on the name saw low turnout. The vote result raised fears of instability in the country that was on the brink of a civil war in 2001.  U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis saw Russian influence behind some Macedonia and Greek protests against the move. “We do not want to see Russia doing (in Macedonia) what they have tried to do in so many other countries,” he said last month. Russia has denied meddling in any Balkan or Baltic country. But Russia's soft-power strategy has found fertile ground among Serbs, due to NATO’s bombings in 1999 that halted a bloody Serb crackdown on Kosovo and forced Serbs to pull out. In return for Russia’s support for Serbia’s claim over Kosovo, Serbia has been a faithful ally even though it formally pursues EU integration and uses millions in Western recovery funds. Two Russian military intelligence operatives operated from Serbia in 2016 when they tried to organize a coup in neighboring Montenegro to stop the former Russian ally from joining NATO. “We saw that referendum has not succeeded in Macedonia,” said Serbian analyst Bosko Jaksic. “We can see it now in Bosnia, where the Republika of Srpska became the bastion of the Russian interest. We saw it before in Montenegro, and we are seeing it in Serbia. This is helping Russians to invest the minimum and get nearly the maximum of their political influence.”
          10/9/2018: SPORTS: Russian bobsled driver has drug ban reversed      Cache   Translate Page      
The Court of Arbitration for Sport has lifted a provisional ban imposed on one of the two Russian athletes who tested positive for doping at the Pyeongchang Olympics. CAS said Monday a contaminated product caused bobsled driver Nadezhda Sergeeva’s...
          Members' tickets for Schalke, Gladbach and Mainz on sale      Cache   Translate Page      

The advance sale of tickets for the home matches against Schalke 04, Borussia Mönchengladbach and FSV Mainz 05 is now underway for club members.

At 9.00 CET this morning, tickets were put on sale for club members for the three home matches against Schalke 04 (Saturday 1 December, 18.30 CET), Borussia Mönchengladbach and Mainz 05 (exact scheduling has yet to be announced). For the Schalke and Gladbach matches, sale is limited to four tickets per member, for the Mainz match eight per member. Tickets can be purchased via the Onlineshop  and the ticket shop at the WIRSOL Rhein-Neckar-Arena. 


          The Art Newspaper Russia №08 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Газета The Art Newspaper Russia – российская версия авторитетного международного издания об изобразительном искусстве. Мировые новости искусства, мнения экспертов, музейные события, новые книги и обзоры арт-рынка, а также календарь самых интересных выставок и аукционов в России и мире.
          10/9/2018: SPORT: Walcott wants Sancho to strut his stuff after England call      Cache   Translate Page      

THEO Walcott has backed Jadon Sancho to thrive with England after his shock selection. Borussia Dortmund forward Sancho (inset), 18, has been called up for Nations League games in Croatia on Friday and Spain on Monday. He has started just once in...
          GOP believes every conspiracy except Russian interference, left says       Cache   Translate Page      
GOP believes every conspiracy except Russian interference, left says
          Second suspect in Salisbury Skripal attack ‘was Hero of Russian Federation’      Cache   Translate Page      
Alexander Mishkin received the award personally from President Vladimir Putin, investigators claim.
          Spartak Moscow Region vs MBA Moscow, Oct 10, 2018 – Preview, Watch and Bet, Score      Cache   Translate Page      
Спартак Московская область – МБА Москва (local team names) Russian Premier League Basketball Women, Spartak Moscow Region – MBA Moscow, Wednesday, 11:00 am ET Score, Highlights Probability of winning Spartak Moscow Region 62.29% MBA Moscow 37.71% Short Preview Recent matches Spartak Moscow Region is playing mutable (in the last 5 games wins – 3). Spartak…
          Il rigore «alla russa»: segna con la capriola      Cache   Translate Page      

Il rigore «alla russa»: segna con la capriola

In Russia il giovane Norik Avdalyan ha inventato un nuovo modo di battere i penalty

          Russia, China, and (the Absence of ) Global Funding of the U.S. Fiscal Deficit…      Cache   Translate Page      
So the odds are Russia moved a portion of its reserve to China…

          SCARY: Only One Of These College Students Plans To Vote      Cache   Translate Page      
SCARY: Only One Of These College Students Plans To Vote

MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff visited the University of California Irvine on Tuesday but could only find one student who said that he planned to vote.

During his visit to Rep. Mimi Walters’ (R-CA) district in Orange County, Soboroff noted that Republicans would be in trouble if Democrats are able to motivate the 26,000 students who attend the university.

The MSNBC reporter asked about two dozen students if they planned to vote. But only one student reluctantly raised his hand.

“What do you care about?” Soboroff asked a pair of students.

“School,” a student replied.

“If you’re going to vote, what is the thing that is going to get your vote?” the MSNBC reporter wondered.

“Probably school and expenses,” another student explained.

“You’re not talking about the news that people on the news talk about all the time,” Soboroff noted. “The Russia investigation, the Supreme Court.”

“I don’t watch the news,” the first student admitted.

Soboroff asked a second pair of students if they were registered to vote. Both said they were not.

“This could be your first election,” Soboroff said. “And ultimately you could decide whether or not the House of Representatives is in Republican control. Are you thinking about all that?”

“Not currently,” one of the two students remarked. “I assume that the people voting have at least some idea of who they are voting for.”

Another student said that she “should” vote because the student demographic is notoriously unreliable.

read more

          Paulomassaxxx Paulo Massa, Momo and Micha Ruscoff      Cache   Translate Page      

Release Year: 2014
Studio: PauloMassaXXX
Cast: Paulo Massa, Momo and Micha Ruscoff
Genres: Deep Throat, Cumshort, Latino, Black, Condom

Ruscoff Micha is a beautiful russian who I was pleased to f"ck! Of course one of my friend Momo! Young but already very used to being f"cked.

Format: mp4
Duration: 41:01
Video: 848x480, AVC (H.264), 846kbps
Audio: 78kbps

File size: 279.8 MB

          Russia Today Español: (Yamal 202)      Cache   Translate Page      

Russia Today Español: (Yamal 202 49.0E, 2018-10-09 23:37)

          Europeans at the ballots: Romanian anti-gay referendum fails, Serb nationalist elected to Bosnian presidency and more      Cache   Translate Page      

Last weekend saw a number of elections and votes across Europe. In Romania, the 30% threshold was not met in the two-day anti-gay referendum. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the big news was that the pro-Russian Serb nationalist Milorad Dodik was voted into the country's three-person presidency. In Latvia's general election, the pro-Russian Harmony party got the most votes but isn't expected to form the government, while the ruling coalition suffered losses. In the Czech municipal elections, Prime (...)

- Current Affairs & Policy
          Sarah Kohan esce allo scoperto, la sexy modella ”innamorata pazza” del Chicharito      Cache   Translate Page      
 Sarah Kohan

Sarah Kohan ed il Chicharito stanno insieme, la confessione della splendida modella e blogger sul suo profilo social ufficiale “Sono pazza di te! Grata per questo nostro amore. Ogni giorno con te è un’avventura piena di libertà, felicità, risate e tanto amore. Grazie di essere te stesso. Ti amo tantissimo!”. Sarah Kohan confessa così il suo amore per il Chicarito, punta centrale del West Ham, sotto uno scatto social che li immortala insieme a Stonehenge. Dopo la fine della relazione con Andrea Duro, terminata prima dei Mondiali di Russia 2018, il messicano si è innamorato della stupenda modella e nota blogger di viaggi.    

L'articolo Sarah Kohan esce allo scoperto, la sexy modella ”innamorata pazza” del Chicharito sembra essere il primo su SPORTFAIR.

          English-Russian translation      Cache   Translate Page      
Needs to hire 2 Freelancers English to Russian translator is needed! The theme of the texts: woman underwear/lingerie product description. In the attachment you can find a part of the file that should... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: English (UK), English (US), Italian, Russian, Translation)
          Russia challenges US compliance with nuclear arms treaty      Cache   Translate Page      
MOSCOW – Russia on Monday challenged the U.S. claim that it has fulfilled its obligations under a pivotal nuclear arms deal, a new argument that could further fuel tensions between Moscow and Washington.
          Russian ‘Troll Factory’ Set on Fire      Cache   Translate Page      
“The office of Russia’s infamous troll factory believed to be at the vanguard of Russia’s information war has been set on fire in St. Petersburg overnight,” the Moscow Times reports. “An investigation revealed last year that the secretive troll factory had rebranded itself as a media conglomerate with 16 news websites generating more than 30 […]
          Eight people wounded in oil refinery blast in Bosnia      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)) MOSCOW, Oct 9 (KUNA) -- Eight oil workers had burns as a result of a blast at a Russian-owned refinery in Bosanska town, Bosnia and Herzegovina...
          Adopt Cleo a Russian Blue (Cleo (      Cache   Translate Page      
Cleo is a cuddle bug and those gold eyes. How can you resist this sweetheart? She is a Russian Blue and just had a litter of kittens. She is a nice mom but has now been spayed so she can enjoy being a 1yr old cat. This stunning girl is ready to ... see more at

          Adopt Cleo a Gray or Blue Russian Blue (medium coat) cat in Reeds Spring (      Cache   Translate Page      
Cleo is a cuddle bug and those gold eyes. How can you resist this sweetheart? She is a Russian Blue and just had a litter of kittens. She is a nice mom but has now been spayed so she can enjoy being a one year old cat. This lovely girl is ready to go home with you and cuddle up on your shoulder.

          Adopt Rosie a Russian Blue, Domestic Short Hair (Rosie (      Cache   Translate Page      
... see more at

          Adopt Lily a Russian Blue, Domestic Short Hair (Lily (      Cache   Translate Page      
... see more at

          Adopt Lily a Russian Blue cat in Brighton, MO (22835805) (      Cache   Translate Page      

          Adopt Rosie a Russian Blue cat in Brighton, MO (22835806) (      Cache   Translate Page      

          Pumyra Russian Blue Kitten Female (American Listed)      Cache   Translate Page      
Pumyra is a really cute little gray kitten, possibly with some Russian Blue in her background. Her mom was taken in by a nice couple before the kittens were born. They were all taken very nice care of then brought to the shelter when kittens were old enough. Pumyra is very playful and extra cute and would love to go home with you today, along with one of her siblings.

          Esmerelda Russian Blue Young Female (American Listed)      Cache   Translate Page      
Esmerelda is a pretty little Russian Blue mixture cat, 1yr old and spayed. Her person had too many cats, so she and brother came to the shelter. She's very affectionate and adores people. Esmerelda got a lot of socialization in her previous home, and now she's ready to go home with you and be your furrever best cat friend.

          10月9日(火)のつぶやき その6      Cache   Translate Page      

群馬の温泉地で「泊食分離」広がる 食事は違う旅館で…

— 藤原直哉 (@naoyafujiwara) 2018年10月9日 - 11:48


警備やホテル、五輪期間中の休み自粛要請 人手不足予想され…

— 藤原直哉 (@naoyafujiwara) 2018年10月9日 - 11:44

加計理事長のデタラメ会見に加計学園の職員も「ありえない」! 一方、NHKは安倍政権への忖度で完全に沈黙… @litera_webさんから

— 新保吉章 (@pat052) 2018年10月9日 - 17:06

安倍首相と面会シラ切るなら…加計理事長のアリバイ証明法… #日刊ゲンダイDIGITAL

— 新保吉章 (@pat052) 2018年10月9日 - 17:06

疑惑テンコ盛りなのに 攻めきれない加計疑惑に国民の嘆息… #日刊ゲンダイDIGITAL

— 新保吉章 (@pat052) 2018年10月9日 - 17:07


— tunenti (@tunentl) 2018年10月9日 - 14:23


— 北風ロビン(慌てると転ぶので注意) (@oldblue2012) 2018年10月9日 - 16:53

ほっとプラス・藤田孝典氏「年収が一億円を超える富裕層は、株や不動産、運用による資産収入が大半。ここに課税強化しなければ社会保障は回らない」 Twitterでの発言、賛否両論の議論を掲……

— 藤田孝典 (@fujitatakanori) 2018年10月9日 - 16:17

県知事もやられたか。だせえ。 RT @I_hate_camp ええーっ!?


— T.Ohisa (@flux_lateral) 2018年10月9日 - 13:56

@flux_lateral @Hana23270061 @I_hate_camp あの会見で納得する人などゼロですよ。

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来月、愛媛県知事選挙だろう。全力で、中村を落とそう! 玉木、チンカス、中村。偉そうなこというやつは絶対に裏取引する。…

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日本をどんどん奴隷化しながら、隷属を利権化し、大儲けしている日本人がいるのですよ。自公とも、いっさい米軍基地については触れないでしょう? いまのままであってほしいのです。真の独立などタブーの奴隷の島です。…

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国民のみんなから騙し取った 3,000,000,000,000円の税金をオリンピックに使う。 さらに政府は、イージス・アショアに 200,000,000,000円 、オスプレイ購入に、170,000,000,000円 使う。……

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武装組織から出る人間には恩赦! シリアのアサド大統領が歴史的恩赦を発した!…

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有本 香 が支持するウイグルの母! 日本の人権侵害に賛成し、アベを応援する有本がウイグル人の人権を心配?? 矛盾!

「ウイグルの母」 ラビア・カーディル女史のご子息で、中国当局……

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          Putin's Botched Pension Reform      Cache   Translate Page      
Putin's Botched Pension ReformRussia's crony-capitalist economic model requires an ever-increasing volume of funds to be burned on lavish mega-projects that generate huge profits for a dozen families close to the Kremlin. Now it seems to be pensioners' turn to make the sacrifices needed to finance the appetites of Russia's new aristocracy.
          Russian Government Accused of Hacking Agencies Investigating Its Alleged Crimes      Cache   Translate Page      
Russian Government Accused of Hacking Agencies Investigating Its Alleged CrimesRecently, American and Dutch officials accused the Russian government of a widespread series of computer attacks. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Justice indicted seven men who tried to disrupt the investigation into alleged Russian doping.
          Press Releases: Department Press Briefing - October 9, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Heather Nauert
Department Press Briefing
Washington, DC
October 9, 2018

Index for Today's Briefing
  • IRAQ


    3:12 p.m. EDT

    MS NAUERT: Hi, everyone. Good afternoon. Nice to see you all. Okay, a couple announcements to start before we’re able to take a few questions today.

    First, I’d like to address the earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi in Indonesia, and I’d like to say that the United States is coordinating closely with the Government of Indonesia to respond to the earthquake and tsunami that struck there. Since I spoke to you last week, the United States, through USAID, is now providing a total of $3.7 million in assistance through our partners to deliver essential relief items, including shelter kits, blankets, hygiene kits, solar-powered lamps, and other lifesaving aid. USAID is also airlifting heavy-duty plastic sheeting to Indonesia to provide for emergency shelter needs of up to 110,500 people. USAID has deployed a team of disaster experts to coordinate our humanitarian response efforts and is supporting a U.S. Forest Service emergency operations expert who’s on the ground providing technical support to the Government of Indonesia’s disaster response.

    The Department of Defense has provided three C-130s and has already transported nearly 30 – 63 metric tons of disaster relief supplies into the affected areas. The U.S. Government has also provided advanced technologies to help the Government of Indonesia map the disaster area.

    In addition, American companies have also mobilized to respond with financial donations, heavy equipment, transportation, and other humanitarian supplies. The U.S. citizens we were aware of in the affected areas have been evacuated. We have no reports of U.S. citizens who have been injured or killed by the earthquake or the tsunami, and we urge any additional U.S. citizens in the affected areas to contact their loved ones directly and update them on their social media status. If you’re in the affected area and need emergency services, please contact the local authorities.

    Next, I want to address something that the Secretary raised last week because nothing has changed. There are still 65 State Department nominees sitting in the United States Senate. That’s over a quarter of all the senior-level confirmable positions that the United States Department of State is tasked with using to achieve its diplomatic outcomes. There is bipartisan agreement that a fully staffed State Department is critical to American national security. The State Department has been criticized for having gaps in leadership positions, but now we’ve done our part to fix that; now the Senate needs to do its part.

    As the Secretary has said, these candidates are quality candidates. They’re not sitting on the Senate floor because of objections with respect to their quality, their professionalism, or their excellence and ability to deliver American foreign policy. The Secretary had addressed this last week, and he said we have members of the Senate for whom partisanship has now driven delay and obstruction of getting America’s diplomatic corps into every corner of the world. What Senator Menendez and other members of the Senate are doing to hold back American diplomacy rests squarely on their shoulders.

    And with that I’d be happy to take your questions. Anne, you want to go ahead?

    QUESTION: I wanted to ask about Jamal Khashoggi.

    MS NAUERT: Mm-hmm.

    QUESTION: Have you received any response from Saudi Arabia since Secretary Pompeo registered concerns regarding his disappearance?

    MS NAUERT: Sure. Let’s start out – first, I’d like to say I imagine that most if not all of you saw the statement that we put out last night. You probably also heard the President’s comments about it yesterday and also the Vice President’s tweet that he put out yesterday.

    From the Secretary on down, we have been engaged in this matter. This is something that we’ve been following. I understand that the President intends to speak with the Saudis, so I’m not going to get ahead of that conversation that the President may be having.

    In the Secretary’s statement, he said that we’ve seen conflicting reports about his status. We’re not going to make any judgments about what had happened to him. The United States is certainly concerned about his whereabouts. Senior officials at the State Department have spoken with Saudi officials through diplomatic channels about the matter. We call on the Government of Saudi Arabia to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation.

    QUESTION: It was nearly a week between his – first reports of his disappearance and that statement from Secretary Pompeo. Why was there such a delay between those two events?

    MS NAUERT: So are you assuming that taking time to put out a statement means that the State Department has not been doing anything? Is that your assumption?

    QUESTION: What was the State Department doing before the statement came out?

    MS NAUERT: The State Department was engaged at the highest levels and also at the working level and having conversations with Saudi Government officials, and I’ll leave it at that.

    QUESTION: And then so what was the reason behind that delay in the statement coming out?

    MS NAUERT: I wouldn’t – I wouldn’t call it a delay. The United States Government, as we handle situations in other countries as well, sometimes we decide to conduct our conversations and to conduct our diplomacy more privately than publicly because we feel that that could have the best outcome, and I’ll leave it at that.

    Okay. Hi, Lesley. Go ahead.

    QUESTION: Hi. Welcome back.

    MS NAUERT: Thank you.

    QUESTION: You must be exhausted, having just arrived.

    MS NAUERT: Kylie is here, I’m here, so we’re doing okay for so far.

    QUESTION: Just arrived last night. Yes.

    MS NAUERT: Yes.

    QUESTION: Has the U.S. seen any evidence that Jamal might be alive?

    MS NAUERT: We don’t know what has happened to him. We don’t have any information on that. That’s why I want to say we don’t want to make any judgments about what happened, and we call for a thorough and transparent investigation.

    QUESTION: You’ve called for a thorough and transparent inspection from the – investigation from the Saudis, but what about the Turks? Have you asked them for their evidence, if they’ve seen --

    MS NAUERT: I don’t have any information on that. I think that would be in the FBI’s lane and local investigators’ lane.

    QUESTION: But you said you – they – that on these diplomatic channels you’ve spoken to the Saudis, but what about the Turks?

    MS NAUERT: I don’t have any information on that. I would imagine that through the course of our conversations with the Turkish Government – we have many conversations with the Turkish Government – that this has certainly come up.

    QUESTION: But that would be – that would be P, yes?

    QUESTION: Did the Secretary --

    MS NAUERT: Just hold on. Hold on.

    QUESTION: On Friday, I saw on the Public Schedule that Mr. Hale had a meeting with the Turkish ambassador here at the State Department.

    MS NAUERT: I was out on Friday, so I don’t recall what was on his private – on his public schedule. I’d have to just double-check on that, okay?

    QUESTION: Okay. So --

    MS NAUERT: I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m just not aware of it if it did. I was out on Friday.

    Go ahead.

    QUESTION: Since this happened on Turkish soil, wouldn’t speaking to the Turks and being part of their investigation be absolutely key to --

    MS NAUERT: I did not say that we have not spoken with the Turkish Government. I just don’t have any information on it at this moment. Okay? If I have anything in addition for you, I’ll let you know.

    Hey, Carol.

    QUESTION: Hi. Can I ask a follow-up on Jamal Khashoggi?

    MS NAUERT: Sure.

    QUESTION: So the UK foreign secretary has said that if the reports are correct, “We will treat the incident seriously.” I wanted to ask why can’t – or why has not Secretary Pompeo said that if the reports are true and the Saudis, our allies, turn out to be cold-blooded killers, that there will be repercussions?

    MS NAUERT: I think that would be entirely a hypothetical question, and so if the Brits decide to comment that way, they’re more than welcome to do so. But we’re going to wait until the facts come out, and we call again for a thorough and transparent investigation.

    QUESTION: Will there be repercussions?

    MS NAUERT: Carol, I’m not going to get ahead or assume that anything happened. We’re calling for a thorough and transparent investigation. And again, let me say this one more time: I’ll leave it at that. I don’t have anything more for you on this today.

    QUESTION: Can you just confirm if it was Pompeo?

    QUESTION: Does the Secretary plan to speak himself with his counterpart in Saudi Arabia, and did he raise this question when he spoke with the crown prince last week?

    MS NAUERT: I can confirm --

    QUESTION: There was a readout --

    MS NAUERT: I can confirm that the Secretary has had phone conversations, but I don’t have any of the details. And some of those would just be private diplomatic conversations, which I will not be able to read out. Last time I’ll say this: I don’t have anything more for you on this today. If and when I have more, I will bring it to you. Okay?

    Go right ahead.

    QUESTION: On the Palestinians.

    MS NAUERT: Yes.

    QUESTION: Two quick --

    QUESTION: Is it okay? Can I have one more follow-up on Khashoggi, please?

    MS NAUERT: Sir, I don’t have anything --

    QUESTION: It’s in relation to what you just said.

    MS NAUERT: I don’t have anything more for you on that.

    QUESTION: Let me just --

    MS NAUERT: When I do, I would be happy to give it to you.

    QUESTION: Let me just ask my question, and you decide if you don’t want --

    MS NAUERT: Okay, I’ve not met you before, but go right ahead. Welcome to the State Department. And tell me your publication.

    QUESTION: Fadi Mansour with Al Jazeera. I’ve been covering this place for 10 years now, thank you very much.

    MS NAUERT: Pardon me?

    QUESTION: I’ve been covering this place for 10 years. I don’t come every day because I cover other places.

    MS NAUERT: Okay. Well, it’s nice to meet you. You’re welcome anytime.

    QUESTION: Yes. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask questions. So --

    MS NAUERT: Go right ahead. And this will be the last question on this. Go ahead.

    QUESTION: Thank you. So the fact that you called on the Saudis to carry an investigation, is the State Department assuming that Saudi Arabia is responsible for the whereabout of Khashoggi?

    MS NAUERT: We’re not assuming anything. Only because it was their consulate, we’re asking them to conduct an investigation.

    QUESTION: Thank you.

    MS NAUERT: Said, go right ahead.

    QUESTION: Yes, very quickly, U.S. envoy Mr. Greenblatt said that the Trump plan, the deal of the century, is heavily focused on Israeli security. Does that mean that you guys are giving up on the two-state solution, or you see the – you don’t see any, like, contradictions between focusing on Israeli --

    MS NAUERT: This is something that we have talked about for a very, very long time. We support that if both parties --

    QUESTION: And this was --

    MS NAUERT: -- if both parties can agree to it.

    QUESTION: Right.

    MS NAUERT: That hasn’t changed.

    QUESTION: But this was only yesterday. I mean, he went out of his way to say that it is focused on Israeli security. What does that mean to you?

    MS NAUERT: I’m not going to parse his words. I’d just refer you back to his comments. But our position has not changed. As the President has laid out, as he did not too long ago at the UN General Assembly, that we support a two-state solution if both sides can agree to that.

    QUESTION: And one quick question on a young American student who has been detained in Israel for the past five days because she supports BDS. Are you – can you share with us if you’ve done anything? Has she contacted the American embassy, or are you in touch with her? Do you know her whereabouts?

    MS NAUERT: We are aware of her case. Our embassy is providing consular access, as we would to all American citizens. We value freedom of expression. You and I have talked about this many times.

    QUESTION: Right. Many times.

    MS NAUERT: Also in cases where people don’t agree with local policies or even the United States policies. Ultimately, it is up to the Government of Israel to decide who it wants to let into the country. I don’t have anything more for you on that.

    QUESTION: But she – this young woman, Lara Alqasem, she has a visa. She was accepted at the Hebrew University. She was going there to study and so on. She – all of the stuff that she should have done was already done. Are you not concerned about that?

    MS NAUERT: Said, it’s ultimately up to the Government of Israel, or any country for that matter, to decide which individuals, which Americans, it wants to let in. Okay?


    QUESTION: Heather, the issue is not that she wasn’t allowed in. It’s that she’s being detained.

    MS NAUERT: Excuse me. Or being detained. I don’t have any information beyond that. Okay?

    Laurie, go right ahead.

    QUESTION: Hi. Nadia Murad, the Yezidi woman who was captured by ISIS and help captive, just won the Nobel Peace Prize, as probably everyone knows, and she spoke yesterday. And she did note one positive point, the start of de-mining in Yezidi areas, which I assume is related to Secretary Pompeo’s announcement in July at the Religious Freedom conference of extra money for de-mining in the northern Iraq religious minority areas. So they’re very happy with that, but overall it was a grim picture, and among her complaints was no justice for Yezidis. And you and others, including the UN, have recognized ISIS’s assault on the Yezidis as genocide, but the Iraqi Government hasn’t. Are you prepared to put any pressure on them to do so?

    MS NAUERT: I’m not familiar with her remarks. Of course, I’m familiar with who she is. She was one of the guests at our religious freedom ministerial that was held over the summer, and we were so proud to have hosted her here. My understanding is that the Vice President is meeting with her – I believe it’s today. The Secretary and I had a brief exchange about her becoming one of the co-winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, and we’re really proud of her. She’s a very heroic woman, who’s done so much to advance the cause of not just religious freedom but also freedom for women, especially freedom from sexual crimes.

    I don’t have her comments. I don’t have those remarks, so I’m just not going to comment on it beyond that.

    QUESTION: How about her call for an international criminal trial for those members of ISIS who have committed these crimes against Yezidis?

    MS NAUERT: I’m afraid I just don’t have anything for you on that today. Okay?

    QUESTION: South Asia?

    MS NAUERT: Okay, hi.

    QUESTION: Heather?

    MS NAUERT: How are you?

    QUESTION: Thank you. Welcome from (inaudible).

    MS NAUERT: Thank you.

    QUESTION: Okay, on North Korea, this trip – has Kim Jong-un submitted a list of nuclear facilities, or you got anything from him for evidence of nuclear list?

    MS NAUERT: We sure did. We made a lot of progress. As you know, we just got back last night from three – four countries in I think it was three days. So it was a very busy time. The Secretary and Chairman Kim discussed the four pillars of the Singapore summit. That was something that was important for them to do. They spent considerable time together. The Secretary and the President, of course, have referenced that since – the Secretary just over at the White House, speaking about this.

    Among the things they also discussed was an upcoming second summit that would be attended by our President and also Chairman Kim, and we look forward to working on all of the details of that. They also agreed to instruct their respective working level groups, led by Steve Biegun, our special representative, and also his counterpart who was named in North Korea, to start intensifying discussions on some of those four pillars that were laid out in the Singapore summit.

    As you know, Chairman Kim had invited inspectors to visit the Punggye-ri nuclear test site to confirm that it’s been irreversibly dismantled. We were pleased with that. And President Trump looks forward to continuing to build upon the trust that was first established at the Singapore summit.

    So we view it as making a lot of progress. We’re pleased with that.

    QUESTION: But North Korea has already destroyed Punggye-ri nuclear site and Tongchang-ri missile site. They --

    MS NAUERT: I think we can say this: We can affirmatively say that they invited a group of journalists out to watch something take place. Inspectors have not been there yet. So inviting inspectors to join, to take a look, and do their work is entirely different from what we’ve seen already.

    QUESTION: Is that happen for denuclearizations?

    MS NAUERT: I’m sorry?

    QUESTION: Is this have for the denuclearizations, for what you – U.S. exactly needed to, but -

    MS NAUERT: That would be a positive step forward, and Chairman Kim agreed to that, to have inspectors at that site.

    QUESTION: Follow up on --

    MS NAUERT: Okay. Go ahead. Let’s just – hold on, I’ll come back to you. Hi.

    QUESTION: So you’ve made progress on a Trump-Kim summit. Do you have any idea of, like, the timing on that? Like, will it be before the end of the year or sometime afterwards?

    MS NAUERT: Well, as the President has said – and I’m not going to get ahead of the President, of course, but the President has said he looks forward to seeing Chairman Kim soon. As you all remember, when we were planning for the Singapore summit, that takes time. There are a lot of details that are involved in pulling together a summit of that magnitude. We need to find a place that both countries can get to. We have to compare schedules – Chairman Kim’s schedule, the President’s schedule, the Secretary’s schedule, probably National Security Advisor Bolton’s schedule – a lot of schedules. We also have to identify a place that has the infrastructure that is needed to accommodate 5,000 journalists. I believe there are 5,000 that were accredited last time.

    So there are a lot of things that come into play here, and so we are hard at work at that. I know Steve Biegun looks forward to having follow-on conversations with his counterpart about some of those details that go into the summit. And as soon as we have something for you, we’ll let you know. Okay.

    QUESTION: So would you say that the – what you’re waiting for to announce even a time or a location for that, is it all just logistical, then?

    MS NAUERT: Well, Michelle, as I just said, and I’ll repeat it again: A lot goes into this. We start with --

    QUESTION: I heard that. Yeah. You don’t have to repeat it.

    MS NAUERT: We start with comparing schedules.

    QUESTION: You don’t have to repeat it.

    MS NAUERT: Okay.

    QUESTION: I’m trying to save you some time. So are you saying that it’s all logistical before you announce a date and time, or are you waiting for North Korea to do something?

    MS NAUERT: We are looking forward to having our second summit. The President is looking forward to doing that. The timing of that will ultimately be announced by the White House. It’ll be a White House led meeting. And when we’re ready to announce that, we will.

    QUESTION: But the question is --

    MS NAUERT: Yeah.

    QUESTION: -- since you listed all the logistics involved, are you simply waiting for logistics, or are you waiting for North Korea to do something related to denuclearization?

    MS NAUERT: We have not said anything about waiting for North Korea to do anything more -

    QUESTION: Okay.

    MS NAUERT: -- in order to have that summit. Okay. Nick.

    QUESTION: And when you say a lot of progress, since Punggye-ri is by many accounts an aging facility that’s already been destroyed, by allowing inspectors to come there and see this, which is not necessarily key to North Korea’s current and future nuclear program, why would you characterize that as a lot of progress?

    MS NAUERT: Michelle, I think that’s a very good step. I’ll go back and say it one more time. What you have seen were a bunch of journalists brought out to that site and you saw some sort of an explosion. Sending in inspectors to take a look around is an entirely different step and a step in the right direction, and we think that that’s progress, along with the other things that were addressed in the meeting.

    Nick, go ahead.

    QUESTION: Just as a follow-up to that, I think one of the big questions is what exactly the administration, Secretary Pompeo, President Trump, actually want to achieve from this summit. What’s the main – the headline goal for --

    MS NAUERT: I’m not going to get ahead of the President. The Secretary firmly believes – and I know that this is much to your dismay, to reporters’ dismay – that our negotiations are best handled in public, so I’m not going to get – negotiate it here with all of you from the podium, and I’ll let our experts do the negotiating and do their work and not get ahead of that.

    QUESTION: Heather --

    MS NAUERT: Hi.

    QUESTION: Follow-on on that. The first summit was about general commitments, complete denuclearization by Chairman Kim. Do you expect from the next summit to achieve broader agreement with the ways and --

    MS NAUERT: I’m not going to get ahead of what is being discussed at that summit, okay.

    QUESTION: Not what is being discussed, but what you expect.

    MS NAUERT: My job is not – my job is not to lay out what our policy will be.

    QUESTION: Because we see your goal; we don’t see your method. So --

    MS NAUERT: And – okay, so that’s a fair point. You see our goal, but you don’t see our method. That is something --

    QUESTION: Do you want to do it – work in progress, step by step, or do you want to have a deal --

    MS NAUERT: That is something that we will discuss --

    QUESTION: -- with everything inside?

    MS NAUERT: We will discuss that with the North Koreans and not the broader public, not the media, because we believe that negotiations – some of these complicated negotiations – are best handled between our country and theirs. And our objective is to get to the fully, final, verified denuclearization of North Korea. We are working hard toward that goal. We think we’ve made progress and we’ll continue working toward that goal.

    QUESTION: Ambassador Haley --

    MS NAUERT: Hi. Go ahead. Hi.

    QUESTION: India.

    QUESTION: Welcome back.

    MS NAUERT: Thank you.

    QUESTION: So Secretary Pompeo did not meet with the Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday. Could you please shed some light on what happened? And what is – what was the reason given – provided by Chinese Government? Because it’s a understanding that arrangements were being made for this meeting to happen.

    MS NAUERT: We never announced any specific meetings ahead of our trip to China. Is it not every time that the Secretary would go to any given country that he would be meeting with the president of that country. Sometimes he does; sometimes he doesn’t. And so that was just a reflection of this trip, but I know the Secretary had good, constructive meetings with his Chinese counterparts that he met with yesterday.

    QUESTION: Ambassador Haley --

    QUESTION: Has the U.S. asked to such meeting to happen? Has the United States asked China – ask Chinese Government to arrange a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping?

    MS NAUERT: Not to my knowledge. Anything going forward, we’ll let you know when we have that planned.

    QUESTION: Would you characterize U.S.-China relationship as a strategic competitor?

    MS NAUERT: Well, look, they’re certainly a competitor. It’s a complex and broad-based relationship that we have with China, as you all saw in the comments and exchanges between the Secretary and his counterparts. We have areas of common interest. North Korea is one of them. Working to combat illegal narcotics is another area where we work well together. We also have areas of disagreement and areas where we have challenges, and we’ll keep working together on that. It’s obviously an important relationship that we need to work hard to maintain. Okay.

    QUESTION: Ambassador Haley --

    MS NAUERT: Yeah. Yes, go ahead.

    QUESTION: Ambassador – very quickly. Was the Secretary surprised that Ambassador Haley resigned? Does he have any comment? Could you share with us what was his reaction?

    MS NAUERT: Well, I think the Secretary addressed that from the White House today, in which he talked about what a great partner Ambassador Haley has been. The Secretary and Ambassador Haley have worked very well together since the beginning of this administration, but I would say more closely once he became Secretary of State. At the working level, from my level, her team and Ambassador Haley have been wonderful to work with. Sorry to see her depart. This happens, of course, in administrations. The Secretary, I think, is sorry to see her depart as well.

    I’m not going to get into who knew what when and all of that. What is ultimately important is that the President knew about her decision well in advance. They had those conversations. I’m not privy to those conversations, so I’d have to refer you to the White House for that. We’re sorry to see her go and thank her for all her incredible service that she’s done on behalf of the U.S. Government and on taxpayers at the United Nations.

    QUESTION: May I just follow up?

    MS NAUERT: Okay. Okay.

    QUESTION: A follow-up?

    MS NAUERT: Last question. I’m going to have to go.

    QUESTION: So we saw the exchange of rhetorics when Secretary Pompeo was in China. Would you say those tensions now between United States and China would spill over to your cooperation on North Korea at this very critical time?

    MS NAUERT: We don’t think so, because China again and again has said to us, publicly and privately, that they are committed to the denuclearization of North Korea. They understand that; they recognize that. They recognize the importance of that matter. We don’t think they’re backing away. What we do say, though, is that countries including China and Russia can always do more. They can do more, but they are also one of the countries that had voted for UN Security Council resolutions, and so we expect those to uphold those.

    I’ll do one last question. Nazira, hi.

    QUESTION: Welcome back.

    MS NAUERT: Were you at the White House earlier today?

    QUESTION: Yes.

    MS NAUERT: Did I see you?

    QUESTION: Yeah.

    MS NAUERT: I thought I saw your yellow over there.

    QUESTION: Yeah.

    MS NAUERT: She gets around.

    QUESTION: Okay. Thank you.

    MS NAUERT: Thank you.

    QUESTION: Heather, I have two question, one question regarding Afghan delegation. Dr. Abdullah was here. What is their – do you think that they have any achievement? Do they meet any high officials, U.S. authority?

    MS NAUERT: I’m afraid I don’t have any information if – as to whether or not Dr. Abdullah was here at the State Department or here in Washington. I can look --

    QUESTION: He was in New York. I’m asking about General Assemblies at the – New York.

    MS NAUERT: Oh, he was in – oh, at the General Assembly.

    QUESTION: Did he have any meeting with the Secretary of State or either President Trump?

    MS NAUERT: I don’t recall that. It seems like that was a year ago even though that was only two weeks ago, so I’m so sorry. My apologies.

    QUESTION: (Off-mike.)

    MS NAUERT: I will have to check – double-check to see if he had any meetings with U.S. officials.

    QUESTION: Two weeks ago.

    MS NAUERT: Okay. I’ll check on that for you.

    QUESTION: Yeah. The next question, Ambassador Khalilzad.

    MS NAUERT: Yes.

    QUESTION: He is in Afghanistan and he traveled to Pakistan. Do you think that useful for Afghanistan, Khalilzad mission?

    MS NAUERT: I think it’s extremely helpful to have Ambassador Khalilzad out on travel. This is part of our team on the field, having our people do what they do best, and that is going out and conducting American diplomacy around the world. He is leading an interagency delegation to Afghanistan, to Pakistan, to the UAE, to Qatar, and also to Saudi Arabia. It’s a fairly lengthy trip. His mission there is to coordinate our U.S. efforts to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table. This is still Afghan-led, Afghan-owned. Our policy has not changed in any way. But we’re proud and pleased to have him out there advocating on this behalf and we’ll be working in close coordination with the Afghan Government.

    I’ve got to go, guys. We’ll see you again real soon. Thanks.

    (The briefing was concluded at 3:37 p.m.)

    The Office of Website Management, Bureau of Public Affairs, manages this site as a portal for information from the U.S. State Department.
    External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.

           FA strategy guru Dave Reddin probed over bullying allegations       Cache   Translate Page      
A key figure in the success England enjoyed at the World Cup in Russia has been the subject of bullying allegations made in an anonymous complaint to the FA.
          Le classement des top passeurs européens      Cache   Translate Page      

Changement en tête du classement des top passeurs européens avec l’avènement de Jadon Sancho. Le jeune ailier anglais s’est de nouveau mis en évidence avec le Borussia Dortmund. Il est suivi de près par Suso qui a réalisé une belle remontée. Pour la toute première fois, Jadon Sancho prend la tête du classement des top […]

L’article Le classement des top passeurs européens est apparu en premier sur Senegal direct.

          lj_diak_kuraev: Богословские досуги. Была ли Московия в расколе?       Cache   Translate Page      
(начало разговора тут:

Когда и почему Русская церковь стала автокефальной?

Поставление митр. Ионы в 1448 не мыслилось как автокефалия. Сам Иона не считал себя и свою митрополию покинувшими лоно Кпльского патриархата.

Вот его духовное завещение. Август 1453 года. Но в Москве еще не знают о падении Царьграда, случившемся двумя месяцами ранее.

"А как ныне слышим, что Божьею благодатию и его неизреченною милостию в Цариграде дал Бог святый царь Костянтин православен, а и патриарха собе такова же православна поставити хочет, а и весь Царьствующий град во изначалном православном христианстве живет, а окааннаго Исидора изгнаша. А о Цариграде яко же слышахом, аще есть ныне в древнем благочестии, ино и сын нашь, великый князь, а и наше смирение по изначальству хочем и требуем благословения от святейшиа зборныа апостольскыа церкве Святыа София и от святаго православнаго патриарха и от всего о нем же освященнаго сбора".
( публ. в: Абеленцева О. А. Митрополит Иона и установление автокефалии Русской цекрви М., 2009, с. 381).

Год спустя: митр. Иона пишет св. цареградскому патриарху Геннадию Схоларию: "благословения от твоей великой святыни мы требовать хочем, равно и ото всех, кто ни будет патриархом на патриашестве, держа истинное православие"


Отмечу, что прибытие в Псков митрополита Игнатия, посланного патриархом Геннадием, не означает его сослужения с "московскими" епископами. Как и сегодня экзархи, посланные патриархом Варфоломеем в Киев за месяц не сослужили там ни с кем.

1451 год. Князь Василий пишет письмо новому (и последнему) императору Константину 11-му:
русская церковь от Вселенской "благословение требует и ищет, и все по древнему благочестью повинуется ей, и тот наш отец, Киевскый и всея Руси митрополит кир Иона, по тому ж всяческы требует оттоле и благословения и съединения" (РИБ т. 6. стб. 143).

Первым собственно автокефальным митрополитом Киевским считается преемник Ионы - Феодосий Бывальцев. 1561 год.

К этому времени Кпль уж давно вернулся в православие. В 1453 году патриархом стал св. Геннадий Схоларий.

В 1470 на кпльский престол взошел тоже святой Дионисий. "А надобно заметить, что этот Дионисий был учеником Марка Ефесского и в качестве послушника жил при нем до самой его кончины, под его руководством изучал Священное Писание и творения отеческие и отличался строгим православием... Дионисий (1469-1476) не усомнился дать Григорию свое благословение и утверждение в митрополичьем сане и даже отправил своего посла не только ко всей Руси Литовской, но и в Москву и в Новгород с своею грамотою, чтобы Григория признавали за истинного митрополита, а Ионы (умершего еще в 1461 г.) чуждались, так как Цареградская Церковь не признавала и не признает его за митрополита" (митр. Макарий. История Русской Церкви

То, что "Иону Цареградская Церковь чуждалась и не признавала и не признает за митрополита" - это и есть взгляд Кпля на московскую автокефалию. Это раскол. Можно ставить вопрос о его глубине. Скажем - не признавались только "московские" митрополиты, или вся московская иерархия или же подвластное им духовенство (есть 4 уровня раскола). Но это уже частности на фоне факта раскола.

Голубинский пишет, что документов, на основании которых митр. Макарий об отчуждении Иона от Кпльского патриархата "мы не имеем под руками" (

Современный исследователь знает что-то подробнее:

18 февраля 1467 года Дионисий отправил на Русь послание, адресованное "благородным и благоверным и христолюбивым князем и княгинем, боярам, и детям боярским, и купцам, и всему христоименитому господню людству". В нем он прямо объявлял, кто находится с ним в каноническом общении, а кто – в расколе. Самочинная, по мнению патриарха, Русская Православная Церковь с митрополичьим центром в Москве должна была подчиниться Григорию Болгарину: "А што вделали на Москве, аж бы того перестали делати, как то указуети приказует святая головная великая Церква Соборная, бо то ест против правил и против закону Божиего, елико именовали на Москве от Ионы и до сих часов митрополитов, тых всих великая зборная наша святая церковь не имает и не держит и не именует за Митрополитов"".

У другого исследователя:
"Фактическое общение с константинопольскими патриархами после смерти митрополита Ионы так и не возобновилось. Неудивительно, что после покаяния униатского митрополита киевского Григория Болгарина в 1466 году патриарх признал законным митрополитом киевским только его. После этого последовала какая-то дипломатическая переписка между Константинополем, Вильно и Москвой о признании в Москве канонически поставленного митрополита Григория, от которой нам известны только итоги, и довольно скорые. Уже в начале 1467 года московская иерархия была отлучена патриархом Дионисием как отпавшая в раскол. Вскоре (точная дата неизвестна) и в Москве были приняты аналогичные решения о запрете церковного общения как с Константинополем, так и с западной частью киевской митрополии...
Обращенная к Варлааму грамота константинопольского патриарха Феолипта связана с историей доставившего ее греческого церковного посольства в Москву, а эта история была радикально переписана в русских официальных летописях. Судя по "Судным спискам Максима Грека и Исаака Собаки", посольство было принято холодно подчеркиванием того, что канонического общения с греками нет, тогда как, согласно летописи, все обстояло противоположным образом. С посольством патриарха Феолипта связана самая серьезная попытка завершить миром церковный раскол, которая предпринималась после 1467 года. Она закончилась полным крахом и стоила, фактически, пожизненного заключения главному деятелю этого посольства, Максиму Греку (после ареста в Москве в 1525 году и до самой смерти под домашним арестом в Троице-Сергиевой лавре в 1556 году для него будут меняться только условия содержания, но свободы он так и не увидит). Параллельно была разгромлена та церковная партия нестяжателей, которая еще с конца века стремилась изнутри Московской церкви к преодолению ее антиканонического состояния.
С миссией Максима Грека, несомненно, связан один малоисследованный эпизод, относящийся к самому началу царствования будущего Ивана Грозного, - период правления митрополита Иоасафа (1539-1542; 1555/1556), поставленного в результате одних и низложенного в результате других боярских вполне светских интриг.

Митрополит принимал при настоловании присягу (текст ее сохранился), содержавшую обещание подчинения патриарху Константинопольскому.
Он облегчил условия содержания Максима Грека и вообще был большим поклонником и распространителем его сочинений; вместе с Максимом он доживал свои дни в Троице-Сергиевой лавре, и они даже умерли в один и тот же год от сотворения мира. С некоторой натяжкой правление митрополита Иоасафа можно считать попыткой вывести московскую церковь из раскола первой попыткой такого рода в царствование Ивана IV"

Это всё - для расширения кругозора о. Георгия Максимова, который полагает, что всю жизнь можно пробавляться пересказом уроков для воскресной школы.

           Russian Front za 20.21zł na Kinguin      Cache   Translate Page      
Karta produktu:
Zmiana ceny: -11%
Cena w złotówkach: 20.21 zł
          Whoa: Nikki Haley resigns? Update: At the end of the year; Update: Resigned six days ago      Cache   Translate Page      


This will be spun, I’m sure, as normal turnover. “She served her 18 months (give or take), now it’s time to move on.” Nonsense. Normal turnover waits until after the midterms, precisely because major resignations have unpredictable political consequences.

And if she’s “moving on,” what is she moving on to? She’s not going to primary Lindsey Graham or Tim Scott back home and Henry McMaster, her successor as governor, is about to be elected to a full four-year term.

President Trump has accepted Nikki Haley’s resignation as UN Ambassador, according to two sources briefed on their conversation. The timing of her departure is still unclear.

What we’re hearing: Haley discussed her resignation with Trump last week when she visited him at the White House, these sources said. Her news shocked a number of senior foreign policy officials in the Trump administration.

Deepening the mystery, this appears to be an amicable departure despite the reports of friction between Russia-friendly Trump and anti-Russia Haley during the past year and a half. She’s meeting with him in the Oval Office at any minute — and cameras are invited. He’s even touting the meeting on Twitter. If she resigned in principle over some foreign policy decision (or if she was the secret author of the NYT “Anonymous” op-ed last month), Trump wouldn’t be giving her a send-off like this.

Is he appointing her to another position somewhere? Where else can she go with State now firmly in Pompeo’s hands?

While we wait for the mystery to be solved, please, I beg you, spare me the dopey theories that she’s resigning to position herself for a primary challenge to Trump in 2020. That would be political suicide and she knows it. By accepting the UN job and working for Trump, Haley shrewdly earned a little goodwill among Trumpers to balance the enthusiastic support she has among conservatives. She’s not going to blow that now by undertaking a futile primary campaign that’ll completely alienate the former and partially alienate the latter by wrecking the party’s only hope for White House control in 2021, namely, Trump’s reelection. Stand by for updates.

Update: Again, although I don’t think it’s connected to the Times op-ed, Haley was in fact a leading suspect among some Trump allies, as was one of her top deputies, Jon Lerner.

Update: Here’s an interesting bank-shot theory:

An alternate, more direct theory, is that Trump has lined up Haley herself to replace Sessions as AG. But Haley isn’t a hardcore Trump loyalist, so why would he trust her with the Russiagate probe? (Also, Graham has sworn up and down that he doesn’t want the AG job, for understandable reasons given Sessions’s fate.)

Update: For what it’s worth:

Update: Also very strange:

Update: Weirder and weirder. Maybe there’s a personal reason/

Update: Trump is speaking now and says Haley will leave at the end of the year. But why announce it now, then? This is also curious:

I don’t remember what Haley’s Twitter bio looked like before. Did it mention that she was ambassador to the UN, as might be expected?

Update: I mean, obviously:

Update: Is this about … Kavanaugh? Some reporters are speculating that the timing simply can’t be a coincidence. For Haley to come out as anti-Kavanaugh, though, would be almost as suicidal in terms of her national ambitions as primarying Trump would be. It would be a blaring siren to grassroots righties that she’s not willing to fight for a conservative under siege by the left. Also, if this were about Kavanaugh why would she agree to stay on through the end of the year instead of quitting now?

Update: Haley says there’s no personal reason for her leaving, merely a recognition that public officials shouldn’t serve forever. Still doesn’t explain the strange timing.

Update: Did Haley lose a power struggle?

Update: Here’s Haley’s resignation, dated … last Wednesday. No doubt it was easier to keep this secret with the entire country in the throes of Kavanaughgeddon but that’s a long time for a major cabinet resignation to stay quiet.

The post Whoa: Nikki Haley resigns? Update: At the end of the year; Update: Resigned six days ago appeared first on Hot Air.

          The GRU, Putin’s not-so secret service      Cache   Translate Page      
From the attempted assassination of former spy Sergei Skripal to interference in the 2016 US presidential election, the spies from Russia’s military intelligence agency the GRU seem to be everywhere. Reported by France 24 3 hours ago.
          Today Show: Can the Democrats flip Orange County, CA next month?      Cache   Translate Page      


MSNBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff is crossing the country for the Today show to talk to voters about what they care about and what will, if anything, get them to the polls next month. Today, Soboroff visited Orange County, California, which he framed as a conservative holdout in blue California. That’s true but I still watched this expecting some classic Gorillas in the Mist style reporting. It’s not really that but what it is, a primer on Democrats’ chances to flip the county, isn’t much better.

“Not far from my house in LA there are four contiguous, Republican-held congressional seats the Democrats are hoping to flip, but they’re going to have their work cut out for them,” Soboroff says to introduce the piece. Cue the late 50s, early 60s industrial music as a clue that we’re entering an alternate world where people still think Ozzie and Harriet is a neat show…or something. (Note: I’m talking about a genre of instrumental background music written for shopping areas or corporate films like this.)

Soboroff then informs us that “political pundits” refer to the journey to Orange County as crossing the Orange Curtain. He again reminds us that “this year back in Washington the Democrats are hoping that’s changing.” We’re one minute into this and he’s made that point twice. But I guess that wasn’t enough because 30-seconds later he’s off to Irvine where he reminds us, “Democrats’ hopes of winning here hinges, at least in part, on turning out people of color and young voters.”

The next person interviewed, not coincidentally, is a young person of color who says, “Myself and a lot of my friends are like minorities so we’re a lot into minority rights and stuff.” Soboroff doesn’t ask what minority rights are, he just asks the question that seems to be his main concern, “Are there enough of you guys to flip the district?” “I hope so,” the young man replies.

Next, Soboroff walks to the University of California where a bunch of young people are waiting for a bus. “There are, I think, 26,000 kids that go to school here,” Soboroff says. He adds, “If the Democrats can get all of them to vote for them, then maybe Republicans will be in trouble in this district.”

Sadly, most of the kids aren’t interested in voting and those that are don’t care about the Russia investigation or Judge Kavanaugh.

You may have noticed all of this seems geared in one particular partisan direction. I don’t want to be unfair to this reporter, but is there a story where he’s focused on what might help flip seats for the GOP? He’s done a bunch of these and I haven’t seen them all so maybe he has done that story. In this one, which is set in Texas, he gives time to both the Democratic challenger and the Republican incumbent but the wrap-up once again seems focused on what it will take for Democrats to win. “If challengers like Ortiz Jones or Beto O’Rourke want to win, they’re going to have to get these voters that normally don’t turn out to come out and vote on the issues that they care about,” Soboroff says.

The overall thrust of the whole series seems to be that most voters don’t really care about the story of the moment trending among the media in Washington, DC, or even about stories like collusion or Kavanaugh. Most people care about themselves, which is the least surprising conclusion you could reach in a story like this. Didn’t we know this already? But with Trump doing well on jobs and the economy, that’s going to be a tougher sell for Democrats than their go-to alternative, i.e. hey, you’re young and a minority so vote for us. Here’s the clip:

The post Today Show: Can the Democrats flip Orange County, CA next month? appeared first on Hot Air.

          Lapping Up Her Piss      Cache   Translate Page      

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Russian girl, Czech, Spanish, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Solo, Pissing
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Alice Nice is a consistently great pisser. Aside from her shoes, she's wearing only two pieces of clothing - a striped pink top and a denim skirt. Panty-less Alice takes a pee into a wine glass while sitting on a table. After filling the glass up once, you'd expect her to be done here, but she proves to be much more capable than that. She gets her clothing soaked before going full nude. She climbs the table and sets up in a hot and extreme position. The pissing is fantastic here, sometimes going full stream straight onto the table, sometimes running down her leg, and then also running down her stomach. Even with some brief pausing, Alice's capacity to pee is unmistakable. The wet and shiny table top is Alice's playground, sweeping her arms over the surface licking it unconditionally. With an orange toy, Alice spreads herself open while laying down on the table offering an explicit view of the action. After fiddling around with a dildo, Alice takes to the floor, standing behind the table. From here she soaks the table top once more for some more frolicking on it's surface.

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          Wetting Her Panties      Cache   Translate Page      

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Russian girl, Czech, Spanish, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Solo, Pissing
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Seriously hot babe Isabel Dark makes her debut on Wet and Pissy today and teases in a tight top and boyshorts. She starts her scene like any naughty piss loving babe should and climbs on top of a glass table before wetting her panties! Her pee drips down onto the table and Isabel takes off her panties, squeezing more of her golden juices over herself while sitting in a puddle of her own pee! Using a purple plastic speculum, Isabel lays back on the table and gapes her pussy apart while firing another piss stream into the air. After diving and rolling around in her piss, her top is now soaked through so she takes it off and again squeezes it over her mouth! Isabel heads over to the sideboard and takes a large blue bowl from it before placing it on the floor. She takes aim and pisses into it through a funnel to make sure she doesn't waste any of her nectar. After placing the bowl back on the table, Isabel dips her sock covered feet into it and once they are soaked too, pours the rest of the contents all over her naked body! Horny Isabel is feeling the need to orgasm, so she toys her pee soaked pussy with a purple textured sex toy. She enjoys every single thrust into her pussy and once finished, licks her toy clean! Finally, this stunning babe catches one final stream of piss in a smaller vase and pours the contents into her mouth to give her a taste of piss smelling!

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           Petrus du Plessis swaps Hollywood for Glasgow to star for the Warriors       Cache   Translate Page      
He  stands at 6ft 1ins and weighs in at 19 stone. His blond locks and mildly Russian demeanour give him a distinctive look both on and off the pitch.
          Former Manchester City starlet emerges as target for Liverpool      Cache   Translate Page      
Liverpool are amongst a number of Premier League clubs interested in bringing Jadon Sancho back to England, according to the Mirror. The 18-year-old Englishman left Manchester City last season to join Borussia Dortmund and has had a flying start to this campaign. Although Sancho has started just one league game for the Bundesliga side, the [&#8230;] The post Former Manchester City starlet emerges as target for Liverpool appeared first on The Kop Times | Liverpool Fan Blog | Opinions &amp; Transfer News.

          New comment on Item for Geeklist "Wrong Scattergories X+1 October 2018 4G"       Cache   Translate Page      

by Ed_the_Red

Related Item: Astro Launch

It seems to me that the most pressing issue in space is the lack of atmosphere in bars on the Moon. This can of course be remedied by sending up a few rockets full of Vodka.

If nothing else, this will please Russian cosmonauts, and will undoubtedly cause them to hug any aliens they encounter, telling them that they love them (only in Russian), thus forestalling the impending alien invasion. It may mean the occasional Soyuz gets pranged lifting off from the rocket park, but this is surely a small price to pay.
          [The Pre Beakerite] Geepers, you are such a pessimist. It's America the Beautiful man. Trumps go...      Cache   Translate Page      
Geepers, you are such a pessimist.

It's America the Beautiful man.

Trumps going to fix it.

Slight learning curve on the way.

Now there was the the Brett Kavanaugh issue, the guy ... who under Bush... got the Patriot act through
and put effectively put the USA Constitution through a shredder... a machine that did not exist in 1787. Now anybody on the planet and be arrested anywhere for anything and be disappeared , and it's all legal in defence of the country and it's freedoms. BUT I have surmised that Trump and the Republican party need a big axe to swing to cut the swamp out of Washington... and Brett is the guy who can get results. Proven track record.

never mind the torpedoes, full steam ahead.

It's all up from here.

especially if the UK MSM gets a kicking.

I am reading the headlines from the UK ministry of truth. It's all Trump and Novichok. Russians, having taken over the USA elections are now almost on a full scale attack of the UK. The UK newspapers and the BBC are the only ones left defending this country, and Russians are probably behind Brexit too. Made life very hard indeed for Theresa. There is however, a hopeful note that the Democrats will win the midterms. It's the only ray of sunshine in the bleak October rainy days that we get every day. -g-

          Iraq see off Slovakia, Brazil blow away Russia      Cache   Translate Page      

In a much more one-sided match than was expected, **Brazil secured a resounding 6-1 win over Russia **in their Men’s Youth Olympic Futsal Tournament debut. Elsewhere, **Iraq picked up their first win of the competition, defeating Slovakia 5-0 **in impressive fashion.

          Two Russian carriers involved in ground collision      Cache   Translate Page      
A Ural Airlines Airbus A321 and Pegas Fly Boeing 767-300 were involved in a ground contact incident at Zhukovsky International Airport near Moscow on Oct. 7, Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecution Service said in a statement Oct. 8. The collision happened as the two aircraft were taxiing after landing. Pegas Fly’s 266 passengers and 14 crew were not injured. The Ural Airlines A321 suffered damages, the prosecution service added. Authorities have begun an investigation.
          Whatabout Christine Ford’s RussiaGate Lawyers And Friends? Probably Nothin’!      Cache   Translate Page      
Did you know that the lawyer sitting next to Dr. Ford in the Senate hearings, one Michael Bromwich, is also an attorney for Andrew McCabe, the former FBI Deputy Director fired for lying to investigators from his own agency and currently singing to a grand jury? What a coincidence. Out of all the lawyers in […]
          Need Ukrainian speaking person (also fluent in english) / very good and convincing on the phone      Cache   Translate Page      
Hello, I need an Ukrainian speaking person (also fluent in english) that is very good and convincing on the phone. We work for a software developer and we need to contact a company based in Ukraine that was using the software illegally... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: English (US), Hungarian, Russian, Simplified Chinese (China), Translation)
          Russian Speaking Translator      Cache   Translate Page      
I'm looking for a translator who can speak Russian or Ukraine. I have 2 English Documentation (200pages per book) and I have to translate into Ukraine. Please apply if you are Native Ukraine or Russian speaker... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: English (UK), English (US), Russian, Translation, Ukrainian)
           Russia will complete Nord Stream 2 even if more...       Cache   Translate Page      
MILAN, Oct 9 (Reuters) - The Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will transport Russian gas to Germany will be completed on time even if new sanctions are imposed...
          Clock DVA      Cache   Translate Page      


'''Clock DVA''' are an [[industrial music|industrial]], [[post-punk]] and [[Electronic body music|EBM]] group from [[Sheffield]], [[England]]. The group was formed in 1978 by Adolphus "Adi" Newton and Steven "Judd" Turner. Along with contemporaries [[Heaven 17]], Clock DVA's name was inspired by the [[Russia]]n-influenced [[Nadsat]] of [[Anthony Burgess]]' ''[[A Clockwork Orange (novel)|A Clockwork Orange]]''; ''Dva'' is the Russian word for "[[2 (number)|two]]".


           Данис Зарипов: новые рубежи       Cache   Translate Page      
RussianHockeyStyle о голевых достижениях форварда «Ак Барса» и одного из лучших игроков КХЛ.
          Snow White Glass beads 10mm Czech Pressed Round Opaque White (12) by LaserBeads      Cache   Translate Page      

1.92 EUR

Style: Pressed Round Glass Beads
Size: 10mm
Colour: Opaque Snow White
Quantity: 12
Made in Czech Republic

I ship worldwide via Priority mail (Latvijas Pasts) from Latvia (EU).
I pack all beads carefully using bubble envelope.
All orders have tracking number and are well trackable in most countries.
Delivery time to USA approx. 2-3 weeks and all order are well trackable by

Feel free to convo us, if you need any other amount of these or mix of any beads from our shop. We will make a special listing for you. We understand English, German, Russian and Latvian, and will respond to you in these languages within 24 hours.

          Beautiful Russian Elena Koshka Enjoys a Pussy Pounding      Cache   Translate Page      

Release Year: 2017
Genres: All Sex, Big Cocks, Gonzo, Sex Toy Play

Russian beauty Elena Koshka bends her body to take every inch of that cock deep inside her pussy.

Format: mp4
Duration: 37:48
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7830kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 2.2 GB

          A Teaser for the Sci-Fi Film "High Life" Directed by Claire Denis has Landed      Cache   Translate Page      

Click now to see the Teaser for the Sci-Fi Film "High Life" Directed by Claire Denis

Read the full article on AICN

Hola Dannie aqui,
Today Wild Bunch Distribution released a teaser for the low budgeted sci-fi film "High Life" directed by Claire Denis. You may remember Denis for her work directing "Beau Travail," "35 Shots of Rum," "White Material," and "Bastards." The film "High Life" has gotten heated reviews from festival goers, they either love it or hate it with a passion of a thousand suns.
IMDB describes the film as-
"A father and his daughter struggle to survive in deep space where they live in isolation. The film takes place beyond the solar system in a future that seems like the present. About a group of criminals who accept a mission in space to become the subjects of a human reproduction experiment. They find themselves in the most unimaginable situation after a storm of cosmic rays hit the ship."

Here is the teaser for "High Life" fair warning, it is indeed a teaser that gives you very little to chew on. Don't blink.

"High Life" stars Robert Pattinson (Edward from the "Twilight" films), Claire Tran ("Lucy"), Agata Buzek ("The Innocents" and "Redemption"), Lars Eidinger ("Personal Shopper"), Mia Goth ("A Cure For Wellness," and 2018's "Suspiria"), Juliette Binoche ("Three Colors: Blue, White, & Red" and "The English Patient"), and André Benjamin aka Andre 3000 from Outcast ("Be Cool," "Revolver," and "Four Brothers").
"High Life" is set to hit theaters in France on November 7th and Russia on March 7th. They have yet to announce an official release date for the U.S. of A., so it

Finish the article on AICN

          Need Ukrainian speaking person (also fluent in english) / very good and convincing on the phone      Cache   Translate Page      
Hello, I need an Ukrainian speaking person (also fluent in english) that is very good and convincing on the phone. We work for a software developer and we need to contact a company based in Ukraine that was using the software illegally... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: English (US), Hungarian, Russian, Simplified Chinese (China), Translation)
           Party Time: Rosie & Friends (Games)      Cache   Translate Page      

Party Time: Rosie & Friends 1.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.2 (iTunes)


Rosie and her friends are having a birthday party and they want you to join in the fun!

Fans of the TV show will love this party-themed app, which encourages pre-schoolers to explore the wonderful world of Rosie and friends through 5 fun filled games, featuring much loved characters and music.


5 x fun-filled games featuring Rosie, Raggles, Holly, Will and Big Bear:

• Raggles has put too much soap in the sink! Can you help him pop the bubbles before the timer runs out?
• Make invitations for Rosie's friends and add stickers and glitter
• Deliver the invitations with Will in the Go Speeder and see if you can avoid the obstacles on the way
• Make a delicious birthday cake and decorate it with icing and candles
• Help tidy the Playhouse before Rosie's friends arrive for the party!

Party Time is FREE and contain NO IN-APP PURCHASES, just lots of party time fun!

Role play games are a great way to encourage kids to focus on activities that help promote concentration, co-ordination and the ability to follow instructions... plus you never know what kind of imaginative play you'll unleash!!

Our interactive app allows children the freedom to take the lead and be creative, which not only aids intellectual development but also improves social skills.

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What's New

Party Time Rosie & Friends is now available in 6 languages:
- English
- Russian
- Arabic
- Serbian
- Spanish
- Polish

Toddlers and preschoolers can learn languages while they play!

Entertain, Educate and Enjoy!"

Party Time: Rosie & Friends

          Wednesday 10.10.18      Cache   Translate Page      

“Angry Orchard” On the 5 Minute for 25 Minutes 10 Calorie Bike 20 Russian Kettlebell Swings (70/53) 30 Sit Ups 40 Double Unders WOD Guidance & Goal: Finish calories under 1 minute, Russian swings should be unbroken, throw your arms fast for the sit ups and link as many double unders as possible. Scaling for double-unders, […]

The post Wednesday 10.10.18 appeared first on CrossFit MettleWorks.

          Google’s recent behavior shows the troubling reality of an internet superpower that abandoned its vow to not 'be evil' (GOOGL)      Cache   Translate Page      

google ceo sundar pichai

  • Twice in two days, Google has been shown to be deceptive about matters of public concern, first concerning a security vulnerability and then about the development of a censored search engined for China.
  • The incidents are part of a pattern of behavior by the company where it's been repeatedly secretive, unaccountable, and untrustworthy.
  • The behavior is worrisome and dangerous because of Google's immense power.

Maybe we should have paid closer attention when Google dropped its famous "don't be evil" motto.

The company that has long presented itself as the kinder, gentler, and more ethical tech company has been anything but that lately. Instead, the search giant is looking increasingly like an organization that is striving to do the opposite of its revised motto — "do the right thing."

The latest examples came this week. On Monday, news broke of a bug in the company's Google+ social network that affected an estimated 500,000 people and exposed information that users intended to keep private. Although Google had known about the bug since March, it decided to keep the vulnerability to itself, in part, the Wall Street Journal reported, because it didn't want to raise the ire of regulators.

Then on Tuesday, The Intercept published a transcript of a private meeting between Ben Gomes, who heads up Google's search engine, and a team of company employees in July. Gomes was discussing Google's effort to develop a censored search engine for China, a product that company officials have repeatedly said is just an idea being explored, with no plans for an imminent launch.

But the transcript makes clear that the company hasn't been honest about Dragonfly, the code name for its Chinese search engine effort. Google, according to Gomes remarks, plans to launch the search engine as soon as it can get approval from Chinese officials, possibly as soon as early next year.

The latest incidents are part of a pattern of behavior

Google's decision to hide the security vulnerability and its duplicity about Dragonfly are part of an emerging pattern of behavior from the company. The company and top officials have shown repeatedly recently that they don't feel like they are accountable to anyone and shouldn't be trusted.

Take Dragonfly as an example. The company generated a lot of controversy when it previously operated a search engine in the country, and it made a big public show about standing up for free speech and human rights when it closed that service in 2010.

With the United States and China increasingly at odds over trade, theft of intellectual property, and other matters, any effort to re-launch a Chinese search service would likely be even more controversial today. Regardless, such an effort would be a matter of wide interest — to company employees, shareholders, policy makers, and the public at large — and ought to be subject to broad public discussion.

google employeesBut the company launched and developed its Dragonfly project in secret — not only from the public, but from all but a tiny portion of its workforce — seemingly intentionally in an effort to avoid just such scrutiny. The project only came to light as the result of a leak to the The Intercept.

Something similar happened with Project Maven, Google's effort to develop and offer artificial intelligence technology to the US Defense Department for use in analyzing drone video footage.

As with Dragonfly, Google kept the effort secret, including from many of its workers. Then, when Maven came to light, the company downplayed the effort, saying it was just offering the Defense Department access to the same AI technology it offers other companies and organizations and that the contract was for a relatively nominal amount, some $9 million.

But again, leaked documents showed that to be a lie. The company expected the contract to grow to as much as $250 million, and it was working closely with the Defense Department to customize its technology, according to reports. What's more, Google was planning on doing far more than analyze drone video; it reportedly planned to build a system that could allow the Pentagon to surveil entire cities.

Similar to what happened with the security bug, company officials sought to keep Maven on the down-low, knowing it would be controversial if it ever became public, internal emails show. Indeed, when the effort did become known inside the company, employees raised such an uproar about it that Google eventually canceled its contract with the military.

Google officials have been ducking Congress

But Google's untrustworthy, unaccountable behavior goes well beyond secret projects and hidden security vulnerabilities.

When the US Senate held hearings last month on foreign countries using social media services to influence American elections, Twitter sent CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook sent Sheryl Sandberg, CEO Mark Zuckerberg's top lieutenant. Google, by contrast, declined to send either Google CEO Sundar Pichai or Larry Page, CEO of parent company Alphabet. Top Google officials were also no-shows at related hearings held by Congress last fall.

The empty name tag left for Google's absence at the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence's hearing on election security on September 5, 2018.This despite the fact that Google and its YouTube service were among the prime vehicles that the Russian-linked actors reportedly used to spread propaganda and misinformation during the 2016 election. Pichai has reportedly agreed to finally testify before Congress later this year.

Meanwhile, the European Union has twice in the last two years found that Google illegally thwarted competition, fining it billions of dollars. Instead of agreeing to change its ways, Google in both cases has now appealed the fines.

This kind of behavior would be disturbing if it were coming from a small startup. But the fact that it's coming from one of the world's most powerful corporations makes it incredibly dangerous. Google is a company, after all, that essentially runs a global surveillance system. It collects and holds vast amounts of data on its billions of users.

And it not only knows all about us, but through its dominance of internet search and its outsized role in distributing news, it has a huge amount of control over what we think and know and experience as a society.

We should should be worried about any company having that kind of power. But we should be particularly concerned about Google having that kind of power. Because the company's recent behavior has shown that it's no longer worried about not being evil.

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          'If they don't have the barrels, they don't have the barrels': Oil could soar to $100 as Trump shuts Iran out of the market      Cache   Translate Page      

iran oil

  • The State Department has ordered buyers to cut oil imports from Iran by November 4.
  • Against a backdrop of falling output from other key OPEC countries, analysts say barrels could hit $100.
  • Watch oil trade in real time here.

Less than a month before another round of US sanctions against Iran take effect, analysts say hundred-dollar oil could be on the horizon. 

The Trump administration has called on buyers to cut off oil imports from Iran in efforts to pressure the third-largest OPEC producer to change its behavior, a move that could squeeze global supply and pressure prices that are already at four-year highs. Brent, the international benchmark, is currently trading at around $85 a barrel. 

"Higher oil prices seem inevitable and, in our view, $100 per barrel is easily within reach," economists from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch wrote in a recent research note, citing a looming dropoff in Iranian production.

Iran's crude exports have fallen more than expected ahead of the sanctions, even as the Islamic Republic offers Asian customers the cheapest prices in more than a decade versus Saudi grade. According to tanker data compiled by Bloomberg, shipments dropped by just over a quarter million barrels per day in September to the lowest level since 2016. 

In hopes of preventing Tehran from moving forward with its nuclear program, European officials have been working to protect Iranian oil sales from US sanctions. But the Trump administration has portrayed those efforts as implausible, threatening to penalize companies that try to circumvent its policy. 

"The European Union is strong on rhetoric and weak on follow-through," John Bolton, the national security adviser, said in a conference speech last month. "We do not intend to allow our sanctions to be evaded by Europe or anybody else."

President Donald Trump has looked to other oil producers to pick up the slack ahead of midterm elections, but output disruptions in key OPEC countries present limits. Helima Croft, a former CIA analyst who is now head of commodities research at RBC, said plummeting production in Venezuela and Angola leaves little room to balance other supply risks in Libya, Nigeria and Iraq. 

"The countries that can increase are very small in number," she said, adding that there are questions about how long Russia can keep raising output. "It's really only Saudi Arabia at this point." 

Following requests from the White House, Riyadh said earlier this year it could increase output by a "measurable amount." While Saudi Arabia accounts for the lion's share of OPEC production, some analysts are skeptical it has enough spare capacity to fill the gap while maintaining adequate reserves. 

Trump has repeatedly taken aim at OPEC for rising energy prices, even after it came to a rare agreement to ease production restrictions in June. The 15-member group has been coordinating output levels since 2016 in efforts to tackle a global oil glut.

"We protect the countries of the Middle East, they would not be safe for very long without us, and yet they continue to push for higher and higher oil prices!" the president said in a recent tweet. "We will remember. The OPEC monopoly must get prices down now!"

That strategy may have encouraged member countries to increase production in the past, Croft said, but will likely become less effective as the global oil cushion shrinks. Output from the 12 countries bound by the supply-cutting agreement actually fell by 70,000 barrels per day in September, a Reuters survey found. 

"With Trump and these tweets, I think there are diminishing returns," she said. "In terms of going forward, we're looking at an ever-shrinking pool of OPEC barrels. You can yell at them. But if they don't have the barrels, they don't have the barrels."

While the administration has said it may grant sanction waivers to avoid supply shocks, a tactic used in the Obama era, it has still maintained an objective of sending Iranian oil exports to zero. The White House did not respond to an email requesting comment.

At $100 a barrel, the Bank of America economists said oil costs would dampen consumer demand not only for gasoline but also for other goods and services. That level of energy prices is expected to shave two basis points from global growth in 2019. 

"This is not a major impact, but it isn’t trivial either," they said. "Moreover, with oil supplies so tight any further disruption could mean a major spike in oil prices, creating more nonlinear impacts on confidence and growth."

On Monday, the International Monetary Fund lowered its global economic growth forecast for this year and next. The international lender cited in its report "rising trade barriers and a reversal of capital flows to emerging market economies with weaker fundamentals, and higher political risk."

Screen Shot 2018 10 09 at 12.07.40 PM

SEE ALSO: An ongoing market trend that typically appears during global recessions could have a 'phenomenally painful' ending, the $603 billion investor Allianz says

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          Vladimir Putin's latest (barechested) goal      Cache   Translate Page      
Putin poses for 2019 calendar The political machine pulls out all the stops. Leaves are falling and the year is coming to a close. Focus is shifting to 2019, at least for forward thinkers. Enter Vladimir Putin. Does the former KGB agent, now the presiding power in Russia, “plan to test NATO’s resolve by seizing […]
          USA roster announced for 2018 U-17 International Youth Tournament      Cache   Translate Page      
Marking the eighth gathering for the U.S. U-17 Men’s National Team during the 2018-19 player cycle, 21 players have been called to travel across the Atlantic to compete in the 2018 U-17 International Youth Tournament. The tournament will take place in host cities Shropshire and Chester, England where the USA will face England, Brazil and Russia.
          Russian SKS – 7.62×39, 20      Cache   Translate Page      

Russian SKS in great condition used once fired 20 ammo to make sure works fine and it does . Country of Origin: Russia Caliber: 7.62×39 Capacity: 5 Action: Semi-Automatic Operating System: Gas Stock: Wood Sights: Adjustable Rear, Fixed Front Barrel: 20″ Overall Length: 40″ Weight: 8.5lbs. Includes: Cleaning kit, 2 Stripper Clips, Ammunition Pouch

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          Ekaterina      Cache   Translate Page      
photo#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000\ Ekaterina, 37 y.o. , Russia

          Military exercises started in Russia      Cache   Translate Page      
Western Russia region
          ✌ What could be more embarrassing for a Russian spy: Their info splashed online – or that they drive a Lada?      Cache   Translate Page      
✌ What could be more embarrassing for a Russian spy: Their info splashed online – or that they drive a Lada?:

Privacy blunder blows cover on 300+ suspected Kremlin agents

          Tale of Fatty Coon, The by BAILEY, Arthur Scott      Cache   Translate Page      
This series of Tuck Me In Tales and Slumber Town Tales of animal stories for children from three to eight years, tells of the adventures of the creatures of Pleasant Valley in an amusing way, which delights small two-footed human beings. This books focuses on Fatty Coon, the butter loving, swamp living animal.. – Summary … Continua la lettura di Tale of Fatty Coon, The by BAILEY, Arthur Scott
          India’s Pivotal Indo-Pacific Power Build up needs US & Russian Inputs      Cache   Translate Page      

Paper No. 6437 .          Dated 8-Oct-2018

By Dr Subhash Kapila

Contemporary and unfolding geopolitical imperatives dictate that both the United States and Russia need to stand committed to the power-buildup of India as the pivotal Indo Pacific Power. India’s power attributes of a proven responsible stakeholder in Indo Pacific security management could serve security interests of both the United States and Russia.

It is my firm belief that both the United States and Russia at some stage in time compelled by the churning dynamics of Indo Pacific Asia will be forced to reset their policies by both ridding themselves of the old Cold War mindsets and strategic distrust of ‘the other’. A new Cold War has been in the offing since 2001 which is not of Russia’s making but that of its presently close partner China.  Could Russia afford a secondary involvement in a second Cold War?

The evolving geopolitical landscape in the vast Indo Pacific landmass and maritime spaces arising from China’s geopolitical moves laced with threatening contours are generating counter-moves in open manifestations like the United Sates of contributing towards India’s Major Power buildup and Russia’s implicit moves in the same direction by sales of advanced military systems like the state of the art S400 Air Defence Systems and lease of nuclear powered submarines and an undertaking to assist India in the launch of its manned Space Missions.

These geopolitical strategic moves by the United States and Russia are recognition of India’s emergence as an existential counterweight to China though neither the United States, nor Russia nor even India would like to own it up as directed towards containment of China.

Geopolitically, India stands much above China in that it has had no historical conflictual record with either the United States or Russia and therefore well placed to receive strategic trust from the United States and Russia without impinging on their national interests. Nor is India unlike China in its power aspirations seeking strategic equivalence with the United States or Russia.

Unlike China which in different decades opportunistically used its propensity to adopt its “Swing Strategy” oscillated between strategic nexuses with Russia and the United States and played these mighty global Powers one against the other, India has not demonstrated such oscillatory propensities.

Both the United States and Russia engage India in ‘Privileged Special Strategic Partnerships’ on date and optically and otherwise India engages both these global Powers in a compartmentalised manner in a way that there is no conflict of strategic interests or playing one Power against the other.

With such credentials India stands uniquely qualified to expect ‘power buildup’ inputs from both the United States and Russia. India has at least till now not indicated any diffidence that India was averse to receiving Russian power-buildup additives.

Similarly, the United States having moved inexorably towards strategic proximity with India should feel that India was in any way devaluing its privileged strategic relationship with the United States by going in for purchases of advanced Russian military systems. India at this stage of her power ascendancy needs fast-track power additives from all quarters as it prepares after a decade of military neglect by the previous Government in New Delhi to meet the Dual Military Threat of the China-Pakistan Axis.

India therefore in 2018 needs to be viewed by the United States and Russia on a transitory trajectory of an “Ascendant Indo Pacific Power” in the making which dictates imperatives of power buildup assistance from all genuine Major Powers. Of the five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council, with the exception of China all other Major Powers have no reservations in India’s ascendant trajectory.

 India is today a ‘Natural Ally’ of the United States, West and Japan and would have emerged as such if the United States at the height of the Cold War not geopolitically isolated India because of its non-alignment shibboleths and patronised Pakistan to spite India. Resultantly, India had no choice then but to turn towards the Former USSR for its military hardware in the immediate period preceding the Indo Pak War 1965.

Prior to 1965, Indian military inventories were predominantly British and French. USSR for its own geopolitical reasons when its relations with China were adverse emerged as a ready supplier of Russian military hardware and at the turn of the Millennium India’s dependence on Russia was nearly seventy percent.

Russia too cannot forget that in the wake of the USSR disintegration in the decade of the 1990s through statements by its then Foreign Minister had started terming Russia as the ‘Natural Ally of the West.

In 2018, the perspectives of Russia and the United States may stand changed of each other but the perspectives of India on the United States and Russia in 2018, as I would read it, are complementary to India’s buildup of India as a Major Power.

Visibly in 2018 is the reality that India has geopolitically and in terms of privileged military relationships arising from geopolitical convergences moved far down the road in evolving integrations with the United States, Japan and Australia in terms of Indo Pacific Security templates for security and stability.

The United States has strongly underwritten its commitments in terms of India’s build-up as the Pivotal Indo Pacific Power. The manifestations of the same are in the open domain with the more recently concluded military agreements signed at the US-India 2+2 Summit Meet in New Delhi.

Russia too after some South Asian policy aberrations of pivoting towards Pakistan seems  visibly retracing its steps if nothing else but for sales of advanced military equipment like the S400 Air Defence Missiles Systems. Implicit in this decision is that by such sales of S400 systems it is contributing to the ‘degradation’ of China’s and Pakistan’s deterrence capabilities against India.

The final point that needs to be made in this connection is that India’s trajectory of Power ascendancy cannot be arrested. It is inevitable given India’s naturally endowed power attributes. India’s trajectory could be slowed down if power buildup additives are slow in materialisation from external sources. It is for this contingency that India’s present dynamic PM Modi has launched on priority a “Make in India” indigenous defence production drive.

Concluding, it needs to be stressed that with India not having displayed the propensity to adopt “Swing Strategy” of China in its strategic relationships with the United States or Russia, therefore it becomes more incumbent that both the United States and Russia engage themselves in India’s power buildup as the Pivotal Indo Pacific Power. India unlike China is and would continue to be a ‘Benign Power’ as a responsible stakeholder in Indo Pacific security and stability. The United States has moved in that direction unambiguously and Russia needs to be more geopolitically convergent with India.





























          looking for black boyz      Cache   Translate Page      
i'm looking for black boyz in russia,moscow or yaroslavl.i like BBC :oops:
          NASA head: Space station hole cause will be determined      Cache   Translate Page      

MOSCOW (AP) — The head of the U.S. space agency said Tuesday that he’s sure that investigators will determine the cause of a mysterious hole that appeared on the International Space Station, which his Russian counterpart has said was deliberately drilled. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine also said that collaboration with Russia’s Roscosmos remains important, despite […]
          Poisoning suspect honored by Putin in 2014, UK group says - Washington Post      Cache   Translate Page      

Washington Post

Poisoning suspect honored by Putin in 2014, UK group says
Washington Post
LONDON — One of the two suspects in the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy in England is a medical doctor in Russian military intelligence who was honored as a Hero of the Russian Federation by President Vladimir Putin in 2014, a group of British ...
A look at suspected Russian plots abroad _ and the plottersWashington Times
Second suspect in Skripal poisoning identified: Research
Second Skripal Poisoning Suspect Identified as Dr. Alexander Mishkinbellingcat

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          #day - gorgona438_medusseo      Cache   Translate Page      
After a day without rest, we need music that sets the heart and the world dancing. . . . . . #day #sunday #music #mexico #salsa #dance #brother #light #efect #dinamite #fancy #street #followers #russian #cold #old #spanish #world #relax #happy
          10/10/2018: World: Suspect in poison case a spy medic      Cache   Translate Page      

One of the two suspects in the poisoning of an ex-spy in England is a doctor who works for Russian military intelligence and travelled to Britain under an alias, investigative group Bellingcat reported. Bellingcat said on its website that the man...
          Russia to resume gas imports from Turkmenistan      Cache   Translate Page      
          It is best club in the world - Hazard still keen on Real Madrid move      Cache   Translate Page      
Chelsea’s Eden Hazard has cast fresh doubt over his future despite a blistering start to the season by admitting he is still tempted by the childhood dream of a move to Real Madrid.

Hazard has been instrumental in Chelsea’s unbeaten start under Maurizio Sarri, scoring eight goals in all competitions, as the Blues sit joint top of the Premier League alongside Manchester City and Liverpool.

The Belgian was crowned the second best player at the World Cup and, after leading his country to third place in Russia, stated he felt the time was right for a fresh challenge with Madrid his preferred destination.

“I spoke after the World Cup and I said that I think it is time to change because I played a great World Cup,” Hazard told the British media after scoring in Sunday’s 3-0 victory at Southampton.

“I am really in the game, I am playing good football at the moment.

“Real Madrid is the best club in the world. I don’t want to lie today. It is my dream since I was a kid. I was dreaming about this club.

“We will see. I don’t want to talk about this every day. I don’t have time but we will talk about my future soon.”

Real could do with Hazard’s firepower in the absence of the departed Cristiano Ronaldo, having failed to score in four consecutive games for the first time since 1985.

– Different case to Courtois –
Hazard is out of contract in 2020, but doesn’t want to follow the example of international team-mate Thibaut Courtois in forcing his way out of the club.

Courtois had just a year to run on his contract, lowering his transfer value, when he refused to return to pre-season training with Chelsea before sealing a move to Real in August.

“I don’t want that,” Hazard said. “I want what’s good for me, but I want what’s good for the club because the club has given me everything.

“I don’t want to say: ‘Yes, I am signing a new contract’ and then in the end I don’t end up signing. So I will see.

“Sometimes in my head, I wake up in the morning and think I want to go. Sometimes I think I want to stay. It is a hard decision. It is my future. I am 27 and I will turn 28 in January.”

Madrid have won the Champions League for the past three seasons, while Chelsea failed to even qualify for Europe’s premier club competition this season after finishing sixth in the Premier League.

However, Hazard insisted it is not trophies, but the enjoyment he gets from his football that will be the determining factor in his decision.

And he is thriving in Sarri’s more expansive set-up after two seasons under the more cautious approach of Antonio Conte.

“It is not trophies. Of course, when you play, you want to win,” added Hazard. “But I just want to enjoy things on the pitch, like I am at the moment. Then I am happy.”

          81’ Yamaha XV 750 SE Custom Cafe Racer      Cache   Translate Page      

A great XV750 build from Russia Owner Sergei Model XV750 SE (Cafe Racer) Manufacturer Yamaha Location St. Petersburg  

The post 81’ Yamaha XV 750 SE Custom Cafe Racer appeared first on ModifiedX.

          Legal Service: Attachment 3 to Addendum P110/A2 to the 2013 protocol concerning scientific and technical collaboration between the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP) to the 1993 co-operation agreement between CERN and the Government of the Russian Federation concerning participation of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP) in the room temperature amorphous carbon coating characterization with synchrotron radiation for the      Cache   Translate Page      
          Legal Service: Amendment N°1 to Addendum P110/A6 and Addendum P110/A7 and Addendum P110/A8 to the 2013 protocol concerning scientific and technical collaboration between the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP) to the 1993 co-operation agreement between CERN and the Government of the Russian Federation concerning participation of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP) in the mechanical works for the preventive maintenance o      Cache   Translate Page      
          The bronze frog : a novel / A. Denis Clift.      Cache   Translate Page      
cover image"The Bronze Frog is a violent, fast-paced, global thriller with plot, characters, and action shaped by the author's Navy, intelligence, foreign operations, and White House expertise. The reader joins Commander Linc Walker, a sharp, combat-seasoned Navy SEAL on a clandestine mission against the People's Republic of China, who is betrayed in this mission by leaders in The White House, and who vows revenge. Walker and SEAL Chief Gunner's Mate John Hall move out from the nuclear attack submarine USS Burlington after she punches up through the ice at the North Pole, to reconnoiter a secret Chinese installation camouflaged in the polar white. There is a firefight. Walker lashes his wounded partner to their ice buggy and speeds back to the submarine recovery point. The Burlington misses the scheduled rendezvous by 12 hours. Hall dies on the ice. A U.S.-Chinese political crisis has erupted. Once aboard, Walker - furious with the missed rendezvous and Hall's unnecessary death, knocks out the submarine skipper. Forced to retire, Walker learns that the President's National Security Adviser, a fellow Stanford graduate, together with the National Security Council's China expert, gave the orders blocking the submarine's scheduled recovery of the two SEALs. They alone are responsible for Hall's death - traitors in his eyes. They will pay with their lives; he maps and moves out on his plan of revenge. In Sweden's Grand Hotel, Walker, traveling under false identity, connects with a Russian Army surgeon expert in prostheses, who he has contracted through the black market to make exact castings of his head, right hand, and foot. The surgeon works deftly, delivers the castings the following evening to Walker in his cabin aboard the trans-sea ferry Baltic Star, in port in Stockholm. Walker kills him and, with the ship underway, dumps his weighted body into the Baltic enroute to Helsinki. His path crosses Michele Casidy's in one of the ship's all-night roaring bars. In their night in his cabin, he learns that she, too, has been viciously betrayed by a leader she trusted, as she climbs the academic ranks at Harvard University. Walker's blood boils. He will get the information he needs to act, and her department head will pay with his life. The novel moves swiftly from Helsinki, to Cambridge and Harvard, then to Bucharest, where the department head is addressing a NATO conference, then on to Moscow, Stockholm and Washington, with Walker drawing on his special forces skills, killing, repeatedly changing identities, leaving law enforcement on both sides of the Atlantic grappling with the unsolved murders. "-- Provided by publisher.
          To the Limit with Y-3: Arthur Kulkov for East Dane      Cache   Translate Page      
An active vision, Arthur Kulkov wears a Y-3 classic hoodie, tee, cuff pants, and mobility backpack.Y-3 Men Fall 2018 Style Edit from East Dane After linking up with Todd Snyder, model Arthur Kulkov is back on the move. The Russian model reunites with East Dane for a new style guide. Arthur sports essentials from Y-3's fall-winter 2018 collection. Embracing Yohji Yamamoto's sporty flair, Arthur works up a sweat in several... [Read More]
          Comment on “Advertise Here”: Chaser prank at Opera House by Bren88      Cache   Translate Page      
It left me thinking if this was communist socialist russia or china.. the system of economy lefties like the chasers and their followers just love.. they would have been arrested and belted up by nazi police.
          House Fulfills Major Trump Promise With This Blockbuster Bill      Cache   Translate Page      
we just had a major false flag in Venezuela they're claiming that the president-elect was assassinated China's Navy Russia's Navy US Navy Columbia and Brazilian along with Venezuelan forces are all ready to go to war everything else is a distraction that is your false flag The Financial...

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Meet Pistachio, a 12 week old, 2.12 lb (as of 10.8), delightful Russian Blue mixture kitten. This beautiful kitty is sweet, soft, and super loving. He is cat friendly, dog friendly and terrific with adults and children. He is frisky and fun, but also knows how to chill out. He will swat feathers, chase plastic balls, and play with string toys...and then go down for a much-needed cat nap! He is cuddly, cute, and very entertaining to have around. He has a soothing purr and a gentle meow that will melt your heart. This deserving fluff-ball is a gem and will make someone very happy. If you would like to give this lovable cat a home, please email or visit for an application! **We cannot guarantee the age, breed, or size of a cat.

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          friendship and love with black guys      Cache   Translate Page      
i want to meet with black guys in Yaroslavl(Russia) for friendship and love
          Dreams of My Russian Summers      Cache   Translate Page      
Dreams of My Russian Summers
author: Andreï Makine
name: Melon109
average rating: 3.83
book published: 1995
rating: 0
read at:
date added: 2018/10/09
shelves: to-read, fiction, own-fiction, need-to-read-now

          for black boys in russia      Cache   Translate Page      
i would like to meet black boys (students,sportsmen) in yaroslavl or in moscow.i like big cocks very much :oops: :oops: :oops:
          Alcacer: I left Barcelona to be happy      Cache   Translate Page      
Paco Alcacer admits he left Barcelona to join Borussia Dortmund in order to "feel happy playing" after a difficult time at Camp Nou. The striker has been a huge hit in the Bundesliga since joining on an initial loan deal in August, becoming only the second player after Gert Dorfel to score six goals in his first three games in the division. Alcacer's impressive run, which included scoring a hat-trick as a substitute in last Saturday's dramatic 4-3 win over Augsburg, earned the 25-year-old a recall to the Spain squad for this month's matches with Wales and England. The former Valencia man admits he had reached a point where he knew he needed to leave Barca, having made only 14 starts in LaLiga in two seasons. "In the end, it all comes down to making decisions," he told a news conference. "Being at Barcelona for years, not having a leading role, not everything going as I had wanted... "I decided to look for minutes elsewhere. A player with confidence is better than one without confidence. I left in order to feel happy playing. "The decisions I was able to make, I made. The conversations with [coach] Ernesto [Valverde] were private and I decided to look for minutes elsewhere. At Barca, with Luis Suarez, [Lionel] Messi, [Ousmane] Dembele... it's tough to play." Alcacer credited his Dortmund form to the fact his new team-mates have helped him to settle quickly. "All my team-mates have helped me a lot since the first day," he said. "I had difficulty with the language and with the change. They've made it really easy for me and I've adapted well." 6 - @paco93alcacer (@BVB) is the only player beside Gert Dörfel (Hamburg, 1963) to score 6 goals in his first 3 #Bundesliga appearances. Historic. #BVBFCA — OptaFranz (@OptaFranz) October 6, 2018
          The numbers behind Barca, United, Bayern and Madrid's struggles      Cache   Translate Page      
From the crisis engulfing Jose Mourinho at Manchester United to Barcelona and Real Madrid trailing Sevilla in LaLiga, the 2018-19 season has seen some of Europe's top clubs struggle. While the board at Old Trafford are reportedly contemplating Mourinho's future, pressure is also building at the Santiago Bernabeu where Julen Lopetegui is without a win in his last four matches in all competitions. Reigning LaLiga champions Barcelona are in a similarly indifferent spell of form, while Bayern Munich are sixth in the Bundesliga following a humiliating 3-0 defeat at home to Borussia Monchengladbach in their last outing. Opta's stats provide a telling insight into the key areas in which these four giants of European football are failing in this campaign when compared to their performances last season.   Errors blighting Barca progress Barcelona's 4-2 Champions League win over Tottenham will have eased the pressure on Ernesto Valverde, who has watched his team stutter in the league in recent weeks. With three draws and a defeat from their last four league games, Barcelona's performances have been undermined by an increase in defensive errors. Valverde's men made just one error leading to a goal throughout last season, but this campaign they have already committed three. At the other end, Barca's shot-conversion rate has dropped from 17.1 last season to 13.8 this season, and they are averaging 2.4 goals per game compared to 2.6 in 2017-18. 0 - Barcelona are winless in their last three La Liga games (D2 L1) – the last time they went four in a row without a win was in April 2016 (D1 L3). Defiance. — OptaJose (@OptaJose) October 7, 2018 Misfiring Bayern beginning to flounder After starting the season in fine form, Bayern are on a downward spiral, taking one point from their last three Bundesliga games. Boss Niko Kovac will be asking questions of his forwards after Bayern failed to find the net in consecutive league defeats to Hertha Berlin and Borussia Monchengladbach, and they have gone from averaging 2.7 goals per game last season to 1.7 this season. Bayern turned 15.3 per cent of their shots into goals in 2017-18, whereas this season their conversion rate is just 9.8, while their expected goals per game (xG) has dropped from 2.3 to 1.8. 4 - For the first time since 1999 Bayern have failed to win four competitive games in a row during the Oktoberfest. Crisis. #FCBBMG — OptaFranz (@OptaFranz) 6 October 2018 Defensive weakness hampering Mourinho Mourinho's Manchester United future looked bleak at half-time of his side's Premier League clash with Newcastle United on Saturday, but second-half goals from Juan Mata, Anthony Martial and Alexis Sanchez delivered a 3-2 victory. The win moved Mourinho's men up to eighth in the Premier League after eight games following a hugely disappointing start to the season that has seen them perform worse than they did in 2017-18 in a number of key metrics. United are averaging 1.6 goals per league game this season, compared to 1.8 last season, and their shot conversion rate has slipped from 13.3 in 2017-18 to just 11.6 this term. But a more porous defence has been perhaps a bigger issue for Mourinho's side, who have conceded an average of 1.8 goals per game this season compared to 0.7 last campaign, and faced an average of 4.8 shots per match compared to 3.9 the previous season. 2 - Manchester United have conceded two goals in the opening 10 minutes of a Premier League game at Old Trafford for the very first time. Lapse. #MUNNEW — OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) October 6, 2018 Madrid goals hard to come by in post-Ronaldo era Lopetegui must have thought he had inherited an easy life when his Real Madrid side clocked up their fourth win in five LaLiga games with a 1-0 victory over Espanyol on September 22. However, since then Los Blancos have slipped to away defeats at Sevilla and Deportivo Alaves, either side of a draw at home to Atletico Madrid, and the stats tell an unhappy story for Lopetegui. Under Zinedine Zidane - and with Cristiano Ronaldo in the team last season - Madrid averaged 7.5 shots on target per game but that number has dropped to 5.6 this season, with their conversion rate also dropping from 13.5 to 9.2. The result has been a decline in the team's average goals per game from 2.5 to 1.5, and when margins are as narrow as they were in Madrid's defeat to Alaves, that change can be crucial. 1985 - Real Madrid have failed to score in four consecutive games in all competitions for the first time since April 1985 (five), their worst run ever. Drought — OptaJose (@OptaJose) 6 October 2018
          Russian guy seeks Black top in Moscow      Cache   Translate Page      
38-188-78 uni-pas

          Trust in Vladimir Putin declines steeply among Russians, poll shows      Cache   Translate Page      
Trust in Vladimir Putin declines steeply among Russians, poll shows
Trust in Vladimir Putin and Russia’s ruling party have declined steeply over the past year with analysts pointing to the government’s controversial pension changes as the main reason. In a poll by the independent Levada Centre, 39% of Russians listed... Read More
          Senior Accountant - Point Select Management/Suvoroff Russian restaurant - Jumeirah      Cache   Translate Page      
We are looking for an attentive senior accountant with an experience in RESTAURANTS INDUSTRY ,preferably RUSSIAN speaker who is capable of the following tasks:.... AED5,000 - AED7,000 a month
From Indeed - Mon, 18 Jun 2018 13:45:36 GMT - View all Jumeirah jobs
          Vlad, You Naughty, Naughty Man….      Cache   Translate Page      
It appears that Vlad Putin, the guy who is really in charge of everything Russian, has two more spy guys who have recently been arrested for attempted murder in March 2018 of the 67-year-old defected Russian spy, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia, through the use of a Novichok nerve agent known as A-234.  They […]
          Russia for taxon Archicotylus rubzowi Porfirieva, 1977      Cache   Translate Page      
Distribution "Russia" for taxon Archicotylus rubzowi Porfirieva, 1977 has been added by Seth Tyler via the MS Access interface on 2016-11-29T09:26:42+00:00
          Russia for taxon Archicotylus flavus Korotneff, 1912      Cache   Translate Page      
Distribution "Russia" for taxon Archicotylus flavus Korotneff, 1912 has been added by Seth Tyler via the MS Access interface on 2016-11-29T09:26:42+00:00
          Dreierkette Podcast #9: Trubbel i paradiset ft. Andreas Holm      Cache   Translate Page      
Bayern, Borussia, Weinzierl och målvakter. Därtill utsvävningar och annat material. I veckans avsnitt av Dreierkette Podcast gästar allas vår Andreas Holm!
          Re: America Is Committing Suicide: Over The Past 12 Months, The U.S. National Debt Has Increased By 1.271 Trillion Dollars      Cache   Translate Page      

Who Bought $1.2 trillion in New US Treasuries over the past 12 Months? - Wolf Street

Russia, Japan, and the Fed dumped. So who bought?

China’s holdings of US Treasury bonds, notes, and bills, after rising in February and March, fell by $5.8 billion in April to $1.18 trillion. Thus, China’s holdings have remained within the same range since August 2017, despite threats of a trade war and rumors that it would dump US Treasuries. China remains the largest holder, a position it had lost during its era of peak capital-flight from October 2016 through March 2017.

Japan has been systematically reducing its Treasury holdings. In April, it disposed of another $12.3 billion, according to the Treasury Department’s TIC data released Friday afternoon. Over the past six months, it shed $63 billion. Since July 2016 it has slashed its holdings by $123 billion, the lowest since October 2011.

By the end of April – to stay within the time frame of the TIC data – the US gross national debt had reached $21.07 trillion. This was up by $1.22 trillion from a year earlier! So who bought this $1.22 trillion of new US Treasuries? Someone must have!

The gross national debt and its surge over the 12-month period are split in two ways:

Debt held “internally” by US government entities rose by $181 billion to $5.73 trillion.

Debt that is publicly traded soared by $1.05 trillion to $15.34 trillion.

This publicly traded debt of $15.34 trillion was held by these entities at the end of April:

15.6% or $2.39 trillion by the Fed as part of its QE

40.2% or $6.17 trillion by foreign entities (see above).

44.2% or $6.78 trillion by Americans, directly or indirectly.

And who bought $1.22 trillion in new debt over the past 12 months?

Not the Fed. Its Treasury holdings fell by $70 billion from the beginning of the QE-Unwind through April. Foreign holdings have only picked up $109 billion over the period. Leaves $1.01 trillion that someone else must have bought over those 12 months.

But who? Mostly American institutional and individual investors, directly and indirectly, through bond funds, pension funds, and other ways.

Yields (interest rates) have risen over the past 12 months, and these “risk free” Treasury yields are now competitive with the average S&P 500 dividend yield.

          Copper Sinks Versus Porcelain Sinks      Cache   Translate Page      
It is possible to get warm water to your outside kitchen area sink utilizing 2 techniques. You can either plumb the warm water from your house or produce warm water supply particularly for the outside sink. This choice is mainly depending on the range from the home to the sink. If the distance is short enough, it ends up being easier to pump in the hot water straight from your home. This will need running 2 lines, one being for cold water and the other being specifically for the hot water. You can place a water heating system under the sink if the range is far. This will need electrical power to heat up the water. In this case, the standard water heating system is not necessary.Your backyard is amazing! I remember when you bought your house, I was pleased with the big garden - but it was pretty boring. Exactly what a difference now!Buy a heavy, 16 gauge copper sink, more resources,. Anything less will dent more easily and won't last as long. You do not wish to have to fret about pots and pans or the kids denting your sink.copper sinks can be integrated into many contemporary style kitchen areas with ease. These sinks can be available in single bowl or double. They also have lots of different depths readily available. There are lots of on the marketplace that match the sleek, straight lines that best copper sinks contemporary design is known for.Let's leave today's chat by seeing a really cool video of one of my fellow Gireviks (kettlebell professional) Stepf copper_sinks Dogman who reveals how to have a terrific, fun time Russian Kettlebell style by carrying out an hour set of one arm jerks with the 16kg (35lb) pro-grade bell. Notice how he is not large or a mass monster; nevertheless he gets a 35lb kettlebell overhead, using his whole body, over and over and over again for an entire hour which totally conditions and taxes his body. Real strength does not come in huge packages.Copper variety hoods are mostly customizeded. If you have a standard nation design kitchen or a log house, you must not set up a modern-day hood which will not enhance the furnishings and the fixture of the kitchen area. In such a case you have a copper kitchen sink hood which is going to blend truly well with the overall finish and work surface area of your kitchen area.There are umpteen varieties of kitchen sinks available today from which you can choose one that will fit you completely. They come in various sizes and shapes and are made of a variety of products. There is also a plate of mounting types to take your choice from consisting of the surface install, under -counter mount and so on.When said that the only safe method to double one's cash is to fold it in half, it was. This is essentially telling you that there are no certainties out there, so in order to secure your finances, make sure you're not playing loose and wild with any type of investment chances. Your money will not double, however it could certainly disappear.
          I Call Bullshit      Cache   Translate Page      
Some thoughts on Social Media, aka “Get off my lawn!” Sometime back in the Pleistocene (y’know, six, seven years ago) I was on most Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Facebook was the first to go. Even before the arrival of the Orange Russian Wig Stand I felt it was devolving into a major …
          A look at suspected Russian plots abroad _ and the plotters - Washington Times      Cache   Translate Page      

Washington Times

A look at suspected Russian plots abroad _ and the plotters
Washington Times
MOSCOW (AP) - Hacking computer networks, poisoning, election meddling: It's hard to keep track of all the Russian spies and agents suspected of committing crimes abroad lately on the Kremlin's behalf. The latest development: Investigative group ...
Second suspect in Skripal poisoning identified: Research

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          Is China or Russia America's Defining Rival? - The Atlantic      Cache   Translate Page      

The Atlantic

Is China or Russia America's Defining Rival?
The Atlantic
Late last week, as most of America's political class was transfixed by the denouement of the Kavanaugh confirmation battle, Vice President Mike Pence gave a wide-ranging address on the U.S. relationship with China, and why the Trump administration is ...
China tries to boost its economy, as long trade fight looms with TrumpWashington Post
Trump expands anti-China effortThe Hill
Trump rips up the trade playbook to take on ChinaCNN
Bloomberg -CNN
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          Suspect in Salisbury poisoning receives hero's honor in Russia, Bellingcat reports      Cache   Translate Page      
The Russian agent who a British investigative outlets identifies as a suspect in the nerve agent poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter has reportedly received a hero's honor from President Vladimir Putin.

          Comment on Ukraine banned the Russian participant entry to the Eurovision Song Contest by The first channel showed the song Samoilova for the second attempt to perform at the "Eurovision" | HybridTechCar      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] 2017, the Security Service of Ukraine banned Samoilova from entering Kiev because of a violation of local legislation. The singer was accused […]
          Comment on What advertising in social networks was considered “Russian propaganda” by Facebook advertising, which made Trump President (as they say in the US Senate) | HybridTechCar      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] then the link below can download archives of advertising in Facebook, which in the opinion of the US authorities influenced the results of the elections in the United […]
          A look at suspected Russian plots abroad _ and the plotters - Washington Times      Cache   Translate Page      

Washington Times

A look at suspected Russian plots abroad _ and the plotters
Washington Times
MOSCOW (AP) - Hacking computer networks, poisoning, election meddling: It's hard to keep track of all the Russian spies and agents suspected of committing crimes abroad lately on the Kremlin's behalf. The latest development: Investigative group ...
Second suspect in Skripal poisoning identified: Research

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          Is China or Russia America's Defining Rival? - The Atlantic      Cache   Translate Page      

The Atlantic

Is China or Russia America's Defining Rival?
The Atlantic
Late last week, as most of America's political class was transfixed by the denouement of the Kavanaugh confirmation battle, Vice President Mike Pence gave a wide-ranging address on the U.S. relationship with China, and why the Trump administration is ...
Trump expands anti-China effortThe Hill
Trump rips up the trade playbook to take on ChinaKITV Honolulu
Trump Is Up a China Cold War Without a PlanBloomberg
Washington Post -CNN
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          Russian-linked hackers are now operating in the shadows, report says      Cache   Translate Page      
The infamous Russian-linked hacking group, best known for carrying out a series of high-profile cyber attacks against the Democratic National Committee, is now operating in the shadows. Veuer's Chandra Lanier has the story.

  Reported by 28 minutes ago.
          Two Russian soccer players investigated for attacking official      Cache   Translate Page      
Russian police are investigating two soccer players accused of beating an official at a Moscow cafe.
          UEFA Nations League preview: Germany, England, Russia in focus      Cache   Translate Page      
Among the eight nations facing two-match weeks, Russia, England and Germany bear special attention.
          Russia, Israel, to Finalize Work on Adoptions Despite Complications      Cache   Translate Page      
In February 2014, Russia enacted regulations banning the adoption of Russian children by same-sex couples or by single people from countries where same-sex marriages are legal.
           15.10. (Mo): Russlands weite Wildnis (Wild Russia: Earth's Last Great Wilderness)      Cache   Translate Page      
Russlands weite Wildnis: Nat Geo Wild (Pay-TV), Start: 15.10.
          Russian Peace Efforts Outmaneuver the US in Southern Syria      Cache   Translate Page      

from Russia Insider: The reconciliation process initiated by the Russians in Syria has saved countless lives of soldiers, civilians and even jihadists. It also preserved SAA fighting strength, brought a lot of Syrian territory back under the control of Damascus. It brought former jihadists back into the fight on the side of the SAA. This process […]

The post Russian Peace Efforts Outmaneuver the US in Southern Syria appeared first on SGT Report.

          S-300s in Syria Will Be Able to ‘See’ America’s 5th-Gen Jets      Cache   Translate Page      

from Sputnik News: The delivery of Russia’s S-300s to Syria has prompted US media to speculate that the US Air Force may deploy its F-22 stealth fighters to take out the country’s air defenses. Meanwhile, Washington also promised to supply Israel with more F-35s. But will the 5th gen planes be able to evade the […]

The post S-300s in Syria Will Be Able to ‘See’ America’s 5th-Gen Jets appeared first on SGT Report.

          'Große Russische Tänzerin', 1920er Jahre 'Russian Dancer', 1920s - Auktion: 21.11.2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Los 141D 4028 - Limit: 28000 - 38000 euro - Künstler: Philippe, Paul - Beschreibung: Tänzerin in wadenlangem Kleid mit halblangen Haaren mit Haarband in Pose auf einem Bein stehend, die Arme von sich gestreckt. H. 60 cm (mit Sockel). Bronze, kalt bemalt, Kopf, Dekolleté und Arme aus geschnitztem Elfenbein. Plinthe bez.: Philippe (bossiert), Sockel sign.: P. Philippe (graviert). Onyxsockel. Dancer in calf-lenght dress, with shoulder-lenght hair and ribbon standing on one foot, arms outstretched. H. 60 cm (incl. base). Cold-painted bronze, head, decollete and arms of carved ivory. Base signed: P. Philippe (engraved). Onyx base.
          'Kleine Russische Tänzerin', 1920er Jahre 'Small Russian Dancer', 1920s - Auktion: 21.11.2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Los 141D 4029 - Limit: 14000 - 20000 euro - Künstler: Philippe, Paul - Beschreibung: Tänzerin in wadenlangem Kleid mit halblangen Haaren mit Haarband in Pose auf einem Bein stehend, die Arme von sich gestreckt. H. 55,5 cm (mit Sockel). Bronze, vergoldet, kalt bemalt. Sockel sign.: P. Philippe (graviert). Rosa-weißgrauer Marmorsockel. Dancer in calf-lenght dress, with shoulder-lenght hair and ribbon standing on one foot, arms outstretched. H. 55.5 cm (incl. base). Cold-painted bronze, gilded. Base signed: P.Philippe (engraved). Pink/white/grey marble base.
          Sky Bundesliga: Fußball: Bundesliga Kompakt      Cache   Translate Page      
10.10.2018 20:00 - 21:00
7. Spieltag
Der 7. Spieltag mit Borussia Dortmund - FC Augsburg, Fortuna Düsseldorf - FC Schalke 04, Hannover 96 - VfB Stuttgart, 1. FSV Mainz 05 - Hertha BSC, Werder Bremen - VfL Wolfsburg, FC Bayern München - Borussia Mönchengladbach, SC Freiburg - Bayer Leverkusen, 1899 Hoffenheim - Eintracht Frankfurt und RB Leipzig - 1. FC Nürnberg.
          Russia’s UN envoy ‘regrets’ Haley’s resignation      Cache   Translate Page      

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SURPRISING EXACTLY NOBODY: FBI’s smoking gun: Redactions protected political embarrassment, not ‘national security.’ From the heavy redactions, all one could tell is that FBI general counsel James Baker met with an unnamed person who provided some information in September 2016 about Russia, email hacking and a possible link to the Trump campaign. Not a reporter […]
          US sanctions are ‘an irritant but don’t bite, doomed to fail in Iran, Turkey and Russia’      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview There is no ethical basis for US sanctions anywhere as they are aimed to serve US interests wherever it is needed, international oil economist and professor, Mamdouh Salameh told RT.
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          Khabib is now bigger legend to some, but bigger enemy to others – MMA analyst Robin Black       Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Khabib Nurmagomedov’s victory over Conor McGregor at UFC 229 and the controversial scenes that followed will make the Russian “an even bigger legend” to some people but “a bigger enemy” to others, says MMA analyst Robin Black.
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          ‘I moved to Russia to prove to the world that I still got it’ – ex-NBA star Brandon Jennings      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview When former Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks and Washington Wizards point guard Brandon Jennings announced he was moving to play in Russia, many experts were surprised, with some claiming he was simply after one last big payday.
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          No proof of Russian meddling in 2018 midterms? Not YET, says Daily Beast in conspiracy-laden report      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Even the absence of alleged Moscow interference is now worthy of a pearl-clutching “exclusive” report: the Daily Beast says there’s no evidence of Russia’s hand in the upcoming midterm elections – but you still should be paranoid.
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          Russian spins his way to first-ever breakdancing gold at Youth Olympics (VIDEO)      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Russia’s Sergei Chernyshev has claimed the first-ever breakdancing gold at the Youth Olympics, with the man nicknamed ‘Bumblebee’ dominanting the competition in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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          Bellingcat claims second Salisbury suspect also received Russia’s highest award      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview The second suspect in the Salisbury poisonings was awarded Russia’s highest medal four years ago by President Vladimir Putin, UK-based ‘investigative’ group Bellingcat has claimed.
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          Patriarch Bartholomew's 'Universal Power' Claim Breaches Canons - Moscow      Cache   Translate Page      
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople has exceeded his authority and claims to "universal power," which is not typical for an orthodox eparch, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said on Tuesday.
          Tele2 Russia offers cut-price voice call service to corporate customers      Cache   Translate Page      
(Telecompaper) Mobile operator Tele2 Russia has launched a voice option for corporate customers, called Promotional Russia, which enables them to reduce the cost of...
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(Telecompaper) Russian mobile operator Megafon is offering an unlimited mobile internet option to subscribers of its Warm Welcome M tariff. The option is available for a RUB 1.70 daily subscription rate...
          10/10/2018: NEWS: Netanyahu stresses need for dialogue in meeting with Russian deputy PM      Cache   Translate Page      

Amid a mini-crisis with Russia over Moscow’s blaming Israel for indirect responsibility in Syria’s downing of a Russian intelligence plane in September, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov on Tuesday and...
          Sampaoli: “Per Icardi c’era un progetto, ma ci hanno esonerati”      Cache   Translate Page      

Dopo un Mondiale sicuramente da dimenticare per la sua Argentina, terminato con l’esonero da ct della Nazionale, Jorge Sampaoli è tornato a parlare di Albiceleste sulle pagine di Marca. L’ex commissario tecnico ha analizzato soprattutto la questione Icardi, spiegando le ragioni della mancata convocazione al Mondiale di Russia. SAMPAOLI: “ICARDI ERA IN LISTA” “Ho scommesso […]

Sampaoli: “Per Icardi c’era un progetto, ma ci hanno esonerati”

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@biff Your comment here looks like a <em>black swan</em> -- see the book by Nassim Taleb for more details -- a change that had seemed hardly possible to occur and equally difficult to predict.
          Session: Rise and Decline of the Third Reich:: A legendary 3R game - Part 16: Summer 1940 Allied Turn (Full Turn)      Cache   Translate Page      

by kostaskav

The allied gamble to finish off Germany:
The allied Anglo-French headquarters have now decided that the time has come to finish Germany off and all but end this game: There is clearly an opening: Even without air superiority, a 2-1 in Brussels is all but a guaranteed success, as the allies can sea transport units next to Brussels and can always guarantee enough of air support to DAS intercept the maximum 9AF that Germany can commit. The big question is how to take this a step further. The key the big victory is the survival of the surrounded French armor corps at N27. If it survives, the bulk of German forces in Belgium will be unsupplied and unable to threaten France next turn. There are even more grandiose plans drafted for a southern “pincer” that will result to a complete defeat of Wehrmacht. Of course all these are theoretical as the Germans have 20AF vs 18AF for the allies. In this situation the rule of thumb is that you don’t declare an offensive without air superiority. However the allies hope to deceive the Germans and force them to overcommit their DAS in one part of the front thus leaving openings in different parts of the front in order for the offensive to bear fruit. For example, if 9AF of DAS are committed to Brussels and the allies choose not to fully DAS intercept they may have enough forces available to DAS intercept elsewhere…The allies can always manage an 1-1 with a close to 50% chance of success in resupplying the isolated French armor even without ground support. The joint Anglo-French conference opts to shed 60BRP for a joint Western offensive that also has the advantage of finishing off Norway and getting this hassle out of the way…The drawback is that builds have to be kept to a minimum to prevent the threat of an Axis double turn that will mean the Fall of France or even worse…

Here is the situation in the West just before the allied offensive begins: Please note that there are 13FF in Bremen and 1FF in Kiel. This has corrected a “carryover error” from part 14. (See prior commentary)

What about the Soviets? Obviously they want to get rid of the Greek thorn on their side as soon as possible in order to concentrate in a potential German threat. They will opt for an offensive option.

Option Selections:

UK and France will take two offensive options in the West, while taking a joint attrition in the Med. USSR will declare an offensive in the Med and pass in all other fronts
New BRP levels are UK: 90(58), France: 65(32), USSR 108(47)
No voluntary destruction of units.

Movement of fleets:

Russians will not move any fleets. The UK and France announce the following fleet movements:

1) 18FF from Gibraltar to Plymouth (path as far from German interception as possible). UK will rearrange the counters from 9-8-2 to 9-9-1 (always allowed to do rearrangements to generate more 9FF counters)
2) 9FF from Brest to Calais

The Germans choose to intercept with 13FF from Bremen at Plymouth hex (11-20 range success with 1-4) and roll a 1 (successful).
The remaining French Atlantic fleet at Lorient chooses to intercept at L23 (1-10 range) and are also successful rolling a 3.
The situation just before resolution of naval battles is shown below:

The Franco German naval battle at L23 rolls a 5-3. There is an overall +3DRM for Germans (+2 for Nationality, +1 for size). This means that the French go to -1 overall, losing 1NF, while the Germans continue without a scratch towards intercepting the Royal Navy at Plymouth.
The German British naval battle at Plymouth rolls 2-6. The overall DRM is 0, as UK has +1 for Size and Germany +1 on Nationality DRM difference. Germans will lose 4FF and UK will lose 2FF, but the fleet movement will be successfully completed.
Here is the situation just after completion of the fleet movement:

Now, you may wonder why did the allies choose to move their fleets. Gibraltar fleets can do Sea Transport missions, as well as Plymouth fleets! There were two reasons: Having more UK fleets at home also allows SR to France and Gibraltar is essentially free of Seaborne invasion threats considering how decimated the German fleets are and with no Italy in the game. But -more importantly-the allied fleet movement aimed two lure the Germans into a naval battle so that the German fleets are unusable during the Axis turn and also for the remaining of the allied turn: There will be no more threat through the “capture an airport by an airdrop and SR a unit into Britain” trick, so barely any need for home defenses. Futhermore the naval battle gave more fragments that are useful as supply fleets. And there will be no interception of the massive allied Sea Transport Mission. The British Admiralty is high-fiving...
6FF will be designated as supply fleets from Scapa Flow to Bergen and Antwerp

Air and ground movements:

The Russians will move their eastern defenses closer to the front, worrying about some German surprise attack…
They will also move into Greek territory also occupying one Albanian hex and preparing to assault the Greek unit at CC27 with a likely exploitation to the DD27 hex next to Athens. They don’t try to commit more AF than the necessary 5 AF from Izmir, apparently intending to preserve their airbase counters for future use.
Here is the situation post movement in the Greek front:

The French move shows the Allied grand plans unfolding. Note the strategic position of the French armor at Metz! It is adjacent to both infantry stacks at P25 and Luxembourg. The isolated French armor at N27 can open the breakthrough by attacking either the Frankfurt 4-6 panzer corps or alternatively the Bonn infantry unit, thus forcing the Germans to split their DAS on two hexes. If the Germans fail to notice the danger the French armor at Metz can exploit deeply into the German rear essentially handing Hitler a humiliating defeat by the French in conjunction with some British progress in Belgium! This would be essentially a "game-over" situation for the beleaguered Germans…
The British do some inconsequential movements in Egypt, prepare to assault Oslo with 2X3-4 and 2AF from Bergen, and are also positioned to take Brussels. They will also displace the 2NF from Venice to Tobruk. Their attempt to intercept this Italian movement from Venice to Tobruk with 1NF from Gibraltar fails.
Here is the situation post-movement in the West:

It seems that the allies have “choked” at the most critical stage of this game committing some unimaginable blunders!
The positioning of the RAF trying to secure Brussels (or preserving the RAF for the Axis turn) rather than supporting the French offensive is hard to explain. The 2AF needed NOT be diverted to Norway, as a sea transported unit could do the job. Instead 15 AF of RAF should have been used to counterair the 15AF German superstack at Cologne/Essen so that it is not available during the German turn. The remaining 1AF should have been used on N26 to make the possible 1-1 attack there a 8 vs 6, while the 3 French AF should have been saved for possible DAS interception on Frankfurt or for defense purposes next turn. Now the Germans have only 5 AF left for DAS. If they wanted to secure Frankfurt they could still allocate 4AF on Frankfurt and 1AF on Bonn, but still the French have a chance to win the dogfight…
More importantly the Germans would have no AF left for their turn and Anglofrench cooperation rules favor joint attacking, while joint defending is much less effective.
Instead the allies try a deception tactic hoping the Germans will not allocate much DAS and then surprise them with ground attacks. For example if the Frankfurt or Bonn attacks 1-1 succeeded with AAC (Advance after combat) and either the French armor survived, or another one exploited from Metz, another 1-1 on Q26 could encircle more armors….

Overall map after movement:


1) 1AF (Izmir) CA 1AF on Athens. Greek AF is eliminated. Russian AF survives and returns to Izmir
2) 2AF (Izmir) of GS on CC27
3) 9FF Seaborne Invasion on CC26 from Istanbul carrying 1X3-5
4) 9FF Seaborne Invasion on CC26 from Izmir carrying 1X3-3

1) 4FF ST 1 x 2-3 to Marseilles and No air missions
1) 2AF GS on Oslo
2) 6FF from Plymouth carrying a 1-3 ST on Antwerp.
3) 1FF from Plymouth joins 1FF from Scapa Flow and then 8FF from Cherbourg for ST to Antwerp carrying the 3-4 in Cherbourg. Fleet joins path of mission 2).

DAS and Interception decisions:
1) Germans commit 6AF (1AF from Wilhemshaven and 5AF from Leipzig) on Frankfurt.

DAS Interception decisions:
1) British commit 5AF from Antwerp for DAS interception on Frankfurt.

Here is the overall map showing all missions:

Pls note that there are a couple of small errors in the picture above.
1) Somehow it shows 1AF of Russian GS, not 2 as it should.
2) Somehow a 9FF from Scapa flow was accidentally picked up together with the other fragments. this needs to be ignored.

Here is the situation before DAS interception resolution in the West:

British roll a 3-5 losing the DAS interception and 3AF while 2AF get inverted in Antwerp. Germans lose 1AF from Leipzig and continue their DAS mission.

Here is the situation after conclusion of all missions and before ground combat roll resolution in the West:

And in the Med:

Overall map just before ground combat rolls. Note that the error in Russian GS has been corrected, but not the one with the wrongly picked up fleet from Scapa Flow.

Ground combat rolls:
USSR: 2x3-5 and 2AF of GS vs 2-3 Greek unit at CC27 8 vs 4 2:1. Roll is a D
UK: 2x3-4 and 2AF of GS in Oslo, 8 vs 4 2:1. Roll is EX-CA. Norway conquered
France: 2x2-3 from Luxembourg and 1 X 3-5 vs. Bonn 3-3 7 vs 6, 1:1. Roll is EX
France 4x2-3 vs 4-6 in Stuttgart 8 vs 8 1:1 Roll isD
UK 2 x 4-5 and 2 x 3-4 vs 1 x 3-3 in Brussels 14 vs 6 2:1 Roll is EX
There will be no exploitation movement
Ahead of exploitation combat, the Russians announce 2AF of GS from Izmir against DD27 in Greece

Here is the situation post Combat not including exploitation in the West:

And in the Med just before exploitation combat:

Exploitation combat (2X3-5 and 2AF vs 2-3(doubled) in Greece rolls an EX for the Russians.
There is no Med attrition roll for UK and France, as there are no units in contact anywhere.

Here is the Post combat phase overall situation: Note that there were some misallocation of prior files which German units did DAS and which were inverted. It is corrected now…

USSR will spend 6 BRP for construction building the lost 3-5 during exploitation in Greece.
USSR BRP at 102 (35)
UK: 1x5-4, 4x3-4, 1replacement. A total of 28BRP. Down to 62(30)
France: 1x5-4, 1x3-5, 4x2-3, 3replacements. A total of 32BRP. Down to 33(0)
Overall map after builds and before SR phase: Note that I now corrected the accidentally picked up uncommited 9FF from Scapa Flow which are used for Sea Escort.

SR phase

1) French Replacement to Venice
2) French rep to T25
3) 3AF from Metz to Q20
4) 2-3 from Marseilles to Metz
5) 4FF from Beirut to Lorient
1-4) 4X3-4 from UK mainland and Norway to O23 and P23 in France and to Rome using 4x9FF for Sea Escort
5) Rep to Portsmouth from J25
6) And 7) 3-4 and 1-4 AF to Rennes and Caen

Soviet Union
1) 1-3 from Rostov to L38
2) 2-3 from Rostov to BB27
3) 3-5 to Salonika
4+5) 2 x 3-3 1hex west from Salonika
6) 5 (2-3) to BB27
Here is the board post SR:

And at the end of turn after removal of unsupplied French 2-3 in Dieppe.

Western Allies end up with 95 BRP which is the exact same total as the Germans. They are guaranteed to maintain the initiative.

The allies had objectively a bad turn, and not only in terms of rolls, but more importantly also in terms of strategy and tactics. Their grand plan was to “trick” the Germans to overcommit their AF but it backfired royally, as the Germans used exactly the minimum 5AF to spoil the allied grand plan. The French defense now has a notable weakness in the North, where the Germans can attack relentlessly solely on the French and ignore the British, while they still enjoy overwhelming air superiority. The allies should have air-attritioned the Germans and force them to commit as much DAS as possible but they failed to do so. With all their hopes pinned up on a coin-toss 1-1 attack, and no effective defense against the panzers the French now seem quite vulnerable. The airborne is not ZOCed, and from Wilhemshaven is a threat to both England and Paris. Norway was conquered by UK…but it did cost valuable BRPs…The Russians had some success in Greece, but with fall of France looking imminent, they better watch their back…Overall, it seems that the allies are ready to pay for their arrogance next turn. More to come, soon! Stay tuned!

          FOUND IN BLISS by Lexi Blake - Release Day Blitz       Cache   Translate Page      
Re-released in a second edition with new content. Holly Lang has a hard time trusting men. Eight years ago, her husband tossed her aside and took her son away from her. Finding the little town of Bliss has given her a second chance at life, new friends, and sense of belonging. Unfortunately, Bliss also seems to have filled her days and nights with dreams of two beautiful men. She can’t stop thinking about the gentle but haunted Dr. Caleb Burke, and the exotic and dangerous Alexei Markov. Caleb Burke isn’t your ordinary town doctor, but he’s always dedicated himself to trying to be a good man. His journey to this quirky little town was not an easy one. Some of the stops along the way left him scarred in more ways than one. But when he first sees Holly, it’s like someone threw open the blinds and let the sunlight into his life for the first time in years. Alexei Markov is nothing like Caleb Burke. Working as a hit man for the Russian mafia, he was forced to do unspeakable things. He suffered through all the moral compromises to fulfill one simple goal, killing the man who murdered his brother. When a mission led him to Bliss, he found something more precious than vengeance. A woman named Holly Lang. Throughout months of living in witness protection, testifying against his former employers, all he could think about was finding his way back to her. After returning to Bliss, Alexei and his strange new ally Caleb discover that they aren’t the only ones interested in Holly. Someone else is stalking her and appears to want her dead. The only way to discover the identity of the killer is for all three to face up to the secrets of their past and work together to fight for everything they have found in Bliss.]  


Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | GooglePlay | Smashwords | Print

    “No.” He said the word. He said it a lot, but this time he really, really meant it. Caleb Burke watched as that big Russian stood over sweet Holly, his dark eyes promising all manner of comfort, and he knew he wasn’t ready to let her go. Of course, he also wasn’t ready to take her. Fuck. “No?” Alexei turned to him, seeming to notice for the first time that he wasn’t alone with Holly. Moments before, the Russian had walked into the reception hall where Stefan Talbot and his new wife, Jennifer, were hosting their wedding party. He’d marched in like he owned the place and zeroed in on Holly. Alexei looked the same as he had months before, but it was easy to tell he’d changed. There was a relaxed set to his shoulders he hadn’t had the last time he was in Bliss. But then the last time Alexei Markov had been in Bliss, it had been as a member of the Russian mob. “Get your hands off her.” “My hands are entirely to myself.” And Alexei still had trouble with English. “Caleb, what’s wrong?” Holly asked, her face turning to him. Wide green eyes stared up at him in confusion. She was so gorgeous. Every time she looked at him, he felt it straight in his gut. And his cock. Damn it. He had to turn away from her. “You shouldn’t be here.” Caleb couldn’t take his eyes off the Russian. It was nothing less than the truth, though he had selfish reasons for pointing it out. “You’re supposed to be in witness protection.” Alexei shrugged, his eyes going back to Holly as though her presence was a magnet he couldn’t avoid. “I told you. The trials are over. All the men who worked with Pushkin have been put in proper jails. I finish my testimony last week. I am here today. I am free man.” Free? After everything he’d done? Alexei Markov had blown into town eight months before as a mobster. Just because he’d turned state’s witness and saved Jennifer Waters and Callie Hollister-Wright didn’t give him a free pass. He tried not to think about the fact that the Russian had saved Holly, too. Alexei had thrown his own body over hers, taking the bullet that would have ended her life. It didn’t erase the crimes he’d committed before. “You killed a bunch of people, and they let you go free?” “He only killed them to save me, Caleb. And Stef got a couple, too. No one’s talking about putting him in jail.” Holly was already reaching for the Russian’s hands, her face turning upward in greeting. “I’m so happy for you, Alexei. I’m happy they let you come back to Bliss.” A cloud crossed Alexei’s face telling Caleb everything he needed to know. “They didn’t let you come back, did they?” Caleb asked. “You’re on the run.” “No running. I take taxi and then train and then bus. Bus drop off at the Trading Post. It was closed, but Ms. Teeny was kind enough to leave note on door telling me about the wedding.” After his quick explanation, Alexei turned back to Holly. “You look like beautiful doll.” Caleb grabbed at his tie, loosening it. The damn thing was a noose around his neck. Why had he come to this thing? He should have done what he always did. He should have stayed at home until someone needed him. He should have barricaded himself in his office and stared at medical books until his eyes wouldn’t stay open one second more and he was forced to fall into that hell he called sleep. Yeah, that would have made for a great night. But no, he’d gotten on this monkey suit and headed to the Feed Store Church to attend a wedding, all because he’d wanted to watch Holly walk down the aisle. He’d wanted to see her in a beautiful dress and imagine for one second that she was walking toward him and he was normal. That he was twenty-two again, marrying the right woman this time with his whole life ahead of him. Not once in that daydream had he included a second man in the scenario, though given where he lived, he should have known that would happen whether he liked it or not. “Thanks,” Holly said to Alexei, her face lighting up. Caleb flushed. He hadn’t told her she was beautiful. He’d nodded at her. Why couldn’t he talk to her? He’d been good at this once. He’d gone to parties and balls. Why couldn’t he talk to one small-town waitress? Because she was the one, but he was too fucked up to deal with it. “You do look really pretty.” He forced the words out of his mouth. He didn’t say the ones that were locked inside. She didn’t look pretty. She was beautiful. Inside and out. Holly Lang practically glowed in his mind. With auburn hair that curled and caressed her porcelain shoulders, Holly was a vision of everything feminine. She stirred his cock and his mind. He thought about her all the time. Yeah. He wasn’t going to say any of that. Holly turned toward him, a vibrant smile on her lips. When she smiled that sunshine-goddess, center-of-his-whole-fucking-world smile, he always thought he would turn into a puddle of goo at her feet. Yeah. That would be really sexy, Burke. “Tell her more, Caleb. You do well.” Alexei was smiling at him like he was a toddler who’d finally managed to walk. What the hell was that about?  

I am in love with the town of Bliss, CO that Lexi Blake has brought us to! 
Found in Bliss brings us back again to this quaint, unique town filled with some of the sweetest, craziest characters that you will ever meet. Surround them with hot alpha men, add in some drama because this town seems to be a magnet for it and combine that with some unconventional relationships that are normal for this town and a perfect story will be there for you to enjoy! 
We have met all three of the main characters in the previous stories. Caleb has been the most misunderstood of them all and for good reason. He is broken, but needs help to find himself again. It is going to take the return of Alexei to the town and sweet Holly who has held his heart, even if he can’t admit it, to finally help him heal. They are three pieces of a whole, but they need each other in order to complete the puzzle. 

Danger is again heading to Bliss this time Holly, Caleb and Alexei will be in the line of fire. 

I have been intrigued with Dr. Caleb Burke since he first appeared in the series and have been waiting for his book. Pairing him with Holly Lang and former Russian Mafia hit-man Alexei Markov was simply fantastic.

Caleb has been in love with Holly for ages but has not been able to make a move due to his tortured past. Now, he is in danger of l