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Anna und Gerald von „Bauer sucht Frau“ leben seit einiger Zeit gemeinsam auf ihrer Farm in Namibia. Bei den beiden scheint alles ganz schnell zu gehen, denn es gibt Neuigkeiten, wie Anna über Instagram verkündet.
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jhfenton wrote:
Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:36 pm

I did open a position in VEGBX (Vanguard Emerging Market Bond Admiral Shares), Vanguard's active EM bond fund, when it went live last December.

Despite the fact that emerging market equities have tanked over that period, VEGBX has not. It is actually my best-performing bond fund over that period. (That is not saying much.)

(VEGBX is not connected in any way to VWOB/VGAVX, Vanguard's EM bond index funds. VEGBX is an active mutual fund. It has accumulated about $100 MM in assets.)


VWOB and VEGBX certainly approach Emerging Markets in different ways, and I think cap-weighted indexing may be problematic when it comes to EM bonds. VWOB is of course a "Government" index, but there are govt.-owned corporations issuing bonds which are also included in it. I suppose VWOB would fall under "USD sovereign" in Nisi's graphic above, contrary to VEGBX. Anyhow, here's a look at their holdings as posted in their respective Vanguard profile pages. Of course there's that elephant in the room - maybe call it a panda:

(Market allocations as of 08/31/2018)

CODE: Select all

     VWOB/VGAVX                       VEGBX 

(Vang EM Govt Bond Index) (Vang EM Bond "active")

China 17.40% Mexico 8.30%
Mexico 8.20% Indonesia 8.10%
Brazil 5.70% Argentina 7.50%
Indonesia 5.70% Chile 6.20%
Russia 4.70% Guatemala 3.60%
United Arab Emi 4.60% Ukraine 4.20%
Saudi Arabia 4.20% Colombia 4.10%
Turkey 3.80% Hungary 3.50%
Argentina 3.60% Philippines 3.20%
Qatar 3.50% Russia 3.20%
Colombia 2.40% Brazil 3.10%
Philippines 2.00% Kazakhstan 3.00%
South Africa 1.70% Egypt 2.80%
Chile 1.60% Lithuania 2.50%
Lebanon 1.60% Trinidad & Toba 2.50%
Oman 1.50% India 2.20%
Egypt 1.40% Uruguay 2.10%
India 1.40% Dominican Repub 2.00%
Kazakhstan 1.40% El Salvador 1.90%
Malaysia 1.40% Romania 1.60%
Bahrain 1.20% South Africa 1.60%
Panama 1.20% Ghana 1.50%
Ukraine 1.20% Oman 1.50%
Dominican Repub 1.10% Peru 1.50%
Ecuador 1.10% Turkey 1.50%
Hungary 1.10% United States 1.50%
Peru 1.10% Angola 1.30%
Uruguay 1.00% Honduras 1.30%
Kuwait 0.80% Sri Lanka 1.30%
Poland 0.80% Bermuda 1.10%
Sri Lanka 0.80% Paraguay 1.10%
Croatia 0.70% Mongolia 0.90%
Nigeria 0.70% Senegal 0.90%
Venezuela 0.70% Panama 0.80%
Romania 0.60% United Kingdom 0.80%
Azerbaijan 0.50% Armenia 0.70%
Costa Rica 0.50% Croatia 0.70%
Angola 0.40% Lebanon 0.60%
Ghana 0.40% Saudi Arabia 0.70%
Ivory Coast 0.40% Serbia 0.60%
Jamaica 0.40% Venezuela 0.70%
Morocco 0.40% Qatar 0.50%
Pakistan 0.40% Jordan 0.50%
El Salvador 0.30% Ivory Coast 0.40%
Iraq 0.30% Latvia 0.20%
Kenya 0.30% Costa Rica 0.20%
Mongolia 0.30%
Paraguay 0.30%
Serbia 0.30%
Belarus 0.20%
Bolivia 0.20%
Gabon 0.20%
Guatemala 0.20%
Jordan 0.20%
Senegal 0.20%
Trinidad & Toba 0.20%
United States 0.20%
Vietnam 0.20%
Zambia 0.20%
Armenia 0.10%
Bahamas 0.10%
Bermuda 0.10%
Ethiopia 0.10%
Georgia 0.10%
Honduras 0.10%
Namibia 0.10%
Thailand 0.10%
Tunisia 0.10%

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My man and i are going next friday to the cape (namibia, karoo, wilderness and cape town). It will be our 4th trip there. Till now we didn't have sex with black man. There must be some young black and clean sexy gay who wants to have sex with two white daddies?
Write me please.

Pseudalataspora vanderlingeni n. sp. (Myxosporea: Bivalvulida) from gall bladders of the Cape hakes Merluccius capensis Castelnau, and M. paradoxus Franca (Teleostei: Merlucciidae)

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A new species of myxosporean parasite is described from the gall bladders of the hakes Merluccius capensis Castelnau and M. paradoxus Franca (Pisces: Teleostei) caught off the west and south coasts of South Africa. The new species, Pseudalataspora vanderlingeni, is described morphologically and molecularly and compared with the 15 other species of Pseudalataspora previously described from marine fish. Although a molecular description is available on GenBank for only one of these 15 species, the morphological description supports the status of P. vanderlingeni as a new species. Earlier reports, without detailed descriptions, of Leptotheca sp. and Ceratomyxa sp. from the same hosts caught off Namibia were very likely to have been of P. vanderlingeni. These earlier studies reported high prevalences of infection, similar to those of >60% described in the present study. The effects of fixation and freezing on the dimensions of spores of Pseudalataspora spp. are described, and the status of the genus Pseudalataspora within the family Ceratomyxidae is discussed.


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Any top guys in Nambia ?...i need a hung guy...all tribes welcome....gays, bisexual and married guys...any one willing to come and TOP me?
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farmspecial wrote:Hi I am a white african and whant to chat with someone gay. 23 living in namibia and a farmer.

How are you?
Thanks for responding to my post.
How are you? Tell me about you and we should share our perspectives about life and who we are.
I hope that you respond soon.
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"You've always wanted to travel to Africa where nature has remained unchanged for your sake. The Okavango delta, Victoria falls, Katima Mulilo, The Savuti channel, Chobe Park with over 100,000 elephants. Now there's more: I'm dedicated to giving you authentic man2man pleasure to spice your trip. I'm as dark as Africa made me, 1.7m tall, 56kg, hung (10""), uncut and waiting to please you. I do NO BAREBACK, NO DRUGS! E-mail me at or check my profile at I also offer 3-4some with fellow kinky black friends, equally well hung and versatile."
           15.10. (Mo): Eine Tagesreise von Spitzbergen bis Namibia Montag-Freitag 18.35 Uhr      Cache   Translate Page      
Eine Tagesreise von Spitzbergen bis Namibia: arte15.10. - 19.10.
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Published in: Cruise News


AIDAaura set off on Monday on its 41-port world voyage, which will see the vessel visit 20 countries.

The AIDAaura will cross the equator heading to South America on her way to Ushuaia.

After a few stops in Chile, the cruise gets exotic, AIDA said, as the ship crosses the Pacific to Australia, with calls in Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Fiji.

The AIDAaura then continues its voyage towards Mauritius, crossing the Indian Ocean, with port calls then taking place in South Africa and Namibia.

From there, the ship crosses the equator a second time, calling in the Canary Islands and then Hamburg, where the cruise comes to an end after 117 days. 

The next world cruise is scheduled to depart on AIDAaura on Oct. 28, 2019. 

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Andris fågelviskaren, som han kallar han sig nuförtiden, Andreas Hansen från Degerfors, ska lära sig spåra i Namibia
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Japan passport holders will find it easier than ever to travel the world, as their travel documents have just moved up in the global Henley Passport Index to take the top spot.

The Henley Passport Index is a ranking of all of the passports in the world based on the number of countries their holders can travel to visa-free.

Until now Japan had been sharing joint first place with Singapore, which gained visa-free access to Uzbekistan earlier this year bringing its total to 189 countries.

However, earlier this month Japan gained visa-free access to Myanmar bringing its total to 190 - once again taking it to the top spot.

It's still a milestone for both Japan and Singapore, as 2018 is the first year in the index's 13-year history that either of them has had the most powerful passport in the world.
Both are way ahead of the UK and US which share fifth place with Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria and Luxembourg - but it's worth noting that the top four spots are shared by 10 countries.

Experts had previously revealed that the UK ranking is unlikely to increase until there is certainty regarding Brexit.
Full Henley Passport Index 2018

    Japan (190 countries)
    Singapore (189 countries)
    Germany, France, South Korea (188 countries)
    Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Spain (187 countries)
    Norway, UK, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, USA (186 countries)
    Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada (185 countries)
    Australia, Greece, Malta (183 countries)
    New Zealand, Czech Republic (182 countries)
    Iceland (181 countries)
    Hungary, Slovenia, Malyasia (180 countries)
    Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania (179 countries)
    Liechtenstein, Estonia (178 countries)
    Poland (175 countries)
    Monaco, Chile (174 countries)
    Cyprus (173 countries)
    Brazil (171 countries)
    Argentina, Hong Kong (170 countries)
    Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania (169 countries)
    Andorra, San Marino (168 countries)
    Brunei (165 countries)
    Israel, Barbados, UAE (161 countries)
    Mexico (158 countries)
    Bahamas (155 countries)
    Uruguay (154 countries)
    Seychelles (152 countries)
    St Kitts & Nevis (151 countries)
    Antigua (150 countries)
    Costa Rica (149 countries)
    Vatican City, Taiwan (148 countries)
    Trinidad and Tobago (147 countries)
    Mauritius, St Lucia (146 countries)
    St Vincent and the Grenadines (145 countries)
    Macao, Grenada (144 countries)
    Paraguay (143 countries)
    Panama (141 countries)
    Venezulea, Honduras (138 countries)
    Dominica, Guatemala, El Savador (137 countries)
    Peru (135 countries)
    Serbia, Solomon Islands (130 countries)
    Samoa, Vanuatu (129 countries)
    Nicaragua, Ukraine (128 countries)
    Colombia, Tuvalu (127 countries)
    Macedonia (125 countries)
    Marshall Islands, Tonga (124 countries)
    Kiribati, Montenegro (123 countries)
    Micronesia, Moldova (122 countries)
    Russia, Palau Islands (119 countries)
    Bosnia and Herzegovina (118 countries)
    Albania (114 countries)
    Georgia (112 countries)
    Turkey (111 countries)
    South Africa (102 countries)
    Belize (101 countries)
    Timor-Leste (98 countries)
    Ecuador, Kuwait (93 countries)
    Fiji (90 countries)
    Guyana (88 countries)
    Maldives (87 countries)
    Nauru (86 countries)
    Qatar (85 countries)
    Jamaica (84 countries)
    Papua New Guinea (83 countries)
    Botswana (82 countries)
    Bahrain (81 countries)
    Suriname (80 countries)
    Bolivia (79 countries)
    Oman (78 countries)
    Belarus, Thailand (77 countries)
    Namibia, Kazakhstan (76 countries)
    Saudi Arabia (75 countries)
    Lesotho, China (74 countries)
    Indonesia (73 countries)
    Swaziland, Kenya, Malawi (71 countries)
    Gambia, Tanzania, Zambia (68 countries)
    Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Philippines, Dominican Republic (66 countries)
    Cape Verde, Cuba (65 countries)
    Uganda, Zimbabwe (64 countries)
    Ghana, Kyrgyzstan (63 countries)
    Sierra Leone (62 countries)
    Armenia, Benin, Morocco, Mongolia (61 countries)
    India (60 countries)
    Uzbekistan (59 countries)
    Sao Tome, Mauritania, Mozambique, Tajikistan (58 countries)
    Burkina Faso (57 countries)
    Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea (56 countries)
    Mali, Gabon, Bhutan (55 countries)
    Togo, Niger, Cambodia, Rwanda (54 countries)
    Chad, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau, Turkmenistan (53 countries)
    Comores Islands, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Laos (52 countries)
    Vietnam (51 countries)
    Algeria, Jordan (50 countries)
    Central African Republic, Angola, Egypt (49 countries)
    Cameroon, Myanmar (48 countries)
    Liberia, Nigeria, Congo (Republic) (47 countries)
    Burundi (46 countries)
    Djibouti (45 countries)
    Kosovo (44 countries)
    Congo (Democratic Republic), Iran (43 countries)
    Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, North Korea (42 countries)
    South Sudan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Libya (41 countries)
    Nepal (40 countries)
    Sudan, Eritrea, Palestinian Territory (39 countries)
    Yemen (37 countries)
    Pakistan (33 countries)
    Somalia, Syria (32 countries)
    Iraq, Afghanistan (30 countries)

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          World Investment Forum, Geneva, 22-26 October 2018 — Heads of State, Private Sector and International Leaders to Boost Investment in Sustainable Development      Cache   Translate Page      





Photos: Students from Chinese university during the visit to UNCTAD. Group photo in front of the Place des Nations, at the UN’s European Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. August 16, 2018. Images provided by & Copyright © UNCTAD.

Geneva, 9 October 2018 - More than 5,000 participants from 160 countries will meet in Geneva to thrash out major new investment-for-development initiatives at UNCTAD’s World Investment Forum 2018 in the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland from 22-26 October.

The high-level conference comes amid mounting disquiet about declining investment flows and their impact on efforts to meet the ambition of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the international community three years ago.

“Global flows of foreign direct investment fell by 23% in 2017,” United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said. “Cross-border investment in developed and transition economies dropped sharply, while growth was near zero in developing economies. With only a very modest recovery predicted for 2018, this negative trend is a long-term concern for policymakers worldwide, especially for developing countries.”

Private sector investment in developing countries, totaling $3.9 trillion a year, is needed to generate economic activity to meet the Sustainable Development Goals - the core of the 2030 Agenda -according to UNCTAD research. Current levels leave an investment gap of some $2.5 trillion.

Marking its 10th anniversary, the biennial World Investment Forum remains the premier venue to forge partnerships between investment and development stakeholders to close this gap.

A unique gathering of high-level players from the global investment-development community, the forum provides an opportunity to hold an open dialogue, brainstorm solution-oriented initiatives and foster global alliances to advance prosperity for all. This year’s event comprises some 60 functions, including three summits, five ministerial roundtables, private-sector led sessions and several awards ceremonies.

Besides giving participants a chance to spotlight priorities for attracting and channeling investment that will drive sustainable development, the forum sessions will also focus on transformative actions and innovative financing modes for growth, such as blockchain, sustainability bonds, and blended finance.

Speakers from business and special guests include more than 30 top executives of multinationals, among them Aviva, De Beers, Coca-Cola, ContourGlobal, Jumia, Lavazza, PwC, Siemens Financial Services, UBS, and the heads of stock exchanges including those in Bombay, Johannesburg, Luxembourg, Nasdaq Nordic, SIX and Shenzen, as well as the leaders of sovereign wealth and pension funds.

Fourteen heads of state and government have confirmed they will attend, including those from Armenia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Cambodia, the Central African Republic, Kenya, Lesotho, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malawi, Mongolia, Montenegro, Namibia, Sierra Leone, and Switzerland.

More than fifty ministers from developed and developing countries and 21 heads of international organizations will join them.

In addition to United Nations entities, 50 other organizations will be at the event, including the Commonwealth, the International Labour Organization, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the International Olympic Committee, the International Organization of Securities Commissions, the International Telecommunication Union, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Economic Forum, the World Trade Organization and the World Bank Group.

These partnerships have generated exciting new content for this year’s participants, including an in-depth look at the relationship between sport and development, co-hosted with the International Olympic Committee and, on the annual United Nations Day, 24 October, a session on the role of investment in peace and security.

Five independent tracks will run in parallel with the main forum, with a special programme for parliamentarians, a multidisciplinary academic conference, an investment village, the 35th anniversary session of the Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting (ISAR), and the 2018 UNCTAD Youth Forum, taking youth entrepreneurship as its theme.

Previous World Investment Forums took place in Accra, Ghana (2008), Xiamen, China (2010), Doha, Qatar (2012), Geneva, Switzerland (2014) and Nairobi, Kenya (2016).

Source: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Geneva


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Paratus Telecom has successfully completed work on the first phase of upgrades to its TD-LTE network, writes the Namibia Economist. The company is set to start work on the second phase of the operation in November, once it has the technical equipment required to carry out the network upgrades. Paratus executive Andrew Hall said: ‘We have been planning the upgrades for quite some time, during which various lab tests were done to ensure efficiency on the network platform. Meticulous planning is crucial when implementing in a live environment, as to not disrupt any service delivery to our clients.’
          Zimbabwe:Public Health Event Management in Air Transport Training of Trainers Kicks Off in Harare      Cache   Translate Page      
[WHO] A joint World Health Organization and International Civil Aviation Organization Training of Trainers for Public Health Event Management in Air Transport kicked off in Harare yesterday. The meeting, which is taking place at Holiday Inn Harare, has brought together participants from 13 countries: Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. The participation by the13 different countries and the background of the participants is an
          Namibia w wersji Exclusive!      Cache   Translate Page      

Surrealistyczne krajobrazy, kilometry górzystych wydm, oszałamiające piękno dzikiej przyrody, bogactwo kultury rdzennych mieszkańców oraz pustynna cisza. Ponadto w trakcie Waszej niesamowitej podróży po Namibii czeka na Was Safari po...

The post Namibia w wersji Exclusive! appeared first on Egzotyczne podróże wczasy i wycieczki.

          Zapraszamy na naszą filmową relację z podróży do Namibii!      Cache   Translate Page      

Na nasz kanał na YOUTUBE wrzuciliśmy właśnie relację z naszych podróży do niesamowitej Namibii! Zainspiruj się i ruszaj na poszukiwanie przygody! Namibia to kraj, który zaskoczy Cię i pochłonie bez reszty! Podczas...

The post Zapraszamy na naszą filmową relację z podróży do Namibii! appeared first on Egzotyczne podróże wczasy i wycieczki.

          Merck Foundation plans to conduct 5th edition of Merck Africa Asia Luminary in Senegal      Cache   Translate Page      

[India], Oct 10 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): Merck Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Merck KGaA Germany plans to conduct 5th Edition of 'Merck Africa Asia Luminary' under the patronage of The President of The Republic of Senegal, Macky Sall and The First Lady of Senegal, Marieme Faye Sall, and in partnership with the Ministry of Health of Senegal.

"Merck Foundation is very proud to welcome our guests of honor and keynote speakers, The First Ladies of 14 African Countries; First Lady of Benin, First Lady of Botswana, First Lady of Burkina Faso, First Lady of Burundi, First Lady of Central African Republic, First Lady of Chad, First Lady of Gambia, First Lady of Ghana, First Lady of Guinea -Bissau, First lady of Lesotho, First Lady of Niger, First lady of Sierra Leone and First Lady of Zambia," said Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation.

"Together we will work on strong strategy to build healthcare capacity and provide the necessary training to establish a strong platform of experts in Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer and Fertility care in their countries in collaboration with their offices and ministries of health," added Rasha Kelej.

"During the conference, Merck Foundation will also celebrate two important occasions; the 350th Anniversary of Merck, the World's Oldest Pharmaceutical & Chemical Company established in 1668 and the 1st Anniversary of Merck Foundation," Dr. Kelej added.

The President of The Republic of Senegal, Macky Sall will deliver his address and closing remarks on the Day 2 of the conference.

The First Lady of Senegal, Marieme Faye Sall will deliver the keynote speech along with Claudine Talon, The First Lady of Benin; Neo Jane Masisi, The First Lady of Botswana; Sika Bella Kabore, The First Lady of Burkina Faso; Denise Nkurunziza, The First Lady of the Republic of Burundi; Brigitte Touadera, The First Lady of Central Africa Republic; Hinda Deby Itno, The First Lady of Chad; Madame Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow, The First Lady of The Gambia; Rebecca Naa Okaikor Akufo-Addo, The First Lady of Ghana; Rosa Goudiaby Vaz, The First Lady of Guinea Bissau; Maesaiah Thabane, The First Lady of Lesotho; Aissata Issoufou Mahamadou, The First Lady of Niger; Fatima Maada Bio, The First Lady of Sierra Leone; Esther Lungu, The First Lady of Zambia; Two high-level Ministerial panels will also take place.

The first high-level Ministerial panel on 'Building Fertility care capacity and breaking the Infertility Stigma in Africa and Asia' will involve Abdoulaye Diouf SARR, Minister of Health and Social Action of Senegal; Sarah Opendi, Minister of State for Health of Uganda; Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, Minister of Health, Republic of Zambia; Susan Shabangu, Minister of Social Development, South Africa; Dr. Rashid A. Aman; Deputy Minister of Health, Ministry of Health of Kenya; Dr. Wim Leereveld, Founder-Access to Medicine Foundation, Chairman Index Initiative building, World Benchmarking Alliance; Prof. Oladapo Ashiru, President of Africa Fertility Society; Prof. Joe Leigh Simpson, Past President of International Federation of Fertility Societies - IFFS; Dr. Kamini Rao, Chairperson of IIRRH, India; Prof. Dr. Satish Kumar Adiga, Professor & Head, Department of Clinical Embryology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Academy of Higher Education; Paolo Carli, Head of Middle East & Africa, Merck Biopharma; Dr. Rasha Kelej, Chief Executive Officer, Merck Foundation.

The second high-level Ministerial panel on 'The role of Merck Foundation together with Governments to improve access to equitable healthcare solutions in Africa' will involve Dr. Idi Illiassou Maïnassara, Minister of Public Health of the Niger; Aziz Mahamat Saleh Ahmat, Minister of Public Health, of Chad; Dr. Pierre Somse, Minister of Health and Population, Central African Republic; Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie, Minister of Health and Sanitation, of Sierra Leone; Dr. Thaddee NDIKUMANA, Minister of Health and Fight against Aids, of Burundi; Dr. Isatou Touray, Minister for Health and Social Welfare, of The Gambia; Julieta Kavetuna, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, of Namibia; Prof. Dr. Kailash Sharma, Dean, Academic Projects, Tata Memorial Centre, India; Prof. Dileep Mhaisekar, Vice Chancellor - Maharastra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) India; Prof. Abdel-Rahman Zekri, Vice Dean - National Cancer Institute, Cairo University; Dr. Rasha Kelej, Chief Executive Officer, Merck Foundation.

Countries participating include: Angola, Bangladesh, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Canada, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Cote D'ivoire, D R of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Germany, Ghana, Guinea - Bissau, Guinea Conakry, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Netherland, Niger, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, The Gambia, Togo, Tunisia, U.A.E, U.K, U.S.A, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. (ANI-BusinessWireIndia)

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My man and i are going next friday to the cape (namibia, karoo, wilderness and cape town). It will be our 4th trip there. Till now we didn't have sex with black man. There must be some young black and clean sexy gay who wants to have sex with two white daddies?
Write me please.
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About Me Art and Music bridge my mind and soul like Namibia’s desert meeting the sea. A fiery Aries says it all through my love to just be. Thoughts put in words make me whole in a world plagued with maybe. Traveled all around for a goal until my knees gave up on me. Verbose is my downfall as I give away info for free. Defiant to social taboos is my law as my heart and mind must agree. Empathetic doesn’t mean I fall for lies and tricks or say oui. Intellect is the only pistol to make you and I a we. I am an old soul who’s paid time for a fee. My temper is like a trawl that attracts all men’s gee! Author's Notes: Friends know me as Pasithea. I write under Pasithea Anima Libera. I'm an impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy. This is my piece introducing myself to friends and readers. Thanks for reading.
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Any top guys in Nambia ?...i need a hung guy...all tribes welcome....gays, bisexual and married guys...any one willing to come and TOP me?
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farmspecial wrote:Hi I am a white african and whant to chat with someone gay. 23 living in namibia and a farmer.

How are you?
Thanks for responding to my post.
How are you? Tell me about you and we should share our perspectives about life and who we are.
I hope that you respond soon.
          Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe 3dicks in 1 day      Cache   Translate Page      
"You've always wanted to travel to Africa where nature has remained unchanged for your sake. The Okavango delta, Victoria falls, Katima Mulilo, The Savuti channel, Chobe Park with over 100,000 elephants. Now there's more: I'm dedicated to giving you authentic man2man pleasure to spice your trip. I'm as dark as Africa made me, 1.7m tall, 56kg, hung (10""), uncut and waiting to please you. I do NO BAREBACK, NO DRUGS! E-mail me at or check my profile at I also offer 3-4some with fellow kinky black friends, equally well hung and versatile."
          Buyanga’s AMG expands into Africa      Cache   Translate Page      
Frank Buyanga

The African Medallion Group (AMG) has spread its tentacles by establishing representative offices in Dubai, Lesotho, Mauritius, Namibia and Zambia, as it seeks to position itself as a truly global business.

The post Buyanga’s AMG expands into Africa appeared first on Nehanda Radio.

          OPINION: What global warming of 1.5 ℃ and higher means for Botswana and Namibia      Cache   Translate Page      

Mark New and Brendon Bosworth describe how global warming of 1.5℃ and higher will mean even greater warming and damaging impacts for climate change 'hotspots' in the southern Africa region. The authors share new analysis from the Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions (ASSAR) project on what this means for Botswana and Namibia. 

The post OPINION: What global warming of 1.5 ℃ and higher means for Botswana and Namibia appeared first on Climate and Development Knowledge Network.

          PREMIERE — Henry Pope – Namibia [Tierra Sounds] []      Cache   Translate Page      
Tierra Sounds is happy to present its sixth release featuring a new piece of music from our friend Henry Pope. A delightful and uplifting tune, Namibia, is one to keep you smiling and grooving. Enjoy!     Artist: Henry Pope, SAAND Title: Namibia Label: Tierra Sounds Release Date: 2018-10-15   CHEERS! – jams Jimbo James Editor-in-Chief […]
          Namibia:Red Cross Appoints New Secretary General      Cache   Translate Page      
[New Era] The Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS) has appointed Bernadette Bock as its secretary general, after the position became vacant following the resignation of its secretary general this year.
          Young Mukubal girl near the market of Virei. Namibia, angola.      Cache   Translate Page      

Raúl Barrero fotografía posted a photo:

Young Mukubal girl near the market of Virei. Namibia, angola.

          PREMIERE — Henry Pope – Namibia [Tierra Sounds] []      Cache   Translate Page      
Tierra Sounds is happy to present its sixth release featuring a new piece of music from our friend Henry Pope. A delightful and uplifting tune, Namibia, is one to keep you smiling and grooving. Enjoy!     Artist: Henry Pope, SAAND Title: Namibia Label: Tierra Sounds Release Date: 2018-10-15   CHEERS! – jams Jimbo James Editor-in-Chief […]
          Se inaugura en Canarias un «supertelescopio» Cherenkov de 45 metros de alto      Cache   Translate Page      
Este miércoles se ha inaugurado el LST-1 (siglas de «Large Size Telescope») en el Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos, en La Palma, Canarias. Se trata de un gran telescopio que es capaz de captar la radiación Cherenkov (rayos ultravioleta) de la atmósfera, que se genera cuando hasta la Tierra llega la energía de potentes fuentes astrofísicas, como núcleos galácticos. Este telescopio, que alcanza una altura de 45 metros y una masa de 100 toneladas, es un prototipo de cuatro telescopios que se emplazarán en este observatorio. Todos ellos formarán parte de la red de Telescopios Cherenkov (CTA), una iniciativa internacional para construir una ambiciosa red global de instrumentos de este tipo. El LST-1 ha sido inaugurado en un acto al que han acudido más de 200 personalidades, incluyendo al ministro de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades, Pedro Duque, quien ha dicho que los telescopios de la red CTA probablemente descubrirán «cosas que no somos capaces de imaginar». El ministro de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades, Pedro Duque (6i), entre otras autoridades - EFE El ministro ha destacado la importancia de este tipo de instalaciones para continuar con la tradición de los estudios de astrofísica en España y ha subrayado que se ha sido capaz de usar el cielo limpio de Canarias para la investigación científica. La mayor red del mundo Está previsto que este instrumento forme parte de la que va a ser la mayor red del mundo capaz de captar fuentes de rayos gamma, (recordemos, a través de la detección de radiación ultravioleta en la atmósfera). Contará con instrumentos de cinco a diez veces más potentes que los telescopios actuales. Hasta ahora, se conocen cerca de 150 fuentes emisoras de rayos gamma. La mayoría son núcleos de galaxias (en cuyo centro hay agujeros negros supermasivos) o estrellas binarias. Muchas de estas fuentes han sido captadas por un satélite espacial, el Fermi, que puede mirar todo el cielo, y estudiadas por los tres sistemas de telescopios Cherenkov que existen en el mundo: el MAGIC en La Palma, el H.E.S.S. en Namibia y el Veritas, en Estados Unidos. Todos estos se caracterizan por tener un campo de visión muy reducido. Mónica Vázquez, investigadora del Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), ha explicado a ABC que, en comparación con los observatorios anteriores, la red CTA «permitirá descubrir nuevas fuentes con un flujo de rayos gamma que sea 10 veces menor de lo que se puede medir con los instrumentos actuales, en un rango de energías mayor, y con mejor resolución angular, pudiendo resolver fuentes extensas con más detalle». Es decir, se podrá observar mayor variedad de señales y con más detalle, lo que abrirá la puerta a nuevos descubrimientos. Por tanto, la red de telescopios Cherenkov (CTA) podrá proporcionar una visión completamente nueva del cielo. Sobre todo, en lo relacionado con los sucesos más violentos del Universo. Esto que permitirá explorar los ambientes más extremos, las nuevas fronteras de la física y comprender el origen de los rayos cósmicos. Para ello, y tal como ha dicho Vázquez, el programa de observación de CTA llevará a cabo varios proyectos clave. Se observará mejor el centro de nuestra galaxia, se estudiarán remanentes de supernova, se buscará materia oscura y se analizarán fenómenos transitorios, como los estallidos de rayos gamma. Un observatorio repartido en dos sedes La red CTA es un esfuerzo global en el que participan más de 1.350 científicos e ingenieros de 210 instituciones de 32 países. La red contará con más de 100 telescopios que estarán repartidos en dos sedes. La primera está situada en el hemisferio Norte, en el Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos, en la Palma. Esta captará las fuentes de rayos gamma que proceden de fuera de la Vía Láctea. Allí habrá 19 telescopios en total. Cuatro serán grandes, tipo LST, con espejos de unos 23 metros de diámetro, y 15 serán medianos, de tipo MST, con unos 12 metros de diámetro. Todos ellos formarán una circunferencia de 600 metros de diámetro, en cuyo centro estarán los mayores instrumentos. Está previsto que la red Cherenkov de la Palma comience a funcionar en 2022. En el hemisferio sur, los telescopios de la red CTA se colocarán en el Observatorio Europeo Austral (ESO), en Chile. Allí habrá 100 aparatos, entre los que habrá instrumentos de entidad y una gran mayoría de telescopios pequeños, de tipo SST, con espejos de seis a diez metros de diámetro. Desde estas instalaciones, los telescopios detectarán fuentes de rayos gamma procedentes de la Vía Láctea, incluyendo su centro. Vista del LST-1 en el Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos, en La Palma, Canarias - Iván Jiménez Montalvo El LST-1, un «monstruo» de 100 toneladas Daniel Mazin, investigador en la Universidad de Tokio, ha declarado hoy a Efe que el LST-1 es un prototipo para demostrar que este tipo de instrumentos funcionan de la forma adecuada. Por eso, el aparato estará en pruebas durante unos seis meses. Para ello contará con un equipo de más de 200 científicos procedentes de diez países, entre los que destaca la contribución de Japón, Alemania y España. El LST-1 es un gran instrumento que tiene un espejo compuesto, formado por 200 unidades, que alcanza una superficie de 400 metros cuadrados. Está sostenido por una estructura de tubos de fibra de carbono y de acero y, a pesar de sus dimensiones, es muy ágil, puesto que puede reposicionarse en solo 20 segundos. Esto le permite capturar señales efímeras en el cielo, como lo son los estallidos de rayos gamma (GRB, en inglés). Una astronomía joven La tecnología de los telescopios Cherenkov es un campo muy joven que, por tanto, tiene un gran potencial. De hecho, la red CTA representa a la tercera generación de telescopios de este tipo. La red CTA no solo permitirá conocer mejor el Universo que nos rodea. También podría ayudar a conseguir sistemas de producción de energía más eficientes, porque permitiría estudiar los aceleradores de partículas naturales que impulsan la radiación gamma en el espacio. Además, la red CTA también tiene interés para tratar de demostrar la existencia de la materia oscura, esa porción de la masa del Universo que no se puede observar pero que se infiere que está ahí al analizar el movimiento de las galaxias. El efecto Cherenkov Todos estos telescopios reciben el nombre de Cherenkov en honor al Nobel de física, de 1958, Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov. Este descubrió que en ciertas condiciones, la luz se ralentiza y que, por tanto, algunas partículas se mueven más rápido que la luz. Esto genera destellos de luz. Este efecto ocurre cuando los rayos gamma (fotones muy energéticos) que llegan a la Tierra procedentes de fuentes astrofísicas, chocan contra la atmósfera, a una altura de unos 30 kilómetros. Al chocar generan cascadas de reacciones que generan varios tipos de partículas, y se acaba produciendo destellos de luz ultravioleta, gracias al efecto Cherenkov. Lo interesante es que estos destellos de luz ultravioleta apuntan hacia su fuente y contienen información sobre el fenómeno que las originó. Estos destellos no son percibidos por el ojo humano, son muy débiles y apenas duran la milmillonésima de un segundo. Pero, al poner en común los fotones de radiación ultravioleta captados por varios telescopios, es más fácil reconstruir la trayectoria de los rayos gamma que los originaron. Por eso, conviene tener muchos telescopios separados y acumular la mayor superficie posible de espejos para captar esta energía.
           Dennis L. Thomson (1935 - 2018) Obituary       Cache   Translate Page      
Deseret News, 10/9/18

Dennis L Thomson
1935 ~ 2018
Dennis L Thomson, passed away peacefully at home, on Saturday, October 6th, surrounded by family, in Pleasant Grove, Utah. He was born on a farm in Weston, Idaho, to Ivan and Ella Thompson on February 20, 1935, the second of four children. Dennis met his dear companion of sixty years, Karen Chatterton, in Preston, Idaho, in 1958. They were married only a few weeks later in the Logan LDS Temple, and shared their entire lives together, living and travelling all over the world. They raised seven children, who survive them: Catherine (Mark) Morris, Nan (Mark) Atwood, Jennifer (Kurt) Walker, Benjamin (Laura), Elizabeth (Trent) Hart, Thomas (Stephanie), and Ian (LaDonne Harris). He is also survived by 23 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren, along with his sister Margaret Silk. He is preceded in death by his brothers Ivan Barry and Thomas Thompson.
Dennis graduated early as the valedictorian of Westside High School and proudly attended the University of Idaho. He served as an intelligence officer in the United States Army, and then went on to receive a master's degree from Arizona State University before serving as a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. Department of State. He later received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and spent the rest of his career in academia. He held academic appointments at several universities, including the University of Arizona, the University of Utah, SUNY-Binghamton, and Brigham Young University, along with visiting professorships at Trinity College and the University of Edinburgh. At BYU, where he spent the last 25 years of his career, Dennis served as the Chairman of the Political Science Department, Associate Academic Vice President, and Associate Dean of the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences. Over the course of his career he served as a Fullbright scholar in Burundi and Rwanda, as an administrator at BYU's Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies, and as an American adviser to the Namibian Constitutional Convention.
Dennis served as a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He served an LDS mission in the France-Belgium mission as a young man, and later with his wife in Jerusalem as the Israel District President, in addition to serving as a ward bishop twice.
Dennis had a passion for experiencing life and loved to travel and see the world, he spent countless hours tending to his yard and garden, and enjoyed classical music. All that knew him loved him as a wonderful example of loyalty, integrity, and hard work.
Dennis battled Parkinsons Disease for fifteen years, but was lovingly cared for until the end by Karen and his family. The family would like to thank the wonderful care from Lisa, Monica, and Mark at Valeo Hospice.
An evening viewing will be held Friday, October 12, 2018 from 6:30 -7:30 p.m. at Olpin Family Mortuary, 494 South 300 East, Pleasant Grove. Funeral services will be held Saturday, October 13, 2018 at
11 a.m. at the Timpanogos Third Ward Chapel, 425 East 500 North, Pleasant Grove, Utah where family and friends may attend a viewing from 10:00 - 10:45 a.m. prior to the service. Interment will be in the Pleasant Grove City Cemetery. Military honors will be conducted by American Legion Post 72. Condolences may be sent to the family at
Published in Deseret News from Oct. 8 to Oct. 9, 2018

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